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 - Class of 1963

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Text from Pages 1 - 592 of the 1963 volume:

2 W 7 E r-Qv I 9. 7 5 5 'zz ffl A G 57 xv Q' Q- gf? fix Q 5 fs 'Q 4' 4 PIE p., Q s M' Q1 'Wf 4 I W A v I 8 X mm eu M10 A 4 AX lb 9 , - - - W, 1 - ' ' ' x 1 5 Y o ' 1 , 0 Y, 1 ' x 4 S .' Q '. Z S : f,f1.,.IgQ"xo .0 W W 4 iimarifqf X , Q gg, ,Q X : x- - "0 A gif?-E:1ffR?W", I LE? -1 ' " ,xf- , 1 1 .. I --I , ' H V- .' ft-v 3 n ew 1 n Q igjxif - ' x-'-5- K .I r I N 1 , Q 5 " " 1' 4 s ,,..,. , 5 , Q. I I i . . 1 O . y Q 'I X49 Q, . xiii 1 ln llCI' lIlfllVlfllI2lllIy, llllf llllivcisily of Ulalznlmomu stands ulonc-the buildings lllemselves which :irc her CUllIll6ll2lllCCQ the massive 2lSSCIl1lJlllgC ol' people, inclivicluuls who II1llliC ll whole: the ever-Cxpzmcling scope ol' llcr ccluculioiiul opportunitiesg her mzmy moods. lhc solemn, the work-at-clay. the frivolous- ull small :xml great parts wlm-In clcllneutc not only ll CllllI'2ll'lL'l', but ll personality. JOHN M. SHARP, Editor Published by the Publications Board The University of Oklahoma Norman, Oklahoma Volume 59 - T,,4Kf:,mV H Wm.......,.4 'WH L' KK Q . .V K K1-nik-K Wl".,.,.,,,""""f, V W' Aww, V' KV ,HKS i ' .I : K gg, .. . A 'ES Y 1 M -g ,K V .- " ' I 5' ' 'Vim K VW, V - ' . Vw. , .. .. ' www , V ' . ' -K ,MA-K "4 K w w , g , K. , qw, M -mmm -'.K .. . ' Vw: he - . ,V K k --4, my V ,V A K- ,.,, " : V ,. '- A - ' 'V - H 5 -,K ' P .,,. f ,K ,K A f., - ' M V ,K V Egan-,4 L.-.W V V V " K ,K ,,:ff iw - , '-vm.: ,U 4 K if-,fa+'1nQni. K K ' .. . t . F K " 1 K V V Kg' "5 K. K, - A " My V., Km V " 15 k ffiff . ...,.. . I Z., , 'a:.,. --w I f- V x -..."'Q:'4 LT?'iH'5 'K 5lf'1f!f?i' -,QBKQUWJU Fifi Mm, K W- f- I f ' ' ' ' ' A- ' ' .. ' - ' " - , "' . ' ' if' W 4 ' K A V VV' "" , 4 V., ,QV K "" - W ' L V ' V - V - -Q A VV , K ,K K V K VK 7 K I I in ..,.. I . 3 Jw ,E i I A , A . Nh ..:L,.55,:. g: -,. , A ek X K K A wgllig Agn K I KQMK ww .K 5 KV ,K . WYQ., A QF Y Jw I. Q, my My A l V. K, ,KR I gsm ,gy K in If , ,Q I, wwf V is K 3 - k ' 1 ' 5, Vg: K ,- - ' ' + A Q 7 wa' Q 'A V EW V , K " -5, bw , an .ff ... . HV K , H - ""'T , 'V A-QV V VM N5 'f 'I' ' 5' ,Q-fn 2. , W X- , - bf . N K, t -Cf K. K -M, V V V gf K K --"M K , VK, A Q' ' Wg!-V: 'Aff' LPQM V ""' W ,W V- ' S f I' Q a s f- V. .NB ff ' lv Af f Y ,awk - H L K W 1 W' 'Q ' f 'E' W Q, V. F K V V-Q V, ,V Y A Q A V, K Ag. 'WK , , YVQQQJV yi 4 -' - v ,M .. r ye: - I xr ' ,K 4' ' lr ', , N V, , . if ' . .V .amp V 5 'RWM' ' 1 9 Q bu- - mf V 5, 'sl 1 " V M A! .Je - K 4' V k V. ' 5 KG. ' Kp K' 4' M V V K KV 'W f'm x v fi ww Y '- 2? Q: I ' L ,,.. f ,K M 1' '- , , A Wi , N 41" 1 V sn... K u.. .. ,K -Viysj, H -V 4 . , A. - -'W ' L - f If ,. ,, . , , -,V . -'iw 5 '94 V J' Aww' V- ' ,Sf 5- I ,L ,,, igslfmw Hg K 'VNU :-,.:: Q , - K, 4 MK ,- ffm H .,.K K . ...- E ' V. KK fu K D ' i 'QW ' V , ww i W " A ' ' 'MQW KK f .15 ,,K,,.,.-. K .QM gwv.. ,Q ' V , Y x. uf-a v ' 'W wif?-Hffs::s..-' K. , . . K, fS'T"f""i, w A 1 , Sf - 4. ...wa-mv--M,-v " YM M iffbx W, , ,g K ' M K"- , if Q24-V X M WN K ,K,,K, KK, 1 I ...W .Y ,..V. ,.. A :X . , ":, 'm RK, Kg, ,-fly ml N, ' 'aw --X, M 1 "fl 'ki A .- W ,W , KKKK K K,,, , ,J , , :, K,. VK ' '- VK REV we 'Y 1 .,...M-V K- I wx. M V-Q-my l -1 L52 w 1 11 1 I 1 5 W : N Q' 33 .1 .54 I .f 5 if Q: L2 se af Q1 3 if 5. fs I I ' we B CZZQJQM The Traditional Sooner Spirit ,. XYl1cll11'1' thc sulmjcvt is DIIHOSIJDIIQ. politics. 111111111 or Quls lllc lc 11 ' A' T 'lll'llIll,.Q l7l'0l'CSS lll Illllll 116 vcr stops. cvcu mcr 1-nffw in the ltlli IIICIIUXV HIIIOIICQU is both 21 SUIIICIHTS 5le11su1'c Zlllll his min. lvSIl2lllX' it's the 1321111-llliliflll. housing bill, 'S I I . imcs Zlllll laces. 5011101111165 Its pleasure-pz1y cllcck or Hl'llUl1ll4SlliIJ p111111611t. -.-.......,.. f E, , 'l'I111L's what puts heart 111111 collcggc liI'1-- V- frxcmls lI'llL'-lllllt' xx hen l'UIllZlIlk't' Zlllil 1' xmmcy gn. ITHIIIIIIIIIICS loyal llllll stc11cHz1sl lllflllljjill 11111111 clleck and strict l'llIllIlllS if klllil ull lllllf LLI1lI'iUllS Illf,QCt11Cl'IlCSS 11s unly 3 L'XIDCl'lt'IlQCQI 111 the wo111cr1's Ll0I'IIlllfIl'1. - 1 52 5. Q , . lixciting is the only nord for Owen lficlcl on a Saturday afternoon when students join lllIIlClI'l'4lS of state fans to cheer Coach Burl Wilkinson and the Sooner squad to xictory. This yearns U-2 , son hrouglrt Big liight crown and Orange liowl date. lint .Xlalmanm nent home with at I7-0 si S sea- Vlll This year proved to be another crowded, exciting one, filled with memorable moments and events. Students kept busy-learning, working, having a good time. Always there were lecture notes to scribble, tests to endure . . . the frantic searching before a quiz for old tests, somebody's class notes, anything to hang on to. Discovering new friend- ships and cheering the Big Red to victory bright- ened weekends. Labs and field trips kept students out of troubleg riverbottom parties kept them happy. And, of course, the word "sleep" ceased to have any meaning during finals. But all of these things lingered on the fringes of learning, infiltrating and becoming part of education. Everyone thought life would never slow down. Yet somehow all survived. And before they knew it, the year ended. Cone but for a few fleeting memories--these golden moments of 1963! Qian 4 "bum, -.,...-104' Outstanding graduating seniors Karen Cullen and Don Smith cliscnss plans for the future with University President George l.. Cross. gfffwg . iJ"f".' '51 . 'Nw' Rv - ,if- NOTAISLIZ - THE UNIVERS Administration .A....,.. Services .,................... ICXCITINKD - AC'l'lVITIES lleanlties and Persona .Xllllelics ,,.,,,,,,,, Air Force .,.... Xrnly ,..... Navy .........,.. f,I'g21IllZ2.ltl0llS .,,,.r.,.r, BIl2MOl1AIiI,E - STUDENTS Cl asses ,,,,,,..,,..,,.,,,,,,,, Law ..,.,,.,.,. Medicine ....,, Nursing .,.......,... PERSONAL - RESIDENCES Sororities ,.... . ...... ......, llrulernities .,,.. llUl'lllll0flCS ..... Advertising ...,, ITY llities ,,.. ...fs fs .27 . 49 'S , 9. ,II7 ,159 .I75 .201 ,209 .283 ,349 357 1 JSI .401 ,435 ,487 H0547 'I :PE iq ,N 1 hf'f1i, fx 'ff?"'5 f Fi if ig 'ik AX if . 4 Wf'f's'f"'i3 'J wifipf The UNIVE 4 , M Y .qv mfs 4 kk at i ', 3 if ' 'T 14 Q4 f Q 2 4' . A Q 'Q 5 , S4 if A nw? Sky ff, -,, ' , ' 29 2. A 1 J ' -. W4 I P W, , v Vw? M ,1E'5'f:, -as , ,E M A Q NFA .w 7' 'E 4 'I L H K in , ,WV- 'fy 7 . k We ' 7 . ,mi 7,257 4 W fx ' -1 Qsavf 5 . ,X . X, gf,-Q ' 4 'Q 'N 3 E ' Y. R '-xfmm Nam "1 z. . , K Q- y V IG gm 355 C . 1 gm A A 1 , 'Q R fm, V. vs is N, 'biz Na I HTH Q vb Mhuk, , in 5 ul X Vi K Ti , ,AK X , M f -' K 5 X A S X ' ' ' 53, 4 fl-hm' 4 , f . Y' ff' f - ' in . .tw idx ,tt ,Mgt mf K VN .3 1' . w P , , ' 'fl Nxwwm . 'J -M Q., ,M ,, gl ww ,Q , ' , A , the -i 1 fmf " ' i ik H A 1 4 -V' lx 'ws ' X ,f F A NM ' sf-" f . . . 7 -f - "iz H., V W A , :gm yr A iigqhf- ,. W K Mvj?,.,k, ,E .. ,F mm ,ht . 'Tw V" H ,"'f fb 5 W- , 22-HQ., f 2 ' Q HW my X V. g' 33. W fi 1' 13 'Ei , ' 1 0 ,, M- '. , ' M ,Q f M 1 "4 Q f 5 ,QM 4 Elvis W' Q 7 5 A , " V ' ,- , . 'V "'lTgw,f Y V "M: Q N , W, .wi Su gisgffl , f "'W,,'f:f . 'K UA "av: 55:7 , '. 1 .. A L, N W 'Q ,ii 3? F' W . . f 'J . A - , -f' f ww fi 8 'ig ' f M F7 . H-W , " 'M in f, V -if X 1 as K E M Q M ' ' W Ma ' iv? iii" ?'4'Q llikggfk akamai X J , ' E . W-A -T R H21-.3H""H4' iz QQ: . .y if ' W ' ,yr f Iv Lk R ' Q f' V .. - J " R e ,A 'Q' , 22,1.-'f iy -" Am iq A ,E ,, .M , ,A Wy, ,R ,M if Vx Q M .,.,,c, f,.,, , ,k M ,Q W J, igmw Q-.keg I mm, . xx Qi 8 WM? fm ,, V I Y 5, " f L ,. " 7 K, .5 ---' V L f, , -TM ,sa A qw, .f :Eze ,-f,5- 42: fr , ",,: ,v ,Vx 5119 f 31 F V W -,nf , M Wm - , ,E ,F ,, Mmjiu was M , as Ax if fx .Ii,j',, 'W f,m,Q,, .. Q gs. , -if , 1 . ' 1 2iif'lff+ ,- , .M .wang W., 1 -Bi?" if f ,ue ,fm 4 Sw 3 E2 ' 9 WmmzmmwsvzxaffwMvm:n1m:2wmi f -- ff-- mf , 1 f, ,, . wwwmkg ft, . vw - Q' .. gr s 5, 1 ' , , 1 1 L , ,,' , - ' t , . 5: prim . f F x gf ' ' . ' . I . ,A ,f , J, I, Hin J M. vt Q 7 Q in A , 3 .fig b ' ' . . ' Ti' 1 . ' 1. -' 'fl ,, " f 1 ' . . , . s Q ' 1 v - f sz 1 ly , N" ,J . is V I ,Ml . X. :QR N ' l, K ,F grsi':,.'f, 5 V - . ' "1" " ' Q.. , ., Q . f ' . : Q , A l in L 4UQi,.nt ' x 'S lzfw : . 4 -, ' 1 ,Hi , ,1 'I' Q ' Q '. 1 N' 5 ht. . , WL.: ' , l 4 1 N X' 5 M I ' ' n' xv V ' " "7" s -'ik Q,' ,-. ' , ik. 5 K ' f " ' 3" '41 4,7 X ,, f M t 1, 7.3 rg., xy K ,, 4' 3 gk V -NZ, I ' ' 1 ' ff 4 VJ , . -ar' 'K W, Q 'Mr , fa.-2 ' . 5., 'fbi . QQ ' V, . ,Y , 4:A5,.,'-. x t . 'JI I. . L3 an ' A .Y , A fn . A ' ' A I' E A '. 26" i f H tx agp' K "' r", Q, "lt . " sg , , . Q 5 4 ' sv A, 'V' fo ,W Q " , Q4 ,. , ' A ng' ' N N, f A, QQ , v -.. . , ' J-A K , 'f .' ' 1 If X 4 , v 'I if 7' . X " 'mg' ' !Qor5.59v ' r" J, , .A , ' ' 'f y AQ 'i fu H D " , ' ' ' A , ' f A . ' fi 4 , ' W4 'A ' ' ' . A ..f "-M v- 4"w'9""'3 "' w 4' N 'fl' if '.' ww "1 ' If 'A' ' A as 1 - - ww r ' '- - A f 4 , 1-of . H . Q fu- ff :W . -f . . .N , .Q ',n. . f, yu. , A, , 4+ Q11 img, +I? ' ,.. H in 5, Q f fu v-M, ,gffQ in 'U ff " 4' i ,' I . .. 1 1 r E if A i n ' - . ' V A ., ,v. ."n' f- 32' 4' 0 4- ly "- A 45' u N , - - -. 43 ff-J , l H Q . K -' 4 H o ly if b k n- A 5 W s 5 C i ' ' V: Y 0,13 4. ig . 1 A my sv 3 Ami ,, Y , my ' , V, I , , . . . , 1 "T 4"'xA XML 37" 'F K Vu-er 57 Q ' l""5v " 2' li "'3u'F"vl .f ' 10 LA-sy, f". f,' ' fu, '- 4" . ' ,. Ju Q 1' lj 1 f, Q wg' in mv l K Mya P ni if 4-1: V . ,xl 7 k -W . L . Q, +3 A., fi- : '.. , 'Q 'f' f- ww, f'-"" .. X of if." 'V' ,J Q , ,Y . J' h. ,, 0 nf v. .- 4 . s .1 v 4 .,. gf., 3,01 , rw Q . . . Q W ,W ,. imqw, V ,A -W-Q4 afar! 3 + -If f . 1 4'2" 'ki ,, 'lfw 4' .WJ 4 P N-I 4 Q , I Q F, Q W , I, may , , .. , M W M4 53 gf' Q .-fn .wa pe. 'f ' ' " 'ha' ' n-ff ' ' l 4 . ,. M v Vw- k it -Q' M J . , h..-' - ' ,, ,I 'V ' -QE, . ky C,'t,,.'-fgyg. Q. . A. ? kb y F x " , .f D K . A, if! r xi in ,r 'Mt K' 'if 1 ,", ' . ,Q I ' ' I A W ,A l - in ny , :ff x 'V +I J X Giwk ' - . IA' "H Q ,A ,, 2 -Q., ,,Q- 4 f , , ' , , - V 5 ' 'JKT U ' T, ' ' 4' I F .A It fb l . im gli. 1 , , A x ,QLF ,av W - ff 1 9' o ' f1 'J' I y A A' n wa?" M -A 'ff .1 .H ' , - S 1 4- .5 V A1 Q Q , ' ' . ' 4. -f ,. A W b , . ' f 1 ' , ' . , W- 1 U QV I li pf leg 575- ' - Q f 5 e - M M V fi wi ., ,f ' N .5 . F -am - gf , ,N , . . f . l ,N A .. , X , , , W, J, - Man , ' 1 ,be ' K' . f . NA A 4 In . 1' 'W' X H E Q t Q '- - , - , - , " ' ' - K 71' "f ifk. 0 x ii 11 l A ,, is PX. 1 :Q , A , 4 .A K s I x 1 V . f?" M95 '- 2, I Q ,. 2 A . R' if gt f " In -. ' f K . , , .. Qt . , K ., 4 + Y 4 4- 1. xg . 1, X 'A , ' , , .. ., 1, . .I G Six, NY . " , '. - Q far ,. . 1 , ,ftp . -, 1' 4 1 .. 1 . ' 4 fy. -4 . we j 5 gl XX. . ' U ' 1 M . 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' if fhgvxtwgb, R L .N V 24 f::," , 1' Q .ik qi' , Q 163 'v if X 1 Nm . , 4, A as ' " f a , , YQ ,g.- . iv. aigjw f 951 + 1 Y 1 'Avg ,L K, V if 'K in ,Q L " W 2 5293 W L ' 'Q Q we 141- x 'jx' .' 5 xi inn' 4 . bxrqw-,., Q F may V jus, + . 7 ' w , ,vw D " S.-+A -ww Q. ' R'-f N l 5,5 'fn , 3 Q, 4' 1" k ,J fx - fn,,'f."'. ' I Y.. Q, rw,Swq, J, x A .fe Q 1' fu :V-1 , , , Q t Q K W, i ,. sy v!' f 4 qw - Q , . at 2 wif A ' , , . yu -4, . 95215 .fQ,, 1:? - -. " J' 9, - Q -wmwuvw 'ws-,QA ,ffih IIN' .Nsp slrcvl K'lll!'1llIL'l' lo ilu- l'RlIllIlllS. Tllrml5,5ll lllc- ZIITII is c:2ll'l7t'lllC'l Hull fzlrtb I, 2 Q f L ,,,,. Ur. xxlllllllll H. lxrmxrl. Iluxul Russ Boyd prufn-Qsur of Illl'wiIll"1N IIIQIIIALLCHICIII. Ilklllllll NIHIICN lfirsl Kid lL'lllIlilIllL'N in IllL'lIlIM'I'N uf tllv fhllrxl Pulrenl. Huy Scout Trump 2-I2 X luslmg !llUIllIlllClll IN Ihr Clue-.s. of 1920 nnlmuy. an l'llIllIlllN I2iIlllllllll'L mwlmrkirug V. L. A. Comp. professor of aeronautical and space engineering. checks a strain gauge during research on fiber class constitution llltlilflllillg CUIIIC Fil' f Bu Pl'0f0SS0l' 5 .t 2 A college professofs day never ends when classes are over. Some of his time is spent in research, study and in community activities. But first and foremost, he is a teacher, and as a teacher he must find time to talk with students, ad- vise them and help them to per- form successfully in college. Professors Keoxvn, Comp and Marshhurn are typical of OU's David Ross Boyd professors. The title, named for OU's first presi- dent. is given those faculty mem- hcrs who have demonstrated over a period of years vigorous per- formance and leadership in the teaching, counseling and guidance of students. Dr. Joseph ll. Marshburn. pro- fessor emcritus of lfngzglislr, is hard at work gathering material on lflizalmetlian popular literature. 1 .. ,J--ef"H"' .1T......uM ew Title, Retirement, Honor Reward ome I lrmiurcl ll. lluugg lt-urls the Ol' lmzmcl fur tlie last Lewis S. Salter, clcuu emeritus of tlrc College of Fine Arts, is still a us. circling 25 years us tlircctor. He now lirxlcls filllllllkll' figure arouncl llollulncrg lizill SYllCfC lie takes zur active IIIICTCSI iu 6 title of associate clircvtur, strlmol of music. huiltliug the music lihrzlry. A niglit scene of tlie lloyd street siclc of tlie campus sliovvs Carpenter llzill fartj anrl the znt museum. Liveliest lniilcling on eurnpus is llolniberggg liztll vvliere 21 harml- worlaing faculty is constantly en- gaged in rehearsals zinrl perform- zlnces ol' one kind or another. UU has only o11e regents profes- sor-Rupel Jones, clrumu. The title is given in recognition of out- standing service in activities not primarily involving teucliing or re- search. linpel jones. regents professor ol clrziinzi. slions clrzuna stnclents some ol llie line points of tecliniqne in acting u scene. an 4 is s s X 2 giii 'I E A This has been a year of remodeling at Nlonnet hall tlawj. which stands on the north oval and houses oflices, clitssroonis and library for Olds law students. Dr. XYilliznn F. Rick, associate professor of physical education and chairman of the department, demonstrates technique to La Rue Schroder in his tumbling class. One of the most striking structures on cznnpns is the home economics building. lts banks ol' mimosa trees blend with a niodern pink exterior. ln Classroom ln addition to his other duties, a teacher on the OU campus is a member of the general faculty which meets once a semester and he may be a member of the Uni- versity senate. Each college and degree-recoup mending school has representation in the faculty senate which acts as a legislative body on general Uni- versity matters. ,-Xmong the committees which function in the senate are academ- ic standards, teaching and re- search, courses and curricula and student and public relations. J' r Out Faculty Alway Active AICIIIIKTS ol' the fllflllfy senate meet to discuss and legislate rm mutlcrs affecting thc gggencrzxl welfare of lllc I'l1iwrsily, if flatliering material for researcli. Dr. Simon H. Xvender friglitl. research professor of chemistry. checks cigaret-sinoking machine. Faculty Profile: The eareh for Knowledge A university is a center of knowledge and it attracts the faithful teacher who is ever devoted to seeking the academic goals of truth and learning and in turn giving this knowl- edge to the receptive minds of young people. The search for knowledge sometimes centers in a labora- tory where many hours ol' work may contribute only one small piece of information. Sometimes it centers in a library where hooks are scanned and perused and all the scholarly writing studied lor new insight. Sometimes it comes from people--intcrviewing, testing, comparing. Sometimes it comes from the hand ol' the teacher, as from the artist or craltsinan. But whatever the source and whatever the knowl- edge, it passes from teacher to student and thus from gener- ation to generation. ,,...,,.-alll J, fag... Dr, YY. Marxin llaxis. associate professor of pliarnia- offy. talks with Marv Clanton and Paul Lyles .-.. . rut careers in the pharniacy field. -. - .,-W1' F21Clllly p01'l1'11its lI1ClllLlC Nlrs. Ruth Slltlclcly. lmruc CCOHOIl1lC'9Z Dr. John Long. erlucatiou: Col. X. S. xY2lSlllJL1l'Il. ROTCQ John O'Xeil. 1111: Mrs. Xv21RllC Bailey 111111 Edith Scott. library. Zlllll Ur. El'lL'l1 E11'l1l1ulz. II1UilCI'Il l2111g1111pgc. .K ple21sa11t plume to relax O11 ll wz11'111 llllllllllll Lll'tCl'IllT0ll is near tllc lvIllNCI'SlIj' pond 1111 tl1c olcl golf 1'0111'sC. , . M., - , ,, 1 1. ,H ,Xu .luml neu sllmw Copelaucl hull, ulnirll 114111869 the Sclmol ui .Iouruulimn 'ln un-Il ns lfklllllllllltl Daily. Sooxl-QR Xa ulmuk mil Inu IIIIISIII P L L , L " ' ' 2 I I' 2 FWS. ll. Il llcrlmc-rt. Uuvicl Russ Boyd pm- lcnsru' L'lllCl'llllh of jUllfl12l11SIl1. talks lu Kuurcn Sim-lfls und Larry Helm lll thc Ulalulmnm Drnly newsroom. 4' f rf A fr Qi 'Q f fs hw? X 'le 3.1.6-., ' ,.L,., V . A329 ,W XY, H. Carson. now clean emeritus, speaks at the ground-brealcing for a new engineering center. He was dean of engineering for 25 years. Year of Gro th, Excellence ea ure of Men It isn't hard to find around a cam- pus many men who have devoted their adult working years to building fine academic units. Two such men at OU are VVilliam H. Carson and H. H. Herbert. Carson retired this school year af- ter 25 years with the College of En- gineering which he developed into one of the finest in the nation. Herbert, also retired, founded the top-notch School of Journalism and in his honor the school is oflicially the H. H. Herbert School of jour- nalism. He came to OU in l928. The College of Engineering has outgrown its traditional quarters, old Felgar hall, which will soon be sllppleinented by a new engineeringgg center. zsil . 'Biff wt walk M -I ,i fssisszj ili X ,fes- t .. Il .. -'ffllil .:-'05 -1 amish: 1 Bc-rniece Lane helps David Cllriclxester in the oflice of student zlllaurs, Center for 11011-llCilllCIl1IC actlvltles of stuclents. Below. a student gets clleclceal out on the Osage 620 in the computer lab. -,ana 11 '- . swwez joseph E. Coulter is manager of 0U's Max YVestheimer field. Ile also serves us ussoelzxte professor of avlatlon. Keeping tlle l'niversity's pllyhlflll plant opeprating involves countless rlzuly tasks for -Illllll Il, Kllllllllall, d1reCt0r. lmposing .Xclzuns llall is the site ol tlxe schools and clepurt- ments in illc College ol Business .'xllIllllllSfl'21tlOIl. Among tlie buildings on the north oval are Monnet hall and Carnegie building. ln the lD2lClCgf0lIIKl is the Union tower. on- cademic Per onnel Backbone of Campu Bellincl every oflice door on campus are stall members doing a wide variety of jobs that are both necessary and important in keeping a well-organized university running from day-to-day. From clerk to ollice executive they pro- vide valuable services that permit students and faculty to carry on their tasks. .X liarcl-working corps of stall personnel are the girls i11 the Central StCI1OQl'2lDlllC service wllo keep tlie typewriters liunnning. i i l 1 Because of his work in plasma physics, Dr. Rich- ard C. Fowler was invitecl to be guest lecturer at the University of New England, Armidale, New South Wales, Australia. Dr. Maurice H. Merrill, research professor of law, IS gathering material for a hook on municipal corporations. Author, lecturer and widely known for his outstanclingg paintings of birds is Dr. George M. Sutton, research professor of Zoology and curator ol birds at the University's Stovall museum. Pur uit of Knowledge In pire len in Re earch just as universities all over the nation are the traditional centers of knowledge, so have they also become tl1e natural centers of sci- entific inquiry. ,-Xt OU the title of research professor is given to Z1 number of professors for their distinguished contributions to knowledge. These men have denionstrated to the learned world over a period of years vigorous lead- ership in their fields. :H UM ...Q Dr. Howard VV. Larsli, research professor of microbiology and chairman of tl1e department of microbiology and botany, IS searching for the causes of hlstoplasmosis, a fungus YVl11Cl1 IS 1Illl2llCCl by animal life. Ur. Gustav E. Mueller, research professor of philosophyg Dr. Clayton Feaver, Kingfisher college professor of the philosophy ol' religion and ethics, and Dr. Muzafer Sherif, research professor of psychology, meet for coffee in the faculty lounge. 25 W MW, wwf L L, L.' ww., wp W wwwgw MP' v 'mf - 1 ., 1 www ,, ,K K, ' ,Emi ml ff A , LM vi -,f6,Wi5,fw ff? -f,,f Lf AM, . ,V 1 vm H: wr: wwf W, dmmbwf' 'fwrrfw -:J-mmm-tm QWH, f'?:gf1zgQi55QfJ3w 26 Dr. John Paul Duncan, professor of QQUNC'l'IlIIlt'Ill, goes. mer 21 test paper with his class in jurispruclcncc. 4 gl 28 Governor Henry Belhnon discovers that a conference is one method a new governor has to keep informed on state affairs. Republican G0 ernor Brings New Era to tate Henry Belhnon, Oklahorna's first Republican governor since state- hood, took ollice this year. Holder of a bachelor of science degree in agriculture from Oklahoma State university, Belhnon had been Re- publican party state chairman during 1960-Gl and was a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives during 1947-48. He is Inar- ried and has three daughters. Oklahoniafs first family includes daughters Gail, Pat and Ann. who pose with the Governor and Mrs. Henry lielhnon. JUN' wwe i seg ' u ' V. ' 3 551' ' M ,wg 5, 4 9' H, i. 1 2 5 i E ? g.f, F ex 1 . -,+ , 4.921 5 57,4 I i wffm H f 1? L K., 7 Qi, -F af A3 5, J is E . si vlxrut f11l'IIll'I' fruum Billings. Ilrury BCHIIIUII mzulc Ildlillillt' nuns lust full whcu llc was elected us flkllllllllllll-S first llc-plllrliczxrl 4VIlXL'l'll4H'. At a meeting of the Board of Regents are NYharton Mathies. Guy M. Harris. R. L. Crowder. Jr., Bob F. Allee, Mrs. S. F. Ditmars, C. Ellis Cable. Dr. E. T. Dunlap. Scott E. Orbison. john Vater. N. B. Musselxnan and T. G. Sexton. tote Board oi Regent Pilot Higher Education jail 3'!9mn....f - Dunlap. Chancellor. Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education serves as the supervisory and fund-allocating board for junior colleges, colleges and universities which are supported wholly or in part by state appropri- ations. Dr. E. T. Dunlap, Oklahoma City, is chancellor. Serving as chairman of the state regents this year is C. Ellis Gable. The eight other regents are R. L. Crowder, Jr., Tonkawag john Vater, Jr., Enidg Guy M. Harris, Ardmoreg N. B. Musselman, Shawneeg VVharton Mathies, Claytong Bob F. Allee, Hammong Mrs. S. F. Ditmars, Muskogee, and Scott E. Orbison, Tulsa. T. C. Sexton, Oklahoma City, is administrative assistant. The regents supervise 18 institutions. Board et Regent Ge ern University et Oklahema is vested, hy constitutional enactment, in the seven- L man Board of Regents. With the advice and the consent of the state senate, these seven men are appointed by the governor. Ollicers of the regents this year were Dave Mor Hwwqwf gan, Blackwell, president, Glenn Northcutt, YVil lis, vice president, and Emil R. Kraettli, Norman, secretary of the board. Other regents are James G. Davidson, Tulsa Dr. Mark johnson. Oklahoma Cityg Eph Monroe, Clinton, Julian Rothhaum, Tulsa, and Leonard H. Savage, Oklahoma City. Glenn Northcutt confers with Dave Morgan, president. Members of the Board of Regents are Glenn Northcutt. lfph Monroe. julian Rothhaum. Emil R. Kraettli, Dave Morgan, OU President George L. Cross, Dr. Mark johnson. james fl. Davidson and Leonard ll. Savage. L..-wo.--s .Wu 'VM President Cross chats with luncheon guests 'Iuliztn Rtlllllllllllll. Mrs. Curl Albert. floirgressinzin Curl .-Xlbert and fllenn Noithcult. Vigereu Leader hip Bring Year efGrewth Dr. George Lynn Cross has been president of the University of Oklahoma since 1944. He taught at South Dakota State college and the University of South Dakota before joining the OU faculty in 1934. He served as head of the botany depzrrtrnent, acting dean of the Gradu- ate College and acting director of tl1e Research Institute before he beearne president ol' the University of Oklzrhorna. lf eeirii l 5' cCarter Guides Academics Dr. Pete Kyle McCarter joined the University of Oklahoma faculty in September, 1953, as vice president and professor of English. A graduate of the University of Mississippi and the University of Wisconsin, he was on the Mis- sissippi faculty before coming to OU. Dr. McCarter is a co-author of a textbook, Complete College Composition, and author of many articles in professional journals. He is a member of a number of honorary and professional organizations including Omicron Del- ta Kappa, Sigma Upsilon and Phi Eta Sigma. wearmgen Heads Research Dr. Lloyd Swearingen has been vice president for research and development since 1953. He is in charge of the University's research programs, deals with the external sources of support for re- search and the development, maintenance, use and planning of the physical plant. Swearingen, who joined the faculty in 1923, holds the academic rank of professor of chemistry. He distinguished himself in the service during Wlorld Wlar II and he directed tl1e Army's basic science research on a leave of absence from OU in 1951-53. Brown upervises Finance 554'-ffs Dr. Horace li. Brown was narned vice prcsidcnt in charge of business and finance in 1960 by tlie Board of Regents. He came to OU from the Uni- versity of Mississippi in 1949 and at tliat tirne was nanied dcan of the College of Business Adminis- tration and professor of marketing. He is responsible for keeping the lfriiversity budgets, tlie general administration of fiscal af- fairs, the developnlent of financial policies and tlie internal service agencies. Dr. Brown is listed in "YVl1o's Wllio in Aniericaf' and tlie "VVl1o's VVl1o in Connnerce and lndustry." GRADUATE COLLEGE The Graduate College of the University of Okla- homa is one of the country's leading centers of research and scholarly activity. The University offers the doc- toral degree in 22 fields of study and the masterts degree in 62 fields. Dr. Arthur H. Doerr, professor of geography, is dean of the Graduate College. A memher of the OU faculty since 1951, he became dean in July, 1961. A major goal of the Graduate College faculty is to give each student a better grasp of his chosen field, additional skills in methods of research, and greater powers of independent thought. ehelarl Aeti ities Center in Graduate tudie Mrs. Marral Reichert, Mrs. Alberta Mr-Cann and Mrs. Marjorie Bradley handle secretarial and o11ice duties in the Graduate College ollice. Dr. Glenn C. Concli. clean of University College UNIVERSITY COLLEGE All lreslnnan students at OU first are assigned to the University College, designed to aid them scientifically through tests. counseling and guidance to find a course of study which most nearly suits their needs and plans. Since every course taken during the freshman year counts toward a degree. students are able to explore fields of interest before choosing specific majors. Dean ol the University College for the last 18 years is Dr. Glenn C. Couch, also a professor of plant sciences. Assistant dean is Dr. john R. Morris, -lr.. a specialist in clinical psychology. ' Faculty eek To Make Fir tYear Meaningful Dr. Cllenn C. floucli. clean. and Dr. -Iolm R. Nlurris. llr.. assistant clean, discuss freslnnan problems during a stroll about campus. CULLEGE 0F ARTS AND SCIENCES Dr. xvlllllllll li. Liyezey, cleun of the Col- lege ol Arts and Sciences Many chool ,Department Areliepre ented . The OU College of Arts and Sciences has six schools and I9 departments. The schools 'gllil Sll' , Q, il! are geology, journalism, physical therapy, social work, home economics and library Tk Science. The clepartrnents include economics, an- thropology, classics, microbiology, chemis- try, botany, English, history, geography, government, mathematics, modern lan- guages, psychology, speech, regional and city planning, Zoology, sociology, philosophy and physical education. .su Dr. SVillian1 E. Liyezey is clean of the SYII lil! KN college. Associate deans are Dr. John Erik- sen and Dr. Robert Collier. There are about 250 regular faculty in the college. OIR Dr. llohert Collier. :rssistzmt professor of microbiology .xml holany, and Dr. john lfrila- sen. associate professor of government. serxe is associate cleans of Arts anal Sciences COLLEGE 0F BUSINESS ADMlNlSTRATION Dr. James A. Constantin, professor of marketing and transportation. confers with Dr. Donald R. Childress. associate dean, and LYilson B. Prickctl, assistant dean. Curriculum Include Bu iness, Liberal Art A balanced combination of courses in business and liberal arts has been included in the College of Business Administration curriculum. There are six major depart- ments included in the structure of the Col- lege of Business Administration. The college has a program that is de- signed not only to strengthen the graduate in his search for business success but to fit him to live as a citizen in the complex framework of modern society. Dr. Horace B. Brown, vice president in charge of administration of fiscal affairs, is the dean of the college, and serving as asso- ciate dean is Dr. Donald R. Childress. Dr. Horace B. Brown. who has been at OU since 1949, serves as vice president of busi- ness and finance as well as dean of the Col- lege of Business Administration. fiffff c Viv si? -22451 :fsgf - K g ...,... if . , .. . 12 QE-2 .af.,.f.t , . . ,af COLLEGE 0F EDUCATIUN The OU College of Education offers hachelor of science degrees in education, business education and industrial education. There are 21 different areas of study such as language arts, science and elementary education that students may enter. The college offers course work leading to master's and doctor's degrees. Dr. James C. Harlow is dean of the College of Edu- cation and director of teaching education. He holds a bachelor's and rnasterls degree in physics from OU and a doctor's degree in education from the University of Chicago. Dr. O. D. Johns and Dr. Claude Kelley are the assistant deans. Area of tud 0fiered Cover Wide Range Dr. Claude Kelley and Dr. O. D. Johns, assistant deans, confer with Dr Lan renee M Rohrbaugh assistant director of teacher education COLLEGE 0E ENGINEERING 0U,s College of Engineering has produced many of todayls outstanding engineers in this country and for- eign countries as well as many executives of industry in the Southwest. Dr. Gene M. Nordby became dean of the college this year, succeeding William H. Carson, who had been dean for 25 years. Since the introduction of a surveying course at OU in 1899, the college has been expanded to 11 schools- aeronautical and space, chemical, civil, electrical, metal- lurgical, geological, petroleum, mechanical and general engineering, architecture and engineering physics. Dr. Gene M. Nordby, dean of the College of Engineering Oklahoma Engineer Are Known World-Wide Mrs. Dorothy Clay, Beulah Owens, Deanna McConnell and Pat Delhotal compose the office staff of the College of Engineering. 42 CULLEGE 0F FINE ARTS Directors of schools are ffirst rowl ,Iohn 0'Neil. art: F. Donald Clark. dean: tsec- ond rowj Dr. Nat lick. drama. and C. M. Stookey, music. Degree Ofiered in Art, Drama, Mu ie Field The College of Fine Arts includes the Schools of Art, Drama and Music. The three schools each offer a degree in their respective areas. Also offered in the College of Fine Arts is a curriculum in general fine arts which leads to a Bachelor degree of Fine Arts Without a major subject. Teacheras certificates in drama, in either vocal or instrumental public school music, and art education may he secured without graduation. if the requirements for the State Board of Education are fulfilled. F. Donald Clark is the dean of the col- lege. He is also a professor of drama and was named dean in 1961 by the OU Board of Regents. lf, Donald Clark. dean of the College of Fine Arts. has had experience in fields of acting, directing. radio and speech. COLLEGE 0F LAW Daniel C. Gibbens, assistant dean tate Legal Profession Include Many lumni The University of Oklahoma College ol Law has trained most of Oli1H11fJIIlU7S attor- neys. Its graduates include men and women in many important positions including fed- eral judges. state executive officers and many members of the Oklahoma Legislature. The College of Law was organized in the fall of 1909 and has been in continuous operation since that time. It has been a member of the Association of American Law Schools since 1911 and on the approved list of the American Bar Association since 1923. The dean of the college is Dr. Earl Sneed, professor of law, who received law degrees from OU and Columbia. He also serves as mayor or Norman. Dr. liarl M. Sneed, dean ol the College of Lau. is one of two men named outstanding by Noruian Jaycees. He serves as mayor of Noriuau and participates in iuauy activities. vi' E' ,e U F 33 F ef e e sg? f 2 ' . 3 ,,, Q 5. 2 V gf SCHOOL 0F MEDICINE Courses at the OU School of Medicine, Oklahoma City, are organized to oller lmoth theoretical and practi- cal training to produce graduates who are competent general practitioners. Courses provided include history and ethics of the medical profession, general medicine, general surgery. obstetrics, pediatrics and psychiatry. After experience as interns, graduates are qualified to practice anywhere. Dr. Mark R. Everett is dean of the School of Medi- cine and director of the UU Medical center. He is assisted hy three associate deans. ed Classes Meet in tlklahema City Center Associate deans with Dean Everett are Dr. Joseph M. VVhiLe, Jr.. Dr. N. Stone and Dr. Phillip li. Smith. COLLEGE OF PHARMACY The lirst professional department at OU was the de- partment of pharmacy, which was established in 1893 by Dr. Edwin DeBarr. The University's first two gradu- ating classes were composed entirely of pharmacy stu- dents. The department later became a school and in 1950 the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Educa- tion changed the name to College of Pharmacy. Chief administrator ol the college until his resigna- tion in January was Dr. Ralph YV. Clark, a registered pharmacist who was named dean in 1949. He has had more than 40 years experience in pharmacy and now holds the title of dean emeritus and professor of phar- macy. Named acting dean was Dr. Blanche Sommers who serves until July 1 when Dr. Loyd E. Harris will become the new dean. Fir t Professional Department till Gro ing Mrs, Hiltleggarde Long. assistant to the dean of the College of Pharmacy, confers with Dr. Ralph YY. Clark about college records. 46 COLLEGE 0F CONTlNUlNG EDUCATION Newest academic unit at OU is the College of Continuing Education, organ- ized in 1961 to administer the Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree and other pro- grams for adults. Eniphasizing the ability of mature in- dividuals to pursue guided study in their own homes, the BLS degree program con- centrates on-campus work into four resi- dential seminars totaling 13 weeks. Dean of the College of Continuing Ed- ucation since its creation has been Dr. Thurman VVhite, also dean of the Ex- tension Division Dr. Thurman Yvhite, dean of the College of Continuing Education owe Hlollege pecialize in Adult Education Serving in an advisory capacity is the executive committee which meets weekly to discuss curriculum of adult education programs. 47 The lmlgggest surprise of all for the clxilclreu was the 211 Jpenrzxurc ol S11 u Claus at the annual Faculty c lulm Cllrlstmas party. 1 0 42 ii?-5 i OFFICE 0F STUDENT AFFAIRS Dr. Clillord Craven, dean of the Ullice ol' Student .Xllairs tail Guides Non-Academic Affair of tudent Personnel of the Ollice of Student Affairs administer OU's programs of orientation, housing assignment and supervision, social and specialized activities and student gov- ernment. The goal of Dr. Clifford Craven, OUFS dean of student affairs, and his stall is to encourage and help the student attain maxi- mum all around development. Dr. Wlilliam R. Brown, director of men's aflairs, and Dr. Dorothy Truex, director of women's affairs, develop and provide a pro- gram of counseling and supervision for stu- dents and student organizations. Personnel also assist students in obtaining scholarships and loans. Dr. Hillizun R. Broun, director of men's al'- falrs, and Dr. Dorothy A. Truex, director ol NVOIIICKIHS affairs, confer about mutual proh- lems. OFFICE 0F ADMlSSION AND RECORDS Personnel of the OU Office of Admissions and Rec- ords conduct and supervise the admission and registra- tion of students and maintain proper records for each student enrolled at OU. They determine which students are eligible for ad- mission to the University, plan and carry out proper enrollluent procedures and determine which students are eligible for degrees. The oHiee keeps the records of all students who have ever attended the University. Dr. John E. Fellows has held the position of OU dean of admissions and registrar since July 1946. He is ably assisted by Boyce D. Tinnnons. director of regis- tration. and Miss Ruth Arnold. director of adluissions. DR. ,louis E. IfiiLLows. dean of Admissions and Registrar tail Keep Academic File on Every Student Stall includes Boyce ll. Tinnnous. director of registrzitionz Nlrs. Rachel E. Keelei. retorder. and Niiss Ruth Xrnold. director of admissions. 5I UNIVERSITY 0E 0KLAlIOMA LIBRARIES Dr. Arthur McAnally is director of libraries and professor of library science. He is assisted by Edith Scott, technical services, and Mel- ville Spence, public services. UNIVERSITY 0F 0KLAIIOMA PRESS Savoie Lottinville is director of the University of Oklahoma Press, one of the outstanding pub- lishing houses in the nation. Lottinville serves as secretary of the Rhodes scholarship selection com- mittee. He is also donor of the Lottinville prizes for freshmen. F 1 4 ww-m.W is 12 'E!i?Vi-Cv?-QW-4:2-iwiir-!9aiki22f24v,w, whwww 1 ROTC Commandin ' lbfiicer JS' CoLoN1-11. RAL:-ix I.. STHENSQN .awe Professor of Air Science CoLoN12L RICHMOND F. T11w1aA'1"1' Professor of Military Science JV" r, L ff ., . ,,, C u-'MIN I.,xU1:r1Nc.1-1 Ii. Clmilm rnfessor uf Nuvul Science 53 EXTENSION DIVISIIIN Extension Division and College of Continuing Education staff rnernbers. FIRST ROIY: John Vornholt. Dr. William R. Carrnack, Dr. E. F. Cates, Mrs. Crace Jack- son Penney, Melody Marshall, F. Lee Hayden, WViIIiam T. James. SECOND ROVV: Gilbert Merritt, James Ford, Glen Pool, Dr. Thurman J. IVhite. Ned Hockrnan. THIRD ROVV: Dr. John O,Hara, Richard Iirightwell, Robert L. Burton, W'illiam Iioren. James Heston, M. L. Powers. FOURTH ROIV: Benn Henry, VVarren Osburn, VVilliam Kennebrew. Dr. Jess Burkett, Dr. Joe E. Brown, Russell Myers, John J. Long, Dr. Howell W1 McGee, Don VVebh, Leon Thompson, Emery Link. xpanding Program Meet Adult Concern Dr. Thurman J. YVl1ite has been dean of the Extension Divi- sion since 1950 and dean of tI1e College of Continuing Educa- tion since it was established in 1961. r The University of Oklahoma Extension Divi- sion, which observes its 50th anniversary in 1963, offers a wide variety of services and courses. Since its creation the Extension Division has been flex- ible in structure, adding new departments and consolidating others as the needs of the state changed. Its program reached a high point early in 1962 with the opening of the Oklahoma Center for Continuing Education, administered by Extension Division personnel. Often termed the nationls fin- est adult education facility, the Center includes four major buildings and I0 family cottages for conference participants. Individual concerns may be professional, social, medical, family or interpretative learning. Soci- etyls concerns include peace, urbanization, indus- trial development, aging and human relations. Major units of the Extension Division and a re- lated academic unit, the College of Continuing Education, are identified with these concerns. I sn S Ko . 1 . gm. s ON Div GX ' K 51ATE-Vffgf ,O Lu fL X N t , , ' Xia xx fl XJ, ' X Xl ,' -K ---awe---- Q: ?t 'X fnfx 5 G O 1 Q- ,lx CAMPL15 Ny- 6 0+ ITY or Oklahoma Center ior Continuing Education Serves State Typical of the unusual urclntecture in llie S4 million Oklahoma Center for Continuing Education is llie tllree-prrnigzgerl Forum Building. which is usecl each year by tlle more than 40,000 adults from throughout the nation who attend short courses and conferences COIlKlllt'tCil by the OU EXfCHS1Oll Division. Mrs. llazel lVatson supervises alumni as administrative secretary to the ex- ecutive director. ctive Program Benefit Alumni, tudent R. Boyd Cunning is executive director of the University of Oklahoma Foundation and Alumni Relations. Since its founding in 1899, the University of Oklahoma Alumni Association has grown from five chapter members to a membership of more than 12,000 alumni and former students in each of the fifty states and forty foreign countries. Ex- ecutive Director of the University of Oklahoma Foundation and Alumni Relations is R. Boyd Gunning, with Guy H. Brown as executive secre- tary of the University of Oklahoma association. The University of Oklahoma foundation is an independent corporation to seek and administer funds of a permanent or capital gifts nature for OU. The Alumni Development Fund is an "an- nual alumni givingw program operated by the Association to provide for current University needs. jerry Keen is ADF director. Ted Neptune is assistant alumni secretary. The official publications of the Alumni Associ- ation are Sooner Magazine, the Sooner Nczvs-Malo ers, and the "Bud Wilkinson Football Letterf' Mrs. Carol Burr is editor of alumni publica- tions with Mrs. Connie Ruggles managing the newspaper and Joe Davis as assistant editor. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION records and Mrs. Charline Pappan acts iw-nqxw ek ""9b..v ., M i V' Guy H. BIWIUII serves as excuxlixc secretary of thc lvnixersity of fmklllllfblllll 11'iSOL'i2 ' .larry KCCII. cllrectrmr of tllc .xlllllllll IDEVCIOIIIIIIJIII Flllld. Mrs. ffmmic Rlxggggles IIILIIILULUN the ulumni newspaper. Swmzrr .Yrzm-.Ur1k1'1's, while Mrs. Curul Burr is editor of lllllllllli pulmlinzxliu ntmu: Tc-cl Ncptunc- as assistant lllllllllli secretary. amd Math professor Dr. George M. Ewing researches missile trajectory optimization problems of Bolza in the Calculus of Variations for the Air Force oflice of scientific research. .X graduate stuclent uses.a Mach-Zhender interferometer on a research project in chemical engineering. Chemical engineering research laboratories are locatecl in the Research Park. Univer ity Agency Regi ter Continued Growth The University of Oklahoma Research Institute came of age last year, its 21st as an agency to ad- minister contractural research for tl1e University. It was the Institute's proudest year, one in which the value of its research contracts increased by 51,600,000 to give the contracts now in force an approximate value of 84.2 million. This outstanding growth was evident in all areas of research, but particularly noticeable was an increase of research in the social sciences. Twenty- two new contracts, valued at almost a quarter of a million dollars, were received during the last fiscal year for research in these fields. Among the most active areas of research are those supported by the U.S. Army artillery combat developments agency and the Oklahoma City Air Material area. This work is done primarily by researchers in the engineering college. Physics continues to generate new research pro- grams with the ever-increasing challenge of the space programs, projects in the fields of plasmas, solid state and high pressure. Q. A Dr. Richard C. Fowler. vice-president of the Research Institute, presides at a meeting of the executive committee and other advisors. 1 RESEARCH INSTITUTE The role ol' the gonaclotropin in the reproductive cycle of fish is a researcli project of Dr. llowarcl Clemens trightj, professor of Zoology. tudent ,Faculty, Alumni se Activity Center 0KLAIIOMA MEMORlAL UNl0N The Union provides service and recreational facilities and an activity program for the campus and community. Student leisure time activities on both a personal and organized group basis are effectively accommodated in tl1e Union. Confer- ence rooms, dining areas, a game room, barber shop, newsstand, ballroom, auditorium, lounges and food service units including the Ming room, Terrace room and Will Rogers cafeteria are de- signed and furnished with a view to the needs of students and others who use tl1e facilities. University functions housed in the Union but administered by other campus agencies are the University Book Exchange, Alumni Association, Faculty Club and radio station VVNAD. The Union Board of Trustees, composed of six- teen members, is the major policy-making group of the Union. This group of dedicated alumni control tl1e policies of the Union and direct its management. Union personnel include James McCall, food department mana- In the lounge Mrs' Melba Clark' Omce manager' talks ger, Helen Darks, Union activities director, W. H. Freeland, to Judy Moore, lounge supervisor, and students Mar- shall Kramer and Donna Aust. UNION BOARD OF MANAGERS D. H. GRISSO, Chairman JACK LU'l'l'RELL W. H. FREELAND HAL BTULDROW Student Senate President DEAN C. QI. CRAVEN Oklahoma Daily Editor union manager, and Jack Guthrie, assistant manager. fillCClilllg the pm-1'11111e11Ii1111 1'z1le111la1r lll 1111 lillillll are Nlrs. llelen Ylll0IllLlS. ClllL'lCl'lll l111e su persisor: Roy Peters. llllllllllef lllllll21jLC'l'Z Mrs. Ncw1111111, z1ssist1111t, lkmcl 111z111ager, 111111 Mrs l'l1elps. 'llerrucc llfllllll lll2lII2151QCI'. Q 1' , 1 UNION BOARD OF TRUSTEES 1.11111 li. THOMPSON. Oklahoiua City . . President IIMLK LUTTRELL. Norinau . . Vice-Presideiit D. II. Cmsso. Norniuii . . . . . Treasurer NY. H. FRIQI-ZLANI1. N11r111u11 . . SC'L'I'ClLllij'-NIHIIHQJQCI' X N BUXIMKN fJlxIIllll2,LC H111111.11 lilllx'VkP Nm 1111111, R fLl MI NIS 0l1ldl1o111.1 C10 lol CURTIS Pauls Valles clll I'111c11uLI1 Stilludui IJFNIIL Ill the game room Guy l3z11'1'ett. 0211116 room IlldIl11j.,C1 xx atehes D011 Crow play sl111l'lleb0ar1l. I 1111115011 Hditluxille CL1x1 IIXINKSIOX Xluietm H xl1CkSIklNll ljllllkdll Hu. xllIllll0XN or lx UH11111 AIFIIIIHI D111 NIORK KN l res11l111t ol the lirmaul of liCj.,l.lllS D11. C'Eok1:1c I. Ckoss. President. Uiiiversity of Oklalwrlia XYALLACE K11111. Presiclent. Uiiversity of Okluliorna Association Sluclcut Senate President lui li-., 1 IO'-1.5 Mrs. Dorotliy Wvuclclle. ncwsstaxlcl 111a11z15gge1'. 1-111111, 11 111111111111 Nllll stuclc-ut Ruger Clialfant. 'L 's 5 . Q Q NICIIIIJCIN of the Union Activities Board. FIRST ROYY: Mrs. Helen Darks, Paula Martin. SECOND ROW: Janet Clark. Lynn Livinggstoii. Jack Stout. Don Smith. Johnny Jones. UNION... Students actively working together is a phrase descriptive of the Union Activities program. The purpose of Union Activities is to provide the OU student body with a variety of programs to meet the varied interests ol the students. Three major divisions of the Union Activities organization are the Union Activities Board. Un- ion Activities Council and Union Representatives Council. Members of UAB are of junior and senior classification. .Ioan Kersaiv and -Ian Adams proof-read the prograin lor the appearance of Dame 'luditli Anderson on the Celebrated Artists series. -.V livery year members ol' the linion Representatives fiflllllell decorate the lnion lor Cliristnias. A feature this year vias ax t in :dc ol' loil ind mn ni ui s. SUZRIHIC IIZIFIICS. -Ioan KIUIIIIIZHI und IQCZIKIIIIQJQ over the IIIIIIIIICS are NLIIICIIC IJISIIAIIJIIIIIIQQ the mail are Janet fII2ll'Ii .Ioan KQIIIIIEIII clleck the files. IYQIII and Steve Cook. .md XYHTYCII Kuurt. OFFICERS UNION ACTIVITIES BO,-XRD UNION .-XCTIYITIICS COUNCIL .IAN1-IT CLARK . . . President NIIKE IIIAPLES ....... President DON SMITH . . Vice-President JOAN KALMAN . . Vice-President PA15LA MAll'l'IN . . Secretary NANELLE VVALI. . . Secretary W .Ch .sxf xI9IllIJK?l'H of lIIlIUll .Xctivities Cfuuxlcil. FIRST ROIY: .ILHICI KCll'Illllll. .Inzm KHIIIIUII. Put Tgxylur. Tcrry Kurls. -ICQIIIIIC Iyhitc, ,Ioan L COIIIIIHII. Nzmellc IVQIII, SECOXIJ ROXY: Mike Maples. Hike I-Irrwzlrcl. Stun Shields. Kent Iluxlcy, YYa1'1'cn IQUIIYI. Don Crews. Slew Um' iw Q 2 , . il S ,a "' sum' , 6,4 Jig? MA ', M m?5 A wg 1 ., ' ' 4 1. .rg if + SL x ' W ? aa 2. E, wx A ,fa rf' I 1 .Q 1 W, I -.... at i X 145 r i ' ' l ilfiff . ,EXW wg ' ' sw A X .puff .1 52 -z W 1 Hel 4 2 5. ,- I, '5 . se f Q .lm feff! ff r f g,,,f L, srrssrs 1 l -.fff"' mu , kg le i t A4 W A J 1 -' .1 'T 'f JY ,J Aa 2 f fri Q N' Q ' - 5 M' .. 1 fi: sv, . , X Ol' entertzlluetl clelegztles to the Region 9 comen- n of l mon Actlvltles all Zl Cllllfli nztggou lllllllfl' cl In December, the t'0llYC1llIllIl mcluclccl clele- ltes from colleges in the south zmcl soutllwest. . g 5 , 5 I at f ' 'Va , , 73 ' 'L l ' e wg I. L t , , ,WWW 1, W ... .7-:::.,f:: , 7 5 l , 7' kky' 2-332 .Xclxerlising the l'nion sponsored trip to Nassau during spring, Nllfllliflll are Nancy Nlllfllll. Kent llzltley. Sherry Steele :mtl Don Crews. All 0lllSf?lIlCliI1fJQ sucecss with their humor and singing were the Smothers Brothers, who zxppezlretl on the Pop Serles, lllCll' first time ut UU. 1.111 xlUI'2,llIl tells her lI'l llell sl ters that "UV is Yflllfl in the sororltfs Sooner SLl1IlKl2llS zul. Rolmlxle xlt.xtllHllN. fylillllltllllll ftily junior. rlir-utter! the 'l'ri-Dell skit. 65 SIX tudontFaoult Board uporvisos Publication of Yearbook, ow paper The University of Oklahoma Publications Board acts as publisher and policy-making body for school publications. It is unique in that both students and faculty members corn- prise its rnenibership. The Board has been supervising the publi- cation of the two student publications, the Uklalmma Daily and the SooNER Yearbook since 1915. The student-faculty board is composed of seven voting and three ex-officio niernbers. Four students are chosen annually from appli- cants to represent the two publications and publications-at-large. Voting faculty rnenibers ol the board are Dr. C. Joe Holland, director of the H. H. Herbert School of Journalism. chairnran of the boardg John H. Casey. professor ol' jour- nalism, secretary, and Dr. Ralph Bienlang. professor ol' pharmacy, appointed to the board by President Cross. Student nrenrbers of the board this year were Trude Steele. Babs Fenwick, Paula Mar- tin and Peggy Wlells. ,f FIRST KUXY: lrude gteele laula Martin Peggy Wells. llabs Femsrtlt SI C UND ROW -Iohn II. Casey. Mrs louise I3 'Nloore Dr Ralph Hienfang. Dr. Cf. Ioe Io ant ferr H rlc Cr-11:11, H. ISR fvid. I - fi' -iz Q21 Leif 5 xml g-,ff K3 Zigi? X 5, if ooner Yearbook Editor Revie Year JOHN M. SHARP. Editor New secretary this year is Mrs. Barbara Gary. She holds a BA in music education from South- eastern and is at Oli while hus- band Joe Leland completes his nrasterls. Being Scapegoat-in-Chief is no easy task, but luckily there were many capable people to help out this year. Major domo was Rose Spradlin, who after three years, knows all the tricks of the trade. New secretary, Barbara Gary, was full of enthusiasm, which oftirnes left Noldtimersw some- what mystified. Most of the staff worked diligently in anticipa- tion of the promised year-end party, at the expense of the editor, of course. Chief photographer, Bill Tippit, wanted Sharon Shriver to be his darkroom assistant but to no avail. Pete Feldman and Bobbie Kirkhart were in charge of the jokes and Cliff Sands taught the secretaries how to dance the "fat ladyfl And everyone joined the Friday afternoon "cof- fee sessionsi' that made up for a bad week and prepared all for the next. 'Thanks especially go to the people who came in and filed and indexed, a not too pleasant but essential task of yearbook production. Everyone took a hand in taking ID's and writing copy which kept things rolling. Special thanks go to Dr. john Cutts, Captain L. B. Green, Carol Chamlee, Jerry Gamble and Red Hawkes for their work on the beauty com- mittee. And a tip of the hat to Richard Chamer- lain for his sincere interest and cooperation in being beauty judge. ,stizzm , ,, , , W 221, SO0NER YEARBO0K STAFF JOHN M. SHARP PAIILA MAR'l'lN ALLAN THoM1-soN FRANCES RAHHAL LARRY Karim' . Boinsm KIRRHART DAVE VVHl'I'I'AKER TFERRY BARBER . SHARON SHRIVER Run HAWVKES . . Editor . Assistant Organizations . Sorority . . Fraternity Independent VVomen Independent Men . Sports . Services . Beauty Yearbook stall' members include Pete Feldman. sports: "Sinn" Thetford, sports: Larry Kelley, fraternity editor, and Terry Barlme r. sports editor. The newly organized editorial board includes major stall' edi- tors. FIRST ROYY: Bobbie Kirkhart. Frances Rahhal. Dave XVhitaker. Margaret Richards. Sharon Shriver. SECOND BUTT: Allan Thompson. John Sharp. Relia Bristow. Paula Martin, Trnde Steele, Red Hawkes, Carol Hood. av' N 1 we NAM ...,,-.-.shun M, -if 4, , t WN" lhisungg heroes of yearbook produc- tion are members ol the ollice stall who assist i11 filing and indexing. lllflllilllljl ixllll Marshall. Claudia flhaille. l.enna Teir. and Ariel . e bf- ,. . L rg Wilson. who also doubled as assist- . E 21lllS to various editors. YEARBO0K COUNClL The Yearbook Council was organized this year ill Llll effort to gain more wide-spread interest ill tl1e yearbook. Representatives from eacl1 organ- ized house were invited to participate. Their du- IVIRST RUYY: Frances Parks. Hester: Marian Harvey. Herrick: Janie lischler. Hume: Cannlla Finley. Robertson: Penny Lieber- man. Brooks: Margie Force, Davis: Kay Trowbridge, Forbes: Helen Longgliibler. Hamill: Carol Jayne Smith, Evans: Ginger Allen. Jordan. SECOND RUNY: .lay Helfert. Kelly: Carol Morrisoii. Parker: Dee Albrecht. McSpadden: Anne Marshall. Holman: -lean Kaiser. Kirk: Ethel Kasterke, Mcffurtaing Sally ties include assisting in setting up pictures and taking identifications, securing information about their respective houses, writing copy and office work. Jarrett. Oliver: Nancy Turk, Neill: Adrah Barnes. Sager: Jim D. Barnard. Ditmars. THIRD RUYY: Noel Portnoy. Young: Ralph Pinsonneanlt, Naifeh: Ronny Bradshaw. Baker: Jerry Elliott. Vance: Bob Wlillis, Alley: Travis Curd, Mills: John Knightley, Burton: Stony Anderson. Ditmars: Earl Skarky. Hass: Ronny Pyle, Setlilf. T 5' C' E !l l3HS!1 Alil. 1 0klahoma Dail 0ut ta,ndingCoIlege ewspaper The Ulzlalioma Daily, written and edited by journalism students, serves as the principle news medium for the University of Oklahoma. lt is published hve days a week, Tuesday through A Saturday, except during college vacations, and is distributed campuswide. Wlriting, editing, make-up and photography are done by students in the editorial department, un- der the supervision of Mrs. Louise B. Moore. Printing operations also are handled by students under the direction of YV. C. Vanderwerth. The Olzlalzoma Daily is one of the few univer- sity newspapers in the nation with full Associated Press membership and full leased wire service of United Press International. Former Daily editors include Oklahoma Sena- tor Mike Monroney, .lack Fischer, editor of Har- lI6'l',S magazine, and the late Dr. Fayette Copeland, former director of the School of Journalism at OU. During the year, the Daily publishes a number of special sections. The paper is always printed on green newsprint in observance of Engineers Yveek in March. A special section on Journalism Day in April is also printed. This YCar three staff- Inenibers received national cv, 4.4 recognition for journalistic excellence, Clare Ham- ga M - is.. Q i blen, Dennis VVhittlesey and ,lim Kendall. I an .,,, I ' hc, . .av-F' .... We - TERRY Buuniix, First Semester Editor jay Turk, Burnie Johnston and Beth Kesler check the teletype for suitable copy to edit for publication in the Daily. WM. 7l as 235 ma . . a . I fa . A sv., 3, I f .kgs " .F g , First Semester Staff. FIRST RONY: Terry Barber. editor: Peggy wells, Norma Mackey, Lilian Logan, Babs Fenwick. SECOND ROSS: Sally Sue Allmon. Frances Tabor. Sandra Turner, joe Mays. john Greiner, Dennis Svhittlesey. THIRD ROSV: Danielle Levy, Betty Jones, Peter Feldman. EDITORS HEADLINE CAMPUS ACTIVITIES, STATE NEWS First semester editor Terry Barber carried over some of his sports enthusiasm into the editor's chair, plugging and praising campus activities, sports events and school spirit. Writing under the title "Editor,s Notebook," he stressed local issues primarily, battling the Re- gents' ruling on cars, student senate actions and the housing problem. Babs Fenwick, second semester editor, initiated a weekly column "Flashes from Classesf, which related bits of campus and classroom humor. She criticized students for unfair complaints about the price of books and enrollment flaws, plugged Conference on Religion and did a series of editorials on outstanding professors on campus. Election year in Oklahoma captured many of the headlines in the Daily-the election of Henry Bellmon as the state's first Republican governor, the death of Senator Robert S. Kerr and the sub- sequent appointment of Gov. Howard Edmond- son as U.S. Senator. Locally, OU made the headlines sports-wise with the Big Red making it all the way to the Orange Bowl and students interested in the go-go-go ap- proach of Basketball Coach Bob Stevens. First Semester Advertising Staff. john H. Casey, Ranrlel Grigsby, Larry Belin. Jack Hardy, Jim Mayo. Seated are Nanelle VVaII and Peggy Durham. 1 Nei, 6.551 in JSE if 'I 4? if 2951! 'S Wifi' ' 'I 9 'fa ft... ig:5,Q'TiT:g . :VFW l sc: A-fait 5 5 5 ,W 1 rfmlglu 4 ' Af' 7 ,. Sigh W ,.:ff"' 1 ' Afziwf , , . X A1 N' uiihu 4 IW' La ii' "Hr:-xl 2HW m,,,,?iM f sw. i I Buss FEXNVIVK. Second Semester Iiilimr Seumrl Seliiesirr .xfiYCI'IlSiIljJQ Staff--Izuiics flzilml. Qlmli Frcyci. Clliuuk firurly. Mike Fliek. Mike Smith. Profs:-:sur .lohu llziscy. Harry BCIISUII. -lcuu Parker. Sccuml Seriie-su-r News Stuff-lflKS'l' IUHY: .lim lirlice. Slow UW iilmcy. Kay NYllitzikcr. SICCQOXD RUNY: Amlrcu Nlzlyu. ,Indy Porter. littty lluucs. Hubs l'wL'IlHiL'ii. Uciliiis Wiililllcscy. THIRD RON 21 llulliu she ul lu ul Y: P ulu ' 'z . 'Q"ry liZll'IlL'I'. Liliaiu lmguii. .Ii 5 Newkirk. Sully Sue Allimm. Sandy 'l'urnc'r. Burnie Jolinstmi. F ,....,-f" Suonvr Sll1lIIIl'lll'L' staff plans an issue. Roger flhapinan. Mike Maples. Keats Soder. lirucc .Xrniour and flcorge Nlclicc. tudent Edit Official Engineerin Quarterly llrucc ,'xfIll0llI'. 1902-fifi editor. shows Editor-Elect George Mcllee some of the past covers as the two talk over ideas for fllIl1liC iSSllCS. Now in its 22nd year of publication, the Sooner Slllllllftifk is the ollicial magazine of the Univer- sity ol' Oklahoma College of Engineering. Wlritten and edited by a student stall' of engi- neering students, the magazine is completely self- supporting. Its 38,000 budget is obtained from national advertising accounts and semester assess- ments of engineering students. The 2500 copies of each issue are distributed to engineering stu- dents, faculty, state high school counselors and state high school science teachers. A news column features activities of the Engi- neers club, other engineering professional or hon- orary organizations and honors accorded to engi- neering students. Each issue runs about G0 pages and deals with a subject of interest to all engineers. The theme of the December 1962 issue, prepared with the assistance of OU's College of Continuing Educa- tion, was "Liberal Education for the Engineer." The issue placed the 5002111 SlIflIlITOCk among the top engineering college magazines. Request for copies were received from throughout the nation. Stall' members were Bruce Armour, editorg George McBee. associate editorg Roger Chapman. business manager: Keats Soder, circulation mana- ger, and Mike Maples, news editor. tudent Print Paper at Journali m Press Each semester students are employed hy Jour- nalism Press to do the composing, typesetting, page make-up and press work for the Oklahoma Daily. VV. C. Vanderwerth, shop superintendent, di- rects and coordinates work of students and full- time employees. Vanderwerth came to OU in Au- gust, 1945, from Bryan, T ex., where he had served as the mechanical supervisor since 1921. The Press assumes the responsibility and assures the maintenance of all the mechanical needs of the student newspaper. It was organized June l, l930, hy an act of the Publications Board, who recognized the need for such an organization to assure the maintenance of the mechanical needs of the student newspaper. VVith the approval of the University, the Press makes all purchases and handles financial business for the Daily. It is one of the few self-supporting units on campus, paying for Costs of production, maintenance and salaries through revenue from advertising and sale of student publications. FIRST RUYY: Lanny Smith. Bill Starks. john Howard. jim Bruce. Mike Swan. SECOND ROXV: Steve Nemecek. Tim Cochnauer. Saralou Griflin, .lim Mayo, James Squirrel. Graham Weakley. THIRD ROVV: john Griffin, john Burford, Dick W. C. VANDISRVVIZRTH. Superintendent Bednar. Mike Krasnow. Max Carter. Robert Roberts. jon YYolfe. Ronnie Smith. VV. C. Vanderwerth. NOT PICTURED: Bob Salmon. ,,gZ"fF lull! J . ,, . K W' nf ,1""-x, X s 'J 'lm NX -s ' f fiff'fff""'f-134g-"1 SAM '75 qw If f . V 5 J Q, x .wf:E1-335' X! ' fi3xW"9' X. X? if W Q, , f ' ACTIV Min -K K if? 4 W SA was Q ! am. w -, v Paw iibiksww 3 3 in First lmig HH-LTlllllIJll5 surizll ment is "fIuIl1'gggc' ul' l-Ililllliblflgf... XXIIUIK' mlzlllvillg, fun nml gzuncs llI'L' i'UllllJiIIl'II xxilll XIII frppf1l'llll1iIy ln sign up fm' p1l1'li1'I1mlimu in l IIIUII 1lk'lINllli"4 gym. e. K w. Z' -A V .. 'L V ff--,W , , : wggqgvi gun , f'fw ' Y -, 5 N, -.1 ,, fiffwqm,-1 .114- kif W' 0553252255 , ggi wef v?-fsw mm Q- ' ,..,. wwaw-4'-' ,N - .,,-4 Lusfifgq X g-- may f- bmw, f M.. L 'ii-Fly L. L .Y " Qiiia. ' V ,. 'wslggvffwilklmv 1f'Tf,z,f-M,ggg,,ffg43?WmT1?5':f -ff' f vw 1,255 , , ,, ' I f ,Q I wg ' V 1 ,Xml Cx Nllllllll CIQUIIC sung nlimnlucl' SOUIICTM LII thc lI0lIIl'k'UIllillQQ fgllllll km-xx ull ilu- lima' llxc sung nl' llnc- clay uns Nxyllfll ' Illll llle Nulrc Danm- IIISII Lum .Xre SIIIIIIIIQQ. C rex .gif ,fx 5. ,, 'f-13 may was-px,-1, 1 M- I W., , , a wa? ,, Jflxf 1 ' W .,. ' , 5 W4 aw, Q , Q mm ' fi 1'-1 ?i -e My Q ,zfgmg livell un lNfothe1's Day weekend, Mrs. li. L. Parker hmls that a VYUIIIZIIIQS work IS never clone, CSIDCCIZIHY when :she has ll ililllgllfiff in college. IJClifJQllliIlQQ the children as well as .lim cgI't't'llSt0Ill'. ,Ion Hunk and Lester Smith. Szlnlu arrives at the Pi Linn cIl1f1SU1l2lS party in an lml icollter. Delta KLEIIIIIIIHS Anne Crucnig and Pam Luckner teach their fathers the Fat Ludv ut u dance Dacl's Dany at the DG house. For ooner Be tPart of Week I Weekend The hest part of the week is the weekend, and Sooners prove it several times a year with special weekends. llomeeoming always means queens and a name hand in the Union. Dallas weekend produces a migra- tion ol Sooners to Big D. Dad and Mom are king and queen lor a day when the eampus is thrown open to them during the spring and fall. The weekend before Christmas, students' hearts turn to children and little ones see the joys ol' Christmas with the help of UU students. Ronnie Hawkins and his hand put on a show at the annual llomeeon danee that Sooners will not soon forget. Q vm? Aw-al omeeomingg queen Betty Dixon. not helievingg a dream rome true. ax the kiss of Honiu-oiniiiggg flliairinan .lay Nlaxuell. Ur. -Ioscpli Hzuwruluuigui. liuixcrsity ul Clliiuigu tliculugisl. greetecl sluclculs ul ll coffee cluriiigg the uuuuzil floiifeifiice ou Rc-liggiuu. Religion Act' 't'e 0 A peet el College L'l llic vross. syiulmulic' of Xuicricuu fziilli. 1r1u'es hlillflllllfy ul Pl'L'Sl1ylCl'l2.lll cliurcli. I ' ' ' .4 ,. , . ,..,,, . . Loiig zui important part of the heritage and tradition of the lfuiversity ul' Ukluhoiiizi, religion continually plays 21 vital part in the lives ul' students and faculty alike. More than tweiily-five fuitlis are represented in the Noriuuu urea. giving u cross-section of religious beliefs. .Xcceiituzuiug the iuiporlzuice of religion in college life, llie zumuzil Conference on Religion draws nationally- kuowu religious leaders to the UU czuupus. l it ie Charles Sunil fiuls iueiulmeis of lus L'0Ill"l'L'l"'lllUIl Ailtcr Mass uu Suurluy. lfzulier Swell is ai pupulau' Iiggurc uu tlie Ol' cuuipus. fi.. .i 4,,. . . mafia. .ef lbs ul u 4 ,ip ww f vs .,-1 I --..1..... .X F4-5? 1 . j I X,-......."" ,,gQ Q j-. i 2 E A 5 ' ww L 3 A 'V 1325? W ' f , 'r fgy inzkg' 1 H Q i Q fm ,Q RH aww -K an ay Aa! f s -E k W 4 fu N Q W, 59 Jf' 'f ' 1 f M f wg! f ff K fm- , Q if Q w ' i ' A bi 52+ T v V 5 W W Ask wi fa s 1 A t J is ' WW s S M:-.,.-'.:,.--,rz -,..,-11... f - K. 3" K N Km ff . H K ,,, 5' 10 M-f, . : E .M t ,fi . .1 Lennie, Smith s-.peutl their Tllttrscluy afternoon ing party pictures I.l'UIIl IIICIIIUFZIIJIC' evenings. mm pl lys mary play with his three sous on Dacfs Day. ,U Rumi, 1 It ,uid ,ul Ilmgm fl JAM, C ruins caine dmvn die l1IIlllI'Cll'lS went np lull the lzins were still nut in fnll force tn fill tlie sludinni tn Capacity for lJllfl.S Daly. . 4 . . Politics To Picture Fill ooner 'Days Variety is the word ut Oklulimnzi University und students eun find any nnni- lmer of things from politics to pictures to H11 Ilieir lmiirs. Student senators de- lmled direct elccliong Czunpus Chest carnival raised ll record-lmreaking 356,000 :ind gave OL' another queen. The weutlier played zz liig part as ruin spoiled Dudis Day and snow tlirezitened during ilflllllllfy. A student senzllnr lililmnstcrs on die clirecl election laill. rlcfemecl lmy the sciizite,ln1t passed by ll slndcnl referendum. 1 The faces of liucl ziticl Gomer Jones rcllc't't the gloom of both the tcznn :incl the fans after il flrishani fuinlxlc. Sooners took ziclvziittage of the Floritlzi sunshine and spent lots of time beside the pools of their hotels. Tails were definitely in fashion for finals week. 1 1 tv......... 1 vi-.-1... 11- Kfter a tremendous comeback season Bud Wilkinsons team lost to the Crimson Tide of Alabama 17-0 on New Year's day in Miami. Long drive or no, Sooners armed with scuba diving equipment, bathing suits and party moods invaded Miami to see their team meet the Crimson Tide of Alabama in the annual Orange Bowl classic. In spite of the early end of vaca- tion, the alumnae chartered a plane, and a group of students chartered another to take fans to Florida. The highways were full of Oklahoma cars on their way to take in the friendly Florida sunshine. VVith the illness of Monte Deere and the slippery hands of Jim Grish- am, the Sooners let Alabama have the game, but the fans didn't seem to mind. They had a good time! Newlyweds Ralph and Dianne Neely honeymoon in Miami during the days preceding the big game in the Orange Bowl. we P 1 W., K w ..-3 M ww , 4 i . K Kun' , 'fy' 'dF"'Nk 'L 4 'P J if af' .amm- l 5- iff? f 'F' H Q- il A . 'Al1 "'-A-"im: f Q QU., Q, A W .f 2' - K ',f:'1f2'75i'.-3-'11 -ffg5,:g1::g3. , S' 5 ? ,.4'1"i' , 15-1"-'ww A-hd A-+'." .". '- me ww:-::':' 4??Ff?,hi- 'S'L'if.?' fl'Z'fi3'Jl:,f!'f' ,ks w Maw ' J w may tndent Promote International Relation an Z Marian VVikrz1111z11121yake. Ceylon, clelightecl her Della clllllllllil l1o11sc111ates NVIIII her beauty and l1e1' IIZIIIYC dress. Every011e lez1r11e1l to wrap 21 sau! P li? ff, 1 is M., I-'gt B, ,Iohu Ombette of Nairolmi, Kenya. LTOIllblIlCS his 11z1tive COSUIIHC with can "Hush Puppies" to add a 111116 of cl1z11'111 to the Ol' 11111111111 works in the library and IS actlve 111 the IIllC'fllilllUll2ll club. 1 Ameri- -IUIIII f , jk Q A 5 f 5 S? , 5 5 3 iff 1: E 2 A A. 1 1 Y If Y wan . L 35,359-v S' 'ff ' wi as nl ,ff--u..,Nhn M Vi' R 40 ..., Lx 5 'Q S ... X 25 ii m .L 1 a A 5 Ffzif' 's if if f . f x m f m K I ' auf' RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN Dear Editors: Dr. Kildare never had a more difficult ndiagnosisn to make than the one you have asked from me. Picking one winner from the eight Oklahoma beauties was a next-to-impossible task. I would like to point out, too, that any such judging from photographs alone cannot be com- pletely satisfactory. To select one girl above another, a judge should study the girls personally, consider their personalities and talents as well as their beauty. I wish I could have visited your University and personally met each candidate. In View of the difficulty I had in making a decision, I took the liberty of calling for help from Mr. Raymond Massey, our Dr. Gillespie, and others working with us here on the Dr. Kildare set. After considerable study -- and not a little debate -- we came to the following con- clusions: First place -- Miss Trish Thatcher Runners-up -- Miss Billy Kaye Smith and Miss Frances Sheppard. CWe couldn't decide between them.J Beyond that, we couldn't attempt to rate the con- testants. In fact, Trish, Billy Kaye, Frances and also Ann Connelly, Cynthia Pride, Sami Schuber, Tana Ware, Sharon Woodruff, you're all NUMBER ONE in our book. Our congratulations to each of you and to the Sooner Year Book for having eight such outstanding representatives. Richard Chamberla n 2 f if mu Q Zi 5 li S s Q5 5 3 - el,2,mw L. if 23 21553 EQ 19 'Q Q sa sie aff aw E5 E 33 34 153 in 5? iii Qi V2 ' Aegis! as MEM S M ASM Mvnsqziiw kts :QRS F ggi wg Qmyekgwa KN 3 Q 3. N 2 'K . . x Af 'L at Nm' x- ww, x up ,N ".fg,-,gf,,.,,:1 ,., 1 'W i 1-I 1 4"1 m m L,AJ 5, Finalists SHIRLEY DORMAN Alpha Delta Pi NANQLY ROBINSON Alpha Epsilon Phi LESLIE S'rERNB15RGl-IR JUDY lWfIGOVVEN Sigma Delta Tau Zeta Tau Alpha Gmuw ZALKOVSKY ROSLYN Srsnm-:R Alpha Chi Omega Hester Hall .lo ANN DESIIIZROW Klum' PKIQSLQTT Rolmertsun Hall Delta Delta Delta N.xNcz1 ToLANn JUDYE CRUMLIZY Franklin House Brooks House FR,xNc:lN1c IDIZNT KAREN IQUSTKA Kappa Della Bizzell House Pliccy STIQRN BURMF JoHNs'roN Chi Omega Cleo Cross House Finalists SALLY MANNING Pi Beta Phi .v LINDA ANDIQRSUN Evans House juzkllz JENKINS Iillclsay House CATIIEY LITTELL Alpha Epsilon Phi MAIz'rI CARDWELL Delta Camma VIRGINIA KIDD Kappa Kappa Gamma ,IUNITA WADE Alpha Gamma Delta KATHLEEN KELLEY Delta Gamma RI'I'A SCHOLEM Alpha Epsilon Phi JUDY KLABZUBA Kappa Delta STEPHANIE SPECHT Logan House ominee ANN MCCONNELL Alpha Gamma Delta SUE ASIIE Kappa Alpha Theta .IANIE JUBELA Gamma Phi Beta KAY BOATRIGHT Pi Beta Phi SUZANNE THOMPSON Alpha Chi Omega SHARON HINIES Alpha Phi SHERI FEIN'I'If:c1II Sigma Delta Tau ROSELLEN ANDERSON Alpha Delta Pi CANDY IiLALoc:Ic Delta Delta Delta SANDY SAwvI-:LL Delta Gamma SUSAN BARNES Chi Omega Bli'l"1'Y POND Kappa Kappa Gamma DIANNIE HAWRINS Delta Gamma KAREN PIIILBIN Gamma Phi Beta CAROLYN Sc1IIwEERs Delta Delta Delta JUDY PETERS Alpha Gamma Delta STEPHANIE THOMAS Pi Beta Phi NANCIY WALDMAN Alpha Epsilon Phi SHARON SPRAKER Alpha Phi JANE FRANKLIN Sigma Delta Tau CAROL ELLISON Kappa Alpha Theta ANITA JO SINGLETERRY Alpha Chi Omega LINDA HABIMON Chi Omega CVVEN BROWN Kappa Kappa Gamma ominee CAROL VVORTIIING Alpha Gamma Delta CYNTHIA CURTIS Pi Beta Phi LINDA LILLARD Kappa Kappa C BIIIIIIH KAY MULLINS Kappa Alpha Theta JANET BORDE Sigma Delta Tau MARTHA BELL Chi Omega BENALEE IAIEBISEN Alpha Chi Omega JUDI DEES Delta Delta Delta CAROL CRAVEN Kappa Alpha Theta NANCY HEIDLUNIP Alpha Chi Omega SIIARON BRUZA Alpha Gamma Delta ANN HULL Delta clllllllllll PA'I'RIcIA HAMMONII Chi Omega S'I'EI'HANIE JONES Alpha Delta Pi ANN MCDISNIEL Pi Beta Phi SUE CARMACR Alpha Phi ominee lWARY STI'I"I' Alpha Phi SYLVIA PI'I"I'MAN Chi Omega SUSAN INGRAAI Delta Delta Delta CAROLINE ST. PIERRE Cainma Phi Beta SUSAN HAMIIY Gamma Phi Beta NANCIY RYDER Delta Gamma JULI ALLIN Chi Omega NIAYLAN XVOLYERTON Pi Beta Phi PATTI FISHER Kappa Kappa Gamma JUDY ROBBINS Delta Delta Delta ANITA DI GIACOMO Pi Beta Phi -IOIIANNA VVILSON Kappa Kappa Gamma JESSICA HISGAN Alpha Phi V! Q-im Q61 Pi Beta Phi Miss OU mai 53- EQ 15 : XP' K 1 fix Q K fu , 9 5 A 2 ,k.1f-Q55 ,M -- -ml -VQSM :ss-W -- ffgzqe we fm 917555 1.55252 . I 15: QMEE I :L1 M :TT Ellffiff . Aliiks .fa ,W , i i A QU: ff , QQ? 53 ,, ,,,. X 5 , X s ,QTSQE 4, :E S - yy wi- 1 . -7555 : . . mf M9114 f, .gasp s A ' .iiflgiflffp 4 Z iseifcz. 1551 , 211. ff 2 Lffvffv z Jerry Gan1ble Kappa' Sigma Richard Sinclair Delia Tau Delta Blah of Disfihciioh Sani I-lallnian Sigma Chi Bob lVlC':l:al'Ial1d Delia Upsilon Don Walker Phi Delta Theta TERRY BARBER--Journalism, Editor, Managgingg Editor, News Editor and Sports Editor Oklahoma Daily, Sports Editor SOONER Yearbook, Student Press Associa- tion, Union Board of Managers, VVesley Foundation, Executive Council of Campus Chest. Pel'5'pOl13ll'l'leS'n CAROL BYRD-Zoology, President of Tassels, AWS. Alpha Lambda Delta, Mor- tar Board, Delta Phi Alpha, Phi Sigma, German Club, Pi Omega, Young Demo- crats, Model UN. Panhellenic Rush Chair- man, President of Alpha Gamma Delta. ' ., HUGH BARRETT-Engineering and Fine Arts, Pe-et. ODK. Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, Student Senate. IFC. BMOC, Cross Center Judicial Board. COR. YVho7s Wiho, Canterbury Clulm. Delta Phi Delta. Sigma Rho Epsilon. AIEE-IRE. Sigma Chi. JANET CLARK-Letters, President of Union Activities Board, Vice President of Union Activities Council, Alpha Lambda Delta, Tassels, Mortar Board, BWVOC, Une of Ten Outstanding Freshman VVoinen. WVho's Vifho, Pledge Trainer of Kappa Al- pha Theta. BOB BASCOlNl-Public Relations. Presi- dent of Student Senate and Union Activi- ties Council, UAB and UAC Service Award for 1960-61, University Standing Committee, Honor Resident of Cross Cen- ter. VVho's VVho, Treasurer of Delta Tau Delta, NNN CRAWFORD - Philosophy, llistory and English, Treasurer of Tasscls, Model UN lfnder-Secretary General, Vice Presi- dent ol' Panhellenic, Pi Uinepga President. AYYS, BWVUC, W'ho's Vvlllb, President of Delta Gamma. II3 KAREN CULLEN-English, President of Mortar Board and Alpha Lambda Delta, UAC Vice President, Tassels, One of Ten Outstanding Freshman VVomen, I962 En- gineers Queen, BWOC, VVho's Who, Pledge Trainer of Pi Beta Phi. JERRY KIAMBLE-Iietters, President and Vice President of Student Senate. Pe-et, Vice President of UITK and Phi Eta Sig- ma. Outstanding FFCSIIIIIZIII. BMOC. W'lio's VVl1o, President of Kappa SISJQIIIZI. II4 CYNTHIA CURTIS- Radio-TV. Treas- urer of Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Rho, BWOC, Vllhols VVho, KUVY, XVNAD. KOCO-TV, Rush Chairman and Vice President of Pi Beta Phi. GARY CREESON-Urban Studies. Presi- dent of IRC and AVCSIIIIIIISICF Foundation. Gamma Theta Upsilon, Human Relations Commission. Vllhols Wlho, Pi Sigma Alpha, Sociology Club. ODK, Trident Society, Outstanding NROTC Freshman and -lun- ior, Delta Upsilon. BABS FENWICK-Journalism, Editor, Managing Editor, Campus Editor of Okla- homa Daily, Vice President of Theta Sigma Phi and Student Press Association. Outstanding Independent, Student Senate, UAB, Editor of ISA's lndepmidmzt Head- lmcr. SAM IIAI.l,MAN-Letters. President of Phi Eta Sigma, W'ho's YVho, Pe-et Treas- urer. OUK. BMOC. One of Ten Out- standing lfresliman Men, COR, Student Senate, IFC Executive Committee, Vice President of Sigma Chi. v,.a4Qg, all REIT II.-XIVKES-Aero-Space Engineering. Secretary of IFC. NRUTC Ilattalion Coni- rnander. Pe-et, BMOC, IVI10's IVI10, Phi Eta Sigina. Sigma Tau, Sigma Gamma Tau, Vice President of Enygineers Club. Editor of Navy Flag'lmi.vl, Top Ten Fresh- man. Delta Upsilon President. Pef'30fl3llfle'5 BOB MtIFARLAND-Iiiigiiieering-Physics. President. Vice President. Treasurer of Student Senate. Treasilrei' of COR and UIJK. President of Pe-et. IFC. UMUC. IYIin's NYIio. .YXIISA Outstanding Army Cadet .Xwzird. IDIS, I'lIlfJQIllC't'l'S Cluh. lJcl1al'psil0n. JACK KINNIQISIIIZIY - .XCCUIIIIIIIILLQ-I.2lIY. Vice Pic-'sirlent of Pe-et. OIJK, Phi Eta Sigma. Iieta Cainina SIQIIIH. QXIISA, IINIOC, IYIio's IYhu. ROTC Iiattalimi Coniinamler. Une of Top Six ROTC Ca- dets in LIS.. Une of Top Ten I'II'CI-ZIIIIIEII. Recnrcling Secretary of Ileta Tlieta Pi. MIKE LAUDERIIXI.If-Psycliology. Presi- dent of ISA. ODK. Phi Theta Kappa. Clerrnan Club. Wesley Foundation, Uni- versity Standing Connnittee. Outstanding Independent Student, WVh0's VVho. JIM IVIACIIIqN1Al'L'OllIllIIlf,!Q. Inla Iipsilnn, 1 Student Senate, Phi Ifta Signizi. Pe- . et ing. President of Izngnieers Club and Pi fiIl1liI'Ill2lll of DQIIILIN II2lIIy DQIIICC Iflygilqyll 113111, Pgllig Cqyiillpil, signin IIIQU1, and Mies OI' Bezuity Pageant, IYlm's XYIHJ. HMOC, LKOT. Smqlgm Senate, Vim: Clmiespniicliiiyg Secretary of Pi Kappa XI- Pg-QgiiIQI11UfPhi Ilel1u'l'l,qm, pha. iI5 IIIRTIS PI-III,I.IPS-Petmleuni Engineer' JUDY PRESCOTT-Music, Mortar Board, Mu Phi Epsilon, Panhellenic, Kappa Phi, Soonerettes, Madrigal, University Chorus, BVVOC, Whols VVho, 1961 Homecoming Queen, President of Delta Delta Delta. SHERRY TURNER-- Journalism, Presi- dent of Gamma Alpha Chi, Chairman of Campus Chest, Campus Editor of Okla- homa Daily, Tassels, Mortar Board, Theta Sigma Phi, Canterbury Club, COR, AYVS, Whols Who, Ecumenical Council, Chi Omega. II6 DON SMITH--Accounting, Vice Presi- dent of UAB, Senior Class Treasurer, Phi Eta Sigma, ODK, Pe-et, BMOC, VVho's Who, UAC, Director of 1962 Sooner Scan- dals, Pledge Trainer of Beta Theta Pi. 5 JACK STOUT-English, Vice President of UAB, Pe-et, ODK, Phi Eta Sigma, Al- pha Epsilon Delta, IFC, BMOC, Who's Who, One of Ten Outstanding Freshmen, Vice President of URC, President of Sigma Chi. ROSE MARIE WVEBER-Business Educa- tion, President of Cate Center, President of AWVS, ISA, Tassels, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Gamma Sigma, Pi Omega Pi, Pi Omega, Outstanding Inde- pendent, Most Outstanding Freshman Woman, Who's VVho. E JOHN YARRINGTON-Music Education, Secretary of Pe-et, Student Director of University Chorale, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, ODK, Phi Mu Alpha, IFC, Stu- dent Senate, Wesley Foundation, Presi- dent of Alpha Sigma Phi. 45 Q Q n M A A A II7 IIS ntnzlvll and mlavcr' Ilcrc :ls Head Couch liucl YVilkinson and C0-Ca Jlzxin . 1 rm Crows board llxc Sumner bus for Uklulmmu City. liul nex1 yn-ur the lun ulll ln' l1'.nc'IIing logcillcr us vmlcllfss. Cross. who was team cupluin with Wlxuw c. was hired as u Smnmr fwmthull alidc fullmmixlg the 1962 sczlsuu. Death, 6Firing', Move Change Coaching Lineup The death of one mentor, the resignation "under firew of another and the advancement of one to the head coaching job at another school caused a sizeable shuHle in the UU coaching department. Lovable 77-year-old Matt Mann, who had guided the OU swimmers to 7 straight league championships since coming to Norman in 1955, died in 1952. Jay Markley. 29-year-old Kansas mentor, took over for the late Mann. Cage coach Doyle Parrack, hanged in effigy when his team finished no better than 7-17, resigned under fire. South Carolina Coach Bob Stevens replaced Parrack to become only the 6th cage coach in OU history. Bud VVilkinson added ex-Notre Damer George Dixon to his grid lineup along with Comer jones, Eddie O'Neal and Chet Franklin. Later he added Bobby Keith fAlabamaj , Jerry Thompson QOUQ and '62 gridder when Crowder took the head coaching job Crowder, Rudy Feldman, Bob VVard, Jay Leon Cross at Colorado and took Feldman and Franklin with him. Don Russell replaced Jim Provines as tennis coach. Tommy Evans returned from the Reserves to coach wrestling. And Bill Carroll, Jack Baer and Bob James returned as respective track. baseball and golf coaches. DR. EARL SNEED, Chairman of the UU Athletic Council Athletic Council: FIRST RUNY: .lohn Alley. Frank Spence. Dr, llarl Sneed. Norman Boke. A. N. Cihson. SECOND ROXY: 'lohn Cainpbell. Dr. Oliver Benson. .lim Reese. Dr. Eugene Hollon. Jon ll. llwl'llClgCOIl. Leonard Haug. Ken Farris. 'e'w.,..,.r-""Z Bois JAMES, Golf Coach TOMMY EVANS, Wrestling Coach Hb GOMER JONES, Assistant Football Coach JACK BARR, Baseball Coach HAROLll KEITH, Sports Publicity Director, and BOB S'1'EVliNS, Basketball Coach JOIIN JACOBS, Associate Truck Coach V"" It . fy Tl ' hange Bring ew Face to Coaching Lineup PORT ROBERTSON KEN FARRIS BOB CARROLL Freshman Football Coach Business Manager Traek C0aCl1 , .sir A My si The .3 KEN RAWLINSON GORDON STAUFFER JAY MARKLEY Head Athletic Trainer Assistant Basketball Coach Swimming Coach Football Coaching Staff: Bud Wilkinson, athletic director and head coachg Jay O7Neal, Bob Ward, George Dickson, Chet Franklin, Rudy Feldman, Comer Jones, Eddie Crowder. QU QQ fi xy! FIRST ROYV: Paul Lea, Charles Mayhue, Jimmy Payne, Norman Smith, George Jarman, Larry Vermillion, Co-Captain Wayne Lee, Co-Captain Leon Cross, Teddy Dodson, Bert Gravitt, Bud Dempsey, Joe Don Looney, Bill Hill, Rick Mc- Curdy. SECOND ROW: David Voiles, Jon Running, Richard Boudreaux, Jackie Cowan, John Flynn, Johnny Tatum, Duane Cook, Monte Deere, Jimmy Gilstrap, Dan Jordan, Geary Tay- lor, Jerry Hayden, Larry Pannell, Pat Hogan. THIRD ROVV: Dale Pontius, Jim Jackson, Mel- vin Sandersfeld, Ron Harmon, John Garrett, Jim Gard, Ed McQuarters, Charles Pearce, Glen Con- dren, Bobby Page, Bennie Shields, Bill Pannell, Ronnie Fletcher, James Parker, Senior Student Manager Billy Joe Woods. FOURTH ROW: Ralph Neely, Alvin Lear, John Porterlield, Wes Skidgel, Virgil Boll, John Benien, Greg Burns, Newt Burton, Butch Metcalf, Dennis Ward, Ron- nie Horn, Jim Grisham, Lance Rentzel, Gary Wylie, George Stokes, Allen Bunigardner. ooner Fool Foreca ter , Fan ,Everybod g SEASON,S RECORD Oklahoma . . . 7 Syracuse . Oklahoma 7 Notre Dame Oklahoma 6 Texas . Oklahoma . 13 Kansas . Oklahoma . 47 Kansas State Oklahoma . 62 Colorado . Oklahoma . 13 Missouri . Oklahoma . 41 Iowa State Oklahoma . 34 Nebraska . Oklahoma . 37 Oklahoma S 'kOklahoma . . . 0 Alabama . 'F1963 Orange Bowl Game Season's Record 8-3-0 .. .13 CHIC A year before they were supposed to, Oklahoma's Sooners came of age. After suffering three rather lean years, in which they posted an unthought-of 15-14-1 record, the Big Red roared back to an 8-2 season record and romped through the conference slate as in days of old--beating all seven league foes. UPI ranked OU 7thg AP 8th. The only blemishes which appeared on the Sooners' 1962 ledger were non-league losses to Notre Dame f13- 7j and to Texas 19-6j and a 17-0 loss to Alabama in the 1963 Orange Bowl classic. Returning only two starters from 1961-co-captains Wayne Lee and Leon Cross-the Sooners were sup- posed to undergo a rebuilding year in 1962. Most of the league writers were rating everyone from Iowa State to Missouri as champs with the Sooners tabbed to reap honors in 1963-not 1962. OU's highly touted quarterback Bill Van Burkleo changed schools during the summer. Then his apparent Build Grid Powerho heir-sophomore Tom Pannell-broke an ankle in scrimmage even before he had made his collegiate debut. Bud VVilkinson's crew was rated weak at ends, center and fullback and the quarterback position appeared to be in similar shape when the Sooner mentor shifted senior defensive specialist Monte Deere to the helm. OU won its opener 7-3 over Syracuse, although it shouldn't have, being outplayed lor all but three min- utes, and then Deere literally tossed away the Notre Dame and Texas frays with poor pitchouts oll' the quarterback option play. But then the ball changed hands and OU started to roll. The Sooners' young and inexperienced ends started to mature. The fullback position-headed by soph ,lim Grisham-became the strongest. Wlayne Lee. John Tatum and John Garrett solidified the center position. .Xnd little 5-IO. 176-pound Monte Deere became of age. .Iunior college transfer 'Ioe Don Looney became the use Ahead of chedule hero of Owen field with his breakaway running 15th in the nation, and his nation-leading punting. He earned first team all-American honors from the Foollmll News and a second team berth on the Sfmrling .'V1'ws dream team. Grisham, l7Pl's choice for "Big Eight Back of the Year." outrushed the entire opposing backfields in the Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma State games and be- came OUls "Mr, Dependable" when it needed an im- portant yard. lle was equally adept in defense. winning .Xlfs i'Baek ol' the Wleekw award in the Missouri contest. Old reliable Leon Cross made Look and Football .Ywzus all-.'Xmerican teams, .XP second team and the NEA third unit. Deere, although excluded from the all-American lists, turned into a passing wizard and set several school marks for the usually-running-conscious Sooners. llad there have been an award for the Sooner MVP. he would have gotten it. He proved to be most valuable. 0KLAHOMA 7 - SYRACUSE 3 NORMAN, Sept. 22 - An inexperienced, sophomore- laden Sooner team spent 57 minutes thwarting Syracuse drives before an unknown third team fullback broke loose for 60 yards to give OU a 7-3 opening game vic- tory. The third-teamer? Joe Don Looney-a junior college transfer who didn,t even make the OU press brochure. The hefty Orangemen seemed to have little if any trouble moving in the 83-degree Oklahoma heat as they drove to the OU 23 before the OU defense toughened. A similar OU effort was stopped shy of a TD before the first stanza ended when a Norman Smith-to-John Flynn pass was intercepted in the endzone. SU made it to the OU 10 in the second quarter but OU held again and forced a fumble which it recovered. A 35-yard field goal by Orangeman Tom Mingo exe- cuted 49 seconds before halftime stood as the scoring difference for 27 minutes, 53 seconds of the second half before Looney scatted around left end to paydirt and George Jarman added the PAT. Paul Lea and soph Jim Grisham carried OU to the Orange 23 at the onset of the second half where a Jarman field goal attempt fell short. SU appeared headed for paydirt as the teams switched goals for the final quarter. Jim Nance carried the mail most of the time in a 13-play, 70-yard drive before fumbling on OU's 8. OU returned it to SU's 17 and SU took it back to OU's 27. Four plays later Looney scored. Looney, who spent the first 50 minutes on the bench, was the game,s leading ground gainer with 91 yards in 9 carries. 0U 7 - NOTRE DAME 13 'Ti NORMAN, Sept. 29-Call it good de- fense. Gall it poor signalling. Call it Irish "luck.'7 Call it what you wish, but years from now it will still be called a win for Notre Dame although the difference be- tween an OU win and loss was one yard. Down 13-7 late in the Hnal stanza, the Wilkinsonmen made a determined 71-yard march down to the Notre Dame 3-yard line. With a first and goal situation, it ap- peared that the Sooners were finally going to break a Notre Dame hex which had seen the Irish winning four of five earlier tilts. Jackie Cowan was held for no gain on the first play and two Monte Deere keepers netted only two yards. Deere tried a similar plunge into the Green and Cream wall but found no hole. A last-second pitch to Gary Wylie missed its target and OU missed its chance of victory. The Sooners had possession deep in ND territory shortly before the final gun but the drive fizzled when a Norman Smith aerial was intercepted. The Irish took the opening kickoff and confidently stepped off 69 yards and 5:09 in 10 plays to paydirt. Ed Rutkowski skirted end for the final 7 lengths. Paul Lea's 6-yard jaunt knotted the score 38 seconds before the second quarter and it remained that way until William Ahearn went over from the 9 with 11:35 gone in the third period. Husky Paul Houle 1581 and giant John Paglio t79j rudely make a "Sooner sandwich" of Monte Deere fbarely seen between the twoj. 5 iff ,Q , ,kg A 2 wax' A TQ ik Q' uw ' it , , ,V A ,,,V7 QV S -. in T V V at 5 M, , f ,im B W: K g V, 6 F. . W ni QM My I nf ,, STK , k,V?2k 5 kyyr W - iw 2 -l m 2. 1-ff . K I Z . Q Q 1' ykrk I t , 5 V s an 5 VE - .ww 1. E l p ' Q' li 2' at -Q ...X 3 ,, -EAA w gs , ga , 4' All , M 'L 1 an , ,. ZL, D H VV . f 'Z LM L ' ,LI, Q V, mn ' V nn- ,I f I M :,: ESK: , V -. I ,,l: .LA , N K ag Us E X , I W in . V El g K I n P Q V5 :Lr 4: K ,. V I ,K J - - is .W :ig my an W :,, - A I A A Q up is I ug y , A ' 'K 5 it syn , :fs , is ' I: it "N" 'N h S I K 357, 9. 9- A if 4, ,N Q., 'mf 'Q 1 1 , 5 Q my W ae lik Sq r-AAg,A ,VIQ 2.1 H ,..,., . sa Q N 1 ., h h W A 5 . Q. ,. , ' A K -'LZWEZIV9 -" ' . - 1 ' . ,- V b V fglrfi.-:g. 3 wk Q- :M ' L' I f. 'V '34, V 53+ -1 14 W, Q' W 1 Q1 A ,, fm HW' , 7 , I, hw, k. hw. ,, . , , X -K '7 fx, HQZIQ A 'Q ,A -- , ,E,g,G- Vu - , . , ,V I 5,-m2sY,mfEggQw K , K , V. K I , ivy. VL, I' -gg, 311 ' Q. W -4' 7 A fm W A ,,ff"ifl' K5 ww- ,f"k"-'V A ,gqjfgk ,, if " " QI f 1' gf Q Af ff . gs J: - 1 f,2sw.A-ig? S' F ff .5-fn.. we .. 13.3, ff my :L K , yy: 2' ' 1 -E: 46 A Diminutive Ronnie Fletcher, first half of the Fletcher-t0- Lance Rentzel combination which accounted for OU7s only tally against UT, skips by Texan Stanley Faulkner. 0klahoma 6 - Texa 9 DALLAS, Oct. 13-Though the final score read Texas 9, OU 6, Sooners will still deny that UT scored. Two OU errant pitchouts gave the Longhorns a TD recovery in the endzone and set up a field goal-Utls only scoring plays. Texas entered the game as the nation's best and a 3-touchdown favorite. There was no 18- point spread the first 20 minutes, however, as both teams spent their time exchanging punts. Then as sudden as a flash flood it happened. A Monte Deere pitchout missed target Wes Skidgel and UT,s Duke Carlisle recovered on the OU 26. Unable to advance past the 9, Texas elected to try a field goal. Shoeless Tony Crosby toed a perfect spiral through the up- rights from the 16. Six minutes later OU gave UT its other tally when a Deere pitchout eluded Paul Lea and Texan Perry McWilliams pounced on it in the endzone for an automatic 6-pointer. The Big Red showed the usual 75,504 Cotton Bowl throng it came to play, however, and came back for its only score 3 minutes later on a 34-yard Ron Fletcher to Lance Rentzel aerial. OU didn't win but Texas was no longer No. 1. VIRGIL BOLL ALLEN BUMGARDNER NEWT BURTON Right Half Right End Left Guard BUD DEMPSEY ,lol-IN FLYNN JOHN GARREIT Fullback Left End Center 0klahoma 13 Kansas LAWRENCE, Kan., Oct. 20-The script had been set. Kansas, which couldn't pass, was to run on the legs of Gale Sayers and defeat Oklahoma. The Sooners had apparently not read the script and pulled a 13-7 re- versal, shocking 38,000 homecoming fans. The first act raII on schedule as OU could do nothing but punt out of danger aIId Kansas seemed to have no trouble in moving downfield. KU ad libbed, however, just before the second period, tossed a 38-yard TD pass a la Rodger McFarland to Tony Leiker and KU led 7-0. Looney and Leiker exchanged punts in the second period as a Sooner drive stalled on KU,s 5 and a Held goal try fell short. Action dulled down to a defensive battle in the third and it looked as if KU's lead would hold. With 6:12 gone, Ed McQuarters and Ralph Neely opened a hole at the OU 39 and Looney sped through for a TD. Monte Deere, object of much criticism in earlier games, did a little ad libbing of his own in the fourth period, passing OU into scoring position. Kansan Tony Leiker 120D accomplishes a seldom-done feat in 1962 by catching a pass while guarded by OU's Charles Mayhue U41 and Paul Lea. Leiker scored on this play for KU"s only tally. GLFN QONDRIEN DUANE COOK JACKIE COWAN LEON CROSS MONTE DEERE Left End Right Tackle Halfback Right Guard Quarterback JIMMY GILSTRAP JIM GRISHALI PAUL LEA Left Guard Fullback Left Half VVAYNE LEE Center Left Half JOE DON LOONEY 0KLAHOMA 47- KANSASSTATEO NORMAN, Oct. 27 - Looking more like a bulldozer tha11 a football team, Oklahoma scored 7 of the first 8 times it had the ball and pulverized K-State 47-0. Seven Sooners made the scoring column and in all 55 saw action in the lopsided Band day fray. Kansas State never threatened and netted only 10 yards rushing and 86 passing, OU in the meantime was piling up 532 yards offensively and never punted. Individually Jim Grisham rammed 105 yards in 19 carries, 3rd team fullback Bud Dempsey clipped 96 lengths in 16 carries. Wes Skidgel added 71 yards and Joe Don Looney and Lance Rentzel added 69 each. The Sooners made sustained drives of 75, 56, 23, 1, 49, 50 and 78 yards to touchdowns. Sooner fullback Jim Grisham could have gone around or through the K-State VVildcats but for diversity he tries to go over them on this play. Looney rallied first for the Sooners from one yard out with 7:18 gone. Grisham went over from two and Looney rallied again from the 7 before the first quarter was over. Looney's first OU passing edort was good to Allen Bumgardner for two bonus points. Rentzel plunged over from the one for the only tally in the second period and OU led at the half, 28-0. Grisham got his second tally from the two and Demp- sey had two one-yard tallies in each of the last two stanzas to complete the Sooner scoring cycle. George Jarman and Butch Metcalf also got into the act with placement PATS. The aggressive Sooners also intercepted one Manhat- tan pass, blocked one punt. 0U 62- COLORADO 0 BOULDER, Colo., Nov. 3-The men supposedly "in the known said "OU can not pass and Colorado will probably give the Sooners trouble with its aerial gamef, Correction! The men in the know, donlt know anything! Setting all sorts of records, OU passed for 289 yards, added another 346 on the ground and slaughtered CU Buffs, 62-0. It was CU,s worst setback in the 38-year history of Folsom field. Monte Deere broke Claude Arnoldls 200- yard passing mark f1950j, completing 5 of 6 for an unbelievable 246 yards. The total effort surpassed a school mark set against OSU in 1956. And Virgil Boll broke a 17- year-old pass receiving mark, catching 3 for 143 yards. It took the Sooners only 4 plays and 67 seconds to reach paydirt after taking the opening kickoff. Deere hit Boll for 26 yards on the Hrst play from scrimmage and hit him three plays later with a 32-yard TD toss. Deere hit Boll again with an 83-yard scoring toss in the second quarter and then fouled up the CU defense, hitting john Flynn for a 41-yard scoring peg. In addition, third-teamer Bud Dempsey scored twice. Paul Lea, Jim Grisham, Lance Rentzel and joe Don Looney fwith an 84-yard run and a conversion runj got into the scoring act and Butch Metcalf hit 6 PATS. CU hit only 9 of 29 passes for 69 yards and had 5 intercepted by the eager Sooners. ,ef-A X A ,l joe Don Looney appears to be rnornentarily Buffalued by an unidentified CU tackler and partners Dee Henderson 1283, Dun Grimm 1775 and Bill Bears Q76j. OU buffaloerl CU on the scoreboard, however, 62-0. IZ9 Oklahoma AMES, Iowa, Nov. I0-Only 16,000 Iowa fans turned out for the ISU-OU contest and most of them probably wished they had gone pheasant hunting fthe season started this Satur- dayj or read a book. It was probably boring for the Iowans to watch OU cross the goalline the Hrst six times it had the ball and rout Iowa State 41-0. The Big Red literally drove the Cyclones "Looney" as they sent Joe Don scampering for 135 lengths in 17 carries. The Iowa Staters could amass only 86 ground yards and 62 aerial yards. Looney scored on 3 of his 17 carries, crossing the last lime stripe from 16, 39 and 1 yard out. He hit Rick McCurdy for another tally from 18 yards out as the gun sounded at halftime. Jim Grisham also got into the scoring act on TD runs of 8 and 5 yards each. Even his 82- yard output on 17 carries almost equalled the Cyclone effort. The Wilkinsonmen ground out a 14-0 lead after one stanza which didn't amaze too many people. Then as devastating as a prairie tor- nado, the Sooners ripped through, around and over the Iowa State defense for three more tallies in the second quarter to hold a command- ing 35-0 halftime lead. Looneygs on the loose again with only Iowa State's Chuck Steimle 1631 to hurdle. Vir- gil Boll 1391 is containing Larry Hannahs f8lj. 41 - Iowa tate 0 CHARLES Mui-lub: Rick MCCURDY En MCQUARTERS Quarterback Right End Left Guard JOHN PORTERFIELD MELVIN SANDERSFELD tlicoucn STOKES Right End Right Half Right Tackle JOHN TATUM Oklahoma 13 Missouri 0 NORMAN, Nov. 17 -Neither rain nor wind nor the Missouri Tigers could stop the Orange Bowl-bound Sooners in 1962. They aptly showed it bashing unde- feated MU 13-0 before a full house of 61,826 in Owen Stadium. The Sooners took the opening kickoff in both halves and marched to touchdowns both times on respective 56 and 80-yard drives. Joe Don Looney scored the first counter from 3 yards out fwith only 2:30 gonej and field general Monte Deere scooted over from the 4 for the other tally. The big gun in the OU arsenal, however, was sopho- more fullback Jim Grisham. The Olney, Tex., native personally ground out 116 yards on 23 rushes to out- distance the entire Mizzou backfield by 5 lengths. fMU had entered the game as the No. 1 rushing team in the nation with a 287.6-yard averaged Charley Mayhue finds three opponents to face as he tries to return a punt against Missouri. The visible foe is Jack Palmer A driving rain and slippery turf also presented opposition. RALPH NEELY BOBBY PAGE LARRY PANNELL JAMES PARKER JIMMY PAYNE Right Tackle Quarterback Left Guard Fullback Right Guard DAVID Vo1LEs DENNIS VVARD GARY WYLIE Center Right Guard Fullback LARRY VERMILLION Left Tackle Right Half OKLAHOMA 34 - NORMAN, Nov. 24 - Sports Illustrated voted Monte Deere "Back of the Week.'7 UPI tabbed Bud Wilkinson "Coach of the Week." And most important, the Orange Bowl committee selected OU to represent the Big Eight on New Year's after the Sooners smashed Nebraska 34-6. Tension mounted prior to gametime and at the onset with an assured first place tie awaiting the Sooners if they won, and the chance of a 2 or 3-way tie assured if a Nebraska verdict was awarded. The tension lasted only 2:20 minutes however as John Flynn blocked jim Balfico,s punt on NU's fourth offensive play, practically dribbled the ball to the NU 1 where Newt Burton recovered. Jim Grisham scored on OU's first offensive play and Butch Metcalf's con- version later proved to be the victory edge. John Flynn 18-lj makes what NU coach Bob Devaney termed the turning-point play by blocking james Baflico's first quarter punt. Flynn followed the ball to the one. john Porterlield is also pictured. NEBRASKA 6 The Sooners werenit happy with a single tally how- ever and after finding the rushing paths jammed with Cornhuskers, decided to try the airlanes. Deere got the call and or1 this Saturday he would have made the Yankees look bad. The Amarillo senior found his mark on 8 of 12 passes for 168 yards. He lofted a 21-yard TD aerial to John Porterfield to give OU a 14-0 half- time edge, then hit Porterfield and Allen Bumgardner with respective 24 and 26-yard paydirt pitches to put OU comfortably ahead 28-0 with more than 18 minutes of playing time remaining on the clock. When Deere wasn't shocking the Huskers with his aerial show, Grisham was galloping up the middle of the 220-pounds-per-man NU line for 98 lengths. Grish- am's 19-carry total eclipsed the entire NU rushing effort by 30 yards. 0KLAHOMA 37 - 0SU 6 STILLWATER, Dec. 1-Oklahoma ran, flew and jogged for 600 yards at Stillwater while rolling to an easy 37-6 win over Oklahoma State in a pre-bowl warmup. Led by the thunder-thumping of soph .lim Grisham and the lightning-sharp aerial mastery of senior Monte Deere, the Sooners romped to an easy 30-0 halftime lead and then settled back to daydream of Miami sunshine. Grisham alone outdistanced the entire Poke infantry corps as he gobbled up 156 yards in 30 carries. Eight different OSU ball carriers could amass only 148 yards together in a similar number of carries. In addition to his normal mail-carrying duties, Grisham swiped a Poke pass in the second quarter and lumbered it back some 40 yards for the Big Red's fifth tally. Deere, who was supposed to be over- shadowed in the contest by State's Big Eight passing leader Mike Miller, awed some 34,000 fans in Lewis field with his aerial might. The Amarillo, Tex., senior X completed 7 of 15 passes for 137 yards and three TDs. Miller completed 10 of 26 passes for 129 yards. l Deere was actually the incendiary force that started OU,s prairie fire. He hit Joe Don Looney for 36 yards on the opening play from scrimmage, then raced home free from Statels 22 three plays later to give 4 OU a 6-0 lead with only 2:25 gone. A Looney, who wrapped up the nation's punting title in the fray, netted 101 yards in 20 carries and one TD. J ,J y ! W, Q W Q 51 , , I my Y . ' in Vx Ah it V' gg 4 I K3 h ,. 1, , I 1gj'i', 'TY W W 4' ffflu .ag 5 , g , I., xy. pw 5355 i M , 3 A A ,, ,W Mfg' r M , U. - 1--, '.kn-.- Q W 'QQ -+12 .44 , f f... , A ,, -ml? W. + f ' w V A ,me Q A X, . 0 S kyk. vlkk if 5 V h K 'ill wk - 5 , it - W W Q V N Vu V ,ZA a L, , .1 A A . wwf V is Q i " 'rv 'ki . 95. if , fp iigfx' I 5, A 1 -we if A A 4 9, M QQ ,, 1 W 9 A l,,- N 98 R V M an E g .. 'Fw ff gygffg . My W! A , " ,gi ff X Q 'Q can it KM 5 x 5 ' U' af , A ' 4 'Q if ik. if 4' . v ff f 2- -ff'7"'- fe- f , Jr ' 1' 1'-ff J' .' ff - ig ' " Q Y' A 'Lk 45 is ad , K J ,,mW,M W, 5 Q ,, 1, 'QV P" VIXX W Q N ,il ,A f 4 M ac" "'f"f ' .. Q K F' X Q 7 I 'L uw if :hL LA 14, g if his lm, VL- 12 V ' , , 2? 1 Af 2, . ' I 4 - W , . . is 8 5, A' " JT :P5 L K W ,, Lx 5 IM ex-lr aw 45 ,Ms X wg, W5 k Cross Countr OU's cross country squad was a little shy in the depth department in 1962 and managed to finish no better than fifth in the Big Eight meet at Ames, Iowa. Bill Carroll's 3-milers were 3-1 in dual competition. downing Arkansas, Oklahoma State and Wichita while losing only to Kansas. Lee Smith grabbed the lead with one mile left in the Arkansas opener in Norman and kept it as OU finished 1-3-4-5. Smith finished 30 yards ahead of AU's John Deardorll with a 15:34 clocking. OU won 21-38. George Cabrera and Charles Hayward paced Kansas to a 19-40 win over the Sooners at Lawrence in OUls next outing. The KU duo finished at 14:50.8 and 14:57.0 while Smith didnlt come in for OU until 15:21. Eddie Winn came in first for OSU at Stillwater with a 15:33 clocking but Sooners George Bross, John Eng- lish and Walt Mizell came in within the next 33 seconds and OU garnered a 21-31 win from the Pokes. OU took four of the top Five places against Wichita en route to a 22-34 win. Smith and English were 1-2. Cross country runner john English was one of the Sooner squad who helped heat the Pokes. FIRST ROW: ,Iohn English. Ceorge Brose, Walter Mizell. SECOND ROVV: Neville Soll. Dick Nell. Tonuny Davis. Coach Bill Carroll. SCORES? OU . . . 21 Arkansas . 38 OU . . . 40 Kansas . . 19 OU...24 OSU...31 OU . . . 22 Wichita . . 34 OU finished 5th in the Big Eight meet :i:1,ow score wins FIRST RONV: Manager Mike Mahoney. Eddie Evans. Butch Coach Bob Stevens. Neale Chaney. Willie NVilson. Jerry llad- liolmerts. Leonard Goff. Dick Maxey. Cordon Stautfer. assistant dock. Harvey Challin. Stan Morrison. -Iarnes Kaiser. Bud coach. SECOND ROYV: .lack Young. Farrell Johnson. .loc Cronin. freshman coach. Lewis. ,Iaincs Clatewood. ljfwyllylll' Garner. THIRD ROXY: to on Dobutsg Sooners Soar to Third Place Texas 'l'ecli's Mike Gooden comes down with a loose ball hut he may wish he didn't have it. lle's outnumbered hy Sooner reserves -lack Young, james Kaiser. Willie VVilson and Dick Maxey. OU outnumbered the Texans on the scoreboard, too, 85-52. Former South Carolina cage coach Bob Stevens intro- duced "go-go-go" basketball to Oklahoma University in l963 and not only vvon favor with the fans but third place in the Big Eight. Stevens' crew set a modern school record scoring 96 points against SMU in the season opener, establishing a new Field House mark heating Iowa State 91-85. ended a six-game, three-year win drought against Oklahoma the season. ou oi-voxicxr 9l l. State . Stale and finished the season winning five in a row. The Oklahomans were 8-6 in Big Eight play. ending in a deadlock with lovva State. and finished I2-I3 l r 9FASON'S RECORD Ol' OPPONENT 96 SMF . . SIS 62 OSL' . . . 84 St. -lohn's 65 G9 l. State . 63 S. lll. . fifi 81 K. Slate . . li-1 lvfll..-X . llll G8 Colo. . . 51 PSC . . . fili 55 Kaus. . . 85 Tex. Tech. . . G2 69 K. State . , 80 Purdue . 79 60 Colo. . 90 lll. . . 915 64 Kaus. . 48 USU . 49 84 Nell, . , 82 Mo. IO4 68 Mo. . 86 Nell. . 93 77 Nell ..... . 84 Nlo A 78 70 USF ..... 8.1 Season's Record I2-l All hands go up at the basket but Sooner Farrell Johnson has the ball in his and an extra 2 points in OU1s 84-65 win over St. -lohn's. Blocking out St. -Iohnfs Bill O'Sullivan 1111 is Stan Morrison. FIRST ROXYZ Harvey Chatlin, Eddie Evans. Delvayne Garner. SECOND KONY: James Gatewootl. Jerry Had- dock. Farrell jolinson. BASKETBALL.. OU hardly looked like a team changing coaches and play as it set a modern school scoring record beating SMU at Dallas, 96-83. Five Sooners scored in double figures with Johnson hitting 24. The "go-gosw made their home debut before 5,500 against St. -Iohn7s and with Evans hitting 25, won in a walk-away, 84-65. Southern Illinois scored 8 straight points shortly before halftime, then staved off a late Sooner rally to give OU its first loss, 66-63. The Redmen ventured to Los Angeles next for a two-game stand with UCLA and Southern Cal. The sweetest sound they heard there, however, was the final gun. UCLA humiliated OU 101-64 with 11 players scoring. OU played its best 10 minutes of the season and its poorest 30 against USC. OU blew a 21-7 lead and fell 66-51. OU had to return home to find the basket and it did, coasting to an 85-62 win over Texas Tech. Evans 1261 and Johnson 1191 led the winners while James Cfatewood pulled down 12 rebounds in the rout. Butch Roberts and Evans stole the ball and the show at Lafayette, Ind.. as the Sooners came from behind to edge Purdue of the Big Ten, 80-79. OU led third-ranked and unbeaten Illinois 44-39 at halftime at Champaign the following night but lost the ball 5 straight times on errors in the second hall' and fell 93-90. jerry Haddock sank 22 points and garnered 13 Caroms for the losers. The Big Eight greeted Bob Stevens at Kansas City in the annual December tourney but it was hardly a warm welcome. WSWS if ff-- ev H 1 llarx iillllllill. ti-0 Sooner renter. slums lion to beat a 7-footer despite a lieigglit disadxantage ol' 0 inelies. ffliallin merely got Roger Sutlner 7-0 out ol position and tlien be dunked the rou ndball. l BASKETBALL... lflllgli RUNY: -laines Kaiser. .Ioe Lewis. Dick Nlaxey. SEC- UND RUNY: Stan Nlorrison. lluteli Roberts. XYillie Wilson. Hank lba's OSL' "slowpokes" gave Stevens an excellent demonstration ol' tlie delay game, winning tlie tourney opener 49-48. lt was the lowest seore ever made by a Stevens-eoaebed crew. VVeakened by the flu bug. OU fell next to Mis- souri 104-82 and Nebraska 93-86 to linisli last in tlie tourney. It was only the seeond time UU had linisbed last in the 17-year-old tournament. Baek liome. OL7 opened the new year and its league slate duinping MU 84-78 and Iowa State 9l- 85. Evans and johnson U7 eaelij led UU past ML' as live Sooners seored in double figures. Evans liit 9 of his lirst I0 field sliots against l-State and seored a eareer liigli of 31. in oyerllow erowd ol' 8.000 watelied elusive and Sflltitlfll-fltllllg USU toy witli tlie Sooners at Still- water. Larry llawlg. a Fllllll'-llllll 6-2. I55-pound sopli. was equally sbarp billing 32 as USP won 81-02. 'lille flu-Cos eanie up on tlie sliort end at Mnes. Iowa. too. losing a return bout witli l-State 77-09. -Iolinson. wbo beealne sellolastieally ineligible lor the following seeond semester games. liit 20. UU was also witllout tbe serxiees ol' Haddock. wlio broke a wrist alter being dumped in tlie USF eneounter. BA KETBALL... Little man Hutch Roberts t5-101 has the jump on K-Statels giants Roger Suttner t7-01 and Willie Murrell 16-61 and an- other two points lor the Sooners. Sooner James Kaiser 16-8l waits a possible rebound. Even a home-court advantage didn't help the Sooners against their next two foes-Colorado and Kansas. Conference scoring leader Ken Charlton bucketed 30 points and -lim Davis added 21 as Cl' rolled to a 77-68 win in Norman. Three nights later. George l'nseld hit 31 as Kansas beat U11 86-55 on the same floor. llarv Challin hit a career high of 22 but to no avail in a return bout against K-State. The lVildcats won 100-69 at ltlanhattan. Colorado continued its domination over Ol? and rau its home winning skein to 21 as it dumped UU 71-60 in Boulder. The Sooners revenged a KU loss at Lawrence and got back on the winning track downing the -lays 54-52. James Kaiser came oll the bench to lead the attack. Nebraska and Uklahoma teamed together to make an error a minute at, Norman with the Sooners ahead 21- 19. OU by virtue ol' a last start held on to win 84-77. Missouri beat Colorado and Oklahoma State in Co- lumbia in 1963 but not UU. livans stink a charity with 11 seconds to go for a 68-67 winning margin. OU trailed Nebraska lor 36 minutes at Lincoln before pulling out a 77-75 win. Evans. who iced the win with 2 charities with 10 seconds to go. led Ulf with 25 points. Challin had 20. OU ended a 6-game. 3-year Oklahoma State drought in the season linale. winning 70-65 at Norman. lowa State's Hari Straw tleltl is an inch taller than Farrell johnson when the two are standing still. hut Johnson appears to be a little bit higher than his opponent on this play. 1-State linished on the short end of the score 191-851 also. Sooner guard liutch Roberts takes a pass from Jerry Haddock md lires a soft layup showing Southern Illinois the art of the last break. sllllllll .loe llamsev 12511 docsift even have time to tu n axound. L 'Liz ma ia. ii Vx sew.: - QM E 'W 5,1 i W ilu? 55 '11, ,1 A rp' - f .um 7 2 Mfr" 7' Miami, Fla.. native, John Bernard. slices through the water to win the 50-yard freestyle event in the Ulf-Cfolorado-Texas Tech SEASONS RECORD Oklal 1cr111 a . 36 Southern Illi rirm is . Oklal 1cm111 a . 50 Texas . Oklal 1cx111 a . 76 Colorado . Oklal l1r111z 1 . 7l Texas Tech. . . Oklahr mllizi . 35 Southern Methodist Oklal 1cm111 a . 57 Nebraska . . . . Oklal' icmrni a . 81 Kansas State . Oklal itmlll a . 45 If Jwi' a State . Oklal ncmtii a . 58 Air Force . Oklal icmtli a . 75 Kansas . . . Oklahoma . 40 Southern Methodist Season's Record 7-4 triangular. Bernard took second in the 100-yard lreestyle and was ZlllCllU1'Ill2lll on the winning 400-yard freestyle teanl. FIRST RUVV: Larry Jacohs. Hal VVillian1s, Norm Youngsleadt, John Vveick. Milan Marayieh. Coach Jay Markley. SECOND ROVV: Cooper VVeeks. Clyn Day. Toni Mulntyre. .Iohn Bernard. Co-Captain Charles Schuette. licnno Fischer. THIRD RONV: Co-Captain Rex Rall. .lint Clahorn. .lint Cody. Rich Collins. Tohy Morey, Rich Maris. Rob McCarthy. I I , ki ., ,A 3, if 5 As 5? nf 1 fs mg! , wr in -urb- W, Q an 9- , A , Al? Q I la? Hu MAS 12? fl F 9' mnuawthl S1 UW lllll llcnderson Wallv Curtis. Darrell Bryan. Mack Riley. Mike Dai is. .Xlhert Tapia. Karel Bluhaugh. Boh Peck. Billy 1 uter SI 1 UND ROW Boh Dcupiee. Mickey Martin. Charles Lindsay. Dick Segress, Wayne Baughman. Sven llolm. '1'ommy lidgar. 5 17 14.1111 11111111 ROW Bud Bclr. Ken Allwhite, Peter Skarzenski. Charles VVhite. Ingurle tlklahoma tate,PlaQueGrappler Injuries. the clock and Oklahoma State plagued UFS grapplers in 1963. hut despite all the adversities, the Sooners managed to post a 9-3 dual record and give USU a close hattle in the Big Bight. Tommy Evans' crew opened the season with three returning NGN.-X champs-Mickey Martin 11301, Billy Carter 11371 and W'ayne Baughman 11911-but suf- fered a serious blow in the first meet. Martin hroke his collarhone in the second match of the Sooners' pre-season tourney and was out 8 weeks. He made a surprise entrance in the OSU dual at Nor- man. however, and pinned VVayne Simons wrestling at 137. Carter and Baughman went undefeated through 13 dual matches helore Carter was sidelined lor the season, t11e Big Eight and the NCAA meets with a reinjured neck. Carter was forced to miss the lowa State dual and the Sooners lost only their third hout of the season. 19- 16. 0511 handed them the other losses, 24-6 and 20-17. Martin and Baughman repeated as Big Eight champs. And lN'a11y Curtis, Boh Deupree. Skip Perillo and Ed McQuarters placed second as USU edged OU for first. 85-71. Billy Carter 11571 holds Mark Mc- Cracken to the Iloor. winning a decision oxcr the 051' matman. 9-1. OkIuI lcmx 1121 0kIuI ncvl nu UkIzxI lcmrllzl Oklul rcmr nu f,IiI21I10HlZl Oklahoma cIIiIZlIl01'I1l1 Uklul lcml na Oklul 1cr1r1 a IIIQILIIIUIIIZI UkI11I 1fmr11z 1 Uklul xrmr 11z1 SICASUN'S RECORD . 6 OIQIQII lfmrll u State . I6 I fmxx '2 1... . 21 OI1ioSl11Ic' . . I4 Miclligun Stale . 15 NOI'IIlIYCHIL'I'Il . 23 Munkznlo State . I7 Okluh cmnln ll State . 28 Colorado . . . I5 Colorado State . I9 IH' cvrll ing . . 32 Cfoloruclo Mines . I6 If xxx' ll Slate . ' U 1 '- - if ."' v . . ' 51-M15 Reuird J 'I Kohl KIIITIIIQ lI1c Ol grapplcrs rozul tmp. SODIIUIIIOT6 Clluu-les IYI1itc fills in for injurcrI Niickey Martin ZULZIIIISI Mankato Sluts uncl does so Iittingly. Imezxling Ken I,TOC'g.fCllllIl'IICl' fi-4. Ir""' A Big Eight recorcl setter in 1962 but only a fourth-place fin- isher in the league meet was high jumper and team captain Mark Brady. Texas senior Wialt Myers stutlies the distance before lll1'ON'lllQ the lllS1.'I1S for OlI N , , ., 3. , Hawk' 5 Y ,. , ff as .Q .-:tt :exif Y .W SEASON'S RECORD Inzlvm' Oklalu m111 a . . 66 OSU . .... 55 Kansas 75 Oklal lcmxix a 4215 Miss tmti ri 331f2 Michigan State 58172 Oklal icmiii a 54 Indiana 45 Oklahoma 6815 OSU 5816 Arkansas 19 Tulsa 7 Oklahoma Finished Fifth in Big Eight 011111 fwfwr - Southern Calif. 77 Arizona State 49 Oklahoma 44 Oklaht prri a 92 Tulsa 30 Drake 29 Wichita 20 Oklahoma . . 104 Indiana . . 26 Oklahoma . 86 OSU . . . 50 Oklaht xrii a . . . 77 Kansas . . . . 59 Oklahoma Finished First in Big Eight 555,51 9:5552 USF w,e1,gtm-"ef, 7355 , ful? ffffl . . " 'swf . Q" 5 l"lliS'l' ROYY: 'liim Leonard. Dick Nell. Walt Mizell. Neiillc o ll ii 1 1 Sl COND ROW et Smith. Richard lnman. Don Warrick. Paul lihcrt. Coach lil arro m 1 ex X ik B any in lxna llrian Du Plessis. Steve Morelock. Ralph Youugworth. at on Lead Thinclad abs N AA Title Talk about Olfs track team in 1962 and you auto- matically talk about Anthony VVats0n. The two were synonymous. The lanky Oklahoma City Negro won the NCAA broad jump championship at Oregon, beating a pair ol better-known football stars fl'aul VVarf'ield. Ohio State. and Mel Renfro, Oregonl with a leap of 26-Vg. YVatson took the Big Eight outdoor Crown in the 100. 200 and broad jump and anchored the championship 440-relay team. ln addition. he won two events and anchored two winning relay teams in the Arkansas Re- lays. accomplished a similar leat in the OSU dual and paced Olfs 440-relay team to first place finishes in both the Kansas and Drake relays. As a team, the thinclads dropped lo disappointing fifth place in the indoor meet hut came hack strong to capture the outdoor crown for the second straight year. The Sooners' outdoor tracksters won G lirsts in the Arkansas Relays, two in the Kansas Relays and another pair al the Drake Relays. Mr. Do-ll-.Xll in H362 but a scho tic casualty in Ifllifi was thinclld .Xnlhony Watson. The lanky track ster non the lflfii XCXX hro jump crown. .pf FIRST ROW: Eddy Peach, Denzil "Bunn McDonald, Jann Christian, Bob Kolbrener, Keith Shean, Jackie Cowan, Don Hassebroek, jay Gregg. SECOND ROW: Dick Denton, Steve Davis, Howard Black, Charles Pearson, Bobby Jayroe, Don Finkenbinder, Nick Avants, xli:libVZooVrils, mzbreager. THIRD ROW: john Webb, Doyle Tunnell, Harvey Chaffin, Warren Fouts, James Kaiser, Jerry Haddock, Larry e r, om a ton. ophomoric Diamondmen 6Good Field- 0 Hit' A sophomorish Sooner baseball team took its share of bounces in 1962 but as it often happens, the ball did not always bounce the right way for the Sooners. Jack Baerls diamondment started their league slate off properly, winning 3 straight from Kansas State, but fell victim to a late-season slump which saw them win only one of their 8 games and finish 7th in the league. The good-field, no-hit label was latched on the Soon- ers and the glove fit the hand perfectly. Chunky Buzz McDonald led OU to a 9-17 record with a .315 batting average. Outfielder Eddy Peach at .268 and Keith Shean at .238 were the Sooners, best hitters. As a team, OU hit a dismal .225. The pitching department was like- wise embarrassed, holding a 4.89 earned run average to its foes, 2.92 mark. Besides being unable to touch the ball while at the plate, the Sooners were short on power, too. McDon- ald,s three homers were a team high as no other player hit more than one circuit clout. OU moundsmen, often left with no backing from their batters, turned in five pitching gems, including three shutouts by Bobby jayroe, Charles Pearson and Doyle Tunnell. Southpaw first-sacker Don Finken- binder was a Sooner dependable in 1962, seeing action in all 25 games and starting most of them at first base. SEASON 'S RECORD OU OPPONENT 0 Texas . . . . I0 7 Texas ..... I9 1 Loyola fSouthj . 6 4 Loyola .... I 4 LSU Q10 inn., . 5 I Kansas State . . 0 4 Kansas State . . 0 8 Kansas State . . 6 2 Nebraska . . 5 6 Nebraska . . 12 4 Nebraska . 5 4 OSU . . . 6 5 OSU ..... I4 on 8 2 0 I3 I3 I 6 2 5 I 6 0 4 OPPONENT OSU . . Colorado Colorado Colorado Missouri . Missouri . Missouri . Iowa State Iowa State Iowa State Kansas . Kansas . Kansas . Season's Record 9-I7 Conference 8-13 After a pop foul in a diamond fray at Haskell Park is catcher Tom VValton. A .281 batter in '61, WValton dropped to .158 in 1962 but saw action in I3 games mainly for his defensive prowess. Splitting lmackstop duties for 'lack Baer's 1962 lraseballers were Dick Denton and Tom Wvalton. providing adequate coverage on tlle field. Tenni Oklahoma's tennis players started their own endur- ance tests in the spring of 1962 long before anyone thought of marching 50 miles in 20 hours. Like the hikers, however, the Sooners found the going could get pretty rough. James Provines' fuzzballers opened the season playing five foes in five days on the road and then returned home for a similar skill test. The locals finished 2-2-1 on the road test but won 4 of 5 on the home exam, losing only to KU. The Sooners pounded out a 15-7-1 season mark but could finish no better than fourth in the Big Eight meet at Lawrence, Kan., behind OSU, Colorado and Kansas. Jerry Geyman, who usually got the call in the No. 1 singles position for the Sooners, Hnished second in the No. 2 singles competition behind OSU's Will Stans- berry. Individually, Ceyman finished with a 13-13 mark. Paul Gregory was 11-12. Mark Latham finished 18-7, including a 13-1 mark as the Sooners, No. 4 man, and jim Carlick was 13-7. One of Coach James Provines' 1962 tennis stars was Paul Cregory, who finished 11-12 while the Sooners placed fourth in the Big Eight. SCORES OU...4 N.Texas..2 OU...1 SMU .... .5 OU...4 TCU.....2 OU...3 E.Tex.St..3 OU...0 SEOkla...6 OU...5 N.Texas..1 OU . . . 4 Colorado . . 3 OU . . . 6 Phillips 0 OU...2 Kansas....5 OU...4 Wichita ...2 OU...5 Tulsa....2 OU...2 SEOkla. ..4 OU...4 TCU.....2 OU...6 OBU.....0 OU...5 Tulsa....2 OU...2 OSU.....5 OU...6 OBU.....0 OU...6 Phillips ...1 OU . . . 5 Central St. . 2 OU...1 OSU.....6 OU . . .4 Central St. . 2 OU . . . 7 Kansas St... 0 OU...2 Kansas....5 Season's Record 15-7-1 FIRST ROVV: john Carlock. Pete Love, Mark Latham, Dick Bell. SECOND ROVV: Coach jim Provines, Jim Carlick, Paul Gregory, Brent Parmenter, jerry Ceyrnan. SCORES OU 415 OSU . . 1015 OU HM, OBU . . 315 OU 915 N. Texas 1115 OU 15 VVichita 3 OU 15 OSU . . 1415 OU 12 lowa St. 3 OU 1215 Kansas St. . 215 OU 1415 OBU . . 15 OU 1415 Wichita 15 OU 1215 Missouri 215 OU HV! Nebraska 315 OU 10 Kansas . . . 5 OU 1 N. Texas . . 6 Season's Record 9-4 FIRST ROW: 11021011 Bob James. Don NVhit1ark. Fred Scrutchfield. Gary Jarman. Houston Satlerwhite. SECOND ROYV: Jim Cook. Dick Meason. Glen Hunter. Bob Smith. Bob Ryan. Golf Bob James, golfers would have had a perfect season in 1962 had they not scheduled North Texas and Okla- homa State. But unfortunately they scheduled both, faced them twice each, and lost all four matches. The losses were the only blemishes on a 9-4 record. OU fell to OSU 1015-415 in the season opener and lost a return bout in Norman 1415-15. All ten golfers hit below 77 with three Staters scoring in the 60s. North Texas edged OU 1115-915 and 6-1. pmp In invitational play, the Sooners placed 7th in a field of 16 at Houston and third in the State Invitational. 'Hg 1 OSU and North Texas were 1-2 in that one. The Sooners finished second in the Big Eight meet at Columbia. Mo., behind superior OSU again as Fred Scrutchfield finished fourth and Bob Ryan and Bob Smith tied for 7th with Statefs Labron Harris, -Ir. Ryan, the Sooners' No. I golfer, finished with only a 7-6 dual record but won the 59th annual Trans- Q,,.,... ... .0 , ,. , If L11 N fi Mississippi golf tournament in July in St. Louis. K, 8 . . . . Sooner golf hopes were pinned on Bob Ryan. Olus No. 1 golfer, who came through a 7-6 dual record. 01' was second in the Big Eight. Ffwfafag? .E V LEON CROSS VVAYNE LEE EDDIE EVANS Football Football Basketball CHARLEY SCHUETTE BILLY CARTER ANTHONY VVATSON Swinuning WVrestling Track XYAYNE BAUGHMAN BUZZ MCDONALD Bon RY'AN VVrestliug Baseball Golf 163' 5 5 t 2 2 E R Intramural Council. FIRST ROW: John Hundley, Jack Sweeney. Tom Swineforcl. SECOND ROWV: D. VV. "Snorter" Intramural Improving sportsmanship and teaching young people the ways of fair play and honesty are just two of the goals of the University of Oklahoma Intramurals de- partment. "Preparation for the years ahead is important to men in college,'7 says Paul V. Keen, director of the depart- ment. "We try to instill a measure of honesty and good conduct," he adds. Not only is physical fitness important, but relaxation and enjoyment of the program are important. Respect for authority and the use of free time is part of the many aspects of intrarnurals. The intramural program caters to every student's tastes. VVhether he prefers touch football, softball or ping-pong, he can find a sport to suit his likes. VVell- supervised, each phase of the events includes instruction as well as action. Luster, assistant directorg Nick Denner, Charlie Harris, Paul V. Keen. director of Intramurals. Tom Swineford, Beta Theta Pi, was outstanding 1962 intra- mural lIl?1Il2igCt' after Betas broke their own 1961 record with a new all-time high mark of 81 points. Sigma Nus won in A football. FIRST ROIV: Tom VVhite, Joe Blake, Dave Markley. Buddy Biggers. SECOND ROVV: Ernie O'Hara, Galand Kramer, Jerry Prather, Dan LeCrone. Johnny YVest. I5I Intramural Keep tudent Physicall Fit A sport for every man and a man in every sport. That is the motto of the intramurals department which makes available equipment to all University men. Leadership and participation are encouraged. Even spectators get into the act with their active support for their favorite individual or team. Intramurals was formally organized ir1 1925 when it attracted some 256 participants. In thirty-eight years the program has continued to expand and the list of men and women entering the program this year will exceed Eve thousand. TI1e program gives everyone a chance, regardless of ability, to take part in some phase of sports. The offi- cials of the department work closely with a corps of students to help all participate in the various programs. Heading the work is Paul V. Keen, director of the department. Since 1937 when he was wrestling coach, Keen has been active in various phases of athletics. He has been active in intramurals for almost thirty years. Another member of the active departmental stall is Dewey Luster, or "Snorter,', as he is known to the students. Mrs. Elvi Bordeau rounds out the staff of faculty administrators for the department. She is in charge of all team entries, scoring records and book work involved in the department. Due to the untiring efforts of these people, the intra- mural program has become an integral part of the Winner of independent football was the Hawks. FIRST RUIV: Charles NY. Ingram. Keith Dobson, Kent Bennett. Larry Law- son. SECOND ROW: jerry R. Parker, Dan Ceorge. Neal YYaIker. Caylord jones. Loyd Benson. NOT I'ICTI'RI'lD: liilly Ray. Ramsey Myatt. University men's education program. Student managers for the intramural athletic program this year were Nick Denner, Galand Kramer, joe Myers and Jack Sweeney, all seniors, and Charles Harris, John Hundley, Gordon Marcum, Tom McKee and Tom Swineford, all juniors. These appointed students, the director of intramurals and the staff of the department compose the managerial board. The board meets twice a month to discuss policies and possible improvements to be made in the program. Each year the student members of the board are selected from members of the previous year. It is the duty of the senior members to see that play is run off smoothly in their assigned sports. This system is designed so that all students will be sufhciently trained to hold the position of senior mana- ger, and to fulfill the functions required for tournament and league play in the many sports sponsored by the intramural department. Complete facilities are available for every sport. Twelve softball diamonds, I2 touch football fields, 21 tennis courts, five basketball courts, six horseshoe pits, I2 badminton courts, six four-wall handball courts, six volleyball courts, the track and swimming pool are used by a group for practice or practice games as well as for intramural competition. is 12 r 5 E Cross Center football champions were from Prentice house. FIRST ROIY: Ian Gibbs. john E. llohan. Ken Casey. Pete Dosser. Stan Foust, Pat Condon. SECOND RUIY: ,Iohn E. Selk. -Iohn Kobyluk. Travis Albin. Mike Dellenoxa. Charles Kiniherlin, Ralph Ige. Jon Patil Forinan. Ata-Mogharabi. graduate student from Shiraz, lran. won Hrst in table tennis singles. He represented the Iranian society. Each organized house, both independent and frater- nity, has an athletic manager elected or appointed by the house. He is responsible for organizing teams and entering them in competition and for selecting and en- tering individuals in those sports where individuals are competing. He is the point ol' Contact between the house and the department. Matters affecting the team or individual are communicated to the manager, who in turn is responsible for passing the information on to the parties involved. The manager of each organization is eligible for membership on the managerial board and is also in competition each year for the title of Outstanding Mana- ger, who is named each spring after competition ends in all intramural sports. The winner for 1961-62 was Tom Swineford, repre- senting Beta Theta Pi. This was the second straight win for the Betas, who in 1961 broke an all-time record for the number of points garnered in intramural competi- tion. They broke their own record in 1962 with an all-time high of 81 points. Team winners receive tro- phies while individual winners receive medals. One of the intramural golf champions was Marty Garber, Phi Gamma Delta, junior from Enid. The lnterfraternity council all-star football team: F1RST ROVV: Caylon Kramer, Bundy Hammons, John Markley, -lim Sinex. SECOND ROWV: Peter Porter, llill Nelson, Ernie O'Hara, Richard Moore. NOT PICTURED: Dave Harbor. Bowling team: FIRST ROW: John Filbeck, Dwight Mackie, Pat Varnell, Howard VVoodrul1. SECOND ROW: Doug Ver- donclc, Bill Eason. Dave Davidson, Steve Halper, Al Schafer. Stone' Anderson. Silfnia Nu from Fa 'ettevil1e. Ark.. re ire-sented A 1 D A 1-. l , l his house in Intramural wrestling lll2,llL'1lC3, Intramural Winner VVinners in the men's intramural program are listed below. These are champions from spring, 1962, and from the 1962-63 competition up to yearbook press time. TEAM SPORTS Touch football. Class A ..,,...,..,.,....,...4,..,,,.,,,,,,, Sigma Nu Touch football. Class B .,............................ Beta Theta Pi Touch football. University housing .......... Lincoln House Touch football, Independent ...,.....,.....,.,.rr,..,,,,,,.,,, Hawks Basketball, Class A ................,..... ,,.,,,.,, D elta Tau Delta Basketball, Class B ...,,v..,...,..........,. ..............., S igma Chi Basketball, University housing .............. Cleveland llouse Basketball, Independent ........................., Cellar Dwellers VVrestling, First place ....... .................,....,.,.,., S igma Nu VVrestling, Second place ....... .....,,. S igma Alpha Epsilon Volleyball, Class A ..,........, ,..,.,...,......... D elta Tau Delta Volleyball, Class B ,er,...,....,,.............i.......... Beta Theta Pi Co-ed Volleyball .,,,..,, ......... B eta Theta Pi, Pi Beta Phi Softball. Class A ,,,,.,,,, ................... D elta Tau Delta Softball. Class B ,.....,,.... ......,... B eta Theta Pi Softball, Independent ....... .,....,..........,,,,...,. I Iawks Track and Field ...,...,..... ......... D elta Tau Delta Swimming .,.,...,.,...,..................,..,.,.,..,.,.....,, Beta Theta Pi INDIVIDUAL BRACKET SPORTS Badminton doubles Kurte lludson, John VVeigan, Beta Theta Pi Badminton singles .....,,,............., Chris Kana, Independent Handball doubles Bill Coker, Mike Mclaaurey, Bridge Deck Handball singles ................ Mike Mclaaurey, Bridge Deck Horseshoe doubles Dave Rutherford, Sam Bradshaw, Sigma Chi Horseshoe singles ................ Dave Rutherford, Sigma Chi Golf, Championship flight Marty Garber, Phi Camma Delta Golf, Flight A ......, .,............... B ob Hood, Beta Theta Pi Golf, Flight B ...,....., ....,,. R oger Hubbard, Sigma Nu Paddleball doubles Ronald Reed, Harold VVest, Baker House Paddleball singles ...............,.,.,.. Larry Oliver. Sigma Chi Tennis doubles Steve Provines, -lim Henson, Baptist Student Union Tennis singles .............................. joe Key. Delta Upsilon Table tennis doubles jerry Atchley, Ed Ellis, Prentice House Table tennis singles ........ Ata Mogharabi, Iranian Society FIRST ROWV: Jane Ann Steadley, Kathy Munn, Nancy New- som, Joan Kalman, Judith Porter, Jackie Krutsinger, Julie Kalman, Janice McCraw, Joetta Williams. SECOND ROW: VVendy Blair. Maxine McDade, Jackie Sparkes, Janet Pipkin, Mary Cordell. Jan Lovering, Marilyn Bossart, Jan Blakely, Sherry Owen, Nancy Collman. THIRD ROVV: Marlene Kirch, Dale Kimmell, Jan Howard, Cheryl Byrd, Diana Fields, Su- zanne Kagan, Cecilia Herron, Carolyn Reid, Chris Ford. Margaret Mofhtt. omon' Recreation Association pon or Club l WVRA otlicers are tseatedj Joan Kalman, president, Jackie Krutsinger, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Kathy Munn, OAR- FCW representative, Nancy Cozzman, publicity, Judith Porter, secretary, Chris Ford, historian, Sherry Owen, treasurer, Nancy Newsom. vice-president, Janice McCraw, social chairman. Every woman at OU can participate in the recrea- tional program provided by the Women's Recreation association, which offers an opportunity to increase physical efficiency and to participate in organized sports. The WRA program is designed to increase physical skills, provide physical activity and develop a sense of fair play and good sportsmanship. Coeds are encouraged to participate in the intramural program and are advised of the desirability of maintain- ing maximum physical condition as part of a well- rounded program for every college student. Each organized house elects a VVRA representative who coordinates intramural activities. In addition, stu- dents may join any of the clubs organized under VVRA. Some degree of skill is required for some but most clubs are open to anyone who is interested in participating in the sport. These include Orchesis and Terpsichore fdancingj, Ducks club fswimmingj, volleyball, soft- ball, basketball, field hockey and archery. Others are organized from time to time to meet student interest. Annual activities of WRA include sponsorship of Interschool Sports day, ZlIl awards banquet held in the spring, a Christmas party and an installation banquet honoring new oliicers. FIRST ROSY: Tricia Harrison. -Ioanna Stevens. 'lulie Kalman. Camilla Finley. -loan Kalman, Roberta Tesar. lleclcy Iioen. Phyllis A. Philp, Kay Frantz. SECOND RUSY: Mary Ann Tracewell. Frances Parks, ,lean Melton. .lucly lfasley. -Indy Sherman. Nancy Witt. LaDonna Rutherford. Dee Albrecht. Mimi Francis. Linda Sollars. Deana Lorentzen. THIRD ROSY: Kathy L. Ifvans. Karen Tanlcersley. Becky Harris. Cynthia Grisham. Ruth .-Xnclerson. Claren Base, E. Carroll Benjamin. L. Jody Carmichael. Nancy Taylor. Pam Iiaclaner. Mary Liming. Ducks Club Promotes Synchronized Swimming Primary interest of members of the Ducks club is developing and perfecting technique in synchronized swimming. Membership is open to all women students who can fulfill the slcill requirements in swimming at the fall tryouts. Each year the cluli sponsors a syn- chronized workshop in December and gives a water show to entertain mothers during Monfs weekend. llrehesis Members Must Presentation of the "Juggler of Notre Dame" during Christmas season and an annual spring recital are the principal activities of Urchesis. The organization fosters an interest and understanding of dance as an art form through participation. Membership is gained by show- ing technical skill and Creative ability during auditions held in the fall. FIRST RUNV: Gay Beale. Teresa Vreelancl. Roberta llaltosser, Donita Elliott, Kathy Guy, Janet: Pipkin. Carole Cody, Susie Rosenberg, ,leneane Curry. SECOND ROVV: Francene Dilling- ham. Nancy Carter. THIRD ROW: Helen Gregory, Sally Sue Officers this year were Roberta Tesar. presidentg .loan Kalman, vice-president: Camilla Finley. secretaryg Julie Kalman, treasurer, and Miss Phyllis Philp, faculty spon- sor. A project this year has been the sponsoring of a high school swimming club. the Ducklings. The club meets once a week at the Fieldhouse pool and cnds the year's activities with a picnic. Show Creative Skill This year the group participated in the production of "Most Happy Fellaf' "Boy Friend," and staged a demonstration for the Southwest Theater conference. Olilicers were Sally Sue Allmon. presidentg Francine Dillingham. vice-presidentg Susie Rosenberg, secretaryg Teresa Vreeland, treasurerg Janet Pipkin. VVRA repre- sentative. and Miss Helen Gregory, faculty sponsor. Allmon, Deanna Lorentzen, Diana Smith, Donna Aust, Linda Lou Walters, Dianna Moore, Patti Fisher, Priscilla Miller, Susan Young. .Indy Smothermon. -pas I ll 1 new s ,Q 'f VOLLEYBALL CLUB Membership is open to any coed interested in playing volleyball. The club meets twice a week in the VVOIIICIBS building and participates in All Sports day. This year members attended Sports day on the Ada campus and Volleyball day at various other college campuses. BVendy Blair served as president and Janice Strain. vice-president. SBFTBALL TEAM Organized to represent Ol' at the annual Sports day. the softball team record was one win, one loss. Co- captains were Sonia Davis and Margaret Mollett. Mem- bers of the team were selected after several practice sessions to demonstrate skill and desire to play. Miss Suzanne Harzman was faculty sponsor. The team participated in Sports day at Oklahoma College for VVOIIICII. PEM CLUB All students ma'orin' in xhysical education are eli- . I , gible to join the Physical Education Majors club, which meets once a month. Officers this year were Nancy New- som, president, Sherry Owen, vice-president, Karen Allard, secretary-treasurer, Janice Blakely, historian, and Dr. Virginia Morris, faculty sponsor. FIRST RUBY: Janice Blakely. Nancy Newsom. Janice Strain. Michael S. VVeinber53g, Karen Allman, Julian B. Rhodes, JoAnn VVest5gate, john Boettcher. Judy Carmichael. Al Corey. SEC- OND ROYV: Jerry Northcutt. Dezina Lorentzen. Dee Holland, Kay Barnes. Richard Honey. Bobby Cregory. Stuart Tonemah. Steven Mayer. Virginia Morris. Richard Buck. TIIIRD ROIY: FIRST ROBV: Karen Allman. Opaleita Dillon. Sonia Davis. Karen Brown, Karen Allard, Janice Strain, Lyla Stegall. SECOND ROYV: Karen Black. Valerie Brock. Kathy Munn, Marilyn Bossart, .lane Pollard, Wendy Blair. Virginia Gibson jan Blakely. FIRST ROW: Mary K. Coodwin. Sonia Davis, Kay Barnes, Carol Neal, ,Ioan Thompson. SECOND ROYV: Valerie Brock. Marilyn Bossart. Suzanne Ilarxman. Margaret Moffet. -Ian Blakely. Liz Burris. Tom Walton, Dee Post Zook. .Ioe Cox, Doyle Tunnell. John Kern, Tom Taylor, Mike McCullough, Robert Sluemky, LaRue Schrader. FOURTII ROVV: Terry Middleswarth, Yvendy Blair. Barry Silverman, Becky Olive. Helen Koontz, Margaret Mollitt, Karen Broun. Sonia Davis. John Kemp. Crystal Yancy. q-fn--v--5, . FIRST RUBY: Mary Goodwin. Toni Spann. Janice Strain, Wendy Blair. Marilyn Bossart. Valerie Brock. Sonia Davis. SIQCUND RUBY: Suzanne Harznian. Sharon Sutton. Dorothy Johnson. Carol Darling. Kathy Munn, Nanelle Wall. Chris Ford. Joyce Barker. Maryann Beall. Rm Fx FIRST ROYV: Lyla Stegall, Pat Mason, Janice Strain. Pam lNIason, Dee Holland. SECOND ROAV: Sharon Rupp. Kathy Constantin. Puzzy Elder, Linda Lavell. Karen Allman. NOT PICTURED: Annakay Judson, Jody Carmichael. I58 FIRST IIUAV: Ronald Ifscherich. Ronald Brown, Kathy Marley. Toni Brown. Tom Fredgrin. SECOND RUBY: Bob Carr. Ronald Mitchell. Jon Brosseau. Tom Barr. Don May. Ray Bord. BASKETBALL CLUB Enjoyment of the game and increased knowledge and skill in basketball are the purposes of the Basketball club. Co-captains this year were Dorothy Johnson and Valerie Brock. Wlendy Blair served as treasurer and faculty sponsors were Maryann Beall and Suzanne Harz- man. Membership is open to any enrolled student interested in playing basketball. FIELD HBCKEY TEAM Sharon Rupp was captain of the University ol' Okla- homa field hockey team this year. Anna K. Judson was co-captain and Linda Lavell acted as treasurer for the team. Faculty sponsor was Miss Karen Dean. The team meets weekly for recreation and practice in preparation for the annual Iield hockey sports day. ABCHEBY CLUB Members ol' the Archery Club meet weekly for target practice. Tom Fredgren served as president this year. Other officers were Ann Prier, vice-presidentg Kathy Maney, secretary-treasurer. Miss Kathleen Black served as faculty sponsor. Membership is open to all students interested in competing in the sport. INTBAMUBAL WINNERS Delta Gamma sorority won the first place trophy in 1962 for women's intramurals. The sorority won Hrst place in table tennis and tennis and second place in speedball. Dee Post Zook was intramural chairman for the group. The DCs won the trophy from Delta Delta Delta sorority. which had garnered first place for the past four years. Jodi Head. Dee Post Zook. Chris Ford. Mary Morris ff F l"'!'7 S Q K 'H I ,- -.v -V4 .pM MFE' Q.. 1 , ,,,'xs,., 1 ,WN-4 M ga VK! YA' N wlfk ""' S .ww mmm "JL 'K-att' qu f qnzvs- A ffm pr- ' T.-A ,........, na Hua' c. -.. ., vi-"" I un ..,4 ,x -........... ...........p- M., wg 1. an-Nt ""w' --P fy...- -.--M,,..- 'L"'....S X W ..,,, .a .1- ,,,f'i',.,.4 'Vfvnllr 'W ...- ...- A-1--f fx .Lx ..-1, ...- fv u 5 u 1 ua ,bum -.. 2235? . zhwnwr :E ,W .U-.N ln ,.. wwf ,A- ..- ..uv,.-vn ' ' , 'V' - , v' '. - f.. ' "H, L" L ,::L,. '- Q- - ""'.Q, ' ' - , wJ-ggmwrwwwMwW ' . ,1,'fN---1.4L .gf-' QI.. h. wt., ...,.: ' fi ul I .. - ' -If "'f"5' " 1 .Q ..-11 5' ff - -rpg 4,.1X TTL"-Q jf-,'. 'A SE' QSM lv.' I-V :jd ' .,mi'lL..:, gf ' I v '-Lf '-gf. .x-.- - . . , , .1 T- .W-fs--1. - ' 9 '1 y 'QLT-g',,..N:',g ' 1 A ,, 1, E, K. W., . --.. V 1 -Ag ., .1 M- .A w x D h Y., L.,-Eg: J .,:- 1..:l.. V xifj.. ' 'A' if 'M -Sk V :ji Z2 if V M4 V 1 At. V- 4- f .. - -1 1. . f-:ff ..: ., A 321, ,f42!f!:,31j,,uz L 4 '.-.: ,.A, gat- --2 -' ll' ' ,- .. ,i .:f,,,:-- 1 r-4, - ,,.-X. -- .--. , V- .. vw- ,-H.- -A . - W .- E.:-if-J P " 571' -ws J' mf 1- 'fs' " ' . .. . , VW' 1- :' 'E41,.Xii,f:'-'fig ,, 57m?,.35LL-.965-f '- :Q ' -M " ' - ' ' "15,:5.2,,,,,'- 3' flag ,. .-a, - , , " , I- IMF, Af-N,ga?"T .Zr2'fw"-- ' ' W - " " . .,.1.L- , '-: :575.,,jj4, 7-.,..-,,1'L,.-A h,v.,.,1-.5 th ,- ':.z.'33z'i Q 3. 3 H: ,gf v N,,, 1..1..K-.---- .wh '.". 'ig-W --. L . ,A N Q w,42WwfwW,+ - L , M5 I-I " I60 Department of Air cience Product of war, the Air Force ROTC trains the men who main- tain the peace through the imaginative control of aerospace weapons of fantastic speed and destructive power. The basic course of the AF ROTC at the University of Oklahoma provides the analysis of international aerospace power factors which are necessary to in- formed citizenship. The highly selective advanced course provides the Air Force with junior officers trained in the techniques of the control of the tremendous compression of Hrepower in time and space which is so characteristic of this era. CoLoNl-1L RAL!-rl L. S'l'IiVliNSON, LTSAF Professor of Air Science CADET WING CIIMMANDERS CADITI' COLONEL VYILLIAM T. NIKZLAURIN C,xmi'1' CoLoNlsL P.-wr. N. DENNER First Semester Second Semester 1963 GRADUATES FIRST ROIY: Tillman J. Ragan, Dewitt Neal, jr., VVilIiam T. VVilliam C. Givens. THIRD ROIV: jerry E. Hammett. VValter McLaurin, Ronald L. Myles. Charles R. Huff. SECOND S. Millington, James R. Burkett. Rohert L. Spangler, Paul N. ROW: George H. Teas, David Pina, Caland D. Kramer, Denner, Richard E. Diller, Dale A. Roach, Thomas R. Pitts. VVilson Baptist, Allan V. Cecil, Tom C. Clark, Leslie H. Fox, be--v Detachment tall Lli.-XDERSHIP TRAINING SECTION Discussing the organization of tlle Cadet YYing are Captain james M. Harris, TfSgzgt. Montie A. W'ofl'ord, Lt. Colonel Robert E. Davis. Major Charles T. Johnson and Major Carl C. Clen- Clenin. Tlie Leadership Training section is re- sponsible for leatlersliip laboratory training and furnishes adyisors for various cadet organiza- tions sucll as tlle Drill Team. Band and tlle Honorary Cadet Colonels group. AlDlNllNIS'l'R.Yl'l VE SEK I'l'I C JN Handling the "paper-work" and supply activity for the l500-man Cadet Wang is a large task. Shown discussing tlle recently issued Cadet Man- ual are Lt. Colonel Leonard D. Craun. S,f'Sggt. Russell li. Rhodes. Captain Thomas L. Bryant. Stephen J. Carr, SflSgt. Lee B. Mozley, TfSgt. John VV. Powell. Captain Elwood L. Sanders and SfSgt. Eugene YY. Rogers. lilJCCA'l'l K JN SECTION The Education section constantly strives to im- prove tlie standards ol teaching witliin the .Xir Science department. Tllis is uccomplislied lllfllllgll expeditious dissemination of 'itipsii con- cerning recent educational techniques. ln-Service Education programs and supervision of actual classroom presentations, lfxarnining a new train- ing l'iln1 are Captain Lawrence D. Ortolani. T,f'Sgt. lflnier L. Home and Maior Carlton ll. McConnell. CADET GR0l'P COMM,-KN DICRS Vital to the functioning ol the Cadet VVing and Leadership laboratory, Cadet Group coin- nianders are selected with care hy the Cadet YYi1i5gg connnander. lfach group connuandcr super- vises the drill lield activities ol' more than 200 cadets. IVIRST ROXV: Leslie Fox. Stephen Condon, Edward Kennedy. SECOND ROYV: Dale Roach. Paul Denner, Richard Diller. rl'l10lIl2i9 Pitts. CIADET SQUADRON COMMANDIQRS FIRST ROYY: Dewitt Neal, Gerald Payne, loin Clark, George Teas, Larry Smith. llal Keiupf. SECOND ROYY: james McDougal, Otto Os- borne, Wvilson Baptist, Lloyd Keaton, Noel Parsons, xvllllillll Givens. Leland Moore. CADET WING STAIFF .Xl RMI91 N The Basic Cadets of the W'i11g Stall handle much ol' the "legg- workll for the busy and elli- cient Cadet Headquarters. Pit'- tured are David Milligan. Phil- lip Marzolino, Larry Prater, Clarence Cagle, Keats Soder, Douglas Lyle. Williani Pivkens. Xvilliain Mattox. pq li l 1 C.XIJIi'I' STAI-'If OFFICERS The Cadet Wing headquarters is a central clearing point lor the AFROTC Corps of Cadets. Promotions. duty assignments and operations orders arc all finalized here. Ullicers of the cadet stall direct tI1e actiwities of the xarions sections which keep up with this mass ol' de- tail. FIRST ROVV: Larry Stanford. james Lesseig. Cary Lang. John Ilalri. David Pina. Donald Abratns. Jerry Hrasier. SECOND RONY: Allen Cecil. Caland Kramer. Jerry IIZIIII- inett. Robert Spangler, Randy Parker. Robert Croak. .Iannes Burkett. CAIJF'I' FINANCIAL COFNCIL The Cadet Financial conncil affords positixe control oxer expenditures rnade by the Ca- det IYin5g. Elected from the Cadet lying itself. the position they hold is one of honor' and trust. FIRST ROVV: Michael Castor. Paul Anderson. Robert -Iaclcson. SECOND RUWYZ Michael Classcock. Bill Crow, Roger Meade. Bill Burns. CPXIJITI' INI-'ORMATIUN SERVICES Faced with a seemingly end- less series ol' "deadlines" the Cadet Inlortnation Serxices sec- tion is one ol' the busiest or- ganizations with the Cadet XYing. This hard-working group is responsible lor at cu- det newspaper. the AFRUTC SUUNICK yearbook section and hotnetown news releases. Ilead- ing the section are Cadet Cap- tain -Iohn Ilalri fseated center leftl and Cadet Major Ron Rurlaett tseated center rigthtl. AFROTC DRILL TEAM The AFROTC Drill team, first organized in 1953. promotes interest in military discipline and precision drill throughout the Corps of Cadets. The 23 man team. composed entirely of freshman and sophomore students, participates in the before-game activities of football contests and represents the University of Okla- home in drill competitions throughout the entire south- west. The 1962-63 Drill team participated in cornpeti- tions in Tucson, Ariz.. and Austin. Tex., in addition to their frequent away-from-home demonstrations in Okla- homa. The team is commanded by Cadet Technical Sergeant Louis VV. Merrell. Their advisors are Lt. Colo- nel Robert E. Davis and T,,"'Sgt. Montie A. VVoflord of the Air Science faculty. CADET AIR POLlCE DETACIIMENT Connnanded by Cadet Lieutenant VVilliam C. Young, the University of Oklahoma's Air Police detachment serves the Cadet Xving in many ways. A volunteer or- ganization. Cadet Air Policemen direct traffic in the vicinity of the drill field during leadership laboratory periods and furnish honor guards for various ceremo- nies. The detachment was formed during the fall se- mester, 1956, and has since served with distinction in the performance of its many duties. FIRST ROVV: Larry Smith, james Lesseig, Ronald Myles, VVilliam McLaurin, jerry Brasier, Stephen Condon. SECOND DISTINGU This outstanding group of advanced AFROTC cadets has been selected on the basis of highly competitive cri- teria. Their title as "Distinguished Cadets" infers that they have consistently placed in the top half of their University class, in Air Science studies, and at rigorous- ly-paced Slimmer Training units held on active bases of ARNOLD Organized in l95l on the campus of the University of Oklahoma, the VVaddy Young squadron is the local chapter of the nationally-known Arnold Air society, an honorary professional organization of outstanding FIRST ROW: Major Carlton H. McConnell, advisor: Miss Sandy Shorr, sweetheart, Leslie Fox, commanderg Edward Ken- nedy, Donald Abrams, jerry Ennis, Bill Scanlon, Dewitt Neal, Louis White. SECOND ROWV: jerry Brasier, William Mat- tox, Jim Slaughter, Thomas Gibbs, Noble Nordahl, VVerner Voss, Max Roadruck, james Messenger, Floyd Leighty, Cary Bush. THIRD ROXV: Charles Ewing, Charles Hare, Lewis ISHE AIR ROWV: Tillman Ragan, Cary Lang, George Teas, Thomas Pitts, Jerry Hammett, Leslie Fox, Robert Spangler. D CADETS the United States Air Force. Once their selection for this honor has been confirmed by the Professor of Air Science and the President of the University of Oklahoma these cadets will be offered commissions in the regular Air Force after graduation. SOClETY AFROTC cadets. The University of Oklahoma unit was named after a Sooner all-American football player who was killed in action in VVorld VVar II. Smith, james Almy, Richard Chronister, Michael Terry, Leland Moore, Tom Briggs. Rufus Mosley. Irvine Scott, Robert Fitz- gibbons. FOURTH ROVY: Edward Duclos, Norman Pence, Alvin Leonard, Lawrence Hayes, john Thompson, Williarii Rendel, Lloyd Keaton, john Daniel, Richard Anderson, Ron Iill1'kCIt, John Forbis, john Kincaid. f My I -'lug' nw .,-ia ' V' -my 1 Kitff w- ' -.,',,g, ,L Ayr UW " 4- 'must k N, , , 5 Y L W' V ,A . - Qysxgui: A, - f 'f"'9"fM A U' 'L 'fffiffgre A 1 ,M ', N QlLZ'.,My,f y,.f.W g2w.,,, ,ssfrrwl L. , , ,fx if W 4 pm, I ' .W ,QM - 'WSH V 'Q 1 4 " .wg W . ,. 5 A '5 gm., M15 . W, f wg ',.fVf, 24,-1 -- mi " , ' 1. '. 'A -. A, f-M2 A" fm, I 419- M - 'NTL A-Wx-W1-L59 I f .-ww 4 .- 7 . v ,f , ,Q-5 -' W' - fv- N ir,m,,A,,,,.! LV w.:,,,. , I Q A , , 5 -4- .fi M Wq,4,,'?' p W "::,P'13 gi, A I V ,,, V .V if , R7 1' D , .,.,,, , +1 N, ,L ,, pw' mg .!,,v,'QkJ,Q?f X, N. fl we , A ., , . , I, A' .gg A Lf A - ff, 'JW , , -f ' .,, V , ,J ' V fx" , ...N-'-Q Q 4 May.. t n L . ,, h M rx M v ' uf fr,-1 'K -W -s .. 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Q32 .qff Y , V" .3 Q .f ' Q W . ev J 'H , TSW A ' K-V iv ilwfvuak 'g 4 , ?f'Ff ,..-v V"' , 1 g, K ' , ,L 3"lf+ul J - ' J 3' K .-yy In-X, 1. 42. .N N. y K bv, ww, QA. ,, i, ,Riga WJ , K 46 1, wg, 'L iffyfw,-4' .W Y ff' "X-f, My fx' 'f 533 1 W , 1 'ff'-fr' 2" f wi , Z1-fl , - , ,: 'Sw 'ff-,. fx Q Y? L W N' gy, ff' , , - J, J W. L V fm iif " 5 'M V , . if gg Q mf-1555213 Jfggy - V 5,15 'png ,. -ff , K ,XM Q A .. ,tl , A -5 - , f E . , - :V f-iffy Qs'-f 'Wf'1w,wf-. N f bf R 'A - ' , ' f '. -- ., A AA ,W .f , A gf, , , M Ag., V 1 '- H7 H ttf' - ff 3' J E C-ggfi A si .-X FIU JTC RIFLIC 'l'lC.XNl 'l'l1e l'niversity of Uklalloma Al"- ROTC llille team is a frequent and effective participant in Sll0lllllCl'-lll- shoulder firing matches throughout the southwest and in the nationwide postal matches. During the year they also traveled to the CS Air Force academy to pit their skill on the range against aredeiny rille- men. 'l'he Cadet Rille team ollieer lor the l9t52-63 organization is Ca- det Captain Lloyd C. Keaton. They are advised by TfSgt. lilmer I.. Howe ol the .Xir Seienee stall. CADET OFFICERS' CLUB A Cadet Uflieers, Club was formed during the 1962-63 school year and its members enjoyed various tours and soeial events near the campus as well as an extended flight to Laredo AFB. Tex.. which featured a jet lligggllt for each ol the partici- pants. The ollicers ol the newly- formed club are-FIRST ROYY: Dewitt Neal. Edward Kennedy. Richard lnman. John llalri. Cary Lang. SECOND RONY: Charles Huge. Allan Cecil. Robert Croalc. Ron llnrlgett. Charles llristow. AFR! JTC ISOWLI Nfl 'l'li.XM lN'lembers ol the bowling team are Charles llonse. llill Bl'Clj2Qllllt'I'. Rod- ney Qlznnes Carsten. llob Hleel-L. 1 K 'w 'Q , w V" W f 5' f"'T1'a. W 1 252-Lv.. , "- , 1 -V , . K, N. ,X 41 A fm , 2 ' K ' .5 Q Y ,g H , Ki, 4 'Q 4, 2 .Q s .Q .Q u, sf.: ' K' . H '- -Q.. Q " X . 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R s . 1 'El f . ' - Y .. 2 . 5 .2 , . , if K 3 if , . 1 2 A' Q 1 ff 'A ' . f - , . . , ? ' I 2 Y A A I t 2 K 1 4 . 7 Y x 5 ' ' If wifi N W ' 1. ' S in AL ,X 5 1 , . ' , M, ,Vi .,. 4 ,,.i,y F, V ky. ., M, 3 ,A I , ff W. f 1. w?w??A5?E'Sm3ff'H3i gf'LE':i5'5'lfW4:f1'?.f5:'L""i? ff . , 1 , Q Q ' ' 4 . f A .4-' , fn 'f-WA-Qijizxur 3- ,' 1 .-w.':f"i1'-fff.,i' , K V, wif , , ' ff '., ' .f ' ' , Q 7 ,W fy ,QQ-Wf'flff!: f aw hfwifikiigiffx " 7 41-1 ' if 7.15 i ILE ,gQ.1?vMf'N'f,g,"-Qui'W2 F .4 Q S 7 if ' ' iff K, A 'K 0 9" 3 ' M -' , xWL?V.,ifv affjkyl -W f1'Qjg2yg,g,g,4.f!, 0 f- f. KW t -7 tk - s w 4 . 1-1 'wh -L, gvwgf , V ,L f J ' ' Yam A ww.. . ya 'U , . -. ' :ff f ziMjg,g.Qwfrf', f'wlUffEWM wQ,1g."'fKfA H .A , 5- K f .wh K Q s gvww 1 W .5 . ,A ,H 9' 4 ,Q f ..,. , f ,Q 0 if Q,5,,.W M 4, . X X V ws, N X A + , V I W .wr 1 L' A ' . Ma X1 f "Mi X L V , 7 Q' Us 2. 0 , 6 A K 2 " , 18 .pawn 'f R" f wxf . 1,54 1 . 4 'f . , 'A' ,.'1.f,s,1 W. uh, N4 4, ., y. ,... 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I AN s iq N K V7 4 . , W ., Q x Y- fwxkk V . .gg T 0 2, f 4: ,K , 4 44 f , 4: - ., ?, Qu, Q y , X A 4 r K ,Q ' LAM 3 W -ik , 4 H .pu , r fx. 4 , ,fl 1 A X 4 5 4 ,L 4- ' , Y. 4 4 g 5 'E 4- if .1 ' SQ., A J! fwfr f W X Q4 ' , ,, 6 ' ,ff ,wp K 3 ' W Wwlww, K i I MQ Q. V ., , . 5 , gl ,, , . . .. V. , , K 1 1 , ' 'SQ 4 4- W, my i'5m.,' ig, k 'I 5 x Q x +,. f H 4' Q., ' pig in ' L' 1 , . , I 1, . 5 xi A QQ- W' 4 k4g,gwf172.W ' , K - ,HQ 41, - wg ., Lp- xv- y 4 A - f 4- .. 44- ., 4+ N -4 ,HLMM-Wmbf' 44 ' - v we' 1 A A ' Q t . . , , 4 . . lbw . , g,,,QQZ, Maw Q I W? wg? 1 ,L'iix,Y:uShWf3 A 4 , .4 X- 4 are if ay '4 l ur v W H .2 X ' PM 'gk R ' 'X ' X x " ,V N JQWAW- 5 "' K 'Q nw. in v My V-6114 -4,"-ffnnwN,M- Mg,h,,,,,,w,, Wm K , Y X ' , . g 1 ' 451 1 ug, 4 ,, X S' 'gf-K M. -1 ' 4. X , R Xb 3 Q 6 -LX , -,?e,5ww my N ' M 4 Q R , 4 , R W 4 ,Mi , ' r, fi 4 . , , , ,Q 5 iv Q ,xt Q , . k . W, Mm, 4 ,, ff 1 ,.W- M Q . K ya. ' ,ax - H' C+' ' -'Q . if t b, 1 'Big Y- funny.-wfa,.,,,:,41f, equi v ' - ' , -:sf 4 , M ,, in 4, tu , , .,.". Q .1 M I ' 3. 24559, V5 4, ' k I KW ' 15, , ' i - 5 a 5 . .Nm 4 M " 'c , .. , ' s , fr An active hase visitation program enhances air science classroom instruction. The above group is pictured xnid- way in their tour of facilities at the Arnold Engineering Development center. Tullahoma. Tenn. llIIlIIl0l' Sunnner Training unit activities invariably feature pa- rades. more parades and still more parades. Cadets George Yvhite and John Dalri are shown checlaingg their flight plans prior to a cross-country mission. These cadets are taking part in the AFROTC contract llight instruction program. ing nit A spirit of teamwork and precision is evidenced by this group of cadets who are llC3I'1Hg the end of the Sunnner Training unit conducted at Reese Air Force base. Tex. f' c A ' A is'-'I The AFROTC program, effecting a balance between theory Sunnner Training unit poses rigorous problems for the and practical training, produces junior oflicers nell- future ofhcerg physical training is not slighted. I 'T l . 4,-J ii C ,W PM 4 T fx it , . gn' S dis' 1 1' 'N ' equipped to handle the complexities of the aerospace age. ,... wi ,. 41 t A xxx an 0 ,ya . L : ly is A ' i 1 Y .W 6 g - .. Af. aa ' 1 rg, if , f ' 3' ,, :FA ' -- - V . 35' 5. 'Ji- ...yf V- Y, afkx' fl ,g s .. W V iff - If I efw H gs ., TQ 'fl 'L' 'f - 5' bs" ' is . L . " X. 2, 1' ,V -5. M., 5 ,- 5 - . I Z I . I ,Ky SM khfi , my . t 732 ' .. r" 'U e 5f"7'?TfIj"I if '4 5 ti , "' Y L , l - , 5, X l " . in f V ' W Q, f 1' If i I? - ,T xii . K' ' EQ Q' i A. f it tt.. . - .iff it if? f , . . . 1,4 Wi ,Q J . V, , . V h , A ,, ' " K if l ' A ,W .ff 1 ' e . ' 4 Mifffiif 'iiflililii I 1 l i H - ' sf, Tea 1- - K' , - 'Lh' Veg .wg-.f,ge.,,..,.A , ,,., 'l'l1e University ol' Oklalionials Al"ltU'l'C Drill teain is sliown in action at the Tinker .Xl"l5-Miclwest City joint Cadet Acti The strict inspections and discipline of the Leadership Training school. operated by lourtli-year cadets. is de- signed to produce better junior ollicers for the AFROTC Cadet Wingg. tu entieth anniversary celebration, The announcement of Miss Sandy Sh0rr's election as "Sweetheart of Arnold Air Society" was a feature of the annual AFROTC ball. Shown congratulating Miss Sllorr is Leslie Fox. connnander of tlie local Arnold Air squadron. itie NCAA Cllhllllplllll wrestler Richard liauglilnan fleltl was selected Outstanding AFROTCI Athlete and lionored by the "U" cluli. He is shown receiving congratulations from Col. Ralph L. Stevenson. professor of air science. It was exrcplionally diflieult to keep eyes nstraiglit ahead" TUIH fiibllh during tliis inspection. xolunteers for tlie initial selection of candi dates lor honorary cadet colonel. it Q f. .ii 5 . , AA: 3 f L : K I 'fi' ' , wi. - 2 . Yi ev I . nm 1 i ' ""'4wq,2f, 5 4 - V w.,..,M ,L Nga' ' , - i f W am. . . e , WE f - mfg. .. I f- . X Q 5:9-.5-,iE' 1 ' ,ug QQ jiri I sv Xl :.:'."2sl ' ' f "xl: Qi u. t. r 3 A ,www Lt s W -is Y Q v C143 The crmronutimi of the lmimrury cadet 00101161 is the main feature of the annual ,-Xl7RUTC bull. This yeafs queen is the lovely Miss Rita Clerrity of Xv21Silillf.QtOIl. D. C. She is shown receiving her crown from fluclct Colonel xvlllilllll T. xlL'L21llFill. commander of the 675th .'Xl"RfYl'f' uaclc-t xi ing. The music I-llI'lliSllC'ii hy Ralph Marleric and his orchestra Honorary cuclpt colonels 'ul tht- .Xl"RU'l'CI present li daz- kept the clzuice lloor alive during the 2iIlIlllZllxxF1ifYTC ball. Llinggg display lll their white formzils ut the air force ball. lrffmwzf., f , -wx tl 1 I a.. , A M- X H in H 2 , ' i V ,,.. W. mfvzgsg Honorary Cade! Lt. Colonel MISS POLLY ALLEN Kappa Alpha Theta If Honorary Cadet Lf. Colonel MISS SIJZANNE THOMPSON Alpha Chi Omega I Honorary Cadet ll. Colonel IIISS IIANCILIJ JACKSON Pi Bela Phi Honorary Cade! Lf. Colonel MISS QIIJDY ICAYE MQQRE Chi Omega Honorary Code? Ll. Colonel MISS KATY ANN GOLDTRAP Della Della Della Honorary Cade? Colonel MISS RITA ANNE GERRITY Kappa Alpha Thefa qv Y ,Rm , ,:., . ..,,.,,,, , .,, , W.. si x, L Sl 1 Honorary Cade? lf. Colonel MISS SANDY Sl-IQRR Sigma Delta Tau Honorary Cadet U. Colonel MISS BETTY MILLER Chi Omega .v""' N For Lirfntenznit Donnlcl D. W'ar'rick und other AFRUTCI I.iC'lliIl'Illllll Uzllc K. Rmxcll icwcivcs his hairs. lruditio 'senior cuclcls7 Uiiivcrsily ggrziclnzilirm inxrnlws m'oii1r11is'aimi- pinned on by either fiance. wife or parents. ing us well. C 'ss' . The grzulllutiiigg class of 19623 Qceiitc-rj is hmiored by adxailccd bullets ill lraiclitiunzil "dining in" liulml an 'I-illlxCl' Alfli. 'L 1 :ru ,Q .. QQ-K., Q 5 E, --. 5 Q If?" . , wg. ?i.q4?fU!E gJ.142.3 .+L,f"f K, 4' N9 Y f vm ,q . 'dk 1. , ,fy . . X , AJ. 'ffm fn' ,A Q V ' A , ., 43"P".4.u'1", 'fA' " f , 4 r .. . ,. Department of ilitar cience It is the goal and duty of the Department ol' Military Science at the University of Oklahoma to develop over 1,200 students enrolled in the Army ROTC program into good ollicer material. To do this, the department maintains a well-coordi- nated stall' and the military equipment necessary to guide cadets through their lour-year training program. The classroom training includes military history, map reading, small unit tactics, compass instruction, military law and leadership training. To supplement their class training, cadets are taught the principles ol' military courtesy, discipline, physical coordination and sell' con- trol. Students are also instructed in the principles ol' military drill and ceremonies. By first learning to carry out orders, cadets become qualihed, later. to give them. Between the military student's junior and senior years he attends the general military science camp at Fort Sill. Here he is given the opportunity to put into practice what he has learned in class and on the drill-lield. Upon satisfactory completion of his degree require- Clor.. R. F. rl-'IHVI-IA'l"l' V Q , , - v , - , A . . , ,, , ments, summer camp, and the tour years ol classroom fmrnnnanding Ulllccr. .Xrniy KOH , , , , , ' , instruction. the student is commissioned a second lieu- tenant in the US army or army reserve. Ir. Cor.. LT. Col.. I 1 f0L lVI.t.1. MAJ. Cu-'i'. lonx P. ARTIIIQR S. IJANII-ll, P. W1LL1.u1 S. ,Invites H. -juries ll. 'l1,UYl-IS xYASl'IIllJllN, jk. lNhc'lJoN,t1.1m Kmrzxs SELLERS l'lli'l'lIliRLY HJ' H045 'Nu-P C,.t1"l'. C.u"r, CAPT. C.fu"l'. fiAI"l'. Rossi-31.1. li. lx'lARtIUS I.. ll0lSFRT A. Mauzou R. Dos A. cl,ic'roN. jk, Xyl'1.k'l'lIl'lIiXI.l. 13RowN1Nc SANIJLIN CIo1un.v fi INI,f"S1:'1'. Mf'Sc:'1'. PS1 2 SFC SFC SFC SFC SXSGT. Sur. Sloxrmx M. Illcwlix' II. C1cn.u,lm M, Iiu1..xNn A. Ii. Il. CIIARLICS IS. Crmmmis L. -l1MMY M. V Kunz S, STI-iwuu' Ronclius DDIKLIA IC1z:nL1-ix Eu-111. IR. Ii,xMnu SUNnlcR1..xNn fIA'I'HRlGII'I' Xu SICKLF MRS. I+Ir1'r'I'x' Mus. CATHICRINIC Mus. -Io ANN Mus. PEGGY MRS. NIH Ross Sl'ISI.I2'l"l' RI-1X'NllI,IJS .I xczxsox PL"l"l'x us lik DISTINGUISHED MILITARY STUDENTS 4051 Q S ,fn-M I"IIlS'I' RUSY: ISVZIIIIQ DXIZIIICI' Iiirnic. .Icrry Lee Iirusl. jesse I"r2mIa xTll'iIil'1ll. William DVZIYIIC Nelson, Mia-Iuucl Stevens IR-nk. Lcc Clllupmun. 'lolm Ilmnglus cIUIC'Ill2lIl. .Iumcs Dunne Cook. Dennis IIumIcI Pope. 'IIIIIKI7 RUIY: Daniel .Xllmert ISIJIIIIIU. Robert Leon Ifcrriur, Ric'I11u'cI Mezlulxum Ifuggg. .InIm Clarke QIIIIIIIIS' Wlxync StuuIcy. Iiulmerr Ijililtlll Tuclcl. Robert SYuIum I'xI'l'CIL'llI1C'l'jJQt'1'. Ilulmcrt joseph flzxrrctt. SHCUNID ROSY: Sum- Vullggluxll, Ii:-nnetll TIIHIIIIUI' Swlilc. Dunne .Klan SYumlIiII'. uul .Xnllmuy Kiraly. .Ierry Curl IIz1cILIucIc. -ILICIQSUII Metcalfe Kin- Clary Dani-z Wylie. Curmll Dean York. ueI1rcu. VDIIIIIZIIII DVIISIIC Iiulmcrr I7Ioyrl NTCFLIFIEIIIII. .Icrry I77 R. In NIL'I'21l'IliIlLI. D. H. Pope. II. .X. Rennie. zmcl Field Grade Officer - Cadet Corp lluxsox RIETCALFE KINNFISRICSV IIIIIHARIJ M. Foul: BATTALION COMMANDERS L. Il. IYyIie. Main in 'aan 'Tl-4 -0-mr DIVISION COMMANDERS alle.. STAFF 0FFICERS FIRST ROIV: R. E. I5arI1ycIt. If. NN. Blfllle, jr., II. L. Brust, -I. I.. fIIl11DIllElll. C. R. Comer, R. I.. lferrier, C. FICCICIIIJCTQCII SEC- OND RUIY: S. A. Gray. R. T. Iluml, -I. D. Maxwell. R. N. IYzxrcI. K. T. White. D. A. NYooclIiII, C. ID. York. 6' E 'tal CCDMMANDERS COMPANY FIRST ROXY: D. Coleman. I Garrett, .l. T. Holt, W. W. Lee, Luton. ll. VV. Maylicld. SECOND ROVV: F. Muslcrat, WV. YV. Nel- son, M. S. Peck, YY. Stanley, R. P. Todd. R. WY. Vaughan. il'-Q or Legion of Valor A ard Cadet Col. jackson M. Kinnebrew was selected as one of the two senior cadets in the Fourth Army area to receive the Legion of Valor Bronze Cross. The award was presented to Kinnebrew at a special review in his honor on October 30, 1962. Making the presentation was Charles Ray, a holder of the Distin- guished Service Cross, the second highest medal for valor awarded by the United States. Competition for the award was between all senior ROTC cadets in New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkan- sas and Louisiana. Kinnebrew was recommended by Col. R. F. Thweatt and President George L. Cross and selected on the basis of his outstanding scholastic record and his active participation in military and campus activities. Ronnie Pyle receives a drill inspection from his platoon leader Ken Kendrick. Pershing Rifles provide the cadet corps with the ollicial Ariny color guard. I79 IIRSYI' ROW" li fl Illunllcx 1161. .. . ' HW. . 1. 4 ser. . .. wwslcr. SICCIUNIJ IUJIY: fl. FI'6ClCIlIDCI'f,L. Il. If. I"1'l1'lxc. IJ. flur- ner. IJ. llurnn-r. R. Clzirrett. K. llillvllc. lllllill HUNT: Ii. Givens. l'. Urulxcr. fl. I". fllusggmv. S I I ru I X C .1 I-UI Heller. IJ. I. I'Il'l'lCllSIClIl. F. D. Hill. 'If Ilult. IlI'III RUN: R. I. Hood. Ix. Iluplgms. P. I7. :arf-1 4 wmv f:-ar . .M 5490-G .gf-Y. ,.. Qr .QOH tx ,,.-A I7IRS'l' RUYY: R. K. Adler. T. Xklm. M. ff. Xlstatt. E. C. .'xllLICI'S0ll. P. C. .Xmlreseln . II. IJ. lizxucle. R. E. IIHFIIYCII.. YY. WY. lieclnrel. K. Ii. Berry. I". YY. Ilimic. llr. 0 r SIQCUNIJ RUIY: D. Brace. YY. Cl. Ilrzly. K. H. Brown. I.. lirust. ll. NY. Buster. NY. II. liutler. ll. H. Carlocla. ,l. I.. Cilxzlpmun. D. LIOICIIIQUI. Il Cook twin B- M. WMHUW pleads MS msc In nmol Cmlm Us 'l'IIlliI7 Iiwlllzw ll. Ii. Copflulul. Cf. ll. c:0lIliil'.v-Ilxv. CIOIIICF. Cross. Iluvis. seniors lwm Hlilimu justice' M. f.. llauxs. I. II. Decker. H. X. I.. lk-mlm-3. In I-. Dmubelx, I. IJ. Iloplm. ill. ' wc' n .X Ym- 'v-....., ,rv nw .- . Qu.. .. . . lmssln' I1. CI. Ilzulrlm-lg. 'urn mme wxct. Hall. Jr.. lm. la. Iluyes. H. 11, UFIIIIIW. '.. . X 2 ' . .. . . .. . . .Qi ' I80 -tfvr FIRST RUXXY D. juclgsnii. K. l.. Keiiclricli. il. ll. Kc-iiiiecly. QQ. H. Nliisgilzixc. F. Mmkrzlt. XX'. XX'. Nelson. li. A. Nuriiiailly. .l. Xl. KlIlIll'llI'l'XX. H. il. Kirk. U. P. Kurtz. N. X. l.a1ilm'cl. E. C. U'llzii'zi. S. Ulsc-ii. L. .X. Pzuiiiell. D. X'. Lassiter. R. K. Lecllmelter. XXI XXI Lee. V, V , , , , SLCUND ROXX: XX. C.. l.m'c. li. Lulmi. li. li. Mzirtlii. D. Maxwell. XX'. Mzlyliblcl. K. F. lX'1m'l"zirluiicl. C. l.. ML'- TIIIRD ROXY: R. T. Morris. XX'. A. Mui'i'isoii. I". L. Moses. Knight. R. M. MCLCOLI, S. l". Miers. D. ll. Miller. 4'6- .rs 'Ii 4... 'if if P00 any W Q oils 7' :Tx at X . -1. sf' 'Fm 'WY' 72" if .,..' . ... .K-ar 'sf 'grlaviilm high ,,1u'rv. I'Ol'Ii'l'll IU FXXVZ Xl. S. Pcuk. ll l.. Pcwliiiis. fl. lf. llettilmllc. SlX'lwll RUXXV: li. U. Siiiilli. XX. Slauilcy. 5. XX4. Swzilliuiil. li. XX'. Peltiwcu. ll. ll. Pope. 'lf Price. l.. V. Priclmc. C. K. XX'. 'l'uri. ll. M. 'I'ny-Iur. S. lf. Taylur. XX'. ll. Taylor, .l. ll. llclwcr. ll. X. licmiie. XX'. RllK'lIlUl1.l. Tmlcl. K. l'. Torlcl. ll. XX'. Xllllgllllll. 5l'.X l'.N l Il RUXX: ll. Xl. XX1icllmx. l'.. XX. XXalrlwuul'tl1. li. X. lll III RUXX: ll. lille. li. Szicllmcrry. Alr.. ll. Suiiclers. XX zirrl. XX. ll. XX'ziri'en. Ali.. XX. X. XX'cuu-r. llr.. I.. K. XX-L'llllICI'. I.. X. Sn'lizicl'c1r. 'XX'. X. Surt1.All. XX'. Srzwill. .l. Xl. Slizirp. K. I.. K. 'lf XX'liilc. llr.. ll. X. XXmullill. fl. ll. XX'ylic. C.. ll. Xvurlx. .lIlCX. IJ. Slllllll. Xl. C.. Smilli. X. Xu img. 55 . . . , .Qff wx. ."-3"-v Ff 1 mms., P 4 vfflvjw ,--.. New FIRST KOYY: T. N. Allen, K. Q. Allwllite. P.. K. .'xIlliClly. li..VY. lizlrrc-tt. D. licnien . Berry. L. R. Bcttes. L. li. llnlrly. M. lllylllllltk C-. L. lhlln-cy. Junior SECOND RONY: K. lf. Iiilcs. li. ff. liowers. Ill, S. li. llillllflll. L. Bfllllllfly. M. C Bryles, jr.. B. N. llulorcl. M. S. flllupllnc. ll. D. Cleaver. D. Cochran. N Coffey. junior czulels ll. L. Lz1m'ust0r. WY. M. Kerr and D. A. Cray .. , . , , , V , .4 A , , ' test the PRC-I0 us part of tlncir cmmuuuiczltlmls illstructioll. THIRD Roll' 'A"2'l'j S' 'l' f"'i'lS ll' Ddle',jll" L' S' ,l?'ln,lCll'- E' Dooley l"lRS'll ROW: ll. K. llfmclill. ll. X. film. ll.. Fl. ilreiner. li. Crulxlms. il. .l. llulc. M. l'. llummrmcl. III. R. E. Exams. VN. L. lwncl. L. Kmnluncl. D. I-Jrretl. R. l. 1-nrrlsml. ' "ffl ff' UV33' 5' lr la sl' l WH ,ai-. M if aw SICCUND KUNY: 1-. lu. llumplml. NX. Y. llurrls. f-. W llurllllzm. il. li. llzllliclrl. ll. ll. llcml. K. Nl. llL'IllI'y. THIRD RUXY: ll. YY. llunrllcy. ll. L. lluntcr. VY. 'l' lllulmett. ll. .'llL'l'iSUll. ll. l.. -lzuncs. .L lf. .lUl1IlSl0Il. l7Ul'R'l'll RUXY: YY. Nl. Kerr. .'X. Kinnelrrcw. R Kissick. D. H. Llllllllllill. R. L. l.1lIlL'll'4lC'l'. Il. ll. I.zm1'e11cv:. FIFTH .llUNY: S. ll. l.uulm1. S. lf. Lawton. CL. Xl. Lewis. lx. X. Little. ll. Maples. C.. 1-. Nl1ll'l'llIll. ll. l82 0238'- "x IVY Junior Cadet Receive Ad aneed Re erve Training FIRST ROIY: II. 'I'. Martin. NI. D. Nlurtin. Ii. If. Massey. ,L Ii. SECOND RONY: XY. II. Mizcll. Il. P. Mfmrc. NY. S. Moses. XIclfoixius, YY. NICC. Jr.. II. IxICFI'ilIlll!l. XY. B. Miller. S. I. T. KI. Kliirlricla, 17. .X. O'I3rie11. Il. Uliplizmi. Cl. IV. Oring- Mintz. clerlf. C. A. Owen. II. CQ. III. II. Ij2ll'IiIlllTSI., I-sw We .-ss., K' P? nn 10 ik G-'lf pu., id-A 1"'? TIIIRII ROIY: II. I.. Patterson. D. T. Pllillips. L. I.. Punt. XY. I.. Slegger. B. NI. SICIJIICIIS. CI. 'I'. Stcplmns. I.. IJ. Taslilik. I.. l'rnll1er. fl. S. Primrose. NI. Puttlucla. I.. IIIl'IlZ1l'CI9-illll. YIWIIOIIILIS. A. H. YIIIIUIIIIJSUII. IJ. NI. Riley. Il. Scott. FIFTH KUVY: L. IIIIIUIIIPSOII. U. Il. Van Iillgiier, P. Ii. IYaIker. II. IYIIISIIQIIHI. D. IV. VVI1ilter1. S. Il. Williallls M. I"0I'Ii'I'II ROIY: II. Sliiclcls. R. Smith, T. Il. Smiles. IYUUQIS. ll. IYriggI1t. I.. fl. Yoiingg. R. N. Zrmlllolslcy. 5? Leader hip chool In the leadership school, junior military stu- dents are given the opportunity to learn and practice the principles of leadership through practical work. Cadets are instructed in the principles of lead- ership, military instruction, physical conditioning and small unit tactics. Each student is given the opportunity to hold several positions of leader- ship within the company during the year. Throughout their training, cadets wear a field uniform, complete with cartridge belt and can- teen. Their M-l rifle is always carried to all instruction. Students are rated at the end of each semester by their senior instructors. C,una'r Cor. R. M. Focc Commanding Officer The siege of mud creek was just one of the rnany maneuvers in which cadets in leadership school participated ??Efi'f lf- X "L, 1' Physical conditi0nin5,: is Zl part of leadership school. Lines strzligllt-rifles dressed: leadership cadets are ready to march 'Q Cillblllillfi Singletun, Clarbly. Sundlin und XYCZIIIICTHH are the officers ln 011211116 of lezndership. wi-515545231 David l.. Rennie was the Iirsl recipient of the Ci. Mayfield award for un Ulltilllllflilljl IJCTf0l'IIl21IlLC in leadership selnml. I85 ,712 KTM ,IQQ In 1 uk! 9' . Kb. may 4: -vw L 2:3 .,.... 'hnnfl :', f,.'5"2"w awww IAHXL Y""."' ,TIG , 'Q' 'fmmf 'Wag' 'F' "TV A 6 , LL 7 P, :J I ,. W ! I , , ,,. ' L, M ... V K kk , 4- 4 L I H 1 I ff LL fr 'mf LM A IL L I R - fi ' -L f . if Z 4 41 Sf? Z if L A fi- fl "" 9 S- "' f -,.i I F I -. ' , . .3 ... ' 'Vg , w ' I :,, -' , M 'Q " 0 .12 L Tm' -I ' L L L . "'i . ' Q' "" ' ' LL " ,V Vw: v +2 M -Q As - . - . - 5 fy v,,.A - . 0 . Nfrs. Iiclly Ross slums Rick Nlcflllrcly tIlc' n.'xl'llIy way" lo IIIIUIII al px 'uccssing form. l4'lKS'I' RUN: fl. K. .XrI11ms. I'. D. Xclauns. R. 5. ,Xu1ImIrr. f-. IJ. .KmIvusrn1. I.. R .Xl'm1. T. .Xrur1IcI. R. Xwkins. K. U. ,X11nI1lcrIm1iu. R. Iiznglmx. XI. Ii11gucII. YY. R. Iixmdy. IS. I'.. Ii.ull1u'cI. N. Ih11'l'utt. SEVONU RUNY: Il. Russ. R, IJ. Ik-aircl D, R. Iiunkuillm. Al. II. IIrIfux'rI. II. Hurry. R. Iilalkv. R. II. Iilmm-yu. IJ. I.. Iiuluml fl. I. IIuIL4m. If. limju. II. f, Iifmlln. Cf, ID, Iimd. 'If Iil.lLIIL'x. IIIIRIJ ROW: I.. R. Iimkp-Irill. If. NI. I41IrLur. R. R. IIl'icIgcn1zu1. I.. II. Iiriglmln. R. I". Iimnks. I-. K., Iiruw, f. Il.. Iimuu. f. lirlnmm-ll, Il. I.. Iirxauu. .L IN. Iiulngxzlnlm-I. R. II. Iiuxpgrl. ll. Iiuxm. R. Ix, Iiuxnw. I-'Ol R'I'II ROW: I., I., Iiullml. I-. Y. Iiuilrr. I , C. Iiuxtfm. fl. II. Iiuxluu. NY. Ii. Iiuxlmx. .X. .L Burl. fl. IN. Hull. If. lnmlx. S. Nl. f1nl.1m-cIu IJ. N. f.:xtIn-3, Il. IC, llmmln-uI.1i1l. R. N, ffllnucy. I'. I.. film-sunt, I9lI"'I'II RON: 'lf li Ihilll-ws. I., W, flupp, R. 1. flupp. QI. R, fI1u'I., ,l. I.. llzlrlx. XI. X, fI.uL. I . Ia. flym. 12. I'. 14xmIlc-ll. fl. ful1lln',f'. Y. fvrlx. III. II. fox. lJ,NX.!u.1ig. X. XI. f :Lain ophomore IIRSI RUN: l. Cllnxrll. I. fmlln-ls. II. II. fulxn-1. II. Ilnslu-x. R. R. IJ.nicI Il. I. lluxis. P, II. Iluxis. I. Ii. Ilcul, R. Ilculldxcx. II, S. Ilvnnis. Ii. Ilmlmls fl, I.. Ilfrlxull, R. ff, II1xllgI1L'1ly. 5Ifff0NI.I RUYY: II, Ilrmncx. N, Ilnuuillg. fl, ,X. Illycl, S. 0. Ullgggn-V, R. If. IQLILIIIS. U. Ilznlux. I'. I.. I'I.u1un. XI. 0. livkul. ' ' ' A R IJ l'Ilis I' Fu ' " 'I " ' ' IJ. I.. LLIuxu'cIs. I'. I'. Ixlkms. . . 3 . L. . gllsh. I. Izlln. IIIIRIJ Rl IW: Ix. R E!I1crc1Ig,c. .X. f . I' I., .X. Ifnzns. CQ A. Iixcly. II. I"v.1wl. II. fl. Ifcmlcu. S. W I"cx'gI1S1mLl. C. S. 1I"iluI.L-Iflciru. XI. .X. -I'4inIc1.'IiIm1. Il. I"iwI1cr. 'If I7Ixun, ll. If. Ifrmtr ,I. I'. I'm'slcx'. HPI RIII RUN: II. IJ. iI7mS5II1u. NI. II. Ifru-l11.r11. I', Ix. Ifmsl. I". IS I'uscu. Nl. hull. NI. Il. 1..nIrc1'. I. f-zlrcl. 1. H. 1-rrlnkc. IS. f-lanrzlplllu. II. NI' Cilwon. NI. .L flnllnzln, II. Kluml. Xl. U. flmmclpzlsullr. ' F2 ' " f IL' ' ' - ' ' - L " Q LLL fl... , , ,,,, -1- - - H ' I r " ,,L -A 5-5 ,E .,. .5 V K I ,l Q . hfwkwsh 3, My 4, ,,., . 5 I gi g ,aft-NW . Keg! 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Sinnm, R. I'. Sixlglvltuu. II. I'. Skznl'zcr1aI.i. I'Ul'RTII ROIY: I' S Qkilxicki. I". YY. Smillm, N. IX. Smith. I'. If. Smith. R, R. Smith. R. IT. Srmullncln. -I. D. Spcnvc. .-X. .X. Slz1nI'rmI, S. Il. Slzulifcr. fl X. Slum. II. I. Slzmlr. I II' Slug-rnsrnl. R. If. Stone. lfIlf'l'll'RUXN: T. IY.mSlrnnu. IT. II. Sjlvrl. AI. Ii. Sljfnug. l 1 ui 5m I . xmk. R. R. Sucxukorl. I',. R, Iulllm. .I. f.. Iuylrl. R. I-. Inylur, II, I. Icus. X Il 'lluuill IS I TIluI.x D 'Il Thrxmns XI ll TI14 nl us VIR , nz. ophomore ST ROW: II. .L Thompson. ,I. T. 'l'I1umpwu. II. S. Tlmmpwn. R. R. Thrmmpson. II. .X. TIn.III. R. XI. Thurman. T. R. Tlanuur. IJ. IQ, Tulncr. K. Turner. L. E. ImIcrI1iII. K. IJ. Yun Huoscr. I.. Vim. I". Yuglcr. IJ, Ynilus. SIil'UcNlDxli0W: C.. X. IYznIL'. XI. NI. IYAUII. L. Wwurllcln. R. T. Willing. K. IJ. Wlnlsrrxm. D. '. Xcuxcr. IJ. R. Iycggcllcr. .L A. Wwcincr. P. R. Weinstein. IJ II. IYNIIZ. D. II. IYIIIN. T. P. - Y I 1 1 i 1 f - I I H- I. IYI1ilr. U. R. IYI1iXunccIc. R. K. Wvilcrlx. TIIIRIJ RUN: I". Willrt. NY. Willizuus. - -1101 .I- 1 - AS PES- ,HON fi UJIHW OFHIZIUUI1 011 UC 'MIM la. L. Williams. la. P. williams. I.. E. Wim... w. cz. xxilw... R. cp. xml, cg, 0. wood. IJOZIHI to f-llfy SICIIHCRI. QI. I.. IYumIs. YY, P, Ivomly. T. N. RYOIII. .X. IIrigI1l, C. R. Ymlull. S. X. Zxurruw. 'QNX' ,X 55551. C3 1? C". I88 'Qi sn-L ,,z,w, ,-,.,l, A , , , l 5 ,Q - W a X lwlfif Rex Givens prepares to move out on bivouac. A group of Ol' caclets learn the workings of 106 mm recoilless rifle. Lindsay Perkins looks for a suitable target for a .30 caliber machine gun .- - all 'G' . I ae The cadets Find that pitching a tent isn't as easy as it looks. Fort ill 45.57 'l.f"4ef gin' "' ig V y - r xxjk W lien Kelnclrick anil lfrnie Q'Hara prepare to liyrrnl Rife ancl Kay Boatrigllt stop lor a livery cadet got the cliance to fire the 81 fire their .30 caliber Ill2lCll1llC gun. picture in the Fort Sill Ollicefs Cllulm. nun rnortar. l89 new I '43, I 'I 2' . 7 - 4. . 5' 1 I Z" . w 'Gy . .Q RI- 1' "' rf: :I - 'J 'K Q- I J K g KK ,K .f K .IQ Y' . - 3, I K K .. KK K K . .. H .-5 .. W' :"fI'3f"5I If 'M ' I "I 5 N fa.: I . - Q , "'f" I 'li' f, "' .K "- .f K ff ' ' lil . K . Ny. . ,,-- K A . . .. K K N' fr 1- 0 " W. K ' H ew' 1 4 , K Q .- W, K B I "2-gp 4. 'Ro-.v +5231 .IV 2" It.: 1. :Vi K sp KT.. 314' .1w.K You we 'K' F II. ,,"' ' ' ' W J I ' ' ' I I' I 'M f Q .Q.l. My Kg- .fp I -f f 1, . :. A 'Q' . . - f . ,I ' . I "" w. MNYHK 5, ,K .ag ,KI A :K K K Ka G, 4 . K Ki? K K K? T ,KKKr-K,K' K K . KKK QK Ks Kg-9 K K .gg-vKKKL' K Ki VK - ' K KK L1 M f E ' ' ' 5 -. 3 ":' I II' 'K I ' ' ' ' I W I If lf " - 'Q i '5' ' ' " W" . 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Singlctnu. If. X. Skurkx. 5. il, Ii. Sl1'on5Lu.llcr. D. If. Slrmxl. I". Sulllxgul. T. Sulrr. II. .X. Surrl. Il. I.. 'llznllcy ium-r. If. Slum. C. Smilry. CI. M. Smilll. Il, Il. Smith, K. T. Smilll. I.. 'llgmx Il, I.. 'llzlylmx Y. 'l'.nIm'. Il. A. 'I'rzIw4'I1i. Ii. NY. 'I'Iml111m. fl, I.. U. Snmlllrrnmn. fl. VY. Sniclcl. II. Il, SIIUCIUQILISS. NY. D. Spcalr. SICIIONIJ IUJIY: Tlmnlzls. M. 'I'I1'm1uS. I"UIlIi'I'II IUIIY: Tlmlnzumu. Il. fl. Illmnpsml. C. II I XY. Spcmcr. I.. Spicgul. If. ll. Spznkcr. I7. IQ, Slannzllis. II. Stamps. fl. II. Tlmlupwml. Ii. 'I'lmu1psrm. K. IJ, Ilmmsun. NI. IJ. 'l'imlu1l. IQ. IJ. Iilsuorlll. .1llmm. Ii. NI. Slvpllrm. IJ. 5, Stcplluls. I.. 5, Slvrn. fl. If Su-xcrli. IJ. I. If. 'llulm-5. I.. 'I'nimIxlv. f'. .L 'I' Ii. lull.. XY. P. 'I'ynIiusl,i. I'. II' Slmvlls. II. Slillcx. C, K. Stmklxnlll. CQ Ii. Sl-mul. 'IIIIIRIH ROW: If, Il. Sllrmmxl. lpclrgglznll. YY. I'lIcX. -,. ....,., ,,. "'l". .erm 11' 'H v --K 'fav' an I fatboy- rt? l1l4"I'lI KUIY: M. S. Yau NY. If. Yun Ilrllnl. IQ. Yun IYLl1.El1er. Il. Ii. KONI: ll. IJ. Wil-Im. ll. I'.. IYIIIMVII. Il. K. IYIIIILHHS. NI. K. Wllllzlrm. Il. I.. Xqulrllnixll. II. Yxxllgglmurl. Il. ll. Nullgglnl. III. II. Yullgjlll. K. Yillincs. S. II. Illllialllls. Ii. Il. Illlliulusmn. Ii. Willis. Ii. I.. Willix. Ii. 'I'. IYilIiwn. Ii. Ii Xiuwn. If. Xngrl. I'. If. IY.1lI.rr. IV. Nlnllnu-. Il. fl. Xlzlllun, S. .X. Wallcl. Wilson. IQ. II. Illlmn. I., II. IYIIMHI. I. I.. XYiIsrm. NY. N. Wllsun. IfIflII'I'II SIXIII KONI: .L Xl. Ilunlllxllull. Ii. S. Ixllssrnl. If. I.. Wfltlxllmx. II. If, Xlcmcl. RUN: K. I.. Xllnlglurnxxll. R. Wkmlll-. I.. X. Ilmul. Ii. I.. IY4mrI. Y. If. Ulmrmcls. I. NI. lYcI1l1. Ii. I.. Nlfcfln. If. IYcckIL'x. II. If. Weeks. II. 1-. IYcIn'l1. IT. K. Ii, Wllgglll. S. Il, llxiglul. I.. Il. Hum. NN. Nmlng. YY. Il. Xrmuug. .L I.. Wlnilu. T. Wlxilcnrl. P. IYIIIIL-mirlr. Ii. I.. XYl1ill1-ll. Y. Ilvinlxlnllrl. SEYIQXIII Yuuu5gL'1. Ii. Ii. lm-lniml.. X. Zlullmlmux. X. I". fllrmtrg. I". Il, fxmlcl. wtf' Q I93 l"lliS'l' RUXY: XY. NY. Voss, li. flood. R. L. Main. Johnston. Tllllill RUXY: li. lf. lialains. J. ll. lfrnes Santos. NY. li. Miller. L. Cihapnian. li. johnson. YY. G. Tlioinpson. P. M. Sevvell. L. P. Klrillin. V. ll. lleinniv liray. Patrick lf. YYalker. Roy l.. Hodges. M. R. Mele, H. Handy. NY. D. Young. Calderas. R. L. Zanolli. Nl. I long., Choate. SICCONIJ KUNY: -Iohn YY. Kincaid. VY. Singleton, FOVRTH RUXY: li. ll. lieaircl. .L L, Mntzipg. fl. lf. lxoonc H. M. llolleyinan. XY. Jaques. ll. A. Ziinxnernian. VY. C. Harneit. E. Rosewitz. ll. li. fioleinan. tl. U. Anclerson. CI, R. Hou T. l". Chilless. S. NY. Hassett. S. l. Skinner. F. L. Vvilliarns. F. E. K. il. liovvnian. ll. NY. Watt. P. J. liohanon. li. V. Rohn Per hing Rifle Company Il of Pershing Rifles was established on the OU campus in the fall ol' 1948. The National Society of Pershing Rifles was begun in l89l at the University of Nebraska hy General .Iohn Pershing. Membership is open to basic army, navy and air force ROTC cadets who wish to develop individual drill pro- lhii, -Imx qlouxsox llonorary Cadet. Captain hciency and increase their military knowledge. Jesse L. Chapman served as cannipany commander and 7 VX. C. Bray. Jr. vvas executive ollicer ol' Coinpln Miss Rae .lean Johnson was chosen to serve as Honor ary Cadet Captain for the 1962-63 school year. Pershing Rifles ollicers and sponsors arc L. fihapnian. YY. K Bray, Maj. NY. S. Kearns and Capt. M. L. Wieatherall . 7 - url",-fwlh., cabbard and Blade Scabbard and Blade is a national honorary military society open to army and navy advanced ROTC cadets. To belong, members must meet certain academic and military standards, then receive an invitation to join. The pledge program consists of five to six weeks of pledging designed to aid the cadet in preparation for summer camp. The pledge period is terminated by an overnight tactical problem. During the second semester a wives' orientation pro- gram is presented. This program is designed to aid wives and Hancees of future army officers and is cli- maxed by a visit to Fort Sill to familiarize the girls with life on an army post. Scabbard and Blade also holds a reception for newly commissioned officers, a unit trip to Fort Sill and meet- ings with guest speakers. Jackson M. Kinnebrew served as 1962-63 captain, while the first lieutenant was Jerry Brust. Officers are Il. D. Coleman. J. Brust, Captain R. A. Browning, sponsor, J. M. Kinnebrew, II. C. Fredenberger. Captain Browning and Captain Don A. Corbly served as spon- sors of Scabbard and Blade. FIRST ROYV: Don Phillips, Jim YVright, jerry Brust, Jack M Kinnebrew, john D. Coleman, john C. Fredenberger, Capt. Robert A. Browning, Clifford T. Stephens. SECOND ROWV: James A. Kinnebrew, William L. Ford, John T. Creiner, Wil- liam A. Morrison. Robert W. Barrett, Sam A. Cray, Troy N Allen, Leland Brumley, Murphy C. Bryles. THIRD ROYV: Steve E. Lawton. Duane A. Wloodlill. Steve Cook, Arthur Thompson, James T. Martin, Glenn YV. Hartman, George R. Van VVagner, Cordon C. Marcum, john S. Thomas, john S. Berry. FOURTH ROW: M. Scott Chapline, liill A. Scott, Bob Smith, QI. T. Holt, Frank L. Moses, Arthur McComas, Lee C. Young, Carl Darnell, Stanley I. Mintz. FIRST ROW: D. A. Rennie, L. V. Priebe, A. Washburn, Jr., ROW: J. M. Kinnebrew, R. D. Beaird, J. P. Graber, 11. A D. P. MacDonald, W. G. Bray, John 13. Luton. SECOND Nunnally. ll. McMillin, F. VV. Murphy, P. Adamson. The Sooner Company of the Association of the United organization of the AUSA in Oklahoma. States Army is composed of ROTC cadets who are inter- Cadet David A. Rennie served as the 1962-63 captain terested in furthering their knowledge of the armyls role of Sooner company. Lt. Col. Arthur S. Washburn and in national defense. Sooner company is the only cadet Lt. Col. Daniel P. MacDonald were company advisors FIRST ROXY: T. F. Cliilless, Larry L. Burton, .lere Lescher, Capt. Malcom R. Sandlin. Gale Sullenberger, Arthur A. Byrd. Pat Condon. SECOND ROVV: Carl Cericke. Wayne Doran. Chris llauer. Jr.. Ken Jones, Dick Hull, Larry Ratliff, Stan Ewing. THIRD ROWV: Barry D. Dickerson, Ronald L. Lan- caster. Larry Mansur. Darby Cray, Charles K. Reber, Hugh A. L. Dempsey. Judson li. Crubbs, H. Jack Kraettli. SOCIETY 0F AMERICAN MILITARY ENGINEERS To promote a knowledge of military engineering among civilian engineers and engineering students is the aim of the Society of American Military Engineers. Founded in 1920, the OU chapter was chartered in April of 1935. The society takes two field trips annually, one within the state to an engineering project under the supervision of the Tulsa district of the corps of engineers and another to the engineering school at Fort Belvoir, Va. In addition, SAME sponsors an exhibit at the an- nual Engineers show on campus. RIFLE TEAM FIRST ROW: Henry vvilbilllllll, Johnny Weekley, Stephen McKee. David Robinson. SECOND ROVV: john Graber. team Cap- tain, Gene Hayis. Wlilliam Macliulis, Sam Jordan. PISTOL TEAM Members of the Pistol team are D. Rose, D. Gray, M. Bryles, C. Auchterlonle, A. Mar- chessault. C. Ingram. FLIGHT TRAINING AND BAND Jesse Chapman, Jerry Jackson, Lindsay Perkins and Joe Davis The military band provides music for all reviews, parades and passed the rigid physical examinations and other tests to qualify drills. for the army flight training program. Nia 'QAXIDQKXIKXXNEXXXKXX My Q Q J' li. .fm 2 5 Honorurv Colonel Sue Sieh. center. and linulists Susan ln Vltkllll. Kas' ohnson. uclv l.m'ela1'c' and Stenhanie Thomas. with escorts. . , Ss . . . , ilitar Ball Czulct Colonel .luck Kinnehrcw presents Sue Sith llCl' trophy as the 1962 llonorury cuclct colonel. The nnlitury bull plillllllllg counnittee Lakes time out to Mr. uncl Mrs. L, Bflllllltw' had only been Inzlrriecl five hours watch the dance. heforc they onlne to the hull. 1259221 3+-an N12 55 4' M SPL Sllill IJFHH flllllllllll llmmrzlry Cade! Colonel -Irm' l,m'1cl.Ac:E Cnmnm l'l:i Bwla, llmmrary Czlclcl Ll. COIOIIC fx QI' mu J K....1' Srsxx lwluxi S'n'141l'll.xxl1c Tumi xs KM' .IUIINSUN Ilrllu lhllrl INII11 Pi livin l'l1i IXAIIIIINI .Hjzlm 'lllzwla nrury Clzulcl Ll. citlllillljl HiJllf1l'2ll'3' llzldet Ll. ffolnm-I llumfrury ffuclcl Ll. Coloml I99 Th hu e .Xrniy liO'l'C presented 21 new llug to the lvlll 5 5 Q l z 1 C wily. Nlirlclle. llsmmwury czulcl wlfmel culicliflates Sue Sith zmcl .Iuzly l.m'ulz1cc Clllllllllljill lnr xulcs. llelow, Captain BFONYIIIIIQ slums lf. Kms ' 'llc- W ln use his Nl-I Fl 5 SUE ww Feature .xflllflfy secretaries Mrs. Puttlqzuner. Nlrs. Qluclason :xml Mrs. Keynolcls glxe 2lKlIIllI1lSll'LlllNC' help. Louie Priebe pauses from his work as .Kring ROTC editor of the 1963 SooNEu. SSG Bl. Cutlirigglil helps -Iulm Colley vllevk out his lllllliflflll. ,wQgf.zas5,, vm--4 NAVY 25 Ill, CAPTAIN L. B. GREEN Commanding Officer LT. Cor.. K. E. FASER Executive Officer NROTC staff members are CySgt. VV. L. Bingaman, Major P. H. Simpson. Chief E. Wfaters, LCDR E. C. Carpenter, Chief E. H. Pitman, LCDR A. VV. Cooley, Chief M. Hailey, Oklahoma ROTC Unit The OU Naval Reserve Officersf Training Corps con- tinues to advance in meeting the challenge of training future Navy and Marine officers for service in a time when the United States Navy plays an important role in either war or peace. Curricula change as science progresses. Midshipmen receive instruction in such subjects as nuclear weapons, guided missiles, space technology and astronautics. Ef- fective leadership is stressed through a study of applied psychology. During summer cruise, midshipmen gain practical experience in the Naval profession, training aboard ships of the fleet, at naval shore stations and at Marine corps training bases. Captain L. B. Green is commanding officer, heading a staff of six officers and six enlisted instructors. Unit activities include the lffrlgllnist, unit newspaper, Semper Fidelis society for Marine corps option students, rifle and pistol teams, a field trip to the Naval Air sta- tion, Corpus Christi, Tex., and Trident society smokers. Social life for the well-rounded future officer was provided by the Trident society functions, highlighted by the annual Navy ball, held in February. The Navy queen. or honorary midshipman captain, was crowned at the ball with traditional pomp and ceremony. Lt. L. E. Breeding, Chief fl. VV. Veesart, Lt. B. R. Tilger. NOT PICTURED: Chief R. A. Carsten. ng...- 'R DRILL TEAM-FIRST ROW: K. L. Zanolli, S. P. LLCFIIIOIILL F. R. Jones. S. Tenneut, R. D. Sikkiuk. D. Cromwell f. R. slwdow.. L. H. KCQIQ. slccoxn Row. J. M. Reber? I PISTOL TIQKM-FIRST RONV: D. S. Anderson. D. O Rutllerforcl. SECOND RUYV: WY. ll. Sulallwoocl. R. D. Yvills. T. C. McKee. M. J. Transue, L. II. Statham, W. R. Logan, L. N. Loveclay, P. Sampson, L. R. Martin, R. L. Main. R. Millikall, C. H. Hammert. Cmclr. A. IS. Cain. Munta Jo Cowan and XYYOIIIIH Holmes handle secretarial and oflicc duties in the NROTC llezlclqlxzxrters. lilI"I.Ii '1'lC,'XM-lfIRS'l' KUWY: L. Krueggcr, V. H. IICIIIIIIY, .lulm Calderus. D. XY. Blzlckwuucl. M. H. Rogggers. SECOND RUNY: K. llfmcll. NY. H. Hzxrvcrl. .Klan A. Loch. Hurry S. Dickerson. xx-illilllll If. Nferrcr. I.. li. -Iiwiclen. Mid hipmen Fir t Class FIRST ROYY: E. L. Andrews, jr., J. S. Barbour, H. J. Benson P. R. Boone. SECOND ROYY: T. E. Brown. T. H. Brown, A. B. Cain. VV. T Cameron. Trident Society oflicers are D. S. Anderson, secretaryg A. B. Cain, vice-presidentg LCDR A. VV. Cooley, sponsorg H. T. W'addle, presi- dent. and D. E. Green fstandingl, treasurer FIRST RUVV: E. Foust, II, C. Fox. H. M. Guy. jr., D. H. SECOND ROYV: B. Hawkes. U. S. Lzlzarczyk. T. C. McKee, Glenn, Goodson, C. L. Creeson. C. E. flrilliih. K. R. I'I?.llllil- R. YV. Moore, C. H. Randall. WV. T. RTCIIHFKISOII. VV. ton, E. V. Harduwuy. ll. Snlullwood. H. Slllitlllf. ll. T. Wvaddle. Mid hipmen econd Class FIRST RUYY: IJ. S. Amlersml. M. Anclcrsml. D. C. Atwater. SECOND ROIY5 K- P- BuftIl"I""lCW- N' M' BIVIWI- R- R- Naxy IIIICISIIIPIIIHII D. S. Amlcrsou escorts .loan Carmichael. Curnlzxn. honorary captain for 1962. at the annual Navy hull. FIRST RUIV: P. Ifclwurnls. .L Ifgnew. II. ll. Fair. If. Ijrlclacy. If. NI. McCoy. li. cJ'IIl'Q2lll. K. Pedersen INI. L. llilmson. D. E. Green. IV. R. Grove. D. I'I2lllllIUlll. R. U. T. WY. Plusila. H2'l'bC'lf if' Tllllill Row. J. M. llclmer. 1.. ly. sl.ll11.1m. K. lf. Swincllc. jf. W. W. Valley. ll. W. Cl. Teecl. P. If. Tullis. NI. XvliII2ll'L' SECOND KOIY: S. I.. Ililburn. R. lf. Kozzik. QI. I.. Levisec. -I. NY.NYilsm1. -I. IJ. NYilt. IIR SICCIONIJ RUIV: S. C. SIIXIILIIII. IJ. Ii. S11'z1fIo1'4I. T. I.. 'I'l111111- I SUI IIKST RUIV: C. NY. .'XIJl'1llllS. l'1.'l'. .Xsl1I11'. C. V. I5cx'sI1i11- TIIIRI3 RUIY: Il. S. I"Ic1m1rl. -I. N. Cay. .-X. IIz111Ic. QI. I". skv. IV. P. Iileuklcy. P. Il. II111'4'I1:11'cII, Ii. II. IIHTIIIIZIIII. Il. II. IIIC'Iill1LIIl. L. P. 'I2ll'llI7h. IC. Il. Qlrmues. I.. H. Keely. II. K. isl111z111, S. M. CIawncr. III. M. cI0t'Il!'2lll. Lee. R. IQ. I.CIFt'I1Nl'L'. SIIKINIJ IIUIY: C. S, tIllN21I'lI. ff. cIl'llIlL'. D. ff1'11111111.'II. FUIIIIVIII-I IUJVY: Ii. I.. IIILIIII. ff. ll. NIL'fl11I1't'. III. If. xIL'I'l'l'l'. I II. Davis. IV. 'If I.. I7z11'is. Ii. S. IJ11'Iac1'sm1. A. S. IJ111111i11g. ll. Ii. NIiIIiI4u11. CI. S. Milrlwll. IJ. CI. NeIsf111. NY. NI. I,IACII. I I.. I'It'IllSIL'IIl. T. I"lz1I1c1'l1. II. S. Iiz1Ie1gI1. NI. X. R4lIll'I'l5HIl. id hipmen Third Class 1 I 1 F, ST RUIV: P. SQIIIIIJSOII, P. SIICLI. III. N. SICVJIIII. K. Strulis. 1. NI. II'2Il1Sl1t'.xx. II. XXZIIIOII. jr. , . , 4 M , V, , .Xt lI1e NYZIXQ' I1z1II z11'c 1111111 C11r111icI11u:I. .xllll I"orrcsler. C111 I ROW: E' 0' II1""'c"' R' I" IIIIIIIM- A' In IIIIIIIIIV- I.. IS. fII'L'L'Il. II3ll'I11lI'2l SLIIITOII. I"l'illli'C5 SIICIDIJZIHI and I IIIRI I NY. Y111111g. II. ScI111Ic111. btail Rir ry ':'2 . Q " I X I :. .r :.- 1 rm s: .. ' , . . .ff FIRST ROIY: P. I'. .Xl1lriclgge. IJ. ,xlt'Xl1IllICl'. T. I7. Iiurucs L 3, ' I , if , 5 R. Russel. P. A. BIQLCIIIIQIII. E It ' P 1' ZX' ' Q .' "' I X' L :Q - ..,-'-lug, . , ', ' t 'fa'-,il ,df-'i SECOND RUIY: IJ. NY. Iiluukmmcl. Y. II. liolstucl. R. IJ. 2 I- Q ,- I 'Zi ,. .5 egg In 'S yn' an uk.. 8 I : o. I 3' : 7 5 - K.. ",..",' 7 " , Q Ilorclcn. YY. Iinwlcs. Culclrrzxs. VY. ffurpcnler. if -. fl '- 'I 'I U v zvu . E V , I 1 A ' . ' T" - f ii Q. .Z . ' at yy, . TIIIRIJ RUIY: N. 'lf Clary. jr.. C. I.. Collins. L. T. Collins. R. I.. Ilrcw. If. I.. Iluclliowslai. IV. C. Dulic. I ' 'Z Q J 4 Q .du--nn. J K5 ,L QM,-a-as : Z . 4, , 5 if h I V5 . 1 L L A h ig , sz X A, . 2 Q." :ll V, in - .6 V-,,,.. it FIRST RUIY: R. I'w2ll'l'llF. 'If lfillueck. R. IC. Clallxrziilli. ll. I.. M. Imxcnlzly. VY. R. Mun. lf. R. Martin. R. Marlin. S. P. Clcrnluucl. Il. flrulrix. R. Ii. fl1'1:g0l'y. NY. lf. Grcsluun. Cf. R. Maison. II. fNIc'I'y1'1:. U. fl. Meyers. II. Il. P. Neislur. J. llrynicxxicz. ff. II. IILIIIIIHCIT. NI. ll. HHI'l'ISflll. NY. H. Haney. Nl. H. NL-lsrm. U. YY. Ilzlulielt. FUURTII RUIY: R. S. Patrick. A. NI. Pctl. NY. A. Rolylm. M. II. SECOND ROIY: V. II. Hemmy. ll. NY. Hcnliuc. R. Iluwcll. Rogers. X. I.. Saluuter. -I. S. Sessions. R. Slmclnmcn. R. IJ. R. IIIIICIIIIISOII. I.. Ii. xliviclcu. X. D. jones. K. L. -Innes. Shelton. R. I.. Skinner. R. D. Siklaink. NI. IJ. SIIIIIII. lluscpli. R. Ii. King. XI. -I. Kulll. I', L. Kranker. L. Kl'ue5ggcl'. 1 0 Q V i , Y 1 , N V 1 V lfll'1H ROW: H. It. Icln-ook. 5. lcmleut. W. f.. Iwruesclcll. jr.. Wlfisellmerg. R. IJ. Wills. IJ. fl. XYIISUII. I. Wlmuley. TIIIRIJ RONY: II. I. Little. X. X. l.llk'Il. YY. R. IJJQQLIII. R. N. Yrmrrli. R. L. Zzmolli. T. C. Zicmzul. T. Yam Ness. 207 Honorary Midshipman Caplain Miss Joan Carmichael Kappa Alpha Thela Honorary Midshipman Commander Miss Ann Forresler Pi Bella Phi Honorary Midshipman Commander Honorary Midshipmen Commander Miss Rila Scholem Miss Frances Sheppard Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Gamma Del+a iw. 1 Sffawi ww Qwqw wavy-3,4 ,fb Sw Kaz, 1 M tm ' 'ff Li W KN' ' 'f1Yff'i5 ,n5'S5-if-vi V kqwguzgk via J 221' A s f ., K ' , f , ' f N ' ' 'N' ' , , . my .V f A--aw -IRWIN f A . V - 'Y '10 . T22fs:1,,W5g fini I , K K A H 5' , -A , w , f W- -. . z tr .w , ',H?' in 3 mi' 2 H aw - Q f ' , 'f -W' Q we -If .V ' M 5' 7 , ' , ,eWa,:W,-f-Wir w,.f,.L ,. 4 My W. , gg- ,.,y:1,ag,x,,- Q - wmamgp. H .sg ky A X ' N -V .:vw-vqg: Nw 'M' . Vw. F ,X . Y 1 Q ' J K nl Y E1 U :QU V , if if S 1,5219 3,555- n,..vQ :Jf..,.1 HX ,au , GN! HN K ix I Um mth 1? X .A pi . X f f :K 'S oi. 5, , 4 FIRST RUXV: Glenda Atchley, Ellen Goldstein. Betl1 Frank, Ariel Wilson. Judith Dyser. Judy Harris, Charley Dunn. Linda Nordstrom. Freddie Thompson. Suzanne Kagan, Carrin Clark, Linda Wood. SECOND ROXY: Adeline Kloeckler, Carol l.a11gley, Mary lVlcKeown, Barbara Posey, Dorothy Truex, Rose Marie Weber, Pat NVeller, Carol Byrd. Shirley Biggs, Pamela SllllIlKlCl'S, 'l'a1n1ny Mandel, Nancy Sliorluc. THIRD RUVV: Marigztrct ML'flfJllllCll, Claudean Jolinson, FIALIIICCS Parks. Ann Association oi Women tudont All women students are members of the Association of Women Students. Each dormitory and sorority elects a representative to the executive council. AWS develops and establishes all rules for women students on the Uni- versity campus. Trophies are given by the AVVS for the top grades of sororities, pledge classes and dormitoriesg also a trophy to tl1e best dorm of the year. The purpose of the organization is to stimulate the development of an educated woman who is aware of the world around her in the international, social, politi- cal and intellectual spheres. Ollicers are Rose Marie Weber, president, Patricia Weller, vice-president, Marti Vargas, secretary, Carol Byrd, corresponding secretary, Barbara Posey, treasurer, and Dorothy Truex, sponsor. Harms. l.inda McQuillen, Sula Carter. Penny Lewis. Karol Kirnharlc, Stephanie Specht, Carol Deadman, .lane Staniper. Sharon Cole. Leslie Hobson. Juanita Anderson. l5UllR'l'H ROVV: Genie Sliuller, Bobby Cantwell, Marilyn Kanzllakis, Mary Potes, Sue llagerrnan, Donna Riley, Christine Bove. Betty Bryant, Beverly Bucllanan, Linda Lahr, Diana Uri, Jody Head, Jxflll Bclanger. Roslz MARIE WEBER, President omon' Group Work 0n ational Convention Largest event of the year was the national convention of the Intercollegiate Association of Women Students. National convention activities were held at the Okla- homa Center for Continuing Education. The purpose of the IAWS is to consider problems relating to the role and responsibilities of women stu- dents in local, national and international areas of con- cerng to work for the betterment of women's governing groupsg to foster the exchange of information on sub- jects of mutual interest to members of the association and to work through determined national policies. Doris McNutt was convention chairman, assisted by Carol McCarty, convention co-chairmang Jeanie VVhite, arrangementsg Kris Reeves, advance contactsg Sally Merkle, budgetg Barbara Posey, decorationg Carol Byrd, correspondenceg Mary Sue Thompson, housingg Becky Alexander, entertainment and special eventsg Pat Weller, speakers, and Dr. Dorothy Truex, national advisor. The convention theme was Education-Dynamic or Static. Keynote speakers as well as the seminar leaders developed their discussions around this central idea. Fran Parks helps Teresa Wang, student from Taiwan, learn her way around campus as part of the AVVS Big Sister-Little Sister program. Executive committee chairmen of the IAYYS national Convention were Doris McNutt, Kris Reeves. Sue McCoy, Carol Byrd. Judy Sims and Lee Ann VVorrell. FIRST ROWV: Bob Grace, ,Ion Horwedel, jim Sinex, Bruce Armour, john WVright, Curtis Phillips, Joe Martin. SECOND ROVV: Edward Jeter, Delven Merniis, Linda Frensley, Mike Maples, Mark Elliott, WValter Ellis. THIRD RONV: Keats Soder, Charles Van Brunt, William Allen, Kenneth Battaile Marty Grosboll, Torn Dunham, David Grubb, Bill Swan Harold Hone, Bill Thompson. Engineer Club Strives To Promote Profession One of the largest organizations on campus, the Engi- neers club was organized at OU in 1915 as a means of fostering a closer bond between industry and student. Membership is open to anyone in the college of engi- neering. Monthly meetings feature leaders from various spheres of industry speaking on the changing problems the graduates must contend with when beginning their careers in the engineering field. Officers of the club include Delvin Mermis, presidentg Ed Jeter, vice-presidentg Mark Elliot, secretary, and Walter Ellis, treasurer. Faculty sponsors are Brandon H. Griffith, Harold Bone and Donald Menzie. Leading activities of the group are the Engineers show, Engineers open house, Christmas party and Engi- neers week which is clirnaxed each year by the crown- ing of the Engineers queen, a dance and banquet. St. Pat's council is a quasi-legislative body within the organization. St. Pat of the year is chosen from the ranks of the Knights of St. Pat. These are men in engi- neering who have given rnuch of their time to the fur- therance of their profession and have promoted the ac- tivities of the Engineers club. DELVIN MERMIS, President Highlight of the 50th annual Engineers' Week, March ll-lfi. was the naming of jznnes Fi. Hlieclw Hawkes as St. Pat and .lainie Ross as Engineering Queen at the Engineers hull. Delta ciilllllllll sorority took first place in the Engine show with their production of "Little Ole Ulf" mv. ..,, , . .V .,- - , . i, A , ,.,g31g, an f i The Loyal Knights of Old Tfiwty keep nznnes uf their IIICIIIIJCYH Ll secret until jlflldlllllitlll. Membership in LKOT is at high hmm FIRST RONV: Ron Coffelt, C. E. Daugherty, Charles Van Brunt, Christian W'oessner, jack Abernathy, YV. F. Cloud. ,lim Sinex. Curtis Phillips, Frank Cole. SECOND ROXY: Moham- med Koutahi, VV. E. Bulrner. John Snyder, Robert Harrigan, Marshall Braclcin. Ali Amiri, Robert Mogot, Syed Salahuddin, Cholamali Feizy, Mihir Roy. THIRD ROWV: Bob Grace, john Petroleum Engineer To further the education and development of the student in petroleum engineering and to promote better relationships with the faculty and men in industry is the chief aim of the Petroleum Engineers club. Headline event is the annual PE club banquet which honors the distinguished alumnus of the past year. The award is based on his contribution and outstanding ser- vice to the petroleum industry. Jack M. Abernathy, president of Big Chief Drilling company, was this year's recipient. Awards were also given to outstanding mem- bers ol' Pi Epsilon Tau and to other scholarship Win- ners. Speaker for the banquet was Michael T. Halbouty, president of Halbouty Alaskan Oil company, of Hous- ton, Texas. Jim Sinex presided over the club as president. Other ollicers were Charles Van Brunt, vice-president. and Chris YVocssner, secretary and treasurer. "Judge" iVil- bur l". Cloud sponsors the group. Successful IIICII in the petroleum industry frequently speak on a variety of subjects, often illustrating their talks with films and graphs at regular club meetings. The group has also been a consistent winner in the Zill- nual Engincers open house that occurs each spring. Stouder. Everett johnson. Warren Kourt, Delven Mermis. ,lack Yvall, Avinash Nangea, Wialter Ellis, Eduardo Arze. Timir Roy. FOURTH ROWV: lon Tocan. Ronny Altman, Abdus Sutter, Mir Yousufuddin. Hossein Nouri, Faramarz Moussavi-Saeedi. Thad McLaurin, llafeez-ur Rahman. Riley Needham. ,Iorge Gomez. Club Honor Alumnu Jack M. Abernathy receives the PE Club award as an outstand- ing alumnus. llc is congratulated by "Judge" Wilbur Cloud, club sponsor. .Inn SIIICX, president, was banquet host, FIRST RUNY: Gene llraught. Sarah Stoolaey. Kay lfriedlander. Joann ymtgattf. Terry llaug. Evelyn Swan. Leonard llaug. SECOND KUXY: Gene Cole. Don Ringrose. Joe lfder. l.oyd Nelson. Calvin Kilgore. Don King. .lack llaldeman. Roger Grillith. Kappa Kappa P i and Tau Beta igma Active Delta chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi. national honorary fraternity for college bandsrnen. and the sister sorority. Tau Beta Sigma. each year select a few members fron1 the University of Oklahoma Band to join them in per- forming services for the band and in actively creating interest in music on campus. The pledges are selected on scholastic ability. musical competency and proven interests in the ideals of the fraternity. Since Kappa Kappa Psi was founded at Oklahoma State University on November 27. l9l9. dedicated mem- bers have greatly influenced the improvement of college band programs around the country. Nation-wide. they sponsor music programs and music education services. The local group connnissions compositions for the UU band by prominent composers. The chapter has a four-fold objective. lfirst. to create a feeling of closer fellowship among members of the band and to afford encouragement and assistance to members in carrying on their work and advice as to the best course to pursue: second. to foster closer relationship between college bands and musical organizations: to encourage musical ability and honor outstanding bandsmcn. and to perfect an organization for the advancement ofa higher type of music in bands organized in colleges and universities. Present oflicers are Roger Griffith. president. Cene Cole. vice-presidentg Don Ringrose. secretaryg Don King. treasurer. and Gene A. Hraught. faculty sponsor. Tau Beta Sigma, founded at Texas Tech in 1939. has in a few years produced a fine record. which present members are continuing today under these ollicers: Terry llaug. presidentg tltlgxllll YVestgate. vice-president: livelyn Swan. secretary. and Kay Friedlander. treasurer. During its existence on campus. Kappa Kappa Psi has initiated as honorary members such famous bandsmen as John Phillip Sousa: lidwin Franlao Goldman. direc- tor of the Goldman Band: Joseph lf. Maddy. of the liastman School of Music. Captain Taylor Branson and Captain YVilliam Stannard. Activities include sponsoring a New Yearls live party for the bzmtl. Christmas party and spring picnic. get acquainted party. serving refreshments at football games and giving the award to the outstanding senior bands- man every spring. The two groups work together to pro- mote fellowship and friendship among members of the band. FIRST RONY: Roy Lawrence, VVendell Crittenden, David Har- riman. Roy VVilson, Jack Haldeman, Ben Gard, jim Slaughter, Don Phillips, Larry Dillingharn, Roger GriI'Iitl1, Iiill liigheart. Rob Kidd. Don King, Steve Lambert. George White, Bill Ware. -Ierry McCain. Rudy Martinez, Aubrey Potter, Doug Eaton. Robert Anguish. SECOND RONY: ,Ierre Francis, Kathleen Elliott. jan Collee. Patricia Sailing, Patsy Crittenden, Kay Friedlander. Kathryn Hoffman, Dorinda Gill, Bette Ringrose, Sarah Stookey. Ruth Ann Hicks. Louise Vernon, Ruth Ann Fisher. Quinda Seem. Mary Margaret Iiurton, Evelyn Swan, Carol Anne Moore. Martha Van Hook. Linda Robbins, Jeannine Frazier. Francine Dillin53gham. -Io Ann Westgate. 'FIIIRD RONY: Gene A. Braught, Director: John Harshaw. jerry Goodspeed, Herschel Ramsey, David VVestgatc, Rocky Kaye, Terry Estes, Gene Cole, Terry Hang, Terri Anderson, Judy Iiraught, Sarah Deakins, Nancy Turk, Leah Gellinger, Richard Masters, Gerry Wood, Joe Haldeman, Ronny Osborn, David Quillin, jim Henderson, Ronnie Goddard, Larry Wright. Hurley liowman. FOl?R'l'II ROXV: IIarold Ballam, Asst. Director: Ronnie IIa- vcns, John Ilillalmolt, Charles Suggs, Terry liagby. Steve Dugg- gan. Ronnie Walden, Robert Story, Ronnie Borden. Don Ringrose, Loyd Nelson, Torn Clark, Ross Swimmer. Gary Sims. Clyde Brown. Alan Durbin, David Maloy, Ed Duclow, john Smalley, Bruce Hickman, Russell Schaefer, Lee Pietraallo. Pat Chambers, Don Kramer. Asst. Director. FIFTH ROXY: Mike Hudson, Andy Oldroyd. .lim Harri's. -lim Magers. Stan Skinner, Jim Vinson, James Carloss. joe Rob Stamps, Bruce Vegter. Joe Eder, Dan Taylor. Doyle Vtilliams. Tonnny Roe. David Ellis, Jack Foote. Bill King. jim Zdenek. Ron Minton, Charles Shroyer, Calvin Kilgore. Dvrigght Vance, Calvin Mott. OU' Marching Band The one hundred twenty piece Marching Band, "The Pride of Oklahomai' lent color and atmosphere to the 1962 football season. 'The Pride" with its superior quality "music-drama,'7 which delights thousands of football fans each year, has a tremendous place in pop- ular allection. Highlights of the marching season included appear- ances at all home football games, bus trips to both Dallas and Stillwater for games with Texas and Okla- homa State, and the dedication of the Federal Aviation Agency Aeronautical Center and Governor Bellmonls inaugural parade, both in Oklahoma City. The climax ol' the fall semester was the appearance of the band iI1 the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida, on January first. During its stay ir1 Florida, the band was housed in Hollywood where an audience of more than 5,000 heard the band in concert with trumpet star Don Jacoby as guest soloist. Membership in the 100 piece Symphonic Band is by audition. In january lten days after its return from Floridaj, this organization shared a concert with the Mayor of Hollywood, Fla., presents key to the city. Donald E. Kramer, assistant conductorg Gene A. Braught, conduc- tor, VVilliam Zinkil, mayor of Holly- wood, and Herman Stern, division manager of Food Fair. The Pride Oi Oklahoma University Men's Clee Club. Additional concerts were played in March and April and a concert tour of North- east Oklahoma during the spring semester proved to be popular with high school audiences. The Symphonic Band interprets some of the world's finest music litera- ture. Members who make up the band come from thirteen states across the nation. As every college of the Univer- sity is represented in its membership, the band is truly a cross section of campus life at the University of Okla- homa. Student officers for the 1962-63 year were Bill Big- heart, presidentg VVendell Crittenden, vice-presidentg Evelyn Swan, secretary, and Don Ringrose, treasurer. These officers planned all band social activities for the year. The band staff includes Dr. Gene A. Braught, conduc- torg Donald E. Kramer and Harold Ballam, assistant conductorsg Burley Bowman, graduate assistant and Miss Linda Voyles, secretary. The OU marching band forms the outline of the state of Oklahoma during half-time ceremonies when OU met Alabama at the Orange Bowl 1n Miami, Fla., on New Yearls day. ?Wf'H"' liniversity of Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra members are scheduled at various times for presentation of musicals to campus audiences. Univer it ol Oklahoma Symphony tlrche tra The University of Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra provides a rich musical experience for general university students as well as students majoring i11 music. During 1962-63 this outstanding musical organiza- tion presented three orchestral concerts on campus and programs for KETA-TV. VVith the Opera Treater the orchestra performed the Broad- way stage hit. "Most Happy Fellaf' and Bizet's opera. "Carmen," Prof. C. M. Stookey, Director of the School of Music, is conductor of the University Symphony Orchestra. Prof. Stookey also maintains a busy schedule of appearances as guest conductor, clinician and adjudicator throughout the southwest. The School of Music provides many oppor- tunities for serious players to participate in chamber groups. Shown is one of the student II. J. Hancock and Bruce string quartets: VVilliams. violing Arm Miller, viola, and Roh- ert Carrol, cello. This quartet presented con- certs on campus. DFKHJQTZIIIIS for KETA-TV, as well as high school programs. FIRST ROVV: lhflildred Andrews, Kay Aitken. Maribeth Riddle, Jeanette hVilson, Mary Ann Bulla, Diane Iiish, Ethelyn M1-Coy. SECOND ROXV: Bette Ringrose, Sheri hvilliams, Nina Hinson, Judy VVilliams, Sharon Quaid, VVaynel Wfalling, jeretta George. Mu Phi Epsilon Snbscrihes to High Standards Advancing music i11 America and promoti11g musi- cianship, scholarship and friendship are the goals of Mu Phi Epsilon, a national sorority for women who major i11 the field of music. Students must maintain a 3.0 grade average i11 order to qualify for membership of Mu Phi Epsilon. Mary Ann Bulla is president, Ethelyn McCoy, vice- Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a professional organization which was organized ill 1898. The organization seeks to promote 111usic ill Americais universities and colleges, to foster welfare a11d brotherhood of music students, and to develop a true fraternal spirit.. Active groups include the Phi Mu Alpha Dance band, Sooner Scandals band and "the Sinfonians." Other ac- FIRST ROXYZ .Iere Osliurn. Hurley liowrnan, Aubrey Potter, Donald Kramer. Roy hVilson. Carleton Clay. Bill Bigheart. Don Morelock. SECOND ROYV: Ron Havens, Harold Rallam, Robert Kidd, Ronnie Goddard, Jerry Coodspeed, Rudy Mar- president, Kay Aitken, corresponding secretary, Zllld Bette Ringrose, recording secretary. Mildred Andrews, professor of music, served as faculty sponsor. Annual activities include a fund-raising project, stu- dent recitals and a tea honoring all freshman and tra11s- fer music students. The organization was founded i11 1903 at the Metropolitan College of Music. Attends Jazz Clinic tivities are American composers m11sic recital and a jazz clinic held ill Oklahoma City. Officers listed are Bill Bigheart, presidentg Carleton C. Clay, vice-president, Roy C. Wilson, secretary, Don Morelock, treasurer, .Iere Osborn, historian, and Donald E. Kramer, faculty sponsor. Candidates for membership are considered and voted UPOII by the chapter. tinez. hhendell Crittenden. THIRD ROYVZ Robert Fisher. Jack Foote. Arthur Barnes. Gary Sims, Roy Lawrence. David Harriman. David Ellis. FIRST ROVV: Dr. David XY. Scott, Soon Hee-Lee. Ridge- way, Theresa Alberta. T. Roy Carmichael, Carmcn Young, James Salmon. Ann IYatson. Mary Anne O'Connell. James Martiii, Judy Yvillianis, SECOND RONY: ,Ion llarmes. Ileryl Nash, Phillip Caddy. Katherine Kaufman. Robert Pappas. Peggy Sue Carmichael. Peter Johnson. Sandra Caswell. Kelly UNIVERSITY CHIIRALE The choral organizations of OU are composed mostly of students majoring in the school of music. Ilowever, any student fully enrolled in the university and meeting tryout qualifications prior to the opening of each semes- ter is eligible for membership in one of the groups. Students participating in the music organizations meet regularly as a part of the university schedule and one hour per semester credit is given. Students prepare and read materials for practice and concert singing. The principal aim of the groups is to supply academic needs, permit University participation in vocal music and to promote University public relations. The Womerils Clee Club, singing in over fifteen cam- pus appearances, with their new concert attire performed in many high schools during their spring tour covering southeastern Oklahoma. Officers of the VVomen's Glee Club are Patsy Dudley, president, Carilee Hogan, vice-president, and Marilyn McMasters, secretary-treasurer. The Menls Clee Club called Singing Sooners, was led ably by a very ambitious corp of ollicers, namely Stanley Tyler, president, joe Sunbarger, vice-president, VVoodie Anderson, secretary, and Joe Sunbarger, treasurer. IIalc. Iiob Iloone. THIRD RUIY: Robert Fisher. Judy Safely. Tom VYhitney. Nina Hinson. Afllllll' Ilarnes. Leslie Thurmond. lihetta lNIaylield. Annette Lee. Delton Shilling. FOIIRTII KUIY: Linda Leflel, John Yarrington. Juli Hunt. Don Peters. Ilon NIcCartney, Iilthelyn McCoy. Cary Sims, Margaret Raines. Jerry Nllflllllll. niver it Ot tlklahoma The group had new hlazers for their spring tour through northeastern Oklahoma and parts of Missouri. Over thirty performances were given on campus. Dr. Russell Mathis, associate professor of music edu- cation, is the conductor and faculty sponsor of the two groups. The University Chorale is a group of 36 singers chosen by audition and directed by Dr, David VV. Scott, professor of voice and director of the Opera Theater. Oflicers of the chorale are John Yarrington, president, -Ierry Norman, vice-president, and Nina Hinson, secre- tary-treasurer. The Chorale keeps a busy schedule performing for civic groups, serving as the chorus for the productions of the Opera Theater and presenting formal concerts of traditionally fine choral music. During spring vacation the group goes on tour, presenting varied programs for its audiences. This year the six day tour tool: the group as far as Carlsbad, New Mexico. The spring concert features tenor David Lloyd with the Chorale in an original work written especially for Lloyd and the OU Chorale. FIRST RUWY: Jane Monroe, Janet Neher. Delores fxllll Price. Paula Wliitesell, Toni Vitale, janet Stonernan, Dr. Russell Mathis. Director: Martha Key, Patsy Criltenclon. Sharon Qnaicl. Jeretta George. Mary .Xnn Bullu. .locly Angell. SECOND ROXV: Susie Bfllllllllll. Sarah Brooks. Sherrill Peterson. -lean- ette Vlvilson. Pat Patterson. Dorothy flolnpton. Pat Givens, Diana Choral Group Tour tate Fielcls. Judy Aslnlry. -Ioann Baker. Marie Poole. Lyncla Freeman, Marilyn McMastcrs, Kathy Hannon. THIRD RONV: Pat Dud- ley, Cllarlotte llalloelc, Deana rlvl'0lll'J. Peggy Graves, Sherri xvllll1lIllS. Ann Henlhorne. Karol Kiinharlc. limily Allen. Mary Ann Ncwlon. .Xnne Marshall. gxtllkllll Barnes. Mary Ellen Mc'- Calla. Sharon XYUIIIZICR. Carilce llogan. WOMEN'S GLEE CLUB MEN'S GLEE CLUB FIRST RUXY: D011 Sinex. Jzunes Martin. Mike Gillette. Ron son. Roy Taylor. .Xlan Finegggolcl. llill IIllH'lllllS0ll. Paul Fox. Harper. llill Strong. .lim liagby. SIQCIUND RUYY: Alan Bar- FOLTRTH ROW: .Mnlyreey Potter. l51'ya11 Hardin. Royce lirirlge- thel, Ken Cliestnutt. Dean clflllllillilll. Phillip Rope. Janies lllllll, Ron Burkett, Stan Tyler. l3ol1O'l3rya11. Kiethly. Dr. Russell fl. Mathis. THIRD RUVV: Cary Ancler- f 6 x l l 2 fs ' fl- X J I X I ,Mn K 3, 9 f I Matt, ' Q K l 'K Nu . I Mffiii LM-we FIRST ROVY: Tom Edgar. Paul Lea, Eddie Peach, John Griffin, Tom Findenbinder, Bob Dcupree. THIRD ROYV Tatum, Monte Deere. Uenzil Mcllonald. SECOND ROYY: Steve Swallord. Neville Soll. Steve Morelock. Dennis YYard Harvey Challin. .lim flilstrap. Jerry Haddock, .lim Cody. Bill Lynn Overton. Cliarles Schuette. john Bernard. 222 Var ity "0" Club Cultivate Team Intere t .X closer spirit of loyalty in the hearts of those who uphold the athletic prestige ol' the Red and VVhite is fostered by membership in the Varsity "O" club. Any man who has won the "Ov through intercollegi- ate athletics and who has met the approval of the Uni- versity Athletic council is eligible to be a member of this organization. The club brings together both graduate and under- graduate lettermen into a closer and more intimate rela- tionship. The organization promotes in every proper and constructive way the athletic interests of the Uni- versity among students, faculty, alumni and friends. Other objectives are to encourage scholarship, develop sportsmanship, both by example and preceptg to bolster social activities, accommodate visiting athletic teams and take an active interest in campus activities whenever possible. Through mutual understanding ol' the objectives, the club maintains a more complete relationship with mem- bers of the Sooner coaching stall. The Club also pro- motes relations with high school athletes and assists in orienting freshman athletes at OU. "O" club ollicers are Richard Sinclair, president, VVayne Lee, vice-presidentg VV. Leon Bevers, executive secretary: Cary Wlylie, social secretaryg C. Harold Reid, lounge attendant, and Port C. Robertson, faculty spon- sor. Meetings are scheduled by the members of the execu- tive council as the need arises and a variety ol' social activities is planned from time to time. Four classes of membership compose the club: active, inactive, alumni and honorary. Active members partici- pate in all club activity. lnactive and alumni members can attend club meetings but are unable to vote or hold office. llonorary membership in the organization is ex- tended to persons who have rendered exceptional service to athletes and to the development ol' the OU athletic program from year to year. Various parties. dances and other club activities cen- ter in the club lounge located in the north end of Owen stadium. The lounge was ollicially opened in Septem- ber, 1951. Besides being the location for meetings of FIRST ROVV: Richard Inman. Jackie Cowan, Virgil Boll. Mel Sandersfeld. ,lim Parker. llennie Shields. George Stokes. SEC- OND ROVV: llud Dempsey. -Iimmie Payne. Geary Taylor. Clary Wlylie. Wlayne Lee. -lim Kaiser. George Jarman. Stan Morrison. THIRD RONY: Wayne Baughman. Rex Ball, jerry Geymann, Wlalter Mizell. Bryan Dulglessis. .lim Claborn. Good port man hip Develop from Example the organization, the lounge serves as a place for past and present members of the club to meet. Each year returning Sooner alumni find the lounge open before and after home football games where lunch is served for alums and their families. The lounge is also open three nights each week to lettermen and their guests. Television, records, bridge tables, games and a snack bar are part of the many facilities available. Club members are hosts to dads and mothers at the annual Dad's Day game with a luncheon in the "OM club lounge preceding the game. Following the game, guests are entertained at a reception. Luncheons are usually scheduled to precede every home game for mem- bers and their guests with receptions after games. Homecoming weekend, the Varsity "Ol, club extends a special welcome to all alumni of Oklahoma university. Other social events for the year include a Christmas and Valentine's parties and the annual picnic and out- ing at Lake Murray. The annual varsity-alunmi football game is another activity that attracts wide interest and enthusiasm among sports fans around the state. It is held each year on the last day of spring practice. The "O" club, sponsors of the game. invite members of past "Big-Redu football teams to participate 011 the alumni line-up. A distinguished speaker is invited each year to the traditional "O" club banquet which is always a high- light of the year. Letters and membership plaques are presented to those who have qualified for membership during the past year. The Varsity HO" club fYczvsl1'ltm' is published month- ly and sent to all members who have paid their dues for the year. The letter features timely articles and com- ments of interest to sportsmen around the country. Belonging to the "On club is an honor and a merit any University athlete is proud to hold. It is a goal set to attain the best qualities and the maximum possibili- ties of any player. The "Ov club has been the inspiration of many young athletes. and it hopes and intends to carry this on in the future. 5 ' :f1f'fL'...iele-- J! V, . I FIRST ROW: Betty Bard. Jessie Ann McDowell. Cai Morgan. Judy Ellis. SECOND KOYY: Jay Shields. -lay Lasliey. Lloyd Rosenlmergg, Paul lluhhle. Cheerleader Enli en Sooner Athletic Contests Ambassadors of school spirit and good sportsmanship, UU's Cheerleaders and alternates Work hard to arouse school spirit at every home game. They also attend as many out of town games as pos- sible. Jessie McDowell acts as head cheerleader and Mrs. Earline Smith is faculty sponsor. Any undergraduate who is making satisfactory grades may tryout for varsity cheerleader. Tryouts are held each year to fill vacancies created through graduation or resignation. New cheerleaders are picked by a panel of judges after two performances. Alternates are chosen on the same basis. Mascot for the cheerleaders is Danny Tinnnons, known as Little Red. .elttired in authentic Indian cos- tume, he performs Indian dances and rituals and assists cheerleaders in leading the yells and boosting school spirit at athletic events. The Cheerleaders and Little Red also appear at pep rallies held prior to home games to stimulate enthusiasm and support for the UU team. They are also hosts to the annual state cheerleaders contest sponsored hy the National Cheerleader Associ- ation held every spring in Norman. Cheerleaders and alternates get ready for their appearance at the Ul'-Texas game in Dallas. I FIRST RONV: Perry Clement. Richard Stepgman, Larry Doyle, David Jones. Wlilliam lseminger, James Roe. THIRD ROXY: Pat Hays, janita Cluffey, Ray Murray, Steve Hamner, Don David Norman, VVilliam Jaques, Phillip Thornton, Pete Border, Rodolpll, John Veccia. Charles Ingram. SECOND ROYV: Robert lienzin, Harris Segal. John Henson, Kent llennett. Hayden Hevves. li. XY. Sexton. Tim Erin, .lim Wright. Hon Lee. Rui Neks Stimulate pontaneous School pirit Pat Hayes, president, crowns Ruf Nek queen, janita Culley, who was chosen by a vote of members. Trips to the Texas, Oklahoma State, and Orange Bowl games were all part of the many activities of the red-shifted Ruf Neks. The red and white paddles that are carried by the club, now a symbol of membership, are the same pad- dles that once kept beanie-capped freshmen in line dur- ing freshman hazing. Ollicers of the club are David "Pat" Hays, presidentg Phil Kramer, vice-presidentg Steve Hamner, secretary, Richard Stegman, treasurer, -Ianita Gulley, queen, and Lt. Col. A. S. VVashburn, faculty sponsor. Any male student currently enrolled in the University in good standing may become a member of the club whose purpose is to foster school spirit, aid and assist cheerleaders and to spread enthusiasm at every home game. Organized in 1915 at the OU vs. Oklahoma ASLM basketball game, the Ruf Neks is the oldest pep organi- zation on the OU campus. They have remained leaders in spontaneous outbursts of Sooner loyalty and have been the instrumental framework for the pep rallies. FIRST RUWV: Guy Parkliurst. Hob Mclfarland. Susan Beesley. George li. Fraser. Bob llascom. Larry lilanlcenship. John llraly. Vicki flotcher. Katie Seger. Sharon Kimmel. Roseann Bouziden. SECOND ROVY: Joel llagygard. Ron l'reteltin. Mary Lewis. Mahmoud Zaydan. Karman Young. Kenny Siegel. Carole Kirk- land. fluy Primrose. Trudy Steele. Pat Taylor. THIRD RUXY: tudent enate Enact The Student Senate was created in IQ45 to improve and unify student academic, cultural, recreational and social conditions. Functioning primarily through committees such as academic affairs. hnance. high school visitation. and welfare. student groups headed by senators work on such projects as the possibility of incorporating a course in Communism into the curriculum of the government de- partment, a study ol' the University food service and a reception for foreign students. Other Senate projects include a Texas-OU rally dance sponsored jointly with the Texas student government. a voluntary student health insurance program with policies at reduced pre- miums and a student trallic court. The Senate is made up ol' students: it is financed by student funds. and it depends upon students for its sup- port. Elections for positions as senators are held in the fall and spring. Students may also serve on the House Representa- tives council. One member is elected from each organ- ized house on campus lor this organization. The HRC makes recommendations to the Senate for action or im- provement in policy among other judicial matters. Paul Tharp, jr.. Kenneth Fredgren. Phil Horning. Curtis Phil- lips. Janet Kamber. Leslie 'l'zinbergg. Marti Vargas. Nancy lValdman. Sam Najd, l"Ul'll'l'll RUYYZ Bill Bleakley. Gard- ner Kandall. Barbara Posey. liruce Rossiter. joy Engle. Cliucla Kennedy. Bob Moore. Campu Improvement l"lRST RUNV: Susan lieesley. secretaryg Bob Bascom. presidentg Larry Blankenship. vice-president. SECOND RUVV: liob Mc- Farland. parliamentarian: john llraly, public relations: Guy l,2ll'lllllll'SI. treasurer. 9 .V fi.l:,:' ' majority of Senate work is done in connnittees. Here the Aca- : Allairs committee is hard at work under the Cll2ilfIllLlIlSlllD of Vargas, senator from University' college. The Senate sponsors the Miss Ol' contest. Jim lxl21L'l1CIl. Mary' Ann Bell l962 winner. and -lolin Braly' look over a scrapbook of Miss l3ell's -actlvl ties. Maelien and liraly' are past and present public relations Cl1ZllI'IIlC!l FIRST RUYY: Mary Mead. Pegggggy' Lines. Vieki Cotelier. llo- lores Kester, Larry lllankensliip. Larry' Mel.ean. Pat Sayles. Nancy' Maas. SECOND RUXY: Jacqueline llill. Lynn l"reder- ieksen. Christie lford. Shirley' l'ruett. Bonita lYat'son. .ludy Mefllain. Susan 'llalleyu Mary Qlordan. Sandra Simon. .Iudy Sugarinan. Linda Ifyans. Tllllill RUXY: l'at 'llresederx ,lack lfesler. lloyt Andres. Larry' Kelley. llill Payne. Morris Van Xsperen. lfldon liattey. Dave Mellee. Phillip lflkins. Bill Wil- kinson. FUPRTH RUNY: Barbara lleudalin. Laurie Mooney. Paula Noakes. Charles lleyyes. Day id Milligan. .Xrlhur Tanner. Vyloody Young. Larry Weitzner. lfaeli organized house has a representatiye on Student Senate llouse Representatiyes eouneil. 227 FIRST ROIV: Carletta Rose. Delores Price. Kay Wonnack. Clenda Martin. Barliee Smith. Roxana Bear. Linda Bryan. I.ou .Xnn Roach. Carmen Young. Jann Lowther. Sharon Vivion. Joan Robbins. Sharon Massey. Nancey North. Linda Jones. SECOND ROVV: Marilyn Bridges. Jeanine Frazier. Marilyn Moore. Ramona Randolph. Linda Farris. Jeanette VVilson. Kaye Young. Mary Stringer. Norma Mackey, Sharon King. Pat Moms. Jeanne Harper. Elaine Cox. Doris Moser. Joanne Ilarper. Paula VVliitesell. Beverly Valouch. Mrs. YV. I.. Dillard. THIRD RUVV: Julie IIunt. Delphine Floyd. Bill Strange. Don Phillips. Loyd Allen. Ronald Davis. Walter Mizell. James Vickers. Jerry Bryant. Herman Little. Don James. Roger Pounds. Jerry Benson. Neal Clary. Rex Davis. Carl Mullen. Richard Stephens. Delton Shilling. Melvin Ernest. Phyllis Huggins. Phyllis Stringer. Nita Flowers. Maureen Poe. FOURTH ROVY: John Henson. Cary Stringer. Billy Burns. Jimmy Moore, Dean Camp- hell. Alson VVoodward. Keary Ilayes. Ken Mulligan. Ronald Wfilkins. Jim Kennedy. Don Cunning. James Almy. Norman Pence. Cary Shepherd. Mikell Millstead. Timothy Downing. Clarence Jones. Franklin Farmer. Julie Farmer. Baptist Student Union Aids Spiritual Gro th The Baptist Student Union of the University of Okla- homa is composed of students who hold membership in any of the organizations of the local Baptist churches of Norman. It developed some years ago as the link be- tween the college student away from his home church and the Baptist church in the College town. Oflicers for the BSU are Dale Crowder. president. Glenda Martin. secretaryg Don James, Christian citizen- ship. Bill Dudley. devotional. Bruce Murray. evangel- ism. and Don Cunning. promotion. Sponsors include Franklin Farmer. director. Maureen Poe. assistant direc- tor. and Mrs. VV. L. Dillard. hostess. The principal matter of interest of the BSU is the de- veloping of the spiritual life of a college student while he is growing mentally. All of the activities of the BSU have at the center the developing of strong Christian character. The group holds weekly services. daily morning watch and noon-day devotionals. A variety of social ac- tivities includes a welcome party and a semi-formal ban- quet each semester. Its facilities include a recreation hall. kitchen. assembly room and prayer room. BSU executive council. FIRST RUNY: Dale Crowder. Jeanette Wilson. Clenda Martin. Maureen Poe. Bruce Murray. SFC- OND ROVV: Don James. Clarence Jones. Bill Dudley. Mary .Xnn Stringer. Franklin Farmer. FIRST ROYV: Larry McLean, Cara Mitchell, Harry Young, jerry Criswell, Judy Schenck, Father Otto Anderson. Roy Wlilson. Father Conley, Rachelle Robson, Josephine Estey Ed- wards. Floyd johnson. SECOND ROYY: Niki Proussanidou. Sue Swanson. Jean Goad. Susan Kimerer, Sherri Roush. Patty YYheatley. -lack Flemming, Sue Ann Hagerman. Laura Bright- man. Maria Marianos. Carolyn Fano, Denise Elliott. THIRD ROWV: Judy Young, Grant Fair. Ruth Miles, Carol VVolf, Canterbury Association Canterbury Association was organized to provide for the growth of the Christian life on the campus of the University and to engage the campus in the great dia- logue between the other academic disciplines and the ultimate concerns of theology. One of the accomplishments of the club has been the initiative and sense of responsibility shown by the Can- terbury ofiicers and sponsors. Because of their mature and devoted leadership, the club's sense of unity greatly improved, also the number of students participating in the program this year is a direct result of the officers' keen interest and responsiveness. Officers of the organization are Harry Young, presi- dent, Judy Schenck, vice-president, Cara Mitchell, secre- tary-treasurerg Sherry Turner and Floyd johnson, pub- lic relations: Mr. Fred Shellabarger, faculty sponsor, and Rev. Otto Anderson, priest advisor. During the spring, several students, along with the chaplain, met with representatives of the Romair Cath- olic and Orthodox churches on two Thursday evenings each month to discuss faith and doctrine. George White. Colin Goodyear. john Davis. Guy YVhitney. Alan Smith, -lim Keithley. Anne Lynch, Nancy Utley. FOURTH ROYV: Bert Pohl. George Stratis. Geoffrey Kelly. Allen Carrel, Michel Lyncli. Ross Swimmer. Bill VVeaver. George Schenck, jr.. David Shoebotham. Grosvenor Pollard. Ralph Moore. jr.. Cornelius Van Gelderen. Prof. Fred Shellabarger. John Alley. Mrs. Fred Shellaharger. Terri Anderson. Mimi Francis. Finance Nlissionnr One Thursday each month, the chaplain, along with other Episcopal clergy in the Oklahoma City area meet with a group of Lutheran ministers for a morning of study and discussion. This study group was formed up- on the initiative of the clergy at St. john's and continues to Work in its second year. The visit of Bishop Savage of Zululand and Svvazi- land was one of the highpoints of the year. As a result of his visit to St. Johnis, Norman, and his speaking to several groups on the OU campus, much enthusiasm has been stirred up for overseas responsibilities. In response to Bishop Savage's visit, the students here at OU have undertaken two missionary projects. First, the financial responsibility of one native evangelist in the Diocese ol' Zululand and second, financial assistance for one foreign student here on campus of the University of Oklahoma. Along with other campus religious groups, the club sponsored the Bishop's Players for a three-day stand in the spring. This was the second year for such sponsor- ship. The players, through religious drama, help mem- bers to see the deeper implications of the faith. FIRST RUXY: Ann hhiiest. Mary Groves. 1.avina Frank. -Iudy Smotherman. .Iessena Brasher. Judy jageler. SECOND RUYVZ Mrs. Frank Mosley. Mrs. Tony XV1ll1ZlIllS. -ludy Murrell. Verona Maruska. lietty Tuma. Diane Neaves. Cayle Dimery. Judith jaines. Sandy Yount. THIRD RUWY: Roxanne Hardesty. Pa- tricia Thomas. .Xnna Houck. Fallie Devore. Sandy Langley. Marsha Reed, Linda Stringer. Janice hyinstead. Kathy liennett. Kappa Phi Club Pre Kappa Phi club provides a closer association among Methodist women and encourages active participation in religious training and church activities. Founded in 1916 at the University of Kansas. the club is a national organization for Methodist women. Kappa chapter was organized here in 1922. Ollicers of the club are Gayle Dimery. president: Sigma Theta Epsilon Sigma Theta Epsilon is a fraternal organization of young men of the Methodist church, organized in 1949. Tau chapter at OU is presided over by Ronnie Car- man, presidentg Walker Hartmann, vice-presidentg joe Hester, secretaryg Dick Smith, chaplain. and Henry Hen- sel, pledge trainer. Rev. Jim Shields is sponsor of the group and Judy Sims is 1963 Sweetheart of STE. FIRST ROXY: Edward Kennedy. Henry Hensel. Melanie Mar- shall. Ronnie Carman. Robert Hester. Janice Pullin. FUl'RrF11 RONY: Patti Ferguson. Karen Mar- shall. Christina Council. Charlotte Council. lionnie Lane. San- dra Phillips. Janie lilome. Lynda lioydstun. Tennie Capps. Carolyn johnson. Barliara Stephenson. FIFTH ROXY: Mary Ann Newlon. 'Ferry Haug. Susie Black. Kay Hoover. Anne Marshall. Sharon Shirley. Karla Gaither. jackie Snodgrass. Patricia Harn. Linda McQuillen. Carolyn Norris. pares Methodist Leaders jessena Brasher. vice-presidentg julia Teegstrom, secre- taryg Mary E. Groves. treasurer, and Mrs. Frank Mosley. sponsor. Members help with all phases of student work at the Methodist student center and work with other religious groups on campus. Social events include a get-acquaint- ed meeting. formal pledging and banquet in May. lnspires Methodist Men To provide a better Christian fellowship among IIICII of Methodist preference and to acquaint Methodist men with the ideals and purposes of the clmrch is the princi- pal aim of STE. Men of the organization usher every Sunday at McFarlin Methodist church among other various work projects and duties to the organization during the year. SECOND KOXYZ Richard Smith. Walker Hartman. Chandler Gillespie. Cary Hale. Cary Hickmon. FIRST ROVY: Kay Freeman. Ann Marlow. Lyla Stegall. Ariel Yvilsou. Bill Mattox. Sharon Tankersley. Jim Ricks. ,lim Shields. joe Davis. Bobby Lawson. SECOND RONY: Paul Fox. Juanita Anderson. Anne Marshall. .Indy Iiraught. Chandler Gillespie. Greg Eslinger. Ronnie Carman. julie Trench. Anna Houck. Janie Illome. Mary Newlon. Carolyn Johnson. THIRD RUYV: Linda Voyles, Sharon Clark. Cathy Carlson. Nancy Morris. Sharon Mechem. Jayne Smith. -Iudy Slnith. -Ieanita IYilson. Robert Hamilton. Judy Srnotherman. Verona Maruska. Marcia Meredith. Richard Smith. Edward Kennedy. Sue McCoy. Richard Boast. FOURTII RUWI: Mary Groves, Susie Black, Kay Campbell. Mary Dinsrnore. Cathy Hangs. Karen Marshall, Sharon Meikle. Linda McQuillen. Judy Sims. Janice Rogers. Marilyn Todd. -Iudy Merrell. Jane Stinson. Russell Bartee. Richard Kropp. Noel Parsons. FIFTH ROIV: -Ioe Antinoro. Lee Ann Worrell. Bonnie I.allins. Andy Reese. Ilan Nelson. Paul Lyons. ,Ierry Elliott. Kenneth HulIman. Pat Condon. Kay Hooyer. Beth Resler. Bob Foote. Lyle Kallenhach. Terry Grimes. Cary Hicknion. Tommy Ivhitener. We ley Foundation nite Methodist Student Wesley foundation. located at Elm and Lindsay. is open cyciy day lor religious meetings and lclsure actiyities. Officers of VVesley foundation are Pat Condon. presi- dentg Sue McCoy, Andy Reese, and jim Ricks, vice- presidentsg -Iudy Sims, secretary, and Joe Antinoro, treasurer. Since its founding in 1906 at the University of Illinois in Urbana. Wesley foundation has established 181 chap- ters. The Methodist student moyement is the Methodist church at work in the college community seeking. through organized fellowship in Methodist colleges and through W'eslcy foundations at state and independent colleges. to provide for the spiritual. moral and social needs of the students. Wesley foundation presents the opportunity for stu- dents to also reach the emotional and religious maturity that is necessary for personal happiness and for Chris- tian citizenship. In addition to a traditionally full Sunday program. the foundation ollers many opportunities during the week for religious education. recreation and meditation. w,,f 5525-+ FIRST ROW: Donna Pendarvis. Mike Gibson. Peggy Loud. -Ian Peterson. Tom Holzberlein. THIRD ROVV: John Porter, Sallie Key. Hugh Key. Lea Clayton. SECOND RONY: Thomas Dulany Dawson. Ethelyn McCoy. Virginia Thornton. Donald Plosila. Lurlene llulme. -lohauna Single-tary. Louis Kronfeld. Sinex. Clyde Brown. Christian Science Crganization Invites All Early in the twentieth century, Mary Baker Eddy, dis- coverer of Christian Science, envisioned the great need and vast opportunities for Christian Science organiza- tions at universities and colleges throughout the world. These organizations are actively carrying forward their mission of presenting the healing message of Christian Science on the college campus. Weekly organization meetings are held on 'l'hursday evenings where testimonies of healing and remarks on Christian Science may be heard. All students are cor- dially invited to attend. Oflicers of the OU organization are Sally Key, president: Mike Cibson, vice-president: Donna Pendarvis. secretary: Peggy Loud, treasurer, and Mrs. Christine Hamlin, sponsor. Membership requires a student to be interested in Christian Science and not a member of another religious denomination. Inter-Religious Council Hosts Conference Officers of the Inter-Religious council are Cary Gree- son, chairman: Steve Olsen, vice-chairman: Mike Mill- stead, secretary, and Dan Nelson, treasurer. Dr. Percy Buchanan sponsors the group and Mrs. Vivian Reno, coordinator of religious activities, is the advisor. One of lRC's most important events is that of being host for the sixth intercollegiate conference on Student FIRST ROVV: Vivan Reno. Dan Nelson. Susan Coltz, Cary flreeson, Roh Mclfarland. SECOND RONY: Franklin Farmer. -lun Shields. Susan Cook. Elaine Criffitts, Linda VValker. Nor- Religious affairs which is held in Oklahoma Center for Continuing Education. The local IRC plans and is in charge of the entire conference. Activities of the group include the annual IRC 'l'hanksgiving service and the leadership conference. Also, a party in the spring. Regular meetings provide programs on campus religious problems. man Alexandre. THIRD ROW: Donald Scruggs. Pat Condon. Rodger Randle. Lea Clayton. jerry liryant. Hill Yveaver. FIRST ROIY: Jess Mitchell. John Craig. John Coffey. Arthur Reese, .lack Kinnebrew. Tom Parrott. Mack Riley, Sybil Short. jerie llansing. Prof. NY. C. Mcflrew. SECOND RUYY: Ray Phillips. Ted lfisher. llob Beyerl. .lim Kinnebrew. Saul Sinder- brand. .lim Mans. liill Chapman. Ronnie Lalfins. THIRD Accounting Club A ard Each year the Accounting club awards a key to those members who have attained a "Bw average after C0111- pleting 12 hours of advanced work in accounting. The idea of the key was adapted from a similar one used by the University of Illinois. The club is controlled by various committees. They include the key connnittee. which determines those who are eligible for a key, the membership committee, which determines the status of members and pledging of new membersg the entertainment committee, in charge of so- cial activities. and the publicity committee, which an- nounces the meetings and promotes interest in the organ- ization. Dues of the Accounting club amounts to a dol- lar a semester of which 25 cents goes to the Newton Memorial Scholarship fund. The Accounting club was organized in 1930 lor the purpose of bringing about a closer relationship and higher standards among Accounting majors and to aid them in making advantageous contacts with those al- ready successlul in the field of accounting. Membership is open to all students who have chosen accounting as a major or a minor. RUIY: John Kimbrough. Cary Kolander. Clary Estes. Mike Finkelston, -limmie Cole. james Coodpasture, Ernest Collins. Larry Ueis. FOURTII RUIV: Eddie Franklin. Joe Beaver. Charley Ballon. Robert Marcy. Harold Ranslord. Walter Green. .lay Iloclges. liill Edwards. Keys for cholar hip First-hand observation is gained from held trips to accounting departments ol' major businesses and indus- tries throughout the year. The departmental awards are presented at the annual banquet each spring. Among the awards given are "ac- counting keysf' the Newton Memorial fellowship, Con- tinental scholarship, and the Arthur Anderson scholar- ship. In addition, the Arthur Young fellowship, the I"Iu1nble Graduate lellowsliip and awards given by the Oklahoma Society of CPAs and the Financial Executives institute are presented at this time. Also all graduating seniors are introduced at the banquet. Guest speakers lirom private industry, government, public practice and financial institutions are scheduled to address the club on some subject of a pertinent nature at periodical meetings. First semester ollicers were Jack Kinnebrew,-president: Art Reece, vice-presidentg Sybil Short, secretary, -Iolm Craig, treasurer, and VV. C. McCrew, sponsor. Second semester officers are -Iohn Colley, presidentg Jess Mitchell, vice-president: Sybil Short, secretary. and Gary Estes, treasurer. FIRST ROYV: Brent Turner, VVilliam Keezer. Robert Hyde. VVyman Crindstalf. Don Waller. Ken Wolfe. SECOND ROVV: Steve Lambert. Jerry Hobbs. Lavvrence Povse. Ray Collins. Thomas Nolan. Gary Anderson. THIRD RUVV: Richard Hall. Michael llerod, Ronald Spencer, Robert Vaughan. Marty Cros- boll. David Kurtz. NUT PICTIQRED: Dr. H. H. Rowley. Alpha Chi Sigma Links Chemists with Careers Members of Alpha Chi Sigma are selected from stu- dents primarily interested in chemistry who are enrolled in at least their third semester of chemistry. Already drawn together by their profession, they become linked in brotherhood through their associations within the fraternityg they strive for the advancement of chemistry as a science and as a profession. Contacts formed prove invaluable in terms of lasting friendship. Ollicers include Robert YV. llyde. presidentg VVilliam Keezer, vice-president: Vvylllllll Crindstail, secretaryg Kenneth Wolfe, treasurerg Jerry Vernon, recorder, and Dr, H. H. Rowley, faculty sponsor. Monthly meetings acquire outstanding speakers to acquaint students with current developments in chem- istry. Field trips to chemical plants around the state also provide wide interest among members. Alpha Delta Sigma Readies Advertising Men Men in advertising gain practical knowledge and ex- perience from the activities sponsored by Alpha Delta Sigma, national honorary advertising fraternity. The purpose ol' the organization is to bridge the gap between the academic world and the professional world of advertising, through an organization of service. Oliicers for the group include Loyal Roach. presi- FIRST ROVV: Peter Feldman. John Adams. Charles Grady. Noile McClanal1an. Len llall. Loyal Roach. james Cabal. John Buckley. .lim Mayo. SECOND RUNY: John liovvard. Don dentg Nofle McClanahan, vice-president, Chuck Grady. secretaryg Len Hall, treasurer, and .lay Poynor. sponsor. The organization sponsors held trips to places of in- terest in the realm of advertising and engages outstand- ing speakers at regular meetings which take place in the Bronson Room. This year the organization initiated more members than in any year past. Randall. Jeff McLernore. Jeffrey Repke. M. Poynor. Steve Morelock. M. E. Flick. tiny Mason. David Cupp. Vvllliltlll Beck, john Turner. , .-',f wr fe.-. - FIRST RUYY: -Ioseph Di Monico. Loyd Allen. James Nor- ris. .Io .Xnn Allen. Lynda Sims. Bonnie Lane. Rita McCarthy. Helen llaralson. Mary Clanton. Richard Pcndergraft. Fred Hatcher. Eddie Piland. John Bruce. SECOND RUVV: Jacob Braun. Charles Nance. Joel Holloway. Gene Lalitte. Guy Hooper. Patsy Nolcn. Joseph Silverman. Fred Cooper. Hill Kurtz. M. R. Delhotal. THIRD RUYY: James Harris. Eugene Kernaghan. Carl Darnell. Deon Painter. Tom Ilildebrant. Paul Lyles. Ted lierry. Hob llamilton. Wayne Bullard. Donald Hutton. mcrican Pharmaceutical Association Active Nelda .Xllcn was the H162 queen who reigned mer activities ol the annual Pliarinaey Day. Officers of the American Pharmaceutical Association are Eddie YV. Piland. presidentg Richard Peudergraft, vice-presideutg Mary Clanton, secretaryg Fred Hatcher. treasurer, and Dr. john Bruce. faculty sponsor. Meetings are held monthly during the school year. the character of which may he business, entertainment. or informal talks by outstanding men in pharmacy and allied professions. To promote pharmacy as a profession and to obtain a better understanding of problems in pharmacy are the aims of the organization. All students majoring in pharmacy are eligible for membership in the student branch ol' JXPI1.-X which was organized here in 1934. llighlight lor the year is Phar- macy day held annually in the spring. clilnaxed by the senior awards banquet. sponsored by the association and attended by students, local businessmen. and representa- tiyes lrom pllarmaceutical companies. .Xniong its other responsibilities. the .XPIM sponsors the model drug store in the Pharmacy school. It is a co-operative concern used asa laboratory. FIRST ROSY: Johnny H. Jones. Dr. Robert D. Burns. Ken- neth R. Miller. Thomas E. Riggs. SECOND RUSY: Y. Cary .-Knderson. Ralph McI-aury. David Rice. THIRD RUSY: Jerry Bednar. Ralph SV. Rucker. Alvin E. Osburn, Joe E. Leonard. FOlfR'l'H RUSY: Robin Cunning. Edwin Ellis. liill Ci. Culp, Toby Kell. Alpha Epsilon Delta Desires Top Standards To encourage excellence in premedical scholarship, to stimulate an appreciation of the importance of pre- medical education in the study of medicine, and to pro- mote cooperation and contacts between medical, pre- medical students and educators in developing an ade- quate program of premedical education is the aim of .Xlpha Epsilon Delta, organized April 28. 1926. Eligibility in the organization requires a student to Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta membership requirements are entirely scholastic. To be eligible, a freshman woman must have a 3.5 average for her first semester's work, with a minimum of 15 hours credit. A student may also be pledged if she has a 3.5 over-all average for her en- tire freshman year. The purpose of the organization is to promote intelli- FIRST RUYY: Carol Smith, Barbara VS'ilkison. Ann Forrester. Lee Ann Johns. Betty Evans, Pat Taylor, Paula Noakes, Sherry Steele, Sally Merkle. Mary' Coodwyn, Jeretta George. Sumitra Suwannabba. SECOND ROW: Peg Lemme, Roseann Bouzi- den. Betty Schollenbarger. Barbara Grundy. Ruth flrillith. Ann Belanger. Jane Pollard, Kathy Bennett. Janice Pullin. Jane .-Xldrich. Judith Palmer. THlRD RUST: Marti Vargas. Linda have three semesters of a "Bu or better average in all subjects including premedical studies. Johnny ll. Jones presides over the group as president. Other oflicers include Thomas E. Riggs, vice-president: Kenneth R. Miller, secretaryg Cary Anderson, treasurer: David Rice, historian. and Dr. Robert Burns, faculty sponsor. The UU chapter is 0116 of 73 active chapters throughout the country totaling 19,000 members. Selects Superior Women gent living and a high standard of learning and to en- courage superior attainment among the freshman women in our institutes of higher learning. Current officers are Paula Noakes, president, Vickie McKenzie, vice-president: Sally Merkle, secretaryg Pat Taylor, treasurer, and Sherry Steele, historian. Dr. Betty Evans sponsors the group. Barthel. Sharon Steelman. Joyce Barker. Cynthia Moussa. Janet Ketchum, Susie Boyette. Ruth Monk, Nancy Fleming. Patricia Marsh, Jean Mauch. Shirley Pruett. FOURTH ROWE Judy Hall, Phyllis Gill. Linda Evans, Mary Lively. Judy Ncwkirk, Judy Ketchum. Rcha Bristow. Beth Resler. Betty Bryant. Ann Viiiest. Ann Reisner. FIRST RUNY: llong Sioe Uey. Badiollah Eshraghi. Ali Es- Norouxi. S2111 Plin. Roger ltlcflallum. -Iohn Butler. jr., Stanley nlaili. Xlorteza 1"os-Hat. Carol Ilatcher. Stanley Grossman. Dale Smith, George Reid. Paul liarnes. SECOND RONY: Keith Stevens. Nicola lfirzli. Paul Pierot. Feridon Shahbaxnia. Haiti -lones. TH1RlJ ROWY: Paul Shellert. Clyde Pendergraf. John Wvright. Bruce Ury is. Robert Dudley. lfrnest Leroy Ross. Ken Cllialfant. Wleldnn .N1CXZillKlC'T. Roman lYoxniak. Nick Semeniuk. American eeiety ei Civil Engineer Promote The student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers was formed in 1915 at the University of Okla- homa as the Stadia Club. ln 1922 the group became affiliated with the American Society of Civil Engineers. The society is the oldest national engineering society in the United States. Since its founding in 1852, the organization has been active in assisting its members to gain knowledge in current technical subjects and prob- lems associated with civil engineering. It vvas instituted for the purpose of advancing engineering and architec- tural knowledge and practice. maintaining a high pro- fessional standard among its members, encouraging asso- ciation between men of practical science and establish- ing ua central point of reference and union for its II1SIIllJSfS.,i The purpose of the student chapter is to afford the beginnings of professional associations, The chapter provides an opportunity for the student civil engineers to meet and know each other, to acquaint them with topics of interest to engineering students through the IllCll1lllll of addresses by competent speakers and to work together for common benefit a11d experience. To accomplish these purposes, the chapter has meet- ings each third VVednesday night of the month. At each meeting regular business matters are decided IIPOII and a program is presented. The programs generally consist of films on subjects of technical interest to civil engi- neers or speakers chosen from the leading IIICII in the profession. ln addition to the regular meetings, various field and inspection trips are made to points of engi- neering interest in the surrounding area. The officers for 1962-63 are -lohn Butler, president: Ken Chalfant. vice-president: Nick Seminuck. secretaryg Carol Hatcher. treasurer, and john Vllright, St. Pat's representative. The faculty sponsors are Joseph Assenzo and Stanley Grossman. Anyone who is majoring in civil engineering or a specialized field ol' civil engineering, such as sanitary, structural or transportation. can become a member. Regular activities include a trip to t11e national ASCE convention each year and an annual banquet and dance. ln addition to these activities, the chapter is responsible for the civil engineering exhibit at the Engineers open house in the spring. FIRST RUYY: .Xrtie xYllSlllJl1I'Il. Larrv Prater. Toni lilnex, Iiin flreenstone. Patil lluhhle. Richard hYood. Bill Harrison. 'Sill- UND ROWV: Silver-io liarroqueiro. George Lovelace. Doug Alpha Phi Omega Require Alpha Phi Omega is a I121fi0Il2ll service fraternity decli- cated to the service of tl1e student body and faculty. to youth and connnunity. to members ol tl1e fraternity, and to tl1e nation as participating citizens. Present officers are Jim Greenstone, president: Paul lluhble. vice-presidentg Toni lihrey. secretary, Zllltl Dr. Arthur Bernhart, faculty sponsor. fillllllillglllllll. Larry Nlehl. John Kyser. Leslie l'illI'l'Cll. Peter Siegel. s Boy Scout Training There are liour liaundanicntal requirenients lor active lllCIlll7SI'SllipZ first, that the SlllllCIll l1as had previous ex- perie11ce ill the Scout IIIOYCIIICIIII second, that he prove an earnest desire to fCIlClCI' service to others: third. a de- sire to develop leadership. Zlllll fourth, to have satisfac- tory scholastic standing. Members of other campus clubs Hlkly also he active i11 this group. American Institute ei Chemical Engineers Ronald Spencer is president ol' the Ainerican Institute of Chemical Engineers. Other ollicers are Ronald Steel. vice-president: 13011 Waller. secretary: Ken VYoll'e. treas- urer. llllil Dr. R. I.. lluntington, faculty sponsor. The group nieets monthly. The AIChE was founded ill l908, when the science ol' chemical engineering was ill its infancy. The ohjects FlKS'l' KOYY: Stcxe Lainhert. .laines lfiulton. Ronald Spencer. li. ll. illllllilljlgftlll. Dale lhluelilenhrocla. Taxi Kitagawa. SEC- UND RUNV: Lawrence Povse. jerry lloblms. Ray Collins. liddie ol' the i11stitute are the advancelnent of chemical engi- IlCCI'iI1g ill theory and practice llllll tl1e niaintcnance of a high professional standard among its 1llCIIlllCI'S. Student nieinhers. who 1nust he CIlI'0llCil ill CllCIIliC2ll engineering. participate each year ill the Engineers open house. lllltl the student contest pI'0l3lCIl'l sponsored each spri11g by the organization. Kura. .Xristicles Typaldos. lircnt 'l'urnler. THIRD KONY: liichard Hall. Don Waller. Marty Clrosholl. Rohcrl Vaughan. David Kurtz. Ken hholle. FIRST KOIY: L. A. Comp. Browning Smith. D. Martin. T. D. Reed. A. B. Ward. C. YY. Vonllosenberg. P. O. Bouchard. S. A. Najd. SECOND ROYV: M. L. Holconih. Ii. Barrett. 1. B. "Red', Hawkes. E. E. Turshinan. M. H. Zaydan. Tim Flaherty. D. E. Grillin. D. V. M. Spurrier. THIRD ROWV: In titute ot Aero pace L. A. COMP. Faculty Sponsor D. I.. Poindexter. D. P. Haugan. L. L. Mellughes. Adil May- yasi. O. M. Shaahan. Roger Chapman. janies Steele. George YVhite. Erik Lindquist. Jay Montgomery. FOURTH ROYY: .Ierry Holmes. I". Iiracco, A. L. jones, R. L. Shick. T. Pear- son. Il. M. Wvadlow. K. E. Wlhitfill. E. Mosier. cience Hail Comp The Institute of Aerospace Sciences was founded in 1932 in New York City. The purpose of the organiza- tion is to acquaint students in every way possible with the aerospace industry. Officers of IAS are Browning Smith. president. and Charles W. Von Rosenberg. jr., vice-president. Allan VVard served as secretary-treasurer and joe Martin as St. I'at's representative. Since this is the last appearance of the IAS as a sepa- rate entity, the students would like to recognize a man who has devoted so much ol' his time to the student chapter of IAS. IIe is Professor L. A. Comp. faculty ad- visor to IAS. Professor Comp has been teaching for 32 years and has been faculty advisor to IAS for 15 years. IIe achieved nationwide recognition as president ol' Tau Omega. He was national president of Sigma Cannna Tau. national honorary aerospace engineering fraternity. Not only is he a recognized leader and a devoted educa- tor but he is also a Iine gentleman. For this reason and on hehalf of all the aerospace students who have at- tended or are attending OU the club expresses appreci- ation to Professor L. A. Comp. l"lIlS'l' RUIY: C. 'I'. Almquist. Bruce Armour. joe Iiates. Max Iieaslcv. Charles E. Ilarp. SECOND ROVV: Robin Ii, Knox. Carl I". IYCIIIL 'I'homas C. Walker. Jack McCurdy. Fred Car- AIEE, IRE Organizations january 1963. the two separate organizations of the Institute of Radio Engineers and the American Institute of Iilectrical Engineers merged into one organization. .-Xt UU. the two groups have likewise merged their activ- ities and records into the new organization. the Institute of Iilectrical and Electronic Engineers. Officers are -Ioe Bates. president: Bruce Armour. vice- wood. TIIIRD ROVV: Paul Ilinricks. YY. C. Metcalfe. David Campbell. M. Donald Siegel. .Nrlin liill Ilam. .lon II. Horwedel. Cary Liles. Consolidate as IEEE presidentg Jim Sanders and Max Beasley. secretaries: Bennet Andrews. treasurer. and C. 'If Almquist and Charles Harp. faculty sponsors. To disseminate knowledge of all phases of electrical engineering both in theory and practice. and to further the professional development of the student is the chief aim of the organization. American Rocket Society to Merge with IAS Anv student interested in rockets and who is major- ing in science or engineering is eligible to become a member of the .-Xmerican Rocket societv. The American Rocket society and the Institute of .Xerospace Sciences. the two aerospace professional soci- eties. are merging during 1963 into the American Insti- tute of .-Xeronautics and Astronautics. The local chap- FIRST RUIY: T. Flaherty. Red Hawkes. Roger Chapman. IC. IJ. Critlin. IS. tl. Harris. SECOND RUWY: S. A. Najd. Browning Smith. A. II. VVard. A. I.. Jones. IJ. Montgomery. ters set a precedent this year by merging locally and holding joint meetings. prior to nationwide approval of the merger bv members. B. Harris is faculty sponsor of the group with Browning L. Smith. presidentg Charles EY. Von Rosen- berg. -Ir.. vice-president. and Jack Pearson. secretary- treasurer. The group meets monthly. THIRD ROIY: F. Iiracco. D. I.. Poindexter. R. IC. Evans, Robert Howard. T. Pearson. C. IV. VonRosenberg. FRONT ROYY: lzzat Feicli, Mrs. Alvin Turner, Mrs. John Harris, Sherril D. Christian, Mrs. Dee Christian, Gene Russell Farouk Husseini, Mahfouz R. Ralidi, Jacque Hill, Leslie Hus- seini, Glenda G. Martin, Roger L. Corkins, Bill Flexner. SECOND ROW: Teresita Febles, Nabila Said Shawly, Ung So, Ayad Al-Salman, Nada Y. Shaahan. Frances Salle, Khazal Al- Jassim. Sam Najd, Carolyn Niblett. Phyllis Stringer, Kaye Hug- gins. THIRD ROVV: Roberto Febles, Abdul Aziz Shawly. Yong Hwan Chung, Mir Yousufuddin, Othman M. Shaaban, Adil M. Mayyasi, Silverio A. Barroquerio, Mulcund M. Desai. Barbara Posey, Muwaffak C. Challah, Ali Amiri. FOURTH ROVV: Bill VVinans, jr., Benjamin Duna, Jack Murphy, Safdar Waliullah, P. Ablchandanii, Hermann Haupt, Michael Mc- Kee, Podditur N. Reddy, Bob West, Dushyantraj Arab, Nicola Firzli, Vishnu Saksena, Anne Lynch, Rozanne Hardesty, Isam R. jamjoom, Leslie Hobson, Juanita Anderson, Abdul Hakim Al-Rawi. International Club Feature Annual Banquet The OU president tback row, centerl annually meets with representatives from the International club to discuss American- foreign student relations. Members of the International club are young men and women from all over the world, representing countries in the Near East, Far East, Europe, the Americas and Africa. The club's primary purpose is to provide op- portunities for the students to cooperate and understand the people of all nations. A highlight of the year is the annual banquet of na- tions each May which features dishes from different countries of the world. Other activities of the group include a Christmas dance and International costume ball, and picnics held each semester. Olficers are Farouk Husseini of Jerusalem, presidentg Jacque Hill, vice-president, Amalia Fast, secretary, Roger Corkins, treasurer, and Sami Jejjo, chairman of the newsletter committee. Dr. Sherril Christian is the faculty sponsor of the group. Regular meetings are held weekly in the Cate Center lounge or the Union. Each meeting consists of an out- standing speaker, the best of entertainment, refreshments and dancing. Membership is open to anyone interested in the club who wishes to further mutual understanding between students here and over the world. FIRST ROYY: Orville Hoksch, Merl Hysingger. l.inard Baron, Laurence Mansur, D. B. Turkington, Roy Zuniwalt, Robert Shelton. Ronald Holmes. Phillip IYhitney. Neil Iiickel. Charles Wlray. SECOND ROYV: Cecil Compton, llill lilake, Ellis Sims. Ricardo Rain, .Iinnny Haws, John llolub. Iiill Swan, Richard Pedersen, NYilliam McCoy, Rod Mays, Harold Bone. TIIIRD ROYV: ,loc Rios. Angel Vezazquez, Steven Taylor, liugene Dawson. .lim Mills, Mike Mathias, Timothy Lam, Jimmie Walker, Clary lYilson. ,lack Evans, Edward Jeter, .linnm Mullins. American Society oi Mechanical Engineers The national organization ol' the American Society of Mechanical Engineers was founded in 1880 at OU. Student membership enables a student to begin his professional development and to build important social and professional contacts at an early date. Current oflicers for the year are Ronald Holmes, chairman, Laurence Mansur, vice-chairmang .lim Mul- lins, secretary, Neil Mike Bickel, treasurer, and Bill Blake, St. Patis representative. D. B. Turkington spon- sors the group. Activities of the group include preparing projects for the Engineering open house, regional student confer- ences and field trips taken to nearby industrial plants and commercial installations. Arab Club Holds Miss Seheherazade Contest Ofhcers of the Arab club are Izzat Feidi, president, Samir Shehab, vice-presidentg Isam jamjoom and Adel Koth, secretaries, Abdullah Chikin, treasurer, and Adel Mayyasi, newsletter editor. Dr. john Paul Duncan served faculty sponsor of the group. The Arab club, established in 1954, welcomes among its members all Arab students at the University. Others FIRST RONV: Yakub Lama, Sami jejjo. Harith Mahmoud, Shehab Samir, Mahfouz Rafidi, Adil Mayyasi, Maurice Kharma, Mahmoud Zaydan. SECOND ROW: Abdallah Chekiri, Isam jainjoom, Izzat Fcidi, Paul Duncan, Nicola Firzli, Frank Rah- hal, Mrs. S. A. Rahhal, Husscini Farouk, Leslie Ilusseini. THIRD ROWI: Sondra Sleizer, Nada Shaaban, Nadila Shawly, Elizabeth Iieausangx, Lorene Schrader. Carolyn Nihlett. Lois may join as aIIiliated members. They seek to promote a better understanding between Arabs and Americans, and support independence, lib- erty, unity and economic and social justice for all Arab states. Activities of the club include the Miss Scheherazade queen contest and dance and the annual banquet. Katz, Frances Salle, Frone Lehmann, Speer Fasheh. FOURTH ROW: Yunis llijazi, Othrnan Shaaban, Abdul Shawly, Ibrahim Al-Momar, Salim Mushtaq, Muwaffak Challah, jack Cliorayelx, George Mushahwar, Portia Claro. FIFTH ROW: Abdul Al- Rawi, Mike Lauderdale. Sam Najd, Alfred Rahhal, Mohannned Turk, Ahmed Taha, Michael Dallal, Assad Shorrosh, .lack Khashou. FIRST ROWV: Mostefa Moini. Hooshang Sepanloo. Keivan Hezarkhani, Alex Karther, Paulette Anggelino, lraj Faiz, Deb- orah Iiarker, Janet King, Ceorge Vermillion. ,lane Roll, Tony Rose, Ali Amiri. SECOND ROVY: Mrs. M. Mohageri. Shari Anderson. Susan Morris. Marie Koutalii. Carlene Remuncl, Simine Amiri. Amalia Fast. I.eili Baclii. Rakhshandeh Sattari. Safie Ralizadeh. Dianne Barker. Linda Cooley. Athanee Barker. THIRD ROVV: janet Boles. Faramarz Moussavi-Saeedi, Alice Coleman, Mahmoud Hemassi, Ali Zamani. Amir Alemi, Alxlol- hossein-Iiahar. Nabizadeh Alireza. Mrs. Frank Cole. Frank Cole, Hossein Nouri. Mohammad Dorrani, jivat Abichandani, Iradj- Atlli. Nasser Akhavan, Keyvan Shambayati, Marsha Klaflke. FOURTH KOIY: Mollarnad Hadian. Manoncher Mohageri, Hadian Ali. Bijan-Esfantliari. Mohannned Koutalli. Henrik Ver- tani. Iradj-Yektashenas. Dave Torrence. Bahmau Iiatlii. Feridon- Shahbaznia. Reza Seyetloleslarni. Ahmad Irani. Mohammed Esfahani. Mansoor Safaiyeli, Ginger Allen, Mallritte Kharma. Iranian tudents Soeiet Issues New letter One of the projects of the Iranian Students society is the spon- soring of a class Ill the Persian language open to all students. Principal activities of the Iranian Students society in- clude the Iranian art exhibition, Iranian New Yearls banquet and dance and the faculty tea party. The society was founded on the OU campus in 1958. These Iranian students are concerned with presenting cultural and social activities for development of a better understanding between people of Iran and the U.S. Membership requires personal interest in the societyls programs and payment of semester dues. Students from Iran take an active part in other campus activities and find themselves generally intrigued with the American campus life at the University of Oklahoma. Ofhcers of the group are Mostafa Moini ol' Arak, pres- iclentg Ali Amiri of Teheran. vice-presidentg Homa Amiri ol' Abadan. secretary, and F. Metghalchi of Resht, treasurer. Professor Frank Cole sponsors the group. Bi-monthly meetings are held followed by refresh- ments antl social dancing. Current projects include the publication ol' the news- letter, flrimlg and the sponsorship of two Persian lan- guage classes. one beginning and one advanced. FIRST ROVV: Mary Wloodward, Rose Marie Vlfeber, Barbara Dees. Judy Wladdle. Linda Lasseter, Margaret Greve, Sandra Davis. Marilyn Turner, Mariella Meyer. SECOND ROW: William Doty. John Gommengenger, Tim Larason. jackson Kinnebrew, Carroll York, Dr. Charles Daily, Lewis Bond, jr., l Dr. James Murphy. THIRD ROW: Dr. Raymond White. Prof. Tannell Shadid, Roger Troub, Jay Maxwell, Robert Brid- well, james Joyner, Don Nicholson, Donald Lawrence. lVayne Garrison. Prof. William McGrew, Don Clark. Dr. William Keown. NOT PICTURED: Donald VVhite, William Adden. Beta Gamma Sigma lnitiates Business Majors Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma, national honor- ary scholastic society of business administration, is open to graduate and undergraduate scholars who fulfill the scholarship demands of the organization. Election to the society is restricted to juniors in the upper three per cent and seniors in the upper ten per cent of their respective classes. Beta Gamma Sigma was organized in 1907 at the University of Wisconsin. The local chapter, Oklahoma Alpha, was established in 1933. Dr. James M. Murphy is president of the group. Other officers include Dr. Raymond R. White, secretary, and Professor William C. McGrew, treasurer. The or- ganization holds an initiation and banquet annually. Delta Phi Delta Presents Sidewalk Art Show Junior and senior students who have been recom- mended by the faculty with a 2.7 over-all grade average and a 3.0 average in the art school are eligible for mem- bership in Delta Phi Delta, national art fraternity. Presiding officers are Neal Taylor, president, Dawn Dobbins, vice-president, Shirley Wagoner, secretary, Jean Moyer, treasurer, Kay Minto, corresponding secre- FIRST RONV: Kay Minto, Dawn Dobbins, Shirley VVagoner, Clydene Boehs, ,lean Moyer, Gloria Hollahan, Judith McEvoy. tary, and R. W. Tomberlin, faculty sponsor. An annual Mother's day art exhibit, a student art auc- tion aud a sidewalk show and sale in the spring are activities sponsored by the Omega chapter at OU. A Christmas party, a spring banquet and a spring sketch trip are some of the social events the organization lists on their calendar. SECOND ROW: R. VV. Tornberlin, Charles Swimley, Michael Dymond, Charles Ny, Sam Gray, Neal Taylor, Dale Robison. ll , nl l i AmAW S W1 ,I fy' lik ,. : 5 -5 . vw ' ce Q53 f ii f N i 7 L XL 4 5 fag 35 -Q 1' 3 u-.P - ., s .ff 1, - f 1 V V 3 as I . , c' 7 R A is gl I ' 4, i - ii i it '::"' la it A. , fi i 1 l " A ' - . ' . i ,, Q it . . . axis... , A A " 4 , c . ft H A., .- 9 FIRST RUYV: jerry Forhus. Terry Iliff. joel Holloway. Rudy Connolly. Cecil Motley. Don Murray. THIRD RUXY: Richard Ramsey. John Thomas. Dr. Percy Buchanan. SECOND ROYY: Wilkes. Travis Albin. Leslie Edwards. Stan Svvimlcy. Fred Jung. liill U'Neil. Cuv Huntley. YY. Dull. Clayton Crider. Dermot Steve Halper. Mike Love. Judo Club Practice Ancient Art cl Far Ea t Two members of the .Indo club take their turn to demonstrate technique at one of the Judo club's workout meetings. The Judo club was organized in the spring of 1954 at the University of Oklahoma for the purpose of pro- viding the opportunity for instruction in and practice of the sport of judo. Present oflicers of the Judo club are Joel Holloway, presidentg Terry Ilill, vice-presidentg Rudy Ramsey, sec- retary-treasurer, and Mike Love, press secretary. Dr. Percy Buchanan sponsors the organization. To be a member of the Judo club has only one quali- fication and that is interest in the sport. Some of the varied activities of the group include participating in several meets with other judo clubs and hosting an area-wide tournament which is participated in by people from up to ten states. On the social side, the club has an annual party but activities are limited mainly to workouts and contests. Staged demonstrations of the sport have been seen in Meacham auditorium and basketball hall'-time shows. The club meets three times a week at which time guest instructors who are well known in Judo circles. lihns of techniques and contests featuring outstanding judo names are featured. H. , 'ff' A 'i 5 "" if .,- FIRST ROIV: Nada Shaaban, Linda Hyde, Flora Wagner, Helen High, Jo Ann Singledy, Erma Keeley, Betty Kay Sneed, Beverly Sullaway. Jeana Lynn. SECOND RONV: Jo Burleson, Glenda Ellis, Sandra Hought, Janice VVeblJ, Anna Zumwalt, Carroll Orvis, Margaret E. NVright, Ellen Kilcrease, Carolyn Craska, Carroll Pokorny. THIRD ROW: Holly Montgomery, Geraldine Fickel, Jann Wilson, Mary Shelfert, Donna Garrison. Sue Merrit, Chris Wloessner, Berden New, Elaine Alexander, Barbara Stouder, Karen Johnson. Engine Wives Club Grants Special PHT Degree To meet other engineering student wives and to ex- change ideas and hobbies with each other is the chief aim and purpose of the Engine Wives club. The only qualihcation for membership in the club is to be a wife of a student in the College of Engineering or an engineering student in the University college. Some of the activities of the club include a style show, Eta Epsilon Develops Eta Epsilon is a national organization for girls in the field of home economics. The group's programs strive to develop skills and in- crease knowledge, widen cultural interests, develop pro- fessional attitudes and abilities and give the members a role in creating understanding among people. Eta Epsilon otlicers are Carolyn Sutton, president, FIRST ROW: Mary Goodwyn, Emma Cathey, Shirley Olive, Carolyn Sutton, Judy Murrell, Sally Washburn, Janita John, Mrs. Ruth Snoddy. SECOND ROW: Rosemary Shipe, Judy Mills, Shirley Randol, Marianna Wilke, Mary Lou Huff, Jane selling at the Engineers open house, and in January and May a special graduation for all wives of graduating engineers who receive their PHT tPut Hubby Throughj . Current officers are JoAnn Singley, president, Betty Sneed, vice-president, Janice Webb, secretary, Jenna Lynn, treasurer, and Mrs. Joe Keeley and Mrs. Michael High sponsor the group. Professional Attitudes Kay Smith, vice-president, Judy Murrell, secretary, Jane VVeston, treasurer, Sally Washburn, publicity, and Jane Graves, projects. Mrs. Ruth Snoddy and Mrs. Jannie Clark are the faculty sponsors. Regular meetings bring such topics as "Dating in My Countryi' which was given by three different OU foreign students, M. Basu, John Ombetti and Grace Nao. Graves, Stephanie Specht. THIRD ROW: Velta Garrett, Janice Isaac, Virginia Thornton, Mary Kersey, Stephanie Stevenson, Jane Weston, Sally Streeter, - raiesafq a f - Q , 5 Q ,M - EWU' A' FIRST KOVV: Carol Byrd, Karen Cullen, Gail B. de Stwoliu- ski, Dora McFarland, Janet Clark, Sissy Phillips. SECOND liflltltill. Betty Pond. THIRD RUWV: Nan Crawford, -Indy Prescott. Mary Sue Thornpsou. Cynthia Curtis. Mary xxllll Bulla. ROYY: Virginia Self, Letitia Johnston. Kose Marie lYebe1', Juli Lynn l.ivingston. NOT l'lfI'l'l'RED: Dorothy Fritz. I Allin. Sherry Turner, Charlotte Weeks. laula I'lll2llC'S. -Indy ortar Board Pay Honor to Women oholar Mortar Board oflicers for 1952-53 are Karen Cullen, presidentg Mary Sue Thompson, vice-presidentg Char- lotte Jones VVeeks, secretary, and Cynthia Curtis, treas- urer. Mortar Board is a national ho11or society for senior women. Its IIICIIIDCIS are elected by l1IlHIllIIl0llS vote ol' the active chapter from junior YVUIIICII who have been outstanding i11 scholarship, leadership Ltlld service to the Univcrsity. The formal tapping CCICIIIOIIY is held i11 the spring, with tl1e Mortar Board 1'IlCIIllJCI'S attired i11 tradi- lltllllll black caps and gowns. To he tapped by Mortar Board is o11e of the highest honors a XVOIIIHII can receive 011 the OU campus, it is a recognition of superior schol- arship Zllld participation Zlllll leadership. The purpose of Mortar Board is to promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of service Zlllll fellowship among University women, to Ihlllllllllllll a high standard ol' scholarship, to recognize Zillll encourage leadership, a11d to sti111ulate a11d develop a finer type of college XVOIIIZIII through scholarship and leadership activities. Owl and Triangle. the University of Uklahomais chapter, is OIIC of 107 i11 the national organization. National Mortar Board was formed in 1918, llllfl Owl and Triangle was granted a charter ill 1925. Among Mortar Board's activities is the annual Mortar Board walk-out, which is held ill the fall prior to the Association of VVomen Students' Orientation progran1. At. this time the members and sponsors of Mortar Board are introduced, the ICII outstanding freshman women are presented, the scholarship awards to the organized houses on campus are LlIlI1OllIlCCCl for the preceding semester and the Top Freshman Wo111an is announced. The recipient of the award this year was Marti Vargas, of Oklahoma City. In the spring Mortar Board gives the "Smarty Partyv honoring those women who have 111ade grades of "B or better" for the preceding semester. .Xt this ti111e scholar- ship scrolls are presented to the te11 sophomores making the highest grades, the house awards for the fall semester are IIlLlClC, llllll the IllC'IIlllCI'S of Alpha Lambda Delta a11d Phi Beta Kappa are introduced. A current project is tl1e compiling of inllormation concerning graduate scholarships lllltl making it available to st11de11ts. Cail deStowlinski. Dora McFarland, Dorothy Fritz, and Dorothy 'llruex served as sponsors of tl1e group. Howe. Alson Woodward. Darrell VYhitten. Robin Knox. SE I- UND RUYY: Glenn Coleman. Tom Roberts. Gary Liles. NY. CI. FIRST KOVY: T. ll. Puckett. li. VV. Seago. Arlin Lee. M. l.. Metcalf. D. R. Yvilliams. M. U. Miller. Gerald Tuma. ll. U. C P I Rl llll'l'. Eta Kappa Nu Enriches Electrical Engineers The Beta Xi chapter of Eta Kappa Nu seeks to pro- mote a higher scholastic standing and desire for greater knowledge in the studies prescribed in the electrical engineering school of the University of Oklahoma. The organization was founded at the University of Illinois in 1904. Membership requires a junior to be in the upper quarter of his class and a senior in the upper third. Both juniors and seniors must have completed at least 8 hours of EE with a 3.0 grade average. The resi- dence requirement is two semesters at OU. Current officers are Michael Ilowe. president: Glen Coleman. vice-president: Cary Liles. secretaryg Ed Kor- alcyzk. treasurer. and Dr. Tom Puckett. sponsor. Regu- lar meetings occur weekly and luncheons monthly. Enture Journalists oi America Reports Goal Ronald Smith is president of the group. Future jour- nalists of America. Other officers include Victor Rob- erts, first vice-presidentg Brenn Stilley, second vice-presi- dent: Elizabeth Sullenherger. secretary. and Marilyn Lindsey. treasurer. "More manpower for the journalistic world and more students for journalism at the college level" is the F-IA FIRST ROVV: Prof. john Casey. Jeanie Burgess, Brenn Stilley. Liz Sullenberger, Linda Killian. Carol Robbins. Sharon Velin- sky. SECOND RUVV: George Drake. Betty' Bonilield. Mary- beth Ditternore. Carole Mozes. Mimi Francis. liarlmara Kerley. slogan. The organization was founded on the OU cam- pus in l958. An interest in journalism and its opportu- nities is the basis for membership. The group is spon- sored by .Iohn H. Casey. professor of journalism. Activities include the sale of Bibler cartoon booklets. sponsorship of the state convention of EIA, and a field trip to the Norman 'I'r'1l11.w'r'i1:l. Lynne Morey. THIRD ROVY: llill Sansing. Ernest Alexander, llill Starks. Terry Grimes. Stephen Miller. Turk. Geoffrey Kelly. Q, Q., FIRST ROYY: John Yarrington. Bob Mclfarland. Dr. Philip Nolan. Rob Luke. jerry Gamble. Richard Fogg, David Pugmire. Bob Stevens. SECOND RUWV: Pat Condon. Johnny Jones. Red Hawkes. Ed lfeaver. Paul Young. Robert Ralls. Curt Phil- lips. Jack Stout. THIRD ROYV: Ken Fredgren. Mike Maples, Tom Forney. Toby Kell. Haskell Wiaddle. Don Smith. Ur. George M. Sutton. FOURTH ROW: Bill George. Stan Har- rison. Don Warrick. Steve Lawton. Jack Kinnehrevv. Kent Miller. 0mie1'on Delta Kappa Encourage Leader hip Omicron Delta Kappa, national leadership honor so- ciety for college men. was founded December 3. 1914. at VVashington and Lee university. Lexington. Va.. by fifteen students and faculty leaders. ln the tradition of the idealism and leadership of George Washingtori and Robert E. Lee. the founders formulated the idea that leadership of exceptional quality and versatility in col- lege should be recognized. and representative men in all phases of college life Should cooperate in Worth-while endeavor. and that outstanding students. faculty and ad- ministration members should meet on a basis of mutual interest. understanding and helpfulness. The motives which guided the founders sprang from a desire to bring together in one body for the general good of the institution all leaders in the various forms of college activities. They had the conviction that such an honor society would afford student and faculty leaders abundant opportunities and experiences in cooperative effort for leadership and service in the i11stitutio11 for the maintenance and improvement of the unity and democ- racy of learning and of the art of democratic living. The purpose of the Omicron Delta Kappa society is threefold. First. to recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities and to inspire others to strive for conspicuous attainment along similar lines. second, to bring together the most repre- sentative men in all phases of collegiate life and thus to create an organization which vvill help to mold the senti- ment of the institution on questions of local and inter- collegiate interestg third. to bring together members of the faculty and student body of the institution on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. Membership requires exemplary character. responsible leadership and discriminatory service i11 campus life. superior scholarship. genuine fellowship and consecra- tion to democratic ideals. Present officers of ODK are Rob Luke. president: Jerry Gamble. vice-presidentg Dr. Victor Elconin. secre- tary. and Bob McFarland, treasurer. Monthly meetings provide faculty and administrative 111embers for deliberative discussions of major campus trends. problems and developments. 3 'QE7 FIRST ROYV: Judith Porter, Janita John. Dawn Dobbins. Margo Yvilliarns. Patty Watwood. SECOND HUNT: Mary Montgomery. Gayle NYCICIICT. Susie Boyette. .ludy Keys. Carolyn Gamma Alpha Chi Specia Gamma Alpha Chi is a national organization for women interested in advertising. The organization pro- motes interest in advertising and unites girls in various phases of advertising so that they might become aware of the field as a whole and its available opportunities for their future careers. Any woman student who is interested in some area of Industrial Arts Club To be eligible for membership in the Industrial Arts club requires members to be classed as active and hon- orary and are required to subscribe to the rules of the chapter. Also all students enrolled in industrial courses under the college of engineering may become members upon payment of dues. The club assumes and maintains an active leadership FIRST ROVV: Williarrl Grillin, Carrel Bowman, Robert Keck, Robert Bright. SECOND RUVV: John Holasek, Frank Blakely. L. E. Dietrick, L. Dean McClellan, Lowell Jackson. THIRD Uph Linda Potter. Andrea Mayo. Peggy Durham. Judy Jageler. lizes in Advertising advertising, recommended by the faculty sponsor, in- tending to specialize in the profession and with a 2.5 average is eligible for membership. Officers of the group are Dawn Dobbins. presidentg Susie Powell and Nancy Knapp. vice-presidentsg Patty Wlatvvood, secretary. and Margo VVilliams. treasurer. Mary Helen Montgomery sponsors the group. olds Active Program in industrial arts and strengthens the state association. They also promote the interests of the field to the stu- dents of industrial arts on campus. Officers of the organization include Dean McClellan, presidentg Bill Carter. vice-president, and John Holasek, secretary. Faculty sponsor of the group is Robert V. Keck, assistant professor of industrial engineering. KUNV: Larry Clapp, Joe Chamberlin, VVilbur Carter, Ray Johnson, john Titus, Robert Ilardin. Pearson. Linda Lee Gray. TIIIRD KOIV: Margret Avithers. Members ol' Pe-et are Jim Nlachen, Red Hawkes. ,lack Kinne- Sam Hallman, john Yarrington, Jack Stout. brew. -lay Maxwell. Don Smith. Bob Nlclfarland. ,lerrv Gamble. Pe-Et Chooses Ten 0ut tanding Fre hman Men Bob lNlcl+'arland. president: Don Crews, one of the ten outsvtand- ing freshmen of 1961-62. and Jack KlllIl6lJI'CXN', vice-president. The highest honor that a senior can can receive is membership into Pe-et, the oldest honor society on the OU campus. The highly select membership is based on scholarship, leadership and service. Pe-et is an Indian word meaning "ten best." At the time of Pe-et's founding in 1910, Oklahoma was the principal home of the American Indian. It was decided that the customs and symbols of Indian life should be perpetuated and exemplihed. ln keeping with this tradition, Pe-et oflicers are Bob McFarland, chiefg Jack Kinnebrew, medicine mang John Yarrington. scribeg Sam llallman, wampum man: and jerry Gamble, pelt. Dr. Earl Sneed. dean of the College of Law. serves as faculty advisor. Each year Pe-et members and the Mystical Seven soci- ety from the University ol' Missouri smoke a peace pipe during hall'-time of the OU-MU game. The winning school retains possession of the pipe for a year. Pe-et also names the outstanding freshman student along with the top ten freshman men students each fell at the societyls annual powwow. Dr. George Cross ap- pears at the powwow to present the awards. FIRST ROW: Honee Holbert, Judith Taylor, Pat Perry, Dorothy Preston, Julie Kalman, Janie McDonald, Kay Haines. SECOND ROVV: Suzanne Hickey, Sandra Mace, Julie VVyatt, Carol Craven. Kathleen Kelley, Marcia Cleary, Mary Myers. THIRD ROIV: Terry Bailey, Judy McManus. Barbara Wick- lnterior Design Club lns To familiarize and acquaint the members of the Inte- rior Design club with new materials and the use of these new and various ideas is the aim of the club. Ollicers of the organization are Pat Perry, president, Julie Kalman, vice-presidentg Honee Holbert, secretaryg Janie McDonald, treasurerg Kay Haines, program chair- man, and Judy Taylor, publicity. ness, Cindi WVickstrom, Barbara Merrill, Bobbye VanHorn, Shirley Scott, Barbara Hutton. FOURTH ROVV: Jeanie Geyer, Ann VVilliams, Kathleen Schoenhals, Carol Duley, Joan Lyckberg, Ann Abernathy. FIFTH ROVV: Ann Ellington, Karren Barton, Pam Trout, Mary Stitt. peots New Materials Dorothy Preston is faculty sponsor. To be eligible for membership in the club requires that a student must be enrolled in the Interior Design course. Meetings take place in the Home Economics lounge the last Thursday of each month at which time a variety of speakers, slide programs and discussion pe- riods are scheduled. Refreshments follow the program. lota Epsilon Spotlights Small Enterprises To render all possible service toward the improve- ment and status of independent enterprises and to pro- vide honorary recognition for work in the field are the principal aims of Iota Epsilon. Among its special events are meetings with independent business and professional men, sponsoring small business projects and cooperating with the national council on Small Business Manage- FIRST ROIV: VVilliam Davis, Jolm Adams, John Buckley. Dr. Pearce Kelley. Salem Geller, Carole Kirkland, Gayle Welcher, Judith Davis. SECOND ROVV: John Robinson, Saul Sinder- brand, Will NVillis, jr., Peter Hendy, Frederick VVarden, jr., ment development on a professional level. The group is open to all interested in small business and in good standing with the University. The year's oHicers include Jim Spencer, president, John Davis, vice-president, Kris Reeves, secretary, Bill Reinhold, alumni secretary, and Jerry Cohen, treasurer. Dr. Pearce C. Kelley sponsors the group. F. B. Jackson, Ill, Tom Cooley. THIRD ROYV: Harold Thomas, Mark Blum, jr., Peter Porter, Bill Butler, Burton VVells, Guy Mason, James Spencer, Jay Pierce, jr. 'WTI FIRST ROYV: Stanley S. Beard, john C. llrannan, jr.. Jim Doughty, David Elmore, Mike Fankhouser, Billy Guy Givens, Dash Golf, Fred Hallman. SECOND ROWV: Glenn Hunter. Gaylord Jones. Phil Kelley, joe Key. Cordon Marcurn. Robert McLeod, Dale Mitchell, Don Montgomery. THIRD ROWV: Byron Rife, Donald Sinex, John J. Sweeney, John Todd, Dennis Wfard, William H. Warreri, james Whisnand, David WVilkes. jimmy H. WVilliamson. Petroleum Landmen's Association tltter Job The University of Oklahoma Association of Petroleum Landmen was formed as a result of the establishment of the petroleum land management curriculum in the fall of 1958. At present, there are two chapters, one being at OU, the other at Texas University. Advancing the profession of landwork in oil explora- tion is part of the goal of the association. They also advocate a thorough and continuing education and up- hold the honor and integrity of the oil industry. To qualify for membership, a student must be enrolled in petroleum land management and have a 2.0 grade aver- age in all upper division courses. The OU group is alfiliated with the parent association in a summer job placement program for students. This program has been successful in placing many OU stu- dents in jobs throughout the country. The group each year presents honorary membership to men who have excelled in the field of the oil industry. A banquet is held near the end of each semester for the students and their guests. The speaker is a noted person from the petroleum land management held. The banquet is followed by a dance. Field trips are made to local drilling rigs each semester to acquaint students with the workings of the oil industry. Officers of the group include Fred H. Hallman, presi- dent, Robert M. McLeod, vice-presidentg Philip M. Kee- ley, secretary, and Dennis Ward, treasurer. William H. McKeown is the faculty sponsor of the group. The Julian Rothbaum award in Petroleum Land Management is awarded at the spring banquet each year to the outstanding senior in the program. Roth- baum, donor of the award, is a landman and a member of the Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma. The landmenls association and major oil companies also provide scholarships for men in the curriculum. The wives of men enrolled in the curriculum have formed an organization which has been active for three years. These ladies meet regularly and have programs about the oil industry, they also assist in planning for the banquet each semester. Through its regular meetings which are held in the Union. the club works to familiarize students with the aspects of landworlt not taught in classes and to foster a spirit of fellowship among its members. FIRST ROW: Karen Whitney, Kaye Teall, juli Allin, jerry Montgomery, Melanie Marshall. F. F. Gaither, Karen Blanton. SECOND ROXY: Patricia Kondonassis, Ann Kernels, Sue Swan- son, Ilelen Casey, Rose Marie Wleber, Diana Uri. THIRD ROWV: Bernard Ertel. Carolyn Jones, Ellen Hughes, ,Ioan Coffman, Margaret Miller, Nancy Petersen, Denny Porterheld. Kappa Delta Pi Emphasizes Teaching Careers The OU chapter of Kappa Delta Pi was organized in 1915, four years after its founding at the University of Illinois. Membership is open to students with junior standing, with a 3.0 grade average and who intend to enter the teaching profession. One goal of the chapter is to promote and recognize interest and achievement in teaching. An initiation and banquet is held every year for new members. They also meet annually with Phi Delta Kappa, otherwise, the group meets monthly. Jerry Montgomery is this year's president, Melanie Marshall, vice-president, juli Allin, secretary, Mary C. Petty, treasurer, and Kaye Teall, historian. F. F. Caither is sponsor of the organization. Lambda Tau Develops Professional Character Field trips to nearby laboratories and schools of med- ical technology, initiation and pledging banquet, start- ing a newsletter to other chapters and a drive for blood donors for Norman Municipal hospital are all activities that occur throughout the year in Lambda Tau. To develop a spirit of unity among students in medi- cal technology is the object of the organization. Mem- FIRST ROW: Pat Keller, Rosellen Anderson, Maxine NVeitz- man, ,Ian Smith, Sharon Cole, .Ioan Foster, Sherry Ann Kime. SECOND ROVV: Lura Solomon, Fallie DeVore, Myrna Kay f xg.: bership requires that the student major in medical tech- nology, laboratory technology or pathology, have a 2.7 grade average and have completed two semesters toward the study of medical laboratory technology. Patricia Keller is presidentg Rosellen Anderson, vice- presidentg Sharon Cole, secretary, Anita DiCiacomo, treasurer, and Dr. Clufl E. Hopla, sponsor. Lowry, Judy Smith, ,Ianetta Shissler, Jayne Smith, Martha Brown. Clulf E. Hopla. 1 -get-As g z FIRST ROYY: Lloyd Lenville. Mike llewitt. jamie Clough. Aloe Blake. Don Crews, 'lerry Wvarren. Ralph Thurman. Charles Coulston. Kirk Monfort, Harold llullalow. SECOND RUYY: Bill Dutcher, Stan Shields, Mike Plunkett. Fernando Antezana, Bob llewes, -lack Richards, Preston Bagley. Alvin Leonard. Mike Howard. Roger fllapp. George Forsythe. Lawrence Ko- zoyed. Calvin Kilgore. THIRD RUYY: Doug Yerdonck. tier- altl Starr. Richard Ruth, Michael Haskins. Larry Frederick, C. Williams, Kent Hatley. l.arry Dawson. Randall Jackson, Richard Stern. .lack Shannon. Gerald Butler, -lack Martin. FUITRTH RONV: Jerome Dilling, Barry Dickenson, john Flemming. James Haley. William liumgarner. Charles Mathews. Roy St. John. Roy Chaney. john Benson, Tim Traynor, Joel Elliott. Cary VanNleter. Joe Eder. Bill Payne. Phi Eta igma time Top Fre hman cholar In 1927, the fourth chapter of Phi Eta Sigma was or- ganized at the University of Oklahoma to recognize freshmen men for high standards of scholastic achieve- ment. Founded nationally at the University of Illinois on May 22. 1923, by Dean Thomas Arkle Clark, Dean K. C. Babcock and Dean C. M. Thompson of the col- leges of commerce and business sciences. There are now l I7 chapters of the organization. Serving the group as officers are Lloyd Linville, presi- dent: Mike lfewitt. vice-president: joe Blake, secretary: Jamie Cough, treasurer: Don Crews, historian. and Dr. Paul Kuggiers, faculty sponsor. Two initiations are held per year in Phi Eta Sigma. The spring initiation is for those freshmen who made a 3.5 overall or better their first semester. The fall initi- ation is for those freshmen who did not make a 3.5 their first semester, but were able to make an overall average for the year of 3.5. The initiations consist of traditional ceremonies and a banquet for the new mem- bers. their parents and their guests. The idea which led to the promotion of such an or- ganization was thal of providing suitable recognition for academically outstanding freshmen. The benefits de- rived from Phi Eta Sigma are many more than those found in recognition for high scholarship. The organi- zation not only encourages freshman men to meet the qualifications for membership, but continues to empha- size the maintenance of scholarship throughout their college careers. It may be stated, however. that many freshmen have accomplished more by way of scholarship in their freshman year because of the incentive to be- come members of the organization. In addition to business meetings which are held monthly and special projects. social activities are sched- uled from time to time and frequently include sponsor- ship ol' an event together with other scholastic societies on campus, such as .Xlpha Lambda Delta. .X special project of the local group for several years has been the distribution of the pamphlet "Hints on llow to Study." These are handed out at the annual .NYS activities festival and at freshman orientation. Biennial national conventions are held. at which time ollicial delegates from all chapters present accomplish- ments and problems. FIRST ROVV: Dennis Crites, Iiill Hawkins, Kris Reeves, Dave VVhittaker, Carole Kirkland, Torn Shelhimer. SECOND ROVV: Harry Simpson, Tommy Reams, Don Warrick, Beth Branyan, Marketing Club Fosters The purposes of the student Marketing Club are to stimulate interest and encourage scholarship of students in marketing and the development of professional inter- est and to foster scientihc study and research in the field of marketing. Anyone with a demonstrated interest in the field of marketing can belong to the club. which regularly meets Burt VVells, Bob Fricke. THIRD ROVV: Roger. Hembree, Iiruce Edwards. Harold Thomas, john Robinson, .Inn Cooper, Orville Chancellor. Scientific Research evenings for coffee and informal discussion. Sales and distribution campaigns, field trips, scholar- ship awards and social events are part of the active pro- gram of the Marketing club. Officers are David Whittaker, president, Carole Kirk- land, vice-president, Kris Reeves, secretary, Presley Berryhill, treasurer, and Dennis M. Crites, sponsor. Oikonomia Cookie Sale Provides Scholarship To encourage young women to establish a working interest in home economics and to develop and main- tain a sense of responsibility for its advancement is the purpose of Oikonomia. Miss Frances Seeds is faculty sponsor of the group, which requires that members are home economics IHZ1- jors, second semester sophomores, maintain a "Bw aver- age in all home economics courses and show an interest FIRST ROWV: Pat Perry, Honee Holhert. Frances Seeds, Prudy johnson, Susan Bush, Judy Murrell. SECOND ROWV: Lynda Ilarris, julie Kalman, Sheila Rogul, Carol Craven, Kathy Kelley, Emma Cathey, ,Ianita John. THIRD RONV: Stephanie Specht, Kay Haines, Linda VVheeler. Sue Moore, Carolyn Sut- in the field of home economics. Meetings were held monthly with special guest speakers. Annual activities are a cookie sale to raise money for scholarships, a Christmas basket and party, and the awarding of the outstanding senior in home economics. Prudy johnson is president. Other officers are Honee Holbert, vice-presidentg Pat Perry, secretary, Susan Bush, treasurer, and Judy Murrell, membership. ton, Joan Kershaw, Janice Tallant. FOURTH ROWV: ,Iulie W'yatt, Susan Hamby, ,lane VVeston, Bobbye Van Horn. FIFTH ROVV: Martha Ulhen, Marilyn Hullender, joy Engle, Virginia Thornton. Reginia Turrenline. F7 FIRST ROVV: Penny Isom. Sharon Clark. Margaret McCon- nell, Kathy Curnutte, jo Ann Allen, Linda Lunn. Niki Meek. Linda Cole. Sharon Maynard, Linda Lee Fair. SECOND ROIV: ,lanie Blome. Quinton Ditmore. James Gilbert. Ronnie Carey. Cecelia 1Villis. Marilyn Todd. Cathy Callahan. Mary Roberts. .lane England. Sandra Farmer, Cheryl Royston. Janie Porter. THIRD RUWY: jerry Hill, Cathey Hangs. Ruth Ann Fisher. Linda MeQuillen, Patti Marshall, Neal Clary, IVade L. Knight. Paul Blalock. Larry Prater. Bill Chavez. Danny Kepner, Keron Kirke Kickingbird, Jack Farrier. I-'OFRTH RUIY: Neal Gay. Ilrenn Stilley, Mike Robinson. Bill Roe. Bill VVilkin- son. Joe McMillin. W'arren Kuehuer, Ilurgess Shriver, Grayson Van Horn. Pete Dosser. Bill Swan. R. N. Dunagan. Larry Hecksler. FIFTH ROIY: Jim Lamb. Mike Vaught. Ilill Mood- ward. Kurt Fankhouser. Jimmy Broadhurst. Ronny Pyle. Gerald Sanders. Ilill McGrew. Mike Hively. Mike Ritz. Clarence Cagle. Rockie Smith. Bill Markwardt. Pre ident' Leader hip Award Program The Presidentls Leadership Award program, which was initiated by President George L. Cross in 1961, has a twofold purpose: to salute a select group of high school seniors for their outstanding accomplishments and to provide scholarships and intensive training in leadership for those winners who choose to attend the University of Oklahoma at Norman. Each recipient is awarded a handsome citation, a cer- tificate of merit which attests to his leadership capabili- ties during high school. Each winner who wishes to enroll in the leadership training course as a member of the President's Leadership class at the University of Oklahoma is presented a Lew Wentz Service scholarship of at least 3250. Students with need may receive schol- arships in varying amounts to a maximum of 3500. During the first two years on the UU campus. the unique program has proved highly successful. Members of the first two classes were from a total of 71 Oklahoma high schools. The 57 members of the 1961 class and 64 members of the 1962 class proved their leadership potential in many ways. including list- ing on the University Honor Roll and election to class and house oflices. Two men and three women in the 1961 class were among the 20 outstanding freshmen and one class member received the Cross Center Citizen- ship award. Members have accepted numerous special assignments from the President's ollice, including serving as hosts at UU functions. The members of the 1961 and 1962 classes attended a 12-week series of seminars conducted by key administra- tors. professors and student leaders who spoke on all phases ol' University activity and encouraged the class members to develop their varied talents. During both years, participants found the leadership training so valuable and interesting that at their request the seminars were continued during the spring semesters. In addition. members of the 1961 class volunteered to assist University administrators in presenting a six-week orientation program for all freshmen during the 1962 fall semester. The seminars and the freshman program will be continued during the 1963-64 school year and a new group of high school winners will be announced. FIRST ROW: Judy Taylor, Liz Maggi, Carol Rose Smith, Mary Ann Dewberry, Judith Dyser, Freda Price, Valerie Day. SECOND ROW: Eleanor Taylor, Jackie Maze, Adeline Kloeck- ler, H. Pamintuan, Margaret Stover, Lydia Margot Tate, Sally tlklahoma State Student The Oklahoma State Student Nurses' association was organized to stimulate interest in nursing and to pro- mote unity and fellowship through educational meetings, service projects and social activities. Serving as officers are Adeline Kloeckler, president, Judy Taylor, vice-president, Jackie Maze, secretary, Liz Maggi, corresponding secretary, Carol Smith, treasurer, Jarrett, Gail Spooner, Kary Ann Cantrell, Jan Hursh. TITIIRD ROW: Crayton O. Bolton, Dora Mae Grayson, Nancy Single- ton, Pat McLellan, Darlene Farrar, Ingrid Ellen Fuller, Rudolph E. Ryan. Nurses' Association and Helen Pamintuan, sponsor. All pre-nursing students at the University of Okla- homa are eligible to belong to the Norman district of OSSNA. As a service project, the club gives assistance at the Memorial hospital and Central State hospital. Meetings usually feature speakers and films to inform members about all aspects of the nursing profession. Physical Therapy Club Endorses Fellowship To promote a better understanding and to encourage fellowship among members and all interested persons is the goal of the Physical Therapy club. Anyone interest- ed in physical therapy may become a member. The club members meet each month with students in therapy training at the OU medical school. Many other activities fill the club's calendar, such as a get-acquainted FIRST ROW.: Shirley Zeanah, Dianne Burkhalter, Thelma Pederson, Judith Brauch, Sally Jeter. SECOND ROW: Wilma Draper, Judy Polsky, Georgia Wills, Beverly Ervin, Kathy Ar- picnic, Christmas party, movies and discussion about opportunities in therapy work. Guest speakers telling of their actual experiences in physical therapy also are an important part of the organization's regular meetings. Nancy Deaton was president and Linda Russell was secretary-treasurer of the group, with Thelma Pederson serving as faculty sponsor. mold, Laurene Glen, Denny Fagerberg. THIRD ROW: Mary Grifhn, LeAnn Boeve, Linda Russell, Nancy Deaton, Mary Mead, Luiese Husen, Elizabeth Alspaugh. Suv, 'H FIRST ROVV: Dallas Blaclily, G. David Price, Peter Feldman, ROWV: Jim Kendall. Jinx llyram. Garry Mitchelmore. Leroy Mike Mclfarville, Larry H. Phipps. C. Joe Holland. SECOND Jackson, Toni Johnston. Terry Barber, Jim Mayo. igma Delta Chi tresses Journali in Ideal Pete Feldman. Dennis lliliittlesey and Terry Barber are Sigma Delta Clnis who have been stall members on the student newspaper. Oklalmnm Daily. this year. Members of the OU student chapter of Sigma Delta Chi, professional journalism fraternity, are men who have been invited by the society and who are interested in the field and plan to enter news journalism. An annual activity of Sigma Delta Chi is sponsoring the Soonergram of student greetings to the OU football team before the Texas game at Dallas. Throughout the year members meet with the profes- sional chapter in Oklahoma City for a social hour and joint meeting. Monthly meetings of the local chapter provide professional people to speak to the students on timely news topics and offer tips on the operations of communications. Wayne Mackey, head of the Bellmon- for-governor campaign, was oue of the outstanding speakers during the year. The aim of the organization is to better journalism and to work for freedom of the press in order to serve the modern society. Officers of the group are Carry Mitchelmore, presi- dent: Larry Phipps, vice-presidentg Jim Byrani, secretary: LeRoy Jackson, treasurer. and Dr. C. Joe llolland is the faculty sponsor of the organization. FIRST ROVY: Ron Coffelt, C. E. Daugherty. Rick Kingelin, I.. Jack Wall. R. Curtis Phillips. Frank IV. Birnie, jr.. Frank IV. Cole. John A. E. Norden. Harry McLeod. SECOND ROVV: Pi Epsilon Tau Maintain In November, 1947, Pi Epsilon Tau was founded at Oklahoma University to foster a closer bond between its members and the petroleum industry and to recognize petroleum engineering students on a basis of their scho- lastic accomplishments, leadership and sociability. Membership is based on the upper third of the senior class of petroleum engineering or the upper fourth of Pi 0mega Gives Service Ollicers of Pi Omega are listed as Joan Coffman, pres- ident, Bonnie Amerman, vice-president, Carol Schless, recording secretary, July Sims, corresponding secretaryg Carol Roxen, treasurer, Joann Porter, historian, Janice Rogers, public relations director, and Mrs. Earlene Smith, faculty sponsor. Pi Omega has as its purpose service to school, com- munity and humanity through a fellowship of university FIRST ROIV: Jerre Francis, Barbara Borelli, Judy Sims, Mary Evelyn Groves, Bonnie Amerman, Joan Coffman, Carol Shless, Carol Roxen, Janice Rogers, Mary Ann Junk, Mary Beth Pyatt, Betty Schollenbarger. SECOND ROW: Terry Anne Ridley, Pam Ann Martin, Ginger Allen, Colleen Joyce Power, Barbara Shectman. Lynn Havighurst. Rhoda Levin, Dayida Funk, Sue Harvey, Nancy Furr, Dianne Gurley, Pat Turner, Mary Calmes, Hope Hartman. THIRD ROVV: Bette Bruce Burke, Alice VVatkins, Anne Abernathy, Susan Bogle, Linda Ennner, Barbara Fagin, Sandra Ayala, Rozanne Hardesty, Linda Arlene Hauser, Bob Grace. Roger Schoeppel, Riley Needham. Mohammed John Koutahi, IVarren K. Kourt. Charles VanBrunt. Delven Mermis, Mihir B. Roy, Abdus Satter. Francisco Ashford. s Fund for Students the junior class. Honorary and graduate members are also chosen. Yearly activities include field trips, pub- lishing the "OU Knowledge Boxf' maintaining a loan fund for PE students and a banquet each semester. Ofhcers are Curtis Phillips, president, Jack VVall, vice- president, Frank Birnie, secretary, and D. E. Menzie and Frank Cole, sponsors. to Local Community women who are willing to complete ten hours of service to the organization on various projects. Activities include helping with campus elections, cam- pus chest and Dad's Day, visiting the children at the Cerebral Palsy center and sell Christmas trees made by the children, visiting the rest homes and Central State hospital and providing the infirmary with an auxiliary called the "pink angelsf' Lyn Goldfield. Cheryl Aber, Betty Mulligan, Joan Solomon. FOURTH ROVV: Lyla Stegall, Barbara Gene Jennings, Sandra Weber, Alice Marie Brown, Dorothy Frances Brown, Charlene Bidasio, Pat Sayles, Kaye Flood, Margaret Ann Richards, Beth Burleson, Marilyn Moore, Mary Holcomb. FIFTH ROVV: Patricia Harn, Allene King, Nancy Taylor, Gail MacDonald, Kathy Bennett. Kathy Munn, Leigh Maltby, France Ann Mus- sen, Diana Uri, Juanita Anderson, Ann Reisner, Judy Polsky, Marcia Meredith, Daneille Grillin, Sherry Thomas, Kathy Ar- mold, Pamela Jacobson. V FIRST ROWV: Iirucc Armour. A. I.. Dahlvig. IV. A. Swan. R. P. Hunt. VVeldon L. Alexander. Mtmilte Miller. SECOND ROW: II. K. VValker. H. M. Butler. C. T. Almquist. -I. O. Melton. Brandon H. Griffith. M. J. Maples. NV. I.. Cory. H. K. Bone. C. E. Harp. Delven II. Mermis. Darrell IV. Whitten. THIRD ROIV: T. R. Mansur. D. IV. Ifurr. C. C. Pendergraf. T. II. Hedding. R. Shaw. R. XY. Vaughan. T. C. McKee. "Red" Hawkes. R. L. Zbornak, Steve Lambert. Pete Langer. II. L. Forbis. Curtis Phillips. FOURTH ROVV: Melvin Larson. John Butler. VV. A. Hadwiger. Leo janel. Adil Mayyasi. C. IS. Wlray. C. F. I.eBus. III. Milton Torres. Joseph Adamo. A. QI. Kilcrease. Donald Lawrence. Robert Booth. Richard Petticrew, David P. Chaney. FIFTH ROW: E. L. Jeter. QI. R. Long. D. VV. Hardin. C. NV. VonRosenbcrg. J. D. Gibson. D. T. Cunning. E. R. Craslca. Jerry Brasier. Thomas Rrown. Douglas Criflin. Frank Guy. Iiill Hall. S. K. Bradshaw. SIXTH ROIV: Tsy Lam. A. B. Wlard. S. P. Condon. E. P. johnson. K. R. VVolfe. VV. K. Kourt. IN. T. McCoy. L. YV. Freeman. R. C. Greene. C. F. VVebb. J. NV. Bayless. Tom D. Dunham. igma Tau Accentuate Technical Preparation This yearls ofhcers of Sigma Tau are Bill Swan. presi- dentg Alan Dahvig, vice-presidentg Lee Alexander, secre- tary. Larry Mansur. treasurerg T. C. McCoy. pledge trainer. and R. L. Zbornalc. Pyramid correspondent. H. K. Bone is the faculty sponsor. Sigma Tau was founded February 22, 1904, at the University of Nebraska to recognize outstanding scholar- ship and activities in the field of engineering. Mu chapter was installed at the University of Oklahoma May 13. 1916. and is the oldest honorary engineering organiza- tion on the campus. The requirements for membership in Sima Tau are scholarship. practicality and sociability. These require- ments were chosen on the basis that. aside from good health, the three qualities considered by employers as most necessary to a successful career are. Hrst. characterg second. judgment. and third. technical training. Each member of Sigma Tau must rank scholastically in the upper third of their class in the College of Engineering. In addition to these requirements. each prospective member must be unanimously approved by the active members and must have the approval of faculty mem- bers of the College of Engineering. The success of the members of Sigma Tau in the years following its founding have borne witness to the importance of these qualifications in selecting the engi- neers to be honored by membership in the fraternity. The aims of Sigma Tau are to further engineering education by encouraging the students to greater effort and to promote fellowship among the men training for the engineering profession. Mu chapter has planned its program so as to follow these aims. The activities of Sigma Tau include smokers. break- fasts and banquets. The Pymnzirl is the oflicial publica- tion of the fraternity. A special project is the freshman advisory council which attempts to assist freshmen in the College of Engi- neering to plan their curricula and choose a specific field of study. The council strives to aid freshmen in any way to attain the goal of a degree in engineering. Ir1 addition to belonging to and being active in Sigma Tau. most of the members are equally active in one or more other engineering fraternities as well as many ac- tivities on the campus. FIRST ROWY: E. F. Dawson. Jimmy Haws, Kent Miller, Hysinger, Dale Conrad, Neil M. Bickel, Larry Mansur, Yvilliznn Charles VVray, Richard Sinclair, Ceorge Bergquist, Timothy T. McCoy, Jack M. Evans, Firovz Shahrokhi, Bill Cameron. Lain. lblarvin Freeman. SECOND ROVV: Bill bValker, Merl Pi Tau Sigma Members Aspire to Leadership Out of the top 25 per cent scholastically, those who exhibit leadership, personality, trustworthiness, and de- pendability in mechanical engineering are chosen for membership in Pi Tau Sigma. To encourage graduate study, for better student-fac- ulty relations, and to promote the leadership ability of the members of the club are the aims of the organiza- tion, Pi Tau Sigma. Public Health Club Founded at the University of Oklahoma as a means of furthering knowledge in the field of public health, the Public Health club promotes fellowship between students enrolled in the department of Sanitary Science. One of the highlights of this yearas program was a talk on "Quackery77 by Burley VValker, head of the Food and Drug Division of the Oklahoma State Department FIRST ROWV: Sau Plin. Kerniin Sevki Kaptanoglu, Abdul Kazi, ,Iacquelyn Anderson, Ung So, Amir Alenii, Hong Sioe Oey. SECOND ROYV: Alexander Moore, Yakub Lama, Glenn Sullivan, Maxwell Wilcoiiilm, Floyd Galpin, John Lafon, Visi Among the group's activities are luncheon meetings, by-yearly smokers and banquets, and participating in the Engineers open house. E. F. Dawson is sponsor. Oflicers are Richard Sinclair, president, Charles bN'ray, vice-president, Ron Holmes, recording secretaryg Roy Zumwalt, corresponding secretary, and Marvin Free, treasurer. is Local Businesses of Health. Other events included field trips to various institutions and dairies, as well as the annual spring picnic and special Christmas meeting. Floyd Galpin served as president, with Stewart Wei acting as vice-president. ,Iacquelyn Johnson was both secretary and treasurer with Maxwell Wilcomb, Jr., om- ciating as faculty sponsor. Robert N. Thompson, Vee Hsin VVei. THIRD ROW: Dan E. Cuyer, Rogers Barton, Robert L. Smith, Jay Wiedeman, Darrell Canfield, james R. Holmes, jr., Jimmy Cann, Speer I. Fasheh. FIRST ROWV: Norman Smith, L. D. Tilley, Bill Layne, Mike Turner, Joe Brown, Terry W'elch. Carolyn Archer, Diana Kotila, Clynda Turner, Lois Doss, LaNell Caton. SECOND ROYV: John Gorrell, Christine E. Russell. Tom Holland. Robert Chilton, YV. E. Duff. Mattie Lee Culley, Hazel Garrett, Johnnie jones, Eppie Burton, Lena Howell, Elizabeth K. Davis. Edriee Schneeberg. Sondra Sleizer. THIRD ROYV: jay Olson, James Blackwell, Catharine Collum, ,Io Keltner, Katherine VVhitlock. Carmen Coin, Suzan McDaniel Heidebrecht. .Indy Norlin, Marcelle Montgomery. Pauline Hannah. Lila M. Stewart, James E. Wiltsey. FOURTH ROYV: T. C. Newman. joe Braswell. Stan Miller, Gene Wvoodall. Bill Timmons, Dan Bynum, Larry L. Lee, George VV. Cossage, Donald J. Abbott, Mitchell Rowe. Myrtle YYadkins, Robert S. Bridges. ocial ork Club Inve tigate Welfare Field The Oklahoma University Social Work club member- ship is composed of graduate students in the school of social work and others interested in the field of social welfare. The organization is accredited by the National Council of Social VVork Education in the United States and Canada. It is not afliliated nationally, but the club exchanges information and ideas with social work organizations at other colleges and universities. The organization meets once a month in the Union with luncheon meetings and coffee sessions scheduled from time to time throughout the year. Anyone interested in becoming acquainted with social work may attend the meetings. One of the purposes of the organization is to provide opportunities to become more familiar with the profes- sion of social work through programs presented by indi- viduals competent in the field of social work and related professions. Social work is concerned with helping individuals to help themselves and to adjust to their environment. ,Xmong the social activities, the club sponsors an annual Christmas party and a spring picnic in May. Qualified social workers are in demand in such diver- sified fields as medicine, mental health, public health, research, correction, public welfare, family service agen- cies, community organizations, education and group work programs not only in the U.S. but vvorld-vvide. Members are acquainted with details of these oppor- tunities through the appearance of qualified speakers and discussions of material published and available to them through professional channels. A second objective of the club is to provide a social outlet for students, through which the free interchange of ideas among students, teachers and people who work in the held is accomplished. Officers serving this year are joseph Mike Turner, president: Donald Wayne Fox, vice-president: Teresa Patton, secretary: Carolyn Archer, treasurer: Joe Earl Brown, recorder, and C. Stanley Clifton, sponsor. Requirements for receiving a master of social work degree include a two-year program of combined class and field work, which provides learning and practical work experience in a social agency. FIRST ROXV: Karen Kramer, Sandra Simon, Sue Moore, Marie Burns, Kathy Kelley, joy Engle. Patricia Corbett. Christie Ford, Mikie Murphy, Marilyn Peck, Mary Rubin. SECOND RONV: Patty Primrose, Maurine Zittcrman, Kathy Harnion, Bronwen Courtnay, Sybil Short, Bonnie Stevenson, Dixie Lewis, Lynda Sims, lieverlyc liurke, Davitla Funk. THIRD RUWV: Pam Martin, Sydney Perrin, Linda Gibson. Pat Finley, ,lean Barnard. Marcia McDaniel, Marsha Dilley, Sandy Langley, Angela Amero, Kay Gregory, Mary Cloodwyn, Leslie Freedland, Susan Bugle. FOURTH ROXY: Marilyn Botha, Susan Hamby, Lyndelle jones, Pamela Jacobson, Susan Becker, Sally Nichols, Mary Evelyn Groves, Akiko Buckingham, Janie Diane Parsley, Mary Ruth Lang, Sandra Weber, Judy Ann Crinstcin, Becky Stegall. FHVTII ROVV: Sandra lsenberg, Charlene Bidasio, Pat Sayles, Sharon Hogan. Sharon Velinsky. Martha Ulken, lieth Branyan. Karla Gaither, Marilyn Moore, Donna jo Taylor, Mary Helen Sears. Shadowbox Continues Promotion oi Fashions Meetings of the Shadowbox emphasize fashion arts and modeling. Original designs also add interest. Mem- bership requires interest in fashion and continued at- tendance with payment of dues. Ullicers of Shadowbox this year are Kathleen I. Kel- ley, president, Joy Engle, vice-president, Marie Burns, secretaryg Pat Corbett, treasurer, and Sue Moore, histo- Sigma Gamma Epsilon To promote the scholastic, scientific, and social ad- vancement of its members, and the extension of the rela- tions of friendship and assistance to other institutions devoted to the advancement of the earth sciences-geol- ogy, geological engineering, mining, metallurgy, and petroleum engineering--is the aim of Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Students with superior grades in the earth sciences FIRST RUYV: Gerald Glaser, Donald Reese, David Glenn, Gene lilazenko, Robert Brown, Edward A. Hoffmann, George C. llulhnan. SECOND ROW: L. R. Flud, R. P. Lockwood, rian. Edith Mahier is the faculty sponsor. The principal aims of the organization are to pro- mote all aspects of fashion arts-designing, buying, modeling, staging fashion shows through the experience of doing and from the culmination of ideas. Faculty teas, Mother's day fashion show and the annual alumni fashion show are projects. Advances Earth Sciences with a minimum of 14 hours in geology are eligible for membership. Outstanding pledges for the fall semester are Edward Hoffmann and Bill Stoothoff. Officers are David Glenn, presidentg Al Smith, vice- president, Eugene Blazenko, secretary, Robert L. Brown, treasurerg Donald Reese, pledge trainer, and Dr. G. G. Huffman, faculty sponsor. YV. L. Stoothofi. R. H. Redman. Bill Morgan, S. Bozovich, James E. Dempsey. FIRST ROXY: Wlayxnon Harris, George Henley, Mike Pank- houser. 15. Cohn, Dr. Luther Doyle Bishop, Robert Joe Hester. R. jay Pierce, jr. SECOND ROVV: ll. Vann Norwood, E. K. Kelling, Roger L. Hembree. Eugene F. Murphy. Wlilliam Wlayne Lanier. 1Yilliam Bishop, Orville Chancellor, Jim Brown, ociety tor Advancement Membership in the Society for the Advancement of Management is open to any student with a sincere inter- est in the art and science of management. High ideals are expressed in their purposes-develop- ment of human resources, providing business with a bet- ter product to train, mold and refine to meet its needs. Founded in 1912 nationally as the Taylor society, SAM now numbers 190 chapters in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Hawaii. Over 12,200 students were enrolled and 12 new chapters chartered during the 1960-61 academic year. The local group meets twice a month and at other various times for specific purposes. A project this year was a tour ol' the Western Electric facility in Oklahoma City. Special speakers on the program this year included 1Vayne Parnell, president of the Eagle Athletic company, and Don Anderson, manager of industrial development for Oklahoma Cas and Electric. Serving as officers this year were B. Cohn. presi- dentg George Henley, vice-presidentg R. Hester, secre- tary. and Mike Fankhouser, treasurer. Dr. L. D. Bishop is the faculty sponsor. Nl. Galbraith. George Ball. THIRD ROYY: Bud Dempsey. Marshall Aronson. Richard Burns. Brison 1Yoods. Tom YY. Shelhimer, Tom Dopler. jr., Barry Davis, Wlilliam N. Wlebster, Curtis Holland. Gaylord jones. ot anagement Gro The national SAM maintains post-graduate member- ship allowing graduating seniors to continue their mem- bership in the senior division for a nominal fee. Contacts and associations with management people in the senior chapters proves helpful in a variety of ways in the location and subsequent business career opportuni- ties open to the graduate student. Diversified activities of the organization provide the student with an insight into the practice of the manage- ment professors Zilld furthers the growth of all students, regardless of their academic major, by stimulating their thinking, widening their knowledge. broadening their outlook and developing a better understanding ol' busi- ness and of the free enterprise system in the United States and economic systems ol' other countries. The national group stresses "learn by doing" and de- velopment through participation. Students learn to ap- ply principles of good management and organization in planning and directing the operations of the chapter. They learn the importance and necessity of teamwork, initiative and leadership. FIRST ROYY: I.. A. Comp. Browning L. Smith. Arthur Jones. Adil Mayyasi. Bob VVadloxv. S. A. Najd. SECOND ROYV: J. 15. "Red" Hawkes, A. 15. Ward, Roger Chapman, James O. Steele. D. E. flriflin. S. VV. VonRosenberg. THIRD ROYYZ 15. Harris. jerry Holmes. Troy D. Reed, T. Pearson, D. Montgomery. P. O. Bouchard. E. F. Blick. Sigma Gamma Tau Teaches Professional Ethics Sigma Gamma Tau was established to recognize and honor students in the field of aero-space engineering, who, through scholarship, integrity and outstanding achievement, have been a credit to their profession. The society seeks to foster a high standard of ethics and pro- fessional practices and to create a spirit of loyalty and fellowship among students of aero-space engineering. It was founded at Purdue university in 1953. E. F. Blick is the faculty sponsor. Current ofiicers are Browning Smith, presidentg Adil Mayyasi. vice-presidentg Art jones, secretary-treasurer. and Bob VVadlow, St. Pat's representative. The outstanding social event of the club is the annual initiation banquet held in January. Sigma Pi Sigma Speeds Research in Physics Founded in 1921 at Davidson college. North Caro- lina. Sigma Pi Sigma is a national honorary society for those with marked ability in physics. To date, there are 110 chapters. Goals are to serve as a means of awarding distinction to students having high scholarship and promise of achievement in physics and to promote stu- dent interest in research and advanced study in physics. FIRST ROW: Ronald Kossik, Frank Guy, Larry hValls, Charles Eichelberger, Vincent Boggs. SECOND ROVV: Charles VV. The group sponsors the Physics day held each spring in conjunction with the science fair, also the annual pic- nic and banquet. Vincent Boggs is presidentg Larry Midland, vice-presi- dentg Harlan Evans, secretaryg Larry Midland, treasurer, and Dr. R. Burwell, faculty sponsor. The group usually meets once a month. VonRosenberg, jr., Owen Robinson, David NVilson. John Thompson, Harlan Evans, Theodore J. Hartman. . ' 'af iii? , ., ,. - 5, 1 lg FIRST ROVV: jerry Ennis, Cary Bush, David VVilson, Dion Johnson. SECOND ROYY: Owen Robinson, Thomas Brown, Bruce Hamilton. Chun Lin. nciety oi Engineering Phy icists - Pi Tau Pi The Society of Engineering Physicists and Pi Tau Pi are two professional organizations for students majoring in engineering-physics. Founded at OU in 1948, the society has as its princi- pal aim, the fostering of fellowship among engineering physics majors and to encourage and assist fellow mem- bers working on joint projects. The Society of Engineering Physicists is open to all students enrolled in the major and to those engineers who have had l5 or more hours of physics who meet the scholastic requirements. It is designed to promote the field of engineering physics as a professional engi- neering endeavor of the highest quality and magnitude. Officers are Jerry Ennis, president, and Cary Bush, vice-president. David VVilson acts as treasurer and Dr. C. C. Lin is the faculty sponsor. The society enters the Engineers open house every year and also participates in Physics day. Pi Tau Pi is an honorary engineering-physics frater- nity, which was founded at OU in 1959. The organiza- tion goal is to encourage high scholarship among stu- dents in the engineeririg-physics field. To become a member, a student must have completed 70 hours, and rank in the upper 15 per cent of the total enrollment of the engineering-physics school. Thomas H. Brown is president and Kenneth B. Ham- ilton is vice-president. Other officers are Dion Johnson, secretary, and Thomas McKee, treasurer. Dr. Colin Goodyear, assistant professor of physics, officiates as fac- ulty sponsor and Ronal Cook is historian. The group also participates every year in Physics day and with the society joins in the annual Christmas party and the spring picnic of the department. During enrollment, the engineering-physics majors counsel and advise freshmen and assist the professors in enrollment procedure. They also visit high school sci- ence classes during spring vacation, conduct tours through the Research Institute and perform general ser- vices for the department. They assist in promoting engi- neering-physics throughout Oklahoma. The University of Oklahoma chapter of Pi Tau Pi is currently engaged in attempting to establish chapters at other universities and to give' more national recognition to erigineering-physicists. FIRST ROWI: I.inard liaron, C. L. Cotton, Bill Swan, Cary VVilson. Ellis Sims. Jimmie Walker, Charles Ivray. Robert Shelton, Phillip IYhitncy. Neil Mike Bickel. SECOND ROVV: Laurence Ray Mansnr. Meri Hysinger, Bill I.. Blake. John Holub, Jinnny Haws. Ronald Holmes, IYilliam T. McCoy. Rod Society oi Automoti Founded at New York in 1904, the Society ol' Auto- motive Engineers now has 75 chapters. Membership is open to all regularly enrolled engineering students who show an interest in automotives. Meeting monthly in the engineering auditorium, students are brought into con- tact with outstanding engineers in the professional field who give talks of personal accomplishments in the auto- motive industries. Mays. Richard D. Pedersen, Kenneth XIULTIIIIIII. THIRD ROVV: -loc Rios. Siesen E. Taylor. Jim Mills. Mike Mathias. Timothy S. Lani. Roy H. Zumwalt. ,lack Evans. Edward Jeter. Jlnuny Mullins. ve Engineers Lists Goals To promote the arts and sciences of engineering prac- tices connected with the design, construction and utiliza- tion of automotive apparatus is their aim. First semester oflicers are Gary VV. VVilson, presidentg Charles B. VVray, vice-presidentg Jimmie W'alker, secre- tary-treasurer, and second semester changes are Charles B. Wray, and jack Alberts, vice-president. E. M. Sims sponsors the organization. Society oi Industrial Management Engineers All students in the Industrial Management Engineer- ing school and all students in the University college whose chosen major is the IME curriculum are eligible for membership in the Society of Industrial Management Engineers, which meets bi-monthly. Activities of the group include participating in the Engineers open house, an employment committee for FIRST' ROW: jim Farris, Mike Riley, Stan McCourry, Richard H. Evans. SECOND RUWV: Ilob Frederick, Carrol Evans, james E. Royds, Robert E. Smith, David C. Grubb. THIRD summer jobs and scheduled held trips to surrounding industry. The club's aim is to serve members in their preparation for their field of work. Officers are Jim Farris, presidentg David Grubb, vice- presidentg Ed Mehew, secretary, Quinton Cobb, treas- urerg Tom Dunham, St. Pat's representative, and james O. Melton, faculty sponsor. ROIV: U. Melton, Quinton Cobb, Torn Dunham, Mel Larson. Bilberry, Rebecca Walkow, Barbara Ludmeyer, Margaret Bor- chardt, Evelyn Swan, Shirley Wolberg. SECOND ROW: Verna Marie Moss, Mary Evelyn Groves, Susan Turk, Ann THIRD ROW William E Shackelford Dan Wiseman John S. Cunningham Susan Sheffel Suzanne Kagan Dana Pomerantz Carol McBrayer Maureen Fedman Jean Renee Roblchaux FIRST ROW: Cloann Miller, Cloria Miller, Joy Kahn, Judy Kernek, Susan Coltz,.Patty Lieb, Miriam Walkovv, Mary Cordell. tudent Education A Encouraging good students to choose teaching as a career and promoting the careful selection and guidance of persons admitted to teacher education programs are the aims of the Student Education association. Founded in Portland, Ore., in July, 1956, the group has grown rapidly to its present membership of over 72,000 in some 840 chapters at universities and colleges all over the nation. Through higher standards of preparation and the dis- semination of information, the group strives to achieve a reasonable balance in teacher supply. It advocates high- er standards in the teaching field and seeks to raise to a high quality both students and the preparation they receive. Anyone enrolled in the teacher education program in a fully accredited college or university may become a member. The OU group is composed of students en- rolled in the College of Education who meet monthly. Officers this year were Rebecca Walkow, president, Sylvia Pittman, vice-president, Judy Bilberry, recording secretaryg Sue Cuthery, corresponding secretary, Verona Maruska, treasurerg Jerry Montgomery, historian, and Barbara Ludmeyer, reporter. sociation Is Expanding Dr. William G. Monahan, associate professor of edu- cation, and Mrs. Christine Hamlin, kindergarten super- visor at University school, are faculty sponsors. The group sponsors a tea each spring honoring the faculty of the College of Education. Other social activi- ties this year included a luncheon honoring the outgoing executive council. Each year delegates and oHicers attend the national convention of the Student Education association. This year's convention was held in April at Bethany Nazarene college. Special speakers at regular meetings this year included Ahmed Irani and Mohammed Dorani, science teachers from Iran, who compared the education systems of America and Iran. At other meetings members heard talks, viewed films, and received literature on new ideas and information pertaining to teachers and prospective teachers. The organization offers students an opportunity to meet each other socially and to meet informally with members of the OU College of Education and teachers from the public school system of Oklahoma. FIRST ROVV: Lillian Logan, Grace Ray, Peggy Wells, Sharon Thetford, Patty Wvatwood. SECOND ROYV: Brooke Calvert, Norman Mackey, Sandra Turner, Frances Tabor, Betty Jones, Theta Sigma Phi lnstruet Theta Sigma Phi is the fraternity of trained women journalists, stressing high professional standards, fellow- ship and community services. Student members must be juniors, seniors or graduate students specializing or ma- joring in journalism. They must be competent and active in some phase of communications and intend to make journalism their profession. Grade requirements are 3.0 in journalism and 2.5 overall. Ruth Skinner, Sally Sue Allmon, Rosemary Biddle, Marilyn Fleer. sWemen Journalists Each year the club sponsors the Matrix Table banquet and a prominent woman journalist is guest speaker. Awards are given to the outstanding senior woman, fac- ulty woman and state woman journalist. Officers are Peggy Wells, president, Babs Fenwick, vice-presidentg Sharon Thetford, secretary, Patty Wat- wood, treasurerg Johnelle Kidd, archivist, and Miss Grace F.. Ray, faculty sponsor. University Players Perpetuate Dramatic Art Students must not only meet scholarship requirements but also must have participated in a specified number of drama productions to be a member of University Players, an honorary drama organization, The points are awarded for either performances or crew work on the school's drama productions. Oflicers are Sondra Lain, president, Becky Fey, secre- FIRST ROW: Skip Lee, Max Weitzenhoffer, Becky Fey, Nat Eek, Sandra E. Lain, Roslyn Sperber, Rochelle Brachfeld. SECOND ROWV: Marta Vfoods, Bill Morrison, Karen Knott, tary-treasurer, and Dr. Nat Eek, faculty sponsor. The organization takes charge of selling University Playhouse season tickets, the freshman mixer for drama students and the awards banquet where the Ida Z. Kirk awards, buffalo masks and trophies are presented for outstanding performances. The club recognizes ability for hard work as well as talent and scholarship. T. Kroutil, Rab Lashbrook, Nancy Spradling, Larry Gayle Dickenson. 'gg-cr ft ' L 5 fn ' 2 wi'-fi? af" ' L,h' 5 i 5 Y . FIRST ROVY: Jackie Krutsinger. Mary Gantt. .Ioan Coffman. Marion Craighead. Ethelyn McCoy. Sue McCoy. Carol Byrd. SECOND RUXY: Linda Lavell. Sharon Kinnnell. Jo Sue Skirvin, Lavinia Kay Frank, Bette Ringrose, Nanelle VVall. THIRD ROVV: Dolores Kester, Diana Uri, Carol Thompson, Sue Swanson. -Ianie Darrough. Peggy Henry, Margaret Ann 'CTT7 y 'ov 9 Q 'ive Nliller. Pat Weller. FOURTH ROYY: 'Iudy Sims. Bonnie ghlllffflllilll. Barbara Posey. Sandra Turner. Diana Moore. Ruth Datrough. NOT PlC'l'l'RED: Dr. ,Ioan Ciruti. Virginia Johiison. Robbie Nlt'Afl1lIllS, Jeanne VVhite. Karen Alford Wines. Jean Ann Parker. Tassels Recognizes Fre hman Women ith 3.0 Sue Swaiison. -Ioan Collinan. president: ghllll lielanger and Ruthie Darrough discuss plans for Tassels. A co111bi11ation of good grades. activities Zllld leader- ship ability make up the requirements for membership i11 Tassels. honorary organization for junior women. joan Coffman headed Tassels as president this year. Mario11 Craighead was vice-presidentg Ethelyn McCoy, secretaryg Sue McCoy, treasurer, and Sharon Kimmel, historia11. Faculty advisors for the group are Mary Gantt, jackie Krutsinger and Dr. Joan Ciruti. Tassels was organized by members of Mortar Board i11 1956 to encourage high scholastic attainment, partici- pation i11 campus activities Zllld service to the campus community at all ti111es. The organization plans the activities for VVomen,s Recognition night and helps Mortar Board 111en1bers with their Zilllllllll fall walk-out. Another project is to present recognition certificates to freshman women with a 3.0 or better grade average. This year the organiza- tion participated i11 the exhibits at the IQUVS convention. Regular meetings are held Hltllllllly 011 Sunday at va- rious sororities' houses. The December meeting takes tl1e form of a Christinas party lltlllflflllg the organization ol' Alpha Lambda Delta. FIRST ROYV: Fred Carter, Rob Luke, Robin Knox. Marty Grosboll, Richard K. Young. Frank WV. Guy, T. -I. Hedding. Ronald Holmes, Troy D. Reed, Bruce Hamilton. SECOND ROWV: Tom D. Roberts, jerry M. Hobbs, Richard Sinclair, Bill Hawkins, Larry Hornbeek, Ronald D. Dotson, E. Smay, C. T. Almquist, Gene M. Nordby, Brandon Grillith, -I. O. Melton. THIRD ROW: Bill VVa1ker, Tim Lam, Hong Sioe Oey, R. P. Hunt, Arlin Lee, Jerry L. Brasier, Sam Brad- Tau Beta Pi Elect Thro Tau Beta Pi, highest ranking among the honorary engineering fraternities, is the national association which gives recognition to undergraduate students in the Col- lege of Engineering. Scholastic ability is not the sole attribute desired in men of Tau Beta Pi, however. Other qualities are considered equally important-those of character, leadership, honesty and the reputation of be- ing a good fellow. Membership in Tau Beta Pi is the highest honor that can come to a student of engineering. The organization was founded in 1885 at Lehigh University. Now nationally organized, over 109 chap- ters are coordinated for the purpose of fostering aca- demic incentive, fellowship and a spirit of liberal cul- ture, to mark in a fitting manner those who have con- ferred honor upon their alma mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character as undergraduates in engineering, or by their attainments as alumni in the field of engineering. Oklahoma Alpha chapter was in- stalled at OU on April 3, 1926. Officers for 1962 are Frank VV. Guy, president: Tru- man Hedding. vice-president: Robin B. Knox, record- shaw. Mike Maples, Linn Forbis, C. F. LeBus, 111. T. Cajjar jagdishchandra, NV. L. Cory. FOURTH: Arthur Ramieur. jr., Monte Miller, David H. Tittle, joe D. Gibson, R. Shaw. Leo A. -Ianel, Bert Avery, L. VV. Freeman, K. VValker, H. K. Bone. FIFTH ROWV: Stanley F. Choate, C. NV. VonRosenberg, E. L. Jeter, YV. L. Brown, R. VV. Vaughan, C. B. VVray. Cary Liles. David Chaney, Jon WV. Bayless, C. F. VVebb, Vance R. Kriete. o Fall Honor Junior ing secretary, Richard K. Young, corresponding secre- tary, Ronald E. Holmes, treasurer, Robert P. Luke, cata- logerg Marty Grosboll, St. Pat's representative, and Pro- fessor Joseph E. Smay sponsors the group. Faculty members who make up the alumnus advisory board are Joseph E. Smay, chairmang Carl T. Almquist, Joseph A. Azzenzo and Frank Kern. Qualihcations for membership in Tau Beta Pi require juniors to be scholastically in the upper eighth of their engineering class and seniors in the upper fifth. Mem- bers are elected by the chapter from among the eligible men. In addition, only three hrst-semester juniors are chosen for membership each semester. These men are termed 'ihonor juniors" and they are given a scholarship for the amount of the Tau Beta Pi initiation fee. Honor juniors for the fall semester this year were John L. For- bis, Larry W. Freeman and Michael Maples. Bach year the organization gives several fellowships to deserving alumni, takes part in a high school informa- tion program locally and has an initiation banquet for new members each semester. X--S.. ik ,i 'AEE 1 4 E JS!! 1 Q if STUIJE 'lat --"' ,.,- ' -04 'un Ve, L, I ax , , . I N .5 "" Aursz, ' 1 ,gp W um ,iw , . N, fy, r 5 7? ,V Q it , iigfwxw ki ,fi ':, - . W v i ,QW W Q.. .,, W .,... V , ., . Q , -.,- -- ,4 .,,. :-: . I , ig., K. : K , . ,, k .MH 5 , .: ,A . 1: , . , , A qi L Q , ,A -, tl f' 6 R uf ,j .gg W W ' , ima 5, ' ' 551835 9 1 34. qi Qzfizx, si' A NM 9' Q, V 'lx r 1 ' J gf ' M 5-f if f ,bi V' Q' QQ f , 2 , 3 4 it ,TW .xa,,,,,, , , 'I' HG , -5- , - 'w .J 5 if A V" K ,, fc lfafgggiyg "1 A if U ' f uf? ' , Q, 7 N 7, , 'V x ., W 4 W, , Vg' ,351 W Ming 1 , Mmggm, , 1, 'K Y f A P QL 5 .v , .5 , L f N, iv W 4, 'f-2 3 f' A 4 aw Q, f -F X Q ,M ,J Q I rf 17,7 ' i23V g.,1- ' N VL wg, ff. ,Q J' ' , We 9 fn WE 7 5 ' H an wi 1 . wg, ,K Q 1 Q , , ' ',gijg1v?., -,rwrfiqiy f.5i,V:Q ev N , .,, Ag 'W ,W if 1 l ' 'F k 5 ' MW is , ,if .K-" KM ,'fi ,, .fb , , ,, is in 1 V mf H 5 :L 'W 'I wif yu A 'K ,S ,HV V' Q U :M iw ii: 1- " E533 QQ. a Q 3 ,gi wu- fs 41 V3 , 1 ann 4 ' ff-buns feng' -M a"f 'M rw-'rW'5 Cl f ,Wy ilu "Y' Q14 Ii 'VT' 42 iff-v'f'!:H-1-aigifwf 1 " En ef y Wh v-.,RW x A131 ,V Sw ffl , ,fy QW Vw ,yy 5 .K 1 , 5 , fe imfis sw Q , ,"M'TTMfzif- A, if an-.2 mf X-. -L M lens' ,,,.nf.1w. ni X slumlcnl lllwl lm llllllflllllllilll i"ll'! ls in I Lll'l'ly gals slurtcm it w'95gf:w'imQ-Y , " M' .ww gf I III lllc' cllmlllllcllt p1'm'Lws XXIIUII lu must slup In full out lu-p:uL4-1. VIQIILII ill Hll In gc! ilu slump ul xmppxm ll hum lmusnl IKIQIIIN Iluvk ln lllv lwclcl IIUIIHC :ll the Llppuilllcd Ilfllll' Illillllljl llllll ll Lkcls lll Ill mr lml no strvpu rallml rlclzuxs urrlczlx pl'm'L'rllll'1' lrmn llnlcl lumusn ln HININKI ln sullmllll-1 QS. To succeed at sectioning without really trying requires infinite patience, boundless energy for standing in lines and lots of luck. Everybody Play , Everybod Win in Enrollment If Lady Luck smiles, you, too. may win the great new fun game, Enrollment. Land on Opportunity, and you may draw a permit to en- rollg on Chance you may get a stop card. First time around the board is called Field House and you are permitted to purchase in- surance. yearbook, playhouse tick- ets, Celebrated Artists and Pop se- ries. Second time around is called Advisers. All professors are per- mitted to kibitz. Third time around is sectioning-an obstacle course ending at "pay your fees." A-Xnd that's the big twist-this game is played with real money! Last stop in the great Enrollment game is the square marked "pay your fees." llihoeyer has the most money left after that is the winner! Univer ity cholars Vie for Coveted Honor Climax of tl1e Mortar Board VValkout is the nam- Mortar Board named Marti Vargas, Oklahoma City, as .the most outstand ing of ten outstanding freshman women on campus. ing girl in the freslnuan class at their annual affair in llolrnberg hall Highest honor for scholarship and activities for senior women is membership in Mortar Board, for senior men, Pe-et. Special awards that recognize outstanding achieve- ment of freshmen are the Lottin- ville prizes, Pe-et award and Cross Center Citizenship award. These are given at the Freshman Convo- cation held every September. Top frcshrnen Roger Clzlpp, Lottinsille prize and Pe-et awardg Larry Thompson. Cross Center Citizenship award, and Nancy Lane Fleming, Lottinville prize. are congratulated by President Cross. Heap big noise is heard around campus when the top senior Inen, members of Pe-et, meet for powwow and peace-pipe passing. Q25 .if 1 Slblllflllillg 11011 lllix your uns 111111111 4lI'lt'Ill IIIUII. D11 1.101111 1.111111-I1. l111 14-rsilx urllvgc mln-1111. cxy1l11111s 1'L'g.gl1l.1 llllll clguls. l1u11w In IIIHIIIS .X Nl'l'IL'?w nl wlgllcml pus 1lu1'L'. cl11'c1'lu lu In' lcl Illl Um- s 1' nf 1 11m ch lp ll1L'111 lltllilwl lu thc cz lulks fur fl'CNIllIlL'll 1 " flu-1'sl1111cl lllliNCl'5ily 1111 llliYL'l'Si1y l'CI2lliUIIS. III! KL px-zlkx-1' wus. llaulcl ,L Hllll Annual tradition at half-time of Oli-Mizzou ganie is smoking of peace pipe with Mystic Seven society. This year UU won the pipe. Orientation Aid Fro hmon, Dad Honor onior One of the Dad's Day committee members congratulates outstanding seniors, Cynthia Curtis and jerry Gamble. First semester activities begin with freshman orientation, designed to help the first year student succeed in college. New this year was parent orientation. when parents of fresh- men were invited to the campus for a First-hand look. Highlight of Dad's Day was the an- nouncement of outstanding seniors. During half-time of the OU-Missouri game, the Mystic Seven society and Pe-et exchanged pulls on the peace pipe in a traditional ceremony. VVin- ner of the game gets to keep the pipe until the next year. Rain didnit dampen spirits or playing ability. It was OU 13, Missouri 0! main mann:-nw :l? " .ff k Q Mm My ww M335 M" 5 , , 'HX 1 11 'WR 283 an De ire Further FIRST ROW: Eduardo J. Arze, Pelr. Engr., Oruro, Bolivia: Maryann Beall, Phys. Ed., Malden, Mo.: Fred A. Bender, Lawion: Zollene Benneff, Texarkana, Ark.: Roberi' Boofh, Civil Engr., Sunnyville, Calif.: Mark Brady, Educ. Admin., Mid- wesi' Cily, O Club: David H. Bryanl, Tulsa: Mary Fulfon Bryanf, Phys. Ed., Tulsa: John C. Campbell, Texarkana, Tex. SECOND ROW: Madalynne Ann Chapman, AAU, Midwesl Ciiy: Roger Chap- man, AT, EI Reno: Carol Chrisenberry, Music, Blackwell: Keifh Clark, Akron, Ohio: Allen Cornelius, Lawion: Viclor Crowl, Chem., Moore: Clarence Edward tud in pecilic Field Daugherly, Ill, Pelr. Engr., Owensboro, Ky., TBTT, HUT: Nancy N. Daugherfy, Elem. Ed., Owensboro, Ky., Kfb, OEA, SNEA: Julie Davis, ZTA, Corsicana, Tex. Tl-HRD ROW: Michael N. Driscall, Lib. Sc., Springfield, Mo.: Speer I. Fasheh, San. Sc., Amman, Jordan: lzzar H. Feidi, Jerusalem, Jordan, Arab Club Pres., lniernalional Club: Nicole Firzli, Karoun Beka, Lebanon, OAS Pres., Arab Club, lniernalional Club, ASC: James Galbraifh, KA, Gen. Bus., OC: Joe Leland Gary, Zoology, Duranl: John T. Gisf, Nuc. Engr., Tulsa: David H. Glenn. AXA, Houslon, Tex., -EYE, THU, OAK: Joan Godwin, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Jorge Gomez, Peir. Engr,, Bucaramanga, Colombia, Spanish Club: Walfer Green, Lawion: William Alva Griffin, Engr. Physics, Yukon: Ray C. Hall, ATA, Journ., Norman: James M. Hancock, Jr., KA, Beeville, Tex., Sooner Scandals, Pick and l-lammer Club: John James Hancock, Music, Wichila, Kan., TMA: Waller Harrison, Meleorology, Denver, Colo.: Hadi Hashemi, Chem. Engr., Teheran, Iran: Carolyn Hill, Music Theor., OC, FIFTH ROW: Jerry M. Hobbs, 'l'KE, OC, AXE, ET, TBH, AlChE: Jerry D. Holmes, Midwesi Ciiyg Gayle Hysinger, Accounling, Olusiee: F. Jeanne Jack- son, Elem. Ed., S+. Louis, Mo.: Be++ye Jennings, Educ., Lindsay: Kerim Sevlri Kapfanoglu, San Sc., Ankara, Turkey, Public Heallh Club: Earl W. Kiichen, 284 'PK-Y, OC, TBII, -ETH, THE, FTK: Mohammed John Koulahi, Geo. Enqr., Teheran, lran, lranian Sludenls Sociely: lnlernalional Club, Pelroleum Engineers Club: Neal F. Lane, A-YP, OC, QBK, -SHE, TIME, Nalional Science Founda- lion Fellowship. SIXTH ROW: Penny Lewis, ZTA, Kilgore, Tex.: Russell M. Long, A-E'T', Finance, Ada: Love Lucas, For. Lang., Purcell: L+. Col. lRef.l Waller Gerald Maher, Lib. Sc., Lawlon: Bernie Malson, AXA, Allon, Ill.: James Malhias, Chem. Engr., Leroy, Kan.: Thomas M. McCoy, Journ., OC, AEP, KUVY: James McDaniel, Pillsburg, Kan., 'T'-E, EE, ATU: Susan McDaniel, 1T'l'B, Midland, Tex. FIRST ROW: Arihur D. Mclniosh, ATU, Bus. Mgt-Psych., Los Angeles, Calif.: Claude C. McMullen, Lib. Sci., Dallas, Tex.: James W. Mehl, ATYZ, Dallas, Tex.: E. Z. Million, ATQ, Weaiherford: Michael Dan Miichell, A-249, I-iisiory, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Ala Mogharabi, Geol., Shiraz, Iran: Forough Mogharahi, Physiol., Teheran, Iran: Sam Naid, Aerospace Engr., Abahieh, Lebanon, -EFT, Oufsiandinq Independent Siud. Sen.: Paul D. Newendorp, Peir, Enqr., OC: Tedford C. Newman, Soc. Wk., Liille Rock, Ark. Graduates THIRD ROW: Hong Sioe Oey, Civ. Engr., Semarang, Indonesia: Efion Park, Chem, Engr., Monfie G. Monzingo, graduafe assisian+ in ma+hema+ics, finds his bigges+ problem is noi' fhe subiec+ buf geifing siudenis 'fo a I2 o'cIock class on fime. E+. Morgan, Colo.: John T. Pafferson, Sociol., OC, Sociol. Club, Presidenl' of AKA: Emmeff Phillips, Eng., Tahlequah: Denzil Ray Porferfield, Educ., Norman, Klfih FIRST ROW: Floyd H. Price, Wichiia, Kans.: Roberi' Carl RiHer, Microbiol. OC, EE, fbi, HAT: Ivo Roospold, Slat, New York, N. Y.: O. H. Rundell, IVF-5 Phys., OC: Gene Scalarone, Microbiol., Arma, Kan.: Julia Schumacher, Alva Oihman M. Shaaban, Beirui, Lebanon: Firouz Shahrokhi, Engr. Sci., Teheran, Iran Wanda Marie Shelfon, Arnell. SECOND ROW: Barbara Shirley, Zool., Shawnee: Phillip Simon, IAM, Norman Siud. Sen., Dean's I-Ionor Roll: Ung So, San. Sci., Vie? Nam: Milfon Spessard Lib. Sci., Comanche: Roberf W. Sieele II, Civ. Enqr., Tulsa: John Sfouder, Engr., Evansville, Ind.: Kenneih Sfudebaker, Russian, Norrnan: Pai' Summers, ZTA, Odessa, Tex.: Mary Ellen Thompson, Guid. X1 Counsel., Pauls Valley. TI-IIRD ROW: Marasri Thonovibulaya, Bangkok, Thailand: Glynda A. Turner, Soc. Wk., Lilile Rock, Ark.: Joseph M. Turner, Soc. Wk., Lillie Rock, Ark.: L. Jack Wall, WPA, PE, Enid: Vee Hsia Wei, San. Sci., Taiwan, Formosa: Harry Widdifield, A342 OC: Mary A. Wolf, Chem., Des Moines, Iowa: Isaac Singhon Wong, I-long Kong: Mir Yousufuddin, Pefr. Engr., Hyderabad, India, Infernalional Club. 285 Seniors As a praciice feacher in fhe language arls program, Sharon Massey finds one of her duries is conferring wilh a Universily high school slu- denl abouf a composifion assignment FIRST ROW: Ed Abel, 'l'KXl', ABS, OC, AEP Presidenl, Debafe Team, 'DKXI' Pledge Trainer: Lyn Edward Ables, EX, Bus., Madill: Befh Adams, FTB, AES, Gulhrie: John K. Adams, HKA, ABS, OC: Pele Adamson, l5l'7H, Bus., Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Cynfhia Marie Adler, EA, OC: Ken Adler, AAS, OC: Jack Alberfs, 'iJKE, Engr., l-louslon, Tex., Engr. Open l-louse Vice-Chrm., lnsl, ol Aero-Space Vice-Chrm., Soc. of Aulo. Engr., Amer. Soc. of Mech. Engr., CCUN: Lee Alexander, Xfl, Educ., l-louslon, Tex.: Emily Dale Allen, Educ., Marlow. Tl'llRD ROW: Linda Allen, A'l', AES, Tulsa: Mary Allen, KU, AXS, OC, Qfffb: Nelda V. Allen, AFA, Pharm., Wealherlord, APhA, PX, Dean's Honor Roll: Palricia Ann Allen, Educ., Chandler: Sleven M. Allen, Educ., Marlow. EIRST ROW: Juli Allin, KU, Educ., Norman, X52 Presidenf, Morfar Board, KAH7 Arl' Alfshiller, AEH, AES, Tuiunga, Calif.: Peggy Anderson, AP, AXQS, Muskogee: Pefer Andresen, AXA, Bus., Norman: Ernesf L. Andrews, Jr., AHS, Minco: Joseph Aniinoro, Engr., Chickasha: Ann Applefon, AF, ABS, OC: Bruce E. Armour, AXA, Engr., OC, Sooner Shamrock Edilor, ODK, -YT, BMOC, AIEE- IRE Vice-Presidenl: Julie Ashlock, AAA, Bus., Lawlon. SECOND ROW: Ber-I' Avery, Engr., Mangum: Carl F. Baersi, 'l'K9, Engr., Farm- ingdale, N. Y., lnsl: of Aero-Space Sci.: Garrick A. Bailey, ABS, OC: Dick Baker, 'l'Krl', Engr., Okmulgee: Sfanley Baldwin, AHS, Mounlain View: Roberl 286 Ball, A-E'l', AHS, Moore: Joe Ballard, 'DAQ ABS, Purcell: Wilson Baplisf, EX, Bus., Shawnee: Terry Barber, AHS, Okmulgee, Oklahoma Daily Edifor, Sooner Yearbook Sporls Edilor, Sludenl' Press Asso. Pres., -YAX. Tl-llRD ROW: BeH'y Bard, 1-IBfl', AES, Tulsa: Ray Bard, Bus., Lawlon: Myrfle- banks Embee Barne'H, AHS, Tulsa, OU Band, Marching Band, Orcheslra, HQ, German Club: Linard Baron, Engr., Bonnyville,, Alla., Can., Louis Baris, AHS, Woodbridge, N. J.: Rogers Barlon, Engr., Cforebo: James Thomas Barvais, Bus., Henryerla: Roberl' C. Bascom, ATA, AES, Tulsa, Sludenl Senale Pres., UAB, ATA Treas.: Joseph K. Bafes, -FIDE, Engr., OC, AIEE-IRE Chrmn. Final Year Filled With Variet oi Acti itie FIRST ROW: Kennelh Ba'Haile, HKA, Engr., Hugo, Sf. Pai's Coun., Model UN, SCAIA: Richard Baughman, Educ., OC: Jon W, Bayless, Engr., Hoi' Springs. Ark., 'l'IlE, AIEE, ET, TBII: Pafricia Bayless, ZTA, ABS, Tulsa, Young Repub. Club, lnlernafional Club, ZTA Secrelary: Max Beasley, Acacia, Engr., Nashville, Tenn., AIEE-IRE, SAME, IFC, Eng. Club, OU Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, S+. Fal's Coun. Rep.: Lufher Joe Beaver, Bus., Heavener: Le Ann Belcher, Educ., Cherokee: George E. Bergquisl, Engr., Jamesiown, N. Y.: Charles Berry, KE. Bus.. Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Kennefh R. Berry, AKE, Bus., Pauls Valley: Frank J. Belz, ATU, ABS, Cleveland, Ohio, Russian Club, Young Demo. Club, O Club, Wresfling Team: Jo Anna Bianchi, ABS, Norman, Sequoyah Club, KT, Wesley Found., Anlhro. Club: Dick Biddle, 'PAQ Bus., Muskogee: Frank W. Birnie, ZAE, Engr., Owensboro, Ky.: Diane Bish, AF, FA, Wlchila, Kan.: Frank Blakely, Engr., Nor- man: Janice Blakely, ABS, Norman, PEM Club: Karen Blanlon, Educ., Norman. THIRD ROW: D. BurdeH'e Blue lll, EN, ABS, Tulsa, EM Parl., ATU Pres., Dean's Honor Roll, Anlhro. Club: Frank Lee Bollinger, BDU, ASQS, OC: Salva- fore Bonavifa, AHS, Brooklyn, N. Y.: Paul R. Boone, EX, Educ., Shawnee: Charles Borchardf, Acacia, Norman: Ben Bofnick, AEH, Engr., Hoi Springs, Ark.: Jerry Bowen, Pharm., Bar-ilesville: Sian E. Bozarlh, AXA, Engr., OC: Gray Allen Braden, ABS, Dawson Creek, B. C., Can. FOURTH ROW: James R. Bradley, TTKA, FA, Muskogee: John Braly, ABS. Ada, Sfudeni Senare, EM, Model UN: John Harkey Brandenburg, fPAG, ABS, Norman: Judifh Kalhryn Brauch, ABS, Sl. Louis, Mo., Morlar Board: Tom Brewer, A242 ARS. OC, TAG: George Bridges, BAE, AES, Lawion: John C. Brooks, Bus., OC: Claudia Brown, A84S, Harishorne, ISA, AT: Elizabelh Ann Brown, ABS, Alva. FIFTH ROW: Thomas E. Brown, AES, Danville, Ill.: Thomas H. Brown, Engr., Weiumka, ET, HTH Presideni: Jerry Brusf, ALS, Midwesl' Cily, Scabbard 8: Blade: Beverly Buchanan, KKF, ABS, Enid: Mary Ann Bulla, IVDB, FA, Duncan: Jan Bunch, TTBQP, ABS, Rocky: Ron Burkelf, TKE, ABS, Norman, Men's Glee Club, Arnold Air Sociefy: M. Jean Burkhard+, ZTA, FA, Topeka, Kan.: Slanley Neal Burris, ABS, Claremore. SlXTH ROW: Charles D. Burrough, E'f'E, Bus., Anflers: Bill Bufler, EAE, Bus.. OC: John Bufler, Civ. Engr., Thomas, ASCE Pres.: Mark BuH'erly, 13911, ABS, OC: Carol Byrd, AFA, ABS, Coalgale: Pal Cahill, Educ., Tulsa: Allyn Cain, ABS, San Juan, P. R.: James A. Calloway, Engr., OC: Brooke Allen Calver'l', KA9, ABS, Tulsa. 287 Man Will Recall Memorable Graduation Da FIRST ROW: Jeanne Campbell, Educ., Miami: Marli Cardwell, AP, A8rS. Perrylon, Tex.: John Carloclr, Bus., Ardmore: Roberl W. Carr, BDU, A8iS, Nor- man: Fred Carler, Engr., Eleclra, Tex.: W. E. Carler, Educ., Tulsa: James Le Myrl Carver, FA, Tulsa: Ken Casey, Engr., Allanla, Ga.: Linda Lee Casey, FTB, A8fS, OC. SECOND ROW: Carol Cavaness, l"l'l3, Educ., OC: Harvey Chafiin, :'l'E, Bus., Tahlequah, O Club, Varsily Baseball, Varsily Baskelball: Ken Chalfanl, Enqr.. Norman, ASCE, Dean's Honor Roll: William Chambers, A8rS, Wewoka: Orville L. Chancellor, Bus., Shawnee, Markeling Club, SAM, IE: David P. Chaney. AT. Engr., Tulsa: Bill Chapman, 2l'l'l'i, Bus., Norman: Jesse Chapman, Educ., Moore, Pershing Rifles: Kalhryn Chapman, A'l', Educ., Norman. THIRD ROW: William M. Chealham, Acacia, AES, Ardmore: Charles Cherry, Engr., OC, Insl. ol Aerospace Sci., Engr. Club, Deans Honor Roll: Phil Child- ress, AT, AES, Wagoner: Linda Childs, I1Bff', AES, Tulsa: Maradell Churchill, FA, Norman, FAX, APhA, Homecoming Commiliee Co-Chrm.: Mary Clanfon, Pharm., OC: Janel' Clarlr, KAH, ASS, Norman, UAB Presideni, Malrix Table Award, UAC Vice-Presidenl, Sooner Scandals Promolion Mgr.: Tom Gail Clarlr, Jr., 'Ill'-3, Bus., Tulsa: David Clemens, AHS, OC. FOURTH ROW: Gordon Clouser, ATU, Engr,, Norman: Quinlon Cobb, BAE, Engr., Ardmore, SAE Vice-Presidenl, SIME Presidenl: David Cochran, 'l'I'A, A8cS, Shrevepori, La.: John M. Coffey, BETH, Bus., Norman: Jimmie Lee Cole, Bus., Miami: Sharon Cole, KA, AES, Beaver: Mary Frances Coley, KKT, AES, Hollis: Mark Collins, ATS2, Educ., Parlridge, Kan., ATO Presideni: Charles David Colslon, ATSZ, Bus., Marieira. FIFTH ROW: Sharon Commons, KHP, A8fS, Tulsa: William S. Comrce, EAM, Bus., Dallas, Hillel President SAM, IE: Nancy J. Coody, A8iS, Breckenridge. Tex., Orchesis, Ducks Club, Spanish Club, French Club: William Meisler Coolr, AAS, Muskogee: Tom L. Cooley, KE, Bus., Fl. Smilh, Ark., IE, Markeling Club: 288 Fred Cooper, Pharm., Blackwell: Jim L. Cooper, AXA, Bus., Tecumseh, IE, Markeiinq Club: Richard C. Cooper, AXA, A8rS, Poleau: Blair F. Core, HKA. Bus., OC. SIXTH ROW: Roger L. Corlrins, AES, Norman: Beverly J. Corley, AES, Slral- lord: Sandra Corona, Educ., Wilson, KAII: Jim W. Corner, AXA, ASS, Ard- more: Audrey Jean Cowan, A'l', Educ., Midwesl' Cily: Carol Craven, KA9, AHS, Dallas, Tex.: Nan Crawford, AF, A8iS, San Anlonio, Tex.: Roberf Croalr, JT, Bus., Midwesf Ciiy, A-EH, AT Presidenf: Dennis Cubbage, EX, Bus., Cush- ing. FIRST ROW: S+eve B. Cubbage, EX, A8iS, Cushing: Karen Lynn Cullen, TIBfi', ASS, Woodward: Camill E. Cunningham, HRT, Educ., OC, SEA: John S. Cun- 1ingham, Educ., Lawlon, SEA: Mary Cunningham, ASKS, Commerce: David Cupp, EN, EA, Tulsa: Cynfhia Curfis, lIl3'l', AHS, Midwesl Cily: Rodney L. Cufler, AXA, AHS, OC: Alan L. Dahlvig, Engr., Rhinelander, Wis., 'NI-Y, -ET. SECOND ROW: John Dalri, EX, Bus., Tulsa, :X Scholarship Chrmn., Pop Series, Sooner Scandals, Model UN: Dianne Daniels, Bus., Norman, Sooner fearbook Divisions Edlior, IE, Accounling Club, Dean's Honor Rall: Alan Davis, PFA, A81S, OC, TI' Presideni: Barry Davis, HAT, Bus., Tulsa: Cynfhia Davis, AAA, AES, Barllesville, Orchesis, Swing Club: John Ken? Davis, Engr., OC, FIRST ROW: Jim Dicus, AXA, Bus., Ada, AX Pres.: Richard E. Diller, ATA, Bus., Princeion, III., Dean's Honor Roll, Sooner Scandals, Siudenl Traffic Court Siudeni Conducl' Comm.: Joseph Di Monico, Pharm., OC: Dawn Dobbins, lll3'i', EA, Wichiia Falls, Tex., VAX Pres., NPA Vice-Pres.: Keifh Dobson, AZKS, Brislow, AEP. SECOND ROW: William G. Dodge, Jr., EAE, AES, Dallas, Tex., IEC, 'PII-E: Bob Dolgin, EAM, AHS, New Yorlc, N. Y.: David Donaldson, BDU, AES, New Lenox, III., AEA: Susie Doolifile, AF, AXKS, Kirkwood, Mo.: Tom D. Dopler, Jr., -YN, Bus,, Ardmore. THIRD ROW: Celia Ann Dorris, AX53, Educ., Seminole: Ronald Dofson, Enqr., Lawion, PBIL 'l'll-E, Ouisiandinq Independeni: James Thomas Doughiy, -SAE, Bus., Wilson, Pelro- AIEE-IRE: Judifh Joiner Davis, IVDB, AES, Springfield, Ohio, IVF Pres., IE, Oilconomia, Shadow Box: Sonia Davis, AHS, Miami, PEM Club, Baslceiball Club, Soilball Club, Volleyball Club: William Glen Davis, KE, Bus., Wichifa, Kan., KE Sec., IE. THIRD ROW: Gary J. Dean, A-YP, Bus., OC: David Deax, ATA, Engr., Tulsa: Dave De'FFenbaugh, A8iS, OC: Frank Del Vero, UKA, A8fS, Alhambra, Calif: Hugh A. L. Dempsey, AHS, Norman, SAME, Pislol Team: J. L. Dempsey, Bus., E+. Worth, Tex., Foolball, SAM: Nick Denner, ATA, AHS, Alva: James R. Derry- berry, Jr., AXA, AXQS, Lalceworih, Fla.: Fred De Weese, Enqr., Barnsdall. Seniors Before compleling enrollmenf 'For her final semesfer ai OU, Lou Ann Roach goes over her franscripl' wifh her adviser, Mrs. Doroihy Frih, fo be sure she meefs all requiremenfs. Ieum Land Mgr. Club: Mary Ann Duclrworih, EA, Wichila Falls, Tex.: Bob Dudley, Jr., Engr., Lawion. 289 FIRST ROW: Pai' Dudley, FA, Lawion, EAT, Engine Wives Club: William O. Dudley, Educ., Maud, BSU: Dennis Duff, HKA, Engr., New York, N, Y.: Gary Don Duke, Efl-'E, Bus., Chickasha: Tom Dunham, AXA, Engr., Davidson, Si. Pal's Council, IME Vice-Pres., Sooner Shamrock Assoc. Ed. and Circ, Mgr., IME Pub. Chrmn., Sooner Scandals: Delores Dunn, FA, Barilesville, BSU, Women's Choral Club: Peggy Jean Durham, AHS, Depew: Mary Judilh Earnhearf, Bus., OC, IE, Markeiing Club, SAM: Tom Ebrey, AHS, Dewey. SECOND ROW: Tommy L. Edgar, AT52, Pharm., Perry: Bill Edwards, Bus., Lex- inglon: James Paul Edwards, 'PAQ Engr., Housion, Tex., Engr. Club: Lulher W. EIIio'H', Jr., A81S, Enid: Waller Ellis, Engr., Wichila, Kan., Engr. Club Treas. S+. Pal's Council, PE Club: Clark Ellison, BQH, Bus., OC: David Elmore, BN, Bus., EI Dorado, Ark., Pel, Land Mgr. Asso.: James Sfephen Emery, KE, Bus., Miami, KE Pres., Dean's Honor Roll: Sue Anne Emery, Xfl, Educ., Tulsa. THIRD ROW: Joy Engle, A-XA, AHS, Edmond: Roberf F. Erdman, 'PK-Y, Engr. Newporl, R. I.: Bernard Ross Erlel, Educ., Denison, Tex.: Gary Lynn Esles, Bus. Reydon, Accounling Club: Edifh Lee Evans, KKF, AES, Jackson, Miss.: Harlar Evans, AES, OC, -SHE: Jack M. Evans, Engr., Konawa: Earl Fagin, IAM, A815 OC, IFC, Young Demo. Club, EAM Pres.: Mike Fankhouser, EN, Bus., Hooker Pelr. Land Mgr. Club, EAM. Seniors During lhose 'lense and anxious momenfs before a iob inferview, Jan Mclninch receives encouragemenl from Barbara Ballanline, who is in charge of 'leacher placemenl al +he employmenl' service. 290 FIRST ROW: Jim Farha, 'I'-KH, Bus., Ponca Cily, IE, Markeling Club: Maureen Fedman AE43, Educ., Tulsa: Kay Lynn Fellers, KATTT, Educ., OC: Babs Elizabefh Fenwick, AHS, Tulsa Oklahoma Daily Edilor, Sludenl Senale, Yearbook Women's Edilor, f'l2i'l5 Vice-Presidenl Sludenl' Press Associalion Vice-Presidenl: Mark Files, IIKA, Bus., Barllesville, 'FII-E, A-EH. SECOND ROW: Pal' Finley, 1"l'l3, AES, Tulsa, TE, Shadow Box: Brewsfer Fifz, BDU, AHS Higgins, Tex.: William H. Flood, Jr., Pharm., Pryor: David L. Floyd, Engr., Kalamazoo Mich., AIA Presideni: John L. Forbis, IIKA, Engr., Dallas, Tex., TEH, YV, 'T'-Y, SCAIA. THIRD ROW: Larry Foresee, XX, Bus., Shawnee: Jim E. Fousf, Bus., Amarillo, Tex.: H Ei Ieen Fox, FA, OC: Leslie Fox, Educ., Norman: Roberl E. Frank, 'PK-E, Bus., Norman, Markel' ing Club, SAM, Arnold Air Soc. Graduate Hold Bright Pro peat for uccess FIRST ROW: John Fredenberger, ZAE, AES, Tulsa, DMS, Scabbard 81 Blade 'reas., Young Repub. Club, Hisiory Club: Bob Frederick, Engr., Cushing: Michael D. Freeman, A3fS, Midwes+ Ciry, EIIE, AIDA: Mary Louise Freeny, Afb, lDC: 9242 Linda Frensley, KA9, FA, OC: Roberi' Fricke, EN, Bus., OC: PaHi :uqua, AFA, ASS, Lawion: Barbara S. Gallup, A8rS, Tulsa: Gerald L. Gamble, CE, AES, Jefferson, Tex., Sludenl Senaie Pres., OAK, Pe-er. SECOND ROW: Ken W. Gangwer, KZ, Bus., Gurhrie, IE, KE Pres., Marlceling Club: Donald H. GarreH', BGTII, A8rS, OC, UAB, Sooner Scandals Direcior. EHS, OAK, AEA: Vella GarreH', AHS, Maysville: Fred Garwood, Engr., Ed- mond, AIEE-IRE, Dean's Honor Roll: Carolyn Sue Garvin, FTB, ARS, Alrus: Mike Genfry, AES, Shawnee: Linda George, KK1', Educ., Barrlesville: Marshall J. Gerber, EAM, Bus., Chicago, Ill., ZAM Treas., AEII, Accounling Club: Joel E. Gibson, AHS, Chicago, Ill. THIRD ROW: Lynda Gill, X52 Bus., Shreveport La.: John Kelly Gilleife, Bus., OC: Ernes+ Gilson, Engr,, Shalruclc: Billy Guy Givens, 'l'A9, Bus., Ardmore: Rex Givens, 'PA-9, A8fS, Lawlon: Gary Glasgow, ATA, A8fS, OC: Jerry Glasscock, Af-fb, AES, Norman: F. Laurene Glen, AES, OC, OU Band, TBE, DSF: Danny E. Glenn, Engr., Muskogee. FOURTH ROW: Sandra Glomse+, AFA, ABS, OC: Sania Godfrey, A'I', Educ., Wadill: DewiH C. Goff, EN, Bus., Tulsa, Pelr. Land Mgi. Club, Scabbard 81 3lade: Noel Goff, Bus., Joplin, Mo., Finance Club: Jimmie Goodson, Bus., Lane: 'af Gordon, AES, Skialook: Charles E. Grady III, 'PFA-, A8rS, Chiclcasha, AAE Sec., IE, IFC Pub. Rel. Comm.: Peggy M. Graves, APA, FA, Tulsa: Linda Lee Sray, AAU, FA, Okmulgee. :lFTH ROW: Sam A. Gray, KE, FA, Gulhrie, Scabbard 81 Blade, AWA, DMS: Anne Green, Uncl., Genners, Pa.: Marie Green, A'iJ, Educ., OC: Nell Green, ACP, Educ., OC: Phil Green, FA, Henrielaia, Tex.: Jusfin Greenberg, HNF, Bus., Omaha, Neb.: Richard Greene, Engr., Norman: Dick Greenlee, ATU, FA. McAles+er: Gary Greeson, AT, A8rS, Norman. SIXTH ROW: Paul Gregory, AES, Fr. Worlh, Tex.: Roger Griffirh, ZVPE, AHS. Moore, OU Band, KK'I': Marry Grosball, Engr., Springfield, lll., TRU, AXE. AlChE: Lawrence A. Grossman, EAM, AES, Scarsdale, N. Y.: Anne Gruenig, AF, Educ., OC: Mary Kaye Grumbine, AXQ, AES, Blanchard: Sue Guihrie, H341 Educ., Monnelr, Mo.: Frank W. Guy, Engr., Los Angeles, Calif., TBII Pres., ET, IIKN, HME, EH-E, IRE, Dean's Honor Roll: Jerry Haddock, KZ, Bus., OC. 29l pperelassmen eek Intellectual Achievement FIRST ROW: John P. Haddock, KE, Bus., Norman: Carlyn Hager, KA9, FA, Santa Clara, Calit.: Kay Haines, KKF, AES, Lawton, Interior Design Club. Oilconomia, Dean's Honor Roll: Garth Hall, AT, AES, OC, AA-E: Wilburn Clay Hall, Jr., AT, Engr., El Reno: Fred Hallman, BI'IlT, Bus., Roswell, N. M.: Samuel King Hallman, EX, A81S, Abilene, Tex., OAK, Pe-et, fbllll, BMOC, IFC, Student Senate, Outstanding Freshman, COR: Clare Hamblen, Z'l'A, AHS, Chiclcasha. 9245, Eaton Memorial Scholarship, Editor's Award tor Outstanding Statt Mem- ber ot Oklahoma Daily, ZTA Historian-Reporter: Robert A. Hamilton, Pharm., OC, Senior Class President, Dean's Honor Roll. SECOND ROW: James Hammond, 'PKI Engr., Houston, Tex.: Dorothy Han- son, AAA, A8fS, Nashville, Tenn.: David Hardin, Engr., Des Moines, Iowa: Jack L, Hardy, A-:'l', ALS, Pryor: Edward H. Harper, Engr., Vinton, Iowa: K. Harper AFA, Educ., Poteau: Ronald E. Harper, Educ., Tulsa, Asst. Counselor: J. Doc Harrell, -EX, Engr., Jackson, Miss.: Charles E. Harris, ATA, Bus., OC, Soone Scandals, Dad's Day, Delt Sec. and Asst. Treas., Intramural Board. THIRD ROW: H. H. Harris, Pharm., Seminole: Wade Harrison, XAE, A818 Lawton: William W. Harrison, Acacia, Bus., Bartlesville, Acacia Pres., Account ing Club, Finance Club, ATU, IFC: Bill L. Hart, Bus., Tulsa: Jo Ann Hartley AFA, A8fS, Midwest City: Margaret Farmer Hassler, A81S, Guthrie: Bob Hawk HKA, Bus., Lindsay, Marketing Club, IE: James B. "Red" Hawkes, AT, Engr., Decatur, Ga., Pe-et, DU Pres., Outstanding Freshman: Sally Jo Hawkins, Educl Tulsa. I FOURTH ROW: Jimmy L. Haws, Engr., Altus, Engr. Club, ASME, SAE, HTS: Lew M. Hayden, ETH, Educ., Elk City: David Hays, Engr., Dallas, Tex.. AIEE- IRE, Rutnelcs President, Men's Glee Club: James Hazelwood, KA, Bus., Dallas. Tex.: Caroline Heck, Educ., Lincoln, Mass.: Harold Hetler, Engr., Hastings: Charles Heiderich, AHS, Moore: Diane Heinke, A1', Educ., Dallas, Tex.: Joyce Helmers, AAII, Educ., Bartlesville. FIFTH ROW: Dean Hertenstein, HKA, Engr., Mt. Vernon, Ill.: Arvella Hertie, Educ., Purcell: AAA, IAN: Joe Hester, Bus, San Antonia, Tex., SAM, Marketing Club, :9l'i: Marcia Hewitt, F'i'B, AHS, Bartlesvilleq Suzanne Virginia Hickey, 292 ABS, Dallas, Tex.: William Tim Hicks, HKA, Bus., Marietta: Jane Hieronymus AAA, Educ., Tulsa: Bob Hill, BGH, Bus., Enid: Chester Lee Hill, EX, A8rS, Clay ton, N. M. SIXTH ROW: Frank D. Hill, 'PAQ Bus., Tulsa: Jacqueline Hill, XQ, AHS, Chick asha, CCUN, International Club Vice-President, Russian Club: Joe Bob Hille EX, Engr., Collinsville: Glenn Hinkle, Educ., Bartlesville: Marguerite Hoard AXI2, Educ., EI Reno: Paul Jay Hodges, AT, Bus., Tulsa, Accounting Club, A211 Orville Holcsch, Engr., Lansing, Iowa: Honee Holbert, XSZ, AES, Tulsa: Reber' B. Holland, Jr., SAE, OC. dv' -yn- hn 4,9 qv-sv RST ROW: James T. Holi, AES, Barllesyille, Scabbard 81 Blade, 'I'HE, Campus Chesl, Dad's Day, Sooner Scandals, Pop Series, Union Aclivilies, Univ. Sing, Oul- lndependenl: Carol Hood, KAW, Bus., OC: Kay Hoover, AXS2, Educ., Norman: Hopkins, ABT, AES, Tulsa: Wade Hopkins, Engr., Eufaula. Seniors Q SECOND ROW: Larry R. Hornbeek, Engr., OC: Phil Horning, AT, AES, Norman, Sludenl Senale, Scabbard 81 Blade, Dean's Honor Roll, Bass Scholarship: Eddie Howard, EX, Bus., Dallas: Hoy+ M. Hudgens, Engr., Moore: John Hudson, HGH, Bus., Ponca Cify. Charles Borchardf, hislory maior, Talks wifh Mrs. Belly S. Morgan, sec- re+ary, when he drops by fhe LA building fo see Dean William E. Livezey aboul' Ihose all-imporlanr ar+s and sciences requiremenls. THIRD ROW: Charles Huff, KA, EA, Poleau: Mary Lou Huff, KA9, AHS, Alva: Ellen Hughes, HB'I', Educ., Ardmore: Paula Hughes, AI'-3, Tulsa, Morfar Board, COR Gen. Chrmn., BWOC: Roger H. Hughes, Bus., Wirl. FIRST ROW: Charles F. Hull, AXA, Bus., Barllesville: Charles E. Humphrey, Bus., Healdfont Jo Ann HunnicuH', KU, AHS, Alladena, Calif.: Lloyd A. Hun+, Pharm., Tulsa, APhA: Roberl' P. Hunf, Enqr., Yale, IIKN, -ET, TBII: Bill Hurwirz, HA'I', Bus., Sioux Cily, Iowa, IE, Markelinq Club, Sooner Scandals: William D. Huser, BAE, AXIS, Wewolca: Bill Hulchinson, AXA, AHS, Hobbs, N, M., Men's G-lee Club, Universily Band, AXA Secrelaryg Donald C. HuHon, Pharm., Bris- low. SECOND ROW: Merl Hysinger, Engr., Oluslee, THU, HT-E: Charles Willard Ingram, AHS, Clinfon, Dean's Honor Roll, DMS, Rufneks Vice-President AROTC Pislol Team Caplain, AUSA Secrelary, Scabbard 81 Blade, Russian Club, Persh- ing Rilles: Roberf R. Ingram, A-E41 Bus., OC: Peggy Lynn Irby, All, Educ., I-loldenville: Scarlelfe J. Irwin, AES, Norman: Janice Isaac, AES, Bird Cily, Kan., HE, K'I', Shadow Box: F. B. Jackson Ill, KA, Bus., Dallas, Tex., KA Presi- denl, IEC Exec. Coun., Sooner Greek Edilorp Jerry D. Jackson, Bus., Lawfon: Daniel James, 'I'KNI', Engr., Rush Springs. THIRD ROW: Johnny D. James, Educ., Moore: Judi+h James, Educ., Purcell, K'l', K3-H, Wesley Eound.: Roberf Janelli, Engr,, New York, N. Y., IRE: Jon J. Jarmes, EA, Norman, Univ. Chorale, Opera Thealre, fl'MAg Bob Jayroe, KA, AHS, Blylheville, Ark.: Pafricia Sue Jenkins, A81S, Anadarlco: Ronald W. Jenkins, Pharm., Anadarko: Edward Je+er, Engr., OC: Eric Johansen, HKA, A81S, Seville, Spain. 293 Seniors -an Recalling pas+ experiences during her four years of college, Kay McGee, dorm counselor, gives E+hel Kas+erke, freshman, some sage advice abouf adiusling during fhe firsl year al' fhe Universify. FlRST ROW: Janila John, X53, ASS, Grandfield: Diane Johnson, Bus., Duncan: Dorolhy Johnson, AES, Arkoma: Judy Ellen Johnson, AF, A8fS, OC: Marfha Bea Johnson, Educ.. Norman, AAA, MWE, AWS, Dean's Honor Roll. SECOND ROW: Mary Jane Johnsion, Ali, AHS, Lawfon: Tisha Johnsfon, KKV, A8fS, OC: ,,,....-r Jack Jolly, Educ., Davenporl, SEA, Malh Club: Carol Ann Jones, KKF, Educ., Duncan, 'l'BA, Pop Series: Carolyn Jones, H341 Educ., Ardmore. THIRD ROW: Gaylord Jones, Bus., Frederick, SAM, Pelr. Land Mgr. Asso.: Michael Garry Kahn EAM, A8iS, Seminole: Nancy Kamp, 1"l'l5, AHS, Shawnee: T. Hailey Kanard, 'PA-9. AES, Muskogee: Rober+ Henry Kaye, HNF, Bus., Dallas, Tex., Sooner Scandals, lFC Social Comm. FIRST ROW: Lloyd C. Kealon, AES, Muskogee: Philip M. Keeley, EN, Bus., Blackwell, Varsily O Club, Pelr. Land Mgr. Asso.: William S. Keezer, Jr., A8fS, Norman, AX-f, Fencing Club: Thornlon Kell, Jr., AT, A8iS, Ardmore, THE, Oufslanding Freshman, BMOC: Pafricia Kay Keller, AFA, FA, Ponca Cily: Roberl' O. Kellef, KE, Bus., Enid: Kalhleen l. Kelley, AHS, Norman, Shadow Box, AAA, ON, Oikonomia, Dean's Honor Roll: Edward K. Kelling, Bus., Barlles- ville, SAM: Sharon Kempf, Bus., Norman. SECOND ROW: Edward Kennedy, A8iS, Gainesville, Tex., Arnold Air Sociefy, STE: James D. Kennedy, AXA, AXKS, Chickasha, 'Nl-5, EH-Y, Deans Honor Roll: Eugene R. Kernaghan, Pharm., OC, APhA, PX: Jean C. Kessler, TTB, 294 AES, OC: Dolores A. Kesler, AFA, A81S, Ponca Cily, Tassels, HRC Secrelary, Young Demo. Club Secrefary, Youlh Tralfic Courf: Karla Kelch, A41 FA, OC: Joe F. Key, AT, Bus., Roswell, N. M.: Johnelle Kidd, TTB, AHS, Norman: Rober+ Lee Kidd Ill, ATS2, FA, Polea u, KKXP, 205, 'l'MA. THIRD ROW: Virginia Lee Kidd, KKF, A84S, Shawnee, EAH, lnlernalional Club, Navy Oueen: Johnny R. Killgore, 'PAQ Bus., Shreveport La.: Lesfer Killingswor+h, AES, Allus, AED,, Dean's Honor Roll: John L. Kimbrough, Bus.. OC: Donald King, Acacia, Bus., Wealherlford, KKW, IE: Jackson M. Kinnebrew, l3l'lH, Bus., Pauls Valley: Harold Kirk, AHS, OC: Taxi Kifagawa, Engr., Vauxhall, Alla., Can., Engineer Club, AlChE: Sue Nell Klulfs, AHS, OC. Degree Enhance llpportunit in cientiiicAge 'FIRST ROW: Gary Kolander, AAFP, Bus., Shalluck, accounling Club: Warren Kourf, HAT, Engr., Wichiia, Kan., UAC, Sooner Scandals, ET: William Kurlz, Pharm., OC, 'PH-Y, APhA Treas., Nalional APhA Delegale, PX: Wah-Cheng Kwan, Engr., Hong Kong: Roberl' Allan Kyker, Engr., Ringling, SAE, ASME: John L. Kyser lll, AHS, Barllesville: Kindred La Borde, ASIS, Calgary, Alla., Can.: Linda Sue Lahr, Educ., Bellaire, Tex.: Nalhan A. Lanford, KE, Bus., Hobbs, N. M. SECOND ROW: Gary D. Lang, Engr., Midwesf Cily: Iris Fern Larson, Educ.. Ardmore: Joan L. Larson, AX9, A8fS, Tulsa: Melvin Edward Larson, Engr., New Jersey, ET, 'i'9K, lnsr. ol Aero. Sci.: Mike Lauderdale, AHS, Cache, OAK, ISA Pres.: Lowell B. Lay, Jr., Engr., Norman: George F. Le Bus Ill, Engr., Norman, TBII, IT, SCAIA Vice-Pres.: Harold Le Crone, 'Nl-A, AES, OC: Richard K. Ledbeller, BN, Bus., Midwesl Cily. THIRD ROW: Elizabefh Lee, A8rS, Ponca Ciiy: Linda Lefiel, AAA, FA, McAIes4 ler: Leslie Leibowilz, AWP, AHS, Brooklyn, N. Y.: Warren Leslie, AKE, Bus., Lawlon, AKE Pres., Young Demo. Club: Jerry Levin, HAT, A81S, OC, IE, IFC Pub. Rel. Chrmn., Model UN, Young Repub. Club: Kaye Lewis, AX51, AHS. OC: PaHy Lielo, KA9, Educ., Nowaia: William Orlando Ligon, Jr., 'l'KXl', AHS, Seneca, Mo.: Barrell' Lindsey, HKA, A8rS, Midland, Tex. FOURTH ROW: Bill Liplon, EAM, Bus., New York, N. Y., Sludenf Senale Treas., Accounling Club, Hillel Exec. Board, Sludenl Senale Finan. Comm., EAM Treas., Pledge Trainer: Donna Li'H'ke, X-Q, Educ., Clinlon: Tom Lifflefon, Engr., OC, AIEE: Lynn Ann Livingsfon, KKF, AES, Tulsa, UAB, Greal Books Chrmn., Morlar Board: Roberl' Livingsion, KA, AHS, OC: Jimmy Lloyd, fIJKNI', AES, LaVerne: Myron Looney, Zfbli, Bus., Burlalo, N. Y.: Michael Drew Love, AES, Rome, Ilaly, Judo Club, Philosophy Club, Grear Books Discussion Group, Judo Club Press Sec.: Franklin P. Lovering, 'PF-A, AHS, Barllesville. FIFTH ROW: Myrna Kay Lowry, A8rS, Ponca Cily, AT, Archery Club: Scofl' B. Lowry, Bus., Ponca Ciiy, Markeling Club: Jann Lowlher, FA, OC: Barbara Ludmeyer, AWP, Educ., Joplin, Mo.: Roberf Luke, BAE, Ardmore, TUE, TBH, ET, BMOC, OAK Pres.: Phil A. Luiz, TFA, Engr., Lancasler, Tex.: Joan Lyckberg, AHS, Akron, Ohio, Orchesis, Inferior Design Club, Sooner Scandals, Univ. Playa house, Sludenl' Adv. ol Judicial Board, ISA, OAK Talenf Show: Ann Lynn, AI'-A, Educ., OC: Sandra Mace, AXfS, OC. SIXTH ROW: Jim D. Machen, 1-IKA, Bus., Hollis, Peeel: Jo Ann Mackey, FCPB, Educ., OC: Marilyn Maddox, AAU, Educ., OC: Jerald Maddux, IIKA, Bus., RTF EfI1E' Barrlesville: Clyde James Mans, -J 1, Bus., Guyrnon, Accounling Club, I Pres.: Roberr Maricle, AT, FA, OC: Mary Anne Mark, KAf-3, A81S, OC: Sondra Mark, Educ., Red Oak: Palricia Markum, ABS, Norman. 295 nticipation ol Future Characterizes La t Year FIRST ROW: Melanie Marshall, AF, AHS, Sl: Louis, Mo., Oilconomia, Tassels, KAH, Symphony Orch., Wesley Found.: Joe David Marlin, Engr., OC, IAS, S+. Par's Coun., Engineering Open House: Verona Maruslca, Educ., OC: Gary Philip Maspero, Pharm., Inglewood, Calif., PX: Mona Sharon Massey, A8iS, OC: John Maxson, KA, ALS, Dallas, Tex.: Jay D. Maxwell, ATA, Bus, OC: Jim W. Mayfield, IAN, AES, Norman: Fancy McAlIis+er, AAA, Fl. Worlh, Tex., Dean's Honor Roll. SECOND ROW: Rila Mccarfhy, Pharm., I-louslon, Tex.: Nofle A. Mcclanahan, EX, Bus., Norman, ADS, Class Pres.: John C. McClure, KIPKYII, Engr., Barllesville: John McConnel, Engr., Crescenl: Gary S. McCurdy, 'PAQ AES, Purcell: Jaclr Dean McCurdy, Engr., OC, IRE: John McCurdy, Engr, Granile, IME Club, Young Repub. Club: George McDonald, SAIC, Engr., OC, IFC, -BAE Pres. Soc. of Ind. Mgr. Engr., IFC Pres. Counc., Scabbard 81 Blade: Jim E. McDougal BX, Bus., Chandler. THIRD ROW: Jessie Ann McDowell, TIBCIJ, Educ., OC: Roberl F. McFarland AT, Engr., Norman, Sludenl Senale Pres., Vice-Pres., Treas., Parl., Pe-er Pres. OAK Treas.: David Andrew McGee, TKZ1, Bus., Mason Ciiy, Iowa, Sludenl Senaie, Campus Chesl, IFC: Ermona Bess McGoodwin, AHS, Ardmore: Larry McHughes, Engr., Norman, IAS: Janice Mclninch, KA, Educ., Rochesier, N. Y. SNEA, KA Pres.: Thomas McKee, AXA, Engr., Gilcresly Colo., 1-ITIT, NROTO Pislol Team, lnframural Board: Gary McKnigh+, HKA, Engr., McAlesIer: Roberl McLeod, ZAE, Bus., Fargo, N. D., Pelr. Land Mgl., Scabloard 84 Blade. FOURTH ROW: Doris K. McNuH', XQ, Bus., Norman: R. L. McPheron, KE. Bus., Hobbs, N. M.: Kay McQueen, A81S, Geary: Ed Mehew, EN, Engr., Lawlon, ET, SIME, Counselor: Sfephen Larry Mehl, HAT, Engr., Wichila, Kan., ATU. Sooner Scandals, Univ. Sing, Engine Show, IRE, Engr. Club, Hillel: Hernando Mendez, Engr., Cardagena, Colombia: Delven Mermis, Engr., Arlesia, N. M., Engineers Club Pres., HET, ET: Barbara Merrill, ZTA, AES, Dallas, Tex., ZTA Presidenl, Honorary Reg. Col. of Pershing Rifles, Inferior Design Club: Sally Merrill, 111343, AES, Duncan. FIFTH ROW: Donna Merrill, A8fS, Slurgis, S, D.: Larry Midland, AXA, ASS. Cheyenne, Wyo.: Berry Miller, ATA, Bus., OC, Sludenl Senale, IFC, ATA Vice- lpres.: Jerry Miller, HAT, ARS, Kansas Cify, Mo.: Monle Miller, Engr., Seaflle, 296 Wash., TBII, IIKN, ET: Waller S. Millingfon, AKE, Bus., San Francisco, Calif., SAM, IFC: Mary Ann Mills, Xll, Educ., Dallas, Tex.: Flofan Kay Minlo, FA, Del Cily, ATA: Gayle Moisanl, Educ., Norman. SIXTH ROW: Jay Monlgomery, EDIT, Engr., Tulsa, American Rocker Sociely, IAS, EFT: Jerry Lynn Monlgomery, HB'l', Educ., OC: John R. Moody, Bus., Duncan: Richard W, Moore, Jr., 13911, Bus., Allus: Marilyn Moorehead, KA. Bus., Norman: Don Moreloclc, FA, Ada, Dean's Honor Roll, TMA, Amer. Guild of Organisls: Vicloria Morey, AAU, AES, Flossmoor, Ill.: Sian Morrison, -STE, Engr., Plainview, Tex., Baslcerball, Baseball, IRE: William Arlhur Morrison, FA, Chelsea FIRST ROW: Dale R. Muehlenbrock, Engr., Dallas. Tex.: Carl M. Mullen, Engr., Sapulpa: William Mulligan, Bus., Waycross, Gag Jerry Munro, BWI, AHS, Nor- man: Peggy Mun+er, Educ., Logan, IIE, SNEA: Eugene Murphy, Bus., Norwood, Mass., SAM: Bruce M. Murray, Educ., CoII's Neck, N. J., BSU: Bob C. Murrell, AT, Bus., OC: Don Murrell, Engr., Casper, Wyo., Insr. of Aero. Sci. SECOND ROW: Judy Murrell, A8fS, Norman, Oikonornia, HE, Wesley Found., Kfb: Jerry Musltraf, A81S, Barflesville: Ramsey Mya'H', Bus., Alfus: Daniel Myers, AES, Coliieyville, Kan., ISA Treas., HBA: Ronnie Myles, EN, Bus., Tulsa: Carl Naehrifz, Engr., Yukon: Dewiff Neal, Jr., ASS, OC, Sooner Yearbook Sfafl, Economics Club, Twenliefh Cenlury Sociely, Arnold Air Sociefy, Cade-I Olilicers Club: Richard Allan Neff, Engr., Dayfon, Ohio: Billy Nelson, IIKA, Engr., Housion, Tex. THIRD ROW: Mary Ann Newlon, FA, Tabor, Iowa, Wesley Found., KT, MENC, Women's Glee Club: Connie Newman, Xfl, AES, Miami: William W. Newlon, Jr., Engr., Dallas, Tex.: Charles Wing-Yuen Ng, FA, Hong Kong, -W'-5: Hugh B. Nicholas, A-E42 AXKS, Tulsa: Fran Norman, FA, OC: Van Norwood, Ifbii, Bus., Arlingron, Va., SAM: Hassein H. Nour, Engr., Teheran, Iran: Roberi A, Nun- nally, HKA, Bus., OC. FIRST ROW: Glenda Ochsner, Al'-5, AES, Yukon: Marilyn Odom, AXfS, Muskogee: Ernie C. O'Hara, -YN, Bus., Norman: Sieve Olsen, 'I'-59, Engr., Tulsa: Mary K. Osborne, XXI, Educ., OC. SECOND ROW: Jere D. Osburn, FA, OC: Jerry Ofis, AXA, Bus., Lawron, AXA Treas, Seniors Sec.: Lynn P. Overlon, KA, Bus., Garden Cily, Kan., O Club, Varsify Baseball: Sherry Owen, -:-Y KAI-1, Educ., Tulsa: Marilyn Owens, ZTA, A8fS, Shawnee. THIRD ROW: David PadgeH, K-Y, Engr., OC: Elsie May Pannell, Educ., Norman: Larry A. The Ias+ days before graduafion are fiilled wi+h all kinds of franiic aciivify-finals, iob-hun+ing, packing. Margaref Wi+hers also checks on measuremenls for her cap and gown. Pannell, Engr., Norrnan: Janice Park, Bus., Deerlraii, Colo.: Randy Parker, AXA, AHS, Lawron. 297 FIRST ROW: Noel R. Parsons, AES, Wewoka, CCUN, Russian Club, Inferna- lional Club, OU Band: Palricia F. Palferson, KKF, AHS, OC, Model UN, COR, Young Republicans Club, Model UN Delegale, NSA Delegale: Tom Pafferson, AT, Bus., Midland, Tex.: Ken+ PaHon, Engr., Anadarko, Counselor, SCAIA, Dean's Honor Roll: Temple Elizabelh Paxfon, Bus., Amarillo, Tex.: James H. Payne, EX, Educ., Sfamlord, Tex., Varsily Foolball: Eddie Peach, EN, Educ., Elk Cily: Michael S. Peck, EAM, Bus., Highland Park, Ill., IEC Soc. Chrman.: Tom Peck, KE, AXQS, Miami. SECOND ROW: William Peck, fDK'I', Engr., Tulsa: Judy Peebles, Educ,, We- woka: Mary Jane Pemberlon, KA9, A8lS, OC: Clyde Garland Pendergraf, Engr., Jay, ET, ASCE: Mary Irene Pendergrafl, Educ., Pond Creek, HE: Roberl' B. Seniors Kaufman Hall's second floor language laborafory is a real boon 'lo Tisha Johnslon, ar'rs and sciences maior 'From Oklahoma Cify, who lisfens +o records prior fo a final examinafion. Peraza, AZT, Engr., Bogola, Colombia, SCAIA: Be'Hy Permerler, AHS, Earls- boro: Palricia Ann Perry, X52, A8iS, Tulsa: Nancy Pefersen, AFA, Educ., OC. THIRD ROW: Sidney Marion Pelerson, Engr., Baron Rouge, La., EAR: Roberr Pefrick, Bus., Cincinnati, Ohio: Richard W. PeH'icrew, AXA, Engr., Indianapolis, Ind., Engr. Club, Sooner Scandals, Pledge Class Pres., Mobil Oil Scholarship: Karen R. Philbin, TVIPB, Educ., Los Angeles, Calif.: Allegra Phillips, AFA, AES, Phoenix, Ariz.: Curlis Phillips, TA9, Engr., Wichila, Kans.: Sissy Phillips, HBQ, A8cS, Jacksonville, Tex., AAA, Tassels, Morlar Board, UAB, Mol'her's Day Chair- man: T. Ray Phillips, EAE, Bus., OC: Larry Howard Phipps, AHS, OC, Model UN, CCUN, ZJAX Vice-Pres., Oklahoma Daily News Ediror, Slalil Wriler, Okla- homa Publishing Co. Inlernship, KUVY Slall. 15 FIRST ROW: Nancy Sprague Phipps, AES, Helena, Oursfanding Independent Hanging of 'rhe Greens Narralor, Model UN, CCUN, UAB: Joe M. Pierce, A8fS, Allus: Waller Piplrin, AES, OC: Bill Pixley, Bus., Arkansas Cily, Kan.: Anira Poe, I"iJB, Educ., Srigler. SECOND ROW: Dennis L. Poindexfer, Engr., Nicoma Park, IAS, American Rocker Sociely: Dana Pomeranh, AEW, A8fS, San Antonio, Tex.: Belly Pond, KKF, Pharm., Enid, Kappa Presidenr: Carolyn Pool, Educ,, Del Cily: William Porler, Engr., Seallle, Wash. THIRD ROW: Lisa Joy Porlerfield, A81S, Norman: Barbara Ann Posey, AHS, OC, AWS Treas., HRC Chrmn., Srudenl Senare, ISA, Tassels, Newman Club, Dean's Honor Roll: Mary Ann Pores, AFA, A8fS, Sulphur, AAA, 'l'Al9, AFA Pres.: Phillip H. PoHer, A8fS, Chandler: Kay Files PoHs, Educ., Galveslon, Tex. 298 Commencement Mark FIRST ROW: Ron Polls, -EX, Engr,, Challanooga, Varsily Baseball: Carolyn Powell, A8rS, Norman: Judy Prescoll, All, FA, Alfus: Ron Prelelrin, IIA'I', AHS, Daylon, Ohio, Sfudenr Senafe, CCUN, Model UN: Louis Priebe, HHH, ARS. Enid, AUSA Vice-Pres.: Kale PrifcheH, KKF, Educ.: Kafhryn Purser, Educ., Lib- eral, Kan.: William Roberl' Queen, Bus., OC: Glen Rabun, KB, Bus., OC. SECOND ROW: Tim Ragan, 'I'K?l, Educ., Norman: Hafeez U. Rahman, Engr., Arilwala, Palcisian: Marfha Kafherine Rains, Educ., Duncan, A41 Panhellenic Scholarship, SNEA: Thomas H. Rains, AXA, Engr., Duncan, Dean's Honor Roll, Civil Engr, Club, Men's Glee Club, Sooner Scandals: Roberf Ralls, 15911, AXIS, Ending ei College Days Duncan, 'RH-E, Ouislandinq Freshman: Edwin L. Ramey, AT, Bus., Seminole: Gary C. Rawlinson, SAE, A8rS, Norman: Lawrence Reams, HGH, A8rS, Tulsa, Btllll Pres.: Carl Reed, Acacia, A8rS, Noble. THIRD ROW: Judy Reed, Educ., Norman: Ronnie Reed, Engr., Chiclcashat Kris Reeves, Hl3'l', Bus., OC: Elizabefh Reimers, AW, AHS, Moline, Ill.: David Jerome Reifh, ABS, Hamillon, ISA, TWT, Young Republicans, Dean's Honor Roll, ll-YA: Francie Remmel, AX52, AES, Guymon: Jay Reynolds, AT, Pharm., Enid: Bill J. Rheinold, -YN, Bus., Tulsa, IE, Marlceling Club: Jay Rhodes, Bus.. Dallas, Tex. l FOURTH ROW: Gordon Richards, K-Y, Pharm., Shawnee: William Toombs Richardson, Jr., 139171, Bus., OC: Rosemary Riddle, AXQ, A8rS, Norman: Byron Rife, -YN, Bus., San Anfonio, Tex.: Mack Riley, Bus., OC, Accounling Club, Varsily O Club, Wreslling Team: Lou Ann Roach, FTB, AES, OC, BSU, Pres. Honor Roll, Sfudenr Senale: Jean Robichaux, KA9, Educ., Excelsior Springs, Mo., Srudenf Senale, SEA: John Robinson, AXA, AES, Tulsa: John B. Robinson, Bus., Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Yvelfe Robinson, Educ., OC: Lerence Dale Robison, FA, Mid- wesl' Cily, Alumni Developmenl' Award, Lew Wenlz Scholarship: Murray Robi- son, FA, Midwesl Cily, KUVY, AEI' Pres., flllllg Larry Rowe, BAE, AZLS, We- woka: Carol Rucker, ACP, Educ., OC: Rosalind Ruclrer, Educ., Barllesville: James Franklin Rushing, AXA, Engr., AIEE-IRE: Jim Rushfon, 'P5-9, A8rS, Muskogee: David O. Rulherford, ZX, Bus. SIXTH ROW: John R. Sadberry, Jr., ASQS, Lawlon: Franklin Salle, AEH, Bus., Tulsa, Chess Club: Karen Sanders, KK1', AHS, Dallas, Tex.: Rober+ M. Sanders, Bus., OC: J. B. Saunders lll, ZAE, Bus., Housfon, Tex., Marlceiing Club, IE: Sandra Sawyer, AX9, AXIS, Norman: Barbara Schlanger, AEKD, A3cS, Tulsa: Lonnie J. SchmiH', 'PKSIC Engr., Dorchesler, Tex., IAS, Engr. Club: Sarah Sue Scholl, AXQ, Bus., Wichifa Falls, Tex. 299 Graduation To Launch Professional Career FIRST ROW: Lucille W. Schriever, Educ., Norman, SEA, Cenfral Sr. Speech Assoc.: Lynn A. Schriner, A-YP, Engr., Ponca Ciry, lRE-AlEE, SAME, Engr. Club: Richard l.. Schwarlz, Educ., Valley Srream, N. Y.: Sharon Schwoerlre, A8fS, Nor- man: Beverly Scribner, AHS, Del Ci'ry, AAA, KAN: Bill A. SCOH, SAE, AES, Lawlon: Jerry L. Sealy, ATA, Bus., OC: Virginia Self, KAH, AHS, Norman: Nick Semeniulr, Engr., Creslon, B, C., Can., ASCE. SECOND ROW: John M. Sharp, AT, AHS, Tulsa, Sooner Yearbook Edilor, Univ. Sfanding Comm., EM: Sue Sharpe, Educ., Borger, Tex., -EAU: Buford Shaw, Educ., Norman: Paul Sheliferf, Engr., Englewood, N. J.: Jerry G. Shelfy, Educ., OC: Tom W. Shelhimer, KA, Lifflelon, Colo., SAM, Markeling Club, IE: George A. Shel'I'on, Engr., Hugo: Jaclr E. Shorl, Bus., Tia Juana, Venezuela, Ac- counring Club: Gary Shrago, T-TA'l', ABS, Sioux Ciiy, iowa. THIRD ROW: Handley Shull, ASS, Wilminglon, Del., PDT: Maf+hew Donald Siegel, EAM, Engr., OC, AIEE: Joe Silverman, -EAM, Pharm., Universily Cily. Mo.: A. Richard Sinclair, ATA, Engr., OC, OAK, Varsily O Club Pres., IITE Pres., ASME: Saul L. Sinderbrand, AEN, Bus., Wharion, Tex., AEII Pres.: Donald Sinex, Bus., Farmingfon, N. M., Men's Glee Club. -5-:HZ Kenf C. Sinex, Engr., Farmingfon, N. M.: Karen Sisney, AATT, AES, OC: Vernon Sisney, Bus., OC, Dean's Honor Roll. FOURTH ROW: Karen Barbara Slrinner, Educ., Chicago, lll.: Howard Sluslcy, HAT, Bus., Omaha, Nels., TIC, Aviarion Club: Jim Smallwood, IIKAI Bus., Shreveport La.: Alan Smifh, AKH, Engr., Chiclcasha: Browning L. Smilh, Engr., Hasrings: Clarence Smifh, Jr., Uncl., Balesburg, S. C.: Don Smifh, BDU, Bus., Balon Rouge, La., Sooner Scandals Direclor, Senior Class Treasurer, Pe-el, OAK, BMOC: Howard C. Smilh, ARE, Bus., Wellsville, N. Y., Sludy Council: Karen Smifh, KKF, AES, Ardmore. FlFTH ROW: Kay Sue Smiih, Educ., Nowala, SNEA: Richard Smilh, AXS, Barilesville: Roberf O. Smilh, 'l'A9, Educ., Bismarck, N. D., Varsily Golf Team, Scabbard 81 Blade: John Howard Smiffle, AES, Corpus Chrisli, Tex.: Ann Sneed, 300 NAPT, AES, Norman: Neville Soil, Bus., Johannesburg, S. Africa, Varsiiy Traclc, Varsily O Club: Jim Sparks, BDU, Engr., OC: Jim Spencer, EN, Ponca Cily, Ciry Narional Bank Scholarship, EN Pres., Sec., TH Pres.: Ronald Spencer, Engr., Konawa, AlChE Pres., AX-Y. SIXTH ROW: Rosalyn Sperber, FA, Tulsa, Zfbll Pres., Univ. Players: Bill Sprad- lin, EN, ASS, Lindsay: Wayne Slalnalrer, Engr., Shawnee, AXE, AlChE, Pershing Rifles: Larry Sianford, AKE, Bus., Flora, lll., Marlceling Club, Finance Club: Jim W. Sfanley, Bus., Greeley, Colo.: Ted M. Sfanley, Educ., Defroir, Mich.: Ronald Sleele, -YN, Engr., Barllesville: Ronald Sfeinberg, -EAM, ASQS, Wynne, Arlc., CCUN Treas., ll-YA: Lewis Slephens, KA, Engr., Tulsa. FIRST ROW: Kay Karol Sfevens, FTB, FA, OC, IIC: Lynn Sfevens, ARS, Balfirnore, Md.: Woodrow W. Sfevens, Bus., McAIesIer, SAM: S+ephanie Sfevenson, A8fS, Madill: Marilyn Rufh S'lewarf,A81S, OC, French Club, Wesley Found. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Jane Sfinson, Al'-3, A8fS, Norman: Bob Gale Sfone, Educ., Earls boro, Married Sludenl Cenler: Gayle Sfoneman, 1"l'B, ASKS, El Reno, F453 Social Chrmn., Jack s+ou+, rx, Ass, shame, rx Pfesidea, Pea, OAK, BMOC, uma, Caroline sf. Pierre, IYIDB, Educ., OC. Seniors Accuracy is 'the mosf imporfanl' ingredient Thaf's whaf Jerry Bowen, Barflesville, has learned af+er spending many hours in pharmacy lab THIRD ROW: Sally B. Sfreefer, ACP, AXIS, Wilmefle, III.: Phoebe Slreefman, AXQ, AXIS, preparing for fhe day when he fills prescripiions professionally. Seminole: David Randolph, AES, Muskogee: Ki+ Sfuarf, KAW, Educ., Sapulpa: BeH'y Sfubbs, A'P,A81S. Dallas, Tex. FIRST ROW: Joe Sunbarger, -STA, AHS, Houslon, Tex., NI'-5 Treas., Men's Glee Club Sec.-Treas.: Rila Su'Her, IWPH, Bus., W'oodward: Carolyn SuHon, AVA. A81S, Meeker: Fred Swafford, Enqr., England, Ark.: Sieve W. Swafford, 'I'-397, Engr., Lillle Rock, Ark.: William A. Swan III, Engr., Casper, Wyo., -YT, SAE- ASME, S+. Pa+'s Coun., Cross Cenler Vice-Pres., Dean's Honor Roll, Presidenfs Honor Roll, AT-5: John Joseph Sweeney, BDU, Bus., Dallas, Tex., Cross Cenler Cifizenship Award, Inlramural Board Sec., Pelr, Land Mgf. Asso, Pres.: Charles S. Swimley, AHS, Norman: Tom Swineford, BDU, ARS, Chickasha, Inlramural Board. SECOND ROW: John W. Tarr, IIN, Bus., OC, IFC, IOE, SPE, Markeling Club: Charles H. Taylor, A8fS, OC, Debale Team, KUVY, AX: Garland N. Taylor, FA, Duranl, -Nl'-5: Judifh Taylor, AHS, Cyril, Inferior Design Club, Oikonomia: M. Clay Taylor, AXQS, Midwesl Cily: Roy Taylor, AT, Bus., Tulsa: Shelley Taylor, IN, Bus., Tulsa: Kaye M. Teall, Educ., Norman, 'PAX Sec., ff'Al'I, KSU: George Teas, AXfS, Mooreslown, N. J., American Rockef Sociely. THIRD ROW: Janis Tennyson, AVA, AES, Tulsa: RoI::er'l'a Tesar, AXU, AES. Chicago, III.: Sharon Thefford, A'I', AES, Dallas, Tex., Oklahoma Daily Edifor, Sooner Yearbook Sporfs Edlior, Oklahoma Daily Sporls Edilor, Oklahoma Daily Managang Edilorg Harold G. Thomas, Bus., Lawlon, Markeling Club, IH: Tom Thomas, ETH, AHS, Holdenville: Mary Sue Thompson, 3.3.3, AES, OC: Virginia Thornlon, AFA, AXIS, Norman: John Thorpe, Bus,, Kingfisher: Jeanne Tilson, AHS, Oakland, Calil. 30I E I il I1 Seniors Leo A. Izzabell, engineering sfudenf 'From Comanche, and John Cole- man, aris and sciences maior from Tulsa, confer abouf fhe 'iine poinfs of fhe game during bowling class a+ a Campus Corner alley. FIRST ROW: John P. Tison, Educ., Valley Slafion, Ky.: David Tiffle, Engr., Norman, TEH: Ronald George Tobin, 'PK-E, AES, Brooklyn, N. Y., 'PKE President IFC Expansion Comm. Chrmn.: John Todd, ATA, Bus., Norman, Pelr. Land Mgt Asso.: Ann Tolberf, KKF, ASS, Hobart SECOND ROW: Milfon J. Torres, Engr., Miami, Fla., ET: Befsy Trahern, AAA, AXS, Pauls Valley: Louise Trapnell, lIBfP, AHS, Ponca Cily: Faye Trapp, Educ., Hurst Tex., Dad's Day, SNEA, Campus Chesf: Pai' Treseder, AXKS, Lockport Ill. THIRD ROW: Deanna Troub, APA, FA, Carnegie, Univ. Chorus, Womenls Choral Club. MENC: Paul Tullis, ASS, Ft Smilh, Ark.: Mohammed K. Turk, Engr., Beirut Lebanon: Susan Turk, DN5, Educ., OC, Dean's Honor Roll: Judiih Turner, Educ., San Anfonio, Tex. FIRST ROW: Sharron Turner, KU, AHS, Tulsa: Lawrence K. Ueki, Engr., Wailuku: Maui, Hawaii: Margol' Florence Uefrechf, Ffifli, FA, Dallas, Tex., AAA, ATA: Judy Van Aken, IIWF, AHS, Barllesville: Bill Van Dall, AT9, AHS, Barllesvilleg Bobbye Van Horn, AHS, OC, Inferior Design Club, Oikonomia, Dean's Honor Roll: Treva Marie Van Tine, A'l', Educ., Norman, Scuba Club, Young Repub, SNEA: George R. Van Wagner, IX, AES, Shawnee: Rober+ W. Vaughan, A2342 Engr., Kiowa. SECOND ROW: Bob Vesfal, Educ., Marlow: Charles W. Von Rosenberg, Engr., Norman, Inst of Aero Sci., American Rocker Sociely ViceAChrmn,, ET, ITT, TBII, Honor Roll: Bill Walker, Engr., TBT1, IITZI, ASME, SAE: Don Walker, 'l'AI'I, AES, Wichifa, Kan., 4'-W3 Pres., IEC Big Eighl Pres., IEC Treas.: Thomas C. Walker, Engr., Killanning, Pa.: Miriam Walkow, Aiifif, Educ., Texarkana, Tex.: 302 Rebecca Walkow, AEfi', Educ., Texarkana, Tex.: Ed Walner, BAE, Engr., Ard- more, Engineers Club, AIEE-IRE: James Walfher, ATA, A8iS, Porl Washinglon, N. Y. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Walfon, Educ., Norman, Senior Class Sec., FBLA, TBE Vice-President WYA Pres., OU Band, TBA, BSU: Marfha Walfon, A8iS, Nor- man, YWA Pres., BSU, Band, TB-E, AEII Vice-Pres., KUVY, KUVY Kufie, EJA: Allan Ward, Engr., Calgary, Alla., Can.: Dennis Ward, Bus., Barllesville, Varsify O Club, Pelr. Land Mgt Club: Frederick Morrell Warden, Jr., KA, Bus., Tulsa, TE Pasr Pres.: Don D. Warrick, EN, Bus., Alva, IE, Dist Mil. AF Cadet Varsify Track, A-YH, Pres. Honor Roll: James R. Wafkins, -SAE, Bus., Tulsa: Joan Evelyn Wafkins, XSI, AES, Wichila, Kan.: David Way, 'PT'-5, AES, Houslon, Tex., 'PH-Y, AEA, Axis, Graduate Held High Hope fer Coming Year IRST ROW: William N. Weaver, KA, AXS, Muskogee, Canferbury Club, lRC: arl Webb, EX, Engr., Hobbs, N. M.: Rose Marie Weber, Educ., Omega, AWS res., Morfar Board, Cafe Cenler Pres.: Charles K. Websler, WPA, Bus., OC: Ilyn Wedemeyer, A'l', Educ., Monroe, La.: CharloHe Ann Weeks, AXU, ASQS. elhany, Morrar Board, Tassels, AAA: Cooper Weeks, BAE, Bus., Des Moines, owa, Swimming Team, Avialion Club: Larry Weinfraub, EAM, Engr., Aloka, mer. Soc. for Melals, Sl. Pal's Coun. Sec.: Larry Weifzner, HAT, Bus., Newark, .J., Accounling Club, HRC, Sooner Scandals, Dad's Day. ECOND ROW: Gayle Welcher, FTB, Bus., Norman, TE, PAX, Sooner Year- ook Slalzl: Peggy Wells, KA9, AHS, Enid, f'l-SJR, FAX: W. Burlon Wells, Bus., kemah, Markering Club, IE: Roger Wesffall, EN, Engr., Tulsa: Jane Dunham Weslon, XSZ, A8fS, Brazil, Ind.: Kay Whelihan, IVW5, Educ., OC, Vfl' Treas.. Dean's Honor Roll, K-SH: Brenda J. Whefslone, A'l', A8fS, Miami, Afb Vice- Pres.: George While, A241 Engr., Slroud, OU Band: Don Whillark, HKA, Engr., Amarillo, Tex. THIRD ROW: Phillip A. Whifney, Engr., Syracuse, N. Y., ASME, SAE: David Whiflaker, 'PAQ Bus., OC, Markeling Club Pres., AAE, Sooner Yearbook Slalzl: Marianna Wilke, AF, AXS, Barllesville: Emily Williams, AGS, OC, 9247: Judy Williams, IVPB, FA, Allus, MfiJE, Chorale, Sooner Scandals, Barbershop Ouarlel: Margo Williams, HB'l', A8rS, Dallas, Tex.: Sheri Williams, AXQ, FA, OC: Gary W. Wilson, Engr., Norman: Larry W. Wilson, AHS, OC. FOURTH ROW: Mike T. Wilson, 'l'K'1', A8rS, Miami, Men's Glee Club, Sooner Scandals: Nancy E. Wilson, A8rS, Duncan: Thomas W. Wilson, Pharm., Loco: Charles W. Wiseley, Bus., Tulsa: Sarah Wiseman, Educ., Lawlon: Margarel A. Wifhers, A81S, Calgary, Alla., Can.: Chrislian Woessner, Engr., Teaneck, N. J., Ceci Wolfe, KA9, Educ., Hugo: Emily Wong, A8fS, Hong Kong. FIFTH ROW: Dennis Woods, fI'K9, A8fS, Arlinglon, Va.: J. Brison Woods, AES, New Orleans, La., "PAQ, SAM: Alson C. Woodward, Engr., Lawron, UKN: Frank W. Worley, EX, FA, Dallas, Tex.: Fred U. Worlhingfon, AES, Sand Springs, 5-AX: Linda Worlhingfon, ALS, Duncan, WM, Oklahoma Daily News Ediror, Oklahoma Daily Slall: Roman Palrick Wozniak, Engr., Codesa, Alla., Can., ASCE. Engineers Club: Charles Wray, Engr., Cyril, TBH, HTS, XT, SAE. ASME: Gary Wylie, EX, Bus., Whiresboro, Tex., Varsily Foolball, O Club. SIXTH ROW: John Yarringlon, AE49, FA, Tulsa: Bob Yales, QK9, Bus., Garden Cily, N. Y.: Dwighl' Yenzer, HKA, AES, Crescenf, AEP, KUVY Sfalion Mgr.. DSF Pres.: Sandra Younr, Educ., Anadarko, SEA, K'fI': Gerry Zalkovsky, AXSZ, A8rS, Dallas, Tex.: Roberl' L. Zbornak, Engr., Belleville, lll., ET: Ralph Zimmer- man, Engr., Haifa, Israel: Dee Posl' Zook, AF, Educ., Dean's Honor Roll, Pres. Honor Roll, WRA Pres., PEM Club Sec.-Treas.: Roy Zumwall, Engr., Frederick, Machine Design Achievemenl' Award, ASME Presidenl, SAME Sec.-Treas., HTS Corr Sec. 303 Carlynn Adams ALS Ponca City Frederick Amato Pha rm. Norwalk, Conn. Stanley Arcader Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus, Bristow Meaningful Project Chareeteri e Third Year Doug Adams Phi Kappa Sigma, ALS Olustee Bonnie Amerman Alpha Epsilon Phi, ALS Stroud Betty Arnett Kappa Alpha Theta, Educ. Hugo H. Clarke Adams Sigma Chi ABS, Los Angeles, Cal. Cindy Anderson Pi Beta Phi A815 Okla. City Carolyn Gay Ashabranner Chi Omega ABS Okla. City Kay Aitken Gamma Phi Beta, FA Woodward Daniel Anderson Sigma Nu ABS, Fayette- ville, Ark. David V. Ashbaucher Pi Kappa Alpha, Engr. Kenilworth, lll. John Thomas Akin Pharm. Claremore Ellen Anderson Alpha Chi Omega, ABS Okla. City J. D. Austin Phi Delta Theta, Bus. Wichita, Kan. Sherry Allen Gamma Phi Beta, Educ. Bartlesville Gary Anderson Delta Upsilon ABS Tulsa Carol Autry Alpha Phi Educ. Purcell Troy Allen Bus. Lawton Joe Anderson Phi Delta Theta ALS H ugo Ruth Autry Educ. Norman Mary Ellen Alletag FA Ada Marie Anderson Educ., Plainview, Tex. Jane Babbitt Delta Delta Delta, ABS Lawton John R. Allgood Pi Kappa Alpha, ABS Altus Rosellen Anderson Alpha Delta Pi ABS Norman Freda Babcock Kappa Ka ppa Gamma, ABS Tulsa Sally Sue Allmon Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Norman Hoyt Andres Delta Tau Delta ALS Okla. City Mary Sue Bachrach ABS Bellevue, Neb. Kenneth O. Allwhite Alpha Tau Omega, Educ. Blackwell Pete Ankeny Sigma Nu Bus., Spring- tield, Ill. Orin Bachrach Bus. Los Angeles, Calit. Ronny Altman Pi Lambda Phi Engr. Tulsa Davida Rae Applebaum Educ. Et. Worth, Tex, Rene Bagby Alpha Chi Omega, ABS Blackwell John Bagwell Lambda Chi Alpha, A815 Okla. City Joyce Barnes UC McAlester Nancy Bell Alpha Delta Educ. Okla, City Robert E. Biles ABS Chandler 304 Diana Lynn Baker Alpha Chi Omega, ABS Dallas, Tex. Susan Barnes Chi Omega Bus. El Reno Bruce N. Benedict Delta Sigma Phi, A815 Ba rtlesville Rusty Binford Beta Theta Pi Bus. Muskogee Ronald Baker Sigma Alpha Mu, A815 Kan. City, Mo. Jerold Barnett UC Eorgan Darryl Benninga Phi Kappa Sigma, Bus. Leon'ville, Kan. Fredda Carol Blagg Gamma Phi Beta, ABS Okla. City Richard Baldwin Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ABS Tulsa Marilyn Barnett Pi Beta Phi ABS Okla. City C. Hector Bernal Bus. Bogotam Columbia Jimmy Don Blair Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ABS Borger, Tex. George Ball Bus. Dallas, Tex. Charles Barringer ABS Norman John G. Bernard Phi Delta Theta ABS Miami, Fla. Diane Blake Kappa Alpha Theta, ABS Lancaster, Tex. Rex Ball ABS Oak Park, lll. Silverio A. Barroqueiro ABS Naugatuck, Conn. John Berry Beta Theta Pi Eng r. Pawnee Duane Blankenship Sigma Alpha Epsilon, FA Clinton Mary Jo Ballard Delta Gamma ABS Pauls Valley Ron Baxter Kappa Alpha ABS Tulsa Larry Bettes Bus. Norman Pat Blanton Sigma Nu UC Enid Ann Elizabeth Barger Nursing Okla. City Roger Bayless Phi Kappa Sigma, Pharm. Duncan Bob Beyerl Phi Kappa Theta, Bus. Ossining, N.Y. Allen Blaske Sigma Phi Epsilon, Engr. Galveston, Tex. Arthur Barnes Alpha Sigma Phi, FA Poteau Jerry Bednar Delta Tau Delta A815 Okla. City Vernon Biggers Sigma N u Educ. Midwest City Eddie Block Pi Lambda Phi Bus., San Antonio, Tex. Clyde Carroll Barnes Bus. Okla. City Lynn Bell Kappa Alpha Theta, Educ. Woodward James M. Biglane Bus. 4 Natchez, Miss. Mark Blum Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Vsfichita, Kan. Jerry Barnes Lambda Chi Alpha, ALS Bartlesyille Martha Bell Chi Omega ABS Okla. City Judith A. Bilberry Alpha Delta Pi Educ., Colo. City, Tex. Don Blumenthal Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Des Moines, la. e John R. Barnes Delta Sigma Phi, Bus, Bertlesville Mary Ann Bell Pi Beta Phi ALS Tulsa Gary Bilbrey Sigma Nu UC Lawton Kay Boatright Pi Beta Phi Bus, Tulsa Bruce Kovner Bobys Sigma Alpha Mu, ASS, Cor- pus Chrisli, Tex. Linda Borden Della Della Della, ABS Tulsa Belh Branyan Della Gamma Bus. Tulsa Thomas Briggs Engr. Tulsa Carole Ann Boddie Chi Omega Educ. Okla. Cily Paul Bowles Lambda Chi Alpha, ALS McAlesler Marcia Gale Brazil Becky Boen Kappa Ka ppa Gamma, A815 Muskogee Carrel Bowman Della Tau Della Educ. Lawlon Belly Brelschneider Alpha Della Pi AHS ABS Ouinlon Charles L. Brislow Sigma Chi Bus. Spencer Duncan Valerie Brock A815 Calgary, Alberla, Can. Pal Boerner A815 Tulsa Marshall Brackin Kappa Sigma Engr. Redding, Cal. Edward Hugh Brell' Engr. Okla. Cily Elizabelh C. Brooks Educ. Midwesl Cily Nancy Boge Sigma Della Tau, Educ. Wichila, Kan. James Alan Bradford A815 Okla. Cily Todis Brell Pi Bela Phi Educ. Norman Beverley Anne Brown Gamma Phi Bela, FA Tulsa A. Camp Bonds Bela Thela Pi Engr. Muskogee Larry Brady Pharm. Lindsay Shannon Brians Kappa Alpha Thela, Bus. Purcell Coke Brown Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. Cily Juniors Addressing envelopes really can be fun, Coleman Robison keeps 'felling himself, as he lackles a praclice lesson in a Business Ad lyping lab. Jay Brown Pi Lambda Phi A815 Tulsa Marie Burns Della Gamma Educ. Sherman, Tex. Janis Capps Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Okla. Cily Roger Chalfanl Engr. Wichila, Kan. Judy Brown Della Gamma A8-S Shawnee Judy Burris A8-S Woodwa rd Tennie Ann Capps Educ. Eulaula Pele Chambers A815 Enid Leland Brumley Bus. Duncan Leslie Burlon Della Gamma FA Jackson, Miss. Cissy Carlson Pi Bela Phi A815 Okla. Cily Carol Chamlee Della Della Della, Pharm. Cordell Rusly Brunkow Della Upsilon Educ. Tulsa Linda Burlon Gamma Phi Bela, Educ. Holdenville Sue Carmack Alpha Phi Educ. Paden Michael Chapline Bus. Okla. Cily Lewis Gerald Bryanl' Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Norman John Busey Alpha Sigma Phi, A815 Sparla, N.J. Ronald R. Carman Alpha Sigma Phi, A815 Barllesville Jann Chrislain Kappa Sigma ABS Okla. Cily Mike Buchanan Della Tau Della A815 Okla. Cily Susan Bush Della Della Della, A815 Tulsa Joan Carmichael Kappa Alpha Thela, Educ. Enid Jack Lee Chrislian Bus. Wewoka Nancy R. Bucher Kappa Alpha Theta, Ass ous. cafy Tommy Byerly Bus. Holdenville Roberl M. Carpenler Educ. Lindsay John A. Chrislner FA Mounlain V iew Carl Buckner Pharm, Tulsa Kay Callahan Educ. EI Reno Kaye Carson Alpha Gamma Della, Bus. Okla. Cily Larry Wayne Clapp Educ. Liberal, Kan. Beverlye Burke Della Gamma Educ. Billings Kale Cameron Della Gamma Educ., Slam- lord, Conn. Roberl Carson A815 Amarillo, Tex. Linda Clapp Educ. Lawlon Michael Burke Alpha Sigma Phi, ABS Okla. Cily Carol Campbell Della Gamma Educ., Ml. Vernon, lll. Roy Carler Engr. Seminole Jill Cleveland Della Della Della, A815 Allus Margarel Burleson Kappa Alpha Thela, A815 Prague R. Dean Campbell UC Pawhuska Sharon Sue Carler Alpha Chi Omega, Educ Wichila, Kan. Julie Cloar Della Gamma Bus. Okla. Cily Susan Kay Burnell Educ. l-lenryella Susan Campbell Della Gamma Educ., Ml. Vernon, lll. Charles Cashion Bela Thela Pi A815 Olcla. Cily James L. Cody Bus. Cleveland, Ohio 305 Juniors Pal' Railey admils lhal il may be cowardly, bul' leaving a nole is beller lhan 'lacing lhe professor, now lhal's sl1e's going lo drop 'lhe course. Linda Coffin Zela Tau Alpha, A815 Forl Sill Belly Colslon Educ. Okla. Cily Susan Cook A815 Okla, Cily Lawrence J. Couranl Engr. Gloucesler, Mass. Joan Wayne Coffman Chi Omega Educ. Pauls Valley Richard Conklin Pi Kappa Alpha, A815 Sligler Ann Copeland Chi Omega A815 Brownl'ld, Tex. Marion Craighead Gamma Phi Bela, A815 Ba rllesville Nancy Coffman Pi Bela Phi A815 Ardmore Bob Conley Della Tau Della Bus. Tulsa Gerald E. Copher A815, Board Camp, Ark. David Craven Bela Thela Pi A815 Dallas, Tex. Sharon Colclasure Alpha Della Pi A815 Ardmore Ann Connolly Kappa Alpha Thela, A815 Ol1la.Cily William Bob Corlell Ka ppa 5ig ma A815 Gulhrie Von Russell Creel A815 lvlidwesl Cily Janell Cole Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Mill'g'n, Tenn. David Thomas Cook Della A815 Tulsa Upsilon Paul Cornell Della Tau Della FA Okla. Cily Raymond Crooks Engr. Gulhrie Ernesl' Collins Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bus. Shreveporl, La. Jim Cook Kappa Sigma A815 Okla. Cily Richard Coulson Alpha Tau Omega, A815 Okla. Cily Jill Cross Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Enid W. Timolhy Crowe Bus. Culver, Ind. Joseph J. Darby Alpha Tau Omega, UC Dallas, Tex. Michael Dick Sigma Alpha Mu, A815 Arlinglon, Va. Ray E. Drake Bus. Okla. Cily 306 Judye Lynn Crumley FA l-loldenville Carl Darnell Pharm. Lawlon Anila Di Giacomo Pi Bela Phi A815 Tulsa David C. Driver Della Tau Della A815 Okla. Cily Joseph P. Culp Sigma Chi Bus. Norman Jane Darrough Ka ppa Ka ppa Gamma, A815 Vinila Bill Dillion Kappa Sigma A815 Ada John M. Duck Kappa Sigma Bus. Okla. Cily William Culp Kappa Sigma A815 McAlesler Rulh Darrough Kappa Alpha Thela, Educ. Okla. Cily Bill Dimick Della Tau Della A815 El. Worlh, Tex. Arlhur Dudenhoelfer Phi Kappa Sigma, A815 Grandlield Gene Cunningham A815 Okla. Cily J. C. Davenporl Bus. Ponca Cily Sandra Diwoky A815 Sea brook, Tex. Jim Dudley Bus. Alva Jeneane Curry Zela Tau Alpha, A815 Clovis, N. M. Gil Davidson Sigma Alpha M u, Bus. Muskogee Nancy Doble Educ. l-linsdale, lll. Carol Duley Alpha Gamma Della, A815 Ponca Cily Mary Lee Daily Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Bixby Nancy Davis Alpha Epsilon Phi, Bus. Wharlon, Tex. Nancy Domianovich A815 Ada Paul C. Duncan, Jr. Pi Kappa Alpha, Law Okla. Cily Dennis Dale A815 Shawnee Slephen P. Davis 5igma Nu A815 Midwesl Cily Jimmy Dooley Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Lawlon Mary Dunn A815 Tonkawa William J. Dale, Jr. Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Edmond Dulany Dawson Kappa Ka ppa Gamma, A815 Shawnee Shirley Dorman Alpha Della Pi Bus. Okla. Cily Roberla Dunninqlon Alpha Phi Bus. Cherokee Judy Dalke Della Della Della, Educ. Wichila, Kan. Nancy Dealon A815 Ringo, Ga. Bob Dornfeld Pi Kappa Alpha, A815 Oak Park, lll. Bill Eason Alpha Sigma Phi, A815 Ardmore Orion Daniel Kappa Alpha UC Wich. F'ls, Tex. Tom DeWill Phi Kappa Psi A815 Vinila Daniel D. Douglass Phi Gamma Della, A815 Balboa l-lgls., Canal Zone Loura Easlham Educ. Slig ler E Guy Danielson Phi Gamma Della, A815 Okla, Cily James Waller Dick Bus. Syberlsville Penn. Palricia Dow Gamma Phi Bela, Educ. Oka rche Phil Easlon Bus. Lawlon Engli h Prolicienc Exam Big Hurdle lor All Henry B. Killy Eckert Edmunds A815 Alpha Chi Ballirnore, Md. Omega, ALS Okla. Cily Haskell Ronald E. Evans Evans Phi Kappa Engr. Sigma, Pharm. Lawlon Lawlon Palricia Ann Lois Ferguson Finkel Della Della FA Della, UC Kan. Cily, Mo Okla. Cily John Egnew Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. Midland, Tex. Granl Fair Bela Thela Pi Engr. Barllesville Don Finkenbinder Sigma Alpha . Epsilon, Pharm. Clinlon Charles Ellioll A815 San Anlonio, Tex. John H. Fannin AHS Abqaia, Saudi Arabia Camilla Finley ALS Sand Springs Donila Ellioll Della Gamma FA Okla, Cily Larry Farrell A815 Woodward Palli Fisher Kappa Kappa Gamma, FA Midwesl Cily Harry G. Ellis Pi Kappa Alpha, A815 Allus Joan Faubion Educ. Slewa rl Jane Filzgerald ALS Okla. Cily Jim Ellis Della Kappa Epsilon, ABQS Seminole Andy T. Fausl Phi Kappa Psi AXS Ba rllesville Bob Filzgibbons Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Memphis,Tenn. Charles Emerson Bus. Norman Peler M. Feldman ABS Lynn, Mass. William A. Flexner Pi Lambda Phi ALS Okla. Cily Beverly Ervin Alpha Della Pi A815 Okla, Cily Jimmy Fellers Phi Kappa Sigma, Bus. Slroud Karen Foole ALS Fl. Sill Biian Esfandiari Engr. Teheran, Iran Paul V. Fennessey A8rS Okla. Cily William L. Ford Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Shawnee Ronald Esles Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Norman Lee Allan Ferber Pi Kappa Alpha, Educ. Jackson, Miss. Vandye Forresler, Ill Phi Della Thela ALS Miami, Fla. Bob Esllin Sigma Nu UC Nowala Paul Fergeson Sigma Chi UC Tulsa Floyd M. Fosler Kappa Sigma Bus. Okmulgee Lon Fosler Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ALS Okla. Cily John W. Garland Bus. Pauls Valley Janel A. Gill Della Della Della, Educ. Okla. Cily Roberl Dorsey Gow AES Okla. Cily James Fowler Engr. Seminole Kalherine A. Garrell Bus. Alma, Ark. Palricia Gill Zela Tau Alpha, UC Norman Andrea Graham Chi Omega A815 Pauls Valley Lavinia Kay Ben Roberl Earl Judy D. Freda Judy Kaye Frank Franklin Franklin Frederick French Freyer Alpha Chi Della Tau Della Engr. Kappa Della Kappa Kappa Alpha Della Pi Omega, Bus. Engr. Purdon, Tex. Educ. Gamma, FA A815 Norman Okla. Cily Olcla. Cily Madill Allus Richard T. Larry Sarah Louise Salem James C. Bill Garrison Gels Gels Geller Ghiglieri Gibbens Phi Gamma Sigma Phi A8rS Pi Lambda Phi A815 Pi Kappa Della, A815 Epsilon, Bus. l-louslon. Tex. Bus. McAlesler Alpha, ALS Okla. Cily Cherokee Galve-slon,Tex. Okla. Cily Diane Pamela Rayburne W. Neola Lee Judy Gilliland Glenn Goen, Jr. Goforlh Goldberg Goldfeder Della Gamma Bus. Sigma Chi FA Alpha Epsilon A815 ALS Wynnewood AGS Norman Phi, ALS Lillle Rock, Olcla. Cily Tulsa N.Orleans, La. Ark. James R. Emily Daniel E. Marilynn Mimi Charles John T. Graham Gray Green Green Green Greenberg Greiner Phi Gamma Della Della Della Sigma Alpha Phi Alpha Phi Sigma Alpha AES Della, Engr. Della, A815 Phi, AHS, Gr'd Educ. Educ. Mu, Engr. l-lenryella Andarko l-louslon, Tex. Juncl., Colo. Okla.Cily Olcla.Cily Kan. Cily, Mo. F. Elizabelh Marvin Johnnie Diane Friol Fuller Fulrell Kappa Della Bus. Bus. Educ., Norlh Seminole Paoli Tonaw'da, N.Y. Tom George Drew Linda Gibbs Gibson Gibson Kappa Sigma Sigma Alpha Gamma Phi Bus. Epsilon, A815 Bela, FA l.ovel'd, Colo. Shawnee Grove Donna Susan L. James D. Goldsmilh Gollz Goodpaslure Alpha Epsilon Alpha Epsilon Bus. Phi, Educ. Phi, Bus., Hol Norman Okla. Cily Springs, Ark. Daneille Doug Rulh Ann Griffin Grif in Grilfilh Alpha Chi Della Kappa Chi Omega Omega, Educ. Epsilon, Engr. Educ. Okla. Cily Chickasha Hugo J'ames M. Gabal Sigma Chi ALS Cushing Mike Gibson Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. Tulsa Edward Donald Gordon A815 Dallas, Tex. Bill Grove Phi Kappa Psi A815 Norman 307 Shirley Grove Aloha Phi Educ. Forgan Jay D. Hamillon Della Upsilon Bus. 5ycamo'e, lll. Jeanne Harper Kappa Della A815 Barllesyill B Courses in ejer Field Dominate Class Mary Evelyn Groves Kappa Della Educ. Norman Linda Hamm Pi Bela Phi Educ. Tulsa Joanne Harper Kappa Della A81S Barllesville David Grubb Sigma Engr. Tulsa Chi Karen Hamman Chi Omega Educ. Muskogee David Harriman FA Chickasha Robin Gunning A815 Okla, Cily Palricia Hammond Chi Omega Educ. Tulsa Lynda Harris Kappa Kappa Gamma, AES Shawnee Mission, Kan. Pal' R. Gwarlney FA Tulsa Paul Hammons Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A815 Waurika Orval L. Harris Bus. Norman Tom Haddock Sigma Chi A815 Norman Claude Hamon Phi Gamma Della, Bus. Okla. Cily Susan E. Harris Kappa Kappa Gamma, FA Norman Jack C. Haldeman, ll A815 Befhesda, Md. Phillip Hamplon Kappa Alpha A81S Norman Don C. Harrison Kappa Sigma Bus. Okla. Cily Gary Hale UC Ba rllesvi l le Sherian Hamra Alpha Della Pi A815 Fl. Worlh, Tex, Harrison Leonard Gene A81S Madill Kelly Hale Della Kappa Epsilon, FA Fairfax R. E. Hardberger Bela Thela Pi A815 Beaver Slan Harrison Sigma Alpha Epsilon, AX1S Okla. Cily Schedule Alice Hall A81S Heavener Nancy Hardwick Educ. Barllesville Calherine Harsh Della Gamma Bus. Ponca Cily Slephen Hall Alpha Sigma Phi, Bus. Ponca Cily Bruce Hare Della Tau Della Bus. Amarillo, Tex. Blakie Harl Pi Bela Phi A815 Pauls Valley Susan Hamby Gamma Phi Bela, A815 Okla. Cily Ann Harms Alpha Della Pi A815 Midwesl Cily Carol Halcher Engr. Norman W. Richard Haughl Phi Della Thela A815 Pryor Pam Herilage Pi Bela Phi AES Ba rllesvill Douglas Hobbs Della Tau Bus. Tulsa J. Roberl Howard Eng r. Lawlon 308 e Della Hermann Haupl Engr. Buenos Aires, Arg enlina Sandy Herndon Alpha cel Omega, Educ. lvfadill Roy L. Hodges Engr. Gore David J. Howe Della Sigma Phi, Engr, Ada Diane Hawkins Della Gamma AES Tulsa Gary Hickmon Educ. LaVerne Kay Hodgson A815 Des Moines, Iowa James Howe'll Bus. Comanche Requa Dean Hawkins A815 Sayre Jack High Alpha Tau Omega, A815 Okla. Cily Janel' Holland Della Della Della, A815 Norman M. Jan Hoyl Della Gamma A815 Okla. Cily Sharon Haygood Kappa Della Educ. Shawnee Glenda E. Highland Kappa Della FA Miami Corrine Holloway Educ. Vernon W. Andy Hubbard Sigma Nu A815 Okla. Cily Nancy Hedlund Alpha Chi Omega, Nurs. Ardmore Leeroy Highlower, Jr. Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Alamogordo, N. M. Jud A. Holloway Kappa Kappa Gamma, A81S Dallas, Tex. Paul Hubble Pi Kappa Alpha, A815 Ardmore Kennelh M. Hemry Lambda Chi Alpha, A515 Oi1la.Cily Scofl Hilburn Della Upsilon Bus. ShorlH'ls, nu. Janel Holmes Educ. Sulphur Lou Huffman Educ. Elk Cily Jim Henderson Alpha Tau Omega, A81S Beaver Bill Hill Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. Okla. Cily Richard Honey Ka ppa Alpha Educ. Midwesl C'ly Gwen Hughes Della Della Della, A815 Okla, Cily Lee Henderson Pi Kappa Alpha, Ed uc. Cherokee Ollie Hill Engr. Tulsa Jan Hooks Alpha cm Omega, Educ. Tiplon John M. Hugo A815 McAlesler Ron Hendrickson A81S Midwesl Cily Tom Hill Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Ardmore Judilh Ann Horn Pi Bela Phi A81S Alva Ann Hull Della Gamma A315 Midwesl Cily Peggy Henry Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Norman Sharon Hines Alpha Phi, Educ. Lelors, Tex. Jon Horwedel Sigma Phi Epsilon, Engr. Hinlon Joseph W. Hullell A815 W, Ha rllord, Conn. James C. Hensler Ka ppa Sigma Eng r. Ada Nancy Hisey Gamma Phi Bela, A815 Ardmore Dallas Howard Della Tau Dell Engr. Lawlon Leslie T. Hullell Educ. W. Harlford, Conn. 15 John W. Hundley Sigma Chi Bus. Calvin Linda Johnson Gamma Phi Bela, ABS Norman Slephanie Jones Alpha Della Pi Bus. Fl. Worlh, Tex. Malha Jane Keesee Alpha Chi Omega, Educ, Wewoka Glenn Hunler Bela Thela Pi Bus. l-louslon Prudy Johnson Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Okla. Cily Annakay Judson Della Della Della, Educ. San Diego, Cal. Palricia Ann Keller A815 Norman Phil Hurley Della Upsilon Educ, Albuquerque, N.M. Sallie Johnson Alpha Chi Omega, A81S Skokie, Ill. Charles S. Judson, lll Bus, San Diego, Cal. Kalhleen Kelley Della Gamma A815 Garland, Tex. Harold R. Hullon, ll Pharm. Blackwell Allan F. Johnslon Engr. Okmulgee Mary Ann Junk Della Della, Bus. Della Vilich. F ls, Tex. Larry Kelley Bela Thela Pi A815 Okmulgee Karolyn L. lnhole Della Educ. Tulsa Mary Johnslon ALS Tulsa Hillon Kaderli A815 Tulsa Barbara Kemmerer A815 Gamma Madison, VVIS. Dwayne Jackson Bus. Agair Barbara Jones Educ. Norman Joy V, Kahn Alpha Epsilon Phi, Educ. Okla. Cily Charles Kemp A815 Norman Kay Kerr Kappa Alpha Thela, Bus. McAlesler George Killingsworlh Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Allus James Kinnebrew Bela Thela Pi Bus. Pauls Valley John Kissick Della Upsilon Bus. Lawlon Joan Kershaw Chi Omega AXQS Dallas, Tex. Paul Kimball Della Upsilon AES Tulsa Roberl E. Kinnebrew Bus, Norman Judy Klabzuba Kappa Della ASIS Fl. Worlh, Tex. Judy Keys Gamma Phi Bela, FA Okla. Cily Karen Lee Kimbrough A815 Norman Marlene Kirch Alpha Gamma Della, Bus. LasVegas, N Ronald E. Kozak Della Sigma Phi, UC Clillon, N. J SV Freddie Kidd Sigrna Chi Bus. Vinila Sharon Kimmell Sigma Della Tau, A8zS Dallas, Tex. James Allen Kirk Bus. Okla. Cily Marshall Kramer Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Si. Louis, Mo. Nancy Kaye Kienz e Della Gamma ASIS Shawnee Pam Kinnan Kappa Kappa Gamma, ALS Okla. Cily Carole Kirkland Kappa Kappa Gamma, Bus. Roosevell Roberl W. Krasnow Pi Lambda Ph AES Okla. Cily i Rosemary Kiles Kappa Alpha Thela, Nurs. Okla. Cily Ray Kinnard Kappa Sigma UC Nowala Kennelh Kiskorna Pi Kappa Alpha, AES New York, N.Y. Selma Kross Sigma Della Tau, Educ. Kan. Cily, Mo. Roberl B. Bill Jacob James Kappa Sigma Alpha Tau Bus. Omega, Bus. Tulsa Okla. Cily Belly Arlene David M. Jones Jones A815 A815 Okla. Cily Anadarko Richard Pal Kahn Kaiser Sigma Alpha Gamma Phi Mu, FA, San Bela, A815 Fancisco, Cal. Wealherlord John Noah Kemp Kennedy Educ. Pi Kappa Springlield, Alpha, Bus. Ill. Waurika Dennis L. James Sigma Chi Bus. Okla. Cily Johnny Jones Lambda Chi Alpha, A815 Shawnee Mike Kallmeyer Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Tulsa Slanley Gregg Kennedy Bus. Okema h Juniors Elaine Jenkins A815 Beaver Lyndelle Jones Gamma Phi Bela, A8-S Broken Arrow Joan Kalman Gamma Phi Bela, AES Norman Ann Kernek Gamma Phi Bela, Educ. l-loldenvilie Everell Johnson Phi Della Thela Eng r. Norman Mariellen Jones Alpha Gamma Della, FA McAlesler Julie Kalman Gamma Phi Bela, A815 Norman George Kernek Sigma Chi Bus. l-loldenville James D. Johnson Alpha Tau Omega, Educ. Okla. Cily Slanley Eugene Jones Engr. Belhany Slanley Kalz Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. Dallas, Tex. Bill M. Kerr Sigma Nu Bus. Yukon . i Ronnie Baker, Sleve Mayer, Slanley Kalz and Gil Davidson begin lhe day wilh lheir lavorile sporl, referred lo as "Volkswagen slullingf' 309 l I Susan Kaye Kupka Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Haskell Rushella Lawson Bus. Tulsa Linda Lillard Kappa Ka ppa Gamrna, Educ. Fl.Sheridan, Ill. Virgil Perry Lovelace Kappa Alpha UC Tulsa Mona Gay Kurek Kappa Della Educ. Midwesl Cily Sleve E. Lawlon Bela Thela Pi AXIS Norman Kenl Lillenberg Phi Kappa Psi Engr, Pillsburgh, Pa Mary Lou Lowe Della Gamma A815 Okla. Cily Eddie Bonnie Kurlz Laffins Della Upsilon Kappa Della UC Bus. Tulsa Wichila, Kan. Susan Suzanne Lea Lee Educ. Educ. Terrell, Tex. Tulsa Angie Xenda J. Lillis Linde! Alpha Phi Alpha Phi Educ. A815 Kan.Cily, Mo. DesMoines,la. Joe Barbara W. Lowry Lullrell Phi Kappa AES Sigma, UC Lawlon Blanchard Sam La Monle Phi Gamma Della, A815 Okla. Cily Jerald J. Lehman Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Okla. Cily Gene Lindsey Pi Bela Phi Educ. Dallas, Tex. Tom Lyle Alpha Tau Omega, AES Okla, Cily David Lamplon Phi Gamma Della, A815 Norman John Lemon A815 Okla. Cily Tommy Lindsey Educ. Borger, Tex Paul Lyles Pharm, Hugo Juniors Persuading 'lhaf immovable obiecl, Brenl Slein, l lhe girls decide lo employ a lillle of lhal irres 3l0 o leave is a losl cause unlil islible force. Marilyn Largenl Gamma Phi Bela, Ed uc. Tiplon Joe E. Leonard Pharm. Rush Springs Calhey Lillell Alpha Epsilon Phi, FA Houslon, Tex, Jay Lynn Pi Kappa Alpha, Pharm. Healdlon Loma Linda Lavell A815 Tulsa Jerry Levisee Pi Kappa Alpha, Enqr. Fl. Worlh, Tex. Lilian A. Logan Gamma Phi Bela, A815 Lindsay Nancy Lynn Kappa Kappa Gamma, Bus. Jackson, Miss. Duane Lawrence Pharm. Chandler Jamie Lewlnsohn Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Okla.Cily Linda Londe Sigma Della Tau, Educ. Sl. Louis, Mo. Carolyn Lyons ASKS Okla. Cily Marvin L. Lawrence FA Okla, Cily Mike Lewis Lambda Chi Alpha, A815 Lawlon Charla Lorenz Educ. Tulsa Norma Mackey Gamma Phi Bela, AES Okla. Cily Bob Lawson Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Barllesville Allred Yu-Bao Li A815 Hong Kong Christopher F. Love Della Kappa Epsilon, Erigr. Rome, llaly Bob Mahoney Della Upsilon A815 lvlidwesl Cily Bobby Lawson A815 Snyder Keilh Elmer Likes Engr. Calgary, Alla., Can. Linda Love Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Chandler J. Palrick Mahoney Bela Thela Pi A815 Okla. Cily Pamela Maleville Kappa Della Educ, San Maleo, Cal. Michael Maples Sigma Chi Engr. Holdenville Mike W. Marko Pi Kappa Alpha, A815 Okla. Cily James A. Massey UC Slroud Sally Maness Pi Bela Phi ALS Sapulpa Gordon George Marcum Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Midland, Tex. Paula Kaye Marlin Gamma Phi Bela, Educ. Tulsa James C. Maslers Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bus. llhaca, N.Y. Kalherine Maney Della Della Della, Educ. Okla. Cily Marilyn Marcum Della Gamma A815 Alva Billie Jean Marsh Kappa Della UC Belhlehem, Pa Lorie Malleson Alpha Della Pi A815 Tulsa E.T. Manning Sigma Alpha Epsilon, AES Pauls Valley Roberl Marcy Bus. Clinlon Rudy Marlinez, Jr. FA CorpusChrisli, Tex. Steven Mayer Sigma Alpha Mu, Educ. New York, N.Y. Sally Manning Pi Bela Phi A815 Dallas, Tex. Marlha Markham A815 Tahleg ua h Marilyn Mason ABS Dallas, Tex. Jim Mayo Phi Kappa Psi ALS Sallisaw Laurence R. Mansur Eng r. Tulsa John David Markley Sigma N u Bus. Barllesville Palricia L. Mason Della Della Della, Educ. Tulsa Joseph J. Mays Phi Kappa Thela, A815 Okla. Cily Joseph Mazzie Engr. Linderhunsl, N. Y. Janie McDonald Kappa Alpha Thela, Aas Okla. Cily Sidney McLeland Chi Omega Educ. Fl. Worlh, Tex. Many Robbie McAdams Della Della Della, A815 Okla. Cily Roger McElroy Phi Gamma Della, Bus. Okla. Cily Donald R. McLellan Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Lindsay George McBee Lambda Chi Alpha, Eng r. Poleau Lawrence McFarland Alpha Ta u Omega, UC Beaver Gayle C. McLeod Della Della Della, Educ. Fl. Worlh, Tex. Find Time Carol Ann McBrayer Educ. Ennis, Tex. Jimmie McGowen Alpha Gamma Della, ABS Norman Janel McLin Chi Omega Educ. Clinlon Bill McClure Phi Gamma Della, Engr. Lake Cily, Pa. Marcene McGrew Educ. Ponca Cily Marilyn McMaslers Alpha Gamma Della, Educ. Tulsa for Ed McComas Ass Eli ciiy Palrick W. McGrew Engr. Okla. Cily Billy Howard McNeil A815 Davis ' hellenging Electives Sue McConnell Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. Fl. Smilh, Ark. William E. McGuire Pharm. Talihina Palli McQuire Della Gamma Educ. Duncan Elhelyn McCoy FA Chandler Pal M. Mclver Pi Bela Phi Educ. Tulsa Candee MeGown Chi Omega A815 Okmulgee Sue McCoy Pi Bela Phi A815 Cleveland Lynn Dell McKinney Chi Omega Pharm. Norman Barbara Mellon Educ. Maysville Janice McCraw Della Gamma Educ. Norman Mike McLaren ALS Midland, Tex. Jim Menzies Sigma Nu A815 Tulsa Mary Locke McCraw Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Ardmore LeElla McLaughlin Alpha Phi ALS Pawnee Marcia Meredilh A815 Tulsa Anne McDaniel Pi Bela Phi A815 lvlil'gl'n, Tenn. Ralph McLaury Della Tau Della A818 Ponca Cily Hal J. Merriman Pi Kappa Alpha, A815 Okla. Cily George Melcalfe Phi Gamma Della, Bus. Okla. Cily Bob P. Moore Kappa Sigma Bus. Okla. Cily Thomas M. Mudrick Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. Ollawa, Kan. Al Newberg Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Omaha, Neb. Kay Terry Lynn Meyer Middleswarlh Pi Bela Phi Pi Kappa Educ. Alpha, Educ Barllesville Shawnee Carol Anne Diana G. Moore Moore Kappa Della Della Della Educ. Della, A815 Lindsay Duncan Charles Lewis Mugg Mull Della Tau Della Della Tau Della Bus. A815 Okla. Cily Wichila, Kan. Roberl Jim Newman Newporl Kappa Alpha Pharm. l Engr. Midwesl Cily Lawlon John Milam Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Chelsea Karen Moore Pi Bela Phi A815 Norman Kennelh Reed Mullican A815 Vinila Nancy Newlon Pi Bela Phi A815 Tulsa John Millar Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Okla. Cily- Palrick E. Moore Della Upsilon Uncl. Okmulgee Kay Mullins Kappa Alpha Thela, Bus. Amarillo, Tex. Elizabelh Nichols Zela Tau Alpha, UC Okla. Cily Marga rel Ann Miller EA Wichila Falls, Tex. Ralph Moore A815 Abilene, Tex. Pal Mundowski Zela Tau Alpha, Educ. Grandlield Carl T. Nickle Phi Kappa Psi UC, Calgary, Alla., Can. Waller Barclay Miller UC Whilesville, Ky. Sarah Moore Alpha Phi Bus. Kirkwood, Mo. Joyce M urray FA Norman Jerry Norman Pi Kappa Alpha, FA AlluS Judilh Ann Mills Kappa Alpha Thela, A815 Slanlord, Tex. Zelberl Moore ALS Okla. Cily Alireza Nabiladeh UC Meshed, lran Carolyn Norris Kappa Kappa Gamma, FA Norman Slanley Minlz Alpha Epsilon Pi, A815 New York, N .Y. Jim F. Moran Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Sapulpa George Narvaes Phi Kappa Thela, A815 Winfield, Kan. Nancy M. Oakley Gamma Phi Bela, A815 Barllesville Larry A. Mizel Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Tulsa Lillian Morris FA Norman William G. Nalions Phi Della Thela A815 Noble Tom L. Oakley Sigma N u Bus. Barllesville Waller Mizell ALS Fl. Sill Woody Morris Acacia ALS Norman Robbey Negrin A815 Lillle Rock, Ark. Tom Obermeyer Alpha Sigma Phi, Engr. Fairm'nl,Minn. Mary Monlqomery Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Okla. Cily Max Moullon Bus. Okla. Cily Charles K. Nelson Phi Kappa Psi Bus. Sp'ngl'd, Mass. Roberl O'Bryan Della Upsilon Bus. Fl. Knox, Ky. 3lI Gerald B. Odom Sigma Nu UC Midwesl Cily Larry Owens Bela Thela Pi UC Beaver Fred Palrick Bela Thela Pi A81S Sapulpa Cl Sara Jo Odom Alpha Gamma Della, A81S Okla. Cily Slephen Oxenhandler Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Sl. Louis, Mo. Lucky Paul Kappa Alpha Thela, A81S Ol1la.Cily ess Ending Another Nancy Oglesby A818 Arlinglon, Tex. Sandra Ozmun Chi Omega A815 Houslon, Tex. David L. Payne Kappa Alpha Bus. Tulsa Waller Oldring A81S Edmonlon, Alla., Can. Leslie Page Bus. Newkirk Gerald Payne Phi Kappa Thela, Engr. Midwesl Cily Joe G. Oliphanl Phi Gamma Della, Bus. l-loldenville John B. Pangburn Bela Thela Pi A81S Alva Roy Payne Della Upsilon ALS McAlesler Fred Olson Della Upsflon Bus. Midwesl Cily William H. Pannell Bus. Norman Carolyn Pearson FA Tulsa Year, Eager for ext John O'Neill A815 Houslon, Tex. Bob Pansze Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Educ. Okla. Cily Tracy Peck Bela Thela Pi A815 Barllesville Gary Oringderff Sigma N u Bus. Enid Jean Parker Della Gamma A815 Becl1ville,Tex. Daniel A. Pedroia Alpha Sigma Phi, A815 Pillsbu rg, Kan. Janie Alvin Eugene Orr Osburn Alpha Della Pi A81S Educ. Mounlain View Okla. Cily Guy Roger Parkhursl Parkins A81S Della Tau'Della Ol1la.Cily Bus., Ballle Creek, Mich. Ronald J. Kay Pendergrafl Pendergrass Della Tau Della A815 Pharm. Fl. Smilh, Ark. Norman Susan Osherwilz Sigma Della Tau, Educ. Duncan Frances Parks A815 Okemah Ann Pelers Alpha Phi Educ. Liberal, Kan. Ned Ollerslrom Ka ppa Sigma Bus. Norlhbr'k, lll. Howard Parsons Della Tau Della A815 Lawlon David Pelers A81S Covinglon Charles David Phares Bus. Ol1la.Cily William Dale Pollock Bus. Lawlon Bob Prolzman Acacia A815 Okla. Cily Bob Renberg Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Tulsa 3l2 Glenna Phebus Alpha Phi Bus. Okla. Cily Tom L. Polson, Jr. Pharm. Collinsville David Pugh Alpha Tau Omega, UC Wayne, Mich. Sleve W. Rhoades Phi Kappa Psi Engr. Okmulgee Don Phillips Bus. Corpus Chrisli, Tex. John Scoll Poole Della Upsilon Engr. Ol1la.Cily Mary Befh Pyall Della Della Della, Educ. Kingfisher James W. Rhodes Kappa Sigma Bus. Dallas, Tex. Lorella Anne Philpoll Bus. Shawnee Roberl Poor Alpha Sigma Phi, A815 McAlesler David Ragland Phi Gamma Della, Bus. Madill Sharon Rice Bus. Fl. Sill R. Jay Pierce, Jr. Phi Kappa Psi Bus. Barllesville D'Ann Pope Kappa Alpha Thela, A315 Lawlon Frances Rahhal Alpha Phi Bus. Duncan Ron Rich Sigma Chi Engr. Hooker Julie Pierson A815 Norman Judilh Porler A815 Tulsa Teresa Ramirez A815 Sand Springs Beverly Richards Della Della Della, A815 Okla. Cily Jac M. Sylvia Pillz Pillman Pi Lambda Phi Chi Omega A815 Educ. Mission, Kan. Okla. Cily Linda Carroll Larry Polfer Povse EA Engr. Enid Springfield, l . Roberl Barbara Ray Reeves UC Educ. Tulsa Midwesl Cily James L. Judy Richardson Richardson UC Pi Bela Phi Tulsa Bus. Okla. Cily Verdell V. Pills Engr. Comanche Jean Powell Bus. Pryor Bill Reeves UC Pryor Terr Riddle Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Lawlon Thomas W. Jim Plosila Plunkell Engr. Alpha Tau Norman Omega, Engr. Col'mb's,Ohio Melvyn Ann Price Prier Sigma Alpha Della Gamma Mu, A815 A815 Tulsa Norman Joe John Reid Reid Alpha Tau Lambda Chi Omega, UC, Alpha, Bus. Palos Verdes La Habra,Cal. Esl., Calif. Thomas E. Mike Riggs Riley Della Tau Della Phi Kappa A815 Sigma, Engr. Tulsa Allan i l l Richard Pogue Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A81S Sapulpa Guy Primrose Della Tau Della Bus. Norman Virginia Lynne Reisinq Educ. Okla. Cily Belle Ringrose Alpha Chi Omega, FA Gulhrie Rafael Rivero Bus. Caracas, Venezuela Clint Rogers Sigma Chi Bus. Okla. City Carl Rose Bus. Okla. City Renn Rothrock Della Tau Della Engr. Tulsa Judy Robbins Delta Della Della, A815 Muskogee Janice L. Rogers Chi Omega AES Tulsa Tony Rose Educ. Merrick, N. Y. Donald Rouland AES Colusa, Calif. Julia Ann Robinson UC Okmulgee Sarah Rogers Alpha Chi Omega, A315 Piedmont, Cal. Suzi Rosen Delta Gamma FA Midwest City Ann Rozen Sigma Delia Tau, ALS Tulsa Coleman Robison Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. Ardmore W. D. Rogers, Jr. Della Upsilon UC Wagoner Susie Rosenberg Alpha Epsilon Phi, A815 Joplin, Mo. Carol Renee Rozen Alpha Epsilon Phi, Educ. TulSd Philip Robison ALS Dodge Cily, Kan. Sheila Rogul ALS Okla. City Don Robert Ross Bus. Okla. City Ralph Rucker Delta Tau Delia ALS Barllesville Diana Rodriguez Pharm. Wagoner William W. Rollins Phi Gamma Delta, Engr, Springl'ld, Va. Janie Ross Chi Omega ASS Denison, Tex. Ruthie Rudd Alpha Della Pi Bus. l-looker Juniors P -Q K Ren Rothroclr, Ronnie Pendergraft and Ralph Rucker are going to make sure they'll never get another ticket from at least one campus cop. .4 a' msiw, K mweggyi fl Linda Jean Russell ALS Kirkwood, Mo. Beth Scasny A815 Tinker AFB Jim Selman Della Upsilon A815 Okla, City Judy Sherman Alpha Chi Omega, Bus. Paris, Tex. Charlyne Ryland Pi Beta Phi Educ. Okla. City Cecil Schenker Pi La mbda Phi Bus. S.Antonio,Tex. Mrs. Nada Y. Shaaban A815 Beirul, Lebanon Mike Sherrod Della Tau Delta A815 Okla, City Ellen Saddoris Gamma Phi Beta, Educ. Bartlesville Judy Marie Schlicht Alpha Gamma Delta, Bus. McAlesier Jerri Sharman Educ. Wharton, Tex. James Shipley Eng r. McAIester James Salmon, Jr. FA Wilburion Rita Scholem Alpha Epsilon Phi, FA Ft. Smith, Ark Sherra Sharman Educ. Houston, Tex. Nancy L. Shoemake Ka ppa Delta A818 Shawnee Preston Sample Bela Thela Pi A818 Sapulpa Charles Schuette Phi Delta Theta, Bus. C'lumbus,lnd. Stanley Shaw Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Evansville, Ind. Nancy Shorbe Pi Beta Phi Educ. Okla. Cily Susan Sanders Kappa Della ABS Muskogee Norman Schwartz Alpha Epsilon Pi, A815 Baltimore, Md. Susie Shaw Delta Della Delta, Educ. Okla. City Genie Shuller A815 McAlesler Houston Satterwhite Kappa Alpha UC Br'k'nr'ge,Tex. R. Steve Schwartz Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Purcell John Shea Phi Kappa Theta, ALS Norman Sue Sieh Delta Gamma Educ. Kan. City, Mo. Lee Saunders Alpha Tau Omega, A815 Myerstown, Pa. Carolyn Schweers Delta Delia Delta, FA Tulsa Susan C. Sheffel Alpha Epsilon Phi, Educ. Sapulpa Judy Sims Alpha Chi Omega, Educ Okla. City Judith Savage Bus. Haileyville James Scott Acacia Bus. Duncan Mark Shekter Sigma Alpha Mu, Engr. Toledo, Ohio Pat Sisney Della Gamma FA Tulsa Sandy Sawvell Della Gamma Educ. Okla. City Katie M. Seger Kappa Kapga Gamma, A S Houston, Tex. William Shepherd ALS Okla. City Jo Sue Skirvin Alpha Della Pi Pharm. Vinita Lucile Sayles Alpha Phi Educ. Miami Charles Sego Kappa Alpha Bus. A Barllesville Frances Sheppard Alpha Gamma Delia, FA Ft. Worth, Tex. Jim L. Slaughter Bus. Pauls Valley Bill Scanlon Phi Kappa Sigma, Bus. l-loldenville Robert P. Self ASS Pasadena, Cal Naomi A. Sheppard Alpha Phi FA Alex'dria, Va. Carole Smith Della Gamma Enqr. Dallas, Tex. 3l3 Juniors Architecture lab is not nearly so interesting as the South Oval on a warm autumn day, but conscientious Ken Jadin resists the temptation. Jim Smith Delta Tau Delta FA Hobart Marvin Spears Alpha Tau Omega, Bus. Nowata Kim Stanton Pharm. Ringling Brent Stein Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. Dallas, Tex. Judith Ann Smith A815 Okeene Stephanie Specht A813 Lawton Paul Stanton Beta Theta Pi Engr. Altus Clifford Terry Stephens Bus. Duncan Mary Martha Smith Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Ardmore Darrell Speed Alpha Sigma Phi, A815 Okla. City Walter Stark Phi Delta Theta AHS Okla. City Leslie Sternberger Sigma Delta Tau, A815 Richard Allen Smith Eng r. Mountain View Sharon Spraker Alpha Phi A815 Muskogee Jane Ann Steadley Chi Omega Educ. Okla. City Elena Stevens A815 Ada Memphis,Tenn. Sandra Smith Educ. Durant John Edward Squarek Engr. Bellevue, Alta., Can. Trude Steele Pi Beta Phi A815 Norman Steve Stevenson Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. Houston, Tex. John Snyder Phi Delta Theta Engr. Ft. Worth, Tex William A. Squibb Kappa Alpha Bus. Dallas, Tex. William Steger A815 Durant Archie Lynn Stogsdill Bus. Duncan Sue Stoneman Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Okla. City Frances Tabor Gamma Phi Beta, A85 Tulsa Teresa Allane Thomas Gamma Phi Beta, AHS Ponca City Phil Truss Phi Gamma Delta, Bus. Okla. City 3l4 Karen Stonis Delta Gamma Educ. Okla. City Janice Tallant Educ. Frederick Clayton E. Thompson Sigma Chi Bus. Chickasha Mary Jane Turnbull Kappa Alpha Theta, A8iS Frederick Sa rah Lynn Stookey FA Norman Sharon Tankersley Ka ppa Alpha Theta, AHS Norman John C. Thompson A815 Okla. City C. Lynne Turner Chi Omega Educ. Tulsa Bill Strange Bus. Lawton Hank Tatum Phi Gamma Delta, AES Dallas, Tex. Kate Thompson Alpha Gamma Delta, AES M'p'l's, Minn. Jerry H. Turner Bus. Mobile, Ala. Virginia Stuart Kappa Alpha Theta, Educ. Okla. City Elden Taylor AES Lawton Richard Thompson Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr. Ada Roger Turner Lambda Chi Alpha, A815 Okmulgee John Sturges Alpha Tau Omega, Bus. Hugo John W. Taylor Kappa Alpha Engr. Tulsa William Glenn Thompson Phi Gamma Delta, Engr. Okla . City Terry Turner Sigma Phi Epsilon, Engr. Tulsa Sidney Sudberry Delta Delta Delta, FA Ada Phyllis Taylor Alpha Gamma Delta, A815 Anaclarko Don Todd Kappa Sigma A818 Ge'rget'n, Tex. Ralph James Tuthill Kappa Sigma A815 Okla. City E. Jackson Sullivan Phi Gamma Delta, A815 Okla. City Nancy Teague Delta Gamma Educ. Okla. City Letitia Tornay Alpha Delta Pi A815 New York, N.Y. Stan Tyler Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Guymon Vance Swaim Delta Sigma Phi, UC Ponca City Bill Teed Phi Kappa Theta, A815 Okla. City Edward A. Town A815 Duarte, Calit. Aristides Typaldos, Jr. Eng r. Panama City Pan. Evelyn Swan Kappa Delta AES Wichita, Kan. Julia Teegerstrom Chi Omega A8iS Shamrock, Tex. Gloria Tracy Delta Gamma Educ. Okla. City Judy Udoui Alpha Phi ALS Ft. Smith, Ark. Elizabeth Sue Swanson Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Bartlesville Mary Ann Thacker Alpha Delta Pi FA Ardmore George Trickel Phi Delta Theta Bus. Tulsa Martha Ulken ASS Ei Reno Kelly F. Swindle A815 Stillwater Roy Thomas Alpha Sigma Phi, A85 Okla. City Sandra Trout Bus. Pryor Diana Uri Chi Omega A815 Tulsa Dennis Usewicz Phi Kappa l Sigma, AES l Paramus, N. J. Michael M. Ward Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Muskogee William N. Websler Bus. Long Beach, Calif. Tran cript Beverly Gary Brooke Valouch Van Anlwerp Van Horn A815 Engr. Pharm. Norman Muskogee Okla. Cily James Margarel Ann Bryan Walhen Walson Wall Pharm. Alpha Della Pi Pi Lambda Phi Lawlon FA Bus. Hooker Tulsa Sleve Paul Palricia Faye Weinberg Weinslein Weller A815 Pi Lambda Phi Alpha Gamma Davenporl, la. ASS Della, ABS l-louslon, Tex. Midwesl Cily Fill As Student Rack Up Hour George R. Vaughn Della Tau Della Engr. Okla. Cily Peler Way Phi Gamma Della, Engr. Houslon, Tex. Bonnie Wells A815 Purcell Ann Vesely Pi Bela Phi FA Okla. Cily William G. Weakley A815 Skialook H. James Whisnand Della Upsilon Bus. Lawlon James A. Vickers Engr. Jackson, Miss. Thomas M. Weaver Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Hobbs, N. M. Anlhony N. While ABS Ardmore Jess Sharon Vinl' Vivion Phi Gamma Educ. Della, Bus. Wagoner Tulsa Roberl William James Webb Webb ABS UC Okla. Cily Dallas, Tex. Cookie James R. While While Della Gamma DellaTau Della A315 Bus. Okla. Cily Norman Junila Wade Alpha Gamma Della, Bus. Duncan Larry Weber Phi Kappa Sigma, Bus. Oluslee Jeanne While Alpha Gamma Della, A815 Okla. Cily Ann Wallace Alpha Chi Omega, FA Okla. Cily Charles Websler Phi Gamma Della, A815 Okla. Cily Belly Whilehead Alpha Gamma Della, Educ. Kirkwood, Mo. Belle Jo Wa nlland Kappa Alpha Thela, A815 Tulsa Mike Websler Bus. - Maysville Keilh E. Whilfill Eng r. Ardmore Dennis Cindi Dick Sandra Doug Gam Slephen R. Gary Jimmy H. Whilllesey Wickslrom Wilkins Wilkins Williams Williams Williams Williamson Williamson Kappa Sigma Chi Omega Della Tau Della Pi Bela Phi Phi Gamma Sigma Chi Della Tau Della Sigma Chi Bus. V A815 ABS Engr. FA Della, Bus. AES Engr. Bus. Hasling Sapulpa N.Orleans, La. Norman Okla. Cily Woodward Sligler Norman Shawnee Georgia Dana Gary W. Larry H. Melinda Roxanne Jim O. Joe . Douglas Wills Wilson Wilson Wilson, Jr. Wilson Wilson Winblood Winfield Wink Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Della Tau Della Phi Gamma ABS h Gamma Phi Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Lambda Chi Gamma, A815 Gamma, AXS A815 Della, Bus. Miami Bela, A815 Engr. Alpha, ASS Alpha,.Engr. Tulsa Frederick Lawlon Tulsa Della Gamma Phillips, Tex, Ardmore Loco Evansville, lnd. Nancy Ellison Kennelh Ray Dave Don Sharon Jeff Jack Darrell Will Willels Wolfe Wollz Wood Woodruff Woodson Woodward Woody Kappa Della Pi Lambda Phi En r. Kappa Sigma Law, Guymon Pharm. Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Bus. ALS A815 WiTson Bus, Tulsa A815 A858 A Shawnee Muskogee Okla. Cily Waukee, Iowa Norman Fairview Branl James G. John G. Armslead A. Carmen Gene Galen Harry Lee Candler Trisha Mike Worlhinglon Wrighl Wrighl York Young Young Young Young Young Zaydan A815 Educ. Engr. ABS FA Sigma Chi Phi Kappa Psi Lambda Chi Pi Bela Phi De-lla Sigma Midwesl Cily Lawlon Allen Okmulgee Tiplon Bus., Dodge Bus. Alpha, Engr. Educ. Phi, Engr. Cily, Kan. Norman Ml'.Grove, Mo. Dallas, Tex. Lebanon. Sam Williamson Della Tau Della Engr. A Okla. Cily George Winler Engr. Park Ridge, lll. Joy Linn Woolridge Educ. Graham Shirley Zeanah A815 Birmingham, Ala. Mary Willibrand Kappa Della ABS Norman James E. Wisdom Pharm. Heavner Rocille Woolridge Educ. Rallilf Cily William T. Zeddell Eng r. Calgary, Alla., Can. Bill Willis Della Tau Della A815 Midwesl Cily Dan Wiseman Educ. Lawlon Lee Ann Worrell Pi Bela Phi A815 Chickasha Roberl Zoblolsky Sigma Alpha M u, Bus. Norman 3l5 Anne Abernalhy Kappa Alpha Thela, A815 Shawnee Polly Allen Kappa Alpha Thela, Educ. Okla. Cily Roberl Anguish UC Sapulpa T Judy Ables Bus. Madill Sleve Allen Kappa Sigma ALS Tulsa Kalherine Armold Alpha Chi Omega, A818 El Reno 0 Year Dennis Abrams Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Dallas, Tex. James Allin Almy UC Midwesl Cily Trevus Armslrong A815 Ardmore Gary W. Abrams Sig ma Chi A815 Purcell Sara Lou Allslall UC Maysville Lynn Arnn Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Okla. Cily Do n, T 0 Year To G0 for Mo t Keilh Acheson Bela Thela A315 Okla. C'ly Charles W. Alworlh Engr. Alhens, Greece Jim Arnold A815 Tulsa Pally Acree A818 Wichila, Kan. Ronald J. Andeel Della Upsilon UC Wichila, Kan. Judy Asbury Pi Bela Phi FA Tonkawa Jim Adamek Della Sigma Phi, Engr. Essinglon, Pa. Beverly Anderson UC Talum, N. M. Michael Ashlon UC New Yoflc, N. Y. Jan Adrienne Adams Della Gamma ABS, Wesl l-lempsl'd, N,Y. Juanila Anderson A815 Malloon, Ill. Jay H. Askew Della Tau Della A815 Olqla, Cily Gibson Akers Pi Kappa Alpha, AES Cordell Larry Anderson UC Enid Mary Asp A815 Norman Bruce Albertson Sigma Chi UC, Los Angeles, Cal. Linda Dee Anderson Educ. Olcla. Cily Sanford Auslin Phi Della Thela A815 Enid Jane Aldrich Kappa Della ALS Tulsa Paulelle Angelina UC Norman Janel Baber UC Ada Garner H. Allen UC Madson Hgls., Mich. Dewil Anglin Bus. Mangum John Bachle Della Tau Della ABS Okla, Cily Jane Bachner Kappa Kappa Gamma, Bus. El. Worlh, Tex. Jeannelle Barnes Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Ponca Cily Roberl Dean Beaird A815 Norman Kalhy Bennell Kappa Kappa Gamma, AXS Olcmulqee 3l6 Janice Bailey Della Gamma UC Tulsa Jerry Barnell Della Tau Della AES Tulsa Arden P. Bealmear A815 Okla. Cily Larry Bennell Sigma Phi Epsilon, ASS Tulsa Linda Terry Lynn Judy Bailey Bailey Baker UC UC Alpha Phi Allus Wichila, Kan. Nursing Olcla. Cily Jack James Bruce Lynne Barrell Barrell Barrell UC Eriqr. Bus. Ardmore Duncan Lexinglon, Ollie Kay Ann Beard .Beesley Belanger UC Alpha Chi Chi Omega Madill Omega, FA AES Tulsa Guymon E. Carroll John Michael Mary Calherine Beniamin Benson Benson UC A815 A815 Dallas, Tex. Norman Norman Samoa Baker UC Madill Georgiana Barry UC El Paso, Tex. Belly C. Belford Alpha Gamma Della, Educ. Norman Paula M. Berland Farminglon N.M. Mickey Ballew Phi Della Thela UC Joplin, Mo. Linda Barlhel Della Gamma A815 Ardmore Alice Bell Nurs, Midwesl Cily George Berry UC Texoma Jonalhan F. Bank Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Omaha, Neb. Bill Barlley UC Moore Sherry Lynn Bene Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. Okla. Cily John Berry Pi Lambda Phi A815 Tyler, Tex. Jane Carolyn Baplisl Kappa Alpha Thela, FA Shawnee Judy Barlon FA Okie. cziy Myra Benedicl Alpha Gamma Della, AES Amarillo, Tex. N, Scoll Berry Pi Lambda Phi Bus. VIcksb'g, Miss. Gail Barham Gamma Phi Bela, Educ. Alva Jerry Bass Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. El Reno Ann Bennell Gamma Phi Bela, AES Duncan Shirley Biggs Chi Omega Educ. V Okla. Cily Joyce Barker Pi Bela Phi A815 Barllesville Viclcr Baslron Pi Kappa Alpha, Engr. Bayard, Neb. Dianne Bennell' Kappa Alpha Thela, AHS Dallas, Tex. Carol Bird Kappa Alpha Thela, A815 Olcla. Cily Bob Barnard UC Okla. Cily Eldon Balley Phi Kappa Psi UC Ellc Cily Jim Bennell Della Tau Della, ALS Midwesl Cily Sharon Bilner Educ. Mo. Kan. Cily, Mo. Merle L. Black, lll UC Cleveland Marilyn Bomar Alpha Gamma Delta, AHS Okla. City Bruce W. Bowman, Jr. Pi Kappa Alpha, ABS Dallas, Tex. Larry Brakebill Kappa Sigma Bus. Okla. City Joe Blake Sigma Nu Bus. Pauls Valley Wayne Booth Bus. Tulsa Jean Boyd Delta Gamma ALS Bellaire, Tex. Janet Sue Brannan Kappa Alpha Theta, ABS Marietta Thomas J. Blakely UC Norman Ma rga ret Borchardt Kappa Delta ABS Norman Dennis E. Boydstun UC Apache Don R. Brannon Phi Kappa Psi UC Del City Candy Gene Blalock Delta Delta Delta, A815 Pauls Valley Paul D. Borchardt Acacia Bus. Osage, Iowa Lynda Boydstun UC Apache Skip Branson UC Sayre James E. Blalock Sigma Chi ABS Durant Janet Borde Sigma Delta Tau, FA Bev. Hills, Cal. Susie Boyette Delta Gamma FA Okla. City Carolyn Breeden Pi Beta Phi ABS Cleveland Marguerite Bleyberg Alpha Gamma Delta, A815 Okla. City Kay Rose Boring ABS Chicago, lll. Sheila Kay Bracksieck UC Maysville William Breighner UC Wilmington, Del, Curtis Brookover Phi Kappa Sigma, AXQS Ponca City Gwen Kay Brown Kappa Kappa Gamma, Bus. Tulsa Jay Brummett Sigma Nu A815 Dallas, Tex. Judy Bryant ABS Okla. City George G. Brose Bus. Dayton, Ohio Jimmy Brown Pi Lambda Phi Bus. St. Louis, Mo. Sharon Bruza Alpha Gamma Delta, A815 Okla. City Roz Buchman Alpha Epsilon Phi,ABrS, Para- gould, Ark. Jon Brosseau Eng r. Tulsa Karen E. Brown UC Austin, Tex. Linda Bryan FA Ponca City John Bullock Delta Upsilon UC Pittsburgh, Pa. Barbara Brown Delta Gamma Educ. Dallas, Tex. Roger Lynn Brown Alpha Phi ABS Lawton Lynn Bryan Kappa Sigma UC Tulsa Sharon Burba Alpha Phi Educ. Okla. City Clyde Dorothy F. Brown Brown Engr. UC Sapulpa Del City Thomas W. Richard T. Brown Browning Delta Tau DeltaUC Bus. Midwest City Galveston, Tex. W. Darrell Betty Bryan Bryant Sigma Nu Kappa Kappa Bus. Gamma, AHS Edmond Cushing Jack Bette Burdett Burke Delta Kappa Educ. Epsilon, Bus. Frederick Checotah Linda Boatright Alpha Phi A815 Ba rtlesville Gary Borrell Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Okla. City Kaye Bradford Alpha Gamma Delta, Educ. Durant Earl Bricker Delta Upsilon A815 Okla. City Susan Boddy Pi Beta Phi ABS Henrietta, Tex. Marilyn Bossart UC NNashington, D.C. Tom Bradford Delta Kappa Epsilon, ABS Okla. City Louis Brigham Sigma Chi Bus. Hoba rt Ed Boen Phi Delta Theta ABS M uskogee Gayle Boswell Delta Delta Delta, ABS Ft. Worth, Tex. Joe Bradley Sigma Chi UC Tulsa Donald Bright Delta Tau Delta UC Sh'dle' Ricke Bohmert UC Rocktord, lll. Marilyn Botha Delta Gamma ALS Shawnee Natalie Bradley UC Tulsa Robert C. Bright Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Alva Dan Boland Larry Bolen Sigma Alpha Bus. Epsilon, A815 Carnegie Wash., D.C. Roseann Harold Bouziden Bowers Alpha GammaDelta Tau Delta Delta, UC UC Alva Okla. City Carolyn Guy Bradshaw Bradshaw Nurs. Delta Tau Delta Tulsa UC Hugo Carroll Reha Briscoe Bristow Alpha Phi Delta Gamma ABS A815 Tipton Lubbock, Tex. Sophon1ores Those ID pictures are terrible, l know, but that's really me, says Sue Fisher as Jerry Whistler hesitates before cashing Sue's check. 3l7 Kenneth Burkett UC Tulsa Gary Buxton Kappa Sigma UC Okla. City Richie Carr Phi Kappa Si ma UC Q i Logansp't, Ind. Gene Chamberlain Sigma Chi Bus. Dallas, Tex. Dianne Burkhalter UC Dallas, Tex. Arthur Byrd Bus. Tulsa Jeanne Carrington A815 Hobart Letitia Chambers Chi Omega ALS Enid Barbie Burnett Sigma Delta Ta u, A815 Okla. City Virginia Byrd Kappa Alpha Theta, A815 Okla. City Gail Carter Kappa Delta Educ. Chickasha Linda Chandler UC Spencer Bob Burnham Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Chickasha Mary E. Calmes Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Clinton Kay Carter Alpha Phi Pharm, Lorenzo, Tex. Roy Chaney Alpha Sigma Phi, Engr. Dallas, Tex. Roger K. Burns UC Shawnee Melvin Camp, Jr. uc oua. city Linda Sue Cartmill UC Okla. City Joan Chatham ALS Chagrin Fallls, Ohio James F. Bursham UC Lone Wolt Jerry Campbell UC Hunter Mike Castor UC Enid Sandra Kay Cheek Bus. Norman Newt Burton Sigma Chi A815 Springt'lcl, Mo. Steve Campbell Sigma Chi A815 Tulsa Sandra Caswell FA Ba rtlesville Abdallah M. Chekiri UC Algeria Sylvia Bury Pi Beta Phi Educ. Tulsa William Campbell Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Altus David Cathey Kappa Alpha Bus. Elk City Paul Chesnut Beta Theta Pi A815 Bartlesville Gerald V. Butler Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Pawnee Ranwel Ca putto UC Okla. City Jimmy Cathey Ka ppa Alpha UC Kimball, Neb. Ted Chilless UC Norman Jerry Butler Sigma Chi UC Woodward Terry Carls Chi Omega ABS Racine, Wis. Toby Center Alpha Sigma Phi, Engr. Lexington Robert Christman Alpha Tau Omega, A815 Casper, Wyo. Barbara Butterworth Alpha Phi ABS Okla. City Susie Carmichael FA Frederick Carole Chacey Delta Delta Delta, A815 Muskogee David W. Christner Delta Tau Delta UC Mt. View C. C. Buxton Kappa Sigma A8-S Ada T. Roy Carmichael FA Sayre Claudia Chaille A815 Fairfax, Va. Richard Chronister Alpha Sigma Phi, ABS Okla. City Sophornores Roger James Clapp Clark Lambda Chi Sigma Chi Alpha, Engr. UC Okla. City Okmulgee Barbara Jack Martin Clay Cochran UC Phi Gamma Lawton Delta, Bus. Wagoner err Members ot the chorus line 'From that tamous night spot, the Well? No, iust Afpylgrgamma P,oKg:pa Ann Williams and Janie Jubela ready tor try-outs practice. Delta, ALS Alpha, UC Bethesda, Md. Tulsa Joel Donna Contreras Cook Lambda Chi Educ. Alpha, A815 Purcell Okla, City 3l8 l Jim L. Clark Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Tulsa Cissy Cohn Sigma Delta Tau, UC Tulsa Judy Combs Educ. Dallas, Tex. Robert G. Cook Engr. Layton, Utah Joseph Claro Phi Gamma Delta, UC Okla. City Eu ene CoTe Engr. Seminole Roger Conley Delta Tau Delta UC Beaumont, Cal. Brenda Cooper Educ. Duncan Sue Clauve Alpha Delta P, ABS, Albu- querque, N.M. Jimmie Cole Kappa Sigma UC Beaver Dermot K. Connolly UC, Manhattan Beach, Cailt. Mark E. Copilevitz Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. St. Louis, lll. Samuel M. Clawser, Ill Sigma Nu UC, Little Rock, Ark. Linda Cole UC Tulsa Kathy Constantin Kappa Delta Educ. Norman Steve Coppage Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A815 Hollis Patricia Corbett UC River Forest, Ted Cox Phi Delta Theta UC Tulsa W. H. Culver Engr. Olustee earl All Read To Leave Univer ity College Mary Lee Cordell Alpha Delta Pi, Educ. Shattuck Vaylord Cox Phi Delta Theta UC Tulsa Carleton Cunningham Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Tu sa Nicholas Cortf Phi Kappa Theta, Engr. Okla. City Marion Cozort UC Lawton Jenny Cunningham Educ. Commerce Penny Cornell Pi Beta Phi Educ. Okla. City Jan Crabtree Delta Gamma A815 Alexandria, Va. Lee Ann Cunningham Educ. Okla. City Clydine Cornett Bus. Okla. City David Craig Beta Theta Pi Engr. Wichita, Kan. Janet Currey Alpha Chi Omega, FA Seminole Cathie Corrigan Pi Beta Phi UC Memphis, Tenn. Midge Craven Delta Delta Delta, A8rS Norman Karan Cushing Gamma Phi Beta, UC Okla. City Carolyn Sue Cossey Gamma Phi Beta, Educ. Bartlesville Donald R. Crews Beta Theta Pi A8iS Okla. City Carolyn Sue Custer Kappa Delta ABS Okla. City Janet Elaine Council Alpha Phi Bus, Okla. City Clayton Crider UC Skiatook Martha Dahm Kappa Delta A815 Dallas, Tex. Sally Cousins Gamma Phi Beta, AXQS Muskogee Jerry Criswell Phi Kappa Psi ABS Ada John B. Daniel UC Okla. City Charles S. Coward Beta Theta Pi UC Cincinnati, O. Linda Crittenden UC Muskogee Susan C. Darrough A815 Houston, Tex. Allen Cowdery Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Ba rtlesville Jack Crockett Kappa Sigma UC Altus Carol Lee Daube Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Ardmore Barbara Cox Educ. Henryetta Wanda Lou Crosslin UC Lamont Billie Davenport FA Tulsa Linda Davidson Alpha Delta Pi, A815 Eakly Harold DeGraw UC Rockford, l Robert Diller Educ. Princeton, l Jerry N. Downing Sigma Chi UC Collinsville owa ll. Paul Davidson Sigma Phi Epsilon, Engr. Pine Blutt, Ark. Kip De La Fleur Alpha Tau Omega, A8iS Mex.City, Mex. Jerome Dilling Beta Theta Pi UC Fletcher Ed Dubie Delta Tau Delta Bus. I Sand Springs Garland Davis Phi Kappa Sigma, ARS Ft. Worth, Tex. Michelin De Lier A8-S Okla. City Dougy Dishman Kappa Alpha UC Terrill, Tex. Ted Dubie Delta Tau Delta Bus. Sand Springs L. Dow Davis, IV Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A815 Pompano B'ch, Fla. Rick Dennehey Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Westerly, R.l. Betty Dixon Kappa Alpha Theta, FA Okla. City Sam Dugger Delta Upsilon Pharm. Wagoner Mike Davis Sigma Chi A815 Tulsa Diana Marie Dennis Alpha Gamma Delta, Educ. Okla. City Jeanne Dixon UC Goddard, Kan. Carole Kay Duncan Educ. Stroud Rex G. Davis UC Clinton Sherman AFB Francene L. Dent Kappa Delta Educ. Tulsa Donnie Dodd Sigma Nu UC Okla. City Tully L. Dunlap, Jr. Bus. Duncan Tommy Davis UC Amarillo, Tex. Karen De Roche A8fS Healy, Kan. Jim Dodds Sigma Nu Bus. Wellsv'le, N.Y Charley Dunn A815 Pine Ridge, S. D. Denver Davison Kappa Sig ma Bus. Ada Henry Deters UC Willow Lake, S.D. Dian Donnell Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Kilgore, Tex. Bill E. Dutcher Sigma Chi ALS Ba rtlesvi l le William W. Dawson, Jr. Beta Theta Pi A815 Seminole Fallie De Vore A815 Norman Wayne Doran UC Mt. Holly, N.J. Connie Du Vall A815 Tulsa Gary Day UC Fairview Allen Randolph Dick Engr. Sybertsville, Pa. Robert T. Doty Engr. Tulsa Judith Dyser Nurs. Tinker AFB Carol Deadman Bus. Okla. City Barry Dickerson Engr. Upper Darby, Pa. Beverly Doughty Gamma Phi Beta, Bus. Martha Reginald E. Eakins UC Cheyenne Judi Dees Delta Delta Delta, A815 Ft. Worth, Tex James Dies Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. City Jim Downey Phi Kappa Psi Bus. Ardmore Jack D. Earley A818 Lawton 3l9 Belly Ea rnesl Pi Bela Phi UC Shawnee Carol Ann Ellison Kappa Alpha Thela, FA Tulsa C. Slanley Ewing Eng r. Dallas, Tex. ludenl Knuckle Do nDuring econd Year Jean Easlman Chi Omega ALS Tulsa Nanc D. Elwelll Della Della Della, Bus. Tulsa Gregory Fehr Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Urbana, lll. Keilh Ealon Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr. Okla. Cily Sandra Erwin Alpha Gamma Della, A815 Fl. Worlh, Tex. Carolyn Feinberg Alpha Epsilon Phi, Bus, Dallas, Tex. Ginger Eby Chi Omega AES Tulsa Mohammed Esfahani Engr. Teheran, Iran Harry G. Fender Della Upsilon Bus. Wagoner Joe Eder Alpha Tau Omega, A815 Chickasha Lena Eskridge A8-S Okla. Cily Pallie Ferguson Kappa Della A815 Hugo Phil Edwards Phi Della Thela Bus, Enid Terry Esles Sigma Phi Epsilon, A815 Moore Vicki Jo Ferraro Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ Barllesyille Gay Elder Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. Okla. Cily Ken Elheredqe Phi Della Thela Bus, Dallas, Tex. Mike A. Finkelslon Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Kansas Cily Fuzzy Elder Alpha Phi, UC Riverside, Conn. Ann Evans FA Perry Eddie Finley Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Enid Phillip Elkins Kappa S'gma Pharm. Amarillo, Tex. Linda Evans Pi Bela Phi A815 Polea u Joanie Fischer Alpha Epsilon Phi, A815 Sl. Louis, Mo. Elizabelh Ann Ellinglon Alpha Gamma Della, AES P'l'gev'le, Mo. Louis Evans Alpha Tau Omega, UC Borger, Tex. John D. Fisher Alpha Tau Omega, UC Sapulpa Mark Ellioll Phi Della Thela Engr. Dallas, Tex. Richard Evans Eng r. Temple, Tex. Sue Fisher Alpha Phi Nurs. Tulsa Penny Sue Ellioll Alpha Phi ASS Muskogee Barbara Evall Educ. Lone Wolt Marilyn Filzqerald Kappa Ka ppa Gamma, ALS Tulsa Timolhy Flaherly Engr. Rulherlord, N. J. John Forsler Kappa Sigma A815 Dallas, Tex. ln rid FuTler A815 Lawlon John Garrell Sigma Chi Bus. Coalgale 320 William Terry Flaugher Phi Kappa Psi UC, Caribilo, Venezuela George D. Forsylhe UC Enid James D. Gaberino Kappa Sigma Bus. McAlesler John Garrison Kappa Alpha FA Okla. Cily Nancy Lane Fleming Alpha Gamma Della, AHS Sapulpa Slan L. Fosler Phi Kappa Sigma, Bus. Okla, Cily Diane Gable Kappa Kappa Gamma, Bus. Okla. Cily Janel Gary Chi Omega Educ. Fl. Worlh, Tex. Richard Sarles Flood Pi Kappa Alpha, Engr. Pl,l-lill, Calif. Jayne Franklin Sigma Della Tau, Ed uc, L'lle Rock,Ark. Jere Rule Gallup Alpha Tau Omega, A815 Sherman, Tex. James Gay Acacia UC Norman Delphine Ann Floyd ALS Duncan Lynn Fredericksen Bus. Midwesl Cily Mary Jane Gallup A815 Tulsa Leah Gellinger UC Abilene, Kan. Dennis Floyd Phi Kappa Psi UC Norman Lynda Freeman Alpha Gamma Della, FA Lawlon Jay Gall Kappa Sigma uc ous. ciiy James M. George Sigma Chi Pharm. Miami Dell Louise Fobes Alpha Della Pi A818 Sapulpa Ronnie Freidberg Sigma Alpha Mu, Pha rm. Ba rllesvllle Barbara Gamble Della Della Della, FA B'vllyl-l'ls,Cal. Jerella George Alpha Gamma Della, FA l-lobarl De De Fogel Sigma Della Tau, A815 Omaha, Neb, Harold D. Freize Phi Della Thela UC Broken Arrow David Edward Gannon UC Tulsa Charley Gibbs Della Upsilon UC Easlon, Pa. Kay Foley FA Euiaula Eleanor Jane Friedman Bus. Okla. Cily Marlin Garber Phi Gamma Della, UC Enid Mike Gibson Kappa Alpha Bus. Amarillo Jack Foole Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Duranl Ga ry G. Frosl UC Norman Juan Garcia UC San Tome, Venezuela Ph ll's Gill I Chi Omega Educ. Shrevep'l, La. Chris Ford Della Gamma A815 Slroud Mike B. Fry Educ. Frederick Ben Gard UC Alva Howard Glalslein Sigma Alpha Mu, Engr. M'phis, Tenn. Ann Forresler Pi Bela Phi AHS Okla. Cily Sarah Fugill' Della Gamma Bus. Okla. Cily Ed L. Garnell Della Upsilon A815 Okla. Cily Carole Glueck Alpha Epsilon Phi, A815 l-lobarl, Ind. Jean Goad Zeta Tau Alpha, ALS Altus Katy Gcldtrap Delta Delta Delta, Educ. Ft. Smith, Ark. Robert H. Graham UC Wayne, N. J. E. Kay Gregory lFA Shawnee Paul D. Goforth UC Norman igijlu b Educ. Tulsa Suzanne C. Grant Alpha Chi Omega, ARS Anadarko John Griffin Phi Gamma Delta, UC Shawnee Mission, Kan. Michael M. Gail Lyn Goldberg Golden Goldfield Sigma Alpha Sigma Delta Alpha Epsilon Mu, Bus. Tau, ALS Phi, ALS Wilburton H'ghl'dP'k,lll.Atoka Marty Rena Mary K. Golman Goodson Goodwyn UC Delta Gamma UC Dallas, Tex. A815 Alex Dallas, Tex, Jane John Carol Graves Graves Greene Pi Beta Phi Beta Theta Pi Sigma Delta AES, San ALS, San Tau, AES Marino, Calif. Ber'dino, Cal, B'v'lyH'ls,Cal. Linda Nancy Sandra Ann Griffin Griffin Griffin Pi Beta Phi UC ALS A815 Okla. City Norman Lawton Ellen Goldstein Sigma Delta Tau, ASS Omaha, Nels. Ann Grable Gamma Phi Beta, Educ, Midwest City Bobby Gregory Delta Tau Delta Midwest City Elaine Griffiths UC Buffalo Sophornores 'TL vff' K, Educ' Roddie Reed had a clever idea. The best way to get to chat with Judy Williamson was to ask if he could look over her class lecture notes. Mary Griffiths Nurs. Okla. City Craig Hall Delta Upsilon A815 Midwest City Jerlene Ann Hargis A815 Fostoria, Ohio James Hart Alpha Tau Omega, UC Tulsa Barbara Grundy Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Waurika Jud Halli Gamma Phi Beta, A815 Okla. City Patricia G. Harn A815 Dallas, Tex. Sue Harvey Kappa Alpha Theta, Bus. Et. Worth, Tex. James Guftey Pi Kappa Alpha, UC St. Louis, Mo William E. Ham Acacia Eng r. Norman Liz Harned Kappa Alpha Theta, AES Ba rtlesyille Susan Harvey A815 Pomona, Calif. Janita Guffey Delta Delta Delta, UC Okla. City Gerald Hamilton Sigma Chi Bus, Guymon Betty K. Harris Kappa Delta ALS, West Palm B'ch, Fla. R. Kent Hatley ALS Duncan Vicki Gunter Delta Delta Delta, A815 Hot Sp'gs,Ark. Robert E. Hammett UC St. Marys, W. Va. Janice Harris Chi Omega AES Norman Morris Hatley Phi Ka ppa Psi A815 Muskogee Dianne Gurley Kappa Alpha Theta, A815 Blackwell Steve Edward Hamner Bus. Okla. City Jim Harris Phi Delta Theta Bus., Shawnee Mission, Kan. Lynn Havighurst Chi Omega AGS Sc tsoale,Ar.z. Kathy Guy Pi Beta Phi AES Tulsa Dale Hampton UC Hugo Judy Harris Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. ous. city Charles Hawkins Sigma Chi UC Tulsa Hope Hackler FA Lake Charles, La. Julie Hanks ALS Tulsa Paul Harris Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Okla, City Virginia Hawks Delta Delta Delta, FA Bartlesville James W. Hackler Phi Delta Theta A815 Muskogee Arlen J. Hanle UC Chalmette, La. Beniamin Harrison UC Okla. City Claire Hawthorn Educ. Okla. City Jessica Lynne Hagan Alpha Phi FA Madison, Wis. Neal Clarence Hardin UC Checotah John Harrison Acacia A815 Okla. City Herbert B. Hayes Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Altus Jack Haggard A815 Okla. City John Hardwick Kappa Sigma Bus. Wich.F'ls,Tex. Mike Harrison Phi Kappa Theta, UC Okla. City Lawrence S. Hayes UC Okla. City Joe Haldeman UC Washington, D. C. Gene Hargis UC Tulsa Patricia Harrison Pi Beta Phi A815 Evanston, lll. Charles Hayhurst Phi Gamma Delta, UC V Col'b's, Ohio 32l CIPIICJFTIOYES Jane Stamper's 'Favorite Campus Corner hang-out is the record store. She claims the attraction down there is all that "living" stereo! Jody Head Delta Gamma A815 Ba rtlesville Pat Arnold Hennessee Delta Tau Delta A815 Lawton Gary C. Herrman Sigma Chi A815 Okla. City Hugh Caurs Hilburn Eng r. Duncan Benalee Hebisen Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Okla. City Ben Henry Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. Prairie Village, Kan. Mike Hewitt Sigma Chi Engr. Bartlesville Bob Hill Kappa Sigma UC Miami Jane James Phillip Jim Helton Henderson Henderson ALS Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Guthrie A815 A8iS Okla. City Tulsa Jim L. Don G. Elizabeth Ann Henson Henthorn Henthorn Bus. UC FA Norman Okla. City Shidler Janie Larry Jessie Hicks Hicks Higgs Pi Beta Phi UC Delta Gamma Educ. Purcell ASS Frederick Pryor Sue William L. John Hill Hill Hillabolt Delta Gamma Delta Tau Delta FA Nurs. Bus. Alva Lubbock, Tex. Okla. City Trish Henderson UC Tulsa Frank Hermes Delta Upsilon A8rS,Arlingtor Heights, lll. Mary Alice High Bus. Norman Marilyn Hincks Educ. M'hasset, N.Y. A. Jeffery Hindman Engr. Okla. City Bob Hood Beta Theta Pi A86 Norman Jeri Howell Delta Gamma A815 Tulsa William Earl Ingram Phi Gamma Delta, UC Okla. City 322 Linda Hinkle Educ. Tulsa Robert Hooper A815 Okla. City William L. Hubbard Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Okla. City Leo Richard lorio A815 Enid Jack Hobbs Sigma Chi UC Okla. City Garland Hope Kappa Alpha Bus. Maysville Donna Hudiburg Alpha cm Omega, Educ. Midwest City Marsha Irby Delta Delta Delta, FA Holclenville Bill Hodde Lambda Chi Alpha, ALS Hobbs, N. M Ronald Hopper A815 Maysville Kaye Huggins A815 Carlsbad, N. M. Tom Ivey Kappa Sigma UC Sallisaw Carilee Hogan Alpha Chi Omega, FA Okla. City Ronald Lee Hornbeek Educ. Okla. City Lurlene Hulme Educ. Chickasha Steve Ivy Delta Sigma Phi, Bus. Tecumseh Holbert Webb, Jr. Phi Delta Theta UC Dallas, Tex. Floyd D. Horton Alpha Sigma Phi, Bus. Parag'uld,Ark. I. Margaret Hunt UC Dallas, Te Gaylene Jackson UC Cleveland X. Jim Holcomb UC Bartlesville William P. Horton Delta Tau Delta A8-S Okla. City Linda Hunt Bus. Okla. City Nancilu Jackson Pi Beta Phi A815 Cleburri, Tex. Malcolm Holcomb Eng r. Jacksonville, Fla. Alan Horwitz Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Okla. City Jan Hursh UC Wayne Jackie Jacobs Alpha Epsilon Phi, Educ. St. Louis, Mo. Kathleen Holdqe UC Denver, Colo. Judy Hough Delta Gamma UC Vinita Jenna Hurst A815 Okla. City Kendall Jacobs Pi Beta Phi A815 Pryor Terryl Hollman Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Hooker Charles House UC N. Little Rock, Ark. Ed Hutlas Phi Ka ppa Theta, Engr. Ch'liwack, B.C. Larry Jacobs Phi Delta Theta AHS, Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Barbara Holmes Kappa Alpha Theta, ALS Okla. City James K. Howard Lambda Chi Alpha, AES Ponca City Dana D. Hyde Gamma Phi Beta, A815 Arlington, Va. Alice Jacobson Educ. Highland Park, lll. Kinross Holt Sig ma Nu Bus. Altus Mike Howard Lambda Chi Alpha, AXKS Ada Susan Ingram Delta Delta Delta, FA Okla. City Judy Jageler Alpha Phi A815 Tyler, Tex. Joel Jankowsky PI Lam pda Ph Bus. Tulsa Terri Johnson Nurs. Edmond Chuck Kennedy Sigma Chi A8-S Houslon, Tex. It Taka Hard tud To Rai e Grade Jerie Jansinq Alpha Della Pi Bus. Norman Frank J. Jones Della Upsilon Bus. Tulsa Viva Lee Kennedy Kappa Alpha Thela, Bus. Tulsa Charles Jarboe UC Edmond Joe Jones Kappa Sigma FA, wiehna Falls, Tex. Kay Kenlon Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Tulsa Jackie Jenkins Della Della Della, AES Duncan Roberl C. Jordan Phi Kappa Thela, UC Houslon, Tex. Richard Kenyon Pi Kappa Alpha, UC D'glasl'n, N.Y. William Jenkins Ka ppa Sigma Bus. Amarillo, Tex. Janie Jubela Gamma Phi Bela, Bus. Tulsa John Kessler Pi Kappa Alpha, Jersey Cily, N. J. Barbara Jennings ALS McAlesler Margarel Juslice UC Maysville Jan Kelcham Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC H'lulu, Hawaii Lee Ann Johns A815 Duncan Sulanne Belh Kagan Alpha Epsilon Phi, AES N. Orleans, La. Janel Kelchum Della Della Della, A815 Okla. Cily Belsy Johnson Kappa Alpha Thela, AES Olcla. Cily Roger Kahn Alpha Epsilon Pi, UC, Hol Springs, Ark. Judy Kelchum Della Della Della, AES Okla. Cily Claudean Johnson Gamma Phi Bela, Educ. Allus Jane? Kamber Sigma Della Tau, A815 Okla. Cily Calvin Kilgore ALS Lawlon Point Judi Johnson Kappa Ka ppa Gamma, A815 Okla. Cily Leslie A. Kehn Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC New York, N .Y. Linda Killian A8rS Fl. Worlh, Tex. Kay Johnson Kappa Alpha Thela, FA Shawnee Bob Kellough Phi Gamma Della, Bus. Denver, Colo. Yeun Sook Kim Della Della Della, FA Seoul, Korea Manly Johnson Kappa Sigma UC Lawlon Belh Kennedy Pi Bela Phi Educ. Okla. Cily Andy Kimberling Sigma Chi UC Norman Willard Kimbrell Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Gr. Bend, Kan. Sleve Kline Kappa Sigma Bus. Okla. Cily Elaine Kralchman Sigma Della Tau, AHS Kan.Cily, Kan Ann Lander Zela Tau Alpha, AES Dallas, Tex. Dale Kimmell Sigma Della Tau, A3-S Dallas, Tex. Adeline Kloeckler Nurs. Checolah Karl Kroeger, Jr. Phi Gamma Della, UC Okla, Cily Mona Ann Lane UC Tecumseh Edward M. King UC Dallas, Tex. Kay Klulls Alpha Phi Educ. Duncan Dan Kubiak Phi Kappa Sigma, AXQS Okla. Cily Beni Langdon Phi Gamma Della, AES Mangum Gary T. King Acacia UC Lov'rsv'le, N.Y. Marian Knapp Alpha Della Pl ALS Berilon, lll. Larry Kuhlman Engr. Olcla. Cily Sandra Langley UC Slillwell Janel King UC Norman Dick Kobdish Phi Della Thela Bus. Tulsa Viclor Kulp Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Tulsa Marlen Langworlhy Sigma Alpha Epsilon, AES Tulsa Roger King UC Tulsa John Kobyluk UC Jones William W. Kummings UC Crawlordsvlle, Ind. Roger Lapham Sigma Chi Eng r. Fl. Worlh, Tex. Bill Kipp Pi Kappa Alpha, ASS B'm'g'm, Mich Bill Koch Phi Gamma Della, UC Checolah Judie Kyle Kappa Della A8-S Okla, Cily Melody Layne A815 Aurora, Colo. Bobbie Kirkharl AHS Enid Henry Andrew Kolesnik UC Drumheller, Alla., Can. Roberl H. Kyle ASS Wewoka Palricia Ann Lee UC Duncan Chris Kirlrpalrick Della Della Della, Nurs. Duncan Palmer Koonlz Phi Della Thela UC Tulsa David Lack Acacia Educ. Alex Thomas Lehman Pha rm. Vinila Barbara Kirschner Sigma Della Tau, ALS Brownl'ld, Tex Jack Kraellli A8fS Colorado Springs, Colo. Pam Laird Pi Bela Phi ALS El. Worlh, Tex. Martha Leigh Bus. Okmulgee Allan Klein Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. Dallas, Tex. Fred MacKramer Bus. Okla. Cily Palricia Land UC Robslown, Tex. Peg Lemme Pi Bela Phi Midwesl Cily Palricia L. Kline UC Sayre Ken Krandel Pi Lambda Phi UC Houslon, Tex. Roberl Land Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ASS Dallas, Tex. Barbara Leonard Della Gamma ALS Olcla . Cily 323 Barbara Lerner Alpha Epsilon Phi, Educ. Houslon, Tex. Lloyd Linville Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Prague Carole Looney Pi Bela Phi A815 Okla. Cily Education eriou Bu iness, Sophomore Find Chesler W. Leslie UC Midwesl Cily Mary Lyn Lipscomb Delia Della Della, ALS Duranl Judy Lovelace Gamma Phi Bela, A815 Olney, lll. Evie Levin A8-S Pierre, S, D. Roberl Lipslel Pi Lambda Phi UC Houslon, Tex Michael Jay Lubel Sigma Alpha Mu, Educ. San Anl'o, Tex. Gail Sue Levin Alpha Epsilon Phi, ALS Topeka, Kan. Judy Lillle UC Kingfisher Jayne Lundschen UC Beeville, Tex. Sleven M. Levy UC, Los Angeles, Cal. Wa ne Lillliefield Sigma Nu UC Lawlon Barbie Luper ALS Scarsdale, N.Y. Nalalie Lewis Alpha Epsilon Phi, AES l-louslon, Tex. Judy Lively Kappa Kappa Gamma, Bus. Tulsa Linda D. Lupo Alpha Phi AHS Lamonl Terry Joe Lewis Bus. Newcaslle Mary Ann Live y Della Della Della, ARS McAlesler Douglas Lyle Della Kappa Epsilon, UC Mesa, Ariz. Belh Lieb Ka ppa Alpha Thela, Educ. Nowala Sue Livingslon Della Della Della, Bus. Okla. Cily Jimmie Lynn Engr. Okla. Cily Mary Lee Liming Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Okla. Cily Sleve Lobaugh Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Cily Pam MacArlhur UC Wauwalosa, Wis. Cheryl Lindley UC Cordell Roberl Lohrman Pi Lambda Phi UC Omaha, Neb. Jim MacKellar Phi Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily Beverly H. Lindsay Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Tulsa Belh Lonqesl Bus. Okla. Cily William C. Madson UC Midwesl Cily Charles S. Lindsey Bus. Okla. Cily Nan Loomis Kappa Kappa Gamma, A315 Enid Jimmy Magers Sigma Phi Epsilon, FA Maysville Jim Mallard Pharm. Guymon Larry K. Marlin Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Mariella Jayne Ann Mayo Educ. Chickasha Michael McGehee Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Shawnee 324 John Malloy Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Cily Lusler Marlin UC McAlesler Jackie Maze UC Okla. Cily Monly McGinnis Sigma Nu Engr. Tulsa David F. Maloy Eng r. Seminole Ronald R. Marlin AHS Skialook Elvera A. McCarlhy Alpha Della Educ. Norman Judilh McGowen Zela Tau Alpha, AZLS Norman Pi Linda Mallby Chi Omega Bus. Ba rilesville Lynn Marx Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Monroe, La. Roberl McCarlhy Educ. Brooklyn, N.Y. George McGuire Alpha Tau Ome a En r Q i Q' Med. Lge., Kan. Lorella Mankin UC Cleveland Roberl Mason Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Wich.Falls,Tex. Jim McClure Phi Kappa Psi Engr. Barllesville Mike Mclnlosh Alpha Tau Omega, ALS lnd'p'l's, lnd. Mill Mann Phi Kappa Psi A815 Okmulgee Jerry Maslers Kappa Alpha Bus. Norman Marqarel Ann McConnell Alpha Gamma Della, Educ. Hobarl Roberl Mclnlosh Sigma Chi Bus. Tulsa Slephen Mann Phi Gamma Della, A815 Anadarko Conrad J. Maslerson, Jr. Lambda Chi Alpha, AES Okla. Cily Sandra McCormick FA Duncan Ronald McMeans Lambda Chi Alpha, A815 Mariella Simon Markowsky Sigma Alpha Mu, UC New York, N.Y. Sharilee Malkin Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. Liberal, Kan. James R. McCurdy Phi Della Thela A815 Purcell Julian McNeely Sigma Chi Bus. Allus Raedell Marks UC Chicago, lll. Annice Clare Mallhews A815 M uskogee Edward McDanel Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Norman Judilh McProud A815 Norman Bruce Marler UC Corpus Chrisli, Tex, Mack Mallhews Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Okla. City John W. McDoulell uc ous. ciiy Pal McQuirk Bus. Abilene, Tex. Palricia Marsh Della Della Della, A815 Jackson, Miss. Pele May Alpha Tau Omega, A815 Franklin, La. Berl McElroy Kappa Alpha A818 Tulsa Mary F. Mead A815 Okla. Cily Douglas Marlin Sigma Nu A815 Moore Andrea Mayo ALS Sallisaw William P. McEnroe Della Kappa Epsilon, Bus. Wellsv'le, N.Y. Bill Meek Lambda Chi Alpha, A815 Hobarl Lynette Mehl Kappa Kappa Gamma, ASS Dallas, Tex. Betty Miller Chi Omega ALS Olcla. City Suzi Mollison Gamma Phi Beta, AHS AltuS David Wayne Morgan UC Temple Sharon Meikle Alpha Chi Omega, ABS Norman Cora-Del Miller Alpha Phi A815 Okla. City Joy Monroe Delta Delta Delta, Ed uc. Norman Linda Ann Morgan Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ, Tulsa Bill Melton Sigma N u Pharm. Lawton Jackie Miller Kappa Delta FA Clinton Judy K. Monroe Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Okla. City Sally Morgan Delta Della Delta, AES Ft. Worth, lex. Sally Merkle Delta Gamma AES Olxla. City Robert Miller Bus, Olcla. City Jon Moon Kappa Sigma Engr. Ada Martin Lee Morris UC Kermit, Tex. Louis W, Butch Merrell Metcalf UC Sigma Chi Guthrie Bus. Garn, Tex. David Milton Milligan Milsted Engr. Phi Kappa Canton Sigma, Bus, Olcla. City Judy Kaye Kathy Moore Moore Chi Omega Delta Gamma Educ. AES Tulsa Tulsa Mary Nancy Morris Morris Delta Gamma AHS Educ. Olcla. City Lawton David Murray Phi Delta Theta UC Tulsa Carol Neal Bus. EI Paso, Tex. Sammy Newcomb Alpha Phi A815 Okla. City Noble Nordahl UC Greeny' lle, Tex. Harold David Murry Sigma Chi AXQS Broken Arrow Diane Neaves Kappa Delta Educ. Norman Cindy Newell Delta Delta Delta, A815 Enid Neal N. North Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Ponca City C. R. Musgrave, Ill Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Bartlesyille Loyd Forest Nelson UC Bel Air, Tex, Judy Newkirlr Delta Delta Delta, A815 Muskogee Jerry Northcutt UC Ada Jeff Musick UC Tulsa David F. Nemecek Bus. Okla. City Charles Nicola Alpha Sigma Phi, Engr. Tulsa Richard C, Northcutt Phi Delta Theta A815 Noble A. Jane Myers Delta Gamma AHS Norman Pam Nestlerode Nurs. Olcla. City Paula Noakes A815 Olcla. City Nancy Norton FA Okla. C'ty Mar Nagie Pi Beta Phi AES Okla. City David Neumann Pi Kappa Alpha, Ass Okarchee Leo Noltensmeyer Kappa Alpha ALS Cushing Diane Nourse Alpha Phi Educ. Okla, City William H. Metzger, Jr. Kappa Sigma A815 Okmulgee J. Douglas Mistler UC Typee, Taiwan Marilyn Moore Delta Gamma Educ. Stroud Trent Morris Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. El Reno Richard Meyer Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Geary C. Scott Mitchell Sigma Chi Engr., Port Wash't'n, N.Y, Sue Moore Alpha Gamma Delta, ARS Dibble Suzy Moss FA Okla. City Stuart Meyer Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. Dallas, Tex. Dale Mitchell Kappa Sigma Bus. Okla. City Ann Moran Chi Omega ABS Seminole Verna Moss Kappa Delta Educ. Norman Ann Middleton Nurs. Miami M. Janis Mixon A813 Spiro Stanley G, Moran Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Okla, City Mary Ann Moyers Delta Gamma ABS Tulsa David Mier Phi Delta Theta AES Olcla. City Randall Mock Delta Tau Delta Bus. Okla. City Jeff Morehouse Sigma Chi, UC Corpus Christi, Tex, Richard Mueller ALS Chiclcasha Sophornores Allen Miller Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A815 Hinton Patty Mohatt Delta Gamma Educ. Okla. City Cai Morgan Delta Delta Delta, FA Okla, City Kathy Munn Pi Beta Phi A815 Stigler :snug -,U ns , -'1?'.L",'E: ' 'L o""". ' Q UIIF its Bill Hubbard has all the time, but not the money-the usual situation ot sophomores. What he needs is a senior to "tix" the parlring meter. 325 John Nowlin Delta Kappa Epsilon, A815 Amarillo, Tex. Rae Ours Alpha Chi Omega, Bus. Okla. City James Pate Kappa Sigma Bus. Okla. City Susan Paynter Delta Delta Delta, Educ. Tulsa Sam Nunley Beta Theta Pi UC Chicasha Ted Ownby Phi Gamma Delta, UC EI Reno Edward Patterson Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Sea Cliff, N,Y. Gerald A. Peel, Jr. UC San Francisc Calit. 0 i Barbara Danny O'Brien O'Brien ALS Phi Kappa Tulsa Theta, UC Okla. City Terry Priscilla Padgham Page UC, Alpha Delta Pi Altus A815 Marshall, Tex. George John Patterson Patterson Delta Kappa Sigma Nu Epsilon, Bus. UC Tulsa Elk City George B. Jim Pemberton Pence UC Phi Delta Theta Okla. City Bus. Norman Jonell O'Brien Educ. Tulsa James G. Palmer Delta Sigma Phi, A815 Bartlesyille Pat M. Patterson A815 Apache Norman Pence A815 Hugo Julie Odom Gamma Phi Beta, A315 Okla. City Judith E. Palmer A815 Tulsa Trisha Patterson Alpha Delta P UC Okla. City Jane Penington Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Antlers Sophornores .af H After collecting empties 'From upstairs Milton Milsted, Sandy Sanders, Dan Kubiak and Curtis Broolcover vote tor cans-soft drinks, that is. 326 John E. Olinghouse Bus. Okla, City Tommy D. Pannell Phi Delta Theta UC Norman Larry Patton i AES Shawnee Dan Pentecost Sigma Chi UC Tulsa Alexander Oliphant, lll Delta Kappa Epsilon, UC Seminole Terry Panza Delta Tau Delta AHS oils. city Joan Patzer Kappa Alpha Theta, Educ. Okla. City Patti Perry Eng r. Norman Shirley Olive Alpha Gamma Delta, Educ. Okla. City Rick Parker Delta Upsilon UC Coleman, Tex. David Pauling Lambda Chi Alpha, A815 Lawton Dick Perryman Delta Tau Delta UC Watonga Marta Roger Oliver Olsen Delta Delta Pi Lambda Delta, A815 Phi, Engr. Norman Dallas, Tex. Susan Ann Michael Parker Parr UC Bus. Dallas, Tex. Okla. City James Bill Pavlonnis Payne Kappa Alpha Alpha Sigma UC Phi, AES Parlin, N.J. Arcadia,Calit. Judy Pamela Peters Peterson Alpha Gamma Delta Gamma Delta, FA A815 Shreveport, La. Tulsa Marty Kay Osborn Chi Omega A815 Okla. City Tom Parrott Beta Theta Pi Bus. Claremore Jim Payne Pharm. Sapulpa Mary Ann Phelps Delta Delta Delta, Engr, Tulsa John Phillips Phi Gamma Delta, UC Dallas, Tex. Nancy Pickett Gamma Phi Beta, A815 Guymon Ralph William Pinsonneault,lll Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Okla. City Richard James Pourchot Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Shawnee Mike Phillips Sigma Nu Bus. Duncan Lynda Picow Sigma Delta Tau, UC C'lumbia,S.C. Kathi Pittman Chi Omega Educ. . Okla. City Colleen Power A815 Novato, Calit. Robert K. Phillips Beta Theta Pi A815 Okla. City Loretta Ann Pierce Alpha Gamma Delta, AES Okla. City Patricia Plott' Delta Delta Delta, A815 Chickasha Jim Powers Phi Delta Theta Bus. Dallas, Tex. James Wayne Gary Philpot Piccolo UC UC Ada New York, N.Y. Delores Linda Pierson Pipe UC Kappa Alpha Norman Theta, Educ. St. Louis, Mo. Jane Ellen Alvan Ed Pollard Porter Alpha Delta Pi Delta Upsilon A815 Bus. Okla.City Okla.City Polly Jack S. Pownall Pratt Delta Gamma DeltaTau Delta A815 Bus. Butler, N.J. Okla.City John T. Pickens Phi Kappa Psi Engr. Dallas, Tex. Janet Sue Pipkin Alpha Chi Omega A815 Okla. City Daniel Porter Lambda Chi Alpha, A815 Beaver Clarice Pregler Alpha Delta Pi Bus. Minco Sophornores Viclor M. Prep Sigma Phi Epsilon, Engr. Frackville, Pa. Roberl Purdy Kappa Sigma UC Okla, Cily Jerry Ransom Lambda Chi Alpha, A815 Buffalo Gylynn Reed Alpha Gamma Della, Educ. lvlidwesl Cily James L. Price, ll Bela Thela Pi Bus. Okla. Cily Sharon Quaid FA Wynnewood Diann Rea Della Gamma Bus. Okla. Cily Palricia Reed ASIS Tulsa Cyndy Pride UC Fl. Smilh, Ark. Michael Quigley Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Allus Susan Frances Records A815 I Okla. Clly Rodney Reed AHS Norman Pally Primrose Gamma Phi Bela, AES Norman D. L. Quillin Sigma Phi Epsilon, Engr. l-lunler Susan Reclor Kappa Alpha Thela, A815 Enid Frank Rees Phi Kappa Thela, UC Okla. Cily Slephen J. Provines Engr. Okla. Cily Harry S. Raleigh Della Kappa Epsilon, Engr, S'lv'rSp'g,Md, Janie Reding Pi Bela Phi FA Okla. Cily Ronda Reid Della Della Della, A815 Allus Barry L. Pulaski Pi Lambda Phi A815 Houslon, Tex. Madelynne Ranmar UC lvlounl Vernon, Ill. Dianne Reed Della Gamma ALS Des Moines, la. Jere Reinauer Alpha Epsilon Phi, Educ. LalceCh'les, La. Sharon Burba and Judy Balmer really wanl lo go lo class, bul lhe only way lo gel lhere now is fly and who's using wings lhis year, anyway! Ann Reisner Alpha Chi Omega, A815 W.L'l'y'le, Ind. Maribelh Riddle Della Della Della, FA AlluS John Robison Sigma Phi Epsilon, Engr. Wilmelle, Ill. Lawrence A. Rudin Sigma Alpha Mu, Engr. Lubbock, Tex, Susan Reiler FA Wilmelle, lll. Farel Riklin Sigma Della Tau, A815 S,Anlonio, Tex. Don Rodolph Eng r. Temple Jane Margarel Rusch A815 Olcla, Cily Thomas Lance Renllel Kappa Sigma A815 Okla. Cily Terry J. Risenhoover A85 Okemah Barly Rogers Lambda Chi Alpha, AES Ponca Cily Don Russell UC Kappa Alpha Okla, Cily Sally Ann Reynolds Bus. Okla. Cily Max Roadruck UC Lawlon Barry Rooker UC McLoud Richard D. Russell Alpha Tau Omega, Bus. Mami Billie Lynn Rhodes Pi Bela Phi A815 Pauls Valley La Rulh Robberson UC Wynnewood Carllella Rose uc Olcla. ciiy Peler Russo Bela Thela Pi A815 Okla. Cily Julian B. Rhodes UC San Francisco, Calil. Carol Robbins Alpha Epsilon Phi, AHS L'lle Neck, N.Y. Dale Rose Phi Kappa Sigma, AXIS Okla. Cily Nancy Jean Ryder Della Gamma Educ,, Van Nuys, Calif. Jack Margarel' Ann Jeri Mac Richards Richards Richardson Sigma Alpha Della Della Della Gamma Epsilon, AES Della, ALS Pharm. Shawnee Shawnee Alb'q'e, N ,M. Jane Arlhur D. Tony Robbins Roberls Roberlson Pi Bela Phi Phi Della Thela AES I . Educ. Bus. Grand Prairie, Ardmore Norman Tex, Lloyd Saralyn John F. Rosenberg Rosenberg Ross Pi Lambda Phi Sigma Della Phi Della Thela Engr,, Jersey Tau, Bus. UC Cily, N.J. lvlemphis,Tenn. Norman Kennelh D Kennelh Judy Sachen Sadberry Salley Engr. Kappa Sigma Alpha Gamma Okla, Cily UC Della, FA Olcla.Cily l-lealolon Orlin Rickard Della Upsilon A815 Ponca Cily David Robinson FA Duncan Janel Rossman Della Gamma Educ., Fl, Laud'dale, Fla. Barbara F. Salron Alpha Epsilon Phi, Educ, Sl. Louis, Mo. Ronald Rickells Sigma Chi A815 Tulsa Nancy Robinson Alpha Epsilon Phi, Educ, l-louslon, Tex. Sherri Roush Alpha Gamma Della, PA Kan. Cily, Mo. Frances Salle A815 Tulsa Joe D. Riddle UC Talihina Richard Robinson Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Norman Louise Rowe Ka ppa Alpha Thela, Bus. Lawlon Byron Dale Salsman Eng r. Tulsa 327 Sophonrores ,sv 1 1 are ,,., -1'...,L....,,, ---..,,.. Deanna Gilslrap and Sally Reynolds are oul lor an early game ol lennis bul can'l decide which courl lo play-lralernily row or Cross Cenler. E. Scoll Samara Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A81S Okla. Cily Fred Schmidt Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Glenl-l'd,N.Y. Bruce Schulle Della Upsilon Bus. Culver, Ind. Lorene Segal Alpha Epsilon Phi, Educ. Denyer, Colo. David Sanders Sigma Chi A81S Tulsa Linda Schmill UC Monlerrey, Mex. Herman Schwarlz Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pharm. Palerson, N.J Sleve Sego Kappa Alpha A81S Barllesville Edward Sanders Phi Kappa Sigma, A81S Oklo. Cily Kalhleen Schoenhals Gamma Phi Bela, A81S Ol1la.Cily Pam Schwend Ka ppa Alpha Thela, A81S Tulsa Dick Self Bela Thela Pi A815 Norman Bill T. Saul Sigma Chi A81S Barllesville Belly Schollenbarger Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Shalluclc Shirley Scoll Kappa Kappa Gamma, A81S Lawlon Michael Sexlon Phi Kappa Thela, A81S J'rs'yC'ly,N.J. Sleven Saul Phi Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily Sami Diane Schuber Kappa Kappa Ga u mma, Ed Dewey Mary Helen Sears UC Lee Summil, Mo. Jack Shannon Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Anadarko C. Nancy Ann Scheddl Nurs. Tulsa Linda Schucarl Sigma Della Tau, Educ. Sl. Louis, Mo. Felis Seberl Sigma Della Tau, A81S Kan. Cily, Mo Lynne Shapiro Alpha Epsilon Phi, Educ. Tulsa Bobbie Jane Shaw UC Sl. Louis, Mo. Sybil Shorl Kappa Della Bus. Okla. Cily Randy Singlelon Sigma Nu A81S Tulsa Kalhleen Smilh 'Bus. Frederick 328 Palrick Shea Phi Kappa Thela, Engr. Ol1la. Cily Randie Shreve Lambda Chi Alpha, A81S Norman David G. Slear Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. Wash'glon, Pa. Kennelh Smilh, Jr. Della Kappa Epsilon, UC WeIlsv'le, N.Y. David Sheegog Phi Gamma Della, A81S Pauls Valley Howard Shrier Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Omaha, Neb. Carole Kaye Slepka Della Della Della, Educ. Okemah Lee Anne Smilh Alpha Phi A815 Pauls Valley Rickey Shelley UC Wichila, Kan, Sharon Shriver UC Enid Roberl Smallwood Bus. Newburg, N.Y. Linda Smilh A81S Tulsa Roberl' L. Shick, Jr. Engr. Okla. Cily Joana Shumale Chi Omega A81S Pauls Valley Barbara Smilh Gamma Phi Bela, A81S Fl. Bragg, N.C. Norman Smilh Sigma Chi Bus. lvlonahans, Tex. Kaaren Shields A815 Tulsa Marlha Sickles Della Gamma A81S Norman Billi Kaye Smilh Della Gamma A815 Slroud Ralph Smilh Sigma Epsilon, Kenmor Phi Bus. e, N.Y. Slan K. Shields Della Tau Della A81S Tulsa Linda Simmons Alpha Chi Omega, UC Springl'ld, lll. Carol Jayne Smilh A815 Okeene Ray Allen Smilh UC Ann Arbor, Mich. Sharon Ann Shirley Alpha Chi Omega, A81S Walonga Ralph Simmons Della Tau Della Bus. Hugo Gene Smilh, Jr. Sigma Nu Bus. Elk Cily Roberl G. Smilh UC Okemah Janella Shissler Alpha Chi Omega, A81S Norman Sharon L. Simmons UC Fl. Vforlh, Tex. Gerald R. Smilh UC Shawnee Ronnie Smilh A81S Elk Cily Gary Sholless UC Eairyiew Rick Simms Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A81S Lindsay Jo Lynn Smilh Bus. Duncan Sandra Smilh Della Della Della, A81S Duncan John Paul Shoplaw Phi Gamma Della, UC Dallas, Tex. Richard Simon Kappa Alpha UC Cushing Joy Nell Smilh Educ. Elk Cily Tila Smilh Della Della Della, Bus. Muskogee S d Sngrry Sigma Della Tau, A81S Daylon, Ohio Anila Jo Singlelerry Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. Okla. Cily J. Sleve Smilh Bela Thela Pi UC Okla. Cily Waller Smilh Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Ol1la.Cily Judy Smolhermon Alpha Chi Omega, AXKS Norman Sam D. Slanifer UC Allus Van N. Slewarl Sigma Chi A815 Wanlagh, N.Y. Youth Jackie Sue Snodgrass UC Okla. Cily Gerald Slarr Bus. Shawnee Mary Slill Alpha Phi, FA Wichila Falls, Tex. Mailurelireaitl Alter Four eme ter Lanny Keals E. Wayne Sockwell Soder, Jr. Solomon Pi Kappa PhiDella Thela UC Alpha, Bus. UC Hobbs, N. M. Allus Okla. Cily Barry Rick Roqer Slaub Slead Slebbins Pi Lambda Phi ASS Phi Della Thela A815 Okmulgee UC Dallas, Tex. Muskogee Clifford Sue Anne Virgil Slockman Slollenberg Slone UC Pi Bela Phi Lambda Chi Valhalla, N.Y. FA Alpha, Bus. Midland, Tex. Duncan Link Spann Della Upsilon A815 Tulsa Sherry Sleele Pi Bela Phi A815 Norman Frederick Slrahm Alpha Sigma Phi, A8-S Tulsa Carolyn Kay Spencer A815 Belle Plairie Kan. Sharon Sleelman Chi Omega Nurs. Haskell David Slreel Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A815 Okla. Cily Charles Spillar UC Lake Charles, La. Maryln Sleers Alpha Chi Omega, UC Englewood Bruce Slrongwaler Sigma Alpha Mu, UC, Rock- ville Clr., N.Y. Roberl Dale Spurrier Kappa Alpha Bus. Wichila, Kan. Rebecca Slegall A8iS Sallisaw John Slrong Sigma Chi UC Gulhrie Judy Slafford UC Lindsay Peqqv Slern Chi Omega AHS Dallas, Tex. Judilh E. Sugarman Alpha Della Pi A815 Elk Cily Jane Slamper Kappa Alpha Thela, AES Anllers Joanna Slevens Gamma Phi Bela, Educ. Okla. Cily John Sullivan UC Chickasha Ainslie Slanford Phi Della Thela UC Tulsa Linda Slewarl Alpha Gamma Della, AEKS Dallas, Tex. Rosemarie Summers Alpha Phi A815 Okla. Cily Sky Suydam Sigma Nu, Bus. Grand Rapids Mich. Lennea Teir Alpha Chi Omega, FA Wich.E'ls,Tex. Suzanne Thompson Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. Okla. Cily Suzan Trimble Zela Tau Alpha, AES Jacks'v'le,Ark. David E. Swafford UC Okla. Cily Alan Terril Phi Gamma Della, Bus. Wich. F'ls, Tex. Terrence Thompson UC El Reno Pam Trcul Della Gamma A815 Wich. F'ls, Tex. Jim Swank Kappa Alpha Bus. Norman Linda Sue Terry Educ. Tulsa Bruce A. Tl1rall Acacia UC Wakila Jim Tubb Della Tau Della Pharm. Midwesl Cily Roberl Swarlz Engr. Ocean Cily, N. J. Blaine Thacker Sigma Nu UC Dallas, Tex. Mary Lelha Thurman Della Della Della, ALS Allus Belly Tuma Della Della, AHS Norman Della Ross Swimmer Alpha Sigma Phi, A815 Okla. Cily Trish Thafcher Alpha Phi A815 Auslin, Minn. Ralph Thurman Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Hooker Dian Turner Educ. Maysville Bunny Talley Della Della Della, AES Okla. Cily George Theriol, Ill Sigma Chi Bus. Dallas, Tex. George Tiller Alpha Tau Omega, UC S.Anlonio,Tex. Mack Turner Phi Gamma Della, UC Dallas, Tex. Susan Talley Kappa Kappa Gamma, ALS Madill Michael H. Thomas Sigma Chi UC Pawnee Jane Tinsley Nurs. Midwesl Cily Necia Turner Kappa Alpha Thela, FA Holdenville Diane Tanner Alpha Phi Bus. Tulsa Slephanie Thomas Pi Bela Phi A815 Vinila Barbara Todd Alpha Gamma Della, ABS Fl. Worlh, Tex. Lynda Ann Tyler Chi Omega Educ. Guymon Edwin Talum Lambda Chi Alpha, ALS Sapulpa Allan Thompson Della Upsilon A8-S Lawlon Nanci Toland Della Gamma UC, San Marino, Calil. Roberl Uda Alpha Sigma Phi, Engr. Kailua, Hawaii Barbara Taylor Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Dewey James T. Thompson Della Tau Della A815 Fl. Worlh, Tex. Richard S. Tornay UC New York N. Y. Larry Underhill Si ma Nu ug Lawlon Pal Taylor Gamma Phi Bela, AES Okla. Cily Joe Thompson Sigma Chi ALS Miami Mike Transue Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Linda Tein Alpha Epsilon Phi, Educ. Denver, Colo. Roberl R. Thompson Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Okla. Cily Tim Traynor Phi Della Thela Bus. Belhlehem, Pa. Enid Deanna Urban UC Trenlon, N. J. Joan C. Ulberq Alpha Chi Omega, UC Ponca Cily 329 Nancy Peggy Karen Kay Curtis Lovilla Sharon Sandi Utley Vail Van Deventer Van Hooser Van Tuyl Vaughey A815 FA Educ. Phi Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Ft. Devens Nashville, Okla. City Sigma, UC Gamma, Educ. Gamma, A815 Mass. Tenn. Okla. City Bixby Jackson, Miss. Bob John F. John David Wade Jan Jon Voegeli, Jr. Vogler Voiles Voss Wade Wade Phi Gamma Delta Tau Delta Sigma Nu UC A815 Phi Kappa Psi Delta, UC UC A815 Alex Norman UC Muskogee Greenville, Ky, Hooker Okla. City Fred Linda Paul Waynel Linda Lou Larry Walker Walker Walker Walling Walters Warden Phi Kappa Psi A815 Phi Delta Theta FA Alpha Chi Kappa Alpha ASS Claremore Pharm. Ryan Omega, Nurs. UC Del City Ponca City Okla.C1ty Tulsa Chuck Rhoda Nick W. Gloria John Barbara Watson Watson Weathers Webber Weick Weinstein Beta Theta Pi Kappa Alpha UC UC Sigma Chi Sigma Delta ALS Them' A35 Atlanta, Ga. Davis UC Tau, Educ. Drumright Amarillo, Tex. Butler, N.J. Nashv'ie, Tenn. Sophornores ,W-' MM. . E 1 Diane Nourse, Linda Watkins and Mary Stitt should get credit 'For Laundry 5I. It isn't everyone who can 'Figure out where the quarter goes. 330 Tom Veale Phi Gamma Delta, UC LeMars, Iowa Marilyn Wade Chi Omega Educ. Tulsa Tana Ware Gamma Phi Beta, A815 Bartlesville Anne Weisiger Delta Delta Delta, FA Okla. City John L. Veccia UC Bronz, N. Y. Ann Wait Jimmy C. Vervack Kappa Sigma Bus. Ft. Smith, Ark. Nancy Anne Waldman Kappa Kappa Alpha Epsilon Gamma, Bus. Tulsa Rod Waring Phi Gamma Delta, Bus. Wichita, Kan, Maxine Weitzman Sigma Delta Tau, A815 Dallas, Tex. Phi, ARS Dallas, Tex. Jerry Warren Acacia UC Bartlesville Susan Weiborn Delta Gamma A315 Okla. City Mary A. Vitale Alpha Gamma Delta, FA Gulhr'e Donald Walker UC Shawnee Linda Watkins Alpha Phi Bus. Okla. City Bryanne Welch Gamma Phi Beta, UC Okla. City 5533 UC Okla. City Nancy Whittaker Gamma Phi Beta, Bus. Okla. City Robert Wilcox PhiDelta Theta UC Miami, Fla. Ann Williams Gamma Phi Beta, A815 Okla. City Donald Wentz Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Lawton Lynda Wiand Kappa Kappa Gamma, Bus. Okla. City Judith Wilkerson UC Okla. City Henry L. Williams Engr. Okla. City Brenda Jo Ann Wesner Westgate Alpha Gamma ABS Delta, FA Tulsa Tulsa John Helen Wicklund Widmayer Bus. Alpha Chi Mt. Pleasant, Omega, UC Mich. Marshall, Tex. Barbara Nancy K. Wilkison Wilkonson Kappa Delta Nurs. A815 Sa pulpa Okla. City James W. Johnny Mack Williams Williams Engr. Alpha Tau Longview, Tex, Omega, UC Marlow Otho Whiteneck Phi Delta Theta A815 Enid Ann Wiest Delta Delta Delta, ABS Norman John Willet Alpha Sigma Phi, Bus. Okla. City Mollie Williams Bus. Moore Roberl L. Roberl Paul Sam Judr Richard James David Williams Williams Williams Wil iamson Williamson Willsey, Jr. Sigma Chi Phi Gamma Phi Gamma Alpha Phi Bela Theia Pi Engr. Bus. Della, UC Delia, UC Bus. Engr. El Reno Ardmore Muskogee Lindsay Okla. Cily Tulsa Rober? C. Clifford Shirley John A. Richard Sandra N. Wilson Winburn Wolberi Wood Wood Wood Sigma Alpha Phi Della Theia Alpha Epsilon ALS Pi Kappa Bus. Epsilon, UC Bus. Phi, Educ. Minco Alpha, A815 Hanna Elk Cily Amarillo, Tex. Kan. Cily, Mo. Midland, Tex, Gail Carol Anne Sieve Crysfal lradi James A. Work Worthing Yaffe Yancy Yekfashenas Yoder Bus. Alpha Gamma Alpha Epsilon UC Engr. UC Tulsa Delia, A815 Pi, Bus. Okla. Cily Yazd, lran Dalharl, Tex, Okla. Cily Muskogee Joyce Susan Wesley Woody Norman W, Susan Young Young Young Young Youngsfeadl' Zadik Kappa Alpha FA Phi Gamma Della Tau Delia AXQS Della Gamma Thela, Bus. Eufaula Della, UC Engr. Broadview, Ill, A815 Tulsa l-l'n'l'u,l-lawaii Okla,Cily Dallas, Tex. Carin' a lol abouf arl are lhese lhree individuals-Karen Van Devenfer, Keron McAlisler and Karren Barlon, who admire a painfing in l'he arf museum, during a 'four belween classes. Charles Wilson Delia Upsilon Engr. Ardmore Vickie Woodrow UC Norman Viki Yoes A815 Okla, Cify Jane Zander Pharm. Tulsa Donald R. Wilson Della Tau Della ALS Shawnee Jim Woods Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Dallas, Tex. Gary Youell UC Blackwell Sfuarl Zarrow Pi Lambda Phi Bus, Tulsa Keilh O. Wilson UC Pond Creek Paul Woody Alpha Sigma Phi, Bus. Marshall, Tex. Alice Kaye Young Bus. Norman Sidney Jane Zschach Della Della Della, ALS Tulsa Larry Wilson Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A815 W'sh'gl'n, D.C Paul Woolsey Bus. Duncan Jerri Young Delia Delia Della, A815 Tulsa Richard Zinn Phi Kappa Sigma, UC R'h'lePk.,N.J. Sophornores l 7 x -W Sandy Bay minds fhe record player while Marilyn Hmcks calls lhe boys al' Wash house. Bur lhe boys know darn well if isnf really Rusfy Warren Andee Cheryl Abeles Aber Alpha Epsilon Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Phi, UC L'lleRock,Ark. Sl. Louis, Mo. Dorolhy Bill Albrecht Allen UC Phi Gamma Sl. Louis, Mo. Della, UC Okla. Cily John C. Lloyd T. Anderson Anderson Phi Della Thela UC UC Sapulpa C'lurnbus, Ind. Michael Rand Mary Ann Arsl Ashlock Sigma Alpha Della Della Mu, UC Della, UC Allon, Ill, Lawlon Kennelh Aboussie Sigma Chi UC Wich.F'ls,Tex. Di Anne Allen Kappa Della UC Decalur, Tex. Paul Anderson Della Tau Della UC Lawlon Kerslin Asp Pi Bela Phi Uncl., Lidingio, Sweden Barry Abrams Kappa Sigma UC Ama rillo, Tex Ginger Allen Gamma Phi Bela, UC Okla. Cily Russell Anderson UC Tulsa Glenda Alchley UC Olhey, Tex. Lorella Aby Alpha Gamma Della, UC Dallas, Tex. Jay Allen Phi Della Thela UC Dallas, Tex. Teresa Anderson UC Norman Sleven Terrell Alha UC Norman Karen Acord Della Gamma UC Dallas, Tex. Jennifer Allen Alpha Phi UC Pk. Ridge, Ill. Clive Viclor Andriesse UC Colorado Springs, Colo Donna Ausl' Della Della Della, UC Lawlon Donna Adams UC Sayre Jo Ann Allen Alpha Gamma Della, UC Ringling John Aranl Alpha Tau Omega, UC Scarsdale, N.Y, April Auslin Chi Omega UC Amarillo, Tex. Hugh Adams Kappa Sigma UC Gulhrie Nela Gay Allen Alpha Chi Omega, UC Hobarl Linda Argo Chi Omega UC Borger, Tex. Sandra Ayala UC Midwesl Cily Hal H. Adamson, lll UC Edmund Angela Amero UC Norman Joan Arlolla Alpha Chi Omega, UC New York, N.Y. Dan Babcock Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Tulsa J. Phil Adamson Bela Thela Pi UC Tulsa John A. Ammon UC Ruxlon Hill, Md. James A. Armslrong UC Okla. Cily Nancy Baggell UC Wayne Linda Aqee UC Okla. Cily Michael C. Amspacher Phi Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily John Goodman Arnold Phi Della Thela UC Tulsa Allen Doyle Bailey Phi Della Thela UC Tulsa Roberl Ahrens Phi Kappa Psi UC Tulsa Clyde Amyx, ll Phi Kappa Psi UC Frederick Mike Arrendell Phi Gamma Della, UC Ponca Cily Michael Duane Bailey UC Maysville Fl"e'.5l'1l"I1el1 Mary Holcomb and Lyn Siegel agree lhal lhe more leisurely lhe walk, lhe more enioyable, especially when en roule lo pledge sludy hall. 332 John Allen Baker Phi Kappa Psi UC Muskogee Mary Lou Barkell UC Okla, Cilv John Barnes Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Lawlon Paul Barlee UC Okla,Cily Ken Baldwin Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Tulsa Michael Barlow Alpha Epsilon Pi, UC New York, N.Y. P. Kay Barnes UC Frederick Ron Barlon Della Tau Della UC Thomas Jerry Bales Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. Cily Adrah Barnes UC Sand Springs Cheryl Barnell Chi Omega UC Mangum Judy Basham UC Okla. C'lv Alice Ann Balilierra UC Okla. Cily Allen Barnes UC Haddonfield, N. J. Susan Barnell Sigma Della Tau, UC Des Moines, la. James Bassel Acacia UC Lawlon Bryan Ballard UC Wewoka Carolyn Barnes UC McAlesler Rick Alan Barringer UC Delroil, Mich, Chris Bauer UC Winler Park, Fla. ! Connie Barber UC Beaver Gary Barnes UC Ringling Allen Barrow Sigma Chi UC Tulsa John Michael Baum Phi Della Theta UC Tonkawa Richard Baum Pi Lambda Phi UC Daylon, Ohio Pally Bennel UC Tulsa Norman H. Bird UC McAllen, Tex. Enrollee at 0U Come From Drew Beams Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Dallas, Tex. Denney J. Benson UC Duncan Sleve Birnbaum Sigma Alpha Mu, UC F'r'sll-'l'ls, N.Y. Roxana Kay Bear UC Anchorage, Alaska Cynlhia Benfley Della Della Della, UC Okla. Cilv Roberl Bishop Phi Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily Thomas Behm UC Tulsa Roberl Benzin UC LaJunla, Colo. Sharon Bishop UC Tulsa Jill Bell Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Okla. Cily Joan Berk UC Dallas, Tex. Cindy Blachly Alpha Phi UC Midwesl Cily Kalhy Bell Pi Bela Phi UC Ada Richard Berns Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Dallas, Tex. Karen Black Della Della Della, UC Norman Palli Bell UC Tulsa Gary Bianchi UC Midwesl Cily Suzanne Black Kappa Della UC Norman Man Frank Bellows Kappa Alpha UC Allus Sandra Bias Della Della Della, UC Muskogee June Blackberry Della Della Della, UC Brislow Counlrie Roberl Benbow Della Upsilon UC Aurora, lll. Charlene Bidasio Chi Omega UC Tulsa Wendy Blair Alpha Gamma Della, UC Dallas, Tex. Barbara Rose Bendalin Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC El Paso, Tex. Harmie Biddle Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Chesler, Pa. Colledilh Blalock Alpha Della Pi UC Okla. Cily Harold Bender UC Guymon Belly Biggerslaff UC Sulphur Paul Blalock Sigma Nu UC Pauls Valley Thomas Benefiel Sigma Nu UC Okeene Linda Billups Della Gamma uc Okla. ciiy Carole Bland Della Della Della, UC Muskogee Norma Blanlon Zela Tau Alpha, UC Del Cily Barbara Borelll Chi Omega UC Kingfisher Charles Brannon UC Midwesl Cily Roger Brown Della Tau Della UC Okla. Cily Janie Blome UC Anada rko Sharon Kaye Bounds UC Belvoir, Va. Judy Braughl UC Norman Thomas Brown UC l Barllesville David Blossom Phi Gamma Della, UC Dallas, Tex. John William Bowles UC Ponca Cily Ellen Brauman Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Dallas, Tex. Margie Brude Chi Omega UC Dallas, Tex. Le Ann Boeve Alpha Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily Kennelh G. Bowman UC Okla. Cily Pally Brennan Alpha Phi UC Okla. Cily Ken Brusl UC Midwesl Cily John E. Bohan Kappa Sigma UC Alexis, lli. Michael H. Boydslun Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Ponca Cily Judilh Brighl UC Okla. Cily Willa Buck Pi Bela Phi UC Okla. Cily Keilh Bohlman UC Watonga Don Boyinglon UC Okla.CEly Jimmy Broadhursl UC Okla. Cily Marian Bulla Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Okla. Cily Don Bolen Phi Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily June Bevlyn Bradlield Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Shawnee Karen Brodkey Sigma Della Tau, UC Omaha, Neb. Richard Bundy uc ous. ciiy David Bonduranl' UC Cushing Howard A. Bradford UC Tulsa Mary Jane Brokaw Chi Omega UC Plainl'ld, N.J. Charles Robert Burgell UC Tulsa Belly Bonifield Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Woodward Lynda Bradley Della Gamma UC Muskogee Harold Brown Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. Cily Carol Burke UC Richa rdson, Tex. Slephen Bonner Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Norman Judy Brady UC Broken Arrow Jimmy Brown Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Eunice, N. M. Hugh Burkell UC Memphis, Tenn. Palricia Booker UC l-louslon, Tex. Raymond E. Brady UC Tulsa Penny Brown Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Okla. Cily Belh Burleson Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Prague Ronald Duane Bordern UC Tulsa Palricia Bragassa UC Evansville, Ind. Phillip P. Brown UC Tulsa Larry Burmeier Della Tau Della UC Okla. Cily 333 Melissa Burwell Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Jackson, Miss. David Cain Phi Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily James Carloss UC Tulsa ll John Charles Bush Phi Kappa Thela, UC Bulfalo, N. Y. Roxee Calinson Pi Bela Phi UC Fl. Worlh, Tex. Ralph Glenn Carpenler UC Okla. Cily comer to Campu Attend llrientation Class Jo H. Bushman UC Dallas, Tex. Calhy Callahan Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Okla. Cily Reed Carpenler Sicima Chi UC, Chagrin Falls, Ohio Calherine Buller Alpha Phi UC Oka. Cily Kay Campbell UC Golglhwaile, Tex. Allen Carrel UC Penns Grove, N. J. Pam Buller UC l-louslon, Tex. Mary Irene Campbell Alpha Gamma Della, UC Tulsa Roberl G. Carroll UC Okla. Cily Sharon Alyce Buller UC Okmulgee Richard Canonico UC Easl Brunswick, N.J. Charles W. Carson UC Midwesl Cily Palsy Bynum Della Della Della, UC Okla. Cily Mary Canlrell UC Sapulpa James M. Carson Sigma Nu UC Okla. Cily Gerald Wesley Byram UC Norman Bobby Canlwell uc Okla. cliy Jack Carson Sigma Chi UC Okla. Cily Charles J. Byrd Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Okla. Cily Ronnie Carey UC Velma Dale Carler Della Upsilon UC, Sainl Ives, England Mark Byrd Della Tau Della UC Coalgale Tom Carey Della Upsilon UC Tulsa Nancy Ann Carler Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Norman Clarence Cagle UC Tulsa Sharon Kay Cargile Gamma Phi Bela, UC Shawnee James Case Della Sigma Phi, UC Chicago, lll. Carol Jean Cahn Sigma Della Tau, UC Monroe, La. Kay Carlelli UC Grand Prairie Tex. Tim J. Caslello Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Tulsa Sandra Dianne Caslle UC Bonham, Tex. Roberl Chapman UC Norman Neal Clary UC Okla. Cily Boyd Cohen Pi Lambda Phi UC Ladue, Mo. 334 William Caslleman Kappa Sigma UC Dallas, Tex. William Roy Chavez UC Midway Cily, Calil. Phyllis Merrill Clason UC Sl. Louis, Mo. Edward Cohen Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Passaic, N.J. Bill Caswell UC Barllesville Rila Cherry UC Okla. Cily W. Kirk Clausing Della Upsilon UC Seminole Gerald Cohen Sigma Alpha Mu, UC C'ncil B'lfs, la. Susan Callell Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Muskogee Ken Chesnull PhiDella Thela UC Holdenville Linda Clinesmilh Della Della Della, UC Enid Susan M. Cohen UC Kan. Cily, Mo. Richard Ceries Phi Kappa Thela, UC Sl. Louis, Mo. Sleven Childers UC Okla. Cily David Coalney Della Sigma Phi, UC Ponca Cily Charles M. Cole Bela Thela Pi UC Tulsa Ann Chaffin Alpha Chi Omega, UC Tulsa Jon Chrislensen UC Nora Springs, Iowa Bob Cochrane UC Norman Linda Cole UC Marlow Pal' Chambers Phi Kappa UC Muskogee Gary Allen Claiser UC McAlesler Susan Cockerham Pi Bela Phi UC Psi Shreveporl, La. Sleve Cole Sigma Nu UC Tulsa Ernesl Champion, ll UC. Bossier Cily, La. Janie Clark Chi Omega UC Tulsa Linda Cockriel UC Tulsa Alice Coleman UC Camden, Ark. Calhy Champlin Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Okla. Cily Sharon Clark UC Davenporl Carole Cody Chi Omega UC Okla. Cily Carolyn Coleman Kappa Della UC Newkirk Edwin Chandler UC Macomb, Ill. Tom Clark UC Tulsa William Lee Cody UC Lakewood, Ohio Jane Collins UC Headrick Suzanne Chaney UC Vermillion S.D. Porlia Ann Claro uc oua. cliy Bob Coffey Sigma Chi UC Shawnee Nancy Brenda Collins UC Barranguilla, C'lumbia, S.A. Richard Chapman Della Tau Della UC Lawlon Ann Clary Pi Bela Phi UC Plainview, Tex. John Coffey Della Tau Della UC Sand Springs Richard Collins Phi Della Thela UC Des Moines, la. Carolyn Colmore UC Okla. Cily Wayne Copeland Bela Thela Pi UC Lindsay Elizabelh Coughlin UC Enid John Cousins Alpha Tau Omega, UC Calgary, Alla., Can. David J. Confer UC Okla. Cily Gail Copple Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Des Moines, la. Charlolle Council Della Gamma UC Norman Ann Cowans Della Della Della, UC Anadarko RoberlGordon Linda Sue Suzanne Cook Cooley Cooper Della Upsilon UC Alpha Gamma UC Ponca Cily Della, UC Tulsa Okla. Cily Sherry De Anna Joe Corbin Cornelius Cory UC UC A UC A Newloundland Okla. Cily Okla. Ccly Chrislina Ray Deanna Council Council Councill Gamma Phi Della Upsilon Gamma Phi Bela, UC UC Bela, UC Norman Daylon, Ohio Clovis, N, M. Linda Ronald Nan Cowles Crabbe Craven UC UC Chi Omega Okla.Cily Blair UC Okla. Cily James R. Copass Phi Della Thela UC Tulsa Janie Couch Della Della Della, UC Ardmore Broneen Courfnay Kappa Della UC, Anch'age, Alaska Randy Craven Sigma Nu UC Dallas, Tex. reshlhen Trinelle Hoy, Connie Dixon, Jonroi Baird and Marilyn Rulh Lindsey are really anxious for Hesler-Robinson caleleria lo be compleled. Janelle Creeach UC Chickasha Danny Cupp Alpha Tau Omega, UC Tulsa Joe Deere UC Guymon Marybelh Diflemore UC Miami, Fla. Jan Creekmore Ka ppa Alpha Thela, UC Tulsa Travis Alvin Curd UC Sl. Louis, Mo. Janel Delholal Pi Bela Phi UC Okla. Cily Edward J. Dix Alpha Tau Omega, UC Chicago, lll. Linda Creel Chi Omega UC Shreveporl, La. Kalhy Curn ulle Pi Bela Phi UC Vinila Les Deman Alpha Epsilon Pi, UC NewYork, N.Y. Carolyn Dixon Pi Bela Phi UC EglanAFB, Fla Sally Criswell UC Carrier Ralph Cusler Della Upsilon UC Lisle, III. Karen Denlon Gamma Phi Bela, UC Tulsa Kaly Lou Dixon Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Barllesville Jim Cronoble UC Barllesville Kennelh Cutler UC Okla. Cily Sandi Denlon Pi Bela Phi UC Fl. Smilh, Ark. Pamela Dixon UC Barllesville Jack Crosbie UC Okla. Cily Mary Daniel Gamma Phi Bela, UC Tulsa Millicenl Delien Chi Omega UC Pryor Laura Dobbs Pi Bela Phi UC Al?uS Kay Lynn Crouch UC Tecumseh Lewis Davenporl Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. Cily Bev Deulsch Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Sl. Louis, Mo. Tom A. Dodson Della Tau Della UC Okla. Cily David F. Crowder UC Ponca Cily Carol Davis Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Okla. Cily William H. Devine uc Del Cily Kay Dollins UC Sa pulpa William Cubbage Sigma Chi UC Cushing Sharon Davis UC Okla. Cily Maryann Dewberry UC Clinlon Allan Dolman Phi Gamma Della, UC Barllesville Sharon M. Cummings UC Sewarl AFB, Tenn. Jerry Wayne Dawson UC lnduslry, Pa. Linda Dickenson UC Okla. Cily Doug Donaldson UC Norman Sheila Cummings UC Seminole Randy Deal Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Cily Michael Dillenbach UC Parker, Fla. Linda Donnell Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Norman Douglas Cunningham Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Ba rllesville Shari Deason Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Okla. Cily Mary Dinsmore UC McAlesler George Dorr UC Tulsa 335 4 Freshrnen Sue McCoy really believes Ron Mar-lin, upperclassman, when he gives her direclions lo lhe library, more commonly known as lhe "Red Onion." Pele Dosser Della Tau Della UC Lawlon Phyllis Drake Alpha Della Pi UC Mangum Barbara Rush Dunbar Gamma Phi Bela, UC Dallas, Tex. Eileen Edinger Pi Bela Phi uc ous. ciiy Joseph Douglas UC Wood bridge, Va. Wilma Draper UC Muskogee Dan Duncan Phi Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily Kay Lynn Edwards Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Norman Larry Dow Phi Gamma Della, UC Okarchee Pamela Jean Drennan Alpha Gamma Della, UC Annandale, Va, Annelle Dunninglon Alpha Phi UC Cherokee Ann Ehlers Della Della Della, UC Tulsa Marlha Dowling Pi Bela Phi UC Michael A. Doyle Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC El Dorado, Ark. Tulsa Sleven Duggan UC Tulsa Michael Eason UC Ardmore Gary Wayne Eley Sigma Chi UC Allus Alberl Wood Dumas, Ill UC Allanla, Ga. Jeffrey Easlman Pi Lambda Phi UC Claylon, Mo. David Eller UC Tulsa George Drake UC Okla.Cily R. N. Dunagan Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Perry Charles Eby UC Wilson Jan Ellioll Pi Bela Phi UC Barllesville Kalhleen Ellioll UC Alamogordo, N. M. Joseph James Ellen UC McHenry, Ill. Donald Feinslein Sigma Alpha Mu, UC C'l'mbus,Ohio Rulh Ann Fisher UC Okemah 336 Phillip James Ellioll UC Braman Kalhy Evans Kappa Della UC Tulsa Joan Feldqreber Sigma Della Tau, UC Sapulpa Paula Fishman Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Grinnell, lowa David Finley Ellis UC Norman Pal Evans Della Upsilon UC Tulsa Tom Fellman Pi Lambda Phi UC Omaha, Neb. Roberl B. Fleener Bela Thela Pi UC Norman Judilh Ellis Pi Bela Phi UC Okla. Cily Barbara N. Fagin Alpha Epsilon Phi, uc Okla. Cily Jack Fesler Della Tau Della UC Okla. Cily Gerald Fleming UC Cushing Susan Ellman Sigma Della Tau, UC Allanla, Ga. Linda Lee Fair Alpha Gamma Della, UC Ponca Cily Carl Fiddner Sigma Nu UC Tulsa Jim Flood Phi Gamma Della, UC Norman Tom Emerson Sigma Nu UC Okla. Cily Kurl Fankhouser UC Guymon Michel M. Fife Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Gulhrie Kaye Flood Della Della Della, UC Okla. Cily Linda Emmer Sigma Della Tau, UC Okla, Cily Carolyn Fano Alpha Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily James R. Filbeck Phi Della Thela UC Allus Chrislie Ford Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Hugo Jane England Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Ada Lee W. Farmer UC Washinglon, D. C. Tom Filbeck UC Gulhrie Marlin Ford Della Upsilon UC Pauls Valley Dan M. Enos UC Norman Sandra Farmer UC Gulhrie Marsha Finley Pi Bela Phi UC Dallas, Tex. Roberl L. Ford Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Shawnee Lois Epslein UC Syracuse, N. Y. Jack Farrier Si ma N ug U Tulsa Jean Finney Alpha Phi UC Norman Elizabelh Foree Alpha Della Pi UC Norman Michael Epslein UC Swampscoll, Mass. Francie Faudree Gamma Phi Bela, UC M uskog ee Diane Fisher Alpha Phi UC Ardmore Margie Foree UC Tulsa Janie Eschler UC Randlell Bill Faulkner UC Tulsa Richard Fisher Pi Lambda Phi UC Memphis, Tenn. Toni Ford Alpha Gamma Della, UC Olcla. Cily Billy Allen Foreman UC Norman Leslie Frank UC Park Forest, lll. Joan Friedman Sigma Delta Tau, UC Des Moines, la, Judy A. Foster Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Shawnee Rusty Franklin Sigma Alpna Epsilon, UC Okla. City Don Fruit Kappa Sigma UC Shawnee eoph te Plunge Into llut ide Acti itie Larry Foster Beta Theta Pi UC Duncan Steve Franklin Kappa Alpha UC Tulsa Jeanne Fryntzko Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Gr'ite C'y, lll Tommy C. Fountain UC Norman Doug Frantz Beta Theta P UC Enid Melvin Fuller UC Seminole Barbara Jean Fowler UC Malvern, Ark, Kathryn Frantz UC New Orleans, La. Jim Fulmer Sigma Nu UC l-lennessey Andrea Fox Sigma Delta Tau, UC l-lighl'dPk., lll. Don Frazier Sigma Nu UC Enid Davida Funk Sigma Della Tau, UC Kan. City, Mo. Joella Fox UC Nardin Linda Frederick Kappa Delta UC Okla. City Nancy Furr Alpha Chi Omega, UC Aiolca Don L. Jerre Mimi Frakes Francis Francis UC Kappa Delta Alpha Gamma Enid UC Delta, UC N.Orleans, La. Ft. George Meade, Md. David Johnnie Robert B. Freeman Freeman French Kappa Sigma UC UC UC Okla. City Mountain View Okla. City Patricia Susan Harry Fuferfas Gable Galoob Alpha Epsilon Kappa Alpha Pi Lambda Phi Phi, UC Theta, UC UC Dallas, Tex. Okla. City l-lealdton Barbara Frank UC Lawton Judy Fretwell UC Okla. City Sam Galoob Pi Lambda Phi UC Longview, Tex. Chayo Frank UC Miami, Fla. Charles Friedman Pi Lambda Phi UC L'tle Rock,Ark Anne Gamble Alpha Chi Omega, UC Jeiierson, Tex. Eliza beth Gandy Della Gamma UC Norman Virginia Gibson Kappa Delta UC Locus Grove Howard Glickman UC lSlewYork, lXl.Y. Robert Graham Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Ardmore Susan Gans Della Gamma UC Santa Fe, N. M Bob Gilbert UC L'tle Rock,Ark Toby Globe Alpha Epsilon Pi, UC Tulsa Beverly Grayson Alpha Phi UC Okla. City Jack Garland UC Okla. City James Gilbert UC Bethany Ronnie Goddard UC Broken Bow Marcia Greenblatt Sigma Delta Tau, UC Dayton, Ohio Stephen Garrett Phi Gamma Delta, UC Mangum Robert Gilbert Phi Kappa Psi UC Tulsa Bill Goen UC Tulsa Karen Greene Gamma Phi Beta, UC Dallas, Tex. Gall Garrette UC Okla.Cily Richard Gilby UC Velma Marsha Diann Goff Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Del City L. J. Gregg Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Durant Judy Frank Garrison Gafewood Gamma Phi Delta Kappa Beta, UC Epsilon, UC Okla. City Ardmore Susie Dorinda Gilinsky Gill Sigma Della UC Tau, UC Salem, lll. Omaha, Neb. Marvin Ronald Goforth, Jr. Gold UC Sigma Alpha Bethany Mu, UC Ov'l'd Pk,, Kan. Richard Will Gregory Gresham UC UC Clinton Okla. City Sherman, AFB Linda Bruce Geer Geis UC Delta Upsilon Okla. City UC Alva Chandler Michael E. Gillespie Gillett UC UC Philadelphia, Tulsa Pa. Bertil Louis Goransson Gordon Phi Kappa Sigma Alpha Sigma, Engr. Mu, UC St'kh'm, Swed. NewYork,N.Y. Gerald Larry Griffin Griffin UC UC Tulsa Eomund Nancy Gentry UC Bartlesville Mary Gipson UC Okla. City Vicki Jean Gotcher Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC McAlester Mary Griffin UC Tulsa Everett George Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Lawton Michael L. Gittings UC Los Alamos, N. M. Michael Gotfesman Alpha Epsilon Pi, UC Brooklyn, N.Y. Mike Grimes Kappa Sigma UC Okla. City Jack Ghorayeb Phi Ka ppa Theta, Uncl. Lebanon Bernard Glassman Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Okla. City Amelie C. Graham UC Okla.City Terry Grimes UC Altus 337 Cynlhia Grisham Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Purcell Chris Hammon Beia Theia Pi UC Siinnerf, Tex. Jon Harshaw Phi Kappa Psi UC Okmulgee Fre hmen Concentrate on Required Courses Terry Gross Chi Omega UC Muskogee Hobarf Hammond UC Plymouih, Mich. Kay Hartley Alpha Phi UC El Dorado Suzy Gruber Alpha Delia Pi UC Norman Roberl H. Hammond UC N. Liiile Rock, Ark. Hope Hartmann Sigma Delia Ta u, UC N.Orleans, La. Judy Gul ick Della Della Delia, UC Muskogee James Haney UC Anada rko Marian Harvey UC Wagoner Marion Daniel Gurney UC Ha rrah Calhey Hangs UC Nowaia Rosa Harvey UC Fosier Susie Haas UC Duncan Kalhy Harms UC Shadduck William H. Harvey, Jr. UC Tallahassee, Fla. Charles C. Habeger UC Miami Waller Carl Harneil UC Easi Meadow, N. Y. John Halcher Alpha Tau Omega, UC Pampa, Tex. Terry Halvorsen Gamma Phi Beia, UC M uskogee Ann Harness UC Chillicoihe, Ohio Mary Lee Halhcock UC Washingion, D. C. Linda Hamillon Alpha Chi Omega, UC Enid Terry Harrell Alpha Tau Omega, UC Gage Danny Haugan Phi Kappa Thela, UC Okla. Cily Maril n Hamilton Pi Beta Phi UC Sapulpa James Harris Alpha Tau Omega, UC Duncan Linda Hauser UC Okla. Cily Carl Hammer? UC Anadarko Maxwell Jay Harrison uc Del ciiy Ron Havens Delia Sigma Phi, UC Pawhuska Jim Hammell Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Okla. Cily Tricia Harrison Alpha Phi UC Elmonle, Cal. Frank Hawkins UC Borger, Tex. Keary Hayes UC Norman John V. Herron uc Elk ciiy Becky Hill Delia Delia Delia, UC Okla. Ciry Vic Holl Phi Gamma Delia, UQC Okla. City 338 Lewis Hayes Alpha Tau Omega, UC Tulsa Bill Hesler Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Prairie Village, Kan. Linda Hill UC Dallas, Tex. Thomas Holycross Ph' Kap a Theia, Liic Depew, N. Y Tim Bennie Hayes Heinrich Phi Delia Theia Beia Theia Pi UC UC Tulsa Barllesville M. E. Bruce L. Hess Hickman UC UC Amarillo, Tex. Aline Mary Ann David R. Hill Hironimis UC Delia Sigma Farmingron, Phi, UC N.M. Anne Hooker Delia Delia Delia, UC Palo Alio, Tex. Melinda Lee Hopkins Alpha Gamma Delia, UC Fr. Worth, Tex. LeeSum'i, Mo. Jay Helferl UC Dayion, Ohio Connie Hickman UC Norman James H. Hodge UC Kenovia, W. Va. Roberl Horrell Phi Kappa Psi UC Memphis, Tenn. Kalhy Helvensfon UC Longview, Tex. David Hicks Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Tulsa Donald Hoflich Phi Kappa Theia, UC Tulsa Orvill A. Horlon UC Okla. Ciry Vic Hemmy UC Kailua, Hawaii Jerry Hiersche Phi Gamma Delia, UC Midwesi Ciiy Jack Hogan Delia Upsilon UC Tulsa Marsha Kay Howard UC Ada Sherry Hendricks UC Ba rilesville Eddie Higgins Ka ppa Sigma UC Sherman, Tex. Sharon Hogan Chi Omega UC Mangum Roberl Hoyland UC Guthrie Don Henline Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Okla. Ciry Scoli Higgins UC Hominy Mary Holcomb Gamma Phi Bela, UC Muskogee Jimmy Hoyler Sigma Nu UC Pampa, Tex. Henry C. Hensel UC Norman Glenn High UC Norman Gayle Ho den UC Dewey Roger Hubbard Sigma Nu UC Okla. Ciiy Rebecca Heritage Pi Beia Phi UC Claremore Billye Jo Hilderbrandl UC Lindsay Dee Holland UC Clovis, N. M. Barbara Huelsman UC Midwesi Ciiy Cecilia Herron Gamma Phi Befa, UC Alius Arnold Hill UC Okla. Ciiy Henry Holleyman UC Norman Bruce Humphrey Phi Delia Thefa UC Duncan Jay Richard Hunl Della Upsilon UC Okla. Cily Roberl Jackson Phi Kappa Psi UC Barllesville Dwighl Johnson Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Norman Fir t College Year Big dju tment for Man Sharon Jo Hunl Della Della Della, UC Elk Cily Emma Jacobs Zela Tau Alpha, UC Norman Jana Johnson Alpha Phi UC Okla. Cily Guy Hunlley UC Okla. Cily Pamela Jacobson Sigma Della Tau, UC, New Brunswick, N .J Rae Jean Johnson Gamma Phi Bela, UC Okla. Cily Ba rba ra C. Hullon UC Brislow Mary Marqarel James UC Cushing Richard Johnson Della Upsilon UC Tulsa Michael Hyall UC Muskogee Sarilee Janger Sigma Della Tau, UC Okla. Cily Sherry Johnslon Gamma Phi Bela, UC Pawhuska Dudley Hyde Sigma Nu UC Okla. Cily Allan Jeffy Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Tulsa Thomas Johnslon Kappa Sigma UC McAlesler Ralph lge UC Honolulu, Hawaii Gene Jenkins Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Lawlon Roberl Johnslone Phi Gamma Della, UC Chap'q'a, N.Y. Barbara lmel Della Della Della, UC Tulsa Judy Jobe Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Chickasha Jack Jones UC Okla. Cily William lseminger UC McLean, Va. Al Joern Della Tau Della UC Lawlon Judy Jones Pi Bela Phi UC Fl. Smilh, Ark. Sandra lsenberg Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Wichila, Kan. Arlis V. Johnson UC Okla. Cily Kennelh Jones UC Orlando, Fla. Penny Isom Pi Bela Phi UC Tulsa Carolyn M. Johnson UC Woodward Norman P. Jones Bela Thela Pi UC Duncan Bruce A. Jack UC Sulphur David A. Johnson UC Tulsa Mary Jane Jordan Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC El Reno Sam l. Jordan, III UC Wichila, Kan. Donald Alan Karchmer S'g Alph ivluliic 5 Cenlralia, lll. Tommy Kenemore Della Upsilon UC Blackwell Susan Leigh Kimerer Alpha Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily Kennelh R. Judd UC Barllesville James Ka rn UC Tulsa Kaye Kennemer UC Gulhrie Francis Allene King Kappa Della UC Odessa, Tex. Fred Lloyd Jung, Jr. UC, Honolulu, Hawaii Deanna H. Karschnok UC Ada Ann Kenl Pi Bela Phi UC Okla. Cily George King UC Slroud Tony Jury UC Collinsville Cary Lynn Kassebaum UC Tinker AFB Joe Kernke Phi Della Thela UC Okla. Cily Pemle King Kappa Della UC Palos Park, lll. Jeri Kahn Sigma Della Tau, UC Memphis, Tenn. Kennelh Kau UC Harrison, N. Jan Kesler UC Long Beach, Calil. Tommy King UC Guymon Y. John F. Kahoe UC Norman Roberl Keahey Phi Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily Anne Kessler Della Della Della, UC Okla. Cily Nalhan A. Kirby UC Tulsa Jean Kaiser UC Barllesville Larry Keisler UC Dallas, Tex. Marlha Jean Key Pi Bela Phi UC Roswell, N. M. John Conrad Kirlon Bela Thela Pi UC Barllesville Joanne Kalish UC Denver, Colo. Hank Keilz Phi Della Thela UC Okla. Cily Karen Keys UC Okla. Cily Janel Klabzuba Kappa Della UC Fl. Worlh, Tex. Paul Kallenberger UC Ba rllesville Carol Marie Kelley UC Dallas, Tex. Keron Kirke Kickingbird UC El Reno Wade Knighl UC Wewoka Richard Kallsnick Alpha Epsilon Pi, UC, Hal Springs, Ark. Geoffrey Kelly Alpha Silgma Phi, UC l. Laud'dale, Fla. Gary A. Kilpalrick Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Barllesville John Knighlley Phi Gamma Della, UC Wichila, Kan. Marilyn Lee Kanalakis uc ous. Cily Slephen Kelly UC Barllesville Karol Kimbark UC Grand Prairie, Tex. Kennelh Kochmann Sigma Alpha Mu, UC, Valley Slream, N. Y. Jim Kanomala UC Pocalello, idaho Palrick Kenady Della Upsilon UC Tulsa Sharon Kimberlin UC Wilson Susan Kolb Alpha Phi UC Oaklawn, lll. 339 Karen Kramer Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC l-l'qhE d Pk., lll John Lakis UC Elmhurst, N.Y. Thomas S. Lawrence Ka pa S'gma usp McAlester Fro h Plaguedb Academic, ocial Problem Peter L. Kranker UC PorlW'sh'gl'n, N. Y. Veronica Lakios UC Tulsa Carl L. Lawson UC Wewoka Harold Kranz Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. City Mary Lakios UC Tulsa Milly Lay Chi Omega UC Tulsa Leslie Krimston Sigma Delta Tau, UC H'am'aPr.,iii. James M. Lamb Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Wagoner Diane Lean Sigma Della Tau, UC Dallas, Tex. Richard Kropp UC Houslon, Tex. Jim Landers Sigma Nu UC, El Dorado, Ark. Leonard Lebow UC l-louslon, Tex. Connie Kytle Pi Bela Pri UC Lawton Kaye Landes UC Okla. Cily Bob Lee UC Okla. City Valerie Kurk UC Okla. Cily Bob Landsaw Sigma Nu UC Norman Darlyn Lee Deira Gamma UC Fl. Worlh, Tex. Anila Kurlender UC Okla. City Chuck Lane Phi Gamma Delta, UC Okla. City John Lee UC Chickasha Gary L. Kusch UC Guymon Mary Ruth Lang UC Nowala Rodney Lee UC Frederick Pam Lackner Delta Gamma UC Lake Forest, Ill. Shirley Langston UC Thackerville Walter L. Lee uc ous. only Eugene Lacy UC Lawton William James Lanier UC Norman Leonard Leek UC McAlesier Bart Ladd Siqma Chi UC Tulsa Joe Lafimer Sigma Chi UC Dallas, Tex Frone Lehmann UC Hen ryella Larry Lemon Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Okla. City Barbie Listen Chi Omega UC Wich.F'ls,Tex Joseph F. Lollman uc ous. Cily Ellen Luckman Sigma Della Tau, UC H'ghI'd Pk., Ill 340 Linda Leppe Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Tulsa Caroline Lilfle UC Pauls Valley Carolyn Jane Long Alpha Delta Pi UC Okla. City Edward Lutz Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Milw'kee, Wis. Beverly Jean Letukas UC Tulsa Herman Lillie Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Heavner Judy Lynn Long UC Okla. City Judy Lyboll Gamma Phi Bela, UC Midwest City Rhoda Levin Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Texas City, Tex. Roger Little UC Okla. City Helen Longhibler UC Kirkwood, Mo. David Lyle UC Beaver Howard Levifan Alpha Epsilon Pi, UC Linden, N. J. Rayann Lilvak UC Denver, Colo. Ginger Looney UC Tulsa Charles B. Lyon Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Shawnee Mission, Kan. Dixie Lee Lewis Delta Gamma UC Ardmore Bill Livermon Della Tau Della UC Okla. Cily Deana Lorentzen UC Ca rlsbad, N. M. Malcolm Macaulay UC Okla. Cily Leonard Lewis Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Guymon Edward Livermore Delta Upsilon UC Sapulpa George B. Lovelace, Ill Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Shawnee Ducan A. MacDonald UC Brooklyn, N. Y. Cerelda Lighffool UC Sr. Louis, Mo. Alan Livingston Pi La m bda Phi UC Tulsa Frank Lovell UC Cloudchiei Gail MacDonald Kappa Della UC Dallas, Tex. Jim Lindburg Della Tau Delta uc oria. ciiy Delores Lloyd UC Collinsville Jan Lovering Gamma Ph. Bela, UC Barllesville Dwight A. Mackie UC Pampa, Tex. Marilyn Rulh Lindsey Chi Omega UC Midland, Tex. Alan Arthur Loch UC Reading, Pa. Clafon Lovin Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Ft. Worth, Tex. Robert Warren Madsen UC Kingslon, N.Y. Margaret M. Lines Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Dallas, Tex. John Locke Kappa Sigma UC Okla. City Linda Lowrance UC Sulphur Gary Magid Alpha Epsilon Pi, UC Dallas, Tex. Pele Linley UC Tulsa Barney Loeffler Sigma Chi UC Okla. Cily Glenda Lowry UC Duncan Bruce Mahon Sigma Nu UC Tulsa Cherri Julia Maker UC Barllesville Pal Maples Sigma Chi UC Holdenville Karen Marshall Alpha Gamma Della, LTC Syracuse, N.Y. Pam A. Marlin Chi Omega UC Okla. Cily Leigh Mallby Chi Omega UC Ba rllesville Janel Marks Sigma Della Tau, UC El. Smilh, Ark. Palli Marshall Chi Omega UC Barllesville Pamela K. Marlin Chi Omega UC Okmulgee Tammy Mandel UC Shreveporl, La. Ronnie K. Marks UC Dallas, Tex. James Marlin Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Midland, Tex. Palsy C. Marlin UC Texola David L. Mangini UC Ponca Cily Todd W. Markum Phi Gamma Della, UC Clinlon James Marlin UC Norman Phil Marlin Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Cily Paul Mannas Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Cily Carol Ann Marsh Alpha Gamma Della, UC Tulsa Janel Lee Marlin UC Ponca Cily Roberl Marlin DellaTau Della UC Prague Laurie Manning Pi Bela Phi UC Dallas, Tex. Anne Marshall UC Sl. Louis, Mo. Jim Marlin Phi Kappa Thela, UC New Cily, N.Y. Susie Marlin Pi Bela Phi UC Tulsa Freshrnen as vm . se wa. Now lhal men in Universily housing musl allend sludy hall, Larry Burmeir, Doyle Newsom and Tom Kenemore, make lhe mosl ol il in Naileh's lounge. Taini Marlin Alpha Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily Pal Mayer Alpha Gamma Della, UC Pl. Bragg, N.C. Mike McColloch Kappa Sigma uc ous. Cily Michael McDonald uc ous. csiy Phillip Marzolino UC Ardmore Sharon Maynard Alpha Phi UC Norman Margarel McConnell UC Wynnewood Virginia McDonald Della Gamma UC Poleau Fred Masinler Alpha Epsilon Pi, UC S.Anlonio,Tex. Linda McAlisler UC Fairfax, Va. Susan McCowan Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla. Cily Virginia McDonough Della Gamma UC Dallas, Tex. Charles R. Mason UC Ballour, N. C, Jim McBee Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Shawnee Dana McCoy Alpha Della Pi UC ldabell Dan William McDowell UC Hereford, Tex. Joe Mason Della Tau Della UC Okla, Cily Ann McBride Della Della Della, UC Enid Suann McCuen Gamma Phi Bela, UC Ardmore Larry McElroy Phi Gamma Della, UC Pauls Valley Pamela Lynn Mason UC Tulsa Barbara Gail McCain UC Mariella Marlha McCulley UC Duncan Charles McFall Phi Kappa Psi UC Frederick Charles R. Maslers UC Cardin Newl McCain Alpha Tau Omega, UC ldabell Charles McCune UC Barllesville Nick McGalliard Kappa Sigma UC Ardmore Richard Malleson UC Albuquerque, N.lvl. Paul C. McCain UC Sapulpa Gail McCurdy Pi Bela Phi UC Purcell Rick McGee Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Cily Kalhy Mauch UC Dodge Cily, Kan. John McCalla Bela Thela Pi UC Chickasha Larry McDade Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Norman Rosemary McGee Alpha Phi UC Norman Clyde Maxey Bela Thela Pi UC El Reno Karen McCandless Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla. Cily Charles C. McDaniel Sigma Nu UC Dalharl, Tex. Jack McGill Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Cily Kenl Maxwell Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla.Cily Mike 8. McCarly Bela Thela Pi UC Okla. Cily Marcia Gail McDaniel Kappa Della UC Midwesl Cily Joseph McGinn UC New Orleans, La. Mike Mayberry UC Kiowa, Kan. Mike McCauley Phi Della Thela UC - Dallas, lex. Monly McDannald Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Houslon, Tex. William McGrew Della Tau Della UC Norman 34l Freshrnen ll' could only happen during blind dales. PaH'i Marshall and John Kirlon spend The evening plolling fhe demise of cerfain Greek social chairmen. Vivian Lee Mclnlire UC Okla, Cily Jerrol McLeod UC Okla. Cily Vance McSpadden Phi Della Thela UC Muskogee Howard Meek Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Cily Sfephen McKee UC Edmund James McMillan UC Vinila Michael McSweeney Phi Kappa Thela, UC Okla. Cily Niki Meek Chi Omega UC Okla.Cily Mary McKeown UC Tulsa Joe McMillin Bela Thela Pi UC Clinlon H. Ed McTyre Kappa Alpha UC. Tus'loosa,Ala. Margare? Meeks Della Della Della, UC Barllesville Thomas McLarney UC Riverside, N. J. Nancy McQueen Della Della Della, UC Tulsa Jim McWilliams Sigma Nu UC, El Dorado, Ark. Marlha Melinder Ka ppa Ka ppa Gamma, UC Claremore Larry McLean uc Elk oily Linda K. McQuillen UC Welumka Marilyn Meacham Della Gamma UC Elk Cily Grover Ray Merchanf Kappa Alpha UC Tulsa Pal McLellan UC Lindsay Mike McSpad'den UC Barllesville Jim Means UC Evanslon, lll. Mary Kafhryn Merrill Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Enid l Linda Messick UC Redslone Arsenal, Ala. Michael Minnis Della Tau Della UC Okla. Cily Michael Morris UC Pa rk Foresl, lll. Jon Murdock Eigma Chi Norman 342 Tommy Massoumeh F. Melcalf Mefghalchi Bela Thela Pi UC UC Rashl, Iran Hooker Jan Jane Milchell Monroe UC Pi Bela Phi Elk City UC Clinlon Carol Dianne Morrison Morrison UC Pi Bela Phi Ponca Ciiy UC Tulsa Susan Frank Murov Murphy Alpha Epsilon Bela Thela Pi Phi, UC UC Shreyeporl, La. Tulsa Donna Mickelberry UC Sl. Paul, Minn. Jo Anne Monserud UC Norman Randy Morrison Della Kappa Epsilon, uc ous. Cliy Lena Beth Murphy Della Della Della, UC Ardmore Terri Milder Sigma Della Tau, UC Omaha, Neb. Bill Monlgomery UC Oak Ridge, Tenn. Nancy C. Morrow uc ous. Clly Mikie Murphy Alpha Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily Bama Miles Gamma Phi Bela, UC Norman Laurie Mooney Alpha Phi UC Norman Carl W. Morfon UC Tulsa Ward Murphy UC Tulsa Gus Miller Kappa Alp UC Elk City Jim E. Moore Sigma Chi UC,Co'fey Kan, Sally Morfon Gamma Ph Bela, UC Duncan Burbank Murray UC ha v'l i Milwaukee, Wis. Melinda Miller Gamma Phi Bela, UC Hinsdale, Ill. Ronald W. Moore Bela Thela Pi UC Tulsa Terry Morton UC Hammon Henry Murray Bela Thela Pi UC FT. Worlh, Tex. Priscilla Miller UC Brislow William E. Moore UC Reseda, Calif. Pamela Morley UC Hollis Frances Ann Mussen Chi Omega UC Clinlon Stephanie Miller Sigma Della Tau, UC Daylon, Ohio Dan Moran Phi Gamma Della, UC Wich.F'ls,Tex. Calvin B. Moll UC Tulsa Nancy Ann Musser Alpha Chi Omega, UC Tulsa Sfephen Carl Miller UC Washinglon, D. C. Michael Moran Kappa Alpha UC Midwesl Cily Belly Mulligan Alpha Phi UC, Browns- ville, Tenn. Andy Mufzig UC Duncan Sfephen James Millspaugh UC Clinlon Lynne Morey Della Della Della, UC Kan. Cily, Mo. Dwighl A. Mundell, Jr. UC LaVerne A. Dean Myers UC Crescenl Chris Meyers Kappa Sigma UC Shawnee Mike Nelson Kappa Sigma UC McAlester James Norris UC Ardmore James Overly Phi Kappa sigma, uc Al'x'd'a, Minn. Dianne Myers Alpha Phi, UC The Hague, Holland Perry L. Nemecek UC Wayne Skip Norris Beta Theta Pi UC Ponca City Phil Oviatt Acacia UC Norman Julia Jean Myers UC Tulsa Glenda Newman Kappa Delta UC Newkirk Joe Nunnery Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Meeker Frankie Owen UC Maysville Teree Myers Delta Gamma UC Okla. City Doyle Newsom Delta Ta u Delta UC Enid Glen Ogden uc oua. city Mike Owen Delta Upsilon UC Pauls Valley Suzann Myracle Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla. City Mike Nicholas Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Tulsa Eric R. Oliver UC Barrington, N. J. Nancy Lena Ownbey Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Spearman,Tex. Cheryl Naiteh Alpha Delta Pi UC Norman Gary Nichols Phi Kappa Psi UC Willaerton Phyllis Oliver UC Kan. City, Mo. Bill Palmer Sigma Chi UC Romme Pate UC Duncan Pamela Penglase UC Tulsa Melodie Peterson Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla, City Marshall Picow Pi Lambda Phi, UC Okla. City Richard Patrick UC McAlester Elvis Pennington Kappa Alpha UC Ponca City Richard Peterson UC Tulsa John Paul Pinkerton Delta Tau Delta UC Sand Springs Kin Paulk Kappa Sigma UC Wich.F'ls,Tex. B. Neal Perkey UC Burns Flat Donna Pherigo UC Okmulgee Bill Pitts Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Okla. City Charles Pearce Kappa Sigma UC Ma rietta Ralph Perkins uc ous city Gordon Lei Phillips UC Geary Lynda Pitts gh UC Huntington, L I N V R. Alec Pearce UC Gennesee, Wis, Sydney Perrin UC Okla. City Sandra Phillips UC Richa rdson, Tex. Mike Pitts Phi Gamma Delta, UC Wich.F'ls,Tex. Marilyn Peck Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Houston, Tex. Littleton, Colo. Gene Nance Kappa Sigma UC Okla.City Nancy E. Nichols UC Okla. City Dick D. Orr Phi Kappa UC Okmulgee Susan Pancoast Gamma Phi Beta, UC Okmulgee Psi 'P P? 1? ? SQ' i l Edwin Neal Phi Kappa Psi UC Bartlesyille Steve Night Delta Tau Delta UC Lawton Gary Orr UC Cordell Pat Parham UC Wichita Falls, Tex. Charles Needham UC Grove Mike Nisbet Beta Theta Pi UC S.Antonio, Tex Margie Orr Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Norman Gale Parker Delta Gamma UC Beckville, Tex. Janet Neher Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Altus James Nix UC Ardmore Judy Orth Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Norman Barbara Parkins UC Okmulgee YESFIFTIEYI ' sy 9 fi 9 sv '? 9 rf' a K 7 Phil Neislar Kappa Sigma UC Ft. Smith, Ark. Carol Nordin UC Corde Madera, Calif. Gary Lee Osborn UC Okla. City Patria Parnell Gamma Phi Beta, UC Norman David Nelson Kappa Sigma UC Dallas, Tex. Linda Nordstrom uc oua. City Ronnie Osborn UC Texoma Diane Parsley UC Chickasha .Pctl v W Sherrill Jean ll Petersen 0' uc Wagoner J Susan- Z'cker'n,? lt's as good a way as any to choose a maior, thinks Russell Bartee, as he Gaalinpria 5555 contemplates playing 52 pick-up with cards describing courses ot study. okiaciiy Sharron Yvonne Plant uc oua. caiy 343 Greg Plaler Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Okla. Cily Leslie Ann Powers UC Okemah Ronald Raffel Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Glencoe, Ill. John Ray UC Okla. Cily Gary Plalner UC Barllesyille Michael Powers Alpha Tau Omega, UC Houslon, Tex. Charles Rains Pi Kappa Alpha, UC McAlesler Judy Razook Alpha Phi UC Cherokee Berl Pohl Della Sigma Phi, UC Oak Park, Ill Larry Praler UC Weleelka Linda Rainwafer Kappa Della UC Tulsa Renlo Razzano Alpha Sigma Phi, UC, Rome, llaly Susan Pollak Sigma Della Tau, UC Glenco, Ill. Carolyn Prescoll Della Della Della, UC Allus David Ramsey Della Upsilon uc okia. ciiy Jill Reber Della Della Della, UC Okla. Cily Judy Polsky Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Lincoln, Neb. Dennis Pribil Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Tulsa Gary David Ramsey Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Okla. Cily Charles Redding Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. Cily Jenna Dee Pool UC Lindsay Freda Price UC Lindsay Herschel R. Ramsey uc okia, Cily John Redman Della Tau Della UC Tulsa Fl"eSl'Il11el'I -n f ,L were' CHM FUYHBI Ronnie Walden calches up on currenl evenls al lhe magazine rack in lhe Union Marl. Can'l miss Playboy. Man, lhal's gol lhe lalesl news! 344 John Porler Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Shawnee Helen Price UC Barllesville Slephen B. Randel Della Sigma Phi, UC Ponca Cily Donna Reece Della Della Della, UC Pauls Valley Mary Jane Porler UC Madill Bill Prieslley UC Devon, Pa. Jim Rankin UC Tulsa Becky Reed Della Della Della, UC Melairie, La, Phyllis Jeanne Posey Della Gamma UC Paris, Tek. Sleve Pruelle Phi Gamma Della, UC C'lsbad, N.M. Peggy Ralcliffe Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Tulsa Don Reed Acacia UC Miami Geraldine Ann Pound UC Wayne Richard Puckell Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Okla. Cily Winslon Ralh Uncl. Okla. City Sfephen M. Rees UC Columbus, Ind. Pamela Pounds Alpha Phi UC Purcell Norman Pullman Della Upsilon UC Wichila, Kan. Larry Ralliff UC Chickasha Jeanelle Reeves uc Okla. cify Pallie Powell uc ous. ciiy Ronny Pyle Bela Thela Pi UC Okla. Cily Jack Ray Alpha Tau Omega, UC Norman Judilh Ann Reeves Gamma Phi Bela, UC Okla. City Shirley Reeves UC Sulphur Don Rich Sigma Chi UC Hooker Judy Rickman Della Della Della, UC Tulsa Pal Riser Alpha Gamma Della, UC l-lenryella Tom Roberl Rex Rempel Renfrow, lll Sigma Nu Della Tau Della UC UC Enid Clinlon Eleanor Susan Kay Richardson Richardson Aloha Phi Alpha Gamma UC Della, UC Welch Casper, Wyo. Lee Terry Ridqway Ridley UC Chi Omega Flelcher UC Norman Mike Jane Rissien Riffenberg Sigma Alpha Sigma Della Mu, UC Tau, UC Des Moines, la. N,Orleans, La. Sally Sue Reynolds Alpha Chi Omega, UC Norman Curlis W. Richison Phi Kappa Psi UC Muskogee Donna Jeanne Riley UC Dallas William Rilzhaupl Sigma Chi UC Edmond Sandra Reynolds UC Norman Waller Ricliler UC LaGrange Pk lll. Sharon Riley UC Lindsay Brenda Kay Roan UC Chickasha Ma rgol' Rhodes Della Della Della, UC Tulsa Carole Rickels Kappa Della UC Ardmore Frank Ringer Sigma Nu UC Pauls Valley Elvis Roark UC Mounlain View George Robb Delta Upsilon UC Tulsa Pat Robinson Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Hobbs, N. M. Sandy Rosenzweig Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC N.Orleans, La. 0 Annually Tallie L Warren Robb Alpha Tau Omega, UC Ft. Worth, Tex. Thomas Robinson Phi Gamma Delta, UC Ponca City Alan Ross Pi Lambda Phi UC Omaha, Neb. Linda Robbins UC Wewolca Reid Robison Sigma Chi UC Cushing Gayle Rossi Delta Gamma UC, Arlington Heights, Ill. Arthur Don Roberts UC Bartlesville Rachelle Robson Zeta Tau Alpha, UC Norman Carla Rothlisberger Chi Omega UC Bartlesville Charles Roberts UC Maysville Linda Rodolph UC Wichita Falls, Tex. Penny Roush UC Albuq uerq ue N. M. John Roberts Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Bartlesville Bill Roe Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Shawnee Randy Royse Phi Gamma Delta, UC Okla. City arge Lloyd Roberts Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Arlington, Va Nina Jane Roll UC Rochester, N, Y. Charyl Royston UC Comanche lire hman Class Mary Susan Roberts Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Prague David Rollow uc ous. cny Mary Rubin Sigma Delta Tau, UC Dallas. Tex. Carolyn A. Robertson UC Lawton Syd Ronish Gamma Phi Beta, UC Lawton Jan Rudrow UC Tulsa Linda Charles Robertson Robinson UC UC. A Norman Oiai, Calif. Philip Robert Ronald B. Rope Rose UC Long Beach, Calit. Margaret Rumsey UC Tulsa Pi Lambda Phi UC Wichita, Kan. La Donna Rutherford Gamma Phi Beta, UC D.Moines, la. Michael A. Robinson UC Winfield, Kan. Hanelle Rosen Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC N.Orleans, La. Leanna Sallinger UC Tulsa Betty Suzanne Sanders Gamma Phi Beta, UC Tulsa Lynda Scarbrough Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC G'rget'wn,Tex. Mary Searle UC Tulsa Charley Sherwood Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Sapulpa Gerald Sanders Beta Theta Pi UC Duncan Janice Schader UC Norman Quinda Seem Gamma Phi Beta, UC Enid Jay Shields Delta Upsilon UC Tulsa Gloria Sanders UC Ponca City Russell Schaefer UC Lawton Harris Segal Alpha Epsilon Pi, UC Brooklyn, N.Y. Joseph Shields UC lola, Kan. Gene Sands UC Healdton Ricki Schear Sigma Delta Tau, UC Dayton, Ohio J. David Selim Sigma Nu UC Bartlesville Delton Shilling UC Tulsa Michael Sartin Beta Theta Pi UC Okla. City Karl Schmitt UC Littleton, Mass. Gordon Sennhenn UC Norman Rosemary Shipe Kappa Ka ppa Gamma, UC Ada Walter J. Saucier UC Norman Linda Kay Schmidt Pi Beta Phi UC Ponca City John Sessions Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Guthrie Jerry Shipman UC Sand Springs John W. Saunders UC Okla. City La Rue Schrader UC Tulsa Kenneth Shaw Kappa Psi Ponca City Robert Shockey Alpha Tau Omega, UC Miami Pamela Saunders UC Beaver Carl S. Schreiner UC Midland, Tex. Richard Shaw Alpha Epsilon Pi, UC Brooklyn, N.Y, James Shockley Kappa Alpha uc, Falls Church, Va. Mary Virginia Sausa UC Midwest City Nolan Schriner Phi Gamma Delta, UC Ponca City Bill Shawn Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Shawnee Kent Shoemaker Beta Theta Pi UC Tulsa Halsell Savage Sigma Chi UC McAlester Luanne Schultz Sigma Delta Tau, UC Waterloo, la. Ken Sue Shear Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Duncan Emily Sholty Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Glen Ellen, lll. Pat Sayles Gamma Phi Beta, UC Tulsa Randolph Scott Phi Gamma Delta, UC Dallas, Tex. Barbara Shectman Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC El Paso, Tex. Roger Short UC Okmulgee Suzanne Scaggs Alpha Gamm Delta, UC Muskogee James Scrivner Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Heavener Sylvia Sheldon UC Wichita Tex. Burgess Shriver Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Ponca City 6 Falls, 345 Charles Shroyer Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Okla. City Nancy Singleton Delta Gamma UC Tulsa Lennis Smith Chi Omega UC Shreveport, La. Lyn Siegel Sigma Delta Tau, UC S.Antonio, Tex, Sha ron Nadine Skinner uc Okla. City Margaret Ann Smith Chi Omega UC Cushing w Student Find Facult Meryl Siegel Sigma Delta Tau, UC S.Antonio,Tex. Stanley J. Skinner UC Norman Martin Smith Kappa Alpha UC Midwest City Peter Siegel UC Norman John Smalley uc ous. City Nancy Smith Delta Gamma UC Midwest City Randi Sights Chi Omega UC Norfolk, Va. Jim Smiley Phi Gamma Delta, UC Okla, City Rockie Smith UC Seminole Ben Silvia UC Bartlesville Barbee Dianne Smith UC Midwest City Sherrie Sue Smith UC Tipton Liz Simmons Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Denton, Tex. Bill Smith Delta Kappa Epsilon, UC Cleveland Diana Soderstrom Gamma Phi Beta, UC Pawhuska Adviser Sally Simmons Alpha Chi Omega, UC Elk City Carl Michael Smith Beta Theta Pi UC Okla. City Joan Solomon Sigma Delta Tau, UC Lubbock, Tex, Sandra Kaye Simon Gamma Phi Beta, UC Clinton Cheryl Smith Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Okla. City Robert Sompayrac UC Ba rtlesville Helpful Lynda Carol Sims Alpha Chi Omega, UC Watonga David Paul Smith Delta Upsilon UC Union City Steve Spangler UC Wichita Falls, Tex. Robert Allen Sims UC Norman Diane Smith Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Altus Bill Spear Delta Tau Delta uc om. City Johanna Singletary Chi Omega UC Tulsa Gerald T. Smith uc ous. City John Spencer Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Landover Hills, Md. Sharon Spicer UC Neosho, Mo. Barbara Staton Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Okla, City David Stone Alpha Ta u Omega, UC Tulsa David Sugarman Pi Lambda Phi UC Ft. Smith, Ark. 346 Hank Spielman UC Tulsa Lyla Stegall UC Norman Janet Stoneman Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Okla. City Tommy Summers Sigma Chi UC Norman Linda Jo Spiller UC Norman Gil Steidley UC Elk City Charles Russell Stout Phi Della Theta UC Tulsa David Sutherland Kappa Sigma UC Dallas, Tex, Linda Sprague Chi Omega UC Helena Denise Sllphens Delta Gamma UC Tulsa Margaret Stover Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla, City Joe Sutton Phi Kappa Theta, UC Tulsa Eddie Spraker Sigma Nu UC Tulsa Don Stephens Delta Upsilon UC El Reno Charles Strandberg Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Alex'dria, lvlo William R. Swan UC Pryor Patti Springer Delta Ga mma UC Dallas, Tex. Helen Carolyn Stephens UC Muskogee George Stratis Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Brooklyn, N.Y. Elaine Swank Alpha Phi UC Norman Sondra Stacy UC Comanche Marcy Gene Stephens Chi Omega UC Seminole David Stratman Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Tulsa Stephen Swanson Delta Upsilon UC Okla. City Dean Stamatis Kappa Sigma UC Okla. City Steve Steward Sig ma N u UC Midwest City Mary Margaret Strauss Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC, Spring Valley, N, Y, Robert A. Sweet UC Clinton Sherman AFB Joe Bob Stamps UC Broken Bow Brenn Stilley UC New YorkCity, N.Y. Helen Stretesky UC Tipton Patricia Switt UC Lily Dale,N.Y Penny Stark Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Okla. City Sue Stinson Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Norman Linda Stringer UC Tulsa Samuel C. Swift UC Sand Springs Bill Starks UC l-lominy Steve Stockton UC Tulsa Ewing Stroman Kappa Sigma UC Ardmore Susan Swimley UC Norman Gary Dean Statham UC Bartlesyille Diane Stockwell Delta Gamma UC Okla. City Dan Stuart Phi Gamma Delta, UC Okla. City Becky Sykes Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla, City Don Talley Kappa Sigma UC Marlow Waller Terry UC Tulsa George Thompson Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Ciry E ery Fre hman Enroll in Univer ity Colle Karen Tankersley Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Norman Bonnie Thackara Alpha Chi Omega, UC Midwesl Cily George B. Thompson Kappa Sigma UC Ada Arthur Tanner Kappa Alpha UC Alva Charline Theis UC Spearman, Tex. Joan J. Thompson UC Ha rrah Lydia Tale UC Hen ryefia Johnnie Thomas UC Okla. Cily Paula Thompson UC Tulsa Janice M. Taylor UC Tulsa Norrell Thomas Alpha Tau Omega, UC Nowala Sunny Thompson Alpha Phi UC Norman Nancy Taylor Kappa Della UC Okla. Cily Pafricia Thomas Kappa Della UC Pryor Thalia Thompson UC Pecos, Tex. Valle John Taylor Della Upsilon UC Okla. Ciry Sharon Thomas Gamma Phi Bela, UC Okla. Cily Tommie Thompson Kappa Della UC Tulsa Harry Tebrock UC Douglason, N. Y. Sherry Thomas Gamma Phi Bela, UC Norman Paffy Thomson Pi Bela Phi UC Duncan John Sam Tennenf UC Cleveland Ronnie R. Thomason UC Frederick Kaye Thornbrough Gamma Phi Bela, UC Clinlon David Tennery UC Okla. Cily Arlhur H. Thompson Beia Thela Pi UC Prag ue J. Slewarf Thornburg UC Norman ge Party Terrell uc Okla.Cily Carol Thompson UC Temple Jack Tillery Kappa Sigma UC Odessa, Tex. Linda Terry Sigma Della Tau, UC Hobbs, N.Fv1. Freddie Thompson UC Chickasha Douglas Tindall Kappa Sigma UC Memphis, Tenn Mike Tinney Sigma Nu UC Allus Nancy Turk UC Lindsay Mike Vaughl UC Anllers Barbara Walker UC Cleveland Ben Tipfon UC Tulsa Par Turner Kappa Alpha Theia, UC Muskogee Sharon Belh Velinsky Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Shreveporlr, La. Douglas Walker UC Tulsa Marilyn Todd Chi Omega UC Sfillwell Shelley Turner Della Gamma UC New York, N.Y. Susan Vickers Delia Gamma UC Okla. Cily Jamie Walker Kappa Alpha UC Barllesville Jonnie Lou Tolle Gamma Phi Bela, UC Nardin Marilyn TuHle Alpha Phi UC Sherman, Tex. Cheryl Vieih UC Kingfisher Janer Walker Della Della Delia, UC Taylor, La. Mary Ann Tracewell Gamma Phi Bela, UC Okmulgee Mike Tufrle UC Fl. Smilh, Ark. Jeff Villines Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Cily Bill Wallace Delia Upsilon uc ons. ciiy Janice Treichler Della Della Della, UC Okla. Cily Joan Uhlenhaul UC Sr. Louis, Mo. Jimmie Vinson UC Duncan Creekmore Wallace Phi Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily Milton Trice uc ous. Cify Paul Updegraff Phi Delia Thela UC Norman Sam Vinson Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Wewoka Carol Wallers UC Tulsa Johnny Trimble Sigma Nu UC Tulsa Mark Van Aken Bela Theia Pi UC Barllesville Barry Vogel UC New York, N. Y. Pallie Ward Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Houslon Kay Trowbridge UC Tulsa Martha Van Hook uc ou... ciiy Frank Vogel Della Upsilon UC Norman Arlie Washburn Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Tulsa William Truesdell, Jr. UC Delroif, Mich. Grayson Van Horn Della Tau Della UC Okla. City Rifa Wadley Alpha Della Pi UC Hooker Richard Wasson Acacia UC Okla. Cily Parry Tullius Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla. City Joe Van Ness UC Altus Diane Wager Pi Bela Phi UC Tulsa Sfephanie Walers UC Ponca Ciiy Jay Turk UC Tulsa James H. Vaughan UC Kiowa Ronnie Wales Phi Gamma Della, UC Tulsa Lynn Walkins Ka ppa Sigma UC Ardmore 347 Alice Walkins Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Aloka John D. Wells Della Upsilon UC Dallas, Tex. Cliff M. Whilmore UC Pensacola, Fla. Luann Williams Pi Bela Phi UC Tulsa Cynlhia Walson UC La Ma rgue, Tex. Lowrie J. Wellon UC lvlidwesl Cily Linda P. Whilmore Alpha Della Pi UC lda bell Kelly Mescyl UC Healdlon Sha ron Walson UC Tulsa David Weslgale Della Upsilon UC Tulsa Whilney Whillaker Ga m ma Phi Bela, UC Okla. Cily Pug Williams Alpha Tau Omega, UC Tulsa Hyla Sue Weaver Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Hobbs, N. M, Sue Ann Wheeler UC Sapulpa Judy Widney Della Gamma UC, Albu- quergue, N. M. Sue Williams UC Duncan Peler Weaver Kappa Alpha UC Muskogee Lee Wheless Pi Bela Phi UC Shreveporl, La. Joanne Wikoff Sigma Della Tau, UC Wilmelle, lll. Palricia Williamson UC Flora, lll. Ted M. Webb UC Tulsa Dean While UC Tulsa Richard Wilkes uc ouscaiy Bob Willis Della Tau Della UC Midwesl Cily June Weber UC Anchorage, Alaska Dick While Della Tau Della UC Norman Bill Wilkinson UC Brislow Don Willis UC Tulsa U. Sandra Weber Chi Omega UC Marshall, Tex. Elizabelh While Della Della Della, UC Barllesyille Janel Willell Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Lawlon Marsha Willis Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Allus Roberl Weeks UC Enid Sue Ann While Pi Bela Phi UC Norman Carol Williams Della Gamma UC Shawnee Roberl Willison Sigma Nu UC Eyanslon, lll, George H. Wilson Sigma Nu UC Enid Jeani Wood Alpha Gamma Della, UC Hugo Charles Gary Wrighl UC McAlesler Marilyn Yeck Kappa Della UC Okla. Cily 348 Larry Wilson Sigma Chi UC Broken Arrow Linda Wood UC Chickasha Larry Wrighl uc: Elk ciiy Billy Young UC Tulsa Neil Sharon Wilson Wilson Kappa Alpha UC UC Norman Collinsville Ronny William M. Wood Woodard UC UC Allus Dewey Marilynn Ron Wrighl Wrighl Alpha Gamma Sigma Alpha Della, UC Epsilon, UC Allus Ponca Cily Gerald W. Judilh Young Young Della Tau Della Alpha Della Pi UC UC Kaw Cily Norman Sleven Wilson UC Buller, N. J. Olivia Woodrow UC Okla. Cily Scoll Wriqhl Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Tulsa Marilyn Young UC Blackwell Palli Ann Windes Alpha Gamma Della, UC Okla, Cily Linda Woods UC Okla. Cily Carol Wrobbel Gamma Phi Bela, UC Kingfisher Fred A. Zahn UC Okla. Cily Rulh Jane Wirick Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Tulsa Vernon Woods UC Tulsa Judy Wyall Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Enid Roger Zelnick Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Pallerson, N.J. Marianne Kalz Wohl Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC N.Orleans, La. John Worden UC Lindsay Karen Ronell Wynn UC Dodge Cily, Kan. Maurine Zillerman Sigma Della Tau, UC Kan, Cily, Mo. James R. Wolfe Bela Thela Pi UC H ugo Sfeve Worlhley UC l-louslon, Tex. Michael Wynn Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Heavner Allan Zumsleg Kappa Alpha UC Okla. Cily Tom Weeks Kappa Alpha UC Barllesyille Jack Thomas Whilener UC lrving, Tex. David Williams UC Norman Ariel Wilson UC Phillips, Tex. Cheri Weinberg Sigma Della Tau, UC Pairie Village, Kan. John Whifeslde Kappa Sigma UC Fl. Smilh, Ark. Joan Williams UC Cordell Carolyn Wilson UC Barllesville Su Weinsfein UC Midwesl Cily Donna Whiling UC Okla. Cily Kalherine Williams UC Norman David C. Wilson UC Key Wesl, Fla 9 5 2 i X 1 1 i 22225525- Egg H 5? f s 2 lg? 5 Qu , f 3 ,V , Q,,ffjQ,f 2 Y 3 mg, S 4 5 X 5 X W W 4 2 2 1 w 2 is Q L 3 .1 LAVVYERS .0 , 'i fi: If 1 I 1 : 1-5, 325- A. --.--.....,., -.-f---...-.-.....,, ., M, ,M h -ww-A FIRST ROW: Barry Alberf, OC.: Tod Almquis+, EX, Norman: Anfhony Ash- more, McAles+er: Kennefh Dale Bacon, Ardmore, -3-l'lfl': Bruce Bischof, BAE, Richard Gable, 'l'l9, Tulsa: Bill Green, Acacia, Enid: Bob Lake Grove, TIKA, Panama: Ronald R. Hadwiger, Cherokee: Russell G. Horner, Jr., Miami, -lf'l'I'. Bismarck, N. D.: John Claro, fl'K9, OC: Leslie Conner, HHH. OC: Johnny Corona, Wilson, 'l'AA: J. F. Coslello, Jr., EX. Lindsay. SECOND ROW: Charles E. Daniels, AUP, Barllesville: David E. Deafherage, IIKA, Sapulpa: Dan Erwin, Chandler: Roberf Fosfer, EAN, Midland. Tex.: Lawyers Monl' Hoyl, Harvey A. Roiman and Harlan J. Crossman find fhaf briefing a case someiimes requires a bil of research in OU's College of Law Library 350 THIRD ROW: James F. Howell, Midwes+ Cilyg Sam Johnson, CPI'-A, Manqum: Norman A. Lamb, 'PAQ Enid: Carl E. Le Force, '1'1'.A, Broken Bow: Timofhy D. Leonard, Blflll, Beaver.: William Liffle, Norman: Roberf L. Marshall, -XKE, Syracuse, N. Y.: Jim McCaffrey, OC: Tom McDaniel, Sligler. FIRST ROW: Roberl' Dean McDonald, fl'-39, Barflesville: Jack Mills, EAN, Slamiord. Tex.: Edward Moore, Cherokee: Lynn D. Nolen, We-lumka: David K. Pefly, OC. SECOND ROW: H. Richard Raskin, ll-VV. Tulsa, fl'A.S: Harvey Allen Rofman, Tulsa: James B. Silman Norman: Keilh Smilh, IIKA, OC: Frank R. Sfone, IX, Hobbs. N, M. THIRD ROW: David SfraHon, AXA, Clinlon: Roland M. Tague, 5-Tl, OC: David M. Taylor, IX, Tulsa: Bill Thompson, HKA, OC.: Jon H. Trudgeon, -EN. Miami. FOURTH ROW: Craig R. Tweedy, Chandler: Larry R. Wade, AKD, Elk Cily: David Williams, ATU, Ardrnore: Richard E. Wrighl, III, BDU, OC: Larry Zook, 'l'-Slfl, Lawfon. FIRST ROW: James Gotcher. john IVilliams. Carl I.eForce. Richard Gable. Richard McKnight. .lap Blankenship. Tom Mc- Daniel. Larry Derryberry. Charles Humble. john Belt. SEC- UND ROYY: Dan Erwin. Ronald Hadwiger. Iiddie Harper. Charles Buhrman. Donald Pray, -lohn Jones. -lack Dickey. Milton Andrews. Sam Johnson. Bill Oliver. Russell Horner. jr. THIRD ROXV: Lee Holmes. Leslie Conner. Lawton Burton. Richard Raskin. Frank Stone. VVilliam Nelson. .lim Chandler. Paul Reed, jr.. Robert Spurlock. james Hardwick. Denver lVIeacham, II. FOURTH ROVV: Thomas Lynn. Tom Hester. Stanley Cunningham. Tod Ahnquist. Frank Seay. Nor- man Lamb. Johnny Corona. Robert McDonald. David YVilliams. Andrew Coats. .lack Fish. Nelson Ralston. FIFTH ROXY: A. ll. Mills. jr.. Robert Wheeler. joseph VVideman, johnny enior La Class Antic Members of the Senior class in the College of Law are on the final leg of three years of concentrated study and training and are eagerly awaiting an opportunity to prove their abilities. The Hrst order of business for the school year was the election of officers. Jap Blankenship. Clinton, was cho- sen president. Others elected to oliice were Tom Mc- Daniel. Stigler. vice-presidentg Dick Cable. Tulsa. secre- taryg Dick McKnight. Iinid. treasurer. and Dick Raskin. Tulsa. Tom Graves. Muskogee. and Norman Lamb. Enid. honor council representatives. As in the past years. fanciful rumors flitted freely through the halls of the "law barn." Among others were "The grades are outf' and "No one flunked Criminal Law." Ilowever. this year furnished one unique rumor- "The remodeling will be complete next week!" It has held up under the burden of great tradition. since. at the end of the year it still remained to be realized. The class survived numerous humiliating experiences Perry. Frank Wvewerka. John McCandless. Kerry Cayyvood. David Dickey. James Howell. -Ioe Semrod. Phil Hurst. Tom NIcGee. SIXTH ROXV: john Nelson. George McElroy. Rrian Upp. joe Kennedy. IV. F. Parrish. jr., James Blanton. F. Costello. Scott Graham. David Cargill. Kenneth Ilolmes. ,lanies DeMik. Joe Crosby, Phil Leonard. NOT PltI'l'llRED: Barry Xlbert. Justus I'Ielley. Mike Kelly. .lim Pielsticker. Glenn Sharpe. Phil Smalley. .lim Sneed. Paul Tharp. Raymond Tomp- kins. Ken liacon. -Ian Cartwright. Thad Carver. Robert Collier. Robert Copeland. Ray Craig. Tom Graves. Al Hambrick. Rich- ard Harris. Phil Kyle. Norman Landa. Melvin Mahannah. Gordon Melson. jake Riley. Glen Shore. Jim Zahorsky. Joe Ellis. Claude Rutterford. Jim Lambert. Jerry Wvelch. ipate Professional Future during its hnal year. such as having classes in the hal- lowed TV room. final exams in the Armory under mili- tary observation and a bitter one-point defeat in the annual junior-senior football game. However. on the positive side. the class distinguished itself in unparalleled fashion by placing thirty-one mem- bers on the Deanis Honor Roll during one semester. This can only be explained as superior scholastic ability. since the able faculty showed no signs of relaxing its strict and exacting standards. As if that were not enough. the class totaled over one third of its membership on the Lau' Ic1'Z'fl'It'. and all of- fices thereof were filled by members of the senior class. The senior class has upheld the tradition of the Uni- versity of Oklahomais College of Law-a tradition of training fine lawyers for the state of Oklahoma. The first organized effort was made to establish a school of law at the University on December 20. 1907. shortly after statehood. It took the form of a resolution passed by the State Bar association at its first meeting. FIRST RONY: Toney Vfebber. Robert fiarter. Mary Romine. Kay lfodgson. Jim Sturdivant. -james fillllllllljlllillll. Thonias Aitken. SECOND RUNY: Philip Savage. 'Ion P1'ZltI1Cl'. liill Green, Derril Mcfluire, lirian Wvalkup. .Xlfrcd Thomas. David Petty, llill Iillfiflll. Robert Hailey. Richard Carpenter, Leonaid Ball. -jerry Tubb. THIRD ROYV: Thoinas firiswell. -lllll Mcflaffrcy, Dale Crowder, Kent Myers. Larry Lucas, Clarence Futrell. Daniel Draper, jr.. James Cody. Rin-liard Barnes. Alan 77. W i jf vi T V Shidler. Richard Jones. john Mee. jr. lf0l'RTH RUYY: Robert Reis. 'lied Roberts. Thoinas Cubhage. ll. Paul Duncan. jr.. Jon IITYIIIIQJQCOII. Bob Iluckaby. Craig Tweedy. William Mor- ris, John Hastie. Robert Marshall. james Caldwell. Jarnes Sihnan, Paul Vassar. FIFTH RUIV: Lynn Nolen. Charles Daily. Forrest I'il'llCll, Scott l'IlllllCl', Roger llohnston, Richard McClain, Neal Merriott. Charles Pierce, Harvey Rot- man, David Lynn, Tom Lucas. John Rainbolt, -loe HllIIlIJIlfCy'. a tering Essential Fill Year for Junior The slightly dirninished class of 1964 entered the "study hardl' phase of law school by Illlllillllg and mas- teri11g such complex a11d i11tricate subjects as Pleading, Commercial Transactions, I11come Tax, Trial Practice, Evidence Zilld Criminal Law. Highlight of the year was the record-setting Christmas banquet lllld gridiron. The secret recipe for this sort ol' affair is to take assorted professors of law. skewer well a11d roast under high pressure i11 a puree of exaggerated represe11tation seasoned with well-co11sidered humor. Dick Barnes and -john Coates were responsible for the highly successful affair this year. -jim Stnrdivant acted as president of the junior class this year, assisted by jack Durett as vice-president, Bruce Carter as treasurer. and Jay Forbes as secretary. The jLlIll0I' class found solace i11 the excellent law library 111aintained i11 MIJIIIICI hall for the co11ve11ie11ce of law students. Mortimer Schwartz, professor of law, acts as librarian. The library co11tai11s over 50,000 volumes which have been carefully selected and for the greater part are all essential books to the students using the library for study and research. The library had its start over 40 years ago whe11 the legislature passed a law to the effect that the state law libraria11 would be authorized to trade off the extra copies of codes, session laws. reports of the Supreme Court Zlllil other state pri11ted material co11cer11ed with state records, in exchange for publications from other state governments. Of the literature thus gained one half was to go to the state law library and one half to the University law school library. The will of the late Honorable Clifford L. Jackson of Muskogee bequeathed his e11tire law library consist- ing of seven thousand volumes to the law school library. These books are known as the Clifford L. Jackson Me- morial library. As new courses have bee11 added to tl1e law curricu- lum, the library has acquired books OII these subjects. Such subjects as water law, Indian la11d titles, and com- parative law have been added. The library also contains statutes, reports of court decisions, textbooks and legal periodicals. Bringing recognition to the OU library has been the acquisition of over 12,000 catalogued items on space law. FIRST ROWV: jim Beall, James Cox, Larry Wade, David Deatherrage. A. J. Reed, Bob Hayes, Edwin Shapard, Murray Stone, jay Bailey, john L. Hall, Dean Spears. Terry Shipley. SECOND ROIV: Bob Grove, james Teegerstrom, -lack Rippy, William Little, jr., Arlen Fielden. Malcolm Osoff, Richard Stephens. Major Park, jr., Charles Daniels. ,Iohn Claro, James Mouser, Lee Witcher. THIRD ROIV: Cary Boland, Keith Smith, G. White, Roland Tague, Bob Schacher, Michael Arkin. Claiborne Dodson, Bill Everett, David Pippenger, john Cavras. Dennis Leadbetter, Ray Barton. FOURTH ROVV: Ben Bene- dum, Leland Neeley, jr., Robert Mitchell, Artis johnson, Tim- othy Leonard, Jackson Kinnebrew, Terrence McCalfery, Ken Johnson. Charles Purser, Reggie Hughes, Larry Zook. FIFTH ROIV: John Martens, Guy Clark, Fred Zahn, Steve Janger, Dennis Pope, Jerry Reed, David Russell, Mike Belanger, Roger Griffith. Dale Johnson, Payton Phelps. SIXTH ROVV: Billy Edwards. Michael Davis, Todd Markum, Phil McColgin. Bud- Fre hman Lawyer B The I53 members of the Class of l965 began the school year by electing Charles G. VVhite, presidentg Larry Blankenship, vice-president, james V. Teeger- strom, treasurer, Donald B. Reece, secretary, and James T. Sharp and Williaiii A. Everett, honor council. This year's freshman Class is composed of members from various parts of Oklahoma and neighboring states. They are from all walks of life including a retired colonel in the U.S. army, a disc jockey, an aid to a U.S. Representative, a public relations executive and others. The goal is the desire to finish school successfully with a profound knowledge of and an ability to use the law. The aim of the class is to continue the tradition of academic snuperiority that makes the University of Okla- homa College of Law respected among her sister schools throughout the country. dette Blue, III, William Powers, Phillip Schwartz, Edward Moore, jr., Dick Lambertz. David Nelson, Anthony Ashmore. SEVENTH ROIV: WVilliam Brining, Tom james. David Ed- monds, james Sharp, Henry Bollman, III, Curtis Sorrells. Don Nicholson, II, Donald Herrold, Robert Gannaway, B.uce Bischof. EIGHTH ROVV: Bill Thompson, Charles VVilson. Robert Petrick, Lawrence Blankenship, Bob Reid, Donald Reece, Mont Hoyt, John Kinslow, Vance Kriete, Cary Redman. NINTH ROWV: Duane Wall, Kent Fleming, David Stratton, Richardo Rodgers. Larry Foster. Dale Duncan. Jack Love. Edward Kauffman. Ed Prag. Duane Miller, Bill Chastain. Arthur Shaw. NOT PICTURED: Dan Rambo, H. Crossmau. J. V. Young, R. T. Hood, G. R. VanIVagner. Cene Livingston. Kenneth Turner. james Cray, V. IV. Pryor, Ronald Klein. H. Christiansen, C. K. Cate, YVarren Taylor, R. V. Comme. Steve W'olfe, Charles Reed, Steve Holaday. egin Three-Year Cour e Freshman law students are those who have completed 90 hours of pre-law studies or hold a bachelorls degree. After completing courses in Contracts, Property, Torts, Legal Bibliography, Judicial Administration, Equity, Moto Court and Legislation or Legal Account- ing, the first year student has established the basis for more specialized study for his remaining two years. The rigors of this first year, however, have already shown their toll on the freshman class, with the number decreasing by 26 before the first semester hnals. llighlights of activities for the hrst year class were the participation in the Student Bar association sponsored lecture series, the annual banquet and gridiron and freshman social activities including an inter-class foot- ball game Won by Section l to whom Section 2 had to furnish the iiI'6fI'CSllIllCIllIS.,i FIRST ROYY: Robert Carter, Kenneth liacon, Robert Collier. wiger. THIRD RUXV: .lames Howell. .lames Zahorslcy. Don Carl Lehlorce, 'l'om Mcllaniel. Russell Horner, Toney webiwr. lleauchanip, Scott llunter. johnny Perry, Charles Foor, joseph SECOND RUNY: Lee Holmes, Robert liailey. Daniel Austin. Humphrey. Nelson Ralston. Glenn Sharpe, Derril Mcfluire. Ronald Had- Dolta Theta Phi Promotes Scholar hip, Follo hi 0U's chapter ol' Delta Theta Phi, the Edmondson senate, was chosen as the outstanding student senate in the region for 1962. Vice-Dean Russell G. Horner from UU was named the outstanding regional student meni- her of the legal fraternity. An annual project is the publication of the UU law directory and supplement. Social activities held each year are a rush smoker which takes place in the spring, student-alumni smoker held in Oklahoma City and a spring banquet and dance. .VX law student with a C minus grade average may join. subject to the approval ol both the local chapter and the national organization. Founded in 1900 at Chicago, the organization strives to promote scholarship and fellowship among students ol the law. Oflicers this year wcrc Torn lVlcDaniel, president, Russell G. Horner, vice-presidentg Robert li. Carter, secretaryg joseph llumphrey, treasurerg Derril McGuire. clerk, Charles Foor, masterg Bob Bailey, bailill, and Dr. lfranlc Elkouri, faculty sponsor. ,-f--'gr--Q. At a reception at the Oklahoma Bar association. Delta Theta Phi receives plaque as outstanding chapter. Judge Elvin Brown, Carl Lelforce, Sylvester Smith and Charles liurns FIRST ROIV: Daniel Cibbens, Robert Franden, Kent Myers, Jerry Tubb, Charles Buhrman, Tom Graves. John Wlilliams. Alfred Thomas. Bill Rustin. Brian Walkup. ,Ion Prather. Larry Savage. SECOND ROIV: Richard Cable. Richard Carpenter, Leonard Ball, Eddie Harper, John Mee, jr., Thad Carver, Frank Stone. ,lim McCaffrey. Bill Oliver. Denver Meacham, II. Jan Eric Cartwright. THIRD ROIY: Alan Shidler. Jim Chandler. Robert Reis, .lack Dickey, Leslie Conner, Johnny Corona, ,lack Fish, James Silnian, -Iohn Kerr. Jap Blankenship. john McCandless. liill Brogden. FOLRTH ROIY: Jim Lambert, Duke NVheeler, Ted Roberts, Frank Seay, David VVillianis, Tom Hester, Stanley Cunningham, Sam Johnson, james Cunning- ham. Jake Riley, Tom McCee, Tom Lucas, John Coats. FIFTH ROIY: Norman Lamb, Jack Mills, Brian Upp, Joseph IVide- man, Jon Trudgeon, Bill Creen, Craig Tweedy, Harvey Rotman, David Dickey. Scott Graham. QI. F. Costello, Thomas Aitken. Richard McClain. SIXTH ROIY: Barry Albert. ,loc Kennedy. Dan Erwin. Forrest Frueh, Jim Blanton, Charles Pierce, Bob Huckaby. james DeMik, joe Crosby, Joe Semrod, Paul Vassar, Neal Merriott, jim Sturdivant. Phi Alpha Delta Active Campu Legal Fraternit John Marshall Harlan chapter of Phi Alpha Delta law fraternity unites law students, law schools, members of the bench, and members of the bar ir1 a close association of brotherhood. Membership is open to students in good standing who have made a C average in the law school. PAD presi- dent is Norman Lamb. Dan Erwin is vice-president, Kent Meyers, secretaryg Dick Raskin, treasurer: joe Kennedy, marshal, and Dan Cibbons is faculty sponsor. Outstanding members of the chapter include Tom Hester, editor-in-chief of the Uklnlzonm Lmv Rrfziivzug Jim Sturdivant, junior class president: Bill Oliver, editor of the I.rm'Srl1ool Bllllrlin, and Jap Blankenship, senior class president. Past presidents of the United States who were PADs are Harry S. Truman, VVoodrow Wlilson, VVilliam How- ard Taft and VVarreu C. Harding. PAD members of the Supreme Court of the United States have included Wil- liam O. Douglas, Tom Clark and Charles E. Wliittziker. Phi Alpha Delta holds luncheon meetings every other Thursday in the Union. Some of the yearls speakers have been Chet Franklin and -lay O'Neil, members of the OU football coaching stall, Bob Stevens, basketball coach, and George Robb, FBI agent from Oklahoma City. Judge A. P. Murrah, judge of the Federal Court of .Appeals for the 10th Circuit and National President ol' PAD, was a speaker at one of the spring meetings. Several informal parties are held every year. The Craham B. Johnson lending library is operated by PAD. This library provides textbooks for law students who have been selected by a student-faculty committee. PAD has donated a collection of books to the law library. Phi Alpha Delta was founded in Chicago on Novem- ber 8, l902. The national organization has since that time founded scholarship and loan funds for its mem- bers, conducted seminars, participated in the annual meetings of the American Association of Law Schools, and held national conventions where members of all chapters can meet and exchange ideas. In addition to 78 student chapters, the fraternity maintains an active group of alumni chapters. Chief project of the alumni chapters is maintaining a place- ment service for graduating law students. The district alumni justice for this area is Robert E. Lee of Oklahoma City, an alumnus of the Harlan chapter of the University of Oklahoma. 5 384.79 355 FIRST ROWV: E. D. Phelps, George Fraser. Larry Derryberry. Kerry Caywood, Robert Spurlocli, Donald Pray. Charles Ilum- ble, J. F. Rarick, Dale Vliet, Maurice Merrill. Ken Holmes. SECOND RUVV: VVilliaxn Nelson, Andrew Coats. james Cody. -lohn Nelson, James Sneed, Richard McKnight, Hugh Key, Lea Clayton, THIRD ROXY: Milton Andrews. Paul Reed. Pat Pugh. jr.. YY. 17. Parrish. jr.. Robert Copeland, Robert McDonald. Richard Jones. David Petty, john Hastie. Vllilliam Morris, jr., -lames Caldwell, jr., Richard Barnes. Phi Delta Phi Fraternity Pledge Top eheler Advancement of high scholarship and culture, oppo- sition to corrupt practices and rigid adherence to a code of professional ethics are the principal aims of Phi Del- ta Phi legal fraternity. Founded in 1869 at the University of Michigan, the fraternity has 77 inns in the United States and Canada. ln addition to the undergraduate inns, there are over 50 barrister inns with a total membership that exceeds 50,000 members of the legal profession. Officers of the Holmes inn at OU this year were David K. Petty, president: Richard Barnes, clerk, Dick Mc- Knight, exchequer, and VVilliam VV. Nelson, historian. George B. Fraser is faculty sponsor. In order to become a member a law student must be in the upper 20 per cent of his class scholastically. A special project of Holmes inn is conducting fresh- man tutoring sessions during the fall semester each year. The group meets bi-monthly for luncheon and sponsors dances i11 the fall and spring and a summer picnic. The fraternity was organized to recognize and provide social contact among the top scholars in the schools of law, to encourage high scholastic achievement, give ser- vice to the schools of law and foster an understanding of legal problems. The national organization works actively to promote high attainments in the legal profession. Members of undergraduate chapters are encouraged to maintain high standards of scholarship and pursue high standards of legal ethics in their professional practice. A large number of Phi Delta Phi alumni have achieved national prominence in American affairs. Three president of the United States and a large number of Chief and Associate Justices of the United States Su- preme Court have been members. Honorary member- ships are few, and those awarded only for recognized contributions in the field of jurisprudence. Holmes Inn was organized in 1912 when a charter was issued to the Oliver VVendell Holmes Law club. An historical personal letter from that august Supreme Court justice, whose name was given to the Inn, is one ol' the prized possessions of the local group. The national council of Phi Delta Phi publishes a quarterly journal, The Brief, dealing with national and local activities of the fraternity. 357 Dean of the chool of edicine Dr. Mark R. Everett, director of the medicznl center uncl professor and cliziirniun of tlie clepurtmenl of bioclicniistry, bus been 2lXY2,ll'LlCKl niernbersliip in the Oklznlimnzi Hall of FLIIIIC. lifmorzzry Sc. D. lrmn Bucknell University und has been appointed nieniber ul' the execu- tive council of the .-Xssocizitirnl of Axnericzin Medical Colleges. llc ulso has been named tu the Uklalioniu Medical Sciences llull uf Fame. ' 1' 5, ggxiz , K ,541 g A5352 , . -rw A .MJ : -ig.: iz, hi 'W' i wifzzw E" In-ffby 3.11, 5 , . cl 2 ,A .mf -. fm: f wfxyyz 5 w 2 f-ry' 2 f :Lj ifggiig' k ,wfjygi V -risiik f , V . 5 f :zpzgf 5:53925 11 fegg :m i 7,:.s3g5sf4v I f .ffffgigb :.,',k5 Ll-wissiw - '1fJl'fy32?i I 'ms cgi ? 5 y 'M-nw lX1ERLIN K. Dl'x7.-XL, M.D. PI-l!I.L!l' E. Smrrn, Sc.D. Vice Cfliairrnan anrl Professor of Surgery Associate Dean-Student Affairs Assistant Director of Medical Center Associate Dean of tlie Graduate College NLD. Degree from Cornell laiiversitv NLS. Degree from tlie lvniversitv of Illinois I SCD. from .Iolins Hopkins ssociate Dean and Director Associate Dean. Clinical Instruction ' JOSEPH M. VVHITE, lW.D. M-U Degilfffc ffmll ill? l llwefslfl' of Pfillllsylvania Associate Dean-Special Training and Research Program MS- DCSZFCC ll' QUFSISFY ffffm MIIIIICSUW1 M.D. Degree from Southwestern Medical College c'mdu3te 5011001 of Mefllcme M.S. Degree from Iowa State University NN..,.,,. ' ,,t. :Q M 1 .X vm -4-nnl"""' if w T J llEPARTNll'1NT UF PA'1'I'IOLOtLY: Dr. llilliuni E. -laeqnes. Dr. YY. Jeanne Green. Dr. James P. Dewar. Dr. Henry T. Rus- Dr. Vlaltei' -Incl. Dr. Kurt M. Duhouslci. Dr. Hazel L. Mcflulley, sell. Dr. John YV. Kelly. DEPARTMICNT UF PSYCHIATRY: FIRST RUXY: Alfonso Puredes. Uorden Deelcert, Mary N. Hull. Oscar A. Par:-sons. Charles Brodie. SECOND ROVV: Ken- neth Shewlnztker. Vladimir Pishlsin. .lay Shurley. Dr. I.. West. Robert Uutlaw. O. lloyd llouchin. John fl. Brnhn. ."1 ' lJlil'.'KR'l'N1lfN'l' OF URXL SURCLICRY: FIRST ROXY: John Dolce. D.D.S.. lrfllllli Stewart. D.I7,S.. Paul Coal. 5 D.D.S.. Allen Coupghenonr. SICCUND Y RUVV: Mike Spengos, D.D.S.. Sheldon . . fi cnmau. n.n.s.. riugli '1'i150n, uns.. r. iQ JE xYllll3II1 Human. D.IJ.S.. Joe Lenihan. 5 :gt-iii '2-f. QIEV A E Q 2:5 , D.D.S.. Aingelo Anggelopolous. D.D.S. fi M -- , fx, . af 360 34 I DEPARTMENT Ol" ORTHOPH- -N" 1 DICS: FIRST RUYY: S. Fulton Toiiiplciils. M.D.g Ruth Wingo. Jxilllllll. Sec.: Howard 15. Shorhe. M.D.. vice ehairniang Don H. 0'Donoglnte. M.D.. Cliairinang Richard A. Storts. M.D.g joe Boll llarrnan. M.D.: Jerry Sisler. M.D. l SECOND RUXV: Edwin Maier. ' I M.D.g Charles R. Ronntrce. NLD.: flzxel R. Frank, M.D.g William Mil- if ler. M.D.: Lowell Ternpler. M.D.: - l.eRoi B, Gardner. NLD.: james A. Seeley, M.D. THIRD ROYV: Ralph Payne. Jr.. M.D.: Marvin Margo. M.D.: ,lack Spencer. M.D.g ll. Harold Fvenson. M.D.: James VY. Zeidcrs. M.D.: Phillip Lelnnan. l.. H. Fuller. M.D. FOIQRTII ROWY: Williani Hztrshu. M.D.: .faxnes AIIlSD2lCl1CI', M.D.g John Florence. M.D.g Kenneth johnson. NLD.: Stephen Tlnu-li. M.D.: .Xdolph Mueller. M.IJ.: Robert li. I Mitt-11611, un. f n . . ' Q. - ai if .gk ' E- ' 1 7 W .,.,,,g:z1 ' .L " , " f f- . v ig x x 4 . J Y ,I g 2 wx 5' Yi .5 4' Z 3 fi DIiPARTMliNrl' Ol" l5l0CHlClNllS'l'RY: Mark R. liverett. Fay Sllepparcl. lf. Cl. Larson. Kurt Dnlzouski. Ur. Regan Brznllorrl. Facult DlCl'AR'l'MlCN'l' OF MICROBIOL! PGY: FIRST RUYY: John R. Sokatell. Pl1.D.: Florene fl. Kelly l'l1.D.: L. Vernon Scott. Sc.D.: Frances C. Felton. Pl1.lJ.: Robert A. Patnocle. Pl1.lJ. SECOND RUNY: .ltbllll M. Hale. Pl1.D.: lfverctt CI. Breck- en. l'h,D.: .'xlC'X1lIlKlCI' ll. W'oocls. M.lJ.: Glenn S. HUllllL'I'. Pll.D.: George Frion. MJF. lJlCI'.KRFl'lN'lliN'l' O17 UPHTIIALMUL- OKIY: FIRST RUNY: -loe R. Hcnkc. T, O. floston. ml. R. Recd. lfclnxuncl il. Ferguson. james Luton. XVIII. H. Can'- nier. SIQIIUNIJ RUYY: Don Mursll. lilly lizllyeut. Robert King. cllllll'lCS Roper. Clillord Blair. Rielmrcl .X. Clary. THIRD RUNV: -I. M. Elliott. YY. WY. Sanger. WY. R. Collins. Robert flznnplmell, Coy Mcfflure. IT Q I3 Arley T. llcvcr. Runl Czlrnlwelli. U. li. lI0llClllIl. Uuincey Cricler. Nl. S. Slietler. P. .Xlonpovity H. N. Kirlunan. lJlQl'.XR'l'NllfN'l' Ol" RADIOL- OGY: IPIRST ROYY: josc-pl1A. .l0llt'IlgC'Il. Sain M. fll2lhSCf. SEC- OND RUYY: lVinfielcl lfvans. llelen Sclnnitlt. Ray Neel. Tl'llRD Rf HY: lllifllllfll Price. vvilyllt' Scllnltz. Eclnloncl K o l ni at n. l7Ul'R'l'll RUNY: Walter Cain. liert Mnlvey. P. li. Russo. l"Il"'I'H ROXY: l.. ll. Rulillzte. Robert litter. Cl. S. Knox. DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE: FIRST ROVV: Arthur F. Elliott. Kelly M. West. James A. Haggans, Stewart VVolf. Adrian A. Kyrialaopoulous. Natoo Patel, Robert H. Furman. SECOND ROIV: Leonard P. Eliel. Oren T. Skouge. Vllillialn O. Smith. Henry H. Turner. Paul T. Condit. Robert C. Lawson, Robert A. Schneider, Bert F. Keltz. THIRD ROW: George L. W'inn. Harry T. Avey. jr.. Carl WV. Smith. Richard M. Burke. Mervin L. Clark. james R. Ricks. jr.. jack D. Welsh, William K. Ishmael. FOURTH ROIV: IV. IV. Schott- 1963 DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOLOCY: Dr. john H. Co- gerty. Assistant Professorg Dr. .Iiro Nakano, Assistant Professorg Dr. Robert Rosenstein, Instructorg Dr. Marion de V. Cotten, staedt, james F. Hannnarsten. Philip C. Johnson. IV. IV. Rucks. jr.. C. C. Gunn, Julien W. llahr, NVilliams Pugsley, james VV. Hampton. FIFTH ROW: Thomas N. Lynn. -Ir.. Robert S. Ellis. Allen R. Hennes. David C. Mock. Loyal L. Conrad. George N. Harry, Byron F. Smith, Virgil R. Forester, .Iohnny A. Blue. Richard C. Hahn. R. Palmer Howard. SIXTH ROW: Alexander H. W'oods. Everett R. Rhoades. Richard VV. Payne. Robert M. Bird. Galen P. Robbins. Stanley E. lierger. Vernon Wlard. Ralph A. Smith. Faculty Profesor and Chairman: Dr. Joanne I. Moore. Assistant Pro- fessorg Dr. IVilliam B. Stavinoha. Assistant Professor. IIT , Q U F Q F: - 'X N't'N M 3 rv ... ...,,, V ., -1 rn . 5 . . E, A 5 -Y, 9 If 1 V A 4 . p 3, Q P S2 51- A -' 4 f: P -Qs ff 4 :U '-4 ,, .. : Q '11 ,. ,- f-. W . .. 2.54 hi ig.. ffl" ,.. M , ff f 4 . 'jgezq ., :" .., 1 U, 2 4' ff E . . - h -3. .W . A 'A A Q O " E 2 E. 'J I . : - 14? , yr: at 1.629 at , " : Zi Q? P 5 E afgrffia r fm : 7, ,f :T H H- 5, .,,',- -' aa -. - .V : 7 ' 75.1 L . Q Q E E- ff.. : 4 za: 1 ..,.. we ei- ' 'ir , it rg: : M 2 LT , rfr' - ' : , -1 . I -,!V k if 4. E3 ,, 'a" "t E , M ..,, MW,,, J ' M ... ' MW? DlCPAR'I'lNl ENT O F CY N li- COLOCY AND Ol3STIi'l'RlCS: FIRST ROWV: Preston D. De- Slian. Rolrert K. Ilorron. VVZIITCII M. Crosby. james A. Merrill. Nicholas T. VVCTIIICSSCII. Waller K. Hartford. SECOND ROW: -lim Funnell. Charles D. Bodine. Ceorge Il. JCIIIIIIIQQS. llolin TY. Records. john F. Kulin. Joseph IV. Kelso. THIRD ROIY: Far- ris WY. Coggixis. Clinical Faculty: Cny IV. Fuller. Cliiel Rcsidentg Dean II. Diment. Second Year Resident: Harold D. VITIIIGSSCII. First Year Resident: Robert D. Anspaupgli. DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY: FIRST ROIV: R. A. IAKICLHUSIII- lin, R. li. Menpguy, C. R. IViI- lianis. A. Schilling. SECOND RONY: A. H. Bell. C. H. XVII- son. L. Iiernard. M. K. DuVal. THIRD ROYV: I. O. Pollock. F. II. Mcllregor. YY. Ivood- ward, R. I.. Murdock. FOURTH ROWV: -I. M. Campbell. S. ll. Hinkley. A. E, Greer. VY. L. Fel- ton. C. A. Tollett. FIFTH ROW: R. Riggall. C. F. Mc- Donnold. E. E. Cooke. C. M. O'I.eary. II. F. Messenbaugglm. SIXTH ROW: R. T. Sturm, L. H. Brown. C. Robison. P. D. Erwin. K. K. Iloatman, I. H. Brown, C. S. Campbell. VV. O. Coleman. Ancel Earp. eff. . I Q cw? I 1 1963 Facult DEPARTMENT OF ANESTHESIOLOCY: Robert Chester. H. Massion. Yildiz Kulkom. Bill Coetzinger. Joseph M. VVhite. Irvin C. Hamburger, VValter 255 gr V . .W A' 54 -- I ' ,, DEPARTMENT OF DERMATOLQCY: FIRSTIROYV: Otar ROIY: Donald Johnson. llarlg X lser tt Iliomis Nix I Norwood. Lloyd A. Owens. H. A. Ifoerster. Pllyllls Jones. XVII- Ivllllillll I.oney. Yliilliani Snntll. Xxllllllll UI ulidn Nl liam McCreight. Robert Morgan. C. J. Young. SECOND Maurice Colley. DEPARTMENT OF LROLOCLY: FIRST ROW: Clarence II. Dawson. M. M. Appleton. I.. C. Kavan. SEC- OND ROVV: Ii. Liines. R. C. Eni- mott. ,lim M. Taylor. Charles L. Reynolds. R. Kannnen. DEPARTMENT UF PICDIATRICS: FIRST ROIY: -Iarnes Ii. Snow. W. VV. Vandever, Harris D. Riley, Bertlia Levy. Sylvia O. Richardson. George H. Carrison. T. Jalmlmour. Neill Lysaugllt. Marilyn Porter. SECOND ROIY: AFIIIOIILI H. Start. Jerry Neda. Loy Donna Markland. james Mays. Jr.. J. A. Roone. Lyle BUTFOIIQIIS. David Childers. Lillian Hoke. II. V. I., Supper. Robert Hern- don. Everett C. Iiracken. TIIIRD ROW: Iioblxy Cosser. .Klan Hurts. Glen Cartwright. Janies IYorley. Hugh Sutherland. Clen C. Cayler. Hoosliang Taylii. ,Iattolm L. Kay. Mar- jorie Sue Keele. FOIIRTH RONY: Domain K. Keele. ilanies K, Dowling. james lieaty. Ceorge I. Lytllrolt. NIicI1aeI Finerty. ,leroinc D. Shafer. Claude Brown. Alvin Patrick. Man IVord. Stan Porter. DEPARTMENT OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE AND PUBLIC HEALTH: FIRST ROVV: Carl R. Doeringzg. Olivia M. SIIIYIIIC. Pearl D. Fisller. Margaret F. Sllaelcelford. Vivian Srnitli. Herbert Kent. Crady F. Math- ews. SECOND ROIY: Edward Brandt. James A. Haggans. joseph Il. Goldsmith. C. C. Gunn, VVm. W. Seliottstaedt, Joe O. Rogers. Raymond D. Crews. Robert C. Lowe. Philip E. SIIIIIII. THIRD ROIY: II. P. Rein- hardt. Samuel M. Meyers. IV. David Steen. UNIVERSITY INTERNS: FIRST ROIY: Raynion Shane. Frank Nivlas. Larry IYaterImury. Joseph Cook. Lois Davies. Norton Kroncnier. -Iznncs Reed. IYm. Ilolnan. IIllj1Il Tilson. SECOND ROIY: Ceorggge Carlson. Sannicl Halpern, Calvin -Iolins. Charles Gunter. Michael IYIiziIcn. Henry Speed. Paul Donat. IYaItcr Sonntag. TIlfJlllllS I'Vl1itsett. TIIIRD ROIY: Ned Kuivinen. Wan. Crond- ring. David IIUIISCII. -I2lIllt'S Kennedy. vvlll. Adams. Crady Jeter. 364 ' vi 1963 Facult .i ' I L xg., IE? '-4. f -1... if .nf 2 -if is sv f Qi.. X, g, - , .. f 1. . Q i :Wg 1 I if' fly YLVY 9' Dr. Everett presents the Coyne Campbell award to Dennis YYeigand ftop leftl, the Pfizer award to Harry Tate ftop rightj and the new Dr. Toni Lowry award to Harriet VVildman fbottorn leftl. First year scholarship winners are shown bottom, right. AnnualA ard Honor Out tanding tudent Dr. Harmon Daron and Dr. .Iimrny Simon are recipients ol the .-Xesculapian award, a II'llJllIC to excellence ln teaclilng and training medical students. Many are not satisfied with less than a superior performance with re- spect to their own accomplishments. It is Htting that faculty and students be recognized for extraordinary work, that they may be aware of our appre- ciation, and also that all may be en- couraged to contribute their best. eniors FIRST ROW: Thomas C. Alexander, Okmulgee, OU. His field of inferesf is general pracfice. Russell F. Allen, Oklahoma Cify, OU. His field of inferesf is general pracfice. Roberf L. Allred, Tulsa, Vanderbilf Universify. His field of inferesf is surgery. Paul A. Barreff, Sfrafford, Easf Cenfral Sfafe College, OSU. His field of inferesf is general pracfice. Kenf D. Bealmear, Chickasha, OU. His field of inferesf is general medicine. Bruce G. Bell, Oklahoma Cify, OBU. His field of inferesf is general pracfice. DeI+a W. Bridges, Tulsa, Norfheasfern Sfafe College. His field of inferesf is pediafrics. SECOND ROW: Harold L. Brooks, Norman, OCU, OU. His field of inferesf is infernal medicine and cardiology. Roberf L. Casey, Oklahoma Cify, OU. His field of inferesf is neuro-psychiafry. He served as class vicefpresidenf fhe freshman year. Enrique Chaves, San Jose, Cosfa Rica, Easf Cenfral Sfafe College. His field of inferesf is general pracfice in his nafive Cosfa Rica. Rosser R. Cole, Norman, Virginia Milifary lnsfifufe. His field of inferesf is ophfhalmology. Royce Murray Cole, Kingsfon, OU. His field of inferesf is general pracfice. He served as sophomore class presidenf and represenfafive fo The Sfudenf Council. Richard T. Coussons, Housfon, Tex., OU. His field of inferesf is infernal medicine. He received fhe Roche Award, fhe Mark R. Evereff Award, fhe Russo Award in X-ray Anafomy. He has served as presidenf of The AOA. Wallace W. Coyner, Edmond, Cenfral Sfafe College. His field of inferesf is orfhopedic surgery. James Wallace Crawford, Sapulpa, OBU. His field of inferesf is general pracfice. John M. Currie, Sfillwell, Norfheasfern Sfafe College. His inferesf is aviafion medicine. He has served as secrefary--freasurer of Oklahoma Chapfer SAMA. Forresf M. Darrough, Jr., Tulsa, OU. His field of inferesf is neurology and infernal medicine. John M. Disiere, Muskogee, Norfheasfern Sfafe College. His field of inferesf is surgery. Ronald J. Donald- son, Oklahoma Cify, Wesfminsfer, His field of inferesf is general pracfice. Richard E. Donor, Tulsa, Norfheasfern Sfafe College. His field of inferesf is general pracfice. C. Kendrick Doran. Claremore, OU. His field of inferesf is dermafology. Seniors FIRST ROW: Roy Wesley Dowdell, Elk Cify, Soufhwesfern Sfafe College. He served as social chairman of fhe senior class. Gary G. Evans, Perry, Cenfral Sfafe College. His field of inferesf is general medicine. John Pafrick Evans, Edmond, Cenfral Sfafe College. His field of inferesf is infernal medicine. He has been selecfed fo AOA. Edward Dale Evereff, Forr Gibson, Norfhwesf- ern Sfafe College. His field of inferesf is pafhology. Donald P. Ferrell, Amorifa, OSU. His field of inferesf is general pracfice. He has been acfive in SAMA, serving as regional represenfafive. John A. Garis, Weafherford, Soufhwesfern Sfafe College. His field of inferesf is general pracfice. John l... Glomsef, Jr., Okla- homa Cify, OU. His field of inferesf is ofolaryngology. SECOND ROW: Lloyd Donald Gooch, Gufhrie, OSU. His field of inferesf is infernal medicine. Jack R. Gunfer, Jr., Hof Springs, Ark., Wesfminsfer College. His field of inferesf is surgery. William J. Hale, Harrah, Cenfral Sfafe College. His field of in- feresf is surgery. He has been selecfed fo AOA. Norman Ned Hanks, Shawnee, Cenfral Sfafe College. His field of inferesf is surgery. Larry Hawkins, Tulsa, Tulsa Universify. His field of infer- esf is infernal medicine. James R. Hefner, Barflesville, OSU. His field of inferesf is anesfhesiology. He has served as secrefary of local SAMA chapfer. James A. Hill, Lawfon, OU, His field of inferesl' is surgery. Royce A. Hinkle, Muskogee, Norfheasfern Sfafe College. His maior field of inferesf is ofolaryngology. Edwin G. Horne, Jr., Oklahoma Cify, OU, His field of inferesf is general pracfice. Luverne A. Husen, Oklahoma Cify, Cenfral Sfafe College. His field of inferesf is general pracfice. J. Clark Jones, Mangum. OU. His field of inferesf is neurosurgery. Michael G. Keeran, Lawfon, OU. His field of inferesf is infernal medicine. He has been selecfed fo AOA and served as senior class vice-president Noah Curfis Kimball, Canfon, OU. His field of inferesf is gen- eral medicine. He has served as SAMA represenfafive. Charles P. Kirkland, Edmond, OU, His field of inferesf is general medicine. Seniors FIRST ROW: Charlyce Ann Klepper, Ada, Easf Ceneral Sfafe College. Her field of inferesf is pediafrics. She has served as class secrefary-freasurer. Sfeve Allen LeValley, Blackwell, OU. He has served as Sfudenf Council represenfafive and presidenf of fhe iunior class. He has been selecfed fo AOA. Cary L. Lever- effe, Ardmore, OBU. His field of inferesf is general medicine. Larry Lee Long, Enid, Phillips Universify. His field of inferesf is surgery. He has served as presidenf of fhe Sfudenf Council and as co-edifor of fhe I963 Sooner Medic. Warren David Long, Oklahoma Cify, OU. His field of inferesf is general pracfice. Dan Michael Maclrey, Enid, OU. His field of inferesf is infernal medicine. He has been selecfed fo AOA. John Marsh, Eufaula, OSU. His field of inferesf is infernal medicine. SECOND ROW: Clarence A. Marfin, Jr., Muldrow, Norfheasfern Sfafe College. His field of inferesf is medicine. Richard Morris, Woodward, OU. His field of inferesf is anesfhesiology. Billy James Neal, Duncan, Tulsa Universify, His field of inferesf is surgery. He has been selecfed fo AOA, Vicfor W. Neugebauer, Fairview, OU. His field of inferesf is psvchiafry. Ernesf Wade Norman, Ardmore, Soufheasfern Sfafe College. His field of infer- esf is general pracfice. Michael Joseph Paffon, Colgafe, OU. His field of inferesf is medicine and psychiafry. Charles L. Payne, Chiclcasha, Phillips Universify. He is inferesfed in medical foreign missions. Franklin Phelps, Wilburfon, Norfheasfern Sfafe College. His field of inferesf is general pracfice. He has served as Sfudenf Council and SAMA represenfafive. Sam Lee Pool, Duranf, Soufheasfern Sfafe College. His field of inferesf is surgery. William Jaclt Presfon, Norman, OU. His field of inferesf is surgery. He has served as Sfudenf Council represenfafive and vice-presidenf of fhe sophomore class and has been selecfed fo AOA. Berf Thomas Reed, Tulsa, OU. His field of inferesf is infernal medicine. Gerald Ray Reimer, Mounfain View, OSU. His field of inferesf is infernal medicine. Rolaerf R. Ringrose, Gufhrie, OU. His field of inferesf is general pracfice. Ronald W. Sfrahan, Canfon, OU. His field of inferesf is surgery, Don Arfhur Rockwell, Miami, OU. His field of inferesf is infernal medicine. eniors FIRST ROW: David Sfanlon Russell, Enid, OSU. His field of inferesf is general medicine. Richard Sayler, Lawfon, OSU. His field of inferesf is infernal medicine. Clarence Shields, Alfus, Soufhwesfern Sfafe College. His field of inferesf is general prac- fice. Raymond O. Smifh, l-lominy, OU. His field of inferesf is general medicine. Roger Lee Smifhpefer, Geary, OU. His field of inferesf is surgery. Phil Sfamps, Shawnee, OBU. His field of inferesf is pafhology. Thomas Moore Sfanley, Oklahoma Cify, Norfhwesfern Universify. His field of inferesf is infernal medicine. He has served as phofographer and business manager for fhe Sooner Medic and has been selecfed fo AOA. SECOND ROW: Harlan Keilh Sl-onecipher, Oklahoma City, OU. His field of inferesf is infernal medicine. Harry B. Tale, Fairfax, Cenfral Sfafe College, Tennessee Universify. His field of inferesf is neurology and neurosurgery. He has received fhe Pfizer Award and has been selecfed fo AOA. James Sferling Turner, Cenfral Sfafe College, OU. His field of inferesf is gen- eral pracfice. He has served as freshman class presidenf, Sooner Medic edifor, I96l, and Sooner Medic co-edifor, I963. Taylor Dan Wagner, Ada, OSU. His field of inferesf is surgery. Larry Wayne Weidner, Arapaho, Soufhwesfern Sfale College. His field of inferesf is surgery. Dennis Allen Weigand, Alva, Norfhwesfern Sfafe College. His field of inferesf is dermafology. He has re ceived fhe Coyne Campbell Award in Medicine and has been selecfed 'lo AOA. Nelson P. While, Tulsa, OU. His field of infer- esf is general pracfice. Ronald Hugh While, Seminole, OU. His field of inferesf is infer- nal medicine. He has served as SAMA represenfafive. Wes Whifflesey, Sapulpa, OU. David Roy Willhoife, Lawfon, OBU. His field of inferesf is general pracfice. Dorofhy Anlonia Wood, Oklahoma Cify, Kansas Sfafe Universify. She has served 'rwo years as class secrefary-freasurer. Her field of inferesl' is urology. George Allan Woolon, Oklahoma Cify, Cenfral Sfafe College. His field of inferesl' is surgery. Clarence C. Young III, Shawnee. OBU. He served as iunior class vice-presidenl. His field of infer- esf is surgery. Larry lvan Young, Ada, OU. His field of inferesf is general pracfice. FlRST ROW: John Rober+ Afinowicz, Oklahoma Ciiy, OU: Rich- ard Jene Allgood, Allus, OU: Pefey Hughey Baker, Tulsa, Tulsa Universify: Noble Lee Ballard, Duke, Cenlral Sfale: Earl Dale Baxfer, Ninnekah, OU: Malcolm Edward Bridwell, Carnegie, OU? David William Brown, Barflesville, OU: Mary Louise Brown, Bos- well, SMU: Richmond Jay Brownson, Tulsa, Wesiminsler: Bufiinfon Bonheur Burfis, Jr., Clinfon, OU. SECOND ROW: Turner Edward Bynum, Oklahoma Ciiy, OU? Larry Wayne Carfmell, Pawnee, Cenlral Sfale College: Wesf Addis Clabaugh, Ardmore, OSU: James Walrer Clark, Wilburlon, OU: Alva Ben Clevenger, Alius, OU: Billy Noel Colvard, Okla- homa Cily, Cenlral Slale: John Alan Cone, Miami, OU: James Henry Covey, Poleau, Norlheaslern Sraie College: Ralph Cramer, Jr., Elmwood, OSU: David Allan Spencer, Tulsa, OU. THIRD ROW: Billi Bruce Crowell, Shawnee, OU: Thomas Marion Donica, Nashabo, OSU: Joseph Duffy, Oklahoma Cify, OCU: Kimiko HaHa Dugan, Allus, OCW: William Louis Edwards, Ponca Cily, Weslminsfer: Bruce Lee EvaH, Wayne, OU: Roberi D. Fisher, Ada, Cenlral Slafe College: Marion Emry Floyd, Colga+e, Easf Ceniral Slale College: Joel Keifh Gisf, Kremlin, OU: Leroy C. Goodman, Oklahoma Ci+y, OCU. Juniors FIRST ROW: Charles S+roder Goree, Oklahoma Cily, OU: David Max Gregory, Crescenr, Cenfral Sfale College: Charles Ray Hahn, Blackwell, OU: Ronald Ross Hall, Siillwaier, OSU: William Ricks Hanna, Mooreland, Norlhweslern Slale College: Dillis Leroy Harf, Edmond, Ceniral Siale College: Joe Thomas Harizog, Oklahoma Cily, OCU: Mel J. Harvey, Toronfo, Canada, Tulsa Universiiy: Paul Waller Hafhaway, Big Springs, Tex., OU: William Dean Haw- ley, Henryella, Benedicline Heighis College. SECOND ROW: Philip Wayne Head, Siigler, Noriheasfern Slale College: Larry Wayne Hill, Oklahoma Cily, OU: Richard EllioH Honaker, Berhany, Belhany College: Jack Barfon Howard, Okla- homa Ciry, Cenrral Slafe College: George Haynes Hulsey, Ed- mond, Cenlral Sfaie College: Gordon Kenf Jimerson, El Reno, OU: William Louis Jobe, Oklahoma Cily, OU: Howard Raymond Johnson, Tulsa, Tulsa Universify: Wayne Lowell Johnson, Orange, Calif., UCLA: James S+ewarf Jones, Norman, OU. FIRST ROW: Michael Lee Jordon, Tulsa, Norlhealsern Slale Col- lege: Delmer Don Kennedy, Henryella, OSU: Henry Duan Lagan, Enid, Phillips Universily: Rosalie Anderson Lavon, Norman, OU: Hollis Kirkpafrick Lealhers, lll, Muskogee, OU: Roberl Kerr Lee. Tahlequah, Norlheaslern Slale College: Billy Lehenbauer, Drummond, Phillips Universily: Lyda Louis Long, Oklahoma Cify, OU: John Alvis Lung, Del Cily, OSU: Paul Eugene Massad. Apache, Soufhweslern Slale College. SECOND ROW: William Claude McCurdy, Purcell, OU: Richard Alan McKinne, Okmulgee, OU: Audrey Jeanne McMas+er, Okla- homa Cily, Cenlral Sfale College: Rober+ Paul Mefcalli, Hollis, Soulhweslern Slale College: George Lance Miller, Tulsa, Norlh- easlern Slale College: John Anfhony Mohr, Maize, Kans., Sl. Louis Universily: James Andrew Mulholland, Tulsa, Norlheaslern Slale College: Bruce Addis Naylor, Okeene, OBU: Orville Glenn Neu- feld, Fairview, Soulhweslern Slale College: John Talmage O'NeaI, Oklahoma Cily, OU. THIRD ROW: Henry Johnson Pearce, Edmond, Cenlral Slale College: Leonard Olen Pendergraff, Jr., Tulsa, Phillips Universily: John Ellis Poarch, Crescent Cenlral Slale College: Charles Ed- ward Prafher, Tulsa, OU: James Roberl' Priesf, Tahlequah, Norfh- easlern Slale College: Edward Geral Reichell, Oklahoma Cify, Cenlral Slale College: Thomas Wayne Rickman, Cherokee, Norlh- wesfern Slale College: Herberf Rowland, Milburn, Soulheaslern Slale College: Earl Jerome Schoolar, Jr., Ardmore, Texas Wesley: Don lngle Scoll, Ada, OU. Juniors FIRST ROW: Roberf Adrian Searcy, Tulsa, Wesfminsler College: Ronald Rex Sheefs, Woodward, OSU: Tim Kenl Smalley, Coyle, OSU: Eric John Sorenson, Minneapolis, Minn., OU: David Alen Spencer, Tulsa, OU: Danial Ross Slough, Geary, Cenlral Slale College: Billy Herman Sioul, Shawnee, OBU: Waller Seymour Sfullman, Bronx, N. Y., Columbia Universily: Don Duane Sullivan, Shawnee, OBU: Harlene Taliaferro, Healdlon, OCW: Thomas Evans Talley, Enid, Phillips Universily. SECOND ROW: Rober+ Vicfor Tale, Enid, OU: Roberf Anlhony Taylor, Ponca Cily, OSU: David Lee Trenf, Guymon, OBU:Roberf Dean Vallion, Panama, OSU: Thomas Edward Vogel, Tulsa, Bene- dicline Heighls: Jimmy Byron Wallace, Alva, Norlhweslern Slale College: Dale Isaac Webb, Tulsa, Baylor Universily: James Garfh Williams, Elk Cily, Souihweslern Slale College: Judy Dyan Wil- liams, Enid, Phillips Universily: Rober+ Dean Wuerflein: James Walker Young, Shawnee, OBU. FlRST ROW: Charles Walker Barbee, Anllers, OU: Vander Michael Barkelf, Oklahoma Cily, OU: Jonne Louise Barney, Ana- darko, OU: George Newlon Barry, Oklahoma Clly, OU: Shelba Jean Belhel, Del Cily, Norlheaslern Slale College, Charles V. Blair: Curlis Owen Bohlman, Walonga, OU: John Russell Bozalis, Oklahoma Clly, OU: James Donald Brashear, Slilwell, Norlheasl- ern Slale College. SECOND ROW: Sfanley Fred Brunn, Brooklyn, N. Y., Long Island Universlfy: Bob Lee Brulon, Harlshorne, Norlheaslern Slale Col- lege: Dale Ralph Buller, Norman, OU: Roberl Joe Capeharf, Muskogee, Cenlral Slale College: Roberl' Wayne Carson, Okla- homa Clly, OU: Roberl- Paul Carler, Jr., Tonkawa, Cenlral Slale College: Lyle Beniamin Carfwrighf, Norman, OU: Charles Franklin Coker, El Reno, U. S. Naval Academy: Jerry Alan Cook, Oklahoma Clly, OU. THlRD ROW: Phil Douglas Crafl, Hugo, Norlheaslern Slale Col- lege: David V. Eakin, Tulsa, Washlnglon and Lee Unlverslly: Charles Tandy Folsom, Marlella, Soulheaslern Slale College: Theodore Henry Forfmann, Oklahoma Cily, OU: Twilah Fox, Bixby, Tulsa Unlverslly: Tom H. Garrelrl, Anadarko, Soulheaslern Slale College: Eldon Van Bigson, Tahlequah, Norlheaslern Slale Col- lege: Slephen Samuel Haas, Oklahoma Cily, Michigan Universlly: James Gifford Henry, Oklahoma Clly, OU. Sophornores FIRST ROW: Manuel Hensley, DeOueen, Ark., Belhany Nazarene: Roberl' C. Hoffman, Newkirk, OSU: Marlin Hullender, Frederick, OBU: Melvin Pryce Hu'Hs, Vinila, Tulsa Universily: Jimmie Keilh Jackson, Healdlon, OSU: Donald Franklin Johnson, lnola, Tulsa Universily: Ray Monroe Johnson, Slillwaler, OSU: Roy DewiH King, Midwesl Cily, Norlheaslern Slale College: Abbas Eqbal Kifabchi, Oklahoma Clly, OU. SECOND ROW: Joseph Laurenl' Krueger, Lawlon, Cenlral Slale College: Roberf Kerr Lee, Tahlequah, Norlheaslern Slale College: Pafrick David Lesfer, Broken Arrow, Norlheaslern Slale College: Larry Wayne Magnuson, Alva, Norlhweslern Slale College: Rex Roland Ma++hews, Oklahoma Cily, OU: Donald Eugene McHard, Blackwell, OSU: James Finley McCurry, Jr., Oklahoma Cify, Cen- lral Slale College: Thomas Richard Medlock, Ada, OU: Don Wesley Meinders, Pauls Valley, OSU. FlRST ROW: Nicolaas Lingen Meiring, Oklahoma Cily, OU: James Earl Milfon, Harrah, OSU: Donald Dee Mirchell, Oklahoma Cily, Cenlral Sfafe College: Burl' Chesley Monlague, Lawlon, OU: Kirk Thornron Mosley, Jr., Oklahoma Cily, OU: Paul Lewis Nave, Enid, OU: John Gail Henry Neeley, Edmond, Cenfral Slale Col- lege: Thomas Clinfon Neese, Seminole, OU: Roberf Richard Pavlu, Waukomis, Sl, Benedicrs. SECOND ROW: Dennis George Pinninglon, Midland, Tex.: OSU: John Kindrick Pirfle, McAlesl'er, Norlheaslern Smale College: Charles Roberl' Plank, Fairview, OU: Ken? Hardie Polls, Wellslon, OU: Phyllis Maria Pyrum, Duranl: Gary Wayne Rahe, Crescenl, OSU: A. J. Reed, Kiowa, Kan., OSU: Jimmie Lee Reed, Nowala, Norlheaslern Slale College: Sam Ted Reyes, Wewoka, OU. THIRD ROW: Lois Rae Rollins, Muskogee, Norfhweslern Slale College: Thomas Ryan Russell, Meeker, Weslminsler: Mary Louise Saddoris, Barllesville, OU: lldiko Margif Sandford, Oklahoma Cify, OU: Frederick Wm. Schachl, Jr., Oklahoma Cily, Norlhweslern Slale College: Harley Joe Scholz, Perry, OSU: Gary L. Shepherd, Barllesville, Park College: Sfanley Allen Skaer, Augusla, Kan., OSU: Teresa Marie Slacy, Oklahoma Cily, OCU. Sophon1ores FIRST ROW: Nicholas James Sfephanou, Oklahoma Cily, OSU: Richard Slice, Odessa, Tex., OSU: Rex E. Sfockard, Oklahoma Cily, OSU: Gary Franklin Sfrebel, Okay, Norlheaslern Slale Col- lege: Leaford Thornbrough, Clinlon, Soulhweslern Sl'al'e College: Jon Dalron Tillinghasf, EI Reno, OBU: James Franklin Todd, Slill- waler, OSU: Mark Tong, Seoul, Korea, OU: Richard P. Tucker, Tulsa, U. S, Naval Academy. SECOND ROW: Donald Lee TuH, Duncan, Cenlral Slales Col- lege: Bruce McMillan Van Horn, Oklahoma Ciry, OU: James Ed- ward Walraven, Lexinglon, Cenlral Slafe College: Marvin Weis- bard, Oklahoma Cily, Columbia Universily: David Parker Wesf, Oklahoma Cily, Cenlral Slale College: Harrie+ Joellen Wildman, Oklahoma Cily, OU: Jon Thomas Willis, Blackwell, OSU: Carroll LeRoy Zahorsky, Carmen, Norlhweslern Slale College. FIRST ROW: Roberf Michael Adams, Choclaw, OU: Thomas Ross Ahrend, Oklahoma Cily, Easl Cenlral Slale College: Slephen Craig Allin, Norman, OU: Bobby Doyce Anfhony, Carney, OSU: Jon Neville Aslle, Blackwell, OSU: Hal Davison Balyeai, Oklahoma Cily, OU: Charles Philip Bieber, Ponca Cily, OU: Jake Conroy Bloom, El Reno, Cenlral Slale College: Gordon Arfhur Bocox, Tulsa, OU. SECOND ROW: Charles Smilh Bollman, Muskogee, OU: David Louis Brewer, Okmulgee, Phillips: Roy Earl Camp, Waynoka, OSU: John Gooch Campbell, Oklahoma Cily: Weslminsler: Lynn Dahl Carr, Norman, Belhany Nazarene: Carrol Eugene Holsled, Car- negie, Soulhweslern Slale College: Phillip Lee Carson, Ponca Cily, Phillips: Thomas Muegge Carler, Tonkawa, OSU: Roberf George Case, Oklahoma Cily, OU: Carolyn Sue Cafes, Norman, OU. THIRD ROW: Charles Lewis, Oklahoma Cily, OU: William Beihel Cobb, Purcell, OU: Joe Charles Cole, Oklahoma Cily, Cenlral Slale College: Jack Dennis Connally, Slralforcl, Universily ol VVashInglon: Joseph Sidney Colner, Oklahoma Cily, OU: Glenn Ross Cunningham, Brislow, OU: Morris Sheppard Curry, Jr., Okla- homa Cily, Cenlral Slale College: William Spalding Davies, Ponca Cily, Wisconsin: Jerry Dean Leu, Alva, Norlhweslern Slale College: Arnold Trammill Duke, Oklahoma Cily, Cenlral Slale College. Freshrnen EIRST ROW: Glenn Waller Dunningfon, Cherokee, OU: Johnny Boone French, Arlesia, N. M., OU: Berl Charles Frichol, III, Cush- ing, OU: Charles Max Gelnar, Granile, Soulhwesfern Slale Col- lege: John Waller Geurkink, Chickasha, OSU: James Dreis Grom- ley, Oklahoma Cily, Cenlral Slale College: Edward Gwin, IV, Ada, Easl Cenfral Slale College: Thomas Lowell Hansen, Slill- waler, OSU. SECOND ROW: John Garner Ha+che++, Pawhuska, OU: Roberf Lee Hemphill, Orange, Tex., Belhany Nazarene: Alfred Dodge Hill, Jr., Oklahoma Cily, OSU: Sally Holden, El. Worlh, Tex., TCU: James Pafrick Hughes, Tulsa, Nofre Dame: Homer Clark Hyde, Oklahoma Cily, OU: Ransy Lee Je'F'Fry, Hugo, OSU: James Lewis Johnson, Mangum, OU: Jay Carler Johnsfon, Oklahoma Cily, Cenfral Slale College. FIRST ROW: John Arfhur Junker, Edmond, Ceniral Siafe Col- lege: Phillip Nelson Kingery, Mangum, Souihwesiern Siaie Col- lege: Roger Lee Kinney, Edmond, Cenrral Siaie College: Frederick Adair Kuhn, Oklahoma Ciry, OU: Kemper Colley Lain, Ponca Ciiy, OSU: Roberi- McMillan Lamlaeri, Ardmore, OU: Ronal Dee Legako, Wellsion, OSU: Clark C. Lipe, Oklahoma Ciry, OU' Joe Carl Leonard, Ponca Cily, DePauw: Jon Tony Madeira, Lawion, OU. SECOND ROW: James Lowell Males, Cheyenne, Souihwesiern Siaie College: David Taylor Manning, Edmond, Ceniral Siafe Col- lege: Roberf Fredric Marchbank, Tulsa, Universiiy of Tulsa: Clar- ence Orville Maxey, Midwesi Ciiy, OU: Muriel Eileen McGlam- ery, Mooreland, OSU: William James McKinney, Oklahoma Cily, Universiiy of Tulsa: Danny Joe Mercalf, Alius, OSU: Roberi Carl Milam, Oklahoma Ciiy, Ceniral Srale College: James Edward Manfoofh, Lindsay, OU: Richard Louis Morris, Weaiheriord, Souihwesiern Slale College. Tl-ilRD ROW: Byron Alvin Niebruegge, Snyder, OU' William Chesrer Nobler, Spiro, OBU: David Donald Parker, Eeihany, Cen- fral Siaie College: Sfanley Pelofsky, Brooklyn, N. Y., Long Island Uniyersiiy: Floyd Milion Pugh, Purcell, Cenfral Siaie College? Roberr Joseph Quinn, ll, Oklahoma Ciiy, OU: Joseph Kennefh Roberfson, Oklahoma Ciiy, Beihany Nazarene: Francisco Tomas Sanchez, Jr., Panama Ciiy, Easl Ceniral Siaie College: John Franklin Schuhmacher, Alva, Norihwesiern Siafe College: Naebeal L. lBiII1 Shadid, Oklahoma Ciiy, Ceniral Siaie College. Fresh rnen FIRST ROW: James Tale Shaefier, Oklahoma Ciiy, OU: M. Bruce Shields, Enid, Phillips: Tommy Laymon Sloan, Duncan, OU: Richard Verfree Smiih, Oklahoma Ciiy, Wesiminslerp William Harold Smifh, ll, Norman, OU: Larry Gene Sfabler, Oklahoma Cily, Universiiy oi Tulsa: Carl Ronald Sievenson, Oklahoma Ciiy, Universiiy oi Tulsa: Marlin Lufher Sfokes, Oklahoma Cily, Easi Ceniral Siaie College: Mark Sfover Sullivan, Oklahoma Ciiy, OU. SECOND ROW: Jan Thomas Turley, Eulaula, OSU: James Sidney Wall, Anadarko, OU: James Abraham Wal+ermire, Perry, OSU: Ray E. Warren, Norman, OU: Phillip Earl Washburn, Oklahoma Ciiy, Beihany Nazarene: George Hawn Weaber, Oklahoma Cily, OU: Donald Lee Wiley, Norman, OU: Roberf Edward Worley, Enid, Phillips Universiiy: David Howard Young, Oklahoma Ciiy, OU. Mkhmkk Dr. xvilliillll Jacques inspects the elector: micro- scope wlnch fucllltates l'CSC'Zll'Cll 111 pathology. Dr. Hensley assists Dr. jacques in zlutopn of an elephant llfilill ut I,illL'0lIl Park Zoo fol- lowing unexpected rlculll ol' the elepllzmt after experimental ill-iCl'li0Il of LSD. Residents in surgery spend months of their training in experinlental work Clblltflblltlllg to acaclexxuc knowledge of lDllyS10l0fJQy Ill surgery. Tho e Who eek Will Find A Y, A . A. if I mbflmww fs E I E Q 5 Q 2 In edical Re earch At the University Medical Center, research is an important facet and those participating in the never-ending search for knowledge are members of the stall, students in the Gradu- ate College and medical students. In addition to invaluable contributions to the general pool of scientific knowledge, tlie worker will find tliat his researcll experience will aug- ment liis professional contribution wlietllcr lie chooses an academic career, specialization in medicine or general practice. Abbas Eqlmul Kitalmclli. second year student, works part time in researcll. .Z Vf' liernard litJXYIllZ1Il. ffraduate scllool of iniaiolmiololfx. inspects ziffar diffusion D -, .- plate for evidence ol precipitating antibodies. l The Student American Medical Association annually sponsors the all-school Christmas dance. Dox FERRICLL juik CoNN.xLLx' Regional Representative District Representative Dr. Merlin K. DuVal heads the discussion at a Student AMA meeting. 378 tudent AM Acti e The OU chapter of the Student American Medical Association completed its twelfth year in 1952-63. In addition to providing for the needs of the professional organization for medical students, the SAMA annually brings to Oklahoma a distinguished speaker for the fall banquet sponsored by the Oklahoma Medical Associa- tion. The all-school Christmas dance was planned and sponsored by the SAMA. FIRST ROVV: Dr. Phillip Smith, faculty advisorg Vic Tate, Larry Long, Tim Coussons, Dr. W. W. Schottstaedt, sponsor. tudent Council The Student Council is the only duly elected organi- zation serving the student body of the medical school. It is comprised of the class president and two representa- tives from each class. Serving as faculty sponsor this year is Dr. W. W. Schottstaedt. Dr. Phillip Smith, asso- ciate dean of student affairs, serves as administrative counselor. Activities such as the popular intramural sports pro- gram, an all school dance and the annual Gridiron show are sponsored by the Student Council, as well as the Soomm Miamc. SECOND ROVV: Mike Barkett, Stephen Haas, John Mohr james Todd. ponsor Activitie LARRY LONG, President Iuuw lov Co editor KIIM PFUKNLIK, Co-editor Tom S'1'ANI.lcv. Business Mani er 1963 ooner edit: taif The 1963 SOONER MEDIC will represent something a little different to all who read it. To the underclassmen it symbolizes the passing of another year'S activities which puts them closer to their goal. To the seniors, it marks the end to one phase of their medical education and the Commencement of another. To the faculty it signihes a year of striving for highest possibile standards in medical education. To all who read the SOONER MEDICI, it is a pictorial review of a year in which they have been an integral part. To all who have contributed time and effort to make this yearbook possible, the staff extends its sincere thanks. Each of the class officers, Dr. Philip Smith and his staff, and Imogene Patrick in the Public Relations oflice have pro- vided irreplaceable help during the weeks of preparation of copy and pictures for the Manic. The pleasure you derive now and ir1 the future from the MEDIC will be ainple reward for the efforts of those who are responsible for this book. L1ioN SEATON, Co-editor, Nursing section PRISCILLA F1iRcUsoN, Co-editor, Nursin setti l Bwzmmim fi I 38I 'chool of ur in As an educational unit of the University, the School of Nursing is proud of the progress Inade since its begin- ning in 1911. Professional nursing is recognized as an integral role in helping meet the health needs of society. Collegiate nursing olliers to both men and women with exceptional abilities a basis on which to build a chal- lenging and rewarding profession, olliering expanding and diverse opportunities to fulfill a real desire to be of service to others. Much progress has been niade in de- veloping a strengthened program which prepares slu- dents with the basic background for progressing toward positions of responsibility in nursing. M5 iieifyi Qt ,vas . t, ,Q 0 -ay W 45, J, . , 1, ,W if 1 1""'lI'1-aff' . m 'Www . am! mango 5 4+ 382 University of fylilillltllllll School of Nursing in Uklahonia City Faculty and Director FRANCES I'IAR'l' R.N., B.S., M.A. Asst. Prof. of Fundamentals K Medical-Surgical Nursing Coordinator of Supple- mental Degree Program sa 1 AIARIE C. IVIINK R.N., B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Maternal X: Child Health 'x ggi ff Ziff M' . ,asap g et A . . - ,1fSeigazg gtk f 'f-rr r K T HELEN E. PATTERSON, R.N., A.B., M.A. Dean, School of Nursing 1... - 'sit '47 Ant H twrcms ILN.. ILS., S.M. Professor of Nursing IIELEN PAMINTUAN R.N., B.S.N., M.S.N. Psychiatric Nursing FRANCES INZER R.N., B.S.N. Instructor of Fundamentals S: Medical-Surgical Nursing VERA PETERS B,S,, M.H.Ec. Assistant Professor of Nutrition lNlINNIE JAMES R.N., B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Fundamentals Sc Medical- Surgical Nursing LOIRETTA 'l'RovER ILN.. B.S.N. Instructor of Fundamentals Sc Medicalssurgiral Nursing t ELISSA BAKTLETT JANE CHAPMAN R.N., B.S.N. R.N., B.S.N., M.N. Instructor of Public Health Assistant Professor of Public Nursing Health Nursing AIARILYN HALSELL CAROLYN HARDESTY R.N., B.S.N. Instructor in Maternal Kc Child Health R.N., B.S.N., M.S. Assistant Professor of Fundamentals 3: Medical- Surgical Nursing LILLIAN JONES CAROLEE MESSI R.N., B.S.N. Instructor of Fundamentals 8: Medical-Surgical Nursing ILN., B.S.N., M.A. Assistant Professor of Maternal S: Child Health JESSCELIA WILSON .IUANITA GARIKISON R,N., B.S.N. Residence Director Instructor of Fundamentals 8: Medical-Surgical Nursing, Coordinator of Certificate Program 383 FIRST ROW: Carol Sue Allred, Oklahoma Cily: Cerlilicale: OSSNA I, 2, 3: Della Alpha 2, 3, Vice-Presidenl 2: Annual Rep- resenlalive 2. Carole Ayers, Oklahoma Cily: Cerlilicale: OSSNA I, 2. Sallie Braclley, Slillwaler: Cerlilicale: OSSNA I, 2, 3: An- nual Represenlalive I. JoAnn Campbell, Oklahoma Cily: Degree: OU I, 2. Kay Caswell, Barllesville: Degree: OU I, 2: Zela Kappa I, 2: OSSNA I, 2, 3, Presidenl 2: Class Secrelary 3. Vilma Chaves, Chilre, Panama: Cerlilicale: OSSNA I, 2: Della Alpha I, 2, 3, Helen Cisper, Oklahoma Cily: Cerlilicale: OSSNA I, 3: Annual Co-Edilor 2: Della Alpha 3: Sludenl Body Vice-Presidenl 3. SECOND ROW: Sonie Cooper, Oklahoma Cily: Cerlilicale: 2. MarJean Ford, Midwesl Cily: OSSNA I: Sporls Chairman Cerlilicale: OSSNA I: Della Alpha 2, 3, Presidenl-elecl 2, Presi- denl 3: Class Treasurer I, 2: Sporls Chairman 3. Sue Forresler, I, 2: Class Presidenl 4: OSSNA I, Oklahoma Cily: Degree: OU 2, 3, 4, Nalional Convenlion 2, Sludenl Council OSSNA Repre- senlalive 3. Carole Houchin, Oklahoma Cily: Degree: OU I, 2: OSSNA I: Alpha Gamma Della Pledge 2, Edna Lee Killam, Belhany: Degree: Belhany Nazarene College I, 2: Phi Della Lambda I, 2. Dianne Lehman, Tahlequah: Cerlilicale: OSSNA I, 2, 3: Della Alpha 3, Pledge Mislress 3. Judy McCarlney, Seniors CLASS OFFICERS: S. Forrester, president: M. Sykes, vice-president: C. Shaffer, secretary: H. Sprowls, treasurer, and R. Seaton, annual representative. Carlsbad, Calil.: Cerlilicale: OSSNA I, 2, 3, Slale Recording Secrelary 2, Slale I-Iislorian 3, Nalional Convenlion Represenlalive I: Sludenl Body Social Chairman 3: Della Alpha 3, Vice-Presidenl 3: Miss OUSN Candidale I. Tl-IIRD ROW: Karen McEIlish, Fl. Leonard Wood, Mo.: Cerlili- cale: OSSNA I, 2, 3. Mary Pal McGinnis, Oklahoma Cily: De- gree: OU I, 2: Alpha Gamma Della I, 2, 3, 4: OSSNA I, 2, Treasurer 2: Class Presidenl 3: Sludenl Body Secrelary 3, Sludenl Body Presidenl 4. Karen Meier, Ponca Cily: Degree: OU I, 2: Newman Club I, 2: OSSNA 2, 3, 4. Kay Midkifl, Miami: Cerlili- calc: OSSNA I, 2. Frances Osborn, Muskogee: Degree: OU I, 2: OSSNA 2, 3, 4: Della Alpha 4, Librarian 4, Treasurer 4. Sue Pendergrall, Oklahoma Cily: Cerlilicale: OSSNA I, 2, 3: Class Vice-Presidenl 2: Miss OUSN Candidale 2. Marlha Primeaux, Oklahoma Cily: Degree: OU I, 2: Pi Omega I, 2: OSSNA I, 2, 3, 4, Dislricl Presidenl 2, 3, 4: Della Alpha 3, 4, Presidenl-elecl 4. FIRST ROW: Roberla Sealon, Oklahoma Cily: Cerlilicale: OSSNA I, 3: Annual Represenlalive 3. Mary Bea Shenk, Oklahoma Cily: Degree: OU I, 2: OSSNA 2, 3, 4, Slale Presidenl 3, 4: Della Alpha 4, Secrelary 4. Carol Shaffer, Okla- homa Cily: Cerlilicale: OSSNA I.: Class Secrelary 4: Della Alpha 2, 3, Reporler 2, Pledge Mislress 3. Hope Sprowls, Phillips, Tex.: Cerlilicale: OSSNA I: Della Alpha 3, Vice-Presidenl 3: Class Treasurer 4. SECOND ROW: Pal Slrong, Oklahoma Cily: Cerlilicale: Baplisl Memphis I-los- pilal I, 2: OUSN 3. Miclri Sykes, I'-Iooker: Cerlilicale: OSSNA I, 2, 3, Nalional Convenlion Represenlalive 2: Class Presidenl I, Class Vice-Presidenl 3: Della Alpha 2, 3, Presidenl , Treasurer 3: Oulslanding Freshman I. Mary Warden, Oklahoma Cily: Degree: Phillips Universily I: Mavon Club I: OU 2: OSSNA 2, 3, Secrelary 2, Phyllis Wilhiam, Cushing: Cerlilicale: OSSNA I, 3: Della Alpha 2, 3, Librarian 2, Secrelary 3. NOT PICTURED: Sharon French, Oklahoma Cily: Degree: OU I, 2: Della Gamma I, 2. FIRST ROW: Kafhleen Cassady, Oklahoma Cilyy Charlene Chism, Shawnee: Mary Nell Cole, Enid. SECOND ROW: Linda Daniel, Barllesvillep Coleen Ellsfrom, Oklahoma Cilyy Priscilla Ferguson, Oklahoma Cify. FlRST ROW: Maria Hammon, Kaw Cify: Jerrie Hulef, Okla- homa Cifyq Jean Kurfz, Oklahoma Cilyg Elwanda Keller, Nor- man: Jean Ann Ladwig, Loyal: Corky Laub, Oklahoma Cify. SECOND ROW: HarrieHe Newman, Oklahoma Cily: Kalhryn Nimmo, Bucklin, Kansas: Carol Pazoureck, Oklahoma Cilyg Juniors CLASS OFFICERS: President, S. WV00d: Vice- President, J. Ladwig: Secretary-Treasurer, L. Seaton: Annual Representative, K. Cassady. Carol Ray, Oklahoma Cily: Bobbie Roysden, Oklahoma Cilyq Leon Seafon, Oklahoma Cily. THIRD ROW: Diane Smifh, Cimarron, N. Mex.: Janel' Tice, Oklahoma Cilyg Rosamund Williams, Oklahoma Cify: Thurlene Wisner, Fargo: Suzanne Wood, Muskogee: Susan Wrighf, Woodward, NOT PICTURED: Charles Ice, Oklahoma Cify. Freshrnen CLASS OFFICERS: President, A. Bruner: Vice- President, S. Dentong Secretary, J. Meyerg Annual Rcpresentatise, C. Ferguson. FlRST ROW: Ann Bruner, Mldwesl Cllyy AI Carson, Tulsa: Suzan Denlon, Allus: Ann Doll, Olclahoma Clly. SECOND ROW: Carol Ferguson, Okla- homa Cllyr Mary Ann File, Mangum: BeHy Gales, Wynnewood' Judy Groves, Oklahoma Cily. Tl-HRD ROW: Ann Hobbs, Oklahoma Cilyq Kalhy Higginbofham, Oklahoma Cilyg Paf Kelly, Moore: Janie Marlin, Lawlon. FOURTH ROW: Julia Meyer, Pauls Val- ley: Almeifa Norlon, Bray: Rifa Rollman, Lawlong Pal' Soufhward, l-leadriclc. s it Y ty: 7 H 'Q' . ' e 0. Q " 3 Y 13 .st za, V 1 ' 4' 1 1 Q If 5 were 4 A1 se A av STUDENT COUNClL The student body of the scliool is self-governing and all students are members. All rules of residence life are adopted by the student body, subject to fac- ulty approval. Outside projects suggested by tlie council are adopted by a vote of the body. Social and recreational activities are planned and carried out by various members and committees. Our busy, pleasant liousemothersz Mrs. Ruth Hitters. Mrs. Pearl Melugin and Mrs. .Iessie McDonald. Not pictured is Mrs. Beulah Smith. An organization of student body olli- ciuls. class presidents and club repre- sentatiyes. tlie student council governs tl1e student body. Tlie council meets montllly to direct student activities. Miss Minnie James is the faculty advisor. FIRST RUXY: H. Cisper. M. Mcflinnis. Miss Minnie James. sponsor. Mcflart- ney. P. Ferguson. SECOND ROYY: L. Seaton. A. Bruner. Ladwig. S. W'ood. S. Wvriglit. Forrester. NOT PIC- 'I'l'RIiD: K. Cassady. .,,,,,v"- ,pr ' tv' sr... wr na f ..,,. K ' Many of our students lead a double. some a triple life. Tbese are tlle married students, Thirteen cliildren are represented by this group. FIRST ROXY: ll. Wvilliams. Campbell. M. Fite. M. Slienli. ll. Newman. Kurtz. SECOND RUVY: P. lferguson. S. Forrester. M. Warden. ff. Ayers. S. Pendergraft. M, Primeaux. S. Frencli. R. Seaton. L. Seaton. Delta Alpha is the sehool's honorary sorority. It holds monthly meetings and sponsors many service projects and so- cial functions during the year. It is re- sponsible for many residence improve- ments and often provides help for hos- pital equipment. FIRST ROVV: H. Sprowls. M. Ford. M. Sykes. M. Pri- meaux. SECOND ROW: McCartney. -I. Ladwig. C. Ray. P. Withiam. D. Leh- man. F. Osborn. M. Shenk. C. Shaffer. H. Cisper. NOT PICTURED: Faculty advisors Mrs. Frances lnzer and Mrs. Flissa Bartlett. President. M. Ford. Vice-President. H. Sprowlsg Seere- , L tary, P. VVithiamg Treasurer, M. Sykesg Librarian. F. Osborn. Reporter. -I. Ladwigg Pledge Mistress. C. Shaffer. 388 To encourage the student to promote and maintain high educational and professional standards is the purpose of the Oklahoma State Student Nurses' association. The organization also tries to stimulate an inter- est and understanding in the current problems affecting the nursing profession. FIRST ROVV: M. Sykes. P. South- ward. S. Denton. S. YYOod. C. Pazoureck. K. Nimmo. SEC- OND ROW: R. Seaton. II. Tice. THIRD ROW: H. New- man. McCartney. M. Fite. C. Chism. M. Primeaux. D. Smith. -I. Kurtz. YVright. S. For- rester. C. Shaffer. FOURTH ROVV: R. YVilliams. M. Shenk. L. Daniels. E. Keller. L. Sea- ton. DELTA ALPHA "The world grows better. year by year Because some nurse in her little sphere Puts on her apron and smiles and sings. And keeps on doing the same old things. Taking the temperatures. giving the pills To remedy mankind,s numerous ills. Feeding the baby. answering the bells. Being polite with a heart that rebels. Longing for home. and all the while Wlearing the same professional smile. Blessing the newborn babefs first breath Closing the eyes that are still in deathf' -Anonymous 0SSNA aif ,,1x--,a1ie:i,: - -f i - ,,A-ix ,afk X, 'REL X f' 1 Ali'-fffg C vfifxqj , V X' jk W4 ,, 1 Q7 -C 7 X K N 'S , L -N 'Q 15' f L , A f ' ,gf ' ,aa A 5, A A '4 ,Mfg XA W' 9 .' , xx f, mx wa. ,A A -5, v -'as F 4' A Jiri' ,, fx- -'VZ 'Y gpg" Uv, ' an 1 ff -, . ,A if , A A, f ' ' 4. 'yi Q- 0,2-,gd f M AL . '1 1 I 'ads , ,A . ,. rugs' .. , linux 3 " , A f":f QNX! Q ,fm . MQAQAM fm' ,fab as U -K K f w Y A aff, ,gi "D, NMS ' -JIM U! ' 9442. 'L J if-' A 4, Af? ,WT dz,-., yqng 'W' -aw W M., nv "fri fu. V. 5- M L:"?.' .. W, X AA A, AA. AA A 1w'p5'Q,' wg"',, - A Q QM I M, .A ,Ma A A .Ay . X A Yves' 'YNMA I Q f Q 4,57 Q mq vp 11.1-'nv , vii' -V., Y,A,.f.,if LA r 51:-N ..f,. J ,f , H M, A ff ,J if ,M .3 A215 ' ' H X wwf. Q., , -. IM, ,x ff , J 1 fy x Q A - .A Q' , Q' .A A A , 1 ,ws , w.s..,,, Y 7, Y r ' ... M A' " A f R. ' kk.L Ht, 415.35 V 7 1, I f , f 1 f 2 M , 4.,f"" fa' We .W ,Q 'W ffwdfy H 4xg,ZwX-thy MT' W f, A -lvl- M wi - A fax ff, A W- -my ' . Www. Q Q N- AVA, xw P A ffw fc 'b':'Ib 2,55 "Q4g,,-in "v,wA -. A, l".1', Q ,, .,,.'z: K5 V 'Haag ,wax 1i3,?vtA' +ffA1z,A' ' 'T A 'A ,f ,. f.' f' T' Eva' gf F" 7-'f'T1" -A -N-A Q Q x a 4 My f A b.iDr,,?6WqM , A ,'-5 ,'- ii . , K , , A LA , QNWAAKQ A 9 55, pw .Qf, +I Q I -mAffgf-,fgufed 7 A 1 Y M K ' A - W A.-7f5'3l'5 A N29 ' f,,,g":'4'.. ' ' Ami it - ,pi QW-Q' - iv . ,K A L , 2 A A A . A A . Sw", - Q fm 'A ' Q5 , I i", Q. W'-N ,AA I , ., "4 7 . .A , -fy , . . + 27 4' + M A M Uj"'vf1:s - A ,fig A an A if .' sf" Q 5 xx A -, . MRA ,it R , Q A - -mv 1 5, A 1, A Af yy f f kg Q' W, ? 5. Y, . .Q A X V A . , gf: ff, ,441 1 lg . - 'br N 1 'f rr-,f J, f A- Af. N A - 2 ., ' ai, v-i,l":,s Af, 1, 4 A AN , ' as -' 5 ' X 334 CP g ga., 'L' L, ,V SEV' 4451- 1jV V ' 'Aw A6 6 it ,AAI - f -. J Xmyjsfijfjg M A , Ag ,A M .. AA Q Agsfag ,,. sg- A,,, Q-QA, A' 'Maki-""mgh A W ' f . A nw,Qjf4"x-my j.,A,P ' .. Sf W A A 1 .A A ,ggi 152 A 11 . Ay W . - V A fl' 5532 - A Q. ' A Sgr is I A . 317' ,f ,A W A H X N , mf-ggi K X A -- NAA Ji A v , ,fl , Y, A s if-Am ,L HA- H ' . 2 Y WM' I X' Qi' . Y' ,. Tsfkp A Q 2' vm A fy AKf?f.,M A X, awk. , 25 Wm A A ,A N , 1 k- . E..gk4 I 1 Aff Ali? ff M f K ' x,,L , x J k , A A A A A R X A95 ,w t I . f', fiwsi Q, hlkqxm A W X 'VA-5,1 A 7 Z v-Q1 iw?-fy' A K 1 w an-. 5 '- -f f -- A ' 31 f ' 25 K """-'6'Ff'iy' 2 Q ikgxg il Q N., AX, x R Wu 'WM' " w x,-Nh 1 1153 WM' A-fgsxl Q :YJ -- A, ' X fin AA A , L ' A ww. - A , .A , ,gg -,, :' 1 jj.. , it in , , , - K , 7 A'fQQg5,,W ,Qc wxxvw? ' mi 2 A xg , as 'f gg, , wiv K Shy 4 t Ag :Q R my X N 5 A QQ' .E is H. R 2 " sw 4 X A gm. UE ,, .A., Q A. k ww- AA 1 " A - Q. K V-uv . :A .N 3V.-wu t, in Q W? Y X39 'iii fi f 2 A V H ' 5 Q . AQ, , fi fx 25 N M 'H , ly- f-' -.U m 4 5 Q Y Y 'fi 4 gi ,224 4, vi ,Q L-A -- A b fp W S , 3 'N Q . ima, Q W + X in - A A ,. ' his ff' " A , .' r af- iw A +4 f 'W 4 Y S qv- -.J fs 45 Rush XVlJl'k-lillli' uf llllllCll'C'ilS ol' IILIIICISIIQIIQCS :mil smiles. Zlllll llmusnmls nf qucsliuns. nilh Illllc groups llkc llus :mc n-wrywlncrc. llllkllljj, mcr RIKIXRIIIIZIQQCS ul' f!'1lll'l'llllj life. -ww-mm...-..,., 'ka W-M f .M for thc j1Qll'lS. lllkfy must :nuke ll Ihilglzlilllllfjik' to such S0l'0I'ily open-lmusc. for skit zlflrr skll. and party uflcr party. Hui Illfll Vlllllilh the Ing xluullwlul-plerlggr VIIJINHIS. 9- 1-,,,,ff P ..,,, M, . 5 Z 5 3 E .L ' ,... l'IIlllI'f.'HZlS were just M951 !,...-f us inlportant us nzlnlctags when rnslnccs went to thc sixtccn sorority houses for open house thc first rlzly of rr 'mile ,Tear ,Friend ,Cheer - Ru hl Here Q 3 I F Rnslxces are not nlloncrl to talk to boys clnringg rusll. but it L'l'l'l1liIllj clot-sn't stop the boys lrorn talking to thc grills. Kay Hurclley is taking polluters from Myra Caruso lmclore ller first llltrzlmurals LIZIIIIC nl' lmrseslmcs. .Xt Sager lmuse. mail time is 21 main part of the clay. Suzie SlIlllHOIlS, Salli llurL and Mary .lame Lillzxrml are lmusy cllcclcing tllc mail for llmse wry ll1lD0l'l1lIll letters. ZW ,ao r "6 , WY' fr L, Best part ol tlle clay lor athletes is meal time at .Iefl House cafc'lcriz1 where special Llllffllllfill is gixcn to llU-Illflll cllcts. tudent Enjo Them elve Qs? .sri-ag+ 14 ' 'fi sr:fflT4?l5iiEli: 7 , :amy J ' fi-1:21 - wr ff1Q,fe-.',fi:f-- szfiyeiifffv?f-Sz-g1ie7'1-if ,wg-if if 2-YW.-, 22l ?5!lQl5f t: i'l9 i'Es Ariel fieilyipf''Qf21?f3ii5l2f" vw s S, 5 i ,K is su' .F-5531, f ?':?5'jb l m r N we x as 'ir here Living I Easy .VX residence is a place to get away from it all-to study quietly, watch TV lor a whilc. drink a cup ol' collee or just sleep. A residence is just an address where mail comes and thc phone rings and the lunch lines arc too long: where the halls are noisy. the rooms are cluttered. the ashtrays overflow and Sunday dinner isnlt quite like Monfs. But most of all a residence is a hoine where life-long lriends are inadc. Winner ol the title "dad with the niost kids in school" is S. A. Ruhhal of Duncan. The family includes liill. Nlrs. Rahhal. Frances. Dad. Mary Helen 1nd Xllred. W-i i.. . ,Q ,gasp ay g ' 'f ' Tp ,.w'ff'LF ' ' r 11254522 .rw si ,,i. J s s rf 3- EL Rohcrt and Carolyn Mcpheron and young son. Roh. arc enjoying ri quiet exciting in one ol the many married student apartincnts. 395 533412 LPZHIQQ Dt-Its won the marathon race lroni Ntiflllllll to Mithvt-st City hcld as part ol' the 20th annivcrsatry celehration of the founding ol' Midwest Citi. Like Fun, Like Happiness, Like Greeksville Wbrking or playing, studying or dancing, whatever they do, they do it up Greek. They participate in campus-wide activities, such as Canipus Chest. student senate, Honieconiing. They vie with each other for intramural points, a spot in Sooner Scandals, a trophy for University Sing. ll' they are pledges, itis study hall during the week and social life on weekends. ll' they are mein- bers it's studying all hours to keep up the scholarship points, participating in activities, planning parties, going to chapter meetings and if they are luckyt occasional dating. But that's life - Greek, that is! Paint buckets. ladders. mops and hrooms! Coulrln't he anything else hut Pledge VYork Day There was a lot of clouning around and llalloween fun when the Thetas gave a dessert for the Kappa Sigs. Y ? fi 2 'fs 'Vw sq at me "sf-7 X 1 , , fs - H1 -xii'7p,'w x, -wfV,Xw. . .2 gg ,S am-.,, .,,L,,a:v- v,:, 5, . 5 5 8 255 --Q 'Q' . , -,f. , 1.. g- , in , 5 JI M i . . . 5 ,,y:,gU1E' gags. ::':: A1i. :- 6 ,15 K. -Q53 in xi Q , s 2 1 ' fa S '45 ra' gels g Ex YQ K 2 X f xg. K 2, . vqrp' asf .. ,,q?3..fxux Wi?" 4? ,- 5? ., ,W ff 95558 -KKL 2 11g gm M ' ' fi " gz 12- :f- in Yam fm, N - Hsgiii Ssagfgf ,. it Q, W eh 5 Q? Q 1 K gf ffm-f--r gQK. ..A sa E sgg w, -gk -V : 2fs5:s :I- 'N mf' m:gm.,.as Qisvilfifw in g2gfg3r'EQa?,f L ,iwigls ,gy f if 1 ,A5,,.v A. , . QJSLEQ Q zl"' I rwfl sew, 5 .5 if ,Wm 1 .nw vpmmnvwmmmfsyuzuuuum ,L , .xy A x , 3 Li Q5 Al i v s K w '1 25 3 KE an is QW L, 5 3 if -,: ' If -'iflzl ,fy i ' K L XQQQSZW , , ,K ig, J A X .g i VAN.:V 2 6 -I Y . 3. . :::- ' Q Y I 5 , 5 Q ea, f 9 . ' , a . . ,' 1 - 3 : ,WTJMIW ' ' .. v4 V . ,: J f - 4- 'nf' ' NWA: ' " 'K My XM c i'Il0l'llS lends am iIlSl1iI'llIi0lllll ZIIIIIOSDIILTK' to ilu- IllllSiL'2lI portion uf the zmnuul c1llI'iSlIll2l?w IJIIQCEIIII. "H111lg5in5,5ul'lllc' flI'k'CllH.n 1 s e if 5 3 5 li ly T3 2 FIRST ROVV: Pat A. Mundkowslci, Judy Safley, Dorothy Aniernian, Barbara Merrill, Marion Craiggliead, Judith Prescott, Trucx, Doris McNutt, Leslie Sl1CfIllJ6f2CI'. Mary Sue 'lqll0IIlPSOIl. Carol Autry. THIRD ROVV: Juli Allin. Judy Sugarnian. Joan Larson. Mary Ann Bulla. SECOND ROWY: Carole Marilyn A. Maddox. D7Ann Pope, Virginia Self. Betty Pond. Clueck, Carol Byrd, Janice Mclnincli, Barbara YYilkison, Bonnie Nancy Lynn. Louise Trapnell. Anne McDaniel, Janet S. Pipkin. Panhellenic Council O F F I C E R S Doius lVlCNLT'l'l' . . . President BILLI KAY SM1'rH . . Vice-President JUDY SAFLE1' . . . . Secretary PAT MUNDKows141 . . . Treasurer CAROL BYRD .... . . . Rush Chairman LESLIE STERNBERGE11 . . Corresponding Secretary Du. DOROTHY TRUEX . . . Faculty Sponsor " Doius McNU'r'1', President Greek Women tlrgani e To Further Ideal Principal purposes of the OU Panhellenic council are to maintain a high plane sorority life and interfraternity relations, to cooperate with the college administration in their elfort to maintain high cultural, educational and social standards for sorority women, to be a forum for the discussion of problems common to sororities and to strive for greater unity and cooperation among these groups. Membership in Panhellenic is composed of presidents and an elected representative from each sorority on cam- pus. Offrcers are rotated following the order each soror- ity was established at OU. A special project this year was the evaluation of the rushing system. They also sponsored a Panhellenic re- treat and rush week. The council meets twice each month to plan and supervise all sorority activities, on and off campus. Re- sponsibilities include compiling and enforcing rules gov- eerning rushing, pledging, initiation, chapter social functions, scholarship and any other area involving the sorority system on the Sooner campus. Another important governing aspect of the council consists of committees of sorority chairmen of the vari- ous areas, who meet several times per semester when the occasion arises to make suggestions for changes or im- provements of the regulations in their respective areas of investigation and study. Drafting all disciplinary measures for approval by the Panhellenic council are the investigations and judicial committees. Scholarship is one of the ideals most stressed by Pan- hellenic. As one of its projects, Panhellenic awards scholarships to sorority women to help in the continua- tion of their education. Selection is based on need and scholastic achievement. This year 51,000 in scholarships was awarded by Panhellenic to the ten most deserving girls who had made application. Another Panhellenic project to promote good schol- arship is the awarding of three trophies each semester to the sorority with the highest grade average, to the pledge class with the highest grade average and to the sorority showing the greatest scholastic improvement over the previous semester. If a sorority wins a trophy three times in succession. it becomes its permanent possession. The Panhellenic executive council includes Judy Safley. Carol Byrd, Billi Kaye Smith, Doris lVIcNutt, Leslie Sternberger. Alpha Chi timega Group Wins First in '62 Scandals, Phi Delt Turtle Race Many parties and dances filled the social calendar such as the Christmas party and spring Red Carnation ball at the Alpha Chi Omega house. The second semester was also enlivened hy the pledge "poVerty" party for the members. But worthwhile projects, such as sponsoring Niki Proussanidou. Greek exchange student, and collecting the most money in the X Campus Chest United Fund drive made the year a memorable one. Outstanding members are -Ioan Larson, Mortar Board and Full- bright finalistg Roberta Tesar, president of Ducks club, and Sally OFFICERS Allmon, president of Orchesis. Cerry Zaloyslcy was a finalist for JOAN LARSUN '.'-.. President II0lI1CCOI'IllIlg queen and Anita Sigletary was Campus Chest queen. PHUEBE STMLETMAN . . Vice-President 'Inn' SHERMAN . . . Secretary -IIIDY SIMS . . . . . . Treasurer ciERRY ZAIAKOVSKY . . Social Chairman Sally Reynolds. Ken Paullg. liarry Ahranis. Anne fillIIll3lC. .Ianelle Cole and Cordon Richards at a swinging Alpha Chi party. 0 lpha Delta P1 AATT Basketball, llad's Day Highlight Year tor Azure and White Alpha Delta Pi was founded March 15, 1851, at VVesleyan Female college in Macon, Ca. The first secret society for college women, it was known as the Adelphean society, was later renamed Alpha Delta Phi, and is now known as Alpha Delta Pi. Gamma Zeta chapter was chartered in 1946 and is one of 105 chapters. Social highlights of the year were the Suppressed Desire party given by the pledges, the Black Diamond ball, and the Finals Fling, which ended the second semester. O F F I C E R S The girls of the azure blue and white won first place in basketball MARILYN MADDOX ----- President intramurals and second place in Dadls Day registration. JUDITH BILBERRY . . Vice-President Judith Bilberry is vice-president, pledge trainer and SEA secretary. STEIIIIANIE JONES ..... Secretary .Io Sue Skirvin is scholarship chairman, member of Alpha Lambda BEVERLY ERVIN I ' . . Treasurer Delta, Tassels and APhA, and Stephanie Jones is a yearbook beauty GALE BRAZIL . . Social Chairman Hnahst' One ol the outstanding social events of the year for Alpha Delta Pi is the Suppressed Desire party, given by the pledges. GAMMA ZETA CHAPTER FOUNDED . . 1946 FIRST ROVV: Rosellen Anderson. Nancy Hell, Judith A. Ril- berry. Colledith Blalock. Marcia Cale Brazil, Maclalynne Ann Chapman, Sue Clauve. Sharon Colelasure. Mary Lee Cordell. SECOND ROXY: Linda Davidson, Shirley Dorman, Phyllis Drake, Beverly Ervin. Dell Louise Fobes, Elizabeth Force, Judy Kaye Freyer. Linda Lee Cray, Suzy Gruber. THIRD ROYV: Sherian Harnra, Ann Harms, Joyce Helniers. Jerie Jansing. Stephanie Jones. Marian Knapp, Carolyn Jane Long. Marilyn Maddox. Lorie Matteson. FOURTH ROYV: Elvera A. Mc- Carty, Dana McCoy, Victoria Morey, Cheryl Naifeh, Janie Orr, Priscilla Page. Trisha Patterson, Jane Ellen Pollard, Clarice Pregler. FIFTH ROIY: Ruthie Rudd, Karen Sisney, Jo Sue Skirvin, Judith E. Sugarrnan, Mary Ann Thacker, Letitia Tor- nay. Rita WYadley, Margaret Ann Watson, Linda P. VVhitrnore. Judith Young. EPSILIIN GAMMA CHAPTER FIIUNDED . . 1956 FIRST ROVV: Andee Abeles, Cheryl Aber. Bonnie Amerrnan. Barbara Rose Bendalin. Ellen Braurnan, Roz Buchman, Gail Copple, Nancy Davis, Bev Deutsch, Barbara N. Fagin. SEC- OND ROVV: Maureen Fednian, Carolyn Feinberg, Joanie Fischer, Paula Fishman, Patricia Futerfas, Carole Glueck, Lee Goldberg, Lyn Goldlield, Donna Goldsmith, Susan L. Goltz. THIRD ROVV: Sandra Isenberg. jackie Jacobs, Suzanne Beth Kagan, Joy V. Kahn. Leslie A. Kehn. Karen Kramer. Barbara Lerner. Gail Sue Levin. Rhoda Levin. Natalie Lewis. FOURTH 3 is we as nr -fs. .1 ROIV: Cathey Litlell, Barbara Ludrneyer, Lynn Marx, Susan Murov, Marilyn Peck, Judy Polsky, Dana Pornerantz. Jere Reinauer, Carol Robbins, Nancy Robinson. FIFTH ROYV: Hanelle Rosen, Susie Rosenberg, Sandy Rosenzweig, Carol Renee Rozen, Barbara F. Safron, Barbara Schlanger, Rita Scholem, Lorene Segal, Lynne Shapiro. SIXTH ROWV: Bar- bara Shectman, Susan C. Sheffel, Linda Tein. Sharon Beth Velinsky, Nancy Anne NValdman. Miriam VYalkow. Rebecca YValkow, Marianne Katz XYohl. Shirley YVolberg. lpha Epsilon Phi A E CID Social Affairs Feature Winter Party, Spring Weekend Outstanding AEPhi's this year are Barbara Safron, honorary NROTC battalion commander and yearbook beauty, and Bonnie Ammerman, Tasels, vice-president of Pi Omega and Campus Chest. Linda Rae Cohen, joy Kahn, Carole Glueck and Bonnie Ammerman form the secretariat of the Model UN and joy Kahn is a student senator. Susie Rosenberg, secretary of Orchesis, performed in "Most Happy Fellaf, The VVinter party and the Spring weekend were social highlights of the year for the AEPhi's. Mrs. Helen Hugill serves the girls of the green and white as house- mother for the sixth year. Alpha Epsilon Phi was founded October 24, 1909, at Barnard college in New York. and Epsilon Gamma was chartered on the OU campus March ll, 1956. O F F I C E R S BONNIE AMMERMAN .... President NANCY VVALDMAN . . Vice-President BARBARA LUDMEYER . . . Secretary LEE GOLDBERG . . . . Treasurer SUSIE ROSENBERG . . Social Chairman Susie Rosenberg, Dennis Abrams, Barry Pulaski and Nancy Robinson at the Alpha Epsilon Phi TGIF party. lpha Gamma Delta A I" A Sorority Established Nationally at Syracuse University U lf F I C li CArto1. Brian . . KAY Kr1r.1.urt . jams 'laaxxrsox Pnvrrrs TAx'r.or: PA'l'l'l Ft'Qt'.-t . R S . . . President . Vice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer Social Chairman 'l'raditional social events lteld by the .Xlplra Cams were the Moun- tain Party and the "Last Blast." an all-campus dance tl1e weekend before finals in the spring. Alpha Gamma Delta won tllird plaee in the Kappa Sig Sorority of tlre year competition and honorable mention in Urriversity Sing. Honor-minded members are Paula Hughes, Mortar Board. Tassels. NLD, VVl1o's VVlro. BYVOC. outstanding freshman woman and clrair- man of 1963 COR: Nancy lflerning. Lottinville Award and Alpha Lambda Delta. Kay Keller emeeed the l962 edition of Sooner Scandals. Others include Carol Byrd. Mortar Board. Tassels president. Pan- lrellenie ruslr chairman. .UYS secretary. BYYOC. W'l1o's YYlro and .Xlpha Lambda Delta: Jeanne Wihite, Tassels, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Pat Weller. most outstanding l.I't'SllH12lIl woman. Betty Yvlritelread and Harry Young enjoy the square dancing at tlle Xlplra flannna Delta Mountain party llelcl this year in October. at UPSILON CHAPTER FOUNDED . . 1919 ' ' If ' f FIRST ROVV: Loretta Ahy. 'Io xxllll Allen. Nelda V. Allen. Betty C. Bellmord. Myra Benedict. Mvendy Blair. Marguerite Bleybergg. LeAnn Bocyc. Marilyn Boinar. Roseann Bouziden. Kaye Bradford. Sharon Bruza. SECOND RUYV: Carol Byrd. Mary Irene Ca111phell. Kaye Carson. Cathy Collier. Suzanne Cooper. Diana Marie Dennis. Pamela Jean l,fCIlll21Il. Carol Duley. Flizabeth Ann Elli11ggto11. Sandra Erwin. Linda Lee Fair. Carolyn Fano. THIRD RUXV: Nancy Lane Fleming. Toni Ford. Mimi Francis. Lynda Freenian. Patti Fuqua, .Ieretta George. Sandra Cloinset. Marsha Diane Cofl. Peggy M. Crayes. Barbara Crundy. K. Harper. JoAnn Hartley. FULTRTH RUYV: Melinda Lee Hopkins. Paula Hughes. Mariellen Jones. Patricia Kay Keller. Dolores A. Kesler. Susan Leigh Kiinerer. Marlene Kirch. Linda Leppe. Margaret Morley Lines, JAIIII Lynn. Carol Ann Marsh. KZIYCII Marshall. FIFTH RUVV: Taini Marlin. Pat Mayer. Margaret Ann McConnell. xli1nn1ie McC0yyen. Mari- lyn McMasters. .Indy K. Monroe. Sue Moore. Mikie Murphy, Glenda Ochsner. Sara .Io Odoni. Shirley Olive. SIXTH RUNYZ Margie Orr. .Indy Peters, Nancy Petersen, Allegra Phillips. Loretta .Allll Pierce, Mary Ann Potes. Cylynn Reed, Susan Kay Richardsoii. Pat Riser. Sherri Roush. Judy Salley. SEVENTH ROXY: Suzanne Scaggs. Judy Marie Schlicht. Frances Sheppard. Linda Stewart, Marilyn Jane Stinson. Sue Stinson. Carolyn Sutton. Phyllis Taylor. Janis Tennyson. Kate I-PIIOIIIIJSOH. Vir- ginia Thornton. EIKLHTH ROW: Barbara Todd. Mary A. Vitale. ,Iunita WVade. Patricia Faye YVeller. Brenda Wfesner. jean White. Betty Mvllitehead. Patti .AIIII lvindes. ,Ieani Yyood. Carol Anne Ivortliingg. NIarily1111 Xyflfllll. , a g' f'-- .5255 5 . if as slr -, i ,111 K , 5, f" Q as-1 K Raising Money for Heart Fund Is National Philanthropy Activities for the Alpha Phis this year included the annual Christ- mas tea and formal and the national philanthropy, the heart fund. Founded at Syracuse university October 10. 1872. Alpha Phi num- bers 82 chapters, including OU's Phi, founded in 1917. Notable alumnae are Georgia Neese Clark Cray, first woman treasurer of the U.S., and Frances Willard, founder of the VVCTU. Linda Boatright is Delta Sigma Phi sweetheart and Sharon Burba, a finalist for Sip Ep Girl of the Golden Heart. Members active on campus are Karla Ketch, Alpha Epsilon Rho OP 11 ICERS and Panhellenic social chairmang Sharon Thetford, managing editor KARLA KETCH . . .... President of the Daily and secretary of Theta Sigma Phig Betty Stubbs, Omi- CAROL RUCKER - I yficwpresidem cron Mu and Oilconomia. and Trish Thatcher. Alpha Lambda Delta. SHARON SPRAKER u . I Secretary Mrs. Grey Satterheld is hostess for the Alpha Phi house. K ' FRANCES RAH HAL . . . . Treasurer SUE CARMACK . . Social Chairman "O, Mama. mia," chorus Lance Rentzel, Trish Thatcher, Sharon Hines and Larry Midland at the Alpha Phi spaghetti dinner. l l Chi tlmega House Wins First Place in 1962 Panhellenic Scholarship First place in scholarship for the 1962 spring semester, a new addi- M tion to the house, redecoration of the downstairs and air-conditioning of the entire house made life exciting and comfortable for the girls ol 75 f f Epsilon Alpha chapter. L . 0 1 Higlilighting the social calendar were the Ski party in December and the Fall llouse party, presenting their redecorated home. Outstanding Chi Omegas include Sherry Turner, Mortar Board, O F F I C E R S Campus Chest chairman, Theta Sigma Plii, C-amma Alpha presidentg joan Coffman, Mortar Board, outstanding lreshman woman, U.-KC ,llflll ALVIN - - - - PfCSiilCUl and Tassels presidentg Ann Belanger, outstanding freshman woman, .lou hYA'l'klNs . . Vice-President Alpha Lambda Delta, AYVS finance committee chairman: Juli Allin. DONNA LHTKE U . Secretary Mortar Board and Kappa Delta Pi secretary, and Sandra Turner, MARY ALLEN l i . . Treasure? Tassels, Daily news editor and outstanding freshman woman. CAuoI.E Chswrlu. . . Social Chairman llill Vick. Frances Mussen. Kay Malthy and Mark lfiles at the Chi Omega Ski party, one of the high points of the year. EPSILON ALPHA CHAPTER FIDUNDED . . 1911 ff Q v nu W V W -r .. M FIRST RONV: Lee Alexander, Mary Allen, Juli Allin, Linda Argo. Carolyn Cay Ashahranner. April Austin. Susan Barnes. Cheryl Barnett. Ann Belanger, Martha Bell, Charlene Bidasio. Shirley Biggs. SECOND ROVV: Carole Ann Boddie. Barbara Borelli. Mary Jane Brokaw. Margie Brude. Terry Carls. Letitia Chambers, Janie Clark. Carole Cody, Joan Wayne Coffman. Ann Copeland, Nan Craven, Linda Creel. THIRD ROW: Millieent Detjen, Jean Eastman. Ginger Eby. Sue Anne Emery. Janel Gary, Lynda Gill, Phyllis Gill, Andrea Graham, Ruth Ann Griffith. Terry Gross. Karen Hamman. Patricia Hammond. FOLRTH ROYV: Janice Harris. Lynn Haviglnirst, Jacqueline Hill. Sharon Hogan, Ilonee Holbert, JoAnn Hunnieutt. Janita John. Joan Kershaw. Molly Lay. Marilyn Ruth Lindsey. Barbie Listen. Donna Littke. FIFTH ROYY: Leigh Malthy. Linda Malthy, Patti Marshall, Pam A. Martin. Pamela K. Martin, Lynn Dell McKinney. Sidney McLelanrl, Janet McLin. Doris K. McNntt. Niki Meek. Candee Meilown. Betty Miller. SIXTH ROW: Mary Ann Mills, Judy Kaye Moore, Ann Moran, Frances Ann Mnssen. Connie Newman. Marty Kay Osborn, Mary K. Osborne. Sandra Ozmun, Patricia Ann Perry, Kathi Pittman, Sylvia Pittman. Terry Ridley. SEVENTH ROWV: Janice L. Rogers. Janie Ross. Carla Rothlisherger. Joanna Shnmate, Randi Sights, Johanna Singgletary, Lennis Smith, Margaret Ann Smith, Linda Sprague. Jane Ann Steadley. Sharon Steelman. Marcy Gene Stephens. EICHTH ROYY: Peggy Stern. Julia Teeger- strom. Marilyn Todd. C. Lynne Turner. Sherry Turner. Lynda Ann Tyler. Diana. Ivri. Marilyn VVade. Joan Evelyn Watkins. Sandra NYeher. Jane Dunham Weston. Cindi Wickstrorn. THETA GAMMA CHAPTER FOUNDED . . . 1910 f y lv FIRST RUAV: Julie Ashlock, Mary Ann Ashlock. Donna Aust. ,lane Babbitt. Cynthia Bentley. Sandra Bias. Karen Black. june lllackerby. Candy Gene Blalock. Carole llland. Linda Borden. Susan liush. SECOND ROAV: Patsy llynuni. Carole Chacey. Carol Chainley. jill Cleveland. Linda Clinesniitll. Janie Couch. Ann Cowans. Midge Craven. Judy Dalke. Cynthia Davis. Judi Dees. Ann Ehlers. THIRD RUYY: Nancy D. Elwell. -Ioy Engle. Patricia Ann Ferguson. Kaye Flood. Barbara Cainble. Janet A. Gill. Katy Goldtrap. Emily Gray. -lanita Gulfey. .ludy Gullick. Vicki Gunter. Dorothy llanson. FOURTH RUVY: Virginia Hawks. .lane Hieronynius. Becky Hill. Janet Holland. Anne Hooker. Gwen Hughes. Sharon -Io Hunt. llarbara linel. Susan lngram. Peggy Lynn Irby, Jackie jenkins. Annakay Judson. Fllirllll ROAV: Mary Ann Junk. .Anne Kessler. Janet Ketchum. Judy Ketchuni. Yeun Sook Kllll. Chris Kirkpatrick. Marsha lrby. l.inda Lellel. Mary l.yn Lipscoinb. Mary .Ann ' 4 r r Liyely. Sue Livingston. Katherine Maney. SlXTH ROYY: Patricia Marsh. Patrica L. Mason. Robbie McAdams. Fancy Mc.-Allister. Ann McBride. Gayle C. Mcl.eod. Nancy McQueen. Margaret Meeks. joy Monroe. Diana G. Moore. Lynne Morey. Cai Morgan. SEVENTH ROXV: Lena lieth Murphy. Cindy Newell. .Indy Newkirk. hlarta Oliver. Susan Paynter. Mary Ann Phelps. Patricia Plott. Carolyn Prescott. Judy Prescott. Mary lieth Pyatt. jill Reber. Donna Reece. EIGHTH ROYY: Becky Reed. Ronda Reid. Margot Rhodes. Beverly Richards, Margaret .Kun Richards. Judy Rickman. Maribetli Riddle. Judy Robbins. Carolyn Schweers. Susie Shaw. Carole Kaye Slepka. Tita Sniith. NINTII RUYY: Sandra Sniith. Sidney Sudberry. liunny Talley. Mary Sue Thonipson. Mary l.etha Thurman. Betsy Trabern. .lanice Treicliler. Betty Turna. Janet VValker. Anne Mrisiger. lflizabeth White. Ann Miest. Sidney -lane Zschacb. .ri 5 V ,J .af " .,,' . is A Delta Delta Delta at Heart Sister Week, State Day Dbserved by Chapter First place trophies in Dadls Day registration and University Sing were added to the Tri Delt trophy case this year. They also placed third in Scandals and the Dadls Day quartet contest. Social events were the annual Christmas dance, Heart Sister week and State day. Trish Marsh, Janet Ketchum, Judy Ketchum, Mary Ann Lively, Ann Weist and Judy Newkirk are Alpha Lambda Deltas while out- standing freshman women are Mary Ann Lively and Ann VVeist. Other Tri Delts active on campus are Judy Prescott and Mary Sue O F Il I C E R S Thompson, Mortar Board and VVho's VVho, and Robbie McAdams .ll'DY PRl35C0'l'f ------ President and Diana Moore, Tassels. GAYLE Mc:Lrgon . . . Vice-President Delta Delta Delta was founded Thanksgiving Eve, 1888, at Boston Bm-Sy TRAHEIW , . I Secretary University and now numbers 110 chapters. JUNE LHTLE J i Q ' Treasure, JIL CLEVI-LLAND . . Social Chairman Steve Lawton, Diana Moore, Charlie Trimble and Jil Cleveland tseateclj were among those present at the Delta Delta Delta all-campus party. QE -.J YZ? Agw- Delta Gamma DG Act Anchors First Place Trophy In Engineers Show O lf lr' I C Xxx CR,-XWl"UlilJ . . Puzm' Axnritasox . SA1.u' N'l1a1u4I.13 . MAIQIIXN h1ARlil'Nl 1Il'l.ll'1Cl.UAll . . la R S . So President Yice-Presiclcrtt Sccreta ry Takirtg Hrst place i11 Engggitieers show with "Little Old UU,i' the Delta Cammas also placed second i11 Dad's Day quartet contest. IJULIIICICCI i11 IS73 at Lewis school, Oxford, Miss.. the local chapter was founded in 1918 and is one ol' 90 chapters. Nan Crawforcl serves as DG presiclent and is BVVUC. lYho's Who, llwlortar Board and Tasselsq Sally Merkle was 0l1lSfllIldlIlQ: freshman woman, .Xlpha Lanihtla Delta secretary and DC secretary: .lean ghllll Parker is Delta Upsilon Feudal Princess, Alpha Lamhda Delta, out- staurliug l-I'CSlllll2lI1 woman and Tassels: Sue Sieh is a Yearbook beauty, and Billi Kaye Smith is outstanclirtg fI'CSDIllllll woman, Alpha Lambda Delta. Parxhelleuic vice-presiclc11t and l962 Miss Oklahoma. fyllwllllldlllg social events were the annual Christmas formal. Pina- fl.r6,lwrm, fore parts' and the Christmas tree sale. a national project. 1 L L ' ' cial Clllllflllllll ,Xt the Delta fiiillllllil c:l1l4lSlIllZiS party are jerry fillllllllti. Nan ffrawforcl. Karen Acorcl and David Stitherlaricl. ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER FOUNDED . . 1918 l i I rm N ,f F f as 1 1 if FIRST ROW: Karen Acord, Jan Adrienne Adams, Peggy An- derson. Ann Appleton. Janice Bailey, Mary Jo Ballard, Linda Barthel. Linda Billups, Diane Bish, Marilyn Botha, Jean Boyd. Susie Boyette. SECOND ROVV: Lynda Bradley, Beth Branyan. Reha Bristow, Barbara Brown. Judy Brown, Beyerlye Burke. Marie Burns. Leslie Burton, Kate Cameron, Carol Campbell. Susan Campbell, Marti Cardwell. THIRD ROW: Julie Cloar, Charlotte Council. Jan Crabtree. Nan Crawford. Susie Doo- little, Donita Elliott, Chris Ford, Sarah Fugitt, Elizabeth Candy. Susan Cans. Diane Gilliland, Rena Goodson. FOURTH ROVV: Anne Cruenig. Catherine Harsh. Diane Hawkins. Jody Head. Diane Heinke, Jessie Higgs. Sue Hill. Judy Hough. Jeri Howell. M. Jan Hoyt. Ann Hull, Karolyn L. Inhofe. FIFTH ROW: Judy Ellen Johnson. Mary Jane Johnston. Kathleen Kelley. Nancy Kaye Kienzle, Pam Lackner, Darlyn Lee, Barbara Leon- ard, Dixie Lee Lewis. Mary Lou Lowe. Marilyn Marcum. Melanie Marshall, Janice McCraw. SIXTH ROVV: Virginia McDonald, Virginia McDonough, Patti McQuire, Marilyn Meacham. Sally Merkle, Patty Mohatt, Kathy Moore, Marilyn Moore, Mary Morris, Mary Ann Moyers, A. Jane Myers, Teree Myers. SEVENTH ROYV: Gale Parker, Jean Parker, Pamela Peterson, Phyllis Jeanne Posey, Polly Pownall, Ann Prier, Dianna Rea, Dianne Reed, Jeri Mac Richardson, Suzi Rosen, Gayle Rossi, Janet Rossman, Nancy Jean Ryder. EIGHTH ROYV: Sandy Sawvell, Martha Sickles, Sue Sieh, Nancy Single- ton, Pat Sisney, Billi Kaye Smith, Carole Smith, Nanci Smith, Patti Springer. Denise Stephens, Diane Stockwell, Karen Stonis, Nancy Teague. NINTH ROWV: Nanci Toland, Gloria Tracy, Pam Trout. Shelley Turner, Susan Vickers, Susan Welborn, Cookie White. Judy YVidney. Marianna YVilke. Carol Williams, Melinda Wilson, Susan Zadik, Dee Post Zook. PSI CHAPTER FIIUNDED . . 1918 FIRST ROVV: lieth Adams, Kay Aitken, Ginger Allen, Sherry Allen, Gail Barham, Ann Bennett. Fredda Carol Illagg. Beverley Anne Ilrown, Mary Ann Ilulla, Linda Burton, Carol Cavaness, Sharon Kay Cargggile. SECOND ROVV: Linda Lee Casey, Christina Council, Deanna Councill. Carolyn Sue Cossey, Sally Cousins. Marion Craiggheacl, Karan Cushing, Mary Daniel. Judith Joiner Davis, Karen Denton, Beverly Doughty, Patricia Dow. THIRD ROVV: Barbara Ruth Dunbar, Pat Finley, Judy Garrison. Carolyn Sue Garvin. Linda Gibson, Ann Grable. Karen Greene. Judy Ilall. Terry Halvorsen, Susan Hamby. Cecilia Herron, Marcia Hewitt. FOURTH ROIY: Nancy Hisey. Mary Holcomb, Dana D. Hyde. Claudean Johnson, Linda Johnson. Rae Jean Johnson. Sherry Johnston. Lyndelle Jones. Janie Jubela. Pat Kaiser. Joan Kalman. Julie Kalman. FIFTH ROIY: Nancy Kamp, Ann Kernek. Joan C. Kessler, Judy Keys, Jolmelle Kidd, Marilyn I,argent. Lilian A. Logan, Judy Love- lace. Jan Lovering. Judy Lybolt. Jo Ann Mackey, Norma Mackey. SIXTH ROVV: Paula Kaye Martin. Suann McCuen, Suzan McDaniel, llama Miles, Melinda Miller, Suzi Mollison, Sally Morton, Nancy N. Oakley, Julie Odom, Susan Pancoast, Patria Parnell, Karen R. Philbin, Nancy Pickett. SEVENTH ROXY: Anita Poe. Patty Primrose. Judith Ann Reeves. Lou Ann Roach, Syd Ronish. LaDonna Rutherford, Ellen Saddoris. Betty Suzanne Sanders, Pat Sayles, Kathleen Schoenhals, Quinda Seem, Sandra Kaye Simon, Barbara Smith. EICHTH ROVV: Diana Soderstrom, Caroline St. Pierre, Joanna Stevens, Kay Karol Stevens, Gayle Stonernan. Rita Sutter, Frances Tabor, Pat Taylor, Sharon Thomas, Sherry Thomas. Teresa Allane Thomas. Kaye Thornbrough, Jonnie Lou Tolle. NINTH ROVV: Mary Ann Tracewell. Susan Turk. Margot Florence Ifetrecht. Tana lvare, Ilryanne lllelch. Gayle lvelcher. Kay llihelilian, Nancy Whittaker. lllhitney Whittaker, Ann lliilliams, Judy Williams, Karen W'robhel, Roxanne Wlilson. Gamma Phi Beta Chapter Wins First Place in Dad's Day Quartet Contest Gamma Phi Beta was founded November ll, 1874, at Syracuse university and numbers 79 chapters, including OU's Psi, founded September 13. 1918. Their colors are mode and brown. This year the girls were the Winners of the Dad's Day quartet con- rr '51 test and took second place in University Sing. ii 536.6 The Ranch party, Pink Carnation formal and Class Slipper classic were among the major social events and at Christmas they held a party for Concho Indian school. Mary Ann Bulla is BVVOC. Mortar Board, Pi Kappa Lambda. or FIQERS VVho7s VVh0. Mu Phi Epsilon president, outstanding senior in fine MARY ANN BU-LA ----- President artsg Paula Martin served as UAB secretary, Celebrated Artists chair- PAULA MAll'l'IN . . Vice-President man. and assistant yearbook editor: Judy Hall and Pat Taylor were ANN GRABLE Q I Secretary outstanding freshman women and Pat was a student senator. KAY VVHELIHAN l v I v Treasure? PIAYLE STONEMAN . . Social Chairman Sitting one out at the Gamma Phi Beta house party are Mike Nelson, jan Lovering. Paul Frost and Joanna Stevens. Kappa Alpha Theta Scholarship, 0ueens, Intramurals Attract Interest Queen candidates were plentiful at the Theta house this year with Betty Dixon. Horneconiingg quceng Linda lirensley, 1962 Engineers queen: Rita Cerrity, honorary Air Force Cadet Colonel. and Kay .Iohnson, honorary rhrniy Cadet Lt. Colonel. Active Theras around camps include Janet Clark, Mortar Board, Tassels, Lf-XB president, BYVOC, VVl1o's VYho: Virginia Self, Mortar Boardg Jean Robicheaux, student senate, and Carol Rood. vice-presi- dent ol' OU Young Repuhlicans. O F F1 C Ii R S This year the girls won first place in Sooner Scandals and hasehall VIRUWIA Siflel' ------ Pfwdflll intraniurals. second in Engine show and third in scholarship. Social KAY h'll'I.l,lNS . . Vice-President events were the Christmas party and Spring har-h-cl. ANN CONNALLY l l Secretary Founded nationally at DePauw university. January 27, l870, Irm, MHH Trwwrer .Xlpha Oniicron was chartered in 1909. Colors are black and gold. CARol. CRAVICN . . Social Chairman Hating a ball at a Kappa Alpha Theta party are Dan Nelson. Betty llonilicld. lieth Burleson, llill Hessler. Linda Broun and Dale Leflount. ALPHA 0MlCRON CHAPTER FOUNDED . . . . 1909 Y If V pr FIRST RUXY: .Xnne .XlJernatl1y. Polly Allen, Betty Arnett. ,lane Carolyn Baptist. .Iill Bell, Lynn Bell. Dianne Bennett. Carol Bird. Diane Blake. Betty Bonilield. Janet Sue Brannan. Shannon Brians. SECOND RUYY: Penny Brown. Nancy R. Bucher. Beth Burleson, Margaret Burleson, Virginia Byrd. Brooke Allen Calvert. joan Carmichael. Nancy Ann Carter. Susan Catlett. Janet Clark, .Ann Connolly. Carol Craven. THIRD ROAY: -Ian CFCCKIIIOFC, Ruth Darrough, Carol Davis, Shari Deason, Betty Dixon. Linda Donnell. Kay Lynn Edwards. Carol Ann Ellison. Kay Lynn Fellers. Michel M. Fife. Christie Ford. Linda Frensley. FOURTH ROVV: Susan flahle. Dianne Curley, Carlyn Hager. Liz Harned. Sue Harvey. Barbara Holmes. Carol Hood, Mary Lou Hull. -Indy globe. Betsy Johnson. Kay Johnson. ' ..- Yiya Lee Kennedy. FIFTII ROAY: Kay Kerr. Rosemary Kiles, Beth Lieb. Patty Lieb. Mary Anne Mark. Janie McDonald. .Iudith Ann Mills. Kay Mullins. .Indy Orth. Sherry Owen. Joan Patzer. Lucky Paul. SIXTH RUYY: Mary Jane Pemberton. Linda Pipe, D'Ann Pope. Peggy Ratclille, Susan Rector, Mary Susan Roberts. Jean Rohichaux. Louise Rowe. Pant Schwend. Virginia Self. Liz Sinnnons. SEVENTH ROAY: Cheryl Smith. Diane Slnith. Ann Sneed. ,lane Staniper. Penny Stark, Barbara Staton, Kit Stuart. Virginia Stuart. Karen Tankersley. Sharon Yliankersley. Mary Ellen 'Pll0lI1DS0ll. EIGHTH ROAV: Mary -lane Turnbull. Neeia Turner. Pat Turner, Bette .Io Wantland. Alice Watkins. Rhoda Watson. Peggy NYells, janet VVillett. Ceei Wolfe. .Indy Wvyatt. Joyce Young. GAMMA TIIETA CHAPTER FOUNDED . . 1956 FIRST ROVV: Jane Aldrich, Di.-Anne Allen, Suzanne Black. Margaret Borchardt, Gail Carter. Sharon Cole. Carolyn Cole- nian. Kathy Constantin, Ilronwen Courtney, Carolyn Sue Custer. SECOND RONV: Martha Dahrn, Francene L. Dent, Kathy Evans. Pattie Ferguson. Jerre Francis. Judy D. Frederick. Linda Frederick, F. Elizabeth Friot, Virginia Gibson, Mary Eyelyn Groves. THIRD ROWY: Jeanne Harper, Joanne Harper, Belly Harris. Sharon Haygood, Glenda E. Highland, Francis Allene King. Peinle King. Janet Klahznha. Judy Klahzuha. Mona Gay Kurek. FOURTH ROWV: Judie Kyle. Bonnie Lallins, Gail MacDonald. Pamela Maleyille. Billie Jean Marsh. Marcia Gail McDaniel, Janice McIninch, Jackie Miller. Carol Anne INIoore. Marilyn Moorehead. FIFTH ROW: Verna Moss, Diane Neaves. Glenda Newman. Linda Rainwater, Carole Riclcets. Susan Sanders. Nancy I.. Shoernalce, Sybil Short, Nancy Taylor, SIXTH ROYV: Patricia Thomas, Evelyn Swan, Tornniie Thompson, Martha VanI'Ioolc, Iiarhara AVilliison, Mary WVilli- hrand. Nancy Witt. Oliyia Yvoodrow, Marilyn Yecli. ..,. t. ,V f ,f.-,,,7- , A ' 0' Q S f f q 'Q f "N ' . ' , 1 st. r Q a' 5, . I A 1 Q svz' 'K Ja A ee -5- ' ' 'x 'I' 1 L, rf ' 'V' 'Ag 5 ,ff I ,L ,, :nv , s ti i I A .5 , , 3 ' Q QT' Q A'-Fw r ' . . y L , 7, Q, , , ! , K' - 'pf , ,Q , , A ' , , ve. 35145, 1 aa Q l f . -nj A A """ if' -r.iaf3.,1, . , , 'Q ..,. -4- Kal al .iff Q"7f-Qi' - Sala ' ' L ' fa 'T -,,,: -' '.,-,-':.,,A - ' 'l Q13 ,U " '- e ' ,v ffiff . ee V pe gfgg.g,i -.1 , - Ee? V y. z., ,I X xv . - . qi -, , ,:, ,,,, a f f- A Q 1 4 , EA X . as' if I V is is 21 1 '-.q ,-:SP :M -,.. .-:ggjlzjfzff fi- -r, "ga e -gf,f:.:41: ?f :ata,, 4125353 -,QR A 'l A. 'riiqf' .Tin .H-ffiMff-1?"3"zf-,-,JS ii? it 'rs " ' T111 , , ,N , f, - . . , , , , ' 'AN fa' ' 'IP' ' 'J 3 " " , ' :M -,vt are me-as Ii M A. Li ii - i , A, me . an , . -af J 1- Q gf' 1, -i 2 2.453 ' ,L W- 3 as Q 7 ww' it ' ' ' H 'mm X Le - 'K A 3 Q "' :LE T ef: 2 j ----T4 ' ss, r ' re fl Z, .. V S E.: 3- ,nga Y , -E V Liv V1 . .-ag 4 gi f ' Lf 59' 5 5 ' ..,,.i ..,,,,,fL ,,Q..,,..-'-'Lf-ef f fi t f' Vp' , if ,, ' ' . y i ' gf Q L" ff "" -3 X ' , f Q .S . 22: N ' 'Qwmn-sm':-,,mvmx- was-rr N e .x , Q N-, ,. gi. ., ,he . gt-ug ly h Q News New House on Fraternit Row High Point of Current Year Moving into a new house on fraternity row with accomodations for 68 girls was the high point ol' the year for the Kappa Deltas. The Snow Ball formal, Twin party, Mardi Gras and annual .Klum- nae tea were social functions of the chapter. Evelyn Swan is Tau Beta Sigma secretary, band secretary and member of the German clubg Mary Evelyn Groves was Kappa Phi treasurer. Young Republicans secretary and Pi Omega member: Cay Kurek serves as KD social chairman and is on the Model UN security council, and Barbara YVilkison is KD rush chairman and Alpha Kappa Delta was founded at Longwood college, Farmyille, Va., on October 23, 1897. Camma Theta chapter was established in May, l955. and is one of 102 chaptersnationally. Cay Kurek. -Ioe Sobela, Sxen Holm and Pam Maleville look for goblins and spoolas at the Kappa Delta .. .. s ,:5"' .FL 2 ,,,,,n,,g,,,, ne sm., w 'I'-s. Z . F I ::.ig""m OFFICERS KIANICE MlfINlNlfI'l ..... Burn: -Il-LAN lXlARSH . . Vic lWARY ICVELYN Gieovizs . . Slsexx S,-xxnrzrrs . . . . . C.-wKr'iuci4 . . Social President e-President Secretary Treasurer Chairman l'l2,lll1lXYiflfIl Dil fly . gm ,g gtge 1 lm i Q ' ff t.. w il ,. , ., Kappa Kappa Gamma K K I" Annual Social Feature ls Faculty Christmas Dessert OFFICERS BrL'r"rv Porsn . PAT l,.k'l'l'l'1liSUN LINDA Grloirtsr-1 Purim' Hnxm' Clxxx' Krnn . . . President Yice-President . . Secretary . Treasurer eial Chairman Kappa Kappa Gamma, lounded at Monmouth college, Monmouth. lll.. on October lfi. l870. began the first ladies' fraternity magazine in l88l and called the hrst Panhellenic conlcrenee. This year Beta Theta chapter won third place in lfngine show and entered Scandals with the Dclts. Uutstanding Kappas include Betty Pond. Mortar Board, BYYOC1. Tassels, outstanding freshman woman, W'ho's VVho: Tisha Johnston and Lynn Livingston. Mortar Board: jane Darrough, Sue Swanson and Peggy llenry. 'llassels and Alpha Larnlada Delta: Kathy Bennett. Miss Seheherazade. Alpha lullllllltlll Delta. outstanding lreslnnan woman: Betty Schollenbarger and Betty Bryant. Alpha Larnhda Delta. Social events ol' note were the Christmas party. the annual llaculty Christmas dessert and the Monmouth Duo. It was a Merry lllrristrnas to all, especially to Sandy Vaugliey and flarit Maris at the Kappa Kappa llannna flhristnras party. I' B an BETA THETA CHAPTER FOUNDED . . 1914 FIRST ROWY: Freda Babcock. Jane Bachner. Jeannette Barnes. Kathy Bennett, Harmie Biddle. Becky Boen. Bevlyn June Brad- lield. Gwen Kay Brown. Betty Bryant. Beverly Buchanan. Marian Bnlla. SECOND RUYY: Melissa Bnrwell. Cathy Callahan. Cathy fihainplin, Mary Francis Coley, Sharon COIIIIIIOIIS, Jill Cross. Mary Lee llaily. Jane Darronggli. Carol Lee Daube. Dulany Dawson, Katy Lou Dixon. THTRD ROYV: Jane Eng- land, Edith Lee Evans, Vicki Jo Ferraro, Patti Fisher, Marilyn Fitzgerald. Judy Foster. Freda French. Jeanne Fryntzko. Dianne Clable. Linda George. Vicki Jean Clotcher. FOURTH ROW: Cynthia Crishani. Kay Haines. Lynda Harris. Susan E. Harris. Peggy llenry. Judy A. Holloway. Judi Johnson. Prndy Johnson. Tisha. Johnston, Carol Ann Jones, Mary Jane Jordan. FIFTH RUYV: Kay Kenton. Jail Ketchain. Virginia Lee Kidd. Pain Kinnan. Susan Kaye Kupka. Jamie Lewinsohn, Linda Lillard. - r ' r -ei,-f ur . Beverly H. Lindsay. Judy Lively. Lynn .Xnn Livingston. Nan Loomis. SIXTH ROYV: Linda Loye. Nancy Lynn. Mary Locke McCraw. Lynette Mehl. Martha Melinder. Mary Kathryn Mer- ritt. Mary lSl0Ilf2Q0lIlCfy. Linda Ann Morgan. Janet Neher. Carolyn Norris. Patricia F. Patterson. SEVENTH ROWV: Jane Penington. Susan Pickering. Betty Pond. Kate Pritchett. Lloyd Roberts. Karen Sanders. Lynda Scarbrouggh. Betty Schollen- barger. Sami Diane Schuber. Shirley Scott, Katie M. Seger. EIGHTH RUYY: Ken Sue Shear. Rosemary Shipe. Emily Sholty. Karen Smith. Mary Martha Smith. Janet Stoneman. Sue Stoneman. Elizabeth Sue Swanson. Susan Talley. Barbara Taylor. Ann Tolbert. NINTII RUYY: Sharon Van Tuyl. Sandi Vaughey. Ann Wait, Pattie lvard. Hyla Sue Weaver. Linda Wliand. Marsha Willis. Georgia Wills. Dana Wlilson. Ruth Jane Ylirick. N: E .f L fig: fl' la , V A my 5. .f' Q' Vg F V Lf Z L g I 5, gay K Q fx H .. 1, L ,, N K WL B M L A '-,. LL 4353- , i V ff L , w m,L fi a J , "" A-If ,S 'ik V 2 L S 5 g ii' 'E af K ' 5 -A 2' W ' L" "4 ' Q X L L " V 1 L 'M ' V 71 5' -JM ' ' Lf J ' L . , V LL L Q L E Q f an L M ' wg V mai - f f , 1 ' L K 5 , I "Ai V1 Aff' L 'ev fnmffrixsi f k 'iifmgb-L,jzzgI.a ': gm? Q, ' hi wif - . ,fx L xg Q L .V 9, gh A ft . 'wt L v I., IM ..., : 1 .-.. ,- ,pa L -f m: L 'i f-2 K ..,, I L ' Lhkv L, 554 Lf, v?Qaiai?Vi?L5f3 tg L I ,mi Q Y 4 KE Q 1:54 357 " in ffffiv, L 1 '- " K L A L L ' 2 .. ,N f m gi - '1 I M ' L V 4. A fm, 3: ,gg , A t L v 3 ,.. " " J any S., 1 xv L W L rw KLL , H, I v 1 hp MN. V f ,nk V Wap ' 5- , 1 f Ai K - A All ,D ,Q Q has A, V, .L L LT NL ,137 ., L L -K L A - . 4 " 'R I 3 ' 5 . ' , F . L - L -X. - ff, A ff .L L LL .E Q? Q' L ,, . In I A L 5 f -a "2 LLA L, f K - ' ' L A .51 " 3 V I H L Q H H 5 Km 0 i , ' " ' 'A .. 'gw Q. . V+ 4 W L L- Q -A E? K JL A ,,,. ' h. L f L V- z , V '- ,L ' Q - ,+L 1. , L, I A 1' k ' I 1 L ,L K L ig L L J ff X -F ' ,- 'Q 1 L ,, r' J " 5 " - 'X L -, ' ' Q , W ' 'V U-SQ Q L f V ' ' ' : ., ' - . fk ,,- S' L , ' 'I ' ' X - .. WI ELI? -f L L w r-f x:f'l ' ,L .1 LS, V A ' f' , - -11 55,22 ez: "'. ' L Q Q ..-, 1 LL W , K gk yn I LLL 7 V H L L as f ,L H 'ML ' 'L",LL' f L N Lf -s -.. .-.- L' - .. -l. Pi Beta Phi lT B CID 5:2 1 Scholarship Continues To Be High on Achievement List Scholarship was higli on the list of Pi Beta Phi activities. the pledges placing first and the members taking second place. Outstanding Pi Phis on campus are Karen Cullen, VVho's VVho. BWUC, Mortar Board presidentg Cynthia Curtis, Phi Beta Kappa, hVho's VVho, Mortar Board, BYVOC, outstanding senior woman: Sissy Phillips. VVho's VVho, Mortar Boardg Sue McCoy and Nanelle Wall. Tassels, and Mary Ann Bell, Miss OU. The annual Monmouth Duo was a social event commemorating Pi Pliigs founding at Monmouth college, Monmouth, lll., on April 28, 1867, as 1. C. Sorosis. The colors are wine and silver blue. Alpha chapter, established in 1910, is one of 108 chapters. Mrs. YY. V. Pfeiffer serves as Pi Phi hostess for the first time this rear. O 17 1' Lorisn 'l'RAPNLI.i, .-XNITA Dlclrhlfihkifl LrNnA Ilnsini . Kkis Risilvris . GENE Lixnsm' . . ICE RS . . President Vice-President . . Secretary . . Treasurer Social Chairman Tom Decker, Fenton Sanger. Trisha Young. Nancy Coffman. Lynn Shri! er and Nancy Shorhe at the Beaux and Arrows Christmas dance. igma Delta Tau if 4. 4 New House, New Hostess Mark Outstanding Year for SDT fa. ms Proudest moment for the Sigma Delta Tau chapter at O11 was when they moved into their new house at 1714 Chautauqua in early September. They also have a new hostess, Mrs. Dixie Champion. Signia Delta Tau was founded March 25, 1917, at Cornell in Ithaca, N. Y., and now has 43 chapters. OU's Xi chapter was found- ed Septemher 14, 1929: their colors are cafe au lail and hlue. SD'1"s active on campus are Sharon Kimmell, Tassels historian and student senate: -Ianet Kamher, Alpha Lambda Delta. student sen- O F F I C If R S ate: Leslie Sternherger. Panhellenic corresponding secretary, Sandy SHARON KIM Nl1i1.ll ..... President Shorr. AFROTC honorary wing commander, and Maxine Vvffllllllllll. . , .. . D' ., . . . X' Itxm X ENUM , l I X lL.e,PrC5,dem 1 1 Omega and student senate 111111. NANCY Bom, . Secretary The Spring formal, Frontier party and ' Back-to-school" party Q K T rounded out the social season. . ELNIA ROSS . . . . reasurer BARIMRA Srsirrn . . Social Chairman Elaine Kratclirnan, front. flissy Cohn and llrenda Mann and lriends at a Siggina Delta '1'au house party. XICHAPTER FOUNDED . . . 1929 V 7, yr , , ! r,,,,.,, , . 4 ,X - ...f - FIRST KUNY: Susan liarnett. Nancy Huge. Janet llorcle. Karen liroclkey. liarlmfe llurnelt. Carol .lean Calm. Cissy Cohn. Susan Elllnan. Linmla Ennner. .loan lfclclgrelxer. SECOND RUXY: lDeDe Engel. .Xnclrea Fox. -Iayne Franklin, .loan Fricrlrnan. llavnla lfnnlc. Susie flilinsliy. Gail Colden. Ellen Goldstein. Nlarcia flreenlmlalt. Carul Greene. Tllllill KUWV: Hope Hart- man. Pamela -lLIC0lJS0ll. Sarilee xI2lIl5lQ6l'. Jeri Kahn. Janet Karnlmer. Dale Kinnnell. Sharon Kinnnell. Barbara Kirscllner. Elaine lil'ZllCllIllllll. Leslie Krirnslun. l7Ul'RTH KUYY: Selma fl A i' dw, Kross. Diane Lean. Lincla Londe. Ellen Luelunan. janet Masks Terri Milcler. Stephanie Miller. Susan Osllerwitz. Lynda Pin-nw Susan Pollala. FIFTH RUWYZ Farel Rililin. .lane Rittenlxerg Saralyn llUSCIllJCl'jlQ. Ann Rozen. Mary liulmln. liieki Scllcar Linda Sflllllfilfl. Luanne Schultz. Felis Sclmert. Sandy Slmrr SIXTH RUXY: Lyn Siegel. Meryl Siegel, -loan Slllllllltill. Leslie Sternbergger. Linda Terry. liarbara Weinstein. clllC'I'l Weilxlmcrgg Maxine Vlveitzrnan. -Ioannc lYilmfl'. Maurine Zlffffrlllllll. GAMMA UPSILON CHAPTER FOUNDED . . . . 1953 lf111111u Jacolps. -lean Blllglillklfilt and .ILAIICZIIIC Curry are getting rczuly to study for finals. FIRST KOYY: Patricia Bayless. N0111121 Bllilllilll. M. Jean Burk- hardt. Linda Collin. -Iencaue cillffy. julie Davis. Patricia Gill. SECOND ROWV: .lean Coacl, Clare I'I2lIIllJlCll, Ellllllll Jacobs. A1111 I1z111cler. Penny Lewis, .l11clill1 lX'lCcVl0VS'21Il, Barbara Merrill. THIRD KOVV: Pal lA1l1llClllUNSlll. Elizabeth Nichols, Marilyn fYJXYCllS. lizlclwllc- lilllfillll. Pat S11111111e1's. slllllll Triinhle. eta Tau Alpha ZTA 1 Group First To Be Chartered As Legal Corporation The Zetas began the year hy capturing the Panhellenic scholarship improvement trophy. Founded October 15, 1898, in Farniyille, Va., Zeta Tau Alpha was the first fraternity to he chartered as a legal corporation hy a state legislature. Gamma Upsilon chapter was established by Zetas who colonized from USU in 1953. Mrs. Marie McCall became Zetals hostess in September. Outstanding Zetas are Patty Bayless, Gamma Theta Upsiloug Clare Hamblen, Theta Sigma Phi, OIIIIIIIUIIIII Daily news-editorg Jeneane Curry, Orchesis president, Snorwr' Slrrznzrnrk beauty. and 1962 Soon- er "portrait of distinctionfl Social events include a hayride, Christmas snrorgasbord. Hobo party, Spring party. Valentine party and Halloween party. Rachelle Robson shows oll the Zeta Tau .Xlpha Scholarsliip lnipr UF F I C E BArusArm lh1ERR1l.L . . JEAN Brruinarurr' 1JA'I'l'Y BAYl,i1ss . NTARILYN Uwizxs Suzie: V-1'RlMBl.I'1 . R S . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary . . Treasurer Social Chairman ovemeut cup to pin-mate John Nowliu. Deke. f""Uh, 5 FIRST ROYY: Priscilla Page. lllakie llarl. Penny lsom. .lane Ellman. Carolyn lfano. Kay Klutts. Carol Davis. Pat 'l'urner. linggland. Rae .lean Johnson. Deanna flouncill. Dilnne Xllen. Bobbie Fetters. 'l'HlRlJ ROYY: Mrs. lfarlene Smith. Rachelle Cherie Burns. Karen Xcord. SECOND RUNY: -Ioanie Fisclier. Robson. Lynn Rippeto. Leigh Nlalthy. Linda Kaszulwovvslgi. Toni lford. -Iudi Mcflovveri. Pamela Pounds. Lyn Siegel. Susan Sherian llamra. Linda l5artl1el.Cathy Callahan. Susan Kimerer. Junior Panhollonio 0rionts Sorority Pledge Established at OU in l944, Junior Panhellenic coun- cil works to create friendliness and unity among pledge classes of campus sororities. It brings together sorority pledge classes in a program of cooperative planning and guidance. Membership of the council is made up of each pledge class president and one elected representative from each pledge class. Mrs. Earlene Smith serves as faculty advi- sor to the group. Soon after classes begin in the fall. Junior Panhel- leuic holds an orientation class for new pledges, An- other project is the tabulation and evaluation ol' surveys on blind dates. The group together with the Fraternity Pledge council sponsors an annual work day in the spring at Central State hospital. The junior council co- operates with other Creek bodies in the support of cam- pus activities and worthy community projects. Each year the council awards a scholarship cup to the pledge class with the highest scholastic average lor the fall semester. A member of Panhellenic council acts as advisor to the sister group. 5 in 3 , junior Panhellenic ollicers. Penny lsom. Susan Kimerer. .Ioan lfischer and Karen Xcord. meet to work out an agenda lor the council meeting. it - N I 1 rm vw Z' 4',zgyS '?1"i,, A ,gm 5 f' FRATERNITIES f. Qbmj ,Q-V X Q uf If ,,,A X Q fgtj FIRST RUNY: Jinx Derrylmerry. Jerry YV. Levin. lfllison Wil- tels. james R. "Reel" Hawkes. Haskell T. Wvaclclle. VY. R. Rroun. flrant Fair. Toni flilmlis. Hill jenkins. Corclon Marcnni. SECOND RUWY: .lini Dicus. Stexe Yaflne, .Xrt Altsliiller. Pal- riek Shea. George Narvaes. Ronnie Myles. Rarry Staub, Steve Qlangger. F, R. 1-Iackl jackson. Ill. THIRD RONY: Earl ll. Fagin. jerry A. NYarren. Hill Harrison. Don XYalker. Mark Elliott. Leonard Hall. fleralcl Canilxle. -linnny Vervaek. Jerry Interiraternit Council OF If I C12 R S II,xsRLLi. WAnnl.i1 . .... President GRANT FAIR . . . Executive Secretary Run HAWRI-gs . . . . . Secretary -IIQRRY Mfxnnox . . . Treasurer DR. YY. R. BROWN . . . . Faculty Sponsor MRS. D. IEOTSON . . .'xClIlllIllfilf2lflVt' Secretary Bass. Rob Reese. FOURTH RUWY: V. Gary Anclerson. Rolmerl .X Rosenlianin. Ronalcl Baker. .lanies llowarrl. ,lark Stout. Erin' tl0ll1lIlSCIl. Paul Stanton. Mark Collins. George NlcDonalcl. Jerri Cllasscoek. FIFTH RUXY: Ron Burkett. Larry Reanis. Fllrlon Batley. jack L. Hardy. Daniel Green. Mike llewitt. Rieliarcl Chronister. .ferry Maclclnx. VYarren Leslie. Toni Tlioinas. Ernie Collins. i H.xsRic1.L W.mnI.i41. Prt-sirlent ew Pro ram Aimed at Progress Formulated The initiation of several new programs plus continued effort to sustain adequate relations between the fraternity system and the University keynoted activity for the Inter- fraternity council this year. Oklahoma University's IFC, fifty-one years old, is the governing body for OU's 24 social fraternities and is composed of two representatives from each fraternity. That group meets bi-monthly. Highlighting achievements for the IFC this year in- cluded injecting a study hall program for freshman men, first such study restriction ever placed on OU frosh men residentsg a cooperative central purchasing of food by all fraternities which will fuse individual buying into a coordinated group action and formation of plans to publish a pledge manual starting this fall which will serve to better orientate fraternity pledges. Also, the OU IFC hosted the Big Eight conferencefs IFCs here in April. Don Walker, Phi Delta Theta and former IFC treasurer, is the Big Eight IFC president. Deferred rushing, an entire new system of rush which is conventional at many colleges and universities, was proposed by IFC president Haskell Waddle, Beta Theta Pi, in February. That bill was violently opposed and quickly killed in a March IFC meeting. VVaddle feels these new innovations introduced into OU's fraternity system this year by the IFC are neces- sary. "The role of the American college fraternity is drasti- cally changing and if fraternity men canlt learn to ac- cept this new role, they can't continue to function as fraternitiesf' Waddle emphasized. "The quality of the American college student has steadily risen. Therefore, fraternities must constantly improve their programs to meet the stringent demands of more intelligent members and initiate training programs for their memberships which will provide a valuable supplementary education. "By our actions this year, we, as the IFC, have at- tempted to make the University of Oklahoma fraternity system cognizant of the prevalent attitudes of fraternities on a nationwide level as well as to update and improve our own efficiency as much as possiblef, This year IFC initiated a vocational guidance service. Interfraternity council officers meet informally in the lounge to discuss future plans. The group includes Jerry Maddux. Haskell Waddle, Crant Fair and james B. "Red" Hawkes. 0KLAHOMA CHAPTER FOUNDED . . 1920 Riclmurcl XYZIHSUII. Don Reed. Gary King and Dennis Morgan sclienic this IIIUIISKCIJS removal to ll sorority ll0llSC. FIRST ROYY: James llussel. Max Beasley. Charles liorcliurclt. Paul D. Borcllurclt. xyllllillll M. Cllieatllznn. James Clay. liill Creen. SECOND RONY: YYilliu1n E. Hum. John Harrison. Vlwilliznn WV. llurrison. Donald King. Cary T. King. David Lack. Wlmocly Morris. THIRD KUYY: Phil Uviatl. Holm Prou- nian. Curl Reed. Don Real. Janxes Scott. Bruce A. Tllrull, jerry XVQ1 rren . Ricll urcl W'asson. eaeia Future Building Plans, New lleusemether Highlight Year The forty-third year ol' the Oklahoma Acacia chapter found the Sooner alliliate welcoming a new housemother and envisioning long- range building plans. Founded May l, 1920, the OU Black and Old Cold welcomed Mrs. YV. C. Vernon as its new hostess this year. Acacia's Oklahoma alurnni are in the planning stages ol' develop- ing a program which would realize a new house within the next four years. Action taken is being lorniulated as quickly as steps can he mapped. Outstanding ineinhers who have been leaders in the house this U17 IFICERS year include Bill Harrison, elected -Venerable Dean first semester? Jlmm, XVMWEN 1 . . Venerable Dean jerry Warren. candidate for Man ol Distinction. a member of Phi 2 , , . ,- - , . lui. Bot:HAiu1'r . . benior Dean lzta Sigma and l.l'.C.. representative. Famous Acacia alulns nuinlner VV. B. Bizzel. Lew YYentZ, Edwin C. LMI Ui BOCHARDI ' ' Secrcldrl DeBarr, NASA head james Webb and Wes Santee, .'Xmerica's first BILL HAKRISUN - - rlfeasllfef four-minute niiler. qllkl GAY . . . . -Iunior Dean Nancy Haas rolls the dice at the Acacia Prohibition Party while Dealer llill. Don Reed. Marilyn Young and Paul liorchardt watch. ii lpha Ep ilen Pi A E IT AEPi's Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration Tops Calendar OFFICERS Howfxkn LLVITAN ..... President S'rrzvr: YAFI-'rl . . . Vice-President Lrls l,ElBOXVl'l'Z . . Secretary STAN MlN'I'Z . . . . . Treasurer S'l'r1VliYAFFrL . . Social Chairman The rXlfPi 50th .Krrrriveriarv lete is the occ Celebration ol Alpha Epsilon Pi's fiftieth anniversary nationally highlighted the past year for the Oklahoma University .'XlfPi's. The OU AEPis are three-and-one-half years old. They were allili- ated with the national fraternity October 18, 1959. The Hftieth anniversary was celebrated on the OU campus by a dinner given hy the AEPis. Alunmi, advisors and University oflicials joined the AEPis in the formal dinner celebration. Plans are ill the early stages for a new fraternity house to he built by Omega Upsilon chapter. Parties of the .-XEPis this year included the Fireside Party, Pledge Party and Exotica Spring Formal. Famous alums include Jerry Lewis and Justice Felix Frankfurter. asion for Howard Levitan. Carol Rolmlmius. Linda 'Fein and Stan Mintz. .z.e.a.h r A 5 2 0MEGA UPSILON CHAPTER FOUNDED . . 1959 FIRST RUVV: Art Altshiller, Michael Harlow, Ben Botnick. Les Deman, Toby Globe, Michael Gottcsman, Roger Kahn. SECUND ROYV: Richard Kallsnicli, Leslie Leibowitz, Howard Levitan. Gary Magid. Fred Masiriter, Stanley Mintz, Franklin Salle. THIRD ROYV: Herman Schwartz, Norman Schwartz, Harris Segal, Richard Shaw, Saul I.. Sinclerbrancl. Steve Yaffe. Time out! Steve Yaffe and Lynn Shapiro have relaxation up permost in their minds at the Spring Formal. ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER FOUNDED . . . 1923 FIRST ROW: Arthur Barnes, Cary Borrell, Toni Brewer, Michael Burke, John Busey, Ronald R. Carman, Tohy Center, Roy Chaney, Richard Chronister. SECOND ROXV: .Iirn L. Clark, Charles E. Daniels, Gary J. Dean, Bill Eason, Chandler Gillespie, Jerry Classcock, Stephen Hall, David Hicks, james K. Hopkins. THIRD ROIV: Floyd D. Horton, Robert R. Ingram, Geoffrey Kelly, Gary A. Kilpatrick, Michael Dan Mitchell, Neal F. Lane, Hugh B. Nicholas, Mike Nicholas, Charles Nicola. FOURTH ROVV: Tom Oberrneyer, Bill Payne, Daniel A. Peclroja. Rohert B. Peraza, Greg Plater, Robert Poor, Renzo Razzano, Lee Riclgway, Darrell Speed. FIFTH ROW: Fred- erick Strahxn. David Stratman. Ross Swinmmer. Roy Thomas, Robert Uda, Harry Wiclclifielcl, john YYillet, Paul YVoocly, john Yarrington. lpha igma Phi Alpha Sigs Surge to First in Fraternity Scholarship Alpha Sigma Phi was high on scholarship again this year after taking the first place trophy for both semesters in 1961-62. They wo11 second in the Dadis Day Quartet and also won the Dad's Day and Motheris Day attendance awards. The Alpha Sigs participated in the Foreign Exchange Program by providing resi- dence for a student from Italy. Biggest party of the year was the Bayou Bounce. Other events were the Mad-llatteris Ball, the Talisman Rose Formal, the Black and Wlhite Formal, and the pledge-member hayride. U F F I C E R S .Outstanding nrenibers included John Yarringtorn. QDK. Phi Eta JIM HOPKINS l . u I . i President Sigma, Pe-et, Phi Mu Alpha and IBC representative ni the Student BNI PAYYF Vice Pregidem Senateg Harry hhiddifield. Tau Beta Pi, Engineers Club. Sigma Pi 4' A 4 ' ' L Sigma, Siggma Epsilon Phi and Pi Tau Pi. TOM BRUWR ' ' ' Secretary Bois Poor: . . . . Treasurer Tom' CENTER . . . Social Chairman John Yarrington is parading Alpha Gains Shay Rice. Marlene Kirch, Peggy Graves and -Iudy Safely to Alpha Sig Halloween Party. I l lpha Tau Omega ATU Plans for New House, Scholarship Improvement Achieved Alpha Tau Omega asserted itself strongly in campus progress this year by winning the Universityls Scholarship Improvement award. The ATOS grabbed the Interfraternity council's scholastic im- provement horror by making the biggest leap upward On the frater- nity grade chart. VVith the same progress tempo in mind, the local Delta Kappa N chapter of ATO has purchased a lot on Fraternity Row with hopes of having a house erected on that property within two years. O F F l CE R S The Playboy Party. designed after the magazine, topped the Alpha JACK HIGH . Q . ' I I Q President Qljfur' Omega socaal Season ying Qthir parfies included the 7 1 V . - Y. rrrrstmas arty, tie owery a an prrng orma . Muxh MCIFIOBH i i Vice Presldem VVell-known ATO alurns nationally include C. R. Anthony, Art LOUIS EVANS ' ' ' ' ' Secretary Linkletter and Senator Mike Mansfield. JOHN Srrfnorss . . . . . Treasurer GORIDON CLOUSER . . Social Chairman This playboy rabbit is the guideline for Mark Collins, Betty Boniheld, Virginia Self and Gordon Clouser at the Playboy Party. 3 Q Q :QQ , X 5, ""- 14 M X EE 1 f, 'B 1 Q Y , x 'W' . ,' ,Q ,-, .."4:Z3Q '52 gg k,g , M ' i X, , . ' Q. 2 W 'S Aaie . i 5 . f ,Mi Q V X '.,, Aga? W, m .. S5251 ., -e y ' 3 ' 1 A rw M .:- S x 'EL A x A 1? L ' !-Wav is f flu---v' gf g Q -- - :F .5 f ' . 4, 'zg' fy 4, ,, V , . i 1 ,- x gg- Q 5 is ,R Miki, ' Q , if X. Q Z U ,A 5 M g f 5 , we : . f wg? , 3 i f 9' in K . QL. , pus. -W A 1- ' XL f . ,I 1, , , A T i 5 . . , Q VV S2 : -- ,, ,,.. A , , , AA fl ' ' K,m., N A A W 1fW f by -Q f ' , , , , A , , A , ' J,,. "- :4f 52 155 . ,,' 5 A ? li E LQ V 5 ff A ' , - .,.A AA , -. f I Q x f v y 5 ,. ,a g , M Q .,fi .V AA '.Ak,:. 5? mg, . , V 9 l 3' , k , '. 'vf 9:if - , . H ' ' ' i g igg ' I , , lf l 5 " 3 ,S , f i QM WZ 1-- Z f ,, , ,:.. , Q ' " --f i, fr ,. - ,1 if . iw 15: , 1 , w I ,A " Q i kyhzk I iif 1 Lrhiv 5 YAVKVAQ I IT, , , M , . -Q w ,A , , x 5 ? i, Q , i f 2, 1 , W ,,, i' 'EAZ 5.. :ZV . ,.A- if- '.: li? 1" , 51 g , , L K - 5 k.k: QV ig ., 2' lnvz IE Vkhk Y QL , t ,, y,,.,, ,A.., L X, Y' A f':l , was - 1 - . ,AQ,:,,.1,.MQ,, E Beta Theta Pi Betas First Again in Sports, Second in Grade Rankings House expansion and improvements, intramurals and scholarship have been the outstanding features of Beta Theta Pi as it spanned its fifty-sixth year on the OU campus in 1963. They have won first place in 15 of the last 19 scholarship semesters. The Betas set the record for most intramural points ever at OU in 1961 and broke that all-time OU peak in 1962. This year they won the B football title and Richard Moore was one of eight Creeks named to the "All-Star" grid team, first ever picked at OU. The Beta Barn had its top two floors and all rooms redecorated O F FICE R S this past year and hope to have a new wing and kitchen within a year. HASKELL VVADDLE ....' President Top Betas on campus include Haskell VVaddle. chapter prexy, DON SMITH . Vice-President president of OU's IFC, ODK, BMOC: Jack Kinnelxrew, vice-presi- ' ' dent of Pe-et, ODK, BMOC, and Don Smith, director of Sooner STEVE SMITH ' ' ' Secretary Scandals and treasurer of the Senior Class. JOHN CUFFEY - - - - Treasurer TRACY PECK . . Social Chairman The annual Beta Barn Dance seems to be treating Rusty llinford, Carol Ellison. Joe Rockett and Mary Montgomery to a good time. rs., J uw? Lei .'-' tw 1. Delta Kappa Ep ilon DKES Hold Founder's Day Feast, Plan House Renovation The Dekes sought to reinforce inter-chapter and alumni relations at their annual Founder's Day banquet and completed plans to have their main rooms and halls redecorated to highlight chapter activity this year. The local chapter was founded in 1952 as Rho Lambda and was chartered by Delta Kappa Epsilon in 1954. Parties during the year included the Diamond Formal, Morbid Meal, and the Mad Pad Party. OFFICERS Doug Griffin was a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau and VVARREN LESLIE h i I h l president Sigma Gamma Tau. This year marked the tenth year that Mrs. Earl PHIL MCENROE . I ' Vice-President Harris has served as housemother. ' G P Q Outstanding and well-known alunls of Delta Kappa Epsilon have Hmgh Allhkbox ' ' ' kecretdrl been Cole Porter, Theodore Roosevelt, W'illiam Randolph Hearst JACK Buitliuvr . . . . . Treasurer and Smart Symingmn. Toni BRAn1fonD . . Social Chairman Brenda Collins and Leslie Thurniond snatch the hats of their dates Harry Raleigh and Kelly Hale at the DRE Prohibition Party. Engng: V A DRPXEST fi RHO LAMBDA CHAPTER FOUNDED . . 1954 FIRST ROWY: Kenneth R. Berry, Tom Bradford, jack Burdett, Jim Ellis, Frank Catewood, Doug Grillin. Kelly Hale. YVarren Leslie. SECOND ROYV: Christopher F. Love. Douglas Lyle. VVilliam P. Mcllnroe, Wlalter S. Millington, Randy Morrison john Nowlin. Alexander Oliphant, III, George Patterson. THIRD ROVV: Harry S, Raleigh, Alan Smith. Bill Sniitli. Howard C. Smith, Kenneth Smith, jr.. Larry Stanford. Larry R. Wlade. what Allen Smith. Tom Bradford and hostess Mrs. Isla Harris entertain DKE national secretary Wlilliam Henderson. DELTA BETA CHAPTER FOUNDED . . 1956 Delta Sigs Russell Long, George YYl1ite. ,lack Hardy and .lim Adainek are proud of their bowling trophies. FIRST ROVV: Jim Adaniek, Robert Ball. John R. Barnes, Bruce N. Benedict, James Case, David Coatney, Daniel E. Green, Jack L. Hardy. SECOND ROVV: Ron Havens, David R. Hironirnis, David J. Howe, Steve Ivy, Gary Kolander, Ron- ald IE. Kozak. Russell M. Long. james G. Palmer. THIRD ROYY: Bert Pohl. SECIJIICII Ii. Randel, Lynn A. SCIIIETIICT. Vance Swann, Robert VY. Vaughan, George VVl1ite, Mike Zaydan. Delta Sigma Phi Delta Sigs Hold Promise for Future ei Young Chapter Delta Sigma Phi's young University ol' Oklahoma chapter optimisti- cally completed its seventh year on the OU campus this year. The Delta Si vs. one of the newest social fraternities on the cam- L , pus, were formed as Delta Beta chapter rn l956 and envisioned tun- damental ste is for a new house this 'ear due to increased cha iter I l I interest and size. Plans were pieced together to formulate the initial stage of house improvement. Outstanding Delta Sigs on the OU campus include Robert 0 F FICE R S Vaughan, on the president s honor roll and president ot the student DANIEL PM GREEN D D . i . Presldent affiliate of the American Chemical Society. Iames Adamelc was presi- I. . . , . .' ' . . james Armiwrric . . Nice-President dent of VV1lson Center presidents council. the Delta Sig Man of Drs- S I Q tinction candidate and on the dean's honor roll. 'UE ll ' ' ' euietarl jim PALMER . . . . Treasurer RONALD KOZAK . . Social Chairman The Sphinx Ball found jim Case. Linda Leppe. George White. Kay Duncan, Ann Watson and Mike Zeyden true to the party's title. We an Delta Tau Delta A T A Delts Strong in Intramurals, Vigoreus in Activities OFFICERS Rooter: Pmtklxs . Mikie Bi't:H,xxixN RANDALL Mock Raimi Rltikrlit Nlllili Snrlruton President . Yice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer Social Chairrnan Four intramural championship titles plus continued progress in canipus activity highlighted the year lor Delta Tau Delta. The Dells Helded champion volleyball. basketball. softball and track learns in intrarnurals the past year. 'l'wenty Delts also won the ll"C-sponsorcd 20-ntile lnarathon race to Midwest City. Last year the Delt Sooner Scandals act with sister sorority Delta Delta Delta was third. This year the Dells conilmined with Kappa Kappa Cannnas to perform in Scandals. Bob Bascorn was reelected to an unprecedented second term as student senate president. .lay Maxwell was chairman ol' llornecorning and varsity track nian Rich- ard Sinclair was picked the top Ol' athlete. Partying occupied the Dell calendar. too, Ronnie llawkins played at the Victory Party to top the Delts' social year. lien Franklin. Mike liuchanan. .lerry Frazier sit this one out with chccrlul cornpany--CKarol Bird. .lanet Stone and Kathy Schoenhals. if e'? y 1, ...:, , 'H 5 1 Ls I. t - , ,gf i K :Ei ' ' ,K ...Q .4 . Lf wx-. , K. 5 2 QQ 'Q Q S QP n V G N Q W Y Y gf 1 ? 2 ? i f if W W1 W y Q 2 5, 5, Q is W 3 if 1 z vi M fi 1 5 WS.. 2 . xi I 7? ' ly R f W if ...E Q v 5 gi ,W 1'1 ' H ' V-":'A: f G .I I Q2 k r 'ff v,.I If 43 gy . A , Wei ' -- , A N . Q ' Q 'Q ' ' a ll H Q i g g I Ek ? 3 Q ? 2 l , G I i s H ' i f 'E ' 2 Q 2 i f A 'M' , ' ' V " w mv' 6' - , - ,gf ,fZ.,., Si E V, K 5 ,. 'L M , I Li Q LLAhh i 5V,,g A53 AK,: 1 4 Ss S ,uub , . . rf I X . .. in f ... ZZk. A , 5 ,Q . 5 - 1'. , - ,A 1 ag "m1A ,V ,,1L 1:5 , J? 1 f Z ri. ,,i A l i AA Q 3 ,F. Zin.. . 'W wwf -g ' is wk, Y Q I' ,Q lk is- i M a f W if , k ' 5 A f ' . A .41 ' -wig., J...-... N .fda r" Delta Upsllen sa se Ei 1, ' Y W- ' .' ,U M .5,ijy. Q34 may M E W ' a Mak: fl "w.:..r 0utstanding Campus Leaders Mark A Successful Year ln keeping with their tradition. the Dlfs enjoyed a well-rounded fraternity life. full of studies. parties and lun of all sorts this year. The ever-faithful cook, Mrs. PB." quickly adjusted to her new kitch- en. which was part ol' the new wing added last year. Everyone kept busy. especially the pledges as they adjusted to college and fraternity life and tried to make their grades. Many DU's were prominent campus leaders. among them Hob McFarland, past president of Student Senate. Pe-et president. ODK. BMOC. Vlhtfs Who: Red llawkes. NROTC battalion commander, O I7 F I C If R S lie-et, ODK, Wlhfys Www. BMQC: rliolmy Kell. chairman of Dad's JM, HUDGES l l l l i g D President Day. and john Sharp, editor ol the SOUNLR. B Q V, P .1 . . , l't1:.3f""L. . ':- Q At the 27th annual lfeudal Dinner. 'lean Parker of Delta Cannna ll P HH IH Ke wsu em was named Feudal Princess. ROY PMNE ' ' ' ' becfefefv En Kl'R'rz . . . . . Treasurer SCO'l'l' lllLlsl'RN . . Social Chairman Feudal Princess was DG .lean Parker. Freddie King played. and Dl's "twisted" at 27th annual Feudal Dinner. Kappa lpha Construction of New House Anticipated by 0U KA 0rder will have a capacity of 80 nienihers. The new house will have a housernother almost as new. Hrs. Fannie Moore is serving her first year as KA Order hostess. lniportant events on the social calendar this year included the Plantation Ball and the Dixie Dance during Old South week. KX Order received honorable inention in l'vl'Illl'l'llilj' ,lfmzllzly 0l"lfICERS Ki-Ys top nienihers on campus include Toni Xnisden. Phi Bela IM-K QIMKSON ,...'- president Kappa. outstanding l-i'CnllIl1Zill..k.lAB. 'Phi Pita Sigiiiakzincl Wgips Wiho. ' . . and liolx Reese. Pmiv' Eifflit divinv' c iani non. Ai2!l"Clllll' Iuli. ota Bon Ricicsia . . . Vice-Prehideni . . , . P h A I 5' , H S lupsilon and IlfC,. lmml MH mx ' ' ' ureldri Uutstariclirig alunis ol' K.-X order include Dean Rusk. Pal Boone, Blilu' lWf7l'1'1'mY - - - - lfeusufef 'Pony Perkins. Edgar Hoover, Carl Albert and Randolph Scott. Piciuiv I,ovicl.Ac:1f1 . . Social Chairman Planlalion llall helles Carole Kirkland. Cynthia Clrinhain and Connie Yan Iiurkleo dig, hospitalitx of Messra. jackraon. Parker and llcnderson. Kappa .Xlpha Order this year continued to look lorward to thc construction ol' a new house to he completed in l964. The house BETA ETA CHAPTER FOUNDED . . . 1905 FIRST ROW: Ron Baxter, Frank Bellows, David Cathey, ,Iinnny Cathey, Orion Daniel, Dougy Dishman, Steve Franklin, James Galbraith. John Garrison, Mike Gibson. SECOND ROW': Phillip Hampton, James M. Hancock, james Hazel- wood. James Phillip Henderson. jim Henderson, Richard Honey, Garland Hope, Charles Huff. F. B. jackson, III. Bob Jayme. THIRD ROW': Robert Livingston, Virgil Perry Lovelace, jerry Masters, John Maxson, Bert McElroy, H. Ed McTyre, Grover Ray Merchant, Gus Miller, Michael Moran, Robert Newman. FOURTH ROW: Leo Noltensmeyer, Lynn P. Overton, James Pavlonnis, David L. Payne, Elvis Penning- ton, Don Russell. Houston Satterwhite, Charles Sego, Steve Sego. FIFTH ROW': Tom W'. Shelhirner, james Shocklev. Richard Simon. Martin Smith, Robert Dale Spurrier, Wiilliam A. Squibb, Lewis Stephens, jim Swank, Arthur Tanner. SIXTH ROW': john W'. Tavlor, Jamie W'alker, Frederick Morrell W'arden, jr., Larry Warden. Peter W'eaver, Wfilliam N. Weaver. Tom Weeks, Neil W'ilson, Allan Zurnsteg. 1, H, i, infix 25 2 w ' I tiww.. J i, y y x s M Q Q 1 K ,iE35:T' ' me? - f in .. A. K nii5K.,,, , Q ik gf iff if 'Q E F' if ,s Q39 .V fl 9142 , -1 2 9 Q H , Q-. it W 7 M. -3, I ' my z a: f H .K , ,N ies? 5-1 2 2 Af fs ? Q ii ff? a s if Kappa igma Largest Pledge Class, National Awards Highlight Year initiating the largest pledge class on campus highlighted activity for Kappa Sigma this year as the Gamma Kappa chapter lived through its fifty-seventh year at OU. The Kappa Sigs have plans to remodel the upstairs of their house within the next 20 months, one of several fraternities currently reno- vating or in the process of mapping plans. Gamma Kappa chapter projected itself into the national Kappa Sigma spotlight this year when president Jerry Gamble won the sen- ior award from the national fraternity and Bill Gulp won the junior award in the same Competition. Outstanding actives include Gamble, outstanding senior man at UU, past student senate president, Pe-et and ODKQ james Emery, IFC, deanls honor roll, and Lance Rentzel, one of the top ten fresh- men. The elephant is proclaiming a heralded event for Torn Gibbs, Cyndy Pride, O F F I C E R S JERRY GAMRLE ...... President TOM Puck . . V ice-President Bon Mooins . . . Secretary RICHARD FIIRMAN ..... Treasurer DON HARIQISON . . Social Chairman Janie Reding and james Emery, but he doesn't know it. NENI YEARS PARTY Lambda Chi Alpha A X A Lambda Chi Wins Second Straight Singing Championship O F F I C E R S MIKE VVEAVER ...... President JIM HowARn . . . . Vice-President JoE Row MCMEANs . . . Secretary JERRY Uris . . . . . . Treasurer DON MtIl.EI.LAN . . Social Chairman Lambda Chi Alpha affixed itself as the singing fraternity on the OU campus this year by winning its second straight University Sing to highlight Gamma Rho Zeta Chapter 1962 activities. The Lambda Chis blended their voices so well in 1961 they won the University Sing and 1962 was no exception. They outdistanced all competition for Hrst place. Outstanding actives o11 campus include Johnny Jones, a top ten freshman, member of Phi Eta Sigma, UAC, UAB, ODK, chairman of Popular Series and president of AED, the honorary pre-med frater- nityg Mike Howard, a top ten freshman, too, member of Phi Eta Sig- ma, U.-XC, outstanding freshman Army ROTC cadet and financial manager of Sooner Scandals, and Ralph Barhydt, chapter vice-presi- de11t first semester, BMOC, UAC, UAB and chairman of Jazz week. Mrs. VValter Jennings has been Gamma Rho Zeta housemother one year. It doesift take much intuition to tell that Dick Cooper, Sharon Stafford. 1'eggy Henry and Jerry Otis are set for a Wvestern shindig. ft,M...,sa ,a..a....-as ' ,if f f' 1 , 'Q af 5' gg 3 ig, 5 vb ,Q 4 - ff 5' fi" fy 1151 f 'W' iw fx , 7 Q V 1. ,MW -, A - -,M "sv qw. - ,wggy 5 .g,.. 5. V: 1, , .,i,,g-VVL , ....w g' 'Y' R ! 5,3 3 b asf fb as Q ' i , W i g ,M 3,f 1 'L 1 if faq 1 41 a-I my 3 ' ' . M , bmi ff iii" , T -il-, QR, V, Wi 1 , Hi! agp, ,5- 'YF f ,fax an ff gc X M- ww- Y I AK., , .. , zzqg , 'R Z . ,ff K , ,,.. . , .. , Q 'af' ,gi 'Q 5 ii , K ,L Q :I fr - Lx f A 'f it ,, f f... f 1 ? U sk . .-,. 3 , 4 1 ,, f,i if lx , gx ss, lyk ' is lui W X f. wi f v ,Q wx ' -K hw, W cl 5, :W ml , f RJ ' S 2 41 5 . 1 Y . 5 ' ' .- 2 V L ',"" Xb 14 Uw flzf 4 4' S3-vu, . 'kiwi if Zigi-5525. msn, -U Q, . 17 2 a s if W .3 ' 1 V i Ty Q 3 in R 5? '7 ..- me is i f , Q gr ,. af , I V v i s 5 A y if ii 1 : "'- 1 if ,f 5 L .r,r. 2 ? 5 x 'Le-sf I ' -Q53 11.-H., A "t'.:"' Lg . ,. W -if 2 A ia: 'Ima 4 .. L, 2 'yr 1 9 nz: 1,5 Q K ww fgag 1 525 , ,Q ' F ,1 QM I M -ww?-,H,w , M2152 an-, 'fa Q if-1 nz-gy, , k,,i.f,ifik.5V B V: IE., My A gm .:, , ,. - Q A ' ' ,, -,pf :M-:,g,. .. " - 1 wi WW' N , 2 4.51- 545 1 i f .. ,. V, .P 'gy . 3, A fl Q5 " , ay Phi Delta Theta i CID A C-9 ,WW Phi Delts have Big Eight IFC Boss, Best Turtle Derby The Phi Delts placed third in A intramural football this year be- sides having the greatest Turtle race since its inception. Held annually ill conjunction with I'IOIIlCC0lI1iI1g, Oklahoma Alpha of Phi Delta Theta's 1962 terrapin derby, which is a race of sorority turtles, far surpassed any previous one iII success. Alpha Chi Omega sorority won this year. Bundy Hammon was selected one of eight "all-star" intramural football members in the first intramural grid club ever selected. Outstanding Phi Delt actives include Don hValker, hrst semester president of the chapter, treasurer of the IFC, president of the Big Eight IFC and Phi Delt's nominee for Man of Distinctiong Larry Blankenship, vice-president of the Student Senate and president of Spanish Club, and Curtis Phillips, president of the Engineering Club and a BMOC. O F F I C E R S FRANK l'IILI, ....... President JOHN PI:TI'Ic:novu . . Vice-President MICKELX' BALLILW . . . Secretary STEVE OLSEN . . . . . Treasurer DICK PEMBERTON . . Social Chairman The Phi Delts found the Alpha Chi turtles were the fastest at their race. Gerry Zalkovsky and Diana Baker agree. sg? .Q- Phi Gamma Delta . - 'fx wi s I I . ,V W. ,. FIJI Phi Gams Aid Establishment oi Oklahoma State Chapter 0 F F I C E R S ALAN DAVIS ....... President LARRY WILsoN . . . Secretary DAVIIJ WAY . . . . . . Treasurer ROGER MCELROY . . . Social Chairman Oklahoma University's Phi Camma Delta chapter helped install a similar chapter at Oklahoma State this year. The Sooner Fijis helped establish their OSU afliliate brothers from charter to chapter. At the same time, they begaI1 additional construc- tion on their own house which is located 011 Fraternity-Sorority Row. They plan to utilize the new room which is being built as a library. O11 campus, the Phi Cams had several outstanding members. They include David Way, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta and Alpha Chi Sigmag Bill Thompson, Phi Eta Sigma, Student Senate, secretary of the Chemical Engineering club and procurement chairman of Engineer,s Club, and Doug Williams, Young Republicans, welcom- ing chairman of the Pop Series, and vice-chairman of the Dad's Day Quartet. The Phi Cam Night Club Party gave Billi Kaye Smith tMiss Oklahoxnal , Ted Ownby, Bill McClure and Pat Dow a fancy candlelight supper. "wq.....:f"- ...v-fy," ii -"QQ F4-events-ifv ie I X ,fe-""' NU OMEGA CHAPTER FIIUNDED . . 1917 FIRST ROIY: Ilill Xllen. Michael C. Xnispacher. Mike .Xrren dell. Rohert Ilishop. Day id Illossoin. Don Ilolen. David Cain. Tom Gail Clark. jr.. Joseph Glaro. David Cochran. ,lack Mar- tin Gochran. SECOND ROW: Guy Danielson. Alan Davis, Allan Dolman. Daniel D. Douglass. Larry Dow. Dan Duncan. jim Flood. Martin Garher. Stephen Garrett. Richard T. Garri- son, Charles E. Grady. Ill. TIIIRD RUIY: james R. Grahani, -Iohn GrilIin. Claude Hanlon. Gliarles llayhurst. -Ierry lliersehe. Vic Holt. Xvlllllllll Earl Ingrani. Sain Johnson. Robert john- stone. Robert Keahey. Boll Kellouygh. lfUl'RTII RUIY: .Iohn Knightley, Karl Krueger. jr., Ilill Kovll. Sain I.aMonte. David Larnpton. Cliuclg Lane. Ilenjainin Langdon. llarold Lefirone. Carl F. LeForce. Franklin P. Loveringg. Phil A. Lutz. I"II7TH ROIY: .lint Macliellar. Stephen Mann. Todd XY. Marlguni. llill NIcGlure, Larry My-Elroy. Roger McElroy. George Metcalfe. Dan Moran. Joe G. Uliphant. Ted Uvvnhy. -Iohn Phillips. SIXTH ROW: Mike Pitts. Steve Pruette. David Ragland. Thomas Robinson. Nvllllillll IV. Rollins. Randy Royse. U. H. Rundell. Steven Saul. Nolan Schriner, Randolph Scott. David Slleegog. SEVENTH ROW: john Paul Slioptaw. .lim Smiley. Dan Stuart. E. .laclzson Sullivan. Hank Tatum. Alan Terrill. lYilliarn Glenn Thompson. Phil Truss. Mack Turner. Torn Yeale. -Ie:-as Yint. Rob Voegggell. EIGIITII RUIY: Ronnie Wales. L. ,lack lYall. Creckniore lVallaee. Rod Waring, David lYay. Peter lVay. Charles lYelJster. Doug lYillian1s. Robert Paul RYIIIIHIIIS. Sain lvillianis. Larry II. IYilson. llesley Young. OKLAHOMA ALPHA CHAPTER FOUNDED ...... 1920 FIRST ROHY: Ed Abel. Robert Ahrens, Clyde Arnyx. ll. Dick Baker. John Allen Baker, Eldon lialtey, Don R. Brannon. Pat Chznnbers. Jerry Criswell. SECOND RUNY: Toni Delliitt. .Inn Downey. Andy T. Faust, Yvilliznn Terry Flaugher. Dennis Floyd, Robert Gilbert, Bill Grove, .Ion Ilarshuw, Morris llatley. THIRD ROVY: Robert Ilorrell. Robert Jackson. Daniel James. vvilliillll Orlando Ligon. Kent Lillenberg. Jinnny Lloyd, Bill Nfann, ,Inn Mayo, Jim McClure. FOURTH ROYV: John C. McClure. Charles McFall. Edwin Neal. Charles K. Nelson. Cary Nichols, Carl T. Nickle. Dick D. Orr, HYilliznn Peck, -lohn T. Pickens. FIFTH RONY: R. Jay Pierce. jr.. Steve XV. Rhozldes. Curtis YY. Richison, Lonnie Schmitt, Kenneth Shaw. ,Ion Wilde. Fred Welker. Mike T. VVilson. Harry Young. -Q , i I, f ,X My f if Phi Kappa P i li a - me in . JIEJKJ , , P ii 'wr 1 i ii ii L , 3 f.,,N ...., P ,X -ea xflc 7 Phi Psis Await Fall Completion, tlpening oi New House All action at the Phi Kappa Psi house this year has hinged around the new fraternity structure which is currently under construction at the west edge of the campus. The Phi Psis are eagerly awaiting the anticipated july completion date of the new S294,000 house at 720 Elm street which will end three years of temporary housing accommodations. What the Phi Psis term the "biggest and most successful fraternity- sponsored event on the OU campus," the "Phi Psi 500" sorority tri- cycle race, was held for the second successive year. Outstanding Oklahoma Alpha actives include Harry Young, a member of Phi Eta Sigma, dean's honor roll and provincial delegate to the National Episcopal conventiong Ed Abel, president of Delia Sigma Rho, debate team and dean's honor roll, and Dick Baker, past chapter prexy. O F F I C E R S BILL Puck . . . . President HARRY YOUNG . . V ice-President .Im Mono . . Secretary JIM MCCLURE . . . Treasurer Momus HATLM . . Social Chairman Susan Zadilc and Steve Khoades make good Phi Psi Halloween witches while Melinda Wilson and Bill Grove seem content as clowns. Phi Kappa igma CIDKZ i ll 5- t A lnixer- llle Umitron nliapter suteesalully lunetioned tlus past year as one ' 8' 'i' 5 ' ' " ' ' 'terms nati . Us ' " 5 - ' U ' -uniye intra- Local Phi Kap Chapter Emphasizes Campus Participation X l'lii Ka 1321 Sifma completed its tliirty-liourtli year on llc ' X 1 f sity of Oklahoma campus tllis year. MI ol 4 allil ates ol Plu Kappa Signia t ss tlie L on f K X Ol Pln lxaps unpliasiful participant n m tlit rsity s 1 l 1 OFFICE -lm llaxtsioxn Romer: BAyl,1css STAN l"os'i'tci: Blu, Suxxlox Sauna' Sixxinalas RS . . l'resiclent . Yiee-Presiclent . Secretary . . Treastirer Social Chairman mural program as wel as placing lieayy attention on seliolarsliip. Tliey were especially strong in tlie intramural bowling competition lor tlie tliircl straight year. Kon Burkett is one ol' l'l1i Kappa Sigmzfs outstanding members. llis activities included lacing a member ol' tlie uniyersity elioir and men's glee club. Outstanding alums of Phi Kappa Sigma include National Football League commissioner Bert Bell and industrial magnate Pierre clu- Pont. Ron Burkett and -Ieri Mat' liieliarclsou certainly areift sliy of any Yule spirit. The Plii Kappa Sig Cfltristmas Party will xonvli lor that. 0MICRON CHAPTER FOUNDED . . 1929 FIRST ROWV: Doug Adams. .lack Alberts. Roger Bayless. Dar- ryl Benninga. Michael Howard Boydstun. Curtis Brookover. Ron Burkett, Richie Carr, Garland Davis, Arthur Dudenhoeffer. SECOND ROVV: Keith Eaton. Robert F. Erdrnan, Haskell Evans. -Iinuny Fellers. Jack Foote. Stan L. Foster. Robert E. Frank. Everett George. Bertil Iloransson. L. J. Gregg. THIRD RUVV: James Hannnond. Jerry M. Hobbs, Earl W'illian1 Kitchen, Dan Kubiak, Victor Kulp, Bob Lawson, Larry Lemon, Joe Lowry, David Andrew McGee, John Millar. FOURTH ROWV: Milton Milsted, ,Iarnes Overly, Richard Puckett, Tim Ragan, Mike Riley, John Roberts, Dale Rose, Edward Sanders, Bill Scanlon. FIFTH RONV: John Sessions, Charles Strand- berg. Richard Thompson, Ronald George Tobin. Dennis Use- wicz. Curtis Vanllooser, Larry IVeber, Donald Wentz, Richard Zinn. 0KLAHOMA KAPPA CHAPTER FOUNDED . . . . . 1934 Pat Shea. Danny U'Brien and Mike Harrison display zi picture of one of their nmst lll5UIlglllSllCll hrutliers. FIRST ROYY: Carl F. Buerst. Bob Beyerl. .Iohn Charles Bush. Richard Ceries. john Clam. Nicholas Corll. -lack Chorayeb. Mike Harrison. Danny Haugzgan. SECOND ROW: Drmnalrl llollich, Thomas Holycross. Ecl Hutlas. Robert C. Jordan, .Inn Marlin, Joseph Mays. Michael Mcswecney. George Narvaes, Danny OiBrien. THIRD ROYV: fiCl'2llCl Payne. Frank Rees. Michael Sexton. John Shea. Patfick Shea. Joe Sutton, Bill Teecl. Dennis Wbocls. Bob Yates. Phi Kappa Theta 0U Chapter Wins Recognition irom National Fraternity The Phi Kappa Theta fraternity received recognition from its na- tional office to highlight activity of the Oklahoma Kappa chapter this year. OU's Phi Kappa Theras won the National Catholic Action award from the national headquarters over the other 57 Chapters across the nation. Phi Kappa Theta members and pledges canvassed over 3,000 Nor- man homes this year to help the Bishop of Oklahoma in taking a census of Catholics within the state. O15 F I C E R S Mrs. Marie Candill has been Phi Kappa Theta housemother two PM. SHEA I A I I . . U President years' Curl Bauzsi Y' P ' I t , . . . .. . . .f , r ' . ice- resin en Nationally lamous Phi Kappa Theta personalities include President w john F. Kennedy and Major General Thomas Cerrity. JOHN QLAR0 ' ' ' Secretary Parties this year included the Roman Holiday, Fall Formal and B03 BEYERL - - - - Tfffwlfef Beaux Arts Hall. JOHN CLARO . . Social Chairman They may not know what's coming oil, but Butch. Sandra. Frank, Jolin-with the glass-and Johella are having a good time. Pi Kappa Alpha lT K A PiKAs Have Campus Participation, Traditional Parties The Pi Kappa Alpha Oklahoma chapter utilized the 1962-63 6945. school year for continuing to delve into campus activities on a univer- -IA sity-wide basis besides keeping its social calendar busy. Beta Omicron embellished the 1963 senior class presidency and 95? vice-presidency. Jim Machen, one of the top PiKA actives this year, i was elected president and Dean Hertenstein vice-president of OU's senior class. This dominance of senior class administration sustains the pace set when Keith Smith served as 1962 senior class prexy. O F F I C E R S Bill Nelson was an "all-starw gridder. MARK FILES -..-... President Socially, the PiKAs again jointly sponsored the all-campus Pi party LEE FERBFR Vice-President with the Pi Phis and Pi Lambs besides throwing a few parties ol their MIKE C01 I NS S Xremr V own which include the Apache party and the Roman Toga Party. A H U ' ' ' CL L 5 Mrs. Velma Fork served her fifth year as Pi Kappa Alpha house- Bois Fr'r'zc:rrsBoNs . . . . Treasurer mother' JIM MACHEN . . Social Chairman The decor of the Pi KA Roman Topga Party is much to the liking of Noah Kennedy, Cathy Collier, Gary McKnight and Brenda Collins. I - l .E -L1 ,. , -A, M.. , W, ...,. V- --.rf -.W-.. -f -W V ....m.. BETA 0MlCRON CHAPTER FOUNDED ...... 1920 FIRST ROYY: John K, Xrlains. Cilmson Akers. john R. All- goocl. David V. .'xSlll'l2lUC'llCl', Victor liastron. Kenneth Baltaile. Bruce VV. BOXYIIIZIII. jr.. James R. lirzulley. Vvilliam ll. Campbell, Michael Collins. Rieharcl Conklin. SECOND RUXV: Blair lf. Core. Carleton Clunninglxam. Douglas cillllllillgllillll. Nylllllllll Dale. David li. lJCllIllt'l'll5lQC. Frank DelVero. .linnny Dooley. Rob Dornfelcl. Dennis Dull. Paul C. Duncan. Harry C. Ellis. THIRD ROWV: Lee Allan lferlrcr, Mark Files. Boll Fitz- g,5iblxons. Ricllarcl Sarles Flood. John L. Forhis. Iiill Cilmlxens. Rob Lake Grove. James Uulley. Paul Harris. Roh Hawk. Lee Henderson. FOVRTH RONY: Dean llerlenstein. William Tim Hicks. Leeroy lliglitower. jr.. Paul llubble. Erie Johansen. Noah Kennecly. lllClllll'Kl Kenyon. john Kessler. George Killings- worth, Wlillard Kimlzrell. Bill Kipp. lfllylwll RUYY: Kenneth Kiskorna. jerry Levisee. Barrett Lindsey, George R. Lovelace. Ill. Edward Lutz. .lay Lynn. -lim D. Maellen. -Ieralcl Maclclux. Mike YY. Marko. Larry K. Martin. Mack Nlatthews. SIXTH ROYY: Cary McKnight. Hal Merriman. Terry Lynn Nlinlrlles- warth. -Iilllll Milam. -lim F. Moran. C. R. Musgrave. III. Billy Nelson. David Neumann. jerry Norman. Robert A. Nunnally. Charles Rains, SICVICNTH RUWY: .lim Smallwoocl. Keith Smith. Walter Smith. Lanny Soekwell. Hill 'l'l1on1pson. Michael M. Ward. .Xrtie XYLlSlllJllI'll. Don lYl1itlark. Richard Wvoocl. -lim Wvoocls. Dwight Yenzer. 1 E nw Q sfx ig mfg! Y 7 -W' ' ws ,?":1A we ww Q ' 2 ' e i 5, 5 S fm , i Q 'ii 5? Q if x F, . . Pi Lambda Phi HACID Year Clouded by House-Destroying Fire, New Home Planned Pi Lambda Phiis year was darkened when its ultra-modern frater- nity house at l20l College burned in January but the local Iota chapter plans to have a new house erected on the same location. The Pi Lams anticipate initial construction on their new home sometime in April. Plans are currently being drawn up after fire swept through their previous house the day before first semesteris finals week started, completely destroying the beautiful house which was valued at over S500,000. The Interfraternity council and the member fraternities in it pitched in to help the Pi Lams, however, almost all personal effects were lost in the sudden fire. Other than the fire, the Pi Lams enjoyed being selected the best all-round chapter at their national convention besides being selected to participate in Sooner Scandals. O F F I C E R S STEVE JANGER ...... President LARRY MIZEL . . . . Vice-President ROBERT KRAsNow . . . . Secretary MIKE RUDMAN ...... Treasurer STEVE OXENHANDLEP. . Social Chairman Drs. Ellison VVittels and John Shane witl1 nurses Lois Finkel and Judy Katz had fun being medicos at the Pi Lamb Intern Party. f AERN J ...T 475 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2 A E SAE Third in Grades, lntramuralsg Planning New llouse O F F I C E R S GARY RAWLINSON ..... President RICHARD POGUE .... Vice-President JOHN Fizunmnignciiiz .... Secretary LUN Foshan ...... Treasurer E. T. MANNING . . Social Chairman Activity of the Sigma Alpha Epsilons this year focused around the quickly-developing plans for a new fraternity house which is sup- posed to be completed by 1964 at the latest. The Sig Alphs held ground-breaking ceremonies for their new home March 9, 1963, and the new structure should be far enough along toward completion by the 1963 fall that it can be occupied then, according to present SAE calculations. Oklahoma Kappa continued to prosper with varied campus activi- ties this year after finishing third overall in grades and intramnrals the past school year. Pete Porter was picked this year on the intra- mural "all-stari' football team, first ever chosen. Top SAES on campus include Richard Fogg, Man of Distinction finalist, ODK, and commander-in-chief of the Army ROTC second semester, Rob Lake, president of ODK, and VVho's Who, and Bill George, OU's top 1961 freshman. No, not natives, just Virginia Kidd, Quinton Cobb, Kawsie Bucher, Lon Foster, Gloria Tracy, Stan Harrison at the jungle Party. fx F.. X' if .X b Q V ,AZ . , Q ik H. , i 'gm- biq " fv '--- q 3 55? P :-r. --.- f 9 'efz JF' ff , X: fiy 1 . ly? 2 H A Evmg, gi ex" 'M' ,S .V I , "v?l if w 1 fvry gy A we. H I 5 V. ck, 5, V g ' y Fr Q! VIIW Z : I 5, 4 ,, 3g, if ff 1 Q Lf .3 2 ,,," AV Q - are . . M . . nA1f 'A"L lzy 4 . X , yi" H 3 i f- - ,. Mr In , - fx .- , V V 1 f Qi? ':'. " 'i ' V.:E x lib- W Q, ,, as - f -2 3. .-1 f M 2 'E ' ,Y 1 ff -.. 7 ' ww 1 Q 1 if R f 2, x 2 Q 3 d f U if , rf f E ,z2f2 lQ M. 'W rm 45? '93 :- , Miifif Q Y 9 Z Judi' -- , J 2, 12 M3 9 L A SIGMA ALPHA CHAPTER FIIUNDED . . 1920 FIRST ROWV: Dennis Abrams, Stanley Arcader, Michael Rand Arst, Ronald Baker, Richard Berns, Steve Birnbaum, Bruce Kovner Bobys, Charles J. Byrd, Edward Cohen. SECOND ROW: Gerald Cohen, William S. Comroe, Mark E. Copilevitz, Gil Davidson, Michael Dick, Bob Dolgin, Earl Fagin, Donald Feinstein, Ronnie Freidberg. THIRD ROW: Marshall Cerbner, Bernard Classman, Howard Clatstein, Ronald Cold, Michael M. Goldberg, Louis Gordon, Charles Greenberg, Lawrence A. Crossxnan, Allan Jelly. FOURTH ROW: Michael Carry Kahn, Richard Kahn, Donald Alan Karchmer, Stanley Katz, Allan Klein, Kenneth Kochmann, Bill Lipton, Michael Jay Lubel, Simon Markowsky. FIFTH ROW: Steven Mayer, Stuart Meyer, Thomas M. Mudrick, Michael S. Peck, Melvyn Price, Ronald Raflel, Mike Rissien, Coleman Robison, Law- rence A. Rudin, Mark Shekter. SIXTH ROW: Matthew Donald Siegel, joe Silverman, Phillip Simon, Brent Stein, Ronald Steinberg, Steve Stevenson, Bruce Strongwater, Larry lVeintraub, Roger Zelnick, Robert Zoblotsky. igma Alpha u SAM Wins Third Campus Chest Trophy, Maps House Plans With plans on their drawing board for a new house, Sigma Alpha , Mu optimistically looked to the future this year while dominating the Campus Chest Carnival. The Sammies, according to current plans of the chapter, hope to have a new fraternity house completed on or before September, 1964. SAM won the Campus Chest carnival trophy for the third year in a row this past school year. Keeping up with current affairs, the Sammies held a West Side Story party this year after the fashion of a famous movie. Other so- O F F I C E R S cial event? included the Winter Weekend, Hillbilly Hop, Casino BILL UPTON I i I Q l l Q President Party and pring Formal. ' . . One of the top Sigma Alpha Mu alums nationally is card-playing COLEMAN ROBISOF ' ' ' Vue-Fresldem expert Charles Gwen. josLPH SILVLRMAN . . . Secretary Gu, DAvIusoN . . . . . Treasurer Mrs. Sonia Brown has been Sammie housemother 16 years. RICHARD KAHN . . . Social Chairman No, the Jets and Sharks didnlt twist but Mike Lubel, Barbara Kirschner, Marilyn Thomas and Coleman Robison did at VVest Side fling. igma Chi Sigma Chi Fifth in Scholarship, Intramurals Rankings Maintaining a strong placement in the University's intramural pro- gram while placing fifth in scholarship among fraternities highlighted this year for Sigma Chi. The Sigma Chis, besides attaining the high ranking in campus scholarship, also won the B basketball crown and placed second in A softball last spring. Last fall the Chis were third in intramural football. ,lim Sinex was one of eight named to the "all-stari' intra- mural football team this year. OFFICERS Outstanding Sigma Chis on campus number Jack Stout, Whois SAM HALLMAN 1 . . . ' Q Presidellt VVho, ODK, Pe-et, BMOC, vice-president of UACQ Sam Hallman, CIAYTON THOMPSON Vice-Pregidem treasurer of Pe-et, ODK, Whois VVho, BMOCQ Mike Maples, presi- ii AiA" A dent of UAC, Eingineers Club, vice-president of St. Pat's Council MIKE HEWHT ' ' ' ' ' Secretary and ODK, and Mike Hewitt, Phi Eta Sigma and holds a track schol- MIKE MAPI,ES . . . . . Treasurer arship' CHARLES Bnrsrow . . Social Chairman Charlyne Ryland, Cary hvilliamson, Linda Bass and Clint Rogers admirably typify the partyls title. Yes. it's the Baby Ball. Sigsarss 480 il, V , -if Im. ,... . ,,.,., ,t,-a,.., ,,, ,. A.,:A A X 1 Y f'-'2 35 ga? E -4. 3 Vx n w, - -.,. .1 ' 'YZZ9' - mi Q , 5 5-5? ,- my ' X if g?"'2? -9 T Q Y , T9 Q 'gn PW 1 fs 9: 5 A' ff? I 2-. 15 A :fs i f Sw 5 . . K ,J X1 ,5 M 9 sf E gm , 3 9? 2 is Mn, 1 X , 1 71 an v , Ek if Q 5 5 6 ,HM wh, X M 9? 5 5 . ., +3 ws " 'ff K 'We ,Q , ,, Q, p W vga, igma u " ' 5 Nus Active in Intramurals, Dominate All-Star Grid Club Maintaining their grasp as strong intramural competitors while in- jecting their usual spice into the campusl social calendar, the Sigma Nus strode through their fifty-fourth year at OU. The Nus Claimed the intramural wrestling trophy for the second straight year. The Delta Epsilon chapter also scooped in the A foot- ball championship this year. David Marlcley, Caland Kramer and Ernie O'I lara were three of eight selected to the "all-star" team. Outstanding Sigma Nus on campus include Ron Myles, a student senator, Phi Eta Sigma, past president of the chapter, advanced AFROTC honor cadet and deputy wing commanderg Don Warrick, ODK, BMUC and a member ol' OU's lastest 440-yard intercollegiate relay team in history, and jim Spencer, former prexy of the chapter and pledge class, Cross Center honor resident and member of the Cross Center president's council. OFFICERS DAv1n MAIQKLEY . ANDY NAt:i'RNEx' . TVTONTY lh'lCCvlflNl'lSS ToM CABLE . . DUKE Soiiug . . . President Vice-President . . Secretary . . Treasurer Social Chairman Twisting held the upper hand, needless to say, as the Sigma Nus cavortecl in less than fashionable apparel at their Iloho Dance. igma Phi Ep ilon 2 CID E Long-Range Plans Sighted for Fraternity-Sorority Row O F F I C E R S ERNEST Col.LiNs . . . President JON HoRwi:nr:L . . Vice-President VICTOR M. PREP . . . Secretary TERRX' Vl'l'RNIiR . . . . Treasurer TERRY Es'i'i:s . . Social Chairman Sigma Phi Epsilon continued its existence on the University of Oklahoma cainpus this year by extending its chapter's longevity to 17 years. The Sig Eps, like several other fraternities on campus, have plans in inind lor erection of a new fraternity house in the near luture. They will build, according to the chapter, on their lot located on tl1e southeast part of Fraternity-Sorority Row. Outstanding actives on the UU campus include Stan Morrison and Harvey Chaflin, starters on Oklahomais Big Eight basketball teani, and Joe Hates, president of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers QIEEEJ. Biggest Sig Ep party is the "Girl of the Colden Heart" formal held each spring at which time the ehapter's sweetheart is crowned. Bob Mason and Mike Tliurnian are enjoying a hreak in their Foundei"s Day Party. and Sue llillianis and Sherryl Ilall are the reason. 0KLAHOMA BETA CHAPTER FOUNDED . . 1946 FIRST ROXV: Elizabeth Cossom, Houseniotherg Joseph K. Bates, Larry Bennett, Allen Blaske, Charles D. Hurrough, Harvey Cliallin, Bill Cliapman, Ernest Collins. SECOND ROW: Paul Davidson, Rick Denneliey, Cary Don Duke, Ronald Estes, Terry Estes, Gregory Felir, Larry Ceis, Roger Griffitli. THIRD ROWY: Leo lW. Hayden, Terryl Hollnlan, Jon Horucdel, William L. Hubbard, Leonard Lewis, Myron Looney. jimmy Magers, Clyde james Mans. FOURTH RUVV: Robert Mason, James C. Masters, Larry Mcllade, Stan Morrison, Vann Nom ood. Edward Patterson, Victor M. Prep, D. L. Quillin, .Iolm Robison. FIFTH ROYV: Fred Schmidt, Cllurles Sliroyer, Ralph Smith. .Iolm Spencer, George Stratis, Tom Tlionias. Ralph Thurman. Mike Transue, Terry Turner. FIRST RONY: Iilllison lvittels, liill Hubbard, Miller Skippy, Reid Robison. Bill Ritzbaupt. Charles Cole. liill Castleman. Daniel D. Douglass. Vic Holt. .lack Mcflill. SECOND RUVV: Dale Tuttle. Stan Cermond. Richard D. Puckett. Mike Transue. Dick Fisher. ,Xllred Rahhal. ,lack Ilogan. Stexe Cole. Dudley Hyde. Steve Bonner. THIRD RUXV: R. D. Pyle. D. P. Strat- Inan, T. M. Ilolycross. Nick Corll. Dan A. Kubiak, Stan Moran. Charles Redding. Richard If. Coulson. Ronny Bradshaw, Vandye Forrester. Michael Cottesman. lntertraternity Pledge Council Help Fro h VVith their sights set on learning thc operations of the Creek system, the members of the Fraternity Pledge Council function as a separate body yet under the spon- sorship of their big brother, the Interfraternity Council. The FPC introduces its membership to the organiza- tional duties and tasks of the IFC which pledges become a part of when initiated as members into their respec- tive fraternities. Meeting twice a month, the FPC is composed of one pledge representative and the pledge class president of each of the 24 fraternity pledge classes on campus. Reid Robison, Sigma Chi, served as president of the FPC this year. Bill Hubbard, Sigma Phi Epsilon. secre- tary-treasurer, and Ellison VVittels. pledge trainer who sat in at all PFC meetings as oflicial representative of IFC. The Fraternity Pledge council, has several projects during the year which unites it into a more closely-knit body. Along these lines. the FPC has collected money for the Oklahoma Medical Research center. The Fra- ternity pledges annually combine with the sorority pledges for Creek VVork Day. Fraternity Pledge Council secretary-treasurer llill Hubbard and president Reid Robison consult with IFC president Haskell VVaddle. The FPC is sponsored by the IFC. M-...X K 'R vu 4 , .f -. - rv an Y P: 61, fwiwgqi? ur ff 'MH WA--........,... ff-..f......... ' L.: S' S ea fam ' 'TUV b Q--1 f,-.fav ,nw , Af' 'U ,, , . 5 f M1 11' ,ff Lf ,., W A W M " 8 . A Lf A f -w-.W -M. M H ' 'AK if : f P NW' . S N-- f ' ',.,T- A ,QW 1 4 V7 N .. - gf A ww ff AMN - , ' ' k .Wag I +A-- ' if ,ji A., LM J, WV. , , .,. M " 1, X ' 4 X ' If - ' ff ' if ' , 1 ' Q 1 4 N ,1 I K, Q r .. A MM I' I 1 'eg3..1.Q k,.f , ..,,, , f sn Q. --- y W 54 . , a V , ! A ,M 'W 'ffl ' A V A I f J ' f .,J'A- N ' A f M ' L V X 4' K Q Akgffgk I of - '. ,OVW - I I , f , fb. 1 ...W 'frtgk ,, , x"jiXN. Q. 'sw . DORIS! l 'W ' 1. 4, .' , , ,-m. 1,, Y 11 ' i t vi' 2 A 1 X T5 r 1. . LW'-'Ar, 1-g '. ,Q av A of '5- Q nv, T 9 . 9 5 ' K 'L 1 'I .4 'f J 1 cs' VI I .3 7 4 2 l , "Ye" ' f aff f v 5 Af' fp . -v-vw-.W HT- vim I ui".,' 11' 1 , K Ju J3 .7 V K V 'uw F a f'f'E"i -ww' .a rf JN . . . 'f 1 'J Q '- U 6 A' EM. I to l A QQ' 2 Q f A- . 'V L ' 1: '11 , -- f' 1 ' 25 i fm - , ,. "Ji -x , -'-'i"f'f3,? lr .L Y . ' , f.ffH',5:2-Q' 1:-'flgegz-. : . . . - 1 , V . . A biiigb IU. ,w V H Q V m e K 'E - . 4- k - A .. -P ' ' --1-2:2'f3ffiy? IfJf,...-MBU' ,9F:,4.-' .,.. X U , f .-,n"f'- ' -'- 1 N... ' 4 ' .VM 1,1 ,JQw:'-!A,",f - " - ,L V W fx .. . ,M .i,, . UM , . ,G " - ff- ,W if?4:ff5?f3'5?Lfk ' ""- ' ...,,f,,gQg1, ' 'T 'pu - 1 ' - " I- , ' .4,.'f:3,?-Aw 1 U , -' 1- if w wx . .V ,...'4"d7f1'1"i . -1 , 5- " ' -,wk T1- .WF ' 'f .II . l A ,521 .H ,igwijg 'E'-o.. . x '-- wwf, ,K , ' .QZYGY :V . lvniversity housing stall in- cludes Dr. Jodie C. Smith. directorg WY. Il. Strickland. assistant directorg Otis Johnson, Don Thoes. Earl Kahurn. VVinl'red Kersey. Flynn Reynolds. Frank Pa- sierh. L. S. lfthington. Mrs. Virginia llorning. Mrs. Myrtle Kellerhals. Willene -Iohnson. Pauline Willianis. Alice Hinlcle. Hou ing Program In ure Proper Quarter The University offers modern and complete housing and dining facilities for students. Single women live in Cate Center for VVomen. Franklin house and Hester- Robertson hall. Single men reside in Cross Center, NVoodrow VVilson Center and VVhitehand hull. Excellent facilities are available to married students in Parkview. Niemann apartments. South campus and Logan apartments. All students live in University housing or housing ap- proved hy the University, thereby assuring students of proper living and studying conditions. Exceptions in- clude students working for rooms, commuting or living with parents. Upperclass students may live in fraternity or sorority houses. All students enjoy modern cafeteria service with lib- eral choice of food items. Trained dietitians supervise preparation of menus to insure proper balance of health- ful foods. Single men live in the 16 units of Cross Center. Each house has a counselor and student officers who plan academic and social programs ,, , 7 .- -. 12 J - 1 is JH. . 1, V 1 . 'P' 37' z.,1.gT-.1:".,e .". "iQ, K f , f. xg V I N, , .' . Q -K Y! Qs., ,Z-QU: sb 'UAZDLL " ' ...f K, ' - fir- ,c,-.Qxh . " Xwsr, ' Q ' 'THICA ,yr . . Qs' , f, Q' I V' l I vc Y. , . I Q .55 A Q, 5 3 I' 5 Calc Center is lllllifllfl' CXLUIIITIC uf IIHULIQIAII llUllSiIl2 SlI'lli'llll'CS. Its 20 ll0I'IllS llllllil' singly' girls with the four llcunnt units I'C'5L'I'YCCl for IIDDCITILINS NNUIIICII. f Z XXv1lilCl12'1IllI Hull is near Czuupus Corner. Varsity uthlclw live in Jeffersmy House. ,X new vaxfclcriu joins Hester-llolmwlsruxl hull. Nlxxrriul muplcs rcsiclc in Ncixmuxu .'Xpurllllm1ls. FIRST RONY: Ken Fredgrcn. IValter Terry, jr.. Roger Corlcins, Neal Clary. jr.. Mike Lauderdale, Ray Bard. Dan Myers. Janice Pullin. Margie Force, Sam Najd. Guy Parkhurst. SECOND RUIY: Leslie Ilolison. Marie Anderson. Sharon Deacon. Burnie -Iolinston. .Xndrea Mayo. Carmen Young. Dianne Barker. Kay Carletti. liillie llrawner. Pat, Kline. David Reith. ,lim Shadowen. Independent tndents Assn OFFICERS IVIIKI-1 LAifm:iuJA1.r1 . . . President RAY Bmw . . . . Vice-President DAN Mvrzns . . Treasurer .IANICE PULLIN . . Secretary Al Peel. THIRD RUIY: Delores Lloyd, Sherry Corbin, Janet Holes. Susan Morris, Claudia Ilrown. I,aRuth Robherson, Pat Bradley. lieth Resler. Iiarhara Posey. Clarence Cagle, Iiill Mark- wardt. FOURTH RUIY: Joel Cracralt. Cregg Oliver. Bill Iileakley. Geoffrey Kelly. Meredith Boggs. Sharon Bishop, Jeff Musick. Tommy Ifhitener, George Iiall. Mark Thomas. One of the largest groups on the OU campus, the Independent Students association provides an opportun- ity for group afliliation ol' all students not pledging Creek social fraternities and sororities. It promotes leadership and fellowship and assists inde- pendents scholastically and socially. It keeps them in- formed of their role in campus activities. provides rec- ognition of their achievements and encourages their participation in campus functions. The governing body of ISA is the executive council made up of elected representatives chosen from dorms and private housing. fl' . fi iffy 2, IL, , Candidates lor ISA sweetheart were Sandi Castle. Sally Criswell. Barbara Fowler, Mary McKeown and Suzy Rapoport. IVinner was Sandi Klastlc. tv... B, r Cate Center ollicers mere Lee Ann -Iolins. Nancy Deaton, Linda Layell. president: Jean Mooney, sponsor. and Barbara Melton. Coordinating organized activities in the houses in Cate Center is one of the functions of the Cate Center Presi- dents' council. Organized to promote unity and cooperation among the residents, the council meets twice a week to discuss activities. events and problems concerning residents. Under the council. also, is the judicial board which handles disciplinary action. Each spring the council honors seniors with a break- fast and co-sponsors a banquet with the Cross Center Presidents' council. Miss Jean Mooney acts as faculty sponsor. FIRST ROXV: Anne Marshall, Dee Albrecht. Carol Morrison, Ginger Allen. jean Kaiser. Lee Ann johns. Barbara Melton. Nancy Deaton. Linda Lavcll, Jean Mooney. SECOND KUYV: Patricia Harn. Camilla Finley. Sally Jarrett, Kay Trowbridge, Donna Adams, Nancy Turk, Helen Longhibler, Nancy Potter, ate Center Pre . Council OFFICERS 4 LINDA L, VELL ....... President NANCY lj1'lATON . . Vice-President LEE ANN joHNs . . Secretary BARRARA lWELTON . . Treasurer jinnnie Ruth Bailey. Mickey Haney. Ethel Foree. Seay. THIRD ROYV: Penny Mclver. Linda Caperton. Barbara Frank. Janie Eschler. Marian Kasterke. -Iayne Slllllll. Adrah Barnes. Margie Wa" fs... X Bizzell Hou e OFFICERS Mlcki-:Y CAl'I'lR'I'ON ...... President CARUI. I,.xNGI.r3Y . . Vice-President BARHAIM I.1I'rTiuf:l.l, . . Secretary -Irm' P.-XIAIER . . . Treasurer SANDYrl1R0I'T . . Social Chairman Sulluizv PRUu'l'r . . . HRC Rep. xIoE'l'rA W1i.i,1AMs . . WRX Rep. FIRST ROIV: Karren Barton. Carol Langley. Sandra Trout. Mona Lane. Keron Mtt.'Xlister. Beth Longest. Barbara Jennings. Betty Petersen. Linda Russell. Martha Parker. SECOND ROYY: Mickey Caperton. Claire Hawthorn. Donna Hurst. .Indy Little. Karen Kay Van Ileventer. .Kun flllllllllllljlgfi. Barbara Lnttrell. Sue Loewen. -Io Dean liodolph. THIRD RUNY: Colleen Q I 'I' I .1 f M ,Eli ,u at - H' ., as! 2 , .1 K , I .J- EV , .r I .ia F fi the leisurely way. Claire Hawthorne and Yuki Yoes help write the letter home. The imagination and ingenuity ol' the girls in Bizzell were challenged at Christmas when each girl drew the name of a secret pal, upon whom she was to bestow gifts for a week. without revealing her identity to anyone. Intramurals found the house active in horseshoes, tennis and basketball. Residents listed the things they will remember about this year-learning to play bridgeg six girls in one tiny room, Indian wrestlingg and Mary Zeller. well-known for a shufllestep and a Dinah Shore kiss. Power. Jenny clllllllillgllillll. Bobbie Kirkliart. Lynne Barrett. Jeanne Campbell. .loetta VYilliams. Anna Louise Middleton. Nlarylyn Ross. l70l'RTH RUIY: Jean Powell. Diane Fntrell. Jeanne Dixon. llarbara O'I5rien. -Iudith Palmer. Shirley Pruett. Barbara Wviekness. lietty Sanniann. Viki Yoes. sets lt's not the reeonnnendecl typing posture. but Lynne Barrett belieies in doing things Q-42, ws ..... ,, F, -5 A vvtt . y it , yy ya . KN, A ,,,,y U -V15 LQ S i I ., weft I - . 1 r . H as , ' iw rw l . , l ' v it i ,gg i .QQ .1 f ff """ H I 1' ' M73 V X 5955, :: 1g .v .H,, ll fik' ' K' V ' fi f E ' K 4 me . . t hk 'Q - .1 fs. 7" ii ' FIRST Rf-WV: Raedell Marks. Pam Nestlcrode. La Ruth Roh- berson. Peggy llnsch. Linda McDermit. Diane Engelherg. Beth Frank. Carolyn llntts. Karen Clarder. Linda Steph. SECOND RONY: Judi Stallord. Elizabeth Freidlin. Nanette Levine. Kay liatchelor. Lee ,Xnn Johns. Patty Acree. Paula lYhilesell. Janet Rashli. .lean Sheridan Thomas. THIRD RUWY: Pamela Glenn. lflaine Marie Crillilts. Dora -lean Smith. .Indy McManus. Carol In spite of concern over the many misfortunes in Oakdale-jell's death. Penny's amnesia and Debby's school problems-a respectable number of Brooks House girls made the Deanls Ilonor R011 first Semester. Still. none of the dorm dramas compared with the noon-time favorite, "As the Wlorld Turnsfi The house boasted of several outstanding residents, including Lee Arun johns. secretary ol' Cate Center. and Beth Frank. a member of .-XVVS executive board. Second semester brought Patsy Tyler to the dorm. replacing Linda Steph as counselor. Stone. Cheri Watson. .Iudye Crumley. Carol Neal, -Iinnnie Ruth Seay. FUIVRTII KOWVZ -ludith Taylor. Emily L. Williams. Eleanor Jane lfriednian. Michelin DeI.ier'. Marilyn liossart. Jean Marlow. Beverly Edelman. Claylene .I1lt'liSOl1. FIFTH ROYY: Sharon Quaid. Sandra Caswell, .Indy McClain. Judy Hirsh. Sharon liitner. Penny Lieberman. Gloria VVehlmer. Nancy R. Wlillionson. Brook Hou e OFFICERS PrLNNy LHLBLIQMAN ...... President MICYHEl-IN IDELIER . . Vice-President LARl"1'IfI Romngitsox . . . Secretary -IUDY Taylor: . . . . Treasurer .IRAN PAM: . . Social Chairman Sharon Quaid. Lallnth Rohberson. Mivlle- lin Dc Lier and .Iuclith Taylor open ham- burgers that they have "ordered out" be- , cause the cafeteria line was just too long. h linvflv- - 1 5 I I i . f :'V, I . it --ffaf . s y. I I it 155 1 -A . . ii 5 sw 2 i'A H . R z-V M is l it s t if .. pf of me K W nw, , J I y ,,, all ,,., . V KV A - L t ' -., . l .M 3 t 3. V FIRST RUYV: Linda Smith, Sondra Mark. Dorothy Frances Brown. Alice Brown, Dianne liurkllalter. Patricia C. Harn. Judy liryant, Leslie Hobson. Donna Merritt. Carole Dulre. SECOND ROVV: Julie French. Linda Slianlilin. Mary Calmes. Marilyn liverts, Judith james. Lois Katz. lieth Scasny. Nancy L. Morris. liurnie Johnston. THIRD RONV: Mary Myers. Monte Cleo Cross Hou e O F F I C E R S PATRICIA HARN ..... . President CHARLEY DUNN . . Vice-President BURN113 JOHNSTON . . Secretary CAROLE BLANCETT. . . . Treasurer 'TENNIE CAvi's . . Social Chairman MARY MEAD . . HRC Rep. LINDA SMITH . . URC Rep. Dill-1 BURKHAI.'l'l-LR . . WRA Rep. Phelps, Jane Tinsley, Snmitra Suwannahha. Rusliella Lawson, Temple Paxton. Charley Dunn, Kathleen Symes. Mary Mead. FUITRTH KUYV: Tennie Ann Capps. Carole Ann Hlancett. Karen Adams. Carol Kose Smith. Sally Ann Reynolds. Dorothy ,Io Broun. Penny Criswell, Sandra L. Fisher, -Ianis Mixon. Taking time out from studies and steadies, Cleo Cross girls found time to participate in varied activities. Al- most everyone made a New Year's resolution to knit a sweater and stop rallying in the halls. Volunteers worked at Hanging of the Greens, Campus Chest and campaigning for Leslie Hobson in the Miss Scheherazade contest. Outstanding for scholastic achievements are Ann Miller, Tasselsg Nancy Morris, Sue Price, Sumitra Suwannabha and Penny Criswell, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Dorothy Jo Brown will take part in the Experiment in International Relations and spend eight weeks in Japan. Smile. you're on Candid Iilllllt'l'll1DllUItl52Ql'il- plicr studies lNIary Myers, K. Kay lirancles, Mary Calmes. Linda Slianlclin and Sauntlra Sliupcrt. Q nllliopsticlasi' till the air in Cate Center lounge. Playing bass is Nlarggie lforee and at trelxle is Linda lfmmcr. Olmseryingg are .Xndee Alleles and Sharon llishop. Three assistant counselors were called in at dillierent times to help keep this freshman group in line. l'Vhile hrst semester assistant Melanie Marshall stayed in the llome Management Ilouse. Nancy Martin served as sub- stitute. Second semester Melanie married and moved, and was replaced hy Karen Carmichael. llouse president Margie Foree brought fame to the dorm with many honors, including winning a seat in the Student Senate. .Xmong the memorable social activities during the year was an old-fashioned hay ride with their dates. FIRST ROYV: Syd Ronish. Beyerly VVharton, Gale Parker. Jeri Lynn Kahn, Lennis Smith. Susan Cockerham. Lee Wireless. Susie Martin. Melanie Marshall. Lynn Livingston. SECOND ROYV: Sharon Velinslcy. Linda Emmer, Susan Muroy. Gail Copple. Tammy Mandel. Pat Futerfas. Joan Ifeldgreher. Sharon Bishop, Marilyn Hamilton. THIRD ROYV: Mary Randall Daniel, Kay Dollins, Nancy Rudd, Barbara Borelli. Cheryl Davis Hou e IYIARGIIC Fontana ..... . President TAMMY MANDEI. . . Vice-President SnA1zox Bisuoi- . . Secretary SHARON VILLINSKY . . Treasurer PENNY Rouen . . . IIRC Rep. PAT Fl"l'ERlfAS . . URC Rep. -IERILYNN KAHN . . WRA Rep. Vieth. Pamela Jacobson. Penny Roush. Denise Stephens. Nancy McQueen. FOURTH ROW: .Ioanie Berk. .Ian Stamhaugh. -Ioan Friedman. Diane l'Vager. Carole Cody. .Xndee Aheles. Hope Hartman. Cathlee Haas. Peggy Ratclille. FIFTH ROYV: Neta Cay Allen. Judy Long. Joan Solomon. Mary Rubin. Freda Price. Mary Lee Hathcock. Patty Bennett. Susie Mcffown. Margie Foree, Ann Harriet Traylor. 5 swf 495 4' L. rung ff 5? 431 AJ, KT? E an Hou e O F F l C li R S JAYNE SM1'rn ........ President LINDA LAH1: . . Vice-President ANDREA MAvo . . . Secretary CAROL KING . . . . Treasurer CARol. MCBRAYIQR . . Social Chairman Paint NoAki1s . . IIRC Rep. jum' KA'rz . . . . URC Rep LIITDY G0I.Dl4'Pll3l'1ll . . WRA Rep. FIRST ROYV: Laurel Ann Goodwin. Kay Rose Boring. Cara Mitchell. Linda Lahr. Velta Garrett. jackie Snodgrass. Paula Noakes. Alice Jacobson. Sally llawkins, Annette Loewer. SEC- OND RUXY: Homa Amiri. -Indy Katz. Linda Holmes. Carol King. lftta Perkins. llarbara Smith. Linda Dee Xnderson. Sharon Simmons. ,Io .Xnn Ykestgrate. THIRD ROW: Eleanor wllbe part l like was when we won." says football fan Sydne Knell to Susan Ludman. llarriet Kusnetzky and Judy Levinson. on return from the Ol'-K-State game. Looking for Dr. Kildare and Ben Casey fans? You wouldnlt have any trouble finding them at Evans house. There are always a faithful audience gathered around the television when either of these two popular programs were showing. Paula Noakes, president ol' Alpha Lambda Delta. was one of the leaders in academic achievements. Lois Finkel is well-known on campus as a comedian and as one of the emcees for Sooner Scandals. Neighbors in the "X" will long remember the sere- nade at their Christmas party given by a group from Evans house. Schwartz. Sydne Knell. Kaye Cox. Jayne Smith. Jeanne Tilson. Suzy llapoport. Sandy Langley, Lynda lloydstun. Sandy Thie- man. Mary Cunningham. FUllll'llH RUVVZ Andrea Mayo. .Iudith Mel'roud. .Indy Goldleder. Susan Killmer. Carolyn Cherry. Betty Ayres. Nlary llohan. Carol Nlelirayer. Karen Harlow. Deanna Dellellis. Robbey Negrin. . Q' ",' , 2 'Sf t 1 a , any FIRST ROIV: Nfareia Creenblatt. Roxee Calinson, Charlene Iiidasio. Pat Sayles, Linda McQuillen, Mary Hill. Phyllis Cla- son. Carolyn Prescott, Judy King. Rose Marie Iveber. SEC- OND ROW: Cynthia Wlatson, Nancy Gentry, Linda Argo, Cynthia Johnson, Kathy Evans, Donna Pherigo. Leanna Sal- linger. Carolyn Sue Wlilson. Kay Trowhridge, Lyn Wlillianison. THIRD ROW: Pamela Seltzer. lilizabeth Velleman. Leslie Frank, Taini Martin, Laura Dohlms. Diane Smith. Mary .init Counselor Rose Marie VVeber made fifty freshmen proud when she was selected the Spirit ol' Christmas at the Hanging of the Greens this year. Other residents were also leaders. Linda McQuilIen, Kappa Phi pledge class president, was selected for the Presidentls Leadership class. Kathy Evans, Deane Smith and Roxee Calinson showed their talents, too. Kathy was initiated into Ducks club and Deane and Roxee were active in Orchesis. It was not all work, as the girls gathered to relax at the end of a busy day-often with a midnight pizza party. Dewberry. Pam Butler, jerre Francis, janet Neher. FOURTH ROIY: Ilronwen Courtney. Marilyn Bridges. Marilyn Tuttle. Wlihna Draper, Sue Wlrornble. Phyllis Oliver, Patty Thomson. Sharon Leslie, Jeanine Frazier. Mary Dinsmore. FIFTH ROIV: liarhara Kerley, Anna Lee Smith. Susie Ilecket, Leslie Freed- land, Kaye Kennemer. Karen Marshall. Gail Ivooldridge, Judith Kincannon. Patti Wlard. Betty Creenstine. Forbe Hou e O F F I C E R S KAY 'FROVVBRIDGE . . . President LINDA McQu11,1.sN . . Vice-President LYN VVILLIAMSUN . . Secretary CHARLENE Bnmsio . . . . Treasurer LINDA ARGO . . . . Social Chairman PAT SAYLEs . . . URC Rep. Suri WOMBIAQ . . WRA Rep. Gail Wloolclridge thougght no one saw l1er sneak through the fire door. hut she has a check slip. Phyllis Oliver. Carolyn Prescott , ,,g,,, 'X and Leslie Freedland nSyIllD21IIlIZf.'.7i A M 'ww X' f z it 2 Hg 3 aa f .V- 4' f I' , az H S. 'F gf' 5,3 V ' fe , L L - - Q3 g Q 2 f K S FIRST ROW: Ann Clary, Barbara Huelsman, Sandra Dacon, Norma Blanton, Jane Cantergiani, Mimi Francis, Ruth Ann Fisher, Melodic Petersen, Judith Porter, Sherry Turner. SEC- OND ROW: Nancy Lee Baggett, Judy Jones, Maria Marianos, Susie Cohen, Jeanne Posey, Denise Elliott, Carolyn Colmore, Junnie Vaughn, Nancy VVarren. THIRD ROVV: Janet Marks, Jonnie Lou Tolle. Jennifer Allen, Marcy Stephens, Linda Creel, Sandra Phillips, Carolyn Robertson, Carol Fowler, Carole Hamill Hou e O F F I C E R S HEI.EN LONGHIBLER . . President GLENDA ATCHLEY . . Vice-President NANCY BAoco'1'r . . . Secretary JEANNE Posey . . . Treasurer ANN CLARY . . . Social Chairman CHRISTIE Foitn . . . HRC Rep. JOHNIE LoLI,i1 . . URC Rep. MAXINE McDAni: . . WRA Rep. Mozes. FOURTH ROVV: Sharon Sullivan, Mary Virginia Sausa, Davida Funk, Elizabeth Coughlin, Helen Lonhibler, Martha Van Hook, Judith Fretwell, Pamela Kay Martin, Sally Criswell, Glenda Atchley. FIFTH ROYV: Jo Bushman, Jan Creekmore, Sharon Wieiss, Susan Pancoast, Leslie Krimston, Marianne Vtiohl. Ella Bryant, Maxine McDade, Sandi Denton, Christie Ford. Freshman artists showed their talents when all fifty Hamill house residents helped "Deck the hallsi' for Homecoming, Dad's Day and Christmas. Sherry Turner, first semester counselor, lead the girls in these activities and Linda Leflel guided the second semester's projects. The dorm can boast of several outstanding residents including Judy Fretwell, member of the academic activ- ities council, Ruth Ann Fisher, listed on the President's Honor Roll and Pam Lackner, block chairman in the model United Nations. L 1' 1. 18 lu., Everyone stops to admire the spoils of shop- ping. Nancy liaggett shows her new blouse to Maria Marianos, while Davida Funk and Leslie Krirnston look from above. 364 Rain doesn't dampen spirits. when fun-loV- ing freshmen improvise indoor sports. Di- anne Barker and Carrin Clark duel. while Marian Harvey referees. Striving to maintain last yearls scholastic rating of third in independent dorms, Herrick freshmen still found time for social activities. They proved themselves popular in parties with Young, Irving, Lincoln and Naifeh houses. Social chairman Connie Van Burkleo was kept busy with these activities. Romance played a big part in the life of the dorm this year. Two residents moved out to be married while three more were engaged. Among the "victims" was first semester assistant counselor Ruth Duroy, who was re- placed second semester by Hope Hackler. FIRST ROW: Marian Harvey, Ruth Anne Hicks, Mary Kath- ryn Merritt, Jane Young, Judy Foster, Sally Barnes, Pamela Pounds. Deanna Karschnik, Ruth Duroy, Pat Danforth. SEC- OND ROXV: Susie Hall, Billye .Io Hilderbrandt, Sheri Peter- sen, Sue Ann Wheeler, ,Iimmye Karleen Roe, Elizabeth Candy, Susan Catlett, Maggie Ryan, Emily Sholty, Martha Melinder, Judy Wlidney. THIRD ROWY: Carol Thompson, Patti Bell, Bevlyn Bradfield, Deanna Elliott, Vicki Brooks, Randi Sights, 419 'P aw- ,, Lil? Herrick Hou e O F F I C E R S MARIAN HARVEY . . . President CARRIN CLARK . . Vice-President DIANNE BAILKER . . Secretary JANE YOUNG .... . . Treasurer CONNIE VAN Buiucrrio . . Social Chairman Janie Clark, Mary Holcomb, Linda Clinesrnith, Presha Hensley. FOURTH ROVV: Cathey Hangs, Linda Leppe, Whitney WVhit- taker, Karen McCandless, Diane Fisher, jan Elliott. Liz Wlhite, Paula Thompson, jane Roll. Susie Voorhies. FIFTH ROWY: Linda Popkess, Dianne Barker, Leigh Maltby, Carrin Clark, Margaret Meeks, Patti Marshall, Carla Rothlisberger, Clara Lovering, Cynthia Tarisham, Gail McCurdy. Q' WH W if He ter Hou e O F F I C E R S FRANCES PARKS ....... President Nl'rA ANnr:Rs0N . Vice-President PAT KLINIC . . . . . Secretary DANIELLR GRIFFIN . . . . Treasurer BARBARA VVILKISON . Social Chairman SHARON RUPP . .... WRA FIRST ROXY: Jacqueline XYLISTITIIQQUJII. Su Yveinstein, Nita Flowers. Dolores Edmondson. Barbara Cox. Ann Burgess. Susan Young, Patricia Kline, Linda Bailey. Marcene Mcflrevv. Marilyn Lindsey, Joyce Barnes, Dana Cole. Charla Lorenz, Kay Cargile, Barbara Ross. Beverley Looney, Teresa Yvang. SECOND RUYY: Corrine Holloway. Sandy McCormick. Valerie Brock. Linda Trantharn. Carolyn Pearson. Mary Alletay. lflizabeth Rogers, Kathy Moore, Helen Stevens, Juanita Anderson, Marion Cozort, Patricia Booker, Betty -Iones, ,lane Little, Martha Marli- ham. Lee Michaels, Verda Long, Elizabeth Hardrick. THIRD ROVV: Linda Parrish, Laura Brightman. Kay Hodgson, Roslyn Sperlmcr. Linda Schmitt. Cynthia Moussa. Kay Foley. Pam Dixon. Pamela Penglase. Linda Killian, Betty Harrell, Deanna Patricia Kline. center. returns from a week- end at home. and is greeted hy Sue Ann T ' Wlilliains and Natalie Bradley. who search for home-cooked fudge. East met west in Hester house this year-and both discovered that they do speak the same language ol. laughter and love. Joining in American customs, such as parties with boys' dorms and Christmas decorating socials were Teresa Vllang, China, and Ferahteh Met- ghalehi, Iran. From not-so-far away was a northern neighbor, Valerie Brock, Canada. Leadership was evident in residents like Barbara Posey, student senate secretaryg Linda Lavell, Cate Cen- ter president, Juanita Anderson, outstanding indepen- dent, and Roslyn Sperber, Phi Mu past president, Todd. Brenda Joyce Hinton. Linda Terry. Carole Ranniar. Sandy Crillin. Bonnie Lane. Linda Barthel. Patty Wheatley. FOVRTH RUNY: Kristin Xnderton. Susie Haas. Espenola Townsend, Frances Parks, Alice Hall, .ludi VYilkerson, Billie Davenport. Cail Carrette. VYinema Stiefer. Annette Lee, Sue .Nun Williarns. Natalie Bradley. Pam Drennan. Margaret Harvey. Ellen Hamhlet. XYanda Crosslin. FIFTH RONY: Nancy Maas. Nancy Deaton. Brenda Cooper. Kathy Harmon. Karen Clark. Connie Dixon. Lynn Smith. Barbara Clay. Mary Coodvvun. Lena lfskritlge, -Ianice VVinstead. Jackie Miller, Ramona Howell. Marva Delk. Kathy Constantin. .lan Pruitt. Sharon Rupp. Pamela Rogggli. 500 KV FIRST ROVV: Frances Mussen. Susan Dillon. Linda Cooley. Sandy YVooll'. Susan McCoy. Anne Marshall, Marilyn Meacham, .Indy DeClarlc. Faye Trapp. lleyerly Corley. SECOND IUVJYY: .lane Monroe. Di .Xnne Allen. Susan Storthz. Rita Hadley. Marsha Dilley, Suzanne Sanders. Marcia McDaniel. Karen All- nian. Janet Martin. LaDonna Rutherford, janet Willett. THIRD RUVY: .Io Ann Allen. Donna Reece. Ariel Wilson. Leslie Anderson. Linda Kay lirunnnett. ,-Xletta McCarter. Barbara Not nlany girls' dormitories can claim a victory in football, but Holman residents beat Setlill' house twen- ty-two to twelve. The unusual was also present in the November lst party with Naifeh house-a great pumpkin party, and Christmas brought Santa Claus Anne Marshall with a gift for each girl--something picked especially with her personality in mind. Two residents held the distinction of being in the President's Leadership class. They are Jo Anne Allen and Kathy Curnutte. 1- Ig . A K AE' -if any i .af .35 ii i si fm: in gg-4 linel. Jane Rittenberg. Bev Deutsch. Karen Brodlaey. FOURTH RUWY: Delores Lloyd. Carnille Hennigan. Linda Hill, Sandy Rosenzweigg. Cerarda Welch. Gail MacDonald. Linda Low- rance. Opaleita Dillon. Sarah Hawthorne. Kathy Curnutte. Becky Reed. FIFTH ROYY: Sharon Davis. ,Ianice Strain. Jane Couch. Betsy Novin. Ricki Schear. Suann McCuen. Shelley Turner. Karen Greene. Ann Marlow. Peggy Strauss. Holman Hou e O F F I C E R S ANNE MARSHAI.l. . . President ARIEL WILSON . . Vice-President DELORES LLOYD . . Secretary KATHY CURNIVITE . . . Treasurer BECKY REED . . Social Chairman Half the fun of honieconiingg is decorating the dorins for the galne. Karen lirodkey holds paint for artists Upaleita Dillon and Shelley Turner. . 3 ,. , 1 - I. .7 Q. T237 - . QW, 53 . my A. S. . Z V V , P ,, ti . , f 'dn S -.2 -was ...,. Am, Q., ,fy as ,il V wa.. 1 M , K ,., , gl, 4 a 'E .sv ,um iw yy y r Q , y ir 5'4" -:ffl 'fy - F W ' ,m.?'f, - ' M 5 ,, -A get 2 , ,, H it rf, - We my z Q 43 f 1 3 - 2 1 1 is ' " A' ' A Q'-. . iv. 1:4 x .- .1 .- . V 0 W :K .-, 3 ,4 .v Q. ,, . V ,aww JS, V, ' 47 Z : T . J Q A K ,U . ,L -a fi V' '": :: - A ' i ' if if . i ff , ,. . et at f-f -Q ' i W ' V. A t W" 'E+ gi, ' .5 ish-'Ai I M , M, e lf ,, ia. ' K 'f - , 1 if K 3 yr 1, H A l xii 4 t . "" ia 1- F ir ty ' K . I g f 's ft... a. 3 i sw-0' FIRST ROXV: Linda Chain, Carol Akin, Mary Cushion, Linda Nordstrom. Sharon CllIllIIllllf,LS. Sharron Plant. Betty Praggg, Carol Davis. Danielle Levy, .lane Weston. SECOND ROYY: Mikie Murphy. Janet Delhotal. Dianne fiumni. jill Reber, Penny Brown, Cheryl Smith. Carolyn Fano, Deana llayhurst, Ellen Wilkerson. THIRD KUYV: Diane Stockwell. VVilla Buck. jill Bell. Shari Deason. Nancy Nolley, Elaine Cox, Becky Hume Hou e O F F I C E R S JANIE ESCHLER ..... . President LINDA N0lilJS'l'0lihl . . Vice-President PAT BRADLEY . . . Secretary Rll'l'HIE Wnnck . . . . . Treasurer PENNY STARR . . Social Chairman Hill, Nancy Furr, Penny Stark. FOURTH ROVV: Amelie Graham. Pat Bradley. Carolyn Reid. Karen Keys. Judy Ellis, Lynda Sims. Nan Craven. Karen Meadows. FIFTH KOYV: -lana Johnson. janet Stoneman. Beverly Grayson. -Ianie Eschler. Kaye Flood. Ruthie Wvirick, Patty llrennan. Susan Pickering. Robin Johnson. Assistant counselor Danielle Levy was feted with an unusual party-a citizenship celebration, observing the day she, a native of French Morocco, oflicially became an American. Hume girls were proud to win the trophy for having the most fathers registering for them at Dadls Day. Another accomplishment of the dorm was winning a chance to compete in volleyball finals. Social events included a birthday party for counselor ,lane Weston and a dorm Christmas party, when Santa came to visit. S Milfs just aren't made for three tlncky or unlucky it may bel. lint, tight spots can fs he lun eyen with other girls. Kathy Bell helps Linda Sprague and Becky Sykes. "I donlt care what you do with my hair. hut. Sandy Castle. keep the spray goo out of Illy eyes." says Rohhie Rohcrts. Sandi lfariner Zllltl Ilinggger .Xllen Illllll the conihs. 1 I 1 "Surprise" seemed to be the key word in jordan house this year. The first surprise was a llalloween Pizza party planned for the girls by Linda Cashion, counselor. ln return, the girls surprised Cashion with a wedding shower. Second seniesterls counselor was Sandy Yount. -Iordan house was IIOI lacking in individual acco111- plishmeiits. Two of the residents. Pat Turner and Marian Bulla, were student senators. -Ioan Carmichael, assistant counselor, was a Finalist in the NRUTC hon- orary Cadet colonel queen contest. while Sandy Castle was a finalist in the Maid of Cotton co11test. FIRST RUYY: .Indy Rasham. ,Indy Cullick, Terry Cross. Caro- lyn VVOodard. Kaye Landes, Lynne Young, Sandi Castle. Mary Ann Cipson. .Ioan Carmichael. Linda Cashion. SECOND RUNY: Anne Kessler. Barbara Dorney. Jodi Schooley. Susan Arnold. Paula I'llSllIll11Il. Sally Rirkenstein. Bobby Cartwell. Sharon Thonias. Patsy Bylllllll. THIRD ROYY: Mary .lane jordan, Martha Hollingsworth, Barbara Campbell, Carol Kelley, Jordan Hou e Gmcrgit Ai.l.icN ....... President BOBBY LYNN CANTWEL1. . . Vice-President SANDY CAs'r1.ia . . . . . Secretary lX'IARIAN Rl'l,I.A . . . . Treasurer ANNE KESSLPLR . . . Social Chairman MARY -IANE lloinmx . . . HRC Rep. 'TERRY Citoss . . URC Rep. BOBBY Ronuirrs . . WRA Rep. Alice Coleman. liohhi Roberts. Lori Ilrof. Judy Reeves. .loan Arlotta. Carole' Rland. FOURTH RUVV:v Niki Meek, Sherry Stark. Eileen Edinger, Sydney Perrin. Pamela Martin. Mary Ann Tracewell. Marsha Finley. Donna Hullines. Sandy Bias. FIFTH ROXY: Lynda Bradley. flinger Allen. Marilyn Forrester. Sandra Fariner. Leah flellinger. Christine Zehring, Marian liulla. Lyn Siegel, Mary Porter, Linda Cole. . 1" . . 1 'H-5-' 154-'mf i e "Q . i Q " 4 si . ' V 1 M . ' - 31 tj ' ff. Q 'Z-,Q l T: y . E Q, I ' I fe Gi ' all ' 'f 'li ' I 1 ' r. -1 T' all B . ' A e.e i 1 fr B 3 ' I . e . 1 . Q A. .. M y ff' it . H ' 'w 1 .S l y , " ik S i . ii 4 i , K T . i I V - '1 ,' sg? se .,,W,,,J f A - . Q t . BL - .z is.. W W - , , W K Q vlgyg K V . 'VY'-1 , . 4 . ,V K 5 is W litem 1 Kirk Hou e O F F I C E R S JEAN KA1sER . . . . . President MARY McK11owN . Vice-President BILLIE BIQAWNER . . Secretary ELLEN LVCKMAN . . Treasurer ANDREA Fox . CHERYL Aman . JAN RIIDRUNY . Social Chairman . . HRC Rep. . URC Rep. wt, r - LARH1 ScnRA1n5R . . WRA Rep. FIRST RONY: Nicki Marko. Harhara Staton. La Rue Schrader. Shirley Reeves. Tonnnie Thompson. Loretta Ally. Linda Mc- Alister. Sara Altstatt. liarhara Melton. Mary Thompson. SEC- OND RUWV: Anita Kurlender. .Indy Razook. .leani VVood, Ellen Lnckman. Mary McKeown. Sandra Ayala. Sherry llen- dricks. -ludy Rickman. Jan Clem. THIRD RUYY: Linda Cowles. Susan liarnctt. Cheryl Aher. Ceyin Davis. Carol Nordin. Gerry Pound. Diane Parsley. Mary Lang. Lynda Scarhrongli. . ir ? .gr . f 'ir we if r rror. mirror on the wall. lim ready now. when will he callir' Diane Parsley. Kay Caniphcll and Stephanie Waters have last-minute check heliore a big date. Halloween brought a challenge to the ingenuity of Kirk residents, when they each had to improvise a cos- tume for their dorm party. Outstanding residents were Mary McKeown, ISA Sweetheart finalist: Linda Terry. violinist for the Okla- home City Symphony, and Barhara Melton. assistant counselor and Cate Center treasurer. The girls will always remember working together to decorate the dorms for special events, like Dad's Day. Christmas and llomecoming. Perhaps laces and blouses were decorated as much as the dorm. Linda Terry. llillie llrawner. F0l'R'l'Il RUYY: Stephanie Waters. Susan Richardson. Gretchen Pleiller. Betty liigggerstall. Sharee lirandes. Karen Denton. Molly l,ay. llarhara Dunhar. Lynda Pitts, Margot Rhodes. Fllf"l'll RUWY: Sharon E. Kim- herlin. Kary Cantrell. .lane Anderson. 'Ian Rndrow, Andi Fox. Melissa llnrwcll. Sharon Sutton. Ann llarness. Sandra VYeher. Kay Camphell. .lean Kaiser. . . ,K zr r t S i 3 A T - aw-- t si.. . - -1 - as is ' - " f I r.1. - " g A .sg I 2 0, , . EF.. . ' ' 13' I . b.' ' "': L A 1 1 ,.,: E I P :, ' . T' 4: I T il I I y y , . ,,, . , ' , , , ' c 1 .ff , . 4 .K 3 ' S as , 53231, Q 2,i ' , il 1tr FIRST ROIY: Ginger Looney, Gayle Rossi, Terri Anderson. Iiarbara Bowinan, Jan Kesler, Helen Stretesky, Ann Ehlers. Barbara IValker, Linda Chandler, Kay McGee. SECOND RONV: .Iudy Wyatt, Judy Brady, Mary Barkett, Luann WVilliams, Sue Goss. Cherri Maker, Patti Springer, Janet Smith. THIRD RUIY: Jeanette Reeves, Diane Lean, ,Ioan IYiIlia1ns. Donna Page. Carol Marsh, Suzann Myracle, Gail Frakes, Ethel Kasterke. Beauties and brains filled the halls of McCurtain house this year. A variety of honors kept the freshmen busy, but happy. The house co-operated in campaigning to help dorm nieinber Ginger Looney win a seat in the Student senate. Penny Isoni and Jane England started their college careers off right i11 the President's Leadership class. Barbara Fowler was honored for her beauty and charm by being selected ISA Sweeaheart finalist. The girls attended several Cross center parties and entertained Mills house. Susan Ellinan. FOURTH ROIV: Ann McBride. Linda Rain- water, Pamela Saunders, Penny Isoni, Cheryl Byrd. Connie Barber, Barbara McCain, Dorothy Hack, Anne Hooker, Gail Fogarty. FIFTH ROIV: Darlene Pratt, Jane England, Bonnie Jackson, Kay Wiornack. ,lane Collins. Susan Morris. Linda Miller, Marilyn Kessel, Barbara Fowler, Karen Ronell IYynn. ctlurtain Hou e O F F I C E R S ETHEL KASTERKE ...... President PAMELA SAl.'NDERS . . Vice-President SnsAN Moiufus . . . Secretary ANN Mcliiuma NIARILYN KESSEI. KAREN VVYNN . CONNIE ISARBER Ciiigmi. Byim . . . Treasurer Social Chairman . . IIRC Rep. . URC Rep. . IVR.-X Rep. It coines out nicer when Mother irons il. but Pam Saunders, Marilyn Kessel and Roseniary Sliipe nlake the best of the situ- ation and enjoy theinsclyes. ..f HW -I 1 1 . 3 ' efisisllb K is FIRST ROVV: Laurie MooIIey, Virginia Gibson, Patti VVindes, Maribeth Miller, Pat Parham, Louise Vernon, Dee Albrecht, Carol Williams, Judy Smith, Madeleine Lange. SECOND ROW: Vicki Jean Cotcher, Millie Detjen, Carol Cahn, Cheri Weinberg, Bonnie Thackara, Barbara Parkins. Kay Barnes, Nelda De La Cruz, DeeDee Soderstrom. THIRD ROVV: Sue YVeaver, Sherry Corbin, Andrea Hutchings, Carole Meskimen, lVIcSpadden Hou e O F F I C E R S DOROTHY ALBRECIIT ..... President MARILYN KANALAKIS . . Vice-President SIIEILRY CORIIIN . . . Secretary MILLICENT DIf:'I',yI1N . . . . Treasurer BONNIE THAQIKARA . . Social Chairman ALLENE KING . . . . HRC Rep. LINDA SOLLAlas . . WRA Rep. Suzanne Chaney, Cerelda Lightfoot, Pat Sailing, Linda Spiller. FOURTH ROW: Kay Shoemake, Sharon Butler, Allene King, Sandra Isenberg, Billie Bridges, Kay Crouch, Janet Klabzuba, Vicki Heitmann, Pattie Powell, Virginia McDonald. FIFTH ROWV: Kayla Lee Berman, Joan Anderson, Linda Sollars, Mari- lyn Kanalakis, Lena Beth Murphy, Kay Frantz, ,Ioan Thompson, Pam Mason. Seventy-five boys and girls will always remember the lVICSp11C.llICI1 house residents. This group entertained these children from the Baptist orphanage in Oklahoma City with a day at the zoo. It's still a question in the minds of the girls-who had more fun, the children or McSpadden house. This is one of many memories of the year-a rope pull, candlelightings, Miss Langeis birthday, the Christ- mas party and, of course, "Rally Timew! Vicki Cotcher made her dorm-mates proud when she was elected as one of the student senators. flffif Not quite in time! Millie Detjen throws "left-overii clothes in the closet, while room- mate Nan Krisman sweeps, bIIt counselor Mady Lange has already given a rooII1 checli. J' Music to study hy or swing to? Nancy Gunn adds her choice to Pat Dennyls fa- vorites, while Darline Louie checks the volume and tuning. g ff if R... t A variety of activities brought varied honors to the residents of Neill house. Marilyn Todd and Kathy Callahan both hold Leader- ship scholarships. Sara Jane Brooks, Sharon Spicer and Nancy Turk add music to the halls. Nancy is a member of University Band and Sara Jane and Sharon hold voice scholarships. Sara also sang the lead in the Hang- ing the the Greens. Kay Carletti, winner of a tuition scholarship, directed the Dadls Day Style show and is ISA representative. Rae jean Johnson represents the group as Pershing Rifle queen. FIRST ROVV: Beth Burleson, Barbara Bendalin, Jenna Pool, Marilyn Todd, Karol Kimhark, ,Ieanita Wilson, Sharon Riley, Gloria Sanders, Nancy Newsom, Sally Boughner. SECOND ROYV: Sherry Johnston, Marsha Reed, Darline Louie, Linda Hauser, Barbara Fagin, Kay Carletti, Harlene Newell, Sandy Norton, Marilyn Wright, Sarilee Janger. THIRD ROVV: Pat McLellan, Gatle Holden, Anne Gamble, Jane Iligginbotham, Saber Weber, Rae Jean johnson, Julia jean Myers, Elaine 2 51 if Hi eill Hou e O F F I C Ii R S NANCY TURK . . . . President CAROL KIMRARK . . Vice-President KAY CARLE'I'l'I . . . Secretary KATHY CALLAHAN . . . Treasurer LEANN BOEVE . . . Social Chairman BARBARA BENDALIN . . . . HRC Rep. WINDY BLAIR . . . WRA Rep. Swank, Sarah Brooks, Frances Rurnney. FOURTH ROW: Eileen Burns, Nancy Gunn, Karen Acord, joan Asper, Patricia Raley, Suzanne Cooper, Geneva Jones, Kathleen Culver, Cathy Callahan, Sharon Spicer. FIFTH ROIV: Nancy Turk, Patricia Denny, Zora Gann, Helen Price, Sharon Lee Oelhafen, Beverly Letukas, Sherry Fisher, Wendy Blair, Linda Walls, Eileen Titlow. A I iiile 'I fi' I T . . A . u . r.r. u 1 ,p p p Y . , y l C to Y p ' 'R A y F, '-.. ii , gg, t ix, ,,,, X V ,." . S S .ii ' M . S i ., Y -it R ,ami A 1..,-, - .- K YB' 1 507 Oli er Hou e O F F I C E R S SALLY JARR1-:T ........ President Fnannns Tnomvsox . . Vice-President KAYE DESHIELDS . . . Secretary KAYL Tr-rouxrntolron . . . . Treasurer LUANN SHULTZ . . . Social Chairman JUDY LYBOLT . . . URC Rep. CYNTHIA BENTLEY . . WRA Rep. FIRST ROIV: Loretta Detrner, Carolyn Cathcart, Susan Swim- ley, Peaches Kay Rogers, Cynthia Bentley, Pat Riser, Sally Jarrett, Kathy Helvenston, June Gibson, Nancy Davis. SEC- OND ROVV: Leslie Ann Powers, Kay Martin, Linda Stringer, Montez Beavers, Sharon Clark, Marilyn Peck, Joanne Kalish, Judy Lybolt, Judith Phillips, Paula Seran, Carol Walter. THIRD ROW: Freddie Thompson, Meryl Siegel, Francie Faudree, Hanelle Rosen, Kaye Thornbrough, Susan Brown, . . ga fs W Monday night brings study-weary freshmen, Luanne Schultz. Hanelle Rosen and Judy Lybolt ton Iloorj, Freddie Thompson tabovej to listen to their counselor. The tension of college life found an outlet in the energy of Oliver house girls at informal gatherings. The event might be a d0I'I'I1IIl21lC7S birthday, but more often it was a water or ice fight causing the excitement on the various floors. More organized activities were intramurals when the house reached the quarter-finals in volleyball. The young ladies changed the pace when entertain- ing formally, showing poise for their fathers at Dad's Day tea, charm at the party with Irving house, but again humor at the dorm Christmas party. Gail Spooner, Doris Moser, Marilyn Young, Linda Rodolph, Mary Roberts. FOURTH ROW: Dee Holland, Luanne Schultz, Frankie Owen, Terry Halvorsen, Katy Dixon, Rhoda Levin, Anne Turrilf, Bonnie Robinson, Dorothy Mealor, Char- line Theis. FIFTH ROIV: Judy Baker, Nancy Ownbey, Karen Ludwig, Marsha Howard, Donna Taylor, Sondra Regier, Judy Garrison, Miriam Melton, Kaye DeShielcls, Jeanie Burgess. .at V ,L A.,- I an .. ,Vu . .5 ,:,,153f Y .- -f.r. - ,I 'fii is IQI: r g .. , , , ....t ' -"' . F ire: i L F y a ...' fe ,. I . ,, . .,., , , I, . b 5 Y ,Q wi , .1 J 6, , , ..., 43 ,fa W A, F ,, ,' ,. P R .1 . at if P' y R aft . . t o it 5 ' 2 Q,. V ' 4 f.-: f :I , pf -.1: 1 -. -P K ' we i ihz - i A ii 1 J ,, 1 ttss lvz ., -:-:'V -K ..,, a J t s " Q 1 1 f FIRST RUYY: Nadine Sclnnidt. Thalia Thompson, Linda Cox. Marilyn Yeck, Liz Sirnlnons, Sunny Morey, Ann Cowans. Gwendolyn jones. Sandy Yount, Vicki Lindsey. SECOND ROXV: Janelle Creeach. Brenda Roan, Patricia Swift. Linda Fair. Linda Frederick, Linda Selnnidt. Linda Wvoods. Linda Agee, Sandy Hagg. THIRD ROXY: ,Ioella Fox, Cheryle Nor- ton. Freda Hicks, hlary james, W'ay'I1el VValling, Carole Head. VVaking fifty freshrnen at 6:00 a.m. can be a danger- ous job, and Parker house residents were surprised when their neighbors in Neill house tried it. There were no major injuries, though, as their friends came pre- pared to ease their tempers with breakfast in bed and newspapers. Parker and Neill girls entertained their fathers on Dad's Day with a tug-of-war. the victory going to the Parker girls. VVhen Counselor Vicki Lindsey left at the semester to get married, the house held a shower for l1er. Memories of parties. activities a11d honors go o11 the room bulletin board. Dorothy Lee. 'l'halia Thompson Zlllll Betty Mulligan re-arrange souvenirs. Qkw Af ev EW if ff NZI, K R 1. ,l,,,. mt y "'. . ., A ,V , , A 9 ze- ..' I PM Q is 'lsi 9' 5 1 tv 2 E'i i,-. 1 iiiiiii ,.-, ' P' Carolyn Johnson. Pat Mayer. Betty Mulligan. Ken Sue Shear, Martha McCulley. If0l'RTlI ROYY: Nanci Sxnilli. Slllllllly llelley, Joan I5lllQlll1Lll1l. Sondra Stacy, Lydia Tate. Darlyn Lee, Barbara SllCCl.lll1lIl. Clngryl Royston. Mary Burton. Marsha Willis. FII-'TH RUYY: ,lanie lllonie. Nancy Cobb. .Indy llobe. Linda Wood, Carol Wlrobbel. Mary Mcffalla. Freda Trotter, Carol Morrison. Parker Hou e CARoL MORRISCDN . . . President LINDA lvoon . . . Viee-President PAULA Coiunsu . . . Secretary BETH' M171.L1cAN . . Treasurer Liz SIMMONS . . . AWS Rep. CA11o1.YN JOHNSON . . HRC Rep. KEN SUE SHEAR . . . . WRA Rep. lX'lARY EI.I.lrLN Mc:C1fL1.m' . . Song Leader . 1 if if U Q ..,... 4 vim l' if 'l, of 'S' 'iz 509 I a. . .V"..,. 1. FIRST ROVV: I.aDonna Kinnebrew, Margene Hart, Jean Mel- ton, Betty Sigle, Peggy Loud, Betsy Johnson, Ann Henthorn, Martha DeWitt, Margaret Mollitt, Linda Cartrnill, Rhoda Zel- dich, Sharon Skinner, Rita McCarthy. SECOND ROYV: Kay Duncan, Sylvia Sheldon, Crystal Yancy, Jeanne Ilarper, Sharon King, Joanne Harper, Donzetta Parker, Ruth Anderson, Sarah Stroub, Patricia Hostetter, Linda Batty, Ann Newman, Trinette Hoy. THIRD ROVV: Ingrid Fuller, Cheryl Lindley, Susan Burnett, Dorothy IVhite, Joan Willcox, Stephanie Stevenson, Robert on Hou e O F F I C E R S CAMILLA FINLEY . . . President PAT CAHILL . . Vice-President JUDY TAYLOR . . . Secretary Sci1r1'rER SIGLER . . . Treasurer MAli'FI VARGUS . . AWS Rep. IW' ,tn -as .E Us H , I fl 5 4 Q , ff ' 5' W' A . .' 5 1 Hi R 2 ,, 1? 5 if P? Kelly Kehn, Olivia Denson, Cathy Layne, Barbara Coy, Jean Mauch, VVava Catewood, Lynn Fredericksen. FOURTH ROW: Lynne Shapiro, Linda Hunt, Jonroi Baird, Sandy McNair, Sue Anderson, Nancy Utley, Sharon Mechem, Sherry Ivester, Frances Salle, Nancy Oglesby, Camilla Finley, Pat Cahill, Carolyn Gilkes. FIFTH ROW: Judy Fry, Barbie Listen, Ola Stout, Carol Wolf, Mary Wallace, Pat Patterson, Elaine Jenkins, Margarita Urrutia, Nancy Doble, Sharon Shriver, Linda Tein, Portia Claro, Barbara Evatt. Beauties and talent filled the new cafeteria completed second semester. Rita Gerrity won double honors for pulchritude and poise as Air Force ROTC Queen and reigning ISA Sweetheart. Marti Vargus, outstanding freshman girl, and Susie Reiter, actress in University Playhouse, were two other outstanding Robertson residents. While striving to maintain their rating of second in scholarship among independent forms, the girls took time out for parties with Cleveland and Lincoln boys, dorms-always a welcome break from studying. i ii-WJ PWM The center of attention in any girl's room is a boy's picture. Pat Hostetter fextreme leftj shows her favorite fella to Cheryl Lindley and Linda Hunt. '55 if 'QF Secrets or gossip? Michael Fife does not like being left out of the chatter between Donna Adams and Ami Kent. The secret is something about a dorm prank. Forty-nine freshmen had a successful trick-or-treat right in their own dorm on Halloween-winning a free pizza party sponsored by a local cafe. Each floor pre- sented a skit, adding to the merriment. Active and outstanding residents brought fame to the dorm. Dorinda Gill, "Miss Majorette of Illinois," is a feature champion twirler for the University Band. Two other musical members are Sandy Simon and june Blackerby in University Choir. Seven members of Shad- owbox and two active Ducks adorn the halls with charm and athletic ability. FIRST ROYV: Nancy Flowers, Lois Meier, Sharon Hogan, Ann Kent, Christine Hove, Trish Bragassa, Carol Burke, Linda Dickenson. Mary Brokaw, Sharon Haygood. SECOND ROVV: Eleanor Richardson, Patti Plunk, Rayann Litvak, Susan Kimerer, Sharon Avery, Bonnie Stevenson. Dixie Lewis, Michael Fife, Rebecca Heritage. THIRD ROXV: Toni Ford, Donna Adams, Olivia VVoodrow, Linda Bjorck, Kathy Mauch, Linda Messick, , , ssl' is ma fa- 5, 'Ula 1 . -'35 . - 1- ,ii +1 II 'V' , , sky! anger Hou e OFFICERS DONNA ADAMS ....... President CHRIS Boviz . JANET BoLEs . ANN KENT . -TUNE BLACKERBY SANDY SIMON . SHARON AVERY CECILIA HPIIIRON . . Vice-President . . . Secretary . . . . Treasurer . . Social Chairman . . HRC Rep. . . URC Rep. . WRA Rep. Dee Dee Parker, Judi Leone, Barbee Smith. FOURTH ROVV: Dana McCoy, Deana Lorentzen, Linda Whitmore, Sue Williams Dorinda Gill, Margaret Rumsey, Janet Boles, Roxana Bear? Katherine Robnett. FIFTH ROWV: Becky Figley, Cheryl Bar- nett, Lois Epstein, Cindy Kirks, Sharon Bounds. Cecilia Herron Sandra Simon, Claren Base, Pam Smith. I ttff S 1 S , fs. 473, i V I , f ww ,W 'Sf . , ' "i' 1 if " ',.' . :iii .. '- 1' I L 2 K X ew? Q , I . ,L gw 1 ' V ies, if I 2 .f 'I A.,,,.f. 1' i ig ' L A i't1f.,3if .e --,L 7 . KM .. qw. 'Ti' A :ga 'vii sl i . FIRST ROYY: Loura Eastham. Beth IVilliams. Margaret Jus- tice, Sarah Kuhn. Claudia Brown. Linda Jensen. Cathy Orrell, Jeannie Pickering. Barbara Kernmerer. Geneva Bolerjack. SECOND RUNY: Phyllis Marie Henry. Shirley Randol. Annette Park. Patricia Reed. Lynne Reisinggg. Nancy Potter. Carolyn Franklin House Raises M "X home away from home" was provided lor the resi- dents of Franklin this year. The living room was redec- orated with new furniture and drapes: also. a Iireplace. where several "roasting marshmallow parties" took place. .X Christmas project was the raising ol money for the purchase ol' a microscope for St. Mary's misison. Alaska. Two outstanding residents ol' Franklin were Teresa Yreeland. the Juggler in the Juggler ol' Notre Dame. and Kowalski. Sharon Deacon. Patricia Lee. Jody Angell. TIIIRD RUNY: Loretta Mankins. Dian Turner. Carolyn Bradshaw. Sue Hagerman. Janice Taylor. Rachel Legg. Judy Moore. Iflisabelh Judi Nolan. oney lor Microscope Linda Jensen. transfer student who attended a univer- sity in Tokyo for two years. Ullicers included Nancy Potter. presidentg Sue Ilager- man. vice-president: Claudia Brown. secretary: Beth Yiillianis. treasurer. and Jan Smith. social chairman. Ceneva Boler-jack served as counselor of the dorm. Through her guidance and with the cooperation ol' the girls. it was a happy and eventlul year. Lawson House Enjoys Holidays with Parties The holiday season brought exciting events to Lawson Ilouse this year-as the girls greeted Thanksgiving and Christmas with parties. Prentice house joined the girls at the start of the sea- son for dancing and merrymaking. Christmas was Cele- brated with a party within the dorm. Intramurals gave Mary Ann Ashloek an opportunity to bring honor to her dorm. as she placed second in FIRST RUVF: Linda Brown. Nancy Nichols. Valerie Kurk. Priscilla Miller. Carole Stephens. Laurie Nlanninpg. Sheila Cum- mings. Sherrie Smith. Pam Johnson. Carole Christensen. SEC- OND ROIY: Barbara Frank. Eugenia Doyle. Emma Stephens. Becky Wvaul. Betty Bonilield. Linda Cockriel. Kathleen Elliott. Connie Kytle. Linda Ceer. THIRD RUXV: Peggy I.ines. Judy Reser. Martha Dowling. Janice Treichler. Terri Milder. Donna girls, tennis. Oflicers were Barbara Frank. presidentg Donna Riley. vice-president: Judy Reser. secretary: Alice Watkins. treasurer. Pat Kimniell. WRA representativeg Peggy Lines. HRC representative, and Emma Ruth Stephens. URC representative. The dorm operated under the direction of Carole Christensen and her assistant. Aust. Carole Clillord. Cathy Champlin. Susie Cilinsky. Joanne YYikolI. 1-'OlfR'l'H ROIV: Carolyn Barnes. Edna Votring. Alice YYatkins. Janet Yvalker. Sharon Cay. Sharon Eaton. Dona Stickney. Mary Ann fkshlock. Sue I'oIIak. Susie Merkx. FIFTH RUVY: Jody Barnes. Pat Kimmel. Sarah Deakins. Melinda Hop- kins. Donna Mickelberry. Marybeth Dittemore. Donna Riley. Caroline Little. Susan Vickers. N fa. Z.. L.v-... lk, P, 5 ai il W iiti H iie oi ee " ' ' to i .. i H t I I are " . '. . I A fs . e . .. y '.i. 'e'i' ' ' ' Y ft. ' ' ii , TY Q ' . 5'2 C - f f ,-..,. f .: ., y x . ., .J Jyx. H r . A Q . l A ide. FIRST ROIV: Marie Anderson. Judith Savage, jackie Sparkes, Jackie jenkins. jeri Richardson, .Ian Adams, Pat Gordon. SECOND ROIV: Linda Owen, Carol Robbins, Genie Shuller. Lindsay House Fills Need "Parting is such swingin' sorrow . . Lindsay house residents paraphrased Shakespeare on the last night they were together before the house closed second semester. The spontaneous rally that developed left no time for tears. as everyone was too busy protecting her- self in that one last watertight. There are still memories, though. No one will forget the dorm birthday parties or Christmas. when everyone drew names. Presents were exchanged and opened- Bobbie Shaw, Melinda VVilson. THIRD ROVV: Susan Wel- born. Bonita Watson, Beverlye Burke, Toby Sharpe, Pam Peterson, Lyn Coldfield. for Temporary Dorm then the hidden tape recorder was revealed and played back. President was Penny Mclver. Other ollicers were Genie Schuller, vice-presidentg Marie Anderson. secre- tary: Sue Hill. treasurer: and Jackie Sparkes. IYomen's Recreation .Xssociation representative. Pat Cordon. sen- ior. majoring in government, was counselor of Lindsay house during the first semester. Sager House Residents Exoell in Many Fields Sooner Scandals, Dad's Day, Campus Chest. and Hanging of the Greens kept Sager house girls busily en- gaged this year. In the music field, several of the girls Sing with the University Chorus and three more sing with the women's Choral group, The Oklahomaids. Patty Terrell was elected cheerleader and two other girls were finalists in the tryouts. Scholastically hye resi- dents of Sager house are eligible for membership in FIRST ROWV: Mary Lakios. Veronica Lakios. Adrah Barnes, Sally Morton. Sallivan Burt. Madeline Grace, Linda Hamilton, Sharon IVomack. Pat Vleller. Sara Reid. SECOND ROIV: Gay Hoskins. Patty Terrell. Pemle King. Sharon Hunt. .Ian Howard. Annette Dunnington. Rozanne Hardesty. Maurine Zit- terman. THIRD ROW: Phyllis Gillespie. Glenda Newman. Carolyn Coleman, Lucille Thur, Jane Mcflrone, Sandy Miller, .Xlpha Lambda Delta. Peggy IVells replaced Sara Reid as counselor for sec- ond semester in Sager house. Officers were Adrah Barnes, president, Margaret Mc- Connell, vice-presidentg Rozanne Hardesty, secretaryg Susan Cable, treasurerg Sandy Miller, social chairman, .Ian Howard, WRA representative, and ,Ian Mitchell, URC representative. Sally Simmons. April Austin, Deanna Couneill. Stephanie Miller. FOURTH ROYV: .Indy Poisky, Susan Clans, Mary Lillard, Linda Robbins. Quinda Seem. Lynda Casida. Saralou Crillin. Sharon llaylord. Margaret Mcllonnell. FIFTH ROIY: Harmie Biddle. Melinda Miller. Martha Key. -Ian Mitchell. Pamela Motley. Merrie Suzan Simmons. Mary Campbell. Mary Searle. , oo. .Sw ' A " i i'iii V y A ' o S 3 Q I it K 5 I ii I Q I I ..y- . I , . ii in ' . of it i Q .9 F ' tw F . , , ,K ,K 1 A as , .. , Q 1 ' ' f . . LZ ' I S - at 5 I 3 4 y EQ l - e I.0GAN IIOUSE BOASTS 0F OUTSTANDING STUDENTS Time for a "midnight snack" says Sue Harvey to ,Ieanie Carrington and Betty Burke. FIRST RONV: Lake Ann Taylor, HIJIISCIIIIIITICFQ Judy Ables, janet Balmer, Judy Barton, Gayle Boswell, Elizabeth Ann Brown, Bette Burke, Jeanne Carrington, ,Indy Combs. SECOND ROW: Donna Cook, Patricia Corbett, Linda Crittenden, Jane Fitz- gerald, Nancy Hardwick, Susan Harvey, janet Holmes, Lou Huffman, Lurlene Hulme. THIRD ROSS: Diane johnson, Patricia Land, Melody Layne, Barbie Luper. Carolyn Lyons, Jayne Ann Mayo, Marcia Meredith, .Ionell Ollirien. FOURTH ROW: Marilyn Odom, Kay Pendergrass, Cyndy Pride, Julia Sehuhmaeher, Kathleen Smith, Sandra Smith, Stephanie Specht, Gail Work. Logan Hou e Dads and Mothers Entertainer! with Dinner Something special was in store for some pretty special people when Logan house honored their dads and mothers with buffet dinner on Dadis Day and Mom's weekend. Other social events were a Christmas party with a special speaker and monthly dinners in honor of residents whose hirthday came during that particular month. The house was well represented on the stage this year, with resi- dents like Judith Combs and Judy Barton. Judith is a student assist- ant in the lmallet department and is active in dramatic productions. Judy performed in University Playhouse and Studio Theatre. Mrs. Lake Ann Taylor was the dorm's new housemother. OFFICERS Msromf A. LAYNE ..... President Loi? Hri-'1-'MAN . JANET HOI.NfIlS . jaxur Bmsrzn . Lon HUFFMAN . . KAY PENDERGRASS . Vice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer Social Chairman Social Chairman Fun-with no strings attached-is the motto of these musicians: Cindy Pride, Barbie Luper, Cail Wvork and Lou Huffman. :lla s 1 . GIRLS IN NEW IIIIUSING UNIT HAVE ACTIVE YEAR Ready to run when the doors are open, these hungry Coeds watch and speculate on what might be on tonighfs menu. 1 . FIRST ROVV: Sheila Kay Bracksieck, Linda Cole, Susan Cook, Clydine Cornett, Sonia Davis, Karen DeRoche, Connie DuVall, Judith Dyser, Karen Foote. SECOND ROVV: Mary Jane Gal- lup, Judy Gollub, E. Kay Gregory, julie Hanks, Trish Hender- son, Kathleen Holdge, Karen Lee Kimbrough, Carole Kirkland, Suzanne Lee. THIRD ROW: Loretta Anne Philpott, Dianne Reed, Sharon Rice, Sheila Rogul, Kaaren Shields, Martha Ulken, Bonnie VVelIs, Sharon NVo0druff. tfv' I pf' A- 41, 'li 7 My f' I f ' f x Traeder Hou e Residents Enjoy House Parties, Barbeques Organized this year by Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Traeder, the Uni- versityls newest housing unit started with an active year. The girls will always remember their house get-togethersg barbe- ques on the patlo, a Halloween party, and Christmas, when each girl O F F I C E R S received a coffee mug from Mr. and Mrs. Traeder. Outstanding residents were Sharon VVo0drull, yearbook beauty SUSAN COOK ' ---- PfC5'dC11f finalist, Sue Cook, outstanding independent, and Kay Gregory, com- LINDA COLE I U SCCretary,TI-easurer mittee member for Dadls Day Quartet contest. V y Y Fathers were honored Dad's Day by a reception in the house, each lun DEER ' ' ' ' AWS RCP' girl putting on her best manners to show her dad. Sandra Gollub, Switzerland, often entertained other dorm members with stories about her homeland. Clydine Cornett takes care of the desk while Bonnie WVells, Diane Reed, and Judy Dyser sign out for the weekend away. ss en' Conn elor OFFICERS DR. Criififonn AI. Cimviziv . Dean ol' Students DR. IV. R. BROWN . Director of Men's Allairs DR. -louis C. SMITH Director ol' University Ilousing E. II. IVIILES Assistant Director of Men's Alliairs FIRST RUIY: John Hastic. Ed Mehew, Richard McKnight. -lim Caldwell. Pat Condon. Ilarold Knight. Iiurl Ragland. Earl Paul Johnson. E. II. Miles, SECOND ROW: Kent Sinex. Pat Ilensey. Ronald Harper. Stan Smith. Kent Patton. Frank Stone. Ron Steele. ,Iiin McCalIerty. -Ierry Lauhorn. Ceorge Teas. Don- 'l'he incn's housing stall includes Mrs. Ethe- lyu Cox. Mrs. lletty Siuunons, If. II. Miles. director: Ronnie Reed. john Hastie and .Iohn Ilcnry. Under the supervision of E. II. Miles. assistant direc- tor ol inenls alliairs in charge of housing. the IIICIIRS housing program is run on the basis ol' helping the stu- dent succeed in college as well as meeting his basic needs of food and shelter. Resident and assistant counselors are employed in cach ol' the dormitories ol' Cross Center and W'oodrow VVils0n center and in VVhitehand hall. These nien are chosen for qualities and abilities in counseling and guidance. They undergo an intensive training period at the beginning ol' the school year. ald Lawrence. QIIIII Rushton. Mike Harris. THIRD ROIY: Daniel Anderson. Toni Briggs. Todd Markliain. Dan McIntosh. George 'I'riclcel. -Icrry Muskrat. Judson Crulmhs, Rolxert Ander- son. Mickey Iloltoins. Charles Pierce. Bill Stootholl. C. IV. Yowell. Carl Mullen. - gigifi l g f' 7 .ty .t . FIRST RONY: Ronny Bradshaw. Pat O7Brien. Ronny Pyle, Travis Curd, john Knightley, Bob XVillis. THIRD ROYV: Ralph Pinsonneault. Ronnie Van X'Velden. NOT PICTURED: Ron Featherstone. Leslie Farrell. jr., Steve Provines, Jim jerry Elliott. SECOND ROYV: Earl Slcarlcy, Stony Anderson, Barnard, Noel Portnoy, Jay Helfert. Cross Center Presidents' council is composed of the C I, 0 S S C 0 Il t 0 I' president of each of the 16 houses in the center. To- 0 9 . gether they coordinate activities and discuss mutual P d t C I problems pertaining to the residents. I' E I 6 n 0 ll Il C l Faculty sponsor is E. H. Miles and Stoney Anderson is advisor representing menis counselors. The council, together with the sister council from Cate Center, annually holds a banquet at which time OFF I LERS awards are presented. Special guests are President and RUNNY PYLE - - - - ' Pfesidellf Mrs. George L. Cross. RONNY BRADSHAXV . . Vice-President Another annual cvent of the group is a Christmas RixLPH PINSQINNEAI-'III' l D A Secretary party for orphanage children. PAT OBRIEN G... i ' Treasurer RUNNIE VAN WELDEN . . . Parliamentarian Planning: session includes Ronny llrzulslnnv. vice-prcsidcnt: Ronny Pyle. president: Ron Van Wlcldcn. parliaincnlarian, and Stoney Anderson. counselor. FIRST RONV: Dick Fisher, Dwayne jackson, Kent Sloan, john Christner, john Colley, Murl Anderson, Jamie VVolfe, Eddie Schmidt. SECOND ROVV: Larry Bolen, Gene Cole, Paul Myers, Steve Russell, Bob Willis, Ed Mehew, Joe Mason, Gray- son VanHorn, jim Martin, Harald Kranz, Bob Hewes, Tom Fellnian. THIRD ROW: Danny Kepner, Jerry Goodspeed, Mike Andricos, Ken Brust, Mike Owen, Dennis VVatson. Don Alle Hou e O F F I C E R S Bois WILLIS ........ President JOE MASON . . . . . Vice-President GRAYsoN VAN HORN . . Secretary-Treasurer PAUL WOOLSEY . . . . . ISA Rep. CHARLES Hswus . . HRC Rep. DANNY KEPNER . . . URC Rep. Ringrose, Perry Glenn, Joe Altman, Bob Bishop, George Thomas, Irvine Scott, Dave Maloy. Rock Dawson, Kirke Kick- ingbird, Bill Spear, Paul YVoolsey. FOURTH ROVV: Joe Sutton, Charles Dohnalek, Roger Brown, Don Hoflich, Phil Gentry, Sam Williams, Dave Cain, Jerry Hiersche, Larry Far- rell, Scott Chapline, Dave Christner, Mark Byrd, Rockie Smith, Dan Duncan, Jim Maxwell, Don Stephens, Ed Chandler. Steve Russell, Alley house study counselor from El- more City, helped the house to achieve the honor of being the outstanding house in scholastic rating for the first eight weeks of the fall semester. Two residents are members of the Presidentis leader- ship class-Danny Kepner and Grayson Van Horn- and three house members played with the University band. Parties were held with jordan, Davis and Sanger houses and the boys participated in all intramural ac- tivities. Ed Mehew, senior in industrial management engineering. served as house counselor. Playboys of Alley house were Kent Maxwell and Ed Chandler, who decorated their room in keeping with their honorary title. H- 4 Ronny Ilradsllaw kibitzes while Mike Pen- clerggralt. John Iletrick and Rusty Franklin brush up on live-card draw. House parties were the highlight of the social activi- ties with such "extras" as pizza and a four-man combo to stimulate interest and excitement. Athletically inclined Baker house also was in the run- olls for the Cross Center football championship and par- ticipated successfully in basketball, softball and volley- ball, as well as other Intramurals. Among outstanding residents were Ronny Bradshaw, Neal Clary, Norman Jones, Larry Thompson, Murphy Bryles, Jim Richardson, Charley Alworth and IVaIter Terry. Harold Knight of Leflore was counselor. FIRST ROWY: Jay Rhodes, Jerry Harville, Neal Clary, Jim Riley. Ronny Bradshaw, Jim Caldwell, Norman Jones. Roy Harris, Charles Alwortll. Rusty Franklin. John Kirton. Murphy Iirvlcs. SECOND ROIY: Mike Smith, Rudy Niewes. Bob Keahey, Phil Robison, IValter Terry. Paul Nall, Jim Richard- son, john Hetrick, Pete Linley, Bill Mirham, Dave Lyle, Roger W, -.vw f- 5... ..- . Baker Hou e O F F I C E R S RONNIE VAN VVELDEN . . . President RANDY CRAVEN . . . Vice-President RICK BAVM . . Secretaryffreasurer Rounds. Jerry Henson. Steve Kelly, George Davis. Mike Pender- graft. Ray Council. Steve Cole. THIRD RUIY: Bob Lee, Iiuck Xdams. Ronny Saunders. Iliarren Kuehner. Dave Ilicks. George Mondic. Rusty Pool. Bob Carroll. Martin Slllllll. Bob Ford. Steve Stockton. Hal Clern. Eddie Sikes. Iiill Dewey. Al ima. Mike Nislmet, Mark van Alam. I ' Bass Hou e OFFICERS EARL SRARREY . . . President NORNIAN P. joxizs . . . Vice-President ROY IIARRIS . . . Secretary-Treasurer mlm RILEY . . Athletic Director NEAL CLARY . . . . . ISA Rep. CHARLES ALwoR'rH . . judicial Rep. FIRST ROVY: Steve Steward. .lack Robinson. Lloyd Anderson. Joe Seelig. lliin Mellee. Don Gunning. Carl Mullen. Earl Skar- lcey. Dudley Ilyde, lloh Ellis, james Carson, Gerald Fleming. SECOND ROWV: Dave Stratnxan, Richard L. FCTLLQIISOII. llill Wallace. Hill Pitts, QIQIIIICS Nix. .Inn George. Ed Ellis. Charles Sherwood. llill Monroe. Steve Childers. Charles Pearce. .laines Scrivner. Ralph Koenig. lYayne Sllaw. Jack Lewis. John Locke, Ralph Custar wants to be sure that lloh Colley keeps his pronuse lo study while heis at home for the weekend. This year's activities at Bass house centered around intrainurals, study hall and dorm parties with the girls in Cate Center. Serving as counselor during the Hrst seinester was Carl Mullen, an engineering senior from Sapulpa. The men applied tliemselves during study hall hours in an atteinpt to raise their house scholarship average. Most of the residents participated in some form ol' intrainurals and in inany eanipus-wide activities includ- ing Ifloineeoining and Dadis day. James Salmon. Terry Ilarris. Monty Mcllannald. Russel Stout, THIRD ROW: Jim Copass, Hank Keitz, George Richardson. Kent Ilarrel. WVayne Philpot. Howard Meek. Jerry Toney, lloh Anderson. Boll Sinallwood. John Fesler. Ed Checliovsky, Ralph Custar. Erie Olixer. Jim I.indlxerg. Don Durhin. Ralph Ridling- hafer. Rob Colley. John Arnold. Cary Stephenson. Mare Wasson. Cary Brown. FIRST ROVV: Donnie Smith, Kenny Sole, George Robb, III, William O'Neill, jr. SECOND ROVV: Michael Hudson, Roy Hively, Robert Phillips, Phillip Craven, Frank Swindle, Harold Knight, Ronnie Van Welden, Richard Baum, Michael VVilliams, Edward Wilson, Richard Anglin, Charles McCune. THIRD ROWV: Jerry Kendall, James Hoyler, James Sneed, Wlilliam Tylinski, Jack Klahr, Thomas Brown, John Suter, George Stratis, Dean Stamatis, John Adamson, David Tripplehorn, Buchanan house boasted two four-point students first semester. They were John Wells of Dallas and Mike Hively of Muskogee. Ron Van Welden was another out- standing resident, serving as the parliamentarian for the Cross Center President's council the Hrst semester. The most memorable event of the year was the time the boys were caught by Mr. Miles in a water fight with next-door neighbor Bass house. Although winning the water fight, Buchanan house lost in the long run, as they were campused for the following weekend. Junior Spanish major Harold Knight was counselor. Barry Dickerson, Robert Shelton, John Burford, Larry Dow, Glenn Redeker, jay Allen, James Cronoble. FOURTH ROW: Rufus Dunagau. Geoffrey Brown, Ira Pryor, james Frantz, Doyle Newsom, Michael Castor, Tim Cochnauer, ,lack Shattuck, john Wells, Robert McCauley, Leonard Lebow, Hobart Ham- mond, Robert Booth. Cary Shepherd. Charles McDaniel, VVil- liarn Wlard, Roger Short, Gerald Crifhn, Robert Hess, Gregory Buchanan Hou e O F F I C E R S RON VAN WELDEN ...... President RANDY CRAVEN . . . Vice-President RICK BAUM . . . Secretary-Treasurer DOYLE NEWSOM . . . Intramural Chairman Mike Castor will know next time not to rack out while dorm jokers Leonard Lebow and George Stratis are around to play the old shaving cream joke, a popular trick. FIRST RUVV: Alan Berns, Robert Horrell. Mike Silk, Floyd Leighty. SECOND ROYV: Mike Rissien, Leslie Page, Berry Rooker. 'Iiin Lamb. John Knightly. Kent Sinex, Bob Gilbert. Mike Calllllfflll, Max Roadruck, Logan Beard, John Wicklund, Bill Mooreliead. THIRD ROVV: Pat Smith, George Drake, Charles Miller. Eddie Mclfall, Noble Nordahl. Tiin Castello. Bernard Cilassrnan, james Karn, Mike Puckett, Allan Dolinan, Burton Hou e O F F I C E R S JOHN KNIGHTLEY ...... President Bois GILBERT . . . . Vice-President MAX ROADRUCK . . Secretary-Treasurer ,lack Crosbie, Gregg Kennedy, Bill Harvey, Stan Ewing, Harold Degraw. Russell McArron, YVilfred Lenhardt, Bob Maloy. FOURTH ROYV: Boyd Cohen, Bill Wvoodard, Bob Hayes, David Tliornpsoii, John McCalla, Scott Higgins, WValter Noakes, Clyde Amyx, Norman Bird, Henry Newman, Bob Weeks, ,Iirn Rankin. Johnny Jones, Jim Smith, David Boyd, Ronald Rose, Breiin Stilley. A feeling of house loyalty and unity dominated Burton house with the men maintaining a creditable scholastic average and participating enthusiastically in all intra- mural sports. Study counselor, Mike Cauthron, letters major, kept order during quiet hours. They hosted several dorm parties, a hay-ride and a river-bottom party. Counselor Kent Sinex, junior in engineering, announced his coming marriage and the men couldn't let him get away without a token of their esteem-a haircut and shower on the night before the wedding, enjoyed greatly by all the residents. One student found a faster way from class -Logan Beard, Barry Rooker, Jerry Brig- hain and John Knightley. The touch football game broke up when Jim Landers decided to take Kay Carletti out of the game. The girls claimed the victory! Many extra-curricular activities kept Ditmars resi- dents busy this year. Together with Burton house, they established the custom of dual house parties in the Cross Center lounge. Although winning second place in foot- ball intramurals, they suffered defeat in the co-ed foot- ball game with Neill house. Two of the outstanding residents are Arlen Hanley, a member of the OU wrestling team, and Gil Caudill, who is on the OU basketball team. Serving as the boys' counselor was "Stoney" Anderson, a junior majoring in psychology, who hails from Fayetteville, Ark. FIRST ROVV: George Freeman, joe Knickmeyer, Arlen Hanle, Gil Caudill, jim Barnard, Stony Anderson, Gerald Copher, Bob Richardson, Adrian Statser, Bennie Heinrich, Bob Hamil- ton, Tom Lehman. SECOND ROW: Mike Mele, Jerry Hill, Nick Priseo, Clyde Harris, Pat Patterson, Larry Stern, Martin Ford, M. O. Eckel, johnny Brewer, George Wortham, Len Bodenhamer, Robert Burns, YVade Voss, Joe Bass, Alen Schafer, Ditmar Hou e OFFICERS just BARNARD ........ President Bora RICHAIQIDSON . . . . Vice-President ADRIAN STA'rsisR . . Secretary-Treasurer JOE W. KNICKMEYER ..... ISA Rep. GIL CAUDILL .... Intramural Chairman STEVE LEAKY . . . judicial Board Don Feinstein, Bill Couch, Melferd Fergeson, Randy Morrison, Ted Webb. THIRD ROW: Kent Meek, John Arant, Bruce Vegter, Bill Elliot. David Nelson, David Sutherland, Charles Friedman, Dan Boland, Steve Leakey, Don Henline. Doug Ver- donck, Russell Anderson, jimmy Landers, Al Salikof, Mike Meredith, Loyd Nelson, Bill Kummings, Mike McSweeney. Kell Hou e OFFICERS JAY l'll2L1flik'l' ........ President JAY S1-nELns . . . Vice-President BILL CAS'l'I.EMAN . . Secretary-Treasurer BOB FRENCH . . . Athletic Chairman FIRST ROXY: Dax id Confer. John Filbeck, Richard Peterson, George Young, Robert French, Bill Castlenxan, Charles Pierce, Jay Helfert, Jay Shields, VVinston Barton. Bruce Hickman, Dean VVhite. SECOND ROXV: Steve Kniclcrneyer. Dale Rey- nolds. Shelly Arnette, john florney. Doug Smith, Dennis Berry, Bryan Cahan, Sam Jordon. Phil Martin. Dwight Mundell, Larry Lemon, Ronald Rallel, Don Rich, Phil Rope, Marty Martinelc, House parties are a regular feature of dorm life, and Doug Tindall, Ben Silvia. Dean White and Jay Helfert can hardly wait for the fun to begin! Athletics was the big word in the dorm this year as six residents participated in freshman athletics and all of the men cooperated in forming teams to enter all intramural competition. Nineteen of the men had been high school lettermen, including Doug Tindall, Don Rich, Elvis Roark and Bill Castleman. Jay Shields, freshman from Tulsa, was a varsity cheerleader. Everyone will remember the cooperative attitude of all the dorm members in the many dorm functions. Especially helpful was the counselor, Charles Pierce. .Klan Barthel. Jerry Dawson, Paul Mannas, Torn Burk, Torn Burger, Charles Cole. THIRD ROW: Bill Swan, Martr Cum- mings, John Glover, Tom Babcock, Caylon Crawford, Ben Silvis. Bob Lazzarini, Robert Hood. Alfred Peel, Ron Yordi, Elvis Roark. Bill Evans, Marion Tindall, Bill Graham. hlike Buchwald, Fred Cleveland, Bill Madson, Dwight Lee. FIRST ROVV: Ronnie Carey, Calvin Mott, David Clemens, Michael Sartin, Pat 0'l5rien, Patrick Hensy, Keith Bartholomew, -Iohn VFl10lIl21S, Silas Cassett, WVilliam Edwards, Donald Thomas, Larry Hurmeier. SECOND ROYV: Michael Fried, Charles Eby, Steven Mussman, Paul Bigelman, Cary Platner, Michael War- den. Thomas Martin, Ronny Wlood, David Coatney, Claxton Lovin, Neal Oihcer, Robert Martin, Ron Barton, Keith Bohhnan. Outstanding residents included Joe McMillin, HRC representative and president's leadership classg Ron Carey, president's leadership classg Charles Eby, com- puter instructorg Pat O'Brien and Russell Dougherty, honor residentsg Jim Phillips, freshman tennis, and Calvin Mott, University of Oklahoma band. The house sponsored parties with McCurtain, Parker, Davis, Forbes, Lawson, Sager and Sanger dorms. They won fourth in intramural football, had a top-ranking bowling team, and participated in other sports. Pat Hensy, graduate student, was counselor. IIarold llriechle, Phillip Keuhny. David Crowder. Phillip Mar- zolino. John Carpenter, Albert Norris. THIRD ROVV: Robert Renfrow, Michael Boydstun. William Iilack. Joe McMillin, jr., Elvis Pennington. jr., John Bowles, Charles Misak. Dick liednar. jr., Allan Zurnsteg, Cerlad Cohen, Conrad Sehardein, Charles W'ilde, Carl Darnell. Elvin Bounds. Stephen Randel, Jay Hutchens, james Phillips. .lames llureham, Nolan Schriner. Kitchen Hou e O F F I C E R S PAT O,BRIliN . . . President REX IIENFROWV . . . . Vice-President MIKE SARTIN . . Secretary-Treasurer TONY EDWARDS . .... ISA Rep. SILAs GASSETI' . . Intramural Chairman DAVID CLEMENS . . . judicial Board Students are constantly seeking ways of increasing their knowledge. Paul liigelman tries the crossword puzzle with Ilarold liriechle's help. ,r ,qeazw-. f. - - 1 - i V, I 5 FIRST ROYV: Joe Kernke, Daniel Pedroja. Michael Dameron. Dennis Rice. SECOND ROVV: Howard Clickman, Fred Brown. Jack Berry. john WVood, Steve Provines, Burl Ragland, Mike Cittings. Mark Thomas, Steve Swanson, Michael McDon- ald, De Lawler, George Thompson. THIRD ROVV: Bruce Wilkirlstrn, Neil Wilson, Ronald Goddard, Dwight Mackie, Ronald Gold, Jim Null, jim Means, Bill Wilkinson, Edwin cCain Hou e O F F I C E R S STEVE PROVINE ....... President MIKE Gnmnvcs . . . Vice-President JOHN WOODS . . Secretary-Treasurer McBrayer. Robert Parrott. Steve Levy, Ronald Bordon. Mike Parr, David Smith, Lee Ridgway, Malcolm Macauley, Bill Crow. FOURTH ROW: Clifford Stockman, ,lim VVindell, Frank Hawkins, Kirk Clausing, Tom Clark, Lynn Lermann, Tom Rigney, Rick Hunt, Norman Pullman, Edward Sloan, Phill Harrolle, Gary Nurrel, Everitt Walborn, john Mason, james Carloss, Robert Sompayrac, John Baum, Roy Sikkink. Under the direction of counselor Burl Ragland, a senior in civil engineering, the house participated in campus activities, intramurals and social events. Jack Berry served as intramural chairman. The bowl- ing team consisting of Dwight Mackie, Dennis Rice, Torn Rigney, Cary Murrell and Cliff Stockman, was one of the toughest competitors in the league. The houseis social life was brightened with parties with Hamill, Parker, Lawson and McSpadden dorms. Norman Pullman was in freshman track and field and Dwight Mackie was on the University bowling team. . is f , ,- Tllereis trouble around the corner for Dave Smith. Ron Cold. Dean White and .lim Carloss, but itis all in 21 day's life at Cross Center. A tradition of long standing at UU is the last minute date for a friend. Fred Johnston IS trvlngg Ins best for pal David Urcutt. A variety of activities kept the men of Mills house busy this year. Travis Cnrd was on the freshman foot- ball team and Cross Center Presidentls Council. Steve Lambert was active in the band, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Chi Sigma, Al Crosbie in Pi Mu Epsilon, AIME, Larry Foster worked in the Model UN, and Harland Hanson was a member of the svvinnning team. Mickey Bottoms, house counselor and senior in pe- troleum land management, saw his house participate in football, wrestling and basketball. All in all, it was a good year for Mills residents. FIRST RUXV: Hal Adamson. Larry McElroy. Barry Silverman. Marty Colman, Travis Curd. Mickey Bottoms, Howard Smith. Simon Markowsky, Albert Dumas, Jim Newport, Larry Crillin, Herbert Carvin. SECOND ROWV: Charles Adams, Mickey Cnthbertson. Steve Lambert. Halsell Savage. Charles Habeger, Jim Crothers, Mike Mathias, Denny Benson, David Urcutt, -lim K 'TP' 4 'Ls ,ya .aasl .. .,... ,. 3, mmm ill Hou e O F F I C E R S Tlmvls Cum . . . . President lylmvrv CoLMAN . . . Vice-President Smox Mmckowskv . . Secretary-'Freasurer Alasulvr DUMAS . . judicial Board Culley. Cary Kassehaum. Steve Spangler, Kenneth Kan. Herb Phillips. THIRD ROYV: Lloyd Dean. Yvavne Doran. Jeff VYo0ley. Cary Doublin, Bob Kearns. Alfred Crosbie, Richard Cilhy, Harland Hanson, Larry Foster, Eugene Lacy. Frank Hall. John Keith. Stan Ferguson, David Salem, Jim Mills, Charles Roberts. Bill Gayle. aiieh Hou e OFFICERS RALPH P1NsoNNr:AuLT, Ill . . . President JACK CARSON ...... Viee-President JAMES Beck . . . Secretary-Treasurer BILL Common . . Athletic Director Dome CRAIG . . Judicial Board FIRST ROIY: Larry Tashlik. Cal Kilgore, Ron Jones. Gil Steidley, Bill Cribbage, Ralph Pinsonueault. Paul Johnson, Tom Briggs, Jack Carson, Tom Tyree. David Ramsey, Bruce Geis. SECOND RUVV: Don Rahhal. Earnest Roark. Rick McGee, Chris Meyers. Al Schaefer. Don lfraxier. Paul Kuhn. Al Barrow. Gus Miller. Cary Kilpatrick, Tom Kenexnore, Dobie Crai Sh This isnit exactly what Rick Mcflee had in mind when he suggested to Pat Ilanaley and Gil Steidley that they take out the trash! trash! Highlight of the year for the men of Naifeh house was the upsetting of Alley house in intramural football. This game was especially memorable for Naifeh house had not won a single game and Alley needed the victory to get into the Hnals. The men on the fourth floor were noted for their leadership qualities and yibrant personalities. as they garnered all of the house oflices. This contrasted some- what with the studious atmosphere on the second and third floors, but all of which made for a well-rounded dorm life. Paul Johnson was counselor. Mike Overand, Pat Martocci, Bill Shawn, Mike Cray. Vincent Ashton, Jere Gallup. THIRD ROW: Mike Minnis, Virgil VVildey, Earl Meadows, Mike Mayberry, Carl Buckner, Art Jones, Jerry Sanders. Don Coates. Henry Murray. Dick Brunell, Mike Amspacller, Mike Robb. Mike Hyatt. Larry Brady, Toni llarris, Bob Cook, Steve Burtrnni. Leslie Conner. FIRST ROVV: Leonard Carpenter. Cranvill Pennington. David Milligggall. Donald Reed. Leslie Farrell. Pat Condon. Ken Casey. Lennis Nance. Jack Yvhitener, Stephen Miller. Larry Jones. SECOND ROIY: Ralph Ige. jerry Shipman. Reid Robison. IYiIliam Young. Richard Yvilkes. Michael Nelson. Steyen Dug- gan. 'Vravis Albin. Samuel Swift. Grover Fulkerson. Richard Enjoyable days at Prentice house were highlighted by parties with Lawson and lVIcCurtain houses. Allen Penn- ingtonls tall-tale sessions, Steve Miller's lectures on base- ball and the day Prentice house became the Cross Center football champions. Something that few freshmen will forget was fresh- man study hall. Ken Casey. se11ior mechanical engineer- ing student, served as study hall counselor. A fellow mechanical engineering student, Pat Condon, was the boys? counselor and helped his men to adjust to the OU campus life. Collins. Tom Petty. Stephen IVorthley. XYilliarn Ritzhaupt James Iirown. THIRD ROWV: Perry Evans. Cary Kahler Treyus ,'hl'IIlSIl'0lljJQ. john Selk. Stanley Foust. Lonnie Holland -Ioe Proyine. Ifdward Stone. Bruce IYelch. Michael Grimes Jerry Hales. Donald Galbraith. Charles Kimherlin. John Arn- monl. Mark Ashton. -Iohn Bohan. I Prentice Hou e OFFICERS Lusuu FARRELL, JR ...... President LENN1s NANCE . . . . Vice-President Tommy WHITENER . . Secretary-Treasurer PAUL ANDERSON . . . Intramural Chairman Letters from home might mean money for Keith Ilartholomew, Charles Kimherlin. Mike Ilellenova, Ian Gibbs, Paul Anderson and .Ion Forinan. hut it wonlt last long. FIRST ROVV: Jimmie Cole. Kemp Catlett. Ceorge Beavers. jack Early. Darryl VYalt0n. Gary Denning. Frank Stone. Jerry Turner. Arthur Tanner. Rodney lvilson. Starr Davis. Quinton Ditrnore. SECOND ROIV: ,lack Hedge. Douglas Crossland. james Kanornata. jeff Eastman. Vic Henuny. Michael Morris. I,arry Kiester. Dean Myers. Kenneth McCoy.'Mit'l1ael Schuman. Page Iloyland. Dan McDowell. David Freeman. Steve Hadley. O F F I C E R S RONNIE PYLE ........ President GARY DENNING . . . Vice-President JACK EARLY . . . . Secretary-Treasurer DARRYL WALTON . . Intramural Chairman George Thompson. Michael Smith. James Russell. Rocky Kaye. Jack Onofrio. Phillip Wvalls. THIRD ROYV: Ronald Clorsliy. Steve Millspaugh. -Iaines McMillan. Fred Wlilliarns. Hank llrad- ley. joseph Mcflinn. Kent Shoemaker. Gary Simms. Ed Mc- Conias. Don Boyington. Robert Hudson. Tony Jury. Frank Carlyle. David Mitchell. Bob Blonieyer. Pete Rhein. Arthur Thompson. llarry Vogel. Richard Stieber. Among the many things Setlifl residents will remem- ber about this year are the four house parties. river bottom party. study hall. and the exciting co-cd football game with Forbes house. Some of the outstanding dorm members were Ronnie Pyle. who served as president of Cross Center Presidents, Council. member of UAB. President's Leadership class, and president of his fraternity pledge class. Art Thomp- son. Scabbard and Blade, AUSA and Union Representa- tives Council. Counselor was Frank Stone, graduate law student. Allllllflllg tl1e 1961 Ilad's Day trophy are Cary Denning. Art Tanner. and Ronnie Pyle. This is one of many awards ggiyen througliout tl1e year in Cross Center. FIRST ROVV: Ronald Reed, Leonard Carter, Larry Ratlifl, Mokhtee Ahmad, Aubrey Chambers, Vernon Woods. SECOND ROVV: Sungpgi Chung, Homer Baldwin, Robert Lindsay, Har- vey Fullhright, Ronald Featherstone, Donald Lawrence, Lowell Hanson. Kenneth Jones. Rudolph Troup, Arthur Byrd, Keith Wvilson. Prak Yoeung. THIRD RONY: .Iinuny Hutchinson, Dale Headrick. Thomas Dodson. Michael McCarty, jimmy Hurst, john Berry, Phillip Easton. Richard Cwaltney, Peter An active intramural program kept Smith men busy, as they participated ir1 football, basketball, volleyball and softball. Outstanding residents included Jimmie R. Erwin, Aubrey Pat Chambers, Jimmy R. Hutchison, and Sunggi Chung, foreign student from Korea. The party with Neill house was one of the high spots on the house's calendar, but few will forget the fresh- man study halls. Donald E. Lawrence, a junior in aeronautical and space engineering, served the house as counselor. Feldman, William Hunt, Arthur Lofton, jim Nay, Donald Willis, Drew Beams, Patrick Kenady, Bill Starks, jack Farrier, Othie Burk, Richard Graham. FOURTH ROW: William A. Salas, Joe VV. McCord. Jimmie Erwin, Leroy Wynn, Christian Bauer, Robert Fisher, Scott W'rigght, Bill Sansing, Tom Rempel, john Henry, Ernest Alexander, Thomas Roe. ,lim Fulmer, Frank Murphy, James lvICxVilll?.llllS, Howard Snyder. mith Hou e O F F I C E R S JACK F ARRI1-LR ........ President RUDOLPH Tnorr . . . Vice-President TOM REMPEL . . . Secretary-Treasurer KENNETH JONES . . . . . ISA Rep. Not the prettiest maids in town. but the house must be clean for Dad's Day, say Steve Snyder. Arthur Lofton. Dec lvynn, Ross Hendrick and Ron Featherstone. FIRST ROYV: .Ian Faltin, Robert Cook, Charles Kerr, Doyle VVilliaIns, Jerry Elliott, Jim McCaffrey, Skip Branson, Tim Hayes, Gerald Davidson, Dan Nelson, Lornax Murphy. Ron Marks. SECOND RONV: Torn Carey, Dick Johnson. Jeff Hindrnan. Jack lflennning. Jeff Villines. johnny Murphy, Jim Haney. Alan Livingston. Terry Cutshall. Paul Kallenherger, Ron Eccles, David Foster. Nick Mcflalliarcl. Dan Babcock, Ron ance Hou e OFFICERS -IERRv El,l.1o'1'1 '....... President rrlM HAvr:s . . . Vice-President CHARLES KERR . . Secretary-Treasurer LoMAx MlFIil'HY' . . judicial Board Eddington. WValter Lee, Mike Bailey, Jim Messenger, Jimmy Howard, Clill VVhitrnore, Larry VVrigl1t. THIRD KUVV: Mike Robinson, Mike Mitchell, Mike Vaught, Joe Lollman, George Scott. Cordon Phillips, Bob Doty. Brian Hardin, John YVilliams. Don lirown, john Burczynski, George liershinsky, jack Tillerv. Torn Lawrence, Steve Franklin, David Shoe- bothazn. Bill Bullard. The Cross Center Donaldson lntrarnural All Sports Trophy was awarded to Yance house this year, as they won first place in volleyball and basketball. The boys also participated in intramural football and softball, doing well in both. To give their parties that extra -iSOIl1CllliIlg',w the house decorated the lounge and hired bands. To take advantage of the fine spring weather, picnics and wiener roasts were part of the second semester's social calendar. Counselor was jim McCaffrey, junior law student. s aww' 'lihinkiug that pop quiz in liridav afternoon lab will soon be forgotten. Jack liurczynskl uid liill llullard get ready for their dates. Taking a break in studies to enjoy the new national pastime. folk-singing. are Ronnie Wlales. George Wilson, Noel Portnoy and Bill Caswell. Initiating a successful social season. the boys of Young house held parties with McCurtain, Hume and Herrick houses of Cate Center. Full participation in athletics saw Young house finish strong ir1 intramural footballg the spirit and ability was maintained during the basketball season and into the spring sports. Keeping things under control was the job of Jerry Muskrat. counselor. a senior majoring in economics. Some of the distinguished students were Gene Sands. john Ilerron and Robert Swartz. FIRST ROIY: Lewis Hayes. IYalter Higgins. Ronald Mitchell. Mike Carnes. Tom Brown. Noel Portnoy. Jerry Muskrat. Mike Harris. Ronald Wlales. Wlilliam Strange. Ronald Brown. Danny VVitter. SECOND ROVV: David jones. johnny Worden. Mil- ton Trice. Robert Bray. Don Phillips. Cerald Smith. IVilliam Grillin. Bruce Mahon. Richard Ceries. IVilliam Caswell. Cary Benedict. John Whiteside, Roger Hubbard, Tom Benefiel, Young Hou e O F F I C E R S RICHARD KRo1-1' . . . . President RONALD IVALES . . . Vice-President RONNIE M1'rcni:LL . . Secretary-Treasurer ALLEN BAILEY . . Intramural Chairman VVayne Linville. John Beck. Robert Vaughn. Steve Coad. Roger Paulk. Don Roberts. THIRD ROIV: Tommy VVelch, Ben Tipton, Hank Speilmann. WVilliam Livermon. Lynn IYatkins. Ewing Stroman. Charles Snider. Doyle Murray, Wvade Leaky, Robert Howard. Gary Dies. Paul McCain. john Herron. Ron- ald Evans. Gene Sands. George W'ilson. Robert Cupp, Richard Kropp. Allen Baily, XVillis Gresham. Wil on Center Pre itlent 'Council OFFICERS JIM DIES . ....... President JOE PIERCE . . Secretary-Treasurer Rox S'l'!LEI,E . . . . Sponsor FIRST ROXY: Ron Steele. joe Pierce. -Iini Dies. -Iolin llnsli. Yvilliani Logan. John Fannin. SECOND RUNY: -Iiin Slaugh- ter, Cooper Redwine, .Itunes xYlllllCIl, Vernon liolstacl. Mike Ron Steele, john Veccia and Mike McKee get together for 21 planning session to dis- cuss activities in vVllS0ll center. Presidents and vice-presidents of the seven menls dor- mitories in VVilson center compose the Presidents, coun- eil. The group works hand-in-hand with the University housing department to help promote relations between students and the University. Big event first semester was the annual Christmas party for children from broken homes. The party was sponsored jointly by Wlilson center, Cate center, Hester- Robertson and VVhitehand hall. Future plans include lounge improvements, gym lighting, adding sports equipment and sponsoring an all-campus street dance. lipstein. ,lolin Vercia, Nick Wveatliers. NOT PICTLYRED: -Iinuny Ronald YYrigl1t. FIRST RUYV: Nl. E. floforth. R. lf. Temple. L. D. Stout. R. Sharlowen. YV. T. Stecher, M. A. Epstein. L. Hopkins. H. Fannin, H. L. Logsdon. S. C. Smith. SECOND RUYV: C. A. Kerr. L. Tongue. D. Robinson. D. R. Coulston. S. F. Fis- lcin. F. YY. Becker. G. YY. EI:-y. jim liilbeck. Jim Wilson. Mike Finney. -lohn Peters. ll. M. Gilbert, THIRD ROWY: P. Henry. R. C. Davis. H. N. Perkey. H. A. Miller. T. M. McKenzie. llouse parties. intramural games. study hall and the empty coke machine-that's what memories are made of for the men of Boyd house. The boys of Boyd participated iI1 intramural football and broke two records-the most consecutive games without scoring and the most consecutive losses during the season. Residents welcomed foreign students Ali S. Amiri of Iran and Saing Kim Soy. Cambodia. Harold Logsden. graduate law student, and Stan G. Smith. business graduate. were the house Counselors. R. 'l'. Benbow. R. A. Callicott. D. Cratix. ll. NY. Williarns. T Arfstrom. M. Barlow. R. Wiills. O. K. Hill. FOURTH ROYY: J. S. Swalforcl, R. A. Barbeau, R. E. Moore, C. R. Stallard T. tl. Grimes. D. P. Black. ll. L. Feinstein. j. L. Musich. J. IS Elms. S. P. Cermond. H. A. Burkett. Ii. Herherick, NY. D Corey. C. H. Halninert. S. A. Amiri. Bo dHou e O F F I C E R S JOHN FANNIN ........ President MIKIQ EPs'l'1c1N . . . . Vice-President Wn.l.lAM S'i'EcH1Qlt . . . Secretary-Treasurer JIM IloPK1Ns . . . Athletic Director Thu "neu look" in suits hclonggs to Dani Lloyd. but he might go home in at barrel alter this game with John lfannin. Clary Eley and Terry Crimes. llRS'l' RUNY: Larry Mcl.ean. fi. YY. Vowell. Holm Anderson, ll. P. Hall. joe Pierce. YY. llarnetl. M. .xl1LlCl'SUll. ll. l.. Rodolph. -I. F. lYathen. D. l'. Circue. Dick Orr. Toinniy Stevens. SPXIONIJ KUWV: S. M. Cfaslarieda. R. U. Ciriggslmy. V. T. Tapia. .X. xlCciUllIlCl. 'l'. L. llollouay. li. fl. Renlro. l.. llclin. A. linchanan. ll. L. xvllllilllli lf. llonati. N. ll. ence. THIRD KUNY: James Massey. B. Alloni. Richard loveland Hou e OFFICERS QIUE PIERCE ........ President JAMES VVATIIEN . . . Vice-President MICHAEL THARP . . Secretary-Treasurer .IosEI'H HAIQIQISON . . . Judicial Board DONALD RODOLPH . . Intramural Chairman livans. ,lanies Fowler. R. Zdener. Bijan lfsfandiari. Douglas liaton. Eclnarcl King. Keith Klallke. Larry Smith. Thomas Reser. Gerry Wvood. John Yoglcr. FOITRTH RUNY: Robert VVS-bh. Dale llainplon. M. K. Clark. N. E. jones. li. P. Self. john Ulinghouse. lf. Shipley. David Peters. C. S. Swiinley. YY. T. lnahnctt. lf. Sullivan. fl. U. llicknion. lf. NlCcl0llllCl. R. H. cifillllllll. fl. S. Skibiclci. Under tlIe able leadership of Bob Anderson. majoring iI1 Business Education and serving as Cleveland coun- selor, the boys pursued a busy schedule, keeping active iII intramurals and also in niaintaining a well-rounded social program. Two of their parties were with the stu- deIIt nurses at Central State Hospital. and two were with the girls of Hester-Robertson. Some of the outstanding residents included Larry McNeal, who served oII the llouse Representatives Coin- Initteeg Donald Rodolph. Michael Tharp and Joseph Harrison. Clieckingg the house bulletin board is part of the daily routine for counselor Holm An- derson. Somehow house lllCCllllj2j notices seein to become llllSDl2lL'CCl. Rick .NFIIIIIIO and Eric Lindstroin engage in some friendly rough-housing. as integral a part of dornl life as the weekly house ineet- ings and mashed potatoes on Friday. The men of Irving house kept busy this year. buying two sorority' pledge classes at Campus Carnival. setting up several house connnittees. such as the light bulb. clean hallway. and shooting eonnnittees. and finishing up as runnerup in the VViIson Center football intramural competition. Khossrow Diba. foreign student. served as study Coun- selor. Other foreign students included Ayad AI-Salman. Maurice Kharma. and Mohannned Esfahani. The house counselor was George Teas. FIRST RUIY: .Xrthur Mclntosh. Ceorge Teas. lfric Lindstroni. Robert Lanibeth. .lohn Rush. Wlilliani Logan. Ceollrey Kelly. Clarence Cagle. SICCOND ROWY: John Calderas. Larry Krue- ger. Toni Norton. lloyvinan Stewart. Mayo Parks. Ronald Cll- ford. john Morgan. jr.. Henry Wilhorn. Ayad Al-Salman. David Rondurant. Rob Skinner. Ray' Cilkey. Howard Yeilding. Robert Kline. Neal Ugle. james Ilodge. lYilliarn Pickens, Paul Bohanon. .Xndy Myers. Maurice Kll2ll'lIlH. Donald Blackwood. THIRD RUIY: Anthony Laudato. Mark Cain. Herschel Rain- sey. YVade Knight. Rhyan Rowe. Charles Iiurgett. Larry Heeks- ler. Alan Loeh. Danny Riley. Danny Haugan. Rick WVelclon. Roger Sloan. Michael Smith. Mike Cullo, Steven Christie, Den- nis Krispinsky. Richard Muellen. Terry Arnn. Pat Maples. lvilliain Wallace. Frances V. Nelson. Charles Kreutz. Vklilliani Dulin. FOI'RTI'I ROYY: Michael Moore. Johnnie Day. Jack RWE? Ir ing Hou e OFFICERS Rick Aizmfvro ........ President Blu, LUGAN . . . Vice-President Bois I.,AMIiI'l'I'll . . Secretary-Treasurer liltlti LINlJs'l'k0M . Intramural Chairnian lfngleinan. -laines Cannnill. XNIIIIZIIII Morgan. Clay Ring. Michael Rogers. lfllon Asliby. Larry Hicks. David Mcliride. Mitchell Long. Richard Kleckner. Ii. Riley. R, Caputto. Leslie lfdyyardo. Thomas McMillan. Robert Harris. Robert -len- sen. Don Northcutt. Ivan Sturgis. Robert Robbins. Duane Laurence. Duncan MacDonald. Paul Houghton. Chayo Frank. Henry Coldberger. Rick Arinato. Rick Zwald. IVIFTH RUYY: Steve Carman. Ted Johnston. Thomas Zieinan. David Wilson. Cary Chambers. Ilenry Sullivan. Ilob Netland. NYIIIIHIII Moore. Robert Pappas. Yyilliain Duke. Leonard Loveday. George Dorr. John Saunders. Andy Mutzig. Charles Parks. Larry ilividen. Briscoe Stephens. Billy Young. .linnnie Dudley. Frederick Chap- nian. James Knight. Thomas Meliarney. Thonias Holyeross Jerry Wleldon. Barry Zirnmerrnan. Elmer Pollard. Steven YYilf'on Gary Kuseh. Kurt Funkhouser. Kingti her Hou e OFFICERS JOHN VECCIA ........ President LELAND KELLY . . . . Vice-President S'rrLvrL IELNNING . . Secretary-Treasurer FIRST RUNY: Steve Dunning. Leland Kelly. -lohn Veecia, Ronald Steele. George Triekel. Terry Thomson. Stanley Langa. Joel L. Cracraft. SECOND RUXY: John Moery. Bill McFar- land Darrell Woody. Eric Moberg. George Forsythe. Frank Gow. III. Peter Lepolstat. Groyer MeI.ure. III. .Ioe Deere. Troy French. Charles llohmer. III. Gary Mauro. John Lakis. Mitchell Putman. Thomas Burton. Robert Ilannnond, Roger Zelnick, Tim Erin. Larry Doyle. Jay Turk, Earl jones, Oren Vylikotf. jerry Forbns. THIRD RUWY: Ilayden Hewes. Carl Gericke. Bill liillups. ,lim Sehuler. Pat johnson. lien Gard. Pete Border. Richard Melis. Dermot Connolly. Wlarner Lovell. Rich- ard IIoll'. John Colgan. Don Iiruit. Bill Murphy. Alec Pearce. john Knight. Fred Jung. john Lawson. Peter McNamee. Bill Mouillerat. Craig Stevens. Ralph Moore. jr.. YYillia1n Maehulis. Stephen Halper, Dayid Rollow. Earle Bowers. III. Fortified with nourishment. John Veccia. Larry Doyle. Tim Erin and Dave Rollow will probably return to their studies. unless an good bull session develops. Ron Steele. senior in chemical engineering. led the men of Kingfisher house through a successful year. The men entered football. basketball. volleyball. track and bowling in intrarnurals and sponsored a children's Christmas party. Outstanding residents were Richard Stegman. a mem- ber of Ruf Neksg Tim Erin. also a Rul' Nek and intra- mural bowlingg Mike Morford. freshman footballg Jay Turk. member of Daily' staff and honor resident. and lion Kwong Lee. NROTC scholarship and Ruf Neks. FOl'R'l'H ROYY: Dale Carter. Jack Lewis. Albert Stifller. jim Zimmerman. Gerald Starr. Joe Stamps. Tom Collins. Mahlnn IIardick. Joe Etten. Charles Byrd. Bill Montgomery. Guy Hunt- ley. jr.. Bill Palmer. Harris Goldman. .lack Hurtley. Sandy Subater. George Ausman. Tom Ralya. Rabon Martin. Karl Selxnlitt. Harry Tebrock. liill Roe. -Iohn Thomas. Ronnie liarnes. FIFTII RUVV: Daye Burke, Paul Rrunton. Charles Spillar. Paul Meredith. Ronald Brooks. Ilarold Wielle, John liarnes. Kent Meyer. Mike Tuttle. Bob Coleman. Ed Dudkowski. Jon Rrosseau. Ronald Wlilkins. Richard Stegman. Lee Shelton. Rick Stead. Tonnny King. Al Martha. jr.. Dale Murdough. Pete Skarzenski. James Armstrong. Hon Kwong Lee. Bill Faulkner. Larry Wvarden. Robert Anguish. Joseph Mashburn. Allender Scott. FIRST ROYV: Nick lleathers. Vernon Bolstad. Louis Mlhite. VVilliam Stoolliolf, Neal Beelunan. David Reith. Cary Over- street. SECOND ROXV: liairl Simms. Malcolm Holcomb. Michael Clark. Barney Chappell. Dennis Boydstun. Tony Roh- ertson, Cene Jenkins. Tony Rose. Reginald Johnson, llzuli Cilali. 'l'0nnny -Ray. Dennis Johnson. Henrik Vertani. Neal Hardin. Hal Wiilliatns. D. C. Nelson. Y. B. Li. H. M. Starueli. Richard Collins. Toby Morey. THIRD ROWY: -Iolin Sager. Dennis Fagerlmerg, Harold Rubin. James Haley. Richard Smith. Robert Montgomery. James Mahaney. Don Strong. Clillord McCollum. 'l'onnny llyerly. Roger Smith. Max Moulton. Gordon Hammons. -Iolin Kemp. James Cody. -Ierry Tate. Clark Rhyne. The men of Lincoln house proudly brought home the trophy in menls housing intramural football this year. Other events included a party for the Baptist Orphan Home and several house parties. Outstanding members included Harold Rubin, jim- mie Lee fSamj Cole, Don Strong and Gary Overstreet. A foreign student. Vernon Bolstad from Panama, also lived in Lincoln. The exciting house meetings were led by VVilliam Stootholl, counselor and a senior in geology. James Cliiglieri. FOLRTH ROYV: B. K. Bohys. M. Lubel. Alan Feingold. Fred Kranz. Vernon Haragara. D. YV. Wray. M. A. Lilly. C. L. Lewis. ll. VV. Sexton. lVayne Solomon. Sam Stanifer. YY. Hesler. Toni Metcalf. C. R. Lyon. L. D. Estes. F. L. Moses. R. D. Cow. li. Fischer. M. Kelley. D. linnis. l"ll"rl'H RONV: Ronald Martin. john liaurngold. John llillabolt. Clyde Brown. Thomas Hart. William Cody. Ceorge Winter. Louis lYeiggand. Robert Kirk. Robert Marcy. Herlx Allen. Neil Riekel. James McMullen. Will Decker. Cary Day. N. Downing. Craham lVeakley. Miles Philpott. Melvin Maraxieli. Lincoln llou e O lf' F I C E R S Nick VVlLA'l'llliRS ....... President VERNON Boi,sTAn . . . Vice-President DAVID Rigrrn . . . Secretary-Treasurer GARY OvERs'1'RiLi1'l' . . Athletic Chairman Lineoln's Class A Trophy in intramural football for '62-'63 brings hack nieinories for Cary Oyerstreet. Clifford McCollum. Nick W'eathers and Vern Bolstad. FlKS'l' ROYV: Niclxey Nelson. Richard Tornav. Allen Cor- nelius. Kenneth Sachen. Carl Fiddner. Ronald Harper. Joseph YanNess. Cooper Redwine. Kent Patton. Cary Bianchi. Larry lfielding. li. R. lorio. liohbv Story. Bryan Ballard. Daniel liohnsack. SECOND RONY: Robert Barth. Cary Orr. I.. T. Pavne. Dale Floyd. Mike Kohl. M. D. Gurney. 'lltllll Dirato. li. fl. lloopcr. l.. Daw id. li. fi. Osborn. C. Christensen. Duane Bennett. liill Wihitter. Edward Cohen. -lohn Mosier. .lim Mcffonaliav. THIRD ROWY: liawrence Spiegel. ll. S. Segal. equo ah Hou e O lt' lf I C li R S Cootfsk Rtf:nw1NiL . . . President jimmy VVRltLl'l'l' . . . Vice-President S'l'lil'Ill'1N KVJWNBEY . . Secretary-Treasurer jossrn VAN Niiss . . Athletic Director J. li. Barrett. T. M. Sandefur. C. R. Kifer, ll. li. Vinson. N. Main. K. CI. Howinan. R. R. 'l'homason. YV. C. Harneit. R. C. Langford. li. XY. Duggger. Nl. G. Tiefel. D. M. Newberger. Nl. D. Dillenhacli. D. Gibson. FOl'li'l'H RONY: R. l.. Drew. R. li. Scott. D. li. Mangini. XY. Young. E. M. Brown. Ci. lt. Ogden. W. Nielsen. ln. L. Harris. L. W. farmer. B. ll. J Hazlett. D. tl. XValton. -I. Il. Leutwilcr. II. L. Foote. D. Lal ierrc Ballard. NY. N. Hugus. R. S. Stuenlzv. l.. D. Patton. Three baby pigs enlivened the atmosphere around Sequoyah house this fall. The three animals were caught by campus policemen behind the dormitory, which led some residents to believe they were at another state school about 100 miles north. Otherwise. the residents led a somewhat tranquil ex- istence, with a minimum of house meetings and concen- tration on study halls and athletics. The boys were active in football. basketball and softball. Serving as house counselor was Kent Patton, a senior iiiajoriiig in architecture. l'nlortunatelv the dorms don't have maid service. so Dale Floyd has to iron out his own problems. with Dick L2lllgf0l'tllS assist- ance and words of encouragement. FIRST ROVV: A. C. deMartini. D. Alexander. E. McKee. QI. R. Lawliorn. B. flrulmlis. K. R. Blullican. H. Dies. Jim Slaugliter. Morris Van Asperen. SECOND ROYYZ R. lVillis. M. H. McCublmins. J. D. Calahan. C. V. Andriesse. A. M. Barnes. C. B. Luper. ll. L. McLeod. R. P. Shaw. R. YY. Rulrlin. D. C. Talley. S. Tennant. D. lluunell. YY. Theis. M. Gottesman. Ed Mc'-Fvre. L. Norris. David Rowlby. Claude Charries. John ilryniewiez, ,losepli Douglas. THIRD ROYY: ll. YV. Humphrey. Larry Harden. Rodger Randle. Howard Clayton. .Iulian Paytuvi. Rodney Lee. B. Murray, D. llooker. L. G. Lovelace. C. Houtli. C. ll. Kleman. D, L. Pope. F. C. Knapp. D. ll. Eller. A. D. Segroves. YY. R. Hart. R. A. Minton. VV. XV. Toedter. J. C. Mallard. llill Eason. .l. B. Martin. A Halloween party with the girls ol' Kirk and Hamill houses and a party given by Forbes house were two parties the men of Wcmrcester will most remember this year. Nor will the residents soon forget the freshman study halls. Dorm morale was high. as the boys enjoyed their par- ticipation in team sports and encouraged Byrne Hatfield and George Poe in their handball competition. Steve McKee, Jim Slaughter and james Dies were some of the outstanding dorm members. House coun- selor was senior tludson Cruhlis. a geology major. FOURTH RONY: R. NY. lienzin. Steven lvard. Stephen Pe- tranek. -lack Cannnon. Johnny lYeeklev. Frank Bellows. Bill Rusk. Edward Duclos. VYilliam Paris. Richard Havlenheek. A. D. Fleming. Chuck Jarlioe. .lim Arnold. Peter Kranker. Gerald YYright. D. 'l'ennerv. C. ll. Hatfield. M. D. Crillin. YYillis Rall. T. tl. Tlielran. lvilliani Rogers. U. F. Segroves. FIFTH RUYV: Bill Reeves. C. Terry. R. R. Ray. Richard Patrick. Robert llemo. M. E. Hess. l'. R. liartee. Cary Redman. Dan Taylor. A. Cory. L. S. Hayes. L. Campliell. R. A. Sweet. W2 S. Remlel. WV. P. lienjaman. L. C. Lewis. L. R. Leek. R. D. Wvilliamson. B. tl. Strong. A. V. johnson. D. C. llenlev. Mike Eason. Holi Mason. jim Howell. orce ter Hou e OFFICERS -Im SLAUoii'1'r:li ....... President Cup' Deem and liill Iligltt know that weight lifting is a good way to lmuild up muscles to carry those heavy textlmooks around campus live days a week. -lmirls Dias. . . . . Vice-President ALLAN ni: lN4Alt'l'lNI . . Secrelary-Treasurer i.',.'i 3 ' " it lv.-l FIRST ROYY: Robert Vardenian. Ronnie Horn. John Ufilara. Norman Smith. Coy Kersey. Ed llall. Jimmie Payne. Johnnie Smith. -lim llliipple. Nehemiah Flowers, Steve Kline. .lim Fol- som. Mike Mahoney. SECOND ROW: Perry lvnruh. Robert Grochowski. Carl Horton. Carl McAd1nns. Dai id Voilcs. Dan jordan. Carl Schreiner. llutch Metcalf. Gary llilliams. Mach Cansler. George Stokes. liill Carlyle. Vernon Burkett. Leon Cross. Denzil McDonald. Richard Keller. Pat Hogan. -lim Jackson. Jim Doughty. Richard Roudreaux. THIRD ROYY: Terry Brown. Mike Rogers. jim Vervack. Fred Fleetwood, llyron llerline. Aloe Rogan. Roger Rains. Rennie llensley. Robert Frost. Gordon Brown. Bennie Shields. Richard Cole. Gary Taylor, Jim Reynolds. Don Mellott. Rob Metcalfe. .Iackie Cowan. Bob Cunningham. john McCray. Jerry fkllieri. Marion Wa hington Hou e RoN FI.E'I'CllER . . . President AI, LEAK . . . . Vice-President jaiiin' HAYDEN . . Secretary KIIM GRISHAM . Treasurer arm. Bayles. john Hammond. Larry Brown. Larry Shields. Mike Kelly. .lim Doolittle. Bill Tlioinas. Ronnie Fletcher, john Kindley. .loc Jones. Ronnie Engle. llob Jones. FOCR'l'H ROVY: George Hawkins. Dick Maxey. 'l'hurman Pitchlynn. Ronnie Smith. Frank Lovell. Alan Christian. Mike Ringer. Gary Wylie. George -lllfllliill. VVayne Lee. liill Hill. Ron Harmon, Teddy Dodson. Wesley Skidggel, John Garrett. Newt Burton. Rick McCnrdy. .lim Grisham. Rob Page, Alan llnnigardner. Steve O'Neill. FIFTH RUXY: jim Mankins. Alan Axley, james Kaiser. Mack Turner, Harvey Challin, Stan Morrison. Jerry Hayden. Dennis VVard. lfddie McQuarters. Dale Pontius. Charles Mayline. Terry Cushion. Jerry Haddock. Neil Chaney. .loe Lewis. The Orange Bowl will be the most remembered LIC- tiyity of the members of Vllasbiiigton house. the dorm for varsity football and basketball players. Outstanding dorm members include Leon Cross, Look All-Americag Dennis Ward. affectionately known as "Monster"g VVayne Lee. ,lim Grisham, Larry Vermil- lion, and Joe Don Looney, well-known names to Big Red fans. Social activities included the Morris Tenenbaum Tie Auction and the annual David "Twister" Nelson dance. An informal Orange Howl practice linds Robert x7lll'flClllE1Il preparing to pass while Ralph Neely. -lim Gilstrap. Charlie Pearce and Duane Cook set up a fierce block. y Q Aan FIRST ROWV: Ed Peach, Keith Sheen, Dick Segress. Glenn McMinn. Brett Johnston, YVoody Young. Darrell Bryan. Karel Blubaugh, Charles Schuette. john Bernard, Tom Edgar, john Anderson. jerry Vernon. SECOND ROYV: VValt Mizell, Brian DuPlessis. Rex Ball, Neville Soll, Art Younger, Bill Krewson, Tom Davis, Archie Penderygraft, Al Tapia, Gregg Pittman, jim Hamilton. Franklin Deramus, Torn Lindsay. Lonnie Mclluire. John YVeicks, Bill Griflin, Phil Neislar. Cooper Wieeks. TIIIRD ROWV: Bill Truesdell, Norm Younpgstadt. John Kern, Phil Sergeant-at-arms Jim Daughty attempted to keep or- der in "Jeff" this year, a difficult task, but he was as- sisted by David Nelson, freshman law student and dorm counselor. An annual event few can forget was the Christmas dance held with Washington house. Norman Lamb had the privilege of playing Santa Claus. Winning the NJAR award for the second year was john Kern. Woody Young served on the UHS. Other notable residents were Tom Edgar, Vincent johnson and Mark Brady. Uyiatt. Lynn Overton. Lee Calhoun. Richard Inman. Steve Morelock. Steve Swafford. Mike Miers. Don Finkenhinder, Charles Reed. jim Clahorn. Vincent johnson, Larry Jacobs, Mike Sager. Ken Griflin, Russ McAdams, Jerry Stanley, Terry Morton, Harold Drain, Bill Lam, Rick Ilarringer, Dick Deu- pree, Bob Deupree. FOIIRTH ROVV: Don Wioolly, Steve Rees, Dick Mackey. George Ridgley, Norm Dean. Bob vvlllI2lIIlS, Clyde Reed, Leroy Collins. Ken Allwhite. .letter on Hou e O F F I C E R S Tom EDGAR ........ President JOHN KERN . . . Vice-President VINCENT JOHNSON . . Secretary NIARK BRADY . . . Treasurer Forty winks before practice can mean a lot. and Pug Williams is taking advantage of a break in the day to indulge in that great pastime known as "racking.77 FIRST RUXY: Bill lseminger. David Scott. Ronald Le- febvre. Roger Kelly. Gerald Peel. ,lim Rushton. Richard Mc- Knight, Terry Risenhoover. Robert Meek. Robert llrown. Clary Hale. lrads Yektashenas. Donald Walker. SECUND ROWY: John Clancy. -loc Haldelnan. Paul Smith. Dean Campbell. Jack llilliltflllllll. ll. Joseph Shields. Mickey Ward. lYilliam Chavez. Lorenz Funderburk. Arnold Reynolds. Larry Neely. Kenneth Judd. Keith Wiilson. THIRD ROYY: Robert llarnett. Whitehand Hall OFFICERS ROISEICI' MEEK ....... President 'l'icluw RlSENHlXll"Vl'lR . . . Vice-President ROGER KELLY .... Secretary-Treasurer RON Lrllflilwkil . . lntramural Chairman jr.. Charles Von Rosenberg. Roy Carter. Richard Canonico. Zelbert Moore. james Stoneberger. Anthony Brown. Harold Heller. Charles Ilouse. VVilliam Breigliner, Dale Parent. Rodger King. FOURTH RUVV: Bill Pixley. David Morgan. David Price. liugenio Gomez. Moti Khemlani, Charles Masoli. Robert Kyker. Jerry Risenlioover. Richard Vaughn. Gary Claiscr. .linnny llulf. Rob flood. Frank Tarndoo. Social activities for VVhitehand this year included an exchange dance with Franklin and a Christmas party for the children of the Baptist orphanage. The men also participated in intramural football. basketball. vol- leyball and softball. Such nations as lran. Bolivia. Turkey. India and South Vietnam were represented by the eleven foreign students residing in VVhitehand this year. The new slate of second semester ollicers consisted of Roger Kelly. president: james Stoneberger. ViCe-presi- dent. and Robert Brown. secretary. Making sure that the decorations are up in time for Santais visit to xyllllCllilllLltS animal cilll'lSllllllS party are llean Campbell. Dick Mt-Knight and Paul Smith. N, N K , UOIIIIIEIDIX J Z1 fiiwzz 15W YIAMAMT pffzffky 199111 fgzzmzp MJ Uh jaw Rwgwjw GENERAL JACK? PHONE IE 6-1515 FOR DELIVERY SERVICE HAVE YOUR PARTY PICS TAKEN BY GENERAL JACK'S! ALL PARTY PICTURES ON DISPLAY AT GENERAL JACK'S ON CAMPUS CORNER! W IILZ A '2,.,: ' LSY Z I Q, I f . THREE LOCATIONS 5-"III - Campus Corner 1122 - MonI'errey i3 - I7I2A NW I6+I1, Okla. Cify IAcross from Plaza TI1ea+reI 549 5 fi if Q 'I E XLAV i ii L10 The Will Rogers Cafeieria UKLI-IHUMI-I MEMURIAI. ll ION THE OKLAHOMA MEMORIAL UNION SERVES STUDENT, CAMPUS, COMMUNITY, AND STATEWIDE ACTIVITIES. AUDITORIUMS - BALLROOMS MEETING ROOMS - DINING ROOMS LOUNGING AND RECREATIONAL FACILITIES We are equipped to handle both large and small conventions and group meetings. TRUSTEES . . . PRESIDENT ....... ..... L EE B. THOMPSON VICE PRESIDENT ................ IACK LUTTRELL TREASURER ....................... D. H. GRISSO SECRETARY and MANAGER . HILLYER PREELAND ..-.-vf . ' ' ' rw, .Qs 7L4:51- ' '-4---5:22-: 3, .v I I '. -fr H I W' 1" 5....e .- .. f- ' m+"f2:3Wb:-:-. I .- .-,.:.g.5,:-r 'lg - X , ' E , ., -L V . -15 I-ji Q -:1:' -?' "7: , . -- 'fixew , . ..- J.-: ' "'65f3g:5 " 3 ' ' 55-QE ,-,1-Y CHAMPLIN. . . A Great Name in the Great Plains W"' Alworth, Charles VV., 316, 521 A Abbott, Donald J., 263 Abel, Edwin D. 286, 466 Abelee, Andrea lt., 332, 404, 495 Absr, Cheryl A., 260, 332, 404, 04 Abernathy, Anne K., 252, 260, 316, 423 Abernathy, Jack, 214 Abichandani, Jivat P., 241, 243 Ables, J-Audy L., 316, 514 Ables, yn E., 286, 481 tudent-Facult Index Alspaugh. Alstan, M. Elizabeth R.. 258 C., 180, 184 Altman, Jin: A., 520 Altman, onny G., 214, 304, 474 Altom, Bobby 538 Altshiller. Altstatt, S Art, 286, 436, 441 ara Lou. 316, 504 Amato, Frederick, 304 Ambler, Robert S., 186 Amerman, Bonnie S., 260, 271, 304, 402. 404 Amero, Angela, 264, 332 Askew, James H., 316, 453 Askins, James R., 186 Asp, Kerstin M., 332, 428 Asp, Mary L., 316 Asper, Joan, 507 Atchley. Glenda K., 210, 332, 498 Atha. Steven T., 332 Atwater, David C., 205 Auchterlonie, Charles G., 186, 197 Aboussie, Kenneth E., 190, 332, 481 Abrams, Barry, 190, 332, 405, 458 Abrams, Dennis I., 316, 409, 478 Abrams,Don Mack, 163, 165 Abrams, Gary W., 206, 316, 481 Aby, Loretta L., 332, 411, 504 Acheson, Keith R., 316, 446 Amiga, Ali Homa, 214, 241, 243, Amiri, Simine, 243, 537 Ammon, John A., 332, 531 Argsgibaclier, Mike, 190, 332, 465, Am x, Clyde H., 32, 466. 524 Acord, Karen E., 332, 418, 419, 434, 507 Acree, Patricia L., 316, 493 Adamek, James R., 316, 450 Adamo, Joseph, 261 Beth, 286, 420 C., 190, 521 Adams, Adams, Adams, Carlynn K., 304 Adams, Charles 529 Adgims, Donna Marie, 332, 491, ll Adams, Gary K., 186 Adams Adams Adams 5 13 Adams 473 Adams , H. Clarke, 304, 481 , Hugh c., 190,332,458 ,Janet A., 62, 316, 419, , John K., 234, 252, 286, , Karen, 494 Adams, Paul D., 304, 469 Adams, P. D. 186 Adamson, Hal H., 190, 332, 529 Adamson, John P., 190, 196, 332, 446, 523 Adamson, Pete, 286, 446 Adler, Cynthia M., 286 Adler, R. Ken, 180, 286 Adli, 1rad', 243 Agee, Linda JI., 332, 509 Ahmad, Mok tee, 533 Ahrens, Robert lt., 332, 466 Aitken, Kay A., 64, 219, 304, 420 Aitken, Tom D., 352, 355 Akers, Gibson C., 316, 473 Akhaven, Nasser, 263 Akin, Carol J., 501 Akin, ,lohn T., 304 Akins, Thomas S., 180 Albert, Barry, 350, 355 Albert, Carl, 33 Albert, Mrs. Carl, 33 Alberta, Theresa, 221 Alberts, Jack B., 286, 469 Albertson, Bruce W., 316. 481 Albin, Travis L., 152, 245, 531 Albrecht, Dee, 70, 156, 332, 491, 506 Aldrich, Jane M., 236, 316, 424 Aldridge, Phillip P., 207 Alerni, Amir H., 243, 262 Antleel, Ronald J., 316, 454 Andersen, Peter, 461 Anderson, Beverly E., 304, 316 Anderson, Bob. 538 Anderson, Cindy A., 304, 428 Anderson, Clarice M., 304 Anderson, Edmond C., 180 Anderson, Ellen F., 304, 404 Anderson, Gary D., 186, 194, 221, 234 236, 304, 454 Anderson, Jacquelyn, 262 Anderson, ane L., 501, 504 Anderson, oan W., 506 Anderson, Joe, 64, 304, 462 Anlslfgson, John Cecil, 332, 461, Anderson, Juanita, 210, 230, 241, 260 316, 500 Anderson, Larry R., 316 Anderson, Linda D., 106, 316, 496 Anderson, Lloyd T., 32, 522 Anderson, Marie, 490, 513 Anderson, Michael J., 205, 538 Anderson, Murl R., 520 Anderson, Otto, 229 Angrson, Paul R., 163, 332, 453, . 1 Anderson, Peggy, 286, 419 Anderson, Peggy, 286, 419 Anderson, Richard J., 165 Anglffgson, Robert C., 190, 522, Anderson, Robert E., 518 Anderson, Rosellen, 107, 254, 304, 407 Anderson, Russell, 332, 525 Anderson, Ruth, 156, 510 Sh ri 43 Ausman, George C., 190, 540 Augi,2Donna J., 60, 156, 332, 416, Austin. lf3pril.l3.g2i, 415, 513 ust111, anie , 4 Austin, ighn D., 304, 462 Austin, arsden S., 316, 462 Autry, Ramona C., 304, 402, 412 Autry, Ruth A., 304 Avants, Nick. 146 Avery, Bert M. 272, 286 Avery, Sharon L., 511 Axley, Alan C., 544 Ayala, Sandra L., 260, 332, 504 Ayres, Betty J., 496 B Baade, Harley D., 180 Babbitt, Beverly J., 304, 416 Babcock, Dan H., 190, 332, 477, 534 Babcock Freda E. 304 427 Barnes, Carolyn J., 332, 512 Barnes, Clyde C., 304 Barnes, Gary D., 190, 332 Barnes, Jeannette C., 316, 427 Eames, Jelly, 461 arnes, 0 y, Barnes. Joyce, 304. 500 Bagggs, John E., 190, 332, 497, Eames, Joh? R., 450, 304 arnes, au , 237 Barnes, Paula Kay, 157, 332. 506 Barnes. Richard L.. 352, 356 Barnes, Sally B., 499 Barnes, Sara S., 63, 107, 304, 415 Barnes, Tommy F., 207 Barnes, William R., 190, 540 Barnett, Cheryl A., 332, 415, 511 Baliggttggcgrry W., 154, 304, 316, Barnett, Marilyn A., 304, 428 Barnett, Myrtlebanks, 286 Barnett, Robert L.. 546 Barnett, Susan, 332, 431. 504 Baron. Linard T.. 242, 268, 286 gan. Toan, 15511 arrett, uy. Barrett, Hugh J., 113 Barrett, Jack N., 186, 316 Barrett. ames B., 239. 316. 542 Barrett, Barrett, Lynne Susan, 316, 492 Robert W.. 182. 195 Bell. Mary K., 333, 428 Bell, NancyL., 304, 407 , . Babcock, Robert 1'., 190, 526 Baber, Janet K., 316, 514 Bachle, John P., 190, 316, 453 Bachner, Jane E., 316, 424 Bachrach, Mary S., 304 Bachrach, Orin M., 304 Bacon, Kenneth D., 350, 354 Badii, Bahman, 243, Eadii,JLeLli,lg4J3 aer, ac , Baerst, Carl F., 286, 470 Bagby, llfm R., 186, 221 Bagby, ene D., 304, 404 Bagby, Terry, 216 Baggett, Nancy L., 332, 498 Bag ey, Preston A., 255 Bagwell, John M., 186, 304, 461 Barringer, Charles N., 304 Barringer, Rick A., 332. 545 Baggtxlueiro, Silverio, 238, 241, Barrow. Al, 190. 332, 481, 530 Barry, Georgiana G., 316 Barsi, Louis M., 286 Bartee, Paul R., 190, 231, 332, 343. 543 Barth b rt 4 Bell. Pa ricla A., 333, 499 Bellman, Ann, 28 Bellmon, Gail, 28 Bellman, Henry, 28, 29 Bellmon, Mrs. Henry, 28 Bellmon, Pat, 28 Beglggvs, Frank W., 190, 333, 457. Belt, John L., 351 Belz, Bud, 142 Belz, Frank J., 287, 445 Bemo, Robert F., 543 Benbow, Robert T., 207, 333, 454 537 Bendalin, Barbara R., 227, 333, 408, 507 Bender, Fred A., 284 Bender, Harold R., 333 Bene, Sherry L., 404, 316 Benedict, Bruce N., 304, 450 Benedict, Gary, 535 Benedict, Myra A., 316, 411 Benedum Benjamin T., 353 Beneliel, Lrbeinae C., 190, 333, 482, 535 Benien, John D., 122, 182 Benjaman, William P., 543 Benjamin, E. Carroll, 156, 316 Bennett, Ann K., 316, 419 Bennett, Duane, 542 Bennett, James B., 453 Bennett, llgm, 316 Bennett, athy, 92, 230, 236, 260. 316, 427 Bennett, Kent L., 152, 225 Bennett, Larry F., 316, 485 Bennett, Linda D., 316, 423 Bennett, Patty S., 333, 495 Bennett, Zollene, 284 Benninga. Darryl W., 304, 469 533 Alexander, Dennis J., 207, 543 Alexander Elaine, 246 4 Alexander, Ernest W., 248, 533 Alexander, Lee, 286 415 Alexander, Weldon L., 261, 237 Alexandre, Norman, 232 Allieri, James K., 190, 544 Ali, r1adian,.243 Alireza, Nabizadeh, 243 Al Jassim, Khazal, 241 Allard, Karen, 157 Allee, Bob F., 30 Allen, Bill, 465 Allen, Di Anne, 332, 424, 434. 501 Allen, Emily D., 220, 286 Allen, Garner H., 316,541 Allen, Ginger, 70, 243, 260, 332, 420, 491, 503 Allen, Jay H., 332, 462, 523 Allen, Jenniler L., 332, 412, 498 Allen, Jo Ann, 235, 257, 332, 411, 501 Allen, Linda, 286, 412 Allen, Loyd W., 190, 228. 235 Allen, Mary, 286, 415 Allen, Nelda V., 235, 286, 411 Allen, Neta G., 332, 404. 495 Allen, Patricia A., 286 Allen, Polly, 316, 423 Allen, Sherry L., 304, 420 Allen, Stephen, 316, 458 Allen, Steven M., 286 Allen, Troy N., 182, 195, 304 Allen, VVillia1n C., 212 Allen, VVilliani O., 190, 332 Alletag, Mary E., 304, 500 Alley, John, 119, 229 Allgood. John R., 304, 473 Ashhaucher, David V., 304, 473 Blachly, Allin, jnli, 109, 247, 254, 286. 398, 402, 415 Allison, Stephen J., 190 Allman, Karen J., 157, 158, 501 Allmon, Sally Sue, 72, 73, 156, 270, 304, 404 Allwhite, Kenneth O., 142, 182, 304, 445, 545 A1 Momar, Tbrahim, 242 Anderson, a , 2 Anderson, Stoney, 70, 153, 203. Egg, 205, 304, 482, 518, 519, Anderson, Sue, 510 Angcegson, Terry, 216, 229, 332, Anderson, V. Gary, 436 Anderton, Kristin L., 500 Andres, Hoyt C., 227, 304, 453 Andresen, Peter C., 180, 184, 286 Andrews, Ernest L., 204, 280 Andrews, Mildred, 219 Andrews, Milton D., 351, 356 Andricos, George M., 520 Andriesse, Clive V., 332, 543 Angelino, Paulette J., 316 Angell, Jody, 220, 512 Anglin, Richard D., 316, 523 Angelino, Paulette, 243 Anguish, Robert H., 216, 316, 540 Ankeny, Peter R., 182, 304, 482 Antezana, Fernando J., 255 Antinoro, Joseph, 231, 286 Antonidus, Brother, 85 Applebaum, Davida R., 304 Appleton, Ann, 286, 419 Arab, Dushyant R., 241 Arant, Jolm, 190, 332, 445, 525 Arcader, Stanley B., 304, 478 Archer, Carolyn S., 263 Arlstrom, John T., 537 Argo, Linda M. 332, 415, 497 Arkin, Michael ls., 353 Arlotta, Joan P., 332, 404, 503 Armato, John F., 539 Armold, Katherine A., 258, 260, 316, 404 Armour, Bruce E., 74, 212, 240, 261, 286, 461 Armstrong, James A., 332, 540 Armstrong, l'revus, 316, 531 Arnett, Betty J., 304, 423 Arnette Shelley, 190, 526 Arnn, Lynn R., 186, 316, 477 Arnn, Terry B., 539 Arnold, James T., 186, 316, 543 Arnold, John C., 332, 462, 522 Arnold, Ruth, 51 Arnold, Susan, 503 Aronson, Marshall, 265 Arrergdel, Michael E., 190, 332, 46 Arst, Michael R., 190, 332, 478 Arze, Eduardo J., 214, 284 Asbury, Judith Gail, 220, 316, 428 Ashabranner, Carolyn G., 304, 415 Bahar, Bailey, Abdolhossein, 243 Allen D., 332, 462, 535 lgailey. gargck 286 ai ey. . ., Bailey, James R., 354 galley, Janirie L., 316, 397, 419 ai ey. ay ., 353 Bailey, Linda K.. 316, 491, 500 Bailey, Michael D., 332, 534 Bailey. Morris J., 202 Bailey, Robert O., 352 Bailey, Terry L., 252, 316 Bailey. VaRue, 19 Bain, Ricardo A., 242 Baird, Jonroi, 335. 510 Baker, Diana L., 304, 463, 404 Baker, Joann, 220 Baker, John A., 332, 466 Baker, Judith Ann, 316, 327, 412 Baker, Judy, 508 Baker, Richard D., 466 Baligig Ronald P., 304, 309, 436, Baker, Samoa A., 316 Baldwin, Kenneth H., 190, 332, 477, . Ro e A., 5 2 Barthel, Alan, 221, 526 Barthel. Linda, 236, 316, 419, 434. 500 Bartholomew, Keith, 205, 527, 531 Bartley. Barton, Barton, Barton, William M., 316 ,ludy L.. 316. 514 Karren N.. 252, 331, 492 Winston, 526 Barton, Ray Eugene, 353 Barton, Roger 1., 262, 286 Barton, Ron D., 190, 332, 453, 527 Barvais, James T., 286 Bascom, 453 Robert c., 113, 227, 286, Benson, Denney, 333, 529 Benson, Harry J., 73, 204 Benson, Jerry K., 228, 521 Benson, John M., 255, 316 Benson, Loyd L., 152 Benson, Mary C., 316 Benson, Dr. Oliver, 119 Bentley, Cynthia A., 333, 416, 508 Robert W.. 225, 333, 543 Benzin, Bergquist, George E., 262, 287 Berk, Joan M., 333, 495 Berland, Paula M., 316 Berline, Byron D., 190, 544 Berman, Kayla L., 506 Bernal, Hector, 304 Bernard, John G., 140, 222, 304, Base, Claren M., 156. 511 Basham, Judy A.. 332, 503 Bass, Jerry D., 186, 316, 436, 477 Bass, Joe, 525 Bass. Linda L.. 480 Bassel. James R.. 207, 332. 438 Bastron, Victor C., 316. 473 Batchelor, Mary K., 493 Bates, Joseph K., 240, 286, 485 Battaile. Kenneth P.. 212. 287. 473 Battev, Eldon L., 227, 316, 436, 466 Batty, Linda L., 510 Bauer. Christian S.. 196, 332, 533 462, 545 Berns, Richard A., 190, 333, 478, 524 Berry, Charles D., 287, 458 Berry, Dennis, 526 Berry Geor e D 316 Berry? Jacklls., Berry, John, 186, 304, 316, 533 Berry, John, 474 Berry, Ilcohn S., 182, 195, 446 Berry, enneth R., 180, 287, 449 Berry, N. Scott, 316, 474 Berry Ted M. 235 Berebineky, Gtiorge V., 206 Baldwin, Richard B., 304, 474 Baldwin, Stanley W. C., 286 Bales, Jerry, 332, 445, 531 Balitierra, Alice A., 332 Ball, George P., 265, 304. 490, 538 Ball, Leonard F., 352, 355, 436 Ball, Rex H., 140, 223, 304, 545 Ball. Robert H., 286, 450 Ball, Willis H., 543 Ballarn, Harold, 166, 216, 219 Ballard, Bryan M., 332, 542 Ballard, D. LaPierre, 542 Ballard, Mary J., 304, 419 Balard, WV. gee, 286, 462 Ballentine, arbara A., 290 Ballew, Mickey, 316, 462 Ballew, Troy D., 190 Ballou. Charley F., 233 Baltosser. Roberta, 156 Bandy, William R., 186, 194 Bank, Jonathan F., 82, 316, 474 Baptist, Jane C., 316, 423 Baptist. Wilson, 160, 162. 286, 481 Barbeau, Raymond A., 190, 537 Barber, Connie J., 332, 505 Barber, Terry, 69, 71, 72, 73, 113, 259, 286 Barbour, Joel S., 204 Bard, Betty R., 224, 286, 428 Bard, Ray, 286, 490 Barger, Ann E., 304 Barham, Gail F... 316, 420 Barhydt, Ralph E., 178, 180 Barker, Barker. Athanee, 263 Deborah. 243 Barker, Dianne A., 243, 490. 499 Bailitgr, Joyce A., 158, 236, 316, Barkett, Mary L., 332, 505 Bag.l3?v, Michael, 190, 332, 441, Baughman. Richard W., 142, 150, 171, 223, 287 Baum, John, 332, 462, 528 Baum. Richard A.. 333. 474, 523 Baumgold, John V., 541 Baxter, Ronald C.. 304, 457 Bay. Sandra J., 331 Bayles, Marion E., 190, 544 Bayless, Jon, 261. 272. 286 Bayless. Patricia D.. 287. 432 Bayless, Roger L.. 304, 469 Begilrgl. Robert D., 186, 194, 196, Beale, Gay, 156 Beall, games P., 353 Beall, laryann, 158, 284 Bealmear, Arden P., 316 Beams, Drew H., 333, 477, 533 Bear, Roxana K., 228, 333, 511 Beard, Ollie L. 316, 524 Beard, Stanley S., 253 Beasley, Max, 240, 287, 438 Beauchamp Donald W., 354 Beausang, Blizabeth H., 242 Beaver, Luther J., 233, 287 Beavers, George, 532 Beavers, Montez, 503 Bechtel. VVilliam W., 180, 184 Beck, James J., 190 Beck, John, 535 Beck, William H., 234 Becker, Fred W., 537 Becker, Susan S.. 264, 497 Beckwith, David R., 186 Bednar, Dick D., 75, 190, 527 Bednar, Jerry, 236, 304, 453 Beekman, Harry N., 541 Beesley, Kay D., 316, 404 Beesley. Mary S., 226 Behm, Thomas P., 333 Belanger, Ann E., 210, 236, 271, 316, 398, 415 Belcher, Le Ann, 287 Bellord. Betty C., 316, 411 Bethea, James L., 190 Bettes, Larry R., 182, 304 Beyerl, Robert A., 233, 304, 470 Bianchi, Gary J., 190, 333, 542 Bianchi, Jo Anna. 287 Bias, Sandra K., 333, 415, 503 Bickel, Neil M., 205, 242, 262, 263, 541 Bidasio, Charlene M., 260, 264, 333, 415, 497 Biddle, Dick, 287, 462 Biddle, Harmie, 333, 427, 513 Biddle, Rosemary, 270 Biddv, Leon R., 182 Bienfang, Dr. Ralph, 66, 67 Bigelman, Paul A., 207, 527 Biggers, Buddy, 151 Biggers, Vernon R., 304, 482 Biggerstalf, Betty B., 333, 504 Biggs, Shirle A., 210, 316, 415 Bigheart, Billiy J., 216, 219 Biglane, James iM., 182, 304 Bilberry, Judith A., 269, 304, 407 Bilbrey. Gary L., 182, 304, 482 Biles, Robert E., 182, 304 Billups, Linda L.. 333, 419 Billups. William T., 540 Binford, Russell H.. 304, 446, 447 Bingaman, W. L.. 202 Bird, Anne C.. 316. 423, 452 Bird, Norman H., 190, 333, 524 Birkenstein, Sally. 503 Birgbaum, Steven R., 190, 333, 8 Birnie, Frank W., 177, 178, 180, 260, 287, 477 Bischof. Bruce P., 350, 353, 477 Ashby, El Ashe, Kar ton T., 206, 539 en S., 107 Ashford, Francisco E., 260 Barnard, Bob E., 186, 316 Barnard, Jean 264 Barnard, Jim D., 70, 519, 525 Almquist, C. T., 240, 272 Almquist, Tod F.. 261, 350, 351. 481 Almy, James A., 165, 228. 316 Al Rawi, Abdul, 241, 242 552 Ashlock, Julie K., 286, 416 Ashlock, lary A., 332, 416, 512 Ashmore, Anthony D., 350, 353 Ashton, Mark, 531 Ashton, Vincent M., 316, 530 Barnes, Adrah J., 70, 220, 332, 491, 513 Barnes, Allen M., 332, 543 Bagzgs, Arthur L., 219, 221, 304, Belford, Jay D., 186 Belin, Larry, 20, 72, 539 Bell, Alice S., 316 Bell, Dick, 148 Bell, Ji ll E., 333. 423, 501 Bell, Lynn, 304, 423 Bell, M artha A., 108, 304, 415 Bell, Mary A., 110, 226, 304, 428 Bish, Diane J., 219, 287,419 Bishop, Dr. Luther D., 265 Bizhcbp, Robert W., 190, 333, 465, 2 Bishop, Sharon L., 333, 490. 495 Bishop, VVilliam M., 265 Bitner, Sharon A., 316, 493 Bjorck, Linda E., 510 Dallas M., 259 Blachlv. Lucinda A., 333, 412 Black, Donald, 537 Black, Howard, 146 Black, Karen L., 157, 333, 416 Black, Merle L., 317 connws WE ST -59115 PIZZA 0 'U 01 Diim ' U P20353 ' eiesam fa Z Po QIQEEW mmf ZPUE 323 ,MUQHE Egan fffqpfb FU Hjom 0555 Z Black. Suzanne C.. 230, 231, 333, 424 Black. Wlilliam, 527 Blackerhy, Gloria 333. 416 Blackwell, James W., 263 Blackwood, Donald YV., 203, 207, 539 Blagg. Fredda C., 304, 420 Blair, Jimmy D., 304, 477 Jess, 54 Carole A., 494 Blair, 1Vendy J., 155, 157, 158, 333, 411, 507 Blake, Beverly D., 304, 423 Blake, Bill L., 242, 268 Blilgg Joe R., 151, 186, 255, 317, Blakely, Frank VV., 250, 287 Blakely, Janice A., 155, 157, 287 Blakely, Thomas J., 317 Blaloc , Candy, 107, 317, 416 Blalock, Colledith A., 333, 407 Blalock, James, 317, 481 Blalock, aul A., 257, 333, 482 Blancett, Bland, Carole L., 333, 416, 503 Blankenship, Duane R., 304, 477 Blankenship, James L., 226, 353 Blankenship, Jap W., 351, 355 Blanton, times T., 351, 355 Blanton, aren S., 254, 287 Blanton, Norma J., 333, 432, 497 Blanton Pat, 304, 482 Blasts 2r1lC0dOl'C A., 304, 485 Blazenko, Eugene J., 264 Bletablgey, William P., 206, 226, Bleyber , Marguerite F., 317, 411 Blick, lgdward F., 266 Block, Edward L., 304, 474 Blome, Janie E., 230, 231, 257, 333, 509 Blomeyer, Robert B., 186, 532 Blossom, David E., 333, 465 Blubaugh, Karel L., 142, 190, 545 Blue, David B., 287, 353, 482 Blum, Mark Y., 252, 304, 474 Blumenthal, Donald L., 304, 474 Boast, Richard C., 231 Boatright, Beverly K., 107, 189, 304, 428 Boatright, Linda, 317, 412 Bobys, Bruce K., 305, 478, 541 Boddie, Carole A., 305, 415 Boddy Susan L., 317, 428 Bodenhamer, Len, 525 Boehs, Clydene L., 244 Boen, Ed L., 317, 462 Boen, Rebecca A., 156, 305, 427 Boerner, Patricia K., 305 Boettcher, John, 157 Boeve, Le Ann, 258, 333, 411 Bogan Joseph B., 190 544 Bouziden. Roseann, 226, 236, 317, 411 Bove. Christine A.. 210. 510 Bowen, Jerry M., 287, 301 Bowers, Earle C.. 182. 540 Bowers, Harold A., 317. 453 Bowlby. David C., 186, 543 Bowles, John VV., 207, 333, 527 Bowles. Paul D., 305, 461 Bowman, Barbara A., 505 Bowman, Bruce WV.. 317. 473 Bowman, Burley, 216, 219 Bowman, Carrel R.. 250. 305. 453 Kenneth G., 190. 194, Bowman, 542 Boyd. Charles D.. 186 Boyd. David R.. 524 Boyd. Jean S., 317, 419 Boydstun. Dennis E.. 317. 541 Boydstnn. Lynda S.. 230. 317. 496 Boytlstun. Michael H.. 190, 333. 469. 527 Bocyege, Dana S., 236, 250, 317, Boyington. Don A., 333. 532 Boylan, Michael D., 190 Bozarth, Stanley E., 182, 287, 461 Bozovich. Slobodan, 264 Bracco, Frediano, 239, 240 Brace, Jerry D., 180 Brachfeld. Leah R.. 270 Brigkin, Marshall S., 214, 305. 8 Bracksieck, Sheila K.. 317. 516 Braden. Gray A., 287 Bradfield. Beylyn J., 86. 333, 427. 499 Bradford, Howard A.. 333 Bradford, James A.. 305 Bradford, Kaye, 317, 411 Bradford. Thomas A.. 317, 449 Brookoyer, Curtis G., 317. 326, 469 Elizabeth C.. 305 John C.. 287 Ronald F.. 186. 540 Brooks. Sarah ,l-7 220, 507 Vicki R., 499 Brooks, Brooks. Brooks, Brooks, Brose, George G., 134, 186. 317 Brosseau, Jon, 158, 317, 540 Burdett, Jack L.. 317 John M., 75. 523 Robert H., 186 Tom, 526 Ann M., 500 Jeanie, 248, 508 Burford, Burger. Burger, Burgess, Burgess, Burgett. Charles R., 333, 539 Burk, Othie G., 533 Burk, Tom, 526 Camp, Me Campbell lvin R.. 318 Barbara. 503 Bradley, Hank, 532 Bradley, James R., 287. 473 Bradley, , oseph T., 186. 317. 481 Bradley, Lvnda Faye. 333. 419, 503 Bradley, lV1rs.Marjorie. 37 Bradley. Natalie J., 317. 500 Bradley . Patricia E.. 490. 501 Bradshaw, Carolyn 317. 512 Bradshaw, Guy VV.. 317. 453 Bradshaw. Ronny, 70, 190, 486, 519. 521 Bradshaw, Samuel K., 154, 261, 272 Brady. Judy C.. 333. 505 Brady. Larry. 305. 530 Brady. Mark E.. 144. 145, 284 Brady, Ramond E., 333 Bragassa, Patricia. 333. 510 Brfkgbill, Larry R., 186, 317, Jghn, 152, 190, 333, 458, Dr. W. R.. 50, 436. 518 Boge, Nancy A., 304, .131 Boggs, ililllll Vincent, 266 lgorcfs eredith 490 o it e,, Susan J.,l260, 264 Braly. John M., 226. 287 Brandenburg, John H., 287, 462 Bruce. Jim, 73. 75 Bo ian, 531 Bohan, Mary K., 496 Bohanon, Paul J., 190, 194. 539 Bohlman, Keith A., 333, 527 Bohmert, Charles F., 317, 540 Bohnsack, Daniel C., 542 Boke, Norman, 119 Boland, Dan, 186, 317, 477. 525 Boland, Gary L., 353 I Bolen, Donald L.. 333, 465 Bolen, Larr R., 317, 520 Bolerjack, C-,eneva R., 512 Boles, Janet K., 243, 490, 511 B0Jg3V1rgi1L.. 122, 126, 130, Bollinger, Frank L., 287, 446 Bolman, Henry C., 353 Bolstad, Vernon J., 207, 541, 536 Bolton, Crayton O., 258 Bolton, Cary I., 186 Bomar., Marilyn E., 317, 411 Bonavita, Salvatore, 287 Bond, Lewis, 244 Bonds, Archibald C., 305, 446 Bondurant. David L., 333, 539 Bone, H. K., 212, 242, 261, 272 Bonifield, Betty J., 248, 333, 422, Brandes, Sharee. 504 Brannan, Janet S., 220, 317, 423 Brannan, Jolm C., 253 Brannon, Charles F.. 333 Brannon. Don R.. 317. 466 Branson, Skip. 317, 534 Branyan. Elizabeth. 256. 264. 305. 397. 419 Brasher, Jessena S., 230 Brasier, Jerry L., 163, 165, 261, 272 Braswell, Joe, 263 Brown , Alice M., 260, 494 Brown, Anthony, 546 Brown, Barbara A., 317 Brown, Barbara J., 419 Brown, Beverly A., 305, 420 Brown, Claudia E., 287, 490. 512 Brown, Clyde, 186, 216, 232, 317. 541 Brown. Coke R.. 305. 445 Brown. Donald C., 534 Brown. Dorothy F., 260, 317, 494 Brown. Dorothy J., 494 Brown Brown . Edward M., 542 , Elizabeth A., 287. 514 Brown, Elmer J., 354 Brown, Fred W., 528 Brown, Gary VV., 522 Brown, Geoffrey VV., 523 Brown, Gordon J., 544 Brown, Gwendolyn K., 108, 317, 427 Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown B foxvn Brown Brown Brown Brown , Guy H., 57 , Harold, 190. 333. 445 . Dr. Horace B., 40 , James, 265 , James A., 531 , James D., 333 , Jimmy, 317, 461, 474 , Jay L., 305, 474 , , oe E., 263 , Dr. Joe E., 54 A ,ludith G., 305, 419 Brown, Karen E., 157, 317 Brown, Kenneth H., 180 Brown, Larry E., 544 Brown Brown Brown Brown , Linda, 422, 512 , Martha S., 254 Penelope A.. 333, 423, 501 Phillip P., 333 Brown, Robert. 190. 264. 546 Brown, Roger A., 317, 333, 453, 520 Brown, Roger L.. 412 Brown, Ronald. 158, 535 Brown, Ronny K., 190 Brown, Susan P., 508 Brown, Terry F., 544 Brown, Thomas, 267 Brgtgan, Thomas E., 158, 204, 261, Brown, Thomas H., 204, 261, 287, 535 Brown, Thomas L., 333. 523 Brown. Thomas W.. 317, 453 Brown, Tommy, 154 Brown, Wallace L., 272 Brown. Burke, Bette B., 260, 317. 514 Burke, 419, Beverlye A., 264, 305, 513 Burke, Carol. 511 Burke, David C., 540 Burke, Burke. Mary C., 333 Michael 305. 442 Burkett, Hugh A., 333. 537 Burkett, James R.. 160. 163. 165, 167, 221. 287. 436. 468. 469 Burkett, Burkett, Kenneth F., 318 Burkett. Vernon D.. 544 Burlghalter, Dianne L.. 258, 318, 4 Burkhardt, Martha J., 287, 432 Burleson, Jo, 246 Burleson, , ulia M., 305, 423 Burleson, Mary E., 260, 333, 422, 423, 507 Burmeier, Larry 333, 341, 453, 527 l Burnett, Barbie, 318, 431 Burnett, Susan K., 305, 510 Burnham, Bob, 206. 318. 477 Burns, Billy R.. 163. 228 Burns, Charles F., 354 Burns, Cherie F., 434 Burns, Eileen, 507 Burns, Greggory A.. 122, 186 Burns, Marie, 264, 305, 397, 419 Burns, Richard A., 265 Burns, Robert, 525 Burns, Dr. Robert D., 236 Burns, Roger K., 186, 318 Burr, Carol J., 57 Burr, David A., 280 Burr, Dennis W., 261 Burris, Judy B., 305 Burris, Liz, 157 Burris, Stanley N., 287 Burrough, Charles D.. 287, 485 Bursham, James F., 318 Burt, Sallivan. 394, 513 Burton, Eppie'S., 263 Burton, Harold N.. 318. 481 Burton, Larry L., 186. 196 Burton, Lawton M., 351 Burton, Leslie L., 305, 419 Burton, Linda K., 305, 420 Burton, Mary M., 216, 509 Burton, Newt, 122, 126, 544 Burton, Robert L., 54 Burton, Thomas L.. 190, 540 Burtrum, Steve, 530 Borjes, 423, 444, 512 Bonner, Stephen W., 190, 333, , 461, 486 Booker, Dean J., 190, 543 Booker, Patricia A., 333, 500 Boone, Bob. 221 Boone, Paul R., 204, 287, 481 Booth, Robert. 284 Booth, Robert W., 261, 317. 523 Borchardt, Charles, 287, 293, 438 Boligllardt, Margaret L., 269, 317, Borchardt, Paul D., 206, 317. 438, 439 ' Bord, Ray, 158 Borde, Janet L.. 108. 317. 431 Borden, Linda L.. 305. 416 Bogggn, Ronald, 207, 216, 333, Border, Peter M., 190, 225. 540 Borelli, Barbara C., 260, 333, 415, 495 Boren, William, 54 Boring, Kay R., 317, 496 Jackson F. , 186 Borrell, Gary K., 317, 442 Bossart, Marilyn M., 155, 157, 158. 317, 493 Boswell. L. Gayle, 317, 514 Botha. Marilyn C., 264, 317, 419 Botnick, Ben S., 287, 441 Bottoms, Mickey, 518, 529 Bouchar, Philippe O., 139. 266 Boudreaux, Richard L., 122, 544 Boughner. Sally. 507 Bounds, Elvin, 190, 527 Bounds, Sharon K., 333, 511 554 Brauch, Judith K., 247, 258, 287 Braught, Gene, 215, 216 Braught, Judy, 216, 231, 333 Brauman, Ellen T.. 333, 408 Braun, Jacob P.. 235 Brawner. Billie R.. 490, 504 Bray, Robert C.. 535 Bray. William G., 180, 194, 196 Brazil. Marcia C.. 305, 407 Breeden, Carolyn J., 317, 428 Breeding. L. E., 202 Briechle, Harold, 527 Brgifginer, William B., 167, 317, Brennan, Patty A.. 333. 412, 501 Breshears. Hearl F.. 190 Bretschneider. Elizabeth, 305 Brett, Edward H.. 305 Brett, LaVadis, 305 Brett. Todis, 428 Brewer, Johnny, 525 Brewer,Thomas M.. 287. 442 Brians, Jane S.. 305. 423 Bricker. Earl M.. 186. 317, 454 Bridgeman. Royce R.. 186, 221 Bridges, Billie A.. 506 Brirllles, George I.. 287. 477 Bridges. Marilyn D.. 228, 497 Bridges. Robert S.. 263 Bridwell, Robert. 244 Briechle, Harold L.. 527 Briggs. Tom, 165, 305. 518. 530 Brigham, Jerry C., 524 Brigham. Louis H., 186. 317. 481 Bright, Donald W.. 317, 453 Bright, Judith L., 333 Bright, Robert C., 317 Bright. Robert D., 250. 477 Brightman, Laura K.. 229. 500 Brightwell. Richard. 54 Brimmer. lvory, 190 Brining. VVi1liam C.. 353 Briscoe. Carroll, 317, 412 Bristow. Charles L.. 167. 305. 481 Bristow. Reha, 69, 236. 317. 397. 419 Brite. C. H.. 66 Broadhurst. Jimmy L., 257, 333 Brggla. Valerie J., 157, 158. 305, Brodkey. Karen S., 333. 431, 501 Broaden. William H.. 355 Brokaw, lylary J., 333, 415, 511 Browning, Richard T., 317' Brgbvfping, Robert A., 176, 195, Bruce, John. 235 Brude. Margie A.. 333, 415 Brudett, Jack, 449 Brumley. Leland J., 182, 195, 199. 305 Brummett, Jay C.. 186. 317, 482 Brummett, Linda K., 501 Brunell, Dick, 530 Brunkow, Gaines L., 305. 454 Brunton, Paul D.. 190. 540 Brust, Jerry L., 177, 178, 180, 195, 287 Brust, Ken E., 190. 333. 520 Bruza. Sharon R., 109, 317, 411 Burwell. Mary M., 334, 427, 504 Bury, Sylvia M., 318, 428 Busey, lohn WV., 305, 442 Bush, Gary M., 165, 267 Bush. John C., 334, 470, 536, 538 Bush, Susan, 256, 305, 416 Campbell, Carol, 305. 419 Campbell, David L., 240 Campbell, Frances J.. 288 Campbell, Jeanne, 492 Campbell, erry L., 318, 543 Campbell, oe P., 190 Sampgeii, Jotrnd 19 lamp e , 0 n ., 284 Campbell, Kay, 231, 334, 504 Campbell, Mary 1.. 334, 411, 513 Campbell, Ronald Dean, 190, 221 228, 305 546 Campbell, Btephcn is.. fns. 481 Campbell, Susan B.. 305, 419 Camcpbell, William B., 318, 473 Can y. Joe E., 186 Canfield, Darrell O.. 262 Canonico, Richard A.. 334. 546 Cansler, Caris M.. 190, 544 Cantergiani, Jane D., 498 Cantrell, Kary A.. 258. 334, 504 Cantwell, Bobby L., 210, 334 Caperton, Lucy M.. 491, 492 Capps, Hilda J., 305, 404 Capps, Tennie A., 230, 305, 494 Caputto, Ranwel, 318, 539 Carder, P. Karen, 493 Cardwell, Martha J., 67, 288. 419 Carey, Ronald W., 252, 334, 527 Carey. Tom F., 334, 454, 534 Cargile, Sharon K., 334. 420, 500 Cargill, David K.. 351 Cargill. Johannah. 64 Cagggti, Anita K.. 334, 490, 507, Carlock, John H.. 148. 180. 288 Carloss, James, 216. 334. 528 Carls, Terry D.. 318, 415 Carlson, Charlene, 305. 428 Carlson, Cathy, 231 Carlyle, Bill F., 544 Carlyle, Frank W., 532 Carmack, Kay S., 109, 305, 412 Carmack, Dr. William R., 54 Carman, Ronald R., 205, 230, 231, 305, 442 Carm'ichae1, Joan K., 208, 305, 423, 503 Carmichael, Jody, 156, 157 Carmichael, usie, 221, 318 Cagangchael, Thurmond R., 221, Carnes, Michael G., 535 Carpenter, Earl C., 202 Carpenter, J-Aohn VV., 207, 527 Carpenter, eonard, 531 Carpenter, Ralph G., 334 Carpenter, Reed, 190, 334, 481 Carpenter, Richard L., 352, 355 Carpenter, Robert M., 305 Carr, Richard E., 318, 469 Carr, Robert W., 158, 288, 446 Carr, Stepen J., 161 Carrel, Allen J., 190, 229, 334 a Bushman, Jo Helen, 334, 498 Buster, Butler, Butler, Robert W., 180 Catherine A., 334, 412 Gerald R., 255, 318 Butler, Gerald V., 186, 461 Butler, Henry M., 261 Butler, Jerry E., 318, 481 Butler, John H. 237, 261, 287 Butler, amela D., 334, 497 Butler, Sharon A., 334, 506 Butler, William H., 180, 252, 287, 477 Butterly, Glen M., 287, 446 Butterworth, Barbara A., 318, 412 Butts, Carolyn S., 493 Buxton, Clarence C., 186. 318, 458 Buxton, Gary, 186, 318. 458 Buxton, VVilliam B., 186 Byerly, Tommy R., 305, 541 Bynum, Dan L., 263 Bynum, Patsy A.. 334. 416, 503 Byram, Gerald W., 334 B ram ames W 259 Blgggikilthur A.,l,186, 196, 318, Byrd, Carol E., 113, 210, 247, Carrin ton, Jeanne, 318, 514 Carroli Bill, 134, 145 Carroll, Bob, 121 Carroll, Robert G., 334, 521 Carson, Charles YV., 334 Carson, H. Kaye, 305, 411 Carson, Jack, 334, 481, 518 Carson, James M., 334, 482, 522 Carson, Robert E., 305 Carson, W. H., 21 Carsten, James E., 167 Carter, Carter, Carter, Carter, Dale F., 334, 454, 540 Freddie D., 272, 288 Gail A. 318, 424 Leonard W., 533 Carter, Linda K., 318, 412 Carter, Max L., 75 Carter, Nancy A., 156, 334, 423 Carter, Robert B., 352, 354 Carter, Roy E., 305, 546 Carter, Sharon S., 305, 404 Carter, Sula K., 210 Carter, Wilbur E., 250, 288 Carter, Cartmill, Linda. S., 318, 510 Cartwell, Bobby, 503 Cartwright, Jan E., 355 Cartwright, Richard H., 190 Caruso, Myra B., 394 Carver, James L., 288 Carver, Thad C., 355 CaZg,lJames W., 190, 334. 450, Billy, 142, 150 Bryan, Lynn, 186. 317. 458 Bryan, Linda J., 228, 317 Bryan. VVoodrow Darrell, 142, 317, 482, 545 Bryant, Betty. 210, 236, 317, 427 Bryant, David H.. 284 Bryant, Ella F., 498 Bryant, ludith A., 494 Brygrgt, Lewis G., 232, 228, 305, Bryant, Mary F.. 284 Bryant, Thomas L., 161 Brvles, Murphy C., 182, 195, 197, 521 Bufggnan, Beverly A., 210, 287, Buchanan, James A., 538 Bucganan, James M., 305, 452, 4 3 Buchanan. Dr. Percy W.. 85. 245 Bucher, Rawsie. 305. 423. 476 Buchman. Rosalind A.. 317. 408 Buchwald. Michael C., 190. 526 Buck, Richard, 157 Buck. VVi11a J.. 333, 428, 501 Buckingham, Akiki. 264 Buckley, John R.. 234. 252 Buckner, Carl, 305, 530 Buflalow. Harold D.. 255 Buford, Billy N., 182 Buhrman, Charles R.. 351. 355 Bulla, Marian R., 333. 427. 503 Bulla, Mary Ann, 64, 219, 220, 247, 287, 402. 420 Bullard, Cecil W.. 235 Bullard, VVi1liam H.. 534 Bullock, lohn A.. 190. 317. 454 Bulmer. VVil1iam E.. 214 Bumgardner, Allen NV., 122. 126, 186. 544 Bumgarner. VVi11iam C.. 255 Bunch, Janis J., 287. 428 Bundy. Richard G., 190. 333 Bunnell. John D., 190, 543 Burba, Sharon L., 317. 327, 412 Burcham. James F., 527 Burczynski, John J., 534 271, 287, 402, 403, 411 Byrd, Charles, 334, 478. 540 Byrd, Cheryl P., 155, 505 Byrd, Gary W., 186 Byrd, Mark A.. 334. 453. 520 Virginia VA., 318, 423 C Caddy, Phillip D., 221 Cagle, Clarence K., 162, 257, 334, Byrd, 490, 539 Cahen, Bryan M., 190, 526 Cahill. Patricia A., 287, 510 Cahn, Carol J., 334, 431, 506 Cain, Allyn B., 203, 204, 287 Cain, David A., 334, 465, 520 190. 539 190, 543 Cain, Mark D., Calahan, Joe D., Calderas, John, Caldwell. James 518, 521 Calhoun, Lee H., 190, 545 Calinson, Roxana, 334. 428. 497 Callahan. Cathy, 257, 334, 427, 434, 507 Callahan, Kay, 305 Callicott, Ronald A., 537 Calloway. James A., 287 Calmes, Mary E., 260, 318. 494 Caitieirt, Brooke A., 270, 287, 194, 203, 207, 539 1., 352, 356, Cameron, Kate W., 305. 419 Cameron, William T., 204, 262 Case, Maurice W., 190 Casey, Helen L., 254 Casey, John H., 66. 72, 73, 248 Casey, Kenneth F.. 152. 288, 531 Casey, Linda L.. 288, 420 Cashion, Charles L.. 305, 446 Cashion, Linda D.. 503 Cashion, Mary J., 501 Cashion. Terry, 544 Casida, Lynda, 513 Castaneda, Sean M.. 186. 538 Castello. Timothy J., 190, 334, 477, Castle, 524 Sandra D., 334. 503 Castleman, Bill. 334, 458, 486, 526 Castor. Michael R.. 163. 318, 523 Caswell, Sandra K.. 221. 318. 493 Caswell, William E., 190, 334, 535 Cates, E. F., 54 Cathcart. Carolyn D.. 508 Cathey, David N., 186, 318, 457 Cathey, Emma J., 246. 256 Cathey, Jimmie VV., 318, 457 Catlett, emp, 532 Catlett, Susan, 334. 423, 499 Caton, LaNe1l, 263 Caudill. Gilbert H., 525 Cauthron, Phillip M.. 524 Cavaness, Carol D., 288, 420 l HUGHES RESEARCH IS NEVER ENDING Hughes Tool Company has spent years ol research seeking better pertorm- ance tor better products - and this research Work is never ending. l Part ot every dollar invested in Hughes products is remifesfeo' by Hughes in re- search. Out ot this research come many important contributions to improv- ed drilling techniques. l The drilling industry is assured ot the best product performance possible when they - GO ALL THE WAY WITH HUGHES. ..3f3'- "X HUGHES Tool. coMPANvf Oil Tool oivisian Q Houston, Texas 555 Chain, Caywood. Kerry W., 351, 356 Cecil, Allan V.. 160, 163, 167 Center, Toby, 318, 442 Ceries, Richard E., 334, 470, 535 Chacey, Carole. 318, 416 Chalhn, Ann M.. 334, 404 Challin. Harvey L.. 135, 136, 137, 146, 222, 288, 485. 544 Chaille. Claudia M.. 70, 318 Linda L.. 501 Chalfant, Donald K., 237, 288 Chalfant, Roger W., 61, 305 Challah. Mnwaflak C., 241, 242 Chamberlain. Gene. 186, 318, 481 C riswe Chamb Chamberlin. Joe E.. 250 Chambers. Aubrey. 533 Chambers. Cary M., 539 Chambers. Letitia P., 318, 415 Chambers, Pat. 216, 334, 466 Chambers, Peter S., 305 ers. VVilliam F.. 288 inda G., 319, 407 Davidson Cloar. Julie A.. 305, 419 Chamlee. Mary C.. 305, 416 Champion. Ernest. 334 Chggplin. Catherine C.. 334. 427, Chancellor. Orville L., 256, 265. Braden. 32 288 Chandler, Edwin L., 334, 520 Chandler, James C., 351, 355 Chandler. Li11da K.. 318. 505 Chanev. David P.. 261. 272, 288. 454 Chaney, Neil. 544 Chaney, Robert N., 135, 186 Chaney. Ron, 318 Chaney, Roy C., 255, 442 Chaney, Suzanne, 334, 506 Chaoline. Michael S., 182, 195, 305, 520 Chapman, Frederick W., 539 Chapman. Jesse L.. 177, 178, 180. 19 7. 288 Chapman, Jolm WV.. 233. 288. 485 Clausing. Kirk, 190, 334, 454, 528 Clauve, Sue M., 318, 407 Clay, Barbara S., 318, 500 Clay, Carleton C., 219 Clay, Mrs. Dorothy, 42 Clayton, Howard C.. 543 Clayton, Lea W., 232, 356 Cleary, Marcia E., 252 Cleaver. Harry D., 182 Clem, Harold D., 521 Clem, Ein, 504 Clem, lis E., 186 Clemens, David, 228, 527 Clemens, Dr. Howard. 59 Clement. Perry T.. 225 Clendenin. Carl C., 161 C1i1i?and, Carolyn J., 305, 416, Cleveland. Fred, 526 Clifford. Carole F., 512 Clilrggmith. Linda M., 334, 416, Cloud. VV. F., 214 Clouser. Gordon L., 288. 444. 445 Coad, Stephen. 535 Coates, Don, 530 Coatney, David L., 190, 236, 334, 527 Coats, Andrew M., 351, 356 Coats. John, 355 Cobb, Nancy L.. 509 Corgi? Quinton E., 268, 288, 476, Cochnauer. Tim G., 75, 523 Cochran, David J., 182, 288, 465 Cochran, Jack M.. 206. 318, 465 Cochrane, Robert D., 334 Cockerham, Susan M., 334, 428, 495 Cockriel. Linda A.. 334. 512 Colilgg Carole A., 156, 334, 415, Cody, James D., 222, 352, 356 Codv, James L., 305, 541 Cody- Jim. 140 Codv, VVilliam L.. 334. 541 Co1'l'elt. William R.. 214. 260 lohn, 233. 334. 453. 520 Colley. , Coffey. John M., 190, 200, 288, 446 Conner, Leslie, 350, 351, 355, 530 Conner Leslie R., 190, 446 Craven, Mid e, 416 Craven, Phillip R.. 335, 482, 523 Crawford, Gaylon E., 526 Darling, Carol, 158 Darnell, Carl S., 182, 195, 235, 306, 527 Connolly, Ann, 100, 306. 423 Connolly. Dermot, 245, 318, 540 Conrad. Dale W., 262 Constantin, James A., 40 Constantin, Kathy, 158, 318, 424, 500 Contreras, Joel G., 186, 318, 461 Crawford, Nan, 113, 247, 288, 418. 419 Creeach, Janelle E., 335. 509 Creekmore, Janet C., 335, 423, 498 Creel, Linda VV.. 335, 415, 498 Creel, Von R., 306 Coody, NancyTJ., 288 Cook, David ., 306, 454 Cook, Donna S., 318. 514 Cook. Duane. 122, 127 Crews, Don, 63, 65, 251, 255, 319, 446 Crider. Clayton C., 245. 319 Criswell, Jerry U., 186, 229, 319, 466 Criswell, Penny R.. 494 ll. Sally S.. 335. 498 Darrgugh, C. Jane, 271, 306, 42 Darrough, Ruth A., 271, 306, 423 Darrough, Susan C., 319 Dasl1ev,C1el1rey, 186 Daube, arol L., 319. 427 Daugherty, Clarence E., 214, 260, 284 Daugherty, Nancy M., 284 Bavenport, Billie iz., 35119, 500 ' nport, ames '., 6 Diiksnport, Reno L., 335. 445 David, Jack L., 542 Criswell. Thomas O., 352 Crites, Dennis, 256 Crittenden, Linda 319, 514 Crittenden, Patsy 216, 220 Crittenden. Wendell K., 216, 219 Crogk. Robert H., 163, 167, 288, 4 4 Crockett. Jack YV.. 319. 458 Cromwell. James D., 203. 206 Cro11i11. Bud, 135 Cronoble. James M., 335. 523 Crooks, Raymond F., 306 Crosbie, Alfred. 529 Crosbie, Jack S.. 190. 335, 524 Crosby. Joe H.. 351, 355 David, Raymond R., 186 Davidson, Dave, 153 Davidson, Gerald D., 533 Davidson, Gilbert S., 306. 309, 478 Davidson, James G., 31 Davidson Paul E. 319 485 nnvie, Alhn, 289, 3465 ' Davis, D avis, D av1s, Barry M., 265, 289, 474 Carol, 335, 423, 434, 501 Cynthia L., 289, 416 Davis, Don C., 186 Chapman, Johnny L., 194 Chapman, Kathryn F., 288, 412 Chapman, Madalynne A.. 284. 407 Chigmgnan, Richard A., 190, 334, Chapman, Robert L.. 334 Chapman. Roger A., 74, 239, 240, 266, 284. 454 Chappell, Barney L., 541 Charries, Claude M.. 543 Chastain. Bill H.. 353 Chatham. Joan M., 318 illiam R 257 834 546 Chavez. VV .. . .. . . Cheatham. VViI1iam M.. 288. 438 Chechovsky. Edward L., 522 Cheek. Sandra K., 318 Chekiri. Abdallah. 242. 318 Cherry. Carolyn J., 496 Cherry. Charles W.. 288 Cherrv. Rita J.. 334 Chesnut. Pa11l L.. 186. 318, 446 Chfggutt. Kenneth D., 221. 334, Chichester. David L.. 22 Childers. D0l1a1d. 40 Childers. Steven A., 334. 522 Childress. Philip N.. 288. 454 Childs. Linda l.. 288, 428 Chtglless. Ted F., 186, 194, 196, . 18 Chilton. Robert H.. 263 Choate. lack H.. 190. 194 Choate. Stanley F., 272 Chrisenberry. Carol A., 284 Christensen, Carole, 512 Christensen. Jon C.. 334, 542 ' ack L 305 Christian, J -, Clgrigian, Jann T., 146, 305, 458, Christian, Mrs. Dee, 241 Christian. Sherril D.. 241 Christie. S. J.. 190. 200. 539 Christman, Robert H., 206. 445 Christner, David W., 318. 453, 520 Christner, John A., 305, 520 Chronister. Richard D., 165, 317, Coffey- J. N., 182 Coffey. Robert P., 334, 481, 522 Collin. Linda L.. 306. 432 Coffman. Joan W.. 63, 254, 260, 271. 306. 398. 415 Cofgan, Nancy C., 155, 306, 428, COQIEAIZ. Boyd J., 190, 334. 474, Cogilitg, Edward R., 190, 334, 478, Cohen, Gerald H., 334. 478, 527 Cohen, Gerald L.. 190 Cohen. Susan M.. 334. 498 Cohn. Cissy L.. 318, 430. 431 Cohn. Jules B., 265 Colclasure. Sharon R., 306. 407 Cook. James C., 182, 306 Cook. James D., 177, 180, 544 Cook, Jim, 149, 458 Cook, Robert, 534 Cook, Robert George, 318 Cook. Robert Gordon, 190, 335, 454, 530 Cook, Steven J., 63. 182. 195 Cook, Susan E.. 232. 306, 516 Cook. WVilliam M., 288 Cooley. A. W., 202, 204 Cooley, Linda S., 243, 335, 501 Cooley, Tom L., 252, 288, 458 Cooper, Brenda S., 318, 500 Cooper Fired 1., 235. 288 Cooper, limmie L.. 256, 288, 461 Cooper, Norman W., 190 Cogrfpfr, Richard C., 288, 460, Suzanne, 335. 411. 507 Cooper, Cogiags, James R., 190, 335, 462, Copeland, Ann, 306, 415 Copeland, Donald R., 180 Copeland, Mrs. Edith, 76 Copeland. Robert C., 356 Copeland. Wayne E.. 335. 446 Copher. Gerald E.. 306. 525 Copilevitz. Mark E., 318, 478 Coppage, Stephen D., 318, 477 Copple, Gail A.. 335, 408. 495 Corbett, Patricia A., 264, 319. 514 Corbin, Sherry L., 335, 490, 506 Corblv. Don A., 176. 185. 195 Cordell, Mary L., 155, 269, 319, 407 Core. F. Blair. 288, 473 Corey, Albert H., 157 Corey, Wayne D., 537 Corfl, Nicholas l., 319, 470, 486 Corkins, Roger L., 241. 288. 490 Corlett, William R.. 306. 458 Corley. Beverly J.. 288. 501 Cornelius. Allen E., 284, 542 Cornelius. DeAnna, 335 Cornell. Penny K.. 319. 428 Cornett, Clvdine, 319, 516. 517 Cornett, Paul R.. 306. 453 Corona, Johnny C., 350. 351, 355 Corona. Sandra J., 288 Corrigan. Catherine C.. 319, 428 Cory. J. A.. 543 Cory. Joseph A.. 335. 190 Cory. YV. L.. 261. 272 Cossev. Carolyn S.. 319. 420 Coigllo, John F., 350, 351, 355, C ross, Chris 32 Cross, . Crgsss, Dr. George L., 8, 31, 32, Mrs. George L., 32 , G. Jill. 306. 427 Cross. Leon, 118. 122, 127, 150, 180, 544 Cross, VVi1liam, 32 Cross. Mrs. 1Villiam, 32 Crossland. Douglas, 190, 532 Crosslin, Wanda L.. 319. 500 Crothers. James 1.. 186, 529 Crouch. Kav L.. 335. 506 Crow, Bill G., 163, 528 Crow. Don M., 61 Crowder, Dale F.. 228. 352 Crowder, David, 335, 527 Crowder. R. L., 30 Crowe, William T.. 306 Cross, Cross. Crowl. Victor B., 284 Crownover. Thomas E.. 190 Crumley, .ludye L., 106. 306, 493 Cubbage, Bill, 335. 481 Cubbage, Dennis O., 288. 481 Cuhbage, Stephen B., 289. 481 Cuhbage. Thomas L.. 352 Cullen, Karen L., 114, 247. 289, 428 Culley. Mattie L.. 263 Culp, Bill C., 236 Culp. Joseph P.. 306. 481 Culp. William C.. 306. 458 Culver. Kathleen. 507 Culver. VVilliam H.. 186. 319 Davis, Elizabeth, 263 Davis, Garland D., 190, 319, 469 Davis, George D., 521 Davis, Gwin, 504 Davis, Joe, 197, 231 Davis, John, 229 Davis, John K., 289 Davis, John T.. 190 Davis, oseph W., 180 Davis, udith A., 252, 289, 420 Davis, Julie A., 284, 432 Davis, Lorenzo D., 206, 319, 477 Davis, Dr. W. Marvin, 18 Davis, Michael G., 353 Davis, Mike, 142, 180, 318, 481 Davis, Nancy, 306, 508 Davis, Parke H., 186 Davis, Rex G., 228, 318, 537 Davis, Robert E., 161, 164 Davis, Ronald D., 228 Davis, Sandra, 254 Davis, Sharon 335, 501 Dzgviz, senin E., 157, 158, 289, Davis, Starr, 532 Davis, Stephen P., 146, 306, 482 Davis, Tommy L., 134, 206, 319, 545 Davis, William, 252, 289, 458 Davison, Denver N., 319, 458 Dawson, Dulany L., 232, 306, 427 Dawson, Eugene, 239 Dawson, Floy E., 262 Dawson, lerry W., 335, 526 Dawson, Larry 255 Dawson Rockleigh S., 520 nnwnnnj William W., 319, 445 Day, Gary G., 319, 541 Cole. Charles M.. 334. 446. 486 Cole. Dana Janell, 306, 404, 405. 500 Cole, Frank W.. 214. 243. 260 Cole. Mrs. Frank. 243 Cole. Gene. 216. 219, 318 Cole Cole Cole Cole Cole Cole . J. Glenn. 520 .Jimmie D.. 318. 458 . limmie, 233. 288. 532 . Linda. 257. 318, 334, 503 , Linda L.. 516 . Richard A.. 190. 544 Cotner, Cecil R.. 178. 180 Cotner, Jimmy W.. 180. 288. 461 Cotten, David C., 268 Couch. Bill. 525 cnrhnfine W.. 263 C016 Collum, Cole. Sharon M., 210, 254. 288, 424 Cole. Steve C.. 190, 334. 482. 486. 521 Coleman, Alice L.. 243. 334. 503 Collciraian, Carolyn L., 334, 424, Cfileinan. Glenn C., 248 Coleman. lohn D., 177. 179. 180, 195. 302 540 Coleman. Robert B.. 190. 194. Colev. Marv F.. 288. 427 Dr. Glenn C.. 38. 280 Couch. Couch. Jane A.. 316, 335. 501 Coughlin. M. Elizabeth. 335. 498 Coulson, Richard E., 306. 445. 486 Coulston. Charles R.. 255, 537 Coulter, Joseph E., 22 Council. Charlotte, 230. 335. 419 Council. Christina. 230. 335, 420 Council. Janet E., 319. 412 Council. Ray H.. 335. 454. 521 Councill. Deanna E., 335, 420, 434, 513 Courant, Lawrence J., 306 Courtnav. Bronwen L., 264. 335, 424, 497 Cousins, John A.. 335. 445 Cousins, Sally, 319. 420 Cowan, Audrey J., 288. 412 Cowan, Jackie Ray, 122, 127, 146, Cummings, Ann J.. 492 Cummings, Marc, 526 Cummings, Sharon M.. 335, 501 Cummings, Sheila J., 335. 512 Cunningham, Camille, 289. 428 Cunningham, Carleton. 319. 473 Cunningham, Douglas W.. 238, 335. 473 Cunningham. Gene C., 306 Cunningham, James L., 352, 355 Cunningham, Jenny L., 492 Cunningham, John S., 269. 288 Cunningham, Lee Ann, 319 Cigrgngngham, Mary J., 289, 398, Cunningham, Robert L.. 190. 544 Cunningham. Sta11lev L.. 351. 355 Cupp, Carl D.. 234.'289. 482 Cupp. Danny. 335. 445 Cupp, Robert. 535 Cu rd. Travis A., vo, 355. 519, cnlnnn, lohn C.. 190. 540 Collier, Cathv, 318, 411, 472 Collier, Dr. Robert, 39 Collier. Robert W.. 354 Collins, Brenda. 448 Collins, Ernest W.. 233. 306. 436, Collins. Geoflrev L., 207 Collins, Leroy. 545 Collins, Lelia 1.. 334. 505 Collins, Lowell T.. 207. 539 Colmgis, Mark E., 288, 436, 444, Collins. Michael D.. 314. 473 Collins Collins Collins I Brenda, 334. 472 I Rav G.. 254. 258 . Richard. 334. 531. 541 Collins. Richard T.. 140. 462 223, 544 Cowan, Monta J., 203 Cowans, Ann, 335, 416. 509 Colvizgrd, Charles S., 206, 319, Cowdery. Allen C.. 319. 477 Cowles. Linda S.. 335. 504 Cox, Barbara J., 319. 500 Cox, Clinton V., 186, 319. 462 Cox, Elaine, 501 Cox, Ethelyn, 518 Cox, James D., 353 Cox, Joe, 157 Cox, 'Kaye L., 496 Cox Linda. 509 Cox? Cox Marie E., 228 Teddy H., 186, 319,462 ony' Barbara s.. 510 rt, Marion E., 319, 500 436, 442 Chung, Sunggi. 533 Chung. Yong Hwan, 241 Churchill. Maradell, 288 Circue, D. P., 538 Claborn, James R., 140, 223, 545 Claiser, Gary A., 190, 334, 546 Clanton Marv P., 18, 235, 288 Clnpp, Larry W., iss, 250, 305 Clapp, Linda S., 305 Clapp, Roger C., 186, 255, 279, 318, 461 Clark, Carrin. 210, 499 Clark, Don, 244 Clark, F. Donald, 43 Clark, Guy P., 353 Clark, James R., 186, 318, 481 Clark, Janet, 62, 63, 64, 113, 247, 288, 423 Clark, Janice, 499 Clark. Jannie. 334. 415 Clark, Jim Lloyd. 186, 318, 442 Clark, Karen, 500 Clark, Marshall K., 284, 539 Clark, Mrs. Melba, 60 Clark, Michael A.. 186, 541 Clark, Dr. Ralph VV., 46 Clark. R. D.. 190 C1353 Sharon E., 231, 257, 334, Clark, Thomas C., 160, 162, 288, 465 Clark, Tom, 216. 334, 528 Claro, ohn A., 350, 353. 470 Claro, I oseoh A., 318, 465 Claro, Portia A.. 242. 334, 510 Clary, Caroline A.. 334, 428, 498 Clary. Neal T.. 207, 228, 257, 334, 490, 521 Clason, Phvllis M.. 334, 497 Clauiser, Samuel M., 206, 318, 482 556 Carolvn, 335, 498 Colston, Betty 306 Colston, Charles D.. 288. 445 Combs, Judith A.. 318. 514 Commons, Sharon K.. 288. 427 Comp, L. A., 13. 239. 266 Compton, Cecil C.. 242 Compton. Dorothv L.. 220 Comroe, William S.. 288. 278 Condon. Pat. 152. 162. 165. 196, 231, 232. 249. 261, 518, 531 Coigdgen. Glen P., 81, 122, 127, Colmore. Confer. David. 335. 526 Conklin. Richard M., 306, 473 Conley. Father, 229 Conley. Robert E., 306, 453 Conley. Roger L., 318, 453 Crabbe, John R., 335 Crabtree, Jan F., 319, 419 Cracraft, Joel L., 490, 540 Craig, Austin C., 530 Craig. David XV.. 186. 319. 446 Craig. John. 233 Craighead. Marion E., 271. 306, 402, 420 Crain. Von Monroe. 186 Crane, Jerry C., 206 Craska, Carolyn, 246 Craska. Edward R.. 261 Craun. Leonard D.. 161 Craven. Carla N.. 412. 501 Craven. Dr. Clifford J.. 50. 518 Craven. Dorothy C., 109. 252, 256, 288, 423 Craven, James D., 306. 446 529 Curnutte. Kathy L.. 257. 335, 428, 501 Currey. Janet, 319. 404 Currv. Jeneane A.. 156. 306. 432 Curtis. Cynthia A.. 108. 114. 247, 281, 289. 428 Curtis. VVally. 142 Cushing. Karan S.. 319. 420 Cigaazr, Ralph C.. 190. 335. 454. Custer. Carolyn S.. 319. 424 Cuthbertson, Mickey. 529 Cutler. Rodney L.. 289. 461 Cutter. Kenneth C.. 335 D Dacon. Sandra S.. 498 Dahlvig. Alan L.. 261. 289 Dahm, Martha G.. 319. 424 Dailey. Patrick U.. 190 Daily, Charles F.. 352 Daily, Dr. Charles. 244 Daily. Mary L., 306. 427 Dale, Dennis A., 306 Dale, William 182. 306. 473 Dalke. Judy K.. 306. 416 Dallal. Michel S.. 242 Dalri. John R.. 163. 165. 170. 289. 481 Dameron. Michael K., 528 Danforth. Patricia M., 499 Daniel, John B., 165, 319 Daniel, Mary R.. 335. 420. 495 Daniel. Orion A.. 306. 457 Daniels, Charles E., 350. 353, 442 Daniels. Dianne S., 289 Danielson. Guy O.. 306. 465 Danner. Douglas A.. 190 Darby, loseph J., 306. 445 Darks. Helen, 60, 61 Day, Glyn L. 140 Day, Johnny l ., 539 Day. Valerie ., 258 De Bellis, Deanna M., 496 De Clark, Judy A., 501 De Genova, Michael M., 152, 190 De Graw, Harold E., 319, 524 De La Cruz, Nelda, 506 Delilig Fleur, Christopher, 319, De Lier, Michelin A.. 319, 493 De Martini, Alain, 190, 543 De Mik, James W., 351. 355 De Preker, Charles F., 190 De Roche, Karen A., 319, 516 De Shields, Kaye, 508 De Stwolinski, Gail B., 247 De Vore, Dorothea F., 254, 319 De Weese. Freddie E., 289 De Win, Martha. 510 VVitt, Thomas H.. 306. 466 acon. Sharon l.. 490, 512 De De , , Deadman. Carol M.. 210. 319 Deakins, Kenneth VV., 190 Deakins, Sarah L., 216. 512 Randolph E., 335, 458 Deal. Deal. Tom B., 186 Dean, Gary J., 289, 442 Dean. Lawrence C., 190 Dean, Lloyd. 529 Dean, Norman C.. 190. 545 Deason, Shari. 335. 423. 501 Delilglgerage, David E., 350, 353, Deaton, Nancy C., 258, 306 Deaton, Nancv E.. 491. 500 Deax, David VV.. 289. 453 Decker, Thomas H.. 180. 429 Decker. VVilliam F., 541 Deem. Guy A.. 543 Deere. loe G.. 335. 540 Deere. Monte M.. 122, 124, 127, 133. 222 Dees, Barbara. 254 Dees, ludith A.. 108. 319. 416 Deflenbaugh. David R.. 289 Degenoua, Mike. 531 Del Vero, Frank C., 289, 473 Delhotal, Janet M.. 335. 428, 501 Delhotal, Maurie, 235 Delhotal, Pat. 42 Delk, Marva S.. 500 Deman, Leslie 190. 335. 441 Dempsey, Hugh A., 180. 184, 196 289 Dempsey. lackie L., 122. 126, 223 265. 289 Dempsey, James E., 264 Deiinfhey, Richard J., 186, 319, 8 v E , . . ll ou've tarted to make e '-99 A U - E ,K ,.,:, 1, ' up l li ll 1X X ..ssfaaa22as:.s,ygife1 1 e- ' Q tiff' ,L.,,,,V .AA.V V . '." u ' ':A': f .,.A H ..' 'G '57,Qa,i'? s e Z fi .P-A' iff? j5r'j1,, e X We're unpacking some wonderful new 'Formals and day'I'ime dresses here af Brown's on +he campus. Come see our excifing colleciion of casual charmers and accessories from your favorife New York and California designers . fhey're gay, colorful and as individual as you are! And so righ1"For a happy holiday ahead! COLLEGE CORN ER l 557 Denner. Paul N., 151, 160, 161. 289, 453 Denning, Gary E., 532 Dennis, Diana M.. 411, 519 Dennis, Denny, John S., 186 Patricia A.. 507 Denson, Olivia. 510 Dent, F1'ancine L.. 106. 319, 424 Demon Denton Denton . Dick H.. '146, 1147 , Karen D.. 335, 420. 504 . Sandra K.. 335, 428, 498 Digighty. James T., 253. 289. 477. . 44 Douglas. Joseph N., 336, 543 llfgugggass. Daniel D., 306, 465, Dow. Larry L.. 336. 465, 523 Dow. Patricia A.. 306. 420. 464 Dowling, Martha L., 336, 428, Edwards. Billy Stephen, 353 Edwards. Bruce Martin, 256 Edwards. James Paul, 205, 290, 462 Edwards. Josephine Estey, 229 Edwards. Kay Lyllll. 336, 423 Edwards. Leslie Keith, 245, 539 Edwards. Phil Lloyd, 186, 320, 462 Edwards. Eek. Nat. VVil1iam, 527 43. 270 Fiskin, Stephen VD.. 537 De,-enter, ljrew, Fankhouser. Dale M.. 253. 265. 320, 411 Elliott, Charles B. 111. 184, 307 Foote, Jerry L., 542 Deramus, Franklin. 545 Derryberry, James R., 289, 436, 461 Derryberry. Larry D.. 351, 356 Desai, Muknndlal M.. 241 Desherow. Jo Anne, 105 Deters, Henry E.. 319 Imjeii, 01111101.11 555, 415. 506 Detmer. Loretta. 508 Deupree, Richard S.. 190, 545 Deupree, Robert J.. 142, 222, 545 Deutsch. Beverly H.. 335, 408,501 Karen Y.. 331 Devine, Vllilliam H., 335 Devore, Fallie. 230 Dewberry. Mary A.. 258, 335, 497 521 Di Giacomo. Anita L.. 109, 306, Dewey. Wlilliam J.. 428 Di Monico. Joseph S., 235, 289 Diaz. Al. 521 Dick, Allan R.. 319 Dick, James YV.. 306 Dick, ltlichael T., 306. 478 Dickenson. Larry G., 270, 91 Dickenson. Linda A.. 335, 511 Dickerson. Barry S.. 196, 203, 206, 255. 319, 523 Dickey, David R., 351, 355 Dickey, Jack VV., 351, 355 Dickson. George, 121 Dicus. Jimmy E., 289, 436, 461 Dies, Gary. 535 Dies. James H., 319, 445, 536, 543 Dictrick, L. E. 250 Dillard, Mrs. VV. L.. 228 Dillenback. Michael D., 335. 542 Diller, Richard E., 160, 161, 289, 453 Diller, Robert D.. 319 Dilley, Marsha V., 264. 501 Dilling, Jerome M., 255, 319, 446 Dillingham. Francine L., 156. 216 Dillingham. Larrv M., 216 Dillon, Opaleita M.. 157, 501 Dillon, Susan E.. 501 Dillon. Vl'i1liam.1.. 306, 458 Dimerv, Gavle, 230 Dimick, VVi11iam E., 154, 306, 453 Dines, Paul D.. 190 Dinsmore. Mary A., 231, 335. Dirato, Thomas VV., 542 Dishman. Blair D., 319. 457 Ditmars. Mrs. Jewell, 30 Ditmore. Quinton M., 257. 532 Dittemore, Marybeth, 248, 335, 512 497 Diwokv. Sandra L.. 306 Egnew, John Alvin. 205, 307. 477 512 Downey. Jimmy D., 186, 319. 466 Downing. Jerry N., 186, 319. 481, 541 Downing, Timothy, 228 Doyle, Eugenia. 512 Doyle. Lawrence F.. 225, 540 Doyle. Michael A.. 336, 477 Drain. Harold, 545 Drake, George M., 248, 336, 524 Drake. Phyllis J., 336, 407 Drake. Ray E.. 306 Draper. Daniel D.. 352 Draper. VVi1ma l., 258. 336. 497 Drennan, Pamela J., 336, 411, 500 Ronald L.. 207. 542 Ehlers, Ann, 336, 416. 505 Eichelberger, Charles R., 266 Eichler. Roland A.. 177 Eich,1Vi11iam F., 16 Elder, Gay Ellen, 320. 404 Elder, Puzzv. 158, 320, 412 Eley. Gary 1Vayne, 336, 481. 537 Eller, D. B.. 543 Elligigs, Phillip. 186, 227, 230, Eller, David B.. 190, 536 Ellington. Elizabeth Ann. 252. Driscoll. Michael N.. 284 Driver. David C.. 306. 453 Dryer. George A.. 186 1211 Plessis. Brian. 145. 223. 545 Du Vall. Virginia C.. 319. 516 Dube. Carole L.. 494 Dubie, Edwin D.. 319. 453 Dubie. Theodore P., 154, 319, 453 Duck. Jolm Michael. 306. 458 Duckworth, Mary A.. 289 Duclos. Ed. 165, 216, 543 Dudenhoefler. Arthur W.. 306 Dudkowski. Edmond L., 207. 540 Dudley, Bob, 237. 289 Dud1EY. .limmie D.. 306. 539 Dudley, Patsv R., 220, 290 Dudley, R. C., 180 Dudlev. William O.. 228. 290 Dull. Dennis E., 290. 473 Duff. VVillard E.. 245, 263 Duggan, Steven. 216. 336, 531 Dugger, Gary W.. 542 Dugger. Samuel O.. 186. 319. 454 Duke, Gary D., 290. 485 Duke, William C.. 207. 539 Duley, Carol K.. 252. 306, 411 Dulin. William W., 539 Dumas. Albert. 336, 529 Duna. Beninmin G., 241 Dunagan, Rufus N., 257, 336. Elliott, Deanna Sue, 499 Elliott, Denise, 229, 498 Elliott. Donita. 156. 307. 419 Elliott, Janice Sue, 336, 428. 499 Elliott, Kathleen, 216. 336. 512 Elliott, ,lerrv Chris, 70. 231. 534 Elliott, Luther VV. Jr.. 290 Elliott, ltglgrk, 212, 255, 320. 436, Elliott, Penny Sue, 320. 412 Ellimt. Phi11iuJames. 190. 336 E1liottQ Bill. 525 1 Ellis, David, 216, 219. 336 Ellis, Edwin French, 236, 522 Ellis, Glenda. 246 Ellis Harry Goodwin. 307. 473 Ellis: James Lee, 307. 449 Ellis Judith Lynne, 224, 336, 428. 501 Ellis. Rav Duane. 186 Everett. Dr. Mark R.. 45 Everett. 1Yil1iam A.. 353 Everts, Marilyn L.. 494 Every. Charles A., 186 Ewbank. James B.. 190 Ewing. Charles S.. 165, 196, 320. 524 Ewing. Dr. George M., 58 F Fagerberg, Dennis 258, 541 Faggg, Barbara, 260, 336, 408, Fagin. Earl H., 180. 290. 436, 478 Fair. Harry G., 205, 229, 307, 437. 446 Fair. Linda. 257. 336. 411. 509 Faiz. Traj, 240 Faltin, Jan, 534 Fagtlzcgouser, Albert K., 257, 336, 290. 482' ' ' ' Fannin, John H.. 307. 536. 537 Fisher. Richard M., 336, 474, 486 520 Fisheri Richard. 190 Fisher, Robert S., 219, 221, 533 Fxsthger, Ruth A., 216, 257, 336, 8 Fisher, Sandra L., 494 Fisher, Sherry L., 507 Fisher. Fisher Sue Ann, 317, 320, 412 Ted L.. 232 rishmiii. Paula. 336. 408, 503 Fano, Carolyn, 229. 336. 411. 434. 501 Farha. James T.. 290. 462 Farmer, Franklin, 228, 232 Farmer, Julie. 228 Farmer, Leo W.. 336. 542 Farmer, Sandra L.. 257, 336. 503 Farouk, Husseini. 242 Farrar, Margaret D., 258 Farrar, Ralph, 207 Farrell, lames S., 190 Fa1'rel1. Larry D., 307, 519 Farrell, Leslie A., 238. 519. 530 Fagrsigr, Jack L., 190, 257, 333, Farris, James VV.. 268 Farris, Ken. 119, 121 Farris Linda S . 228 Faser. Karl E.. 202 Fasheh, Speer I., 242, 262, 284 Fast. Amalia. 243 Faubion. Ellon 307 Fitz, Brewster E., 290. 446 Fitzgerald, Barbara, 307, 514 Fitzgerald. Marilyn. 320, 427 Fitzgxiibbons, Robert J., 165, 307, 47 Flaherty, Timothy J., 239, 240, 260, 320 Flaugher. William T.. 320. 446 Fleener. Robert B.. 336, 446 Fleer, Marilyn, 270 Fleetwood, Fred R., 190, 544 Fleming, A. D.. 190. 543 Fleming, Gerald B.. 336, 522 Fleming, Kent, 353 Fleming, Nancy L., 236, 279, 320, 411 Flemming, Jack, 534 Flemming. John, 229. 255 Fletcher, Ronnie, 122, 126, 544 Flexner, Bill, 241, 307, 474 Flick. Michael E., 73. 234 Flood, Evelyn K.. 260, 336, 416, 501 Flood, James R., 336, 465 Flood, Richard S., 206, 320, 473 Flood. William H., 390 Flowers, Nancy E.. 511 461, 523 Dtgrallar. Barbara R.. 336, 420. Duncan, Mrs.Bernice G., 76 Duncan, Carole K.. 319, 510 Digncan. Daniel Edwin, 336. 465, 20 Duncan, Jimmie D.. 353 Dimcan, Dr. John Paul, 26 Duncan, Kay. 451 Dutraesan, Paul C., 242, 306. 352, Dunham. Tom D., 212, 261. 268, 290. 461 Dunlap, Dr. E. L.. 30 Dunlap. Tully L., 319 Dunn. Charley E.. 210, 319, 494 Dunn, Delores A.. 290 Dix. Edward J., 190, 335, 445 Dixon, Betty 82. 319, 423 Dixon, Carolyn L.. 335. 428 Dixon, Connie, 335, 500 Dixon. Jeanne. 319, 492 Dixon. Katherine L.. 335, 427, 508 Dixon Pamela M.. 335. 500 Finney Evans: Richard H., 268. 320. 539 Dohbiiii. Dawn, 244, 250, 289, 428 Dobbs, Laura E., 335, 428, 497 Doble, Nancy J., 306. 510 Dobry, George A.. 190 Dobson. Edward K.. 152, 289 Dodd, Don, 319, 482 Dodd, Ronnie. 190 Dodds, ,lames B.. 186. 319. 481 Dodge, William G.. 289. 477 Dodson, Claiborne B.. 353 Dodson. Teddy E.. 122. 544 Dodson. Thomas A., 190, 335. 453, 533 Doerr, Dr. Arthur H., 37 Dolmalek, Charles W.. 520 Dolgin, Robert, 289. 478 Dollins. Jeanne K.. 335. 495 Dolman, Jack A.. 335. 465, 524 Dombek. Frank L.. 180 Domianovich. Nancy A.. 306 Donaldson. David H.. 289. 446 Donaldson. Douglass A.. 190. 335 Donati. Emanuel J.. 539 Donnell, Linda 1., 335, 423 Donnell, Sarah D.. 319. 404 Dooley. ,lames E.. 182. 306, 473 Doo Little. lames H.. 544 Doolittle. Sue A.. 289. 419 Dooler, Thomas D., 180, 265, 289. 482 Doran. 1Vavne. 196. 319. 529 Dorman. Shirley. 105. 306. 407 Dorney. Barbara, 503 Dornfeld. Robert L.. 306. 473 Dorr. George L.. 335. 539 Dorrani. Mohammad, 243 Dorris, Celia A.. 64. 289, 404 Dorsett. George L.. 186 Doss. Lois J.. 263 Dosser, Glenn P.. 152. 257, 336, 453 Dotson. Ronnie D., 272. 289 Doty, Robert Thomas, 319, 534 Dotv. William, 244 Doublin. Gary D.. 529 Dougherty. Russell C.. 186 Doughty. Beverly J., 319, 420 558 Dunn. Mary L., 306 Dunning. Arthur S.. 206. 540 Dunnington, Annette, 336, 412, 513 Dunnington, Roberta, 306. 412 Duoenhoeller. Arthur, 469 Durbin, Alan. 216 Durbin. Donald VV.. 522 Durham. Peggy J., 72, 250, 290 Durov, Ruth. 499 Dutcher, William E., 255, 319. 481 Dymond, Michael T.. 244 Dyser, Judith A.. 210, 258, 319, 516. 517 E Eakins, Reginald Eugene, 186, 194, 319 Earley. Jack D.. 186, 319, 532 Earnest, Betty Marie. 320. 428 Earnheart, Mary Judith, 290 Easley, Judy. 156 Eagog, Bill B.. 153. 306, 442. . 4 Eagog, Michael Palmer, 190, 336. 4 Eastham, Loura Lavern. 306. 512 Eastman. Jean Ann, 320, 415 Eastman. lefl. 190, 336. 474. 532 Eastiosn, Phillip Lynn, 186, 306, .1. . Eaton. Douglas Clifford. 216. 539 Eaton, Keith Adrian, 320, 469 Eaton, Sharon. 512 Ebert, Paul. 145 Ebrey. Thomas Glenn. 238. 290 Ellis, Robert. 521 Ellis, Walter Don, 212, 214, 290 Ellison, Carol A., 108, 320, 423, 447 Ellison, Clark, 290. 446 Ellman, Susan H., 336, 431. 434, 505 Elmore. Carl D.. 253, 290, 482 Elms. John B.. 537 Elwell, Nancy D., 16, 320 Emerson, Charles D.. 307 Emerson. Tom. 190. 336. 482 Emery, James S.. 290. 458, 459 Emery, Sue A., 290. 415 Emmer, Linda A., 260, 336, 431, 495 Emrich, Robert B.. 190 Engelberg, Diane S., 493 England, Jane, 257, 336, 427, 434, 505 Engle, R0ll1l1C, 544 Engle, Joy S., 226, 256, 264, 290, 416 Engleman, Jack A.. 539 English. John E., 134, 186 Ennis, Jerry D., 541 Ennis, Jerry, 165, 267 Enos, Dan M., 336 Eppstein, Rabbi Victor, 85 Epstein, Lois F., 336, 571 Epstein, Michael A., 336, 536, 537 Erdman, Robert F., 290, 469 Eriksen, Dr. John, 39 Erin, Tim, 186, 225. 540 Ernest, Jerry R.. 190, 194, 228 Ernest, Melvin D., 228 Ertel. Bernard R., 254, 290 Ervin, Beverly R.. 258. 307. 407 Erwin, Dan A., 350, 351, 355 Erwin, Jimmie R., 533 Erwin, Sandra D.. 320. 411 Escherich. Ronald E., 158 Esehler, Janie, 70, 336. 491. 501 Esfahani, Mohammed, 243. 320 Eslandiari. Bijan, 243, 307, 539 Eshraghi, Badiollah. 237 Eskridge, Lena M., 320, 500 Eslinger, Greg A., 231 Esmailizadeh, Ali A., 233, 237, 290 Estes, Gary L., 233. 290 Estes, Larry D.. 541 Estes, Ronald G., 307, 485 Estes, Terry. 216, 320, 485 Estlin. William R., 307, 482 Etheredge. Kenneth R.. 186. 320, 462 Ethington, L. S., 488 Etten, Joseph 336. 540 Evan. Carrol, 186, 268 Evans, Ann. 320 Evans, Betty. 236 Evans, Bill. 526 Evan. Edith L.. 290. 427 Faudree, Francie, 336, 508 Faylllaner, 1Vi1liam H., 190, 336, Faust, Andy. 307. 466 Featherstone, Ronald. 190, 519. 533 Feaver, Ed, 249 Feaver, Dr. Clayton, 25 Feaver, lohn H.. 186 Febles, Roberto C.. 241 Febles, Teresita, 241 Fedman, Maureen. 240. 269, 408 Fehr. Gregory. 320. 485 Feidi. lzzat. 92, 241. 242, 284 Feinberg, Carolyn, 320, 408 Feingold, Alan B.. 541 Feinstein. Donald L., 190, 336, 478, 525 Feinstein, Jerald L., 206, 537 Feintech, Sheri L., 107 Feizy, Gholamali, 241 Feldgreber, Joan. 336. 431. 495 Feldman. Pete, 69, 72, 234, 259, 307. 533 Feldman, Rudy, 121 Fellers, limmy D., 307, 469 F 1 is Ka L. 290.423 C If 4 . . Fellman, Tvhomas H., 190, 336, 471, 520 Fender, Harry, 186, 320, 454 Fennessey, Paul. 307 Fenwick, Bass, 66, 72, 73, 114, Flowers, Nita K.. 228, 500 Flowers. Nehemiah. 190. 544 Floyd, Dale G., 190. 542 Floyd, David L.. 290 Floyd, Delphine, 228. 320 Floyd, Dennis L.. 320, 466 Flud, Lowell R., 264 Flynn, John T., 122, 126, 132, 186 Fobes, Dell L., 320, 407 Fogarty. Gail, 505 Fogel, DeDe, 431 Fogg, Richard. 177. 178, 180, 249 Foley, Kay. 320. 500 Folsom. Jim. 544 Foor, Charles V., 354 Foote, Bobbie L., 231 F0253 Jack, 186, 216, 219, 320, Foote, Karen, 307, 516 Forbis, John L.. 165, 261, 272, 290, 473 Forbus. Jerry K.. 245. 540 Ford, Christ, 155. 158, 227, 320, 336. 419, 423. 498 Ford, Christine. 264 Ford, James, 54 Ford, Martin l., 336. 454, 525 Fogga Robert L., 190. 336, 477, Ford, Toni. 336, 411. 434, 511 Ford. YVilliam L.. 182, 195, 307, 477 Foree, Elizabeth A., 336, 407 Foree, Margie, 70, 336, 490, 491, 495 Foreman, Bi11yA., 337 Foresee, James L., 290, 481 lFlorman,'-'Jon PQAJS2, 190, 531 orney, om, . Forrest, Douglas L., 190 Forrester, Ann M., 208, 236, 320, 428 390 Ferber, Lee A., 307, 473 4 M lfe d 525 F e rgeson, F ergeson e r , ulD '307 481 , P ., . . Ferguson, Pziatricia A., 230, 307, 416 Ferguson, Patricia A., 320, 424 Ferguson, Richard L., 522 Ferguson, Stan. 186. 529 Ehy. Charles Harry. .336, 527 Ebv. Ginger. 320. 415 Eccles, Ronald Lee. 534 Eckel, Milfred O., 186. 525 Eckert, Henrv B., Jr., 307 Edggrlgton. George Ronald, 190. Edelman, Beverly Jean. 493 Edlagloe, 215, 216, 255, 320, Edgar. Tommy Lee. 142. 222. 290. 445. 545 Edggger, Elleen Lucille, 336, 428, Edmonds. David. 353 Edmondson. Dolores Ann. 500 Edmunds. Kitty Ann. 307, 404 Edwards. Billy, 233, 290 Evans Evans Eddie. 135. 136, 150 Pat. 336. 454 Evans: Harlan J., 266. 290 Evans, Haskell L... 307. 469 Evang, Jack M., 242. 262, 268, 29 Evans, Katherine L., 156, 336. 424, 497 Evans, Linda, 227, 236, 320, 428 Evans Evans Louis A.. 186, 320, 445 Perry. 531 Evans, Ronald E., 182, 240, 307, 535 Evans, Tommy. 120 Evatt, Barbara J., 320. 510 Ever, E. H., 177 Ferraro, Vicki Jo. 320, 427 Ferrier, Jack, 482 Ferrier, Robert L.. 177, 178, 180 Fesler, John F., 190, 227, 336, 453, 522 Fetters, Bobbie. 434 Fey. Becky, 270 Fickel, Geraldine, 246 Fiddner, Carl H., 336, 482, 542 Fielden. Arlen E.. 353 Fielding. Larry YV.. 542 Fields. Diana, 155. 220 Fife, Michael, 336. 423, 510 Figley. Becky. 511 Filbeck, James R.. 336. 462. 537 Filbeck. John. 153. 207. 336. 526 Files, Mark, 290, 414. 473 Fine, Richard M.. 190 Finegold. Alan. 221 Finkel. Lois. 307. 475 Finkelstein. Gerald S.. 186 Finkelston. Mike A., 186, 233, Forrester, Marilyn K., 503 Forrester Vandye, 307, 462, 486 Forster, John F., 186, 320, 458 Forsythe, George D., 186, 255, 320, 540 Fos Hat, Morteza, 237 Foster, Bobby G., 180 Foster, David, 534 Foster, Floyd M., 307, 458 Foster, Joan P., 254 Foster, Judy A., 337 Foster, Judy A., 427, 499 Foster, arry Lee, 336. 353, 446 Foster, Lawrence W., 529 Foster, Lon, 307, 476, 477 Foster, Robert L., 180, 350. 477 Foster. Stanley L., 320. 469 Fountain, Tommy C., 190, 337 Fouts, VVarren, 146 Foust, James E., 204, 290 Foust, Stanley J., 152, 191. 531 Fowler. Barbara 337, 505 Fowler, James H., 191, 307. 538 Fowler, Dr. Richard, 24, 59 Fowler, Carol, 498 Fox, Andrea. 337, 431, 504 Fox. Eileen. 290 Fox. James, 204 F F ox, Joella, 337, 509 ox. Leslie, 160, 161. 165, 171, 290 Fox. Paul. 221. 231 320, 474 Finkenbinder. Don C., 146, 222, 307, 477. 545 Finley, Camilla, 70. 156, 307. 491, 510 Finley, Marsha L.. 336. 428, 503 Finley, Pai. 264. 290. 420 Finley. 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D., 182 Garrett, John, 122, 126, 320, 481, 544 Glenn, David H., 264, 284 Glenn, Fred R., 191 Glenn, Pamela N., 307, 493 Glenn, Perry R., 191, 519 Greeson, Gary, 114, 204, 232, 291, 454 Gregg, Jay, 146 Gregg, Lawrence, 191, 337, 469 Hale, Kelly, 221, 308, 448, 449 Haley, James E., 187, 255, 541 Frantz, Jhmes DY, 191,, 337, 446, 523 Garrett, Kathryn I.. 156, 337, 506 Frantls Richard B.. 207. 337 Fraser, Georgi: B.,I356 Don. 191. 337, 482, 530 Katherine A., 307, 398 Garrett, Robert J., 177, 179, 180 Gaiigeitt, Stephen P., 191, 337, Frazier, h , Frazier, Jeanine, 216, 228, 497 Frazier, Jerry, 452 Fredenberger, John C., 177, 178, 180, 195, 290, 477 Frederick, Bob, 268, 290 Frederick, Judy, 307, 424 Frederick, arry D., 255 Frederick, Linda J., 337. 424. 509 Frgcie-Iricksen, Lynn S., 227, 320, Fredgren, Kenneth R., 226, 249, 490 Fred ren, Tom, 158 Freeilland. 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Elizabeth, 493 Freize, Harold D., 320, 462 French, Freda, 307, 427 French, Julie, 494 French, Robert, 337, 526 French, Troy R.. 540 Frenslev, Linda, 212, 390. 423 Fretwell. Judith A., 337, 498 Freyer, Judith K.. 73, 307, 404 Fricke, R. E., 180. 256, 290, 482 Fried. Michael, 527 Friedlander. Kay, 215, 216 Friedman, Charles, 337, 474. 525 Friedman, Eleanor J., 320, 493 556 Gavras, John C., 353 Gay, Harold M., 204 Gay, James N., 206, 320, 438 Gay, Neal H.. 257 Gay Sharen A., 512 Gayle, Bill, 529 Gayle, John, 191 Gaylor, Sharon L., 512 Geer, Linda G., 337, 512 Geis, B mee, 191, 337, 453, 518 Geis, Larry R., 233, 307, 482 Geis, Sarah L., 307 Geller, Salem L., 252, 307, 474 Gellinger, Leah, 216, 320, 503 Gentry, Gentry, George Nancy J., 337, 497 Phillip M., 291,519 Dan, 152 Georgel, James M., 320, 481, Friedman, Joan, 337, 431, 495 Friot, Faith. 307, 424 Fritz, Mrs. Dorothy, 289 Frost, Gary G.. 191. 320 Frost, Paul, 186, 421 Frost, Ronnie, 544 Frueh, Forrest L., 352, 355 Fruit. Don L.. 337, 458, 540 Fry, Michael B.. 320 Fry, Judith E., 510 Fryntzko, Jeanne T.. 337. 427 Fugitt, Sarah L., 320. 419 Fulkerson, Grover, 531 Fullbright, Harvey D., 191, 533 Fuller, Ingrid E., 258, 320, 510 Fuller, Mark. 64 Fuller, Marvin J., 307 Fuller, Melvin 337 Fuller, Jim G., 191, 337, 482, 533 Fulton. James VV.. 238 519 Geoige, Jeretta, 219, 220, 320, 4 1 George, Linda P., 391, 427 George, William E., 337, 469 George, William L., 249 Marshall J., 291, 478 Carl H., 186, 196, 540 Gerber, Gericke, Germond, Stanley P., 203, 207, 486, 537 Gerrity, Rita A., 172 Geyer, Jean A., 252 Geyman, Jerry D., 148, 224 Ghiglieri, James C., 307, 541 Ghorayeb, Jack, 242, 337, 470 Giarraputo, Bobby J., 186 Gibbens, Daniel, 355 Gibbens, William P., 307, 473 Gibbs, Charles S., 320, 454 Gibbs, lan, 152,531 Gibbs, Thomas A., 165, 171, 307, Funderburk. Lorenz, 546 Funk. Davida, 260, 264, 337, 431, 498 Fuqua. Patti, 290, 411 Furr, Nancy. 260. 337, 404, 501 Fusco. Frank. 186 Futerlas, Patricia G., 337, 408, 495 Futrell. Clarence R.. 352 Futrell, Diane, 307. 492 436, 458. 459 Gibson, A. N., 119 Gibson, George D., 307, 477 Gibson, June. 508 Gibson, Joe D., 261, 272, 542 Gibson, Joel E.. 291 Gibson, Linda K., 264. 307, 420 Gibson, Michael L., 205, 232, 307, 320, 457, 477 Gibson, Virginia R., 157, 337, Glickman, Howard E., 191, 337, 528 Globe, Toby J., 337, 441 Glomset, Sandra L., 291, 411 Glorsky, Ronald P., 191, 532 Glover, John, 526 Glueck Carole L., 320, 402, 408 com, Ma.-y J., 229, 321, 432 Goddard, Ronald, 216, 219, 337, 528 Godfrey, Santa, 291, 412 Godwin, Carolyn J., 284 Goen, Rayburne VV., 307, 481 Goen, William L., 191. 337 Goff, DeWitt C.. 253, 291, 482 Golf, Leonard, 135 Goff, Marsha D., 337, 411 Golf, Noel F., 291 Goforth, Marvin E., 191, 337, 537 Goforth, Neola D., 307 Goforth, Paul D., 321 Goin, Carmen L., 263 Gold, Ronald L., 191, 337, 478, 528 Goldberg, Lee J., 307, 408 Goldberg, Michael M., 321, 478 Goldberger, Henry B.. 539 goigfnci Gail clif., 321, 431 .o e e , , 07, 496 Golggielglgggylnda R., 260, 321, Goldnian, Jarris E.. 191, 540 Goldsmith, Donna Lynn. 307. 408 Goli-ijliteiii, Ellen M., 210, 321, Goldtrap. Katherine A., 321, 416 Gollub, Sandra J., 321, 516 Golman, Marty, 186, 321, 529 Gola? Susan L., 232, 269, 307, Gomez, Eugenio R., 546 Gomez, Jorge, 214, 284 Gommengeneger, John, 244 Gooden, Mike, 135 Good. Bobby J., 186, 194, 546 Goodin, Delbert R., 182 Goodpasture, James D., 307 Goodpasture, Martin O.. 186, 233 Goodson, Jimmie, 204. 291 Goodson, Rena A., 321, 419 Goodspeed. Jerry, 216, 219, 520 Goodwin, Laurel A., 496 Goodwyn, Mary K.. 157, 158, 236, 246. 321, 500 Goodyear, Colin, 229 Goransson. Bertil J., 337, 469 Gordon, Edward D., 307 Gordon, Louis. 191, 337. 478 Gordon, Patricia A., 291, 512 Gorney, John, 526 Gorrell. John S., 263 Goss, Tonoia Sue. 505 Gossage, George W., 263 Gossom. Elizabeth, 485 Gotcher, James E., 351 Gotcher. Vicki J., 226, 227, 337, 427, 506 Gotesman. Michael 337. 441, 486. 543 Gough. Jamie, 255 Gow, Frank C., 191. 540 Gow, Robert D., 307, 541 Graber, John P.. 180. 196. 197 Grable. Frances A.. 321, 420 Grace, Madeline, 513 Grace, Robert D., 212, 214, 260 Griiilgf, Charles E., 73, 234, 291, Gregory, Bobby, 157, 321, 453 Gregory, Ellna K., 264, 321,516 Gregory, Helen, 156 Gregory, Paul R., 148, 291 Gregory, Greiner, John T., 72, 182, 195, 307 1'1al1. Alice A., 308, 500 Hall, Bill, 261 Hall, Charles E., 191, 544 Hall, Don T., 187 Hall, Frank, 529 Hall, Garth Len, 234, 292, 454 Hall, John C., 321, 454 Hall, John L., 353 Hall, Judith A., 236, 321, 420 Hall, Ray C., 64, 284, 453 Hall, Richard, 234, 238 Hall, Sherryl, 485 Hall Hall Stephen A., 308, 442 Susie 499 Hall, Wilburn C., 180, 292, 454 Haller, Tom, 154 Hallman, Fred H.. 253. 292,, 446 Hallman, Samuel K., 112, 114, 251. 292, 481 Hallock, Charlotte, 220 Halpcr, Stephen R., 153, 191, 245, 540 Halyorsen, Terry, 338, 420. 508 Gresham Willis E., 207, 337, 535 Greve, Margaret, 244 Griffin, Daneille S., 260, 307, 404 Griffin, Douglas E., 239, 240, 261, 266, 307, 449 Griffin, Gerald R., 337, 523 Griffin, John L., 321 Griffin, John, 75, 465 Griffin, Kenneth R., 545 Griffin, Larry, 191, 194, 337, 529 Griffin, Linda G., 321, 428 Griffin, Mary E., 258, 337 Griffin, Max, 543 Griffin, Nancy A., 321 Griffin, Sandra A., 321, 500 Griffin, Saralou, 75, 512 Griffin, William A.. 284 Grifhn, VVilliam, 535 Griffin, WVilliam L.. 222. 545 Griffith, Brandon, 261, 272 Griffith, Clyde E., 204 Griflith, Roger W., 215, 216. 291, 353. 485 I Griffin.. Ruth A., 236. 307, 415 Griffiths, Mary L., 321 Griflitts, Elaine M., 232, 321, 493 Grigshy, Riandel O.. 72. 538 Gririilifs, Michael, 191, 337, 458, Grimes. Terrence L., 231. 248. 337, 537 I 1 Grindstaff, Wyman K., 234 Grinstein, Judith A., 264 Grisham. Cynthia A., 86, 156. 338. 427. 456 A Grisham, Jimmie C., 122, 127, 128, 187,544 Grochowski, Robert G., 191, 544 Grof. Loretta A., 503 Grosboll. Marth, 210, 234, 238, 272, Gross, Terr L.. 338, 415. 503 Grgisigman, awrence A., 180, 291, 291 1 Grossman, Stanley. 237 Grove, Bruce R., 187 Grove, Robert L.. 350. 351 473 Grove, Shirley A., 308. 412 Grove, William R., 205, 307, 466, 467 Groves, Mary E., 230, 231. 260, 264, 269. 308, 424 David C.. 210, 268. 308, Ham. Vllilliam E., 240, 321, 438 Hamblen, Clare. 292. 432 Hamblet. Ellen E., 500 Hamby, Susan, 109, 256, 264, 3084 420 Hamilton, Gerald VV., 321, 481 Hamilton, J. D., 205 Hamilton, Jay D., 308, 454 Hamilton, Jimmie D., 191, 545 Hamilton, Bruce, 204, 267, 272 Hamilton, Linda, 338. 404 Hamilton, Marilyn, 338, 428. 495 Hamilton, Robert, 187. 231. 235 Hamilton. Robert A.. 292, 525 Hamm, Linda K., 308, 428 Hamman, Karen, 308, 415 Hasnggnert, Carl, 203, 207, 330, Hammett, James T., 338, 461 Hammett, Jerry E.. 160, 163, 165 Hammett, Robert E., 321 Hammon, Chris H.. 187, 446 Hammon, Linda, 108 Hammons, Bundy, 153 Harnmonds, George, 541 Hammond, Hobart G., 191, 523 Hammond, James VV.. 292, 469 Hammond, John P.. 191. 544 Hammond, Malcom P.. 182 Haliiiiinond, Patricia K., 109. 308, Hammond, Robert H., 338, 540 Hainigions, Sherd P., 187, 308, Hamner, Steve, 225, 321 Hamon, Claude L., 308, 465 Hampton, Dale 187, 321, 538 Hampton, Gerald, 182 Hampton, Phillip, 308, 457 Hamra, Sherian, 308, 407, 434 Hanaley, Pat, 530 Gurney, Marion D.. 338. 542 G Gabal, James M., 73, 234, 307, 481 Gaberino, James D., 320, 458 Gable, G. Ellis, 30 Gable, Richard VV., 350, 351, 355, 462 Gable, Shirley D., 320, 427 Gable, Susan 337, 423 Gaither, F. F., 254 Gaither, Karla R., 230, 264 424, 506 Gibson, William M., 186 Gilford. Ronald D., 539 Gilak, Hadi, 541 Gilbert, James M., 191, 257, 337 Gilbert, Jerald M.. 191 Gilbert, J. M., 537 Gilbert, Robert J., 337, 466 Gilbert. Robert W., 337. 524 Galbraith, Donald E., 531 Galbraith, James M., 265. 284 Galbraith, R. E., 207 Gallagher, James P., 457 Gallup, Barbara S. . 291 Gallup, Jere R., 320, 445. 530 Gallup, Mary J., 320, 516 Galoob, Harry D., 191, 337, 474 Galoob, Samuel B.. 337, 474 Galpin, Floyd L.. 262 Galt. Jay. 186, 320. 458 Gasiiilile, Anne L., 337, 404. 405, Gamble, Barbara L., 320, 416 Gamble. Gerald L.. 112. 114. 249, Harper, Ronald, 221, 292, 518, 251. 281. 291. 418. 436. 458 Gammill, James E.. 539 Gammon. Jack, 543 Gandy, Elizabeth E.. 337. 419, 499 Gangwer. K. W., 291, 458 Gann, Jimmy D.. 262 Gann, Zora A.. 507 Gannaway. Robert A.. 353 Gannon, David E.. 320 Gans, Susan M.. 337, 419, 512 Gantt, Mary, 271 Garber. Martin D.. 153, 186. 320, 465 Garcia. Juan, 320 Gard, Ben H.. 216. 320. 540 Gard, James P., 122, 186 Garland, J. L.. 182. 337 Garland, John W., 307 Garlick, Jim. 148 Garman. Daniel S.. 539 Garner, D., 180 560 Gilby. Richard, 191, 337, 529 Gigiiliky, Susan L., 337, 431, Gilkes, Carolyn A., 510 Gilkey. Raymond D.. 191. 539 Gill, Dorinda, 216, 337, 511 Gill, Janet A.. 307, 416 Gill, Lynda M., 391. 415 Gill, Patricia A., 307, 432 Gill. Phyllis A.. 236. 320. 415 Gillespie. Chancner, 191, 230, 231, 337, 442 Gillespie. Phyllis L., 512 Gillett. Michael E., 191. 221, 337 Gillette. John K.. 180, 391 Gilliland. Diane L., 307, 419 Gilson, Ernest F., 391 Gilstrap, Deanna L.. 327 Giisiiap, Jimmy, 122, 127, 222, Gipson. Mary A.. 337, 503 Gist. John T., 284 Gittings. Michael L.. 337, 528 Givens, Patricia E., 220 Giiggs, Rex 180, 189, 291, Givens, YVilliam G., 160, 162, 253, 291, 462 Glahn, Gregory J., 523 Glancy, John E., 546 Glaser, Gerald C., 264 Glasgow. Gary F., 180. 291. 453 Glasscock, Jerry D., 291, 436, 442 Glasscock, Mike K., 163 G1-iisgtman, Bernard, 337, 478, Glatstein, Howard B.. 320. 478 Glen, Frances L., 258. 391 Glenn, Danny E., 204, 291 Graham, Amelie C.. 337. 502 Graham. Andrea J., 307, 415 Graham. Bill. 526 Graham, James R.. 307. 465 GFEQIEIII. Richard H.. 187, 191, Grgxlsaam, Robert, 321, 337, 477, 8 Graham. Robert E., 191 Graham. Scottie Lee, 351. 355 Grant. Suzanne. 321. 404 Gratrix. Donald, 207. 537 Graves. Jane G., 246. 321. 428 Graves. John L.. 187. 321. 446 Graves, Peggy M., 220, 291, 411, 443 Graves, Thomas G., 355 Grayitt. Bert. 122 Gray, Darby A.. 182. 196. 197 Gray, Emily. 307. 416 Cray, Linda L., 291, 250, 407 Gray, Mike, 530 Gray. Samuel A., 177, 178, 180, 195. 244. 291. 458 Grayson. Beverly J., 337, 412, 502 Grayson. Dora M., 258 Green, Anne P.. 291 Green. Daniel E., 204. 205. 307. 436, 450 Green, John P., 291 Green, Laurence B., 53, 202 Green, Marie, 219, 412 Green, Maryln Ceclia, 307 Green. Marilynn M.. 412 Green, Mimi. 307, 412 Green, Nell. 291,412 Green, Walter E.. 233, 284 Grieirii, William O., 350. 352. 355, Greenberg, Charles M.. 307. 478 Greenberg, Justin M.. 291. 474 Greenblatt, Marcia, 337. 431, 497 Grubb. 481 Grubbs, Judson, 182, 196, 518, 543 Gruber, Suzanne. 330. 407 GYUCIIIE. Anne E.. 82. 291. 419 Grumbine. Mary K.. 291. 404 Griiiiily, Barbara H., 236, 321, Gryniewicz, John, 207, 543 Gulley, Jim. 321. 473. 529 Gulley. lanita, 223. 225. 321. 416 Guffin. WVilliam. 250 Gullick. .Judy A.. 338. 416. 503 Gullo, Michael D.. 539 Gumm. Dianne. 502 Gunn. Nancy. 507 Gunning. R. Boyd. 56 Gunning. Don. 228. 399. 519 Gunning, Donald T., 261 Gunning, Robin R., 236. 308, 399 Gunter, Vicki A.. 321, 416 Guitrgesy. Catherine D., 260, 321, Guthrie. Sue A., 291, 428 Gutshall. Terry, 534 Gu2vg2Frank VV., 261. 266. 291, Guy, Kathleen, 156. 321. 428 Guver, Dan E., 262 Gwaltney, Richard VV.. 191. 533 Gwartney. Pat R.. 308 H Haas. Catharine L., 495 Haas, Suzanne. 338, 500 Habeger. Charles C.. 338. 529 Hack. Dorothy 1.. 505 Hackler, Ceclia H., 321 Hackler, James W., 191, 321, 462 Haddock. lerrv C.. 135. 136. 138, 146, 177, 180, 222, 291. 458. 544 Haddock, John P., 292, 458 Haddock. Tom P.. 308, 481 Hadian. Sayed, 243 Hadley. Steve, 191. 532 Hagdgiiiger, Ronald R., 350, 351. Hadwiger, William A., 261 Hagan, Jessica L.. 109. 321, 412 Hager. Carlvn, 292. 423 Hagerman, Sue A.. 210. 229. 512 Hagg, Sandra, 509 Haggard, Billy 1., 321 Greene, Carol A., 321. 431 Greene, Karen S.. 337. 420. 501 Greene, Richard G., 261, 291 Greenlee, James R., 291. 445 Greenstine, Betty L.. 497 Greenstone, Jim L., 82, 238 Haggard. Joel E., 226 Haines, Kav. 252. 256. 292. 427 Ha1deman,'Jack, 214. 216. 308. 546 Haldeman, Joe. 216. 321. 546 Hale, Gary, 182. 230. 308. 546 Hancock, James M., 284, 457 Hancock, John J., 284 Haney, James O., 191, 338, 534 Hangs, Catherine S., 231, 257, 338, 499 Hankins, Robert L., 191 Hanks, Julia A., 321, 516 Hanle, Arlen J., 206, 321, 525 Hanley, Patrick, 191 Hannah, Pauline VV., 263 Hanson, Dorothy L., 292, 416 Hanson, Harland, 529 Hanson, Lowell G., 533 Haragara, Vernon, 541 Haraison, Helen L.. 235 Hardaway, Edward V., 204 Hardberger, R. E., 308, 446 Harden, Larry, 543 Hardesty, Rozanne M., 230, 241, 260, 512 Hardick, Mahlon, 191, 540 Hardin, Bryan, 191, 221, 534 Hardin, David YV., 261, 292 Hardin, Neal C., 321, 541 Harding, Robert, 250 Hardley, Kay, 394 Hardrick, Elizabeth, 500 Hardwick, Jim, 351 Hardwick, Iliihn P.. 321. 458 Hardwick, ancy, 308. 514 Hiiirila, Jack L., 72, 292, 436, Hare, Bruce E.. 154. 308. 453 Hare. Charles E., 165 Hargis, Gene P.. 187, 321 Hargis, Jerlene A., 321 Harlow, Karen, 496 Harlow, Dr. James G., 41 Harmon, Elizabeth K.. 264 Harmon, Kathy. 220. 500 Harmon. Ron. 122, 544 Harms, Ruth Ann, 210, 308, 407 Harn. Patricia G., 230, 260. 321, 491. 494 Harned. Elizabeth A.. 321. 423 Harneit. VValter C., 191. 194, 338, 542 Harness, Ann. 338. 504 Haroutunian, Dr. Joseph. 84 Harp. Charles E.. 240. 261 Harper. Barbara K., 292. 411 HHTDCI, Edward H., 292. 351, 355 Harper, Jeanne A., 228, 308, 424, 510 Harper, Joanne L., 228. 308, 424. 510 542 Harrell, Betty J., 500 Harrell, James D.. 292. 481 Harrell, Kent, 522 Harrell, Terry L.. 191. 338. 445 Harrigan, Robert V., 214 l CONGRATULATIONS TO GRADUATING SENIORS AND A HAPPY SUMMER TO ALL . UNIVERSITY BO0K EXCHANGE IIN THE UNION BUILDINGI "IT HAS BEEN A PLEASURE TO SERVE YOU" 524 Hig s, Jessie C., 322, 419 Hook, Ausbie D.,' 191 Hopkins, James L.. 537 Hutlas, Edward J., 322, 470 Hayes, Lawrence C., 165. 321, 543 Hayes, Lewis A.. 338. 445. 535 Hayes, Pat, 223 Hayes. Robert 1V.. 253. 524 Harriman, David R., 216, 219, 308 Harris, B. 240, 266 Harris, Betty Kristina, 321. 424 Harris, Cl1arles E., 151, 154, 191, 292, 453 Harris, Clyde E.. 525 Harris, Douglas M., 187. 535 Harris, Eugene L., 191, 542 Harris, Guy M., 30 Harris, Harold H., 292 Harris, Mrs. Isla, 449 Harris, James, 235, 462 Harris, A ames C., 321 Harris, Capt. James M., 161, 166 Harris, James Mack, 338 Harris, James R., 445 Harris, Janice E., 321, 415 Harris, lm 16 3 1 Harris, Harris, Harris .Ii l 2 1 - 2 Mrs. John, 241 Judith C., 210, 321. 404 Lynda Rae, 256, 308, 427 Harris, Orval. 308 Harris, Paul D., 321, 473 Harris, Rebecca. 156 Harris, Robert B., 191, 539 Harris. Robert Michael, 518 Harris. Roy O.. 519 Harris Harris Susan E., 308, 427 Terry P.. 519 Harris, Thomas D., 530 Harris, Vllaymon L., 265 Harris. 1Villiam V., 182 Harrison, Benny W., 321 Harrison, Bill, 436 Harrison, Charles J., 187, 321, 438 Harrison. Clarence W.. 292 Harrison, Don C.. 187. 308, 458 Harrison, Leonard G., 308 Harrison, Maxwell I., 207, 338 Harrison, Michael R.. 321, 470 Hhrrison, Nickie K.. 187 Harrison, Patricia, 428 Harrison, Patricia E., 321 Hairgiion, Stan, 249, 308, 476, Nina 219 221 Hinson, Harrison, Tricia, 156, 338, 412 Harrison, Walter J., 284 Harrison, William W., 238, 292, 438, 477 Harrolle, Phillip G., 528 Harsh, Catherine A., 308, 419 Harshaw, Jon, 216, 338, 466 Hart, Billy L., 292,541 Hart, Blakie, 308, 428, 434 Hart, ,A Hart ames, 321, 445 largene 510 Hartl 1Villiam,, 543 Hartley, Emilee K., 338, 412 Hartley, 0 Ann, 292, 411 Hayes, Ti1notl1y J.. 338. 462. 534 Haygood, S1l3l'0ll. 308, 424, 511 Haylgurst, Charles F., 191, 321, 46 Hayhurst, Deana Lou, 502 Hayis, Gene. 197 Hays, David P., 225, 292 Hays, Herbert B., 321 Hays, Kenneth N., 191 Hazlett, Benjamin A., 542 Hazlewood, James G.. 292. 457 Head, Bernard C., 182 Head, Carole A.. 509 Head, Jo E., 210, 322 Head, Jody, 419 Headrick, Dale R.. 533 Hebisen. Benalee. 108. 322. 404 Heck, Caroline H.. 292 Hecksher, Larry VV.. 257. 539 Hedcling, Truman J., 261, 272 Hedge, Jack R., 532 Hedlund, Nancy L., 109, 308, 404 Hee Lee. Soon, 221 Heller. Harold D.. 180. 292, 546 Heidelbrecht. Susan. 263 Heiderich. Charles W.. 292 Heinke, Diane, 292, 419 Heinrich, Bennie J., 338, 446, 525 Heitmann, Vicki K.. 506 Helfert, Jay A., 70, 338, 519, 525, 526 Hellinghausen, David. 187 Helrners, Joyce A.. 292, 407 Helton, Jane M., 322 Helvenston. Kathy J., 338, 508 Hemassi, Mahmoud, 243 Hembree. Roger L., 256, 265 Hemmy. Victor H., 194, 203, 207, 338, 532 Hemry, Kenneth M., 182, 308, 461 Higgins, VVaIter, 191, 338, 458, 35 Higgins, 1Villiam S., 191, 338, HigB, Glen, 338 High, Helen, 246 High, ,Rack C., 308, 445 High, Iary A., 322 Highland, Glenda, 308, 424 Hight, 1Villiam F., 543 Hightower, Leeroy, 308, 473 Hijazi, Yunis Ali. 242 Hilburn, Hugh, 322 Hilburn, Scott, 205, 308, 454 Hildebrant, Luther T., 235 Hood, Carol, 69, 293, 423 Hood, R. T., 178, 180 Hood, Robert S., 322, 526 Hood, Robert W.. 191, 446 Hilderbrandt, Billye J., 338, 499 Hill, Arnold W.. 338 Hill, Becky L., 338, 416, 502 Hooker. Anne L.. 338, 416, 505 Hooks, Patricia 308, 40-4 Hooper. Guy R.. 235 Hooper, Jimmy C., 187 Hooper, Robert G., 187, 322, 542 Hoover, Nancy K., 230, 231, 293. 404 Hope.'Garland H., 187, 322, 457 Hopkins. James K., 180, 293, 442 Hopkins, Melinda L., 338, 411, 512 Hopkills, Wade, 293 Hopla, Clubb E., 254 Hill, Bill, 122, 308, 544 Hill Hill Hill Carolyn, 284 Sue, 322 Chester L.. 292. 481 Hill Frank D., 180, 292, 462 Hig.5Helen J., 227, 241, 292, Hill Howard W.. 187 Hill rr I 257 525 .le yV1., , . Linda C., 338, 501 Hill Hill Mary A., 338, 497 Hill Ollie K.. 308, 537 Hill Robert. 322 Hill Robert F., 292, 446, 458 Hill Sue. 419 Hill Hill Hill Thomas A.. 308. 477 I William Hg, 477 . William L., 322, 453 Hillabolt, John, 216, 322, 541 Hille. Jo Bob, 292, 481 Hincks, Marilyn M., 322, 331 Hindman, A. J., 322, 534 Hines, Sharon M., 107, 308, 412, 413 Hinkle, Alice, 488 Hinkle, Hinkle, Glenn D., 292 Linda L., 322 Hinrichs, Paul R., 240 Hopper. Ronald G., 322 Horn, Judith A., 308, 428 Horn, Ronald A., 544 Horn. Ronnie J., 122. 187 Hornbeek, Larry R., 272, 293 Hornbeek. Ronald L., 322 Horner, Russell G., 350, 351, 354 Horning. Phil F., 180. 226, 293, 454 Horning. Mrs. Virginia, 488 Horrell, Robert E.. 338, 466, 524 Horton. Floyd D., 322. 442 Horton. Orville A.. 338 Horton. WV. P.. 187. 322. 453 Horwedel. Joll H., 210, 240, 308. 485 Horwitz. Alan H.. 322, 474 Hoskins. Gay, 513 Hostetter. Pat. 510 Houck, Anna M., 230, 231 Hough. Judy H., 322, 419 Hought, Sandra, 246 Houghton, Paul. 539 House, Charles D., 167, 322, 546 Houth, John C., 543 Huntington, R. L., 238 Huntley, Louis G., 245, 339 Hurley, Phil. 309. 454 Hursh, Jan, 258, 322 Hurst, Jenna L., 322 Hurst, Jimmy B.. 191, 533 Hurst, Phil. 351 Hurtley, Jack. 540 Hurwitz. 1fVillialns S., 293, 474 Husen, Luiese, 258 Huser. 1Villiam D., 293, 477 Husseini, Farouk, 241 Husseimi, Leslie, 241. 242 Hutchens, Jay L., 191, 527 Hutcherson, Danny M., 191 Hutchings, Andrea L., 506 Hutchinson, Jimmy R.. 207, 533 Huttghinson, VVilliam W., 220, 293 Hutton, Barbara C., 252, 338 Hutton, Donald C., 235, 293 Huttoll. Harold R.. 309 Hyatt, Mike, 338. 530 Hyde, Dana, 322, 420 Hygdleg James D.. 338. 482, 486, Hyde, Linda. 246 Hyde. Robert YV.. 234 Hysinger. Cayle. 284 Hysinger, Merl, 242. 262, 268, 293 I Ig.e. Ralph, 152, 339, 531 Iliff, Terry, 245 Imel, Barbara, 339, 416, 501 Inabnett. William, 182, 538 Ingels, William, 187 Ingram, Charles W., 152, 197, 225, 293 Ingram, Robert R., 293, 442 Ingram, Susan, 109, 199, 322, 416 Ingram Inhofe, Inmall, , William E.. 322. 465 Karolyn, 309, 419 Richard, 145, 167, 223, Howard, Dallas C., 308, 453 Hartley, John E., 191 Hartman, Wal rer, 182, 195, 230 Hatrgrgman, Hope, 260, 338, 431, Hartman, Theodore J., 266 Hensle Harven, W. H., 203 Harvey 4 Harvey, 499 Mmmie M., 500 Harvey, Rosa L., 338 Harvey, Sue B., 260, 321, 423 Harvey, Susan, 321 Harvey, William H., 207, 338, arion M., 70, 338, 491, Henderson, James J., 457 Henderson, Philip, 142, 322, 457 Henderson, Jim, 216, 308, 322, 445 Henderson, Lee, 308, 473 Henderson, Patricia A.. 322 Henderson, Ron, 308 Henderson, VVilliam, 449 Hendricks, Sherry A.. 338. 504 Hendy , Peter S., 252 Henley, David G.. 543 Henley, George M., 265 Henline. Donald W., 207, 338, 461, 525 Hennessee, Patrick A., 322, 453 Hennigan, Camille, 501 Henry, Ben, 187, 477 Henry, Benn L., 54, 322 Henry, James P., 537 Henry, John W., 518, 533 Henry, Michael V., 191 Henry, Peggy, 271, 308, 427, 460 Henry, Phyllis M., 512 Hensel, Henry C., 230, 338 Hensler, James C., 308, 458 y, Benny, 544 524 Harville, Jerry L., 187, 519 Harzman, Suzanne E., 157, 158 Hashemi, Hadi, 284 Haskins, Mike, 255 1-lassenroek, Donald, 146 Hassler, Margaret C., 292 Hastie, John, 352, 356, 518 Hatcher, Fred M., 235 Hatcher, Carol A., 237, 308 Hatcher, John S., 191, 338, 445 Hatfield. Carl B., 182, 543 Hathcock. Mary L., 338 Hatley, Morris L., 191, 321, 466 Hatley, Kent, 63, 65, 255, 321 Haubelt, Garnett W., 207 Haubelt. Raymond O., 205 Hang, Terry, 215, 216, 230 Hang, Leonard, 215, 119 Hasusgan, Danny, 239, 338, 470, 9 Haught, William R., 308. 462 Haulenbeek, Richard, 543 Haupt, Hermann P., 241, 308 Hauser, Linda A., 260, 338. 507 Hatvigls, Ronald, 216, 219, 338, Havighurst, Barbara, 260, 321, 415 Hawk. Bobby D., 292. 473 Hawkes, James B. Red, 69, 115, 204, 213. 239, 240, 249, 261, 266, 292. 436, 437, 454 Hawkins, Charles. 187, 321 Hawkins, Bill, 272 Hegilsins. Dianne F., 108. 308, Hawkins, Frank R., 191. 338. 528 Hawkins, George M., 191, 544 Hawkins, Requa D.. 308 Hawkins, Ronnie, 83 Hawkins, Sally J., 292, 496 Hawkins. William C., 256, 481 Hensley, Presha A., 499 Henson, im L., 322 Henson, obn YV., 225, 228 Hensy, Pat, 518. 527 Henthorn, Donald G., 322 Henthorn, Ann, 220, 322, 510 Herberick, James B., 191, 537 Herbert, H. H., 20, 21 Heritage, Pamela, 308, 428 Heritage, Rebecca B.. 338, 428, 511 Hermes, Frank B., 322, 454 Herndon, Sandra R., 308, 404 Herod, Michael L., 234 Hermlan, Gary C.. 322, 481 Herrold, Donald E., 353 Herron, Cecilia S., 155, 338, 420, 511 Herron, John V., 338. 535 Hertenstein, Dean I., 180, 184, 292, 473 Hertje, Arvella E., 292 Hesler, William W., 191, 338, 422, 477. 541 Hess, Marion E., 191, 338, 543 Hess, Robert N., 523 Hester, Robert 230, 265. 292 Hester, Thomas P., 351, 355 Heston. James W.. 54 Hetherly, Capt. James H., 176 Hetrick, John. 519 Hewes, Charles R., 227, 255, 519 Hevves, Hayden C., 191, 225, 540 Hewitt, llllarcia D.. 292. 420 Hewitt, Michael C.. 255, 322, 436, 481 Hezarkhani. Keiven. 243 Brenda J., 500 Hironimus, David R., 338, 450 Hisey, Nancy A., 308, 420 Hively, Ray M., 191, 257, 523 Marguerite, 292, 404 Hinton, Hoard, Hobbs, Douglas D., 308, 453 Hobbs, Jack D., 322, 401, 481 Hobbs, Jerry M., 234, 238, 272, 284, 469 1-Iobslm, Leslie C., 210, 241, 490, 49 Hockman, Ned, 54 Hodde, Bill, 187, 322, 461 Hodge, James H. .338, 539 Hodges, Paulrll., 233, 292, 454 Hodges, Roy ., 194, 308 Hodgson, Kay, 308, 500 Hodgson, Patsy Kay, 352 Hoff, Richard M., 540 Hollman, Edward A., 264 Hollman, Kathryn, 216 Holfman, Mark W., 191 H?flli8h, Donald G., 338, 470, Hogan, Carilee A., 220, 322, 404 Hogan, Jack, 191, 338, 454, 486 Hogan, Sharon K., 264, 338, 415, 511 Hogan, Pat, 122, 544 Hoksch, Orville J., 242, 292 Holasek, John E., 250 Holbert, Honee, 252, 256, 292, 415 Holbert, Webb H., 322. 462 Holcomb, James F., 187, 322 Hmgliomb, Malcolm L., 239, 322, Holcomb, Mary C., 260, 332, 420, 499 Holden, Gayle, 338, 507 Holderread, Jerry O., 191 Holdge, Kathleen, 322, 516 Hollahan, Glorla, 244 Howard, Howard Eddie R., 180, 293, 481 I Robert 240 308 535 Howard: James K.,l 322,, 4365 461, 534 Howard, Jan, 155. 513 Howard, John, 234 Howard, John K.. 75 Howard. Marsha K.. 338. 508 Howard. Michael, 63, 187, 255, 322, 461 Howe, David .l., 308. 450 Howe, Elmer L., 161, 165 Howe. Michael, 248 Howell, Charles R.. 194 Howell. James F., 350, 351. 354 Hrgwell. James R., 203, 207, 308, 43 Howell, Jeri J.. 322. 419 Howell, Lena P., 263 Howel 1, Ramona A.. 500 Hoy. Trinette, 335. 510 Hoyland. Page, 338. 532 Hoyler. James G., 191, 338, 523 Hoyt, Martha J.. 308, 419 Hovt. Mont P., 353 Hubbard, Roger A., 338, 535 545 Iorio, Leo, 322, 542 Irani, Ahmad, 243 Irby, Marsha M., 322, 416 Irby, Peggy L., 293. 416 Irwin, Scarletre J., 293 Isaac, Janice. 246, 293 Isemlnger. VVilliam R.. 191, 225, 338, 546 Isenberg, Sandra. 264, 339. 408, 506 Isom. Penny, 257, 339, 428, 434, 505 Iverson, David, 191 Ivester. Sherry. 510 Ivey, Tommie L.. 187, 322, 458 Ivey. Robert Stevenson. 322, 450 Izzabell. Leo A., 180, 302 J , ack, Bruce A., 339 ackson, Bonnie M., 505 , ackson, Dixie J., 182 Jackson, Dwayne R., 309, 519 Jackson, F. Jeanene, 284 Hubbard. Bill. 308. 325. 482 Hutblgard. VVi1liam L., 322, 485, 8 Hubble. Paul. 224, 238, 308. 473 Huckaby, Robert L., 352, 355 I'1UC1ZCl1S, Hoyt M., 293 Hudiburg. Donna, 322, 404 Hudson, John Kurte, 154, 293, 446 Hudson, Mike, 216, 513 Hudson, Robert K., 187, 532 Huelsman, Barbara L., 338, 498 Hull, Charles E., 160, 293, 457 Holland, C. Joe, 66, 259 Holland, Curtis N.. 265 Holland, Deanna, 157, 158, 338, 508 Holland, Janet. 308, 416 Holland Lonnie, 531 Holland: Robert B.. 292, 477 Holland. Thomas H., 263 Holleym 338 an, Henry M., 191, 194, Hull, Mmmy R., 546 Huff, arv Lou, 293, 423 Hullines, Donna K., 503 Hullman, Geor e G., 264 Huffman Hamid H., 187 Huffman: Kenneth G., 231 Hnllnnn, Lon, sos, 514, 515 Hug ins, Kaye, 228, 241, 322 Huglles, Charles C., 187 Hughes, Ellen C., 254, 293, 428 Hughes, Gwen E., 308, 416 Hughes, Paula K., 247, 293, 411 Hughes Ro er H.. 293 Hughes? William R., 353 Jackson, 457 Jackson, Gaylene, 322, 493 Jackson, Jim, 122, 544 Jackson, , erry D.. 181. 197, 293 Jackson, Le Ro VV., 159 Jackson, Lowell, 250 ackson, Nancilu. 322. 428 ackson, Mrs. Peggy. 177, 200 ackson, Randall. 255 Jackson, 466 Robert N., 163, 339, Jacob, Robert B.. 309. 458 Jacobs, Emma Tlean, 339, 432 Jacobs, Jacque ine F., 322, 408 Jacobs, Jacobs, Francis B., 252, 293, 436, Kendall R., 322, 428 Lawrence P.. 140, 141, 206, 322. 462, 545 Jacobson, Alice, 322, 496 Jacobson. Pamela H., 260, 264, 339, 431, 495 Jadin, Patrick Kenneth. 314 Hollingsbead, Paula, 73 Holingsworth, Martha. 503 Hollman, Terryl J., 187, 322, 485 Hollon, Dr. Eugene. 119 Holloway, Corrine, 308, 500 Holloway, Joel E., 235, 245 Holloway, udith A., 308, 427 Holloway, Tyco L., 187, 538 Holm. Sven, 142, 425 Hull, Charles F., 180, 293, 461 Hull, James R., 196 Hugo. Jol1n M.. 308 Hugus, 1Vayne N.. 542 Hull, Ann M., 109. 308, 419 Hullender, Marilyn K., 256 Hullett. Joseph YV.. 308 Hullett, Leslie T.. 308 Hulme. Lurlelle, 232, 322, 514 Humble. Charles G.. 351, 356 Jagdishchandra, T. Cajiar, 272 Jagteilsr, Judy E., 230, 250, 322, James, Billy D.. 309 l ames, Bob, 120, 149 James, Daniel VV., 293. 466 James, Dennis L., 309. 481 James, Donald L., 182, 228 James, Johnny D., 293 ames, Judith A.. 230. 293, 493 James Mary. 339 509 James, Tom E.. 353 James, 1Villiam D.. 445 James. 1Villiam T.. 54 Jamjoom. Isam R., 241, 242 Hickev. Suianne, 252, 292 Hickman 526 Hickman Hickman , Bruce, 191, 216, 338, , Connie J., 338 , James F., 206 544 Jarmes, Jon J., 221, 293 Hawks, Virginia M., 321, 416 Haws, Jimmy, 242, 262, 268, 292 Higlsgnon, Gary D., 230, 231, 308, Higlfg, David T., 191, 338, 442, Holmes, Barbara, 322, 423 Holmes, James R., 262 Holmes, Janet S., 308, 514 Holmes, , erry D., 239, 266, 284 Holmes, Kenneth E., 351, 356 Holmes, Lee M.. 351, 354 Holmes, Linda C.. 496 Holmes, Ronald E., 242, 269, 272 Holt. James T., 179, 180, 195, Humphrey, Bruce W., 338, 462, 543 Humphrey, Charles E., 293 Humphrey, Joseph H., 352, 354 Hundley. John YV., 151, 182, 309, 481 Hunnicutt, Jo Ann, 293, 415 Hunt, Idella, 322 Hunt ,lay lt., 339, 454, 528 Huntl Julie, 221, 228 Hawthorn, Virginia Claire, 321, 491 Hawthorne, Sarah A., 501 Hayden, F. Lee, 54 Hayden, Jerry L., 122, 544 Hayden, Leo M., 292, 485 Hayes, David E.. 180 Hayes, Herbert B.. 461 Hayes, Keary D., 228. 338 562 Hicks, Freda M., 509 Hicks, Jane, 322, 428 Hicks, Larry C., 191. 322. 539 Hicks, Ruth Anne, 216. 499 Hicks William T.. 292 473 Hieronymus, Martha J.: 292, 416 293 Holt, John K., 322 Holt, Vic E., 191, 338. 465, 486 Holub, John A., 242, 268 Holycross, Thomas M., 338, 470, 486, 539 Higlighe, Jerry L.. 191, 338, 463, Higginbotham. Jane. 507 Holzberl ein, Tom, 232 Honey. Richard L., 157, 187, 308. 457 Hunt, Linda Eileen. 322, 510 Hunt, Lloyd A., 293 Hunt, Robert P., 261, 272, 293 Hunt, Ronald L.. 187 Hunt, Sharon J.. 339, 416, 513 Hunt, William C., 191, 533 Hunter, Glenn L., 149, 182, 253, 308, 446 Hullter, Thomas S., 352, 354 Janel. Leo A., 261 Janelli. Robert R.. 293 Janger, Sarilee, 339. 431. 507 Janger, Steve A.. 353. 436 Janowsky. Joel. 191. 323, 474 Jansing, Jerie J., 233, 323, 407 , aques, William, 194. 225 Jarboe, Charles J.. 323. 543 Jarman, George W.. 122, 223, Jarmon, Gary, 149 Jagrggt, Salley L., 70. 258, 491, Jayroe, Robert R. Jr.. 146, 293, 457 Jelly, Allan B., 191, 339, 478 Jejio, Sami P., 242 Jelley. Frances A.. 509 Jenkins. Elaine. 309. 510 1 ' Specializing in Diffs-ren'r Types of Por'rrai+ure SANDRA SAWYER. Iunior from Norman Commercial and Por+rai+ Phofography "OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS IQ63 SOONER YEARBOOIC' nifversi ty Studio 2I7 wes+ Boyd Phone JE 4-2602 323, Kennedy, Stanley G., 309, 524 Jenkins, Gene F., 191, 339, 461, 541 Jenkins, Jacqueline A., 106, 323, 416, 513 I . Jenkins, Patricia S., 293 Jenkins, Ronald W., 293 Jenkins, VVilliam R., 187, 323, 436, 458 Jennings, Barbara, 260, 323, 492 Jennings, Bettye L., 284 Jennings,'Mark W., 187 Jensen, Linda L., 512 Jensen, Robert B. Jr., 539 Jeter, Edward L., 210, 242, 261, 268, 272, 293 Jeter, Sally S., 64, 258 Jividen, Larry B., 203, 207, 539 Jobe, Judy Beth, 339, 423, 509 Joerri, Al T., 339, 453 ohansen, Eric L., 293, 436, 473 John, Janita A., 246, 250, 256, 294, 415 Johns, Lee A., 236, 323, 491, 493 Johns, Dr. O. D., 41 Johnson, Artis V., 339, 362, 543 Jones, Neill E., 538 Joges, Norman P., 191, 339, 446 21 Jones, Richard D., 352, 356 Jones, Ron, 530 Jones, Rupel 15 Jones, Stanley Eugene, 187, 237, 309 Jones, Stephanie A., 109, 309, 407 Jones, Thomas G., 253, 265, 294 Jordan, Dan, 122, 544 Jogcilgri, Mary J.. 227, 339, 427, Jordan. Robert C. Jr., 323, 470 Jordan. Sam Irby, 191, 197, 339, 525 Joseph, oseph J. Jr., 207 Joyner James 244 Jubelai Eiinibkth J., 107, 318, 420 1 Kelly, Roger, 546 Kelly, Stepnen E., 339, 519 Keltner, lully J., 263 Kemmerer, Barbara A., 309, 512 Kemp, Cl1H1'lCS H., 309 Kemp, John 1'., 157, 309, 541 Kempf, Hal L., 162 Kempl, Sharon E., 294 Kenady, Patrick M., 339, 454, 533 Kendall, James E., 259 Kendall, Jerry D., 191, 523 Kendrick, Ken, 119, 181. 189 Kenemore, tommy K., 191, 339, 341. 454, 530 Kennebrew. YVilliam. 54 King, Judith F., 497 King, Pemle A. 339, 424, 513 King, Richard 187 King King King King King , Rodger B., 207, 546 , Roger E., 323 ,Sharon C., 228, 510 , Tommy L., 339, 540 elin, Rick, 260 Kennedy, Ada E., 32.3, 428 Kennedy, Charles YV., 226, 323, 481 Kennedy, Edward L., 162, 165, 167, 230, 231, 294 Judd, Kenneth R., 339, 546 Judson, A1111a K., 309, 416 Judson. Charles S., 309 Jung, Fred L., 245, 339. 540 Junk, Mary A., 260, 309, 416 Kessler Johnson, Betsy, 423, 510 Jury, To11y E., 339, 532 Justice, Margaret A., 323, 512 K Kahler, Gary, .187, 531 Kaderli, H. Hilton, 187, 309 Kagan, Suzanne B., 155, 210, 269, 323, 408 Kahn, Jeri L., 339, 431, 495 Kahn, icy, 269, 309, 408 Kahn, lichael G., 294, 478 Kahn, Richard J., 309, 478 Kahn, Roger E., 187, 323, 441 Kahoe, John F., 339 Kaiser, James P., 135, 137, 138, 146, 223, 544 Kaiser, Jean, 70, 339, 491 Kaiser, atsy J., 309, 420, 504 Kalish. Joanne, 339, 508 Kallenbach Lvle R. 231 Kennedy , James D., 181, 294,461 Kennedy, Jim, 228 Kennedy, Ke n ned y Illoe R., 351, 355 . 051.4 309 472 473 Kennedy, Viva L., 323, 423 Kennemer, Kaye, 339, 497 Kent, Ann C., 339, 428, 511 Kenton, Kathryn D., 323, 427 Kecnggn, Richard VV., 187, 323, Keown Dr. VVilliam H.. 12, 244 Kepnerl Danny L., 257,519 Kerley, Barbara, 248, 497 Kern, John, 157, 545 Kernag Kernek han, Eugene R., 235, 294 , George B., 309, 481 Kernek, Miiaied A.. 254, 259, 309, 420 Kernke, Joseph C., 339, 462, 528 Kerns, Maj. William S., 176 Kerr, Charles. 534, 537 Kerr, ames W., 187 Kerr, ohn S., 355 Kerr ay 309, 423 Kagilienbergdr, Paul E., 191, 339, 4 Kallmeyer, Michael I., 309, 474 Kerr: William M., 182, 309, 482 Kersey, Coy Y., 544 Kersey, Mary K., 246 Kersey, Winfred, 488 Kallsnick, Richard J., 191, 339, 441 Kalman, Joan R., 63, 155, 156, 309, 420 Kalman, Julie C., 155, 156, 252, 256, 309, 420 Kamber Janet B. 226, 323, 431 Kamp, Nancy C.,l294, 420 Kershaw, Joan, 256, 309, 415 Kerson, oan, 62 Kesler, oanne E., 339, 505 Kessel, arilyn S., 505 Kessler Anne E., 339, 416, 503 Kesslerz Jean C., 294, 420 ,,i.1in J., 323. 473 Johnson, Carolyn M., 230, 231, 339, 509 Johnson, Charles J., 161 Johnson, Cynthia, 294, 497 Johnson, Dale O., 353 Johnson, David A., 339 Johnson, Dennis K., 541 ohnson, Diane, 514 , ohnson, Dick, 534 Johnson, Dion L., 267 Johnson, Dorothy O., 158 Johnson, Dwight N., 339, 477 Johnson, Earl P., 261, 518, 530 ohnson, Elizabeth F., 323 ohnson, Everett L., 214, 308, 462 Johnson, Farrell, 135, 136, 138 Johnson, Floyd Jr., 229 Johnson, lla C., 210, 323, 420 Jolzgsion, J. Richard Jr., 191, 339, ohnson, ames David, 308, 445 l ohnson, ana C., 339 412, 502 ohnson, udi, 323, 427 ohnson, udy E., 294, 419 ohnson, aren, 246 ohnson, Kenneth R., 353 ohnson, Lewis L., 187 ohnson, Linda J., 309, 420 ohnson, Kay, 199, 323, 423 ohnson, Manly B., 323, 458 ohnson, Dr. Mark, 31 ohnson, Martha B., 294 Johnson, Otis, 488 ohnson, Pamela, 512 Johnson, Pat, 540 Johnson, Peter E., 221 Jolzggon, Prudence B., 256, 309, Johnson, Ray A., 250 Johnson, Rae J., 194, 339. 420, 434, 507 Q Johnson, Reginald, 541 Johnson, Robin D., 502 l ohnson, Sallie F., 309 Johnson, Sallie J., 404 Johnson, Sam H., 350, 351. 355, 465 Johnson, Teresa A., 323 Johnson, Vincent, 191, 545 Johnson, Willene. 488 Jolgggton, Allan F., 182, 309, Johnston, Francis E., 187, 194 Johnston, Brett., 545 Johnston, Letitia M.. 247 Johnston, Triska, 298 Johnston. Burnie, 71, 73, 106, 309, 494 Johnston, Mary J., 294. 419 Johnston, Roger L., 352 Johnston, Sherry A., 339, 420, 507 Johnston, Ted P.. 539 - Johnston, Thomas E., 191. 339 Johnston, Tisha, 191, 294. 427 Johnston, Tommy Lynn, 259. 458 John-Stone, Robert K., 191, 339, 46 Jolly, Jack D., 294 ones, Arthur, 207, 266 Jones, Arthur L., 239, 240. 530 Jones, Barbara. 309 Jugs? Betty, 72, 73, 216. 309, Jones, Bob. 544 Jones, Carol Ann, 294. 427 Jones, Carolyn L., 254. 294, 428 Jones, Clarence R., 228 Jones, Coy A., 191 Jones, David C., 187. 535 Jones, David M.. 225. 309 Jones, Earl R., 203. 206. 540 Jones, Frank J., 323. 454 Jones, Gaylord, 152 Jones, Geneva, 507 Jones, Gomer, 88, 89, 120. 121 Jones, Guy Ernest Jr. 187 , ones, Gwendolyn E., 509 Jones, Jack M., 339 Jones, Jack Q.. 191 Jogii Joe D.. 187, 263. 323. 458, Jones John O.. 62, 309, 351 Jnggi Johnny H., 236, 249. 461, Jones, Joyce L., 420 Jones, Judy B., 339. 428. 498 Jones, Kenneth, 339. 195. 533 Jones, Kenneth L., 207 lones Larrv. 531 Jones: Linda. 228 Jones, Lvndelle, 264. 309 Jones, M 564 ariellen, 309, 411 Kanalakis, Marilyn L., 210, 339, 506 Kanard, Thomas H., 294, 462 Kanomata, James Y., 339, 532 Kaptanoglu Kerim S., 262, 284 Karchmer, Donald A., 339, 478 Karls, Terry, 63 Karn, James O., 339, 523 Karther, Alex, 243 Karschnik, Deanna, 339, 499 Kassebaum, Cary, 339, 529 Kagtegke, Ethel, 70, 294, 491, 0. Kaszubowski, Linda L., 434 Katz, Judy A., 475, 496 Katz, Lois P., 242, 494 Katz, Stanley G., 309, 478 Kau. Kenneth, 339, 529 Kaulfman, Edward C., 353 Kaufman, Katherine L., 221 Kaye, Robert A., 191 Kaye, Robert H., 294, 474 Kaye, Rocky, 216, 532 Kazi. Abdul K., 262 Keahey. Robert VV., 119, 339, 465. 519 Kearns, Robert VV., 529 Kearns, 1V. S., 194 Keaton, Lloyd C., 162, 165, 167, 294 Keck, Robert, 250 Keeley, Erma, 246 Keeley. Philip M., 294, 482 Keeley. Rachel E., 51 Keely, Lee H., 203, 206 Keen, Paul V., 151 Keen, Jerry, 57 Keesee, Martha J., 309. 404 Keezer, VVil1iam S., 234, 294 Kehn, Kelly, 510 Kehn, Leslie A., 323, 408 Keister. Larry. 339, 532 Keith. Harold, 120 Keith. John, 529 Keithley, James J., 191. 221. 229 Keitz, Raymond H., 191, 339, 462 519 Kell, Jriinintnn, 249, 294. 454 Kell, Toby, 236 Keller, Patricia A., 309. 254 Keiller, Patricia K., 254. 294, 11 Keller. Richard A.. 544 Kejaef, Dolores A., 227, 271, 294, Ketch, Karla A., 294, 412 Ketcham, Janis L.. 323, 427 Kezlgum, Janet, 63, 263, 323, Ketchum, Judith, 236, 323, 416 Keuhny, Phillip, 526 Key, Hugh B., 232, 356 Key, Joseph F., 253. 454 Key, Martha J., 220, 339, 428, 513 Key, Sallie, 232 Keys, Judy A., 250. 309 Keys. Karen G.. 331, 420, 502 Kharma, Maurice, 242, 243, 579 Khashow. Jack. 242 Khemlani, Moti. 546 Kickingbird, Keron K.. 191, 257 338, 519 Kidd, Freddie B., 309. 481 Kidd, Johnelle, 294, 420 Kiiglg Robert L.. 216, 219, 294, Kidd. Virginia L., 107, 294, 427, 476 Kienzle. Nancy K., 309, 419 Kiler, Charles R., 542 Kilcrease, Arlie J., 261 Kilcrease, Ellen, 246 Kiles, Rosemary, 309, 423 Kilgore, Cal, 215, 216, 255, 287, 323. 520 Killgore. John R., 294, 462 Killian, Linda K., 248. 323. 500 Killingsworth, George E., 187, 309, 473 Kilingsworth, Lester 294 Killmer, Susan G., 496 Kilpatrick. Gary A., 191. 339, 442, 530 Kim. Yeun Sook. 323. 416 Kimball. Paul M., 309. 454 Kimbark. Karol K.. 210. 220, 339. 507 Kimherlin, Charles Li.. 152, 531 Kimherlin, Sharon E., 339, 504 Kifinblerling, Amos A.. 187, 323, 8 Kimhrell. VVillard VV.. 187. 323, 473 Kimbrough, John L.. 233. 294 Kimbrough. Karen L.. 309, 516 Kinnan, Pamela K., 309, 427 Kinnard Ray D II 309 458 Kinnebrriw, Jacksbn M., LI5, 177, 178, 181, 195, 196, 198, 233, 244 249, 251, 294, 353, 446 Kinnebrew, James A., 182, 195, 233 309, 446 Kinnebrew, LaDonna J., 510 Kinnebrew, Robert E., 309 Kinslow, John W., 353 Kipp, William M., 323, 473 Kirby, Nathan A., 331 Kircliis, Marlene J., 155, 309, 411, 44 Kirk, Harold G., Jr., 181, 294 Kirk, James A., 309 Kirk, Robert F., 541 Kirkhart. Bobbie L., 69, 323, 492 Kirkland, Carol L., 226, 252, 256, 309, 456, 516 Kirkpatrick, Carolyn J., 323 Kirkpatrick, Mary C., 416 Kirks. Cvnthia K., 511 Kirgginer, Barbara K., 323, 431, 4 Kirton, John A. C., 339, 342, 446. 519 Kiskorna, Kenneth J., 309, 473 Kissick, John R. 182, 309, 454 Kitagawa, Taxi '11, 238. 294 Kitchen, Earl W., Jr., 284, 469 Klglaguba, Janet M., 339, 424, Klabzuba, Judy A., 107, 309, 424 Klallke, Keith L., 538 Klalfke, Marsha, 243 Klahr, Jack R., 523 Kleckner, Richard D., 539 Klein, Allan D., 187, 323, 478 Kleman, Gary B., 191. 543 Kline, Patricia L.. 323, 490, 500 Kline, Robert E., 539 Kline. 323, 458, 544 Kloeckler, Adeline, 210, 258, 323 Klutts, Sue N., 294 Kinns, Kay, 323, 412, 434 Knapp, Frank C., Jr., 543 Knapp, Gary, 145 Knapp, Marian L., 323, 407 Knell, Sydne, 496 Knickmeyer, Joe W., 525 Knickmeyer, Steve C., 525, 526 Knight, Harold D., 518, 523 Knight, James R.. Jr., 539 Knight, John, 540 Knight, Steve P.. 453 Krgsggt, Wade L., 191, 257. 339, Knightley. John D., 70, 339. 465, 519, 524 i Knott, Karen K., 270 Kutlggk, Daniel A., 323, 326, 469 Kuehner. 1Varren E., 257, 519 Kuhlam, John H., 22 Kuhlman, Larry G., 323 Kuhn, Paul. 530 Kuhn. Sarah E., 512 Kulp, Victor K., 187, 323, 469 Kummings. 1Yilliam VV., 187, 323 425 Kupka, Susan K.. 310, 397, 427 Kura, Eddie M., 238 Kurek. Mona G., 310, 424, 425 Kurk, Valerie E., 340, 512 Kurlender, Anita, 340, 504 Kurtz, David P.. 181, 234, 238 Kurtz, Edward T., 310, 454 Kurtz, William E., 235, 295 Kusch, Gary L., 340, 539 Kwan, Wah Cheng, 295 Kyker, Robert A., 295, 546 Kyle, Judith L., 323, 424 Kyle. Robert H., 323 Kyser, John L.. 238, 295 Kytle, Connie 340, 428, 512 L La Fon, John W., 262 La Monte, Sam, 310, 465 Laborde, Kindred O., 295 Lack, David, 323. 438 0 Lackner, Pamela V., 82, 156, .1-10, 419 Lacy, Eugene, 340, 529 Ladd, Bart, 481 Ladd, Herbert WV., 346 Ladd, Richard A., 191 Lallins. Bonnie L., 231, 233, 310, 424 Lafnte. Gene, 235 Lahr, Linda, 210. 295, 496 Lain, Sandra, 270 Laird, Pam, 323, 428 Lakios, Mary M., 340, 513 Lakios, Veronica, 340, 513 Lakis.TJohn, 191, 340, 540 Lam, imothy, 242, 261, 262, 268. 272 Lam, 1Villiam C.. 545 Lama, Yaqub A., 242, 262 Lagnb, James M., 257, 340, 477, 24 Lamb, Norman A., 350, 351, 355, 462 Lambert, James M., 355 Lambert, Steve, 216, 234, 238, 261, 529 Lamhertz. Dick. 353 Lambeth. Robert J., 539 Lampham, Bart. 481 Lairkpiton, David H., 182, 310, Lancaster, Ronald L., 182. 196 Land, Patricia A., 323, 514 Land. Robert N.. 187, 323, 477 Lander. Ann, 323, 432 Landers. James H.. 191, 340, 482, 525 Lundes, Sharon K., 340. 503 Landholt, David E., 187. 397 4 Knox. Robin B., 240, 248, 272 Koclwgliisli, Richard M., 187, 323, Kohyluk. John M., 152, 323 Koch. YVilliam E.. 187, 323. 465 Kofgagnan, Kenneth S., 191, 339, Koenig. Ralph A., 519 Kohl. Michael J.. 207. 542 Kolander, Gary W., 233, 295. 450 Kolb. Mary' S.. 339. 412 Kolbrener. Robert. 146 Kolesnik. Henry' A.. 323 Landsaw. James R., 340. 482 Lane, Berniece, 22 Lane. Bonnie L.. 230, 235. 500 Lane. Charles R.. 340, 465 Lane. Clara R.. 191 Lane, Mona. 323. 492 Lane. Neal F., 284, 441 Kondonassis. Patricia J., 254 Koonce, C. E., 194 Koontz, Helen R., 157 Koontz, Palmer B.. 323, 462 Kossik, Ronald. 266 Kostka. Karen L., 106 Kotila. Diana L.. 263 Kourt. VVarren K., 63, 214, 260. 261. 295. 474 Koutahi. Mohammed John, 214. 243, 260. 284 Kowalski. Carolvn R.. 512 Kozak, Ronald E., 205, 309. 450 Kozoyed, Lawrence VV.. 255 Kraettli, Emil R.. 31 Kraettli. Harold J., 191, 196. 323 Lalnslgrd, Nathan A., 181. 295, Lanz. Gary' D.. 163, 165, 167, 295 Lang. Mary' R.. 264. 340. 504 Langa. Stanley' M.. 187. 540 Langdon. Horace B., 323. 465 Lange, Madeleine J., 506 Langer. Peter E., 261 Langford. Richard C.. 191. 542 Langley, Carol, 210, 402 Langley. Sandy. 230, 264. 323. 496 Langston. Shirley' L., 340 Lanzworthy. Marten, 323. 397. 477 Lanier. 552111111111 J.. 340 La11ier. VVilliam VV.. 265 Lapham, Roger A., 323 Larason. Tim. 244 Largent. Marilyn A., 310. 420 Larimore. Dale VV.. 187 Larsh. Dr. Howard YV., 25 Larson. lris F.. 295 Larson. Joan L.. 295. 402. 404 Kellerhals, Mrs. Myrtle Kellet, Kelley, , 488 Robert O., 294, 458 Carol M., 339. 503 Kelley, Dr. Claude, 41 Kelley, Geollrey, 229. 490 Kelley, Johnnie M.. 541 Kelley, Kathleen, 419 Kelley. Kathleen 1.. 294 Kellev, Kathy. 107, 252, 256, 264, 309. 398 Kelley, Larry, 69, 227 Kelley, Larry K., 309. 446 Kelley, Dr. Pearce C., 252, 398 Kelley, Phil, 253 Kelling, Edward K., 265, 294 Kellough, Robert B.. 323. 465 Kellv. Geoffrey C., 248, 339, 442, 539 Kelly, Leland, 540 Kelly, Mike B., 191, 544 Kime, Sherrv A., 254 Kimerer, Susan L., 229. 339, 411, 434, 511 Kimmel. Pat, 512 Kimmell. Dale A.. 155. 323. 431 Kimme 309. l.'Sharon R., 226. 271, 421 Kincaid. John VV.. 165. 194 Kincan non, Judith, 497 Kindlev. Donald L.. 544 King, Alleen, 260, 339, 424, 506 King, Carol, 496 King, Clay, 191, 539 King, Donald L., 294, 438 King, Donnie G., 215. 216 King. Edward M.. 323. 538 King, Gary T.. 323. 438 King, George F., 339 King, Janet. 243. 323 King, John W., 216 Kramer, Donald. 216. 219 Kramer, Fred M.. 323 Kramer. Galand D., 151, 153. 160. 163 Kramer. Karen P.. 264. 340. 408 Kramer. Marshall J.. 60. 309, 474 Krandel. Kenneth. 323. 474 Kranker. Pater L.. 207. 340. 543 Kranz, Frederick C.. 541 Kranz, Harold E.. 339. 445. 519 Krasnow, Michael E.. 75. 474 Krasnow, Robert W.. 309 Krixtszihman, Elaine C.. 323. 430. Kreutz. Charles A.. 191. 539 Krewson. VVilliam G.. 191. 545 Kriete, Vance R.. 272. 353 Krigiston, Leslie M., 340, 431. 4 8 Krispinskv. Dennis A.. 191. 539 Kroeger. Karl. 187, 323, 465 Kronfelcl. Louis R., 232 Kroon, Richard E., 191, 231, 340. 535 Kross. Selma M.. 309. 431 Kroutil. Thomas L.. 270 Krueger, Larry J., 203, 207. 539 Krutsinger, Jackie M., 155, 271 Larson, Melvin E., 261, 268. 295 Lashbrook, Boh. 270 Laskay, Jay, 224 Lasseter. Linda. 244 Lassiter. Donald V.. 181 Latham. Mark E.. 148 Latinfer, Joseph M., 191. 340. 48 Laudato. Anthony J., 191. 200. 539 Lauderdale. Mike L., 115. 242, 295, 490 Laurence, Duane. 539 Layell, Loma Linda. 158. 271. 310, 491 Lawhorn. Jerry. 518, 543 Lawler. De. 528 Lawrence. Donald, 244, 261. 518. 533 Lawrence, Homer D., 182. 310 Lawrence, lylarvin L.. 310 Lawrence. Roy A.. 216. 219 Lawrence. Tom. 39. 458. 534 Lawson, Bobby' L.. 231. 310. 469 Lawson, Larry. 152, 191, 339 Lawson, John V.. 540 Lawson, Robert G., 187. 310 l lg myg FIWBRHE F00 3 ' X f X muse ron mas ro oPEN MYUUR lm Mm .g qevl iwiiifie Q I N: -- .- . .... , g g. : :.. "HS:-'-b I : :55iE:1:a::.. Ee. 5 EX - if ,E REQ 1525525 .45-5:4 Q. .. .-.,:-'f:5f5f55::': "', "" : 25715. diff: V:.5:-::E-:-:-:-E-115-.5?55E2:5?:2 If I p i ,e . iQfQ g5-2 A 5? ffgggszi? A f Z qift Ed e F A F2 IVI Sq Oklahomds Great lndependeni' Dairy Lawson, Rushella, 310, 494 Lawton, Sherman, 182 Lawton, Stephan, 182, 195, 249, 310, 417, 446 Lay, Lowell B., 295 Lay, Molly S., 340, 415,504 Layne, Bill, 263 Layne, Catherine A., 510 Layne, Melody A., 323, 514 Lazarczyk, Gerald S., 204 Lazzaiirii. Bob, 526 Le Bus, George, 261, 272, 295 Count, Dale, 422 Crone, Buddy, 191 Crone, Harold H., 295, 465 Le Le Le Crone, Daniel, 151 Le Le Force, Carl, 350, 351, 354, 465 Lea, Paul W., 122, 127, 222 Lea Susan M., 310 Leakey, Steven P., 525 Leakey, VVade, 535 Lean, Diane 340, 431, 505 Lear, Alvin, 122 Lebow, Leonard C., 340, 523 Leda, Janel, 272 Leadbetter, Dennis, 353 Ledbetter Richard K. 181 295 Lynn. McBra3er, Carol A., 269, 311, Livezey. 1fVil1iam E.. 293 482 ' ' Lee, Annette, 221, 500 Lee, Arlin, 240, 248, 272 Lee Darlyn, 340, 419, 509 Lee Dwight, 526 Lee Elisabeth G., 295, 512 Lee, Hon Kwong, 206, 225, 540 Lee, John, 191, 340 Lee, lohn W., 187 Lee, Larry L., 263 Lee Patricia A., 323, 512 Lee Robert E., 191, 340, 521 Lee Rodney L., 167, 340, 543 Lee Skip, 270 Lee, Suzanne, 310, 516 Lee, Walter L., 340, 534 Lee Wayne, 122, 127, 150, 177, Lindsay Charles G., 142 Lindsay, Robert H., 191, 533 Lindsay, Thomas W., 545 Lindsey, Barrett K., 295, 473 Lindsey, Charles, 324 Lindsey, David L., 191 Lindsey, Gene, 310, 428 Lindsey, Joseph, 205 Lindsey. Iarilyn R., 335, 340, 415. 500 Lindsey, Tommy L., 310 Lindsey. Vickie, 509 Lindstrom, Eric, 539 Lines, Margaret, 340, 411 Lines, Peggy, 227, 512 Link, Emery, 54 Linley. Peter, 187, 340, 521 Linville, Lloyd, 255, 324, 477 Linville. VVavne, 187, 535 Lipe. Billy H.. 187 Lipsco mb, Mary L., 324. 416 Lipstet. Robert L.. 187. 324. 474 Lipton. Wvilliam H.. 295. 478 Listen, Barbara A.. 340. 415, 510 Littell. Cathey E.. 107. 310, 408 Littke, Donna S.. 295. 415 Little, Ann C., 340, 512 Liqge. Herman 1., 207, 228, 340, 1 Little, Jane E., 500 Little, Judith. 324, 492 Little, Kenneth A., 182 Luckman, Ellen, 340, 431, 404 Ludman, Susan, 496 Ludmeyer, Barbara, 269, 295, 408 Ludwig, Karen, 508 Luigi Robert P., 249, 272, 295, Lundschen, Jayne, 324 Lunn, Linda K., 257 Luper, Barbara J.. 324, 514, 515 Luper. Calvin, 543 Lupo. Linda D., 324 Luster, D. YV., 151 Luton, John B., 179, 181, 196 Luttrell, Barbara, 310, 492 Lutz, Gene, 191, 340, 473 Lutz, Philip A., 295, 465 Lybolt, Judith, 340, 420, 508 Lyckberg, Joan B., 252, 295 Lyle, David W.. 340, 521 Lyle, Douglas C., 162, 324, 449 Lyle, Tom C.. 310. 445 Lyles, Paul. 18. 235. 310 Lynch, Anne, 229, 241 Lynch, Michel A.. 229 Lynch, Thomas J., 191 Lynch, William Dayle. 187 Lynn, Ann C., 295. 411 Lynn, David L., 352 Lynn, James D., 310 Lynn, Jay, 473 Lynn, Jeanna, 246 limmie D., 324 Markley, Jay, 131, 140 Markley, John D., 151, 153, 187, 310, 482 Marko, Michael W., 310, 473 Marko, Nicole A., 504 Markowsky, Simon l., 191, 324, 478, 529 Marks, Janet, 341, 431, 498 Marks, Rae D., 324, 493 Marks, Ronald K., 191, 341, 534 Markum, Patricia L., 295 mtifkum, Todd w., 541, 353, 465, 18 Markwardt, William C., 490 Marler, Bruce A., 187, 324 Marlow, Ann, 231, 501 Marlow, Jean, 493 Marsh, Billie J., 310, 424 Marsh, Carol A., 341, 411, 505 Marsh, Patricia A., 236, 324, 416 Marshall, Anne, 220, 230, 231, 341, 491, 501 Marshall, Karen, 230, 231, 341, 411, 497 Marshall, Melanie M., 70, 230, 254, 296, 419, 495 Marshall, Melody J., 54 Marshall, Patricia A., 257, 341, 342, 415, 499 Marshall, Robert L., 350, 352 Marshburn, Dr. Joseph R., 13 Mallard, Jimm C., 324. 543 181, 223, 544 Leek, Leonard R., 191, 340, 543 Lefebvre, Ronald E.. 206, 546 Leffel, Linda A., 221, 295, 416 Legg, Rachel R., 512 Lehman, Jerald J., 310, 477 Lehlnan, Lee T., 187, 323, 525 Lehmann, Lynn, 528 Lehmann, Frone L.. 242, 340 Leibowitz, Leslie, 295. 441 Leigh, Martha L., 323 Leighty, Floyd H.. 165, 524 Lenme, Margaret Lee, 236, 323, 8 Lemon, Johnny N.. 310 Lemon, Larry H.. 340, 469, 525 Lemonler, D. J., 191 Lenhardt, Wilfried K., 524 Leonard, Alvin R.. 165, 255 Leonard, Barbara E., 323, 419 Leonard, Joseph E., 236, 310 Leonard, Phillip H., 351 Leonard. Timothy D.. 145, 350, 353. 446 Leone, Judith, 511 Lepolstat. Peter, 191, 540 Legg? Linda, 340. 411, 451, Lerner, Barbara S., 324, 408 Lescher, Jere W.. 196 Leslie, Chester W., 187, 324 Leslie, James W., 295, 436, 449 Leslie, Sharon, 497 Lesseig, James C. 163, 165 Letukas, Beverly J., 340. 507 Leutwiler, James H., 191, 542 Levin, Evie L., 324 Levin, Gail S., 324, 408 Levin, .lerry W., 295, 436, 474 Little, VVilliam N., 350. 353 Little. 1Vi1liam R., 340 Litt1eGe1d. vyay-ne. 187, 324, 482 Littleton, Tom, 295 Litvak, Ravann. 340. 511 Lively, Judith K.. 324, 427 Lliiilgf, Mary Ann, 236, 324, Liverlnon. William P., 191, 340, 453, 535 Livermore, Edward K., 191. 340, 454 Livingston. Alan N., 191, 340, 474. 534 Livingston, Karen, 324, 416 Livingston, Lyle L., 62 Livingston. Lynn A., 247, 295, 427, 495 Livingston, Robert B., 295, 457 Lloyd, Daniel H., 537 Lloyd. Delores F., 340, 490, 501 Lloyd, Jimmy WV., 295. 466 Lolimgggli, Stephen L., 187, 324, Loch. Alan A.. 203, 207, 340, 539 Locke, John B.. 340. 458. 522 Lockwood. Richard P.. 264 Loefller, Walter B., 340, 481 Loewen, Sue, 492 Loewer, Annette, 496 Lofton, Arthur B., 191. 533 Logan, Lilian A., 72, 73, 270, 310, 420 Logan, Wendell R., 203, 207 Logan, 1Vil1iam R., 187, 536, 539 Logsdon, Harold L., 537 Lohrm 474 an, Robert G., 191, 324, Lollman, Jose h F.. 340, 534 Londe, Linda BI.. 310, 431 Long, Carolyn J., 340, 407 Long, Mrs. Hildegarde M., 46 Long, James R., 261 Long, Dr. John J., 19. 54 Long. Judy L.. 340. 495 Long, Mitchell J., 191, 194, 539 Long. Russell M., 284, 430 Long, Verda R.. 500 Longest. Beth. 324, 492 Love Matkin Levin, Rhoda, 260, 340, 408, 508 Levine, Nanette, 493 Levisee, Jerry L., 205, 310, 473 Leiifiln, Howard S., 340, 440, Levy, Danielle G., 72, 502 Levy, Steve, 191. 324, 528 Lewinsohn, Jamie C., 310, 427 Legis, Dixie L., 264, 340, 419, ll Lewis, George M., 182, 310 Lewis, Glen I., 541 Lewis, Jack, 540 Lewis, Jack, 191 Lewis, Jackie, 522 Lewis, Joe, 135, 137, 324, 544 Lewis, Kay, 295, 404 Lewis. Larry R.. 187 Lewis, Leonard L.. 340, 485 Lewis, Lyman C., 543 Lewis, Mike, 461 Lewis, Mary J., 226 Lewis, Natalie G.. 324. 408 Lewis. Penny. 210, 284, 432 Li, Alfred, 310, 541 Longhibler, Helen, 70, 340, 491, 498 Loomis, Nancy L.. 324, 427 Looney, Beverley S., 500 Looney, Carole H.. 324. 428 Ginger 340 505 Looney, , , Looney,lJ5t5e Don, 122, 125, 127, 129. Looney, Myron, 295. 485 Lorenz, Charla D., 310, 500 Lorentzen. Deana, 156, 157, 340 Lottinville, Savoie, 52 Loud, Peggy A., 232, 510 Louie, Darline, 507 Love, Pete. 148 Love, Christopher, 310, 449 Love, Jack, 64, 353 Love, Linda, 310, 427 MichaelD 245 295 1.0.42 1Vil1iam cf 1811 Log'5i,1ay', Leonard N., 203, 207, Lovielace, George, 191, 238, 340, 473 Lovelace. Judith K., 199, 200, 324, 420 Lieb, Barbara, 324, 423 Lieb, Mary, 269, 295, 423 Lieberman. Penny, 70, 493 Lightfoot. Cerelda J.. 340. 506 Ligon, VVi11iam 0.. 295, 466 Likes. Keith B.. 310 Liles, Gary K., 240. 248. 272 Lillard, Linda. 108, 310, 427 Lillard, Mary H., 513 Lillard, Mary J., 394 Lillenberg. Kent R.. 310, 466 Lil1is,Angie, 310, 412 Lillv. Michael A., 187, 541 Limimz, Marv L., 156, 324, 404 Lin. Chun. 267 Lindberg, James P., 340, 453, 522 Lindel, Xenda. 310, 412 Lindley. Chervl L.. 324, 510 Lindquist. Erik, 239 Lindsay. Beverly. 324, 427 566 Lovela Lo vela ce, Larry G., 543 ce. Virgil P., 310, 457 Lovell. Frankie L., 340, 544 Lovell. VVarner E., 191. 540 Lovering, Clara, 499 Lovering, Franklin P.. 295. 465 Lolysiiing, Janet R., 155, 340, 420, Lovin, Lowe, Claton, 340. 479. 525 Mar L.. 310, 419 Lowrance, Linda C.. 340, 501 Lowry, Glenda L.. 340 Lowry, Joe L., 310. 469 Lowry, Myrna K., 256, 295 Lowry, Scott, 295 Lowther. essle .. 228 Lubel. 541 Lucas, Lucas. Lucas .1 ' .1 , , 295 Michael J., 187, 324 Larrv. 352 Love, 284 1'ommy A., 352, 355 , 479, Lynn, Nancy, 402. 427. 310 Lynn. Robert T.. 351 Lyon. Charles, 191. 340. 397. 477. 541 Lyons, Carolyn J.. 310, 514 Lyons, Paul L., 231 M Maas, Nancy E., 227, 439, 500 MacArthur. Pam, 324 MacDonald, Daniel P., 176. 196 MacDonald. Duncan A., 340. 539 MacDonald, Joan G., 260, 340, 424, 501 MaeKel1ar, James P., 324, 465 Macaulay, Malcolm, 191. 340, 528 Macauley, Don, 154 I Mace, Sandra F. 252, 295 Macho., Jimmy b., 115, 251, 226, 295, 473 Mgoilsulis, William A., 191, 197, Mackey, Jim Ann, 295, 420 Ma3c:t5y,12oorma K., 72, 228, 270, Mackey, Richard R., 545 Mackie, Dwight A., 153. 191, 340, 528 Maddox, Marilyn A., 295, 402, 407 Maddux, Jerald M., 295, 436, 437, 473 Madsen, Robert WV., 340 Madson, William C., 187. 324, 525 Magers, Jimmy, 216, 324, 485 Maggi, Elizabeth A., 258 Ma id, Gary E., 191. 340, 441 MaBaney, James C., 541 Maher, VValter G., 284 Mahmoud, Harith A., 242 Mahon, Bruce F., 340, 482, 535 Mahoney, Jose h P., 310, 446 Mailioiney, icllilae1H., 191, 135, Mahoney, Robert J., 310, 454 Main, Joseph N., 542 Main, Ronald L., 194, 203, 206 Maker. Cherri J., 341, 505 Maillsgille, Pamela K., 310, 424, Malloy, John Cl., 324, 458 Maloy, Bob C., 524 Maloy, David, 216, 324, 519 Malson, Bernie, 284, 461 Maltby, Kay. 414 Maltby, Leigh, 260, 341, 415, 434, 499 Maltbv. Linda A., 324, 415 Man. W. R.. 207 Mandel, Tamara M., 210, 341, 495 Maness, Sally L., 310, 428 Maney. Katherine, 158, 310. 416 Man ini, David L., 341, 542 Manfin, Loretta S., 324, 512 Mankins, James F.. 544 Mann, Brenda 1., 430 Mann, Ste hen P., 187, 324, 465 Mann, Wil1iam M.. 324, 466 Mannas, Paul E.. 341, 458, 526 Manning, E. T., 310, 477 Masnning, Laurie L.. 341, 428, 12 Manning, Sally, 106, 310, 428 Mans, Clyde J., 295, 485 Mans, Jim, 233 Mansur, Laurence R., 187. 196, 240, 261, 262, 268. 310, Maples, D. J., 182 Maples, Michael 63. 74, 212. 249, 261, 272. 310. 481 Maples, Patrick L., 191. 341, 481. 539 Maravich, Milan. 140. 541 Marchessault. Arthur VV.. 191. 197 Marcum, Gordon G.. 182, 195, 253, 410, 436, 477 Marcum, Marilyn S., 310, 419 Marcus, Jellrey B.. 191 Marcy, Robert F.. 233, 310, 541 Marianos. Maria. 229. 498 Maricle. Robert C.. 295, 454 Maris, Gerrit A.. 426 Maris, Rich. 140 Mark, Mary A.. 295. 423 Mark. Sondra A.. 295. 494 Markham, Martha L., 310, 500 Marten John J., 353 S Martha,lA1bert, 187. 540 Martin, Charles, 207 Martin, Glenda G., 228, 241 Mzirtin, J. B., 543 Martin, J. D., 239 Martin, J. F., 183 Martin, R., 207 Martin, Jack W., 255 Martin James 191 221 341 iyiartinl James: 221: 341: 470, 477 Martin, James T., 195 Iltiartin, Jim, 519 artin. im, 341 Martin, Janet L., 341, 501 Martin, llcoe D., 212, 296 Martin, ay, 508 Martin, Larry, 203 Martin, Larry K. 324, 473 Martin, Marvin 15., 183, 324, 481 Martin, Mickey, 142, 143 Martin,5PJasmela, 260, 264, 341, 415, Martin, Pamela K., 341, 415, 420, 498 Martin, Patsy C., 341 Mairtiln, Paula K., 61, 66, 69, 1 Martin, Phil, 341, 458, 525 Martin, Rabon, 540 Martin, Robert, 341, 525 Martin, Robert F., 453 Martin 336, , Ronald R., 181, 324, 541 Martin, Susie, 341, 428, 495 Martin, Taini, 341, 411, 497 Martin, Thomas P., 525 Martinek, George M., 525 Martin, William L.. 187, 324 Martinek, George M., 525 Martinez, Rudolph, 216, 219, 310 Martocci, Pat, 530 Maruska, Verona A., 230, 231, 296 Marx, Lyn, 324, 408 lhlggzglino, Phillip, 162, 341, Mashburn, Jose h C., 540 Masinter, Fred C., 341, 441 Masinton, Richard S., 341 Mason, Charles R., 207, 546 Mason, john A. 191, 528 Mason, oseph B., 191, 341, 453, 519, 520 Mason, Marilyn G., 310 Mason, Pamela L., 158, 341, 506 Mason, Patricia L., 158, 310, 416 Mason, Guy, 252 Mason, Robert, 191, 234, 324, 484, 485, 543 Maspero, Gar P., 296 Massey, B. Ecllwin, 183 Massey, Jliames A., 187, 310, 538 Massey, ona S., 228, 286, 296 Masters, James C., 310, 485 Masters, Jerry A., 187, 324, 457 Masters, Richard, 216, 341 Masterson, Conrad J., 187, 324, 461 Mastin, Robert B., 191 Mathews, Charles, 255 Mathias, James J., 284 stitirgas, Mike, 191, 242. 468, Mathies, Wharton, 30 Mathis, Dr. Russell G.. 220. 221 Sharilee 324 404 I Matteson, Lorelei B., 310. 407 Matteson, Richard l., 341 Matthews, Annice C., 324 Matthews. Eddie M., 324. 473 Matfiox, VVilliam A., 162. 165, 2 1 Maucll. .lean, 236. 510 Mauch, Kathleen D.. 341. 511 Mauro, Gar , 540 Maxev, Clydle R.. 135. 137, 341, 446, 544 Maxson, John D.. 296. 457 Maxwell, James K.. 519 Maxwell. A ay D., 178. 181. 244, 251, 296, 453 Maxwell. Kent. 341. 445. 520 May, Don, 158 May, Pete. 324. 445 Mays, Rod. 268 Mayberry, Michael V.. 341. 530 Mayer, Patricia C.. 341. 411. 509 Mayer, Steven YY., 157, 187, 309, 310, 478 Maylield, James YY., 179, 181, 296, 477 Maylield, Rhetta R., 221 Mayhue, Charles D., 122, 127, 130, 131, 544 Mayibard, Sharon D., 257, 341, 41' Mayo, Andrea, 73, 250, 324, -190, -196 Mayo, James YY., 72, 75, 234, 259, 310. 466 Mayo, Jayne A., 324, 514 Mays, Joseph, 72, 310, 470 Mays, Sam R., 242 Mayyasi. Adil M., 239, 241, 242, 261, 266 Maze, Jacklyn J., 258, 324 Mazzie. Joseph E., 311 McAdams, Carl L., 544 McAdams. Robbie. 271, 311, 416 McAdams. Russ, 545 McAlister. Keron, 331, 492 h1cAlister. Linda. R. 341, 504 McAllister. Frances li., 296, 416 McAnally. Dr. Arthur, 52 McArron, Russell 1., 191, 524 McBee, George, 74, 311, 461 hlglitbe, James W., 192, 341, 477, 496 Mclirayer. Edwin E., 528 McBride, Ann, 341, 416, 505 hlcllride. David YY., 539 McCabe. Riley R., 187 McCall'ery, Terrence T., 353 McCal1rey. Jim, 350, 352, 355, 518, 534 McCain, Barbara G., 341, 505 McCain. Jerry L., 216 McCain. Paul C., 341, 535 McCain, Watson N., 341, 445 McCall. James, 60 McCalla. John N., 192, 341, 446, 524 McCalla. Mary E., 220, 509 McCa11hy. Rita, 235 McCallum, Roger E., 237 McCandless, John R., 351, 355 1hlljtc525l1K.1lCSS, Karen B., 341, 404, McCann. Mrs. M. Alberta, 37 McCarter. Aletta L., 501 McCarthy. Rita J., 296, 510 McCarthy, Robert, 140, 187, 324 McCartney, Donald R., 221 McCarty. Elvera A., 324, 407 McCarty. Michael B., 192, 341, 446 McCarty. Michael G., 187, 533 McCarville, Dennis M., 259 lV1cgCAia3t1ley', Robert M., 341, 462, McClain. Judy, 227, 493 McClain. Richard B., 352, 355 Mcfflellan. Larry D., 250 hlcfflanahan, Nolle A.,234, 296, 481 McClure. Grover, 540 McClure. James C., 324, 466 McClure. John C., 296, 466 Mtgiglre. William C., 311, 464, lN1cColgin, Phil, 353 McCollocl1. Michael A.. 341. 458 McCollum, Clifford, 541 Mdlomas, Arthur E., 183, 195, 311, 532 McConahay. James R., 187, 542 McConnel, John A., 296, 538 McConnel Joseph E., 538 McConnell, Am., 107, 324, 411 McCon11ell, Carlton, 161, 165 McConnell, Deanna S., 42, 311 McConnell, Margaret, 210, 257, 341. 513 Metionnel, Myra S., 404 McCord. Joe W., 533 McCormick, Sandra E., 324, 500 McCourry. Stanley A., 268 McCown, Susan J., 341, 404. 495 McCoy. Dana D.. 341, 407. 511 McCoy, Ethelyn B., 219, 221, 232, 271, 311 McCoy, Francis M., 205 McCoy, Kenneth E., 532 McCoy, Sue, 210, 231, 271, 311, 336, 428 McCoy. Susan, 501 McCoy. Thomas, 284 McCoy. 1Villiam T., 240, 261. 262, 268 McCraw. Janice R., 155, 311. 419 McCraw. Mary L., 311, 427 Mcffray. John A., 192, 544 McC1-eary, Thomas A., 192 McCrone, Jane S., 513 McCubbins, Martin H., 543 Mciqiuen. Suann S., 341, 420. . 1 Metiulley. Martha A., 341. 509 McCullough. Michael D., 157. 192 Mcffune. Charles R.. 341, 523 Mc-Curdy. Eddie 296 McCurdy. Gail A., 341, 428. 499 MCCn1'dy, Gary S., 186, 296. 462 McCurdy, Jack D., 240. 296 McCurdy, James R., 122. 130, 187. 324, 462. 544 McDade. Larry B., 341, 485 McDade. Maxine. 155, 498 McDanel. Edward M., 187, 324, 461 McDaniel. Anne, 109, 311, 402. 428 McDaniel. Charles C., 341, 481. 523 SHALIMAR REVLON HELENA RUBINSTEIN sol-nooL SUPPLIES MAX FACTOR ' I . , . . l I' l ' 5 I 5 5 just a few steps from the campus l l 798 ASP - NORMAN IE 6-2083 H M L In The Skirvin Tower Hotel N Q 68 Fashions with H A x a Young 1 Viewpoint .' 3 V vu' 'I t : . I t'q'iift3lMf H T Coordinated ' V ' ,, , ' ' - ' Cgmpus , Pnssclurnou SERVICE ePCI1'QteS I Ii :M tml um m uilmk? if it A'k'N' 'Willy "QNV "1 nf mm- U ! 7' if rw H t Date I , M9 fl -pt Dresses Z Exciting drug Accessories A57 g f! 7 ff? l r' ' f W7 ' "s'i'l'7xM xg N M14 OKLAHOMKS FINEST SHOP 305 w. boyd - 10 4-8996 JOHN ELLIOTT - OU GRAD 567 449 McEvoy, Judith E., 244 Milliga Myers. McDaniel, James S., 284 McDaniel, larcia G., 264, 341, 424, 501 McDaniel, Suzan, 284, 420 McDaniel. Tom J., 350. 351. 354 McDannald, Monty, 192, 341, 477, 519 McDermit, Linda, 493 McDonald, Denzil, 146, 150, 222, 544 Milggnald, George E., 296, 436, McDonald. Janie. 252, 311, 423 Iyicooiiald, ilichael O., 192, 341, 528 McDor1a1d. Robert D., 350, 351, 356, 462 Mglggnald, Virginia A., 341, 419 l1rllZk1?81lOLlgll, Virginia P., 341, McDougal, James E., 162, 296. 481 McDoulett, Jolm W., 324 McDowell, Dan, 192, 341. 352 McDowell, George E., 187 McDowell, Jessie A., 224, 296, 428 McElroy, Bert C.. 187. 324, 457 McElroy, George H., 351 McElroy, Larry M., 192, 341, 465, 529 McElroy, Roger E., 311. 465 McEnroe, William P., 187, 324, McFa1l, Charles E., 341, 466, 524 Morris, Marv E., 158, 325, 419 McFarland, Dora, 247 McFarland, Lawrence D., 311. 445 McFarland, Robert F., 112, 115, 177, 178, 181, 226, 232, 249, 251, 296, 454 McFarland. VVilliam J., 540 McCalliard, Nicholas A., 192, 341, 455, 534 McGee, David A.. 227. 296. 469 M cGee Howell W., 54 A McGee, Kay L., 505 McGee, Rick. 341, 458, 530 McGee, Rosemary, 341. 412 McGee, Tommy B.. 351, 355 Mcgehee. Michael D., 187, 324, Mccill, Jack B., 341. 458. 486 hlgfgiignri, Joseph L., 192, 341, McGinnis. William E.. 324. 482 McGoodwin. Ermona B.. 296 McGowen, Jimmie L., 311. 411 McGowen, Judith A., 105, 324. 432. 434 McMullen, James D., 541 McNair, Sandra 510 McNamee, Peter 1 l., 540 McNee1y, Julian P., 324, 481 McNeil, Billy H., 311 McNutt, Doris K., 210, 296, 402, 403, 415 McPheron, Carolyn, 395 McPheron, Rob, 395 Mc1P5lgeron, Robert L., 296, 395, McProud, Judith A., 324, 496 McQuarters, Eddie L., 122, 130, 187, 54 McQueen, , McQueen, Nancy C., 342, 416, 495 Mcouillen, l.inda K., 210, 230, 231. 257, 342, 497 McQuire, Patti, 311, 419 McQuirk, Patrick F., 192. 324 McSpadden, Michael T., 342 McSpadden, Richard V.. 342, 462 Mgigeeney, Michael J., 342, 470, 4 Janet K.. 296 MciTyre, Harry E., 207, 342, 457, . 43 McVVilliams, James VV., 342, 482, 533 MeGown, Candee 311. 415 Meacham, Denver YV., 351. 355 Mfgagham, Marilyn M., 342, 419, 1 Mead, Mary, 227, 258, 324, 494 Meade, Roger E.. 163 Meador, James YV., 192 Meadows, Earl W., 530 Meadows. Karen D.. 502 Mealor, Dorothy. 508 Means, Jim, 192, 342, 528 Meason, Dick. 149 Mechem, Sharon G., 231, 510 Mee, John W., 183, 352, 355 Meek, Bill D.. 324. 461 Meek, Elwyn K.. 192. 255 Meek, Howard E., 342, 458. 522 Magetkj Niki W., 257, 342, 415, Meek, Robert K.. 167, 546 Meek, W. D., 192 Meeks, Margaret A., 342, 416. 499 Mglaegv, Edwin W., 296, 482, 518, Mehl, Larry, 238 Mehl, James W., 285. 445 ehl, Lynette L., 325, 427 Mehl, Stephen L.. 296, 474 Meier, Lois E., 511 Meikle. Sharon A., 231, 325, 404 hlele. Michael R., 192. 194. 525 Melinder, Martha J., 342, 427, Miller, Barry J., 296, 453 hfliller, Bennie A., 537 Miller, Betty, 325, 415 Miller, Charles R., 192, 524 Miller, Coradel E., 325. 412 Miller, David, 181 Miller, Duane, 353 Miller, Gloann K.. 269 Miller Gloria G. V269 Miller: Gus, 530 ' Miller, Jackie P.. 325, 424. 500 Qiiiier, erryi-il., 3326, 474 1 1 r, ., Millgr, Kgneth R., 236 Miller, Ke11t, 249, 262 Miller, Linda J., 505 Micglelr, Margaret A., 254, 271. 1 Miller, Maribeth H., 506 hligleg, Melinda S., 342, 420, hliggeg, Monte D., 248, 261, 272, Mgleg, Priscilla M., 156, 342, Miller, Robert, 325 Miller, Robert A., 187 M11ler, Sandy K., 513 Miller, Skippy, 486 Miller, Stan, 263 Mglg. Stephanie J., 342, 431, Miller, Stephen C., 248, 342, 531 Miller, Stewart A., 192 Miller, Walter B., 183. 194. 311 Miller. VVilliam A.. 342, 457 n, Betty. 509 Milligan. David A., 162, 226, 325, 531 Millikan, Jack R., 203, 206 Mggigigton, Walter S., 160. 296, Million. Elmer Z.. 285. 445 Mills? Alvin J., 350, 351, 355, Mills, Jim. 192, 242, 268, 529 Mills, Judith A.. 246, 311, 423 Mills. Mary A., 296, 415 Millspaugh. Stephen J.. 342, 532 Millstead, Mikell H., 228 Milstead. Milton E., 187, 325, 326, 469 Minnis. Michael. 342, 453. 530 Minto. Floran K.. 244. 296 Minton. Ron A., 216. 543 McGrew, Marcene G., 311, 500 McGrew, Patrick W.. 311 McGrew. William. 233. 244 McGrew. WVilliam'C., 192, 257 341. 453 McGuire. Derril VV.. 352. 354 206, 324, 499 Melis, Richard K.. 192, 540 Mintz. Stanley l.. 183. 195. 311, 440. 44l" ' Mirliam. Bill, 521 Misak, Charles K., 527 Mistler. J. Douglas. 187, 325 Mitchel Mitchel l, Cara. 229, 496 1, Carolyn l., 342 Mitchell. Charles S.. 206. 325. 481 Mitchell, Dale E.. 253. 325, 458 Mitchell, David M., 532 Mitchell, Jan, 513 Mitchell, Jess. 233 Mitchell, Michael D., 285, 441 Mitchell, Mike. 534 Mitchell, Robert. 353 Moore, Moore, Mooie, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, 264, Moore, Moore, Moore, 537, Moore, 446 Moore, Moore, 342, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Judy S., 325 Karen L., 311. 428 Kathryn S., 325, 419 Leland VV.. 162, 165 1.ind:' K.. 500 Mis. Louise B.. 66. 67 Marilyn K., 228, 260, 325. 419 Michael F., 192, 539 Patrick E.. 311, 454 Ralph E.,'192, 229, 311, 540 Richard W., 153, 296, Robert P., 183, 226, 311 hcgiald W., 192, 204, Sarah L., 311, 412 Sue, 256, 264, 411 William E., 192, 539 Zelbert L., 311, 546 Murphy, Ildohnny, 534 Murp11y, omax M., 192, 534 iyitggghy, Mike, 264, 342, 411, Murphy, VVard H., 192, 342 Murphy, William L., 192, 540 Murray, Bruce M., 228 Murray. Burbank, 192, 342, 543 Murray, David B., 187, 325, 462 Murray, Don R., 245 Murray. Doyle. 535 Murray, Henry D., 342. 446, 530 Murray, Joyce M., 311 Murra ', Roy, 225 Murrell, Donald W., 297 Murrell. Gary, 528 Moorehead, Marilyn E., 296, 424 Mooreh cad, William D., 524 Moran, Ann, 325, 415, 427 Moran, James D., 192, 342, 465 Moran, Moran, Moran, James F.. 311, 473 Michael E., 342, 457 Stan. 325, 477, 486 Morehead. W. V., 192 Moreho use. Jellrey M., 325, 481 Morelock, Donald L., 219. 296 Morelock. Stephen V., 145, 222, 234, 545 Moreu, Percy K., 187 Morey. Lynne J., 248, 342. 415, 509 Morey, Toby, 140, 542 Morey. Victoria R.. 296. 407 Morford, Michael P.. 192 Morgan, Betty S., 293 Morgan, Bill, 264 Morgan, Cai. 65. 224, 325, 416 Morgan, Dave. 31 Morgan, David W., 192, 325. 546 Morgan, Dennis Z., 187. 438 Morgan, John L., 192. 539 Morgan, Linda A., 325 Morgan, Sally A., 325 Morgan, WVilliam A.. 539 Moring, Bobby R.. 192 Morris, Dr. John R.. 38 Morris, Lillian O., 311 Morris, Martin L., 325 Morris, Morris, Morris, Morris, hlorris. Michael F., 342, 532 Nancy, 231. 325. 494 R. Trent, 181. 325. 477 Susan, 243. 490. 505 VVi1liam H., 311, 352, Murrell. Judy E., 230, 246, 256, 297 Murrel. Robert C., 297. 454 Murry, Harold D., 325, 481 Musgrave, Charles R., 187, 325, 473 Musgrave, George H.. 181 Mushahwar, George A., 242 Musick. Frederick J., 187 Musick, J. L., 187, 325, 490, 537 Mnslirat, Jerry F.. 177. 179, 181. 297, 518. 535 Musselman, N. B., 30 Mussen, Frances A.. 260. 342, 414, 415, 501 Musser, Nancy A., 342, 404 Mussman, Steven J., 525 Mutzig. Andy L., 191. 342, 539 Myatt, Ramsey D., 297 Myers, A. Dean, 342. 532 Andrew C. , 539 Myers, Anna J., 325. 419 Myers. Carolyn D.. 212, 243 Myers, Daniel N.. 297. 490 Myers. .lulia 343. 507 Myers, Kent, 352, 355 Myers. Mary, 252, 494 Myers, Michael T.. 187 Myers, Patil M., 519 Myers, Russell. 54 Myers, Teree E., 343, 419 Myers, VVa1t. 144 Myleg, Ronald L., 165, 297. 436, 48 Myracle. Suzann E.. 343. 404. 505 356, 438 Morris. Virginia. 157 Morrison. Carol J., 70. 342, 491, 509 Morrison, Dianne. 342. 428 Morrison, Donald L.. 187 Morrison. Randy S., 192, 342, Morton Mclntire, Vivian L., 342 McGuire, George G., 445 McGuire Lonnie D., , 545 McGuire. 1Vi11iam E., 311 McHughes, Larry L., 239. 296 Mclninch. Janice M., 402. 290, 296, 4 2.4 Mclntosh, Arthur, 539 Mclntosh, Dan, 285. 445. 518 Mclntosh, Michael E., 324, 445 Mclntosh, Robert D., 324. 481 Mclntyre. Thomas A.. 140. 187 Mclver , Pat M., 311, '428 Mclver, Penny. 491 McKee, Kay. 294 McKee, Michael R., 241, 536 McKee, Stephen F., 192, 197, 342, 543 McKee, Thomas C., 203, 204, 261, 296. 461 McKenzie, Terry M., 537 Muehlenbrock. Dale, 238. 297 530 McKeown, Mary R., 210, 342, 490, 504 McKinney, Lynn D.. 311. 415 McKnight. Gary L., 181, 296, 472, 473 McKnight, Richard L.. 351, 356, 518, 546 McLaren, Michael D., 311 Mglgzarney, Thomas J., 187, 342, McLaughlin. LeEtta E., 311, 412 McLaurin. VVilliam T., 160. 165, 172, 214 McLaury, Ralph L., 236, 311, 453 Mtglggan, Larry G., 227, 229, 342 McLe1and. Dorothy S., 311, 415 McLellan, Donald R., 311, 461 Mgltaeflan, Patricia S., 258, 342, McLemore. Jeff P., 234 McLeod, Gayle C., 311. 416 Mellott, Don R., 544 Melton, Barbara A., 311, 491, 504 Melton, Jean, 156. 510 Melton, J. O-, 261. 268, 272 Melton, Miriam. 508 Melton, William C., 325, 482 Mendez, Hernando, 296 Menzies. lames T.. 311. 482 Mercer. VVilliam E.. 203. 206 Merchant, Grover R., 342, 457 Meredith. Marcia E., 231, 260. 311. 514 Meredith, Michael D.. 525 Meredith. Patil H., 192, 540 Merit. Sue. 246 Merkle, Sally R., 236, 325, 419 Merkx Ma ' . , rx E.. 512 Mergis. lzielven H., 212, 214. 260, 2 . 29 Merrell, Judy, 231 Merrell, Louis YV., 164. 325 Metrrillztgarbara A., 252, 296, 02. . 2 Merrill, Dr. Maurice H.. 24, 356 Merrill. Sallv A., 296. 428 Merriman. Hal l., 183, 311, 473 Merriott. Neal E.. 352. 355 Merritt, Donna, 296, 496 Merritt, Gilbert. 54 Nlerritt. lllary K.. 342. 427, 499 Meskimen, Carole L., 506 Messenger, James D.. 165. 534 Messer. Patricia D.. 398 Messick, Linda 342. 511 Metcalf. Butch, 122. 481. 544 Metcalf. Lawrence A., 325 Metcalf. Tommy VV., 192, 342, Mitchell, Ronald, 158, 187. 535 Mitchelmore. Garry E.. 259 Mixon, Janis, 325, 494 Mizel. Larry A.. 311. 474 hlizell. Walter H.. 134, 145, 183, 223, 226.311, 545 Moberg. Eric A.. 540 Mock. Randall D., 325. 459 Moery, Johnny L.. 540 lylcglliat, Margaret E., 155, 157, Mogharabi, Ataolah, 153. 285 Mogharabi. Farough, 285 Mogot. Robert, 210 Mohageri. Manoncher, 243 Mohatt. Patricia A.. 325, 419 Moini, Mostafa. 243 Moisant. Patricia G., 296 Moiser, J. E.. 239 Molina. Teddy D., 192 Mollison. Carol S., 325, 420 449, 524 Morrison. Stanley 135. 136, 137, 223. 296, 485, 544 Morrison. William A., 181. 195, 270, 296 Morrow, Nancy C., 342 Morton, Carl W.. 342. 544 Morton. Sallv, 342. 420. 513 .Terry G., 342. 545 Moms. Pat. 228 Mondie. George R., 187. 519 Monfort. Kirk H.. 187, 255 Monk, Ruthann, 236 Monroe, Eph, 31 Monroe, Jane. 220. 342. 428. 501 M o n roe , Joy E., 325, 416 Monroe, Judith K.. 325. 411 Monroe, 1Vi1liam J., 192, 522 Monserud. Jo Anne. 342 446. 541 Metcalfe, George T., 311, 465 Metcalfe, Robert S., 544 Metcalfe. Walter C.. 240, 248 Metghalchi. Massonmah. 342 Metzger. William H.. 325. 458 Meyer, Kathryn A.. 311. 428 Meyer, Kent Robert. 540 Meyer, Mariella, 244 Meyer, Richard J.. 325, 461 Meyer, Stuart, 192. 325. 478 Meyers, Chris, 207, 343, 458, Montgomery, Don D.. 253 Montgomery, Holly, 246 Montgomery, Jay D., 239, 240, 266. 296, 446 Montgomery, Jerry L., 254, 296, 428 Montgomery, Marcelle. 263 Montgomery, Mary E., 311, 427, 447 Montgomery. Mary H.. 250 Montgomery. Robert C.. 542 ltlgrigomery, William H., 342, Moser, Doris, 225, 508 Moses, Frank L., 181, 184. 195, 542 Moses, William S., 183 Mosier, John E., 542 Mosley, Mrs. Frank. 230 Mosley. Rufus C.. 165 Moss, Carol S.. 325 Moss, Verna M., 269, 325, 424 Motley, Cecil F.. 245 Motley. Pamela L., 342. 513 Mott. Calvin. 216, 342, 525 Mouillerat. William J.. 540 Moulton, Max D., 311. 542 Mouser, James YV.. 353 Mfgttisa, Cynthia Carol L., 236, Moussayi, Saeedi F.. 214, 243 Moyer, Jean D., 244 Moyers, Mary Ann, 325. 419 Moaes, Carole A., 248, 498 Mozlev, Lee B., 161 Mudrick, Thomas M., 183, 311, 478 Mueller, Dr. Gustav E.. 25 Mueller. Richard G.. 325. 539 Mugg, Charles L.. 167. 311, 453 Mull. Lewis M.. 311. 453 hlullen, Carl, 228, 297. 518. 522 Mullican, Kenneth R., 228, 311, 543 Mulligan. Betty 260. 342, 412, 509 Mulligan. William VV.. 297 Mullins, Catherine B.. 311 Mullins, Jimmy. 242. 268 Mullins. Kay. 108. 423 N Nabizacleh. Alireza, 311 Naehritz. Carl Marion Jr. 297 Nagle, Mary. 325, 428 Nahoe, J. F., 191 Naifeh. Cheryl Dee, 343. 407 Najd. Samir Abdallah, 226, 239, 240. 241. 242. 266, 285, 490 Nall. Paul Lee. 519 Nance. Charles Coleman .lr., 235 Nance, Gene. 192. 343, 458. 531 Nangea, Avinash Ganpat. 214 Narvaes, George Ernest, 311, 436 470 Nash. Beryl Elizabeth. 221 Nations. YVi11iam Glen. 311. 462 Nay. James William, 192, 533 Neal. Carol A.. 157. 325. 493 Neal. Dewitt Jr., 160, 162, 165, 167. 297 Neal. Edwin J., 343, 466 Neal. Jerry H.. 187 Nehiigis, Frances D., 230, 325. Needham, Charles C.. 343 Needham, Riley B.. 214, 260 Neely. Larry C.. 546 Neeley, Leland,gC. Jr.. 353 Neely, Diane. 8, 89 Neely. Raloh E.. 88. 89, 122, 131. 187. 544 Nell. Richard A.. 134. 145. 297 Negrin, Roberta A.. 311. 496 Neheg. Janet A., 220, 343, 427. 49 McLeod. Harry O., 260 McLeod, Jerrol L., 192, 342. 543 McLeod, R 296, 477 oben M., 181, 253, Michaels, Marlee, 500 Mickelberry. Donna, 342. 512 Miililgesyyartli, Terry L., 157, 311, Monzingo. Montie G.. 285 Moody, John R.. 296 Moon. Jon L., 192, 325. 458 Mooney, .lean. 491 Mnndel 1, Dwight A., 192, 342, 525 Mundkotyski, Patricia A., 311, 402. 432 Neislar. David P., 207, 343, 458, 545 Nelson Billv T.. 297. 473 Nelson: Chailes K.. 311. 466 Nelson. Dan, 231, 232, 422, 534, 542 Nelson, David E., 192, 343, 353, 458 Nelson, Donald C., 206 Nelson, Forrest D., 525 Nelson Nelsoni .lack C.. 187 Francis V.. 539 Nelson, John, 351, 356 Nelson, Loyd. 215, 216. 325, 525 Nelson, Michael H., 207, 343, 458 421, Nelson, Nickev E., 192, 542 Nelson, Bill. 153 Nelson. YVilliam. 356 Nelson. 1Villiam YV., 177. 179, 181. 351 Nemecek. David F... 187. 325 Nemecek. Perry L.. 343 Nemecek, Stephen M., 75 Neptune. Ted. 57 Nestlerode. Pamela, 325. 493 McLin, Janet G., 311. 415 McLure, Grover C., 192 McManus, Judith M.. 252. 493 McMasters, Marilyn J., 220, 311, 411 McMeans, Joe R., 324. 461 Blghfgllan, James M., 192, 342, McMillan, Thomas. 539 McMi11in. Joe B., 192, 196, 257, 342, 446, 527 McMinn, R. Glenn. 545 McMullen, Claude C., 285 568 Middleton. Anna L.. 325. 492 Miilgand, Lawrence W., 296, 413. Mier, Miers. David C.. 187. 325, 462 Mike. 181. 545 Milam, John B.. 311. 473 Milder. Terri. 342. 431. 512 Miles, Bama L.. 342, 420 Miles, E. H.. 518 Miles, Lewis H.. 187 Miles, Ruth, 229 Millar. John C.. 311. 460 Miller. Allen YV., 325. 477 Mooney, Laurie, 342. 412. 506 Mooney, Loretta. 227 Moore. Alexander A.. 262 Moore, Bob, 342, 458 Moore. Carol A., 216. 311. 424 Moore. Diana G., 156, 271, 311, 416, 417 Moore, Edward. 350. 353 Moore, James E., 342. 481 Moore, Jimmy R., 228 Moore, John W., 187 Moore. Judy. 60, 512 Moore. Judy K., 325, 415 Munn, Kathleen L.. 155, 157, 158. 260, 325, 428 Munro, Jerry L.. 297. 446 Munter. Peggy O., 297 Murdock. Jon L.. 342. 481 Murdough. Dale C.. 187. 540 Murov, Susan L.. 342. 408. 495 Murphy, Beth. 342, 416. 506 Murphy, Eugene F., 265, 297 Murphy. Frank VV., 192, 196, 342. 446. 533 Murphy, lack YV., 241 Murphy. Dr. James, 244 Netland. Robert T., 192. 539 Neugnann, David A.. 187. 325, 4 3 New. Derden, 246 Neiyberg. Alvin S.. 187. 311, 474 Neiyberger. David M., 542 Newcomb. Sammy D.. 325, 412 Newell. Cynthia A.. 325 Newell. Harlene. 507 Newell. Cindy, 416 Newendorp, Paul D.. 285 Nerikgrk. Judy. 73, 236. 324. CONGRATULATIONS DP 63 GRADS NEW PIASIIC Cf-IRTONS pour like cz IJIIZLCJIUV 'ul 'I.llXIII'IIr- I ll wasp' UIll'II1R'IHIIII' symuy III XIIII II X IIIAI OIQIUI1 C 1 I E 2 4261 5 6 0260 .IAV R 3 We E R ,L N 2 I229 A ., , X. If I --:.- 'A -I H ' " '41,-:I-,:.-I MP. ' 1 - E: HIV., .gh I H xi ..., . P ,FZ 1 A: ,.,.:, ::,q if SHOPPERS I L CHOICE! Z? In Norman Call IE 6-0266 PHILLIPS PATRONIZE YOUR NEAREST PHILLIPS D DIL C0 YOUR PHILLIPS DISTRIBUTOR Patton Potter, Pickens. John T., 326, 466 Newlon, Mary A., 220, 230, 231, 297 , Newman, Donnie VV., 297, 415 Newman, Mrs. Erma, 61 Negiingian, Glenda M., 343, 424, Newman, Henry G., 524 Newman, Otis A., 509 Newman, Robert A., 311, 457 Newman, Tedlord C., 285 im R., 311, 529 Newport, A Newsom, oyle Dalward, 192, 341, 343, 453, 522 Nexsmm, Nancy Ann, 155, 157, Newton, Douglas G., 192 Newton, Nancy C., 311, 428 Newton, VVilliam W. Jr., 297 Ng, Charles Wing, Yuen, 297 Niblett, Carolyn ., 241, 242 Nicholas, Hugh B. Jr., 297 Nicholas, Thomas M., 343 Nicholas, Elizabeth A., 311, 432 Nichols, Gary L.. 343, 466 Nicholas. Hugh B., 442 Nicholas, Mike, 442 Nichols, Nancy E., 343, 512 Nichols, Sarah K., 264 Nicholson, Don, 244, 353 Nickle, Carl T., 311, 466 Nicola, Charles G., 325, 442 Nielsen, William J., 542 Nieves, Rudyard D., 192, 521 Night, Steve, 343 Nisbet, Robert M., 192, 343, Oliphant, Alexander, 326, 449 Ohphant, Joe, 183, 311, 465 Olive, Becky, 157 Olive, Shirley, 246, 326, 411 Ollver, Cregg, 490 Oliver, Eric, 343, 522 Oliver, Marta, 326, 416 Phyllis, 343, 497 Oliver, Oliver, William L., 351, 355 Olsen, Roger, 187, 326, 474 Olsen, Stephen, 181, 297, 462 Olson, Frederic, 311, 454 Olson, Jay, 263 Ombette, ohn, 42 Onofrio, , ack, 532 Orbison, cott, 30 Orcutt. David, 529 Oringderll, Gary, 183. 311, 482 Orr, Gary, 192, 343, 542 Orr, KZJIIC, 311. 407 Orr, ariorie, 343, 411 Orr, Richard, 343, 466, 538 Orrell, Cathryn, 512 Orth, Judy, 343. 423 Orvis, Bruce, 237 Osborn, Gary, 343 erry, 192, 219 Osborn, 114 Osborn, artha, 326, 415 Osborn, Richard, 542 Osborn, Ronald, 216. 343 Osborne, Mary K., 297, 415 Osborne, Otto L., 162 Osburn, Alvin, 236, 311 Osburn, ,lere. 297 Osburn, 1Varren, 54 Osherwitz Susan, 311, 431 Osofl, Malcolm, 353 Otis, Jerry, 297, 460, 461 Otterstrom, Edward. 311, 458 Pate, Romme J., 343 Patrick, Frederick L., 312, 446 Pagritcik, Richard S., 207, 343, Patters P atte rs Patters Patters on, Bryce L., 183 on, Edward D., 326, 485 on, George, 326, 449 on, John '1., 285, 326 Patterson, John VV., 482 Patterson, Pat, 220 Patterson, Patricia F., 298, 407, 427 Patterson, Patricia K., 326 Patterson, Patsy M., 326, 510 Patters on, Thomas J., 454 Patterson, Thomas P., 525, 298 , Larry D., 187, 326, 542 Patton, Kent, 298, 518, 542 Patzer, Joan E., 326, 423 Paul. George L., 32 Paul, Lucky, 312, 423 Paul, William G., 32 Paul, Mrs. William G., 32 Pauling, David L., 187, 326, 461 Paugk, ginger Kin, 343, 405, 4. 8, Pavlonnis, James J., 192, 326, 457 Paxton, Tem le E., 298, 494 Payne, DavirPL., 312, 457 Payne, Gerald G., 162, 312, 470 Payne, Jamessll., 122, 131, 223, 298, 481, 44 Payne, Jim R., 326 llzayne, Latgengig., 192 ' 'I 7 r .5 P69116 Roy M. 312 454 Overstreet. Gary. 541. 542 446, 519 Nix James M., 343, 522 Notiigcgs, Paula K., 227, 236, 325, Noakes, Walter E.. 192. 524 Nolan, Margarette'J., 512 Nolan, Dr. Phillip, 249 Nolan Thomas J. 234 Nolen: Lynn D., 350, 352 Nolen, Nolley, Nancy S., 502 Noltensmeyer, Leo D., 325, 457 Noggihl, Noble L., 165, 325, Nordby, Gene M. 272 Norden, .lohn A. ia., 260 Nordin, Carol R., 343, 504 Nordley, Dr. Gene M., 42 Nordstrom, Linda L., 210, 343, Patsy J.. 235 Ours, Rae. 326, 404 Overan Overly, tl, Michael. 187. 530 James, 343, 469 Overton, Lynn, 222, 297, 457, 545 Oviatt. Owen, Owen, Owen, Owen, 520 Owen, Owens, Owens, Owens Philip, 343. 438, 545 Cannon, 183 Frankie. 343, 508 Linda, 513 Ronald, 192, 343, 454, Sherry. 155, 297, 423 Beulah. 42 Larry, 312, 446 Marilyn 297 432 Pryrrel wiiiirrrri B., 227, 255, 442 326, Paynter, Suzzanne l., 326, 416 Paytuvi, Julian, 543 Peach, E., 146, 222, 298, North, 502 Norlin, Judy P., 263 Norman Clarence D., 225 Ngrmanl Francina R.. 297 Nolgriian, Jerry M., 221, 311, Norouzi. Hadi, 237 Norris, Skip, 192. 343, 527 Norris, Cordelia C., 230, 311, 427 Norris, James L., 192, 235, 343, 446, 543 North, Nancev E., 228 Neal N., 187. 325, 461 Palmer, ames D., 248 Pence. Norman H., 165, 228, Northcutt, Donald W.. 192, 539 Northcutt, Glenn. 31. 33 Northcutt, Jerry L., 151, 187, 325 Northcutt. Richard C.. 325, 462 Ownbey, Nancy, 343, 508 Ownbey, Steve, 73 Ownbey, Ted, 326. 464. 465 Oxenhandler. Stephen, 312, 474 Ozmun, Sandra, 312, 415 P Padgett, David, 297, 458 Padgham, Terry L., 326 Pagi,iBobby W., 122, 131, 187, Page, Donna F., 505 Page, Leslie D., 312, 524 Page, Priscilla M., 326, 407, 434 297 Norton, Cheryle D.. 509 Norton, Nancy E., 325 Norton, Norton, Sandy. 507 Tom D., 539 Norwood, James V., 265, 297, 485 Nouri. Hossein H., 214, 243, Painter , Deon, 235 Palmer, ames G., 326, 450 Palmer, udy, 236, 326, 492 Palmer, ill. 343, 481, 540 Pamituan, H., 258 Pancoast, Mary S., 343, 420, 498 Pangburn, John B., 312, 446 Pannell, A. R., 86 482, Pearce, Charles, 122, 522 Pearce, gihtarles E., 192, 343, 458, Pearce, R. Alec, 343, 540 Pearson, Carolyn F., 250, 312, 500 Pearson, Charles R., 146 Pearson, Jack T., 239, 240, 266 Peck, Bob, 142 Pegl5BMarilyn J., 264, 343, 408, Peck, Michael S., 177, 179, 181, 298 478 Peck, Tom D., 298, 458 Peck, Tracy G. 312, 446 Peck, William M., 298, 466 Pederson, Richard D., 268 Pederson, Richard J., 205, 242 Pederson, Thelma, 258 Pedroja, Daniel A., 312, 442, 528 Peebles, Judy, 298 Peel, Alfred M., 207, 490, 526 Peel, Gerald A., 326, 546 Pelton, Charles J., 187 Pemberton, George B., 326 Pemberton, Mary J., 298, 423 Pence, James E.. 187, 326. 462 Phares, Charles D., 312 Phebus, Glenna, 312, 412 Phelps, Ed., 356 Phelps, Mary A., 326, 416 Phelps, Monte S., 494 Phelps, Payton L., 353 Phelps, Mrs. Ruth, 61 Pherigo, Donna K., 343, 497 Philbin, Karen R., 108, 298, 420 Phillips , Allegra, 298, 411 Phillips, Curtis, 115, 212, 214, 226, 249, 260, 261, 298, 462 Phgllllijpsillgoriailgl '15'3b183, 195, Phillips, Eirrmrri L., 285 gkiiiips, gorgoni L., 343, 534 ' i s, , 29 jaillleifs 111.3527 ' ' ,', . ., 18 Pliilliiig, John F., 326, 465 Phillips, Judith K., 508 Phillips, like, 326, 482 Phillips, Robert K., 187, 326, 446 Phillips, Robert, 192, 523 Phiggps, Sandra, 230, 298, 343, Phillips, Sissy, 247, 428 Phillips, T. Ray, 233, 298, 477 Philk, Philis, 156 Philpot, James W., 326, 522 Philpott, Loretta A., 312, 516 Philpott, Nelson M., 542 Phipps, Larry H., 259, 298 Phipps, Nancy C., 298 Piccolo, Gary T., 326 Pickens, Howard D., 187 Pickens, 1Vi11iam E., 162, 539 Pickering, geanne L., 512 Pickering, usan M., 343, 421, Porter, Judy, 73, 155, 250, 312, 498 Porter, Mary 344, 503 Porter, Peter 1., 153, 252 Porter, William, 298 Porterliedl, Denzil R., 254. 285 Poigilield, John L., 122, 130, Porterlield, Lisa 298 Portnoy, Noel, 70, 187, 519, 535 Posey, Barbara A., 210, 226, 241, 248, 271, 490 Posey, Phyliss 344, 419. 498 Potes, Mary A., 210, 298, 411 Pogtgi, Aubrey E., 216, 219, Linda L., 250,312 Potter, Nancy L., 491, 512 Potter, Philip H.. 298 Potts, Kay E., 298 Potts, Ronald G., 299, 481 Pound, Geraldine A., 344, 504 Pounds, Pamela 1., 344, 412, 434 499 Pounds, Roger, 228 Pourchot, Richard 326, 477 Pos? Lawrence J., 234, 238, Powell, Carolyn M., 299 Powell, Esta 312, 491 Powell, John VV., 161 Powell, Pattie L.. 344, 506 Power, Colleen J., 260, 326, 491 Powers, James L., 188, 326, 462 Powers, Leslie A.. 344, 508 Powers, M. L., 54 Powers, Michael P.. 344, 445 Powers. William, 353 Pownall. Polly. 86. 326, 419 502 Pickett, Nancy L., 326, 420 Pico, Lawrence J., 192 Picow, L 'nda G., 326, 431 Pic1t?X, Mlarshall S., 192, 343, Piirgg, Charles, 352, 355, 518, Pierce, loe Mike, 298, 536. 538 Pierce, Loretta A., 326, 411 Pielrlcg, Roscoe J., 252, 265, 312, Pierot Paul E. 237 Poynor. J. M., 234 Prag, Betty J., 502 Prag, Ed, 353 Prtaifi, Larry M., 162, 238, 257, Prather, erry L.. 151. 183 Prather, on L.. 352, 355 Pratt, Darlene. 505 Pratt, Jack S., 188, 326. 453 Pray, Donald E.. 351, 356 Pregler. Clarice M., 326, 407 Prep, Victor M., 206, 327, 485 Preiggtt, Carolyn F., 344, 416, Prescott, Judith H.. 105, 116, 246, 299. 398. 402. 416 Pierson, Delores J., 326 Pierson, Julianna, 312 Pietraalo. Lee, 192, 216 Piland, Eddie, 235 Piltz, Iac M. 312, 474 Pirir, David J., 160, 163 Pirilgeirtoii, John P., 192, 343, Pinsonneault, Ralph, 70, 326, 461, 519, 530 Pipe, Linda J., 326, 423 Pipiriri, Janet, 155, 156, 326, 402, 404 Pipkin, Walter L. 298 Pippenger, David lL., 353 Pitchlynn, Thurman J., 544 Preston, Dorothy. 252 Prightin, Ronald S., 226, 299, Pribil, Dennis R., 344, 461 Price, David, 259. 546 Price, Delores A.. 220, 228 Price, Floyd. 285 Price, Freda C., 257. 344. 495 Price, Helen M., 344, 507 Price, James L., 327, 446 Price, James T.. 181 Price, Pricke Melvvn G., 312, 478 tt. Wilson, 40 Pitman, E. H., 202 326., 538 Penrlravis , Donna D., 232 Pendergraft, Archie H., 545 Pegggrgraft, Clyde G., 237, 261, Pendergraft, Mary 1., 298 Pendergraft, Michael L., 521 Pittman, Gregg A., 545 Ntgarge, Sandra Diane, 325, 330, Novin, Marilyn B.. 501 Nowlin, John D., 187, 326, 433, 449 N11ll. Jim G., 528 Nunley. Thomas S., 326. 446 Nunnallv. Robert A., 181, 196, 297, 473 Nunnery, Joe M., 343. 461 Ny, Charles, 244 Pannell, Elsie M., 297 Pannell, Larry A., 122, 131, 181 297 Pannell, Tommy D., 86, 187, 326 462 Pannell, winirrri H., 122, 312 Pansza, John T., 187, 326, 453 Pansze, William R.. 312, 477 Pappen, Mrs. Charline, 56 Pappas, Robert L., 192, 221, 539 Parent, Dale G., 546 Parham. Patricia L.. 343, 506 Paris, VVilliam D.. 543 Pendergraft, Ronald J., 312, 313, 453 Pendergrass, Linda K.. 312. 514 Penglase, Pamela K.. 343. 500 Penington, Jane, 326, 427 Pennington, Elvis R., 343, 457, 527 Pennington, Granvil A., 531 Penney, Mrs. Grace J., 54 Pittman, Katherine M., 326, 415 Pittman, Sylvia R., 109, 312, 415 Pitts, .lohn M., 343, 465 Pitts Lynda J.. 343, 504 Pitts, Tommy R., 160, 162, 165 Pitts, Verdell V., 312 Pitts, William E.. 343, 461, 522 Pixley, William H., 298. 546 Plant, Sharron Y., 343, 502 Plater, Gregory A., 344, 442 Platner, Garv L.. 344, 527 Plin. Sau. 237, 262 Plcgsga, Thomas W., 205, 232, Plosky. Judy, 513 Plott Patricia J., 326, 416 O O'Brien, Barbara A., 326, 492 O'Brien, Daniel R., 326, 454, 470 O'Brien, F. A.. 183 O'Brien, Jonell L.. 326. 514 O'Brien, Pat A.. 519. 525 O'Bryan, James R., 205, 221, 312, 311 O'Conne1l, Mary A.. 221 O1Hara. Ernest C.. 151, 153, 184, 189, 297, 482 O'1'1ara, Dr. John, 54 O,Hara, .lohn B., 192, 544 O'Neal, Jay, 121 O,Neil. John, 19, 43 O'Neill, John P.. 187, 311 O'Neill. 1fVilliam VV.. 245, 523 Oakley, Nancy, 311, 420 Oakley, Thomas, 311. 482 Oberly, Franklin, 187 Obermeyer. Thomas L.. 311, 442 Ochsner. Glenda, 297, 411 Odom, Gerald, 312, 482 Odom, lulie K., 326, 420 Odom, Marilyn, 297, 514 Odom. Sara. 312, 411 Oelhafen, Sharon. 507 Oev. Hong S., 237, 262, 272, 285 Ollicer, Neal, 192, 525 Ogden. Glen. 343, 542 Ogle, Neal. 539 Oizlesby, Nancy, 312. 510 Oldring, Walter. 312 Oldrovd, Andy. 216 Olinghouse, John, 326, 538 570 Park, Annette, 512 Park, Elton L., 285 Park, Janice M., 297 Park, Maior, 383 Parker, Parker, Mrs. B. L.. 82 Dee Dee, 510 Parker, Donzetta 1., 510 Parker, , ames D., 122, 131 Parker, ames L., 223 Parker, , ean, 73. 312, 419, 455 Parker, Jerry. 152 Parker, 'Martha E., 491 Parker, Gale. 343, 419, 495 Parker, Randlett. 163, 297. 461 Parker, Richard E., 326, 454 Parker, Susan A.. 326 Parkhurst, Guy H., 226, 312 Parkhurst, Guy VV., 183. 490 Parkins, Barbara A.. 343. 506 Parkins. Roger L., 312, 450 Parks, Charles M., 192, 539 Parks. Frances M., 70, 186, 210 500 Pentecost, Claude D.. 326. 481 Peraza, Robert B., 298, 442 Perillo, Skip, 142 Perkey. Billy Neal, 343, 537 Perkins, David L., 181, 189, 197 Perkins, Etta L.. 496 Perkins, Ralph L., 343 Permetter, Betty K., 298 Perrin. Sydney K., 264. 343, 503 Perry, 'Johnny M., 351, 354 Perry. Patricia A., 252, 298 Perry, Patricia A., 256, 326, 415 Perrvman, Richard A.. 326, 453 Pete is, Peters. Ann H.. 312. 412 Charles D.. 312. 538 Judith E.. 108. 326, 411 Peters, Don, 221 Peters, John S.. 537 Peters, Peters, Rov V., 61 Petersen, Melodie A.. 343, 404, 498 Petersen, Nancy E., 254, 298, 411 Petersen, Sherrill 220, 343, 499 Peterson. Betty. 491 Peterson, Pamela R., 326. 419, 513 Parks, Mayo B., 192, 539 Parmenter, Brent, 148 Parnell, Patria. 343, 420 Parr, Peyton M., 187, 326, 528 Parrish, Alan L., 192 Parrish, Linda S.. 500 Parrish, William F.. 351, 356 Parrott, Robert C., 528 Parott, Tom G., 233, 326. 446 Parsley, Janie D., 264, 504, 343 Parsons, Earl H., 312, 453 Parsons, Noel R., 162, 231, 298 Pasierb, Frank, 488 Pate, James E., 326, 458 Pegggon, Richard S., 192, 343, Peterson Sidney M., 298 Piirrrir, Patricia J., 510 Plunkett, James L.. 187, 312, 445 Plunkett, Mike, 255 Poe, Anita J., 298, 420 Poe, Maureen. 228 Poe, Patrick N., 187 Pogue, Richard A., 312, 477 Pohl. Bert P., 229, 344, 450 Poindexter, Dennis L., 239, 240, 298 Pokorny. Carroll, 246 Pollak. Susan D.. 344. 431, 512 Pollard, Elmer D., 539 Pollglgd, Jane, 157, 236, 326, Pollock, William D.. 312 Polsky, Judy D., 258, 260, 344, 408 Polson, Tommy L., 312 Pomerantz, Dana, 269, 298, 408 Pond. Betty. 107, 247, 298, 402, 427 Pont, Lawrence L.. 183 Pontius, Dale R., 122, 544 Pool, Carolyn J., 298 Pool, Jenna D.. 344. 507 Pool, Maurice G., 54 Pool, Rusty, 521 Poole, ,lohn S.. 312, 454 Poole, Marie, 220 Poor, Robert W., 312, 442 Pope. Dennis H., 177. 178, 181, Petranek. Stephen L.. 192. 543 Petrick, Robert 298. 353 Pettibone, Gerald E.. 181 Petticrew, Richard W., 181, 261, 298. 461 Petty. David K.. 350. 352. 356 Petty. Thomas E., 192. 531 Pewdergraft, Richard. 235 Pfeilfer. Gretchen, 504 Pharaoh, John L., 192 353 Pope, D. L., 543 Pope, D'Ann. 312, 402, 423 Popkes Porter, Porte r, Porter Porter s, Linda A., 499 Alvan E., 188. 326. 454 Daniel C., 192, 326, 461 James E., 188 anet A 257 IJ .. . Porter John P., 190, 192, 232, 344, 477 Pride, Cvnthia A., 101, 327, 458, 514. 515 Priehe, Louis V.. 181, 196, 200, 299, 446 Prier. Anna 312. 419 Priestley, VVilliam J., 192, 344 Primrose. Guy S., 86, 183, 226, 312, 453 Primrose, Patricia R., 264, 327, 420 Prisco, Nicholas, 192, 525 Pritchett, Kate P., 299, 427 Protzman, Robert A., 312, 438 Proussanidou, Niki. 229 Provine, Joe A.. 531 Provines, Jim, 148 Provines. Steve, 327. 519, 528 Pruett, Shirley J., 227, 236, 491 Pruette, Steven C.. 344, 465 Pruitt, ilan C.. 500 Pryor, ra 523 Pryor, Victor VV., 353 Puckett, Mike, 192, 524 Puckett, Richard D., 192, 344, 469, 486 Puckett. T. H.. 248 Pugh, David L., 312. 445 Pugh, Pat. 356 Pugmire, David R.. 249 Puizgstki, Barry L., 327, 409, P11llin, Janice L.. 230. 236. 490 Pullman, Norman K., 192, 344, 454, 528 Pung, John R.. 192 Purdy, Robert L.. 327. 458 Purser, Charles A.. 353 Purser, Kathryn J.. 299 Putman, Mitchell L., 192. 540 Puttkamer, Mrs. Nita, 177, 200 Puttlack. M.. 183 Pyatt. Mary Beth. 260. 312, 416 Pyle. Ronny D.. 70. 179. 192. 257, 344. 446. 486. 519,526 Q Quaid. Sharon. 219, 220. 327, 493 Queen, VVillia1n R., 299 Quigley, Michael. 327, 477 Ouillin, David, 216. 327. 485 Qnintane, Lewis, 192 R Rahun, Glen A.. 299, 458 Raburn, Earl, 488 Ra-gig, Ronald A., 344. 478, Rafidi, Mahfouz, 241, 242 Rafizadeh, Sofie. 243 n norman's mosf r modern resfauranf W 2 , N I 1 . i Y r aww V i808 W. Lindsay X 5 JE 6-0459 r 4 9 l shori' order, self service I . g or curb service fn- '?w F-F --H-f , Serving the OU Community for 40 Years 1 1923 ' . nu nav cmruns to .f Amzoveo 3 A Q 1953 ..fsPvfss,, i W w R 3 n PHoNE1f 4-4800 l a lesson in good business W VUA Ieaners- Laundry on, K X if Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Ragan, Tillinan J., 160, 165, 29 469 Ragland, Burl, 518, 528 Ragland, David E., 312. 465 Sattari, Ralchshandeh, 243 Rahhal, Alfred, 190. 192, 242, 395, 486 Rahhal, Don. 530 Rahhal, Frances. 69. 312, 395, 412 Rahhal, Frank. 242 Rahhal, Mary Helen. 395 Rahhal, S. A., 395 Rahhal, Mrs. S. A.. 242. 395 Rahhal, XVilliam XY.. 395 Rahman. Halcez. 214. 299 Railev, Patricia M., 306 Rainbolt, John Y., 352 Raines, Margaret A.. 221 Rains, Charles E., 344. 473 Rains, Martha K.. 299 Rains, Roger L.. 544 W Rains, Thomas H.. 299. 461 Raggysvater, Linda K.. 344, 424, Rakestraw. Ella K.. 463 Raleigh. Harry 206. 327, 448, 449 Raley, Tom. 145 Raley, Patricia L.. 507 Ralls, Robert M., 249. 299. 446 Ralston, Nelson. 351, 356 Ralya, Thomas C.. 540 Rambo, Charles B., 177 Rambo, Don. 353 Ramey, Edwin L.. 299. 454 Ramieu, Arthur, 272 Ramirez, Teresa. 312 494 Rucker, Carol, 299, 412 0, Regier, Sondra Sue, 507 Reichert, Mrs. Marral. 37 Rittenberg, Jane L., 344, 431, 501 Ritter, Robert Carl, 285 Ritz. Michael C., 257 Reitl, Carolyn L.. 155. 502 Reid, Joe P.. 312. 445 Reid, John R., 312, 461 Reid, Ronda G., 327, 416 Reid. Sara L., 513 Reigh, Jack D., 192 Reimers. Elizabeth A.. 299. 412 Rein auer, Jere L.. 327. 4F08 Reis. Robert R., 352, 353 Raising. Lynne, 312. 512 Reisner, Ann, 236, 260. 327, 404 Reiter, Susan G., 327 Reith. David 299, 490, 542 Ritzhaup. VVilliam R., 344, 481, 486, Rivero, 531 Rafael A., 313 Roach, Dale A., 160, 162, 174 Rolitglg, Lou Ann, 228, 289, 299, Roach. Loyal J., 234 Roadruck, Max. 165, 327. 524 Roan. Brenda K., 344, 509 Roark, Elvis JV., 344, 526 Roark, Ernest, 192, 530 Robb, George L., 345, 454, 523 Remmel. Frances K.. 299. 404 Rempel. Toni R., 344. 482, 533 Relnuntl, Carlene. 243 Renberg. Robert L.. 312. 474 Renclel. 11'illiam S., 165, 543 Renegar. Larry A.. 192 Renfro. Bob G.. 538 Renlroyy, Robert R.. 344, 453, 527 Rennie. David A., 177, 178, 185, 196 Reno, Vivian, 232 Rentzel. Thomas Lance, 122, 327, 413, 458 Repke, ellrey A., 188, 234 Reser, udith A., 512 Reser, homas G., 538 Resler, Elizabeth A., 71, 231, 236 490 Reynolds, Arnold R., 546 Robb, Michael A., 530 Robb, 1Varren A.. 207, 345, 445 Robberson, Leah L., 327, 490, 491, 493 Robbins. Carol, 248, 327, 408, Ramsey, David. 344. 454. 530 Ramsey, Gary D.. 461 Ramsey, Herschel, 216, 245, 344, 539 Randall, Donald E., 234 Randall Gardner, 204, 226 sobnobof, Bob c., 353 Randel,1Stephen B., 344, 450, 527 Randle, Rodger A., 192, 232, 54 Randol, Shirley J., 246, 512 Randolph, David, 301 Randolph, Ramona L., 228 Rankin, James R., 344, 521 Ranmar, Madelynne C., 327, 500 Ransford, Harold A., 233 Ransom, Jerry J., 327, 461 Rapo rt, Susan, 496 Rarici? 1. F., 356 Rashti, Janet, 491 Robinson, Julia A., 313 Raskin, Henry R.. 350, 351. 474 Ratclifle, Peggy A., 344, 423, 495 Rath. Winston D., 344 Ratlilf, Larry D., 192, 196, 344, 533 Rawlinson, Gary, 299, 477 Rawlinson, Ken, 121 Ray, Grace. 270 Ray, Jack R., 192. 344 Ray, John H.. 344, 445 Ray, Robert R.. 312, 543 Ray, Thomas L.. 542 Razook, Judith A.. 344. 412, 504 Razzano. Rcnzo, 344, 442 Rea, Dianna C., 327, 419 Reams, Lawrence B., 299. 436. 446 Reams, Tommy L., 256 Reber, Charles K.. 181. 196 Reber, .1111 K.. 344. 416. 502 Reber, Joseph M., 203. 205 Records, Susan F.. 327 Rector, Susan E., 327, 423 Reildgng, Charles R., 344, 445, 8 Reddy, Podditur N., 241 Redeker, Glen11, 192. 523 Recling, Janie B.. 327, 428, 458 Redman, Gary VV.. 353, 543 Redman, John C.. 344, 453 Redman, Robert H., 264 Redwine, Cooper N., 536. 542 Reece, Donna G.. 344, 416, 501 Reed, A. J.. 353 Reed, Carl A., 299, 438 Reed, Charles, 353, 545 Reed, Charles M., 192 Reed, Clyde A.. 545 Regd. Dianne. 327, 419, 516, 19 Reed, Donald R., 344. 438, 531 Reed, Jerry, 353 Reed, Judy A., 299 Reed, Marion G., 327, 411 Reed, Marsha L., 230, 507 Reed, Patricia A.. 327. 512 Reed, Paul VV.. 351. 356 Reed, Rebecca N.. 344. 416, 501 Reed, Roddie L.. 188. 321 Reed, Rodney P., 188. 327, 398 Reed, Ronald D.. 299. 518. 533 Reed, Trov. 239. 266. 272 Reeds, Robert VV.. 188 Rees, Frank VV.. 327. 470 Rees, Stephen M.. 344. 545 Reese, Andy C.. 231 Reese, Arthur B., 233 Reese, Donald L.. 264. 353 Reese, Jimmy T.. 119 Reese, Robert T.. 436 Reeves, Barbara A., 312 Reeves. Bill. 543 Reeves. George VV.. 312 Reeves, J11ditl1 A.. 344. 420. 503 Reeves, Kristin. 210. 256. 290, 428 Reid. Bob. 353 Reid. George. 237 Reeves. Jeanette. 344. 505 Reeves. Shirley I.. 344. 504 572 3 Reynolds, Flynn, 488 Reynolds, Huey D., 526 Keynolgs, Jay, 2995 42:4 1 s, 1111111 ., Rsiiiiglds, Rflrs. Jo Ann, 177, 200 Reynolds, Sally Ann, 327, 328, Reynolds, Sally S., 394, 404, 405 Reynolds, Sandra R., 344 Rhein, Peter S., 532 Rheinold. William J., 181, 184, 299, 482 Rhoades, Stephen W., 312, 466 Rhodes, Billie L., 327, 428 Rhodes, James VV., 312, 458 Rhodes, Jay, 299, 521 Rhodes, Julian B., 157, 188, 327 Rhodes, Margot A., 344, 416, 504 Rhodes, Russell, 161 Rhyne, Clark O., 542 Rice, David L., 236 Rice, Dennis E., 528 Rioo, Shay, 312, 443, 516 Rich DonM 344 481 526 Rich, Ronald b., 312, 481 Richards, Beverly H., 312, 416 Richards, Gordon, 299, 405. 458 Richards, Margaret A., 69, 260, 327 Richards Robert VV., 188 Richards: won, 255, 327, 477 Richardson, Eleanor, 344, 412, 511 440, 513 Robins, Jane Lewis, 327, 428 Robbins, Joan M., 228 Robins. Judy C., 109,313,416 Robbins, Linda, 216, 345, 513 Robbins, Robert R., 539 Roberts, Arthur, 188, 327, 462 Roberts, Bobbie, 503 Roberts, Don. 345. 535 Robfggts, Butch, 135, 137, 138, 1 Roberts, Charles D.. 345. 529 Roberts, Ellen L.. 345. 421 Roberts, Eugene V., 192, 194 Roberts, John, 345, 469 Roberts, John P., 192 Roberts, Mary S., 257, 345. 423, 507 Roberts, Robert, 75 Roberts, Ted, 352. 355 Roberts, Thomas D., 248. 272 Robertson, Carolvn A.. 345. 498 Robertson, Irma L., 345 Robertson, Michael A., 206 Robertson, Port, 121 Robertson, Tony, 327, 541 Roiwighaux, Jean R., 269, 299, 2 Robinson Bonner A. 507 Robinson: cbanos Rf, 192. 345 Robinson David A., 197. 327 Robinson, J. David. 188, 537 Robinson, Jack, 522 Robinson, J. R., 188 Robinson, James R.. 327. 401 Roixgifson, John, 252, 256, 299. Robinson, Michael A., 192. 257, 345, 534 Robinson. Nancy A., 105. 327. 408, 409 Robinson. Owen L., 266. 267 Robinson, Patrick L., 192, 345, 461 Robinson, Thomas E., 192. 345. 465 Rosenberg, Lloyd A., 192, 224, 327, 474 Rosenberg, Saralyn M., 327, 431 Rosenberg, Susan L., 156, 313, 408, 409 Rosenzweig, Sandra, 345, 408, 501 Rosewitz, John E., 194 Ross, Alan J., 345, 474 Ross, Barbara K., 500 Ross, Mrs. Betty, 177, 186 Ross, Don R.. 313 Ross, Ernest LeRoy, 237 Ross, John F., 188, 200, 327, 426 larylyn S., 491 Ross, Ross, Janie, 213, 313, 415 Rossi, Gayle A., 345, 419. 505 Rossiter, Bruce G., 188, 226 Rossman, Janet C., 86, 327, 419 Rothbaum, Julian, 31, 33 Rothlisberger, Carla R., 345, 415, 499 Rothrock. Robert R.. 313. 453 Rotman, Harvey A., 350, 352, 355 Rouland, Donald L.. 313 Rounds, Roger VV.. 521 Roush, Pene ope, 345, 495 Roush. Sherri G., 229, 327, 411 Rowe, Larry R., 299, 477 Rowe, Louise, 327, 423 Rowe, Mitchell, 263 Rowe R1ly'3ll R., 539 Roy, Mani. B., 214, 260 Roy, Timir B.. 214 Royds, ilames E., 268 Royse, andy D., 192, 345. 465 Rogfggon, Charyl J., 257, 345, Rozen, Ann E., 313, 431 Carol, 260. 313,408 Rozen, , Rubin, Harold, 188, 541 Ru4big1, Mary E., 264, 345, 431, 9 Rucker, Ralph VV., 236, 313, 453 Rucker Rosalind A., 299 Rudd, Nancy K., 495 Rudd, Ruth Ann, 313, 407 Rudin, Lawrence A., 327, 478 Rudrow, Janice L., 345, 504 Ruffin, Richard W.,'543 Ruggles, Mrs. Connie, 57 Rumney, Francie C., 507 Ramsey, Margaret A.. 345, 510 Rundell, Orvis H., 285, 465 Running, Jon R.. 122 Rupp, Sharon, 158, 500 Rusch, Peggy, 491 Rusch,CJane M., 327 Rush, lav C., 192 Rushing, ames F., 299 Rushton, im, 299, 462, 518, 546 Rusk, Billv VV.. 543 Sanders, Karen 299, 427 Sanders, Robert lvl., 299 Sanders, Sandy, 326 Sanders, Susan, 424 Sarggrsleld, Melvin, 122, 130, Sandlin, Malcom R., 176, 185, 196 Sands, Gene C., 345, 535 Sanger, Fenton, 429 Saninann, Betty A., 411 Sansing, Bill M., 248, 533 Santos, John J., 194 Sagtin, Michael A., 345, 446, 27 Salter, Abdus 214, 260 Satterwlnte, Houston, 149, 313, 457 Saul, 1Yilliam T., 481 Saucier, 1Valter J., 192, 345 Saul, Bill T. 188,328 Saul, Steven ls. 188, 328, 465 Saunders, Charles E., 192 Saunders, John VV., 345, 539 Saunders, ioseph B., 299, 477 Saunders. ee B., 188, 313. 445 Sanders, Pamela J., 210, 345, 505 Saunders, Ronald L., 521 Sansa, M ary V., 345, 498 Savage, Halsell, 192, 345, 481, 529 Savage, Judith A., 313, 513 Savage arry 355 Savage, Leonard H., 31 Savage, Philig L., 352 Sawvell, San y, 107, 313, 419 Sawyer, Sandra J., 299, 404 Sayles, Helen L., 313, 412 Sayles, Patricia A., 227, 260, 264, 345, 420, 497 Scalfetta Nicholas L., 188 Scaggs, Suzanne, 345, 411 Scalarone, Gene, 285 Scairggon, William A., 165, 313, Scarbrou h, Linda C., 345, 427 Scasny, Elizabeth A. 313, 494 Schader, Janice K., 345 Sclggzsfer, Al, 153, 192, 216, 345 Schaefer, J. A., 181 Schafer, Alan, 525 Schardein, Conrad, 527 Schear Ricki, 345, 431, 501 Schedel, Nancy A., 328 Schenck, Geor e L., 229 Schenck, Judigi A., 229 Schenker, Cecil E., 313, 474 Schlanger Barbara K., 299, 408 Robinson, Yvette. 229 Rolggon. Coleman, 305, 313. 478. Robison . John. 192. 327. 485 Robison, Lerence D.. 244. 299 Robison, Murray. 229 Robison. Phil. 313. 521 Robison . Reid E.. 192, 345. 481. 486. 530 Russell Christine E.. 263 Russell, David L.. 353 Russell, Don, 327 Russell Donald E.. 457 Russell Gene, 241 Russell, James, 532 Russell, Linda, 258. 491. 513 Russell, Riobna. iss. 327, 445 Russell, Steve, 520 Russo, Peter J., 327, 446 Rustin. William D., 352, 355 Ruth, Richard, 255 iiisiiiigiggj cli1il5e813l'3ii2521 ltiilgagrdglirg, Jeri'M., 327, 419, Riiilgllliglil RffllSll.L52512' 428 Richardson, Susan K., 344, 411, Riiligrdson, VVilliam T., 204, 299, 446 Richison, Curtis YV.. 192. 344, 466 Richmond, Larry V.. 192 Richter, VValter T., 192, 344 Rickard, Orlin B., 327, 454 Rickets, Carole A., 344, 424 Ricketts, Ronald N., 327, 481 Rickman, J11dith A., 344, 416, 504 Ricks, James M., 231 Robnett, Katherine G.. 511 Robson, Rachelle, 229, 345. 432. 433. 434 Rockett, Donald J., 447 Rodgers, Dewey H.. 177 Rodgers, Michael D., 192 Rodgers, Ricardo J., 353 Rodolph, Don. 188, 225, 327 Rodolph, 10 Dean, 491, 538 Rodolph, Linda F.. 345, 507 Rodriguez. Diana. 313 Riddle, loe D., 327 Riddle, Maribeth, 219. 327, 416 Riddle, Rosemary F., 299. 404 Riddle, Terry L.. 312. 461 Ridgley, George R.. 545 Ridgway, Lee S., 221, 344, 442, 528 Ridley, Terry A. 260, 344. 415 Riaiingbafof, Ralph D.. 522 Rite, Byron, 181, 189, 253, 299, s, oe, R382 I 242 Riggs, Thomas E., 236, 312, 453 Rigney, Thomas W., 528 Roe, James M.. 225 Roe, Jimmye K.. 499 Roe, Tom. 216. 534 Roe. VVil1iam D., 192, 257. 345, 477, 540 Rogers, Alberta Kav. 508 Rogers, Barty, 86. 327. 461 Rogers, Clint. 313. 480, 481 Rogers, Elizabeth Louise. 500 Rogers, Eugene W.. 161 Rogers, Janice L., 231, 260. 313, 415 Rogers, Michael H., 203, 207. 539, 544 Rogers, Sarah R.. 313. 404 Rogers, William D., 313. 454 Rogers, William M.. 543 Roggli, Pamela J.. 500 Rogul, Sheila R.. 256. 313. 516 Riklin. Farel Eileen, 327. 431 Riley, Danny L., 192, 539 Riley, Donna J.. 210, 344, 512 Riley, Mack. 142 Riley, Jack L.. 355 Riley, James E., 539 Riley lim. 521 Riley 1 Mack, 233. 299 Riley Peter M., 183, 268. 312, 469 Riley, Sharon A.. 344. 507 Ringer, Frank M., 192, 344. 482, 544 Ringrose. Bette F.. 216. 219. 271, 312. 404 Ringrose, Don. 215, 216. 520 Rios, Joe. 268 Rippeto. Lynn. 434 Rippy. Jack VV.. 353 Risenhoover. Jerry D.. 546 Risehoover. Terry. 327. 546 Riser, Patricia. 344. 411. 508 Rohrbaugh, Dr. Lawrence M.. 41 Roll. Jane, 243, 345, 499 Rollins. William W.. 313. 465 Rogzgr, David G., 192, 345, Romine. Mary J., 352 Romo. James A.. 188 Ronish, Sydney L.. 345. 420. 495 Rooker. Barry, 327, 524 Roospold. Ivo. 285 Rogieg Philip R., 192. 221. 345. 2 Rose, Carl M.. 313 Rose. Carlletta, 228, 327 Ro:gbDale G.. 192. 197. 327, Rose, Patti. 64 Rose, Ronald. 345. 524 Rose, Ronald M.. 474 Rose. Tony. 243. 541 Rogan. Hanelle. 345. 408. 501, 8 Rosen. Susan B.. 313. 419 Rutherford, David O., 154, 203, 299, 481 Rutherford, Rae L.. 156, 345, 420, 501 Rutterford, Claude. 251 Ryan, Bob, 149. 150 Ryan, Maggie. 499 Ryan, Rudolph E.. 258 Ruder, Nancy J., 109, 327, 419 Rylgrad, Chatlyne R., 313. 428, S Sabater, Sandy, 540 Sabater, Adrian L., 207 Sachen, Kenneth D.. 327. 542 Sadberry, John R., 181, 184, 299 Sadberry, Kenneth, 327, 458 Saddoris, Ellen A., 313. 420 Safaiyeh, Mansoor, 243 Salley, Judith A., 228, 327, 402, 403, 411. 443 Safron, Barbara, 327, 408 Sager, John O., 192. 541 Sager, Michael O.. 192. 545 Sailing, Patricia A.. 216. 506 Saksena. Vishnu. 241 Salahuddin. Syed V.. 214 Salas, William A.. 533 Salem, David, 529 Salikoll. Allen B.. 188. 525 Sayeb Frances, 241. 242. 327. 1 Salle, Franklin, 299, 441 Sallinger. Leanna D.. 345. 497 Sagmon, James A., 221. 313. 22 Salsman, Byron D., 327 Salter, Lewis. 14 Samara. Esber N.. 188, 328. 477 Samir. Shehab, 242 Sample, Preston, 313. 446 Sampson, Phillip J.. 203. 206 Sandefur. Tony. 542 Sanders. Betty S.. 313, 345. 420, 501 188. 328. 481 181. 184 Sanders, David H.. Sanders, Donald J.. Sanders, Edward C., 328. 469 Sanders. Gerald R., 192, 257. 345, 446. 530 Schlicht, udy, 313, 411 Schmidt, ddie, 520 Schmidt, Frederick J., 328, 485 Schmidt, Linda K., 345, 428, 409 Schmidt, Lowell B., 192 Schmidt, Nadine C., 509 Schmitt, Karl E., 192, 345, 540 Schmitt, Linda M., 328, 500 Schmitt, Lonnie J., 299, 466 Schneeberg, Edrie, 263 Schoenhals, Kathleen, 252, 328, 420, 452 Schoeppel. Roger J., 260 Scholem, Rita J., 107, 20s. 313, 408 Scholl, Sarah S. 299, 404 Schollenbarger, Betty J., 236, 260, 32s, 421 Schooley, Anita J., 503 Schrader, LaRue, 157, 345, 504 Schrader, Lorene, 242 Schreiber Timothy J., 188 Schreiner: Carl. 192, 345. 544 Schriever, Lucille W., 300 Schriner, Lynn A., 300, 450 Sclggimer, Nolan, 192, 345, 465, Schuber, Sami. 102, 328, 427 Schucart, Linda M., 328, 431 Schuette, Charles, 140, 150, 222 313, 462, 545 Schuhmacher, Julia, 285, 514 Schuler, Jim D., 540 Schultz, Luanne K., 345, 431, 507, 508 . Schuman, E. Michael, 188. 532 Schutte, Bruce, 328. 454 Schwartz, Schwartz, Schwartz, Schwartz, Eleanor D., 496 Herman, 328, 441 Norman J., 313. 441 Phillip, 353 Schwartz, Richard L., 300 Schwartz Richard S., 313. 474 Schweersi Carolyn L., 108. 313, 416 Schwend Pamela, 328, 423 Schwind: George R., 188 Schwoerke, Sharon, 300 Scott Allender O.. 540 Scott: David A.. 192, 546 Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott Dr. David W., 221 Edith, 19, 52 George R., 192, 534 Irvine D., 165 520 Scott: James R., 183.1 313. 438 Scott. Randolph E., 192, 345. Rissien, Michael YV.. 344. 478, 524 Rosenbaum. Robert A.. 436 Sanders. Gloria D.. 345. 507 465. 542 Scott, Shirley R., 252. 328. 427 Scott. VVilliam A., 181, 195. 300. 477 Scovill. Harold VV.. 181 Scribner. Beverly K.. 300 Scgiifger, James R., 345. 461. Scruggs. Donald. 232 Scrutchfield. Fred, 149 Seago, Robert VV.. 248 Sealy, Jerry L.. 300, 453 p , I "OUR BEST WISHES GO WITH THE MEN COV91' fO1' the . . . p AND WOMEN PREPARING FOR A CAREER IN PHARMACY" Congratulations to Graduates in 1963 Designed cmd Produced T By rox vurr umm Co. KINGSPORT PRESS INC. WIIULESIILE nnunulsrs WICHITA - OKLAHOMA CITY - PUEBLO KINGSPORT. TENN. ALBUQUERQUE E Serving A Growing University Community V Complete Student Banking Needs X! Drive In Banking at Peters and Comanche 0 o F F I c E R s f,-'ig..n ' - - -. ,, W. H. Patton ....... President i,,.w'f1f1I'