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yrofe t of The I9(i4 S I E R University of Oklahoma Norman, Oklahoma Published by the Publications Board Volume 60 Larry K. Kelley, Editor T ' r ♦ @ i The 1964 .LZ» ' ' -fcf-- . ' r -x TWO LEADERS, President G. L. Cross and Vice President P. K. McCarter, discuss Ideas. DOMINATING THE NORTH oval is the stately tower of Evars Hall, administrative center of the University of Oklahoma. Flowing within tJie University of Oklahoma ' s educational roots is an in- herent pioneering spirit which manages to nurture with knowledge and aca- demic excellence all people who seek its cultural refinements. It is not a commonplace urge or spirit. Instead, it is one that has pushed the Uni ersity to the forefront as an outstanding institution of learning. And it is still push- ing. This same inborn pioneering urge burst forth 75 years ago in the Run of 1889. which threw open the Unassigned Lands to settlement and lead to ultimate statehood. The Diamond Jubilee 1964 Sooner Yearbook wishes to honor in retrospect the ones in the Run of 1889. Theirs was a portrait of fortitude few portray; we applaud that uill. The STATE... SKVKNTY-FIVl ' years aj-o diis year llic faiiKuis run of 1889 etched ils name into history and was a climatic prelude to the hirdi III the Slate ol Okhilioma eii;;lileeii iars hilir. The lime whith has elapsed since April 22, 1889. when seltk-rs I lowed into what is now (he lieart ol Oklahoma, lias spawned a colorliil panorama wIikIi (()ii|)Ies an nndaimled |)i( neerini:; wdl widi ,111 iiisliiK li (■ piisii lo inrm llie presciil slale. Just as the |X ' 0|)le who (oulchrt wail for ihe starter ' s un on noon. A])ril 22. and were deri- sively duhhed ' Sooners, " the Slale ol Oklahoma has energetically spun together a glowing history. More than any oilier slale ui llii ' I iiiori. Okhilioma is a unitjue mixlure ol lealures. It is oil. Il is aslronaiils. Il is towhoys. Il is Indians. Il is agri- (iilliiii ' . Il is cities. Il is (ountry. Il is wlial e prniidK LiKiw and (,ili our own Sooner Slale! I THE RUN OF 1889 opened the Unassigned Lands, here portrayed by the artist, Richter. an eyewitness, whose sketch is the only known reproduction of the actual event. When Oklahoma celebrated its fiftieth year of statehood in 1957. the .slogan as ' Teepees to Towers. ' It was quite apropos. Oklahoma has aiilted not only from teepees to towers, but from towers to earth-circling astronauts. Leroy Gordon Cooper, born and reared in Shawnee, became the world ' s top astronaut at the time when he circled the globe 23 times in 34 hours. 20 minutes and 30 seconds on Mav 15 and 16. 1963. Oil is probably the term most synonymous ' ith Oklahoma. Tulsa is the Oil Capital of the World. Oklahoma ranks foin " tli nationally in oil produc- tion. Last year petroleum probers witlidre $775,873,000 ()rth of crude oil and natural gas from the Oklahoma earth. Expansion and devel- opment is prominent in the State. Natural re- sources are plentiful here. No space problems exist. CITY LIFE, with Tulsa above and Oklahoma City both over half-million mark, is healthy. COUNTRY LIFE, typified by vast ranch lands in Osage County, is important to many. 75 Years Reflect Glittering Successes Coronado and DeSoto, two tarly travelers into what is now Oklahoma, probalily would not know the place. Will Rogers. Oklahoma ' s favorite son. once said, " In the glorious old state of Oklahoma a rojie is not just an im|)lenient, it ' s a tradition. " That ' s right. Jim Shonlders from Henr)et(a is (lie Babe Riilii ! (lie pro rodeo circuits. ul Okhi- homa has transcended the rope era. It m11 al a s ciierish its past, though, not forgetting the Indians who gave it its name — " Okla " (people) and " liiinia " (red). Howexer, a modernized (wciiliilii century has made the past a tradition and gi eii steadfast hojie to a glistening fudne. %M MANUFACTURING PLAYS a maior role in Ot-lohomo ' -. diversified economic system. sf fk ' i . i -.■ " ««B.«e»waw rRsrfSAi9 ' . ■ ' « RETURNING HOME after his 23 orbits of the earth, Major Gordon Cooper was warmly welcomed with a parade and all-day festivities in Shawnee. NORMAN ' S MAIN STREET threads through the heart of the city, connecting Federal and Interstate hHIghways which form east-west borders. ■ ■j ORMAN, with the University of Oklahoma l l a major component, stands in the south " central part of Oklahoma and ranks as one of llie state ' s pioneering cities. Norman as l)orM Willi llie Run of I SS9 when llic Unassij;necl Lands were opened and is se enty-live years old. It hoomed from a heginning population of less than 2,000 to its present size of over 40,000. one of the slate ' s seven larj est cities. It functions with a government and economy that are well-halanced and stahle. Norman ()|)ii- ates nnder a manager-council form of city admin- istration. Its annual hudgel for |)nl)lic services is nearly $1,000,000. It has 500 iij)-to-date stores and retail sales total $.32,000,000. .Accessibility to and from Norman is con enient with three high a s running (hrougli it — one modern, four-lane In- terstate, one federal and one state. The CITY... Physically Norman is of unique structure. Its Main Street is built low-slung to the ground. Only one building in the downtown area stretches o er three stories high. Norman prides itsell on fine church and school programs. It has over 30 churches. The architecture of its high school has drawn much praise. Its largest industry is the University which works hand-in-hand with the residents of the City of Norman. The nationally-acclaimed Aero-Commander, Inc. conducts all of its research in Norman. The John Roberts Manufacturing Company, which produces college and high school class rings for distribution throughout the world, has its home office and pro- duction plant located in Norman. It is one of the world ' s finest quality ringmakers. Central State Griffin Memorial Hospital, a mental institution, provides the second largest payroll. CHURCH LIFE in Norman Is active. The McFarlin Memorial Methodist Church here has the largest membership, over 3.500. CLASS RINGS are modeled at right for shipment throughouf U.S. and world at Norman ' s own John Roberts Mfg. Co. THIS PARK is typical of the fine recreational space offered In Norman. There are 68 acres of public parks. Norman On Rise As The University City ' Typical of the close link between Norman and the Uni ei- sity of Oklahoma are three of OU ' s graduates ho have risen to prominence as Norman civic leaders — Earl Sneed, Fred Tarman and Hal Middro ' . Sneed, dean of OU ' s law college, doubles as Mayor of Norman. Tarman, a 1961 member of the Oklalioma Hall of Fame, has been editor-j)ublisher of the Nor- man 7 laHscnjil. one of the state ' s lop nevvspa|)ers, 33 years. Mnldrow is State Senator for Norman ' s Clevelantl Cionnty. Muldn) and Tarman are past OU Alumni ])rcsidents. GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT FOR NORMAN is promised by the ..urrent construction of the Little River Dam Proiect to be completed in 1965. The UNIVERSITY... mKLAHOMA has one of the oldest univer- sities in (he nation. ' I ' lie Iej!;i,slali c act foiin(Iin ; (he University of Okhilioiiia came in 1890. hnl students were not accepted until two years hiler in 1892. Since tiien, OU has (oii- feired more than fj7.000 degrees to seeking stu- dents from all o er the world. Located on the South etige of Norman, ' " where the wind comes sweeping down the plains, " OU is quite large. Dr. George Lymi Cross has served as OU ' s president for 21 years — the longest tenure of any of OU ' s eight presidents, ( ' omhining research with a keen ex])ansion instintl. (he Uni ersit of Okla- homa under Dr. Cross has hetome a line educa- (ional oullel. It hoasts the worlcTs largest geology and |)etroleum engineering schools, which amnial- ly attract students from all over the US and the world, as well as top-ranking staff professors. 12 SOUTH OVAL AT UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA li the busiest part of the campus since Blzzell Library and a majority of classes are located there. OU has (he largest airport In the world lo he used solely for educational purposes. Iti lour-niillion dollar Oklahoma Center for Continuing Education is one of the nation ' s finest adult education facil- ities. Its University Press is one of the few high- quality puhlishlng houses in the nation and recent- ly had 15 of its hooks accepted for the 1,780-vol- ume White House Library. Its college of law ranks among the nation ' s best. And its football is incomparable. Its teams hold 16 all-time NCAA records. 12 team and four in- dividual, which includes a fantastic 47-game winning string. Its keen awareness of the future has spurred OU to an avid research pitch. Its re- search institute currently has more than $5,900,000 appropriated to it from government, industry and state for research — the key to progress. 13 GRADUATION ENDS the tour years ot undergraduate life tor students who have successfully earned what college offers — a degree. OU has extended degrees to more than 67,000 people since its inception. PRETTY GIRLS are a tradition at the at the University of Oklahoma. OU has had the Miss Football of this year, Ann Kent, and also in 1955 and 1956. Sooner belles won Sport Magazine ' s Campus Queen in 1958, 1959 and I960, too. STUDYING OCCUPIES the most im- portant segment of the student ' s aca- demic life at OU. The Bizzell Memorial Library has over 800,000 volumes for reference plus housing several nation- ally-known collections. 14 FIFTY YEARS ago the School of Journalism was founded by hi. H. Herbert, who served as its director for 28 years from 1917. CONTINUED GROWTH nnarks OU ' s Extension Division which celebrates fifty years of service in 1963, too. The Forum Room is part of new adult education facilities. Oil Blends Many Atmospheres For Excellence In recent decades die University of Oklahoma lias literally grown around the City of Norman. Dr. John Darling of Enid, a fine sprinter and track coach at OU 1902-06. retnrned to OU in the 1930 ' s. " It isn ' t the same school. We had but one Iniilding hack in the old days and it stood out in the middle of the prairie. The town hadn ' t grown to the school, as it has now. " Dr. Darling was right. The University of Oklahoma, in its growth, has not only enveloped Norman but has become kno n as one of the top educational institutions of the Southwest. CONSTRUCTION DENOTES PROGRESS on the OU campus at several locations. A ' High-Rise ' co-educatlonal dormitory, here at the ground-level stage, will ascend 12 stories and house 1,000 students. Contents Division I — The I ' nivi.rsitv Administialion 29 Services 9 Classes 95 Nfedicine and Nursing . . 17.3 Division II — Activities Features 209 Beauties and Personalities . 24, ' Atliletics 2(ir) DiMsioN ill — Organizations Navy :5()9 Air Force . ' {17 Army . ' 5. ' 5. ' ) Extra-C.urnc niar (iioiips . . . ' J59 Division IV — Residences Sorornies 4.3.3 Fraternities UH Dormitories . ' )lf) A(l erlisin 579 k ' ' :S liS RESPLENDENT IN ITS UNIQUENESS, Gimeno Memorial Fountain is in memory of fhe late Patricio Gimeno, for 30 years an OU professor. The University OU ' S FACULTY CLUB honors new professors annually with a reception. Dr. Donald Clark, the Corb Sarchets, Dr. Clifford Craven went to this one. STUDENTS ARE FAMILIAR with the Bursar ' s Office, located on the sec- ond floor of the Administration Building. Payments are made here. DR. GEORGE CROSS, president of OU, was surprised when honored with a banquet April 29, 1963, for having served 20 years at that post. STANDING STERLING AT NIGHT, Evans Hall reflects regal stature. Views .... Administr.nlinn . Colleges . . . Faculty Features Services . . . Classes Lawyers . . . Medicine . . Nursing . . . AT THE CORNER of Boyd and University Boulevard stands Norman ' s " White House, " honne of the president of OU. THE STATUE oi OUs former president, William Ben- nett BIzzell. faces the library which bears his name. 21 PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS ottend classes in the Education Building. 22 THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA Press wins nation-wide acclaim every year for the excellence of its publication. 23 i IN ADDITION TO CLASSROOM pace, Monnet Hall also houses the law library. ONE OF THE FINEST IN the Southwest, is OU ' s BIzzell Memorial Library. 24 m im-M I i THE OKLAHOMA DAILY, -otudent newspaper, is published In Copeland Hall. HEADQUARTERS FOR ACTIVITIES and classes of engineering students is Felgar Hall MORE COMMONLY KNOWN as the Business Ad Building, Adams Hall was named for a former dean of the college. 27 RED BRICK AND BLUE GLASS blend to form a modernistic structure, known as Gould Hall, where geology classes are held. 28 GOVERNOR HENRY Bellmon, Oklahoma ' s first Republican governor, affixes his signature to one of the many legislative bills. 30 Henry Bellmon. Oklalioina ' s first Republican gover- nor, completed his first year in office during the school year. Bellmon received a bachelor of science degree in agriculture from Oklahoma State Ifiiiversity in 1942. He distinguished himself in the L ' . S. Marine Corps dur- ing World War II. and is the most highly decorated governor in Oklahoma history. He served as a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives in 1947-48 and was in his second term as Republican party state chairman when elected governor. He is married and has three daughters. His home is in Billings. PLANTING REDBUD tree at state ' s World Fair exhibit site i. Bellmon, Ballerina Maria Tallchief and Fair Commisisoner Helm- rich, III. Governor ' s Republican Administration New Experience GOVERNORS ' CONFERENCE includes Anderson of Kansas, Bellmon of Oklahoma, Faubus of Arkansas and Dalton of Missouri. 31 state Regents Supervise Educational Institutions DR. E. T. DUNLAP, Chancellor The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education serve as the supervisory and fund-allocating board for all Oklahoma junior colleges, senior colleges and uni- versities supported wholly or in part by state appropria- tions. The State Regents ' specific powers granted by the Constitution include prescribing standards for each in- stitution, determining functions and courses of study, granting degrees and other forms of recognition for completion of courses, establishing fees and recommend- ing to the legislature budgets for the eighteen colleges and universities and the seven other constituent agencies of the state system. Serving as chairman of the State Regents this year is R. L. Crowder, Jr.. Tonkawa. The other Regents are John J. Vater, Jr., Enid: Guy M. Harris, Ardmore: Mrs. S. F. Ditmars, Muskogee; Robert Allee, Elk City; G. Ellis Gable, Tulsa: Wharton Mathies, Clayton, and William T. Payne, Oklahoma City. Regent N. B. Mus- selman, Shawnee, died during the year. Dr. E. T. Dunlap is chancellor and T. G. Sexton is administrative assistant. Throughout the year the State Regents ' office con- tinued the extensive two-year research project, " Self- Study of Higher Education in Oklahoma. " REGENTS ARE Wharton Mathies, Guy M. John J. Vater, Jr., and G. Ellis Gable. Harris, Bob F. Allee, Mrs. S. F. Ditmars. R. L. Crowder, E. T. Dunlap. T. G. Sexton, Will T. Payne, ' ' f N. V - i iii 11 s«» Wl PRESENT AT A monthly meeting of the Board of Regents were Dr. George L. Cross, OU president; Eph Monroe, Julian J. Roth- baum, Dr. Mark R. Johnson, Glenn Northcutt, James G. Davidson. Qulntin Little, John Houchin and Emil R. Kraettli. Regents Serve As Governing Body For University The government of the University is vested in the Regents of tlie University of Oklahoma, a board which consists of seven members appointed by the Go ernor with the advice and consent of the State Senate. Each member is apf)ointed to serve for seven )ears. except when appointed to fill an unexpired term. The members of the board serve without pay and contribute much valuable time and talent to the University. The Regents appoint the University President, and on his recommendation appoint and fix the salaries of all faculty members and other employees. Serving as officers of the Regents this year were Glenn Northcutt, Willis, president, and Eph Monroe, Clinton, vice-president. Emil R. Kraettli, Norman, has been secretary of the board since 1919. Other members of the board are Julian J. Rothbaum, Tulsa; Dr. Mark R. Johnson, Oklahoma City; James G. Davidson, Tulsa; Quintin Little, Ardmore, and John Houchin, Bartlesville. GLENN NORTHCUTT, President 33 HIGH LEVEL CONFERENCE on science and research at the University includes Dr. William E. LIvezey, dean of the college of arts and sciences, President George Lynn Cross and Dr. Carl D. Riggs. director of the Oklahoma Biological Station. President Directs University ' s Plan For Excellence This year Dr. George Lynn Cross completed his 20tii year as Presidenl of die L niversity of Oklalioiiia. Under his leadership the University has attained greatness. He is personally directing; the " Plan for Excellence, " the University s $20 million fund-raising drive to provide the outstanding facidty necessary for an expanding en- rollment. Tlie University of Oklahoma is mo ing for- ward rapidly in all areas of instruction, research and service. President Cross ' s 20th year was one of his greatest. OU looks forward to an even greater 21st. AN EXCITING MOMENT =it wrestling match is experienced by President Cross who claims " rasslin " as one of his favorite sports. PRESIDENT GEORGE Lynn Cross observes his Iwentieth year at the helm of the Universi ■sity of Oklahoma which continues its progress. 35 McCarter Responsible For Hi h Academic Standards Dr. Pete Kyle McCarter has been vice-president and a professor of English at the University of Oklahoma since September, 1953. He is in charge of all academic matters and the gen- eral administration of ()U colleges, schools and de[ art- ments. With degrees from the University of Mississipjii and the University of Wisconsin. Dr. McCarter held the posi- tion of professor of English and department iliairman at Mississippi. He co-authored an English textbook, Compleic ( ' al- lelic Composition, and is the aulhor of many articles in professional journals. Dr. McCarter ' s member.shii)s in lionorarx a uI pro- fessional organizations include Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma and Phi Beta Ka| pa. 36 Swearin en Heads Research, Development Programs Dr. Lloyd Swearingen became vice-president for re- search and development at the University in 1953. He holds the academic rank of professor of chemistry and has been a faculty member at OU since 1923. His duties as a vice-president include heading the Uni- versity ' s research programs, dealing with external sources of support for research and development, maintenance, and the use and planning of the physical plant. Dr. Swearingen distinguished himself in the service during World War II and directed the Army ' s basic science research during a leave of absence from the University in 1951-53. He received his BS and MS degrees in chemistry at OU in 1920 and 1921 and a PhD in chemistry at the University of Minnesota in 1926. 37 Brown Supervises Financial, Business Policies Dr. Horace B. Brown was luiiiicd ice-presi(leiu in charge of business aiul fiiiaiuc in 19()() by tlie OU Board of Rcj;eiits. Dr. Brown ' s parlitular ict-i)r(.-si(ifnlial dnlics entail keeping tlie University budgets, the general administra- tion of fiscal alTairs. the development of financial policies and the internal service agencies. He came to OU in 1949 from the University of Missis- sip|)i to become dean of the ( ' ollene of Business Admin- istration and |)rofessor ol markeliiig. He is listed in lV7(() " i ' Who ill Aiiiiiini and the n7i( " , U lii in C.oin- iiicnr and liiiliislix. During a leave ol aliseiue Imin ( )l to teach at llar- ard University in 1955, Dr. Brown was appointed con- sultant on recruiting and training lor the Controller (General of the I iiited States. 38 ADVANCE PHYSICS WORK typifies one of many graduate fields. MANY VALUABLE VOLUMES are in DeGolyer Collection. Graduate College Goal Is Additional Study, Research In Chosen Field The OU Graduate College is one of tlie country ' s leading centers of research and scholarly activity. The University offers the doctoral degree in 2.3 areas of .study and the master ' s degree in G2 field.s. Dr. Arthur H. Doerr. professor of geography, is dean of the Ciraduatc College. . member of the OU lacully since 19.51. lie became dean in July, 1961. OU is fortunate to have a well-trained graduate fac- ulty of excellent teachers and outstanding researchers who ha e national and international reputations. Stu- dents benefit fniiii daily association with top-ranking .scholars who are always ready to guide and encoiiiage them in their academic activities. The faculty ' s goal is to give ea( li student a l)etter grasp of his cho.sen field, more skills in methods ol research and greater jjowers of indeijendent ihougiit. DEAN ARTHUR DOERR directs over 63 masters ' and 24 PhD areas. 40 OU ' S OSAGE COMPUTER complimenti ine Graduate College as being one of only two such computers in the U.S., the other is at Rice. 41 4. A HELPFUL READING LAB offered every seven weeks aids frosh ONE OF THE FIRST things freshmen get Is academic counseling. I ' niversity College Counselors Strive To Insure Successful First Year For ()L lixbliijuii. (lie I nixersity CoUejiX represents a transition from liijili school lo llie degree-granting colleges of their choice. Every student spends his freshman year Jiere. where he is provided with guidance and supervision designed to insure that his education jjrogresses alciig lines suited to his interests and abilities. ' I ' rained educational coun- selors are on hand to assist the student in his first year of college. Since every course taken during the Ireshman year counts toward a degree, .students are able to ex])lore fields of interest before choosing specific majors. OU is the only institution of higher education ju Oklahoma using the University College system. Dean of the I ' niversity College for the past 19 years IS Dr. Gleini C. Couch, also a professor of !)otanv. DEAN GLENN COUCH supervises all University College matters. 42 BULLETINS AND GUIDANCE MATERIAL serve to acclimate freshmen to University College and acquaint them with campus activity. 43 MATHEMATICS EXTENDS the realm of study in Arts and Sciences. HISTORY RANKS AS ONE of the strongest areas of learning Arts and Sciences Subjects Offered Include Many Fields of Study The OU College of Arts and Sciences aims to promote a deeper understanding of the c()m|)lex world in which we live — from its physical structure to man ' s political, economic and social development. The college contains six schools arid 19 departments. There arc schools of Geology, Home Fxonomics, Jour- nalism, Library Science, Physical Therapy and Social Work. Departments include anthropology, l)olaiiy and micro- biology, chemistry, classics, economics, English, geogra- [)hy, government, history, mathematics and aslronomy, modern languages, philosopliy. |)li si(al cchiialiou. pliy.s- ics, psychology, regional and city |il.inniiig. .sociology, s|)eech and zoolog)-. Dr. William E. Livczcy, professor l history, .serves as (lean of ihc college. DEAN WILLIAM LIVEZEY controls Arts— Sciences operations. 44 OU ' S SCHOOL OF GEOLOGY, one of the foremost in the world, utilizes this X-ray machine in advanced geological research. 45 1 ACCOUNTING COURSES teach students to figure correct balances. THE BUREAU OF BUSINESS RESEARCH compiles many statistics. College of Business Administration Courses Combine to Provide Balanced Curriculum A l);il;iiKC(l cdiiiljinuliiiii nl idursis iii l)ii.siiie.s.s ami lihtral arts lias betii incliulcd in llie (i()llt}if of Business Adiiiiiiislratioii mrriciilimi. Ilifre art; six major dcpart- iiR-iils iiK liukd in llif siriHluri ' ol llic collej!;c: .Acconnt- ing. Marketing. Hnsiness Manaj;ciiifnl. F.Kiiioiiiits. M- nance and Business Stalislics. riie (idllejje i)f Business Adiniiiisli alKin a pro- gram that is designed to assist e er student in his .seareh for hnsiness success and to | re[)are him lor lile as a citi en ui the loiiiplex Iraiiiework oi modern society. Dr. Horace B. Brown. iie-presidenl in charge ol ad- nninstratioii of fi.sial affairs at )l . is the dean ol the college. Associate dean is Dr. D(ii,ild K. ( Inidress. uho also IS professor ol (uiame. DEAN HORACE BROWN also serves as vice-president. 46 p THIS TIME AND MOTION CLASS studies speeds of different Instruments In their laboratories. Here they measure and check the speed of a d 47 STUDENT TEACHERS receive practical application their final year. MODERN IBM MACHINES are research aids for graduates. College of Educittion Areas Of Study Furnish Professional Training The OU College of Education is organized to give guidance and instruction to students who intend to enter the field of professional education. There are 21 dider- ent areas of study and the college offers hachelor ol science degrees in education, business education and industrial education. Fields of study include language, arts, science and elementary education. The college is a meinhcr il liu- American Association of Colleges for Teacher I ' .ducation and olfers course work leading to master ' s and doctor ' s degrees. Dr. James C. Harlow is dean of the C ' ollege of I ' -du- cation and director of teacher education. Fie holds bachelor ' s and master ' s degrees from OU and a doctor ' s degree in education from the University of Chicago. DEAN JAMES HARLOW coordinates all education courses at OU. 48 AUDIO-VISUAL LABS teach prospective teachers how to run pro|ectors, thread film, tape voices on tape recorders and operate slide equipment. 49 PETROLEUM ENGINEERING labs test viscosities of different oils. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING photoelastic device probes stress. College of Engineering Reorganization Streamlines Schools, Departments The OU ( ' ollege of Engineering was streamlined tliis year from 17 .schools and departments to six schools and one department. The reorganization was planned by Dr. Gene M. Nordby, who is in his second year as dean of the college. CoiLStriiction began on a new Engineering CcMlcr on the main campus and :in .Aerosjjace Building ai ilie north campus. The units will be coni|)leted in I9().5. Divisions il llie college include llie Schools of Aero- space and Mechanical Engineering, .Architecture, ( ' hemi- cal Engineering and Materials Sciences, Ci il Engineer- ing and Environmental Science. Industrial Management Engineering and Pctrolemn and Geological Engineering and the de|)artmcnt of industrial education. In.stituted this year was a formal night-lime master ' s degree program for working engineers. DEAN GENE NORDBY h ,, i only two years. 50 METALLURGICAL ENGINEERING as an Instron testing machine which, through intense pressure, gauges strength and stress of various metal. 51 CHORAL GROUPS from OU are noted for their fine voral offerings. DRAMA SCHOOL performances all year give students experience. College of Fine Arts Students Provide Entertainment Throughout State The College of Fine Arts consists of the Schools of . rt, Drama and Music. Each school olfers unclcrgradu- ate and graduate work in its pariiciihir area. Also, the college offers a curriculum in general line arts leading to a degree of bachelor of fine arts wilh no major. The completion of a new line arts building, now under construction, will provide the drama and music schools with outstanding facilities for plays, operas, musicals and concerts. Both schools will lia e their classrrx-ms in the structure. Students from the College of line Arts pin i(lc crilcr- tainment for thousands of Oklaliomaus as lliey lour llic- state each year. The Museiun of Arl on the main cam- pus attracts many visitors throughoul (he year. !■. Don- ald Clark, who was named dean if ihr ((liege ui I9()(). is also a professor of drama. DEAN DONALD CLARK will move college into a nev building. 52 ART STUDENTS find ample time to hand-model designs tor their classes from varying kinds of wood. This art major is modeling walnut. 53 BRIEFING CASES consumes most of a law student ' s out of class time. EDITED BY OU students, the Law Review Is read by many lawyers. College of law Training For Le al Profession Available Since 1909 The OU ( ' i)lleji,e ol Law lias (rained iiinsl ol Okla- homa s atlonicys. Its rachiati- ' s iiichidc intii and women in many imporlant positions, iiichidinj!; lederal judges. state executive oliiceis and main memijers ol the Okla- homa Lc};islatiire. The ( ' ollejic of Law uas orgaiii ed in 1909 and has been m ((nitniLious operation since that time. It has heen a memher of the Association of American Law Schools since 1911 and on the a|)()ro ed list ol the American Bar .Association since 1923. Sludenls make fre(|iieiil use of the law iil)rar . wlii ii contains all the hooks re(|uired hy standards estahlished hy (he American Bar Associalion and llie Association if American Law Schools. Thz dean if (he college is Dr. I ' .arl Sneed. prolessor of law. who also ser es as mavor of .Norman. DEAN EARL SNEED ,l.o serves as Mayor of cit. 54 MOOT COURT EXPERIENCE dllows all law students to arbitrate theoretical case situations with " live " judge, iury and witnesses to nnake it realistic. 55 ANATOMY LAB provides first-year med studems cadavers to dissect. FOURTH-YEAR MED students often work with out-patient cases. School of Medicine Medical Training Is Both Theoretical, Practical (iourses al the OU Scliool of Medicine. Oklulidtiui C ity, are organized to oder both theoretical and practical training to produce graduates who are competent gen- eral practitioners. The faculty strives to develop the student ' s capacity to learn, and to give him a general background on which to build in any direction he chooses in his post-doctoral years. The curriculum is arranged to gi e the student a thorough luulerstanding of the history and ethics of the medical lirofession. and good training in general niedi- cine and general surgery. Specialized departments in- clude obstetrics, pediatrics, psychiatry and |)re enli e ?Medicine and |)iil)lic heailli. Dr. Mark W. l ' , erell is compjeling his term as dean of ihe scliool. lie will retire Jidy I, 1964. DEAN MARK EVERETT concludes 17 years as Med dean this year. 56 GRADUATES IN BIOCHEMISTRY at OU ' s medical school carry on intensified research checking distribution of radioactive material In white rats. 57 1 v= 1 i W ' V .u IBll III .• H 1 M H.H | ' 1 m «« ' ' l 1 [S INITIAL PHARMACY LABS give basic insight into prescription-filling. PHARMACY ' S LIBRARIAN 23 years, Mrs. Lois Walter is retiring. College of Pharmacy Five-Year Curriculum Provides Excellent Training The first professional deparliiieiil at OL ' was (lie de- partiiitrit of pliarinacy. uliicli was estajjlislietl in 1898 by Or. I ' .dwiii DeBarr. Tlic University ' s first two j;radii- atin clas,ses were composed entirel of pliarniaiv stu- dents. Tlie department later became a s( liool and in 19. ' 50 the Oklalionia Stale Rejjeiits for Higher Ediuatiou changed llie name to Coiieiie of Pharmacy. The cnrricidinn eml)rates training which wdi (|ualily graduates for the profession of |)liarmai in all its branches: retail |)harmac . h ispilal pharmai . nidiisliial pharmaiy and pharmaceulical tiiemislry. Students ni the (College lake a li e-year tiirniuiimi required since 1960 by action of the mencaii (oinRi! (;n Pharmaceutical Kducatioii. The new tiean of the f-ollege of PliariiuR) is Dr. Lo cl K. Harris, who assumed the post l.isl |mI . ij ' f I jir f ■I DEAN LOYD HARRIS will complete his first yea 58 ADVANCED PHARMACEUTICAL LABS utilize fundamental chemistry and physics backgrounds in mixing proper proportions of tablet ingredients. 59 MANY CONFERENCES, here drunkometer tests, further education. RESEARCH MATERIAL is help toward Liberal Studies degree. I ' ullc e oi Continuing Education Adult Program For Studies Leads To Decree The newest academit unit at OU is the Ciollcge of Continuing Education, orKanized in 1961 to administer the bachelor of liberal stiithes degree and otlier pro- grams for adults. The college includes the ilepartnienl of lil)cral studies. the program in url);ui sciences and the Southwest Center for Hmnan Ilelations Studies. The BLS degree program concentrates on-campus work into four residential seminars totaling l. ' S weeks. Degree candi lates com|)lete study ])rograms in three broad areas: the humanities, the social sciences and the naliual sciences. The first se en decrees awarded l) die college were conferred last year. Dr. Thiirman ]. W ' iiite has been dean ol the (College of Contunnrig Kducalion since its crcaliou. lie is also dean ol ihe Ol Kxtensron Division. DEAN THURMAN WHITE promotes education world-wide. 60 SOME CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAMS are televised over KETA-TV, a state owned educational outlet with studios on the OU cannpus. - I 4:i HOME MANAGEMENT house direc- tor, Mrs. Ruth Snoddy, welcomes new residents Beverly Link and Jessena Brasher as they move in for the spring semester. 62 " ASPIRING WRITERS come from around the world to the professional writing short course offered each summer at OU by these journalism professors, Foster Harris and Dwlght V. Swain. AIRBORNE PROFESSOR. Dr. Stephen M. Sutherland, makes a flying trip each week to Altus Air Force Base to teach a geography class. The course is part of the Extension Studies Pro- gram. CHILDREN DELIGHT In the special attention given to them by Miss Belva W. Clement, special instructor in education. Miss Clennent teaches arr at the University Lab School. A part of the education college, the school is designed for teacher training and experimental classes. Extension Division, Colleges Offer Specialized Courses Students from across the country come to participate in the special programs offered at OU in varied areas each year. Each summer the OU School of Journalism holds a short course in professional writing, one of the few in the United States. The Educa- tion College offers a degree in special education and conducts the University Lab School for the purpose of providing accelerated and experimental programs and train- ing teachers. The Extension Division sends teachers out across the state to present programs in areas which are not served by colleges or universities. Other schools offer special degrees, such as vocational home economics and special studies. 63 FORMER DRUMMER with Tommy Dorsey ' s popular dance band, Dr. Ge e A. Braught spends his free hours on the trap drum set. During the spring he played drums In the Sooner Scandals Orches- tra. Dr. Braught is the director of the " Pride of Oklahoma " and the OU Symphonic Band. WITH A REALLY GREEN THUMB, Dr. Leonard R. Wilson, research professor of geology, shows off the Japanese Per- simmon tree which is growing in his back yard. 64 Instructors Spend Spare Time With Variety Of Hobbies Although most of the day is filled with classroom lectures or tests, OU professors find hobbies to take their minds off the daily routine. Hobbies range from art or gardening to jiijitsu. Many of these pastime activities hd e led the professors to become authorities on the subject. Dr. Lawton serves as state president of the archaeologists. Collections of all sorts are the hobbies of many of the professors. Some collections are famous, such as the Bizzell Bible Collection. But despite fame or fortune, most of the hobbies are only for relaxation. COLLECTING ANTIQUE tobacco jars is Dr. Joseph F. Raricks hobby. A professor in the Law School, Dr. Rarick finds lime to tour the country scouting for humidors. OKLAHOMA ARCHAEOLOGY Society president, Dr. Sherman P. Lawton, works long hours with his hobby of archaeology. With his family, Dr. Lawton maltes frequent trips through the Southwestern United States in search of rare archaeologic specimens. Dr. Law- ton Is coordinator of broadcasting Instruction and professor of radio In speech and drama. FORMER ASSOCIATE Dean of the College ot Engineering, Dr. C. M. Sliepcevich, is now a full-time research professor. He is cur- rently working toward a government grant with a project on the effect of wind on uncontrolled buoyant diffusion flames of burning liquids. Research, Writing Keep Busy Professors Even 66 III uddiliiiii lo teatliinj . lacully iiitiii- bers at OU jx ur many long hours into research [)rojects. liooks and jirofes- sional |)ai)crs. Aided liy the Research Instltiile on Norman campus and hy s|)ecial hvi- sions of the Bi .zell Liljrary. many im- portant di.scoveries and works come from the University. The University of Okhihoma I ' ress aids many of ihc fil- ers and researditrs hy piihhsliiiii; dir works. STAR GAZING is this man ' s business. Dr. Balfour S. Whitney, professor of astron- omy and math, adjusts the telescope at the University Observatory. EGG SHELLS and inert Ingredients are mixed by Dr. Blanche Sommers, former Pharmacy School Acting Dean, in a research project she is conducting. Busier ACCOMPLISHED AUTHOR, Dr. Arrell M. Gibson, authographs his latest book, " The Kickapoos, " which was published this tall by the University of Oklahoma Press. He is head of the library ' s manuscripts division. 67 ■ FLYING CONDUCTOR, Dr. George Trautwein, flies from Dallas, where he is assistant symphony director, each week to direct the OU Sym- phony Orchestra. t Services Y s? » ft. t 4 ».?¥, f " PROVIDING ACTIVITIES and services necessary for the all-around development and well-being of the student is the function of the Office of Student Affairs. En route to a planning session are Dr. W. R. Brown, director of nnen ' s affairs; Dr. Clifford J. Craven, dean of students, and Dr. Dorothy A. Truex, director of women ' s affairs. Student AHairs Encourages Ail-Around Development Personnel l llii- Ollicf of Studc-iil Alliiirs adriiiiiislers OU ' s programs of orientation, social and specialized activities and student Koverinnent. and develops and |)r() ides a projjraiii of ( oiiiiseilinj; for students and student organizations. The goal of Dr. Cllifford J. Craven, the universits ' s dean of student.s. and his oflicc staff is to encourage and hcl|) llic sludcMl attain iikixuiuiiii aii-rouiul (k clo|)iMciit. Because the administration believes that no qualified ■Student should he denied a college education because of lack of fluids, stair members of (he Office of Sludeul .Affairs are always ready to consult individually witli students wishing financial assistance in ihv form of scholanships or loans. 70 Office Supervises Student Admission, Registration The Office of Admissions and Records conducts and supervises the admission and registration of each student at the University of Oklahoma. The office maintains a permanent academic file on every student who attends the university. In addition to determining which students are eligible for admission, the office certifies and sends copies of students ' records to those concerned with his academic welfare. This would include parents, advisers, and deans. Graduating students may have copies of their tran- scripts sent to prospective employers. Dr. John E. Fellov s is dean of admissions and regis- trar at OU and is also a professor of education. He has held that position since he came to the university in 1946. DISCUSSING the advantages of having transcripts sent to pros- pective employers of graduating seniors are Boyce D. Tinnmons, director of registration; Mrs. Racheal H. Keeley, recorder; Ruth Arnold, director of admissions; Steve Lawton, senior class presi- dent, and Dr. John E. Fellows, dean of admissions and registrar. UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA PRESS One of the outstanding piililisliing houses in the na- tion, the University of Oklahoma Press has a reputation for excellence of printing quality and book cover art and design. Now ni Its tiiirt -sixth year as iIil- |Hiblisliing division of the University, the Press has published more than 600 1 ks. Savoie Lottinville. the Press Director, was a Rhodes Scliolar at Oxford University. SERVING 9S d rector ct UU Kress is ia.c e Lottinville. UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA LIBRARIES The University of Oklahoma libraries have more than 880.000 volumes lo- cated in the Bizzell Memorial Library and its branches. All branches are lo- cated in Norman with the exception of the library of the Scluinl of Medicine in Oklahoma City. The director of University Libraries, Dr. .Arthur McAiially, was on leave of absence this year with a Fulbright-Ford axvard to teach in Turkey. .M. R. .Spence served as acting director. COORDINATING EFFICIENCY in the University library system are Dr. Arthur McAnally, director: Edith Scott, assistant in charge of technical services, and M. R. Spence, acting director during the absence of the director who is on leave for a year. 72 « 1 f If: 1 ll 1 ' - » H ll . A Ij 1 Q im 1 ffi H wi g E I IC V I X H HI CAPTAIN LAURENCE B. GREEN Professor of Naval Science COLONEL RALPH L. STEVENSON Professor of Air Science Commanding Offices Supervise Services Training The University of Oklahoma offers all three major Reserve Officer Training Corps pro- grams — Army, Navy and Air Force. Cadets receive com- missions as officers following completion of the advanced programs and graduation from the University. COLONEL RICHMOND F. THWEATT Professor of Military Science 73 Short Courses, Conferences Claim Wide Participation Xatioiinl and inieriiational attention has been focused on the Oklahoma Center for Ciontinuing Education since its opening early in 1962. Short courses and conferences attracting adults from a wide area have included studies of labor relations, executive development, girls ' sports, community life, law enforcement, leadership training, nursing home admin- istration and professional writing. Peace Corps volunteers who trained at the Oklahoma Center now are working in Bolivia. Brazil. Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ghana and Tunisia. In addition, 20 mem- mers of El Salvador ' s Social Progress Corps studied alongside .American trainees at OU. Leading adult educators from all over the United States and from Southern Rhodesia, Hong Kong and Canada have come to the University to learn more about the Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree and other pro- grams in contiiuiing education. Another significant advance during 1963-64 was the appointment of Dr. Thurman J. Vhite. dean of the Extension Di ision and the College of Continuing Edu- cation, to the International Committee for the .Advance- ment of Adult Education. ?.tfo ' " ' A.? J " ! f D INISTRATION BUILDING early in 1964 completed the OMahoma Center for Continuing Edu- cation Adult students from a I 50 states and many foreign countries attend short courses and conferences at the Okla- homa Center each year. Amp e parking space, comfortable seminar rooms and excellent dining facilities help make their stay on the UU campus en|oyable. 74 FIRST OF ITS KIND in the world is the agreement creating the Social Progress Corps. Dean White, extreme left, watches as rep- resentatives of the U.S. Agency for International Development and the El Salvadoran Ministry of Public Education meet to sign the agreement in San Salvador. Twent, -■ -■ i - ■ :: ••■■■ ' ■ • ' -■• ' ]■ irained on the Norman campus during 1963 and an OU faculty team later went " south of the border " to conduct a similar program m El Salvador. ALSO HEADING the College of Continuing Education, Dr. Thur- man J. White is dean of the Extension Division. 75 Alumni Association Performs Valuable Services , j TALKING OVER PLANS for building a greater Alumni Association are R. Boyd Gunning, executive director of the OU Foundation and Alumni Relations, and Guy H. Brown, executive secretary of the Alumni Association. Now in Ils 65th year, tlie University of Okialionia Alumni Association since its foiindiiiK lias jrrown dra- matically both in inenibership and in tin.- services it provides. Its growth reflects the increasing interest and |)artIcipation of OU ahnnni which is vital to a great university. The Association now serves more than 12.000 active members in every state and in forty foreign coun- tries. OU clubs stretch from New York to Los Angeles, and in several foreign countries University alumni have organized groups. Each sununcr (lie Association .sponsors loins for alumni. In I9(). ' ] two alumni groups traveled through western Europe, and one tour visited countries in the Orient. year ahimui through the Alumni Development Eund contributed more than $300,000 to the University for .scholarships, special equipment, research and fac- ulty. -Another important arm of the .Association is the University of Oklahoma Foundation, an independent corporation which seeks and administers funds of a permaneni nature and capital gifts for the University. The executive director of the .Alumni .Association is R. Boyd (iuiniing. Guy H. Brown is the e.vecutive sec- retary, and Ted B. Neptune is assistant alumni .secretary. Director of the ADF is Ronald K. Green. Tlie .Association publishes the Soviwr Mati aziiic: an aliiiuni nevv.s])a| er. Sooner Neivs-Makers, and Bud Wil- kinson ' s Foolhdll Letter. Paul V. Galloway is editor of the magazine, ( ' harles Long is associate editor and Joe A. Davis is editor of tlie News-Makers. CHECKING ON PROGRESS of Alumni Development Fund drive are Ronald Green, director of ADF, and Ted Neptune, field director. 76 TALKING OVER COPY and pictures for the alumni pub Davis, assistant editor and editor of " Sooner News-Makers. " oway and Cha Long and Joe A. KEEPING RECORDS on thousands of graduates and former students of the University of Oklahoma is part of the job of the alumni secretaries, Hazel Watson and Charline Pappan. Research Flourishes Under Guidance Of Institute DR. ARCHIE M. KAHAN Executive Director of the Research Institute For 23 years the Research Institute has achiiinistered sponsored research at the lJiii ersity of Okhihoina. For 23 years research acli ities have increased in quantity and (luahly. in scope and sponsorsliip. Today, research is a $, " ) niilUoii business at OU. It reaches into almost all disciplines or fields of study, with wider acli ity and sponsorship in the sciences and engmeernij;. Although a legal entity in it.self. tlie Research In.stitute exists for the University. Its project directors are niaiidy facultv members. Investigations and experiments are frequently performed by graduate students under the su])er ision of faculty researchers. R search at the University of Oklahoma is an integral part of education, but it is dependent upon sponsors to a large extent. Sponsors pay salaries and purchase equipment. Without them, research would suffer. Much of the research at the University of Oklahoma is sponsored by agencies of the Federal Government. The National Science Foundation and the Air Force are among the heaviest contributors to research at OU. Others include the Department of Health, Education and N ' elfare, the Army, Na ' y and Atomic Energy Com- mission, the Departments of Commerce and Interior and the Federal Aviation Agency. The State of Oklahoma and several industrial firms are among the research sponsors. Although their con- tributions are small when compared to the federal sup- port, their research needs and sponsorship are expected to grow in the future. DR. J. D. PALMER, associate professor of electrical engineering and director of the school of electrical engineering, below, uses a 35 KMC nnicrowave interferometer to determine the dielectric constant and phase shift of properties of polystyrenes. f - A VISCOSIMETER FOR research of pectlc enzymes In pai " hogenesis is used by Alice Whittlngton, r esearch assistant in botany. UUIH k MOLECULAR STRUCTURES OF METAL activated enzymes are studied by Dr. Dick van der Helm, assistant professor of chemistry. 79 PERSONNEL includes Mrs. Helen Darks, Union Activities director; W. H. Freeland, Union manager; Jack Guthrie, assistant manager, and James McCall (standing), food department manager. OKLAHOMA MEMORIAL UNION UNION BOARD OF MANAGERS D. II. Crisso. Cliairniaii Jack Li rruELi. V. H. Freeland Hal Muldrow Student Senate President Dean C. J. Craven (Hiltilioum Dullx Editor UNION BOARD OF TRUSTEES Lee B. Thompson. Oklahoma ( ity . . . President Ja( K Li riKELL. Norman Vice-President D. H. Norman Treasurer W . II. Frkeiano. Norman . . Secretary-Manager A. N. BoArMAN, Okmulgee; Harold Belknap, Norman: R. J. Clements, Oklahoma City: Joe Curtis, Pauls Val- ley: Clee Fitzgerald. Stillwater: Denzil Garrison. Bartlcsvillc: Ci,i. r LiVL (;sro, . Marietta: T. II. McC ' as- LAND. Dinuan: 1 1 l . ll LDROW. Norman. Ex-Ull ' mv Members Glenn Northcutt, President of the Board ol iUj inis Dr. Geor(;e L. Cross. President ol ilif IniMisiix Jack Taylor, President of ilic Lnixcislix of Oklahoma .Association Student Senate President FROM THE RESERVATIONS desk Mrs. Melba Clark and Mrs. JoAnn Nipper handle over 5,000 requests for rooms of all sizes. 80 Memorial Union Center Of Activities For Whole Community The Oklahoma Memorial Union building on tlie University of Oklahoma campus provides service and recreational facilities and an activity program for the campus, including students and faculty, and the com- munity. Student leisure time activities on both a per- sonal and organized group basis are effectively accom- modated in the Union. Conference rooms, dining areas, a game room, barber shop, newsstand, ballroom, auditorium, lounges and food service units including the Ming Room, Terrace Room and Will Rogers Cafeteria are designed and fur- nished with a view to the needs of students, facidty, alumni and townspeople and visitors to the campus who use the facilities. University functions housed in the Union Building, but administered by other campus agencies, are the University Book Exchange. .Alumni Association, Faculty Club and Radio Station WN.AD. The Union Board of Trustees, composed of sixteen members, is the major policy-making grouj) of the Union. This group of dedicated alumni control the policies of the Union and direct its management. The Union Board of Managers is an interim committee which meets regu- larly to act on day-to-day operational problems. This board is composed of three representatives from the Trustees, the editor of the Ohkilioitia Daily, President of the Student Senate, the Union Manager and the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Clifford J. Craven. lifc IN THE GAME room Guy Barrett, game room manager, watcher as a student shoots pool. Other game tacilities are available, too. CHECKING THE CONVENTION calendar are Mrs. Erma Newman, assistant food director; Roy Peters, banquet manager, and Mrs. Pearl Gilbert, food service supervisor. jl ; l 81 ALWAYS READY TO HELP members of the Union Activities Board is the UAB secretary, Grace Taylor. LOOKING AT THE SCRAPBOOK are Janet Ketchum. Jane Eng- land, R. N. Dunagan, Jim Howard and Anne Abernathy. UNION ACTIVITIES COMPREHENSIVE Interestiiijr. diversified and constructive are the terms cliaracteristic of the Union Activities program. It is governed by, organized by and effected by students. Organization of Union activities revolves around three main bodies, the Union Activities Board, the Union Ac- tivities Council and the Union Representatives Council. These three groups of students plan and operate Union activities. Union Activity Board members serve as chair- men of large events, such as Sooner Scandals or Popular Series. Members of the Council usually serve as vice- chairmen of large events or chairmen of small events. This body was organized in 1955 to more efficiently organize the activities program. Organized in 1959. the Union Representatives Council acts as a liaison between the organized houses and the Union Activities program. Membership is composed of one representative from each organized house on campus. Since all organized houses are represented, the URC acts as a sounding board and draws both campus and Union activities into closer contact. Among the activities sponsored by the Union are trips, Popular Series. Sooner Scandals. I ' niversity Sing. Dad ' s Day Quartet Contest. Friday at Four, Great Books, l)ridge. exhibits and the information and travel board. WINNERS OF THE 1963 Dads Day quartet contest were the Lambda Chi Alpha quartet consisting of Mike Howard, R. N. Dunagan, Jim Swafford and Mike McDaniel. LEAVING THE UAB OFFICE to attend a meeting are Peg Lemme, Steve Cook, Warren Kourt and Terry Carls. B2 TOP ROW: Terry Carls, Joan Coffman, Steve Cook, Don Crews, Kent Hatley. Mike Howard. BOTTOM ROW: Warren Kourt, Peg Lemme, Mike Maples, Paula Martin, Pat Taylor. OFFICERS Union Activities Board Unio)i Activities Council President Mike Maples President Jim Howard Vice-President Warren Kourt Vice-President Judy Ketchum Secretary Joan Coffman Secretary Reha Bristow ' ' h ih TOP ROW: Anne Abernathy, Ron Altman, Shirley Biggs, Rose- anne Bouziden, Reha Bristow, R. N. Dunagan, Gary Eley. SECOND ROW: Jane England, Barbara Grundy, Jim Howard, Janet Ketch- um, Judy Ketchum, Butch Linville, NIki Meek. BOHOM ROW: Mike Qulgley. Orlin Rickard, Reid Robison, Jerry Sanders. Sharon Tankersiey, Lee Wheless. 83 UNION ACTIVITIES... ONE OF THE ATTRACTIONS on Pop Series this year was the Chad Mitchell trio. This particular series was well-received by students. ANOTHER POPULAR artist on the Pop Series attractions was Henry Mancini, here greeted by Jane England and Mike Howard. EXCITEDLY ADMIRING their first-place trophy in the 1963 Sooner Scandals are members of Delta Delta Delta sorority. i.«j 4 ' S ' M l S5 ' l MO J K - 1 ft Ct U I .4 wTm f ' % lAl « . GREETINGS ARE EXTENDED to the Chad Mitchell trio by Mike Howard. The trio appeared here last fall. GOING MY WAY? Students check the UAB Travel Board to see if rides are available to their part of the country. STRAIGHT LINES and precision gained by hard work are much in evidence during the Sigma Chi-Chi Omega act at Sooner Scandals. GETTING ANOTHER opinion is Janet Kerr, chairman of Exhibits, who consults other URC members for their thoughts on the subject. AN EVENING at the movies Is especially delightful at the UAB sponsored ones in Meacham auditorium. BOTTOM ROW: Judy Porter. Sandra lurner Brite Dr. Ralph Blenfang, Pete Feldman. Student-Faculty Board Supervises Publications The University of Oiclalionia Publication Board acts as ])iil)lisher and policy-making body for student publi- cations. It is composed of both students and faculty members. The board has been supervising the publica- tion of the two student publications, the Ohlalioma Daily and the Sooner yearbook, since 1915. The student-faculty board is composed of seven voting and three ex-oflicio members. Four students are chosen annually from applicants to represent the two ]Kiblica- tions and publications-at-large. N ' oting faculty members of the board arc Dr. C Joe Holland, director of the H. H. Herbert School of Jour- nalism, chainiian of the board: Leslie H. Rice, professor of journalism, who ser es as secretary, and Dr. lluipli Bienfang, professor of pharmacy, appointed to the board by OU president. Dr. George L. Cross. Ex-oHicio mem- bers are Mrs. Louise Beard Moore, supervisor of stutlent publications; Cecil H. Brite. general manager of student publication.s, and David A. Burr, assistant to the presi- dent and director of the office of university relations. Student members of the l) ai ' (l this year have been Reha Bristow. Judy Porltr. Sandra Turner and Pete Feldman. DR. C. JOE HOLLAND, Chairman 86 J C. H. BRITE PUBLICATION BOARD LESLIE H. RICE, Secretary MRS. LOUISE BEARD MOORE DR. RALPH D. BIENFANG 87 BOnOM ROW: Larry Kelley, Kay Kenton, Ann Wallace, Reha Bristow. Allan Thompson. TOP ROW: Kirk Clausing, Hank Keitz, Margaret Richards, Nancy Turk, Ann Marshall, Bob Stephens, John Kissick. SEVENTY-FIFTH RUN OF 1889 CHOSEN SOONER THEME STAFF Editor Larry Kelley Assistant Editors . Allan Thompson. Reha Brisiow Organizations . . John Kissick. Bohbie Kirkhakt Features Kay Kenton Sororities Margaret Richards 1-rutcrnitics Hank Keitz Women ' s Housing Jeanne Dixon Men ' s Housing Cliff Whitmore Jicauty Stan Shields Sports Pete Feldman Divisions Nancy Turk Senior Class .... Charles Seco, Ann Wallace Sophomore Class Beverly Wharton I iisliriiiiii (!lass Kakkn WvNN Services Loi,iie I ' rieue Assistant Features Pal Taylor A.ssislaiit Sororities . Pai i.a Imshman. Marilyn HAUNErr .Assistant Sports Frank Hermes LARRY KELLEY, Editor 88 Academic Emphasis, Expanded Features Typify Yearbooit This sixtieth volume of the Soonek yearbook, the iytp4 Sooner, is a unique history book of tlie 1963-64 school year at the University of Oklahoma. Theoreti- cally, it reflects the many moods and personalities OU has flashed this year, mostly in pictures. Over 1,000 of them not counting each individual class picture, which would run the picture total oxer 6.000. Over 610 pages, also. Several changes were injected into the 1964 Sooner to give it a better overall and compreiiensive insight into the intricacies of the University of Oklaiioma. Primarily, the 1964 Sooner hopes to portray more fully and in sharper perspective the academic face of OU. To do this, each college was given a two-page spread of four pictures, one of the dean and three describing the func- tions of that particular college. Also, to convey the aca- demic face of OU into the 1964 Sooner, a concentrated effort was made to seek out typical classroom and lab sec|uences. Other changes include all four division pages in color, an expanded features section, campus personalities com- bined into groups rather than individually, class identifi- cations listed in paragraphs to make picture-finding easier and a separate 16-page opening section which pivots around the 1964 Sooner ' s theme — the Run of 1889, 75 years old on April 22, 1964. It was the first of several runs into Oklahoma Territory that led to settle- ment and statehood. Tluis the 1964 Sooner is the Dia- mond Jubilee edition. J INDEXING NAMES is one of the big jobs in yearbook produc- tion. Allan Thompson, assistant editor in charge of promotion, Takes his turn at it. WRITING COPY takes considerable thought, finds Reha Bristow, assistant editor in charge of production. Each staff member wrote copy for his sec- tion, though some had help from the journalism ma|ors on the staff. C t 89 Campus Newspaper Office Keeps Student Staff Busy DENNIS WHiniESEY First Semester Editor The Ulilulioiiui Daily is the sludeiil ntwspuijcr of die University of Oklahoma. It is published five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday, except during college vacations, and is distributed canipuswide. All vvriting, make-up, photography and proofreading are done by journalism students under the supervision of Mrs. Louise B. Moore, associate professor of journal- ism and supervisor of student publications. The Daily published a special issue in memory- of President John F. Kennedy the day after the assassina- tion. First semester editor Dennis Whittlesey discussed the incident on his page. Whittlesey also commented on the problems caused by new student tradic regulations and the ill-fated ISA student trip to New York. Letters to the editor cried for an end to compulsory ROTC, but the issue died. Sandra Turner, second semester editor, supported the Model I ' uited Nations and Conference on Religion, and emphasized the importance of a strong student gov- ernment. She opposed the candidacy of former OU foot- ball coach Bud Wilkinson for U. S. Senate and discussed on-campus parking. Miss Turner introduced political cartoons, both local and national, to the Daily ' s editorial page. This year, three staff members received national writ- ing awards. They were Bill Pryor, Dan Webster and Larry Frederick. SANDRA TURNER Second Semester Editor 90 FIRST SEMESTER STAFF. BOTTOM ROW: Lilian Logan, Dennis Whittlesey. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Louise B. Moore. Vina Windes, Kay Whitaker, Linda Kitlian, Seorgianna Barry, Marsha Eddins, Beverly Wharton, Burnie Johnston, Ann Lander, Judy Jageler. TOP ROW: Gene Sands, Danielle Levy, Beth Resler, Paul Woody, Ed Livermore, Jim Mayo, Mike Wilson, Frank Hermes. PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE GAINED BY FUTURE JOURNALISTS SECOND SEMESTER STAFF. BOHOM ROW: Georgianna Barry, Orinda Adams, Linda Killian, Beth Resler, Sandra Turner, Diane Gurley, Pete Feldman. SECOND ROW: Betty Bonifield, Eldon Battey, Beverly Wharton, Carol Ann Moore, Ann Lander, Ed Liver- more, Mike Wilson, Kay Whitaker. TOP ROW: Larry Frederick, Jeanie Burgess, John Greiner, Zelbert Moore, Jim Bruce, Roy Harris. 91 CHECKING THE AD SCHEDULE to see that all the advertising sold for the following day has been properly forwarded to the compos- ing room is Mary Helen Montgom- ery, assistant in the advertising de- partment. ADVERTISING SELLING IS LEARNING LABORATORY Iminiallsiii and l)usiness students who are interested in the advertising field gain practical experience on the Oklalioma Daily. This year the Daily has three student achertising managers who service the accounts for the advertising department. Students in Journalism 161 (advertising selling) act as student salesmen. All of tlie students create their own presentations and proiiKiliciMal ideas. They plan layouts, write copy, read proof and are responsible for not oiiK selling the ad but seeing It into print. Once the ad is run. the student salesman is res])onsib!e for " following through " on sales. The Oklalioiiui Daily services a readership market of over 15,000 students, faculty and townspeople. Jay Poy- nor. advertising manager, supervises the student mana- gers. Robert L. Hryson. assistant professor of journalism, is the insiruclor in the advertising selling class. WORKING ON LAYOUTS are Gam Williams. Jim Gable and Wayne Bishop, student advertising managers on the " Oklahoma Daily. " They are responsible for servicing Norman advertising accounts. 92 Newspaper Printed on Campus at Journalism Press Each semester students are employed by Journalism Press to do the composing, typesetting, page make-up and press work for tlie Ohlahonia Daily, student newspaper. W. C. Vanderwerth, shop superintendent, directs and coordinates work of students and full-time employees. Vanderwerth came to OU in August, 1945, from Bryan, Texas. He had been mechanical supervisor there since 1921. The Press assumes the responsibility and assures the maintenance of all the mechanical needs of the student newspaper. It was organized June 1. 1930, by an act of the Publication Board, which recognized the need for such an organization to assure the maintenance of the mechanical needs of the OkloJiouia Daily. With the approval of the University, tlie Press makes all purchases and handles financial business for the Daily. It is one of the few self-supporting units on cam- pus, paying for costs of production, maintenance and salaries through revenue from advertising and sale of student publications. W. C. VANDERWERTH BOTTOM ROW: Olln Downing, Jim Bruce, Peggy Reed, Saralou Griffin, John Howard. Ronald Smifh, Philip Murford, Michael E. Krasnow. TOP ROW: Bob Salmon. James Squirrel. Tim Coch- nauer. Dick Bednar, John M. Burford. John L. Griffin, David C. Rhea, James E. Shipley. Robert Rober+s, Frank E. Pazoureck, Jon R. Denton, W. C. Vanderwerth. SOONER SHAMROCK STAFF: Roger Clapp, Eddie Flnley, George McBee, Herman Little, Keats Soder, Jr. Students In College Of Engineering Publish Magazine LEARNING THE TRICKS of the trade isn ' t difficult. George McBee, first semester editor, instructs Roger Clapp, second semes- ter editor. Now in its twenty-tiiird year of puljlicatioii. the Sooner Shamrock is the official magazine of the University of Oklahoma College of Engineering. Written and edited by a student staff of engineering students, the magazine is completely self-supporting. Its $7,500 annual budget is obtained from national adver- tising accounts and subscriptions from engineering students. A news column features activities of the Engineers Club, other engineering professional or honorar)- organi- zations and honors accorded to engineering students and faculty. Each issue readers are kept apace of latest de- velo[)ments in the space age through the N. S. Reports column. The Shamrock ranks among tlie best of the engineer- ing college magazines in the countr -. By presenting material of a aried nature in each issue, the magazine contains subjects of inurcsi in siiidttiis ui all fields of engineering. Sluir members first semester were (George McBee. edi- tor; Roger Clapp. associate editor: Roy Carter, business manager: Keats Soder. circulation manager, and Lee Young, pholography. Second semester slalf was Roger Cla[)i), editor; Eddie Finley, associate editor; Roy Carter, business manager: I ' aul Nail, circulalion manager, and Lee Young, pliotograjjliy. 94 Additional Study Synthesizes Specific Knowledge ' 4 TOP ROW; Sunshine Adkins, Ed. Guidancs, Norman: Mohamed Said All, Econ., Khartoum. Sudan; Abdul Hakim Ahmed Al-Rawi, Zoo., Rewue, Iraq, Arab Club, V. P.; Allan Alsip, Urb. Plan., Lexington, Ky.; Sudesh Kumar Arora, Pet. Engr., Kessmir, India, Indian Stud. Assoc, V. P.; William David Baird, Hist., Edmond. SECOND ROW: Bet ty Barwick, A-l ' , Spanish, Wichita, Kan., -W , KAII: Laura Jan Bates, Art Hist., Ardmore: Leticia B. Bautista, Nat. Science, Quezon City, P. I.; Octavio Bautista, Gen. Bus., Quezon City, P. I., Inter. Club, Acct. Club: Earnestlns B. Beatty, Sp. Ed. Psych., Phoenix, Ariz., AKA, HPN, Int. Club: Zollene Bennett, Organ, Texarkana, Ark. THIRD ROW: Frank Blakely, Ind. Ed., Norman: Jan Bour- land, Soc. Wk., Greenville, Tex., Soc. Wk. Club: K. Kay Brandes, Drama, OC, Univ. Players, Z tB: Robert L. Brld- well, AXA, Hist., Carnegie: Ozeal Shyne Brown, Psych., Shreveport, La.: Charles H. Bunton, Sec. Educ, Lawton. FOURTH ROW: Ron Burkett, ' I ' Ki;, Psych., Norman, X: Dan L. Bynum, Soc. Wk., Wilburton, Soc. Wk. Club, V. P.: John Coleman Campbell, Organ, Texarkana, Tex.; Winita Chandranondnalwlnit, Pharm., Rajbura, Thailand; Preston Earl Chaney, Engr. Physics, Dallas, Tex.; Chen-Hwa Chlu, Chem. Engr., Keelung, China. FIFTH ROW: Roger L. Corklns, Political Theory, Norman, CCUN, Intern. Club, Iran Stud. Soc, Arab Club, Stud. Senate, ODK, IIi:A; Allen E. Cornelius, Libr. Sci., Lawton, BSU: Dorothy Davis, Libr. Sci., Shreveport, La.: Richard H. Davis, AT, Physics, Pauls Valley: Nancy Deighton, P.E., Big Spring, Tex.; Mukund M. Desal, Engr., Baroda, India, Stud. Senate, AIME, Inter. Club, Indian Assoc, Treas. SIXTH ROW: John W. Dillard, Spanish, Norman: Ronald D. Dotson, Engr. Phys., Lawton, THII, Mli;: Enma V. Dulay, San. Sci. Pub. Health, P. I.; Grace Elaine Duling, Unci., New Castle. Del.: Walter D. Ellis, Engr., Wichita, Kan., LKOT, Knights of St. Pat, St. Pafs Council, Pros. oF PE Club, Treas. of Engr. Club; Franklin Farmer, Journ., Norman. SEVENTH ROW: Mary Jane Fielden, Bus. Admin., West- ville, Kr, Who ' s Who, Mortar Board, Hr :, ' I ' K ' I ' : Mark W. Files, HKA, Acct., Bartlesville; Lance Carl Finney, Libr. Sci., Sand Springs: Robert S. Fish, Speech, Nev York, N. Y.; Elolsa S. Florendo, Bus., Quezon City, P. I,: Ellnore M. Galerston, Math., OC, AHA, Straight A ' s Soph. Year. BOTTOM ROW: Bob Gunter, Engr., Wilson: Ray C. Hall, ATA, Journ., Norman; John G. Hamilton, Meterc, Ellens- burg, Wash., Amer. Meteorological Asso.: John C. Ham- merback, Speech, San Francisco, Calif.: Dwayne LaRoe Hanoy, Soc. Wk., Big Cabin; C. Wade Harrison, — AE, Psych., Lawton. 96 Graduate Students INVESTIGATING BASIC PROBLEMS in microwave spectroscopy is Don Johnson, Tacoma, Wash., graduate student. Don has one more year before finishing his PhD. TOP ROW: Donald Helander, Pet. Engr., Tulsa, K:C, IIET Paul Hsndrickson, Physics, Norman, Grad. Assist.; Sandra Lee Hsrndon, Speech, Memphis, Tenn.: Patricia E. Hoben, Hist., Detroit, Mich.; J. Kenneth Horn, Educ, Commerce, Tex., AIIE; Kenneth G. Huffman, Chem. Engr., Norman. I SECOND ROW: James H. Ingram, Al ' l ' , OC: Christina Jameson, Soc. WL, Broken Bow; Mohammad Amin Jan, ' Civil Engr., Pakistan- Davis Darrell Joyce, Hist., Green- wood, Ark., ' ! ' A(- ; Ronald W. Kassik, Engr. Phys., Dacoma; Kay Keller, Drama, Ponca City, AFA, THIRD ROW: Chong G. Kim, Bus. Stat., Seoul, Korea Joan Koch, German, Urbana, Ind.: Max Weldon Koffman San. Sci. Pub. Health, Somerville, Tenn.; Adolph Kurek Educ. Psych., Midwest City; Timothy S. Lam, Mech. Engr. Hong Kong, China, TBII, i;T, IITi;; Neal F. Lane, Ai: Physics, OC, BK, Nat. Sci. Found. Fellow, i;iir, II.MR FOURTH ROW: Harold LeCrone, FA, Psych., OC, +X; Jean Sampson Ledford, Soc. Wk., Ada; Leslie H. Leibo- witz, AEII, Psych., Brooklyn, N. Y.; Lulgl LIsi, German, Trieste. Italy; Willis Barnard Lulcenbill, Libr. Sci., Lindale, Tex.; Richard MacFedries, Spanish, Mesguite, Tex. FIFTH ROW: William J. Marion, Jr., " t-KH, Sociol., Mamaroneck, N. Y.; Thomas McCoy, Journ., OC; Mike E. McCur+ain, —X, Soc. Wk., Lexington, Social Work Club; James S. McDaniel, Zool., Pittsburgh, Pa.; Jim McFarlane, Ki:, Math.. OC; James C. Miles, Unci., Anadarko. SIXTH ROW: Kent A. Moore, Libr. Sci., Charlesville, Va.; Sam A. Najd, Aero Space Engr., Abadieh, Lebanon, SrX, Outstanding International Student, Standing Comm., Outstanding Independent; Sue Olds, Educ. Guidance, Casper, Wyo.; Fumlo Oshlma, Journ., Tokyo, Japan; MIeko Oshlma, Biol. Chem, Tokyo, Japan, International Club; A. J. Padron, Geol., Colombia, S. A. BOTTOM ROW: Bryce L. Patterson, AXA, Govt., OC; Max Gordon Poteat, San. Sci.. Spartanburg, S. C; Lloyd , D. Powers, Speech, Chickasha; Vernon E. Prlngle, KA, Pet. • Engr., Shreveport, La.; Joyce Prock, Journ., Dallas, Tex., I H1 ' I ; William Jack Qulnlln, Chem., Englewood, Colo. 97 Graduate Students DELVING INTO RESEARCH areas holds the Interest of Barbara Gallup and Gene Scalarone who are using re- frigerated centrifuge to assist them In their work. Bar bara is from Tulsa, Gene from Arma, Kan. !k (Tj f MTlri TOP ROW: Elizabeth R. Rankin, Eng., Norman: Carl A. Reed, Acacia, Zool.. Miami- Amelia S. Roberts, Elem. Educ, Orangeburg, S. C, AiiO, Nat. Assoc, of College Women, Am. Assoc, of Univ. Prof.: E. Franklin Roberts, Music Educ, OC: Andrew Jackson Robinson, Jr., Geol.. OIney, Tex., -TE Owen Lee Robinson, Engr, Rhys., OC, iiT nrn sri::. SECOND ROW: Margaret Rogers, Math, Mempriis, Tenn.: Danny L Ryan, Finance. Vernon, Tex.: Barbara Shirley, Zool.. Shawnee, -i, +S: Handley B. Shull, Geog.. Wilmington, Del., TSE, Anthro. Club: Carol Smith, Libr. Sci., Lawrence, Kan.: Stanford C. Smith, Bus.. Harrisburg, Pa. THIRD ROW: Stanley John Stieber, Pet. Engr., Alexan drla, La.: Carole Stock, P.E., St. Louis. Mo.; John L. Sullivan, Math, Lowell. Mass.: Jon M. Sufer, Libr. Sci.. Holdenville, BSU: Kent Swaim, AT, Bus., Okmulgee: George T. Swearingen, San. Sci.. Ailcen. S. C. FOURTH ROW: Ahmed Taha, Chem., Port Said. Egypt, AXii, AT, Amer. Chem. Soc: Bariah H. Taha, Bio. Chem., Alexandria, Egypt.: Viola Faye Taylor, Soc. Wk., Sallisaw: Ronald R. Teemley, Math, Enid- Marasri Thong- vibulaya, Bus. Stat., Bangkok, Thailand: Kay Ann Torbott, Libr. Sci., Morrilton, Ark. FIFTH ROW: Herman Lavon Tot+en, Libr. Sci., Muskogee: Lloyd R. Trenary, Account., Bethany: John Triplett, OC: Ross Underwood, Educ, Grove: Carl Vandever, Govt.. Shawnee, H-A: Jane H. Von Wicklen, Libr. Sci., Weath. erford. SIXTH ROW: Barbara S. Warren, Sociol., OC. Sociol. Club: Don Warrick, iiN, Bus. Admin., Alva, ODK, BMOC. A:;n, Track Letterman, IRC, Distinguished Military Stu- dent and Graduate, Outstanding Senior in Air Science: Justine W. Washington, Elem. Educ, Augusta, Ga.: Maudecca L. Wilson, Elem. Educ, Alamo, Ga., AKA: David R. Winkles. Eng., Velma: Her Yue Wong, Geol.. Taipei. Taiwan. BOTTOM ROW: Patricia Ann Woodrum, Libr. Sci., Par- sons, Kan.: Alson C. Woodward, Elec Engr., Lawton, TIUI, HKN: Benjamin Yee, Civil Engr., Chlhauhau, Mex.; Sandra Lee Yount, Elem. Educ, Anadarko: Jean L. Zim- merman, Hist., Corning, Iowa: Patricia A. Zumwalt, Libr. Sci., Bolivar, Mo. 98 Seniors COACHING GRADE SCHOOL basketball is fun as well as educational for Rusty Palnner and Mark Hodder. The youngsters play their ganne in the Norman Recrea- tion Center, south of main cannpus. TOP ROW: Nancy Abel, Educ, OC, SEA, AAW, Arnold Robert Abrams, Engr,, Glen Head, N. Y., HKN, TBII; Joseph Adamo, Engr., Coxsackie, N. Y., 2T, TBII; Car- lynn K. Adams, A S, Ponca City, KUVY staff, Westmin- ster Foundation; Kay Aitken, r { B. FA, Woodward; Jack B. Alberts, t K2, Engr., Houston, Tex., Inst, of Aero Space Sci. Vice Chrmn,, Soc. of Auto Engr. Vice Chrmn., Engr. Open House Vice Chrmn. SECOND ROW: Spencer K. Albln, A S, Ringling,: Re- becca T. Alexander, A S, Barnsdall, AAA, Wesley Foun- dation, K ' , Ai;il; Sherry Allen, r t B, Educ, Bartlesville; Troy N. Allen, Bus., Lawton; Sally Sue Allmon, AXV., A S, Norman, Dean ' s Honor Roll, ©- Treas., K Orchesis President; Kenneth O. Allwhite, ATJi. A S, Blackwell, Var- sity Wrestling, Dean ' s Honor Roll. THIRD ROW: Ronny Altman, HA , Engr., Tulsa, Student Senate, UAC, PE Club; Bonnie Amerman, AE . A S, Stroud, AE t President, Campus Chest Drive Chairman, Mortar Board, Tassels, BWOC, Hfi Vice Pres.; Thomas W. Amsden, Jr., KA, A S, Norman, H2; Robert V. Ande, ATO, Bus., OC, ATO Treas., UAB Outstanding Committee Member, Stage Manager for Pop Series and Classical Se- ries: Harley D. Anders, A S. Muskogee: Cindy Anderson, nB+, A S, OC. FOURTH ROW: Daniel Anderson, 2. , A S, Fayetteville, ■Ark., Cross Citizenship Award, ODK, SAME, NROTC Bat. Cmdr.; Ellen Anderson, AXfi, A S, OC; Kevin Anderson, A S, Norman; Linda Anderson, A S, Norman; Marie An- derson, Educ, Plainview, Tex.; Murl Ray Anderson, Bus. I ' Manqum. FIFTH ROW: Ruth M. Anderson, A S, Tulsa; Hoyt Andres, ATA, A S, OC; Peter C. Andresen, AXA, Bus., Norman; Pete Ankeny, -N ' , Bus., Springfield, III., Dean ' s Honor Roll, Finance Club: Betty J. Arnett, KAO, Educ, Hugo; Donald B. Arthur, A S. Glendale, Calif, ISIXTH ROW: Carolyn Ashabranner, Xfi, A S, OC, Or- ijchesis. Classics Soc, Philosophy Club, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Analee Ashley, KAO, A S, Norman: Mustafa Asliturk, Educ, Aydin, Turkey, International Club: Charles E. Austin, Educ, Midwest City, Varsity Football and Baseball Manager; J. D. Austin, A0. Bus., Wichita, Kan., IE; Ramona C. Autry, Educ, Purcell. BOTTOM ROW: Betty Jo Ayres, A S, Henryetta; Carl F. Baerst, K0, Engr., Farmingdale, N. Y.; John Bagwell, AXA, A S, OC; Richard Baldwin, 2AE, A S, Tulsa; Rex Harrison Ball, A S, Oak Park, III.: Mary Jo Ballard, AF, A S, Pauls Valley. 99 Seniors EXAMINING THE DE GOLYER collection on third floor of the library are Louis Stephens and Ellen Anderson, assisted by attendant, Betty Ruth Estes. The collection contains many rare books on history and science. MmTM TOP ROW: Carolyn Bannford, Educ, Hollis; Arthur Lee Barnes, A ' L ' P FA, Poteau: John R. Barnes, Ari ' h, Bus., Bartlesvllle, Accounting Club, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Joyce Barnes, Educ, McAlester; Jannes Robert Barnett, A V ' OC; Robert W. Barrett, A S, Ft. Belvoir, Va., Scabbard ,■■ Blade, Dean ' s Honor Roll. SECOND ROW: Charles N. Barringer, Jr„ A S, Norman. Varsity Track, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Silverio A. Barroqjeiro, i A S, Naugatuck, Conn., CCUN, International Club, A W2: ■ Joseph Bass, Educ, Dei City, ISA Exec. Coun., Cross Cen- ter Residential Award; George C. Beavers, Bus., Dallas; Larry Beckham, Educ, Midwest City: Larry Belin, A S, Long Branch, N. J., AAZ, Okla. Daily News and Ad Staff, Freshman Track, Varsity Bowling. THIRD ROW: Lynn Bell, KA8, Educ, Woodward, Dean ' s. ' Honor Roll, Iinil, +BA: Martha Bell, XS;, A S, OC: Bruce N. Benedict, Ai; , A S, Bartlesville; Rita Benischek, AXil, Pharm, Albuquerque, N. M., APhA; George D. Ben- nett, i:AE, A S, OC; Darryl W. Benninga, ' I ' K- Bu; Leonardville, Kan. FOURTH ROW: Kenneth E. Benson, Bus.. Norman A counting Club, Dean ' s Honor Roll- Ronald E. Berglan Bus., Norman; Richard O. Bernabe, Engr., Tulsa; John G. Bernard, -I ' AH A. iS, Miami, Fla.; John S. Berry, Bull Engr., Pawnee; David H. Berryhili, A S, OC. FIFTH ROW: Larry Bettes, Bus., Norman; Vernon Biggers, -N, Educ, Midwest City; Judith Bilberry, AAII, Edu. Colorado City, Tex., SEA Vice Pres., Dean ' s Honor Rcll; Robert E. Biles, A S, Chandler, Intercollegiate Debate, ! All ' ; Rusty Binford, BOII, Bus., Muskogee, Marketing Club: William E. Black, Enor., Paterson, N. J., IAS ARS, AOA. SIXTH ROW: Fredda Blagg, T ' l-B, A S, OC; Jim D. Blair, i;AK. A S, Borger, Tex., IFC: Diane Blake, K. A S, Lancaster, Tex.; Wallis Blake, Bus.. Seminole. AK I ' Accounting Club; Betsy Blakely, KKI ' , Educ, Tulsa, SEA; Janice Ann Blakely, A S. Norman. BOTTOM ROW: Judy Jo Blakley, A S, Ft. Cobb: Duane R. Blankenship, i:AK, FA, Clinton; Eddie Block, HA ' I ' , Bn... San Antonio, Tex.; Don Blumenthal, IIA I , Bus., Des Moines, la., IK; Kay Boatright, IMM ' Bu.,, Tulsa: Bruce Bobys, -Air A S, Corpus Chnsti Tex,. HRC, Fencing Club. 100 Graduating Seniors Anticipate Launciiin Of Careers TOP ROW: Becky Boen, KKF, A S, Muskoqee. Olkono- mla, ON, Ducks Club, Campus Red Cross Exec. Comm.: Nancy Boge. —AT, Educ, Wichita, Kan.; Camp Bonds, HHII, Engr., Muskogee, Engr. Club 2nd Vice Pres., PE Club Vice Pros.; Mete Bora, Engr., Ankara, Turkey, AlChE; Charles Borchardt, Acacia, A S, Norman, OU Band; Linda L. Borden, AAA, A S, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Paul Bowles, AXA, A S, McAlestrr; • Ronald Boyce, A S, Ft. Sill, Anthro. Club; Sonny Clark : Boyles, ' M ' A, Bus., Chickasha; Jim C. Braden, BHII ASS Norman: Larry D. Brady, Pharm., Lindsay; Beth Branvan, AT, Bus., Tulsa. THIRD ROW: Jessena Sue Brasher, A S, Norman, Oiko- nomia, HE, K ' ; Betty Bretschnelder, A S, Duncan, Span- ish Club, i ' AII; Shannon Brians, KAO. Bus., Purc-jll; Robert D. Bright, Engr., Lefos, Tex.; Charles Bristow, — X, Bu5., Guthrie; Valerie J. Brock, A S, Calgary, Alta., Can., WRA, Swing Club Vice Pres.. Volleyball Team, PEM Club, I ntramurals. FOURTH ROW: E. Caroline Brooks, Educ, Midwest City; Beverly Brown, r ' 1 ' K, FA, Tulsa, A t A, 1157, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Dorothy Jo Brown, A S, Ponca City, Student Senate Pub. Rel. Comm,, Hi: ' ! ' ; Gary Brown, A S, Richer, Student Union, Student Senate, Student Health Service; Martha Ann Brown, Educ, Norman,; James M. Bruce, A S, Enid. : FIFTH ROW: Jack Bryan, i:.N ' , FA, Altus, Russian Club, I Russian Choir; L. Gerald Bryant, AXA, Bus., Norman, IRC, ' BSU, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Murphy Bryles, A S, Lawton; Mike Buchanan. ATA, A S, OC; Rawsie Bucher. KAB, A S, OC; William Bumgarner, A S, Shawnee. SIXTH ROW: Alvln F. Burch, Engr., Maud; Beverlye Ann Burke, AP, Educ, Billings; Michael Burke, Ai: l , A S, OC; Susan Kay Burnett, Educ, Henryetta, KAII, SEA; Marie Burns, Al Educ, Sherman, Tex.. Shadow Box Pres.; Judy Burris, A S, Woodward. SEVENTH ROW: Bill Burt, Ai; t , A S, OC; Linda Burton, r B, Educ, Holdenville; Clifford Buskuhl, Engr,, Blac - well; Kate Cameron, AF, A S, Stamford, Conn.; Carol Campbell, AT. Educ, Mt. Vernon, 111.; John C. Campbell, Jr., Bus., Adrian. Mich., Ai;n Pres., Marketing Club Vice Pres.. SAM Sec. EIGHTH ROW: Richard W. Campbell, Engr., Midland. |Tex.; Susan B. Campbell, AF, Educ, Mt. Vernon, III.: Janis Capps, AXSi, A S, OC, AXS2 Treasurer, Social Chairman and Rush Chairman, Model UN- Tennie Ann Capps, Educ. Eufaula, nV.U. BA, K+, TBi); John Car- lock, Bus., Ardmore; Ronald R. Carman, A ' ] ' A S, Bar- tlesviile. BOTTOM ROW: Joan CarmichasI, KAB, Educ, Enid, Navy ROTC Queen, SEA; Michael D. Carr, Engr., Sul- phur; Richard Carrithers, A S, Kansas City, Mo.; Kaye Carson, AT ' A, Bus., OC; Roy Carter, Engr., Seminole Dean ' s Honor Roll, Bus. Mgr. of Sooner Shamrock; Dennis A. Casazza, Engr., Brooklyn. N. Y. 101 last Year Students look Forward To Graduation Day 1 7 ES!Mi f O w TOP ROW: Helen Casey, A S. Midwest City. A4 A KAn. i:An, KI ' K Ken Casey, i:X, Engr., Atlanta, Ga.; Charles Cashion, H " ll A S OC: Harvey Chaffln, iS ' l ' K Bus.. Tahlequah: Roger W. Chalfant Engr., Wichit. i Kan.. Engineering Club: Peter Chambers. A S. Enid. SECOND ROW: Carol Chamlee, AAA, Pharm., Cordell: Michael Scott Chapllne, Bus., OC, Accounting Club, Scabbard Blade. Deans Honor Roll. Dist. Milit. Student; Carolyn Janice Cherry, A S, OC, AAA. Dean ' s Hon-- Roll. Fencing Club, WRA: Phil Childress, AT, Edur. Wagoner: Barbara Chilton, Educ. McAlester: Jann Chris- tian, K2, Educ, OC, Varsity O Club. THIRD ROW: Larry W. Clapp, Engr.. Forgan. Industri.s Arts Assoc. Pres.; Linda Clapp, Educ, Lawton, SEA: Victor I. Clement, A S. Warner, Sequoyah Club; Jill Cleveland, AAA, A S, Altus. TAX, Tri Delt Social Chrmn. Tri Delt Publicity Chrmn.: James L. Cody, Bus.. Cleve land. Ohio. Varsity Swimming: Joan W, CofFman. X ' . Educ, Pauls Valley. Mortar Board. Tassels Pres., A. A no Pres. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Coffman, HB . A S, Ardmor,: Sharon Colclasure, AAH, A S. Ardmore; Dana Janell Cole, A S, Norman, Z ' MI; O. C. Coleman, Bus., OC Ernest Collins, 2 I E, Bus.. Shreveport. La.; Pat Condon. Engr.. Atchison, Kan. FIFTH ROW: Richard Conklin, UKA, A S, StIgUr Dean ' s Honor Roll; Robert Conley, ATA, Bus., Tulsa, Stu- dent Senate, Delt Pledge Trainer, IE, Orientation Chair- man, Exec. Comm. of Senate, Junior IFC Pledge Tralninq Comm., Honor Roll, Marketing Club; Malinda R. Conner, A S, OC; James C. Cook, Ki), A S, OC- Steve Cook, i:AE, A S, Ardmore; Susan Cook, A S, OC. SIXTH ROW: Tom Cooley, K Bus., Ft. Smith Ark.. IE,. K Vice Pres., Marketing Club; Jerry Lee Cooper, A S,, Tulsa, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Angle Copeland, XO A S, Brownfleld, Tex.; Beverly J. Corley, A S, Stratford: Pedro Juan Cortes, Engr., Arecibo, Puerto Rico; Thomas C. Coulter. Bus.. Midwest City. SEVENTH ROW: Lawrence J. Courant, Engr., Gloucest- ' Mass.: Joel L. Cracraft, A S, Dallas, Tex., t ' -: Ruth Ann Craft, Educ, Hugo, XO, AAA- Janiece Cramer, A S, Norman; James D. Craven, BHII. A S, Dallas, Tex., Prp- of Baker House, Vice Pres. of Cross Center Presiden ' Council. Pres. of ' K- Stephen H. Craven, " t ' An Bu , OC, IE. EIGHTH ROW: Von Creel, A S, Midwest City Youna Democrats, Debate Club, -l-AH, Ai)?, -I ' A; Al Crosbie, Engr., OC, TRIT i;T, ll.MK IITI ' HIi;, i:ni:; Jill Cross. KKP, A S. Enid; Judye Crumley, FA, Holdenvlllo, TAX William J. Culbert, A S, OC; Jeneane Curry, ZTA, FA, Clovls, N. M., Orchesis Pres.. Sooner Shamrock Modol Portrait of Distinction. BOnOM ROW: Mary Lee Daily, KKl " , A S, Blxb-. William J. Dale, Jr., II KA Bus., Edmond, Senior C Treas.. Scabbard Blade, Student Senate Finance Con: Campus Chest, Homecoming Committee, Accounfi Club, Pop Series; John Dairi, -X, Bus., Tulsa -X S. ,.. Pop Series, Sooner Scandals, IE; Priscilla Damm, KA, A S. S hawnee; Guy Danielson, ' I ' rA. A S. OC: Carl Darnell Pharm., Lawton. Scabbard Blade, APhA. 102 Valuable Experiences Will Be Garnered From College TOP ROW: Jane Darrough, KKF, A S. Vinita, Mortar Board, AAA, Tassels, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Ruthle Dar- rough, KAe, Educ, OC, AAA. Tassels, Mortar Board, BWOC. Sorority Pres., Dean ' s Honor Roll; J. C. Daven- port, Bus., Ponca City. Dean ' s Honor Roll; Gil Davidson. -AJI, Bus.. Muskogee, Student Senate. AwII, Accounting Club, Young Democrats, Students for Education Excel- ' lence; Bill S. Davis, Engr., Little Rock, Ark.; Joe Allen Davis. A S. Eufaula. Wesley Found.. Adv. AFROTC, :iAX. SECOND ROW: Stephen R. Dawson, A S, Helena, Ark.; Ann Day, AXfJ, Educ, Tulsa, AX Vice Pres.. K , Pan-Hel- enic Scholarship,: Dennis E. Deakins. A S, Dixon, Mo. Rufneks, Alt. Cheerleader, Dean ' s Honor Roll: William Frank Decker, Bus., Henryetta, ASII; Frank Del Vero. OKA, Pharm., Alhambra, Calif.; Larry Dennis, ■t ' rA, Bus., jBartlesville, Finance Club Treas., Young Republicans. THIRD ROW: Francine Dent, KA. Educ. Tulsa, K . SEA; ' James W. Dick, Bus., Sybertsville, Pa., SAM, Finance Club: Michael Dick, i:AM, A S, Arlington, Va., ' AB: Bill Dillon, Kl, A S, Ada; Bill Dimick, ATA, A S, Ft. Worth, Tex.. AED; Sandra L. Diwoky, A S. Seabrook, Tex. =OURTH ROW: Stan Doctor. nA t , Bus., Wichita, Kan., E, Hillel Exec. Coun., AF Cadet Officers Club: Billy Dodge, SAE, A S, Dallas, Tex., Baseball Letter: Nancy A. Domjanovich, A S, Ada: Jimmy Dooley, flKA Bus., Law- ton; Shirley Dorman, AAO, Bus.. OC; Bob Dornfeld, IIKA, Dak Park, III. ' IFTH ROW: Nelson L Doughty, Bus.. Martha; Daniel D. Douglass. ' M ' A, A S, Balboa Heights, Canal Zone- Charles R. Driskill, A S, Midwest City; David Driver. iTA, A S, OC; Arthur W. Dudenhoeffer. ' I Ki). A S, Srandfield, Dean ' s Honor Roll. " J " !!!!;; Charley Earline 3unn. A S, Pine Ridge. S. D.. Cate Center Pres. 5IXTH ROW: Virginia Lynne Dyer, A S, Muskog ee, 62 Oklahoma Daily; Bill Eason. Ai; t, Educ, Ardmore: Jean Eastman. Xfi, A S, Tulsa, nfi, Pop Series, lAWS: Phil L Easton, Bus., Lawton; Henry B. Eckert, Jr., A S, Baltimore Vld.; Mary V. Edgar, Educ, Duncan. SEVENTH ROW: Tommy L Edgar, ATJ2, Pharm., Perry, arsity O Club: Kitty Edmunds, AXU, A S, Norman; Mbert Martin Edwards, Bus., Midwest City, SAM: John A. ignew, 2AE Engr.. Midland, Tex.; Charles Elliott, A S " t. Sill; Bernie D. Ellis, Educ, Altus. EIGHTH ROW: Walter W. Ellwood. Engr., Esthervllle, owa; Charles D. Emerson, Bus., Norman, Accounting Club; Oiane Sue Engelberg, A S, Memphis, Tenn.. Dorm Officer: •red Erdman. ' t K2, Engr., Newport, R. I.; Juan Ermecheo, :ngr., Manzanillo. Cuba; Beverly Ervin. A S OC, AAII. iOTTOM ROW: Ali A. Esmalli-Zadeh, Engr., Iran, Persian ;iub; Ronald Estes, 2 E, Bus., Norman, Accounting Club; iob Estlin, iiX, A S, Nowata: Claudia Eurton, KKF, Bus., Jorman; Haskell Evans, " frK , Pharm., Lawton; Paul L. ivans, Educ, OC, Dean ' s Honor Roll, Biology Club ■ NEA, SPTA. " HO 103 Decree Opens Up Career Opportunities For Many ip 1 . p (n n c tf TOP ROW: Sonya Evans, XS!, Educ, Okmulqee, Engine Show, Orchesis, -All; Tommie Gene Evans, Engr.. Pauls Valley, IEEE: Grant Fair, BBII, Engr., Bartlesvllle ' John Fannin, A S, Abqabuaik, Saudi Arabia: Larry D. Farrell, A S, Woodward: Joan Faubion, Educ, Stewart, Il ' -Ml ' I ' HA, Dean ' s Honor Roll. SECOND ROW: Alice Faudrea, A S, McAlester: Andy T. Faust, ' K 1 ' A S, Bartles ille; Jimnny Fellers, ' I ' K:: Bus., Stroud- Lou Ann Felbrs, KAH Educ, OC. Dean- Honor Roll, « Chaplain: Paul V. Fennessey, A S, OC, - IIAH Treas.; Lois Finkei, FA, Prairio Village, Kan. THIRD ROW: Camilla Finley, A S, Sand Springs: Norma J. Finley, Educ, Blacl well, AXfi, Dean ' s Honor Roll: Bev- erly Firguson, FA, Dallas, Tex.: Patti Fisher, KKI " , FA. Midwest City, AFROTC Queen, South Central College Queen, Dean ' s Honor Roll, University Playhouse, Yearbook Finalist: Jane Fitigerald, A S, OC: Bob FitzGibbons. IIKA, Bus., Memphis, Tenn., TIKA Sec-Treas., A2ill Vice Pres., IFC, Arnold Air Society. Cadet Officers Club Treas., IK. FOURTH ROW: Michael E. Flick, A S, Muskogee. i;AX, AAii: John Linn Forbis, IIKA, Engr., Dallas, Tex., Who ' s Who THII IT: Judy Ford, IIB " ! ' , A S, Ponca City, AAA: William L. Ford, — AK, Bus.. Shawnee, Baseball Team, Dean ' s Honor Roll: Lon Foster, -AK, A S, OC, Pres. of Fraternity, l n:i " Hl ' A IFC: Michael L. Foster, A S, Miami, Fla. CIFTH ROVi : Beth Frank, Educ, Midwest City, AWS Exec. Board, Dad ' s Day Comm.: Lavinia Kay Frank, AXli, Bus., Norman, Tassels. K4 , Dean ' s Honor Roll: B n Frank- lin, ATA, Engr,, OC: Gary M. Frans, Engr., OC: Freda French, KKI ' , FA, Madill; Judi Freyer, AAII, A S. Nor- SIXTH RO ' : Larry Friedberg, IIA ' I Engr., Omaha, Nebr.: Liz FrIot, KA, Educ, N. Tonawanda, N. Y.: Grover D. Fulkerson, Engr., Cairo. Egypt; Don Fuller, I ' K Engr., OC: Tom Gable, :iN ' Bus., Tulsa; John W. Garland, Bus., Pauls Valley. SEVENTH ROW: Tom Garrison, ' [ ' PA, A S, OC, Dean ' s Honor Roll: Larry Gels, - ' I ' K, Bus., Cherokee, ' Ml- liPi;: Salem Geller, IIA ' , Bus., Galveston, Tex.. IK Young Democrats, Marketing Club, A " ! !?. Senior Class Election Chairman: William Gendler, Bus., Southbury Conn.: David George, Acacia, A S, Wichita, Kan., Okla- Clty Symphonette: Jerry D. Geyman. Educ. Wichita Falls Tex. EIGHTH ROW: Jack T. Ghorayeb, ' I ' KO. Engr., Damour, Lebanon: Gill Gibbens, A S, OC: Tom Gibbs, Ki:, Bus.. Loveland, Colo., IFC Pres.. K— Soc Chrmn,. Dean ' s Honor Roll, BMOC. Arnold Air Society, 1 Iv George Drew Gib- son, Jr., -AK, A S, Shawnee: Mike Gibson, -AK, Fnqr,, Tu lsa: Gregory J, Glahn, Engr., Bartlesville. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Ann Glasscock, AAII. FA, Ard- more: Joe Marvin Glenn, Engr., Henryetta, Dean ' s Honor Roll, ASCE: Pamela Glenn, Bus., Wynnewood, Accounting Club, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Rayburne Goen, —X, A S, Tulsa: Sylvia Bury Goen, Educ, Tulsa; Lee Goldberg, AK ' I A S Nnw Orleans, La. 104 t Seniors ADMIRING AN EXAMPLE of the many fine works of art found on the University of Oklahoma campus Is Mary Ellen Alletag. Exhibits in the Art Museum include some permanent, some travelling. TOP ROW: Judy Goldfeder, A S, Texarkana, Tex., Pop Series, Sociology Club: Mary Katherlne Goodwyn, A S. Alex, AAA, Dean ' s hlonor Roll, HE, Shadowbox, OIkono- mia; Robert Gow, A S, OC. Chess Club Sec, Dean ' s Honor Roll; James R. Graham, M A. Engr.. Anadarko; Darby Gray, Engr., Lawton, AROTC Cadet Cmdr.. SAME Pres., TBII; Marllynn Green, A . Educ, OC, HH, Pop Dean ' s Honor Roll, Homecoming Comm. S SECOND ROW: Mimi C. Graen, A t , Educ, OC: Justin Greenberg, IIAi . Bus., Omaha, Neb.; John T. Grelner. ■A S, Henryetta. Dean ' s Honor Roll, -AX Sec; Danielle Griffin, AXS2, Educ, OC, H-Q, AX 2nd Vice Pres., SEA; Douglas E. Griffin, AKE, Engr.. Chlckasha. -T, TBII, VT, IFC, lAAA: Shirley Grove, A . Educ, Forgan, Dean ' s ■Honor Roll, SEA. THIRD ROW: William Riley Grove, ' l ' X l ' , A S, Norman; Mary Evelyn Groves, KA, Educ, Norman, SEA, K ' t, Young Republicans; David Grubb, i:X, Engr., Tulsa. Hi;. 2T. SIME, Engr. Club, Cross Center Counselor; Mike Gurren. AKK, Educ, Norman, International Club, Sooner Scandals; ' Pat R. Gwartney, FA, Tulsa: John Haddock, Kil, Bus., Norman, IE Pros., AAi:. FOURTH ROW: All A. Hadian, Engr., Iran. Persian Club, International Club; Sue Ann Hagerman, A S, Ft. SHI; iRalph R. Hall, Engr., Stonewall, H2, Student Senate, 2T, TP.II, Engine Show State Chmn., AlChE; Wilburn C. Hall, SAT, Engr., El Reno; Charlotte A. Hallock, FA, Norman, JI ' hE, Music Educators Natl. Conf., Soonerettes, BSU; iSusan Hamby, r4 B, A S, OC, OX, Oikonomla, Dean ' s Honor Roll. FIFTH ROW: David T. Hamilton, Engr., Ardmore; Patri- cia Hammond, XH, Educ, Tulsa, BA, 0011; Paul Mam- mons, — AE, A S, Waurika; Sherian Hamra, AAII Pharm.. Ft. Worth, Tex., Sorority House Manager, APhA; Bruce Hare, ATA. Bus., Amarillo, Tex.; Ann Harms, AAH, A S, Midwest City, ABA, OX Vice Pres., ADPi Pres. SIXTH ROW: Jeanne Harper, KA, A S, Bartlesvllle: Joanne Harper, KA, A S, Bartlesvllle; Lynda Harris, KKF, A S, Shawnee Mission, Kan.; Susan Harris, KKT FA Norman, Dad ' s Day Prog. Chrmn.. Rec Sec. and Scandals Director for Kappa; Don Harrison, K2, Bus., OC, IE, Fra- ternity Rush Chrmn. and Soc Chrmn.; Philip P. Harrison, Engr., Dallas, Tex.. Major USAF. BOTTOM ROW: Walker Hartman, Bus., Ponca City. A:;II, Marketing Club, 28E; Carl B. Hatfield, A S. OC, Wilson Center Judicial Board Chrmn.; Terry Irene Haug, A S, Norman, Band, K , TB , AAA, Dean ' s Honor Roll, KAII; Dianne Hawkins, AT, Bus.. Tulsa; Requa D. Hawkins, A S Sayre; Jerry M. Haws, A S. Guthrie. 105 Seniors FINDING OUT ABOUT JOB opportunities a ter gradu- ation are Bruce Hare and Ed Massey, who are talking with Mrs. Conni Resier, personnel and placement ad- viser In the OU Employment office. «A f " ' ' { Oi TOP ROW: Charlie Head, Educ, Monroe, La.; Charles Hedrick, Bus., OC: Harold Hefler, Engr., Hastings; Jim G. Henderson, ATt!, Bus., Beaver, Dean ' s Honor Roll, Frat. Rush Chrmn. and Scholarship Chrmn.; Cecelia Hendren, Educ, Muskogee; Peggy Henry, KKF, A S, Norman. AAA, Tassels, Mortar Board, Dean ' s Honor Roll, Presi- dent ' s Honor Roll, Sooner Scandals Sec, Chairman of Dad ' s Day. SECOND ROW; James Hensler, KX. Engr., Ada, Ki; Pres.; Pam Heritage, 11B ' 1 , A S, Bartlesville.; Gary Dean HIckmon, Educ, Laverne, -BB, Wesley Found., Young Republicans; Jack C. High, ATSJ, A S, OC, Sec of Big 8 IFC, Delegate to NIFC, ATO Pres.; Leeroy H. Hlghtower, Jr., IIKA, Bus., Alamogordo, N. M.; Scott Hilburn, AT, Bus., Alexandria, Va., Navy ROTC, IE, Ai;il, Amer. Mkt. Asso. THIRD ROW: Bill Hill, i:Al ' :, A S, OC; Donald R. Hlxon, Engr., Altus; Douglas Hobbs, ATA, Bus., Tulsa: Roy L. Hodges, Engr., Gore, AX, AIAA, Engr. Club, Pershing Rifles, Adv. AFROTC; George L. Holland, KZ, Bus., Selling; Linda C. Holmes, A S, McLoud. FOURTH ROW: Corrlne Holloway, Educ, Vernon,; Judy Holloway, KKr, A S. Dallas. Tex.; Janet J. Holland, AAA, A S, Norman; Jon H. Horwedel, - ' I ' E, Engr., Hlii- ton, H:2, i;T, ITKN, THII; Dallas Howard, ATA, Engr., Lawton; J. Robert Howard, Al ' ! ' , Engr., Lawton. FIFTH ROW: James L. Howell, Bus., Comanche; Ramona Ann Howell, A S, Claremore, Mortar Board, Classics Soc. Pres., Great Books; Ronald Kent Howell, HKA, Bus., Dun- can; Jan Hoyt, AT, A S, OC, Sorority Treas., Honor Roll; William A. Hubbard, i;N, A S, OC; Paul Hubble, UKA, A S, Ardmore, Cheerleader, A M2 Vice Pres., Engineers Talent Show, Orchesis, ODK Talent Show. SIXTH ROW: Charles Huff, KA, FA, Poteau,; Andrea Lou Huffman, Educ, Elk City; Gwen E. Hughes, AAA, A S OC; Ann Hull, AI ' , A S, Midwest City, Sorority Vice Pres.; Charles F. Hull, AXA, Bus.. Bartlesville, Frat. Trea Marketing Club, Hv Joseph W. Hullett, A S, W. Hart- ford. Conn. BOTTOM ROW: John Hundley, i:X, Bus., Calvin, Intra- mural Board, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Phil Hurley, AT, Educ. Albuquerque, N. M., Yearbook Staff, Student Senate Acad. Aff. Comm., COR, Pop Series; Donna J. Hurst A S, Southard; Harold R. Hutton II, Pharm., Blackwoll University Band, APhA; Earl Ingram, ' W ' A, A S, OC Karolyn L. Inhofe, AT, Educ, Tulsa. 106 Upperclassmen Prepare For Future By Earning Decree TOP ROW: F. B. Jack Jackson III, KA, Engr., Dallas, Tex., Ugliest Man On Campus, IPC, KA Pres.: Bob Jacob, K2, Bus., Tulsa. IE; Ballard H. Jacobson, i:AT. A S, New Brunswick, N. J.; Bill James, ATP., Bus., OC, Frat. Treas. and Rush Chrmn; Daniel Walter James, " ( " K , Engr.. Rush Springs. See. ofAuto Engr., Soc. of Mech. Engr.: Dennis James, — , Bus., hlouston, Tex. SECOND ROW: Donald Lee James, A S, Norman; Johnny D, James, Educ, Moore: Georgs Jarman, — N A S, Tulsa, Varsity Football; Elaine Jenkins, A S, Beaver: Everett Johnson, 4 A6, Engr., Norman, Dean ' s hlonor Roll, Most Outstanding Fresh, in Chem. I, I»H2, Most Out- standing Soph, in Petr. Engr., HET; James D. Johnson, ATD, Educ, Midland, Tex., Frat. Rush Chrmn., Pub. Rel. Chrmn., Scholarship Chrmn., Distinguished AFROTC Ca- det. THIRD ROW: Sallle Johnson, AXfi, A S, Skokie, III.; Burnie Johnston, AXi2, A S, Tulsa, Daily News Editor B fp Sec, Sor. Corr. Sec, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Carol V. Jones, A S, New Orleans, La.; David M. Jones, A S Anadarko; Gerry L. Jones, Engr., Marathon, N. Y., Soc. of Engr. Physics, Soccer Club, Young Repub.; Lyndelle Jones, ' B, A S, Broken Arrow. FOURTH ROW: Mariellen Jones, Al ' A, FA, McAlester Robert M. Jones, Bus., Pauls Valley; Stanley Eugene Jones Engr., Leedey, Dean ' s Honor Roll, ASCE; Stephanie Jones AAIT, Bus., Seminole, Tex.; Susan O. Josephson, Educ. OC, 2AT; Charles S. Judson III, Bus., San Diego, Calif. Ai;n, Men ' s Glee Club, Outstanding Independent. FIFTH ROW: Mary Ann Junk, AAA, Bus., Wichita Falls, Tex., no. Sooner Scandals: Joy Kahn, AE , Educ, OC Student Senate Sec, UQ, SEA, University Chorus, CCUN " Kismet " Cast; Richard Kahn, SAM, Educ, San Francisco Calif.; Pat Kaiser, IM ' B, A S, Weatherford; Joan Kalman, r+B, A S, Norman, WRA Pres., UAB, UAC, Ducks Club; Julie Kalman, F ' l ' B, A S, Norman, Interior Design Club Pres., Ducks Club Treas., WRA Soc Chrmn., Oikonomia. SIXTH ROW: Don Kaspereit, FA, OC; Robert Henry Kaye, IIA ' t, Bus., Dallas, Tex., Accounting Club, Finance Club, IFC Soc. Comm., Sooner Scandals; Phillip Keeley, 2N, Bus., Blackwell, Varsity O Club, Petr. Landman ' s Club: Larry Kelley, Ben, A S, Okmulgee, Pres. and Vice Pres. of Buchanan House, 1964 Editor of Sooner Yearbook: Bob Kellough, rA, Bus., Midland, Tex.; Roger W. Kelly, A S, Houston, Tex. SEVENTH ROW: Charles H. Kemp, A S, Norman; John Thomas Kemp, A S, Springfield, Hi.; Edward R. Kennedy, A S, Gainesville, Tex.; Noah Kennedy, nKA, Bus., Wau- rika, A l n Treas., IE, nKA Rush Chrmn. and Exec Counc: Beverly Dean Kent, A S, Midland, Tex.; George Kernek, 2X, Bus., Holdenville. EIGHTH ROW: Joan Kershaw, XH, A S, Dallas, Tex., ON, Shadowbox, Oikonomia: Robert Lee Kidd III, ATO, FA, Poteau: Nancy Kaye Kienzle, AF, A S, Shawnee; Paul M. Kimball, AT, A S, Tulsa; Judith F. King, A S, Bixby. Dean ' s Honor Roll, 2AH; Pam Kinnan, KKF, A S, OC. BOTTOM ROW: James A. Kinnebrew, BSH, Bus., Pauls Valley; Marlene J. Kirch, ATA, Bus., Las Vegas, Nev.: Jim Kirk, Bus., OC, Finance Club, Econ. Club, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Carolyn Kirkpatrick, Educ, Stigler; John Kis- sick, AT, Bus., Lawton; Wanda Lou Klepper, Bus., Purcell NBEA. li Ji A 107 student Days Will End At Commencement Exercises TOP ROW: Warren K. Kourt, TIA ' I ' Engr., Wichita, Kan.. BMOC. OAK, ;:T, IIKT, UAB: Ronald Koiak, Ai: , Bus., Clifton, N. J.: Marshall Kramer, IIA , Bus., Ladue, Mo., Campus Chest Carnivcil Chrmn., IK, Sooner Scandals, Pop Series; Robert W. Krasnow, IIAI ' , A S, OC, Dean ' s Hon- or Roll, AEA Hillel Found.; Kaye Kupka, KKF, A S, Haskell: Ed Kurtr, AT, Bus., Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Bonnie LatHns, KA, Bus., Wichita, Kan.; Steve Lambert, Engr., OC Tlill, ZT, Wli:. AX:i, OU Band, AlChE; Sam LaMonte, ' MrA, A S, OC, AEA, Dean ' s Honor Roll; William J. Landsberger, Bus., OC, SAM; Lynda Lang, Al " , A S, Prairie Village, Kan., AF Pres.; Marilyn Largent, r 1»B, Educ, Tipton. THIRD ROW: Carolyn W. Larson, A S, OC; Rushella A. Latimer, Bus., Tulsa, Account. Club Sec; Charles Lauder- dale, Engr., Ranger, Tex.. TKII, llTi;; Loma Linda Lavell, A S, Tulsa, Lottinville Award, A. A Tassels, Mortar Board, Cate Center Pres.. ' I ' AH Pres.; Bobby L. Lawson, A S, Snyder; Steve Lawton, liHll A S, Norman, Senior Class Pres., Pe-et Pres.. BHII Vice Pres., OAK, BMOC. FOURTH ROW: Gerald S. Lazarciyk, Engr.. Dunkirk, N. Y., Dean ' s Honor Roll, IEEE; George F. LeBus III, Engr., Norman, : T. TBH, SCAIA; Doral Lee, FA, Sub- lette, Kan.; Suzanne Lee, Educ, Tulsa, KA; John D. Le- Favour, Bus., Houston, Tex.; Jerry W. Levin, 1IA 1 . A S, OC, HA Pres.. IFC Exec. Comm. Delegate to 1962 NIFC, Pres Counc. FIFTH ROW: Jamie Lewinsohn, KKT, Educ, OC; Mike Lewis, AXA, A S, Lawton: Bill Ligon, K4 ' , A S, Seneca, Mo., Young Repub. ' Keith E. Likes, A S. Calgary, Alta., Can.: Linda Lillard, KKI ' , Educ, Ft. Sheridan, III.: Kent Lillenberg, ' I ' K , Engr., Tulsa,, IME Club. SIXTH ROW: Charles S. Lindsey, Bus., OC, SAM, Red Red Rose, Dean ' s Honor Roll: Gene Lindsey, IIB ' I ' . Educ, Bay City, Tex.; Jim Lindsey, — AE, Bus., Tulsa, Track, Fi- nance Club, Trident Society, Celebrated Artists, Semper Fidelis Society; Tommy L. Lindsey, Educ, Borger, Tex.: Beverly Link, A S, OC, AZ, HE, OIkonomla; Richard P. Lockwood, A S, Elkhart, Ind., H2, :;rE, N. W. Brlllhart Award. SEVENTH ROW: Lilian Logan, IM ' H, A S, Lindsay: Charla D. Lorenz, Educ, Tulsa; Christopher Love, AKE Engr., Rome, Italy: Linda Love, KKT, A S, Chandler: Perry Lovelace, KA, Educ, Tulsa, Pledge Trainer, UAB, Young Republ.; Wayne L. Loving, AXA, Bus., Ponca City, SAM Vice Pres., Marketing Club, Dean ' s Honor Roll. EIGHTH ROW: Joe L. Lowry, ' I ' Kil, A S, Blanchard: Jane Lucas, X!i, A S, OC, Dean ' s Honor Roll: Barbara Luttrell. A S, Ft. Sill; Phil A. Lutz, • A, Engr., Lancaster, Tex.: Paul Edward Lyies, Pharm., Huge Nancy Lynn, KKI " , Bus., Jackson, Miss. BOTTOM ROW: Robert J. Mach, Engr., Auburn, N. Y.; James C. Mahaney, Bus., Blnghamton, N. Y., A II, SAM; J. Patrick Mahoney, HHII A S, OC, Associate Member of HI — : Joseph N. Main, Bus.. Northfleld, Ohio; Ronald D. Main, A S, Norman, Pershing Rifles, CCUN; Pamela K. Maleville, KA, Educ, San Mateo, Calif., Dean ' s Honor Roll, SEA, Newman Club. 108 Seniors TEACHING A CLASS Is part of the training In educa- tion for Robert E. Perry. He practice teaches at West Junior High School in Norman under the supervision of the general science teacher. TOP ROW: Vincent Maneini, Engr., Brooklyn, N. Y.: Kathy Maney, AAA, Educ, OC; E. T. Manning, SAE, A S, Norman; Sally C. Manning, A S, Norman, AFROTC Honorary Cadet Col., AT, Dean ' s Honor Roll, IIB ; Laurence Mansur, Engr., Tulsa; Mllce Maples, 2X, Engr., Holdenvllle, UAB Pres., Pe-et Vice Pres., TBH, OAK, BMOC. SECOND ROW: Gordon Marcum, SAE, Bus., Midland, Tex., Petr. Land Mang. Club, Scabbard Blade; Marilyn S. Marcum, Ar, A S, Alva; Robert Fred Marcy, Bus., Clinton, ASII; Billie Jean Marsh, KA, Engr., Bethlehem, Pa., AIA Vice Pres., Public Lectures Comm.. KA Pres.. Panhellenic Coun.; Tom G. Marshall, Engr.. Guthrie, AIAA, IAS, Engr. Club; Glenda Grace Martin, A S. Ringling, Intr. Club, BSU. THIRD ROW: Paula Martin, r l B, Educ, Tulsa, r i B Pres.. UAB, BWOC; Richard S. Masinton, Bus., LaVeta, Colo.. Dean ' s Honor Roll, Judicial Bd., Traffic Court; Marilyn Mason, A S, Dallas, Tex., 2AH; Pat Mason, AAA, Educ, Tulsa; Jerry Matthews, Educ, Cushing; Kath- leen Sue Matthews, FA, OC, M 1 E, BSD. FOURTH ROW: Joella Mauldin, Educ. Paoli; Jeanne Mayfleld, AXfi, A S, Dallas, Tex.; William Mayfleld, Educ, Delmita, Tex.; James W. Mayo, K , A S, Salli- saw, SAX Pres., Student Press Asso. Pres., AAZ; Joseph Mays, K0. A S, OC, 2AX, AAS; Joseph E. Mazzie. nKA, Engr., Lindenhurst, N. Y. FIFTH ROW: Robbie McAdams, AAA, A S, OC, Mortar Board, Who ' s Who, Tassels; Joe P. McAlister, Bus., Noble, Accounting Club; Carol McBrayer, Educ, Ennis, Tex., SNEA. Pop Series, Yearbook Beauty Nominee, Skin Diving Club; Frances McCarter, Educ, Slloam Springs, Arlt.; Ed McComas, A S, Elk City, Dean ' s Honor Roll, Dist. Mil. Stud., Scabbard Blade; John A. McConnel, Engr., Crescent, OU Band, Young Repub., DSF. SIXTH ROW: Sue McConnell, AX " , Educ, Ft. Smith, Ark.; Ethlyn Beth McCoy, FA, Chandler, Mortar Board Pres., M+E Pros., BWOC, MEMC Vice Pres., Tassels Sec, AAA; Sue McCoy, HB , A S, Cleveland, Wesley Found.. AAA, Tassels, Mortar Board; William T. McCoy, Engr., Tahlequah, RTS Pres., SAE Pres., T Hist.; Anne McDan- !el, HB , A S, Milllngton, Tenn., AAA; Janie McDonald, KAe, A S, OC. BOTTOM ROW: Roger McElroy, FA, Bus., OC, ADS, IE, Marketing Club; Robert Floyd McFarland, AT, Engr., Norman, Pe-et Pres., Student Senate Pres., Letseizer Award, COR Treas., OAK, BMOC, Who ' s Who; Henry C. McGee, Engr., El Reno, SFT; Judith A. McGowen, ZTA, A S, Norman; Marcene McGrew, Educ, Ponca City; Patti McGuire, AF, Educ, Duncan, Student Senate, Dean ' s Honor Roll. 109 Seniors LOOKING OVER THE RECORD albums at a corner shop provides diversion for many students. Leonard Bernstein shows Amos Moses and Charles Sego the latest collection from which to choose. prn; TOP ROW: William Edwin McGuire, Pharm., Talihina, PX, Student- Red Cross Vice Pres.. Sooner Antedote Co- Editor, Dean ' s Honor Roll, ' J ' 2, APhA; Pat Mclver, HB . Educ, Tulsa, AAA, Dean ' s Honor Roll, Honorary Midship- man, Panhellenic Rush Chrmn.; Theresa G. McKellar, A S, Tulsa; Billy K. McKinney, A S, Midwest City; Michael McLaren, A S, Midland, Tex., KUVY; LeEtta McLaughlin, A ' l , A S, Pawnee, A0, Model UN, President ' s Honor Roll, Wesley Found. SECOND ROW: Marvin C. McLaughlin, Bus., Norman, Amer. Mitt. Asso., Soc. for Nat. Manac;.; Sidney McLe- land, Xli, Educ, Ft. Worth, Tex.; Gayle McLeod, AAA, Educ, Ft. Worth, Tex.: Janet G. McLin, XS- ' , Educ, Clin- t-n: Marilyn McMasters, ATA, Educ, Tulsa- Billy H. McNeil, A S, Davis. THIRD ROW: Jeri McVay, FA, Tulsa; Candee MeGown, Xn, A S, Dallas, Tex., 1152, Sooner Scandals, Sports Queen, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Ed Mehew, 2N, Engr., Lawton, 2T, SIME Vice Pres., Dean ' s Honor Roll; Larry Mehl, HA , Engr., Wichita, Kan., TBn, HKN, IEEE, Sooner Scandals Engr. Club, Engine Show, A t n, Student Senate, St. Pat ' s Coun.; Barbara Ann Melton, Educ, Maysville; Jim Menz- les, 2N, A S, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Hal J. Merrlman, A S, OC; Mitchell Mertes, FA, Norman; George T. Metcalfe, i rA, Bus., OC, AFROTC DIst. Mil. Stud., Ai:il; Kay Meyer, nB+, Educ, Bartlesville; Terry Middleswarth, IIKA, A S, Shawnee; John Millar, Mv2, Bus., OC, Mang. Club. FIFTH ROW: Rob F. Miller, A S, Wewoka, X: Sf, D. Miller, +K ' I ' , Bus., Tulsa, Rush Chrmn., K ' ! ' Vice Beverly Millstead, A S, Norman, French Club, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Stanley Minti, AEII, A S, New N. Y., Scabbard Blade, Sociology Club, SAME; MIzel, IIA , Bus., Tulsa, HA Vice Pres., Finance Student Senate, Univ. Finance Comm., Univ. Special Comm. Chrmn., Traffic Judge, IE Pub. Chrmn., Av Club; Bernard E. Mogot, Engr., Manada. Indonesia. }phen Pres.; BSU, York, Larry Club, Rules lation SIXTH ROW: John Robert Montgomery, Bus., Salem, III.; Bob Moore, Ki), Bus., OC, Student Senate Treas., HRC, Cross Center Pres. Coun., Frat. Sec, IE, Dean ' s Honor Roll, Who ' s Who, BMOC; Carol Anne Moore, KA, Educ, Lindsay, K l , OU Band, SEA, Engine Show; Diana G. Moore, AAA, A S, Duncan, Orchesis Pres. Vice Pres., Tassels, AAA Treas., Dean ' s Honor Roll, Student Senate, HRC; Karen Moore, IIB , A S, Norman; Phillip Moore, Educ, Tulsa, ' I ' BA. POTTOM ROW: Ralph E. Moore, A S, Abilene. Tex.; Sarah Moore, A ' ! ' , Bus., Kirkwood, Mo., TAX, Marketing Club, A l Rush Chrmn., IE; Zelbert Moore, A S, OC, i:AX. Oklahoma Daily Staff Writer, KUVY Newscaster; Donald Morelock, FA, Ada, IIKA, I«MA, Lew Wentz Scholarship; Lillian O. Morris, FA, Norman: Woody Mor- ris, Acacia, A S, Norman. 110 Youn People Are Ea er To Be in Professional Lives TOP ROW: Stan Morrison, - E. Engr.. Plainview, Tex.; William A. Morrison, FA, Chelsea: Frank L. Moses, Engr., Eureka Springs, Ark., ASME, HTi:, Scabbard Blade: Rufus C. Mosley, A S, McAlester, £2 , Twentieth Cen- tury Society Pres.; Max D. Moulton, Bus., OC, Marketing Club, IE, Intramural Board, Aviation Club: Ben M. Moyer, Jr., AXA, Engr., Bartlesville. SECOND ROW: Thomas M. Mudricic, i;AM, Bus., Ot- tawa, Kan., Accounting Club, Student Senate Welfare Comm. and Acad. Aff, Comm.; Charles L. Mugg, ATA, Bus., OC; Lewis Mull, ATA, A S, Wichita, Kan.; Kenneth R. Mulllcan, A S, Vinlta; Kay Mulllns, KAO, Bus., Ama- rillo, Tex., Dean ' s hHonor Roll, Vice Pres. and Pledge Train- er of Sor.; Pat Mundkowski, ZTA, Educ, Grandfield •{•BA, nnn, Panhellenic Sec, Dean ' s Honor Roll. THIRD ROW: William Munter, Engr., Logan, IITi " ASME; Donald E. Nash, Engr., OC; Bill Nations, A0, A S, Noble; Robbey Negrin, A S, Little Rock, Ark., AAA, Shadowbox, Sooner Scand als; Chuck Nelson, 4 ' K I ' , Bus., Springfield, Mass.; A! Newberg, nA4 , Bus., Omaha, Neb. FOURTH ROW: Jim Newport, Pharm., Okmulgee; Nancy Newton, IIB ' I " , A S, Tulsa, 2AH; Elizabeth Nichols, ZTA A S, OC, ZTA Pres.; Timothy E. Nicholson, t ' Ki;, Engr., Okmulgee: Paula Noakes, A S, OC. AAA; Robert Nogg, IIA ' l ' , Bus., Omaha, Neb. FIFTH ROW: Jerry Norman, HKA, FA, Altus; Had! Norouzl, Engr., Teheran, Iran; Carolyn Norris, KKF. FA, Norman, M E, MENC, K , Wesley Found., Soonerottes, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Jack M. Nottingham, Engr., OC, Golf Team: Hossein H. Nouri, Engr., Teheran, Iran, Petr. Engr Club, IIET; Patricia A. O ' Brien, A S, Detroit, Mich. SIXTH ROW: Bob O ' Bryan, AT, Bus., Ardmore: Nancy J. Oglesby, A S, Arlington, Tex., TTT, AO; Ernie O ' Hara, i;X, Bus., Norman, PLMA; Joe Ollphant, " l-rA, Bus., Hold- enville; Steve Olsen, " tAQ, Engr., Tulsa; Fred Olson, AT, Bus., Midwest City. SEVENTH ROW: John P. O ' Neill, A S, Houston, Tex.; Janie Orr, AAH, Educ, OC; Helen H. Osborne, A S, Okemah; Ned Ot+erstrom, KS, Bus., Northbrook, III.: Lynn Overton, KA, Bus., Garden City, Kan., Varsity Base- ball, Accounting Club; Larry Owens, BOH, A S, Beaver. EIGHTH ROW: Steven Oxenhandler, HA , Bus., St. Louis, Mo.; Sandra E. Ozmun, XfJ, A S, Dallas, Tex.: Leslie Page, Bus., Kaw City, AITl; Rusty Palmer, Educ OC; John B. Pangburn, BSH, A S, Alva; William Pan- nell. Bus., Norman, Account. Club, Football. BOTTOM ROW: Bob Pansze, 2AE, Educ, OC; Annette Park, A S, Tishomingo; Jean Anne Parker, AP, A S, Bed ville, Tex., Top Ten Freshman Women, AAA, Ta ' el BWOC, Parker House Pres., Sorority Pledge Class Pre;. Guy William Harold Parkhurst, A S, OC; Roger L. Park- ins, ATA, Bus., Battle Creek, Mich., Frat. Pres., IE, Finance Club, Marketing Club; Susan Jane Parks, Educ, Linden, N. J. r I dTlii gtrMm.M £:dmM lYll k Ml Final Semester Means Job Applications, Interviews O O • ' t ml M ' iM TOP ROW: Noel R. Parsons, A S, Wewoka; Fred Patrick, Ben, A S, Sapulpa; Lucly Paul, KAS, A S. OC; Judith M. Payne, A S, Stamford, Tex.: Melvin R. Payne, Bus., OC: William M. Peck, Jr., K , Engr., Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Daniel Pedroja, AZ t . A S. Pittsburg. Kan.; J. Richard Pendergraft, Pharm., Borger, Tex., APhA Student Chapter Pres., I ' X: Ronald J. Pendergraft, ATA, Pharm., Norman; Linda Kay Pendergrass, A S, Ft. Smith, Arlc.: James Perdue, Pharm.. Chlckasha: Garth Allen Perry, Engr., OC. THIRD ROW: David Peters, A S. Covington. Dean ' s Honor Roll, Spanish Club. History Club. Smith House Study Coun.. Young Democrats: Richard W. Petticrew, AXA, Engr.. Indianapolis. Ind.. TBII. Outstanding Geo ' . Engr.. Mobil Oil Scholarship. 2T. XFE; David K. Petty, Law. OC: Terry Petty, Engr.. Plalnvlew. Tex.. ST. HET, PE Club. Engine Club; David C. Phares, Bus., OC; Andy Phillips. 2N. Bus.. Jacksonville. Tex. FOURTH ROW: Don Phillips. Bus.. Corpus Christl. Tex.. KrZ, OU Band. Accounting Club. H2, KK ; Loretta A. Philpott. Bus.. Shawnee. Marketing Club Treas., Traeder House Pres., IE; Jac Marshall Piltr, HA , Bus., Kansas City, Mo.; Harlan Pinkerton, — jVE, A S, Sand Springs; Lorna L. Pltchford, Educ, Lawton, AFA; Patrick R. Pitch- tord, A S. Lawton, AXA. FIFTH ROW: Sylvia Pittman. Xfi, Educ, OC: Verdell Pitts, Engr., Comanche: William H. Pixley, Bus.. Arkansas City, Kan.; Stanley Plocker, IIA , Bus., St. Louis; Tom Plosila, Engr., Downers Grove, III.. Fencing Club. Univ. Chorus; Jim Plunkett, ATJJ. Bus., Columbus, Ohio. SIXTH ROW: Richard A. Pogue. 2AE. A S, Sapulpa: Peggy Pollock. A S, Dallas, Tex.: William D. Pollock, Bus., Lawton, AX, Account Club; John S. Poole, AT, Engr., OC; Robert W. Poor, AS J , A S, McAlester; D ' Ann Pope. KA0, A S, Lawton. SEVENTH ROW: Judith K. Porter, A S. Tulsa. TAX. Hi; ' ! ' : Jerill Lee Posey, Engr.. Mt. View. SAE. ASME; Lawrence J. Povse, Engr.. Springfield. III.. AXS ' . AlChE. i:T; Alton Willie Powell. Engr.. Apex, N. C: Mexion O. Prewitt, Engr,, Bleckley, W. Va.: G. David Price, A S, Ponca City, Tulsa World Sports Corr. EIGHTH ROW: Susan Price, A S, OC, AAA, French Club, Outstanding Independent, Lottlnvllle Award Nomi- nee, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Louie Priebe. B8n, A S. Enid, Sooner Yearbook Staff; Ann Prier, AF, A S. Norman, Model UN, AT; Guy S. Primrose, ATA, Bus., Norman, Student Senate, Homecoming Oueen Chrmn., Sooner Scandals Stage Mgr., Account. Club, ATA Soc. Chrmn.; Bob Protzman, Acacia, A S, OC: Mary Beth Pyatt, AAA, Educ, Kingfisher, Mortar Board, Senior Class Vice Pres.. Dean ' s Honor Roll. HO Vice Pres.. OU Band Sec. NROTC Honorary Co. Comdr. BOTTOM ROW: Frances Rahhal, A . Bus.. Duncan,, Sooner Yearbook. A ' l Pres., Dean ' s Honor Roll; Teresa R. Ramirez, A S. Sand Springs. CCUN. Sec. Council Model UN. Latin Amer. Co-Chrmn.. Young Democrats Vlce-Pres., Human Relations Comm., Homecoming Comm., SM; Susan R. Rapoport, A S. Omaha. Neb.. •I ' AB. Dean ' s Honor Roll; Barbara Rauch, Educ. Carlsbad. N. M.; Lawrence Reams, BOU, Engr., Tulsa. AlChe, BOII, Pres.; Susan Redeker. FA. Lawton. 112 Seniors HURRYING TO CLASS, Andy Faust, arts and sciences major from Bartlesville, cuts across the campus from Bizzell Memorial Library where he has been cramming lor an important quiz. Af ' S :, TOP ROW: Andy C. Reese, A S, Wann; John R. Reld, AXA, Bus., LaHabra, Calif; Bob Renberg, nA ' l , Bus., Tulsa, Greek Day Co-Chrmn., Mother ' s Day Comm. Chrmn., Dad ' s Day Prog. Chrmn., Dean ' s Honor Roll, " tHS; David Rennie, AT, Engr., Norman: Jeffery A. Replte, KA, A S, Bordentown, N. J., AA2 Vice Pres.; Arnold R. Reynolds, A S, Ringling, Dean ' s Honor Roll. SECOND ROW: Steve W. Rhoades, ' I ' K , Engr., Olmul gee, Greek Work Day Chrmn., IFC Rep., " J-K Pres.. Frat. Soc. Chrmn.: Bill Rhodes, K2, Bus., Dallas, Tex., IE; David Rice, 2AE, A S, Watonga, •J ' HS, AEA Pres.: George Kendell Rice, A S, Claremore, SOE; Shea G. Rice, AFA, Educ, Ft. Sill: Beverly Richards, AAA, A S, OC, Sorority Sec. THIRD ROW: James L. Richardson, A S, Tulsa, Pershing Rifles, Dean ' s Honor Roll: Judy Richardson, HE , Bus., OC: Terry L. Riddle, AXA, Bus., Lawton: Byron Rife, Jr., 2N, Bus., San Antonio, Tex.: Mike Riley, KZ, Engr., Afton; Bet+e F. Ringrose, AXfi, FA, Guthrie, M I E. TB2, Dean ' s Honor Roll, Tassels. FOURTH ROW: Lynn Rippeto, Xn. FA, OC, Pledge Class Pres., Greek Work Day Chrmn., Univ. Sing: Julia Ann Robinson, A S, Okmulgee: Coleman Robison, i AM, Bus., Ardmore, ASH, SAM: Philip I. Robison, A S, Dodgt- City, Kan., " tHS: Diana Rodriguez, Pharm., Wagoner, Hoi- man House Pres., OU Band, North Campus Coun.: RIgo Rodriguez, Engr., San Diego, Calif., Maj. USAF. FIFTH ROW: Clint D. Rogers, 2X, Bus., OC: Janice L. Rogers, Xfi, A S, Tulsa: Sheila R. Rogul, A S, OC, IE, Shadowbox, Dean ' s Honor Roll: William W. Rollins, rA, Engr., Springfield, Va., Pledge Class Vice Pres., House Rec. Sec, Dean ' s Honor Roll: Carl M. Rose, Bus., OC, Marketing Club, Dean ' s Honor Roll, IE; Robert A. Rose, AKE, Bus., Roosevelt, " l-HS, Account. Club, Finance Club, Azn. SIXTH ROW: Tony Rose, Educ, Merrick, N. Y., Irving House Vice Pres.; Janet Rosen, Educ, Macungie, Pa., Biz- zell House Vice Pres.; Suzi Rosen, AF, FA, Midwest City, A ' l ' A; Susie Rosenberg, AK ' l ' , FA, Joplin, Mo.; Janle Ross, XO. A S, Denison, Tex., nS2, Dean ' s Honor Roll, Engr. Queen; Daniel F. Rowe, FA, Fremont, Tex., OU Band. BOTTOM ROW: Ann Rozen. SAT, A S. Tulsa, Olkono- mia, IE, Shadowbox; Carol Rosen, AE ' f , Educ, Tulsa; Sharon M. Rupp, A S, El Paso, Tex.: Jim Rushton, ' I ' Ae, A S. Muskogee; Linda Jean Russell, A S, Kirkwood, Mo.: Nancy J. Ryder, AF, Educ, Van Nuys, Calif. 1 4 ■•? f J. (I 113 Seniors HERE, KITTY, KITTY! But don ' t worry, everything is ail rigiit. It s only Tom Amsden in Zoo 20 lab where stu- dents dissect cats as well as other lab animals, as part of their class work. _ _ im KL tJm TOP ROW: Charlyne Ryland, 11B J , Bus., OC, Scandals, Dance Dir. of Engine Show, Orchesis; Ellen Saddoris, r t B, Educ, Bartlesville; Ned Salchal, Engr., Teheran, Iran; James A. Salmon, Jr., FA, Wilburton, Univ. Chorale, MENC, Orchesis, Ballet, Musicals: Sandra Sue Sawvell, Ar, Educ, OC: H. Lucy Sayles, A+, Educ, Miami. SECOND ROW: Bill Scanlon, K2, Bus., Holdenville. Dean ' s Honor Roll, Frat. Treas., I FC, Arnold Air Soc; Elizabeth A. Scasny, A S, Tinker AFB, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Howard Schainker, TIA , A S, St. Louis; Cecil Schenker, II. i ' , Bus., San Antonio, Tex., HS, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Barbara Schlanger, AE J , A S, Tulsa, Shadowbox; Rita Scholem, AE ' h, FA, Ft. Smith, Ark., SEA, Nat. Art Ed. Assoc, Hon, NROTC Comdr. THIRD ROW: Capt. Charles Edward Schuster, Engr., Al- toona, Pa.: Charles Schuette, ' t ' AO, Bus., Columbus, Ind., Varsity Swimming Team: R. Steve Schwar+i, nA t , Bus., Purcell: Carolyn L. Schweers, AAA, FA, Tulsa, Union Ac- tivities, A t ' A, AAA Pros.: Billie M. Scott, Educ, Tonkawa: James R. Scott, Acacia, A S, Duncan. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Scott, -AE, A S, Tonkawa: Katie Seger, KKP, A S, Houston, Tex.: Charles Sego, KA, Bus., Bartlesville, IE; Robert P. Self, A S, Pasadena, Calif., -l " ! " " : Nick Semeniuk, Engr., Creston, Fauquier, Can.; Patrick A. Sharp, Pharm., Tuskahoma, Dean ' s Honor Roll, President ' s Honor Roll, PX. i:, Red Cross Exec. Board, Sooner Antidote Feature Ed. FIFTH ROW: Stanley Shaw, AXA, A S, Evansville, Ind.: Susan Sheffel, AK I , Educ, Sapulpa; Mark Shekter, SAM, Engr., Toledo, Ohio, SAM, AIA, Union Activities: William W. Shepherd, A S, OC, " t-AE, Dean ' s Honor Roll: Frances Sheppard, Al ' A, FA, Ft. Worth, Tex., AAA, A ' I ' A: Stan Shields, liHlI, A S, OC. SIXTH ROW: George Shinsato, Engr., Seagoville, Tex.. SCIA; James E. Shipley, Engr., McAlester, -T, Dean ' s Honor Roll, Engr. Club: Nancy Shoemake, KA A S, Shawnee: Nancy Shorbe, IIH ' I " , Educ. OC: Sue Sieh, AF, Educ, Kansas City, Mo., Dean ' s Honor Roll, Army ROTC Queen; Harry Frederick Simpson, Bus., Belford, N. J., Marketing Club, SAM, Am. Mark. Asso. BOTTOM ROW: Judy Sims, AX.I, Educ, OC, A l! Pres., Mortar Board Vice Pres., COR Sec, BWOC; Pat Sisney, AP, FA, Tulsa; Charles W. Siiemore, " I ' K , A S, Muskogee, Golf Team; Jo Sue Skirvin, AAK, Pharm., Vin- Ita, Mortar Board, Tassels, AAA: Jim L. Slaughter, Educ, Pauls Valley, Worcester House Pres., Pres. Coun, Vice Pres., OU Band, Arnold Air Society; Carole Slief, A S, OC. 114 Swcessful Completion Of College Years Important TOP ROW: Steve Sloan, nA ' l A S, Omaha, Neb., Dean ' s Honor Roll, OAK Talent Show, Friday at Four, Model UN Sooner Scandals, Intramural Football; Alan B. Smith, AKE, Engr., Chiclcasha; Carole Anne Smith, Engr., Dallas. Tex,; Clarence Smith, Jr., A S, Batesburg, S. C; James A. Smith, AXA, Bus., Waurika, IE, Marketing Club; Lester Smith, riA , Bus., Houston. SECOND ROW: Mary Martha Smith, KKr, A S, Ard more; Milce G. Smith, — ' i E, A S. Guymon; Sandra Smith, Educ, Duranf; John C. Snyder, ' i ' Ae, Engr., Ft. Worth Tex.; Yule Chun So, A S, Hong Kong, China; Heidi Marie Soenning, A S, Muskogee, German Hon. Soc, Language Frat., Dean ' s Honor Roll. THIRD ROW: Stephanie Specht, A S, Lawton, HE, Olko nomla; Beverly Ann Spradling, Educ, Sulphur: Sharon G Spraker, Ai ' , A S, Muskogee; Carl F. Stanford, Engr. Hugo, ASM, Engr. Club; Kim Stanton, Pharm., Ringling APhA; Paul Stanton, BGH, Engr., Pawhuska, H2, 2;T, OAK, TBn. FOURTH ROW: Larry Joe Statham, A0, A S, Raytown Mo., Russian Club, Semper Fidells Vice Pres,; Jane Ann Steadley, Xfi, Educ, OC, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Trude Steele, MB , A S, Norman, Student Senate, Dean ' s Honor Roll, Asst. Ed. of Sooner Yearbook, K ; Bill Steger, A S, Durant; Richard J. Stegman, A S, Hillcrest Heights, Md.: Bonnie Steinhoff, AAII, A S. Palatine, III. FIFTH ROW: Doug Stephens, A S, Duncan: J. Briscoe Stephens, Engr., State College, Pa., ISA, SEP Treas., Intra- mural Wrestling; Jimmie Stephens, Educ, Oscar; Lewis G. Stephens, KA, Engr., Tulsa, IFC, KA Pari.; Leslie Stern- berger, —AT, A S, Memphis, Tenn.; Elena Stevens, A S, Ada. SIXTH ROW: Winema Stiefer, KA, FA, Hugo; Jay Stolper, IIA , Bus., Ponca City; Karen Stonis, Ar, Educ, OC; Sarah Stookey, FA, Norman, TB2, 2AI; William O. Strange, Bus., Lawton, President ' s Honor Roll, Account. Club; Sarah K. Stroub, A S, Cecil, Ark. SEVENTH ROW: Virginia Stuart, KAe, Educ, OC, Dean ' s Honor Roll, KAO Treas.; John Sturges, ATC, Bus., Hugo; Sidney Sudberry, AAA. FA, Muskogee, Ducks Club; Jack Sullivan, ' I ' l ' A, A S, OC; Lawrence L. Summers, Engr., Roff; R. Carolyn Swaim, Educ, OC. EIGHTH ROW: Evelyn Swan, KA, A S, Wichita, Kan. KA Treas., TBi) Pres., A ' J ' A, KAH, SEA: Sue Swanson KKr, Educ, Bartlesvllle, KKP Pres., Mortar Board, KAII Thomas D. Swineford, BSH, A S, Chlckasha; Janice Tal lant, Educ, Frederick, Oikonomia Pres., HE, AWS Rep. Judy Talley, KKP, A S, Norman; William W. Talley II KA, Engr., Hobart, ZT, AlChE, IFC Pledge Train. Comm BOTTOM ROW: Sharon Tankersley, KAO, A S, Norman; John Tanton, ATA, A S, OC, Student Senate, UAB; Vincent A. Tapia, Pharm., Panama City, Pan.; Jack W. Tarpley, ' t ' K— , Engr., Sayre: John Taylor KA, Engr., Tulsa; Phyllis A. Taylor, APA, A S, Anadarko. 115 ScientiHc A e Demands Highly Trained Personnel TOP ROW: Nancy league, Al ' , Bus., OC, IK; Julia Tee- gerstrom, Xli, A S, Shamrock, Tex., Homecoming Chrmn,, K ' l ' - Antonio Sarof Tepedino, Engr., Caracas, Venz.: Karen Terry, Educ, Ft. Worth, Tex,, SEA, History Club; Michael Terry, ATA, Bus., Norman; Harold G. Thomas, Bus., Lawton, IK, Marketing Club. SECOND ROW: John S. Thomas, A S, Wakita, Intra- mural Board, Scabbard Blade: Roy Thomas, A2 ' f , A S, OC: Bill Thompson, " I ' l A, Engr., OC, Student Senate, •Mli;, i;T, ASCE, Engr. Club: John C. Thompson, A S, OC, i:ni;, Arnold Air Society, Cadet Officers Oub: Kate Thompson, AFA, A S, Minneapolis, Minn.; Richard Thomp- son, ' ' K Engr., Ada. THIRD ROW: William E. Thompson, Bus., OC, BSH; Carolyn Brummitt Tipps, A S, New Carlisle, Ind., Russian Cub, l ' ' M!, TBi;, Slavic Club; Daniel O. Tipps, Engr., New Carlisle, Ind., AIAA, IAS: Thomas L. Todacheeney, A S, Shlprock, N. M.: Bill Townsend, 2. , Bus., OC; Gloria Tracy, AT, Educ, OC. FOURTH ROW: Pat Treseder, KA, A S. Lockport, III., HRC, AWS, Sooner Yearbook: Sandra Trout, Bus., Pryor; Phil Truss, rA, Bus., OC; Jerry Brent Turner, Engr., Olus- tee, AX:i, ZT, AlChE, Engr. Club. President ' s Honor Roll; C. Lynne Turner, Xfl, Educ, Tulsa; Terry M. Turner, 2 I E, Engr., Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Eric E. Turshman, Engr., Cinclnnatus, N. Y.; Aristides Typaldos, Engr., Panama; Judy Udouj, A , A S, Ft. Smith, Ark., Physical Therapy Club, Newman Club; Martha Ullten, A S, El Reno; Billy P. Updegraff, +Ae, A S, Ada; Diana Uri, XO, A S, Tulsa, Mortar Board Treas., Tassels, COR Treas. SIXTH ROW: Brooke A. VanHorn, Pharm.. OC, APhA; George R. Vaughn, ATA, Engr., OC; James Vickers, A S, ' ■ :on, Miss.; Tom C. Vincent, Bus., OC, ATA; Sharon Vivion, Educ, Wagoner, Dean ' s Honor Roll, AWS Rep.; Junita Wade, ATA, Bus., Duncan. SEVENTH ROW: Safdar Waliullah, Engr., Allahabad, India; James R. Walker, A S, Lockport, N. Y.; Patrick E. Walker, A S, Enid, Pershing Rifles Command. Off.. Men ' s G ' ee Club, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Nanelle Wall, IIB ' I ' , A S, Ardmore, UAC, Tassels, 62 , TAX; Ann Wallace, AXJ). PA, OC, Newman Club, Sooner Yearbook Staff, nfi, Young Democrats; Donald Waller, Engr., Redondo Beach, Calif. EIGHTH ROW: Ed Walner, lAE, Engr., Ardmore, IEEE, Engineers Club- James Walter, — AK, Bus., Elk City; Robert R. Walters, Engr., Canute, i:T, AIAA Vice Pres., Newman Club, Engine Club, 2rT; Bette Jo Wantland, KAH. A S, Tulsa; Dennis Ward, Bus., Bartlesvllle, Petr. Land Mgt. Club, Varsity O Club; Sally Washburn, A S, Midwest City, UK Pres., ON Sec, President ' s Honor RolL BOTTOM ROW: James F. Wathen, Pharm., Lawton, Stu- dent Senate, Nora V. Wells Scholarship, Dean ' s Honor Roll, Cleveland House Vice Pres., Ind. Civic Award; Bryan Watt, IIA I , Bus., Tulsa, Finance Club Pres., Student Senate Finance Comm., IK, Marketing Club: Ann Watson, . AII, FA, Hooker; Norma Gail Watson, A S, Purcell, A ' l ' A. Univ. Chorus, ISA Council: Peter M. Way, ' I ' FA, Engr., Houston, Tex., ASME, Engr. Club. Frat. Hist.. HTS Sec, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Marcia J. Weaver, XJJ, A S, Dallas, Tex., I ' M I, 11 " . 116 Cap And Gown Si niHes Students Ready For Careers TOP ROW: Mike Weaver, AXA, Bus., Hobbs, N. M.: Robert Webb, A S, OC; Larry Weber, K2, Bus., Olus- tee; Cooper Weeks, 2AE, Bus., Des Moines, la.. Swimming Team, Marketing Club, IE, Aviation Club: Paul R. Wein- stein, HA , A S, Houston, Tex., -t-HZ, -l-Ae, EM, Moth- er ' s Day Comm.; Maxine Weitzman, 2AT, A S, Dallas, Tex., AT, nn. SECOND ROW: Pat Weller, AFA, A S, Midwest City, AWS Pres., Mortar Board, Most Outstanding Freshman Woman, Tassels: Bonnie L. Wells, A S, Purcell; Jim Whis- nand, AT, Bus., Lawton: Cookie J. White, AF, A S, OC, Dean ' s Honor Roll; George A. White, A2 , FA, Stroud: Jim White, ATA, Bus., Norman, IE. THIRD ROW: Louis E. White, A S, Temple, Dist. Mil. Stud., Arnold Air Society Cmdr.; William Nels White, Educ, Macomb, Fr. and Soph. AFROTC Honor Cadet, Dad ' s Day Award Nominee; Betty J. Whitehead, AFA, Educ, Kirkwood, Mo., Student Senate: Carol Whiteside, Educ, Donna, Tex., SEA, Young Republicans; Keith Whit- fill, Engr., Muskogee, 2T, 2FT, AIAA, Dean ' s Honor Roll: Dennis Whittlesey, KS, A S, Sapulpa. Oklahoma Daily Editor, SW Journ. Congress, Stud. Press Club Pres., —AX. FOURTH ROW: Margaret A. WIdman, AAA, A S, Memphis, Tenn.; Dick Wilklns, ATA, Engr., OC: Wayne Parker Willey, Bus., OC: Doug Williams, " t-FA, Bus, Woodward; Linda Gayle Williams, Educ, OC; Linus G. Williams, 2X, A S, Stigler. FIRH ROW: Sharon E. Williams, A S, Midwest City, OU Symphony, OC Symphony: Gary Williamson, -X, Bus., Shawnee: Jimmy H. Williamson, Bus., Hastings: Gary Wilson, ATA, A S, Lawton, AED Hist., Dean ' s Honor Roll, Student Senate: Keith L. Wilson, Educ, Lone Wolf; Larry H. Wilson, Jr.. FA, Bus., Tulsa, AZH, Dean ' s Honor Roll. SIXTH ROW: Mike Wilson, " tK , A S. Miami, Oklahoma Daily: Jim Winblood, K2, Engr., Ardmore, Dean ' s Honor Roll, Engr. Club; Joe Winfleld, AXA, A S, Loco; Walter Wise. HA , Bus., Omaha, Neb.; Margret Withers, A S. Calgary, Alta., Can., ISA, FAX Vice Pres.; Barnes Lee Witt. A S, Houston, Tex. SEVENTH ROW: Nancy Witt, KA, A S, Muskogee: Ellison Wittels, nA , A S, OC, Pe-et, Dean ' s Honor Roll, " I " -, Top Ten Freshman Men; Kenneth R. Wolfe, Engr., Wilson, ST, AXS, AlChE; Dave Woltz, K2, Bus., Dei Moines, Iowa; Joy Linn Wooldrldge, Educ. Graham; Rocllle Wooldrldge. Educ, Ratliff City. EIGHTH ROW: Lee Ann Worrell, HB , A S, Chickasha, Wesley Found., Student Senate Jud. Board, Dean ' s Honor Roll, Rush Advisor; Brant Worthlngton, A S, Midwest City: Alan B. Wright, Engr., Johnson City, N. Y.; James G. Wright, Educ, Lawton, Ruf-Neks, Scabbard Blade, ISA, Men ' s Bowling League; Lawrence A. Wright, B9II, A S, Ardmore; Carman G. Young. FA, Tipton; Harry M. Young, K -, Bus., Norman, •I ' S, Outstanding Pledge, IFC Treas., BMOC, COR. BOTTOM ROW: Lee Candler Young, AXA, Engr., Mountain Grove. Mo., -T, AIA, SEME Vice Pres., Scab bard Blade, DMS, AROTC Sec; Trisha Young, nB l , Educ, Dallas, Tex.; Mahmoud Zaydan, Engr., Lebanon; Shirley Zeanah, A S, Birmingham, Ala.; Mary E. Zeller, A S, Des Moines, Iowa; Robert Zoblotsky. 2AM, Bus., Norman; John William Zwick, A S, OC. T- -» t. jMr-A ... gmm mm 117 Class Vies For Membership In Scholastic Groups m £12 Jfi p -rf l TOP ROW: Barbara H. Aber, A S, Houston, Tex.; Anne Aber- nathy, KA0, A S, Shawnee; Dennis Abrams, 2AM, Educ, Dallas, Tex.; Keith R. Acheson, Ben, A S. OC; Janet Adams, Ar, A S, W. Hempstead, N. Y.; Judy S. Adams, Educ. Springfield, Mo.; Karen Adams, A S, OC. SECOND ROW: Don A. Adier, A S, OC; Gibson C. Akers, Bus., Cordell; Susan Akright, KAB, A S, Bartlesville; Jane Aldrlch, KA, A S, Tulsa; Rudolph Alexander, Engr., Tampa, Fla.; Garner H. Allen, A S, Madison Hgts., Mich.; Polly Allen, KA0, Educ, OC. THIRD ROW: James A. Almy, UC, Midwest City; Sara Altstatt, Educ, Maysvllle; Charles W. Alworth, Engr., Norman; Ron Andeel, AT, A S, Wichita, Kan.; Juanlta Anderson, A S, MaHoon, III.; David Andrews, Engr., Duncan; Robert Anguish, FA, Sapulpa. FOURTH ROW: Mike L Arebalo, Engr., Alva; Kathy Armold, AX.Q, A S, El Reno; Mary L. Armstrong, Educ, Webbers Falls; Ron Arm- strong, ATA, A S, Omaha, Nebr.;Lynn R. Arnn, -AK, Bus., OC; Arch S. Arthur, KA, A S, Arlington, Va.; Judy Asbury, HB ' ! ' , FA, Tonkawa. FIFTH ROW: Vincent M. Ashton, Bus., Beechhurst. N. Y.; Mike Atha, Engr., Norman; Sanford Austin, Ae, A S, Enid: Jim L. Awtrey, 2)X, Bus., Shawnee: Janet Baber, Educ, Ada; John Bachle, ATA, Bus., OC; Terry Lynn Bailey, Educ, Wichita, Kan. SIXTH ROW: Judith Ann Baker, A+, Educ, OC; Mickey Ballew, ' Ae, Bus., Joplin, Mo.; Lorraine Ballina, AXH, FA, OC: William R. Bandy, Jr., Engr., Norman; Jonathan F. Bank, n. ' l ' . Bus.. Omaha, Neb.; Gail Barham, r I B, Educ, Alva; Jerry Barnett, ATA, Bus., Tulsa. SEVENTH ROW: Lynne S. Barrett, A S, Lexington, Ky.; Georgiana Barry, A S, Ft. Bliss, Tex.: Linda Barthel, AF, A S, Ardmore; Wil- liam M. Bartley, Pharm., Moore; Karren N. Barton, A1 , UC, Prague; Jerry Bass, 2iAE, Bus., El Reno; Victor C. Bastron, Engr., Bayard, Neb. EIGHTH ROW: Eldon L. Battey, ' I ' K , A S. Elk City: Roger Bay- less, ' I ' Ki;, Pharm., Duncan; Penny Beach, KAH, A S, Tulsa: Arden P. Bealmear, A S, OC; Logan Beard, ' l-rA, A S, Madill; Ann Belanger, XO, A S, Guymon; Betty C. Belford, AFA, Educ, Norman. NINTH ROW: James M. Bellah, Bus., Lawton; Myra A. Benedict, AI ' A, A S. Amarillo, Tex.; Ann Bennett. T ' l ' l! A S, Duncan; Jim Bennett, ATA, A S, Midwest City: Kathy Bennett, KKF. A S, Ok- mulgee; John M. Benson, A S. Norman: John Bruce Berry, II. ' l ' A S. Tyler, Tex. TENTH ROW: Patricia M. Biddle, A S, OC; June Bielefeld, r B, A S. Ft. Sill; Shirley A. Biggs, Xii, Educ, OC: Sandy Billings, AAA. Pharm., Cushing: Carol Bird, KAH, A S, OC; Judi Bird, KAO, A S, Okmulgee; Sharon Bitner, AK ' I " , Educ, Kansas City. Mo. ELEVENTH ROW: Merle L. Black, UC, Cleveland: Joe Blake, 2N, Bus., Pauls Valley; Candy Blalock, AAA, A S, Pauls Valley: James E. Blalock, i;X, A S, Durant; Marguerite Bleyberg, ATA, Educ, OC: Susan Boddy, HH ' b, A S, Henrietta, Tex.; Susan Bogle, V-t-B, A S, Shawnee. BOTTOM ROW: Larry R. Bolen, Bus., Carnegie; Nancy A. Bolks, Ar, Educ, Sioux City, Iowa; Vernon Bolstad, ITKA, Bus. Ft. Clayton, C. Z.; Marilyn Bomar, AI ' A, Educ, OC; Margaret Borchardt, KA, A S. Norman; Paul D. Borchardt, Acacia, Bus., Osage, Iowa; Mari- lyn M. Bossart, Engr., Washington, D. C. TOP ROW: Gayle Boswell, AAA, A S, Ft. Worth, Tex.; Roseann Bouzlden, AFA, A S, Alva; Harold Bowers, ATA. Bus., OC; Margie Bowman, A S, Midwest City; Sherry Bowman, A , A S, OC; Jean Boyd, Ar, A S, Bellaire, Tex.; Susie Boyette, AF, F.A., OC. SECOND ROW: Betty Bozarth, KAO, Educ, OC; James A. Brad- bury, II, AS , Engr., Woodward: Kaye Bradford, AFA, Educ, Durant; Hanic Bradley, 2N, A S, Waurika: Joe Bradley, 2X, Bus., Tulsa; Larry Bralcebill, KZ, Bus., Shawnee: Susie Brannan, KA0, A S. Marietta. THIRD ROW: Don R. Brannon, J K , A S, Harrah; Carolyn Breed- en, HB , A S, Vinita; Earl Brlclcer, AT, A S, OC; Louis Brigham, 2X, Bus., Hobart; Bob Bright, 2AE, A S, Alva; Don Bright, ATA, A S, Shidler; Carroll Jun Briscoe, A , A S, Tipton. FOURTH ROW: Reha Bristow, AF, A S, Lubbock, Tex.; Curt Broolc- over, " i ' KS, A S, Ponca City; Travis Brophy, ' t ' K9, Bus., Sacramento, Calif.; Karen Marie Brorsen, A S, Perry; Jon A. Brosseau, Engr. OC; Barbara A. Brown, AF, Educ, Dallas, Tex.; Clyde E. Brown, Engr., Sapulpa. FIFTH ROW: Dorothy Frances Brown, Educ, Del City; Gwen Brown, KKF, Bus., Tulsa; Jimmy Brown, n. f , Bus., St. Louis. Mo.; Karen E. Brown, UC, Austin, Tex.; Martha Brown, A S, Norman; Lynn Bryan, K2, A S, OC; Betty Bryant, KKF, Bus., Cushing. SIXTH ROW: Barbara Burcham, Educ, Lone Wolf; James Burcham, A S, Lone Wolf; Bette Burke, HE , Educ, Frederick; Dianne Burk- halter, A S, Dallas, Tex.; Barby Burnett, 2AT, Educ, OC; Bob Burnham, 2AE, Bus., Chickasha; Newt Burton, -X, A S, Springfield, Mo. SEVENTH ROW: Richard Burton, Pharm., Sayre; Gary Bush, Educ, Altus; J. Elaine Bush, A S, Altus; Gerald Butler, AXA, A S, Paw- nee; Harrison Gordon Butler, i;AE, A S, Tulsa; Sharon Butler, KAn A S, OC; Barbara Butterworth, A , FA, OC. EIGHTH ROW: C. C. Buxton, KS, A S, Ada: Gary Buxton, K2, A S, OC; Virginia Byrd, KA0, A S, OC; Mary Calmes, KAfc), A S, Clinton; Joy Campbell, AF, A S, OC; Steve Campbell, iiX, A S, Tulsa; Warren Carey, —X, Bus., Tulsa. NINTH ROW: Terry Carls, XV., A S, Racine, Wis.; Kathy Carr, AFA, Educ. Lawton; Richard Carr, I K2. Bus., Logansport, Ind.: Winston Carrillo, Engr., Caracas, Venezuela; Jeanne Carrington, A S, Hobart; Myra Caruso, AFA, A S, Mountain View; Sandi Castle, F ' I ' B, Educ, Bonham, Tex. BOTTOM ROW: Sandra Kay Caswell, FA, Bartlesville; David Cathey, KA, Bus., Elk City; Tobey Center, Ai; ' t ' , Engr., Lexington: Carole Chacey, AAA, A S, Muskogee; Eugene Chamberlain, -X Bus., Dallas, Tex.; Letitia Chambers, XfJ, A S, Enid; Linda Chandler, A S, Spencer. Juniors GETTING COMFORTABLE Is the first requirement to successful studying. John Tamborlani, junior from New York, finds the relaxing atmosphere of his room the best place for bookin ' it. fi: B VL-k. t- V ' L f O O t ' . 119 Juniors WANT EXCITEMENT? Try cranking a four-cylinder gas- oline engine. That ' s what Bill Owen is doing. Of course, he has a practical purpose — testing gas mixtures. TOP ROW: Neale Chaney, 2 t E. Educ, Belton, Tex.; Roy Chaney, A ' P, Engr., Dallas Tex.; Nancy Chapline, FA, OC; Joan M. Chat- ham, A S, Chagrin Falls, Ohio; Sandra Kay Cheek, Bus., Norman: Paul Chesnut, BOn, A S, Bartlesville; Ken Childers, 2X, Engr., Madrid, Spain. SECOND ROW: Pamela G. Chiles, A S, El Reno; Ted Chilless, Engr., Norman: Robert Christman, ATf2, A S, San Francisco, Calif.: Richard Chronister, AZ , A S, OC; Daniel Circle, Bus., OC; Roger Clapp, AXA, Engr., OC; Virginia Clark, A ' t ' , A S, Madison, N. J. THIRD ROW: Mary Clarkson, A S, OC; Joe Claro, l ' rA, Bus.. OC: Sue Clauve, AAII, A S, Albuquergue, N. M.; Samuel M. Clawser, III, :SN, Engr., Little Rock, Ark.; Margie Clifton, A S, Tulsa; Jack Cochran, " I ' rA, Bus., Wagoner; Eugene C. Cole, Engr., Norman. FOURTH ROW: Jimmie Cole, KZ, A S, Beaver; Cathy Collier, AFA, Educ, Bethesda, Md.; Kay Collier, UC, OC; Michael Collins, OKA, Bus., Tulsa; Vickie Collis, A Educ, Hinsdale, III.; Roger Conley, ATA, Pharm., Beaumont, Calif.; Dermot Connolly, A S, Manhattan Beach, Calif. FIFTH ROW: Robert Cook, Engr., Layton, Utah; Brenda Cooper, Educ, Duncan; Janet Cooper, HE , A S, Washington, D. C: Errol Copileviti, 2AM, A S, St. Louis, Mo.; Patricia Corbett, AAA, Educ, River Forest, III.; Mary Lee Cordell, AAII, Educ, Shattuck; Janet Council, A , Bus., OC. SIXTH ROW: John Cousins, ATO, Bus., Calgary, Alberta, Can.: Charles Coward, BBIT, Engr., Cincinnati, Ohio; Allen Cowdrey, -AE, Bus., Bartlesville; Barbara J. Cox, Educ, Henryetta; Ted Cox, +Ae, A S, Tulsa: Vaylord Cox, Ae, UC, Tulsa; Jan French Crab- tree, Ar, A S, Paris, France. SEVENTH ROW: David Craig, BGH, Bus., Bangkok, Thailand: Midge Craven, AAA, A S, Norman; Donald R. Crews, 8611, A S. OC: Clayton Charles Crider, A S, Skiatook; Jerry Criswell, ' K ' I ' , A S, Ada; Penny Criswell, AAH, A S, St. Louis, Mo.; Jack W. Crockett, Jr., Ki), Bus., Altus. EIGHTH ROW: Dave Cromwell, ' KS, Bus., OC; Karen Crosslin, KKI ' , UC, Enid; Carleton Cunningham, TIKA, Bus., Tulsa; John Cunningham, BOII, A S, Dalhart, Tex.; Martha Dahm, KA, A S, Dallas, Tex.; Kirk Dandridge, AXA, A S, Pauls Valley: John Daniel, •W ' . Engr., OC. NINTH ROW: Joseph J. Darby, ATfi, Bus., Dallas, Tex.; Susan Darrough, A S, Houston, Tex.; Jeff Lance Dashev, HA , A S, Jersey City, N. J.; Nancy Daspit, KA, A S, Shreveport, La.; Carol Lee Daube, KKF, A S, Ardmore; John Davenport, A S, Grand Prairie, Tex.; Paul Davidson, Engr., Pine Bluff, Ark. BOTTOM ROW: Don C. Davis, -AP; A S, Lawton; Garland Davis, ' l Ki;, A S, Ft. Worth, Tex.; L. Dow Davis, IV, 2AE, A S, Foirview, Va.; Mike Davis, -X, A S, Tulsa; Orval Lewis Davis, Engr., McComb, Iowa: Parke H. Davis, -N, Bus., Tulsa: Denver Davison, K2, Bus., Ada. 120 Many Students Find Time For Interesting Electives TOP ROW: Lynn Dawson, A S, Miami; Gary Day, A S. Fairview: Jean Ann Day, Bus., Pryor; Jim Day, " frKZ, A S, Enid; Deanna DeBellis, Educ, Lawton; Danny I. Degeare, A S, OC; Harold E. DeGraw, AS , A S, Rockford, Iowa. SECOND ROW: Kip De Lafleur, ATfi, A S. Mexico City, Mex.; Michelin A. DeLier, AXfi, A S, OC; Buster Dell, 2N, A S, OC; Diana Dennis, AFA, Educ, OC; Charles R. DePreker, HKA, UC, Paterson, N. J.; Fallie DeVore, A S, Norman; Bill Diehl, 2 1 E, Engr., Topeka, Kan. THIRD ROW: Robert Diller, Educ, Princeton, III.; Jerry Dilling, Ben, A S, Fletcher: Dougy Dishman, KA, Bus., Terrell, Tex.; Eddie Dix, ATf2, FA, Chicago, III.; Jeanne Dixon, A S, Del Rio, Tex.; Charles Dohnaiek, Jr., Bus., Tulsa; Dian Donnell, AXSJ, A S, Kilgore, Tex. FOURTH ROW: Wayne Doran, Engr., Mt. Holly, N. J.T Diana Dorer, FA, Okmulgee; Jo Dorr, AFA, Educ, Pecos, Tex.; Bev Doughty, T ' l ' B, Bus., Martha; Jim Downey, •fK , Bus., Ardmore; Jerry Downing, A S, Collinsville; Lawrence Doyle, A S, New York, N. Y. FIFTH ROW: Ed Dubie, ATA, Bus., Sand Springs; Ted P. Dubie, ATA, Bus., Sa nd Springs; Barry L. Duffield, A S, Coos Bay, Oregon; Mike Dunn, Bus., Lone Wolf; Steve Dunning, ITKA, Engr., Wilming- ton, Del.; Skip Durbin, Acacia, A S, Ft. Sill; William Dutcher, 2X, A S, Bartlesville. SIXTH ROW: Judith Dyser, A S, Tinker AFB: Jack D. Earley, A S, Lawton; Betty Earnest, HB , Educ, Shawnee; Keith Eaton, " t-KZ, Engr., OC: Marsha Eddins, A S, Tulsa; Joe E. Eder, ATli, A S, Chickasha; Phil Edwards, " t-AO, Bus., Enid. SEVENTH ROW: Godfrey Ekwueme, Engr., Oko, Via Awka, Eastern Nigeria; Phillip F. Elkins, K2, Pharm.. Amarillo,, Tex.; Ann Ellington, AFA, A S, Portheeville, Mo.; Penny S. Elliott, A+, A S, Muskogee; James L. Ellis, AKE, A S, Seminole; Carol Ellison, KAS, FA, Tulsa; Gary England, A S, Selling. EIGHTH ROW: John E. English, Jr., Bus., Tulsa; Sandra D. Erwin, AFA, A S, Ft. Worth, Tex.; Connie Esch, Educ. Tonkawa; Lena M. Eskridge, A S, OC: Terry Estes, 2 t E, A S, Moore; Kenneth R. Etheredge, Ae, Bus., Dallas, Tex.; Linda Evans, FIB , A S, Poteau. NINTH ROW: Louis Evans, ATS2, Engr., Borger, Tex.; Richard H. Evans, Engr., Temple; C. Stanley Ewing, Engr., Richardson, Tex.; George L. Falk, Engr., Calgary, Alberta, Can.; Linda Farris, KA8, A S, Norman; Worthen Fatherly, A S. Briarcliff Manor, N. Y.; Greg Fehr, 2AE, Engr., Norman. TENTH ROW: Harry Fender, AT, Bus., Wagoner; Pattie Ferguson, KA, A S, Hugo; Vicki Ferraro, KKF, Educ, Bartlesville; Ann Fer- rell, AFA, A S, Long View, Tex.; Diana Fields, AXfi, FA, Amarillo, Tex.; Dianne Fields, Educ, Jackson, Tenn.; Mike Finkelston, FtA , Bus., Kansas City. Mo. ELEVENTH ROW: Eddie Finley, AXA, Engr.. Enid; Joanie Fischer, AE , Educ, St. Louis, Mo.; John D. Fisher, ATfi. UC, Sapulpa; Sue Fisher, A 1 . Bus., Tulsa; Timothy J. Flaherty, Engr., Rutherford, N. J.; Terry Flaugher, " l ' K I ' , Engr., Caripito, Venezuela; Gary Fletcher, Engr., Muskogee. BOTTOM ROW: Richard S. Flood, UKA, Engr., Pleasant Hill, Calif.: Delphine Ann Floyd, A S, Duncan; Dell Louise Fobes, AAH, A S, Sapulpa; Jack E. Foote, KS, FA, Durant; Chris Ford, AF, A S, Stroud; Ann Marie Forrester, OB , A S, OC; Floyd Foster, KZ, Bus., Okmulgee. O O f 121 Variety Of Activities Fill Hours Outside Classroom Q 1 !K.-r !l TOP ROW: Judy Foster, KKF, Educ. Shawnee; Stan L Foster, ■I ' KS, Bus., OC: Robert Fowler, Engr., Camarillo, Calif.; Jane Franklin, -AT, Educ, Little Rocit, Arlt.: Ronnie Friedberg, -AM Pharm., Bartlesville; Eleanor Jane Friednnan, Bus., OC; Delbert Frieze, ' I ' AG, Bus., Broken Arrow. SECOND ROW: Ray Frogge, Arch., Norman; Paul Frost, Ae, Bus., OC; Sarah Fugitt, AI ' , Educ, OC; Jay Gait, K:i, Bus., OC; Martin Garber, Jr., 4 rA, Bus., Enid; Steve Garman, A S, OC; Brooks Garner, A S, TuUa. THIRD ROW: Ed L Garnett, AT, A S. OC; John C. Garrett, Bus., Stillwell; John H. Garrett, 2X, Bus., Coalgate; John Garrison, KA, FA, OC; Judy Gauer, AAH, Educ, Wichita, Kan.; Jeretta S. George, AI ' A, FA, Hobart: Jim George, 2X, Pharm., Miami. FOURTH ROW: Rita Gerrity, KA0, A S, Washington, D. C; Charlie Gibbs, AT, A S, Easton, Pa.; Chris Gibbs, Ae, Engr.. Amarillo, Tex.; Mike Gibson, KA, Bus., Amarillo, Tex.; Phyllis Gill, X , Educ Shreveport, La.; Carl P. Gilmore, Bus., Joplin, Mo.; Connie Given, Educ, McAlester. FIFTH ROW: Alan E. Glasser, AEH, Bus., New York, N. Y.; How- ard Glatstein, —AM, Engr., Memphis, Tenn,; Dan Goad, ' A. Bus., OC; Jean Goad, ZTA, A S, Altus; Michael M. Goldberg, 2AM, Bus., Wilburton; Judy Gollub, A S, Tulsa: Martin Golman, -AM, Educ, Dallas, Tex. SIXTH ROW: Charles Goode, AZ , Educ, Lawton; Pat Gordon, KS, A S, OC; Ann Grable, r l B, Educ, Midwest City; Elenore Gragg, Educ, Altus; Mike Graham, A8, A S, OC; Robert H. Graham, Bus ., Wayne, N. J.; John Graves, BGIT, A S, San Mario, Calif. SEVENTH ROW: Robert W. Gray, Educ, Duncan; Thomas A. Greene, Engr., Binghamton, N. Y.; Kay Gregory, AXI2, FA, Shaw- nee; Linda Griffin, nB+, A S, Lawton; Mike Griffin, 1 rA, Engr.. Shav.nee Mission, Kan.; Mary L. Griffiths, A S, OC; William Grothe, Engr.. Chula, Mo. EIGHTH ROW: Bruce Grove, ' frAB, Engr., Denver, Colo.: Barbara Grundy, ATA, A S, Waurila- James H. Grunz, Engr., Tulsa; Janlta Guffey, AAA, A S, OC; Vicki Gunter, AAA, A S, Hot Springs, Ark.; Dianne Gurley, KAfi, A S, Blackwell: Kathy Guy, IIH+, A S, Tulsa. NINTH ROW: Sharon Hack, Educ, St. Louis, Mo.: Paula JoAnn Hackett, A S, Florham Park, N. J.; Jessica Hagan, A l ' , FA, Madi- son, Wis.; Craig Hall, AT, A S. Midwest City; Judy A. Hall. T+E. A S, OC; Robert S. Hall, Engr., Scotch Plain, N. J.: Jawad Hallaq. Engr., Jerusalem, Jordan. TENTH ROW: Larry Hallum, AXA. A S, Arvin, Calif.; William E. Ham, Acacia. Engr., Norman; Ellen E. Hamblet, A S. Dartmouth. Mass.; Annetta Jean Hamil, A S, Paris, Tex.; Julia Anne Hanks, A S, Tulsa: Richard Hanska, Engr., Norman; John Hardwlck. Ki., Bus., Wichita Falls, Tex. ELEVENTH ROW: Karen Harlow, A S, Tulsa; Patricia G. Harn, AAII, A S, Dallas, Tex.; Liz Harned, KAO, A S, Bartlesville; Betty Harris, KA, Educ, West Palm Beach, Fla.; James Harris, ' I ' AB. Bus., Shawnee Mission, Kan.; Janice Harris, XO, A S, Norman; Judy Harris, AXO, Educ, OC. BOTTOM ROW: Orval L. Harris, Bus.. Norman Michael R. Harri- son, ' I ' Ke, Engr., OC; Pat Harrison, MIM ' , A S, Evanston, III.; Carole A, Hart, Educ, Tishomingo; Sharon Hartin, ATA, A S. Tuttle; Sue Harvey, KAI-1, Ft. Worth, Tex.; Susan Harvey, A S, Pomona, Calif. 22 TOP ROW: Morris Hatley, K , A S, Muskogee: R. Kent Hatley, A S, Duncan: Jerry Hauser, A S, Mansville: Lynn Havighurst, --. A S, Scottsdale, Ariz.; Charles Hawkins, -X, (JC, Tulsa: Virginia Hawks, AAA, A S, Bartlesville: Claire Hawthorn, Educ, OC. SECOND ROW: Jody Head, AF, A S, Bartlesville: Jane M. Helton, A S, Guthrie: Jim Henderson, FA, Norman: William M. Henderson, BOII, A S, Muskogee; Gary Hendren, Pharm., Musko- gee: Connie Henley, r l B, A S, OC: Ben Henry, 2AE, Engr., Prairie Village, Kan. THIRD ROW: Mina Henry, Bus., OC: Carl Hensley, A S, Musko- gee; Ann Henthorn, FA, Shidler; Frank Hermes, A S, Arlington Heights, III.; Gary Herrman, 2X, A S. OC; Mike Hewitt, SX, Engr, Bartlesville; Janie Hicks, IlB ' i ' , Educ, Frederick. FOURTH ROW: Hugh Hilburn, Engr,, Duncan; Sue Hill, AF, A S, Lubbock, Tex.; William L. Hill, ATA, Bus., OC; Marilyn Hicks, Educ, Manhasset, L. I., N. Y.: Jeff Hindman, Engr., OC: Judy Hirsh, Educ, Ft. Worth, Tex.; Bill Hodde, AXA, A S, Hobbs, N. M. FIFTH ROW: Carilee Hogan, AXi2, FA, OC; Jim Holcomb, UC. Bartlesville; Malcolm Holcomb, Engr., Jacksonville, Fla.; Kathleen Holdge, Bus., Denver, Colo.; Bob Hood, Bell, A S, Norman: Robert G. Hooper, A S, OC: Garland H. Hope, Jr., Bus., Mays- SIXTH ROW: James L. Hopkins, Bus., Norman; Ronald L. Horn- beck, Educ, OC: Preston L. Horstman, Jr., A S, Blackv ell; Floyd Horton, AZ , A S. Paragould, Ar.; Phil Horton, ATA, A S, OC; Alan Horwitz, HA , Bus., OC: Karen Hoster, A S, OC. SEVENTH ROW: James Howard, AXA, A S, Ponca City: Mike Howard, AXA, A S, Ada; Jeri Howell, AF, A S, Tulsa; Mac Hower, AT, UC, Tulsa: Polly Hoyt, IIB , A S, OC; William L. Hubbard, : ' l ' r ' ;, Engr., OC; Jeanne Hughes, A S, Ft. Sill. EIGHTH ROW: Lurlene Hulme, Educ, Chickasha; Larry Hulsey, 2X, Bus.. Waynoka; John E. Hunter, Acacia, A S, Ada: Robert E. Hurley, Bus.. Cordell; Jenna Hurst, AXfi, A S, OC; Edward J. Hutlas, •f ' Ke, Engr., Chilliwack, B. C; Dana Hyde, r B, A S, Arlington, Va. NINTH ROW: Susan Ingram, AAA, FA, OC: Richard lorlo. Acacia, A S, Rantoul, III.; Steve Iv7, A2+, Bus., Tecumseh: Carolyn A. Jacob, Ar, A S, Dallas, Tex.; Kendall Jacobs, HB , Bus.. Pryor; Larry Jacobs, Ae, Bus., Pleasant Ridge, Mich.; Alice Jacobson, i;AT, Educ, Highland Park, III. BOTTOM ROW: Judy Jageler, A S, Abilene, Tex.; Joel Jankowsky, ITA . Bus, Tulsa; Barbara Gene Jennings, A S, McAlester; Lee A. Johns, A S, Arlington, Va.; Claudean Johnson, F B, Educ, Altus: Judi Johnson, KKF, A S, OC; Ronald L. Johnson, FA, Dallas, Tex. Juniors JUGGLING COURSE SECTIONS Is a feat that most students learn to do eventually, Betty Burlte and Betty Bryant are checking the class schedule to see if they can eliminate those 8 o ' clocks. flP 123 Juniors ' WHEN ALL ELSE falls to delight a coed, shopping for new clothes is bound to brighten the spirits. Joy Camp- bell, arts and sciences major from Oklahoma City, tours Campus Corner shops. ' ii ' ' !! ' ' - ■ - ' " ' m ' :yf ) p TOP ROW: Sandy Johnson, KAO, A S, Norman; Ted Paul Johns- ton, Educ, Comanche; Frank J. Jones, ' , Bus., Tulsa: Joe Don Jones, K2, FA, Wichita Falls, Tex.; Larry D. Jones, A S, Lindsay; Pat Jordan, 2AE, Bus., El Reno; Janet Kamber, 2AT, A S, OC. SECOND ROW: Linda KaszubowskI, AX.Q, A S, OC; Rob Kauf- man, ITA , Bus., Shawnee Mission, Kan.; Kathy J. Keeter, AAIl, A S, Tulsa; Kathy Keith, AF, A S, Mollis; Ronald W. Kelley, KA, Educ, Lawton; Beth Kennedy, HB , Educ, OC; Chuck Kennedy, 2X. A S, Houston, Tex. THIRD ROW: Viva Lee Kennedy, KAB, Bus., Tulsa; Kay Kenton, IvKr, A S, Tulsa; Richard Kenyon, UKA, UC, Dougleston, N. Y.; Ben J. Kerr. Ill, 2AE, Bus., Dallas, Tex.; Janet Ketchum, AAA, A S, OC; Judy Ketchum, AAA, A S, OC; Charles Key, A S, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Maurice M. Kharma, Engr., Brummane, Lebanon; Keren K. KIcklngbIrd, A S, El Reno; Calvin W. Kllgore, A S, Law- tnn; Linda K. Killian, A S, Ft. Worth, Tex.; George E. Killings- worth, nKA, Bus., Altus; Andy Kimberling, -X, A S, Norman; John KIncald, Engr., Norman. FIFTH ROW: Carol A. King, A S, Chickasha; Roger E. King, Pharm., Tulsa; Sharon King, A S, Afton; Rod Kirkham, ' I ' AO, FA, Dallas, Tex.; Bobble Kirkhart, A S, Enid; Allan David Klein, 2AM, A S, Dallas, Tex.; Pat Kline, A S, Sayre. SIXTH ROW: Steve Kline, K2, A S, OC; Kay KluHes, A1 . Educ, Duncan; Lynn Knapp, AAH, A S, Benton, ML; R. M. Kobdish, " t-AG. Bus.. Tulsa; Allen R. Kopelson, HA , Engr., Union, N. J.; Lawrence William Koioyed, Engr., Cicero, ML; Candaee Kraft, A S. San Francisco, Calif. SEVENTH ROW: Kenneth York Krandel, HA , Engr., Houston, Tex.; Linda Kratochvil, A S, Bartlesville; Karl Kroeger, Jr., " M ' A, Bus., OC; Dan Kublak, ' I ' KS, A S, OC; Larry Kuhlman, Engr., Pat- terson, La.: Victor K. Kulp, ' I ' KS, Bus., Tulsa; Judy Kyle, KA. A S, Bethany. EIGHTH ROW: Clifford C. LaDrew, Engr., Yonkers, N. Y.: David Lampton, ' M ' A. A S, Norman: Patricia A. Land, UC, Robstown, Ir..: Robert Land, 2AE, A S, Dallas, Tex.; Ann Lander, ZTA, A S, Dallas, Tex.- Bonnie Lane, Pharm., Beaumont, Tex.; Mona Lane, A S. Tecumseh. NINTH ROW: Marten Langworthy, 2AE. Bus., Tulsa; Jerry R. Lawhorn, Pharm., Bixby: Steven P. Leakey, Engr., Akron, Iowa; Hon Lee, Engr., New York CItY, N. Y.; L. Thomas Lehman, Pharm., Vln- ila; Peg Lemme, HE , A S, Midwest City: Gall Levin, AE I . A S, Topeka, Kan. BOTTOM ROW: Howard S. Levltan, AEII. Bus., Linden, N. J.; Steve M. Levy, IlA-h, A S, Los Angeles, Calif.; Beth Lieb, KAO, FA, Nowata; Mary Liming, AXH, Educ, Tulsa; Ron Linden, Bus., Colgary, Alberta, Can.; Cheryl Lindley, Educ, Cordoll; Lloyd Lin- ville, 2AE, Engr., Prague. 124 Lab Assignment Supplements Lecture In Some Courses TOP ROV : Lyn Lipscomb, AAA. A S, Durant; Robert L. Lipsfet, IIA , A S. Houston, Tex.; Evangellna Lisi, A S, Trieste, Italy; John W. Little, KS, Bus., Minco; Judy Little, Educ, Kingfisher; Wayne Littlefleld, 2N, A S, Lawton; Mary Ann Lively, AAA. A S, McAles- ter. SECOND ROW: Sue Livingston, AAA, Educ, OC; Steve Lobaugh, K3, Bus., OC; Russann Long, KA, A S, OC; Beth Longest, Bus., OC; Carole Looney, HB , A S, OC; Monte T. Lorrigan, Engr., Weiser, Idaho; Michael J. Lubel, —AM, Educ, San Antonio, Tex. THIRD ROW: Barbie Luper, A S, Scarsdale, N. Y.; Douglas Lyie, AKE, A S, Mesa, Ariz.; James Lynn, IIKA, Pharm., Healdton: William C. Madson, Engr., Midwest City; Pat Malone, KKT, Educ, Perryton, Tex.; Linda Maltby, Xfi, Bus., Bartlesville; Bill R. Mann, K , A S, Okmulgee. FOURTH ROW: Stephen P. Mann, rA, A S, Anadarico; RaeDell Maries, A S, Chicago, III.; Jack H. Marsee, " tAO, Engr., Tulsa; Doug M. Martin, 2N, Educ, Folsom, Calif.; Glory Martin, T ' t ' B, A S. Seymour, Tex.; Larry K. Martin, IIKA, Engr., Marietta; Luster Mar- tin, " tK , Educ, McAlester. FIFTH ROW: Ronald R. Martin, A S, Skiatook; J. K. Martinslcy. 2X, Bus., OC; James E. Marvel, A S, Lawton; Robert Mason, Bus., Wichita Falls, Tex.; Wayne Massad, ' tAS, Pharm., Duncan; Jerry Masters, KA, Bus., Norman; Shari Matkin, AXS2, Educ, Liberal, Kan. SIXTH ROW: Jack Mattingly, A S, Roswell, N. M.; Pete May, ATO, Engr., Franklin, La.; Steven Mayer, —AM, Educ, New York, N. Y.; Carl Mayhall, 2AE, Bus., Ada; Andrea Mayo, A , A S, Salllsaw; Keron McAlister, A S, Wichita Falls, Tex.; Robert Mc- Carthy, E, Educ, Brooklyn, N. Y. SEVENTH ROW: Ed McConnel, A S, Crescent; Ann McConnell, AFA, Educ, Hobart; Rick McCurdy, Ae. A S, Purcel l; David B. McCurley, A S, OC; Mike McDanel, AXA, Bus., Norman: Melinda McDermit, Educ, Broomfield, Colo.; Michael O. McDonald, A S, OC. EIGHTH ROW: Robert McDonald, Educ, Tipton: George Mc- Dowell, 2N, Bus., OC; Frank W. McDuffee, Bus., Midwest City: Bert C. McElroy, KA, Bus., Tulsa; Phil McEnroe, AKE, Bus., Wells- ville, N. Y.; Monty McGinnis, :SN, Engr., Tulsa; William C. Mc- Grew III, ATA, A S, Norman. NINTH ROW: George G. McGuire, ATO, Engr.. Madison Lodge, Kan.; Bob Mcintosh, X. Bus., Tulsa: Mike Mcintosh, ATS2, A S, Indianapolis, Ind.; Terry McKenzie, ' t ' KZ. A S, Norman; Ron Mc- Means, AXA, A S, Marietta; Julian McNeely, 2X, Bus., Altus; Judith A. McProud, A S Norman. TENTH ROW: Mary Mead, A S, OC; Sharon Mechem, A S, Okeene; Bill Meek, AXA. A S, Hobart; Lynette Mehl, KKF, A S. Dallas, Tex.; Sharon Meikle, AXfi. A S, Norman; Bill Melton, 2N, Pharm., Lawton ; William " Bill " Mercer, Engr., OC. ELEVENTH ROW: Sally R. Merkle, AF, A S, OC; Louis W. Merrell, A S, Guthrie; Grady Merritt, AXA. Bus.. Nowata; Butch Metcalf, SX, Educ, Garland, Tex.; Stuart Meyer, SAM, Bus., Dallas, Tex.; David Mier, Ae, A S, OC; Allen Miller, 2AE, Bus., Hinton. BOnOM ROW: Betty E. Miller, Xfi, A S, OC; Brent Miller, Educ, OC; Corrie E. Miller, A . A S, OC; Jackie Miller, KA. Bus., Clinton; Michael C. Miller, Bus., OC; Robert Miller, Bus.. OC; David A. Milligan, Engr., Canton. 125 Third Year Students Spend Most Time In Major Field mml p n o mrM ' " - ' m7A4 MmMM TOP ROW: Milton Milstead, ' I ' K:;, Bus., OC; Lanlta Mims, A S. OC: S. Patricia Mims, Educ, Albuquerque, N. M.: J. Douglas Mist- ier, AKK, A S, Tulsa; Johnetta Mitchell, nB l , Educ, Norman; Suzanne Mitchell, A S, Dallas; M. Janis Mixon, A S, Spiro. SECOND ROW: Randall Don Mock, ATA, Bus., OC; C. Errol Mof- fatt, Bus., Sudbury, Ont„ Can.; Patty A. Mohatt, Educ, OC; Suii Mollison, r l ' H, A S, Altus; Joy Monroe, AAA, Educ, Norman; Judy K. Monroe, ATA, A S, OC; Carol Ann Moore, A S, OC. THIRD ROW: Judy Kaye Moore, XS , Educ, Tulsa; Marilyn K. Moore, AF, Educ, Stroud: Sue Moore, AFA, A S, Dibble; Ann Moran, X12, Educ, Seminole; Jeff Morehouse, X, Bus., Corpus Christ!, Tex.: Toby Morey, AXA, Bus., Ponca City: Linda Morgan, KKF, Educ, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Martin L Morris, UC, Kermit Tex.; Mary Morris, AF, Educ, Lawton; Nancy Morris, A S, OC; Trent Morris, AB, Bus., El Reno; Suzy Moss, KA, FA, OC; Verna Marie Moss, KA, Educ, Norman; Mary Ann Moyers, A S, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Carol Mullens, AXil, A S, Tulsa; Urry Mulllns, ATA, UC, Sand Springs; Kathy Munn, nB l , A S, Stigler; Joyce Murray, FA, Norman; Gary A. Murrell, Engr., Casper, Wyo.; Harold David Murry, 2S, A S, Broken Arrow; Jeff Muslcit, A S, Tulsa. SIXTH ROW: Larry H. Myers, Bus., Blackwell; Larry Neal, ATA, A S, Tulsa: Diane Neaves, KA, Educ, Norman; Dan Nelson, ATA, UC, Woodward: David Nemeceic, A S, OC: David Neumann, UKA, A S, Okarche; Linda J. Neumeier, A S, Paris, Ark. SEVENTH ROW: Harold G. Newcomb, Bus., Pryor; Sammy D. Newcomb, A4 , A S, OC; Judy Newlcirit, AAA. A S, Muskogee; Robert Newman, KA, Engr., Lawton; Skip Nichols, ATJ2, Bus., Grove- Carl Terrace Nickle, ■I ' K , A S, Calgary, Alta., Can.; Charles Nicola, A21 , Engr., Tulsa. EIGHTH ROW: Judy Ninde, F-l-B, A S, Tulsa; Steve Nison, AEH, A S, Skokie, III.; Susan Noble, ZTA, A S, Uvalde, Tex.; Bill Nolen, ' I ' K , Pharm., Lawton; Noble L. Nordahl, Bus., Greenville, Tex.; Rick NorthcuH, Ae, FA, Noble: Diane Nourse, A , Educ, OC. NINTH ROW: Sam Nunley, B01T, A S, Chickasha: Barbara O ' Brien, A S, Tulsa; Danny R. O ' Brien, Ke, A S, OC; Jonell O ' Brien, F ' I ' B, Educ, Tulsa; Julie Odom, F ' l ' B, A S, OC; John Olinghouse, AZ 1 , Bus., OC; Alexander Oliphant III, AKE, Bus., Seminole. TENTH ROW: Shirley A. Olive, AFA. Educ, OC; Chester M. Olson, IIKA, Bus., Waynoka; David Orcutt, A S, OC; Mary Nell Orman, ZTA, Educ, Pueblo, Colo.; Linda Orr, UC, Roosevelt; Dicic Osburn, ' I ' Ki;, Engr., OC; Marty Osborn, XfJ, A S, OC. ELEVENTH ROW: Rae Ours, A. 2, Bus., OC: Ted Ownby, Jr., ' I ' FA, A S, Yukon; Jean Pake, AE I , Educ, Montgomery, Ala.; James G. Palmer, Ai) ' ! ' . A S, Bartlesville; Judith E. Palmer, A S. Tulsa: Terry Pansza, ATA, A S, OC: Barry Parham, 2 I E, Bus., Hooker. BOTTOM ROW: Susan Ann Parker. A S, Dallas, Tex.; Bob Parrott, ■ XA, UC. Tonkawa; Tom ParroH, H(MI, A S, Claremore: Jim Pate, K-, Bus., OC; George Patterson, AKE, Bus., Tulsa; John W. Patter- son, i:N, Bus.. Elk City; Pat Patterson, ' I ' AO, Bus., Norman. 126 Juniors TOP ROW; Trisha Patterson, AAH, UC, OC: Larry Patton, A S, Shawnee; David L Pauling, AXA, A S, Lawton: James Pavlonnis, KA, Educ, Sayreville, N. J.: Bill Payne, AS , A S, Arcadia, Calif.; Jim R. Payne, Pharm., Sapulpa; Suzanne I. Paynter, AAA, Educ, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Carl W. Pellegrini, Bus., Irving, Tex.; Jim Pence, t Afl, Bus., Norman; Norman H. Pence, A S, Hugo; Jane Penning- ton, KKr, Educ, Antlers; Dan Pentecost, 2X, Engr., Tulsa; Dick Perryman, ATA, A S, Watonga; Ann Peters, A , A S, Turpin. THIRD ROW: Betty Petersen, A S, Lawton; Pam Peterson, AF, A S, Tulsa; Rod S. Phares, A S, Wichita, Kan.; Glenna Phebus, A , Educ, Del City; Mary Ann Phelps, AAA, Engr., Tulsa; Kelley W. Phillips, A S, Lakin, Kan.; Gary T. Piccolo, HKA, Bus., Lindenhurst, N. Y. FOURTH ROW: John T. Pickens, K , A S, Dallas, Tex.; Loretta Ann Pierce, AFA, A S, OC; Janet Pipkin, AXfi, A S, OC; Robert G. Pishel, OKA, UC, Tulsa; Kathi Pittman, XH, Educ, OC; Pamela J. Pitts, r t B, A S, Ada; Patty Plott, AAA, A S, Chickasha. FIRH ROW: Peggy A. Plummer, AF, A S, Tulsa: Jane Pollard, AAn, A S,OC; William Allen Polsgrove, Jr., UC, Midwest City; Daniel C. Porter, AXA, A S, F+. Hood, Tex.; Ed Porter, AT, Bus., OC; Lee Poteet, A S, Norman; Colleen J. Power, A S, Novate, Calif. SIXTH ROW: Mike Powers, ATH, A S, Houston, Tex.; Polly Pown- all, AF, A S, Butler, N. J.: Jack S. Pratt, ATA, Bus., OC; Clarice Pregler, AAII, Bus., Minco; Vic Prep, 2 E, Engr., Frackville, Pa.; Cyndy Pride, AXU, A S, Ft. Smith, Ark.; Patricia Primrose, r B, Educ, Norman. SEVENTH ROW: David L. Pugh, ATfi, FA, Wayne, Mich.; Barry L. Pulaski, nA A S, Houston, Tex.; Janice L. Pullin, A S, Minco; Sharon Quaid, FA, Wynnewood; Mike Quigley, — AK, Bus., Altus; Tommie Sue Ragsdale, A S, Muskogee; Harry Raleigh, AKE, A S, Silver Spring, Md. EIGHTH ROW: Madelynne C. Ranmar, A S, Mt. Vernon, III.; Jerry Ransom, AXA, Engr., Buffalo; Freidon Rasolkhani, Engr., Iran: Dlanna Rea, AF, Bus., OC; Susan F. Records, A S, OC; Dianne Reed, A S, Des Moines, Iowa; Patty Reed, A S, Tulsa. NINTH ROW: Robert W. Reeds, Engr., Norman; Frank W. Rees, Jr., Ke, Engr., OC; Ronda Reid, AAA, A S, Altus; Jere Reinauer, AE i , Educ, Lake Charles, La.; Ann Reisner, AXS2, A S, West Lafayette, Ind.; Susan Reiter, FA, Wilmette, III.; Lance Rentzel, Ki;, A S, OC. BOTTOM ROW: Bill H. Rhinehart, Educ. Eufaula; Billie Lynn Rhodes, IIP, , FA, Pauls Valley; Dianne Schwab Rice, Bus., OC; Jack Richards, 2AE, Engr., Shawnee; Margaret Ann Richards, AAA. A S, Shawnee: Jeri Mac Richardson, AF. Educ, Albuquerque, N. M.; Orlin B.Rickard, AT, A S, Ponca City. IT COULD BE that Gail Browning Is reading the maga- zine for an outside reading assignment, or just Individual study to be well-informed . But the truth is, she ' s read- ing all the jokes. ■■■nMBHHiHIi lSHHHHI 127 Juniors WORKING HARD In the Union Activities office is Anne Abernathy, who finds participation in Union-sponsored campus events " teaches leadership and cooperation in many worth-while projects. " TOP ROW: Joe D. Riddle, A S, Tallhlna: Robert K. Roach, K2, A S, OC: Max J. Roadrucic, Jr., Engr., Lawton: LaRuth Robberson, A S, Wynnewood: Jane Robbins, nB l». Educ, Ardmore; Dale W. Rob9rts, Bus., Elgin: David Robertson, AXA, Bus., Sapulpa. SECOND ROW: Jack Robison, S f E, Engr., Wllmette, III.; Jim Rodgers, ' I-PA, A S, Blaclwell; Shirley Rodgers, IIB , Educ, Tulsa; Sue Ann Rodgers, XH, Educ, Tulsa; Alberta Kay Rogers, FA, Tulsa; W. D. Rogers, Jr., AT, A S, Wagoner; Barry Rooker, UC, McLoud. THIRD ROW: Dale Rose, ' I ' Ki:, A S, OC; Robert E. Rose, HKA, Enqr., Lindsay; Lloyd Rosenberg, nA l , Engr., Jersey City, N. J.; Ruthie Roush, Bus., Pratt, Kan.; Louise Rowe, KAO, Bus., Lawton; James E. Royds, KA, Engr., Garden City, N. Y.; Harold Rubin, Pharm., Passaic, N. J. FOURTH ROW: Richard D. Russell, ATS2, Bus., Miami; Steven E. Russell, UC, Elmore City: Pat Ryan, ATA, UC, OC; Kenneth D. Sachen, A S, OC; Allen Salikof, i;AJI, A S, Massapequa, N. Y.; Stephen Sallee, UC, Sterling, Colo.; Byron D. Salsman, Engr., Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: E. Scott Samara, 2AE, A S, OC; Dave Sanders, -X, Bus., Tulsa; Sandy Sanders, l ' K:i, A S, OC; Steve Saul, ' WA, A S, OC; Nancy Ann Schedel, Nurs., Tulsa; Fred Schmidt, Engr., Glen Head, N. Y.; Louise Schuler, Educ, Chickasha. SIXTH ROW: Bruce T. Schut+e, Bus., Cluver, Ind.; Herman Michael Schwartz, AEH, Paterson, N. J.; Pam Schwend, KAO, A S, Tulsa; Keith Schwer, Bus., Sapulpa; James C. Seay, Bus., Wellington, _ Kan.; Dick Segress, -X, Engr., Edmond; Dick Self, Ben, A S, Norman. SEVENTH ROW: Michael J. Sexton, Ke, A S, Jersey City, N. J.; Mickey Shackelford, Bus., OC; Linda K. Shanklln, Bus., Vienna, Va.; Jack Shan no rv._ A S j ; Abdul Aziz Shawly, Engr., ?audia, Arabia; JonnPaTncx ' nea, ' I ' KO Bus., OC; David Sheegog, +rA, A S, Pauls Valley. EIGHTH ROW: Sue Shelby, 1IB 1 , Bus., Ft. Worth, Tex.; Robert L. Shick, Jr., Engr., OC; Kaaren Shields, KKF, A S, Tulsa; Stan Shields, ATA, A S, Tulsa; Sharon Shirley, AXf2, A S, Watonga; Janetta Shissler, AXD, A S, Norman; Sandy Shorr, -AT, A S, Dayton, Ohio. NINTH ROW: Sybil Short, KA, Bus., OC; G. R. Shreve, AXA, A S, Norman; Martha R. Sickles, AF, A S, Norman; Ralph Sim- mons, ATA, Bus., Denlson, Tex.; Rick SImms, — AE, A S, Lindsay; Richard V. Simon, KA, A S, Cushing; Anita Jo Slngletary, AXO, Educ, OC. BOTTOM ROW: Gary Skibiki, Bus., Hollls. N. Y.; Carole Slepka, AAA, Educ, Okemah- Barbara Jo Smith, IM ' H, A S, R. Bragg, N. C; BUM Kayo Smith, AI ' , A S, Stroud; Carol Jayne Smith, A S, Okeene; Gene Smith, Jr., -N, Bus., Elk City; Kathleen Smith, Bus., Frederick. 128 Eagerness For Coming Year Characterizes Juniors TOP ROW: Lee Anne Smith, A , A S, Pauls Valley; Ralph Smith, -•tE, Bus., Kenmore, N. Y.; Sharon Smith, KA, Educ, Dallas, Tex.; Judy Smotherman, AXfJ, A S, Norman; Jackie Snodgrass, KA, Educ, OC; Lanny Sockwell, TIKA, Bus., Lawton; Keats Soder, Jr., I A0, Engr., OC. SECOND ROW: E. Wayne Solomon, Engr, Ada; Fred W. Southern, Jr., FA, Lawton; Raymond C. Spalding, A S, Tulsa; Lee Sperber, ZTA, Educ, Tulsa; Charles Spiller, Bus., LaVe Charles, La.; John Edward Squareic, Engr., Bellevue, Alta., Can.; Jane Stamper, KA6. A S, Antlers. THIRD ROW: Ainslie Stanford, l Ae, A S, Tulsa; Gerald Starr, Bus., Shawnee; Barry Staub, IIA , A S, Dallas, Tex.; Susan Stayton, nB , A S, Wichita Falls, Tex.; Richard Stead, A S, Okmulgee; Sherry Steele, HB , A S, Norman; Rebecca S. Stegall, A S, Salli- FOURTH ROW: Joanna Stevens, r i B, Educ, OC; Steve Stevenson, SAM, Educ, Lake Charles, La.; Van Stewart, SX, A S, Watonga, N. Y.; Ann Stiles, A S, OC; Mary P. Stitt, A 1 , FA, Wichita Falls, Tex.; Larry D. Stout, Pharm., Sulphur; George Stratis, — I ' E, Bus., Brooklyn, N. Y. FIFTH ROW: David Street, 2AE, A S, OC; John B. Strong, 2X, A S, Guthrie; Bruce Strongwater, 2AM, Bus., Rockville Center, N. Y.; Sarah Stuart, KA6, Educ, Sapulpa; Judith E. Sugarman, AAn, A S, Elk City; David Swafford, A S, OC; Jim Swank, KA, Bus., Lawton. SIXTH ROW: Ross Swimmer, A1 i , A S, Norman; Ed Tatum, AXA, A S, Sapulpa; Dennis Stephen Taylor, Pharm., Port Angeles, Ore.; Floyd Taylor, " J-KS, A S, OC; Pat Taylor, T+B, A S, OC; Linda Tein, AE ' , Educ, Denver, Colo.; Lennea Teir, AXi2, FA, Wichita F alls, Tex. SEVENTH ROW: William B. Teitzel, A S, Enid; Alan Terrill, rA, Bus., Wichita Falls, Tex.; Blaine Thacker, 2N, Bus., Dallas, Tex.; Irish Thatcher, A , A S, Austin, Minn.; George Theriot, 3X, A S, Dallas, Tex.; Bill Thomas, Acacia, Engr., Allen; Mike Thomas, —X, Bus., Pawnee. EIGHTH ROW: Cathy Thomason, KKF, A S, Ft. SIH; Allan Thompson, AT, A S, Lawton: James T. Thompson, ATA, Bus., Ft. Worth, Tex.; Suzanne Thompson, AXiJ, Educ, OC; Mary Thurman, AAA, A S, Altus; Mike Thurman, 3 E, A S, Hooker; Karen Tims, r+B, Educ, Altus. NINTH ROW: Mike Transue, :S E, Bus., Bethlehem, Pa.; Tim Traynor, ' Ae, Bus., Enid; George O. Trickel, +Ae, Bus., Tulsa; Suzie Trimble, ZTA, A S, Greenville, Tex.; Pam Trout, AF, A S, Wichita Falls, Tex.; James A. Trudeau, •frK ' I ' , A S, Sallisaw; Jim Tubb, ATA, Pharm., Midwest City. TENTH ROW: Betty Tuma, AAA, A S, Norman; Dian Turner, Educ, Maysville; Roger M. Turner, AXA, A S, Okmulgee; Shirley L. Turshman, Educ, Vinlta; Lynda Tyler, X! , Educ, Guymon; Bob Uda, AS , Engr., Kailua, Hawaii; Nancy Utley, HB , A S, McLean, Va. BOTTOM ROW: Curtis VanHooser, KS, Bus., OC; Tom Veale, rA, Bus., LeMars, Iowa; John L. Veccia, DC, Bronx, N. Y.; Susan D. Vick, A S, Dallas, Tex.; R. W. Voegeli, Jr., rA, A S, Muskogee; John Vogler, ATA, UC, Greenville, Ky.; David Voiles, 2N, A S, Hooker. »h lM 129 Juniors ENROLLMENT -or second semester was a breeze for Juniors Ken Brdy and Paf Bernardo, who take time to look over their new textbooks and check the class sched- ule for room numbers. a TOP ROW; Werner Wade Voss, Engr., Alex; Linda Voyles, Educ, Madlll: Charles Wade, AX V, A S, Aurora, Hi.: Jack B. Wade, Bus., OC: Jan E. Wade, A S, Norman; Jon Wade, ' I ' K , Bus., DC; Marilyn Wade, XI , Educ, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Thomas W. Walbert, Bjs., OC; Nancy Waldman, AE , A S, Dallas, Tex.; Waynel Walling, FA, Ryan; Linda Walters, AX " , Nurs., OC; Michael Ward, UKA, Bus., Muskogee; Billy Fay Warner, Engr.. Miami; Jerry A. Warren, Acacia, A S, Bartlesville. THIRD ROW: Margof Watson, A S, OC; Treva Webb, A S, San Francisco, Calif.; John A. Welck, —X, Engr., Butler, N. J.; Barbara Weinstein, iiAT, Educ, Nashville, Tenn.; Susan Welborn, AF, A S, OC; Bryanne Welch, T-PB, Educ, OC: Brenda Wesner, AFA, FA, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Joe David Whitalcer, Engr., Eufaula; Anthony N. White, Bus., Ardmore; Judy White, A S, Odessa, Tex.; Kenneth White, Pharm., Phillips, Tex.; Otho Whiteneck, Ae, A S, Enid- Gary E. Whiteside, A S, Waynoka; James Earl Whitman, I ' K I ' , A S, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Lynda Wiand, KKF, Educ, OC; John V. Wicklund. Ill, X, Bus., Mt. Pleasant, Mich.; Barbara R. WIckness, A S, Rochelle, III.; Helen Widmayer, AX.Q, Bus., Marshall, Tex.; Terry T. Wiens, BOII, Bus., Enid; Ann Wiest, AAA, A S, Norman; Barbara Ann Wllklson, KA, A S, OC. SIXTH ROW: Ann Williams, ' B, Bus., OC: Beth Williams, A S, Tulsa; Bob Williams, ' M ' A, Engr., Muskogee: Doyle Williams, Engr., Ardmore; James W. Williams, Engr., Longview. Tex.; Johnny Mack Williams, AT 2, Engr., Marlow; Richard Williamson, liwil, Engr., Tulsa. SEVENTH ROW: James David Willsey, Jr., Engr., El Reno: Charles W. Wilson, AT, Engr., Ardmore; Don Loyd Wilson, Bus., OC; Don R. Wilson, ATA, A S, Shawnee; J. D. Wilson, Bus., Cushing; Larry Wilson, K, A S, Washington, D. C; Lawrence C. Wilson, A S, Ttjlsa. EIGHTH ROW: Robert G. Witt, A S, Gouverneur, N. Y.: Shirley Wolberg, AK I , Educ, Kansas City, Mo.; Mary Wonderly, A S. Mexico City, Mex.; Lynda S. Wood, Educ, Gary; Sandra Nelson Wood, Educ, Dustin; Vickie Lynn Woodrow, FA, Norman; Larry Woodard, AXA, A S, OC. NINTH ROW: Jim B. Woods, " KA, Dallas, Tex.; Paul Woody, Ai; ' l , Bus., Marshall, Tex.; Carolyn Gail Work, Educ. Tulsa; Bob Worley, ■ K. Bus., Waurika; Carol A. Worthing, AI ' A, A S, OC; Tony Wright, ' l-Atl, A S, Falls Church, Va.; Steve Yaffe, AUII, Bus., Muskogee. BOTTOM ROW: Charles W. Yohn, Bus., Norman; Earl W. Young, ATA, A S, OC; Jerri A. Young, AAA. A S, Tulsa; Susan Elaine Young, FA, Eufaula; Susan Zadlk, AT, A S, Dallas, Tex.; Stuart Zarrow, n. ' l ' Bus., Tulsa- Jim Zdenek. Engr.. Riverside. III. 130 mallL TOP ROW: Andee Abeles, AE , A S, Little Rock Arlc.; Cheryl Aber, AE . Educ. St. Louis, Mo.; Charles Abernathy, ilX, UC, Elk City: Ken Abojssle, :SX, UC, Wichita Falls, Tex.; Barry Abrams, K2, Bus., Amarillo, Tex.; Loretfa Aby, AFA, Bus., Dallas, Tex.; Karen Acord, Ar, FA, Dallas, Tex. SECOND ROW: Buck Adams, K2, UC, Guthrie; Hal Adamson, A S. Edmond; Phil Adamson, B9n, Bus.. Tulsa; Linda J. Agee. Bus.. OC; Robert Ahrens. I ' K , UC, Tulsa; Hossein Akhavan- Moghadam, Engr., Iran; Carol Akin. A S, OC. THIRD ROW: Mary Albin. A S, Fox; Dee Albrecht. AXfi, A S, St. Louis. Mo.; Gary Alexander. i X, UC, Ponca City; DIAnne Allen. KA, Educ, Decatur, Tex.; Ginger Allen, r I B, A S, OC; Jay Allen. Ae, Bus.. Dallas. Tex.; Jennifer Allen, A t , Bus.. Park Ridge, III. FOURTH ROW: JoAnn Allen. AI ' A, Pharm., Ringling; Neta Gay Allen. AXS2, FA. Hobart; Lorraine Allmon, A S, Altus; Mike Am- spacher, ' l-rA, A S, OC; Clyde Amyx II. ' I ' K , Bus., Frederick; Sue Anderle, A4 , FA. Hinsdale, III.; Jane B. Anderson, AXfi, A S, OC. FIFTH ROW: John Anderson. 2AE, A S, Shawnee; Lloyd T. Ander- son, UC, Sapulpa; Paul Anderson. ATA, A S. Lawton; Shari Ander- son. ArA, A S, Blackwell; TerrI Anderson. r4 B, A S, Norman; Mike Andricos, 2X, Engr., Annandale, Va.; John E. Arant. ATU, UC, Scarsdale. N. Y. SIXTH ROW: Pamela Armstrong, A S, Jackson, Tenn.; Shelley Arnette. I-AO, Bus.. Decatur. Tex.; Terry Arnn, 2AE, Bus., OC; John Arnold, Jr., ' I ' AH, Engr., Tulsa; Susan I. Arnold, Xf!, Bus., OC; Michael R. Arst, AM, Bus., Alton, III.; Mary Ann Ashlock, AAA, Bus., Lawton. SEVENTH ROW: Mark Ashton, AXA, Bus., San Antonio, Tex.; Joan Asper, A S, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Glenda Kay Atchley, UC, Olney, Tex.; Steven Atha, UC, Norman; Gean Atkinson, —X. UC, BIytheville. Tenn.; Donna Aust, AAA, Educ, Lawton; April Austin, Xn, Bus., Amarillo, Tex. EIGHTH ROW: Sharon L. Avery, A S, Mangum; Sandra Ayala, Bus., Honolulu, Hawaii; Leon R. Babb, Bus., Mounds; Dan Babcock, — AE, A S, Tulsa; Nancy Lee Baggett, Educ, Wayne; Michael D. Bailey, Pharm., Maysville; Judy Baker, AAA. Bus., Chickasha. NINTH ROW: Ken Baldwin, 2AE, A S, Tulsa; Howard H. Balen- seifen, UC, Keyes; Jerry Bales, ATO, A S, OC; Br yan M. Ballard, Bus., Wewoka; Dwain Ballew, i ' A0, Pharm., Norman; Connie J. Barber, A S, Beaver; Bill Barhydt, AXA, Engr., OC. BOTTOM ROW: Michael Barlow, AEH, UC, New York, N. Y.; Adrah Barnes, Educ, Sand Springs; John Barnes, 2AK, A S, Law- ton, Paula Kay Barnes, Educ, Frederick; Barney Barnhill, —X, A S, Hobbs, N. M.; Allen Barrow, 2X, Bus., Tulsa; Ron Barton, ATA, A S. Thomas. Sophomores PARLEZ-VOUS Espangnol, Fraulein? Susan Dillon, Mid- west City sophomore, is getting conversational experi- ence in a foreign language laboratory session, but which one is it supposed to be? Hi mil- 131 Sophomores NEITHER CAFFEINE nor NoDoz can keep Ole Man Sleep fronn creeping jp on students during finals week. Jinn Mills, Midwest City sophonnore, finally succumbs while studying in the library. 4T ' m ar. TOP ROW: Claren M. Base, A S, Gary: Jim Bassel, Acacia, UC, Lawton; Tim G. Baugh, Engr., OC: John Baum, " I ' AO, UC, Tonkawa; Rick Baum, 1IA 1 , Bus., Dayton, Ohio; David Beadner, K2, Engr., OC: Fred Becker, 2X, A S, Altus. SECOND ROW: Molly Behannon. FA, Dallas, Tex.: Jill Bell, KAe, Bus., OC; Kathy Bell, HB ' h, Bus., Ada; Frank Bellows, KA. Engr., Altus; Robert Benbow, AT, Bus., Aurora, III.; Tom Benefiel, -N, Bus., Okeene; Stanley Duane Bennett, UC, Snyder. THIRD ROW: Denney J. Benson, Bus., Duncan; Jerry Benson, AXA, A S, Stillwater; Cynthia Bentley, AAA, A S, OC; Byron D. Berline, Educ, Caldwell, Kan.; Kayla Lu Berman, A S. tHouston, Tex., James R. Bernler, Jr., UC, OC: Sandra Bias, AAA, A S, Muskogee. FOURTH ROW: Chariene BIdasio, Xn, Educ, Tulsa; Harmie Biddle, KKP, UC, Chester, Pa.; Betty Biggerstaff, Educ, Sulphur; Thomas C. Billings, Educ, Temple, Tex.; Kent Billingsley, UC, Colo- rado Springs, Colo.; Linda Billups, Al " , Educ, OC; Bob Bishop, ■t-FA, Bus., OC. FIFTH ROW: Sharon Bishop, Bus., Tulsa; Karen L Black, AAA, Educ, Norman; Mel Black, AF, A S, Lawton; Suzanne Black, KA, Educ, Norman; June Blackerby, AAA, FA, Bristow; Donald W. Blackwood, ATI2, UC, Enid; Wendy J. Blair, AFA, UC, Dallas, Tex. SIXTH ROW: Thomas J. Blakely, Pharm., Norman: Colledith Blalock, AAri, UC, OC; Paul A. Blalock, i:N ' . Bus., Pauls Valley; Carole Bland, AAA, FA, Muskogee: Carol Blandford, Bus., Dallas, Tex.; Susan Blinn, B ' , A S, OC: Stephen Bloeh, -AM, Bus., Omaha, Neb. SEVENTH ROW: Janie Blome, A S, Anadarko: Anne L. Bock, A S, Austin, Tex.; LeAnn Boeve, AFA, A S, OC; Keith A. Bohlman, Educ, Watonga: Don Bolen, ' I ' FA, A S, OC; Janet Kay Boles, A S, Randlett; David L. Bondurant, Engr., Cushing. EIGHTH ROW: Betty Bonifield, KAO A S, Woodward; Steve Bonner, AXA, UC, Norman: Ronald Borden, +Ki;. Engr,, Tulsa; Barbara C. Borelli, Xi!, Educ, Kingfisher; Christine A. Bove, A S, Brooklyn, N. Y.: Patrick D. Bowlen, HKA, UC, Edmonton, Alta., Can.; Linda Bowser, Educ, Blanchard. NINTH ROW: Janice Boyd, Educ, Fay: Mike Boydstun, K2i;, Bus., Ponca City: Bevlyn Bradfield, KKF. A S, Shawnee: Pat Bradley, A S, Waurikc; Sharon Bradley, AXt!, FA, Corpus Christi, Tex.; Charles Bradshaw, Bus., OC; Ronny Bradshaw, ' I ' AO, Bus., OC. BOTTOM ROW: Raymond E. Brady, ATO, Engr., Tulsa: Trish Bra- gassa, A S, Evansville, Ind.; Judy Braught, KA, Educ, Norman; Ellen Terry Brauman, Educ, Dallas, Tc .: Dinah L. Brendle, UC, Norman: Katrina Brendle, UC, Norman: Larry K. Briggs, Bus., El Reno. Second-Year Students Settle Into Major Requirements TOP ROW: Mary Jane Brokaw, XJ2, Nurs., Plainfield, N. J.; Penny Brown, KAO, Educ, OC: Roger Brown, ATA, Bus., OC; Paul Brun- ton, 2X, A S, Tulsa; Ken Brust, i;X, Engr., Midwest City; Ella Bryant, Educ, Frederick; Willa Buck, HB FA, OC. SECOND ROW: Harold Dean Buffalow, UC, Liberal, Kan.: John Michael Burford, A S, Lindsay; Jim Surge, 2X, A S, OC; Thomas Sheridan Burger, Acacia, UC, Columbus, Ohio; Charles Burgett, KA, Engr., Tulsa; Carol Burke, Educ, OC: Beth Burleson, KAO, A S, Prague. THIRD ROW: Larry Burmeler, ATA, Engr, OC; Eileen Burns, KAO. A S, OC; Thomas L. Burton, UC, OC; Steve R. Burtrum, Bus., Miami; Melissa Burwell, KKP, A S, Jackson, Miss.; Jo H. Bushman, SAT, Bus., Dallas, Tex.; Patsy A. Bynum. AAA, A S, OC. FOURTH ROW: Mark Byrd, ATA, A S, Coalgate; Clarence K. Cagle, Bus., Tulsa; Mark D. Cain, Bus., OC: Joseph D. Calahan, ATJ2, UC, New Canaan, Conn.; John Calderas, Jr., " t K6, Engr., Ontario, Calif; Roxee Callnson, HB , A S, Ft. Worth, Tex.; Cathy Callahan, KKF, A S, OC. FIFTH ROW: Enrique Calvo, Engr., Duncan; Irene Campbell, AI ' A, A S, Tulsa; Kay Campbell, A S, Goldthwaite, Tex.; Ellen Canar, SAT, Educ, Omaha, Neb.; Kary A. Cantrell, Nurs., Sapulpa; Ronald W. Carey, Pharm., Velma; Kay Carglle, r I B, Bus., Shawnee. SIXTH ROW: Anita Kay Carletti, AXfl, UC, Grand Prairie, Tex.; Jim Carloss, A S, Tulsa; Bill F. Carlyle, HKA. A S, Marietta: Bob G. Carpenter, SX, A S, Laverne; Reed Carpenter, SX, Engr., Chagrin Falls, Ohio; Charles Carson, HKA, Engr., Midwest City; Jack Carson, 2X, A S, OC. SEVENTH ROW: Nancy Carter, KAG, A S, Norman; James W. Case, AS , A S, Chicago, III.; Tim Castello, SAE, A S, Tulsa; Bill Caswell, A S, Bartlesville; Dan Cavaness, AXA, UC, OC; Linda Chain, Bus., Hunter; Pat Chambers, K , A S, Muskogee. EIGHTH ROW: Cathy Champlln, KKF, Educ, Stroud: Edwin L. Chandler, Bus., Macomb, 111.; Suzanne Chaney, AXIi, UC, Vermillion, S. D.; Richard Chapman, ATA, Bus., Lawton ; Ann Chrlstenson, A , Nurs., OC; Steve Christie, KS, UC, Sherman, Tex.; Gary A. Clalser, Engr., McAlester. NINTH ROW: Bonnie K. Clapp, Educ, Forgan; Sharon Clark, UC, Davenport; Thomas G. Clark, +K " ! ' , Engr., Tulsa; W. Kirk Clausing, AT, Bus., Seminole; Linda M. Cllnesmith, AAA, A S, Enid; Tim Cochnauer, A S, Lindsay; Susan Cockerham, IIB , A S, Shreveporl, La. TENTH ROW: Carole Cody, Xfi, A S, OC; Bob Coffey, SX, A S, Shawnee: John Coffey, ATA, A S, Sand Springs; Edward Cohen, SAM, Bus., Passaic, N. J.; Gerald L. Cohen, SAM, Engr., Council Bluffs, Iowa; Charles Cole, B0n, Engr., Tulsa; Linda Kay Cole, Educ, Marlow. ELEVENTH ROW: Richard Cole, KS, A S, Stigler; Ruth H. Cole, Nurs., Enid; Steve Cole, SN, A S, Tulsa: Alice Lee Coleman, FA, Camden, Ark.: Carolyn Coleman, KA, Bus., Newkirk; Don Coles. Engr., Enid; C. W. Comer, UC, Middleburg, Va. BOTTOM ROW: Georgia Compton, Bus., Yukon; David J. Confer, A S, OC; Barbara Connor, HB , A S, Tulsa; Ann Cook, AAA, A S, Ft. Collins, Colo.; Linda Cooley, UC, Ponca City; Suzanne Cooper, AFA, Educ, OC; James Robert Copass, A9. Bus., Tulsa. P- ' P 133 Students Concentrate On Future As Second Year Ends r r TOP ROW: Gail Copple, AK ' l ' , UC, Des Moines, Iowa: Karen Sue Copple, Nurs., Philadelphia, Pa.: Janie Couch, AAA, FA, Ardmore; Charlotte M. Council, Al ' , A S, Norman: Deanna Councill, r l B, UC, Parle Ridge, III.: Bronwen Courtnay, KA, Bus., Anchorage, Alas- ka: Ann Cowans, AAA, Pharm., Anadarko. SECOND ROW: Linda Cowles, A S, OC; Preston Cox, ' M ' A, Bus., Wichita Falls, Tex.: John Craig, — N, Engr., Hot Springs, Arl .: Randy Craven, 2X, A S, Dallas, Tex.: Gaylon Crawford, -X, Engr., La- verne; Jan Creekmore, KAO, Educ, Tulsa: Wayne T. Crochet, TIKA, A S, New Orleans, La. THIRD ROW: James M. Cronoble, KA, Engr.. BartlesviHe- Jack S. Crosble, Engr., OC: Bill Crow, UC, Broken Arrow: David Crowder, A S, Ponca City; Pamela Crumpler, FA, Checota: Linda Culp, A S, Wewoka: Sharon Mary Cummings, A S, Chanute AFB, III. FOURTH ROW: Travis A. Curd, II, I ' .OII, A S. St. Louis, Mo.: David G. Dalbow, A S, OC: Craig Dalton, AXA, UC, Tulsa: Patri- cia Daly, A S, Tulsa; R. Lewis Davenport, Jr., ATO, UC, OC: Art Davis, -N, Educ, Kermit, Tex.: Carol Davis, KAS, A S, OC. FIFTH ROW: Gerri Davis, AAII, FA, Altus: Rock Dawson, ' 1 ' A(», A S, Midwest City: Karen Day, Nurs., Hartshorne: Randy Deal, K2, A S, OC; Sharl Deason, KA0, A S, OC: Douglas DeGrow, Engr., Drayton Plains, Mich.; Alan de Martini, TIKA, UC, Los An- geles, Calif. SIXTH ROW: Sandi Denton, HB , Educ, Ft. Smith, Ark.; Miguel de Socarraz, A S, Sulphur: Bill Devine, ' I ' K . A S, Del City; Marsha Dilley, A S, Washington, D. C: Susan Dillon, T ' l-K, A S, Midwest City; Mary Dinsmore, A S. McAlester: Margarita Disterlic, A S, Frederick. SEVENTH ROW: Connie Dixon, HB-f-, Bus., Eglan AFB, Fla.; Katy Dixon, KKr, Educ, BartlesviHe; Larry A. Dixon, Bus., Claremore: Laura Dobbs, HB . A S, Altus: Tom Dobson, ATA, A S, OC; George L. Dorr, Engr., Tulsa; Pete Dosser, ATA, A S, Lawton. EIGHTH ROW: William C. Doty, Jr., A S, OC; Gary D. Doublin, Bus., Tulsa: Larry Dow, ' M ' A, Bus., Okarche: Martha Dowling, HIM ' , Educ, El Dorado, Ark.; George M. Drake, Bus., OC: Phyllis Drake, AATI, Educ, Mangum; Wilma Draper, UC, Muskogee. NINTH ROW: Pamela Drennan, UC, Springfeld, Va.; Steve Dug- gan, ' ' K , Engr., Tulsa: Linda Dunagan, UC, Carlsbad, N.M.; R. N. Dunagan, AXA, Bus., Perry: Jan Dunagin, A S, OC; Barbara Dunbar, l " ' M! FA, Dallas. Tex.: Dan Duncan, ' l-rA, A S, OC. TENTH ROW: Annette Dunnington, Educ, Cherokee Diedra Dyer, A S, Muskogee: James P. Edgar, Engr.. Duncan; Eileen Edinger, IIB ' I , Educ, OC: Gordon Edwards, ' M ' A, A S, Pauls Valley; Kay Lynn Edwards, KAH. A S, Norman- Ann Ehlers, AAA, A S, Tulsa. ELEVENTH ROW: Gary Eley, i:X, Engr., Altus; Deanna Elliott, AP, A S, OC; Jan Elliott, Illi ' l ' , Educ, BartlesviHe: Kathleen Elliott, A S, Huntsville, AIn.: Robert L. Elliott, Engr., Tulsa; Bobby G. Ellis, Bus., Shawnee: David F. Ellis, FA, Norman. BOTTOM ROW: Judy L. Ellis, HH ' I ' , Educ. OC Randy Ellis, A S, Tulsa: Nancy Ellsworth, KKI ' , A S, OC : Linda Emmer, i:AT, Bus.. OC; Jane England, KKP, A S. Ada: Janie Eschler, A S, Cookie- ICAi Kathy Evans, KA, A S, Tulsa. 134 Sophomores IT WASN ' T CHRISTMAS but it was white, which prompt- ed students to bring out ice skates, sleds and ski sweat- ers. Engaging in winter sports of one kind or another are Ann Marshall and Cliff Whitrrore. TOP ROW: Pat Evans, AT, Bus., Tulsa; Carolyn G. Fano, AFA, Educ, OC; Celia Farha, UC, Elk City; Mary L Farha, A S, Ponca City: Leo W. Farmer, AKE. Engr., Washington. D. C; Sandra Far- mer, AX 2. A S Guthrie; Arlene Fedman, SAT, A S, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Don Feinstein, 2AM, A S. Columbus, Ohio; Joan Feldgreber, -AT, A S, Sapulpa; Tom Fellman, HA , Bus., Omaha, Neb.; Paula J. Ferguson, FA, Lawton; Jack Fesler, ATA, Bus., OC; Robbie Fetters, AXH, A S, Tinker AFB; Carl FIddner, 2N, Engr., Tulsa. THIRD ROW: Becky Figley, Educ, Denver City, Tex.; Tom Filbeck, A S, Guthrie; Charles Finlcel, HA , FA, Broken Arrow; Marsha FInley, II-B ' I ' , Educ, Dallas, Tex.; Jean M. Finney, A , A S, Norman; Diane M. Fisher, A , A S, Ardmore; Richard Fisher, TtA , A S, Memphis, Tenn. FOURTH ROW: Ruth Ann Fisher, A S, Okemah; Paula Fishman, AE . A S, Grinnell, Iowa; Robert Fleener, BOn, UC, Norman; Gerald B. Fleming, A S, Cushing; Jim Flood, +rA, A S. Norman; Kaye Flood, AAA, A S, OC; Nancy Flowers, A , Educ, Bartlesville. FIFTH ROW: Dale Floyd, UC, Collinsville; Ann Foerster, KA H, A S, OC; Melba Forbis, UC, Durant; Christie Ford, KAH, Educ, Hugo; Robert L. Ford, ilAE, Bus., Shawnee; Billy A. Foreman, UC, Norman; Jon Forman, wAM, A S, Jersey City, N. J. SIXTH ROW: Larry Foster, BOn, Bus.. Duncan; Tommy Fountain, Pharm., Norman; Joella Fox, Nurs., Blackwell; Jerre Francis, KA, Educ, New Orleans, La.; MimI Francis, AFA, A S, Charleston, W. Vs.; Leslie Ann Frank, Educ, Tucson. Ariz.; Rusty Franklin, 2:AE. Bus., OC. SEVENTH ROW: Steve Franklin, KA, Bus., Tulsa; Kay Frantz, KA, A S, New Orleans, La.; Don Frazier, :SN, A S, Enid; Linda Fred- erick, KA, UC, OC; Ron Frederick, AT, A S, Tulsa; David Freeman, K2, A S, OC; Daria J. Freidline, Nurs., Enid. EIGHTH ROW: Michael Fried, AEII, A S, Hackensack, N. J.; Charles Friedman, HA , A S, Little Rock, Ark.; Don Fruit, Kl), UC. Shawnee; Diane Frye, FA, Sallisaw; Jeanne T. Fryntzlto, KKT, FA, Granite City, 111.; Davida Funk, SAT. Educ, Kansas City, Mo.; Gordon A. Gabbert, KA, Bus., Dallas, Tex. NINTH ROW: Judy L. Gahring, UC, Shawnee; Richard L. Gallo- way, ATA, UC, Pomona, Calif.; Harry D. Galoob, HA , A S, Healdton; Anne L. Gamble, UC, Jefferson, Tex.; Beth Gandy, AT, A S, Norman; Susan M. Gans, AF, A S, Santa Fe, N. M.; Victor Lynn Garnand, A S, Bethany. BOTTOM ROW: Steven Garner, BBn, UC, Tulsa; Stephen P. Gar- rett, ' t ' PA, Bus., Mangum; Judy Garrison, r I B, Bus., OC; Frank Gatewood, AKE, Bus., Ardmore; Neal Gay, Bus., Chelsea; Sharon L. Gaylord, Nurs., Midwest City; Janet Gearheard, AXfJ, A S, Tonkawa. 135 Sophomores JUST ANY LITTLE noolt or cranny can provide space for some last-minute cramming. John Deem, arts and sci- ences sophomore from Muskogee, looks over his notes just before a quiz. J i TOP ROW: Leah Gellinger, UC, Abilene, Kan.; Nancy Gentry, A S, Bartlesville; Carol George, A S, Elk City: Everett George, i KZ, A S, Lawfon: Stanley P. Germond, AKE, Bus., Poughkeepsle, N. Y.; Frances A. Gleck, AAA. FA, Altus: Susie Gilinslcy, -AT, Educ, Omaha, Neb. SECOND ROW: Dorlnda Gill, KA, UC, Kingfisher; V. B. Glazener. AAA, FA, Marietta; Howard Glickman, 2AM, Engr., New York, N.Y.; Toby Globe, AEH, UC. Tulsa: Ann Glover, KKF. Educ, Ft. Sill; Carl Godard, AT, A S. Blackwell; Ronnie Goddard, FA, Broken THIRD ROW: Ronald L. Gold, Bus., Overland Park, Kan.; Stephen Gold, AEn, UC, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Lewis Gordon, Engr., WeHsville, N. Y.: Louis Gordon, 2AM, A S, New York, N. Y.: Roger Gossard, i:X, Bus., Coffeyville, Kan.; Vicki Goteher, KKF, FA, McAlester; Janet Elaine Gottlob, Educ, Arkansas City, Kan. FOURTH ROW: L J. Gregg, t ' Ki;, Educ, Durant; Cynthia Gris- ham, KKF, A S, OC; Barbara Groover, ZTA, UC, Fox; Terry L Gross, X;2, A S, OC; Suzy Gruber, AAII, Educ, Norman: John Gryniewicz, UKA, UC, North Andover, Mass: Marion D. Gurney, Engr., Harrah. FIFTH ROW: Cathy Haas, KAB, FA, Tulsa: Ursula Habermacher, ZTA, A S, Sabinal, Tex.; Sandra Hagg, A S, Waurika: Charles Hall, Pharm., Eden, Tex.; Linda Hamilton, AXI2, FA, Enid; Marilyn Hamil- ton, nB I , Nurs., Sapulpa: Carl H. Hammert, Engr., Anadarko. SIXTH ROW: Jim Hammett, AXA, UC, OC: Hobart G. Hammond, riKA, UC, Plymouth, Mich.: Mary Sue Hampton. IIH ' I ' , Educ, Ponca City; Jim Haney, AXA, A S, Anadarko: Cathey Hangs, FA, No- wata; Thomas J. Hanson, KA, UC, OC; Mary Harlan, A S, Mangum. SEVENTH ROW: Terry Harrell, ATfi, Engr., Gage; James A. Har- ris, ATf2, Pharm., Duncan: Roy Harris, A S, OC; Roger Harrison, 2AE, Engr., Norman; Tricia E. Harrison, A 1 , Educ, El Monte. Calif.; Phillip Harrolle, Pharm., Broken Arrow; Dean Hart, BOIT, A S, Pauls Valley. EIGHTH ROW: E. Kay Hartley, A , Educ, Eldorado; Marian M. Harvey, XO, A S, Wagoner; William H. Harvey, UKA, UC, Tallahassee, Fla.: Mary Lee Hathcock, AAIT, UC, Washington, D. C; Linda A. Hauser, Educ, OC: Skip Hayes, ATI2, Bus., Tulsa; Kathy Helvenston, A S, Longvlew, Tex. NINTH ROW: Victor Hemmy, ' I ' Ki;, Bus., Koilua, Hawaii; Lanny Henderson, 2X, UC, Shawnee; Don Henline, AXA, Bus., OC; Camille Hemmlngan, UC, Bartlesville; Rebecca Heritage, UBi ' , A S, Claremore: Larry Hert, UKA, Bus., Altus: Bill Hosier, i " AE, Engr., Prairie Village, Kan. BOTTOM ROW: Bruce Hickman, ' l ' K2, Bus., Waynoka; David Hicks, Ai; ' l , A S. Tulsa; Ruth Anne Hicks, A S, Ardmore; Jerry Hiersche, ' M A, UC, Midwest City: Eddie Higgins, Ki), A S. Sher- man, Tex.; William Seott Higgins, Engr., Hominy: Linda Hisey, IM ' B, UC, Ponca City. 136 Education Becomes Serious Business To Sophomores TOP ROW: Gene Hitchcocit, ' Ae, Engr.. Enid; Susan Hodde, HB ' I ' , A S. Springfield, ill.; Jim Hodges, SX, Bus.. OC; Jack E. Hogan, Bus., Tu ' sa; Sharon Hogan, XH, Educ, Mangum; Katy Hol- den, Bus., Enid; Dee Holland, A S, Clovis, N. M. SECOND ROW: Virginia A. Holland, X.Q, FA. Altus; Stanley R. Holley, Pharm.. Amarillo, Tex.; Henry M. Holleyman, ATf2, UC, Norman; Vic Holt, rA. A S, OC; Twila Honea, I " ' l ' l!. UC, Dallas, Tex.; Ann Hooker, AAA, A S, Ft. Worth, Tex.; Phil Hoot, -i-VA, A S, Perry. THIRD ROW: Melinda Hopkins, AFA, A S, Lee ' s Summitt, Mo.; Gary R. Horwiti, HA , Bus., OC; Gay Hoskins, AXJ2, A S, Odessa, Tex.; Roger Hubbard, 2X, A S, OC; Joseph D. Huqhes, Engr., Camden, Ark.; Wayne Hugus, UC, Cushing; Sharon J. Hunt, AAA, A S, Elk City. FOURTH ROW: Louis Guy Huntley, UC, OC; Andrea Hutchings, UC, Bristow; D. Wynn Ibach, rA, A S, Bartlesville; Barbara Imel, AAA, A S, Tulsa: Johnny Ingle, i;AE, A S, OC; William Iseminger, AKE, UC, McLean, Va.; Penny Isom, HB . A S, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW; Mike Ivens, Ae, Bus., Muskogee; Robert Jackson, 1 K ' I ' , Bus., Bartlesville; Emma Jacobs, ZTA, Educ, Norman; Nancy Jacobs, KKr. UC, Enid; Linda James, KKF, Educ, Richardson, Tex.; Sally L. Jarrett. Nurs., Drumright; Charles F. Jeffries, Bus., Altus. SIXTH ROW: Allan B. Jeffy, :SAM, Pharm., Tulsa; Bob Jenkins, KA, A S, Kansas City, Mo.; Gene F. Jenkins, AXS2, A S, Lawton: Al Joern, ATA, A S, Lawton; Peter Joers, — N, Engr., Hot Springs, Arl.; Carolyn M. Johnson, A S, Woodward; Cynthia D. Johnson, ArA, FA, Sand Springs. SEVENTH ROW; Richard Johnson, AT, Bus.. Tulsa Brett Johnston, Pharm., OC; Rowell D. Johnston, Engr., OC; Robert Johnstone, •i ' rA, Bus., Chappague, N. Y.; Joe B. Jones, A S, Ft. Smith, Ark.; Judy Jones, B ' , A S, Ft. Smith, Ark.; Robert Hayes Jones, Bus., OC. EIGHTH ROW: Charles Jordan, Ki;, A S, McAlester; Becky Kahan, AEi), Educ, Norman; Jerl Lynn Kahn, 2AT, Educ, Memphis, Tenn.; John J. Kalll, AXA, Bus., Lawrence, Mass.; Paul Kallenberger, Bus., Bartlesville; Richard J. Kallsnick, UC, Hot Springs, Ark.; Kathy Kane, A S, Lawton. NINTH ROW: Jim Y. Kanomata, UC. Pocatello, Idaho; Don Karch- mer, ZAM, A S, Centralia, III.; Gary L. Kassebaum, A S, Tinker AFB; Ethel Kasterke, A S, Shawnee; Kenneth Kau, FA, Harrison, N. Y.; Tommy Kay, A S, OC; Robert Keahey, ' M A, Bus., OC. TENTH ROW: Hank Keltz, ' t ' Ae, Bus., OC; Richard Keller, i:X, UC, OC; Geoffrey Kelly, Ai: , Bus., Mt. Clements, Mich.; Stephen E. Kelly, A S, Bartlesville: Pat Kenady, AT, Engr., Tulsa; Kaye Kennemer, UC, Guthrie; Ann Kent, nB t ' , A S, OC. ELEVENTH ROW; Danny L. Kepner, Al , Engr., Sand Springs; Joe Kernke, ' tAe, Bus., OC; Martha Key, HB , FA, Roswell, N. M.; Charles Ray Kifer, Engr., Galena Park, Tex.; Gary Kilpatrick, AS , Engr., Bartlesville; Karol Kay Kimbark, UC, Grand Prairie, Tex.: Susan Kimerer, AI ' A, A S. OC. BOTTOM ROW: Pat Kimmel, A , Nurs., OC; Allene King, KA, A S, Odessa, Tex.; John C. Kirton, Beil, UC, Bartlesville; Gary Kleman, KA, FA, St. Louis, Mo.; John W. Knight, K , Bus., Tonkawa; Wade L. Knight, A S, Wewoka; John D. Knightley, Bus., Wichita, Kan. 137 Sophs Move Into Greek Housing, llpperclass Dorras p - r ; iZTi Viitf ill i 01 O " TOP ROW: Ralph Koening, AXA, UC, Tulsa; Donna Korn, A S, Sapulpa; Peter L. Kranker, UKA, UC, Port Washington, N. Y.; Harold Kranz, ATO UC. OC: Charles A. Kreutr, IIKA, Bus., Wayne. N. J.: Richard E. Kropp, A E, Houston, Tex.: Larry Krueger, Acacia, Educ, Hutto, Tex. SECOND ROW: Elaine Kruis. KA. Bus., Norman- Warren Kuehner, A S. McAlester- Gary L. Kusch, A S, Guymon; Connie Kytle, HE , Educ, Lawton: Eugene L. Lacy, Engr., Lawton; Jim Lamb, —AE, A S, Wagoner; Jim Landers, -X, A S, El Dorado, Arlt. THIRD ROW: Kaye Landes, Bus., OC; Bob Landsaw, :i:N, FA, Norman: Chucic Lane, -M ' A, A S, OC: Mary Ruth Lang, UC, Nowata; Joe Latimer, 2X, Bus., Dallas, Tex.: Jerry Latta, ATA, Engr., OC: Tom Laub, ' I ' K ' ! ' , A S, Okmulgee. FOURTH ROW: Thomas S. Lawrence, K2, A S, McAlester; Bob Lee, Ae, Bus., OC- Rodney Lee, UC, Frederick: Walter L. Lee, UC, OC; Leonard R. Leek, FIKA, Bus., McAlester; Larry Lemon, +K2, Bus., OC; Peter Lepolstat, 2AM, Bus., Valley Stream, N. Y. FIFTH ROW: Rhoda Levin, AE I , Educ, Texas City, Tex.; Gary O. Light, UC. Port Huron, Mich.; Cerelda Lightfoof, UC, St. Louis, Mo.; Mary Jane Lillard, KKr, Educ, Ft. Sheridan, III.; Peggy Lines, Al ' A, Educ, Winnetka. III.; Barbie Listen, Xfi, Educ, Wichita Falls, Tex.; Herman Little, AXA, Engr., Heavener. SIXTH ROW: Ed Livermore, AT, A S, Sapulpa; Alan Livingston, nA , A S, Tulsa; Delores Lloyd, A S, Collinsvllle; Margaret Lloyd, A S, Collinsville; Alan A. Loch, Engr., Reading, Pa.: Barney Loef- fler, SX, A S, OC; Suzi Loewenstern, AE f , UC, Houston, Tex. SEVENTH ROW: Joe Lollman, Bus.. OC; Carolyn Jane Long. AAn, Bus., OC; John 8. Longfellow, ATO, UC, Stillwater; Ginger Looney, A S, Tulsa: George Lovelace III, IIKA, Bus., Shawnee: Jan Lever- ing, r B, FA, Bartlesville; Claxton Lovin, 2AE, A S, Ft. Worth, Tex. EIGHTH ROW: Percival M. Lowell, Jr., UC, Norman; Bob W. Lowrey, A S, Poteau: Glenda Lowry, A S, Duncan; Karen Ludwig, r ' l B, Educ, Kingfisher; Edward Luti, HKA, Bus., Milwaukee, Wis.: Judy Lybolt, r M?, A S. Midwest City; David W. Lyie, Bus., Beaver. NINTH ROW: Chuck B. Lyon, SAE. Engr.. Shawnee Mission, Kan.; Carlisle Mabrey, Bull, UC, Okmulgee: Gail MacDonald, KA, A S, Dallas, Tex.; Michael Maddux, 2N. A S. Lawton Bill Majors, Kl " , Bus., OC; David F. Maloy, Engr., Seminole: Leigh Maltby, XJ2, Educ, Bartlesville. TENTH ROW: Tammy Mandel, Ai-M ' , Educ, Shreveport, La.: David Manginl, KA, A S, Ponca City: John Mangum, IIKA, Bus., Eufaula; Paul Mannas, Ki), UC, OC: Paf Maples, -X UC. Holdenvllle; Janet Marks, 2AT, Educ, Ft. Smith, Ark.- Bill Markwardt, Acacia, Engr., Tulsa. ELEVENTH ROW: Bruce A. Marler, Bus., Corpus Chrlsti, Tex.; Carol A. Marsh, Al ' A, FA, Tulsa- Anne Marshall, AF, A S, St. Louis, Mo.: Karen R. Marshall, AFA, Educ. Dewitt. N. Y.; James Martin, 1 " AE, Enqr., Midland, Tex.: James Arthur Martin, A S, Norman; Janet Lee Martin, A S, Ponca City, BOTTOM ROW: Jim Martin, ' I ' Kn UC, New Yorw, N. Y.: Karen Kay Martin, A S, Midwest City; Robert Martin. ATA, A S, Prague; Susie Martin, HH ' h, A S, Tulsa; Talni Martin, Al ' A, A S, OC; Phillip Manolino, UC, Ardmore- Joe C. Mashburn, A S, Arlington, Va. 138 Sophomores COMPLETING on all-Madras wardrobe, Paul Updegraff and Dwain Bailew browze through a Campus Corner men ' s shop. Fashion trends are an important par-t of every college student ' s life. TOP ROW: Charles Mason, Engr., Hendersonville, N. C: Joe Mason, ATA, UC, OC; Pam L Mason, A , Educ, Tulsa: Mike Mathias, Engr., Jonesboro, Ark.: Kent Maxwell, ATfi, Bus., OC: Pat C. Mayer, AFA, A S, ft. Bragg, N. C: Linda R. McAlIster, Educ, Fairfax, Va. SECOND ROW: Jim McBee, i:AE, Bus., Shawnee; Maria McBee, A S, Frederick; Ann E. McBride, AAA, Educ, Enid: Barbara Mc- Cain, A S, Madill; John McCalla, BHII, A S, Chlckasha: Karen McCandless, AXS2, Educ, OC; Michael B. McCarty, BBR, A S, OC. THIRD ROW: Margaret A. McConnell, AFA, A S, Wynnewood: Joe McCord, FA, OC: Susan McCown, AXfi, A S, OC; Dana D. McCoy, AAII, A S, Idabel; John McCray, -N, Engr., Norman: Gail McCurdy, HB . A S. Purcell; Larry McDade, - £, A S, Norman. FOURTH ROW; Donna McDaniel, Nurs., Cherokee: Marcia Mc- Danlel, KA, A S, Midwest City: Monty McDannald, -AE, Bus., Houston, Tex.; Ginger McDonough, AT, A S, Dallas, Tex.; Bill Mc- Duff, Pharm., Amarillo, Tex.; Larry McElroy, FA, A S, Pauls Valley: Gary B. McGovern, A S, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Stephen McKee, A S, Edmond; Thomas J. McLarney, UC, Riverside, N. J.; Patricia S. McLellan, Educ, Lindsay; Jim McMillan, A S, Vinita: Marcia McMurry, AFA, Nurs., Guymon: Nancy C. McQueen, AAA, Bus., Tulsa; Linda McQuillen, Educ, Wetumka. SIXTH ROW: Michael T. McSpadden, Ben, Bus., Bartlesville: Vance McSpadden, ' I ' AH, Bus., Muskogee: Michael J. McSweeney, ' I ' Kn UC, OC; Ed McTyre, KA, Engr., Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Marilyn M. Meacham, AF, FA, Elk City; Louisa Mead, A S, Albuquerque, N. M.: Dorothy Mealor, A S, OC. SEVENTH ROW: Nilci W. Meek, XV., A S, OC: Margaret A. Meeks, AAA, FA, Bartlesville; Lois E. Meier, A S, Ponca City; Michael R. Mele, Ke, UC, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Mike Meredith, Ai; ' ! ' , Bus., Dumas, Tex.; Sjsie Merkx, KAS, Educ, Lawton; Mary Kathryn Merritt, KKF, Bus., Enid. EIGHTH ROW: Tommy Metcalf, BSU, Bus,, Hooker; Bob Metcalf, " fFA, Engr., OC; Massoumeh Metghalchi, Engr., Raschd, Iran; Chris Meyers, K2 Bus., Shawnee: Patricia Michael, UC, Jackson, Miss.; Phyllis Milam, X " , PA, Chelsea: Joan Milan, A S, Sayre. NINTH ROW: Terryl Milder, 2AT, Educ, Omaha, Neb.; Bama Miles, F f B, Educ, Norman; Anita Miller, Educ, OC; Gus Miller, KA, Bus., Elk City; Mellnda Miller, F t B, A S, Hinsdale, III.: Ste- phanie Jo Miller, Educ, Dayton, Ohio; Steve Miller, A S, Wash- ington, D. C. BOTTOM ROW: Jim Mills, KA, A S, Midwest City; Stephen Mills- paugh, ATA, A S, Clinton; Mike Minnis, ATA, Bus., OC; Ron Minton, A2 , Bus., Walters: Jan Mitchell, KA0, Educ, Elk City; Maria Moats, Educ, R. Worth, Tex.; Jane Monroe, TIB , A S, Clinlon. O- 139 Sophomores HOME AWAY FROM HOME for many music majors proves to be the OU music library. Going over a few of the the numerous scores are Mary Ann O ' Connell and Judy Braught, Norman sophomores. I TOP ROW: Nancy Montgomery, KKI ' , A S, Purcell; Jon Moon, 1C2, Bus., Ada; Laurie Mooney, A , A S, Norman; Jim Moore, -X. Coffeyville, Kan.; Ron Moore, BB . UC, Irving, Tex.; Dan Moran, ' l rA, A S, Wichita Falls, Tex.; Mike Moran, KA, UC. Midwest City. SECOND ROW: Milce F. Morris, Bus., Park Forrest, III.; Carol Morrison, AF, FA, Ponca City; Oianne Morrison, TIB , Bus., Tulsa; Randy Morrison, AKE, UC, Guthrie: Carl W. Morton, Engr., Tulsa; Sally Morton, T+B, A S, Duncan; Doris Moser, ZTA, A S, Houston, Tex. THIRD ROW: Betty J. Mulligan, A . A S, Brownsville, Tenn.; Dwight Mundell, Ki;. UC, Laverne; Susan Murov, AE I , Educ, Shreveport, La.; Lena Beth Murphy, AAA, FA, Ardmore; Lomax Murphy, Jr., Engr., Sayre; Burbank Murray, ATO, UC, Wauwatosa, Wis.: Doyle Murray, BOH, A S, R. Worth, Tex. FOURTH ROW: Frances A. Mussen, XH, Educ, Clinton; Teree E. Myers, AF, Educ, Moore; Suiann Myracle, AX!2, A S, OC; Cheryl Naifeh, AAII, Educ, Norman: Paul L. Nail, Engr., Seminole; Bo Nance, KS, UC, OC; Francine Nathanson, Educ, St. Louis, Mo. FIFTH ROW: Eddie Neal, ' K , A S, Bartlesville; Janet Neher, KKr, FA, Altus; Phil Neislar, K2, UC, Ft. Smith, Ark.; Robert T. Netland, UC, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Melinda Newby, nB l ' , A S, Post, Tex.; Steve Newell, BQH, A S, Enid; Otis A. Newman, A S, OC. SIXTH ROW: Doyle Newsom, ATA, A S, Enid; Joseph Ng, Engr., Sacramento, Calif.; Gary Lee Nichols, ' l ' K I ' , Bus., Chandler; Nancy E. Nichols, Educ, OC; William J. Nielsen, Engr., Port Chester, N. Y.; David Nielson, UC, Coon Rapids, Iowa; Rudy D. Nieves, ATO, UC, OC. SEVENTH ROW: Mike Nisbet, Ben, A S, San Antonio, Tex.; James M. Nix, AXA, Pharm., Ardmore; Jim Noland, ' I ' AQ, A S, Davenport, Iowa; Nancy S. Nolley, KAO, A S, Tulsa- Skip Norris, BOII, Bus., Ponca City: LeAnne NoH. KA, UC, OC; Barbara Novlcoff, i;AT, UC, Lincoln, Neb. EIGHTH ROW: John Nowlin, AKK, UC, Amarillo, Tex.; Sue Nuckols, A S, Ponca City; Joe Nunnery, . X.V, UC, Meeker; Clark Nye, ' I ' l ' A, A S, OC; Mary Anne O ' Connell, Xtt, FA, Norman; Jim Ogg, -AE, Engr., Kellogg, Iowa- Dick Orr, I ' K , Bus., Okmul- gee. NINTH ROW: Margie B. Orr, AFA, Educ, Norman; Judy Orth, KAO, A S, Norman; Cloyce Osborn, UC, Wetumka; Gary L. Osborn, A S, OC; Ronnie Osborn, Acacia, FA, Texhoma; Phil Oviatt, Acacia, UC. Norman; Frankle Lou Owen, Educ, Maysville. BOTTOM ROW: Donna Page, Al ' , Educ, Willis; Susan Pancoast, FA, Okmulgee; Gale Porker, AF, A S, Beckville, Tex.: Barbara A. Parkins, A S, Okmulgee; Mayo B. Parks, Acacia, UC, Linden, N. J.; Melanie Parnell, Educ, Chickasha; Richard Patrick, Bus., McAlestar. 140 students Find Second Year Adjustments Difficult, Too TOP ROW: Larry Payne, AKE, Bus., Ogden, Utah: Julian Paytuvl, Engr., Caracas, Venz.; Alec Pearce, UC, Genesee, Wis.; Elvis Pen- nington, KA, UC, Lawton: Neal Perkey, A S, Clinton Shernnan AFB; Melodie A. Petersen, A S, OC; Richard Peterson, A S, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Paul R. Petty, ATO, A S, Berne, Switz,: Thomas E. Petty, ATH, UC, OC; Ardith Kaye Phares, KA, A S, OC; Gordon Leigh Phillips, ATA, UC, Geary: Sandra Phillips, A S, Richardson, Tex.; Susan Pickering, KKP, A S, OC; Bill Pitts, AXA, Bus., OC. THIRD ROW: Lynda Pitts, Educ, Anacortes, Wash; Mike Pitts, J rA. Bus., Wichita Falls, Tex.; Greg Plater, AS , UC, OC; Bert P. Pohl, AS , A S, Elmwood Park, III.; Thaddeus W. Pool, Engr., Purcell, John Porter, SAE, A S, Shawnee; Jeanne Posey, AP, A S, Paris, Tex. FOURTH ROW: Gene Taylor Potter, A S, Norman; Geraldine Pound, A S, Wayne; Leslie Ann Powers, Educ, Okemah; Betty Prag, Bus., OC; Larry M. Prater, A S, Weleetka; Carolyn Preseott, AAA, Bus., Altus; Helen Price, Educ, Bartlesville. FIFTH ROW: Emma L. Prince, AXO, Bus., Midwest City; John Provines, A S, OC; Steve Pruette, rA, UC, Carlsbad, N. M.; Polly Puckett, KKP, A S, McAlester; Norm Pullman, SX, A S, Wichita, Kan.; James R. Pulte, A S, Norman: Ronny Pyle, B0n, A S, OC. SIXTH ROW: Troy Quigley, SAE, Bus., Dallas, Tex.: Terrance O. Quong, UC, OC; Ronald Raffel, Bus., Glencoe, III.; Charles E. Rains, IIKA, Bus., McAlester; Roger L. Rains, Educ, Caldwell, Kan.; David Ramsey, AXA, A S, OC; Peggy Ratcliffe, KAW, A S, Tulsa. SEVENTH ROW: Joan Ratzlaff, A S, Alva; Jack R. Ray, ATS2, Bus., OC: Judy A. Razook, A , FA, Cherokee; Renzo Razzano, AS , FA, Rome, Italy; Dianne Reaugh, A S, Breckenridge, Tex.; Jill Reber. AAA, Educ, OC; John Redman, ATA, Bus., Tulsa. EIGHTH ROW: Donna Reece, AAA, A S, Norman; Becky N. Reed, AAA, A S, Metarie, La.; Don Reed, Acacia, Bus., Miami; William Doyle Reed, Engr., Hartshorne; Judy Reeves, r l B, A S, OC: William Reeves, Engr., Jonesboro, Ark.; Alan Reff, KS, UC, Crookston, Minn. NINTH ROW: Carolyn L. Reid, UC, Hunter; Jack D. Reigh, K0, UC, Oshkosh, Wis.: Tom Rempel, SX, Bus., Enid: Robert Rex Ren- frew, ATA, A S, Clinton; Sally Sue Reynolds, AX 2, Bus., Norman; Sandra R. Reynolds, Bus., Norman; Margot Rhodes, AAA, A S, Tulsa. TENTH ROW: Don M. Rich, SX, Bus., Hooker; Susan Richardson, AFA, A S, Casper, Wyo.; Larry V. Richmond, Engr., Moore; Judy Rickman, AAA, Educ, Tulsa; Mike Ridgell, Engr., OC; Lee S. Ridg- way, AS , FA, Fletcher; Terry A. Ridley, Xfi, A S, Norman. ELEVENTH ROW: Ralph D. Ridlinghafer, AX. , A S, Duncan; J. E. Riley, KA, A S, Tulsa; Ann Risinger, Bus., Norman; Jane Lynn Rittenberg, A S, New Orleans, La.; Bill RItzhaupt, SX, A S, Ed- mond; Ruthie Roads, AXS2, UC, Amarillo, Tex.; Brenda Kay Roan, FA, Chickasha. BOTTOM ROW: Warren A. Robb, AT " Engr., Ft. Worth, Tex.; Linda Robbins, Educ, Wewoka; A. Don Roberts, A S, Bartlesville; Charles D. Roberts, Bus., Maysville; John Roberts, KS, A S, Bartlesville; Lloyd Roberts, KKF, A S. Arlington, Va.; Mary Susan Roberts, KAf), A S, Prague. 01£1 !1 141 Worldly " Sophomores Give Green ' Freshmen Trouble P H IIPy TOP ROW: Larry Robertson, ' M ' A, UC, Tulsa: Jim F. Robinson, Ki;, A S, Enid: Mike Robinson, ATA, A S, Wlnfleld, Kan.: Patrick L. Robinson, Pharnn., Hobbs, N. M.: Tom Robinson, ' i ' T . Ponca City: Reld Robison, -X, A S. Gushing: Richard Rockett, •t K— , Engr., Durango. SECOND ROW: Bill Roe, lAE, Bus.. Shawnee; Tommy Roe, ' I ' Kl ' , Bus., Enid: Martha Roesch, KAH A S, Shawnee- Carole Rogers, A S, Shreveport, La.: Jane Roll, A S, Rochester, N. Y.: David G. Rollow, UC, OC: Syd Ronish, IM-H, A S, Lawton. THIRD ROW: Philip Robert Rope, FA, Long Beach, Calif: Ronald Rose, IIA I , A S, Wichita. Kan.: Sandy Roseniweig, AE , Educ. New Orleans, La.. A! Ross, HA , A S, Omaha, Neb.: Gayle A. Rossi, Ar, A S. Arlington Heights, III.; Caria Rothllsberger. X!!, A S, Bartlesville; Charles M. Rothwell. Engr., Colorado City, Tex. FOURTH ROW: Roger Rounds. AXA, A S, Seminole; Jim Rowan, i:X, A S, Ft. Riley, Kan.: Donna L Royse, Xfi, A S, Elk City; Randy Royse, •t ' VS, UC, OC: Nancy Rudd, KAO, Educ, Tulsa; Janice Rudrow, A S, Tulsa; Ramona Russell, KA, A S, Altus. FIFTH ROW: LaDonna Rutherford, r B, A S, Des Moines, Iowa; Tommy D. Rutland, UC. Ardmore; Juanifa Ryan, A S, Lindsay; Sandy Sabater. IIKA. Bus.. Philadelphia. Pa.; Leanna Sallinger, Bus., Tulsa; Kay Sample, A S, Sapulpa; Gloria Sanders, Educ, Ponca City. SIXTH ROW: Jerry Sanders, UHlI, Bus., Duncan: Suzanne Sanders. IM ' B, A S, Tulsa; Meta K. Sandmann, A S, Coalgate; Gene Sands, — ' UC, Healdtcn: Marwan S. Sarakbi, Engr., Damascus, Syria; Mike Sartin, Hull, A S, OC: Walter J. Saucier, Engr., Norman. SEVENTH ROW: Pamela Jo Saunders, A S, Beaver Mary V. Sausa, A S, OC; Pat Sayles, T ' l ' l!, Educ, Tulsa: Ralph Scargall. ' I ' AH, Bus., Tulsa; A. Russell Schaefer, A S, La.vtor: Suzanne Schilling, IM ' R, Bus., Amarlllo. Tex.: Linda Schmidt. H 1{ 1 , A S. Ponca City. EIGHTH ROW: Karl Schmltt. Hull, A S, Littleton. Mass.; Bruce G. Schoggen. UC. OC; Jimalea Schooley. .VXIJ. Educ. Rome. N. Y.; LaRue Schrader, Educ, Tulsa; Carl Schrelner, —X, A S, Midland, Tex.; Sharron L. Schrock, Pharm., Pawhuska- Luanne Schultz, —AT, Educ, Waterloo, Iowa. NINTH ROW: Carolyn J. Schwab, Educ, Norman: James Scrivner, AXA, UC, Heavner, Martha L. Sedberry, XH, A S, El Reno: Quinda Seem, r l H, FA, Enid: Harris S. Segal, UC, Brooklyn, N. Y.; J. David Selim, i:N, A S. Bartlesville- Paige Sellers, HB ' I ' . Bus., Eufaula. TENTH ROW: John Sessions, ' I ' K-, Bus., Guthrie; Lynn Shaller, UC, OC: Patty Sharp, XTA, A S, Norman; Richard Shaw, AKII. Bus.. Brooklyn, N. Y.; Rogers V. Shaw II, ' M ' A, UC, Klrkwood, Mo.; Bill Shawn, ' I ' AE, Engr., Shawnee; Ken Sue Shear, KKF, A S. Dun- BOTTOM ROW: Barbara Shectman, UC. El Paso. Te.. Lee Shelton, IIKA, Engr., Vandenburg AFB, Calif.; Gary C. Shepherd. A S, Wagoner; Jay Shields, AT, Bus., Tulsa; Rosemary Shipe, KKI ' A S, Ada; Jerry W. Shipman, Engr., Sand Springs: Kay F. Shoemake, Bus., Shawnee. 142 Sophomores SEEKING GUIDANCE about what should be her maior field of study at OU, Willa Buck, Oklahoma City soph- omore, consults with Eddie hiiggins at the University Guidance Service. TOP ROW: William Kent Shoemaker, Ben, Engr., Tulsa; Roger M. Short, UC, Okmulgee: Burgess H. Shriver, AXA, A S, Ponca City: Howard B. Siege), 2AM, Bus., Chicago, III.; Randl Sights, XH, A S, Montgomery, Ala.; Liz Simmons, KA0, UC, Denton, Tex.; Sally A. Simmons, AXI2, Educ, Elk City. SECOND ROW: Suzie Simmons, A S, Okmulgee; Lynda Sims, AXS2, Pbarm., Watonga: Nancy Singleton, AT, Nurs., Tulsa; Edward J. Sinnwell, A S, St. Louis, Mo.: Earl Sicarlty, Ae, Bus., Enid: Edward J. Sloan, Jr., A S, New Rochelle, N. Y.: Patty-Mac Sloan, KKl " , UC, Calgary, Alta., Can. THIRD ROW: John R. Smalley, Bus., OC; Jim Smiley, 1 rA, A S, OC; Richard Smiley, i:A.M, Bus., Dallas, Tex.; Barbee Smith, Educ, Midwest City: Carl M. Smith, Beil, A S, OC; Cheryl Smith, KAH, Educ. OC; Diane Smith, KAB, Educ, Altus. FOURTH ROW: Donnie D. Smith, UC, Mangum; Janet Smith, KAQ, Bus., Baton Rouge, La.; Martin Smith, KA, A S, Midwest City; Michael D. Smith, Acacia, Educ, Absecoe, N. J.; Michael S. Smith, A S, OC; George Snider, — i E, Engr., Shawnee: John L. Snyder, UC, OC. FIFTH ROW: Linda Beth Sollars, Educ, OC; E. Douglass Souligny, A S, Ponca City; Eric Sparks, A S, Barrington, III.; Bill Spear, ATA, A S, OC; Sharon Spicer, FA, Neosho, Mo.; Linda Spiller, Bus., Norman: Linda J. Sprague, Xfi, A S, Helena. SIXTH ROW: PaHi Springer, AF, Educ, Dallas, Tex.; Sondra Stacy, Bus., Comanche; Jan Stambaugh, KA ' -), A S, Tulsa; John C. Stan- ford, Pharm., Holdenville Vicky Stapleton, KA, Educ, Dallas, Tex.; Barbara Staton, KAfi, A S, OC; Lyia Stegall, UC, Norman. SEVENTH ROW: Gil Steidley, 2X, Bus., Elk City: Sylvan Steinberg, AEn, UC, Skokie, III.; Don S. Stephens, AT, A S, El Reno; Larry Stern, 2AM, FA, Wichita Falls, Tex.; John Stevens, FA, Bus., OC; Bonnie Stevenson, A S, Enid: Kay Stewart, A S, Duncan. EIGHTH ROW: Sue S. Stinson, AFA, Bus., Norman: Jay St. John, rA, Bus., OC: Steve Stockton, A S, Tulsa: Diane G. Stockwell, Ar, Bus., OC; David Stone, ATO, UC, Tulsa; Margaret Stover, Educ, OC; Frederick Strahm, A- t , A S, Tulsa. NINTH ROW: Charles Strandberg, ' I ' Ki:, Engr., Alexandria, Minn.; Peggy Strauss, Nurs., Spring Valley, N. Y.; Helen M. Stretesky, A f , FA, Tipton; Dan D. Stuart, Jr., rA, Bus., OC; Janett Suchy, Bus., Norman; David Sugarman, ITA ! , Engr., Ft. Smith, Ark.; Elinor V. Suitor, Bus., OC. BOTTOM ROW: John T. Suter, Engr., Chickasha; David Sutherland, K2, Bus., Dallas, Tex.; Joe Sutton, KA, A S, Tulsa: Bill Swan, Bull A S, Pryor; Elaine Swank, A , A S, Lawton: Steve Swanson, AT. A S, OC; Don Talley, Xi, Bus., Marlow. ' . 1 143 Sophomores FAVORITE GAME of University students played in the parliing iot is called " pocketbook pinch. " If you haven ' t got a penny, a ha ' penny will do, or a bus token or an almost-forgotten mill. TOP ROW: Karen Tankersley, KAH, A S, Norman: Kenneth Taylor, - ' I ' K, A S. Hominy: Nancy Taylor, KA, A S. OC: John V. Taylor, ■I-K . A S, OC: Susan Telford, UC, OC: Bill Thomas. ' I ' A0. Educ. Lawton; John E. Thomas, Engr., OC. SECOND ROW: Norrell Thomas, ATf!, UC, OC: Patricia E. Thomas, KA. A S, Pryor; Arthur Thompson, HOIT, A S. Prague: Freddie L. Thompson, UC, Chickasha: George B. Thompson, K2, Bus., Ada: George H. Thompson, , A S, OC: Jan Thompson, A , A S. Dallas. Tex. THIRD ROW: Kaye L. Thompson, A , Educ, Lawton: Paul M. Thompson, Bus.. Okmulgee: Sally Thompson, A S. OC: Sam G. Thompson, Bus.. Okmulgee: Sunny C. Thompson, A t , Educ, Nor- man: Thalia Thompson, A S, San Marcos, Tex.: Tommie Thompson, KA, UC, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Patty Thomson, IIB , A S, Duncan: Kaye Thorn- brough, T ' l ' l ' , A S, Clinton: J. Stewart Thornburg, A S, Norman: Lynne Thornton, FA, Calgary. Alta., Can.: Bruce A. Thrall, Acacia, Bus., Waklta: Mike Tinney, :iX, A S. Aitus: Eileen Titlow, AXV., UC, Bedford, Ind. FIFTH ROW: Joseph C. Todd, KA, Educ, Elk City; Marilyn Todd, Xn, A S, Stillwell; Jonnie Lou Tolle, V PB, A S, Nardin: Mary Ann Tracewell, T+B, A S, Okmulgee: Sue Tracewell, T ' l ' li, Educ. OC; Kay Trowbridge, Pharm.. Tulsa: William C. Truesdell, Jr., Bus., De- troit. Mich. SIXTH ROW: Casey TrueH, A S, Montgomery. Ala.: PaHy Tullius, AXn, UC. OC: Jay R. Turk, A S, Tulsa: Nancy Turk, AX! , FA, Ardmore: Pat Turner, KA9, A S, Muskogee ' Marilyn Tuttle, UC, Sherman, Tex.; Mike Tuttle, Engr., Ft. Smith, Ark. SEVENTH ROW: William P. TyllnskI, ' I ' KO, A S, Hicksvllle, N.Y.; Joan B. Uhlenhaut, UC, St. Louis, Mo.: Marl Van Alen, Ben, Engr.. Bartlesville: Martha V. VanHook, KA, A S. OC; Grayson Van Horn, ATA, Bus.. OC: James H. Vaughan, Engr., Kiowa; Johnny R. Vaughan, Bus., Bartlesville. EIGHTH ROW: Robert G. Vaughn, KA. A S. Chickasha: Mike R. Vaught, A S, Antlers: Patricia G. Vawter, Educ, Norman; Sharon Beth Velinsky, Al ' M ' , Educ. Shreveport, La.; Susan Vlekers, AF, A S, OC: Jim E. Vinson, Educ. Duncan ' Sam Vinson, — AK, A S, We- wok ' i. NINTH ROW; Valerie Voehl, KAH UC, Davis- Rita Wadley, AAll, UC, Hooker; Diane Wager, 11B ' I , Educ, Tulsa: Ronnie Wales, ' l-fA. A S. Tulsa; Barbara Walker, FA, Cleveland: Doug Walker, UC. Tulsa: Janet Walker, FA, Taylor, La. BOTTOM ROW: Jim E. Walker, Engr., McLoud: Bill Wallace, i;X, Bus., OC: Clark Wallace, - Bus. Shawnee: Creekmore Wallace II, ' I ' l ' A, UC, OC: Mary Katherine Wallace, A! ' , FA, Hominy; Linda Walls, AXf2, A S, Bedford, Ind.; Stephanie Waters, A S, Ponca City. 144 Sophomores TOP ROW: Alice Watlcins, KAH, FA, Atoka: Lynn Watlclns, K2, Bus., Ardmore: Marilyn Watt, Educ, Westville: Becky Waul, KA, FA, OC; Peter Weaver, KA, A S, Muskogee: Sue Weaver, KKF, Educ. Hobbs, N. M.: Sandra Weber, X 2. Bus., Marshall. Tex. SECOND ROW: Tom Weeks, KA, Bus., Bartlesvllle: Chere Wein- berg, i:AT, FA, Prairie Village, Kan.: Elayne Weiner, iiAT, UC, Memphis, Tenn.: Su A. Weinstein, A S, Midwest City: Tom Welch, ■t Ki;, Bus., OC; Brock Wells, -X, UC, Norman; John Wells, AT. A S, Dallas, Tex. THIRD ROW: Don Wentz, Ki;, UC. Lawton: David Westgate. AT, FA, Tulsa, Beverly Wharton, r B, A S. Duncan; Lee Wheless. HK ' I ' , FA, Shreveport, La.: Dean White, A S. Tulsa: Leslie White, i: K. Engr.. Hooker; Lii A. White. AAA, Bus., Bartlesvllle. FOURTH ROW: Sue Ann White, I1B I , FA, Norman; John White- side, Ki;, Bus., Ft. Smith, Ark.; Leo A. Whiteside, i:N, UC, Donna, Tex.: Cliff Whitmore, K2, A S, Pensacola, Fla.: Whitney Whittaker, UC, Edmond: Judy A. Widney, AF, A S, Albuquerque, N. M.; Pamela Wiggins, Educ, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Richard Wilkes, A S, OC; Janet Willett, KA0, A S, Lawton; Brad Williams, ' i ' AH Bus., Tulsa; Carol J. Williams, AP, Educ, Shawnee; Kathy J. Williams, A S, Norman; Luann Williams, HB , A S, Tulsa: Pamela Williams, Educ, OC. SIXTH ROW: Robert Williams, Ben, UC, Ft. Cobb; Rick William- son, ' I ' K , UC. OC; Cecelia Willis, A S, Midwest City; Marion Wilson, KAe, A S, OC; Nancy C. Wilson, Bus., OC; Neil Wilson. KjV Bus., Colllnsville; Sharon L. Wilson, Educ, Norman; SEVENTH ROW: Ruthie Wirick, KKF, A S, Tulsa; Marianne Wohl, AE , A S, New Orleans. La.; Donna Jean Wood, AFA, Bus., Hugo; Ronny L. Wood, BOH, Bus., Altus; William M. Woodard, UC, Dewey: Sail Wooldridge, Educ, Burneyville; Jeff Wooley, Bf)!!, A S, Jacksonville, Fla. EIGHTH ROW: Stephen F. Worthley, Bus., Houston, Tex.; Cecilia Wright, B, A S, Poteau; Charles Gary Wright, A S, McAlester; Larry M. Wright, Engr., Del Ci+y: Marilynn Wright, FA, Altus: Scott Wright, i:AE. Engr., Tulsa; Judy Wyatt, KAO, Educ, Enid. NINTH ROW: Karen Wynn, A S, Dodge City, Kan.; James L. Yeary, Jr., I ' Ki:, Bus., Purcell; Robert W. Yeats, A S, Lawton; Marilyn Yeck, KA, UC, OC; Peggy Yerkes, KA, UC, Allentown, Pa.; David Yoder, AT, UC, Blackwell; Billy Lee Young, Engr., Tulsa. TENTH ROW: Jerry Young, ATA, UC, Kaw City; Judith Young, AAn. UC, Wichita, Kan.; Christine Zehring, AAH, Nurs.. Vlnlta: Roger Zelnick, SAM, Bus., Paterson, N. J.; Al Zumsteg, KA, FA OC: Frederick D. Zwald, Bus., Grand Rapids, Mich.; Michael Wynn, . XA, Bus., Heavener. AN ALL-NIGHTER Is In store for Gary Don Magld, Dallas sophomore. The midnight lamps have never burned so brightly as during finals week in Cross Cen- ter. But the results are always worth the effort. 145 Largest Class In University ' s History Finishes Year P TOP ROW: Barbara J. Abernethy. AAA. UC. Altus Edward Aber- nethy, B0n, UC, Enid: Ansis Abolins, UC, OC: Jacquelyn Aboussle, UC, Altus; Florencia Adams , UC, Laun, France: Pan Adams, IIB j UC, Cleveland: Randall F. Adanns, UC, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. SECOND ROW: Ann Adklns, Al ' A, UC, Norman: Gail Adreme, AT, UC, Kansas City. Mo.: John E. Agnew, -t-K , UC, Grape- vine, Tex.: Stuart Alters, UC, Cordell: Beverly A. Akin, UC, OC: Irene Alayniclc, —AT. UC, New Orleans, La.; Patricia A. Albert, UC, Ellc City. THIRD ROW: Sammye Albin, MB ' l ' . UC, Tulsa: Danny Alcorn, :iX ' , UC, Shawnee: Jo Aldridge, UC, Tulsa: Bonnie Allen, T ' l-B, UC, Bartlesville: Charles E. Allen, UC, Pawhuska; Jane Allen, UC, New- kirk: Recilla Allen, KA, UC, Lawton. FOURTH ROW: Russell Allen, UC, Durant: Larry Ailford, UC, McAlester: Clyde Edward Allison, UC, Alex; Margo Altman, —AT, UC, Tulsa: Tina Altman, —AT UC, Bay Town, Tex.: Richard E. Amen, UC, Bartlesville: Kathy V. Amsden, A ' t ' , UC, Norman. FIFTH ROW: Susan Amspacher, X!!, UC, Norman: Elizabeth Ander- son, UC, Erick: Judy Anderson, T ' tB, UC, Norman: Margi J. Ander- son, A ' 1 , UC, Houston, Tex.: Andy Andolsun, UC, Alexandria, Va.: Sharon Ansley, 1I1M , UC, Elk City; Jane Anthony, UC, Chicago, III. SIXTH ROW: Edwina Appleby, KKT, UC, Shawnee: Harold Arens, UC, Norman; Carol Armstrong, . X!!, UC, Rome. N. Y.; James John Armstrong, UC, OC ' Susan Armstrong, UC, OC: Janey Arthurs, AX , UC, Bristow; Sam Asbury, KZ, UC, OC. SEVENTH ROW: Glen Atchley, Acacia, UC, OIney, Tex.; Sam Atkins, A0, UC, Wichita Falls, Tex.: Donna K. Aulick, AAA, UC New Orleans, La.: Mike Austell, " I ' K i:, UC, OC: Laura Beth Ayars, UC, Wichita Falls, Tex.; John E. Ayers, UC. OC Tena Azeltine, UC, BIytheville AFB, Ark. EIGHTH ROW: Connie Sue Baach, AE t , UC, Springfield, Ohio; Eddie Back, HA , UC, Little Rock, Ark.; Jon Michael Badgwell, umi, UC, Tulsa: Boots Bagby, UC, Grand Junction, Colo.: Roy Bailey, ' I ' AB, UC, Tulsa; Bun Baker, +rA. UC, OC; Jeanne Baker, X! , UC, Okmulgee. NINTH ROW: Pamela Baker, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Peter Baker, UC, Norman; Sharon Baker, UC, Tulsa; Vicky A. Baldwin, UC, Houston, Tex.; Cathie Balentine, 1IB I , UC, Nowata; Susan Banks, AE , UC, Pine Bluff, Ark.: Janie Barber, UC, Bartlesville. TENTH ROW: Sharon L. Barfoot, UC, OC; Charles B. Barnes, UC, Collinsville; John Lee Barrett, AKI ' . UC, Muskogee: Terry Barrett, -AE, UC, Ardmoro: Wallace Rob Barrett, UC, Ardmore: John E. Bartholomew, UC, Norman; Jacqueline Bartley, UC, Moore. ELEVENTH ROW: Terry Bartley, AKE. UC, Dallas, Tex.; Vicki Bassin, i:AT, UC, St. Louis, Mo.: Bonney R. Bassmann, AI ' A, UC Claremore: Diane Bates, UC, Vernon, Tex.; Jeanie Bates, A l , UC Ardmore; Lanita Jo Battalle, UC, Hugo; Lee Baughman. ' I ' AH UC Ft, Worth, Tex. BOTTOM ROW: Charles W. Bay, AXA, UC, OC: Paula Bean, UC, Broken Arrow: Jean M. Seattle, UC, Ardmore: Judy Becker. UC. OC: Kay Beebe, KAH, UC, Enid: Bud Beeler, ' I ' I ' A, UC, OC; Jerry C. Beeson, HhM, uC, Yukon. 146 Freshmen SEARCHING FOR A BOOK in the library begins with the card catalog. Now that they have that number. Sharon Olson and Lorraine Balllna will check the library map to see where to go. TOP ROW: Susan Behrenfeld, KAO, UC, Tulsa; Carolyn Bell, i;AT, UC. Kansas City, Mo.: David Bell, K ' I ' , UC, Tulsa; Paul A. Bell, UC, Norman; Gary R. Bennett, IIKA, UC, Tulsa: Roosevelt Bennett, Jr., UC, Ft. Smith, Ark.; Jack Benson, K2, UC, Chickasha. SECOND ROW: Don Bentley, -X, UC, Lawton; Felice Bergida, AE , UC, Cambridge, Md.; Susan K. Berlin, A , UC, Minneapolis, Minn.; Bruce Berman, UC, Chicago, III.: David G. Berman, UC, Merrick, N. Y.; Frank Relff Bernhart, UC, Norman; Maria L. Bern- stein, UC, Dallas, Tex. THIRD ROW: Charlie Bethea, B6n, UC, Bartlesville; Bruce E. Betts, UC, Springfield, Vt.; Deanna Betz, B ' , UC, Tulsa: Joe Bid- dinger, UC, Littleton, Colo.; Ronnie R. Biles, UC, Maysville; Mari- lyn Billlngslea, KKF, UC, Lawton; Phil Bird, ATA, UC, OC. FOURTH ROW: Glen Birdsong, AT, UC, Tulsa; Sandra Birdsong, AT, UC, Rio Vista, Calif.; Jo Lynne Blrkhead, A ' b, UC, OC; Patricia A. Bivlns, UC, Wewoka; Donna Kay Black, AAA, UC, Ada; Jerry W. Black, UC, Noble; Mary Black, UC, Quapaw. FIFTH ROW: Phillip J. Black, UC, Wilburton; Jack C. Blackshear, UC, Wichita Falls, Tex.; Jon Blaschke, rA, UC, OC: Dottle Blas- ingame, AXH, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Milly C. Bloom, UC, Margate N. J.: Barbara Blum, AE ' { , UC, Wichita, Kan.; David L. Blum, UC, Nowata. SIXTH ROW: Thelma Blumen, AE , UC, Dover, N. J.:Judie Blun- dell, AAA, UC, Dallas, Tex.; Howard Bock, 2AM, UC, Dallas, Tex.; Kay Bodley, KKF, UC, Tulsa; Leslie Boggs, KAe, UC, Ardmore; Leonard A. Bokor, AER, UC, N. Belmore, N. Y.; Linda Booth, KA UC, OC. SEVENTH ROW: Andrea Bornsteln, 2AT, UC, Prairie Village, Kan.; Travis G. Bosley, UC, Duncan; Robert H. Botts, UC, OC; Frank Bourland, UC, Midwest City: MIchele A. Bourland, A ' , UC, Hous- ton, Tex.; Michael D. Bowles, UC, Midwest City; Jim Boyd, ATH, UC, OC. EIGHTH ROW: Barbara Boynton, HB , UC, Pleasant Plains, III.; Jay W. Boynton, IIKA, UC. Hereford, Tex.; Bruce Brackett, UC, Glen Rock, N. J.; David Bracksieck, UC, Maysville: Jan Braden, UC, Medford; Garry W. Bradford, AXA, UC, Durant; Walter D. Brant, UC, Tulsa. NINTH ROW: Jerry Brantley, AXA, UC, Hobbs, N. M.; Harriet A. Branton, UC, Norman; Ray Brashear, UC, Stillwell; Karen Bratcher, AT, UC, Norman; Susan Bratten, AT, UC, Memphis, Tenn.; Glenn Breeden, i;N, UC, Dallas, Tex.; Arthur F. Breeze, UC, Omaha, Neb. BOTTOM ROW: Linda K. Brewer, A , UC, Red Oak; Mike Brewer, rA, UC, Pauls Valley; Fred Bridge, ' t ' FA, UC, Norman; Christopher Anthony Briggs, A0, UC, Dallas, Tex.; Joey Brindley, UC Hugo; Fredda K. Briscoe, Xfi, UC, Altus; Mark L Brodkin, i;AM, UC, Merion, Pa. ■7 — ■T ' lWi " 1 1 147 Freshmen NEW STUDENTS on campus find Interesting things everywhere. Dan Cavaness and Jim Dodd dlscove " Stovall Museum and one of the exhibits which displays big-horned sheep In natural habitat. " " ' ' B It H Ik L TOP ROW: Frances Broolce, KA, UC, Tulsa: Jeanne G. Brooks, UC. Ardmore: Michael Brooks, UC, Ponca City: Jean Brosseau, A l», UC, Tulsa; Anna S. Brown, UO Stockton. Mo.: Beverly Brown, AE 1 . UC, Kansas City, Mo.: Bonnie Brown, UC, Houston, Tex. SECOND ROW: Buster Brown, -f-rA, UC, OC:Richard L Brown, IIA . UC, Tulsa: Thomas Brown, HKA, UC, Wllliamsville, N. Y.: Tom Brown, — N. UC, Lawton: Trebor Brown, —X, UC, Midwest City; Linda Brust, UC, Midwest City: Harold D. Bryant, UC, Antlers. THIRD ROW: Phil H. Buckner, UC, Tulsa: Rod Buchner, HA . UC, Arlington, Va.: Barry Buffalohlde, K2, UC, Washington, D. C: Carole Bullen, KA, UC, Tulsa; John Burford, " I ' Ki:, UC, Miami; Gwendolyn L. Burgess, UC, Seminole: Carol Burkhard, UC, Clare- more. FOURTH ROW: Mike Burns, UC, Independence, Kan.; Susan E. Burns, UC, Wynnewood; Robert Burnside, I ' K i ' , UC, Shawnee: Thelma Burrls, UC, Tulsa; Pat Burton, UC. Glendale, Calif.: Vlcki Burton, AX!2, UC, Norman; Doug Burtrum, K3, UC, Miami. FIFTH ROW: Anne Burzio, UC, Henryetta; Barbara Busklrk, XO, UC, Deming, N. M.: David Butler, AKE, UC, Enid- Linda E. Butler, Xt2, UC, Norfolk, Va.: Sue Ann Buzzard, AP, UC, Skiatook; Susan Byers, UC, OC; Mary Lynn Cabbage, Al ' A, UC, Bartlesville. SIXTH ROW: Pat A. Cagle, UC, Tulsa: Paul Calmes, UC, Duncan; Salvador Camarillo, UC, Ei Paso, Tex.: Carolyn K. Campbell, UC, OC: Len Cantrell, UC, El Paso, Tex.; William P. Cantrell, UC, Shamrock, Tex.: Edwin F. Carey, UC. Cushing. SEVENTH ROW: Phil Carleton, i;X, UC, Shawnee- Marilyn J. Carnes, UC, Sayre: Bill Carpenter, UC, Tulsa: Larry Bruce Carr, UC, PurcelhNola Carter, KA, UC, York, Neb.; Roy E. Caruthers, UC, Ponca City: Jan G. Casey, UC, Midwest City. EIGHTH ROW: Jody Cashion, HIM ' . UC. Enid; Nita Sue Cassiday, UC, Crescent: Joe Castleberry, UC, Drumright; Gary Cathey, UC, Tulsa: Helen Cederbaum, UC, Tulsa: Edgar Chambers, UC, OC; Larry Chambers, -AK, UC. Altus. NINTH ROW: Lynda M. Chambers, UC, Amarillo, Tex.; Steve E. Chambers, UC, OC- James R. Chapman, UC, Pauls Valley: Judy Chapman, UC, Ponca City: Jim Charles, ' M ' A UC, OC; Sharon Charles, AAll, UC, OC: Cindy Chesnutt, KKI ' UC, OC. BOTTOM ROW: Carol J. Chipman, AP, UC, Norman: John Choate, AT, UC, Norman: Pat Choquette, AAA, A S, Tulsa: Lynn Chuiy, AK ' I . UC, Wichita, Kan.: Elizabeth A. Cines, UC, Bartles- ville; Carol Clark, UC. Tulsa; Jess R. Clark, UC, OC. 148 Faculty Advisors Prove Helpful To College Students TOP ROW: Jim Clark, rA, UC, OC; Mary Clark, X!!, UC, Bartlesville: Mike Clark, 4 Ae, UC, Gilmer, Tex.; Tom A. Clark, :::N, UC, Pauls Valley; Tom L. Clark, ATS2, UC, OC; Tommy Claybrook, 2AE, UC, Wewoka; Jo Clayton, UC, Tinker AFB. SECOND ROW: Sharron Clayton, UC, OC; Sara Clifton, A , UC, Norman; David W. Cochran, UC, Ardmore; Dadie Coe, KKF, UC, OC; Dan Coffey, UC, Sherman, Tex.; Alan Cohen, HA , UC, Omaha, Neb.; Gwen Cohen, UC, Kansas City, Kan. THIRD ROW: Buddy Coke, -PVA, UC, OC; Ellen Colby, KKF, UC. Madill; Howard Cole, ' t ' FA, UC, OC; Judy Cole, AXU, UC, Chick- asha; Rich Cole, AKE, UC, Lovespark, III.; Stuart Cole, AXA, UC, Chickasha; Bruce Collier, BOn, UC, Enid. FOURTH ROW: Ross Collier, •t ' Ae, UC, Dallas, Tex.; Donald B. Collins, AKE, UC, Ada; Doug Collins, UC, LaPorte, Ind.; John Collins, -X, UC, Marietta; Kenneth L. Collinsworth, UC, Duncan: Jill Colodny, 2AT, UC, Ruston, La.; Judy Comegys, AF, UC, Nor- FIFTH ROW: Rod Compton, -N, UC, Lawton; Louis Comroe, SAM, UC, Dallas, Tex.; Bill Conger, IWH, UC, Bartlesville; Ken R. Conklln, UKA, UC, Stigler; Joan Conkling, UC, Des Moines, lovi a; Claudia Conley, HE , UC, Tulsa; Margaret A. Conley, AAA, UC, OC. SIXTH ROW: John Mark Connely, ' hKi:, UC, Ardmore; Daniel Conver, UC, Haddonfield, N. J.; Barry Cook, UC, LaPorte, Ind.; James F. Cook, UC, Tulsa; John P. Cook, UC, Anadarko; Mike Cook, i:X, UC, OC; Jane Cooley, HB . UC, Ft. Smith, Ark. SEVENTH ROW: Wayne Cooper, UC, Lawton; Victor V. Cordell, HKA, UC, Richardson, Tex.; Janice Corder, AAA, UC, Little Rock, Ark.; Lee R. Cornelius, UC, Tulsa; George Coryell, UC, Bristow; Ann Louise Coulter, UC, OC; J. L. Courtney, UC, Pauls Valley. EIGHTH ROW: Nancy L. Cowan, UC, Norman; Suzle Cowen, KAe, UC, Shawnee; Donald E. Cox, UC, Velma; Kathy Coy, UC, OC; Larry Coy, UC, Carter; Bill Coyle, i ' KS, UC, Janesville, Wis.; Ed Coyle, UC, Ada. NINTH ROW: Pat Coyle, UC, OC; Joseph E. Coyne, UC, Chi- cago, III.; Randy Craddock, 1 K2, UC, Norman: Cindy Craig, AAA, UC, Shawnee; John S. Crain, UC, Tulsa; Sharon Cramer, UC, Nor- man; Gary E. Creager, AT, UC, OC. TENTH ROW: Bill Crews, UC, Norman: Judy Crews, r B, UC, OC; Linda Crews, AF, UC, Norman; Robert Crews, KA, UC, Tulsa; Virginia Croft, UC, Hobbs, N. M.; Frank Crosby, Ki:, UC, Ard- more; Judy Crow, KA, UC, Idabel. ELEVENTH ROW: Keaton Cudd, AXA, UC, OC: Mary Cullinan, UC, Tulsa; John R. Cully, BHII, UC, Shattuck; Bill Cunningham, Ben, UC, Dalhart, Tex.; Robert V. Daffin, UC, Joplln. Mo.; Larry Daiches, :SAM, UC, Ft. Worth, Tex.; Sandy Daly, XQ, UC, Tulsa. BOnOM ROW: Cheryl Daneman, i;AT, UC, Dayton, Ohio; Bob Daniel, ' I ' FA, UC, OC; Cathy Danielson, KAH, UC, OC; Linda Daugherty, KA6, UC, Tulsa; Mary C. Daugherty, UC, Owensboro, Ky.; Elaine Davenport, UC. Muskogee; Sheryl K. Davenport, AT, UC, Marietta. R H 149 First Year Means Bi Adjustment To University Life vT i - frri fe . Al t Jl ' V " - TOP ROW: John C. Ddvidson, IIKA, UC. Fort Devin. Mass.; Sally Davidson, A l , UC, Chicago, III.: Barbara Davis, UC, Tulsa: Caria Davis, AXS2, UC, Ponca City: George A. Davis, UC. Blanchard; Harold Davis, Ki), UC, Ardmore: Judith Lynn Davis, UC, Midwest Cty. SECOND ROW; Robert R. Dawson, UC, Midwest City Ron Dead- man, ATA, UC, OC; Carol A. Deason, UC, Norman; Nancy C. Deaton, UC, Tulsa: Tom Deering, KA, UC, Altus: Mike DeLier, " I ' AH, UC, OC; William L. Demastus, KA. UC, Norman. THIRD ROW: Linda Dennis, UC, Tulsa; Kanela L. Denos, AAA UC, Muskogee: Linda DeSilva, UC, Duncan; Dora Deskins, AAA UC, Ardmore: Don DeSpain, -X. UC, Enid; Steve Detjen, AKK, UC, Guthrie; Susan Deupree, AAA, UC, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Edward Wesley Devero, UC, Norman; Anne Dew, HH ' I ' , UC, Moline, III.; Rhe+a L. Dewberry, UC, Lawton; Harriet Diamond, AE , UC, El Paso, Tex.; David Dickey, iX, UC, Alex; Mary Ellen Dietrick, UC, Turpin Mack Dillahunty, UC, Granite. FIFTH ROW: Diane Dillard, Ar, UC, OC; Terry Disney, A1 ' , UC, Ames, Iowa; Jim Dittner, UC, Abilene, Tex.; David Dixon, UC, OC; Wesley Dobbins, Kw, UC, Ardmore: Gary Dobson, UC, Bristow; Jim Dodd, AXA, UC, Sapulpa. SIXTH ROW: Bob Doke, K2, UC, El Reno; William Dale Dolan. 2X, UC, OC; Richard J. Dombrowiecki, KA, UC, Perth Amboy, N. J.; Carol Donnell, KAH, UC, Norman: Joe Dorman, Ae. UC, OC: Dallas Dorsett, AFA. UC, Norman: Tom Dotson, ' t-K . UC, Frederick. SEVENTH ROW: Mike Douthitt, AT, UC, Duncan: Sherrill Dove, UC, Dewey: Kemp D. Dowdy, ' I ' K , UC, Novado, Calif.; Linda Doiier, Xn, UC, OC: Betty Driver, KKF, UC, OC; Tom Drummond, Bl-in, UC. Pawhuska; Georgia Duckworth, ZTA. UC, Tulsa. EIGHTH ROW: Susan Dulaney, KKl ' , UC, Duncan; James L. Dunagin, UC, OC: Jerry Duncan, UC, Duncan; Marthalie Dunn, UC, Del City: Susan Dunn, AXi2, UC, Norman; Jerry Durbin, ' I ' l A, UC, Del City; Diane Durland, I1B I . UC, OC. NINTH ROW; Mac Durnil, ' I ' Ki:, UC, Muskogee; Virginia Dwyer, UC, Westfield, N. J.; Ronald J. Dyer, UC, Duncan; Sharon K. Eads, AI ' A, UC, OC; Daniel Eagel, AKII, UC, New York, N. Y.; Mike A. Earley, UC, Kansas City, Mo.; Judy Eason, UC, Tulsa. TENTH ROW: Ann East, UC, Pryor; Mary Eastman, Xil, UC, Tulsa; John Echohawk, AXA, UC, Farmington, N. M.; Marilyn Echols, AAA UC, Tulsa: Robert Edelman, IIA I , UC, Dallas. Tex.; Robert L. Edens, " I ' I ' A, UC. Tulsa; Meredith Lee Edieson, UC, Dallas, Tex. ELEVENTH ROW: Joseph William Edvy, ' I ' KH, UC, South River, N. J.; Nancy Edwards, UC, Moore: Walter Eeds, -N, UC, Tripoli, Libya: Arvin W. Eidson, UC, Sulphur; Judy C. Elderkin, AAA. UC, OC: Judy Elkins, XS , UC, Dewey: LyneHe Elliott, . ' l ' , UC, Norman. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Eliiabeth Elliott, UC, Tulsa: John E. Ellis, IIKA. UC, Hominy; Nancy Ellis, T ' l ' li, UC, Altus: Sam Emery, i:X, UC, Tulsa; Nancy A. Emmons, UC, Enid; William George Endieott, —X, UC, Muskogee: David L. Entrikin, UC, Youngstown, Ohio. 150 Freshmen AN EXPERIENCE both enriching and pleasurable is a visit to the Museum of Art. Freshman Janet Hope of Wichita, Kan., deserts studying to tour the annual Cor- coran exhibition. TOP ROW: Margaret N. Enyeart, Ain, UC, Ashland, Ohio; Richard Epstein, U ' UC, Omaha, Neb.; Philip A. Ericson, K0, UC, Huntington, N. Y.; William W. Ervln, Jr., ATi2, UC, Hunting- ton Valley, Pa.; Alfred T. Eschbach, UC. New Jersey City, N. J.; Judy Eslcrldge, KKT, UC, Tulsa; Vaughn Esper, K2 , UC, Arlington, SECOND ROW: Michael T. Evans, Ki, UC, OC; Joel Ewing, UC, Norman; Ronnie Eyiar, ' t ' K , UC, OC;Martha Fair, KKP, UC, Bartlesville; Lonnie Fancher, KA, UC, Altus: Carolyn Farha, AXH, UC, OC; Carolyn Paris, KA, UC, OC. THIRD ROW: Bill Favor, ATfi, UC, OC; Marvin Feldman, i:AJI, UC, Dallas, Tex.; Allen Fender, AT, UC, Russell, Kan.; Diane Fergu- son, UC, Tulsa: Major S. Ferguson, Jr., Ki , UC, OC; Suzanne Ferron, UC, Honolulu, Hawaii; Margetta Fetters, UC, Temple. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Fields, ZX, UC, Liberal, Kan.; Jan Fife, KAe, UC, Guthrie; Marilyn J. FIndlay, Xil. UC, Bartlesville; Dwight Findley, UC, OC; Frances Finkel, i;AT, UC, Prairie Village, Kan.; Shirrell Finley, ri ' B, UC, Anadarko; Thomas S. Finn, UC, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Leslee Fischer, AEI-. UC, St. Louis, Mo.; Diana Louise Fisher, UC, Okemah; Gerry Fisher, ATA, UC, Midwest City; Marsha Fisher, UC, Midwest City; Terry Fisher, ATA, UC, Midwest City; Rosalind M. Flshman, UC, Louisville, Ky.; Ed Fitzgerald, UC, Shawnee. SIXTH ROW: Patrick Fitzgerald, ■I ' K , UC, OC; Mike Fitzpatrick, nKA, UC, Midwest City; Robert A. Flagler, UC, Chickasha; Bar- bara Jeanne Fleske, AAA, UC, OC; Don Fletcher, KA, UC, Las Cruces, N. M.; Joe Flippo, UC, Norman; Sandra Flynn, UC, Mid- west City. SEVENTH ROW: Diana K. Ford, UC, OC; Sue Ford, Ar, UC, Stroud; Betsy Foree, UC, Tulsa; Ray O. Forgy, UC, San Antonio, Tex.; Janice E. Forney, AXi2, UC, San Antonio, Tex.; John W. For- rester, UC, Midwest City; Mike Forsman, — N, UC, Tulsa. EIGHTH ROW: Francie Fortenberry, UC, Muskogee; Edward L. Fosburgh, UC, Lovington, N. M.; Linda Kathryn Foster, UC, Erie, Pa.; Nancy Foster, UC, Norman; Edwin C. Fox, IIK i, UC, Massa- pequa, N. Y.; John E. Frank, KZ, UC, OC; John Frankenfield, UC, OC. NINTH ROW: Kenny A. Franks, UC, Okemah; Don Frans, UC, Kingfisher; Mike K. Frederick, UC, Wister; Robert B. Freele, UC, Ponca City; Alana S. French, UC, Frederick; Roger Friedman, nA l , UC, St. Louis, Mo.; Rosalie Friedman, AK t . UC, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: Mark C. Fritz, i: ' t ' E, UC, McLean, Va.; Andy F. Frost, UC, Bartlesville; Sue Fulton, UC, Muskogee; Daniel Furtak, UC, Nahant, Mass.; Bob Gaddis, ATO, UC, Tulsa; Mike Gaden, Ki:, UC, Selling; Sharon Gafford, KKF, UC, OC. 151 • - Freshmen MANY PEOPLE do research in the Phillips Collection at the OU library. Jim Kubiak is among those who investi- gate the outstanding collection on Oklahoma history and the Southwest. m m2 A 1 n ATMS i m TOP ROW: Mike Gales, AKII, UC, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Len J. Gallup, Ar, UC, Selfridge, Mich.: Martha Gait, KKP, UC, Shawnee; Jan S. Garrison, X!2, UC, Muskogee; Carolyn Gay, KA, UC, Norman; Marilyn Gay, KA, UC, Norman; Jack Gehl, IIKA, UC, Mt. Pros- pect, 111. SECOND ROW: Rick Gentry, ' I ' rA, UC, OC; Mildred L. George, UC, Muskogee; Stephanie George, UC, Ardmore; Cynthia Ger- hardt, UC, Tampa, Fla.; Pauline R. Gerred, UC, OC; Dean Gibbs, UC, Hominy: Phillip Gibson, ATS. ' , UC, OC. THIRD ROW: Thomas C. Gibson, UC, OC; Virginia Gibson, KA, UC, Locust Grove: Terry Gidlow, 2AT, UC, St. Louis, Mo.; Jeff Gilbert, 2AM, UC, Godfrey, III.; Clark Gilpin, AXA, UC, OC; Barry Glasberg, 2AM, UC, Kansas City, Mo.; Len E. Glass, UC, Kingfisher. FOURTH ROW: Eric Glasser, AEII, UC, New York, N. Y.; Marlene Glaier, AE , UC, New Orleans, La.; Jim F. Godfrey, UC, Hays- ville, Kan.; Mary Ann Gofor+h, AXil, UC, Tulsa: Lloyd Goldman, 2AM, UC, New York, N. Y.; Janet+e Brook Golightly, UC, Henry- etta; John W. Gollub, HA , UC, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Mike Goode, ATO, UC, New London, Conn.: John Goodman, AXjV, UC, Durant; Randall J. Goodman, 2AM, UC, Kansas City, Mo.; Bobby Goodner, ' l ' K I ' , UC, Duncan; Julie Good- ner, AF, UC, Duncan: Barbara Gordon, AE 1 , UC, St. Louis, Mo.; Barbara Sue Gordon, UC, Skiatook. SIXTH ROW: Mike Gordon, BHII, UC, Lawton; Richard Gore, KOn, UC, OC; Nancy Louise Gorton, UC, Midwest City; Tom H. Gould, ATO, UC, OC- Gretchen Grant, KA0, UC, San Antonio, Tex.; Patt! Gravett, 1 " ' 1 ' B, UC, Tulsa; Mary Lou Gray, AAH, UC. Watonga. SEVENTH ROW: Mary V. Gray, AFA, UC, OC; Janice Great- house, AAn, UC, Enid: Judy Green, UC, Duncan; Pam Green- shields, A ' l . UC, Norman; Garry H. Gregory, UC, Gorman, Tex.; Beverly Gremm, 2AT, UC, Dallas, Tex.; Cheryl L Griffin, UC, Doug- asville, Tex. EIGHTH ROW: Mike Grissom, UC, Wynnewood; Sandra L. Groom, APA, UC, Edmond; Mike Gross, AT. UC, Seminole; Mary Lou Guild, AX£2. UC, Bartlesvllle: Dorothy E. Guiou, UC, Tulsa: Ronalda Haakmeester, UC, Caracas, Venz.; Don Hackett, UC, OC. NINTH ROW: Helen Haddad, UC, Enid: Thomas D. Haddan, ' l ' K2, UC, Pryor: Richard B. Hague, UC, Leawood, Kan.; Beth Hahn, UC, Brownfield, Tex.: Fred Hahn, ATA, UC, OC; Sharon Haines, KKP, UC, Lawton; Bob Haller, ' I ' K . UC, OC. BOTTOM ROW: Pam S. Hamilton, UC, Tulsi: Joe Hamlin, Ae, UC, Tulsa; Ronald L. Hamm, UC, Poteau; Wesley L. Hamm, 2N, UC, Lawton; Mike Hammer, UC, OC; Connie Hammett, UC, Nor- man: Darlene Hammond, AXI2, UC, Normar. 52 Frosh Give Concentrated Effort To Required Courses TOP ROW: Lillian M. Hamor, Ar, UC, OC; Shirley Hamrick, UC, Tecumseh; Caren Haney, KKP, UC, Tulsa: Dick Haney, —X, UC, Shawnee: Margie Hanson, KA6, UC, OC: Kathryn A. Hardberger, Xn, UC, Beaver: Bill Hardwick, i:X, Holdenville. SECOND ROW: Mike Harrell, UC, Pauls Valley: Gary Allen Harris, UC, Nornnan: Joyce Harris, UC, St. Charles, Mo.: Lynda M. Harris, UC, OC: Susie Harris, AXU, UC, OC: Carol A. Harrod, UC, OC: Bob Hart, BOn, UC, Chandler. THIRD ROW: Carter Hart, UC, Whiteman AFB, Mo.: Jan Hart, nB , UC, Pauls Valley: Claudette Hartgraves, IM ' B, UC, Tulsa: Jerry Hassebroek, BBH, UC, Duncan: Milann Hastings, HB , UC, Tulsa: Tonnmy Hasz, KA, UC, Midwest City: Ron Hawkins, UC, Dallas, Tex. FOURTH ROW: Steve Hawks, UC, Bartlesville: Laurie Hayen, KA, UC, Ponca City: Bill Hayes, UC, Norman: Carol J. Haynes, UC, Denver; Ray Haynes, UC, Arkansas City, Kan.; Judy Head, AF, UC, Bartlesville: Susan Healy, HB , UC, Bartlesville. FIFTH ROW: Gordon Hebert, UC. Houston, Tex.: Nancy Hebisen, AXJ2, UC, OC: Judy Hegglund, OB , UC, Tulsa; Doug Hein, Bell, UC, Des Moines, Iowa; Terry Heineman, —X UC, Tulsa: David Heldenbrand, BQH, UC, New Iberia, La.: John Hemphill, B0II, UC, Nornnan. SIXTH ROW: Richard Henderson, KZ, UC, Norman: Susan Hen- derson, r B, UC, Tulsa: Patsy L. Hendrick, UC, Hunter: Janice Hentho rn, AP, UC, Enid; Michael D. Henthorn, UC, OC; George J. Herbstreit, UC, Guymon; Caria J. Herndon, AT, UC, Midwest City. SEVENTH ROW: Tommy Hickerson, K2, UC, Altus: Jo Hickman, AAA, UC, OC: Ken Hicks, Ben, UC, Chandler: Cindy Higgln- botham, AXf2, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Carl I. HIggins, UC, Tulsa: Archie A. High, UC, Norman; Bob Hill, ' i ' Ae, UC, Tulsa. EIGHTH ROW: James Hill, UC, Baltimore, Md.; Joseph Hilton, S ' i ' E, UC. Long Branch, N. J.: Bill Hinds, 2X, UC, Tahlequah: Ronnie Hines, 2X, UC, Shawnee: Karen HInel, AAA, UC, Pryor; Jeff Hirzel, UC, Guthrie: Richard Hobble, UC, Tulsa. NINTH ROW: Ruth Hockgraefe, A , UC, OC: Karen Hodges, AXn, UC, Hooker: John C. Holcomb, UC, Chlckasha; Judy Hol- comb, r.l ' B, UC, Muskogee; Lynda Holden, AAA, UC, Dallas, Tex.; Joy C. Hollacher, UC, Dallas, Tex.: E. Kay Holladay, UC, Duncan. TENTH ROW: Pamela Holland, UC, Tulsa; Nelda Jo Holliman, UC. Midwest City: James H. Holloman, ' I ' K I ' , UC, Frederick: Kristina Holm, UC, Denver, Colo.; Joy Lynn Holman, UC, Cushing; Hugh Holmes, FA, UC, Silsbee, Tex.; Chip Holt, UC, OC. ELEVENTH ROW: Walter E. Holt, UC, Walters: Pam Hooker, KA0, UC, Dallas, Tex.; Jim Hoover, AT, UC, Norman; W. David Hoover, rA, UC, Tulsa: Janet Hope, HB , UC, Wichita, Kan.; Bill Hopkins, ATA, UC, OC: Pat Hopkins, AAA, UC, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: Gwendolyn Hopper, UC, Maysville: Leonard Hor- ton, - KZ, UC, Durant: Lesli Horwitz, AE , UC, OC: Alan L. Hotaling, ATO, UC, OC: Roger Housley, iSX, UC, Cushing; Linda K. Houston, ATA, UC, Anadarko; John Hove, Ae, UC, Shawnee Mission, Kansas City, Mo. A. ' ' I (f o O O O t 153 Freshmen Aim At Graduation From University College !iklHP - s_ i T tf mim M JrA. ) TOP ROW: Larry Howze, liWll, UC, Seminole: Ronnie K. Hubbard, UC, Altus: Lynn L. Hudson, M UC, OC: Ruth Huffmyer, KAS, UC, Tulsa: Nancy Hugley, UC, San Antonio, Tex.: Judy Hull, UC, Ponca City: Barbara Ann Hulme, AF, UC, Ardmore. SECOND ROW: Patricia Ann Hunt. UC, OC: Fred M. Hurst, Jr., UC, Ponca City: Terrell F. Hutchens, UC, Rush Springs: Margaret Hyatt, UC, Cleveland, Ohio: Carol Jo Ice, A , UC, OC; Larry Ingham, UC, Ponca City: Ann Inglis, KKF. UC. Altus. THIRD ROW: Barbara L. Jackson, UC, Western Springs, III.; John Jacobs, AE, UC, Waco, Tex.; Sandra A. Jacobson. UC, Tulsa; Rita Jaeger, UC, Sullivan, Mo.; Frank A. Jarmuth. UC, New York, N. Y.: Pat Jarvls. X 2, UC, Norman: Alan Jenkins, -X, UC, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Mike Jenkins, UC, Clayton, N. M.- Gail Jenrich, UC, Utica, N, Y.: Jimianne John, Xn, UC, Grandfield: Carol Raye Johnson. UC, St. Louis, Mo.; David Johnson, 2N, UC, Shawnee; Ed Johnson, -X, UC, Brownwood, Tex.; Lanny Johnson, KS, UC. Mid- west City. FIFTH ROW: Lee Johnson, UC, Bethany: Linda Johnson, r B. UC, OC; Michael G. Johnson, UC, Norman: Patricia Kay Johnson, UC, OC: Patsy Johnson, IIH• UC, Bartlesville: Sam Johnson, IIKA, UC, Longview, Tex.; Sandra J. Johnson, UC, Muskogee. SIXTH ROW: Sevie Johnson, AF, UC, Carlsbad, N. M.; Thomas M. Johnson, UC, OC: Tom Johnson, UC, Midwest City; Alan B. Jones, UC, OC; Ann Morgan Jones, AAA, UC, Chickasha; Anna A. Jones, UC, Hooker: Henry Jones, Jr., UC, Idabel. SEVENTH ROW: John M. Jones. UC, OC; Judith Ann Jones, UC, Blackwell; Lewis R. Jones, ' I ' KH, UC, Chicago, 111.; Melton D. Jones, UC, Maysville; Michael Todd Jones, -Mvi:, UC, Mt. Prospect, III.; Viclii Jones, KKP, UC. Duncan: Kaye Justice. AAA, UC, Watonga. EIGHTH ROW: Donna J. Kain, UC, Falls Church, Va.; Sara Kapell, AE , UC, Memphis, Tenn.; Frank Karlltskie, - ' I ' E, UC, Frackvllle, Pa.: Bill Karr, +rA, UC. Midwest City: Donna J. Karr, UC. Tulsa; Dianne Kasmiersky, UC, Comroe, Tex.: Millie Kattouw, UC, Bartles- NINTH ROW: Tobee Kaufman, AE I ' , UC, Wichita Falls, Tex.; Larry Kavlch, n.V I , UC, Omaha, Neb.:Thomas J. Kearns, HKA, UC, Faterson, N. J.; Nancy Keesee, nB ' l , UC Poteau: Candy Kehn. AE ' I , UC, New York, N. Y.: Robert F. M. Keller, UC, Farmlndale, N. Y.; Karia Kelley, UC, Muskogee. TENTH ROW: Bob Kelsey, UC, Lawton; Roy J. Kelsey. Jr., UC, St Louis, Mo.: Danelle Kendall, A I ' , UC, Midwest City: Martha H. Kendall, UC, Sayre; Chris Kenison, -PrA, UC. OC; Milce Kennedy, AKK, UC, Tulsa; Pamela R. Kent, UC, Cederhurst, L. I., N. Y. ELEVENTH ROW: Janet Kerr, K. ' ' UC, Dallas. Tex.: Prudence Kerr. KKF. UC, Hooker; Richard R. Kerr, HIOV, UC. Altus: Harvey Jay Keselman, AEII, UC, Newark, N. J.; Anne Ketcham. KA UC, Norman: Joel Pel Ketonen, AK ' K UC, Norman; Carolyn Kidd, UC, Poteau. BOTTOM ROW: Barbara J. Kiker, F 1 ' H, UC, Altus; Donna J. Kilgore, AFA.UC, Tulsa: Joe Kill, UKA, UC, Norman; Dianne Klm- sey, KAH, UC, OC: Jay King, UC, Clovis, N. M.; Kathy King, AXU, UC, OC; Mary Ruth King, UC, Guymon. 154 Freshmen IN RICHARDS HALL King Solomon of Marshall. Tex., discovers many displays of interesting and rare speci- mens. The building houses library, classes and labs in biology. b TOP ROW: Holly Kinlcade, IIB , UC, Shawnee; F. Farrell Klrlc, UC, Columbia, Tenn.; Ronnie Kirkpatrlcic, UC, McAlester; Mickey KIrsch, AE . UC, Hot Springs, Ark.; Richard L. Knapp, UC, Ard- more; Debbie Knox, AE t , UC, Nowata; Doug R. Knox rA UC OC. SECOND ROW: Jay Koons, 2X, UC. Tulsa; Gene Koop, UC, OC; Kathy Kough, Xn. UC, Shattuck; Anne Kraft, KKF, UC, OC; Karen L. Krenz, UC, Selman; Lawrence Meal Krug, AEIT, UC, New York, N.Y.; John Krummel, T . UC, Cincinnati, Ohio. THIRD ROW: Jim Kublak, -Wa;, UC, OC; Roberta Jeanne Kunlcel, UC, Enid; Caryl A. Kunsemuller, UC, Norman; Edwin Kurek, AT, UC, Midwest City; Barbara Kutler, 2AT, UC. Omaha, Neb.; Karen Laber, UC, Tulsa; Woody Lackey, 2X, UC, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Brent LaGere, -trA, UC, Chandler; Janie Lake, IIM ' , UC, Shawnee; Laverne A. Lamb, UC, Midwest City; Gwen- dolyn Landers, UC, Pauls Valley; Jorge F. Landler, UC. Cocha- bamba, Bolivia; John Landon, UC, OC; Paula Landrith KKF UC Ada. FIFTH ROW: La Donna Lane, UC, Wilmington, Calif; Susan Laney, UC, Camden, Ark.; Julie Lang, AXfJ, UC, Memphis, Tenn.; Mary Ann Lanier, UC, Norman; Anthony Lapara, AS . US, Pensa- Cola, Fla.; Myra Lapides, -AT, UC, Kansas City, Mo.; Berton Lary, UC. Guymon. SIXTH ROW: Carolyn Lasota, UC, OC; Jimmie Lass, -AM, UC. Houston, Tex.; Sandra Laugenour, KKr, UC. Dallas. Tex.; Linda Laughlin, KKF, UC, OC; Scott Lawrence, B8n. UC. Shreveport. La.; Joanne Lawson, KA, UC, Pampa. Tex.; Ronald Leader. t K t, UC, Miami. SEVENTH ROW: Lucky William Leavell, Jr.. UC. Muskogee; Ram LeBlanc. ZTA, UC, Norman; Sharon Ledbetter, r t B, Midwest City: Frank Lederman, UC, Lawrence, N. Y.; Nannoe Ledgerwood, UC, OC; Jacqueline K. Lee, UC. Honolulu, Hawaii: Jim Lee, SX, UC, Tulsa. EIGHTH ROW: Wanda Carol Lee, UC, Wagoner: Janie Leibs, SAT, UC, Dallas, Tex.; Jim Lester, Beil, UC, Altus; Louise Leuth- old, r t B, UC, Muskogee; David Levlnson, i:AM, UC, Lakewood, N. J.; Linda Lewellen, XH, UC, Shawnee: Barbara Lewis AX£2 UC OC. ... NINTH ROW: David Lewis, ATA, UC, Indianapolis, Ind.; Deatra Lewis, AFA, UC, St. Louis, Mo.; Linda L. Leyerle, UC, OC; Linda Ruth Liebert, DC, Dallas, Tex.; Jerry Liedeker, HA , UC, Corpus Christi, Tex.; Frank Lillard, ' f ' K , UC, Sallisaw; Kenneth J. Lind, Jr., UC, Wilmington, Mass. BOnOM ROW: Barbara Lindsey, UC, Jerusalem, Israel: Jane L. LIndsey, A , UC, OC; Margaret Lindsey, UC, Israel; Rick Linn l-Ae, UC, OC; Beverly Linville, AXi2, UC, Alexandria, Va.: Larry Joe Litchford, UC, OC: Brett LIttell, HA , UC, Houston, Tex. 155 Freshmen COMPILING A REPORT on current events in the library ' s reading room, Bill Porch, Oklahoma City fresh- man, consults the daily newspapers. What advice does Ann Landers give today, Bill? TOP ROW: Patty A. Littlefield, UC, Denton, Tex.: Bill Lockett, l-rA, UC, Norman: Olga Loeber, HB , A S, Holland; Barbara L. Logan, UC, Alton, III.: Guy H. Logan, UC, Bartlesville; Lana Loll, UC, Fairfax, Va.; Margaret Londa, AK ' f , UC, Elizabeth, N. J. SECOND ROW: Bruce London, KZ, UC, OC; Larry E. Long, UC. Ponca City; Becky Looney, AX12, UC, Marietta; Robert Looney, •trA, UC, OC: Mary Love, KKF, UC, Chandler; Vicki Love, UB ' l ' . UC, OC; Alexis C. Lovelace, A , UC, OC. THIRD ROW: Vicki Lovin, KAS, UC, Ft. Worth, Tex.; Leslie Loyd, l ' ' l ' B, UC, Dallas, Tex.; Dave Ludwick, ATii, UC. Denver, Colo.; Yvonne Lundsford, UC, OC: Marsha F. Lut+rell, AAA, UC, Musko- gee; John Lynn, Ben, UC, Bartlesville; Hugh P. Mabe, ' I ' FA, UC, Norman. FOURTH ROW: Douglas Madden, UC, Whitesboro, N.Y.; Ken Maddox, ATA, UC, Norman; John T. Magers, UC, OC; Bill Mag- ness, UC. Wichita Falls, Tex.; Dianne Mahan, UC, Sand Springs; Bonnie Malcolm, UC, OC; Bob Mallory, -X, UC, Gladwyne, Pa. RFTH ROW: Edwin Maloy. i:X, UC, Holdenville; Susan Mann, AE ' I , UC, Winnetka, III.; Doug Manning, " t-AQ, UC, Tulsa; Jim Manring, i;X, UC, Tulsa; Joh n K. Maravich, iiAK, UC. OC; Mary Marchessault, UC, New York, N.Y.: Jeffrey Marcus, UC, Frederick. SIXTH ROW: Margaret Marek, KKr, UC, Norman; Larry R. Mar- golles, AEn. UC, West Orange, N. J.; Ken Maricle, AT, UC, OC; Sheila A. Marshall, UC, Egan, La.; Douglas Martin, Bell, UC, Hennessey: Gail Martin, r B, UC, OC: John Martin, i N, UC, Altus. SEVENTH ROW: Merlin E. Martin, K V, UC, Arlington, Tex.; Sherry Martin, KAB, UC, Bartlesville; William Martin, ATP., UC, Pampa. Tex.: William Charles Martin, UC, Sayre: Douglas Peter Manan, UC, New York, N.Y.: Dave Massey, ' I ' AB, UC, Norman: Ann Mas- terson, AFA, UC, OC. EIGHTH ROW: Susan Matkoff, i;AT, UC, Wichita, Kan.; Susan C. Matson, AAA, UC, Tulsa; Lynn Matteson, AAII, UC, Blxby; Dale L. Maughan. UC, Enid: Paula Jo Maughan, UC. Enid: Nick Mauney, I ' Ki:, UC, Tulsa: Jackie Mayberry, UC, OC. NINTH ROW: James M. Mayfield, IIK.V UC, Norman- Pam Mc- Bee, KAe, UC, Shawnee; Janet L. McCallister, AX. ' 2, UC, Ft. Sheridan, III.; Rod McCalman, KA, UC, Tulsa: Kyle McCarier, ATA, UC, Norman: John McCarty, AT, UC, Tulsa: Lynn McCarty, UC, Norman. BOTTOM ROW: Dennis M. McCary, V. . UC, Atoka: Glenna Mc- Clain, AAII, UC, Vernon, Tex.; Jo McClcndon, A " ! ' , UC, Idabol; Patti McClennen, A l ' , UC. Lindsay; Gene McConnell, A ' l ' , UC, OC: Jimmy Lynn McConnell, UC, Hobart; Molly McCormick, KKl ' , UC, OC 156 Dorm Meetings, Study Halls, Orientation Fill Hours TOP ROW: Gary McCowan, AG, UC, OC: Ann McCoy, AAA, UC, Ardmore; Bruce McCoy, AT, UC, Norman; George McCoy. AT, UC, Tulsa; Hal McCoy, i;X, UC, Winfield, Kan.: Steve McCoy, 2X, UC, Tulsa: Karl McCrary, UC. Palo Alto, Calif. SECOND ROW: Alfred L McDanlel, UC, Ponca City; Nona Jane McDougal, UC, Chickasha; Dale McDoulett, { ' K , UC, Duncan: Nancy L. McGee, AT, UC, Norman: Jeanne McGInnis, B , UC, Tulsa; Beverly K. McGuire, UC, Guthrie: Barbara McHenry, UC, Lindsay. THIRD ROW: Buck McKinney, 2X, UC, Alexandria, Va.; Gary Hugh McKinney, UC, OC; Jaclt!e F. McKinney, UC, Dallas, Tex.; Jo-Carroll McKinney, UC, Westover, Mass.: Linda McKnight, UC, Enid; Delrdre J. McLaughlin, UC, Duncan; Larry G. McLean, UC, Dallas, Tex. FOURTH ROW: William V. McNamara, UC, Tulsa; Jane A. Mc- Neely, UC, Broken Arrow; John McNeely, AT, UC, Wichita, Kan.; Edd McNeil, Ben, UC, Hennepin; Hugh McRae, A0. UC, Dallas, Tex.; Kay Meacham, Xfi, UC, Clinton; Marsha Lynne Means, UC, Ardmore. FIFTH ROW: Patricia Meblne, UC, Rolling Hills Estates, Calif.; Robert A. Meese, UC, Lawton; Michael Mehl, HA , UC, Wichita, Kan.; Gary Melton, UC, OC; Sandra L. Menefee, Xfi, UC, Pauls Valley; Sandy Meredith, HE , UC, Dallas, Tex.; W. C. Merrill, Jr., 2AE, UC, Duncan. SIXTH ROW: Robert Merritt, UC, Sturgis, S.D.; Judith Merryman, UC, Ponca City; Marion Messenger, MvZ, UC, Tonkawa; Jeanne Metcalf, Xn, UC, Hooker; Robert C. Metzger, K . UC, Okmul- gee: Kamila Michael, AAA, UC, Chappaqua, N.Y.: Roger Miclcish, UC, Edmond. SEVENTH ROW: James W. Middleton, UC, Bar+lesville; John Miles, AS , UC. Studio City, Calif.; Gary E. Miller, UC, Henryetta: Rhoda Miller, AE f , UC, Atlantic, N.J.; Sharon Miller, :SAT, UC Plainview, Tex.; Suanne C. Miller, A , UC, Muskogee: Bob Minnis, ATA, UC, OC. EIGHTH ROW: Ronald Minnix, KA, UC, Norman: John Mitchell, 2X, UC, Tulsa; Frank Montgomery, ATfJ, UC, OC; Peggy Mont- gomery, AXf2, UC, OC ' Barbara J. Moore, UC, OC: Jeanne Moore, AXJ2, UC. Perry; Kathie Moore, A . UC, Cherokee. NINTH ROW: Patricia Ann Moore, UC, Bixby; Ted Moore, BOH, UC, Altus; Thomas C. Moore, UC, Broken Arrow; Diane N. More- lock, AFA, UC, OC; Bruce Morgan, t ' K2, UC, Guthrie; Karyn Morgan, UC, Ponca City; Suellen Morgan, UC, OC. TENTH ROW: Jen Morris, UC, OC; Nancy Morrison, UC, OC; Michael K. Morrow, UC, Durant; Kathy E. Morter, AF, UC, Ard- more: George R. Moses, UC, Houston, Tex.; Jon Moss, UC, Dallas, Tex,: Ray Moss, I ' rA, UC, OC. ELEVENTH ROW; Terry Most, AEH, UC, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Carol Motsenbocker, KA, UC, Bar+lesville; James R. Mott, UC, Norman; David Stephen Mouber, IIA , UC, Kansas City, Mo.; Sean G. Moyer, UC, Springlake. N.J.; Linda L. Muir, AF, UC, Wewoka; James Mullen, UC, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: Martha L Mullen, UC, Sapulpa; Marty Mullen, r ! B, UC, Tulsa; Nanci K. Mullendore, AAd, UC, Tulsa; Max Muller, IIKA, UC, London, Eng.; Linda G. Mullican, UC, Vlni+a; Gene Murphy, HKA, UC, Glen Ellyn, III.: Karen J. Murphy, UC, OC. 157 stress On Academics, ' University Scliolars ' Plan Helps Frosh ' AJ7k 1 -f S TOP ROW: Gene D. Murrell, UKA, UC, Altys- Lois Mushlin, Alvh, UC, St. Louis, Mo.: Clark Musser, ATA, UC, OC: Barbara Muiny, UC, OC: Linda Joy Myers, UC, Enid: Sandra Myers, UC, OC: Doreen Nash, AKI-, UC, Wichita, Kan. SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Nathman, UC, Tulsa: Jozelle Neel, UC, Western Springs, III.; Barbara Neiman, Ai ' M», UC, Dayton, Ohio: L. Jane Nelson, UC, OC Marty Nelson, Hli ' l , UC. Norman; Roger Nelson, Bfill, UC, Muskogee: George Wyman Nemeceic, UC, Noble. THIRD ROW: Ralph S. Newcomb, UC, OC: Karen K. Newell, AX!!, UC, OC: Larry Newell, ' M A, UC, Pasedena, Tex.; Terry Newltumet, AT, UC, Norman; Cheryl Newman, 2:AT, UC, Tulsa; Robert L. Newman, AEH, UC, New York, N.Y.: RItchey Newton, AT, UC, Enid. FOURTH ROW: Mike Nichols, -l ' K2, UC, OC; Neil E. Nichols, UC, Little Rock, Ark.; David E. Nicholson, UC, Lexington; Luke Nigllaizo, ■f-rA, UC, Duncan; Ned Nixo n, BOn, UC, Kingfisher: Janice M. Nolan, UC, OC; V. Ann Norris, UC, McAlester. FIFTH ROW: Owen Northcutt, t K2, UC, Enid: James E. Norvell, ' 1 K2, UC, Ft. Sllf: Pat G. Novak, A , UC, Des Plaines, III.: Patti Kay Nuss, A , UC, Amarillo, Tex.; Irish O ' Brien, r t B, UC, Tulsa; Laurence T. O ' Donnell, UC, Tulsa: Eddie Oelschlaeger, 2N. UC, Lawton. SIXTH ROW: Margo Olivares, KA, UC, OC; Kay Oliver, AAII, UC, Salllsaw: Norma Oliver, r f B, UC, Duncan: Frank OIney, -AE, UC, Norman: Laurel Olsen, :SAT, UC, Dallas, Tex.; Sharon Olson, AXO, UC, LaGrange, III.; Peggy O ' Neal, UC, Del City. SEVENTH ROW: Marion Oppenhelmer, AE I ' , UC, Metairie, La.; Carol Oringderff, I1H■ , UC, Enid: Seth Osborn, Jr., UC, Norman; Elaine Oscherwltz, -AT, UC, Duncan: Tom Osherwlti, UC, Duncan; Dub O ' Steen, ATH, UC, OC: Steve O ' Steen, ATfi, UC, OC. EIGHTH ROW: Bob Outlaw, ATH, UC, OC: Betty Outon, UC, OC: Carole Overman, UC, Cleveland: Connie Sue Overton, UC, Garden City, Kan.- Robert A. Owens, UC, OC: Diana Pace, UC, McAlester: Janice Pace, ZT. , UC, Norman. NINTH ROW: Larry Padberg, KS, UC, Ada; Doyle G. Paden, UC, Sand Springs: Randel Paden, UC, Maysville; Kent Padgett, ' I ' AB, UC, OC; Ralph Palmer, UC, Pampa, Tox.; Donald Pape, AT, UC, OC; James H. Parker, ::;AE, UC, Shreveport, La. TENTH ROW: Robert C. Parker, UC, Mulberry, Ind.; Mike Parrish, -X, UC, Altus; John C. Patterson, UC, Goldsboro, N.C; Lynn Patterson, r B, UC, Norman- Diana L. Pat+on, UC, Anadarko: Jeff Patton, UC, Tulsa: Charlene P. Pearson, UC, Tulsa. ELEVENTH ROW: Charlyn Ann Peets, UC, Freemont, Mich.; Dewey Pendegraph, UC, Athens, Tenn.- Clyde Pendergraft, UC, Pond Creek: James T. Pendergraft, UC, Durby, Kan.; Billy Ray Pendelton, UC, Midwest City: Mary Kay Pepper, UC, Norman: Valjean Peters, KKP, UC, Skiatook. BCTTOM ROW: Richard L, Phegley, UC, Ft. Smith, Ark.: Dick Phillips, K-, UC, Midwest City: Kenneth S. Pickle, UC, Watts: Sherrl Pierce, KKT, UC, OC: Loretta Pillow, UC, Hobart; John Pinkner, ATA, UC, Rosemont, Pa.; Marsha Pipkin, KKT, UC, Amarillo, Tex. 158 Freshmen TOP ROW: Wade Pipkin, AKK, UC, Tulsa: Jim M. Pitts, UC, Vinita- Joan PiHs, KAH, UC, OC: Susan Plax, i;AT, UC, St. Louis, Mo.: Kathleen L. Plovanich, UC, Tulsa: Donna Huelene Plumlee, UC, Delhi: Nancy A. Poe, UC, Pryor. SECOND ROW: Eugene Pollard, 2X, UC, Tulsa: Lynn Poplinger, AE , UC, Olcmulgee: Bill Porch, AT, UC, OC: Judy Porch, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Sherry Potter, -AT, UC, Wichita, Kan,: Janie L. Potts, Xn, UC, Wellston: Kathy Powdeill, UC, Cleveland. THIRD ROW: Charles L Powell, Ki;, UC, Joplin, Mo.: Paul Powell, UC, Ponca City: J. B. Pratt, UC. Ardmore: George Price, 2N, UC, Dallas, Tex.; Janet Price, AXn, UC, OC: Kathy Price, UC, Enid: Laurel A. Price, UC, Bartlesville. FOURTH ROW- Mary Kathryn Price, ZTA, UC, Norman: Harlan Priesman, HA , UC, Omaha, Neb.: Bob Prince, K2, UC, Pittsburgh, Pa.: James E. Pritchard, Ben, UC, Ft. Worth, Tex.; Abe Prober, UC, Brookllne, Mass.: Danny L. Proctor, UC, Ponca City; Sharon L. Pruett, UC, Norman. FIFTH ROW: Cynthia Pruitt, KA, UC, OC: Adele Pung, KAO, UC, Tulsa: Tom C. Purcell, UC, Cheyenne: Roger Purser, UC, Ponca City: Duard Pyle. Jr., KA, UC, OC: Patty Ragan, KAf). UC, Nor- man: Bruce Raley, rA, UC, Tulsa. SIXTH ROW: Joe Ramerii, -X, UC, Beevllle, Tex.; Charlie Ramsey, rA, UC, Norman: Danny D. Ramsey, UC, Chlckasha; Ronald L. Ramsey, UC, Bedford Park, III.: Bill Rancic, 2AE. UC, Lubbock: Peggy Rankin, AX12, UC, San Diego, Calif.; Phil Rauch. UC, Tulsa. SEVENTH ROW: Harry L. Ray, UC, Miami, Fla.; Manfred G. Ray, UC, OC; Terry Rayner, ATO, UC, Clinton; Rice Reavis, KZ, UC, Ardmore; Richard D. Redman, UC. Guthrie; Genie Redmond, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Cheryl Reece, UC, Crescent. EIGHTH ROW: Linda Reece, UC, Pauls Valley: Jim Reed, AKK, UC, OC: Peggy A. Reed, UC, Cheyenne; Rusty Reed, HKA, UC, Norman: James E. Reese, UC, Chlcopee Falls, Mass.; John Regur, Ki, UC, Midwest City: Bradford Reichman, HKA, UC, Dallas, Tex. NINTH ROW: Connie Reid, KAB, UC, St. Louis, Mo.; Judy Reid, AFA, UC, Norman: Jim Reidy, 2X, UC, Tulsa; Mary Margaret Reilly, UC, Okemah: Pat Reinbold, UC, Corpus Chrlstl, Tex.: Mike Reinhard, UC, Lansdale, Pa.; Phil Relnhardt, AEII, UC, New York, N.Y. BOTTOM ROW: Roger Rensvold, UC, Duncan: Linda Reynolds, AAn, UC. Walnut Creek, Calif.; Mike Reynolds, " l-K , UC, OC; Patrick A. Reynolds, K2, UC, Tulsa: David Rhea, UC, Grandfield; Glenda Rice, XS2, UC, Tulsa; Marilyn Rice, KAH, UC, Watonga. ACE OR FLAG? That ' s the question most uppermost In the mind of Ken Stowell, Wichita, Kan., following a quiz. He corners his instructor, L. Douglas Halley, for an explanation. (f Mt yk 159 Freshmen ONLY TEN MINUTES until class time and those English 21 themes are due. Stumped for just the right word, Bruce London consults the dictionary, while Jim Day helps him with the spelling. a rrmo. d A ' - Mmj . " mmgtikJrm pr.pr3 TOP ROW: Tom Richards, UC, Enid; S. Gail Richert, XJi, UC, Tulsa: Elwood B. Rickards, Jr., UC, Selbyville, Del.; Liz Riddle, IIH . UC, Norman: Jean Riddlebarger, AAA. UC. Bartlesville: Michele RIggs, AXn. UC, Tulsa: Patricia Riggs, AXI2. UC, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Sandra S. Rigsby, UC, Tulsa: Letha Sue Rippstein, UC, Higgins, Tex.: Dennis C. Roberts, UC, Enid: Jay W. Roberts, UC, Ardmore: Jim Roberts, BOII, UC, Woodward: Larry F. Roberts, +rA, UC, OC: Ronnie Roberts, UC, Maysville. THIRD ROW: Danny Robertson, BBn, UC, Altus: Rindy Robertson, KAe, UC, OC: Ed Robie, Ki:. UC, Paris, France; Gloria Robinson, .VAFT. UC, Burlington. Iowa; Sharon D. Robinson, UC, Durant; Mickey Robinson, ATA, UC, Tulsa: William E. Roche, UC, Kansas City, Mo. FOURTH ROW: Elizabeth A. Rodriguez, UC, Wagoner; Carolyn Rogers, KA0, UC, Blackwell; James F. Rogers II, UC, Carnegie: Keith R. Rogers, UC, OC; Paula Rogers, HB . UC, Tulsa; Judi Roman, A.Xfi, UC, Newburgh, N.Y.; Larry Rosen, AEH, UC, Lebanon, Pa. FIFTH ROW: Robert Rosen, HA , UC, Hewlett, N. Y.; Bonnie Rosenthal, i;AT. UC, Memphis, Tenn.: Bill Ross, Ae, UC, Tulsa: Mclver Ross, UC, Tulsa: Wayne Ross, UC, Arlington, Tex.: Bernie Rothbaum, 2AM, UC, Chickasha: Randall W. Rowland, UC, Sher- man, Tex. SIXTH ROW: Carole Royds, Ar, UC, Downers Grove, 111.: Brenda Roren, AE . UC, Tulsa: Craig Rubin, HA ' I ' , UC, Tulsa; Allen Ruck- er, B0II, UC, Bartlesville; Jim Rudd, 2N, UC, Hooker; Sondra Rudin, 2AT, UC, Dayton, Ohio; Mary Jane Ruffolo, UC, Fultc- Mo. SEVENTH ROW: James R. Runft, -I-KH, UC, R. Smith, Ark.: Sue Rush, Ar. UC, Gushing: Mike Russell, ' l-AS. UC, Watonga; Greg Ryan, Ki). UC, Suitland, Md.: Bettie Sabath, A M UC, Chicago, III.: Rita Saferstein, -AT. UC, Kansas City. Mo.: Alan A. Sage, UC, North Chicago, III. EIGHTH ROW: Adele Saladow, AE+. UC, Houston, Tex.: Zlan C. Samman, UC, Damascus. Syria; Nanci Sanders, AAA UC, Tu ' sa: Sandy R. Sanders, KAB, UC, Muskogee; Sandra E. Sandlln, ATA, UC, Seminole; Marty Sanger, KA6, UC, OC: Harrlette Sapper, UC, Denver, Colo. NINTH ROW: Sharon A. Sartwell, AAII, UC. Tulsa; Barbara Saun- ders, UC, Duncan; Jon Sawvell, ' I ' AH. UC, OC; Robert E. Scally, UC, Bronx, N. Y.; Phil Scaramucci, i:X. UC, Del City: Marilyn Schahet, AE I . UC, Indianapolis, Ind.; Mimi Scheinberg, AE ' h. UC, Memphis, Tenn. BOTTOM ROW: Terry Sehenk, ' I ' KM ' , UC, OC; Walter G. Schiller, • TS ' . UC, Harrlsburg, Pa.; Carolyn L. Schlosser, ArA. UC, Normcin: Donald C. Schmidt, UC, Lindenhurst, N. Y.; Gail Schmidt, IM-B. UC. Midwest City: John Schofield, ' l-rA. UC. Albuquerque. N. M.; Renee Schooley, AXiJ. UC, Tulsa. 160 Newness Wears Off As Neophytes Finish First Year TOP ROW: Bruce Schuerman, B01I, UC, Altus; Kenneth E. Schuer- man, BOII, UC, Altus; Colleen R. Schupbach, UC, Burlington; Lynda Laurella Schupbach, UC, Burlington; Beverly Schurman, UC, Tulsa; Nick J. Schwake, UC, Sulphur; Bernard Schwalbe, AKII, UC, White Plains, N, Y. SECOND ROW: Jerome L. Schwartz, AEH, UC, Lakewood, N. J.; Susan Schwartz, SAT, UC , OC; Fred Schweers, -l-AO, UC, Tulsa; Bill Schwenk, K2, UC, Independence, Mo.; Carter Scott, A0, UC, Dallas, Tex.; Cheryl Scott, UC, Newkirk; Dennis R. Scott, ' I ' KO, UC, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: Jolanda T. ScoH, A J), UC, Parkridge, III.; Mike Scott, rA, UC, Duncan; Nancy V. Scott, ZTA, UC, Broken Arrow; Judy V. Scovill, UC, Perry; Bill B. Seach, UC, Weymouth, Mass.; James W. Seal, UC, Idabel; Sandy Seals, i K:S, UC, Norman. FOURTH ROW: Jane Seay, UC, Albuquerque, N. M.; Harry Seek, AKB, UC, Shawnee; Jana See, XS2, UC, Lindsay: Susan Seelig, AE ' l ' UC, St. Louis, Mo.; Richard Segnar, BOH, UC, OC; Joanne Se- groves, UC, Knoxville. Tenn.; Melinda Sellers, Xfi, UC, OC. FIFTH ROW: Bob Sevick, ' t-FA, UC. Amarillo, Tex.; Kenneth Sham- blln, UC, Minco; Stacey Shannon, KAe, UC, OC; Betty Sharp, UC Duncan; Don Sharp, UC, Luther; Dale Shaw, UC, McAlester; Doug Shaw, UC, OC. SIXTH ROW: Karen S. Shepard, AF, UC, OC; Susan Shepard, AF, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Warren Sherman, t A0, UC, OC; Ron Shideler, " f-K , UC, Enid; Charles F. Shield, III, UC, Huntsville, Ala.; Kathy A. Shields, UC, Tulsa; Johnny A. Shipley, UC, OC. SEVENTH ROW: Suzanne Shire, UC, Tulsa; Claudia K. Shirley, UC, Hitchcock; James M. Short, —X, UC, Albuquerque, N. M.; James Ray Shroyer, UC, Okmulgee; Floyd Shults, UC, Midwest City: Porter R. Shults, Jr., HKA, UC, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Sue Rae Shushan, AE ' f, UC, New Orleans, La. EIGHTH ROW: Albert Pete Sights, OKA, UC, Maxwell AFB, Mont gomery, Ala.; James A. SIgier, UC, Midwest City; June Moira Sllva, UC, Bombay, India; Joan Silver, AE , UC, Peoria, III.: Jean Silverman, AE ' i), UC. Denver, Colo.; Robert H. Simpson, KA, UC. Anndale, Va.; Steve Simpson, UC, Chickasha. NINTH ROW: Linda Lou Sims, UC, Wichita, Kan.; Marlene Sims, AXS2, UC, OC; Robert Sims, UC, Norman; Sally Sinclair, KAH, UC, OC; Eileen SInderbrand, AE t , UC, Wharton, Tex.; Richard Singer, A . UC, Enid: Patrick A. Sisemore, UC, Tulsa. TENTH ROW: Johnny Slagle, SN, UC, Altus; James R. Slaughter, A, UC, OC; Claire Sleeper, UC, OC; Myrna L Smart, AA-i, UC Altus; Brooke Smith, KA0, UC, OC; Cecelia Smith, AAA UC Comanche; Christine Smith, UC, Norman. ELEVENTH ROW: Cynthia Smith, Xn, UC, Norman; Dean Smith, rA, UC, Woodward: Ellen Smith, UC, OC; Kathy Smith, UC. Tulsa: Leslie Ann Smith, AXS2, UC, Bedford, Ind.: Linda Nell Smith, UC, Watonga; Marilyn Smith, UC, Lawton. BOnOM ROW: Marilyn Jan Smith, UC. LaPorte, Ind.; Marsha Smith, AAA, UC, Clovis, N. M.; Mary Ellen Smith, KA0, UC, OC; NIra E. Smith, UC. OC; Paula A. Smith, UC, OC; Mark Smyth, K , UC, Okemah; Jan Sneed, riB . UC, Bartlesville. f-- jlnfM 161 First Finals WeeJL Gives Piebes New View Of College TOP ROW: Nancy J. Snell, UC. OC: Carole Snively. Al ' , UC, Tulsa: King Solomon, KA, UC, Marshall, Tex.: Michael N. Sovick, UC, Norman: Craig Spann, -N, UC, Tulsa: Linda Speaitman, AX!2. UC, Liberal, Kan,: Daryl Spence, 890, UC, Pauls Valley. SECOND ROW: Roger Spence, UC, OC " Mary Spencer, A ' l , UC, Borger, Tex.; Franklin Spry, Jr., UC, Hastlngs-on-Hudson, N. Y.: Arvon Staats, UC, Tulsa; Pamela Stacy, UC, Neosho, Mo.; William K. Sfacy, UC, OC; Daryl Stallings, A0, UC, OC. THIRD ROW: Jon K. Stallings, UKA, UC, OC: Mary Ann Stanley, UC, Kermit, Tex.; Kathryn Jean Starr, UC, Shawnee- Cleophas R. Steele, Jr., UC, Dallas, Tex.; Gaynell Stees, AAH, UC, Wichita, Kan,; Marleen Stein, AE ' 1 , UC, Dallas, Tex.: Susan Stelnmeyer, AF, UC. OC. FOURTH ROW: Bernard Stekoll, 1AM, UC, Wewola ' Bob Steph- ens, AT. UC, Lawton: Jerry E. Stephens, UC, OC: Gary Stephen- son, HHII, UC, OC: William H. Stern, AEIl, UC, Brooklyn, N. Y.: Jane A. Stevens, XSJ. UC, Wichita, Kan.: Ronald Stevens, K , UC, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Ronald Stevens, BOn, UC, Tulsa; Janet Stevenson, UC, Tinker AFB; John E. Stewart, UC, McGregor, Tex.; Kathleen D. Stewart, A . UC, Tulsa: Melinda S. Stitt, A , UC, Wichita Falls, Te«.: Gary Stogner, UC, Tulsa Ronnie Stokes, UC, Norman. SIXTH ROW: Chet Stoler, OA , UC, Omaha. Neb. ' Terry Stovall. UC, Lawton: Kenneth E. Stowell, Jr., Ben, UC. Wichita, Kan.: Mandy M. Strickland, AAA, UC, Tulsa: Claudia R. Stringer, UC, Tulsa; Billy Stromberg, i:AE, UC, Ardmore: Mike Strong, RfHI, UC, Tulsa. SEVENTH ROW: David S. Stubenberg, +K2:, UC, Honolulu, Ha- waii; Pat Stufflebean, X " , UC, Pauls Valley: Suddy Sudberry, KZ, UC, Muskogee: William F. Sullivan, UC, Tulsa: Ginger Swanson, UC, Guthrie; Susan Sweeney, X 2, UC, OC: Cheryl Swearengen, Xf2, UC, Amarlllo, Tex. EIGHTH ROW: John Swineford, BOn, UC, Chlckasha; Judith 1. Swinehart, UC, Clinton; Lee Switzer, +Ki:, UC, Farmlngton, N. M.: Adrian C. Tackett, UC, Tulsa: Bill Talbot, BBO UC, R. Worth, Tex.: Joseph A. Talucci, UC. Clifton, N. J.: Karen L. Taylor, UC, Bossier City, La. NINTH ROW: Keene Taylor, AXA, UC, Anadarko: Martha J. Taylor, UC, Henryetta; Patty Taylor, UC, Payson, Ariz.; Pauline A. Taylor, UC, Midwest City: Toni Taylor, KAB, UC, OC : George Teague, UC, OC: Joan L. Tedrow, UC, Bartlesville. TENTH ROW: Pam Thedford, AXO, UC, Lubbock, Tex.: Anne Thomas, AX , UC, Lawton; Carol E. Thomas, Al ' A, UC, Arlington. Vi. Karen A. Thomas, AP, UC, Holdenville: Pat Thomas, UC, Chi- cago, IN.: Steve Thomas, ' M ' A UC, Tulsa- Billy E, Thompson, UC, OC. FLFVFNTH ROW: Carol Thompson, KKI ' UC. Memphis. Tenn.- David K. Thompson, UC, Tussy; Linda J. Thompson, UC, OC; Patricia Thompson, UC, Caldwell, Kan.- Patricia A. Thompson, UC, Midwest City Sandra Thompson, AFA UC, Tulsa- Sheldon F. Thomson, UC, Albuquerque, N. M. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Anne Tibbetts, UC, Tinker AFB; O. Paul Tietjen, UC, OC; Helen S. Tintle, UC, Bloomingdale, N. J.: Jerome B. Titus, UC, Fairfax, Va,: Linda Toberman, UC, Norman- Candace Todd, UC, OC: Cheryl Todd, KAO UC, Norman. 162 students Sever ' Apron Strings ' During Freshman Year TOP ROW: Lynda S. Todd, AF, UC, Norman: Mary Ellen Tolbert, UC, Hobart; Sharyn Toler, KA, UC, Muskogee; Edwin Tomlta, UC, Wahiawa. Hawaii: George J. Toto, UC, Long Island City, N. Y.; Francie Townes, K-i, UC, Tulsa: John B. Tracy, III, UC, Satellite Beach, Fla. SECOND ROW: Susan D. Tracy, UC, Norman: Lynda J. Trelchler, AAA, UC, OC: Bob TroHer, i;N. UC, OC: Bobbie Trout, AFA, UC. OC: Ann Caryl Tucker, KA UC, London, Eng.: Charles Tucker, ' 1 K ' I ' , UC, No rman; Alvin Turner, UC, Norman. THIRD ROW: David Turner, 2N. UC, Geary: Harvey L. Turner, UC, Springfield, III.; John C. Turner, K2, UC, OC: Margaret Turner, UC. OC: Michael M. Turner, UC, OC : David Neal Tutor, UC, OC: Charmaine Tver, T ' l B. UC. OC. FOURTH ROW: Vicki Tyler, Xfi, UC. Tulsa; Jean Uetrecht, Tl-B, UC, Dallas, Tex.; Philip Ulmer, K2. UC. Miami; Roseann Upton, r B. UC, Shav nee; Jimmie Jay Utitz, AE , UC, Beaumont. Tex.; Donna Vana, UC, North Riverside, III.; Susan Elaine VanAn+werp, UC, Muskogee. FIFTH ROW: Doug Van Dyck, UC, Chlckasha; John E. Van Valken- burgh, KA, UC, Sacramento, Calif.; Stephen L. Vargo, ATA UC. Midwest City; Roger Varvel, UC, Bartlesville: Patsy Vaughan, UC, Norman; Susan E. Vaughn, UC, Elmore City: Karol Veal, X!. ' , UC, Norman. SIXTH ROW: Dorretta Ann Veccia, UC, Bronx, N. Y.: Richard Venier, 1 ' K2, UC, Denver, Colo.; Alan Vint, ' f-rA, UC, Tulsa; Marie Voegeli, OB UC, Muskogee: Barbara Voiles, AAA, UC. Hooker: Jill R. Wade, UC, Norman; John William Wade, Jr., UC, Patuxent, Md. SEVENTH ROW: Ann Wages, UC, Wichita Falls, Tex.- Howard L. Wagner, UC, Lawton; Wayne Wagner, UC, Yukon; Lynn Walcher, UC, Provo, Utah; Jacque Wallace, AAA, UC, Norman; Roy Wal- lace, 2AM, UC, New York City. N. Y.: Michael E. Waller, UC, Norman. EIGHTH ROW: Jo Gayle Walling, UC, Ryan: Nancy Walton, KKr, UC, Shat+uck; Susan Walti, r-t-B. UC, Lawton; Bart Ward, KA, UC, Norman; Jimmy M. Ward, AT.Q, UC, Duncan; Richard Lee Ward, UC, Wichita Falis, Tex.; Irving Warden, UC, Alexandria, Va. NINTH ROW: Tina Ware, r B, UC, Bartlesville: Judy Warkentln, AP, UC, Lawton; Phyllis Warmack, KKF, UC, Ada; Bob Warner, ATA, UC, Midwest City; Jan Wassam, XSJ. UC, Tulsa; Charles Waters, BOH, UC, Sklatook; Jeff Watson, UC, Norman. TENTH ROW: William H. Watts, UC, Okmulgee: Carol A. Wau- ahdooah, UC, Lawton: Mike Weaks, AKE, UC, OC: Barbara Weatherly, AFA, UC, Ryan: Sally Webb, AFA, UC, Durant; Joyce Weber, UC, Henryetta; Sherry Weber, AF, UC, Tulsa. ELEVENTH ROW: Felton J. Webster, Jr., UC, Byars; Eddie Weeks, UC, Washington, Iowa; William Weinberg, AEH, UC, Short Hills, N. J.; Bill Weinrich, Ben, UC. Ponca City:Clifford Weinstein, 2AM, UC, New York City, N. Y.; Lew Weinstein, AM, UC, Law- ton; Sam Weiss, AEH, UC, Brooklyn, N. Y. BOTTOM ROW: Susie Wells, KA. UC, Henryetta: Sandi Wescott, UC, Tulsa: Kennis N. Wessel, UC, Midwest City; Margaret West, r t B, UC, Binger; Robert West, ATi2, UC, Fort Worth, Tex.; Fred- erick White, Ben, UC, Kewanee, III.; Gaylon White, UC, El Monte. Calif. l t E- l Pl 163 First-Year Challenge Met, Frosh Eye Sophomore Year I! L ' TOP ROW: James L. White, UC, OC: Jane White, UC, Chandler: Peter K. White, ' l ' -it UC, Tulsa; Fred O. Whitehurst, UC, Ard- more; William O. Whitehurst, Jr., UC, Ardmore; Jim Whitmire, TA, UC, Stilwell; Sharron Whitney, XJI, UC, Dallas, Tex. SECOND ROW: Lloyd C. Whittall, UC, Tecumseh: Joe Whittle, ATO, UC, St. Petersburg, Fla.: Jim S. Widman, UC, Riverside, Conn.: Margaret Wlldsrman, UC, Broken Arrow: Pam Wildhagen, UC, Dallas, Tex.; Eugene Willc, llA t , UC, New York City, N. Y.: Betsy B. Williams, T ' l ' K, UC, Des Moines, Iowa. THIRD ROW: Beverly L. Williams, UC, Afton; B. Kenneth Wil- liams, ' M ' A, UC, Lindsay: Charley Williams, 2AE, UC, Ardmore; Craig E. Williams, UC, Dallas, Tex.: David K. Williams, AZ , UC, Kansas City, Mo.; Don L. Williams, II, UC, Anadarko: Kerry L. Williams, Xn, UC, OC. FOURTH ROW: Mary Williams, UC, Norman; Michael Williams, ATA, UC, Pauls Valley: Ramon Williams, AXA, UC, Dewey; Timo- thy Williams, UC, Elllcott, Md.: Dana Williamson, UC, Maysville; Phil Willis, AT, UC, Pauls Valley; James Wills, UC, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Charles Wilson, ZN, UC, Tulsa; Jim Wilson, " t-rA, UC, Tulsa: Johnny Wilson, -t ' AO, UC, Amarillo, Tex.; Judith Wilson, R, UC, Elk City; Richard L. Wilson, UC, Miami; Robert Wilson, KA, UC, Tulsa; Sarah Wilson, r B, UC, Lamed, Kan. SIXTH ROW: Richard Winburn, +AH, UC, Chlckasha; Brad Wind- sor, Ki;, UC, Midwest City; Jerry Winn, UC, Mangum; Barbara Winslow, UC, Sao Paulo, Brazil; David Wise, AEH, UC, New York City, N. Y.: Jones Witcher, 4 ' Ae, UC, Amarillo, Tex.; Janie M. Withrow, UC, Seminole. SEVENTH ROW: Arlene E. Wolfard, UC, Enid: Jane Woodard, KKr, UC, Tulsa; Terry D. Woodcock, AXA, UC, Sapulpa; Nancy E. Woodruff, Xi2, UC, Kingfisher Wendy Woods, KKP, UC, OC: Sally Woodward, UC, OC: Bob Wooldridge, UC, Mangum. EIGHTH ROW: Sue A. Woolsey, UC, Tulsa: Lynn Woosley, UC, Ponca City: Bill Word, UC, Arnett: Gayela A. Word, A■ , UC, OC; Gary Wright, ' I K 1 ' , UC, Eva; Gil Wright, Ki), UC, OC; Jack Wright, Ki;, UC, Cherokee. NINTH ROW: Mark Wright, UC, Marshall, Tex.; Susan Wright, AXD, UC, Norman: Karen L. Wynn, UC, Norman: Tim D. Wynn, UC, Kettering, Ohio- D. Ronald Yagoda, HA ' I ' , UC, Maplewood. N. J.: Linda Yandell. T ' l-H, UC, Wewoka: Carolyn L. Yoager, AF, UC, OC. TENTH ROW: Susan A. Yeager, Ar, UC, OC: Carol Yelvington, UC, OC: David B. Yost, UC, Wheaton, Md.- Douglas R. Young, UC, Tulsa: Jim Young, ' I ' K-, UC, Durant: Judy B. Young, UC, Rush Springs: Nancy A. Young, AAA, UC, Grosse Point, Mich. BOTTOM ROW: Tom Young, . XA, UC, Evansville, Ind.: Gary A. Yust, UC, Tulsa: Nancy Zimerman, XH. UC, Dhahran, Arabia: Robert Zoglin, i;A. l, UC, Prairie Village, Kan.; Alan Zox, HA-I ' , UC, Des Moines, Iowa: Peggy Zumwalt, UC, Frederick: Robert A. Zuzak, -AM, UC, Orlando, Fif,. 164 Lawyers . : . . - : I ■ ' ■ ' t i i i i . . , i i I i i i i i ■ 11 ; : i i i ; ; I sp i ! ! I M t 1 ' P lawyers RESEARCHING A PROBLEM in the law library, Larry Blankenship asks Professor George B. Fraser for some assistance. Fraser is a David Ross Boyd professor of law, now on leave in Ann Arbor, Mien. ■■ppl Tfl ? 9 H l ikj t l M 1 JB Bh 1 Sl M Vn:y ' » -• ftfe V ' Mi M %V, TOP ROW: Ed Abel, ' I ' K , Fr., OC; John R. Allgood, HKA Fr., Altus; J. Stewart Arthurs, Fr., Bristow; Loyd L. Benson, Jr., Connanche: Larry Blankenship, Ae, Jr., OC, Student Senate Pres., Who ' s Who, Student Bar Assoc, Board of Gov- ernors: Burdette Blue, -N, Jr., Tulsa: Merline Bonner, Sr., Atoka: James Alan Bradford, AKE. Fr., OC. SECOND ROW: James I. M. Caldwell. Jr., Sr., OC, A 1 , Okla. Law Review: Robert Bruce Carter, Sr., Miami: John A. Claro, ' I ' KH, Jr., OC: John M. Coffey, Ben , Norman: Jack Costello, i:X, Sr., Lindsay, ' I ' AA: Thomas O. Criswell III, Sr., Durant, Al- . ■ Charles E. Daniels, Ai; , Jr., Bartlesvllle: Gary J. Dean, Al , Grad., OC. THIRD ROW: David E. Deatherage, IIKA, Jr., Sapulpa; Nancy DeVilliers, Fr., Hinsdale, IN.: Jim Farha, +A8, Fr., Ponca City: Robert Foster, -AE, Jr., Midland, Tex.: Forrest Frueh, — ' t ' E, Sr., Perry: James M. Fullerton, Fr., Lawton: Robert H. Gilliland, Jr., Fr., Woodward: Bill Green, Acacia. St., Enid. ' I ' AA. FOURTH ROW: Blalcie Hart, nB l , Sr., Pauls Valley, Pledge Class Pres., Jr. PanhelL: Jay Hodges, AT, Fr., Tulsa: Bob Huckaby, Ben, Sr., OC, AA: Joseph H. Humphrey, Sr., R. Smith, Ark., Senior Class Pres., AO Vice Pres., Board of Governors: William B. Huser, -AE, Fr., Wewoka: Wayne Jett, Fr., Wetumka, -T, St. Pafs Council, Student Senate: Stephen Jones, Fr., Enid: Jim Kaufman, nA t , Fr., New York City, N. Y. FIFTH ROW: Roger Lee, Fr., Wichita Falls, Tex.: Tim Leon- ard, BOn, Jr., Beaver, AA, O Club: William Penn Ler- blance, AXA, Fr., Norman, niiA, Student Senate: William N. Little, Jr., Jr., Norman, AT: Larry Burton Lucas, K , Sr., Poteau; Tommy Allen Lucas, Sr., Anadarko, Moot Court, •I ' AA, Senior Class Sec: Jerry Maddux, HKA, Fr., Bartles- vllle: James A. McCaffrey, Sr., OC, t ' AA SIXTH ROW: Gary L. McKnight, nKA, Fr., McAlester; John McLean, Jr., Vlnlta: Lynn D. Nolen, Sr., Wetumka; Jerry Otis, A.XA, Fr., Lawton: Charles D. Pierce, Sr., Dallas, Tex., AA: Ted N. Pool, Sr., Tulsa- Bill Porter, AKK, Fr., OC; Mark Price, Fr., Miami. SEVENTH ROW; Jack Rippy, -N, Grad., Tulsa: Ted Roberts. Ai: ' l , Sr., Norman Rlcardo J. Rodgers, Jr., Norman, AA, Student Senate: George G. Russell, Jr., -N, Fr., Miami; Franklin E. Salle, AEIl, Fr., Tulsa, Account. Club, Chess Club: Cecil Schenker, n. ' l ' Fr.. San Antonio, Tex., H2, Dean ' s Honor Roll: Richard Standefer, KA, Fr., Midland, Tex. BOTTOM ROW: Roland Tague, ATA, Jr., OC: Jon H. Trud- geon, i N, Sr., Miami; Craig R. Tweedy, Sr., Chandler; Bill Van Dall, ATS!, Fr.. Bartlesvllle: Larry R. Wade, AKE, Jr., Elk City Roger Webb, . .XA, Fr., Heavener; Don E. Wood, Sr., Guy mon. 166 BOTTOM ROW: BIN Rustln, Richard Carpenter, Dale F. Crowder. Alan B. Shldler, Jon Lee Prather, Michael C. Stewart, Thomas O. Criswell III, David W. McGuire, Richard E. Wright III. Jim Fellingham. SECOND ROW: Robert C. Gordon, Jay W. Forbes, James L. Cunningham, Lynn D. Nolen, Richard D. Jones, Kay Hodgson, Joe Humphrey, Merline Bonner. Mary Romine, Ted P. Roberts, Bob J. Creeper, Philip L. Savage, Brian L. Walkup, Jerry Tubb. THIRD ROW: Robert R. Reis, Lanny L. Field, Kent Meyers, Jack Durrett II. John S. Kerr, Leonard Ball, Richard L. Barnes, Paul C. Duncan, Robert O. Bailey Robert A. Franden David K. Petty, Pat Pugh. FOURTH ROW; John D. Hastie, James D. Cody, Charles D. Pierce, William H. Morris, Jr., James I. M. Caldwell, Jr., Larry B. Lucas, John J. Coates, James A. McCaffrey, Lea Clayton, William O. Green. Aubrey M. Kerr. Jr., N. Martin Stringer. FIFTH ROW: Ted Holshouser. Charles F. Daily, Jr.. Craig R. Tweedy, Harvey A. Rotman, Neal Merriott. John Rainbolt, Jim Sturdivant, Robert L. Mar- shall, Ted N. Pool, Thomas D. Aitken. Paul M. Vassar. TOP ROW: R. Bruce Carter, Roger L. Johnston, Thomas Scott Hunter, Gerald Theo Cobb, Jon H. Trudgeon, Robert L. Hackaby. Richard B. McClain, Jack Costello, Tom Lucas, F. L. Frueh. Law College Seniors Launch Professional Careers After three difficult and memorable years, the 86 members of the Class of 1964 look forward to gradua- tion and the beginning of their professional careers. The year began with the election of officers. Joe Humphrey, Ft. Smith, Ark., was elected president. Oth- ers chosen were Dick McClain, Wyniiewood, vice-presi- dent; Tom Lucas, Anadarko, secretary, and Alan Shidler, Tulsa, treasurer. Three common characteristics seemed to hold the senior class together during their final year in school. The first was their participation in the Practice Court course. In this class the student gains practical training in the preparation and presentation of jury cases. It is here that he has the opportunity to apply everything he has learned from Perry Mason. The second common trait is the effort expended in trying to keep their noses to the legal grindstone. After three years of " booknig it " law students tend to become the victims of " senioritis. " a type of spring fever which starts the first of September and lasts until June. Third is the apprehensive feeling toward the coming bar exams. A senior looks forward to taking the bar exam almost as much as a freshman looks forward to his second meeting of the course in equity. Now that the last of the three harassing years is draw- ing to a close there is not a member of the class who would say that it was not well worth the effort. From a human as well as an intellectual standpoint, the " law barn " has left its indelible imprint upon each member of the class of ' 64. The time has come for each one to go his separate way. Some of the class members will engage in the pri- vate or corporate practice of law. Some will enter the government service. Others will take positions iu the business world. No matter what his endeavor may be. the graduating senior is evidence of the continuing efforts of the Col- lege of Law of the University of Oklahoma to maintain the tradition of superior legal education. 167 BOTTOM ROW: Mont P. Hoyt. James P. Beall. Ricardo J. Rodgers, Odle A. Nance, John W. Klnslow, Forrest D. Nelson. G. Dan Rambo. James H. Gray, Dean Spears, Robert Foster. C. Dewayne Dotson, Tom E. James. SECOND ROW: T:m Leonard. Lee Witcher, Arlen Fielden, Major W. Park, Jr., David E. Deatherage. Charles E. Wade, Jr., Jack W. Love. David L. Russell. Roland Tague James V. Teegerstrom. Bob Hays. Charles E. Daniels. C. B, Dodson. Richard M. Fogg. THIRD ROW: Gary L. Boland. Robert H. Mitchell. Gene Livingston. Jr.. William N. Little. Jr.. Jack W. Rippy. Charles D. Reed. Ken- neth W. Turner. George D. VanWagner. Ralph T. Hood. Jr.. Reggie Hughes. James W. Mouser. Philip Holmes. James R. Cox. Jerry Reed. FOURTH ROW: Todd W. Markum. Robert C. Schacher, Ben T. Benedum, Guy Clark. Artis V.Johnson, John Marteru. k .o-c, A. iufier, Do..j L. Appcnger. Reid. James Peters Stephen Wolfe. Charles S. Wilson. William F. Powers, Kenneth R. Webster. Terrence T. McCaffery. FIFTH ROW: Larry Blanken- ship. Mike Belanger. Duane D. Wall. James Sharp. Burdette Blue. Dennis Pope. James M. Robinson. Robert J. Petrick. Bill Edwards. Kenneth Johnson, Lloyd L. Benson, Phillip J. Schwartz, Michael Davis. Clifford K. Cate. Jr.. Dale O. Johnson. TOP ROW: Jon H. Palmer. Robert C. McCandless. Wil- liam C. Brining. Donald B. Reece. David S. Stratton. J. Dale Duncan. David W. Edmonds. Larry L. Foster. John W. Whitten. puentin Phillip McColgin. Bill Thompson. Edward L. Moore. Jr.. Bill H. Chastain. G. Kent Fleming, Robert A. Gannaway, Larry R. Zook. Moot Court Competition Hi lili hts Junior Year Intense comf etition was the result ulien members of the Junior Law Class competed in Moot Court this year. Duane N ' all was the class representative to the regional competition. For the class competition and a chance to attend tJie regional and national compctititm, four members are chosen for a team by the faculty. The selection is ba.sed on written briefs and oral arguments. ' Hie Moot Court is culminated on Law Day in the .spring. The final argu- ments are heard by the Oklahoma State Supreme Court Judges and the winners are i)resented with cash prizes. Dan Rambo served the class as jiresident and was assisted by John KiiLslow, vice-president. Odie Nance was secretary and David Nelson was treasurer. Dr. |ose|)h Rarick was faculty sportsor. The future lawyers entered their second year of law training with such subjects as Income Tax. Trial Prac- tice, Evidence, Criminal Law. I ' liiulin j. iiiul (lormiurcial Transactions to conquer. Despite the hours s|)cnt studying, lla- |iiiiior Class fuiiiid time to be hosts at the amiu al Christmas Baiuiiiii .111(1 lo stage the (iridirmi Sliow for frcsiitiKiri and senior law students. The Cridiron Show gives an exaggerated representation of the law professors and their idio.syn- cracies. Life at the " law l)arri " is slicwn in skits willi seasoned humor. Late in the spring the triKlliiini.i! Indilnill (lash be- tween the junior and senior class look |)Iace wilii IkiiIi teams playing desperately for the victory. The reasons for organizing the Junior Class im inde the encoura.geiiRiit of scholarship, increased em|)hasis on the traditions of the legal profession and to further an interest in the study of law. .Although the C ' of 19(). ' ' was slightly smaller than it was last year when the students eiilerei! law school, the future lawyers spent much time in the excellent law- library maintained in Monnet Hall. Meetings were held by the Junior Law Class on a monthly basis or as often as needed. At tiiese meetings, the students listened lo outstanding figures from both the law | rofession and other fields of public service. By the end of the second year every sludenl adniillKJ (IkiI llii- sicontl yciii w ,is x ()rlh the work but they an.Moiisly look forward lo their third and dual year. 168 BOTTOM ROW: Paul Tndd, Dan McClung. Don Rhoads. Gordon Cecil, Allen Grjy, John Drdke. Cecil Schenker, Stan Harrison, Buddy Herzog. Jerry Otis. Ernest Godlove, William D. Huser, Sam Joyner, Jim Farha, Joe Ballard. Rex Givens, John J. McLean, F. L. Hart, Hegel Branch. SECOND ROW: Hugh Baysinger, Bill Van Dall, Vance Winningham, Mark Boufon. Frank E. Salle, Jerry Miller. Ron Allgood, Harry Ellis. Bill Scovill, Gary Jarmon. Jim Kauf- man, Tom Decker. Jo McAlister, Edwin Abel, John Coffey. Mickey Martin, Mike Mlers. Jim Payne, John G. McLinn, Robert C. Murray, Gary J. Dean, Joseph W. Hubbard, Dan Seitslnger, James M. Fullerton, Charles Hoi lis. THIRD ROW: Buster F. Wilbum, Charles Greten, Martin Keating, F. L. Dunn, Lyn E. Abies, Sally Ann Merrill, Robert Stormont, James Parker, Wil- liam J. Perry, Lee Cafe, Jerry B. Parker, Dorothy White. Shirley George. Gayle Welcher. Noel Blake Hart, Robert E. Brandenburg, Jr.. James I. Max- well, Jim Bradford, William P. Porter, Neal Beekman, Wayne Jett, John Fredenberger, Muhammad S. Yagan, Nancy DeVIIIIers. Jay Hodges. Jerry Barnes. Ray F. Hamilton. William O. West. FOURTH ROW: Mike Little, Chad Bledsoe, Sal Bonavlta, Duane Woodliff, Ben Gene Price, James O. Hood, Dan George, t .1 ' .-i-i ' Ponjlrj Franklin, Jim Hayes, Jerry L. Sealy, Berry Miller, Robert Heriog, Max M. W.tzel, L. Dee Ollphant. James E. Carr IV, George G. Russell, Jr., Gary L. Cooper. Elton L. Johnson, Jr., C. 8. Graft, Allen L. Walker, Penn Lerblance. FIFTH ROW: Gary Dugger. James Clark, Bill Hadwiger, Tom Record, Dave Jacobs, Don Jemlson, Clark Dough- erty, Don Garrett, Mike Bachman, John Brannan, Glen M. Burdlck. Mark H. Price. W. D. Jones. Jim Walther, Bruce Groom. Roger Lee, Stanley Baldwin. Robert H. Gilliland. Jr.. Bill Sullivan, Gary F. Glasgow. William W. Wiles, Jr., John W. Garland, Alfred C. Sparks, Jerry Maddux. SIXTH ROW: Wil- liam Bonnell, Shaun Kelly III, Sam Hellman. Phil Potter, John Poe, Wallace Hooks, A. K. Odom, John H. Tucker, Danny R. Beltz, Lester H. Goldberg, Harold Helmbrecht. Stephen Jones, William T. Coffman. J. Stewart Arthurs, William Roger Webb, Don TImberlake, John E. Shipp, David Pomeroy. Paul Fernald, James D. Goodpasture. James S. Hines. Richard P. Cornish, Gary McKnight. TOP ROW: Charles E. Drake, Montell E. Hester. Richard A. Pyle, Don Searcy. John O. Sparks, Richard Standfer. O. Lee Gregory, Virgil Tipton, Don Roberts, Don Liles, Stanley Ward, Barrett Smith. Freshman Class Is Largest Ever To Enroll At OU The 191 members of tlie Freshman Law Class, largest ever to enter the University of Oklahoma College of Law. elected Ed Abel to liead their group. Other officers included Tom Decker, vice-president; Jo Mc lister, sec- retary, and John Coffee, treasurer. Members of the honor coinicil were Tom Coffman and Charles Bledsoe, Dean Earl Sneed was the class sponsor. Freshman law students must have completed 90 hours of pre-legal study or have a degree from an accredited college or iniiversity to enter the College of Law. Aims of the class are to finish school successfully with a profound knowledge of the law and to continue the tradition of academic superiority that makes the OU College of Law respected among law schools across the nation. To help achieve these aims the Freshman Class mem- bers participate every year in the Student Ba r Association spozisored Lecture Series. These lectures are given by distinguished graduates of die college. They also par- ticipate in the state meeting of the Oklahoma Bar Asso- ciation held in Oklahoma City. The future lawyers were indoctrinated into the law school and told what to expect of their remaining two years by the gridiron at the annual banquet. MEETING TO DISCUSS plans tor the Freshman Law Class are rne officers Ed Abel, president; Tonn Decker, vice-president; Jo McAl- ister, secretary, and John Coffey, treasurer. 169 BOTTOM ROW: Derril W. McGuire, Aubrey M. Kerr, Josepn H. Humphrey. R. Bruce Carter, Edward L. Moore, Jr., G. Dan Rambo, William R. Hughes, Jr. SECOND ROW: N. Martin Stringer, Charles A. Purser, Victor W. Pryor, Jr., James R. Cox, Thomas O. Criswell, III. Dean Spears. James P. Beall. THIRD ROW: Clay Dodson, Dennis Po pe, Biii Edwards, Robert O. Bailey, David L. Pippenger, Ralph T. Hood. Jr. TOP ROW: John Martens, Thomas Scott Hunter, Lynn D. Nolen, John Rainbolt, Gerald Theo Cobb, Artis Visanio Johnson, Bob Reld. Delta Theta Phi Named Top Regional Chapter A ain The Oklahoma Chapter of Delta Theta Phi legal fraternity, the J. Howard Edmondson Senate, was chosen as the outstanding regional chapter in 1963. Russell G. Horner was also named the outstanding regional student member. Both awards were won for the second straight year. Elected to lead the local chapter for the 1963-64 school year was James P. Beall. Vice-president was W. Reginald Hughes and secretary was Clharles Purser. Other oflicers of the chapter were Deiniis Pope, treasurer; Boh (Jannaway. master of rolls: Dean Si)ears, master of ritual, and Tony Weber, baililf. Dr. Frank Elkouri was faculty spon.sor. Publication of the animal OU Law Directory and supplement was one of the aiuuial j)rojects of the local chapter which was founded in 1948. The local chapter holds many functions during each year to promote a closer alhliation between the law stu- dents. Luncheons are held twice a month and members r)f the legal profession speak at these. Other activities include diinicr-dances with the alumni of the chapter and other informal parties. The main fnnclioii of Delta Tluta Pi is concerned with the legal profession and its members. Its purposes are to unite fraternally congenial students of the law, encourage high .scholarship among its members, and emphasize traditions of the school and the profession so that these traditions may continue to exist. Membershij) in the fraternity is composed of law stu- dents who have a C average and are interested in fur- thering the goals of Delta Theta Phi. They must be ap|)roved by both the local and national or ganization. A rush smoker is lield each spring for iirospeclive members. The ualKiual fraiiruii was established in 190.3 in Chicago, 111. Its many chapters work together to achieve its goals, but at the same time competition exists be- tween each chajjter for the top awards. There are four cba[)ters competing in the region for the awards. The to|) chapter award is based on the chapter grade average, functions sponsorcjl by the local cha|)ter and i)artici[)a- tion in the national fraternal activities. Upon graduation from law school, those who are members of Delia Tlicta Phi can say they have a better, well-rounded education because ol iliiir association wiih oilur fraternal iiuiiilxrs. 170 BOTTOM ROW: Jerry Tubb, Jim Fellingham. Bill Rustin, Alan B. Shidler, Richard Carpenter, Jim Mouser, Burdette Blue. Kent Meyers, Brian L. Wallcup, Terry Shipley, Bob J. Hays, Richard E. Wright III, Philip L. Savage, G. Kent Fleming, Paul M. Vassar. SECOND ROW: Ted P. Roberts, James A. McCaffrey. Kenneth W. Turner, John J. Coates, Robert A. Franden, John S. Kerr, Larry B. Lucas, Clifford K. Cafe. Jr., Tim Leonard, Robert H. Mitchell. THIRD ROW: F. David Nelson, James L. Cunningham, Jon Mike Belanger, Loyd L. Benson, William O. Green, Stephen C. Wolfe, Don R. Nicholson, Michael C. Stewart, Michael B. Arkin, Leonard Ball, Leiand C. Neeley, Jr.. Robert C. Schacher. FOURTH ROW: William C. Brining, Tom Ed James, Tom Lucas. Charles F. Daily, Jr., Harvey A. Rotman, Craig R. Tweedy. Robert J. Petrick, David Stratton. Jack W. Love, Jerry Reed, David L. Russell, Ben Benedum. TOP ROW: Jon H. Trudgeon, F. L. Frueh, Richard B. McClain, Roger L. Johnston, William B. Thomp- son, Thomas D. Altken, Robert L. Hackaby, Larry L. Foster, Neal Merriott, Jack Costello. Todd Markum, Ricardo J. Rodgers. Phi Alpha Delta Receives " Best Chapter " Award John Marshall Harlan chapter of Phi Alpha Delta law fraternity at the University of Oklahoma was named the " best chapter " in its district at the annual district conclave at which the Harlan Chapter was host. The conclave was attended by eight chapters from Oklahoma and Texas. Membership is open to law students in good standing who have made a C average in law school. PAD presi- dent for the 1963-64 school term was Larry Savage. Tim Leonard was vice-president; Lee Neely, secretary; Ben Benedum, treasurer; Todd Markum, marshal, and David Nelson, rush chairman. Dan Gibbens was the faculty sponsor. Phi Alpha Delta was founded in Chicago on Novem- ber 8. 1902, and since that time the national organiza- tion has sponsored scholarship and loan funds for its membership, conducted seminars, participated in the American Association of Law Schools and held national conventions where members of all chapters can meet and exchange ideas. The national fraternity has 91 active student chapters and 51 alumni chapters. Chief project of the alumni chapters is maintaining a placement service for graduat- ing seniors. The Harlan Chapter of PAD has as its ma- jor project the operation of the Graham B. Johnson lending library. This library provides textbooks for law students who have been selected by a student faculty committee. P. D has also donated a large number of books to the law library. Luncheon meetings are held twice monthly by the PAD members. At each luncheon a guest speaker is scheduled. Among this year ' s speakers have been Lt. Gov. Leo Winters; Bob Blackstock, past president of the Oklahoma Bar Association, and Judge A. P. Murrah, judge of the Federal Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit and national president of PAD. Several informal parties have been held by the group during the year. The principal aims of Phi Alpha Delta are to give service to the law students, the law school and the legal profession. Outstanding members of PAD include for- mer president of the LTnited States. Harry S. Truman, Woodrow Wilson, William H. Taft and Warren G. Harding. Other members of PAD are Supreme Court Justices William O. Douglas, Tom Clark and Charles E. Whittaker. The district alumni justice for this area is Robert E. Lee of Oklahoma City, an alumnus of the Harlan Chapter of the University of Oklahoma. 171 BOTTOM ROW: Maurice H. Merrill, John D. Hastie, Charles E. Daniels, James I. M. Caldwell, Jr., John W. Kinslow. R. Dale Vliet, George B. Fraser. SECOND ROW: James D. Cody. Odie A. Nance, C. Joe Robertson, Richard L. Barnes, Major W. Park, Jr., David K. Petty, Lea W. Clayton, Jr. THIRD ROW: Robert L. Ivester, Anthony D. Ashmore, William F. Powers, Larry L. Field, Pat Pugh, Arlen Fielden, William H. Morris, Jr., Charles S. Wil- son. TOP ROW: Vance R. Kriete, Donald B. Reece, Duane D. Wall, David W. Edmonds, J. Dale Duncan, James McKee Robin- son III, Kenneth R. Webster, Phillip J. Schwartz. Phi Delta Phi Requires Hi h Scholastic Achievement Holmes Inn of Phi Delta Phi international legal fra- ternity encourages high scholastic achievement, provides social contacts among die top scholars of the College of Law, fosters an understanding of legal problems and promotes a high attainment in the legal profession. A rigid adherence to a code of professional ethics is encouraged hy all members. In order to become a member a law .student must have been in the upper 20 per cent of his class scholasti- cally, or have maintained a 7.00 average according to the law school system. Members of undergraduate cha]j- ters are encouraged to maintain high standards of schol- arship. There are 77 inns in the United States and Canada with a total iiK-ml)ership exceeding G4.000 mcmi ers. In addition to the undergraduate inns, there are 50 bar- rister imis. Phi Delta Phi was founded in ISf)9 al the University of Miihigiin. OfTicers of ilu liolines Inn at OU this year included J. Dale Duncan, j)risidcnt: Odie A. Nance, secretary; Charles Daniels, treasurer; John W. Kinslow, historian, and Dr. R. Dale Vliet, faculty spon.sor. Fiulialion of new members is held each s|)riiig in the Oklahoma Supreme Court Chambers in llie Slate Ca])i- tol building. A dinner-dance is held for members and guests followuig the ceremonies. Included among the many special projects of Phi Delta Phi are the special tutoring sessions held for fresh- men before exams each fall. The group meets several times each year for luncheons and to hear s|)eeches given by leading practitioners in the field of law. It also sf)on- sors dances in the fall and spring and a sununcr picnic. Phi Delta Tlieta has a large number of aiiauni who have achieved national prominence in American affairs. Included among the outstanding aiinuni of Phi Delta i ' iii are three Presidents of the Unlled States and a large number of Chief anil Associate Justices of the United States Supreme Court. Only a few honorary member- ships have been gi en and these were for recognized contributions in the field of jurisprudence. T lir Briif. a ipiarterly journal dealing with national and local aclivilies of the fraternity, is pnblisiied by the 1(11111(11 111 i ' lii Delta Phi. Holmes Inn was organized in 1912 when a charter was issued to the ()li cr Wendell Holmes Law Club. .Aiiioiig ilie most prized possessions of the local inn is a historical person. il leller from Chief Ju.stice Holmes. 172 Medicine Dean Of The School Of Medicine Dr. Mark R. Evcnil. dirctlnr [ iIk- midical ttnlti ' and professor and chairman of tfie department of bio- clicmislrv. has l)ccii awarded meml)ership in ihe Okhi- homa Hall of I ' anit. honorary St. I), from Buckneil llniversity and httn a|)|)()inti(l iiuiiihti ol the e. - eciitive council of the Association of .American Medical Colleges. He also has been named u the Oklahoma Medical Sciences Hall of Fame. 174 MERLIN K. DU VAL. M.D. Vice Chairman and Professor of Surgery Assistant Director of Medical Center M.D. Degree from Cornell University PHILLIP E. SMITH. Sc.D. Associate Dean of Student Affairs Associate Dean of the Graduate College M.S. Degree from University of Illinois Sc.D. Degree from Johns Hopkins Associate Deans And Directors S. N. STONE. M.D. Associate Dean of Clinical Instruction M.D. Degree from University of Pennsylvania M.S. Degree in Surgery from Minnesota Graduate School of Medicine JOSEPH M. WHITE. M.D. Associate Dean of Special Training and Research Program M.D. Degree from Southwestern Medical College M.S. Degree from Iowa State University DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE. BOHOM ROW: Arthur F. Elliott, Kelly M. West, James A. Hagans. Stewart Wolf, Adrian A. Kyria- kopoulous, Natoo Patel, Robert H. Furman. SECOND ROW: Leonard P. Eliel, Oren T. Skouge, William O. Smith, Henry H. Turner, Paul T. Condit, Robert C. Lawson, Robert A. Schneider, Bert F. Keltz. THIRD ROW: George L. Winn, Harry T. Avey, Jr., Carl W. Smith, Richard M. Burke, Mervin L. Clark, James R. Ricks, Jr., Jack D. Welsh. William K. Ishmael. FOURTH ROW: W. W. Schottstaedt, James F. Hammarsten, Philip C. Johnson, W. W. Rucks. Jr., C. G. Gunn, Julian W. Bahr, William S. Pugs- ley, James W. Hampton. FIFTH ROW: Thomas N. Lynn. Jr.. Robert S. Ellis. Allen R. Hennes, David C. Mock, Loyal L. Conrad, George N. Barry, Byron F. Smith. Virgil R. Forester, Johnny A. Blue, Richard G. Hahn, R. Palmer Howard. TOP ROW: Alexander H. Woods. Everett R. Rhoades, Richard W. Payne, Robert M. Bird. Galen P. Robbins, Stanley E. Berger. Vernon Ward. Ralph A. Smith. Faculty DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY. BOHOM ROW: Don Coalson. Ernest Lachman, Alice M. Brues, John E. Allison. TOP ROW: Kenneth M. Richter, John F. Lhotka, Laurence G. Gumbreck. Garmon H. Daron. Kenneth K. Faulkner. DEPARTMENT OF ANESTHESIA. Ted Clemens. Alice F. Gambill Nell Nations. Irvin G. Hamburger. Joe M. White. Walter Masslon, Yildiz Kutkam. Robert L. Chester. ■ • DEPARTMENT OF GYNECOL- OGY AND OBSTETRICS. BOT- TOM ROW: James W. Funnell. Warren M. Crosby, James A. Merrill, chairman: Charles M. Van Dyne. SECOND ROW: John F. Kuhn, Gerald Rogers, John W. Records, Guy W. Ful- ler. THIRD ROW: L Duncan Threlkeld, Joseph H a r r o z, George H. Jennings, James C. Beavers. FOURTH ROW: W. K. Hartford, Tony G. Puckett, A. S. Porter, George D. Wil- banks. TOP ROW: Dean H. Diment. DEPARTMENT OF PEDIAT- RICS. BOTTOM ROW: James B. Snow, W. W. Vandever, Harris D. Riley, Jr., Bertha Levy, Sylvia O. Richardson, George H. Garrison, J. T. Jabbour, J. Neill Lysaught Marilyn Porter. SECOND ROW: Armond H. Start, Jerry NIda, Loy Donna Markland, James E. Mays, Jr., J. A. Roone. Lyie Burroughs, David Childers, Lillian Hoke, H. V. L. Sapper, Robert Herndon, Everett C. Bracken. THIRD ROW: Bobby Gosser, Alan Bures, Glen Cartwright, James Worley, Hugh Sutherland, Glen G. Cayler, Hooshang Taybi, Jacob L. Kay, Mariorie Sue Keele. TOP ROW: Do- man K. Keele, James K. Dowl- ing, James Beaty, George I. Lythcott, Michael Finerty, Jer- ome D. Shafer, Claude Brown, Alvin Patrick, Man Word, Stan Porter. DEPARTMENT OF RADIOL- OGY. BOnOM ROW: S. M. Glasser, G. S. Knox, S. P. Traub. S. H. Levitt, G. A. Wood. TOP ROW: G. H. Ladd, L. E. Swischuk, J. P. Wills, J. D. Bush, R. P. Dick- son, G. D. Hallum, F. H. Stockton. DEPARTMENT OF OTOLAR- YNGOLOGY. BOnOM ROW: Ethan A. Walker, O. Alton Watson, L. Chester McHenry, James B. Snow, Jr. SECOND ROW: R. L. Casebeer, Ken- neth Rogers, Jack Priston. TOP ROW: Donald Resler, Bill Moran. UNIVERSITY INTERNS. BOT- TOM ROW: Bert T. Reed. Donald T. Butts, E. Dale Ever- ett, Margaret A. Harrison, Opal M. Bohail, Gerald I. Kaufer, Clarence C. Young. TOP ROW: Everard J. Siller, Richard M. Thompson, Sam T. Hamra, Thomas Caine, Ches- ter R. Burns, James S. Turner, Harold Brooks. NOT PIC- TURED: Taylor D. Wagner. Ronald W. Ward. ' DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY. pard, E. G. Larson, Kurt Oubowsici Mark R. Everett, Fay Shep- Regan Bradford, Arley T. Bever, Raul C Shetler. P. Alou rubelll, O. E povlc, H. N. . Houchin, Qulncev Crider, M. S. KIrkman. 1964 Faculty DEPARTMENT OF ORTHO- PEDICS. BOnOM ROW: S. Fulton Tompkins, Ruth Wingo, administrative secretary: How- ard B. Shorbe, vice chairman: Don H. O ' Donoghue, chair- man: Richard A. Storts. Joe Bob Jarman, Jerry Sisler. SECOND ROW: Edwin Maier. Ch.arles R. Rountree. Gael R. Frank, William Miller, Lowell Templer. LeRol B. Gardner. James A. Seeley. THIRD ROW: Ralph E. Payne. Jr., Marvin Margo, Jack Spencer, E. Harold Evenson, James W. Zeiders, Phillip Lehman. L. H. Fuller. TOP ROW: William Harsha, James Amspacher, John Florence. Kenneth John- son, Stephen Thach, Adolph Mueller, Robert B. Mitchell. DEPARTMENT OF PREVEN- TIVE MEDICINE AND PUB- LIC HEALTH. BOnOM ROW: Carl R. Doering. Olivia M. Smythe, Pearl D. Fisher. Mar- garet F. Shackelford, Vivian S. Smith, Herbert Kent, Grady F. Mathews. SECOND ROW: Ed- ward Brandt James A. Ha- gans, Joseph B. Goldsmith. C. G. Gunn, Wm. W. Schott- staedt, Joe O. Rogers. Ray- mond D. Crews, Robert C. Lowe, Philip E. Smith. TOP ROW: H. P. Reinhardt, Sam- uel M. Meyers. W. David Steen. DEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGY: William E. Jacques, Walter Joel, Kurt M. DubowskI, Hazel L. McGaffrey, W. Jeanne Green. James P. Dewar, Henry T. Russell, John W. Kelly. DEPARTMENT OF UROLOGY. BOTTOM ROW: Robert H. Akins, Donald D. Albers, C. B. Dawson, M. M. Appleton, W. L. Parry, Jim M. Taylor, Hugh H. Young, Joe Collins. TOP ROW: L. C. Kavan, Jess E. Miller, Robert Kumnnen, J. F. Cram, S. D. Barnes, H. L Denison, R. Allison, B. J. Lime. 1964 Faculty DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY. BOT- TOM ROW: R. A. McLaughlin, R. B. Menguy, G. R. Williams, J. A. Schilling. SECOND ROW: A. H. Bell, C. H. Wilson, L. J. Bernard, M. K. DuVal. THIRD ROW: I. O. Pollock, F. H. McGregor, J. W. Woodward, R. L. M u r d o c k. FOURTH ROW: J. M. Campbell, S. J. Binkley, A. E. Greer, W. L. Felton, C. A. Tollett. FIFTH ROW: J. R. Riggall, G. F. McDonnold. E. E. Cooke, C. M. O ' Leary, J. F. Messenbaugh. TOP ROW: R. T. Sturm, L. H. Brown, C. Robison, P. D. Erwin, K. K. Boatman, I. H. Brown, G. S. Campbell, W. O. Coleman, Ancel Earp. DEPARTMENT OF ORAL SUR- GERY. BOTTOM ROW: John Dolce, Frank Stewart, Paul Goaz, Allen Coughenour. SECOND ROW: Mike Spengos, Sheldon Claman, Hugh Tilson, William Homan, Joe Leni- han, Angelo Angelopolous. DEPARTMENT OF OPHTHMALOLOGY. BOTTOM ROW: Emil Farris, Coy McClure, Gerald Dixon, James R. Reed, James Mills, Tullos O. Coston, Robert I. Trent, Richard A. Clay, Dick Wyrick. TOP ROW: William H. Gamier, James P. Luton, William F. Old, W. S. Muenzler. Stanton L. Witter, Everett L. Wiggins, R. P. Shaver, Robert E. Campbell, Tom L. Johnson, S. B. Leslie. DEPARTMENT OF MICRO- BIOLOGY. BOTTOM ROW: John R. Sokatch, Florene C. Kelly, L. Vernon Scott, Frances G. Felton. Robert A. Patnode. TOP ROW: John M. Hale, Ev- erett C. Bracken, Alexander H. Woods, Glenn S. Bulmer, George J. Friou. 1964 Faculty DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHIATRY, NEUROLOGY AND BEHAVI- ORAL SCIENCES. BOTTOM ROW: Gordon H. Deckert, Elizabeth M. Tackwell, E. Pumpian-Mindlin, Alfonso Paredes, O. Boyd Houchin, John G. Bruhn. SECOND ROW: Herman Rlesenberg, Wanda Gentry, AUa Gideon, Vernon V. Slsnev. THIRD ROW: Marshall Edelson, Kenneth Shewmaker, Oscar Parsons, Andre M. Weitzenhoffer, Charles Brodie, Arnold M. Morakoff, Jan Owen Harris. TOP ROW: R. M. Wienecke, J. L. Mathis, V. PIshkin, L. J. West, H. J. Stuart, J. A. Foster. DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOLOGY: John H. Gogerty, Jiro Nakano. Robert Rosenstein, Marion de V. Gotten, Chairman; Joanne I. Moore, William B. Stavinoha. DEPARTMENT OF DERMATOLOGY. BOTTOM ROV Otar Nor- wood. Lloy d A. Owens, H. A. Foerster, Phyllr, Jn-ies, William McCreight, Robert Morgan. C. J. Young. TOP ROW: Donald Johnson. Mark A. Everett, Thomas Nix, Jr., William Loney. Wll iam Smith, William Jones, Julian Swann, Maurice Coffey. 1 TOP ROW: Joe Frey, Leroy Long Prize; Carroll Hoisted, Alex- ander D. Everett Award and Leroy Long Prize; William SmI+h, Harry Wilklns Prize; Richard Tucker, Peter E. Russo Prize; Mark R. Everett Award, Roche Award. BOTTOM ROW: Bob Anthony, Dr. Tonn Lowry Award; Michael Barlcett, Peter E. Russo Prize; Robert D. Fisher, Coyne Campbell Award, Pfizer Laboratories Medical Scholarship; Coy Freeman, Ray M. Balyeat Award. Student Awards Oklahoma S+a+p Mpdi -I A ' . ' ' - " -,. Wnn Scholar hipi recipients were Glen Cunningham. John Jones, Bob Livfngs+on. BIN Wallace, Bill Cheatham. Avalon Foundation Scholarship Winners. TOP ROW; Don Wilson Bill Cook. Charles Ham, Jene Mauch. Mayo Gilson. BOTTOM ROW: Russ Mitchell, L. A. Myers, Leon Parks, John Stuemky, Liz Wliite. k rk 181 C 51 MS IV TOP ROW: John Afinowici, Oklahoma City, OU; Richard Allgood, Altus, OU: Pete Baker, Tulsa. Tulsa University: Noble Ballard, Duke, Central Si. ' . Earl Baxter, Ninnekah, OU. SECOND ROW: Steve Blackwelder, Hobart, Westminister: Harold Boggs, Brtrflesville. Phillips; Malcolm Bridwell, Carnegie, OU; David Brown, Bartlesvllle, OU Mary Brown, Boswell, SMU. THIRD ROW: Richmond Jay Brownson, Tulsa, Westminster; Buff Burtis, Jr., Clinton, OU: Ted Bynum, Oklahoma City, OU: Larry Cartmell, Pawnee, Central State College: West Clabaugh, Ardmore, OSU. FOURTH ROW: Ben Clevenger, Altus, OU; John Cone, Miami, OU; Jim Covey, Poteau, North- eastern State College: Ralph Cramer, Jr., Elm- wood, OSU; Bill Crowell, Shawnee, OU. FIFTH ROW: Tom Donica, Nashabo, OSU: Joe Duffy, Oklahoma City, OCU: Bill Edwards, Ponca City, Westminster; Bruce Evatt, Wayne, OU: Ddrryl Fisher, Ada, Central State College. SIXTH ROW: Joel Gist, Kremlin. OU; LeRoy Goodman, Oklahoma City. OCU; Charles Hahn, Blackwell. OU; Ron Hall, Stillwater. OSU; Bill Hanna, Mooreland. Northwestern State College. SEVENTH ROW: Dillis Hart. Edmond, Central State College; Joe Hartzog, Oklahoma City, OCU; Mel I, Harvey, Toronto, Canada; Tulsa University: Paul Hathaway, Big Springs. Tex., OU: Bill Hawley, Henryetta. Benedictine Heights Col- EIGHTH ROW: Phil Head, Stigler, Northeastern State College; Larry Hill, Oklahoma City, OU; Dick Honaker, Bethany. Bethany College: Jack Howard, Oklahoma City. Central State College: George Hulsey, Edmond. Central State College. BOTTOM ROW: Gordon Jimerson, El Reno, OU; Bill Jobe, Oklahoma City. OU; Howard Johnson, Tulsa, Tulsa University: Jim Jones, Norman. OU: Mike Jordan, Tulsa, Northeastern State College. 182 MS IV TOP ROW: Don Kennedy, Henryetta, OSU: Du- wayne Lagan, Enid, Phillips University; Rosalee Lavon, Norman, OU: H. K. Leathers, Muskogee, OU: Lyda Long, Oklahoma City, OU. SECOND ROW: John Lung, Del City, OSU: Paul Massad, Apache, Southwestern State College: Bill McCurdy, Purcell, OU: Dick McKinne, Ok- mulgee, OU: Audrey McMaster, Oklahoma City, Central State College. THIRD ROW: Bob Metcalf, Mollis, Southwestern State College; Lance Miller, Tulsa, Northeastern State College; John Mohr, Maize, Kans., St. Louis, University: Andy Mullholland, Tulsa. North- eastern State College: Bruce Naylor, Okeene, OBU. FOURTH ROW: John O ' Neal, Oklahoma City, OU; Henry Pearce, Edmond, Central State Col- lege: Glen Pendergraft, Jr., Tulsa, Phillips Uni- versity; John Poarch, Crescent, Central State College; Charles Prather, Tulsa, OU. FIFTH ROW: Bob Priest, Tahlequah, Northeast- ern State College; Ed Relchelt, Oklahoma City, Central State College: Herb Rowland, Milburn, Southeastern State College: Jerry Schoolar, Ard- more, Texas Wesley; Don Scott, Ada, OU. SIXTH ROW: Ron Sheets, Woodward, OSU: Tim Smally, Coyle, OSU: Eric Sorenson, Minneapolis Minn., OU; David Spencer, Tulsa, OU; Dan Stough, Geary, Central State College. SEVENTH ROW: Bill Stout, Shawnee, OBU; Wal- ter Stullman, Bronx, N.Y.. Columbia University: Don Sullivan, Shawnee, OBU; Tom Talley, Enid, Phillips University: Vic Tate, Enid, OU. EIGHTH ROW: Bob Taylor, Ponca City, OSU: David Trent, Guymon, OBU: Robert Vallion, Pan- ama, OSU; Jim Wallace, Alva, Northwestern State College: Dale Webb, Tulsa, Baylor Univer- sity. BOTTOM ROW: Jim Williams, Elk City, South- western State College: Judy Williams, Enid, Phil- lips University; Bob Wuerflein; James Young, Shawnee. OBU. wV ' ' :,: ' Y - ' I f3 f?- - 183 C jf-. ' P ' - ' It } MS III 2 ' ' w ' ' TOP ROW: Robert Arnold, Oklahoma City, OU: Don Bailey, Stroud. OU; Charles Barbee, Ant- lers, OU- Mile BarkeH, Oklahoma City. OU: Jonne Barney, Andarko, OU. SECOND ROW: George Barry, Oklahoma City. OU; Shelba Bethel, Del City, Northeastern State College: Charles Blair, Oklahoma City, OU; Cur- tis Bohlman, Watonga. OU: John Boiaiis, Okla- homa City. OU. THIRD ROW: James Brashear, Stilwell, North- eastern State College; Stan Brunn, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Long Island University; Bob Bruton, Harts- horns, Northeastern State College; Dale Butler, Norman, OU; Bob Capehart, Muskogee, Central State College. FOURTH ROW: Bob Carson, Oklahoma City. OU: Bob Carter, Tonkawa, Central State Col- lege Lyie Cartwright, Norman, OU; Charles Colter, El Reno, U.S. Naval Academy; Bill Col- vand, Oklahoma City, Central State College. FIFTH ROW: Jerry Cook, Oklahoma City, OU; Phil Craft, Hugo, Northeastern State College; Ron Cramer, Elmood, OSU; David Eakin, Tulsa. Washington and Lee University; Charles Folsom, Marietta, Southeastern State College. SIXTH ROW: T. H. Fortmann. Oklahoma City, OU; Twilah Fox, Bixby, Tulsa University; Tom Garrett, Anadarko, Southeastern State College: Eldon Gibson, Tahleguah, Northeastern State College: Charles Goree, Oklahoma City, OU. SEVENTH ROW: David Gregory, Oklahoma City, Central State College; Stephen Haas, Oklahoma City, Michigan University; Jim Henry, Oklahoma City, OUi Manuel Hensley, DeCPueen, Ark., Beth- any Nazarene; Bob Hoffman, Newkirk, OSU. EIGHTH ROW: Martin Hullender, Frederick, OBU; Melvin Hutts, Vinita, Tulsd University; Jim Jaclcson, Healdton, OSU: Don Johnson, Inola. Tulsa University; Ray Johnson, Stillwater, OSU. BOTTOM ROW: Roy King, Midwest City. North- eastern State College,; Abbas Kltabchl, Okla.- homa City, OU; Joe Krueger, Lawton. Central State College; Bob Lee, Tahlequah, Northeastern State College: Pat Lester, Broken Arrow. North- eastern State College. 184 MS in TOP ROW: Larry Magnuson, Alva, Northwestern State College; Rex Matthews, Oklahoma City, OU; Don McHard, Blackwell, OSU; Jim McMur- ry, Oklahoma City, Central State College: Tom Medlock, Ada, OU. SECOND ROW: Don Meinders, Pauls Valley, OSU; Lin Meiring, Oklahoma City, OU; Jim Mil- ton, Harrah, OSU; Don Mitchell, Oklahoma City. Central State College; Burt Montague, Lawton OU. THIRD ROW: Kirk Mosely, Oklahoma City, OU; Paul Nave, Enid, OU; John Neely, Edmond, Cen- tral State College; Tom Neese, Seminola, OU; Bob Pavlu, Waukomis, St. Benedicts. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Pennington, Midland, Tex., OSU; Kin Pirtle, McAlester, Northeastern State College; Charles Plank, Falrvlew, OU: Gary Rahe, Crescent, OSU; A. J. Reed, Kiowa, Kan., OSU. FIFTH ROW: Jimmie Reed, Nowata, Northeast- ern State College; Sam Reyes, Wewoka. OU: Tom Russell, Meeker, Westminster: lldiko Sand- ford, Oklahoma City, OU; Fred Schachu, Okla- homa City, Northwestern State College. SIXTH ROW: Harley Scholi, Perry, OSU; Bob Searcy, Tulsa, Westminster College; Gary Shep- herd, Bartlesville, Park College: Stan Skaer, Au- gusta. Kan.. OSU: Teresa Stacy, Oklahoma City. OCU. SEVENTH ROW: Nick Stephanou, Oklahoma City. OSU; Rex Stockard, Oklahoma City, OSU; Gary Strebel, Okay, Northeastern State College Leaford Thornbrough, Clinton, Southwestern State College; Jon Tillinghast, El Reno, OBU. EIGHTH ROW: Jim Todd, Stillwater, OSU: Mark Tong, Seoul, Korea, OU: Richard Tucker, Tulsa U.S. Naval Academy: Donald Tutt, Duncan, Cen- tral State College; Bruce Van Horn, Oklahoma City, OU. BOTTOM ROW: Tom Vogel, Tulsa, Benedictine Heights; Jim Walraven, Lexington, Central State College; Marvin Weisbard, Oklahoma City, Co- lumbia University: David West, Oklahoma City. Central State College; Jon Willis, Blackwell. OSU; Carroll Zahorsky, Carmen, Northwestern State College. m ■ el 185 MS II TOP ROW: Mike Adams. Choctaw, OU: Tom Ahrend, Oklahoma City, East Central State College: Steve Allin, Norman, OU: Mary Ann Anderson, Shawnee. OU: Bobby Anthony, Carney, OSU: Jon Astle, Blackwell, OSU: Hal Balyeat, Oklahoma City. OU Charles Bleber, Ponca City, OU. SECOND ROW: Jake Bloom, El Reno, Central State College; Gordon Bocox, Tulsa, OU: Charles Bollman, Muskogee, OU; David Brewer. Okmulgee, Phillips: Roy Camp, Waynoka, OSU; John Campbell, Oklahoma City, Westminster: Lynn Carr, Norman, Beth- any Nazarene " Tom Carter, Tonkawa, OSU. THIRD ROW: Bob Case, Oklahoma City, OU: Carolyn Gates, Norman, OU: Bill Cobb, Purcell, OU: Joe Cole, Oklahoma City, Central State College: Jack Connally, Stratford, University of Washington: Sidney Cotner, Oklahoma City, OU: Glenn Cun- ningham, Bristow, OU: Morris Curry, Oklahoma City, Central State College. t £ FOURTH ROW: Bill Davles, Ponca City, Wisconsin: Pete Duke, Oklahoma City, Central State College: Glenn Dunnington, Chero- kee. OU: John French, Artesia, N.M., OU: Joe Frey, Chickasha, East Central State College: Chuck Frichot, Cushing, OU: Charles Gelnar, Granite, Southwestern State College: John Geurkink, Chickasha, OSU. FIFTH ROW: Jim Gormley, Oklahoma City. Central State Col- lege: Ed Gwin, Ada, East Central State College: Tom Hansen, Stillwater, OSU: John Hafchett, Pawhuska, OU: Robert Hemphill, Orange, Tex., Bethany Nazarene: Dodge Hill, Oklahoma City. OSU: Sally Holden, Ft. Worth, Tex., TCU; Carroll Hoisted, Car- negie, Southwestern State College. BOnOM ROW: Pat Hughes, Tulsa, Notre Dame: Clark Hyde, Oklahoma City, OU: Lee Jeffrey, Hugh, OSU: Lewis Johnson, Mangum, OU: Jay Johnston, Oklahoma City, Central State Col- lege; John Junker, Edmond, Central State College; Phillip King- ery, Mangum. Southwestern State College: Roger Kinney, Ed- mond. Central State College. C ( ' .M kdih kJ - - ' f T) 186 — ♦. J feii jrC !r " " M»3«. if?c iP |f 5 ! i Cffe i J AIL -P 1 1 . Q C , - -• .» ly f. wk i a i V ' m Jl ' = ' , iL £ J Sm MS 11 TOP ROW: Fred Kuhn, Oklahoma City, OU; Kemper Lain, Ponca City, OSU; Bob Lambert, Ardmore, OU; Dee Legako, Wellston, OSU; Joe Leonard, Ponca City, DePauw; Jerry LeJ, Alva, North- western State College; Charles Lewis, Oklahoma City. OU; Clark Lipe, Oklahoma City, OU. SECOND ROW: James Lucas, Sand Springs, Northeastern State College; Tony Madeira, Lawton, OU; Jim Males, Cheyenne, Southwestern State College; David Manning, Edmond, Central State College; James Mantoo+h, Lindsay, OU: Bob Marchbank, Tulsa, University of Tulsa; Clarence Maxey, Midwest City, OU; Marcia McGee, Oklahoma City, Standford University. THIRD ROW: Muriel McGlamery, Mooreland, OSU; Bill McKin- ney, Oklahoma City, University of Tulsa; Dan Metcalf, Altus, OSU; Bob Milam, Oklahoma City, Central State College; Dick Morris, Weatherford, Southwestern State College; Richard Nelson, Okla- homa City, OSU; Byron Niebruegge, Snyder, OU; Bill Noblet. Spiro, OBU. FOURTH ROW: David Parker, Bethany, Central State College; Stan Pelofsky, Brooklyn, N.Y., Long Island University; Bob Quinn, Oklahoma City, OU: Joe Robertson, Oklahoma City, Bethany Nazarene; Frank Sanchez, Panama City, East Central State Col- lege; John Schulmacher, Alva, Northwestern State College: Bill Shadid, Oklahoma City, Central State College; Jim Shaeffer, Oklahoma City, OU. FIFTH ROW: Bruce Shields, Enid, Phillips; Tom Sloan, Duncan, OU; Dick Smith, Oklahoma City, Westminster; Bill Smith, Nor- man, OU; Larry Stabler, Oklahoma City, University of Tulsa; Carl Stevenson, Oklahoma City, University of Tulsa; Martin Stokes, Oklahoma City, East Central State College; Mark Sullivan, Okla- homa City. OU. BOTTOM ROW: Jan Turley, Eufaula, OSU; Anadarko, OU : Jim Waltenmire, Perry, OSU: Ray Warren, Norman, OU; Phil Wash- burn, Oklahoma City, Bethany Nazarene; George Weaber, Okla- homa City, OU; Bob Worley, Enid, Phillips University; David Young, Oklahoma City, OU. 187 --rf , i, fTZj f :- r ' v - " i N--r y,. :i. J MS I TOP ROW: Joe Anderson, Hugo: Gary Anderson, Tulsa; Jerry Bednar, Oklahoma City: Bill Bird, OUahoma City: Joe Bourrand, Oklahoma City: Jim Bowie, Oklahoma City. SECOND ROW: Spencer Brown, Fayetteville. Ark.; Phil Bryan, Clinton: Line Bynum, Oklahoma City: Bill Cheatham, Ardmore: John Christiansen, Oklahoma City; Gene Claf- lin, Wakita. THIRD ROW: Judith Myers, Tulsa; Tom Coale, Okemah. Joe Coker, Bethany: Jeff Collins, Tulsa; Bill Cook, Okla- homa City; Whulen Cox, Jal, N.M.: FOURTH ROW: John Craig, Emd: Bill Culp. McAlester, Gene Cunningham, Oklahoma City: C, A. Riser, Henry- •tt,; Bill Dieker, Pryor; Stan Dombeli, Henryetta. FIFTH ROW: Gary Elam, Tulsa; Ed Ellis, Muskogee; Ed Emmons, Enid; Ken Evans, Marietta: George Flaming, Cloud Chief: Coy Freeman, McAlester. SIXTH ROW: Mayo Gilson, Oklahoma City: Martin Glass- er, Oklahoma City; Charles Gosnell, Tahlequah: Larry Gra- ham, Tahlequah; Robin Gunning, Oklahoma City. SEVENTH ROW: Charles Ham, Tucson, Ariz.; Joe Harbi- son, Tulsa; R. E. Hardberger, Beaver; Jean Hester, Okla- homa City: Ron Hill, Clinton. EIGHTH ROW: Bill Jackman, Norman; Victor Lee Jackson. Edmond: Johnny Jones, Shawnee: Chris Kaufman, Win- throp. Mass.; Forrest Keene, Oklahoma City. BOTTOM ROW: Mark Kelley, Stillwater: John King, Guy- mon, Chuck Lapo, Santa Barbara, Calif; Joe Leonard, Rush Springs; Bob Livingston, Oklahoma City. 188 MS I TOP ROW: Jack Locke, Ardmore ; Bob Lynch, Tulsa: Jean Mauch, Sapulpa: Bob McCloy, Oklahoma City: J. D. Mc- Kean, Oklahoma City. SECOND ROW: Ralph McLaury, Norman: Ken Miller, Hartshorne; Russ Mitchell, Mllburn: Arden Clinkenbeard, El Cajon. Calif. ' L. A. Myers. Jet. THIRD ROW: Barney Neal, Oklahoma City: Charles Nim- mo, Clinton: Ron North, Enid: Leon Parks, Tipton: Howard Parsons, Lawton. FOURTH ROW: Randel Patty, Moore Jack Pettett, Cad- do: John Pettigrove, Bartlesville: Bill Pingleton, tHaileyville: James Ricks, Oklahoma City. FIFTH ROW: Ralph Day, Durham, N.H.: Judy Robbins, Muskogee: Elmo Robison, Hugo: Fenton Sanger, Oklahoma City; Chuck Seward, Oklahoma City. SIXTH ROW: John Shane, Tulsa: Bob Shaw, Miami- Dave Sherman, Lexington: Gary Shrago, Sioux City, Iowa: Nor- man Singer, Oklahoma City: Joe Smith. Chicago, III. EIGHTH ROW: Dick Smith, Tulsa: Bill Smith, Nowata: John Stamatis, Oklahoma City: Walt Stark, Oklahoma City: John Stuemky, Newklrt: Chuck Taylor, Oklahoma City. NINTH ROW: Elmer Treat, Oklahoma City: Dan Tubb, Tahlequah: Carl Tuck, Tulsa: Bill Wallace, Ardmore; Bud Warren, Kingfisher: Bob Weedn, Duncan. BOnOM ROW: Liz White, Denver, Colo.: Gwen White- sell, Stillwater: Scott Williams, Stillwater: Don Wilson, Blackwell: Jack Woodward, Falrview: David Wyatt, Sapulpa. iM tMAk « ' AiiJ ili 189 - ' - i ' - . , - ' r GRADUATE STUDENT COUNCIL. BOTTOM ROW: Suzanne Lussier, Hyman Orbach, Jean kotter, Patty Wheeler. TOP ROW: T. K. Stiires, K. K. Stinson, Bill Kurtz. Graduate Students DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY: Emma Louise Anderson, Kimiko hiat+a Duqan, Theodore McClure. DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY: Jerry Clyde Capps, Halng Ug Clioi, George L. Ellceiri, Frank R. Frow. Eugene B. Harris, Wie-Yong Huang, Max Wayne Hurst, Sail E. Jergensen, Abbas Othma Jibril, David Hartley Jones, Su-Chen Li, Hubert Eugene May, Charles Lee Mendenhall, Ann C. Miller, John Norman Mills. Mieko Oshima, Leonard C. Ryan. Carmen D. Sanchez, Ann K. Shires, Bariah Taha, Betty Jane White, Anita O. Young. DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNICATION DISORDERS: Verna Sue Austin, Donna K. Bickford, Sarah Ann Blair, William H. Byrd, Jr., Laurel Sara Chertow, Mary Ann Conn, Carolyn Kay Cook, William A. Cooper, Jr., Mary Hicks Dirickson, Kathryn E. Empie, Martha Jean Enroth, Rosemary Flint, Grace E. Frederick, Mary F. Furman, Terry S. Griffing. Marjorie Mae Jones, Carmen R. Magno, James C. Malone, Judith A. Miller, James V. Morris, Glenda Ochsner, Donald L. Rampp, Marjorie Richards, Karen J. Riess, Richard Riess, Darrell Rose, Beth Ann Sadler, Josef I. Sanders, Nancy Lee Schmermund, Elizabeth Shirey, Elizabeth C. Spickard, Thomas A. Stallcup, Rachel Stark, Thomas E. Stokinger, Patricia Summers, Louise Tarver, Patty Van Horn, Patty Wheeler, Marilyn Wilson, Gar Wingard, Maxine Wrenn, Thomas Zaehman. DEPARTMENT OF MICROBIOLOGY: Lawrence A. Chitwood, Warrer, L. Cook, Donald J. Dunn, Charles M. Gunn, Gary W. Harris, Choudhry M. Ishaq, Ruth C. Kibbe, Rachel Lomanitz. Bev- erly Ann McKown, Suda Nida, Joan Rotter, William R. Schmied- Ing, Perry O. Teague, Dennis W. Trent. DEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGY: Carlos A. Araoz, Jacqueline Coalson, David J. Harris. Charles R. Key, Paul H. Leap, Jack L. Painter, Michael Spenqos, Kenneth Stinson. DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOLOGY: William E. Kurtz, Robert J. Niederschuh. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY: Jarrell D. Balrrington, James R. E--all, Richard Bell, Jarvii L. Bull, James R. Callahan, Jack D. Connally, Robert M. Daugherty, Paul Donat, R. I. Duncan, Thomas E. Emerson, Jr.. Jimmy D. Frogge, Billy Joe Matter, Francis J. Nagle, Henry W. Overbeck, William N. Palmer, Michael N. Ro- mano, Jerry B. Scott, Linda L. Shanbour, James A. Spath, Jr. DEPARTMENT OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE AND PUBLIC HEALTH: Jack Adier, Robert Armstrong, At tway Ausbie, Paul A. Bickford, John C. Branch, William J. Brown, Jr., Thomas J. Car- penter, Michael D. Clark, James P. Costiloe, Wayne W. Daniel, Robert C. Duncan, Jimmy Gann, Miriam Grossman, Ralph Har- kins, Jenell Hubbard, William R. Kllgore, William G. King, Adrian A. Kyriakopoulos, Edgar L. Lichti, Ching L. Liu, Carol McCoy. John F. McCoy, Anna M. Obert, Hyman G. Orbach, Yale E. Parkhurst, Terry L. Rice, Robert C. Ritter, Royce L. Sodotal, Wilson Steen, Bill Stevenson, Robert Thompson, Gary A. Tuck, Mrs. Gregory Walter, Eleanor I. WIgler, Charles Willard. DEPARTMENT OF DIETETICS: Florecita B. Acacio, Katherine E. Brinker, Esperanza R, Briones, Edith C. Cunningham, Jeanne Kil- patrick, Marie Lussier, Barbara Mayo, Marilyn Rollins, Janet Saville. 190 1964 Sooner CHARLES PRATHER. Co-Edito This is the most difficult section of a yearbook to write. In this bri ef space, it is virtually impossible to express all the deserved credit to those who made this book possible. To all those we extend our sincere thanks. It is also the purpose of this editorial to explain the ideas behind the 1964 Sooner Medic. First it was our opinion that the yearbook should be more than a di- rectory of names and faces. For that reason, the theme of medicine 1847 and medicine through the ages was added to the routine regimen. Secondly, whenever possible, captions were written to fit the pictures, rather than itemize the chief characters. This approach allows us to use humor and sincerity at the expense of no one individual. Thirdly, the editing of a yearbook is a challenging task. The most challenging aspect is that of pleasing all the people all of the time. To achieve that, we thought a book should have humor, variety and sin- cerity. For your edification, here is such a book — the 1964 Sooner Medic. Richard Allgood MS IV Charles Prather MS IV BOTTOM ROW: Don Brashear, Elizabeth White, Bob Warren. TOP ROW: Kemper Lane, Richard Tucker. LEON SEATON Nursinq Co-editor CAROL FERGUSON Nursing Co-editor 191 BOnOM ROW: N. L Melring, Phillip E. Smith. Vic Tate, G. R. Hasse, Eric Sorenson, Hyman Orbach. TOP ROW: Tom Talley, Kemper Lain, Bill Smith, Glenn Cunningham, Mike Barkett. S. E. Blackwelder. NOT PICTURED: Jim Todd, Jack Locke, Lincoln Bynum. Jerry Bednar. Student Council The Student Council is the duly elected governing hody of the students at the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine. It is comprised of the class presi- dents and two Student Council Representatives from each class and one representative from the Graduat e School. Dr. Gunter Hasse. chief of neurology, depart- ment of medicine, is this year ' s faculty advisor. Dr. Phillip Smith, associate dean of student affairs, provides liaison with the school administration. Some of the continuing functions of the Student Council are administration of the honor system, spon- .sorship of the . 1I School Dance. Gridiron, the annual Aescuhi|Mon Award and the Sooner Medic. This year ' s Student Council provided the nucleus of organization by which the students devoted their sup- port to the successful passage of the Medical Center hond issue. VIC TATE, President 192 i WiK THE ANNUAL Christmas banquet. SAMA The OU chapter of the Student American Medical Association completed its thirteenth year in 1963-64. In addition to providing for the needs of the professional organization for medical students, the SAMA annually brings to Oklahoma a distingui,shed speaker for the fall banquet sponsored by the Oklahoma Medical As- sociation. The all-school Christmas dance was planned bv the SAMA. THE GUEST speakers are shown here In the midst of the annual SAMA Banquet. FIRST THE FOOD, then the festivities for the SAMA Banquet. GUEST SPEAKER if the fall lectureship was Dr. Julius H. Comroe. here flanked by Darryl Fisher and Bruce Evatt. Alpha Ome a Alpha Honor Medical Society I[)ha Oiiiejra Alpha «as iDiitidcd In William V. Root. The first chapter was orjraiii .ed at the College of Medicine. University of Illinois on August 25. 1902. The honor society has steadily grown so that today there are chapters in nearly every medical scIkhiI in llie United States. The spirit of AOA is set lorlh in its niollo. " To be worthy to ser ' e the .suirerinji;. " The most prominent rc(iuisite of membership is high scholarshij) in a broad sense. Selection to the society is also based ii|)on per- sonal honesty and leadership, as well as promise of fu- ture achievement in medicine. The Oklalioma Alpha cha|)ter was fomided on May 1. 1953 by acti«)ii of the national society. The local chapter has gradually enlarged so that there are ap- |)roxiniately 175 members at the present linie. I.ach year, the Oklahoma chapter sponsors u fall and spring lectureship to whuh inlcriKiliorialiv proniinciil anlliiri- tics in medicine are brought to the medical center. T e fall Student Honors Con ()cation is anotlier fiuiction of AOA at which time students are recognized for their scholastic achievement. Members of the class of 19fi3 were Richard T. Cous- sons, John P. Evans, William J. Ifale. Michael Keeran. Steve A. LeValley, Dan M. Mackey, Billy J. Neal, Jack Preston, Don A. Rockwell, Thomas A. Stanley. Harry B. Tate and Dennis A. W ' eigand. Members of the class if 19()4 selected as juniors were Robert Darryl Fisher (president), Walter Stullman (vice-president), and Bruce Lee Evatt (secretary-treas- urer) . Selection of senior members of the class of 1964 is to he made in the s|)ring. 1964. at which time a formal initiation dimier will be held in conjunction with the spring lectureship. 194 Phi Beta Pi Phi Beta Pi is the largest medical fraternity in the world. It now has over forty active chapters. The .Alpha Lambda cha[)ter was installed at the Lhii ersity of Okla- homa School of Medicine in 1912 and has since had many prominent physicians as acti e members. The Alpha Lambda chapter has by far the largest and strong- est Alumni Association of any medical fraternity chapter. Meetings are held monthly in which an informative speaker is featured. A diiuier-dance is sponsored an- nually as well as an Annual Founders Day Banquet at which a nationally prominent figure speaks. Officers of the Alpha Lambda chapter are Bill Shadid. archon; Joe C. Cole, vice-archon: Bruce Shields, secre- tary; Jack Coinially, treasurer, and John Schuhmacher, historian. Members are Earl Baxter, Harold Boggs. Mel Harvey. Philip Head. Jack Howard. William Jobe. Howard Joliiisoii. Wayne Johnson. Duane Lagan. Pat Leathers. PanI Massad. Robert Met- calf, Henry Pearce. Olen Pendergraft. James Robert Priest, Geral Reichelt, Jerome Schoolar. Dan Stongh, George Wootan and Robert Wuerllein. Additional members are Mike Barkett. Dan Brashear, Stan Brunn, Jerry Cook. Phil Craft. Ray Johnson. Abbas Kitabchi, Robert Lee. Pat lister. Jim McMurry. Dee Mitchell. A. J. Reed, Harley Scholz. (jary Strebel. Nick Stephanou, Jim Todd, (iary Rahe and Mike Adams. Also Stephen AUin, David Brewer. Joe Charles Cole. Jack Connally. Charles Frichot. John Junker. Jay Johnston. Robert Marchbank. Robert Milam. Richard Morris. David Manning. Byron Niebniegge. William iNoblet. John Schuhmacher. Bill Shadid. Bruce Shields. Ray Warren. Robert Worley. George Weaber. William McKinney, Lou Johnson and Pete Duke. Pledges include Clarence Maxey. Jerry Dean Leu, Johnny French, Tony Madeira, V. Gary Anderson, William Bird, David Clark. Ralph Day, Edwin Ellis. Edward Enunons. Mayo Dean Gilson. Wdliam Jackman. Johnn ' Jones, Jr.. Chris E. Kauf- man. Bob E. Lyndi. Russell Mitchell. Ronald orth. Randel Patty. Charles Seward, Norman Singer, Daniel Tumm. James R. Warren. Don A. Wilson. EVERYONE has fun at the Phi Beta Pi functions. FESTIVITIES abound at the annual Christnnas party. 195 BOTTOM ROW: Dr. Grace Hassler, Dr. Bertha Levy, Mary Sad- doris, Judy Williams. Dr. Ellidee Dotson, Gwen Whltesell, Judy Myers. Jjdy Robbins. TOP ROW: Sally Holden, Dr. Ernest Lach- man, Carolyn Gates, Dr. Loretta Engles, Dr. Ella Lembeck, Dr. Charlsey Klepper, Dr. Muriel Hyroop, Joyce Lemmons, Mary Brown, Dr. Lillian Hoke. Dr. Nancy Craig. Jean Hester. Alpha Gpsilon Iota OFFICERS President Marv Brown Vice-President Jonne Barney Secretary-Treasurer Sally Holden .Alpha Epsilon Iota was founded 72 years ago at the University of Michigan. Nu chapter was established at the University of Oklahoma in 1921. Monthly meetings, conducted in homes of alumnae, afforded enjoyable opportunities for students and alumnae to exchange ideas and " talk shop. " Activities included guest speakers, " get acquainted ' " freshman yiartv. a pledge ceremony and formal initia- tion. Emphasis is placed on fellowship, scholarship and the fostering of a spirit of moral and social hel[)ful- ness. Nil seeks to maintain the high standards of .AEI and. in so doing, also niaiiilaiii ilie standards of medi- cine. 196 HELEN E. PATTERSON. RN, AB. MA Dean of the School of Nursing School Of Nursing As one 1)1 the degree recomiiieiuliiig scliools of the Uiii crsily. tlie Scliool of Niirsiiig is jjioikI tliat alt pro- granis olfered are now fuliv accredited l)y its national accrediting body as of Deceniher. I9(). ' 5. This is a major acc(nii|)lishiiient whicli reflects tiie tremendons cooj era- tion and great amount of work l)y all menihers of the facidty and allied disciplines whicli has indeed resulted m a more strengthened educational program in profes- sional nursing. Ciollegiate nurswig is drawrng more and more yoimg men and women with exceptional abilities as evidenced by our continued increased enrollment. In coo|)eration with the I ' niversitys planned isits. students in the high schools as well as the junior and senior colleg s in the state are made aware of the educational op|)ortiHiities af- forded at the School of Nursing. Students are realizing the importaiiec of earning a Bachelor of Science degree in conjunction with becoming a Registered Nurse. With nurse specialists and able assistants in the four areas of nursing, and the completely reviewed curricula offerings this past year, students are basically prepared for a career as an important member of a richly reward- ing profession. NIGHT TIME SCENE shows the Nurses Residence wing of the University of Oklahoma School of Nursinq in Oklahoma City. II I I | HBBV 5 0Bi ip rtg ELISAA BARTLETT, RN, 8SN Instructor Public Health JUANITA GARRISON Residence Director JANE E. CHAPMAN, RN. BSN. MM Assislant Professor Public Health SUE FORRESTER, RN, BSN Instructor Fundamentals, Medical-Surgical CAROLYN HARDESTY. RN. BSN Instructor Fundamentals, Medical-Surgical FRANCES HART. RN, BS. MA Assistant Professor Medical-Surgical Coordinator Supplemental Degree Program I LIKE YOUR attitude. It ' s your grades! Mrs. Minnie Williams holds a conference with student Rudolph Ryan. Faculty ADA HAWKINS, DOROTHY HOEHNE. FRANCES INZER. RN, BSN LILLIAN JONES. CAROLEE MESSI, RN. BSN RN. BS. SM RN, BS Instructor RN, BS, MA Instructor Professor Instructor Fundamentals, Assistant Professor Fundamentals, Nursing Maternal-Child Health Medical-Surgical Coordinator Certificate Program Maternal-Child Health Assistant Dean Medical-Surgical MARIE C. MINK. VERA PETERS. BS, MHEc MARTHA STOCKWELL, MINNIE E. WILLIAMS, JESS CELIA WILSON RN. BS. MA Assistant Professor RN, BSNE, MN RN, BS, MA RN. BSN Assistant Professor Nutrition Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Instructor Maternal-Child Health Psychiatry Fundamentals, Medical-Surgical Medical-Surgical 199 Seniors TOP ROW: Carole Ayers, OC Certificate, AA 3, OSSNA I. 2: Kathleen Cassady, OC. Certificate, Pres. of Student Body 63-64, Corres. Sec. of OSSNA ' 63-64, Treas. of Student Body ■62-63, Queen Candidate ' 62-63, Annual Rep. 2, See. Chrmn. BSU 2; Chariene Chism, Shawnee, Degree, OU 1,2; OSSNA I, 2, 3: Treas. 2; Mary Nell Cole, Enid, Degree, Phillips University I , OU 2, AA 3, 4; AA Sec. 4: OSSNA 2. 3, 4: Miss OUSN 4; Tenth Muse Club I, Disciples Student Fellowship 2. BOTTOM ROW: Linda Lee Daniel, Bartlesville. Degree, Lindenwood 1, OU 2, OSSNA 2, 3, 4: Class Pres. 4, Canterbury 2: Colleen Ellstrom, Norman, Degree, ATA; Priscilla Ferguson, Del City, Certifi- cate, OSSNA I, Annual Rep. I, 3; Annual Co-Ed. 2: Sherry French, OC, Degree, OU 1,2. TOP ROW: Dena Troiani Harris, Duncan, Degree, Texas Women ' s University 1,2 3: TSNA I, 2, 3: Student Council 3; OU 4, AA 4, AA Sec. 4: Jerrie Leta Hulet, OC, Certificate, Aj 2, 3: Vice Pres. of AA 3: Elwanda Keller, Norman, Degree: Jean Kurti, Midwest City, Certificate, AA 2, 3: OSSNA 2, 3; Pres. of AA ' 64: Student Council ' 64; Jean Ann Ladwig, Loyal, Certificate, Class Officer I, 2; Student Council I, 2, 3: OSSNA 3; AA 2, 3; Outstanding Freshman I; BSU I, 2, 3; June Landreneau, OC, Certificate, AA 3. SECOND ROW: Mary Laub, Calumet, Degree, OU 1,2; ISA 2; OSSNA 2, 3, 4; AA 3, 4; Outstanding ISA; HarrieHe Newman, OC, Certificate, OSSNA, Chairman of Red Cross 2: Social Co- Chrmn. 3; Student Council 3; Pledge Mistress AA; Kathryn NImmo, Bucklin, Kan., Degree, Bethany Nazarene College I ; Biology Club I; OU 2; OSSNA 2, 3, 4: AA 3, 4; AA Treas. 4; Class Annual Rep. 4; Carol Paiourecic, OC, Degree, OU 1,2; ISA I, 2; OSSNA 2, 3, 4; Outstanding ISA I, 2; Class Treas. 3; Student Body Treas. 4; OSSNA Rep. 3: Sue Pendergraft, OC, Certificate, OSSNA I, 2, 3: Class Repor ter-Historian I; Queen Candidate 2; Class Vice-Pres. 2; Carol June Ray, OC, Certificate, AA 2, 3; AA Officer 2. BOTTOM ROW: Bobbie Roysden, OC, Certificate, OSSNA I, 3; Red Cross 2, 3; Leon L. Seaton, Lyons, Kan., Certificate, Student Delegate to NSNA I; Class Officer I, 2; Annual Co-ed. 2, 3; OSSNA District I Pres. 2; OSSNA First Vice Pres. 3; Diana Smtih, Beeville, Tex., Degree, OU 1,2; AA 4; Class Vice Pres. 4; OSSNA 2, 3, 4; Wesley Found. I, 2; AA Treas. 4; K j, 2; OSSNA Nomi- nation Comm. 3: Janet Tice, OC, Degree, OU 1,2; OSSNA; AFA: AA 4; Red Cross Rep. 3; Rosamund Williams, New Amsterdam, British Guiana, Certificate; AA 2, 3; OSSNA 2, 3: Librarian AA ' 63; Thurlene Wisner, Fort Supply, Certificate, OSSNA I; Sports Chairman 3; Red Cross 2, 3; Susan J. Wright, Woodward, Certifi- cate; OSSNA I, 2, 3; Class Officer 3; Miss OUSN 2; Student Council 2. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS were Priscilla Ferguson, annual repre- sentative; Susan Wright, secretary-treasurer; Linda Daniel, presi- dent; Diana Smith, vice president, and Kathryn Nlmmo, annual representative. f»0, Q ' W TOP ROW: Darlene Anderson, Norman; Al Carson, Tulsa: Marion Cozart, Ldwton; Valerie Day, Norman; Susan Denton, Altus; Ann Doll, OC; Mary Dunn, Tonkawa. BOTTOM ROW: Carol Ferguson, OC: Maryanne Fife, Mangum; BeHy Gates, Wynnewood: Judith Grove, OC: Ann Hobbs, OC; Patricia Kelley, OC; Rosemary Kiles, OC. Juniors TOP ROW: Adeline KloecHer, Checotah; Janis Lambert, Perry; Elizabeth MaggI, Bristow; Jean Marlow, Glencoe; Mary Jane Martin, Lawton: Jaclclyn Maze, OC; Julia Ann Meyer, Pauls Valley; Almeita Norton, Marlow. BOTTOM ROW: Cecelia Samara, OC; Carol Rose Smith, OC; Pat Southward, Headricl:; Sharon Steelman, Haskell; Judy Jo Taylor, Henry- etta; Jane Tinsley, Midwest City; Nancy Wilkonson, Sapulpa. NOT PIC- TURED: Kathryn Higginbotham, OC; Pamela Nestlerode, OC; Bonnie Rich, OC; Rudolph Ryan, Norman. JUNIOR CLASS officers are Judy Taylor, vice-president; Carol Smith, annual representative; Adeline Kloeckler, president; Maryanne Fite, secretary-treasurer. Not pic- tured is Betty Gates, annual representative. 201 BOTTOM ROW: Jean Kurtz, Susan Denton, Ann Doil, Kathleen Cassady. Thurlene WIsner. TOP ROW: Leon Seaton, Carol Fergu- son, Linda Daniel, Jean Ladwiq, Harriette Newman, Al Carson STUDENT COUNCIL PLANS PROJECTS Composed of student body officials, class presidents and cliil) representatives, the Student Council meets monthlv to direct student activities. It acts as the execii- ALUMNI ASSOCIATION To jiromole unity and good fellowship anions its members, For mulual lielp and |jrolection. The advancement of oiu- school and profession. Tlie extension of aid in lliose in need. tive council for the student body which votes on resi- dence rules, subject to faculty approval, and all outside projects, social and recreational activities. OKLAHOMA STATE To encourage the student to promote and maintain high educational and professional .standards is the pri- mary purpose of the Oklahoma State Student Nurses ' Association. BOTTOM ROW: Maryanne Fite, Al Carson, Jean Kurt?. Susan Denton. TOP ROW: Carol Ray. Jin.- M-i ' tin, Ann Doil, Almeita Norton. NOT PICTURED: Carol Pazoureck, Betty Gates. Kathy Higglnbotham, Adeline KloecUer, Judy Taylor, Nancy Wilkonson, Carol Snnith. Dena Harris, Mary Cole. Susan Wright, Bobble Roysden. 202 TcriT BOTTOM ROW: Jean Kur+2, president; Rosamund Williams, li- brarian; Jerrie Hulet; Mary Cole, Harrlette Newman, Jean Lad- wig. TOP ROW: Maryanne Fife, Kathryn Nimmo, Diana Smith. Sharon Steelman, vice president; Jean Marlow, Dena Harris, sec- retary; Carol Ray , Carol Smith, Mary Dunn, parliamentarian; Janis Lambert, Jane Martin. DELTA ALPHA Sponsoring service projects and social functions for its members are tfie chief activities of Delta Alpha, hon- orary sorority for nursing students. The group meets STUDENT NURSES ASSOCIATION The organization also tries to stimulate an interest in and an understanding of tlie current problems affecting the nursing profession not only in the stale but nation- wide. BOTTOM ROW: Jean Ladwig, Harriette Newman, Linda Daniel. Leon Seaton. Top Row: Pat Southward. Kathryn Nimmo, Diana Smith, Kathleen Cassady. monthly. Service projects often include residence im- provements, providing help for hospital equipment, maintaining a residence library and handling the nurs- ing text for classroom work. THREE MORE SECONDS and she ' s late, warns Mrs. Juanita Garrison, residence director, whose chat with Mrs. Beulah Smith was interrupted by a telephone call from a student whose friend has a very good story. 203 WHERE ' S THE party? Pat and Sam Strong are ready for the fun to begin. MISS OUSN was Mary Nell Cole. Runner-up was Ann Doil. THEY ' RE WAITING for the music to start WANT TO KNOW a secret? I want to hold your hand — Mary Dunn and date and Dena and Bill Harris 204 ' i S ' . ' - ' ' »■r r ' ' .lw» « rall ■a T ; w, w J ' ll l« l Hl BJI ■J y - ' • - Ka MANY STUDENTS SEEK the relaxed atmosphere of the old University golf course and pond, complete with ducb. just east of Owen Fi. Activities GOOD-LOOKIN ' GIRLS are ample in number at OU and some get to be queens, as Nancy Nolley, 1963 Campus Chest titllst, crowned by Hoyt Andres. DALLAS WEEKEND provided this scene Friday night in the downtown area. Many pedestrians crowded sidewalks and Oklahoma cars jammed traffic. BUD WILKINSON, the nation ' s top football coach, discusses plans for one of his popular Sunday TV shows. He has made victory an OU habit. J RIVERBOTTOM PARTIES are a distinct part of OU ' s social atmosphere. eSiircs 209 Riaiilics 244 QiuTiis 2r)S Man of Distinction . . . 260 C.ampiis Personalities . . 261 Athletics 265 Intramurals 297 Vi in ii " s Rctrtalioii . ssn. . , ' ()] TIME-CONSUMING RUSH SKITS are polished over and over again during Work Week. Here the Gamma Phis rolicl : tnrrjor a practice skit aimed at corralling future pledges while non-participating Gamma Phi members watch. Boys have more fun watching such goings on. Year Starts With Gun -Ho, Tanned Life springs into the University of Oklahoma campus two weeks before classes open each fall with the inception of Work Week, that joyous period when the Greeks return from an all-too- short summer and assault their fraternity and sorority houses with varying degrees of vigor aimed at cleaning them up for Rush Week. Most of the week is spent playing. Sophomores usually do most of the cleaning up. Skits and plans are prepared for Rush Week. Then social acquaintances are renewed, at the riverbottom. SCRUBBING UP THE HOUSE Is a vital part of Work Weelc. Dick Kobdish, Delbert Frieze, Tim Traynor and Lance Johnson like to buff. SIGNS, SIGNS, SIGNS and more signs need final touches during Work Week for the upcoming Rush Week. These Zetas show how it ' s done. 209 J RAIN PLAGUED 1963 Rush Week activities at OU to the point that umbrellas were common attire for the girls. Male rushees just soaked. NEW DELTA GAMMA PLEDGE Carol Chipman hugs member Anne Frier in a joyous outlet of happiness. DG ' s Jerri Mac Richardson, partly hidden, and Charlotte Council are happy, too. A FIRM HANDSHAKE by Sigma Chi Louis Brigham seals the pledging of Larry Carr while Gil Steadly, Bob Mrlntosh. Julian McNeely and Warren Carey, all Chis, beam with pride. PURPLE AND WHITE PHI GAM pledge ribbons are pinned on Bill Lockett by Fiji Roger McElroy as members Marty Garber and Bob Williams watch this dramatic climax to Rush Week at OU. The Phi Sams pledged 47 men to make into Islanders this year. Rushees vs. Greeks - - It ' s Hand-Swelling Rush Week Time OU ' s Greek system, one of the strongest in the nation, is perpetuated yearly by Rush Week, that hectic five-day scramble among the 24 fraternities and the 15 sororities to grab the sharpest of the newly-arrived high school graduates for themselves. It has been said that the OU Greek system has more money invested in it than any other in the United States. Our Greeks, thusly, pride themselves, and rightly so, on maintaining high esprit de corps among their ranks, and Rush Week is the time to fortify those ranks. It ' s the climax of a simimer of rushing, and concludes when nearly 1,000 pledge and receive ribbons. 211 A FIRST TRYING STEP in the memorable bi-annual (for most peo- ple) enrollment process comes In the Field House when packet cards are tilled out. Above, athletes Bruce Wilkinson, Terry Brown and Bill Whitlocic concentrate on completing cards. SECOND MAIN STOP for all students during enrollment is the Union Ball- room where sectioning Is done and fee paid. But It ' s alr-condltloned. 212 Enrollment Onicially Commences School, Slows Partying Enrollment week kicks ofF the official beginning of tlie scliool year, altlaough a large portion of the on-campus students are already back for Work and Rush Weeks. Securing classes at the proper times besides paying fees and filling out what seems to be needless informa- tion usually becomes an arduous task for even the veteran students. A record 13,064 students enrolled tliis year. However, Charles E. Smith, general services supervisor at OU and one of the enrollment overseers, said it went ' ' very smoothly " despite the increase. But pre-enrollment days are still sa- vored more and more. BY THIS TIME the pair of enrollment has turned i u pt,,., al feeling of tired muscles and aching feet. This pooped coed, before paying fees, succumbs to a vacant chair. FINAL ENROLLMENT STEP is a picture, although it isn ' t worth 1,000 words. It ' s the student ID shot, and photographers Gil Jain and Gary Harmon are not to blame for the lousy picture content. The students are just so exhausted from enrolling they could really care less about smiling. IT ' S UNIONOLOGY TIME when the Union Activities busy bees form a clov n cortege around a real, live calliope and go — painted faces and all — barnstorming around the OU campus for promotion of the College of Unionology, where incoming freshmen can sign up for many activities. Year Kicks OH With Contests, College Of Inionolo y, Much CONTESTS OF ALL SORTS sprout quickly each fall. The Campus Chest Carnival Is one, where the Ugliest Man and a Queen emerge — Jack Jackson and Nancy Nolley. 214 Activities, sports and |)e()|)Ic really get OU ' s heartbeat pumpinjr at full speed once classes convene. There ' s Picture Day for the football team, the Cam|)iis Chest tonicst. ])C|) rallies and Little Red to inspire the grid team and the College of I ' nionology. But mostly it ' s football. This year some talk of a national title floated around but Te.xas soiiiidiv cnflcf! it. Grid Action " - . FOOTBALL AROUSES AHENTION on Picture Day. This backfield of Mike Ringer, Joe Don Looney, Virgil Boll and Jim Grisham didn ' t remain together long. OUR OWN MASCOT, Little Red, is an honest-to-goodness Injun who dances up a storm at OU football games. Whereas the Texas mascot is just a lot of bull. Little Red is a true blue Sooner who doesn ' t have to be led around. 215 OU ' S RAPID CONSTRUCTION f,;r„ has sent four new buildings soaring into the sky. The Engineering Building, above, will be four stories and cost $2.8 million. Tallest building will be the " High- Rise " coed dornn, 12 stoiii ' ■ . t; ■ i , i . d)ng will rise nine stories and the Fine Arts structure three stories. FIRE RAZED the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house early Sun- day morning, September 22, a gory sequel to the Pi Lambda Phi fire just nine months earlier five blocks down the street. Luckily, as in the Pi Lam fire, no one was hurt. Oh, well, the SAEs had planned a new house anyway. 216 NO MORE CARS on campus is the dilemma of the University of 01 lahoma as of last fall. Student cars were banned from the on- campus area between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. and the result has been partial dissolution of what still is a car-clogged campus. Campus cop James Griffin, above, guards the ruling. Si Alph Fire, Car Ban, Bud-Less Oil Top Special Events Any school year is bound to have moments of extraordinary happenings or import, and the 1963-64 year at OU was no exception. Student cars were banned from the main campus be- tween 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., easing a terrific traffic clog. The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house was completely gutted by fire in Septem- ber, making tlie Pi Lams feel a little better. Construction boomed as four new buildings rose. Ami Kent was named Miss Football na- tionally. Bud Wilkinson resigned as OU foot- ball coach and John Kennedy was killed. THE HORROR of John F. Kennedy ' s assassination struck close to the hearts of OU students. This scene is at the Union. ANOTHER BEAUTY TITLE fell to OU last fall wl,e„ f i fi,, A,,,, k nt won Miss Football laurel, becoming the third OU coed to win it. PACKING COMES FIRST when OU ' s annual trek to Dallas to play Texas is nigh. Kip Ferguson and Judy Elderkin load his truck. A " Beat Texas " sign is a must. FRIDAY NIGHT of the Dallas Weekend is indescribably hectic. People, a bizarre mixture of students and grown-ups, walk the streets gaily amidst flying objects from hotel windows. PRE-GAME ACTION DOWNTOWN lets the students and alums find many things to do in- cluding sightseeing, the OU-UT Rally Dance, or any one of a hundred places to go such as restaurants and night spots. 218 RECOGNIZE ANYONE? This Is the Oklahoma section at the Texas game and this is the happiest they were all day — the mo- ment sub John hiammond rolled beautifully three yards Into the endzone in the third quarter against the Texas Longhorns. Olclahon OU-Texas Game First Of Several Bi Football Weekends Football weekends dominate the scene at OU during the fall. The biggest ones this year were away from Norman: the nationally-televised Southern California victory at Los Angeles and the Texas game at Dallas. A third possibly was the Homecoming Colorado game. But the biggest, as usual, was the Texas battle in Big D. When the Sooners and Longhorns start pouring out of classes and into Dallas, anything can happen because diey get quite enthusiastic about the whole matter. They had a right to this year. Coming into the game Oklahoma was rated No. 1 in the nation and Texas No. 2. But Texas won, 28-7, and we left dejected. 219 DONNA PAGE BECAME the 1963 Homecoming Club President Gary Wylie crowned her at the Former queen Betty Dixon, now Mrs. Jay Wilkinson, Queen when O Colorado qame. watched. Queen attendants were Cyndy Pride, Shari Deason, Barbie Listen and Mary Thurman. RHYTHM REVERBERATED within the walls of the Union Ballroom as the Astronauts, at times a bit loud, played their hits at the Homecoming Dance. 220 Bi use Win, Homecoming Game Top Grid Weeitends, Too Disregarding Texas, the other two big football weekends brought heaps of pleasure to Sooner fans and students, especially the fine job Bud Wilkinson did in guiding his team to the 17-12 triumph over Soutliern California in the NCAA nationally-televised game of the week September 28 at Los Angeles. use was rated No. 1 at the time, OU No. 3. About 500 followed the Sooners to L.A., and everyone else gathered around TV sets. The Homecoming victory over Colo- rado was also quite gratifying, 35-0. Donna Page, then an Independent but now a DG, was crowned Queen. The Astronauts rocked at her Ball. ALL EYES WERE GLUED to television sets in Norman when OU squared off against use in Los Angeles. The Gamma Phis had " watching " guests, the SIg Alphs. Norman went wild when OU won. THIS PARTICULAR MOMENT of the OU-USC football game was probably the tensest of the entire afternoon for Sooner fans and Bud Wilkinson alike. The clock tells the story. In three more downs OU took possession and won, but use might score to win. Ith 2:55 left Bud knew 221 % M 222 - ff» y 1 ' SERENADES DON ' T PRODUCE the nation ' s top pop singers, but they are fun. Sometimes fraternities serenade sororities, while other times sororities will serenade fraternities. HHere the DUs qt risking their lungs to snow the Kappas. Tune in next week to see if they do. Greeks Indulge In Many Constructive, Fun-Type Events INDUSTRIOUS MEMBERS OF Alpha Tau Omega rid the campus of beer cans. Alan Hotaling, Paul McLaughlin, Warren Robb, Harold Kranz and Jim Ward survey their efforts. Extracurricular life among the OU Greeks abounds in a gay, frivolous at- mosphere of serenades, races of all sorts, grudge sports contests (usually member-pledge battles whose main goal is to woo the dates on the sidelines), as well as constructive endeavors, too. One Saturday each .spring all pledges clean up Central State Hospital. Pick up campaigns were die thing this year; not girls, just beer cans, trash and the like. Then, the girls were picked up. During Year IF ANYONE DOES NOT know why the Nose Bowl Is called that, they can take a close look at this picture. The Sannmles, at left, beat the Pi Lams in a wild foot- ball battle. FINALISTS IN THE Phi Psi 500 tricycle sorority race Vicki Gotcher, left, and Judy Van Aken receive the " go " signal from starter Terry Nickle. Vicki, racing for the Kappas, nudged Judy, a PI Phi, to win the 1963 peddle- pushing classic. 223 m X ♦ W ' " v ♦ e? ' P CHI OMEGA SKI PARTY, an annual December party and one of the best sorority parties on campus, drew happy attitudes from Ted Ownby, Barbara Buskirk, Kerry Williams and Howard Cole this year. John Tolleson played this year. PHI DELTA THETA ' S Roaring 20 ' s party usually falls the same day a5 the Ski Party and is a big shindig, too. Shari Deason and Rick McCurdy will attest to that. The Roaring 20 ' s is the type of party Al Capone would probably have thrown — a wild, woolly one. 224 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON ' S Jungle Party was held in Oklahoma City this year since their house burned, but Johnny Mayes, Mar- linda Marlow. Howard Yielding, Nancy Mayes, Drew Gibson, Jan Crabtree, Richard Pogue and Pat Sisney didn ' t seem to mind. Greek Parties Sustained By One Common Component - - You Many hours are spent by Sooner students with classroom assignments five days a week, and even sometimes on weekends. But usually weekends are reserved for parties, that part of campus life which provides some of the most memorable moments students will ever cherish from their OU college days. Greek parties need no special settings. Many times the riverbottom is the place to go. Other times the fraternity house. Sometimes parking lots. OU rocks to live music by Ronnie Hawkins, Bo Diddley. the Coasters, the Astronauts, Ray Sharpe. OU likes parties. BETA THETA PI ' S Bam Dance, a two-night affair, found Stan Shields, Janet Smith, Rita Gerrity and Steve Lawton ready. KAPPA SIGMA ' S New Year ' s Party, a colorful event, pleases Biicky Buxton, Vicki Gunter and Floyd " Birdie " Foster, right, Bub? 225 ONE OF THE BIG events of the year for Independent students is the ISA Christmas Dance, usually held in the Union Ballroom. It is annually very well attended by ISAs. HANGING OF THE GREENS, a Christmas season event, takes much planning by the girls at Cate Center. fHere Margie Foree, Delores Lloyd, Carilee Hogan and Linda Leffel look over final plans for this year ' s program. OUTSTANDING INDEPENDENTS are chosen each year. Three of I963 ' s top ISA students were Larry Prater, Kent Hatley and Clarence Cagle. Prater and Cagle are sophomores, Hatley is a junior. 226 CROWNING OF MISS SCHEHERAZADE brought joys of con- gratulations to new winner Judy Harris fronn last year ' s Miss Scheherazade, Kathy Bennett. The Miss Scheherazade contest Is sponsored by the organization of Arab Students, and the winner was crowned at the ISA Christmas Dance. Independent Students Enjoy Full Year Of Assorted Events Independent students at OU have activities of varying natures to attend through the school year. Most Independent events are sponsored by the Independent Students Association, headed by President Bill Bleakley this year. An activity card has been made available to non-Greeks which allows them to participate in and go to numerous scheduled events throughout the year. Outstanding Independent students are recog- nized each year, dances are held and a Queen is crowned. At Christmas, a Hanging of the Greens ceremony is held at which someone is named the Spirit of Christmas. Linda Lavell won that distinguished Independent honor this year. 227 ( PE-ET HONORS top freshmen each year. The top OU frosh of 1963 are, kneeling, Reid Robison, John KIrton, Sam Vincent, Gerald Fleming, Gary Eley. Standing are Ralph Ridlinghafer, R. N. Dunagan, Dennis Berry, John Wells, Bill McGrew and Gray- son Van Horn. Members in feathers are Mike Maples, Ellison Wittels. John Tucker, Steve Lawton and Jim Kinnebrew. PRESIDENT CROSS commends Frosh Penny Isom, Lottlnville winner; Gerald Fleming, Pe-et winner; John Davis, Lot- tinville winner; Citizenship winner Ron Pyle. 228 students Place Heavy Emphasis On Studying, Academics Students at the University of Oklahoma hke to spend time do- ing many things, but the item con- strued as most important is the academic side of school. Students delve into their academic chores with the same enthusiasm which they show for other activities. And for those who stand out academi- cally, there are certain honorary groups to join. These include Fe- et, Mortar Board, a list of ten top freshmen for both boys and girls and many more groups. But even the Phi Beta Kappas had to bow to one student who sparkled above the rest this year — Guy Parkhurst. Guy was named a Rhodes scholar. OU is very proud. MORTAR BOARD members annually have a tea. Adjusting their mortar boards before the yearly social gathering are Janie Darrough, Peggy Henry and Sue Swanson, all Kappa Kappa Gammas. ELEVEN TOP WOMEN freshmen were named in 1963 at OU. In- cluded were Jane England. Karen Acord, Marlon Bulla, Terry Ridley, Lee Wheless, Sandy Bias, Gayle Rossi, Vicki Gotcher. Cathy Callahan. Pat Turner and Linda McQuillen. They had best grades and activities. 229 AFTER A HECTIC and fun-filled weekend, Dana Hyde, Pat Taylor, Nancy Whittaker, Bryanne Welch and Paula Martin give Dad Paul Martin the royal treatment he deserves. Dad ' s Day allows OU fathers to enjoy their daughters ' company and at the same time get treated like a King. Sooner Moms, Dads Treated To Special Son, Daughter 230 Moms and dads of OU students get tilt- red carpet treatment on two sepa- rate weekends each year — one for the moms in May and one for the dads usually in October. Our moms really let their hair down when they come to town. They sur|)risinj;ly di the Mont and Louie ' s. They K ) to the Omicron Dvlla Kaj)pa Talcnl Show and are usually taken out to supper by their sons. Dad.s, on the other hand, relish an OU home footljall jrame while visit- ing in the fall months. MOTHER ' S DAY AT OU puts Moms on Cloud Nine. Sons move out and Moms move into fraternity houses. Phi Psi Jim Holloman is getting ready to give Mom a Cook ' s tour of the house. Hospitality «v -+= V J h ' ' ■ - -WZ -mm ■■ilitii liM i " • 1 1 " + MOM HAS TO BE PROUD of her son so the Delts do it the proper way, by snowing thenn with trophies they ' ve won. Larry Neal, Ted and Ed Dubie are giving their Moms a first class rush talk on a trophy from the Delta Tau Delta showcase. 231 " WELCOME HOME, " is the reaction Clarissa Cromwell, played by student Karen Knott, gets when she returns home in the first act of " Strange Bedfellows, " University Playhouse ' s first 1963 pro- duction. Karen is second from right and Matthew, her husband, played by Jim Martin, Is far right. FAMED ATOMIC PHYSICIST Dr. Edward Teller, right, highlighted Governor Henry Bellmon ' s first annual Governor ' s Conference for city and county officials November 6, Internationally known for inventing the hydrogen bomb, Teller told the conference the U.S. could survive a nuclear war. 232 msmm ' . t ■ :■ ' ■::■ ' . ' ■ ' • ' VI jl V ' iH 3m ' MHHH Hjb. m SB ' mm b ' i m THE NEW CHRISTY MINSTRELS put on one of the most well-received Pop Series performances in history in the Union Ballroom In October. They were the first Pop Series artists, being followed by Henry Mancini, Ferrante and Teicher, the Chad Mitchell Trio and the Ramsey Lewis Trio. VIPs, Pop Series, Good Drama Plays Keep Oil Colorful Colorful aspects of any university are most often found within that realm of the school ' s after-class life when VIPs are apt to step on campus and entertainment features draw top- notch performers. The Pop Series program sends four or five nationally-known groups here yearly. This year Henry Mancini, who per- formed quite well despite finding out just be- fore the show his dad had died, and the New Christy Minstrels headed the list. VIPs such as famed scientist Dr. Edward Teller visited OU. And OU ' s Drama School presented some fine first-class plays. MRS. CLARA LUPER, center, a well-known integration fighter, H ' cussed it at OU last fall with Jim Russell and Ken Fredgren. BEFORE THE TEXAS sports editor of " Look ' Gomer here. GAME Tim Cohane, the nationally-known magazine, visited long-time friends Bud and 233 ORCHESIS CLUB, a modern dance group, puts on the " Juggler of Notre Dame " each year. Included in this year ' s production were Don Bristow. Dale Solov and Janet Pipkin. FRIDAY AT FOUR, a student-motivated project, sponsored by the UAB, has been operating since March, 1963. Here Carilee Hogan sings folk tunes at this year ' s packed first show. ENGINEER ' S SHOW brought out this satirical act by Sigma Delta Tau on coeds. Chi Omoi.)a and Pi Beta Phi also entered, but Pi Phi, under Marilyn Barnett ' s direction, won. 234 SOONER SCANDALS, the campus-wide annual variety show which enlists student entertainment through auditions, included this Delta Gamma act. " Which School Has the Toni? " in this year ' s show. Mark Fuller, program director for Oklahoma ETV authority, ably advises the whole cast in rehearsals. Students Act, Visions Of Broadway Dance In Tlieir Heads " All the world ' s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. " Shakespeare wrote that famous line for one of his plays, As You Like It. over three centuries ago, but at the time he probably didn ' t realize how accurately he had hit the nail on the head. People love to be actors and OU ' s students are no exception. Variety shows such as Sooner Scandals, the Engineer ' s Show, and tlie ODK Talent Show propel all of OU ' s potential Gary Grants and Doris Days onto the stage each year. Friday at Four, started one year ago, has become the latest innovation where students entertain students. Much effort and money are spent, but Shakespeare couldn ' t be more right. 235 4 -X V s DR. ALEX RICCIARDELLI is one of several new professors at OU this year. Ricciardelli teaches anthropology and he Is listed as an assistant professor. Before coming to the University of Oklahoma, he taught five years at Middlebury College, in Vermont. DR. LELAND FOX Is OU ' s new opera theater director. An asso- ciate music professor, Fox came to OU from Florida State Uni- versity where he had been two years. Fox presently Is located In Old Johnson House, but will move to his new office soon. 236 New Professors Add Glamour, Prestige To OU Academics New years bring a new turnover in professors as well as students at OU. Several are acknowledged ex- perts in their fields and are widely acclaimed. One such prof who is in his first year at OU this year is Dr. Hans Frebold, geology profes- sor who was head of Canada ' s Geological Survey before coming to OU. Other interesting person- alities among new and visiting pro- fessors include Ian Tliomson, clas- sics prof visiting from Scotland, and Dr. Leland Fox, opera theater director. DR. CHARLES W. BERT came to OU this year after spending six years at Battell Insti- tute, Columbus, Ohio. He is associate professor of aerospace and mechanical engi- neering for OU ' s Engineering College. DR. HANS FREBOLD is one of the most eminent new professors here this year. A native German, Frebold was principal scientist for the Geological Survey of Canada before becoming a visiting professor of geology here. And Frebold likes Oklahoma. 237 FINALS WEEK means studying, studying, studying, Freshnnan girls get the severest restrictions before finals week, being cannpused fronn sun-up ' til sundown. Such an atnnosphere brings about scenes as above, where freshmen Sevie Johnson and Susan She- pard study. STUDYING FOR finals sometimes a person drowsy. In such a situ- ation, a cool student will ingeniously convert an open book into a substand- ard, hard-but-adequate pillow. 238 Finals Week Rou h, Rigorous Conelusion To Each Semester There ' s one particular week each semester which students, even the ones who study, hesitantly point to with a cold heart. That ' s right, it ' s finals week. One semest er is cul- minated in one week, and it is usu- ally enough to try men ' s souls. For freshman girls, finals week means a solid week of campuses before finals. Freshman boys are on their own, mostly. A library table some- times becomes temporary sleeping quarters for a weary head. Even after an all-nighter, and there are plenty, a cjuick peak at notes just before the final gives brief confi- dence. And then the final is passed out. Sometimes it ' s cold. LAST-MINUTE CRAMMING is a familiar sight just moments before a final. A concen- trated eagle-eye scan of course material gives one partial assurance. Or at least that ' s a half-decent rationalization. FINALLY IT ' S TEST TIME, ending a semester of work in a partic- ular course. This Physics 30 final found Larry Neal and Don Rahhal hard at work trying to apply textbook knowledge to exam questions in hopes t hat their studying was not in vain. All heads are bowed. Symbolic, perhaps? 239 FEATURED PARTICIPANTS of the 1964 Conference on Religion included Dr. George Cross, OU president: Dr. Maurice Friedman, the featured speaker; Janice Rodgers, vice-chairman of COR; Ed Feaver, COR chairman, and Dr. John Paul Duncan, moderator. Religion Activity, Witli Youtli Groups, COR, Solid Part 01 Religion is a steadfast part of OU ' s campus personality. Over 25 religions are available for students here, lending a broad offering of faiths. Many of OU ' s denominations have strong pro- grams to be keyed to the college level. Highlight of the religious year is the Conference on Religion each February which explores many facets of religion. Ed Feaver. 1964 COR chairman, won the President ' s Religious Leadershijj Award. gi en each year. COR BANQUET assembled all persons involved in the three-day, February 9-1 I affairs. Main theme of I964 ' s COR was " Problematic Rebel: Modern Man and the Imegeless God. " 240 ■ f ' ■■» " •ry ' Campus Life COR ' S MAIN SPEAKER was Dr. Maurice Friedman, philosophy professor at Sarah Lawrence College. Bronxville, New York. Friedman is a former Oklahoman. THANKSGIVING CHAPEL SERVICES at OU are usually attended by foreign students who cannot go home for that brief vacation. This particular service is at the Wesley Foundation, a Methodist youth organization. 241 THERE ' S NO BEHER way to close something than with a nice juicy kiss. Like this section. Or a date, where the relished finale is an em- brace and kiss. Beauties and Personalities e I- ' viall " ' lieV 0 i ' ,V o» Oea airt 4 ' ' f tV e_ ' -rei=° " ooW 1 ' ' J,Ve a = the sitV " ' ; -rs f ; " - " " ' eds vio " viou a - .t i ' ° _ , e of i„?or„;- - waV De ' -t Bs-- ,14 ,Vdo . I ' i . P ° ' ° ' _ _..» to P lt " ' . ,,. a.a - - .VO et vie iV© list wV Hai V pVa= ' : .i 3e= ' ,one flV CV .thi» ?ri- ' de ooss i-Cie this BeV° ' ; ete£°-tica r ie. fo«= , tV eV ™e 1 " ?° Ath-5 aac net -,01 " Vp an Maii -V. Ji tio- , i.s 3 t.i t ' l- ' V to ' ' all- loq " - av.i-ft Vea ' °coe = the ets ,i.M ■ Chi Omega Kappa Kappa Gamma McAi d(jM (jLc| hlAjt. Alpha Chi Omega ' " StB- ' - Logan House Kappa Alpha Theta KA ' iU. Oioe u|L LoM cLfcc| ■ ' . ; s??iW « ' ' ' KiKBEss., North Campus Mt44 LmxCS eiL_.KAuM)Lui Delta Delta Delta ssr= Alpha Epsilon Phi ■ " " SANDY SHORR Sigma Delta Tau KAREN WYNN Franklin House ▼ SUSAN WELBORN Delta Gamma FRANCINE DENT Kappa Delta ANN KENT Pi Beta Phi Finalists JUDY LOVELACE Gamma Phi Beta CONNIE BARBER Hester House SUZANNE MITCHELL Evans House 253 Finalists JEAN FINNEY Alpha Phi KAREN LUDWIG Eizze ' : Hcu-e GERRI DAVIS Alpha Delta Pi ANITA MILLER Drooks House ELLEN HAMBLET Traeder House f. 1 BETTY WHITEHEAD Alpha Gamma Delta CATHEY HANGS Robertson House MONTE PHELPS Cleo Cross House JENANE CURRY Zeta Tau Alpha BARBARA STATON CATHY CALLAHAN DONNA REECE APRIL AUSTIN LU ANN WILLIAMS Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Kappa Gamma Delta Delta Delta Chi Omega Pi Beta Phi KAREN ACORD SHERRY BOWMAN LYNDELLE JONES NANCY WALDMAN SHAY RICE Delta Gamma Alpha Phi Gamma Ph! Beta Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Gamma Delta Nominees MARY SMITH Kappa Kappa Gamma NANCY TEAGUE Delta Gamma RHODA LEVIN Alpha Epsilon Phi SHARON HUNT Delta Delta Delta LEE WHELESS Pi Beta Phi PAM MASON Alpha Phi TRICIA THOMAS Kappa Delta SUSAN GABLE Kappa Alpha Theta ANITA SINGLETARY Alpha Chi Omega LESLIE STERNBERGER Sigma Delta Tau 255 SUSAN COCKERHAM P; Beta Ph; JANET SMITH Kappa Alpha Theta GAY HOSKINS Alpha Chi Omega MARTHA DOWLING Pi Beta Phi MARY ANN O ' CONNELL Clii Omeqa JULIE ODOM Gamma Phi Be+a LE ANN BOEVE Alpha Gamma Delta SUELLEN FISCHER Delta Gamma DIANE FiSHER Alpha Phi RAM KINNAN Kappa Kappa Gamma MARGARET ANN MeCONNELL JUDY SIMS SANDY SAWVELL RITA GERRITY EILEEN EDINGER Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Chi Omega Delta Gamma Kappa Alpha Theta Pi Beta Phi BETH BRANYAN Dl ANN ALLEN DEANNA COUNCILL PAT MclVER MARY RUBIN Delta Gamma Kappa Delta Gamma Phi Beta Pi Beta Phi Sigma Delta Tau 256 CAROL DAVIS Kappa Alpha Theta BALLARD JACOBSON Sigma Delta Tau SUSAN HAMBY Gamma Phi Beta SHARON SMITH Kappa Delta PAT CORBEH Delta Delta Delta SANDRA WEBER Chi Omega CYNTHIA GRISHAM Kappa Kappa Gamma DIANNA DENNIS Alpha Gamma Delta NETA GAY ALLEN Alpha Chi Omega SHIRLEY DORMAN Alpha Delta PI Nominees LINDA ULLARD Kappa Kappa Gamma PAT SISNEY De ' fa Garnma CAROL WILLIAMS Delta Gamma JOHANNA WILSON Kappa Kappa Gamma MARION HARVEY Chi Omega JESSICA HAGAN Alpha Phi EMMA PRINCE Alpha Chi Omega RITA WADLEY Alpha Delta Pi PAM SCHWEND Kappa Alpha Theta LINDA MALTBY Chi Omega 257 a KyliM- -A: WA„ IceiOt Pi Beta Phi Miss OU J Homecoming Queen U - : ' - ; £3 m ' ' $ ' s «% vi5? Delta Tau Delta |« Vp • Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi eamma Delta Man of Distinction Sigma Chi Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Four Outstanding College Years Mold Campus Personalities • An individual spans a lifetime. In that lifetime, he carves a personality uniquely his and his alone by which his peers judge him. During his college years, only a fleeting yet integral portion of that lifetime, he develops a more distinct personality than ever before. Some de- velop personalities which stand gleamingly above the rest. The 1964 Sooner honors 24 such personalities herein. They have built a very solid foundation at OU. LESLIE STERNBERGER: 3.53, English major, Orchesis, Phi Alpha Theta, Mortar Board, Who ' s Who, BWOC, lead role in the " Juggler of Notre Dame, " Sooner Scan- dals, Engineer ' s Show, Oklahoma City Civic Ballet, Pan- hellenic Corresponding Secretary, President of Sigma Delta Tau. SUE SWANSON: 3.8, Elementary Educa- tion major. Tassels, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Who ' s Who, " Windmill " magazine business manager, one of fifteen outstanding freshman women. College of Education outstanding senior, " Experimenter " to Switzer- land 1963 for Experiment in International Living, Presi- dent of Kappa Kappa Gamma. ELLISON WITTELS: 3.6, Government major. Student Senate, IPC Executive Committee, Model United Na- tions, Student Advisory Judicial Board, Dad ' s Day Ex- ecutive Committee, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pe-et Treas- urer, BMOC, Phi Eta Sigma, one of Top Ten Freshmen, Who ' s Who, President of Pi Lambda Phi. ETHELYN McCOY: 3.47, Organ major. Mortar Board President, Mu Phi Epsilon President, Tassels Secretary, Alpha Lambda Delta, Who ' s Who, University Chorale Vice- President, Music Educators ' National Conference Vice- President, BWOC, College of Fine Arts outstanding senior. Outstanding Freshman Woman, Men ' s Glee Club Soonerette, Sooner Scandals, Maid of Cotton semi- finalist. Outstanding Independent. ED REAVER: 3.74, Letters major, hiuman Relations Commission Chairman, Conference on Religion Chair- man, Westminster Foundation Cabinet, President ' s Re- ligious Leadership Award, Omicron Delta Kappa Mem- bership Chairman, Phi Eta Sigma President, Pe-et, Who ' s Who, BMOC, Student Senate, Inter-Religious Council, Beta Theta Pi. LARRY BLANKENSHIP: 2.9, Law major. Student Senate President, Model United Nations, Chancery Club, Pi Sigma Alpha, Sigma Delta Club, Who ' s Who, 1963 Law School Class Vice- Pi, Xi Mu Treasurer, Student Bar Association, Spanish President, Law School Board of Governors, Student Traffic Court Judge, Norman Safety Commission, Young Democrats Treasurer, Phi Delta Theta. 261 JOAN COFFMAN: 3.82, Elementary Education major, Tassels President, UAB Secretary, UAC, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi Secretary, Model United Nations, Who ' s Who, Pi Omega Pr esident, BWOC, Westminster Foundation, one of fifteen out- standing freshman women, Panhellenic, Swing Club, AWS, Great Books, President of Chi Omega. MIKE MAPLES: 3.35, Electrical Engineer major, UAB Presi- dent, UAC President, Engine Club Vice-President, Pe-et Vice-President, Omicron Delta Kappa Treasurer, hlonor Junior of Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, IEEE, Scabbard and Blade, St. Pat ' s Council Vice-President, University Sing Chairman, Outstanding Junior Engineer, Who ' s Who, Distinguished Military Student, IPC, " Sooner Shamrock " News Editor, President of Sigma Chi. PAT WELLER: 3.47, Chemistry major, AWS President and Vice-President, Mortar Board Scholarship Chairman, Who ' s Who, Tassels, Alpha Lambda Delta Treasurer, Organized lota Sigma Pi, honorary chemistry group for women and served as president, Dorm President, COR, Student Advisory Judicial Board, BWOC, Most Out- standing Freshman Woman, Dorm Counselor, Mother ' s Day, Campus Chest Assistant Treasurer, Cafe Center Judicial Board, ISA Treasurer. DON PHILLIPS: 3.72, Accounting major, OU Band, Beta Gamma Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, Who ' s Who, College of Business Administration outstanding senior. Kappa Kappa PsI Secretary, Phi Eta Sigma, Accounting Club, Cross Cen- ter Presidents ' Council Vice-President and Treasurer, Dorm President, Baptist Student Union. Campus Personalities SANDRA TURNER: 3.6, Journalism major, " Oklahoma Daily " Editor and Managing Editor, International Club, Who ' s Who, Tassels, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Model United Nations Undersecretary-General, CCUN, one of ten outstanding freshman women, BWOC, AWS, Theta Sigma Phi, Gamma Alpha Chi, outstand- ing sophomore woman journalist. Future Journalists of America President, Campus Chest, " Windmill " maga- zine public relations director. Great Books, Chi Omega. STEVE COOK: 3.82, Letters major, UAC President, UAB, Who ' s Who, Omicron Delta Kappa, IFC, Scabbard and Blade, Phi Eta Sigma, Distinguished Military Student, BMOC, Pop Series Publicity Chairman, outstanding ROTC sophomore cadet, Vice-President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SUE McCOY: 3.2, Mathematics- Psychol ogy-Sociology triple major, Tassels Treas- urer, Mortar Board, Who ' s Who, one of fif- teen outstanding freshman women. Senior Class Secretary, Wesley Foundation, Dad ' s D-ay, Alpha Lambda Delta, Dorm Secreatary, Campus Band Review, Counselor, Pi Beta Phi. STEVE LAWTON, 3.2, Government major, Pe-et President, Senior Class President, Omi- cron Delta Kappa, IPC, Scabbard and Blade, BMOC, Who ' s Who, one of top ten fresh- men. Dad ' s Day Assistant Treasurer, DDK Talent Show Director, Dallas Rally Dance Chairman, University Playhouse, Greek Work Day Co-Chairman, President of Beta Theta Pi. PEGGY HENRY: 3.85, Spanish major. UAB, Dad ' s Day Chairman, Mother ' s Day, Campus Chest, Tassels, Mortar Board, BWOC, Who ' s Who, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Delta Pi, Engineer ' s Show, Sooner Scandals, Treasurer of Kappa Kappa Gam- ma. Campus Personalities JIM KINNEBREW: 3.15, Accounting major, Omicron Delta Kappa, Distinguished Military Student, BMOC, one of ten top freshmen, Pe-et, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, Dorm President, Accounting Club, Beta Theta Pi. BILL FLEXNER: 2.78, Government major. Student Senate, CCUN President, Model United Nations Secre- tary-General, International Club, Who ' s Who, Student Traffic Court Justice, Human Relations Commission, twice delegate to St. Louis Midwest Model United Na- tions, Gamma Theta Upsilon, hiillel Foundation, Pi Lambda Phi. MARY BETH PYATT: 3.29, Elementary Education major. Senior Class Vice-President, Mortar Board, Who ' s Who, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Omega Vice- President and outstanding member, Tau Beta Sigma, OU Band Secretary, AWS, Model United Nations, Panhel- lenic. University Sing, Sooner Scandals, NROTC Hon- orary Company Commander, Delta Delta Delta. 263 WARREN KOURT: 2.84, Petroleum Engi- neering nriajor, Omicron Delta Kappa Presi- dent, Sigma Tau, Who ' s Who, UAB Vice- President, College of Unionology Chairman, Pi Epsilon Tau Vice-President, Sooner Scan- dals, hlouse Manager, Engineer ' s Club, Petroleum Engineer ' s Club, BMOC, UAC, Secretary of Pi Lambda Phi. RUTH DAR- ROUGH: 3.3, Education major. Mortar Board, Tassels, Alpha Lambda Delta, Union Representatives ' Council Secretary, Who ' s Who, Great Books, Panhellenic, Sooner Scan- dals, BWOC, President of Kappa Alpha Theta. JOHNNY JONES: 3.8, Chemistry major, Pe-et, Omicron Delta Kappa, one of top ten freshmen, Alpha Epsilon Delta Presi- dent, UAB, UAC, BMOC, Celebrated Artists Vice-Chairman, Sooner Scandals ticket chair- man. Lambda Chi Alpha. Campus Personalities The following three Campus Personalities were gradu- ated in January and were not available to be photo- graphed in a group. BONNIE AMERMAN: 3.18, So- cial Work major. Campus Chest Chairman, Mortar Board, Tassels, BWOC, Who ' s Who, Pi Omega, Pan- hellenic, Model United Nations, Hillel Foundation, Dad ' s Day, Mother ' s Day, President of Alpha Epsilon Phi. KEN FREDGREN: 2.9, Government major. Student Sen- ate, International Club President, hluman Relations Commission Vice-Chairman, Who ' s Who, Omicron Delta Kappa, BMOC, Pi Sigma Alpha, Sigma Delta Pi, CCUN, Outstanding Independent Junior Man, Newman Club, ISA Executive Committee. LINDA LAVELL: 3.82, Russian major. Mortar Board, Tassels, Who ' s Who, BWOC, Alpha Lambda Delta President, Dad ' s Day Out- standing Senior Woman Award, Phi Alpha Theta Presi- dent, Cate Center President, Outstanding Independent, Model United Nations, hluman Relations Commission Vice-Chairman, OU Band, Russian Club Secretary, Counselor, ISA Secretary. 264 Athletics Wilkinson ' s Resignation Sullen Hi hlip Of Athletic Year BUD WILKINSON, Athletic Director DR. EARL SNEED, Athletic Council Chairman Bud Wilkinson ' s resignation from his twin posts of athletic director and head football coach to become a United States senatorial candidate stood head-and- shoulders atop the 1963-64 athletic year. His resigna- tion, which came separately one week apart in January, had been the point of much rinnur and speculation for over a year; many people had thought he would resign and many people thought he wouldn ' t. Many newspaper reports from " informed " sources predicted Wilkinson ' s stepdown from his AD and coaching jobs. He resigned as head coach January 11. That same night at Nor- man Oklahoma State thumped Oklahoma in basketball, 67-56. It was a bad day for Sooners. One week later, on January 18. Wilkinson resigned as athletic director forced by what he termed " political maneuvering " on the part of die regents. February 5, Wilkinson, at an Oklahoma City jjress conference, announced his candi- dacy as a Republican for the U. S. Senate. On January 29 he had cleared the way for that announcement by switching his political allegiance from Democratic to Republican and by resigning his job as the President ' s special consultant on physical fitness, to which he was appointed in 1961 by the late President John F. Ken- nedy. Comer Jones, Wilkinson ' s talented and faithful associate athletic director and head line coach 17 years, was elevated to the head coaching job by the Board of Regents February 19 following what some people called unnecessary deliberation about the decision. 266 ATHLETIC COUNCIL. BOTTOM ROW: Dr. William Monahan, Dr. John Alley, Dr. Earl Sneed, Dr. Eugene hlollon, Frank Spence. R ' chard Wright. TOP ROW: Leonard Haug, Dr. Harry Hoy, Dr. Norman Soke, Dr. A. Trudgeon, Ken Farris. M. Gibsi Dr. Harold Huneke. Jon KEN FARR Assistant Athletic IS KEN RAWLINSON Director Head Trainer HAROLD KEITH Sports Information Director UNIVERSITY OF ORIAHOMA ATHLETIC COACHES GOMER JONES Head Football Coach JAY O ' NEAL Assistant Football Coach GEORGE DICKSON Assistant Football Coach BOBBY DRAKE KEITH Assistant Football Coach LEON CROSS Assistant Football Coach JERRY THOMPSON Assistant Football Coach BOB STEVENS Head Basketball Coach GORDON STAUFFER Assistant Basketball Coach JAY MARKLEY Head Swimming Coach JACK BAER Head Baseball Coach TOMMY EVANS Head Wrestling Coach BILL CARROLL Head Track Coach PORT ROBERTSON Athletic Guidance Counselor JOHN JACOBS Associate Track Coach BOB JAMES Head Golf Coach DON RUSSELL Head Tennis Coach BOTTOM ROW: Bill Hill, Charley Mayhue, Robert Vardeman, Teddy Dodson, Jerald Gilbert. Bill Thomas. Bill Carlyle, John Garrett. SECOND ROW: Dale Pontius. Jerry Goldsby, Ron Har- mon. Allen Bumgardner, Ed McQuarters, Newt Burton. Don Kind- ley, Ed Hall. THIRD ROW: Ralph Neely. Wes Skldgel, Larry Shields. Marion Bayles, Larry Brown, Ken Aboussie. Thjrman Pitchlynn. TOP ROW: Student Manager Frank Dombek. John Porterfield. Nehemiah Flowers, Bennie Shields, Ronnie Frost, Coy Kersey. Jr.. George Jarman. Sooners Decked By National Champ Texas, Orange Bowl SEASON ' S RECORD Oklahoma Oklahoma Texas Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Nebraska Oklahoma Won 31 Clemson . . . 14 17 Southern California 12 28 Oklahoma . . . 7 21 Kansas .... 18 34 Kansas State . . 9 35 Colorado . . . 24 Iowa State . 14 13 Missouri 3 29 Oklahoma . . 20 34 Oklahoma State . 10 8. Lost 2. Second in Big Eight. Bud Wilkinson ' s final iootball team at the University of Oklahoma, the 1963 club, was what many people would call an " average " team by Wilkinson standards. The 19()3 Sooners had an 8-2 record, losing to national cliampion Texas. 28-7, and li Orange Bowl tlunn|)i(in and fifth-ranked Nebraska. 29-20. for the Big Eight Con- ference title. For two weeks the Sooners were rated the No. 1 football team in the nation, marking the first time since 1958 Oklahoma had been atop the nation ' s foot- ball polls. In the final 1963 football polls. Oklahoma wound up eighth in the United Press International poll and tenth in the Associated Press poll. The OLf team voted not to accept or consider any post-season bowl bids. Junior fullback Jim Grisham made All-America in near-concensus fashion and junior tackle Ralph Nee- ly made the Football Neivs All-America team plus sev- eral other second team, third team and honorable men- tion listings. Much publicity, none good, rose when Joe Don Looney, OU ' s 1962 All-America liaUlKKk and the first junior college transfer W ' ilkinson ever accepted was disniis,sed from the team following the Texas loss. " It was just something tliat had to be done, " Wilkinson said. 268 BOTTOM ROW: Larry Vermillion. Jimmy Gilstrap. John Benien Greg Burns, Lance Rentzel, Jerry Alfieri, Ronnie Horn. SECOND ROW: Glen Condren, Gary Williams, Mike Ringer, Jim Rey- nolds, Pat Hogan, Jackie Cowan, Charles Pearce, Vernon Burkett. THIRD ROW: Roger Rains, Butch Metcalf, Rick McCurdy, Nor- man Smith, David Voiles. Gordon Brown, Carl McAdams, Jim Doolit+le. TOP ROW: Jon Running. Bobby Page, John Ham- mond, Jim Grisham. Virgil Boll. Ronnie Fletcher, Tommy Pannell, Carl Schreiner, John Flynn. 6i Eipt Kin Nebraska; Finish Ei Iitli In National Ratings Looiiey had helped Oklahoma win the Southern Cali- fornia game September 28. the national television game of the week in v ' hich the Sooners defeated the defending national champion USC team, 17-12, in plus 100-degree heat in Los Angeles. At the time, USC was rated No. 1 in the national and OU No. 3. That victory vaulted the Sooners into the No. 1 spot, a position they held two weeks until Darrell Royal ' s Texas team soundly trounced them in the Cotton Bowl. Before the season started, there was talk that " if " the Sooners could get past their first three games they might win the national football championship. One pre-season football magazine, Dell Sports, even predicted the Soon- ers woidd win the national title. There was partial cause for this rash of optimism. Wilkinson had lifted the Sooners from a mediocre 5-5 record in 1961 to a sur- prising 8-2 comeback in 1962. Off that 1962 team eight starters and five alternates returned for 1963. But Ne- braska ' s win dropped Oklahoma into second place in the Big Eight, only the third time in Wilkinson ' s 17 years the Sooners had not won the loop crown. Oklahoma was a ground attack team in 1963, as usual. Grisham was the backbone, although several times various indi- viduals sparkled brightly in the course of die eight vic- tories. Grisham, besides leading the team in rushing, was the nation ' s fifth best rusher, churning 861 yards, an average of 5.63 per carry. In national rushing offense , the Sooners finished fourth with a 246.9 average behind Nebraska, Princeton and Army. This was die final foot- ball team Bud Wilkinson coached. As Sports Illustrated said, " He had brought to his profession a new image of a coach, an organization man, a diplomat. And he smiled an awful lot. " Surely, Wilkinson has given the coaching career a new look, an untarnished, unsullied brilliance. He will undoubtedly rank as one of the greatest coaches. 269 v JIM SRISHAM, junior OU fullback, broke 26 yards off right tackle in the second period to give Oklahoma its first points of the young 1963 football season. Oklahoma Rallies From Behind To Subdue Clemson, 31-14 NORMAN, Sept. 21 — Oklahoma . the nation ' s fourth- ranked team in the pre-season AP poll, sj)uttered into the 1963 season, allowing Clem son an early 14-0 lead before bounding back in the last half to whip the Tigers, 31-14. Bud Wilkinson ' s Sooners, favorites to win the Big Eight league title and possible national fof tl)all honors, used a solid, sustained ground attack in the second half to wreck the upset hopes of Frank Howard ' s Atlantic Coast club in the first meeting ever between these two intersectional oi)j)onents. The Tigers jumped to an early lead on the second play of the second quarter when (|uartcrback Jiiu Parker passed 14 yards to i nd I ()u Fogle with only . ' 53 seconds elapsed. Specialist Frank Pearce converted. That touch- down was set up by a roughing-the-kicker penalty OU three plays before the tally, which gave Clemson the ball on OUs 17. On the ensuing kickoff, Sooner quarterback Mike Ringer fumbled the ball to Clemson on OU " s 18 and in five quick ] lays halfback Hal Davis scored off tackle from three. Pearce converted again. Jim Grisham. junior Sooner fullback, romped 26 yards off tackle with , ' 5:04 left in the half and George Jarman kicked placement to leave OU only down 14-7 at the half. Three second half touchdowns and a Jar- man 28-yar(! field goal produced the final 31-14 erdict. Junior haiihack Lance Rent el, behind Allen Bum- gardner and Glen Condren blocks and a beautiful Grisham fake, went 49 yards to tie the score. Ringer dived one yard to ])ut OU ahead. 21-14. then Jarman boomed a 28-yard field goal set up by a Tiger fumble. Ralph Neely ended it with a 20-yar(I TD pass reception. 270 OU Downs use, 17-12 LOS ANGELES, Calif., Sept. 28 — All eyes of the sports world were focused on LA, where the nation ' s No. L defending NCAA champion Southern California, and No. 3, Oklahoma, ranked teams were meet- ing. It was believed the first regular sea- son game between two football teams ranked so high. Southern Cal was a slim ll -point favorite. The game was the na- tionally-televised tilt of the week. To make matters complicated, Los Angeles was suf- fering through a blistering heat wave. Re- ports of the temperature the day of the game ranged from 100 up to 123 degrees. But the Sooners, prepared and honed to razor-sharp edge by Bud Wilkinson, stabbed the defending national kings, 17- 12. They used magnificent ball control. They controlled the ball 100 plays while John McKay ' s USC club, with 1962 stars Pete Beathard at quarterback and Ail- American Hal Bedsole at end, could get off only 57 plays. Oklahoma scored first with a fine double reverse that sent Joe Don Looney 19 yards up the middle. " There wasn ' t anybody around. Everybody was layin ' down, " Looney said, showing how well the second team line blocked. George Jarman kicked the goal. USC full- back Ernie Pye capped a 67-yard drive in ten plays the next series by diving one yard with 40 seconds to go in the first period, but a bad center snap prevented USC from knotting the score. Oklahoma grabbed the rest of its points in the second quarter. Quarterback Mike Ringer, behind Jim Grisham to whom he faked and Ralph Neely, went four yards to score and Jarman ' s goal made it 14-6. Then Jarman booted his second field goal in as many games, a 43-yarder, set when Beathard fumbled and Newt Burton recov- ered. Halfback Willie Brown went one yard in the last quarter, finalizing the 17-12 OU win. JOE DON LOONEY leaves Willie Brown behind as Looney speeds into the end zone to cap a beauti- ful 19-yard double reverse which put OU ahead of Southern Cal. 7-0. .:jn . i " r- av 271 Texas Rocks OU, 28-7 DALLAS, Tex., Oct. 12 — No time in liistory ' s recall have the two top ranked football teams collided in a regular season game. It was something that Oklahoma, No. 3 at the time, and Southern California, No. 1 at the time, met. Oklahoma won and vaulted into the No. 1 spot, the first time since September 30, 1958, by one poll it had been there. Meanwhile. Darrell Royal had tutored his Texas Longhorns into the No. 2 spot on the poll. The OU-Texas game is a noteworthy series anyway, much less with the added glamour of those two wearing the nation ' s No. 1 and No. 2 har- nesses. Oklahoma had an open week be- tween use and Texas. Texas used that same weekend to smother Oklahoma State, 34-7. Some people made OU a slight fav- orite, but generally the game was rated a toss-up until Texas took the field. The rest is history, and redundant to mention as far as Sooners are concerned. Texas won 28-7. Oklahoma never threatened. The Longhorns scored the first time they got the ball, from the opening kickofT, and added three other touchdowns, one each in the remaining three periods. OU scored its lone tally late in the third quarter when substitute sophomore quarterback John Hammond faked nicely and stepped three yards off right tackle with 2:24 left in that third frame. George Jarman ' s kick was good. The rest of the game belonged to Texas. Outside of that sustained march, 62 yards in eight plays, the Sooners were into Texas territory only three other times all afternoon, once on a fumble. Four different players scored for the Longhorns. Duke Carlisle, Texas ' quarterback who guided Royal ' s club quite efficiently the whole game, dived two for the first Texas score. Tony Crosby hit the extra point. He hit ilic other three, too, kicking with a bare foot. Ail-American halfback Toiinny Ford went 12 for the second. Alternate Phil Har- ris went three and Marvin Kristynik passed 14 yards to George Sauer for (he others. JOHN HAMMOND scored Oklahoma ' s only touch- down against Texas, rolling three yards off tackle late in the third quarter. That tally capped OU ' s only successful march. 272 ii END RICK McCURDY fields an eight-yard pass from Norm Smith touchdown aerial. the Kansas game. The only other pass be caught against KU was a Sooners Shake Stubborn Kansas, 21-18, To Start Bi Ei NORMAN. Oct. 19 — Behind twice, Oklahoma relied on two relatively untested junior quarterbacks in the second half to defeat Kansas, 21-18, in OU " s 1963 Big Eight opener. Bobby Page, Wolfe City, Tex., letterman and the alternate quarterback, pushed Oklahoma into the fore- front to stay, 14-10, on the third series in the third quar- ter. He passed 17 yards to right end Rick McCurdy for the touchdown ' ith 5:47 to go. George Jarman con- verted. An 11 -yard first down pass to fullback Jim Grisham from Page to the Jayhawk 10-yard line three plays before the TD was important. Kansas came right back, driving 66 yards to the Sooner nine before fullback Armand Baughman fum- bled and McCurdy reco ered. Two series later. Norm Smith, starting quarterback from Monahans, Tex., guid- ed the Sooners to their final touchdown. They drove 52 yards in nine plays, ignited by an 18-yard Jackie Cowan run and a 14-yard sprint by Grisham to the KU six. Three plays after that 14-yard run. Smith went one yard for the touchdown. Jarman ' s kick left the score 21-10. but Kansas wasn ' t finished. The Jays of Jack Mitchell promptly marched 55 yards in 13 plays to paydirt, sophomore quarterback Steve Renko hitting halfback Gale Sayers witli an eight-yard scoring strike. Renko passed to Sayers for a two-point conversion, but only 1:28 remained in the game. KU didn ' t get pos- session again. A six-yard first quarter scamper by Smith knotted tlie score 7-7 and filled the deficit left by Sayers 61 -yard touchdown gallup one series earlier for the game ' s first tally. Kansas went back ahead in the second quarter, snapping the 7-7 deadlock when Gary DufF pegged a 30-yard field goal, lifting KU ahead at half time, 10-7. 273 LANCE RENTZEL, behind blocks by George Stokes, left, and Larry Vermil K-State victory. ion, streaks 71 yards with a punt to give OU a 13-3 lead in the Oklahoma, Paced By Grisham, Wrecks Kansas State, S4-9 MANHATTAN, Kan.. Oct. 26 — Fullback Jim Grisham turned in his second best ofTensivc show of the year to help spur Oklahoma, rated seventh in the nation, past an outmaniied Kansas State, 34-9, bringing OU to the mid-season. Grisham plowed 152 yards in 20 carries and scored two touchdowns. He |)lunged one yard with 1:53 left in the first quarter to wipe out a temporary 3-0 K-Stale margin via a 26-yard field goal and buzzed 56 yards off right tackle 2:34 from the game ' s ending to conclude Oklahoma scoring agaiirsi llic inept W ' ildials. Gri.sham ' s [)erfr)rmaM( c all i)ul () crsliado ved Lance Rentzel ' s 71-yar(l piinl ixlnrn which followed on the heels of Grisham ' s first touchdown. Rentzel fielded Doug Duscnbiiry ' s punt and went all the way with 22 seconds left in the first ((uarter. George Jarman, who made the first RAT after (irisliam ' s TO. missed and OU led. 13-3. Kansas State had owned its 3-0 lead as the result ol Jerry Cook ' s third field goal of the season with 9:09 to play in the first period. Oklahoma took the 13-3 lead into the third frame. Three times the Sooners scored in the second half, officially. A fourth touchdown, a 60-yard punt return by Larry Shields, was nullified by a clipping foul. Bobby Page, who started at quarterback, scored from the one. Jackie Cowan circled right end for four yards and Grisham crashed 56 yards for the last OLI score. Jarman converted after all three of those touchdowns. Sand- wiched between the Cowan and Grisham scores, K-State turned in the game ' s .spectacular play. Guard Dennis Winfrey blocked Jannan ' s field goal try from the 16, and end Rill Malan grabbed the ball and ran 72 yards to score. 274 OU Slams Buffs, 35-0 NORMAN. Nov. 2 — Oklalioma al- lowed Colorado across the niidfield stripe only three times in blanking the Bud ' aloes, 35-0, in the Sooner Homecoming game be- fore 50.000 Owen Field fans. Former OU grid assistant Eddie Crowder made his first appearance at Norman as a rival, but his Buffs coukhTt cope with the Sooners, rated sixth nationally by the .AP and eighth by UPI. Junior halfback Jackie Cowan, starting his third straight game at left half in Joe Don Looney ' s absence, scored t vice to lead OU ' s offensive barrage which netted the Sooners 382 yards rushing to only 35 for Colorado. In total offense. OU amassed a 486-133 spread. Scoring action didn ' t start until the sec- ond period because the Sooners fumbled away an early chance in the first stanza at the Bulf 16. Lance Rentzel. alternate right half, hit six yards around end for the first tally 5:11 from half time. George Jarman converted. Cowan scored two series later from 17 yards out with 2:06 to go in a four-play drive highlighted by Jim Grisham 12 and 22-yard runs. Jarman converted again and OU held a 14-0 halftime lead. Cowan ojiened the second half offensive assault on Cro xcler ' s club ith his second TD run. a 16-yarder 2:27 into the third quarter. Left guard Carl Schreiner exe- cuted a good block to help Cowan. Jarman made the score 21-0. Quarterback Bobby Page, in his fourth straight starting role, figured in OU " s fourth touchdown. He scored the fourth foin- miiuites after Cov an s 16-yard sprint, plunging one yard with 8:58 to go. Jarman converted and OLf led, 28-0. That TD was motivated by cen- ter Carl McAdams ' pass interce])tion on the Buff 41, which he returned 24 yards to the Buff 17. Reserves Tommy Pannell. quarterback, and halfback Jon Rinining completed the Oklahoma rout. Pannell threw an eight- yard paydirt strike to Running 1:20 from the end. Larry Sliields " pass interception set up that TD. SOONER END Allen Bumgardner snares a 16-yard pass from Bobby Page, making a nice catch and advancing to the Colorado 34 In second period. Eight plays later OU scored. immm: 275 OU stops I-S, 24-14 NORMAN, Nov. 9 — Ired by a surpris- ing Iowa State team, Oklalioma rallied from an early two-touchdown deficit and rebounded past the battling Cyclones, 24- 14. before 50.000 fans. Iowa State, behind the power thrusts of All-Anierlcan fullback candidate Tom Vaughn, pried open the OU defenses for a 14-0 spread in the second period but the Sooners struck back for a quick late second quarter tally and 17 third quarter points for the Big Eight loop victory, OU ' s 14th ni a row. The game was billed as a battle between the two top fullbacks in the nation — Vaughn and Jim Grisham of Oklahoma. Grisham rushed for more yardage than Vaughn, 64 yards to 47 for Vaughn. Grisham carried 15 times, Vaughn 24 times. Vaughn scored both I-State touch- downs. Grisham scored one. Vaughn plunged one yard two minutes into the second period and Dick Limerick converted. Then five minutes later Vaughn sprang 73 yards ith Rick McCurdy ' s fourth down punt to score. Limerick con- cluded the Cyclone scoring w ' ith his con- version. Behind blocks by Grisham and Jackie Cowan, quarterback Bobby Page tossed a 27-yard screen pass to end Ron Harmon for OU ' s first touchdown. George Jannan kicked the PAT and OU trailed 14-7 at the intennission. A recovered fumble by Glen Condren llie third play of the second half put Okla- homa into gear. Condren fell on a wild pitchout at the Cyclone 17 and seven plays later Grisham bore one yard and Jarman kicked to knot tlie score, 14-14, with 11:30 remaining. Virgil Boll returned the ensu- ing I-State forced punt 55 yards to the I- State 36. After eight plays had advanced the ball on the six, Jarman speared a 23- yard field goal with 5:24 left and OU led, 17-14. Boll turned a pass steal into a 46- yard touchdown four seconds from the final gun. Jarman converted. McCurdy, Har- mon and David Voiles got fine blocks on iliat TD. OU FULLBACK Jim Grisham plows for short sec- ond quarter yardage against Iowa State before be- ing hauled down by tackle Bill Allen. Grisham had one TD in the OU win. 276 LARRY SHIELDS, with Ron Harmon blocking out last Tigers, scores on 65-yard punt return. NU Does It, 29-20 LINCOLN, Neb.. Nov. 23 — Nebraska, shy of the Big Eight title 23 years, pounded Olvla- homa from that throneroom, 29-20, and stepped in to snatch the Orange Bowl bid at the same time. The Cornhuskers left little doubt about the outcome, at one time owning a 29-7 gap over the sixth-ranked and four-point favorite Soon- ers. Bob Devaney ' s Huskers were rated tenth in the nation coming into the game. Dave Tlieisen ' s field goal in the first period started things, 3-0. That was the score at halftime and until fullback Rudy Johnson made the first touchdown of the game, a t o-yard sneak fol- lowing an Oklahoma fumble. That 10-0 margin was boasted to 17-0 when Dennis Claridge went one yard to start the final period. Ron Fletcher then hit John Flynn for a 22-yard TD to let OU realize a score, but the Huskers charged right back on Kent McCloughan ' s two-yarder TD, 23-7. Fred Duda, alternate quarterback, con- cluded NU scoring with a one-yard keeper ith 5:43 left. The score: 29-7. But Oklahoma wasn ' t dead. Wes Skidgel sped 27 yards off a double reverse and Tom Pannell hit Skidgel for a 25-yard tally, bodi in a quick 1:15 span: however, the game ended. OU Tips MU, IB-B COLUMBLA. Mo., Nov. 16 — Sopho- more Larry Shields scored both Oklahoma touchdowns to lead the Sooners past rugged Missouri, 13-3, and set up a league show- down against Big Eight leader Nebraska next week at Lincoln. This regionally-televised game saw Shields follow- a all of blockers in die first period to paydirt «ith a 65-yard punt return. That came with 4:43 to go. George Jarman missed the conversion, but due to blocks by Rick McCurdy, David Voiles. Virgil Boll. Ralph Neely, Glen Condren and Larry Vermillion, the Soon- ers led. 6-0. All the Mizzou scoring came via a 43- yard field goal by Bill Leistritz with all but 3:41 elapsed in the first half, pulliug the Tigers within three points, 6-3. Shields ' two-yard around-end run 33 sec- onds before the end of the game finalized the score with Jarman hitting die conversion. BOBBY PAGE grinnaces as Cornhuskers Bob Jones (74) and Charles Doepke (82) tackle him. 277 MARION BAYLES Center VIRGIL BOLL Right Halfback GORDON BROWN Rl:iht End LARRY BROWN Fullback ALLEN BUMGARDNER R, :l,! E ' .-l NEWT BURTON Right Guard GLEN CONDREN Right Tackle JACKIE COWAN l...| Halfback JOHN FLYNN Lfft End JOHN GARRETT Center JERRY GOLDSBY Left Tacklo JIM GRISHAM Fullbacl JOHN HAMMOND (Puarterback RON HARMON Left End BILL HILL Left Tackle GEORGE JARMON Right Guard CHARLES MAYHUE Right Halfback CARL McADAMS Center RICK McCURDY Right End ED McQUARTERS Left Guard 278 RALPH NEELY BOBBY PAGE TOMMY PANNELL Left Tackle Quarterback Quarterback OHN PORTERFIELD LANCE RENTZEL MIKE RINGER Left End Right Halfback Quarterback CARL SCHREINER LARRY SHIELDS WES SKIDGEL Left Guard Left Halfback Right Halfback GEORGE STOKES LARRY VERMILLION DAVID VOILES Right Tackle Right Guard Fullback Oil Pops OSU, M-10 NORM.AN, Nov. 30 — Junior Fullback Jim Grishain set a school rushing record by plowing 218 yards and scored four touchdowns to de- tonate a 34-10 Oklahoma shellacking of Okla- homa State to end the 1963 football season. Grisham smashed the rushing mark of 215 yards which Buck McPhail, an All-American one year later, had authored in 1951. Grisham carried the ball 30 times for an average of 7.2 yards per carry. He went one yard three differ- ent times and 20 yards once in hitting paydirt. He opened scoring with his first one-yarder 11:49 from half time but OSU ' s quarterback Mike Miller also went one yard 10 minutes later to deadlock the score 7-7 at half. Charles Durkee pegged a 30-yarcl field goal 3 1 2 minutes into the second half and OSU led, 10-7. Then, with Bobby Page expertly steering OU, die Sooners drove 63 yards in 10 plays and Grisham scooted the final yard with 3:33 left in the third frame, 14-10. Page, one series later, moiuited an 88-yard drive and went one yard for a 21-10 span. Grisham added insult to injury with two final touchdowns following Page ' s early fourth period tally. Grisham shot 20 yards off tackle and one yard for those two TDs. JIM GRISHAM skirts past OSU ' s Larry Elliott t o score on a 20-yard fourth period TD scamper against the Aggies. BOTTOM ROW: Gordon Stauffer, assistant coach; Farrell John- son, Jack Young, Fred Fleetwood, Butch Roberts, Tom Flood, Dick Maxey, Leonard Goff, Bob Stevens, coach. TOP ROW: Mike Mahoney, student manager; James Gatewood. Neal Chaney, George Hawkins, Willie Wilson, Joe Bogan, James Kaiser, Mack Turner, Alan Axley, Bill Whitlock. Second Stevens Sooner Season Sinks To Loop Basement DICK MAXEY, an OU star ' - . the season, scrambles for the basketball in South Dakota season opener, which OU easily won, 100-79. Bob Stevens ' second season as head coach of the Uni- versity of Oklahoma ' s basketball team was not the suc- cess his first year at OU was. In fact the Sooners, who ha e gained stature as a " go-go-go " team under Stevens ' fine tutelage in just the two years he has been at OU, tumbled from a tie for third place in the Big Eight Con- ference Stevens initial year and a 12-13 sesasonal mark to a 7-18 record and last place in the league. At one time, the Sooners straddled a 10-game losing streak which spanned from early January- to mid-Febru- ary. A shorter but just as disastrous five-game losing string in December dimmed a fast start by the quick break Sooners which saw them win two of their first three games by plus 100-point outputs. They hit 100 points even in downing South Dakota, 100-79. in their season opener at Norman to become the first OU cage team in the school ' s histon ' to score 100 points in a basketball game. After losing to Southern Methodist 83-72 in the second game. Stevens " club rebounded to nudge Illinois, 105-104. and hike the school record wliith was only two games old up by five points. But their run and shoot game caught up with them more often ili.iti tluy could keep up with rl. Twice op|)()Menls eklied more than 100 poiiils U- anuiliilate Oklaiioiua. 280 SEASON ' S RECORD OU 100, South Dakota 79 Southern Methodist 83. OU 72 OU 105, ininois 104 Texas 81, OU 78 Texas Tech 95, OU 66 Arizona State 127. OU 95 Michigan State 118, OU 100 ♦Missouri 95, OU 88 OU 75, Nebraska 66 OU 82, Iowa State 79 OU 65, Kansas 63 (OT) Missouri 84, OU 74 Oklahoma State 67, OU 56 Iowa State 87, OU 77 Kansas State 97, OU 91 Colorado 90, OU 77 Iowa State 78, OU 73 Nebraska 76, OU 69 (2 OT) Colorado 86, OU 65 Kansas 84, OU 72 Bradley 80, OU 78 OU 86, Missouri 84 Kansas State 99, OU 70 OU 82, Nebraska 76 Oklahoma State 80, OU 47 Big Eight pre-season tourney. Won 7, Lost 18. Eighth in Big Eight. WILLIE WILSON, 6-6 OU center, grabs a rebound from SMU ' s Mike Marsh while OU ' s James Gatewood watches. ' " .MU won, 83-72. f ' 55 1 l-=5s %wi nr: usA ALAN AXLEY FRED FLEETWOOD TOM FLOOD Forward Guard Guard MES GATEWOOD GEORGE HAWKINS FARRELL JOHNSON Forward Forward Guard JAMES KAISER DICK MAXEY BUTCH ROBERTS Center Guard Guard BILL WHITLOCK WILLIE WILSON JACK YOUNG Forward Center Guard 281 Slump Of Ten Hurts Much attention was focused on Stevens ' new brand of basketball in his second year al OL ' . although tlie Sooners returned only one steady starter from Stevens initial OU club, senior forward Farrell Johnson. The attention was justified. Tlie Sooners, not nearly as bad as the ten-game string of losses would indicate, scared two teams of national stature and extended both to the final minutes of play before succumbing. Texas, ranked in the top ten in wire service polls at the time, trailed the pei)py Sooners 78-75 with 1:17 to go and it looked like OU would pull an upset. But the Long- horns got the ball and via a long jumper and layup forged a 79-78 gap with 39 sec- onds remaining. A one-and-one fr ee throw ojjportunity sewed up the game. Both were made by reser e Bob Smith. Then, in the finale of the ten straight losses, OU turned a 46-41 halftinie deficit into a 76-68 advan- tage with 4:. ' 4 left against Bradley with James Cate ood. Bill Whitlock and James Kaiser leading the charge. But the deadly Bra e full court press, purported to be one of the nation ' s best, choked off OU widi only two points the rest of the way while firing through 12 to win. 80-78. Bradley won the National In itati(!iial Tournament this year. It was at this point in the season that Stevens bemoaned, " They say a snowball gains momentum when it rolls do nhill. But when does it get to the bottom of the hill? " He called his team ' s ellort ' ' 120 per- cent ' while it was in the ten-game slump. Stevens used sophomores a great deal dur- ing the season, injecting two or three at times in the games. Cuard-lorward Bill Whitlock and guard Fred Fleetwood showed the most potential of the first-year men. Only two seniors graduated off die club — Farrell Johnson and James Kaiser, guard and center. Johnson did not play second semester his jiniior year due to scholastic reasons, but bounced back lo help s|)ark Oklahoma s llniisls. (iatewood. an Okla- homa (hty junior, was the only Sc ' oner to slarl all 2.5 seasonal games. SOONER FRED FLEETWOOD lofts a jump shot over ItlinI Skip Thoren ' s outstretched hand. OU s James Kaiser watches at left. OU won, 105-104. 202 SOONER BUTCH ROBERTS and Texas ' Joe Fisher grab for the elusive ball In the 81-78 UT wm. Dick Maxey. James Gatewood, Willie Wilson, Farrell Johnson surround them. Sooners lose, But Gain Knowledge Of Go-Go-Go System Texas Tech, Arizona State, Michigan State and Mis- souri followed lip the three-point Texas loss by ham- mering OU with above 90-poiiit outbursts in those four games to complete the early five-game losing streak. The only good thing to come out of those five losses was a 27-point production by Willie Wilson in the 118-100 loss to Michigan State in the inaugural Sun Devil Basket- ball Classic at Tempe. Arizona. That was Wilson ' s best collegiate effort. He sank 11 of 17 fielders and hit five of nine free throws. Only Farrell Johnson ' s 29 points against Illinois in the third game of the season surpassed Wilson ' s salvo. Johnson ' s 29 were his career peak. too. The Sooners broke out of the five-game losing stretch just in time to salvage Steven ' s first victories in two years at the Big Eight pre-season cage tournament in Kansas City in December. Back-to-back victories over Nebraska, 75-66, and Iowa State, 82-79. gave OU fifth place in the loop tourney. Those were the first wins for Stevens there, too. His first appearance there in 1962 saw his Sooners lose all three games. As it turned out, the Cornhuskers, who shoved Oklahoma out of the Big Eight football championship with a 29-20 victory in November, w ere the only team the cage Sooners defeated more than once. OU followed up the 75-66 win at the Big Eight pre-season tournament with an 82-76 triumph over the Huskers at Norman March 2. All in all. though, the Sooners became acquainted much better with Stevens ' exciting go-go-go basketball. 283 STRETCHING HIGH ... Ke does on his well-known behind-tbe-bc.cL dunk shots. OU ' . WHIle Wilson tips In a shot over OSU ' s Gary Hassman at Norman. 284 Sophoni oric Oil Matmen Stumble Through Ru ed Slate Tommy Evans ' University of Oklahoma wrestling team toppled from the pinnacle of national champion to the status of an unranked mat team in one short year due to a green, inexperienced sophomore-laden club but faii- tasticly finished second to Oklahoma State in the NCAA tournament. E ans ' boys wound up with a 9-7-1 record for the 1963-64 mat season. Sophomores maimed six of the eight weights for most of OU ' s dual season. Tliat was Evans ' only alternative since he had lost NCAA kings Mickey Martin, Bill Carter and Wayne Baughman by graduation plus Tommy Edgar, third in the nation: Wally Curtis, fifth nationally and three other regulars. On top of the greenness of the team, the Sooners wrestled a vigorous 17-matcli schedule which was their biggest slate in history. That 17-match schedule in- cluded five of the ten top finishing teams at the 1963 nationals, primarily second place Iowa State and fourth place Oklahoma State, OU ' s arch-rival. Sven Holm, pin-conscious junior ho transferred from California, flattened six opponents during the regu- lar season but sophomores Bill Lam at 157, Brett Johns- ton at 123, and Jerry Stanley at 147 were the most con- sistent winners. Stanley and Mike Sager were NCAA winners. OU upended Lehigh, Rutgers, Army, UCLA and Kan- sas State to start the season before Oklahoma State quelled the 5-0 Sooner enthusiasm, 21-3. Later, at the height of an unheard-of four-match losing skein which OU was stuck in, OSU shutout die Sooners. 26-0. the first time in 138 matches OU had been blanked. Lam gave OU the only three points it mustered against OSU this year, a 7-6 verdict of Roy Brewer at Norman. BREAKING DOWN Don Matson of UCLA is Jerry Stanley, Okla- homa 147-pounder. Stanley won, 7-2, and so did the Sooners, 22-6. BOTTOM ROW: Jerry Tanner, Karel Blubaugh, Jerry Stanley, Norman Dean, Clyde Reed, Brett Johnston. TOP ROW: Gregg Pittman, Bill Lam, Sven Holm, Pete Skarzensici, Mike Davis, Mike Sager, Jim Seay. NOT PICTURED: Coach Tommy Evans, Associ- ate Coach Port Robertson, Dick Deupree, Ken Allwhite. 285 YOU DON ' T LIE on your back v hen wrestling a Sooner, as Roy Brewer of Oklahoma State is about to discover. He lost to Bill Lam, 7-6. SEASON ' S RECORD Oklahmiia Oklalioina Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma State- OklahoMia Oklahoma (Oklahoma MiiiiR-sola C )loraclo State Oklahoma State Northwestern Oklahoma . ( )kla]ioina . Iowa Stale . Coh ' rado 18 23 21 22 20 21 19 14 18 14 17 26 18 13 19 23 17 Lehijih . . Rutgers . .Army IK.LA . . Kansas State Oklahoma . Miciiigan State Io a . Mankato State Oklahoma . Oklahoma . Oklahoma . Oklahoma . Wyoming . Colorado State Oklahoma . Oklahoma . 10 3 8 6 10 3 8 12 14 12 15 6 13 11 3 9 MIKE SAGER, Oklahoma ' s brittle 137-pounder, tries to crumble K-Stote ' s Jerry Cheynet while winning, 7-4. Sager won NCAA. Won 9. Lost Second in Big Eight. 7, Tied 1. Second in NCAA. 286 Evans ' Sooners Win 196S National Wrestling Ciiampionsliip Youthful Tommy Evans guided his 1963 wrestHng team at the University of Oklahoma to the national mat title, an uphill struggle that places him alone in col- legiate wrestling history for several unparalleled reasons. The 1963 NCAA championship team is the second in Evans ' three years as head mat coach at OU. The 1960 team, his first as head coach, won the national team title. His 1961 team placed second in the nation. He wasn ' t mat coach at OU in 1962, having to sen ' e on active duty with the Air Force when the Berlin crisis developed. It is believed he holds the distinction of being the only wrestling coach in the nation to produce an NCAA championship team his first year. Also, his teams his first three years have not finished lower than second place, a unique distinction in three years of college wrestling tutelage anywhere. Evans ' lone national king of 1963 was Mickey Martin at 130, who was voted the outstanding wrestler of the NCAA tournament. Wayne Baughman at 191, outstand- ing matman of the 1963 Big Eight meet, was second and Tonuny Edgar at 177 was third. Evans is assisted in coaching chores by Port Robertson. OU mat coach 1947- . ' 59 and 1962. TOMMY EVANS, National Coach of the Year for 1963. holds the two NCAA team trophies OU ' s I960 and 1963 clubs won under his leadership. IT ' S NOT AN OCTOPUS Jerry Stanley, Sooner 147-pounder, is wrestling, but Ron Riser of Northwestern. Stanley easily won, 4-2. JOE MASHBURN, Sooner sophomore paddier, Turns en route to a 2:09.7 victory in the 200-yard indivioudl meaiey against K-State and l-State. SEASON ' S RECORD Oklahoma . . 70 Iowa State . . . 25 Oklahoma . . 71 Kansas State . 22 So. Methodist . 67 Oklahoma . . 28 Okkihoma . . 60 Texas . . . . 34 Okhihoma . . 70 Texas Tech . . . 24 Okhilioina . . 52 E. New Mexico . 43 So. Illinois . . 55 Oklahoma . . 40 So. Methodist . 651 2 Oklahoma . • 281 2 Oklahoma . . 52 Air Force . . . 42 Oklahoma . . 68 Colorado . . . 25 Utah . . . . 561 2 Oklahoma . • • ' 571 2 Won 7, Lost 4. Won Big Eight. SOONER TRANSFER John Kemp, churning the butterfly stroke, wound up second to teammate Joe Mashburn in this 200-yard med- ley contest. 288 Swimmers Grab Bl Eipt Title For Tenth Successive Year Oklahoma ' s swimmers, veterans at winning the Big Eight conference title, grabbed that championship for the tenth straight year under second year coach Jay Markley. Markley. who came to OU from Kansas one year ago, turned in his second successive 7-4 dual meet record at Oklahoma this year. His first OU team last year also finished 7-4 in dual battles. Markley brought two of his Jayhawk standouts to Oklahoma with him, John Kemp and George Winter. Both swam their first races for the Sooners this year, but All-American Charley Schuette, 1964 Sooner captain, was the main spark of OU ' s tank chili. Schuette is a freestyle expert and led Oklahoma in most of its dual victories. He was the leading scorer on the team during the regular season. Schuette amassed 115% points off a cumulative total of 18 first places. He was defeated only four times, three times by SMU ' s Tudor Lacey and once by Southern Illinois ' Tom Mc- Aneney. Lacey whipped Schuette at Dallas and at Nor- man, in the 200 freestyle and won the .500 freestyle at Norman, too. McAneney won the 200 over Schuette. Sprinter John Bernard, a senior as is Schuette, was Okla- homa ' s No. 2 scorer. He had 97%. Neither Kemp or Winter won a race all year for the Sooners. Kemp was the 1964 Big Eight butterfly king, however. Outside of SMU and Southern Illinois who handed OU three losses, only Utah coidd v hip Oklahoma. Both SMU and SIU are perermial foes of OU and two of the few clubs who defeat OU fairly consistently, lltah laid out the Sooners in a triangular meet which included Colorado at Boulder in the last meet of the season, 561 - 371 . OU was supposed to battle Kansas and Nebraska in a regular season closer but that meet was cancelled. OU ALL-AMERICAN swimmer Charley Schuette, who was captain for the Sooners in 1964, topped the team in firsts and individual scoring. BOTTOM ROW: Tony Robertson, Larry Jacobs, George Winter, John Bernard, Charley Schuette. Jerry Tate, Billy Young, Coach Jay Markley. TOP ROW: Jim Cody. Bill Truesdell. Rex Ball, Joe Mashburn, John Kemp, Toby Morey. Donn King, Jack Engleman. E3pL 289 BOTTOM ROW: Woody Young, John English, Dick Neff, Walt Mizell, Bill Griffin. SECOND ROW: Student manager, Gene Jen- kins, Pat Hennessee, David tHays, Preston Bagley, Mickey Willianns, Ray Frogge. TOP ROW: Preston Smith, Tom Davis, Steve More- lock, Mike Miers, Mike Hewitt, Dick Inman, Coach Bill Carroll. SEASON ' S RECORD INDOOR Oklahoma 82 . Arkansas 49 . Oklahoma Baptist 17 Kansas 86 Oklahoma .... 36 Oklahoma fuiisiied sixth in the Big Eight. OUTDOOR .Arizona State ... 81 Oklahoma .... 59 .Arizona 91 Oklahoma .... 49 Stanford 83 . San Jose State 83 (tie) . Oklahoma 15 Oklahoma 104 . . Tulsa 43 . . Wichita 30 Missouri 86 . . . Oklahoma 55 . . . Iowa 39 Oklahoma State . . 88 Oklahoma .... 57 Kansas 82 Oklahoma .... 63 Okhilioiiui finished si.xlh in the Big Eight. IT LOOKS AS IF Richard Inman, Sooner weighiman, is going to blow the discus instead of throw it. He was second In this KU dual at I6O-31 4. 290 Sooner Track Team Bounces Through Ru ed Schedule Bill Carroll ' s 1963 track forces found the going pretty rough, finishing sixth in both the Big Eight indoor and outdoor cinder meets and winning only two of nine dual and triangular meets engaged during both seasons. Carroll, amiable Sooner mentor who was the state ' s best pole vaulter when he was in college at OU. re- turned 10 lettermen from his 1962 Big Eight outdoor championship team. But he lost 14 lettermen ofl that team, too. which included his four league champs and one national king, Anthony Watson. Of the 10 back, only four were seniors. The only meets the Sooners won were one indoor triangidar and one outdoor triangular. They popped Arkansas and Oklahoma Baptist indoors and wrecked Tulsa, 104-43. and Wichita 30 outside. At the Big Eight indoor meet, seconds by Steve Swafford in the broad jump, 23-10, and Mike Hewitt in the 60- yard high hurdles were the best OU could do. .And at the outdoor meet, a single second by Richard Inman in the shot put was the best showing, outside of some lower placings, the Sooners could muster. One bright spot for Oklahoma track fortunes was offered when 1960 OU NCAA pole vault king J. D. Martin won the Pan-American Games decathlon with a record-breaking 7.335 points at Sao Paula. Brazil. May 1. iwtif ' ! jyw Pii ' , ARMS CHURNING, OU sprinter Preston Bagley stays ahead of teammate Bill Griffiln, Kansas ' Don Hill to win 220 dash in 22.5. ALL EYES ARE FOCUSED on the 880-yard run finish where KU ' s Kirk Hagannips charging Walt Mizell, right, and Dick Neff to win in 1 :55.9. Mizell was second and Neff was a close third. 291 BIG STORY OF OU ' S 1963 basobal! team was Jerry Haddock ' s left arm. Pitching with it broken, in a cast, he had 6-0 record, 1.75 ERA. SE.ASON ' S RECORD Texas . . Texas . . .Arizona . Oklahoma . Arizona State Arizona State Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklalioma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Missouri Missouri Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Iowa State Iowa State Si; 4 Oklahoma . . . . 6 Oklahoma . . . . 2 10 Oklahoma . . . . 7 9 Arizona . . . . . 5 8 Oklahoma . . . . 5 Oklahoma . . 4 3 Kaiisas . . . . 2 5 Kansas . . . . 2 Kansas . . 1 (10 Innings) 6 Kansas State . . . . 2 ( 11 Innings) 3 Kansas State . . . . 2 5 Kansas State . . . . 1 9 Nebraska . . . . . 2 2 Nebraska . . . . 7 Nebraska . . . . 1 3 Missouri . 2 5 Oklahoma . . ' . ' . 2 8 Oklahoma . . 1 3 (Oklahoma State . . 2 5 Oklahoma State . . 4 2 Oklahoma . . 1 7 Iowa State . . 4 4 Oklahoma . . . . 2 10 Oklahoma . . . . 9 BUZZ McDonald was Oklahoma ' s third baseman during the 1963 baseball season. He led in RBIs and was In on five double plays. Won 14, Lost 10. Second in Big Eight. 292 Baer ' s Baseball Team Second In Bi Ei ht After Hot Start Oklahoma ' s baseball team wound up second in the Big Eight in 1963 and had a 14-10 record overall. OU ' s loop mark was 13-5 behind first place Missouri ' s 17-3 record. The Tigers took tv o games from the Sooners in a crucial series at Columbi a after OU had won the first game of that three-game battle. jack Baer. Sooner diamond coach 19 years, pushed the 1963 OU club to the most victories by a Baer team in 11 years when his 1951 hardball club was 19-9 and won the NCAA without losing a game in tlie national tourney. At one time during the 1963 season the Sooners were riding a 10-game winning string — their first 10 Big Eight Conference tilts — before bowing those t o times to Mizzou. The Sooners received able help from Eddy Peach, OU ' s All-Big Eight and Ail-American outfielder and pitcher Jerry Haddock, whose glistening 6-0 mark helped sustain their second place rung. Peach led the Sooners in batting with a hefty .370 average and he was the second leading batter in the Big Eight with a .415 plate percentage. Haddock was shackled by a broken left arm part of the season, but he pitched and batted anyway. His 6-0 record, which made him die league ' s second best pitcher, was all the more spectacular when that fact is considered. His earned run average of 1.75 was the lowest by a Sooner pitcher since Eddie Fisher ' s 1.20 in 1957 when he was 7-0. Overall, the Sooners offensive punch was effective at more times than it has been in past years. Oklahoma outhit its opponents .237 to .203. Sophomore Dale Mitchell, Jr., following in his famous dad ' s footsteps, was OU ' s No. 2 batsman at a solid .292. OU ALL-AMERICAN baseball player Eddy Peach, the right fielder, led Sooner hitting at .370 marlt. He was All-Big Eight, too. BOTTOM ROW: Bill Ford, Steve Kline, Dale Mitchell, Jr., Jann Christian, Keith Shean, Jackie Cowan, Doyle Tunnell. SECOND ROW: Student manager, Charlie Austin, Eddy Peach, Jim Vervack, Lonnie McGuire, Jerry Beardslee, Doug Martin, Ron Hornbeek, S ' ' Tommy Lindsey, Don Flnkenbinder. TOP ROW: Jerry Hutton, Steve Davis, Johnny Smith, John Kern, Harvey Chaffin, Buzz McDonald, Jerry Haddock, Larry Webber, Lynn Overton, Tom Walton. XLAHOli, 1 :aW ' ' ' -c - ' ' € 293 SEASON ' S RECORD (Low score wins) Arkansas 27. Oklalionia 28 Oklahoma State 25. Oklahoma .32 Hays 36, Emporia 40, Oklahoma 50. Wichita 99 Kansas 17, Oklahoma 46 Fifth in Big Eight. Phil Oviett, Ted Oliver, Tommy Davis, Dennis Taylor, George Brose, John English, Walt Mizell WALT MIZELL was Oklahoma ' s top cross-country runner of the 1963 season. Mizell won two meets in which the Sooners competed. Crosscountry Road Bumpy Although five lettermen returned, Oklahoma ' s 1963 cros.scountr - team faltered in its four regular season meets and in the Big Eight crosscountry meet, losing all four meets and finishing a dismal fifth in the loop. Bill Carroll ' s Sooner harriers just missed the first division in the league battle at Lawrence, Kan., but they couldn ' t rank enough men in the higher places to leap past fourth place Colorado. Kansas won with a low team total of 26 points. Oklahoma ' s fifth place finish came with a total of 130 points. CU had 85. Junior John Englisli did the best job at the conference meet for Ok- lahoma, winding up thirteentli, four spots ahead of Wall Mizell. one of two Sooner seniors. Mizell was the top performer for Carroll ' s team in the regular season. He won the duals against Arkansas and Oklahoma State, but his best time was recorded in a fourth place finish against Kansas, a 15:05 clocking. Otherwise, Oklahoma did not reach the anticipated |)eak expected of it. Only Lee Smith, who won all loiu ' 1962 OU duals, graduated and three of the top four Ol ' finishers at the 1962 Big Eight meet returned, but results didn ' t materialize against tough competition. Mizell and (ieorge Brose will be llie only seniors (ill ihe I9().) leaiu. lUiiMiilng |)rimarily will be English, ' I ' ulsa junior: eleventh in the loop his sophomore year, and .Amarillo, Tex., jiniior Tom Davis. 22ncl this year. 294 Russell Rejuvenates Tennis Former United States small college temiis champion Don Russell and one of the world ' s top amateurs became the third Oklahoma tennis coach in three years in 1963 and lifted the Sooners to their best record in 15 years. Russell, a 24-year-old native Australian, who began playing tennis at the age of 11, sparked the Sooners to a 12-3-2 record in 1963. That ' s the least losses by an OU net team since the 1949 Oklahoma club had an 18-1 figure. At one time during the 1963 campaign, the Sooners won eight straight. They dropped their opener to Texas A M, 4-3, and tied Tulsa, 3-3, before spinning together diose eight in a row. The odier tv o losses were handed OU by Big Eight king Oklahoma State. Russell charged his lads for the Big Eight tournament and Ok- lahoma led heavy favorite Oklahoma State by one point going into the finals. However, the Sooners lost all six of their final matches to fall to third place behind OSU and Kansas. OSU had 16 points, KU 12, OU 11. Bruce Bowman, Dallas sophomore, had the best in- dividual record in 1963, a 13-2 mark, but as followed closely by Shawnee sophomore Jack Richards, 12-2, and Mark Latham, 13-4. At one time during the season, Latham, a Greenville, Tex., junior, strung together ten straight victories. He won 12 of his last 13 duals, also. Russell was NAIA singles champ in 1962, was four times NAIA doubles king and was Australian doubles king in 1957. THIS DOUBLES TEAM of Jack Richards and Bruce Bowman was Oklahoma ' s top 1963 tennis duo. They won six matches, lost none. SEASON ' S RECORD Texas A M 4, OU 3 OU 3, Tulsa 3 (tie) OU 5, Air Force Academy 2 OU 6, Denver University 1 OU 7, Colorado Mines OU 9, Oklahoma Baptist OU 4. Kansas 3 OU 7. Missouri OU 5, Kansas State 2 OU 7, Nebraska Oklahoma State 5, OU 2 OU 7, Central State OU 5. Southern Methodist 1 OU 7, Oklahoma Baptist Oklahoma State 7, OU OU 3, Tulsa 3 (tie) OU 6, Central State 1 Won 12, Lost 3, Tied 2. Third in Big Eight. BOTTOM ROW: Bruce Bowman, Carey West, Mike Rooker. TOP ROW: Jack Richards, Mark Latham, Paul Gregory, Coach Don Russell. 295 SEASONS RECORD Oklahoma State 8, OU 7 OV 4. North Texas State 3 Oklalioma State 11 1 9, OU 31 2 Arkansas 6I 2, OU sVs OU 1414. Oklahoma Baptist I 2 OU 10 ' ,, Wichita 41 9 OU 15, Oklahoma Baptist OU 18. Wichita 3 OU 11, Kansas 4 OU 141 2, Kansas State 1 9 OU 15. Nebraska OU 13, Kansas State 2 OU 15, Nebraska OU 13. Kansas 2 OU I4I 9, Tulsa 1 2 OU 10, Kansas 5 OU 111 9. Nebraska 31 2 OU 131 2, Iowa State II 2 OU 91 2, Iowa State 11 9 OU 9, Kansas State 6 Won 17. Lost 3. Second in Big Eight. Co-captai., __ _ Coach Bob James. Terry, Co-captain Go ' OU TOP GOLFER in 1963 was Bob Smith, the 1961 Big Eight links king, who achieved a 10-2-3 record while being No. I man for the Oklahoma team. Golfers Second In Bi Eipt A 16-match winning streak which ran almost the entirety of Oklahoma ' s golf season gave the Sooners a splendid 17-3 record for 1963 and a second place Big Eight finish. Bob James ' eighth Oklahoma links team, following two losses to Big Eight champ Oklahoma State and one to Arkansas in its first four matches, rallied to win the next 16 times and close the season with the 17-3 mark. In the Big Eight tournament, OSU had a team total of 849 to OU ' s 869, good for second place. Bob Smith. 1961 Big Eight Champion, tied for fourth at 214 with Jim Jamieson of Oklahoma State University. Jack Nottingham, No. 4 man most of the season, liad the best record for OU, a 16-1 figure. But he didn ' t play against competition as rough as Smith did in the No. I bracket where he compiled a 10-2-3 record. He missed OU ' s last five duals while playing in the Waco Turner tourney at Burneyville. Oklahoma, in May. Nottingham graduated, but sophomore Jim Awtrey carved a notable 16-3-1 record as the No. 2 and No. 4 man, alternately. Oddly, no Sooner golfer cracked 70 in one of the 20 comj)etitive rounds during 1963. Oklahoma finished seventh in Houston ' s All-. mcrican golf invitational and second to North Texas State in the State College invitational at Shawnee. Besides Nottingham, Smith and Jarmon were the only other regulars to graduate olf that 1963 Icaiii. 296 BOM ivl ROW: Paul V. Keen, director; Dewey Luster, Mrs. Elvi Bordeau. TOP ROW: Ernie O ' Hara, Harold Murray, John Thomas, Bill Dutcher, John hlundley. Intramural Games Are Excellent Outside Activities Improving sportsmanship and teaching young people the «ays of fair play and honesty are just two of the goals of the University of Oklahoma Intramurals depart- ment. The program caters to every student ' s needs. Whether he prefers touch football, softball or ping-pong, he can find a sport to suit his tastes. Well-super ised, each phase of the events includes instruction as well as action. " Preparation for the year ahead is important to men in college, " says Paul V. Keen, director of the Intramural department. " We try to instill a measure of honesty and good conduct, " he adds. Not only is physical fitness important, thinks Keen, but relaxation and enjoyment of the program are important, too. Respect for authority and the profitable use of free time are also important reasons for participating in the intramural program. Leadership and participation are encouraged and every man is given the opportunity to develop his skill. Com- petition is keen. Even sfjectators become intensely in- volved rooting for a favorite team or individual. The program gives everyone a chance, regardless of ability, to take part in some phase of sports. The officials of the department work closely with a corps of students to help all participate in the various programs. SIGMA NUS were first place winners in Class A football. BOT- TOM ROW: Galand Kramer, Art Davis, Joe Blake, Johnny West. TOP ROW: Eddie Spraker, Andy Nagurney, Dan Le Crone, Jerry Prather, W. Smith, Ernie O ' Hara. 297 n P 1- J f f f CROSS CENTER football champion was Alley House. BOHOM ROW: Warren Sherman, Pat Meagher, Dick Jennings, Bob Hewes Dewey Fore, Jr.. John Collins, Allen Rucker. SECOND ROW: Steve Neylon, Kenny Thompson, David Berry, Len Glass, Glenn Lane. TOP ROW: Bob Keale, Dave Rollow. Frank A. Jarmuth, Arvin Wayne Edison, Ed Mehew, Barry Glasberg, Russell Vassar, Larry hlowze. SIGMA CHI B Football Champions. BOTTOM ROW: Rocjc-r Gossard, Andy Kimberling, Bill Dutcher. John Garrett, Larry Hul- sey. TOP ROW: John Hundley, Mike Thomas, Joe Latimer, Fred Becker, Dennis James. NOT PICTURED: Jo Bob Hille, Jim McDougal, Scott Mitchell, Gene Chamberlain, Lanny Henderson. Many Participate In Intramural Sports During Year Intramurals on the OU campus was formally organ- ized in 1925 when various sports attracted some 256 participants. In the past 39 years, tlie program has con- tinued to expand and the list of men and women enter- ing the program in the past year exceeds well over 5,000. Heading the department is Paul V. Keen. Since 1937 when he was wrestling coach. Keen has been active in various phases of athletics. He has been involved in intramurals for almost thirty years. Another long-time member of the staff is Dewey " Snorter " Luster. Mrs. Elvi Bordeau is in charge of all team entries, scoring records and the book work in- volved in the department. The intramural board is composed of three ad- ministrators plus a corps of student managers. They meet twice a month to discuss policies and possible im- provements to be maile in llie program. Each year the student members of the board are selected Irom stu- dents working with inlrannuals. It is the duty of the senior members to see that play is run off snioolliiy in their assigned sport.s. This system is designed so that all students will be suHicienlly trained to hold llie posuion of senior man- ager, and to fidfill the functions required for tourna- ment and league play in the many sports spon.sored by the inlraiiuual department. FIRST PLACE trophy winner in Wrestling was Sigma Nu. Three Sigma Nus who wrestled were Bill Lipe, Randy Singleton and Stoney Anderson. 298 liP: P vf nnsQfii Hn nn e shbi ra ti ' ip " " B Im? w ' Si Sjj ' W w ifliJi fl H m K B f ' Mb K H Bl M M Mif y?. - . is PADDLEBALL CHAMPION of the campus Is Jim W freshman from Port Washington, N. Y. Walther is a member of Delta Tau Delta. GOLF IS THE GAME and Phil Adamson. Beta Theta Pi, was the championship flight winner. Adamson is a sophomore from Tulsa. Complete facilities are available for every sport. Twelve Softball diamonds, 12 touch football fields, 21 tennis courts, five basketball courts, six horseshoe pits. 12 badminton courts, six four-wall handball courts, six volleyball courts, the track and swimming pool are used by groups for practice and for intranuiral competition. Each organized house, both independent and fraterni- ty, has an athletic manager elected or appointed by the house. He is responsible for organizing teams and entering them in competition and for selecting, and entering individuals in those sports where individuals are competing. He is the point of contact between the house and the department. Matters affecting the team or individual are communicated to the manager, who in turn is responsible for passing the infomiation on to the parties involved. The manager of each organization is eligible for membership on the managerial board and is also in competition each year for the title of Outstanding Man- ager, who is named each spring after competition ends in all intramural sports. ROUNDBALL CHAMPIONS Included Jim Pence, John Ross, John Feaver, Paul Updegraff and Steve Riley. They are members of the Phi Delta Theta A Basketball team. Not pictured is Bill Nations. BETA THETA BFC B basketball team was B champion. BOTTOM ROW: Tom Swineford, Joe Rockett, John Berry, Pope Craven. TOP ROW: Steve Lawton, Larry Owens, Sherm Lawton, Larry Reams. ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP team from the Beta Theta Pt house was the swimming team. They include Robert Fleener, John Graves, Jeff Wooley and John Coffey. Not pictured was Louie Priebe. WINNING THE BOWLING championship was this team from Delta Tau Delta which consisted of Renn Rothrock, Dave Deax, Charlie Mugg, Jerry Barnett. Intramurals Winners Winners in the mens intranuiral ])rcj;r;un are listed below. These are champions from spring, 1963, and from the 1963-64 competition up to yearbook press time. TEAM SPORTS Touch Football. Class A Fraternity Sigma Nu Touch Football. Class B Fraternity Sigma Chi Touch Football. Wilson Center Irving House Touch Football, Cross Center Alley House Touch Football, Housing Irving House Touch Football, Independent Legal Eagles Basketball, Class A Fraternity Phi Delta Theta Basketball, Class B Fraternity Beta Theta Pi Basketball, Class A, University Housing Kelly House Basketball, Class B. University Housing .. Alley House Basketball, Class B Championship Beta Theta Pi Wrestling, First Place Sigma Nu Wrestling. Second Place Sigma Chi Wrestling. Third Place Pi Kappa Alpha Volleyball, Class A Delta Tau Delta Volleyball. Class B Delta Tau Delta Coed Volleyball Beta Theta Pi. Pi Beta Phi Softball, Class A Beta Theta Pi Sofdiall, Class B Beta Theta Pi Softball, Independent Archangels Track and Field Sigma Nu Swimming Beta Theta Pi INDIVIDUAL BRACKET SPORTS Badminton Doubles Rick Petticrew and Larry Hallum. Lambda Chi Alpha Badminton Singles .... Bill Rollins. Phi Gamma Delta Handball Doubles John Boggs and Archie Stogsdill, Baker House Handball Singles Mike McLaurey, Independent Horseshoe Doubles Dave Rutherford, Sigma Chi Horseshoe Singles Dick Conklin, Pi Kappa Alpha Golf, Championship Flight Phil Adamson, Beta Theta Pi Golf, Class A Beimie Heinrich, Beta Theta Pi Golf, Class B Robert Smallvvood, Lincoln House Paddleball Singles Jim Walker, Delta Tau Delta Paddleball Doubles Charles Trimble and Larry Oliver, Sigma Chi Tennis Doubles Jim Henson and Mark Polderman. Bridge Deck Tennis Singles Joe Key, Delta Upsilon Ping Pong Doubles Buddy Kroeger and Bill Thompson, Phi Gamma Delta Ping Pong Singles Edwin Ellis, Bass House FIRST FOUR PLACES in the A Flight golf championship were won by Betas Steve Taylor, second place; Bennie Heinrich, first; Dean Hart, third. Not pictured is Bill Cun- ningham who won fourth place. BOTTOM ROW: Jo-fin aimin. L-hris Ford, Susan Welborn, Janice Pullln, Kathy Munn, Wendy Blair, Mar+y Osborn, Julie Kalnnan, Jackie Krutsinger. SECOND ROW: Nancy Taylor. Nancy Wal- ton, Linda Reece, Barbara Lewis, Barbara Muzny, Lynda Wiand. Barbara Buskirk. Marilyn Bossart, Nancy Scott. THIRD ROW: Judy Saulenas, Marilyn Watt, Judy Earley, Suzy t7ruber, Karen Tankersley. Sherry Thomas, Vicky Baldwin, Thalia Thompson, Tammy Mandel. TOP ROW: htelen Tintle, Roz Fishman. Claudia Shirley, Orinda Adams. Carole Chacey. Peggy Rankin, Ann Masterson, Leslie Smith, Susan Vickers, Ann Stiles. WRA Sponsors Sports, Recreational Opportunities Organized about 1920 at OU, the Women ' s Recrea- tion Association has actively encouraged women students to participate in recreational opportunities. The As- sociation sponsors a variety of groups through which women students may enjoy club participation and in- tramural and extramural competition. Every female stu- dent is automatically a member of WRA and thereby may participate in whatever sports in which she is inter- ested and proficient. The WRA program is designed to increase physical skills, provide physical activity and develop a sense of fair play, cooperation and good sportsmanship. Each organized house elects a WRA representative who coordinates intramural activities. She also relates information regarding WRA back to her house. Meet- ings are held once a montli. Annual activity is sponsor- ing the OARFCW Dance Day to which all Oklahoma colleges and universities are invited. This year the event was held April 11. The OU group sends delegates to the South Central Regional Conference of the ARFCW. Another annual e ' ent is the WRA banquet at which time new officers are installed. They also sponsor inter- school sports day, a Christmas party and an awards banc[uet at the end of the year. GATHERED AROUND the WRA desk for a planning session with the sponsor, Jackie Krutsinger. are Julie Kalman, social chairman; Wendy Blair, vice-president; Janice Pullin, secretary; Joan Kal- man. treasurer, and Kathy Munn, president. 301 BOTTOM ROW: Judy Comegys, Susan Tracy, Cynthia Grisham, Karen Tankersley, Mlmi Francis, Anne Glover, Nancy Taylor, Jean Pake. SECOND ROW: JoAnn Hackett, Lynn Patterson, Judy Anderson, Lorraine Allman, Jill Colodny, Becky Harris, Anne Ketcham, Ann Caryl Tucker. TOP ROW: Phyllis Philp, Sandra Reynolds, Peggy Hyatt, Marsha Means, Judy Saulenas, Becky Boen, Jessica Hagan, Nancy Witt, Betty Albin, Randi Sights, Claren Base, Kathy Evans, Kay Kenton. Ducks Club Increases Ability In Synchronized Swimming Producing the water show for iiioms on Mother ' s Day weekend, helping with the nitrainiiral swimniinjr meet and with the state high school girls swimming meet are the major activities of the Ducks Club. The group meets at the pool once a week and tiie object of the organization is to increase interest and ability in swim- ming, especially synchronized swimming. Officers this year were Kay Kenton, president: Becky Boen, vice-presi- dent: Nancy Witt, secretarv ' . and Fran Parks, treasurer. Phyllis Philp is facidty sponsor. For social activities the members held a Christmas party and a spring pic- nic. In order to qualify for membership students must attend a workshop and show acceptable quality in a tryout routine. Orchesis Provides Opportunity For Modern Dance Experience Fostering an interest and understanding of dance as an art form through participation is the purpose of the organization Orchesis. Prospecti e members must dem- onstrate teclinical skill and creative ability before being admitted to membership. Aiichlions are held in the fall. Members meet regularly for practice and to develop programs for presentation to campus audiences. The group is most widely known for its presentation of the " Juggler of Notre Dame. " This annual dance pageant has been presented for a number of years just before Christmas vacation. Miss Helen J. Gregon-. professor of dance, is sponsor of the organization. Under het direction the group presents many fine programs. BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Turk, Judy Smotherman, Susie Rosenberg, Carol Wilkinson, Lorraine Ballina, Sharon Bradley, Deana Lorent- zen, Nancy Sue Hannpton. SECOND ROW: Sally Sue Allmon, Susan Young, Jane Abramson, Joan Conkling, Francine Dillingham, Suellen Morgan, Dorothy Brigham, Carole Cody, Doreen Nash. TOP ROW: ' Rdndv Morrison, Kathrvn Ward, Brvan Cohen, Rox- anne Callinson, Paul Hubble, Barbara Connor, Scotty Salmon, Kay Brummett, Rick Northcutt, Helen Gregory, Andy Oldroyd. NOT PICTURED: Roberta Rule, Nanci Mullendore, Joan Pitts, James Ivlartin, Diana Moore, Vicki Love, Lenabeth Murphy, Leslie Stern- berger, Sandra BIrdsong, Priscilla Miller, Linda Parrish, Donita Elliott. BOTTOM ROW: Richard Buck, Virginia Morris, Karen Lee Black, Karen Brown, Jackie Cowan. SECOND ROW: Karen Allman, Kathy Munn, Janice Strain, Jean Pake, Tammy Mandel, Valerie Brock. THIRD ROW: Thonnas Maxwell. James E. Reese, Mehdi Rashidpour, Bill Rhodes, Mike McCullough, Bob McCarthy, Janice Blakely, Tom Lindsey. TOP ROW: Charlie Gibbs. Bob Pansze, Ronald tHornbeek, Luster Martin, Terry Lynn Bailey, Rickey Lee Shelley. Physical Education Majors Club Studies Many Topics All students majoring in physical education are eligi- ble for membership in the Physical Education Majors club, more popularly known as the PEM Club. Meet- ing monthly, the group studies many topics of interest to those in the physical education field. Discussions, panels, guest speakers, films and outside projects com- pose the varied programs. Sponsors this year were Richard Buck, instructor in health and physical educa- tion, and Dr. Virginia Morris, professor of ph ysical edu- cation. Officers included Jackie Cowan, president, and Karen Brown, vice-president. Most of the membership of the club are students who plan to teach after gradua- tion, either in public schools or in college. Volleyball Club Softball Club The Volleyball Club is organized every year during the season for the purpose of providing a means for women to enjoy this sport. The team competes ith other colleges in the .state on Sports Day. This year the OU club won three games and lost 1. Anyone interested in playing volleyball may participate in the club. Members of the Softball Club meet for practice and to form a team during the softball season. Games are schedided from time to time with other teams. Mem- bership is open to all women who enjoy playing the game. Practice sessions are held in the Women ' s Build- ing gymnasium. The group participate s in the general program of the WRA. BOTTOM ROW: Jan Braden, Janice Strain, Karen Allman, Gen- eva Jones, Peggy Zumwalt. TOP ROW: Kathy Munn, Ginny Gibson, Valerie Brock, Wendy Blair, Jane Seay, Jane McNeely. TT BOnOM ROW: Ruth Burnett, Kay Barnes, Millie Blum, Yvonne Lunsford. SECOND ROW: Sharon Sims, Val Brock, Marthalie Dunn. Janice Pullin, Geneva Jones, Jan Braden, Carole Stock. TOP ROW: Judie Mitchell, Montee Arterburn, Kay Phares, Wendy Blair, Diane Wisener, Vivian Outley. o iV ] i afa ' N; n ■K BOTTOM ROW: Jan Braden, Patsy Hendrick, Wendy Blair, Munn, Mary K. Goodwyn. TOP ROW: Allean Anderson, Strain, Nanelle Wall, Janice Pullln, Marilyn Carnes. Kathy Janice ACTION ON THE COURT is nnuch in evidence with the wonnen ' s basketball team going out for a practice session. The team prac- tices regularly and competes in games with teams from other schools. Basketball Club Provides Competition, Participation To increase skills and efficiency in playing the game is the purpose of the Basketball Club, fonned every year to provide an opportunity for women interested in this sport to participate and to compete on a wider scale than is offered during the regular intramural programs. Open to all University of Oklahoma women, teams are formed and ] ractice sessions are held twice a week in the women ' s gym. Participants gain an increased knowledge of the game as well as enjoyment of the recreation. Whenever possible the OU team competes with other college teams. This year the group attended Sports Day held at Northeastern State College at Tahlequah. Delta Delta Delta Sorority Once A ain Are Intramural Champs Winner of the first place trophy in the women ' s di- vision of intramurals for 1963 was Delta Delta Delta sorority. The trophy was won on the basis of points awarded for placing in the intramural games. The Tri- Delts had the highest total score during the school year 1962-63. The Delta Delta Delta house has won the trophy every year since 1957, except 1962 when they BOTTOM ROW: Karen Black, Carole Chacey, Jerri Young, Margot Rhodes. TOP ROW: Ann McBrlde, Kaye Flood, Becky came in second trailing Delta Gamma. But the girls regained the trophy, under the leadership of their intra- mural chairman, Carole Chacey. Members of the sorori- ty participate on a voluntary basis, entering the sport in which each feels she will do the best. All sports «ere entered and they won first place in tennis. Reed, Ann Ehlers, Barbara Campbell. PLANTED AS IF IN THE HUB of a huge wheel, OU ' s South Oval is the physical center around which most of the University ' s organizations operate. Organizations EACH YEAR ON the Friday night preceding hlomecoming, Sequoyah Indian Club members dance all night for a Sooner victory the next day. OU ' S MARCHING BAND displays the skill which makes it the " Pride of Oklahoma " when it marches at this year ' s Texas game with this forma- tion. ORCHESIS CLUB conveys art into the pretty form of modern dance and interpretation. Under capable Miss Helen Gregory, they perform yearly. ORGANIZATIONS CAN ' T LIVE WITHOUT voters ' coordinated efforts. Na 7 .inn Air Fonr .117 Army 333 Extra-curricular Groups . 359 Music Organizations . . . 360 r;( criitiK ' ii(;il liiidics . . 368 l{(liy,i..Ms 37.S I |(iiiiir;it .111(1 S(liul,isll( . ' iSl favy «lK iik ' «K: « ««« «i _ CAPTAIN L B. GREEN, Commanding Officer, USN LT. COL. K. E. FASER, Executive OfHcer, USMC Oklahoma NROTC Unit Supplements Training For Navy The Naval ROTC was first launched August 15. 1926. at the University of California, under the command of Commander Nimitz. This program was destined not only to supplement the Naval Academy, but to provide the Na 7 widi die majority of its officers. Since the founding of the NROTC program, the Na 7 has undergone changes that encompass the atomic age. The unit at tlie University of Oklahoma keeps pace with these changes by training its midshipmen, for only through intensive training can the Navy develop the kind of officers and men it needs to command its unlimited future. Classroom instruction given to midshiiimen includes operations and naval histor)-. during the freshman year; principles of nuclear weapons and guided missiles, dur- ing the sophomore year; navigational astronomy and piloting, during the junior year, and leadership, during the senior year. Supplementing classwork and drill are the summer cruises which include visits to major ports throughout the world. A special treat awaits the Marine option when he experiences rugged combat training with die Marine Corps at Quantico, Va., during the summer of his junior year. Flight indoctrination trips are available to any mid- shipman interested in becoming an aviator. On these trips one receives instruction in the latest aircraft train- ers and with the best training equipment in the world. To help form a well-rounded career officer, the unit also sponsors many social functions, one of wliich is the annual Navy Ball. Also sponsored by the unit are the Trident Society, a newspaper, drill team and rifle and pistol teams. The highlight for the unit is the Armed Forces Day parade in which all three ROTC units participate. wm-w NROTC STAFF, BOTTOM ROW: Chief R. A. Carsten, Mrs. M. J. Cowan, GySgt. W. L. Bingaman, Mrs. C. Morrison. TOP ROW: Chief E. J. Waters, Chief M. J. Bailey, Chief O. E. Bascom, Jr., Chief E. W. Veesart, Lt. ig H. P. Sexton. TRIDENT SOCIETY include ' . D. E. Green, F. M. McCoy, Jr., W. E. Mercer, A. S. Dunning and Lt. L. E. Breeding. 310 DRILL TEAM. BOTTTOM ROW: R. L Main, L. F. Kamp, J. F. Renaghan, J. C. Anderson, M. K. Morrow, J. M. Hill, R. L. Phegley, G. B, McGovern, M. J. Transue. SECOND ROW: R. J. Kelsey, J. F. White, C. A. DeJohn, R. D. Frederick, I. P. Warden, C. H. PISTOL TEAM— C. R. Mason, W. S. Cepeda, R. W. List, D. S. Anderson, F. H. Kartlishie, F. M. McCoy. Not Pictured: R. D. Wells. Hammert, L. Loveday, W. C. Duke. TOP ROW: E. T. Ashby, R. D. Munkres, R. C. Parker. A. A. Loch, H. L. Ray, E. B. RIckards, R. E. Scally, R. W.Vaughn. RIFLE TEAM— J. Calderas, Jr., A. Locke, W. E. Mercer, B. S. Dickerson, B. W. Blackwood. MARINE OPTION STUDENTS. BOHOM ROW: P. H. Simpson C. G. McGuire, M. A. Robertson, A. J. tHanle, L. J. Stathann, J. R O ' Bryan. SECOND ROW: E. W. Young, W. H. W.fjton, P. H Burnham, H. K. Lee, P. D. Borchardt. TOP ROW: T. E. Thomson. G. V. Bershlnsky, J. M. Reber, J. L. Lindsay, W. E. Thompson. 31 Midshipmen First Class COMMANDER E. C. CARPENTER, Instructor 1st Class. USN TOP ROW: D. S. Anderson, M. J. Anderson, D. C. Atwater. BOnOM ROW: N. M. Bickel, R. R. Carnaan, R. F. Erdman. TOP ROW: H. G. Fair, M. L Gibson, D. E. Green, W. R. Grove, J. D. Homilton, S. L. Hilburn, G. S. Lazarczylt, J. L. Levisee. SECOND ROW: J. L. Lindsey. R. L. Main, F. M. McCoy, B. M. Moyer, Jr., C. M. Mullen, J. R. O ' Bryan, T. W. Ploslla, J. M. Reber. BOHOM ROW: L. J. Statham, K. F. Swindle, W. W. Talley, W. G. Teed, W. E. Thompson, J. W. Wilson. J. D. Witt. 312 Midshipmen Second Class BOTTOM ROW: Lt. L. E. Breeding. Chief E. J. Waters, J. M. Cochran, D. E. Swafford, A. J. Hanley, M. A. Robertson, E. W. Young, E. R. Jones, D. S. Slear, W. P. Bleakley. SECOND ROW: L. D. Davis, C. S. Coward, C. S. Mitchell, J. D. Cromwell, G. G. McGuire, W. H. Walton, P. D. Borchardt, V. N. Stewart, E. T. Ashby, J. C. Crone. THIRD ROW: S. M. Clawser, J. P. Shea, G. K. Stretis, S. C. Suydam, E. O. Warren, H. K. Lee, R. H. Burn- ham, M. J. Transue, V. M. Prep, D. C. Nelson. TOP ROW: B. S. Dickenson, L. H. Keely, R. H. Christman, H. S. Raleigh, C. U. Bershinsky, T. L. Thomson, W. E. Mercer, R. Wilkins, J. R. Millikan. Midshipmen Third Class BOnOM ROW: J. Calderas, Jr., R. T. Benbow, N. T. Clary, H. E. McTyre. Jr., G. Gratrix. R. D. Wills. C. R. Mason. O. C. Meyers II, Lt. jg Darwin. SECOND ROW: D. W. Blackwood. M. H. Nelson, R. D. Slkklnk. S. P. Germond. P. P. Aldrldge. V. H. Hemmy, R. B. Ki ng, R. L. Skinner, G. B. McGovern. R. D. Borden. THIRD ROW: L. J. Krueger, A. A. Loch, D. J. Alexander, W. A. Robb, M. H. Rogers, W. H. Harvey, V. J. Bolstad, S. Weiselberg, W. C. Trues- V ■■ Jk -J V k dell, Jr., M. H. Nelslar. FOURTH ROW: G. W. Haubett, J. R. Hutchinson, D. E. Galbraith II, W. R. Mann, Jr., R. W. Vaughn, R. L. Drews, C. H. Hammert, A. L. Sabater, D. C. Grubb, L. M. Loveday, R. L. Duke. TOP ROW: W. R. Logan, J. I. Wooley, D. W. Henline, K. L. Jones, J. R. Bassel, H. I. Little, Jr., L. T. Collins, M. D. Smith, J. W. Bowles. p J V T B m m L B K W i iCl m K • . • . 1 • • ■ • BOTTOM ROW: J. Di Carlo, D. Brady. R. Phegley, M. Celeste, L. Kamp, J. Sfrassberger, J. Young, R. Munkres, J. Lawrence, K. Black, L. Norton, J. Smith, D. Currin, L. Krug, R. Dulteshire. SECOND ROW: J. Renaghan, W. Weinberg. K. Schuerman. F Karlitskie. A. Hotaling, H. Arens, W. Cepeda, E. Carey, R. Krause, R. Scally, F. Hinton, M. Morrow, V. Starks, W. Smith. THIRD ROW: R. Kahler, J. Halloran, W. Ervin, G. Creager, J. Pitts, J. Freed. C. DeJohn, S. Moyer. F. McKinney, B. Schjerman. R. Greenfield, J. Hill, J. Prendergast. FOURTH ROW: S. McNam- ara, S. Fontana, H. Ray. E. Rickards. R. West, H. Crooks, R. Adams, R. Phipps, J. White, W. Dufresne. S. Sudler, A. Webber, J. Widman. TOP ROW: R. List, R. Kelsey, I. Warden, R. Freder- ick, M. June, G. Jurgerson, R. Linn, B. Glasberg, D. Martin, P. Shultz, E. Hampshire, O. Ramer, W. Gottschalk, R. Parker. Midshipmen Fourtli Class HIGHLIGHT OF THE YEAR for the NROTC BaHalion is participation in the Armed Forces Day parade along with the other POTC units. f ' 314 RUGGED TRAINING keeps men of the navy in top condition FLIGHT TRAINING is available to those NROTC students who wish It. Activities For NROTC Unit Prove Interesting, Varied BAHALION STAFF includes D. S. Anderson, F. M. McCoy, J. M Reber, D. C. Atwater and W. G. Teed. OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE in physical fitness program rates a trophy for G. G. McGuire, presented by Anderson. AT THE NAVY BALL are Scott Hilburn, Rosemary Kiles, Frances Sheppard, Bob O ' Bryan, Doris McNutt and Jay Hamilton. BIG AFFAIR of the year Is the NROTC Ball when the queen Is crowned. Jim Lindsey escorts Susan Welborn. SUSAN WELBORN Delta Delta Delta Honorary Midshipman Commander 316 NETA GAY ALLEN Alpha Chi Omega Honorary Midshipman Commander SANDI CASTLE Gamma Phi Beta Honorary Midshipman Commander Air Force Department Of Air Science Amid tlie clianging complexities of the aerospace age, tlie primary mission of tlie Air Force ROTC is to select, motivate and educate poten- tial reserve and regular officers of the Air Force regarding the intricate problems and conflicting ideologies existing today. An AFROTC gradu- ate is a young man dedicated to the defense of the natio n and the presenation of the .American way of life. HAVING A CONFERENCE are U ' Coi. Leonard D. Craun. director of administration. Col. Ralph L. Stevenson, professor of air science, and Maj. Carlton H. McConnell, director of education. DETACHMENT STAFF MEMBERS are Capt. Lawrence D. Ortolanl, Maj. Tfionnas L. Bryant, Capt. Leon M. Moore, Capt, James M. Harris, Maj. John S. Cole, Maj. Charles T. Johnson, Maj. Carl C. Clendenin. 318 DETACHMENT NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS are S Sgt. Russell B. Rhodes, T Sgt. Elmer L. Howe, T Sgt. John W. Powell, T Sgt. Eugene W. Rogers, S Sgt. Lee B. Mozley. r , CADET WING COMMANDERS TK ' n ' CADET COLONEL HAL L. KEMPF First Semester CADET COLONEL ROBERT R. ROTHROCK Second Semester OFFICERS OF THE CADET wing staff are responsible for the administration of the cadet corps as directed by the Cadet Wing Commander. BOTTOM ROW: Cadet CoL Anthony White, Capt. Lance Garden, Lt. Col. Jim L. Slaughter, Col. Hal. L. Kempf, Col. Charles E. Loflln, Capt. Harlan S. Pinkerton. TOP ROW: First Lt. John W. Taylor, Lt. Col. Rufus C. Mosley, Lt. Col. John L. Forbis, Col. George T. Metcalfe, Col. Robert R. Rothrock, Maj. John C. Thompson. Capt. Andy Nagurney, Lt. Col. Hoyt C. Andres. CADET GROUP COMMANDERS are di- rectly responsible to the Wing Com- mander and carry out the prescribed or- ders of drill. They are Cadet Lt. Col. Tom A. Gibbs, Lt. Col. James R. Knight, Lt. Col. Charles L. Bristow, Lt. Col. Don R. McLellan, Lt. Col. Douglas D. Hobbs, Lt. Col. Johnnie R. Hohenshelt, Lt. Col. Walter D. Adkins, Lt. Col. Don W. Freund. 319 CADET SQUADRON COMMANDERS BOnOM ROW: Cadet Capt. Malvern J. Peyton, Maj. James C. Ghiglieri, Capt. Roy L. Hodges, Capt. John W. Sturges, Capt. Noah A. Kennedy, Capt. Jerry D. Ennis. TOP ROW: Maj. Derrell R. Pulis, Capt. Jacob H. Brooks, First Lt. Louis R. Newman, Capt. Leonard G. Harrison, Ma]. Ed- ward H. Torcom, Capt. Jerome L. Hume, Capt. Keith L. Klaffke, Capt. William C. Young, Capt. Jay A. Stolper, Capt. Lewis G. Stephens. DISTINGUISHED CADET AWARD Seniors are selected on a severely competitive basis for the Distin- guished Cadet Award. BOTTOM ROW: Cadet Col. Anthony N. White, Lt. Col. Thomas A. Gibbs, Col. Hal L. Kempt. Col. Charles E. Loflin, Lt. Col. Joe A. Davis, Maj. Louis E. White. TOP ROW: Capt. Harlan S. Pinkerton, Lt. Col. James R. Knight, Capt. James D. Johnson, Lt. Col. Johnnie R. Hohenshelt, Col. Robert R. Rothrock, Lt. Col. George T. Metcalfe, Lt. Col. Walter D. Ad- kins, Capt. Thomas W. Briggs, Lt. Col. Hoyt C. Andres. rr " T T ■ ■ I- ! r " T?TT? f T-r? " " " i t i,:- i CADET ADVISORY COUNCIL The Cadet Advisory Council, elected by the cadet corps, has the final word concerning the use of the cadet activity fund. BOT- TOM ROW: Robert D. Alcorn, Porter A. Reed, Michael Minnis, John M. Cook. TOP ROW: John E. Rosewitz, Gene T. Potter, James T. Duggan and Samuel J. Weiss. 320 AFROTC BAND A vital part of the many parades and reviews conducted by the Ca- det Wing, the Air Force ROTC Band also performs at various oth- er university and civic functions. George A. Kizer, special instruc- tor in music, furnishes professional guidance to the AFROTC Band. CADET AIR POLICE Promoting safety around the drill field, the extra " sharp " volunteers of the Cadet Air Police direct traffic during leadership laboratory periods. They also furnish flag details and honor guards from their membership for important campus functions. AFROTC DRILL TEAM An all-volunteer unit, the AFROTC drill team excels in both regula- tion and demonstration drill se- quences as a result of conscien- tious practice. The AFROTC Drill Team of 1963-64 expects to carry forward the traditions estab- lished by the drill teams of the past in capturing national and re- gional drill competition honors for the University. 321 A PRE-FLIGHT Inspection of the air- craft is a must. Cadets Harley D. Anders and Ray L. Hodges, flight in- itruction students, are shown check- ing the airplane they will use for the day ' s flying. FLIGHT INSTRUCTION program stu- dents receive a comprehensive ground course as a background for flying. Flight planning for cross-country operations is an Important phase of this ground training. Shown working on a flight mission plan are Roy L. Hodges, Andrew Nagurney, Gerald B. Odom and Jerome L. Hume. INFLIGHT PRACTICE In an Air Force C-54 occupies the attention of Cadet Thomas A. Gibbs. Such train- ing is a part of the Air Force Instruc- tion program. 322 BASKETBALL TEAM — BOTTOM ROW: Grayson P. Van Horn, Dennis Berry. Glenn Dosser, Paul Myers, Charles Mugg. TOP ROW: Paul Anderson, Roger Brown, Renn Roth- rock, Ted Ownby, Robert Martin, Hoyt Andres. BOWLING TEAM No. I— BOnOM ROW: Michael Bowles, Thonnas Had- dan, John Wade, Rodney Lee, Chip Holt. TOP ROW: Gary Tarkington, Roger Holmes, Larry Meaders, Arthur Breeze, Wesley Devers. Ken- neth Foss. 323 BOWLING TEAM NO. 2— BOTTOM ROW: Gerald Byram, Keith Bohlman, Durlan Layman, Jimmy Gaston, Dale Shaw, Bill Burns, David Beadner. TOP ROW: Roger Spence, Stuart Akers, Allen Bernier, William Nielson, Travis Curd, William Whipple, George Toto. -ir - 41 L y I liiiEf " A VERY FAMILIAR SIGHT on Tuesday afternoons Is the Air Force ROTC Cadet Wing lined up and ready for review. Drill Is Important Part Of Cadet Officer Training FUNDAMENTALS of drill, li jm d at first. ractlce, are diffic INSTRUCTION on the dr the squadron rating. rid by cadet ofh. - f - improve 324 Cadet Officers Gain Experience In Social Functions C 1 , -■Al BOTTOM ROW: Donald R. McLellan, president; Robert T. Uda, Robert J. Fitzglbbons, Jim L. Slaughter, Juan M. Rico, Andrew Nagurney. SECOND ROW: Gerald B. Odom. John C. Thomp- The Cadet Officers " Club was established as a social organization similar to that of an actual base officers ' club. It was first formed at OU during the 1962-63 son, John L Forbis, John W. Taylor. TOP ROW: Thomas A. GIbbs, Anthony W. White. Joe A. Davis, school year. Highlight of the social functions is the an- nual " dining ' in. " Other activities are sponsored through- out the year. Arnold Air Society Composed Of Outstanding Cadets Organized in 1951 on the campus of the University of Oklahoma, the Waddy Young squadron is the local chapter of the nationally known Arnold Air Society, an honorary professional organization of outstanding cadets. BOTTOM ROW; Maj. Carlton H. McConnell, faculty advisor; Shirley Wolberg, Arnold Air Queen; Louis E. White, Bill Scanlon, Anthony White, James Messenger. SECOND ROW: Clive Andri- esse, Jerry Ennis. James Hammond, Byron Mayberry, George Wortham. Max Roadruck. THIRD ROW: Robert Uda, William Membership includes those cadets who have demon- strated outstanding interest in the Air Force ROTC as signified by their attainment of high academic standing and demonstrated leadership. Rogers, Charles GIbbs, Thomas Gibbs, Ralph TIbbett, Jere Gallup, Phillip Marzolino. TOP ROW: Charles Eby, Richard Chronister, Norman Pence, Richard Anderson, Randy Rice, Ronald Radican, Jim Slaughter. CROWNING HER SUCCESSOR is Rita Gerrity (top photo) who yields her title to the new queen of the AFROTC, Janet Smith. CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Janet whose crowning was the highlight of the annual Air Force Ball. AFROTC Ball PRESENTATION of the Honorary Cadet Colonels to the Corps of Cadets takes place at the annual Ball. NOT ALL dances were the ' twist " as the cadets and their dates enjoy the biggest social event of the year. 326 HONORARY CADET COLONEL Miss Janef Smith » - ■ , ' ,_ HONORARY LT. COLONEL Miss Marsha Finley HONORARY LT. COLONEL Miss Jeanne Fryntzko HONORARY LT. COLONEL Miss Shirley Wolberg HONORARY LT. COLONEL Miss Sally Simmons 327 ONE CADET GROUP, composed mainly of University athletes, accomplishes leadership laboratory at an early hour on Mondays. They find this necessary because of their tight academic and ath- letic schedule. Leadership Training School INSTRUCTION is given in the Code of Conduct, an Important aspect of Leadership Training School. CADET OFFICERS go through rigorous physical -training in Lead- ership Training School. A RELAXING atmospheie, magazines, soft drinks, and TV are offered in the cadet lounge. PRACTICING instrument procedures in a simulator Is Cadet Roy L. Hodges. Gerald Odom observes. mim. t — II I ,. — -rflffr CANDIDATES await their turn to be Interviewed. CHOOSING FIVE finalists for Honorary Colonel is a difficult task. Cadet Activities CADET COL. Kempf and Col. Stevenson discuss sports program. CADETS Wallace and Crowder are friendly competitors in tennis. if TABLE TENNIS engages Bobby Marsee and Rodger Spence. POOL TOURNAMENT winner is the goal of Fo;; and Toland. .H ' f»( i " ■ -r Summer Training Unit SURVIVAL TRAINING ir, all kinds of weather with minimum equipment is taught. NOW, individuals must unbuckle harness and swim to a raft. FUN AND GAMES are planned by the cadet officers i A SIMULATED jump is one aspect of survival training. A TEST of will power — " Keep those eyes straight ahead. ' Cadet Activities ' ■ wKf NEWS RELEASES pertaining to activities are handled by the Cadet Information Service. INSTRUCTION continues even during the flight portion. VISITING cadets view Randolph AFB, San Antonio, Tex. ALL ABOARD for another base visitation trip. CADETS line up for a picture with the Northrop T-38 Jet. «ir . I|H ,i : •S ' » i ... .f % AFTER THEIR COMMISSIONING ne . ' Second Lieutenants of the Air Force participate in the " bar pinning " ceremony, tradition- ally accomplished by wife, mother or girl friend. The new officers pictured are currently serving in the active Air Force. Commissioning HIGHLIGHT OF THE YEAR Is a formal " dinlng-ln " at the Tinker AFB Officers ' Club which has become an annual tra- dition honoring Air Force ROTC graduating seniors. Princi- pal speaker for the 1964 event was Brigadier General Wil- liam B. Campbell, Commander of the 816th Strategic Aero- space Division, Altus AFB. Oklahoma. IT ' S ALL OVER NOW. as mid-year graduates of the Air Force ROTC receive the Oath of Office. Commissioning ceremonies climax four years of study and training for all advanced Air Force ROTC cadets. The new officers also re- ceive their degrees from the University of Oklahoma and are ready for active duty anywhere. «[ COMMANDING officer of Army ROTC Col. R. F. Thweatt. Department Of Military Science Each of the 1,350 young men who wear the Army jireen at OU ha the Army ROTC program is a potential ArniN ' Reserve Officer. Through a selective four-year study which covers many of the vital aspects of the United States Army, tiiese men are molded into future leaders. This program is administered and supervised l)y the Professor of Military Science. Col. R. F. Thweatt. In the classroom, the emphasis is on military law, tactics, logistics, compass instruction, military history, and map reading. On the drill field, units are organized into hattalioM and company size for training in discipline and coordinated action. Those that elect to pursue the advanced program go tiirough two years of additional training. Aside from more intensified classroom work, they also participate in various tactical exercises stressing leadership in small unit action. Between their junior and senior years these cadets attend a six-week camp at Fort Sill. In this mili- tary environment, the cadets are given trainuig ni those areas not suitable for campus instruction. The cadet is commissioned a second lieutenant in the United States Army Reserve upon completion of four years ROTC. Lt. Col. John P. Tawes Lt. Col. Daniel P. MacDonald Maj. James H. Hetherly Maj. Alfred J. Cunningham Capt. Ru:ssll K. Singleton. Jr. A H . Capt. Robert A. Browning Capt. Malcolm R. Sandiin Eldon K. Schroeder Capt. Don A. Corbly Capf. Marcus L. Weafheralt Capt. Richard O. Borgstrom 334 ' .f -r. Jl . (58 M Sgt. SFC SFC SFC SFC SFC S Sgt. S Sgt. S Sgt. Dewey H. W. A. Roland A. Gerald M. Charles L E. H. Jimmie M. Frederick D. Paul G. Rodgers Sutherland Eichler Wall Sutherland Dever Gathrlght Cleer Kennedy Mrs. Betty Ross Mrs. Ardyce Kessler Mrs. JoAnn Reynolds Mrs. Joyce Phillips Mrs. Joyce Wagner DISTINGUISHED MILITARY STUDENTS " 5R f f! ,Q if! , C| O, ji k m iA kfkiMJ ' v ' : f| S- TOP ROW: R. W. Barrett, J. D. Benien, J. S. Berry, R. E. Biles, M. S. Chapllne, S. J. Coolc, W. J. Dale, C. B. Elliott. SECOND ROW: D. A. Gray, Jr., K. M. Hemry, J. W. Kinnebrew, S. E. Law- ton, M. J. Maples, G. G. Marcum. A. E. McComas, W. H. Mizell. BOTTOM ROW: 8. L. Patterson, J. L. Richardson, J. S. Thomas, A. H. Thompson, G. R. Van Wagner, P. E. Walker, H. J. Whls- nand, L. C. Young. 335 Field Grade Officers-Cadet Corps DARBY A. GRAY Division Commander S. J. Cook BRYCE L PAHERSON Division Commander BATTALION COMMANDERS STAFF OFFICERS BENNIE J. SHIELDS Division Commander H. J. Whisnand y Q C BOnOM ROW: J. S. Berry, M. S. Chapllne, W, J. Dale, K. M. TOP ROW: S. E. Lawton, G. G. Marcum, A. E. McComas, G. R. Homry. Van Wagner, L. C. Ycung. 336 iV COMPANY COMMANDERS ik TOP ROW: J. D Benien R. E. Biles, M. C. Bryles, D. J. Cochran, C. B. Elhott, R. E. Evans. BOTTOlvl ROW: J. W. Kinnebrew, M. J. Maples, J. G. Ollphant, M. J. Putlacic, J. L. Richardson, J. G. Wright. ADVANCED Cadets cast ballots for honorary cadet majors. CLEANING Ml rifles for inspection are Don Black and Charles Byrd. DISTINGUISHED Military Students are in formation to receive awards l i fe_ l : iBi Hfa Senior Class Anticipates Commissioning Ceremony TOP ROW: T. N. Allen, K. O. Allwhite, R. W, Barrett, J. D. Benien. J. S. Berry, L R. Bettes, L R. Biddy, J. M. BIglane. SECOND ROW: R. E. Biles, E. C. Bowers, S. E. Bozarth, L. J. Brumley, M. C. Bryles, M. S. Cbapline, H. D. Cleaver, D. S. Cochran. n ,{5| r), rr». cs, n Oi, c g c , Ci r , c c ,_ft. J) 9 O. ,.. , W - «: O cpy (f;: ( ( O (? firii4rir rtitiik ii»iArt.iiitidYi © C7 w ■ ' ' w THIRD ROW: S. J. Cook, W. J. Dale, C. S. Darnell, J. E. Dooley, C. B. Elliott, R. E. Evans, W. L, Ford, R T, Garrison. FOURTH ROW : D. R. Goodin, D. A. Gray, J. T. Greiner, J. B. Grubbs, M. P. Hammond, G. W. Hartman, C. B. Hatfield, B. C. Head. FIFTH ROW: K. M. Hemry, D. J. Jackson, D. L. James, A. f. Johnston, J. A. Kinnebrew, J. R. Kissick, R. L. Lancaster, H. D. Lawrence, S. E. Lawton. BOnOM ROW: G. M. Lewis, M. J. Maples, G. G. Marcum, J. T. Martin, W. A, Massad, A. E. McComas, H. J. Merriman, S. I. Mintz, W. H. Mizell. 338 CADET OFFICERS CLUB As an organization made up entirely of advanced Army cadets, the cadet officers club is largely concerned with a dual task. It seeks to coordinate relations be- tween both basic and advanced cadets and the officers of the Military Science Department. Members also direct the yearly Military Ball. At the Military Ball, which is always a major social function on campus, the Honorary Cadet C(.lonel is crowned. The dance atmosphere is heightened with a grand march and the Commandant ' s Waltz. The club, too, is responsible h)r the direction of the election of the Honorary Cadet Colonel and her staff. This is completed for the dance which takes place in February. TOP ROW: R. P. Moore, W. S. Moses. F. A. O ' Brien, J. G. Oli- phant. G. W Oringderff C. A. Owen, G. W. Parkhurst, B. L. Patterson. SECOND ROW: D. T. Phillips. P. N. Foe. G. S. Prim- rose, M. Putlact, J. L. Richardson, P. M. Riley. J. R. Scott. B. J, Shields. THIRD ROW: P. R. Soule. W. L Steger, B. M. Stephens. OFFICERS ARE Lee Young. Gordon Marcum. Harry J. Whisnand and John D. Benien. Advisor to the club is Captain Russell K. Singleton. Jr.. not pictured. L. D. Tashlik. J. S. Thomas. A. H. Thompson, J. L. Thompson, J. R. Twist. BOTTOM ROW: G. R. Van Wagner. P. E. Walker, H. J. Whisnand. S. R. Williams. J. M. Woods, J. G. Wright.L L. C. Young. R. N. Zoblotsky. ft ft 339 r.rl h - TOP ROW: R. S. Ambler, J. D. Bass, J. R. Blake, B. G. Blasingame. D. C. Bowlby, J. F. Brickman, G. G. Brose, J. C, Brummell, C. D. Butler. SEC- OND ROW: C. C. Buxton, F. L. Chappabitty, R. C. Clapp. C. V. Cox, D. W. Craig, D. C. Davis, J. C. Davis, D. N. Davison, T. B. Deal. BOT- TOM ROW: G. L. Dorsett, R. C. Dougherty, T. E. Drummond, A. C. Evans. J. H. Feaver, H. G. Fender, M. A. Finkelston. F. M. Foster, P. K Frost. Juniors COLONEL Tawes counsels D. N. Davison. TOP ROW: J. M. Gait, M. D. Garber, J. W. Glennon, C. H. Gericke, R. A. Hamilton, D. C. Harrison, J. L. Harvllle, F. B. Henry, A. L. R, Hill. SECOND ROW: H. W. Hill, W. H. Hill, G. H. Hope, W. P. Horton, H. H. Huffman, W. A. Ingels, G. E. Killingsworth, R. M. Kobdish, V. K. Kulp. BOnOM ROW: S. L Lobaugh, S. P. Mann, J. A. Mattingly. C. M. Mayhall, R. McCarthy, J. R. McConahay, E. M. McDanel, P. F. McQuirk, M. E. Milstead. C4 i ' p r , ( r Q A . ' 00 ( ' h ' . ' O M 340 TOP ROW: J. D. Mistier, J, W. Moore. J. C. Moricoll, T. M. Mudrick, J. R. Newport, B. D. Nolen. R. C. Olsen, T. D. Pannell, B. N. Parham. SECOND ROW: M. Parr, D. L Pauli ng, C. J. Pelton, J. E. Perce, A. E. Porter, D. C. Porter, J. L. Powers, V. S. Pratt, R. P. Reed. THIRD ROW: R. W. Reeds, J. A. Repke, A. D. Roberts, D. W. Roberts, J. F. Ross, B. G. Rossiter, R. D. Russell, R. D. Seymour, R. S. SImms. •:. i y A: k tk O ft. ft (f O d A c V- ra " • ' ' ■ fr r " ! 1- " ' 1 ' ' , ' 1 ' T £ J ' h " V d!i rii o, n iO o,. i % . ' - H f r-- " r H.- l - ' ' " 1 . " s FOURTH ROW: R. H. Singer, R. R. Smith, R. D. Southern, A. A. Stanford, D. H. Street, J. W. Swank, R. R. Swendson, J. C. Taylor, R. S. Taylor. FIFTH ROW: J. T. Thompson, W. B. Thompson, T. R. Traynor, L E. Underhill, R. F. Valliant, J. A. Vickers, V. H. Waggoner, T. W. Walbert, C. D. Watson. BOTTOM ROW: D. R. Wegener, D. W. Wentz, T. P. White, J. W. Williams, R. P. Williams, R. G. Witt, C. P. Wood, W. P. Woods. 341 COLONELS Leadership School Junior niililan " stiitlciits liave llie opporlunily in put tlieir classroom knowledge into practical work throngh the leadership school program. The cadets are thoroughly instructed in the principles of lead- ership, military instruction, physical conditioning and small unit tactics. Every cadet in this program is allowed to hold various leadership positions within the company during the year in order that he may seek new learn- ing while serving in a command capacity. Bryce L. Patferson Darby A. Gray CAPTAINS ft O Q ttiu tMdik k TOP ROW: R. W. Barrett. S. E. Bozarth, J. B. Grubbs, G. W. Hartman, C. B. Hatfield, B. C. Head. BOHOM ROW: D. J. Jackson, A. F. Johnston, C. A. Owen, D. T. Phillips, J. S. Thonnas, A. H. Thompson. LEADERSHIP School cadets return from a long hike. V .. M: -. - .t . ' til PHYSICAL conditioning is an important part of the piG9ram. » " THE SIEGE „: . o ; ' , . , maneuver. OFFICERS in charge of Leadership School are Captains Singleton, Schroeder, Weatherall and Borg- strom. OUTSTANDING LEADERSHIP wins for Gordon Marcum the J. C. May- field Award here presented by Mayfield. 343 J A ( . 9 ,! ' . Q a 9 o f ,7 O O . ' ( ( .O P O ( , ( ri ( a , Ci r .., a c , q, (f , q o ( a =j) ,( O o o, Q o., 5 Q. n TOP ROW: K. E. Aboussle. B. Abrams. H. G. Adams, H. H. Adamson, J. P. Adamson. P. M. Border, E. T. Bounds, M. H. Boydston, M. D. Boylan, R. E. Bradshaw, H. F. J. K. Alfierl. W. O. Allen, M. C. Amspacher, J. E. Arant, S. W. Arnette, M. R. Arst, Breshears. FOURTH ROW: L. K. Brlggs, P. G. Brooks, C. E. Brown, L. E. Brown, K. E. G. B. Atkinson, P. E. Bailey, K. H. Baldwin, T. D. Ballew. SECOND ROW: R. A. Bar- Brust, R. N. Buchanan, M. C. Buchwald, J. A. Bul lock, R. G. Bundy, J. 0. Bunnell, B. M. beau. M. Barlow, G. D. Barnes. J. E. Barnes, A. E. Barrow, P. R. Bartee, R. D. Barton, Cahen, M. D. Cain, J. P. Campbell, L. R. Carpenter, J. W. Case. BOTTOM ROW: M. E. Bayles, D. D. Bednar. T. P. Behm, R. S. Bendix, T. C. Beneflel. J. W. Benifield, T. J. Castello, W. E. Caswell, R. A. Chapman, G. R. Chew. S. J. Christie. G. A. Claiser, J. K. Benson. B. D. Berline. THIRD ROW: J. L. Bethea, G. J. BlanchI, S. R. Blrnbaum, G. P. Claret. C. K. Clark. R. D. Clark. W. K. Clausing. D. L. Cochran. J. M. Coffey. D. P. Black, S. A. Bloch, K. L. Blubaugh. J. B. Bogan. C. F. Bohmert, R. H. Bokum, E. R.Cohen, G. L.Cohen, R.A.Cole. Sophomores TOP ROW: S. C. Cole, J. C. Colgan, L. R. Conner, T. L. Cooper, J. R. Copass, P. R. tain, D. E. Frazier, R. G. Frost, H. D. Fullbright. J. G. Fulmer, F. B. Fusco. FOURTH Cox. J. G. Craig. G. Crawford, J. S. Crosbie, J. D. Crossland, D. A. Danner, J. H. ROW: H. D. Galoob, S. P. Garrett, S. W. Gassett. V. L. Gatewood. J. B. Giezentanner. Davenport. G. D. Davis. C. N. Dean. L. G. Dean. SECOND ROW: L. J. Deman. P. D. J. M. Gilbert, J. M. Gilbert, R. D. Gilkey, C. Gillespie, M. E. Gillett. H. E. Glickman. Dines. G. A. Dobry. R. J. Dodd. T. A. Dodson. J. H. Doolittle, M. P. Eason. P. J. M. E. Goforth, R. L. Gold, H. Goldman, M. A. Golman. BOTTOM ROW: R. E. Elliott. P. A. Erlcson, J. B. Ewbank, A. B. Ellel. J. S. Farrell, J. L. Farrier. D. L. Fein- Graham. L. J. Gregg. L. P. Griffin. S. K. Hadley. S. B. Halper. J. D. Hamilton, stein. J. F. Fesler. THIRD ROW: J. T. Filbeck, R. M. Fine. F. R. Fleetwood. N. H. G. Hammond. J. P. Hammond. J. O. Haney. H. G. Hanson. B. P. Hardin, T. L. Flowers. D. G. Floyd, R. L. Ford, J. P. Forman. D. L. Forrest, L. W. Foster, T. C. Foun- Harrell, C. E. Harris. E. L. Harris. R. G. Harrison. Q B ' ' - Q - " Pi Q e . r ( , Q Q ( 1 1?: A f . O i L t diik MhMMiMkki Q O @ O, (ft) Hi O O O. (f ( . |T 6MM iiAA hfi k A JlAAtt i . I ii d d i d ii l i lii .Q Q f n Q ' ' 9 Q " ■ ' 9 " % ■ 344 TOP ROW: W. D. Hart, G. M. Hawkins. W. W. Hesler, B. L. Hickman, D. T. Hicks, Kaye, R. W. Keahey, R. W. Keale, R. A. Keller, M. B. Kelly, J. J. Keithley. R. H. L C. Hicks, J. L. Hlersche, W. E. Hlgglns, W. S. Hlgglns, R. M. Hlvely. M. W. Hoff- Keitz, F. T. Keifer, R. V. Kennemer, J. C. Kernke, S. P. Kerr, K. K. Kickingblrd. FIFTH man, J. E. Hogan. SECOND ROW: V. E. Holt, R. W. Hood. P. M. Hoot, J. G. Hoyler, ROW: G. A. Kllpatrick, G. B. Kieman. W. L. Knight, K. S. Kochman. P. L. Kranker, C. R. Hudson, W. C. Hunt, J. L. Hutchens, J. D. Hyde. J. D. Ingle, W. R. Iseminger, C. A. Kreutr, D. A. Krlsplnsky, R. E. Kropp, R. A. Ladd. J. H. Landers, C. R. Lane] M. L. Ivens. D. L. Iverson. THIRD ROW: A. B. Jeffy, G. F. Jenkins. J. R. Johnson. R. C. Langford. SIXTH ROW: J. M. Latimer, J. L. Latta, A. J. Laudato. B. L. LeCrone] L. L. Johnson. P. F. Johnson. V. L. Johnson, L. B. Johnston, T. P. Johnston, R. K. J. D. Lee, L. R. Leek, D. J. LeMonier, P. Lepolstat, S. M. Levy, J. H. Leutv iler, R. D. Johnstone. C. A. Jones. P. E. Kallenberger, R. J. Kallsnick, FOURTH ROW: R. A. Lewis, D. L. Lindsey. SEVENTH ROW: W. D. Livermon, E. K. Livermore, A. N. Liv- . . ,Q c e O: f -YS. ' Q 1 , 1 Q C ' .. o, o ( f r f% ' ' - 5 Q ' U U ' - u4 ,C , C 3? f pl ' ' 1 f -n r ( O, f (T C ) , O, , . ' I ( r , o, f c A. n rtfc rtVilrt ■ ri tr hiiilii li tJfc tiMti ( , (f ai g Q o ' ' ■■ ' Q Q. C O O, O ' . ' 9 ?■ 9 ' Q i B 9 i P Ingston, G. B. Lovelace, W. E. Lovell, R. W. Lowrey, D. M. Lowry, M. J. Long, G. E. McGrew, S. F. McKee. J. H. McLeod, J. M. McMillan, J. B. McMillin. TENTH Lutz. C. B. Lyon, M. R. Macaulay. G. E. Magld. EIGHTH ROW: M. H. Mahoney. ROW: J. L. Means. F. Mehew. M. R. Mele, T. W. Metcalf, R. L. Meyer. C. R. M. J. Maples, A. W, Marchesault, S. I. Markowsky, B. A. Marler. J. C. Martin. J. E. Miller, J. H. Miller, J. I. Mills, S. T. Mlllspaugh, J. L. Moon, R. W. Moore, M. P. Mason, R. A. Mason, M. K. Mathias, J. W. McBee, J. V. McCalla, M. B. McCarty. Morford. R. S. Morrison. BOTTOM ROW: D. A. Mundell. L. M. Murphy, B. Murray. NINTH ROW: J. A. McCray, T. A. McCreary. M. D. McCullough, R. M. McDan- S. J. Mussman, A. L. Mutzlg, L. E. Nance, R. T. Netland, D. D. Newsom, D. C. nald, M. O. McDonald. L. M. McElroy, N. A. McGalliard, J. L. McGinn, W. C. Newton, S. J. Neylon, R. S. Nickel, R. D. Nieves, R. M. Nisbet. 345 ( ? C (f! . o ' . f (: o, , , Q gj . ' V ' s © .Q.. , , O O, Oi , O. Q O !T , i Q. ( D (f A ( . f? ( 0. 0 r , c . (? q O Q ' TOP ROW: W. E. Noakes. A. M. Norris. S. M. Ownbey, R. M. Owen, J. D. Osborn, E. D. Roark, A. D. Roberts, E. V. Roberts, J. P. Roberts, J. F. Robinson. FOURTH G. M. Orr, B. R. O ' Hara, G. R. Palmer, M. B. Parks, A. L. Parrlsti, R, S. Patrick. J. J. ROW: M. A. Robinson, P. L. Robinson, T. E. Robinson, R. E. Roblson, D. G. Rollow, Pavlonnis, L. J. Payne, C. E. Pearce, R. S. Peterson. SECOND ROW: T. E. Petty, J. L. M. A. Rooney, P. R. Rope, R. D. Royse. S. E. Russell, N. D. Rufledge. M. O. Sager, Pharaoh, J. P. PInkerton, W. D. Poe, T. W. Pool, J. P. Porter, B. R. Powell, N. K. G. R. Sanders, W. J. Saucier, C. E. Saunders, L. B. Schmidt. BOHOM ROW: K. E. Pullman, J. R. Pung, R. D. Pyle. G. P. Quine, S. H. Radcllff, R. L. Rains, R. A. Randle, Schmitt, C, 5. Schrelner, D. A. Scott, R. E. Scott, J. M. Seabolt, D. W. Sears, H. S. J. R. Rapp. THIRD ROW: J. R. Ray, W. D. Reeves, J. D. Reigh, J. E. Reynolds, P. C. Segal, W. R. Shawn, C. L. Sherman, J. L. Shields, L. A. Shields, R. M. Shideler, S. J. Reynolds, L. V. Richmond, G, E. Redeker, C. M. Reed, M. G. Ridgell, D. L. Riley, Skinner, E.J. Sloan, C. M. Smith. Sophomores TOP ROW: D. D. Smith, C. W. Smith. F. W. Southern, E. A. Skarky, W. D. Spear, Vaughn, M. R. Vaught, J. K. Vllllnes, S. H. Vinson, F. J. Vogel, J. E. Walker. V. C. E. G. Spraker, J. B. Stamps, D. S. Stephens, L. S. Stern, D. T. Stevens, J. H. Stevens, Wallace, T. K. Walls. FOURTH ROW: E. L. Watklns, P. C. Weaver, R. E. Weeks. R. D. Stewart, S. R. Stockton, B. Strongwater, E. B. Stroman. SECOND ROW: D. D. D. K. White, L. M. White, J. P. Whiteside, J. W. Wlcklund, H. 0. WIebe, C. C. Stuart, J. T. Suter, W. R. Swan, 0. R. Sweger, D. C. Talley, J. L. Tate, V. J. Taylor, Wllks, B. J. W illiams, R. D. Williamson, G, H. Wilson, R. L, Willis, L. B. Wilson, J. S. Tennent, B. W. Thomas, N. Thomas, J. J. Thomasson, G. B. Thompson, K. D. W. W. Wilson. BOTTOM ROW: K. L. WInkelman, J. R. Wolfe, L. A. Wood, R. L. Thomsen, G. D. Tltsworth. W. P. Tylinskl. THIRD ROW: J. R. Turk, R. W. Troup, Wood, V. E. Woods, J. R. Wright, S. R. Wright, R. W. Yeats, R. N. YordI, J. W. J. C. Toney, J. W. Utiey, M. S. Van Aken. R. R. Vardeman, J. H. Vaughan, R. G. Young, W. D. Young, A. L. Younger, R. B. Zelnick, A. F. Zumsteg, F. D. Zwald. , Q • ' Q C g . ( i f). ( f , P. ,( , O ' (f , D, ' (f , , C5 r r O g, o. .0, C g, Q O, O, Q ( q Q q O. 9 O ' B ' " 346 EVERYTHING ' S bhip-shape tor lull inspection during bivouac M2i CADETS RECEIVE instruction in ttirowing hand grenades. Summer Camp BIVOUAC area is advanced upon CADET Ken Hemry takes time out for lunch. PRACTICE on firing range occupies cadets. BEFORE a problem test Stanley Mintz briefs his squad. CADET M. Thomas is presented a tennis award. T O C C ( , f . . ,. O. . O. C 1 , . ill i a ei A a n :-; .a Q. p o q c i Q, Q (! c), o Q o g ( g trs, ( o.c cs, ft, rj if .p £ (f , if ,. , (!T ff; , Q Q O , O, f ft, . C S, ( C. TOP ROW; E. A. Abernethy, A. Abollns, A. A. Ackerman, R. T. Agee, J. E. Agnew, G. J. Belcher, W. E. Bell, G. R. Bennett. R. A. Bennett, R. Bennett, J. H. Benson, D. S. | I. Aisenberg. S. R. Aisenberg. C. E. Allen. R. Q. Ammons. G. K. Anderson, T. P. Bentlev- FOURTH ROW: B. J. Berman. D. L. Berry. C. F. Bethea, J. M. Biddinger. Armstrong, S. H. Asbury. J. D. Ashmore, G. H. Atchley. S. J. Atkins. SECOND ROW: G. H. Bills, G. R. BIrdsong, M. H. Birdsong. R. L. Bishop. J. W. Blaschke, G. L. J. E. Ayers. E. S. Back. B. R. Bagby. P. W. Bagwell, R. D. Bailey, R. A. BalduzzI, J. M. Blevins, T. P. Boatright, L. A. Bokor. D. L. Boien. J. F. Borjes. T. G. Bosley. BOTTOM Bannister. C. B. Barnes, H. C. Barnes. J. M. Barnes, B. M. Barnhill, J. L. Barrett, T. R. ROW: L. G. Bottoms, K. T. Bovee, L. N. Boyington, M. W. Boyle, C. A. Bracksleck, Barrett. W. R. Barrett. J. E. Bartholomew. THIRD ROW: T. M. Bartley. W. M. Bartley, G. W. Bradford, C. L. Bradshaw, W. D. Brant. J. W. Brantley, R. D. Brashear. F. S. W. W. Baskin, E. L. Batdorf. W. F. Bates, C. W. Bay, W. H. Beatty, J. C. Beeson. Bridge, M. L. Brodkin, L. Z. Brown, R. L. Brown, T. E. Brown. Freshmen TOP ROW: J. H. Bruce. R. O. Bryan, P. H. Buckner, R. E. Buckner, M. M. Burch, Collier, J. E. Collins, R. W. Compton, K. R. Conklin. J. M. Connely, B. F. Cook, J. P. W. H. Burcham. J. C. Surge. R. C. Burnside, D. W. Burtrum, S. L. Busch, C. J. Byrd. Cook, D. B. Coughlin, J. L. Courtney, M.J. Cox, S. L. Cox, E. L. Coyle. FIFTH ROW: C. J. Cahn. J. W. Cain. J. D. Calahan. T. X. Calhoun, SECOND ROW: W. E. Cal- W. C. Coyle. E. M. Craighead, R. W. Crosswhite. L. M. Daiches. L. A. Dalley, C. L houn. C. K. Callaway. J. W. Callison. S. Camarillo. L. E. Cantrell. P. S. Carleton. B. G. Dalton. R. P. Dambold, J. A. Daniel. J. W. Dank, R. R. Danner, B. D. Daugherty Carpenter, R. E. Carr. K. R. Carson. C. W. Cather, E. E. Chambers, L. T. Chambers. J. C. Davidson, H. G. Davis. J. F. Day. J. J. Deem. BOTTOM ROW: J. Delegianis, J. M. Chandler. J. E. Chapman, J. S. Charles. THIRD ROW: R. J. Chastain, R. O. D. E. DeSpaln, R. C. DeSpain. S. R. Detjen. R. F. DeVore. L. J. Dilks. J. D. Dixon, Cheek, J. E. Chicoraske. V. G. Christian, K. S. Churin, D. M. Clark, S. C. Clark, T. A. J. R. Dodd, R. E. Doke. C. O. Dorrance, G. T. Dotson. R. A. Duffy, J. L. Dunagin, Clark. W. E. Clark. D. G. Claxton, G. P. Clinton, D. L. Coatney. D. W. Cochran, D. E. Duncan, R. C. Durbin. A. L. Cohen, E. W. Coin. FOURTH ROW: M. C. Coke, H. J, Cole, J. S. Cole, B. W. I J Q Q Q q ( , O f5 g a : ' ( Q c ft f! , i p o c f . n., o Q • O, Pf A o Q. ft ,o, . ft g o. a a ft @ .ft ft 9 r p © q ft Q ft. O Q ( Q a ft, ft, (!ft ft O, ft O, ft, Q C ft ( q, a ft ft w- N ft ft, ft ft a, (? r5 TOP ROW: W. M. Durnil, W. R. Echols, M. L. Eddington. R. M. Edelman, R. L. Edens. G. W. Edwards. W. B. Eeds, B. R. Ely, S. W. Emery, D. L. Entrikin, V. C. Esper, J. E. Evans, M. T. Evans, F. R. Faico, W. E. Favor. SECOND ROW: E. K. Feaver, M. M. Feldman, A. T. Fender. M. S. Ferguson, L. B. Fertig. J. D. First. P. A. Fisher, T. G. Fisher. B. A. Flske, L. G. Fife. P. E. Fitzgerald. J. M. Ford. D. C. Fore. R. O. Forgy, M. S. Forsman. THIRD ROW: R. A. Forte. E. C. Fox. J. E. Frank. R. B. Freele, A, F. Frost. M. E. Fuller. R. C. Fullum. M. A. Gales. R. L. Gallov ay. J. A. Gehl, R. W. Gentry, E, N. Gibbens, A. J. Gilbert, B, A. Given, M. K. Glasscock. FOURTH ROW: S. A. Gold, L. V. Goldman, R. A. Goldstein, J. W. Gollub, J. M. Goode, J. N. Good- man, B. R. Goodner, M. M. Gordon, P. R. Gordon. R. J. Gore. J. H. Gorton. J. L. Gossett, J. R. Graft, R. K. Graves. T. F. Gray. FIFTH ROW: W. D. Grebe. D. G. Grimes, H. R. Grisham, M. A. Grissom. D. R. Groshong. M. E. Gross. R. Gutierrez, D. W. Hackett, P. R. Hamilton. W. L. Hamm, R. O. Haness. M. D. Harmon. R. D. Harrison. J. C. Hassebroek. G. M. Hathcock. SIXTH ROW: R. L. Hawkins, R. F. Haxel. M. R. Haynes. D. M. Hayward, D. W. Hearn. T. G. Hearon, D. H. Hein, T. D. Helneman, D. R. Heldenbrand. J. G. Hemphill. L. J. Hert. H. T. Hickerson. D. L. O ( , o o . , O f? Q ( JA i l — • ' f Q ' ' ' p. 3 (f .ff O , ?5t O. , C C O 0. . C , Q ( ». a § 9 Q r Q n 9 d a a n p , c Q 0, a , Q 0, g , a„ ( . . C} Q , : f O, C C . - ' ' ::, a p. q a ' v ' i o P- o Q a Q ( 1 ( , a .Q .p . o r , n, C c (f o, o p, , a o a, (5 a A Q. © a © a « a o, o, - a a, Hill, J. L. Hill. R. L. Hill. SEVENTH ROW: R. W. Nines. J. L. Hlrzel. J. C. Hodges. J. C. Holcomb. H. M. Holleyman. H. B. Holmen. G. L. Hopkins. R. O. Housley. L. P. Howze. R. K. Hubbard, M. R. Huddleston. D. M. Huffer. J. C. Hulsey. J. T. Hunter. F. M. Hurst. EIGHTH ROW: D. L. Hutchinson. J. P. Hylton. D. W. Ibach. N. K. Imes. H. L. Ingham. L. A. Ingram. R. C. Ingram. J. R. Jac kson. J. B. Jacobs. F. A. Jarmuth. C. F. Jeffries. M. L. Jenkins. N. D. Jenkins. T. L. Jenkins. A. R. Jennings. NINTH ROW: B. F. Jensen. J. C. John. J. P. Johnson. K. D. Johnson. R. D. Johnston. A. B. Jones. J. P. Jones. T. C. Jordan. J. R. Kalsu. L. J. Kavlch. T. J. Kearns, J. J. Kefalas, S. C. Kelly, C. D. Kendall, K. C. Kepner. TENTH ROW: H. J. Keselman, J, P. Ketonen, M. E. Kiesewetter. G. T. King. J. A. King, T. R. King, J. C. Kirkpatrick, R. D. Kirkpatrick, J. P. Koons, J. R. Kublak, W. B. LaGere, W. W. Landholt, J. P. Landon, O. G. Lane, D. W. Langham. BOHOM ROW: A. P. Lapara, J. Lass, J. H. Lasslter, F. C. Lauffer. F. R. Lederman. J. R. Leeder. J. P. Lester. D. H. Levi, D. S. Levison. J. F. Llllard. C. R. LIpe. W. L. Lockett, B. L. London. R. D. Looney. G. D. Looper. 349 A A ( n ' . Q ( O, (f A " n A O, (•)[ 1 C| .( l O - |t C -C;. O. O ,0 O r C ( .(f ( . ,Q , A A o. o 9 ' ' ' - ' " f ' ' f , p Q O, Q ,( ,. ( . r , e n TOP ROW: J. C. Lowder, S. M. Lower, P. H. Luccock. D. C. Ludwict, J. E. Lynn. H. P. Mabe. K. P. Maddox, B. Magness, R. J. Malear, M. R. Mallonee, R. L. Mallory, T. E. Maloy. D. B. Manning, J. K. Maravlch, J. C. Martin. SECOND ROW: M. E. Martin, W. C. Martin, W. M. Martin. M. D. Massey. N. E. Mauney. R. T. Mayhall, M. E. McAdams. R. L. McCalman, P. K. McCarter, D. M. McCary, T. R. McConnell, G. M. McCoy, K. G. McCrary, L. E. McElreath, J. F. McGowen. THIRD ROW: H. E. McNeill. E. K. Meek, M. A. Meinhardt. G. E. Melsell, G. R. Melton, W. F. Mikosz, J. R. Miles, R. W. Miles, D, C. Miller. J. F. Miller, J. L. Miller, R. E. Minnis, R. K. Minton, A. L. Moguin, F. A. Montgomery. FOURTH ROW: J. L. Monti, R. W. Moomau, W. C. Moore, J. D. Moran. B. L. Morgan, E. J. Morgan. T. R. Morris. W. R, Morse, J. T. Moss, R. T. Most, J. L. Mudd. J. W. Mullen. J. L. Mullins, G. M. Mulloy. M. J. Murphy. BOTTOM ROW: D. E. Murray, R. L. Murray. G. D. Murrell, L. D. Muse, R. C. Musser, L. A, Mussman, R. G. Nelson. G. W. Nemecek, R. S. Newcomb, R. T. Newkumet, W. R. Newton, M. R. Norris, D. C. Norvell. J. E. Norvell. C. W. Nye. TOP M. ROW: E. P. O ' Brien, E. R. Oelschlaegei J. O Shea, O. T. Osherwitz, R. J. Outh Freshmen r, F. X. OIney, R. L. O ' Rear, S. O. Osborn, B. R. Raley, aw, J, W. Owens. L. G. Padberg. D. G. 1. T. Rayner. H. R. Ramsey, R. L. Rams FOURTH ROW: G. L. Re ey, W. W. R, :cer. E. P. Re. snck, M. B. F Jing. R. D. Re iapp, P. L. R :dman, J. L. 1 1 auch, 1 eed. ' Paden, H. K. Parker, G. D. Paguin, W. P. Parker. V. H. Patkowski. SECOND ROW: A. B. Reff, J. H. Regur, P. E. Relnhardt, R. B. Rensvold. J. M. Reynol J. C. Patterson, J. W. Patton. P. L. Patton. L. P. Paulus. C. L. Peaden, J. M. Perry. P. A. Reynolds. J. B. Rhodes. M. E. Riggs. R. E. Riggs, R. G. Riley J. P. Perry, W. B. Perry, J. H. PInkner, W. L. Pipkin, M. E. Pollard, W. W. Porch, S. B. Riley. K. J. Rippel. R. J. Ritz, J. W. Roberts, P. L. Roberts, P. H. Powell, L. A. Price, H. W. Priesman. THIRD ROW: N. Prisco, R. F. Prince, D. R. Robinson, G. R. Robinson. H.G. Robinson. K.J. Robinson. J. B. L. Proctor. T. C. Purcell, T. O. Quong, R. A. Raffel, R. E. Rainbolt, O. D. Rains. Rockford, K. R. Rogers. R. D. Rogers, C. L. Rohrbaugh. ds, J. M. Reynolds. j . BOTTOM ROW: D. M. Robertson, M. Roblson. T. H. 1 fe .( - C 09 ,77} ' " ' r Cl 1 , c 6 k Aa di ld A dJi A lls l iiii o. o Q O Q. Q a ( , r% a O Ct AtM ni a tfii Aiin A:k h ftk gl h d l aa© J 9 r t k n Q .Q, C C , f , Q, . t f f% ( p d, T- C . - zA ' j ' =- ' ,. rTi , C , C , C4 T C3 (i iidli ii ih i 4 350 TOP ROW: T. E. Roland. D. W. Roller, L. A. Rosen, R, S. Rosen. D. L. Rosenfelt, i Ross, E. M. Ross. R. W. Ross, W. C. Ross, 6. J. Rothbaum. J. T. Rowan, R. W. ■jwland, R. E. Rowland, M. S. Russell. SECOND ROW: A. A. Sage, B. A. Savage, ■1. K. Sawyer. T. G. Schenk. V. G. Schiller, B. Schwalbe, J. L. Schwartz. F. P. Schweers. J W. Schwenk, G. R. Schwind, R. C. Scotf, W. B. Seach, J. W. Seal. H. R. Segnar. THIRD ROW: H. L. Self. A. R. Sevick, K. D. Shamblin, P. S. Sharpe, J. W. Shary, B. K. :■ iw, T. L. Sheetz. D. A. Sheffel, D. C. Shellabarger, D. L. Shellenberger. R. D. Shelton, W. S. Sherman, S. E. Sherment. R. L. Shields. FOURTH ROW: R. L. Shipley, G. W. Shivers. J. R. Shroyer, J. R, Slagle, S. W. Sloan. C. M. Smith, D. L. Smith. R. R. Smith, W. B. Smith, M. W. Smyth, K. T. Solomon, E. D. Souligny. S. C. Spann, T. E. Spencer. FIFTH ROW: J. T. Spradley, D. C. Springwater, J. S. Spry. J. W. Stahler. D. T. Stallings. J. C. Stanford, B. M. Stapp, J. W. Stark, S. J. Staron, J. H. Starr. C. R. Steele, B. F. Stekoll. J. J. Stephens, R. F. Stephens. SIXTH ROW: K. R. Stephenson, J. E. Stewart, G. D. Stogner. R. G. Stone. R. E. Stow, K. E. Stowell, M. H. • " V Wi idtJa m Oi ' . P f © ' - ' © P ' ' f 1 , © :( f . o. fs. f o , fax c (f Q, ( p, p. O. O. C Q p -f Q ' B f " Gf f | , , if? Q, , , Hi (f (f . i C% f O Q B, C (f , O . . , Q ,p , 1 , C , O, Q ( ., 0( ? O, C O Q Qt Q[ C% Oi C . , t ( (fh ( !! iS , ifj C .(!I!!Il iS Ch Lt ttt iit iri J-iihiitr -. h . h A k dkk Strong, T. R. Strong. D. S. Stubenberg t. C. Sturgis. B. P. Sudberry, J. C. Swineford W. A. Talbot. C. R. Taliaferro. SEVENTH ROW: J. L. Tate. J. K. Taylor, T. C. Taylor J. R. Thomas, R. B. Thomas, S. G. Thomas, D. K. Thompson, K. E. Thompson, B. Thrall D. B. Thrower, J. C. Todd, E. Y. Tomlta, A. C. Turner, J. C. Turner. EIGHTH ROW W. A. Turner. R. J. Tutty, C. T. Underwood. C. D. Van Oyck, S. L. Vargo, R. L. Vaughn M, R. Vick. M. S. Vicsek. H. L. Wagner. C. R. Walker, J. R. Walker. R. H. Wallace M. e. Waller. B. H. Ward, R. L. Ward. NINTH ROW: M. C. Washburn. J. A Watson, R. E. Way, F. G. Wedell, G. K. Weichert, W. C. Weinrich, C. I. Weinstein L. E. Weinstein, R. G. West, T. M. West. M. J. Whinery. 8. E. White. J. L. White. P. K. White, J. S. Whitmlre. TENTH ROW: D. F. Wilburn, A. J. Wllkerson, C. F. Williams, C. M. Williams, D. K. Williams, M. D. Williams, R. D. Williams, T. W. Williams, R. H. Williamson, R. J. Willis, R. O. Willmann, J. W. Wilmot. S. E. Wllner, C. E. Wilson, H. G. Wilson. BOTTOM ROW: J. R. Wilson, J. M. Wilson. J. Q. Wilson. R. L. Wilson. T. L. Wilson. R. G. Winburn. J. D. Wintermute. D. H. Wise, J. L. WItcher, L, M. Wolf, W. M. Word, P. L. Yon, G. J. Young. A. A. Zox. R. A. Zuzak. 351 ora Maj. A. J. Cunningham Capt. L M. Moore LTJG J. R. Darwin GySGT W. L. Bingaman Pershing Rifles Cadets in tlie Army, Navy and Air Force ROTC who strive for perfection in drill and military knowledge may become members of the National Society of Pershing Rifles. General John J. Pershing formed the first company at the University of Nebraska in 1891, one year before the University of Oklahoma was established. Company H at OU was formed in 1948. Captain Leon Moore, USAF, LTJG J. R. Darwin, USN, GySGT W. L. Binga- man, USMC, and Captain Alfred J. Cunningham, USA, served as military advisers. Cadet Lt. Col. Patrick E. Walker served as company commander with Cadet Capt. Roy L. Hodges as execu- tive officer. Honorary Cadet Captain for this year was Miss Joan Chatham. JOAN CHATHAM, Honorary Cadet Captain BOTTOM ROW: R. D. Stewart, Jr., Jerry D. Ennis, Patrick E. Walker, Joan M. Chatham, Roy L. Hodges, Stanley J. Skinner, John Calderas, Jr. SECOND ROW: John E. Rosewltz, Herschel R. Ramsey, Robert A. Owens, Jr., Ray O. Forgy, Dwight Cole- man, Stephen McKee, Robert Ritchey. Seth O. Osborn, Michael Male. THIRD ROW: Robert Crawford, Joseph Renaghan, George J. Toto, James McClendon, Bob Frankenfleld, Eugene L. Lacy, Robert E. Seally, James W. Callison. TOP ROW: Charles Barnes, Max Williams, Doug Brady, Lonnle Holland, Stephen Fon- tana, John Strassberger, Victor Starks, Jim Bannister, C. H. Steele. f fP ' A BOnOM Dilley, S. mary Mc ROW: Ann Ferrell, Pegqy Lines. Jerre Francis, Marsha J. Skmner. SECOND ROW: Patricia Harrison, Rose- Gee, Dorinda Gill, Barbara Butterworth, Carolyn Pres- cott, Marita Jones, TOP ROW: eia Drennan, Candi Todd, Jacic Sue Palmer, Lynetfe e Lee, Kathleen O ' E Elliott, rien. Pam- Pershing Rifles Kaydettes The Pershing Rifles Kaydettes was organized this fall as an auxiliary marching unit by the Pershing Rifles with S. I. Skinner as cadet advisor. This marks the first time that OU can boast of a girls ' military marching unit. The Kaydettes will compete in drill meets with such established girls ' marching organizations as OSU ' s Angel Flight. Society Of American Military Engineers Since its founding as a national organization in 1924, the Society of American Military Engineers has ex- panded its guiding purpose to promote knowledge in all aspects of civil and military engineering concerning national defense. Two annual field trips highlight each year ' s activities. Capt. M. R. Sandlin served as faculty advisor this year. BOnOM ROW: J. S. Crosbie, J. H. Bortis, J. A. McCray, C. H. Eby, J. Y. Kanomata, L. C. Young, Capt. M. R. Sandlin, S. P. Condon, B. J. Shields, S. R. Detjen, D. Bowlby, J. L. Laney. SECOND ROW: B. Schwalbe, W. D. Reeves, S. I. Mintz, G. D. Fulke rson, D. M. Haney, J. M. Traw, W. Sparks, J. W. Moore, J. D. Mistier, C. H. Gericke, J. J. Deem. TOP ROW: A. P. LaPara, W. Hill, R. L. Lancaster, R. W. Reeds, R. Reed, A. Sorbie, M. D. Tuttle, T. Farmer, S. Leakly, R. T. Uda, B. O ' Hara. 353 TO DEVELOP AND FOSTER ideals and practices of mllifary edu- cation is the purpose ot Scabbard and Blade. Officers this year were Gordon Marcum. John Thomas, James Kinnebrew and John Berry. Captain R. O. Borgstrom and Captain M. L. Weatherall served as sponsors. Scabbard And Blade A national honorar)- military society that is open to both army and navy advanced ROTC cadets is Scabbard and Blade. To belong, members must meet certain aca- demic and military standards, tlien receive an invitation to join. The pledge program consists of five to six weeks of pledging designed to aid the cadet in preparation for summer camp. The pledge period is tenninated by an overnight tactical problem. During die second semester a wives ' " orientation pro- gram is presented. This program is designed to aid wives and fiancees of future army officers and is climaxed by a visit to Fort Sill to familiarize the girls with life on an army post. The women learn many useful tips on such diings as entertaining, protocol, what demands may be made of a military family and what is expected of a resident on a militan ' post. Annually Scabbard and Blade holds a reception for newly commissioned officers, a unit trip to Fort Sill and meetings with guest sj eakers. BOnOM ROW: D. T. Phillips. L. C. Young, J. S. Berry, J. A. Kinnebrew, J. S. Thomas, Captain R. O. Borgstrom, G. G. Marcum, A. H. Thompson, J. G. Wright, T. N. Allen, L. J. Brumley. SECOND ROW: S. J. Cook, T. B. Deal, R. W. Barrett, M. S. Chapltne, G. W. ttartman, A. E. McComas, G. R. Van Wagner, S. E. Lawton, M. J. MapJe; THIRD ROW: C. C. Buxton, T. P. White, G. W. Parkhurst, J. W. Moore, J. R. Blake, A. A. Stanford, P. K. Frost, J. W. Swank. FOURTH ROW: J. C. Davis, D. N. Davison, R. R. Swendson, J. M. Gait, D. H. Street, W. J. Dale, R. P. Reed, J. D. Mistier. TOP ROW: B. D. Nolen. D. L. Pauling. W. H. Hill. R. D. Southern, J. F Brickman, D C. Davis, C. M. Mayhall, J. W. Williams. 354 RIFLE TEAM BOTTOM ROW: William Word, Stanley Skinner, Stephen McKee, Keene Taylor, Roy Forgy. TOP ROW: SFC G. M. Wall, coach; Andrew Mutzig, T. O. Quong, William Reeves. James Norvell, Capt. E. K. Schroeder, Sponsor. PISTOL TEAM BOTTOM ROW: C. K. Clark, P. Luc- cock, S. J. Skinner, R. C. Ingram, L. A. Ingram. TOP ROW: Captain R. O. Borg- strom, Sponsor: D- Gray, M, P. Eason, J. D. First, J. Mattingly, W. Hill, SSG Kennedy, Coach, and Captain Sandlin, Sponsor. FLIGHT TRAINING AND YEARBOOK EDITORS ARMY FLIGHT PROGRAM demands high qualifications. Some who made it are J. E. Dooley, R, L. Lancaster, D, J. Jackson, L, D. Tashlik and hi. J. Merriman. CHECKING PROOFS of photographs as well as writing copy and planning layouts occupy Army Yearbook Editors Michael Waller and H. Gordon Hansen. MISS SUSAN GABLE First Battalion Sponsor Sponsors ■ 1 ■ I r ! - 1 1 1 - " - , MISS SUSAN BODDY, Division Sponsor MISS HARMIE BIDDLE iecond Battalion Sponsor MISS APRIL AUSTIN MISS GAY HOSKINS Third Battalion Sponsor Fourth Battalion Sponsor 356 Miss Susan Gable Kappa Alpha Theta Honorary Cadet Lt. Colone Miss Harmie Biddle Kappa Kappa Gamma Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Miss April Austin Chi Omega Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel 357 Military Ball PRESENTING THE TROPHY to Susan Boddy as Honorary Cadet Colonel is Cadet Colonel Gordon Marcum. HEADING UP GRAND MARCH at the military ball are Col, and Mrs. R. F. Thweatt, Susan Boddy and Bennie Shields, division commander. ALL KINDS of music were heard at the annual Army ROTC ball, one of the big campus affairs of the year. WINNER AND COURT are Honorary Colonel Susan Boddy, center, and finalists Susan Gable, Harmie Biddle, April Austin and Gay Hoskins, with escort .. Extra-Curricular Groups •i j - OU ' S Marching Band BOTTOM ROW: Leroy Keltner, Leon Selfried, Owen NorthcuH. Michael Gaden, John Brittaln, Robert Anguish, Calvin Kilgore, Clyde Brown, Jack Foofe, Ralph Patterson. Dwight Vance, David Harriman, Roy Wilson. George White, Robert Kidd, Bill BIgheart. Roy Lawrence, Don Phillips, Charles Borchardt, Aubrey Potter, Danny Rowe, Doug Eaton, Jim Zdenek, Jim Henderson, Gerry Wood, Gary Sims, Dennis Clark, John Padberg, G. H. Logan, Roger Varvel, Thomas Moore, William Cantrell. SECOND ROW: Diana Fisher, Betty Sharp, Karen Brewster, Carolyn Gay, Marilyn Gay, Sally Webb, Linda Hall, Judy Braught, Claren Base, Jan Friedlander, Janet Gottlob, Dorinda Gill, Martha Van Hook, Jerre Francis, Sarah Stookey, Evelyn Swan, Carol Moore, Terry Haug, Leah Gelllnger, Louise Vernon, Linda Robbins, Ruth Fisher, Meta Sandmann, Sarah Deaklns, Kathleen Elliott, Carolyn Kidd, Linda Searcy, Carolyn Clure, Rheta Dewberry, Sharon Baker, Ann Norrls, Cheryl Githens. THIRD ROW: Charles Tucker, Bart Ward, Rob- ert Keller, Ronald Hamm, Richard Shlrey, Pat Chambers, David Westgate, Ronnie Osborn, John Smalley, Russell Schaefer, Andy Oldroyd, Charles Suggs, Joe Stamps, Steve Duggan, Gary White- side, Jim Harris, Tommy Roe, Jim Vinson. Richard Masters, Barney Harris. David Maloy, Larry Dixson, David Ellis. Fred Southern, Ronnie Borden, Ronnie MInton, Ronald Havens, Jerry Goodspeed. Ronnie Goddard, Calvin Mott, Robert Story, Larry Wright, Mike Grissom, Thomas Hardin, Donald E. Kramer. FOURTH ROW: Gene Braught, Robert Murray. Bruce Hickman. Henry Young, Bill Guerry, Robert Owens, Terry Stovall, John Thomas, Don Cox, Jerry Stephens, Mark Morgan, Lynn Woosley. Margo Shirley, Linda Sims, Joyce Weber, Laurie Hayen, Dallas Dorsett, Susan Laney, Christine Smith, Mildred George, Mary Ann Standley, Marthalle Dunn, Patricia Moore, Linda Coleman, Hugh McKInney. Jerry Warden, Harold Haston, Jim Carloss, Ronald Dyer, Mark Merrill, J. L. Courtney, Wayne Ross, Eddie Clarke. TOP ROW: Joffre Stephens, Gary Potter, Larry Dixon, Mark Chambers, Bob Frankenfleld, Dwight Coleman, Douglas Collins. David Yost, Charles Miller, Ken Million, Gary Yust, Lloyd Whittall, Keith Carl, Randall Paden, Paul Bell, Roger Rensvold, Robert Merritt, Milas Alagood, Frank Bernhart. John Forrester, David Miller, John Armstrong, Jim Faulconer, Mark Hut+on, Bernard Stekoll, Jim Cook, Larry Long, Ed Fosburgh, Jim Wilson, John Gossett. ADDING COLOR to programs are Dorinda Gllll and Danny Rowe. 360 ROW AFTER ROW the bandsmen keep in step during precision nnarching The Pride Of Oklahoma ' A TRADITIONAL FORMATION makes football fans shiver with pride. Special formations were designed as a salute to the football team of 1923 and its coach. Bennie Owen: to Gordon Cooper, Oklahoma ' s Number One astronaut: to all dads on Dad ' s Day; the crowning of the 1963 Homecoming Queen, and to all Oklahoma high school band students on Band Day. More than five thousand high school band students were in attendance for this annual program. Football fans also saw " The Pride " execute simple, difficult and intricate formations in precision marching. Membership in the marching band is open to all stu- dents. The 1963 band membership consisted of students from nineteen states across the nation. As every college of the University is represented in its membership, the band is tridv a cross section of students at OU. The one liundred seventy-five piece Marching Band, " The Pride of Oklahoma. ' " lent color and atmosphere to the 1963 football season. " The Pride ' ' with its superior quality " music-drama, " which delights thousands of football fans each year, has a tremendous place in popular affection. Colorful pre-game and half-time performances in both pageantry and precision marching are presented at each home game and for the traditional game played in Dallas with Texas University. The 1963 trip to Dal- las was highlighted by " The Pride ' ' taking over Six Flags Over Te xas on Friday night for more than three hours. Roy Lawrence, a senior music major from Tuciun- cari, N. M.. completed his fourth year as dnmi major of the marching band. Dorinda Gill, Kingfisher, and Danny Rowe. Premont. Tex., captivated capacity crowds in Owen Stadium with their dazzling twirling speed, high throws and turf-bounces. Both are nationally known twirlers. rating among the best ans-where. ■ :- ' ' r.-v- -«vu- •.■: :- ,. ,t. ' , . • ■ ' - ' ■■ i ' vv? - " ' ' ' " ■ ' ' ' ' ' ■ ' ' - ' ' - ' - v ' - ' -C -. ' ' " .■, ' - mj 0 ' - .. ' . ,.---■ " f ' U ' ' ' ll, I I JUST FOR DADS the marching band presents a special halt-time program. 361 University Of Oklahoma Symphonic Band At tlie conclusion of the marching season, the total band membership is divided into two concert organi- zations: the Symphonic Band and the Concert Band. Membership in the Symphonic Band is by audition. In the Concert Band, membership is open to all students of the various colleges of the University, also through audition. Activities of the Symphonic Band include formal con- certs on the campus in the months of February, March and May. The annual concert tour, during the spring semester, found the band performing for audiences in southeast Oklahoma and northern Texas and proved to be popular with high school audiences. These mu- sical organizations perform much of the finest in band literature. Dr. Gene A. Braught, director of bands, serves as director of the Marching Band, conductor of the Sym- |)honic Band and administers the Concert Band, Air Force and Army ROTC Bands. DR. GENE A. BRAUGHT Director of Bands PLANNING ACTIVITIES are officers and members of the Council. Members of the Band Council include the bund odiicers plus one representative from each rlass, elected by the band membership. The 19(i. ' }-G4 Council included Bill Bigheart, presi- dent : Judy Braught, vice-president: Evelyn Swan, secretary; Jack Foote, treasurer; Roy Lawrence, drum major. Class representatives were Daimy Rowe. Calvin Kilgore, David Ellis and Christine Siiiilh. The Council plans all band socials and h;is a voice concerning general band acti ilies. 362 Roy Lawrence, a music education major Iruni Tu- cumcari, N. M., has served " The Pride " as Drum Major for four years. He is principal oboist in the Symphonic Band and Symphony Orchestra and serves as director of the Army ROTC Band. The band staff inchides Dr. Gene A. Braught, con- ductor; Donald E. Kramer, assistant conductor: George Kizer, graduate assistant and director of the Air Force ROTC Band, Lawrence and Mrs. Sandra Dicks, secre- tary. Kramer, assistant director, also serves as assistant di- rector of the Marching Band and conductor of the Con- cert Band and Brass Choir. He also performs as a cor- net soloist and sen ' es as a clinician and adjudicator. DONALD E. KRAMER Assistant Director DRUM MAJOR ROY LAWRENCE The University Bands are administered through the School of Music of the College of Fine Arts at the University of Oklahoma. The objectives are cultural, educational, service and recreational. The band program continues the development of music appreciation and understanding of the student through the study and performance of the best in mu- sic. It develops competent performers, teachers and con- ductors. It lends color and atmosphere to certain ath- letic events while promoting and enhancing the dignity and reputation of the University through traditional on and off campus appearances. Finally, it provides all students of the University the opportunity of worthy uses of leisure time, emotional outlet and social activities. Laboratory Band BOTTOM ROW: Andrew Oldroyd, Charles Suggs, Calvin Kilgore, Eugene Cole, Don Phillips, Jinn Henderson. SECOND ROW: Joffre Stephens, Paul Bell, Hugh McKinney, Thomas Moore, Pat Cantrell, Russell Schaefer. TOP ROW: Smalley, David Maloy, Doug Collins. Dw Forrester, Bill Bigheart. ight Braught, John Coleman. John Kappa Kappa Psi Stimulates Fellowship, Rewards Ability September started the year itli a get-atc|iiuiiited party for all band members, sponsored jointly by Kappa Kappa Psi and Tan Beta Sigma. Otiier social events for the group included the autumn and spring picnics, band banquet and Christmas dance. Qualification for membership in this club are that a person must have a 2.0 grade average, music ability, an interest in band and a desire to serve. The principal alms of the group are to create a feeling of closer fellow- ship between members of the OU band and other bands and to encourage musical ability and honor outstand- ing bandsmen. Officers this year were Calvin Kilgore. president: Don Phillips, secretary, and Charles Suggs, treasurer. Gene A. Braught served as faculty sponsor. Tau Beta Si ma Sustains Continuing Interest In Music Promoting fellowship and friendship among members of the band, performing service for band, and actively creating interest in music are the principal aims of Tau Beta Sigma. To be eligible for membership in this group, students must have a 2 point grade average and one semester in the University Band. Evelyn Swan .served the group this vear as president. Other officers included. Judy Braught. vice-president; Jerre Francis, secretary, and Terry Haug, treasurer. Facidty sponsor was Don Kramer. Several main projects for the groups this year were sending delegates to the district convention at Baylor University, and sending representatives to the Tau Beta Sigma National Convention at the University of Arizona. BOTTOM ROW: Kathleen Ellott, Jerre Francis, Judy Braught, Evelyn Swan, Terry Haug, Martha Van Hook, Sarah Stookey. SECOND ROW: Verna Githens, Janet Gottlob, Carolyn dure, Pat Moore. Ann Norris. Donald Kramer. Mary Stanley, Rheta Dewberry, Mildred George, Christine Smith. THIRD ROW: Jan Friedlander, Sally Webb, Carolyn Gay, Marilyn Gay, Lynn Woos- ley, Karen Brewster, Linda Searcy, Joyce Weber, Susan Laney. TOP ROW: Linda Robblns, Betty Sharp, Meta Sandmann, Claren Base, Diana Fisher, Leah Gellinger, Ruth Fisher. Laurie Hayen, Linda Sims. 0-f VIOLINS: Michael Avsharian, Linda Atkins, Jim Bratton, Steve Campbell, Betty Driver. Rose Marie Flatt. David George, Mrs. Charles Hoag. Barbara Johnson, Larry Long, Margaret Miller. Betty Prag, Suzanne Moss. James Shahan, Linda Terry, Paul Todd, Leo Whinery. Lynn Woosley. VIOLAS: Mrs. Eleanor Boyd, Kath- leen Emond, Judy Hull, Mary James, Alfred McDaniel, Roy Wilson, Vernon Woods. VIOLONCELLOS: Marge Cornelius, Bob Carroll. Richard DeSpain, Joe Flippo, Betsy Foree. Mary Harris, Linda Myers. Mrs. Lav rence Rohrbaugh. Claire Sleeper, David Tiemeyer. CONTRABASSES: Dr. Charles Hoag. James Burgett, Bob Burton. Ronald Hamm. John Longfellow, Rebecca Miller. PIANO: Mardele Maryott. HARP: Dwight Vance. FLUTE: Dallas Dorsett. Christine Smith. Dwight Vance, Sally Webb. OBOE: Roy Lawrence, Carol Littleton. Sarah Stookey. CLAR- INET: Bill Bigheart. Ro ' " ' ' ' - OBOE: Roy Lawrence, Carol Littleton. Sarah Stookey. CLAR- INET: Bill Bigheart. Ronnie Goddard, David Westgate. BAS- SOON: Paul Bell, Linda Searcy. HORN: Julia Clay, Guy Logan, Joe Thayer. George White. TRUMPET: Dennis Clark. Carleton Clay. Ronald Havens, Aubrey Potter. TROMBONE: David Ellis. D„U_,i I .,„ 1 :JJ --,, C:„. TIIDA. I„U„ C™ = ll. ., TIkjIDAKII. Robert Lee Kidd, Gary Stms Terry Stovall. PERCUSSION Moore. TROMBONE: David Ellii. TUBA: John Smalley. TIMPANI: Ronald Dyer. Steve Hawks. Thomas Symphony Orchestra Provides Musical Experience The University of Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra provides a rich musical experience for all general Uni- versity students as well as students majoring in music. Projects this year included three concerts. The orches- tra also provided music at two opera-theater productions and at one major choral production. The Symphony is a musical organization which offers regular credit for student participation as well as providing recreation. It serves to meet the requirement for music majors and provides an opportunity for all University students to continue participation in a musical organization for personal enjoyment and recreation. Membership is open to all. but students must audition successfully. Dr. George Trautwein is conductor with C. M. Stoo- key as associate conductor. Professor Stookey is also director of the School of Music and maintains a busy schedule of appearances as guest conductor, clinician and adjudicator throughout the Southwest. Many members of the Symphony also play in smaller groups such as string quartets or trios. These students, in addition to attending regular rehearsals and concert performances, appear whenever asked on radio, tele- vision or before local organizations. They are OU ' s musical ambassadors throughout the state. THREE AT A CONCERT includes Michael Avsharian. Digby Bell and Marge Cornelius, who compose the Symphony trio. All are from the School of Music staff and appear often before campus audiences at OU. 365 f . o BOTTOM ROW: Susie Carmlchael, Karen Bratcher, Katherlne Kaufman, Mary Ann O ' Connell, Sharon Spicer, June Blackerby, Linda DeSliva, Soon-Hee-Lee, Nancy Scott. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Milam, Sandra Simon, Joe Ann Reaves, Carmen Young, Carllee hlogan, Jaynee Watters, Meg Raines, Ethelyn McCoy, Ann Watson, Betty Driver, Sandra Ward. THIRD ROW: Alfred McDaniel. Stacy Schronk, Nancy Ellis, Beverly Wells, Sharon Quaid. Carolyn Morris, Julie Hunt, Liz Riddle, Sharon Womack, Chuck Thomas, Don Downing. TOP ROW: T. Roy Carmichael, Ken Anderson, Scotty Salmon, Jerry Norman, Bob Fisher. Roy Wilson, Gary Sims, Arthur Barnes, Terry Woodcock, Lee Ridgeway, Mike Grissom. NOT PICTURED: Kelly Hale, Kay Aitken, Don Crow, Diana Fields, Beryl Nash, Terry Flatt, Beverly Ferguson. Choir Members Are University ' s Sin in Ambassadors LOOKING OVER a score or one oT the numbers the Choir must have memorized to take on tour are Jerry Norman, Ethelyn McCoy, Dr. Russell Mathis, director, and Sandra Ward. The Scliool of Music presently offers five chorale en- sembles for all interested students on the University of Oklahoma campus. These ensembles are designed to meet the needs of students with varying backgroinids and levels of appreciation and skill. Of these five, the University Choir is offered to the most highly skilled singer. Membership is by audition only, and most of the choir members are students majoring in music. Auditions for the group are held at the beginning of the school year, and are open to all students on cam- pus. Director for the group this year was Dr. Russell Mathis, a.s.sociate |)rofe.ssor of music. Officers included Jerry Norman, president: Ethelyn McCoy, vice-president, and Sandra Ward, secretary. Performances during the year included two formal concerts on campus, one each semester: a spring tour, with | erf( rmaMces in uortlieastern Oklahoma and Mis- souri: Irequent performances on radio and T . includ- ing a C]hristmas program over KWTV, and a jjerform- .iMce with tlic Oklahoma Svm])lionv. The group joined ilie ( ' lioral I iiiori (all other choral grouj s) to jierlorm wlili ilu l,a ((iii Sym|)li(iny. The program repertoire of the )Li ciioir is quite varied and wide, ranging from the Renais,sance to the Twentieth century. 366 BOTTOM ROW: Frone Lehmann, Sandy Merldith, Betty Outon, Adrah Barnes. Charlotte Hallock. Susie Brannan, Virginia Holland, Jeretta George. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Compton, Jeanne Brooks, Rose Marie Flatt. Martha Key, Judy Asbury. Billie Rhodes, Marilyn Smith, Brenda Roan. THIRD ROW: Linda McKnight, Leslie Boggs. Virginia Crott, Scarlette Irwin. Winema Stieter. Linda Locke, Waynel Walling. TOP ROW: Ann Henthorn. Joann Baker, Cathey Hangs. Kathryn Hardberger, Nancy Turk, Karol Kimbark, Anne Marshall, Brenda Stubel. Soonerettes Act As Artistic Outlet In Music The Soonerettes (Women ' s Glee Club) is an organi- zation made up of qualified singers from the entire stu- dent body. Membership is determined by audition at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. Through participation in singing the members fonn an association with students from the various colleges of the University. The aims of the group are to provide an artistic outlet for students whose curriculum does not include music, as well as for music students, to encour- age the understanding of the musical arts, and to enjoy the pleasures of singing. The repertoire of the Soonerettes includes music from 1 1 periods including the present day, as reflected in show tunes and folk song arrangements. This year the chorus will offer the premier of a set of songs based on the poetry of Christina Rossetti by the young Texas com- poser, Thomas Avinger. This set of songs was written expressly for the Soonerettes. In addition to performances for civic organizations, the Soonerettes take an aimual tour of the schools and concert halls of Oklahoma. They often join forces with other Uni ersity c horuses to present special programs. Officers this year were Charlotte Hallock, president; Bette Ringrose, vice-president; Adrah Barnes, secretary- treasiuer. Dr. Leland Fox is the director. SWEET MUSIC comes forth when the Soonerettes get together. In harmony are Adrah Barnes, Charlotte Hallock, Dr. Leland S. Fox, director; Bette Ringrose and Diane Bish (seated). 367 PICKING DORM OF THE YEAR are Linda McQuillen, Sally Merlcle, Nita Anderson. Dr. Dorothy Truex. Pui W. mo J dy Head. Association Of Women Students OFFICERS President Pat Weller Vice-President Linda McQuillen Secretary Sherry Steele Corresponding Secretary Nita Anderson Treasurer Sally Merkle DISPLAYING THE LATEST styles at the annual AWS style show Is Gayle Rossi, one of the models and a member of AWS. Models represent various houses. 368 BOTTOM ROW: Judy Foster, Judy Harris, Linda McQuillen, Sally Merkle. Dorothy Truex, Pat Weller, Juanita Anderson, Pat Baird. Marilyn Todd. SECOND ROW: Jozelle Neel, Rey Han- cock, Susan Stone. Brenda Wesner, Pat Reinbold, Kathy Maney, Elaine Swank, Judy Razook. TOP ROW: Lurlene Hulme, Jane Seay, Pat McLaughlin, Judy Dyser. Mary Black, Lee Sperber, Sherian Hamra, Janet Gottlob, Viva Lee Kennedy. Women Students Coordinate Campus Activities In AWS All women students are members of the Association of Women Students. The vice-president of each dorm, who serves as an activities and scholarship chairman, serves on the AWS e.xecutive board along with a repre- sentative from each sorority. This executive council headed by the five . WS officers develops and estal)lishes all regulations and permissions for women students on the OU campus. The purpose of the organization is to stimulate the development of an educated woman by presenting pro- grams and activities on topics and matters of intellectual interest. Trophies are given by AWS for the sororities, pledge classes, and dormitories with the highest grade averages. ■ ' Dorm of the Year " trophies are given to the freshman and the upperclass dormitory with the best records in scholarship, activities and leadership. This year the AWS initiated a study period tlie week before finals for all freshman women for the purpose of providing a quiet and uninterrupted atmosphere for studying. An annual activity of the group is the style show presented in May every year on the weekend that mothers are visiting the campus. Models represent vari- ous women ' s housing iniits and fashions are typical of those worn on campus. HEADING UP the Association of Women Students Is Pat Weller. All women students on the campus are members of AWS. The organization submits recommendations on regulations for women. 369 BOTTOM ROW: Lawrence Kozoyed, Mike Maples, Robert Wa -ers, Pdu ' ' Chang, Joseph Hughes, William Stone, Pat Condon. SECOND ROW: Sandra Hough, Camp Bonds, David A. Rennie. Janie Ross, Keats Soder, Jr., Mary Phelps, C. R. Pearson, Tom Dunham. TOP ROW: Jack Ruppel, Roy Carter, Ben Henry, Larry Mehl, Terry Petty, Larry Mansur, Wayne Jett, Nick Semenluk, John Squarek, Everett Johnson. Engineers Club Annually Chooses St. Pat, Crowns Queen Main activities of the Engineers Club, one of the largest student organizations on the University of Okla- homa campus, are the crowning of the St. Pat ' s queen, which is followed by a banquet and dance: an annual beard-gro«ing contest: the Engineer ' s Open House dur- ing which each branch of the engineering school illus- 1 rates some of their work in their exhibits: Engine Week; Engine Show, and Christmas Party. The membership is open to all undergraduate students enrolled in the college of engineering. It promotes and governs the extra-curricular activities in the college of engineering. Within the club is the quasi-legislative l)ody, St. Pat " s Council, composed of representatives from all engineering organizations. Also within the c!ui is the secret societv. Loval Knights of Old Trusty, whose members are oiilslauduig engineers. Dinid A. Rennie is president. Other ofliicers are Keals Soder. vice-president: Camp Bond.s. second vice- president: Mary .Ann Phelps, secretary: ( " buck Pearson, treasurer: and Brandon CIrifhth. Harold Hone, and . rl McCray. faiiilty s|)()ns()rs. PRESIDENT ot one ot the largest groups on campus, the Engineer s Club, is David Rennie, Norman senior. Rennie coordinates the activi- ties of the club which represents all engineering undergraduates. 370 CROWNING OF QUEEN and announcement of Sf. Pat was the highlight of the annual Engineer ' s Ball March 13. Ginny Clark was named queen and Mike Maples won the St. Pat title. WINNER OF THE ANNUAL Engineer s Show was the Pi Beta Phi act. Going through a practice routine are Sherry Steele, Nanelle Wall, Kay Boa trig ht, Janet Delhotal and Roxanne Connolley. KNIGHTS OF ST. PATRICK CELEBRATE IN MARCH MOST SECRET SOCIETY is the Loyal Knights of Old Trusty. Members are chosen from outstanding senior engineering students 412 414 415 HB 417 4i| ' LKDT BOTTOM ROW: b. ' i Wiikinson. Aneta bumner, Simone BotUn. Mrs. Earlene Smith, Bill Bleakley, Richard Anglln, Janice Pullin, Clarence Cagle, Leslie Hobson, Larry Patton. SECOND ROW: Hanay Geiogamah, Bill Bolding, Joann Hackett, Jeanne Carring+on, Jinn Brown, Janet Stevenson, Frankie Owen, Elizabeth Cines, Kris Ho!m, Donna Page, Linda Killian, Briscoe Stephens, Casey Truett. THIRD ROW: John Hunter, T. C. Moore. Barbara McCain. Trudy Preston. Dorothy Guiou, Diane Renner, Libby Elliott, Barbara Baker, Thomas Armstrong, Pat Baird, Jim Holcomb. FOURTH ROW: Stan Ewing, Mary Wonderly, Gary McKinney. Genie Red- mond, Martha Ulken, Donna Korn, Margret Withers, Leslie Frank, Paul Nail, Raymond Spalding, Lloyd Whittall, Jr., Paul Fox. TOP ROW: Rich Hastings, Bryan Hardin, Paul McCain, Martha Kite, Marian Evans, Milllcent Green, Ann Coulter, James Miller, Mike Hammer, Dale Hill, Jim Faulconer. ISA Promotes Leadership, Fellowship, Scholarship One of the largest groups on the University of Okla- homa campus, the Indepenclent Students Association, provides an opportunity for group aHiliation of all stu- dents not pledging Greek social organizations. It pro- motes leadership and fellowshij) and assists independ- ents scholastically and sociall). It keeps them informed of their role in campus activities, provides recognition of their achievements and encourages their ])articipation in campus fuirctioirs. The governing body of ISA is the executive comicil made up of elected representatives chosen from dorms and private housing. This year Bill Bleakley served as president. Other officers were Richard D. Anglin, vice-president: Janice Pullin, secretary, atid Clarence Cagle, treasurer. Leslie Hobson and Larry Patton were the IS. representatives in the Student Senate. Mrs. Earlene Smith is sponsor. Each semester representatives are ektied from each University housing unit and representati es are selected from outside housing by petition and apjiroval. This is the most important position in the IS. organization. Indejiendents who are not representatives can serve with the ISA on committees which ]ilan the various projects. The organization does much to promote scholastic achievement and usually one project each year deals w ith this area. TJie highest award given an independent is the Out- standing Independent Award which is presented to the fifty most outstanding independents at an ainuial ban- quet. Individual awards are given to the outstanding freshman and senior man and woman and to the out- standing foreign student. The ISA offers the independent many social acti i- ties. The school year starts off during enrollment week with the Orientation Mixer which marks the beginning of a year-long program of dances for tlie independent. Traditionally the ISA sponsors a Christmas dance and a Sweetheart dance which are a part of a social program offered every semester through tlie sale of activity cards. The ISA Sweetheart contest is held each spring. The Sweetheart is chosen from candidates representing each living unit. I ' ive finalists are selected by a panel and the Sweetheart is popularly elected at the Sweetheart Dance. In addition to the traditional dances, the ISA spon- sors mixers in the Cate Center Lounge from time to time during ihe school year. These are iisualN iiiforiiuil willi music pro ided by records. 372 MEETING TO DISCUSS activlfies of the Independent Students Association are Bill Bleakley, Larry Thompson, Ron Roblyer, Marti Hurst and Penny Mclver. Independent Students Association OFFICERS President Bill Bleakley Vice-President Richard D. Anglin Secretary Janice Pullin Treasurer Clarence Cagle AT THE ISA DAD ' S DAY coffee, Dr. Ansel H. Resler gets lots of attention from students Marti Hurst, Ivoda S. Abercrombie and Penny Mclver. P ' " ' ' K l |pi j|lllll_ l§ f BOTTOM ROW: George Fraser, Mary Jo Lewis, Bruce Rossiter. Guy Parkhurst, Bob Moore, Joy Kahn, Larry Blankenship, Bill Wil- kinson, Betty Whitehead, Larry Mizel, Tillman Jackson, Dermot Connolly. SECOND ROW: Jane Monroe, Vicki Gotcher, Carmen Young, Marian Bulla, Ginger Looney, Pat Turner, Sandy Bryan, Leslie Hobson, Ann Reisner, Susan Welborn, Margie Foree. TOP ROW: Larry Frederick, Ronny Altman, Jim Ricks, Roger Corklns, Gil Davidson, Ralph Hall, Rlcardo Rogers, G. R. Shreve, Jim Wathen, Larry Patton, Paul Fox, Mukund Desai, Wayne Jett. Senate Strives To Improve Aspects Of Campus Life LARRY BLANKENSHIP, President Created in 1945 to improve and unify student aca- demic, cultural, recreational and social conditions, the Student Senate has been a dynamic and beneficial force on campus. Functioning primarily through committees, such as academic affairs, special projects, finance, rides and elections, calendar, student welfare and student health insurance, student groups headed by senators work on arious projects which fall wiihin the realm of each particular committee. The Student Senate is made up of students and is financed by student funds. It depends upon students for its support. Elections for positions as senators are held each fall and spring. Representatives are selected fnim each college, the number being based on eiu " oll- nient in that college. Students may also serve on the House Representatives Council. One member is elected from each organized liouse on the camjius for diis organization. IIk- IIR(i makes reconnnendations to die Senate for action and relates informaliDH iiboiil Senate adivities back to the house. Annual |)rojects operated by the Senate include the student lualih insurance program. Miss OU pageant and recognition of campus clubs. 374 COLLECTING MONEY for the Bratcher Fund " are Student Sena- tors Dernnof Connolly and Larry Blankenship who visit with Grady Mobley. Grover Bratcher was a Norman policeman, killed In an automobile accident. Purpose Of Legislation Is For Campus-Wide Benefit This year marked the first time in Senate history that the president has been elected by campus-wide elec- tion. Previously the president was elected by Senate members. Larry Blankenship defeated Marti Vargas in the election first semester, then won re-election over Bruce Rossiter the second semester. Current projects include such things as the acquisi- tion of a student directory which would cost the students less money, a study of traffic problems, and investiga- tion and study of car registration and food. Another principle project this year has been the codification of student regulations. This year the Senate ' s recommenda- tion that Christmas vacation be extended was accepted by the University administration. The establishment of the student traffic court came as a result of senate legis- lation. Officers this year in addition to President Blankenship were Bob Moore, vice-president: Paul T. Fox, secretary, and Larry Mizel. Acting as faculty a dvisor this year has been Dr. Joseph Pray, while the regular advisor, George B. Fraser. is on leave of absence teaching at the Uni- versity of Michigan. Dr. Pray is professor of govern- ment while Professor Fraser is a David Ross Boyd pro- fessor in the College of Law. The Student Senate meets every week while committees meet as often as deemed necessary to dispatch their duties. COUNTING VOTE FORMS in preparation for the Student Senate election for president are Rick Rodgers, Sharon Gafford, and Vicki Gotcher. 375 BOTTOM ROW: Rick McCurdy, Larry Vermillion, Jim Grlsham, Bennle Shields, Bill Griffin. SECOND ROW: George Jarman, Steve Davis, Mike Mahoney, Jann Christian, John Bernard, Lance Rentzel. TOP ROW: David Voiles, Dick Maxey, Lynn Overton, Doyle Tunnell, Jackie Cowan, Charles Schuette. Varsity " 0 " Cultivates Team Spirit Any man who has won the " O " through intercollegiate athletics and who has met the approval of the University Athletic council is eligible to be a member of this or- ganization. A closer spirit of loyalty in the hearts of those who uphold the athletic prestige of the Red and White is fostered by membership in the Varsity " O " club. The club brings together both graduate and under- graduate lettermen into a closer and more intimate rela- tionship. The organization promotes in every proper and constructive way the athletic interest of the Uni- versity among students, faculty, alumni and friends. Other objectives are to encourage scholarship, develop sportsmanship, both by example and precept: to bolster social acti ilies, accommodate visiting athletic teams and lake an active interest in campus activities whenever pos- sible. Through mutual understanding of ihc objectives, the chib maintains a more complete relationship with mem- bers of tlie Sooner coaching staff. The club also pro- motes relations with high school athletes and assists in orienting freshman athletes at OU. " O " club offiicers were Gary Wylie, president; Dennis Ward, vice-president; W. Leon Bevers, executive secre- tary; Steve Swafford, social secretary, and Port G. Rob- ertson, faculty sponsor. Meetings are scheduled by the members of the execu- tive council as the need arises and a variety of social activities are planned from time to time. Four classes of membership compose the club: active, inactive, alunmi and honorar -. Active members partici- pate in all club activity. Inactive and alumni members can attend club meetings but are unable to vote or hold ollice. Honorary membership in the organization is ex- tended to persons who have rendered exceptional service to athletes and to the development of the OU athletic program from year to year. 376 BOTTOM ROW: Charles Mayhue, Ron Harmon, George Stokes. Ralph Neely, Norman Smith. SECOND ROW: Toby Morey, Jim Cody, Jerry Geyman, John Porterfield, Mark Latham. TOP ROW: Gien Condren, Newt Burton, Steve Morelock, Allen Bumgardner Bill Hill, Wes Skldgel. Good Sportsmanship Develops From Example Various parties, dances and otlier club activities cen- ter in the club lounge located in the north end of Owen stadium. The lounge was officially opened in Septem- ber, 1951. Besides being the location for meetings of the organization, the lounge serves as a place for past and present members of the club to meet. Each year returning Sooner alumni find the lounge open before and after home football games where lunch is served for alums and their families. The lounge is also open three nights each week to lettermen and their guests. Television, records, bridge tables, games and a snack bar are part of the many fa- cilities available. Club members are hosts to dads and mothers at the annual Dad ' s Day game with a luncheon in the " O " club lounge preceding the game. Following the game, guests are entertained at a reception. Luncheons are usually scheduled to precede every home game for mem- bers and tlieir guests with receptions after games. Homecoming weekend, the Varsity " O " club extends a special welcome to all alumni of Oklahoma University. Other social events for the year include a Christmas and Valentine ' s parties and the annual picnic and out- ing at Lake Murray. The annual varsity-alumni football game is another activity that attracts wide interest and enthusiasm among sports fans around the state. It is held each year on the last day of spring practice. The ' ' O " club, sponsors of the game, invite members of past " Big-Red " football teams to participate on the alumni line-up. A distinguished speaker is invited each year to the traditional " O " club banquet which is always a high- light of the year. Letters and membership plaques are presented to those who have qualified for membership during the past year. The Varsity " O " club Neicslelter is published monthly and .sent to all members who have paid their dues for the year. The letter features timely articles and com- ments of interest to sportsmen around the country. Belonging to the " O " club is an honor and a merit any University athlete is proud to hold. It is a goal set to attain the best qualities and the maximum possibili- ties of any player. The " O " club has been the inspiration for many young athletes, and it hopes and intends to carry this on in tlie future. 377 BOTTOM ROW: Ethelyn McCoy, Mike Gibson, l.._,,oo 5inex, Sallie Key, Lurlene Hulme, Betty Prag. TOP ROW: Paula Per- guson, Cathy Hass, Marion Wilson. Neil White, Hugh Key, Aubrey Potter, Carl Gilmore, Cutchin Jano, Tom Plosila, Lea Clayton. Kent Sinex, Sally Sinex. Gayle Welcher. Christian Science Organization Actively Proclaims Mission Officers of Ciiristiaii Science Organization for tliis year were Carol Gilmore, president: Lurlene Hulme. vice-president: Gayle Welcher. .secretary, and Betty Prag. treasurer. Mrs. Marion Bergin was faculty sponsor. The mission of the college organization Ahich is located on university campuses around the v •orld is to proclaim the presence and power of God and to make students realize this. These organizations are actively carrying forward their mission of presenting the healing message of Christian Science. Mary Baker Eddy discovered Christian Science early in the twentieth century. She envisioned the need and great opportunities for Christian Science organizations. Weekly meetings are held with membership open to students interested in Christian Science and those who are not members of another religious denomination. Kappa Plii Offers Service Projects For Metliodist Women " . . . But to serve " was the theme this year of Kappa Phi, Methodist sorority. They served in homes for the elderly, in tlie McFarlin choir or at the church hos- pitality desk and at Wesley Foundation, offering coflee and donuts after meetings. Tliis acti •e group was led by Joy Monroe, president: Jackie Snodgrass, Ann Wiest, and Carolyn Johnson, vice-presidents; Judy Jageler, secretary. Sponsors «ere Mrs. Frank Mosley and Mrs. Velmer Dimery. Highlighting the year ' s programs were Rose Teas given at the first of each semester. The twice-a-month meetings offered such special guests as Mrs. John Dunn. the Rev. Bill Haynes. Father Ross. Rabbi Eppstein. and Dr. Poe Williams. BOTTOM ROW: Judy Jageler, Mary Houck, Nancy Keesee, Anne Burzio, Carolyn Norris, Judy Braught. Carol Moore. Betty Tuma, Linda Crews, Marilyn Carnes, Janel McCombs, Janett Suchy, Janie Blome, Kay Campbell, Anne Marshall. SECOND ROW: Linda Toberman, Karen Krenz, Pamela Wiggins, Karen L. Wynn, Marcia McDaniel, Tricia Thomas, Nancy Morris, Anne Ketcham, Susan Tracy. Marti Reed. Joan Milan, Faille Devore, Joy Monroe, Mrs. Frank Mosley. THIRD ROW: Lavinia Frank. Carolyn John- son, Georgia Duckworth, Sondra Howell, Mary Fash, Mary Groves, Patti Ferguson, Judy Haug, Linda Chandler, Bonnie Lane, Janice Pullln, Linda Robertson, Ann Wiest, Diane Neaves, Charlotte Council. TOP ROW: Thelma Burris. Gayle Patterson. Liz Riddle. Terry Haug. Susie Black, Karen Marshall, Arleen Wolfard, Marilyn Smith, Patricia Harn, Linda McQuIllen, Lyia Stegall, Karia Galther, Marilyn Hutton, Jackie Snodgrass. m % v % _j .! %(ii BOTTOM ROW: James Howell, Don Phillips, Jerry Duncan, toary Williams, Geneva Jones, Barbee Smith, Julie Hunt, Nancy Turk, Richard Henderson, R. L. Richeson, Cleophas Steele, Jr., James Inks, William Stover. SECOND ROW: James Lasslter, Robert RItchey, Dean Campbell, Alson Woodward, Clarence Jones, Bill Winans, Sharon King, James Vickers, Glenda Margin, Ken Mullican, Mrs. W. L. Dlllard, Ken Maddox, Bill Crews. THIRD ROW: Nancy McGee, Ruth Fisher, Jo Aldrldge, Linda Cole, Lorraine Allmon, Kevin Anderson, Lenore LIndsey, Judy Clayton, Carlletta Rose, Linda Mullican, Martha Mullen, Gary Brown, Allen Tsugawa, Mike Wnson, Baroara Linai ey, Ciiarlotte Hallock, Phyllis Stringer. FOURTH ROW: Mona Lane, Gary Miller, Delphlne Floyd, James Almy, Bill Duke, Dale Davis, Glenn Baxter, Ronald Wilklns, Carl Mullen, Harold Roker, Bill Calllson, Gary Yust, James Gilbert, Dennis Clark. TOP ROW: Kay Womack, Jane McNeely, Jerry J. Miller, Pamela Grumpier, Doyle Paden, Carl Martin, O. D. Wlkoff. Joyce Nelson, Joanne Harper, Jeanne Harper, Judith Wilkerson, Pat Mims, Joanne Segroves, Loyd Allen, Jr., Ronald Davis, Philip Burford, Pat Thomas. Baptist Student Union Sponsors Variety Of Projects Raising funds to sponsor student missionaries to vari- ous home mission areas and foreign countries this sum- mer constitutes the current project of the Baptist Student Union. The principle aims of the organization are to link the student to his college-town church and to aid him in developing his spiritual knowledge as he develops his academic knowledge. Current officers include Bill Winans, president; Glen- da Martin, secretary: Bill Stover. Christian citizenship; Lorraine .Allmon, devotional; Barbee Smith, evangelism; Julie Hunt, promotion; Lloyd Allen, missions: Carlletta Rose, social: Nancy Turk, noonday, and Doyle Paden, fresiniian president. The director of the group is Travis Wiginton, and the assistant director is Maureen Poe. Activities of the Baptist Student LInion include a fall welcome party, freshman week, an installation senice, two semi-formal banquets, and a missions conference in Ft. Worth. Texas. Morning prayer time and noonday worship are held daily at the Baptist Union building which has the fol- lowing facilities: a lounge, kitchen, library, and recrea- tion, assembly and prayer rooms. NEWLY ARRIVED in Norman is Travis Wiginton, director of the Baptist Student Center for OU. 379 BOTTOM ROW: Mike Maples, Sharon Carlson. Pat Huntsman, Gene Huntsman, Don Warrick, Kathy Bennett. TOP ROW: Stan Ferguson, Billie Lynn Rhodes, Butch Metcalf, Barry Housel, Kevin Anderson, Ron Wilkins. College life Meetings Presented By Campus Crusade A GUEST SPEAKER shares experiences with students at one of the " College Life " series of meetings. Many prominent business and professional men are on the group ' s speaker list. Founded in 1951 at UCLA, Campus Crusade is now active on 108 campuses and 13 other countries. It is the primary purpose of Campus Crusade to present die claims of Jesus Christ and the basic truths of the Chris- tian faith in all areas of Campus life. ' ' College Life " is a weekly meeting in which business and professional men share their experiences on how Christianity is relevant to every area of life. A leadership training class is held each semester for 10 weeks and each semester a weekend conference is held with other Oklahoma camjius featuring outstanding speakers and seminars. The " Collegiate Challenge " is the official magazine which is distributed throughout the campus. Other ma- terials for stuilcnt use are records entitled " AVluit Chris- tians Believe " by outstanding scholars and leaders of the Christian world and " Ten Basic Steps Toward Christian Maturity " used for study of tii " Bible. The advisory board includes Oregon ' s Covernor Mark Hatfield, Dr. V. Raymond Ednian. President of Whea- lon College, and former Congressman Dr. Walter H. Judd. Campus Crusade places a strong, wlioiisome emphasis on the living Christ, the authorit of llu- scrip- tures and tlic iiii[)orlance of the church. 380 BOTTOM ROW: Larry McLean, Anne Lynch, Cara Mitchell, Roy Wilson, Rev. Robert J. Webb, Julia Smith, Mrs. Fred Shellabarger, Prof. Fred Shellabarger. SECOND ROW: Eliza Doolittle, Virginia Croft, Nira Smith, Nancy Utiey, Patty Wheatley, Brenda Stubel. Charles Alworth, Linda Atlcins, Josephine Edwards. Mary James. Sherri Roush, Sandra Rigsby. TOP ROW: Carol Wolf, Dean Riffe, Mike Foster, George White, David Shoebotham, Grosvenor Pollard, Steve Lower, Alan Smith, Robert Munfz, Edwin Morton, David Winkles. Canterbury Association Unites Episcopal Students Meeting each Sunday evening at St. Joiin ' s Episcopal Church, the Canterbiir Association provides fellowship and religious direction to students of Episcopal faith. Roy Wilson was president this year. Other officers were David Shoebotham. vice-president: Mimi Francis, secretary; Cara Mitchell, treasurer, and Fred Shella- barger, sponsor. One of the projects of the group is a Student As- sistance Fund which aids Anglican students in financial duress. The Association also supports the work of the Anglican Communion in Zululand and Southwest Africa. Rev. Robert J. Webb arrived in Norman in Septem- ber to assume the duties of Episcopal chaplain at OU. He formerly was assistant chaplain at Purdue University. After graduating from Wabash College with an AB de- gree. Father Webb pursued his theological education at Virginia Episcopal Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Va., from which he received his BD degree. Special events this year included the production of Edward Albee ' s play " The Zoo Story " and presentation of PurcelFs " Te Deum " with orchestra and choir. The group also participated in the annual Diocesan Confer- ence held in Norman in October and the retreat for Episcopal students of Oklahoma held in February. MEETING PLACE ;„,■ i.-,. „„,,:uiL,jry Association is St. John ' s Episcopal Church, corner of Asp and Lynn. Students gather each Sunday for supper and program. 381 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL. BOHOM ROW: Janet Muller. member- ship chairman; Lucille Thur. secretary; Margaret Constien. editor: Lloyd A. Iverson, faculty representative. TOP ROW: Pat O ' Brien, program chairman; James Buchanan, president; David Iverson, treasurer; Calvin Mott, Inter-Religious Council representative. Members of the group are Roger Potratz, Donald Ferguson, Beryl Nash, Robert Jones, Virgil Beasley, George Droescher, Pat Booker, Karen Brown, Bill Schneider, Paul Borchardt, Willard Wietfeldt, N ' iiMi,.n I luffman, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Swift, Mr. and Mrs. Hell- baum, Kent Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Jim McCright, Mr. and Mrs. James Stevenson, George Talbot, Robert C. Parker, James Fieber, Mr. and Mrs. James Thieike, Sandra Sigler, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Caldwell, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Nicholas, Mr. and Mrs. Duane Costlow, Mike Nicholas, William Weinrich, Donald Blinn, Jan Thompson, David Seymore, Pastor and Mrs. Hecht, Harry Barnes, At Msleske, Harry Samuelson. Gamma Delta Trains Students For Church Leadership AT THE ANNUAL BANQUET membership of Gamma Delta gets together for food and frolic. The affair was held in the Education Building of Trinity Lutheran Church which sponsors the youth group. To foster thorough study of the Bible, to spread the scriptural philosophy of life, to train Lutheran students for lay-leadership in their church, to increase Lutheran consciousness on campus, and to increase local and inter-campus fellowship among students of die Lutheran faith are the principal aims of Gamma Delta. lulerna- llonal Lutheran Student -Association. Current officers are James A. Buchanan, president: Roger Polratz. vice-president; Lucille Thur, secretary, and Da id Iverson. treasurer. Loyd Iverson serves as faculty sponsor for the gTOup. .Sucli s|)eakers as Dr. Paul Brinker. Norman .Alexan- der, Professor Wilhert Rusch of Concordia College in .Aim Arbor. Michigan, and Dr. Iloyt create a wide varie- Iv of sul)|ecls (or lueuihtrs discussions. Professor Rusch lid a discussion on Darwinisui. Science, and the Bi- Mc. and also one on Creation and Evolution. " Dr. Iloyt led a discussion on " Courtship and Marriage. " .Acti ilies of the organization include a Thanksgiving lianqnei. s(|iiare dances, a diniKr w illi ilic Episcopalians, and a dinner with (he Methodists. At the ])resent lime most of Gamma Delta ' s lime and efforts are dincled loward llie j l;miiiiig of a new student cenler (o he biiih next vear. 382 BOTTOM ROW: Jim Shields, Stephen Worthley. Alfred McDaniel. Albert GUI, Marilyn Luper, Jerry Stephens, Areda Tolliver, Mary Groves, Anne Ketcham. SECOND ROW: Neil Nichols, Calvin Luper, Sandy Yount, Jessena Brasher, Sandra Lea Groom, Nancy Morris, Karen Tankersley, Betty Dixon, Carolyn Norris, Cynthia Grisham, Linda James, Kay Campbell, Sue McCoy. THIRD ROW: Roger Rensvold, Beth Resler, Linda McQuillen, Chandler Gillespie, Pat Condon, Stony Anderson, Jim Ricks, Joe Davis, Judy Smother- mon, Larry Wright, Marilyn Carnes, Lomas Murphy, Bob Cochrane. FOURTH ROW: Carl Friend, James Sneed. Leonard Carter, Cathy Carlson, Bill Hinds, Marilyn Todd, Pat Jarvls, Carolyn Johnson, Karen Marshall. Eileen Adair, Sharon Mechem, Kay Freeman. John Smothermon, Linda Robertson, Robert Strader, FIFTH ROW: Dale Parent, Cleophas Steele, James Bruce, Judy Haug, Paul Fox, Nita Anderson, Al Alexander, Gary Fletcher, Ronnie Carman, Roger Vaught, Gene Cunningham, Max Williams, Terry Haug, Dane Smith, Kathy Kane. SIXTH ROW: Jim Sharp, Douglass Souligny, Jerry Elliott, Le Etta McLaughlin, Sharon Meikle, Ronald Main, John Peed, Gary Hickmon, Albert Clark, Sarah Deakins, Andy Reese, Mike Lauderdale, Janice Rogers, Ray Spalding, III, Robert Marshall, Richard Kropp, Jayne Smith. Wesley Foundation Sponsors Active Religious Program Since its founding in 1906 at the University of Illinois in Urbana, Wesley Foundation has established 181 chap- ters. The Wesley Foiindatir)n is the Methodist Church at work on the college campus. The foundation spon- sors a year-round program of worship, study and serv- ice for Methodist students and joiiLS with other religious groups in campus-wide activities. Officers of the University of Oklahoma chapter are Jim Ricks, president: Joe Davis, ce-president of faith: Sharon Tankersley. vice-president of witness: Stoney Anderson, vice-president of fellowship: Judy Smother- mon, secretary: Pat Condon, treasurer, and Rev. Jim Shields, director. Special events of the foundation include an outstand- ing program of lectures given by well-known guest lec- turers. Movies and discussion groups, and daily meet- ings are also used in the campus-wide work of the foun- dation. CENTER FOR STUDENTS of the Methodist faith is the Wes- ley Collegiate Chapel, corner of Lindsay and Elm, which provides a v ide program of student activities. 383 BOnOM ROW: David Milligan, J. Brent Turner, Ken Wolfe, Lawrence Povse, John Olivier. TOP ROW: Cameron Vickers, Ben Henry, David Kurtz, Claude Davenpor ' , bt ' _ o Lamoert, Don Waller Alpha Chi Si ma Furthers The Science OJ Chemistry The OU chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma is one of 63 collegiate and 30 professional chapters which join their membership together in the furthering of the science of chemistry and advancing interest among its members. Membership is open to those in tlie field of chemistry or chemical engineering who maintain good standing ith the university. Every year the group sponsors the " Professor Snarf " contest for chemistry and chemical engineering professors. Lawrence J. Povse was president this year. Other officers were John Oliver, vice-president; Gary Anderson, secretary; J. B. Turner, treasurer and David Milligan, master of ceremonies. Dr. H. H. Row- ley is faculty sponsor. Alpha Delta Sigma Prepares Advertising Men Practical knowledge and experience in advertising are gained by men who belong to Alpha Delta Sigma, national honorary advertising fraternity. Alpha Delta Sigma bridges the gap between the book theory and actual business practice. Officers of the group for tiie 1963-64 school year in- clude: James M. Cabal, president: Jeff Repke, vice- president; Mick Flick, secretary; and Steve Morelock, treasurer. Faculty sponsor is James Madison Poynor. Alpha Delta Sigma members hear speakers from ever) ' phase of advertising at their regular meetings. Projects are midertaken and organized field trips to places in the realm of advertising are made. Meetings are held in the Bronson Room. BOTTOM ROW: James Gabal, Jim Mayo, Pete Feldman, Larry Bellin, John Garrison, John Howard, Michael Flick. TOP ROW: J. M. Poyner, Jerry Dixon, Edward Sanders, Steve Morelock, Jeffrey Repke, Roger McElroy, Linus Williams. BOTTOM ROW: Bob Renfro, Daniel Circle. Katherine Garrett, Frances Rahhal, Sandra Reynolds, Rushella Latimer, Jess Mitchell, Jannes Thieike, Elmore Isaacs, Travis Goggans. SECOND ROW: Joe McAlister, Jerrol McLeod, Dean Yorit, Billy Blasingame, Charles Emerson, J. C. Davenport, Bill Strange, Wallis Blake, John LeFav- our. THIRD ROW: Gordon Henderson, Don Phillips, Jim Kinre- brew. Bob Beyerl, Bob Rose, Harold Ransford, Derrell Pulis, James Howell, Arden VanZante, Marion E. Inman. FOURTH ROW: Bill Roe, Ronald Standridge, Thomas Hill, W. H. Pannell, Charles Dudley, Jim Bellah, O. C. Coleman, Larry Geis, Robert Anthony. TOP ROW: George Allen, Harvey Chaffin, Lynn Overton, M. Scott Chapline, Kenneth Benson, Jlmmie Dudley, Mike Kennedy, Kenneth Turrentine, Ernie Collins. Accounting Club Key Award Given For Scliolarsliip Each year the Accounting club awards a key to those members who have attained a " B " average after com- pleting 12 hours of advanced work in accounting. The idea cf the key was adapted from a similar one used by the University of Illinois. The club is controlled by various committees. They include the key committee, which determines those who are eligible for a key; the membership committee, which determines the status of members and pledging of new members; the entertainment committee, in charge of social activities, and the publicity committee, which an- nounces the meetings and promotes interest in the or- ganization. Dues of the Accounting club amounts to a dollar a semester of which 25 cents goes to the Newton Memorial Scholarship fund. The Accounting club was organized in 1930 for the purpose of bringing about a closer relationship and higher standards among Accounting majors and to aid them in making advantageous contacts with those al- ready successful in the field of accounting. Member- ship is open to all students who have chosen accounting as a major or a mmor. First-hand observation is gained from field trips to accounting departments of major businesses and in- dustries throughout the year. The departmental awards are presented at the annual banquet each spring. Among die awards given are ' ' ac- counting keys, " the Newton Memorial fellowship. Con- tinental scholarship, and the Arthur Anderson scholar- ship. In addition, the Arthur Young fellowship, the Humble Graduate fellowship and awards given by the Oklahoma Society of CPA ' s and the Financial Execu- tives institute are presented at this time. Also all gradu- ating seniors are introduced at the banquet. Guest speakers from private industry, government, public practice and financial institutions are scheduled to address the club on some subject of a pertinent na- ture at periodical meetings. Officers this year were Jess Mitchell, president: El- more Isaacs, vice-president, James Thielke, treasurer; and Rushella Latimer, Secretary. Dr. Travis P. Gog- gans was faculty sponsor. 385 BOTTOM ROW: Ann Marshall, Jane England, Marian Bulla, Patti Marshall, Lee Wheless. SECOND ROW: Nancy Singleton, Delores Lloyd, Patty Thonnson, Susan Cockerham, Linda K. Schmidt, Sharon David, Suzanne Sanders, Cathy Callahan, Carol Davis. THIRD ROW: Lloyd Roberts, Jan Stambaugh, Penny Isom, Sandra b 3s, Anne hHooker, Betty Prag, Gayle Rossi, Mary hlarlan, Pat Turner, Nancy Carter, Judy Orth, Vicki Gotcher, Jill Reber, Linda Robertson, Linda Culp. TOP ROW: Janet Boles, Karen Acord, Nancy Montgomery, Dorothy Mealor, Kaye Flood, Cathey Hangs, Christine Bove, Marianne Siegmund, Jan Dunagin, Niki Meek, Terry Ridley. Alpha Lambda Delta Outstanding Scholarship Any liesliman women who attains a 3.5 grade aver- age at the end of her first semester, carrying at least 15 hours, or who attains a 3.5 overall for two semesters. carrying at least 30 hours is eligible for membership in Al|)ha Lambda Delta. Current officers include Marian Bulla, president: Lee Wheless, vice-president; Jane England, secretary; Ann Marshall, treasurer: and Patti Marshall, historian. Facul- ty sponsor is Dr. Betty Evans. The pur]jo,ses of the organization are to |)romote in- telligent living and a high standard of learning and to encourage superior scholastic attainment among fresh- men women. One of the projects of the club included cooperating in the enforcement of a strict campus for all freshman women during the week preceeding finals. Alpha Phi Orae a Sponsors Campus Service Projects To develop leadership, promote friendship and pro- vide service is the object of the Alpha Phi Omega serv- ice organization. Membership is open to college men who desire to provide service and who are or have been associated with scouting. Current projects include a Red clothing drive, participation in Model UN. Campus Chest supervised election, infirmary jjroject. organization of Boy Scout Troop 224. Campus Blood drive, and emergency red cross plan. . i)anquet was held in December to install the officers. Officers were Bob Williams, president; Larry Prater, vice-president; Mike Dillenback. secretary; Marion Gur- ney. treasurer: Jim Mullen, sergeant-at-arms. and Dr. .Arthur Bcrnhart. faculty sponsor. BOnOM ROW: Ralph Patterson, Larry Prater, Arthur Bernhart, James Greenstone, Michael Dillenback, Robert Williams. SEC- OND ROW: Jim Mullen, Meal Perkey, Paul Hubble, Marion Gurney, Jim Kanomata, Jerry Stephens. TOP ROW: Eddie Allen, William Ham, Eugene Lacy, Mike Tuttle, Clyde Brown. BOTTOM ROW: Bob Wadlow, Paul Chang, J. Robert Howard, Robert Walters, Jay Montgomery, Jack Falrchlld. L. A. Comp, Richard Milburn. SECOND ROW: Eric Turshman, Jim Kanomata, Leon Hatcher, Larry Smith, John Mosier, Robert Meese, Hilton New, Mai Holcomb, William Black, TOP ROW: Bill Warner, Monte Lorrigan, Dean Gibbs, Keith Whitfill, Michael Tuttle, Robert Shick, Jon Brosseau, Douglas Griffin. American Institute Of Aeronautics And Astronautics To promote all areas of the aerospace industry is the purpose of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The organization was founded last year on the OU campus by the combination of two organi- zations — the American Rocket Society and the Institute of Aerospace Sciences. The ARS was more concerned with rockets while the IAS emphasized aircraft. The two clubs merged in January, 1963. They set a prece- dent by merging locally and holding joint meetings prior to the nationwide approval of the merger by the combined membership. The Institute of Aerospace Sciences had been a recog- nized national professional society since its founding in New York City in 1932. The American Rocket Society, also founded during the 30 ' s, had been a major na- tional organization active in the dissemination of in- formation and die building of rockets in many areas. Now the combined group at OU joins 93 other chap- ters as the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astro- nautics, which are located at colleges and universities for the purpose of providing a professional society for all diose students studying in the aerospace field or ex- pressing an interest in the aerospace sciezrces. President of the AIAA this year was Jay Montgomery. Other officers serving with him during die year were Bob Walters, vice-president; J. Bob Howard, secretary and treasurer: Paul Chang. St. Pat ' s Council Repre- sentative: Bob Walters, publicity chairman, and Bob Shick and Larry Smith, open house co-chairmen. Facul- ty sponsor was Jack E. Fairchild. instructor in aero- space and mechanical engineering. Major project each year of AIAA is building an exhibit for the Engineer ' s Open House, an annual dis- play in which all die engineering organizations partici- pate. In 1963 the AIAA won first place with their con- struction of a Prandtl water table. Odier activities during the year include field trips and a spring student-faculty picnic. This year ' s field trip was a trip to the General Dynamics Corporation, Fort Worth, Tex. Meetings consist of outstanding speakers from the field of aerospace. Members also participate in student conferences and are encouraged to give technical pa- pers. Those that are the best in the local group may be entered in national competition. The AIAA maintains a lending library of aerospace materials which are avail- able to all members. Up-to-date information is also available through the aerospace publications. 387 BOTTOM ROW: Cameron Vlcters, Brent Turner, Ra c Ha 1, R. L. ----5-0-, A-ronJo Tepedino. John Ol v e ' . SECOND ROW: r-i ::e McBee. W ' i am Bard. Da!e Sravs A — eer Koohyar, Frank- " -r- son. Ben Henry. Me+e Bora. THIRD ROW: Lawrence Povse Michael Dillenbaclc, Biiiy Thomas, Mahmoud Zaydan, Sa-aa ' Wa ' iuilah, ArJstides Typaidos, Steve Lambert, Larry Wright. TOP ROW: David Kurtz, Don Waller, William Talley, Claude Daven- pc-, Phi ' lip Sowards. Ken Wolfe. Bill Minton. Lawrence Reams. American Institute Of Chemical Engineers Active John D. Oliver served as president during the past vear of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. comp osed of students majoring in chemical engineering who maintain a C average in their major. Other ofBcers were Don Waller, -ice-president: Brent Tiuner. secretarv ' : Ralph Hill, treasurer, and Dr. R. L. Hundngton. fac- ulty- sfwnsor. Meetings were monthly. Special events during the year included guest speak- ers at many of the regular meetings. The group also participated in Elngineers Open House. They won a field trip to industrial plants in Oklahoma. The organi- zation strives to promote professionalism and its aim is to aid students on becoming better acquainted with in- dustrial problems. The year ' s actirities ended with a picnic in May. American Society Of Mechanical Engineers Writes Paper To promote the science of mechanical engineering, to broaden the usefidness of the engineering profession, and to allow students to share exp)eriences among engineers and fellow students are the principle aims of this club. Students must be eiurolled in engineering to qualif)- for membership. Darid Hamilton serxed the group this year as presi- dent. Other officers were Mike Bickel. vice-president: George Falk. secretary. Tom Harris, treasurer, and Bill Mimter, St. Pat " s Representative. Dr. T. J. Love was faculty- sponsor. Engineer ' s Of)en House was the main actiritv " of the club this year. Other projects and actirides included the preparation of a tedinical paper presentadon for a contest in Columbus. Mo., and field trips to locadons of interest to mechanical engineers. BOTTOM ROW: Larry Mansur, Bill Munter, Steve Taylor, Eugene Dawson, Bii : =Ve, C-arles Lauderdale. HLev C ' sea ' Ca ' d Ha — - itton. Phill : TOP ROW: Frandsen, Larry Estes, Bill Cameron, D. W. Krusky, George FaH. Frank Moses, Jenll Posey, Ray Pasichnuk, Kenneth Russell, William BOTTOM ROW: Gene McGlasson, Guy Hooper, Ted Berry, Charles McMillon, Luther Hlldebrant. Pat Sharp, Jlrrt Wright, Dr. John B. Bruce, Richard Pendergraft. SECOND ROW: Don Finlten- blnder. Brook Van Home. Jerry Huffman, Haskell Evans, Larry Brady, Sandra Harrington, Harvey AhL THIRD ROW: Maurie Delhotel, James Purdue, Richard Inman, Bonnie Lane, Marilyn Hadding, Dr. Blanche Sommers, Diana Rodriguez. FOURTH ROW: Randall Moore, James Lynn, Joel Holloway, Sharon Woodriff, Jo Sue Skirvin, Sherian Hamra. FIFTH ROW: Jack Martin, Tom Noles, Tom Edgar, Dr. Ralph Bienfeng, Bill McQuire, James Wath- en. SIXTH ROW: Dennis Camp, Carl Buckner, Jean Brown, Dean Lloyd Harris. American Pharmaceutifal Association Sponsors Day Main project occupying members of tlie .American Pharmaceutical .Association every spring is preparation for Pharmacy Day, usually held in May, and sponsored by the .APIlA. The special day honors pharmacy sen- iors and consists of open house, alumni luncheon. awards banquet and election of a Pharmacy Queen, as well as exhibits displayed in the Pharmacy building. Membership in the .APli. is open to all full-time un- dergraduate students, to graduate students who spend at least half of their time as students enrolled in the College of Phaniiacy and to pre-pharmacy students. The student branch of the American Pharmaceutical -Association was organized at tiic 19. " )4 -APh.A conven- tion held in Boston. Mass. Presently there are over 80 student branches. Principal aim of the organization is to promote an interest in pharmacy tliroughout the state and nation through students. The organization strives to bring to- getlier the students and the representatives of the pro- fession to discuss matters of common interest in ]}har- macy. The group encourages the advancement of phar- macy as a science and a profession. Officers tliis ear were Richard Pendergraft, Borger, Tex. senior, president: Daryl McKeown, Norman jiniior, vice-president: Sandra Herrinstmi. I ' anipn. Tex. senior. secretar " . and Jo Sue SkirNin. A inita senior, treasurer. .At last spring ' s Phannacy Day banquet Dr. Blanche Sommers. acting dean, presented the awards. Main sf eaker was Dr. Loyd I larris. who became dean of tite College of Pharmacy in July. .Award winners included Charles C. Nance. Jr.. .Ard- more. outstanding scholastic achievement in pharmacy: Deon Painter. Stigler. highest-ranking senior: Robert .A. Hamilton. Oklahoma City, outstanding senior class mem- ber: Eddie Piland. Lubbock. Tex., outstanding ability in the field of pharmaceutical administration: Nelda .Al- len, outstanding senior girl, and Sandra Harrington. Pampa, Tex., outstanding junior girl. Piland also re- ceived a plaque denoting his service as president of .APh.A during the past year. .Also winning awards were Betty M. Pond and Harold Harris. Last year the College of Pharmacy celebrated its 70di anniversary. Dr. Harris spoke on " Three Score and Ten. " The dean was a member of die Ohio State University faculty from 1946 until he came to OU. A part of Pharmacy Day activities included 18 exhibits by organizations and ])harmaceutical wholesalers and manufacturers in tlie Pharmacy buikiing. Collce was served by the Pharmacy Wives CIuli .mil ,i luncheon lidiiorcd alniniii iif tlic coUcge. 389 BOTTOM ROW: Jimmy Machen, Elizabeth Maltby. Mark Files. Donaid Smith, Sally LeCrone, Donald Reece, Larry Geis, Donald Phillips. James Thieike, Stephanie Jones. SECOND ROW: Robert Van Auken. Argus Forrest, Jimmy Stanley. Charles Burrough, James Foust, Kenneth White, Arthur Reece. TOP ROW: Raymond White, Prof. William McGre ' , Horace Brown, W. Dow Hamm. Prof. Wilson B. Prickett, Prof. James Constantin. Prof. L. Doyle Bishop. Beta Gamma Si ma Honors Top Business Majors Recognition of the top graduates and undergraduate scholars in the College of Business Administration is the purpose of Beta Gamma Sigma, national honorary scholastic society. Membership in the society is restricted to those juniors in the upper three per cent and seniors in the upper ten per cent of their respective societies. Dr. L. D. Bishop is president of the society aiid Dr. D(5iiuld R. Childress is vice-president. Other officers include Dr. James A. Constantin. secretary, and Dr. Travis P. Goggans. treasurer. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Bishop. The local chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma, founded at Oklahoma in 1933, is one of 97 chapters. Beta Gam- ma Sigma was organized at the University of Wisconsin in 1907. Chinese Students Association Promotes Understanding All Chinese students at the University of Oklahoma are eligible for membership in the Chinese Students association. It was organized at OU in February of 1963 and is one of 54 such groups which have been organized at colleges and iniiversities all over tlie nation. Its stated |)ur])ose is to promote the scholarship and general wel- fare among the Chinese students and to further the understanding among international students through education, culliual and social programs. Benjamin Yee served as president this year w itli Cecilia So acting as vice-president and treasurer. Shang-Ping Liu was secretary and C. T. Ting, social chairman. Social events during the year included a dumpling party and a Christmas party. The group met once a month. A sad event of the year was the unexpected death of the association ' s faculty sponsor. Dr. W. N. Wong. BOnOM ROW: Janet Wong, Simon Wong. SECOND ROW: Esther Wei, Lily Shih, Benjamin Yee, Dr. Wen Nong Wong, Mrs. Laura Wong, Yuk Chun So, Magdelen Lin, Chlai-Jen Ting, Anna Wang, Chii Lin. THIRD ROW: Chi-Ping Chen, Alfred B. Li, Chi Yeh Koo, Shu-Chin W nq, Diana Sun, Evange ' ing Soh, Frank S. H. Lin, Chen-hjwa Chiu, Kwam-Chung Sum, Yeong-Wen FHwang, Hue! Ling, Boen Dar Liaw, Humphrey Chu. TOP ROW: Joe Wong, Ding-Che Kuo. Joseph Ng, Kwan-Hwan Lin, Edward Tak- Ping Lee, Robert Ching-I Sun, Teh-Kan Tung, Wah-Cheng Kwan, Tzu-Fang Lin, Ying-Yan Huang, Her Yue Wong, Kan-Wu Li. BOTTOM ROW: Daryoush Djavaheri, Joe Keeley, Brandon H. Griffith, Bob Dudley, Jr., Donald K. Chalfant. William J. Taylor, Carol Ann Hatcher. Joseph R. Assenzo. Nick Semeniuk. SECOND ROW: Bahman-Hariri, Mohamad Hadian, Badiollah Eshraghi, Ben M. Meyer, Jr., Michael A. Cook, Charles M. Cochran, Nazir Alam. O. Royce Hill, Bill Lockett. THIRD ROW: Leo A. Janel, Garland Pendergraf. Joe M. Glenn, Bob Williams, William Thompson, Sparland Rose, Stanley Jones, Pedro Abich, Larry Kuhlman, Tran-Ngoc-Hoan. American Society Of Civil Engineering OKers Guide The Stadia chapter of the . meritaii Society of Civil Engineers at OU is designed to prcmote a continuing interest in civil engineering and to serve as a guide to students in learning of professional practices and in getting acquainted with the practical aspects in the field. Meetings center around discussions usually led by a guest speaker who is qualified to speak in the general field of civil engineering. At other times field trips are taken to places of interest to civil engineering students. Officers include Donald K. Chalfant, president; W. J. Taylor, vice-president; Carol Hatcher, secretary; Bob Dudley, Jr., treasurer, and Dr. Joseph R. Assenzo. asso- ciate professor of civil engineering, as faculty sponsor. The group participated in Engineers Open House. The OU chapter was organized in 1915 and is one of numerous chapters at practically all major universities. Originally the chapter at OU was called the Stadia Club. In 1922 the group became affiliated with the .American Society of Civil Engineers. The society is the oldest national engineering society in the United States. Since its founding in 1852. the organization has been active in assisting its members to gain knowledge in current technical subjects and prob- lems associated with civil engineering. It was instituted for the purpose of advancing engineering and architec- tural knowledge and practice, maintaining a high pro- fessional standard among its members, encouraging association between men of practical science and estab- lishing " a central point of reference and union for its members. " The purpose of the student chapter is to afford the beginnings of professional associations. The chapter provides an opportunity for the student civil engineers to meet and know each other, to acquaint tjiem with topics of interest to engineering students through the medium of addresses by competent speakers and to work together for common benefit and experience. To accomplish these purposes, the chapter has meet- ings every second and fourth Wednesdays of the month. At each meeting regular business matters are decided upon and a program is presented. The programs gen- erally consist of films on subjects of technical interest to civil engineers or speakers chosen from the leading men in the profession. In addition to regular meetings, vari- ous field and inspection trips are made to points of engineering interest in the surrounding area. Member- ship is open to anyone majoring in civil engineering or allied courses. 391 n n " B A B ( ff? BOTTOM ROW: Katie Petty, Berdean New, Martha Mansur, Peggy Wright, Holly Montgomery, Elaine Alexander, Carolyn Hughes, Sandra Hough, Geraldine Flckel, Myrna Williams. SEC- OND ROW: Cassandra Johnson, Karen Johnson, Betty Kolker, Elizabeth Lorrigan, Norma White, Clara Leachman, Glenda Ellis, Joan Robinson, Vimal Prabhudesai. THIRD ROW: Nada Shaa- ban, Ruth Keutzer, Freda Keutzer, Julie Khashou, Judy Turner, Carol Tinkel, Claudia Sulaiman, Thela McQulllen, Cynthia Squarelc. Engine Wives Club Awards PHT Decrees To Deserving Members To learn more about engineering and its opportuni- ties for their husbands is the purpose of the Engine Wives club. All wives of engineering students are eli- gible for membership. Officers for the 1963-64 term were Berdean K. New, president: Martha Mansur, first vice-president: Ruth Keutzer, second vice-president; Karen Johnson, corre- sponding secretary: Elaine Alexander, recording secre- tary, and Gerry Fickel, treasurer. Mrs. Laurence Reid served as faculty sponsor. One of the highlights of the year for die club was «hen PHT degrees — putting hubby through — were awarded to wives of graduating seniors. Other social events included the annual fall fashion show, sponsor ' s tea. and a spring limcheon. Eta Epsilon Projects Of Real Service In Home Economics Cooperating with other state chapters to compile a catalogue of all available jobs in home economics and helping to raise money for new nutrition laboratories in the school kept Eta Epsilon members busy this year. To promote a better understanding of the importance of education for home and family living and to help each member of the club to develop leadership are die BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Jannie Clark, Becky Boen, Lynda Harris, Sara Altstatt, Sally Washburn, Stephanie Specht. TOP ROW: principal aims of the group. To become a member, one must have completed or be enrolled in three hours of Home Economics and be interested in Home Economics. Faculty sponsor was Mrs. Jannie Clark. Officers were Sally VN ' ashburn. president; Sara Altstatt, vice-president; Ste|)hanie Specht, secretary and treasurer, and Jassenna Brasiier. publicity. Lynet+e Elliott, Karen Marshall, Beverly Link, Sharon Meikle, Prudy Johnson, Joan Milan. BOTTOM ROW: Terry NIckle, David Andrews. Chuck Nelson, Ken Snyder, Kenneth Roberts, Kemp Dowdy. TOP ROW: Bownnan Lingle, Dixie Jackson, Maynard Traeder, Barry Duffield, Clyde DeHa rt, Jr. Aviation Club Offers Pilots Instruction, Experience An interest in aviation is all that is required for mem- bership in the OU Aviation Club, provided that the student is enrolled in at least six credit hours. The membership consists of both men and women students. Faculty members act as advisors and often attend meet- ings as guest speakers or as guests of members. Bowman C. Lingle served as president this year. Other officers were Dixie Jackson, vice-president: Ken- neth Snyder, secretary; David Andrews, treasurer, and Clyde DeHart. Jr.. faculty sponsor. DeHart is an OU flight instructor. Most universities and colleges have aviation clubs. However, the local group at OU is not affiliated with any national organization. Meetings are held every other Tuesday in the Student Union building. Guest speakers, films and discussions compose the program. Special speakers this year have included ROTC instructors from the campus, representatives from the Federal Aviation Administration in Oklahoma City, and faculty personnel who are interested in flying as a hobby or are engaged professionally in some phase of aviation. Informal meeting place for the group, of course, is Westheimer Field, OU ' s airport on North Campus. Some members have their own planes, others rent air- craft. But members often meet at the airport to fly for fun or to attend an air meet in some other city. Every year a queen is crowned and the activities of the year are concluded with a dinner-dance or banquet. This year special projects included glider demonstra- tions and a tour through the FAA training center in Oklahoma City. The membership looks forward to fly-in breakfasts and air meets with Oklahoma State University, Stillwater. This is an annual competition which arouses a great deal of rivalrv ' betv een the two groups. The OU club also participates in the NIFA air meet held in Montana. Through the discussions and programs presented by the club, members learn more about flying. They pick up details which help them to be better and safer pilots, and therefore enjoy themselves more hatever the occa- sion may be for flying. Competing in air shows is not only fun for the members, but helps them to refine their flying techniques and teaches them greater coordi- nation, as well as giving them experience in flying. Students also receive invaluable information and in- struction in other related subjects. They learn not only how to fly but also information they need to know about the plane itself. Weather and navigation are other areas of knowledge in which they receive expert instruction. 393 BOTTOM ROW: Charles Schuster, Arnold Abrams. Jerome Frisch, Alson Woodward, Huei Ling. Gerald Tuma. SECOND ROW: C. P. Goradla. Frederic Nel+zke, Ben Franklin, Michael Rapko, Robert Drier, Larry Mehl. TOP ROW: Harold Hefler, Jon Harold Horwedel, Tom Cowan, Charles Harp, Edmond Marley, Edmond Pace, J. D. Palmer. Eta Kappa Nu Emphasises Scholarship, Leadership Goals Outstanding men in college are recruited for mem- bership in Eta Kappa Nu. Specific requirements include having a 3.0 grade average in electrical engineering. Juniors must be in the upper one-fourth of their class and seniors must be in the upper one-third. The or- ganization meets once a month and has as its aims the promotion of a better relation between faculty and stu- dents and the fostering of a desire for scholastic achieve- ment. Serving as president was Alson C. Woodward. He was assisted by Jerome A. Frish, vice-president; Charles E. Schuster, secretary; Arnold R. Abrams, treasurer, and Gerald Tuma, faculty sponsor. Social events each year revolve around two banquets, held in the fall and in the spring. Other events are considered from time to time according to desires of the membership. Finance Club Promotes Interest In Finance And Business To further interest and knowledge in the financial world through the presentation of qualified speakers is the purpose of the Finance Club. Bryan S. Watt was president this year of the Okla- homa chapter of the American Finance Association. Sending with Watt were Harry Young, vice-president: Ri( liiird Rogers, secretary, and Larry Dennis, treasurer. Dr. Robert A. Ford was faculty sponsor. Membership is open to all juniors and seniors interested in finance. One business meeting is held each semester by the club and periodic meetings are held at which outstanding speakers from the finance world speak to the club of the problems and opportunities which face students after thev finish school. BOTTOM ROW; Dr. Robert Ford, Richard Rodgers, Jr., Junita Wade, Larry Dennis, Bryan Watt, Harry Young. SECOND ROW: Charles Sego, Robert Kaye, James Dick, Nelson Doughty, Robert Rose, George Patterson, Leonard Marrella. TOP ROW: William Squibb, James Walter, James Kirk, Donald McLellan, John Mont- gomery, Lawrence Wilson, John hlundley, Charlie Jones. BOTTOM ROW: Butch Linvllle. Susan Banks, John Klr+on, Linda Killlan. SECOND ROW: Hoyt Andres, Bonnie Amerman, Mar- shall Kramer, Vlckl Gotche Mrs. Earlene Smith. TOP ROW: Johanna Singletary, ■, Linda Kaszubowslci. Campus Chest ' Fun ' Events Raise Money For Charity Raising money for charities at llie University of Okla- homa has been coordinated into one drive which com- bines entertaiinnent activities and a serious purpose. This year the Campus Chest committee organized an outdoor carnival staged on the stadium lawn. Organized houses entered booths and queen co ntestants. Highlight of the carnival was the auctioning of pledge class parties and for the first time this year, the crowning of the " Ugliest Man on Campus. " Everything at the Carnival costs money, and of course all proceeds go into the fund which was then distributed to charitable organizations. Over $7,200 was collected and distributed to World University Service, Recordings for the Blind, Student Health Ser ' ice, Oklahoma Medi- cal Research (for cancer and heart research), Cerebral Palsy Center, Cleveland County Red Cross, Norman unit of Salvation Army and the Cleveland County Mental Health Service. Chairman this year was Bonnie Amerman. Other executive officers were Hoyt Andres, vice-chairman: Nancy Singleton, secretary: John Kirton. treasurer. Serv- ing on various committees were Linda Killian, Carole Glueck, Marshall Kramer, Butch Linville, Linda Kas- qubowskl, Vicki Gotcher, Johanna Singletary. David Johnson and Pam Kinnan. TROPHY PRESENTATION at the Campus Chest Carnival include Johanna Singletary, Jack Jackson, the Ugliest Man on Cannpus; Nancy Nolley. Campus Chest Queen, and Hoyt Andres. 395 BOTTOM ROW: Judy Green. Mlillcent Green, Hanay Geiogamah, Mike Wa e-. SECOND ROW: Marlene Glazer, Diane Bartle- baugh, Susan Wright, Jean Starr. TOP ROW: Mike Hammer, Gary Melton, Alvin Turner, Salvador Camarillo, Sally Berneathy. Future Journalists Of America Promote Profession Field trips, films, discussions, and meetings with pro- fessors in the School of Journalism highlighted the year ' s activities of FJ.A. James Paschal, graduate assistant in journalism, ser% ' ed as faculty sponsor. Members acted as hosts at the fall Oklahoma Interscholastic Press Associa- tion meeting held on the OU campus in October. They sold Bibler cartoon books to raise funds. Mike Hammer served as president. Other officers were Henry Geioga- mah. vice-president: Millicent Green and Judy Green, secretaries: Mike Waller, treasurer. Membership is open to all students expressing an interest in journalism. The OU chapter of FJA is one of 76 organized on campuses throughout the nation. OU " s chapter has been active since 1958. Gamma Alpiia Ciii Open To Women Majoring In Advertising A trij) to Dallas on Januar)- 31 to tour Neiman-Marcus departineiit store highlighted the years activities of Gaiimia .Mjjha Chi. The organization is open to any woman student ho has completed at least one major advertising course. Officers include Andrea Mayo, president: Margaret Withers and Anne Williams, co-vice-presidents: Judy Jagelar. secretary: Carol Robbins, treasurer; Susie Boy- ette, reporter: Mar - H. Montgomer)-. professional spon- sor, and Louise B. Moore, faculty sponsor. The purfKJse of the group is to promote interest in advertising and to acquaint college girls with f eople and projects currently associated with the many aspects of the advertising field. BOTTOM R OW: Jjdye Crumley, Margret Withers, Andrea Mayo, Dana Boyetfe, Mary Johnston, Dianne Reed. TOP ROW: Sarah Moore, Carol Chacey, hielen Stretesky, Lennea Teir, Pamela Trout, Ann Lander, Mary Montgomery. BOTTOM ROW: Holly Kinkade, Jcjdy Ellis, Kirke KIcklngbIrd, Cal Morgan. Kay Rosenberg. Paul Hubbell. Brummett. TOP ROW: Jay Shields, Rich Harrison. Lloyd Cheerleaders Are Ambassadors Of Good Sportsmanship Any undergraduate wlio is making satisfactory grades may try out for varsity cheerleader. Tryouts are held each year to fill vacancies created through graduation or resignation. New cheerleaders are picked b a panel of judges after two performances. Alternates are chosen on the same basis. Alternates chosen this year were Dennis Deacon, Steve Levey. Diane Kimsey. and Diane Stockwell. Ambassadors of school spirit and good sportsmanship. OU ' s cheerleaders and alternates work hard to arouse school spirit at every home game. They also attend as many out of tov •n games as possible. Cai Morgan was head cheerleader this year and Mrs. Earlene Smith was faculty sponsor. Mascot for the cheerleaders is Kirke Kickingbird. known as Little Red. Attired in autiientic Indian cos- tume, he performs Indian dances and rituals and assists cheerleaders in leading the yells and boosting school spirit at athletic events. The cheerleaders and Little Red appear at pep rallies to stimulate enthusiasm and support for the OU team. They are also hosts to the annual state cheerleaders contest sponsored by the National Cheerleader Associa- tion held every spring in Norman. DRESSED IN TRADITIONAL i-dian regalia is Kirke Kickingbird. OU ' s mascot known as Little Red. He appears at all home games and pep rallies to assist cheerleaders. 397 BOnOM ROW: L. E. Dietricke, John Titus, Robert Bright, Larry Clapp. SECOND ROW: Lowell Jackson, William Carter, Clyde Brown, Frank Bourland. TOP ROW: Paul Skinner, William Cal- houn, Robert Keck, Charles Reed, William Carter. Industrial Arts Association Strives To Further Field In State To further the field of industrial arts in Oklahoma is the cliief goal of Industrial Arts Association. To qualify for membership one must be a student in good standing and be enrolled in industrial education, industrial op- tion, or teacher option. Current officers include Larry Clapp, president: Rich- ard Bates, vice-president: Robert Bright, secretary: and John Titus, treasurer. Faculty sponsor for the organiza- tion is L. E. Dietrich. Throughout tlie year speakers from various industrial companies keep the group well informed on the progress of industry. Special events include a banquet, a picnic, open house, and several field trips. Meetings are held once a nioutli in the Union. Institute Of Electrical, Electronics Engineers Meet On campus since 1912 the IEEE has as its |)rincipal aim the dissemination of knowledge of the theory and practice of all aspects of electrical engineering, as well as the furtherance of the professional development of the student. Meetings are held once a mouth. Qualifications for membership include that a student must be carrying at least 30 per cent of a normal full- time academic load and that he be a registered under- graduate or graduate student in a regular course of study in electrical engineering. Officers this year were Jon H. Horwedel, president; Stephen L. Mehl. vice-president: Fred Garwood, secre- tary; Darrel Whilten. treasurer, and Charles Harp, ad- visor. .At each of the monthly meetings a guest speaker from industry is invited. A spring banquet ends the year. BOTTOM ROW: Carl Almquist. Darrell Whitten, Stephen Larry Mehl, Frederick Neel Garwood, Jon Horwedel, Charles Harp. SECOND ROW: Thomas Flliatreau, Millard Foreman, Carter Man- sur, Jeffery Hindman, Jr., Gary Van Antwerp, Murray Heimbecker, Chlai-Jen TInq. THIRD ROW: James Fowler, Charles Alwor+h, Orval Davis, Ray Darnell, Robert Hewes, Michael Carr, Michael Rapko, Andrew Curtis, Ashok Shenolikar. TOP ROW: William Ham, Jessee Heinrichs, Tony Stretesky, Edmond Marley, Gerald Lazarczyk, Lloyd Llnville, Terry Turner, John Daniel, Mike Maples. BOTTOM ROW: John Campbell, Dr. Othel Westfall, Prof. Gay- lord Jentz, Norman Burns, George Metcalfe, Larry Wilson, Fred Olson, Charlie Jones. SECOND ROW: Skip Nichols, Larry Bolen, Mike Parr, Jimmy Vervack, Leslie Page, Jim Mahaney, Donald Sinex, Walt Leach. THIRD ROW: Michael Krasnow, Charles Judson, Charles Dudley, Joseph Lollman, Jr., Jim Bellah, Robert Benbow, Gerald Starr, Jack Greer. TOP ROW; John Kissick, Kirk Clausing, Will Decker, Kirk Ivener, Robert Marcy, Michael Miller, John Olinghouse, Gary Skibicki, Kent Ivener. Delta Si ma Pi Encourages Leadership In Business A coveted award given each year to the outstanding graduating senior in the College of Business .Administra- tion is the scholarship key given hy Delta Sigma Pi. honorary and scholastic organization for business majors. The group also presents a ring to a member of the group who has given the most to the chapter activities during the year. Another highlight of the year ' s activi- ties is the annual Rose of Delta Sigma Pi contest, cli- maxed by a banquet honoring the chosen queen and her court. OU ' s largest traveling trophy is given each year to the winner of this contest. Founded in 1907 nationally, the Beta Epsilon chapter was chartered at OU in 1929 with the express purposes of encouraging leadership and promoting affiliations among college students, faculty and the commercial world. Meetings are highlighted by the appearance of guest speakers representing many areas of the business world. John Campbell served as president this year. Other officers were Neal Burns, senior vice-president: Larry Wilson, secretary; George Metcalfe, treasurer; Charlie Jones, junior vice-president, and Fred Olson, chancellor. Gaylor A. Jentz, assistant professor of business law, de- partment of administrative services, served as sponsor. CARL ROSE, Marketing Club, and Gary Skibiki, Delta Sigma Pi, discuss the sale of Campus-Pacs, sponsored jointly by the clubs to raise funds for a speaker program. 399 BOTTOM Elliott, Tr ROW: James sha Young. Joan Hustead, Coffman, Roberta McAdams, Donita Bette Burke, Helen Casey. TOP ROW: Robert Gray, Judith E. Palnner, Mary Beth Pyatt, Alice Lynn Henson, Annella Roberts. Ruth Craft. Jannes Rutherford. Kappa Delta Pi Assists Prospective Scliool Teacliers Promoting and recognizing achievement in the teach- ing fieki is the purpose of the honor society in educa- tion, Kappa Deha Pi. Organized in 1911 at the Univer- sity of Illinois, the group at OU is one of 239 chapters nationally. Officers this year were Trisha Young, president: Donita Elliott, vice-president; Joan Coffman, secretary. Miss May Clare Petty, associate professor of education, ser ' ed as facidty sponsor. Requirements for membership provide that a student must be of junior standing, have a 3.0 grade average and have as his intention the entering of the teaching profes- sion. An initiation and banquet is held every year for new members. The OU chapter was founded in 1915. Lambda Tau Helps To Develop Interest In Profession Students majoring in medical technology-, lab tech- nolog) ' or bacteriolog) ' are eligible lor membership in Alpha chapter of Lambda Tau. Students must also be a sophomore with a 2.5 grade average. Second semester freshmen are pledged. The purpose of the group is to develop a spirit of cooperation and unity for majors in the field. It also strives to stimulate liigh ideals for scholastic leadership and help to develop a professional character for their work. Officers were Jayne Smith, president; Janetta Shissler, vice-president: Joyce Barker Peck, secretar)-: Judy Hall, treasurer, and Fallie DeVore, historian. The faculty sponsor at OU, Dr. Cluff Hopla, is also the national [jresidenl of the organization. BOTTOM ROW: Judy Ketchum, Joyce Barker, LaRuth Robberson, Jayne Smith, Janetta Shissler, Fallie DeVore, Maxine Weitzman, Ann Kent. TOP ROW: Susan Hodde, Martha Brown, Martha DeWitt, Karen Adams, Carol Mullens. Melinda Watterson, Janet Gearheard, .Wkji BOTTOM ROW: Mir Yousufuddin, Lorenzo Albamo, Guy Park- hurst, Jr., A. R. SheikI, Sam Najd, Mohamed Bendrissou, Mohamad Hadian, Podditur N. Reddy, Abichandanl, Amin Jan. Jorge Garcia. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Preston, Evangelina Lisi, Raquel Fron- josa, Maria Lourdes Gamero, Mrs. Alvin Turner, Gene Russell, Kenneth R. Fredgren, Marian Wikramanayake, Jacqueline Lee, Isam Jam Joom, MSoti Khemlani, Mrs. John Harris, Salman H. Siddiqi. THIRD ROW: Mir Ahmeduddin, Humphrey Chu, Ben Yee, Susila Rajendram, Linda Killian, Helena Rocha de Tejera, June Silva, Doris Priddy, Maria Elena Alvarez, Roger L. Corkins, Martha Alvarez, Yacouh Sulieman Ammari, Leticia B. Bautista, Kai Kwon La, Badi Eshranghi, Mary Wonderly, Sharon Tankersley, Abdelhamid, Bekkouche, Octavio B. Bautista, V. K. Chaudhry. FOURTH ROW: Sardari Abbas-Esmaili, Safdar Waliullah, John Ombette, Venghuot Cheam, Nelda Dela Cruz, Roohollah Partovi, Kathleen O ' Brien, Elinor Harris, Godfrey Ekwueme, Robert Magot, Maurice Kharma, Mukund Desai, Kenneth Lee Black, Dick Smith. FIFTH ROW: Ernesto Fronjosa, Gonzalo Gameron, Luigi Lisi, Georg Aumann, Sudesh Kumar Arora, Jean Chaudhuri, Vinod Sanghi, Dushyant Raj Arab, Bill Flexner, Joe Bateman, David Miller, Sarah Deakins, Abdul Hakim Al-Rawl, David Ramsey, Othman M. Shaaban. TOP ROW: Pat Pugh, Dhanvir Singh, Itzhak Epstein, Richard Stegman, Joseph Ng, Douglas Pyle, Nasr Eddine Boukadoum, Zelbert L. Moore, John Stephens, Satish K. Sharma, Michael McKee, Hermann Haupt, John Lawale, Henry Ball, Jawad Hallaq, Eduardo Knaudt, Eduardo Tehada. International Club Furthers Mutual Understanding International Club, composed of young men and women from all the world representing the Near East. Far East, Europe, Africa, and the Americas, has a pri- mary purpose of promoting mutual understanding among students by sponsoring cultural, educational, and social programs. Directing this club this year was Ken Fredgren. presi- dent. Other officers were Marion Wikramanayake. vice- president; Jackie Lee, secretary, and Isam Jamjooni. treasurer. Gene Russell is the faculty sponsor. The International Club is not only for foreign stu- dents but is open to American students also. Member- ship is open to any student interested in furthering mu- tual understanding between students here and on other campuses around the world. Each year Dr. George L. Cross meets with the Inter- national Club to discuss American-foreign student relations. Regular meetings are held e ery tv o weeks with out- standing speakers, top flight entertainment, and refresh- ments. Each May an annual banquet of nations is held with dishes from different nations featured. ELECTION OF OFFICERS for the new year was the order of business at a meeting of the International Club this spring. The new officers will serve for one year. 401 BOTTOM ROW: Charlotte Hallock, Bette Ringrose, Sharon Quaid. Ethelyn McCoy, Mildred Andrews, Kay Aitlcen Carilee Hogan, Wayne! Walling. TOP ROW: Kathleen Matthews, Janet Neher, Margaret Raines, Louise Vernon, Quinda Seem, Carolyn Norris. Judy Asbury, Kay Roan, Jeretta Sue George. NOT PICTURED: Karen Acord, Leslie Thurmond, Diane Bish, Betty Dixon, Mary Ann O ' Connell. Mu Phi Epsilon Celebrates Sixtieth Anniversary Celebrating its sixtieth anniversary. Mu Phi Epsilon set its sights on promoting higli standards of musician- ship and scholarsliip. Highlighting the bi-monthly meetings were programs on the Oklahoma City Sym- phony, vocal artists, and musicians ' ethics. Other proj- ects included a program for the presentation of wedding styles and proper wedding music, both vocal and organ. Ethelyn McCoy sened as president. Other officers were Sharon Quaid, corresponding secretary; Waynel Walling, recording secretary: Carilee Hogan, treasurer, and Karen Acord. historian. Faculty sponsor was Mil- dred .Andrews. Although it is an honor to become a member of Mu Phi Epsilon, honorary memberships, as such, are not given. One nuist have first attained the scholarship and musicianship requirements. This chapter is bound Utr anotlier sixty years of outstanding service. Oikononiia Brings Together Women In Home Economics To create and establish a working interest in home economics and to encourage scholarshi]) and leadership are the principal aims of Oikononiia. Membership in the organization is limited to students of home economics that are sophomores or higher, nuist have a mininnnn of 12 hours with a 3.0 grade a erage, and .show an interest in home economics. Oikonomia selects an outstanding senior in home economics, sponsors a cookie sale, and gives a Christmas charity [lackage as .some of their annual projects. Serving as otlicers this past year were Janice Tallant. president; Stephanie Specht, vice-president: Becky Boen. secretary; Lynda Harris. pul)licitv: Jessina Brasher, mem- bership chairman, and Frances Seeds, taculty .sponsor. BOTTOM ROW: Lynda Harris, Stephanie Spect, Frances Seeds, Janice Tallant, Becky Boen. SECOND ROW: Susan Hamby, Sue Moore, Barbara Wilkison, Joanie Fisher, Mary Goodwyn, Robbey Negrin, Jessena Brasher, Julie Kalman. THIRD ROW: Martha Bell, Kathryn Kliewer, Beverly Link, Betty Miller, Ann Rozen, Nancy Domjanovich, Ann Harms. TOP ROW: Wanda Rauch, Beverly Kent, Luetta Lynn, Sharon Meikle, Sally Washburn, Nancy Utiey. ■ ' ' ' P JU " ' ' BE r: fu3 S ilflf f» G, 7 H C HIT Wl Ihk U k VSJE 1 1 o fi4 BT V ' Ji-KW ■ I j ' m C ■ nv l »LPiiMjlliM w K J ' F ' B " U:A J Ifl 1 , -Tr ' ' V K SH H. . j ' Tk ' J H HIB| i ' 1 ■ B K ' M L mS BOTTOM ROW: Clint Rogers, Charles Hull, Jim Doughty, Thomas Hill, Dick Maxey, Mark Latham, Keith Sheon, Stanley Plocker, Stephen Oxenhandler, Bryan Watt, Eddie Block, Lenny Trachten- berg, Harold Thomas, Mike Flick. SECOND ROW: Shelia Rogul, Julie Kalman, Shannon Brians, Nancy Teague, J. D. Austin, Galen Young, Ed Massey, Pat Railey, Lynn Bell, Pearce Kelley. THIRD ROW: Stan Doctor, Marshall Kramer, Tom Watson, Phil Truss, Loretta Philpott, Martha Ulken, Mary Ann Junk, Barbara Schlanger, Ann Rozen, Nancy Whorton, Dave Woltz, Bill Rhodes, Karl Kuhl- man. Bob Jacob, Tom Cooley, William Young, Al Newberg, S. G. Hale. FOURTH ROW: James Gaberino, Michael Busby, William Squibb, Gary Evans, Don Harrison, J. C. Penny, Larry Wilson, Jr., Stephen Craven, John Bernard, Rodger Bramley, John Hundley, George Kernek, Melvin Payne, Orville Chancellor. TOP ROW: Lyndol Hall, Bob Fitzgibbons, Lanny Sockwell, Gary Moxley, John Payne, Bob Kellet, Bill Kerr, Bob Finley, John Markley, William Pannell, Charles Sego, Warren Smith, Floyd Cantrell, Stanley Arcader, Ray Bard, James Smith, Howard Smith, Roger McElroy. Iota Epsilon Aim Is To Encourage Small Business Current project of Iota Epsilon is the sponsorship of a training course for students who desire to hold posi- tions of owner-manager executives. The purpose of Iota Epsilon is to further the aims and ideas of small inde- pendent businesses. Toward that end. students study the foundation and growth of small businesses, their effect on the local community, state and nation, and the reasons for success or failure. Ernie OTIara served as president this year. He was assisted by John Garrett, vice-president: Claudia Eurton, secretary: Glenn Hall, treasurer: Kathy Smith, program chairman, and Steve Davis, publicity chairman. Dr. Pearce Kelley, professor of marketing in the College of Business Administration, is faculty sponsor. Membership is open to any student in good standing at the University who is interested in the aims of the club. Meetings are usually monthly and consist of dis- cussion sessions or a guest speaker. Sometimes luncheon meetings are held. Annual activities consist of a Found- er ' s Day banquet, usually held in the spring, and occa- sional meetings with chapters from other schools. Most guest speakers are those «ho have been success- ful in the ownership and or managership of small busi- nesses. They discuss such topics as the desirability of small businesses, why they are necessary to the economy and why they are desirable from a personal standpoint. Many students, especially those majoring in business, are fascinated at the prospect of owning their own business. Sometimes a small business is established with some- thing to sell — an invention, a gadget, something new on the market. Other small businesses are founded on the giving of service. In order to be successful, it has to be a service needed by the community and in sufficient de- mand that the founder can support himself, pay his expenses and afford whatever help is needed to run the service. Through Iota Epsilon the students meet with the small business and professional men. They hear the personal stories of men who have founded such busi- nesses and have made them going concerns. The club also gains practical experience through the sponsorship of small business projects. Usually several times a year, the group will take a field trip to inspect a business in operation. Finally, the group cooperates and supports the activities of the National Council for Small Business Management Development. 403 BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Ruth Snoddy, Martha Bell, Ann Harms, Lynda Harris. TOP ROW: Joan Kershaw, Gayle Ames, Kay Oring. Susan Hamry, Wanda Rauch, Sally Washburn. NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Delores Brown, Mrs. Hazel Patterson, Mrs. Georgiana Van Leaner, Mrs. Alice Whatley, Mrs. Reglnia Turren- tine, Becky Boen, Roberta Negrin, Nancy Domjanovich, Mrs. Janle Clark. Oniicron Nu Inspires Scholarship, Leadership, Research Senior students in tlie field of home economics who maintain a high scholastic average are chosen for mem- bership in Omicron Nii. which strives to promote schol- arship, leadership, and research as part of the world- wide hr)me economics movement. Martha Beal Bozarth has served as president. Other officers this year were Ann Harms, vice-president; Sally Washburn, secretary; Lynda Harris, treasurer, and Susan Hamby, editor. Mrs. Ruth Snoddy is faculty sponsor. Founded at Michigan State University in 1912, Psi chapter at OU is one of 44 actives and three alumni, with a total membership of over 22.000 . The group sponsors many projects including a $1,000 research fellowship given to an outstanding graduate student. Organization Of Arab Students Promotes Understanding Every Arab studying in Oklahoma is eligible for meml)ership in the organization which strives to pro- mote the ideals of the Arab cause. Any person who is a non-citizen of any of the Arab States who sympathizes w iih the Arab cause is eligible to be an affiliated member. Ahmed A. Taha was the president this year. Other officers were Abdul Hakim Al Rawi, vice-president; Isam Jamjoom, corresponding secretary; Maurice Kharma, treasurer, and Mohamed Bendrisson, recording secretary. Dr. John Paul Duncan of the government department served as facidty sponsor to the group. Annual activities include a banquet in the spring, two picnics during the year and sponsorship of the Miss Scheherade contest and dance, a campus-wide event. The club meets regularly every two weeks for discussion. BOTTOM ROW: John Stephens, Roger Corkins, Mohamed Bendrlssou, isam R. Jam Joom, Ahmed A. Taha, Dr. John Paul Duncan, Abdul Hakim A. Al-Rawi, Maurice M. Kharma, Elinor Ann Harris. SECOND ROW: June Silva, Sam A. Najd, Othman Shaaban, Nada Shaaban, Jawed Hallaq, Sabra Martin, Abdallah Chekiri. THIRD ROW: Riad Talieh, Louis Meram, Gene Russell, Margaret Russell, Julie Khashou, Nabeeh Jack Khashou, Marwan Sarakbl, Carol Johnson. TOP ROW: Salim Fara], Abdel Muti Maraqa, Ghassan Beydoun, Sami Jejjo, Ayah Al-Salman, Abdul- Aziz Shawly, Jola Ghorayeb, Jack Ghorayeb. n n n f p ( a BOTTOM ROW: Babalc Koohyar, Mrs. Forough Mogharabl. Maryam Koohyar, Ferdows-Sabbaghian, Mehdy-Sabbaghian, Mas- soumeh-Metchanlchl, Andrea Hutchlngs, Henrik Vertani, Gloria Franks, Martha Dewitt, Pam Wildhagen, Leili Badii, Phlllipa Prather. SECOND ROW: Ameer N. Koohyar, Moti KhemlanI, Vicki Rands, Mohammed EsfahanI, Reza Nablzadeh, Sepanloo Hooshang, Mos- tafa Moini, Bljan-Esfandiari, Mehrdad Esfandiarl, Morteza Bahman Badii, Ali Akbar-Hadian. THIRD ROW: Linda Cooley, Mansoor Safaiyeh, Hossein Akhavan-Moghadam, Keyvan Shambayati, Iradj- Adli, Sardari Abbas-Esmaili, S. M. Mofeez, Jawad Dehghan, Ata- Mogharabi, Mehdi Ghaffarzedeh. TOP ROW: Javad Zoroofchl. Fred Saifnla, Ali Zamari, Gholamali Feizy, Ali S. Amirl, Iradj Yektashenas, Hassan Qassemzadeh, Friederike Jalili, Mohamad Hadian. Iranian Students Society Teaciies Persian language Officers for the 1963-64 term of the Iranian Students Society were Mehdi Sabaghian, president; Fereshte Met- ghalch, vice-president; Andi Hiitchings, secretary, and Henrik Vertani, treasurer. Mr. P. L. Moore served as faculty sponsor. Membership requires personal interest in the society ' s programs and payment of semester dues. The principal aim of the organization is introducing Persian students to the American way of life and traditions. Students from Iran take an active part in other campus activities and find themselves generally intrigued with the Ameri- can campus life at the University of Oklahoma. Some of the projects for the year included the publi- cation of the newsletter, Arian, and the sponsorship of two Persian language classes, one beginning and one advanced. This class is opened to all students who are interested in learning the Persian language. The banquet for the No-Rooz party during spring vacation is one of the highlights of the year for the club. Other social events included the faculty tea party during the first semester and a picnic at the end of spring vacation. The club ' s meetings are held bi-monthly in one of the University ' s lounges. NEW YEAR ' S Is celebrated each yeui oy the Iranian Students Society in the spring with a banquet. Last year Dr. John Paul Duncan spoke at the banquet, called " No-Rooz. " 405 BOTTOM ROW: Miss Edna Schmidt, Miss Luiese Husen, Theima Pedersen. Dianne Burkhalter, Lena Eslcridge, Janie Blome. SEC- OND ROW: Judy Udoui, Angus McFarlane, Shirley Zeanah, Susan Killmer, Beverly Ervin, Nancy Deaton, Linda Russell. THIRD ROW: Barbara Staiger. Kathy Armold, Barry Duffield, Joan Silver, Larry Rosen, Irene Alaynick, Tina Altnnan, Linda Cowles. TOP ROW: Linda Clinesmith, Marsha Dilley, Shelia Marshall, Denny Fagerberg, Diedra Dyer, Elayne Tull, Judy Eason. Physical Therapy Club Studies Related Health Fields A local organization founded here in 1955, the Physi- cal Therapy club is composed of students majoring in or having an interest in physical therapy. The group has concentrated this year on increasing membership and also studied tlie advisability of several projects for handicapped patients. Among the activities were an annual picnic, trips to the OU School of Medicine and the Cerebral Palsy In- stitute in Norman. Meetings were highlighted by guest speakers, tours, films and armed forces recruitment. Offi- cers were Dianne Burkhalter. president: Lana Eskridge, vice-president, and Janie Blome, secretary. Miss Theima Pederson is faculty sponsor. Meetings are social as well as professional gadierings. Their object is to encourage fellowship and promote friendship among those who work together. Membership is open to everyone who shows an interest. Pi Epsilon Tau Fosters Closer Bond With Oil Industry Leadership, sociability, character, personality and high scholastic achievement are the qualities looked for in members of Pi Epsilon Tau, honorary society for stu- dents majoring in petroleum engineering at the univer- sity. It was organized in November, 1947. to foster a closer bond between its members and the petroleum engineering students on a basis of their scholastic accom- plishments, leadership, and sociability. Membership Is taken from the upper third of the senior class and the upper fourth of the junior class. Honorary and graduate members are also chosen. Yearly activities include field trips and an annual awards banquet. Officers were Rick KIngelin, president; Warren Kourt. vice-president: John Snyder, secretary; Bob Grade, treas- urer. Faculty sponsors were Dr. D. E. Menzie and Dr. J. A. Norden. BOTTOM ROW: Warren Kourt, John Snyder, Curtis Phillips, Everett Johnson, Bob Grace, Rick Kingelln, Dr., D. E. Menzie, Riley Needham, Rashid Mangoenkoesoemo. TOP ROW: Frank Birnie, Terry Ellstrom, Dwight Dauben, Hossein Nouri, Stanley Stiebor, Terry Petty, Chuck Pearson, Keith Millheim, Karlos Sleq. BOTTOM ROW: John Campbell. James Constantin, Charlie Jones, Loret+a Philpott. SECOND ROW: Floyd Cantrall, Carl Rose, George Pat4erson, Bob Garretson, James Smith. THIRD ROW: Orville Chancellor, Burns, Lyndol Hall. Warren Smith, Walker Har+man, Norman Marketing Club Helps To Develop Professional Interest Since its establishment at the University of Oklahoma in 1949 the Marketing Club has helped many students of marketing gain an insight into practical marketing and the problems facing them when they leave the uni- versity and enter the business world. President of the Marketing Club for the past year was Charlie E. Jones. Assisting Jones were John Campbell, vice-president; Terry Riddle, secretary, and Loretta Phil- pott, treasurer. Dr. Dennis M. Crites is the club sponsor. The purposes of the student Marketing Club are to stimulate interest and encourage scholarship of students in marketing and the development of professional inter- est and to foster scientific study and research in the field of marketing. Membership in the club is open to any student in the university who is either majoring or minoring in the study of marketing. Meetings are held on the third Thunsday of every month with a marketing expsrt from a business firm in Oklahoma City being the guest speaker . Their speeches concern many of the varied complex problems facing marketers. Informative discussion sessions take place at these meetings. A special campus project this year was selling Campiis- Pacs to students. The purpose of the Campus-Pac cam- paign was to raise money to finance the guest speaker program for next year. Sales and distribution campaigns, field trips, scholar- ship awards and social events are part of the active pro- gram of the Marketing Club. An annual picnic is held each spring for members of the club and their guests. The Marketing Club at Oklahoma University is one of 58 student chapters in universities throughout the na- tion which are affiliated with the American Marketing Association, a national professional organization with the purpose of advancing the science of marketing. Since the origination of the idea of student marketing clubs in 1948, the American Marketing Association has estab- lished chapters on many campuses where there is an interest in marketing. Students who are members of the club will agree that they gained much practical knowledge which they would not have gained had it not been for this single club. Their practical knowledge has been increased from the business personnel lectures, knowledge unavailable to them in books. 407 BOTTOM ROW: Janet Hope, Jan Sneed, Betty Schallenbarger, Martha Ulken, Cheryl Aber, Janice Rogers, Mary Pyatt, Marilyn Moore, Sandra Bias, Ann Reisner, Donna Moore, Pat Jarvis, Linda Crews. SECOND ROW: Ann East, Sue Stallard, Johnetta Mitch- ell, Judy Hegglund, Ann Cook, Paula Fishman, Marlene Sims, Dottie Blasinganne, Nancy Walton, Linda Robertson, Betty Burke, Carole Rogers, Carolyn Farha, Jill Reber, Kathy King. THIRD ROW: Marianne Siegmund, Anne Glover, Jo Anne Monserud, Allene King, Ann Wages, Margaret Conley, Anita Miller, Jeanne Metcalf, Patti McClennen, Karen Black, Judy Blake, Mary Gray, Susan Bratten, Kathy Bennett, Mary King. FOURTH ROW: Kay Meacham, Jimianne John, Sharon Barfoot, Gay Schick, Barbara Bowman, Laura Brightman, Sharon Haines, Sharon Smiser, Ann Forrester, Ruthie Roads, Susan Blinn, Jan Wassam, Pam Thedford. TOP ROW: Linda Speakman, Pat McLaughlin, Gloria Robinson. Juanita Anderson, Dorothy R. Brown, Vicky Stapleton, Marilyn Billingslea, Sherry Steele, Marty Nelson, Susie Dunn, Patricia G. Harn, Anne Thomas, Susan Healy, Claudia Conley, Sharon Ansley, Diane Durland. Pi Orae a Membership Gives Service To local Community .Active membership in Pi Omega is granted to all women in good standing at the University who are inter- ested in helping with service activities and projects on the campus and in the community. Each must complete successfully a total of 10 hours of service during pledge- ship. Among the projects this year have been weekly service programs at Central State Hospital. Cerebral Palsy Center and a number of Norman rest homes and the OU infirmary. Officers were Janice Rogers, president; Mary Beth Pyatt, vice-president; Ann Reisner, corresponding secre- tary; Sally Merkle, treasurer; Mary Junk, recording sec- retary, and special projects chairman, Marilyn Moore. Mrs. Earlene Smith, student affairs counselor, is spon.sor. Pi Tau Si ma Chooses Men Of Scholarship, Leadership Promoting the engineering profession, encouraging graduate study, and fostering a closer relationship be- tween faculty and students are the goals of Pi Tau Sigma. The group strives to foster high ideals in die engineering profession, to stimulate interest in coordinate depart- mental activities, to promote the mutual professional welfare of its members and to develop in students of mechanical engineering the attributes necessary for ef- fective leadership and the assumption of the responsi- bilities of a citizen. Officers who served this year were William T. McCoy, presiden t; Mike N. Bickel, vice-president: Charles G. Lauderdale, secretary; John Bode, treasurer, and Dr. D. G. Harden, faculty sponsor. Meetings are held each month in the Student Union at noon. BOTTOM ROW: Darrel Harden, Richard Sinclair, Peter Way, Neil Bickel, William McCoy. SECOND ROW: Norman Mangel- san, William Munter, Frank Moses, Ouitfiisn Lott, Laurence Man- sur, David Hamilton, William Cameron, Jr. BOTTOM ROW: Joan Coffman. Judy Sims, Ethelyn McCoy, Prof. Dora McFarland, Mary Frank Gantt, Diana Uri. SECOND ROW: Pat Weller, Ramona Howell, Peggy Henry, Janice Rogers, Leslie Sternberger, Jo Sue Sicirvln, Mary Pyatt. TOP ROW: Linda Lavell, Sue McCoy, Bonnie Amernnan, Linda Borden, Janie Darrough, Sue Swanson, Ruthie Darrough. Top Women Scholars lapped For Mortar Board Formal tapping by Mortar Board of the top junior women who have been outstanding in scholarship, serv- ice, and leadership to the university was held this spring. Mortar Board members were attired in traditional black caps and gowns. Mortar Board is a national honor society for senior women. To be tapped by Mortar Board is one of the highest honors a woman can receive on the OU campus. It is a recognition of superior scholarship, leadership, and outstanding service. Mortar Board officers for 1963-64 were Ethelyn Mc- Coy, president: Judy Sims, vice-president; Robbie Mc- Adams, secretary; Diana Uri, treasurer, and Sandra Turner, historian. Dr. Dora McFarland is faculty sponsor. Principal aims of Mortar Board include promotion of scholarship, encouragement of leadership, advance- ment of the spirit of service, and development of a finer type of college women. National Mortar Board was founded in 1918 with chapters at Ohio State University, Michigan University, and Cornell University. Owl and Triangle, the Univer- sity of Oklahoma ' s chapter, received its charter in 1925 and is one of 107 chapters. Highlight of Mortar Board ' s activities is the annual Mortar Board walkout, which is held in the fall prior to the Association of Women Students Orientation Pro- gram. At this time the members and sponsors are intro- duced, the ten outstanding freshman women are pre- sented, the scholarship awards to the organized houses are announced for the previous semester and the Top Freshman Woman is named. The recipient of the award this year was Vicki Gotcher. Other spring activities besides tapping include the " Smarty Party " honoring those women who have made grades of " B " or better for the preceding semester. At this time scholarship scrolls are presented to the ten sophomores making the highest grades, the house awards for the fail semester are made, and the members of Al- pha Lambda Delta and Phi Beta Kappa are introduced. An alumnae Homecoming Tea is also held during the year. 409 BOTTOM ROW: Charmain Pensoneau, Cella Hopper, Wynema Thornton. Sharron Sims, Mary Thornton, Norma Bearskin, Marilyn Watt. TOP ROW: Franklin Chappabitty, Clyde Warrior. Alice Echo-Hawk, Anthony Brown, Keron Kickingbird, Victor Clement. Grosvenor Pollard, Thomas Todacheeney, Stuart Tonemah. NOT PICTURED: George Crossland, Henry Geiogamah, Bobby Emhoolah, Frank Oberly. Sequoyah Indian Club Maintains Oldest Homecoming Rites One of the main activities for the Sequoyah Indian Chib was the Homecoming Po v-Wo v. the oldest home- coming tradition on campus. Other activities and proj- ects inchided high school and Indian school visitations to encourage Indians to finish high school and plan post high school work if qualified or needed. Stuart Tonemah served as president for the 1963-64 term. Other officers were Alice Echo-Hawk, vice-presi- dent; Norma Bearskin, secretary; George Crossland. treasurer, and Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Timmons. faculty sponsors. To encourage education among Indians, perpetuate Indian customs and traditions, and provide social ac- tivities for Indians are the principal aims of the club. To become a member, one must be of Indian descent. Si ma Delta Chi Advances Standards Of Press Ethics To advance the standards of the press by fostering a higher ethical code and to raise the prestige of the jour- nalist in the community are the principle goals of Sigma Delta Chi. Any male student who holds a 2.0 overall grade average and has completed at least one course in journalism is eligible to become a member. Tlie 1963-64 officers included Jim Mayo, president: Joe Mays, vice-president; John Greiner, secretary, and Pete Feldman, treasurer. Faculty sponsor is Dr. C. Joe Holland, director of the journalism school. A trip to the national convention at Norfolk, Virginia, and a Christmas party with Theta Sigma Phi. SDX ' s fe- male counter-jiart. highlighted the year. The club ' s an- nual activity is sponsoring the Soonergram of students " greetings to the OU football team before the Texas game. BOTTOM ROW: Samy Wang, John Greiner, Jim Mayo, Joseph Mays, James Bruce, Jon Denton. SECOND ROW: Jerry Criswell, J. P. Smith, Michael Flick, Joe Davis, Thomas Swineford, James Houpe. TOP ROW: Zelbert Moore, Ed Livermore, Mike Ryan, Doug Adams, Edward Sanders, Eldon Battey, Robert Mortensen. NOT PICTURED: John Hines, David Price, Peter Feldman, Paul Woody, Don Ferguson, Dr. Joe Holland, Robert Ferrier, William McClure. Loyal Roach, Allen Cecil, Gene Sands. BOTTOM ROW: Edward Feaver, William Keown, Warren Kourt Philip Nolan, John Eiell, Mike Maples. SECOND ROW: Pat Condon, Richard hloward. Newt Burton, Preston Bagley, Roger Corkins, James KInnebrew, Don Phillips, Bob McFarland. TOP: ROW: Donald Crews, David Grubb, Michael Hewitt, Daniel S. Anderson, Tom Dunham, Stephen Larry Mehl, Jon Horwedel, Bill Bleakley. Omicron Delta Kappa Hiplipts Leadership Junior and senior men, graduate students, faculty and administrative officers who display exemplary character, responsible leadership and discrimatory service in cam- pus life, superior scholarship, genuine fellowship and consecration to democratic ideals are chosen for mem- bership in Omicron Delta Kappa at the University. Warren K. Kourt served as president this year. Other officers were Stan Harrison, vice-president: Mike Maples, secretary. Dr. Phillip Nolan served as faculty sponsor and Dr. William C. Keown as faculty secretary. Annual projects of the organization include the Omi- cron Delta Kappa Talent Show given on Mother ' s Day weekend. In addition to providing entertairmient for mothers visiting the campus, the talent show provides funds for the ODK scholarship given to the outstanding freshman entering OU each year. Luncheon meetings are held once a month. Other activities include a smoker and a banquet. Guest speak- ers are often invited to talk on subjects pertinent to cam- pus life. This national leadership honor society for college men was founded December 2, 1914, at Washington and Lee University, Lexington. Va. by fifteen students and faculty leaders. In the tradition of die idealism and leadership of George Washington and Robert E. Lee, the founders formulated the idea that leadership of exceptional quality and versatility in college should be recognized and representative men in all phases of college life shoidd cooperate in worthwhile endeavor. Outstanding students, faculty and administratit a mem- bers should meet on a basis of mutual interest, under- standing and helpfulness to discuss campus issues. The motives which aided the founders sprang from a desire to bring together in one body for the general good of the institution all leaders in the various forms of college activities. They had the conviction that such an honor society would afford student and faculty leaders abundant opportunities and experiences in cooperative effort for leadership and service in die institution for the maintenance and improvement of the unity and democracy of learning and of the art of democratic liv- ing. The purpose of the society is threefold. First, to recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities and to inspire others to strive for conspicuous attainment along similar lines; second, to bring together the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life and thus to create an or- ganization which will help to mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate in- terest; third, to bring together members of the faculty and student body of the institution on a basis of mutual interest and luiderstanding and concerted activity. 411 BOTTOM ROW: Malcolm Holcomb, Douglas Griffin, Adil May yasi, Jerry Holmes, David Slear, Bob Wadlow. SECOND ROW: Henry McGee, Milton Torres, Robert Zbornalc, Otfiman Shaaban, Robert Walters, Jay Montgomery, Henry Williams. TOP ROW: Browning Smith, Keats Soder, Jr., Dicit Wilkins, Robert Shick, William Klecker, Keith Whlrfill, Thad Pawlikowski. Si ma Gamma Tau Honors Aero-8pace Engineers Sigma Gamma Tau was fouaded at Purdue Univer- sity in 1953 to recognize and honor those individuals in the fields of aero-space engineering who dirough scholarship, integrity, and outstanding achievement, have been a credit to their profession. The purposes of Sigma Gamma Tau are to foster a high standard of ethic and professional practices and to create a spirit of loyahy and fellowship among students of aero-space engineering. Serving as president of the society during the past school year was Jerry D. Holmes. Other officers include Browning Smith, vice-president: Doug Griffin, secretary and treasurer, and J. T. Pearson, St. Pat ' s Representative. Dr. E. F. Blick is faculty sponsor. Sigma Gamma Tau was formed by the combining of Gamma Alpha Rho and Tau Omega, both aeronauti- cal engineering societies. The OU chapter is one of 14 affiliates. Social Work Club Promotes Public Welfare Graduate students in the school of social work and others interested in the field of social work compose the Oklahoma University Social Work Club, an organi- zation accredited by the National Council of Social Work Education. Objectives of the club are to promote fellowship among the students, to better student-faculy relation- ships, and to cooperate with the student bodies of the other schools of social work in the country. Officers .serving this year are George Weehunt, presi- dent; Dan Bynum, vice-president; Gloria Grade, secre- tary; Charles Hayes, treasurer; Christina Jameson, re- porter, and Leon H. Ginsberg, faculty sponsor. Founded at the University of Oklahoma in 1935, the club is not affiliated nationally. Luncheon meetings are held monthly and die club sponsors a Christmas party and spring picnic. BOTTOM ROW: Stanley Clifton, Gloria Grade, George Weehunt, Dan Bynum. Leon Ginsberg, Georgene Hale. SECOND ROW: Myrtle Wadkins, Irene Clarey, Inez Corbo, Diana Kotila, Ruth Messinger, Amelia Ries, Jim Murphy, Peter Ybarra, Virgil Beasley. THIRD ROW: Mary Carter, Glynda Turner, Frances Magann, Betty Adams. Alice Adams, Eugene Woodall. Mike McCurtain, LaRoe Haney, James Lance. FOURTH ROW: Vicki Hayhurst, Mary Randall, Christina Jameson, Rose Marie Shaw, Lucille Con- nely, Marion Linch, Ethel Wade, Jean Ledford. Tom Holland, Bob Clifton. TOP ROW: OIlie Woodard, Larry Lee, James White, Jack Rice, Bob Johnson, Mike Turner, Robert Bridges, L. D. Tilley, Jan Bourland, Ray Crlswell. I BOTTOM ROW: Johnny Jones, Ed Feaver, Ellison Wittels. Steve Lawton. TOP ROW: Gary Anderson, Jim Kinnebrew. Mike Maples, John Tucker. Pe-et Names Top Senior Men In Leadership, Sciiolarsiiip Pe-et, the oldest honor society on the OU campus, honors the top senior men each year for their outstand- ing scholarship, leadership, and service. The excliisive- ness of Pe-et ' s membership is shown by the fact that last year only eight men were selected for membership. Pe-et is an Indian word meaning ' ' ten best. " At the time of founding of Pe-et in 1910 Oklahoma was the home of the American Indian so it was decided that Pe-et would exemplify the Indian traditions. In keeping with the Indian spirit, Pe-et oflficers are Steve Lawton, chief; Mike Maples, medicine man: Jim Kinnebrew, scribe: Ellison Wittle, wampiun man; and John Tucker, pelt. Dr. Earl Sne ed, dean of the College of Law, serves as the faculty advisor. Each year Pe-et members and the Mystical Seven so- ciety from the University of Missouri smoke a peace pipe during half-time of the OU-MU game. This year Pe-et members flew to Columbia and retained possession of the pipe by virtue of OU ' s victory over Missouri. Pe-et names the outstanding freshman man along with the top ten freshmen men each fall at the society ' s an- nual Pow-vvow. A barbecue is held by the group to honor the top freshmen following the announcement. MISSOURI-BOUND h. ' -.A memberi head tor Columbia where fhey smoke the peace pipe each year. They are Steve Lawton. Mike Maples, Gary Anderson, Ed Feaver and Ellison Wittels. 413 BOTTOM ROW: Dr. Seward Robb, Wayne Loving, Charles Llnd- sey, James Dick, John Campbell. SECOND ROW: Linda Lockett, Alexander Oliphant, Nelson Doughty, William Websfer, Robert Ingram, Darryl Benninga, Karl Kuhlman. THIRD ROW: Harry Simpson, Jack Eckrem, Vernon Sisney, James Mahaney, Silas Fas- sett. James Watkins, Gary Magness. TOP ROW: Albert Edwards, Robert Marcy, James Brown, Dewitt Henry, Jr., Lyie Otto. Society For The Advancement Of Management Active To gain knowledge through enlightened management constitutes the main of the Society for the Ad- vancement of Management. Anyone who is in good standing in any university approved college is eligible for membership. Current officers include Charles S. Lindsey. president: Wayne Loving, vice-president: John Campbell, secre- tary, and James Dick, treasurer. Dr. Seward Robb and Dr. L. D. Bishop contribute their efforts jointly as co- sponsors. Meetings are held in the Student Union on the first and third Thursdays of each month. Outstanding guest speakers such as Mr. John Boardman of Boardman Equipment Company and Mr. Orville Bratcher of Conti- nental Oil Company continually keep the group in- formed on aspects of management. Society Of Automotive Engineers Promotes Profession Only professionals engineers, designers and construc- tors of automotive vehicles are eligible for membership in the Society of Automotive Engineers. The group strives to promote professional engineering and provides engineering students with a link to men in the profes- sion and in industry. A highlight of the monthly meet- ings is the appearance of a speaker from industry. W. T. McCoy served as president. Other officers v ere David T. Hamilton, vice-president; Jerri! Posey, secre- tary-treasurer, and E. M. Sims, faculty sponsor. Two field trips each semester are sponsored by the organization and it participates in die Engineers ' an- nual open house sponsored by all of the Engineering clubs. Social gatherings follow each meeting. The or- ganization was founded nationally in 1905 in New York. BOTTOM ROW: Bill Munter, Larry Mansur, Jerill Posey, William McCoy, Ellis Sims, David Hamilton, Mitchell Riley, Phillip Whitney. SECOND ROW: Larry Estes, James Frandsen, Don Krusky, Frank Moses, Bill Cameron, Bill Blake, William Laird, Ray Pasichnuk, Steve Taylor, William Grothe, Jr. T aaaaBamfi BOTTOM ROW: Robert Mogot, Tyco Holloway, Domingo Pestano, Mahmoud Hemassi, Ronny Altman, Forrest Michael. SECOND ROW: Sudesh Kumar Arora. W. H. Carson, Samuel Miller, Terry Petty, C. R. Pearson, W. F. Cloud, Everett Johnson, Khossrow DIba, Abdul Razzak Sheilcl. TOP ROW: Winston Carrillo, Ghassan Beydoun, Terry Ellstrom. Hermann ttaupt, Satish Kumar Sharma, Roger Lapham, Vlrander Kumar Chaudhry, Bijan Esfandiari, Ali Zamani. Petroleum Club Acquaints Student With Oil Industry To acquaint the students with the people and progress of the oil iiidustn- is the principal aim of the Petroleum Engineer ' s Club. To become a member of this club, a student must be enrolled in the petroleum engineering school and be willing to ser e to the best of his ability. Serving as officers for the 1963-64 term were Terry W. Ellstrom, president; Roger A. Lapliam, vice-president; Forrest Micheal, secretary and treasurer; Terry Petty, St. Pat ' s Council Representative, and Everett Johnson, entertainment chainnan. Faculty sponsor was Professor W. F. Cloud. Petroleum Engineer ' s Club was founded by Professor Cloud in 1933. He has continued to sponsor the club since its founding. The club is a recognized student chapter of the American Institute of Mining .nnd Metal- lurgical Engineers. Meetings are held every third week of the month in the Willoughby lounge m the Engineer building. Tech- nical speakers from industr - and entertainment from campus groups are included in their meetings. One of the main projects during the year for tlie club was entering the ainiual Engineers " Open House. The annual Petroleum Engineer ' s Awards banquet was one of the highlights of the year for the club. WORKING ON AN EXHIBIT is Terry Petty, Open House Chair- man, and Camp Bonds. Most engineering organizations enter an exhibit in the annual Open House and participate in Engineer ' s Week activities. 415 BOTTOM ROW: Dr. Robert St. John, Lawrence Kozoyed, Jack Ruppei. J. Briscoe Stephens, John Squarek, Joseph Hughes, Dr. Chun C. Lin. SECOND ROW: George McSuire, James Williams, David Furtak, James Owens, Virgil Cearley, Jerry Foote. TOP ROW: Don Layton, Gary Jones, Loyd Nelson, Bill Pleasant, Robert Elliott, Richard Matteson, Floyd Leighty, Keith Eaton. Society Of Engineering Physicists Sponsors Projects A plaque showing the symbols of the Society of Engi- neering Physicists was hung this year in the entrance of Felgar Hall, which houses the College of Engineering and most of the classrooms for engineering subjects. Other engineering societies are represented in this dis- play, of which the society is now also a part. Larry Kozoyed served as president this past year. Other officers have been Richard Matteson, vice-presi- dent; Joe Hughes, secretary; J. Briscoe Stephens, treas- urer, and Jack Ruppei, St. Pat ' s representative. Dr. Chun C. Lin served as faculty adviser. The group meets monthly and enters Engineers ' Open House annually. The society ' s principal aim is to foster fellowship and to encourage and assist fellow members in projects. Student Education Association Offers Opportunities Anyone enrolled in the teacher education program in a fully accredited college or university is eligible for membership in the Student Education Association. The group was organized nationally in July, 1956, in Port- land, Oregon, and now has 840 chapters in the U. S. Sylvia Pittman, who is state vice-president, served the OU chapter as president. Other officers were Judy Bil- berry, vice-president: Phyllis Gill, recording secretary; BOTTOM ROW: Linda Clapp, Pat MIms, DoHle Blasingame, Michelin Delier, Diane Nourse, Sharon Bitner, Sylvia Pittman, Judith Bilberry, Phyllis Gill, Susan Sheffel, Lynda Tyler, Luclle Sayles. TOP ROW: Karen Terry, Christine Reed, Mary Groves, Lynda Tyler, treasurer: Nancy Abel, historian: Sharen Bitner, corresponding secretary, and Susan Sheffeld, reporter. Dr. William Monahan acted as faculty sponsor. Purpose of the organization is to provide opportunities for personal and professional growth through participa- tion in professional activities at local, state and national levels. Each year delegates and officers attend the national convention, held in tlie spring of die year. Jeanne Brendle, Pamela Malevllle, Jackie Snodgrass, Bob Dillor, lorio Richard, Rita Scholem, Betty Arnett, Bette Jo Wantland, Francene Dent, Mrs. Lucille Schriever, Joy Nell Smith. TOP ROW: Peter Andresen, James Biglane, Delbert Frieze, Stan- ley Germond. John Hardwick, Blake Hoenig, Philip Keeley, Gor- don Marcum. BOTTOM ROW: Robert McPheron, Mike Miller, Don Montgom- ery, Donald Sinex. Harry Whisnand, Jimmy Williamson, Woodrow Bryant. Petroleum Landmen ' s Association Gives Scholarships A home-grown group, founded here in 1958. the Association of Petroleum Landmen is now a part of national programs in the field and can boast a son chapter at the University of Texas. The Landmen ' s Association at OU is the same age as the petroleum land management curriculum here. In order to qualify for membership, a man must be enrolled in petroleum land management and maintain a two-point grade average in upper-division courses. As a member, he has the right to attend regular meet- ings in the Oklahoma Memorial Union and the club ' s several social activities. The highlight of these is the annual spring banquet held in Oklahoma City for members and their guests. The wives ' auxiliary organization assists in the prepara- tion for this banquet and the dance which follows the dinner. At the spring banquet, the Julian J. Rothbaum award to the outstanding senior in petroleum land manage- ment is presented. Rothbaum, donor of the award, is a landman and is a member of the OU Board of Regents. The landmen ' s association and major oil companies offer several other scholarships in the field. The OU group is affiliated with the parent association in a summer job placement program for students. This program has been successful in placing many OU stu- dents in jobs throughout the country. The group each year presents honorary membership to men who have excelled in the field of the oil industry. The wives ' association also meets regularly and pro- vides enthused cheering for each woman ' s favorite par- ticipant in the golf tournament that is held each semes- ter. In the fall and spring the group also brings their wives to their picnic. On the more serious side, the landmen make frequent field trips to local drilling rigs and to other professional land associations to acquaint students with the v orking of Oklahoma ' s prosperous oil business. All this is in keeping with the club ' s principal aim, to " advance knowledge of landwork in oil exploration, and to uphold the honor and integrity of the oil indus- try " and " through regular meetings, to familiarize stu- dents with aspects of landwork not taught in classes, and to foster a spirit of fellowship among its members. " Dr. W. H. Neown is faculty sponsor of this group and Peter C. Andresen serves as president. He is assisted by vice-president Gordon Marcum. Secretary is Jim Whisnand and Mike Miller is treasurer. 417 BOTTOM ROW: Christine Zehring, Peggy Strauss, Karen Copple, Jane Chapman, Jody Fox. Ruth Cole, Mary King. SECOND ROW: Mary Houck, Judith Judd, Dorthy Lee, Gail Spooner, Sally Jar- rett, Rita Belyeu, Vicki Schoolcraft, Kathy Kyser. TOP ROW: Don Hamilton, Charlotte Rich, Claudia Shirley, Linda Dennis, Ray Parman, Jr., Judith Dyser. Marsha Pipkin, Daria Freidllne, Lenore Lindsey. Student Nurses Learn About Professional Background To establish a background for prospective nurses and to plant an enthusiasm and drive to make the nursing profession better known are the principal aims of Okla- homa University ' s chapter of the Oklahoma State Stu- dent Nurses " Association. Officers of the organization are Karen Copple, presi- dent; Darlene Farrar. vice-president: Vickie Schoolcraft, corresponding secretary: Patricia Riser, recording secre- tary; Jody Fox. treasurer: Pegg) ' Strauss. Red Cross rep- resentative: Sally Woodward, freshman representative, and Claudia Shirley, chairman of Red Cross volunteer service. Mrs. Jane Chapman served as faculty sponsor. The highlight of the year for the second year nursing students was the ceremony in vi ' hich they received the cap of the School of Nursing. Theta Si ma Phi Unites Women In Communications Field Founded at the University of Waslnngton in 1909. Theta Sigma Phi works for a free and responsible press and strives to maintain high professional standards. Membership is open to women engaged in all fields of communications. Qualifications include a 2.5 grade average overall and a 3.0 in at least ten hours of jour- iialisin. Business meetings are held bi-monthly. Officers this year include Betty Jones, president; Lilian Logan, vice-president: Burnie Johnston, secretary, and Sally Sue Allmon, treasurer. Grace E. Ray, professor of journalism, is faculty advisor. High point of the year is the annual Matri.x Table when awards are given to the outstanding state woman, outstanding I ' arully wonuui and outstanding woman student. BOTTOM ROW: Joyce Prock, Lee Ann Johns, Burnie Johnston, Grace Ray. TOP ROW: Betty Jones. Judie Porter, Marsha Eddlns, Dorothy Brown, Linda Klllian. i r ' ' ' f f BOTTOM ROW: Jack Fesler, John Kirton, John Pinlterton, Gray- son Van Horn, Bill McGrew, Robert G. Vaugfi, Gerald Fleming, Michael McDonald, Walter Saucier. SECOND ROW: Danny Kepner, R. N. Dunagan, Bill Pitts, Pete Dosser, Russell Schaefer, Paul L. Nail. Stephen Kelly, Gary Kilpatrick, Michael Smith. David Bondurant. TOP ROW: Gary Shepherd, Carl Schreiner. Jim Erwin, Russ Bartee, Ronald Rose, Sam Vinson, Richard Hopla, Ralph Howenstine. Wade Knight, Andrew Oldroyd. Phi Eta Si ma Rewards Hi h Scholastic Attainment All freshman men who have compiled a 3.5 grade average at the end of the first semester, or an overall average of 3.5 at the end of the second semester, are eligible for membership in Phi Eta Sigma, an honorar - organization that encourages and regards top scholar- ship among freshmen. Founded March 22. 1923. at the University of Illinois, the OU chapter is one of 117 at colleges and universities ail over the nation. The local Phi Eta Sigma chapter was the fourth chapter founded. National founders were Dean Thomas Arkle Clark, Dean K. C. Babcock and Dean C. M. Thompson of the Colleges of Commerce and Business Sciences at the University of Illinois. The group meets once each semester for initiation and banquet. Initiation consists of traditional ceremonies and a faculty member is usually invited to speak. Guests are parents and friends of the new initiates. Fall initiates this year were John M. Burford, John C. Colgan. Jerry L. Latta. Earl A. Skarky. Harold D. Wiebe, Bruce W. Wilkinson, Kenneth L. W ' inkleman, John B. Worden and Jerald W. Young. They were initiated at traditional ceremonies and were honorees at a banquet in October. Officers this year were William C. McGrew, president: Grayson Van Horn, vice-president: John P. Pinkerton, secretary; Robert Vaughn, treasurer, and Dennis W. Berry, historian. Dr. Paul Ruggiers, professor of Eng- lish, served as faculty advisor, and Ed Feaver. a member of Pe-et. served as senior student advisor. The idea which led to the formation of such an or- ganization as Phi Eta Sigma was that of providing suit- able recognition for academically outstanding freshmen. Since the first year in college is usually the most impor- tant year, and often the hardest, the group serves a valuable purpose in recognizing those men who work diligently to begni tiieir college careers successfully. Tht benefits derived from the group are many more than just recognition for high scholarship, however. The organization continues to emphasize the maintenance of scholarship throughout the college careers of the mem- bership. Association with other men of high scholarship inspires these young men to greater accomplishments not only in scholarship but in leadership on campus as well. Since Phi Eta Sigma is strictly an honorary group, the membership does not engage in money-making projects or social activities. The members direct all their efforts toward a single goal — increasing freshman efficiency and better first year scholarship. Conduct of the chapter is guided by a faculty advisor and an elected senior advisor. The purpose of the organization is to stimulate an interest in scholarship among freshman men. 419 BOTTOM ROW: Linda Mullican. Alana French, Carol Reid, Phillipa Prather, Linda Yandell, Ellen Colby, Kay Messenger, Shelia Purcell, Dianna Fisher, Sue Ford, Bet-ty Driver, Paula Landrith, Myrna Smart, Judy Scovill. SECOND ROW: Michael Frederick, Larry McElreath, Kenny Johnson, Larry Doke, Nancy Keesee, Vickl Love, Norma Jo McClendon, Marty Taylor, Bonnie Allen, Stephanie Jackson, Toni Taylor, Cecil Peaden, David Yarger, Charles Waters, Kennis Wessel. THIRD ROW: Don Zimmerman, Edwin Mdloy, Ramon Williams, Richard Redman, Marvin Payton. Kyle McCarter, John Goodman, Clarence Wilson, Bob Kelsey, Robert Way, Paul Powell, Jerry Hassebroek, Dean Smith. TOP ROW: Dennis McCary, Terry Heineman, Jim Chapman, Sidney Griffin, Lloyd Whittall, Jr., John Wilson, Terry Spencer, Donald Hackett, Jim Eby, Phil Rauch, Alan Moguin, William Weinrich, Ronald Stevens, Kenneth Pickle, Arvin Eidson, Steve Riley. President ' s Leadership Award Class Honors Winners The President ' s Leadership A«ard program, which was initiated by President George L. Cross in 1961. has a twofold purpose: to sahite a select group of high school seniors for their outstanding accomplishments and to provide scholarships and intensive training in leadership for those winners who choose to attend the University of Oklahoma at Norman. Each recipient is awarded a handsome citation, a certificate of merit which attests to his leadership capa- bilities during high school. Each winner who wishes to enroll in the leadership training course as a member of the President ' s leadership class at the University of Oklahoma is presented a Lew Wentz Service scholarship of at least $250. Students with need may receive .scholar- ships in ar ing amounts to a maximum of $500. During the three years of its existence on the OU cam[ius. the luiique program has i)roved highly successful. Members of the three classes were from a total of 84 Oklahoma high schools. The 57 members of the 1961 class, the 64 members of the 1962 class and the 67 mem- bers of the 1963 class proved dieir leadership potential in many ways. They have been listed on the University Honor Roll and elected to office in their classes, houses and organizations. When President Cross awarded prizes at the 1963 Freshman Convocation, where outstanding members of tfie preceding year ' s freshman class were honored, three men and three women in the 1962 President ' s Leader- ship class were among the 20 outstanding freshmen and the Cross Center Citizenship .Award and the Lottinville Prize for Women went to two members of the class. Members have accepted numerous special assigrunents from the President ' s office, including serving as hosts at official OU functions. Members of each President Leadership class attended a I2- eek series of seminars dieir first semester on the campus. The seminars were conducted by key administra- tors, profes,sors and student leaders who spoke on all phases of University activity and encouraged the class members to develop their varied talents. All three classes found the leadership training sessions so valuable and interesting that at their request the seminars were continued during the spring semesters. President Cross and University officials hope through the President ' s Leadersfiip program to stimulate the de- elopment of leadership among the young people who will be directing the affairs of Oklahoma, the Southwest and the nation in a few years. 420 BOnOM ROW: Gregory Glahn, Jack Griffith, Walter Payne, Louis Redman. Emma Dulay. Javad Dehghani, Anwaruz Zaman, George Royer, George Reid. SECOND ROW: Kent Oldenburg, Charles Hardin, Samuel Standridge, Winston Falconer, Ung So, Ibrahima Diallo, Ellis Simmons, W. J. Kempe. THIRD ROW: Rus- sell Bates, Bobby Gunter, Max Poteaf, Alan Budinger, Cyrill Ram- kisor, Abdel Muti Maraga, Alexander Moore, Donald Strong. TOP ROW: Ernst Davis, George Swearingen, Max Koffman, Max Wilcomb, Dan Guyer. John Smith. Edward Farmer, Robert Mc- Allster. Haskel Pickett. Public Health Club Focuses On Professional Projects To provide speakers and social events of interest to public health workers is the aim of the Public Health Club at the University of Oklahoma, where it was founded in 1950. The group is not affiliated with any national organization at this time. Haskel C. Pickett served as president. Other officers were Louis Redman, vice-president: Emma Lou Dulay, secretary; Bob McAlister, program chairman, and Max J. Wilcomb and Dan Guyer, faculty co-sponsors. Qualifications for membership include only an interest in environmental health, though most of the member- ship is composed of students majoring in sanitary science and related areas. Many are graduate students. Meeting on the first and third Wednesdays of each month for a coffee session, the group has invited such interesting speakers as representatives from the U. S. Department of Agriculture, Food and Drug Administra- tion, U. S. Public Health Service, Oklahoma State De- partment of Public Health and the World Health Or- ganization. Other guests have included professional people in public health work in the U. S. and abroad and business and professional people representing indus- tries which serve the public health field. Also, members of the club who have worked in the field have given talks on their experiences in various phases of the profession. Social events this year included a Christmas dinner and a spring picnic. One of the aims of the group is to foster fellowship among students enrolled in the Depart- ment of Sanitary Science. Therefore, social events are planned from time to time throughout the year. Often the group takes field trips together to various institutions which might be of interest to students who are studying in this field. Adding interest to the membership of the group are a number of international students from all over the world who are here at OU to study sanitary science. Their contribution to the organization gives all the students a more vivid picture of the public health profession on a world-wide basis and provides a foundation for profes- sional friendship, as well as personal, and contributes to the further understanding among students from all over the world. Guest speakers give the students an insight into the practical application of their knowledge in the profes- sional field. This provides a bridge between the class- room and the profession v hich has proved extremely valuable to young people after their degrees are won and they embark on careers in public health work. 421 BOTTOM ROW: Marleen Stein, Linda Mo Karen Wynn. Jan Ketcham, Robbey Negrin, Burns. Patricia Corbett, Teree Myers, Leslee Barbara Gordon. Thelma Blumen. SECOND man. Sherry Potter, Lynda Sims, Nancy Wilson, Mary Nathman, Bonnie Stevenson. Thompson. Bobbie Trout, Sue Rush. Carol Ch Beverly Schurman. THIRD ROW: Linda H Lyia Stegall, Ann McCoy, Marsha Smith. Jea Lang. June Blackerby, Betty Arnett, Georg gan, Jeanne Moore. Martha Ulken. Marie Fisher, Lois Mushlin. ROW: Cheryl New- Domjanovich, Marion Mary Tibbetts, Jan pman, Susan Shepard, ' sey, Janet Stevenson, n Riddlebarger, Mary Compton, Christie Fura, [ lanci Mullendore, Donna Kay Bia.,.. FOURTH ROW: Jean Uetrecht, Susan Bratten. Jean Brosseau, Kaye Justice, Ann Jones. Lynda Holden, Karia Gaither, Linda Sprague, Trish Bra- gassa, M!la Michael, Gale Parker, Sharon Ledbetter, Lynn Hudson, Janice Henthorn, Kathy Morter. TOP ROW: Sandy Johnson, Caryl Kunsemuller, Margo Marek. Nancy Cowan, Diana Pace, Renee Schooley, Nancy Turk. Maria McBee, Mary Farha, Lynda Treichler, Susan Telford, Barbara Hulme, Carolyn Yeager, Sheryl Davenport, Susan Yeager, Lynda Todd. Shadowbox Instructs In Ail Aspects Of Fashion Arts All animal Christmas party and an open house and tea honoring faculty members are just two of the social events sponsored by Shadowbox. an organization open to all University of Oklahoma women students w iio are interested in learning information from the fashion world. Ill llic spring tiie organizalioii JKilds a laslm n show climaxing the year ' s activities. Tii-.- members use this opportunily to display their skills, not only in fashion (lesigiiiiig. but in sewing, modeling, make-uj). beauty and in staging and managing a show. Also this spring. Shadowbox sponsored an eight-week modeling and beauty course which was open to all members. Featured was Miss T. C. Clark, formerly of Ben Shaxv modeling .studios, who coiuliicted lectures and dciiionslratious. Principal aims of the organization are to promote all as|)ccts of the fashion arts, including designing, buying, modeling, and staging fashion shows. Members learn through the experience of performing, as well as through the gathering of information and idea.s. Ollicers this year were Marie Burns, president; Pat Corbett and Terry Myers, vice-presidents: Jeanne Posey, secretary; Martha Ulken, treasurer; Carolyn Custer, pro- gram chairman, and Robbey Negrin. publicity chairman. Faculty .sponsors are Miss Edith Mahier, Mrs. Clara Dumas and Mrs. Joan McCrary. Most of the member- ship is composed of home economics majors and women who are interested professiouallv in the fashion field. The organization meets weekly in the home economics lounge. Shadowbox sponsors fashion shows and con- tests among the membership. This year tlie groiij) spon- sored a bridal design contest and a best-dresseil coed contest. .Mso. the group sponsors an annual alumni fa.shiou show. The girls who are members of Shadowbox learn much about clothing and ])iauty. Many of iheiii design and make their own clothes and e |)criiiuiit (onslantly with materials, colors and coiiilnnatioiis ol designs. Many meetings are de ( ted to discussions of hair styles, make-up. mukIiIiiiij and other aspects ol be.iiilv iiii|)oi- taiit to all woiiien, as well as those who are desirous of being {)rofessional models and fashion designers. 422 BOTTOM ROW: Brandon Griffith, Dick Wilkins. Brent Turner, Douglas Griffin, David Hannilton, Carol Hatcher, Joseph Adamo, H. K. Bone, Laurence Mansur. SECOND ROW: Lawrence Kozoyed, Donald Gunning, Pat Condon, Ralph Hall, Robert Wal- ters, Donald Lawrence, Richard Milburn, David Ashbaucher, Lawrence Povse, John Berry. THIRD ROW: Terry Ellstrom, Larry Mehl, Charles Schuster, Jon Horwedel, M. J. Maples, David Grubb, Wayne Jett, Steve Lambert, William Thompson, Bob Uda. TOP ROW: C. W. Vowell, William Ham, J. N. Howard, Browning Smith, James McClure, Keith Whitfill, Lee Young, Richard Petticrew, Ken Wolfe, Don Spurrier. Sigma Tau Initiates Outstanding Engineering Students Engineering students successful in both campus activi- ties and in high scholarship are chosen for membership in Sigma Tau. Qualifications for membership include being enrolled as a candidate for an engineering degree, a junior in class standing, be in the upper one-third of the engineering college and be approved by the faculty and membership. Serving as president this year has been Laurence Man- sur. Other officers were Don Lawrence, vice-president: Carol Hatcher, secretary; David Hamilton, treasurer: Doug Griffin, historian, and Brent Turner, Pyramid correspondent. Harold K. Bone is faculty sponsor. Founded in the engineering college of the University of Nebraska. February 22. 1904. Sigma Tau now boasts 28,000 national members, 2,000 of whom are from OLL Annual activities include honoring the outstanding freshman engineering student. The group participates in Engineer ' s Week and holds an initiation banquet each semester, sponsored jointly with Tau Beta Pi. Mu chapter was installed at the LIniversity of Okla- homa on May 13, 1916, and is the oldest honorary or- ganization on campus. The Pyramid is the official pub- lication of the fraternity. Requirements for membership include scholarship, practicality, and sociability. BOTTOM ROW: H. K. Bone, sponsor; Don Lawrence, vice-presi- dent; Carol Hatcher, secretary; Ray Mansur, president. TOP ROW: David Hamilton, treasurer; Doug Griffin, historian; Brent Turner, Pyramid correspondent: Wayne Jett, St. Pat representative. Turner, " Pyramid " correspondent; Wayne Jett, St. Pat representa- tive. 423 BOTTOM ROW: Juanita Anderson. Marilyn Moore, Sally Merkle, Joyce Booker, Ann Wiesf, Juanita O ' Donley, Jacl ie Krutslnger. SECOND ROW: Peg Lemme. Pat Taylor. Roseann Bouziden. Janet Pipkin, Lee Ann Johns. Betty Schollenbarger. Joan Coffman. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Breeden, Carol Gluecic. Linda Barthel. Ann Beianger. Shirley Biggs, Janet Ketchum, Reha Bristow, Mary Ann Lively, Janice Pullin. TOP ROW: Sharon Quald, Judy Hall. Jody Head. Billl Kaye Smith, Judy Ketchum. Ann Reisner. Linda Killian, Carilee Hogan. Tassels Encourages Scholarship, Service On Campus CANDY SELLING yielded Tassels more than $100 this year dis- cover Carolyn Breeden. special proiects chairman; Marilyn Moore, treasurer; Ann Wiest. president, and Beth Resler. To encourage and honor high scholastic attainment and participation in campus activities, to render service to the campus, to take an active part in university affairs, and to assist in solving campus problems whenever pos- sible are the principal aims of Tassels, an honorary organization for junior women. The organization sends congratulatory notes to stu- dents receiving awards, plans the activities for Womens Recognition Night, awards certificates to all freshman women v ho ha e a 3.0 grade average, first of second semester, works on an occupational information file for the university, and helps Mortar Board with their annual fall walk-out. The officers for the past year were Ann Wiest, presi- dent; Sally Mcrkle, vice-president: Nita Anderson, secre- tary; Marilyn Moore, treasurer; Joyce Barker, historian, and Miss Jackie Krutsinger. Miss Helen Gregory, and Mrs. |ii;inlla () Donley, faculty sponsors. Regidar meetings are held monthly on Sunday at various sorority houses. This club is unique as it is the only chapter of its kind in the L ' nited States. The December meeting look the form of a Christmas party honoring the organization of Al|)ha T.aiiil) la Delta. 424 BOTTOM ROW: Lawrence Kozoyed, John Eggner, William George, John Forbis, Brandon Griffith, Stephen Mehl, Douglas Griffin, Jerry Brasier. SECOND ROW: Cullen Darnell, Charles Schuster, Arnold Abrams, William Thompson, Larry Mansur, Ralph Hall, Fred Garwood, Paul Stanton, Charles Lauderdale. THIRD ROW: Pat Condon, James Hawkes, Wllburn Hall, Harold Hefler, John Snyder, Ben Franklin, E. L. Kennedy, Jr., Everett Johnson, Jr. TOP ROW: T. W. Cowan, David Hamilton, Ronald Hoelzer, Richard Gabbert, Don Waller, T. D. Dunham, Richard Petticrew, Jon Horwedel, Donald Gunning, Joseph Adamo. Tau Beta Pi Membership Is Hi li Honor For Engineers A national honor society open to engineers only, Tau Beta Pi selects its membership on the basis of scholar- ship, character, leadership and interest. Seniors must be in the upper fifth of their class and juniors nuist stand in the upper eighth of their class in the engineering cur- riculum in order to qualify for membership. In addition, only three first-semester juniors are chosen for membership. These men are termed " honor juniors " and they are given a scholarship for the amount of the initiation fee. Graduate engineering students gain membership by outstanding performance in the field of engineering. Each year the organization gives several fellowships to deserving alumni. Membership in Tau Beta Pi is the highest honor that can come to an engineering student. Oklahoma Alpha chapter was installed at OU on April 3, 1926. Serving as officers this year were John Linn Forbis, president; John Eggner. vice-president: Douglas Griffin, corresponding secretary; Jerry L. Bra- sier, recording secretary; Stephen Larry Mehl, treasurer: William George, cataloger, and Brandon E. Griffith, faculty adviser. Tau Beta Pi was founded nationally in 1885 at Le- high University, Bethlehem. Pa. There are now over 100 student chapters throughout the United States and it is considered to be the highest ranking among the honorary engineering fraternities. Besides scholarship, students must show qualities of good character, leadership, breadth of interest and hon- esty in order to become a member of the group. The overall aim of Tau Beta Pi is to foster a spirit of liberal culture in engineering colleges. Annual activities of the local chapter includes taking part in a high school information program, designed to encourage youngsters to develop an interest in engineer- ing and to answer questions about the college program available at the University of Oklahoma. Another im- portant project is encouraging freshman engineers to strive for outstanding scholarship. Each semester an initiation banquet is held, at which time a guest speaker talks on current events relating to the engineering field. The group also sponsors a smoker each semester for prospective members. The national convention of Tau Beta Pi is always a highlight of the club ' s calendar, and is attended by representatives from the OU chapter. This gives them an opportunity to compare their general program and inspires them to greater effort to maintain standards. 425 BOTTOM ROW: J. R. Morris, Carol Reld, Carolyn Platter, Vir- ginia Croft. Judy Chapman, Marilyn Echols, Barbara Mann, Phil- lipa Prather, Linda Locke, Glenn Cojch. SECOND ROW: David Hattaway, Williana Weinrich, Gary Blasi, Robert Srigley, Susan Armstrong, Paul hiamilton, Lynda Harris, Pamela Glisan, Jene Griswell, Nancy Gordon. THIRD ROW: Franic Bernhart, Newell Jenkins, Paul Powell, William Baker, Bryan Bauer, Bernard Stekoll, Mark Chambers, Patrick Fitzgerald, Randall Mason, James Mott. TOP ROW: Ken Maddox. N. D. Moscoe, Roger Rensvold, Ramon Williams. Michael Harkey. Terry Newkumet. Kyle McCarter, Edward Coyle. Joel Ewing, Billy Wilkinson. University Scholars Program Cites GiJted Students The University Scholars program which was launched at the University in 1963 ofTers a remarkable oppor- tunity to gifted students, who are encouraged to pursue academic interests commensurate with their abilities. Superior high school seniors in Oklahoma are invited to compete in February or April for the honor of par- tici pating in the program. Fifty outstanding students were chosen, tlirough com- petitive examinations and interviews, as University Scholars for 1964 and will begin their academic work in September. Invitations to take pari in tlic cdmjjelilion were sent lo students who had high scores in (he National Merit Scholarship com])etitioti or in the .American College Testing program. In addition, high .school |)rincipals and counselors recommended candidates. The Scholars " adviser during the entire period as they work toward undergraduate degrees is one of the South- west ' s outstanding educators. Dr. C ' Aet C ( )uch. dean of the University College. Dean Couch has the responsibility of developing a curriculum designed to meet the needs and sj)tcial abili- ties of each Scholar. In addition, he arranges advance standing examinations for students who may receive col- lege credit for their knowledge in certain academic fields. Once a week die Scholars meet in Bizzell Memorial Library ' for a seminar in which a leading member of the faculty discusses a topic of general interest. l present. 47 University of Oklahoma freshmen are taking part in the new program. Each has been pre- sented with a class ring which identifies him as a Uni- versity Scholar. The 1963 Scholars were chosen from 47. ' i seniors who competed in .April 1963. The 1963 Scholars have been quick to take advantage of their opportiniities. Two young men earned 14 hours of credit in mathematics by taking advanced standing examinations and now are enrolled in a calculus course usually taken by sophomores durnig the second semester. . realistic evaluation of course work is drawn up for each student. Every academic opportunity is explored. The current Scholars are enrolled in from 1. " ) to 22 semester hours, with an average of 18 hours per student. Many are taking honors courses. If they continue at the present rate, some will receive undergraduate degrees in duee cars. 426 BOTTOM ROW: Bob Benzin, Davey Jones, Jim Wright, Vicki Mc- Neeley, John Veccia, Phil Thornton, Larry Doyle, Kent Bennett. TOP ROW: Robert Ingram, Tom Burger, Bill Madson, Ron Thornton, Ken Deakins, Dick Stegman, Hon Lee, Jorge Landler, Dennis Deakins, Pete Border, Capt. Hetherly. NOT PICTURED: Jim Brazelton. I Rur-Neks Enliven Athletic Events With School Spirit A familiar sight to OU sports fans are the red-shirted members of Ruf-Neks, OU ' s male pep squad, which appears at every liome game and as many out of town games as possible. The group organized in 1915 and ever since has assisted the Cheerleaders in stimulating school spirit at athletic event. They also participate in pep rallies and protect the campus in cases of inter- school rivalry. Traditionally they form an arch with their paddles when the Sooners come onto the field. A smoker is held at the beginning of each semester to recruit new members. Any male student is eligible for membership. They present a Go-Go-Go award for the basketball team and annually sponsor a pep dance. Officers were John L. Veccia, president; Kent Bennet. vice-president: Robert Benzin, secretary; Jim Wright, treasurer, and Phil Thornton, pledge trainer. Capt. James Hetherly served as faculty advisor to the group. An outstanding highlight every year is the crowning of the Ruf-Nek queen during half-time ceremonies of one of the home football games. This year ' s queen was Vicki McNeeley. She was crowned by John Veccia. The red and white paddles, used to keep freshmen in line in years past, are now a symbol of membership in the oldest pep club organization on campus. CHEERING ON Sooner halfback Larry Shields is Ruf-Nek Queen, Vicki McNeeley. Vickl was chosen by the members of Ruf-Neks from three finalists. She attends all the Ruf-Nek meetings. I 427 THE FINALITY of anything, whether it be an organization, a yearbook or life, must possess the aplomb befit- ting its subiect ' s natural character. TYPICAL OF OU ' S MODERN HOUSING for its students is Cate Center, the " Quads, " which is the largest unit for single girls on the cannpus. Residences r " 1 B H HHI H i Bf s. kLi L ' J SIF kJ HU V is fl r K l Hfe x Rr H M Ik tl B W m ] Cw r m J l -- v.. J . ' 71 jlflH I GETTING HOSED DOWN shows just what happens when a group of mis- chievous undergraduates living to- gether relax from their studying. WHEN THE EVENING is over the Cate Center Drive becomes a cara- van of cars with drivers trying to get their dates bacit before 1 a.m. curfew. LONG AFTER DAY ' S END, dorms must meet to discuss their affairs. For girls, these meetings are only a prelude to bed — as one look can tell. a g««3giinit , . .v. .■ . irn d MANY OU RESIDENCES .-.ere represented at the OU-UT Rally Dance. P;iiilulliiii( CoiirKiI . . 4.34 Soldi it ios .... . 4.% liKcrfialcniily r.oniKil . 4 ns Fraleriiities .... . 470 Housing Program . . . 520 Women ' s Housing . . 522 Men ' s Housing . . . 551 A(I ertisirig .... . 579 Sorori EXECUTIVE CONFERENCE includes Lyn Slegel, secretary; Ann McConnell. vice-president; Dr. Dorothy Truex, adviser; and Billl Kaye Smith, president. Panhellenic Council OFFICERS President Bilh Kaye Smith Vice-President Ann McConnell Secretary Lyn Siegel Corresponding Secretary .... Pat Mundkowski Treasurer Sue Clauve Adviser Dr. Dorothy Truex BILLI KAYE SMITH, President 434 Organization Brings Unity to Sorority Activities Principal purposes of the Panhellenic Council are to maintain on a high plane sorority life and interfraternity relations and to cooperate with the college administra- tion in its efforts to maintain high cultural, educational and social standards for sorority women. Also, it strives to be a forum for the discussion of problems common to sororities and works for greater unity and cooperation among the fifteen social sororities on the OU campus. Membership in Panhellenic is composed of presidents and one elected representative from each sorority on campus. Officers are rotated each year following the or- der each sorority was established at the University. A special continuing project has been the evaluation of the Greek rushing system. Panhellenic also sponsors rush retreat and coordinates the fall rusliing period. The Council meets twice each month to plan and supervise all sorority activities, on and off campus. Re- sponsibilities include compiling and enforcing rules governing rushing, pledging, initiation, chapter social functions, scholarship and any other area involving the sororities, collectively or individually, on the Sooner campus. Another important governing aspect of the Council BOnOM ROW: Billi Kaye Smith, Pat Mundkowski, Ann McCon- nell, Lyn Siegel, Sue Clauve, Dorothy Truex. SECOND ROW: Linda Evans, Shirley Biggs, Sally Lucas, Susan Noble, Betty Bryant, June Bielefeld. THIRD ROW: Billie Marsh, Gail MacDonald, Leslie Sternberger, Judy Newkirk, Carolyn Schweers, Phyllis Taylor, consists of committees of sorority chairmen of the various areas, who meet several times per semester when the oc- casion arises, to make suggestions for changes or im- provements of the regulations in their respective areas after investigation, research, study and discussion. Drafting all disciplinary measures for approval by the Panhellenic Council is the task of the investigations and judicial committee. Such measures are approved by University officials. Scholarship is one of the ideals most stressed by Pan- hellenic. As one of its projects, Panhellenic awards scholarships to sorority women to help in the continua- tion of their education. Selection is based on need and scholastic achievement. Every year approximately $1,000 is awarded to the ten most deserving girls who apply. Another Panhellenic project to promote good scholar- ship is the awarding of diree trophies each semester to the sorority with the highest grade average, to the pledge class with the highest grade average and to the sorority showing the greatest scholastic improvement over the previous semester. If a sorority wins a trophy three times in succession, it becomes its f)ermanent possesion. Gloria Robinson. TOP ROW: Shirley Grove, Sarah Moore, Susan Akright, Ruthie Darrough, Sue Swanson, Neta Gay Allen, Judy Sims. NOT PICTURED: Lynda Lang, Susie Boyette, Nancy Wald- man, Joanie Fischer. k ' y ' tt-- ' HAVING FUN is always in order at campus functions and Neta Gay Allen and Jim Smith enjoy themselves at one of the Alpha Chi parties. Outstanding Year Recorded by Alpha Chi Ome a OFFICERS President Judy Sims Vice-President Ann Day Secretar) ' Burnie Johnston Treasurer Sarah Rogers Social Chairman . Anita Jo Singletary The Big Sister-Little Sister Christmas party, Red Carnation Ball, Gamma Phi-Alpha Chi picnic, and Founder ' s Day Banquet were among the events held by Psi chapter this year. Outstanding members included Betty Ringrose, Tassels, BWOC; Judy Sims. Mortar Board, Wesley Foundation secretary, BWOC; .■Xnn Reisner, Pi Omega executive board. Student Senate, Alpha Lambda Delta, University Sing secretary; Janet Pipkin. Tassels. Orchesis, Scandals chairman. Dance Festival Director. Five members of the Red and Green participated in various queen contests held on campus this year. The house has eight members of Orchesis and two delegations to the model UN. Alpha Chi, the sixth national women ' s fraternity, was founded at DePauw University by seven undergraduate music students. Now, the sorority has 99 chapters. 436 TOP ROW: Dee Albrecht, Neta Gay Allen, Sally Sue Allmon, El- len Anderson, Jane B. Anderson, Kathy Arnnold, Carol Armstrong, Janey Arthurs, Lorraine Balllna. SECOND ROW: Rita Benlschek, Dottie Blaslngame, Sharon Brad- ley, VicU Burton, Janis Capps, Anita Kay CarlettI, Suzanne Cha- ney, Judy Cole, Caria Davis. THIRD ROW: Ann Day, Mlche- lin A. DeLier, Dian Donnell, Susan Dunn, Kitty Edmunds, Carolyn Farha, Sandra Farmer, Robbie Fetters, Dianna Fields. FOURTH ROW: Janice E. For- ney, Lavinia Kay Frank, Janet Gearheard, Mary Ann Goforth, Kay Gregory, Daneille Griffin, Mary Lou Guild, Linda Hamilton, Darlene Hammond. FIFTH ROW: Judy Harris, Susie Harris, Nancy Hebisen, Cindy Higginbotham, Karen Hodges, Carilee Hogan, Gay Hoskins, Jenna Hurst, Sallie Johnson. SIXTH ROW: Burnie Johnston, Linda Kaszubowski, Kathy King, Julie Lang, Barbara Lewis, Mary Lee Liming, Beverly Linville, Becky Looney, Shari Matkin. SEVENTH ROW: Jeanne May- field, Janet L. McCallister, Karen McCandless, Sue McConnell, Su- san McCown, Sharon Miekle, Peg- gy Montgomery, Jeanne Moore, Carol Mullens. EIGHTH ROW: Suzann Myracle, Karen K. Newell, Sharon Olson, Rae Ours, Janet Pipkin, Cyndy Pride, Janet Price, Emma L. Prince. NINTH ROW: Peggy Rankin, Ann Reisner, Sally Sue Reynolds, Michele Rlggs, Patricia Riggs, Bette F. Ringrose, Ruthie Roads, Judi Roman. TENTH ROW: Jimalea Schooley, Renee Schooley, Sharon Shirley, Jannetta Shissler, Sally A. Sim- mons, Judy Sims, Lynda Sims, Marlene Sims. ELEVENTH ROW: Anita Jo Sin- gletary, Leslie Ann Smith, Judy Smotherman, Linda Speakman, Lennea Teir, Ram Thedford, Anne Thomas, Suzanne Thompson. BOTTOM ROW: Eileen Titlow, Patty Tullius, Nancy Turk, Ann Wallace, Linda Walls, Linda Wal- ters, Helen Widmayer, Susan Wright. 437 TOP ROW: Judith Bilberry, Col- ledith Blalock, Sharon Charles, Sue Clauve, Sharon Colclasure, Mary Lee Cordell. SECOND ROW: Penny Criswell, Gerri Davis. Shirley Dorman, Phyl- lis Drake, Margaret N. Enyeart, Dell Louise Fobes. THIRD ROW: Judi Freyer, Judy Gauer, Mary Glasscock, Mary Gray, Janice Greathouse, Susy Gruber. FOURTH ROW: Sherian Hamra, Ann Harms, Patricia G. Harn, Mary Lee Hathcock, Stephanie Jones, Kathey J. Keeter. FIFTH ROW: Lynn Knapp, Ro- berta Jeanne Kunkel, Carolyn Jane Long, Lynn Matteson, Glen- na McClain. Dana D. McCoy. SIXTH ROW: Cheryl Nalfeh, Kay Oliver. Janie Orr, Trisha Patter- son, Jane Pollard, Clarice Pregler. SEVENTH ROW: Linda Reynolds, Gloria Robinson, Sharon A. Sart- well, Jo Sue Skirvin, Gaynell Stees, Bonnie Steinhoff. BOTTOM ROW: Judith E. Sugar- man, Rita Wadley, Ann Watson, Judith Young, Christine Zehring. 438 FITTING PERFECTLY TOGETHER as a lucky seven. Tom Haddock and Shirley Dorman display their desire at the ADPi Suppressed Desire Party. Alpha Delta Pi Pledges Give Suppressed Desire Party In 1851 Alpha Delta Pi was founded at Wesleyan College for Girls in Macon, Georgia. Gamma Zeta chapter was established here in 1949. This year the girls of the blue and white held a Black Diamond Weekend and a Suppressed Desire party given by the pledges for the actives. One of the highlights for the girls this year was Christmas. They invited a family of nine children to diinier and had a Christmas party for them. The house had three delegations to the model United Nations representing the countries of Brazil, Yemen, and Sierra Leone. They had several outstanding members including Aim Harms, Alpha Lamb- da Delta; Joe Sue Skirvin, Mortar Board: .Jane Pollard, nominee for Lottinville award. OFFICERS President Ann Harms Vice-President Sue Clauve Secretary Carolyn Long Treasurer Dell Fobes Social Chairman . . . Judy Sugarman 1405 Elm 439 REMEMBER THE ALAMO is the motto for Sandra Rosenzweig, Pete Rhein, Steve Mayer and Barbara Lerner at the AEPhl formal Alamo Party. Campus Chest Publicity Tropliy Won by Alpha Epsilon Phi OFFICERS President Nancy Waldman Vice-Presidents Carole Glueck, Susan Sheffel Secretaries . Carole Rozen, Andee Abeles Treasurer Linda Tein Social Chairman . . . Pat Futerfas A trophy for outstanding publicity for the Campus Chest Carnival was won this year by the girls of the Epsilon Gamma Chapter. Founded nationally October 24. 1909, the OU chapter is one of 52. The national president, Mrs. Abe Goldsmith, is a resident of Okla- homa City. Outstanding girls this year included Bonnie Amerman, Campus Chest chairman. Mortar Board; Shirley Wolberg, AFROTC Wing Commander; Rita Scholem, NROTC Honorary Cadet; Joy Kahn, Student Senate secretary: Susie Rosenberg, cast of ' ' Wonderful Town. " The girls of the green and white annually sponsor a winter cos- tume party. The Oklahoma City alumna chapter sponsors a spring formal weekend for the chapter every year. 640 Elm TOP ROW: Andes Abeles, Cheryl Aber. Bonnie Amernnan, Connie Sue Baach, Susan Banks, Felice Bergida, Sharon Bitner. SECOND ROW: Barbara Blum, Thelma Blumen, Beverly Brown, Lynn Chuzy. Gail Copple. Harriet Diamond, Joanie Fischer. THIRD ROW: Leslee Fischer, Paula Fishman, Rosalie Friedman, Marlene Glazer, Lee Goldberg, Barbara Gordon, Lesli Horwitz. FOURTH ROW: Becky Kahan, Joy Kahn, Sara Kapell, Tobee Kaufman, Candy Kehn, Mickey Kirsch, Debbie Knox. FIRH ROW: Gail Levin, Rhoda Levin, Suzl Loewenstern, Margaret Londa, Tammy Mandel, Susan Mann, Rhoda Miller. SIXTH ROW: Susan Murov, Lois Mushlin, Doreen Nash, Barbara Neiman, Marion Oppenheimer Jean Pake, Lynn Poplinger. SEVENTH ROW: Jeri Relnauer, Susie Rosenberg, Sandy Rosen- zweig, Brenda Rozen, Carol Rozen, Bettie Sabath. EIGHTH ROW: Adele Saladow, Marilyn Schahet, Mimi Schein- berg, Barbara Schlanger, Rita Scholem, Susan Seelig. NINTH ROW: Susan Sheffel, Sue Rae Shushan, Joan Silver, Jean Silverman, Eileen Sinderbrand, Marleen Stein. BOnOM ROW: Linda Tein, Jim- mle Jay Utitz, Sharon Beth Velin- sky, Nancy Waldman, Marianne Wohl, Shirley Wolberg. 441 TOP ROW: Loretta Aby, Ann Adkins. JoAnn Allen, Sbari An- derson, Bonney R. Bassmann, Betty C. Belford, Myra A. Benedict, Wendy J. Blair. SECOND ROW: Marguerite Bley- berg, LeAnn Boeve, Marilyn Bo- mar, Roseann Bouziden, Kaye Bradford, Mary Lynn Cabbage, Irene Campbell, Kathy Carr. THIRD ROW: Kaye Carson, Myra Beth Caruso, Cathy M. Collier, Suzanne Cooper, Diana M. Den- nis, Jo Dorr, Dallas Dorsett, Sharon Eads. FOURTH ROW: Ann Ellington, Sandra D. Erwin, Carolyn G. Fano, Ann Ferrell, Mimi Francis, Jeretta S. George, Mary V. Gray, Sandra L. Groom. FIFTH ROW: Barbara H. Grundy, Sharon Hartin, Melinda Hopkins, Linda K. Houston, Cynthia D. Johnson, Mariellen Jones, Donna J. Kilgore, Susan Kimerer. SIXTH ROW: Marlene J. Kirch, Deatra Lewis, Peggy Lines, Carol A. Marsh, Karen R. Marshall, Taini Martin, Ann Masterson, Pat C. Mayer. SEVENTH ROW: Ann McCon- nell, Jimmy Lynn McConnell, Mar- garet A. McConnell, Marilyn Mc- Masters, Marcia A. McMurry, ' Judy K. Monroe, Sue Moore, Di- ane N. Moreloclc. EIGHTH ROW: Shirley A. Olive, Mirgle B. Orr, Loret+a Ann Pierce, Judy Reid, Shea G. Rice, Susan Richardson, Sandra E. Sand- lin, Carolyn L. Scholsser. NINTH ROW: Frances Sheppard, Sue S. Stinson, Phyllis A. Taylor, Carol E. Thomas, Kate Thompson, Sandra L. Thompson, Bobbie Trout, Junita Wade. BOTTOM ROW: Barbara Wea- therly, Sally Webb, Pat Weller, Brenda Wesner, Betty J. White, head. Donna Jean Wood, Carol A. Worthing. 442 r I f f - DRESSED AS HILLBILLIES, Link Spam, Joann Allen, Mike May and Pat Mayer are enjoying the annual Alpha Gamma Delta Mountain Party. Alpha Gamma Delta Members Perform in Sooner Scandals Upsilon chapter ' s Scandals act was one of those seen in the show this year. Other activities iiichided all-school dance, a Christmas formal and a spring party. Outstanding members included Roseann Bouziden, Union Activi- ties Council, Conference on Religion. Alpha Lambda Delta: Barbara Grundy, Great Books vice-chairman, Friday at Four vice-chairman, Union Activities Council; Margaret McConnell, Talent Coordinator for Sooner Scandals, Alpha Lambda Delta, House Representatives Council. Nationally founded in 1904 at Syracuse University by eleven women, a chapter was incorporated here in 1919. Presently there are 93 chapters with five in Canada. This year the chapter had a new housemother, Mrs. Lavonne Snoddy. OFFICERS President Phyllis Taylor Vice-President . . . Frances Sheppard Secretary .... Marilyn McMasters Treasurer Diana Dennis Social Chairman . . . Cathy Colliers 930 Chautauqua SNOW-COVERED WINDOWS predict a White Christmas for Patti McClennen, Jo Scott, Jan Francis and their dates at the Christmas Party. Scholarship Improvement Trophy Is Won by Alpha Phi OFFICERS President Shirley Grove Vice-President .... Janet Council Secretary Sharon Burba Treasurer Diane Nourse Social Chairman .... Jean Finney Founded October 10, 1872, at Syracuse University, Phi chapter was founded at OU in 1917. The silver and bordeaux colors are found on 82 campuses throughout the nation. Among the outstand- ing alumnae are Georgia Neese Clark Gray, first woman treasurer of the United States, and Frances Willard, founder of the Women ' s Christian Temperance Union. Outstanding actives have been Trish Thatcher, 1963 top yearbook beauty; Sharon Burba, Sig Ep Girl of the Golden Heart; Penny El- liot, Dream Girl of Delta Sig, Theta Sigma Phi; Andrea Mayo, President of Gamma Alpha Chi, Theta Sigma Phi; Sarah Moore, Gamma Alpha Chi. Annual social events include Christmas Tea, Christmas Formal, and Phi-esta. The chapter won llie scholarship improvement trophy and tlie sorority league bowling trophy. 1401 College 444 TOP ROW: Jennifer L. Allen, Kathy V. Amsden, Sue J. Anderle. Margi J. Anderson, Judy Ann Balcer, Karren N. Barton, Betty Barwick, Jeanie Bates. SECOND ROW: Susan K. Berlin, Jo Lynne Birkhead, Michele A. Bourland, Sherry Bowman, Linda K. Brewer, Carroll Jun Briscoe, Jean Brosseau, Barbara Butter- worth. THIRD ROW: Ann Chrlstenson, Virginia C. Clark, Sara Clifton, Vickie J. Collis, Janet E. Council, Sally Davidson, Terry Disney, Lyn- ette Elliott. FOURTH ROW: Penny S. Elliott, Jean M. Finney, Diane M. Fisher, Sue A. Fisher, Nancy Flowers, Marilynn Green, Mimi C. Green, Pam Greenshields. FIFTH ROW: Shirley Grove, Jes- sica Hagan, Tricia E. Harrison, E. Kay Hartley, Ruth Hochgraefe, Carol Jo Ice, Danelle Kendall, Pat Kimmel. SIXTH ROW: Kay Klutts, Jane L. Lindsey, Alexis C. Lovelace, Pam L. Mason, Andrea Mayo, Jo Mc- Clendon, Pat McClennen, Gene McConnell. SEVENTH ROW: LeEtta Mc- Laughlin, Corrie E. Miller, Suanne C. Miller, Laurie Mooney, Kathie Moore, Sarah Moore, Betty J. Mulligan, Sammy D. Newcomb. EIGHTH ROW: Diane Nourse, Pat G. Novak, Patti Kay Nuss, Ann Peters, Glenna Phebus, Fran- ces Rahhal, Judy A. Razook, H. Lucy Sayles. NINTH ROW: Jolanda T. Scott, Lee Anne Smith, Mary Spencer, Sharon G. Spraker, Kathleen D. Stewart, Mary P. Stitt, Melinda S. Stitt, Helen M. Stretesky. BOTTOM ROW: Elaine Swank, Trish C. Thatcher, Jan Thompson, Kaye L. Thompson, Sunny C. Thompson, Judy Udouj, Gayela A. Word. 445 TOP ROW: Susan Amspacher, Susan I. Arnold, Carolyn Asha- brenner, April Austin, Jeanne Baker, Ann E. Belanger, Martha Bell, Charlene Bidaslo. SECOND ROW: Shirley A. Biggs, Barbara C. Borelli, Fredda K. Briscoe, Mary Jane Brolcaw, Bar- bara Busltlric, Linda E. Butler, Terry D. Carls, Letltia Chambers. THIRD ROW: Mary Clark, Car- ole Cody, Joan W. Coffman, An- gle Copeland, Sandy Daly, Linda Dozier, Jean Eastman, Mary East- man. FOURTH ROW: Judy Elklns, Sonya Evans, Marilyn J. Findlay, Jan S. Garrison, Phyllis A. Gill, Terry L. Gross, Patricia Ham- mond, Kathryn A. Hardberger. FIFTH ROW: Janice E. Harris, Marian M. Harvey, Lynn Havig- hurst, Sharon Hogan. Virginia A. Holland, Pat Jarvis, JImianne John, Joan Kershaw. SIXTH ROW: Kathy Kough, Lin- da Lewellen, Barbie Listen, Jane Lucas, Leigh Maltby, Linda Malt- by, Sidney McLeland, Janey G. McLIn. SEVENTH ROW: Kay Meacham, NIki W. Meek, Candee MeGown, Sandra L. Menefee, Jeanne Met- calf, Phyllis Milam, Betty E. Miller, Judy Kaye Moore. EIGHTH ROW: Ann Moran, Frances A. Mussen, Mary Anne O ' Connell, Marty Osborn, Sandra E. Ozmun, Kathi Pittman, Sylvia Plttman, Janie L. Potts. NINTH ROW: Glenda Rice, S. Gail Richert, Terry A. Ridley, Lynn Rippeto, Sue Ann Rodgers, Janice L. Rogers, Janie Ross, Caria Rothlisberger. TENTH ROW: Donna L. Royse. Martha L. Sedberry, Jana See, Mellnda Sellars, Randi Sights, Cynthia Smith, Linda J. Sprague, Jane Ann Steadley, Jane A. Ste- vens. ELEVENTH ROW: Pat Stuffle- bean, Susan Sweeney, Cheryl Swearengen, Julia Teegerstrom, Marilyn Todd, C. Lynne Turner, Lynda Tyler, VIcki Tyler, Diana UrI. BOTTOM ROW: Karol Veal, Marilyn Wade, Jan Wassam, Marcia J. Weaver, Sandra Weber, Sharron Whitney, Kerry L. Wil- liams, Nancy E. Woodruff, Nancy Zlmerman. 446 Ri ife ! ' - ' f, ' -, rtr- . ' TO, DRESSED FOR FUN in the snow, Johnny Kirton, Leigh Maltby, Marilyn Finley and Charlie Bethea make a happy group at the Chi O Ski Party. Chi Ome a Ski Party Becomes Annual Campus Social Event Founded in 1895 with the unusual colors of Cardinal and Straw, national established Epsilon Alpha Chapter here in 1911. This year chapter social events included a fall house party, Ski party, and Kappa Sigma-Chi Omega Indian party. House honors included second place in the Engineers ' show and three finalists in campus beauty queen contests. Joan Coffman, Mortar Board, Union Activities Board; Diana Uri, Mortar Board, COR treasurer; Janice Rogers, Pi Omega president. Mortar Board; Shirley Biggs, Tassels, Union Activities Council, were some of the outstanding members. Outstanding alumnae include Margaret Chase Smith, candidate for President of the United States, and Harper Lee, author of To Kill A Mockingbird. OFFICERS First Semester President Terry Carls Vice-President .... Joan Coffman Secretary Martha Bell Treasurer Phyllis Gill Social Chairman .... Judy Moore Second Semester President Shirley Biggs Vice-President .... Janice Harris Secretary .... Kathryn Steadley Treasurer Kathi Pittman Social Chairman .... April Austin 820 Chautauqua 7 LISTENING TO THE MUSIC of Freddie King at the Tri Delta Christmas Party are Ann Ehlers, John Hammond, Liz White, Bundy Hammond. Iri-Delts Score In Scandals, Campus Chest, Scholarship OFFICERS President .... Carolyn Schweers Vice-President .... Judy Ketchum Secretary- Bev Richards Treasurer Diana Moore Social Chairman . . . Mary Thurman Theta Gamma participated in Scandals this year with Sigma Nu, won Campus Chest pledge contest, and came in third in scholarship for the fall semester. The chapter held a Christmas party this year for the Cerebral Palsy Institute. Some of the outstanding members of the silver, gold, and blue tliis year were Sandy Bias, NROTC queen candidate; Mary Beth Paytt, Mortar Board, Pi Omega executive board; Mary Thurman. Home- coming queen finalist; Diana Moore, president of Orchesis; Ann Wiest, president of Tassels. The sorority was founded nationally in 1888 at Boston University by Sarah Ida Shaw, and was established here as one of 107 chapters in 1910. 161 I College 448 TOP ROW: Barbara J. Aber- nethy, Mary Ann Ashlock, Donna K. Aulick, Donna Aust, Judy Baker, Cynthia Bentley. Sandra K. Bias, Sandy Billings, Donna Kay Black. SECOND ROW: Karen L Black, June Blackerby, Candy Blalock, Carole Bland, Judie Blundell, Lin- da L. Borden, Patsy A. Bynum, Carole Chacey, Carol Chamlee. THIRD ROW: Pat Choquette, Jill Cleveland, Linda M. Clinesmith, Margaret A. Conley, Ann Cook, Patricia Corbett, Janice Corder, Janie Couch, Ann Cowans. FOURTH ROW: Cindy Craig. Midge Craven, Kanela L. Denos, Dora Deskins, Susan Deupree, Marilyn Echols, Ann Ehlers. Judy C. Elderkin, Barbara Jeanne Fleske. FIFTH ROW: Kaye Flood, Fran- ces A. Gieck, VB Glazener. Janita Suffey. Vicki Sunter, Virginia Hawks, Jo Hickman, Karen Hirzel, Lynda Holden. SIXTH ROW: Janet J. Holland, Anne Hooker. Pat Hopkins. Gwen E. Hughes, Sharon J. Hunt, Bar- bara Imel, Susan Ingram, Ann Morgan Jones, Mary Ann Junk. SEVENTH ROW: Kaye Justice, Janet Ketchum, Judy Ketchum, Lyn Lipscomb, Mary Ann Lively, Sue Livingston, Marsha F. Lut- trell, Kathy Maney, Pat Mason. EIGHTH ROW: Susan C. Matson, Robbie McAdams, Ann E. Mc- Bride, Ann McCoy, Gayle Mc- Leod, Nancy C. McQueen, Mar- garet A. Meeks, Kamila Michael, Joy Monroe. NINTH ROW: Diana G. Moore, Nanci K. Mullendore. Lena Beth Murphy, Judy Newkirk, Suzanne L. Paynter, Mary Ann Phelps, Patty Plott, Carolyn Prescott, Mary Beth Pyatt. TENTH ROW: Jill Reber, Donna Reece, Becky N. Reed. Ronda Reid, Margot Rhodes, Beverly Richards, Margaret Ann Richards, Judy Rickman, Jean Riddlebarger. ELEVENTH ROW: Nanci Sanders, Carolyn L. Schweers, Carole Slep- ka, Myrna L. Smart, Cecelia Smith, Marsha Smith, Mandy M. Strickland, Sidney Sudberry, Mary L. Thurman. BOnOM ROW: Lynda J. Treich- ler, Betty S. Tuma, Barbara Voiles. Jacque Wallace. Liz A. White, Margaret A. Widman, Ann Wiest, Jerri A. Young, Nancy A. Young. 449 TOP ROW: Karen Acord. Janet Adams, Mary Jo Ballard, Linda Barthe!, Linda BIllups, Sandra Birdsong. Mel Black, Nancy A. Bolks, Jean S. Boyd. SECOND ROW: Susie Boyet+e. Beth Branyan, Karen Bratcher, Su- san Bratten, Reha Bristow, Barbara A. Brown, Beverlye Ann Burke, Marie Burns, Sue Ann Buzzard. THIRD ROW: Kate Cameron. Carol Campbell, Joy Campbell, Susan B. Campbell, Carol J. Chip- man, Judy Comegys, Charlotte M. Council, Jan French Crabtree, Linda Crews. FOURTH ROW: Sheryl K. Dav- enport, Diane DiNard, Deanna El- liott, Chris Ford, Sue Ford, Sarah L. Fugitt. Len J. Gallup. Beth Gandy. Susan M. Gans. FIFTH ROW: Julie Goodner. Lil- lian M. Hamor, DIanne Hawkins, Jody Head. Judy Head, Janice Henthorn, Caria J. Herndon, Sue Hill, Jeri Howell. SIXTH ROW: Jan Hoyt, Lynn L. Hudson, Ann Hull, Barbara Ann Hulme. Karolyn L. Inhofe, Carolyn A. Jacob, Sevie Johnson, Kathy Keith, Nancy Kaye Kienzle. SEVENTH ROW: Lynda Lang, Marilyn Marcum, Anne Marshall, Ginger McDonough. Nancy L. McGee, Patti McGuire, Marilyn M. Meacham, Sally R. Merkle, Marilyn K. Moore. EIGHTH ROW: Mary Morris, Carol Morrison, Kathy E. Morter, Linda L. Muir, Teree E. Myers, Donna Page, Gale Parker, Jean Anne Parker, Pam Peterson. NINTH ROW: Peggy A. Plum- mer, Jeanne Posey. Polly Pownall, Ann Prier, Dlanna Rea, Jerl Mac Richardson, Suzi Rosen, Gayle A. Rossi, Carole Royds, Sue Rush. TENTH ROW: Nancy J. Ryder, Sandra Sue Sawvell, Martha R. Sickles. Sue Sieh, Karen S. Shep- ard, Susan Shephard. Nancy Sin- gleton, Pat Sisney, Billi Kaye Smith, Carole Snively. ELEVENTH ROW: Patti Springer, Susan Steinmeyer, Diane G. Stock- well, Karen Stonis, Nancy Teague, Karen A. Thomas. Lynda Todd, Gloria Tracy, Pam Trout, Susan Vickers. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Katherlne Wallace, Judy Warkentin. Sherry Weber, Susan Welborn, Cookie J. White, Judy A. Widney, Carol J. Williams, Carolyn L. Yeager, Su- san A. Yeager, Susan Zadik. 450 NICEST WAY to say " Merry Christmas " for Beth Branyan, Ned Otterstrom and Susan Zadilt was the DG formal held at the Petroleum Club. Many Activities Brin Successful Year To Delta Gamma The girls of the bronze, pink, and bkie ha e been on the OU campus since 1918 when the Alpha Iota chapter was established. First founded in 1873. the sorority now has 89 chapters. Among outstanding members are Reha Bristol-. Tassels, secretary of Union Activities Council, assistant editor of the yearbook; Sally Merkle, Tassels, AWS treasurer; Billi Kaye Smith, Panhellenic presi- dent. Tassels: Gail Rossi. Alpha Lambda Delta. Donna Page was named Homecoming Queen. Chapter activities for this year have included the aniuial Christmas tree sale for the blind, winners of the Phi Deit turtle race. Christma s formal. Pinafore party, and a party for the orphans at Christmas with the KA ' s. OFFICERS President Lynda Lang Vice-President .... Susan Bovette Secretary Linda Barthel Treasurer Jan Hoyt Social Chairman . . . Beth Branyan 744 Elm n k A . -, ENTERTAINING LEGACIES at the Ranch Party are Pat Taylor, Roger Clapp, Bill Hutchinson, Kay Aitfeen, Mary Ann Bulla and Bob Kidd. Gamma Phi Beta Social Events Include Rancli Weei end OFFICERS President Paila Martin Vice-President Tana Ware Secretary Suzanne Sanders Treasurer Pat Taylor Pledge Trainer .... Ann Grable Among active Ganuiia Phi ' s this year were Pat Taylor, Tassels, UAB, University Sing Chairman; Bonnie Allen, Student Senate: Sandy Castle, Junior Panhellenic President; Marion Craighead and Paula Martin, BWOC. Social events inc lude the Ranch Weekend, Fraternity of the Year banquet, Christmas party for Concho Indian school and the Glass Slipper football game. The Gamma Phi Beta quartet took first place in the Dads Day quartet contest. Members were Mary Ann Bulla, Kay Aitken, Jane White and Nancy Ellis. The chapter also took second place in both University Sing and Sooner Scandals last spring. Psi chapter was organized on the OU campus in 1918 and is one of 83 chapters nationally. The sorority was first founded November 1, 1874, at Syracuse Llni ersity. I 105 College 452 TOP ROW: Kay Aitken. Bonnie Allen, Ginger Allen, Sherry Allen, Judy Anderson, Terri Anderson, Gail Barham. Ann Bennett. SECOND ROW: June Bielefeld, Fredda Blagg, Susan Bogle, Bev- erley Brown, Linda Burton, Kay Cargile, Sandi Castle, Deanna CounciH; THIRD ROW: Judy Crews. Susan Dillon, Bev D oughty, Barbara Dun- bar, Nancy Ellis, Shirrell Finley, Judy Garrison, Ann Grable. FOURTH ROW: Patti Gravett, Judy A. Hall, Susan Hamby, Claudette Hartgraves, Susan Hen- derson, Connie Henley, Linda Hi- sey, Judy Holcomb. FIFTH ROW: Twila Honea, Dana Hyde, Claudean Johnson, Linda Johnson, Lyndelle Jones, Pat Kai- ser, Julie Kalman, Joan Kalman. SIXTH ROW: Barbara J. Kilter, Marilyn Largent, Sharon Ledbet- ter, Louise Leuthold, Lilian Logan Jan Lovering, Leslie Loyd, Karen Ludwig. SEVENTH ROW: Judy Lybolt, Gail Martin. Glory Martin, Paula Martin, Bama Miles, Melinda Mil- ler, Suzl Mollison, Sally Morton. EIGHTH ROW: Marty Mullen, Judy Ninde. Jonell O ' Brien, Irish O ' Brien, Julie Odom, Nornna Oli- ver, Susan Pancoast, Lynn Patter- NINTH ROW: Pamela J. Pitts. Patricia Prinnrose, Judy Reeves Syd Ronish, LaDonna Rutherford, Ellen Saddoris, Suzanne Sanders, Pat Sayles. TENTH ROW: Suzanne Schilling, Gall Schmidt, Quinda Seem, Bar- bara Jo Smith, Joanna Stevens, Pat Taylor, Kaye Thornbrough, Karen Tims. ELEVENTH ROW: Jonnie Lou Tolle, Mary Ann Tracewell, Sue Tracewell, Charmaine Tver, Jean Uetrecht, Roseann Upton, Susan Waltz, Tina Ware, Bryanne Welch. BOTTOM ROW: Margaret West, Beverly Wharton, Jane White, Ann Williams, Betsy B. Williams, Judith Wilson, Sarah Wilson, Ce- cilia Wright, Linda Yandell. m $ 453 TOP ROW: Anne Abernathy, Su- san Akright, Polly Allen, Betty J. Arnett, Analee Ashley, Penny Beach, Kay Beebe, Susan Behren- feld, Jill Bell. SECOND ROW: Lynn Bell, Carol Bird, Judi Bird, Diane Blake, Les- lie Boggs, Betty Bonifield, Betty Bozarth, Susie Brannon, Shannon Brians. THIRD ROW: Penny Brown, Raw- sie Bucher, Beth Burleson, Eileen Burns, Sharon Butler, Virginia Byrd, Mary Calmes, Joan Carmichael, Nancy Carter. FOURTH ROW: Suzle Cowen, Jan Creelmore, Cathy Danielson, Ruthie Darrough, Linda Daugh- etry, Carol Davis, Shari Deason, Carol Donnell, Kay Lynn Edwards. FIFTH ROW: Carol Ellison, Linda Farris, Lou Ann Fellers, Jan Fife, Ann Foerster, Christie Ford, Rita Gerrity, Gretchen Grant, Dianne Gurley. SIXTH ROW: Cathy Haas, Mar- gie Hanson. Liz Harned, Sue Har- vey, Pam Hooker, Ruth Huffmyer, Sandy Johnson, Viva Lee Kennedy, Janet Kerr. SEVENTH ROW: Dianne Kimsey, Beth Lieb, Vicki Lovin, Sherry Martin, Pam McBee, Janie Mc- Donald, Susie Merkx, Jan Mitchell, Kay Mullins. EIGHTH ROW: Nancy S. Nolley, Judy Orth, Lucky Paul, Joan Pitts, D ' Ann Pope, Adele Pung, Patty Ragan, Peggy Ratcliffe, Connie Reid. NINTH ROW: Marilyn Rice, Mary Susan Roberts, Rinda Rob- ertson, Martha Roesch, Carolyn Rogers, Louise Rowe, Nancy Rudd,, Sandy R. Sanders, Marty Sanger. TENTH ROW: Pam Schwend, Stacy Shannon, Liz Simmons, Sally Sinclair, Brooke Smith, Cheryl Smith, Diane Smith, Janet Smith, Mary Ellen Smith. ELEVENTH ROW: Jan Stam- baugh, Jane Stamper, Barbara Staton, Sarah Stuart, Virginia Stu- art, Karen Tankersley, Sharon Tankersley, Toni Taylor. BOTTOM ROW: Chery Todd, Pat Turner, Valerie Voehl, Bette Jo Wantland, Alice Watkins, Janet Willett, Marion Wilson, Judy Wy- att. 454 ■1 " Kf " nf EAGERLY AWAITING the arrival of Santa are Linda Farris. Jerry Bryant, Jan Creeknnore, Jim Swafford, Pat Turner and George McBee. Kappa Alpha Theta Sponsors Annual All-Canipus Barbecue Among the many social events the Alpha Omicroii chapter held this year were a Ball and Chain Dinner, au All-Campus Barbecue, and a Christmas party. Founded here in 1909. the girls of the black and gold have become very active in campus activities. Outstanding members this year in- clude Ruthie Darrough, Mortar Board, BWOC, Student Senate; Pat Turner, KUVY staff. Alpha Lambda Delta: Mary Susan Roberts, 1963 Homecoming treasurer, contracts chairman for Friday at Four, Dad ' s Day Saturday Arrangements secretary. This year the house won first ])lace in the Dance Intramurals. sec- ond place in the speedball intramurals, and submitted the winning name in the KA " Name the Cannon Contest. " OFFICERS President .... Ruthie Darrough Vice-President D ' Ann Pope Secretaries Lynn Bell, Janie McDonald Treasurer Ginny Stuart Social Chairman .... DiANE Blake 845 Chautauqua gmm r ' % •• . ' ' I %: . ;-..we Vr I c ' =:--: ' i ,1 ) BLISSFULLY DREAMING of the holidays, Mike Thurman, Francene Dent, Jackie Miller and David Quillan stand before the KD tree. Annual Twin Party of Kappa Delta Chapter Is Unique OFFICERS President BiLLiE Marsh Vice-President Nancy Witt Secretary Sharon Smith Treasurer Evelyn Swan Social Chairman . . Barbara Wilkison Annual events for the Kappa Delta ' s include a Christmas formal, Twin party, and a Green and White dance. On campus since 1956. the Gamma Theta chapter is one of 102 throughout the country. Last January the KD ' s moved into a new house. Among active members are Doriuda Gill. OUs featured twirler: Suzy Mass, SAI vice-president; Jerry Francis, Tau Beta Sigma secre- tary; Evelyn Swan. Band secretary. Tau Beta Sigma president. Band service scholarshi]) wiuuer. Kappa Delta was founded nationally in Longwood, Virginia, at the State Normal school for women in 1897. Four women formed this first cliapter. 500 Emerald Way TOP ROW: Jane Aldrich, Di- Anne Allen, Recilla Allen, Su- zanne Blacic, Linda Booth, Mar- garet Borchardt, Judy Braught, Frances Brooke. SECOND ROW: Carole Builen, Nola Carter, Carolyn Coleman, Bronwen Courtnay, Judy Crow, Martha Dahm, Nancy Daspit, Franclne Dent. THIRD ROW: Kathy Evans, Caro- lyn Paris, Pattie Ferguson, Jerre Francis, Kay Frantz, Linda Freder- ick, Liz Friot, Carolyn Gay. FOURTH ROW: Marilyn Gay, Virginia Gibson, Dorinda Gill Mary Evelyn Groves, Jeanne Har- per, Joanne Harper, Betty Harris, Laurie Hayen. FIFTH ROW: Anne Ketcham, Al- lene King, Elaine Kruls, Judy Kyle, Bonnie Latfins, Joanne Law- son, Russann Long, Pannela K. Maleville. SIXTH ROW: Gail MacDonald, Blllie Jean Marsh, Marcia McDan- iel, Jackie Miller, Carol Anne Moore, Suzy Moss, Verna Marie Moss. SEVENTH ROW: Carol Motsen- bocker, Diane Neaves, LeAnne Nott, Margo Olivares, Ardith Kaye Phares, Cynthia Pruitt, Ra- mona Russell. EIGHTH ROW: Nancy Shoemake, Sybil Short, Sharon Smith, Jackie Snodgrass, Vicky Stapleton, Win- ema Stiefer. Evelyn Swan. NINTH ROW: Nancy Taylor, Pa- tricia E. Thomas, Tommie Thomp- son, Sharyn Toler, Francie Townes, Pat Treseder, Ann Caryl Tucker. BOnOM ROW: Martha F. Van Hook, Becky Waul, Susie Wells, Barbara Ann Wilkison, Nancy Witt, Marilyn Yeck, Peggy Yerkes. 457 229 TOP ROW: Edwina Appleby, Kathy Bennett, Harmie Biddle, Marilyn Billingslea, Betsy Blakely, Kay Bodley, Becky Boen, Bevlyn Bradfield, Gwen Brown. SECOND ROW: Betty Bryant, Melissa Burwell, Cathy Callahan, Cathy Champlin, Cindy Chesnutt, Dadie Coe, Ellen Colby, Jill Cross, Karen Crosslin. THIRD ROW: Mary Lee Daily, Jane Darrough, Carol Lee Daube, Katy Dixon, Betty Driver, Susan Dulaney, Jane England, Judy Esk- ridge, Claudia Eurton. FOURTH ROW: Martha Fair, Vicki Ferraro, Patti Fisher, Judy Foster, Freda French, Jeanne T. Fryntzko, Sharon Gatford, Martha Gait, Anne Glover. FIFTH ROW: Vicki Gotcher, Cyn- thia Grisham, Sharon Haines, Caren Haney, Lynda Harris, Susan Harris, Peggy Henry, Judy Hollo- way, Ann Inglis. SIXTH ROW: Nancy Jacobs, Lin- da James, Judi Johnson, Vicki Jones, Kay Kenton, Prudence Kerr, Pam Kinnan, Anne Kraft, Kaye Kupka. SEVENTH ROW: Paula Landrith, Sandra Laugenour, Linda Laugh- lin, Jamie Lewisohn, Linda Lillard, Mary Jane Lillard, Linda Love, Mary Love. EIGHTH ROW: Nancy Lynn, Margaret Marek, Molly McCor- ' mick, Lynette Mehl, Mary Kathryn Merritt, Nancy Montgomery, Lin- da Morgan, Janet Neher. NINTH ROW: Carolyn Norris, Jane Pennington. Valjean Peters, Susan Pickering, Sherri Pierce, Marsha Pipkin, Polly Puckett, Lloyd Roberts. TENTH ROW: Katie Seger, Ken Sue Shear, Rosemary Shipe, Patty- Mac Sloan, Mary Martha Smith, Sue Swanson, Judy Talley, Cathy Thomason. BOnOM ROW: Carol Thomp- son, Nancy Walton, Phyllis War- mack, Sue Weaver, Lynda Wiand, Ruthie Wirick, Jane Woodard, Wendy Woods. 458 M f 4v - J ZtA 4 WAITING IN LINE to talk to Santa after Melissa Burwell and her date are Lloyd Roberts, Cathy Champlin, Katie Seger and dates. Scandals, Quartet Contest Entered by Kappa Kappa Gamma The Moiiiuuutli Duo party was one of Kappa ' s social events tJiis year. Others iiichided a Christmas party and the annual Faculty- Christmas Dessert. The chapter won second place in the Dad ' s Day Quartet Contest. Outstanding members included Sue Swanson, Mortar Board, out- standing senior in Education School; Janie Darrough. Mortar Board: Peggy Henry, BWOC, Mortar Board, Chairman of Dad ' s Day; Marion Bulla, Student Senate, president of Alpha Lambda Delta; Jane Eng- land, Union .Activities Council, secretary of Alpha Lambda Delta. Beta Theta chapter was founded here in 1914 and is one of 91 chapters of the Blue and Blue. National was founded in 1870 at Moiniiouth College in Illinois by six women. OFFICERS President Sue Swanson Vice-President N. ncy Lynn Secretary Susan Harris Treasurer . . Betty Schollenbarger Social Chairman . . . Claudia Eurton 700 College . N " - ro I w rr ' » tih ' ' J : SPREADING THE HOLIDAY spirit at the Pi Phi annual Christnnas Party are George McDowell, Judy Ellis, Carol Oringderff and Don Frazler. Pi Beta Phi Act Wins First Place In Engineers Show OFFICERS First Semester President Gene Lindsay Vice-President Pat McIver Secretar)- Sue Shelby Treasurer Cindy Anderson Social Chairman . . . Betty ' Earnest Second Semester President Linda Evans ' ice-President Kathy Guy Secretary Betty Earnest Treasurer Linda Schmitt Social Ciiairman .... Sisan Boddy Oklahoma chapter, Alpha, of Pi Beta Phi, has been on campus since 1910. This year the chapter had seven members in Alpha Lamb- da Delta, five in Tassels, and one in Mortar Board. Winning first place in the Engine show was one of the highlights of the year. Annual social events included the Monmouth Duo given with the Kappa ' s and the Pi Party with the Pi Lams and Pi KA " s. In the spring the chapter held the annual Pi Phi-Gamma Phi football Glass Slipper Classic. Outstanding members included Pet Lemme, LInion Activities Board; Lee Wheless, Co-Chairman of Dad ' s Day: Sue McCoy, listed in Who ' s Who. Ann Kent was named Miss OU and Miss Football USA. 1701 Elm TOP ROW: Pam Adams, Sammye Albin, Cindy Anderson, Sharon Ansley. Judy Asbury, Cathie Bal- entine, Kathy Bell, Deanna Betz, Susan Blinn. SECOND ROW: Kay Boatrlght, Susan Boddy, Barbara Boynton, Carolyn Breeden, Willa Buck, Bet+e Burke, Roxee Calinson, Jody Cashion, Susan Cockerham. THIRD ROW: Nancy Coffman, Claudia Conley, Barbara Connor, Jane Cooley. Janet Cooper, Sandi Denton, Anne Dew, Connie Dixon. Laura Dobbs. FOURTH ROW: Martha Dowling, Diane Durland, Betty Earnest, Ei- leen Edinger, Jan Elliott, Judy L. Ellis, Linda Evans, Marsha Finley, Judy Ford. FIFTH ROW: Ann Marie For- rester, Linda Griffin, Kathy Guy, Marilyn Hannilton, Mary Sue Hampton, Pat Harrison, Blakie Hart, Jan Hart, Milann Hastings. SIXTH ROW: Susan Healy. Judy Hegglund, Pam Heritage, Rebec- ca Heritage, Janie Hicks, Susan Hodde, Janet Hope, Polly Hoyt, Penny Isom. SEVENTH ROW: Kendall Jacobs, Patsy Johnson, Judy Jones, Nancy Keesee, Beth Kennedy, Ann Kent, Martha Key, Holly Kinkade, Con- nie Kytle. EIGHTH ROW: Janie Lake, Peg Lemme, Gene Lindsey, Olga Loe- ber, Carole Looney, Vicki Love, Susie Martin, Sue McCoy, Gail McCurdy. NINTH ROW: Anne McDaniel, Jeanne McGinnis, Pat Mclver, Sandy Meredith, Kay Meyer, Johnetta Mitchell, Jane Monroe, Karen Moore, Dianne Morrison. TENTH ROW: Kathy Munn, Mar- ty Nelson, Melinda Newby, Nancy Newton, Carol Oringderff, Billie Lynn Rhodes, Judy Richardson, Liz Riddle, Jane Robbins. ELEVENTH ROW: Shirley Rodg- ers, Paula Rogers, Charlyne Ry- land, Linda Schmidt, Paige Sellers, Sue Shelby, Nancy Shorbe, Jan Sneed, Susan Stayton, Sherry Steele. BOTTOM ROW: Trude Steele, Patty Thomson, Marie Voegeli, Di- ane Wager, Nanelle Wail, Lee Wheless, Sue Ann White. Luann Williams, Lee Ann Worrell, Trisha Young. 461 TOP ROW: Gail Adreme, Irene Aiaynick, Margo Altman, Tina Alt- man, Vlckl Bassin, Carolyn Bell. SECOND ROW: Nancy Boge, Andrea Bornstein, Barby Burnett. Jo. H. Bushnnan, Ellen Canar, JIK Colodny. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Daneman, Linda Emnner. Arlene Fedman, Joan Feldgreber, Frances Finkel, Jayne Franklin. FOURTH ROW: Davida Funk. Terry Gidlow, Susie Gilinsky. Bev- erly Gremm. Alice Jacobson. Bal- lard H. Jacobson. FIFTH ROW: Jeri Lynn Kahn, Janet Kamber, Barbara Kutler, Myra Lapides, Janie Leibs, Susan Matkoff. SIXTH ROW: Terry Milder. Shar- on Miller, Cheryl Newman, Bar- bara Novicoff, Laurel Olsen, Elaine Oscherwitz. SEVENTH ROW: Susan Plax, Sherry Potter, Bonnie Rosenthal, Ann Rozen, Sondra Rudin, Rita Saferstein, Luanne Schultz. BOTTOM ROW: Susan Schwartz, Sandy Shorr, Leslie Sternberger, Cheri Weinberg, Elayne Weiner, Barbara Weinstein, Maxine Weitz- 462 «r , i V REVIVING THE DAYS of the Old West at the SDT Frontier Party are Stuart Zarrow, ArHe Fedman, Barbara Butler and Bill Peck. Si ma Delta Tau Holds Frontier Party, Spring Formal Founded at Cornell University on March 25, 1917, with the colors of cafe au lait and blue. SDT had expanded to include 51 chapters. Xi chapter was established here in 1929. Since coming to the campus the girls have participated in many campus activities. This year they won third place in the Engine Show. Cheri Weinberg represented the liouse as semi-finalist for AFROTC queen. Leslie Sternberger was corresponding secretary and social chairman of Panhellenic. member of Mortar Board, BWOC, Or- chesis. Other outstanding members included Lyn Siegel, secretar) ' of Panliellenic; Ballard Jacobson, AWS Council, and Mary Rubin, yearbook beauty finalist. Social events included the animal Frontier party, held in the fall, and the annual Spring Formal. President OFFICERS . . Leslie Sternberger Vice-President Nancy Boge Secretary .... Maxine Weitzman Treasurer Barby Burnett Social Chairman .... Sandy Shorr GOING SCANDINAVIAN at the Zeta Tau Alpha Smorgasbord Party are Craig Fredericks, Jean Goad, Emma Jacobs and Jim Watt. Christmas Smorgasbord Is 6i Event {or Zeta Tau Alpha OFFICERS President Pat Mundkowski Secretary SuziE Trimble Treasurer .... Barbara Croovkr Social Chairman .... Emma Jacobs From fall to spring social events of Gamma Upsilon chapter were centered around the Halloween party, Christmas Smorgasbord, Val- entine party and White Violet spring formal. The sorority was founded on October 15, 1898, at Longwood Col- lege, Farmville, Va., by nine young women aged 15 and 16. It was the first fraternity to be chartered as a legal corporation by a state legislature. Gamma Upsilon chapter was founded at OU in 1953 and is one of 98. Active on campus this year have been Pat Mundkowski, Panhellenic secretary, Pi Omega Pi. Phi Beta Lambda; Lee Sperber. Pi Omega, Psi Chi, Panhellenic Scholarship winner; Jean Goad, Psi Chi, and Jeneane Curry, Sikdici- Shamrorl; Beauty and Orchesis. 920 Chautauqua TOP ROW: Jeneane Curry, Geor- gia Duckworth, Jean Goad, Bar- bara Groover. Ursula Haber- macher. SECOND ROW: Emma Jacobs, Ann Lander, Pam LeBlanc, Judith A. McGowen. Doris Moser. THIRD ROW: Pat Mundkowski, Elizabeth Nichols, Susan Noble, Mary Nell Orman, Janice Pace. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Kathryn Price, Nancy V. Scott, Patty Sharp. Lee Sperber, Suzie Trimble. READY FOR ANYTHING, from trick to treat, are Lee Sperber and Tony Rose at the annual Zeta Halloween Party. 465 BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Earlene Smith. Jimmy i_y,,i, iVn uimen, Judy Head, Sandi Castle, Melinda Sellers, Sharon Gafford. SECOND ROW: Nancy Scott, Ann-Caryl Tucker, Kay CarlettI, Sue Ford, Doreen Nash, Ruthie Huffmyer. THIRD ROW; Gaynell Stees. Carol Motsenbocker, Pam Greenshields, Marsha Luttreli, Jody Cashion. Tobee Kaufman. Mary Orman. TOP ROW: Sharon Charles, Pam Mason. Janie Potts. Bonnie Allen. Brooke Smith, Molly McCormick, Marie Voegeli, Bonnie Rosenthal. Sorority Pledges Cooperate In Junior Panheiienic MAKING PLANS for Junior Panheiienic activities are Jimmy Lynn McConnell, secretary; Sandi Castle, president; Ann McConnell, Panheiienic adviser, and Mrs. Earlene Smith, faculty adviser. Working to create friendliness and unity among pledge classes of campus sororities, the Junior Panhei- ienic Council was established on the University campus in 1944. It brings together sorority pledge classes in a program of cooperative planning and guidance. Meml)trship of the Council is composed of the pledge class president and one elected representative from each of the fifteen .sororities at OU. Mrs. Earlene Smith, gen- eral coiuis. ' lor with the Office of Student Affairs, acts as adviser. Soon after classes begin in the fall, Jiuiior Panheiienic holds an orientation class for new pledges. Another project is the tabidation and evaluation ol surveys on blind dates, an aiuuial project of sororities and fraterni- ties in an eliort to aid [)ledges to get acquainted. The group together with the Fraternity Pledge Council spon- sors an ainuial Creek work day in the spring at Central State Hospital. Tlie junior council coojierates with other Greek bodies in the su|)|)orl of campus activities and worthy conuiuuiily projects. Each year the ( ' ouncil awards a .sch()larshi|) cup (o the [)ledge class with ihe liiglicsl stholaslic average for the fall .semester. . member of Panheiienic Council acts as student ad i.ser to the sister group. 466 Fraternities lKBSi «» OFFICERS ARE Barry Staub, executive secretary; Jim Howard, president; David Sutherland, secretary; and Bill Dale, treasurer. Interfraternity Council OFFICERS President Thomas A. Gibbs Executive Secretary James K. HOWARD J M KKjt Secretary Pat Shea J m Treasurer Harry A. Yoinc « Faculty S|)()iis()r Dr. V. R. Brown Adiiiiiiistrative Secretary . . . Doroihy J. Doi-soN TOM GIBBS, President 468 Coordinating GreeJL Activities is Main Goal of IFC Bringing a s|)irit of cooperation among fraternities on campus lias been one goal of tlie Interfraternity Ciouncil. It also strives to coordinate Greek finictions in harmony with University policies. The organization acts as a welding force for the 24 fraternities on campus. All are brought together in a program of scholarship, leadership and community and campus service. Chief projects this year were the rewriting and jiul)- lishing of a new constitution and the establishment of a Fraternity Manager Association to cordinate a central purchasing plan for food. C. J. Steward was appointed to manage the association plan. A primary activity every year is the planning and carrying through in cooperation with the University the men ' s rushing period iti the fall. A combined rush manual is published and distributed to all official rush- ees. The manual gives information about the Council, the University, the rushing system and devotes pages to each fraternity and its membership. Officers were elected this spring to serve for one year. They were Jim Howard, president: Barry Staub, execu- tive secretary: David Sutherland, secretary: Bill Dale, treasurer, and Phil Horton, Student Senate representa- tive. Main objective of the new president is to rebuild the IFC from v ithin and to assist fraternities to plan and gain efficiency. Plans are being formulated to re amp the rusii program, establish an alumni association and a committee for financial planning. In the past Greek Week has consisted of fraternity and sorority jjledges working together in some community project, usually taking the form of a clean-up. paint-up project at Cen- tral State Hospital. The new administration hopes to expand Greek Week to include not only pledges but also members in an all-out effort to culminate a worth- while comnuuiity service. The IFC encourages high attainments in sciiolarship. Each year trophies are awarded to three fraternities for superior achievement. The fraternity scholarship pro- gram encourages and rewards scholastic endeavor. The deeper meaning and purpose of the Interfrater- nity Council is to bind the OU fraternities closer together for purposes which have resulted in the IFC. " s outstand- ing national and local reputation for scholarship and leadershij). The Council serves its member fraternities in such areas as discipline, pledging, initiation, records of mem- bership and acts as a liaison between the adnninstration and the fraternity system. It cooperates with the Office of Student Affairs in contributing to all areas of student life. BOTTOM ROW: Steve Yaffe. Jerry Latta, William Hubbard, Jerry Warren, Bill Du+cher, Pat Shea, Tom Gibbs, Dr. W. R. Brown, Jim tHoward, Harry Young, Delbert Frieze, John Claro, Jack Farrier, Dave Pugh. SECOND ROW: Eldon Battey, George Patterson. Garland Davis, Mike Thurman, Jim Pate, David Suther- land, Grant Fair, Ellison Wittels, Joel Janicov sky, Alan Terrill, .O Wl " 1 1 t t f f ' f.-tvf-f-i Gary Eley, Jim Swank, Charles Rains, Don Henline, Jim Mills. THIRD ROW: Warren Robb, Frank Rees. David Cook, Bruce Schutte. Thomas Burger. Mike RItz, Roger Parkins, Lo n Foster, John Pickens, Roy Chaney, Doug Williams, Ronny Bradshaw, Dave Hicks, Steve Rhoades, Mike Maples. j p . ' W - WH ™ " O I L TOP ROW: Glenn Atchley, Jr.. Jim Bassel, Charles Borchardt, Paul D. Borchardt, Thomas Sheri- dan Burger, Skip Durbin. SECOND ROW: David George, Bill Green, William E. Ham. Rich- ard lorio. Larry Krueger. Bill Markwardt. THIRD ROW: Woody Morris, Ronnie Osborn, Phil Oviatt, Mayo B. Parks, Bob Protzman. Carl A. Reed. BOTTOM ROW: Don Reed, James R. Scott, Michael D. Smith, Bill Thomas, Bruce A. Thrall, Jerry A. Warren. AMONG THOSE PRESENT at the Aca- cia Nite on the Nile Party were Barbara Fowler and John Harrison. 470 IT SEEMS AS IF Jim Gay and Becky Hill are putting on a floor show for the rest of the Acacias at their annual Triangle Ball Aeacia Founded By Masons At University Of Michigan Under the colors of black and old gold. Acacia was foutided on May 1, 1920. at the University of Michigan by a group of Master Masons. Famous alums are W. B. Bizzell. Lew Wentz, Edwin C. DeBarr, NASA head James Webb and Wes Santee, America ' s first four-minute miler. Headlining the Acacia social calendar are the Triangle Ball and the Nite on the Nile Party. Outstanding members who have been leaders in the house this year include Jerry Warren. Phi Eta Sigma and IPC representative; Bill Ham, Phi Mu Alpha and Alpha Phi Omega: Ronnie Osborn, Phi Mu Alpha and the Symphonic Band. OFFICERS President Jerrv Warren Vice-President Secretary Social Chairman Paul Borchardt . . Bill Ham . . Mayo Parks 544 Elm " IMILING FOR THE CAMERA at the TGIF Party are Eileen Brand, Larry Rosen, Jean Silverman, Terry Most, Gwen Cohen and Bill WienberQ Inter-Relations Program Project of Alpha Epsilon Pi OFFICERS President Steve Yakfe Vice-President . . . Howard Levitan Secretary Martin Rodkin Treasurer Stan Mintz Social Chairman .... Larry Rozen The AEPi " s are currently working on an inter-relations program witli other AEPl chapters at Texas, Tulane. and Kansas State. To be able to proudly show off many of their chapter pennants, the Omega Upsilon chapter of AEPi has sent letters to approxnnately seventy chapters around the country asking them to exchange pennants. The OU AEPi ' s are foiir-and-one-half years old and were affiliated with the national fraternity on October 18. 1959. Their new house- mother, Mrs. Sunshine (Sunny) Elliot, has been with the AEPi ' s since September and is already quite popular with the chapter. AEPi ' s parties include the Western Hayride. the Beatnik Parly anil the Spring l-Ormul. 536 S. University Blvd. TOP ROW: Sunshine Elliott, Mi- chael Barlow, Leonard A. Bokor. Daniel. Eagel. Michael Fried, Mike Gales. SECOND ROW: Alan E. Glasser, Eric Glasser, Toby Globe. Stephen Gold, Harvey Jay Keselman. Law- rence Neal Krug. THIRD ROW: Leslie H. Leibo- witz. Howard S. Levitan, Larry R. Margolies. Stanley Mintz, Terry Most, Robert L. Newman. FOURTH ROW: Phil Reinhardt, Larry A. Rosen, Franklin E. Salle, Bernard Schwalbe. Herman Mi- chael Schwartz, Jerome L. Schwartz. BOTTOM ROW: Richard Shaw, Sylvan Steinberg. William H. Stern. William Weinberg. Sam Weiss. David Wise, Steve Yaffe. EVERYONE. INCLUDING Cindy Levitt, Larry Rosen, and Sally Lynn, seems to be having a good time at the " We ' ve Got More Pledges Than You Do " " arty. 473 TOP ROW: Arthur Lee Barnes, Michael Burke. Bill Burt. Ronald R. Carman, Tobey Center, Roy Chaney, Richard Chronister. SECOND ROW: Charles E. Dan- lels, Gary J. Dean, Harold E. De- Graw, Bill Eason, David Hicks, Floyd Horton, James H. Ingram. THIRD ROW: Geoffrey Kelly. Gary Kilpatrick. Neal F. Lane. An- thony Lapara, Mike Meredith. John Miles, Charles Nicola. FOURTH ROW: John Oling- house, John C. Patterson, Bill Payne. Daniel Pedroja, Greg Pla- ter, Robert W. Poor. Renzo Raz- zano. sAUr BOTTOM ROW: Lee S. Ridgway. Ted Roberts, Gene Sands, Freder- ick Strahm, Ross Swimmer, Roy Thomas. Bob Uda, Paul Woody. HAVING FUN at the Alpha Sigma Phi Christmas party are Terry Anderson, Ross Swimmer, Janet Alexander, Jim In- gram, Donna Terry, and Charlie Daniels. 474 1L Nlfc: 3? •r L . 4 li HAVING A BALL! That ' s right, a Mad Hatter ' s Ball, are John Miles, Pam Lov e, John Ohnghouse, and Gayne.l Stoes. Alpha Si ma Phi Welcomes Foreign Exchange Student Alpha Sigma Phi carried off first phices in both Dad ' s Day and Mom ' s Day attendance trojihies and tlie University Sing. They also participated in the Foreign Excliange Program again this year by providing residence for a student from Italy. Tiie Bayou Bounce is the big event every spring. Other traditional dances include the Talisman Rose Formal, the Mad Hatters Ball and the Black and White Formal. This year the pledges gave the members a Western Party in February. Outstanding members include Paul Woody, a member of Sigma Delta Chi journalism society. Dad ' s Day Quartet executive committee and Campus Chest: Charles Daniels, a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa and the Phi Delta Phi lav. Fraternity. OFFICERS President Pall Woodv Vice-President Rov Chaney Secretary Ron Carman Treasurer Bob Poor Social Chairman . . . Harold Degraw 602 W. Boyd HEY! Get fhat cameraman over here, yelled Linda Nostrum, Lewis Davenport, Karen McCandless and Lee Saunders at the Bowery Ball Clean-Up Operation Brings Praise To Alplia Tau Orae a OFFICERS First Semester President Jack C. High Vice-President . . . Mike McIntosh Secretary Louis Evans Treasurer John Sturges Social C:iiairnian . . . Harold Kranz Second Semester President Dave Pi gh Vice-President . . Robert Chrisiman Secretary Mike Powers Social (lliainiian . . . Harold Kranz Alpha Tan Omega was highly praised by both the city and the Lhiiversity for " Operation Beer Can Pickup. " a service project in which the ATOs picked up all beer cans littering the streets of Nor- man. Other service projects by this fraternity included working with jjlnsicallv disabled Hov Scouts and sponsoring a Christmas party for the underprivileged children of Norman. The Playboy Party is the big social event for the ATOs every year and other parties include the Christmas Dance, the Initiation Dance and the Bouery Ball. The ATOs are planning to build a new house on Fraternity Row in 196.5 and have already purchased the lot. Alpha Tau Omega was founded on Septemlier 11. 1865. 1005 S. Jenkins TOP ROW: Kenneth O. Allwhite, Robert V. Ande, John E. Arant, Jerry Bales, Donald W. Blackwood, Jim Boyd. Raymond Brady. SECOND ROW: Joseph D. Cala han. Robert Christman, Tom L. Clark, John Cousins. R. Lewis Davenport, Jr.. Kip DeLaFleur. Eddie Dlx. THIRD ROW: Joe E. Eder, Tom- my L. Edgar, William W. Ervin. Jr., Louis Evans, Bill Favor, John D. Fisher, Bob Gaddis. FOURTH ROW: Phillip Gibson, Mike Goode, Tom H. Gould, Ter- ry Harrell. James A. Harris. Skip Hayes. Jim G. Henderson. FIFTH ROW: Jack C. High, Henry M. Holleyman, Alan L. Hotaling. Bill James. James D. Johnson. Robert Lee Kidd, III, Harold Kranz. SIXTH ROW: John B. Longfel- low, Dave Ludwick. William Mar- tin. Kent Maxwell, Pete May, George G. McGuire, Mike Mc- intosh. SEVENTH ROW; Frank Mont- gomery, Burbank Murray. Rudy D. Nieves, Dub O ' Steen. Steve O ' Steen. Bob Outlaw. EIGHTH ROW: Paul R. Petty, Thomas E. Petty, Jim Plunkett, Mike Powers, David L. Pugh, Jack R. Ray. NINTH ROW: Terry Rayner. Warren A. Robb, Richard D. Rus- sell. Walter G. Schiller, David Stone. John Sturges. BOTTOM ROW: Norrell Thomas, Bill VanDall, Jimmy M. Ward, Robert West, Joe Whittle, John- ny Mack Williams. 477 p 4 r) r o O o n r l O fS ( o fy oo k ' . !us i IritfVi TOP ROW: Edward Aberne+hy. Keith R. Acheson, Phil Adamson, Jon Michael Badqwell. Jerry C. Beeson, John S. Berry, Charlie Be+hea, Rusty Binford, Camp Bonds. SECOND ROW: Jim C. Braden. Joey Brindley, Charles Cashion, Paul L. Chesfnut, John M. Coffey, Charles Cole, Bruce Collier, Bill Conger. Charles Coward. THIRD ROW: David Craig, James D. Craven, John R. Cully, Bill Cunningham, John Cunning- ham, Travis A. Curd, II, Jerry Dilling, Tom Drummond, Grant Fair. FOURTH ROW: Robert Fleener, Sfev ri Garner, Mike Gorden, P rl lid Gore, John Graves, Don- ald R. Crews, Larry Foster, Bob Hart, Dean Hart. FIFTH ROW: Jerry Hassebroeic, Doug Hein, David Heldenbrand. John Hemphill, William M. Hen- derson, Ken Hicks, Bob Hood. Larry Howze, Bob Huckaby. SIXTH ROW: Larry Kelley, James A. Kinnebrew, John C. Kirton, Scott Lawrence, Steve Lawton. Tim Leonard, Jim Lester, John Lynn, Carlisle Mabrey. SEVENTH ROW: J. Patrick Ma- honey, Douglas Martin. John Mc- Calla, Michael B. McCarty, Edd McNeil, Michael T. McSpadden, Tommy Metcalf, Ron Moore. Ted Moore. EIGHTH ROW: Doyle Murray, Roger Nelson, Steve Newell, Mike Nisbet. Ned Nixon. Skip Norrls, Sam Nunley, Larry Owens, John B. Pangburn, Tom Parrott. NINTH ROW: Fred Patrick, Louie Priebe, James E. Pritchard, Ronny Pyle, Lawrence Reams, Jim Roberts, Danny Robertson. Allen Rucker. Jerry Sanders. Mike Sar- tln. TENTH ROW: Karl Schmltt. Bruce Schuerman, Kenneth E. Schuerman, Richard Segnar, Dick Self. Stan Shields. William Kent Shoemaker, Carl M. Smith, Daryl Spence, Paul Stanton. ELEVENTH ROW: Gary Stephen- son, Ronald Stevens, Kenneth Ed- ward Stowell, Jr., Mike Strong, Bill Swan, John Swineford. Thomas D. Swineford. Bill Talbot, Arthur Thompson. Mark Van Aken. BOnOM ROW: Charles Waters, Bill Weinrlch. Terry T. Wiens. Rob- ert Williams. Richard Williamson, James Wills, Ronny L. Wood, Jeff Wooley. Lawrence A. Wright, Frederick White. 478 ENJOYING TRADITIONAL Beta Barn Dance are Chuck Watson. Grant Fair, Mike Washburn, " Peaches " Wright, Jim Lester, and dates. Beta Theta Pi Leads Campus Fraternities In Grades Consistency is the word for the scholarship record of Beta Theta Pi. having won the Interfraternity Scholarship trophy in 16 of the past 20 years. The Gamma Phi chapter, founded here in 1907 under the colors of pink and blue, presently has 102 active members. Highlighting the social calendar was the Beta Barn Dance, held in the " Beta Barn " at 800 Chautauqua. Other social events included the Senior Dinner, the Spring Formal and the Pledge Formal, put on by the 68 members of the Beta pledge class. Listed among the outstanding alimnii of this social fraternity are amateur golfer Charlie Coe and illiam O. Douglas. Justice of the Supreme Court. OFFICERS First Sent ester President Grant Fair Vice-President .... Steve Lawton Secretary David Craig Treasurer John Coffey Social Chairman . . . RiSTi ' Binford Second Semester President Steve Lawton Vice-President .... Pall Stanton Secretary David Craig Social Chairman .... John Graves 800 Chautauqua CAUGHT IN A CROSS-FIRE during blind dates is John Nowlin. Mary Ann Hart and Kathy Wheeler seem to think that three is a crowd. Sooner Scandals Includes Delta Kappa Epsilon Act OFFICERS President Douglas Griffin Vice-President . . . George Paiterson Secretary Robert Rose Treasurer Harry Raleigh Social Gliainuaii . . George Paiterson Delta Kappa Epsilon was founded at Yale University on June 22. 1844, in protest to social injustices that existed there. The oflicial fraternity colors are red, blue and gold. Some of the outstanding Dekes on campus this year were Douglas Griffin, corresponding secretary of Tau Beta Pi, historian of Sigma Tan and member of the American Institute of Astronautics and Aero- nautics; Bob Rose. Finance Club, .Accounting Club and Phi Eta Sigma; and Charles Suggs, member of University Players, treasurer of Kappa Kappa Psi, University Band, and he had the lead role in " Man in a Dogsuit. " The Deke pledge look the second place IFC .scholarship award and the Deke Underlakers were in Sooner Scandals. 700 Elm TOP ROW: John Lee Barrett, Terry Hartley, James Alan Brad- ford. David Butler, Rich Cole, Donald B. Collins, Steve Detjen. SECOND ROW: James L. Ellis, Leo W. Farmer, Frank Gatewood. Stanley P. Germond, Douglas E. Griffin, Mike Gurren, William Ise- minger. THIRD ROW: Mike Kennedy. Joel Pel Ketonen, Christopher Love, Douglas Lyie. Phil McEnroe, J. Douglas Mistier, Randy Morri- son. FOURTH ROW: John Nowlin. Alexander Oliphant. Ill, George Patterson. Larry Payne. Wade Pip- kin, Bill Porter, Harry Raleigh. FIFTH ROW: Jim Reed. Robert A. Rose, Harry Seek, Alan B. Smith, Larry R. Wade, Mike Weaks. D.p. ( » o p C ( 1 1 X Ki B u ffW j N ' ' BB M j M I QRp ' ri- L H " F " ' - ' V- ' " ' Wk CHEERING THEIR TEAM on to victory are thrse DEKE fans, Mom Harris. Larry Wade and Theta housemother, Mom 481 TOP ROW: John R. Barnes, Bruce N. Benedict, James A. Bradbury, II, James W. Case. SECOND ROW: Charles Goode, J. Robert Howard, Steve Ivy, Danny L. Kepner. THIRD ROW: Ronald Kozak, Ron Minton, James G, Palmer. BOTTOM ROW: Bert P. Pohl, George A. White, David Keck Williams. TAKING TIME OUT to grab a few bites to eaf df the Carnation Ball are Janice Bowman and Bert Pohl. H ' ' 1 PH ■ ' ' i H f ' l i 482 .. X. I .A SHIP AHOY! Dressed appropriately for the occasiion, the Sailor ' s Ball, are first-mates George White and Mike Zaydam and their date:. Leadership Dinners Hi hli ht Delta Sigma Plii Year The Delta Sigs have renovated and remodeled the interior of tlieir chapter house this year and ha e beuun leadership dnuiers. which utilize leaders from industry, education and government as guest s])eakers to educate the brothers in the fundamentals of success. The Delta Sigs plan to continue the house impn ement and plans for it are now under way. Some of the Delta Sig social events include the Sphinx Ball, a fall costume party: the Sailor ' s Ball, another costume party, and the Car- nation Ball, during which the Delta Sig Dream Girl is crowned. Outstanding D;lta Sigs are Danny Kepner. Phi Eta Sigma: John Worden. Phi Eta Sigma, and James Adamek, Wilson Center Presi- dent ' s Coimcil President. OFFICERS First Semester President Dan Green Vice-President Steve Ivy Secretary George White Treasurer James Palmer Social Chairman .... Ron Kozak Second Semester President Danny Kepner Vice-President Jim Palmer Secretary Bert Pohl Social Chairman . . . Dave Coatney 519 S. University Blvd. . I COME-AS-YOU-LIKE party produces a varied array of costumes at the Delt Dive. Displaying " collegiate " fashions are two Delts and dates. Delta Tau Delta Records Honors For Pledges, Members OFFICERS President Guv Primrose Vice-President Jim Benneit Secretary Tom Dodson Treasurer Randall Mock Social Oiairmaii .... Terry Panza Delta Tau Delta had an eventful year after having won the intra- mural championship, first in last year ' s Sooner Scandals, second in scholarship and the ])ledge class being first scholastically. The Delt pledge class won the first Spark Plug trophy for the highest pledge class grade average. The average was 2.964 and in- cluded four 4.0s. In Phi Eta Sigma. Bill McGrew was president; Grayson Van Horn, vice-president: John Pinkerton. secretary, and Dennis Berry, historian. Intramural trophies were won in basketball, A and B volleyball, and luuRlhall. widi seconds in track, football and softball. The all- time record of 81 points was tied. The Sooner Scandals act, v ith the Kappas, won first place, and the Delt Quartet placed second in Dad ' s Day competition. 630 Elm TOP ROW: Paul Anderson. Hoyt Andres, Ron Armstrong, John Bachle, Jerry Barnett, Ron Barton, Jim Bennett. Phil Bird. SECOND ROW: Harold Bowers. Don Bright, Roger Brown, Mike Buchanan, Larry Burmeier, Marie Byrd, ' Richard Chapman, John Coffey. THIRD ROW: Robert Conley. Roger L. Conley, Ron Deadman, Bill Dimick, Tom Dodson. Pete Dosser, David Driver. Ed D. Dubie. FOURTH ROW: Ted P. Dubie, Jack Fesler. Gerry Fisher, Terry Fisher, Ben Franklin, Richard L. Galloway, Fred Hahn, Bruce Hare. FIFTH ROW: William L. Hill, Douglas Hobbs, Bill Hopkins, Phil Norton, Dallas Howard, Al Joern, John Krummel, Jerry Latta. SIXTH ROW: David Lewis. Ken Maddox, Robert Martin, Joe Ma- son, Kyle McCarter, William C. McGrew, III, Stephen Millspaugh. Bob Minnis. SEVENTH ROW: Mike Minnis. Randall Don Mock, Charles L. Mugg, Lewis Mull, Larry Mullins. Clark Musser, Larry Neal, Dan Nelson. EIGHTH ROW: Doyle Newsom. Terry Pansza. Roger L. Parkins. Ronald J. Pendergraft, Dick Fer- ryman, Gordon Leigh Phillips, John Pinkner, Jack S. Pratt. Guy S. Primrose. NINTH ROW: John Redman. Robert Rex Renfrew, Mike Robin- son. Mickey Robison, Pat Ryan, Stan Shields, Ralph Simmons, James R. Slaughter, Bill Spear. TENTH ROW: Roland Tague, John Tanton, Michael Terry. James T. Thompson. Jim Tubb, Grayson VanHorn. Stephen L. Vargo, George R. Vaughn, John Vogler. BOTTOM ROW: Bob Warner, Jim White, Jim Whitmire, Dick Wilkins, Michael Williams, Don R. Wilson, Gary Wilson, Earl W. Young, Jerry Young. S MMf MtM tA tAl (T 1 C O ( (T C 485 o a c M t itf,-: Jii iTlitf ti« rA TOP ROW: Ron Andeel, Robert Benbow. Glen Birdsong, Earl Brlcker, Phil Childress, John Choate, W. Kirk Clausing. SECOND ROW: Gary E. Crea- ger, Richard H. Davis, Mike Douthitt, Pat Evans, Allen Fender, Harry Fender, Ron Frederick. THIRD ROW: Ed L. Garnett, Charlie Gibbs, Carl Godard, Mike Gross, Craig Hall, Wilburn C. Hall, Scott Hilburn. FOURTH ROW: Jay Hodges. Jim Hoover, Mac Hower, Phil Hurley, Richard Johnson, Frank J. Jones, Pat Kenady. FIFTH ROW: Paul M. Kimball, John Kissick, Edwin Kurek, Ed Kurtz, Ed Livermore. Ken Maricle, John McCarty. SIXTH ROW: George McCoy. Robert Floyd McFarland, John McNeely, Terry Newkumet, Ritch- ey Nev ton, Bob O ' Bryan, Fred Olson. SEVENTH ROW: Donald Pape, John S. Poole, Bill Porch, Ed Por- ter. David Rennie, Orlin B. Rlck- ard. W. D. Rogers, Jr. EIGHTH ROW: Bruce Schutte, Jay Shields. Bob Stephens, Don Stephens, Kent Swaim, Steve Swanson, Allan Thompson. BOTTOM ROW: John Wells, Da- vid Westgate, Jim Whisnand, Phil Willis, Charles W. Wilson, David Yoder. 486 ' fik xr - v J " if I v ;: | W£. WHENEVER THE DUs throw a party at the Riverbottom,, Patty, Earl, Shirley and David are sure to be the first to arrive. Delta Upsilon Chapter Hosts Province Ten Conference The Delta Upsilon Sooner Scandals act, " Boomer City Show- down, " took first place in the men ' s division of scandals, the DUs took third place in the Dad ' s Day cjiiartet contest, and the Delta Upsilon Province Ten Conference with delegates from six chapters in attendance was held at the Oklahoma chapter to give the DUs a very successful year. The social calendar was topped off with the Feudal Dinner and Miss Shirley Scott. KKG. was crowned Feudal Princess. Of course, the Egg Hunt and TGIF party were again big campus hits. Outstanding DUs are John Wells, Top Ten Freshmen: Oriin Rickard. Dad ' s Day Chairman: Red Hawkes, Dad ' s Day Association Outstanding Senior Man at OU, and Allan Tiiompson, assistant editor of the SoONER. OFFICERS Y rsl Semester President Bruce Schuite Vice-President Craig Hall Secretary John Wells Treasurer Ed Krutz Social Chairman . . . Jim Whisnand Secotnl Semester President Allan Thompson Vice-President .... Scott Poole Secretary Kirk Clausing Social Chairman .... Dub Rogers 603 W. Broob , ..Ail ; ' h Tt S. £. ' — .. - i. LOADING CANNON, and preparing for the " blast, " are Alan Zumsteg, Lennea Teir, Lynne Barrett and Bart McElroy at Plantation Ball. Kappa Alpha Member Wins New Title Of " Ipst Man " OFFICERS President James Swank Vice-President . . . Dot glas Dish n( an Secretary Beri ' McKeroy Treasurer Bob Newman Social Cluiiriiuiii . . . Martin Smith " Dixie Derringer " was the name given the KA cannon by the Kappa Alpha Thetas. tlie winning sorority in the KA " Name-That- Cannon " ' contest. Other highHghts of the year for the K. s were the hosting of die K. National Officers Training School, the KA-DG Christmas Party in the Baptist Children ' s Home, and the naming of Jack Jackson as winner of the ' Ugliest Man on Campus " trophy. Of course, the Plantation Ball was the big party of the year for the KAs, but other parties, such as the Truck Party and the Dixie Dance were also quite successful. Campus leaders in the chapter are Jack Johnson, editor of the Sooner Greek: Bert McElroy, Young Republicans vice-president, and R((bert Vaugli. Phi Ela Sigma treasurer. 601 Cruce TOP ROW: Mrs. Francesca Moore, Housemother; Thomas W. Amsden, Jr.. Arch S. Arthur, Frank Bellows. Charles Burgett, Robert Crews, David N. Cathey. SECOND ROW: James M. Cron- oble. Tom Deering, William L. Demastus, Dougy Dishman. Lonnie Fancher, Don Fletcher, Steve Franklin. THIRD ROW: Gordon Gabbert. John Garrison, Mike Gibson, Thomas J. Hanson, Tommy Hasz, Charles Huff, Jack Jackson. FOURTH ROW: Bob Jenkins, Ronald W. Kelley. Gary Kleman, Perry Lovelace, David Mangini, Merlin E. Martin, Jerry Masters. FIFTH ROW: Rod McCalman, Bert C. McElroy, Ed McTyre, Gus Miller, Jim Mills, Ronald Minnix, Mike Moran. SIXTH ROW: Robert Newman Lynn Overton, James Pavlonnis, Elvis Pennington, Vernon E. Prin- gle, Duard Pyle, Jr. SEVENTH ROW: Jeffery A. Rep ke. Patrick A. Reynolds, J. E. Riley, James E. Royds, Charles Sego, Richard V. Simon. EIGHTH ROW: Robert H. Simp, son, Martin Smith, King Solomon, Richard Standefer. Lewis G. Ste- phens, Joe Sutton. NINTH ROW: Jim Swank, Wil- liam W. Talley, II, John Taylor Joseph C. Todd, John E. Van Val- kenburgh, Robert G. Vaugh. BOTTOM ROW: Bart Ward, Pe- ter Weaver, Tom Weeks, Neil Wilson. Robert Wilson, Al Zum- steg. hmiMJiMm €. ■ m MAimkiM 489 di f-- i-Ti ( , n« r-nir -y Cj tt r Tfetf J J 1 MiA kA tAdtM TOP ROW: Barry Abrams, Buck Adams, Sam Asbury, David Bead- ner, Jack Benson, Larry BrakebiN, Lynn Bryan, Doug Burfrum. SECOND ROW: C. C. Buxton. Gary Buxfon, Jann Christian, Steve Christie. Jimmie Cole, Rich- ard Cole, James C. Cook, Tom Cooley. THIRD ROW: Jack W. Crockett. Jr., Frank Crosby. Harold Davis, Denver Davison, Randy Deal, Bill Dillon, Wesley Dobbins, Bob Doke. FOURTH ROW: Phillip F. Elkins. Vaugh Esper, Michael T. Evans. Major S. Ferguson. Jr., Floyd Fos- ter, John E. Frank. David Freeman, Don Fruit. FIRM ROW: Jay Gait. Tom Gibbs, Pat Gordon, John Had- dock. John Hardwick, Don Harri- son, Richard Henderson, James Hensler. SIXTH ROW: Tommy Hickerson. Eddie HIggins. Bob Jacob, Lanny Johnson, Joe Don Jones, Charles Jordan, Steve Kline, Thomas S. Lawrence. SEVENTH ROW: Steve Lobaugh. Larry Burton Lucas, Bill Majors, Paul Mannas, Dennis M. McCary, Chris Meyers, Jon Moon, Bob Moore. EIGHTH ROW: Bo Nance, Phil Nelslar, Ned Otterstrom, Larry Padberg. Jim Pate, Dick Phillips. Bob Prince, Rice Reavls. NINTH ROW: John Regur, Lance Rentzel, Bill Rhodes. Robert K. Roach, Ed Roble, Jim F. Robinson, Greg Ryan, Bill Schwenk. TENTH ROW: Suddy Sudberry, David Sutherland. Don Talley, George B. Thompson, George H. Thompson, John C. Turner, Philip Ulmer, Lynn Watklns. BOTTOM ROW: John Whiteside. Cliff Whltmore, Dennis Whittle- sey, Jim Winblood. Brad Windsor, Dave Woltz, Gil Wright. Jack Wright. 490 b HAPPY NEW YEAR! Celebrating at the annual Kappa Sigma New Year ' s m [November party are Jack Lambert, Denver Davidson and dates. It ' s New Year ' s Eve In November For Kappa Si mas v The November New Year ' s Eve Party (comjjlete with elephants), the Christmas Formal, Hellzapoppin and the statewide rush party contribute to the Kappa Sigs well-known social slate. The Kappa Sigs ' 47-man pledge class had contributed its services to the community by cleaning up West Lindsay Street prior to one of the home football games and by giving a skit and party with the Alpha Chi Omegas at the Cerebral Palsy Center. In intramurals, the Kappa Sig " B " football team reached the finals before losing out. Outstanding Kappa Sigs are Tom Gibbs. IFC president: Dennis Whittlesey. Oklahoma Daily Editor, and Lance Rentzel, varsity foot- l)all. The Kappa Sigs also have two student senators. OFFICERS First ScDicsler President James Hensler Vice-President Phil Elkins Secretary Bob Moore Treasurer John Hardwick Social Chairman Jim Pate Sf ( iid Scincster President Jim Pate Vice-President Jay Galt Secretary Dill Dillon Social Chairman . . . Steve Lobaugh I 100 College wfir . " DON ' T YOU DARE change thai Beatle record or we ' ll shoot, " says, Stuart Cole, Don hlenline, Jeanne and Sandy at the Western Party. Umbd i lpha Successful In Son s, Scholarship OFFICERS With a first place finish in the Dad ' s Day Quartet Contest, a second First Seimstcr place in the University Sing, and with two of the top ten freshmen, President MiKt: Howard ' ' ' lambda Chi ' s have had a pretty rewarding year. Vice-President. . . . Mike McDanel The Lambda Clu ' s social calendar includes such well known par- c 1 rk- Shavnok ' ' ' ' ' Tradewinds, a South Sea island party: the Moulin Rouge Tr»,o ,or T ,.,... c party, a French costume affair: the Western Party, and the annual 1 reasurer ...... iviikl 1jL is ' o • 1 r i ■ on Christmas Party. Social Chairman .... Bill Hodde r ■ ' Outstanding Lambda Chi ' s include Jim Howard, president of the Second Sciiicsler IFC and president of the U.AC; Mike Howard, chairman of Pop Series, President Grady Merritt and ODK, and R. N. Dunagan. To|) Ten Freshmen and Sooner Vice-President .... Cjerald Biiler Scandals production director. Secretary Roger Roinds Noted alums of Lambda Chi include Harry S. Truman, jimmie Social Cliairman .... Bill Hodde Doolittle. Al Capp and judge A. P. Murrah. 904 College TOP ROW: Peter C. Andresen. Mark Ashton. John Bagwlil. Bill Barhydt, Charles W. Bay, Jerry Benson, Steve Bonner. SECOND ROW: Paul Bowles, Garry W. Bradford, Jerry Brant- ley. .Robert L. Bridwell, L. Gerald Bryant " , Gerald Butler, Dan Cava- ness. THIRD ROW: Roger Clapp, Stu- art Cole, Keaton Cudd, Craig Daiton, Kirk Dandrldge. Jim Dodd, R. N. Dunagan. FOURTH ROW: John Echohawk, Eddie Finley, Clark Gilpin, John Goodman, Larry Hallum, Jim Hammett. Jim Haney. FIFTH ROW: Don Henline, Bill Hodde, James Howard. Mike Howard, Charles F. Hull, Gene F. Jenkins, John J. Kalil. SIXTH ROW: Ralph Koenig, Penn Lerblance. Mike Lewis, Her- man Little, Wayne L. Loving. Mike McDanel. Ron McMeans. SEVENTH ROW: Bill Meek, Grady Merrltt, Toby Morey, Ben M. Moyer, Jr., James M. Nix, Joe Nunnery, Jerry Otis, Bob Parrott. EIGHTH ROW: Bryce L. Patter- son, David L. Pauling, Richard W. Pettlcrew, Patrick R. Pitchford, Bill Pitts, Daniel C. Porter, David Ramsey, Jerry Ransom. NINTH ROW: John R. Reid, Terry L Riddle, Ralph D. Rldling- hafer. David Robertson, Roger Rounds. James Scrlvner, Jack Shannon, Stanley Shaw. TENTH ROW: G. R. Shreve, Bur- gess H. Shrlver, James A. Smith, Ed Tatum, Keene Taylor, Roger M. Turner, Charles Wade, Mike Weaver. BOnOM ROW: Roger W. Webb, Ramon Williams, Joe Win- field, Larry Woodard, Terry D. Woodcock, Michael Wynn, Lee Chandler Young, Tom Young. .w ' ikOitAA M 493 ,p (f O O ( Ct). r (rt|; " Wi n n a c : HTM r C J a i ' K tfV d:! n j o r ' q, I y ir ' TOP ROW: Jay Allen, Shelley Annette, John Arnold, Jr., Sam Atkins, J. D. Austin, Sanford Aus- tin, Roy Bailey, Dwain Ballew. SECOND ROW: Micliey Ballew, Leo Baughman, John Baum, John G. Bernard, Larry Blankenship, Ronny Bradshaw, Christopher An- thony Briggs, Mike Clark. THIRD ROW: Ross Collier, Jame Robert Copass, Ted Cox, Vaylora Cox, Stephen hi. Craven, Rocik Dawson, Mike De Lier, Joe Dor- man. FOURTH ROW: Phil Edwards. Kenneth R. Etheredge, Jim Farha, Delbert Frieze. Paul Frost, Chris Gibbs, Mike Graham, Bruce Grove. FIFTH ROW: Joe Hamlin, James Harris, Bob Hill, Gene Hitchcock, John Hove, Mike Ivens, Larry Ja- cobs, Everett Johnson. SIXTH ROW: Hank Keitz, Joe Kernke, Rod Klrkham. R. M. Kob- dish. Bob Lee, Rick Linn, Doug Manning, Jack H. Marsee. SEVENTH ROW: Wayne Massad, Dave Massey, Gary McCowan. Rick McCurdy, Hugh McRae, Vance McSpadden, David Mier, Bill Nations. EIGHTH ROW: Jim Noland, Rick Northcutt, Steve Olsen, Kent Padgett, Pat Patterson, Jim Pence, Bill Ross, Jim Rushton. NINTH ROW: Mike Russell, Jon Sawvell, Ralph Scargall, Charles Schuette, Fred Schweers, Carter Scot!-, W arren Sherman, Earl Skarky. TENTH ROW: John C. Synder, Keats Soder. Jr., Daryl Stallings, Ainslie Stanford, Larry Joe Stat- ham, Bill Thomas, Tim Traynor, George O. Trickel. BOTTOM ROW: Billy Pies Upde- graff, Peter K. White, Otho Whiteneck. Brad Williams, John- ny Wilson, Richard Winburn, Jones Witcher, Tony Wright. 494 SURROUNDING the center of attraction, Bo Dlddly and his band, at the annual Phi Delt Christmas party, are members and their dates. Community Service Projects Interest Phi Delta Theta Participation in tlie Oklahoma Eye Bank program, Community Service Day and the annual Orphan and Caroling Party are just three of the communitv service activities of the Phi Delts. The Phi Delts ' social events are well known on campus and include the Roaring 20 ' s Party, Suppressed Desires Party and the Phi Delta Theta Turtle Race, held in conjunction with Homecoming. The Turtle Race is a race of turtles by competing sororities. Delta Gamma won this year. Outstandnig Phi Delts on campus are Larrv Blankenship. Student Senate president; Ronnie Bradshaw, IFC rush chairman; Delbert Frieze, IFC constitution and by-laws chairman, Petroleum Landmen ' s Association, and President ' s Leadership Award. OFFICERS First Scinesler President George Trickle Vice-President .... JiM Hackler Secretary .... Russell McArron Treasurer Keats Soder Social Chairman . . . Sanford Austin Second Semesfer President Delbert Frieze Vice-President . . . MiCKEY Ballew Secretary Earl Skarky Social Chairman Ted Cox 1400 College 495 u ' - flJ « - u. DECKED OUT in Fiji Island garb are Mary Holcomb, Larry Dow and Patty Jackman. This annual party heads the Fl i social calendar. Royal Purple Oi Phi Gamma Delta Signifies Secrecy President Secretary . . . Treasurer Social { ' liairiiiaii OFFICERS . . DoiCLAS Williams . . J. Michael Griffin . . . . Sam LaMonte . . Steve Garrett Under the color of royal purple. Phi Gamma Delta was founded on April 22, 1848, upon the principle of secrecy. The Nu Omega chap- ter was founded on the University of Oklahoma campus in 1917. Listed among the distinguished alinnni of this social fraternity are Senators J. Howard Edmondson and Mike Monroney, Representative Ed Edmondson, Secretary ' of Defense Robert McNamara. and tele- vision entertainer Johnny Carson. The social calendar at 1200 College includes the Fiji Nightclub Party, the annual Fiji Island Party, and the Norris Pig Dinner. Plans for the house include the furnishing of a room added to the house last year. The room should be completely furnished by next fall to serve as a librarv and studv hall. 1200 College 496 TOP ROW: Mike Amspacher, Bun Baker, Logan Beard, Bud Beeler, Bob Bishop, Jon Blaschke, Don Bolen, Sonny Clark Boyles, Mike Brewer. SECOND ROW: Fred Bridge. Buster Brown, Jim Charles, Jim Clark, Joe Clare. Jack M. Coch- ran, B-uddy Coke, Howard Cole, Presfon Cox. THIRD ROW: Bob Daniel, Guy Danieison, Larry Dennis. Daniel D. Douglass, Larry Dow, Dan Dun- can, Jerry Durbin, Robert L. Edens, Gordon Edwards. FOURTH ROW: Jim Flood, Mar- tin Garber, Jr., Stephen P. Gar- rett, Tom Garrison, Rick Gentry, Dan Goad, James R. Graham. Mike Griffin. Jerry Hiersche. FIFTH ROW: Hugh Holmes, Vic Holt, Phil Hoot, W. David Hoo- ver, D. Wynn Ibach, Earl Ingram. Robert Johnstone. Bill Karr, Rob- ert Keahey. SIXTH ROW: Bob Kellough, Chri s Kenison, Doug R. Knox, Karl Kroeger, Jr., Brent LaGere, Sam LaMonte, David Lampton, Chuck Lane, Harold LeCrone. SEVENTH ROW: Bill Lockett, Robert Looney, Phil A. Lutz, Hugh Mabe. Stephen P. Mann. Larry McElroy. Roger McElroy, Bob Metcalfe, George T. Metcalfe. EIGHTH ROW: Dan Moran. Ray Moss. Larry Newell, Luke Nigli- azzo, Clark Nye, Joe Oliphant, Ted Ownby, Jr., Mike Pitts, Steve Pruette. NINTH ROW: Bruce Raley. Char- lie Ramsey, Larry F. Roberts, Lar- ry Robertson, Tom Robinson, Jim Rodgers, William W. Rollins, Randy Royse, Steve Saul. TENTH ROW: John Schofield, Mike Scott, Bob Sevick, Rogers V. Shaw, II, David Sheegog, Jim Smi- ley, Dean Smith, John Stevens, Jay St. John. ELEVENTH ROW: Dan D. Stuart. Jr., Jack Sullivan, Alan Terrill, Bill Thompson, Steve Thomas, Phil Truss, Tom Veale, Alan Vint, R. W. Voegeli, Jr. BOnOM ROW: Ronnie Wales, Creekmore Wallace. II, Peter M. Way, B. Kenneth Williams, Bob Williams, Doug Williams, Jim Wil- son. Larry H. Wilson, Jr. ( O ■t r ' m r ' f f K v dt ir i irM4iiuiAJ:rM dik M Mt ' Jk t WrMWi i MMi c 497 JrkdfMd Mih MiM M trM k f tJ M op TOP ROW: Ed Abel, John E. Ag- new, Robert Ahrens. Clyde Amyx, II, Eldon L. Battey, David Bell. SECOND ROW: Don R. Brannon, Robert Burnslde, Pat Chambers, Thomas G. Clark, Jerry Criswell, Bill Devlne. THIRD ROW: Tom Dotson, Kemp D. Dowdy, Jim Downey. Mac Dur- ni l, Ronnie Eyiar, Terry Flaugher, FOURTH ROW: Andy T. Faust, Bobby Goodner. William Riley Grove, Morris Hatley, James H. Holloman, Robert Jackson. FIFTH ROW: Daniel Walter James, John W. Knight, Tom Laub, Ronald Leader, Bill Ligon, Frank Lillard. SIXTH ROW: Kent Lillenberg, Bill R. Mann, Luster Martin, James W. Mayo. Dale McDoulett, Robert C. Metzger, Stephen D. Miller. SEVENTH ROW: Eddie Neal, Chuck Nelson, Gary Lee Nichols, Carl Terrace Nickle, Dick Orr, William M. Peck, Jr.. John T. Pickens. EIGHTH ROW: Mike Reynolds. Steve W. Rhoades, Terry Schenk, Ron Shideler, Charles W. Size- more, Mark Smyth, V. John Tay- lor. BOTTOM ROW: James A. Tru- deau, Charles Tucker, Jon Wade, James Earl Whitman, Rick Wil- liamson, Mike Wilson, Harry M. Young. 498 DOWN IN THE DUMPS are Roger and Linda Bramley. Spirits were higher-priced than costumes at the Phi Psi Poverty Ball. Local Phi Kappa Psi Chapter Completes New House The successful completion of a new chapter house in September was the highlight of the 1963-64 school year for the Phi Psi ' s. The new house is valued at $294,000. The Phi Psi " 500. " termed by them to be the " biggest fraternity sponsored event on the OU campus. " was held for the third successive year. Other highlights for the year were the aiuiual Poverty Ball, the Fall Formal, the Spring Formal, and the annual Christmas Party. Top Phi Psis on campus niclude: Harry Young, treasurer of the IFC. Phi Eta Sigma, and Provincial Delegate to the National Episco- pal Con ention: Rick Williamson, president of the Fraternity Pledge Council; and Jim Mayo, Student Press Association president. OFFICERS First Semester President Steve Rhoads Vice-Pre.sident .... Steve Miller Secretary John Pickens Social Chairman . . , Harry Young Second Semester President Harry Yoiing Vice-President Jim Mayo Secretary ...... Pat Chambers Social Chairman . . . Don Brannon 720 Elm 499 ■ ' X ' v- ' ■■ K ?5!-w; .try ■■■ w. S[V RAISING THE ROOF at the Phi Kappa Sigma Black and Gold formal are members Tom Rowe and Richard Thompson and their dates. Swin in Year For Phi Kappa Si ma Includes Parties OFFICERS The Haunted House Party, the Victory Party, the Christmas Party, r-- , c , the Black and Gold Formal, the Hillbillv Party, and the Shipwreck t list .icwofcr ' . . ' . . . „ . , n r- Partv all added together to make it a " swinoina; " year for the Phi President Robert Erdman ■ • o ; Vice-President .... Roger Bayless ' ' . ■ , , m • i i . , n n r, „ o i Un the more serious side, tlie rhi K.aps held a Halloween iarty at Secretan- Stan Foster , r. , . t, i . • -in r , • i j „.,„.. , ,, the Cerebral Palsy Institute, a Christmas Party lor uiiderpnvileged Social Chairiiiau . . . JlMMY I-ELLERS ' ■ r- i idi i ■ -t-u children, and a clean-up day at the L.erebral ralsy Institute. 1 he Second Semester Phi Kaps have also been ver)- active in intramurals. getting to the President Garland Davis finals in Class A football. Vice-President . . . Edward Sanders Outstandiiig Phi Kaps are George Stokes, OU varsity right tackle: Secretary Brice Hickman Ron Burkett, Men ' s Glee Club and University Choir, and Bill S ocial Chairnian . . . Roger Bayless Scanlon, IFC General Welfare Committee. 736 Elm TOP ROW: Doug Adams, Jack B. Alberts, Mike Austell, Roger Bay- less, Darryl W. Benninga. Ronald Borden, Mike Boydstun, Curt Brookover. SECOND ROW: Barry Buffalo- hide, John Burford, Ron Burkett, Richard E, Carr, John Mark Con- nely, Dr. Don Cox, Bill Coyle, Randy Craddock. THIRD ROW: Dave Cromwell, Garland Davis, Jim Day, Arthur W. Dudenhoeffer, Steve Duggan, Keith A. Eaton, Fred Erdman, HHaskell Evans. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Fellers, Patrick Fitzgerald, Jack E. Foote, Stan L. Foster, Don Fuller, Mike Gaden, Everett George, L. J. Gregg. FIFTH ROW: Thomas D. Haddan, Bob Haller, Victor Hemmy, Bruce Hickman, George L. Holland, Leonard Horton, Michael Todd Jones, Dan Kubiak. SIXTH ROW: Jim Kubiak, Victor K. Kulp, Larry Lemon, John W. Little, Bruce London, Joe L. Low- ry, Nick Mauney, Jim McFarlane. SEVENTH ROW: Terry McKenzie, Jay Messenger. John Millar, Mil- ton Milstead, Bruce Morgan, Dwight Mundell. Mike Nichols, Timothy E. Nicholson. EIGHTH ROW: Bill Nolen, Owen Northcutt, James E. Norvell, Dick Osborn, Charles L. Powell, Alan Reff, Mike Riley, John Roberts. NINTH ROW: Richard Rockett, Tommy Roe, Dale Rose, Sandy Sanders, Bill Scanlon, Sandy Seals, Bud J. Sessions, Ronald Stevens. TENTH ROW: Charles Strand- berg, David S. Stubenberg, Lee Switzer, Jack W. Tarpley, Floyd Taylor, Richard Thompson, Curtis VanHooser. BOTTOM ROW: Richard Venier, Larry Weber, Tom Welch, Don Wentz, Gary Wright, James L. Yeary, Jr., Jim Young. 501 TOP ROW: Carl F. Baerst. Travis Brophy, John Calderas, Jr., John A. Claro, Joseph William Edvy, Philip A. Ericson, SECOND ROW: Jack T. Ghora- yeb, Michael R. hlarrison, Edward J. Hutlas, Lewis R. Jones, William J. Marion, Jr., Jim Martin. THIRD ROW: Joseph J. Mays. Michael J. McSweeney, Michael R. Mele. Danny R. O ' Brien, Frank W. Rees, Jr., Jack D. Reigh. BOnOM ROW: James R. Runft, Dennis R. Scott, Michael J. Sex- ton, John Patrick Shea, William P. Tylinski. SITTING THIS ONE OUT at the fall formal, an annual event for Phi Kappa Thetra, are Cathy Champlin and Jack Ghorayeb. 502 ) ' • i .-•vl WT 3d WITH A TREE and decorations like that, what better way could George Narvaes and Chris tHolm enjoy the Phi Kappa Theta Christmas Party? Phi Kappa Theta Founded At Brown University In 1889 Under the colors of cardinal red. white and gold, the Oklahoma Kappa chapter of Phi Kappa Theta was founded in 1934. It had its national founding at Bro An University on April 29, 1889. Listed among the alinnni of this national fraternity is the late President John F. Keimedy. Other outstanding alumni include Rob- ert Galvin, president of the Motorola Corporation; Thomas F. Patton. president of Republic Steel, and Ed McCauley. coach of the St. Louis Hav ks. Active members of this chapter have held the posi- tion of secretary of the Interfraternity Council and were among those listed as Outstanding Freshmen in 1963. Headlining the social calendar are the Fall Formal, Beaux Arts Costimie Ball and the Roman Holiday. OFFICERS President John Claro Vice-President .... Frank VV. Rees Secretary Edward Hutlas Treasurer Mike Harrison Social Chairman . . George Narvaes 731 Asp ' y POSING with their Dream Girls at the Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl Party are Jim Wood, Lanny Sockwell, and Gary McKnight. Pi Kappa Alpha Active In Intramurals, Campus Groups „ „ Pike intramural teams romijecl to early victories and led for awhile OFFICERS . . , ■ r, .1 11,1- ( • 1 • m intramural ])onits alter the excellent showing ot a cliam|)ionslii|) First Semester football team. President David Neumann An active social season w as headlined by such parties as the Garnet Vice-President . . David Ashbaucher and Gold Formal, the Roman Toga Party, the Dream Girl Formal Secretary Dhk Conkun and the Apache costume ])arty. The Pikes sponsor an annual Easter Social Chairman . . . Bruce Bowman Egg Hunt lor underprivileged children. Second Semester 5 ' " Dale is ser ing the senior class this year as treasurer and has President Chuck DePreker l en elected treasurer of the Interfraternity Council. Two Pikes are Vice-President Sandy Sabater serving in the Student Senate and Leonard Ball has served as IFC Secretary i,an deMartini judicial committee chairman. Social Chairman . . . Bob Dorm-eld Football C:oach G(mier Jones is a Pi Kappa Alpha alumnus, as are Sen. Everett Dirksen and Secretary of Commerce Luther Hodges. 1203 Elm 504 TOP ROW: John R. Allgood, Gary R. Benneft, Vernon Bolstad, Patrick D. Bowlen. Jay W. Boyn- ton, Thomas F. Brown. Bill F. Car- lyle, Charles Carson. SECOND ROW: Michael D. Col- lins, Ken R. Conlclln. Richard Conlclln, Victor V. Cordell, Wayne T. Crochet. Carlton Cunningham, William J. Dale, Jr.. John C. Davidson. THIRD ROW: David E. Deather- age, Frank Del Vero. Alan de Martini, Charles F. DePreker, Jim- my Dooley, Bob Dornfeld, Steve Dunning, John E. Ellis. FOURTH ROW: Mark W. Files, Bob FitzGibbons, Mike Fitzpatrick. Richard S. Flood, John Linn For- bis, Edwin C. Fox, Jack Gehl, John Gryniewicz. FIFTH ROW: Hobart G. Ham- mond, William H. Harvey. Larry Hert. Leeroy H. Hightower, Jr., Ronald Kent Howell, Paul Hub- ble, Robert E. Hurley, Sam H. Johnson. SIXTH ROW: Thomas J. Kearns, Noah Kennedy, Richard W. Ken- yon, Richard R. Kerr. Joe Kill. George Killlngsworth, Peter L. Kranker, Charles A. Kreutz. SEVENTH ROW: Leonard R. Leek, George B. Lovelace, III, Edward Lutz, James Lynn. Jerry Maddux, John Mangum, Larry K. Martin, James M. Mayfield. EIGHTH ROW: Joe Mazzie, Gary L. McKnlght, Terry Mlddles- warth, Max L. Muller, Gene Mur- phy, Gene D. Murrell, David Neu- mann, Jerry Norman. NINTH ROW: Chester M. Olson. Gary T. Piccolo. Robert G. PIshel, Charles E. Rains, Rusty Reed, Bradford Relchman. Robert E. Rose, Sandy Sabater. BOTTOM ROW: Lee M. Shelton. II, Porter R. Shults, Jr., Albert Pete Sights, Lanny Sockwell, Jon Stalllngs, Michael M. Ward, Jim Woods. ■4 505 fo» •■r- ' UM M -n ' J T 1 " ft B O O ( . ' Jr MiM TOP ROW: Corinne L. Levy, Housemother: Ronny Altman. Ed- die Back, Jonathan F. Bank, Rick Baum, John Bruce Berry. Eddie Block. SECOND ROW: Don Blumenthal, Jimmy Brown. Richard L. Brown, Rod Buchner, Alan Cohen, Jeff Lance Dasher, Stan Doctor. THIRD ROW: Robert Edelman, Richard Epstein, Tom Fellman, Charles Finkel, Mike Finkelston, Richard Fisher, Larry Friedberg. FOURTH ROW: Charles Fried- man. Roger Friedman, Harry D. Galoob, Salem Seller, John W. Gollub, Justin Greenberg. Alan Horwitz. FIFTH ROW: Gary R. Horwitz. Joel Jankowsky, Jim Kaufman, Rob Kaufman, Larry Kavich, Robert Henry Kaye, Allen R. Kopelson. SIXTH ROW: Warren K. Kourt, Marshall Kramer, Robert W. Kras- now. Jerry W. Levin. Steve M. Levy. Jerry Liedeker, Robert L. Lipstet. SEVENTH ROW: Alan Livingston. Larry Mehl, Michael Mehl, Larry Mizel. David Stephen Mouber. Al Newberg, Robert Nogg. EIGHTH ROW: Steve Oxenhan- dler, Jac Marshall Piltz. Stanley Plocker. Harlan Priesman. Barry L. Pulaski. Bob Renberg, Ronald Rose. Robert Rosen. NINTH ROW: Lloyd Rosenberg, Al Ross, Craig Rubin, Howard Schainker, R. Steve Schwartz. Richard Singer. Steve Sloan. Les- ter Smith. BOTTOM ROW: Barry Staub. David Sugarman, Bryan Watt, Paul R. Weinstein, Walter Wise, Ellison Wittels, Stuart Zarrow, Alan Zox, 506 NOT WANTING TO ESCAPE the fun at the PI Lam " Great Escape " Party are Leslie Fischer, Alan Horwitz, Laural Olsen and Barry Staub. Plans To Rebuild After Fire Occupy Pi Lambda Plii Pi Lambda Phi will liave a new $300,000 fraternity honse by Sep- tember of 1964 to replace the one destroyed by fire during Finals Week last year. Despite the difficulties of rebuilding the organization after the fire, the Pi Lams have managed to ha e four members named to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities and four " Big Men on Campus. " The Pi Lams also won first place in the Campus Chest Carnival. Outstanding Pi Lams on campus include: Ellison Wittels. BMOC, Phi Eta Sigma. ODK; Jim Greenstone. Alpha Phi Omega president: Robert Krasnow. Lew Wentz Senice Scholarship; and Jerry Levin, ROTC honor cadet. IPC pledge training committee. OFFICERS First Semester President Jerry Levin Vice-President .... Barry Pulaski Secretary Jon Bank Social Chairman . . Joel Jankowsky Second Semester President Ellison Wittels Vice-President Jon Bank Secretary ..... Robert Lipstet Social Chairman . . Joel Jankowsky 1201 College 507 ., f J -«»v. n R " " w w ■ " M Fv ...... f i HEADING FOR THE BUSH country at the Sigma Alpha Jungle Party are Larry Chambers. Cecila Moore, Susan Boddy and Steve Coppage. Si ma Alpha Epsilon Meets Challenge Of Rebuilding OFFICERS T ' lrsl Semester The destruction of the house by fire has been tlie big story in the President LoN Foster lives of tlie Sig Alphs this year. However, despite the many problems Vice-President Steve Cook caused by the fire, fraternity activities have continued as normal and Secretary ' Bill Hill the chapter is currently building a new that will sleep 83 men Treasurer Allen ' Cowdery and «ill be completed by the fall semester of 19G4. Social Chairman . . . Sccrr Samara Social life has gone on as usual with the Sig Alphs and the Jungle V ' ■ nifl Semester Party, Christmas Formal and the International Ball were highlights President ..... Jimmy Don Blair «f « ' ' " ' " ' V ' " " - Vice-President Ben Henry " " ' outstandmg Sig Alphs are Steve Cook, UAC president; Butch Secretary BuTCH Linville Linville, Phi Eta Sigma president: Jimmy Don Blair, IFC rush chair- Treasurer . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' Allen Cowdery " " " " " ' " " " - op Ten Freshman. Social Chairman . . . Scott Samara 730 College ' %, TOP ROW: John Anderson, Lynn R. Arnn, Terry Arnn, Dan Babcock, Ken Baldwin, Richard Baldwin, John Barnes, Terry Barrett. SECOND ROW: Jerry Bass, George D. Bennett, Jim D. Blair, Duane R. Blankenshlp, Bob Bright, Bob Burnham. hHarrison Gordon Butler, Tim Castello. THIRD ROW: Larry Chambers, Tommy Claybrook, Steve Cook, Allen Cowdery, Don C. Davis, L. Dow Davis, IV, Billy Dodge, John A. Egnew. FOURTH ROW: Robert L. Ford, William L. Ford, Lon Foster, Rob- ert Foster, Rusty Franklin, George Drew Gibson, Jr., Mike Gibson, Paul Hammons. FIFTH ROW: Roger Harrison, C. Wade Harrison, Ben Henry, Bill Hesler, Bill Hill, William B. Huser, Johnny Ingle, John Jacobs. SIXTH ROW: Pat Jordan, Ben J. Kerr. Ill, Jim Lamb. Robert Land, Marten Langworthy, Jim Lindsay, Lloyd Linville, Brett Littell. SEVENTH ROW: Claxton Lovln, Chuck B. Lyon, E. T. Manning, John K. Maravlch, Gordon Mar- cum, James Martin, Carl Mayhall, Jim McBee, Monty McDannald. EIGHTH ROW: W. C. Merrill, Jr., Allen Miller, Trent Morris. Jim Ogg. Frank OIney. Bob Pansze, James H. Parker, Harlan Pinker- ton. Richard A. Pogue. NINTH ROW: John Porter, Mike Quigtey, Troy Quigley. Bill Ranck, David Rice, Jack Richards. Bill Roe. E. Scott Samara. Cecil Schenker. TETTH ROW: Jerry Scott. Bill Shawn, Rick Simms, Chet Stoler. Jay Stolper, David Street, Billy Stromberg, Sam Vinson, Clark Wallace. BOnOM ROW: Ed Walner, James Waiter, Cooper Weeks, Eu- gene Wllk, Charley Williams, Larry Wilson, Bob Worley. Scott Wright. D. Ronald Yagoda. 509 T TOP ROW: Dennis Abrams, Mi- chael R. Arst, Stephen Bloch, Bruce Bobys. Howard Bocl , Marit L. Brodkin. SECOND ROW: Edward Cohen, Gerald L. Cohen. Louis Connroe. Errol Copilevitz, Larry Daiches. Gil Davidson. THIRD ROW: Michael Dick, Don Feinstein. Marvin Feldman, Jon Forman, Ronnie Frledberg. Jeff Gilbert. FOURTH ROW: Barry Glasberg, Howard Glatstein, Howard Gllck- man, Michael M. Goldberg, Lloyd Goldman, Martin Golman. FIFTH ROW: Randall J. Good- man, Louis Gordon. Allen B. Jeffy. Richard Kahn. Don Karchmer, Al- lan David Klein. SIXTH ROW: Jimmie Lass, Peter Lepolstat, David Levinson, Michael J. Lubel, Steven Mayer, Stuart Meyer. SEVENTH ROW; Thomas M. Mudrick, Ronald Raffel, Coleman Robison, Bernie Rothbaum, Allen Salikof, Mark Shekter. EIGHTH ROW: Howard B. Sie- gel. Richard Smiley. Bernard Stek- oll, Larry Stern, Steve Stevenson, Bruce Strongwater. BOTTOM ROW: Roy Wallace, Clifford Welnsteln, Lew Weln- steln, Roger Zelnick, Robert Zob- lotsky, Robert Zoglin, Robert A. Zuzak. 510 " ' Sfi INFORMAL GATHERINGS at the Sammy house can turn into near riots when Joannie, Steve, Marion and Ronnie get together. Si ma Alpha Mu Victorious In Annual Nose Bowl Game The Sammies won the annual Nose Bowl game with the Pi Lams this year by a score of 14-8 and the Sammie pledges co-sponsored a campus-wide charity dance on Valentuie ' s Day. The dance featured the Coasters and was a great success. The pledge class also enter- tained the children of the Central State Hospital this year. Three outstanding parties held by the Sanmiies were the Winter Formal, the Pledge Party and the Spring Formal. Top Sammie personalities include Steve Stevenson, pledge trainer of the IFC: Gil Davidson, Student Senate secretary, Delta Sigma Pi, and Dean ' s list, and Errol Copile itz, IFC President ' s Council and CCUN. OFFICERS President .... Errol Copilevitz Vice-President .... Dennis Abrams Secretary Mike Goldberg Treasurer Don Karchmer Social Chairman . . . Alan Salikoff 524 W. Brooks ••!?- - . 1 SEEMINGLY SATISFIED WITH their baby bottle formulas, are Jeanne Berry, Roger Housley, Linda Yandall and Dick Haney. Sweetheart Of Si ma Chi Crowning Hi hli ht Of Year OFFICERS First Semester President Mike Maples Vice-President . . . Gary Williamson Secretary John Daliu Treasurer .... Robert McIntosh Social Cliainnaii . . George Theriot President Vice-Pre.sident . Secretary . . . Treasurer . Social (Chairman Second Semester . . . Gary Williamson . . John Garreti Gene Chamberlain Robert McIntosh . . Pai L Brinton Sigma Chis were active in all phases of campus life and leadership. Bruce Rossiter was a candidate for Student Senate president and Mike Maples was U. B president and member of Pe-et. Reid Robison and Mike Hewitt were outstanding freshmen and John Tucker and Gary Eley were elected to Oniicron Delta Kappa. The apex of Sig social life was the crowning of Chris Ford. Delta Gamma, as Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. Other parties were the Baby Ball. Western Party, the Harlem Ball and Derby Day. Intramural teams were first in B football and B basketball, second in wrestling last year and are hoping for a third intramural cham|)ion- ship. New football Co-Captain Newt Burton is a brother Sig. S-558 S. University Blvd. 512 TOP ROW: Charles Abernathy, Ken Aboussie, Danny Alcorn. Mike Andricos, Jim L Awtrey, Allen Barrow, Fred Becker, Don Ben+ley, James E. Blalock. SECOND ROW: Joe Bradley, Louis H. Brigham. Charles Bristow, Paul Brunton, Ken Brust, Jim Burge, Newt Burton. Steve Camp- bell, Warren Carey. THIRD ROW: Phil Carleton, Bob G. Carpenter, Reed Carpenter, Jack Carson, Ken Casey, Eugene Chamberlain, Ken Childers, Bob Coffey, Mike Cook. FOURTH ROW: J. F. Costello. Jr., Gay Ion Crawford, John Dalri. Mike Davis, Don DeSpain, Wil- liam Dale Dolan, William E. Dutcher, Gary Eley, Sam Emery. FIFTH ROW: William George Endlcott, John H. Garrett, Jim George, Rayburne Goen, Roger Gossard, David Grubb. Dick Ha- ney, Bill Hardwick, Charles Haw- kins. SIXTH ROW: Terry Heineman, Lanny Henderson, Gary Herrman, Mike Hewitt. Bill Hinds, Ronny Hines, Jim Hodges. Roger Hous- ley, Larry Hulsey. SEVENTH ROW: John Hundley. Dennis James, Alan Jenkins, Ed Johnson, Chuck Kennedy, George Kernek, Andy Kimberling, Jay Koons, Woody Lackey. EIGHTH ROW: Joe Latimer, Barney Loeffler, Edwin Maloy, Bob Mallory, Jim Manring, Mike Ma- ples, Pat Maples, J. K. Martinsky, Hal McCoy. NINTH ROW: Steve McCoy. Mike E. McCurtain. Bob Mcin- tosh, Buck McKinney, Julian Mc- Neely, Butch Metcalf, John Mit- chell, Jim Moore, Jeff Morehouse. TENTH ROW: Harold David Murry, Mike Parrlsh, Dan Penta- cost, Eugene Pollard. Norm Pull- man. Joe Rameriz. Jinn Reidy. Don M. Rich, Bill Rif haupt. ELEVENTH: Reld Robison. Clint D. Rogers, Jim Rowan, Dave San- ders, Phil ScaramuccI, Carl Schrei- ner, Dick Segress, James M. Short, Gil Steidley. BOTTOM ROW: Van Stewart. John B. Strong, George Theriot, Mike Thomas, Bill Wallace, John A. Weick, Brock Wells. John V. Wicklund, III, Linus G. Williams, Gary Williamson. 513 TOP ROW: Daniel Anderson, Pete AnVeny, Gean Atkinson, Bar- ney Barnhill, Tom Benefiel, Vernon Biqgers, Joe Blake, Paul A. Bla- loclc. SECOND ROW; Burdette Blue, Hank Bradley, Glenn Breeden, Tom Brown, Trebor Brown, Jack Bryan, Tom A. Clark, Samuel M. Clawser, HI. THIRD ROW: Steve Cole, John Collins, Rod Compton, John Craig, Randy Craven, Art Davis, Parke H. David, Buster Dell. FOURTH ROW: David Dickey, Walter Eeds, Bob Estlin, Carl Fiddner, Dennis Fields, Mike Fors- man, Don Frazler, Tom Gable. FIFTH ROW: Wesley L. Hamm, Roger Hubbard, William A. Hub- bard, George Jarman, Peter Joers, David Johnson, Phillip Keeley, Richard Keller. SIXTH ROW: Jim Landers, Bob Landsaw, Jim Lee, Wayne Little- field, Michael Maddux, Doug M. Martin, John Martin, John Mc- Cray. SEVENTH ROW: George Mc- Dowell, Monty McGinnIs, Ed Me- hew. Bill Melton, Jim Menzies, Eddie Oelschlaeger, Ernie O ' Hara, John W. Patterson. EIGHTH ROW: Andy Phillips, George Price, Tom Rempel, Bryon Rife, Jr., Jack Rippy, Jim Rudd, George G. Russell, Jr. NINTH ROW: J. David Selim, Johnny Slagle, Gene Smith, Jr., Craig Spann, Blaine Thacker, Mike Tinney, Bill Townsend. BOTTOM ROW: Bob Trotter, Jon H. Trudgeon, David Turner, David Voiles, Don Warrick, Leo A. Whiteside, Charles Wilson. 514 W A T Sli 1 ir ? ' P » W T 1 ill All «it-«|f -v- ' i i r AC.l. ' -rrJrs rv SENORS AND SENORITAS, Jim, Linda, Stoney, and Betty, are erioying the atmosphere down Rio Grande way at the Sigma Nu Border Dance. Scholarship, Intramurals, Leadership Are Part of Si ma Nu Founded on the University of Oklahoma campus on the first day OFFICERS (it 1909, the Deha Epsilon chapter of Sigma Nu has carried on a full .,■■ , c , ' . 1 ' list . cmcstt ' r calendar of events. The Nus again showed themsehes outstanding in President IiNt MFN rFS the field of intramural sports. Vice-President ' . ' . ' . ' Monty McGinnis Among their list of outstanding alumni are the names of Tommy Secretary RirHARO I add McDonald. OU football star, and Jim Owen, who is head football Treasurer ToNi White coach at the University of Washington. c ■ nu ■, r- ., c. ....... ' s. social Chairman .... Gene smith The Nus are among the leaders when it comes to social functions. Listed on their full social calendar are the Hobo Party, the White . Secotid Semester Rose Formal, All Sports Weekend and the renowned Border Dance, President Steve Davis which is the oldest established party on the OU campus. Along with Vice-President Gene Smith social events, the men of 1300 College find time to make an enviable Secretary ..... Roger Hubbard scholarship record. Treasurer ToM White Social Chairman .... Park Davis 1300 College ill iMMf 515 SWEATERS MAY CLASH but everyone had a good time including Ralph Snnith. Rose Summers, Judy Razook and Barney Parham. Many Members Of Si ma Phi Epsilon Active On Campus OFFICERS President Mike Thurman Vice-President Terry Estes Secretary Greg Fehr Treasurer George Stratis Social Chairman . . . Mike Transue Sigma Phi Epsihm once again enjoyed a great year of social events topped by the Girl of the Golden Heart Formal. This party is held annually in the spring and the Sigma Phi Epsilon sweetheart is crowned at the formal. Other parties were the Ribbon Dance, the Playboy Formal, the Monster Rally, and the Las Vegas Weekend. Outstanding Sig Eps on camjsus were Stan Morrison, varsity basket- ball; Jon Harold Horwedel. Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu. ODK., president of IEEE, and President ' s Honor Roll; Ralph M. Thurman, Phi Eta Sigma, IFC president ' s council nomination committee: and Ernest W. Collins, President ' s Honor Roll, IFC President ' s Council and Accounting Club. 518 S. University TOP ROW: Harvey Chaffin, Neale Chaney, Ernest " Collins. John B. Daniel, Bill Diehl, Ronald Estes. SECOND ROW: Terry Estes, Greg Fehr. Marie C. Fritz, Forrest Frueh. Larry Geis, Jon H. Hor- wedel. THIRD ROW: William L Hub- bard, Frank Karlitskie, Robert Mc- Carthy, Larry McDae, Stan Morri- son, Barry Parham. FOURTH ROW: Vic Prep, Jack Robison, Mike G. Smith, Ralph Smith. George Snider. George Stratis. BOTTOM ROW: Kenneth Taylor, Mike Thurman, Mike Transue. Terry M. Turner. Leslie White. ENJOYING A BREAK at the Christmas party are Greg Fehr and Sharon Burba. This party Is an annual event for Sigma Phi Epsilon. 517 BOTTOM ROW: David Williams, Steve Stevenson, Dale McDoul- ett, Scott Nickel, Rick Williannson, Clark Musser, Ken Williams, Leslie White. SECOND ROW: John Miles, Pat Patterson, Mike Andricos, Bob Ritz, Drew Ackerman, Tom Brown, Don DeSpain. THIRD ROW: Barry Parham, David Butler, Tommy HIckerson, Lewis Jones, Clark Gilpin, Rod McCalman, Richard Rockett, Larry Harden. TOP ROW: Jim Holloman, Larry Stern, Barry Glasberg, Robert Looney, Dave Wise, Sylvan Steinberg, Russ Bartee, Tom Knotts. Fraternity Pledge Council Orientates Freshmen EXECUTIVE COUNCIL of Fraternity Pledge Council. FIRST ROW: Steve Stevenson, Rick Williamson, Clark Musser. SECOND ROW: Ken Williams, Scott Nickel, Dale McDoulett. Orientation of fraternity pledges is tfie chief goal of the Fraternity Pledge Council. The main objective is to instruct pledges in the operations of the Greek system and to introduce them to the duties and tasks of the brother organization, Interfraternity Council, into which the pledges become absorbed when initiated as members into their respective fraternities. Meeting twice a month, the FPC is composed of one pledge representative and the pledge class president of each of the 24 fraternity pledge classes on campus. Serving as officers first semester were Ricli Williamson, president, and Clark Musser. vice-president. Elected to office second semester were Don DeSpain. |)resident: Bob Ritz. vice-president, and Russ Bartee, secretary. Steve Stevenson served as pledge trainer, representing the Inlerfralernily C ouncil. Projects this year included the revision of the consti- liilion. .Annually, the group coo|U " rates with Junior I ' aulicllcnic Council in Pledge ' ork Day at Central State Hospital. Another activity is " blind dates " among sororily and fralcruily pledges, designed lo lielp pledges get aciiuainled. 518 Dormitories Wfi ' «k- , ' ! 5«, ,f (K. .it:- , ' -4 z. •■.?? ' " ' i • y ■ ' tv New Construction Brings Additions To University Housing WHITEHAND HALL houses single men students. MEN ALSO reside in the Cross Center complex. Expansion nf University housing facilities took place this year with completion of 104 a|)urtnieiit miits and construction work on a new single student housing unit. The 12-story single student unit, named the Towers, will accommodate 1.000 students and will he com])leted next fall. The Towers unit consists of four separate struc- tures and a central dining-lomige area. Also, the Board of Regents took action on construction plans for an ad- ditional . ' JOO apartment units to he completed witiiin the next two years. All stutlents at the University of Oklahoma live in University housing or housing approved by the Univer- sity. This assures students of proper living, dining and studying conditions. Exceptions include students who are working for rooms, commuting or living with par- ents. The new units will augment the existing modern housing and dining units that provide OU students with excellent living accommodations. Single women live in Gate Center for Women, Hester-Robertson Houses and Franklin House. Single men reside in Cross Center. Woodrow Wilson Center and Whitehaiid Hall. Some upperclass single students lived in the new apartment units this year. Married student accommodations include Parkview. Niemann, South Campus and Logan Apartments. All students in llniversity housing enjoy modern cafe- teria service with a liberal choice of food. Trained dietitians supervise preparation of nieiuis and food to insure proper balance of healthful food. The Housing Office, directed by Dr. Jodie C. Smith. endea ors to ])rovide maximum service to all OU stu- dents. NEW THIS YEAR are apartments for married students. WOODROW WILSON CENTER is another complex for single men. ESaK " 520 APPROXIMATELY 1,000 single women find housing in the twenty units of Gate Center for Women. MEMBERS of the Housing Office staff include Mrs. Myrtle B. Kel- lerhals, L. S. Ethlngton, Mrs. Wil- lene C. Johnson, Mrs. Alice Hin- Ue, Mrs. Winfred Kersey, Mrs. Virginia Clark, William H. Strick- land, Jr., Dr. Jodie C. Smith, Frank P. Pasierb, Earl Raburn, Mrs. Marjorie Kuhlman, Otis Johnson, Flynn Reynolds and Don Thoes. AN ARCHITECT ' S DRAWING shows the Towers, new 12-story single student housing unit to be completed by next fal »«iaH:«iiiki ■ f Pf BOTTOM ROW: Barbara Aber, Elizabeth Coughlln, Judith E. PTlmer, Thalia Thompson, Sandra N. Wood, Dee H olland, Pat McLaughlin, Barbara McCain, Claire Hawthorn, Beverly Truett. SECOND ROW: Marti Reed. Karen Ludwig, Kathleen Culver, Sandra Ayala. Kay Martin, Joel la Fox, Ellen Wllkerson, Susan VIck. Sandy Hagg. THIRD ROW: Judi Willcerson, Sondra Stacey, Sclltalre Rumney, Sally Jarrett, Charyl Royston, Janet Bol.i, Ruth Cole, Mary Zeller, Gloria Sanders, Susan Price. TOP ROW: Lynne Barrett, Barbara Wickness, Keron McAIIster. Barbara G. Jennings, Kay Rogers, Linda Neumeler, Joetta Williams, Mona Lane, Barbara O ' Brien, Helen Price, Beverly J. Letukas. Bizzell House OFFICERS President Dee Holland Vice-President . . . Pat McLaughlin Secretary Barbara McCain Treasurer J " V Palnier HRC Representative . Elizabeth CorcHLiN Social Chairman .... Sandy Wood A hootenanny and a Christmas party at which Judy Palmer and Mary Zeller portrayed Mr. Santa and Mrs. Claus were among the social activities which spiced up life this year at Bizzell House. The residents came up with the most original booth at the Campus Chest Car- nival and enjoyed participating in tennis and ping pong. Scholarship was emphasized all year, but a lot of the girls slipped in some TV viewing, too. Beverly Truett, graduate student majoring in counsel- ing, was counselor the first semester, while Colleen Lu- cas, also a graduate student, served second semester. The house was naiiied lor a former president of Ol ' . HAVE PADDLE-BALLS, need oppo- nents, say Mary Zeller, Barb O ' Bri- en and Judy Palmer, who have pol Ished up their game and are eager to play. PLAYING JACKS Isn ' t exactly the kind of ganne King Solomon had In mind for his friends Ceralda Joan LIghtfoot and Anita Kurlander. Ghosties and ghoulies and long-legged beauties — and the Brooks House girls — made Halloween an exciting time. Their costume party complete with skit was cer- tainly one that will be long-remembered around Gate Genter. Who will ever forget their presentation of " The Love of the Werewolves " and " Dracula ' s Daughters " ? The costumes were way out! Bringing beauty honors to the dorm this year was Anita Miller, one of the Sooner Yearbook beauty final- ists. Darlene Barnhart ser ' ed as counselor. Other offi- cers of the house were Marilyn Bossart, WRA repre- sentative, and Ella Bryant. URG representative. Brooks House OFFIGERS President Pamela Glen Vice-President .... Pamela Ghiles Secretary Leslie Frank Treasurer Kayla Berman AWS Representative . . Sharon Quaio HRG Representati e . . . Anita Miller BOTTOM ROW: Anita Miller, Sharon Quald, Ella Bryant, Pamela Chiles, Marilyn M. Bossart, Leslie Ann Frank, Pamela Glenn, Kayla Lee Berman, MIchelln Deller, Darlene Barnhart. SECOND ROW: Jane Roll, Claire Sleeper, Cerelda LIghtfoot, Barbara J. Cox, Lyn Williamson, Lorraine Allmon, Georglana G. Barry, Barbara Ann Parkins, Anita Kurlender. THIRD ROW: Raedell Marks, Anne Gamble, Joella Mauldin, Sharon Bishop, Nancy C. Wilson, Cheryl P. Byrd. Eleanor Friedman, Linda Cowles. TOP ROW Laurel A. Goodwin, Claren Base, Carol Knox, Kay King, Laruth Robberson, Linda McDermit, Merrie S. Simmons, Larue Schrader, Betty Big- gerstaff, Beth Frank, Susan Jo Warren, Madelynne Ranmar. ©fta ft 523 NO ROOM in the closet doesn ' t seem to make an Impression on Simone Botkin and Leah Gellinger as they try to cram In a few more necessary items. Cleo Cross House OFFICERS President Linda Smith Vice-President .... Marilyn Everts Secretary Simone Botkin Treasurer Margo Murray Social Chairman Kay Landis Rings, showers, and wedding gowns were the talk this year at Cleo Cross House as a large percentage of the girls became engaged and married. But love wasn ' t the only thing on their minds. They participated in a vari- ety of activities too. From this house came two of the top officers of Cate Center: Charley Dunn, President, and Linda McQuillen, Secretary: Dianne Burkhalter. President of the Physical Therapy Club; Leslie Hobson, Student Senate. " Pixie Week. ' " caroling, and exchanging of gifts high- lighted Christmas around this friendly house. Sue Olds, graduate student majoring in guidance and counseling, was counselor. BOTTOM ROW: Monte Phelps, Leslie Hobson, Paula J. Hackett, Marilyn Everts, Margo Murray, Linda Smith, Kay Landes, Simone Botkin, Claudette Hubbell, Sue Olds. SECOND ROW: Rushella La+lmer, Virginia Langdon, Melalne Parnell, Karen Sue Copple, Jean Ann Day, Sumitra Suwannabha, Paula Corder, Alice Coleman, Kay Barnes. THIRD ROW: Ann Williams, Charley Dunn, Gwen Hill. Ann Stiles, Darla Freidline, Marilyn K. Forrester, Jane Hen- son, Carol Walters, Kary A. Cantrell. Lynda Pitts. FOURTH ROW: Bonita Watson. Ann hi. Traylor. Carlynn K. Adams, Doro- thy Jo Brown, Dona Stickney, Janis Mixon, Linda Cole, Ruth Ann Fisher. Sandy Woolf. TOP ROW Karen Adams. Dorothy F. Brown. Linda McQuillen. Karol Kimbark, Carol Jones. Dianne Burkhalter, Leanna Sallinger. Leah Gellinger, Peggy Strauss. n ? f a f rr f) n f? f m " n ft 524 , «t. - ■ ' O () r( f, BOTTOM ROW: Lynda Holden, Nira Smith, Milllcent Green, Barbara Lewis, Carol Wilkinson, Rey Hancock, Mary Clark, Val- jean Peters, Sharon Davis, Nancy Martin. SECOND ROW: Mar- garet Wilderman, Ellen Colby, Beverly Brown, Jane Abramson, Barbara Staub, Mary Anne Tibbets, Ann Wages, Jo Hickman, Betty Driver. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Schahest, Peggy Hyatt, Jeanne Baker, Suzanne Watson, Pricilla Vick, Meredith Edieson, " Rally ' round anything " was the motto at Davis House, where the girls were ready to celebrate birthday parties or football games with Alley House, no matter what. Nancy Martin, senior in speech therapy, served as counselor while Valjean Peters was URC representative. Barbara Lewis represented the house at WRA. The house participated in speedball, volleyball, table tennis and tennis. Some of the very active residents were Betty Driver, Bonnie Allen, Ellen Colby, Marilyn Schahet, Millicent Green, Barbara Lewis, Diane Fisher, Jo Hick- man, Carolyn Bell, Carol Wilkinson, Sheila Purcell, Jane Abramson, Katliy Kough and Janie Potts. Charlene Pearson, Sue Ann Buzzard, Jean Seattle, Mary Fash. FOURTH ROW: Janie Potts, Jaynee Watters, Becky Looney, Susan Seelig, Carolyn Bell, Jayne Eberly, Saundra Kay Bell, Ed- wina Appleby. Susan Shannon, Marie Bernstein, Shelia Purcell. TOP ROW: Sharon Charles, Kathy Kough, Marsha Smith, Nancy Zimmerman, Cheryl Beth Swearengen, Sandy Daly, Bonnie Alle n, Sammye Albin, Diana Fisher, Linda Bewley, Sandra Jacobson. Davis House OFFICERS President Nira Smith Vice-President Rey Hancock Secretary Millicent Green Treasurer Mary Clark Social Chairman .... Lynda Holden HRC Representative . Carol Wilkinson LOOKING AT the counselor ' s tally of " checks " are Mary Clark and Lynda Holden. Mary points out that Lynda has enough " checks " for a " campus. " Worse luck! « Q n f A f! o a r BOTTOM ROW: Sharon Gaylord, t harla Lorenz, Nanc y Uom- janovich, Donna Adams, Carol Burke, Frankle Owen, Jeanita Wil- son, Pamela Seltzer, Carol Ann Blancett, Pat Danforth. SECOND ROW: Sue Anne Stone, Linda Hauser, Sandra Phillips, Meta Sandmann, Judy Clark. Billie Brawner,, Eleanor Richardson, Marilyn Tuttle, Annette Dunnington, Ellen Brauman, Leslie Ann Powers. THIRD ROW: Jan Prultt. Susan Brown. Jeanie Burgess. Betty Prag, Becky FIgley, Pat Michael, Lc ' Uise Vernon, Ueanna Uebelhs, Stephanie Miller, Judith K. Phillips. FOURTH ROW: Marilyn Wright, Lynn Dawson, Kaye Helvenston, Nancy Nichols, Oteka Hershey, Jane Rittenberg, Susan Storthz, Sharon Splcer. TOP ROW: Nancy Gentry, Mary Ruth Lang, Susan Telford. Valerie Kurk, Rlckl Schear, Andl Fox, Diane Lean. Suzanne Mitchell. Danice Fiegener, Linda Chain, Carol Jo Akin. Evans House OFFICERS President Carol Burke Vice-President .... Jeanita Wilson Secretary Frankie Owen Treasurer Pam Seltzer SoLJal Cliairiiiaii . Nancy Domjanovich IIKC Re|)resenlalive . . . DoNNA Adams Scholarship trophy winners for the fourth straight semester, the Evans House girls still have time for par- ties. The accumulated outstanding drama abilities gave the dorm an inuisual skit for the Halloween party, bringing out tlie beatnik in the girls. Santa Claus, in the person of Meta Sandmann, visited at Christm as. Outstanding members from the dorm for this year were Jeanita Wilson, Alpha Lambda Delta and Dean ' s Honor Roll; Louise Vernon, Mu Phi Epsilon and Dean ' s Honor Roll; Carol Blancett, president of Phi Beta Lambda and secretary of Pi Omega Pi. and Betty Prag. Alpha Lambda Delta and Dean ' s Honor Roll. UP GO THE hemlines so that means get out the sewing kit tor Becky Figley. Carol Burke, Marilyn Tuttle and Donna Adams doing the pinning. POPPING CORN may be Illegal but Babs Davis, Irish Johnson and Patti HHunf won ' t mind getting caught — after they eat it! Lively was the word to describe Forbes House, as the girls fought their way through the year. The opponent involved here was Davis House, just next door, recipient of flying shaving cream and rushing water. Meanwhile, fourth floor set a record for misconduct checks. Ron- alda Haakmeester, a student from Tripoli. Libya, pro- vided the dorm ' s foreign interest. Outstanding residents were Stacey Shannon and Caro- lyn Farha. student senators: Sue Ford and Paula Lan- drith, President ' s Leadership Award, and Marion Craig- head, senior counselor, Alpha Lambda Delta, BWOC, Top Fifteen Women and Panhellenic Scholarship Chair- man. Forbes House OFFICERS President Trish Johnson Vice-President Paiti Hunt Secretary Brooke Smith Social Chairman Judy Crews Intrauuirals Cliairnian . Claidia Shirley BOTTOM ROW: Jayne Cooley, Claudia Shirley. Janet Stevenson, Judy Crews. Patricia Ann Hunt. Patricia Johnson, Broolce Smith Sherry Potter, Tennie Ann Capps, Marion Craighead. SECOND ROW: Wanda Lee, Jo Clayton, Dadie Coe, Nancy Hugley, Sue Ford, Marilyn Echols, Judy Jones, Janie Barber, Felice Bergida. THIRD ROW: Kathy King, Dee Ann Vice. Carolyn Farha, Linda Thompson, Irene Alaynlck. Gail RIchert, Eleanor Willc, Jo-Carroll McKinney, Nita Johnson, Nancy Deaton. FOU RTH ROW: Pa tricia Ann Young, Susan Sweeney, Barbara Davis, Marlene Ryals, Anita Hughes, Pamela Stoner, Judy Eskridge, Stacey Shannon, Ann East. Pam Thedford. TOP ROW: Phyllis Warmack, Paula Landrith, Susan Steinmeyer, Jackie Mayberry, Sandl Wescott, Cathy Danielson, Carole Bullen, Linda Leyerle, Mary Marchessault. a O P f? P n O 527 FUNNIEST THING! The Tv set at Franklin House never works. Mari- lyn Watt, Linda Dunagan, Linda Cartmill cheer while Rickey Shelley works a little magic. Franklin House OFFICERS President JOAN Ratzlaff Vice-President . . . Molly Behannon Secretary .... Margaret Wiihers Treasurer Dorothy Mealok WR.A Representati e . . Marilyn Wati- Ever tried to think of a Christmas present for a secret pal that vvouldnl cost anything? That ' s what the girls at Franklin House did this year, and ha d lots of fun doing it. Then there was the new rule — three checks for shades — and all the girls were comparing notes to see who accumulated the most checks. A freshman invaded the traditionally upper-class house this year. She was Judy Paulsen. She was a member of the fresinnan debate team which had seven tournaments scheduled during the school term. She won .second place in the Ada Women ' s Division. Carolyn Watson, graduate student in educational psy- chology, was counselor at the house first semester. BOTTOM ROW: Bonnie Gail Stevenson, Barbee Snnith. Celia Farha. Gail Wooldridge, Dorothy Mealor, Molly Behannon, Joan Ratzlaff, Margret Withers, Judye Crumley, Joyce Kirkpatrick, Ginger Looney. SECOND ROW: Grace Nao, Frone Lehmann, Amy Harvey, Carol Everett, April Hobson, Gail Spooner, Merle Wimberly, Beverly Ann Wells, Sandra Simon, Bobbie Kirkhart, Mary Sausa, Pat+i Plunk, Kathleen Elliott. Gwyn Henry, Wylie Moore, Shirley Crossland. TOP ROW: Lyn Goldfield, Ann Chris- tenson, Elizabeth Burris, Dianne Reaugh, Janice Taylor, Sarah Deakins, Mary Lee Harlan, Patricia Daly, Linda Cartmill, Carolyn Cathcart, Judy Adams, Judy Corkran, Margarita DIsterlic, Leslie Anderson. 528 (P( fP Wt BOTTOM ROW: i-ietcner Laune Hayaen, Caria Davis, Judy Holcomb, Marty Taylor, Jane Seay, Barbara Baker, Barbara Muzny. Delores Lloyd, Linda LeffeL SECOND ROW: Sharon Baiter, Ju- dith Davis, Mary E. Dletrlck. Jo McClendon, Mary A. Stanley. Janie Leibs, Jeanne Brooks, Kathy Kyser, Linda Crabtree, Jo Al- drldge, Judy Browning. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Rosenthal, Diana Ford, Karen Murphy, Mary Ann Nathman, Wendy Wood, Kay Dorr Ann Rogers, Cecelia Smith, Jan Francis, Phyllis Cluck, Arvel Jones. Karen Lea Hodges. TOP ROW: Rita Bellenger, Pat RIgqs, Susie Wells, Karen Hirzel. Susan Bratten, Janet Garrison, Jean Rlddle- barger. Marie Voegell, Thelma Blumen, Lynn Popllnger, Tina Ware. Christmas was a highlight of the year for tlie residents of Hamill House. None of the girls will forget Linda Leffel, counselor, and her performance in the dance as a Christmas elf. The girls exchanged gifts of toys, then took them to an orphanage. To honor dads on Dad ' s Day weekend, the girls made a giant " Dad " from chicken wire and paper to decorate the lounge. Among the outstanding residents were Laurie Hayen, Pershing Rifles Kaydettes: Marty Taylor, Jo McClendon and Ariel Jones, President ' s Leadership Class; and Judy Holcomb, who made a 3.6 grade aver- age. Jo was also Alpha Phi scholarship chairman. Hamill House OFFICERS President Jane Seay Vice-President .... Mart ' Taylor Secretary Barbara Baker Treasurer Judy Holcomb WRA Representative . . Barbara Muzny Social Chairman .... Carla Davis HOMECOMING decorations aren ' t always what they ' re meant to be finds Mary Ann Stanley, as Shirley Jones, Diana Fork and Tina Ware try to help out. n n o nf BOTTOM ROW: Mary Ann Goforth, Orinda Adams, Lynda M. Harris Judy Blake, Diana Dillon, Elizabeth Ann Cines, Linda Butler, Kay Meacham, Barbara Frank, Kay Hoover. SECOND ROW: Joan Tedrow. Pat Stufflebean, Mary Ruth King, Charlyn Peets, Jean Allen, Susan Burns. Lynda L. Schupbach, Karen L. Taylor, Patty Rahhal, Debbie Knox, Jana See. THIRD ROW: Su2 Berlin, Sharon Sartwell, Mlchele Riggs, Peggy Reed, Mila Michael, Di- ane Morelocic, Judith A. Johnson, Jo Karen Mason. Marsha Means, Glenda Lea Rice, Linda L. Reynolds. TOP ROW: Sharon Eads, Joyce Harris, Kathy Price, Tobee Kaufman, Jean McAskill. Nancy Snell. Susan Schwartz. Elaine Seligson, Barbara Voiles. Nancy Wodruff, Kathryn Hardberger. Linda Muir. Herrick House OFFICERS President Ji diih A. Blake Vice-President Diana Dillon Secretary Elizabeth Cines Treasurer Linda Bitler Social Chairman .... Kav Meacham A Halloween costume party and a Christmas party were anions tlie social high points for the girls in Her- rick House. .Anionji those participating in inlramurals were Orinda .Adams. Jana See. Nancy Woodrull. Joyce Harris, Mary Lu Pnckett. Jan Hart. Sue Berlin, Janice Fornev. Katherine Flardberger. Glenda Rice and Del)l)ie Knox. Lynda Margaret Harris was a University Scholar and a member of the Representatives Coinicil. Her grade average for the first semester as 3.9. . four- poniter. Barbara Voiles, was one of the fi e finalists for Delta Sigma Pi Sweetheart and Kathryn Hardberger was Dad ' s Day contacts chairman. PERENNIAL BRIDGE game in the lounge always Includes Sue Berlin, Karen Davis, Janis Forney and Judy Blake. TROPHY HOUSE could be another name for this dorm as Lee Sperber, Donna Page and Colledith Blafock prepare to add Homecoming Queen to their many honors. Many activities, honors and liigh scholarship charac- terized the girls living in Hester House this year. The house won the intramural speedball championship and two of the three pizza contests. The residents whole- heartedly backed Donna Page, one of their residents, who ran and was chosen Homecomnig Queen. Girls who are participating in the University Scholars program reside in Hester. Three delegations to the Model UN were composed of Hester residents. Among outstanding residents were C. J. Willis, Linda Killiaii. Janice Pullin. Nita .Ander- son. Donna Page. Sharon GalFord. Ramona Howell, Connie Barber and Linda Lavell. who served as the counselor. BOTTOM ROW: Ramona Howell, Rifa Benlschek, Tommie Sue Ragsdale. Joan Williams, Jo Lynne Birkhead, Carol Ann Phillips, Janet Martin. Diedra Dyer, Bonnie Malcolm, La Donna Lane, Mary Carlson. Marilyn Smith. Sally Price, LeAnne Nott. Barbara Hogan. SECOND ROW: Donna Moore, Lassie Thompson, Roberta J. Kunitel, Mary K. Goodwyn, Brenda Cooper, Sharon Saftord. Carolyn Johnson, Valerie Voehl, Paula Smith, Linda Killian. Judy Saulenas, Jan Fife, Leona Sperber. Elaine Bush, Beth Scasny, Linda Lavell Glenda Lowry. THIRD ROW: Su Weinstein, Jane Todd, Nancy Lee Baggett Paula Ferguson, Sharon Clark, Ingrld E- Fuller, Donna Page, Amelie Graham Rita Belyeu, Pamela Wiggins, Karen Laber. Sherrill Dove, Linda Locke, Cor- rine Holloway, Alice Baltierra, Ozeal Shyne Brown, Laura Brlghtman FOURTH ROW: Patricia Ann Bivins, Mary James, Bonnie Lane, Marilyn Ma Hester House OFFICERS President Carolyn Johnson Vice-President Paula Smith Secretary Linda Killian Treasurer Valerie Voehl Social Chairman Jan Fife well. Janice Pullin, Cecelia Willis, Georgia Compton, Margaret Harvey, Pamela Dunnan, Betty Harrel, Colledith Blaicok, Carolyn Hood, Carol Bland- ford. Jan Dunagin, Mildred George, Sondra Howell, Joyce Barnes, Carolyn Jo Barnes. Stephanie Waters, Jane Teel. FIFTH ROW: Ginny Croft, Saralou Griffin. Patricia Biddle, Mary Griffiths. Befty Bretschneider, Melba Forbis. Kay Shoemake. Judy Gahrlng, Pamela Jo Saunders, Connie Barber, Susan Swimley, Patricia E. Okerson. Olivia J. Denson, Sharon Womack, Aneta Sum- ner. Mlna Henry. Charlene Edwards. Vicki Rands. TOP ROW: Dinah Sue Riggs, Carol Jo Ice, Melodie Petersen, Linda Smith. Becky Doss, Susan Arm- strong. Nlta Kay Flowers, Patricia A. Booker. Linda Pahdoco, Paula Reeves, Juanita Anderson. Marsha Klrchner. Nancy Gorton, Janice Boyd, Margaret Constien, Ann Henthorn, Phlllipa Prather, Susan Young. f J % m m m-9 • • B li 531 IMPRESSING THEIR dates with an unusual entrance are Jane Allen, Cindy Roberts, Linda Smith and Paula Rogers. Holman House President OFFICERS . . . Cynthia Roberts Vice-President Jane Allen Secretary- Leslie Anderson Treasurer Gail Schmidt Social Chairman .... Paula Rogers ISA Representative . . Leslie Anderson Warm friendsliips and exciting college experiences helped make the freshman year a happy one for the girls in Holman House. They all worked together to make their grades. The house held a " Miss America Watch Party " and a Christmas party, at which time the counselors exchanged a " surprise " sack of goodies. Other first semester officers were Susan Yeager, Pep Council: Leslie Smith. WRA. and Janet Kerr. URC. Second semester officers were Jane .Allen, president: Lyini Walcher, vice-president: Carolyn Caretta. secretary: Gail Schmidt, treasurer: Cindy Pruitt. Pep Council: Janet Kerr, social chairman: Cheryl Scott. ISA: Marilyn Mot- ley, WRA, and Claudette Hartgraves, URC. BOTTOM ROW: Carol Haynes, Sharyn Toler, Leslie Smith, Leslie Anderson, Cindy Roberts, Jane Allen, Gail Schmidt, Paula Rogers. Marilyn Botha, Beverly Brown. SECOND ROW: Judy Scovill, Patti Gravett, Sherry Martin, Susan Schwend, Susan Henderson, Linda G. Mullican, Nancy Young, Judith Dutton, Cheryl Scott, Cindy Lee Pruitt, Jane White. Jill Francis, Cheryl Wilkerson. TOP ROW: Linda Smith, Mary Jane Ruffolo, Marilyn Motley, Connie Overton, Beverly L. Williams. Deanna Betz. Claudia Conley, Claudette Hartgraves. Barbara Gabel, Marlene Glazer. Dana Williamson, Lynn Walcher. Lanita Battaile. f) a il 1 n f f ? i ft 532 P) a f?o fi f fyfi af © BOTTOM ROW: Elaine Davenport. Sandy Thompson, Janie With- row, Susan Waltz, Ann Burzlo. Joan Conkling, Rosalie Friedman, Gail Martin, Donna Vana, Phoebe Streetman. SECOND ROW: Judy Young, Kanda Denos, Joy Lynn Holnnan. Sharon Patton, Maggie Jo Willianns, Carol Harrod, Connie Wagoner, Marlene Sims, Motsie Motsenbocker, Sharon Miller, Cheryl Newnnan. THIRD ROW: Dee Lewis, Louise Leuthold, Candi Todd, Pat Novak, Harriet Diamond, Melissa Aioeromg, Janet Price, Nancy Keesee, Scotty Elkins, Catherine Frew. TOP ROW: Mariberta Dickey, Recilla Allen, Kathy Coy, Beth Hahn, Merrilyn Blackburn, Beverly Akin, Lana Loll, Prudence Kerr, Anne Kraft, Cathie Balentine, Judy Bell, Judith Ann Felder, Judy Elderkin, Diane Durland. A Christmas party, entertaining dads on Dad ' s Day Weekend, decorating for Homecoming and participation in Model UN were among the activities in which the residents of Hume House engaged themselves this year. Peggy Rankin, an outstanding athlete in track, served as WRA representative for the house, while Donna Vance served as House Representatives Council member. Other outstanding residents were Nancy Keesee, Judy Elkins, Joan Conklin. Judy Bell. Sherri Sweet and Cari- lee Hogan, whose combined activities were too many to mention. In addition Beverly Akin, Harriet Diamond, Sharon Patton, Kathy Coy and Judy Elkins all were members of the Pershing Rifles Kaydettes. Hume House OFFICERS President Anne Burzio Vice-President .... Joan Conkling Secretary Marian Evans Treasurer Susan Waltz Social Chairman . . Rosalie Friedman URC Representative . . Janie Withrow PHONE CALL from a stranger in- trigues Sharon Miller, Gall Martin and Judy Elderkind. They don ' t know it is only that Kitchens FHouse Romeo, John Frank. 15 ( 000 c % ' BOTTOM ROW: Huelene Plumlee. Lynne Chuzy, Judy Hegc ljnd. Linda Llebert, Frances Finkel, Patsy Johnson, Mary Elizabeth Black, Carol R. Johnson, Ginger Swanson, Lee Ann Johns, Sue McCoy. SECOND ROW: Carol McEntire. Barbara Blum, Leslie Loyd, Sandy Martin, Mary Eastman, Caren Haney. Martha Fair, Leslee Fischer, Lois Mushlln, Pamela Lowe. Karen Newell. THIRD ROW: Nona J. McDougal, Ann M. Jones, Patricia A. Pohl, Toni Taylor, Sandy Sandlin, Jimmy L. McConnell, Ellen Tolbert, Nancy Heblsen, Laralne Ade, Nita Cassiday. TOP ROW: Barbara Boynton. Bar- bara R. Kutler, Carolyn Rogers, Susan Deupree, Linda Daugherty, Margo Shirley, Nancy Poe. Donna Kain, Anne Dew, Linda K. Storozyszyn, Judy Strang. Beverly McGuire. Jordan House OFFICERS President Linda Liebert Vice-President Mary Black Secretary Trudy PrestOiN Treasurer Judy Hegglund Social (:li;iiniiau . . . Frances Finkel WRA Representative . . Carol Johnson Among tlie girls who brouglit laurels to Jordan House this year were Carol Johnson, a semi-finalist in tennis, and Toni Taylor, a member of the President ' s Leadership Class and a pledge to Kappa Alpha Theta. Judy Hegglund was a National Merit Scholar and Pi Beta Phi pledge, while Lee Ann Johns was news editor of the OkUtlioina Daily, a member of the Mademoiselle College Board, a member of Tassels, Alpha Lambda Delta and served as assistant counselor to Jordan House. Among the events of the year were a costume party on Halloween, a Christmas pizza party, birthday parties for many of the girls, bridge games and house meetings. WOMEN ' S RIGHTS have been won says Gary S+ogner who lets the girls change the tire. They ' re Linda Lie- bert, Ginger Swanson and Beverly McGuire. WILL THE REAL Old Maid please stand up? Consulting their cards to find out who is " it " are Pam Baker. Bettie Sabath and Susie Shires. Dorm parties, pizza parties, a reception for Dad ' s Day and participation in the Model United Nations were among the activities undertaken by residents of Kirk House. Outstanding residents included Vicki Love. President ' s Leadership Class, Scandals: Renee Schooley, Shadov - box; Susan Shepherd, pledge class treasurer. Scandals: Judy Head. Panhellenic. and Jill Colodny. Ducks Club. Additional dorm officers included Sandy Valentine, AWS representative, and Judy Head. L ' RC representa- tive. Barbara Melton Webster, senior in elementary edu- cation, was counselor. The house did not participate in intramurals but the were enthusiastic as spectators. Kirk House OFFICERS President Pam Baker Vice-President Ann Sinclair Secretary Diane Renner Treasurer Jllie Goodner WRA Representative . . . Jill Colodny AVVS Representative . . . . nn Sinclair BOTTOM ROW; Marilyn BIythe, Jimmy Jay Utltz. Pamela Baker, Diane Renner, Jill Colodny, Michelle Kirsch, Ann Sinclair, Sandra Valentine, Sara Altstatt, Barbara Melton. SECOND ROW: Len Gallup. Martha Gait, Renee Schooley, Susie Harris, Vlcki Love. Tena Azeltine. Jane Lindsey. Gayela Word, Marlene Bolstein, Ann Caryl Tucker, Bettie Sabath. THIRD ROW: Catherine C. Reyman. Elaine Oscherwitz, Pamela Adams, Carole Overman. Vicki Anders, Judy Haug, Linda Atkins, Susan Van Antwerp. Carol Ann Burk- hard, Bonney Bassmann. FOURTH ROW: Susie Shires, Susan Delaney, Margie Hanson, Melinda Sellers, Susan Shepard. Cindy Warren. Carole Snively. Pat Vaughey, Francie Fortenberry. TOP ROW: Jane Anthony, Gloria Robinson, Judy Sing, Pamela Hol- land. Marilyn Hutton, Sue Dunham, Joan Graham, Kathleen Plovanlch. Shirley Hamrlck. Sue Rae Shushan. © o 535 I DOORWAYS was just many extra-curricular PAPERING one of the activities that engaged Linda John- son, Mary Vaughan and the other girls in Lawson. Lawson House OFFICERS President Betsy F ' oree Vice-President . . Carol Wai ahdooah Secretary- Libby Elliott Treasurer Jo Scott Social Chairman . . . Milann Hastings URC Representative . Cheryl Daneman The fun-loving girls in Lawson House will have a lot of memories of this year including pizza-eating contest, shaving cream fights, door-papering and a contest to see who could bounce the tennis ball against the wall the most times during strict campus. Then there were the over-the-hiimp signs posted on second floor. All was fun and games, though, even the times when everyone was broke, which seemed to occur every time a collection for a worthy cause was being taken up. Gretchen Ganschinietz, jimior majoring in govern- ment, was counselor. Linda Reese served as WRA rep- resentative from the dorm. BOTTOIvl ROW: Doris L. Williams. Cheryl Daweman, Jo Scott. Carol Wauahdooah. Betsy Foree, LIbby Elliott. Linda Reece. Milann ttastlngs, Carol King, Gretchen Ganschinietz. SECOND ROW: Jean Morrow, Pat Moore, Polly Broday, Sally Woodward, Su2y Perron, Jeanne Moore. Tina Altman, Susan Plax, Nannoe Ledgerwood. THIRD ROW: Patti Thompson. Carol Clark, Jeanne McGInnis, Loretta Pillow, Linda Coleman, Peggy Zumwait, Elayne lull, Mary M. Reilly, Marilyn Carnes, Carolyn L. Banker. FOURTH ROW: Hlllie Kattouw, Margo Altman, Diane Osborn, Joyce Nelson, Betty Sharp, Sandra Johnson, Judy Narkentin, Patti A yres, Sarah Wilson. ..TOP ROW: Carol J. Smith. Sharon Haines, Mari- lyn Billingslea, Kathleen O ' Brien, Joyce Weber, Gayle Patterson, Susan Laney, Jan Corder, Dora Desklns, Jacqueline Lee. e o o a © ft 536 ' •■■ ' Ji " " | i !i ' " " i— f $0 (s oi a 1 BOTTOM ROW: Helen Tmtle, Peggie Caraway, Carolyn Yeajer. Mary Cullinan, Margo Olivares. Pat Baird, Lynn Clark, Pamela Risting, Margie Foree, Sandy Yount. SECOND ROW: Sharon Kimmel. Brenda Rozen, Martha Mullen. Colleen Schupbach, Pat Coyle, Connie S. Baach, Diann Brackeen, Barbara Weatherly, Bobbie Trout, Sandra Miller, Bonnie Brown. THIRD ROW: Judy Vaughn, Ann McCoy. Barbara Abernethy, Rosemary Chapman, Marbha Luttien, Safioy Sanders, Kay Bodley, Bevtny jcfiuif ' -au. Linda Dozler, Jean Uetrecht, Maria Sue Ward, Barbara Gordon. TOP ROW: Marjorle Best, Bonnie Grlssom. Suzie Brown, CDrol Chapman, Judy Mobley, Carol Meelcs, Barbara A. Hulme, Sheryl Davenport, Margaret Parr. Virginia Devyer. Dana Brewer, Judy Michel. Charlotte Trucks, Nancy Ellis, Adele Saladow. Sandy Young, graduate student in elementary educa- tion, counselor at McCurtain led her girls in a most successful year. The house participated in Sooner Scandals and participated in speedball. ping pong and tennis. A highlight of the year was the Halloween party, when Sandy dressed as a clown in a striped gown and led the girls in singing " pumpkin carols. " Another memorable event was the Christmas party when Pat Baird played Santa Claus and tlie girls exchanged " goofy " gifts. Some of the outstanding residents were Martha Mid- len, Lynn Clark, Sheryl Davenport, Barbara Hulme, Colleen Schupbach, Sandy Miller, Pat Coyle and Nancy Ellis. McCurtain House OFFICERS President Marv Cullinan Vice-President Pat Baird Secretary Lynn Clark Treasurer Margaret Louda Social Chairman . . . Carolyn Yeager WRA Representative . . Helen Tintle INSPIRATION is given by Eddie, the dog, to Pat Coyle. Marsha Lut- trell and Sandy Saunders as they try to buckle down to studying for exams. A ft f( o n . J o BOTTOM ROW: Sandra Flynn, Jeanne Metca , Myrna imart, Jozelle Neel, Diane Brown. Rosalind Fishnnan, Susan Mann, Janey Arthurs, Linda Hall, Jan Hooks. SECOND ROW: Georgia Duck- worth, Charlotte Cox, Dianne Kimsey, Joan Pitts, Vicki Jones, Suzanne Barry, Candy Kehn, Dottie Blasingame, Sandra Lauqenour. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Clure. Linda Joy Myers, Kay Beebe, Susan Behrenfeid, Grethchen Grant, Marleen Stein, Karen Nitsche, Joan Silver, Helen Haddad, Doreen iNash. FOURTH ROW: nnn Ross, Carolyn Kidd, Pamela Kent, Barbara Fleske, Diane Di ' lard. Patty Wethington, Carol Ann Howard, Elizabeth Ann Greiner. Jacqueline Bartley. TOP ROW: Thelma Burris, Margery Osborn, Gwendolyn Burgess, Paula Bobb, Diana Pace, Kaye Justice, Andrea Bornstein. McSpadden House OFFICERS President Diane Brown Vice-President Jozem.e Neel Secretary Sandra Flynn Treasurer Mykna Smart HR(; Representative . . Jeanne MErcALK URC Representative . . Janey Arthurs Anionjf the outstanding residents of McSpadden House were Diainie Kimsey. alternate cheerleader: Molly Kinkade. cheerleader; Vicki Jones, student senate, and Carolyn Clure, Carolyn Kidd, and Linda Hall, all members of tlie hand. Jan Hooks, education senior, was counselor. Activities were highlighted by a costume party held jointlv witli Burton and dorm parties held with Ditmars and Baker houses. They won one of the pizza contests. Tliey decorated for Dad ' s Day and Home- coming. During rusli week the house ordered l(i large pizzas instead of one l()-iiich pizza, and residents were always getting caught going tludugli tlie fire doors. WAITING FOR TIME to go to class are Jozelle Neel, Charlotte Cox and Diane Brown, who find a quiet place to look over their notes in front of their dorm. HOOTENANNY in the lounge is fun for Pat Cagle with the uke Marsha Fisher and Linda Brust, on the mad. mad guitar. A surprise Halloween party arranged by the counse- lors provided a memorable event for the girls who live in Neill House. Crazy costimies were much in e idence as the girls " made-do " with whatever was available. A big success, too, was the Christmas party and every- one enjoyed decorating the tree and the date-dance. Some of the residents included Sandy Birdsong, who danced the part of the Juggler in the " Juggler of Notre Dame " ; Linda McQuillen, assistant counselor, vice- president of AWS and Cate Center secretary: Carolyn Platter, University scholar: Rheta Dewberry, band, and Donna Aulick and Barbara Jackson, glee club. Neill House OFFICERS President Pat Cagle Vice-President .... GwEN Landers Secretary Flo .Adams Treasurer Sandy Birdsong WRA Representative . . . Connie Reid HRC Representative . . . Milly Bloom BOTTOM ROW: Marsha Fisher, Rheta L. Dewberry, Sandra Bird- song, Milly Bloom, Pat Cagle, Gwen Landers, Florencia Adams Mary Ellen Doyle, Nancy Lyn Coleman, Sharon Olson. SECOND ROW: Carol York, Sharon Reed. Pat Burton. Sherry Robinson, Kathy Powdrill, Linda Brust, Sara Kapell, Barbara Nelman, Barbara Winslow. THIRD ROW: Margetta Fetters, Sue Ann Stallard, y-{ Sandra Menefee. Irish O ' Brien, Mandy Strickland, Mary Lou Gray, Diana Pat+on, Donna Aulick, Nanci Sanders, Nanci Mullendore. TOP ROW: Cleta Joy Cox, Susan Vaughn. Janice Hankins, Jackie Kirby, Linda Houston, Diane Ferguson. Barbara Logan, Judy Wilson. Janice Nolan. f f 539 J KNIT TWO, PURL TWO. that ' s the way a sweater begins, says Vicky Baldwin who explains the art of knit+Ing to friends Jeanne Berry and Sally Webb. Parker House OFFICERS President ]vD Porch Vice-President .... Janet Vickbi rc Secretary El genie Redmond Treasurer Sue Rish W ' RA Representative . . ViCKi Baldwin HRC. Representative . . Joanne Lawson BOTTOM ROW: Judl White, Vicky Baldwin, Jane Stevens. Janet Vtckburq, Judy Porch, Genie Redmond, Sally Sinclair, Judie Beun- dell, Sally Boughner, Susan Parks. SECOND ROW: Jeanne Berry, Jan Acton, Donna Kllgore. Laverne Lamb, Jane Patrick. Joanne Lawson, Vicki Tyler, Diane Ainsworth, Marty Sanger. THIRD ROW: Betsy Katz, Alana French, Karen Walls, Kay Young, Cindy Adding interest to the year at Parker House were Bar- bara and Lenore Lindsey, sisters from Jerusalem where their parents are missionaries. The house participated in ping pong and volleyball, won a pizza contest and held a Christmas party. They participated 100 per cent in Campus Chest and sent two delegations to the Model UN. one for Libya and one for Greece. Sally Boughner was counselor first semester while Sara Altstatt served as second semester counselor. All of the residents participated in campus activities and events during the year. Scholarship was stressed in tiie dornii- torv. as all strived diligently for good grades. hiigginbotham, Janet hlope, Lenore Lindsey, Janet Rosen, Barbara Lindsey. FOURTH ROW: Diane Philips, Sally Webb, Leslie Boggs, Pat Choquette, Suzie Cowen, Jan Sneed, Sherry ttoward, Joanne Seagroves, Barbara Gordon. TOP ROW; Jane Woodard, Susan hiealy. Vicki Lovin, Deirdre McLaughlin, Barbara Moore, Jane McNeely. Linda Foster, Judy Green. a ft B A f f 540 JL BOTTOM ROW: Marsha Dllley. Sandra Smith, Karen Arenz, Alice Bashlow. Yvonne Lunsford, Jean Starr, Jan Gollghtly, Ruth Burnett, Candy Contreras. Carolyn Campbell, Darla Morris. Mary McNeill. SECOND ROW: Betty Outon, Norma Finley, Jean Melton, Martha Kendall, Diane Wisnower, Mary O. Da ugherty, Linda McKnIght, Judy Cole. Donni Karr, Suellen Morgan, Valerie Breck, Pamela Roggli, Marcene McGrew, Pat Kline, Sandra Lea Groom, Sharon Easley. THIRD ROW: Josephine Hamblen, Shirley Harris, Pamela Geisan, Mary Lois Jennings, Pauline Gerred. Margaret Turner. Lucille Thur, Leili Badil. Elizabeth HInchee, Judy Fry, Susan Byers. Cynthia Gerhardt, Kathy Shields. Sue Ann Woolsey, Dorothy Eileen Guiou. Stephanie George. Nancy Dobk. Wanda Crosslin, Marthalie Dunn, Virginia Ann Norris. FOURTH ROW: Cheryl Githens. Jane Wotring. Karen S. Terry, Linda S. Clapp, Dana White. Linda Searcy, Barbara Saunders. Delaine Green, Fran- Intramurals. Christmas caroling, serenading and many individual activities occupied the residents of Rob- ertson House during this school year. The house won the Softball championship last spring and were speedball champions, runners-up in volleyball and in the quarter- finals in table tennis. They entertained a group of or- phans at a joint party with the men ui W ' ilsou Center, Some of the residents and their activities included Donni Karr, J-Board, Hanging of the Greens. Canter- bury Association and Model UN; Diane Wisnower, ac- tive in many intramurals; Jan Braden, WRA and intra- murals; Pam Glisson, University Scholars, ISA, Kay- dettes. cine Nathanson, Jan Braden, Otis Ann Newman, Patricia Whit+en, Kathy Kane, Rhoda Jan Zeldich, Joanne Harper. Jeanne Harper, Sharon Mechem, Pat Mims, Nancy Utiey. Allean Anderson. FIFTH ROW: Beverly Sue Linirlte. Deanle Whit+aker, Whitney Burgess. Veldine T. Mayes, Rebecca Miller, Ruth Anderson, Patricia Hostetter. Kathleen Stewart. Linda Brewer, Heidi Marie Soenntng, Dianne Kasmiecky. Gwendolyn Jean Hopper. Sharron Jo Simms. Camilla Finley, Pat Thomas. Ruth Anne Hicks. Nancy Ann Morrison. TOP ROW: Susan Rice. Wilma Ray, Pam Wildhagen. Lynn Shaller, Pam Hamilton, Deanne Hammond, Carolyn Louise NIckerson, Linda McAlister, Ann Coulter, Montee Arterburn, Billy Kay McKinney, Judie Mitchell, Sharon Cummings. Cathey Hangs, C. Kay Duncan, Sally Carlene Burneathy, Gayle Armstrong, Joy Hotlacher. Robertson House OFFICERS President Donni Karr Vice-President .... Suellen Morgan Secretary- Pam Gusan Treasurer Judy Cole Social Chairman .... Sherry Weber WRA Representative . Diane Wisenower THAT OLD PIANO really rocks when Sue Woolsey sits down to play. Donni Karr and Trudi Mark make good listeners. ■■■■■1 An n fi f n a f t f BOTTOM ROW: Julie Lang, Carol Thompson, Mary Lou Guild, Beverly Gremm, Denese Shulmister, Nancy Harrison, Laurel Olsen, Nancy Ann Walton, Beth Longest, Judie Brown. SECOND ROW: Jean Silverman, Glenna McClain, Rita Saferstein, Judy Garland Eason, Diane Bartlebaugh, Marilyn Rice, Kerry Williams, Mary Lynn Cabbage, Shelia Marshall Mary Anne tHarblson, Eileen R THIRD ROW: Patti McClennen, Sinderbrand, Gwen Cohen, Gall Sa er House OFFICERS President Nancy IIakrison Vice-President . . . Denese Shilmister Secretary Martha Kite Treasurer Lai rel Olsen Social Chairman Bev Gremm URC Representati e . . Mary Lol ' Glild Jenrich, Linda Kay Lotaro, Lynn Hudson, Patricia Mebine, Michele Murphy, Karen Shepard. FOURTH ROW: Caria Herndon, Sharon Barfoot, Jackie Jones, Pamela Stacy, Bobbie J. Booker, Carol Thomas, Sherri Pierce, Linda Laughlin, Patsy Hendrick, TOP ROW: Claudette Valentine, Karen Bennett, Bobble Christensen, Cheryl Griffin, Gay Shick, Anne Thomas, Marty Mullen, Mary M. Nelson, Harriette Sapper, Martha Kite. Parties, intraniurals. activities and everlasting friend- ships are among the many things the Sager House girls will remember about this particular year. Nancy Walton participated in table tennis: Marty Nelson in ()lleyball along with Harriette Sa[)per and Denese Shulmister. while Denese and Patti McClennen found table tennis was their sport. Nancy Walton was the WR.A representative for the house while Judie Brown, senior in psychology-, was the counselor. Others active in campus activities were Beverly Gremm, Kerr - Williams. Diane Bartlebaugh. Sheila Marshall. Carol rhom[)S( n, Claiidelle ' alentine. Linda Laughbn. . ini Thomas, Gay Shick. Sharon Barfoot and Linda Loloro. Many others were acti e. too. in organizations and cam- pus events. SO EAGER to see the mall was Bobble Christensen that she volun- teered to hand it out to Gall Jan- rich, Carol Thomas, Claudette Val- entine and Nancy Harrison. SHOWING OFF their favorites are Sanger girls Claudia Stringer. Char- maine Tver, B. J. Albitz and Patty Albert. Chosen to be honored when the Cafe Center houses were named was Wiiuiie Monroney Sanger, a pioneer in Oklahoma who was one of the first women physicians. The residents Hving in tlie liouse named ni her honor distinguished themselves this year in the academic field. Among those on the Dean ' s Honor Roll were Ruth Huffmyer, Judi Roman, Peggy O ' Neal. Gayle Walling, Janet Balaty, Molly McCormick. Helen Cederbaum, Adele Pung. Margaret Conley and Pamela Rockhold. Others and their achievements included Lnida Yan- dell. President ' s Leadership Class: Linda DcSilva. Uni- versity Choir: Rita Jaeger. Sally Davidson. Dianne De- Bei.xedon. Charmaine Tver and B. J. Albitz. art majors, and Meg Enyeart, HRC representati e for llie house. Sanger House OFFICERS President B. J. Albitz Vice-President . . . Claudia Stringer Secretary Kris Holm Treasurer Charmaine Tver Social Chairman . . . Kathy Morter WRA Representative . Barbara Buskirk BOTTOM ROW: Molly McCormick, Sue Loewenstein, Barbara Buskirk, Claudia Stringer, Kathy Morter. Charmaine Tver, B. J. Albitz, Kris Holm, Patricia Denny, Linda Chandler. SECOND ROW: Pam Rockhold, Jeanie Bates, Rochelle Bernert, Patty Littlefield, Linda DeSilva. Norma Oliver. Margaret A. Enyeart, Judy Oglesby, Marion Oppenheimer, Susan Matkoff, Dianne De Veixedon. THIRD ROW: Doretta Veccia, Diane Bates. Jane Nelson, Marilyn Kelly. Carolyn Dittrich. Janet Balaty. Helen Cederbaum. Adele Pung, Jan Casey, Jo Gayle Walling, Rhonda Miller. Linda Yandell. TOP ROW: Peggy Ottinger. Linda Dennis, Jane Hanna. Kay Allman. Margaret Conley, Rita Jaeger. Sally Davidson, Pat Thompson. Phillis McClaln. Patty Albert, Kathy Smith, Ruth Huffmyer, Deanne May, Peggy O ' Neal. 543 BOTTOM ROW: Sue Olds. Darlene Barnharf. Beverly Brown, Margaret Lloyd, Jean Mooney, Jan Hooks. Gretchen Ganschinietz. SECOND ROW: Nancy Martin. Linda Chandler. Sally Boughner, Paf Weller, Pat Danfortb, Marion Craighead, Linda Leffel. Sandy Yount, Beverly Truett, Phoebe Streetman, June Gibson. TOP ROW: Beverly Corley, Martha Parker. Carolyn Watson, Kay hHoover, Barbara Melton, Judie Brown, Sue McCoy. Pat Treseder. Cate Center Counselors Are Link In Housing Program An important key to the successful liousiiig program at the University of Oklahoma is the counselor system which is used in both mens and women ' s housing. In Cate Center each unit has a resident counselor and an assistant counselor. These are young women who are seniors or graduate students and wlm are parlicidarly interested in the guidance and counseling of young people. The Cate Center Counselors meet regidarly as a group with Miss Jean Mooney, assistant director of womens affairs in charge of housing. They discuss mutual prob- lems involved in the supervisi(m of from 50 to 55 girls whicli are housed in each unit. The counselors assist the students in setting up a form of house government and aid them in planning a program of social, intra- mural and campus activities. Oliver House Active In Campus Events, Scholarship The close ties formed during their first year in college will always be remembered by the girls who lived in Oliver House. Pat Reinbold was president. Other offi- cers were Donna Kay Black, vice-president: Donna Korn. secretary, and Sharon Whitney, treasurer. Mary Beth Pyatt, senior in elementary education, was the counselor. Many of the girls were active on cam) us. Among these were Janice Hamilton. Linda Speakman BOTTOM ROW: Sally Cooksey. Donna Black, Jacquelyn Aboussle, Jeanne Blackburn. Sharron Whitney, Pat Reinbold, Ann Masterson, Mary Wallace, Sara Jacobs. June Gibson. SECOND ROW: Lin- da Kimbrell. Carol Yelvington, Carol Conkle, Judy Swinehart. Mary Williams, Barbara Kiker. Myra Lapides. Gail Adreme. Vicki Bassin. THIRD ROW: Lynda Treichler. Betty McCabe. Diann Elzo. Sharon Ledbetfer, Danelle Kendell. Melinda Stitt. Susan Matson, Jan and Pam McBee. all Alpha Lambda Delta: Francie Towiies, Friday at Four; Sharon Ledbetter. Dad ' s Day; Susan Banks, Campus Chest; Melinda Stitt. Arleen Wol- fard. Sara Jacobs and Mary Beth Pyatt. dean ' s honor roll. Among the social events during the year were a costume party. Dad ' s Day coffee and a very merry Christmas ]iarty. Wassam. Roseann Upton. Stephanie Jackson. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Burrow. Francie Townes, Linda Speakman, Pat Bond, Karyn Morgan, Janice Henthorn. Pat Swimmer. Karen Thomas. Vivian Outley. TOP ROW: Mary Gray. Ann Inglis, Judy Becker. Ellen Smith, Arleen Wolfard. Leota Jo Penny, Linda Lou Sims. Judy Hamilton, Linda KInnear. 544 W ff ' . ' BOTTOM ROW: Donn, Karr. Linda Liebert. Linda McQuiiiL- Margie Foree, Charley Dunn, Cecelia J, Willis. Jean Mooney. Carolyn Johnson. Dee Holland. SECOND ROW: Mary Culimm, Judy Porch, Carol Burke, Nancy Harrison, Linda L. Smith, Jane Seay, TJira Smith. Cmdy Roberts. Patricia Juhnson, Pamela Glei::i. TOP ROW: Jeanne Blackburn. Diane Brown. Pat Cagle. Pam Baker. Anne Burzio, B. J. Albitz, Betsy Foree, Joan Ratzlaff. Judy Blake. The Gate Center Presidents ' Council is composed of the president of each of the Gate Center houses and the Cate Center officers. This hody meets with Miss Jean Mooney, assistant director of women ' s affairs, in charge of housing, to discuss the academic. sociaL intramural and governmental program h)r all the units in tiie cen- ter. Since each house is represented, the goal of a co- ordinated program of activities for all of the women ' s housuig units is easily achieved, under the guidance of Miss Mooney. The council also sponsors various events including a spring banquet for garduating seniors. t this time awards are made to the outstanding residents who have made significant achievements during the year. Cate Center Presidents OFFICERS President Charley Dunn Vice-President Margie Foree Secretary Linda McQuillen Treasurer Cecelia J. Willis DECISIONS must be made when the officers of Cate Center meet. They are Margie Foree. Cecelia J. Willis. Charley Dunn. Linda Mc- Quillen and Miss Jean Mooney. OPENING PRESENTS is the best thing about a house Christmas party. Barbie Luper, K...y ;■■. ' _.._.,, and Adrah Barnes have theirs, while Kaaren Shields opens hers. Lo an House Residents Stress Scholarship, Activities OFFICERS President Barbie Liper Vice-President Pat Malone Secretary Trish Land Treasurer .... Margaret Rogers Scholarship Chairman . . . JoAN Asi ' ER (ioiniselors Linda Pahdoco, Nancy Wilson Hostess . . . Mrs. Lake Ann Taylor Christmas — always a memorable occasion on campus — took on an extra special meaning at Lojian House this year. Surely the girls will never forget those lollipop decorations for the Christmas tree, one especially for each girl. Caroling at Central State Hospital was cold but fun. and instead of a gift exchange, money was collected to give to a needy Norman family. Outstanding residents this year were Judy Combs, who had a solo in the Oklahoma City Civic Ballet ' s " Nutcracker Suite " and also in Evening of Ballet ' " ; Janice Tallent and Stephaine Specht. president and vice-president of Oikonomia; Janet Baber, yearbook beauty final- ist, and Pat Malone. Model United Nations Representative. TOP ROW: Mrs. Lake Ann Tay- lor, Joan Asper. Janet Baber, Ad- rah Barnes, Janle Blome, Anne L. Bock " , Margie Bowman. SECOND ROW: Pat Bradley Jeanne Carrington, Mary Dins- more, Wilma Draper. Marsha Ed- dins, Nancy Ellsworth, Connie Esch. THIRD ROW: Janie Eschler, Mary L. Farha. Jane Fitzgerald, Lurlene Hulme, Judy Jageler, Pa- tricia A. Land, Barbie Luper. FOURTH ROW: Maria McBee, Louisa Mead, Susan Ann Parker, Carolyn L. Reid, Brenda Kay Roan, Linda Robbins, Pat Malone. FIFTH ROW: Margaret Rogers, Louise Schuler, Kaaren Shields, Kathleen Smith, Sandra Smith. Stephanie Specht, Janice Tallant. Kay Trowbridge. CHECKING THE MAIL is a daily event for Susan Parker and Jeanne Carrington and nothing makes them happier than receiving mail from home. 547 TOP ROW: Marie Anderson, Joan M. Chatham, Mary Claricson. Susan Cook, Susan Darrough. SECOND ROW: Judith Dyser, I Judy Gollub, Ellen E. Hamblet. % Marilyn M. Hincks, Kathleer. ; hHoldge. THIRD ROW: Frances McCarter, Loretta A. Philpott, Patty Reed, Ruthie Roush. Sharon M. Rupp. FOURTH ROW: Carole T. Slief, Carol Smith, Sally Thompson, Martha C. Ulken, Beth Williams. PLAYING the piano provides many hours of entertainment for Marty Ulken and her listening friends Marie Ander- son, Marilyn Hincks and Carolyn Evans. 548 SIGNING OUT is Susan Darrough and Judy Dyser. Carole Slief and Marie Anderson wish they were going away for the weekend, toe Happy Year Will Be Recalled By Traeder House Girls Whether it was studying for finals or planning a Christmas party, the girls at Traeder House counted the 1963-1964 school year as one of their happiest. They held a tea for their fathers on Dad ' s Day weekend and a Christmas party for underprivileged children. And then there were tlie bridal showers for the two lucky girls, Patty Reed and Jo Anne Desherow. Beauty candidates included Judy Dyser. Air Force: Ellen Hamblet, Sooner Yearbook finalist, and Joan Chatham. Pershing Rifles Honorary Captain. Other activities included Loretta Philpott. Marketing Club treasurer, and Martha Ulken. Shadowbox treasurer and Pi Omega historian. President . . . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Social Chairman ISA Representative OFFICERS . . Loretta PHiLPorr . . . . ruthie roush . . Frances McCarter . . Frances McCarter . RUTHIE RousH . Martha Ulken AWS Representative Judy Dyser Hosts Mr. and Mrs. Maynard A. Traeder f ffir Itn f II l[ li l[ I- " " BOTTOM ROW: Diana Dorer, Ann Davis, Sherry Stark, Ginger Waiting, Freddie Lee Thompson. Karen Jo Day, Helen Osborne. TOP ROW: Jane Mollen, Elolsa Florendo, Susan Marshall, Norma Hunt, Marlta Jones, Jean Watktns, Diane Gamble, Mrs. George Roberts. Roberts House OFFICERS President Marita A. Jones Vice-President Diana Dorer Secretary-Treasurer . . . Karen Jo Day A Christinas party, a homeless bird and a turtle in the closet pro ided some exciting moments for the women living in Roberts House, a privately-o«iied off-campus residence. Tlioiigh most of the girls moved into Uni- versity housing after second semester, they enjoyed the associations they made while they were together. And es- pecially the quietness of their self-nnposed study hall. Mr. and Mrs. George Roberts were " house-parents. " Among the outstanding residents were Eloisa Florendo. an international student from Quezon City. P. I.: Kath- erine Kaufman, who recei ed a music scholarship, and Marita Jones, drill instructor in Pershing Rifles Kay- dettes. 1 ,■ . X ON A QUIET Friday afternoon, Sherry Stark, Gwin Davis, Sandy Bay, Freddie Thompson and " friend " share their college experi- ences. AT A MEETING of the executive board of the Cross Center Presi dents ' Council are Stoney Ander- son, Jack Tracy, Warren Sherman, Richard Galloway and Joe Dor- man. Cross Center Presidents ' Council is composed of the president of each of the sixteen lioiises in the center. Together they coordinate activities and cHscuss nuitiial problems which pertain to the men livins in the center. Faculty sponsor is E. H. Miles. Daniel S. " Stoney " Anderson is advisor representing the men ' s counselors. The Council, together with the sister council from Cate Center, annually holds a banquet. At this time special awards are presented recognizing Outstanding residents. Special guests are President and Mrs. George L. Cross. Another annual event of tlie men ' s grou() is a special Christmas party for orphanage children of this area. Cross Center President ' s Council OFFICERS President Warren Sherman Vice-President . . . Richard Galloway Secretary Jack Tracy Parliamentarian Joe Dorman BOTTOM ROW: Daniel S. Anderson, Phillip Harrolle, Richard Galloway, Robert Kearns, John Knightley, Joe Dorman. TOP ROW: John Tracy, Sherman Warren, Jimmy Hutchinson, David hHoover, Gene Paden, Jii Richard Collins. Barnard, Jerry Venable, Pat Robinson 551 EXCHANGE DANCES with other : ' mitories are a highlight of the lial season for Alley House. Echoing that sentinnent are Bryan Brown, Nancy Sanders, Gary Mc- Cowan and Carole Royds. Alley House President OFFICERS . . . Warren Sherman Vice-President Bryan Brown Secretary-Treasurer . Intramural Chairman ISA Representative HRC Representative . Bob Hewes Stewart Cole . Dale Hill Terry Stovall The Cross Center foothall cliampions this year were the men of Alley House, who also scored excellent rec- ords in intramural basketball and baseball. With the ringing of wedding bells for Ed Mehew, first semester counselor, riots broke out on all the floors and Ed didift leave without a special " something " from the gang. George Trickel, junior. as second semester counselor. Outstanding residents were Warren Sherman, presi- dent of the Cross Center Presidents ' Council: Kirk Kick- ingbird. OLI ' s Little Red. and Sam Atkins, second team football as a freshman. BOTTOM ROW: R. B. Freele, Tom Collins, C. T. Lombardi, S. J. Neylon, Bob Hewes, Bryan Brown, Jack Farrier, Ed Mehew, Warren Sherman. Stuart Cole, George O ' Meara, Henry E. Young. Richard M. Jennings, Gary Stogner. SECOND ROW: Charles Dohnaiek, Terry Stovall. J. M. Connely, K. Kicitingblrd, William Robert Morse, Arvin Wayne Eldson. Neil Nichols, Bob Keale Mari Brodkin. Jen Morris, Glenn Lane, Johnny Brewer. Ken Million, Paul R. Hamilton. Dewey C. Fore, Dave Rollow. TOP ROW: David Sheffel. Dale Hill, R. B. Remmert, Kenny Thompson. Sam Atkins, Frank A. Jarmuth. Russell M. Vassar, Barry Glasberg, Kim McClean. James F. Cook, Richard G. Winburn, Jr.. David L. Berry, Len E. Glass, Charles D. Miller, Edwin L. Chandler, Joe A. Altman. 552 READING ABOUT the Texas game on the Monday after the weekend before are two " survivors, " Phil Ulmer and J. B. Titus. One of the most oiitstaiidiiig houses in intramurals. Baker House was the winner of the 1963 Cross Center Donelson Trophy. Off to a good start this year, these University housing residents reached the phiy-offs in both football and basketball. The main social event of the year was a Halloween Hootenanny, where the lounge was transfornietl into an expresso coffee house, complete with pizza, folksingers of the Peter-Paul-and-Mary type and a lot of tricks or treats. Several small parties with Cate Center were held throughout the year. This house was named the most outstanding house in 1962-63 and presently retains the " cat " trophy awarded for this honor. Baker House OFFICERS President Joe Dorm an Vice-President Dick Gore Secretary-Treasurer . Clarence Wilson Intramural Chairman . . . Steve Clark Judicial Board Neal Clary ISA Representative .... Paul Nall BOTTOM ROW: H. J. Cole. W. R. Hartzog, W. B. Lackey, T. W. Pool, N. T. Clary, J. B. Dorman, J. M. Caldwell, L. F. Doyle, C. E Wilson, Paul L. Nail. T. P. Boatright, R. A. Owens, Jr., T. C. Gibson, J. T. Reed, SECOND ROW: R. K. Hatley, S. C. Clark, A. Abolins, B. Davison, D. R. Scott, G. B. Goree, G. R. Mondie, H. C. Barnes. S. E. Kelly, M. L. Jenkins, D. R. Crawford, Neal Kennedy. Charles Jeffries, Gary Light, P. H. Kell, J. D. Shahan. TOP ROW: E. Richardson, D. Cochran, J. B. Titus, R. C. Merritt, A. L. McDaniel, R. L. Saunders, Arthur C. Bolton, S. R, Stockton, B. T. Bailey. D. W. Lyie, J. L. Harville, R. L. Hill, Bob Botts. David Amann, Phil Ulmer. 553 EXPECTING MOM and Dad for the weekend, Ron Workman, Jerry Toney and Bruce Raley decide a little housecleaning Is in order. Bass House OFFICERS President Bob Looney ' ice-Presldent Jim Lester Secretary-Treasurer . . . . L. Z. Brown On the lighter side of college life, the men of Bass House will remember the parties and pranks of this year, especially when they lost the nozzles on the fire hoses. They reached the playoffs in basketball and were hopeful for a great year in Softball and volleyball. First semester counselor was Carl Midlen. who gradu- ated at mid-term with a degree in engineering. Replac- ing him was Jerry Barnes, freshman in the college of law. Study counselor was David Grubb, who did lus best. Second semester officers included Don Cox, presi- dent, and Jeff Hirzel. vice-president One of the out- standing residents was Bob Looney. Fraternity Pledge Coinicil and Pop Series Committee. BOTTOM ROW; Ron Workman. Mike Arebalo, Ross Collier, Robert Looney, David C. Grubb, Carl M. Mullen, Buster Brown, Buddy Coke, Al T. Eschbach, Don E. Cox. SECOND ROW: Larry Harmon. Terry Harris. Larry Daiches. Lloyd Whittall. James inks, Jimmy Dixson. Richard Phegley, Joe Coyne, Charles Haberger, Richard Vaughn, Daryl Stallings. TOP ROW: Gary Belcher, James Wilson. Robert Gifford, Robert Edens, Virgil Wildey, Gary Mc- Cowan, Jerry C. Toney, Richie Shrader, Joe M. Biddinger, Brown- ing Barnes Lindsey. Jim Carloss. Bruce Raley, Rex Coriett, Jack Lewis. Gary Yust. 554 BOTTOM ROW: Dewey bmith, kay M. Hiveiy, Jim hauiconer, Timothy Flaherty, Jim Rush ton, Ernest Roark, Vaugh C. Esper, Doyle Paden, Joseph Lawrence, Gregory J. Glahn, Mike Fitz- patrick. SECOND ROW: James D. Crossland, John M. Burtord. Jim S. Charles, Roger K. Graves, Jim C. Jackson, Johnny R. Vaughan, Ed Fitzgerald, Jack F, Borjes, James L. Sneed, Carl D. Friend. James W beal, i; ' lvnn kedeker, Mike B. Hudson, Vance A. Pnmm. TOP ROW: Rodie Buchney, James L. Yeary, Robert E. Hurley, Jon C. Sawvell. Hugh M. McRae. Terry M. Bartley, Keith R. Rogers, Tim Cochnauer, E. J. Morgan, J. Terry Graham, Fred Southern, George E. Meisel, Richard A. Singer, Jerry Lledeker, Gary Shepherd. Participating in all of the intranuirals kept the men of Bughanan House physically fit while study hall kept them academically able — at least it was supposed to. -And on the social side were tiiose dances with Gate Center. Jim Rusliton, senior in zoology, was house counselor. Finals week seemed to be the biggest hurdle for every- one except Mike Hiveiy. He was the only one to escape unscathed — he retained his 4.0 grade average. Mike is a member of Phi Eta Sigma, freshman men ' s honorary group, and is majoring in physics. Adding an inter- national flavor to donn meetings was Enrique Jordan, a freshman student from San Pedro, Honduras, CA. Buchanan House OFFICERS President Doyle Paden Vice-President Jerry Beeson Secretary-Treasurer . . . Mike Hively Intramural Chairman . . Vaughn Esper ISA Representative . . . Jim Faulconer Judicial Board Eddie Roark GETTING DRESSED for those Soon- erland Sallies would be easier for Bob Zolgin and Terry Bartley. if only Mike Fitzpatrick would stop kibitzing and get himself a date, too. BOTTOM ROW: G. B. Fleming. R. W. Carey, J. L. Burfcrd, C. L. Poweii. R. L. Gordon. M. J. Roadruck. Jr., P. M. Ryan, Jay Hutchens, L. W. Vowell, John Knightley, Arthur McMjUen, Rick Gentry. Kenneth Marlde, John Schofield, Michael Silk. SECOND ROW: Jim Karn, Larry Margolies, Arthur Breeze, Ronald Hamm, Jones Witcher, Larry Briggs, Brad Windsor, T. W. Lenhardt, C. Drake, Leon Tubbin, Loby Toby, Keaton Cudd, J. S. Crosble, James Pendergraft. William K. Stacy, Robert S. Srigley. TOP ROW: Brenn Stllley, Richard Agee, Marlon J. Messenger, John h. Ayers, Michael Davalt. Phillip Black, Rick Linn, Dick Phillips, Doug Burtrum, Johnny Wilson, Bill Savage, Mike Jones, R. E. Weeks, Mitchell Long, Wesley Moore. Burton House OFFICERS President John Knightley Nice-President Pat Ryan Secretary Jack Ckosbie Treasurer Max Roadri ck li]lr;nimr;il (iliairiiien DoLG Hein. Arp MrMuLLEN New friendships and experiences will he the things most remembered about this year at OU. A spring riverbottoni party, intramural play-offs and a creditable scholastic grade average kept house pride and spirit high. Outstanding residents included C.crald Fleming. Pe-et, Outstanding Freshman. Student Senate: Robert Stribley, Deans Honor Roll: John Knightley. Deans Honor Roll. Presidents ' Council: Tom Brown. Sigma Nu Pledge Class President. Pop Series and Sooner Scandals. Additional house officers were Bob Weeks, who served as representative to the House Representatives Councd. and (jerald Fleming, the house re|)resentative to tiie Judicial Board. DOING THEIR BIT to keep the house grade average up are Jack Crosbie and Tim Baugh, who are studying for final exams in the Bur- ton House lounge. WHEN HE GAVE up smoking, Kent Meek had to do something. So he took up sleeping. John Boswell helps erect an appropriate sign over the bed. ■ Residents of Ditmars House have set records this year wliich all future residents of the house are expected to maintain. First of all, future residents must uphold the intramural tradition of the house. Ditmars has won more intniinurals honors than any other house in Cross Center. Secondly, future residents nuist be nnisically skdled. for this year Mike Gillett won the " singing in the shower " contest, a treasured trophy which must not be relinquished to any other house. Thirdly, the record set by Bob Emrick must be upheld — he never wore the same tie twice. And of course, all are expected to join the anti-cigarette league, founded by Ditmartian Kent Meek, who actually quit smoking. Ditmars House OFFICERS President Jim Barnard Vice-President Terry Fisher Treasurer Mike Gillett BOTTOM ROW: Ronny M. Lee, Nick Prisco, John W. Strassberger, David K. Williams, Steve Sudler. Mike Gillett, Terry Fisher, Stony Anderson, Johnny B. Worden, Jim D. Barnard, Tom Filbeck, Frank Kamp, Melferd Fergeson, Bill Porch, Larry G. Padberg, Raymond A. Williams. SECOND ROW: R. H. Hobbie. G. E. Wortham, W. C. Gilpin, Jim Whitmire, Phil Reinhardt. Alan A. Sage, William W. Kummings. William G. Elliott, Willis A. Easley, Jr., Ray W. Church, W. Mike Brewer. D. Mike Williams, Vic Kennemer. Phil Rope, Lanny Johnson, Lewis R. Jones. TOP ROW: W. F. Couch, R. F. Prince, John Boswell. Kent Meek, Jimmy Miller, Don Williams. Donald B. Collins, John Goodman, Irving Warden, Michael Karkey, Bill Wilkerson, Richard Smith, M. O. Eckel, Jr., Donald Pape, Steve Cook, Robert Hamilton. 557 HUNGRIEST MEN on campus catch the Big Daddy salesman, Ber- ton Lary. Brooks Garner pays, while Marvin Peyton and Tom Lit- ton talce a few. Kelly House OFFICERS President Dick Galloway Vice-President Tony Briggs Secretary-Treasurer . . . Jack Benson ISA Re|)resentative . . RiCHARi) Hastings Intramural Cliairmau . . . Steve Vargo Judicial Board .... Brooks Garner Athletic acconiplisliinents and social c enls lop the list of activities for Kelly House. The Kelly " pigskin- ners " placed second in intramurals and won honors in basketball and ()lleyball. House parties found boys and girls filling the lobliy on Thursday nights and on week- ends. Residents prided themselves on being one ol llie lew houses with a perfect rating in dorm inspection. Things to remember were the fast mail service. Roger Hous ley, the clown of dorm meetings. Gary " grocery store " Hath- cock and Joe " the door-breaker " Rameriez. BOTTOM ROW: D. W. Ramsey, J. R. Regur, R. L. Galloway. G. R. Hastings, S. L. Vargo, G. D. Fulkerson. T. W. Briggs, C. A. Briggs, J. H. Benson, R. B. Garner, J. E. Reese, III, R. M. Shultz. SECOND ROW: D. J. Confer, T. A. Rodgers, J. F. Rogers, Gary Claiser, Robert Bednar, Hugh Holmes, D. M. Haney, John Pinkner, David Levinson, Donald Frans, J. W. Staric, Jerry Winn H. D. Reynolds, Gary Hathcock, Jay Spry. TOP ROW: R. F. DeVore, T. N. Litton, J. F. Dodd, M. S. Harrell, B. J. Berman, W. M. Word, R. T. Doty, M. D. Peyton, P. D. Willis, George Talbot, David Agee, Jim Wilson, William Madson, Michael O ' Shea, Bun Baker. Raymundo Gutierrez. NOT PICTURED: J. C. Mara- vich, R. L. Mallory, J. D. Early. R. D. Peterson. L. D. Alcorn, R. Housley, W. A. Cunningham, J. C. Ramirez, W. Talbot. 558 BOTTOM ROW: David Crowder, Phillip Marzolina, Steven Muss- man, Lloyd Anderson, Michael Birdsong, H. D. Knight. Mitch Easley, Bill Gassett. C. B. Mott, Phil Roberts. Tim Williams, Frank Nalfy. SECOND ROW: H. L. Briechle. T. P. Martin, L. J. John- son, C, C. Speate. W. L. Guerry, L. B. Hawkins. T. M. Johnson, E. W. Coin, N. D. Jenkins, A. M. Webber. Jr., L. E. Long, David Johnson. J. E. Rushing. TOP ROW: James Owens, Ronnie Roberts. D. D. Bednar. Edwin Kurek. J. W. Bowles. G. W. Harmon, J. D. First, T. D. Keys, B. F. Stephens. R. L Wilson, Victor Starks, Thomas Reeves, E. L. Fosburgh, Ken Hodgdon. Coeds, soft drinks and the music of the Disciples — all added up to one of the biggest social events of the year, particularly when Kitchens House entertained and guests were girls from McCurtain and Sanger Houses. In addition to study hall every week night and a big push to raise the house scholastic average, the men also participated in intramurals — trying hard to bring home a trophy in football and basketball. Campus activities attracted many of the residents, and all pitched in whole- heartedly for house affairs. Harold D. Knight, Spanish major, served as counselor. Kitchens House OFFICERS President Jerry L. Venable Vice-President .... John R. Cully Secretary-Treasurer . Michael H. Birdsong HRC Representative . Ralph H. Schaller SINGING IN the Rain is for Deb- bie Reynolds not Richard Wilson. Mike Birdsong, James Rushing and Steve Mussman. BOTTOM ROW: M. R. Macauiay, C. R. Parcer. B. C. esc- J. J. Stephens. P. H. Bucltner. Dennis Rice. M. J. Deller. Phillip Harrolle. Todd Markum. Eugene L. Lacy. Roger G. Nelson. Gary Murrell. Mike McDonald, William Endlcott. Phil Carleton, Charles Taliaferro. SECOND ROW: W. H. Karr. R. A. Mason. J. M. Krummell. R. B. King. G. W. Farmer. R. E. Scally. Laurel Price. G. Blasi, L. W. Coy. A. B. Wooldridge. W. D. Brant. D. K. Miller. 5. J. Fontana, C. M. Scori, W, E. Kuehner, G. E. Craeger. J. S. Craln. TOP ROW: L. David Johnson. Emery Craighead. W. E. Roche. Ronnie W. Hlnes. R. . Sompayrac. N. E. Mauney, Johnny Shipley. Andy Frost, Terry Barrett. Kenneth Stephenson. Bill Sullivan. Cary A. Osterhaus, John Forrester. Kent Padgett. Dwlght Findley. Gene Murphy. Ronnie Goddard. McCain House OriKF.RS President Koix.kk Kiv(; Nice-President .... Jon.s Krimmh. Secretar -Treasurer . . CIary Osierhai s Iiiiraiiuiral (!hairinaii . . GAl Ml kkki.i. Iritranuirals claimed the interest of most of the men hving in McC ' ain House this year. Teams were organ- ized in football, basketball, volleyball and Softball. On tiie .sj)cial calendar parties were scheduled each semester with the women ' s houses. Some of the active men on campus were Gary Murrell. who participated in intramurals: Dale Stevens, basketball, and Gar Blasi. iiiLiiiber of the League of Young DenuKrats and Univer- sity Scholars. Counselor was Todd Markinii. la« jiuiior. PRACTICING for intramurals or just roughhouslng. John Krummel, Mike DeLler and Bill Korr enjoy them- selves. A PRE-DALLAS rally party brought Mickey Cuthbertson, Kathleen El- liott, Vicky Stapleton and George Coryell together at a Mills House dance. Scholarship, campus activities and organizations, and social life were the three big things in the lives of the Mills boys. Richard Aro vd was elected to the Student Senate, while Clark. Musser and Byron K. Williams served as vice-president and secretary, respectively, of the Fraternity Pledge Council. Intramurals attracted some of the residents who par- ticipated in football, basketball and Softball. Howard C. Smith, Jr., senior in marketing, was the house counselor. Serving as study counselor was Ronnie Pyle. sophomore. Higlilighting the social season were several dances held with the girls of Cate Center dormitories. Mills House OFFICERS President Robert Kearns V ' ice-President Clark Musser Secretary-Treasurer . . . Mark Wright ISA Representative . . . Mike Mathias Intramural Chairman . . Kenneth Kau Judicial Board .... Wayne Doran BOTTOM ROW: Gary Kassebaum, M. Gathbertson. C. L Lamb, T. G. Bosley, W. D. Wright, M. R. Mathias, R. G. Musser, R. D. Pyle, H. C. Smith, R. W. Kearns, W. L. Doran, K. Kau, W. P. Cantrell, M. A. Grissom, D. Rawdon Knox. SECOND ROW: J. L Reed, J. P. Cook. G. B. Barnes, J. L. Grothers, Robert DeCarolls, M. E. Lord, A. P. Sights, W, R Newton, R. L. Brcwn T. G. Pureed, J. T. Hunter, D. F. Pyle, W. R. Beuch, Don Lowder, John Wilson, David Orcutt, John Holcomb. TOP ROW: T. E. Maloy, T. W. Deerlng, B. W. Baskin, N. J. Schwake, B. K. Williams, M. D. Mehl, B. L. Proctor, S. C. Spann, F. A. Hahn, J. D. Reigh, L. T. O ' Donnell, C. D. Roberts, Steve Simpson, Harry Seek, Frank Crosby, F. J. Webster, Jr., MORE POPULAR than the coke machine seems to be the phone booth, for all the Naifeh House Don Juans. Naifeh House OFFICERS President .... Patrick L. Robinson Vice-President . . Larry E. McElreath Secretar -Treasiirer . Fred P. Schweers Judicial Board Tim D. Wynn Active on campus among the Naifeh House residents were Larry E. McElreath. member of the President ' s Leadership Class; Paul H. Powell. Presidents Leadership Class and University Scholars: Robert E. Way, Presi- dent ' s Leadershij) Class: Albert Russell Schaefer. Phi Eta Sigma, and Calvin Fvilgore. Phi Eta Sigma and president of Kappa Kappa Psi. Larr) ' A. Thompson, jiniior in English, was counselor while Russell L McArron. sophomore pre-med student, served as study counselor. International student Veng- hoiit Chtani from Cambodia was a resident of the house. The men participated in all intramurals. BOnOM ROW: K. D. Johnson, O. Bryan, R. B. Thomas, W. C. Kilgore, P. L. Robinson, T. D. Wynn, M. A. Celeste, L. A. Thomp- son, F. P. Schweers, S. M. Langa, L. E. McElrea+h, John Peed, E. D. Patterson, E. R. McNeil, D. E. Shaw, B. Daniel. SECOND ROW: R. D. Blackerby, J. T. Spradley, J. D. Cole, A. R. Schaefer, P. H. Powell, P. Wood, M. Boyle, J. Roberts, R. Compton, G, Weichert, M. Gordon, S. Staron, M. Parrish, G. Fisher, T, Brown, G. O. Williams. TOP ROW: A. R. Staats, W. B. Carpenter, C, L Brown, C. W. Cornwell, H. L. Ingham, F. J. Schmidt, J. W. Brantley, M. C. Calderone, J. S. Hudson, B. M. Barnhill, A. D. Jones, Jim Erwin, Tim Baugh, R. E. Way, F. W. Carpenter, L. R. Conner, Ronnie KIrlcpatrlck. 562 BOTTOM ROW: William Smith, Chamrong Mao, Jim Embree, Bob Warner, Stephen F. Worthley, Steve Leakey, Pat Condon. Charles Waters. Jim Brown. SECOND ROW: J. K. Taylor, Gary Hopkins. Brett LItteli. Leonard hlorton, G. M. King. Steve Miller, Jay Flinton, Larry Akers, Mark Morgan, John Thomas. Troy French. None of the boys will ever forget Nigel Parker and Nigel Parker will never forget the " white coat hanger joke. " Nigel collected all the white coat hangers in sight, believing he could sell them to the lauiidrv for two bits apiece. Everyone will remember the fore er-running bridge games. From early afternoon initil after midnight, groups of four people sat playing bridge, stopping only to eat. The house did participate in football, basketball, volleyball and Softball, placing fourth in Cross Center in football. Outstanding residents included Charles Waters, Rich- ard Redman and Dean Smith, all members of the Presi- dent ' s Leadership Class, and Dave Nattavvay, University Scholars group. Pat Condon, senior in mechanical engi- neering, was counselor, with Steve Leakey, junior in aerospace engineering, as study counselor. Bud Kendrick. Jerry Shipman. James John. TOP ROW: Jim Godfrey. Jon Kucholtz. Larry Roberts. David hHattaway, Ray Moss. John Kobyluk, Lonnie Holland. Joe Provine. Tom Knotts, Larry Clynch, Douglas Martin, Tom Gray. Richard Redman. James White. Bob Blanton, Michael Cook. Joe Haug. Prent ice House OFFICERS President Richard Collins Vice-President .... Charles Waters Secretary-Treasurer . . Steve Worthley Intramural Chairman . . . Bob Warner FIND THE BRIDGE game and you ' ll find Victor Starks. Tom Gray. Gary Belcher. Jim Embree. Jerry Ship- man. Gary Hopkins and Steve Worthley — either playing or watch- ing. .VSk — ' ' ' XJ . pj r ' BOTTOM ROW: Dennis Roberts. Clay Jeffrey, Bob Blomeyer, Jerry Turner, R, E. Swartz, John Tracy, H. R. Grisham, hi. W. Truett, J. A. Sigler. SECOND ROW: R. L. Stieber, J. L. Miller, L A. Mussman, Bobby Ely, John Gollub, Philip Walls, Steve Hadley, Edvardo Knaudi, John Magers. E. E. Chambers. K. A. Hicks. C. L, Peaden. THIRD ROW: John Freed, D. L. Entrikin. C. F. Williams. W. H. Stromberg. L. S. Stern, H. L. Wagner, Jim Eby, Don Hackett, H. M. McMillin, L. W. Weinstein, M. F. Morris. Chip Holt, D. R. Young. Gary D. Wright. J. M. McMillan, K. A. Franks. TOP ROW: Robert Lowrey, John McNeely. Leonhard McGinn, Charles Shield III, Charles Vaughn. Michael Cross. Dewey Pendegraph, Eddie Mclnnes, Joseph Chicoraske, Darby Gray. Kenneth Swift, Bruce Brackett, Bob Hart, Lloyd Dean, Charles Allen, Owen Northcutt. Setliff House OFFICERS President John B. Tracy Vice-President . . . Harold R. Grisham Secretary-Treasurer . Jeffrey C. Treeman Judicial Board .... Dennls Roberts HRC Representative Bob Ely Campus leaders, a varied intramural program, house- parties and foreign students dominated the year ' s activi- ties. Charles Allen, Darby A. Gray, John Tracy and Robert W. Lowrey were among the active men on cam- pus. Athletic residents participated in football, basket- ball and baseball. A break from the .scholastic grind was occasionally brought about by several houseparties and a " very ac- tive " riverbottom party. Eduardo Knaudt and Howard McMillen, Jr.. from Bolivia and the Netherlands, respectively, were the two foreign students residing in the dormitory tiiis school year. IT ' S THE END of the month and everyone needs to call home. Jack Tracy holds up progress while Don Hackett. Don Coles, John Freed and Chip Holt wait their turn. CAR DECALS are distributed by Don Lawrence, counselor, to Glenn Breeden, Jerry Hassebroelt, Paul Kalmes and Wayne Wagner, Biggest event to happen this year was the marriage of counselor Don Lawrence, senior in aerospace engineer- ing. Don was married during Christmas vacation, but before the holidays, all the men of Smith House got to- gether to present the bridegroom with a gift of silver- ware. After the holidays Ken Casey, Atlanta. Ga.. senior, be- came the new counselor. Also adding excitement and interest to dorm life was Mokhtee Ahmad, international student from Malaysia, who entertained and informed with stories of his native country. Intramural Chairman Ken Jones worked hard to mold a championship team and all the men of the house worked together to bring up the scholastic average. Smith House OFFICERS President .... Jimmy Hutchinson Vice-President .... Earl Roy Jones Secretary-Treasurer . . . Othie Burk Intramural Chairman . . . Ken Jones ISA Representative . . Mokhtee Ahmad BOTTOM ROW: G. B. Cohen, L. W. Carter, R. N. Vedder, H. L Baughman, J. G. Burk, M. Ahmad, O. G. Burit, D. A. Milligan, D. E. Lawrence, J. R. Hutchinson, K. L. Jones, W. C. Weinrich, E. R. Jones, M. D. Gaden, J. W. Edry, L. D. Gray. SECOND ROW: J. W. Mlddleton, C. M. Williams, W. C. Wag- ner, S. L. Cox, J. W. Patton, K. J. Llnd, Jr., L. W. Johnson, C. J. Hobson, C. F. Bethea, J. E. Lynn. J. C. Hassebroelt, O. T. Osher- wltz, J. A. Duncan, M. D, Bailey, M. D. Jones, R. A. Eichelberg, J. R. Ledtord. TOP ROW: W. R. Barrett, J. W. Roberts, C. R. Steele. D. K. Moore, J. M. Douthltt, A. A. Zox, R. C. Langtord, D. R. Collins, C. D. VanDyck, R. C. White, G. L. Breeden, J. W. Callison, J. C. Todd, Paul Calmes, G. P. Thomas, R. E. Amen, W. F. Mikosz. NOT PICTURED: J. D. Ashmore, Keith Wilson. 565 GETTING READY to greet all the " goblins " and " witches " at the Hal- loween party are Jerry Keller, John Crouch. Clarence Cagle and Bob Phlpps. Vance House OFFICERS President Dovle Williams Vice-President Jerry Durbin Secretary-Treasurer .... Glen West Intramural Chairman . . Jerry Keller Intramurals, house parties, campus activities and lion- oraries — all the ingredients to make an interesting year — were present at Vance House. They participated in football, basketball, volleyball and softball. The house has won the volleyball championship for the past three years. A large number of residents participated in Model UN and others were members of the band, wrestling team, President ' s Leadership Class and University Schol- ars. . Halloween party and several house parties added social interest, while Poly Tan of Cambodia and Fouad Makarem added an international excitement. Jim Mc- Caffrey, law senior, was counselor. Study counselors during the year included Clarence Cagle and Steve Leakey. BOTTOM ROW: Lloyd Goldman, Clifford Weinstein, Richard Rowland, Gary Quine. Mike Renfro, Glenn West, John Provines. Jerry Durbin, Jim McCaffrey, Clarence Cagle, Doyle Williams, Larry Wrighf, John Turner, Lomax Murphy, Jay Boynton, Rice Reavis. SEC OND ROW: Steve Lee Curtis, Francis Keen, Poly Tan, Jeffery Hindman, Jr., A! Jackere, Lee Switzer, Raymond Munkres, Michael Bowles, Ralph Ige, Kennis Wessel, Albert Clark, Mike hHammer, William Reed, Don Zimmerman, James Frampton. TOP ROW: Joseph Talucci, John Crouch, Deryl Pittman, Bernard Stekoll, Everette Gibbens, Robert Phipps, Claude Beeler. Gary Swimley, John Williams, Victor Cordell, Jerry Keller, Thomas Cal- houn, Alan Hotaling, Sam Weiss, P. E. Kallenberger. 566 BOTTOM ROW: M. T. Evans, D. L. Stevens, C. Hart, E. D. Smith, C. B. Hensley, E. A. Abernethy, David Hoover, R. M. Harris, J. H. Parker, P. J. Schwartz, L. L. Nigliazzo, M. S. Ferguson, R. H. Allen, J. R. Roberts, R. J. Malear, D. J. Venier, SECOND ROW: J. W. Brindley, R. L. Newman, R. H. Crews, K. M. Lebo, J. D. Spence, S. K. Andolsjn, D. T. Phillips, R. A. Wheeler, Michael Carnes, Hank Spielmann, R, R. Mitchell, Bill Wilkinson, Jack Van Valkenburg. J. L. Gossett, S. E. Hawks, C. E. Williams, R. E. Kropp. TOP ROW: W. E. Davis, J. F. White, P. M. McCain, J. W, Conger, L. B. Boyington, Alfred Jennings, C. E. Fisher, James W. Owens, Barry Cook, James Runft, James Armstrong, E. D. Souligny, Alan Jenkins, W. T. Leakey, J. M. Bannister, Bruce Collier, Tom Clark. Looking forward to those enjoyable weekend dances with the pretty coeds of Gate Center was just one of the highhghts of every week for the men of Vance. Intramural practice paid off. as the men advanced to the semi-finals in football, winning four of their games. They didn ' t do as well in basketball, w iiniing only one game. But their losses did not daiuit their enthusiasm. Mike Harris was counselor first semester and Bill Mercer, second semester. Mike was a senior in petroleum land management while Bill majored in aerospace engi- neering. Youn House OFFICERS President David Hoover Vice-President Ji f Parker Secretary-Treasurer . . Sandy Abernathy HRC Representative . . . Carter Hart Social Chairman . . . Like Nigliazzo Intramural Chairman . . . Mike Karnes HOW TO SUCCEED In college without really trying is the subject being studied in the lounge by those three expert research men — Carter Hart, Carl Fisher and Ralph Wheeler. BOTTOM ROW: Tom Green, Jay Turk, Milce Cauthron, Mike Tharp. TOP ROW: Ronnie Hawkins, John Elms, Dennis McCary, Fred Wedell. Jim Wills Wilson Center President ' s Council OFFICERS President Jay Turk Vice-President Fred Wedell Secretary-Treasurer .... John Elms Presidents and vice-presidents of the seven men ' s dor- mitories in Wilson Center compose the Presidents ' Coun- cil. The group works hand-in-hand with the University housing department to help promote relations and de- velop cooperation among the students and the University. Big event first semester was the annual Christmas party for children from the Baptist orphanage. Mike Cauth- ron, Cleveland House counselor, ser ed as advisor to the council. HAVING AS MUCH fun as the children are Jay Turk, Dennis Mc- Cary, John Elms. Mike Cauthron and Ronnie Hawkins at the annual Wilson Center orphans Christmas party. BOnOM ROW: J. P. Henry, J. F. Butler, L J. Deman. W. R. Pansze, W. E. Mercer, S. C. Smith, J. H. Fannin, John B. Elms, S. D. Fislcin. SECOND ROW: S. C. Kenzie, D. M. Cooper, T. S. Finn, B. H. Perkey, B. A. Miher, R. W. Rycroft, J. D. Hoppis, D. R. Fisher, C. W. Wilson, B. L. Baker, J. Mundkowski, J. Hylton. D. C. Bassett, T. E. Drummond. J. C. Moricoli, W. F. Batus, L. D. Stout, J. Santoro. THIRD ROW: Phil Bird, R. J. Jutty, M. Cham- bers, S. W. Griffin, D. Lewis, K. Clark, M. McClain, D. H. Beams, M. E. Goforth, D. G. Berman, G. larking, J. G. Dicarlo, J. M. Chandler, D. N. Scott, J. O. Tucker, B. Smith, G. J. Young, Mike Gaylor, L R. Babb. FOURTH ROW: J. W. Wichnot. R. W. Stevens, G. W. Wilson, R. N, Rhind, G. D. Paquin, C. E. Hoff, L. M. Wolf, J. L. Cobb, G. Kopp, J. B. House, R. T. Most, Frank Karlitskie, William H. Stern, W. M. Weinberg, F. Hurst, J. Gilbert, B. Carpenter, J. L. Clark, B. Wlllman. TOP ROW: E. Pollard, R. F. Mikuls, M. S. Whipple, R. E. Caruthers, C. H. Hammert, G. R. Means, M. R. Castor, Gary R. Ansorge, M. O. Brooks, R. V. Cooper, J. A. Peters, P. A. Fisher. Outstanding personalities, parties and intramural ac- tivities top the list of remembered events for the resi- dents of Boyd House. John Fannin was Boyd House president one year and Judicial Board president. He also participated in intramurals. Robert Pansze was intramural wrestling champion for two years straight in the 137-pound class. He also served as study counselor. Robert Wills was a member of the Naval ROTC Rifle team for two years. Social events revolved around a series of house parties with the houses in Gate Center. In intramurals, the men participated in football, basketball, volleyball and soft- ball. Boyd House OFFICERS President John B. Elms Vice-President Steve Fiskin Secretary-Treasurer . . . Jeff Butler Intramural Chairman . . . Les Deman Judicial Board . John Fannin, Pat Henry A FRIENDLY conversation In a buddy ' s room Is more fun than study ing find Ronald Stevens, War- ren Wilmot, Joss Wheeler and Charley Wilson. n 6 ' ' i rn i ' 11 ' i ' ■ ' ' ' ' 441 i 14 M 1 BOTTOM ROW. j. Ku bt n, J :::, Mike Wilson, David Bondurant, " lill Pickens, Jim Shroyer, John Armato, John Bush. Arlen Hance, Briscoe Stephens, James Lain. Kenneth Schuerman, Johnny Slagle, John Swineford, Tommy Hickerson, Greg Ryan, Bill Schwenk, Mike Forsman. D. Ronald YaqoJa, Joss Wheeler, Steve Thomas. SECOND ROW: Gay Robert, Alan Loch, John Fuller. Joseph Ng. Donald Sharp, Robert Smith, Richard Largue- ment. Jay Tev ksbury, Michael Rozneck. Neal Ogle, David Yarger, Vincent Marmoral, David Dixon, Ted Rockford, Jerry Schwartz. Robert Murray, J. B. Pratt, Lonnie Scrugham. Richard Knapp, Mike Fuller, Bob Krause, Edwin Tomita. Eddie McNeil, L. R. Bedford. THIRD ROW: William Watson. George Toto, Daniel Furtak, David Thome, Danny Merritt, Larry Prater, Irving House OFFICERS President .... Ronald L. Hawkins Vice-President Alan A. LocH Secretary-Treasurer . . Larry A. Newell ISA Representative . J. Briscoe Stevens H. A. June, J. RIppel. Rober Carr. Mark Cain, Jnii Huiiine, Rdnjal, Paden, Ronnie Biles. Virgil Holden. Barry Fiske, Joe Shary, Harv Turner, Dean Gibbs, Ronny Hawkins, William Smith, Roy Wallace, Kenneth Bovee, Danny Bergman. FOURTH ROW: Jim Payne, Joe Shaw, Keith Carl, Al Donetan, Robert Robbins, Larry Collins, George Robinson, Dave Wise, Joe Miller, Robbie Member, Richard Weaver, Dwain Anderson, Charles Meyer, Raymond Gllbey, Ronald Jusbie David Price, Thomas McLarney, hienry Cooks, Ted Moore, Larry Newell, Terry Woodcock, TOP ROW: Robert Poling, George Dorr, George Jurgerson, A. L. Mutzig, Kurt Fankhouser, Billy Young, Todd Aaron, Edward Coyle, Bob Caggiano, Lucian Paulus, Roger Rensvold, Mike Sawyer. Winners of the champion.ship in touch football for men ' s housing. Irving House also chalked up another record — it was the only independent mens house to purchase tuo sorority pledge class parties during Cam- pus C ' hest. The men also were hosts to a house party for Jordan and Da is Houses and were guests at parties given by the pledge classes of Alpha Chi Omega and Gamma Phi Beta. Outstanding residents included .Man Loch, NROTC regular student, Mr. Wilson Center and study counselor at McCain House: David Bondurant. who racked up a 3.912 grade average, and Larry Doke, a member of the President ' s Leadership Class. Foreign students in the dorm included Lucian Paulus and Edwin Tomita from Hawaii and .Mike Sawyer, Mexico. HUNTING FOR the baseball are Ed McNeill, David Yarger, Richard Lacquement and Mike Castor, who all proved to be excellent players once they had found the ball. AN ANSWER to parking, pedes- trians and the high cost of opera- tion seemed to be a bicycle thought Alec Pearce, who finds he has troubles, anyway. - " ■• ,;s A house party with McCurtain and Sager brought all the residents out for an evening of fun and frolic. Lav- ish decorations adorned the lounge and " rocking " music was provided by a well-known campus band. Alan Moquin and Kenneth Pickle were members of the President ' s Leadership Class. Gerald Gopher, senior in Latin American studies, was counselor. Intramural Chairman Danny Ramsey organized teams in football, basketball, volleyball, softball and track. Providing international interest was Marwan S. Sarakbi, Syria. Kingfisher House OFFICERS President Jay Turk Vice-President .... Robert Wilson Secretary-Treasurer . . . Eddie Weeks ISA Representative . Henry Geiogamah Intramural Chairman . . Danny Ramsey BOTTOM ROW: Ned Nixon, Bruce Schuerman, L. T. Chambers. Noble Nordahl, Alan Maguln, Henry Geiogamah, Jay Turk, Gerald Gopher, Ronald Tiehen, William Caldwell, Rob Wilson. E. R. Weeks, Rocky Smith, Philip Ericson, C. K. Madison, G. B. Mc- Govern, D. D. Ramsey. SECOND ROW: R. Ramsey, P. M. Border. R A Pearce, G. D. Forsythe. R. H. Dukeshire. S. W. Akers. p ' M. Dillhaunty, D. R. Groshong. G. W. Flinchum. D. Fitzpatrick. John Colgan, J. H. Roberts, W. E. Lovell, M. A. Reinhard. Marlian Sarakbi J. L. Burton. D. O. Brady. M. L Eddington. J. F. Renaghan. THIRD ROW: R. G. Crawford. M. J. Songer, L E. Cantrell B. A. Given, D. A. Stevens. J. S. Keithley. L. E. Emhoolah. G. H. Bills, J. R. Graft, H. L. Andrews. T. R. King. Roger Holmes. Tom Collins. M. L Hutton. J. G. Smith. J. E. Thomas. K. J. Snyder, M. A. Coursey, Robert Walker. FOURTH ROW: D. B. Manning, G. Frizzell, J. Deldgiams, J. Manning. W. D. Reeves, J. E. Stewart, L. A. Williams, G. R. Proctor, R. J. Dombrowieck. C. F. Small, M. D. Tuttle, E. F. Carey, J. T. Duggan, T. J. Kitchens, T. B. Maxwell. W. F. Dufresne. R. T. t ietland, W. R. Sparks, J. T. Traw. TOP ROW: D. N. Herbert, 3. E. Claiborne, M. J. Alagood. C. E. Pendergraft, D. Coleman, G. White. D. G. Archer, D. L. Blum, Ray Forgy, Pat SIsemore. i(HI 1 (f I n Irs ir ' 1 ' ' t ' l ' ' . ' 1 n ' fiT ' i ' i Tf ' f ' ? » " U . " I ■? »,. i 571 FAVORITE PASTIME for Thomas P. Armstrong, Ray D. Brashear, Bill Favor and Phil Rauch is " a-loung- ing, " In which they indulge fre- quently. Sequoyah House OFFICERS President Fred Wedell Vice-President .... Randall Mason Secretary Howard Camp Intramural Chairman . . . JoE GiBSON ISA Representative . . . John Hunter BOTTOM ROW: R. A. Schmitt, H. L. Camp, J. E. Hunter, R. D. Mason, F. G. Wedell, R. L. Drew, K. R. Mullican, T. A. Greene, J. L. Slaughter, Joe Gibson, R. M. Keller, J. T. Prendergast, Larry Wheat. SECOND ROW: S. H. Radcllffe, M. K. Morrow, J. M. Pitts, F. T. Johnson, S. T. Nance, J. W. Wade, A. Pereira, D. G. Floyd, J. S. Widman, D. L. Seifrled, D. H. Levi, G. J. Herbstreit, R. A. Balduzzi, J. M. Goods, C. L. Bradshaw, R. R. Danner, L. D. Keltner, B. F. Jensen, Jess Girard, George Davis, Duane Bennett. THIRD ROW: J. B. Rudd, E. Batdorf, P. L. Clogston, D. L. Fields, R. G. Riley, G. R. Edwards, D. B. Smith, E. F. Clarke, Active participation in all intramurals brought their rewards to Sequoyah House, which won second in Wil- son Center football and made an excellent showing in basketball. - house party with Holman and Jordan provided social interest and the men enjoyed Christmas caroling in Cate Center. They also entered into the Halloween spirit and went trick or treating in the girls ' dormitory area. Winning laurels for the house were Pete Bezy, who won the 123-pound class in intramural wrestling, and Larry Muse, a member of the debate team. Serving as resident counselor was Ken Mulligan, pre-med student. Residents participated in many acti dties and campus events. W. L. Cepeda, C. R. Klfer, Joe Whittle, D. T. Currin, William Favor, T. P. Armstrong, N. W. Youngsteadt, J. G. Halloran, J. W. Mullen, J. M. Hill, R. O. Haness, J. T. Moss. FOURTH ROW: R. C. Parker, J. A. Ammon, D. C. Norvell, R. Dyer, D. L. Rosen- baum, S. M. Mulloy, S. Camarlllo, R. W. Kelly, P. L. Clay, Jr., D. B. Yost, T. P. Lester, G. W. Bradford, R. D, Corn, J. L Court- ney, R. W. Ross, R. C. Walker, R. D. Brashear, G. W. Sleeper, J. C. Hulsey, Jr. TOP ROW: T. L. Sheetz, Charles Rothwell, H. W. Burgess, E. L. Harris, J. E. Norvell, M, G. Ray, J. E. Vinson, J. Leutwiler, R. E. Scott, R. T. Yeager, Wayne Hugus. 572 BOTTOM ROW; Mjnk Tamdoo, T. R. Stronj, J. u. !l_:!:,j-, S. A. Rhoads, D. W, Ibach. J. F. Flnkelstein, Orval Segrove, Thomas Curb. Charles Cahn. T. C. Moore, W. L. Demasfus, Elvis Pennington, Ken Casey. Ed McComas, Ralph Ridlinghafer. Paul Sharpe, William Search, Rowel! Johnston, Dave Nicholson. Gary Pippin. D. E. Lewis. A. B. Jones. R. G. Story. SECOND ROW: E. Ross. K. Solomon, Jon Krainert, M. E. Martin W. H. Hinds Sean Moyer. Domingo Pestano. David Bowlby, Larry Smith, J. W. Dittner. Chucit DeJohn, Samuel Andrew, John Echohawk, Dan Coffey. Ronald Groves, Edwin Fox. R. C. Vaught. Tommy hiarmy. C. Van Horn, Franz Lauffer, Rodney L. Lee, G. H. McKinney. THIRD ROW: Randall Goodman, M. B. Rapp. Wade Knight. W. H. Bij!l,, J, A. i uc.:. ' _. Vv. h.j,.,, R. E. Kaptejna. David Davenport. Lucky Leavell, Joseph Potts. W. G. Schiller, S. H. Johnson, C. O. Dorrance. William Woodard, Ed Robie. W. hi. Boldlng. J. L. Dunagin, R. D. Gow, R. T. Dading, T. M. Zachritz. S. M. McKee. Bob Adams. FOURTH ROW: Alan R. Howerton. David Hollak. C. R. Hunter. M. L. Muller, M. R. Mallonee, W. H. Bali, R. L. McCalman, D. Roberts. R. A. Leopold. E. B. Rickards. A. G. Alexander. H. L. Ray, S. W. Emery. R. L. Haney. R. M. Shideler, C. E. Brown, C. B. Hatfield C. E. Tieaskie, Thomas Hasz. TOP ROW: J. Mos er. C. Fullum. B. Rhinehart, D. Peters, C. Har- per, D. Shaw. T. Hart, T. Brown. D. Shellenberger, D. Wintermute. Second semester officers at Worcester House included King Solomon, president; Sam Johnson, vice-president, and Rod McCalman, secretary-treasurer. Ken Casey, senior in engineering, was the resident counselor. Active on campus were Dennis McCary, Student Sen- ate, Wilson Center Presidents ' Council. President ' s Lead- ership Class and intramural football; James McClendon, President ' s Leadership Class, Pershing Rifles, Chief Page in the State Senate; Steve McKee, captain of the OU Rifle Team, State Rifle Team and Pershing Rifles; and Sam Johnson, Phi Eta Sigma, Fraternity Pledge Council and intramural football. Worcester House OFFICERS President Dennis McCary Vice-President . . . . Rod McCalman Secretary-Treasurer . . Elvis Pennington Athletic Chairman .... Dick Dading IN THE LOUNGE are Thomas Moore, Robert Gow, Bill Holding, Dave Nicholson, Dan Coffey and Ken Black. BOTTOM ROW: Pete Blassingame, E. Hall. Jerry Barnes, Russell Jackson, Daniel Circle, Michael Tharp, Benjamin Harrison. Larry McLean, Ed McConnel, Stan Ewing, Mike Cauthron. SECOND ROW: R. Bundy, D. Fogg. C. Saha, F. Leighty, M. Gurney, D. Martin, Mohammed Ahmad, Robert Yeats, R. Hoggard, J. Zdeneic, James Fienup, Earle Bowers, Franklin Chappabltty. " erry Armstrong. Ray Council, Rogers Roger, Gary Bush, Gibson Akers, Edward Sinnwell. THIRD ROW: R. Self, J. Riddle, R. Kyle, J. Brittain, J. Glennon, M. Dillenbock, Lance Finney, Owen Robinson, Mirzalan Armen. Richard Lockwood, Gerry Wood, Leslie Edwards. C. Errol Moffatt. Richard Patrick. Stephan Korytko, Mike Stephan- son, Jim Holcomb. John Davenport. FOURTH ROW: K. Sachen, R. Chance. S. Stanifer. D. Sweger. R. Graham, V. Tapia, R. O ' Rear. S. Rendel. Dennis Watson, J. Broadhurst, J. C. Lowder, Stan Wilner, Gary Whiteside, Joe Whitaker, John McConnell, Eric Sparks, Randal Moore. Larry Kuhlman. TOP ROW: George Dryer. Mike Ryan, Dennis Pribil, Ted Johnston, Robert Valliant, Jack Mattingly, David Andrews. Activities At Cleveland House Revolve Around Studies Officers at Cle eland House this year included Mike Tliarp. [ resident: Ed McConiiel. ice-presideiil: Joe D. Riddle, treasurer: Frank Hall, intramural chairman, and Ben Harrison. Judicial Hoard representative. Mike Cauthron. senior majoring in pre-law. was ccuniselor. •Adding interest to dorm life were three internalioiial students. Armen Mirziaian and Moliamed Ahmad, both from Baghdad. Irat). and Farsheed Abidi of Teheran, Iran. Lincoln House Boasts Outstanding Grade Point Average Biggest news at Lincoln House was the grade a erage for the first semester, with four residents making straight a erages. They were Jerry Downing. Thad Pawlikow- ski, Robert Sanders and Guy Parkhurst. Among many other campus acti ities and honors. Parkhurst also won a Rhodes scholarship and served as president of the Model UN general assembly. Officers included Robert S. Hall, president: Donald C. Nelson, vice-president and social chairman: Harold Ru- bin, secretary-treasurer: Don Ellis, intramural chairman, and James Ewbank. ISA representati e. The house par- ticipated in intramurals. Counselor was Bill StoothoflF, graduate student in geolog BOTTOM ROW: Pat Bernardo, Don Adier, Harold Rubin, Jim Kanomata. Lloyd Bottoms. Merle L. Black. James Cody, Toby Mcrey, John Steele. SECOND ROW: Dale Parent. Bob Small- wood, Don Coles. Ronald Davis, Bill Doty, James Ghiglieri, Louis White, Jack Engleman, Bob List. TOP ROW: Charles Mayer, Roderick Jackson, Humphrey Chu. Stanley Hulley, Robert Shick, Samuel Hallstien, David Nielson, Larry Estes, Raymond Smith, Richard Smith. AT A FAVORITE haunt on Campus Corner, friends gathered to say farewell to Jack Hogan, who left OU at mid-term for greener pas- tures at OSU. Several international students stayed at Whitehand Hall this year, including Nour Boukadoum of Algeria, Gholamali Feizy of Iran and Jorge Landler of Bolivia. The house participated in intramural football, basket- ball, volleyball and baseball. Acting as resident coun- selor was Charles D. Pierce, senior in the college of law. Unlike Cross and Wilson Center units, Whitehand I lall stands by itself on Boyd street facing the north edge of the campus. Being " on the corner " is an advan- tage, especially since the favorite campus hangouts are only a few steps av ay. Whitehand Hall OFFICERS President James Wills Vice-President .... Robert Brown Secretary-Treasurer . . . Jorge Landler Intramural Chairman . . . Jack Marsee ISA Representative . . . Ray Spalding BOTTOM ROW: Charles Mason, Gary Miller, Raymond Spalding Jorge Landler, Robert Brown. Charles Pierce. Tom Ray, Jack hi Marsee, Robert Geldart, Robert A. Meese. Robert C. Ingram SECOND ROW: Don Downing, Victor Patkowsici, Merlin Mc Feeters, Berton Lary, Werner Voss, Wayne Cooper, William D Young, Daniel Conuer, Carl E. Pellegrini, Leonard Ingram, Allen Tsugawa, Jimmie Cllnlcenbeard. TOP ROW: Jessee hlelnrlchs, Richard Woods, Harold Bryant, David A. Scott. Jr., James Marvel, Sheldon Thomson, John Patterson, Stephen Callaham, Ronald Greenfield, Jim Kuhlmann, Tommy McConnell, Terry Rayner. 575 SOCIALIZING for athletes Steve Morelock and Tom Davis consists of some mighty good conversation and an orange juice " cocktail. " Jefferson House One of [he two athletic dormitories, Jeflerson House quarters men who participate in swimming, wrestHng, track, baseball and tennis. Supervising their schedules were counselors Terry Looker, graduate in physical edu- cation; Stan Morrison, senior in electrical engineering, and Gregory Ruth, sophomore in political science. Among the outstanding residents are Greg Ruth, best Olympic prospect for 154-pound class in wrestling; Tony Watson, former Olympian and NCAA broad jump champion; Charles Scheutte, conference champion in freestyle, and John Bernard, national sixth-place winner in 50-yard freestyle event. Another resident of the dorm is Sam Al-Karagouhli, 137-pound wrestler from Iraq. BOTTOM ROW: Rick Zwald, Larry Jacobs, Gregg Plttman, Paul Sikkink, Brett Johnston, Joe Wilkerson. Bill Burchann, Mike McAdams, Charles Schuette, John Bernard, Paul Cleveland SECOND ROW: Hal McCoy, Don Huffer, Joe Mashburn, George Winters, Steve Morelock, Jim Hamilton, Mike Hamilton, Mike Hall, Jack Hove, Tom Abel, Les Mason, Bill Lam, Roger Mickish, Bill Griffin, Bill Cody. THIRD ROW: Karl McCrary, Byron Berline, Mark Latham, Tony Bennett, Doug Martin, Lynn Overton, Gary Looper, Gregg Ruth. FOURTH ROW: Gene Reding, Bill Parker, Mike McSpad- den, Phil Nisler, Vance McSpadden, Gil Reed, Jerry Mullins, Dickie Haxel, Gary Sumerall, Archie Pendergraft, Bobby Riggs. TOP ROW: Bill Truesdell, Jerry Tate, Terry Johnson, Donn King, Tom Lindsay. 576 BOTTOM ROW: Richard Willis, Paul Jones, Eu Han, A., en t uii, Doug Jones, Pat Gordon, Boots Bagby, Ronnie Shields, Tom Hearon, Mike Gates, Larry Allford, Earl Evans, Jann Christian, Tom Maxwell. SECOND ROW: David Voiles, Robert Vardeman, Dale Pontius, Jerry Hayden, George Jarman, Bill Beery, Alvin Henderson, Ron Winfrey, Joe Starr, Tom hiarmon, Ray Nunley, Ron Fletcher, Robert Kalsu, Tom Jordan. THIRD ROW: Thurman Pitchlynn, Tom Corbitt, Curt Van Hooser, Frank Dombek, Ron Harman, Norman Smith, Rick McCurdy, Newt Burton, Jay King, Carl Schreiner, Jim Folsom, Lonnie McGuire, Steve Kline, Mike Mahoney, Randy Deal, Larry Crutchmer, Bill Ross. James Riley, James Jackson, Rod Crosswhite, Eugene Ross, George Robinson, All the men living in Washington House are " big men on campus, " for they are all athletes whose schedules revolve around football and basketball games and p rac- tice sessions. Counselors include David Nelson and Mark Brady. The men have the usual dormitory tradi- tions plus some uniquely their own, including the Mark Brady ' feet " contest and the annual Morris Tennebaum tie sale. The students looked forward to Christmas vacation, and especially will remember the annual Christmas dance when Jim Doughty played Santa Claus. And they will never forget October 12 — that was a black day in Big D when Texas defeated OU in the Cotton Bowl. Jim Lee. FOURTH ROW: Mike Burns, Mike Vaclaw, Ronnie Frost, Stan Crowder, Mike Barnes, Tom Flood, Gary Oberg, Joe Bogan, Charles Scheumann, Bo Clary, Carl Morton, Roger Rains, Ray Haynes, Tony Jenkins, Paul Bagwell, Nehemiah Flowers. FIFTH ROW: Ronnie Smith, Glen Condren, Gary Williams, Lance Rent- zel, Wes Skidgel, Carl McAdams, Don Kindley, Mack Turner, Alan Axley, Dave Barrett, Bob Stephens, Jim Johnson, Charles Pearce, Ronnie Horn, Allen Bumgardner, Gordon Brown, Bill Hill, James Alfieri, Wayne Bell, Ben Hart. TOP ROW: Bennie Shields, Bob Minnis, Larry Shields, George Stokes, Fred Fleetwood, Mike Hen- son, Dick Maxey, Greg Burns, Teddy Dodson, Jerry Collins, Mike Smith, Mike Base. Washington House OFFICERS President David Voiles Vice-President Greg Burns Secretary Mike Rooney Treasurer Mike Vervack Social Chairman . . . Lance Rentzel LISTENING TO the Beatles are Bill Whitlock, James Gatewood, George Ridgley and Mike Rooney. BOTTOM ROW: Eugene L. Lacy. Jerry Turner, Bill Mercer, Mike Cauthron, Steve Leakey, Mr. Miles, Kenneth Allwhite, Tom Ray, Daniel S. Anderson, Ronald Tiehen. SECOND ROW: Stanford C. Smith, Arlen Hanle, Bob Pansze, Ken Casey, Jack Farrier, Tim Flaherty, David C. Grubb, Jim Slaughter, John Worden, Larry Thompson. THIRD ROW: Larry Doyle, Jerry Barnes, Lloyd Ander- son, Mike Harris, Pat Condon, Ed McComas, Othie Burk, David Milligan, Thomas A. Greene, Ron Drew, Donald E, Lawrence. FOURTH ROW: Charles D. Pierce, James A. McCaffrey, Jim Rushton, Gerald Copher, James Caldwell, Jay Hutchens, George Bennett, Phillip Schwartz, Grover Fulkerson, John Hastie, Carl Mullen. TOP ROW: George Trickel, Ray Branson, Howard Smith, Howard Knight, Clarence Cagle, Jack Marsee, Dale Parent, William Stoothoff, Todd Markum, Kenneth Mullican, Tom Briggs, C. W. Vowell. Men ' s Counselors OFFICERS Dean of Students Dr. Clifford J. Craven Director of Men ' s Aflfairs D. W. R. Brown Director of University Housing Dr. Jodie C. Smith Assistant Director of Men ' s .Affairs K. H. Miles Under the supervision of E. H. Miles, assistant direc- tor of men ' s affairs in cfiarge of housing, tfie men ' s hous- ing program is nui on the basis of lielping tlie student to succeed in college. This means providing adequate facilities for academic needs as well as the basic needs of food and .shelter. Resident, assistant and study counselors are eni[)loyed in each of the units of Cross Center and Woodrow Wil- son Center and in ' hitehaiid Hall. These men are chosen for qualities and abilities in counseling and guidance. They undergo a training period at the begin- ning of the school year. 578 OFFICE STAFF in the men ' s hous- ing program meet for coffee. They include Mrs. Ethelyn Cox, E. H. Miles, director, Mrs. Betty Simmons, John Hastie and Don Gray. 580 The Will Rogers Cafeteria OKLAHOMA MEMORIAL UNION THE OKLAHOMA MEMORIAL UNION SERVES STUDENT, CAMPUS, COMMUNITY, AND STATEWIDE ACTIVITIES. AUDITORIUMS — BALLROOMS TRUSTEES . . . MEETING ROOMS — DINING ROOMS PRESIDENT LEE B. THOMPSON LOUNGING AND RECREATIONAL FACILITIES vice president JACK luttrell We are equipped to handle both large and TREASURER D. H. GRISSO small conventions and group meetings. SECRETARY and MANAGER . HILLYER FREELAND 581 We Are Grateful For the opportunity to contribute to the growth and expansion of the educational facilities at the University of Oklahoma. WATTIE WOLFE COMPANY Mechanical Contractors OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA Building Today For A Better Tomorrow Aero Space Engineering Building On The North Campus By Link Cowen Construction Company, Inc. SHAWNEE. OKLAHOMA P.O. Box 309 Area 405 BR 5-0556 582 First Unit of O.U. ' s new Engineering Center We are proud to be a part of the expansion program of Oklahoma Uni- versity. By contributing to the comfort and utility of the educational facilities of Oklahoma, we are helping to provide maximum educational opportunity for its youth. These O.U. Buildings Are Now Under Construction Engineering Center The Towers By HARMON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY. INC- OKLAHOMA CITY. OKLAHOMA 4335 W. Reno Wl 6-4471 583 Faculty-Student Index Aaron, Todd, 570 Abel, Edwin, 166, 169, 498 Abel, Nancy, 99 Abel, Tommy, 576 Abelcs, Andcc, 131, 441 Aber, Barbara, 118, 522 Aber, Cheryl, 131, 408, 441 Abernathy, Anne, 82, 83, 118, 128, 454 Abemalhy, Charles, 131, 513 Abcrnethy, Barbara, 146. 449, 537 Abemethv, Edward, 146, 348, 478, 567 Abich, Pedro, 371 Abichandani, Jivat, 401 Abies, Lyn, 169 Abolins, Ansis, 146, 348, 553 Aboussic, Jacquelyn, 146, 544 Aboussic. Kenneth, 131, 344. 513 Abraras, Arnold, 99, 394, 425 Abrams. Barry, 131, 344. 490 Abrams, Dennis, 118. 510 Abramson, Jane, 302, 525 Aby. Lorelta. 131, 442 Acheson. Keith. 118, 478 AcLennan. . ndrcw, 438, 518 Acord. Karen, 131, 229, 252, 386, 450 Acton, Maria, 540 Adair, Eileen, 383 Adanio, Joseph, 99, 423, 425 Adams, Alice, 412 Adams, Betty, 412 Adams, Bob, 573 Adams, Buck, 131. 344. 490 Adams, Carlynn, 99, 524 Adams, Donna, 526 Adams, Doug, 410, 501 Adams, Florencia, 146. 539 Adams, Janet, 118, 450 Adams, ludy, US. 528 Adams. Karen, US. 400. 524 Adams, Orinda. 91. 301, 530 Adams. Fat, 146, 461, 535 Adams, Randall, 146, 314 Adamson, Hal, 131, 344 Adamson, Phil, 131, 299, 343, 478 Adc. Larainc, 534 Adkins, Ann, 146, 442 Adkins, Velma, ,96 Adkins, Walter, 320 Adier, US. 574 Adreme, Call, 146. 462, 544 Agee, Anderson, 558 Agce, Linda, 131 Agee, Richard, 348. 556 Agnew. John, 146, 348, 498 Ahl. Haryey, 389 Ahmad, Mohammed, 565, 574 Alimeduddin, Mir, 401 Ahrens, Robert, 131, 498 Ainsworth, Diane. 540 Aisenberg, Ira, 348 Aisenberg, Stephen. 348 Aitken, Kay, 99, 402, 452, 453 Aitkcn, Tom, 167, 171 Akcrs, Gibson, 118, 574 Akers, Larry, .563 Akcrs. Stuart, 146. 323, 571 .Akhavan, Maghadam. 131 Akin, Veverly, 146. 533 Aikin, Carol, 131, 526 Akright. Susan, US, 435, 454 Al Rawi, . bdul, 96. 401, 404 Alagood. .Milas. 360. 571 Alani, Mohd, 391 Alaynick. Irene. 146. 462, 527 Albano. Lorenzo, 401 Alberding. .Melissa, 533 Albert, Patricia. 146, 543 Alberts, lack, 99, 501 Alhin. . lary, 131, 302 Alhin. Sammye, 146, 461, 525 .Mbin. Spencer, 99 Albitz. Betty, 543. 545 Alhreclil. Dec, 131. 437 Ahorn. Danny, 146, 320, 513 Al.lrich. Jane, 118. 457 Alrliige, |o. 146, 379, 529 Alilii..;c. Phillip, 313 Al .iNder. AI, 383. 573 . lt andcr. Dennis, 313 Alexander, Elaine, 392 Alexander, Gar ' , 131 .Alexander, Janet, 474 Alexander. Ileliccca. 99 lir. Rudolph. 118 Alfieii. lames. 344, 577 All. .Mohamcd, 96 Alice, Bob. 32 Allen. Bonnie, 146. 420, 453, 466, 525 Allen. Di Anne, 131. 256. 457 Allen, Eddie, 146, 348, 386, 564 Allen, Garner, 118 Allen, George, 3S5 Allen, Ginger, 131, 453 Alien, Jane, 146, 532 Allen, lay, 131, 494 Allen, Jeanne, 530 Alien, leiinifcr. 131, 445 Allen, loAnn. 131, 442, 443 Allen, biyd, 379 Allen, Nela, 131, 257, 316, 435, 436, 437 Allen, Polly. 118, 454 Allen, Recilla, 146, 457, 533 Allen, Russell, 146. 567 Allen, Sherry, 99, 453 Allen, Troy, 99, .338, 354 Allen, William, 276, 344 584 Allctag. Mary, 105 Alley, Dr. John. 266 Allford. Larry, 577, 146 Allgood, John, 166, 169, 505 .Allison, Clyde, 146 Allinan. Karen, 303 Allman, Kay, 543 Allmon, Lorraine, 131, 302, 379, 523 Allmon. Sally, 99, 302, 437 Allwhite, Kenneth, 99. 33S, 477, 578 Almquist, Carol, 398 Almy, James, 1 18, 379 Alsip, Allan, 96 Altnian. Joe. 552 Altman, Nlargo, 146, 462. 536 Allnian, Ronnv, 83, 99. 374, 415, 506 Altman, Tina, 146, 462, 536 Altstatt. Sara, US. 392, 535 Alvarez, Maria, 401 Alvarez. Martha, 401 Alworth. Charles, US, 381, 398 Amann. William, 55.3 Ambler. Robert, 340 Amen. Richard. 146, 565 Amerman. Bonnie, 99, 264, 395, 409, 441 Ames. Gayle, 404 Arairi, Ali, 405 .■Vmmari, Sulieman, 401 Ammon, John, 572 Amnions, Robert, 348 Amsden, Kathy, 146, 445 Amsdcn. Thomas, 99, 114, 4S9 Amspacher, Michael. 131. 344, 497 .Amspacher. Susan, 146, 446 Amyx, Clyde. 131, 498 Ande, Robert, 99, 477 Andeel, Ronald. 118. 486 .Anderle, Sue. l3l, 445 Anders, Harley, 99, 322 . nders, Vicki, 535 Anderson, Allean, 304. 541 Anderson, Cindy, 99. 461 .Anderson. Clarice. 99 Anderson. Dwain, 570 Anderson. Elizabeth. 146 Anderson, Ellen, 99. 100, 437 Anderson, Gary, 413 Anderson, Gerry, 348 Anderson. Jane, 131, 437 Anderson. John. 31 Anderson, John C. 131, 311, 509 Anderson. Juanita, US, 369, 40S, 424, 531 .Anderson, Judy, 146, 453 Anderson, Ken, 366 Anderson. Kevin, 99, 379, 380 Anderson, Leslie, 528, 532 Anderson. Linda, 99 Anderson, Lloyd, 131, 559, 578 .Anderson, Margi, 146, 445 Anderson, Mane, 548 Anderson, Michael. 312 Anderson, Murl, 99 .Anderson. Nita. 368. 383 Anderson, Paul, 131. 323, 485 Anderson. Richard. 325 Anderson. Ruth, 99. 541 Anderson. Sliari, 131, 442 Anderson. Stoney. 99, 260, 298, 311, 312, 315, 383, 514, 551, 557, 578 Anderson, Terri, 131, 453, 474 Andolsun, Andy, 146, 567 Andres. Hoyl. 99, 206, 319, 320, 323. 395. 481 Andresen. Pclcr. 99. 417, 493 Andrew, Samuel, 573 Andrews, David. US. 393, 574 Andrews, Harold. 571 Andrews, Mildrde. 402 Andricos, Mike, 131, 513, 518 Andriessc. Clivc. 325 Anglin. Richard. 372 .Anguish. Robert. US. 360 Ankeny. Peter. 99. 514 Ansley, Sharon, 146, 408, 461 Ansorge, Gary, 569 Anthony, J[ane, 146. 535 Anthony, Robert, 385 Appenger, David, 168 Appleby, Edwina. 146, 458. 525 Arab. Dushyant. 401 Arant. John. 131. 344, 477 Arcader. Stanley. 403 Archer, Daniel. 571 Arebalo. Michael. 554 Arens. Harold. 146. 314 Arens. Karen. 541 Arkin. .Michael. 171 .Arrnato. [ohn. 570 Armold. Kathy, US. 406. 437 Armstrong. Carol. 146. 437 Armstrong. E. D.. 567 Armstrong. Gaylc. 1.31. 541 Armstrong. James. 146. 460 Armstrong. Mar ' . US Armstrong. Ronald. 118. 4S5 Armstrong, Susan, 146. 426 Armstrong. Terry, 574 Armstrong. Thomas. 348, 372, 572 Arnett, Betty, 99, 416. 422, 454 Arnette. Shelley. 131. 344, 494 Arnn, Lynn, 118, 509 Arnn. Tern ' . 131, 509 Arnold, lohn, 131. 494 Arnold. Ruth, 71 Arnodl. Susan, 1,31. 446 Arora. Sudcsh. 96, 401. 415 Arst, Mike, 131, 344. 510 Arterbum, Montee, 541 Arthur, Arch, 118, 489 Arthur, Donald, 99 Arthurs, .Janey, 146. 437. 538 Arthurs, .Stewart, 166, 169 Asbury, Judy, 118. 367, 402, 461 Asbury, Sam, 146, 348, 490 Ashabranner, Carolyn. 99, 446 Ashby, Elton, 311, 3l3 Ashley, Analee, 99. 454 Ashlock, Mary, 131, 449 Ashmore, Anthony, 171 Ashmore, Jonathan, 348 Ashton, Xfark, 131, 493 Ashton. Vincent, US Asliturk. Mustafa, 99 Asper. Joan, 131, 547 Assenzo, Joseph, 391 .Atchlev, Glenda, 131 Atchley, Glenn, 146, 470 Atchlev, Gordon, 348 Atha, Michael. 118 Atha. Steven, 131 Atkins, Linda, 365. 381, 535 Atkins. Sam, 146, 348, 494, 552 Atkinson, Gean, 131. 344, 513 Atwaler, David, 312, 315 Aulick, Donna, 146, 449, 539 Aumann, George, 401 Aust, Donna, 131, 449 Austell, Mike, 146, 501 Austin, .April, 131, 252, 356, 357, 358, 446 Austin, Charles, 99, 293 Austin, John, 99, 403, 494 Austin, Marsden. 118, 494 Autry, Ramona, 99 Avery, Sharon, 131 Avsharian. Michael. 365 Awtrey. Jim, 118, 296, 510 Axlev, Alan, 280, 281. 577 Ayala, Sandra, 131, 52 2 Ayars, Laura, 146 Ayers, Johri, 146, 348, 556 Ayers, Patti, 536 Avres, Betty, 99 Azeltine, Tena, 146, 535 B Baach, Connie, 146. 441, 537 Babb, Leon. 131, 569 Babcock. 131, 509 Baber, Janet, 118, 248. 547 Bachle, John, 118, 485 Bacliman. James, 169 Back, Eddie. 146. 348. 506 Badgcwell. Jon. 146, 478 Badii, Leili, 405, 541 Badii, Morteze. 405 Baer. Jack, 267 Baerst, Carl, 99, 502 Bagby. Boots, 146, 348, 577 Baggett, Nancy, 131, 531 Bagley. Preston, 291. 411 Bagwell, John, 99. 493 Bagwell. i aul. 348, 577 Bailey, Burl, 553 Bailey, Michael. 131, 565 Bailey, M. J.. 310 Bailey, Patrick, 344 Bailey, Robert. 167. 170 Bailey, Roy, 146, 348. 494 Bailev, Theresa, 118, 303 Baird, Patricia, 369, 372, 537 Baird, William, 96 Baker, Barbara. 372. 529 Baker. Bun. 146. 497. 558 Baker. Jeanne. 146, 446. 525 Baker, joann. 367 Baker, ludv. 131, 449 Baker. Judv A., US. 445 Baker, Pamela, 146. 5,35, 545 Baker. Peter. 146 Baker. Sharon, 146. 360. 520 Baker. William. 426, 569 Balaty, Janet. 543 Balduzzi. Richard, 348, 572 Halclwin, Kenneth, 131, 344, 509 ll.iMuin, Richard, 99. 509 ll.ihlwiM. Stanley, 169 ll.ihluiii. Vicky, 146. 301, 540 llaiiii-,eifen. H., 131 ILiliiUnic. Cathie. 146. 461, 533 Bales, lerry. 13. 477 Ball. Henry. 401 Ball. Leonard. 167. 171 B.1II. Rex. 99. 289 Mall. Willis. 573. Il..ll.iul, Bryan. 131 lialiard. (cie. 169 Mallard, larv, 99. 450 BalKw. Dwain. 131. 139. 344, 494 Ballew. Mickey. US. 494 Ballina. Lorraine. 117, 147,302, 437 Baltierra, .Alice. 531 Bamford. Carolyn. 100 Handy. William. 118 Bank, Jonathan, 118, 506 Banker, ( ' arolyn, 536 Banks, Snzan, 146, 395, 441 Bannister . )im, 348, 352, 567 Barbcau, Ray, 344 Barber, Connie, 131. 253, 531 Barber. Janie, 146. 527 Bai.l. Kay, 403 11.11(1. William, 388, Sharon. 146. 542, 408 It.iih.nii. Gail, US. 453 llailivdi. Bill, 131, 493 Barker. Joyce, 400 Barlow, Michael, 131, 344, 470 Barnard. Jim, 551, 557 Barnes, Adrah, 131. 367, 574 Barnes, Arthur, 100, 366, 474 Barnes, Carol, 524 Barnes, Carolyn, 531 Barnes, Charles, 54, 146, 348, 352 Barnes, Gary, 344 Barnes, Harry, 348, 553 Barnes, James, 348 Barnes, Jerry, 169. 574, 578 Barnes, John, 131, 344, 509 Barnes, Jojhn, 100, 481 Barnes, Joyce, 100, 531 Barnes, Paula, 131 Barnes. Richard, 167, 171 Barnett, James, 100 Barnctt, ]em, US Bamelt, Jerry W.. 300, 485 Barnhart, Darlene, 523, 544 Barnhill, Barney, 131. 348. 514, 562 Barrett. Dave. 577 Barrett, Guy, 81 Barrett, |olin. 146. 348, 481 Barrett, Lvnne, 1 IS. 4SS, 522 Barrett, Robert, 100.335,338,342, ,354 Barrett, Terry, 146, 348, 509, 560 Barrett, Wallace, 146, 348, 565 Barringer, Charles, 100 Barroqueiro, S., 100 Barrow, Allen, 131, 344, 513 Barry, Georgiana, 91, 118, 523 Barry, Suzanne, 53.S Bartee, Russ, 344, 419, 518 Barthel, Linda, 118, 424, 450 Bartholomew, John, 146, 348 Barlhlcbaugh, Diane, 396, 542 Bartley, 146, 538 Bartley, Terry, 146, 348, 481, 555 Bartley, William, 118, 348 Barton, Karren. 118, 445 Barton, Ron, 131, 344, 485 Barwick, Betty, 96. 445 Bascom, O. E., 310 Base, Claren, 132. 302, 360, 364, 523 Base. Mike, 577 Bashlow. Alice. 541 Baskin, Bill. 348. 561 Bass, Jerry, 118. 340, 509 Bass, Joseph, 100 Bassell, Jim, 132, 313, 470 Bassett, Douglas. 569 Bassin, Vicki, 146, 462, 544 Bassmann. Bonney. 146, 442, 535 Bastron, Victor. 118 Batdorf, Earl, 348, 572 Batcman, Joe, 401 Bates, Diane. 146. 543 Bates, Jeannie, 146, 445, 543 Bates, Laura, 96 Bates, Russell, 421 Bates, William, 348, 569 Battaile. Lanita. 146, 532 Battey, Eldon, 91, 118, 410, 469, 498 Bauer, Bryan, 426 Baugh, Timothy, 132, 556, 562 Baughman, Lee. 146. 494, 565 Baum, lohn, 132, 494 Baum, Rick, 132, 506 Bautista, Leticia, 96, 401 Bautista, Octavio, 96, 401 Baxter, Glen, 379 Bay, Charles, 146. 348, 493 Bavles, Marion, 278, 344 Bay less, Roger, US. 501 Baysingcr. Hugh. 169 Beach. Penny. US. 454 Beadner. David, 132, 323, 490 Beall, lames, 168 Beall, James, 170 Bealmear, Arden, 118 Beams, Drew, 569 Beans, Paula, 146 Beard, OIlie, 497 Bearskin, Norma, 410 Beasley, Virgil, 412 Beattie, Jean, 146, 525 Beatty, Earnestine, 96 Beatty, William, 34S, 573 Beavers, George, 100 Becker, Fred, 132, 298, 513 Becker, Judith, 146, 544 Beckham, Wilbcr, 100 Bedford, Lawrence. 570 Bcdnar, Dick, 93, 344, 559 Bednar. Robert, 558 Bcebec, Kay, 146, 454, 538 Beekman, Ilarrv, 169 Becler. Bud. 146. 497. 566 Beerv. Bill. 577 Bccson, Icrrv, 146, 348, 477 Behannon. Molly. 132, 528 Behm. Thomas, ,344 Behrcnfeld, Susan, 147, 454, 538 Bekkouche, A., 401 Belangcr, Ann. US, 424, 446 Belanger. fori, 171, 168 Belcher. Gary. 348, 554. 563 Belford. Betty. US, 442 Be i ill. Larry. 100 Bell. Caii.lMi. 147. 462, 525 Bill. David. 147, 498 lieil. Digby. 365 U,ll. lill. 132. 454 Bill. Imlith, 533 Bell, Kaihv, 132, 461 Bell. I. Mill. 100. 403. 454 Bell. Martha. 100. 404. 446 Bell. Paul, 147. 364, 365 Bell, Saundra, 525 Bell, Wayne, 348, 577 Bellah, Jim, 118, 385, 399 Bellenger, Rita, 529 Bellin, Larry, 384 Bellmon, Gov. Henry. 30, 31, 232 Bellows, Frank, 132, 489 Beltz, Danny, 169 Belyeu, Rita, 531 Benbow, Robert, 132, 313, 399, 486 Bendix. Richard, 344 Bendrissou, M,, 401, 404 Benedict, Bruce, 100, 481 Benedict, Myra, US, 442 Benedum, Benjamin, 168, 171 Beneliel, Thomas, 132, 344, 513 Benien, John. 335. 337, 338, 339 Benischek, Rita. 99. 437, 531 Bennett, A. Katliv. 380, 453, 458 Bennett, Duane. 132, 572 Bennett, E. Kathy. 118, 227, 408 Bennett, Gary, 147, 348, 505 Bennett, George, 100, 509, 578 Bennett, James, US, 485 Bennett, Karen, 542 Bennett, Kent, 427 Bennett, Roosevelt, 147, 348 Bennett, Tony, 348, 576 Bennett, Zollene, 96 Benninga, Darry, 100, 501 Benson, Denney, 132 Benson, Jack, 147, 348. 490, 558 Benson, Jerry, 132, 344, 493 Benson. John, 118 Benson; Kenneth, 100, 385 Benson, Loyd. 166, 168, 171 Bentley, Cynthia, 132, 449 Bentley, Donald, 147, 34S, 513 Benzin, Robert, 427 Bergida, Felice, 147, 441, 527 Berglan, Ronald, 100 Bergman, Danny, 570 Berlin, Susan, 147, 445. 530 Berline, Byron, 132, 344, 576 Berman, Bruce, 147, 348, 558 Bennan. David, 147, 569 Berman, Kavla. 132, 523 Bernage, Richard, 100 Bernard, John, 100, 289, 376, 403, 494, 576 Bernardo, Pat, 130, 574 Berneathv, Sally, 396 Bernert, Rochelle, 543 Bernhart, Frank, 147, 426 Bernier, Allen, 323 Bernicr. James, 132 Bernstein, Leonard. 110 Bernstein. Maria, 147. 525 Berry, David, 298, 348, 552 Berry, Dennis, 228, 323 Berry, Jeanne, 512, 540 Berry, John, 118, 399, 506 Berry, John S.. 100, .335, 336, 338. 353, 477 Berrv. Ted. 389 Bcrryhill, David, 100 Bershinsky, George, 311, 313 Bert, Dr, Charles, 237 Best, Marjorie, 537 Bethea. Charles, 147, 348, 447, 478, 565 Bethea, James, 344 Bettes, Larry, 100, 338 Betts, Bruce, 147 Betz, Deanna, 147, 461, 532 Bench, William, 561 Beundell, Judie, 540 Bewley, Linda, 525 Beydoun, Ghassan, 415 Beyerl, Bob, 385 Bianchi, Gary, 344 Bias. Sandra, 132, 229, 316, 386, 408. 449 Bickel, Neil, 312, 408 Bidasio. Charlenc, 132, 446 Biddinger, Joe, 147, 348, 554 Biddle, Harmie, 132, 356, 357, 35S, 458 Biddle, Patricia, 118, 531 Biddy, Leon, 338 Bielefeld, June, 1 18, 4.35, 453 Bienfang. Dr. Ralph. 86, 87, 389 Biggers, V ' ernon, 100, 514 Biggerstalt, Betty, 132. 523 Biggs. Shirley, 83, US, 424, 435, 446 Bigheart. Billy, 360, 362, 364, 365 Biglanc. James. 338. 417 Bilbcrrv. ludith. 100. 416, 438 Biles, Robert, 100, .3.35, .337, 338 Biles, Ronnie, 147, 570 Billings, Sandy, US. 449 Billings. Thom,ls, 132 Billingslea, Marilyn, 147,408,458, 536 Billingslev. Kent. 132 Bills. Gilbert. 348. 571 Billups. Linda. 132, 450 Binford. Russell. 100, 478 Bingaman. William. 310, .352 Bird, Carol, 118, 454 Bird. ludi. 118, 454 Bird. Phil. 147, 485. 567 Birdsong. Glen. 147. 348. 486 Birdsoiig. Michael, 348, 559 Birds.Mig. Sandra, 147. 450, 539 Birkhcid. Jo, 147, 445, 531 Hiniliauni. Steven, .344 Birnic. Frank, 40(i Bish. Diane, 367 Bishop, L. Doyle, 390 Bishop, Robert L,, 348 Bishop, Robert W., 132, 497 CHAM PUN CHAM PUN. . . A Great Name in the Great Plains QUALITY . . . PETROLEUM PRODUCTS 585 Bishop, Sharon, 132, 523 Bishop. Wavnc, 92 BiliK-r, Sharon, IIS, 416. -Ill Bivins. Patricia. I-I7, 531 Blark. Donald. 337, 344 Blacic, Donna. 147, 422, 449, 544 Black. Jcro ' , 147 Black, Karen, 132. 303, 304. 408, 449 Black, Kenneth. 314. 401. 573 Black. Marv. 147. 3(i9. 534 Black, Mel. 132. 450 Black, Merle, US. 574 Black, Phillip. 147. 556 Black. Suzie. 132. 378 Black. Wallas, 385 Black. William. 100. 387 Blacklnirii. Jeanne, 544, 545 Blackburn, Alcrrilvn. 533 Blackcrbv, June. 132, 366, 422, 449 Blackerbv, Richard, 5B2 Blackshcar. Jackie, 147 Blackwood, Donald, 132, 311, 313. 477 Blasg. Kredda. 100. 453 Blair, Jimmv. 100. 509 Blair. Wendv, 132, 301, 303, 304. 442 Blake. Bill, 3SS. 414 Blake, Diane. 100. 454 Blake. Joe. 118. 297, 340, 354. 513 Blake; Judith, 530, 545 Blake. Wallis. 100 Blatcharl. Noel. 169 Blakelv. Betsv. 100, 458 Blakclv. Frank, 96 Blakelv, lanice. 100. 303 Blakelv. Thomas. 132 Blakelv, Judith, 100 Blalock. Candv. 118. 449 Blalock, Collcdith. 132. 438, 531 Blalock, James, 118. 513 Blalock, Paul. 132. 513 Blancett. Carole. 526 Bland. Carole. 132, 449 Blandford. Carole, 132. 531 Blankenship. Duane, 100, 509 Blankcnship. Larrv, 166, 168, 261, 374, 375. 494 Blanton, Robert. 563 Blaschkc, Jon. 147. 348, 497 Blasi. Cans 426, 560 Bla-singame, Billv. 340. 385 Blasingarae, Dottie, 147, 408, 416, 437 Blassin};ame. Pete. 574 Blcaklcv. Bill. 313, 372, 373, 411 Bledsoe. Charles, 169 Blevins. Can, 348 Blcyberg. Marguerite. 118, 442 Blinn, Susan, 132, 408, 461 Bloch, Stephen, 132. 344. 510 Block, Eddie, 100, 403, 50 6 Blome, Janic. 132. 378, 406, 547 Blomeyer, Robert, 564 Bloom, Millv, 147. .539 Blubaugh. Karel, 285, 344 Blue, Burdette. 166, 168, 171, 513 Blura, Barbara. 147, 441, 534 Blum, David, 147, 571 Blunien, Tbclma, 147, 422, 441, 529 Blumenthal, Donald, 100, 506 Blundell. ludie, 147, 449 Blythc, Marilyn. 535 BoatriKhl. Kav. 100. 371. 461 Boatright. Trov. 348, 553 Bobb, Paula. 538 Bobys. Bruce, 100, 510 Bock, .Anne, 132, 547 Bock, Howard, 147, 510 Bodily, Sirsan, 118, 356, 357, 358, 461, 508 Bodlcv, Kav, 147. 458. 537 Bocri. Beckv. 101, 302, 392, 402, 458 Bocve, I.e.Vnn, 132, 256, 442 Bogan, Joe. 280. 344, 577 Bogc. Nancv, 101, 462 Boggs, Leslie, 147, 367, 454, 540 BogFc. Susan, 1 18, 453 Bohlman, Keith, 132, 323 Bohmcrt, ( " harlcs. 344 Boke. Dr. Norman, 266 Bokor. Leonard, 147, 348, 470 Hokum, Robert, 344 Boland, (Jary, 168 Boldiug. Bill, 372. 573 Bolcn, Donald. 132, 348, 497 BolcM, Larry, 118, .399 Boles, Janet. 132. 386, 522 Bolks. Nancy. 1 18. 450 Boll, Virgil. 215, 278 Bolstad, Vernon, 118, 313, 505 Bolstein, Marlenc. 535 Bolton. Arthur, 553 Bomar, Marilyn, 118, 442 Botiavita, Sal, 169 Bond, Patricia, 544 Bonds, Camp, 101, 370, 415, 478 Bondurant. David, 132, 419, 570 Bone. 11. K., 423 Bonificld. Betty, 91, 132, 454 Bonnell, William, 169 Bonner. Merline. 166, 167 Bonner, Steve, 132, 493 Booker, Bobbie, 542 Booker, Joyce, 424 Booker, Patricia. 531 Booth. Linda. 147. 457 Bora, Mete. 101. 388 Borchardt, Charles, 101, 360, 470 Horcliardt. .Margaret, 118,457 Borchardt, PauLl 18, 311, 313, 470 Bordeau. Mrs. Elvi, 297 Borden. Linda. 101, 409, 449 Borden, Ronnie, 132,313,360,501 Border, Peter, 344, 427, 571 Borfelli, Barbara, 132, 446 Borgstrom. Richard, 334, 343, 354, 3, ' . ' ' Borjcs. Jackson, 348, 555 B.inisleiu, . iidrea, 147, 462, 538 Hoitis. joh. .353 Hoslcv. ' Travis. 147. 348. 561 ISosviil. .Marilvn. 118, 301, 523 Boiuill. loliu, 557 Bosucll, ' t;avlc. 119 liolha. Marilvn, 532 llolkiu. Simone. 372, 524 liodoms. Lloyd, 348, 574 Hoils. Robert. 147, 553 HouKliuer. Sally, 544 Itniik.ulotim, Nasr, 401 li.MHuls, Klvin, 344 I!. url.iiid, I ' rank, 147, 398 HoiiihiMil. [an, 96, 412 Hou.hui.l. ' Micheic, 147, 445 He. Ml. .11. Mart, 169 li.iu iaeii. Roseaun, 83, 119, 424, 442 Bove, Christine, 132, 386 Bovec, Kenneth, 348,570 Bovvers, Earle, 338, 574 n.nveis, Harold, 119, 485 ISiiwlbv, David, 340, ,353, 573 liouieu. Patrick, 132, 505 ll..ules. lohn. 313, 559 liowlts, lichael, 147, 323, 566 Bowles, Paul, 101, 493 Bowman. Barbara, 408 Bowiiiaii. Bruce, 295 H..vMiiau, Janice, 482 II.. u man, Xlargie, 119, 547 U..unian, Sherry, 119, 252, 445 Bowser. Linda, 132 Bovcc. Ronald. 101 Bovd. Mrs. Eleanor. 365 Bovd, Janice. 132, 531 Boyd, Jame-s. 147, 477 Bovd. lean. 119. 450 Bovdst ' uii. Mike. 132. 501 Bovcttc, Susie, 119, 396, 450 liovinKl.Mi. Lain. 348, 567 I!..vljii. Muliacl. 344 B..vlc. Miil.ael. 348, 562 ISuvhs. ( laik. lOI. 497 BoMitou. Barbara. 147, 461, 534 BoMitou, lav, 147, 505, 566 Bozarth, Betty, 119, 454 Bozarth, Stanley, 338, 342 Brackecn, 537 Brackett, Bruce, 147, 564 Bracksicck, Carl. 147, 348 Bradburv, James, 119, 481 Braden, James, 101, 478 Braden. Jan, 147, 303, 304, 541 Bradlield. Bevlyn. 132, 458 Bradford. Garry, 147,348,493,572 Bradford, lames, 166, 169, 481 Bradford, Kavc, 1 19, 442 Bradley, Hank, 119, 513 Bradley, |oe. 119, 513 Bradley, Patricia, 132, 547 Bradley, Sharon, 132, 302, 437 Bradshaw, Charles, 132, 348, 572 Bradshaw, Ronny, 132, 344, 469, 494 Brady. Douglas, 314, 353, 571 Brady, Larrv, 101, 389 Brady, Raymond, 132, 477 Bragassa, Patricia, 132, 422 Brakebill, Larry, 119, 490 Braraley, Linda, 499 Bramley, Rodger, 403, 499 Branch. Hegel, 169 Brand. Eileen, 472 Brandenburg, Robert, 169 Brandes. Kay. 96 Brannan. Joiin, 169 Brannan. Susie. 119, 367, 454 Brannon. Don, 119, 498 Branson. Rav, 578 Brant. Walter, 147. 348, 560 Brantley, Jerry, 147, 348, 493, 562 Branton, Ilarriet. 147 Branvan. Belli. 101, 256, 450, 451 Brasliear. Rav. 147. 348, 572 Braslier. Jessena. 101, 383, 402 Brasier, |err . 425 Bratcher! Karen. 147. 366, 450 Brattcn, Susan, 147, 422, 450, 529 Bratton, Jim, 365 Braught, Gene, 64, 360, 362, 364 Braught, Judy, 132, 140, 300, 362, 364, 378, 457 Brauman. Terry, 132, 526 Brawncr, Billie, 526 Bray, Kenneth, 130 Brcrk. alerie. 541 Brccden. 119. 424. 461 Breeden. Glen. 147, 513, 565 Breeding. Lt. L. E.. 310. 313 Breeze, . rthur. 147. 323, 556 Brendle, Dinah, 132 Brendle. Jeanne, 416 Brendle, Kalrina, 132 Breshears, Hearl, 344 Bretschneider. Elizabeth, 101, 531 Brewer, Dana, , " 5.37 Brewer, Johnny, 552 Brewer, Linda, 147, 445, 541 Brewer, Mike, 147, 495, 557 Brewer, Roy, 286 Brewster. Karen. 360. 364 Brians. Shannon. 101. 403. 454 Brirker. Earl. I 19. 486 Brirkman. Jim, 340. 354 Rri.lge. Fr«l. 147. 348, 497 Briilges. Robert. 412 Brid«ell. Robert, 9«, 493 Brie. hie. Harold, 559 Biiggs. Christopher, 147, 494, 558 Briggs. Larrv. 132. 344, 556 Briggs. Tom, 320, 558, 578 Biigham, Dorothy, 302 Brigham, Louis, 119, 210, 513 Bright, Bob, 119, 509 Biighl. Donald, 4,S5 linglil. Rolierl. 101. 3 IS liiigliliuau. Laura. 408. 531 Brindlev. Joey, 147. 478. 567 Brining, William. 171. 168 Briscoe, Carroll, 119, 445 Briscoe; Fredda, 147, 446 Hristow, Charles, 101, 319, 513 lirislow, Donald, 234 Bristow, Reha, 83, 86, 88. 89, II ' ). 424, 450 Brite. Cecil, 86, 87 Brillaiii, .John, 360, 574 lii...i(lliurst, Jimmy, 574 Hi...k. aleiie, 101, 303 l(Ml la , Polly, 536 II1...R111. Mark, 147, 348. 510. 552 lin.Ljw. Mary, 133, 446 Hi.. .kc. Frances, 14S, 457 lii....k..vcr. Curt, 119, 501 lii....ks, Elizabeth, 101 Brooks, Jacob, 320 Brooks, Jeanne, 148, 367, 529 Brooks, Michael, 148, 569 Brooks, Perry, 344 Brophy. . rthur, 119, 502 Brorsen, Karen, 119 Brose, George, 294, 346 Brosseau, Jean, 148, 445 Brosseau, Jon, 119, 387, 422 Brown, Ann, 148 Brown, .Xnthony, 410 Brown. Barbara, 119 Brown, Barbara J., 450 Brown; Beverly, 101, 441. 532 Brown, Beverly R., 148, 453, 525, 544 Brown, Bonnie, 148, 537 Brown, Bryan, 552 Brown, Buster, 148, 348, 497, 554 Brown, Carl,- 562 Brown, Clyde, 119, 344, 300, 386, 398, 573 Brown, Diane. 538, 545 Brown, Dorothy F,, 119, 408, 418, 524 Brown, Dorothy J., 101, 524 Brown, Gary, 379 Brown, Gary VV,, 101 Brown, Gordon, 278, 577 Brown, Gwen. 119, 458 Brown, Guv, 76 Brown, Dr. Horace, 38, 46, 390 Brown, James, 19, 506 Brown, James M,, 414 Brown, Jean, 389 Brown, Jim, 372, 563 Brown, Judy, 542. 544 Brown, Karen, 119, 303 Brown, Larry, 278, 344 Brown, Martha A,, 101 Brown, Martha S., 119, 400 Brown, Ozeal, 96, 531 Brown, Penny, 133, 454 Brown, Richard, 148,348,506,561 Brown, Robert, 575 Brown, Roger, 133, 323, 485 Brown, Susan, 526 Brown, Suzie, 537 Brown, Terry, 212, 562, 573 Brown, Tom, 148. 348, 514, 518 Brown, Thomas, 148, 505 Brown, Trebor, 148, 514 Brown, Wallace, 329 Brown, Dr, W, R,, 70, 469 Browning, Gail, 127 Browning, Judy, 529 Browning, Capt. Robert, 334 Bruce, James, 383, 410 Bruce, James M., 91, 101 Bruce, Jim. 93 Bruce. John. 348, 389 Bruralev. Leland, 338, 354 Brummett, Jay, 340 Brummett. Kav, 302, 397 Brunlon. Paul, 133, 513 Brust, Ken, 133. 344, 513 Brusl, Linda, 148, 539 Bryan, Jack, 101. 514 Bryan, Lynn, 119, 490 Bryan, Robert, 348, 562 Bryan, Sandy, 374 Bryan, Woodrow, 417 Bryant, Betty, 119. 435, 458 Brvant. Ella, 133, 523 Bryant, Gerald, 101, 128. 455, 493 Brvant, Harold. 148, 575 Brvant, Maj. Thomas, 318 Brvks. Murphy. 101, ,337, 338 11... Ii.iiian, James, 382 Hii. Ii.iiian, James, 101, 485 Buchanan, Robert, 344 Buclier, Rawsie, 101, 454 Buchner, Rod, 148, 506, 555 Bu, hwahl. Michael, 344 llu.k. Ri.liaid, 303 liii. L. Willa, 133. 143. 461 llu.kiRr, Carl. 389 H.i. kmr. Philip. 148, 348, 560 liiiiliiiKer, Alan, 421 liuiralohide. Barn ' , 148, 501 Huiralow. Harold; 133 Bulla. Marian. 374, 386 Bulla. Marv, 229, 452 llulhu, Carole. 148, 457, 527 lliillo.k. John, 344 Bunigaidi ' .er, Allen, 275, 278, 377, 577 Buiiiga.der, William, 101 II. ill, h. Rl.haid, 344, 574 11,1, 111.11. |. liii. 344 II.11.1..11. Charles. 96 lluilia. Sli,n..n. 517 11.11. h, AKIii. 101 M.iivin, 348 liunliaiii. Barbara, 119 B.mli.ini, Bill, 348, 576 Burvhain, James, 119 Burdick, Glen, 169 Burford, John, 148, 556 Burford. John M., 93, 133, 501, 555 Burford, Phillip, 93, 379 Bulge, Jiiii, 133, 348. 513 Burger, Thomas, 133; 427, 469, 470 Burgess, Gwen, 148, 538 Burgess. Howard, ,572 Buig. s, Je.iuie. 91, 526, Wluiner, 541 Hum. II. (luiiles, 133, 489 Biiiucll, lames, 365 Bulk, John, 565 Bulk, bthic, 565, 578 Burke, Bette, 119, 123, 400, 408, 461 Burke, Bcverlye, 101, 450 Burke, Carol, 133, 526, 545 Burke, Michael, 100. 470 Burkett. James, 96, 501 Buikhalter. Dianne, 119. 406. 524 liuiklijid. t:arol. 148. 535 11.11 leson. Beth, 133. 454 Burmeier. Larry, 133, 485 Burneathv, Sally, 541 Burnett, Barby, 119, 462 Buiuelt. Kuth, 541 Buriietl, Susan, 101 Biiruham, Bob, 119, 311, 313, 509 Burns, Billi, 323 Burns, Eileen, 1.33, 454 Burns, Cireggory, 577 Bums, Marie, 101, 422, 450 Burns, Mike, 148, 577 Burns, Norman, 399, 407 Burns, Susan, 148, 530 Burnside, Robert, 148, 348, 498 Burris, Elizabeth, 528 Burris, Judy, 101 Burris, Thelma, 148, 378, 538 Burrough. Charles, 390 Burrow, Barbara, 544 Burt, Bill, 101, 474 Burton, Bob, 365 Burton, L. J., 571 Burton, Linda, 101, 453 Burton; Newt, 119, 278, 377, 411, 513,577 Burton, Patricia, 148, 539 Burton, Richard, 119 Burton, Thomas, 133 Burton, Vicki, 148, 437 Burtrura, Douglas, 148, 348, 490, 556 Burtrum, Steven, 133 Burwell, Melissa, 133, 458, 459 Burzio, Anne, 148, 378, 533, 545 Busby, Michael. 403 Busch, Steven, 348 Bush, Elaine. 119, 531 Bush, Gary, 119, 574 Bush, John, 570 Bushman. Jo, 133, 462 Buskirk, Barbara, 148, 224, 301, 446, 543 Buskuhl. Clirtord, 101 Butler, Charles, 340 Butler, David, 148, 481. 518 Butler, Gerald, 119, 493 Butler. Harrison, 119, 509 Butler, Jeffrey, 569 Butler, Linda, 148, 446, 530 Butler. Sharon, 119, 454 Butterworth, Barbara, 119, 353, 445 Buxton, Bucky, 225 Buxton, Clarence, 119. 340, ,354, 490 Buxton, Gary, 119, 490 Buzzard, Sue, 148, 450, 525 Bvers, Susan, 148, 541 Bynum, Dan, 96, 412 Bynum, Patsy. 133. 449 Byram. C;crald, 323 Byrd, Charles, 337, 348 Byrd, Cheryl, 523 Bvrd, Mark, 133, 485 Byrd, Virginia, 119, 454 Cabbage, Mary, 148, 442, 542 C aggiano, Bob, 570 Cagle, Clarence, 133, 226, 372, 566, 578 Cagle, Patricia, 148, 539, 545 C ahen, Bryan, 344 Cahn, Charles, 348, 572 Cain, Jerry, 348 Cain. Vlark, 133, 344, 570 Calahan, Joe, 133, 348. 477 Caldcras, John, 133,311,313,352, 502 Calderone, Mike, 562 Caldwell, James, 166, 167, 171, 553, 578 Caldwell. William, 571 Calh.iiiii. Thomas, 348, 566 Calhoun, William, 348, 398 Caliuson, Roxce, 1,33, 461, 302 Callaham, Stephen, 575 Callahan, Cathy, 1,33, 229, 252, 386. 458 Callaway, ClilTord, 348 Callison, Bill, 348, 379, 352, 565 Calmes, ,Mary, 119, 454 Calines. Paul, 148, 565 Calyo, Henry, 1.33 Camarillo, Salvador, 148, 348, 396, 572 Cameron, Bill, 388, 408, 414 Cameron, Kate, 101, 450 Camp, Dennis, 389 Cam,., Ilmvard, 572 Cainpben, Barbara, 304 Caiuiihell, Carol, 101, 450 Campbell. Carolyn, 148, 541 Campbell, Dean, 379 Campbell, Joe, 344 Campbell, John, 399 Campbell, John C, 96, 407, 414 Campbell, John Crymble, 101 Campbell, Joy, 119, 124, 450 Campbell, Irene, 133, 442 Campbell, Kay, 133, 378, 383 Campbell, R. W., 101 Campbell, Steve, 119, 365, 513 Campbell, Susan, 101, 450 Canar. Ellen, 133, 462 Cantrell, Floyd, 407 Cantrell, Kary, 133, 524 Cantrell, Un, 148, 348, 571 Cantrell. Pat, 148, 360, 364, 561 Capps, janis. 101, 437 Capps, Fennie. 101, 527 Caraway, Peggie, 537 CardenLLance, 319 Carey, Edwin, 148, 314, 571 Carey, Ronald, 133, 556 Carey, Warren, 119, 210, 513 Cargile. Kay, 133, 453 Carl, Keith, 570 Carleton, Philip, 148. 348, 513, 560 Carletti, Kay, 133, 437, 466 Charlock, John, 101 Carloss; Jim, 133, 360, 554 Carls. Tern ' . 82. 83, 119, 446 Carlson, C athy, 383 Carlson, Mary. 531 Carlson. Sharon, 380 Carlvle. Bill. 133. 505 Carman, Ronald, 101, 312, ,383, 474 Carmichael, .loan, 101, 454 Carmichael, Susie, 366 Carmichael, Thurmond, 366 Games. Marilyn, 148, 304, 378, 383, 536; Carnes. Michael, 567 Carpenter, Bobby, 133, 348, 513, 569 Carpenter, Earl, 312 Carpenter, Francis, 562 Carpenter. Reed. 133. 344. 513 Carpenter. Richard. 169. 171 Carpenter. William. 148. 562 Carr. James, 169 Carr. Katliv, 119. 442 Carr. Larry. 148. 210 Carr. Michael, 101, 398 Carr, Richard, 110, 501 Carr. Roger. 348, 570 Carrillo, Winston, 119, 415 Carrington, Jeanne, 119, 372, 547 Carrithers, Otis, 101 Carroll, Coach Bill, 267 Carroll. Bob, 365 Carson, Charles, 133, 505 Carson, Jack, 133, 513 Carson, Kaye, 101, 442 Carson, Keith, 348 Carson, W.H,, 415 Carsten, R, A., 310 Carter, Leonard, 383, 565 Carter, Mary, 412 Carter, Nancy, 133. 386, 454 Carter, Nola, 148, 457 Carter, Robert, 166, 167, 170 Carter, Roy, 101, 370 Carter. William, 398 Carter. William L., 398 Cartmill. Linda. 528 Caruso. Mvra, 119. 442 Caruthers. Roy. 148, 569 Casazza. Dennis, 101 Case, James, 133. 344. 481 Casev. Helen, 102, 400 Casev, Jan, 148, 543 Casey, Ken, 102, 513, 573, 578 Cashion, Charles, 102, 478 Cashion, Jodv, 148, 461, 466 Cassidav. Nita. 148. 534 Castello. Timothy. 1.33. 344, ,509 Castle, Sandi, 119, 316, 466, 453 Castleberrv, Joe, 148 Castor, Michael, 569, 570 Caswell, Sandra, 119 Caswell, William, 133, 344 Gate, Clifford, 168, 171 Gate, Lee. 169 Cathcart. Carolyn, 528 Gather, Charles. 348 Cathev. David, 119, 489 Cathev. Gary. 148 Cauthron. Mike. 56S. 574. 578 Cavaness. Dan, 133, 148, 493 Ccarlev. Virgil, 416 Cecil. Gordon, 169 Cederbaum. Helen, 148. 543 Celeste, Mark, 314, 562 Center, Tobev, 119, 474 Cepeda, William, 311. 314. 5 2 Chacev, Carole, 119,301,304,396, 449 Ghaffin. Harvey. 102,293,385,517 Chain, Linda, l33, 526 Chalfant, Donald, 391 Chalfanl. Roger, 102 Chamberlain, Dale, 119,513 Chambers, Edgar, 148, 348, 564 Chambers, Larry, 148, 348, 508, 509, 571 Chambers, Lctitia, 119, 446 Chambers, Lynda, 148 Chambers, Mark, 360, 426, 569 Chambers, Pat, 133, 360, 498 Chambers, Peter, 102 Chambers, Steve, 148 Chamlcc, Carol, 102, 449 Champlin, Cathy, 133, 458, 459, 502 Chance, Ronald, 574 Chancellor, Orville, 403, 407 Chandler, Edwin, 133, 552 Chandler, James, 348, 569 586 THE MARK OF INTEGRITY This is our trademark. It tells you the product is made by Hughes. Be- hind it stands a pledge that spans more than a half- century. Any product with this mark will deliver the best performance you can buy! WORLD ' S LEADING MANUFACTURER OF OIL WELL DRILLING TOOLS HUGHES TOOL COMPANY Oil Tool Division Houston, Texas ©1964, Hughes Tool Company. ' Hughes ' is a registered trademark of Hughes Tool Company. 587 Chandler, Linda, 119, 37S, 543, 544 Chandranondnatwinit, W., 96 Chancy, Ncale, 120, 280,517 Chancy, Preston. 96 Chancv, Roy, 120, 469, 474 Chaniry, Suiannc, 133, 437 Chanu, Paul, 370. 387 Chaplinc, Michael, 102, 335, 336, 33S, 354, 385 Chaplinc, Nancy, 120 Chapman, Carol, 537 Chapman, Jane, 418 Chapman, Jim, 148, 348, 420 Chapman, Judy, 148, 426 Chapman, Kichard, 1.33,344, 485 Chapman, Kosemary, 537 Chappabitiv, F. L., 340, 574 Cliappcll, Ilarncv, 410 Charles, Jim, 148. 348. 497, 555 Charles, Sharon, 148, 438, 466, 525 Chaslain, Bill, 168 Chastain, Robert, 348 Chatham. Joan. 120. 352. 548 Chaudhrv. V. K., 401, 415 Chaudhuri, Ella, 401 Chcam, ' enghuot, 401 Chcct, Richard, 348 Check, Sandra, 120 Chekiri. Abdallah. 404 Chen, Chi Ping, 390 Cherry, Carolyn. 102 Chcsnut, 120. 478 Chesnull. Cindy. 148, 458 Chciy, Rick, 344 Cheynct. Jerry. 286 Chiai-Jcn, Ting, 398 Chicoraske, J. E., 348. 564 Childers, Ken. 120, 513 Childress, Phil, 102, 486 Chiles, Pamela. 120, 523 ChiUes, Ted, 120 Chilton. Barbara, 102 Chipman, Carol, 148, 210, 422, 450 Chiu, Chen Hwa, 96, 390 Choatc, John, 148, 486 Cho juetlc, Pat, 148, 449, 540 Christcnsen, Bobbie, 542 Chrislenson, Ann, 133, 445, 528 Christian. Jann, 102, 293, 376, 490. 577 Christian. Vernon, 348 C:hristie. Steve, 133, 344. 490 Christraan, Rober, 120. 313. 477 Chroiiister. Richard, 120, 325. 474 Chu, Humphrey, 390, 401, 574 Church, Ray, 557 Churin. Kenneth, 348 Chuzv, Lvnnc, 148, 441. 534 Cincs. Elizabeth, 148, 372, 530 Circle, Daniel, 120, 385, 574 Claiborne. Billy, 571 Claiser, Gary. 1,33. 344, 558 Clapp, Bonnie, 133 Clapp, Larry, 101, 398 Clapp, Linda, 102, 416, 541 Clapp, Roger, 94, 120. 340, 452, 493 Claret, Guy, 344 Clark, Albert, 383, 566 Clark, Carol, 148, 536 Clark, Charles, 344, 355, 569 Clark, Dean Donald, 52 Clark, Dennis. 365, 379 Clark, Guy, 168 Clark, James, 169 Clark, Jannie, 392 Clark, Jess, 148 Clark, Jim. 149, 497, 569 Clark, Judith. 526 Clark. I.vnn, 537 Clark, Mary, 148, 446, 525 Clark, Mrs. Mclba, 80 Clark, Mike, 149, 348, 494 Clark, Robert, 344 Clark, Sharon, 133, 531 Clark, Stephen, 348, 553 Clark, Thomas, 133, 498 Clark, Thomas L., 477 Clark, Tom, 149, 348, 513, 567 Clark, Virginia. 120, 445, 521 Clark, W. E., 348 Clarke, Eddie, 360, 572 Clarkson, Mary, 120,548 Claro, Joe, 120, 497 Claro. lohn. 166, 469, 502 Clary, bo, 577 Clary, Irene, 412 Clary. Ncal. 313. 553 Clausing. Kirk. 88. 133. 344, 486 Clauvc, Sue. 120, 435, 438 Clawscr, Samuel, 120, 313, 513 Claxton. Derrcll, 348 Clav. Carlcton. 365 Clay, Julia. 365 Clay. Phillip. 572 Cla l rook. Toniniv. 149. 509 Cla lon. Jo Ann. 149, 527 ( lavlori. Judy, 377 Clauon. Lea, 167, 171, 378 Clavton. Sharron. 149 Cleaver. Harry, 338 Cleerk, F rederick. 335 CIcmcny, Bclva, 63 Clement. Victor, 101, 410 Clemdcnin, Carl. 318 Cleveland, lill. 102, 449 Cleveland, Paul. 576 Clifton, Bob, 412 Clifton, .Margie, 120 Clifton, Sara, 149, 445 Clifton, Stanley, 412 Clinesmith, Linda, 133, 449 Clinkcnbeard, Jimmic, 575 Clinton, Gary, 348 Clogslon, Perry, 572 Cloud, W. F., 415 Cluck, Phyllis, 529 588 Clure, Carolyn. 360, 364, 538 ( l ncli, Larry, 563 Coales, John, 167, 171 Coatney. David, 348 Cobb, Gerald, 167, 170 Cobb, James, 569 Cochnauer, Tim, 93, 133, 555 Cochran. Charles, 391 Cochran, David, 337, 338 Cochran, David L., 344, 553 Cochran. David V., 149, 34S Cochran, Jack, 120, 313, 497 Cochrane, Bob, 383 Cockerham, Susan, 133, 256, 386, 461 Codv, Bill, 576 Cod . Jim, 102, 289,377,574 Codv. James D., 167, 171 Codv. Carole, 133. 302, 446 Coe. Dadie, 149, 458, 527 Colfey, Bob, 133, 513 Coffey, Dan, 149, 573 Coffey, John, 166, 169, 478 Coffev, John M.. 133, 300, 344, 485 Coffey. Johnny, 169 Coffman. Joan. S3. 102, 262, 400, 409. 424. 446 Coffman. Nancy. 102. 461 Coffman. yilliam, 169 Cohane. Tim. 23.3 Cohen, Alan. 149. 348, 506 Cohen, Brvan, 302 Cohen, Edxvard, 133, 344, 510 Cohen, Gerald. 133, 344, 510 Cohen, Gil, 565 Cohen. Given. 149. 472, 542 Coin, Eric, 348, 559 Coke, Buddy, 149, 348, 497, 554 Colby, Ellen. 149, 420, 458, 525 Colclasure. Sharon, 102, 438 Cole, Charles, 133, 478 Cole, Dana, 102 Cole, Eugene. 120, 364 Cole. Howard, 149. 224, 348, 497, 553 Cole. Jimmie, 120. 490 Cole. Alai. John, 318 Cole, Judy, 149, 437, 541 Cole. Linda, 133, 379, 524 Cole. Richard A., 133. 344, 490 Cole, Richard C, 149, 481 Cole. Ruth, 133, 418, 522 Cole. Steve. 133. 344, 514 Cole. Stuart, 149, 348, 492, 493, 552 Coleman, Alice, 133, 524 Coleman, Carolvn, 133. 457 Coleman, Dwigtt, 352, 360, 364, 571 Coleman, Linda, 360, 536 Coleman, Nancy, 539 Coleman, O. C, 102, 385 Coles, Donald. 133, 564, 574 Colgan, John, 344, 571 Collier, Bruce, 149. 348, 478, 567 Collier, Cathy, 120. 442 Collier, Ross, 149. 494, 554 Collier, Sondra, 120 Collins, Donald, 149, 481, 557 Collins, Douglas. 149, 360, 364, 565 Collins, Ernest, 102, 385, 517 Collins, Jerry, 577 Collins, John, 149, 298, 348, 514 Collins, Larry, 570 Collins, Lowell, 313, 552 Collins, Michael, 120, 505 Collins, Richard, 551 Collins, Tom, 571 Collinsworth. Kenneth. 149 Collis. Vickie, 120, 445 Colodnv, Jill, 149. 302. 462, 535 Comegys. Judy, 149, 302, 450 Comer, Charles, 133 Compton, Dorothv, 367 Complon, Georgia, 133, 422, 531 Compton. Rod, 149, 348, 514, 562 Comroe. Louis, 149. 510 Condon. Pat, 102. .353. 370, 383, 411, 423, 425. 563 578 Condren. Glen, 278, 377, 577 Confer, David. 133, 558 Conger, Bill, 149, 478, 567 Conkle, Carol, 544 Conklin, Kenneth, 149, 348, 505 Conklin, Richard, 102, 505 Conkling. Joan. 149, 302. 533 Conley, Claudia, 149, 408, 461. .532 Conley, Margaret, 149, 408, 449, 543 Conley, Robert, 102, 485 Conley, Roger, 120, 485 Conncly, John. 149. 348, 501, 552 Connely, Lucille, 412 Conner, Leslie. 344, 562 Conner Malinda, 102 Connolly, Dermot, 120, 375 Connolly. Roxanne, 371 Connor, Barbara, 133. 302. 461 Constaritin. James. 390. 407 Constien, Margaret, 382, .531 Contreras. Candy. 541 Conver, Daniel, 149, 575 Cook, Barrv, 149. 348, 567 Cook, David, 469 Cook, Henry, 570 Cook, James, 102. 490 Cook, James F., 149, 552 Cook, Jim, 360 Cook, John, 348. 561 Cook, Linda, 1.33, 449 Cook, Michael. 391, 563 Cook, Mike, 149. 320, 513 Cook, Robert, 120 Cook, Steven, 82, 83. 102. 260, 262, ,3.35, 336. 354. 509, 557 Cook. Susan. 102, 548 Cooksey. Sally, 544 Coolcy. Linda, 133, 405 Cooley, Javne, 149, 461, 527 Cooley, Tom, 102, 403, 490 Cooper, Brenda, 120, 531 Cooper, Gary, 169 Cooper, Maj. Gordon, 6 Cooper, Harold, 149 Cooper, Janet, 120, 461 Cooper, JerrVj 102 Cooper, Phillip, 569 Cooper, Ronald, 569 Cooper, Suzanne, 133. 442 Cooper, Terrence, 344 Cooper, Wayne, 575 Copass, James, 133, 344, 494 Copelandj Angle, 102, 446 Gopher. Gerald. 571, 578 Copilevitz, Errol, 120. 510 Coppage. Stephen, 508 Copple. Gail. 134. 441 Copple, Karen, 134, 418, 524 Corbett. Pat. 120, 257, 422, 449 Corbitt, Tom, 577 Corbly. Don, 334 Corbo. Inez, 412 Cordell, Mary, 120, 438 Cordell. Victor, 149, 505, 566 Corder, Janice, 149, 449, 536 Corder. Paula, 524 Corkins, Roger, 96. 374. 401, 404, 411 Corkran. Judith. 528 Corlett, Clair, 544 Corley. Beverly, 102, 544 Corn. Richard, 572 Cornelius, Allen, 96 Cornelius, Lee, 149 Cornelius. Marge, 365 Cornish, Richard, 169 Cornwell, Clyde. 562 Cortes. Pedro, 102 Coryell, George, 149, 561 Costello, Jack. 167, 171 Costello, John. 166, 513 Couch, Dean Glenn. 42, 426 Couch, Janie. 134. 449 Couch, William, 557 Coughlin, Dan, 348 Coughlin, Elizabeth, 522 Coulter, Ann. 149. 372, 541 C ' oultcr, Tom, 102 Council, Charlole, 134. 210. 378, 450 Council. Janet, 120, 445 Council. Ray. 574 Councill, Deanna, 134, 256, 453 Courant, Lawrence, 102 Coursey. Michael. 571 Courtnav, Bronwen. 134. 457 Courtney, J. L., 149, 348, 360, 572 Cousins. John, 120, 477 Cowan, Mrs. J. J., 310 Cowan, Jackie, 278, 293, 303, 376 Cowan, Nancv, 149 Cowan, Thomas, 394, 425 Cowans, Ann. 134, 449 Coward. Charles. 120. 313, 478 Cowdery. Allen. 120, 509 Cowen. Suzie, 149, 454, 540 Cowles, Linda, 134, 523 Cox, Barbara. 120. 523 Cox, Charlotte. 538 Cox, Cleta, 539 Cox, Don, 360 Cox, Donald, 149, 501, 554 Cox, Ethelyn. 578 Cox, James, 168, 170 Cox, Michael, 348 Cox, Preston. 134. 344, 497 Cox, Steven. 348. 565 Cox, Ted. 120, 494 Cox, Vavlord, 120, 340, 494 Coy, Kathy, 149, 533 Coy. Larry, 149, 560 Coyle, Bill, 149, 348. 501 Covle, Edward. 149. 348, 426, 570 Coyle, Pat, 149, 537 Covne. Joe. 149. 554 Crabtree. [an. 120. 225, 450 Crabtree, Linda. 529 Cracraft, Joel. 102 Craddoik. Randall. 149. 501 Craft. Ruth. 102. 400 Craig, Cindy, 149, 449 Craig, David, 120, 340, 478 Craig, John, 134, 344, 514 Craighead, Emery, 348, 560 Craighead, Marion, 527, 544 Grain, John. 149, 560 Cramer, Janicce. 102 Cramer. Sharon, 149 Craun. Lt. Col. Leonard, 318 Craven, Dr, Clifford, 70 Craven, James, 102, 478 Craven. Xlidge. 120. 449 Craven, Randy, 134. 514 Craven, Pope, 299 Craven. Stephen. 102. 403, 494 Crawforil, David. 553 Crawford. Gavlon, 134, 344, 513 Crawford. Robert. 352. 553. 571 Crcager. Gan ' . 149. 314. 4.86. 560 Creekmore, (an. 134, 454, 455 Creel, Von. 102 Creel er. Rob. 167 Crews, Bill. 149. 379 Crews, Don. ,S3. 120. 411. 478 Crews, ludy, 149. 453. 527 Crews. Linda, 149. 378. 408 Crew.s. Robert, 149. 489, 567 Crider. Clavlon, 120 Criswcll, Jcnc, 426 Criswcll, lerrv, 120. 410, 498 Criswcll, Penny, 120, 438 CrisHcll, Rav, 412 Criswcll. Thomas. 166. 167, 170 Crochet, WaMie. 134. 505 Crockett, j.ick. 12(1. 490 Croft, Virginia, 149, 367, 381, 426, 531 Cromwell, Dave, 120, 313, 501 , Jill, 102, 458 , Leon. 267 Crone. J. C, 313 Cronoble, James. 134, 489 (brooks, Henry, 3 14 Crosbie, Alfred, 102 Crosbie, Jack, 134. 344. 353, 556 Crosby. Frank, 149. 490, 561 Cross. Dr. George L., 2, 33, 34, 35, 228, 240 Cross, " Cross, Cross, Michael, 560 Crossland, lames, 344, 555 Crossland, Shirley. 528 Crosslin, Karen, 120, 458 Crosslin. Wanda, 54! Crosswhitc, Rod, 348, 577 Crothers, James, 561 Crouch. lohn, 566 Crow. Bill, 134 Crow. Judy. 149, 457 Crowder, Dale, 167 Crowder, David, 134. 329. 559 Crowder, R. L., 32 Crowder, Stan, 577 Crumley. Judve. 102. 396. 528 Grumpier. Pamela. 134. 379 Crulclimer. Larrv. 577 Cruz. Nelda. 401 Cudd. Kcaton. 149. 493, 556 Culberl, William, 102 Cullinan. ta y. 149. 537, 545 Cullv. lohn. 149, 478 Gulp. Linda. 134, 386 Culver. Kathleen. 522 Cumniings. Sharon. 134, 541 Cunning. Donald, 423 Cunningham, Alfred. 334. 352 Cunningham, Bill. 149, 478 Cunningham, Carleton. 120, 505 Cunningham. Gene, 383 Cunningham, James. 167. 171 Cunningham. John. 120, 478 Curb. Thomas. 573 Curd. Travis. 134. 323. 478 Currin. David. 313. 572 Curry. Jeneane. 102. 254. 465 Curtis. Andrew, 398 Curtis. Stephen. 566 Cuthhcrtson. Michev. 561 C rill. Ramkison. 451 D Dading. Richard. 573 Daffin. Robert, 149 Dahm, Martha, 120, 457 Daichcs, Larry, 149, 348. 510. 554 Dailey. Lawrence. 348 Dailev. Charles. 167. 171 Daily. Mary. 102. 458 Dalbow. David, 134 Dale. Bill. 102, 335, 336, 338, ,354, 468, 505 Dalri. John. 102. 513 Dalton. Craig. 134, 348, 493 Dalton. John, 31 Daly, Patricia, 134, 528 Daly. Sandy. 149. 446. 525 Dambold, Richard. 348 Damm, Priscilla, 102 Dandridge, Kirk, 120. 493 Dancman, Chervl. 149. 462 Danforth, Pat, 526, 544 Daniel, Bob, 149, 497 Daniel, favmes, 348 Daniel, Tohn. 120, 517, 398 Daniel, Shaw. 562 Daniels. Charles, 166. 168. 171. 474 Danielson. Cathy. 149, 454, 527 Danielson, Guv, 102, 497 Dank. John. 348 Danner. Douglas. .344 Danner. Robert. 348, 572 Darby. loseph. 120 Darks. Helen, 80 Darnell. Carl. 102. 338 Darnell. Cullen, 425 Darrough. Jane, 103. 229. 409. 458 Darrough, Ruth, 103. 264, 409, 435, 454 Darrough. Susan, 120. 548 Darivin. lames. 313. 352 Dashev. led. 120. 506 Daspit, Nancy, 120, 457 Dauhe. Carol. 120. 458 Dauben. D«-ight, 406 Daugliertv. Bill. 348 Danghertv. Linda. 149. 454. 534 Daughcrty. Mary. 149, 541 Davalt. Michael. 556 Davenport. Claiide. 384. 3,88 Davenport. David. 573 Davcnpt rl. Elaine. 149. 533 Davenport. I. C, 103, 385 Davenport, lohn. 120. 344. 574 Davenport. Lewis. 134. 476. 477 Davenport, Shervl. 149. 422. 450, 537 Davi lsnn. Gil. 103. 374. 510 Davidson, lames G., 33 Davidson, lohn, 150. 348, 505 Davidson. Paul, 120 Davidson. Sally. 150. 445, 543 Davis, . nn. 550 Davis, Art. 134. 297. 514 Davis. Barbara. 150. 527 Davis, Bill. 103 Davis, Carla, 137. 150. 529 Davis. Carol. I ' M. 257. 386, 454 Davis, Dale, 379 Davis, Don. 120. 340, 354, 509 Davis, Dorothy, 96 Davis, Garland. 120. 344, 469, 501 Davis, George, 150 I)a is. George. 572 Davis, Gcrri. 134. 254, 438 Davis. Harold, 150, 348, 490 Davis, Joe, 77, 103, 320, 325, 383, 410 Davis, John. 228, 340, 354 Davis, Judith, 150, 529 Davis, Karen, 530 Davis, L. Dow, 120, 313, 509 Davis, Michale, 285 Davis, Mike, 421 Davis, Michael G,, 168 Davis, Michael R,, 120, 513 Davis, Orval, 120 Davis, Parke, 120, 514 Davis, Richard, 96, 486 Davis, Ronald, 379, 574 Davis, Sharon, 386 Davis, Sharon L,, 525 Davis, Steve, 293, 376 Davis, Tommy, 576 Davis, Walter, 567 Davison, Denver, 120, 340, 354, 490 Dawson, Cher l, 536 Dawson, Lynn, 121, 526 Dawson, Robert, 150 Dawson, Rock, 134, 494 Dawson, Stephen, 103 Day, Ann, 103, 437 Day, Gary. 121 Day, Jackie, 348 Day, Jean, 121, 524 Day, Jim. 121. 160, 501 Day, Karen, 134, 550 De Bellis. Deanna, 121, 526 De Carolis. Robert. 561 De Geare. Danny, 121 De Graw, Harold, 121, 474 DeGrow, Douglas, 134 DeHart, Clyde, 393 DeJohn. Chuck. 311, 314. 573 De La Fleur, Christopher, 121 DeLier, Michelin, 121, 416, 437, 523 DcMartini, Alain, 134, 505 DePreker, Charles, 121, 505 DeSilva, Mary, 150, 366, 543 DeSocarraz, Miguel, 134 DeSpain, Don, 150, 348. 513, 518 DeSpain. Richard, 348, 365 DeVeixedon, Dianne, 543 DeVilliers. Nancy, 166, 169 DeVore, Fallie. 121, 378 DeVore, Robert, 348, 558 DeWitt, Martha. 405 Deadman. Ronald, 150, 485 Deakins, Dennis. 103. 427 Deakins, Kenneth, 427 Deakins, Sarah, 360, 383. 401, 528 Deal. Randy. 134, 490, 577 Deal, Tom, 340, 354 Dean, Gary. 166. 169, 474 Dean. Llovd, 564 Dean, Lloyd, 344 Dean, Norman, 344 Deason, Carol, 150 Deason, Shari, 134, 224, 249, 454 Deatherage, David, 166. 168, 505 Deaton, Nancy, 150, 406, 527 Deax, David, 300 Decker, Thomas, 169 Decker, Will. 103, 399 Deem. John. 136, 348, 353 Deering. Thomas, 150, 489, 561 Dehghani. Javad, 405, 421 Deighton, Nancy, 96 Del Vero, Frank, 103, 505 Delegianis, James, 348, 571 Delhotal, Janet. 371 Delhotal. ftlauric. 389 Delier. Mike, 150, 494, 560 Dell. Buster. 121. 514 Deman, Leslie. 344, 569 Demastus. William. 150. 489, 573 Dennis, Diana, 121, 257. 442 Dennis, Larr -. 103. 394. 497 Dennis, Linda, 150. 418. 543 Denny, Patricia, 543 Denos, Kanela. 150, 449, 533 Denson, Oilivia, 531 Dent. Francine, 103, 253, 416, 456, 457 Denton, Jon. 93, 410 Denton, Sandi, 134, 461 Desai. Mukundlal. 96. 374. 401 Deskins, Dora, 150. 449, 536 Detjen, Stephen, 150. 348. .353, 481 Deupreen. Susan. 150. 449. 534 Dever. E. H.. 335 Devero. Edward, 150 Devine. William. 134, 498 Dew, Anne. 150, 461. 534 Dewberry, Rheta, 150, 360. 364, 539 DiCarlo. Joseph. 314 Diallo. Ihrahima. 421 Diamond. Harriet. 150. 441. 533 Diba. Kliossrour. 415 Dick. James. 103. 394. 414 Dick. Micluiel. 103. 510 Dickerson. Barrv. 311. 313 Dickey. David. 150. 514 Dickey. Maribcrta. 533 Dickson, (ieorge, 267 Dichl. Bill. 121. 517 Dietrich. L. E.. 398 Dictrick. Mary, 150. 527 Dilks. Larry joe. 348 Dillahuntv. Paul. 150. 571 Dillard. Diane. 150, 450. 538 Dillard, Jolin, 96 Dillard. Mrs. W. L., 379 Dillenhack. Michael. 386, 388, 574 Diller, Bob. 121, 416 Dilley. Marsha. 134. .353, 541 Dilling. lerrv. 121, 478 Dillinghim. Francine, 302 Dillon, Diana, 530 Dillon, Susan, 131, 134, 453 Dillon, W. I.. 103. 490 Dimick, Bill, 103, 4.85 Dines, Paul. 311 Dinsmorc, Man. 134, 5-17 DUhinaii. Dougt. 121. ' IS9 Disney. Terry. 150. 445 Dislcrlic, Margarita, 1:14, 528 Dilniars. Mrs. S. F., 32 Dinner. James. 150. 573 DiHrich. Carohn. 543 Diwokv. Sandra. 103 Dix, Eddie. 121. 477 Dixon, liciiy, 220. 383 Dixon, Connie, l. ' i4, 461 Dixon, David. 150. 34.S. 570 Dixon. Jeanne, 121 Dixon. Jimnu ' . 554 Dixon, krrv-, 384 Dixon, kalhv, 134, 458 Dixon. Larn, 134, 360 Djavaheri. Daryoush. 391 Dobbins. Wesley. 150. 490 Dobbs, Laura, 134. 461 Doble, Nancy, 541 Doctor, Slan, 103. 403. 506 Dobry. Cieorge, .344 Dobson, (.ari-, 150 Dodd. J. F., 558 Dodd, Jim. I4S. 150. 348, 493 Dodd, Ronnie. 344 Dodge. Billy, 103. 509 Dodson, Clay, 168. 170 Dodson, Terrv, 577 Dodson, Thomas. 134, 344, 485 Docpkc. Charles. 277 Doivdv. Kemp. 150. 393. 498 Dowling. Martha. 134. 256, 461 Downey, Jimmy. 121, 498 Downing, Carl, 93 Downing. Don. 366. 575 Downing. Jerry. 121 Dovle. Larn. 121. 427. 553. 578 Doyle. .Mary Ellen. 539 Dozicr, Linda. 150. 446. 537 Drake, Charles, 169. 556 Drake. George. 134 Drake, John. 169 Drake. Phyllis, 134. 438 Draper. Wilma. 134. 547 Drcnnan. Pamela. 134. 353 Drew. Konald. 313. 572. 578 Drier. Robert. 394 Driskill. Charles. 103 Driver, Beltv, 150. 365. 366. 420. 458 Driver. David. 103. 485 Drummond. Thomas. 150. 340, 47S, 569 Dryer, (ieorge. 574 Dubie. Ed. 121. 231. 485 Dubie. Ted. 121. 231. 485 Duckworth, Georgia, 150,378.465, 538 DudcnhoelTer, Arthur, 103. 501 Dudley, Bob. 391 Dudley, Charles, 385, 399 Dudley. Jimmie. 385 DuHield. Barry. 121, 393 Dully. Richard. 348 Dufresne. William. 314. 571 Duggan. James. 320. 571 Duggan. Steve. 134. 360. 501 Duller. Gan. 169 Duke, Bill, 311. 379 Duki, Roy, 313 Dok.shire. Robert. 314. 571 Dul.inev. .Susan. 150. 458. 535 Dulai, Emma. 96, 421 Duling, Grace. 96 Dunagan. Linda. 134. 52S Dunagan. Rufus. 82, S3. 134. 228, 419. 493 Dunagin. ]. L.. 150. 348. 573 Dunagin. Jan. 134. 386. 531 Dunbar, Barbara. 134. 453 Duncan. Carole. 541 Duncan, Daniel. 134. 348. 497 Duncan, Jerrv. 150. 379. 565 Duncan, liiiirnie. 168. 171 Duncan. Dr. John P., 240, 404, 405 Duncan, Paul, 167 Dunham. Sue. 535 Dunham. Tom. 370. 411. 425 Doerr. Dean .Arthur. 40 Dohnalek. Cahrles. 121. 552 Doke, Bob. 150. 348, 490 Doke. Larrv. 420 Dolan, William. 150, 513 Dombck. Frank. 577 Dombrowiecki. Richard. 150. 571 Domjanovich. Nancv, 103, 422. 526 Donclan, Al. 570 Donnell. Carol. 150, 454 Donnell. Sarah. 121. 437 Dooley. Jim. 103. . ' )38, .355, 505 Dooliltle. lames Hairy. 344 Doran, Wavnc. 121. 561 Dorer, Diana. 121. 550 Dorman, loe. 150. 494. 551. 553 Dorman, Shirley. 103. 257. 438, 439 Dornleld. Robert. 103. 505 Dorr, George. 134. 570 Dorr, Jo, 121. 442 Dorr. NIary. 529 Dorrance, C, ).. 348. 573 Dorsett. Dallas. 150. 360, .365, 442 Dorsett. (ieorge. 340 Doss, Becky, 531 Dosser, Glenn. 134. 323. 419. 485 Dotson, Chester. 168 Dotson, Ronnie. 96 Drjison. Tom, 150. 348, 498 Doty. Robert. 558 Doty. William. 134. 574 l)oid)liii. Gary, 134 Dougherty. Clark. 169 Dougherty. Russell, 340 Doughty. Bev. 121. 453 Douglity, James, 403 Doughty, Nelson, 103. 394. 114 Douglass. Daniel, 103. 497 Doulhitt. Mike, 150. 4.S6. 5()5 Dove. Sherrill. 150. 531 Dow. Larry, 134. 490, 497 Dunlap. Dr. E. T.. 32 Dunn, C:liarlcy. 103. 524, 545 Dunn. Frederick. 169 Dunn. Maithalie. 150,360,541 nunn. .Mike. 121 Dunn. Susan. 150. 408, 437 Dunnan, Pamela. 531 Dunning. Steve. 121. 310. 505 Duiuiington. .Aniuttc. 134. 526 Duihin. Icrrv. 150. 487, 560 Durhin. Raymond. 348 Durbin. Skin, 121, 470 Durland. Diane. 150. 408, 461, 533 Durnil. Mac. 150. 349, 498 Durrctt. lack. 167 Durield. Barry. 406 Dutcher. Bill, 121. 297. 298. 469, 513 Dutton. Judith, 532 D v er. ' irginia. 150, 537 Dyer, Diedra, 134. 406, 531 Dyer, Ronalil. 150. 360. 365, 572 D er, N ' irginia. 103 Dyser, Judith, 121. 369. 418, 548 Eads. Sharon, 150. 442. 530 Eagel. Daniel, 150, 470 Earlev, Jack. 121 Farley, ludith. 301 Earlev, Xlike. 150 Earnest. Betty. 121. 461 Easley, Mitchell. 559 Easley, Sharon. 541 Easley. Willis. 557 Eason, Bill. 103. 474 Eason, ludy, 150. 406, 542 Eason, Alichael, 355 East, Ann, 150, 408, 527 Eastman, Jean, 103. 446 Eastman, ilarv. 150. 446. 533 Easton, Phil. 103 Easton. Doug, 360 Eaton, Keith, 120, 416. 501 Eberlv. Javne, 525 Ebv. Charles. 325, 353 Eby, Jim, 564 EchoHawk, Alice, 410 Eachohawk. |ohu. 150. 493. 573 Echols. 150. 426, 449. 527 Echols. William. 349 Eckel, Milfrcd. 557 Eckert, Henn, 103 Eckrem. Jack. 414 Eddington. Michael. 349. 571 Eddins. Marsha. 91. 121. 41S. 547 Edelman. Robert. 150. 349. 506 Edens. Robert, 150, 349. 497, 554 Eder. Joe. 121. 477 Edgar. James. 134 Edgar. iNIarv, 103 Edgar. Tommy. 103. 389. 477 Edinger. Eileen. 134. 256. 461 Edieson. Meredith. 150. 525 Edmonds. David. 168, 171 Edmunds. Kitty. 103. 437 Edvy. Joseph. 150. 502, 565 Edwards. Al. 103. 414 Edwards. Bill. 168 Edwards, Billy, 170 Edwards. Charlene. 531 Edwards. Can-. 572 Edwards. Gordon. 134. 349. 497 Edwartls. Josephine, 381 Edwards. Kay. 134. 454 Ed vards. Leslie, 574 Edwards. Nancv. 150 Edwards. Phil. 121. 494 Eeds, Walter, 150. 349, 514 Eggner. John, 425 Egncw. John. 103. 509 Ehlers. Ann. 134. 304. 448. 449 Eichelberg. Robert. 565 Eichlcr. Roland. 335 Eidstm. Aivin. 150. 298. 420. 552 Ekwueme. Godfrcv. 121. 401 Elderkin. Judith, 150. 218. 449. 533 Eley. Gary, 83. 134. 228. 469, 513 Eliel. Alan. 344 Elkins. Phiilij). 121. 490 Elkiiis. Si.iln. 150. 446. 533 Ellington. . nn, 121. 442 Elliott. Charles, 103, 335, 337, 338 Elliott. Deanna, 134, 450 Elliott, Jan, 134. 461 Elliott. Jerry. 383 Elliott. Kathleen. 134. 360. 364. 528. 561 Kllioll. Libbv. 372. 536 Elliott, Lvncite. 150. 353. 392. 445 Elliott. IVnnv. 121. 445 Elliott. Phillip. 344 Elliott, Robert. 134. 410 Klliolt. Sunshine. 473 Elliott. William. 557 Ellis. lUiinie, 103 Ellis, Bobby, 134 Ellis, David. 134. 360. 362. 365 Ellis, r;ienda. 392 Ellis, Harrv, 169 Ellis. James. 121. 481 Ellis. Johii. 150. 505 Ellis. Judy. 134. 397. 460. 461 Ellis. Naniv. 150. 366. 453. 537 Ellis. Randy. 134 Ellis. Walter. 96 Ellisim. Carol. 121. 454 Ellstrom. Terry. 406. 415. 423 Ellsworth. Nancv, 134, 547 Ellwood. Walter; 103 Elms. John. 568, 569 Elv. Bobbv. 349, 564 El o. Diann, 544 Embree, James, 563 Emerson. Charles. 103. 385 Emery, Sam. 150. 349. 513, 573 Emhoolah. Lonnie. 571 Emnier, Linda, 134, 462 Emmons. Nancy. 150 Einoiifl. Kathleen. 365 Fridicit. William. 150. 513. 560 I ' .MKilbcig. Diane. 103 Kiiglaud. (;an ' , 121 England, Jane. 82. 83, 84, 134. 229. 386, 458 Engclman. Jack. 2.S9. 574 English. John, 121. 290. 294 Enuis. Jerry, 320. 325, .352 Entrikin. David. 150. 349. 564 Enyeart. Maigaiet, l5l, 438, 543 Epstein. It hak. 401 Epstein. Richard. 151. 506 Erdman. Fred. 103. 312. 501 Ericson. Philip. 151. 344. 502. 571 Ermecheo. Juan. 10.3 Enin. Beverly. 103. 406 Enin, William. 151. 314, 477 Envin, Jimmie. 419. 562 Envin. Sandra. 121. 442 Esch. Connie. 121. 547 Esch. William. 560 Eschb.nli. Alfred. 151. 554 Eschler. Janic. 134. 547 Esfahani. .Mohammed. 405 Esfandiari. Bijan. 405. 415 Esfandiari. Mehrdad. 405 Eshraghi. Badiollah. 391. 401 Eskridge, Judy, 151. 458. 527 Eskridge. Lena, 121. 406 Esmaili. Saidari. 401. 405 Esmaili ..idth. All. 103 Espcr. .lughn. 151. 349. 490. 555 Estes, Betty, 100 Estes, Larrv. 388. 414, 574 Estes, Ronald. 103. 517 Estes. Terrv, 121. 517 Estlin. Bob. 103. 514 Etheredge. Kenneth. 121, 494 Ethington. L. S., 521 Eurton. Claudia. 103. 458 Evans. .Albert. 340 Evans, Earl. 349. 577 Evans, Gary, 403 Evans, Haskell. 103. 389. 501 Evans. Kathv. 154. 30 ' !. 457 Evans. Linda. 121. 435. 461 Evans, Louis. 121, 477 Evans, Marian. 372 Evans. Michael. 151. 349. 490. 567 Evans, Pat. 135. 486 Evans. Paul. 103 Evans, Richard. 121 Evans. Ronald. 337. .138 Evans. Sonya. 104. 446 Evans. Tommie. 104 Evans. Tomm . 267, 287 Everett, CaroL 528 Everett, Dean Mark. 56 Everts. Marilyn, 524 Ewbank. James. 344 Ewing. Joel. 151. 426 Ewing. Stanley. 121. 372. 574 Eylar. Ronnie. 151. 498 Ezell. John. 411 Fair. Grant, 104, 321. 469, 478, 479 Fair. Martha. 151. 458, 534 Fairchild. Jack. 387 Falco. Fretterick. 349 Falconer. Winston. 421 Falk. George. 121. 388 Fancher. ijonnie. 151. 4,S9 Fankhouser. .Albert. 570 Fannin. John. 104. 569 Fano. Carolyn. 1,15. 442 Faraj, Salim, 404 Farha. Carolyn. 135. 151. 437. 527 Farha. Celia. 528 Farha, Jim. 166. 169. 494 Farha. Mary, 135. 422. 547 Paris. Carolyn. 151. 457 Farmer. Edward. 421 Farmer, Franklin. 96 Farmer. Gary. 560 Farmer. Leo. 135. 481 Farmer. Sandra. 135. 437 Farrell. James. 344 Farrell. Larry. 104 Farrier. Jack. 344. 469. 552. 578 Farris. Ken. 266. 267 Earns. Linda. 121. 454. 455 Faser. Karl. 310 Fash. 378. 525 Fatherly. Sally, 121 Fagerherg. Dennis. 406 Faubiis. Orval, 31 Faudree. Alice. 104 Faulconer. lames. 160. 372. 555 Faust. Anilv. 10 1. I 13. 498 Favor. Bill. 151. 349. 477. 572 Feaver. Ed. 240. 261. 411. 413 Feaver. Eric. 349 Feaver. John. 299. 340 Fedman. Arlene. 135. 462. 463 Fehr. Givg. 121, 517 Feinslein. Donald. 1.35. 344. 510 IVlder, Ju lith. 533 Feldgieber. Joan. 13 ' ;. 462 Feldman. Marvin. 151. 345. 510 Feldman. Pete. 86. 91. 384. 410 Fellers, liinmv. 104. 501 Felhis. Lou . nn. 104. 454 Fellliiglijin. Jim. 167. 171 Fellinan. Tlioiiias. 135. 506 Fellows. Dr. J.ilin E.. 71 Fender. Allen. 151. 345. 486 Fender. Harrv. 121. 340. 486 Fennessey. Paul. 104 Fergcson. .Melfcid. 557 Ferguson, Di.nie, 151. 5,19 Ferguson. Donald, 111! Ferguson, Kip. 2 I .S Ferguson, Major. 151, 345, 490, 567 Ferguson, Paltie. 121. 378, 457 Ferguson. Paula. 1.15. 378, 531 IVrguson. Stan. .1.S0 Fernald. Paul. 169 Ferraro. i, ki. 121. 458 Ferrell, Ann. 121. .153, 442 Ferrier, Robert. 410 Ferron. Suzanne. 151. 536 Fertis. Leslie, 349 Fesler, Jack, 135, 344. 419. 485 Fetters, Margetta. 151. 539 Fetters. Robbie. 1,15. 4.17 Fickel. Geraldine. .392 Fiddner. Carl, 135. 514 Fieber, James, 572 Fiegener. Danice. 526 Field. Larry. 167. 171 Fielden. Arleu, 168. 171 Fielden. Mary, 96 Fields, Dennis, 151. 514. 572 Fields. Elizabeth. 121. 437 Fields. Ethel, 121 Fienup. James, 574 Fife. Jan. 151, 454. 531 Figlcy. Becky, 135. 525 Filbeck. Tom. 135. 344. 557 Files. Mark. 96, 390. 505 Filiatreau. Thomas. 398 Findlav. Marilyn. 151. 446, 447 Findley. Dwight. 151. 560 Fine, Richard, 344 Finkel. Charles, 135. 506 Finkel. Frances. 151. 462. 537 Finkel. Lois. 104 Finkclstcin. J. F.. 573 Finkelston. INIike. 121. 340. 506 Finkenbinder. Don. 293 Finlcv. Bob. 403 Finlev. Camilla. 104. 541 Finlev, Eddie, 94. 12. 493 Finlev, Marsha. 135. 327. 461 Finlev. Norma. 104. 541 Finlev Shiriell. 151. 453 Finn. Thomas. 151. 569 Finney. Jean. 135. 254, 445 Finney. Lance. 96. 574 Firguson. Beverly. 104 First. Jerry. 349. 355. 559 Fischer, Joanie. 121. 402. 441 Fischer, Leslee, 151. 422, 441. 507, 534 Fischer. Snellen. 256 Fish, Robert. 96 Fisher. Carl. 567 Fisher. Diana. 151. 364. 420. 525 Fisher, Diane. 135. 256. 360. 445 Fisher. Donnie. 569 Fisher. Gerry. 151. 485. 562 Fisher. Joe. 283 Fisher. John. 121, 477 Fisher. Marsha. 151. 539 Fisher. Patti. 104. 45S Fisher. Paul. 345. 569 Fisher. Richard. 506 Fisher. Richard. 135 Fisher. Bob. 366 Fisher. Ruth. 135. 360. 364. 379. 524 Fisher. Sue Ann. 121. 445 Fisher, Terry, 151. 345. 485. 557 Fishman. Paula. 135. 408. 441 Fishman. Rosalind. ' i . 301. 538 Fiske. Barry. 345. 570 Fiskin. Stephen. 569 Fite. Louis. 345 Fitz Gibbons. Robert. 104. 325. 403. 505 Fitzgerald. Ed. 151. 349. 555 Fitzgerald. Jane. 104. 547 Fitzgerald. Patrick. 1 ' =!. 426. 501 Fitzpatrick, Dewey. 571 Fitzpatrick. Michael. 151. 505. 555 Flagler. Robert. 151 Flaherty. Timothy. 121. 555. 578 Flatt. Rose. 365. 367 Flaughtcr. Terry. 121. 4QS Fleener. Robert. 135. 300. 478 Fleetwood. Fred. 280. 281. 282. 344. 577 Fleming. Ganvin. 168 Fleming. Gerald, 1.15. 171. 228, 419,555 FIcske. Barbara. 151. 449. 538 Fletcher. Don. 151. 489 Fletcher, Gary, 12. 383 Fletcher. Patricia. 5 ' ' ' ) Fletcher. Ronald. 577 Flexner. Bill. 263. 401 Flick. Mike. 104. 3.S4, 403. 410 Flinclumi. Garmy. 571 Flinton. Joseph. 563 Flippo, Joe, 151. 365 Flood, Kavc, 135. 301, 386, 449 Flr)oil, lames, 135. 497 Flood. KiilLMil. 121. 505 Flood. Tom. 280. 281, 577 Florendo. Eloisa. 96. 550 Flowers. Nancy. 135. 445 Flowers. Nehemiah. 344. 577 Flowers. Nita. 531 Floyd. Dale. 135. 344. 572 Floyd. Del| liine. 121. 379 Flvnn. John. 278 FIvnii. San lra. 151, 538 Fobes. Dell. 121. 438 Foerster. Ann. 135. 454 Fogg. D,. 574 Fogg. Richard. 168 Folsonl. James. 577 Fontana. ' Stephen. 314. 352. 560 Foote. Jack. 121. 362. 364. 501 Foote. .Jerry. 416 Fcubes, ' Jav. 167 Foibis, John. 101. ,119. 325, 425, 505 Forbis. Melba, 135, 531 Ford, liill. 104. 293. 338. 509 Ford, Christie, 1.15. 422. 454 Ford, Chris, 121, 301, 450 Ford. Diana, 151, 529 Ford. Judy. 104, 349. 461 Ford. Dr. Robert, 394 Ford. Robert L., 135. 344. 509 Ford, Sue, 151. 420. 450. 466. 527 Force, Betsy, 151, 365. 536. 545 Force, Margie, 226, 374. 537, 545 Foreman, Billy, 135 Foreman, Hillard, 398 Forgy. Ray, 151, 349. 352. 571 Forman, Jon, 135. 344. 510 Forney, Janice, 151, 437 Forrest. .Argus. 390 Forrest. Douglas. 344 Forrester, .Ann. 121. 408. 461 Forrester, John. 151. 360. 364, 560 Forrester, Marilyn, 524 Forsman, Michael, 151. 349, 514, 570 Forsythe, George, 571 Forte, Robin. 349 Fortenberrv. Frances. 151. 535 Fosburgh. Edward. 151. 360,559 Foss. Kenneth, 323, 329 Foster, Floyd, 121. 225. 340, 490 Foster, Judy, 122. 369. 458 Foster, Larry, 135, 168, 171, 478 Foster, Lawrence. 344 Foster, Linda, 151, 540 Foster, Lon, 104, 469, 509 Foster, Michael. 104 Foster, Mike, 381 Foster. Nancy, 151 Foster, Robert, 166, 168. 509 Foster. Stanley. 122. 501 Fountain. Tommy. 135. 344 Foust, James. 390 Fowler, Barbara. 470 Fowler, James, 398 Fowler, Robert, 122 Fox, Andrea, 526 Fox, Edwin, 151, 349, 505, 572 Fox, Jody. 418 Fox, Dr. Leiand, 236. 367 Fox. Mary, 135, 522 Fox. Paul, 372, 374, 383 Frampton. James. 566 Francis. Jan, 444, 529 Francis. Jerre, 135, 353. 364, 366, 457 Francis. Julie, 532 Francis. Alimi, 135. 302. 442 Fraiulen. Robert. 167, 171 Frandsen. James, 388. 414 Frank. Barbara. 530 Frank. Beth. 104. 523 Frank. John. 151. 349. 4.90 Frank, Lavinia, 104. 378. 437 Frank, Leslie, 1,35, 372, 523 Franken, Bob. 151, 352. 360 Franklin, Ben. 104. 394. 425, 485 Franklin, Rusty, 135. 509 Franklin. Jane. 122. 462 Franklin. Ronald. 169 Franklin. Steven. 135. 489 Franks. Gloria, 405 Franks. Kennv, 151, 564 Frans, Donald. 151, 558 Frans. Gary, 104 Frantz. Kay. 1.15, 457 Eraser. Prof. Cieorge. 166. 171, 374 374 Frazier. Donald, 135. 344, 450, 514 Fieboldt. Dr. Hans. 237 Fredtnbcrgcr. John. 169 Frederick. Larrv, 91. 374 Frederick. Linda, 135. 457 Frederick. Michael, 151. 420 Frederick, Ron, 135. 311. 314. 4,86 Fredericks. Craig. 464 Fredgren. Kenneth, 233. 264. 401 Freed. John, 564 Freeland. W. H.. 80 Freele, Robert, 151, 349. 552 Freeman. David. 135. 490 Freeman. Panthea, 383 Friedberg, Ronnie, 122. 510 Frcidline. Darla. 135. 418. 524 French, Alana, 151. 420, 540 French, Freda, 104. 458 French. Troy. 563 Freund. Donald, 319 Frew. C ' atherine. 533 Frever. Judi. 104. 438 Fried. Michael. 135. 473 Friedberg. Larry. 104. 506 Frieillander. Jan. 360. 364 Friedman. Charles. 135. 506 Friedman. Eleanor. 122. 523 Friedman. Dr. Maurice. 240. 241 Friedman. Roger. 15 1 . 506 Friedman, Rosalie. 151. 441. 5.33 Friend. Carl. 383. 555 Frieze. Delberl, 122. 209. 417. 469, 494 IViot. Liz. 104, 457 Frisch. Jerome. .394 Fritz. Mark, 151. .517 Frizzell. Gerald. 571 Frogge. Ray. 122. 290 Fnmjosa. Ernesto. 401 Fronjosa. Raonel. 401 Frost. Andrew. 151. 349. 560 Frost. Paul. 122. 340. 354. 494 Frost. Ronnie. 344. 577 Friieli. ForiYSt. 16. 167. 171.517 Fruit. Don. 1,15. 490 Fry. Judith. 541 Frve. Diane, 1,15 Frvntzko. Jeanne. 135. 246. 327, 458 Fngilt. Sarah. 122. 450 590 CONGRATULATIONS TO GRADUATING SENIORS AND A HAPPY SUMMER TO ALL . . UNIVERSITY BOOK EXCHANGE (IN THE UNION BUILDING) ' IT HAS BEEN A PLEASURE TO SERVE YOU " 591 Fulkcrson, Grover, 104, 353, 578 Fullbright, Harvey, 344 Fuller, Donald, 104, 501 Fuller, Ingrid, 531 Fuller, Jofin, 570 Fuller, Xlichael, 570 Fuller, Michael E., 349 Fullerton, James, I()6, 169 Fullum, Ronald, 349, 573 Fulmer, Jim, 344 Fulton, Sue, 151 Funk, Davida. 135, 462 Furtak, Daniel, 151, 570 Furlak, David, 416 Fusco, Frank, 344 Cabal, James, 92, 384 Gabberl, Cordon, 135, 489 Gabbert. Ricliard, 425 Gabcl, Barbara, 532 Gabcnnu, James, 403 Gable, G. Ellis, 32 Gable, Susan, 255, 356, 357, 358 Gable. Tom, 104, 514 Gaddis, Robert, 151 Gadcn, Michael, 151,360,501,565 Gatlord, Sharon, 151, 375, 458, 466, 531 Cage, Edwin L., 169 Gahring, Judv, 135, 531 Caithcr, Karla, 378, 422 Calbrailh, Donald, 313 Calcrston, Elinorc, 96 Gales, Michael, 152, 349, 473 Calloway, Dick, 135, 349, 485, 551, 558 Galloway, Paul V., 77 Gallup, Barbara, 98 Gallup, Jcre, 325 Gallup, Len, 152, 450, 534 Caloob, Harn ' , 135, 344, 506 Gait, Jav, 122, 340, 354, 490 Gait, iNIartha, 152, 458, 535 Gamble, Anne, 135, 523 Gamble, Gayle, 550 Gamero, Gonzalo, 401 Gamero, Maria, 401 Candy, Beth, 135, 450 Gannaway, Robert, 168 Cans, Susan, 135, 450 Ganschinietz, Gretchen, 536, 544 Ganlt, Mary, 409 Garber, Martin, 122, 211, 340, 497 Garcia, Jorge, 401 Garland, John, 104, 169 Carman, Steve, 122 Garnand, Victor, 135 Garner, Robert, 122, 558 Garner, Steven, 135, 478 Carnclt. Ed. 122, 486 CarreLson, Bob, 407 Garrett, Donald, 169 Garrett. John, 122, 278. 298 Garrett, John. H., 122, 513 Garrett, Katherine, 385 Garrett, Stephen, 135, 344, 497 Garrison, Jan, 152, 446, 527 Garrison. John, 122, 384, 489 Garrison, Judy, 135, 453 Garrison. Tom, 104, 338, 397, 497 Ganvood. Frederick, 398, 425 Gassclt, Bill. 344. 414, 559 Gaston. Jimmy, 323 Gates, Mike. 577 Gatcwood. Frank, I. ' 55, 481 Gatewood, James, 280, 281, 577 Gatcwood, Vernon, 344 Gathright. Jimmie. 3.35 Gaucr. Judith, 122, 438 Gay. Carolyn, 152, 360, 364, 457 Cay, Jim. 471 Cay. Marilyn. 152, 360, 364, 457 Gay. Neal. 135 Gaylor. .Michael, 569 Gaylord, Sharon, 1.35, 526 Ccarheard, Janet. 135, 400, 437 Cehl, Jack, 152. 349, 505 Geiogamah, Henry. 372. 396. 571 Ceis. Larry. 104, 385, 390, 517 ficldarl. Robert. 575 Cclkr, Salem. 104. 506 Gellinger. Ixrah, 136.360,364,524 Cendler. William. 104 Ceritrv. Nancy. 136. 526 Gentry, Richard, 152, 349, 497, 556 George, Carol, 135 George. Dan, 169 George, David, 104, 365. 470 George, Everett, 136, 501 George, Jcrctta, 122, 402, 442 George, Jim. 122, 513 George, Mildred, 152, 360, 364, 531 George, Shirley, 169 George, Stephanie, 152, 541 George. William. 425 Cerhardt. Cvnthia, 152, 541 Gerickc, Carl. 340, 353 Ccrmond, Stanley, 136, 313, 417, 481 Gerrcd, Pauline, 152, 541 Gerriiy, Rita, 122, 225, 256, 326, 454 Ceyman, Jerry, 104, 377 Ghaffarzadch, Mehdi, 405 Chiglieri, James, 320, 574 Chorayeb, Jack, 104, 404, 502 Choraveb. Jola, 404 Cililxiis, Evcrcite, 349, 566 Cil.hrns, William, 104 Cibhs, Charlie. 122, 303, 325, 486 Cibbs, Chris, 122, 494 Gibbs, Dean, 152, 387, 570 Cibbs, Tom, 104, 319, 320, 322, 325, 468, 469, 490 Gibson, Dr. Arrell, 67, 266 Gibson, Drew, 104, 225, 509 Gibson, Joe, 572 Gibson, June, 544 Gibson, Michael L., 104, 312, 378, 489 Gibson, Mike, 122, 509 Gibson, Phil, 152, 477 Gibson, Thomas, 152, 553 Gibson, Virginia, 152, .mi, 457 Cidlow, Terrv, 152, 462 Cieck, Frances, 136, 449 Giezcntanner, James, 344 GiUord, Robert, 554 Gilbert, James, 379 Gilbert, James, 344, 569 Gilbert, Jefl, 152, 349, 510 Gilbert, Jerald, 344 Gilbert, Mrs. Pearl, 81 Cilinskv, Susan, 136, 462 Gilkev. Raymond, 344, 570 Gill, Albert. 383 Gill, Dorinda, 136. 353, 360, 457 Gill, Phyllis, 122, 416, 446 Gillespie. Chandler. 344. 383 Gillett, Michael, 344, 557 Gilliland, Robert, 16fi. 169 Gilmore. Carl, 122, 378 Gilpin, Clark. 152. 493, 518, 557 Gilson. Franklin, 388 Cinsberg. Leon. 412 Cirard. Jesse, 572 Cithcns. Chervl. 360. 364, 541 Given, Bruce. 349. 571 Given, Connie. 122 Givens, Rex, 169 Clahn, Gregory, 104, 421, 555 Glasberg. Barry. 152, 298, 314, 510, 518, 552 Glasgow, Gary, 169 Glass, Len. 152, 298, 552 Glasscock, Mary, 104. 438 Glasscock, Mike, 34.9 Glasscr, Alan, 122, 473 Glasser. Eric. 152, 473 Glatstein, Howard, 122, 510 Clazener. Verona. 449 Clazer, Marlene, 152, 396, 441, 532 Glenn, Joe, 104. 391 Glenn, Pamela. 104, 523, 545 Glennon, John W., 340, 574 Glickman. Howard, 136. 344, 510 Glison, Pamela. 426. 541 Globe, Toby, 136, 473 Clover. Ann. 136. 302, 458 Glueck, Carole, 424 Goad. Dan. 122. 497 Goad, lean, 464. 465 Codartl. Carl. 136, 486 Coddard, Ronnie, 136. 360, 365, 560 Godfrey, Jim, 152. 563 Godlove. Ernest, 169 Cocn, Rayburne, 104, 513 Coen, Sylvia. 104 Golf. Leonard, 280 Goforth, Marvin, 344. 569 Goforth, Mary. 152. 437, 530 Goggans. Travis. 385 Gold. Ronald. 136, 344 Gold. Stephen. 136, 473 Cold. Stuart. 349 Goldberg, Lee, 104, 441 Godlberg, Lester, 169 Goldberg, Michael, 122, 510 Goldfeder, ludv, 105 Goldfield. Lvnda, 528 Goldman, Harris, 344 Goldman. Lloyd, 152, 349. 510, 566 Coldsby, Jerry. 278 Goldstein. Richard. 349 Golightlv. (anette. 152. 541 Gollub. loiin. 152, 349, 506, 564 Collub. Judv. 122. 548 Colman. Martin, 120. 344, 510 Goode. Charles. 122. 482 Goode, Mike. 152. 349, 477, 572 Coodin. Delbert, 338 Goodman. John, 152. 349, 420, 493. 557 Goodman. Randall. 152. 510, 572 Goodner. Bobbv. 152. 349, 498 Goodner, Julie: 152, 450 Goodpasture. Martin. 169 Goodspccd. Jerry, 360 Goodwin. Laurel,. 523 Goodivyn. Mary, 105,304,402,531 Goradia, Chandrakant, 394 Cordon, Barbara, 152. 441 Gordon, Barbara, 152. 422, 537, 540 Gordon, Lewis, 136 Gordon. Louis, 136, 510 Cordon. Mike. 152. 349. 478, 562 Gordon, Pat, 122. 349. 490 Cordon. Robert. 167. 556 Gore. Richard. 152, 349. 478 Goree. Gary. 553 Gorton, Jobnnie, 349 Gorton. Nancy, 152, 426. 531 Cossard. Roger. 136. 29S. 513 Gossett, John, 349, 360. 567 Gotcher. ' Vicki, 136, 223. 229, 374. 375, 386, 395 Cott. Allen. 577 Cottlob. lanet. 136, 360. 364, 369 Gollscholk. William, 314 Could. Toinmv. 152. 477 Gow, Robert, 105, 572 Crable. Ann. 122. 453 Grade. Gloria, 412 Graft, Charles, 169 Graft. Joel, 349, 571 Gragg. Elcnorc, 122 Graham, Amelie, 531 Graham, James. 105, 494 Graham, Joan, 535 Graham. Joel. 555 Graham. Mike. 122, 494 Graham. K.. 574 Graham, Robert, 122, 344 Grant, Gretchen, 152, 454, 538 Cratrix, Donald, 313 Grave, Bob, 406 Graves, John, 122. 300, 478 Graves, Roger, 349, 555 Cravett, Patti, 152, 453, 532 Gray, Allen, 169 Cray, Darby, 105, 335, 336, 338, 355, 564 Cray, James, 168 Gray, Larry, 565, 578 Cray. Mary, 152, 40S, 438, 539, 544 Cray, Mary V., 152. 442 Gray, Robert. 122. 400 Gray. Thomas, 349, 563 Creathouse. Janice. 152, 438 Grebe, William, 349 Green, Bill, 166. 167. 171, 470 Green, Daniel, 310, 312 Green, ley. 541 Green, Judy, 152. 396. 540 Green. Capt. L. B.. 73, 310 Green, Marilvnn, 105. 445 Green, Millicent. 372. 396, 525 Green, Mimi. 105, 445 Green, Ronald K., 76 Green, T. A., 572, 578 Green. Tom. 568 Greenberg. Justin. 105, 506 Greene. Thomas. 122 Greenfield. Ronald. 314. 575 Greenshields, Pamela, 152, 445, 466 Greenstone, Jim, 386 Greer, Jack, 399 Gregg. Lawrence. 136, 344, 501 Gregory. Elena, 122, 437 Gregory, Carry, 152 Gregory, Helen, 302 Gregory, O. L., 169 Gregory, Paul. 295 Greiner, Elizabeth. 538 Greiner, John. 91. 105. 338. 410 Gremm, Beverly, 152. 462, 542 Crethen. Charles. 169 Griffin. Chervl. 152. 542 Griffin. Daneille. 105, 437 Griffin. Doug, 105, 387, 412, 423, 425, 481 Griffin. John, 93 Griffin. Larry, 344 Griffin. Linda, 122. 461 Griffin. Mike. 122. 497 Griffin. Saralou. 93. 531 Griffin. Sidney, 569 Griffin. William H.. 290, 291. 576 Griffin. William L.. 376 Griffith. Brandon. 391. 423, 425 Griffitli. Jack. 421 Griffiths. Mary. 122. 531 Crimes. Donald. 349 Crisham. Cvnthia, 136, 257. 383, 402. 458 Crisham. Harold. 349. 564 Crisham. fim, 215. 270, 276. 278. 279, 376 Crissom. Bonnie, 537 Grissom, Mike, 152, 349, 360. 366. 561 Groom. Bruce, 169 Groom. Sandra. 152. 383. 442. 541 Groover. Barbara, 136, 465 Groshong. David, 349. 571 Gross, Mike, 152. 349. 486 Cross, Terry. 136, 446 Crothe. William, 122. 3S8, 414 Grove. Bill. 105. 312. 498 Grove, Bruce, 122. 494 Grove. Shirley. 105. 435. 445 Groves, iMarv, 105, 378. 383, 416, 457 Groves. Ronald. 572 Grub. David. 105, 313. 411. 423. 513, 554, 578 Crubbs, ludson, 338, 342 Cruber. Suzanne, 136. 301, 438 Grundy. Barbara. 83, 122, 442 Grunz, James. 122 Cryniewicz. John, 136. 505 Cuerry, Bill, 360. 559 Guffev. Janita, 122, 449 Guild. Marv. 152. 437. 542 Cuiou. Dorothy. 152. 372. 541 Cunning. Donald. 425 Cunning. R. Bovd. 76 Cnnter, Bobby, 96, 421 Guntcr, Vicki, 122, 225. 449 Curley. Dianne. 91. 122, 454 Gurnev, Marion, 136. 386, 574 Curren, Mike, 105, 481 Guthrie. Jack, 80 Gutierrez. Raymundo. .349. 558 Guv, Kathy, 122, 461 Cover, Dan, 421 Cwartney, Pat, 105 H Haakmeester, Ronalda, 152 Haas. Cathv. 136, 378, 454 Habeger. Charles. 554 Habernacher. Ursula, 136. 465 Hack. Sharon, 122 Hackabv. Robert, 167, 171 Harketl, Donald, 152, 349, 420, 564 Harketl. Paula, 133, 302. 372. 524 Haddad. Helen, 152. 538 ll.i.l.l.iM. ' niomas, 152. 323, 501 ll.i.l.liiiK. Marilyn. 389 lerry, 292, 293 ll.icl.l.i.k. John, 105, 490 II.i.l,l,.,k. Pom, 439 ll.idl.iri, Aliakbar, 105 Hadian, Mohamad. 391, 401, 405 Hadlev. Stephen. 344, 564 Hadvvlger, Bill, 169 Hagan, lessica, 122, 257, 302. 445 Hagan, Kirk, 291 Hagerman, Sue, 105 Hagg, Sandra, 136, 522 Hague, Richard, 152 Hahn, Beth, 152, 533 Hahn, Fred, 152, 485, 561 Haines, Sharon, 152, 408, 458, 536 Hale, Georgene, 412 Hale, S. G., 403 Hall, Craig, 122, 486 Hall, Ed, 136, 577 Hall, Ernest, .574 Hall, Judy, 122, 424, 453 Hall, Linda, 360, 538 Hall, Lvndol, 403, 407 Hall, Mike, 576 Hall, Ralph, 105, 374, 388, 423, 425 Hall, Kay, 96 Hall, Robert, 122 Hall, Wilburn, 105, 425, 486 Hallaq, Jawad, 122, 401, 404 Haller, Bob. 152. 501 Halley, Louis, 159 Hallock, Charlotte, 105, 367, 379, 402 Halloran, John, 314, 572 Hallstien. Samuel, 574 Hallum. Larry, 122, 493 Halper. Stephen, 344 Ham. William, 122, 386, 398, 423, 470 Hamblen, Josephine, 541 Hamblet. fillen, 122, 254, 548 Hambv, Susan, 105, 257, 402, 404, 453 Hamil, Annetta, 122 Hamilton, David, 105, 388, 408, 414. 423. 425 Hamilton, Donald. 418 Hamilton, Jay, .312, 315 Hamilton, Jimmie, 344, 576 Hamilton, John, 96 Hamilton, ludy, 544 Hamilton, Linda, 136, 437 Hamilton, Marilyn, 136, 461 Hamilton, Mike, 576 Hamilton, Pamela, 152, 541 Hamilton. Paul, 349, 426, 352 Hamilton, Ray, 169 Hamilton, Robert, 340, 557 Hamlin. Joe, 152, 494 Hamm. Ronald, 152. 360, 365, 556 Hamm, W. Dow, 390 Hamm, Wesley, 152, 349, 514 Hammer. Mike. 152, 373, 396, 566 Hammerback, John, 96 Hammert, Carl, 136, 311, 313, 569 Hammett, Connie, 152 Hammett. Jim. 136, 493 Hammond, Alic. 152, 437 Hammond. Bundy. 448 Hammond. Hobart. 136, 344, 505 Hammond, James, 325 Hammond, John, 272, 278, 344, 448 Hammond. Malcolm, 338 Hammond, Patricia, 105, 446 Hammonds, Helen, 541 Hammons. Paul, 105, 509 Hamor. Lilliam, 153, 450 Hampshire, Eddie, 314 Hampton, Alary, 136, 461 Hampton. Nancy, 302 Hamra. Sherian, 105,369,389,438 Hamrick. Shirley, 153, 535 Hance. Arlen, 570 Hancock. Rey, 369, 525 Haness. Richard. 349. 572 Haney, Caren, 153, 458. 534 Haney, Dick. 153. 512. 513 Haney. Donald, 353, 558, 572 Haney. Dwayne, 96, 412 Hanev. lim, 136, 344, 493 Hangs, Cathey, 136, 254. 367, 386, 541 Hankins, Janice. 539 Hanks, Julia, 122 Hanle. Arlen, 311,313, 578 Hanna, Jane. 543 Hansen. Cordon, 355 Hanska. Richard. 122 Hanson, Harland. 344 Hanson. Margie, 153, 535. 454 Hanson, Thomas, 136, 489 Harbison, Mary. 542 Hardbcrger. Kathryn, 153, 367, 446, 530 Harden, Darrell, 408 Harden, Larry, 518 Hardin, Bryan, 344, 372 Hardin, Charles, 421 Hardin. Thomas. 360 Hardwick, Bill, 153, 513 Hardwick, John, 122. 417, 490 Hare. Bruce, 105. 106, 485 Hariri, Bahman. 391 Harkcv, Michael. 426. 557 Harlan, Marv. 136. 386, 528 HaHow, Carolyn, 122 Harlow, James, 48 Hamian, Mike, 349 Harmon, Gary, 559 Harmon, Larry. 554 Harmon, Ron, 277. 278, 377, 577 Harmon. Tom, 577 Harms, Ruth, 105, 402. 404, 438 Harms. Tommy, 573 Harn, Patricia. 122. 378, 408, 438 Harned. Liz, 122. 454 Harp. Charles, 394, 398 Harper. Cyril, 573 Harper, Jeanne. 105. 379. 457, 541 I1an er, Laurette, 105, 379, 457, 541 Harrell, Hetty, 531 Harrell, Mike, 153, 558 Harrell, Terry. 13fi. 344, 477 Harriman, David, .360 Harrington. Sandra. 389 Harris, Barney, 360 Harris, Becky, 302 ,437 Harris, Betty, 122, 457 Harris, Clyde, 344 Harris, Douglas, 578 Harris, Elinor, 401, 404 Harris, Eugene, 344, 572 Harris, Gary, 153 Harris, Guy, 32 Harris, Mrs. Isla, 481 Harris, Capt. James, 318 Harris, James, 136, 494 Harris, James W., 122, 477 Harris, Janice, 122 Harris, Jim, 360 Harris, Mrs. John, 401 Harris, Joyce, 153, 530 Harris, Judy, 122, 227, 369, Harris, Loyd, 58, 389 Harris, Lynda, 153, 402, 426, 458, 530 Harris, Lvnda R., 105, 392, 404 Harris, Mary, 365 Harris, Orval, 122 Harris, Robert, 567 Harris, Roy, 91, 136 Harris, Shirley, 541 Harris, Susan, 105, 458, 535 Harris, Susie, 153, 437 Harris, Terry, 554 Harrison, C. Wade, 96, 509 Harrison, Don, 105, 340, 403, 490 Harrison, John, 470 Harrison, Leonard, 320 Harrison, Lewis, 574 Harrison, Michael, 122, 502 Harrison, Nancy, 542, 545 Harrison, Pat, 122, 461 Harrison, Philip, 105 Harrison, Richard, 349 Harrison, Roger, 136, 344, 509 Harrison, Stan, 169 Harrison. Tricia, 136, 353, 445 Harrod, Carol, 153, 533 Harrolle, Phillip, 136, 551, 560 Hart. Ben. 577 Hart. Blakie, 166. 461 Hart. Bob. 153, 478, 564 Hart, Carole, 122 Hart, Carter, 153, 567 Hart, Dean. 136. 300, 345, 478 Hart. Frank. 169 Hart, Jan. 153. 461 Hart, Mary, 480 Hart, T.. 573 Hartgraves, Claudette, 153, 453, 532 Hartin. Sharon, 122, 442 Hartley, Emilee, 136, 445 Hartman, Glenn, 105, 338, 342, 354 Hartman. Walter, 407 Hartzog, William, 553 Harvey, Amy, 528 Harvey, Jii Harvey, M mmie, 531 Harvey, Sue, 122. 454 Harvey, Susan, 122 Harvey, William, 136, 313, 505 Harville, Jerry, 340, 553 Hassebroek, Jerry, 153, 349, 420, 478, 565 Hassman, Gary, 284 Hastie, John, 167, 171, 578 Hastings, Milann, 153. 461, 536 Hastings. Rick. 372. 558 Haston. Harold, 360 Hasz. Thomas. 153, 489, 573 Hatcher, Carol, 391, 423 Hatcher, Leon, 387 Hatfield. Carl, 105. 338, 342, 573 Hathcock. Gary, 349, 558 Hathcock. Mary. 136, 438 Hatlev. Morris, 123, 498 Hatlev. Robert. 83, 123, 226, 553 Hattawav, David. 426, 563 Haubelt. Camelt, 313 Haug, Joe. 563 Haug, Judy. 378. 383, 535 Haug. Leonard. 266 Haug. Terry, 105, 364, 378. 383 Haupt. Hermann. 401, 415 Hauser, Jerry. 123 Hauser. Linda. 136. 525 Havens, Ronald. 360. 365 Havighurst. Lvnn, 123, 446 Hawkes, Red, 231, 425 Hawkins, Charles, 123, 513 Hawkins, Dianne, 105, 450 Hawkins. George. 280, 281. 345 Hawkins. Larry. 559 Hawkins. Requa. 105 Hawkins, Ronald, 153. 349. 568, 570 Hawks, Steven. 153. 365. 567 Hawks. Virginia, 123, 449 Haws, Jerrv, 105 Hawthorn. Claire. 123.522 Haxel, Dickie, 349, 576 Hayden. Jerrv, 577 Haven, Laurie, 153, 360, 364, 457, 529 Haves, Bill. 153 Hayes, David, 290 Haves. Jimmy, 169 Hayes, Skip. 136, 477 Hayhurst. Vicki. 412 Havnes. Carol, 153, 532 Haynes. Marvin. 153. 349, 577 Hays, Bobby. 168. 171 Hayward, David. 349 Head, Bernard. 106, .338, 342 Head, Jody, 123, 368, 424, 450 Head. Judy, 153. 450. 466 Healy, Susan, 1,53, 408, 461, 540 Hearn, De Forest, 349 Hearon, Tommy, 349, 577 Hebert, Gordon, 153 Hebisen, Nancy, 153, 437, 534 Hedrick. ChaHes, 106 Hefler, Harold, 106, 394, 425 592 SPECIALIZING IN DIFFERENT TYPES OF PORTRAITURE SUSAN YOUNG. Junior from Eufcmla Commercial and Portrait Photography " OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS 1964 SOONER YEARBOOK " University Studio 217 West Boyd Phone JE 4-2602 593 HcgKlund, Judith, 153, 408, 461. 5J4 Hcirabcctcr, Murray, 398 Ilciii. Doug, 153, 349, 478 Hcincra.iii. Tcrrv, 153, 349, 513 Hciuricli. Ktrniiic, 300 Hcinrichs, lessee. 398, 575 Ilelandcr. Ooiiald, 90 Hcldcnbrand. David. 1.53. 349. 47s Hellman, Samuel, 169 Helnibrcchl. Harold, 169 Helmricli, Wall, 31 Hchon. Jane, 123 Hclvcnsloii, Kalhv, 136. 525 Heniassi, Mahuiuud. 415 Hcinniv. ' iclor. 136. 311. 501 lleniphill. John. 1.53. 349. 47s Heuiri. Keiinelh, 335, .UB. 3:tS. 347 Henderson. .Alvin. 577 Henderson. Gordon, 385 Henderson, Jim. 106, 360, 364 Henderson. Jim. 123. 477 Herulerson. I.annv. 1.36. 513 Hrjidcrson. Richard. 153. 379. 490 Iltri lerson, .Susan. 1,53. 4,53. 532 Hcndereon. William. 123. 47.S lluidren. Cecelia. 105 llr.dren. fiarv. 123 llemirick, Palsv. 153. 304. 541 llcndrickson. Paul. 97 Hrnlev. Connie. 123. 453 Henline. Donald, 136. 313. 469 492. 493 Henncssce. Patrick, 290 Hennigan. Morna. 136 Henry. Ben. 370. 384. 3SS Henry. Francis. 12.3. 340 509 Henry. Dewitt. 414 Henry. Cwyn. 528 Henry. James. 569 Henry. Nlina. 123. 531 Henr . Peggy. 106. 229. 263. 403. 45,S Hcnsler. James. 10,5. 490 llensley. Carl. 123 Hinson. .Mice. 400 Henson. Jane. 524 Ilcnson. Alichael. 577 Hrnlhorn. .Ann. 123. 367. 531 Ibnlhorn. Janice. 153, 422. 450, .544 Henthorn. .Michael. 153 Herbert. David. 571 Herbert. Dr. H. H.. 15 Hcrbslreit. George. 153. 572 Heritage. Para. 106, 461 Heritage. Rebecca. 136. 461 Hermes. Frank. 91. 12 ' i Herdon. Carla. 153. 450 Ilerndon. Sandra. 97 Herndon. Sandra. 542 Herrman. Gary. 123. 513 Hcrshey, Oteka. 526 Hen. Larry. 136. 349, 505 Heryog. Buddy. 169 Hcsler. William. 136. 345, 50 ' ) Hester. .Monlell. 169 Hetherly. Capt. James. 334. 421 Hcwes. Bob. 298. 398. 552 Hewitt, Michael, 123,290,411.513 Hickerson. Tommy. 153, 349. 490. Hickman, Bruce, 136,345,360.501 Hickmon. Gary. 100. 383 Hickman. Jo. 153. 449. 525 Hicks, David, 136, 345, 469 474 Hirks, Janie, 123. 461 Hicks, Ken. 1.53. 478. 564 Hicks, Larr . 345 Hicks, Ruth, 136, 541 Hicrsche. . crry. 136. 345. 497 Higginbotbam. Cindy. 153. 431. Higgins. Carl. 153 [jiggins. Eddie. 143. 345. 490 Higgins, Krvin. 136 Higgins, William, 136. 345 High, Archie. 1.53 High. Jack. 106. 477 Highlowcr. LecRov. 106. 505 Milburn. Hugh. 123 [jilbiirn. Scott. 106. 312. 315. 486 llildebrant. Luther. 389 Hill, .Andrew. 340 Hill, Becky. 471 Hill. Bill. 106. 340. 353. 377. 577 HiM. Robert. 153, 278, 349. 494. Hili. Dale. 349, 372, 552 Hill. Don. 291 Ijill. (; yendolvn. 524 Hill. Howard. 340 Hill. James. 1,53,311. 314. 572 Hill. Joe, 349 Hill, Orion, 391 Hill, Carolyn, 123, 450 Hi . Thomas. 3.S5. 403 il. William. 123. .154. .155 485 Hilton. Joseph. 1,53 Hinchee. Elizabeth. 541 Hincks, Marilyn. 123. 548 l " " " 3 " .-,,K( ' 5 v. 123.398. 566 Hinds. Bill. 153. 383. 513 Mines. James. 169 Hines. John. 410 [lines. Ronnie. 153, 349, 511 500 llinlon. Franklin. 314 Hlrsh. Judy. 123 [lirzel. Jedrey, 153. 349 Hii el. Karen. 153. 449. 529 Hisev. Linda. 136. 422. 453 Hitchcock. Clifton. 137. 494 ■ lively. Rav. 345. .555 Hixon. Donald .106 jloag. Dr. Charles, 365 oag. Mrs. fiharles. 365 Hoan. Tran. 391 Hobbie. Richard. 153. 557 Hobhs. Douglas. lOG. 319. 485 Hobcii. Patricia, 97 Hobscni, Suzanne, 528 Hobscni, Calvin, 565 Hobson. Leslie. 372. 374. 524 IIockgr,ieIe. Ruth. 153, 445 Hodde, Bill, 123, 493 Hodtle. Susan, 137, 400, 461 Hoddei, Mark, 99 Hodgdun. Kenneth. 559 Hodges. Cyrus, 572 bulges, jav, 166, 169. 486 lodges, lim. 137. 349. 513 lodges. Karen. 153. 457. 52 594 Hodges, karcn. i.53. ' 4J7. ' 529 Hodges. Roy, 106, 320. 322, 32s 352 Ib.clns.iii, Kay, 167 II.hI ci. Ronald. 425 llueiiig. Blake, 417 lloll, Charles, 569 llolfman, Mark. 345 Ilogan. Barbara. 531 Hogan. Carilee. 123, 226, 234, 402, 424. 437 Hogan. .lack. 137. 345. 575 Hogan, Sharon, 1.17. 446 Hoggard. Robert. 574 llolienshclt. Johnnie. 320 lb. I.,,,,,:,. Jim, 123. 372, 574 lb.l..ii " l.. .lolin. 153.349. 561 llol.onib. ludv. 153. 453. 529 Holconib. NIal, 123. 387, 412 Holcomb. Mary. 496 llolden. Katv. 137 Holden. Lynda, 153, 422. 449 525 Holden. Virgil. 570 Holdge. Kathleen. 123. 548 llnll.uiicr. (ov. 153. 541 Ibill.i.lav. Ellen. 153 . Duane. 572 IbilLind. Dee. 137. 522. 545 IbilKiiul. George. 100. 501 Holland, [anet. 106. 449 Holland. Dr. C. Joe. 86. 410 Holland. Lonnie. 352. 563 Holland. Pamela. 153. 535 Holland. Tom. 412 Holland. Virginia. 137, 367, 446 Hollev. Stanley, 137 Hollevman, Mike, 137, 349, 477 Holliman, Nelda. 153 Hollis. Charles. 169 Holloman. Jim. 153. 230. 49,9. 518 Hollon. Dr. Eugene. 266 Hollowav, Corrine, 106. 531 Hollowav, .Joel. 389 Holloway, Judy. 106, 458 Hollowav, Tyco, 415 Holm, Kris, 153, 372, 503, 543 Holm, Sven, 285 Holman. |oy. 153. 533 Holmes. Hugh, 153, 349, 497. 558 Holmes. Jerry. 412 Holmes. Linda. 106 Holmes, Philip, 168 Holmes. Roger. 323. 571 Holshouser, Ted, 167 Holt, Chip, 153, 323, 564 Holt. Vic. 137. 345, 497 Holt. Walter, 153 Honea, Twila. 137. 453 Hood. Bob. 123. 478 Hood. Carolyn. 531 Hood. lohn. 169 Hood. Ralph. 168. 170 Hood. Robert. 345 Hooker. .Anne. 137. 386. 449 Hooker, Pain. 153. 454 Hooks. Jan. 5 38, 544 Hooks, Wallace. 169 Hooper, Guy, 389 Hooper. Robert. 123 Hooshang. Sepanloo. 405 Hoot. Phillip. 137. 345. 497 Hoover. David. 153. 497. 551. 567 Hoover. James. 153. 486 Hoover. Kay. 530. 544 Hope, Garland. 123, 340 Hope. Janet, 153. 151, 408, 461. 540 Hoplcins. Gary. 349. 563 Hopkins, Gay, 356, .157. 35S Hopkins, James, 123 Hopkins, Melinda. 137. 442 Hopkins, Patricia, 153. 449 Hop ' iins, William, 153, 485 Hopla. Richard, 419 Hopper, Delia, 410 Hopper, Gwendolyn, 153, 541 Hoppis, Jerry, 569 Horn, loe, 97 Horn, Ronnie, 577 Hornbeek, Ronald, 123. 293. 301 Horstnian. Preston. 123 Horton. Floyd. 123. 474 Hoilon. Leonard. 1.53, 314, 501, 563 Horton. Phil. 123. 340. 485 Honvedel. Jon. 106. 394. 398. 411. 423. 425. 517 Honvitz. .Alan. 123, 506, 507 Horwitz. Gary, 137, 506 Horwilz, Lesli, 153, 441 Hoskins, Gay, 137, 256, 437 Hosier, Karen, 123 llostetter. Patricia, 541 Hotaling. .Alan, 153. 222, 114 477, 566 Houchin, .John, 33 Houck, .Mary, 378, 418 Hough, Sandra. 370. 392 Houpc. .lames. 410 House. Joe. 569 HouscI, Barry, 380 " ™« ' v. Roger, 153, 349, 512. Houston, Linda, 153, 442, 539 Hove, Jack. 153. 494. 576 Hoivard. Carol, 538 Howard. Dallas, 106, 485 Howard. Jim, 83, 123, 423, 468 469, 493 ' . , , Howard, John, 93, 384 Howard, Mike, 82, 83, 84, 85, 123,411,493 Howaid. Robert. 106, 387, 482 Ibiwaiil. Sherry. 540 lb «e. Slg. Elmer, 318 Howell. James. 106. 379, 385 Howell. Jeri, 123 llouell, Raniona. 106. 409 531 Ibnvcll. Ronald. 106. 505 Soiidra. 37s. 531 llo«cnsliiie. Ralph. 419 Mower. Mac. 123, 486 Howerton, .Alan, 573 Howze, Lawrence, 154, 298, 149 478 Hoy. Dr. Harry. 266 Hoyler. James, 345 Hoyt, Martha, 106, 450 Hovt. Mont. I6S Hoyt. Polly. 461 Huang. Ving. 390 Hubbard. Joseph, 169 Hubbard. Roger, 137. 514 lliibb.uil. Ronnie. 154. 349 lliibhaid. William. 106. 469. 514 llubhcll. Claudette, 524 Hubble, Paul, 106, 302, 386, 397, 505 Huckabv. Robert. 166. 478 Huddleston, .Michael, 349 Hudson. Rav. 345 HiulsoTi. Joseph. 562 lluiisoM. Lvnn. 154. 422. 450 54 ' ' llinlson. .Michael. 555 Hull. Charles. lOfi. 4S9 HulTer. Donald, 349. 576 Huffine. Jim. 570 Huffman. .Andrea. 106 Huffman. Harold. 340 Huffman. Jerry, 389. 573 Huffman. Kenneth. 97 Huffmycr. Ruth. 154. 454. 466 543 Hughes. Anita. 527 Hughes, Carolyn, 392 Hughes, Gwen, 106, 449 Hughes, Jeanne, 123 Hughes, Joseph, 137, 370. 416 Hughes. Reggie. 168 Hughes. William. 170 Huglev. Nancy. 154. 527 Hugus. Wayne. 137. 572 Hull. Ann. 106. 450 Hull. Charles. 106. 403, 493 Hull, Judy, 154, 365 Hullet, Joseph, 106 Hulley, Stanley, 574 Hulme. Barbara. 154, 422. 450, 537 Hulme, Lurlene, 123, 369, 378, 547 Hulsey, Larry. 123. 298, 513 Hulsey. James, 349, 572 Hume. .Jerome, 320, 322 Humphrey. Joseph. 166. 167 IG9 Hundley. John. 106. 297 298 394. 403, 513 Hunekc, Dr. Harold. 266 Hunt. Julie. 366. 379 Hunt, Norman, 550 Hunt. Patricia. 154. 526 Hunt. Sharon. 137. 255. 449 Hunt, William, 345 Hunter, C. R.. 573 Hunter, James. 349. 561 Hunter. John. 123, 372 Hunter, Thomas. 167. 170 Huntington. R. L.. 388 Huntley. Louis, 137 Huntsman, Gene. 380 Huntsman. Pat, 3S0 Hurley. Phillip. 106, 486 Hurley. Robert. 123, 505, 555 Hurst. Donna. 106 Hurst. Fred. 154. 349. 569 Hurst, Jenna, 123, 437 Husen, Luiese. 406 Hiiser, William, 169 Huser, William D., 166, 509 Hustead, James, 400 Hulchens, Jay, 345. 556. 57S Hutchens. Terrell. 154 Hutchings. Andrea. 137. 405 Hutchinson, Bill. 452 Hutchinson, David, 349 Hutihinson, Jimmy, 313, 551 Hutlas. Edward. 123. 502 Hiitlon. Harold. 106 Hiill.ui. Jerry, 293 Hiillon. Xiarilyn, 378. 5.15 Hiitton. Mark, 360. 571 Hwang. Yeony, ,390 Hyatt, Margaret. 154. 302. 525 Hyde, Dana, 123, 230. 453 Hyde. James. 345 Hyde. Joseph. 345 Hvllon. Joseph. 349. 569 Inks. James, 379, 554 Inman, Marion, 285 Inman, Richard. 290, 389 lorio, Richard, 123, 470 lodj, .Adli, 405 Irwin, Scarlette, 369 Isaacs, Elmore, 3,S5 I.seminger. William. 137. 345 4SI Isom, Penny, 137, 228, 3,S6. 461 Ivener. Kent, 399 Ivener, Kirk, 399 Ivens, Mike. 137. 345. 494 Iverson. David. 345. 382 Ivester, Robert, 171 Ivy. Steve, 123, 482 r Ibach. W nn. 137. 349. 497 Ice. Carol. 154. 445. .531 Igc. Ralph. 566 Iniel. M.iibara. 137. 449 lines. Norman. 349 Ingle. John. 137. 345. 509 Ingels. William. 340 Ingham. Larry. 154. 349. 562 Inglis. Ann. l54. 458. 544 Ingrain. Earl. 106. 497 Ingram. Jim. 97. 470. 474 Ingrain. Leonard. 349. .155. 575 Ingram. Robert. 349. 335. 575 Ingram. Robert, 414, 426 Ingram, Susan. 123 Inhofc. Kaiolyn. 106, 450 Jackere, Alan, 566 Jackman, Patty, 496 .(acksun, Barbara. 154 Jackson. Dixie. 338. 342. 355. 393 .lackson. James. 577 .Jackson, James R., 349, 555 . ackson. Jack. 107. 214. 395. 489 Jackson, Lowell, 398 .Jackson, Robert. 137. 498 Jackson, Roderick. 574 Jac ' ison, Russell. 574 .Jackson. Stephanie. 420. 544 .Jacob, Bob, 107, 403, 490 Jackson, Tillman, 374 .Jacob, Carolyn. 123. 450 Jacobs, Dave, 169 Jacobs. Emma, 137. 464. 465 Jacobs, John, 154, 267. 349. 509 Jacobs, Kendall, 123, 461 .;acobs, Larry, 123. 289. 494. 576 . acobs, Nancy, 458 ,[acobs, Sara, 544 . ' acobson, Alice, 123, 462 . ' acobson. Ballard. 107. 257 462 Jacobson. Sandra, 154 5 ' )5 . acger, Rita, 154, 543 ■l ?. ' ;! ' ' - J " ly. 91. 123, 378. 547 . ' alili, Fnederika, 405 . ames, Bill, 107, 477 .lames. Bob, 267, 296 James, Daniel, 107, 498 James. Dennis, 107, 298 511 .lames, Donald. 107. 338 .lames, Johnny, 107 .James, Linda, 137, 383, 458 James, Mary, 365, 381, 531 James, Tom, 171, 168 .Jameson, Christina. 97. 412 .Jamjoon. Isam. 401, 404 ,Ian, Amin, 401 Jan, Mohammad, 97 Janel, Leo, 391 .lankowskv, Joel, 123, 469. 506 Jarinan. George, 107, 278. 376. 514. 577 Jarmon, Gary, 169, 296 Jannuth, Frank, 154, 298 349 552 .jarrctt, Sally, 137, 418, 522 .larvis, Patricia, 154, 383, 408, 446 .Jeffrey, Clay, 564 .Jeffries Charles, 137, 553, 349 .leffy, Allan, 137, 345, 510 .lejjo. Sami, 404 .lemison. Don, 169 .Jenkins. Alan, 154, 513, 567 Jenkins, Bob. 137. 489 .Jenkins. Elaine. 107 .Jenkins, Gene, 137, 290, 345. 491 .Jenkins. Michael,. 154. 349 551 .[enkms. Newell, 349, 426 559 " .Jenkins, Ton y, 349, 577 .Jennings, Alfred, 349, 567 .Icnnings, Barbara, 123, 52 ' ' Jennings, Mary, 541 .Jennings. Richard. 298. 552 .lenrich. Gail, 154, 542 .Jensen. Brian. 349. 572 .lentz. Gaylord. 399 Ictt. Orval, 166 .lett. Wayne, 169, 370. 374 4 ' )1 .loern, Albert, 137, 4,S5 .loers, Peter, 137. 514 John, Jimianne. 154. 408 44(i .John, James, 563 Johns, Lee, 123, 418, 534 Johnson, Artis. 168. 170 Johnson, Barbara, 365 Johnson, Robert, 412 .Johnson, Carol, 154, 404. 534 .Johnson. Carolyn. 137, 378. 383 531, 545 ■ ' ,Johnson, Ciassandra. 392 .Johnson, Maj, Charles. 318 .Johnson, Claudcan, 123, 453 Johnson, CMilhia, 137, 442 .lohnson. Dale. I6S Johnson. David. 154. 514, .559 .lohnson. Donald. 97 .Johnson. Edwin. 154. 513 lohnson. Elton. 169 .Johnson, Everett, 107, 370 406 415, 425, 494 ,Johnson. Faricll. 280, 281 283 Johnson. Floyd. 345 .lohnson. Frederick. 572 .Johnson. James. 107. 320. 477 . ohnson. Jim. 577 Johnson. John. 349 JohiiscMi. Judi, 123, 458, 530 .lohnson. Karen. 392 Johnson. Kenneth. 349. 420. 562 lolinsoii. Kenneth R., 168 Johnson. Lanny, 154, 209, 345, 490, 557 lohnson, Lairv, 560 Johns. 111. Laurence. 559 lolioson. 154. 424. 565 Johnson. Linda. 154. 451 .lohnson. Dr. Mark. .13 Johnson. Michael. 154 Johnson, Nita, 527 Johnson, Patricia, 154 527 .Johnson. Patsy, 154. 461. 534, 545 Jolinson, Phillip, 345 Jolinson. Prudy, 392 .Johnson, Richard, 137, 486 Johnson, Roger, 349 Johnson, Ronald, 123 Johnson. Allie, 107. 437 Johnson, Sam. 154. 505. 573 Johnson. Sandra, 154, 536 Johnson, Sandy, 124, 422. 454 Johnson, .Sevie, 154, 238, 450 Johnson, Terry. 576 Johnson, Thomas, 154, 559 Johnson. Tom, 154 Johnson, Vincent. 345 Johnston. Allan, 338, 342 Johnston. Brett. 137. 285. 576 Johnston, Buinie, 91, 107, 418 437 ' Johnston, Lawrence. 345 Johnston, Mary, 396 Johnston, Roger. 167. 171 lohnston. Rowell. 573 Johnston. Ted. 124. 345, 574 lohnstone. Robert. 137, 345 497 [ones. Alan, 154, 573 Jones. Ann, 154, 422, 449, 534 [ones, Anna. 154 [ones, Arthur. 349, 562 ' ones, Arvel, 529 Jones. Betty, 418 Tones, Bob, 277 ' ones, Carol, 107, 524 ' ones, Charlie. 394. 399, 407 [ones, Clarence. 379 .Jones, Coy, 345 Jones, Davev, 426 Jones. David. 107 . ones. .Joe. 137, 490 Jones, Doug, 577 ones. Earl. 313, 565 ' ones. F ' rank. 124, 486 ones, Ciary, 416 ones, Geneva, 303, 379 ones. Gerald. 107 ines, Comer, 267 ones. Henry, 154 ' ones. Jackie. 542 ones. Johnny. 264, 413 Jones. John. 154 Jones, Joseph, 349 Jones. Judith. 154 .Jones, Judy. 137. 461. 527 .Jones, Kenneth, 313, 565 .[ones. Larry. 124 Jones, Lewis, 154. 502, 518, 557 Jones, Lvndelle, 107. 252. 453 Jones. Mariellen. 107. 442 Jones. Mariia, 353, 550 Jones, Mellon. 154. 565 Jones. Michael. 154, 301 Jones. Mi ke. 556 Jones, Paul. 577 Jones, Richard, 167 .lones. Robert. 137 Jones. Robert M.. 107 Jones. Standlev. 107. 391 Jones. Stephanie. 107. 390 Tones. Stephen. 160. 169 .Jones. Vicki. 154. 458 .Jones. William, 169 .Jordan, Charles. 117. 490 Jordan. Pat. 124. 509 .Jordan. Tom. 349. 577 .Josephson, Susan, 107 .Joyce, David. 97 .Io ner. Sam, 169 Judd, Judy. 418 Judson. Charles. 107. 399 June, Michael. 314. 570 Junk, Mary. 107. 401, 449 Jurgerson, George, 114, 570 lusbie, Ronald, 570 Justice. Kaye. 154, 422. 449. 538 ■ Jutty. R. J.. 569 o K Kahan. Dr. Archie. 7S Kahan. Becky. 137. 441 Kahlcr. Ronald. 314 Kahn, jeri, 137, 462 Kahn, Joy. 107, 374. 441 Kahn. Richard. 107. 510 Kain. Donna. 154. 534 Kaiser, James. 280. 281. 282 Kaiser, Patsy. 107, 453 Kalil, John. 137, 493 Kallenbeiger, Paul, 137, 345, 566 Kallsnick. Richard. 137, 345 Kalman, Joan, 107, 301. 453 Kalnian. lulic, 107, 301, 402. 403. 4.53 Kalmes. Paul, 565 Kalsu, James, 349, 577 Kaniber. Janet. 124. 462 Kamp. Frank. 311. 314. 557 Kane. Linda, 137. 383, 541 Kanomata, James, 137, 353, 368, 387 Kapell. Sara, 154. 441. 539 Kaptejna, Ra lnoiid. 573 Karchmcr. Donald. 137. 510 Karlitskie. Frank. 154. 311. 314, 517. 569 Karn. |ini. 556 Karr. Bill. 154. 497. 500 Karr. Donna. 154, 541, 545 Kasmiersky. Dianiie. 154. 541 Kaspereit. Don. 107 Kasscbaiim. Car . 137, 561 Kassik. Ronald. 97 Kastcrke. Ethel. 137 ulio«ki. Linda. 124. 195, 437 K.iicoiiu. Iliiile. 154. 536 Kalz. Betsy. 540 Kan. Kenneth, 137. 561 Kaufman. Jim. 166. 169. 506 Kaufman. Kalherine, 366 ■ " NEW MSllC CARTONS pour like a pitcher Your favorite easy open- -pour spout in NEW PLASTIC! CONOR A-T ' - ' ' ' " ° ' ® 64 GRADS Oklahoma City Call CE 2-4261 Normon JE 6-0266 Shawnee BR 3-7978, El Reno AN 2-1229 In Norman Call JE 6-0266 i r SHOPPERS ' ,..-;_ , CHOICE! ND OIL CO. YOUR PHILLIPS DISTRIBUTOR 595 Kaufman, Robert. 124. . ' iOfi Kaufman. Tobcc. l. ' 4. 441. 4Btj, Kavi.h. Larn. l. ' 4, .149. 50li Kav. Toninn. 1.17 Ka«-, Knlurl. ;t4. ' i, 394 Kavi-, Kr l,iri. 107. SOB Kcalnv . Rchtrl, 137, 34.5, 497 Kcalc. Bob. 298. 34.?, 552 Kcaiiis, Robc-rl. .SSI. . ' 61 Kcarns, •Pboma. ' i, l. ' )4, 349, 50r KtaliiiR, Aiuhon . 1B9 K.a. K..bnc. 398 Kt■ •U• . .|iK-. 391 Kfilcv. IMiilip. 107. 417. .514 KcclfV. Mrs. R.ulical. 71 KciK. Uc. 313 Kcin. Paul, 297 KccSK. Nano, 154, 378. 420. 4(il. .5.)3 Kcrlcr. Kallicv. 123, 438 Kcfalas, lolin. 349 K.hii. CaiKb. I. ' 4. 441. . ' ■.3S Kcikr. Kr«l. 345 Krilli, ltobl». 2(i7 Keith. Harold. 2(i7 Knlli. Kalln. 124. 4.10 Kfitliltv. James. 34, ' i. . ' ;71 Kcili;. Ravinond. 88. 137. 345. 494 Kell. I ' llillp. 5.53 ktlUr. Jriiv. 566 KtMcr. Patricia. 97 Kcllri. Ricliard. 137. 345, 514 Keller. Robert. 154. 360 Kellel. bob. 403 Kellew LarrN. 8S. 107. 47S Kellcv. Pcarcc. 403 Kellei. Roiiald. 124. 489 KiIIoukI,. It..b. 107. 497 KilK. CtclFicv, 137, 474 KelK. MaiilMi. 543 Keih. Roger. 107. 572 KelK. Sbauii. 169 KelK. Stephen. 349 KelK. Stel)hen E.. 137. 419. 553 Kelsev. Hob. 154. 311,314, 420 Kelsev. R.n. 154 Keltller. l.eroi. 360. 572 Kemp. ( harles. 107 Kemp. .lohn. 107. 2SS. 289 Kenipe. Wilbur. 421 Keinpf. Hal. 319. 320. 329 Kenadi. Pal. 137. 486 Kendall. Charles. 349 Ken.lall. Ilanelle. 154. 445. 544 Kendall. Martha. 154. 541 Kendrick. Charles. 563 Kcnison. Chirs. 154. 497 Kenned . Heth. 124. 4fil Kennedy, fibuik. 124. 513 Kennedx. Edd. 107 Kenneth. Edward. 425 Keiiiiedv. Mike. 154. 385. 481 Keniied . Neal. 553 KenneiU. Noah. 107. 320. 505 Keiinedv. Sj;!. Paul. 3,-)5 Kenned,. iia. 124. 369, 454 Kennetner. Anita, 137 Kenncnier, N ' ietor, .345, .557 Kent. Ann. 14, 137, 217, 253, 258. 400, 461 Kenl, lieverlv. 107. 402 Kent. Pamela. 154. 538 Keiitiui. Ka . 88. 124. 302. 458 K,in..n. Ruhaid. 124. 505 Keoun. William. 4! I Kepiier. I)aiin . 137. 419. 482 Kepiier. Kenneth. 349 Keru. John. 293 Keiriek. Ceorse. 107, 403, 513 Kernke. Jo.eph. 137. 345. 494 Kerr. .Viibai. 167. 169 Ken. lien. 124. 509 Kerr. Bill. 403 Kerr. Janet. 85. 154. 454 Kerr. John. 167. 171 Kerr. Prudence. 151. 458. 5.33 Kerr. Riebard. 154. 505 Kerr. Stephen. 345 Kershau. Joan. 107. 404. 446 Keselman. Hariev. 154. 349. 473 Kessler, .Mrs. Ardyce, 3.15 Ketcham. Anne. 154. 302, 378. 383. 457 Kctchum. Janet. 82. 83. 124. 422. 424. 449 Kctthum. )ndv. 83. 124. 400. 424. 449 l etoneii. Joel. 154. 349. 481 Keiitzer. Freda. 392 Keutzet, Ruth, 392 Kev. f;liarles, 124 Kev, Hugh, 378 Key, Martha. 137. 367. 461 Key. Sallie. 378 Keys. Tony. 559 Kharma. Maurice. 124, 401. 404 Khasou. Julie, 392 Khaslnni. jiilianna. 404 Kliasliou. Nabcch. 404 Kliemlani, Moti, 401. 405 Ki.kinKbird. Kirke. 124. 215, 345. 410. 552 Kidd. Carolyn. 154. 360. 538 Kidd. Robert. 107. 360, 365, 452, 477 Kicnzic, Nanev, 107, 450 Kic.scy%cttcr, Nlitliael. 349 Kifer, Charles, 137, 572 Kiker, Barbara, 154, 453. 54 1 Kites, Rosemary. 315 Kilnore. Donna. 154, 442, 540 Kilgore. Calyin. 124, 360, 362, 364, 562 Kill, Joe, 154, 505 Killian, Linda, 91, 124, 372,395, 401, 4IS, 424. 531 KillinKsyvorth, Cicorgc, 124, 340, 505 Killmcr, Susan, 406 Kilpatritk, Gary, 137, 345. Il ' l Kitpalri -k, Jeanne. 474 Kim. C;honR. 97 Kimball. Paul. 107. 486 Kimbark. 137. 367. 524 KimberlillB. Andy. 124. 298. Ill Kimbiell. IJnda. 544 Kimerer. Susan. 137. 442 Kininiel. Pat. 137. 445 Kiminel. Sh.irnn. 537 kinisev. Dunne. 154. 454. 538 Kiii.aid. lohn. 124 Kindle,. Donald. 577 kiiiK. AUene. 137. 405. 457 KiiiK. Carol, 124. 536 Kiiic Donn. 289. 576 KiuK. Cary, 349 KiiiR, (ieorge. 563 King. Jay. 154. 349. 577 King. Judith. 107 King. Kathy. 154. 408. 437, 527 King, Kav, 523 King, Mary. 154. 408. 418, .5.10 KiiiK. Rodger. 313. 560 King. Roger. 124 King. Sharon. 124. 379 King. Thomas. 349. .571 Kingelin. George. 406 Kinkade. Holly. 155. 397. 461 Kinnan. Pamela. 107. 256, 458 Kinnear, 1-inda. 544 Kinnebrew. lames. 107. 263. .135, 337. 338. ' 354, 385, 411, 413, 47S Kinslow. John. 168. 171 Kirbv, lacriuelvn, 539 Kireh. lailcne. 107, 442 Kirclincr. Marsha. 531 Kirk. Treddy. 155 Kiik. lames. 107 Knk. lames W.. 394 Kiikharn. Rodney. 124. 494 Kirkhart. Bobbie. 124. 528 Kir ' cpatriek. Carolyn. 107. 528 Kirkpatrick. James. 349 Kirkpatrick. Ronald. 155. 349. 562 Kirsch. Mickey. 155. 441. 535 Kirton. John. 137, 228. 395. 419. 447. 478 Kissick. John. 88, 107. 338. 399, 486 Kitchens, Terry, 571 Kite. Martha. 372. 542 KlalFke. Keith. 320 KKiker. William. 412 Klein. Allan. 124. 510 Kleinan. (,ary. 137. 345. 4S9 Klepper. Wanda. 107 Kliewer. Kathrvn. 402 Kline. Pat, 124. 541 Kline. Steve. 124. 293. 490. 577 Khitts. Kay. 124. 445 knapp. Lynn. 124. 438 kiijpp. Richard. 155. 570 Kii.nHll. Ediiardo. 401. 564 kiiiKhl. Harold. 559 kiiijihl. Howard. 578 kMiglil. lames. 319. 320 knight. lohu. 137, 498 knight. Wade. 137. 345. 419, 573 knightley, John. 137. 551. 556 Knott, Karen, 232 Knotts. Tom, 518, 563 Knox. Carol. 523 Knox. Debbie. 155. 441, 530 Knox, Rawdon. 155, 497. 561 Kobdisli. Richard. 124. 209, 340. 494 Kobvlu k. John, 563 Kocli. Joan. 97 Kochman. Kenneth. .145 Koenig. Ralph. I3S. 493 Knffman. Max. 97. 421 Kolker. Betty. 392 Koo, Chi. 390 Koohvar. Ameer, 388. 405 knohvar. Babak, 405 koohvar. Mary am. 405 kooiis. )av. 155. 349. 513 Koop. Gene. 155. 569 Kopelson, Allen, 124, 506 Korn, Donna, 138, 372 Korr, Bill. 560 Korytko. Stepban, 574 Kotila. Diana, 412 Koiigli, Kalherine, 155, 446, 525 Kourt, Warren. 82, S3. lOS. 264. 406, 411, 506 Korak. Ronald. 108, 482 Kozoved, Lawrence, 124. .)70. 416. 423. 425 Kraetlli. Emil. 33 Kraft. Anne. 155, 458. 533 Kraft. Candace. 124 Krainert. Jon. 57.1 Kramer. Donald, 360. 363. 364 Kramer. C.aland. 297 Kramer. Marshall, 108, 395, 403, 506 Krandel, Kenneth, 124 Kranker. Peter, 1.18, 345. 505 Kranz. Harold, 138, 222, 477 Krasnow, Michael, 93, 399 Krasnow, Robert, 108. 506 Kratochvil. Linda. 124 Krause, Robert. .114. 570 Krispinskv. Dennis, .145 Kroger, Karl, 124, 497 Kropp, Richard, 138, 345, 383, 567 Krucgcr, Larrv, 138, 313. 470 Krug. Lawrence. 155. 314. 473 Kriils. Elaine. 138. 457 Krummel. John. 155. 485. 560 Kruskv. Donald. 384. 414 Krutsiiiger. Jackie, 301. 424 Kubiak. Dan. 124. 501 Kubiak. Jim. 152, 155, 349, 501 Kucholt , Ion, 563 Kuehner, Warren, 138, 560 Kiihlman, Karl. 403, 414 kiihlman, Larrv, 124, 391, 574 Kiihlmann, [im. 575 Kulp, ictor, 124. 340. 501 kuminings, " illiam. 557 kiiiikel. Roberta. 155, 438, 531 kiinsemullcr, Carvl, 155, 422 kno. Ding, 390 kiipka. Kave. 108. 458 Kiiiek, Adolph, 97 kiiiek, Edwin. 155, 486, 559 Ktirk. ' alerie. 526 Kiiilender. Anita. 523 Kurtz. David. 384 Kurtz. Edward. 108. 486 Kii.sch, Gary. 138 Kntler. Barbara. 155. 462. 463. 534 Kvlc. Judy. 124. 457 Kyle. Robert. 574 kvser. Kathv. 418. 529 Kvtie. Connie. 136. 461 LaDrew. Clilford. 124 LaGere. William. 155. 349. 497 LaMonte. Sam. 108. 497 Laber. Karen. 155. 531 Lackey. Woody. 155. 513. 533 Lacquement. Richard. 570 Lacv. Eugene. LIS. 352. 386. 560. 576 Ladd. Richard. 345 Laffins, Bonnie, 108, 457 Lain. James. 570 Laird. William, 414 Lake. Jane. 155, 461 Lam. Bill. 2S5. 286, 576 Lamb. Charles, 561 Lamb. Jim. 138. 509 Lamb, Laverne, 155, 540 Lambert, lack. 491 Lambert, Steve, 108. 384. 388, 423 Lampton, David, 124, 497 Lancaster. Ronald. 338. 353. 355 Lance. James. 412 Land. Patricia. 124. 547 Land. Robert. 124. 509 Lander. Ann. 91. 124. 396. 4( 5 Landers. Gwendolyn. 155. 539 Landers. James. 138. 345. 514 Landes. Sharon. LIS. 524 Landholt. William. 349 Landler. Jorge. 155. 427. 575 Landoii. John. 155. 349 Laiidritb. Paula. 155. 420, 458, 527 Laiidsaw. James. 138. 514 Landsberger. Killiam. 108 Lane. Bonnie. 124. 378, 389. 531 Lane. Chuck. LIS, 345, 497 Lane. Glenn. 298. 349. 552 Lane. LaDonna. 155, 511 Lane, Mona, 124, 522 Lane. Nacl. 97. 474 Laiiev. James. .153 Laney. Susan, 154, 360, 364. 536 Lang, lulianna. 155. 437. 542 Lang. Lynda. 108. 450 Lang. Mary. 138, 422. 526 Laiigdoii. Virginia. 524 Langfoid. Richard. 345. 565 l.aTigham. Delbcrt. 349 Laiigvvnrthy. Marten, 124. 509 Lamer, Marv. 155 Lapara. Anthony. 155. 349. .153. 474 Lapharn. Roger. 415 Largent. Myra. 155. 462. 5)4 Largent. Marilyn, 108. 453 Larson. C.arolvn. 108 Lary. Berton. 155. 575 Lasota. Carolyn. 155 Lass. Jimmie. 155. 349. 5111 Lassiter, James. 349. 379 Latham. Mark. 295. 377. 403. 576 Latimer. Joe. I3S. 298. 345. 513 Latimer. Rushclla. 108. 385. 524 Latta. Jerry. LIS. 345. 469. 485 Laub. Thomas, LIS, 498 Laudato. .Anthony. 345 Lauderdale. Charles, 108. 388. 425 Lauderdale. Mike. 383 Laulfer. Franz, 349. 573 Laugenour. Sandra. 155. 458, 538 Laiigliliii. Linda. 155, 458. 542 Lavell. Linda, I OS. 231. 264, 409, 53 I Lawale. John. 401 Lawhorn. Jerry. 124 Lawrence. Don. 423. 565. 57S Lavvrente, Homer. 338 Lawrence. Joseph. .114. 555 Lawrence, koy. 360. 362, 363, 365 Lawrence, Scott. 155. 47S Lawrence. Thomas, 138. 490 Lawson. Bobby. 108 Lavvson. Joanne. 155. 457. 540 Law ' ton, Dr. Sherman. 65 Law-ton. Sherman, 299 Lawton. Sieve, 71. 108. 225. 263, 299. 335, .136, 338, 354, 413. 47S Layman. Durlan, 323 Lavlon, Donnie, 416 Lazarczyk, Gerald, 108. 312, 39S IxBus, George, 108 LcBlanc. Pamela, 155, 465 I,cCrone, Ruddy, 345 LeCronc, Daniel, 297 LeCrone. Harold, 97, 497 LeCronc. Sally. 390 LcFavmii. John. lOS, 385 LeMoniei. 1)onalil, 345 Leach, Walt, 399 Leachman, Clara. .192 Leader, Ronald, 155, 498 Leakey. Steven, 124, 353, 563, 57S Leakey. Wade. 567 Lean. Diane, 526 Leavell, Lucky. 155, 573 l.elio. Kent. 567 Ledlutter. Sharon, 155, 422, 453, 544 Lederman. Franklin. 1.55. 349 Ledford. Alvie. 565 Udford. Jean, 97. 412 Ledgerwood. Naiinoe. 155. 536 Lee. Doral. 108 Lee. Dorothv, 418 Lee, Edward, 390 Lee. Hong. 124. 311. 313, 427 Lee, Jacqueline. 155. 353, 401, 536 Lee. Jim. 155. 514. 577 U ' e. John. 345 Lee. Larry. 412 Lee. Roberl I3S. 494 Lee. Roger. 166. 169 Ronnv. 138, 323. 557. 573 Lee. Soon. .166 Lee. Suzanne. 108 Lee. Waller. LIS Lee. Wanda. 155. 525 Leeder. James. 349 Uek. Leonard. 138. 345. 505 Leilel. Linda. 226. 529. 544 Lehnian. Lee. 124 Lehmann. Frone. 367. 528 Ijeibovvilz, Leslie, 97. 473 Leibs. Janie, 155. 462. 529 Leightv. Flovd. 416. 574 Lenime, Peg. 82. S3. 124. 424. 461 Lemon, Larrv. LIS. 501 Lenhardt. Wilfieid. 556 Leonard. Timothy. 166. 168. 171. 47S Leopold. Ronald. 573 Lepnistat, Peter. I3S. 345. 510 Lerhlance. Peiui. 166. 169, 493 Lernei. Barbara. 440 Lester. Jim. 155. 349. 478. 479 Lester. ' Fliomas. 572 Letukas. Beverly. 522 Lcuthold. Kav. 155. 453. 533 Leiitvviler. James. 345 Levi. Davitl. 349 Levin. Gail. 124. 441 Levin. Jeriv. 108. 506 Levin, khoda. 138. 255. 441 Levinson. David, 155, 349. 510. 558 Levisee. Jerry . 312 Ix ' vitan. Howard. 124. 473 Levitt. Cindy. 473 Levy, ( oriiine. 506 Levy, Danielle. 91 Levy. Steven. 124. 345, 506 Levvelleii, Linda. 155. 446 Lewinsohn. Jamie. 108. 458 Lewis. Barbara. 155, 301. 437, 525 Lewis. David. 155. 485, 569 Lewis. Dealra. 155. 442 Lew is. Dee, 5.13 Lewis, Don, 573 Lewis, Jack, 554 Lewis, Mary, 374 Lewis, Mike, 108. 338, 493 Lewis, Robert. 345 Leverle, 155, 527 Li Alfred. Yu, 3.90 Li. Kan, 390 Liaw, Bocn. 390 Lieb. Beth, 124, 454 Liebert, Linda. 155. 534. 545 Liedeker. Jerry. 155. 506. 555 Light. Gary, 138. 553 Lightfoot. (:erelda. 138, 523 Ligon, Bill, lOS, 49S Likes, Keith. 108 Liles, Donald. 169 Lillard, Frank. 155. 349, 498 Lillard, Linda, lOS, 257. 458 Lillard, Marv, 138, 458 Lilleuberg. Kent, 108. 49S Liming. Mary. 124. 437 Lin, Chii, 390 Lin. Dr. Chun. 416 Lin. Frank, 390 Lin. Kwan. 390 Lin. Magdelen. 390 Lin. Tzu. 390 Lin. Ii. Maiion. 412 Liiid. kennelh. 155. 565 Linileii. Ronald. 124 LiniUev, Chervl. 124, 250 Lindsay. Tom. 576 Linilsev. llaibara. 155. 379 l.intlsey. Browning. 554 Lindsev. Cliailes. 108, 414 Linilsev. David. 345 Linilsey, 108. 461 Lindsey, Jane. 155. 445. 535 Lindsev, Jim. 108, 311. 312. 315. 509 Lindsev, Lenore, 155, 379. 418. 540 Lindsey. Tommv. 108. 293. 303 Lines. Peggv. I3S. 442 Ling. Unci. .190. 394 Lingle. How man. 393 Lillirlle. Heveilv. 541 Link. Beverly. lOS. 392. 402 Linn. Rick, 155, 314, 494, 556 Liiiville, Beverly, 155, 437 l.inville, Lloyd, 83, 124, 395, 398, 509 Lipc-. Billy, 298 Lijx ' , Casper, 349 I ipscomb. Mary, 125, 449 Lipstet, Robert, 125. 506 Lisi, Evangelina, 125, 401 Lisi, Liilgi, 97, 401 List. Roberl. .111. 314. 571 Listen, Barbie, LIS, 245, 446, Larry, 155 l.iiull. liiett. 155, 509, 563 Little, Herman, 94, 138, 313, 493 Little, John, 125, 501 Little, Judy, 125 Little. Michael, 169 Little. Quinlon, 33 Little, William. 166, 168 Littlefield, Wayne, 125, 514 Littlcfield, Patty, 156. 543 Littleton, Carol. 365 Litton. Thomas. 558 Lively, Mary, 125, 424. 449 I ivermon. William. 345 Livermore. Ed, 91. 138, 345. 410. 486 Livezev. Dr. William. 34, 44 Living.ston. Alan, 138, 345, 506 Livingston, Gene, 168 Livingston, Sue, 125, 449 Lloyd, Delores, 138, 226. 386. 529 Lloyd. Margaret. 138. 544 Lobaugh. Stephen. 125, 340, 490 ' Loch, Alan, 138, 311, 313, 570 Locke. Linda. 367. 426. 531 Lockett. Bill. 156. 211. 349. 391, 497 Lockett. Linda. 414 Lockwood. Richard. 108. 574 Loeber. Olga. 156. 461 LoeHler. Walter. 138. 513 Loewenstern. .Suzi. 1.18. 441, 543 Lofaro. Linda. 542 Lonin. Charles. 319, 320 Logan. Barbara. 156. 539 f.ogaii. Guv. 156, 360, 365 Logan. Lilian. 91. 10. !. 453 Logan. William. 313 Loll. Laiia. 156. 5.13 Lollman. Joseph. LIS. 399 Lombardi. ( ' harles. 522 Londa. Margaret. 156. 441 London. Bruce. 156. 160. 349. 501 Long. Carolyn. 138. 418 I-ong, C ' harles, 77 Long, Larry, 156. 559 Long. Larry G.. 360. 365 Long. Mitchell. 345. 556 Long. Russaiin. 125. 457 Longest. Beth. 125. 542 Longfellow. John. 138. 365. 477 Looney. Becky. 156. 417. 525 Looiiev. Carole. 125. 461 Loonev. CJinger. 138. 374. 528 Looiiev . loe. 215. 271 Loonev. Robert. 156. 349. 497. 5 IS. 554 Loopei. Ciarrv. .149. 576 Lord. Mark. 561 Lorentzcn. Deana. ,102 Lorenz. Charla. 108. 526 Lorrigan. Elizabeth, 392 I rrigan, Monte. 125. 387 Lott. Quitman, 408 _ Lottinville, Savoie, 72 Love. Christopher. I OS. 48 1 Love, Jack, 168. 171 Love. Linda. 108, 458 I ovc, Marv, 156, 458 Love, Vicvki. 156. 420, 461, 5.15 Loveday. Leonard. 311. 313 Lovelace. 156. 445 Lovelace. George. 138. .145. 505 Lovelace. Judith. 253 Lovelace. Virgil. 108, 489 Lovell. Warner, 345. 571 Lovering, Janet. 138, 451 Lovin, Claxton. 138, 509 Lovin, Vicki, 156. 454. 540 Loving. Wayne. 108. 414. 493 Lovvder. Don. 561 lewder, James. 350. 574 Lowe. Pam. 475, 534 Lowell, Percival, 138 Lower, Steve, .150. 381 Lowrey. Robert. 138. 345. 564 Lowrv, Dick, ,145 Lowry, 138, 531 Lowrv, Joe, 108. 501 Lovd, Leslie, 156, 453. 534 . Lubel, Michael, 125, 510 Lucas, Jane, 108, 446 Lucas, Larrv, 166. 167. 171, 490 Lucas, Sally, 435 Lucas, Tommy, 166, 167, 171 Luccock. Philip. 350. 355 Ludwick. Dave, 156, 350, 477 Ludwig, Karen. 138. 254, 453, 522 Lukenbill, Willis. 97 Liinsford. Yvonne. 156. 541 Luper, Barbie, 125, 547 Luper, Calvin. 383 Luper, Clara, 2.13 Luper. Marilyn. 381 Luster. Dewey. 297 Luttrell. Barbara, 108 Luttrell, Marsha, 156. 446. 449. 537 Lutz. Edward. 138. 345. 505 Lutz. Philliii. 108. 497 Lvboh. Judy. LIS. 453 Lule. David. 138. 553 Lvle. Douglas. 125. 481 Lvles. Paul. 108 Lynch. Anne. 381 Lynn. James. 125. 389. 505 Lvnn. John. 156. 350. 478, 565 Lvnu, I.uetla, 402 Lvnn, Nancy. 08. 458 Lynn, Sally, 473 Lyon, Chuck, 138, 345, 509 M Mabe, Hugh. 156. .150. 497 Mabrev. Carlisle. 138. 478 MacDonald. Col. Daniel. 3.14 Ma.Donald. Gail. 138. 435. 457 Ma, Fccbies. Richard. 97 Maiaulav. Malcolm, 345, 560 Mach, Robert, 108 Macbeii, Jimmy, 390 Madden, " Douglas, 156 Maddox, Kenneth, 156. 350. 379, 426, 485 596 Portraits of Distinction by Tacy T. Yamagishi Graduate, University of Fine Arts Uyeno, Tokyo, Japan ACY Residence Studio LINDA LEE Graduate from Oklahoma City 3721 Classen Blvd. OKLAHOMA CITY Phone ]A 8-5156 a lesson in good business Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 597 Maddux, Ictr). 166, 169, 505 .Maddux, ilicliacl, 138, 514 .Nladisoii, Cliristian, 571 Madson. Bill, 125, 426, 558 Magatiti, Frances, 412 Magers, John, 156, 564 Magid, Gar ' , 145 Magness, Bill, 350 Magncss, Gary, 156, 414 Maguin, Alan, 571 Macot, Robcrl, 401 Malian, Linda, 156 Mahancy, James, 108, 399, 414 Mahoncy, Josepii, 108, 478 Mahoney, Alike, 280, 345, 376, 577 Alain, Joseph, 108 Main, Ronald, 108, 311, 312, 383 Majors, Bill. 138, 490 Malcolm. Bonnie. 156. 531 Malear. Ronald, 350, 567 Malcville, Pamela, 108. 416, 457 Mallonee, Michael, 359, 573 Mallor . Bob. 156, 350, 513 Malone, Patricia, 125, 547 Malov, David. 138, 360, 364 Malov, Edwin, 156, 350, 420. 513, 561 Malll.v. Elizahclh. 390 Mallln. Linda, 125, 257, 446 Maltbv. Mary. 138. 446, 447 .Malurney. .Xndy, 319 Mancini. Henry, 84 Mancini, Vincent. 109 Mandel, T.imv. 138, 301, 303, 441 Maney. Kalhv, 109. 369, 449 Mangelsen. Nomian, 408 Mangini. David, 138, 489 Mangoengoeooemo. R., 406 Mangum. John, 138, 505 Mann, Barbara, 526 Mann, Sieve, 125. 340, 497 Mann, .Susan. 156. 441. 538 Mann. Wilfred. 125, 313, 498 Mannas. Paul. 138, 490 Manning. Doug. 156, 350, 494, 571 Manning. E. T., 109. 509 Manning, lames. 571 Manning. Sallv. 109 Manring. |im. 156, 513 Mansur. lohn. 398 Mansur. Larrv. 109. 370. 388. 408. 414. 423. 425 Mansur. Marlha. 392 Mao. Chamrong. 562 Maples. Mike. 83. 109. 260. 262. 335. 337. 338, 345, .354. 370. 380. 398, 411, 413, 423, 469. 513 Maples. Palrick, 138. 513 Maraqa. . bdel. 404. 421 MaraWch. John. 156. 3. ' ;0. 509 Marchc-ssault. Xrtluir. 345 Marchessault. Marv. 156. 527 Marcum. Gordon. 109. 336. 338, 339, 343. 345, 358, 417. 509 Marcum. Marilyn. 109, 450 Marcus. JefTrey, 156 Marcv, Robert. 109. 399, 414 Marek. Margaret. 156, 422, 458 Margolies. Larrv. 156. 473. 556 Maricle. Kenneth. 156. 486, 556 Marion. William. 97, 502 Martley. John. 289. 403 Markowskv. Simon, 345 Marks. lanet. 138 Marks. RaeDell. 125.523 Markum. Todd. 168. 560. 578 Markwardt. William. 138, 470 Marler. Bruce. 138. 345 Marlev. Edmond. 394, 398 Marlow. Marlinda. 225 Marmoralc. Vincent. 570 Marrclla. Leonard. 394 Marsee. Bobby. 329 Marsee. lack, 125. 494. 575. 578 Marsh. Billic. 109. 435. 457 Marsh. Carol. 138. 442 Marsh. Mike. 281 Marshall. Anne. 88. 135. 1.38, 367, 378. 386. 450 Marshall. Karen, 138, 378, 383, ,392, 442 Marshall. Palli. 386 Marshall, Robert. 167, 383 Marshall. Sheila. 156. 406. 542 Mar Iiall, Susan. 550 Marshall. Tommy. 109 Martens. lohn. 170 Martin. Carl, 379 Martin. David. 574 .Martin. Doug. 156. 293, 314, 514, 563 Martin. M. Dong. 125. 478. 576 Martin, Gail, 156, 453 Gartin, Glenda, 109, .379 Martin. Gloria. 125. 453 Martin. lack. 389 Martin. James C. 138, 345, 350, 509 Martin, lames T.. 338 Martin. lim. 138, 232. 502 Martin. Janel, 138. 531 Martin, .limmy, 138 Martin, lohn, 156, 514 Martin. Karen. 138. 522 Martin. Larry. 125. 505 Martin. Luster. 125. .301. 498 Martin, Merlin, 156, 350, 489, 573 Martin, Micky, 169 Martin, Nancy, 525, 544 Martin. Paul. 230 Martin, Paula. 83. 109. 230. 453 Martin, Robert. 138. 323, 485 Martin. Ronald, 125 Martin, Sabra, 404 Martin, Sandra, 5.34 Martin, Sherry, 156, 454, 532 Martin, Suzanne, 138, 461 598 .Martin. Taini, 138, 442 .Martin. Thomas, 5.59 Martin. William. 156. 350. 477 Martin. William. 156, 350 Marlinskv. |ohn. 125. 513 Marvel. Jini. 125. 575 Maryott, .Mardclc. 365 .Maivan, Douglas, 156 Mai-zolino, Phillip, 138, 325, 559 Mashburn, Joseph, 138, 288, 289, 576 Masinton, Richard, 109 M.ason, Charles, 139, 311, 313, 575 Mason, Jo, 530 Mason. loe. 139. 345, 485 Mason, Leslie. 576 Mason. Marihn. 109 Mason. Pain. 139. 225, 445. 466 Miison. Pal. 109. 449 Mason. Randall. 426. 572 Mason. Robert. 125, 345. 560 Massad. Wavne. 125. .338. 494 Massey, David. 156. 350, 494 Massey, Ed. 106. 403 Masters, Jerry, 125, 489 Masters, Richard, 360 Masterson. Ann. 136, 301, 442. 544 Mathias. Michael. 139, 345, 561 Mathics, Wharton. 32 Mathis, l)r. Russell. 366 Matkin. Shari. 125. 437 MatkoH. Susan. 156. 462. 543 Matson, Don, 285 Matson, Susan, 156, 544 NIatteson, Lynn, 156, 438 Mattcson, Richard, 416 Matthews. 109 Matthews, Kathleen, 109. 402 Mattinglv, Jack, 125, 340, 355, 574 Maughan. Dale, 156 Maughan. Paula. 156 Mauldin. Joclla, 109, 523 Maunev. Nick. 156. 350. 501. 560 Maxev, ' Dick, 280. 281. 283, 376, 403, 577 Maxwell, James. 169 Maxwell, kent. 139. 477 Maxwell. Marihn. 531 Maxwell. Thomas. 303, 571 Maxwell. Tomm . 577 May. Dcanne. 543 May. Pete, 125 May. Michael, 443 Mayberry, Byron, 325 Maybery. Jackie, 156, 527 Mayer, Charles, 574 Maver, Pat. 139, 442. 443 Mayer. Steven. 125, 440, 510 Mayes. lohn. 225 Mayes. Nancy, 225 Mayes. Veldinc, 541 Mayfield, J. C, 343 Mavfield, James, 156, 505 Mavfield. Jeanne. 109. 437 Mavfreld. William. 109 Mavhail. Carl, 125. 340, 354, 509 Mavhall. Ray, 350 Mavhue. Charles. 278. 377 Mavo, Andrea. 125. 396, 445 Mavo, Jim. 91. 109. 384. 410. 498 Mays. John. 109. 410. 502 Mavyasi. Adil. 412 Mazzie. Joe. 109. 505 Mc.Adams, Carl. 278. 577 McAdams. Michael. 350. 576 McAdams, Robbie. 109. 400. 449 McAlister. Gwendolyn. 169 McAlister, Joe, 109. 385 McAlister, Kcron. 125. 522 McAlister, Linda, 139, 541 Mc.Misler, Robert. 421 McAnallv. Dr. Arthur, 72 Mc. skill. Jean. 530 Mc Bee, George. 94. 388. 455 McBee. Jim. 139. 345. 509 McBee. Maria. 139. 422. 547 McBee, Pam. 156, 454 McBravcr. Carol. 109 McBride. Ann, 139, 304, 449 McCabe, Betty. 544 McCalTery, Terrence. 168 McCalJerv. Jim. 166. 167. 171. 566. 578 McCain. Barbara. 139. 372. 522 McCain, Paul, 370, 567 McCall. James, 80 McCalla. John, 139. 345. 478 McCallister. Janet, 156. 437 McCalman. Rodney. 156, 350, 489. 518. 573 McCandlcss, Karen, 139. 437, 476 Mcf andlcss. Robert. 168 McCarter. Frances. 109. 548 McCartcr. Kyle. 156. 350, 420. 426. 485 McCarter. Dr. Pete Kyle, 2. 36 McCarthy. Robert. 125, 303, 340, 517 McCarty, Lynn, 156 McCarty. Michael. 139, 345, 478 McCary, Dennis. 156, 350. 490, 568 McCarv. John. 156. 486 Mcf:laln. Glenna. 156. 438. 542 McClain. .Merrill, 569 McClain. Phillis. 543 Mc :lain. Richard. 167, 171 Mt :iean. Kim. 552 Mc :lendon, lames, 352 .McClendon. Jo, 156, 420, 445. 529 McCiennen. Pa tti, 156, 408, 441, 445, 542 McClung. Daniel, 169 McC;lurc, James. 423 Mc ;iure. William, 410 McCoIgin, Quentin, 168 McComas, Arthur, 109, 335, 336, 338, .354, 573, 578 McComgs. Janel, 378 McConahav. James, .340 McConnel. John. 109. 574 McConnel. Ed. 1.35, 574 McConnell, Ann, 125, 434, 435, 442, 466 McConnell, Maj. Carlton, 318, 325 McConnell, Gene, 156, 445 McCotiell. Jimmy, 156, 442, 466, 534 McConnell, Margaret, 139. 256, 442 McConnell, Sue. 109, 437 McConnell. Tommy, 350, 575 McCord. Joe, 139 McC:orniick. Molly, 156. 458. 466. 543 McCowan. Gary, 157, 494, 552, 554 McCown, Susan. 139, 437 McCoy. Ann. 157. 422, 449. 537 McC o . Bruce, 157 McCoy, Dana, 139, 438 McCoy, F.thelyn, 109, 261. 366, 378, 402, 409 McCoy, Francis, 310, 311, 312, 315 McCloy, George, 157, 350, 486 McCoy, Hal. 157. 513, 576 McCoy. Steve, 157, 513 McCoy. Sue. 109, 263, 409, 461. 534 ' , 544 McCoy, Thomas, 97 McCoy, W ' iUiara, 109, 388, 408, 414 McCrary, Karly, 157, 350, 576 McCray, John, 139, 345, 514 McCreary, Thomas, 345 McCuUough, Michael, 303, 345 McCurdy, Gail, 139, 461 McCurdv, Rick, 125. 224, 273, 278, 376. 494. 577 McCurley, David, 125 McCurtain, Michael. 97. 412. 513 McDae. Larr . 139, 517 McDanel, Mike, 82, 125, 340, 493 McDanicI, Alfred. 157, 365, 363, 383, 553 McDaniel, Donna, 139 McDaniel. James, 97 McDaniel, Kathryn, 109, 461 McDaniel, Marcia, 139, 378, 457 McDannald, Morris, 130, 345, 509 McDermit, Linda, 125. 523 McDonald, Buzz, 292, 293 McDonald. Janie, 109, 454 McDonald. .Michael. 125, 345, 419. 560 McDonald. Robert, 125 McDonough. Virginia, 139, 450 .McDougal, Nona, 157, 534 McDoulett, Dale, 157, 498, 518 McDowell. 125, 460, 514 McDuH, Bill, 139 McDulIee, Frank, 125 McElreath, Larrv, 350, 420, 562 McElroy, Bert, 125. 4S8, 489 McElrov, Larry, 139, 345, 497 McElrov, 109. 211. 384, 497 McEnroe. Phil, 125, 481 McEnlire. Carol, 534 McFarland, Dora. 409 McFarland. Robert. 109. 411, 486 McFarlane. Angus. 406 McFarlane. Jim. 97, 501 McFetter. Merlin. 575 McGalliard, Nicholas, 345 Mcf;ee, Henry, 109, 412 McGec, Nancy, 157, 379, 450 Mc ;ee, Rosemary, 353 McGinn, Joseph, 345, 564 MciCjnnis, Jeanne. 157, 461, 536 McC;innis, Monty, 125. 514 McGlasson, Gene. 389 McGovern, Gary, 139. 311. 313. 571 McGowen, Joe. 350 McCiowen. Judith. 109, 465 McGrew, Bill, 125, 228, 345, 419. 485 McC.rew. Marcenc. 109. 541 McGrew. William. 390 McGuirc. Beverly. 157, 534 McGuire, Derril, 170 McGuire, George, 125, 311, 314, 416, 477 McGuire. Lonnie. 293, 577 Mc(;uire. Patti. 109. 450 McGuire. William, 110 McIIenry, Barbara, 157 Mclnnes. Eddie. 564 Mcintosh, Mike. 125, 477 Mcintosh. Bob. 125, 210, 513 Mclvcr, Pat, 110. 256, 461 Mclver, Penny, 373 McKee, John, 401 Ml Ker, Steph en. 139. 345. 352, 355, 573 McKcllar, Theresa, 110 McKenzie, Stephen. 5(i9 McKenzie. Terry, 125. 501 McKinnev, Billy. 110. 541 McKinnev, Buck. 157. 314. 513 McKinnev. (iary, 157, 360, 364, 372, 573 McKinney, Jackie, 157 McKinney, Jo. 157, 527 McKnight. Gary, 166, 169, 504, 505 McKnight. Linda. 157. 367. 541 M. l,.iHn. Miihacl. no M. l„iiiRv. ■riioiiias, 139. 570 M. l.auKhliii. Deiiille. 157. 540 M. I,.iiighlin. LcEtta, 1 10. 383. 445 M. l..iUKlilin. Marvin. 110 M. l.aughlin. Pat. 369. 408, 522 Md.anghlin. Paul. 222 McLean, John, 166, 169 McLean, Larry. 157. 381. 574 .McLeland, Sidne , 110, 446 .McLellan, Donald. 319, 325, 3 Mcl.ellan. Patricia. 139 McLcod. Gavle. 110, 449 McLcod, Jerrol, 345. 385 McLin, Janet, 110. 446 McLinn, John, 169 McMasters. Marihn, 110, 442 McMcans, Ron, 125, 493 M.Millin. Howard, 564 McMiUin, Joe, 345 McMillon, Charles, 389 McMulIen, .Arthur, 556 McMurray, Marcia, 139, 442 McNamara, Stephen, 314 McNamara. William. 157 McNeeley, Vicki, 427 , 540 McNeely. Jane. 157. 303. 379, McNeely, John, 157, 486, 564 McNeelv. Julian, 125. 210. 51 McNeil. Billy. 110 McNeil. Eddie. 157, 478, 562 McNeill. Harold. 350, 570 McNeill, Marv. 541 McNutt. Doris. 315 McPheron. Robert. 417 McProud, Judith. 125 McQuarter. Eddie. 278 McQueen, Nancy, 138. 449 McQuillen. Linda, 139. 229. 368. 369. 378. 383. 524, 545 McQuillen. Thela. 392 McQuire. David. 167. 389 McQuirk. Patrick. 340 McRae. Hugh, 157. 494. 555 McSpadden. Michael, 139, 478, 576 McSpadden. Vance. 139, 494, 576 McSweenev. Michael. 139, 502 McTyre, Ed, 139, 313, 489 McVay, Jeri, 110 MeGown, Candee. 110. 446 Maecham, Kay. 157. 408. 446. 530 Meacham, Marihn, 139, 450 Mead, Louisa. 139, 547 Mead, Mary, 125 Meaders, Larry, 323 Meagher, Patrick, 298 Mealor, Dorothy, 139, 386, 528 Means, Gerald, 569 Means, James, 345 .Means, Marsha. 157, 302. 530 Mebine. Patricia. 157, 542 Mechem. Sliarnn. 125, 383. 541 Meek. Bill. 125. 493 Meek. Elwvn. 350. 557 Meek. Niki. 83, 139, 386. 446 Mceks. Carol. 537 Mceks. Margaret. 139. 449 Meese, Robert, 157, 387. 575 Mehew, Edwin. 110. 298, 514, 552 Mehew, Frederick. 345 Mehl. Larrv. 110. 370, 394, 398, 411, 423; 425, 506 Mehl, Lvnette. 125. 458 Mehl. Michael. 157, 506, 561 Meier, Lois, 139 Meikle, Sharon, 125, 383, 392, 402, 437 Meinhardt, Milton, 350 Meisel. George, 350, 555 Mele. Michael. 139, 345. 352. 502 Melton. Barbara. 110. 535, 544 Melton, Bill, 125, 514 Melton, Gary, 157, 350. 396 Melton. Jean. 541 Member. Rolland. 570 Menefee. Sandra. 157. 446. 539 Menzie, Dr. D. E.. 406 Menzies, Jim. 110. 514 Meram, Louis. 404 Mercer, Bill, 125. 310. 311, 313, 569. 578 Meredith. Mike. 139. 474 Meridith. Sandy. 367. 461 Mcrkle. Sallv, 125, 368, 369. 424, 450 Merkx. Susie, 139, 454 Merrell. Louis. 125 Merrill. Mark. 360 Merrill. Maurice. 171 Merrill. Sallv. 169 Merrill. William. 157. 509 Mcrriman. Hal, 110. 38. 355 Merriolt. Neal, 167, 171 Meritt, Danny, 570 Merritt, Grady. 125, 493 Merritt, Marv, 139. 458 Merritt, Robert, 157. 360. 553 Merrvman. Judith. 157 Merles. Mitchell. 110 Messenger. James. 325 Messenger. ' la . 127. 501. 556 Messenger. Kav. 420 Messinger. Ruth. 412 Metcalfe. Butch. 125. 380. 513 Metcalf. Jeanne. 157. 408. 446. 538 Metcalf. Tommy. 139, 345. 478 Metcalfe, Bob. 139. 497 Metcalfe. C:eorge. 110. 319. 3211. 399. 497 Metghalclii. Massoumah. 1.39. (05 Metzgcr. Robert. 1_57, 498 Me er. ( ' Iiarles. 570 Meyer. Kay. 110. 461 Me cr. Kent. 167 Mevcr. Richard. 345 Mcvcr. Stuart. 125. 510 Meyers. Chris, 1_39, 313, 490 Me ers. Kent. 171 Mi.h.iel, Forrest. 415 li,h.ul. Mila. 157. 422. 449. 530 Mi. Ii.iel. Pa l. 139. 526 MiJi.l. Iiulilh, 537 Mi.kish. Kn«er. 157. 576 Mid.lhs jrlh. Terry. 110. 505 .Middiclon. James, 157, 565 Mier, David, 125, 494 Miers, Mike. 169, 290 Mikosz. Wavne, 350, 565 Mikuls. Robert, 569 Milam. Phyllis, 139, 366. 446 Milan, Joan, 139, 378, 392 Milburn, Richard, 387, 423 Milder, Terry, 139, 462 Miles, Barna, 139, 453 Miles, E. H., 578 Miles, James, 97 Miles, John, 157, 350, 474, 475, 518 Miles. Robert. 350 Millar, lohn. 110, 501 Miller, . llcn. 125, 509 Miller, Anita, 139, 254, 408. 523 Miller, liennie, 569 Miller. Betty. 125, 402, 446 Miller, Brent, 125 Miller, Charles, 360, 552 Miller, Charles, 345 Miller, Corrie, 125, 445 Miller, David, 401 Miller, David C, 350 Miller, David IL, 360 Miller, Donald, 360 Miller, Gary. 575 Miller. Gary E., 157, 379 Miller. Gus, 139, 489 Miller. Jackie, 125, 454, 456 Miller, James, 372 Miller, Jern. 169, 379 Miller, Jim. 345 Miller, Jimmy. 350, 557 Miller. Joe. 570 Miller, John, 350, 564 Miller, Nlargaret, 365 Miller, Melinda, 139, 453 Miller. Mike, 125, 399, 417 Miller, Rebeccan, 365, 541 Miller. Rhonda, 157, 441, 543 Miller. Robert, 125 Miller, Robert F., 110 Miller, Samuel,. 415 Miller. Sandra, 537 Miller, Sharon, 157, 462, 533 Miller, Stephanie, 139, 526 Miller, Stephen, 110, 498 Miller, Steve, 139. 563 Miller, Suanne, 157, 445 Millheim, Keith, 406 Miiligan, David, 125, 384, 565, 377 Millikan, Jack, 313 Million, Ken, 360, 552 Mills. Jim. 132, 139, 345, 469, 489 Millspaugh. Stephen. 139, 345, 485 Millstead, Beverly, 110 Milstead, Milton, 126, 340, 501 Minis, Lanita, 126 Mims. Pat, 126, 379, 416, 541 Minnis. Bob, 157, 350, 485, 577 Minnis. Mike, 139, 320, 485 Minnix Ronald, 157, 489 Minstrels, Christy, 233 Minton. Bill, 388 Minion, Ron, 139, 482 Minton. Ronnie. 350, 360 Minti. Slanlev, 110, 338, 347, 353, 473 Mistier. Douglas. 125, 341, 353, 354, 481 Mitchell, Cara, 381 Mitciiell. Charles, 313 Mitchell, Dale, 293 Miulull. Jan. 139, 454 Milcliell. less, 385 Mil. hcl. lohn, 157, 513 Mile lull. " j.ihnett. 126. 408, 461 Mil. hell, ludie. 541 Mil.hell. Robert. 168, 171 Mitchell. Ronald, 567 Mitchell, Suzanne. 126, 253. ,526 Mi on. Janis. 126. 524 Mizel. Larry. 110. 374. 506 Mizell. Walter. 290. 291, 294, 335, 338 Moats. Maria. 139 Moblev. Gradv, 375 Moblev. Judith, 537 Mock, Randall, 125, 485 Mofeez, Sd. 405 Molfatt, Errol. 126, 574 Mogliadam, Hossein. 405 Mogharabi. Ala, 405 Mogharabi. Foiough, 405 MoRol. Ik-niard, 110 Mogul. R.ibfrt. 415 Moguiii. Alan. 350, 420 Mohan. Patty. 126 Moini. Mustafa, 405 Molleii. Jane, 550 Mollis.Mi ' , Suzi. 126. 453 Nlonahan. Dr. William. 266 Moiidie, George, 553 Eph. 33 Monroe. Jane. 139, 374, 461 M..nn.e, l.n . 126. 378. 449 M,.iii..e. ludv. 126, 442 M.uiscMid. JoAnne. 408 M.iiitgiinierv. Don. 417 Moutgorneu. Frank. 157, .350. 477 Moiilgonien. Holly. 392 MiHitgomeu. lav. 387. 412 Montgomery, John. 110. 394 Montgomery. iMar . 92. 396 Montgomery. Nancy. 140. 3,86. 458 NIontgomery. Peggy, 157, 437 Monti. Jasper, 350 Moomai ' i. Robert, .350 Moon. Jon. 140. 345. 490 Moiiiiev ' . Laurie. 140. 445 Mooiiev. Jean, 544, 545 Moore. Alexander ; dolplitis, 421 Moiue. liaihara. 157. 540 Moore. Bob. 110, .339. 374, 490 Moore, Carol, 126, 378 " OUR BEST WISHES GO WITH THE MEN AND WOMEN PREPARING FOR A CAREER IN PHARMACY " Congratulations to Graduates in 1964 The FOX VLIET DRUG Co. WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS WICHITA - OKLAHOMA CITY - PUEBLO ALBUQUERQUE norman ' s most modern restaurant self service or curb service Think FIRST For Student Accounts Bank FIRST The College Bank - p ' Rsflu j fKgcC NORMAN, OKLAHOMA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 599 Moore, Carol Aiiiic, !)l, 1 II). Mitt. 457 Moore, Cccila, 50S Moore. David. 565 Moore, Diana. 1 10, 449 Moore, Donna. 408, 531 Moore, Kdward. 1(JS, 170 iNioorc, .Mrs. Franccsca, 489 Moore, Jeanne, 157. 422, 437. 53B .Moore. Jim. 140, 513 Moore. John. 341, 353. 354 .Moore, Judi. 126. 44() Moore. Karen. 110, 4()I Moore. Kalhic. 157, 445 Moore, Kent, 91 Moore, Capt. Leon, 318, 352 Moore, Mrs. Louise. 86. 87, yl Moore. .Marilyn, 126, 408. 424. 450 Moore. Patricia. 157. 360. 364. 536 Moore. I ' liillip, 110 M.MIK-. Kalpli, 110 .Moore. Randal. 389, 574 Moore. Ron. 140. 345, 478 .Moore, Sarah. 110. 396. 435. 445 Moore, Sue. 126. 402, 442 Moore, Ted, 157, 570, 478 Moore. Thomas. 157. 360. 364. 365. 372. 573 Moore. VVcslcv. 350. 55() Moore. Wilicl 528 Moore. Zelbert. 91. 110. 4UI. 4IU .Moran. . nn. 126. 446 ■Moran. Dan. 140. 350. 497 .Moran. Mite. 140. 4SH Morehouse. JelFre . 126. 513 Moreloclc, Diane. 157. 442. 530 Morelock. Donald. 110 Morclotk, Steve. 290, 377. 384. 576 Morev. Toby. 126. 377. 489, 493, 574 Morford. Michael. 345 Morgan. Bruce. 157, 350, 501 Morgan. Elmer, 350. 555 Morgan, Kar n. 157, 544 .Morgan. Kav. .397 Morgan. Linda. 126. 422. 45S Morgan, .Mark. 360. 563 Morgan. Suellcn. 157. 302. 541 Moricoli. John, 341, 569 Morris, Daria, 54 1 Morris, len. 157. 426. 552 Morris, Lillian. 1 10 Morris, Martin, 126 Morris. Mary. 126, 450 Morris. Max. 564 Morris, Max, 564 Morris. Mike. 140 Morris, Nancv. 126. 378, 383 Morris, Trent. 126. 509 .Morris, Tommy. 350 Morris. Virginia. 303 Morris, William. 167. 171 Morris. Woody. 110. 470 Morrison, Mrs. CI.. 310 Morrison, Carol, 140, 450 Morrison. Diannc. 140. 461 Morrison. Nancv. 157. 541 Morrison, Randi. 140. 302. 345. 481 Morrison, Stanh- . III. 517 Morrison. N ' illiam. I I 1 Morrow. Clieryl. 536 Morrow. Michael, 157. 311. 314. 572 Morse. W ' illiam. 350. 552 Mortensen, Robert, 410 Morter. Katlirvn, 157. 422, 450, 543 Morton, Cari. 140 Morton, Edwin, 381 Morton. Sally. 140. 453 Mostoc. i . I).. 426 Moscr, Doric, 140, 465 Moser, Johnny, 573 Moses. Amos, 110 Mosts, Frank, HI, 388, 408, 41 1 Moses. CJeorge, 157 Moses. William. 339 Mosier. John. 387 .Mosley, Jllrs. Frank. 378 .Mosley. Rufus. 111. 319 Moss, Jon, 157, 350, 572 Moss, Rav, 157, 497. 563 Moss, Suzy, 126. 365. 457 Moss, Verna. 126. 457 Most. Terry. 157. 350. 473, 472 .Motley, Marilyn, 532 Motscnbocker, Carol. 157, 457, 466 Morscrdrockcr. Motsie. 533 Mott. Calvin. 360, 382. 559 Mott. James. 157. 426 Moubcr. David. 157. 506 Mnulton, Max. 1 II Mouser. James. 168. 171 Moxicy ' (;arv. 403 Moyer, Benjamin. 111.312. 391. 493 Moyer, Sean. 157, 314, 570 Moyers. Marv. 126 Mozley. .Sgt. Ue. 318 Mndd. lames. 350 Mudrick. Thomas. 11. 341. 510 .Mngg. Charles. 111. 300. 323. 4S5 Mnir, Linda. 157. 450. 530 Mnldrow. .Sen Hal. 10 Mull. Lewis. 111. 485 Mullen, Carl, 312. 379. 554. 57S Mullen, lames. 157, 350. 572 Mullen, iiin. 386 Mullen. Xlartha. 157. 379. .537 Mullen. Marty, 157, 453, 542 .Mullcndore, Nancy, 157, 422, 449, 539 Mullelrs. Carol, 126, 400, 437 Mnller, Janet. 3S2 Muller. Max. 157. 505. 573 .Mullaan, Ken. 111. 379, 572, 578 Mullicjji. I.iiula. 157. 379. 420. 532 Mulligan. Bcttv. 140. 445 Muliins. leirv. .■)50. 576 Mullins. Kav, 111, 454 Muliins. l.arrv, 126. 4S5 .Mullov. Carv. 350. 572 Mujulcll. Dvvighl. 140. 345, 501 MuMilkiivvski. jiiLV. 569 Muiidkovvski. I ' at, 111, 435, 465 Munkies. Ravmond, 311, 314. 566 Munn, Kalhv, 126, 301, 303, 304. 461 Muntcr. Hill. 111. 388, 408, 411 Munt ., Robert, 381 MuHiv, Susan, 140, 441 Murphv, Cenc, 157, 505, 560 Murphv. James. 412 . lurphv. Kaien. 157. 529 Murphv. Lena. 140, 251. 449 Murphv. Lomax, 140, 345. 383. 566 .Murphv, Michael. 350 .Murphv. Micbelc. 542 Murrav. Burbank. 140. 345. 477 . luirav. Dovle. 140. 350, 478 Murry. Harold, 513,126 Murra . Joyce, 126 Murrav. Margo. 524 Murray. Robert, 169 Murrav. Robert. 350. 360. 570 .Murrcll. Carv. 126. 560 Murrell. Cene. 158. 350. 505 Murrv. Harold. 513. 126 Muse. Larry. 350 Mushlin. Lois, 158, 422, 441, 534 Musick. Jeff, 126 .Mussen. Frances, 140, 446 .Musser. Clark, 158, 350, 485, 518, 561 Mussman, Lawrence, 350, 564 Mussman. Steven. 345. 559 Mulzig, Andy, 345, 355, 570 Mu .nv, Barbara, 158, 301, 529 iMvers, Larrv, 126 Mvers. Linda. 158. 31)5. 538 Mvers. Paul. 323 Mvers. Sandra. 158 Mvers. Tclee. 140, 450 M ers, Tcrrv, 422 Myracle. Suzann. 140. 437 N Nabizadch. Rcza. 405 Nagurney. Andv. 297. 322. 325 Naifeh. t:hervl. 140. 438 Neifv. Frank. 559 Najd, Saniir, 91. 401. 404 Nail. Paul. 140. 372. 419. 553 Nance, Bo, 140. 345. 490 Nance. Odie. 168. 171 Nance. Stephen. 572 Nao. Grace. 528 Narkentin. |iidv, 536 Narvaes. Ceorge. 503 Nash. Donald. Ill Nash. Doreen, 158, 302. 441, 466, 538 Nathanson, Francine, 140. 541 Nathnian. Marv. 158. 422. 529 Nations, Bill. Ill, 494 Neal. Eddie, 140, 498 Neal, Larrv, 126, 231, 239. 260. 4,85 Ncaves. Diane. 126. 378. 457 Needham, Rilev. 406 Ncel, Jozclle, 158, 369, 538 Necley. Lcland. 171 Neelv. Ralph. 279. 377 Neff, Dick. 290. 291 Negrin. Robbev. 111. 402. 422 Nelier, Janet, 140. 402. 458 Nciman. Barbaia. 158. 441. 539 Neislar. Phil. 140. 313. 490 iXeitzkc. Frederic. 394 Nelson, Chuck, 111. 393. 498 Nelson. Dan, 126. 485 Nelson, David. IBS. 171 Nelson, Donald. 313 Nelson. Jane. 158, 543 Nelson. Jovce. 379. 536 Nelson. Lovd. 416 Nckson. Marl). 158. 408, 461 NeLson. .Mar). 542 Nelson. .Mhliacl. 313 Ncl.son. Roger. 158. 350. 478, 560 Nemecek. David. 126 Nemecek. Ccorgc. 158, 350 Neptune. Ted. 76 Nctland. Robeit. 140. 345. 571 Neumann. David. 126. 505 Nenmeier. Linda. 126. 522 New. Berdcan. 392 IVcw. Hi Item. 387 Newbcrg. Alvin. III. 403. 506 Newby. .Melinda. 140. 461 Newconih. llaiold. 1 2() Newcond). Ral|)h. 158. 350 Newcondi. Sannv. 126. 445 Newell. Kaiin. 158. 437. 534 Newell. Lariv. 158. 497. 570 Newell. Sieve. 140. 478 Newkirk. |udv, 126, 435, 449 Newkuniel, Terry, 158. 350. 426. 486 Newman. Clliervl, 158. 422. 462. 533 Newman. Mrs. Ernia. 81 Newman. Louis. 320 Newman. Otis. 140. 541 Newman. Robert. 126. 489 Newman. Rrdiert. 158. 473. 567 Nevvixirt, Jim. 111. 341 Newsoin, Do)le. 140. 345, 485 Newlon. Douglas. .■J45 Newton. Nancy. II 1. 461 Newton. Rinhcy, 158. 486 Newlon. William. 350. 561 Neylon, Stephen, 298, 345, 552 Ng. Joseph. 140, 390, 401, 570 Nichols. Elizabeth. 111. 465 Nichols. (;arv. 140. 498 Nichols. Mike. 158. 501 Nichols. Nancv. 140. 526 Nichols, Neil. 158, 383. 552 Nichols, Skip, 126. 399 Nicbol.son, David, 158. 573 Nicholson. Don. 171 Nicbolsiui. Tim. 1 1 I. 501 Nickel. Scott. .145. 518 Niikerson. Carolvn. 541 Nickle. Terrv. 126. 223. 393. 498 Nicola. Charles. 126. 474 Nielsen. Williani. 140. 323 Nielson. David. 140. 574 Nieves. Kudv. 140. 345. 477 Niglia zo. Luke. 158. 497. 567 Ninde. Judv. 126. 453 Nipper. Mrs. Jo.Ann. 80 Nisbet. .Mi ' ce. 140. 345. 47S Nisler. Phil. 576 Nison. Steven. 12( Nitscbe. Karen. 538 Nix. James. 140. 493 Nixon. Ned. 158. 478. 571 Noakes. Paula, 111 Noakes. Walter. 346 Noble. Susan, 126, 435, 462 Nogg. Robert, 111, 506 Nolan, lanicc, 158, 239 Nolan, Phillip, 41 I Noland, jini. 140. 494 Nolen. Hill. 126. 341. 354, 501 Noleii. Lvnn, 166, 167, 170 Noles, Tommy, 389 Nollev, Nancy. 140. 206. 214. 395. 454 Nordahl. Noble, 126, 571 Niudbv. Dean Cene. 50 Norman, Icriv. Ill, 366, 505 Norouzi. Hadi. 1 I 1 Nurris. Ann. 158. 360. 364, 541 Norris, Carolyn, 111, 366, 378. 383. 402, 458 Norri.s. Merle, 350 Norris, Skip. 140. 346. 478 Northcutt. Glenn. 33 Nortbcutt. Owen. 158. 360. 501. 564 Nortbcutt. Rick. 126. 302. 494 Norvell, David, 350, 572 Norvcll. lames, 158, 350. 355. 501, 572 Nostrum. Linda. 476 Nott. LcAnne. 140. 457. 531 Nottingham. Jack. III. 293 Nouri. Hosseiii. III. 406 Nourse. Sandra. 126. 416. 445 Novi.k. Pat. 158. 445. 533 NovicolT. Barbara. 140. 462 Nowlin. John. 140. 480. 481 Nuckols. Sue. 140 Nunlev. Rav. 577 Nunlcv. Sam. 126. 478 Nunnery. |oe. 140, 493 Nuss, Patti, 158, 445 Nye. f;lark. 140. 350. 497 o O ' Brien, Barbara, 126, 522 O ' Brien, Danny, I ' ' 6, 502 O ' Brien, Edward. 350 O ' Brien, lonell. 126. 453 O ' Brien. Kathleen. 353. 401. 536 O ' Brien. Pat. 339, 382 O ' Biitn, Patricia, 111 O ' Brien, Trish, 158, 453. 539 O ' Hrvan. Bob. 111. 311. 312. 315. 486 O ' Clonnell. Marv, 140, 256, 366. 446 O ' Donlev. Juanita. 424 ODonnell. Laurence. 158, 561 O ' Hara. Buddy. 346. 353 0;Hara. Ernie. 111. 297. 514 O ' Meara. Cicorge, 552 O ' Neal. Hucy. 388 O ' Neal, lav. 267 O ' Neal. Peggy. 158. 543 O ' Neill, lolin. Ill ORear. R., 574 O ' Rcar. Koljeil. 350 O ' Shea. Michael. 350. 558 O ' Skeii. Bull. 158. 477 OStecn. Dub. 158, 477 Obcig, Gary, 577 Odoin, Auburn, 169 Odom, Gerald. 322, 325. 328 Othnn. Julie. 126, 256. 453 Oelscblaeger. Edward, 158. .350. 514 Ogg. |im. 140. 509 Oglesbv. Iiidilh. 543 Oghsln. Nan.v. Ill Okcis.Mi. Patricia. 531 Oldelibuig. Kent, 421 Oiilrovd, Andv, .102. 360, 364, 419 Olds. Elma, 97. 524, 544 Olingbousc. John, 126. 399. 474. 475 Ollphanl. ]„v. 111. .137, 339. 497 l liphaiil. bee. 169 Oliphanl. Sainlv. 126. 414. 481 Olivaus. Margo. 158. 457. 537 Olive. Shi I ley. 126. 442 Oliver. Kave. 158. 438 Oliver. Niuiiia. 158. 453. 543 Oliver. Teildv. 294 Olivier. Icdin. 384. 388 OInev. I ' laliL. 158. .■)50. 509 Olsin. Laurel. 158. 462. 507. 542 Olscn. Koger. 341 Olsen. Steve. 111. 494 Olscui. Chester. 126. 505 Olson. Fied. 111. 399. 486 Olson. Sharon. 147. 15s. 437, 539 Ombetle, John, 401 OppeiilKiiiiei. MaiioM. 158. 441, 543 Oriiolani. Gapl. Lawrence. 3IS Oriutt. David. 126. 561 Oring, Kav. 404 Oiingderff. Carol. 158. 460. 461 Oringderll. (iary. 339 Oman. Marv. 126. 465. 466 Orr. Dick. 140. 498 Orr. Caiv. 346 (Jrr. lanie. 111. 438 Orr. Linda. 126 On. Margie. 140, 442 Oilh, ludv. 140. 3,S6, 454 Osbiun. CIcn.f. 140 Osb Di.Mie. 536 Osborn. Dick. 126. 501 Osborn. Gary. 140 Osborn. Jerry. 346 Osborn. ' NIaigerv. 538 Osborn. Marlv. 126. 301. 446 Osbcun. Koujile. 140. 360. 470 Osborn. Seth. 158. 350. . ' 152 Osborne. Helen. HI. 550 Oscherwitz. Elaine. 158. 462. 535 Oshcrwitz. O. T.. 158. 350. 565 Oshima. Fnmio. 97 Oshima. Mieko. 97 Osterhaus. Carv. 560 Otis. Jerry. 166. 169. 493 Ottcrstrom. Ned. III. 451. 490 Ottingei. Peggy, 543 Ours. Frances, 126, 437 Ouilavv. H,d). 158. 350. 477 Outhv. Vivaln. 544 Outon. Betty. 158. 367. 541 Overman. Carole. 158. 535 Overton. Connie. 15S. 5!2 Overton. Lvnn. HI. 293. 376. 385. 489 ' . 576 Oviatl. Phil. 140. 294. 470 Owen. C:aniion. 339. 342 Owen. Frankie. 140. 372. 526 Owen. Ronald. 346 Owen. William. 120 Owens. James. 350. 416. 567 Owens. lames. 559 Owens. Larrv. 111. 299. 478 Owens. Raymond. 553 Owens. Robert. 158. 352. 360 Ovvnbev. Stephen. 346 Ownbv. Ted. 126. 224. 323. 497 Oxcnhandler. Stephen. 111. 403. 506 Ozmun. Sandra. HI. 446 Pace. Edward, 394 Pace, Janice, 158, 465, 538 Pace, M., 158, 422 Padberg, Larry, 158. 350. 490. 557 Paden. Doyle, 158. 350. 379. 551. 555 Paden. Randall. 158. 570 Padgett. Kent. 158. 494. 560 Padron. Angel. 97 Page. Bobbv. 279 Page. Donna. 140. 220. 259. 372, 450, 53 1 Page, Leslie. HI. 399 Page. Robert. 277 Pahdocn. Linda. 531 Pake. Jean. 126. 302. 303. 441 Palmer. Sue. 353 Palmer. Gail. 346 Palmer. Dr. J. D.. 78. 394 Palmer. |atnes. 126. 482 Palmer, jon. 168 Palmer. Judith. 126. 400. 522 Palmer. Ralph. 158 Palmer. Rusty. 99. 1 1 I Pancoast. Susan. 140. 45 ' i Pangburn. )olin. III. 478 Paniiell. Tnminv. 279. 341 Pannell. William. 111. 3.S5. 403 Pansza. Terrv. 126. 4 ,85 Pansze, Bob, 111, 303, 509. 569, 578 Pape. Donald. 158, 486, 557 Pappan, Charline, 77 Paquin. Guy, 350. 569 Parent. Dale. 383. 574. 578 Parham. Barry. 126. 341. 516. 517. 518 Park. Major Waldo. 168. 171 Parker. Charles. 560 Parker. Gale. 140. 450 Parker. Harold. 350 Parker. |. H.. 158. 509. 567 Paikci. lames. 169 Parkei. lean. III. 450 Parker. |env. 169 Par ' ic.. Martha. 544 Paikcr. Robert. 158. 311. 314. 522 Parker. Susan. 126. 547 Parker. William. 350 Parker. William. 576 Parkhuisi. Guy. HI, 339. 354. 371. 401 Parkins. Baibara. 140. 523 Parkins. Kogci. II I. 469. 4S5 I ' aiks. Mavo. 140. 34(i. 470 I ' aiks. Susan, 11 1, 540 Kavmond, 418 I ' aincll. Mchinie. 140. 524 P.m. Margaret. 537 Pan. IVvlr)ii. 341. 399 Panish. Alan. 346 I ' anisli. Mike. 158. 513, 562 Parrotl. Bob. 126. 493 Parrott. Tom. 126. 478 Parscnis. Noel. 1 12 Parlnvi. Roohrdlah. 401 Pasi,linuk. Ravmond. 188. 4 14 Pasieili. Frank. 521 Pate. |im. 126. 469. 490 Palkowski. Victor. 350. 575 Patrick, Frederick, 112, 478 Patrick. Jane, 540 Patrick. Richard, 140. 346. 574 Patterson. Brycc. 97, 335, .336, .i39. 493 Patteison, Dorothy. 302 Patterson, Edward, 562 Patterson, Cieoigc. 469 Patterson, George, 126. 394. 407. 481 Patterson, John. 158. 350. 474. 575 Patterson. Lvnn. 15S. 453 I ' alUison. Icdin. 126. 514 . Pallerson. Nlargarct, 378, 536 Patterson, Pat, 126, 494, 518 Patterson, Ralph. 360. 386 Patterson. Trisha. 127. 438 Patton, Diane. 158. 539 Patton. Jeff. 158, ,350, 5()5 Patton, Larry, 127. 372, 374 Patton. Sharon. 533 Paul. LacQuanna. 112. 454 Pauling, David, 127, 341, 354, 493 Paulus, Lucian. 350. 570 Pavlonnis, James. 127. 346, 489 Paw likowski. Thad. 412 Pavne. Jim. 169. 570 Pavne. Jim. 127 Pavne. Judith. 1 12 Pavne, Larry, 141, 346. 4S1 Pavne. Melvin. 112 Pavne. Walter. 421 Pavne. Will. 32 Pavne. William. 127. 474 Pav liter. Suzanne. 127. 449 Pavton. Marvin. 420 Paytuvi. Julian. 14 1 Pazoureck. Ed. 93 Peach. Eddy. 293 Pcadcn. Cecil, 350. 420. 564 Pearce. ( ' barles. 346. 577 Pearce. R.. 141. 571 Pearson. Charleiie. 158. 525 Pearson, C. R.. 370. 415 Pearson, Chuck. 406 Peck. William. I 12. 463. 498 Pedersen. Richard. 406 Pedioja. Daniel. I 12. 474 Peed. John. 383. 562 Pcets. Charlyn. 158. 530 Pellegrini. Carl. 127. 575 Peltoii. Charies. 341 Pence, Jim. 127. 299. 341, 494 Pence. Norman, 127. 325 Pendegraph. Dewev. 158. 564 Pcudergraf. Garland. 391 Pendergralt. -Archie, 576 Pendcrgraft. Clyde, 158, 571 Pendeigraft, lames, 158. 556 Pendergralt. Richard, 112, 389 Pendergralt, Ronald, 112, 4.S5 Pendergrass, Linda, 112 Pendleton, Billy, 158 Penington, Jane, 127, 458 Pennington, Elvis, 141, 489. 573 Penny. Leota. 544 Pensoneau. CJiarman. 410 Pentecost. Dan. 127, 513 Pepper. Ma ry. 158 Perdue, James, 112 Pereira, -Antonio, 572 Pei ' iev. Neal, 141, 386. 569 Perry. Gartha. 1 12 Perry. lohn. 350 Perrv. Robert. 109 Perry. William. 350 Perry. William. 169 Pcriyman. Dick. 127. 485 Pestaiio. Domingo. 415. 573 Peters. Ann. 127. 445 Peters. Charles. 112 Peters. Donnie. 573 Peters. James. 569 Peters, lames. 168 Peters. Roy, 81 Peters, afiean. 158. 458. 525 Petersen. Bellv. 127 Petersen. Melodic. 141. 531 Peterson. Pain. 127. 450 Peterson. Ricbaicl. 141. 346 Pelrick. Robert. MiS. 171 Petticiew. Richard. 112. 423. 425. 493 Petty. David. 112. 167. 171 Pettv. Kalie. 392 IVllv. Paul. 141. 477 Pellv. Tcnv. I 12. .370. 106. 415 Pellv, I ' lionias, 141, 346, 477 IVvl.Mi. Malveni, 320 Pcvlon, Marvin, 558 Pharaoh. |o ' in. 346 Phares. Ardilh. 141. 457 Pliaics. Chaihs. 112 Pli.uos. Rod. 127 I ' Inlnis. Gleniia. 127. 445 Plieglev. Ri.haid. 158. 311. 314. 554 Phelps, 127. 37 0. 449 Phelps. Monte. 254. 524 Philips, Diane. 540 Phillips, Andv. 112. 514 Phillips, Carol. 531 Phillips. Curtis. 406 Phillips. Donald. 112. 262. .339. 342. 354, 360, 364. 379. 3,S5. 390. 411. 567 Phillips, Gortlon. 141. 4,85 Phillips. Mrs. loyce. .3:15 Phillips, ludilh. 526 Phillips. Kellev. 127 Phillips. Richard. 158. 490. 556 Phillips. Sandra. 141. 526 Philp. Phvllis. 302 Philpott. Lorctta, 112, 403. 407, 548 Pliipps. Robert. 314. 566 PIncilo. Gary. 130. 505 Pi, kens, loliii. 127. 469. 49S Pickens, William, 570 Pickering, Susan, 141, 458 600 24 Brunswick Lanes Snack Bar • Professional Instructions • Nursery Provided SOONER LANES 550 24th Avenue North NORMAN, OKLAHOMA mel newsom studio jerry fox, photographer official yearbool( beauty pliotograplier miss april austin portrait of distinction OU ' s Favorite for 36 Years l£t 6Aqt FA RIVI S Oklahoma ' s Great Independent Dairy 601 PicLcIt, Haskcl. 421 Pickle, Kenneth. 15S, 420 Pierce, Charles. 16(), 1()7, 575, 57S Pierce, Lorctla. 127, 442 Pierce, Shcrri. 158, 458, 542 Pillow. Lorctla. 158. 536 Pilu, Jac, 112. 50(j Pinterton, Harlan, 112, 319, 320, 509 Pinterton, John, 346, 419 Pinkncr, John. 158. 350, 485, 558 Pipkin, Janet, 127. 234. 424, 437 Pipkin, ilarsha. 15S, 4 IS. 45S Pipkin. Wade, 158, .150, 481 PippcriKcr. David. 170 Pippin. Ciary, 573 Pishcl. Kohcrt, 127. 505 Pitchford. Lorna. 1 12 Pitchlord. Patriil. 112, 493 Pitchlvnn, Ttiiinnan, 577 Pittmaii, GrcgK. 285, 576 Pittnian, Deryl, 566 Pitlman, Kathic. 127. 446 Pittman. Sylvia. 112. 416, 446 Pitts, Bill, 141, 419. 493 Pitts, James, 158. 314, 572 Pitts, Joan. 158. 454, 538 Pitts, Lynda. 141. 524 Pitls, Mike. 141. 497 Pitts, Pamela, 127, 453 Pitts, VcrdcU, 112 Pixicy, William. 112 Plant, Donald, 112 Plater, Greg, 141. 474 Platter, Carolyn. 426 Plax, Susan, 158, 462, 536 Pleasant. Bill. 416 Plin. San. 112 Plocter, Stanley. 112. 403, 506 Plosila, Thomas. 112. 312, 378 Plott, Patty. 127. 449 Plovanicli. ICathlccn. 158. 5.35 Plumlcc. Iluelene, I5S. 534 Plummcr. Peggy. 127, 450 Plunk, Patricia, 528 Plunkctt, Jim, 112, 477 Poe, John. 169 Poe, Nancy, 158. 534 Poe, Patrick, 339 Pogue. Richard, 112. 225, 509 Pohl, Bert, 141. 482 Pohl, Patricia, 534 Poling. Rohert, 570 Pollard, Elmer. 569 Pollard, lane. 127. 438 Pollard, Milton, 159, .350, 513 Pollard, William. 387. 410 Pollock. Peggy, 112 Pollock. William. 112 Polsgrove. William. 127 Pomeroy, Loren, 169 Pontius. Dale. 577 Pool, Ted. 166, 167. 553 Pool. Tliaddcus. 141. 346 Poole. John. 112. 486 Poor. Robert, 112. 474 Pope. Dennis. 168. 170 Pope. DAnne, 112. 454 Poplinger. Lvnn, 159. 441. 529 Porch. Bill. 156, 159. 350. 486, 557 Porch. ludv. 159. 540, 545 Porter. Bill. 166. 169. 481 Porter. Daniel. 127. 341. 493 Porter. Ed, 127. 341. 486 Porter, lolin, 141. 346, 509 Porter. .Judie, 86, 112, 418 Porterficld. John. 279, 377 Posey, Jerili. 112. 3SS. 414 Posev, Phyllis. 141. 450 Poteat, Max. 97. 421 Poteet. Herbert. 127 Poller. Aubrey. 360. 365. 378 Potter. Gary. 360 Poller, Gene. 141. 320 Potter. Philip. 169 Potter. Sherry. 159. 422. 462, 527 Potts. Janie. 159. 446. 525 Potts. Joseph. 573 Pound. Gcraldine. 141 Povsc. Lawrence, 112. 384. 388. 423 Powdrill. Kathv. 159. 539 Powell. Alton. 112 Powell. Benny. 346 I ' owell, Charles, 159 Powell. Charles. 501. 556 Powell. Sgt. John. 318 Powell. Paul, 159. .350. 420. 426. 562 Power, Colleen. 127 Powers, James. 34 I Powers. Leslie. 141. 526 Powers. Llovd. 97 Powers. Mike. 127. 477 Powers. William, 168. 171 Pownall. Polly. 127. 450 Poynor. J, M.. 3S4 I ral liudesai. V ' imal. 392 Prag. Belly, 141. 365. 378. 386, 526 Prater, Larry. 141. 226. 386. 570 Prather. Icrrv. 297 Prather. Ion. 167 Prather. Phillipa. 405. 420. 426, 531 Pratt, 159. 570 Pratt, Jack. 127, 341. 485 Pregler, Clarice, 127. 438 PrendcrgasI, Joseph, 314, 572 Prep. Vic. 127, 313. 517 Prcsroll, Carolyn, 141. 353. 449 Preston, Elizabeth. 401 Preston. Tnidy, 372 Prcslridgc. Mrs. Bill. 481 Pre vitl. Mexion. 112 Pribil. Dennis. 574 Price, Ben. 169 Price. David. 112. 570 Price. George, 159, 514 Price. Helen. 141, 522 Price. Janet. 159. 437. 530, 533 Price, Kathv. 159. 530 Price, Laurel. 159. .150, 560 Price, Mark, 166. 169 Price, Mary, 159. 465 Price, Sally, 531 Price. Susan. 112. 522 Prickett. Prof. William, 390 Priddv. Doris. 401 Pride. Cv.ula. 127. 247. 437 Priebe. Louie. 112. 478 Prier. Aruia. 112, 210. 450 Priesman. Harlan. 159, 350, 506 Priinm, N ' ance, 555 Primrose, Guy, 112. 339. 4.S5 Prinisorc. Patricia. 127. 453 Prince. Kinma. 141. 257. 437 Prince. Bob. 159. 350. 490. 557 Pringle. Vernon, 97. 489 Prism. Nicliolas. 350, 557 Pritchard. James. 159. 478 Prober. Abe. 159 Prock. Joyce. 97. 418 Proctor. B. L., 350. 561 Proctor. Danny. 159 Proctor. Gary. 571 Protzman. Bob. 112. 470 Provine. Joe. 563 Provines. John. 141. 566 Pructl. Sharon. 159 Pruclte. Steve. 141. 497 Pruitt. Cindy. 159. 457, 532 Pruitt. Jan. 526 Prvor. ' ictor, 170 Puckctt. Pollv. 141. 458 Pngh. Dave. 127. 469. 477 Pugh. Pat. 167, 171. 401 Pulaski. Barry. 127. 506 Pulis. Derreil, 385 PuUin, Janice, 127. 301. 303. 304, 372.378. 424. 531 Pullman. Norm. 141. 346. 513 Pulls. Dcrrell. 320 Pulte. James, 141 Pung, Adele. 454. 543 Pung. Jolin. 159. 346 Purceil. Sheila. 420. 525 Purccll, Tom, 159. .150. 561 Purdue. James. 389 Purser. Charles. 168, 170 Purser. Roger. 159 Putlack. Michael. 337. .339 Pvatt. .Mary. 112. 263. 400. 408. 409. 449 Pylc, David. 401 Pyle. Duard. 159. 489, 561 Pyle. Richrad. 169 Pylc. Ronny, 141. 22S. 346. 47S. 561 Qasserazadeh. Hassan. 405 Quaid, Sharon, 127, 366, 402. 424, 523 Suiglev, Mike, 83, 127. 509 uiglev. Troy. 141. 509 Quillin. David. 456 Quine, Gary. 346. 566 Quinlin. W ' illiam, 97 Quong, Terrance. 141. 350 R Raburn. Earl, 521 Kadclifle. Samuel. 346, 572 Radican. Ronald. 325 RaBel. Alan. 141. 350. 510 Ragan. Patty, 159. 454 Ragsdale. Tommie. 127. 531 Rahhal. Donnie. 239 Rahhal. Frances. 112. 3S5. 445 Rahlial. Patricia. 530 Raiiilmll. John, 167. 170 Rainholt. Richard. 350 Raines. Meg. 366. 402 Rains. Charles. 141. 469. 505 Rains. Olcn. 350 Rains. Roger. 141. 346. 577 Raiendram. .Susila. 401 Raleigh. Harry. 127. 313. 481 Rahv. Rrticc, 159. 350. 497. 551 Rambo. George. 168.170 Rainer. Oriille. 314 Ramirez. Joseph. 159. 513 Ramirez. nVresa. 112 Ramsey. Charles. 159. 497 Ramsey. Danny, 159. 571 Ramsey. David. 141. 401. 493. 558 Ran.scv. llerschel. 150. 352 Ramsey. Ronald. 159. 350. 571 Kill. 159. 350. 509 Randall. Mary. 412 Randle. Roilgcr. 346 Rands. i(ki. 405. 531 Rankin. I ' lnra, 98 Rankin. I ' eggy. 159. 301. 417 Ranmar. Madelynne. 127. 523 Ransford. Harold. 385 Ransom, lerrv. 127. 491 R.ip ' ,.1. Michael. 394. 398 Rai)o[)ort. Susan. 112 Rapp. lohn. 346 Rapp. Michael. .350. 573 Rarick. Dr. Joseph. 65 Rashidricur. AbdI. 303 Rasolkliani, Freidoon. 127 RalclilTe. Peggy, 454 RatzlalT. Joan, 141. 528. 545 Ranch. Barbara, 112 Ranch. Phillip, 159. 350. 420. 572 Ranch. Wanda, 402. 404 Rawlinson, Ken, 267 Ray, Haro ' . 159. 311. 314. 573 Ray, Jack, 141, 346, 477 Ray, Grace, 418 Ray, Manfred. 159. 572 Ray. Tom. 57S Ray, Tommy. 575 Ray. VVilma, 541 Raynor, Terry, 159. .350, 477. 575 Razook. Judith. 141. 369, 445. 516 Razzanc). Renzo. 141. 474 Rea. Dianna, 127. 450 Reams, Lawrence. 112. 299, 388, 478 Reaugh. Dianne. 141. 528 Rea%cs. Ann. 366 Rr.iiis. Kice. 159. 490. 566 Rc-licr. lill. 141. 386. 408. 449 Rcbcr. Joseph. 311. 312, 315 Reccr. Gary. 350 Rec ord. Thomas. 169 Records. Susan, 127 Reddv. Podditour. 401 Redeker. Glenn. 346. 555 Rcdekcr. Susan. 112 Reding. Gene. 350. 576 Redman, John, 141, 485 llednian, Lotiis, 421 Redman. Richard. 159. 350. 420. 563 Redmond. Genie. 159. 372. 540 Recce. Arthur. 390 Reece. Cheryl. 159 Recce. Donald. 16S. 171. 390 Reece. Donna. 14 1. 252. 449 Recce. Linda. 159. 101. 536 Reed. Becky. 141. 304. 449 Reed. Cari. 98. 420 Reed. Charles. 168. 398 Reed. Charles. 346 Reed. Clyde. 285 Reed. Dianne. 127. 396 Reed. Donald. 141. 470 Reed. Gil. 576 Reed. Jim. 159. 350. 481. 561 Reed. James. 553 Reed, lerrv. 168. 171 Reed. Lorelta. 416 Reed. Marti. 37S. 522 Reed. Paltv. 127. 548 Reed. Peggy. 93. 159. 530 Reed. Raymond. 353 Reed. Rodney. 341. ,354 Reed. Rusty. 159. 320. 505 Reed. Sharon. 539 Reed. William. 141. 566 Reeds. Robert. 127. 341. 353 Rees. Frank. 127. 469. 502 Reese. Andy. 113. 3S1 Reese. James. 159. 303. 558 Reeves. ' Judy. 141. 453 Reeves. Paula. 531 Reeves, Thomas, 559 Reeves. William. 141. 346. 353. 355. 571 Reff. Alan. 141. 350. 501 Regur. John. 159. 350. 490. 558 Reichnian. Bradford. 159. 505 Reid. Rob. 16S. 170 Reid. Carol. 420. 426 Reid. Carolyn. 141. 547 Reid, Clonnie. 159, 454 Reid. George. 421 Reid. John. 113, 493 Reid. ludv. 159. 442 Reid. Ronda. 127. 449 Reidv. Jim. 159. 511 Reich. Jack. 141. 346. 502. 561 Reillv. Mary. 159. 536 Relnauer. Tere. 127. 441 Reinbold. Patricia. 159. 3 ' 5Q. 544 Reinhard. Michael. 159. 57i Reinhardt. Phil. 159. 350. 473. 557 Reis. Robert. 167 Reisner. Ann. 127. 374. 408. 424. 437 Reitner. Susan. 127 Remmcrt. Roy. 552 Rempel. Tom. 141. 514 Renaghan. Jcjseph. 311. 314. 352. 571 Renberg. Bob. 113. 506 Renclel. Steve. 574 Renfio. Bob. 385 Renfro. Mike. 566 Rciifrow. Robert. 141. 4.S5 Renner. Diane. 372. 5 5 Rcnnie. David. 113. 370. 486 Rciisvold. RoiTcr, 159. 350. 360. 3S3. 426. 570 Rentzel. Lance. 127. 274. 279. 376. 490. 577 Rcpke, Telfrev. 113. 341. 3S4. 489 Resler. Dr. Anzcl. 373 Reslcr. Beth. 91. 383, 424 Resler. Connie. 106 Revman. Catherine. 535 Reynolds. .Arnold. 113 Reynolds. Flvnn. 521 Reynolds. Hney. 558 Rec Molds. Jimmv. 346 Revnolds. Mrs. JoAnn. 335 Reynolds. Linda. 159. 418. 510 Rev Molds. Mike. 159. 350. 498 Patrick. 159. 350. 489 Rev n. lids. Pike. 346 Rev M.. ids. Sallv. 141. 437 Reynolds. Sandra. 1-11. 302. 3S5 Rhea. David. 93. 159 Rliein. Peter. 440 Rhlnehart. Bill. 127. 573 Rhino. Roy, 569 Rhoades. Steve. 113, 469, 498 Rhoads. Don, 169 Rhodes. Bill. 303. 350. 490 Rhodes. Rillle. 127. 367, 3S0. 403. 461 Rhodes. lames. 113 Rhodes. Margot. 141. 304. 449 RIcc-eardelli. Dr. Alex. 236 Rice. David. 113. 509 Rice. Dennis, 560 Rice, Dianne. 127 Rice. George. 113 Rice. Glenda. 159. 446. 530 Rice, Jack. 412 Rice, Leslie, 86. 87 Rice. Marilyn. 159 Rice, Randy. 325 Rice, Shea, 1 13. 252. 442 Rice, Susan, 541 Rich, Charlotte. 418 Rich. Don. 141. 513 Richards. Beverly. 1 13. 449 Richards, jack. 127. 295. 509 Richards. Nlaggie. 88. 127, 449 Richards. Tom. 159 Richardson. Edwin. 553 Richardson, Eleanor. 526 Richardson, James. 113. 335. 337, 339 Richardson. Jeri, 127. 210. 450 Richardson. Judy, 113. 461 Richardson. Susan. 141, 442 Richeson. Richard. 379 Richert. Susan. 160. 446. 527 Richmond. I arry. 141. 346 Rickard. Orlin. ,83. 127. 486 Rickards, Elwood, 160. 311. 314. 573 Rickman. Judy, 141, 449 Ricks. Jim. 374. 383 Rico. Juan, 325 Riddle. Joe. 128, 574 Riddle. Ruebena, 160. 366. 378. 461 Riddle. Terry, 113. 493 Riddleharger. Jean. 160. 422. 449, 529 Ridgcll. Mike, 141. 346 Ridglev. George. 577 Ridgwav. Lee. 141, 366. 474 Ridley. Terry. 141. 229. 3,86. 446 Rdilinghafer, Ralph. 141, 228, 493. 573 Rife. Byron, 113, 514 Riffe, Dean. 381 Riggs. Dr. Carl. 34 Riggs. Dinah. 531 Riggs. Michele, 160. 437. 530 Riggs. Patricia. 160. 437. 529 Riggs. Bobbv. 350. 576 Rigsby. Sandra. 160. 381 Rilcv. Danny. 346 Riley, James. 141, 4S9 Riley. Jim. 577 Riley. iMilchell. 414 Rilev. Mike. 113. 339. 501 Riley. Roger. 350. 522 Rilev. Steve. 299. .350. 420 Ringer. Mike, 215. 279 Ringrose, Bette, 113. 367. 402, 437 Rippcl, Karl. 350. 570 Rippeto, Lynn. 11.3. 446 Rippstein. Lelha. 160 Rippv, Jack. 166. 168. 514 Riser. Ron. 287 Risinger. .Ann. 141 Risling. Pamela. 537 Rilchey. Robert, 352. 379 Rittenherg. Jane. 141. 526 Ritz. Bob. 350. 518 Ritz. Mike. 469 Ritzhaupt. Bill. 141. 513 Roach. Robert. 12S. 490 Roadruck. Max. nS. 325. 556 Roads. Ruthie. 141. 408. 437 Roan. Brenda. 141. 367. 547 Roark. 346. 555 Robb. Dr. Seward. 414 Robb. Warren. 141, 222, 313, 469, 477 Robberson. LaRulh. 128. 400. 523 Robbins. lane, 128. 461 Robbins. Linda. 141. 360. 364. 547 Robbins. Robert. 570 Roberts. .Amelia. 98 Roberts. .Arthur. 141. 346 Roberts. .Arthur D.. 141 Roberts. Butch, 280. 281. 283 Roberts, Charles. 141. 561 Roberts. Cindy. 512. 545 Roberts. Dale. 128. 341 Roberts. Darrvl. 573 Roberts. Dennis. HiO. 564 Rnbeits. Donald. 169 Roberts. Edward. 98 Roberts. Eugene. 346 Roberts. Mrs. Ge- rn-e. ,550 Roberts. James, 562 Roberts. Jay. 160. 350. 565 Roberts. Terry, 567 Roberts. lame-s, 1 ' ' 0. 478. 571 Roberts, tohn. 141. 346. 501 Roberts. Kenneth. 393 Roberts. Larry, 160. 497. 563 Roberts. Lloyd. I ' l. 386. 458. 459 Roberts. Marv. 141. 454 Roberts. Phillip. 350. 559 Roberts. Rav. 570 Roberts. Robert. 91 Roberts. Ronnie. 160. 558 Roberts. Ted. 166. 167. 171. 474 Robertson. ClilTord. 171 Robertson. Danny. 160. 350. 478 Robertson. David, 128. 491 Robertson. Larry, 142. 497 Robertson, Linda, 378. 383. 386. 408 Robertson, Michael. 313 Robertson, Port, 267 Robertson. Rindv, 160. 311. 454 Robertson. Tony. 289 Robie. Edgar. 160, 490. 573 Robinson. .Andrew, 98 Robinson, David. .350 Robinson, George, .350. 570. 577 Robinson. Gloria, 160. 408. 435, 438, 535 Robinson. Herbret. 350 Robinson. James. 168. 171 Robinson. Jim. 142. 346. 490 Robinson, Joan, 392 Robinson, Julia, 113 Robinson, Kenneth, 350 Robinson, Mike, 142, 346, 485 Robinson, Owen, 98, 574 Rcjbinson, Patrick, 142, 346, 551, 562 Robinson. Sherry, 160, 539 Robinson, Thomas, 142, 346, 497 Robison, Coleman, 113, 510 Robison. Jack, 128, 517 Robison. Xlickey. 160. 350, 485 R.lblM.M. Philip. 113 Robison. Reid. 83, 142, 228, 346, 5 13 Roblver. Ron, 373 R.jche. William, 160, 560 K.ickell. Dcmald, 299 K.ukcu. Richard. 142, 501,518 Rockford, Theodore. 350, 570 RockhodI, Pamela, 543 Rodgers, i I-Sgl. Dewey, 335 Rcjdgers, Jim, 128, 497 Rodgers, Kicardo, 166, 168, 171, 374, 375 Rodgers, Richard, 394 Rodgers, Shirley. 128, 461 Rodgers, Sue. 128, 446 Rodgers. Ted. 558 Rodriguez, Diana. 113. 389 Rodriguez, Elizabeth. 160 Rodriguez, Rigoberto. 1 13 Roe, Tommy, 142. 360, 501 Roe. William. 142. 385, 509 Roesch, Martha, 142, 454 Rogers. Alberta, 128, 522 Rogers, Carole, 142. 408 Rogers. Carolyn. 160, 454, 534 Rogers. Clint. 113. 403, 513 Rogers, Elizabeth, 529 Rogers, Sgt. Eugene, 318 Rogers, Harold. 379 Rogers, James, 160, 558 Rogers, Janice. 113, 240, 383, 408, 409, 446 Rogers, Keith, 160, 350, 555 Rogers, Margaret, 98, 547 Rogers, Michael, 313 Rogers, Paula, 160, 461, 532 Rogers, Roger, 350. 574 Rogers. William, 128, 486 Rogers, William, 325 Roggli. Pamela. 541 Rogul, Sheila. 113, 403 Rohrbaugh, Mrs. Lawrence, 365 Rolirhaugh, Lucia, 350 Roland. Thomas, 351 Roll. Jane. 142, 523 Roller. Duane, 142, 351 Rollins, William. 113, 497 Rollow, David, 298. 346, 552 Roman. Judi, 160, 437 Rominc. Mary. 167 Ronish. Syd. 142. 453 Rooker. Barry. 128 Rooker, Mike, 295 Rooney. Michael. 346, 577 Rope. Philip. 142. 346, 557 Rose. Tony. 113. 465 Rose. Carl. 1 13. 407 Rose. Carlletta. 379 Rose. Dale. 128. 501 Rose. Robert. 113. 394. 481, 506 Rose. Robert E.. 128. 385. 505 Rose. Ronald. 142. 419, 506 Rose, Sparland. 391 Rosen, Janet, 113, 540 Rosen, larry, 160, 351, 406, 472, 473 Rosen. Robert. 160. 351 Rosen. Suzi. 113. 450 Rosenbaum. Duight, 572 Ro.senberg. Llovd. 128. 397. 506 Rosenberg. Susan. 113. 302, 441 Rosenfelt, Dennis. .351 Rosenthal, Bonnie, 160, 462, 466, 529 Rosenzweig, Sandy. 142, 440, 441 Rosewllz. John. 320, 352 Ross. All. ' 142. 506 Ross. Mrs. Betty. 335 Ross. Carolyn. 538 Ross. Eugene. 351. 577 Ross. Mclvcr. 160. 351, 573 Ross. Janie. 113. 370. 446 Ross. John. 299. 341 Ross. Wayne. 160. 351, 360, 572 Ross, William, 160, 351, 494, 577 Rossi. Gavle. 142, 229, .368, 386, 450 Rossiter. Brine. 341. 374 Rotbbaiun. Bernie. 160, 351, 510 Rothbaum, Julian. 53 Rothlisberger. Carla. 142. 446 Rothrock. Robert. 300. 319, 320, 323 Rotlnvell. Cahiels. 142. 572 Rolman. ll.uvey. 167. 171 R, Minds. Roger. 142. 493 Rous!.. Ruthie. 128. 548 Roiisli. Mierri. 381 Rowan. Jim. 142. 351, 513 Rowe. Daniel. 113. 360. 362 Ro«e. Louise. 454. 128 Rowe. ' Fom. 500 Rowland. Randall. 160. 351 Rowland. Richard. 351. 566 Rovds. Carcde. 160. 450. 552 Royds, James. 128. 489 Royer. George, 421 Rovse. Donna, 142. 446 Royse, Randy, 142. 346, 497 Royston. Charvl. 522 Rozen. 113, 402. 403. 462 Rozen. Brenda. 160. 441, 537 Rozen. Carol, 113, 441 Rozneck. Michael, 570 Rubin. Craig, 160. 506 Ridiin. Harold, 128, 574 Rubin. Mary, 256 602 fioms ® WW. QcdtsiMjnq bo • • m • V. SoonsihA . . . Phone JE 6-1624 for reservations -jj NORMAN. OKLAHOMA 2600 West Main 603 Ruckcr. Allen, 160, 298, 478 Rudd, Jim, 160,514.572 Rudd, Nancy, 142, 454 Rudin, Sondra, 160, 462 Rudrow, Janice, 142 Rullolo, Mary, 160, 532 Ruraney, Francie, 522 Runft, James, 160, 502, 567 Rupp, Sharon, 1 13, 548 Ruppcl, Jact, 370, 416 Rush, Suzanne, 160, 422, 450 Rushing, James, 558 Rushion, Jim, 113, 494, 555, 578 Russell, David, 168, 171 Russell, Don, 267, 295 Russell, Gene, 401, 404 Russell, George, 166, 169, 514 Russell, James, 233 Russell, Kenneth, 388 Russell, Linda, 113, 406 Russell, Margaret, 404 Russell, Mike, 160, 351, 494, 570 Russell, Ramona, 142, 457, 477 Russell, Richard, 128, 341, 477 Russell, Steven, Elliottc, 128, 346 Rustin, William, 167, 171 Ruth, GreKg- 576 Rutherford, lames, 400 Rutlrerford. LaDonna, 142, 453 Rutland. Tommie, 142 Rutledge, Namoun, 346 Ryals, Alarlene, 527 Ryan, Danny, 98 Ryan, Greg, 160, 490, 570 Ryan, Juanita, 142 Ryan, Nlike, 410, 574 Ryan, Pat. 128, 485, 556 Rycrott. Robert. 569 Ryder, Nancy, 1 13, 450 Ryland, Charlyne, 114, 461 Sabater, Sandy, 142, 313, 505 Sabath, Bettic, 160, 441, 535 Sabbaghian, Ferdows, 405 Sabbaghian, Mehdy, 405 Sacben, Kenneth, 128, 574 Saddoris, Ellen, 114, 453 Safaiveh, Mansoor, 405 Saferstcin, Rita, 160, 462, 542 Sage, Alan, 160, 351, 557 Sagcr, Michael, 285, 2S6, 346 Saha. Clarence. 574 Saifnia, Fred, 405 Sakhai. Ned, 114 Saladow, Adelc, 160, 441, 537 Salikof. Allen, 128, 509 Salle. Franklin, 166, 169, 473 Sallce, Stephen, 128 Sallinger. Leanna, 142, 524 Salman, Ayah, 404 Salmon, Bob, 93 Salmon, James, 114 Salmon, Scotty, 366 Salsman, Byron, 128 Salvenas, Judy, 302 Samara, E. Scott, 128, 509 Samman, Ziad, 160 Sample, Kay, 142 Sanders, Dave, 128, 513 Sanders, Gloria, 142, 522 Sanders, Jerry, 83, 142, 346, 478 Sanders, Nanci, 160, 449, 539, 552 Sanders, Sandy. 128, 384, 410. 501 Sanders, Sandy R., 150, 537, 454 Sanders, Suzanne, 142, 386, 453 Sandlin, Malcom, 334, 353, 355 Sandlin, Sandy, 160, 442, 534 Sandma nn, Mela, 142, 360, 364, 526 Sands, Gene, 91, 142, 474 Sanger, Marty, 160, 454, 540 Sanghi, Vinod, 401 Santoro. (oscpn, 569 Sapper, llarrictte, 160, 542 Sarakbi. Marwan, 142, 404, 571 Sartin, Mike, 142, 478 Sartwell, Sharon, 160. 438, 530 Saucier. Walter. 142. 346, 419 Saul, Steven, 128, 497 Saulenas, Judy, 301, 531 Saunders, Barbara, 160, 541 Saunders, Charles, 346 Saunders. Lee, 476 Saunders, Pamela, 142, 531 Saunders, Ronald, 553 Saunders, Sandy, 5.17 Sausa. Mary, 142, 528 Savage, Philip, 167, 171 Savage. William, 556 Sawvcll. Jon, 180, 494, 555 Sawvell, Sandra, 114, 256, 450 Sawyer, Michael, 351, 570 Sayles, Lucy, 114, 416, 445 .Sayles, Patricia, 142, 453 Scalaronc, Gene, 98 Scally. Robert, 160, 311, 314, 560 Scanlon. Bill. 114, 325, 501 Scaramucci, Phil, 160, 513 Scargall. Ralph, 142, 494 Scasnv, Beth. 114. 531 Schadier, Bob, 168, 171 Schacter. Russell, 142, 360, 364, 419, 562 Schahct, Marilyn, 160, 441. 525 Schainkcr, Howard, 114, 506 Schear. Rica. 526 Schcdcl, Nancv, 12S Schcinbcrg, Mimi, 160, 441 Schenk, ' lerrv, 160. .151, 498 Schcnkcr, Cecil, 114, 166, 169, 509 Schcumann, Charles. 577 Schiller, Walter, 160, 351, 477, 573 Schilling. Suzanne, 142, 453 Schlanger. Barbara, 114, 403, 441 Schlosser. Carolyn, 160, 442 Schmidt. Donald. 160 Schmidt, Edna, 406 Schmidt, Fred, 128, 562 Schmidt, Gail, 160, 453, 532 Schmidt. I.i.ula. 142, 386, 461 Schmidt. Lowell. 346 Schmitt. Karl. 142. 346, 478 Schinitt, Richard, 572 Schoficid, John, 160, 497, 556 Schoggen, Bruce, 142 Scholcm. Rita, 114. 252. 416, 441 Schollcnbarger, Betty, 408, 424 Schoolcraft. Victoria, 418 Schoolcv, yimalea, 142, 437 Schoolcy, kcnec, 160, 422, 437, r 3r Schradcr, L.lRue. 142. 523 SchreiTier. Carl, 142, 279, 346, 419,513 Schrievcr, Lucille, 416 Schrock, Sharron. 142 Schroeder, Capt. Eldon, 334, 343, 355 Schronk. Stacy, 366 Schuennan, Bruce, 161, 314, 478, 571 Schuennan, Kenneth, Uil, 314, 478, 570 Schuctle, Charles, 114, 289, 376, 494, 376 Schuler, Louise, 128, 547 Schultz. Luanne, 142, 462 Schupbach, Colleen, 161, 537 Schupbach, Lvnda, 161, 530 Schumian. Beverly, 161, 422, 537 Schuster, Charles, 114, 394, 423, 425 Schuttc, Bruce, 128, 469, 486 Schwab, Carolyn, 142 Schwakc, Nick, 161, 561 Scbwalbe, Bernard, 161, 351, 353, 473 Schwartz, Herman, 128, 473 Schwartz. Jerome, 161, 168, 351, 473, 570 Schwartz, Phillip, 171, 567, 578 Schwartz, Richard, 114, 506 Schwartz, Susan, 161, 462. 530 Schweers. Carolvn. 114, 435, 449 Schweers, Fred, 161, 351, 494, 562 Schwend. Pamela, 128, 257, 454 Schwend, Susan, 532 Schwenk. Bill, 161, 351, 490, 570 Schwer, Keith, 128 Schwind, George, 351 Scott, Billie, 114 Scott, Carter, 161. 351. 494 Scott, Cheryl, 161, 532 Scott, D. N., 569 Scott, David, 346, 575 Scott, Dennis, 161, 502, 553 Scott, Edith, 72 Scott, James, 114, 339, 470 Scott, Jerry, 114, 509 Scott, Jo, 444, 445, 536 Scott, Mike, 161. 497, 560 Scott. Nancy, 161, 301, 366, 465, 466 Scott. Randolph, 346, 572 Scovill, Bill, 169 Scovill. Judy, 161, 420, 532 Scrivner, James, 142. 493 .Scrughani. Lonnie. 570 Seabolt. lames. 346 Seach. Bill. 161. 351 Seal. James. 161. 351, 555 Seals, Sandv. 161, 501 Sealy. Jcrrv. 169 Searcy, Donald. 169 Searcy, Linda. 360. 364, 365, 541 Searcy. William. 573 Sears. David. 346 Seav. limmv. 12S. 285 Seav. Jane. 161,303, 369, 529, 545 Seek. Harrv. 161, 481, 561 Sedbcrrv. Martha. 142, 446 See. Jana. 161. 446, 530 Seeds. Frances. 402 Seelig. Susan. 161. 441.525 Seem. Ouinda. 142. 402, 453 Segal, Harris. 142, 346 Segcr. Katie. 114, 458, 459 Sego. Charles, 110, 114, 394, 403, 489 Segnar, Richard. 161. 351, 478 Segress. Dick. 128, 5L3 .Segroves, .loanne, 161, 379, 540 Scgroves. Or ' al. 573 Seifried. Leon, 360. 572 Seitsinger. Daniel. 169 Self. Dick. 128. 478 Self. Horace. 35 1 Self. Robert, 114. 574 Scligson. Elaine. 530 Selim. David. 112. 514 Sellers, Melinda. 161. 446, 535 .Sellers, Paige. 142. 461 Seltzer. Pamela. 526 Semcniuk. Nick. 114. 370. 391 Sessions. Bud. 142. 501 Sevi.k. Bob. 161. 351. 497 Sexton. Michael. 128. 502 Sexton. H. P.. 310 Sexton. T. G.. 32 Seymour, Ronald. 341 Shaaban, Nada. 392. 404 Shaaban. Othnian, 401. 404, 412 Shackclforil. Mickcv. 128 Shalian, Jimmy, 365, 553 Sballer, Lynn. 142, 541 Shambayati. Keyvan. 405 Sliamblin. Kenneth. 151. 351 Shanklin. Linda. 128 Shannon, lack. 128. 493 Shannon. Slacey, 161, 454, 527 Shantirui. Susan. 525 Sliarma. Satish. 401. 415 Shaip, Bettv. 161, 360. 364, 536 Sharp. Donald. 161. 570 Sharp. lames. 168. 383 Sharp. Patrick, 114, 389 Sharp. Patty. 142, 465 Sharpe, Paul, 351, 573 Shary, loseph, 351, 570 Shaw, Buford, 351 Shaw, Dale, 151, 323, 388, 573 Shaw, Doug. 161 Shaw, loe. 570 Shaw, Rich; ard, 142, 473 Shaw, Rogers. 142, 497 Shaw, Rose Marie, 412 Shaw, Stanlev, 114, 493 Shawlv, Abdul, 128, 404 Shawn. Bill, 142, 346, 509 Shea, Pat, 128, 313, 469, 502 Sliean, Keith. 293 Shear. Ken. 142, 458 Shectman. Barbara, 142 Sheegog. David, 128, 497 Sheetz. Terrence. 351, 572 ShelTcl. David, 351, 552 Shedel, Susan, 114, 416, 441 Sheikh. Abdul, 401, 415 Shekter, Mark, 114, 510 Shelby, Sue. 128, 461 Shellabarger, David, 351 Shellabarger, Fred, 381 Shellabarger, Mrs. Fred, 381 Shellenbcrgcr, David, 351, 573 Shcllev, Rickey, 303. 528 Shelton. Lee. 142, 505 Shelton. Robert. 351 Shenolikar. . shok, 398 Sheon. Keith. 403 Shepard. Karen. 151, 450, 542 Shepard. Susan, 161, 238, 422, 450. 535 Shepherd. Gary. 142, 419, 555 Sliepherd. William, 114 Sheppard. Frances. 114, 315, 442 Sherman, Carev, 346 Slicrman. Warren, 161, 298, 351, 494, 522, 551 Sherment. Stephen, 351 Shick. Gav, 408. 542 Shick. Robert. 128. 387, 412, 572 Shideler. Ronald. 161, 346, 498, 573 Sbidler. Alan. 167, 171 Shield. Charles. 161, 564 Shields, Bennie, 335, 339, 353, 376. 577 Shields, lay, 142, 346, 397, 486 Shields. Jim, 383 Shields. Kaaren. 128, 547 Shields, Kathy. 161, 541 Shields, Larry, 277, 279, 346, 427, 577 Shields. Ronnie. 351. 577 Shields. Stan. 114. 478 Shields. Stanlev, 128, 225, 485 Shih. Lily. 390 Shinsato. George. 114 Shipe, Rosemary. 142. 458 Shiplev, James, 93. 114 Shipley, Johnny. 161. 560 Shipley, Raymond, 351 Shipley, Terry, 171 Shipman, Jerry. 142, 563 Shipp, .John, 169 Shires. Susie, 161, 535 Shirev, Richard. 360 Shirlev. Barbara, 98 Shirley, Claudia, 161, 301, 418, 527 Shirley, Margo, 360, 534 Shirley. Sharon. 128, 437 Shissler, lanetta, 128. 400, 437 Shivers. Gerald. 351 Shoebotham. David. 381 Shoemake, Kay, 142, 531 .Shoemake. Nancv, 114, 457 Shoemaker. William, 143, 478 Shorbe. Nancy. 114. 461 Shorr, Sandy, 128. 253, 462 Short. lames, 161, 513 Short. Roger, 143 Short, Sybil. 128, 457 Shradcr. Richard. 554 Shreve. C. R.. 128. 374. 493 Shrivcr. Burgess, 143, 493 Shrover. James, 151, 351, 570 Shull. Handley. 98 Sliulmister, Denese, 542 Sliults, Klovd, 151 Shiilts. Porter. 151, 505 Shultz. Robert, 314, 558 Shushan. Sue. 151. 441. 535 Sickles. Martha. 128. 450 Siddinui Salman, 401 Sieg. Karlos. 406 Siegel. Howard. 143, 510 Siegel. Lvn. 43.5 SicgoHirul, Marianne, 386 Sieh. Sue. 114. 450 Sights. Albert, 161, .505, 561 Sights. Randi, 143, 302, 446 Sigler. James. 161. 554 Sikkink, Paul, 576 Sikkink, Roy. 313 Silk, Michael. 555 Silva. June. 161. 401. 404 Silver. ' Joan. 151. 405, 441, 538 Silverman, Jean, 161, 441, 472, 542 Simmons. Mrs. Betty, 578 Sinunons. Ellis. 421 Sitntnons. Liz. 143. 454 Sinunons, Ralph. 128, 485 Simmons, Sally, 143, 327, 437 Simmons. Suzie. 143. 57.3 Simms, Rick, 128, 341. 509 Simms, Sharron, 410. 541 Simon. Richard. 128, 489 Simon. Sandra, 366. 528 Simpson. Harry. 114, 414 Simpson. Parks. 311 Simpson. Robert. 151. 4S9 Simpson. Steve. 151. 561 Sims. Ellis, 414 Sims, Gary. 360, 365, 366 Sims, Judy, 114, 256, 409, 435, 437 Sims. Linda, 161, 360, 364, 422, 544 Sims, Lynda, 143, 437 Sims, Marlenc, 161, 408, 437, 533 Sims, Robert, 161 Sinclair, Ann, 535 Sinclair, Richard, 408 Sinclair, Sally, 161, 454, 540 Sindcrbrand, Eileen, 161, 441, 542 Sinex, Donald, 378, 399, 417 Sinex, Kent, 378 Sinex, Sally, 378 Sing, Judy, 535 Singer, Richard, 161, 341, 5