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J MIMEXEEM SIX " r T A O D= ooner iiiery year since 1892 the University oj Oklaiioma has zvelcomed eager yaiiiig minds to its canrpns to share with them the great storehouse of Inioii ' ledge implicit icitliiii an exceptional univer- sity. 7 he University of Oklahoma has long fostered the concept of inleUectiial advancement tlnough its progressive adnii)iistralion, learned faculty, ex- tejisive curricula and more than ample research facilities for practical and pure experimentation in the sciences and with ideas. And the u)iiversity is progressive — not unshing to be confined by customs and traditions of the past. No limitations have been placed to reduce or hinder the ever- increasing scope of services rchich the university offers its students. For here can be advanced the thorough, ivell-rou)ided enliglitenment considered so important in a changing world, rvith emphasis on social adaptedjility and interaction xcith the whole of society. Tltis is ivhat the U of O offers open and ivilling minds. TJiis is the heritage that is yours forever and long tnay you benefit from it. YEARBOOK of the UNIVERSITY of O K L A H O IVI A. Norman RAY C. HALL EDITOR A glimpse at the University of Oklahoma (luring its sixty-ninth year. Piihlished hv the Publieations Board ' Vohime 5S ' . ' sIikLiiIs llii h (il-(ij ■oIk ' kI urn (V s liiilx vn my; . ' I IiiiiI; luii I; diid i tiiniii i i . I Ins i r llic (iii lluil hiciii lil (lianij cs hclli jiIixskhI and idcolognal. I ' lcsnUiit Cross aiinoiiiK i tl ii h( ' iil iiiiUlini dollar fiiiid driiu lo inijiroji and add j ' hysical striirliirts and raise lanilly salari s. I ' tairs ?( ' (■ ■(■ r(Vialid for iiac fiiit arts and ni!:;in(trinii, ccnlrrs. II u ' tis llit year ' Bud for diiT " icas jxinihd en ill, Icolluill ft, Id hcjorc flu OSl 1: (1 nil . I Ik ' I irisl was the rage of eanipiis dane s. Rush red 1; nored)tre was rex ' ised. Freshman ears were banned and later nnhanned jor Ihi next jail. ' ilir National Student Association allianee met a eriisliiui de eat when students X ' oted . ' )- ( r 7iith- draual. I he v ' n j; oj the World teas an nnex- jieeled visitor lo the L ' nion j)atio. I Ik South ( ' ,awf)tis heeaine a {)art of the university. ' 1 he Man of Dislinetion eonlest xvas revix ' ed and gained iicre prestige and the turtles for HouKeoniing Big ' 1 iirtle Race eere stolen, .{fter we lost fn ' c con- secutive loothall games. Bud said Ik thought we could rein the luxt fix ' c — (CC did. A good year. I ' or the nadei a eaihooh senis ns a giajihn leand i a s hool ,ar. hringing back IIk fiast I xjit rK n( es. renejvnig hazy memories at whalrver tune he (hooses. ' I uruing through the pages of this SooiKi soiiK nia recall the four years of hard work and stud : I ' lhcrs uill he reminded of romantic i ntanghiniiits mid tin jiarliis oj tin glorious (ns. Still otluis •uill nnnniber the jriinds. iiimradis and (lei udinlanci s icitli whom contact has lueii lost. .1 yearbook is the diary of a student l od with individualized iiiterjirelalions l (dih ntidii. I In 1962 Sooinr Minhook has been jireJKnid ritli ou. the student, in mind. ' I he events and activities o the jiast can iicjcr be recajitund. but 7ee have attempted to make it possibl, through pictures and xeords. ' J his ycar.s Sooiur has undergone extensive changes lo bring you a rcpresenlalive opening section. ' I lie en- larged eature section helps rijlccl the actix ' ity, attitude and atmosphere o campus life. The entire luu k has a nexc bold and aggressive appearance. —RAY C. HALL rods ■t ' i ' i • ' ■ Studients always discover tliat they have somewhere to go and some- thing to do, whether it is chisses to frequent, meetings to attend, study- ing to be done or friends to meet. No day goes by that everyone does not pnss the Hhr; rv academic heart of the University, at least once. i 1 ■ 1 " ' ' a Ki ' B ,wtL-M -A. . 1 H ' Br — ' " " ■■ M ytMni MM S= -- - ■ [ jg " » " " " sH i f ' HM S E :i i v; LME iT ERAUDS THE " . 0 THE LIFE OF O. U. A NEW SCHOOL YEAR IKW uar Iji- ins .iiid inw sliidcnls ( omc .iiid llicir lirsl •jiaiil Mi| is ciirnll- riKMl. Kacli new irui hriiiKs lIiuiikcs Id sptcci lilt |)riKts.s. I»iil to old hands .11 iIk- game, it ' s still touch and go (lc|)ciidiiig on luck, skill in juKKlinjr limc slots and patience, sweet patience. To the freshmen. it " s one big world of hewilderinent. Candidates for degrees enroll first and get choice times and ()rofs. Lucky the underclassmen whose last names begin with Ba-Bao. for this year they were the first to run the gainitlct. I ' iducky. the Ar-. " s! They had to lake pol-lmk. f iil tlie eMniiiiiKnl lia e tiears and students soon feel eaiiiT .irili( ip.ilion loi anodiii sclici.j c.ii .md llir process is repealed again. After finally being admitted to the field house to obtain a packet, students must be counseled by their advisors, get their section cards in the Union ballroom, pay fees and have ID photos taken. With cards to fill out, advisors to see and buildings to find, 12,525 students slowly and unsurely wind their way through long lines which have become synonymous with enrollment. Each year is a different story in every student ' s life; enroll- ment is the first chapter. y©H D=DMAXE© l ' cV ?s;;:;: •■ PViwr 7 J- P rmMMmm m ,X©OT[EM[E T, [HAFFDD ■ y. The first sign of a new school year is the annual pilgrimage of Greeks returning to their houses to start work week and make their preparations for rush week with all its pleasures and head- aches. Creeks, realizing their groups are depend- ent solely upon their recruitment, made every special effort to get their houses in the best physical condition, their members informed on rush procedure and everything ready for Septem- ber 6, which was the first day of 1961 rush. At left, Sigma Chis work on their back lawn during work week, between intervening meetings held to review names of rushees and practices for rush week. Delta Gammas, above, conclude one of the 16 openhouses every sorority rushee attends. :sp ■ ■ . . DIRECTED V if ' lJ;-- mi BRING INFORMALITY TO RUSH liiisli wtfk IukI .1 m .illiliidf ol iiiloi null- ity lliis year as Irateriiities aiul sororities iom|)liecl witli a Uiiivtrsily coinniittee wliicli recommeiidecl diaiiges. Rush week l)iKaii VVcclnesday. Sepleinhcr G. and lasted lour days for men aiiti (i e lor women, iraternities pinned rililions on new pledges Siniday afternoon and followed up with itiory hancjiiets. Women ' s rush coiichided early Monday morning when sororil |)ledj!;cs were to have l)reakfast al llieir new houses: a delay in the tabulation of the hid list, however. pre ented this. ' I ' lie inimher ol pledges fell several hundred compared with I960. Fraternities pledged , ' )0() men while 481 women pledged themselves to sororities. There were no victory parties. Kvery spare niiiuilc ilurinn work week is spent studyin) name lists and making Icis l) C liiO ' s Joan Kershaw. .Janita John. I.inda Harniiion and rush chairman. Terry Martin «lio sn|)ervises. (lar il Z Ml)eInian listens as (iaroKn ' Parses talks Willi .mother iiieiiiher (hiring; an aflernoon party at the AKI ' liI house during Paiihellenic rush week. II Dr. Friedrich Kohlcr came as a visiting professor of chemistry on a Fulbright grant from Vienna Univeisity to research nonelettrotvpes. Dr. Yoshika .ii Sasaki, projed direitor of atmospheric research, was ciled by tlic Japanese Metenilonlcal Society before coming to the U.S. ©y[M[RD©y[Ly A® LUMINARIES each new school year, a number of new faculty lefcibers take their positions on the teaching staff. l£ iy of these new faculty members are authorities id research experts in their fields. The high caliber f faculty personnel has always carried with it a long standing tradition of pride at OU. This year Pres- ident Cross announced a new 5-year $20,000,000 fund Raising campaign which would make available |$8,750,000 for the endowment of 40 professorial rchairs, faculty research grants, visiting professorships and research specialists. Funds contributed in the campaign would supplement those appropriated by the state legislature. Successful completion of the plan will meet increased demands for an infinite variety of educational services. ■- ' SMUne - w I),. laii,i VI Im.i . iiniiuMl Kiiwlan pliilolouisl. is on leave from the I iil cisll of IlcMiiki where slie is a professor of Russian htiiKuaKC and hleraliire. She lilK ()r " s neeil for an expert in her (iekl. OiiK a lew c-olle es ollei inMi.Mii..,, ,,, |,,,|lil and Ol ' prnuilK «el- et)Mies !» great artists — Yvonne ( holeau and Miguel Tcrekhov. (IKde Davis teaches a eoiirsc in radio and television news as a special instructor in journalism. He is assistant news director of KWTV television station and a graduate of Ol ' in journalism. msme ji C. M. SlookeN. neulv appuiuled diie.lnr of llu- s. h.,..l of n.usic. came lo ihe camjius as former (hainiiaii of die IrMversilv of New Mexico school of nmsic anil is a uell knuun nmsiiiaii. 13 14 r y FIND NE A y AV OF LIFE lovni iMccting. I ' IinIiiikh lirini; new lines. ne a s. new ideas lo the i.iin|)iis. ' I ' lieir eagerness and eiuluisiasni l)rij!,iileii the licarls ol professors and enliven eainpus activities. They are a con.staiit source of ainiise- nient and amazeinenl lo uppcrchissinen. This year OU adinilled .3,128 freslimen to the main campus, an increase over last year of 386. Every freshman is enrolled in I nivcrsity College where he receives special attention, conliuuous ad isenicnt and a year of basic courses. Then the big decision, choice of a major, and they tackle the heart of the mailer as sophomores with a year of experience. 15 i crra AROUSED ON CAMPUS DURING SEASON Oir llir IhiiiIi i.iims |,l.ucr L ' d l cnlcr «ariif. Nolliiiii; l)riii s more joy or siidiuss lo iIk- lif.iris ol ()kl,i- lioiiuins tluHi ;i lootl)all vvcekirid. Iroiii iIr- (i|niiini; x liisilc ol (lie first name to tlie final y, ii in llu- se;isoii s liaditioiial liiiale witli OSL ' . Sooner s|)irils i Ise .iiid lall widi the score- board. A new year in athletics hrouKlil Hij; Red lace to face with Notre Dame and Army. Big Right stand-outs, ( ' olorado and Missouri, and to| -raiiked Texas. Nothing is nicer than slaiiglitering the Longhorns. hut this ear the steers stam- peded. 28-7. OU bounced back with new life to sa or ihc skinning of tlie Missouri Tigers. 14-6. and the winning ol the battle of West Point. 14-8. Season wrap-up — a slow start bill a luih uid finish lor ibc ((uiK-bark il llie eai ' . Atlcr iIk- :i.lMK- IS oxr I cud -73 , ,iii slill smile Bftk ' • - " " - mm- iESEARCH .n iii.iri K( li IS .1 iii.M u (ii(l .iiiil mil ip|n (llMlls. ( )ll llu I niMIMU 1 .llll|llls IKMlK lAllA (l - |i.iMmkiiI loiiiliuls usi.iltli |irc)|iils. hill | iicili.lliK llu- must s|Kil;n iilai .uc lliosc in (he siiiiililu fields, rill ' Kc ' scartli Iiislituti- ;iii(l Rcsciirtli Park (ni llu- iiiii ' tli ( iiM|)iis Mil e |)riil leiiis For i iisiiicss and iii- diisii . I ' Ik- lit.iiidr lahoralory ciali ' d i ' (|(ii| iiieiil Hams sliiderils in (lie field of inieleai " enj;ineerin};. In llie iiie(allurgical engineer- mi:; hil). stiiiieii(s ni,i Miik on a SJo iTinnenl projeel ,is |)ai( ol lluu iraiMiii , lor a gradiiale degree. I.cvciii Keis. uim is wcirkiim on a master ' s (Ic;;icc in iiiclal- luro. uses an apparaliis w inlMi liuc ln(lHi ' j,tM iiit Hals. Fecdiiin li({iii(l Tiiliiimii iiilo a storage dcwar is Loy A. liiutciM a( tlic Kcsiareli Institute ' s lab. II v. Kiadliimi operates Ol s iHickai icaclor win!.- Kobert ( K 1,1(11 peiicxiically eliceks ii cr llie operaliiirial iiKiliaiiisin. 19 NEW BUILDINGS Tlie new will blciiil willi llic old li j;i l- the caiiipus skyline a new look when buildings now planned are constructed. Still on the drawing board, but definite- ly scheduled for construction, are the fust units of both an engineering center anti a fine arts center. Botany and mi- crobiology will also have new buildings while additions are planned for business administration and architecture. OUs future skyline will also contain a new Stovall Museum which will join the new Oklahoma Center for Continuing Edu- cation at the south edge of the campus. Ol -s Hi;. Ral l(M,il,,,ll |, ' hk: : ::: I I I 1 1 ijiJriiiM riic ncu jdiiriKilisTii hiilldirii; was rcicniU iciiaimi CHiK-land ll.ill In llu- rrii frsll l i)ai(l i.f rc-eiKs Oklahoma Ciiilcr f.n ( uiillMiiiii:A K.l.uallcin pi.nulf, aiin lc opporltundt-s for f leiisi c adtill Ifarniiiji. Merrick Coini.iilcr lalM,ra(orN Is pari of R s(in li Park and liousrs iIk- ,Io I1..11U . ..nipiitlii.A liiains .,1 Ol . Rlzzell Memorial on iIk- Sciutli () al iianls ()l " s aiaclemics and stliolailv em irciiiriKjil. The entraiue to (lie Nciilli 0 al is one of llie iiiaiiv scenic landsiaiie lieaiilrf inn I ' lc Noiinan ( anipii-,. 22 ry T| ■I If li aiiLiii .iMii iliriii,H Hjs u-iTMlK ifiiiixlclcd .ukI t( [u i| ■riifiil »as jcldcd TRADITIONAL SCENES Places that stir memories for students and alumni alike are the familiar buildings that have become traditions on camj)us. The Administration build- in);:, ' he student I ' nion. the library and the arches nil ih( N.irih () .il — all are part of the nostalgia lor sliulciit da s. Main a former student has re- turned to wander down once familiar halls. ho|)inj; lo find that favorite professor in the .same ])lace as i)f old. But lime brings its changes. cw buildings and de|)artments move lo larger cjuarlers. New faces replace the old and familiar faces are found in new surroundings as .school life continues. alli ulUiBlkjhk 23 ' ' L. ' I Stiuleiits spend inaTiy liapin licmis it-l Ik ( 1 |.u,„I. " ' wvJi All oulslaiidliis landmark is die iiiodernislic (liiuld ilall which contains the school of neoUinv 24 ' .w 25 Gittinger Hall, located on the South Oval, is where OU students attend social science classes. It was named for long-time teacher and former dean, Roy S. Gittinger. A campus landmark is the University ' s " white house. " which stands at the corner of University boulevard and Boyd street. It is the home of President George L. Cross. . y 0 r1 ► S Tl i Law stuclciits attend class in stately Mon- nctt Hall on North Oval. Students call it the " law barn. " Dominating die North Oval is dignified Evans Hall. It houses administrative of- fices of the Limersitv. 27 Be they Sooners or Loiijrhorns. winners or losers, big day in Big D is climaxed by celebrating. Pi Lams and their dates forget the score and hold big " victory " dance. ' ON THE CAMPUS Skiis uikI shdws and special e eii(s. uloiig with iraditionul da s and dances, make up the social season every year for Sooner guys and dolls. From the Gate Center ISA mixer in September ic) (he All-University Sing for mothers in May, L cry week is spiced with something special. Homecoming was climaxed with an all-student dance in the Union while the traditional Ol ' - OSU game was capped with a big dance at- tended by both Cowboys and Sooners. All will remember the Engine Shou. D.icTs Day ijuartet loiitest and Sooner Scandals. Mways a stand- uul on campus were such parties as the Beta barn dance. Acacia Oriental ball. DG HMS Pinafore party and the Chi O ski party. Big names on cam| Ms social circuit were Bo Diddley .ukI J(ilinii ' riilleson. Vernier. ImI llif Ici liouse luinoiiiin lliilr . llene (iu . OU ' s Little Red. Danny Timnions of Norman, appears at pep rally and bonfire, along with Rnf-Neks and cheerleaders to stimidate Sooner spirit liefore Hoinet()niinyi jianie. 29 Jim Cole, Duncan senior, gets set for diffi- cult shot at the billiards table in the student union game room. It ' s a mighty cheer from Dianna Stevens, Bethany sophomore, as she reflects student spirit when Sooners get the ball. Virginia Johnson, at awards meet after Mor- tar Board walk-out, hears her name called as one of outstanding freshmen. Campusology: Working or Playing -- Students Make the Most Of What College Offers 30 Know what time it is? It ' s 10 a.m. any week day in the Union cafeteria. Time for roffcc. the Oklnhoma Daily and some fricndK diil-ilial »itli fellow students. Leisure time activities are plentiful arotuitl the campus. The only prohlem stucleiit.s have is fii itliiiK the titiie to enjoy them. But somehow, they manage a lew iiiiiuUes JKre and tlitrc for coffee breaks, trips to the corner, a j;aiiu ' of cards or a round of Koll. ()rj;ani cd acli ities include siuli aiuiual events as the Mortar Board walk-out. .AWS festival, Pe-ct jjowwow and the first all-school event of the year. UnioiioloK . Chihs. orgaiuzations and committees are always liaxini; meetings. Pat Cordon )lfce ill the Terraee room. HOMECOMING For the first time since 1952. OU held a Homecoming parade this year. Led by the OU band, 18 floats trailed through downtown Norman and the cam- pus. Kicking off Homecoming activities was the annual Phi Delta Theta turtle race, won again by Alpha Gamma Delta. During half-time ceremonies of the OU-Colorado game, Judy Prescott was crowned cjueen and two famous alums. Pinky Tomlin and football great Claude Reeds, were recognized. Following the game, floats were parked on lawns for all alums to see. Final touch was the big dance to the music of Johnny Tolleson. Carolyn Watson, Frederick senior, was Homecoming chairman. liicl.A iiikIu sees a feverish pitch in a soiUh taiupus biiiidi SaluKhivs Ihinieconiinj; parade lhr()Uj;li Norman. ady lloats for The object of OU ' s affection, Pinky Tomlin, appears as a special half-time jruest during the Homecoming game. Successful songwriter Tomlin is a former OU student. Norman residents as well as faculty and students turn out for the bin parade. AI ' " Phi " s " Where There ' s Smoke There ' s Fire " was a winner. Excitement of Homecoming climaxed at half-time ceremonies for Judy I ' resciitt when sin- was crowned queen. She poses with stunning gold trophy. 32 ii ¥L m It " s a real investment at the Alpha Phi Cianipus Chest Money Farm, Sherry Bowman. Sharon Spraker and Shciia Marlin ' ia . Connie Murray and Jack Gatewood lea e on a hiind date as social chairmen of Theta and Lambda Chi play the niatching s ame. 2- s |..r iIk 111 IC The GREEKS Make a Party of It A lioliduy. a good cause, jiisl an idea. Wliatever the reason, the Greeks make a celebration of it. Almost any occasion is good enough to prompt a spontaneous movement for extra sjjecial treatment. If the Campus Chest needs money for charity, why not a carnival and queen contest — all proceeds becoming donations. If racing is the new sport of knigs. the Phi Psi " s have the answer — an aiwuial tricycle race. For something e.xtra to entertain dads, sororities groom turtles for ainuial Phi Delt turtle race. . iid Sigma Chi Derby Day — well, everyone has f un. .And just so boy can meet girl, social chairmen come up with a lui|)|)y soiulion — blind dates. An ever-liicrcasiii(j iiilercst in Hoiiien ' s sports l)ri)unlit Te- resa Tlioiiias t " the " Phi I ' si -.0(t. " Pi Phi IriMlnphe.l. I ley. h)()k at me. " yells Kate PritiheU. " I ' m a real ' (limr KirC at the Sinma Chi I)eri y Dav. Would ou l)elic e it ' . ' " ' i ■r. Campaign workers try to sway ciecisioiis as students turn out for student senate elect POLITICAL ACTIVITIES A caticlidate. an issue and a vacant seat in tlie sttideiit senate. That ' s all that ' s needed for a rousing campaign. Posters and leaflets dot the campus, as ardent campaign workers collar friends with perstiasive arguments to vote for " my candidate. " Republican and Democratic parties have their equally active student groups which sponsor speeches by their party VIPs. A governor ' s race in ' 62 has prompted a visit to the campus by several state politicos. Two nationally recognized political figures came to the campus — Senator Robert S. Kerr, who spoke at a Research Institute banquet, and Norman Thomas, veteran Socialist presidential candidate, who was sponsored on campus by the Economics club. 36 % r « 1 i m i 1 Vv, ' ' ll 1 b mSpi f M i HMte 1 p k B " 1 Bj . J Hi ■ il i c (.1.11(1.1 kiiliiKMiuiKl i;rcils (:oM.AKssni.iii joliii Klimlcs. ,I .,m;i. Willi li.ili I..Rke. »lR-n Vmiim l{i-piil)lli mis pl.n t,, 1 1 . Dr. Maurice H. .Merrill, rcseartli profcssnr nf law. s|K ' aks on urMxl ' .;(i eriiiiitMt at ()l " s uMiiual Daniel letdire. V ncnuK-rat Fred Harris (,f l.aul.iii. Oklalicmia slate . ca.uliclate for speaks l„ tlie W m es , luli. Barber-shoppers all! Winning quartet from Methodist Student center and dads. ' « ' ' -U. fionnie gives mother, Mrs. George Newman, a helping hand. D AD ' S DAY M OM ' S DAY Every year in the fall OU honors dads and in the spring, it ' s mom ' s turn to receive the royal treatment. Planned activities for dads include a quartet contest, the Engine show plus open- houses, coffees and a football game. This year ' s quartet winners were the Chi O ' s and the Meth- odist Student center four, composed of Corky Butler, Jim Boren, Jim Bagby and Mike Mc- Danel. For mom ' s entertainment houses always compete in the All-University Sing and members of the Ducks club give their annual aquatic show. 38 I ( hi () iniarlfl — Cleiida Hamilton. Doris UNiiit. I). J. Dunkiii, Suzanne Miller. 40 MILc Slii-rrod. Mar Ann I ' licli anil Jim White willi Diinnic and (liurlic al Dell ' s annual " Little (iuy " Clirisliiiai party. The cotiilio i;ivcs out «itli music Ixitli sHcet and " twisty " at the annual ISA ( liiislmas (lanie in llic I nion hailroom. THE CHRISTMAS TIME OF YEAR Siudeiits agree the happiest time of year is the Christmas season and along w itli it. Christmas acation. The sea- son on the campus is filled with activ- ities. Fraternities and sororities have ])arties for orphans: indei)cndeiit houses make up Christmas baskets for the needy and practically every group lias a ])arlv. Iliglilight of the season is the annual " I laiiging of the Greens " ' gi en by women of Cate Center. Ruth Sherwood was named Spirit of Christ- mas and Nancy Davis portrayed Queen of Misrule. Orchesis and ' 1 cr|)sichore. dance groups, presented the moving interpretation of " Juggler ol Notre Dame. " One of the big dances was IS.A ' s cainptis-wide mixer. MariKii Uincks. Stevie Thompson and (ilorv Hopkins in Cate Center ' s traditional hiili(iav pronrani. " I Liiisinj; of the fJreens. " Leslie Sternhersjer as the junwler dances before .Madonna. Sally Sue . llnion. in Orchesis " " Juggler of Notre Dame. " 41 PARTIES Parties — the magic word of fun and laughter — which blot out the many late study hours with a blast of music, happy faces and constant noise. Busy weekends crammed v ith parties and more parties are an important part of campus life. Traditional festivities — Kappa Sigma New Year in November and the Alpha Gamma Delta Moun- tain party — are the highlight of many a Friday and Saturday night. A fun-filled event for every mood blends the lighter side of college with an air of friendship and belonging. Jerry Harris and Cookie White and friends enjoy themselves at the PiKA barbecue of a Friday after- noon. A real dreamy dance kicked off so- cial activities in September when ISA sponsored campus mixer. Todis Brett. Julia Baird. Mike Martin and John Egnew wave bye as S.AE train party takes off. They ' re happy people at the Delt formal — Hoyt Andres. Susan Ham- by, Sue Stoneman and Berry Miller. 42 jjp t ' J -, Ui ■ ' HiSE fl 1 Beauty contests are as perennial on campus as football. Every girls wants to be a queen and every house wants a candidate. Competition is stiff for a title. Take your pick — Miss OU, Indian Princess. Homecoming Queen, Yearbook Beauty, Engi- neer ' s Queen. Miss Campus Chest, ISA Sweetheart, Miss Scherazade. Honorary Cadet Colonel, Ruf-Nek Queen. Coeds flock to enter one of the many contests, while the male col- legian schemes for the best honor of all — beauty judge! MeUiiiie Pur ear. Ijeaulv coiitestaiitl BEAUTV ©OP T A yearbook beauty taiididale ponders a (|uestion as (be Soonkk beauty selection connniltcc awaits her answer. Ihc KMiuiuUee. com posed of Mike Sherrod, Keith Smith, Linda Frensley and Kay Hall, visited 16 sororities and 24 dormitories and intei viewed 232 girl: 44 What a s;irl will v.y tlucmuli to U- bciiilifiill Sissy Phillips is tiyins every trick. Marsha Irby, Air Force Honorary toloiiel and ninners-up in the contest. Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. Linda Mole, cluils uil Phi sweetheart Kay Lynn Fellers. Hollywood movie star John Gavin imparted a knowledge of drama and Latin America. Jolin Belt portrays the poet in the University Playhouse production of " Kismet. " ssv GUESTS: They Add the Variety That Spices Program of Student Entertainment Mr !!i vS ■ j S fe % 1 1 I OoiiKrcssman John Jarnian ac- companies Dr. Ed ' in L. Kal .cn- l acli, Jr.. on a tour of adult iducalion facilities. pci forniancc of " Happ Time " ullli Mn.llcv Vcl)l). I.ONai Roach. Don I ' rccman and C. Nolle Vt - (lanahan in major roles. Diiriiij!; ever) school year a ariety of guests i)ass by the campus. Some stop to entertain: some come to impart tlieir knowledge: some stop to visit while in town. Warm welcomes v ere gi en to such entertainers this year as .Agnes Moorehead. Carlos Montoya. the Four Freshmen, Pete Fountain and Philip Entreinont. Round- ing out entertainment for the student body were productions by OU " s own drama stu- dent.s. " Kismet " played to a |)acked house and students talked of nothing else but the fabulous costuming for weeks. Hand- some actor John Gavin dropped by the campus and was greeted very warmly by every coed. Sean O ' Faolian. Irish ])lay- wright. talked seriously with prospective writers. Dr. William C. Katsenbach. Jr., from the defense department toured the Center for ( ' ontinuing Kducalioii. Famed cellist. Ciarlos Monloxa. charms andienie in deli ' htful ])erformance. Irish p!ay»ri(;ht. Sean OTaolian. gives tips to prospective writers during a visit. 47 Coffee-break in the Union finds students from India, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Pakistan, Iran and the United States getting to know each other better. International Students Representing 45 different countries, foreign students add charm, ideas, customs and food to the OU campus. Through Gene Russell, coordinator of activities for foreign students, these men and women become active in cam- pus life as well as being diligent students. The International club, Arab club and Iran- ian Student society hold regular meetings and parties. Norman residents participate in a program in which foreign students are in- vited to the American home. Through this program, the students witness Americans re- laxing at backyard barbecues and traditional holiday customs and dinners. The foreign students on campus are working for a goal of international understanding and peace, along with their personal goals of furthering their educations to unitedly build a bigger and better world for all peoples. Ill SiMik kini. siiiior in iounialiMii. plans .1 r.iKvi III jiiiiMialiMii ill lici iialiM ' lioinc, Scdiil. Korea; lier father is a puhlislier. Foreign stiulciiLs in native costunics reprcscntini; points from Honn Konj; to Kenya get together for an Inii iri.iiinii.ii At the hoMR- of Mr. and Mrs. l Mor.iui. In.iinr, sliuknls oijox . Christinas meal, tluesls were . l Hong Sioe. jini C hang. Mrs. Uel James anti William Mok. In the backgronnd is Morain. .Addressing (Christmas cards to friends and relatives in Caracas arc Josephina and Tiolilio Aray. sindent in engineering, Ara brought his bride to the campirs last faM. After a tougli day in the classroom, students are satisfied to put up their feet, settle back and relax. It ' s strange, but it punctuates the day. TUOED Te Find ways Katie Witherspoon and Rosemary Kiles have found a solution to the parking pi to Spend Leisure Time What to do with all that extra time after classes? For the imaginative students, no problem! Shopping at the corner, a coke in the Terrace room, or lor those more inclined to danger, wading at the ri fi- l)i)tlom. trying to miss the broken glass and cans. Romanticists prefer the grassy site of the old golf course and the sunken gardens, located on the south oval. Sports enthusiasts enjoy tennis, golf, bowling, a bicycle ride, and if you happen to be a Sigma . u. horse-back riding. And for the most enjoyable of all rela.xing habits — sleep! You can always sack out in your room, doze during the movie, sleep in the e er- class is the most elfcctive and ihc most cnjowiblc. Uiiidow-wisliiiiK is a good way to pass a slow afternoon. Nancy Grant and Dena Sureck admire displays in a campus window while shopping. Well, they didn ' t have anything else to do. so Fran Norman and IJess Meek decided to go wading at the river-botlom during mid-winter. 51 f liiil and Susan Sliau Walker lake a j;reat delight in llie antics (if their ciimik son. 52 Keeping an c e nn what ' s cnciking in the kitiheii is jess Mitihell. and Mary doesn ' t secni to niiiul a hit. Mel Meyers doesn ' t appreciate siillieienlly the roast duik which spouse Tanya had cut classes to jirepare especially for him. wA . Married Students — r.ikin ' llu- slt|) iijMiKfs (|inli- ;i cluiiigc lor tlic a crugc stiultiil on campus. Iksidfs stiitlics. llicy tunc lioincs and often lainilics 111 CMC Inr. ' riicir li cs arc lini lliinii;li. niaiiiU liccatMc llic lia c caili other. 1 umtlicr tlic work. stiuK. laiijili. Mirr and plan lor tlic Inline years. l)i. k .,,1,1 k.,v W.ILliis admire the purcliascs 1 |i.iit uImi will lie arri ln); there 50011. le (01 a tertain special Ah. the roiiiance of il,t I ,,.(|s,,,i n,.,rrie(l life! Now let ' s see. who ' s turn to carr out the Hash. .Nctlra ' s or John ' s? 53 And then there ' re more parties! Adding the western tourjj, to the campus are the Betas and the Sigma Chis. They don their cowboy shirts, saddle their broncs, and it ' s off to the old west. Everybody goes native for the Fiji Island party. Grass shacks, grass skirts — grass everything! Paying homage then to our Arkansas neighbors, the Dekes entertain with a Sadie Hawkins party. MORE PARTIES Sigma Chis and dates at the Sigma Chi Western party take a few minutes to watch the band, or maybe there wasn ' t room to dance. ' ([■m lilll (..iMiMr. IikK N. ' Isom mh l).l l(l I{.ikI;iiiiI ln llir ' ImmIh. ' .is ImoiIk ' I I ' Ili (..iiiis .iikI (laics ,.l. Ii .i( iIk ' I iji IsI.i.kI | .lrl . VouVl never know they were t );;clher at (he Hela Harn claiue if Jim Sparks aiul dak- liadn ' l worn slea l sliirls and paniu.l panls. Ri l crt L. Marshall and Mary Willi- hrand chat with their dates. Kevin Anderson, and Cieorge Wealwr. at the Dcke Sadie Hawkins party. 55 , . m ' Vi ' ; : I t ;kv ' « CONTENTS Chapter One Administration 58 Chapter Two Athletics 94 Chapter Three Publications _ 138 Chapter Four Beauties and Personalities 150 Chapter Five Amicd Forces 174 Chapter Six Medicine and Nursing 226 Chapter Seven Greeks _: -262 Chapter Eight Domiitories _ 350 Chapter Nine Classes 408 Chapter Ten Organizations .486 Chapter Eleven Advertising . . .._. .552 1 ■ H 1 I H H Wm 1 ■ g - j i fl W ' W.- 1 H iS l u CHAPTER 1 Go cnior Eclniondsoii 61 University Board of Regents 62 State Regents 63 President Cross 64 Vice-Presidents 66 Deans 69 Extension Di isioii 82 Alumni Association 84 Research Institute 86 Olvlahouia Memorial Union 88 Union Activities 90 58 m ii M nrzi r U U v 1 59 60 Governor J. Howard Edmondson Guides State Growth 1 congratulate yuu on another year in your pursuit of education and I hope thai it has been even more profit- able than those before. Wc, on Oklahoma ' s official sidff, j» never before, strive to offer you the facilities, instructors and circumstances under which yuu can obtain the finest education offered in these United States. Wl- are proud of the tremendous uccumplishments of CMa- homana who serve their professions and in their chosen fields with excellence around the world and we look forward to the time when each of you will be contributing more to America and to the world because yuu had available the facilities of The University of Oklahoma. Sincorely, i 4MjJ Qiux4x ' iAAiA Saiidic Davis. I ' aiilKllciiu prcsitlent. (ioM-rnoi KdnioiKisoi and Satn Rradshau. (V-et president, dnrinc half-time. (ioii ratiilatifins all amund followed the siji;iiinj; of die Okla- lumia " Police Acadenn " i)ill by Governor Kdmondson. Looking on are the to-authors and sponsors State Senator Robert L. Bailey. Mike McGrew, president of the Sheriff and Peace Officers association, and State House members Ken Povner an I Leland Wolf. Eph Monroe, Clinton Dk. Mark Johnson, Oklahoma Cily University Board of Regents The Board of Regents of the Unl ersity of Oklahoma represents the pubHc in all matters concerninj:!; the development of the Uni ersity. The government of the University is ested in the hoard of se en members appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the state senate. Officers of the regents this year were Leonard H. Savage, Oklahoma City, president; Dave Morgan, Blackwell, vice-president, and Emil R. Kraettii, Norman, who is secretary of the board and secretary of the University. Newest member of the board was James G. Davidson, Tidsa, who was appointed to succeed T. R. Benedum, Norman. Other members of the board are Glenn Northciitt, Willis; Julian Rothbaum, Tulsa; Eph Monroe, Glinton, and Dr. Mark Johnson. Oklahoma Gity. Members are appointed for a se en-year term except when one is appointed to fill an unexpired term. The regents appoint the president of the University. On his recom- mendations, they appoint faculty and staff members and fix their salaries. With the appro al of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, the OU board approves changes in requirements for admission and gradu- ation, degrees offered, and the fees and expenses. The regents contribute their time, efforts and talents beyond measure. Jamks G. Davidson, Tulsa Emil R. Kraettli, Norman 62 state Regents For Higher Education Oklahoma State Rtf eiUs for Hi ;licr Education serves as a supervisory and fund-alloc atuij; hoard for universities, colleges and junior colleg;es which .lie supported wholly or in part h stale appropri- .ilions. The state rej;ents include nine Oklahonians ap- pointed hy the governor and conlirmed hy the slate senate. Chairman of the state regents this year was Rohert Allee. Haninion. Newest memhers were Mrs. S. F. Ditniars. Mus- kogee, who succeeds VV. D. Little. Ada. and N. B. Musselnian. Shawnee, who fills the unexpired term of Dr. Claude S. (!hanii)ers. Seminole. Other state regents are Keimelh T. (iallagher. Stillwater: CJuy Harris. Ardmore: ' iiarton Ma- thics. Clayton: G. Ellis Gahle. Tulsa: John Vater. Jr.. Enid, and R. L. Crowder, Jr.. Tonkawa. Dr. E. T. Dunla]!. Oklahoma City, is chancellor and T. G. Sexton, Oklahoma City is administrative assistant. The state regents supervise 18 institu- tions. RoBKRT Allef., Hainnioii Kl NNFTIl T. r.AI.IACIIKR. Still " atpr )IIN I. M I K. I ' .rild (;. Ei.Lis (iABLr. Tills Dr. K. T. DiM.M-. Oklahoma ( il T. (;. Skxton. Oklalioma Cily 63 President George I. Cross Steers Expansion Era THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA NORMAN ■ OKLAHOMA Dear Students: We are about to complete another year of work and study at the University of Oklahoma. I hope that it has been one of the happiest and most satisfying periods of your life. The the stude , and OBt important part of our University is t body. Among your classmates are young men from most of the 50 states and many foreign countries. Each of you has an important goal: to make the most of your life. The primary purpose of every administrator and professor on the campus is to help you achieve that goal. To the undergraduates I extend my wishes for continued success in your academic work. To the graduating seniors and graduate students I offer my warmest personal congratulatio follow your progress with interest. If w any assistance to you in the future, plea hesitate to call on us. We will may be of Charming hostess, Mrs. (icorye L. (.loss. wtth guests. Mr :ind Mrs. Kenneth S. Adams, and Picsidcnt Cross. The president meets with OU regents: Glenn Norlhcutt. Eph Monroe, Leonard Savage. President Cross. Julian Uothbauni, Dr. Mark R. Johnson, James G. Davidson and Emil R. Kraettli. 64 ' I ' I L ' ' - yV- • ; ' K ' W: Dr. Pete Kyle McCarter Dr. McCarter came lo the University as the vice president and professor of English in 1953. He is in charge of the gen- eral administration of instructional colleges, schools and de- partments, and otiier academic o ffices and agencies. He acts for OU " s president in his ai)sence. He authored a texthook, Complete College Compositiou. McCarter came to OU from the University of Mississij pi. 66 Dr. Lloyd E. Swearin en Dr. Swcaiiiii cii Iittaiiic the l ' ni CTsit ' s icc-|)risi{|(.iil lor research and cle el()pineiit in 1953. He is respoiisiltle for the general adniinistration of tiie Uni ersitys " research |)ro};;rams. deals widi external sources of siip])ort for research and the planiiinn;. de eloj)nient. use and maintenance of the physiial plant. Swearinircn. who came to OL ' in 1923. also holds the title of professor of chemistry. 67 Dr. Horace B. Brown Dr. Brown was named University ice-president for business and finance in 1960. He also holds the titles of dean of the college of business administration and professor of marketing. He is responsible for keeping and developing University budgets, for the general administration of fiscal affairs, busi- ness and internal ser ice agencies and the cle elopment of financial policies. 68 . |)|) )iii(riRiil ol l)i. Arlliiir II. Dmii- as dean 1)1 (ill- (iiaciiiati- (l( ll .;j,c- hicaint- li ' i ' cctivc jiiK I. I9()l. Doirr also as pioiiiolccl to |)r()ftss()i of }ifo}Via|)liy. IK- iuul hccii associate dtaii of tlic Giaclualf (.ollcf c since September. 1900. Doeri succeeded Dr. Lloyd E. S eariiij!;eii wlio is die lliii crsity " s ice-piesideiit for leseaicii and de- velo|)iiieiit. The new dean came to tiie campus in 1.951 as assistant professor of jfeoj;;rapIiy. iia injr tausl ' l at tlie I ' liixersily of Indiana and iN ' ortiiwestern UniNersity. Diirinji; the 19.58-59 sciiooi year. Doerr taiijiht ;e()jiraphy coiuses at tlie University oi the I ' iiilippines where he was a Fidhrij ht i)rol ' essor. He traveled widely in the Philippine islands do- ing research on use of tropical land. In 1950 he had conducted a similar study in Puerto Rico for the Puerto Rican agriculture department. Doerr received his B. from Southern Illinois University, the MA from the University of Indiana and the PhD from Northwestern I ' niversity. He saw service in World War II as an army air corps officer in llie diina-Burma-India theater. He is the co-aulli(ir of I ' riiiciplcs of Gcvgra )}iy. Di.M, .,( llic (.Liiliiule ColltKe. Dr. . rtlmr 11. Dmir larne to tlif tainpus iii 19.31 as assisiant professor of neonrapln. He holds a Pli.I). from Northwestern. Dean of the Graduate College The l)ean-s meets. Donald K. Childress. I.l.nd K. S»carl.i-cn. Kalpli W. Clark. Clllford C a en. Mrs. Laurie Leach. Pete Kvle MeCarter. William E. Llveze . Thnrman White, (deiui C. Com h. Iloraic H. Hroun, .Vrthiir 1. Mi nall . Earl .Siieed and F. Donald Clark. 69 Dr. Glenn C. C.oucli. dean of tlie University Col- lege and professor of plant sciences, is an Okla- homa nati e who first ])ecame acquainted with the University of Ol lahoina as an undergraduate in 1927. He holds fiis l)achelor " s and master ' s degrees from OU and his doctor ' s degree from Ohio State University. As Uni ersity College dean, a position he fias oc- cupied for 17 years. Couch is primarily interested in guidance of students dining their freshman year on the campus. Couch ' s special field is ecology, the study of plants in relation to their enviroimient. He has written numerous articles on it for scien- tific journals. Couch holds membership in many professional and honorary organizations, including the Ameri- can Association for the Advancement of Science, Botany Society of America, Oklahoma Academy of Science, Sigma Xi, scientific research society; Phi Beta Kappa, American Society of Plant Taxo- nomists and the Phycological Society of the Ameri- cas. He is listed in Who ' s Wlio in AiuctKa and Who ' s Who in American Education. Every freshman knows Dr. Glenn C. Cinicli, clean of University College, who has spent 17 years ad- vising and assisting new students at OU. Dean of University College Dr. Stanley K. Coi iman. Jk. Assistant Dean Ai. .iNi.l slnillfr-b.lK, Dr. CIci few larulid sIkiIs outside liurli |,.,ss In .-rircuk- li) .lass. C. C.u.l, snaps a an Hall as slnderils Dr. William I ' .. I.l c .cy. ikaii ol ilii ( (illi;j,c nl Alls anil SiKiicis I( |- (lie- las( i-ij:;lil c.iis. has In- ii on llic- ( )r laciiIlN since I9. ' 37 wlicii lie a i riaincd assislanl pro lessor ol liistory. He hi ' came a lull professor ni 1950. He received Ills docloi ' s clej ree in history from Oiiio Slate I ' nnerslty. He earned a s|)ecial stiitly award In modern |)olltkal theory from the Fund lor die . d .iiu eiiieiii of Kdiiiatloii In 19. ' ' . I . lie IS the aiillioi ol Mdliaii tni Sai I ' ciiii and 7 ic I ' hiltplniufi (iiul lIu i ' liildl Sl(il(S. both piih- hshed l) ' I ' lilxersity of Oklahoma Press. ' Fhe for- mer hook Is about CajJt. Alfred T. Malum. 11. S.N. . wild ll ed from 1849 to 1914, and is described as the classical exponent of na al stratej y and tactics. For it. Lhezey won ih; ,)olm II. Dunninj; ' prize lor " research acturacy antl orij;inallty . . . also I leaiiiess of expression, loj ical arran};emenl and j eneral excellence of style. " I lis other book has also been widely acclaimed. Lisezey is a member of Phi Beta K.a|)pa. the American Historical Association, the Mississl|)pi ' alley Historical Association and the alional (Geographic Society. Also a professor of lilstoiN. Dean Willlan, E. LiMzey caiMi- to Ol ' in I9;J7. He is the author of the a« ' ard-w inning bouk, Malinn on Sen I ' nwfr. Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Du lollN (i. K.KIksl N Associate Dean AUlioiiiili he ' s been dean of the Collenc of Arts and Siientcs for the last eijsht cars. Dr. Li»eic still enjoys teachinij: a history class. 71 Dr. Horace B. Brown, dean ol the (lollege of Business Adminislration at OU, is a man of many titles. He came liere as dean and a professor of marketing in August. 1949. Brown was named ice-resident for business and finance in Febru- ary, 1960. He is a former president of the Ameri- can Association of C ' ollegiate Schools of Business and of the National Clouncil on Professional Edu- cation for Business. He is listed in Who ' s WIio i)i America. Who ' s Who in Commerce and Industry, WIio ' s WJio in American Education. Intenmtional Who ' s Wlio and American Men oj Science, the Social Sciences. Dining a leave of absence in 1955-56, Brov n was a visiting professor of business administration at Harvard Uni ' ersity. While there, he was ap- pointed consultant on recruiting and training for the Controller General of the United States, a responsibility he still holds. Brown came here from the University of Missis- sippi in 1949. He had been there during 1932-49. Brown has written numerous reports, articles and reviews in business and professional publications. r ,A J ' X Dean of the College of Business .Administration, Dr. Horace B. Brown is also a vice-president in charge of administration of fiscal affairs. Dean of the College of Business Administration HihkI pipe lul|» Diun liriiwM rilii during an ;u livr linsiness da Dr. jaiiRS (i. Harlow, tliaii ol tin- Ol (lollij c of I ' xlucatioii, is executivf vicc-prcsidcnl of the Frontiers of Science Foiindalioii of Oklal ioina, Inc. Horn and reared in Oklalionia City. Harlow holds the H. and the MS des rces with majors in phvsiis and minors in inathemalics from ()U and a I ' hl) dej ree in education from the I iiivcrsily of (Ihicaj o. His honorary society memhersiups nu hide I ' lii Hela K.a|)i)a. Sij ma Pi Sijiina. Kap|)a Delta I ' i and I ' lii Delta Ivappa. Harlow ' s piihlic school teaching experience was j;aiiicd in the schools of Hohart, Seminole and Oklahoma City. His University teachiiift- positions have been instructor and as- sistant professor of physics at OH, associate profes- sor of education at the University of Chicago and tduiation professor at OU. Harlow " s administrative positions at OU have included the directorship of the High School Sci- ence service, the associate deanship of the Uni- versity College and the deanship of the College of Arts and Sciences. He ser ed in the United States Navy during World War II. Harlovv " s pub- lication list includes more than 30 papers on edu- cation and administration. Traiiiiiij; in pli sits and mathematus lias Ifd Dr. James G. Harlow, dean i)f tlie (iollcse of Education, into fields of science as well as (■(iLiiation. Dean of the College of Education KIO, ])K. (). I). JnllNs . ssislanl Dean Db. Cl.vii e Kei.i.ev . ssistant Dean for another sju-akin ' enKagemcnt. 73 Dr. William H. Carson has held the position of clean of the OU College of Engineering for 25 years. In 1937, Carson replaced the original dean of the OU college, Dr. J. H. Felgar, who had held the position since 1909. Since his appointment, Carson has been a leader in the southwest in the development of engineering educational programs. Carson, who has been at OU since 1925, initiated the Sooner Shamrock, official publication of the engineering college. He is listed in International Who ' s Who, Who ' s Who in America, Who ' s Who in Engineering in America, Leaders in Education and Oil ' s Blue Book. He is a member of several honorary and professional organizations including Tau Beta Pi and Sigma Tau, national honorary engineering fraternities. Carson has been a special consultant for proj- ects by private industry and the federal govern- ment. He serves as chairman of the engineering committee of the Interstate Oil Compact commis- sion and is director of the Southwestern Gas Mea- surement short course held at OU for the past 34 years. . :-— • Dr. William H. Carson, dean of the College of Engineering, is a " dean " among deans, having been head of the engineering college 25 years. Dean of the College of Engineering Dr. C. M. Sliepcevich Associate Dean paper wii a colicgf rf(|uirt ' Dr. Carson. Ills ;i ,s Mrs. Dorolln CI; a great deal of isistanl iti adniin- F. Donald (ilark was a| |)i intt.(l dean of tlic Ol College of Fine Arts in Jnly 19()1. He liad Iriii attinjj dean of tht collcj c since Octohcr 1959. He spcailaaded Ol ' " s first cultural festival. " Foius on Fine Arts C lark came to Ol ' as an assistant professor ol radio in 1946. In addition to i)einj; ' director for tlie Aniarillo Little ' Flieatre from 1941 to I94(). Clark was a newscaster and news director for Aniarillo radio stations. N liile a member of the OU drama school faciil- t . lie directed numerous Playhouse productions and ser ed as faculty director of 10 editions of the Sooner Scandals, annual student variety sho ' . In 1948 he was named regional vice president of Alpha Epsilon Rho. honorary radio fraternity, and in 1959 was appointed a member of the OV facul- ty senate. Clark w as an actor w ith the Globe Thea- tre company in Dallas. He also was an instructor of s[)eech and drama at Kansas State Teachers College, director of speech activities at Parsons Junior College and head of the speech and drama department at Amanllo College. Uean of the College of Fine -Vrts, F. Donald Clark brings to OU his knowledge in fields of ailiiiv;. (lircitiiig. radio news and speech. Dean of the College of Fine Arts Mary Evelyn West, assistant to the dean, and Dean Clark sign the register in the Art Museum before viewing the Jacobson exhibit. 75 The year 1961 was a big one for Dr. Earl Sneed, dean of the OU College of Law. Sneed received die degree of doctor of the science of law from Columbia University and was elected mayor of the city of r orman ckiring 1961. He came to OU in 1945 and was named dean in June. 1950. Sneed is faculty representative to the Big Eight athletic conference and National Collegiate Athletic Association and a memljer of the NCAA council. He is past president of the Cleveland County Bar Association and a member of the American and Oklahoma Bar Associations, Phi Beta Kappa scliolastic organization, Plii Delta Phi legal fraternity and The Order of the Coif, honorary law organization. Sneed received his BA and LLB from OU and his LLM from Columljia. He served in the Air Force during World War II and is now a colonel in the reserve. SneecPs professional experience in- cluded serving as an associate in the law firm of Monnet and Savage in Tulsa during 1937-39 and as a partner in tlie firm of Biddison and Sneed in Tulsa in 1939-40. He was with the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce in 1940-41. Maintaining an active interest in sports, Dr. Earl Sneed, dean of the College of Law, represents OU in both Big Eight and NCAA organizations. Dean of the College of law Even law students must prepare for the space age. Dean Sneed and Mortimer D. Schwartz, law li- brarian, look over the new collection on space law. Dr. Mark R. KxcrttI is dinitor ol ' llii Cctilcr. clean ot llic Stliool of Medicine and (lie chairman of tlic clc|)arlmc ' nt of hiocheniistry. A incinl)cr of tlic faculty since 1924. he receixecl the dejjree of bachelor of science in cheniical enj ineer- injj from BiKknell University and a PhD cleji;ree in medical sciences (hiochemislry ) from Ilar ard lhii ersity. He was a leaciiinj;- fellow at Harvard l ' ni ersity Medical school from 1921 to 1924 when he wa:; named chairman of the Ol ' department of bio- chemistry and pharmacology. Everett has been School of Medicine dean since 1947 and Medical Center director since 1956. He also served as superintendent of I ' niversity Hospitals from 1947 to ISJ. ' JCi. He is a member of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation board of directors and of the State Hoard of Un- explained Deaths and the State Anatomical Board. Everett also serves on the Oklahoma Hill-Burton committee. He has written over 90 scientific papers which ha e been published in many national journals and also is the author of a l)ook. Medical Biorlicinislry, v hich was |iulilished in 1942. Dr. Mark R. Everett, dean of the OU School of Medicine, is also director of the Medical tenter and chairman of the deparlnitiit of bio- chemistry. Dean of the School of Medicine In adclilioii to liis dntics at the School of Medi- tine. the Dean also sencs on several boards and committees and writes for scientific jour- nals. 77 A nationally recognized pharmacy educator. Dr. Ralph W. Clark joined the OU faculty in 1949 as dean of the College of Pharmacy. He began his career as a retail and hospital pharmacist shortly after rec eiving a BS degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1922. He returned to Wisconsin for graduate study and recei ed liis MS and PhD de- grees from that university. Clark was on the Wisconsin staff from 1927 to 1937 when he became director of the pharmacy service department for Merck Company, one of the nation ' s large drug manufacturers. In 1945, Clark became manager of the prescription depart- ment of Macy ' s in New York as well as corporate manager of pharmacy of all stores in the Macv group. He returned to the teaching profession in 1946 as a professor of pharmacy at the University of Kansas. He has written many articles on pharmacy for American and Canadian pharmacy publica- tions. He also is the author of Oricntalioii in Pharmacy — An Overview which was published in 1961 by Lea and Febiger, Philadelphia. Clark is a member of many professional and honorary so- cieties. Formerly corporate manager of pharmacy for a large retail chain, Dr. Ralph W. Clark became dean of the OU College of Pharmacy in 1949. Dean of the College of Pharmacy Dean Clark explains the pharmaceutical inscription on one of the glass bottles in his collection of old and odd-shaped apothecary containers. Dr. ' Iluiriium j. Wliilc. wlio l)ct.ii .il OT since iy. ' 37. is dean of tlic new (lollij c ol (lontiim- injj I ' xiiication and dean of the Kxtension Dixision. Wliile l)etanie director of the l ' " xlension Disision in 1949. His title was clianj ccl to dean tlie next ear. lie was ap|)ointecl clean of the Collej e of Contiiuiiiiji Kducation when it was orj anized in I9()l. lie has l)een |)resideiil ol llie Stale Menial lleaitii Association and the National University I ' .xtension Association. lie was stale chairman for the I9()() White Mouse Conference on ( ' .hildren and N ' outh and executive vice-chairman for the 1961 While House C ' onference on Aj inj . NN ' hite is a member of Phi Delta] a, profes- sional education fraternity: Psi (Ihi. psychology recoj nition society, and Pi Kappa Alpha, social fraternity. He has also served on the State Board of Maiiay;ers of the Oklahoma (!onj;;ress of Parents and Teachers. He received his BA from Phillips University, his MS from OU and PhD from tlie University of Chicago. White came to OU in 1937 as an in- structor of prison education. He began work with the OU Extension Division in 1942. ti Dr. Tluirmaii J. White serves as dean of the Collei;e ( Continuing Education as well as dcmi of the I ' xteiision Di ision. Dean of the College of Continuing Education Examinin); the model for llie new College of Continuing Education are Dean White. Gover- nor Ediiiondson and President ( ' ross. ' iMii ' : ' 4- ' .-.-- ' i:- -v • ti: J vl J 79 Dr. Clifford J. Craven has been OU ' s clean of students since 1956. In this capacity, he is the in- stitutional officer concerned with the education and welfare of the students as affected by non- classroc.Tn aspects of the university program. He is responsible for various divisions providing student service and guiding student activities. Craven came to OU from the State University of New York Teachers College, Oneonta, where he was dean of students. He is a member of the National Association of Student Personnel Ad- ministrators. American College Personnel Associa- tion, American Sociological Society and Kiwanis International. He was once editor of TJie Guid- ance Point of Vien ' , a quarterly magazine, and his articles in the field of guidance have appeared in national and regional publications. Craven received his BA degree in political sci- ence from Syracuse University, his MA degree in guidance from Cohunbia University and his EdD in higher education from Syracuse. He has done post doctoral study in social psychology and soci- ology. Dr. (ililfdiil J. Craven, dean of studenls. is in charge of a wide-range program affecting the non- classroom aspects of the University. Dean of Students Dk. DoKOTiiv Tkukx Director of Women ' s Affairs Dk. Jodie C:. SMirii Associate Dean Dean Craven ' s assistants hold a conference. Dorothy Stout, coordinator of religious activities; Donald Wilcox, director of student safety and welfare: Ronald Green, director nf financial aids, and Earlcne Smith, general counselor. 80 Dr.iii IVIIcms lakes a ...IKc Inc.ik uilli Ills ..smsI.imIs, Hull, Aniolil. direc 1.11 111 admissions, and ll.mi ' riiiininns. din. im nf i .iisiralidii. Dr. John E. l ' cllo«s. dean of admissions and rt s- trar. Is In charge of enrollment proiednrc. Jle also holds tlie title of professor of edntatloii. Savoie Lotlinville. direilor of the (niicrsity of Oklahoma Press, Is donor of llie Lottlnvllle prizes for freshmen and secretary of the Rhodes scholar- ship selection committee. Dr. . rdiiir MiAnalh is director of libraries and professor of library science. He has Ix-en at OU since 1951, dnring which time the library has been expanded. In the De (iolyer room of the library are Edith Scott, assistant direcli for technical services, and Melville Spence, assistant director for p.iibli services. »illi Dr. McArial S|„-, ..ilisi. ,.l ilir F.Mci,M.,ii DiMsinii. I ' lRST K( : Wiili.uii T. Jjincs, R. L. McLean. Ntd Hutkiuun. V. Lcc llaNilcll. Dr. Thurman J. White, dean of Extension Division; Mrs. Goldie M. Elliott. Mrs. Mary Ila Thurston, Mrs. Grace Penney, Mrs. Christine Virgin, Melody Marshall, Mrs. Loucvle Aynesworth, Dan Chichester. SECOND ROW: William Boren, Frank Mitchell. Glen Pool, Merle Glasgow, David White, Michael IMms. .| .I,ii Ncscni. Ri, h.u.l lirinl.tucll. Krank lialvtal. Rnl,c, Miller. THIRD ROW: .James Ford, David Randall, Loren Brown, Jeff Griffin, John Long, Russell Myers, James R. Gallo- way. FOURTH ROW: Emery Link, Jim Heston, E. F. Gates, Joe E. Timken. David Glidden, William Powell, .Sam Nigh, Howell McGee, Carl G. Stevenson, William R. Carmack. Extension Division Encourages Adult Study 82 The Extension Division of the University of Oklalioma, continuing its service to " adults of all ages, " has inaugurated a new plan for Study Dis- cussion groups. Financed by a nominal annual fee, the plan makes available to the member any or all study di.scussion programs, with such additional services as: assistance in organization of local discussion groups; use of books and other materials with option to purchase books: subscription to a month- ly newsletter related to study discussion groups, and training of local discussion leaders. Several Study Discussion groups are one of the major programs made possible through a $300,000 grant from the Fund for Adult Education for a six year project. Educational Aalues of Study Discussion groups were well documented in three significant re- search projects sponsored liy FAE; studies of pro- grams, participants and comparisons of lecture and disciussion methods. Directors of services in the extension Division. FIRST ROW: Charles Ned Hockman, motion picture productions; Dr. Wil- liam R. Carmack. southwest center for human relations studies; R. L. McLean, assistant to the dean. SECOND ROW: Dr. E. F. Gates, school and community services; Dr. Howell McGcc, adult admissions and records; John Long, coordinating director educational materials. Dr. Tiiurman J. White Dean of Extciisidii Division and College of Continuiiis; Kdutatioii FIRST ROW: Dr. Loren B. Brown, coordinating director, general ser ices: F. Lee Hayden, short courses and conferences; Russell Myers, correspondence studies. SECOND ROW: Dr. Thurman J. White, dean: Glen Pool, educational broadcasting; Dr. James R. Calloway, family life institute. The new iiiciiilicisliip plan docs not c.xckicie enrollment of non-nicmhers for single cli.scii.ssioii programs at per program rates. It is also possible for institutions, organizations and agencies desir- ing to organize their own Study Discussion groups to do so with the assistance of the University through special contractual arrangements for hooks and other materials and for leadership train- ing. All students of the Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree |)rogram are members of OH Study Dis- cussion groups and are eligible to participate at no additional lee in any or all study-discu.ssion pro- grams. Study Discussion groups are led by University trained and well-informed discu.ssion leaders. The leaders " functu)n is to create maximum op- portunities for relc ant and producti e discussion. This is done through stimulating cjuestions which help participants to explore major issues and aspects of the subject. Par(ici|)aiits gain the necessary background for lulormed and intelligent discussion by reading in ad ance of each meeting materials espetially select- ed or purposed for the topic discussion. 83 Alumni Association Active World-Wide Since its founding in 1899, the University of Ok- lahnia Alumni Association has grown from five charter members to a membership of more than 12,000 ahmini and former students in each of the fifty states and twenty-four foreign countries. Serving as tlie fourth executive secretary of the association is R. Boyd Gunning, having followed Richard Cloyd, Norman; Frank Cleckler, Okla- homa City, and the late Ted Beaird. Besides his work in directing the association. Gunning serves as administrative officer of the Alumni Development Fund and the University of Oklahoma Foundation. Organized in 1949, the Alumni Development Fund is an " annual alumni giving " program op- erated by the association and the University to pro- vide for the current needs of OU. The University of Oklahoma Foundation, which was organized in 1944, is an independent corpora- tion. Its function is to seek and administer funds of a permanent or capital gifts nature for the ex- clusi e benefit of the University. Guy H. Brown is a veteran of twelve years as director of the Alumni Development Fund. Two new men fill out the administrative staff. They are Ted Neptune, assistant executive secretary of the Alumni Association, and Jerry Keen, field di- rector for the University of Oklahoma Foundation. R. Boyd Gunning Executive Secretary Aluinnl assistants are Ted Neptune, assistant executive secretary of the Alumni Associa- tion, and Jerry Keen, field director of the University of Oklahoma Foundation. Mils. (-iiARLiiNii Papi-an Administrative Secretary 84 |M l li ;.li.,Ms slaff in. Iixlc l!i l (i;irt . idiliir i)f Siinurr . ru ' i-Makrrs, and Canil Kiihiiisiiii. editor of Sooner Magazine. Mks. I u Urkit AIhiumI Records Tlic ollicial publication ol llit- Aliinuii Associa- tion is the Sooner Mogaziiic. cstahlislicd in 1928 and piil)lishecl ten times yearly. Its companion j)iii)licalion is the alumni newspaper, the Soomr .Wii ' s-Malicrs. which is pul)lisliecl se ■en times year- K and uas founded in 1959. Both feature stories of alumni acti ities and Uni ersity events of inter- est to alunmi. The Bud Wilkinson football leticr. ritten by the coach himself, is also mailed weekly durinj the season to all acti e alumni. Headin;; " the editorial stall of the alumni j ublications is editor Carol J. Robinson, who is in charge of the Soo)i(r Maij aziiK . Rober D. Carey edits the news- paper. Serving as assistant editor is Mrs. Connie iiug- gles, and Joe Davis is Roll Call editor. The oHice stall for the Alumni Association is headed by Mrs. Charline Pappan who has been administrative secretary to (Jumiing for the past ten years. The alumni records are super ised 1) Mrs. Vera Breit. This is her second year with the association. The alumni files include names and addresses, de- grees and other ilal statistics for the more than 50.000 University of Oklahoma graduates and for- mer students. The association also maintains an alumni addressing service for its jHiblicatioiis and bulletins. 85 Lloyd E. Swearincen President Research Institute As they have been doing for many years, colleges and universities are performing more basic re- search than either government or industry. The University of Oklahoma is no exception. Twenty years ago the University of Oklahoma Research Institute was estaJjlished as a nonprofit corporation to coordinate sponsored research acti ities at the University of Oklahoma. The objective of the OU Research Institute is to encourage, foster and conduct scientific investi- gations. The Institute also encourages industrial and oth- er types of research and strives to provide, or as- sist in providing, the means and machinery by which scientific discoveries, imentions and proc- esses may be developed, appplied and patented. Members of tlie executive committee are Dr. George L. Cross, left: Carl D. Riggs, below, and C. M. Sliepcevich, right. 86 Kcsciuli lM tlluu M.ili. MUST ROW: Cui-ii Cruiiiplcy. liar- li.ira W alliiij;. Ciiis Waller. Kay Bruelil. Judy Curtis, Jan Acrec. SF.COM) liOW: Stephanie Kirtmaii, Junetta Davis, Balie Sl,,.i, . ( .in,| RuiUiImhI. Milli. liisliop. Martlia Saiiilcrsfekl. Kobcrtb, Mary Tillcr , Barbara Major emphasis is placed on ex|)aiision of the graduate training program hy providing research o|)|)ortuiiities for graduate students. It is interested in any teclmical. economic or social problem that will yield itself to the research approach. The Research Institute is of inestimable value to the University. It serves as a productive outlet for the knowledge of the faculty members, it kee|)s them ai)reast and in achaiice of current in- dustrial technit|ues. I ' ndergraduates also participate in practically every research project. Tliey receive edutation ni- to new areas of science and enginering not yet contained in textbooks. It helps the student to Members of tlic staff iiichule Bal)e M. StroiiK. secretary and security: .jerry Johnson, purchasing ajtent, and Mildred Roberts, accnnntinK. relate the theoretical atmosj)liere of the classroom to the practical needs of industry. With training such as this, the student can adjust to the profes- sional world without a costly period of transition. Assistant directors of tlie Ol ' Rcscai Standlev. .)r.. and (iarland R. Iladle ;li Inslitiile aie ( liarle 87 A staiF conference of I ' nion udniinist ative personnel includes loi il I mon aUixHies: V. H. Freeland, manager, and Abbott Jack VV. Guthrie, assistant manager; Mrs. Jan Crawford, direc- Nelson, food department manager. The Oklahoma Memorial Union " Center of Activities " — for Students, Faculty, Alumni Ollicc stair includes Mrs. Melba Clark, oliice supervisor, and Mrs. Mary Henry, reservations secrelarv. Looking over the Ming room menu are Jeirv Harris. James McCall, assistant hiod department manager; lloy Peters and Glen BrovMi. UNION BOARD OF MANAGERS D. H. Grisso, Chairman Jack Luitrell W. H. Freeland Hal Muldrow Student Senate President Dean C. J. Craven Okhhoinn Daily Editor 88 K •s ' | ■ H m ■v - l DSl H 1 H M l rl 1 H - HBh9 j KMI H w ' ' ' H H m m bi H UNION B() KI) Ol I KIS ' IKKS Lkk B. TllOMl ' SON. OkhiliiiiiKi (:ll . . . I ' rcsidciil Jack Li ' itrki.i.. .Norniaii in-l ' risiikni D. II. Ckisso. Norman ' rriasurtr V. II. Frkki.anI). Norman . . . Sccrclary-Manai;iT A. N. Boatman. Olvmuisjic: Mkkh Bkanan. Oklalinma City: R. J. Clemem s. Oklahoma City: Joi; Ci kiis. Pauls X ' allcy: ( ' i.EE Fh .(;ekai.1). Stillwater: 1)en ii, (; au- Riso.N. Bartli-svillc: ' Li incsi ' O.n. Marietta: T. II. McCasi AM). Dnnian; IIai, Mii.dkow. Norman. Ex-Olficio Mtiuhfis Leonard Sav.vge. President. Board of Renmis Dr. George L. Cross. President. Uni ersiiy ol Oklahoma Wallace Kidd. President. rni ersity of Oklahoma Asso- ciation Sliukrit Senate President The Union provides service and recreational facilities and an activit)- proj ram for the campus and comnumity. Student leisure time acti ■lties on both a personal and or};anized group basis are rfrecti ely accommodated in the Union. Confer- ence rooms, dining areas, a game room, barber- shop, new.sstand. ballroom, auditorium, lounges and food ser ice units including the Ming Room, Terrace Room and Will Rogers Cafeteria are de- signed and furnished with a ie v to the needs of students and others who use the facilities. University functions housed in the Union but administered by other campus agencies are the l ' ni ersity Book Exchange, Alumni Association, Faculty Club and radio station WNAD. The Union Board of Trustees, composed of six- teen members, is the major policy-making group of the Union. This group of dedicated alumni con- trol the policies of the I iiioii and direct its man- agement. Mr ' .. Riilli I ' lielps. inaiiaycr (if Terrace riKirii. and Marin Hicks. l)arii|iKt siipcr is(ir. liieck the serving eoiinler. Mrs. Dorothy Waddle. Union newsstand manager, talks willi Ralph iiiirdick. buildinj; superintendent, at the Mart. Guy Barrett. I ' nion game room manager. chaLs with Jim Kou- bee. sophomore, a frequent visitor at the ping pong tables. 89 I III. ,11 Activities Hoard. FIRST ROW: Ralph Harhydt, Bob Bascom, Sam Bradshaw. SECOND ROW: Janet Clark, Diane Dykes, Don Garrett. THIRD ROW: Susan Groh. Kay Husky, Jack Stout, Carolyn Watson. Members of the stage crew, Ben Moyer, Ralph Simmons and Dallas Howard prepare scenery for Sooner Scandals. Students actively working together is a phrase descriptive of tlie Union Activities program. The purpose of Union Activities is to provide the OU student Jjody with a ariety of programs to meet the varied interests of the students. Three major di isions of the Union Activties organization are the Union Activities Board, l nion Activities Council and Union Representatives Council. Members of UAB are of junior and senior classification, and serve as chairmen of ma- jor events such as Sooner Scandals. University Sing and Celebrated and Popular Artists Series. To assist with the program and give continuity and coordination to the various phases of Union Activities, is the function of the director, Jan Craw- ford who also is available to students for counsel- ing. Assistance also is extended by W. H. Free- land, manager, and .Jack Guthrie, assistant man- ager, of the four-million dollar Oklahoma Me- morial Union, the sponsoring organization for Un- ion activities. Union .Activities Council. FIRST ROW: Karen Alford, Ma- tilda Butler, Judith Corbett, Karen Cullen, Jenni Hiser, Vir- ginit Johnson, Johnny Jones. SECOND ROW: Lynn Livingston. Paula Martin. Jay Maxwell. Sissy Phillips. Carolyn Schweers. Don Smiih. Kill Vines. iMMi A Popular Artists series favorite. Ella Kilzsjiraid. uiili Juik Stout, gives the Sooners an animated pcrfoniiaiici-. O F F IC: E R S I ' liii ' ii Ailirilits licdid Carolyn Wai-son President Sam Bkadshaw N ' ice-Presicient Janet Clark Secretary Diane Dykes Treasurer i ' nii ii . (ln ' ih(s ( ' .tiitunl Jay Maxweli President Karen Aliord Vice-President Lvw I.iviNCSTON .... Secretary-Treasurer kuLin-, ihf Collcjje of I ' nlonoIoKV arc Karc.i Alfot,!. Kill lilll St..n -. lrniiila joliiisnii. Paula Martin and Hoi, Slulihlc- licl.l. West Point Sooner sivic is piisiritfd In Alplia Cainnui IXIla in lliclr uiniiliis Scandals ait. " Ol ' s Mv I loni 91 All Lomiiiillec iiitinbers Susan Ingram, Judy Talley, Vitki Berrynian and Carolyn Schweers complete Christmas gifts for faculty directors. Appearing on the Popular Series, the Liiuelighters were received with great enthusiasm by a Union ballroom crowd of students. Currently popular entertainers are brought be- fore the student body on the Popular and Cele- brated Artists series. Ella Fitzgerald, the Lime- lighters, Pete Fountain, and the Modern Jazz Quartet were featured on the Popular series this year, while the Celebrated series brought to the OU stage Carlos Montoya, Agnes Moorehead, Philippe Entremont, the Robert Shaw Chorale and the Chicago Little Symphony. Among the numerous services provided by Un- ion Activities for student enjoyment are the Dad ' s Day Quartet contest, bridge lessons and tourna- ments, Union movies throughout the year and the Union Christmas decorations under the direction of Miss Edith Mahier and the general art com- mittee. Mosaic ash trays were presented faculty members in appreciation for their assistance. Bound for " Big D. " students sign for the Union-sponsored trip. DALL iS TRIP 5ICNUPHERE 92 Thompson pause in Admiring the first place trophy of the DatPs Day quartet contest are Clii Omegas Clieiula flaniillon. Doris McNiitt, D. J. Diinkin and S„ ainif Miller. New attixilits for .students iiiurked the Union program tliis year. IntliKled in the hst are Creat Books discussion group and Jazz Festival. Tlie Great Books discu.ssions combined tiie in- terest and enthusiasm of the participating students with the wisdom and guidance gi en by Jim Ford, faculty ad isor. to achieve searcliing and stimulat- ing reviews of works of Aristotle, Plato, Tocque- ville and Mark and Engles. Jazz Festival, a program of a week ' s (hiralion. combined student participation in discussions, seminars and combos, with special appearances by Leonard Feather, editor of Don ' iibcat. and Buddy DeFranco. first place jass clarinetist in the Dim ' ii- bcat poll. Ghmaxing the week was the appear- ance of Pete Fountain. Highlighting summer activities for sixteen stu- dents was a European toin- which included a visit to Russia. •iml l ' ,illi lc(.nire (.Mr ilUfA Will Kdners Cafeteria. Claus) l)jecti ely and crilicalK discnssed by interested student.s. AT[n UETW 94 BRRIIIFF CHAPTER 2 Dirctlor (.1 Allilftics 96 Alliklic (oiiiicil 97 Coaches 9S Football 100 Cross Coiinliy II- Basketball 113 Svvirnniing- I I Wrestling 1 0 Track 122 Baseball 124 Tennis 126 Golf 127 Top Athletes 128 Intraniiirals 129 t m ' wL i Sooners Shine Besides heading President Kennedy ' s physical fitness program and direct- ing athletes at OU. ( ' oach Bud Wil- kinson had time to lead his gridsters to a new honor in 1961. that of Comeback Team of the Year. The OU mentor had gained honors of leading his teams to three national championships. 13 league titles. His ir)-vear record is 1 2. ' 5-2. ' 5-4. IIKST ROW: Ken Karris, DcuM Karl Siittd. Dr. Kii- • llollon. SKCOM) KOW: iiiid WilLiiiM.ii. Jack l ' ..ll..r.. Dr. Carl Ki s. Dr. Norman iSokcr. Winning Final Five Football Frays Standing on the sidelines of any athletic contest, ready to teach, ready to take blame for defeat and equally ready to shun the honors of winning, are the members of OU ' s unheralded crew — the coaching .staff. Head football coach and athletic director. Bud Wil- kinson and his right-hand man. Comer Jones, were ably assisted by Eddie Crowder. Rudy Feldman. Bob Ward. Jay O ' Neal and Chet Franklin. Port Robertson and Norman McNabb tutored the freshman Boomers. Doyle Parrack began his seventh .season as OU cage coach but with new a.ssistants John Floyd, former Texas .A M head coach, and Jack Herron. Port Robert.soii, OU mat coach from 1947-19. ' ' )9. re- turned to the head coach spot when reservist Tommy Evans was recalled by the air force. Olympic- ace. Doug Blubaugh, was added as wrestling assistant. Ageless, 77-year-old Matt Mann completed his seventh year as Ol ' swim coach and his mermen won tlieir sev- enth straight Big F.ight title under (lie lollege swim dean. Ex-OU pole-vaulter Bill Carroll coached the " ()2 tracksters while ex-coach John Jacobs a.ssistcd. James Provines. ■()2 tennis senior, was " 62 fuzzball coach. J.k k Baer and Bob James returned for their 18th and 7lh years as baseball and golf coaches. respecti ely. o( il.c or Atliklic cutkII. lie Is iIk- lii s Eijilit . tliletic conference 97 Altliouuli tlieie ' s 55 years dilfereiice in their ajres, Coach Matt Maiiii (77) and captain Phil lirimnher (22) toinbinc wisdom and ability for OV wins, PoKi Ri)i)i,Ki.y . Comer Jones 98 Kin Kawi.inson lill I. (. KKolI , k ItvIK Bi Red Coaches— The Unhearlded Crew y ' ••l 4lft K.Dnii (.KDwniK Rudy Feldman .|»N () l VI (lltl iKXNkll John liovi HvKoi.i) Kmiii 99 m " 11 7 11 mSS m n - my .if- iw%? " 1.. FIRST ROW: Paul I a. George Jarman, John Tatum, Monte Deere. Bob Page. Jimmy Gilstrap, Jimmy Carpenter. SECOND ROW: Chris Clapp. Doyle Ivester. Leon Cross, Wendell Robin- son, Pat Hogan, Jackie Cowan, James Parker, Captain Billy White. THIRD ROW: Manager Jim Hensley. Dan Jordan. Richard Bealtie, Billy Meacham. John Benien. John Porterfield. FOURTH ROW: Dave Southard, Claude Hamon. Jim Jackson, Dale Perini, Sam Davis. Jim McCoy. Dennis Ward, Ronny Payne. 1961 Oklahoma Football Team Oklahoma ' s 1961 football season produced no cliain- pioiLship team, no all-Americans atid no Big Eight title. In fact it was midseason before the Red Gridsters regis- tered their first win. It was the desire and repeated come-from-behind efforts which offset the lack of ex- perience and made the year a success. The Sooners opened the autumn classic setting an all-time school losing mark, dropping their first five games. Rugged Notre Dame. Iowa State, Texas, Kansas and (Colorado, of which the last three were among the top 20 teams, garnered the five wins. The Wilkinson men made a comjjlete reversal ;il iiiul- season, however, and gained the Comeback Team ol tin- Year honor by winning their last five tilts. The biggest plums of the year were OU ' s 7-0 win over Missouri and a 14-8 upset over Army. OU beat Mizzou at its own game — defense. Tlie win revenged a 41-19 Tiger victory scored in Norman the previous fall. It was the only shutout and only the sec- ond loss of the year suffered by the Tigers. The Sooners made their New York debut a successful one as they beat the West Pointers on what eastern writers termed a " trick play ' " in spacious Yankee sta- dium. The play where the players huddle close to the line of scrimmage and the center tosses the ball to a back, broke roadrunner Mike McClellan loose for a 77-yard TD run and deplored any Army victory strategy. The Crimson and Cream finished the season strong, completing their five-in-a-row string with respective 21- 14 and 21-13 wins over Nebraska and rival OSU. At Lincoln, OU scored 21 i)oints in the final 30 minutes to wipe out an Nl ' 14-0 halllinie lead. 100 37 15 1? t| 7ll 66f| ' 57 56 92 95457|t4 Uar FIRST ROW: MIU- MiClellan. Larrv Wniiilliciii. Hill aii Hiirklco. irsil Hull. Hud Dempsev. Phil I.olitiiami. SECOM) ROW: Diiaiie C:o( k. Larrj ' Paniiell. |errv Pettibone. Karl Mil- stead. Richard Iiimaii. Geary Taylor. Bobby Wyalt. THIRD ROW: Icrrv Cci ' burn. Hill PaMiR-ll. Ralph Maxlic-ld. Oakleu Tom Karris. Hcniiic Shields. KOIRTH ROW: Henieii, (iary W lie. Mel .Sandersfeld. Wayne Lee. Ton (ieorge Stokes. Jerry llay len. Jimmy Pa ne. ■Niik Paul Cox, Reaps Grid Comeback Honors OSU scored by a safety, a field jjoal. a 11) iiiii and a conversion pass but OU won the big marbles in the annual cross-state contest at OU by eight [joints. The Sooncrs scored on drives of 40. 39 and 80 yards. individually. Billy White won first team all-confer- ence honors in both |iolls for the second time. End Ronny Payne and McClellan were L ' PI second team choices and halfl)ack Jimmy Carpenter made the resjiec- tive AP listing. Mcdlellan. who made the third team all-.America academic squad, joined teanunates Demiis Ward and Phil Lohmaim on the Big Eight brain team. The Big Red «as mi.ssing from the nation ' s top 20 teams for the .second straight year and dropjjed out of the top 20 in rushing and total oirense. Surprisingly enough the Oklahomans did make the statistical lists as 1 2th in pass defense. SEASONS RECORD Okl; homa (j -Notre Dame . 19 Okh lioMia 1,5 Iowa State 21 Okl. liiinia 7 Texas . . . 28 Okl. iicMia Kansas . 10 Okh hom.i 14 Colorado . 22 Okh homa 17 Kansas State . 7 Okh homa 7 Mis.souri . Okl; homa 14 Armv . 8 Okia homa 21 Nebraska . . 14 Okh homa 21 Oklahoma .State i;5 101 Oklahoma 6 - Notre Dame 19 SOUTH BEND. IND.— (Sept. 30)— Diminutive An- IRISH LULLABY gelo Daberio and hard-driving Mike Lind romped past ..„ „., OU defenders all day as Oklahoma opened its ' 61 season . , ,r - 1 ivT T-v 1 T- ' 1 • T • 1 First Downs 18 14 With a 19-D loss to INotre Uame s righting Irish. The Irish, perennially a gridiron power but a grid Yards Ruslnng 367 125 doormat in 1960, started the season right, setting an all- p j Comp. 3-8 9-17 time rushing mark of 376 yards against the Sooners with Daberio (176 yards) and Lind (121 yards) pacing the winners. Total Offense 392 222 The ball exchanged hands four times before the Irish Punts Average 3-31 7-39 drove to paydirt. The drive started when ND blocked ,.,,,., 11 r I 1 1 T-v 1 • 1 Fumbles Lost 1-1 0-2 K.arl Milstead s held goal attempt. Uaberio scored on a 51-yard jaunt. Seconds later, OU marched to the goal NOTRE DAME....6 7 6-19 with sophomore quarterback Bill Van Burkleo spear- OKLAHOMA 6 - 6 heading the drive. Jackie Cowan went in from 4 yards • ' ' SCORING: OU— (Cowan. 4- out. The Irish scored again in the second period with Lind ' = ' " ' ■■ " " )• ND-(Daberio. 51- OQ J I • j o J 1 ■ »u Atl. yard run: Lind, 23-yard run, 2- scampering z3 yards. Lind s 2-yard plunge m the 4th ' • J • ' ,, , ■ , ■ I yard run). CONVERSIONS: period iced the Irish victory cake. NT- 1 • II J .1 rn ' ND — (Perkowski. placement), otre Dame s experience spelled the dillerence over the injury-riddled and inexperienced Sooners. ATTENDANCE — 55.198 Sophomore halfback Jackie Cowan scores the lone Sooner tally against Notre Dame early in the second quarter as he sprints around the right end from three yards out. 102 OU 15 - Iowa State 21 NORMAN— (Oil. 7)— liiiiil.lcd «i iIk- Iowa Slate 29- ar(l line in llic waiiiiin sctniuls ol llic name mdcci Oklahoma ' s hid for a coiiR-froin-htliiiKl vitlory .Mil! iIr- Sooiiirs fell 21-15 hefore 4r).00(t fans in a thrill- ing; Bij; Kijjht loo|) hallle. ( ' oaili ( ' lav Sla|)lelon " s fire(l-n|) trew look acKaiilane 111 lime (irsi (piarter Sooner mistakes to hnild a 21-0 lead. ( Ailone lallies laiiie iii a one-yard pluiiKe hy l)a e llii(i er. .iiid spiinls ol nine and twelve yards by () .ie Cilay. l.arry Sehreiher kicked all three e.xtra points. Led by senior quarterback Bob Page. OL ' roared 76 yards in 19 plays to score early in the second stun .a. with Page notthinj!; the six-pointer. Later. Carpenter went over from the three, capping an 80-yard drive, and [lassed to Page on the conversion to cut Iowa State ' s lead to six [joints. The fatal fiunble came in the dying seconds of the game as Ronny Payne pitched to Dan Jordan after catching a Bill Van Burkleo pass. Cyclone Randy Kidd fell on Jordan ' s fumble on the 29-yard line In end ihe OL ' threat. Kl( n Kll lilAITlE Fullback I ' ai L End iKc.n, Hoi.L Halfback THE CYCLONE ' S P.ATH isr or First DoHiis i;! 17 Yards Rushiiis 18.5 207 Pas.s . tt. Conip 2-3 8-17 Yards Passing 32 91 Total Offense 217 298 Pinit.s .Average 4-3.5 3-27 Fumbles Lost 1-2 5-() Yards Penalized 8 .3.5 IOWA 21 o o 0-21 OKL.MIOM.V .... 7 8 0- 15 SC:ORlN(;: OU— (Page, S-yard run: Ciarpenter, 3-yard run). ISl — (Hoover. 1-yard run: Cla . 9-yard run. 12-yard run). CON- VERSIONS: OU — (Jarman. piaittiKrit: Pajje pass from Clar- penler). ISU — (Sclireibcr. 3 placenicnis) . .VTTEN D.ANCE — 15.000 JIMMV ( ARIKMIR IlairiLuk 103 OU 7 - Texas 28 DALLAS — (Oct. 14) — Texas terrorists rolled to their fourth straight win over the Sooners as they downed OIJ 28-7 in the Cotton bowl. Longhorn Coach Darrell Royal used 14 different mail carriers as the Steers chalked up a 21-0 halftime lead and 28-0 margin after three ] eriods before a sellout crowd of 75,504. The game story was as simple as the first quarter sta- tistic sheet which showed OLI leading in first downs 4-0, in rushing 53-13 and total offense 61-13 while Texas led on the scoreboard 7-0. The Texans made their breaks, however, blocking an OU punt, intercepting two passes and forcing the ball from the hands of Sooner rushers on six occasions. The fleet-footed, lightning-fast Texans skirted by the Oklahomans for two TD marches of 65 and 73 yards and turned a blocked punt and interception into easy 6- and 19-yard TD drives. It took OU 56 minutes of playing time to reach pay- dirt with the game already in UT ' s win bag. Phil Loh- mann climaxed a 68-yard drive with a 1-yard plunge against Texas reserves. 3 f r-i w r= -CL Sooner quarterback Bob Page drops back to pass against UT. This one was to Paul Benien for 1 1 yards. Leon Cross Guard SvM Davis (iuard Bun Dempsey Fullback TEXAS TIMETABLE UT OU First Downs 12 12 Yards Rushing 188 176 Pass Att. Comp 5-10 4-16 Yards Passing 84 36 Total Offense 272 212 Punts Average 7-37 9-29 Fumbles Lost 1-2 1-6 ards Penalized 8-63 4-30 TEXAS 7 14 7 0-28 OKLAHOMA ...0 7 - 7 SCORING: OU— (Lohmanu. 1- yard run). UT— (Saxton. 4- ard run: Gotten, 2-yard run, 1- yard run: Poague, 5-yard run). CONVERSIONS: OU — (Jar- man, placement). UT — (Moritz, 4 placements). ATTENDANCE— 75.504 JlM.MV ( ILSrUAl (juard 104 W Oklahoma - Kansas 10 MIK lll.l.l.S MIKIII Kl ' ()l First Downs 20 U .u(l Riislilrm ISI 7t I ' ass All. S. Coiiip S-15 .Ml Yards I ' assiiin 108 24 Tolal Olfcnsc 289 98 Puiils S. Ami am- 4-;JS 8-:54 Kiiiiiblcs Losi 2-.i 0-:i Iv. NSAS 7 .i 0- 10 OKL. HOMA 0- SC:ORIN(:: Kl— (Allen. .30- yard pass from ll.idl: Harnes. .T.- vard field lioal). COWF.R- SIONS: kl— (Harries, pla.e- ment). ATTEND.VXCE— 57.000 NOKM AN — ((Kl. 21)— ln;.l,le I., c.ntaiii iiii cx- |)l )si f l).iikficl(i (listril)icl l y some as the best in the iialioii. Okiahonia (Inipped a 10-0 decision to the Kan- sas Jayhaw ks as 57.000 Dads ' Day spectators looked on. Kansas threatened lale in the first tjuarter. hut Paul Lea recovered a Javhawk hiiiihlc on (he ( )l live lo end the drive. Lea ffiyt: Sooner fans hii|)e as he returned a Kansas punt to the Jayhawk 14 al the end of the first ijiiarter. But ho|)e faded as three |)lays netted only five yards and a field Koal attempt by Karl Milstead went wide. . fter Milsteads miss. Kansas took over on its own 20 and. with John Iladl direetins the attack, drove 80 yards in nine plays to score. Iladl pitched .30 yards to Larry .Allen for the tally and Wallace Barnes " |)lacement was good. partially blocked Kl lield j oal. as the half ended, delayed any more Kansas scoring until Barnes louiid llie mark in the third period with a . " J. -yard kick. OU could never threaten anain as Kl ' won at .Norman for the first time since 1937. Sooner (luarlerback Bill Van Burkleo appears to be caui lil in a Kl ' trap but he jsaiiis 4 around rij;lit end. 105 Oklahoma 14 - Colorado 22 NORMAN — (Oct. 28) — Losing to Colorado at home for the first time ever, Oklahoma came up on the short end of a 22-14 score for the Sooners ' fifth straight loss of the season. The Big Red drew first blood in the first quarter on a Bob Page 1-yard sneak over center and George Jar- man ' s extra point kick. But the Buffaloes stampeded back to tie the score in the second round with a 39-yard scamper by Leon Mavity and Jerry Hillebrand ' s conversion. Colorado moved ahead in the third period with a 2. ' 5-yard field goal by Hillebrand, but the Sooners re- captured the lead 16 plays later on a Page-to-john Porterfield pass that capped a 94-yard drive. Jarman ' s kick was true. The Buffs moved into the lead to stay early in the final stanza as Loren Schweninger topped a 50-yard movement with a 1-yard dive. When OU failed to ct)ver the following kickoff, Buffalo Jim Hold fell on the ball to set up the last Colorado score, which came five plays later on a 6-yard run by Schweninger. BUFFALOED CV OU First Downs 18 13 Yards Rushing 291 154 Pass Att. S: Comp 4-11 4-10 Yards Passing 31 67 Total Offense 322 221 Punls Average 1-32 4-39 Fumbles Lost I)-1 1-2 Yards Penalized 10 16 COLORADO . .7 3 12 - 22 OKLAHOMA .7 7 0- 14 SCORING: OU— (Page. 1-yard run; Porterfield, 19-yard pass from Page). CU— (Mavity. 39- yard run: Hillebrand. 25-yard field goal: Schweninger. 1-yard run, 6-yard run). CONVER- SIONS: OU— (Jarman, 2 place- ments). CU — (Hillebrand, place- ment) . ATTENDANCE— 45,000 Jinnny Carpenter bolts 7 yards up the middle of the Buff de- fense before Walt Klinker (53) and Joe Romig (67) pull him down. I !4« ' " ' £» ' • i • •;.. •.«- f i 106 M Carpenlcr is launlil hctwccii iilier K i ' ii ' iK yiir laj!;c as (he Sooiiers b -iieak by dcfcaliiin the Wildcats 17-0. Kansas State players 111 a 3- aine winiiinj OU 17- Kansas State 7 MWIIM ' I . KW.— (Nov. 4)— l..r the first liiui- ill !!)()!. till Sdiiiiirs i)i;it lliiir i |)|) iiic-iit. in liotli stali.s- iKs .111(1 (III the siorchoiird ;is lliiy lii| |)e(l Kaiisu.s Style l7-(i. Al ' lir lr(i| |)iiiK lluii Inst li c tilts — .m ,ill-iiiiic kfi it iii.ii ' k — llic Sooiit-rs ((iiiiilfriil l a sdiind il-|i(iiiii liiiiimiiiK over the ftallicrwcisjlit Wildcats. Tlif Sooiiers cautiously eked out a 10-|)oiiit lialltiiiie lead xvitli Hoi) Pace ' s I-yard sneak and (ieor e Jarnian " s 27-yard field goal in the .second qiiarter. The jjame rolled along rather niis|)ectuciiiarl until Kansas State e. |)lodcd for six |)oints with six niinutcs left. Larry Corrigan fli|)[)ed a i(iii|)lc of 23- and 44-yard aerials to ignite the dri e. C)l ' . not 1(1 he lilt short of yictory again, iced llie iDiitest only two |)lays later. Jiniiny Ciarpenler faked a (|iiick kick and handed off to Mike McClellan on the (lid statue of liberty play. Mcdlellan took the ball on his own 18. headed for the sidelines, picked up blockers, and raced 82 yards to paydirt and Oklahoma ' s first win of 1961. Paul Le:a Halfback WaVNK LkE I ' llll lollMANN llKI ll(l.lll. N Center Kullliad ll.-:fl..iiL GLORIOUS FIRST Ksr or First l)(mns 6 20 Yards Rushintr 71 .i. ' ii I ' ass Alt. Coinp 2 -1 •(-!) Nards Passing 68 .iS Tdial OlFeiise 139 ;5 )l) I ' unts Average 10-31 .5-.J:i I iiinbles Lost 0-2 1-4 ards Penalized 3-35 r -45 KANSAS ST 7-7 OKLAHOMA 10 7- 17 SCOKIXC: Ol— (Paj;e. I-Nard nin: NKCIelJaii. 82- ar(l no,: J a r Ml a n . 27-yard field (loal. KSl — (Corrigan. I-yard run). CO.WLllSIONS: or — (jar- iiKin. 2 placements). vrrKNDA.Nci:— ii.-.(iti 107 OU 7 - Missouri COLI ' MBIA. MO.— (Nov. 11)— Upsets were the or- ders of the day throughout the 1961 grid season, but one of the biggest was the Sooners ' 7-0 win over Missouri. OU knocked lOtli-ranked Mizzou out of tlie Big Eight race and any bowl contention at the Tigers ' own game — defense. A crowd of 44,000, largest ever to see a game at Columbia, was on hand. The Sooners were beaten statistically but entered the record books as the winner when Mike McClellan hauled in a pass from Jimmy Carpenter and scooted 15 yards into the endzone for the day ' s ordy tally. The turning point could have been called in the first stanza when the Sooners held MU for four downs on the OU two. The Oklahonians stopped two similar drives on the 8- and 10-yard stripes while the Tigers stopped three Sooner drives inside the Mizzou 10. Tiger-toe Bill Tobin and Sooner George Jarman tried to add to the respective scoring columns with 10-yard field goals but both fell short of the uprights. The win avenged MU ' s 41-19 rout in 1960. Quarterback Bob Page takes a tumble with the unwanted aid (if Missouri ' s Carl Crawford (81) and Don Wainrlnlit (28). RoNNv Payne End TIGER TAMING MU OU First Downs 18 10 Yards Rushing 177 137 Pass Att. Comp 7-l() 3-7 Yards Passing 85 37 Total Offense 262 168 Punts Average 4-40 5-39 Fumbles Lost 2-2 l-I Yards Penalized 4-62 4-30 MISSOURI 0-0 OKLAHOMA 7 - 7 SCORING: OU — (McClellan. 15-yard pass from Carpenter). MU— (None). CONVERSIONS: OU — (Jarman. placement) . ATTENDANCE — 14.000 ,| " MN I ' oHn.Kl M.Ll) End Wl.Mll.LL RolilNSON Center 108 Oklahoma 14 - Army 8 VANkl.l. K M.W YORK— (N.A. IS)— ()kl.ih.,nia S....iicrs niadi llicir lirsl foolbull cxciirsii)ii iiilo .New YOrk u stitcissftil K n (II , • 1 . 1 o • - 1 1- one us thfv tn| |K ' (l Army 14-n iii laiikccr stuclitiiii. ' ■ " ■■ ' " " " " ' " ' ' ' TIk- Sdiirnts ( iii«illi(l iIk Cadi-Is (lit- second time s Ku-.ln„n III ' . l ' i ihi ;,,t ilii l.all l)s lining ,.|, uilhout a IukIcHc. Before P.iss A(t. Ci iii|) 9-2;J 2-() llie Black Kiiiji;lils liad merged from their defensive .inU Passing: 109 ;59 luiddlc. lialfl)ack Jimmy Carpenter had taken a direct -|. I oif. .jci OA- sria|) from center and pitched wide to Mike McClellan. McClellan sped tlown the sidelines bv the surprised Puiils S. x 9-27 r- 1 f - 1 1 -ri. -i i ' i i i ■ Cadets lor 4 yards and a II) willi iIr- clock sliowniK FllTlilllts I ipsi ' ' - ' ' ' --( , r • ' -1 only live minutes expired. Yards Ptiiali ed 3-.i7 .i-.i5 fi,t. Redmeii proved their ability to score the old- HMV s- S fashioned way as they marched 76 yards in 12 plays in the tliird stanza to pull ahead 14-0. ()kl. ll() l 7 7 II- II ' , ... , • , , , • , Army proved its inol)ility late in the ! iirlli period SCOKIN c;: Ol— (MiClilhiii. when it ajjpeared that the Indians had |)ulic(i an upset 74-var(l run: Pane l- ar l run). j i . .i i r , and beaten the soldiers. Armv — (Zunuda. 5-yaril pass i n i r- r • i i i • from BlackKrove). CONVF.R- ' ' " ' " y • " " ' f ' ■ ' • ' yards, all but ol it tbroiij;li tlie air. SIGN ' S: OV (Jarnian. 2 place- to paydirt and then added a 2-point conversion. ineuts). Army — iZuiiiida. pass With only 2:4. ' ) left .Army started its bombardment friim Lewis). again but it fell short when Phil Lohinann intercepted ATTKNDANCE .■37.20(1 a Lewis aerial and returned it to the C ' adcl 17. RcaiK to cliarm- IriKi llic Arnn lint- arc Karl Mllslcad ((i.i). Dennis Ward ((ill. and Rurnn Pavnc (Sli). Ii,,l Pane (17) Is eallinj! signals. 109 Oklahoma 21 - Nebraska 14 LINCOLN, NEB.— (Nov. 25)— OU ' s unpredictable grid forces spotted Nebraska a 14-point lead while ap- parently taking a 30-niiimte nap and then unleashed a shocking second-half attack to belt NU 21-14. The Sooners, unbrilliant at either offense or defense the first half, unraveled an unstoppable offensive grid machine and a rock-ribbed defense in the second lialf to gain their fourth straight win. Jimmy Carpenter scored twice and Ronny Payne hauled in a 30-yard aerial from Bob Page in the second 30 miiuites to lead the Sooner victory march. OU com- piled 238 offensive yards while holding NU to 2 yards during the second half. NU appeared to be on an easy route to handing Coach Doyle Jennings a closing win as it marched 66 and 65 yards to paydirt in the first half. The Huskers had little trouble in picking up 210 yards (116 passing and 94 rushing before the intermission). The second half story was a complete reversal, however, as OU marched 70, 33 and 98 yards to TDs. OU had the ball for 47 plays. NU had it for 16. HUSKER SHUCKING NU OU First Downs 10 19 Yards Rushing 96 242 Pass Atl. S: Comp 7-17 4-9 Total Offense 212 303 Punts Average 7-37 4-38 Fumbles Lost 0-1 1-2 Yards Penalized 3-35 3-11 NEBRASKA 7 7 0- 14 OKLAHOMA .0 14 7-21 SCORING: OU— (Carpenter. 9- yard run. 1-yard run: Payne. 30- yard pass from Page). NU — (Ross. 2-yard run; Purcell, 26- yard pass from Claridge). CON- VERSIONS: OU— (Jarman, 3 placements). Nil (Meade. 2 placements) . ATTENDANCE— 23.000 Jimmy Carpenter goes over the top as OU comes from behind to flip Nebraska ' s Cornhuskers 21-14 at Lincoln. ' W 110 Cl ) vl)oy Iraiik Parker pursues, but Sooner halfback Jimmy (Carpenter Is on his way as he turns the corner with Boh Page clearliiv; (he «ay. THE LAST ROUNDUP osr or First Downs I ' i li Yards Rushing 227 2S() Pass All. Comp 4- It .■3-4 Yards Passing 4.5 . ' S4 Total Offense 272 .JN Punts Average .5-.S8 ()-;34 Fuml)les Lost 4-4 2-.} Yar ls Penalized 22 55 OSU 2 :J I) S- l.i OKLAHOMA ...7 M 0-21 SCORING: OU— (Page. 2-yar(l run. 1-yard run: Carpenter, (i- yard run). OSl — (Safety. Ad- cock tackled Carpenter: Davis. 22-yard field goal: McFarland. 4-yard riin). CONVF.RSIONS: OLf — (Placements. Jarnian 2. Mllstea.l 1). OSl— (Ward, pass from Kllioll). .ATPENDANCE— .5; .noo John Tatum Ccnlcr OH 21 - OSU 13 NORMAN— (IKi. 2)— Okhili..nui ended ns l!)i)l e;rid sclicdiili- oti u liuppy (lotc us llic Sooiicrs luithit a loiijili C)kl;ili()iiia Slutc s(|iiacl 21-1.3 lo even the season ' s record al 5-5. A crowd of . ' ), ' . ()()() wall lied llic (iowhoys lake a 2- |)(iiiit lead in llie first ijuarter as Hcili (l( ( k la kled jiiii ( arperilei in die OU endzoiie. itii Jim McCoy ' s recovery of die IjuII on die eiisuiiij; kickoir. die Sooticrs };uiiied po.ssessioii on tlie OSU 43 and moved the remaining yardage in ten plays with I5i)b Page getting the last two yards. George Jarman ' s extra point attem|)t was good. F.arly in the second period, the ( ' owhoys iipped liieir Iota! by three on a 22-yard field goal by Ted Davis. Oil ' s final touchdown came on a 6-yard run by Carpenter following a pretty . ' 50-yard jaunt by Mike McClellan. Karl Milstead ' s placement s|)lit the ii|)riglils. . final qnarter all-out effort by OSU brought the Cowboys to within eight points of OU on a scoring run by Bill McFarland and a 2-point conversion pass from Jim Elliott to Toiiimv Ward. But the Sooners held off the Cowbovs to win the l()lli in a row from the cross- state rivals. (iFMtV Twi.OR ll.,ll ' l .Mk liii.i. xN Hi Lakrv ik iiiiii s QuarlL-rh.n k (inard f» «:-f. ' ' - • C " ' ' III FIRST ROW: Tim Leonard. Lee Smith. Dick Neff. SECOND ROW: Paul Ebert, Neville Soil, liiiclcly Stewart, Walter B. Mizel Cross Country Finishing with a 2-3 season mark and placing sixth in the Big Eight conference meet, Coach Bill Carroll ' s cross country harriers failed to better their 1960 showing. The 1960 thinclads chalked up a similar won-lost mark, but finished third in the loop meet. Senior Lee Smith from Cherokee was the ace runner for the Sooners. consistently crossing the finish line before any other OU runner. Smith recorded the best time for the season on a 3-mile course in 15:07 at Wichita. In the conference meet at Lawrence, Smith finished 18th and promising sophomore Walt Mizell from Mu- nich, Germany, placed 21st. Lee Smith, Cherokee senior, helped Coach Bill Carroll ' s thin- clads to a successful season. 112 SCORES Oklahoma ... 30 .Arkansas 43 Pittsburg 48 Oklalioma ... 36 Oklahoma State . . 21 Oklahoma ... 29 . ir Force .... 27 Oklahoma ... 31 Wichita 43 Fort Hayes .... 50 Oklahoma . . . 43 Kansas 17 Oklahoma finished 6th in the Big Eight Conference meet tev. Basketball S| S( ) S Rl ( OKI) SimiiIkmi ( alll.HlH, -.1. ()LI.,I oiiia y Sim.iIk ' iii Mnliiiili ' . Ill Okl.ll 4)iiia m 49 Illilliils . . . St.„-s . . 70 Oklal (iiiia Oklal (iiiia 74 Brinham Vi.uiik SI Oklal OIIKI 42 Tixas ' IVili . . 70 Oklal Diiia 47 Ciiliirailii Slate . 52 Oklal oiiia (il Kansas .... (iO Oklal oiiia 4(j Iiiua State . . 49 Oklal ■ Miia 5S Missiiiiii (lit) (i;! Oklal oiiia ftJ liiwa State . . 49 Oklal oiua 5(i Missouri 52 Oklal Oklal 4!) Nebraska . . . 57 Oklahoma State ()5 Oklal oiiia 50 Colin adii . . . 54 Oklal oiiia (i(j Iowa State . . 72 Oklal lima 5(j Colorado . . . 64 Oklal lima fi;J Kansas State 71 Oklal lima ()7 Kansa.s (ul) . . 66 Oklal lima 57 Kansas State 89 Oklal nma (j;i Kansas .... 62 Oklal lima (i9 .Nel.raska (ot) . 71 Oklal lima (jj Missinui . . . 55 Oklal oina (i2 Okla. State (2ot) (iS Del, • U- Cimfcre, ce Cam Season Ki iiiril 7-17 (!ol(ir;i(l( Mirprisccl cvtrylxidy hy unseating Kuiisus Siiilc its till- UiK KIkIiI caj;c L ' liuiiipioii. Kuiisus jjtiard Jerry Ciarcliicr won the Icaj tic scoriiij; title playiiij; for a cellar team. Sooner coach Doyle Parrack was haiii ed III (liiji and Ol ' missed a firsl-di Imihi fiiiisli liy six |iiiints III Its season finale. These were the liijihliKhts of OU hasketbail l9f)l-()2. The Sooners K iiifd ])ersonal highs hy downinj; llniversity three times — all hy one-|)oint deci- sions — ii|)setting highly-touted Sotithcrn (laliforniu and iii( iiig out of the league cellar into fifth place. Wliile Colorado (13-1) was winning the conference title outright from Kansas State (12-2). OIJ was climh- ing hack into the respectful ranks of the Big Eight. The Sooners opened the season besting US(i hy 10 points on the Norman court but then went into a tails|)in. ending December non-league play with a 1-6 mark. OU finished fourth in the league meet at Kansas City and then posted a 5-9 mark in conference play lor a fiftii-place tie with Nebraska. Overall Oil was 7-17. Senior forward Warren Fouls led the Sooners in scor- ing, posting a 12.4 average. Juniors Eddie Evans (.5-9 guard) and Stan Morrison (6-7 center) also finislied in double figures with 11.7 and 10.9 averages. KlliSr ROW: llar e Clialiin. Warren hunts. Jerrv Haildiuk. Delaiic (Earner. William lackson. Stan Morrison. James Kaiser. Eddie |aekson. I)e« a ne ' Carrier. SECO.N ' D ROW: .Vssistant Coaili ■julii, rioMJ. Darrell Holimann. Eddie flvans. Tom Hed- rick. Eddie Wea er. jack I.e Tom MeCnrdy. .-Vssistant (i Dovie Parrack. .Nick Denner. Farrell jiilinsiin. ill jaik Hern. 11. Hea.l Coaeli 113 I I MH I V (.11 Ml IN Cc.iter Nick Dknni.k (iuard Eddie Evans (luard Warrkn Fours Forward Basketball Oklahoma started its 61-62 slate v itli one of tlie most-publicized teams in the nation — Southern California. Returning its starting team intact from the previous season, the Trojans waltzed into Norman carrying the rating of No. 4 in the nation. After 40 minutes of playing time had elapsed USC looked like the No. 2 team in Norman as it departed on the bottom end of a 66-56 score. OU led at half by 7, increased the lead by 13 in the second half, and missed a wider margin only by a cold night at the free throw lane. Warren Fonts, Stan Morrison and Jerry Haddock sparked the winners with 20. 13 and 11 points each. USC ' s all-American John Rudometkin got 9. The December weather cooled off the Sooners, however, and the locals dropped their next six games before the Christmas recess. SMU and Illinois followed USC to Norman but both went home winners of respective 61-52 and 70-60 contests. Cold from the field, the Sooners were forced to press SMU and presented the visitors with 35 charity tosses of which they hit 25. James Thompson and Jan Louder- milk led the scoring with 16 and 15 followed by Harvey Chaffin and Eddie Evans of the Sooners with 15 and 13 points. Morrison and Fonts popped in 26 and 20 points against Illinois but the mini balance and rebound power spelled defeat for OU. Parrack ' s cagers got a cold reception in a venture to Brooklyn, N. Y., as the St. John ' s Redmen toyed with the Sooners for a 69-49 win. Fonts topped the scoring with 22 but five Redmen hit in double figures. OU returned home to face its third " church " team, Brigham Young. Morrison and Fonts hit 27 and 22 and Evans added 15. The team effort fell short (74-81) to the Utes, who took their basketball religiously, too. Stan Morrison looks on as Jack Lee slaps the ball away from SMU ' s Jan Louder- milk durins the Sooners ' 61-52 loss to the Mustangs. 114 )klalioina State ' s darv Hassinaiiii limj cs aua frdiii (It uf Sooner Warren Fonts on the Ol ' lloor. State Innlt i early 1!)- 1 lea l In tliis frav and »all etl to a (J. ' .-»!) klor . Texas Tech. who won the Southwest conference in 1961 but lost to Oklahoma, added to the Sooners " woes, flogging the Sooners 70-42 at Lubbock. Texas. It was OU " s worst setback in its last 62 games. Del Ra Mounts led the scoring willi 20. James Kaiser paced OU with ry. Colorado State ' s superior board control and free throw accuracy spelled anotiier defeat (52-47) for OU. Morrison. Evans and Fonts led again with 15. 13 and 10. The Crimson and C ' ream entered the conference meet at Kansas City with the poorest record among the eight. They had their package of surprises with them, how- ever, as they !)eat Kansas (61-20). lost a close one to Iowa State 49-46 and lost in overtime to Missouri 63-58. Stan Morrison is set for a rel)onii(i. Ii nl )a»k Lee lav the Sooners as Hrinhani Voniin hil)s Ol Sl-71. Evans led the Sooners in the tourney with 13. 18 and 20-point showings. OL ' beat KU in the final 1:26. lost to ISU in the last minute and fell to ML ' in overtime after they had overcome a 20-point halftime deficit. |iuin llviinotk (iiiard DAItiUXL IIoUMA.NN Center W ILLl AM ,|ai kso.n (hiard 1 Aiaa 1 I. .lnii (hiard 115 Basketball OU opened January cage action on a bright note beating league foes Iowa State and Missouri in con- secutive home contests. Down 19-12 with 6:50 to go in the half. OU struck for 15 points before intermission to lead Iowa State 29-25 at half. Morrison, who sat out the first 10 min- utes, picked up honors with 23 points as OU widened its final margin to 63-49. OU barely outhit Mizzou from the field, barely edged them at the lane and on the boards and barely won 56-52, but it still counted as a big Sooner win. Morri- son, Fonts and Evans led again with 16, II, 10. Ken Doughty, who set the tourney high of 32 against OU only a week earlier, was held to 16 on the home floor. OU tried to make it three league wins in a row against Nebraska at Lincoln but missed by a hair 57-56. The Sooners, led by Morrison and Evans with 13 apiece, outhit NU percentage-wise and added 14 of 15 charities. Sooner forward Warren Touts appears ready lo iiileittpt Colo- rado ' s iinsiispectins Gil Wliissen (with ball), who is looking for help from hchind. ll was the Soomrs. houcncr. uho were InliliKl ill llic scrinn roliniin !- i-W. James Kaiser Center The Parrackmen were " out " of only one league fray during the first half of conference ball but that was a 65-49 loss to OSU before 5,000 at Norman. OU fell behind 19-4 early in the fray while operating from a zone defense. Once abandoned, the Sooners were out- scored only 46-45 during the last 30 minutes. OU gave Colorado a scare for 31 minutes in a see-saw battle at Norman before they were plagued with a scor- ing lapse and fell 12 points behind with 2:50 left. A full-court press brought OU within 4 at the gun, 54-50. Fonts and ChaHin led OU with 14 apiece. The Sooners made road trips to Iowa State and CU next. The Oklahomans led at halftime of both games but fell by final counts of 72-66 and 64-56. At Ames, the Sooners led 34-31 at half before a cold- shooting spell reversed the decision for ISU. Evans hit 15, Fonts 12 and Farrell Johnson added 11. OU played better ball against Colorado at Boulder but the Buffs played better too and won again by 8. Outhit from the field. CU completed 12 more free throws than OU and led in rebounds 43-26. Ken Charl- ton led the scoring with 21. Fouts and Johnson had 14 for OU. Sooner Jack Lee drives in for a la -up on a fast break as OU dunks Iowa State 63-49. 116 loM l.( I Ull Si Miiuiusdn K-St;il(.- Iiil 14 iif its first 1 ' ) (itid all(.iii|ils .il N ' unci led 1) ;is iiurcli ;is IS iii llu- llrsl li.ill in llu ' liisi game of a 4-jianic set with Kansas i|iiintels. Ol ' cut the lead to 7 hefore the game ended but llu- visitors had proven tiieir strength, winning 71-(j. ' }. Jerry Gardner and iNolen Ellison hit 26 and 22 |)oints a|)iete hut ()U won its first game ever in KlI ' s Allen FieUl house 67-66. OU had to reel back, from a . ' 38-24 lialftime deficit, knot the game at 62-62 at the bti .zer and then win in overtime on Jack Lee ' s free shot. OU was never in contention in a return match with KSU at Manhattan. The Wildcats had four men hitting in double figures and used 17 players winning SQ-. ' J?. The Sooiiers made it three wins in a season over Kansas and all by one-point margins when the Jayhawks made a return isii to Norman. Stan Morrison ' s slioi zipped cleanly through the net us the buzzer sounded and gave Ol ' a 63-62 ui. Morrison .scored 23. Evans hit 19 and Fout.s 13. KL ' " s Gardner and Ellison were held to l. ' j and 13. Kansas ' s Uns Carclnf, fails (o 1)1, .ck V.Ml ll, iMskci .IS iIk- .lavliauk- fall lo ( )l (i.i-tC ' ST ' ' ' ' ' vi ' v- Basketball l.cfl), l)ar l I ' elM h diilUd a 2. " -looter as the final gun sotuided to give .Nebraska a 71-69 overtime «in imi ( l at Norman. The Sooners. down by 6 at halftimi. knotted llie game at 67-67 in regidatioii time and then missed a iliance for victory as Fonts ' field attempt ent astray with two seconds left. Parrack ' s Sooners spoiled the bowing out ol Missouri Coach S|)arky Stalcup when they traxeled to {iolunibia. Down by . ' ) at halltime. the Sooners squeezetl ahead iiiitl- way thriiiigli (lie siiiiiid IkiH .iikI llien used the l-aiid-l free sliol as an lusmaiin- |iciIk hi downing the Tigers 63-55. Morrison and l ' , ans hit 16 and 15. In the true spirit of the Bedlam scries. Ol and OSl fought for 50 minutes (two halves and two overtimes) at Stillwater before OSl ' closed the year ' s action with a 68-62 win. OU outhit the Pokes from the field and used Aggie strategy by stalling after grabbing a lialftime lead but the alleiiipl fell slioil. liarMN Cliallin .IiIm-s ai.MMi.l Kansas Stall ' s Mike- Vr, l lc»skl in the Wild, als .S!l--.7 lunnhlln ; , { the Su.niers. 117 Swimming The 1961-62 swim season brought new faces and new records to OU but the standings stood the same when the final race was swum — OU seven wins, two losses in regular season duals and Big Eight champs for the sev- enth straight year under mermen mentor Matt Mann. The Sooners met seven of the eight foes they faced in 1960-61 — Southern Methodist. Texas, Iowa State, Kan- sas, Colorado, Air Force and Nebraska — and replaced Kansas State with Texas Tech, but still came out with the same rating. In the 3-day conference meet at Ames, Iowa, the Sooners won with 119 points, as expected, but got a scare from iniderrated Kansas which finished second with 110. Iowa State finished third with 87 points. The Sooners plugged up the previously weak 220- and 440-yard freestyle gap in 1962 when 150-minnow Char- ley Schuette made his collegiate debut. Topped only in total points by senior merman John Day, who had 86 points for the season, Schuette led the team in first-place honors with 14 and tallied 84 points. Gerrit Maris. Des Moines. Iowa, junior and (JL ' s leadini; mer- man in 50 and 100-yard freestyle events, turns on the speed in the SMI ' meet. OU lost the close one 50-45. FIRST ROW: Carl Zahn. Phil Gordon. Johnnie Day. Coach Matt Mann. Phil Brougher, Melvin Riggs, Barron Housel. SECOND ROW: Gerrit Maris, John Bernard, Charlie Schuette. Jim Claborn. Hal Williams. Louie Kronfeld. THIRD ROW: Rex Ball. Jerry Vernon. Eddie Lusk. Bobby Reese, Jim Cody, Benno Fischer. 118 SEASON ' S RECORD Okl.ilHMu.i ... 78 . i-l.i;isk.i .... 27 Okl.ilioni.i . . . T.} .So. .Miilicdisi . . . ()2 Okhilioni.! . . . ()l ' l x;is .M Oklahoma . . . 4. ' " ) So. Mciliodlsi . . . ' .O Oklalioma . . . ()2 Kansas (il Oklalioma . . . 5H Iowa Siaii- .... M Oklahoma ... 77 Colorado .... 18 Oklahoma . . . (il Air I ' oni- .... .M Oklahoma ... 79 ' IV as IVi h . . . . I(i ( l lirsl in iIk- Kiij l ' ,ii;lii mcft Scltn.- s.iiK ,..i l pool monk is s,,|,Ii,,mio,, (l,,,,i.v S,I,m.ii.. ulio led llu ' Sooiiirs iii lirsl plao lioiiois n, n( 2 uilli II lirsis and Hi The Columbus. Ind.. |)r()duct started the season with a baiiji;. as he set two |)o()l marks In his respective raies in the opener against Nebraska. Day and Schuette broke dual records at the hands ol SMI " s Ponies who collared a 62-. ' 3. ' 3 win at Dallas and a slim . ' 50-4. ' ) decision in Norman. The Pony dual at Norman was the liighlight e eiit ol the sea.son as Schuette and South African all-American .Aubrey Burer met. Schuette edged Burer by six inches in the 220 and then beat the Pony ace by a foot in the 440-yard freestyle race. OU and spiniky Kansas rewrote record books in Kl " s undersized 20-yard pool. Schuette and Day broke U. S. marks in the 440 and 200-yard backstroke as did the Jayhawk medley relay team. It was Schuette ' s three first-place honors in the 220- yard. 440-yard and 1500-meter freestyle races which ga e OU a margin of victory in the Big Eight meet. Beniio Fischer, Tulsa junior, splashes his way down the Sooner swim lane in the 220-yard individual medley race in one of the lidiiic meets. Opened oiriiially for the first time in 19()2. the former navy indoor |M)oI. . " iO meters l)y 23 yards, nives Ol fwie suiiiimiii ' i faiililies. 119 Wrestling Takiiip; over the helm for Tommy Evans, who was called back into the air force. Coach Port Robertson guided the Sooners to an 8-4-1 season and a runner-up position in the Big Eight tourney. Oklahoma fell to Lehigh, Oklahoma State twice. Iowa State and was tied by Wyoming. The OU squad showed they were in contention for national honors as the grapplers rolled up impressive scores against opponents and placed second to OSU in the Big Eight meet. Led by Captain Wayne Baughnian, Big Eight champ at 191 and the team ' s leading scorer with 35 points, Oklahoma crowned two loop champions, three runners- up, two in third place and four in fourth place. OU topped opponents ' total scoring 209-170, while notching 72 wins to 58 losses and 9 draws. Bud Belz. Big Eight runner-up in the 157-pound class, led the Sooners in pins with four. Oklahoma won nine matches by pins while being pinned only three times. An unidentified Sooner wrestler scores two points on a reverse as OU opened the 1961-62 season with a victory over Colorado Mines 20-6. FIRST ROW: Bob Denpree. NVallv Curtis. Mack Rilev. Phil Keeley. SECOND ROW: Charles Lindsay, Joe Chaniberlin. Bud Bel ,. Gerald Whiilield. Skip Perillo. THIRD ROW: Billv Carter, Tommy Edgar. Von Henrv. Ken Allwhite. Stan Harrison. NOT PICTURED: Wayne Haiighman. Mickey Mar- tui. Laverne .Sunpson. 120 OkUi Okl. Okh: Okl.i Okl Okl.i Okl.i Okl Okhi Okl;i Okh Oklii Okl;i SF.ASO.NS RKCOKI) 20 19 8 Hi 20 7 18 11 11 17 20 14 27 .39 Mines RiiiKtrs . IaI.1i;Ii . . . Maryland . . Colorado Slali- I Oklalioina State Colorado Stale ( ' ( Oklahoma State Iowa Stale . . Iowa L ' . . Southern Illinois Wyoming; Colorado . . Kansas Stale l,i 25 (j 2-1 20 10 (j 14 9 , ' 3 Wuvtie liaunliiiiaii. lTT-|)iiiii,.l. :. i llie llniils " " t(, Si.iic ,..ll,-.;i II soiimlU lc-fc,ili l liini S-0. Siininr .j.i,i|.|.lci Miiku l.iiiiii .i|i|. .iis 1.. he in imitrol here but lu:,l lu U. 5L WjMit Sim... IIS T ' -l. liud BeU. OV 147-pouncler. rides Vv- Diniiiu ' s Jerry Fnide on the way to a C-3 victory. 121 A».. t triiMuan Mike Lindsay was a l)i his long heaves in the shot put. tlie field events with Track Eliding a nine-year domination by Kansas of the Big Eight outdoor title and finishing second in the confer- ence indoor meet, Oklahoma proved to be a power to be reckoned with in 1961. The Sooners also finished in a tie for first in the Dallas Invitational and soundly trounced cross-state rival Oklahoma State in dual meet competition. Oklahoma brought home the loop championship for the first time in 26 years by topping Kansas 99-8814 in the Big Eight battle at Boulder, Colorado. The Sooners won firsts in four events to win the title as Mark Sullivan won in the 100, Mark Brady tied for first ill the high jump, Mike Lindsay took blue ribbons in the shot put and the discus, and the 440-yard team of Cal Sharpe. Don Warrick. Richard Sinclair and Sullivan led the field home. Coach Bill Carroll ' s thinclads failed to repeat as conference indoor title holders, but finished a close second to Kansas. In dual meet action, Oklahoma lost only to Kansas indoors, and to San Jose State and Stanford in a tri- angular outdoors. The Sooners were tied by Baylor in the Dallas Invitational. Mark Sullivan, from Oklahoma City Harding, was also a leader in the distance events for Coach Bill Carroll. ™,i Mark Sullivaii skimmed llic low liuiilli.s in shoil time to help the Sooners in their bid for llic liin l ' ' ,iji;lit ikhmi. 122 KIKSI ROW: Kiiijslil. ' rdriinn riik. Tiiri Lcor S„ll. Kalpli D.iMil li.iiik. Dkk ir. M.irk S, W. RaU . Stfvc Suair,)icl. Skip Alhiuni. Don War- 11(1. liiicUK Skuart. SF.COM) ROW: Neville uMi;i«orlli. Walt Mveis. l)l,k Dorsev. |. I). Marlin. Mark liraiK. (,arj Kiiapp, Paul l-.l)ert. CJ Slianx-, Riiliard .Sintlair, Lee Sniltli, Kinnan (jolemaii and Jack Vau!;liati, managers. Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklalioma OklalioMia Okhihoma 100 52 1051 V4 ; 43 8:3 SEASON ' S RECORD [iitl(wrs liuliana .... 54 Kiiitucky ... 7 Kansas 70 Arkansas .... 28I 2 Wl.lilia ... 12 Nebraska .... 47 Oklahoma (iiiislRd siKind in tlie Big Eight Indoor Meet Okhi. Hapiist . San josf State . Oklahoma State . Oiildccrs 69 Stanford 53 45 1 6 Dallas Invitational Oklahoma . . 47 Bavlor ... 47 SMU . . . 431,1, Texas. . . 271 2 Okialii.ina linisiud lirst in die Hi ' .: Ei ' .;lil Outdoor Meet Te.xas A M Paul Klurl. a junior from Sparta, W iM .. is an Ol ' thiiic ' lads ' top (Lish 123 Ceuigi: Kciiick led Cuacli Jack liuer " .s Sconcis at tlic plate. Baseball Dropping a 3-game series to league champ Oklahoma State and to lowly Nebraska, OU ' s erratic baseballers fell to fifth place in the Big Eight in 1961 after finishing third the previous season. Jack Baers diamondmen faced a 27-game slate of which they could win only 10 while losing 15. Two others were rained out. The Sooners won a 3-game set from eighth-place Kansas in the season ' s finale to escape the league ' s lower rungs with a 9-10 showing. The Sooners opened the season with a non-conference swing into Texas and Louisiana where they faced Texas university, Southwest Louisiana State and Loyola of New Orleans. A 2-0 win recorded by rightlander Kenny Teel at Lafayette, La., was the Sooners ' first and only win of the 6-game trip. OU opened conference play against No. 2 Missouri and third-place Colorado. Teel and little lefty Bobby Jayroe won one and lost one apiece in the 4-game run as the Sooners split with each foe 1-1. The bottom fell next as the Sooners lost three straight at home to OSU. OU lost 5-2, 7-0 and 9-0, scoring only 2 runs on 14 hits in the series as State locked the scoring door on the last 19 innings. OU was 2-1 against Iowa State and Kansas State be- fore losing three to Nebraska and then winning three from Kansas. All-league first baseman George Kernek led the Soon- ers in RBIs, total bases and hitting with .346. Bob Hembree was a big stick at the plate as well as a superb backstop. 124 A ' iHO . A.Hr,a ,, I 7 fl i(mA HKSr ROW: Don Hassebrock. Ecldv I ' eacli. ken Hurkc. Jon Darbv. Buzz MiDonald. Dick DcnUiii. Hob Ileinbree. SECOND ROW: |im Self. Rav Bob Burden. Bobbv |a Toe. Don Finken- bimlcr. ilovvani Blaek. Kenru Teel. I. nn 0 erton. ' rem Suine- ford. IHIRD ROW: Manager Billy Woods. Jay Oegg. Larry Warden. .)err Haddock. Warren FouLs. George Kernck. Ray Collins. Tom WahoM. SE.ASONS SCORES OU Texas . OU Texas . OU 2 SVV La. OU 2 SW La. OU 1 Loyola OU 8 LoNola OU OU OU OU OU OU Missouri Missouri Colorado Colorado Okla. St. Okla. St. OU OU 8 OU 18 OU 4 OU 2 OU 5 OU Okla. St. Iowa St. Iowa St. Iowa St. Kan. St. Kan. St. Kan. St. OU OU OU OU OU OU Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska . Kansas . . Season ' s Record 10-1. — Fifth in Big Eight Ken liurke robl ed nian an op- posing batter of extra bases witli bis ball-hawking and strong arm. 125 4 -5 OF • - V Coach Tommy Evans, James Provines, Paul Gregory, Jerry Gevman, Dunny Vanice, Robert Sutoris. Tennis Coach Tommy Evans took over duties as tennis coach when Don Walraven stepped down, and tutored the Sooners to a 9-9 record and a fourth place tie in the Big Eight tournament. Dunny Vanice was the top singles player in the num- ber one position with an 11-7 season mark. Captain James Provines was next with a 10-8 record. Provines and Jerry Geymann teamed up to post the best doubles record with an 8-4 showing. Robert Sutoris came closest to winning a crown in the conference fray at Boulder, winding up second in the number five singles. Senior Diiiiny Vanice. the Sooner nctmen ' s top singles player, heiped Ol ' blaze a 9-9 season record. 126 Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma ( )khiiioma ( )klali()ma ( )klali()nia ( )kiaiioma ( )kiahoma ( )klali()ma ( )kialioma ( )kiaiioma ( )klaiii)ma Oklahoma Oklahoma ( )klalioma ( )khilioma ( )klali()ma Oklahoma SCORES 7 Nebraska 2 Colorado 6 Iowa State ,5 Kansas State I Kansas 2 East Te.xas 1 SMU . . 1 TCU . . 1 SE State . 4 Wichita . SE State . osu . . 4 East Te.xas 4 Phillips . 6 Phillips . 1 OSli . . a SVV State 7 SVV State )!. Re ■ord 9-9 Sea Tied for fourth in Big Eight sc:oRi:s OU sccoiul ill Tulsa Iii il:iliiu OU fijtlilli ill Houston I oiirn OklilhoIIKl Okhil.oMia OklahoMKi Oklalidiiia Oklalionia OklalioMia Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklalioiiia Oklahoma Oklahoma 2 Xorili ' IVxas . 14 . 14 ' , W ' iihila . . .31 2 . 8 Xorlli ' IVxas . 1.3 . 12 Widiila . . 9 9 Kansas . () • ' 2 ' 2 Kansas St. . 21 2 . 12lo Kansas St. . . 21 2 . I. ' Jio Nehraska . 11 2 • «l2 Iowa State . . 81 2 . 5 Oklahoma St. . Hi ■ 9 ' 2 Oklahoma S(. . 111 2 OL (hird ill 1 i I ' .inht meet Season Record ()-5 Bob .Smith cd team In a liiuli shell low scores to boost the (il v,o ! in llie conference. Golf Oklahoma, a mediocre 5-5 performer during regular season links action, came through in the clutch at Boul- der. Colo., behind medalist Bob Smith to ])lace third in the 1961 Big Eight meet. Oklahoma States highly-touted golfers were tops with 865 strokes, followed by host Colorado with 892 and Bob James " Sooners with 894. Smith, who had won honors in only one dual meet, led all golfers at 213. Ill match play, the Sooners won a |)air from Wichita and singles over Kansas. Kansas State and Nebraska. OSU won a pair from Ol ' (16-5 and III 2-91 2) as did North Texas State. Iowa State also won an 81 9-61 squeaker. Individually. OU ' s Smiths. Bob and Don (no kin), posted the best marks of 7-2-1 and 6-.3-1 as the .No. 2 and No. 5 men. Bob Ryan, who oftentimes drew the toughest foe as the Sooners ' No. 1 man. was 2-3-5. FIKST ROW: Fretl Scrutcbfield. Don Snillh. (.ar |arnion. Don Whillock. SECOND ROW: Tom Ryan, Bob Ryan, Bob James. Bi b Smith. Dick Lambert . 127 Top Athletes Cl.urlcv SrluK-Kc. sui.nmintj;: M.irk Si.lllvaii. Iraik: Smith. H ilf: Wancn Fonts. I)askitl).,ll: liol. Pane. In„tl,all: Ccorge KeriK-k. liasi-l.all: Mlikry MaitiTi. wrtstllnK: joliiun Day. .swini- ii.liiij,: WaMie Haiinliiiiari. uicstliiiK. 128 j.uL SuiiiR Uiis iijinccl ijiitslamliMn iiuiiianiT. Beta Tliila Pi fraternity " oii five iiitraimirai trophies. Tin lietas Hdii cliainpionships in A foDtball, H football. H basketball . volk ' l)all and swiniinlng. lliaq.lii.liiil h ..!i.,:. ,1 . , - I-IKST ROW Jenv Flint. Ski Su (iani. Kaiidv Siiiicb. Larrs Muslcrat. Tom Green. Mike Wallaie. Si:(:()M) l{() V: Link Spann. Delbert Frieze, Gene Smith, Tom liro«ii. Mikr Carnes. Intramurals To teach sportsmanship, fair play and respect for the will of others are the goals of the Men ' s Intramural department. Every sttident lias an |)|)( rtiniity to compete in some form of competitive sports. Whatever a student ' s taste in sports, no matter what his skill, he can find a schedtiled acti ity in which to participate while at the university. Through practice a boy develops a fondness for sports which gives him courage and provides him the physical fitness vital to his country ' s service. He also creates a sports habit which carries over and serves in later life as a wholesome recreation for his leisure time. Student leadership is encouraged, another factor w liich makes intramurals a |)roving ground for democracy. Inlranniral Countil. FIRST ROW: l?ol Reis. Delt: joe Myers, Si nia (Jii: Mrs. F.lvi liordcan. [im Sinex. Sij;ma i. u. SEC- OND ROW: l)e«cv Luster. I ylc Vounv;. Phi Delt: Willis Moore. Ind.: Hill Walker. Kappa Sij;: Paul Keen. Jack Sweeney. Beta. 129 K. »«?■ r |- -A. J ( lass li I hall iliampions. SiKiua Ali.lia K|,sil..ii. MUST ROW: Dave CaiUral. Joe Carter. (;eorj;e Bridges. Duaiie Blakenship. Wade Harrison. Dick Baldwin. Bill Butler, Phil Clark. SECOND ROW: John Turner. Richard Pogue, Jim Watkins. Dick Campbell, George McDonald, Gary Rawlinson, Car Stratton, Gordon Marcum. NOT PICTURED: Quinton Cobb. l,,.,il..ill ,l,.Hnpiuiis. Tata Tlicta Pi. FIRST ROW: Larrv Fields, (.rant Fair. Don Hassebroek. John Yeager, Bill Noble. SECOND ROW: Louie Priebe, Tom Swineford, Monty Bratcher, Gary Baer, Brian Copple. Intramural Program Has a Sport For Every Student I Since 1925 when the intramural program was inaugu- rated on the OU campus, it has expanded so that this year over five thousand men and women will have entered into competition. A sport for every man and every man in a sport is the motto of the department, which makes available athletic equipment and facilities to all university men and women. Intramurals at the university give every man, whether proficient in a sport or not, a chance to exercise and enter into competition. Team sports winners receive trophies and individual winners receive medals. Intramural headquarters in the field house carries equipment for all sports and at least one tournament a year is conducted in each of them. Equipment and tournaments are managed by a corps of student sports leaders. Paul V. Keen is director. Keen came to the university in 1927 as coach of the varsity wrestling team and member of the intramural staff. iKttti ii1 ( .Sigma Nu intranniral limkslti in shot-put while piaciuK lliird Tun Crou 1 the discus took lirst pla 1,1 (.i, k li.iskilli.ill , lumps. Sv u,. l|,li,i KpMl..,, I IKSI ROW: lii)li TinilHrlakc. I)..n MnUMhiiulir. |iiii, Dick Cainpl ' ill. SKCIOM) KOW: Jap Hhinktiislup. I...n Foster. Cin WillilK-v. laiU; liiiv Uaih.i. ( h.icl. (I.iii ' . Suii ()xi.ilia.Kll .i. J..ii (Ikoo. SKCOM) KOW: Jcrrv C.x.k. Pclcr Fcl.lmaii. Tom Joins. Darby Cray, ISill Salas. Burl Parcliic. Sliidcnt iiuiiKijicrs for llic iiitrunuirul athletic pron ' rani arc Hill Walkir. Boh Rcis. Jim Sincx. 01111 . Nick Deiiiier. Ron Sheiricld. Jack Sweeney. Willis .Moore. Calaiid Kramer and Joe Myers. appointed student.s. the director of iiitramurals and the staff of the department compose the maiiasierial hoard. I he hoard meets twice a month to discuss policies and possihlc impro emcnls to he made in ihe proj;rain. Each year the student members of the board are se- lected from members of the previous year. It is the duty of the senior managers to see that plav is rini o(T smoothly in their assijrned sport. This system is desis ;ned s ) that all managers will be snlliciently trained to hold the |)( sitioii of senir r mana- ger, and to fulfill ilie functions required for tourtiameni and league |il.i 111 ilic many sports sponsored by the intramural department. Kach organized elects or ai)|)onits a manager. (cud olli l)all iliarnps. IIKST ROW: Betsy .Maniilii);. Pi Beta Plii. SKCOM) ROW: Bill Chastain. Bob Scott. Delta Tan Delia. urestliii (ii;inips i,, il, I ill aiul 191 »eitilil (li i- sioiis are Siy;ina .NiTs (ia li ri ktamer aiul Daiiii LeCirone. 131 • uii m ' ' - 4i ' . - . Beta Thcl., I ' l s« Irnnnii ' i Iciiji. FIKS ' I KdW : |,,hri ( Louis Piicl)c. JoluL Vciv,aM l. j. Mo.Mc (..hui.IkII. SECOM) ROW: Camp Bonds. Ricliard Moore. Don Reece. Brian Copple. ( lass A fraternity Softball wiiniers. Delta Tan Delta. FIRST ROW; Sid . hlschlager. Bill Chastain. Bob Reis. SECOND ROW: RoiHiie Pendergraf t. Berry Miller, Bill Cochran. Tim Cloar, John Hill. Intramural Winners TEAM SPORTS Volleyball, Class A Delta Tau Delta Volleyball, Class B Beta Theta Pi Volleyball, Independent Iranian Student Society Volleyball, Co-ed Beta Theta Pi, Pi Beta Phi Basketball, Class A Sigma Alpha Epsilon Basketball, Class B Phi Delta Theta Basketball, Independent Whitehand Hall Wrestling, Class A Sigma Nu Touch Football, Class A Beta Theta Pi Touch Football, Class B Sigma Alpha Epsilon Touch Football, Independent Young House INDIVIDUAL BRACKET SPORTS Handball, Singles Joe SokolofF, Boyd House Handball, Doubles Joe Sokoloff, Doug Ratcliff. Boyd House Horseshoes, Singles Sam Bradshavv, Sigma Chi Horseshoes, Doubles Bill Vesley, Jack Sweeny. Beta Tlieta Pi Golf Vic Ashford. Beta Theta Pi Badminton, Singles Joe Sokoloff, Boyd House Badminton, Doubles Tom Goodwin. Kurt Hudson, Beta Theta Pi IndependcMl baskelball (lianips, W ' liall. FIRST ROW: Bill Daisy. Bill Rhodes. Paul .{..linsori. SKCOM) ROW: Frank Oberly, Howard Burgess. Jolin llinton. Jiilnj Priiriicerio. 132 Women ' s Recreation Association Sponsors Spring Interschool Sports Day: Promotes A Sound Recreation Program All iiiii fr.sity coeds are eligible to i)artici|)ale in the W ' RA program. The organization olfers an opportunity for the women students to maintain a better balanced life by furnishing a sound recreational program as a diversion from classroom studies. A keen sense of .sportsmanshi|) is fostered. .Annual activities include Interschool S|)orts Day. the awards and installation banquets and a Clhristmas party. W ' RA is responsible for promoting an interest in both learn and indi idual s[)orts and providing a recreational pr i j;r.uii for lliose ol all plnsical abilities. Sports Day. Acs |,l., FIRST ROW: Jaiiis liuiieh. Sanely King. Julie Cloar, . nnakay Judsoii. Dec Post. Judith Porter. Diane Caylor. Lvnda Tainh- Ivti. Joan Kalnian. ' jaekie KruLsinser. SFXONI) ROW: Let- (ioldlKTH. Fran Norman. .Susie Rosenberg. Dale Kiniinell. . lar Ann I.lsilv. Sandra Sigler. Sharon Spraker. Sal l ' ,.liuia I ' Inll. IIIIKI) ROW : Ann 1) Freeny. Jcninie Olson. Suzanne Marks, . larilou Davis. Carol McBravcr. Valerie Brock. Roberta Tesar. Sovia Davis. Patricia Marsh. ' FOIRTH ROW: Fayc Ray. Janet King. Lynn Knapp. Dell F ' obes. Liz Friot. Judy Clailey. Judy Turner. Cihristina Reed. Margaret Burleson. Carole Slepka. Mary Young. Karen Clrosslin. 133 FIRST ROW: Jcu. ■|•|l.,nla . Cirnill liciijamiii. Coiinic OgiKic, Eleanor Schwartz, Jo Ann VVestgate. [an Bridgford, Mary Sue Thompson. Trish Thatcher. SECOND ROW: CaniiUe Finley, Sidney Sudbcrry. Joan Kalman. Teresa Kalman, Roberta Tesar, Caralee Hemphill, Diane Caylor, Julie Kalman, Judy Sherman. iHIRD ROW: Merry Marsh, lieckv Hoen. Kay Kenton, Kathy Munn, Nancy Witt, Martha Markham. Chris Reed. Christa Ke as, Trisha Patterson. Lynn Knapp, Norman Runge, Carol Eroding, Patricia Locke, Carole Hass. DUCKS CLUB Mothers ' Day Water Show Demonstrates Skill Ducks club is open to all women students who fulfill the skill requirements in swimming at the fall tryouts. The club strives to promote individual skills and interest in synchronized swimming. Miss Carole Hass is the club ' s sponsor. Meetings are held each Tuesday at the women ' s pool. A water show for mothers during Mom ' s day week- end and a synchronized swimming workshop in the fall are two of the projects of the Ducks club. Officers are Roberta Tesar, president; Teresa Kalman, vice-president; Caralee Hemphill, secretary; Diane Caylor, treasurer, and Joan Kalman, WRA. ORCUESIS The Juggler of Notre Dame " Main Activity The presentation of the " Juggler of Notre Dame " at Christmas time and an annual spring recital are die principal activities of Orchesis. The organization aims to foster an understanding and appreciation of dance as a form of contemporary art and expression. Tryouts are held twice a year and those accepted be- come provisional members until they participate in at least one major production. Miss Helen Gregory spon- sors the group. Officers are Jeaneane Curry, president; Larry Dickinson, vice-president, and Angle Leonard, secretary. 134 FIRST ROW: Carolyn Ashabranner, Susie Rosenberg, Robbi Rubin, Sonva Evans, Diana Moore, Leslie Steriiberger. Donna Stark. SECOND ROW: Jeanne Curry, Francine Mullen, Becky Olive, Millnirn Hutson, Virginia Thornton, Katherine Maney, Gay Beale. THIRD ROW: Suzy Taylor, Jeanette Demmyer, Sally Sue Allmon, Angle Leonard. II KM ItOW: Ma mail. Sue (Lunt-. n All alr 1 ISC ' II. K ' Bh K.ill Ilk. V III. liiakc ' u Juan . Ma (,ol[- iriiic liuwliiig. HUsr ROW: l.c iiii Ii, hiitlia Maikliaiii. Dioii Dunk. SKCOM) ROW: DiaiiiK- KimklKry. Marv Kathnii Prue. Sliarcii Ncd.lcaii. liilh Hmki-. THIRD K(J V: Samlra WockI, Canilf Sdiiiiiill. Marv Lci- I.IimIiik. SWING CLUB TERPSICHORE Miss Maureiie Bowling sponsors the Swing cliil) incii- ings held either at Brooks house or the University golf course, on call. To promote golf and improve golfing skills are the principal aims of the club. The Swing club is open to all women interested in golf and who demonstrate skill in playing nine holes and specified shots in the presence of the members. Janice Biakcly. president, is aided by Valerie Brock, vice-president, and Marv Ann Btll. secrelurv. Icrpsicliorc is oprii lo all students interested in ac- quiring and [)racliciiig modern dance skills. The object of the club is to provide an e.xtra-curricular activity and to imi)rove the student ' s skill, understanding and appre- ciation of the dance. Public performances at the Or- chesis Christmas and spring recitals provide chances to put these skills to creative and rewarding use. Officers are Martha Markham. president: Linda Brown, vice- [ resident. and Sandra WOod. secretary. PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS ' CLUB The Physical Education Majors " club is sponsored by Virgitiia Morris and Maurine Bowling. Lynda Tamblyn is president. Other oflicers include Merry Marsh, vice- president, and Dee Post, secretarv-treasurer. Aiunial activities of tiie PEM club include a banquet at which time the " Silver Whistle " award is given to the outstanding senior, the PEM-faculty basketball game, a Christmas party and " i)lay day " for senior high school girls. 1-IRSI- ROW: Marv WiMloin. Valeric Hroik. Jan Sicacllv. l.lii.ia laiiibUn. Dec Post. Aiiiaiiila Hardv. Linda Nelson. SEC- OND ROW: Janite Blakclv. Jean Hake. Mary Anil .Marsch. Karen . llard. Suiiia Davis. .Slieri Owen. Jenny Gamble. Karen Brown. JoAiiii Weslgate. Virginia Morris. 135 o n o FIRST ROW: Kathy Munn, Jan Ann Steadley. Carol Kins. Roeann Morris, Nancy VValrath. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Bossart, Karen Allard, Linda Larroux, Sonia Davis. Janice Blakely. THIRD ROW: Mary Gantt. Jackie Krutsinser. Suzie Harris, Nancy Newsom, Linda Bailey. Christina Reed. . kn.l.L-,s ..I the Rueiiiat Cliih. Janac Sniitli. ,Mart . Mrs. Kathleen Black, sponsor; Chris Ford, Kathy Jones. BASKETBALL CLUB RACQUET CLUB Nancy Newsom is the captain of the Basketball club. Mary Gantt is faculty sponsor. The club is open to all women students who are enrolled in the university and are interested in basketball. The club provides an opportunity for women stu- dents to engage in the game of basketball and to pre- pare a team to participate in the state Basketball Sports Day. The Racquet club is one of the WRA organizations that is formed on campus during second semester. The members all show a great amount of enthusiasm for tennis as a sport and for its history. Mrs. Kathleen Black is sponsor of the Racquet club. All meetings are held in the W(mien " s building or on the tennis courts. The girls are big promoters of the physical fitness program. BOWLING TEAM DELTA DELTA DELTA This year marked the beginning of the OU women ' s bowling team. Their principal activities are to partici- pate in the National Intercollegiate Telegraphic Ameri- can Ten Pin tournament and matches between Okla- homa colleges. Diane Bader is this year ' s captain and Rita Sutter is the team ' s treasurer. All tmdergraduate women in good standing are eligible. Delta Delta Delta social sorority won the intramural trophy for the fourth consecutive year. The members collected o er 1000 points in intramural competition. Representatives won first in horseshoes, tennis doubles, Softball, speedball and pocket billiards. In swimming, tiie girls captured second jilace. FIRST ROW: )anice Blakelv, Judy Talley. Marsha Manis, Dennie Bader. Jean Boyd. Sharon Williams. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Rowan, Linda Strickland. Susan (ireen. Rita Sutter. Sally ' ' ■ ' IS. M,ii Armstrong. FIRST ROW: Judy Dalke, Betsy Trahern. Gloria Valdes, June Little, Judy Prescott, Kathy Maney. SECOND ROW: Annakay Jndson. Fancv Mc. lister. Sidney Sudherrv. Joy Eimle. Marv Ann Junk. Jcanic G.unlilc. J. 1). Martin, one the nation ' s oulstandiii vanltirs. prtii.ii make another attempt at the bar. 137 yeuoATDOff 138 CHAPTER 3 Publications Board 140 Sooner Yearbook 142 Oklahoma Daily 145 Sooiur Sliaiinock 148 Journalism Press 149 Publications Supervised By Unique Board Dr. C. Joe Holland The University of Oklahoma Puhhcations Board acts as pubhsher and poHcy-niaking body ior school publica- tions. It is unique in that both students and faculty members comprise its membership. The board has been supervising the publication of the two student publications, the Oklahotna Daily and the Sooner yearbook since 1915. The student-faculty board is composed of seven voting and three ex-officio members. Four students are chosen amuially from applicants to represent the two publica- tions and publications-at-large. Voting faculty members of the board are Dr. C. Joe Holland, director of the H. H. Herbert school of jour- nalism, and chairman of the board; John H. Casey, professor of journalism and secretary of the board, and Dr. Ralph Bienfang, professor of pharmacy, appointed to the board by President Cross. Student members of the board this year were Bill Llpton, representing the Oklahoma Daily; Tim Larason, re])resenting the Sooner yearbook, and Bill Stewart and June Harms, chosen to serve as menibers-at-large for the two publications. Mrs. Louise Beard Moore, supervisor of student ]iublications: Cecil H. Brite, general manager of student publications, and David Burr, assistant to the president and director of public information, are the three ex- ofTicio members of the Publications Board, who sit in on meetings but do not vote. The board also supervises the publication of the official OU student directory of faculty and students and the Oklahoma Daily summer special edition mailed to all new students each August. Pkoies ok JoniN H. Casey Cecil H. Brite 140 MouIkis of ll.f I ' lllllil.l(iol lirilc. JcliM H. Castv, l)r , Hoard. llRSr ROW: (nil H. K;il|)li Uii-nfaiii; and Or. C:. Jce Ilulla..d. SKCOM) ROW: Liptoii. Hill Sicuait and Mr nis. Ti.M I.; li. Moore. Selection of the editors of the two student puljlica- tions and ai)|)roval of staff a|)poiiitments are the jirinci- pal duties of the Publications Board members. The board also exercises the power of appr ) al of all budget.s and expenditures of the publications. Selection of the editors of the Ohlahowa Daily and the SoONKR yearbook is made from ajjplicatioMs sub- mitted to the board by students. Each candidate must have served at least one semester in a major staff position on the publication for which he is seeking editorshi]). Before appointments are made the applicants are considered for their experience, dedi- cation and cxecuti e ability. Student members of tlu- Ixiard are elected to serve a one-year term. Faculty nuiiibers ar;- appointed or re-appointed each year. Dlt. R l I ' ll BlEMANG Mits. Loi isi Bi Aiu) MooRK 141 Ray C. Hall, Editor Sooner Yearbook The 1962 Sooner yearbook, ' olunie 58, represents ihe work of the editor, 32 staff members and numerous other people who had an integral part in the finished |)roduct — a yearbook of the University of Oklahoma showing how students live, how the faculty serves and the manner in which the administration operates. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and here are thousands of pictures and tens of thousands of words catching the student in action during one of the great years of college life on the Oklahoma campus. If there were something new on the campus this year the Sooner has captured it in picture and word and remembers it for you on the printed page. The " pages of reminiscence " depict new ideas, new people, the new way of life for many and the numerous new activities. This is the " new look at OU. " Since early last spring when Editor Ray Hall began planning the cover and theme and formulating his ideas and desires for changes in the 1962 edition, it has been months of hard work, devotion and a labor of love. Sooner stair members %ci n Gayle Welclier, Virginia Jul IIRSr ROW: ■ h; an.l Jerry li.diiar. SKCONI) HOW: .Kl[ MiLe c)l( liarisky and Terry Harl)er. II„vl An 142 STAFF DUTIES VARY ' I ' he . ' iO ycarliDok |)vrs iiialitics were chosen 1) a sludcnt-faciilty coiiiiniltce and recognize some nl llic seniors who have (iistirigiiislicd themselves amonj;; iheir classmates and made a cons|)icuoiis place on the campus. The beauty committee isili(l e ery girl ' s dorm and interviewed hinidreds of liupilul and heaiitifid candi- dates. The lieauty committee as com|)osed of I ' .ditor Ray C. Hall, beauty editor Mike Shcrrod, Keith Smith and Steve Iloladay. president and vice-president nl (lie senior class: Dr. Raymond R. White, chairman of ilie department of secretarial science, and Linda Frensley. a top yearbook beauty of 1961. .After the committee had chosen eight outstanding beauties following the interview;;, photographs of these girls were submitted to movie star Paul Newman and he rated the top beauties in the order they ap|)ear. The days that the stall will long remember are those when John Gavin was mobbed by campus co-eds and our photographer could barely get a picture. Then there was always the day that Dr. Truex ' s picture had to be retaken after she cut her hair. .After calling Paid New- man in ( " alifornia and then New York City, his agent still wouldn ' t let him talk. The staff will always re- member when they helped write the Delt Scandals act. Those were the pleasant times, but there were others when the undesirable and menial tasks had to be done. were such things as arranging and taking pictures, making luitold phone calls, measuring, cutting and past- ing, seeing that the right people were at the right place at the right time, tracking down the anonymous phantom in a picture and taxing brains for new and different ideas which were interesting and fresh. The SooNKR staff is headed by Cecil H. Brite. general manager of publications: Rose Spradlin and Janice Freeman, secretaries, and Ra I lall. editor. Sooner (idiii- sctrclarics jaiiirc iMftin.iri and Rcisc Spradlin (■Iiddse pidiiiTs to (ii till- UuciLit for llie SoiiM.u yearlmok. John Siiaki ' Assistant Kdiln Susan Beksi.iv Assistant Ediior Trude Steele Organizations !. jMiKI: SilKRR(i| Beauty Terry Barber Athletics 143 Stan Shields Fraternities Paula Martin Sororities Robbie Tiffany Sororities Sooner Staff Members Ray C. Hall Editor John Sharp Assistant Editor Susan Beesley Assistant Editor Trude Steele Organizations DiANNE Daniels Divisions Julie Cloar Divisions Mike Sherrod Beauties Sherry Turner MOD Editor Betsy DeFord Features JuLi Allin Assistant Features Marion Craighead .... Assistant Features Virginia Johnson .... Assistant Features Paula Martin Sororities Robbie Tiffany Sororities Ed Hardegree Fraternities Stan Shields Fraternities Terry Barber Athletics Jeff McLemore Athleti cs Skip Allman Intramurals Joan Kalman Intramurals Jim Kendall Men ' s Housing Babs Fenwick .... Women ' s Housing Helen Ford Classes Jerry Bednar Classes Gayle Welcher Classes Path Fuqua Classes Nancy Lynn Sections Allen Thompson . . . Assistant Organizations Janita John Assistant Beauties Joan Kershav Assistant MOD Pat Treseder Publications Hoyt Andres Publications Jill Al.LIN Assistant Features Makion t.KAi(;iii ' Assistant Features 144 Oklahoma Daily The Oklahoma Daily is llic studctil iic v.s[)a|HT of the Ifniversity of Okhilioma. It is |)iil)lislit-(l m irnitm;s five (lays a wet-k and dislrilmlcd ( .nn|iiis M(lc .nid in sdiilciils li iiig in iVorinaii. It serves as a daily iu s|),i|)i r nn i.impijs as will as a laboratory for sludtnis in iIk II. II. Iltrl)irt school of journalism. .Ml writing, i-diliiii;. iiiaki-iip. |iliol(i;j,r.i|ili and jnool- readinji; arc done hy students, undir liu- ienirai siipcr- vision of Mrs. Louise B. Moore. The Oklaliciiiii Dailx is oiif nl llir few university newspapers in liie luilioii with lull A.ssociated Press nienihersliip and full leased wue service of United Press International. Former Daily editors are .scattered all over the world and include Oklahoma Senator Mike Monroney. Jack Fischer, editor of Hai [)cr ' s magazine, and many others. Under the first semester editorship of Nancy Walrath. the editorial jiage stressed national and iiilernalional affairs. As a delegate to the National Student association con- vention in .August, she presented views in fa ()r of OU ' s remaining in the organization, while allox ing e(|nal space to the anti-NS.A forces. Writing under the title " Editor ' s Notebook. " she did battle with the ultra conservatives, student senate, student parking |)liglit and IrcshiiKin vur ban. . , N( Waiumii. 1 ntM Si.Misi i.ii Ldiioh Jim Ki;M)Ar,i.. Skcond F.nrro iahs Feinvick siilxnils a story to Jim Kendall hIiiIc Boli KujiiKles. graduate student, waits for an assignment. In ((intrasi n. ihc articles by the first semester editor. Jim Kendall, spring editor, placed more emphasis on Oklahoma. Norman and local events. He wrote on Oklahoma education, cidture. today ' s newsi)apcr. OU alumni a.sscciation. activity tickets, clean- up cam|5aign and the administration. He initiated a weekh column called " Jiiu Dashes. " in which he reflected student thoughts and o| inions. lie wrote on newspaper freedom and responsibility and in a lighter ein on " ho«- to become an editor in ten eas lessons. " 145 m First Semester Staff. FIRST ROW: Skip Allman. SECOND ROW: Bob Ruggles, Ivaiiette Jones, Nancy Walrath, Peggy Wells, James Lewis, Babs Fenwick. THIRD ROW: Dennis Berend, Jim Kendall, Sharon Thetford. Staff Members Are Students The Oklahoma Daily is a working newspaper. Its staff includes reporters, feature writers and photograph- ers, all students. Serving on the major staff are an editor, elected each semester: managing editor, selected each eight weeks, and news editors, chosen for the eight weeks to serve once a week. Front page news stories are current foreign, national, state and campus happenings. This year ' s headliners included the Eichmaini trial, Cape Canaveral launchings and Go ernor Edmonson ' s legislative bills. On the local scene, the Daily reported on the Uni- versity ' s building program, the NSA student referendum and the visit of the " King of tlie World. " A special column, " Campus Activities Roundup " calls attention to announcements of organizations, committees and other groups on campus. First Semester Advertising Staff: Siierry Turner, Pat Gordon, Jim Kendall, Len Hall. Professor John H. Casey, Al Pru- fert, Bill Frame. 146 ScKind SciiHstrr Si.ilF. l.aiK-. Hulls I ti»I. k. I KOU: Sli.iioi, TlKif., I IKsr ROW: in Kcidall. T. nl. Sandra T Daniel Wilislci. Gwvri in liailni. SlX:Oi I) liner. iil(iria Morcy, IvaiRttc [ones. Lou nn K..a, li. larno Williams. I ' allit Wal- »( ..(1. Hill Tippil. rillKI) ROW; |iin Sanders. l.cii Hall. Don laidldw. Paul Hasciis. The society pages — in the form of campus news — tell about such events as piniiings. engagements, parties, recitals, elections and special announcements. . campus editor and an assistant are in charge. The sports editor and his assistant cover all campus sporting events. They write news and feature stories about the activities of the athletic department as well as intramural niatche.s. The sports pages also carry wire stories of national sporting events. The editorial page is where tlu- editor spiaks out on such tojiics as parking, school spirit, the Hiternalioiial news and national figures. Everv ear the D iilx calls attention to Fjijrineers week in March by publishing on green newsprint. Once every year state high school students write and echt the Daily when they come to the campus for the annual Oklahoma lut-rscholastic Press association meeting. Each week s|)ecial features are run. The " Book Cor- ner ' is written especially for the paper by Edith Cope- land, book editor of the Daily Oklaliomaii. The enter- taiimient editor writes about movies, plays and guest artists who come to the campus. Two students serve as advertising managers and willi a cor[)s of advertising students sell ads. write acKerlising copy and prepare layouts. Second Semester Adverlisiny. SlalT: jelF McLcniore. I ' hilip J. Clark, (.uy Ma- son, John Turner. Professor John H. Casey, Harold Schneir, John .Adams. 147 Sooner Shamrock Bruce M. Rahm Editor Roger Chapman Business Manager The Sooner Shamrock is the official publication of the OU college of engineering. Begun in 1941, it is published monthly during the school year and is com- pletely self-supporting. The Shamrock has been cited as one of the most out- standing publications of its kind. It keeps student engi- neers up-to-date on the latest advances and publishes technical articles. Students, alumni and prominent men in various fields of engineering and science contribute manuscripts. The magazine does much to promote the college of engineer- ing in Oklahoma. Bruce M. Rahm serves as editor. Other staff members are Bruce Armour, managing editor; Tom Dunham, associate editor and Roger Chapman, business manager. W. H. Wilson is faculty sponsor. Roger Chapman, Jim VVhisnand. 148 FIRST ROW: Raiulel Gregsby. Bill Walter, Jim Mayo. Sharon Phillips. C. L. Pickle. Joliii Howard. Jack L. Hardv. Jim Bruce. SIXOND ROW: R..l ert R.,,. Jo„ nentoii. John Cromwell. John L. (IrilTni. William Dickson. Fred U. Worthington. Max Carter. Mike Oilchfield. W. C. Vanderwerth. Students Print Paper At Journalism Press Each semester students are em[)l()ye(l l)y ilic |(iiuii;il- ism Press to do the composing. tyi)esetting. |i;ij;c iiiakc-iip and press work for the Oklahoma Daily. VV. C. Vanderwerth. .shoj) superintendent, directs and coordinates work of students and full-time employees. The Press assumes the responsibihty and assures the maintenance of all the mechanical needs of the stiidcnl news| aper. With the a|)|)ro al of the University, the Press makes all purchases and handles financial business lor the Daily. General manager is C H. Brite. " . C. Nanderwkrih Superuilendenl of Journalism Press 149 CHAPTER 4 AUT and Personalities IWauly Judge 152 Ikautits 153 Finalists ' 61 Nominees 164 Miss OU 167 Man of DistiiKtion IfiS Personalities 169 ,—. - ' ■f - o Apolo fiail. " its i s l °Pponu " aa ;, °« ta gat ig. to o :2 ' n 5 " ount JP6pT° ' ' iaedT i is 5 -«i. c%. " ' - tfte ' ' - ' ■ e?; Ann ' apn, " a l sit. C ' li r ' eJta its Vety many ' ' est °«We " nh, ' ' aodid. ates ' W i ' r « T t -t ' ' tirj °«in, Sin. " ' hes ' ■on. ■5ue ei). ' PUs ■4- ' -■ -. l ■■jj y " m - ' i. Delta Delta Delta • ' VA.-. ' ' : ' - ' : - . ■■ ' ;■:;■ •■- . Vl ' ' l ' ■ :■■•: :t¥i j: ;- :, f y? Kappa Alpha Theto .! Bff ' ' ? . ■ - -— ' - m ' : ,: r ' if ' i ■• K.Xf ' ., -. ::fy uimtw.fjBmeirjsi ;:« ' " ■ : •: i ; I ' ' ' ' lllb ' Logan House Mo BetlDeA iyne - «l - Finalists McSiiiuUlcM House Jkri Kknsi.ow Kappa Delta I ' MTI llSlllK Kappa Kappa (iuiiiiiia DiA.NNK Hawkins Delia Gamma Phi Mil Sandy Shokk Sigma Delta Tau DiAM UlNjNLn Jordan House Candy Hlalock Forbes House 161 Diane Fouil McCurtain House Louise Woodruff Evans House Gayle Brazil Alpha Delta Pi BiLLi Kaye . " Smith Hamill House Janet Kktchum Lawson House Nancy Robinson Alpha Epsilon Ph Virginia Thornton Alpha Gamma Delta Pat Rogers Franklin House Linda Barthix Neill House Connie Dechert Alpha Phi 162 Finalists l ' l.(,(,V (.KlftlN Sanger Mouse SvoNf.v Km. If RdlierLson House Marilvn Hin( ks Kirk House Marilyn ' I ' urm k Zeta Tau Alpha Donna House Parker House Marios Us(i Rizzell House Cathy Bidack Al|)lia Chi Omega Pamela Buller Holmaii House 163 Nominees Tana Ware Gamma Phi Beta Carolyn Schweers Delta Delta Delta Karen Cullen Pi Beta Phi Carol Craven Kappa Alpha Thela JuLi Allin Chi Omega Barbara Smith Sigma Delta Tau Diana Dennis Alpha Gamma Delta Carolyn Brook Alpha Epsilon Phi Sharon Hines Alpha Phi Mary Young Kappa Kappa Gamma Margaret Widman Delta Delta Delta Donna Stark Sigma Delta Tau Anita Singletary Alpha Chi Omega Jackie Neal Kappa Alpha Theta Jl I)V LlDLAM Alpha Chi Omega Cathev Littell Alpha Epsih.n Phi Glenda Hamilton Chi Omega Ann Hull Delta Gamma SlSAN (iREEN Alpha Delta Pi Sandy Alli;n Alpha Gamma Delta 164 Nominees Kun II 111 usi ' ooN K,,|MM l|)lia TIkIu Jankt Bordk Siniiia Delia Tau l Klll lU.l.I. (Ill Oiiicua Jam; I5a iinkr Ku|i| a Kappa (iaiiinia (.AVLK MrLF.OD Delta Delta Delta 1 1 l V MlNUY Delta (Paulina Thomas Caiiiina Plii Beta Mmiilvn Hi.ack Pi Beta Phi Jinv Safely Alpha (;anima Delta Jtm Pkfsi ott Delta Delta Delta Susan Stewart Alpha Phi Ann Vesfi.y Pi Beta Phi Bi 1 Kv Olive Alpha (hi OmcRa Karen Henning Delta Delta Delta Kathv Holdcf Alpha Delta Pi Carol Altman Sigma Delta Tau Dl V (WLSTRM ' l|,ha Phi Mary Pat Ormon Kappa Kappa Gamma Di 4NE Baker Alpha Chi Omega Kay Beeler Kappa Alpha Theta 165 Nominees Kathleen Schoenhals Gamma Phi Beta Cynthia Curtis Pi Beta Phi Joan Likens Alpha Gamma Delta Julia Baird Pi Beta Phi Virginia Kidd Kappa Kappa Gamma Carol Zwibelman Alpha Epsilon Phi Carol Prosser Chi Omega Carolyn Tarses Alpha Epsilon Phi Patty Hammond Chi Omega Nancy Miles Kappa Kappa Gamma Mary Osborne Chi Omega Carol Bartlett Logan House Karen Philbin Gamma Phi Beta Beth Branyan Delta Gamma Sharon Davis Alpha Chi Omega Jane Ellen Tinsley Alpha Gamma Delta Connie Murray Kappa Alpha Theta Gloria Gannaway Delta Gamma Brooke Calvert Kappa Alpha Theta Marcot Uetrecht Gamma Phi Beta 166 Miss (zTWKui tr Delta Gamma fX k 1 JjckoJid Fogg Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' 3iam,Copph Petej-leudy Beta Theta Pi Man of Distinction -- ■| ' 1;KK IIAIIIIWI: ni,il iMNsl. kIu. .itic.ii. IV-.l. ()1)K. BM(K.. I ' lii Kid Sij;iiia. u, Who. Sinma Tlula F.pMloii. Pi Kappa Lambda award. Lch Wttilz sdidlatsliip. OL ' band, liiiversity glee club and imliistra. Phi Mu . lpha. Lambda Cihi Alpha. Personalities VANDLR liAKK.i: ' rr; Z(). l..s; -nicdicine. director of .Sooner Scandals. Mother ' s Day cliairman. Pc-et. ODK. liMOC. Who ' s Who. Phi Eta Simna, top freshman. lAC. I AH. Alpha Kpsilon Delta. Cross Citizenship award. Lambda Chi . lpl.a. SAM BRAI)S|| ; IVtrolenm engineeriim. Pe-tt presi- dent, comniuiidcr ul AKOTC. ice-i)resi Unt ODK. HMOC. Who ' s Who. Phi Kta Si ma. lAH. I ' .njjinecrs ' lul.. Pi LpsiloM Tan. Scabl ar l nid, . Si..;,,,,, (!,; p,, side, I. LYNM-: lUWLKR CAPI;H. RT: Mathematics, Mortar Board. BWOC. Who ' s Who. Alpha LamMa Delta. IS. secretary. Ceneral .Motors scholarship, secretary of Sigma Pi Sigma, senate. (German club. Spanish club, outstanding independent. C. RMF.N BF.TZER: English. Campus Chest cliairman. COR chairman. Pi Omega president. Mortar Board, Tas- sels, BWOC:, VVlio ' s Who, Alpha Lambda Delta, student senate, top freshman, Phi . lpha Thcta, AVVS, WR. , Chi Omega. MAK I.Dl ( VRIKR: English. Matrix Table a»ard. Mortar Board president, treasurer of Tassels. BWOC. Who ' s Who. . lpha Lambda Delta, top freshman. Phi Beta Ka| pa as junior, treasurer of . WS. Kappa Phi. Wesley Foundation. 169 I.IM) (; ) kl,l : S|k,. l, llniapx. Mclher ' s Dav cliair- iiKiii. sccicMiN ..1 M.Miai l ' ...,,r,l. ' I ' asscls secretary, BWOC, VVIio ' s Who, Alijlia Lambda Delta, top freshman, president of Sigma Alpha Eta. Kappa Phi. marshal of Delta Delta Delta. SANDIL D W IS: Accounting, Paiihellenic president, sec- retary of Big Eight Panhellenic, BWOC, Who ' s Who. stu- dent senate, chairman of Fraternity of Year, Accounting club. Young Democrats. Greek revision and advisory rush connnittee. Gamma Phi Beta. Campus TERRELL DIXON: Letters. Campus Chest chairman, chairman of COR. Pe-et. ODK. Who ' s Who. BMOC. top freshman, student senate. Sooner Scandals. Sooner year- book. Classics Societv. activities chairnidii of Beta Theta Pi. GLENN CUNNINGHAM: Letters, treasurer of ODK. Who ' s Who, BMOC. treasurer of Phi Eta Sigma, IPC, football .scholarship, AFROTC honor cadet, " O " club, IRC, Wesley Foundation presi- dent, pledge trainer of Sigma Nu. JACKIE DULL: Home economics. Mortar Board, Tassels, Who ' s Who. BWOC. Alpha Lambda Delta treasurer, vice- president of Omicroii Nu. top freshman. Oikonomia, West- minster Foundation. Kappa Delta Pi. COR, Alpha Gamma Delta. C: (;IIARLES DAILY: . ccouiitiiig. ISA president, secretary of Pe-ct. ODK. Who ' s Who. BMOC. Business Day chair- man. Beta (iamnia Sigma as junior. Delta Sigma Pi. .Ac- counting club. Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Plil Omega. Scabbard and Blade. 170 DIAM-: DYKES: Modern laiinuaKts. IoIIuimIU au.ird. Morlar Hoard, lasstls prcsldc.n. hn Wli... HWOC. Al- pha l.aiiil)da Dtlta. I AC. t AH Ircasiirir. kappa (iamma Kpsll.Mi. Siunish ,hil . judiiial l)oard. pitsidiiit ..f IVlla (.ainrna. Personalities JINE U. RMS: Joiirnulisiii. Student Press As.s()ciation president. Publications board. Mortar Hoard. Tassels, Who ' s Who. BWOC. senate. (;aninia Alplia Chi. Theta Sinma Phi. Matrix Table chairman. Pi Sijiina . lpha, Kappa Kappa (ianuna. KAY IIISKY: Mi. r.ibiolo«v. Mortar H.iard. Tassels vice- president. Wlu. ' s Who. HWOC. Alpha Lambda Delia. r. C. r, B. . ipha Epsilon Delta secretary. Lambda Tau, chairman of Women ' s Recognition iiiisl ' t. -Mpha Chi OnicKa. jlM KK.NDAI.L: Journalisn.. editor. Miana«in« e lilor aii.l news editor of ()hlulit mit Diiih. men ' s editor of SooNKii earl)ook. Alpha IXIla Si ma. Si);ma Delta Chi. Lnion direitors. Delia Si ma Phi. KOHKKT KI.NZKK: PInsics. ISA vice-president. Who ' s Who. HMOC. Phi Eta Sigma. Sigma Pi Sigma. Sigma Ihtla EpMl..ri. Cernian cinb. Wes- ley Foundation, oulst.iii.liiri in iidciil. |l l) I.IDI.AM: ocal riiiiM. ation. Morlar Hoard. lasscls. Who ' s Who. HWOC. Mu Phi Epsilon. president. iie-presidenl of Pi Omega. Kappa Phi treasurer. Kappa Delta Pi. pep rallv chairman, rush chairman of Alpha CJii Omega. 171 WILLIS MOORE: Letters, Pe-et vice-president. BSU president. ODK. Who ' s Who. BMOC. senate vice-president, president of IRC. intramural managers ' board, outstanding senator, choir, glee club. Pershing Rifles, ISA council. ROBERT OWEN: Letters, Dad ' s Day award, l e-ct trea.s- urer, ODK leadership award. Who ' s Who, BMOC, presi- dent of Phi Eta Sigma, Lottinville award. Alpha Epsilon Delta president, National Merit scholar, top freshman, UAC, LfAB, assistant treasurer of Delta Tau Delta. Campus CAROLYN PRATT: Government-history-economics, Rus- sian club president. Mother ' s Day chairman. Who ' s Who, B 0(. Panhellenic. . WS recording secretary. Pi Omega Mte-president. secietary of Zeta Phi Eta, KUVY director, Alpha Chi OnifA.! LYNTHA NICKLAS: Letters, Mortar Board vice- president. Tassels. Who ' s Who, BWOC. Alpha Lambda Delta president, top freshman. Phi Beta Kappa as junior, Panhellenic, business manager of Wimlmill, president of Kappa Kappa Gamma. RICHARD SINCLAIR: .Mechanical engineering. ODK. BMOC, Phi Eta Sigma. Pi Tau Sigma, American Rocket society. .ASME. " O " club. Dad ' s Day arrangements. Insti- tute of Aeronautical Science, varsity track, DMS, outstand- ing AFROTC cadet. Delta Tau Delta. PAT O ' NEAL: Edinalion. Dad ' s Dav i lialriiian. Mortar Hoard. Tassels sponsor. Wlios Wiio. HWOC, Ali)ha Lamb- da Delta vicc-presidciil. sliirlcal senate. ((i|) fieslniian. AWS, Kappa Deha I ' l. I l.ii.Kr.Mnliig. PI liela Plii. 172 KKITII SMITH: {;., Cl.lrm■lll. s,Mi,,r .l.iss |H,si,knl. Iicacl ilifcrlcadcr. WliiuliamI prcsUktil. Who ' s Who. HMOC. Miitlicr ' s na ciiairnian. Iloim " t(»minj;. Sooner Staiidals, I ' AC. Alplia Phi ()rrn:.;a. IIU:. I ' l KaiM ' a Alpha. Personalities M.ARV F.LLliN IIIOMI ' SO.N: Malhctnallis. .WVS presi- dent, president of W li- . sec retarx of Kappa Deha Pi. Mor- tar Board. Tassels. Who ' s Who. lUVOC:. Alpha Lambda Deha. top freslinian. I AC!. iee-|uesident of Kappa Alpha Theta. , A.N(A WAI-KATIl; JooiMahsin.,. niananinn e.ii- tor and news editor of Oklalwmn Daih. U„ Who. Thcta Sinnia Phi vice-president. William Kandolph Hearst award. . S. delegate. Kapi a Delta. CAROLYN WATSON: Knjish. jn UAIi. I AC. Mort ar Hoard. Tassels. Who ' s Who. BWOt. ihairman of Mometominj - Sooner .Stan- dais. Celebrated . rtist.s. I ' niversity Sing, corre- spondinj! secretary of Kappa .Vlpha Tlieta. ROBBIE TIFFANY: Journalism. Dad ' s Day award, his- torian of Mortar Board, Tassels. Who ' s Who. BWOC, Al- pha Lambda Delta, top freshman, Panhellenic rush chair- man. Theta Sijjina Phi, } C., U.-VB. Sooner yearbook, Kappa Alpha Theta. |l VNIIA ln,RR : Lnnlish. Phi Beta Kappa as junior. Tassels. Alpha Lambda Delta. ISA. Pi Zeta Kappa. DSF, Who ' s Who. liWOC. t:OR. student senate. Collegiate Roundtable. IS.A council. 173 CHAPTER 5 Military Science 178 Air Science 202 Naval Science 21{ Army Cadet Division Commander, 1st Semester % U.S. Army M-60 Tank, full tracked combat vehicle equipped with a 105 mm howitzer. U.S. Army Nike Ajax, Nike Hercules and Nike Zeus, guarding the nation against intercontinental ballistic missiles. 177 Department of Military Science m kM It is the goal and duty of the Department of MiHtary Science at the University of Oklahoma to develop the more than 1,000 students enrolled in the Army ROTC program into good officer material. The department maizitains the staff and the equip- ment to guide these cadets through four years of train- ing and courses in military science. Training includes eight weeks of summer camp at Fort Hood. Texas, between the junior and senior years. Cadets study sub- jects such as military history, map reading, small unit tactics and leadership training. It is also possible for qualified cadets to t ake flight training, including ground school and flying instruction. After completing the four-year program at the Univer- sity and attending summer camp, the student is com- missioned a second lieutenant in the U. S. Army or Army Reserve. Colonel Richmond I " . Tiiwi vrr I.T. Col,. ARTnuR S. Washburn Lt. C; )i,. IIkkman li. Ri I ' l ' Lr. Col. Danikl p. MacDonald Mv.l. WlLLUM S. Kkarns Cm ' I. Ill ,SS1 LL K. SlNCLLION Catt. Roiii.RT A. Hrdwning 178 SSI . .|l IM 1. (■AIMKK.III K.n S. an Sir KLK 1 " V Ci Mrs. Betty Mrs. Pattie Mrs. Jo . nn Mrs. Peggy Mrs. .X.ns.vlee Ross MrM. Long Reynolds Jackson .Mirghanbari DISTINGUISHED MILITARY STUDENTS A D.MS IS one i cxliihits exceptional traits of lead- crslii]). tellowsliip. scliolarsliip and military potential. He iiuisl he ill tlie ii|)per half of his acadeniic class and the lop third of his ROTC. class. A O n , Q Q A p. OS O, C . ff O . FIRST ROW: I.. I.. Reris,„i. J. V. Hu»,(;s. S. K, UnulslKuv. J. C. Hiamiaii. |r.. T. R. Carlilc. M. H. (IkiM.iIm. |r. SP:C:(). 1) ROW: J. C. Clark. C. E. Dautfliertv. III. |. R. Evcielt. M. I). Freeman. K.. R. Cray. D. T. Cunning. THIRD ROW: W . . . IIacl»i«ir. C. W. Ill-ram. ]. L. Jovner. D. L. La«reiKC. W. M. MeClellan. ). H. MeCox. C. F. M..rr.m. FOIRTH ROW: n. .A. Perini. T. S. Ralcv. H. H. Smilli. Jr.. K. J. Steele. . . C. Siillenl)erKer. D. Ward. R. K. Younji. 179 Field Grade Officers — Cadet Corps " DIVISION f l DIVISION COMMANDERS Samuel Kent Bradshaw William Michael McClellan BATTLE GROUP COMMANDERS ? J Karl R. Blaine H. Merritt B. James C. Thomas R. John R. Gray Smith, Jr. Chastain, Jr. Clark Carlile Everett L. L. " 9 ' y J. K. I.ANYO.N J. V. I!(i(;i;s (T) n. L. Lawrence FIELD GRADE STAFF OFFICERS J. c. Hkannan. Ik. J. E. C. E. Carti K Davchertv. Ill O f!! (fS, M. D. D. T. W. . C. V Ikiiman (Running Hadwiger In(.ki G. A. Lee c. r. Morrow I). K. N ' OAKES R. L. R. J. A. G. R. K Sheeeield Steele Sullenberger Youn 180 1). ( . (,( l I COMPANY COMMANDERS o n c c 3] ( (H Kl KIIAM K. W I 1. II S I). liiM .Jrt. Smimi MiiiiKow Si Miiiii Ward LEADERSHIP, DRILL AND COMMAND Junior cadets utteiid Leadership. Drill and Cominaiid school. PrepariiiK for suninier cam|). which ihey will attend alter the junior year, they are trained in the basic skills of the soldier and sinall luiil tactics, as wel drill techniques. DRILL ' , R . Q p f f 9 P M ' O. .c , tj» i4 ' Seniors p. P ?■ P FIRST ROW: I. Abolins. L. L. Benson. K. Bentz. S. K. Brad- shaw, J. C. Brannan, P. VV. Brooks, G. C. Brown, M. Buchheim. SEC:OND ROW: R. J. Caplin, T. R. Carlile, J. E. Carter, M. B. Chastain. B. A. Chiles, C. P. Clark, W. C. Cockerham, J. M. Cole. THIRD ROW: W. A. Cole, D. W. Conrad. W. R. Corr, C. F. Daily. C. E. Daugherty, III, B. M. Davis, S. A. Davis, W. H. Deal. Rick Capliii meets Pat (iiirdiin. honorary cadet colonel contestant. FIRST ROW: K. E. Easton. G. F. Dockery. J. T. Farha, D. G. Ferguson, W. G. Frame. M. D. Freeman, R. E. Fricke, D. C. Goff. SECOND ROW: T. J. Goodwin. K. R. Gray. D. T. Gunning, W. A. Haduiger. J. M. Hannigan. D. F. Holmes. C. W. Ingram, J. J. Johnson. THIRD ROW: J. B. Kimbrough. J. K. Lanyon. D. L. Lawrence, H. L. Logsdon, G. E. McDonald. J. R. Long. G. H. McElroy. ' ■p. o o tn o d M dlt htdk g . •» , o fi a a ji iik ittiki g l dk ailM J» f ■ r ,i )« F o o t ..., Ci.. d M i dk da 182 o A ci .; . Q, o a. I O Q o. ' 3 p.. . O o - ■cn o o c o c I ' lKST ROW: T. M. . k( i.r(l . |. H. M.Cnv. L. 1). l,( Idlaii. W. M. McClcllan. C:. R. Marliii. W. I.. Milkr. A. M. Muldrow, D. R. Noalces. SECOND ROW: I). A. IVrliil. H. I). Porul. T. H. Rains. T. S. Raltv. I. I). Ravlurii. R. T. Rce e. T. H. RiKlyeis. R. J. RumI,. THIRD ROW: S. Salpeter. C. L. Sch.nult. L. A. Sdiriner. S. M. Scocttin. R. V. Seago, R. L. Slieffield. B. H. Smith. Jr.. R. I. Sniilli. Seniors FIRST ROW: W. L. Smith. W. K. Stalnakcr. H. S. Stanfickl. R. .1. Steele. . . W. Stewart. A. C.. Siilleiil)crKer. R. A. Suloris. SB OND ROW: S. W. SualFord. |. T. Theiliji. W. H. Theus. li. J. Walker. W. (.. Walker. D. Waul. R. f. Weslfall. THIRD ROW: W. W. While. D. I.. Wi ( . R. Wise. r. r. ] ' . Worihiiininii. R. k. nl I). M. Wilson. R. H. Ziuiiwall. Lt. Cnl. H. H. Rlipp discusses Wnes- Onent.ilin,, u.lli llie W. (,. Waike " , o =• ' = 1 -,- o o ■Q, 3» •«; P c le i li i i ddii l r Q ' (• i JtKlWkJX crfj r »« " . o » " « fg d;ji MtmiJuaM o, n p c C 1 Q- r a Jl A hMMa Mi Juniors FIRST ROW: R. K. Adier. T. S. Akins. M. C. Altstatt. P. C. Andresen. E. R. Bard. R. E. Barhydt. W. W. Bechtel. M. S. Beck. H. N. Beekman. K. K. Berry, F. W. Birnie. SECOND ROW: A. P. Bishop. J. D. Brace, W. G. Bray, K. H. Broun. J. L. Brust. R. W. Buster. J. G. Butler, W. H. liutler. I. H. Carlock. H. L. Chaffin. J. L. Chapman. THIRD ROW: M. N. Cohlmia, J. D. Cook. D. R. Copeland. C:. R. Cotuer. J. W. Corner, M. C. Davis, J. S. Dawson, T. H. Decker. H. A. L. Dempsey, F. L. Dombek, T. D. Dopier. Maj. W. S. Kearns leads group discussion of combat problems. o. ' f , r! r f O O.- O FIRST ROW: C. B. Elliott. E. H. Fagin. R. L. Ferrier, R. M. Fogg, B. G. Foster. R. L. Foster. J C. Fredenberger, DeL. Garner, DeW. (;arner. R. J. Garrett. J. K. Gillette. SECOND ROW: G. F. Glasgow, J. F. Graver. S. A. Gray. T. K. Greenshields. L. A. Grossman, J. C. Haddock. J. W. Hammond. D. E. Haves. H. D. Hefler, D. I. Hertenstein. J. R. Hill. THIRD ROW: J. T. Holt. J. K. Hopkins. P. F. Horning. E. R. Howard, C. F. Hull, L. A. Izzabell, J. D. Jackson. K. L. Kendrick, J. D. Kennedy, J. M. Kinnebrew, H. G. Kirk. O Q ( l O n « ' V ' 3 ( A o 184 ,p, ,p., ' f p jQ V Q •-2 ' Jy ' 1 ' = ! O ( ' Q A r«i u [ A iL i j i fil n o. A r: , « m ml I »f iiUBliiili c i ii IIKSI ' HOW: 1). I ' . Kiiri . N. A. I.niifnnl. I). V. l..issitcr. K. K. Icdhcmr. W. W. I.ic. I). K. I.nnn. W . C. I.o c. |. li. I.utci. {. K. 1,1 ' .uI.ukI. (.. I.. MiKnlnlii. R. M. M, L.„,l. SECOND ROW: M. J. McVav. J. D. Maxwell, R. K. Meek. S. F. Miers. D. B. Miller. W. A. Morrison. R. T. Morris. F. L. Moses. I. C. Mutitz. C. H. Mus rave. J. F. Muskrat. THIRD ROW: W. W. Nelson. E. C. O ' Hara. J. P. Overton. I.. A. I ' annell. (;. E. Pettihone. R. W. Pettitrew. D. H. Pope, j. r. Price. L. V. Priebe. C. K.. Reber. D. A. Rennie. Juniors FIRST ROW: W. |. RlK-inokl. I!. Rife. J. R. Saclberrv. I). ]. Sanders. M. W, Seovili. li. A. Si,il(. R. I.. S.liuarl . (. M. Sharp. K. C. Sinex. R. O. Sniilli. SECXJND ROW: . 1. (... Smith, j. I). Srnilli. j. W. Siaiiles. J. W. Tarr. S. U. Taylor, S. E. Ta l, r. R. P. J. 1). TnM. h. M. Wadlow. E. W. Wadsworth. THIRD ROW: R. N. Ward. W. N. Weaver. L. K. Weitzner. k. I " . While. R. F:. WillMir. I). A. Woodliir. C. I). Wviie. C. D. ..rk. |. W Nouiiu. R. W. auKhan. C. K. Reher and C. ( . liloun help S-l. Rooer l.d erlv in Sii r P q, n , f! . X f v , ' c r ( 0 r ' rs ( 185 Q Q ,p ' o o !! . Q, O, C} C i. Ji o n Sophomores Ciontestaiit Sally Maiiuiii); is surrounded by cadets. f ' 9f. ( " r .. o. o r a ( d 1 , o a FIRST ROW: K. O. Alhxliite. J. VV. Anderson. P. E. Bally. P. D. Balbln. J. D. Barnard, R. W. Barrett, M. C. Bartletl. J. L. Bass. J. B. Bateman, R. L. Beattie. S. L. Beck. VV. H. Beck. SECOND ROW: L. Belin. J. D. Benien. (,. D. Bennett. G. M. Bennett. J. S. Berry. L. R. Bettes. R. A. Beyerl. L. R. Biddv. C. L. Bilbrev. R. E. Biles. R. H. Binford, D. R. Blankenship. THIRD ROW: E. P. Blanton, G. 1. Bolton. C. R. Bounian, J. C. Braden, J. L. Broun. T. J. Brown. T. J. Brown. Jr.. VV. VV. Browning. G. L. Brunkow, C. G. Bryan. M. C. Bryles. R. L. Burk. FOURTH ROW: G. D. Burton. D. B. Busby, R. VV. Campbell, J. E. Candy. Jr., D. J. Cantral, F. O. Cantrell. R. L. Clarpenter. B. L. Gate, J. T. Christian, M. Y. K. Choy, N. N. Clabauuh. H. D. Cleaver. FIRST ROW: J. G. Cogburn. Roy Coleman. Jr.. S. T. Cook, J. C. Cook, M. P. Cooper, T. R. Corbitt, T. G. Cornman, J. R. Cowan, V. R. Creel, W. M. Croom, A. L. Crosbie, G. C. Cunningham. SECOND ROW: G. A. Cutrufo, R. W. Dunlevy. S. A. Douglass, W. J. Dobry, W. E. Dimick. J. E. DeHart. S. J. DeCanio. VV. J. Dale. J. D. Davis. T. M. Davidge. J. P. Earnest. P. L. Easton. THIRD ROW: J. L. Ellis. J. P. Essley. G. H. Farris, T. N. Farris, J. A. Farrell. J. H. Fannin. R. P. Fairlamb. E. A. Feaver, J. D. Fellers, D. L. Fichtenau, D. R. Finegari, F. T. Fox. FOURTH ROW: J. H. Fowler, J. W. Foley, J. D. Flood, M. E. Flick. B. Franklin. R. B. Frogge, C. M. Fry, M. L. Frey. J. M. Gabal, W. L. George, L. S. Goff. J. R. Coins. ' g o O, liiii aiiltiiillTl O P ' •c:-, O . C!i O O C: i Hliibiini O., O Q p„ O ( . P A ' C C O ,,0 o, o C). o C , o .0. O. Q, 9M @ ' . o o, O Cs Oi o. O, Cy Q „ c;:: , 3 o , .!! f 1 o c a f .tj O o r C!i . ' ' ! ' fk O rn .::), r), a c , o a q, ' KlliSl ' ROW: I). R. (,,,., iiri. 1). A. Cr.iv. |. T. C (.rilliii. j. S. (.,uk-. K. K. (.ii.iruMH. K. K. li,.ll. S. A. S. K. Hiiniiicr, I ' . I.. Hairiptoii. SECOND ROW: J. 15. Harbison. C. V. ll.irlniai Havilcii. I. S. Haves. H. C. Hca l. K. M. hm,x. Hcnsler. (;. D. Ilicknion. M. S. Hill. V. H. Hill. THIRD ROW: 1). W. Hol.len, R. L. Hoiun. |. I.. Ilnpkins T. E. ICcmar.l. J. R. Hull. D. B. Humphrey, j. W . lluii.iUv L. ' . Innlish. R. W. Inmaii. D. W. Iveslcr. FOl RIH ROW: D. |. !a(ks,.ii. W. A. Jack F. E. |nliiis(iri. I). M. |(.ius. M. D. Jones. R. M. 1 Kerr. K. W. Kellcv. J. A. Kl.irKl)re«. I). E. Crillin. W. I.. Hail. M. C. llan]niori ls. H. Halllcld. |. I. K. Hnichix. j. C, S. . Iloruil (.. L. lliuiK- I). I., lames. . . V. Johnston. ). W. Jordan, W. M. IIRVr ROW: I. C. Kirkliuir. J. W. K.uikMiever. R. k. Koll.reMcr. R. W . Krasnnw. L. J. Kravclz. I,. R. K.ronfel.1. I). R. Kruse. N. S. Kyle. S. L. Lambert. D. H. Lainplon, H. D. Lawrcrue. R. ( ' .. Law son. SECOND ROW: S. B. Eawton. S. H. La»lon. J. J. Lcliman. J. O. Lenlnston. J. W. Leslie, C. M. Lewis, K. A. Little. P. W. Louell. J. 1 ' . Mc Alister. A. E. McComas. J. M. McConnell. R. E. MeElroy. THIRD ROW: R. L. McLaurv. C. J. McNall. J. P. Mahoney. E. T. Manning, M. J. Maples. M. I). Martin. R. R. Martin. B. E. Massev. J. C. Masters. J. W. Mayes. C. D. Mayluie. (... D. Maynard. FOURTH ROW: J. W. Meaders. F. Mehew. IIL H. J. Merrinian, M. A. Mertes. D. J. Mever-Haves. T. L. Middles«arth. S. I. Mintz. VV. H. Mizell. D. 1). Mont omerv. R. P. Moore. J. F. M(.ran. J. I). Morris. Sophomores r . ' . ■ r . (T Q a 9 O a Q- m CAi A dih g mm g l d h O a o cr 9 - ■ bft i jiiii hL:a 6 dh i dth Ji n » (3 ol- Qi p, Q 9 " • " ' ' J m Atftt k M in ||{ 1 o r- iiiik 187 .i jfi M, P -3 0 : ,jC i. c o o © P o,. ' 9 ' a y5 ' % ' a O o O, r n i ifit gi 1 o. (Ti r Aftj Q. ' . ' ri liiaailiailii ii ifri if jijlfitfl ii a O. C 5 O a , -. - . a tfii rfk M i i i A AiM iil i AA AIJ O ' o, .♦ o a, ■C a J i mA jrA iiiiiiii Sophomores FIRST ROW: M. D. Moulton, T. M. Mudrick, G. E. Mueller, G. K. Muir, K. R. Mullican, A. S. Newberg, J. R. Newport, T. D. Nicklas, L. G. Nipper, J. L. Oakley, P. A. O ' Brien, J. G. Oliphant. SECOND ROW: D. C. O ' Neil. J. P. O ' Neill. S. M. Ownbey, L. D. Page, W. R. Paiisze. D. G. Parent, (;. W. H. Parkhurst, D. G. Parsons, D. T. Phillips, P. R. Pitchford,, R. W. Powers, A. T. Pritchard. THIRD ROW: M. Putlack, R. W. Quick, D. E. Ragland, D. K. Rahhal. J. L. Randall. L. B. Reams. T. D. Rexrord. J. W. Rhodes, J. L. Richardson. T. L. Riddle. P. M. Riley. B. G. Roberts. FOURTH ROW: P. I. Robison, R. C. Rodgers, J. M. Rose, C. D. Rogers, R. W. Rucker. L. A. Rudin. M. D. Rudman, R. S. Sandier, J. R. Scott, G. W. Seibold. B. R. Sexton, K. E. Shean. FIFTH ROW: D. G. Sherman. B. ). Shields. C. S. Sims, L. D. Sims, F. W. Smith. I. J. Smith. R. A. Smith, ). C. Snyder. D. G. Stanifer, S. D. Stanifer, S. E. Stanley. W. [. Stark. |r. Col. Thweatl, Dr. McCarter, Dr. Cross. Col. W. F. Due at review. FIRST ROW: T. G. Stevens. W. L. Steger. G. H. Stokes. E. J. Sidlivan, V. M. Swaim. D. R. Sueger. J. F. Taintor. L. D. Tashlik. L. G. Taylor, J. S. Thomas. R. E. Thomas, Jr., D. R. Thompson, J. L. Thompson. SECOND ROW: K. L. Thompson, N. P. Truss, III. R. J. Tuthill, (;. H , Vaughn. C;. R. Van Wagner, A. W. Van Zante. W. P. Vick, J. A. Vickers. D. K. Waller. W. L. Walls, P. E. Walker. J. C. Walter. G. Washington. THIRD ROW: P. M. Way, C. E. Weaver, C. K. Webster. P. R. Weinstein H. G. West, J. C. West, Jr., L. E. Whitaker, S. A. White. T. B. White. T. R White. H. J. Whisnand, J. D. Williams. FOURTH ROW: S. R. Williams, G. E. Wilson. ). O. Winhlood. P. M, Wood, R. F. Wood, J. M. Woods, J. G. Wright. H. M. Young. L. C. Young. Terry Young, K. P. Zgonetz, R. N. Zoblotsky. " s r ( f 1 r ' ' P p. O. C . O A O C, p Q ' O, Q T a r , g D . f r , o Q ,0 i H. J. Walker I K. I ' . ( .lUir slu| lor l lio» In llir li Co. 11. was Honor Company al first review. Fort Hood T. S. Kaley won liiuli in li i(lnal rifle seorc. Donning masks at the tear as iliarnhers. II. I. Carrett and I-. I,, iienson (hril nut on last l;i G. E. Petlilxine sijrlits in prior to firin« the 8lnun mortar. : .. lf p. a ' " ' o. , o. o ' o o o q r ( , a Q Q, :r), a i%i Q ' . ' f . f? O, O. Q . ?■■ a .. 9 . 3 Freshmen ' wi, uJ, IJJl CI .. FIRST ROW: G. K. Adams, P. D. Adams, D. A. Adier, D. D. Albright, G. D. Allred, D. L. Alliprandine, R. S. Ambler, G. D. Anderson, L. R. Arnn, J. T. Arnold, M. L. Arnold, J. R. Askins, J. B. Atwood. SECOND ROW: H. D. Baade. J. R. Ba by. J. M. Baswell, W. R. Bandy, Jr., H. E. Barnes. J. N. Barrett. J. D. Bass, R. D. Beaird, D. R. Beckwith, G. R. Beustring, D. D. Black, D. W. Blenkarn, J. R. Blake. THIRD ROW: R B. Blomever. R. H. Bokum. D. L. Boland, D. C. Bowlby, J. H. Bradley, J. T. Bradley, L. R. BrakebiU, A. A. Brandes, E. M. Bricker, III, B. S. Bridwell, L. H. Brigham. R. F. Brooks, G. G. Brose. FOURTH ROW: J. C. Brummett. H. L. Bryan, G. G. Bryant, J. A. Bullock, A. W. Bunigardner. R. H. Burger, G. A. Burns. R. K. Burns, L. D. Burton, C. M. Bush. G. V. Butler. R. C. Button, C. C. Buxton. FIFTH ROW: A. A. Byrd, E. M. Campbell, R. R. Case. D. E. Chamberlain, R. N. Chaney, T. F. Chilless, R. C. Clapp, M. A. Clark, U. E. Clem, F. M. Cleveland, B. R. Coleman, L. G. Collett, J. D. Coleman. K. 1 " . Johnston and J. B. Kimbrough arri c fci FIRST ROW: R. L. Combs, F. W. Comegys, C. R. Conradt, E. D. Conner, J. G. Contreras. W. L. Cooper, D. G. Copeland, R. R. Corley, C. V. Cox, T. H. Cox, D. W. Craig, J. T. Craig, S. H. Craven. SECOND ROW: R. L. CrevNs. III. J. U. Criswell, S. L. Grossman, J. I. Crothers. J. T. Crow. W. H. Culver, P. U. Dailev. R. D ' Ambrosio, I. I. Dashev, R. R. David, G. V. Davis, P. H. Davis, D. E. Deakins. THIRD ROW: T. B. Deal, J. Dervvin, E. D. Dixon. J. B. Dodds, G. L. Dorsett. R. C. Dougherty. S. A. Douglass, J. Douthit. J. D. Downey. G. . . Dryer. R. C. Dudley. S. O. Dugger, W. A. Dunn. FOURTH ROW: R. E. Eakins. R. L. Earley, M. O. Eckel. P. F. Elkins. R. D. Ellis. R. B. Emrich, J. E. English, J. C. Enoch, H. S. Enders, J. C. Erdman, T. Erin, A. C. Evans, L. A. Evans. Q . git d ' ! , o o, cs . f a ' •«■ ©■ O- c ktflii itiiiii i i Q ff . ' |. Jt«3|: rr .»fc w3. a o. wt. . e m J:h ufc M d c: , C5| Ol o. O c -: c n o r . o. g, q ,:?| :?, ei •? [ft ill }in tifcii« ii iiim fffc rt miiisv tfii 15 r , p, Q O A O. - ' . O o - ' i. n f ;3 rr) „Q . : , Q Q J p Q v) 5j .c . o c?t - ' ' 9i vl - y O L „ 7 -B - . p Q C O C! FIRST ROW: J. K. Ewinn. J. H. Fcavcr. H. A. FeKlinan. H. C. Fender, S. V. Ferguson. I). C. Ferrcc. I. A. Finkel. G. S. FinkcKlnr.. ). I). Fisher, 15. J. J. E. Foote. J. M. Frates, VV. L. Ford. SEC:OND ROW: J. F. Forster. G. D. Forsythe, F. B. Fusco, J. E. Gage, R. L. Gainbcl. I. P. Gard. W. H. (iarner. J. C. Garrett, J. K. Garrison, W. H. Garrett. C. H. Gericke. W. M. Gibson. N. J. Glenn. rillRI) ROW: H. (;oldman, . 1. A. Golman. M. O. Goodpasture, R. H. (iraliani. |. L. Graves. L. C. (Jrccnwood. ]. C. firisham. R. B. Gunning, J. E. llakA. 1). T. Hall. R. A. Hamilton. C. II. Haninion. C. G. Hampton. FOIRTH ROW: F. K. Hance. D. L. Hanson. C. P. Hargis. J. M. Harrel. I). N(. Harris. C. J. Harrison. N. K. Harrison. J. L. Harville, L. C. Hatcher. :. (J. H.i«kins, G. F. Havhurst. J. B. Heider. D. Hellinghansen. FIITH ROW: J. W. Henderson. F. H. Henry. F. D. Hill. H. W. Hill. L. 1). Hill. B. Hodde. J. F. Holcoml). J. W. Holland. C. A. Ih.llldav. T. I. Hollman. r. llnllouav, D. R. Hood, VV. W. Hon,!. Freshmen FIRST ROW: J. C. Hooper. R. (;. Hooper. R. ]. Horn. A. L. Horton. R. M. Howard. R. K. Hudson. H. H. HulTman. Jr.. C. C. Hughes, R. L. Hunt. P. K. Hurley. S. D. Hurst. W. A. Ingels. T. L. Ivey. SF:C0ND ROW: J D. Jones. D. C. Jones, C. O. Jones, B. B. Jones, J. M. Johnston. J. L. Johnston. F. E. Johnston. M. V. Jennings. W ' . R. Jenkins. Jr.. J. M. Jackson. H. H. Kaderli. Jr., G. M. Kahlcr. R. E. Kahn. THIRD ROW: |. A. Kahoe. R. H. Kennnet. R. O. Kenunet. J. M. Kennedy. R. W. Kenvon. ). ' . Kerr. W. H. Kllpatrlck. W. W. Kimhrell. A. . . Kiniber- ling. R. K. King. K. J. Klskoriia. A. D. Klein. J. W. Knlseley. FOIRTH ROW: R. M. Kobdish. C. Ko.mce. K. Kroeger. V. K. Kulp. W. W. Kununings. I). E. Laiidholdt. R. X. Land. S. .M. I.anga. B. J. Langdon. 1). W . Larimore. I.. T. Lehman. L. R. I.enskv. G. W. Leslie. G.ipl. Browning answers tpiestions after class. 3i, :: O, O O e Q. ' Ts. o ( c . ■ - o rs, (t - p. o o o .. ( ( a cy. Q o ' -O o Q o o g ' " A 9 ' 9 ' " B r?», Q, o P 9 C qi Q ,o, :? , o ( D C r . P ■ Q ' ' ' f 9 C , (r! , .Q ' ■ .. ( O. O,. C! . Q O. , ., .i . . ' f ,. . O i! _, .g- ( Freshmen o O, P o. p o ' , Q P p, ( ' «» 4 i I, ' !•» «»1 U -(K- f || it - " - - FIRST ROW: L. R. Lewis. M. A. Lilly. W. D. Linville, B. H. Lipe, F. A. Lipps. R. L. Lipstet, S. L. Lobaugh. T. R. Logan. R. G. Lohrman, M. J. Lulxl, W. D. Lynch. P. L. Lyons. R. R. McCabe, M. G. McCarty. SECOND ROW: R. McCarthv. J. R. McConahay. J. R. McCurdy. E. M. McDanel. W. E. McDaniel. G. JE. McDowell. B. C. McElrov. W. P. McEnroe. M. D. McGehee, P. W. McGrew. R. T. McGuire. T. A. Mclntyre. R. H. McKee. E. L. McQuarters. THIRD ROW: C. F. MacGowan. L. J. Magna. D. E. Maib. S. P. Mann, K. N. Manning, L. R. Mansur, B. A. Marler, J. D. Martin, W. L. Martin, J. A. Masters. C. J. Masterson. D. M. Mastro. S. W. Mayer. J. W. Mayfield. FOURTH ROW: J. W. Mayo. J. F. Meainer. L. H. Miles. D. K. Miller. R. A. Miller, M. E. Milstead. R. R. Mitchell. T. D. Molina. G. R. Mondie. K. H. Monfort, J. W. Moore, P. K. Moreu. P. N. Morris. D. L. Morrison. FIFTH ROW: W. B. Morrison. D. C. Murdongh. D. B. Murray. C. R. Mus- grave. III. F. J. Musitk, J. L. Musick. M. T. Myers. A. E. Napolitano. J. H. Neal, R. E. Neely, J. A. Nelson, J. C. Nelson, N. E. Nelson, D. F. Nemecek. Army ROTG participates the Homecoming FIRST ROW: D. A. Neumann. P. J. Nenman. N. N. North, ). L. Northcutt, J. D. Nowlin. F. Oberly. B. R. O ' Hara. R. C. Olsen. S. J. Olsen, A. A. Olson, M. L. Overand. G. F. Overstreet. B. VV. Page. SECOND ROW: T. D. Pannell. P. M. Parr. G. S. Patterson. L. D. Patton. D. L. Pauling. C. J. Pelton. J. E. Pence. R. J. Pendergraft. D. H. Pendley, R. K. Phillips. H. D. Pickens. M. J, Pleskin. G. D. Poe. THIRD ROW: I. R. Pope, A. E. Porter. J. E. Porter. N. Portnov. J. S. Pratt. A. B. Primrose. G. S. Primrose. D. L. Quillin. G. D. Quinc. B. R. Ransom. R. R. Ray, R. L. Reed, R. P. Reed. FOURTH ROW: R. VV. Reeds. G. E. Reese, (i. E. Reese. R. S. Reiter. J. A. Repke, I. R. Riddle, P. E. Riesen. M. S. Roberson. A. D. Robert. J. E. Roberts. A. D. Robinson. |. D. Robinson. J. R. Robinson. ( - - r Q a 9. Q ' a « . ( o„ . a o,. ' . 1 O. O. Q 5f ' P, O i P -H), Q ( O O, .O, O Si iiiifffiit iiigffn miiii i iiirt d ' - i -T . p, -rs,. r , p o a. r a q q " !. v) ' n «, o, a g p. s . . OiO. c . r a. a r? . . . O O ! O c q O Q ' Q r , ry, i - Q ! , , ,Q , O r! P KIKST ROW: |. A. Romo. S. U. Rosenthal. J. 1 " . Ross. H. Riibjii. U. C. Russell, a M. Russell. R. D. Russell. R. H. Rulli. J. R. Rutledj-e. H. E. Sabel. . . K Salikof. E. R. Sallee. S. Samara, B. T. Saul. SECOND ROW: P. W. Sappeiideld. C:. E. Saunders. N. L. .Scalfetta. D. VV. .Stales. A. II. Sclioonljeck. T. [. Schreiber. E. M. Sduiinaii. H. M. Schwartz. C. R. Stlnvind. I). H. Self. R. A. Shairer. R. M. Sharp. R. 0. Sliifhtl. R. J. Sliinn. THIRD ROW: H. H. Shrler. K. A. Sicuel. li. W . Siheimaii. R. S. Sininis. R. P. Sirinleton. D. D. SkajJHS. C. S. Skihicki. P. P. Skarzenskl. R. L. Slater. li. W. Smith. N. W. Smith. P. E. Smith. R. II. Smith. R. R. .Smith. lOlR ' ni ROW: W. B. Smith. B. F. Snipes. 1. D. Spence. R. E. Spit .fadcn. J. L. Spohn. A. A. Stanford. O. A. Starr. B. A. Staub. D. E. Stevens. M. M. Stephenson. W. Stewart. D. K. Stockdale. R. E. Stone. V. W. Stone. Firm ROW: D. H. Street. ). B. Stionsi. F. L. Swain. E. H. TatiuM. R. O. Tavlor. |. C. Tavh.r. R. D. Tavlor. R. C. Teas. F. I.. Thaser. I). M. Thomas. H. . . Thcmipson. |. T. Thompson. M. II. Thomas. Freshmen FIRST ROW: R. M. Thurman. R. R. Thompson. ' . I.. Tiiompson. B Thrall. T. B. Tims. L. B. Tindell. T. V. Tomlin. T. R. Travnor. R. I. Tm R. E. Tulk. D. E. Turner. VV. J. Lllmann. J. F. Vonler. SECOND ROW: C. D. Van I looser. |. D. Voiles. I). K. Walker. |. S. W M. M. Ward. L. I. Warden. R. T. arinj;. W . M. Warren. ( !. I). Wat: R. .1. Webb. I). R. Wegener. A. A. Weiner. I.. A. Wellborn THIRD ROW: |. K. Wells. |. A. Weiek. I). H. White. ( ). R. Whitencck. I Wilks. |. F. Wlllet. I. W. Williams. R. L. Williams. R. P. Williams. II. Willis. L. E. Wils in. R. (;. W itt. W. C. Wilson. FOIRTII ROW: |. C. P. Wl.ilield. C. A. Wood. C. O. Wood. J. C. Wo J. L. Woods. W. P. Woo(K. B. I. Wvatt. A. T. Wright. T. Varb..rounh. C Vou;-ll. W. |. nu,vi. S. A. Zarrou. II. I). Zelaziiv. •An.nlur hnni to lill oiii! " s.ns I). I.. Paulin-. I ,Q O. .?i O, ' . Q O O, C| O r ,. a o 9 q, 2 o o o : a o a a o :3 o. o Q f ::), O- ft a. a . o o - f o. f - ii ,Q H FIRST HOW: jcrn Eiiiiis. MrIkuI Piilluck. Jdin S.ulttle. Robert L. Spangler. Tlioraas R. Carlile, Wayne K. Stalnaker, John R. Sadberry. George H. Teas, Pat Walker. Murphy C. Bryles. SECOND ROW: Kirk Monfort, Jerry Masters. T. F. Chilless. James L. Richardson. Bill Olsen, . ' rden VV. Van Zante, Garry D. Allred, John Santos, Larry Martin. Rov L. Hodges, Bruce A. Marler, Douglas R. Kruse. THIRD ROW: Miss Mary Alice High Honorary Cadet Captain Maj. W. S. Kicakns Sponsor CaPT. J. H. SiXLERS Sponsor r . « ' « ■ Ed Morrtll. Gary Froit. John WiUet, Eugene Eakins, Robert Beaird, George Dorsett. Bill Pollock, Ron Main, Werner Voss, Gary D. Anderson. FOURTH ROW: Walter D. Adkins, Robert H. Burger. Frank W. Comegys, Rodney Reed, Charles Rothwell. Frank L. Swain, Terry L. Thomson, Charles E. Koonce, Ronnie McGuire, Roger G. Pierce, Charlie Head. Pershing Rifles Company H of Pershing Rifles was established on the OU campus in the fall of 1948. The National Society of Pershing Rifles wns begun in 1891 at the University of Nebraska by General John J. Pershing. Membership is ope n to the basic Army, Navy and Air Force ROTC cadets who wish to develop individual drill proficiency and increase their military knowledge. Wayne Stalnaker served as company commander and Tom Carlile served as executive officer. Miss Mary Alice High was chosen to serve as Honorary Cadet Captain for the 1961-62 term. Wayne K. Stalnaker Conipan Commander Thomas R. Carlile Executive Officer ■«i»1i»v l - f 194 1.1. ( ol. II. U. Kiipp, 1.1. („l. I). I ' . M,u Donald. i Maj. K. I.. Utile. Marines, sponsors. Sc ' al l)ui ' (l ,111(1 hhidc IS ii luilioiKil li( ii(ir;ir luililarv society ( ])fii to .Army aiici Navy acKancetl ROTd cadets. Members must meet certain academic and military standards, then receive an in ilali()M In j iin. . |)l«li ;e program consists ul (i f id si. weeks of pledging designed to aid the cadet in jjreparation for smnmer camp. This is terminated by an overnight tacti- cal problem. Scabbard and Blade sponsors the anim,ii .Milil;ir Hall and selects the finalists for honorar) cadet colonel. During .second semester a wives ' orientation program is presented. This program is designed to aid wives and fiancees of future .Army officers and is climaxed by a visit to Fort Sill to familiarize the girls w ilii life on an Army post. m Sabbard and Blade Cadcl Ollii ITS— FIRST ROW: l.ils Aholins. (irst iKuU-iianl. and Jolin R. Everett, captain. SKCO.M) HOW: Sam K. Hrad- slui " . seiond lieutenant. Mont Muldtovv. second lieutenant, and RiLliard J. Caplin, first sergeant. n m m ifc 4 »- ' Wi ' ii»f - ♦ ' I ' IR.ST ROW: CliarUs W. Ingram. I). ( . (,.,ir. |. R. I ' .xeiell. I. . l olins. Sam K.. Hra lslia«. A. M. Muldn.u. ]{. ( !. Caplin. Karl R. Cray. .SECOND ROW: |immie K. Walker. I ' ekr C. Andresen. Robert L. Foster. Ronald I. Steele. W " . , . Morrison. Miehael ,|. McA ' av. Fiobbv Frickc. Pete Love. Paul Hoone. Phil Clark. rillRD ROW: Mill Iladwiger. Barry Davis, Hill Cockerhams. C. F. Danjicriv. IW M. C. .Altstatt, Jack Kinne- breu. Sam A. (.rax. |. I). R.ivbern. t:iiarles F. DaiK. Jr.. J. .). Johnson. FOl Rill ROW: Hob (iarrell. (ieorne Slc- Donald. C:hiKk Wise. Scott Slanlield. (iarv Brown, (oel Bar- bour, jerrv L. Brust. S. D. Turner. Rol ert M. .McLeod. Joe E. Carter. FIITH ROW: J. K. Lanvon. W. (;. Walker. R. L. Iloldcn. Duane WoodlifT, Pliil Horning. J. T. Holt. Jerr - Muskrat, D. L. Laurence. D. Thomas Gunning, K. T. White. 195 ROW ONE: J. L. Richardson, C. W. Ingram, W. H. Theus, Lt. Col. A. S. Washburn, Jr., A. M. Muldrow, R. E. Perry, H. D. Pond, L. W. Wellborn. SECOND ROW: Joe Comegys, Robert Beaird, Hugh A. L. Dempsey, Gary G. Dockery, D. A. Rennie, Louie Priebe. Jack Kinnebrew, D. R. Copeland, K. L. Kendrick. THIRD ROW: John P. Graber, J. T. Holt, John D. Coleman, Charles Koonce. Jim Cole. Earl Johnston, W. G. Bray, Jr., Rodney Reed, John R. Everett, Bob Hill. ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED STATES ARMY The OU branch of AUSA was formed in 1958 by senior cadets and is the only cadet organization of AUSA in Oklahoma. The Sooner Company is now composed of second semester freshmen, scphomores. juniors and seniors enrolled in Army ROTC who are interested in furthering their knowledge of the Army ' s role in nasioiial defense. SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MILITARY ENGINEERS The Society of .American Military Engineers was founded in 1920. The OU chapter was founded in 1935 for the purpose of promoting a knowledge of mili- tary engineering among civilian engineers and engineer- ing students. The society makes two field trips annually, FIRST ROW: George Droescher, Don Tapper, Arthur Byrd, Michael |. McVay. Rov H. Zumvvalt. David M. Orcott, A. G. SuUenberger. Jim Mabus. SECOND ROW: James H. Filz- Hcrald. Monroe E. Simpson. Jr.. Charles D. House, Stephen one to an engineering project inider tiie supervision of the Tulsa district and another to the Engineers School at Fort Belvoir, Va. SAME also sponsors an exhibit at the annual Engineers ' Show on campus. E. Stanley, Dick Hull. Jim Adcock. Pat Condon. THIRD ROW: W. Doran, G. C. Brown, Charles Reber, Capt. Malcom R. Sandlin, Judson Grubbs, Joseph M. Reber, Tom Stevens. m-m .- f II RIFLE TEAM i|K Nui in. I Mil I ' .It I .i l..i 1 1, IS ill ICC sl.ilc tliaiii|ii(iiislil| s phi FLIGHT TRAINING Cadets Charles V ' . Ingram. Ronald Sheffield and John Xincciil Boggs are completing requirements for pilots " licenses in lli Army flight training program. The ph sicul standards arc high. These seniors and James L. Joyner. nol piclurcd. »liii has completed ROTC and will be commissioned upon gradua- tion, spend seventy-two hours of training in ground school and fKing. 197 AMm .M«.«- Honorary cadet colonel finahsis .mil lluir cm oils wen- |iiiK Robbins, Cadet ISgt. Richard Caplin, Sallj Maiiiiiiiti, Cadi-t Capt. Jciiiri ImmII. Pal Cordon. Cadtl Sajii Hradsli: Marsile Bciunjan, and Cadet 1st Lt. Ints .Xlxilins. Military Ball 1961 ' s Honorary Cadet Colonel, Cynthia Curtis, presents trophy to Sally Manning, 1962 winner. John Evere tt es.oits lloiioraiy Cadet C.loriel SalK Maniiliin from tlie dais. She « as iliose.i hv the eadet eorps from h.rl eandidates 198 IIONOKARV (M)!.! ' (( )1.( ).M;L Miss Sally M(iiiiiiii Pi ikia I ' hi ONORARY CADET LT. COLONEL Miss Margie Boxcman McCiirlain I louse HONORARY CADET LT. COLONEL Miss Pal Gordon Sanger House HONORARY CADET LT. COLONEL Miss Judy R d)bins Herrick House Cadel Mike Siniiii was Army ROTC editor of the 19fi2 Sooner. Bill Winblood checks on plans for January commissioning. Features Mrs. Mirghanbari, Mrs. Reynolds and Mrs. Ross confer. R. IV. Ward is unaware that (he others are out of step. Two Honorary Cadet Colonels are sorority sisters. LI. ' CTTTq New instr ittors are Mai Donald. Saudllii and HrownlnK. M Snt. Plillll|)s tells Ken Mullican how many demerits he has. ffiilillj illll Hill Air Force Second Lieutenant William E. Bates, USAF, a 1961 graduate and first semester Cadet Wing Commander, congratulates Cadet Colonel David C. Blevins on his selection as Wing Commander for the second semester. y ' S.AIR Colonel Ralph L. Stevenson Professor of Air Science Department of Air Science In times of peace and during national emergencies the U. S. Air Force has looked to the universities of the nation as a prime source for its con- tinuing requirement for intelligent and capable junior officers. The Air Force ROTC, by supplementing the university training of selected young men. graduates some of the finest potential leaders ever developed. AFROTC graduates are young men dedicated to the defense of the nation and the preservation of the American way of life. The basic AFROTC program furnishes the student with a firm ff)unda- tion for aerospace age citizenship by offering a challenging combination of ideas, ideals and practice. The extremely selective and competitive advanced courses produce leaders capable of handling the tremendous compression of technology in time and space which has been developed. DETACHMENT PERSONNEL FIRST ROW: Capt. James M. Harris, Capt. Thomas L. Bryant. Maj. Leonard D. Crahn, Maj. Edwin L. Moore. Lt. Col. Robert E. Davis. Maj. Charles T. Johnson. Maj. Carlton H. McConnell. Capt. James R. Neal. Capt. EKvood L. Sanders. SECOND ROW: T Sgt. Elmer L. Howe, S Sgt. John D. McDaniel. S Sgt. Roy D. Vanderhook, T Sgt. Montie A. Wofford. S Sgt. Lee B. Mozley. S Sgt. J. Lee Brown. Cadet Colonel Davio C. Blevins 1st Semester Cadet Colonel William L. Whitaj 2nd Semester CADET DEPUTY WING COMMANDERS J ' |c ,-Q m ' ' f - 1 _M LSim itiiLiiaM m L ' ■■M,«, ' -s.«iJ HB JE» H 1 CADI r WINC; STAFF OFFICKliS OHiicis of iIk- (ailct Winn ' " ' ■ ' If -t ' ili;irKt l with adiniiilslering the activities of the corps of ladcts as directed 1 the (!adet WiiiK Coinii.aiider. FIRST ROW: Cadet Lt. C.l. C:...irlnev R. Haver. I.l. Col. Kd Mehc " . 2m I Li. Sam Wade. (apt. Ceorge (iarncr. I.l. C(il. R.xhicv J. Savles. Warren H. Cheatham. I.l. C(il. |ames L. Whitaker. 2nd Ll. James R. W atkii SKCO.M) ROW: (api. I). Cox. U. Col. William s. 1st. Lt. Ray (i. Collins. m ■■R. ' viL C:ADEr (.ROM ' ( OMMA.NDERS Cadet (.roup (iimmanders fuiiclion directly below the Cadet Winj; (Commander in ihc line of (oniniand. Kai h supervises drill field activi- ties of l. ()() cadets. The are Cadet Lt. Colonels Toln L. Skinner. Ron K. Kannadv. Jr.. |ini R. Sharp. Darrvl IX Dixon and .N ' els f. Olandcr. CADET WINC STAFF NONCOMMISSIONED OFFICERS FIRST HOW: Ceorue R. Vaughn. Ron liaker. Larrv K. Kellev. lel- wi G. Price. Rov M. Pavnc. Larrv Owens. Joe W infield. Andv llnh- bard. SECOND ROW: John LeFavour. Davi l Rice. Hob Mahonev. Dan W. I eCroiic. Jerry L. Prather. Richard A. Pomic. 203 m t h m FIRST ROW: Lt. Col. R. E. Davis. USAF, Advisor; Kathy Holdjje, Waddy Young squadron sweetheart: Thomas A. Wood, Commander: Otto T. Pokorny, Bob Spaugler.. Robert Greens- tine. Don M. Abrams. Melvin V. Rogers. SECOND ROW: Larry Dillingham, Jerry L. Brasier. Dewitt Neal. Toby L. Skinner. Robert E. Frank, Gordon H. Hammons, Bill Scanlon, Rodney J. Sayles, David W. Poynor. THIRD ROW: Edward R. Kennedy, David J. Prima, Ira S. Rager, William W. Shep- herd. John Harris, Gordon Clouser. Leslie H. Fox. Jerry D. Ennis. Charles E. Hare, George C. Garner. FOURTH ROW: Thomas G. Reser. James O. Burch. Robert P. Billeg. Joe L. Lowry, John Thompson, William L. Whitaker. Michael D. Webber, James R. Burkett. Walter S. Millington. Leiand W. Moore. Walter D. Adkins. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY ' Arnold Air, " as it is popularly known, is an honor- ary professional organization of outstanding cadets of the Air Force ROTC. Selection for the society is based on demonstrated excellence in air science, in university academics and in leadership qualities. Dedicated to the support of aerospace power for peace, the Arnold Air Society at OU is quite active in campus affairs. The local squadron is named for Cap- tain " Waddy " Young, a former student and football great. He later distinguished himself as a pilot in the Army Air Forces during World War II. AFROTC DISTINGUISHED CADETS Selected by severely competitive methods from the senior class, Distinguished Cadets of the Air Force ROTC are offered commissions in the regular USAF after graduation. To be eligible for consideration, cadets must have consistently placed in the to]) third of the academic class, air science class and in simimer training. Excel- lence in leadership qualities and capabilities is also considered. 204 FIRST ROW: Lt. Col. E. Mehew. Col. William E. Bates, Capt. Jerry M. Hobbs. Lt. Col. Rodney J. Sayles. SECOND ROW: 1st Lt. Ray C. Collins. Lt. Col. William L. Whitaker, Lt. Col. Jim R. Sharp. Ll. tlol. James D. Cox, Lt. Col. Roy E. Kannadv. Lt. Col. Darrvl D. Dixon. ::%t t - . » § •« 4 » 1 i I lIRSr KOW: V. C. Hr. Cliarks I.. UrIstDW. (;ci Broadstdiic. SF.COM) Enviii. Bill Merrill. Tcr C. Aiiclerson, Don Mike iulstmif. Slot- Zclnkr. {ohn S. Spoon, uld K. Coplicr. lUx (.. I)a ls. I)l t KOW: Icrrv llolhroc.k. (;arv .M. n Padnliain. H. IXIhcrt Frieze. Jack (;iick. Jim Xull, Tliomas J. Tipps. I ' liil li.iii.A. S„l Siaii. ( lifl...! Ilaniso,,. IIIIKI) KOW; lolm linltoii. jot- Clip. Co.irlM.N KcKvar.K. Hr ari ( .lieal»oo,l. Joe Lour . (.eorj;e . . YoiiriK. torn P. Haddock. William P. Ikiija- min. LuiM Wiiidcl. Ronald I). Rich and Knitcne K. Corlin. AFROTC DRILL TEAM riic Drill I ;mi cl(. cl(i|)s a lii,u,ii tle ref ot [ntciMon in l)()tli regulation and (ienioiistratioii drill seiiiiences ihroiigh constant practice. I ' lie Drill IVaiii this ear earned the Ol ' colors to a . avy-.- ir Forte-Arni in national drdl toniiietilKjn al llie University of Arizona at Tucson and to the .AFROTC! area competition at the University of Te.xas at .Austin. CADET AIR POLICE DETACHMENT Formed lor the pur|) ol promoting leadership in the Cadet Corps, the .Air Police perform many important functions on a campus-wide basis. They direct trafhc smoothly during leadership laboratory ]ieriods and often luruish honor guards lor home loolball games in the fall. .A special lsit lo the Air Forie .Museum at Dayton, Ohio, was arranged lor the ( ' adet Air Police this year. 205 BASE VISITATION ' PR0(;RAM— Shoun loading; their bagsage aboard an Air Force C-54 are AFROTC cadets about to participate in an extended field trip. Nine ilights were made this ear to such dnerse locations as La- redo. Tex.. . lbiK|iierque. X. M. and Las Vegas, Nev. CADET RIFLE TEAM — The AFROTC Rifle Team participates in some sixteen shoiilder-to-shonlder and numerous postal firing matches during the year. Members are Rex Becken- hauer, Gerald Taylor, Jim Leedy, Lloyd Keaton. Harley Anders. Harold Davisson. Harold Miller. Steve Cum- mings. Jerry Perkins, Mike Richardson. Dennis Floyd and Steve Harpending. Not pictured: Bill VVhitaker, Ken Ma- lone and diaries Nelson. HASKE ' IBALL TEAM— FIRST ROW: Hen Marshall. Eddie Lutz, Bernard Harry, John Kessler. Rick Sicad. John McRov, Toirnny Vearv. I)a lil |o uiak, Rodney Kirkham. SECOM) ' ROW: Bob Iliir. Bob Cook. Johnnie L. Wil- liams. Jerry Ransom. Frank Hermes, Fred Kranz, Jack Herrv, Don Crow. THIRD ROW: Dennis Martin, Jim ( abcrino. John Daniel. Joe L. Cross. 206 IIK.IIT IMMK.TRI.NATION PRO- (.K M— As a pan of llicir Air Korce spoMMircd (li);lit iraiiiiiiK. Toliv Skin- ner and Warri ' u riiralliain cond ' ict a tlioniUKli | rc-iliKla iiis|K-c(irin of tlicir aircraft. CADET B() VLIN(. TKAM MMBICK. I— Al (;ialinan. Joe Sokololf. Keitli Wilson. Norm Abranis. Jim Garlick and Jim Uyram. CAI)I-.T BOWLING TEAM NL ' .MBER 2— Howard Wondrnlf (front). Bany Pulaski. .|olin Olnijiliouse. Tom Mc- Donald and Robert Grcenstine. 207 mm ■mhh Group 669, composed primarily o{ university athletes, finds it necessary to drill at seven o ' clock in the niorninj; every Monday of the year schedule. order to fit this requirement into their bus AFROTC BAND— The Air Force ROTC Band, aug- men ted by part of the " Big Red " band, is a welcome addition to the frequent reviews held by the cadet wing. The band also performs on many other h)rnial occa- sions and at various festivals and civic functions. Pro- fessional guidance is given the AFROTC Band by Pro- fessor Leonard H. Haug, director of the University bands, and his assistant, Paul M. Mansur. l.iiiila J.. Nf.ll. l.i; iiii 11(11. l.usl,., I, (ll.Ucl .ifur iIkI, ,uH,r alln„ .a llic AKKOTC liall an- Ka II.,. .In, ll..ll..uaN. KaiK- W .llic-isp.M.ii an.l Kalh l|..|.|.. -. iliiiii.rary Cadet Cloloncl Marsha Irbv, Parker House Marsha Irl)v receives crown [rorii Ciailet Col. . K. Bates. . t left is I ' atii Fisher. lf)(i(l-(il H. .11. .ran ( ,.l..i..l. Kelaxi.i ' i after llie i ... ..nation at the . ir Force Hall are CalaiKl kranier a.i.l Man Ann Hell. Queens Honorary Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Mary Ann Bell. Pi Beta Phi. Honorary Cadet Lieutenant CoIomcI Ratie With- erspoon. Kappa .Vlpha Theta. r j dfll H w Honorary Cadet Lieutenant Ciolonel Linda Jo Neal. Herrick House. Honorary Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Kay Hardin, Hume House. of the AFROTC Honorary Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Kathy Holdjfe, Kirk House. Honorary Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Vicki Cunter. Neill House. I ' lic C.kUi AiIms.hv (ciMuil. field In tlic- ..iclft r|, . Ik.s iIk- li.u.l ' ■uorcl " i om crnii.j; llli- use of llic , add a tl ln fiiiul. llllSr ROW: (,. T. Mclialf. IViiiiis R. W.lilia. Ca.Ut I.I. CmirliKN Kavcr. Cadel 1.1. Col. Tiil.v .Skinner. Harlan I). ' IMci. I.arrv K. Marlin. SF.COM) |{( : Bar. Rocker. I. A. .Nash. S. P. I.tudcv. |olin Tucker. Cadet 2nd U. Allan Ceiil. D m m Kmh The Ciadet Information Services office is responsible for all Air l-orce RIJTC public relations releases and for tlie yearbook section. The staff includes Keats Soder. photographer: Bob Frank, information oHiccr: Sam 0 " Banuon. NCO ill charge: l.inda Walker. I ew Went sdiolarshii) slalF assislanl: Carv Anderson, staff assistaul. and Jim lUram. assistant iiifnriM.ilinri ulllnr. Scjuadron commanders. FIR.ST ROW: Lyle O. Younji;. Jack R. Woodward. Jerry M. Hobbs. Thomas . . Wood. Ira S. Ra«er. SECO.M) ROW: John M. Robertson. Gordon I.. Clouser. Robert P. Billet. Michael E. Webber. Jim T. Holland. Otto T. Pokornv. 213 Rc-ccuiiiif congratulations on the distinction of becoming outstanding pledges of the Arnold Air Society are Leslie Fox. left, and Bill Scanlon, second from left. Others are Colonel Ralph L. Stevenson, Arnold Air commander Tom Wood and Lt. Colonel Robert E. Davis, . AS advisor. The cadet lounge, " loaded " ' with magazines, soft drink machines and TV, offers a relaxing atmosphere between classes. Summer Training Unit Richard Sinclair is ready to try the jet orientation flight featured as a part of AFROTC summer training. A " standh " inspection involves a lot of hard work — thii group Hill ap| arentl make the grade. Examining a " cockpit mockup " of the F-104 during sum- mer training at Viclorville. Calif., is this group composed of OU cadets. Bob Ryan, left, and Jim Provines, right, and their tactical officer " try out " the golf course at Apple Valley, Calif., in a rare " break " during summer training. -f w ITT r Apparciitlv fiijovinj; In-, " iirk. Waller Millint;(on assists in lilt initial kiiiikI nl interviews to select an honorary .a U-l ...lonci. During the last " briefing " before the loic. the finalists for honorary eatlet eolonel do not ai |H-ar too worried. Aiifl «liv should ihev? Cadet Activities Daily, rain or shine, the ladet fluv. detail carries out its important responsibilit . Tuesday afternoons see flurrieii of activity in the cadet wing headquarters as orders are tyjied and rosters posted. FK()r( ' suppK insures thai eai h ladet is properU- pro- i(l((l vvilli nnifiirins and re iuiied textbooks. Durinu inclement Heather, leadership laboratory is con- ducted indoors by cadet olTicers. This instruction ade- quateU su])pUnienls drill field practice. ' i V Midyear graduation ceremonies feature a traditional Air Force formal " dining-in. " Appearing nniformlv pleased at the thoughts of graduation is the AFROTC class of 1962. Commissioning Though graduation is a happy time, life in the cadet wing citizens and (lualificd Air Force otllcers for the natiini. continues — c er fiiUlllliig the ]e(|uiremcnt to ])ro(!uce informed Navy -M r i .-. Captain L. B. (;reen Conimandiiig Olficer (,()M HN1I1K John . (.(IM I1 N(,l NC.I k Executive Ofhtcr Oklahoma NROTC Unit The OU Naval Reserve Officers ' Training Corps con- tinues to advance in meeting the challenge of training future Navy and Marine officers for service in a time when the United States Navy plays an important role in either war or peace. Curricula change as science progresses. Midshipmen receive instruction in such subjects as nuclear weapons, guided missiles, space technology and astronautics. Ef- fective leadership is stressed through a study of applied psychology. NROTC STAFI ' : riRST ROW: Maj. K. L. I.itlli. I.I, Cdi. R. A. liackcv. I.t. A. V. Codlcv. I.I. L. 1). riioinpsoii, Ll. (jn) H. R. Tiljitr. SECOND lUnV: Cliicl E. W. Veesart, M Sgt. P. !•■. (:..kni.ui. Cliul M. |. I ' .ailev. Cliief E. II. Pitman. Chief R. A. (..iMeii. Cliicl E. J. Waters. 218 IKIDK.Vr SOCIKTV ( )I ' I " 1(:KKS: K. P. lulmson. vice-prcsi- Unl: .1. M. Cnuuli. pitsldcnl: II. T. W.i.ldlc. secretary: H. H. Cain, treasurtr. KLACIIOIST STAIT: IIRST ROW: |. (.oi. lv.„. J. I!. Hawkes. J. K. Olirvaii. ]. P. Slua. SKCOM) ROW: M. K. Fit .iscrald. C. I.. (irccMin. ]. S. Cix . ). K. I ' oust. C. S. Milcliell. S. I.. Hill.MiM . 1. C. Crane. During .suinnier cruise, inidisliipnien gain practical ex- perience ill the Naval profession, training aboard .ships of the fleet, at n;nal shore stations and at Marine Corps training bases. This year Captain L. H. (jrecii a.ssiinied the duties of Coniniandiiig Odicer and heads a staff of six officers and six eidi.sted instructors. L ' nit activities include the Fhiiilicisl. the unit news- paper: the Semper Fidelis Society for Marine Corps op- tion students: rifle and pi.stol teams: a field trip to the Naval Air Station. Corpus ( " hristi. Texas, and Trident Society smokers. Social life for the well-rounded future officer was provided by the Trident Society functions, highlighted b the annual Na y Ball, held February 16. The Navy i|ucfu. or Honorary Midshipman Captain, was crowned at the liall with gala ceremony. I ' ISIOL II.Wl: IlKsr HOW: (IikI i ' itinuii. S. R. Gray. I). (). Riillicrfor.l. J. C;. Kr«lcrii.k.s. .SECiOM) ROW: D. 6. Aiulcrsoii. V. J. Sinallwood. R. J. Pt-dcrsoii. J. E. Pearson. RlI ' Ll ' . IKAM: FIRST ROW: W . K. . Icrtrr. A. li. Crus M ,Snt. P. K. Coleman. W. T. Cameron. Jr.. C. . 1. Slaelde SECOND ROW: A. J. Hanle. T. C. Clenienl. W W. llumplnev Jr.. S. R. (irav. Midshipmen First Class IIRST ROW; Kenneth P. Battaile. Max H. Beaslev. jr.. James D, Butternorth. Stanley E. Ccuan. SECOND ROW: J. Michael Crouch, Jr., Robert E. Flexner. Gerald N. Glasgow, Verne E. Griffith. IIIIRI) ROW: Gilbert F. Hayes. Aluin G. Hol- land. Jr.. William C. Hollister. Jack D. Hooks. FOURTH ROW: Albert . Johnson. E. Paul Johnson. R.)bert A. Johnson. Michael R. Kozie- FIFTH ROW: Thomas A. Le«is. Robert P. Luke. Dale R. Muehlenbrock. James E. Pearson. SIXTH ROW: Robert B. Ricci. Ralph B. Scuell, Jiromc H. Short. Duisjht E. Silver. Charles M. Staehle. SEVENTH ROW: Edwin L. Stoorza. Jr.. Sam- uel D. Turner. Jr.. Robert F. J. Williams. HE Richard F. Worsena. Robert A. ' ates. Midshipmen Second Class IIKSr KOW: 1.. I.. ,)... C. . Ii,uisl. I. S. ll.nli.Mir. II. j. lUlisoii. I ' . K. Hooiic. SECOND KOW: r. v.. Urn, mi. V. II. . H. Ciiii. W. r. Caiiuniii. Ji.. K. V. Hrdiiuin. IIIIKl) ROW: 1. r. Ki( iicial l. ,|. K. F.mst. 111. I. ( . r.. . II. 1. (..n. ' . (.. (.illcllc. lOrinil ROW: J. (.uoclsur., ,|. R. (.r (.. I.. CrcesoTi. ;. K(lu;ii l (.illlilli. I). (.. (. I ' inil ROW : K. U. Il.niiill..n. . . Il.i ».n. 11. |. 11. Il.iuko. 1 . k. ll.Mi. I.. I). J. SIXTH ROW: C. S. vk. T. C. Mi Kcc. R. W. M I. J... I!. M. Mmvc. Ji.. ( . M. Miil- SK i;. ril ROW: (.. II. RaiLil.iil. W. T. Riili ardM.ii. Ir.. I). O. Kiillui fnr.l. W. |. S„.:ill»n,„l I.K.inil ROW: J. If. SiiMdIc. P. F.. Tiillls II. II. r. Waddle. . . C. Woodward. - ! A itih i:fe is% H B J Bj B JllHIK. lii4ii lrk 1 s 3i s dk -P in SF ' ' 1 f HIL £ a f HK!. iH Midshipmen Tliird Class FIRST ROW: D. S. Anderson. M. J. Anderson, D. C. Atxvater. K. P. Bartholomew. D. V. Hen- ninga, R. E. Berg. SECOND ROW: N. M. Bitkel. A. C. Bonds. Jr.. J. A. Carlson, R. R. Carman. L. J. Courant, 1). I). Daniel. THIRD ROW: J. P. Edwards. J. A. Egnew, H. (;. Fair, J. C. Fredericks, Michael L. Gibson, G. L. Glahn. FOIRTH ROW: S. R. Gray. D. E. Green. V. R. (;rove. J. D. Hamilton, R. O. Haiibelt. S. L, Hilbnrn. FIFTH ROW: V. W. Hnmphrey, R. E. Kozak. J. L. Levisee, J. L. Lindsey. E. W. Murphy, J. R. 0 " Bryan. SIXTH ROW: R. J. Pedersen. T. VV. Plosila, j. L. Plunkett, J. M. Reber. R. W. Reynolds j. W. Rodgers, IV. SEVENTH ROW: D. A. Smith. L. J. Statham. C. H. Stnbbs. K. F. Swindle. W. W. Talley, II, W. (,. Teed. KIGirril ROW: W. E. Thompson. J. J. Ver- non, j. M. Wallace. W. J. Webb. C:. K. West, ,|. W. Wil.son. J. D. Witt. 222 Midshipmen Fourtli Class KIKST KOW: C. W. Al.rams. A. S. Arthur. E. T. Aslili . C. (.:. Amlilcrloiiif. (;. V. Hfrsliinskv. W. P. lll.akl.A. I ' , n. C. V. l!..l,„Krl. SKCOM) ROW: li. 1-.. lir.i.r. H. K. lit K. II. liinnli.uri. M. C. Cnjics. K. K. Cur. J. It. ( li.uKs, (.. K. C:1r«. S. M. (:ia«scr. III. THIRD ROW: T. C. Ciic.neut. J. M. C.Hliran. J. M. Conard. (;. V. Cook. P. D. CopcnbarKer. C. S. Coward. J. C. Crane, j. 0. CronnMll. FOl Rill ROW: (;. I). Davis. L. I). Davis. IV. I " . L. Davis. B. S. Dickersoii. J. E. Dit-ter. R. C Diik.son, A. S. Dunning. J. L. Feinstein. ririll ROW: ' |-. j. IhiluiU. R. .S. Flood, j. N ' . Ca . W. R. Hart. M. I). Ilaskins. . . J. Il ' aide. I). R. Iloiisf. L. P. Jacobs. SIXTH ROW: B. D. James. T. P. Johnston. }■:. R. Jones. L. H. Kcely. R. F. Kldd. R. E. Lefebvre. H. K. Lee. W. C. Madson. SEVE.Vril ROW: R. I.. Mai,,. A. W. Mar.hes- sault. (;. (;. McCiuirc. W. E. .Mercer. J. R. Milli- kaii. C. .S. Mitchell. I ' . M. E. .Morris. I. II. Patterson. Jr. EICHTII ROW: C. , . Peel. Jr.. T, E. ' . M. P,c|,. Jr.. II. S. Raleinh. Jr.. T. K. Ras„,„ssei,. I ' . I.. IUan,s. .M. T. Ritter. M. A. Robertson. NINTH ROW: I). I.. Ro,lol|,h. S. E. Russell. P. J. Sampson. I). C. Sleai. III. J. I ' . Shea. N. L. .Smith. C. K. Slratis. C. . . Siemens. Ji. TENTH ROW: V. N. Stewart. S. C. Suvdom. I). E. Swatfor !. T. E. Thomson. M. J. Transue. C. W. Tucker. 1. T. Wade. EEE E.VrH ROW: W. II. Walton. Jr.. E. O. Warren. J. . W icklund. III. R. C. Wilkins. A. L. Willhiie. E. W. Young. II. T. C. Zantk. EM TT . r f f tf icsrsr rr KT ' Ps: tff ft r ;!EifZ!i 3 f f f tff f ir [S[ K: r rs ' f f t f f f rs KZ ' f f f 223 Midshipman Captain Miss Barbara Safron Honorary Battalion Commande Alpha Epsilon Phi NROTC Ball Virginia Kicld. 19(51 iKiiMiriiry conn with Jim Cloar. 225 IMEODODO E and NURSING 226 CHAPTER 6 Dean of School of Medicine . . 230 Associate Deans and Directors . . 231 Faculty 232 Senior Class 238 JuiMor Class 240 S()])li()niore Class 242 Freshman Class 244 Graduates 246 Organizations 247 Features 251 Dean of School of Nursing . . . 254 Senior Nurses 256 Junior Nurses 257 Freshman Nurses 258 Illimilj liilllH rmn 6rTi Awards Ricimrd T. Coussons is sliouii recfiving the Mark R. Everett award from Dr. Everett. Coussons also received the Peter E. Russo prize and the Roche award. Diiane Lagan was given the Harry Wilkiiis prize in neuro- anatomy. 228 f •3 t 1 f h K H J ik H ' 1 (;radv ,)eler for the first recipient of (lie new CoMie tiampheli a ard. Medicine -i MxKKNjM Tills is lllC UtlCrUTUT c.f till sl.cut and art nnv.. alcsl of |)lnsiciaiis tliat life is — Seneca 229 Dean of the School of Medicine Dr. Mark R. Everett, director (if the medical center, dean (if tlie scliool of medicine, and professor and chairman of the department of biochemistry, lias been awarded membersliip in the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, honorary Sc.D. from Biicknell unixersity, and has been ap|)ointed member of the exec- iili e council of the Association of American Mechcal colleges. He also has been named to the Oklahiiiiia Medical Silences Hall of Fame. 230 Associate Deans and Directors A s(niali- Dean — Studiiil Atfjirs Associak- Diaii (if llic (Jraduali- dillinc M.S. dcurct fniiii llit- liiiMrsll of llliiidis S,.I). fn.iii jolnis li..|,kiMs Piilllli ' I ' .. Smiim. Sc.l). .Associate Dean — Special TraimiiK and Research Proj rain M.D. dejiree from Sondiwestern Medical college M.S. degree from Iowa State I iiiversity S. N. Stone. M.D. |(.si i-ii M. Will IK. JK.. M.D. Associate Dean — (ilinical Instruction M.I), decree from the riiiversitv of Penns l ania M.S. (lesjree in surgery from the .Minnesota (iradualc School of Medicine 231 DEPARTMENT OF ORTHOPEDICS— FIRST ROW: P. Pa- luiiildi. Win. Kin-. I. Sisler. G. Frank. L. )ack. W. K. West. D. H. O ' Donoghue. H. Shorbe. C. R. Rountree. SECOND ROW: C, R(.ckwo(.d. |r.. S. Slier. Wni. Waskou itz. R. .Starts. D. R. Broun. M. K. Mar .,. S. T. M(,„re. ]. R. Stacv. R. 1). Harris. THIRD ROW: J. F. Messenbau-h. R. W. Payne. Jr.. C. Monnet. J. Spencer. R. A. Smith. VVm. Waldrop. E. Manier. R. P. Holt. The Faculty DEP. RTMENT OF PATH- OLO(;V — FIRST ROW: . nton Lindner. William E. Jaques. W. Jeanne Green. Hazel McCiaffev. SECOND ROW: Hideo Namiki. Hen- ry T. Russell. James P. De- nar. Norman K. Lee. Rud E. Eye re r. DEPARTMENT OF OB- STETRICS AND GVNE- C:0L0(;Y — FIRST ROW: W. K. Hartford. John E. Ramsey, James A. Merrill. Charles Bodine, George H. Hennings. Earl M. Bricker. Jr. SECOND ROW: Farris W. Cogj!; ' " , Janes B. Bal- lina. John F. Kuhn. John W. Records. Milton J. Ser- ver, |oe H. Coley. THIRD ROW: W. W. Rtieve. R. K. Borroji. Joseph D. Funnel!. H. Sniolherman. Da is T. Hunt. DEPARTMENT OF ORAL SURGERY— FIRSl " ROW: M. N. Spenjios. Carl E. S,li,,u, M. S. Noorani. SECOND ROW: A. . . Couishenour. A. P. .Angelopoulos. J. W. Lcnihan. S. M. Claman. J. L. Dolce. 232 f 6 ' 1)1 1 ' XR ' rMKvr or l■s ( in l — i luvi kow: H() (I k. I.isl.r. ( . . Sui.iMcl l. MfMis. li . K,illKrinc II. id- soii. lr . M.itA Sloan. Uilli..iii |. !)ukc•l ..„. ()s,.i, A. I ' aisMiis. MfoiiM, l ' . ol • . (.crilcr K. M.COM) KOW: ( IkMi r !. r...... K..I..I1 A. S,l,„ i,lir. I.U r Sluirlcy. MitIktI II. ,|,M.s c-... rraiikiin .VKon. C. (.. Cm,,,. |-|on(1 S. Cornclis.iti. |r.. Slcuiiil (., Wolf. I..,iiis |ol , i, WiM. The Faculty 1)1.1 ' RI li:. r Oi RADI- ()|.()(, _ 1IRS|- ROW; Rnhard K. ), lii.sloi,. Rol.irl W. (ievcr. I.. II. Ral.liai. r.nifst Lachiiian. IIa ei) W ' . la.ikin. Hckr, II. Schmidl. II. Tavhi. (;. R. Ridinjis. .|..lii, R. Dansln.iM. Robert Siiktmiii. Saniutl M. (Ilasser. |aii,es T. Bo;;ks. Wavne H. S.h.ill . Casl.Td .S. Knox. SI.(()M) ROW: Edmond II. Kalr.ioii. Ro L. Neil. Wn.litld W. K aii . .PARTME.NT OK OPH- I l, lol.O(. — IIKST ) : |oc R, Ikiikc. T. O. sl.Mi. j. R. IUi l. K dimind IVrniison. [aiin ' s Lutor,. m. H. (.ariiicr. SECOM) )W: Don . Iarsli. Ra Ueal. Ir.. Rohirl Kiiin. arks Rover. Clillord |. ,ir. Ri.hard A. C:ia . II Rl) ROW: |. M. Elliott. W. Sanger. V. R. Col- . Robert CaiiiplK ' ll. Can (lure. 1)1.I ' K r II N r OI- ll( ROIllOl.OtA —FIRST ROW: |olin Hale. L. Vcr., .ii Seolt. Klorerie C. Kellv. |obii R. So- kateh. .SECOND ROW: Edwin C. Bracken. Robert .V. Patnode. (ieor e .1. Prion. .Alexander H. Woods. 233 t f r I ? DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY— FIRST ROW: son. Ernest Laclnnan. Alice M. Brues. John E. Alii OM) ROW; Kennelh M. Rii liter, joli G. Gnnibretk. Gannon H. Daron. Kenrn } F. ti K. F, ilka. La mikner. DEPARTMENT OF PEDI- ATRIC:S — FIRST ROW: James 15. Snou. W. W. ' an- (lever. Harris D. Riley. Jr., Bertha Levy, Sylvia O. Rich- ardson, tieorge H. Garrison. J. T. Jabbour. J. Neill Lv- saught. Marilvn Porter. SEC- OND ROW: Armond H. Start. Jerry Neda. Loy Don- na Markland. James E. Mays. Jr.. J. A. Roone. Lyle Bur- roughs. David Childers, Lil- lian Hoke, H. V. L. Sapper. Robert Herndon. Everett C Bracken. THIRD ROW: Bobby Gosser, Alan Biires. Glen Cartwright, James Wor- ley. Hugh .Sutherland, CAen G. Cayler. Hooshang Taybi. Jacob L. Kay. Marjorie Sue Keele. FOURTH ROW: Doman, K. Keele. James K. D o vv I i n g . James Beaty. George I. Lythtott. Michael Finerty. Jerome D. Shafer. Claude Brown, . " Vlvin Patrick. Man Word. Stan Porter. DEPARTMENT OF SUR- GERY—FIRST ROW: R. A. McLaughlin, R. B. Menguv. G. R. Williams, J. A. Schil- ling. SECOND ROW: A. H. Bell. C. H. Wilson. L. J. Bernard. M. K. DuVal. THIRD ROW: I. O. Pol- lock. F. H. McGregor, J. VV. Wooduard. R. L. Murdoch. FOI irm ROW: J. M. Ciampbcll. S.J. Binkley. A. E. (;reer, W. L. F clton. C. . . Tollett, FIFTH ROW: J. R. Riggall. G. F. McDonnold. E. E. Cooke. C. M. O ' Learv. J. F. Messenbaugh. SIXTH ROW: R. T. Sturm, L. H. Brown, C. Robison, P. I). Erwin. K. K. Boatman. I. H. Brown. (;. S. Campbell, W. O. Coleman, Antel Earp. The Faculty DEPARTMENT OF DERMATOLOGY— FIRST ROW: Otar ROW: Donald Johnson. M Norwood. Lloy l A. Owens. H. A. Foerster, Phyllis Jones. Wil- William Loney, William Smi liam McCreight. Robert Morgan. C. J. Young. SECOND Maurice ColTcy. ark . Everett, Thomas Nix, Jr., th. William Jones, Julian Swann, i ML p ' B m 1 N ' A t il DKI ' Ain ' MKNT OK lilOCIIKMISTIlV— Left to KIkIh: A. (.. K.irl . P. V. Winkt. P. H. M.Cav. (). li. llDiuliin. K. C. L;ir- scii. P. Al iu|)() ii. A. 1 " . licMi. M. S. Slictlar. I ' ay Sliipparcl. . V t I • i I ' . Condit. K. (:.i|Mill.,. li. I-.. Iriii.u. II. . . kirkiiLii,. Mark K. Kxcrcll. The Faculty DKPAKIMK.NI " (tl PKI,- I.NII I. IKI)I( I.M, A.M) PI liMC IIKAl.TII— IIKST KOU: Car! K. I)iKrln«. Olivia M. Siiiythc. Pearl D. Kishcr. Margaret F. Siiatk- kelforil. Vivian S. Smith. llirlK-rl Kent. Oradv F. tailK»s. SKCOM) liOW: I " . l»ai(l liraiull. James A. Ilanaiis. jostph B. (ic.UI- .sinitli. (!. O. (iiiiin. W ' ni. W. Siliottstacdt. loc O. RoKtTs. KaMricKJ I). Crews. Rohert C. I...UI. PI, Hip P.. Smith. IIIIKI) KOW: H. P. Keiii- h.irclt. Samuel M. Me ers. . David Steen. DEPARTME.NT OF I ROL- ()(;V_KIRST ROW: Clar- eiue H. naHM ii. M. M. A - pktoii. I.. C Kavaii. .SEC- OND ROW: B. J. Limes. R. C:. Einmott. |im M. Tay- lor. Chas. L. Reynolds. Jr., R. Kainmtn. PKDI.nRICS RESIDENTS AND INTERNS— FIRST ROW: , Ian Hures. )err .Nida. Lov D tnna .MarLland. .Xrniond II. .Start. Man Word. J. . . Roane. SECOND ROW: (.len Cart- uiinlil. James Dowling. James Worlcy. . lvin Patrick. James Heatv. Michael F ' inerty. Bobby Cesser. Stan Porter, Hugh Siitlierland. 1 ,o Hfl H . H K H m ■ Sl l Mk ■7 m t ■L J BfiiL ' li l S p 1 1 l j tsB IH ' -Ibi ' i £M ■1 DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE— FIRST ROW. left to right: Arthur F. Elliott. Kell ' M. West. |aiiies A. Hagans. Stewart Wolf. Adrian A. Kvriakopoulous. Natoo Patel. Robert H. Fur- man. SECOND ROW: Leonard P. Eliel. Oren T. Skouge. William O. Smith. Henrv H. Turner. Paul T. Condit. Robert C. Lawson. Robert A. Schneider. Bert F. Keltz. THIRD ROW: George L. Winn. Harry T. Avey. Jr.. Carl W. Smith, Richard M. Burke. Mervin L. Clark. James R. Ricks. Jr., Jack D. Welsh, William K. Ishn.ael. FOURTH ROW: V. W. Schottslaedt, James F Hdiinnarsttn Phrli| ( lohnson W. W. Rucks, Jr.. C. G. (.unn. [ulien W Bahi William S Pugsley. James VV. Hampton III FI I ROW I liomas N L nn. J .. Robert S. Ellis. Allen R IKnnes DaMd ( Moik. Loyal L. Conrad. CJeorge N Bari lUiori I Smith irgil K Forester, Johnny A. Blue. Richard G. Hahn. R. Palmer Howard. SIXTH ROW: Ale. ander H. Woods. Everett R. Rhoades. Richard W. Pavne, Robert M. Bird. Galen P. Robbins. Stanley E. Berger, Vernon Ward. Ralph A. Smith. The Faculty m m DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOLOGY— FIRST ROW: Marion Cotton. R. W. Pavne, Joseph Valadares. SECOND ROW: loanna Moore. J. H. Gogerty, William B. Stavinoha. «W L It » DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY— FIRST ROW: Joe M. Dabney. Francis J. Haddy. M. Jack Keyl. . llan J. Stanley. l)i:i ' AirrMKi T of ANAESTHESIOLOGY— first ROW: Peter Welt. Bernard Horn. Irvin Hamburger. SECOND ROW : Walter Massion. Joseph White. James Cutter. Th a c ul + y Dr. Mary I. Al.lx.ll Ur. Jiiiic K. Addcl.i Dr. IJoiiaM I). . ll)crs Dr. CliarU-, A.nspaclur Dr. llubtil .M. Aii.Ui-mi Dr. KulR-rl I.. . ml rs,„i Dr. KiilR-rl Dc.unlass Anspauul. Dr. Jack II. Ausurnianii Dr. U,m, l.ouis Hailcv Dr. Bruno Baltc Dr. MacLUS S. Barter Ur. Nasry Fayail VaiiiUr UaiUtl Dr. Kol crt Hcbaril Bay ley Dr. James M. Bclirinari Dr. Jamca Preston Bell Dr. lleiiry Garland Bennell, Jr. Dr. Howard A. Bennelt Dr. Paul C. Benlon Dr. Charles Max Bielslein Dr. Harold Jacob Binder Dr. lames Carlield Binkley Dr. loin. A. Blascbte Dr. tarman Eddythc Bloedow Dr. Kenneth Earl Bohan Dr. John Louis Boland, Jr. Sister Marv Bonaventurc, M.S. Dr William Lawrence Bond D. lilct I li..vd l)i |,,ni, . SI. 11, 1. .11 Boyle I), (.,..-., s ll,.,.,lis 1), 1 , , ll ( lt,.ukl-Tl 1)1 ti.ul..,,., I lli.ulc ' li Di. Ivi., ,.!! II, liiadluld Dr. ..M.c . ,ll.ur Bradlord Dr. Chark-, .M. Brake Dr. John C. Brixey Dr. Charles M. Brodie Dr. C. Alton Brown Dr. ( Ijudc II. B. Brown Dr. I.Hol Brown Dr. (... ii;i- M. Brown, Jr. Dr. 11... " I. I W. Buchner Dr. I vl. W. Ilurronshs Dr. I.ihii ri,uk Burton Dr. McMMM Thomas Buxton Dr, William Tiuncr Bynum Dr. Leo F. Cailcy Dr. John Merwin Carey Dr. Richard Everett Carpenter Dr. Charles Wcslcv Cathey Dr. James Jackson Caviness Dr. Glen C. Cayler Dr. Paul B. Chamnlin Dr. Norman AUec Chance Dr. Louis Harry Charncy Dr. David O. Childers Dr. Robert T. Clark Dr. Ted Clemens. Jr. Dr. Cvril Ebert Clymer Dr. lohn Hatchctt Clymer Dr. Robert E. Coalson Dr. Carl G. Coin Dr. Waller lames Coin Dr. Joe E. Collins Dr. John P. Colmore Dr. James Robert Colvcrt Dr. Walter Robert Cooper, Jr. Dr. Vernon W. Corder Dr. James Paul Costiloti Dr. Marion dcV. Gotten Dr. Donald Counihan Dr. lames Alphonso Cox Dr. Nancv Rvan Craig Dr. William J. Craig Dr. Sterling Thomas Crawford Dr. Marion )oe Crosthwait Dr. Martin M. Cummings Dr. Earl Richard Cunningham Dr. John Ashbv Cunningham Dr. hav E. Curie Dr. Vernon D. Gushing Dr. James A. Cutter Dr. Samuel E. Dakel Dr. Harry Anthony Daniels Dr. Frank E. Darrow Dr. Paul R. David Dr. KiclTcr D. Davis Dr. Charles Francis DeCaris Dr. Charles Earl Delhotal Dr. Harrv Linnell Deuprec Dr. lames K. Devore Dr. lohn Woodrow DcVore Dr. Harrell C. Dodson, Jr. Dr. Rov W. Donaghc Dr. lohn J. Donncll Dr. Hubert Eugene Doudna Dr. William Jackson Dowling Dr. Albert R. Drescher Dr. Kurt M. Duboyvski Dr. Mary l.orelta Du«y Dr. James L. Dunagin Dr. John Harlwell Dunn Dr. William Edgar Eastland Dr. Marshall Edelson Dr. Rheba H. Edwards Dr. Norphleete Price Elev Dr. FlovdW Emanuel Dr. lames Burnett Eskridge, Jr. Dr. lames Burnett Eskridge, HI Dr. Milliard D. Estcs Dr. Mark Allen Everett Dr. Herman Fagin Dr. Ellis Edwin Fair Dr. Edward M. Farris Dr. Emil P. Farris Dr. Francts G. Felton Dr. J. William Finch . William Palton File . Elizabeth P. Fleming . Marion A. FIcsber . Willi.Mii Nason Flesln . Leon C;. Freed , Charles Louis Frecde . Charles W. Freeman . Alhnl Lee Frew. Jr. . Wallace Fricdbcrg . George J. Friou . lames J.ickson Gable, Jr . TomSulGallord, Jr. . Cieorge Harry Garrison . Frank G. Gatchell . David lackson Geigerma Ella Marv George l!i ' Paul Willi.iTii (.(.az . Mai Ciiptcrl julin llam Gngerty . Ira G.ihlbcrg Kpliii.iiii (;oldfain RufiiN (Juitman Good " llaiohniovGravcllc . Charles E.Green . James Albert Green . Jere D. Guin . George Henry Gulhrcv . Thomas |. (..ill. lie . Ila.olil WalM.i llacklei . RaMiicM.! r. Ilain . John M.llor. Hale . l.iik Hi I II.. II.. ■ Cla ; Hassle . George Thomas Hauty , Basil Augustus Haves ah B. He. k. M.S. . Allied Midi ll.llan.s . Ai-ll.ur lf..-.l llrllhai.i . Wall,. S,,,ii ll,-,.,l„„ . Sa... W lf, . |..M|il. I II. il.. I. II,. .1.1.. I.s. I)i,,,.l llinniaiiT, . MtllHl t.laude Hicks Harrv t ray Highlower Virgil Thomas Hill Robert Graham Hirschi Frnesl Fre.n.a., Hise. I ill, J., l...i. II. .ke K., ,,,[ , ,,l II,, I, I,-., . (.,,jl,l I ll,.i.i,k Walui I-. Ib.ii ka FicderKk Rfl.liiiR II. .od . lohn W. Hood . Phillip . . Hood . William F. Hood. Jr. . Bernard Horn . Leon Horowitz . jaik an Dorcn Hough llo Ml, I,. Ho Miiiai.l I ii,.ll..ig |a. . Klailscl.MMU . Iliinb.lcui . Waller .|o l . Maik R. lohi.MU. |.;i, ( . jon. ' s. M.S. . I ' lnMis liiini. e Jo . K,,l„il W K..l,ii |,,liii l k.ilMliisch I K.I k K, k.ale Will, III I 1,.,,1 Keller |.i..i,s W K, 11. V I I, ,1,11, 1 ,,i.i Kdiv . |,,liii W K,IK ■|,,s.l,l, Will.ii.l Kelso . SlaiiUi . l. keniler . Rex E. Kenyon . Larson Russell Keso . lobn Walter Kcvs . ir.enrge llenrv Kimball . Neil B. Kinieier . Frank C. Knox. Jr. . David I. Krafl . Robert Lewis Kramer . Carl Krieger. Jr. . Turan Ahmet Kulkam . Everett Samuel Lain . Wann l.angston . Michael T. Lategola . Wi Ilium R. Lemmon . Charles Edward Leonard . Samuel B. Leslie . Bertha Marion Levy . John Kmmett Lewis . Dave Bcrnhard Lhcvine Dr. Richard B. Lincoln Dr. Robert D. Lindeman Dr. Kay Harvey Lindscy Dr. Forrest jMerle Lingenlellei Dr. Achilles Courtney Lisle Dr. Leroy Downing Long Dr. Leo Lowbeer III, |...ii,s R. Lowell 111 ll.iM.I C. Lowrv II, III. k Moss Lowiv Dr. Will. am A. Loy llr Wall.. Ar.hihald Lybrand Dr. lames . eill I.ysaugbt Dr. George I. I.vthcott III. Earl Duua... McBride III Slaiil,, K M.( al..|.l.ill II, Wil. I M.I ..ll..m II. Willi. ,.;, M.I Kighi III |.,v,|,l, ( M,„ll,,.,.,l,l III 1, II Dr. K.,l.,ii I k M. kc. Dr. less M.i, k M, k.ii i, Dr. i ' luhl. M.iimI. n M. e.ll Dr. lli.i:l. I ' ra.uis .Maguirc Dr. K,l " ... R. Maier jna.u.e Marianos. M.S. Dr. Carl E. Marshall Dr. Harrv .Martin Dr. Joseph L. .Martin Dr. Joseph riiomas Martin Dr. lohn Barrev Masscy Di. Waller II. MasMoii Dr. M.iK MaM, .son 1).. , t ..ia.i SjMfo.d Matthews Dr. Reuben llilloii .Mavbcrry Dr. Robert Harold Mayes Dr. Robert Charles Mayfield Dr. James E. Mays, Jr. Dr. Eric H. Meador, Jr. 111. c .nil,,., K. .Melton, Jr. Ill W ilhiii, W Mcnninger III l;,,l„ II II Mtrccr III K,,l„ 11 r Messinger 111 I li,,ii,.,s ll.iivey Milcy 111 l.iiii.s K Miller III |,,s I Mill.i III Willijiii Miller 111 ll.v.iMi. r. Minor III |.,li.i 1 ,1 M..nlroy II.. I lill.,i,l Moore I),. |,, .1,111, I Mo.. re II,. |..n.,s I l,,-,l M,.„,iiian III. Mill II,.,. ill. ,11 M.,K■ III U.,l„ii I. SSI- M,,.ua,i III I..1.1I W .ilk.i M,,ili(!tte I), li,,!„ii II,, ,11 Ml, I, IS.. 11 II, I In, 1111. ,11 Moskv 111 11.11, ,1,1 I. Mil, 1 ■ 111 l!.il k 1 MiilxA III. l.luji.l Ki.l.irl Muiiuell Dr. K. ( ..Iter Murray 111. Sam N- Miisallam llr. Kill.. I i.n Musick Dr.,. II liniiRtt Myers III ( .111 N.iii 111 liiliii V N.iiiuhlon 111 k, 1,11, ill W. .Naviii III l ' „,i II, i,l„.ls, ii III III,, mas I Nis. |i, 111. U.n I Ill N,,illiii|. III. ( lia.ks I (llHil.i.iiin Dr. Larry J. OBrien Dr. Einogene Ogle Dr. lames Newton Oyvens, Jr. Dr. I.lovd A. Owens Dr. RilevW. Park Dr. Ira t. Parker Dr. Joe Marion Parker Dr. lohn Martin Parrish. Jr. Dr. k. Gibson Parrish Dr. William R. Paschal Dr. Robert Arthur Patnodc Dr. David Dare Paulus Thelma Pedersen. M.A. Dr. .Maurice L. Peter Dr, Dale W, Peters V,-,a 1 IV.,.s. l,. . II. I I I ' h.llips II,, i;,,i.,i i; I ' Liiiii- II,, |,,l,i, ( ,,,„;,,i„l lYkaid D,. Alsxands. W. Jr. Dr. BiiRc R. Pierce Dr. Bascum C. Pippin Dr. lames Burton Pitts, Jr. Dr. Paul F. Plowman I), ri„,iii.,s . ,..,i; Points III 11.11, ,1,1 R I ' ,. Mock III, M.iiiKi. r,,.ler Di. I a. I, ,11 M.u.roe Pounders Dr. (;eoige Townley Price Dr. Richard B. Price Dr. Moorman Paul Prosser Tl,..mas S. Rav. M.S. Di It,, I.. II I H.dmond II, 1 Kei ,„is |„s, Di. William II, ReilT Dr. William Branch Renfrow Dr. George E. Reynolds. Jr. Dr. Sylvia O. Richardson Dr. William R. Richardson Dr. loseph Anton Rieger Dr. lack Lee Riggall Dr. Harris Rilev. Jr. Dr. Robert Alvin Rix. Jr. Dr. Jourdan A. Roane Dr. Dean Robertson Dr. Edwin N. Robertson, Jr. Dr. J..lin M. RolKrls..ii Dr. John Har.iHon R.,bins Dr. William (.crald Roger Dr. George V. Kobrer Dr, Howard B. Ruhni ' Ernest Rush. Jack Rulletig, rei.ion viii.ei Sanger Herbert ' ictor L. Sapper Arthur Schmidt la .Schmidt. B.A. Sidney E. Schnilz Mary Frances .Scholtslaedt Lawiente Vernon Scott I, St uggs el Sepkowilz William Shackelfo Dr. Paul D. Shackelford lerome Daniels Shaller J.ihi Dr, leroi, Dr, Dr, ,Ma I Lor ' en Shalle Sheppard Dr, . Iuzafer Slieril Dr, Richard G. Shifrin Dr. Edward E. Shirclill, Jr. Dr k..,.,..,|h W ShoMS . Keiin eth W. Sh 1. .limn IV L. r. Willi am Hale S . Hair I Fulils Si -, " ,.ii. .11 Slsll r. Willi ,11,1 1 SLi- ' , Hail, 1.1 (,, SI., -. ( 11. ,11 -. (liJ, l,s 1., Sll, -. Dill,, 1 1 ( .1 1 , r. Eail 1. s 1, r. I ' Wllisl,,ll ' r. W.lli an. II.,, I.I r. Ja.iR s 111, on Si r, loliM R. Solcal, r. Edu, .,.1 Kaslol. r. llail ...1 k.illi s Dr. (.,.;i.i Iv Dr. Lei. |,.s. |.li Dr. William 11 Dr. (ail I Si, Dr. r..iiik Wil Dr. Samii, 1 Ni. Dr. Ilii-Ji Ml., . Dr. I. ami,, 11 I I Slallbr. Dr. I William Edgar Sliccke Pei Chin lang Lewis Carroll Taylor Dr. Rov W. Teed l)r, lanies Barrett Thompson Dr, Stephen Wright Dr, William Best Thompson Dr. Lowell F. Thornton Dr. Lai Duncan Threlkeld Dr. Albert C. Tipton. Jr. Dr. S. Fulton Tompkins Charles Do . Rol.iil Irvine Ir . Dai id K. Tritcs . Roll I, lllestad . |.,s.pli R. E, N ' al , tia.i. Will.i., . W 1 1 ■ Dl. Dr. Piiil M. Dr. TIk 11, .1. ..IsC.S ... I, Wails „,. Ilekii R- Wall lur Dr. Rol.i.l Walker Dr. NkW.lso.. Warm. Dr, Lois Lv..n W-lls Shirley L. Wells. M.S. Dr. Peter I. L. Welt Dr. Kall.rvn L. West Dr. Preston G. Wheeler Dr. M- Wl.iu. Jr. Dr. Os, ai U.iois While Dr. (ami S Wr.,,;liis Dr. llaii Wilkuis Dr. T. (.Km Willia,..s Dr. Hai.ild li. Willin Dr. I..I.II l ' ..uc.s W.,111 Dr. Ni.l WI..1IUA Wnodwai Dr. Wilf.e.l K. Wo..lridge Dr. Beiiia.iil R,.v W.irsham ,d..ll Wi.llT ••■ ick eager Dr! Richard Wyri Dr. Douglas . Yeaj;v Dr. C. lack Young Mary C. Zahasky. B.S Prccelllors. School of Mcdiciu Dr. Malcolm Mollison Altus Dr, Edward T. Cook, Jr. Anadarko Dr. E. C. Lindlej Duncan Dr. George A, Tallaiil Frederick Dr. Carlton E. Sniiili Henrvella Dr. J. William Finch Hobart Dr. L. A. S. Johnston Holdenville Dr. Tom L. Wainwright Mangum Dl. C. K, Hollam 1 McAlesIrr Dr. Lynn C. Barn, cs Nowata Dr. J. A. Graham Pauls Valley Dr. Cody Ray Pawbuska Dr. Rolxrn W. Lc ivrcy Poteau Dr. W. C. McCur dy, Jr. Purtell Dr. Waller H. Dersch, Jr. Sbattuck Dr. (ieorge B. C al lliers Stillwater Dr. Burdge F. Gr. ;eii .Stilwell Dr. Joe L. Duer Woodward Dr. Edward T. SI lirlcy Wynnewood Aisociale Precet lort, , School ol Mcdicint Ai rrs Dr. J. H. Abert Dr. 1 led W . Be. lalhy rker Dr. D. Rav Coo .per Dr. Joan K. Hi, ctt Dr. James Holn ran Dr. J. P. Irby Dr. John Walker ANADARKO Dr. John B. Miles Dr. A. C. Roberson Dr. George C. .Market DUNC. N Dr. Jack Gregston Dr. E. H. Lindley Dr. D. C. Ryan FREDERICK Dr. C. Curtis Allen Dr. J. Polk Fry. Jr. Dr. Wm. G. Haryey, Jr. Dr. Jack D. Honaker Dr. R. G. Johnson HENRVEriA Dr. Floyd Hubbard Dr. Gene Johnson HOLDENMLI.E Dr. D. H. C rambler Dr. Rovce C. McDougal Dr. H. V. Schall Dr. T. A. Trow MANGL ' M Dr. Dwigbt E. Pierson Dr. Fred S. Sellers Mr.ALESTER Dr. B. H. Brown Dr. G. M. Brown Dr. S. L. Norman Dr. E. H. Shuller Dr. Thurman Shuller Dr. F. D. Switzer Dr. H. C. Wi.etler NOWATA Dr. O. L. Grigsby Dr. John R. Reid Dr. Denton Thomas PAILS VALLEY Dr. Rav H. Lindsey Dr. Hugh H. Monrot Dr. lobn M. Moore Dr. Uav E. Spence PAWHLSKA Dr. Ed A. Brashcar Dr. Rex W, Daugbcrty Dr. R. Fred Harper Dr. Richard W. Loy Dr. William A. Loy Dr. Wesley T. Manning Dr. William Mays POTEAU Dr. C. S. Cunningham Dr. R. L. Winters PURCELL Dr. W. G. Long Dr. W. Tex Stone SH.VrTl ' CK Dr. Richard H. Burgtort Dr. Flovd S. Newman Dr. M. Haskell Newman Dr. J. J. Smith STILLWATER Dr. Powell E. Fry Dr. I.eon C. Freed Dr. W. L. Honska Dr. Rolx rt E. Roberts Dr. Harold R. Sanders Dr. Haskell Smith STILWELL Dr. William Z. Cook Dr. Robert Currie WOODWARD Dr. ]. D. Fetzer Dr. h. G. Obermiller Dr. C. W. Tedrowe Dr. R. Wbiteneck WYNNEWOOD Dr. M. E, Robbcrinn Dr. J. V. Simmering 237 FIRST ROW: John D. Albright, Leedy, OSU; Rex T. Baggett, Oklahoma City, OU; Lawrence Bare, Tulsa, Central State; Ronald S. Barlow, Bartlesville, Bethany Nazarene; Richard A. Baylor, Okla- homa City, Central State; George N. Beclcloff, Okeene, Kansas University; Donald R. Bergman, Miami, OU; Keith I. Bernhardt, Omega, SWSC. SECOND ROW: Larry Biehler, Omega, SWSC: Jerry Blankenship, Frederick, OU; Paul G. Boren, Oklahoma City, Central State; Robert G. Bottomley, Tulsa, OU; Donald C. Burr, Pauls Valley, OU; Carl D. Camp, Cleo Springs, OU: Robert B. Chatfleld, Tulsa, OU: John H. Close, Oklahoma City, OU. THIRD ROW: Myron Cordum, Davenport, Central State; Bert Corley, Sallisaw, OU: Jim C. Couch, Duncan, OBU; Don W. Culwell, Norman, OU; Ernest Datter, Wilson, OU; Harold David- son, Eakly. OU; Paul Donat, Shawnee, Central State; Jim H. Earls, Shawnee, OBU. 1 ' . FIRST ROW: Ronald C. Elkins, Ponca City, OU; Charles C. Elliot, Tulsa, NESC; James Felactu, Tulsa, Tulsa University; David A. Flesher, Oklahoma City, Central State; James H. Garner, Lincoln, Neb., OSU. SECOND ROW: Phillip L. Grisham, Purcell, OU; Jack Harper, Frederick, OU: Gilbert Haslam, Anadarko, OU; Larry Hodlicka, Eufaula, OU: Dale R. Hughes, Aline, NWSC. THIRD ROW: Robert E. Hunter, Oklahoma City, Central State; Eric R. Hurd, Claremore. Tulsa University; Lee A. Ison, Shawnee, OSU; George Jay. Oklahoma City, OSU. i s rv NOBEL BALLARD. MS II Associate Editor 238 FIRST ROW: Grady Jeter, Altus, OU: Charles Kelly, Clinton, SWSC: Kem Kelly, Elk City, OU; Tom Kendall, Holdenville, Cen- tral State; William Kilgore, Idabel, OU Everett King, Duncan, OU; Joseph Kopta, Tulsa, OU James H. Little, Oklahoma City, Central State. SECOND ROW: Mai Lorenz, Tulsa, OU: Charles L McCarver, Wlster, OU: Mack I. McClain, Oklahoma City, OSU : Patrick A. McKee, Tulsa, Tulsa University: Harvey Michael, Oklahoma City, Central State: James V. Miller, Oklahoma City, OU: George Moore, Stillwater, OSU; Omer V, Morgan, Tahlequah, NESC. THIRD ROW: J. Scott Morrison, Prague, OU: Elaine M. Neil), Enid. Phillips University; Thomas O. Nicklas, Oklahoma City, Cen- tral State: Ronald Orr, Anadarko, Bethany Nazarene: Herman Craig Pitts, Fairfax, NESC: Leonard A. Poplin, Twin Oaks, NESC; Tony G. Puckett, CUnton, OBU ' Lavern Ratliff. Red Rock. OSU. Q FIRST ROW: Jerry Razook, Cherokee, NWSC: James S. Reed, Tulsa, Westminster- Don Reid, OUahoma City, OU- John H. Rempel, Enid, OU Freddie Reynolds, Ponca City, OU; Joe Bill Reynolds, Gotebo, SWSC- David Rogers, Oklahoma City, OU; Kenneth R. Scivally, Hollls, SWSC. SECOND ROW: Eddie B. Scoggins, Altus, OU; Richard D. Scott, Tulsa, Tulsa University: Ramon Shane, Henryetta, OU; David Smith, Stroud OU; Henry K. Speed III, Sayre OU - N. Rjssel Stacey, Woodward, Phillips University Danny Stehr, Clinton, SWSC: Dan T. Sullivan, Tulsa, Central State. THIRD ROW: James R. Taylor, Stillwater, OSU: Larry Taylor. Carnegie, SWSC; H. C. Townsley, Oklahoma City, OU; Lanny F. Trotter, Oklahoma Cit , OU: Michael Whalen, Oklahoma City, OU; Travis E. White, Altus, OSU; Boyd O. Whitloct, Kaw City, OSU- Thomas L. Whitsett, Tulsa, Calif. Institute of Technology. 239 FIRST ROW: Thomas C. Alexander, Okmulgee, OU; Russell F. Allen, Oklahoma City, OU; Robert L. Allred, Tulsa, Vanderbilt: Paul A. Barrett, Wayne, OSU; Kent D. Bealmear, Chickasha, OU: Bruce Gene Bell, Oklahoma City, OBU; Ronald W. Blevins, Tulsa Tulsa University: Delta W. Bridges, Tulsa, NESC Harold L Brooks, Norman, OCU. SECOND ROW: Donald T. But+s, Birmingham, Ala., OU: Robert L. Casey, Oklahoma Ci+y, OU; Enrique Chaves, San Jose, Costa Rica, East Central State: Dan E. Chesnut, Duncan, OU: Rosser Ryan Cole, Norman, VMI: Royce Murray Cole, Kingston, OU: John Alan Cone, Miami, OU: Richard T. Coussons, hHouston, Tex., OU: Wallace W. Coyner, Edmond, Central State. THIRD ROW: James W. Crawford, Sapulpa, OBU: John Morgan Currie, Stilwell, NESC: Forrest M. Darrough, Tulsa, OU: John E. Disiere, Muskogee, NESC: Ronald J. Donaldson, Oklahoma City, Westminster: Richard E. Doner, Tulsa, NESC: C. Kendrick Donan, Claremore, Tulsa University: Roy Wesley Dowdell, Elk City, SWSC: Gary G. Evans, Perry, Central State. m FIRST ROW: John Patrick Evans, Edmond, Central State: Elwood Dale Everett, Fort Gibson. NWSC: Donald P. Ferrell, Amorita, OSU: Marlon Emry Floyd, Coalgate, ECSC; John A. Garls, Weatherford, SWSC. SECOND ROW: John L Glomset, Jr., Oklahoma City, OU: Lloyd Donald Gooch, Guthrie, OSU: Jack P. Gunter, Muldrow, Westminster: William J. Hale, Harrah. Central State: Sam T. Hamra, Lawton, OU. THIRD ROW: Norman Ned Hanks, Shawnee, Central State: William R. Hanna, Mooreland, NWSC: Larry E. Hawkins, Tulsa, Tulsa University James R. Hefner, Bartlesville, OSU: James Avon Hill, Lawton, OU. DAVID BROWN, MS II Associate Editor 240 FIRST ROW: Royce A. Hinkle, Muskogee, NESC: Edwin G. Home, Jr., Oklahoma City, OU: Luverne A. Husen, Oklahoma City. Cen- tral State: Jerry Clark Jones, Mangum, OU: Michael G. Keeran, Lavvfon, OU: Noah Cur+iss Kimball, Canton, OU: Charles Patrick Kirkland, Edmond, OU: Charlyce Ann Klepper, Ada. ECSC: Steve Allen LeValley, Blackwell, OU. SECOND ROW: Cary L. Leverett, Ardmore, OBU: Larry Lee Long, Enid. Phillips University: Warren David Long, Oklahoma City. OU: Dan Michael Mackey, Enid, OU: John Henry Marsh, Norman. OU " Clarence A Morris, Woodward, OU: James Neal, Duncan, Tuls Martin, Muldrow. NESC: Richard Earl Jerry F. Morrow, Norman. OU: Billy I University. THIRD ROW: Orville Glenn Neufeld, Fairview. SWSC: Ernest Wade Norman, Ardmore. SESC: Michael J. Pafton, Coalgate, OU: Charles Leon Payne, Chickasha. Phillips University: Willis F. Phelps, Wilburton, NESC: Sam Lee Pool, Durant. SESC; William Jack Preston, Norman. OU: Anthony Charles Reding, Stillwater, OSU: Bert Thomas Reed, Tulsa. OU. I1]I3 09 ■, %4 EiEm FIRST ROW: Jerome Relchenberger, Alva, NWSC Gerald Ray Relmer, Mountain Vie.-.. OSU " Robert E. Rlngrose, Gutnro OU: Robert Carl Ritter, Oldahoma City. OU ' Don Arthur Rockwell, Miami, OU: David Stanton Russell, Enid. OSU: Charles R. Saylor, Lawton, OSU: Clarence Shield, Altus, SWSC Raymond O. Smith, Hominy, OU. SECOND ROW: Roger Lee Smithpeter, Geary, OU Phil Stamps, Shawnee, OBU: Thomas M. Stanley, Oklahoma City. Northwestern: Harlin K. Stoneclpher, Oklahoma City, OU; Ronald W. Strahan, Canton, OU: Harry B. Tate, Fairfax, Central State- David Lee Trent, Guymon, OBU- James Sterling Turner, Edmond, Central State: Taylor Dan Wagner, Aaa OSU. THIRD ROW: Larry Wayne Weidner, Araoaho, SWSC: Dennis Allen Weigand. Alva. NWSC: Nelson P. White, Tulsa, OU: Ronald Hugh White, Seminole, OU; Wesley A. WhiHiesey. Sapulpa. OU; David Roy Willholte, Lawton. OBU Dorothy Antonia Wood, Okla- home City. Kansas State- George Allen Wootan, Ok ahoma City, Central State: Clarence C. Young III, Shawnee. OBU: Larry Ivan Young, Ada. OU. 241 FIRST ROW: John R. Afinowicz, Oklahoma City, OU; Richard Allgood, Altus, OU; Petey Hughey Baker, Tulsa, Tulsa University; Nobel Lee Ballard, Duke, Central State; Earl D. Baxter, Ninnekah. OU: Harold Earl Boggs, Jr., Bartlesvllle, Phillips University; Mal- colm Ed Bridwell, Carnegie, OU; David William Brown, Bartlesvllle, OU; Mary Louise Brown, Boswell, SMU. SECOND ROW: Richmond Jay Brownson, Tulsa, Westminster; Buff Bonheur Burtis, Jr., Clinton, OU; T. E. Bynum, Oklahoma City. OU; Larry Wayne Cartmell, Pawnee, Central State; West Addis Cla- baugh, Ardmore, OSU: James Walter Clark, Wllburton, OU; Alva Ben Clevenger, Altus, OU; Billy Noel Colvard, Oklahoma City, Central State; James Henry Covey, Poteau. NESC. THIRD ROW: Ralph Cramer, Elmwood. OSU; Bill Bruce Crowell, Shawnee, OU; Thomas Marion Donrca, Nashoba, OSU; Joseph Duffy, Oklahoma City, OCU; Kimiko Hatta Dugan, Altus, OCW; William L. Edwards, Ponca City, Westminster; Bruce Lee Evatt, Wayne, OU; Robert Darryl Fisher, Ada, Central State; Stanley Laverne Gibbon, Rewey, Wise, Wisconsin State. ATM FIRST ROW: Joel Keith Gist, Kremlin, OU; Edward Jay Glasser, Oklahoma City; OSU; Clyde Leroy Goodman, Oklahoma City, OCU; Charles S. Goree, Jr., Oklahoma City, OU; David Max Gregory, Crescent. Central State. SECOND ROW: Charles Raymond Hahn, Blackwell, OU; Ronald Ross Hall, Stillwater, OSU: Dillis Leroy Hart, Edmond, Central State; Joe Thomas Hartiog, Oklahoma City. OU; Meldrum J. Harvey, Toronto, Ontario, Can- ada. Tulsa University. THIRD ROW: Paul Walter Hathaway, Big Springs. Tex., OU: William Dean Hawley, Henryetta, Benedictine Heights College; Philip Wayne Head, Stigler, NESC; Larry Wayne Hill, Oklahoma City, OU; Richard Elliott Honaker, Bethany. Bethany College. BILL EDWARDS, MS II, Associate Editor 242 s n t . o a L jk M FIRST ROW: Jack Barton Howard, Oklahoma City, Central State: George Haynes Hulsey, Edmond. Central State; Gordon Kent Jimerson, El Reno, OU: Williarti Louis Jobe, Okiahonna City, OU: Howard R. Johnson, Tulsa, Tulsa University Wayne Lowell Johnson, Orange, Calif., UCLA; James S. Jones, Norman, OU: Michael Lee Jordan, Tulsa, NESC ' Delmer Don Kennedy, Henryetta, OSU. SECOND ROW: Henry Duane Lagan, Enid, Phillips University; Rosalie Anderson Lavon, Norman, OU: Hollis K. Leathers, Musko gee, OU: Robert Kerr Lee, Tahlequah, NESC: Billy Q. Lehenbauer, Drummond, Phillips University: Lyda Louise Long, Oklahoma City, OU: John Alvln Lung, Del City, OSU- Paul Eugene Massad, Apache, SWSC: William C. McCurdy, Purcell, OU. THIRD ROW: Richard A. McKinne, Okmulgee, OU: Audrey Jeanne McMasfer, Oklahoma City, Central State; Robert Paul Metcalf, Hollis, SWSC; George Lance Miller, Tulsa, NESC ' John Anthony Mohr, Maize. Kan., St. Louis University James Andrew Mulholland, Jr., Tulsa, NESC: Bruce Addis Naylor, Okeene OBU- John Talmage O ' Neal, Oklahoma City, OU; Henry Johnson Pearce, Edmond. Central State; Leonard Olen Pendergratt, Jr., Tulsa, Phillips University. N FIRST ROW: John Ellis Poarch, Crescent, Central State: Charles E. Prather, Tulsa OU- James Robert Priest, Tahlequah. NESC; Edward G. Reichielt, Oklahoma City, Central State; Thomas Wayne Rickman, Cherokee, NWSC: Herbert Rowland, Milburn. SESC; Earl Jerome Schoolar, Ardmore, Texas Wesleyan; Don Ingle SeoH, Ada, OU: Robert Adrian Searcy, Tulsa, Westminster College. SECOND ROW: Ronald Rei Sheets, Woodward OSU; Tim Kent Smalley, Coyle, OSU; Erie John Sorenson, Minneapolis. Minn., OU; David A. Spencer, Tulsa OU ' Daniel Ross Stough, Geary, Central State: Billy Herman Stout, Sha- nee, OBU; Walter B. Stullman, Bronx. N. Y., Columbia University Walter Duane Su OBU: Ellen Harlene Tallafero, Healdton, OCW. van, Shawnee, THIRD ROW: Thomas Evans Talley, Enid. Phillips University: Robert Victor Tate, Enid. OU- Robert Anthony Taylor. Ponca City. OSU; Robert Dean Vallion, Panama OSU: Thomas Edward Vogel. Tulsa, Benedictine Heights- Jimmy Byron Wallace, Alva, Northwest- ern State College: Dale Isaac Webb, Tulsa, Bay ' or University: James Garth Williams, Elk City, SWSC Judy Dyan Williams. Enid, Phil- lips University: James W. Young, Shawnee, OBU. 243 FIRST ROW: Charles Walker Barbee, Anters, OU; Vander Mich- ael Barkett, Oklahoma City, OU: Jonne Louise Barney, Anadarko, OU: George Newton Barry, Jr., Oklahoma City, OU; Shelba Jean Bethel, Del City, NESC; Charles V. Blair; Curtis Owen Bohlman, Watonga, OU: Jerome Lloyd Borochoff, Tulsa, OU: John Russell Bozalis, Oklahoma City, OU. SECOND ROW: James Donald Breshear, Stllwell, NESC; Stanley Fred Brunn, Brooklyn. N. Y., LIU: Bob Lee Bruton, Hartshorne, NESC; Dale Ralph Butler, Norman, OU; Ronald Alvan Calllcott, Lawton, OU; Robert Joe Capehart, Muskogee, Central State; Robert Wayne Carson, Oklahoma Jr., Tonkawa. Central State; Lyie OU. City, OU: Robert Paul Carter, Benjamin Cartwright, Norman, THIRD ROW: Charles F.-anklin Coker, El Reno, U.S. Naval Acad- emy: Jerry Alan Cook, Oklahoma City, OU; Phil Douglas Craft, Hugo. NESC; Ronald I. Cramer, Elmwood, OSU; Beverly Dale Dodson, Oklahoma City, Central State; David Vincent Eakin, Tulsa, Washington Lee: Aaron Cornwel! Elliott, Vlan, NESC; Charles Tandy Folsom, Marietta, SESC; Theodore Henry Fortmann, Okla- homa City, OU. X S 1 FIRST ROW: Twilah Fox, Bixby, Tulsa University; John Busch Friedenberger, Colorado, Phillips University; Tom Henry Garrett, Anadarko, SESC; Eldon Van Gibson, Tahlequah, NESC; Leslie Robin Gross, New York City, Hunter: Stephen Samuel Haas, Oklahoma City, Michigan University. SECOND ROW: James Gifford Henry, Oklahoma City, OU; Manuel Hensley, DeQueen, Arkansas, Bethany Nazerene; Robert C. Hoffman, New kirk, OSU; Martin Robert Hullender, Jr., Frederick, OBU; Richard Lee Hunter, Splro. NESC: Melvin Price Hutts, Vlnita, Tulsa University. THIRD ROW: Jimmie Keith Jackson, Healdton, OSU; Donald Franklin Johnson, Inola, Tulsa University: Ray Monroe Johnson, Stillwater, OSU; Roy Dewitt King, Midwest City, NESC: Abbas Egbal Kitabchi, Oklahoma City, OU: Joseph Laurent Krueger, Lawton, Central State. RICHMOND JAY BROWNSON, MS II Associate Editor 244 V £ ' ■ »■ FIRST ROW: Patrick David Lester, Brolcen Arrow. NESC: Larry Wayne Magnusom, Alva, NWSC; Rex Roland Matthews, Oklahoma City, OU: Donald Eugene McHard, Blackwell, OSU; James Rn- ley McMurry, Jr., Oklahoma City. Central State: Thomas Richard Medlock, Ada, OU: Don Wesley Melnders, Pauls Valley, OSU: Nicholaas Lingen Meirlng, Oklahoma City, OU ' James Earl Milton, Harrah, OSU. SECOND ROW: Donald Dee Mitchell, Oklahoma City, Central State: Burt Chesley Montague, Lawton, OU; Kirk Thornton Mos- ley, Jr., Oklahoma City, OU; Paul Lewis Nave, Enid, OU; John Gail Henry Neely. Edmond, Central State: Thomas Clinton Neese, Seminole, OU: Robert Richard Pavlu, Waukomis, St. Benedicts- Dennis George Pennington, Midland, Tex., OSU: Germaine Louise Petty, Guthrie, OU. THIRD ROW: John Kendrick Pirtle, McAlester, NESC; Charles Robert Plank, Falrvlew, OU- Kent Hardie PoHs, Wellstou, OU: Georgia Rae Prentice, Oklahoma City Central State: Kenneth Gerald Presley, Tulsa, NESC: Phyllis Maria Pyrum, Durant: Gary Wayne Rahe, Crescent, OSU: Delmer Dee Ralbourn, Lawton, OU: A. J. Reed, Kiowa. Kan.. OSU. kdTtM FIRST ROW: Jimmie Lee Reed, Nowata, NESC- Sam Ted Reyes, Wewoka, OU; Thomas Ryan Russell, Meeker, Westminster; Mary Louise Saddorls, Bartlesvllle, OU: lldlko Sandford, Oklahoma City, OU: Frederick William Schacht, Jr., Oklahoma City, Northwestern; Harley Joe Scholi, Perry, OSU: Gary Lee Shepherd, Bartlesvllle. Park College: Stanley Allen Skaer, Augusta, Kan.. OSU. SECOND ROW: Teresa Marie Stacy, Oklahoma City. OCU: Nicholas James Stephanou, Oklahoma City, OSU: Richard Bell Stice, Odessa, Te .. OSU: Rex E. Stockard, Jr., Oklahoma City, OSU- Gary Franklin Strebel, Okay, NESC: Leaford Thornbrough, Clinton. SWSC; Jon Dalton Tlllinghast, El Reno, OBU : James Franklin Todd, Stillwater, OSU Mark Tong, Seoul, Korea, OU. THIRD ROW: Richard Paul Tucker. Tulsa, U.S. Naval Academy: Donald Lee TuH, Duncan. Central State; Bruce McMillan Van Horn, Oklahoma City. OU: James Edward Walraven, Lexington, Central State: Marvin Weisbard, Oklahoma City, Columbia; David Parker West, Oklahoma City, Central State: Harriet Joellen Wildman. Oklahoma City, OU: Jon Thomas Willis, Blackwell, OSU; Carroll Le Roy Zahorsky, Carmen. NWSC. 245 Graduate Studefits are FIRST ROW: J. Sopher, Dietetics; J. Jones, Anatomy; A. K. Shires, Biochemistry. SECOND ROW: M, Richards, Communication Disorders; C. Branch, Preventive Medicine; B. Bowman, Microbiology. Graduate DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY: T. M. Bowen, J. L Jones, T. K. Shires. DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY: J. H. Anglin, Jr., J. C. Capps, R. L. Coleman, S. M. El-Khatib, F. R. Frow, M. W. Hurst, Yu-Teh Li, Y. Nalcagawa, Y. S. Park, L. C. Ryan, S. S. Sanbar, A. K. Shires, B. H. Taha, P. E. Washburn, B. J. White, Hslu-Ylng Yang, Anita C. Young. DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNICATION DISORDERS: Juan B. Allard, M. Allen, H. E. Brandner, G. A. Bryan, W. A. Cooper, Jr., L. J. Ealces, R. W. Fischback, E. W. Franklin, T. S. Griffing, G. L. Hurst, E. O. Mencke, B. Milburn, J. A. Miller, J. T. Moore, Wesley I. Nunn, Jr., J. E. Palmer, L. L. Price, M. E. Richards, D. E. Rose, R. R. Rowley, S. L. Shock, O. W. Shubert, D. W. Trubey, A, O. Vaughan, M. F. Wilson. DEPARTMENT OF MICROBIOLOGY: B. Bowan, Jr., L. A. Chit- wood, R. W. Leu, R. Lomanitz, P. N. Morgan, J. E. Norton, Joan Rotter, P. O. Teague, D. W. Trent, D. Woods. DEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGY: A Angelopoulos, J. N. Beasley, A. A. Coughenour, Bertls L. Glenn, C. R. Key, R. R. Naik. DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOLOGY: S. E. Hursey. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY: W. N. Palmer, D. A. Reins. DEPARTMENT OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE AND PUBLIC HEALTH: J. R. Assenzo, C. M. Bloss, Jr., J. C. Branch, E. N. Brandt, Jr., J. P. Costiloe, Y. E. Parkhurst, T. C. Points, A. K. Sfeir, W. D. Steen, G. A. Tuck, E. J. Wigler. UNCLASSIFIED: C. R. Boggs, P. A. Byrd, J. A. Chatelain, F. L. Cockerham; E. V. Dulay, J. H. Fogelson, K. F. Holland, M. J. Jennings, D. V. Koss, Sharon McCall, L. T. Moya, Eleanor R. Nichols, Fred B. Oldham, L. R. Rollins, T. J. Sanders, W. R. Schmleding, J. A. Sopher, N. B. Williams, J. C. Wong, Gary A. Wood. R. L. Runkle. . |iu .Uil v,rii lu:ilc sludtiil. siialic or axillary nerve? FIRST ROW: ( . I ' liiIki. II. loll, I V. Loiit. SI(()M) ROW: I). Kn ..M. 11. IV,n CI-. P. Massed. 1). I.;,v,aM. r. lie ku.ll. It. Ij LI-. S. (iibbon. E. Baxter. . l. 11 I IIIRI) ROW : |. Howard, li. W , . W. Jolnis.,,,. (). PcrulerKraft. Phi Beta Pi Tlif .Mplia Lambda chapter of Plii Beta Pi «as iii- stulled at the l iiiversity of Oklahoma School of Medi- cine on May 24, 1912. Since that time many prominent Oklahoma physicians have been active members of Phi Beta Pi. ■After a short one-year |)eriod of inactivity, the .M|)ha Lambda chapter was re-organized. The organizational meeting was held on October 27. 1961, at which time twenty-four members of the sophomore and junior classes were initiated by tvvo senior charter members. campaign for freshman and additional sophomore rushees was begun which resulted in the initiation of twenty-nine new members on December 8. 1961. Tile iiioiithlv meetings held at the Faciill house have been informative ami enjoyed by everyone. . dinner- dance was held at the Lakeview Country club on Febru- ary 9. 1962, and was highly praised by all who attended. The fraternity is eagerly looking forward to the annual Founder ' s Day banquet to celebrate the founding of Phi Beta Pi at Western Pennsylvania Medical College in 1891. Interest is building, ami we are looking forward to a bigger and stronger organization next year. Officers are Hank Pearc. archon: Paul Massad. vice archon: Mel Harvey, secretary: Olen Pendergraft. treas- urer: Bob W ' lierdein. social chairman, and Howard |iiiiiis(iii. |)r()gram i FIRST ROW: I). Brashears. P. Le.sltri. H. Scliolz. W. I»l e. P. Craft. SK.COM) ROW: |. Cook. (. MrVl.irrv. R. Slotkard. (;. St«-I)l . M. liarkilt. I Ti,M ' I ' lllUn ROW: |, S, 1 1 D. Bade Wallace. P. Nave. S. Bninii. O. Meliuler . .]. Re 247 OFFICERS Elaine Neill Charlyce Klepper , Audrey McMasters Elaine Neill. President Vice-President Secretarv-Treasii rer Alpha Epsilon Iota Alpha Epsilon Iota was founded 71 years ago at the University of Michigan. Nu chapter was established at the University of Oklahoma in 1921. Monthly meetings, conducted in homes of alumnae, afforded enjoyable opportunities for students and alum- nae to exchange ideas, items of information and to " talk shop. " A speaker was engaged for each meeting to dis- cuss topics ranging from fine arts to medicine in Jordan. The traditional Christmas party was held at the 89 ' er Inn. Mrs. Margaret Replogle, fraternity patroness, was hostess at the annual guest night. Other activities in- clude a " get-acquainted " party for freshman girls each year at the time of enrollment, a pledge ceremony and formal initiation services. This year installation of offi- cers and initiation was conducted by Drs. Grace Hassler and Ella Murray. Emphasis is placed on fellowship, scholarship and the fostering of a spirit of moral and social helpfulness. Nu seeks to maintain the high standards of AEI and, in so doing, also maintains the standards of the fraternity of which we are all members — medicine. FIRST ROW: E. Neill. J. Williams. A. McMasters. H. Talia- ferro. L. Gross. T. Fox. S. Bethel. SECOND ROW: J. Barney. H. Wiltlniaii. T. Statv. 1. Sanford. M. Saddorls, G. Petty. P. Pyrum. THIRD ROW: G. Prentice. L. Long. R. Lavon. K. Dugan. M. Bro " n. T. Woods, C. Klepper. 248 nlui Curric. secrctarv -trcasii rii : Ciirlis kliiih.ill. in-pusiiltiil: .irul Jirn (, Student AMA The Ol ' thapter of SAMA completed its 1 1th success- ful year in 19(Jl-()2. This year the program was ex- panded to include a Christmas dance and a meeting in March sponsored hy MEND. Lt. Col. John A. Moncrief. head of the surgical research unit at Brook Army hos- pital in San Antonio, spoke on " The Therapy of Ther- mal Injury. " Another first was the s[)( nsorship ol the regional meet- ing of Region VI of the national SAMA in November. These representatives from six medical schools also at- tended IJiL- annual laii l)aii(|iK-t lu ' ld al llie PetrDJciiin clul.. Ollict-rs are James II. Carver, president; Curtis Kim- hall, vice-president, and John Curry, secretary-treasurer. The Oklahoma Medical association sponsored the fall banquet and allowed the use of their building for stu- dent meetuigs. Informative and interesliii:. the yearly SAM. sthediilt. speakers arc a refill i- 249 A M Hk I ».■-. rvi JSk HL -w m a HH H Chvrlis Praihik. Kilit 1962 Sooner Medic I wish to extend a special thank you to all the typists and proofreaders whose work helped make this book possible. To Miss Gene McRae. the unseen editor, I express my sin- cere thanks for her contributions throughout. The purjjose of the 1962 Sooner Medic was to provide you a theme of many moods. The basic premise was variety, from the abstract introduction to the developed art of medi- cine in action. Humor was used as the stromal background throughout. Despite weaknesses, we can say these things about our class humor. It is genuine and honest, and when it pro- vokes laughter one laughs with the situation, not at it. These attributes made it fit to print in the 1962 Sooner Medic. It is now vour choice to accept, or reject, its contents in whole, or in |)art. The staff of the 1962 Sooner Medic is proud to be the ones to offer you such a choice. This was our ann. As editor, I had one personal goal in mind for the Sooner Medic. If you pick up your copy and read it through a sec- ond time, then I will feel as if I have accomplished my goal. Charles Prather Editor Stan Gibbon, Business Manager Writer ' s stalF. FIRST ROW: C. Prather. H. Taliaferro. R. Hrownson, P. Head. SECOND ROW: D. B. Searcv. J. Afiiu.wicz. N. Ballard. S. (;il)l)..M. 250 I li 1 1 N ( isn K. Niiisi- ( (i-t(lii(i Hi I rv KiiMiAUDi. Nurse (io-edilo I I Mil 1 M r M I 1 I Ititci Hakli.m. Tali ii i.kko Pllll III Ml. l ' ll,.l,,.AI,ipll 251 Zr OFFICERS Tom Nicklas President Larky Long Secretarv-Treasurer 1 Tom i klas. President Student Council The OU medical center launches into an era of growth and development. In stride with this progressive spirit is the only duly elected organization serving the study body of the medical school, the Student Council, comprised of the class president and two representatives from each class, and a graduate representative. Serving as faculty sponsor this year is Dr. David Mock. Dean Philip Smith serves the council as admin- istrative counselor. Tom Nicklas. an outstanding leader in class and Council activities for the past three years, was elected president for the current year. Other members of the Council were each appointed to serve en the various Stu- dent Council committees. Through the guidance of Council members, the stu- dent body participated in an intramural sports program, an all-school dance and the Gridiron. The Sooner Medic was sponsored again this year by the Student Coinicil. FIRST ROW: Ceornc [av. Dr. David Mock. T i I)..,, liful. (;r.i K .leler. SECOND ROW: Teres.i ! Nickla. ' lA. TuM Medlock. Ste e Levai: S.ircnsoii. ' k Tale. I., Ill Hann; Paul Ma 252 NursinjJ Helen E. Patterson. R.N., M.A. Dean, School of Nursing School of Nursing The School of Nursing has made immeasurable progress since it was organized in 1911. Three profes- sional programs in nursing are now offered to young men and women of exceptional abilities, with two of the programs leading to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. With the acquiring of nurse specialists in the four areas of nursing and well-rounded cur- ricula completely reviewed this past year, we feel that the quality of the programs has been enhanced and graduates well-prepared to contribute greatly to pro- fessional nursing. There is noticable growth in enrollment in tlie de- gree programs which offer a broad general education in addition to specialized comprehensive nursing care. The need for professional nurses now and in the future cannot be overemphasized. We anticipate a continually advancing jirogram to meet this vital responsibility. University of Oklahoma School of Nursing in Oklahoma City. Faculty and Directors Won der wliiTi ' she ' s noiiig? EI.ISSA HAKILKrr K.N.. H.S.N. MiiluMl-Siiii-lial Nur l; l l k I I.INMK K. .. It.S. Asslstjcit Professor of Cc.lcral Nursing l Kll. iiAi.sKi.i H.S.N.. M.S. M.itc ' liild llcallh H(A. ( i;s (II Kr R.N.. n.S.N., MA. .Vssislaill Professor of Niirsi.ig ADA T. HAWKINS R. ., B.S.. S.M. Professor of NursioK 1R. .N( i;.S L. I.NZKR MINNIE E. J. MES ZOllA 1. .lEUZIMAK 1.ILL1. . W. Jt)NES IE. . l.OO ( .VRDLEE , . Ml.SSl K.N.. li..S.N. R.N.. U.S.. M.A. K.N.. B.S.N. R.N.. B.S.N. , M.A. H.S.N.. M.S. R.N.. B.S.N. Inslruelor in . ssi.stanl Professor of Instructor iti . ssi5tanl Professor of Instructor iu Instructor in .Mcdical-Surcical NursiuK .Medical-Surgical Nursins Medical-Surgical Nursing Pediatric Nursing Ma ternal-Child lie allh .Medical-.Surgical Nursing A MARIE c;. MINK HELEN 1. P. MINir. N ERA P. PEIERS OLIMA SNH HIE R.N.. B.S.. M.S. R.N.. B.S.N. . M.S.N. B.S.. M.Il.Ec. B.S.. .M.. . .Vssistant Professor nf Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor Assistan I ' K.fessor of Matenial-( l,ll l llcallh Psviliiatric Nursing of .Nutrition PuMi. Health LOREIT. E. TROVER JESS EI.IA A. WILSON R.N.. B.S.N. R.N.. B.S.N. Instructor iu Instructor in Medical-Surgical Nursing Medical-Surgical Nursing ISS Senior Class FIRST ROW: Linda Arfstrom, Oklahoma City; Joyce Bettes, Ar- kansas City, Kan.; Janice Bowman, Oklahoma City; Jo Ann Camp- bell, Oklahoma City; Velma Chaves, Chltre, Panama; Lou Ann Coivin, Oklahoma City; Maridell Cunningham, Tulsa; Susan Dewey, Okmulgee; Donna Dobson, Oklahoma City; Karen Elling, Cache. Senior class officers are VoYE Wynn, vice-president: Janice Franz, secretary: Drucilla Griggs, treasurer; Zae Ann Knoep- KLi. president. FIRST ROW: Settle Relnhardt, Mooreland; Linda Savage, Okia homa City; Susanne Sebring, Oklahoma City; Nan Stout, Waurika SECOND ROW: Carol Thompson, Oklahoma City; Marilyn Towne Cushlng; Kay Watldns, Guymond; Voye Wynn, Frederick. SECOND ROW: Lana Fauver, Oklahoma City: Janice Franz, Bartlesville; Virginia Frost, Oklahoma City; Nancy Giddens, Okla- homa City; Jeannie Gillespie, Shawnee; Drucella Griggs, hlunter; Lillian Griswold, Cache; Marilyn Harper, Duncan; Coleen hiefty, Dewey; Alma Helm, Oklahoma City. THIRD ROW: Judy Kimball, Cushinq; Zae Ann Knoepfli, Prague; Dan Likens, Dale; Jackie Miller, Krebs: Flora Ann Mills, Bartles- ville, Judith Mitchell, Oklahoma City; Ruth Ann Moore, Coman- che; Aurora Penera, Oklahoma City; Glenda Pot+s, Duncan; Georgia Radebaugh, Henryetta. 256 Junior Class jiiMlur iLiss ..Hues .uf Mvin I ' m I( (ii.NMs. pnsidtiu: (akoi Si i ()hi ' first vicc-prcsidi-iit: Si i I ' lMU lu.mi l. sec Olid vicr-|)ri ' sidciil: Sai.mi Hkvdiiv. mi retary: Mak Jka.n Ford. ircaMirir. i f% , ri- ' l " - ' ' . .i iiii.i FIRST ROW: Carole Ayers, OUahoma City: Kay Bailey, Hooter- Mary Black, LaVerne: Sallie Bradley. Stillwater: Kay Caswell, Bartlesville. SECOND ROW: Helen Cisper, Oklahoma City; Sondra Cooper, Oklahoma City; Mar Jean Ford, Oklahoma City: Sue Forrester, Oklahoma City; Karen Gregory, Oklahoma City. THIRD ROW: Carol Houchin, Oklahoma City: Lea Killam, Bethany: Dianne Lehman, Tallequah; Sue Lindley Pendergraft, Oklahoma City; Judy Mc- Cartney. Carlsbad, Calif. FOURTH ROW: Karen McElflsh, Lawton; Mary Pat McGlnnis, Oklahoma City: Karen Meier, Ponca City; Kay Mldkiff, M : m I ■ Frances Osborn, Muskoqee. FIFTH ROW: Carol Sue Owens, Cushing; Martha Prlmeaux, Oklahoma City: Carol Shaffer, Oklahoma City: Hope Sprowls, Phillips. Te«.: Micki Sykes, Hooker SIXTH ROW: Rob2rta Wehrenberg, Lov Phyllis Withiam, Cushing; Joyce Wlllians, C ' inaer Mary Bea Winters, Hitchcock- Karen Wirti, Oklahoma City. 257 Fresliinaii class officers are Jean Ann Ladwic. president; Susan Wright, vice- president: Leon Seaton, secretary and treasurer: Sue William, historian: Pris- CILLA Whalen, annual representative. Freshman Class FIRST ROW: Pat+i Bunch, Tulsa; Kathleen Cassady, Okla- homa City: Mrs. Jerrle Hulet, Oklahoma City. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Jean Kurtz, Midwest City: Jean Ann Ladwig, Loyal: Mrs. Harriette Newman, Oklahoma City. THIRD ROW: Carol Ray, Pryor: Bobble Roysden, Oklahoma City: Leon Seaton, Lyons Kan. FOURTH ROW: Sue Tillman, McAlester: Prisciila Whalen, Oklahoma City: Mrs. Rosamond Williams, Oklahoma City. FIFTH ROW: Sue Williams, Guymon: Thurlene Wisner, Fort Supply: Susan Wright, Woodward. 258 (.(I lui ,. IVT. nh: A o„ (l,r uiM -.Wh- Cokes— nil ..IKMl.lll. r « :N- }- Slu- ' s u h (i clal) stirl. Ili.JNIlA llic liolllc i Haln-s in to laii l. ( Ik. k nut iIk ' llllU ' I.I.Kk l .H,k ini nil, 111 tlicv ' ii ' mil frimi storks 259 FIRST ROW: JikU Ki.m- ball. Helen Cisper. Soiiie Cooper. i aii Stout. GcorK- aiine Radebaugh. Mary Pat McGinnis. SECOND ROW: Bettie Rhiiiehart. Zae Knocp- fli. Sue Foirester, Marilyn Harper. Linda Arfstruni. Voye Wynn. Micki Sykes. Jean .Ann Ladwig. f © Members of Delia Alpha are Mar Jean Kord. Carol Shaffer. Carol Sue Owens. Voye Wynn. Susan Dewey, Coleen Hefty. Joyce Bettes, Micki Sykes and Bettie Rhinehart. Student Council The Student Council, composed of student body offi- cers, class presidents, and representatives of student or- ganizations, governs the student body. The council meets monthly to direct student activities. The student body is the self-governing body of the students, and all students are members although fresh- men do not have voting power for the first three months of the school year. The council plans social and recrea- tional activities. Delta Alpha Delta Alpha is the school ' s honorary sorority which holds monthly meetings and sponsors many service pro- jects as well as social functions during the course of a year. It is responsible for many residence improvements and often provides help for hospital equipment. It maintains the residence library and handles the nursing text supply for classroom work. 260 N(.S. ;3 Oh Ml), oral surnery again. II..IKU I. Ikic ui- Where are (he • ' jnllic The (;h,UM|.. i;el..,e .,,Mi lief.. iV KeiTiinils ine (if those Nor- Whci ' s «()! the ace in the hole: ' 261 Panhellenic Council 264 Interfraternity Council 266 Junior Panhellenic 268 Fraternity Pledge Council 269 Fraternities and Sororities 270 262 263 Panhellenic Council Sandif Dams. Presidenl OFFICERS President Sandie Davis Vice-President Nan Crawford Rec. Secretary Terry Martin Corr. Secretary Kay Keller Treasurer Sharon Kimmell Faculty Sponsor . . . Dr. Dorothy Tri ' ex Tlie principal purposes of the OU Panhellenic Coun- cil are to maintain on a high plane sorority life and interfraternity relations, to cooperate with authorities in their effort to maintain high cultural, educational and social standards of sorority women, to be a forum for the discussion of problems common to the various sororities and to strive for greater unity and cooperation among these groups. Membership in Panhellenic is composed of presidents and an elected representative from each sorority on campus. Officers are rotated following the order each was established at OU. Executive coiuicil. FIRST ROW: Nan Crawford, vice-president: Dorothy Truex, sponsor: Sandie Davis, president: Sharon Kimmell, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Kay Keller. corresi ( nding secretary: Terry Martin, recording secretary. 264 I ' IKSI ' ROW: Kathv Jones. Maii.Tfii Murplu. I).,r.,lln liu.x. SuekIu- l).nis. Nan Crawford. Tcrr . Iarlin. , mU .)..iiiis.,ii. SKCOM) ROW: .Mice (;iasl)y. Carolyn Panero. Janiic Mdn- incli. Helen Ciromer. Jiili .Allin, Pauletle Akers. Karen Dittcl- iiiKi. I.Miri l.iMnn liMi. ,|,,MC- .N.isli. l ' „.r,nK- ,„ ■|||IKI) ROW: Sails Merrill. IVlIc Cainalian. u:iinia Self. .Man la Hewitt. Sandra Sawyer. Sonja Thorpe. Mar Hetli l att. Elaine Bissger. Lyntlia Xicklas. The council meets twice each niontli to plan ami supervise all sorority activities, on and off campus. Re- sponsibilities include compiling and enforcing rules governing rushing. |)ledging, initiation, chapter social finictions. scholarship and any other area iriM)l ing ihe sorority system on the Sooner campus. .Another important governing as[)ecl dl llic cnuiuil consists of connnittees of sorority chainneii ol the ar[- ous areas, who meet several times per semester when the occasion arises to make suggestions for changes or improvements of the regulalions ni their respccti e areas. Tlie investigations and judicial c inninitUes are iht- l)odies which draft all disci|)liriar uuasuns lor ap- proval by Panhellenic Council. Kach year the council compiles and publishes a pamphlet. " Tips to Rnshees, ' " which is sent to girls planning to attend .sorority rush. Beginning year, the combination rush booklet replaced all individual sorority rush booklets. Each sorority is allotted six jiages to include any information about the group that it wishes to relate to the rnshees. The booklet also includes information such as pledge and initiation fees, rush rides, schedule of rush week parties and suggestions for what to bring and wear diuliig rush. Scholarslii|) is one of the ideals stres.sed by Pan- liclleiHc. As one of its |)rojects. Panhellenic awards scholarships to sorority women to help in the continu- ation of their education. Selection is baseti on need and scholastic achievement. This year $1,000 in scholar- ships was awarded by Panhellenic to the ten most de- ser ing girls who had made api)lication. Another Panhellenic project pertaining to good schol- arslii|) IS the awarding of three trophies each semester to tin- sorority w i(h the highest grade average, to the pledge class with the highest grade average, and to the sorority showuig the greatest scholastic improvement over the previous semester. If a .sorority wins a trophy three times in succession, it becomes its iicrmanent possession. The all-.sor )rity average has been abo e the all-wi inen " s a erage for the last eight years. Last year OU " s Panhellenic Council was host group to the Big Kight Panhellenic conference held on the Sooner caiii|)us. The Big Eight Panhellenic Council was first organized two years ago at the University of .Nebraska. The membership consists of the Panhellenic ( " ouncils of each of the iniiversities in the Big Eight Conference, and the is to foster better relations, to exchange ideas and to promote the best interests of members. 265 Interfraternity Council Ken Lanyon, President OFFICERS President Ken Lanyon Secretar) ' Merritt Chastain Treasurer John Tarr Faculty Sponsor .... Dr. Jodie Smith Executive Secretary . . . Wayne Withers The Interfraternity Council is the governing body of (he 24 social fraternities on campus. It is composed of two representatives from each fraternity and meets bi-monthly to consider fraternity matters. Founded in I9I2, the council has worked continuous- ly for the development and betterment of the fraternity system in cooperation with its member fraternities. The council is empov ered to legislate on matters affecting the interests of the member chapters and to enforce rules and regulations by the infliction of penal- ties of violations, at the same time keeping within the general rules of the University. Ken Lanyon, president, confers v it!i otlier members of tlie execu- tive council, who are Merritt Chas- tain, Wavne Withers. Haskell VVadtllc and John Tarr. 266 I IKS I ROW: ILuik Kcii. Sam ll.illni.iii. I. I ' .. |,» ks..i,. lci nil (,li.isi.,ni. KcM I.;ni ori. U aMit- W Kl.trs. ( Kvans. B,l Whltakcr. Jdlin Tair. SKCOM) ROW: Sieve Rluiacles. Wil- liam Cciri. jimmv lilalr. Bob MeFailan(l. Fred linmn. S. IS. Iloladv. Rav Mereliaiit. Hill |eiikitis. )()liii Atlaiiis. |aines I)e- Mik. Tillman RaKan. Fred Hammer. TFURD ROW: Jim (iraham. Steve Lawtoii. l)a ul (niiiy;. Jeri ' McNeeK ' . Peter Vnclr.M.i. jilii Duns. ll.riM l.lli.. . s l,,,l,..uiH. L.uis Si, - s. Mike HeaK. Stan (.ralla. Fran, is Ahijaoiide. Sam Hrad- siia». Tex (M.e.i. FOIRTM ROW: Jack Sweeney. Jerr - I ' rallier. Tom Foriiev. Joe .Viider.soii. (. ' .. White. Ellison Whittcls. Iiarr Davis. Jack Hardy. J. B. Cohn. Delbert Schwab. Tom White. (George VVeaber. Dave Cantral, Tom Thomas. Tlioiij li not Mibjectfii to a liigli degree of eoiitrol. the fraternities tfirougli the council regiihite tlieir social, athletic and scholastic activities in order to stimulate fair |)lay and vigorous competition. The IFC endeavors to incorporate in its program standards which measure up to the general standards of the University. It cooperates with the office of student affairs in all areas of student life, and contributes signifi- cantly to the dcvelo[iinent of leadersliip. scholarship, social maturity and ((iiimiiiiiil awareness of ihe oiiiig men on campus. The council ser es its iiieml)er fraternities ui such areas as discipline, pledging, initiation, records if iiiein- b;rshi|) and acts as a liaison between llie .Khniiiisli.itioti and the fraternity system. Twelve committees handle (he matters of (lie coiiiicil. They are athletic, constitution and by-laws, general welfare. judiciar -. pledge training, projects, ptiblic re- lations, rush, scholarship, social, expansion and fireck Week. The IVV. encourages high attaiinnents in scholarship. Kacli year trophies are awarded to three fraternities for su|);rior achievement. The fraternity scholarship program encourages and rewards scholastic endeavor. The real meaning and pur|)ose of the Interfraternity council is to bind the OV fraternities closer together for purposes which have resulted in the IFC " s outstand- ing national and local reputation. Public service is one of the main objecti es of the organization and it participates in many service projects, fhese include blood-typing and donation of blood for the Red Cross. Creek ' ork week. Cerebral Palsy cen- ter clean-up day and a.ssisting in whatever way jwssible (he drive for funds and clothing for Boys " Ranch. rhe IFC is i)lanning to set up a First Aid program w liitli would include Red Cross first aid cla.sses. .An- other project is the foster-parent |)lan. The IFC has a foster son. Marcos, who lives in Greece and to whom (111- group contributes clothing and money. ii():1kt interesting project is " talking tapes. " Foreign stiidents on campus may record a message for parents or friends and the IFC sends it to the student ' s home low II. lor the first lime (his ear. (he II( ' has established the Iralernity i ' ledge Council, a junior body for fraternity pledges and re|)resentativcs. which is directed and super- isfd l)v (he senior bodv. 267 Junior Panhellenic Council Tlie executive council includes Ann Williams. I)e Pliyllene Kimsey. Earlene Smith. Nan Crawford Bo ette. Cilstr id Si Council Works to Create Friendliness, Unity Among Pledge Classes of Campus Sororities [uiiior Panhellenic Council was established at OU in 1944. It brings together sorority pledge classes in co- (iperati e planning and guidance. Membership of the council is made up of each pledge class president and one elected representative from each pledge class. Officers are selected on a rotation basis. The executive council this year consisted of Ann Wil- liams, Deanna Gilstrap, Phyllene Kimsey, Susie Boyette and Nan Crawford, representing Panhellenic. On the first Tuesday evening after classes begin, Jiaiior Panhellenic holds an orientation of new pledges. Another project is to tabulate and evaluate surveys of blind dates. The group sponsors with fraternity pledge classes an annual work day at Central State Hospital in the spring. Each year the council awards a scholarship cuj) to the pledge class with the highest scholastic average for the fall semester. A member of Panhellenic Council acts as ad iser to the sister group. FIRST ROW: M strap. Plivllene K OM) KOU: (:»end..lvn Keloncn. THIRD ROW: Howiiian. Terri Zangwill, Shirley Biggs, llru a. 268 Fraternity Pledge Council Group Strives to Promote Better Rclalions to Train Leaders for Greeii Sysleni SikIi pKijtils .IS ( k-.iM-ii|) il.i .11 ( ' .( l ' ,il.s Insli- liilc. lollcctiiij; money for Oklahoma Medical Restardi .111(1 other activities of charity and good uill are spon- sored l)y the Fraternity Pledge C.oinicil. The grou|) meets twice a month and is composid (il ihc pledge ihiss president and one elected represeiita- lixc liniM eaili of the 24 fraternity pledge classes on caiujuis. Barry Staiih ser ed as secretary. George iSarraves as treasurer and Chuck Evans, chairman ol the IFC pledge training committee. The group is s| onsored by the Interfraternity ( ' oiiiu il. The FPC co()|)eralcs wilii otiicr (ireek councils and i (lie University in promoting high cultural, educa- liouai and social standards for fraternity men. The representatives of pledge cla.sses meet in a spirit of friendliness and cooperation to plan activities to the best inleresi ol member groups. Frateriiln Pledge Coiiik II Olllic- s. FIRST ROW: Allen Miller. Harry Sluuh. Don Crews. Mike Ileujti. SKCOM) ROW: Ciliiuk E aiis. (ieor e . arvaes. ' ronirnv TlKiinpsoii. riKsr ROW: (luuk Kvans. Charles |. Hairls.Mi. Ili.nli lones. Hank (.iildberner. Ro er Kalin. Ross Sv lll.Mler. SECOND ROW: Tom Ule. Pele Mav. Don Creus. Cluu k Watson. Paul Sinitli. |in Do l ls. THIRD ROW: Allan Thoinpson. Ilarrv Fender. |i.e Riny. iolin F..resier,, Sinblilelield. Tom Tlioin|)- s,m. FOIRTII ROW: Ken ( JK-snull. l.iik Kllioll. loe Oli- plianl. Phil l.iiU. |iin NU(liiie. R. [av Pieue. |r. Finil ROW: Hill Stallion. Douj; Adams. Pal Shea, (ieorne .Narvaes. Tru.iiaii Sicks. CIiirI: Musgravc. SIXTH ROW : Howard (ilat- .stein. Errol Copilevltz. .Mien W. Miller. Harrv Staub. Barrv Pulaski. SEVENTH ROW: Mike Hewitt, (iary Yovcll. .Mike Smitli, Joe Blake. Monty McCiiniiis. Jim Clark. 269 OKLAHOMA FOUNDED 1920 tfi i MTi FIKST KOW: Charles Aiichterlonie. Max Beasley, Charles Borthardt. Malcohii Brantli, Charles Butler, Charles Chapman, William Cheatham, James C;ay. SECOND ROW: Paul Goforth, William (ireen, Charles Harrison, William Harrison, Larry Hol- comb. Hugh Jones, Don King. David Lack. THIRD ROW: Lindsey Long, Beatty Mahoney. Larry Martin. Woody Morris, Carl Reed. Rodney Sayles, James Scott. FOURTH ROW: Larry Sims, Blaine Smith, Richard Spurgin. Ted Theilig. Jerry Warren, Joe Wasson, James Voder. Acacia pledges Lindsey Long, (ihi Thcilig are on duly. 270 Acacia FrafrrnKy Uses Greek Word Rather Than Letters Acacia frateriiitx was lnundcd in 1904 1) a jjioiip ol master Masons as a Masonic club in Ann Arbor. Mich. In 1920 tbc Okla- homa chapter was chartered at OU. For many years only Masons were eligible for inenibersliip. but in 1932 requirements were changed and Acacia was established as a social fraternity. The Greek word " acacia " symbolizes everlasting life and friend- ship, the principles upon which the fraternity was founded. The local chapter, one of 46. counts among its alumna twn former presidents of OU, William B. Bizzell and Strattoii D. Brooks. Other outstanding alums include Emil R. Kraettli, secretary of the Uni- versity: Dr. Lloyd E. Swearingen. vice president of the University, and Dr. [. E. Fellows, OU ' s dean of admissions and records. Annual social events at Ol ' are the Nile on the Nile costume party and the Black and (iold formal. NlR.NON (.AKKISllN. I ' lisultlll O F F I C F R S Vernon (ivKRisoN . . . President Bi.AiNK SMrrn. Jr. . . Nice-President (jiARi.ES BoRCHARirr . . . Secretary Rodney Savees .... Treasurer Bill. Harrison . . Social Chairman .Vcaeias gatlicr aroiincl ilit piano for Sjroiip sinninj; with lioiisemollicr. Mrs. Charles R. Taylor, who has Ihim with llic fratcriiitN for 10 voars. ACACIA 271 Alpha Chi Ome a y!TT:: ' r ' " ' .lB|p| 1115 College Sharon Sabo. President OFFICERS Sharon Sabo President Kay Husky .... Vice-President Sue Bentley Secretary Linda Lasseter .... Treasurer Diana Baker . . . Social Ciiairman Social Events, Campus Activities Highlight Year Building a float for Homecoming, practicing for Sooner Scandals and preparing for the Red Carnation ball featured the Alpha Chi year. Second semester officers were Joan Larson, president: Phoebe Streetman, vice-president; Judy Sherman, secretary; Judy Sims. Treas- urer, and Diana Baker, social chairman. An alumnae. Miss Susan Waite, outgoing province president, was chosen woman of the year in Oklahoma City. Kay Hardin was chosen AFROTC Lt. Colonel and Kathy Bidack was a Homecoming queen finalist. Who ' s Who selections in the house were Pat Donnell. Kay Husky, Judy Ludlum. Members of Tassels were Jeanne Turner. Mary Lou Braddy and Charlotte Jones Weeks. Phoebe Streetman was Sigma Chi ' s Miss Venus and Roberta Tesar, Ducks club president. Judy Ellicjil. Cadu HIdack. Niki Proussaiiiddu and Heiky Olive u isli they were tlicerleaders like Diaiuia Stevens. AXO 272 PSI FOUNDED 1916 Pi f» nfl f A ff ' i, ft t f IIKSI ' ROW: S,.IK llin..M. Klliii AmluMMi. Kciu- H.I ' aI.n. 1)1.1. 1.1 ILikci. IVtlULi litti. K.i lUcslcN. SiK-m HiiK-. C:culc BciiM.M. Sue Hrntlo. Catin M.iiA Hr.ui K. SKCO.M) ROW: l.liida lirucli. Jaiiis Capiis. Jiidllli Cblxirn. janct Cur- rev. Hillie I)a cii|Mirl. Sharon Da is. Ann Dav. Patt Docld. Dian Donnell. Patricia Donntll. (elia I) rris. TlilRI) ROW: .Msic Duncan. Killy Kdniunds. (. ' ,d Elder. Judy Elliolt. Pal Eni;lisli. Diana Kiclds. Lavinia Frank. Jtanic (icvi-r. C:ia (iillurt. Anne C;odfrcv. .Su enne Crant. FOlR ' ni ROW: Mar arcl (;rcve. Mary (Irunibiiiij;. (lay Hansen. Kay Hardin. Judy Harris. Sandra Hcrndon. (iarolvn Hcwsoii. Kav Hickman. Carilcc Hojian. Patricia Hooks. Kay Hoover. FliTH ROW: Marcia Hoppinn. Donna Hudihurj;. Suda Iluskv. Martlia Keesce. Col- leen Kiduell. Sherry Kitne. Sheron Kiiin. Joan Larson. Linda L.isstlcr. iiile Leonard. Maiv Liniiii.;. S| TII ROW: LoMohntlKini. Inch I.i.dlani. lanie M. Into,!,. Je.mne Mavlield. Sharon Meikle. Vickev Morris, n. Carol Mullens. Marv .V«- conier. lieckv Olixe. Rae Ours. Jinunie Paine. SKVE.NTH ROW: Janet Pipkin. Cail Reaben. Ann Reisner. Francis Rem- ind. Rosemary Riddle. Bette Rin rose. Patricia Ritchenson. Sandra Sawver. Nancv Schedel. Sarah Sclioll. Judv Sherman. EUaiTH ROW: Sharon Shirley. Judy Sims. Anita Sin«letar . Carolyn Smith. Patricia Smith. Jiuiilh Snider. Helen Taylor. Karen ' Favlor. Patsv Taylor. Leiuiea Teir. Roberta Tesar. NLNTH FiOW: Norma True. Jean Turner. Patsy Tyler. Joan I ' tljcrt. Linda Walters. Bette Wheeler. Marcia Whittinnlon. Janice Williams. Sheri Williams. Marty Wilson. 273 GAMMA ZETA FOUNDED 1946 FIRST ROW: Sally Adams, Judy Barton. Nancy Bell. Judith Bilberry, Sheila Bracksieck. Martia Brazil. Linda Brockman. Virginia Carey. Carolyn Clates. SECOND ROW: Martha Chas- tain. Betty Cooksey, Mary Cordell, Linda Davidson, Faith Diehl. Shirley Donnati. Delores Dunn. Beverly Ervin, Judi Freyer. THIRD ROW: Linda (Jray, Susan (jreen, Floyanne Griffin, Arm Harms. Carol Harrell. Joyee Helmers. Judy Hill. Elode HlnsoM. Kathleen Iloldne. FOI ' RTH ROW: Lurlenc Hulnie, Kathy Jones. Stephanie Jones, Linda Lawrence, Elvera McCarty, Vickie McKenzie, Marilyn Maddox, Linda Martin, Lorelei Matteson. FIFTH ROW: Annette Miller. Victoria Morey, Jane Nichols, Janie Orr, Trisha Patterson, Jane Pollard, Judy Ross, Ruthie Rudd, Karen Sisney. SIXTH ROW: Jo Skirvin. Janice Smith, Linda Smith, Linda Speaks, Judy SuKarman. Elizabeth Sylvester, Mary Thacker, Letitia Tornay. 274 Alpha Delta Pi f% ' r ' M Group Founded First Secret Society for College Women Al|)li;i Dtlla I ' i ;i(.-ik-(l a new lioiiscindtlicr. Mrs. Lola Loiiiax. this year, raiseil inumv lor a jiarkiiij; lot and won first ni tiiniis doubles and horseshoes. 1 liKhliijhtins; the social season for the girls of the azure hine and white were the Black Diamond hall. Suppressed Desire |)art and the Finals Fling. .Alpha Delta Pi was founiled at W ' esleyan Clciiiege. Macon. Ga.. May 1.5. IS. ' Jl as the first secret society for college women. The sorority, first known as the Adelpliean Society, was later renamed .Alpha Delta Phi. then Alpha Delta Pi. Chartered at Ol in 194(). .ADPi now lunnbcrs 102 chapters throughout the nation. Activities as well as scholarship occupied Floyainie (JrifTin, Model UN, SNEA. outstanding freshman woman, state worthy advisor of Rainbow. .Alpha Lambda Delta and .APhA: Aim Harms. Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Phi. .A N ' S and dean ' s honor roll. Hn.l N j. (KIIMIK. I ' rcsKlflll OFF I (FRS IIki.KN Ck()MI;k .... President Maeui.v.n Maddox . . ' ice President Katiiv Jonks Secretary Floyannk Grii ' i-in . . . Treasurer Linda Maimin . Social C hairman It ' s inldninlit and (iiiie im a siiatk siK-ak for Susan Crccn. |aiR- Niili- uls. Ill, 11 VvM-r anil lanlt- Orr. AATT 275 Joyce I. Nash. Pre OFFICERS Joyce Nash President Dana Pomerantz . . Vice-President Irene Klaif .... Vice-President Joyce Kamenesky .... Secretary Jeanne Hurwitz .... Secretary Alpha Epsilon Phi Homecoming Float Wins Title of " Most Beantifnl " For the fifth straight year, Alpha Epsilon Phi won the Campus Chest carnival queen contest with the crowning of Marsha Silverman as Miss Campus Chest. Among the very active girls on campus from the AEPhi house were Joyce Nash. AEPhi president, Tassels, Pi Omega, dean ' s honor roll. Lambda Tau and Hillel Service Key award. Others were Carol Rozen. Pi Omega, Campus Chest, Dad ' s Day, COR; Bonnie Amerman, Pi Omega, dean ' s honor roll, Homecoming, Dad ' s Day, Campus Chest; Marilyn Arky, Phi Beta Lambda; Susie Rosenberg, WRA. and Nancy Waldman, student senate. Social events were the Red Carnation ball, annual winter formal, and the spring TGIF party. Housemother was Mrs. Helen Hugill who has been with the sorority five year. Founded in October. 1909 at Barnard College, New York, the chapter was organized at OU in 1956. TlAi.i lo u.lkr up |,n c N.lsh is I, his; j..|j l,ul liiiic Klair. Duiia Pom- craiilz .iml ' I ' dIiu Kauitii try. 276 itit AFcb ? ' -1 ' tPSILON GAMMA FOUNDED 1956 FIRST KOW: lio.u.ic AiiKiiiiuri. MaiilMi Ark . Slunon lilliicr. Joan Hloom. Sandra Bloomberg, lictsy Bock. Carolyn lirook. Rosalind Buchniaii. Linda Clohcii. Susan Cohen. Carol Colnian. SECOND ROW: Marcia Copilcvitz. Marilyn Davidson. Nancy Davis, Natalie F.nsrnan. Maureen hcdnian. Carolyn Feinberg, Rosaland Fishmau. Elizabeth Freidlin. Sharon CUickman. Carole Glueck, Lee Goldberg. THIRD ROW: Susan Goltz. Vivian Goltz, Judi Goodman. Marilyn Hickman. Jacqueline Jacobs. Suzanne Kagan. Joy Kahn. Toba Kanicn. Marlcne Kanieiisky. Florence Kantrovich. Leslie Kclin. FOIRTH ROW: ' ikki Kessler. Susan Kirschner. Irene Klatf. Barbara I.erner. Barbara Lesowitz. Gail Le in. Alice I.c ine. Nanette Levine. Natalie Lewis. Linda Lichenstein. Catlicy Litlell. FIFTH ROW: Bar- bara Ludnicyer. Suzanne Marks. Lyiwi Marx. Florene Nadler. Rita Newman. Jean Pake. Sondy Pepper. Nancy Robinson. Susie Rosenberg. Carol Rozcn, Barbara Safron. SIXTH ROW: Rochelle Saltz, Lorene Segal. Rita Scholcni. Bette Shanfeld. Lynne Shapiro. Marilyn Shapiro. .Susan ShelTel. Carol Shiess. Marsha Silverman. Phyllis Stein. Joan Storthz. SEVENTH ROW: Linda Tein. Nancy Waldman. Rebecca Walkow. Pamela Wartey. Carolyn Winkel. Shirley Wolberg. Terr Wolfl. Natalie Zerobnick, Fran Zien. Carolyn Zwibelman. 277 OMEGA UPSIION FOUNDED 1959 FIRST ROW: Ben Botnick. Jerry Feinstein, Clyde Goldberg. Henry (loldberger. Lawrence Goodman, Roger Kahn, George Lasky. SECOND ROW: Leslie Leibowliz. Lewis Miles. Staidey Mintz. Martin Rodkiii. Frank Salle. iVorinan Schwartz, Saul Sinderbrand. THIRD ROW: Howard Somberg. Steven Weis- berg. Barry Worth, Steve YalTe. Lenord Younger. David Ziegler. Saul Sinderbrand and Slari SaliJtler gi c Steve " Ronico " We berg the old lica e-hiil 278 Alpha Epsilon Pi Winii Inlcrl ' raternily Scholarship Improvement Trophy The AEPis (lis|)hi c(l iIkii " liopiu hir silioiiistic imiiioNxiiKiit Im ' 1961 this year aiici iiiacle plans In iiiiiJd a new fraternity house soon. Before becoming afliliated willi a national fraternity, the local group was known as Lambda Nu, founded in 1957. In May. 1959 they became a colony of AEPi and soon after became a chapter. The men entertained during the year with a hay ride, Oriental party, E. otica-Spring weekend and Fireside Affair. Another out- standing event was the annual member-pledge football game. Stanley Sal[x?ter was a member of the Society for the Ad aiicement of Management and .served as publicity chairman and a member of the membership committee. Steve VVeisberg was named advertising manager of the OkUiluumi Daih and uas a member of the freshman orientation committee. Mrs. Mildred Fisher was AEPi housemother. SiAMiv Smith K. l ' O F F I C: E R S Stanley Salpkikk . . . President Steven Weisberg . . ' ice-Presideni Leslie Leibowiiz .... Secretary Stanley Mlntz .... Treasurer Steven Veisuer ; . Social Chairman lltrt-s til iild AF.I ' i. say Nnrinan Siliuarls. Leslie Li-ibowitz and likc Sihwart .. AETT 279 Alpha Gamma Delta !).;(! (,liamaiu|iKi Alvce Van Eaton, President OFFICERS Alvc:e Van Eaton .... Presickm Paulette Akers . . . Vice-President Janice Novak Secretary I ' Tayi,oi{ .... Treasurer Makv Beth Opnz . Social Chairman For Second Year Alpha Gams Win BlJ Turtle Race Every year the AGDs celebrate with a mountain party, Christmas formal, spring formal, international reunion day and annual faculty dinner. The house won first in Sooner Scandals, first in University Sing, third in intramurals and for the second consecutive year, won the Phi Delta Theta ' s Big Turtle Race on Homecoming weekend. Members and their activities include Alyce Van Eaton, Who ' s Who, outstanding senior in fine arts, AWS, Choral club, Alpha Lambda Delta and Tassels: Jackie Dull, Who ' s Who, Mortar Board. Omicron Nu, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Tassels. Also Carol Byrd. Tassels. Phi Sigma, Delta Phi Alpha. Alpha Lambda Delta: Paula Hughes, outstanding freshman woman. Tassels, Alpha Lambda Delta: Jeaime White, outstanding freshman, and Pat Weller. the most outstanding freshman woman of 1960-61, Alpha Lambda Delta and student senate. CettiiiK ready for the Alpha (Jam Mountain Parly are Junita Wade. Pliyllis Tavlor and Karin Car.nich- ATA 280 UPSILON FOUNDED 1919 I ' IRSr ROW: I ' aiilctH- Aktrs. Nclda Allen. Sandra Alltn. Jmli AnilcisiMi. lVnn Aiilliis. licltv lUlfdid. Myra liinedlit. Carol Barrett. Marilvn Hoiiiar. Koscann Houziden. Laurel Bradford. SECOND ROW: Dodie Broun. Sharon Briize. Carol Bvrd. Karin Carniichael. Kave C:arson. Louise Cliadwick. Catherine Collier, luditli tlorhetl. Colleen Caininiins. Marsha Dalton. Susan Dehes. THIKI) ROW: Diana Dennis. Helen Dorr. Carol Dulev. Jackie Dull. Ann EllinRtoii. Mary Emanuel. Sandra Eruin. Diana Kiteh. Lynda Ereeniau. Sara Ereeny. Betty Eiink- houser. EOl ' RTH ROW: I ' atti Fuijua. Sandra Clomset. Pcusy Ciraves. Barbara Crundy. Sue Halpain. Barbara Harper. Jo Hartley. Sara Henry. Paula Hus hes. Mary Hiuiter. Jean Janies. FIFTH ROW: Lois Johnson. Martha Jones. Patricia Keller. Dolores Kester. NLirlcne Kirih, Marilyn Lee. Joan Likens. Ann Lynn. NK riliiir. Marsarct McConnell. Bertelea Miller. SIXTH ROW: JudN Monroe. Sue Moore. Syhia Morgan. S l- yia Murpln. Jaiiice N ' oyak. (ilenda Ochsner. Shirley Olive, Mary Opil . jndy Peters. Nancy Petersen, .Mlcgra Phillips. SEVENTH ROW : Loretta Pierce. Mary Potcs. Susan Poythres.s. GvKiui Reed. Syhia Rogers. Eleanor Salley. Judith SaRey. Fran- ces Sheppard. Marcia Smith. Marilyn Stinson. Carolyn Sutton. EKiHTH ROW: N ' irginia Swimmer. Phyllis Taylor. Jams Tennyson. Rate Thompson. Virjiinia Thornton. Janet Tice. lane Tinslev. Dcanna Trouh. Junita Wade. Mary Wade. NINTH ROW: Dana Webber. Susan Weems, Patricia Weller. Brenda Wesner. Jeanne White. Nancy Wilkonson. Neva Williams. Marg- aret Wines. Susan Winget. Carol Worthing. 281 PHI CHAPTER FOUNDED 1917 FIRST ROW: Carol Autry, Karen Bailey, Judy Baker. Sherry Bowman. Pat Breeden, Sharon Burba, Barbara Burch, Linda Hurks. Sue Carmack, Judith Carpenter, Kathy Chapman. SEC- ). I) ROW: Kathryn Crandali. Coiuiie Dechert, Roberta Dun- nini ton, Mary Freeny, Dcaiina (iilstrap, Santa (Godfrey, Marilyn Creen, Shirley Grove. Kathy Halm. Marilyn Hiniks. Sharon Hines. THIRD ROW: Kathey Hodges, Kay Holland, Jo Hunt, Karla Ketch, Angle Lillis, Xerida Lindel, Martha McDainiald, Sheila Martin, Elsie Medlin, Karel Messinger, Sarah Moore. FOURTH ROW: Sue Musallam, Diane Nourse, Jane Peters, Frances Rahhal. Elizabeth Reimer.s, Marymargaret Renegar, Carol Rucker. Rickey Shelley, Naomi Sheppard, Raynor Shoaf. FIFTH ROW: Sharon Sprakcr. Susan Stewart. Mary Stitt, Sally Streeter, Hetty Stubbs, Trish Thatcher. Sharon Thetford, Faye Trapp. Billie Tucker, Judy Udouj. SIXTH ROW: Treva Van Tine, Linda Watkins, Ellyn Wedemeyer, Beverly West, Brenda Whetstone, Jerrie Whistler, (iurncy Wilkes. Judy Willimson, Rose Winkler, Linda Young. 282 Alpha Phi 1 Kll ( .illinc Activities Include Central State Hospital Show Queen candidalcs were (jleniilMl ii] tlit- Mpli.i I ' lil house this year with Sharon Hines a finalist for Sii; l ' ,|) Cirl dl the Golden Heart. Sharon Spraker a finalist for Miss Phi Psi and CiiroKri Paiiero. Pe- tite Prix queen runner-up. Founded by ten coeds at Syracuse University in 1872. Alpha i ' hi has 82 cha| ters. Phi chapter was organized on the Ol ' campus in 1917. Famous alumnae include (Georgia Neese Clark Gray, first woman treasurer of the U.S.. and Frances Willard. founder of the WCTU. Social activities centered around a Christmas tea. Christmas formal dance, .spring formal and a bride ' s dinner. A special event of the Christmas season was a special show given at Ontral State Hospital. Alpha Phis active around campus include Carolyn Panero. Sharon Thetford. Martha McDamiald and Karla Ketcli. Mrs. Grav Sailer- field is hiiuscmother. Cakohn rwKKi). ru iclcnt () F F I C K R S CIakolvn Pankro .... President Birn Si runs . . . Nice-President FitA.NCKS Rahiiai Secretary SiiARO.N Si ' RAKKR .... Secretary JKRRIK NN ' msii.KR .... Treasurer (.illlii ' i in sli.i|K- Ici do ihf " misl " .lu- Sliirln Crinc. liarliara liurili. Kallu ( lianniaii and Sue ( ' annark. A0 283 Alpha Si ma Phi John riung1(). . President OFFICERS John Yarrlngion .... President Harry Widdifieli) . . Vice-President Roy Thomas Secretary Jim Hood Treasurer Bob Ingram . . . Social Cliairnian Originates First National Fraternity Newspaper Established as a sophomore fraternity at Yale University, Alpha Sigma Phi was founded in 1845. It originated the first national fra- ternity paper, the Toiiialwti ' h. Alpha Alpha chapter was organized here in 1923 and is one of 89 chapters sporting the fraternity colors of cardinal and stone. Some of their outstanding members are Charles Daniels. Phi Eta Sigma, Chi Mu, Bass scholar. Model UN. Honorary AFROTC cadet. University cafeteria committee: John Yarrington, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Mu Alpha. Kappa Delta Pi. president of the freshman music class. OU Chorale and Alpha Sig president. Harry Widdifield is a member of Sigma Pi Sigma, Pi Tau Pi, Engineers ' club and ANS. A list of social events includes Ba)()u Bounce. Talisman Rose sweet- heart formal. Mad Hatters Ball, Sig Bust, Pledge-Member party and Christmas formal. It ' s I)„n|)ul(l. al llic Al|)lia Si lidiHt- as ...eriilx-rs lM ld lln-ir Sadi lla lviM palU. 284 ALPHA ALPHA FOUNDED in: KIRST ROW: MitliiK-l Hiukf. William limt. Ronald (arnian. Richard (Ihronister. Jim Clark. Charles Daniels. Bill Easoii. SECOND ROW ' : Charles Evans. Joe Foreman. Jerry (ilasscock. Stephen Hall. James Hood. Floyd Morion. Hoi) Inuram. THIRD ROW: Neal Lane. Michael Mi Kee. James MayluiKh. Mike Mitchell. Hu«h Nicholas. Ted Roherls. Jerome Short. FOIRTII ROW: Darrell Speed. Frederick Stralim. Ross S»immer. R.. Thomas. Harry Widdilield. John Willct. Paul Woo.K. good pledge always locs his pledge duty to the best of his ability. Charley helps Jim! 28J DELTA KAPPA FOUNDED 1921 ■n FIRST lUnV: KcruKlii Alluliilc. Rliliaid Buiiies. Henry Beau- cliainp. Keiiiictli Heiitz. Slt-|)lien lilaise, janies Boreii, Jim But- leruorth, James Buz .ard. James Bright. SFXOND ROW: Coke Brown, Gordon ( louser, Mark Collins, Charles Colston, Robert Crews, C. F. De La Fleur. Tommy Edgar, Louis Evans, John Fisher. THIRD ROW: John Flags, Robert Graham, Larry (Jreen, Kenneth Haigler. Frederick Hammer, Dick Hanley. Jim Henderson. Thomas Hester, Bill James. FOURTH ROW: Jim Johnson. Robert Kidd, Spencer Knapp, Charles Lewnes. Tom Lyie, Lawrence McFarland, Farnsworth May, James Mehl, E. Z. Million. FIFTH ROW: Ned Munoz, Jim Plunkett, David Poynor, Jack Price, David Pugh, Rick Richardson, Richard Russell. Lee Saunders. SIXTH ROW: John Schaefer, John Scott. Marvin Spears, Gordon Speed. John Sturges, Bill Van Dall. Da l l Williams. Bing Wines. 286 Alpha Tau Omega lOUf) S. Jenkins New House Plans in the Offing for ATO Big event of the year for the ATOs came this year uhtii ihey were granted a franchise for their Playboy Party held in the fall. Other traditional social events were the Bowery Ball, spring cos- tume |)arty. spring formal and Hawaiian Luaii. Outstanding members included E. Z. Million. ODK, Phi Eta Sig- ma. Kappa Kappa Psi, Sigma Tlieta Epsilon: Larry Green, Alpha Kappa Delta. Economics club and Homecoming queen judge. Buddy Belz received the outstanding pledge award with a 3.6 grade average. Buddy is four-time U. S. Marine wrestling champion and is on the OU wrestling team. .A. P. Van Meter ' s activities in- cluded Phi Eta Sigma, .ATO secretary. Engineers club and AIEE-IRE. Delta Kappa chapter was founded in 1921 and absorbed the local Zeta Tau. Nationally it was the first fraternity fDiinded after the i: v War. lil l [)V 111 L . I ' tisliliril OFFICERS Bi DDV Bei.z President Bii.L V.AN Dai. I. . . . N ' ice-Pre.sident Dave Pigh Secretary Mark ( " oi.i.ins Treasurer Da K PoVNOIl . . Sdcial (liainnan Dave Pugli and his guitar entertain fellow .ATO members Mark Collins. Lawrence McFarland. Jim Hender- son and Dave Colston. ATO 287 mm thaulaiu|iia Beta Theta Pi (iAKRV L. Smith. President OFFICERS Garry L. Smith .... President Donald H. Garrett . Vice-President Paul Stanton Secretary Timothy M. Larason . . Treasurer Richard Moore . . Social Chairman Betas Set Record in Intramural Points to Win Crown The Betas were headed for another intramural crown this year, after setting a record for number of over-all points in 1960-61. They also brought home the fraternity scholarship cup for 1960- 61. Big party of the year was the Beta Barn dance. Other events were the senior dinner, pledge formal and victory party. Betas did their share in activities with Donald H. Garrett, Phi Eta Sigma, UAB-UAC, outstanding freshman, Sooner Scandals, Al- pha Epsiloii Iota: Donald W. Smith. Plii Eta Sigma, UAC. Dad ' s Day, and Sooner Scandals. And Terrell Dixon, outstanding freshman. Campus Chest, COR, ODK, Pe-et, BMOC and Who ' s Who: Jackson Kinnebrew, outstand- ing freshman. Phi Eta Sigma, Mother ' s Day, Campus Chest, Cross Citizenship award, and Robert M. Ralls. Miss OU contest chairman, outstanding freshman. Phi Eta Sigma. Dad ' s Day and Yearbook. Passing, the time before (iiiiner are (larry Sinilli. Mimt Miiklrow. Pele Adainsoii and Kidiard Moure. B0TT 288 GAMMA PHI FOUNDED 1907 1 If littiiKlHliSl FIRST ROW: Keith Atheson. Pete Adamson, Larry Angus, Sam Beck. John Berrv. Rusty BInford. Frank Bollinger, Camp Bonds. Robert Brooks. Mark Butterlv. Monty Bratcher. SEC- OND ROW: Boh Carr. Paul (hcsrua. Jim Clark. John Coffey, John Coleman. Donah! Copehuul. Brian Copple. Clharles Cow- ard. Don Creus. CuiuiiuKliam. Terrell Dixon. THIRD ROW: Da id Donaldson. Clark Kllison. (Iraut Fair. Brewster Fitz. Donald Carrett. Thomas Cooclwiu. John Cra es. Jerry C.untcr. Freil Hallman. Clhris Hannncni. R. E. Hardherjrer. FOl RTII ROW: Don Hassehroek. Boh Hill. Rohert Hill. Bob Hood. Mike Howard. Knrte Hudson. Larry Kelley. Spike Kelley. Keruicth Keudrick. Jaik Kinnehrcu. James Kiiincbreu. FIFTH ROW: Louis Kronfeld. Timothy I.arason. Sherman I.autori. Steve Lawton. Laile Landauer. Timothy Leonard. Louis Mc- Carter. Joseph Mahoncv. CUvde Maxev. jay MontgonierN. Rich- ard Moore. SIXTH liOW: David Mueller. Mont Muldrow, RcK Mullen. Dale Nicklas. Sam Nunley. Larry Owens. John Parii;biirn. Fred Patrick. Robert Phillips. Louis Priehe. Larry Reams. SE ' ENTH ROW: Donald Reece. Jerry Richardson. Dick Self. Llovd Sheets. Stan Shields. Donald Smith. Steve Smith, ornian Smith. )ames Sparks. Paul StaiUon. Steve Step- henson. EK;HTH ROW: Frank Sweeney. Jack Sweeney. Thomas Swineford. Don Nickshur;;. Haskell Waddle. Chuck Watson. Terry Wicns. Lawrence Wrijiht. Richard Wright. John cager. 289 EPSIION ALPHA FOUNDED 1919 PPPPP FIRST ROW: Lee Alexandtr. ;kiicla Allen, Mary Alltii. jiili Allin, Carolyn Ashabramitr. Ann Helanger, Martha Bell. Jaiicl Belt, Carmen Betzer. Sliirlev Bigys. Monnett Broick. SECOND ROW: Marcia Bull. Betty Burke, Terry Carls, Sandra Cockrell, Joan C olfnian, Anjiehnc ( )pcland, Mary Denny, Karen Dor- man, Delia Dunkin, |ean Eastman, (iinger Eby. THIRD ROW: Sara Freeman, Janel Gary, Lynda Cill, Phyllis (iill, Andrea ( raham. Margaret (irauel. Ruth (irillilh. Clenda Hani- 11(1)11. K iriri llaninum. Linda Ilanunon. Patricia Hanunon l. lOrinil ROW: Amanda Hardy. |udv Harkrider. Barbara llanriglinist. Mary llavs. Barbara HeUlenbrand, Caralee Hemp- hill. )a..|ucline Hill. Honee llolbert. Celia Irwin, Janita John. Judith Johnston. FIFTH ROW: Patricia Kennedy, .Joan Ker- shaw. Claudia Kiikman, Eloise Kuy Kendall. Carolyn Lindsey. Donna Littke, Janice Littke, Clara Loewen, Jane Lucas, Sally Lucas, Barbara McCarty. SI.XTH ROW: Candee McCJown. Lynn McKinney. Sidruv McLcland. |auet McLin. Doris McNutt. Eliza- beth Maltby. Linda Mailbv. Tcrrv Marlin. Betty Miller, .Sherri Mil- ler, Suzanne Miller. SE ' EN ' FII ROW : Mary Mills. Judy Moore, Ann Moran, Dianne Morcy, Marly O.sborn. Mary Osborne, Linda Perkin.s, Patricia Perry, Kathcrine Pittman. Sylvia Pitt- man. Carol Prosser. FICHTH ROW: Melanie Puryear, Helen Reagor. Elaine Rich. Sue Rodgers. Janice Rogers. Janie Ross. Marian Slater. Karen Smith. Marv Smith. |ovce Sproles. Jane Steadley. NINTH ROW: Kathryn Sleadley. Peggy Stern. Lynne Turner, Sandra Turner, Sherry Turner, Lynda Tyler, Diana Uri, Marilyn Wade, Joan Watkins, Jane Weston, Cinda Wheeler, Cindi Wickstrom. 290 Chi Ome a 820 (ihaiitaiKitia Scholarship, Activities Fill Chi Ome a Calendar Activities, social events and study liall filled tlie dale laleiidars of every Chi Omega. They won tlic set ' )nd-|)iace scliolarsliip trophy. Dad ' s Day quartet contest and tiieir Homecoming float was first as " most clever. " The Chi O Ski i)art was one of the most successful social e ents on campus. The house held a Christmas party for needy children and other special events were a retreat. State day, fall house party and legacy weekend. Names of Chi ()s that appear most often in a host ot iam|)us ac- tivities and honorary organizations are Carmen Betzer. Ciarol Mc- Carty. Sherry Turner. Sherri Miller and Sandra Turner. Founded in Fayetteville. Ark. in 1895 by Dr. Charles Richardson, there are now 129 active chapters of Chi Omega. Mrs. Helen Mitchell has hecn the housemother for two vears. JlDV Pat Johnson. President OFFICKRS |i i)v Pai ' Johnson . . . President Barbara Heldknhrand . N ' ice-Fresitlent Cl.ARA LoEWK.N Secretary Marcarki ' Caravel . . . ' I ' reasurer SiiARi Sainders . . Social (Chairman " ,? H L_J- ' ; laiiie Ross and Sydney Mil.cland ;el llic " nuin jiiij; trcatnicnl from Betas next door. xo 291 THETA GAMMA FOUNDED 1910 FIRST ROW: Mrs. Alleene Guy, Ann Ahrens, Mary Akers, lulie Ashlock. Beverly UabbitI, Susan Beeslev. Vicki Berrymaii, Caiulate Blalock. ludy Bledsoe. Cullecn Bryant. Susan Busli. Carolyne Campbell. SFXIONI) ROW: jolianjiali Carnill. Carol Chamlcc, .Jill Cleveland, Barbara Cok-nian. Lliida Coiiklin. Carolyn Cook. Midge Craven. .)udv Dalkc. Cvnlliia Daxis. .|u li Dees, Nancy Ellwell. Joy Engle. THIKI) ROW: Marv Kiilous. Pam Farrell, Patricia Ferguson, Kav liks. llcliri Ford. Barbara Gamble, Jan Gill. Emily Gray. Susan Grillln. Jariila Gulliy. Vicki Gunter, Dorodiy Hanson. FOIRIII ROW: Carol Har- kins. Virginia Hawks, Karen Ilennirig. Su ainie Hitkcy. jane Hierotiymus, Carol Ilodani. Jancl Holland, Davnc Hood, Jan Howard, Susan Ingram. Marslia Irby. Peggy Irby. FIFTH ROW: Yvonne Ittncr. Jackie Jenkins. Judy Jenkins, Carolyn Johnson. Janet Jolinson. Su aiuie Jones, . iniakay Judson. Mar lank. Janet Ketcluim. |ud Kctcluun. Cliris Kirkjiatric k. Linda Lclfcl. ' SIXTH ROW: Clicrxl Lindlcv. Mary Lipscomb. Mary Lively. Sue Livingston. Robbie McAdams. Frani is McAllister (Jayle McLeod. Katherine Maney. Mary Marsh. Patricia Marsh Maureen Metcalfe. Diana Moore. SEVENTH ROW: Joy Mon- roe. Linda Neal. |udv Ncwkirk. Sue Padgett. Carolyn Palmer, Su aruie Pavnter. Marv Phelps. Pattv Plott. Judith Prescotl Marv Pvalt. Beverlv Richards. Maribeth Riddle. EKIHTH ROW: Anne Robbins. Judy Robbins. Janice Rollins. Elauie Ruggles. Carolvn Schweers. Suzanne Shaw. Carole Slepka Saiidra Smith. Diane Steele. Jean Stutsman. Sidney Sudberry X ' icki Sudcrman. NINTH ROW: Bunny Tallcv. Marv Thomp- son. Betsv Trahern, Betty Tuma. Gloria Valdts. |ud Waddle Bctly Wadlow, Anne Weisiger, Margaret Ann Wiest, Jane Winstead. 292 Delta Delta Delta Kill College Big Year Climaxed by Engine Show Win ■■ il(I Life " was the lillc if tlic 1 i-Dtlt act which won first pl.Ri- in ihe Engineers sliow. ' I " Iil alsn Min C.inipiis Chest carnival for ihi- ciKlilh consecuti e year with this year ' s jjleilge class bringiiiK the higliest price in history of Campus Chest at the auction. Other honors were Elaine Ruggles. alternale cheerleader: Judy Prescott. Honieconiing queen: Marsha Irl)y. Iionorary wing com- mander of AFROTC and Linda Jo Neil, cadet 1st Lt. of AFROTC. Nancy KIwell and Judy Dees were finalists for Ruf-Nek queen and Judy Dalke and Judy Prescott. members of Sooner Soonerettes. More active students were Linda Conklin. student senate. Who ' s Who and Mortar Board: Mary Sue Thompson. Kappa Phi, Tassels and Oikonomia and Carolyn Cook, BWOC. L ' AB and alternate FuU- hriglil. Mrs. Alfcne (.,u is liouseniotlier. SoNjA THoRi-r. Prcsldciil OFFICERS SoN.JA TuORI ' K President I ' am Fakkki 1 N ' ice-Presideul VvoNNK IriNKK Secretary Jl ' DV Waddi.k Treasurer i{ llliM( (!()lK t . Siicial (.liairiiiaM iiki Siulcriiian and Dad. A. . Siulirmaii of Bartlcsville. took look- alike laurels at Tri-Delt festivities 1)11 Dad ' s Day weekend. AAA 293 Delta Gamma DiAM. Dvki.s. Prt-siclciit OFFICERS Diane Dykes President Happy Anderson . . Vice-President Marilyn Marcum .... Secretary Jenni Hiser Treasurer Nancy Randle . . Social Chairman Annual Charity Christmas Tree Sale Aids Blind Delta Gamma was founded in 1873 at Lewis School, Oxford, Miss, by Anna Boyd Ellington, Eva Webb Dodd and Mary Comfort Leonard. The local chapter was founded in 1918 and is now one of 90 chapters on college campuses throughout the nation. Famous alumnae include Agnes Moorehead and Eva Marie Saint. Active DCs around campus are Diane Dykes. UAB, Mortar Board, BWOC, Who ' s Who, UAC and Tassels: Jenni Hiser. Tassels, UAC and Celebrated Artists; Nan Crawford, Tassels, UAB, Junior Pan- hellenic, Pi Omega and AWS, and Gloria Gannaway, Miss OU, American Royal representative and Miss Best Dressed. Carol Boydston and Jean Ann Parker were outstanding freshmen women. Dee Post was president of WRA and Nancy Randle served as president of Shadow Box. They won honorable mention in Homecoming parade. SelcdliiK sorority jewelry are Wally Faulkner, Barbara Daily. Betty (ial- leriiore and Doniia Ricscr. AT 294 AlPHA IOTA POINDED 1918 di M im mtR BPISS FIRST ROW: Happy Aiulcrsori. Pcj:kv Aiuleiwni. Ann Apiik- ton, Janice Hailcv. Carol Harnes. Sallv Bauer. Diana liisli. Jean Boyd " . Carol Hoydstun. Susan Boyelte. Hctli Branyan. SECOND ROW: Reha lirislow. Barbara Broun. JuiK Brown. Marie Burns. Martha Clarduell. Linda Cole. Nan Crawford. Barbara Daily. Susie Doolittlc. Wahleali Faulkner. Clhris Ford. THIRD ROW: Sarah Fujiitt. Vickie Fuller. Betty Calleniore. (iloria Gannaway. .Judy Ciibson. Rena (Joodson. Cathrine Harsh. Dianne Hawkins. Vance Hayes. Jody Head. Diane Heiiike. FOIRTH ROW: Jessie HinK . (enni Hiser. Judy Hounh. Jeri Howell. Martha Hovt. Ann Hull. Mary Johnston. Kathleen Relies. |ucK KennecK. Naiu Kienzle. jane Krepps. FIFTH ROW: L nda l.ann. Barbara Leonard. Mary Lowe. Janice Mc- Craw. Sandra Mctiee. I ' atti McCluire. Sandra Mace. Marilyn Maddo c. Marilyn Marcuni. Melanie Marshall. SalK Mcrkle. SIXTH ROW: Judi Morton. .Mary .Moyers. Judy Mundy. Jane Myers. Jean Parker. Patricia Post. Raye Potter. Ann Prier. Nancy Randle. Dianna Rca. Donna Recser. SE ENTH ROW: Susaii Reitcr. Suzi Rosen. Sandy Saw veil. Martha Sickles. Billi Smith. Carole Smith. Susane Slapp. Karen Stonis. Nancy Teasjue. Usiie Thurmond. Nanci Toland. EKiHTH R(nV: Cloria Tracv. |oaiuia liiiplehy. Linda ' ovles. Carolyn Warren. Martha Wells. Cookie White. Donna Whittern. Marianna Wilke. Nouii.1 Williams. NKra Wilson. Susan Zadik. 295 RHO LAMBDA FOUNDED 1954 FIRST ROW: Fred Ball, Henry Ball. Rex Beckeiihauer. Ken- neth Berry, James Bower, Jack Burdetl, Jiiiiniy Biirdett. Wil- liam Corr. Tim Onwe. James Dodds. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Ellis. l)i)iinlas (;rillin. Dunal (;iirrcn. Kelly Hale. John KaraseL John Kennedy. William Killian. William Kipp. Warren Leslie, Christopher Love. THIRD ROW: Douglas Lyle. William Mc- Enroe. Jeff McLemore, Robert Marshall. Walter Millington. (icori;c Pallerson. Robert Rose. Eugene Schweitzer. .-Man Smith. I ' OrRTIl ROW; Paul Smith. Robert Spannler. Alfred Sparks. l.arr Stanford. Robert Sutoris. Max Weitzcnholfer. Williaui Wbilaker. Hal Williams. Will Willis. Getting k.uIn Iui the Aspc Bower ajid Alan Sniilli. 296 Delta Kappa Epsilon Deke Undertakers Are Big Hit at Engine $liow The Deke Undertakers were the winning act in the Engineers Show. The fraternity ' s traditional jjarties included Deke Diamond formal. Morbid Meal and the Reincarnation Ball. Hill Whitaker was scholarshij) chairman of IFC. and a member of the Ol ' Rifle team. Walter Millingtorrs activities included Arnold Air society. American Rocket society. Society for the Advancement of Management and the Convair air cadet award. Founded nationally at Yale University on June 22. 1844. the group now has . ' 52 chapters. OU ' s chapter was chartered in 1954 by 15 students, assisted by an active alumna group. Some of the outstanding members of Delta Kappa E|)silon have been W. Stuart Symington. James C. Hagetry. ' inthrop Rockefeller. Cole Porter. Theodore Ro se elt. Rutherfortl B. 1 layes. J. P. Morgan and William Randolph Hearst. 700 Klin (Ikorce H. W ' i abkr. President O F F I C: E R S Ckorck 1 1. Weabkk . . . President RoBEiir I.. Si ' AN(;i.KK . ice-Prcsidenl Genk J. ScHWKii KK . . . Secretary Larrv K. Siamori) . . . Treasurer Wai.ikr MiLi.iNGio.N . Social Qiairman K V " r!5;l ' i«S«i m H Larry Stanford. Bill Kipp and Doug Lyie take a great interest in sttidy- ing .Aincriian literature. AKE 297 Delta Si ma Phi Fred A. Rrown. Presidenl OFFICERS Fred A. Brown President L. Merrill Snider . . Vice-President Robert W. Valghan . . . Secretary Richard F. Worsena . . Treasurer DwiGHT E. Silver . Social Chairman Series of leadership Dinners Initiated by Chapter Under the international fraternity ' s " Engineered Leadership Pro- gram, " the local chapter of Delta Sigma Phi initiated a series of leadership dinners. Prominent leaders in business, politics and from the University were invited to speak on various aspects of leadership. The fraternity held a Christmas party and their big spring formal, Carnation ball. Big Delta Sigs on campus are James F. Kendall. Oldahoina Daily editor. Sooner Yearbook. Sigma Delti Chi, COR. Mother ' s Day and OU band: Robert W. Vaughan. Sigma Theta Epsilon, Alpha Chi Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, President ' s honor roll. Dean ' s honor roll, and outstanding ROTC cadet. Also, Neal Vinyard, president of SAM, American Marketing As- sociation, Civil Defense, SCUBA, and Fred A. Brown, president of ADS. McMahon scholarship, and Olilalioiiia Daily staff. Is this the Delta Sig Four? Teriv Fooshee, Dwiglit Silver. IScili Vaughan and Bob Ball tr a little barbershop siiiginj;. Alct 298 DELTA BETA FOUNDED 1956 FIRST ROW: Robert Ball. Jerry Holbrook. Patrick Heiisy. Steve Hayes. Jack Hardy. Daniel { " ireeii. Thomas (iraiit. Ronald Funk. Joe Foster. SKCOM) ROW: Terry Fooslice. Jerry Fields. Antlioiiy Brown. James Braclhury. Bruce Benedict. John Barnes. Ronald Kozak. Cars Kolan ler. Jerry Howell. THIRD ROW: Thomas Lehman. Bill Lucas. Richard McDonald. Tom- my McDonald, (lordon Muir. James Palmer. Lyiui Schriner. Dwinht Silver. Michael Simpson. FOURTH ROW: ance Swaim. Dan Tucker. Ray Tyson. Robert N ' aunhan. .Veal ' in- arcl. Oe(iri;c While. Riihard Worscna. Terry Foosliee. Boh Wuishan. Dan (Jreen and Fred Browi think a great deal of .scholarship chairman. Bill Lucas. 299 DELTA ALPHA FOUNDED 1922 )f t § 9 " % !• if f: f f t « S Si ab IKIK ' FIRST ROW: Sidney Ahlschleger, Hoyt Andres, Jay Askew, lerry Barnett. Bob Bastom. Jerry Bednar. Jim Bennett. Steve Blaik. I Ian. Id H.nvers. Cuv Bradsliaw. R(il ert Hratdier. SEC- OND ROW: D.Miald llrinlil. Tlidnias liniun. Mike Buchanan. Hill Cliaslain. Janu ' s jc-irrn Collar. )c-ir Collins, Roberl Conlcv. Paul Cornell. David Diax. Ni k Dciiner. THIRD ROW: Ri.liard Diller. Bill Dimirk. David Driver. Ed Dnbie. Ted Did)ie. Jininiv Dun an. Kennelli Easloii. Pliil Easton. Cnul- ncy Elliott, Ben Eranklin. Jerrv Kra ier. EOliRTH ROW: (;ary (;lasj;ovv, William Ciitsliail. Ray Hall, Ed Hardenree. Bruce Hare, Charles Harris. Dale Harris. Pal Hennessee. John Hill. William Hill. Dr.unlas Hohhs. KITni ROW: Richard llomsev, William Horlon. Dallas Houard. Don Ma.auh . Ralph McLaury. Jay Maxwell. Berry Miller. Jerome Miller. Kent Miller, Randall Mock, John Moore. SIXTH ROW: Con- rad Morrow. Bob Moses, Charles Mugg, Robert Owen, Roger Parkins. Howard Parsons. Perry Pendergraft. Ronald Pender- graft. Jack Pratt. David Raley. Thomas Riggs. SEVENTH ROW: Renn Rothrock, Ralph Rucker, Guy Primrose, Robert lleis. jolin Rodgers, Jerry Sealv. Roger Segler. Mike Sherrod, Stan Shields. Phil Shrader, Eion Siebert. EICIITH ROW: Ralph Slnnnons. Richard Sinclair. Jim Smith. Bill Strung. Joe Snid)arger. Roland Tague. John Tanlon. Michael Terrv. Jim Thompson, John Todd, Tom Tomlin. Jim Tubb. NINTH ROW: (ieorge Vaughn, John Vogler. William Wadswortli, James Walther, Jim VVhite. Stephen Williams. Sam Williamson, l)l(k Wilkins, Bill Willis, Don Wilson, William Wines, Woody ( nng. 300 Delta Tau Delia Hoiior:« Won in Inlraninrals, Sin , Quartet Contest Dells at C)L ' slri (:-(l for fxcclliiKt- in llie lour pluiscs of Dcltism — academics, atliletics. activities and social life. In intratnurals. wrestlers netted second place, the l)askell)ali team was headed for their third consecutive championship and the volley- ball and Softball teams sought to repeat last years ' championships. In activities the Dad ' s Day quartet contest saw the Delts capture third. The glee club sang its way to another trophy in University Sing and ' " Racing With the Clock " ' was one of the acts chosen to be in Sooner Scandals. House parties included the Fall formal. Western party. Christmas formal. Little Guy ' s party. New Year ' s Eve. spring formal and Dclt Dive. Second semester officers were Nick Deniier. president: Berry Miller. vice-|)resi(lent: Joe Sinibarger. treasurer, and Dallas Howard, guide. lllLL lloLLlSlI.K. I ' lt idtUl Ol- 1 ICERS Bill lloillsiKK .... President Roi.AM) Tac-i K . . . Nice-President Rav Ham Rec. Secretary Nick. Dknner . . . Corr. Secretary Bon Bas(()M Treasurer (JKirkv Miinji. Tiiin RinRS. Ltwls Mull. Don Wilson .111(1 RolamI TaKUC relax iK-fore tarklinn llu- iiiKJitly sUulics. ATA 30! .1),; w. r,n.,,ks Delta Upsilon Sti: i. Hoi.adav. President O F F I C: E R S Steve Hoi.aimy .... President Toby Kell .... Vice-President Jay Hodges .... Rec. Secretary Len Hall .... Corr. Secretary Bob Croak Treasurer Oklahoma Chapter Is Third Best in Its Division Founded at Williams College on November 4. 1834. Delta Upsilon is the fifth oldest social fraternity and the oldest national fraternity on the OU campus. It is one of the first internationals and the only non-secret fraternity in existence. The DUs won first in scholarship the first semester of I960, finish- ing third for the year out of 24 fraternities. Last spring DU won hon- orable mention in the University Sing. The Oklahoma chapter also was selected the third best chapter in its division by Delta Upsilon International. At the 28th ainuial Feudal dinner. Miss Janice Wharton. Gannna Phi Beta, was crowned Feudal Princess. Other outstanding social events were the annual Spring formal, Pizza party. Casino party and Easter Egg hunt. Some of the outstanding DUs on campus are Red Hawkes , Bob McFarland and Steve Holaday. Steve Hola.lay. Red Ilawkcs and Scott Hilhiini sjiend a pleasant eve- ning listeninji to stereo. AT 302 OKLAHOMA CHAPTER FOUNDED 1927 U itf FIRST ROW: (...,A AeuUtmim. Urine Bn,u,i. Rusls H.urik(,u. John BuHdiI. Ronald Hiirk. David Chaiitu Raiiic Carptnlcr. Roger Chapman. Phil (ihiidress. David Cook. Robert Croak. SECOND ROW: Richard Davis. Glen Day. Henry Drilling. Sam Dugger. Kenneth Dunham. Harry Fender. Robert Ferricr. Robin Ferris. F d (Jarnctt. (iary Grceson. Carth Hall. THIRD ROW: Wilburn Hall. .|a Hamilton. James Hawkes. Soitt Hil- Inirn. Jay Hodges. Phil Horning. Mac Ilimer. Phil Hurley. David Ingram. Frank Jones. Toby Rell. FOl RTII ROW: Rex Kiriiiarcl. Joe Key. Eddie Kurtz. Jim Lundsehcn. Robert Mc- Farlaiid. Robert Mahoney. Robert Maricle. William Miller. Pat- rick Moore. Bob Murrell. FIFTH ROW: Bob O ' Bryan. Chuck Orth. Bill Overstreet . Tom Patterson. Roy Payne. John Poole. . lvan Porter. Edwin Ramcy. (iardncr Randall. David Rennie. SIXTH ROW: W. Jay W. D. Rogers. James Selman. John Sharp. Ri n Tacker. Rov Taylor. Allan Thompson. Bob Thompson. James Wliisnaiid. David Wilkes. 303 PSI FOUNDED 1918 FIRST ROW: Kin Ailk n. IVll. AcLiiiis. (.lori,, Alk-ii. Slurry Allen. (;ail Bailiani. Slian.i. lianv. Carroll Ikiijanilii. A]ii. lit.i- iictt. Jan Hriclufdid. Beverley lirowii, Mary Bulla. Linda Burtun. SECOND ROW: Linda Casey, Carol Cavaness. Pat Clark. Janis Coales, (Carolyn Cossey, Carolyn Cotulla, Marion Craig- head, Nancy Cubbage, Sandie Davis, Patricia Dow, Carolyn Duncan, Pat Finlcy. THIRD ROW: Kathleen Flanagan, ,)anc Fleetwood. Carolyn Garvin, Martv CJodfrev. Ann (Irable. Cindy (Umn, |udy Hall. Susan Ilamby, ' Linda Iliidspclli. Ila Jolmson. Linda Johnson. Virginia Johnson. FOl KTH ROW: Jmlilli Joiner, Joan ICalnian, Julie Kalman. Teresa Kalnian. Ann Ker- nek. )udy Keys, Marilyn Largent, Lilian Logan. Jo Mackey, Clauclia Malney, Paula Martin, Su .i Mollison. FIFTH ROW: Elizabeth Norman. Gage Paine, Patria Parnell, Elizabeth Perett, Karen Philbin. Nancy Pickett. ludv Pluinnier. .4nita Poe, Pa- tricia Primrose. Slicila Reel. Sallv Rev nolds. Lou Roach. SIXTH ROW: |an Roeskr. Klkn Saddoris. Rebecca Sauerwein. Clarole Schniidt! Kathleen Si lioenhals. Kallu Schocnhals, Snellen Scnter, Donna Shirley. Barbara Smith. Cieta Smith. Joanna Stevens. SEVENTH R()VV: Kay Stevens. Gayle Stoneman Caroline St. Pierre. Rita Suiter. Frances Tabor. Pat Taylor. Teresa Thomas, Karen Tims. Susan Turk. Margot Lelrechl. Tana Ware. EIGHTH ROW: Bryanne Welch. Gayle Welcher. Kay Wheli- han, Nancy Whillaker. Renee Widdilield. Catherine Wienecke, Ann Williams. Jndv Williams. R,. aMne W ils,,ri. Sandra Winters, Suzanne Wood. 304 Gamma Phi Beta 1105 Collejjc Members, Pledges Participate in Many Campus Groups (lamnia I ' lii lk(a hrouglil lioiiie (lie second ])lut ' e award in the Dad ' s Day quartet contest, won honorable mention in University Sing and had acts in the Engineer ' s Show and Sooner Scandals. They won first place in chnice intraiiuirals and also in Mothers Day registration. Founded in 1874 at Syracuse University, the Gamma Phi motto is " founded on a rock. " The sorority strives for fine scholarship and broad cultural horizons. Every year the Gamma Phis meet the Pi Pliis in the Glass Slip| er classic, a football game that sees the whole cam|)us turn out. They also give a benefit for Cerebral Palsy institute each spring. Very active Gamma Phis are Teresa Kalman, Sandie Davis, Mary Ann Bidla. Paula Martin, Lou Ann Roach. Virginia Johnson. Marion Craighead. Joan Kalman. Janice Wharton. Dru Kaiser and Margot Uetrechl. M u« I li u 1 11. I ' lcsldciil OFFICERS Makcia Mewmt .... President Marv McCoy .... in-Presidciit ' iRc;iMA Johnson .... Secretary Kay Wiielihan .... Treasurer Mar(;()| Ui;ikk(HI . Social Cliairiiian (iaHe Paine and .|ud .foincr try to I ro(cct tlif (ropliics from Kappa Sigs cd OttiTslroni and Bill Davis. r B 305 Kappa Alpha Jack Jackson. Presidtiit OFFICERS Jack Jackson President Jack Maxson .... Vice-President Bill Squibb Secretary Bob Livlngston .... Treasurer Mike Busby . . . Social Chairman General Robert E. lee Founder of National Order On November 17. 1905 at Washington and Lee University, Kappa Alpha was first organized under the auspices and subscribing to the beliefs of General Robert E. Lee. Locally KA was established in 1905 and was the first fraternity on campus. This year Beta Eta chapter began a fund-raising drive to build a new chapter house. Construction is expected to begin in 1963. Members and their activities include F. B. Jackson III, IFC, editor of Sooner Greek, Mother ' s Day, Iota Epsilon, UAB and PE club: Fred Warden, president of Iota Epsilon: Al Weeks, Pe-et, ODK, UAC, Who ' s Who, Sigma Tau and president of Tau Beta PI. Bob Jayroe plays varsity baseball and Dick Brackeen is a member of Sigma Gamma Tau, Sigma Tau, St. Pat ' s Council, Engineers club and has been on the dean ' s honor roll. 306 Glad to have the General ' s picture back in its familiar place are KAs Randy Campbell. Mike Husbv anfl Bill Squibb. KA " BETA n FOUNDED 1905 LJlJLJfJ ' J., mSmMM FIRST ROW: Nick Avaiits. Ronald Baxter. Frank Iknnt-r. Ricliard Brackeeii. Toniiiiy Burt. Mike Busby. Joe (ian(l . Boli Carder, Bol) Cook. DufF Cooke, Orion Daniel. SECOND ROW : Dousslas Dishnian. Robert Enirich. Cary Evans. Robert Fanst. Jobn Flood. William Cibson. Donald (Jish. David Crnndlsli. Jerry Haddock. Jim Hancock. Richard Harris. THIRD ROW: James Ha lewood. (Gilbert Ha cs. Jnn Henderson. Stott IIenlc . Johnnie Ilohenshelt. Richard Honey. William Hood. .Mien Hundley. Bob Jayroe. Burt Jordan. Edward Kane. FOL ' R ' FH ROW: Charles Lewis. Jim Lindscy. Robert Livingston. Virgil Loiclace. Bert McElroy. Mike McGoffin. John Madcwell. John Maxson. Ray Merchant. JctI Morehouse, Robert Nceley. FIFTH ROW: Robert Newman. Lynn Overton. David Payne. James Provines. Bob Reese. Jack Rippy. Tom Rodgers. Bart Schoenc- man. Charles Sego. Steve Sego. Tom Shelhimer. SIXTH ROW: James SIdwell. Richard Simon. Fred Smith. I -wis Stephens. William .Stinibb. William Talley. John Taylor. Frederick War- den. Larry Warden. Bill Weaver, . lbert Weeks. 307 ALPHA OMICRON FOUNDED 1909 FIRST ROW: Karen Alforcl. Polly Allen, Betty Arnett. Analce Ashley, Carolyn IJaptist, Kay Heeler, Lynn Hell, Dianiie Beiniett. Carol Bird, Billie Blsh, Diane Blake, Susie Brannan. SECOND ROW: Shannon Brians. Ann Browne, Sandra Bryan. Rawsie Bucher, Marnaret Burleson. Virginia Byrd. Brooke Calvert. Joan Carmichacl. Jane Carixiilir. Pat Catlett, .[anet Clark. Bev- erly Constantiiie. TIIIKI) ROW: Carol Craven, Janet Crnni. Ruth DarrouKh, Dorlhlvnii Diiil. Betty Dixon, Helen Edwards, Linda Farris, Patricia Felkcl, Kay Fellers, Lou Fellers, Virginia Ferguson, Linda Frensley. FOURTH ROW: Sandra Fox, Lin- da Gipson, Susan (IoukIi. C arol Cireen, Stefani (iurwell. Liz Harned, Barbara Holmes. Carol Hood, Mary HulL Nancy Hull- man, Kay Johnson, Sandra Johnson. FIFTH ROW: Viva Ken- nedy, Kay Kerr, Rebecca Kiles, Rosemary Kiles, Janie McDon- ald, Frances McFadycn, Lucy McF ' adyen, Mary McKnight, Patricia McMahon, ( arla Miles. Judith Mills, Kay Mullins. SIXTH ROW: Jacqueline Neal, Judy Nelson. Sherry Owen, Joan Patzer. Lucky Paul. Jane Pemberlon. Linda Pipe, D ' Ann Pope. Elizabeth Prosser, Susan Rector, Mary Roberts, Jean Robichaux. SEVENTH ROW: Louise Rowe, Sharon Salmon, Virginia .Self, Pamela Schwend. Janice Smith. Jane Stamper, Kit Stuart. Virginia Stuart, Sigrid Sundvahl. Sharon Tankers- ley. Mary Thompson, Mary Tnriibiili, K.ICHTH ROW : Necia Turner, Bette Wantland, Martha alkiiis. Carolvii Watson, Rhoda Watson, Peggy Wells, Harolyn WestholF, Ann Whybark, Linda Willett, Katie Witherspoon, Ceci Wolfe, Priscilla Wright. 308 Kappa Alpha Theta 8-15 Chautauqua Theta Kite Flies High in Scholarship, Activities Tlie Theta pledge class last spring claimed the lii);liest grade aver- age ever attained by a pledge class and the house won the second- place trophy for scholarshi| . The Kappa Alpha Theta sorority was the first Greek-letter fra- ternity for women and the first national sorority at Ol ' . Theta was foinided at DePaiiw University, Greencastle. Iiid. on January 27. 1870. It was established at OH in 1909. Second semester officers are Virginia Self, president: Curia Miles, vice-president: Marcia Cleary. secretary and Judy Mills, treasurer and Carol Craven, social chairman. Residents wlio have brought many acti ities and honors to [lie house include Robbie Tiffany. Mary Ellen Thom|)soii. Carolyn Wat- son. Janet Clark and Karen Alford. Mrs. Belle Prestridgc is housemother. KoHHIK ' I ' uKANV. President O F F I C E R S Roitiiii: TiiiANV .... President Makv Ellen Tiiomi-son Nice-President Pat McMahon Secretary C ' arla Miles Treasurer Kay Dee Bl kns . . Social ( ' hairman TakiiiR advantage of every pledge ' s right — the »alkout — are Linda Brown and Nancy Huffnian. but sonic members seem to disapprove. KA0 309 Kappa Delta 7-17 Cullejse Alice Ann Glasby, President OFFICERS Alice Ann Glasby . . Janice McIninch BiLLiE Jean Marsh Janice Kenslow . Judy Klabzuba . . . President Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer Social Chairman Exciting Year Includes Plans lor New Chapter House The Kappa Deha members and pledges are looking forward to next fall when they will occupy a new chapter house on " fraternity row. " Their float won the " most beautiful " title in Class B in the Home- coming parade and they won a progress award at the KD national convention. Traditional social events of the chapter are the Snowball formal, green and white spring formal. Kappa Delta Man dinner and the twin party. Susan Sanders was active in French club, Classics Society and Young Republicans. Janice McIninch made AWS, Panhellenic, SNEA-OEA and dean ' s honor roll. Others and their activities were Mary Evelyn Groves. Kappa Phi, Young Republicans, Shadow Box, Pi Omega, Wesley Foundation; Evelyn Swan, dorm officer, dean ' s honor roll. band. AWS, German club, and Billie Jean Marsh, freshman design a«ard, .Alumni As- sociation scholarship, German club and AIA. Some pcopli- never stndy. Karen Crossley, Evelyn Swan, Marty Hon5;lilin and Rosalind McLain keep tlie hrids;e game going. KA 310 GAMMA lliriA FOl.NDKD Of) (I FIRST ROW: jaiit- Aldrich. Sarah Barker. Margaret Borcliardl. Sharon Cole. Martha (Crocker. Karen ( ' rossley. Priscilla Danini. Deaniia Dean. SECOND ROW: Kathleen Dively, Patricia Fer- Ruson. Judy Fletcher. Judy Frederick. Faith Friot. Virginia Gangwer. Mary (iroves. Sharon llaygood. THIRD ROW: Betty Harris. Marty HouRlin. Joan Jacob. Pcsjuyc Kecnan. Jan- ice KeiisKm, Jcri KtiisloH. Jndv Klahznha. Cleiula Kuhnc- Tiunid. lOl Kill ROW: Jiidlc K lc. liniioic L.iliiiis. Suzanne Lee. Jayne Lundschcn. Janice Mclninch. Rosalind McLain. Billie Marsh. Marcia Merchant .FIFTH ROW: Jackie Miller. Lana Moelier. Linda Moellcr. Verna Moss. Diane Neaves. Caro- lyn Powers. Barbie Rink. Susan Sanders. SIXTH ROW: Nancy Shoeniake. Dora Smith. Carol Stone. Evelyn Suan. Patricia Trcscder. Nancy Walrath. Lana Warren. Barbara Wilkison. Marv Willband. 311 BETA THETA FOUNDED 1914 FIRS ' l " ROW: l.liida Adams. Jane Bachiier. Jeaiiiiette Barnes. Nancy liairiis. Kallileen Uennett, Betsy Blakely. Ann Bleclsdc. Becky Boen. BreiKla Boyle, Gwen Brown, Mary Bryant. Beverly Buchanan. SECOM) KOW: Carolyn Bulla, Nancy Burt, Ma- tilda Butler, Nhiiv ( liikscm. Carolyn Coe, Ceorgann Coleman. Mary Coley, Sharon ConiiniiMs. Sandra Cook, Jill Cross, Karen Crosslin. Mary Daily. riilRl) ROW: Jane Darroush. Jane Davis, Nancy Davis, Jan Dodson. Claudia Kurton, V ' icki I ' cr- raro, Patti Fisher, Marilyn Fitzgerald, Charlotte Foks, Freda French, Judy Garrett, Linda (;c )rKe. FOURTH R()W: Lymla Hackler, Kay Haines, Sandy Hall, Cecily Hamilton, June Harms, Lynda Harris, Susan Harris, Sally Harrison, Aiuic Haves, Margaret Henry, Sara Hess, Judy Holloway. FIFTH ROW: .Iiuli Johnson, Prudy Jolinsoii, Tisha Johnston, (larol Jones, Kay Kenton, Janis Ketcham, Virginia Kidd, Nina King, Pam Klnnan. Carole Kirkland, Susan Kopka. Mary Le Valley. SIXTH ROW: Susan Lewis, Linda Lillard, Beverly Lindsay, Judy Lively, Lynn Livingston, Mary Lynn, Nancy Lyiui, Keron McAlister, Mary McClure, Judy McManus. Nancy Martin, Lynettc Mehl. SEVENTH ROW: Lynda Mlinar, Meredyth Moore, Linda Morgan, Carolyn Norris, Mary Ormon, Patricia Patterson, Linda Perrv, Kate Pritchett, Pat Railey. Karen Sanders, Ann Santee. EIGHTH ROW: Sharon Saunders, Betty Schollenharger, Sami Schnher, Mary Searcy, Mary Seger, Sarah ShalFcr. Karen Smith. Lu Sontherland, Sue Stoiieman. Elizabeth Swaiison, Judv Talley. NINTH ROW: Susan Talley, Bar- bara Taylor. Ann Tolbert, Sharon Van ' i ' uyl, Sandra Vaughey, X ' irginia Vaughan, Kather n Wall. Lynda Wiand. Dana Wilson, .Johanna WiKson, Mary Noung. 312 Kappa Kappa Gnmina 700 College Key Girls in Homecoming, Engine Sliow, Intramurals Kappa Kappa Gamma was fouiidcd October 1 ' 3. 1870 at Mon- moiitli (lollcse hy five women who won the approval of the president for the daring venture. The activity expanded so ra|)i(ll li ISSl. KapiM iiilrodiiced the council form of KoveniiiKiil ;ukI Ikh;iii ihe oiii irial ladies ' fra- ternity magazine. This year ' s activities inchidcd entering a float in Homecoming, giv- ing an act in the Engine show and wiiuiing the baseball intramural trophy. Lynllia .Nkklas was a yearbook personality. Mortar Board. Phi Beta Kappa. Alpha Lambda Delia, outstanding freshman. Uindmill and Tassels. June Harms counted among her activities Mortar Board. Tassels. BWOC. outstanding sophomore woman in journalism, personality. Who ' s Who and chairman of J-Ray. Matilda Butler was Junior Panhell |)resident and Sue Swanson a member of .Alpha Lam. Both Matilda and Sue were outslandmg Iresluiieu. LVM H Nk kl AS. I ' lcidlllt () I ' F I C E R S LvxriiA . i Ki.AS .... President N ' iRGINIA Vaigh.n Nice-President (luARi.oiTE F()(; ; .... Secretary Jt i)V IIarius Treasurer Kaki: Sandeks . . Social Cluiirman Waiiliinn TV In llic rcc room are I.oii SiiuiIriIuikI. Sharon Commons. Palti Kisher. .Iiuly Harris and Be - erlv Ituilianan. KKr 313 Kappa Si ma 1 100 College Ken V. (Iangwkr. President OFFICERS Ken W. Gangwer .... President James Emery . . . Vice-President Bill Davis Secretary Nathan Lanford .... Treasurer Mike Austin . . . Social Chairman Fraternity History Dates Back to 1400 in Italy Kappa Sigma fraternity traces its history back to 1400 in Bologna, Italy. In the United States, it was established in 1869 at the University of Virginia and at OU in 1906. Some of the famous alums of Kappa Sigma include Edward R. Marrow, Estes Kefauver and David Nelson. Local actives include Jerry Gamble, student senate president, Alpha Phi Omega, outstaziding freshman, Lottinville award, Pe-et award: Elton Johnson, top ten freshman, student senate, distinguished cadet. Engine show and Engine dance chairman; Paul Austin, senior class treasurer, student senate and APO. Famous for its annual New Year ' s party and its " Hellzapoppin " party. Kappa Sigs also sponsor a Christmas formal, sorority of the year banquet and count Kappa Sig Mom ' s Day as one of their big weekends. Plans are being made this spring for remodeling and refurnishing their present house next fall. Being practical men. Kappa Sigs de- cide that if the candy machine doesn ' t work, the only thing to do is to remove it. KI 314 GAMMA KAPPA FOINDFI) ()()(; t 1 ■9 %Ji I Sf Wli ' FIRST ROW: .John Adams. Steve Allen. Paul Austin, (luiiks Berry. Marshall Hrackin. Larry Hrakcbill. Thomas Brown. I. tin Bryan. Clarence Buxton. Jann Christian. SECIOM) ROW: Bill Cobb. Joe Cole. Boue Coleman. Jim Cook. Tom Cooley. Jack Crockett. Jimmy CirolForcl. William C:iilp. Hill Davis. Jack Daw- son. THIRD ROW: John Duck. Charles Durham. Mike Dutcher. Phillip Elkins. James Emery. John Forster. (Jerald Gamble. Tlionius (iibhs. Tom Cordon. Johnny Haddock. FOURTH ROW: John Hardwick. Don Harrison. James Ilens- ler. Harold Hutlon. Cene linkc. Robert Ivester. William Jen- kins. J, n Johnson. Joe Jones. Bob Kellet. FIKTH ROW: Steve Kline. Robert Kroney. Nathan I.anford. Steve Lobauyh. I.arry Lucas. Tillman McDaniel. Den il McDonald. Ronald McMeans. B. C. McNeill. Robert McPheron. SIXTH ROW: Jack .Malloy. Fred Marsh. Don Miller. Dale Mitchell. Robert Moore. Don Morrison. Charles Moses. Byron iNiebruenjje. -Ned Otterstrom. Dan Owen. SEN ' ENTH ROW: Tom Peck. Jerry Pettibone. Bob Purdy. Kent Rasnuissen. Lance Renlzel. Billy Rhodes. (Gor- don Richards. Joe Rin . Dave Robins.)n. Kenneth Sadberry. IICHIH ROW: Waller Smith. Bill Snipes. Richard Stahl. Ralph Tudiill. Jimmy ervack. Jack Wells. Dennis Whitllesev. De . rmond Wiles. Jim Wiid lood. 315 GAMMA RHO ZETA FOUNDED 1926 I ' IKST HOW: Rick Alexander, Pclei Aiiclreseii, liruce Arniciur. Alton Austin, John Hagvvell, Terry Barham, Ralph Barhydt, Gerald Barnes, Harry Benson, Gordon Bocox, Stan Bozarth. SIX;OND ROW: Robert Bridwell, Chris Calhoun, Jon Cana- day. Roller Clapp, Lee ( otkreliain, Joel Contreras, Jim Cooper, Ridiard Cooper. Phil Clordon, Jim Cotner, Charles Coyner. rillRI) ROW: Jim Dcrryberry, Ro er De Spain, Tom Dun- ham. Jerry Elliott, diaries Evans, Eddie Finley, Mike Fry. Robert (iamble, Daniel (Jarman, Jack Gatewood, Noel CJolf. FOURTH ROW: Ronal Hale, Herbert Hays, Kenneth Hemry, Bill Hoilde. James Hogge, James Howard, Michael Hudson. Charles Hull. William Hutchinson, Leroy James. Jay Jarnies. FIFTH ROW: Bill Johnson. Fred Johnslon. Johnny Jones, Ronald Jones, Jim Kennedy, Roger King, Wayne Loving, George McBee. Edv%ard McDanel, Thomas McKee. SIXTH ROW ' : Donald McLellan, Conrad Masterson. Grady Merritt, Ben Moyer. Larry Midland. Robert Montgomery. Jerry Otis, Rand- lett Parker. David Pauling, Richard Petticrew. SEVENTH ROW: Thomas Rains, James Randel. John Reid, Terry Riddle, John Robinson, Barty Rogers, Melvin Rogers, George Safley, Stuart Scoggin, Gilbert Scrivner. EIGHTH ROW: James Shaeffer, Gary Shayler, Ronald Shedield. William Stone, Bob Stubbleheld. Ed Tatum. Robert Thon.psnii. Thomas Weaver, Joe Winlield. Young. 316 Lambda Chi Alpha yu-j ciic-nc Group of Law Students at Boston Orij inal Founders Very active members of Lambda Chi this ear have been Charles Evans. Terry Barham. Johiniy Jones. Ralph Barhydt and Gilbert Cockreham. Charles is a nieiiibcr of ODK. IFC. Yoiiii ; Democrals and Xi Mii: Terry of ODK, Pe-et. Piii Mu Alpha and Kappa Kappa Psi. hile Johnny is UAC. Celebrated Artists. Sooner Scandals. Campus Band review, judginj; conimiltee of Iniversity Sing and outsiandinj; fresh- man. Ralph ' s activities include UAB. ll C. chairman of jazz week, higii school visitation committee, outstandinj;; freshman army cadet. KUV ' Y and Dad ' s Day. (iil participated in Oklahoma chorale, men ' s glee club. Phi Mu Al|)ha. Kappa Kappa Psi and was vice-president of the nuisic education national conference. Outstanding social events are the White Rose formal. Tradew iuils ball. Moulin Rouge and Christmas parties. Lamba Chi was founded nationally by law studcnls and at OU as Sigma Phi b some pharmacy studcnls. Jim Dkxs. I ' nsiilnu O F 1- 1 C E R S Jim Did s I ' resident SlAN BoZAKlH . . . ice-President John T. Robinson . . . Secretary Jerry E. Oils Treasurer Peter C. Andresen . Social C:hairman (iilhcrt Cockreham. Joliii Reid and Jim Difus relax with a jjaine of pool before geltins lo«ii lo the oUI textbooks. AXA 317 WW f 1400 College vir Phi Delta Theta Goodwin White, President OFFICERS Goodwin White .... President Clay Allen .... Vice-President Steve Olsen Secretary Danny Edwards .... Treasurer Joe Davis .... Social Chairman Big Turtle Race Entertains Visitors on Homecoming Phi Delta Theta is known for its Roaring Twenties party, Big Turtle Race on Homecoming, All-Phi basketball tournament. Sup- pressed Desire party and pledge-member party. They came in fourth in intramural football, held a Dad ' s Day banquet and a pre-Dallas dance. Plans to complete a parking lot and build a patio by the end of the year are being made. The fraternity was founded at Miami University of Ohio in De- cember, 1848. The ritual of the group has remained practically unchanged since then. Outstanding members and their activities include Ken Lanyon, IFC president and former president of Cross Center presidents ' coun- cil: Danny Edwards. Rhodes scholar nominee, dean ' s honor roll, president of History club; Billy White, captain of OU football team and all-conference tackle; Wayne Withers, pre-law fraternity. IFC and Curtis Phillips, president of Engineers club. David Horn, Gary McCurdy, Dick Pcmbertoii and Rex Givens can al- ways find a card game around the Phi Delta Theta house. PAe 318 OKLAHOMA ALPHA FOl ' NDFD 1918 FIRST ROW: William Allen. Joe Anderson. John Anstin. John Rirnartl. Cliim Heustriiig. Phillip Black, Douglas Hlen- karn. Kd Hoeii. John Brandenburs;. William Brininj;. Roderick Calvert. Frank Clarlvle. SECIOND ROW: William Case. Haden Cowdrcy. Teddy Cox. Vaylord Cox. Sieve Craven. Joe Davis. Phil Earnest. Phil Edwards. Joel Elliott. Kenneth Etheredgc. Remington Fairlamb. James Farlia. THIRD ROW: Cary Farris, Tims Fenwick, Michael Fitzgerald. John Kratces. Harold Frieze. Edwin Cage. James Gage. Woodv (iarrett. Chris CJihbs. Billv Civeiis. Mike Graham. Jim Hacklcr. FOIRTII ROW: Jim Hall. David Harbour. James Harris. RIiIkikI Ilaught. Frank Hill. Webb Holbert. Tom James. Mark jcnniiins. Bill Kilpatrick. Rodnc Kirkliani. Richard KoJKlish. Palmer Koontz. FIFTH ROW: Ken Lanyoii. Ken Leichhardt. Tommy Lensjlen, (;ary McCurdy. Rick McCurdy. (Jerrit Maris. Richard Maris, Jack Marsee. Da id Miirrav. (leorge .Vlusgrave. Bill Nations. Jerry Xordicutt. SIXTH ROW: Rick Nordiciitt. Steve Olsen, Morris Orr. Dick Pembcrloii. Jim Pence, Curtis Phillips, Thomas Pitts. Jiin Reniers. Tom Rogers. John Ross. Jim Rush- ton. SE ENTH ROW: Robert Ryan. Robert Shaw. Buddy Smith. Robert Smith. John Siivder. Keats Soder. Ainslic Stan- ford. Walter Stark. Roger Slebbins. Steve SwafTord. Edward Torcom. EI(;iriIl Rf)W: Timolhv Travnor. George Trickel, Don W.,lker. Mike Webber. Dick Wegener. Odia Whiteneck, Robert W icox. Will Willis. Wayne Withers, Lyie Young, Larry 319 NU OMEGA FOUNDED 1917 ' MM, ItMM i AiU. FIRST ROW: George Bailey, Hal Balyeat, Joe Berryman, Lee Gate, iMerritt Chastalii, Tom Clark, David Cochran, Jack Coch- ran, Craig Conradt, James Cunningham. SECOND ROW Guy Danielson, Miller Davidgc, John Davis, Bill Deal, Larry Dennis. Jack Diuland. Phillip El.crhart, David Ewing. Join Farrell. Charles Grady. THIRD ROW: James Grahiim. Join Holmes. Tlniinas Ho ard, Earl Ingram, Ciary Jarnion. Ilugl Jones, Robert Kellough, Joe Kennedy, Robert Kepke, Rill Koch FOURTH ROW: Tom Kroutll. Sam LaMonte, David Lampion, Heiij l.aiigd in. Harold LeCrone, Franklin Lovcring. Phil Lowell, Eddie Lutz, Phillip Lutz, Roger McElroy. FIFTH ROW: Jim MacKellar, Jon Madeira, Stephen Mann, Todd Markum, tJeorge Metcalfe. Joe Oliphant. Ted Ownby, Thomas Parker, Jack Popham. David Ragland. William Rollins. SIXTH ROW: O. H. Rundell. ' Foiimiy Setzer. David Sheegog, William Sleuse. , lvlii Snillh, William Stewart. Jackson Sullivan, Hank ' I ' atum, Bill ' Fhompson. Phil Truss, Tom Veale. SEVENTH ROW: Jess Vint, Robert Voegeli, Jack Wall, David Way, Peter Way. Charles Webster, Link Welsh, F ' orrest White, Robert Wil- bur. Doug Williams. Larry Wilson. 320 Phi Gamma Delta 121)(l (.ollc ;c Fraternity Founded for Men of Distinguished Talent Plii (iaiiiN iirc iiiiikiiij; plans lo hiiild a new sliiiK room, atld lo storage spate and [irovide for a new library in their chapter liousc. Foinided in 1848 at Jefferson ( ' ollej e in Caniionsburg, Pa., Phi Gamma Deha liegan with a membership of six. It was a secret society to wliicli none f)ut men of " distinguished talents and acquirements " could be eligible for membership. Every year the Fiji Island party is one of the most successful social event.s on campus. They also hold a ighl Club party and a Norris Pig dinner. Merritt B. Chastain served as secretary of IFC. delegate to the na- tional IFC conference and a representative to the Big Eight IFC conference. He was also a member of Sigma Ganniia Epsilon. William G. Thompson was active in student senate. Phi F2ta Sigma. Engineers club and the Civil Engineering clui) as well as chapter events. I) M1) ol .. Prisi(liri( O F F I C E R S David Ol NG President jOE Berryman . . . Corr. Secretary Toon Marki ' m . . . Rec. Secretary Merrht Chastain . . . Treasurer George Metcalfe . Social ( ' hairnuui Siitakiti); a niidniglit snack are Joe Hcrrwiian. Earl Inj ram. David Cocliraii. John Farrell and Phil Ebcrharl. ci rA 321 Phi Kappa Psi Dk k Haker. President OFFICERS Dick Baker President Peter S. Hendy . . . Vice-President Charles Sizemore . . . Secretary Dan W. James Treasurer Lyle Ti ' DOR . . . Social Chairman Conslruction Begins on New Chapter Residence Welcome news around the Phi Kappa Psi house is that construc- tion began in March on the new $300,000 Phi Psi house. It is scheduled to be completed by next September. Phi Psi was founded in 1852 at Cannonsburg, Pa. by William H. Letterman and Charles P. T. Moore. The Oklahoma Alpha chapter was established at the University in 1920. Among their very active members are Richard McClain, Phi Eta Sigma, IFC, Classics Society, coordinator of OU-OSU IFC con- ference; Darrell Dixon, Tau Beta Pi, Arnold Air Society, Distin- guished Military student, AIEE and Schulemberger scholarship win- ner. Lyle Tudor is a member of Iota Epsilon, IFC, and URC; Dave Downing, IFC and AIA, while John McClure is active in Young Republicans, University standing committee, Sigma Tau, student senate and made the dean ' s honor roll. Piacticlnj;; their water ski technique are Rick Morris, Jim Hamill, Mor- ris Hatley and Dick Baker, who ' s ready to plunge. Ky 322 OKLAHOMA ALPHA FOUNDED 1920 FIRST ROW: Ed Abel, Ben Adams, Cliarles Bollman, Rodgei Bramley, Jim Cole, Darryl Dixon, John Dorchester, David Downing. Jon Dyer. SECOND ROW: AruK I ' aust. Bill Crove. Morris Halley. Peter Hendy, Da niel Jaiiiis. William Linoii. Kent Lillenberg. Frederick Lockwood. Jim M.CIurc. THIRD ROW: John McClure. James Mayo. Richard Morris. Robert Morris. Charles .Nelson. Terry Nickle. William Peck. John Pickens. FOl ' RTII ROW: Jay Pierce. Steve Rhoades. Lonnie Schmitt. (diaries Siztmore. Richard S«cet, Jon Wade, Mike Wilson. Harry Young. Lyle Tudor and Peter Hendy wait patientK while Bill Llgon concentrates on a move. 323 OMICRON FOUNDED 1929 It iililiiKi mnm FIRST ROW: Doug Adams, Austin Andrews, Darryl Benninga, Ron Burkett, Roger Burns, Dahl Cornell, Garland Davis, Gary Dockery, Jay Douthit. SECOND ROW: Robert Erdman, Haskell Evans, Jimmy Fellers, Jack Foote, Stan Foster, Robert Frank, Donald Fuller, Terry Garrett. Vernon Gillette. THIRD ROW: James (ileflliiil, Thomas (Minning, Richard Gunning, James Hammond, .jerry llobbs. (ieorge Holland. Thomas Hol- lis, Warren Hood. Dick Hull. FOURTH ROW: Earl Kitchen. Victor Kulp, B ob Lawson, Joe Lowry, Dave McGee, John Mat- ney, Milton Milstead, Timothy Nicholson, Sam O ' Banuon. FIFTH ROW: Tillman Ragan. Tommy Reams, Terry Re.xroad, Mike Riley. Edward Sanders. William Scanlon, Robert Seago, Leslie Sipes. Gary Smith. SIXTH ROW: Milton Spivcy. James Steed. .lack Tarpley. Ronald Tobin. Dennis Usewicz, Donald Walker. Larry Weber, Verne ' illits, Brian Walkup, Richard uui. 324 Phi Kappa Si nia Phi Kiips Win Second Place in Fraternity Bowling A well-rounded program of activities, social events and intranuirals as well as emphasis on scliolarslii[) featured the year for Phi Kappa Sigma. Dave McGee was acti e in (-aiiipus CIksI. studciil senate and Young Republicans. Ron Burktil and Tim Nicholson were mem- bers of the University choir and ihe men ' s glee club. General chairman of the campus jazz festival w as Jack Fool. The fraternity won second place in bowling. Tlieir l)ig house parties were the Black and Gold winter formal. Ghristnias party, Shipwreck party and the Phi Kap Man |)arty. The founding of the fraternity occurred in 1850 at the Uni ersity of PeiHisylvania. The local chapter was established in 1929. Second semester officers are Ron Tobin. |)resident: James Ham- mond, vice-president: Sam O ' Bamion. secretary: Mike Riley, treasur- er and Ron Burkett. social chairman. Si u;i.F., President Ol 1 KERS Di( K Si ,A(.i i: President Jami.s Hammond . . Nice-President Sam OBannon Secretary MiKK Rii.KV Treasurer Larky Weber . . . Social Chairman There ' s nothing like a game of Old Maid when a fourth for bridge can ' t he found. Tt)nnnx Reams. Milton Milsiead and |ini (.iedhill plav a hand. (PKI 325 Phi Kappa Theta MiKi: lIiiALV, President OFFICERS Mike Healy President John Roberts . . . Vice-President Francis Abijaolde . . . Secretary Jim McComas Treasurer Don Hickman . . Social Chairman New Housemother, Roman Holiday Ball Highlipt Year Phi Kappa Theta, first founded in 1894, is the resuh of an amalga- mation between two national fraternities for Catholic men, Theta Kappa Phi and Phi Kappa. The local group began here in 1934. The Roman Holiday costume party is the highlight of the local chapter ' s social season. Invitations are delivered by " slave-driven " chariots. Other parties during the year include the Beaux Arts ball, ball formal and Christmas party. Fraternity colors are cardinal, purple, gold and silver. President John F. Kennedy and Maj. Gen. Thomas Gerrity are two outstand- ing members of Phi Kappa Theta. Mrs. Marie Caudill has served her first year as housemother for the fraternity. There are 50 chapters of Phi Kappa Theta over the nation. The Oklahoma Kappa chapter house is at 731 Asp. Testing electronics equipment are Frank Rees and Mike Healy while Mike Harrison, Bob Beyerl, Francis Abijaoiide and Pat Shea watch. 0K0 326 OKLAHOMA KAPPA FOUNDED 1934 FIRST ROW: Mrs. Marie Caiulill. I ' ra.icis Abijaoiulc. Carl Baerst. Bob Bcvcrl. Doyle Bilkr. John Carlson. Ross Dixon. SECOND ROW: William DiiBra . Donald Cianscmi. . n(lrc» Gorski. Stan Cralla. Miiiiacl Harrison. Don Hickman. Kihvarcl Hiitlas. THIRD ROW: Robert Jordan, David Jo .wiak, James Kubik. James MtComas. fJeor e Narvaes, Frank Rccs, John Roberts. FOIRTH ROW: Kenneth Sachen, John Shea, Bill Teed. James Th pson. Delano Van Dam, James Verges, Ken- neth Willy, Robert Vates. Mrs. Marie Caiulill. honseti Healy look over scrapbook. . »ilh Frank Rics ..nd Mike 327 EPSIION BETA FOUNDED 1955 FIRST ROW: Lucille Paara, Linda Adkins, Elaine Bigger, Judy Blanz. Mary Duckworth, Mary Griffiths. SECOND ROW: Beatrice Johnson, Joan Lyckberg. Patricia Martin. Bess Meek. Linda Nelson, Mary Newlon. THIRD ROW: Fran Norman, Sh. ' irron Ouens. Carol Phillips. Roslvn Sperhcr. Diane Stark. 328 Phi Mu Silver Ball. Bermuda Party. Homecominji Make News Big news at the Phi Mu Ikhisi- this year was the Miiiiiii 4 of the " most clever " title for their float entered in (ilass H of the I lome- coming parade competition. Roslyn S|)erl)er won the Al[)ha award as the oiitstaiidinjf first semester broadcasting student and Maureen Murphy ' s acti ilies and honors included Al|)ha Lambda Delta. Delta Phi Alpha. Tassels. Mortar Board. Panhellenic and National Coinicil of Teachers of Mathematics. Mary Ann Newlon was elected state vice-president of the student member section of the Oklahoma Music Educators association. She is also a member of Wesley P ' oiindation and is chaplain of Kappa Phi club. Traditional parties held this year were the siKer ball at Cliristiiias time, Bermuda party in the spring and Founder ' s Day ihiiner in March. Thev greeted a new hoiiseniotlier litis year. Mrs. R. Liiiille Paara. Mmrkkn .MiKi-nv. I ' residtiii OFFICERS Mairkkn Ml ri ' iiv . . . President Rosi.VN Sl ERBKR Nice-Prcsideiit Mary Ann DitKwonrii . . Secretar - K n Nkwion . . . Treasurer jtJA.N L (.KiiLiu. . . Social Chairman Fran Norman. Elaine BiRRtr and Hoslyn Sperhcr (Iceule that lhe iiHist attend elass at least part of iIk- time. 0M 329 Pi Beta Phi Bi TU ( R Il . I ' resiileiil OFFICERS Bette Carnahan .... President Linda Cashion . . . Vice-President Martha Matthews . . . Secretary Louise Trapnell .... Treasurer Ji ' DY Van Aken . . Social Chairman Arrows Aim at Scholarship, Win First Place-Again For the eighth consecutive semester, Pi Beta Phi won first place in scholarship. The local chapter has already retired 11 cups. The house also won second place pledge scholarship cup, second in Engineer ' s show and they hold the Balfour cup awarded to the chapter ranking first among all of Pi Phi chapters across the nation. On April 28. 1867, twelve women founded I. C. Sorosis, the first national fraternity for women. In 1888 the name was officially changed to Pi Beta Phi. The founding occurred at Monmouth Col- lege and is aimually celebrated with the Monmouth Duo, a party held jointly with Kappa Kappa Gamma, also founded at Monmouth College. Outstanding Pi Phis on campus include Susan Groh, Sue McCoy, Sissy Phillips, Cynthia Curtis, Karen Cullen, Linda Mole, Pat O ' Neal, Jean Bonney and Salley Manning. Keeping up the Pi Phi reputation for beautiful girls are Sally Man- ning. Nancy Baker, Maylan Wolver- Iciri .Hid Karen Moore. TTBcp 330 OKLAHOMA ALPHA FOUNDED 1910 PPBPIP FIRST ROW: Cindy Anderson. Julia Raird, Nancy Baker, Betty Bard, Joyce Barker. Frances Barnard. Marilyn Barnett, Marv Hell, fane Bernstroni. Marilv Black, Kay Boatrijjht. Gale Budzinsky. SECiOM) ROW : Janis Bunch. Cissy Carlson. Linda Cashion. Diane Caylor. Linda Cliilds. I e Clements. Nancy Coffnian. Phyllis Cornell, tlatherine Corrinan. Karen Cullen. Cynthia Curtis. Barbara Davis. THIRD ROW: Anita Di Cia- como. Danya Dobbins. Caniille Emerson. Phoebe Farmer. Judy Ford. Ann Forrester, [ane Graves. Susan Ciroli. Sue (Guthrie, Kathv Guv. Linda Hamm. Patricia Harrison. FOIRIII ROW: Pam Heritage. Janie Hicks. Lynne Hill. Cathy Hite. JudvUorn. Milburn Hudson. Ellen Hushes, Nancilu Jackson. Kendall Jacobs, Carolyn Jones, Nancy Knapp, Pain Laird. Kimi ROW: Paula Le Fan. Pcj; I mmc. Gene Lindsey. Suzann Lucas. Sue McCoy. Anne McDanicl. Jessie McDowell. Pat Mc- Iver. Sara McKiiwiev. Sallv Mainiln);. Susan Marshall. Mary Meeham. SIXTH ROW: Sally Merrill. Kay Meyer. Ju lvMil- ler, lerrv Monluoinerv. Karen Moore. Kalhv Minui. . anc Newton. Pat O ' Neal. SIssv Phillips, lanie Reding. Judith Reed. Kris Reeves. SIAKN ' lll ROW: Billle Rhodes. Judy Richard- son, .lane Robblns. Shirlev Rodj;ers. Charlyne Ryland. Slierra Shannan. Sue Shelbv. Nancv Sliorbe. Trude Steele. Sherr Steele. Sue Stolteid)erjr. Carole Sutton. EIGHTH ROW: Ste| - hanie Thomas. E lra Trapnell. Judy an Aken. Ann esely. .Nanelle Wall. Sandra Wilkins, Mars;o Williams. Maylan Wol- vertou. Carolyn Worrell, Lee Worrell. Lois Wray, Trisha Young. 331 BETA OMICRON FOUNDED 1920 FIRST ROW: John Adams, (iibson Akers, Ron AIIkoocI, David Ashbauclier, Kennedi Battaile, Larry Bolen, Bruce Bowman, Richard Bradley, Warren Cheatham, Roy Coleman. SECOND ROW: Michael Collins, Richard Conklin, Blair Core, Roy Cor- ley, Carleton Cunningham, (Juy Cutrufo, William Dale, David Deadierage, Dennis Duff, Ronald Eden. THIRD ROW: James Fei hny, Lee Ferber, Mark Files, Bob Fitzgibbons, Richard Flood, Larry French, Bob (irove, James GulFey, Lee Henderson, Dean Hertenstein. FOURTH ROW: Tim Hicks, Leroy High- touer. Paul Hubble. Eric Johausen, Dion Johnson. Noah Ken- nedy, Robert Kirkpatrick, Jerry Levisee. Barrett Lindsay, Jay Lynn. FIFTH ROW: Gary McKnlght, Georse McLellan, Jim Machen, Jerry Maddux, Mack Matthews, Joseph Mazzle, Hal Merriman, Jim Moran, Chuck Musgrave, Billy Nelson. SIXTH ROW: David Neumann, Jerry Norman, Robert Nunnally, Nels Olander, Truman Sicks, Jim Smallwood, Keith Smith, Gary Snell. Lanny Sockwell, Bob Splgener. SEVENTH ROW: BUI Stewart, Gerald Stowers, William Tliompson. Bob Turley. Sam- uel Turner, Mike Ward, Keiuiclh Wilder, Robert Williams, Jim Woods. Dwight Venzer. Ken Zgonetz. 332 Pi Kappa Alpha 120.) Kill Social Life, Classes Balance Year for Pikes at OH A lull laiciuhir ol classes, partits. coiiiinittecs and iiilrainurai games acicied up to a successful year for the men of Pi Kap|)a Alpha. Their .Apache party has been held every year since 1922 and is always one of the outstanding parties on campus. Other events were the Roman Toga party. Pi party. Dream Girl formal and Christmas formal. Pikes and their actiMiiis iiRliide Bob Grove, student senate, treas- urer of senior class. Alpha Phi Omega and Homecoming queen escort; Keith Smith. BMOG. president of senior class, cheerleader. Who ' s Who and Mother ' s Day chairman. Jim Machen is a member of the student senate, and Phi Eta Sigma. Henry James, former president of the student senate, is a member of Pe-et. He is a BMOC and was one of the top ten freshmen. Pi KA was established in 18fi8 at Bradford and the local cha|)ter was founded in 1920. The fraternity colors are garnet and gold. Dm.UKKI Si i1« Ul. I ' uMiltril OFFIGK RS Dm. BERT S( llWAIi .... President Eric: . . . Nice-President Mark Files Secretary Jerry Maddi Treasurer Bob Hawk .... Social Chairman Bill Dale. Sliirly Wolbcrg. Carolyn Dtincaii and Skip ( " .ore are getting readv for tlic annual Koinan Toga Party. TTKA 333 Pi Lambda Phi Bakrv Davis, President OFFICERS Barry Davis President Barry Sraco .... Vice-President Jerry Cohen Secretary Vernon Lotman .... Treasurer Dusty Greenberc . Social Chairman Chapter Receives Outstanding Achievement Citation Originally founded as Phi Beta Delta on the OU campus in 1922, the present chapter of Pi Lambda Phi occurred when the two groups merged in 1941. Nationally, the fraternity was established at Yale in 1895 by un- dergraduates of various faiths in order to eliminate prejudice and sectarianism. The local chapter received a certificate of " outstanding achieve- ment " at the national Pi Lam convention in Chicago. They held a Christmas party for 75 underprivileged and orphan children and participated in the Pi party, given yearly with Pi Beta Phi and PiKA. Other events were the Alumni Homecoming dance and banquet. Spring House weekend and Viking Party. Active Pi Lams include Bemiett Hornstein, Barry Srago. Ronald Pretekin. Ellison Wittels, Robert Renberg and Barry Davis. Davis was chairman of the national Pi Lam convention in 1961. Looking at the stars is their favorite pastime. Ron Pretekin, Tom Freed- man, Ellison Wittels and Hciinell Hornstein. TTA4 334 IOTA FOUNDED 1922 a « !» s 1% § S ' % I f liritf JilTlBfllBiJlMMrJI FIRST HOW: Roiinv Altmaii. Jonathan Hank. John Berry. Scott Ikrry. Kddie llh ck. Mark lihim. Don liliinienlhal. Jay Hrown. linuny lUisih. Kenneth Caplin. Ritk C:a|)lin. SKCOND ROW: Jerry Cohen. Sam Coplin. JelF Dashcv. Stan Doctor. Dennis Feinl)crs. Howard Fcldinan. Mike Finkelston. Rol)ert Flexner. William FIcxiier. Kennv Fox. Tliomas Frcedman. THIRD ROW: Larry Friedbcrg. Arthur (iaer. Salem Celler, Dusty Greenbers. Jeff Greene, James (Jrcenstonc. Ian Her .oj;. Bennett Hornstein. Steve Horwitz. William Hurwitz. Michael Kallmeyer. FOl ' RTM ROW: Bob Kaufman. Robert Kave. Joel Kinielman. Warren Kourt. Marshall Kramer. Kenny Krandel. Jerrv I.evin. R. I.. I.ipstet. Robert Lohrman. Bruce Mas;oon. Paul Mailing. FIFTH ROW; Jeff Malkoff. Jerry Miller. Larry Mizel. Rod Xelberl. Al Xewbertf. Robert Nokk. RoRer Olsen. Stephen Oxenhandlcr. Marshall IVarlstein. Bill Peck. Kac PilU. SIXTH ROW: Ronald Pretekin. George Priceman. Barry Pu- laski. Henr Raskin. Boh Rcnber;;. Bob Rosenberg. Stan Rosen- held. Ilunh Sabel. Ilouard Schainker. Cecil Sclienker. Bill Schinunel. SF F.NTH ROW: Morris Schimmel. Barry .Schnei- der, Ste e Schwarl . John Shane. Howard Shricr. Kenny Siegel. Howard Sluskv. Lester Smith. .Mel Snitz. Barry Staub. Richard Stern. EKiH ' ill ROW: Jay .Stolper. Usiie Tzi n Ik- rg. Steve Waterman. Paid Wcinstein. Ronald Weissman, Larry Weitzner. Charles Wise, Ellison Wittcls. Stuart Zarrow. . l Zelasny. Ronald Zuckerman. 335 OKLAHOMA KAPPA FOUNDED 1909 mmm 1 % Ww mmMmiMmi i -SA M tf K S ■» d w A i m FIRST ROW: Lvim Arnii. V. A. liaker. Dick BalcKvin. Jerry Bass. George ISciiiicU. |oliri lUriiiill. Frank Birnie. Brute Bischof, Jimmy Blair. Diianc Blankeiisliip, George Bridges. Bob Burnham. SECOND ROW: Bill Bnllcr. Richard Campbell, Joe Carter, Nelson Cilabaugli. Phil tilark, Qiiinton Cobb, Steve Cook. Bill Cooper. Pat Cordcr, Allen Cowdery. William Croom, Bill Davis. THIRD l«)W; Tom Deal. Bob Dcupree, Billy Dodge, James Elliott. John Egnew, Terry Ellstrom, Carrol Evans, Don Finkenbincier, William Ford, Lon Foster, John Fredcnberger, Bill George. FOURTH ROW: George CJibson, Mike CJibson. Don tJillham, Verne (iritEth. Stan Harrison, Ben Henry, Bill Hill, Robert Holland, Malcolm Home, Bill Huser, Manlcy Johnson, Edward Jolly. FIFTH ROW: Ben Kerr, Hank Kerr, Robert Land, Dave Landholt, Marten Langworthy, Graydon Laughbaum, Jerald Lehman, Robert Lehman, Robert Luke, E. T. Manning, Milan Maravich, Gordon Marcum. SIXTH ROW: Joe Maxey. Jim Mayfield. Allen Miller, A. Jack Mills, Trent Morris, William Pans .e, Richard Pogue, Michael Quigley. David Rice, Jack Richards. Larry Rowe. SEVENTH ROW: E. N. Semara. J. 11. Saiuidcrs, Bill Scott, Bill Scovdl, Robert Shaw, [oe Shinii. Kick Simms, Marvin Starkey, David Street, James feegtrsir John Turner. EIGH ' I ' H ROW: Ed Walner. James Waller. Bill Warren. James Watkins. Clooper Weeks. Carey West. David White, Larry Wilson. Bob Worley, Regan Wight. Arinslcail ork. 336 Si ma Alpha Epsilon Ciimpus Activities, Intramurals Attract Si Alphs Iiitranuaals was the word at the Sis;iiia Alplia Epsilon house tlii.s year. They won the championship in B-leani football, second place in A-team football, third place in wrestline; and third place in golf. Other activities included their Jungle party. V ' eNtern dance. Train party and International ball. Plans are being formulated to build a new house at their present location. The chapter has been on the OV campus since 1909. having been established nationally in 1856. Second semester officers are Ryan Morris, president: Robert Foster. ice-president: Richard Fogg, secretary: Gary Ravvlinson. treasurer. and John Repass, social chairman. Some of the outstanding members are Wrne (JriHith. Ciraydon I.auglihuam. Rill George. Robert Shaw and Rob Luke. K MuKitls. I ' rt idciil O F F I C E R S Ryan Morris President RonKRT FosiKR . . . Nice-President RiciiARi) Fogg Secretary (iAitv Rawiinson .... Treasurer |oii Rii ' Ass . . . Social ( ' hairiiiaii Jamie Gough. Jim Coins and Bob Holland get ready for the big Jun- gle parly in the wilds of (lie SAE house. lAE 337 Si ma Alpha Mu -.21 W. ISrciks JiKRV Pass, President OFFICERS Jerry Pass President Jerry Klinock . . . Vice-President Ronald Steinberg . . . Secretary William Lipton .... Treasurer Mike Peck . . . Social Chairman Sammy Service Project Aids Central State Hospital The Sigma Alpha Mu social season was highlighted by the Sammy Spring House party and the Hillbilly Hop. A special project this year was the collection of beds and bedding for Central State hos- pital. The house also sponsored a Salvation Army drive. Jerry Pass served as vice-president of Delta Sigma Pi, IFC rush chairman and was a member of SAM and Iota Epsilon. J. B. Cohn ' s activities included Delta Sigma Pi, and SAM, while Bill Lipton was a member of student senate and Delta Sigma Pi. Marshall Gerber served as president of Delta Sigma Pi and Bill Comroe was president of Hillel. The fraternity was founded at the College of the City of New York in 1909 by eight men who pledged themselves to mental and physical accomplishments which included " engaging personality and strong in character. " Mrs. Sonia Brown has been the chapter housemother for 14 years. Tlie Saimin foolhull team looks ready to take on any foe. as they practice for anotlier bi inlranniral Si,aine. 2AM 338 SIGMA AlPHA FOUNDED 1920 !kMMgm FIRST ROW: Dennis Abranis, Terry Abranis. Stanley Arcader, Michael Arkin. Marshall Aronson. Ronnie Baker, Jules Cohn. William Comroe. SECOND ROW: Krrol Copiicvitz. Stanlev Grossman, Gil Davidson. Michael Dick. Boh Doljiin. Earl Fagin. Jarin Feldslein. Joel Finkel. THIRD ROW: Ronnie Frcidberj;. Marshall Gcrher. Iloward Glatstcin. Michael Goidl. Michael (ioldhern. Marlin (iolnian. Lawrence (Wossman. Mike Kahn. KOIRTII ROW: Icoru.- kal . Alhui Klcu.. jeral.l Klinock. Robert Knopf. Bill Lipton. Michael Lubcl. Harvey Mozer. Thomas Mudrick. FIFTH ROW: Mike Peck. Melvyn Price. Ronald Reiter. Ron Ritch, Coleman Robison. Rol ert Rosenbaum. Stephen Rosenthal. Laurence Ruclin. Donald Sic- gel. SIXTH ROW: Joe Silverman. Brent Stein. Ronald Stein- berg. Steve Stevenson. Paul Toltz. Allen Weiner, Paul Weisblatt. Guy Wollf, Bob Zoblolsky. 339 BETA KAPPA FOUNDED 1912 FIRST ROW: Bruce Albertson, Jim Allen, Skip Allman, Tod Almquist, Jim Awtrey, Wilson Baptist, Hugh Barrett, James Blalock, Paul Boone, Joe Bradley, Louis Brigham, Charles Bristow. SECOND ROW: John Britton, Ron Brown, Warren Carey, Gene Chamberlain, Edward Chmel, Robert Combs, Har- vey Crouch, Dennis Cubbage, Steve Cubbage, Thomas Cubbage, Curtis Culver, John Dalri. THIRD ROW: Michael Davis. Tom Decker, Bill Dutcher, Vante Dykhouse. Gene Earl, Bill Elliott, Gary Erwin, Dale Fletenbcrger, Noble Forbes, Larry Foresee, James Gabal, John Garrett. FOURTH ROW: Lionel Garrett, Tex Goen, David Grubb, Tom Haddock, Samuel Hall- man, Gerald Hamilton. Gary Herrnian. Mike Hewitt. Chester Hill, Dwayne Howard. John Hiiiilky. Ll(,yd llujil. FIFTH ROW: William Ingels, Baird Jamerson, Tommy James, John Jarboe, Andy Kimberling, Ralph Kooken, Donald Lawrence, Jack Lee, Jack Love, Jim McDougal, Bob Mcintosh. Julian McNeely. SIXTH ROW: Mike Maples, Bill Merrell, Scott Mitchell, Harold Murry, Donald Noakes, Marvin Ogle, Ron Potts, Robert Ricci, Ronald Rich, Clint Rogers, Bruce Rossiter, Richard Ruth. SEVENTH ROW: David Rudierford. Fenton Sanger, Bill Saul, Donald Sinex, Jim Sine. , Lester Sitter, John Stephenson, John Stizza, Frank Stone, Jack Stout. John Strong. EIGHTH ROW: George Theriot, Mike Thomas. Bill Thomp- son. Charles Trimble. John Tucker. Gradv Vaughn. J. D. Voto, James Welch. Bob Williams. Robert Wilson. Jeff Woodson. 340 Si ma Chi :x, ' , .iKiS 1 jM d- ' J3S S. Liiiversily Hlvd. Basketball Team Invited to IFC Tournament at TCU Iiitratmirals licld the spolliiilil M llii- Sijj;ma ( ' hi hmisf this year, but the men were active in cain|)iis organiza tions and social events. Scholarship liad a |)lace. too. as they were rated as having the hlgliest fraternity grade average of any fraternity having over 100 men. Their basketball team was invited to |)artici|)ate in the invitational interfraternity tonrney at TCU. They won second in A football, third in A basketball and softball and third in all intramnrals. Sigma Chis with many activities and honors include Sam Brad- shaw. Sam llallman. Jack Stout. John Tucker. Monty Deere and Gary Taylor. Linda Mole. Pi Beta Phi. was named sweetheart of .Sigma Chi at the annual Sweetheart dance held every spring. They also held a Western party. Harlem ball. Baby Bawl and Derby Day. In April Sigma Chi celebrated their semi-centeiniial. Sam ISkadmiaw. 1 () F F 1 C E R S Sam BnADsii aw { ' resident Sam IIai.LMA.n . . . ice-President Del Ditch ek Secretary Marvin Ogle Treasurer Steve Cibba(;e . . Social ( ' hairman I ' lir IiIr poker game is about to hrcak up. just as soon as someone discovers there is one too many aces in a certain person ' s hand. IX 34! Si ma Delta Tau Carole Simon, President OFFICERS Carole Simon President Nancy Grant . . . Vice-President Leslie Sternberger . . . Secretary Dena Sureck Treasurer Adele Ginsberg . . Social Chairman Scandals Act, Building Plans Topics of Conversation The SDTs are proudly displaying their scholarship improvement cup. They participated in Engineer ' s show and Scandals, and are making plans to build a new chapter house. They held a Frontier party and Spring formal dinner-dance. Patti Rose was director of Cate Center ' s Scandals act, BWOC and secretary of student senate. Sharon Kimmel was a top freshman woman, member of student senate and treasurer of Panhellenic. Leslie Sternberger appeared as the juggler in the Orchesis production of Juggler of Notre Dame and Lois Finkel was the only freshman ever chosen as " best bit actress. " ' The sorority was first organized in September, 1917 and has been on the OU campus since 1929. Mrs. Hazel Ingram is serving her first year as housemother. Sorority colors are cafe au lait and old blue. Sacking away Adele Ginsberg are Suzie Milstein. Marilyn Tlionias and Rosie Kaye. A very difiicult job! lAT 342 XI FOUNDED 1929 252S!i5@!35 W M FIRST ROW: (anil Alliii.ui. (i.nullc Itnulorl. S Im.i lUnih.rf. Nancy lioKt. jaiRt Burdc. liaibara liimictl. .|iul CMiiiiicis. Cissy Colin. Linda Cooper. Joanne Efron. SECOND ROW: Marsha Ennner. Berenice Fagin, Sheri Fcinlech. .| Fcldnian. Lois Finkel. Barbara Fiiikelstcin. Nonva Kiiikelslcin. Sliarrv Fishel. Diane FokcI. ,|anc Franklin. THIRD ROW: Naomi Car- finkle. Sandy (;ill.erl. Tobi Clazer. Cail (;olden. Ellen Ciold- stein. Judy (Jollnb. Susan (iottsejicn. Nancy (irant. Carroll Greene. C:ar( l (iross. FOURTH ROW: Patricia (;ross. Ballard Jacobsoii. Susan Kaiser. Janet Kainber. Judy Kat . Marlene KaM. Dale Kiinniell. Sharon Kinnnell. Sandy King. Elaine Kralilunan. FIFITI ROW: Selnia Kross. Harriet Kusnetzky. Lois I.e in. .Indy I.evinson. Susan Ludman. Brinda Maiui. Suz- aiuie Milslen. Kitty Natanson. Susan Osherwitz. L nda Picow. SIXTH ROW: Farel Riklin. Patricia Rose. Saralyn Ri senber«. Ann Rozen. Bobbi Ridiin. Linda Schncarl. Felis Sebcrt. Felice Shallcr. Kathy .Shapiro. Sandy Sliorr. (iail Sobel. SEVENTH ROW: Dcnina Stark. Leslie Sterrdicrger. Ccrry Stollcr. Dena Sureck. Celle Weinberg. Terry Weiner. Maxine Weiezman. Bar- bara Weinslean. Sharon Wolfs,, n. Terri Zangwill. Rita Zoblolsky. 343 DELTA EPSIION FOUNDED 1909 FIRST ROW: DufFey Albright, Jeff Allred, Daniel Anclersoiu Pete Aiikeiiy, Jerry IJalentine, Gary Bilbrey, Dan Blake, Joe lilake, James Blanton, Pat Blanton. Burdette Blue, Don Boyer, Jakie Brooks. SECOND ROW: Douglas Bro«n, Jay Bruni- inett, Jack Bryan, Fred Bucklin, Joe Campbell, Rick Chew, Samuel Clawser, Chris Cockrum, Mike Cohlmia, Lyle Collet, T. J. Crowley, Glenn Cunningham, David Cupp. THIRD ROW: Jim Davis, Parke Davis, Ronnie Davis, Steve Davis. Waller Dell, Bruce Dieterlen, T. D. Dopier, Tom Drake. Frank Duperier, David Elmore, Mike Fankhouser, Jerry Flick, Micliacl Flick. FOURTH ROW: Bob Fricke, Tom Gable, Jim (;arllck. Richard (iarlick, Dewitt Ckjff, David Hayes, James Hincs, Kin- ross Holt, Richard Howell, Andy Hubbard, Jerry Hutton, Clark Hyde, Chris Kauffman. FIFTH ROW: Philip Keeley, John Kcltner, Bill Kerr, Dick Lambertz, Jay Laskay, Richard Led- better. Dan LeCrone. Ronald Lickllder. tieorge McDowell, Wil- liam McGinnis. David Marklev, Ed Mehew, Fred Mehew. SIXTH ROW: John Mehew. Bill Melton, Jim Menzies, Don Montgomery, Doug Muir. Ronnie Myles, Jim Norton, Tom Oakley. Tex Odom, Ernie O ' Hara, Gary Oringderff, John Pat- terson, Eddy Peach. SEVENTH ROW: Richard Peck, Charles Pelton, Jerry Prather, Don Randall, Bill Rheinold, Byron Rife, Charles Sanger, James Saporito, liarnett Serio, Randy Singleton, (iene Smith, Willis Smith. EKTITH ROW: Duke Soule, Jim Spencer, Bill Spradlin, Ronald Steele. Don Steward, George Stevens, Lance Stockwell, S. C. Suydam, Mike Sutton, John Tarr, Shelley Taylor, Blaine Thacker. NINTH ROW: Bill Thomas. John Thompson. Brvon Vaughn, Don Warrick, Denny Wchba. Joliu West. Roger VVestfall. Tom White, John Wood- ruir. Jack Woodward. Dick Wright, Bob Wyatt. 344 Si ma Nu i.;uu (...iicKt While Star Shines in Intramural Wrestling, Football Sisiiui Nu won tliird in A Class football and uon llic wreslliiis trophy in intraniurals. This year they construttt ' d a ne parkinji lot and gave a party for orplians at Clirislinas time. Social events included the White Rose formal. Border dance, a pledge party and a victory party. Sigma Nus around cani[)us include Tom Forney. BMOC. DDK. Who ' s Who, student senate and UAB: Daniel " Stoney " Anderson, intramural chairman, navy scliolarship. Cross Center presidents " council and Cross Center Citizenship award: Jim Spencer. Cross Center president.s ' council. Cross Center honor resident, president ol pledge class and outstanding jjledge. Second semester ofTicers are Jim Spencer, president: John Tarr. vice-president: Jim T. Menzies. secretary: Ronnie Myles, treasurer, and Hill lliieitiold. social (liairman. Tom (.. KiiuMv. I ' tcsidcrn OFFICERS Tom G. Fornev .... President Dick H. Lamhkim . . Nice-President Jim S. Spencer Secretary Ronnie Myles Treasurer John W. Tahr . . Soiial Cliainiian KeriKiiilwriiig past parties are Jakie Brooks. Ronnie Newton. Ronnie lvUs. Diik. So iilc ami Roj-er West- f.ill. IN 345 518 S. University Blvd. Si ma Phi Epsilon Jerry McN ' eklv, President OFFICERS Jerry McNeely .... President Jim Mans Vice-President Jo. HoRWEDEL Secretary Tom Soukas Treasurer Mike Davis . . . Social Chairman Heart Fund Drive, Sunbeam Children Special Projects Actives of Sigma Phi Epsilon again this year collected money for the Heart Fund drive and sponsored a Christmas party for the Sunbeam children. Traditional social events included the Monster Rally, Playboy formal. Girl of Golden Heart formal and the Beatnik ball. Every year a state-wide Sig Ep ball is held for actives and alums in conjunction with Founders Day. Three outstanding athletes reside in the house. They are Warren Fonts, basketball and baseball; Harvey Chaffin, basketball, and Stan Morrison, basketball. Forrest Frueh has been active in IFC, Campus Chest, student senate and Accounting club. The fraternity was founded at Richmond College in 1901 and has been on this campus since 1946. The group has purchased a lot and is making plans to build a new chapter house in the future. A lot of good class notes are yoiny to waste, as Jerry McNeeley and Jim Woods clean up after studyinsf for final examinations. Ict E 346 ORIAHOMA BETA FOUNDED 1946 FIRST ROW: R inal l Baktr. Joseph Halts. Mikt- Bclanjter. RolK-rl liisaiia. Charles Hurrniinh. Robert liuster. Har c Clhaf- liii. Hill Cliapnian. Tom Clement. Ernest Ciolllns. Mike Doh ns. .SF:C:()M) ROW: Terry Esles. (ircKorv Kelir. Warren Fonts. Hob Franklin. Forrest Fruch. Rojter (;rillith. Hud Havclen. Terr l llollman. Jon Horwedel. Jim Hutchins. Tom Johnson. THIRD ROW: Wayne Leslie. Myron Looney. Larry Lusk. Jnn Mans. James Masters. Michael Maxwell. Stan Morrison. Juii Monser. ' ann Norwood. N ' ietor Prep. Perry Russell. FOl R I II ROW: .Mike Smith. Tom Soukas. Charles Stallard. Wauu Theus. Thomas Thomas. Ralph Tluirman. Miihael Transne. Frank Tucker, Gary Youell. Donald onn ;. Jim Woods. Hill Chapman and Mike .Maxwell pose in front of " Pcrc . Sijima Phi Epsilon ' s cartoon character mascot. 347 GAMMA UPSILON FOUNDED 1953 FIRST ROW: Mrs. Paul McGee, Patty Bayless, Sally Berry, Kathy Connolly. Ann Cummings, Jeneane Curry. SECOND ROW: Karen Dittelniicr. Clare Hamblen. Ann Hann. CJwen Ketonen, Ann Lander. Patricia Mundkowski. THIRD ROW: Elizabeth Nichols. Barbara Nilles. Marilyn Owens, Ellen Staf- ford. Dona Stover, Marilyn Turner. Marianne Verjses. Two Mariluis arc better llian one as Turner and Owens tackle studies. 348 Zeta Tail Alpha ' l. ' ll ( llJMlJ.H|ll Chapter Establishes Lavone Dooley Memorial Cup III memory of Lavone Dooley. who was a leader in establishinj; the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority on tlie OU campus, the Gamma Upsilori chapter has established the Lavone Dooley cup. which will he given each year to the local Zeta who has been most active in the sorority and on the camiius. The chapter this year entered the ( ' ampus ( ' liesi carnnal. I ni- versity Sing and held their aniuial hayride. li.iiliiwtiii parly, ( ' hrist- mas smorgasbord and Spring Alley party. .Active Zctas include Marilyn Turner. Marketing club. Shadow Box. Iota Epsilon. Aljiha Lambda Delta and Yearbook beauty final- ist; Jeneane C.urry. Orchesis president, runner-up for Miss Clovis. N. Mex. and a member of the cast in Kismet and Juggler of Notre Dame. Karen Ditleiineir ser cd as t o-chiiirman on the SAM com- mittee. Zeta was tdiUKJcd ui 189S ;it Loiigwiiod College. IUkiiara Ann Miukili.. Prisulcm O F 1 " 1 C E R S Haki ' .vrv Ann Mkrkii i, . . President M AKiiAN Ti KNKi{ . . ice-I ' resideiit M Kll N OwiNS .... Secretary Bekkv Treasurer jKNKANt C:t KR . . Social ( ' hairman A little Kfoi ' P singing Ix-forc dinner for Mrs. PanI McCiee. hostess. Dona Stover. Pat Mnnclko» ki and Karen Uillelniier. ZTA 349 ;r " y ,v » I " 4 III Housing Program 353 Gate Center Presidents " Comic i I . . . 354 Women ' s Dorms 355 Logan House 376 Ituliptiiclciil Stutlents Assot iatioii . . 378 Men ' s Comiselors 379 Cross Center 380 Whlkliand Hall 396 Woodrow ilson ( ' enter 398 Alidelit Dorms 405 Housino; Directors 407 ip Sk T ' ' ' ' ' ■• ' - ■-m jsm B Gate Center pru ides im.clein limiMiij; lui huiucii sliitkuts. ' • . n innnnD " ;,n D 0;:iD,:-,Q: U ,1 ■ BBn n i EH —J . . .i.. r. , ,,. ■. «fc. " — I 1 |L- M dlflB m Traditional residence lor athletes is Jefferson House. Single men reside in Gross Center. Wliilcliand Hall is cani))us landmark. CIarner C. Collums Director of Housing Mrs. Myrtle B. Kellkkiials .Su[)ervisor of Food Service William H. Strk kland Assistant Director of Housing Housing Program Stresses Small living Groups The Uiii .isily oilers out- ol the iiiosl inockin ;iikI toinplctc limisiiig and dinitig facilities in America. Siiijile women live in Gate Center for Women. Franklin House and Hester-Robertson Houses. Single men re- side ill Center, Woodrow Wilson Center and Whitehand Hall. Kxcellent facilities arc availal)le to married students ill Parkview. Xiemann. South Fiase and I.oKan apart- iiieiils. .Ml students live in University housing or housing approved by the University, thereby assuring students of proper living and studying conditions. l£xce]3tions include students working for rooms, commuting or liv- ing with parents. Upperclass students may live In fra- Itriiily or sorority houses. rnivcrsilv (illii lals stress siiialj house groups, there- lore each new house on the cam|)us has a iiiaxiiiium of .51 residents supervised by a skilled counselor. Each house elects officers who maintain house govern- ment and ])lan academic and social events. .All students enjov modern cafeteria service with liberal choice of food items. Trained dietitians supervise preparation of melius to insure ])roper balance of healthful foods. .NitiiKuiii Aparlnicnis 353 FIRST ROW: Miss Jean Mooney, Valera Bachman, Judy Branch, Rose Marie Weber, Suzy Blair, Glory Hopkins. Pat Weller, Joanie Fischer. SECOND ROW: Stephanie Thomp- son, Mady Lansje, Jiiaiiita Anderson, Ruth Winchell, Pat Led- erer, Jean Barnard. Sue (ilau e. Linda Lavell. Susan Freise, Judy .Adams. THIRD ROW: Marti Vargas, Sally Boughner, June Bielefeld. Lynne Barrett, Sherry Lyons, Sue Stewart, Patricia Smith, Marilyn Hincks, Nancy Davis. Cate Center Presidents ' Council Hanging of the Greens, the spring formal, a Ijreak- fast for graduating .seniors, election of the " Spirit of Christmas, " a formal banquet with Cross Center Presi- dents ' council, participation in the homecoming parade and Sooner Scandals are among the main activities of Cate Center Presidents ' council. Presidents from each of the woniens " dorms compose the council to promote unity and cooperation among the houses of the center. The officers are elected by the entire Cate Center. Regular meetings are held each Monday night with Miss Jean Mooney, assistant director of women ' s affairs. 354 O F F I C E R S President . . Kosic Mariie Weber Vice-President . . . Judy Brauch Secretary Suzy Blair Presidents ' council oHicers and Miss Mooney scan old year books for news ideas for parties and projects. Trcas Vai.era Bachma.n Ol 1(1. RS Wf . -w - ' l i ' t " si(icnt . N M 1 ) IS Fi j w r ■ ' r i Vicc-Prcsitlciit Sll MiON kiM I ' l ■ i SecrtUin ' . . . I ' VI 1 A SlKM Kl . 1 - W Trcasiin-r . Swi m: m. 1 Wjla :1 . - mtmmm |.,c,|„r Aiiiil.mM. Marv W ivl..,,,. .mil Manhii Maso fn.Mi ilsM-s ;mi(I stl.(l ilin »ill, a m lilt gallic of jacks??? Bizzell House Happy occasions that the girls of Bizzell house will remember include the Halloween costume party, the Dads ' Day coflce, Chri.stnias i)arty. and decorating their lounge for special occasions. " Secret Pals ' " added in- terest to the year along with the traditional " walk-out. " Among the outstanding residents are Marilyn Mason. Yearbook beauty: Sandra Trout. NROTC Canriidate; Janet Rosen. Army ROTC. candidate: ( " arolyn Swinney, Alpha Ijambda Delta: Nancy Randolpli. Ruf-Nck queen candidate, and Nancy Davis. AFROTC " candidate. Bren- da Bailey, guidance and counseling graduate student, is counselor. FIRST ROW: Judy .Smith. Janice Mueller. Bettina Owens Sally fleis. Linda Laskav. |aci|ue . rmlirusl. Marilyn Mason Sue Parks. SECOND ROW: Krenda Hailev. Sandra Troul Juily McClain. Sharon Kenijili. Kulli Anderson. Sue Sharpc Barbara Smith. Carol Lanjjlev. Anila Tlionias. Janet Rosen Bonnie Wells, Sherry Smith. THIRD ROW: Martha liken Lynda Tamblyn. Wilna Scott. Margaret . nn Jones, Nancy Witt. Barbara Keating, Betty Petersen. Carole Carbarino. Donna Merritl. Jean Powell. FOIRTH ROW: Katliie Herron. Caro- ls n Suinney. Nancy Davis. Marv Wisdom. Sharon Haggard. Barbara Luttrell. Suzanne Lee. .Naruv Randolph. Nancy Dea- ton. Barbara (.allup. Sue LoeHcn. Donna Hurst. kil . 355 G OFFICERS President Linda Lavell Vice-Presi dent . . Sherry Sitton Secretary .... Marilyn Moran Treasurer .... Barbara Posey PiactKiiiv,. " iili liopes of becoming good cooks, are Alice Faudree. Jeanne Cianipbell and Mary Spriggs. Brooks House Rosemary Thompson, graduate student in political science and counselor of Brooks house, led her girls through a year of success and fun. The residents were entertained by several men ' s dorms with dances. The girls were also hostesses at a costinne Halloween party for their dates. Brooks house also sponsored a slumber party to which they invited five women foreign students. To promote school spirit, the day before and during foot- ball games, they all wore red ribbons. Cheri Watson is Ruf-Nek queen; I.ovell Criswell, ISA sweetheart and Linda Lavell. Lottinville award. FIRST ROW: Martha Ewing. Jean Melton. Nancy Oglesby. Barbara Melton. Mary Spriggs, Jeanne Campbejl. Norma Mackey. Sonia Davis. Kay Sanders. SECOND ROW: Rose- mary Thompson, Mary Ann Storms, Anne McKnight, Loma Lavell, Sharon Vivion, Susan Hugus. Diane Engelberg. Barbara Posey. Gretcheii Ganschinietz. Beth Frank. Lee Ann Worrell. THIRD ROW: l ' an,cl:i (,Ur,ri. Sl,,n..ii l ' l,illi|.s. .|..:,n Foster, Margret Withers. Judy Taylor. Karen Swinehart, Sandy Black, Pat Sisney. Sherr e Sutton. Lisabelh Lee. Susan Kirschner. Etta Perkins. FOl ' RTH ROW: Jean Sheridan Thomas. Marilyn Moran. Skip Lee. .Mice Faudree. Linda Russell. Jo Dean Ro- dolph. Mary K. Batchelor. Judye Crumley, Cheri Watson, Lovell Criswell. Carolyn Larson. 356 o lIKSr KOW: Mary Aim Harrison. Tciirii Capps. Jiidllli Jaiiu ' s. judv (Irinsteiii. Margaret Miller. Patricia Wcller. I ' at Tresecler. Sandra Vickers. Katldeen Matlliews. Julia Rnbiiison. SKCONO ROW: Marta Woods. Betty Ayres. Mary liolian. Sharon Massey. Teresa Ramirez. Davida Ap|)lel)aiiin. Pattv Liel). Sn .anMC Mdier. (.inner NoHotiu. .Norma Watson. Judith Porter. Sliaron Hardin. THIRD ROW: Jody AiiKell. Sharon Parker. IV erl Ware, [udv Goldfeder. Robbi Mcgrin, Carolyn Piatt. Carol Mi Uraver. Cleo Cross House Mar Ann F l.trrisoii. counselor of ( leo Cross, was .surprised witli ;i birthtJay party by lier girls. Tlic Christinas party to decorate the tree was aiiolher out- standing social event. Prominent residents incltide Patricia W ' elKf. most outstanding freshman woman. Keepinj; up with the uorld neus. latest fashions and inrrent movies are Pat Treseder and IViTiple I ' aston. Others arc Norma Watson, director of Hanging of the (keens: Ann Miller and Robbi . ' egrin. Alpha Lambda Delta: Robbi Negriii. Carol McBrayer. Sliaron Parker. Mary Boliaii and Jodi .Angell. members of the ( ' .ate Center Scandals act. Several girls from Cleo Cross were on the volley ball team of the central unit. Oil I CKRS i ' lesidenl . . . PviRK lA W KI.I.EIl ice-Piesideiit . . Marco Wii.i.iams Secretary .... jl diih Portkr Ircasurer Paii Li;ib 357 FIRST ROW: Janet Kainbcr. Melody Lavne, Kay Duncan, Lynn Rollins, Toby Glazer, Mary Ann Phelps. Barbara Siegel. Rochelle Saltz, Janice Bailey, Barbara Weinstein. SECOND ROW: Barbara Bivens, Betty Brown, Sally Hawkins, Barbie Luper. Jeanne Carrington, Sue Rodgers, Liz Norman, Marlis Lusk, Gail Work, Billie Bish. THIRD ROW: Judy Taylor, Linda Chandler. Joi Brooks, Louise Rowe. Barbara Horn, Sue Shelby, Linda Morgan, Judy Lively. Sue Harvey, Sonja Bogos- lavsky, Terri Zangwill. FOURTH ROW: Sharon Woltson, Cora-Del Miller, Susan Ludman, Sylvia Bury, Glory Hopkins, Barbara Finkelstein. Cissy Cohn, Barby Burnett, Naomi Gar- finkle, Barbara Kirschner, Liz Melton. Davis House Foreign student Joy Brooks, from Caracas, Venezuela, was an added note of interest to Davis lioiise this year telling of her unusual experiences living; in a foreign country. Nancy Huffman brought home dorm honors when she was a semi-finalist for Homecoming queen. Other dorm memories include the extra events like Christmas caroling and exchanging gifts. Serenading the counselor also rates a place on the dorm ' s list of me- morable events, as do 8 o ' clock classes, 9 p.m. study hall and week end blind dates. Susan Ludman. Cissv Cohn. .Shiile Rodgers. and Janice Bailey lake .KU.iiil.iyc .,r iIk d,um-s TV. OFFICERS President .... Glory Hoi ' Kins Vice-President . . . Liz Norman Secretary Gail Work Treasurer . . . Mary Ann Phki,i»s 358 O K ]• I (■ F. R S I ' risidciil . . . MvDiiMM. I.ANGK Vice-Presicknt . M n jo I ' l wonk ii Secretary .... ki.ia (i.vKKtn Treasurer .... ICaye iNADOi.sKr C;«yii Lacey. Rose Marie Wtbcr and Mar J . I " l.- cxpettanlly for a letter from that " certain " one. Evans House A combination of leadership ami scholarship has placed the women of Evans house high on the list of contributors to campus life. Evans house is well rep- resented in canipus organizations by Jiianita Wherry. ' ho " s Who. Phi Beta Kappa, and Rose Marie Weher. vice-president of A ' S and outstanding independent. X ' lilira Hachrnan served as treasurer if S. EA. while Susy Blair was a member of Kappa Delta Pi and Made- leine Lange was co-director of the ( " ate (Center Scandals act. Christina Jameson, a sludciil ui nursing, served as counselor. The dorm was named for Katherine Evans, wife of the second OU president, Dr. A. Grant Evans. KIRSI ' ROW: Christiiia Janicsoii. lioiiiiie HomirII. Rose Marie Weher. l.inda Lesky. Macly Lanjie. Pat N ' olen. ' elta (iarrett. Lin la Lalir. Kav Constant. Carole Christcnscn. SEC OND ROW: alcric ISrock. Shirley Weger. Pat Peujih. Mary Jo Plovanich, Patricia Messer, Malinda Conner, Kaye Nadolski. Mary Lou Means, Barbara Bohan, Suzanne Kelley. Wanda SheltoM. l)i.ui.i liisl,.n. Sue Pettinrove. THIRD ROW: Mar- tha Ciarrett. Joanne Owen, .jiidy (Gardner. Mary Cunningham. Dena Probst. Judy Katz. Terrv Weiner. Carolyn Lyons. Sharon Sims. Gwyn Latey. Patsy Heard. Juaiiita Wherry. Carolyn . ber- nathy, Louise Woodruff. 359 OFFICERS President Sue Clauve Vice-President . . Billie Rhodes Secretary Judy Hirsh Treasurer . . . Maribeth Riddle Looks as if Joyce cant believe her eyes as the perennial four- some gatfiers for a quick hand of bridge during finals. Forbes House Besides the Christmas party, the girls of Forbes house retain memories of receiving checks for such trivial matters as volume No. 9 on your stereo, forgetting room- check, arriving 30 seconds late and being gracious in the lounge and sharing your care package from home. Checks were also received for reversing study rules so FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Burris, GeeGee Susman. Linda Jones. Elaine Ruggles. Caroll Greene. Janet Borde. Beth Karkowski. Maribeth Iliddle. Candy Blalaock. Joanna .Shumate. Sharon Steelman. Sharon Bitner. Elaine Griffitts. SECOND ROW: Colleen Lucas. Sara Reid. Judy Hirsh. Preston Harriman. Karen Powell. Terri Tolaiul. Candv Cossev. Lucv LeValley. M.niKii (;,,x. Sue Clauxe. Sandra Eruin. Elizabeth Freidlin. that you socialize during study hall and study during house meetings and violating the " PD.A 12 inch " ' rule. Campuses, of course, were the result and Colleen Lucas, a senior in English, has the job of enforcing all Univer- sity rules. Nanette Levine. THIRD ROW: Roeann Morris, Linda Sho- shone. Jackie Miller. (Gloria Webber. JoAnn Westgate, Dian Donnell. Dell Fobes. Betty Bentlev. Suzv Kenney, Jane Aldrich, Carl Mitchell. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Wilkison. Sandra Smith. Paula Noakes. Sharon Quaid. LaRuth Robberson. Vickie McKenzie. Billie Rli,.,l, . Leslie Wil,l.,n, Susan CiimN. J.nicl Rashli. June Hlls,,H. (,l,klr. ( an. I ral. TUi ' ti y.tS MSA 360 Idv. V «AViWi.? VA. AT A KIKST ROW: PatU W licallcy. Urtiula WisiRi. Kay Rake- straw, (ilerula Allen. Helm lirislDw. Carolyn Rogers. Kayc Lynn Cox. .lutli (Joodinaii, Ann Hobbisn. Judy Snider, Marj;arel .Justice, Carolyn Elson. SECOND ROW: Susan Eftneu. Brenda Kuhn, Mary Taylor, Cathie Corri an, ,Iudy Levinson. Betty Earnest. Kathy Bennett. Harriet Kusnetzky. Linda Ander- son, Linda Graves. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Butts. Elhia (iret;ory. .Marilyn li(Jll Penny C riswell. Kaiei Clarice Preulcr. Karei ROW: Ian Uridnfor Kathv Sliaplrc. M.i Susan Price, Sally I liilli Ka c Smith. Barbara Jennings, en Harlow. . lva O ' Neal. Janice Pullln. en Adams. Loretta Mankins. FOURTH )rcl. Donna Whittern. Thellann Fisher, lie Wcitznian. Felis Sebert. Sharry Fishel, cas. Francine M ullen. Hamill House Oiilstaiicliiin; residents of Hamill are Billl Kayc Siiilth. yearbook beauty finalist: Kay Lynn ( ox. Sally Lucas, outstanding drama students: Brenda Wesner. solo- ist for the Hanging of the Greens. .Niiiiierotis social activities include the C ' hristiiuis Irim- miiit; narly and caroling and liirlliday parties. The girls were acti e in Homecoming. Hanging of the fireens. and they were among attendants at pep rallies before football games. Other memorable occasions include short-sheeting, ihiowiug pciipU- ill the showers, hallway twisters, and " Ihiiuill Hoika " red llannel nities. Let ' s go. big Red! Pat Lederer. Casey 0 " Neal. Tliellann Fisher. Penny Criswcll oirer Hamill house support. OFFICERS President . . . Patricla Lederer Nice-President . . . JlDI GoODXt.W Secretary . . . Cl. rk E Pregier Treasurer . . . Donna iiitTKRN ' 361 ) y? f r r? f P ftp « n BO 4 •V -V FIRST ROW: ' irginia Hawks, Leniiea Teii. Lynn HavigluirsI, Susan Rector, Rhoda Watson. Sue Atuie Stoltenberg. Barbara Taylor, Barbara Naifeh. Lynette Mehl. Linda Cooper, Judy Robbins. SECOND ROW: Katie Ward, Kay Maltby. Keron McAlister, Mary Stitt, Carol Highfill, Jody Head, Linda Maltby, Liz Harned. Tana Ware, Carroll Benjamin, Carol Ellison, Pamela Schwend. THIRD ROW: Judy Gollub, Susan Dar- rough, Suzanne Marks. Sue Oliver, Judy McManus, Deanna Dean. Dora Jean Smith, Carol Stone, Vicki Ferraro, Susie Stewart. Judy Newkirk, Carolyn Baptist, Kay Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Lois Levin, Viva Kennedy, Lynne Shapiro, Fran Zien, Carole Chacey, Tita Smith, Judy Brov n. Linda Lee, Pat Harrison, Ginger Eby, Linda Jo Neal, Sami Schuber. Herrick House Winning the Dad ' s Day award for having the largest number of Dad ' s registered vxas among the Herrick house honors for the year. Beauty queens and Honorary Cadet Colonels were well represented from this house. Nancy Elwell was among the fi e finalists for Ruf-Nek queen. Judy Robbins was both an Army Honorary Cadet Lt. Col. and Homecoming queen candidate. Linda Jo Neal capped the lionor of Air Force Hon- orary Cadet Lt. Col. Yearbook beauty finalist was Sami Schuber and Susan Stewart was Beaux Arts Debutante. O F F I C E R S President .... Patkk;ia Smith Vice-President . . Nancy Elwell Secretary .... Carole Chacey Treasurer .... Lidna Jo Neal Susan Pavnler. Marv Stilt, Nancv El«cll, Jovie liarker, Tita S.nllh eriinv a niihl Oklal.oni.i u liilcr. 362 ( ) I IK 1 . I{ S I ' rcsidinl .... ,|i n Iis(Iiii! Vice-Prrsiikiil . ( it(n N l.l l)sl Secretary .... Jan Ckauikii Treasurer .... IJakhaka Hkow v .Viinuc Maltliius. Jan Crahtrte, .Sally Coumii mail wish that spring would cunic suon. Hester House The Ciiristina.s party for tlie Baptist Orphanage high- lighted the year for the girls of Hester house. The girls delighted in teaching the children how to " twist! " Joan Fi.scher is president. Other olTicers are Carolyn Lindscy. vice-president: Jan (Irahtrec. Mirelarv. and Hari)aia Brown, treasurer. Hester house was first coni|)lete(l in 1926 and It hou.sed some of the present resident.s " mothers. Later the dorm was occupied by boys and then this year it returned to a women ' s dorm. Ruth Sherwood, a senior In speech therapy, is coun.selor. Sumitra Siiwaiuialiha from Thadaiid. resides in Hester. FIRST KOW: Cavlc Kiihank. Naiuv . liirph . Kav Cooper. Carolvn Ilaiiirkk, DIanm- .Niiriii. I.iiula |{ixl)v. Lcona Spcrber. Claudia ChailU ' . Linda Shockey. Judy Vauyhn. Cathie Shaw. Karen Carder. LaDouua Kiuiiebrew. Daria Dies. Ruth Sher- wood. SECOND ROW: iNorina Run«e. Donna Morgan. Ju- dith Dyscr, Jean Eastman. Jidie Hankc. Janet . danis. Kay Bcesley. Nancy Schedel. Irina Steinman. I.yn Cioldfield, Lee Smith. Lynn Smith. Brenda Cooper. Claudia Ledlow, Margaret Revels. CIvdine Cornctt. |udv Monroe, . nnice Matthews. Kitt Nalansni,, Sue Hell. THIRD ROW: Margarita Irrutia. Sunii- li.i Si.u.i.Mi.ilili... J. Mill, I imIk,. Flovdciie Yancey. Sherry Heiic. (;a Hansen. Patricia Cialhev. Sheila Hracksieck. I5ett Schollen- barger. Jann Willard. Ola Stout, (doria Wclih. Clara Lane. Marsha Wilhelm. .jan Clrabtree. .|udy Hill. Kay Stewart, (iac Spivev. Susan Zadick. Harbara Brown. Mvrtle Russell. KOIRTH ROW: Pat Jinilnes. Su .ann Browning. Sand Snioot. Linda IlinU. Robbie Copeland. Jackie Morks. .Ann Henthorii. Co Jo Henry. Jane (iraves. Barbara Ciamble. Sliari .Matkin. Pam Mac. rlhur. Linda Brockman. Gray Donahoe. Sanrira Mauley. Rita Gerrity. Carolyn Lindsey. Beth Williams. Marilou Davis. sninm v ■v-s 363 Kendall Jacobs ' stolen minutes of sleep are over, say Jactie Jenkins and Chris Kirkpatrick. OFFICERS President . . . Juanita Anderson Vice-President . . Kendall Jacobs Secretary . . . Marilyn Bossart Treasurer Jan Roesler Holman House Holman house furnishes its freshman women with a well-rounded program of scholastic, athletic and social events. Dorm life, as much so as any other type of living at Oklahoma University, is a place to form lasting friend- ships with people from all over the United States and the world. Loretta Pierce, Natalie Lewis, Donna Start and Sharon Bruza served as officers of their respective pledge classes. Juanita Anderson and Susan Reno participated in Dr. Cross Leadership Training class. Moments to remember: Judy Carpenter, counselor, and her portrayal of the " Great Pumpkin " at Halloween. FIRST ROW: Jessie Higgs, Sandra Kay Caswell, Linda Vaughan, Jeanne Boyd, Jean Marlow, Loretta Pierce, Diane Long, Sharon Simmons. Judy Lovelace. Karen Crosslin. SEC- OND ROW: Judith Carpenter, Beverly Corley, Marilyn Bos- sart, Kendall Jacobs, Juanita Anderson. Pamela Buller. Becky Hall, Jackie Jenkins. Natalie Leuis. Terry Wolff. THIRD ROW: MNra I ' .c.K.liu. jaii l{..cskr. ,iikv Whiuakei Tinsley. Patsy Taylor, Mona Lane. Dianne Burkhalter, Samyra Glass, Sue Mason, Marcia Manis, Susan Reno. Glvnna Jackson. FOURTH ROW: Linda Shanklin. Patricia Land. Sue Washe- check, Mary Myers, Ann Wait, Lee Ann Johns, Barbara Jo Smith, Sharon Bruza, Mary Mead, Saralyn Rosenberg, Kay Frank. Chris Kirkpatrick. 364 j K.O yjox I ' lKSr ROW: Aim tirahle. Virginia livrcl, Vickl Ikiiynian. Aniic WeisijTcr. Sharon Shirley. Louise Chadwick. Janet Hell. Susie Hrannan. Hcnalee Hebisen. Kav Hardin. Sarah FuyitI, Ann Williams. SECOND ROW: Uelores Shafer, Mary jo Enlows. Janie Rcdinsj. .Ann Forrester, Shirley HiffKs. Gay Elder, Susan Kreese. |ane }Iirks. ( ' arol Bird. (!arol (ireeti. Hrvanne Welch. ■rillKI) ROW: H.irl)ara Wall. JtaiiiKlle Doniriuycr, Jeril n Erdman. Virginia Lawrenz. Kalhryn Sieadley, .Sue Moore, Nancy Norton. Sharon Van Tuyl. Brent Miller. Karren Barton, Janis Mi. on, Sue Livingston. FOL ' RTH ROW: Joyce Young, Patricia Marsh, Suzanne Grant, Claire Flawthorn, Polly Allen, Joan Patzer, Suzanne Thompson, Janita Gufley, Hope Hacklcr, Betty Dixon, Jane Robbing, Hume House Working for Hume house. Kay Hardin was chosen honorary cadet Lt. Colonel .AFROTC. Carol Bird was chosen for the President ' s Leadership award and I ' hyl- lene Kimsey served as the chairman of the national Junior Panhellcnic, Clara Loeweii. a senior in Aincru an studies, is coun.selor. HuiTie house members will remember Halloween time, the soap and honey decorations, the broken front door glass the night before the Dallas weekend, strict cam- l)iises, boobey traps for " checkers. " disa[)pearing living room furnitinc liicidcii upstairs and lasting frK-iidsliips made in Htimc i b use. A stulFcd animal entouraRcs Susan Kieese. Kalliriji Steadley and Karrea Barlon ii wiii. liii- in,. W , ( ) 1 F 1 C F R S President Sf.S.4 Freese Nice-President . . . JANE RoitiiiNS Secretary . . Ciaire IFa ntmorne Treasurer Carol Bird 365 FIRST ROW: Nancy Fleming. Jean lioyd. Carolyn Oisp. Charley Dunn, Ellen Hamblet. Lyn Lipscomb, Peggy Vail, Barbara Nordholt. SECOND ROW: Neva Jo Luper, Kaye Bradford, Carol Worthing, Nancy Seymour, Sally Thompson, Judy Ketchum, Betty Miller, Janet Ketchum, Karen Hoffmann, Karen Pickett. THIRD ROW: Sharon Mechem, Wanda Cross- in, Marilyn Bomar, Susie Boyettc, Mary Lively, Linda Evans, Judy Harris, Judy Williamson. Emma Prince, Lynda Freeman. FOURTH ROW: Linda Kcegan. Kathy Harman, Linda Bryan, Beverly Doughty, Pamela Roggli, Elaine Cremeens, Sharon Davis, Lynn Marx. Tere Reinauer, Gail Golden. Lawson House A spirit of friendliness and cooperation reigns at Law- son house, where girls from all parts of the country are brought together for a brief time to share their college lives. Neva Jo Luper, a senior majoring in Spanish, is counselor. Lawson house was named for R(il)erla C ' amp- bell Lawson. Intramurals, dorm parties, Homecoming decorations, dorm walk-out, a Christmas party highlighted by giving gifts to needy families were among the projects under- taken during the year. Of course there were books, classes, study halls, and tri[)s to the library, but they only added more fun. Stephanie Thompson. Judv and Janet Ketchum work vigor- 366 OFFICERS President . . Stephanie Thompson Vice-President . . Judy Ketchum Secretary . . . Sally Thompson Treasurer .... Dana BoYEni; m i 1 ,ffi . m r Uti " % ' fl3 ! - M ' 1 1 f A»- i ()!■ 1 IlKKS PrcsidirK . . . . M MUi u(. s Vice-Prisldciit . . . Ji dv Hakion Secretury .... Janei DeBoku Treasurer . . . .Anne Ellington ■riiere ' s ...ilhlrii; liki- a arousiiiii;. Mi( nrLiiji 1 McCurtain House Working together as a closely knit group, is a charac- teristic of McCurtain residents. Together they entered intramural sports and took third place in spccdhall. supported Margie Bowman. Peggy Stern, and Janet DeBord for ROTC queens: Freida Sluiw. Riil-Nck (iiaeii and Peggy Stern, Homecoming queen. Marti Vargas is a student senator. Dc De Fogal was a finalist for yearbook beauty. Along with the emphasis on scholarship and campus acti ilies. the Christmas party and the Beatnik Ball added fmi and ghuiioiir to tin- li c-s (if tlic girls of MtCurtaui house. FIRST ROW: Kathy Mumi. Janet Pipkin. Janet DeBord. Diane Foncl. h " lv tlonibs. Toni V ' itale. Sallv Swisher. Diatia Kinic. SlurrN House. Sandra Fisher. SECOND ROW: Paiti Rose. N ' erona Mariiska. Margie Bowman. Barbara iMIles. Patricia Sanford. Paula Hollingshead. Natalie Bradley. Marti Vargas, Kay Kenton. Mary Cordell. THIRD ROW: Janice Parks, Joan Chatham. Susan Ingram. Mary Wertz. Ellen Goldstein. Carol Shless. Betty Burke. . nn Ellington. Bunny Talley. Cath- erine Layne. Marty Hayes. Norma Bearskin. FOl ' RTH ROW: Nantilu Jackson. Peggy Dent. Peggy Stern. Judy Petersen. Judy Barton, Roseann Bouziden, Barric Miller, Donna Cook, Frieda Shaw, Jackie Jacobs, Diaiiiia Kannady. KAVAWa. AVaVa.V . « ' iUfi 367 OFFICERS President Sue Stewart Vice-President . . . Susan Talley Secretary Judy Dees Treasurer .... Mvra Wilson Will 1 .111 u. Ill will I Hag it? Linda Horn, Joyce Livingston, Sue Baker, Juclitli Emerson ponder. McSpadden House How about a pizza-pepsi-peppermint ice-creani party to celebrate Christmas and add spirit to dorm life? Sound ' s like fun and a little indigestion for (he girls of McSpadden house. Other social events were the Home- coming and Dad ' s Day coffees, climbing the walls and painting windows. FIRST ROW: Betty Sanmann, Juanita Pappc, Judi Anderson, Gylynne Reed, Susan Talley, Deanna Gilstrap, Linda Horn, Lynn Frederickscn, Jenny Cunningham. Sue Stewart. SECOND ROW: Betty Stephens. Melanie Marshall. Sally Merkle. Judy Little. Marylyn Ross. Jea nette Clingan, Carolee Stephenson, Sue Fisher. Joyce Livingston. .Mice Broun. Bobbie Klikhart. THIRD ROW: Jiulv Morris. Janet Reed. SalK RcMiulds. I ' .„,i Outstanding residents are Janelle Gary. Jr. Panhel- lenic; Deanna Gilstrap, vice-president, Jr. Panhellenic; Nancy Waldman. student senate: Judy Dees, Ruf-Nek and AFROTC queen finalists: Melanie Marshall, assist- ant counselor and Tassels and Betty Stephens, counselor and graduate student. Caird, Judy McProud, Patricia Perry, Delphine Floyd, Sylvia Morgan, Nancy Waldman, Kathv (Juv. Jeri Howell. Linda CartmiU. Dorothy Brown. FOURTH ROW: Donna Hudi- burg, Judi Dees, Janel Gar ' , Linda Jordan, Jean Pake, Mike Wilson. Dale Kimmell, Nancy Morris, Lurlene Hulrae, Sandra Bloomberg. 1 JitmtA k. 368 IlKsr KOW: Ann MaoMiitll. Iiidi Kxlt. (aiol kiiin. Mc- lirula MtDerinit. Ciamlllc Smllli. Marsha Silverman. Sliaroii Hack. KIcanoi HtliHartz. Rita Niwnian. Ciiulv (iunn. Ten it I ' arTKll. lerelta Ccc.iKC. SECOM) KOW: Hetty Bohaii. Linihi ISailev. i.inda Walker. Sabra Martin. Judy Popejoy. Caroii skpka. Karen Kmitl. Carole Findlav. Ann Keisner. Paniehi Neal. Karen TollKrl. Kax Mc( iee. IIIIRI) ROW; I5arl)ara JnliriMin. Janie .)nl)ela. Judy Siinarnian. Mari- lyn K erts. Linda Foster. .)iidy Ross, Sally (iillcspic. Taiiiiiil Levin. Ikttv Caldnell. Karen [ones. Marvlce LiiniiiK. Kutli W indiell. i ' OrRTH ROW: Sa.idra Wood. Stepliaiiie Tlionias. Jndv llonnli. (iuen Rro vn. Barbara Safroii. Susan (olieii, iiki Heath. Sharon Chambers, Judy Wallatli. Joan Ltbtrg, l ' .uila Wliitesell. Carol Phillips. Oliver House .Mttriiijj llicif cliimrs ii;iiiic u;is the residents " joke ol the year. A mere removal of the letters " O " and " R " from Oliver gave way to a new name — " Live House. ' Royalty resided in Oliver house this year as Marsha Silverman was crowned Campus Carnival queen. Stephanie 1 hiniias and Sharon llaek were co-directors of clioreo ra|iliy for tlic Cate ( ' enter Sooner Scandals act. .Another dorm member. Barbara Safron. was chosen one (if the top Sooner ' eari)(i()k heauties for IJii- I9()l-fi2 bcliool ear. Sharon liurba. Linda liailey and Joanie Itbery cheek out for a (luiet weekend away from it all. () I I I CKRS President . . . Kt ill i ( HELL ice-President , . . jovs I LBEKi; Secretary . . , , ,|ri)v Pope,joy Treasurer Kakkn Jones 369 p B r ' t MRsr ROW: Susan Kaiser. Linda Watkins. Jean Ann Day. Kathy Constantine. SECOND ROW: Susan Bower. Betty Lou Bryant, Sue Ashe. Norman Jean Eliezer, Susie Reiter, Linda Lee Cole, Linda Schucart, Suzi Mollison, Judy Baker. Rickey Shelley. THIRD ROW: Christina Reed, Leslie Hobson, Cyn- tliia kerns. Judy Bryant. Cay Happy. Lyiine Baunhan. Vikki Kessler, Lynda Boydstun, Deanna De Bellis. Sandy Thieman. FOURTH ROW: Sandy Ramsey, Neva Jo Williams. Barbara Seuell. Paula Berland, Karen Cooper, June Bielefeld. Lynda Picou. Julie French, Brenda Mann, Sharon Glickman. Parker House Intraniiiral sports speedball. Ijasketball, ping pong, horse shoes, temiis, swimming, volleyball, soft ball and soccer were entered into with vigor by the girls of Parker house. One of their main events was a surprise birthday party for the counselor. Susan Bower, a graduate English student. The girls also took an active part campaigning for Marti Woodside for Campus Carni al queen. Marsha Irby brought fame to Parker house by being named .AFROTC Honorary Wing Commander. The name of Parker house was chosen to honor Cynthia Parker, wife of Pete Nacona and mother of Quanah Parker. " The Parker-ettes. " ' composed of L ' and Marti Woodside. Hany,hn. Linda Picam 370 O F F F C E R S President . • Jink BlEI.EIKI.I) Vice-President . . Sijzi MOI.I.ISON Secretary . Marty Woodside Treasurer . . BlirrY Bryant ( ) I IK I . K S I ' rcsicltiit . . . ' PoMMii: l.oi Vice-Presidi 111 . 1 1 Mtisn i Rosimiid SecTfliin- .... (.Willi A I IM 1 N ' ric;isiiicr . . . DoN KTiA 1 ' akki It Robertson House This year hiouiilu new clftoiatKnis hi KcsKltiiluil liall — girls! Hoiisiii}!; 120 vvonieii. Robertson combines with Hester house to form the largest womens dorm itory on campus. The women joined with VVhitehand and Frank- lin houses to have a Christmas party for Baptist orphans. Iniliukc! Ill Riibtrlsoiis luilstaiidiMg resiileiits are lIKSr ROW: Slianiii Carter. Siillle Ha cs. CiamI Moore. Sue Kcrj;us()ii. Jii l Phillips. Pat Caliill. Camilla riiiley, Toimnie Lou Levi. Sarah Rogers. Linda Johnston. |iulv Fry, Einhee Barnett. Stephanie Stevenson. SFXOM) K() V: Sally Alston. Carol Pazoiireik. Marian Ikeda. Dorothy Honk. Joan Wilcox. C«ynn FleniiuK. .Mary Anderson. Jo . nn Ihinnicntl. Robin Ruth. Carol Ciiininni s. SaiuKe Weuier. Marv Ha es Snnpson. Dorothy Johnson, Fraiicene Dent. THIRD ROW: Shirle Tiiresa Alberls, .secretary of tlie Ol ' choir: Sue McCoy, outstanding freshman woman: Jtidy Branch, IS, .sweet- heart: Pat Cahill. Judicial board: Tt)mniie Levi, IS.A. Shirley Lee, Hong Kong, is among the foreign .students, Sally .• lston, graduate student, is counselor. Pietsth. lorena Wi.ker. Raniona Howell. Harriet Rosenfeld. Janice Mollo . Jo Millinan. Linda Love. Carol Tnell. Carol Urodinn. Shirlev Wagoner. Lvnda Fntrell. Shirlev I.ce. Carol Wolf. FOl IITH ROW: Floise Mull. Patricia Hosteller. Ruth Kihhe. Donna Taylor. Sue Miller. Marilyn Dell. Cara Mitchell. Jean Main h. Corky Rorneniann. Cayle Washburn. Barbara Coy, Bett lirenenien. r s m?s :i5i?Fi n o n Wh f)n ' -mT 371 OFFICERS President .... Sherry Lyons Vice-President .... Linda Pipe Secretary Ann Krouse Treasurer .... Janie McKean Katy Goldtrap, Linda Simmons and Janie McKean prepare Sager house for the Christmas parties and festivities. Sa er House Psychology senior, Nina Sue King, is counselor for Sager house which is named for Meta Chestnut Sager, founder of El Meta Bond college. Campuses, room checks and study hall were balanced by parties, scholastic achievements and house projects during the year for Sager house. Along with other extra-curricular activities, the house participated in intramurals by entering a team in the speedball tournament. The get-acquainted mixers proved to be worth while with the men ' s dorms. Many hours of fun and fellowship are the result of this year ' s activities for Sager house. FIRST ROW: Molly Williams, Pat Breeden, Susan BilllnKslea, Leslie Kehn, Barbara Lerner. Linda Pipe, Jeanne Dixon. Javne Smith, Wayne! Walling, Gail Reaben. SECOND ROW: Nina King, Sandy Yount. Sherry Lyons, Beverly Lindsey. Janie Mc- Kean. Judv Satlev. Jerilvn Mercer. Kav Boring. Beth Longest. Olivia Dens.. 11. M..1.IM. Filzgeral.l. THIRD ROW: LkLImi Maze. Darling Jackson. Karen Walter, Martha Leigh, Mary Asp, Linda Sinnnons, Ann Krouse. Gayle Hopkins, Billie Davenport, Jane Zander, Andrea Mayo, Linda Bell. FOURTH ROW: Bar- bara Hoover. Bobbie Teehee. Quetta Fielder. Sharon Ramer. Svbil Short. Katv Goldtrap. Shirlev W.ilbenj;. Barbara flriuuiv. Shiili Kii.j,iii.iii. M.i.A (:....,iuMi. l)i.iMe M.ltllCUS. 372 n J Af . iL i it ' iiii wiWi i FIRST ROW: C.inil Karretl. Jo;iini Porter. Harriett Mariclc. Marion Name. Patricia Martin. Marilvnri Deitrick. Khris Oker- soii, Faye Ray. Liz MaKgi. SECOND ROW: Mary Walden, Pat Gordon, Lynne Barrett, Carolyn MontRomery, Carolyn White, Joyce Davis, Ruth Tigner, Necia Turner. Claudeaii Johnson. Linda Davidson. Danna (iettings. Martha DeWitt. illlRI) ROW: Susan Shanfeld. Toby Sharpe. Suzy Moss. Carol Smith. Lynda .Martin. Sara Ailslatl. Shirley Cozart. . Vile- line Kloeckler. Sharon Saunders. Aim Kirknian. Joan HoKvav, Sterling Alhcrty, Viki Yoes. FOIRTII ROW: Sharon Shriver, Patty . irce. Mary Van Eaton. Carolyn Wilson. Marcelte Fruin, PejfRy Crrilhn. Dana Hyde. Pat Vandell. Patricia Corbett, Con- nie Raymond, Carole Schmitit, Roz iitichnian. Sanger House Sanger hotise was iiaiiicd lor iiiiiic Moiiroiiey Sanger who was a pioneer state woman |)liysiciaii. .Activities in- cltided participation in Homecoming. Dad s Day festiv- ities, a ( ' hristmas parly, clccliotis and cha.sing burglars and hoys Iroiii ilic icdiiis spiced up die year for Sager- ites. Outstanding residents and their accomplishments in- clude Pat Gordon, . rniy ROTC honorary cadet Lt. Colonel: Peggy GrifTm. yearbook beatity: Joan Ilolway. Navy ROTC honorary company commander: Pat Cor- bett. Pi Omega and Shadow Box and Mary .Alice Wal- den. zoologN major and coinisclor of Sanger iiouse. Connie Ra moiul. L fen- the tiiiie-sa iiiii ni (1 ' ikl Jones arc thankful ir (lr er. O 1 " V I C K R S President .... Ly.nne B.arrett ' ice-Prcsi(kiii . . . Toiiv Sharpe Secrelar I ' Ar Corbett Treastirer Pat Marhx 373 a aa r FIRST ROW: Sue Hagerman. Marty Shelby. Anita Holder- read, Annette Park. Sarah Kuhn, Sharon Neddeau. Caroline Adams, Margaret Farmer. Jimniie Seay. SECOND ROW: Bev- erly Looney. Judy Upton. Phyllis Allen. Jeanne Tilson, Karen Kostka. Judith Shaw. Janet McWilliams. Doris Watkins. Caro- lyn Bayless. THIRD ROW: Charlene Chism, Judy Burris, Claudia Brown, Kathryn Nimmo, Ramona Ledgerwood, Sherry Blazer, Christa Keas, Emily Williams, Beverly Anderson. FOURTH ROW: Sharon Colclasure. Nancy Hisey. Mary Bal- lard, Merdine Alford. Kay Cotner, Maria Hannnon, Karolyn Inhofe, Linda Carroll, Teresa Vreeland. FRANKLIN HOUSE Activities Generate Spirit And Enthusiasm At 546 S. University blvd. are housed uiii ersity coeds that are unable to find room in the girls ' dorms. Al- though the girls enjoy lots of fun and fellowship at Franklin house, they are always glad when sometime during the year they move into Gate Center. Lasting friendships are made here. Under the leadership of Sarah Kuhn, president, Franklin house has had numerous parties with White- hand hall. Other officers are Nancy Hisey, vice-presi- dent; Janet McWilliams, secretary; and Susan Hager- man, treasurer. Beverly Looney, a junior in elementary education, is counselor. JORDAN HOUSE Numerous social events have been the pride of Jordan Highlighting these was the White Elephant Christmas party, during which, gifts were presented to needy families. The girls also enjoyed the fellowship of singing various folk songs with the accompaniment of Carilee Hogan and her guitar. Weil-Rounded University Program Furnislied Beauties are Jane Bachner. Dianne Bennett and .Anita Singletary, Year book finalists, and Judi Johnson, candi- date for AFROTC queen. The dorm is active in such intramural sports as volley- ball and tennis. Janice Littke, a senior English student, is counselor. 374 FIRST ROW: Cheryl Lindley, Rae Ours, Pamela Stahl, Peggy Rusch, Lorene Segal, Joan Orlando, Dianne Schwab, Anita Singletary. Katherine Pittnian. Judy Lefler. SECOND ROW: Janice Littke. Ann Santee, Beryl Nash. Lynda Tyler, Elizabeth Hardrick. Judy , dams. Diaiuia Rea. Lviida Wiand. [an Ketcham. Phyllis (iill. TIIIKI) ROW: M.nic Ri.unlnc. j ' .nit- Friedman. Laura Brightman, Jo Dorr, Frances Salle, Marty Osborn. Cathy Collier, Connie Murray. Gail Barham, Patty Plott, Carilee Hogan. FOURTH ROW: Sherry Markham, Chris Ford, Linda Lou Walters. Linda (iail Tein. Jan Pruitt, Sheri Feintech. Betsv Bock. Dianne lieiniett. Marv Clarkson, Call Levi,,. Rochelle Brachfcld. Judi Johnson. lr M.,e ' ,n n ,n ._} i yj . ' Wi A J KIKST UOW: Kiilli Crillilli. M.uiKii .iclc. Diuiic Tuinicr, Kallilicii Sinllli. Trisli TlKiUlKr. n,um- Olson. S;in(lv Hay. MarlUn Illiks. Katln lloldnf. Sii .i,mic KaKun. Sliirkv Priiclt. SKCOM) ROW: Ann Carlnull. Ann Ikaril. Ann Ik-nnitt. Jiulv IVtirs. .Nancv ilkonson. Jane Stanipir. Snsan I ' arkir. kciia Cc.odsc.n. Sadi an ;iKA. SatuK Hall. San l Sliorr. IIIIKI) ROW: RIkkUi Zeldlrh. laniic NdrHdod. Sandv Hrvan. ' IViiA Carls. Dul Kvcclt. I ' .nn ,Ni.slUr(,dt. Sliarn.n (Jucns, Jndith Palmer, jean StuLsnian. ,|nd Mdorc. Sharon Iteik. .Anti I.andcr. Kay Klnlts. FOl RIM ROW: Marno Murray. Shirley Oli c. Ann (ainnninKs. Pat Toiicy. Barbara Lcsowitz. Diana Fields. Pamela Wartey. Sherry Kapell. Gail Sobel, Fare! Kiklin, Joctia Williams. KIRK HOUSE Dorm Well Represented In Campus Activities Oirlslaiulitig sotial cmiiIs lor Kirk lidust were tlie Halloweeii party, (ilirisimas party and house parties. Kathy Holdge. . FRC)TC queen: Jane Stamper. Trisli Thatcher. Shirley Pruitt and Judy Pahner. .Al[)ha Lambda, and Marilyn Ilincks. candidate for yearbook l)eaiit . are (lie doiiii celebrities. Marilyn Hincks is president of Kirk house. Other olHcers include Judy Moore, vice-president: Susan Park- er, secretary, and Marilyn ' ade. treasurer. Ann Carlmell is counselor. The fun. felli)usliip and lrieiidslii|) while livinj; in Kirk will be reiiieiiibered b all of its residents. NEIll HOUSE Enthusiasm and Beauty Symbolize Activities The girls of Xeill house and the coiniselor. Dian McDonald, will always reniciiiber llie happy times thev spent together this year — the all-duini " Lemon Squeeze. " decorating the Christmas tree, aiid llieii |)articipation in the Campus Chest carnival. Pat Taylor. Neill liciise coed, was vice-chairman of the carnival. This was the first year in se cral that a dorm look active part in the Campus Chest carnival. The social spotlight fell on their Dad " s Day collee and supporting Kathy Sclioenhals for Ruf-. ek queen and Yearbook beauty: Francis McFadyen for XROTC ciueen and Vicki Gunter. AFROTC Cadet Lt. Colonel. FIRST ROW: Marv (;rillilhs. Onell Merriott. Diane Nash. Dona Slover. . Iaril n lliikman. Sandv Lantflev. )ean Harriard. .Janet Couiuil. |anet Moll.n. Kav Carter. .SFXOM) ROW: Hertelea Miller. Jo Pnv,h. I.inda liarlliel. |udv Ahles. Xukx Moik. I.ana Mocller. .Nila Andreus. Slunl Allison. lanet Kiii ' . Sharon Ilellin. Rita Hill. THIRD ROW: Linda Sihniilt. Nikki Manniim. Espenola Tou nsend. li.Hnda Ililiion. Kallu S( hoenhals. Kathleen Sihoenhals. Diana Dennis. .Mice Jacob- son. Manon Atkins. Laurel Coodwin. SuAn King. Cvnthia Monssa. FOLRIH ROW: Ann Huckabay. Evelyn Hardy. Anna Milam. Barbara Lang. Roiuiy Shapiro. Carole CJIucck. iiki (Uinter. Carol Mullins. Pat Taylor. Peggy Mcaclers. Linda Lupo. 375 CHOICE RESIDENCE FOR UNIVERSITY COEDS FIRST ROW: Mrs. Albert Hermes, Carole Bartlett, Pat Boer- ner. Myrna Boyles. Betty Brown, Brenda Buchanan. Sandra Cockrell. Lynda Gill, Joan Godwin, Cynthia Good. SECOND ROW: Judy Graham, Linda Hammon, Amanda Hardy, Nancy Hedlund. Janet Holmes, Marjorie Hooper. Andrea Huffman, Diane Johnson, Ivanette Jones, Pat Kennedy. THIRD ROW: Karen Kinibrough, Carole Kirkland, Jamie Lewinsohn, Sue McCnnnell. Mary McMeans, Kave Middleton. Helen Parrish, Elaine Rich, Charlene Rives, Sheila Rogul. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Schumaker, Sue Sieh, Stephanie Specht, Janice Tal- lant. ( " laudia Tangye. Marmot Watson, Patty Walwood. Marcia Weaver, Georgia Wills. Sbanin WoodrulL Joan Godwin, Sharon Woodruff, Sue Sieh, Pat Boerner and Nancy Hedlund enjoy dinner after a long day of classes. 376 lo an House Outstanding Independent House Promotes Fellowship and Leadership Logan house is one of the most popuhir inclepciicleiit houses on campus. Seventeen of the forty-two residents are transfers from such schools as William Woods. OSU. SMU, St. Mary ' s of Notre Dame and KU. Finding a waiting list is not an unfamiliar occurrence at the begiiniing of each new semester. Logan also houses many campus cekl)rilics. Some of these are Ivanette Jones, news editor of the Ohlaliotiui Daily: Patty Watwood. assistant campus editor for the Daily and also, assistant counselor of the house: Barbara Schumaker, secretary of the Oklahoma Inter- scholastic Press Association: Sue Sieh. among tiie top eight yearlxjok beauties, and Carol Bartlett. finalist for yearbook beauty. The social calendar this year included a buffet diiuier and skit on Dad ' s Day, a Christmas party with their houseboys as special guests, an open house for the girls ' dates and all housemothers on campus. Logan house, named for the late Mrs. Fainiy Logan, who originally built the house for boys, has as its housemother Mrs. Albert Hermes. CoNNu: Nkwma.n. President O F F I C F R S President .... CoNME ' E V fA Vice-President . . . Myrna Boyi.ks Seiretary .... St E McCoNNEI.I, Treasurer .... Si e M( Connell I Sli ' ' Mrs. Hermes. liouseniDllicr. and four coeds play the favorite of all campus sports, bridge. 377 OFFICERS President . . Charles F. Daily, Jr. Vice-President . . Robert Kinzer Secretary Linda Lavell Treasurer .... Kent Hatley The ISA executive council plans (he agenda of actiiities and projects for the coming year. Independent Students Association Promoting leadership, fellowship and assisting inde- pendents scholastically and socially, are among the aims of the OU Independent Students association. This year ' s activities were highlighted by OU serving as host for the National ISA convention held in the fall. Incorporating the largest club membership oji cam- pus, the ISA membership includes all University students who are not members of a Greek social organization. The ISA publishes a newspaper, The lndc )cndcnt Hcadlincr and sponsors various dances. FIRST ROW: Gene Russell. Wilma Crosslin. Sandra Vickers, Nancy Murphy, Eleanor Schwartz, Pat Weller. Bob Kinzer, Charles Daily, Linda Lavell, Janice Pullin. Colleen Power, Peggy Dent. Ramona Howell, Mrs. Earlene Smith. SECOND ROW: Barbara Melton, Susan Hugus, Norman Runge, Norma Watson. Peggy Burch, Jeanne Tilson, Beth Resler, Leslie Hob- son, Waynel Walling, Carol Pazoureck, Barbara Luttrell, Gvvynn Fleming, Juanita Wherry. THIRD ROW ' : Dwayne Jackson, Link Spann, Ray Bard, Gordon Hammons, Mike Lauderdale, Loyd Benson, John Veccia, CIvde Griffiths, David Lord, Samyra Glass. Linda Barthel. FOURTH ROW: Larry Mullins, Mike Titsworth, Charles Judson. Robert Beaird. Rod- ney Reed, Mike Ruby. Leroy Nipper, Dan Myers, Donald Gordon, Bill Bleakley, Kent Hatley. 378 FIRST ROW: Mike Spi.ulliu. I)..ii 1)..,, lnsUr. Kent Pattoii. Pat Comlnii. Arliv Rlruliait. Pal lUrisv. |aik Rcclcker. Carry Mitchclmorc. SECOM) ROW: K. H. Miles. Ints Abolins, Mickey Bottoms. James Sliarpc. , rtluir .loncs. Bill Settles, Jerry Muskrat, Bill StoolholF, Jay Smith, Harold Logsdon, Paul Johnson. Don l.etrone, Charles Pierce. THIRD ROW: (JeorKe McCalFrey. Richard (iarlick. Bill Newton. John Hastie, Ed Mehew. John Bennett. Cilhert Carlson. Rlihard M KiiiKht, James McCallrey. Ronald Steele, keniitth (h.iuins. James Sinex. Men ' s Counselors Tliirly-thrce resident and assistant (.oiinselors are em- ployed in the I ' niversitys student counseling program for men. The coiniselors are responsihle for the 1800 men residing in the 16 iti C ' ross center. 7 honses in Wilson center, and W ' hitehand hail. Supervised by the ofhce of K. II. .Miles, assistant director of men ' s affairs in charge of hotising. the coini- selors are chosen from applications and iiiter lews. They undergo a training period at the hegiiniing of the .school year. Miles " office coordinates activities among the meifs (loniiitories. Jim Sinex and Hill Neutoii meet «ilh Mr. Mi prohlems thai tlie ha e in toiinselin ;. Dean of Snidttits 1)k. ( ' I M tOKl) ). C.R.UKN .Associate Dean ol Sliulcnls Dr. Jodie C. SMiiii Director of University Housing f; AKNKK (;. (!()l I I MS Assistant Director of Men " s Ali ' airs ill Charge of Housing . 1 " ,. II. Mills 379 OFFICERS President . . . Daniel D. Douglas Vice-President . . . Don Phillips Secretar) ' . . . Chuck Musgrave Treasurer .... Don Phillips Chuck Musgrave and Don Phillips meet uitli Danny Douglas to prepare for Thursday night meetings. Cross Center Presidents ' Council The Cross Center Presidents ' council is composed of tiie presidents of the 16 houses in the center. Together they coordinate activities and discuss problems pertain- ing to the residents. Faculty sponsor is E. H. Miles and coiuiselor advisors include Jim Sharp, Jack Redeker and Bill Settle. The council, together with the Cate Center Presidents ' council, annually holds a banquet in the spring honor- ing Dr. and Mrs. George L. Cross, the president of OU and his wife. Another ev ent is the annual Christmas party held for St. Joseph ' s Orphanage of Bethany. FIRST ROVV: Larry Thompson, Khossrow Diba. SECOND ROW: Daniel Douglass. Don Phillips. Chuck Musgrave. Allen Miller. Jack Redeker. .lun Sharp. THIRD ROW: R.iherl Biles. Edward Keiuiedy. Hurl Ragland. Jim Tubb. Ted Ounby, James Stuckey. Jerry Turner, Arden Bealmear, Jon Ahrens, Winston Barton. 380 i imaur ■T ' am e rjD n n J p. ' ? ? - - .f n $ I IRSr KOW; KiiMiclli Milki. Hurl RaRlancl. Jim Sliaip. Jim Harris. Don Cimninj;. SKCiOM) HOW: Joe E. Leonard. Laureiiie I), (lourlnev. Larr Holcii. lohii Cliristner. Hoi) Siiv- (ler. Hol)l)V Hrvant. Cerie Ciole. Hill DaHsoii. Max Kohersoii, Boh Williams. Jolin Deax. Rogers Hartoii. THIRD ROW: Stephen Mann. Alviii Oshurn. (ieor e Shelton. Alsoii Wood- ward. Jay Hrinnmctt. TulK Diinlap. Forrest White. I.ancc Lo«e. (.arv iSolton. (.an Millet. Mike Dale, liraiit Wnrtliinv,- Ion. FOIR ' IH ROW: |ini Pate. Mike Qniylev. Lmim Arnii. Mike (ieiitrv. Carl Mullen. Ted Johnston. Mike Dutclier. Har- lan E ans. Roheit Philllpps. Edward Everett, Frederick Richard- son. Duk kolxlish. Charley Ballou, Larry Thompson. Jim MacKellar, Da id Maloy. Alley House Jnii Sliar|). sctiun ' uiio ,s|);ii.e eiigiiietriiij; stmlctil and counselor of .Alley house, and his men are eager partici- pants in football, basketball, softball and volleyball. Five re.sidents are members of the OU band. Studies are stressed in Alley house and the counselor is alwavs readv in iielii itli iioiiie-work. rite lueti ilo take time out trom sclicio! and campus acli ities to entertain girls " dorms with parties and dances. .And dorm parties are always on tap. ( " arl Mullen, president of the judiciary board, and Blaine Thacker. student senate member, are two of the otitstaiidiiig residents of the house. O F F I C E R S I ' residciit .... hi Kl Ka(.I AM) ice-President .... jIM IIarkis Secretary . . . Kknakih Treasurer . . . Kkwkih 381 r ' r f ( ' ,f ,v r I j Jv K- . , FIRST KOVV: Jon Eubanks. Frank DelVera, C;harlcs Coward, Philip Robison, Jay Rhodes, Jim Tubb, Jack Redeker, Don Wilson, Ronnie Reed, Ronald Kelley, Robert Lipstet, David Grundish. SECOND ROW: Charles Alworth, Jerry Worrell. David Alliprandine, James Bennett, Wesley Dunn, Larry Horn- beck, Mark Copilevitz, Jerry Harville, John Nowlin, Dick Sweet. Robert Knoph. John Moody. Barry Mundis. William Beck, Donald Crcnvs. Rojrer Olsen. K. K. Shibley. Steve Smith. Joe Blake. 1 ' HIRI) ROW: Jeff Dasher, David Hellinghausen, Roy Chaney. John Willet, Don Gathright, Roger Bayless, Chuck Watson, Paul Woody, Ross Swimmer, Hawthorne Farr, Ricky Purchot, Ed Tatum, Bert McElroy, Sandy Sanders, James Bar- bais, Floyd Horton, Harold West, James Thompson. Baker House Readily parlicipatiiig in all activities, the men of Baker house excell in intramural sports. Jay Rhodes and Barry Mundis placed first in paddleball and Mundis and John Moody took second place in the handball tournament. Also, they entered football, basketball, volleyball and Softball. Baker house was named for the late William Douglas Baker. Bill Settle, graduate law student is counselor. After receiving the Cross Center trophy for the " Best Dorm " and their past records, we are looking forward next year to more and better things that come as a result of the members of Baker house. Jay Rhodes. Dave He! disphn -IV-,! 1I..HSC- )eff Dasher and Ronnie Reed OFFICERS President Jim Tinsit Vice-President . . . Don Wilson Secretary Jay Rhodes Treasurer .... Ronnie Reed 382 ( ) 1- !• 1 ( . l ' . R S I ' rtsidllll . . . AkDIN lilMMI.AIt Vicc-I ' rcsidciit . . . Jack Coc iiitw Secretary Bou Vokgki i Treasurer Bob Voegeli ■,,!,., .|,„i,s .iifcirics the peiialtN cf ' .lUr Ir lils " on H.i Aslnvciiili. I ' lrkiiis atid I ' xlcn. Buchanan House Biicliaiian house, named for the late James Calloway Buchanan, is now supervised by Arthur Jones, a senior in aero space engineering. It is the responsibility of each house counselor not only to enforce the regulations of the University, but also to set an examph ' for (he nan living in his house. TIk- MRU of Buchanan made it to the play-offs in football. ' I ' hey also enjoyed dorm parties and an occa- sional water fight. These and many other activities dem- onstrate the enthusiasm of the boys for University life on tilt- lighter side. This, of course, is balanced with rigid study for those seeking a degree from OU. FIRST ROW: William Olseri. Orlln Rickard, Terry Wiens, Mike Arnold, Jack Cochran, Arthur Jones. .Arden Bealmear, Bob N ' oeKcli. Richard .Anglin. Dennis Abranis. Howard Glat- stcin. Mnrphv Hryles. SECOND ROW: Rodncv KIrkham, Lewis Mnll. Tonimv Brown. Donald Brinht. Joli James Bradfor.1. Mlch.icl Su.ui. |..c Kdir. K.rniclli Reid Ecton. |..c (,itm|.IkII. I ' .Mirv l)i, k rsn„. I„,,l Fritz Hayhurst. Tom Bradford, Melvin Camp. Michael Ashton, John Moore. THIRD ROW: Gcolfrey Brown. David Wei- chert. Mike Castor. Harold Kni(;ht. Ronald Mitchell. John Jack- son. Mike Kinkelston. Charles Pellon. Rolwrt Olson. John Ash- wordi. Allen Slaske. Wavnc Booth. Jerry Perkins. Don (iillliam. Mike KitUr. lerrv Ransom. 383 OFFICERS President Edd Kennedy Vice-President . . . DiCK Smith Secretary .... Sam Dougher Treasurer .... Max Roadruck TV ' s Perry Mason and Paladin may have taken the plate of reading and culture for some students — not Ted Gajevvski! Burton House Under the direction of Ted Gajevvski, foreign sttident from Poland, athletics highlighted the year for Burton residents. They had winning teams in football, basket- ball, volleyball, and baseball intramural sports. Don LeCrone, graduate student, is counselor. J. T. Holt, Scabbard and Blade: Mike Silk, honor resident: Bill Bleakly, Student Senate; Dick Smith, presi- dent, Sigma Theta Epsilon, are among the celebrities on campus. Outstanding social events were three house parties, a barbecue, numerous beach (riverbottom) par- ties and a folk singing festival. FIRST ROW: Stephen Sego. Don Adler. Walker Hartman. Sam Dagger. Edd Kennedy. Don LeCrone. Dick Smith. Max Roadruck. Thomas Hart. Michael Silk, Ronald Baker. Phil Horton. SECOND ROW: D. B. Rooker, Mike Coulter. Robert Ivev. Jerry Burbridge. Ray Corley. W. D. Rogers. John Witk- hind. Pliin Sappenheld. Mack Matthews. Leslie Page. Ste e Coad, Jerry Bass, John Vogler, Trent Morris. Ted Gajewski. THIRD ROW: Noble Nordahl. Michael Collins. Stan Ewing, Bill Bleakley, Rod Nelbert. Stanley Crossman. Bill Hill. John Daniel. Larry Thomlinson. Wayne Leslie. Bill Peck, Richard Anderson. J. T. Holt. John Suavely. Harry Fender, Carleton Cunningham. 384 a f f f f f f f f f f ' t ' 11 0ihss i A A 1 11KS|- ROW: li.liii IkiiA. Tcrrv AbuiMs. IIkIkirI KukLuiil. lav Askf«. Hill ZiiiKS- Alien Miller. Kiifiard McKiiiKlit. Tuin Deal. C:liarles Haukiiis. Douglas Diiiilai.. ],k- Kniekniever. Hill Perry. .SKCOM) ROW: CM Caiulill. (ieorge Cook. DouKV Dlshinati. Werner ' oss. Miiliael (ioidl. Harry Barnes. Crain Mai(;o " an. . lriaii Slalser. Tliiinias Lehniaii. |oe Bass. M. O. Kekci. Louis liarsi. jaik Koole. Pat Kane. Louis Brinliani. Den- nis Suii|,s.,n. (Iiuck KennecK. liul, Rii iiarilson. Donald Walker. THIRD ROW: Ron Kddin-ton. ' Ilioinas Hanson. Larrv Patton. Jon Deilili. Mike Richardson. Keinielli Llliered«e. Mark Elliott. Benj Laniidon. Steve Leakev. . llen Cowdery. .|oliii S[)ohii. James Hatnill. Craig Conradt. Paid Cliesnut. William Elliott. Richard Tornay, William Kununiti s. Wayne . bles. Ditmars House Riiliiird L. McKiiiKlit. a junior hiu student, is cotiii- sclor in Ditmars named for Sidney Francis Dit- mars. Ditmars attended OU in 1942 and later gave his life in World War II. .MonR- with their studies, the men participated in football, baskethall, volleyball and sofllial! miraiiiurals. Tlu- Ditmars Mike NLk( Larr Patton. Ciamptis ( licsl: Allen Miller and L.oitis Briiihiiian. President ' s Leadership award: and Chuck Kennedy, student senate are amonj!; the out.standing resi- dents. Second semester officers were Jay . skew. presi- dent: Ken Etheredge. vice-president: Douglas Dishnian, secretarv-treasurer. Oil ' I (1. lis President . . . All K W . Mil i KR ice-President .... Tom Dkai. Secretary Jay AsKtw Treasurer JAV . sKEW 385 " ■3» 1P ' r« : Mf!tfUf.tnttff FIRST ROW: Tom Bereuson, Charles Oakley. Rdiii.ic Euinj;, J. B. Brust, Winston Barton, Charles Pierce, Don Hall, Scott Chapline, Fred Musick, Dwayne Jackson, Larry Miller, Mike Gibson. SKCOM) ROW: Sanforcl Stevenson. Robert Stover, Michael Mmjs. William Buingarner, Alan Schafer, Lanny Sock- well, Irvine Scott, Donald Conrad, Gary Parsons, Gary Abraras, Paul Woolsey, Marcus Wasson. James Haley, Charles Hewes, David Hill, Eddie Schmidt, Jorge Garcia. THIRD ROW: Van Hardaway, Fred Cleveland, Matthew Fisher, Warren Hood, Keith Schwer, Mickey Miller, Steve DeHanas, Larry Farrell, Jim Gaberino, Tom Ivey, Hadi Gilak, Vic Young, Bob Sykes, Mike Andrews, William Madson, John Glover. Kelly House Kelly House is named for Lt. Samuel E. Kelly, Jr. Charles Pierce, graduate law student is counselor. One of the outstanding residents of Kelly House is Gary .Xbrams. He served as chairman of Dr. Cross ' s Leader- ship class. Also, Michael Chapline was chosen as the oulslandiiig resident for 1960-1961. The Kelly boys will best remember the house parties, during which they entertained McCurtain, Sanger, McSpadden, Neill and Parker houses for girls. Hadi Gilak from Iran is the foreign student living in Kelly. Kelly was also active in the Cross Center intramural program. Cards and Scott Chapline ' s apple jirovide interest for Dave Hill, Wiiist,,ii liarlon and Duanc J.Rkson. 386 OFFICERS President . . . Winston Barton Vice-President .... Don Hall Secretary .... Scorr CuAruNE ()!■ i-ici: KS I ' nsidiiii . . ( iiMtiiN Mis(.it i ' itc-l itsi(l(iii kiini (ms( Stcrci;iry .... I-kank | ( cms Trca-surcr .... FitA.Nk |a( oiis Stral«lu frdiii llic Wild Wtsl Show an- k. , li N. Xdrth. C. . tusj;rave and F. Jaiohs. Kitchens House ( )iilsl;iri lin ; itsidtiits vi kilcliiri liousc lliis car arc William Diiltlifr and Jack SliaiiiiDii. Plii Kta Sigma: Slaii Moraii. President ' s Leadcrslii|) Award: Howard Martin. Cross Center honor resident: and Buster Dell, freshman football team. Patrick E. Hensy. graduate student, is loiiiisclor. Memorable occasions wichidc the Hawaiian |)arl — costinues, leis. palm trees and all — and partici|)ation in intrai7iural sports. Kitchens entered teams in football, basketball, volleyball and Softball. The bowling team did well in the league with Wright, Taylor, Miller, Phares. Rasmussen as members. FIRST ROW: George Patterson. Doyle Standifer. James Wri lit. Kenny Krandel. James Howard. (Charles Musgrave. Patrick Hens . Keith . cheson. Neal North. Richard Ster n. Bill Saul. Steve Hurst. SECOND ROW: Robert Morris, Douglas Lylc. John West. Richard Flood. Therron Taylor. Byron Jones. James Burcham. Kent Miller. Richard Morris. Kent Rasmussen. Bill Dutclier. Ru.s.sell Dougherty. lohn Balch. Jack Shannon THIRD ROW: David Clemens. Bruce Vegter. Robert Faust Doug N ' erdonck. Stan Moran. David Phares. Larr War leii Robert Mach. George McDowell. Buster Dell. Rick Chew. Johr Phillips, F ' red Kincaid, Jack Kraettli, Jack Martin. John Thomas. e ' li f f ' i r„-rf 7?;r«n- ' 1% 1 7 a nutif »; ki 387 OFFICERS President . . . Daniel Douglass Vice-President . . . Joe Baldwin Secretary .... Frank Swindle Treasurer .... Frank Swindle Steve Provines, Danny Douglas and Vic Aslifoid aiirnirc Dr Sutton ' s bird painting. in House Offering a friendly atmosphere with comfortable sur- roundings, McCain house is a good place for men to get acquainted with college during their freshman year. Participation is the most important thing as members stress that each student do his part so that a feeling of unity and friendship will be created. FIRST ROW: John Squarek. Daniel Douglass, Gilbert Carlson, Joe Baldwin. Frank Swindle. Walter Mizell, Daniel Pedroja. SECOND ROW: Mike Parr, James Hogge, Don Layton, John Garrison, Roger Kahn, George Priceman. Larry Martin. Larry Kuhlman. Manlv Johnson. Bob Lohrman. John Bradley. Brad Havs. Julian McNeeK. THIRD ROW: C:a.hiii(l II.iik-. [crrv Bu,,,,. Man.lcl Millc. j,,h„ -n s.,„. j,K 1 ..n.ui. |,„, .„U-. Walter Mizell is a member of the varsity track team. Victor Ashford and Roger Elton were chosen for the President ' s Leadership class. Gilbert Carlson, a senior in law school, is counselor, and through his guidance, McCain house experienced another wonderful and successful year. Roger Elton, Par ke Davis, Stan Shields, Randall Mock, Steve Provines, Scott Betty, Vic Ashford, Jerry Taintor. FOLIRTH ROW: Jeff Musick, Gary Kahler, Bob Mcintosh, Jim Null, Lynn Windel, Jim Crothers, Hal Bowers. John Pickens, Gary Murrell. Larrv Holcomb. Ron Stewart. Llovd Linville. Preston Benjamin. Curlls VauIIooser. Bob Woiley. TeiiA F.llstroni. f!) ( f-y ( fm »v k i:u. lt. _ L, i a ' - ' .c h 388 tafW 9 ' . 7 • » »-»v. f ft f a P f r i ' y p. r% r%{ If Iff If tiff f - f f ' t " FIRST ROW; M.UU (.i(.ssl,.ill. lames K. Stiukcv. Ronald RIcde. Doun RUnkarn. Ja.k Wilson. SECOM) ROW: Sum, ' Lambert, rciiyl llollman. Rarrv Silverman. Keith Eaton. Hill Walton, . rtluir H rd. Krank Slianklin. Ainslie Stanford. Steve Vaffe. Larrv Fre leriik. |oel Kinkel. |. I). N ' ato. THIRD ROW : |oc [ones. Robert Rav. |olin Paxton. Donald Lawrence. Kd Hoen. lames Palmer. Don Stionn. Allan Klein. Makolm Ib.ine. loliri loluison. loliji (.arrett. R.ibert Reid. Carrol Evans. iSill Roulan.l. loe Sliiini. Rod Waring. Roddie Reed. EOIRTII ROW: Marty (;olman. William Case. RoKcr David Slieenoi;. Mike Thomas. Hill Kent. Mcivin tJxike. EuKenc Eakins. John Henry .Jolin litus. . l Crosbic. Carter (■ouiid, Jim WOoilward, Robert Spurrier, Bill Pryor, Jim .Adtock. Mills House A Itill iiilruiiiiiral pidiiraiii is jirovided tor the resi- deiiLs of Mills house. The teams, led by Jack ' ils(iii. athletic chairman, made the playoffs in basketball. ' i - leyhall and football. The football team ])lacecl second in Cross Outer. Recei ing the scholarship tro|)hy added uiKillier sl;ir to Mills house. Rorkin ' Rlullu man. Arthni It To the lijihter side, the men were liost.s to several lioiise ] artics and a " good ole fashioned hayride. " All in all. the residents have had a full year. Mickey Bottoms is counselor. His major field is in petroleum land management. OF F ICKRS President .... JAMES Sti CKEV Nice-President . Dot (.IAS Bi.ENKAKN Secretary . . . Makit CiROSSllAl.I. Treasurer . . . M Rl " (Ikossisaii. 389 r n 1 FIRST ROW: Don Watson. Jon Ahrens. Mick McCatfrev. Teddy Cox, James Youiij;. SECOND ROW: Rex Kennard, Melferd Fergeson, Pat Dailey, John Bagwell, Calvin Kilgore, Buddy Smith, Mark Jeiniings, Larry Tashlik, Gregory (Jiahn, Jere Gallup, Leon Kravetz, Lowell Hatcher. THIRD ROW: Ronald J. Jones, Jim Price. Ronald L. Jones. Robert hy, Michael Overand, John Cunningham, Chris Hannnon. Henry Deters, Lewis Miles, Victor Ramos. Robert Cook. Tom Harris, Robert Witt, Carl Buckner, Von Creel. FOLfRTH ROW: Dick Ferryman, Vaylord Cox. Guy Bradsliaw. Frederick Strahm, Thomas Veale, Keats Soder. Hugh Hilburn, Robert Williams, Dick Wegener, Gerald Butler. Earl Meadows, David Craig, Larry Brady, Harry Withall, Bob Teas, Donald Lees. Naifeh House George " Mick " McCaffrey, a senior law stticleiit, has resided as counselor of Naifeh house for the past four years. Highlights of the year were in sports. The house entered intramural teams in fof)tbaIl. basketball, volley- ball and Softball. Here in Naifeh house, the standards of these students are being formed. They learn citizenship, fellowship and sportsmanship. The counselor helps them develop good study habits that will remain with them through- out their college careers. Through their social life, they develop character: through character, ideals. Leon knnel learns lh( door locked .il all tunes. ay " In vou should keep your 390 O F F 1 (; E R S President Jon Ahrens Vice-President Tiii) Cox Treasurer Don Watson ( ) I IK I . K S I ' risiiknl KdUl u i lili I s Vite-l ' rcsidiMi . IV i(in Sim ii TiTiiMiirr kiiii k I)i hi miom i i k Vr ' (iciie Drcuni(kv, Dave Scales, and Ken While Insist ILirry Statil) uses a Kood-sinclliiis; foot powder. Arlirnd Prentice House rill- aiiiiiuil " Mii|if liiiiil. " ;i hcI-;ki|ii;iiii1c(I purty willi Herrick. aiui (he I liillcwt-cii party for Hamill Ikhim- were on the social calendar for Prentice men. The intramural agenda included participation in all team sports and in most individuals. Jerry Atchley took Isi place in horseshoes. FIRST ROW: Jack Klcinmiiij;. Robert Gamble. Charles Dohan- lek. ArtluH Diideiilioelfer. Robert Biles. Richard Clarlitk. Harry Staub. David Scales. Jerrv Atcblev. Da id |ones. Kenneth Siej el. Bill Melton. SH:C()SI) ROW: Wayne I ' .inville. Earl Bricker. Robert .- nibler. Keith Albiii. Jonathan Bank. Louis E ans. Williain HaldeiiKiM. William c ' riflli.. WIIIkihi Criimion. Cary S„,,ll,. kinioss llcll. IbrAh S.,IrI. ULii-.. ILin Thoiiip- Kicliard (iarlick. a KK major, is Kiiiiiscior. Other outstanding members of Prentice house are Karl Bricker. varsity soccer team: Robert Biles. Lottinville award and t ip ten freshman: Ken Siegel. Student Senate, and . r- liuir Diidcnhoeirer. Mom and Dads ' Day committees. son. [iin Cravii. John Harrison, Vincent Tapia. Burdettc Cavin. THIRD ROW: John Cojanis. Loyd Nelson. Jack Haldcman, J. 15. Kreeland. Perry Evans. Charles Kiniberliii. Edward Evans, John Kobyluk. Jerome DilliiiK- (iene Drewnicky. Joe Provine, Mike .May. Robert Petrick, Thomas Harris. David Shoebotham, Larry Jones, Ken White. ' i ' 1 ' i n 1 1 i " i- , 391 OFFICERS President .... Jerry Turner Vice-President . . Darryl Walton Social Chairman . Lynn Pendergrass Saturday night sliouers are in order fcir T; Pendergrass and Walton. Jenkins. Turner, Setliff House Edward B. Setliff was one of the many heroes killed in action during World War II. It is in his honor that Setliff house is named. Intramurals, under the direction of Harlan Tyler, are always an important part of life in Setliff house. They particularly excelled in basketball. FIRST ROW: Larry Beckham. John Akin. Guy Wolff. Bill Jenkins, Charles . ' Vrbaugh, Jerry Turner, Frank Stone, Darryl Walton, Lynn Pendergrass, David Quillin. Carl Friend, Keith W llson. SECOND ROW: James Benson, Jack Pratt, Allen Weiner. (iene Chamberlain. Ed Garnett, Tom Vastine, Larry Rudin. Pete Rhein, Phillip Elkins, Buck Buxton, Mike Thur- To add spice to dorm life, the men entertained with parties and dances and exchanged courtesies with some of the women ' s dorms in Gate center. The men worked hard to raise their scholarship stand- ing and participated in many campus events and or- ganizations. Frank Stone was counselor. man. Jim Woods. Frank Carlyle. Michael Schuman. THIRD ROW: Mitchell Seals, Cornett Erdman. Steve Campbell. Eddie Kura, Bob Burnham. Bob Blomeyer. John Britton. Bob Dan- ford, Ciary Sims. Jim Blalock. Conrad Masterson, Steve Ham- ner, John Foster, Jack Crockett, Jay Douthit, Ronald Saunders. O r ( L 392 • rr. ' " m- ■ ' ■€.• . - ' aw fwtT. ' .,... ■Mm i l rv riRSr ROW: lack Marsee. Kliossrow Diba. Mike Spradliii. Toil. Rogers, Richard Calhoun. SECOND ROW: Richard Simon. Peter Feldmaii. William Owen. Martv Bodelson. Tim Traynor. Richard Rolh. Matien LanKworthy. Hill Coopei. (leorge Heaxer-.. Don ' i(klinrn. Ronnie Krcidberj;;. (iarler. •nilRI) ROW: CIcniKlli lones. I.arrv Zcnick. N.irman Srnilli. kcnnv l.iM,n. (.c.i. c o, K.iin I ' ulask I. .|.i. k l.ui;nilMKl. Ferron Little. Stan Foster. Bert Smith. Hill 0 crstrcet. Larr (Jeis. Chuck Cherry, Clayton Scheid. FOIRTH ROW: Hill Davis. Bill I ' llmann. Lance Johnson. Allen Willhite. Stcxe Cnnnnings. .Jack Bcrrv. Phil Kdwards. Warren Carex. Karl Robinson. Charles Rodiuell. ( )llio Wliiteneck. )errv Smith. |on lolmson. Monlv McClnnis. William S,ilas. CarN Meunlel. Smith House Kliossrow Diba. Ii)rcij;ii studeiil Ikhii lian and nuisjii of the Qiiccii of Iran, headed the .slate of oliiccr.s for Smith lioiise thi.s year. Tom Rogers was selected as vice-president and Jack Marsee. secretary and treasurer. Mike Spradlin served as (.diiiiselor for the 1961-62 school year. Let ' s do ilu- luisl! la.L lieitv .lenionslrales for Kail Robinson. la k Luglnbues and FVter leldnian. Soiiai events u the cai ini liidcd several exchange parlies with dilfcrent houses of C.ate (leiiler. Tiie men were also active in all intramurals. Smith house was named for Harrison M. Smith. Jr.. another one of the mans ( )klalioinans who gaye his life in World N,ir II. O V V I C V. R S President .... Khosskow Dlliv Vice-President . . . Tom Roc.ers Secretary .1 a k M arskk Treasurer J At k Marsee 393 O if ■fffffnnfffm ' f nnil w ' . ki t ' % FIRST ROW: Steve Stephenson. Charles Fry, Link Spann, Bill Merrell. Don Phillips, Jerry Muskrat, Delbert Frieze, Jim Phil- lips. Michael Hammonds, Roger McDonald, Tommy Reams. SECOND ROW: Don Dugan, Floyd Lcighty, Stephen Lobaugh, Don Ringrose, Barty Rogers, Ronnie Davis, Jerry Flick, Noel Portnoy, Gene Smith, John Wallace, Randall Smith, Michael Carnes, Bill Gendler, Donald Gordon, Frank Jones, Tommy Harris, Robert Bray, John Patterson, Thomas Brown. THIRD ROW: Robert Rosenbaum, Howard Rich, Robert Hudson, John Essley, George Ball, Bob Carder. Tom (Jreen, Sky Suy- dam, John Millar, Don Waller, Ray Merchant, Frank Kroutil, John Litchfield, Joseph Bradley, John Strong, Don Brannon, Ronnie . ndeel. Youn House And they did it again! Young house won first place in the intramural football championship. Another win- ning maneuver was sneaking in one more extra party than what is allowed with girls ' dorms. Young house was named for Waddy Young, a past OU Big Red football player. Randy Smith. Gerry Flick and Don Ringrose, re- cipients of the President ' s scholarship and Don .Aller, a member of Phi Eta Sigma, are the outstanding resi- dents. Jerry Muskrat, a junior majoring in economics, is in charge of counseling the men with their problems with studies and personal lives. The decorating committee hard at work: Mike Hammonds, Delbert Frieze, Jim Phillips and Link Spann. OFFICKRS President Don Philmi ' S Vice-President . . Dkihkri ' Frieze Secretary .|iM Phiemi ' s Treasurer .... Bile Merreee 394 n. r i n ( r ' ' iB FIRST ROW: Ciary Hcrmian. Roiialil Kciki. Koii lia.llcll, Oaiiiiv Wcliba. Ted Owiibv. (Jarrv Mikliclnioic. Ben Kerr, )etf Luiia. Morris llallev. Steve Stevenson. Buster Ilolloway. Alan Primrose. SECOND ROW: Jim Saporito. George Stev- ens. Fred Hueklin. [errv (Iriswcll. .Mike Howard. .| )lin Kennedv. Koherl l..ind. Jerrv Harnett. Allen Brandcs. Garry Allred. Bill BASS HOUSE (iarry . I1|lIkIiiii ic. j sciiidt joiiriiulism sliiclciit. exer- cised sticcessftil and rewardiiij;; leadership for tlic men (f Bass lioiise. Bass, named for Robert Dean Bas.s. liotises stith honor residents as David White. Fraternity pledge cotincil and Ted Ownliy. Dad ' s Day committee .111(1 I liirneioiiiiiii; i (PMiniittee. VANCE HOUSE X ' aiice iioiise was named for Leon R. Vance, Jr. who, was killed at sea dtirinjf World War II. Kenneth (Ihowins. majoring in accounting, handled the coun- seling duties. Outstanding residents are Thomas White, Robert Doty. Dan Nelson. George Bershinsky. Larry Thompson. President ' s Leadershij) Award winners. i ' lKST ROW: Kaiidv Sinnlelon. James Messenger. Jeffrey lllndniaii. (ieorne litisliiiisk . Tlionias Briggs. Ken Leiihhardl. Ken (liowins. j.iiius Mr( )iiil leii. David Sweger. Terrv Flangher. joliii C ver. ' (,aM Ouiiic. SF.Ct ).M) ROW: Stuart arrow. letr Malkolf. la.k |•■.arle . Do,, Skward. K.ddie Fiiilev. jerrv Ward. S«n- Roseullial. |i„i D.mnev. Hill Scliiminel. William (iutsliail. F.dwaKJ Parma, jolin Glenuon. Gil) Akers. Fred L nel,. Ililliaid Scoll. Lm„, liuau. Jin, ilaikler. Spike Kellcy. Jim Leake. Joe Scelig. THIRD ROW: Ronald McMcans, Ncal lieekinan. Jack .Adkisson. Scott Samara. James Ganlield, Richard Tiilk, David White, Pat Varncll. Frank .Niendorff. (icraid Ham- ilton. Howard Woodruff, Jim Porter. Michael (ioUlberg, Dick Ormoii. Roger King. Bob Smallwood. Koman Toga Party Highlights Social Season Alllicuigli siliolarslup. iaiii|i(is ,hIi Uks. .iixI iiilia- mural sjjorts are emphasized in Bass house, the men were hosts to several dorm parties. The best party and the one at which the members had the most fun had the Roman touch. The couples wore togas and empha- sized oilier iiilsiil RoiiKui iiiltiire. Members Combine Activities and Scholarship Residents elected Larr Tlioiiipson to serve as presi- dent: Ken Leichardt. ite-presideiil: James Mc(,)uillen. secretary and treasurer, and Tom Briggs. intramural director. Besides the emi)liasis on scholarshij). intramural participation and siicial iilc. llic men will reniciiiber the counselor ' s marriage. N ' cliring. Richard Mever. Howard Feldman. Roger Clapp. THIRD ROW: John Fisher. Kdgar Coon. Hill Melzger. Charles Kerr. David Murray. Bill Paviie. Richard Clironister. Gerald Davidson. Robert Shick. Roberl Tiukei. Hoi. Dolv. Donahl Brown, Jerry FJIiotl. Nelson P,. kiill. RoIkiI ( ombs. (,jrv Voiiell. !r!sr?T?Tra ' V r J] kWihit if j: 4J I JsaJ J A Ai t J ' ikl 395 FIRST ROW: Joe Bartram, Keith Wilson, Robert Kykei. Terry Risenhoover, Mickey Edward, Rashid Maiigoenkoesoemo, Keith Bartholomew, W. C. Gallaspy, Bob Kinzer. Leo Noltens- meyer. Browning Smith, Boyd Ruffner, David Neumann, John Hardwick, Robert Meek, David Walden, Virgil Hinricksen, Paul Borchardt. SECOND ROW: Don Johnson, James Will- sey, Ray Bard. Mike Lauderdale, Kenneth Simmons, Thomas Spooner, Floyd Cantrell, Paul Johnson, Jay Smith, William Stoothoff, Marion Bone, Jerry Risenhoover, Kirk Freeman, M. B. Hankins, Leon Garvill, Van Stewart, Ronald Green. THIRD ROW: Bruce Thrall, Herschel Harden, Barry Wil- liams, Joel Gibson, John Woods, Vernon Duncan. Joe Hr ant, John Gartner, Jack Mueller, James Stowebcrgtr. Ronald Lc- febvre, Rufus Mosley, Philip Overton, Paul Lvons, Robert Lambert, Bill Van Allen, Paul Smidi, Bill Daisey, Charles Von Rosenberg, Sam Nunley, Wilson Garrett, Jim Woods. FOURTH ROW: Gerald Peel, Charles House, Roger Kelly, Harold Hefler, Gary Burton. Thom McDonald. Charles Elliott, Bill Rhodes, Allen Arms, John Hinton, George Martin. Orvillc Chancellor, Bob Franklin, Ray White, Edwin Ellis, Robert Taylor, William Breighner. James Prince, Tom Brewer, Walter Traxler. Winston Carillo. Whitehand Hall Whitehand hall, one of OU ' s most distinctive land- marks, was named for Robert Whitehand, a former member of the drama fatuity, who was killed in action during World War I. The former Masonic dormitory is located at the corner of Boyd and University blvd.. con- venient to the campus and the " corner, " ' Outstanding residents are Jay C. Smith, Who ' s Who in .American colleges, Phi Beta Kappa and counselor of Whitehand: Bob Kinber, a physics major also listed in Who ' s Who, and Keith Smith, senior class president, varsity cheerleader. Who ' s Who and yearbook [)er- sonalitv. Dave and Keilh take care of die swllihl WlillehaMd ami Residential halls. 396 O F F I C; K R S Presideni .... MiKi: IIankins Vice-President . . . Gerald Peel Secretary .... CiARViLL Booker Treasurer . . . (iARViu. Booker Is, l,,.iknuskv ..r ( liiililn ( lu-ikcr: ' Any«a Uol) Ki Kiilli ,iM(l KiMinili Siinnioiis enjoy the iniisi . Mike I lurikiiis. house president, orgaiii .cci the resi- (liiiis lo (k clc)|) a new form of government for White- IkmkI consisting of an executive council. Eleven mem- l)irs of the dorm compose the council to iron out all |)rol)lems that may arise during the year. Joe Bartram. Sid McClain. Mike Hankins. Carvill Booker, Gerald Peel. Roger Kelly. ' ernon Dinican. Leo Notlensmeyer and Olville Chancellor are members of the council. Social acti ities included a Christmas party for the Baptist Or|)han " s home in conjiniction with Residential and Franklin and several dorm partie.s. .lack Nuehler (Santa Claus) distributes sifts to ilic iliiklreii from the Baptist Orphanage at the joint Christmas part »ith Hester and Robertson. I1II ' 1,II M) K K( ITIVF, COINCII,— Joe Bartn.m. Si, I M.Clain. Mike Hankins. (.arvillc Hooker, (.erald Peel. Ro er KelK. . 397 OFFICERS President Jim Brooks Vice-President .... Bill Englk Secretary Joe Hester Treasurer Jok Hester The Hr.vd house l.llll, h MIU.ll.l iiiniK-v lhf (ol let ted [roiii I Boyd House Boyd house residents included two foreign students this year. Sam Plin from Cambodia and Saing Kim Say. Boyd house has competed in many intramural sports. Ahhough not always winning, they ha e in recent years on several championships. The house was named for Da id Ross Boyd, the first president of Oklahoma University. Activities on the social calendar included many par- ties with women ' s dorms with decorations highlighting the evenings. Harold Logsdon, a freshman law student, is counselor. FIRST ROW: Joe Sokoloff, James Brooks, Arley Rinehaii. Harold Logsdoii, Craig Tvveedv, Bob Anderson. SECOND ROW: Richard Jan Peterson, Larry Stont. John O ' Neill, Earl Myers, Sam Gray. Frank Bilotta, Gene Murphy, Ken Sage, Jerry Feinstein, Gerald Hermann. Hugh Tidier. La« rence Had- ding, Joe Hester. George Teas. THIRD ROW: Sau Plin, David Burrough. Herb Williams, Darrell Whitten, Lawrence Ueki, Mark McAfee. James Ratcliff, Patrick Bailey, Jimmv Fel- lers. Arnold Fried. Milton Hill. Eumin Corhin. ' Joe YaiKi . is iiesj n George Wells, Joe Buskuhl, Francis Nelson. FOURTH ROW: Ronald Raymond, Nick BufFone, Robert Willis. James Shipley, John Fannin, Carl Artopoeus. Gene Williams. W. Jay Jones, lack Hardy, Jack JoUv, IJruce Broadrick, James Hopkins, John Elms, Jim Ricks. FIFTH ROW: Joe Pierce. Alan Garfinkle, Floyd Johnson, David Hamilton, Marshall Gartenlaub. Terry Turner, Judson Grubbs, Jim Roe, Ed McComas, Mike Dick, William Bucklev. L. H. McDonald. 398 iip i;.lni.;v ' t ' = r ' FIRST ROW: Dehen Meniiis. Juan Sosa, Jdlin CiiMtiinnliam. Ricliaicl Southern. James McClalfrey, Ints Abolins, Dick Smith. Hob Walker, Ed Brett, Franklin Gibson. Daniel Zellnier. . ni;us McCranie. SECOND ROW: Ralph Hall, Bijan Esfandiari. Mahniauil Zaydom, Melvyn Clioy. Larry Belin. David Hum- phrey. Peter Poremski. Randle F ' lud. Marten Familette. J. D. Ravbcrn. James Matliias. Owen Robinson. Daniel Circle, Jo- seph Harrison. THIRD ROW: Michael Anderson. Tliomas Brown, Jack Woodward. A. J. .Morehouse. Richard Black. Jack .Vlberts, Duane Lawrence, Jarrell Till, Ken ( maway, OIlie Hill. .Mike Ward. James Barnett. Bernard Raymond. Bruce Ha«tln. Robert Monlnoniery. Neill Jones, Austin Lowrey. FOl ' RTH ROW: Larry Clapp, Hal Blakeslee, Gary Stutz. Donald Owen. John McConnell. .Andy Reese. Gary Willis, Bill Walker. Edwin Carlisle. James Burch. Jav Elsca. Bob ' estal, Larry Smith, HarAey Pederson. FIFTH ROW: Richard God- dard, Pat Walker. Paul Kimball. John (;ist. Carl Webb. Mike Cooper, Stanley Swimely. Noel Parsons, I ale Slate. Ronnie Dotson, Stan Tyler, Sam Stanifer, Mike Lewis. 1, ' Cleveland House (Cleveland house offers its residents a well-rotiiided program of scholarship, ititraninrai sports. University organizations and social activities. Larry Freeman. 4-point student in engineering. Dick Smith. Pi E|)silon Tau and David Lord. Sigma Tati are among the oiit.standing members of Cleveland. lilts .Aholins. .seinor in psychology, is counselor. He is assisted by Jim McC affrey. Memorable occasions include placing second in intra- mural football, the Christmas party held at the I.ockett iiotel. the annual spring picnic and house parties with arions girls dormitories. Cleveland house promoters are Robert MonlKomery. Fxlwin (Carlisle. Jim Watham. Ed Brett. Dick Smith. 1 A, OFI ' ICF. RS President Die k Smith Vice-Presideni . . Roukki r ki it Secretary .... Mkhaki Tiiaki ' Treasurer . . Mkiimi Th i!I ' 399 r fn c. rt r: n n If I " " in 1 L i ' 400 I FIRST ROW: Eddie Sallee, Anthony Rose, Robin Oliver. l;ill Settle, Jim Sinex, Dennis Mastro, Bill Mattox, Dow Davis, Mike Smith. SECOND ROW: James Roberts, Terry Estes, Bob McCarthy. Richard Evans, Terry Dumler, Terry Padgham, Jim Zdenek, Gerry Wood, Clifford Foster, Clifford LaDrew, Tom Lovett. James Guffev, Charles Bohmert. Dahl Cornell, Bert Temple. THIRD ROW: Jim Magna. Victor Prep, Jim Henderson, Ricky Riggs, Bill Kilpatrick, Elton Ashby, Ivan Matthews, .- rchie Edwards. Tonmiy White, Norman Pence, Dale Hampton. Dong Eaton. Bill Kipp. Panl Harris. John Louthan. FOURTH ROW: David Lack. Bruce Grove, Bob Owensby, Mike Fry. Victor Thompson. Ron Stallard. Greg Fehr, Steve Allen, Mike Thurman. Jon Meamber, Lyle Thomp- son, Phil McEnroe, Jim Dodds, George Ramey, Walt Maximo- wicz. David Turner, Mikell Millstead, Johnny Rohloff, Ben Marchall, Gerald Paylon, Richard Seiden, Steve Zeigeler, Paul Morris, Michael Transue, Dean Mandlebaum. FIFTH ROW: Earl Jones, James Tucker, Lawrence Wells, Jack Anderson, Cieorge Strates, James Scheldroth, Don House, Gary King, Carl Nickle, Donald Rodolph, Johnny Mayes, Charles Waters. Larry Wesson. Johnny Harrel. Mike Pleskin. Rob Kaufman. Wayne Lerman. Charles Gibson. Charles Barlow. Bob Wilcox, (jeorge Tiller. Joe Habrsin. John Frates. James Gage, Billv James. SIXTH ROW: Donald Thomas. Johnny Webb. Martin Morris. Eldon Batley. Dennis Butcher. Douglas McNeil. George Schur- nel, George Dryer. Doyle Williams. Lee Slater, Royce Bridge- man. Ray Murray. Earl Campbell. Charles . " uchterlonie, Frank Swain. Jim Heidcr. James Howard, Steve Garman, Bob Sexton, Tom ( ' lemeut. Irving House Irving residents were busy with social activities galore. They bought the Sigma Delta Tau pledge class at the Campus Chest auction. Besides house parties, the hoys enjoyed the Iiayride. above all, mainly because it was unauthorized. But what fun and fellowship resulted from this event! Members of Irving house hold memories of the " gas pump " in the lobby and the handsome cow ' s head on coiuiselor Jim Sinex ' s desk. They on " t forget Tony Rose, vice-president. alv ays slightly raising his voice at house meetings, or placing third in intramurals, a happy event. These Ir ingites bring a little Christmas spirit, in the fo a tree, to dorm life. ( ) !■ lie K R S I ' resideiit .... Dennis Masiro Vice-President .... Tony Rosic Secretary Hii.i, Maimox Treasurer Do Davis ) !• lie I ' . K S I ' nsiiUnl .h ii " Siiri-.s ' ict-l ' risiiUrii . . I. mu:. (i: Dom.k Secrcl;iry Ru makd Sim. man ' IVfasiiri-r . Kk ii ni) Sii (. t Kingfisher House All Karly-tiay Oklahoma college, now clishaiKJecl. was [lanied Kingfisher College. It is from that school that Kingfisher house receives its name. Ron Steele, a senior in chemical engineering, is counselor. Strong academic emphasis, combined with spirited campus activities and a vivid social life give the men of Kingfisher a firm foundation for their college careers. Study rules are enforced as m every hr)use. FIRST ROW: Chester Reed. Bill Herrmann. Clifton Harrison. I.eroy Nipper. John Ver ia. James Stiles. Ronald Steele. Larry Doyle, . llen Saliko. Michael Weinberg. Peter VViiifield. Michael Plunkett. SF.COXn ROW: Perry Clement, Don Shillett, Har- old Rubin. Ren Card, Ed yard Patterson, Ncal Hardin. Pan! Dayidson, George McGuire, Joel Cracraft, Gary Mueller. Ran- dell Jackson. Richie Carr. James Buchanan, (icorge Forsythc. Kric Turshman. D. C. Broadstone. THIRD ROW: Leonard Harrison. Gerald Starr. Richard Dennehcy, Michael GrlHin. Richard Zlrni. Richard D " Ambroslo. Stephen Harpendins;. Oscar Polk. Ned Munoz. Tom Flood. Johnny Moery. Roger Pierce. Robert Barrett. .Vntolne Wright. Clayton Crlclcr, Dean Hall. Ric Spivey. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Davison. John Sad- berry, Lino Barbera. Albert Martha. Pat G yartney, Gary Day, Robert . nguish. Jay Wilson, Terry Tromburg. Gary Sholtess, Fred Schmidt. Hon Lee. Don McMulien. John Nelson. ' I ' homas Withcrspoon. Bob Page. Mark Parkhursl. Robert Kldd. William Mouillerat. Carl Gerlckc. Mel Kempncr. David Jones. .Norman Abrams. FIFTH ROW: Stephen Deaton. Glenn Bryant. .Mar- lon Markland. Larry LeGraiid. Stan Ferguson. Harold HulF- man. Robert Burger. Robert Casey. Kent Billlngsle . (;enrgc Linn, (lary Elmore. Bryan Cheatwood. Edward Siltlcr. .|lin Adamek. Dayld Mitchell. ' Stanley Langa, Weldon Pctrle. Rolieri Barnett. John Mosler. Felix Seminario. Tim Erin. SIXTH ROW: Floyd Llssp. Karl Kroeger. Gene Maib. Peter Beam. John Graves. Henry Williams. Jon Brosseau, Jeff Repke. Ron- ald Brooks. .Man (ilatinan. Terr - Thomson, Ronald Wllkins, Wayne Crochet. Rick Stead. Bill Mercer. Steve Dunning. John Dlnda. Dale Murdough. 401 OFFICERS President Bob Cook Vice-Presideiii . . David Atwater Secretary Dean York Treasurer Dean York Lincoln House Max Moiiltoii brought fame to Lincoln house by win- ning the independent intramural wrestling champion- ship. Football, basketball. Softball and volleyball were also entered into with enthusiasm. Lincoln house was also host to the ' X " quadrangle at a party. Extensive work made the party a success. Resident of extra importance on the campus is Bob Cook, vice-president of Wilson Center Presidents ' coun- cil. Foreign students living in Lincoln are Safaiyeh, Partovi, Iranian students, and Marceno and Hapupt from South America. Ed Mehev - is the counselor. FIRST ROW: Dean York. I)a c At«a(tr, Ktiil Sines, Ed Me- liew. Bob Cook. Don Sanders. Bill Barrow. SKCOND ROW: Phil Bailey, Fred Garwood. Noel Baggett. .Jerry Meaders, Houston Satterwhite, .John Mertens. Dean Warren, Mark Wright, Larrv Jordan, Ben McDermotl. Jerry Hayes, Vernon Haragara, .Jerry Ennis, Roohollah Partovi. THIRD ROW: ,|iin Newport. Ciharles Snyder, IJonel Stewart, John Spoon, Tommy Byerly, Joe Bateman, Roger Smith, Gerald Gopher, David Reith. Danny Myers, Robert Spurlock, Thomas Akins, Harold Davisson, Harold Kirk. Robert Rav. Garv Terry, Ken Cases. Louis While. Dan Dixon. Daiuiv Jahara. FOtRTII t Tj. C C5i ROW: Terry Young, Bill Bigheart. Edward Nichols, James Hopkins, John Lockhart. Hermann Haupt, Tommy Ray, John Vigh, Paul Lyles, Allen Pritchard, William Jones, Nail Bickcl, Gary Overstreet, Frank Moses, Hilton Kaderii, Michael Free- man, Lawrence Pont, John Campbell. FIFTH ROW ' : Roberi Protzman. Gary Shayler, Buck McCollum, Joe Marcano, Au- brey Potter. Kenneth Mullican, Jim Awtrey, Richard Smith. Cecil Miskel. Orville Morrow, Jim Gude. John Hurt. Robejl Webb. Dick (irumb, Harold Wheeler, Jin. Clole, Phil Childress, Arthur Allshiller. . Y te f ' i 402 IRr mM t f r rj r l O eyiy C . A c r h r . ' S n,- I i s SSSSi rtiannimri ' - m FIRST ROW: Davi.l KuI.iiim.,,. I).,,uI I ' .,» I I, . Kiniiev Thomp- son, Ronnie McRlnlu. Muliacl Klais, Laiiv Mullins, Ralpli C:illa, Don Dorilusler. I ' at Condon, Brute Scliutlf. Mar in Spears. Fram is Tanicloo. Ron Ril h. Mai Hokomh. Hriue Mai- ler. SF.CIOM) ROW: Ilo«ar l Pickens. I.eland Pa ne. Ri li- ard Hnrton. FtTnaiido Anic ana, Hob Altoni. |oIim ' an ;liaTi. Robert Strounli. ' . W. Stone. Midiael I.ubel. Frank Rees. Hill Parese. James Williams. Hill Hart. Hill Kurt . Eduard Kelle. Alan Schoonberk. THIRD ROW: Ernest Conner. Charlie Tinker. Arth S. Arthur. Newt McCain. Edward Kill);. Charles IIoKins. David R. Thoinas. ' ince Sanlinc. John Dillard. Rov;ej Chalfant. Willard Kindjrell. Roj;er Dickson. Doyle Armstrong;. Bernard Barry, Da id (Graham. Michael Clark. |ames Riddle. Sid Starr, Rex Davis, .juan (larcia. FOIRTII ROW: A. I). Sej;ro es, .jack Price. Tullid Inglese, Hriue Tnulcll. Lcshc Ward. Lar , ntery. .Jack Burdett. Harold Scott. .Michael Put- lack, .1. Donjtias Cunningham. Harris (ioldman. James Dieter. Brian Johnston. Edward Dnclos. Harry Raleigh. James (.amble. Eddie Lnlz. David Watson. Wesle imns. Bob Hindman. (derm Meriwether. FIITH ROW: Ronald Brace. Salvalore MusKi. ,|oe Ndnnl. James Fowler. .)aines Aliny. Robert Jordan. ierr Cnntej. Michael Tilswortb. Mickey Donnelly. Darrxl Phillips. John Kcssler. John Hoettcher. Charles Nicola. Mark Fhomas. Ronnie McGuirc. Richard Kenvon. Richard Mvers. Mike McCehee. SIXTH ROW: Hal Larson. Arthur Marches- sault. Leslie Edwards. David Slear. Doug Gibson, Michael ( ' ondc. (leorge Young, (iary Piccolo. Bob Wellington, Steve Rendcl. Harold Murr . Ste e Haves. Clilf Lewis. Conrtnev Fdwaicis, |..lnnne Fcri.lrMh. Mike Marko. [im Walker. Bill lloddc. Worchester House Outstanding residents of Worcester house litis year are Clifton Lewis, Pfii Kta Sigma: Joliii Dillard. honor resident and member of flamma Theta. Sigma Delia Pi: Bob .Mtom and Larr Mullins. recipients of the President ' s Leadershi]) a ar(l. Don Dorchester Is ihc assistant cotinselor. I ' he i)oys [)artici|)ate(l ni all fotir major intramural sports. They are the champions of Wilson center in lotich football and they reached (he seiiii-linals for the nidepeiident cliampionshi| . The counselor is Pal C ' ondoii. niccli.iiiual ciii;iiiccriiig sliidenl. ( ) !• lie I-. R S President .... Mri ( K .ScHlTTE ice-President Raii ' U Cii.ia Secretary .... Mvkmn Si-kars Treasurer .... M r i Spkars 403 pi » " . .- Ok %l riRST ROW: Hciuy Johnson, Emanuel Donati, Arlen Hanlc, (Gordon Hammons. Denny Beese, Bill Newton. Kent Patton, R. D. Hawkins, William Killian, Ron Roblyer, Joel Contreras, Steven (lerman. Jerry Feinstein. SECOND ROW: Phili]i Dunn, Charles Hampson, Bill Scyrkels, Robert Hooper, Herman Schwartz, John Huey, Charles Walker, Dave Beckwith, Phil Sampson. Barry Schneider, Paul Barnes, Jon Arterburn, (iene Hargis. George Whitcomb. Michael Lilly, Sean Castaneda. THIRD ROW: Vince Costa, Portwood Williams, Clyde Barnes. Beatty Mahoney, Bill Elliott. Joe Main. William Coleman. Charles Hughes. James Kerr. Reilly Spitzfaden. Frederick Kranz. Peter Chambers. Kenneth Kiskorna, James Vickers, Mike SEOUOYAH HOUSE Sequoyah house is under the able direction of Kent Patton, a senior in architecture. Bill Newton is the assistant counselor. Sports highlighted the year for the residents of Se- t|iioyah house. They entered foothall. I):iskethall. jrid wrestling intramural sports. Mcintosh. Bob Graham. C. E. DeLaFleur. Larry Stumpp. Johnny Williams, Charles Barnes, Tonv Sandetur, Leon Bay- less, Patrick Haver, Josh Wellborn. FOURTH ROW: Robert Gannon, Charles Leonardi, Keith Klaffke. Robert Kyle, Joe Riddle, Gary Skibicki, Kent Malone, Walter Adkins, Charles Biggs, Carl Hatfield, Thomas Maxwell. Kenneth Sachen, Ralph Finley, Bert Bokum. Leon Chandler. David Dance. Rov Carter. FIFTH ROW: Maurice Leonardi, David Smith. Robert Kirk, James Lowrance, Tonu Saarmaa, Robert Bentley, Henry Koles- nik, Joe Gibson, Bill Enloe, Gary Hickmon. George Poe, Rich- ard Gau. Larry Sterne, John Wcick, John Bullock, Frank Fusco. Tom Zanck. Residents Win Intramural Wrestling Match In wrestling, Arlen Hanly and John Vaughaii placed first in their respective weights. Social events included many house parties. Also, the men purchased a new TV for their lounge. The dorm IS named for the famous Cherokee Indian chief and inventor of the Cherokee alphabet, Sequoyah. WILSON CENTER PRESIDENTS ' COUNCIL Governing Body Coordinates Residence Events The presidents and a representative from each of the seven houses in Wilson Center meet every Thursday eve- ning to form the Presidents ' council. These young men represent the residents of WWC in matters relevant to the academic, social and physical growth of the stu- dents. FIRST ROW: Hob Cook, Bruce Scliii Smith, lots Aboilns. SECiOND FiOW: L. liMMcs Brooks, Dick K. I). Hawkins. Carl The Christmas orphan party has become an annual project of the council. Jim Brooks, president, is en- couraging current projects such as new lighting for the houses in Wilson Center, a new lounge, individual mail boxes and better sidewalks. Main social events are the Navy banc|uet and dances. Wcbl). Ralph Cilia. |lm Stiles. Jim Hopkins, Da e Atwater, William Cdleman. ( ) I I I ( . 1-. K S I ' nsidinl j K i I s(iN Vice-Presidiiii . Ti i{it Middi i swoit i ii Sccrt-tarv .... Si w IImikison Tiiasurtr . . . (Iakkoii Kowmw Wlmnp,,,- ,1 „p .,(!., |„.H1U John IV.M.u.l .ind jiru CIuIm Jefferson House Jcircrsdii llonsf. molf kiiiimkhiK Liionmi ;is Jell liimsi-. |)i(i i(lts li iusiiig lacililics li r iiKiiii)Lrs i llii arMt swiiiiinint;. wrestling, track. Iiiiins .iiid null kaiiis. llli(:ii;.;li llif arc iiifligiblc lo parlicipatf in inlraiiiinal sporls. llic rt-sidtiils lia c a lull scliciliilc. Kc ' iilar siii(l li,ill an- tiilnn id and iiuiiilitrs of llu- kaiiis arc rcc|iiirc(l lo keep up llicir grade average in orikr to enter collegiate allilelics. i)ax id Nelson, a senior in public relations, is the head counselor. Jell House, named for liu-iiias |elierion. has a lisl of (haiiipiiins l.iindiar lo sports hujs thi ' nalion o er. llUSr HOW: (.cull .Mails. MiikcN W llll.i.iis. . laillii. Ace Klluridne. I.arrv Vel)l)er. Ron Pcilts. Tim l.eoiiaid. liilaii (111 Plcssis. liiii CckIn. Laiiv |aciil)s. . likc llcwilt. )olin Hemaid. .Sum- SHalf.ird. SKCONT) ROW: Jerry HiiH m. Jerry Nortli- i litt. (ie )ry;e Trickle. Stan Ifarrisoii. Philli|) Keeley. Jim Suniei- all. James Hart. Clliarles Lew nes. Woodrow Hiyan. Pete .Skai- zciiski. Carl Smith. F.arl Voiiii;;. Miloii Maia iili. Pat Heiiries- see. Kill Ciillin. lack Nelson. THIRD ROW: Tom EdKai. Ciirlis liiisli. K.I l.iisk. I.arrv Russell. . 1 Tapia. Ken . lluhile. )iir llie.l. r...l, IKupiic. Ki, hard Sinclair. Carrel Buuiiiaii. Mike Davis. (;iynn Day. Wall Mveis. Mark l.alham. Jerrv Vernon. Charles Schuctte. MeUiii Rin s. Hal Williams. Cal Sharpe. Nick , vanLs. FOl RTH ROW: .Mike Mieis. Tom Davis. Biiddv .Stewart. Don liiuwss. Sieve Davis. Charles Pcai- son. Jav Creaa. Tom Ralev. .Mark Brady. Paul Eberl. I.usler Martin. Ed McQuarters. Steve M ireloek. Ceorne Hrose. Toiiv Morey. Norman Youngsteadt. |ohn Dav. |im Clahorn. Tcrrv Mi.l.liesworth, Don W arriek. KIITH ROW : Bob Peek. Clharles Willie. 405 () I " I " I C E R S President .... Jerry Pettibone Vice-Presideni . . . Gary Taylor Secretary .... George Stokes Treasurer .... IiM Carpenter Big Red Sooners. Pctliljcut .uul l)J l . prepare for the big- sport event of the day — room clieikl Washington House Washington lioiise. llic home lor all aisity football and basketball players, was presented with more " ugh " awards than any house on campus this year. Also bring- ing fame to " Wash " house is Bill White, captain of the football team and twice named to the All-Big Eight football team. KIRST ROW: John Kcjn, Btnnie Shields, Uave SotUhard. Mike McClellan. Jinnny (iilstrap, James Carpenter, Wesley Skidgel. Jerry Cogburn, Joe Tliompson, Jan Christian, Preston Smith. SECOND ROW: Lonnie McGuire, Steve Kline. Virgil Boll, George Stokes, Paid Benien, Bill ,iriBii] kle... Jimmy Payne. Johnny Smith. Richard Inman, John Porlcrrield. Eddie I ' eaeh, Bobby Jayroe, Robert Kolbrener. TIIIRO ROW: Joliii (ielnar. Dale Mitchell, Leon Cross, Gary Wylie, Larry Vermil- lion, Jerry Pettibone, Sam Davis, Danny Jordan, Gary Taylor, John Tatum, Ronny Payne, Tom Cox, Karl Milstead, Keitli Shean, John Atwood. FOURTH ROW: Wendell Robinson, Mike Lindsay, Gordon Collett, Jim Jackson, Jackie Cowan, Dale Perinl, Dick Beattie, Wayne Lee, George Jarmon, Claude Hanion, Dewayne Cook, Monte Deere, John Garrett, Nick Oak- Social e ents were the Maurice Tenebaum auction dance, the third annual David " Twister " Nelson dance and the " O " club picnic at Lake Murray. Counselors this year are Norman Lamb, law student, Mike Lindsay, engineering and Gordon Collett. educa- tion majors. The only foreign students — Texans! l ey, Tom Farris. Jim Morrison, Doyle Tiinnell, Bobby Page. John Flynn, Butch Metcalf, Jim Vervack, Dave Povvless. FIFTH ROW: Chris Clapp, Charley Mayhue. Albert Bledsoe, Allen Robinson. Arthur Davis, Rick Simms, Pat Hogan, Jim (jrisham, Ralph Maxlicld, Norman Smith, Dave Povvless, John Benien, Neut liiirlon. Lynn Overton, Harvey Chaffin, Stanley Morrison. SIXTH ROW: Jim Knapp, Jerry Hayden, Jim Card, Dennis Ward, Greg Burns, Bert Gravitt, Ron Harmon, Allen Bumgardner, Preston Baglcy, Lance Rentzel, Bill Hill. Don Byrd. Don Hood. Bobby Wyatt, Frank Dombek, Billy VVoods. SEVENTH ROW: Charles Pearce, Alvin Lear. Ron- nie Horn, Bill Gravitt, Teddy Dodson, Rick McCurdy. Don Stevens, John Running. Jerry Haddock, Buz McDonald, William Jackson, Warren Fouts. Eddie Jackson. 406 Ik|l(likdl41 (i.l Jijii MipiiMi . .issisiaiii iliiciicii cil iuii]iii .ilFairs in charge of liousliiK. and sccretai . M.nH (.allup. Iimk hmt appllcatiiiris for (lorni counselors. Assisting ill tin- (.ii. ' .s ( mui ImuMii ' , ullm lor men are secre- larits Uonitliv Dotsciii an, I Htlu Siiiiriion and sla(r aids, John Hastie and K..11 Reed. HOUSING DIRECTORS . (Idor llial IS iilwaxs optii lii Nimriji men wlm come to OU is the one marked " K. H. Mile.s. " He takes a personal interest in the siitce.ssful stay at OU of " his boys. " who include about 1.800 men in Cross denier. Wilson Center and Whitehand. Handlinj; similar duties for women is Jean Mooney, charges include sludeiils ui Cate Center. 1 lester- Robert.son and Franklin. She counsels and advises on personal, social and scholastic endeavors and guides the smooth functionuii ' of the uomeiis dorms. I-.. II. Miles, in charge of men ' s liotislnji;. lakes a 111 relax in llie Center cafeteria. Cracliiates 410 Seniors 412 Jiiiilois 432 Soplioiiiores 444 Fresliineii 460 Senior Lawyers 480 juiiior Lawyers 481 Fresliiiiaii Lawyers 482 Phi Delta Phi 48.3 Phi Alpha Delta 484 Delta Theta Phi 485 408 •CLASSES 409 FIRST ROW: Britt Adams, A S, Berwick, Pa.; Paul D. Austin, K::, Bus., Semi- nole: Joe Baldwin, Bus., Cordell, Soc. Adv. of Manag., Young Rep., Social Chairman McCain House, Vice Pres. McCain House: Bryce Beck, A S, Mar- land; Slobodan Bozovich, Seol., Norman; David H. Bryant, FA, Tulsa, Soical Work Club: Mary F. Bryant, A S, Tulsa: Nicholas J. Buffone, " l ' - , N.Y.; Williann E. Bulmer, Engr., Norman. SECOND ROW: Edwin A. Carlisle, Engr., Pioneer. La.; Charles W. Chapman, Acacia, Educ, Wirt; Kenneth Denney, Engr., Midwest City; Allan Dohrer, Engr.. Tulsa, IAS, ARS, BSU; John D. Dorchester, Jr., K I ' , Bus.. Tulsa; Frank D. Duperier, 3N, Bus., Jackson, Miss.; Charles A. Durham, Jr., K— , Engr., Corpus Chrisli, Tex.. FTK, i:T. lirE, DMS, DMG; Issat H. Feidi, Bus., Norman, Inter- national Club, Arab Club, SAM, CCUN; Joe G. Foreman, Ai; I , A S, Norman. THIRD ROW: Arthur R. Freeman, Engr., Stroud. B.S. in Mechn. Engr.,; Larry L. French, IIKA, Educ, Seminole, ADS, IK, Marketing Club, NBEA, IFC; Charles R. Salbraith, Bus., Westville; Jo Ann Garrison, A S, OC; Vernon L. Garrison, Acacia. Bus., Lone Wolf; Maryann M. Gill, Bus., OC; Kenneth J. Haigler, ATS2, Engr., Canton, HKT; Robert A. Hasskarl, Educ, Norman, B.S., M.Ed.; Hurley D. Hayes, FA, Anadarko, ThH:, Ruf Neks, Seq. Club. •1 ' w w. FIRST ROW: Homer H. Huime, Bus., Chickasha; Patrick E. Hensy, Ai:-I ' , A S, Tulsa, ODK, BMOC; Alberto Jacome, Engr., Norman; Melton B. James, FA, Tecumseh; John Janovy, Jr., A S, OC, Swimming Team, Varsity O Club. SECOND ROW: Nancy S. Jennings, A l , Educ, Norman, KAll; Lydla Jinks, Educ, Lexlnq ton; James Johnston, AT. A S, Little Rock, Ark.; Kanu B. Kadakia, Engr., Norman; Lyie R. Kallenbach, A S, Wichita, Kan. THIRD ROW: Diana L. Kosseau, A S, Norman; Neal F. Lane, Ai; ' ! ' , A S. OC, ' I ' HK, HME, -1I-, Dean ' s Honor Roll: Gerald L. Lawhon, Engr., Los Angeles, Calif.; K. Alan Leech, i: ' l ' K, A S. OC; Und C. Liu, Bus., Norman. Gerald Sullivan finds he has to study iust as college and then there ' s that thesis, too. ch in the graduate 410 POP .T ROW; Pattie M. Long, A S, San Antonio Tex.: James S. McDaniel, A S, Pittsburg Kan.. -I ' i;, i;E:, A-l ' !!; Suian McDaniel, T ' l ' li, FA, Midland, Tex.: Donald R. McDonald, FA, Salllsaw, Social Wort Club: George E. McLellan, IIKA, A S, Frederick: Orvis D. McMahan, Educ, Lufher: Paul M. Mansur, Euc. Wewolta, Band, KK )-, I ' .MA, -I ' AK: James Mayhugh, . - ' l ' Educ, Little Rock, Ark.: John B. Miles, Jr., Enqr., Anadarko. SECOND ROW: Jacqualine R. Mobley, Educ, Odessa. Tex., Judo Club, HAH, Young Repub.: E. Z. Million, ATS; A S, Weatherford, ODK; Ata Mogharabi, Geol., Norman, Persian Club: William Mok, Bus., Norman- Marcelo Moreno, Engr., Norman: Stephen D. Myers, Enqr., Lima, Ohio: Abdolhossein B. Najafa- md[j M had], Geol., Norman, ISS: Sam A. Najd, Enqr., Abadieh. Lebanon, Dean ' s Honor Roll, ARS, IS: Riley Needham, Enqr., Grove THII IT IIKT, IIMK, ODK. THIRD ROW: Sandra D. Niehol, A S, OC, 1 ' hT: Efton L. Park, i:X, Engr.. Ft. Morgan, Colo., AXi;, I-AK, AlChE: James O. Parnell, Educ, Hugo, Pres. Ind. Educ. Club: William G. Pollard, III, A S, Oak Ridge, Tenn.. Anthro. Club. Canterbury Club: Gerald W. Pybas, Geol., Trousdale, VK Larney Rackley, Educ, Oranqeburq. S.C: Ronald J. Raymond, A S, New York. N.Y., +X; Charlotte S. Roberts, A S, Healdton: Visnu P. Saksena. A S, Norman, Okla. Acad, Scl., Amer. Fish. Soc, Pres. of International Club, CCUN. € ! ' 1 FIRST ROW: Abdus Satter, Enqr., Nor: IIKT A ' ME; Barbara Schumaker, A S, New Franklin, tvlo.. Secretary of OIPA: James F. Scott, Enqr., Tulart Calif: John H. Scrivner, A S, Norman, Capt. of USAF; Bill Settle, Law. Muskc qee: Barbara A. Shirley, A S, Shawnee -I ' -, IZ John Shoemaker, A S, Law ton, ' I ' AT. AXl. W. Smith, Enqr.. Natchitoches. La.: Walter A. Smith, B. Steed, ' I ' Ki;, A S, Ada, URC, Canterbury Club. Midwest City; James SECOND ROW: Phil H. Leale Slate, Geol., Simon, A S Elqln Francis Simpson, Educ, OC: adiey: Charles R. Smith, A S, Rush Springs, 1»T: Ray THIRD ROW: Cecil L. Turner, A S, OC: Robsrt D. Van Aukon, Bus., Midwest City: Carl J. Vandever, A S, Shawnee, Younq Demo., H-A. BA In Government: Brian L. Walkup, ' I-K:;. Law, Yuba City, Calif.: Larry K. Warden, A S, Tisho- mingo ODK, BMOC, Varsity Baseball, P. ' , ' I ' AT. -I ' lli;, -I ' l: Max A. Weitren- hoffer, AKK, FA, OC, Univ. Players Mary Ann Wolf, A S. Des Moines, la. 411 FIRST ROW: Carolyn S. Abernathy, Educ. OC, SNEA, Deans Honor Roll; Francis Abijoude, Jr., ' I ' Ke, Engr., Norman, Newman Club, SIME, IFC; Ints Abolins, A S, OC, Scabbard and Blade; William R. Acree, Engr., Sapulpa, ASCE; Walter G. Adam, A S, Stuart; John E. Adams, Ki), Bus., OC, Pres. Ki), Sec. A t !, Distinguished Military Student, IFC; Linda C. Adams, KKF, A S. OC; Linda Adkins, ' MI, Bus., Carnegie, Accouniing Club Sec, ' M Rush Chair- man, K ; Sidney H. Ahlschleger, ATA, Educ, Lawton, SECOND ROW: Mary L. Akers, AAA, A S, Denison, Tex.; Paulette Akers, ATA, Bus., Lawt on, Marketing Club, IE, Sequoyah Indian Princess, Shadow Box, Wesley Foundation; Bert Akins, Engr., Tulsa, ASME, SAE, Engr. Club; Bernard Albaugh, A S, Norman; Jack Alberts, Engr., Houston, Tex., ISA, Aviation Club; Gloria Allen, IM ' H, A S, Dallas, Tex.; Nelda V. Allen, ATA, A S Weatherford, APHA; Phyllis J. Allen, Educ, Enid, AAA, SNEA: William C. Allen, ' I ' AH, Engr., Muskogee. THIRD ROW: Skip Allman, i;X, A S, Port Washington, Long Island, N.Y., Sec i:AX, Manag. Editor Okla. Daily, Varsity Track, Sec. Student Press Assoc. Intramural Ed. of Yearbook; Jan Anders, A S, OC; Happy Anderson, AT A S, Shawnee; Harlan D. Anderson, Bus., Shawnee; Larry Angus, BHII, A S Lawton; Karyn J. Anthony, Educ, Snyder, K ; Michael B. Arkin, i AM, A S Arlington, Va.; Marilyn R. Arky, AE+, Educ, Tulsa; Marshall Aronson, -AJI Bus., Newton, Mass. FIRST ROW: Carl V. Artopoeus, Engr., Valloy Cottage, N.Y., Pet. Engr. Club, Engr. Club, Dean ' s Honor Roll: Eduardo J. Arze, Engr., Norman, Pet. Engr. Club; Alton L. Austin, AXA Bus., Eufaula; Valera Bachman, Educ, Haysville, Kan., SNEA Vice Pres. and Treas., Cate Center Treas.; Gerald E. Baehler, Engr., Tulsa, AIEE, IRE, Engr. Club; Dick Baker, ' I ' K , Engr,, Okmulgee, IME, Pres. PKP; Jim Baker, A S, Cherokee, AAi; Pres.; Nancy J. Baker, IIH I , Educ, Borger, Tex.: Jerry D. Babntine, -N, A S, Maysville. SECOND ROW: Maria S. Balentine, A S, Wewoka, AXSJ, Student Senate, AWS, K ' h; Fred S. Ball, AKK, Bus.. Norman; Robert H. Ball, Ai) ' ! ' , A S, Green- wood Lake, N.Y., Student Senate: Hal D. Balyeat. ' I ' l ' A, A S, OC; Wilson Baptist, ::iX, Bus., Shawnee; Terry J. Barham, AXA, FA, Antlers, Pe-et, ODK, Who ' s Who; Nancy M. Barnes, KKT, A S, Norman; Hugh J. Barrett, -X, Engr.. Tulsa, Pe-ef, i:T, IFC, BMOC, ' I ' Hi, ODK, Student Se nis; Joseph K. Bates, i; ' l ' E, Engr., OC, AIEE. ,ify Ten- THIRD ROW: Kenneth P. Battaile, MKA, Engr., Amory, Miss., Student CAIA; Stanley S. Beard, Bus., Ardmore, Pet. Land Management Assoc, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Max Beasley, Acacia, Engr., Nashville, Tenn., AIE, Univ. Band, Engr. Club, IFC, NafI ROTC Drum and Bugle Corps, Treas. Trident Soc; Mike Belanger, i; l ' l ' :, Bus., Guymon; Joe N. Bell, FA, Edmond, AXA, AilA, Art Ed. of Sooner Shamrock, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Marilyn Bell, FA, OC, Z I ' H, AEP, KUVY,; Frank J. Beli, AT!. ' , A S, Chicago, III., Wrestling Team, Russian Club, Pres. ATSJ; Clariette Bendorf, lAT, Educ, Breckenridge, Tex.; Frank S. Benner, KA, Bus., Tulsa. 412 FIRST ROW: John Bennett, lAK, A S, OC ' Zollene Bennett, FA, Te«arlana, Ark: Loyd L. Benson, A S, Comanche, Student Senate; Sue Bentley, AX!], A S, Duncan: Kenneth Bentz, Jr., ATSi, Bus., OC. SECOND ROW: Jane Bergstrom, IIB , Educ, ZTA, Educ, OC; John P. Berryhill, Bus., Ardn Foundation; Joe W. Berryman, ' I ' l ' A, A S, OC: Mortar Board, Who ' s Who. Marshall, Tex., Ilfin, KAII; Sally A. Berry, ore, IK, -BH;, Mktg. Club, Alill, Wesley Carmen Betzer, X " , A S, Shidler, Tassels, THIRD ROW: Doyle Biiier, " I ' Kh, Bus., Yukon: Bruce P. Bischof, : AK, Bus., Blsn Dak.. Pet. Land Management Assoc; Phillip Black, ' I ' AH Bus., Ada; Suiy J. Bla Temple, SNEA, Sec. Cate Center: Jerry D. Blanche, Educ, Broken Bow, larck, N. r, Educ, P00:.}i: Even with says studying fo FIRST ROW: Judy L. Blanz, ' I ' .M, A S, LiMie Rock, Ark.- Eugene J. Blaienko, A S, Norman: Judy Bledsoe, AAA, Educ. Lawton; Leon Bledsoe, Enqr. Hinton TKII, ZT. IlKT, Pet. Engr. Club- Gordon Bocox, A S, Tulsa: Vincent Boggs, A S, Cheyenne, illi:; Barbara A. Bohan, A S, Alexis, III.: Elizabeth A. Bohan, A S, Alexis, III.; Henry Bollman III, FA, Dallas, Tex. SECOND ROW: Kerry Booth, A S, Marlow, +X, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Ben Botnick, AKII, Engr. Hot Springs. Ark.; Bud Boyd, Educ. Fay; Don Boyer, -N Bus., Tulsa; Myrna Boyles, Bus., Clinton, Markt. Club, IK, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Richard E. Brackeen, K. , Engr., Albuquerque, N, Mex., Pres. KA, i:T, :LW, St. Pats Courril, Dears Honor Rol!; J. Richard Bradley, IIKA, FA Muskogee. IFC; Sam Bradshaw, iiX. Engr.. Tulsa Pres. Pe-et Vice Pres. UAB, Pres. i:X, BMOC. ■I ' lll, IlKT Sue Brashears, KAH, Bus., Perryton, Tex. THIRD ROW: Mark Brady, Educ, Sapulpa Varsity O Club; Robert D. Bratch- er, ATA Bus., Denison, Tex.; Robert L. Bridwell, Bus., Carnegie: James B. Bright, ATO, Bus., Paoli; Leon Brining, Pharm,, Cherokee, PX; William C. Brining, +A6, Bus., Tonkawa; James L Brooks, A S, Midwest City; James R. Brooks, Engr., Page, Ariz., Univ. Band: Mary Ann Brooks, Educ, Borger, Tex. 413 FIRST ROW: Susan Brown, Educ, Lexington, Ky.; Phil Brougher, Bus., Odessa, Tex.; Bruct Brown, AT, A S, Ft. Collins. Colo., Student Senate, APHA; Dodie Brown, APA, Educ, OC; Doug B. Brown, -N, A S. Shillington. Pa. SECOND ROW: Emma Brown, Educ, Hennessey: Esther f. Brown, Educ, Cushing; Fred A. Brown, AS+, A S, Ch.ckasha. AAi; Pres., Ai; h Pres.: Gary C. Brown, Engr., OC, Scabbard and Blade, SAME; Mayme L. Brown, Educ, Lawton, IIS2II. THIRD ROW: Muriel E. Brown, A S. Okmulgee; Robert L Brown, A S, Alva. I ' H:; Gene Bruce, A S, Midwest City; Linda K. Bruch, AXil, Educ, Midwest City; Culleen Bryant, AAA, A S, Norman, French Club. SENIORS Remembsr when there was d pal Cowdrey, G. White, Ruth Ann Ca o up there? John Kilgore, Haden npbell and Barbara Coloman. FIRST ROW: Marcia Bull, ' . ' ., FA. Chickasha, A ' l ' A Pres.; Barbara Burch, A ' h, Educ, Dallas, Tex.; Jimmy M. Burdett, AKK, A S, Checotah, Pres. AKK, ARS, Sooner Scandals, Engr. Show; Billy Burleson, Engr., Weleetka; Pat Burnside, Educ, Okemah; Jerry A. Burr, Bus., OC: Charles D. Burrough, --I ' K, Bus., Ant- lers, Accounting Club; Tommy Burt, KA, A S. Wichita Falls, Tex.; Jim Butter- worth, ATU, Engr., OC. SECOND ROW: James C. Buzzard, ATf!, Bus., Quapaw: Carolyne Campbell, AAA, A S, OC, »i: f ; Linda Campbell, Bus., Bowie, Tex., K I ' , IIAB, Accounting Club ' Bill Canfield, A S, Pratt, Kan., APHA; Don W. Capehart, A S. Norman; Lynne Capehart, A S, Norman, Mortar Board, Who ' . Who, ISA; Kenneth R. Caplln, I1A ' I , A S Forest Hills, N.Y., AA:;; Rick J. Caplin, 11A ' ! . A S Forest Hills, N.Y., I ' X, AKD, Scabbard and Blade, Army ROTC Rifle Team; Mary J. Capps, A S, Konawa, I ' X, Dean ' s Honor Roll. THIRD ROW: Joe E. Carter, AK. A S. Durant, Scabbard and Blade; Karen Carder, Educ, Paoli; Bette K. Carnahan, HH ' I ' , A S, Wichita. Kan., AAA, Dean ' s Honor Roll, Pres. HB ' I ' ; Judith L. Carpenter, A 1 , A S, Malverne, N.Y., 2AH, Counselor of Holman House; Mary Lou Carter, A S, Norman, Mortar Board, Yearbook Personality; Robert L. Carter, Educ, Antioch, Calif., Flying Club, Flaghoist Editor, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Carolyn S. Gates, AAIT. A S, Nor- man, AT; Thomas C. Caves, A S, Pryor, Wesley Foundation, SAACS, MI-, •l-AH, i;HIC; Diane Caylor, IIH ' I " , A S, Tulsa. 414 FIRST ROW: David P. Chaney, - T, Engr., Tulsa, i;T, SCAI. AIA: Roger Chap- man, -iT. Engr.. El Reno. Amf-r. Rocket Soc, Sooner Shamrock Staff, i:T, V ' W Inst. Aoro Space Science; Bill H. Chastain, ATA. A S. OC: Martha N. Chastain, AAll. A S, Midland, Tex., PEM Club: Merrltt B. Chastain, -M ' A, A S, Shreve port. La.. Sec. IFC, Treas. PGD, VK, NIC: Warren H. Cheatham, IIKA, Bus., OC, Markt. Club, Young Rep.. Arnold Air Soc, Soc. Adv. Mang.; Charles W. Cherry, Engr.. OC. Engr. Club, AIEE: Henry J. Christiansen, Bus.. Pfilladelphli Pa.: Edward Chmel, IX, Educ. Bergenfield. N.J. SECOND ROW: Judith M. Claborn, AXi2, A S Ev,,n5ton, III.: Gary D. Clark, Engr.. Larned, Kan Jim C. Clark, iiwll. Bu:,., OC. Hl ' i;. Mli;: Michael D. Clark, Bus., Hugo: Phil Clark, -AlC. A S. Tulsa; Phillip A. Clark, A S. Mornuin James A. Clear, ATA, Engr., OC, T Gordon L. Clouser, ATI. ' , Engr., Norman, Air Soc, Intramural Chairman, IAS; Lee Gilbert Cockreham. AXA, FA, Froder- icit, MA, KK , Univ. Band, Univ. Choir. Men ' s Glee Club. THIRD ROW: William C. Cockerham, A S, OC. Scabbard and Blade: Robert G. Cockrell, Engr., Birmingham, Ala., TBri, HTII, H: Carolyn Coe. KKI ' , A S, OC; Sydnle Coffey, Bus. OC: Jules B. Cohn, : AM, Bus., Tulsa, A2II, Society for Advancement of Management, IFC, Pledge Trainer 2CAM; Jackie J. Cole, A S. Des Moines, Iowa; Jim Cole, ' K ' , A S, Duncan; Barbara Coleman, AAA A S. OC, Oikonomia. Dean ' s Honor Roll, Social Chairman AAA; John Coleman, HHll. A S, Tulsa. FIRST ROW: Jeffrey M. Collar, ATA, A S, Tulsa: Lyie G. Collet, :i:.V, Educ, Novate, Calif., Varsity O Club. Engr. Show; Raymond E. Colline, OS, Engr., Rochester, N.Y., AIEE, Engr. Club, Dean ' s Honor Roll: Mark E. Collins, ATiJ, Educ. Partridge. Kan.. Sec. and Treas. ATS!, Pres. of Kingfisher House. WWC Pres. Council. Pledge Trainer; Charles D. Colston, ATJi, Bus., Marietta; William S. Comroe, i AM. Bus.. Dallas, Tex., Pres of Hlllel Foundation, Society for Ad- vancement o! Management: Linda M. Conklln, AAA, A S, Stigler. Mortar Board; Carolyn Kay Cook, AAA, A S OC, BWOC, AKA, X, Deans Honor Roll: Betty Cooksey, AAIl. Educ, Guthrie. SECOND ROW: Sally A. Cooper, Educ. A S. Ft. Worth. Tex., Vice-Pres. i;AX: Bi Jorman, SNEA- Sam Coplin, IIA ' I- n W. Copple, liHlI, Bus., Roswell, N. Mex.. Pres. of Finance Club. Man of Distinction: Judith R. Corbett, AIA. A S, OC, KAII, UAC, Oikonomia, OS Nancy C. Cordon, Educ. OC; Phil D. Cordon, AXA, A S. OC, Varsity O Club, Swimming Team; William A. Corlett, Engr., Talala, Engr. Club, ASME, SAE, nT: : Phyllis A. Cornell, HIM " , Educ. OC; William R. Corr, AKE, Bus., Bartlesville. Hm Ailll. THIRD ROW: Joseph L. Cotterill, Engr., Canada, Geol. Engr. Club; Carolyn C. Cotulla, r ' I ' B, A S Arlington, Va.; Haden Cowdrey, Ae, Bus., Dallas. Tex.: Ronnie J. Cox, Pharm,, Pryor, APHA; Charles W. Coyner, AXA, A S, Edmond: James A. Crist, Engr., Omega. AICE; Jimmy Crofford, Ki). Bus.. OC: Helen J. Cromer, AAIl, A S, Dania, Fla„ Panhellenlc, Pres. AAIl; Wilma L. Crosslin, A S. Lamont. AT, K . 415 FIRST ROW: Harvey F. Crouch, i:X, Bus., Gushing, SAM; T. J. CrowN Bus.. Enid,; John Michael Crouch, A S, Borger, Tex.; Janet S. Crutn Educ, Seminole; Francisco F. Cruz-Ranero, FA, Caracas. Venez., Rifle Team, Track Team, Social Chairman of Internafl Club; Dennis Cubbage, —X, Bus., Cushing; Curtis L. Culver, —X, Bus., Tulsa; Carol Jean Cummings, A S. OC; Glenn R. Cunningham, ilN, A S. Bristow, DDK, Wesley Foundation, IFC, O Club. l Hi:, IRC, Dean ' s Honor Roll, Varsity Football. SECOND ROW: Barbara S. Daily, AP, A S, Wichita Falls, Tex.; Barbara Jane Davis, ITB , Educ, Altus; Barry M. Davis, HA , Bus., Tulsa, Scabbard and Blade, Marketing Club, Pick and Hammer; John A. Davis, rA, Bus., Dallas, Tex.; Charles F. Daily, Jr., Bus., Norman, Pe-et, ISA Pres., BMOC, Who ' s Who, KAe ' Scabbard and Blade, President ' s Honor Roll, H2, BFi:; C. E. Daugherty III, Engr., Owensboro, Ky., TBII, IIET, ■I ' HS, Distinguished Military Student, Scabbard and Blade; Nancy M. Daugherty, Educ, Owensboro. Ky., SNEA, K f , Engine Wives, Dean ' s Honor Roll; George E. Davis, Engr., E. St. Louis, III., Pet. Engr. Club, Engr. Club; Jane E. Davis, KKP, A S, Ada. THIRD ROW: Jim Davis, i;N, UC, Tulsa; John K. Davis, Engr., OC. Engr. Club; Nancy A. Davis, A S, Tulsa; Samuel A. Davis, Pharm, Broken Arrow, Varsity Football; Sandie Davis, T ' tB, Bus., Amarillo, Tex., Panhellenic Pres.; Herron V. Dawson, Educ, Columbus, Kan.; Stephen R. Dawson, A S, OC; Glen A. Day, AT, A S, Midwest City; Johnnie C. Day, A S, OC, O Club, Swim- ming Team. FIRST ROW: Bill Deal, l rA, A S, Tulsa; David Deatherage, UKA, A S, Sapulpa; Barbara J. Dees, Bus., Norman; Marilyn Dell, A S, McAlester; Mary Kate Denny, Xl. ' , FA, Tulsa, Univ. Playhouse; Dorthlynn A. Dent, KAB, A S, OC; John Dickey, Bus., OC; Bob Dillard, Engr., Carnegie, ASC, Dean ' s Honor Roll; John W. Dillard, A S, Seagoville, Tex., THT, :iAn, KrK. SECOND ROW: Larry Dillingham, Engr., Norman, Band, Arnold Air Soc, SAME, Lime Lighters: Darryl D. Dixon, •I ' K , Engr.. Claremore, TBII, Arnold Air Soc, AIEE; James G. Dixon. A S. Seminole; Terrell Dixon, BHH, A S, Norman; Gary F. Dockery, ' I ' Kw, Bus., Pampa, Tex., Marketing Club, AUSA; Norma C. Dodson, Educ, Enid, BSU, SNEA; Richard W. Dodson, Farm., Mid- west City; Patricia L. Donnell, AXH, A S, Kilgore, Tex.. AAA, Tassels, Model U.N.; Pat F. Donnelly, A S, OC. THIRD ROW: James I. Dotson, Engr.. Stlllwell, SAE. ASME, IIT ; David A. Downing. •I ' Kvk, Engr., OC, IFC,; Linda Driskill, AXil, A S, Hollis, SNEA; William L. DuBray, Engr., Muskogee; Ray Dunham, Bus., OC; James A. Dunn, Bus,, Wayne, Skyblazers, Assoc. Adv. Manag. Club; Sherrijl D. Dunn, A S, OC; Delia J. Dunkin, XS2, Educ, Tulsa. AWS. House Manager. XO; Jimmy Dale Duncan, ATA. A S, Purcell, Pres. Young Democrats Club. Vice Pres. SM. 416 i ' % FIRST ROW: Don D. Dunsmore, Engr., Vauxhall, Alberta, Canada; Jackie Dull, ATA, A S, Woodward, Mortar Board, AAA, Tassels, Top Ten Freshmen, ON; Kenneth K. Dunham , Jr., AT, A S, Denver, Colo, IFC; Diane Dykes, Al ' . A S, OC, Pres. of Ar, BWOC, Mortar Board, UAB, Model UN, Who ' s Who, AWS, i;An, Judicial Board; Kenneth Easton, ATA, Bus,, Lawton, Marketing Club: Jay R. Edelstein, A S, El Ca- ipo T--.; Archie L. Edwards, A S, Shamrock, Tex., 20th Century Soc; Helen M. Edwards, KAH, A S. OC; Joanne Efron, lAT A S, OC, AKP. FAX, Daily Staff, KUVY. SECOND ROW: Judy K. Elliott, AXJJ, Educ, OC; Speed Elliott III, Bu: Wakita; David Elmore, -N, Bus., El Dorado, Ark.; James S. Emery, Kl, Bus Miami; Raul G. Encinas. Engr., Norman; Nedra H. Engelson, Educ, OC, AI ' . AAA, Dean s Honor Roll; Pat A. English, AX;;, Educ, Midwest City. Social Chairman AXS!; Mary Jo Enlows, AAA, A S, Glendale, Calif.;Charle$ C. Evans, Ai: . Bus., Norman, SAME, USC, UAB, Sec Ai) , DSF, IK, Dean ' s Honor Roll. THIRD ROW; Charles M. Evans. AXA, A S, Shawnee; John Everett. A S, Norman, MIi:, Z rE, Internat ' l Club, AUSA, Scabbard and Blade; David E. Ewing, l rA, A S, OC; Berenice S. Fagin, i:AT, Educ, OC; Patricia A. Farris. Educ, Ft. Smith. Ark., Arab Club, Internat ' l Club; Irving L. Faught, A S. OC; Wahleah J. Faulkner, AI ' , Educ, Tulsa: James A. Feighny, II KA Bus., Holden- ville; Patricia A. Felkel, KAB, Educ, Tulsa. FIRST ROW: Richard W. Fenner, Bus., OC; Robert J. Fey, A S, Babylon N.Y.; Jerry C. Fields, Ai;+, Engr.. OC; Michael L. Finley, A S, Sand Springs, Phil. Club; Nicola Y. Flri ' i, Engr., Norman, Arab Club, Internat ' l Club, CCUN, Engr. Club. SECOND ROW: Darryl Glen Fitijerrell, Engr., Tulsa; Kathleen Flanagan, T ' l-B, Bus., Vinlta George R. Fletcher, Jr., A S, OC, SU; Robert Flexner. IIA-I ' . A S, OC; Jorge W. Flores, Engr., Norman, Pet. Engr. Club, Internat ' l Club, Spanish Club, Socker Team. THIRD ROW: CharloHe A. Fogg, KKP, Educ, El Reno, KAII, SNEA, KKF Sec, Deans Honor Roll: Joe P. Poor, A S, Quinton; Terry W. Fooshee, Ai; h, Engr., Wichita, Kan.; Helen M. Ford, AAA A S. OC. Bi;+ Sec, Judicial Board. TAX Pres., Feature Ed. Year- book; Holland Ford, A S, Granite. Dee Burns and Dorothylyn Dent think seriously about a trip this Tier and job-hunting. 417 FIRST ROW: Tom Forney, i;X, A S, Cherokee, Pres. :S. ' , BMOC, Who ' s Who, ODK, UAB, Student Senate; Robert L Forrester, Engr., Norman; Mortza M. Fos-Hat, Engr., Norman, i:T, ASCE, ISS, Engr. Club; Joe R. Foster, Ai; 1 , A S, OC, i:n:i;; Warren Fouts, :S+E. Educ, Breckenridge; Sandra L. Fox, KAH, A S, Shawnee; Robert E. Frank, •{•K:S, Bus., Norman, Arnold Air Soc, SAM; Sara B. Freeman, XS2, Educ. Hydro; Bert C. Frichot, A S, Gushing, AED, ISA. SECOND ROW: Bob Fricke, :iN, Bus.. OC; Vickie K. Fuller, AT, Educ, Ton- kawa,; Ronald C. Funk, ■ - ' P. Engr., Onconto, Wis.; Arthur Gaer, U ' ' , Bus., Teaneck, N.J., IK, Varsity Baseball, Markt. Club, Accountinq Club; Edwin L Gage, ' I ' AH, A S, Enid; Helen L. Sale, AAII, Educ, OC: Betty F. Gallomorc, Ar, Educ, Tulsa; Donald P. Gangemi, ' KH, Bus., Scarsdale, N.Y.: Gloria Sannaway, AF, A S, OC, AAA, Miss O.U., Best Dressed Girl on Campus, One of Ten Outstanding Women, Orchesis. THIRD ROW: Judy G. Gardner, A S, Tulsa, Oikonomia: Richard E. Garlick, 2X, Billings. Mont., i;T, AIEE, IRE; George C. Garner, Bus., Norman, Arnold Air Society; Lionel H. Garrett, -X, Bus., Coalgate; Terry Garrett, ' I ' K-, Bus., OC; Wayne L. Garrison, Bus., Chickasha, Accounting Club; Tom Roy Garvin, Engr., Duncan, AlChE, Engr. Club, Chess Club; Jimmy L. Gaut, Bus., Copan, Mang. Club, Accounting Club; Sharon J. Gharib, A S, Chicago, III., Anihro. Club, Intornafl Club, Persian Club. FIRST ROW: Joseph D. Gibson, Engr., Wichita, Kan., Varsity O Club, ASM; Lavell R. Gibson, Engr., Dallas, Tex., " i ' Uy., ' THll, ODK; Clay Gilbert, AXil, Educ, El Reno, SNEA, AU, John T. Gist, A S Tulsa; Billy G. Givens, ' I ' AH, Bus., Ardmore, Pet, Land Mang. Club; Alice A. Glasby, KA, Bus., Tulsa, Pres. KA, SAM, in. Young Republicans; Jerry N. Glasgow, Educ, Edmond; Jerry Glasscock, Ai; l ' , A S, Norman; William E. Glover, Pharm., Amarillo, Tex., I ' X. ey SECOND ROW: Anne Godfrey, AX!2, Educ, Amarillo, Tex,, K ' ] ' Foundation; Richard D. Goddard, Engr., Long Beach, Calif., PE Club; Joar Godwin, Educ, Tulsa; DeWitt C. Goff, -X, Bus., Tulsa, Land Management Club Scabbard and Blade, IK; Thomas J. Goodwin, UHll, A S, Ponca City, ' Mli; -II-; C. Andrew Gorski, ' K0, Bus., Roselle, III.; Donald E. Goia, Engr., Oney; Stan W. Gralla, I ' KH, Engr,, Housatonic, Mass., Newman Club, Student Chap- ter of AAA, Pledge Trainer, ' I ' KH, ISC, Bowling Team; Thomas D. Grant, Ai: l , A S, New Orleans, La. THIRD ROW: Herbert M. Graves, A S, Duncan; Larry D. Green, ATS2, A S, Enid, AKA, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Linda L. Green, Educ, OC, SOEA, FTA, SNEA; William O. Green, Acacia, Law, Enid: Robert B. Greenstine, Engr.. Norman, i;T, AXi;, AlChE, Arnold Air Soc; Margaret A. Greve, AX!!. Bus., Tulsa, Student Senate; E. Floyanne Griffin, AAII, Educ, Tulsa, KUVY, Model UN; S. Susan GrifRn, AAA, Educ. Idabct Verne E. Griffith, i;AK, Engr., Okmulgee, THII, i;T, OAK. ' ' . 418 m g, A George McDonald, Phil Clark, Jim Johns as OU school days come to an end. FIRST ROW: Susan P. Groh, MH ' b, A S. Cleveland. Ohio, UAB: Barbara K. Grotts. A S. Norman, Oiltonomia, Int. Design Club. Dean ' s Honor Roll. ISA; Bob L. Grove, 11K. A S. Panama, Student Senate, Homecoming Chairman. Treas. of Sr. Class: Harley L Grovor, Bus ., Norman, Accounting Club; D. Thomas Gunning, •I ' Ki;. Engr.. Norman. SECOND ROW: Stefani K. Gurwell, KAB, Educ. Enid; Lanny B. Guthrie, Bus. Tipton. Accounting Club, Assoc, oi Adv. Mang. Club: Ronal D. Hale, A S, Moore.: Ray C. Hall. ATA, A S, Norman, Ed. of Yearbook, BMOC, Who ' s Who, A n. ZM ilAX, UAB: Sue Halpain, APA, FA. Sulphur. M ' I ' K. Univ. Girls Quartet. BSU. MENC. THIRD ROW: Glenda L. Hamilton, A S. Guymon, AAA, Tassels. KI ' K; Sherry L. Hamilton. A S. OC, AAA, Russian Club: John Hamlin, A S. Bartlesville; Frederick E. Hammer, ATI; Engr., Kareny, IFC, Pres. Ind. Mang. Club, Engr. Club. House Manager and Treas. AT! ' ; Jim Hancock, A S, Beeville, Tex., Pick and Hammer. FIRST ROW: Ann M. Hann, ZTA. A S, OC, UK; John Harbour, Bus., Hobart Sharon Hardin, A S, McAlcster, Shadow Box, Der,n s Honor Roll: Amanda Hardy, XS!, A S, Ardmore; Carol A. Harkins. AAA. A S McAlester; June Harms, KKP, A S. Duncan. Mortar Board, TAX. »i; ' l ' . lIi;A. Who ' s Who, Yearbook Personality; Margaret N. Harris, Educ, Norman. Orchesis. II£2n, Pres. IIBA. Dean ' s Honor Roll, Candidate for Dream Girl; J. Lynette Hart, Educ, Norman. SNEA; Don Hassebroek, BBH, Bus., Duncan, Markt. Club, IE. SECOND ROW: Willard L. Hatfield, Bus.. Norman; Gary L. Hawkins, Educ. Te«homa Vice Pres. of Ind. Arts Club: Bud Hayden, i ' I ' K, Educ. Elk City; Alden V. Hayes, AP, A S. Ridgewood, N.J.: Gilbert F. Hayes, KA, A S. OC: Mike Healy, ' I ' Kn En.,r., W;,:hHa, Kan., ASCfc, N. ' ...--i.,n Clur I C Pre. ' I ' KH: Patsy L. Heard, Educ. Strlngtov n. SNEA; Robert C. Hembree. Bus.. Atoka. V.arslty O Club: Ross Henderson. Engr., Revelstoke. B.C.. " KX, AIEE. THIRD ROW: E. Scott Henley, KA, Pharm Ardmore; Linda G. Hensley, A S, El Reno. Dean ' s Honor Roll; Karen L. Henning. AAA. Educ, Whittier. Calif.: Mary L Herrold, KAB. A S. Tulsa Pres. AT; Dean I. Hertensfein. IIKA. Engr., Mt. Vernon, III., Mens Glee Club. IFC Rush Committee: Allan Hewett, Bus., Norman, IK, Market. Club, Soc Adv. of Manag. Club. KUVY, Aviation Club; Don K. Hickman, ' I ' KH. Bus.. Spiro; Tim Hicks. IIKA. Bus.. Marietta; Ardell Higginbotham, FA. McAlester. 419 FIRST ROW: Wayne Higgins, Engr., Tulsa; Chester Hill, i;X, A S, Clayton, N. Max.: John Hill, ATA, Engr., Tulsa, ASE; Kerwin M. Hill, Educ, OC, Pres. CCUN, State Rep. of CCUN: Jerry M. Hobbs, ' Hvi;, Engr,, OC. Arnold Air Soc, AlChE, AXi:, :ZT. TBU; Linda F. Hobbs, r l B, Educ, OC; Kathey N. Hodges, A ' 1 , A S, Dayton, Ohio; Johnnie Hohenshelt, KA, A S, Ardmore: Darrell R. Hohmann, Educ, Lone Wolf, Varsity O Club. SECOND ROW: Stephen Barton Holaday, AT, A S, Midwest City, Pres, AT, IPC, Senior Class Vice Pres,, Student Judicial Board; Robert B. Holland, Jr., i;AB, Bus., Moore, Sec SAE, Finance Club; Bill Hollister, ATA, A S, Hellam, Pa., Pres. DTD, IPC; David F. Holmes, A S, OC; John R. Holmes, +rA, A S, Durant; Yoshihiro H. Hongo, Engr., Funabashi, Chlba, Japan, AlChE; Dayna S. Hood, AAA, FA, Durant; James D. Hood, Ai; , Engr., Norman, Soc, of Engr, Phys,, IFC; Marcia J. Hopping, AXH, Educ, OC, :iAH, SNEA. THIRD ROW: Larry R. Hornbeek, Engr., OC; David C. Hornsby, Pharm., Shawnee, A.Ph.A.; Bennett G. Hornstein, HA ' l ' , A S, Omaha, Neb.; Larry J. Hoskins, Engr., Duncan; Dorothy June Houk, A S, Bartlesville; Mike C. Howard, Ben, Pharm, Blackwell; Sharon A. Howard, Pharm., Norman, Am. Pharm, Assoc; W. Dwayne Hov ard, —X, Bus., Artesia, N. Max., Finance Club; Jerry Carroll Howell, Ai; , Engr., Olathe, Kan. FIRST ROW: Karen G. Howell, Educ, Loveland, Cate Center Pres,, AWS, SNEA; Richard T. Howell, i:N ' , Engr., Broken Arrow, IME, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Mllburn Hudson, nB l ' , Educ, Ardmore; Linda K. Hudspeth, T+B, Educ, Atoka; Jimmy R. Huff, A S, OC, I ' HT, KK J ' , SECOND ROW: Barbara W. Hughes William Reginald Hughes, A S, Bartlesville; J I ' X; Charles L. Hunt, Bus., OC. Econ. Club, Dem. Club, SNEA. Educ, Roswell, N. Max., IIS2II, I BA, SNEA; L. Humes, A S, Council Bluffs, Iowa, Jo Ann Hunt, A l , Educ, OC, Young THIRD ROW: Mary J. Hunter, Al ' A, A S, Charleston, W. Va.; Bill D. Huser, i:A|.:, A S, Wewoka; Suda K. Husky, AX 2, A S, OC, Mortar Board, Sec. UAB, AHA, Vice Pres. AXS2; H. Clark Hyde, :iN, A S, OC; Marian M. Ikeda, A S, Kahului, Maui, Hawaii. ayna Hood and Judy Bledsoe regret they never tried out for aders. Then they could have gone to the Army game. 420 ' ! i -9 %. m f m FIRST ROW: Gene R. Imke, Ki:. Bus., OC. All " . ' , IK, Markt. Club: Yvonne iHner, AJiA, A S, Midland, Tex.. Rec. Sec. AAA, Pres. HI ' :, Oikonomia; Robert L Ivesfer, K-, Bus., Sayre: Joan L. Jacob, KA, Educ, Hobart, UK, Westminster Foundation: Tom E. James, Al-), Bus., Ardmore: John B. Jarboe, -X, A S, Tulsa: Jay L. Jarmes, AXA, Bus.. Norman: Bob Jayroe, KA, A S, BIytheville, Ark.: Jacqueline L. Jefferson, Bus., OC, 20th Cent. Society, Accounting Club. SECOND ROW: Ruth Jett, Educ, Wetumka, HUH, KAH. Pres. Honor Roll, Shadow Box, BA, K-h: Carol M. Johnson, Pharm., Weatherford: Clyde B. Johnson, A S, Norman: Judith P. Johnson, XI!, A S, Tulsa, Pres. Int. Des. Club, Pres. X!. ' : Ray A. Johnson, Educ, Perry, Wrestling: Synneva A. Johnson, Educ, Ardmore: Judith C. Johnston, X 2 A S SSav nee: Arthur L. Jones, Engr.. Fred- erick, ARS, IAS, i;T, i:rT, St. Pat ' s Council, Deans Honor Roll: Hugh R. Jones, -M ' A, Bus., Woodward. THIRD ROW: Ralph W. Jones, Engr., Cyril, Pet. Engr. Club, Engr. Club; Tommy A. Jones, Bus., Texhoma. Accounting Club: David J. Joiwiak, ' I ' Kh, A S. Birnawood, Wis.: Roy L. Judd, Educ, Norman, KAII, History Club, SNEA; Detlev Justus, Bus., Vinita, Markt. Club, IK; Teresa A. Kalman, P ' l ' B, Educ. Norman, KAII, Vice Pres Ducks Club, SNEA: Marlene J. Kamensky, Ah , Bus., OC: Roy E. Kannady, Jr., Engr., Healdton. IITi;, ASME, Arnold Air Soc, Engr. Club Jerome H. Kati. i;A.M, Bus.. Tulsa. FIRST ROW: Marlene Kay, -AT A S, Little Rock, Ark., Hill.jl Govpm. Board AWS. Orientation: Chris Kauffman, i:X, Bus., OC; Kathleen I. Kelley, A S. Norman. Shadow Box. AAA Deans Honor Roll. Oikonomia; Richard A. Kelley, Engr., Little Rock, Ark.. IITi;, ASME. SAE, Aviation Club; Joe R. Kennedy, •tPA, Muskogee; Janice C. Kenslow, KA, Educ, Tulsa, Trees, of KA Younq Rep., Shadow Box; Richard L. Kent, Bus., Selling. Accounting Club: Robert L. Kerr, AT, Pharm, Garber, Pres. Pharm. Sen. Class: Karia A. Ketch, A ' l ' , FA, OC, AEO, Pan. Social Chairman. SECOND ROW: Russell L. Ketch, A S, Broken Arrow, AKP, KUVY; Robert L. Kidd III, AT!!, FA Poteau, KK . Z»K- Rebecca A. Kites, KAO, Educ, OC; Lester J. Killingsworth, A S, Altus: Donald K. Kiltau, Engr., Norman, ASCE, -T; In Sook Kim, A S Seoul, Korea; Billy J. Kinder, Bus Comanche: Nina S. King, KKP, A S. Wichita Falls. Tex.; La Donna Kinnebrew, Bus., Ft. Cobb. THIRD ROW: Jane M. Kinier, Educ, Grandfleld. K " l ' , Wesley Foundation; Robert L Kinier, A S Grandfleld IIMK illli:, IIHi:, BMOC. Outstanding Ind., Vice Pres. ISA. Treas. Wesley Found.; Robert A. Kirkpatrick, HKA. Engr., OC, IT, IIKX, TBn, IRE; Sharon F. King, AXi! Educ, Guymon, SNEA; Earl W. Kitchen, ' I ' Ki " . Engr.. OC. TBII, TK ITK " Mli:. Soc. Geol. Engr.; Irene J. Klaff, Ai I , A S, Chicago. III.: Linda Kliewer. KAH Educ. Cherokee; Jerald A. Klinock, AM Bus.. Shawnee Mission, Kan., History Club, ASH, Vice Pres. SAM: Spencer L Knapp, AT !!, Engr., OC, AXi), AICE, OU Fencing Club, Editor of ATO Paper, AXI. 421 FIRST ROW: Gwende A. Koch. IIB ' I ' , A S, Scarsdale, N.Y,; Gary W. Kolander, - ' ' . Engr., Shattucl; Robert H. Kroney, Ki;, Engr.. Dallas. Tex., TTK, i:T, AIIU; James J. Kublk, ' I ' KH, A S, Duncan. Dean ' s Honor Roll; Brenda G. Kuhn, FA, Sapulpa: Robert A. Kyker, Engr., Ringling, ASME, SAE. Band, Judo Club; Gwyn S. Lacey, Educ. OC, SNEA, K ' l ' ; Walter E. Lacy, Educ, Lindsay, AXA, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Earl E. Lafon, A S, OC, Vice Pres. i:ni;, Vice Pres. HME, ' l ' li:i AI ' U. SECOND ROW: Linda S. Lahr, Educ, Bell Aire, Te».; Dick H. Lamberti, i;N. Bus.. Enid. Vice Pres. :i;N, Golf Team; M. Laile Landauer, KHII A S, Ponca City; Ronald G. Landrum, Engr., OC, i;T, IITi;, ' [.lli); Ken Lanyon, t ' AB. Bus.. Amarillo, Tex.. Pres. IPC: Timothy M. Larason, Hull, Bus., Fargo, Publications Board, Treas. BTP; George A. Lasky. AKIl, Bus.. Hot Springs. Ark.; Linda L. Lasseter. AXl. ' , OC, AAA, Accounting Club, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Graydon H. Laughbaum. Jr., i:AK. Engr., Dallas, Tex.. ODK, 2T, TTK, JSrE. BMOC. IPC. THIRD ROW: Donald L. Lawrence, i;X, Bus., Sayre, Dean ' s Honor Roll, Scab- bard and Blade; George F. Le Bus III, Engr., Wichita Falls, Tex.. TBII, liT, Arnold Air Soc, ASCE, SCAIA, St. Pat ' s Council; Jack N. Lee, i;X, Educ. McAlester, Basketball Team; Roger A. Lee, A S, Wichita Falls, Tex.. Cross Cen- ter Pres. Council. ISA Rep., Sec. Ruf-Neks; Shirley K. Lee, Pharm., Norman. PX; Gary A. Leek, A S. Tulsa, Honor Roll, French Club; Robert A. Lehman, i:AK, A S, OC; Angle J. Leonard, AXS2, FA, Jackson, Mo.; Timothy D. Leonard, BH+, A S, Beaver. . mikdi FIRST ROW: Tommie L. Levi, Educ. Memphis, Tenn.; Thomas A. Lewis, A S, Hot Springs, Ark.; Ronald J. LIckllder, i:N, A S, Pauls Valley, ADS, IK; Linda J. Lindsay, A S. Tulsa: Napoleon LIsta, Engr.. Norman, Dean ' s Honor Roll, IT, Tllli, IlKT; Janice LIttke, XI ' , A S, Clinton: Tom Littleton, Engr., OC, AIEE; Cynthia Lloyd, Educ, Tonkawa; Clara M. Loewen, XSi, A S, Watonga, AWS. Tassels. SECOND ROW: Santo S. Lombardo, Engr.. Norman; Judy Longbotham, AXS2, A S, Guymon; Jack W. Love, :iX, A S, OC; Charles Lewis, KA, A S. Hobart. •l ' li:i, AKA, Outstanding Fresh. Air Force Cadet; Bill L. Lucas, A- l , A S, Carnegie; Colleen Lucas, A S, Houston, Tex.. Counselor Forbes House, AAA; Suzanne F. Lucas, IIH ' l ' . A S, OC; Judy S. Ludlam, AXS2, FA, Norman, Mortar rd. Tassels, BWOC, Pres. of M ' I ' K, KAII, Rush Ch. of AXH; Jack Luginbuel, ., Vinita, Band. THIRD ROW: Robert P. Luke, -AH, Engr.. Ardmore, Mii;, ASNE. ANS, SEP, Engr. Club, ASME, i;ili;, n " , i;T:i; David C. Luther, Bus., Ponca City, Markt. Club. IK; Marylynn Luther, AXL2, A S, Ponca City, AAA, Ducks Club, NSEA; Terry T. McCaffery, A S, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Louis E. McCarter, BHII, A S, Tonkawa; Judy McClaIn, A S, Elk City, Oikonomla, UK, Shadow Box, Ducks Club, Dean ' s Honor Roll; John C. McClure, ' I ' K . Engr., Barllesvllle; Mary E. McClure, KKT, Educ, Ardmore; James A. McComas, ' I ' KH, Bus., Los Cruces. N. Mex., Treas. Finance Club. PKT Treas. 422 FIRST ROW: Tim McCoolc. FA, Enid: Stan McCourry, Enqr., Norman; Thomas M. McCoy, A S, AKl " ; Thomas M. McCurdy, A S, Purcell. -AX, O Club, AAIi; Brenda S. McDaniel. Educ, Follett, Tex. KAII, SNEA Law Wives Club. SECOND ROW: Ronald C. McDaniel, Bus., OC, Hl ' i:, ' Mli:, OXK: Ben A. McDermott, Nashville, Tenn., Fr. Football, Pet. Land Manq. Club; Richard W. McDonald, Ai:-lv A S, Aurora, III., Band, Glee Club, AXii ; Tommy E. McDonald, Ai; ' l ' , Enqr., Wilson- James P. McDowell, Pharm, Hereford. Tex., APhA. THIRD ROW: Lucy F. McFadyen, KA(I A S Anadarlo, HlM-, TAX. Tassels, BWOC; Henry C. McGee, Enqr., El Reno, -VT; Ermona B. McGoodwIn, A S. Ardmore, AT; Janie Mclnfosh, AXi;, Educ. OC; Mary J. McKnight, KAH. Educ, Enid. Remembering freshman days in Hun Dykes, Helen Reagor and Judy Elliott. Pat O ' Neal. Diane i M FIRST ROW: Patrick D. McLaughlin, AS ' j Pom, City I ' - ' i; Patricia A. McMahon, KAO Educ. Dallas, Te.,; Jerry McNeely, •i ' K. Bus., Houston. Tex. Pres. - ' I ' K, Accountinq Club; Charlotte McRee, FA, Granite, AKl ' ; Phyllis A. McWilliams, Educ, OC, SNEA, KAII; James D. Mabus, Engr., Overland Part, Kan., IT THII, -I ' lii;: Bruce R. Magoon, UA ' I-, Bus., Tulsa; Joseph Main, Bus., Cleveland, Ohio: Francis E. Malloy. Bus.. Norman. SECOND ROW: John C. Mansur, Enqr., Tulsa, Engr. Club, AIEE, IRE: Todd W. Markum, " I ' l ' A A S Clmton; Wendell G. Marley, Engr., Nashoba, AIEE Enqr. Club, -T; Mary E. Marsh, AAA, A S, Jackson, Miss., AAA; Merry Ann Marsh, A S, Tulsa- Susan A. Marshall, HH ' I ' Educ, Shreveport, La,; Linda R. Martin, AAII. Educ, OC; Terry A. Martin. XiJ. Educ, Hennessey, Panhellenic, Rush Chairman XSi, Oikonorrii Rene V. Martinez, Engr.. San Juan, Puerto Rico. THIRD ROW: Jaak Massakas, Engr., Los Angeles, Calif., Engr. Club, IAS: M. Christine MaHhews, A S, Durant, " J ' X. FHK, Women ' s Judo Club; John D. Maxson, KA A S Dallas, Tex., Vice Pres. KA, Ch. Engr. of Radio Station; Beth H. Mays, Pharm., Jayton, Tex.: Mary L. Means, Pharm., Ardmore, APhA, I ' X; Richard D. Meason, Bus.. Mangum; Mary Ellen Meehan, HB , A S, Wichita, Kan.; Ed Mehew, -X. Engr., Lawton, -T, Ind. Mang. Engr. Club, Aviation Club: James W. Mehl. AT;. ' . Engr., Dallas, Tex. 423 Ir i| FIRST ROW: Raymond A. Melahn, Jr., Bus., N.Y., A:ill; SAM; Barbara A. Merrill, ZTA A S, Dallas, Tex., Hon. Regimental Col. of Pershing Rifles, Pres. ZTA, Newman Clu ' b, Int. Des. Club; Richard L Merritt, Engr., Enid, AIEE, i;T, IlKX; Maureen Metcalfe, AAA, A S, OC; Marcelllia R. Meyer, Bus., Norman, IE, Shadow Box, Dean ' s Honor Roll, Pres. Honor Roll. SECOND ROW: Annette Miller, AAD, Educ, Hinton, SMUA; Bertelea I. Miller, AFA, Bus., Salina, Kan.; Judy A. Miller, TIB , A S, Tulsa, Oikonomia, Shadow Box, University Sing Sec, Dad ' s Day Com.; Kent W. Miller, ATA, Engr., OC, Vice Pres. Engr. Club, nT2, Sec. 2T, ODK, BMOC, ASME, Vice Pres. UAB.; Sherri Rene Miller, XH, A S OCEd. of Windmill. THIRD ROW: William Leon Miller, AT, Bus., Port Hueneme, Calif., Ai:iT; Will G. Mills, Bus., Canada: Suzanne Milsten, i;AT, A S, Tulsa; Mike D. Mitchell, Ai; , A S, Tutsa; Gary E. Mitchelmore, A S, Davis, iAX, Okla. Daily Staff, Counselor Bass House. Patty Rose, McCurtain house counselor, d jack-o-lantern for a dorm party on Halloween aws the job of making a FIRST ROW: Warner P. Mobley, A S, Norman, Judo Club Pres.; Ted C. Mollman, Engr., Moore; Galloway Monk, Educ, Norman; Robert B. Montgom- ery, AXA, Bus., Houston, Tex., Finance Club; M. Leon Moore, A S, OC; Meredyth Moore, KKT, A S, Vinita; W. Mac Moore, Engr., Mollis, AXi;, AlChE; Willis Moore, A S, Norman, Pe-et, ODK, BSU, Student Senate, IRC, Men ' s Glee Club, BMOC, Yearbook Personalily; D. Ruth Morris, Educ, Ajo, Ariz. SECOND ROW: Ryan H. Morris, ilAE, Bus., El Reno; Vickey D. Morrison, AXS2, Educ, Lindsay: Bettye B. Morrow, FA, Binghamton, N.Y., M I E, Collegium Musicum, ISA Rep., Univ. Chorus, Women ' s Choral Club; Conrad F. Morrow, ATA, A S, Muskogee, Student Senate; Bob Motet, ATA, A S, Tulsa: Charlet G. Moses, Ki;, Engr., Norman, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Jim Mouser, - E, Bus., Perry,: Faramarz Moussavisaeedi, Engr., Norman, Internat ' l Club, Iranian Student Soc; Jean D. Moyer, FA, OC, A ' I ' A. THIRD ROW: Dale R. Muehlenbrock, Engr.. Dallas, Tex.; Mont. Muldrow, B«ri, Bus., Brownfield, Tex.; Judy Mundy, AF, A S, Shamrock, Tex., Shadow Box, Scandals Com., Yearbook Beauty: Helen M. Murphy, I M, A S, Eufaula, Mor- tar Board Treas., A hA, Pres. " I ' M; Sylvia P. Murphy, Al ' A, Bus,, OC, Marketing Club; Earl F. Myers, Engr., Edna, Kan.: Walter Myers, Bus., Odessa, Tex.; Kaye D. Nadolski, Pharm., Wichita, Kan., APhA; Robert G. Neeley, KA, OC, Pharm., ' t ' i:, APhA. 424 p ! FIRST ROW: Linda A. Nelson, " I ' -M. Educ, Springfield, Mass., AWS, Fencing Club, Dads Day, Tennii: Victor W. Neugebauer, A S, Fairvlew; Mary A. Newlon, ' I ' M, FA, Tabor, Iowa, Wesley Foundation, K l ' , MENC; Lyntha A. Nicklas, KKl " , A S, Lawton. Mortar Board, Yearbook Personality, Who ' s Who; Beverly R. Niebruegge, A S, Snyder, Oikonomla, UK; Donald R. Noakes, - X Engr., OC; Roger M. Norman, Bus., Temple, Pet. Land Mang.; J. Vann Nor- wood, : ' i ' V: Bus., Arlington, Va.: Janice E. Novak, AI ' A, Educ, OC, AAA, French Club, Dean ' s Honor Roll, SNEA; Patricia V. O ' Brien, Educ, Norman. SECOND ROW: Nels dander, UKA, Bus., El Reno; Becky Olive, AXS . A S, OC. Orchesis; Pat A. O ' Neal, IIH . Educ, OC, Mortar Board, Tassels, Student Senate, BWOC: Mary B. Opiti, A1 " A FA, Binger- Morris L Orr, ' I ' AH. A S, Dallas, Tex.; Chuck Orth, AT, Bus., Tulsa, Ailll; Robert L Owen, ATA. A S. Bartlesville, Pe-et, Pres. ' Mli;, Pres. AED. ODK; Marilyn A. Owens, ZTA, A S, Shav nee, THIRD ROW: Edgar F. Pacheco, Engr., Norman, Pet. Engr. Club, -T, TBIl; Carolyn K. Panero, A ' l Educ, Long Beach, Calif.; Thomas f. Parker, •M ' A, A S, Shreveport, La.; Bill R. Parks, Educ, Frederick; George Parks, Jr., Engr., Dallas, Tex.; Nerena J. Parnell, A S, OC, Educ. Wives Club; Jerrold H. Pass, i:AM, Bus., St. Louis, Mo., Pres. AM, Ai)!!, IFC, Homecoming Com., Dad ' s Day Com,; Clare A. Patterson, Engr., Bartlesville; Jim B. Patterson, Bus.. Elk City. We wM FIRST ROW: John T. Patterson, A S, Durant; R. Kent Patton, Engr., Anadarko, Dean ' s Honor Roll, Counselor Sequoyah House; Marshall Mark Pearlsteln, IIA-l ' , Bus., St. Louis, Mo.; James E. Pearson, A S, Norman: William M. Peck, ' f ' K ' I ' , Engr., Tulsa; Perry A. Pendergraft, ATA, Pharm., APhA; Anthony L. Penny- baker, Engr., Seminole, IAS: Irvin D. Pense, Educ, Tulsa, Ind. Arts Club; Dale E. Perini, Educ. Carlsbad, N. Mex., Varsity Football. SECOND ROW: Jerry E. Pettlbone, Ki), Bus., Dallas, Tex., Varsity Football, Pres. Washington House: Pat R. Peugh, Pharm.. Tulsa, APhA; Roger Phares, Engr., OC; R. Curtis Phillips, +AH Engr., Boulder, Colo., Pres. Engr. Club: Stewart Pickle, A S, Watts; David J. PIna, A S, Boston, Mass., Arnold Air Sec- De Wayne Pitt, Bus., Ada, Dean ' s Honor Roll, Pres. Pet. Land Mang. Club; Mary Jo Plovanlch, Educ, Tulsa; Herb D. Pond, Bus., OIney, Pub. Rel. Soc, Soc. Adv. of Mang. THIRD ROW: V. L Ponton, Bus., Casper. Wyo.; David W. Poynor, ATJJ, Bus., Enid, Arnold Air Soc; Susan Poythress, AI ' A, A S, Dallas, Tex.. French Club, THK, House Pres. AFA, Wesley Foundation; Wildine G. Probst, A S, Enid, i;AII; Eliiabeth Prosser, A S. OC, French Club; James L Provines, A S, OC, Varsity O Club, Aviation Club, Econ. Club, Varsity Tennis Coach; Charles A. Purser, Engr., Clay City, III., P.E. Club: Tillman J. Ragan. Educ, Norman, «I AK, SNEA, IFC; Burl D. Ragland, Engr., Mt. View, ASCE. 425 SECOND ROW: David A. Reel, Engr., Shafter, Tex., ASME. SAE, Engr. Club; Sheila A. Reel, r B, Educ. Shaffer, Tex., OEA; Bob T. Reese, KA, Bus., Fresno, Calif., Swimming: Donna L. Reeser, AF, Educ, Enid; Bob Reid, A S, Ardmore; Richard K. Reld, Engr., Fox, Engr. Club, ASME, SAE, UT , Pres. Honor Roll, Pres. of Fresh. Class, Student Instructor; Elizabeth Ann Reimers, A l ' , A S, Moline, III.; Sherry D. Rhodes, Educ, Norman; Robert B. Ricci, Bus., Green- wich, Conn., IK, SAM, Pres. of Semper Fidells, Trident Soc. THIRD ROW: Judith A. Richter, FA, Wynnewood. A ' I ' A, DSF; Melvin E. Riggs, Educ, Tulsa, Varsity O Club, Swimming Team; Loyal J. Roach, FA, OC; Anne V. Robbins, AAA, A S, McAlester, AKA Pres.; John D. Roberts, KH, Engr.. Duncan, ASCE, Vice Pres. t KH: Owen L Robinson, Engr., OC, :iT, riTn,i:nZ; Tom Rodgers, KA, Bus., Anadarko, AUSA; Melvin V. Rogers, AXA, Engr.. Ponca City; Otis R. Rogers. Bus., OC. FIRST ROW: Ivo Roospold. Bus., Brooklyn, N.Y.; Gerald W. Rose. Bus., OC; Patricia D. Rose, i;AT, FA, Oliverette, Mo., Pres. i:AT, BWOC, Sec. of Student Senate, Sec. of Senior Class, TAX; Stan Rosenfleld, IIA ' I ' , A S, OC, HJI, Econ. Club, KUVY; Barbara J. Royds, Educ. Downers Grove, III., Yearbook Beauty; Carlos Royuela, Engr., La Paz, Bolivia, Engr. Club., Pet. Engr. Club; Karyl Rubin. Educ, New York, N.Y., Dean ' s Honor Roll; Mike Ruby. Engr., Muskogee, Stu- dent Senate, ISA, Sooner Yearbook Staff, IITll, THM; Q. H. Rundell, Jr.. ' I ' l ' A, A S, OC, SECOND ROW: Bob Rusch, Engr., OC, ASCE; James F. Rushing, Engr., OC, AXA, IRE, AIEE; Perry W. Russell, i) !-:, Educ, Palestine, Tex., Varsity Basket- ball, O Club, Men ' s P.E. Club; Richard E. Russell. A S, Tulsa,; Robert Ryan, +A«, Engr., Tulsa; Sharon Sabo, AXS!, Educ, OC, Pres. AXS2; Martha J. Sadler, Educ, Altus, AAA, UilU. KAH; Kenneth R. Sage, FA, N. Chicago, III.; Syed M. Salahuddin. Engr., Norman. THIRD ROW: Walter L. Saloga, Engr., OC, SAE, ASME; Stanley Salpeter, AKII, Bus., N.Y., Soc. for the Advancement of Mang., Pres. AEO; Fenton M. Sanger, -X, A S, OC; Loren G. Sargent, Bus., Baiko; J. B. Saunders III. -AE, Bus., Houston, Tex., IE; Rodney J. Sayles, Acacia, Engr., Miami. Inst, of Air Sciences, Arnold Air Soc; Murray H. Schafer, Bus., Moose Jaw, Canada: Lonnie Schmltt, « K ' , Engr., Dorchester, Tex., IAS, Engr. Club; Bart Schoene- man, KA, Bus., Dallas, Tex., Social Chairman KA, IK. 426 f % FIRST ROW: David W. Schrelber, A S, OC; Lynn Schriner, A ' l ' , Engr,, Ponca City, IRE, AIEE, SAME, Enqr, Club, Social Chrmn,, Al ' l- Delbert Schwab, UKA, Bus., Shattuclt; Eugene J. Schwelher, AKK, A S, Forrest Hills, N.Y., AXi;, SAACS; Stuart M. Scoggin, AXA A S, OC; Gilbert C. Scrivner, AXA, Engr., Heavner, ASME, SAE: Robert Seago, -I ' Ki:, Engr., OC; Mary L Searcy, KKr, A S, Ponca City; Ann Sears, FA, Norman, SAI, Choral Club. SECOND ROW: Suellen Senter, r B. Educ, Washington, D.C., Scandals, Univ. Sing; S. Barnett Serio, Jr., -N, Bus., Natchez, Miss.; Jinnmy R. Sharp, Engr., Rush Springs, -T, Institute of Air. Space Sciences, -BK; Ronald W. Rogers, Engr.. Marlov . ASME, SAE; Sylvia R. Rogers, AFA, Bus., N. Little K A Rock, Ark., Markt. Club, IK, Univ. Sing; John M. Roper, Engr., Buena Park, Calif., ASE, ASME, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Raymond V. Sharp, Engr., Miami, Fla.; Robert L Shaw, :i:AK, Engr., Weatherford, -T, ODK; Robert M. Shaw, +Ae. A S, Kemah, Tex. THIRD ROW: Ronald L. ShefHeld, AXA, Educ, Lawton; Samir Shehab, Engr., Norman; Jerry G. Shelby, FA, OC; Wanda Shelton, A S, Arnett. AAA, K , ZMl, KI ' K A ' hA; Donna L. Shirley, r l ' B, A S. Wynnewood, -IT Tassels. Ducks: James L Short, Bus.. OC: Jerome H. Short, Ai;+ Engr., OC. i:T. i:rT, IAS; Jim W. Shull, Bus., Seminole, SAM, IK; James V. SIdwell, KA, Engr., Tulsa. i;T, i:i ' K, ITK, FIRST ROW: Don T. Siebert, ATA A S Musi e--: Dwight E. Silver, Al ' h, A S, Lc Alamos. N. Mex., Trident See. URC ' Carol M. Simon, iiAT A S, Prairie Village, Kan. Hlllel Pres.. Pres. i:AT; Mary H. Simpson, A S, OC, i iAli, ISA AWS; Michael G. Simp, son, Ai: , A S. Mission, Te«. SECOND ROW: A. Richard Sinclair, ATA, Engr.. OC. ODK UTi: -Mli:. O Club, ASME Chairman of Dads Day Comm,; Saul L. Sinderbrand, AKII. Bus.. Wharton, Tex.; Jim Slne« -X. Engr., Longview, Tex., Engr. Club, Pet. Engr. Club; Dick Slagle, " MtS, Engr., OC, Pr. Ki:, AIEE: Marian Slater, X , Bus., Brentwood, Mo. THIRD ROW: Alvin H. Smith, -M ' A A S, Clinton; Blaine H. Smith, Acacia, A S, Enid i:AX; Carolyn Sue Smith, AXL ' , A S, Midwest City; Charles R. Smith, Engr.. Canada Engr. Club- Cleta F. Smith, P ' l ' H, A S, Elgin, +A0. Don Randall and Ronnie Licklider at the KD site, speculate about ne houses that will go up on fraternity row. 427 FIRST ROW: Dick L. Smith, Engr.. Anthony, Kan., i ' Hi:, i:T, IIET, Vice Pres. Pet. Engr. Club. Pres. Cleveland House; Garry L Smith, 8611, A S, Tulsa: Jay Smith, Educ, Helena, Outstanding Indp., BMOC, Who ' s Who, Counselor Whitehand; Keith Smith, HKA, A S, OC, Pres. Senior Class. Head Cheerlead- er, Who ' s Who. BMOC, Yearbook Personality; M. Karen Smith, X !, Bus., Cashing; Mary L. Smith, A S, Union City, Oikononnla; William J. Sochan, Engr., Norman, Amer. Rocket Soc, Inst, of Air Space Sc, Interc. Flying Soc: Howard Somberg, AEH. A S, OC: Tom Soukas, 2 E. Bus., N.Y. SECOND ROW; Paul D. Spears, Educ, Savanna, SNEA; Milton L. Spessard, Bus., Comanche. IK, Markt. Club; Leon R. Spitr, Engr., Guthrie. ASCE; Joyce K. Sproles, XS2, Educ, Guyman, Choral Club: Diane J. Stark, 4 M, Educ. Alexan- der, Va.. AWS, Treas. of M, Hil- Jos eph E. Statum, Jr., A S, OC, Pick and Hammer Club, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Diane J. Steele, AAA, A S, Houston, Tex., Hi; , Student Press Assoc, Daily Staff; John H. Stephenson, i;X, Bus., Seminole Dean ' s Honor Roll. AAZ; Mary E. Stevens, Educ, Borger, Tex. THIRD ROW: Bill Stewart, UKA, A S, OC, Vice Pres. HKA. Dean ' s Honor Roll. :SAX, Okla. Daily Staff; Jan Stewart, FA, Durant; John B. Stiiia, i:X, Bus., McAlester; Edwin L. Stoorza, A S, Ft. Worth, Tex., Pn:L- Jacqueline Stout, Educ, Sulphur, SNEA, OEA; Jim Stout, Engr.. Sulphur, ASCE: Clarence E. Strebel, Engr., Okay, IRE, AIEE, Dean ' s Honor Roll: Gary Stringer, A S, Nor- man, BSU. A+A, German Club, Internafl Club, Dean ' s Honor Roll; William W. Surbey, Engr., Muskogee, Arnold Air Soc, St. Pat ' s Council, Inst. Aero. Space Sciences, Amer. Rocket Soc, Engr. Club, Dean ' s Honor Roll. l rT. FIRST ROW: Dena Sureck, i;AT, A S, OC. Hillel; Carole S. Sutton, iHi ' l ' Educ. OC. Engr. Show: Charles M. Staehle, A S. Powell, Wyo.. ANS. Trident; Ronald J. Steele, IX. Engr., Bartlesville, AXi;, i;T. Counselor Kingfisher House, Scabbard and Blade; Robert A. Sutoris, AKE, Bus., Kansas City, Mo.; Steve W. Swafford, I A9, Engr., Little Rock, Ark.; Frank B. Sweeney, BOH, Engr., Dallas, Tex., i:T, ODK, IIET, Student Senate. Pet. Engr. Club, Ed. of ' 61 Yearbook; Jack Sweeney, iWU, Bus., Dallas, Tex.; Carolyn Swinney, Educ, Lawton, ' I ' KA. SECOND ROW: Roland M. Tague, ATA, Bui.. OC: Lynda L. Tamblyn, A S. OC, Vice Pres. WRA, PEM Club; William T. Taylor, Bus., Midwest City, Markt. Club, IE; Garland N. Taylor, FA, Durant. A ' l ' A; Oletha A. Teague, FA, Apache, Choral Club; James V. Teegerstrom, -AE, Bus., Shamrock, Tex., Pres. of -AE, HM, Accounting Club; Ha Acacia, A S, Indianapolis, i: ' l ' E, Bus., OC. ry C. Terhune, Pharm., Bartle Ind., Rush Chairman Acacia: Ted Theilig, le H. Theus, THIRD ROW: Harold G. Thomas, Bus., Lawton; James W. Thomas, FA, Ard- more; Leonard K. Thomas, Engr., Miami, liT, TBO, AXi), Engr. Club, Dean ' s Honor Roll; Ronda K. Thomas, Educ, Miami, SNEA, Engr. Wives Club. Dean ' s Honor Roll; Thomas W. Thomas, - I ' E, A S, Holdenville; Karen L. Thomasson, FA, Parkersburg, W. Va., A I A, Women ' s Choral Club, CCUN, K l , Wesley Foundation: Bob Thompson, AT, Bus., Tulsa, AA— , A IT; James M. Thompson, I ' KH, Engr.. Norman, Engr. Club, ASCE; Mary E. Thompson, KAO, Educ, Pauls Valley, Mortar Board, AWS Pres. 428 Fenton Carolyr ;r has the right approach to golfing. Somehow, he talked into being his caddy. FIRST ROW: Michael V. Thompson, A S, Walters SAME; Sonja S. Thorpe, A Educ, Bristow; Laura Thurston, A S, Ft. Worth, Tex.: Robbie B. Tiffany. KAO, A S, Shawnee. Mortar Board. Wesley Foundation, Pres. KAH; Suiie Tilghman. KA(t. A S, OC. SECOND ROW: William C. Tippit, A S, McAlester, i:A. , Photographer for Sooner Year- nook and Daily; Paul S. Tolti, i:. . I, Bus., Denver. Colo.; M. LIsbeth Tooke. A S, Bartles- .ille. i:A»; Charles E. Trimble, .X, Bus., El Paso, Te«.: Lloyd E. Trimble, Engr., Farmington, N. Mex., AX;;, AlChE. THIRD ROW: Loretta L. Tucker, Educ, Norman; John R. Turnbull, FA, Frederick, OU Choral Club. +Hi:, ' KA; Marilyn J. Turner, ZTA, Bus., Norman, AAA, Shadow Box. Markt. Club, IE, Pres. ZTA, Newman Club; Samuel D. Turner, HKA, Bus., OC, Marketing Club, Scabbard and Blade, Semper Fidelis, Trident See; Patsy R. Tyler, AX;. ' , A S, Guymon, Sec. AX !. Mpjm FIRST ROW: Lawrence K. Ueki, Engr., Walluku, Maui, Hawaii; Joanna C. Umpleby, Al ' Bus., Dallas, Te«.; Hubert H. Underwood, Engr., OC, AIEE, IRE: Delano Van Dam, ' I ' KH, Engr., Fair Lawn, N.J.; Alice Van Eaton, ATA, FA, Carnegie, AAA, Tassels, .M4 K, Pres. Choral Club, AWS Sec, MENC, Pres. ATA- Charles Wilson Van Tine, Jr., i: l ' K, Bus., Norman. I .MA; Gloria A. Valouch, A S Norman, BSU, Univ. Choir, M E, UXK. Round Table, Univ. Corral; Virginia Vaughan, Kjvr, Educ, Norman; James T. Verges. ' I ' KH, Engr., Dallas, Tex., Rocket Soc, Inst, of Air Science, IFC. SECOND ROW: Marianne M. Verges, ZTA, A S, OC, Dean ' s Honor Roll Panhellenic, Sooner Yearbook Staff, Pres. ZTA; Neal W. Vlnyard, Al ' l ' , Bus. Tahlequah. IFC, Amer. Markt. Assoc. Soc Adv. of Manag.; Robert H. Votaw ., Miami. Dean ' s Honor Roll; Judy Waddle, AAA, Bus., Eufaula; Mary A Wade, ArA, A S, Duncan; James D. Walker. A S, OC, Band, Orchestra, i;ili: John T. Wall, Enqr., h Engr., Enid IIKT, i;T Daily. IRE, AIEE, Sooner Samurai; L. Jack Wall, ' l-PA. Nancy L. Walrath. KA, A S, OC, Ed. of Okla. THIRD ROW: Dennis Ward, Bus., Bartlesville. Pet. Land Mang. Club, Scabbard and Blade; Kathleen A. Ward, A S, Muskogee, Counselor of Merrick House. Dean ' s Honor Roll; Frederick M. Warden, Jr.. KA, Bus.. Tulsa. Pres. IE; Bill Warren, Jr., AK. Bus.. Holdenville: Don D. Warrick, -- Bus., Alva, Markt. Club, Vice Pres. IE, O Club, Dist. Military Cadet. Varsity Track Team: Doris Jean Watkins, Educ, OC, Band, TBi), Sequoyah Club, +BA, UBEA; Carolyn Watson, KAH, A S, Frederick, Tassels, Mortar Board, UAB Pres.. Celebrated Artist Chairman, Homecoming Chairman; Harold D. Watson, A S. Chickasha; Robert Weedn, A S, Duncan. 429 FIRST ROW: Susan D. Weems, ArA. FA, Bells, Tex.; Ronald L. Weissman, IIA , Bus., St. Louis, Mo., Intramural Diving Champ., Manaq. Club, Finance Club, CCUN; Harolyn Westhoff, KAO. Educ, OC, AAA, KAII; George H. Weaber, AKH, A S, OC, A A, AKA; Carl F. Webb, Engr., Miami, Engr. Club, AIEE: Mike D. Webber, AH, Bus., Enid, Arnold Air Soc, Invest. Club. Finance Club: Albert P. Weeks, KA, Engr., Bartlesville, i:T, TBR, ODK, Pe-et; Steven Weisberg, AEII, A S, Maywood, N.J.: James S. Welch, :;X. A S, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: John M. Wells, Bus.. Bartlesville, Pet. Land Manag. Assoc: Link Welsh, f ' VA, A S, Tulsa: Willie U. West, Bus., Mustogee, SAM,: CInda A. Wheeler, XSJ, A S. Watonga, Treas. of Shadow Box, Dad ' s Day. Univ. Sing; Juanita M. Wherry, A S, Tulsa, t BK, Tassels, AAA, Student Senate; William L. Whitaker, AKK, Bus., Ada, IFC, Soc. Adv. Mang., AFROTC Rifle Teams, Univ. Rifle Team; G. White, Jr., +A(-), Bus.. Camden, Ark., HM, Pres. PDT; John R. White, Bus., Healdton: Larry W. White, A S, OC. THIRD ROW: Donald Whitis, A S, Maysville, KAO; Ann C. Whybark, KAO, A S, Dallas, Tex., AAA, Tassels; Harry Widdifield, Ai;-I ' , Engr.. OC, UZ, nTn. 2T. SEP; De Armond W. Wiles, K2, Bus.. Newkirk.; Gurney Wilkes, A , Educ. TAFB: Linda J. Willett, KAH, Educ, Lawton; Will H. Willis, Jr., Ae, Bus., Duncan; Hal H. Williams, AKE, Educ, Tulsa; Nouna A. Williams, AF, A S, Wetumka, i:AII. FIRST ROW: Robert F. Williams, IIKA, Bus., OC, Student Senate. Markt. Club, In. Clufc Soc Adv. Mang., Trident Soc, EM; Don L Willis, Educ, Shamrock, Tex,; Gary Willii Engr., Cordell; Robert R. Willis, A S, Wichita. Kan.; Will Willis, AKK, A S, OC. SECOND ROW: Kenneth H. Willy, ' I ' KH, Engr.. Ft. Worth. Tex.; Delbert D. Wilmoth, Beaver; David M. Wilson, Engr., Phillips. Tex., IITll, TBH, iT. KK ' ) ' . llli:. l lli;: Larr Wilson, A S, OC; G. Bing Wines, ATil, Engr., Tulsa, Engr. Club, Pet. Engr. Club. THIRD ROW: Margaret A. Wines, ATA, Educ, OC. Dean ' s Honor R Jane E. Winstead, AAA, A S. Houston. Tex.; Charles R. Wise, A , Bu W. Wayne Withers. ' I ' AO, A S, Enid, UAH, IFC, Pres. HM ; Walter H. Tonkawa. FA, : ll SNEA, 111211 5.. Omaha Neb. w olffrum, Educ th Skip 430 BARBEI SHOP Senior class officers are Bob Lake Grove, treasurer; Pat+I Rose, Smith, president, and Steve Holaday, vice-president. ecretary: Keith After all those parking tickets he had to pay off. decides its better to plug the meter. ce Magoon finally 9 S f FIRST ROW: Thomas A. Wood, Engr,, Davenport, Iowa. AAS, Dean ' s Honor Roll: Louise Woodruff, A S, Kingfisher, X , Ilfill. Yearbook Beauty Finalist, A2+ Sweetheart: Billy J. Woods, Educ, Wellington, Kan,: James B. Woods, A S, New Orleans, La.: Barry Worth, AKII, Bus., LaCanlda, CalK,: Fred U. Worthington, A S, Sand Springs, i;AX: Richard F. Worsena, Ail ' l ' . Bus., New York City, N.Y., Stat. Club, Navy Drill Team, Homecoming Comm., Dad ' s Day Comm,: Roman Woznialc, Engr., Norman, ASCE; Charles B. Wray, Engr., Cyril, ASME, SAE, i:T, Enqr, Club. SECOND ROW: Dick L, Wright, i;N " , A S, OC: Glenna G. Wright, A S,. Hereford, Tex.; Regan R. Wright, -AK, Educ, Tulsa, O Club: Robert A. Yates, Bus., Garden City, N.Y.: John M. Yeager, KHII. Engr., Boulder, Colo., Pet. Engr, Club, IT; Robert A. Yingling, Educ, Elgin; David H. Young. A S, OC, Pres. PGD: Donald L. Young, I ' I ' K Bus., Shawnee, Accounting Club; Emma R. Young, A S, Custer. THIRD ROW: Lyie Young. Educ. Borger, Tex.; Mary M. Young, KKT A S, Ponca City: Richard K. Young, Engr., Cement, SAME, ASME, BSU- Milan V. Yovanovic, Bus,, Steelton, Pa. Ai)!!; Carl Zahn, Engr., Tulsa; Rita L Zoblotsky, i;AT, A S, Norman; Larry R. Zoolc, +Ah Bus., Lawton, Treas. Soc. Adv. Mang., Markt. Club, IFC, DAB, IK, Deans Honor Roll; Ronald J. Zuckerman, IIA4 , Bus., Port Chester, N.Y., SAM. IK; Roy H. Zumwalt. Engr.. Frederick, SAME. ASME, SAE. St. Pats Council, Engr. Club, UT-. 43 % n f ' t •f ' Able Adams Adams Adamson Ahrenn Alexander Allen Phi Kappa Psi A S Okla. City Gamma Phi Beta, A S Guthrie Pi Kappa Alpha, A S Okla. City Beta Theta Pi Bus. Tulsa A S Little Rock, Ark. Chi Omega Educ. Houston. Tex. Chi Omega A S Okla. City Penny R. Anthis Ann Appleton Bruce E. Armour Julie Ashlock Carl F. Baerst Sarrick Bailey George R. Bailey Alpha Gammc Delta, A S El Reno Delta Gamma A S Okla. City Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Okla. City Delta Delta Delta. Bus. Lawton Phi Kappa Theta, Engr. Farm ' dale, N.Y A S Okla. City Phi Gamma Delta, A S Duncan Ralph Barhydt Arthur L. Barnes BobC. Ba scorn Leann Bassett R. Wayne Baughman, James C. Bauman Patty Bayless Lambda Chi Alpha, A S Okla. City FA Poteau Delta Tau Delta, A S Tulsa Educ. Cherokee A S Okla. City A S Tishomingo Zeta Tau Alpha, A S Tulsa Harry J. Benson Charles D. Berry Kenneth R. Berry Elaine L. Bigger Frank W. Birnie Diane J. Bish Marilyn Black Lambda Chi Alpha, A S Okmulgee Kappa Sigma Bus. Tulsa Delta Kappa Epsilon, Bus, Pauls Valley Phi Mu A S Enid Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. Owensboro, Ky. Delta Gamma FA Wichita, Kan. Pi Beta Phi Educ. Tulsa Gary Greeson is patient as Nancy Petersen insists on one more suitcase, as they try to get off for Dallas. JUNIORS Peggy Anderson Peter C, Andresen Raphael F. Andrews Mary J. Angell Delta Gamma A S Muskogee Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Brooklyn, N.Y. Bus. Burbank. Calif. FA Shattuck Pat Baker Terry Barber Betty R. Bard Ray Bard A S Okla. City A S Okmulgee Pi Beta Phi A S Tulsa Bus. Lawton Bettina Beer M.Susan Beesley James Benford Frank L. Benson Alpha Chi Omega, FA Dallas, Tex. Delta Delta Delta, Educ. Broken Arrow A S Lawton Bus. Okla. City Steve Black Janice A. Blakely Ann S. Bledsoe D. Burdette Blue III Delta Tau Delta, Bus. Okla. City A S Norman Kappa Kappa Gamma, A S Tulsa Sigma Nu A S Tulsa % S 9 9 « ' t ' ML Beta Theta Pi A S Okla. City Brenda L. Boyle Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Stoneham, Ms Jerry Brace A S Bristow Phi Kappa Psi A S Muskogee Bott A S Ma Alpha Delta Pi, UC puinton Judith K. Brauch A S St. Louis. Mo Kappa Sigma Engr. Redding, Cal. Brett Eng Delta Kappa Epsilon, A S Muskogee Mary L. Braddy Alpha Chi Omega, A S Okla. City Bridges Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A S Mary E. Boyd John H. Brandenburg Phi Delta Theta, A S Norman Alpha Epsil Phi, A S Mobile, Ale Colo. Stan Bozarth Lambda Chi Alpha. Engr. Okla. City John C. Delta Sign Phi, A S Muskogee 432 f ' 1 ' mB n i f t » ' 9!m tl JUNIORS Peggy Graves, music major, finds teaching youngsters one of the most rewarding experiences of her major. % f e a. m f Cdtlctt Kappa Alpha Thcta. A S Muskogee Rebecca No Linda R. Cohen, Alph Epsilon Phi Educ. Stuttgart. Ark. Wichita Mike Cohlmia Joe D. Cole Sigma Nu Kappa Sigi Fred I. Cooper Lambda Alpha. E Wewoka Richard C. Cooper Lambda Chi Alpha. AiS Poteau S.qma Phi Epsilon. Bui Talehquah John A. Claro A S Olla.C:ty Sharon M. Cole Kappa Delta UC Beaver Donald R. Copelarid Beta Theta Pi Coleman Kappa Kappa Gamma. A S Brownw ' d. Tex. Pat Corder Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A S Little Rock. Ark. 433 i f t € t Blair S. Core Jim W. Cotner Laurence D. Courtney Kathryn E. Crandall Dorothy C. Nan Crawford Robert H. Croak Karen L. Crossley Charles A. Crowder Tim Crowe Steve Cubbage Karen L. Cullen Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Okla. City Lambda Chi Alpha, A S Purcell AiS Ardmore Alpha Phi Educ. Okla. City Kappa Alpha Theta, A S Dallas, Te . Delta Gamma ASS, San Antonio, Tex. Delta Upsiion Bus. Midwest City Kappa Delta A S W. Palm Beach. Fla. A S Lawton Delta Kappa Epsilon. UC Colver, Ind. Sigma Chi A S, Gushing Pi Beta Phi A S Woodward John S. Cunningham Mary J. Cunningham C. David Cupp Cynthia A. Curtis Wayne Daily John Dairi Charles E. Daniels DianneS. Daniels Bill Davis Bill S. Davis Cynthia L. Davis Richard M. Davis Educ. Lawton A S, Commerce Sigma Nu FA Tulsa Pi Beta Phi A S Midwest City Eng. Plainview.Tex. Sigma Chi Bus., Pitts- burg. Kan. Alpha Sigma Phi, A S Bartlesville Bus. Norman Kappa Sigma Bus. Wichita. Kan. Engr. N. Little Rock Ark. Delta Delta , Delta, A S Bartlesville Delta Upsil. A S Pauls Valley Jack Dawson David Deax Susan P. Debes Tom Decker Nick Denner Larry A. Dennis Jim R. Derryberry Bob Deupree Jim Dicus Faith E. Diehl Daria J. Dies Bruce S. Dieterlen Kappa Sigma UC Bethany Delta Tau Delta, A S Tulsa AlphaGamm, Delta. Educ. Skokie, III. s Sigma Chi A S Ind ' apolis. Ind. Delta Tau Delta, A S Alva Phi Gamma Delta, Bus. Bartlesville Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Lakeworth.FIa Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC . Okla. City Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Ada Alpha Delta Pi, A S Norman Educ. Okla. City Sigma Nu A S Tulsa Richard E. Dillcr Karen K Dittelmi ' re Dan Dixon Danya D. Dobbins Keith Dobson Billy Dodge Bob Dolgin David Donaldson Susie A. Doolittle T. D. Dopier, Jr. Karen J. Dorman Ceilia Dorris Delta Tau Delta, Bus. Printon, III. ZetaTau Alpha, Bus. Okla. City A S McAlester Pi Beta Phi FA. Wichita Falls, Te«. A S Bristow Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Dallas. Tex. Sigma Alpha Mu. A S N.Y. City Beta Theta Pi, A S New Lenox, III. Delta Gamma UC Kirkwood.Mo. Sigma Nu Bus. Ardmore Chi Omega Educ. Okla. City Alpha Chi Omega. FA Seminole " 1 ' 1 ww Mk S ' ,m % 1 AceC. Bhridge Gary L. Evans Harlan J. Evans Haskell Evans Martha N. Ewing Earl H. Fagin Mike Fankhouser James T. Farha Margaret C. Farmer Pam Farrell Fazilat Maureen S Fedman Educ. Edmona Kappa Alpha Bus. Norman A S Okla. City Phi Kappa Sigma, Pharm. Lawton Educ. Mooreland Sigma Alpha Mu A S Okla.Cly Sigma Nu Bus. Hooker Phi Delta Theta. Bus. Ponca City A S Guthrie Delta Delta Delta. A S Bartlesville Engr. Norman Alpha Epsllo Phi, Educ. Tulsa Dennis Feinberg Gholamali Feizy Jarin F. Feldstein Kay L. Fellers Dale Feltenberger Babs E. Fenwick Virginia A. Ferguson Robert L. Ferrier Kay E. Files Mark W. Files Nonya Finkelstein Pat Finley PI Lambda Phi, UC Frederick Engr. Norman Sigma Alpha Mu, Engr., Los Angeles, Calif. Kappa Alpha Theta, Educ. Okla. City Sigma Chi Bus. Nowata ASS Tulsa Kappa Alpha Theta. A S Shreveport. La. Delta Upsiion A S Hugo Delta Delta Delta, Educ. Galveston, Tex. Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Bartlesville Sigma Delta Tau. FA Okla. City Gamma Phi Beta, A S Tulsa Stephen A. Douglass, Jr. G. Mike Downs George H. Droescher Mary A. Duckworth Bob Dudley, Jr. Pat Dudley Dennis Duff Alsie Duncan Tom D. Dunham Delores A. Dunn Vance J. Dykhouse Gene M. Earl Engr. Okla. Clly Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Okla. City Engr. Norman Phi Mu FA Altus Eng. Lawton FA Pi Kappa Alpha, Engr. Norman Alpha Chi Omega Shreveport, La. Lambda Chi Alpha. Engr. Davidson Alpha Delta Pi FA Chickasha Sigma Chi Pharmacy Laverne.Minn Sigma Chi A S . Tulsa Robert G. Eaton Ronald Eden Tommy L. Edgar. Alpha Karen A. Egger Courtney Elliott James J. Elliott Leah K. Elliott Walter D. Ellis Clark Ellison Camille Emerson JoyS. Engle Robert F. Erdman Jr. FA Okla. City PI Kappa Alpha. A S Tulsa Tau Omega Pharmacy Perry A S Antlers Delta Tau Delta. A S Chickasha Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Engr. Tulsa Educ. Waklta Engr. Wichita, Kan. Beta Theta Pi UC Okla. City Pi Beta Phi A S Okla. City Delta Delta Delta, A S Edmond Phi Kappa Sigma. Engr. New Port, R.I 434 9, S 1 f f .i % f t y t 8 9 1 Brewitor E. Fiti Michael F. Fitzgerald John S. Flaqq Larry Foresee James E. Faust Kenny Fox, P. Beta Theta Pi A S Hiqglns. Tex. Phi Delta Theta. A S Okla. City Alpha Tau Omega, A S Okla. City S maChi Shawnee Bus. Amarillo. Tex. Lambda Phi UC. Kansas City. Mo. John C. Fredenberger Larry W. Freeman Mary L. Freeny Linda A. Frensley Lyndol Fry PattI L. Fuqua Sigma Alpha Epsiloh. A S Tulsa Enqr. Stroud Alpha Phi A S Okla. City Kappa Alpha Theta, FA Okla. City Bus. Hugo Alpha Gammi Delta, A S Lawton Bdrbdra S. Gallup Gerald L. Gamble Ken W. Gangwer John W. Garland Carolyn J. Garrett Donald H. Garrett A S Tulsa Kappa Sigma A S Jefferson, Te«. Kappa Sigma Bus. Guthrie Bus. Pauls Valley Educ. Del City Beta Theta Pi A S Okla. City Judy A. Garrett Velta Garrett Fred Garwood Linda George Marsliall J. Gerber Jerry Geyman Kappa Kappa Gamma. A S A S Maysville Engr. Edmond Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. UC Wichita Falls, Chicago, III. Vernon Gillette Linda S. Gipson Donald D. Gish GaryF. Glasgow F, Laurene Glen Phi Kappa Sigma. A S Ft. Worth. Tex. Kappa Alpha Theta, A S Seminole Kappa Alpha Engr. Hobart Delta Tau Delta. A S Okla. City A S Hunter Marty Godfrey Santa A. Godfrey Noel F. Goff Gaylord Goodart. Jim Goodson Gamma Phi Beta, A S Seminole Alpha Phi Educ. Madill Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Joplin, Mo. Enqr, Okla. Cty Bus. Lane Tom P. Gordon Robert D. Grace Charles E. Grady Nancy C. Grant Margaret E. Grauel Kappa Sigma A S Okla. City Engr. Okla. City Phi Gamma Delta, A S Tishomingo Sigma Delta Tau, Bus. Columbus, S.C. Chi Omega A S Bartlesville Linda L. Gray Marie Green Nell Green Dusty M. Greenberg Gary L. Greeson Alpha Delta Pi. FA Okmulgee Alpha Phi Educ. Maud Alpha Phi Educ. Maud Pi Lambda Phi, Bus. Omaha, Neb. Delta Upsilon A S Norman Mary Sue Thompson puts the finishing touches to one of the garments she is learning to make in sewing class. JUNIORS Randy Parlcer needs sympathy. He ' s going through that big traumatic experience for all juniors — English J exam. 435 9 ' t f 1 1 436 ft 9 ' 1 i ' . ' 1 ' s f 1 ' 1 1 « Charles F. Hull Lambda Ch ' Alpha, Bus. Bartlesville Charles E. Humphrey Bus. Healdton Humphrey A S Chickasha Hunt Sigma Chi Pharmacy Tulsa W very E. Hunter A S Okla.City William S. Hurwiti Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Sioux City. la. William W. Hutchinson Lambda Chi Alpha, A S Hobbs. N.M. Donald C. Hutton A S Bristow Bob Ingram Alpha Sigma Phi, Educ. Okla.City Charles W. Ingram Engr. Clinton David T Ingram Delta Upsilon Bus. Okla.Cty Pcqq, L. Irb, Delta Delta Delta, UC Holdenvllle Celia R. Irwin Chi Omega Educ. Shawnee Scarlelte J. Irwin Educ. Marlow Eddie W. Jackson A S Waco F. B. Jackson Kappa Alpha Bus. Dallas, Tex. Jerry D. Jackson Bus. Lawton Dave Jacobs A S Ponca City Daniel W. James Phi Kappa Psi Engr. Rush Springs John Jam Educ Moo ny D. Judith A. James Educ. Purcell Tommy James Sigma Chi Arlington. Va. Robert R. Janelli Engr. N.Y.. N.Y. Jon J. Jarmel FA Norman Gary M. Jarmon Phi Gamma Delta, A S Ft. Worth, Tc . Judy K. Jenkins Delta Delta Delta, A S Duncar Wylie D. Jennings A S Davis Eric L. Johansen Pi Kappa Alpha A S Norman Janita A. John Chi Omega A S Grandfleld D. Biff Johnson Lambda Chi Alpha, A S Ponca City Diane Johnson Bus. Duncan Dion L. Johnson Pi Kappa Alpha, Engr. Dorofhy O. Johnson A S Arkoma Tom Johnson Sigma Phi Epsilon Bus, Guymon Mary J. Johnston Delta Gamma A S Lawton Tiiha Johnston Kappa Kappa Gamma. A S Okla. City Judith Joiner Gamma Phi Beta. A S Spr ' field. Ohio Edward D. Jolly Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Bus, McAlester Carol A. Jones Kappa Kappa Gamma. Educ. Duncan Carolyn L. Jones Pi Beta Phi Educ. Ardmore Ivanette Jones A S Elk City Suzanne Jones Delta Delta Delta, A S Lawton T. Gaylord Jones Bus. Frederick Mike Kahn Sigma Alpha Mu, A S Seminole Toba F. Kamen Alpha Epsilon Phi. Bus. Wichita Kan. Robert H. Kaye Pi Lambda Phi. Bus. Dallas. Tex. Florence Kantrovich Alpha Epsilon Phi, A S Houston. Tex. Philip M. Keeley Sigma Nu Bus. Blackwell Toby Kell Delta Upsilon A S Ardmore Patricia K. Keller Alpha Gamma Delta, FA Ponca City Bob Kellet Kappa Sigma Bus. Enid Suzanne J. Kelley A S Danvers. Mass. Peggye A. Keenan Kappa Delta A S Clovis, N.M. Edward K. Kelling Bus. Bartlesville John Keltner Sigma Nu Ada Sharon Kempf Bus. Norman Kenneth L. Kendrick Beta Theta Pi Bus. Browntield.Tex EddR. Kennedy A S Midland . Tex. Jim Kennedy Lambda Ch, Alpha, A S Chickasha Patricia A. Kennedy Chi Omega A S Houston, Tex. Hank Kerr Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Dallas, Tex. Gwyn G. Ketonen ZetaTau Alpha UC, Cam- bridge, N.Y. Joe F. Key, Jr. Delta Upsilon Bus. Roswell, N.M. Virginia L. Kidd Kappa Kappa Gamma. A S Shawnee Colleen Kidwell Alpha Chi Omega. FA Wich. Falls, Tex Sherry A. Kime Alpha Chi Omega, A S . Blackwell lu JIO RS Joel P Kimotmfin Pi Lambdo Phi A S St, Louis Mo. Don L. King Acacia, Bus, Weatherford Jack M. Kinnebrew Beta Theta PI Bus. Pauls Valley Nancy Knapp Pi Beta Phi FA Tulsa Karen L. Kostka A S Okia, City Warren Kourt Pi Lambda Phi Er,qr. Wichita, Kan. Pat Cahlll, a special education to keep her up-to-date. relies on the periodicals in the library f S iHil 437 JUNIORS In preparing for summer camp at Ff. Hood, Army ROTC ' s leadership drill class learns fhe procedure for " forced march. " Tom Kroutil Glenda S. Kuhnemund William E. Kurtz John L. Kyser Kindred O. La Borde William J. Laird Phi Gamma Delta. FA Yukon Kappa Delta Educ. Tulsa Pharm, Okla. City A S Bartlesville A S, Calgary, Alberta. Can. Engr. Muskoqee Carolyn Landram Nathan A. Lanford Joan L. Larson Mike L. Lauderdale Linda Lawrence Susan D. Lea Educ. Madill Kappa Sigma Bus. Hobbs. N.M. Alpha Chi Omega. A S Blackwell A S Cache Alpha Delta Pi Bus. Tulsa Educ. Terrell, Tex. Harold H. Le Crone Richard K. Ledbetter Paula LeFan Linda Leffel Leslie H. Leibowitz Tommy J. Lensden Ptii Gamma Delta, A S Muskoqee Sigma Nu, Bus. Denver, Colo. Pi Beta Phi A S Tulsa Delta Delta Delta FA McAlester Alpha Epsilon Pi, A S Brooklyn. N.Y. Phi Delta Theta. A S Enid Warren Leslie Jerry W. Levin Patty Leib William O. Ligon Joan M. Likens Kent Lillenberq Delta Kappa Epsilon. Bus. Lawton PI Lambda Phi. A S Okla.City Educ. Nowata Phi Kappa Psi A S Seneca. Mo. Alpha Gamma Delta, Educ. Kearney, Neb. Phi Kappa Ps Engr, Pittsburgh. Pa f s t f % ' M m ®- ' Upton Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. N.Y., N.Y. Lutz Lyckben Phi Gamma Phi Mu, Delta, Engr. A S Alancaster, Tex. Schrieve Sigma C Bus. Chandle John R. McRay A S Holdenv 438 Okla. City AnnC. Lynn Alpha Garni Delta. Educ, Okla.City Robert F. McFarland Delta Uosilc Engr. Norman Tulsa Jay Lynn Pi Kappa Alpha, Pha Healdton McG. Phi Kappa Slg ■■- -, UC n City, la Robert B. Livingston Kappa Alpha A S Okla, City McHughe Engr. John W. Lloyd A S Springfield, III. Mt. Lake. N.J. Delt . A S .City Delta Gami A S Okla.City Rochester. N.Y. Ca Jo A. Mdckey Myron C. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bus Eden, N.Y. John A. McConnel Engr. McKee Lambda Chi Alpha. Engr. McNutt Delta Kappa Chi Orr Epsilon, A S Bus. Okla.City Okla Robt. I McPhe ppa Sign Jerry Maddi Pi Kappa Alpha, Bi Mollis Educ. ■ City Alpha Delta PI. Educ. Okla. City Paul Kan. City. Ka Elizabeth K. Maltby Chi Omega ' f f ' S % 9: f % « % « t t S ' S ' f -l 1 ' ' .91 ,m ,ft A A H,,DortG. (viancle Gerrit A. Maris, Fred R. Marsh Melanle M. Marshall Verona A. Maruska Masud John R. Matney Michael S. Maxwell Jerry Mayes Jim W. Mayfield Seaynoah Mayfield Joe W. Maiey Delta Upsilon FA Okla.Citv Phi Delta Theta, Bus. DcsMolncs, la. Kappa Sigma Engr. Okla. City Delta Gamma A S St. Louis, Mo. A S Okla. City Sigma Alpha Epsllon, Engr. Norman Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr. Harllngen,Te« Sigma Phi Epsllon, Bus. Dallas, Tex, Pharm. Tul a Sigma Alpha Epsllon, A S Norman Bus, Okla. City Sigma Alpha Epsllon, Bui. El Reno Jay Maiwell Jerry W Meaders Bess A. Meek Delven H. Mermis Sally A. Merrill Donna R. Merritt Karel L. Messinger Kaye Middleton Larry W. Midland Caria Miles Berry Miller Jerome B. Miller Delta Tju Delta, Bus. Okla.C;tv UC Frederick Phi Mu UC Tulsa Engr. Artesla, N.M. PI Beta Phi A S Duncan A S Sturgls. S.D. Alpha Phi Educ. Okla. City Kappa Alpha Theta A S Okla. City Lambda Chi Alpha, A S Cheyenne, Wyo Kappa Alpha Theta, A S Abilene. Tex. Delta Tau Delta. Bus. Okla. City Delta Tau Delta, A S Bartlesville Jerry J. Miller Suzanne J. Miller Goldia J. Milligan Jack R. Millikan Walter S. Millington Mary A. Mills Mikell H. Millstead JayD. Montgomery Jerry L. Montgomery Martha Moody Gary Moore Richard W. Moore. Jr. PI Lambda PM AiS Kan. City. Mo. Chi Omeqa A S Chlckasha Educ. Heavcne ' T :?sa Delta Kappa Epsllon, Bus. Arlington, Va Chi Omega Educ. Dallas. Te». A S Okla. City Beta Theta Pi PI Beta Phi Educ. Okla. City Kappa Alpha Theta, A S Lindsay Delta Kappa Epsllon A S Fair ' ax Beta Theta PI Bus. Alljs Victoria R. Morey Stan J. Morrison William M. Morrison Frank L. Moses Ben M. Moyer David B. Mueller Doug Muir Carl Mullen BobC. Murrell George H. Musgrave Jerry Muskrat Ramsey D. Myatt Alpha Delta PI A S, Home- wood. III. Sigma Phi Epsllon, Engr. Plalnvlew, Te.. Bus. Moore Engr. Eureka Springs, Ark, Lambda Chi Alpha, Enqr. Barflesvllle Beta Theta PI A S Peoria, III. Sigma Nu Bus., Sar Antonio, Tex. Engr. Sapulpa Delta Upsilon Bus. Okla. City Phi Delta Theta, Bus. Hurst, Tex, A S Barflesvllle Bus. Altus t ' f f « f f This is buckle fun than a lecture period, thinks Margot Uetrecht as she ork in art lab. Mvors Myles Nance Nash Nelson Nelson .vllle. Sigma Nu Tuha UC Healdton Alpha Epsllon Phi, A S Wichita, Kan. PI Kappa Alpha, Engr, Houston, Tex. Kappa Alpha Theta. FA Duncan tvljry A, N.?wcomcr Connie K. Newman Robert A. Newman Nancy Newsom Hugh B. Nicholas Timothy E. Nicholson A . ■■._. Chi C ' nieqa, A S Norman ASS Miami Kappa Alpha Engr. Lawton Educ. Okla. City Alpha Sigma Phi, A S Tulsa Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr, Okmulgee Byron A. Niebruegge Kathryn E. Nimmo Fran R. Norman Jim Norton Hossein H. Nouri Robert A. Nunnally K .rra Sigma Nursing Bucklin, Kan. Phi Mu FA Dallas, Tex. Sigma Nu Bus. Tulsa Engr. Teheran, Iran Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Okla. City Glenda J. Oihsner Marvin F. Ogle Ernie O ' Hara Gregg Oliver Steve J. Olsen Mary P. Ormon , ' A s " " " Sigma Chi A S Bartlesville Siqma Nu Bus. Norman UC Norman Phi Delta Theta. Engr. Tulsa Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ Borger, Tex. JUNIORS 439 1 ' • ' ; ' f „ Allegra Phillips Alpha Gamm Delta, A S Phoenix, Ariz, Ronalds. Pretekin Pi Lambda Pt A S Dayton. Ohio Mike Peck Sigma Alpha Mu. Bus., High land Park, III. Sissy Phillips Pi Beta Phi A S, Jack- sonville, Tei . Louis Priebe Beta Theta Pi A S. Bentonville. Ark. Kate Pritchett Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ Muskoqee Richard D. Pedersen Engr. Putlai A S Kappa Alpha Theta, A S Okla. City Raley Delta Tau Ramey Delta Upsilc A S Linda K. Pendergrass A S, Ft. Smith. Ark. Beta, Educ Stigler Nancy S. Randle Delta Gam A S Randlett Parker Lambda Chi Alpha, A S Lawton Patricia A. Engr. Jersey City, N.J. Cla m M i. Spring is here for Pat Treseder and Terry Barber as they enjoy an afternoon bicycle hike around the University Campus. JUNIORS Martin J. Rodkin Alpha Epsi Pi. Bus. Bronx, N.Y 440 M JUNIORS Santee A S OUa.City Mary J. Bill A. Schwartz Scott Sigma Delta Sigma Alpha Tau. A S Epsllon, A S Nashville. Tenn. Lawton Nick Semeniuk Engr. Sharpe Educ. Borger. Tex ' Bob McCleod and George Bridges plclc up last-minute supplies before finals in the Boole Exchange. Bill Spradlin William A. Squibb Sigma Nu A S Lindsay Kappa Alph UC Dallas. TeK. Ellen L. Statford Zeta Tau Alpha. Bu Sharon W. Stafford Alpha Gamma Delta. A S Ft. SHI Marvin L. Phyllis J. Starkey Stein na Sigma Alpha Alpha Epsl Epsilon, Bus. Phi, Educ. .City El Reno Chicago, III. Ronald J. Bailey M Steinberg Stephens Sigma Alpha Bus. Mu, A S Elg.n Wynne, Ark. Lewi! Stephens Kappa Alpha Enar. Tulsa Stephe Beta Theta PI A S Chlckasha 441 ' Gayle Stoneman Mary A. Storms JackH. Stout Caroline V. St. Pierre Sally B. Streeter Jim L. Stringer Paul E. Stringer Kit Stuart Betty Stubbs Priscilla Sullivan Joe A. Sunbarger Rita Sutter Gamma Phi Beta, A S El Reno A S Ponca City A S Shawne Gamma Phi Beta, Educ. Okla. City Alpna Phi A S Wilmette, III. Bus. Okla. City Bus. Del City Kappa Alpha Theta, Educ. Sapulpa Alpha Phi A S Dallas, Tex. A S Fairfax, Va. Delta Tau Delta, A S Houston, Tex. Gamma Phi Beta. A S V oodward Carolyn S. Sutton Tho-nas D. Swineford Karen Swineha rt Charles S. Swimley John W. Tarr Charles H. Taylor Judith 1. Taylor Shelly Taylor Steve Taylor Ron Tacker Jack W. Tarpley RoyD. Taylor Alpha Gamma Delta, A 5 Meeker Beta Theta Pi A S Chickasha A S Clinton FA Norman Sigma Nu Bus. Okla. City Delta Chi A S Okla. City A S Cyril Sigma Nu Bus. Tulsa Engr. Norman Delta Upsilon A S Cookson Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr. Delta Upsilon Bus. Tulsa George H. Teas JanisD. Tennyson Roberta Tesar Sharon Thetford Jirji L. Thompson Katherine A. Thompson Mary S. Thompson William P. Thompson Jeanne E. Tilson Carolyn B. Tipps Ronald G. Tobin John Todd A8,S Moorestown, N.J. Alpha Gamm Delta, A S Tulsa a Alpha Chi Omega. A S Tulsa Alpha Phi A S Paris, Tex. Kappa Sigma Engr. Sherman, Tex. Educ. Duncan Delta Delta Delta, A S Okla. City Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Okla. City A S Ft. Sill A S New Carlisle Ind. Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Brooklyn, N.Y. Delta Tau Delta, Bus. Norman Ann Tolbert Virginia J. Thornton Betsy R. Trahern Edra L. Trapnell Fays N. Trapp Patricia A. Treseder Donna Triggs Deanna G. Troub Norma J. True Mohammaed K.Turk Susan Turk BobC. Turley Kappa Kappa Gamma, A S Hobart Alpha Gamm Delta, A S Norman 3 Delta Delta Delta, A S Pauls Valley Pi Beta Phi A S Ponca City Alpha Phi Educ. Hurst. Tex. A S Lockport, III. A S Midwest City Alpha Gamma Delta, FA Carnegie Alpha Chi Omega, Educ Blackwell Engr. Norman Gamma Phi Beta, Bus. Okla. City Pi Kappa Alpha, Engr. Shreveport, La Worland. Wyo. A S Okla. City Webste Phi Gamma Delta. UC Okla.C ' ty Midland, Te Ellyn Wedemeyer Alpha Phi Educ. Monroe. La. 442 ' 8 ' 8 1 B D Mil 3 M per ks Shirley A. Weqer Larry Weitmer Gdyle Welcher Peggy Wells Martha B. Wells nj Alpha Ion, Bus. Moines, la Educ. Lawton Pi Lambda Phi Bus Newark. N.J. Gamma Phi Beta. Bus. Norman Kappa Alpha Theta, A S Enid Educ. Norman lurton Is Roger WestfdII Jane D. Weston Ka, Whelihan Brenda J. Whetstone Jerrie E. Whistler mah Sioma Nu Educ. Tulsa Chi Omega A S Brazil. Ind. Garrma Phi Beta, Educ. Okla. City A S l iami Alpha Phi A S Norman rqeA. te Donald K. Whitlark Phillip A. Wtiitney Darrell WhiMen Barry Williams Janice D. Williams J Sqmo Enq-. ud Enqr. Amarillo, TeK. Engr. Eaton, N.Y. Engr. Idabel Bus. Tonkawa Alpha Chi Omega, Bus Norman , Sheri Williams Marqo E. Williams Marlanna Wilke David N. Wilkes Guy R. Willibey nma Phi , PA Alpha Chi Omega, FA Okla. City Pi Beta Phi A S Dallas, Tex. Delta Gamma A S Bartlesville Delta Upsilon Bus. Ardmore Slgms Alph Epsilon, UC Sapulpa f M n f 1 iri ' f f f Nancy W. Wilson T. M,U Wilson Thomas Wilson William R. Wines Margaret A. Withers A S Duncan Phi Kappa Ps Miami Pharm. Loco Delta Tau Delta. Bus. Tulsa Bus. Canada Chuck Wolf Carol Wolff Ceci Wolfe Alson C. Woodward Esther E. Woody Pi Lambda Phi Bus., Wash. Ington, D.C. UC Miami Beach. Ela. Kappa Alpha Theta. Educ. Hugo Engr. Lawton Educ. Okla. City John 6. Wright PriscJIla A. Wright Gary D. Wylie John Yarrington Dwight L. Yenier I " ?:. Kappa Alpha Theta, A S Tulsa Enqr. Whtesboro. Te.. Alpha Sigma Phi FA Tulsa Pi Kappa Alpha UC CreiCent Linda L. Young Sandra L. Yount Mahmoud H. Zaydan David A. Zigler Carolyn J. Zwibelman Alpha Phi Educ. Enid Educ. Anadarko Engr. Norman Alpha Epsilon Pi. A S Houston. Tex. Alpha Epsilon Phi. Educ. St-. Louis, Mo. Th._ Pldin-.mfn ' are Paf Corder, Richard Fogg, Hank Kerr and Joe Carter. JUNIORS Kay Keller clings to the milte In hopes that Lois Finlei during Sooner Scandals In Holmberg auditorium. let her perform 443 1 A familiar dilemma! Gary Me a check at the bankette. short of cash, but remembers to cash f SOPHOMORES Phi Kappa Psi Bus. Kan. City, Mo. A S Ponca City Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Olustee Alpha Delta Pi FA VInita Delta Delta Delta, Educ. Tulsa Gamma Phi Beta. FA Alva Bruce W. Albertson Karen R. Alford George D. Allen Jim A. Allen Sandra J. Allen Sherry L. Allen Sigma Chi. UC, Los Angeles. Calif. Kappa Alpha Theta. Educ, Tulsa Bus. Ardmore Sigma Chi UC Atoka Alpha Gamm Delta. Educ. Lawton a Gamma Phi Beta. Educ. Bartlesville Ron R. Allgood Ruth L. Allgood Sally S. Allmon Jeff Allred Kenneth 0. Allwhite Carol L. Altman Pi Kappa Alpha. A S Altus A S El Reno Alpha Chi Omega, A S Norman Sigma Nu Educ. Midwest City Alpha Tau Omega, Educ Blackwell Sigma Delta Tau. A S Baytown. Tex Ronny Altman Bonnie S. Amerman Beverly Anderson Cindy A. Anderson Charlie R. Anderson Daniel 5. Anderson Pi Lambda Phi UC Tulsa Alpha Epsilon Phi, A S Stroud UC Tatum, N.M. Pi Beta Phi A S Okla.City Engr. Okla.City Sigma Nu A S, Fayette ville. Ark. 444 % WW 91 9 f f f Ronald C. Baxter Henry F. Beauchamp George C. Beavers Sam Beck William H. Beck Rex Beckenhauer Lariy Beckham Jerry Bednar Kay L. Beeler Lynn Bell Martha A. Bell Mary A. Bell Kappa Alpha uc Jay Alpha Tau Omega. UC Scarsdale, N.Y Bus. Dallas, Te.. Beta Theta Pi UC OUa.City A S Blackwell Delta Kappa Epsilon. A S Guthrie A S Midwest City Delta Tau Delta. A S Okla.City Kappa Alpha Theta. Educ. Okla. City Kappa Alpha Theta. Bus. Woodward Chi Omega A S Okla.City Pi Beta Phi A S Tulsa Nancy L. Bell Sylvia M. Bendorf Bruce N. Benedict Darryl W. Benninga Diane Bennis Thomas Berenson George D. Bennett John S. Berry Glenn R. Beustring Bob Beyerl Neil M. Bickel Cathy J. Bidack Alpha Delta P. A S Okla.City Sigma Delta Tau. A S Okla.City Delta Sigma Phi. A S Bartlesville Phi Kappa Sigma. Bus. Leon ' ville, Kan UC Sioux Falls, S.D. UC McAlester Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A S Okla. City Beta Theta Pi Engr. Pawnee Phi Delta Theta. UC Tulsa Phi Kappa Theta. Bus. Ossining. N.Y. UC Okla.City Alpha Chi Omega. UC Okla. City James Biglane Judith A. Bilberry Gary Bilbrey Robert E. Biles Rusty Binford Robert Bisacca Larry D Bishop Sandy Black Jimmy D. Blair Diane Blake Betsy A. BIdkely Duan R. Blankenship BjS Alpha Delta Pi Educ. Colo. City. Tex. Sigma Nu Bus. Lawton A S Chandler Beta Theta Pi Bus. Muskogee Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Gr ' wich, Conn UC Bristow FA Idabell Sigma Alpha Epsilon. A S Borger. Tex. Kappa Alpha Theta, Educ. Lancaster, Tex. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Tulsa Sigma Alpha Epsilon, FA Clinton Bl.inton Eddie L. Block Joan E. Bloom Mark Y. Blum Don Blumenthal Kay Boatright Becky A. Boen Pat Boerner Nancy Boge Camp Bonds Bonnie Bonnell Sherry L. Bowman J Nu Pi Lambda Phi. UC. San Antonio, Tex. Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Houston, Tex. Pi Lambda Phi. UC Wichita, Kan. Pi Lambda Phi, Bus. Des Moines, 1 PI Beta Phi A S 3. Tulsa Kappa Kappa Gamma. A S Muskogee UC Tulsa Sigma Delta Tau. A S Wichita, Kan. Beta Theta Pi Engr. Muskogee A S Muskogee Alpha Phi FA Okla.City Carol Boydstun Jamos A. Bradbury, II James A. Bradford Rodger V. Bramley K. Kay Brandes Bettina B. Brannan • , Gamma .he Delta Sigma Phi, UC Woodward A S McAlester Phi Kappa Psi Bus. Dallas, Te;. FA Okla.City UC Houston. Tex. Beth Branyan James E. Brazelton Shannon Brians Tom W. Briggs Charles L. Bristow Monnett Brock Delta Gamma Bus. Tulsa Engr. Huntsville, Ala. Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Purcell UC Tulsa Sigma Chi A S Spencer Chi Omega A S TuUa Valerie J. Brock Carol E. Eroding Jakie Brooks Robert L. Brooks Beverley A. Brown Coke R. Brown c r c l-ir " IWII f D FTQ A8,S Calgary, Alberta Can. UC Tulsa Sigma Nu Engr. Bartlesville Beta Theta Pi A S Tulsa Gamma Phi Beta. FA Tulsa Alpha Tau Omega. UC Okla.City Kjr nib JIVIt UwK Co Jay L. Brown JudyG. Brown Thomas J. Brown James M. Bruce Rusty BrunKow Jack L. Bryan Pi Lambda Phi A S Tulsa Delta Gamma FA Shawnee Kappa Sigma Pond Creek A 5 Gushing Delta Upsilon UC TjIso Sigma Nu Pharm. Lawton It isn ' t the fatal step, just a mod Andy Hubbard and Joan Kalman. edding af the Campus Chest carnival. ■ ■i Mmt MMf M 445 SOPHOMORES «p Don and Kay Kerr accompany father, Don Kerr, Sr., to football game when OU plays Kansas on Dad ' s Day. t §M Janis Capps Alpha Chi Omega, A S Okla.City Tennie A. Capps Educ. Eufaula Virginia P. Carey Alpha Delia Pi, A S Ft, Worth, Tex Cissy Carlson Pi Beta Phi A S Okla. City John A. Carlson Phi Kappa Theta, UC Aurora, III. Sue Carmack Alpha Phi Educ. Paden Ronald R. Carman Alpha Sigma Phi, A S Bartlesville Ramey L. Carpenter Delta Upsilon A S Lawton Joan K. Carmichael Kappfl Alpha Theta, Educ. Enid Karin M. Carmichael Alpha Gamma Delta, A S Anaheim. Cal. Jane A. Carpenter Kappa Alpha Theta, A S Altus Linda L. Carroll UC Enid H. Kaye Carson Alpha Gamma Delta, Bus. Okla.City Robert A. Casey Bus. Shrewsbury Mass. Lee Cate Phi Gamma Delta, A S Norman Phillip M. Cauthron A S Hugo Roger W. Chalfant Engr. Wichita. Kan Peter S. Chambers A S Seminole Carol Chamlee Delta Delta Delta, Pharm. Cordell Scott Chapline Bus. Okla.City Jack L. Christian UC Okla. City JannT. Christian Kappa Sigma A S Okla. City John A. Christner UC Mt. View Pat Clark Gamma Ph Beta, A S Tulsa Steve L. Clark UC Okla.City Jill Cleveland Delta Delta Delta. A S Altus Steve Coad UC Bartlesville Janis A. Coates Gamma Phi Beta, Educ. Chickasha Chris Cockrum Sigma Nu UC Perry James Cody Engr. Cleveland. Ohio Johnny Coffey UC Okla. City Joan W. Coffman Chi Omega Educ. Pauls Valley Nancy C. Coffman Pi Beta Phi A S Ardi.ore Sharon Colclasure A S Ardmore Mary N. Cole A S Enid Roy Coleman Pi Kappa Alpha, Eng Newkirk Charles R. Coles UC Noble Ernest W. Collins Sigma Phi Epsilon. Bus. Shreveport, La Carol J. Coleman Alpha Epsilon Phi, A S Amarillo, Tex. Richard M. Conklin Pi Kappa Alpha, A S Stigler Robert E. Conley Delta Tau Delia, UC Tulsa Beverly J. Constantine Kappa Alpha Theta, Bus. Tulsa Bob J. Cook Kappa Alpha UC Bartlesville David T. Cook Delta Upsilon A S Tulsa Jim Cook Kappa Sigma A S Okla.City Sandra S. Cook Kappa Kappa Gamma. FA Okla.City Steve Cook Sigma Alpha Epsilon. A S Ardmore Susan Cook A S Okla. City 446 Sidney Sudberry and Cafhey Maney turn on all fheir feminine charms for policeman but they sfill gef the ticket. Std,, Doctor Patf Dodd Jan Dodson Shirley J. Dorman Nelson L. Doughty Daniel D. Douglass PI Lambda Phi Bus. Wichita, Kan. Alpha Chi Omega, UC K lidwest City Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Amarlllo, Tex. Alpha Delta Pi Bus. Okla.CItv Bus. Martha A S Norman Patricia A. Dow Tom Drake Henry 0. Drilling David C. Driver John M. Duck Carol Duley Gamma Phi Beta, Educ. Okarchs Sigma Nu Bus. Davis Delta Upsilon Engr. Okla.City Delta Tau Delta, A S Okla,Clty Kappa Sigma UC Okia, City Alpha Gam Delta, A S Okla,City Carolyn K. Duncan Roberta Dunnington JonC. Dyer Phil Earnest Bill B. Eason Phil L. Easton Gamma Phi Beta, Bus, Tulsa Alpha Phi Bus. Cherokee Phi Kappa Psi, Bus, tvtuskoc3ee Phi Delta Theta, Bus, Enid Alpha Sigma Phr A S Ardmore Delta Tau Delia Bus. Lawton S.Phillip Eberhart Kitty Edmunds Charles B. Elliott Jimmy Ellis John A. Egnew Mary L. Emanuel Phi Gamma Delta, Bus. Kan. City, l o. Alpha Chi Omega, A S Norman A S San An onio, Tex. Delta Kappa Epsilon, A S Seminole Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC t»(ldland. Tex. Alpha Gam Delta, Bus. Lav ton SOPHOMORES 447 $ t If t ' Sllht, OP Charles D. Emerson Marsha Emmer Diane S. Eng-9lberg Jerry D. Ennis Beverly R. Ervin Claudia J. Eurton iZll Grant Fair Remington P. Fairlamb John H. Fannin John A. FarrjII Larry Farrell UC Okla. City Sigma Delta Tau, Educ. Okla. City A S Memphis Tenn. UC McAlester Aloha Delta P UC Okla. City Kappa Kappa Norman ' FA Okmulgee Beta Theta Pi Engr. Bartlesville Phi Delta Theta, UC Tulsa A S Norman Phi Gamma Delta, A S St. Louis, Mo. A S Woodward Gary H. Farris Andy T. Faust Jo Ann Feldman Peter M. Feldman Jimmy D. Fellers Lou A. Fellers D.Tims Fenwick Lee A. Ferber Patricia A. Ferguson Robin Ferris Lois H. Finkel DonC. Finkenbinde Phi Delta Theta, Bus. Muskogee Phi Kappa Psi A S Bartlesville Sigma Delta Tau, EdLC, Beringham, La. A S Lynn. Mass. Phi Kappa Sigma. UC Wichita, Kan. Kappa Alpha Theta, Educ. Okla. City Phi Delta Theta, Engr. Tulsa Pi Kappa Alpha FA Jackson, Miss. Delta Delta Delta, UC Okla. City Delta Upsilon T ' u " Psa Sigma Delta Tau, FA Kan. City, Mo Sigma Alph Epsilon, Pha Clinton Camilla L. Finley Patti Fisher Rosalind D. Fishman Diana C. Fitch Bob Fitzqibbons Jane A. Fleetwood JudyC. Fletcher William A. Flexner Michael E. Flick John D. Flood John W. Foley Noble Forbes Educ. Sands Springs Kappa Kappa Gamma, FA, Midwest City Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC St. Louis, Mo. Alpha Gamm Delta. A S Wetumka a Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Memphis, Tenn Gamma Phi Beta, Bus. Okla. City Kappa Delta UC Okla. City Pi Lambda Phi A S Okla. City Sigma Nu A S Muskogee Kappa Alpha Bus. Okla. City Pharm. Chlckasha Sigma Chi Bus. Tulsa Judy Ford William L. Ford Lon Foster Lavinia K. Frank Margaret B. Frank Phebe Frank Ben Franklin Bob Franklin Gary M. Frans Jerry L. Frazier Judy D. Frederick J. Craig Fredericks Pi Beta Phi A S Ponca City Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Shawnee Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A S Okla. City Alpha Chi Omega, Bus. Norman Educ. Midwest City A S Lawton Delta Tau Delta. Engr. Okla. City Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Purdon. Tex. Engr. Okla. City Delta Tau Delta, Bus. Okla. City Kappa Delta Educ. Okla. City UC Ft. Worth. T Being clo+hes-conscious Is one more fralt of a typical sophomore. Eddi Massey goes shopping on the corner. SOPHOMORES Pi Lambda Phi Bus., Prairie Village. Kan. Alpha Gamm Delta, A S Okla. City a Kappa Kappa Gamma FA Madill Alpha Delta Pi A S Altus Bus. Albuquerque, N.M, Pi Lamt UC Omaha Faith E. Friot Jerome A. Frisch Charles M. Fry Vernon J. Frye Donald C. Fuller Marvin Fuller Kappa Delta A S. N.Tona- wanda. N.Y. innati, Ohio Engr. Amanllo, Tex. UC Norman Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Okla. City Bus. Semino Mona Fuller Diane Futrell Tom Gable Virginia S. Gangwer Gretchen K. Ganschinieti James K Gabal A S Arkoma Bus. Paoli Sigma Nu A S Tulsa Kappa Delta A S Olda.Clty A S Belevllle. III. Siqma C A S Cushing Alan Garfjnkle Jim Garlick Carolyn S. Garvin Katherine Garrett Woody A. Garrett Jack Gatewo UC Nashville, Sigma Nu, Bus., Billings Gamma Phi Beta. A S A S Alma. Ark. Phi Delta Theta, UC Lambda Alpha. 448 s n SOPHOMORES It ' s the five o ' clock rush hour in Gate Center cafeteria, but they finally nnalte it to the check out desk. Richard L. Sarah J. Gault Larry R. Geis Sally Gels Salem L. Geller William Gendler ' UC Norman Bus. Cherokee A S Houston, Tex. PI Lambda Phi UC Galveston, Tex Bus. Southbury Conn. Bill George Thomas A. GIbbs George D. Gibson, Jr. Judy K. Gibson Mike Gibson Sandy M. Gilbert ir a Alpha . Ion, Engr. ..nt Kappa Sigma Bus., LoveUnd, Colo. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A S Shawnee Delta Gamma Educ. Lawton Sigma Alpha Epsilon Engr. Tulsa Sigma De Tau, Educ Alton, III. Jjn A. Gill Gregory J. Glahn James H. Gledhlll Pamela N. Glenn Tex Goen Neola D. Goforth . , Delta •v Educ . , C.t Enqr. Ba ' tlesviile P; Kappa Sig- ma, UC. Phila delphia. Pa. Bus. Wynnewood Sigma Chi A S Tulsa UC Norman Clyde Goldberg Lee J. Goldberg Judy G. Goldfeder Susan L. Goltl Vivian R. Goitz Cynthia Good : ■a Epsilon Bus. ■ N.Y, Alpha Epsilon Phi, A S, New O ' icns, L.i. Educ. Little Rock, Ark. Alpha Epsilon Phi, Educ, Hot Springs, Ark. Alpha Epsilon Phi, Bus, Tulsa A S Kan. City, 1 1 % -s ' § James D. ] Goodpastu re Donald Gordon Sus=n E. Gough Andrea J. Graham James R. Graham Judy Graham Gray Robert W. Gray Daniel E, Green Marilynn M. Green MarylnC. Green, Susan Green Bus. Norman A S Dal ' as Tex. Kappa Alpha Theta, A S Alc ander,Va. Chi Omega UC Pauls Valley Phi Gamma Delta. Engr. Anadarko Bus. Okla.Clty Delta Delta Delta, A S Houston, Tex, Educ. Duncan Delta Sigma PhI.A S,Grd. Junction. Colo. Alpha Phi Educ. Okla.Clty Alpna Phi A S Maud Alpha Delta Pi Nurs. Dallas, Tex. Jeff Greene Richard G. Greene JohnT. Greiner Douglas E Griffin Carol D. Gross Patricia H. Gross Bill Grove Shirley A. Grove Mary E. Groves David C. Grubb James S. Gude Richard B. Gunning PI Lambda UC 1 Kansas CIt Phi 1 Engr. Norman A S Henryelta Delta Kappa Epsilon. Engr. Ft. Smith, Ark. Sigma Delta Tau, Bus. Houston, Tex. Sigma Delta Tau, A S, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla Phi Kappa Psi A S . Norman Alpha Phi Educ. Forgan Kappa Delta Educ. Norman Sigma Chi f:?sa UC, Colorado Springs. Colo. Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Norman Robin R. Gunning Jerry E. Gunfer Dugal C. Gurren Pa«R. Gwartney Tom P. Haddock Kathy Hahn Jack C. Haldcman II N. Kelley Hale Jinn R. Hall Stepflen A. Hall Cecily Hamilton Susan K. Hambay A S 1 Okta.Citv Beta Theta Pi A S, Hot Springs, Ark. Delta Kappa Eosllon, UC Norman f:?sa Sigma Chi Norman Alpha Phi Bus. Okla.Clty Enor. Beftiesda Md. Delta Kappa Epsilon, FA Fa -a. Phi Delta Theta, UC Tulsa Alpha Sigma Phi. UC Ponca City Gamma Phi Beta, A S Okla. City Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ Okla.Clty Jay D. Hamilton Linda K. Hamm Karen S. Hamman Patricia Hammond Steve Hamner Dick L. Hanley EdC. Hardegree Bruce E. Hare Judy A. Harkrider Ann Harms Lynda R. Harris Susan £. Harris ta Upsi on III. Pi Beta Phi Educ. Tulsa Chi Omega, A S Muskogee Chi Omega Bus. Tulsa UC Okla.Clty Alpha Tau Omega, UC Amarillo, Tex. Delta Tau Delta, A S Okla.City Delta Tau Delta, Bus. Amarllto, Tex. Chi Omega Bus. Ft. Worth, Tex. Alpha Delta Pi A S Midwest City Kappa Kappa Gamma, A S Joplln, Mo. Kappa Kappa Gamma, FA, Norman 449 t s Tommy D. Harris Engr. Wynnewood Don C. Harrison Kappa Sigma Bus. Okla. City Leonard G. Harrison UC Madill Stan Harrison Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A S Okla. City Catherine A. Harsh Delta Gamma Bus. Ponca City James B. Hart Bus. Tishomingo William Rich- ard Haught Phi Delta Theta, UC Pryor Dianne F. Hawkins Delta Gamma ASS Tulsa Bruce A. Hawtin UC Aberdeen, Md. Sharon S. Haywood Kappa Delta Educ. Shawnee Jerry Hayes A S OC Mary K. Hays Chi Omega Bus. Okla. City Raymond G. Heckard UC Okla. City Nancy L. Hedlund UC Ardmore Kenneth M. Hemry Lambda Chi Alpha, A S Okla. City JimG. Henderson Alpha Tau Omega, UC Beaver Lee Henderson Pi Kappa Alpha, Engr. Cherokee John W. Henry UC Blackwell Margaret A. Henry Kappa Kappa Gamma, A S Killeen, Tex. Sara J. Henry Alpha Gamma Delta, Bus. Okla. City James Hensler Kappa Sigma UC Ada Pam Heritage Pi Beta Phi A S Bartlesville Sandra Herndon Alpha Chi Omega, UC Madill Herzog Pi Lambda Phi UC Omaha, Neb. Sara A. Hess Kappa Kappa Gamma, A S Okla. City Carolyn A. Hewson Alpha Chi Omega, FA Tulsa Kay B. Hickman Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla. City Gary D. Hickmon UC Laverne Glenda E. Highland A S Miami Leerov H. Higt-tower Pi Kappa Al- pha, UC, Ala- moqordo, N.M Scott L. Hilburn Delta Upsilon Bus. Tulsa Bill Hill Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Engr. Okia. City Milton S. Hill UC Farmington, N.M. Sharon M. Hines Alpha Phi Educ. Lefors. Tex. Elode Hinson Alpha Delta Pi Nurs. Midwest City Nancy A. Hisey A S Ardmore Douglas D. Hobbs Delta Tau Delta, Engr. Tulsa Carol S. Hodam Delta Delta Delta, Bus. Okla. City Roy L. Hodges UC Gore Anita S. Holderread FA Cushing Janet J. Holland Delta Delta Delta. A S Norman Kay Holland Alpha Phi A 3 Norman Judy A. Holloway Kappa Kappa Gamma. A S Victoria. Tex. Tyco L. Holloway Engr. Columbia, III. Cecil Holly, Jr. Pharm. McAlester Janet Holmes Educ. Sulphur Richard L. Honey Kappa Alpha Educ. Midwest City Patricia J. Hooks Alpha Chi Omega, Edge. Tipton 1 € Mariorie A. Hooper James L. Hopkins Reginald F. Hopper Glenda J. Horn Judy Horn Jon H. Horwedel Steve Horwiti Marty J. Houghl ' n Dallas C. Howard Jan Howard John C. Howard Thomas E. Howard Bus. Chickasha UC Mineral Wells Tex. A S Maysville Educ. Midwest City Pi Beta Phi UC Alva Sigma Phi Epsilon, Engr. Hinton Pi Lambda Phi A S Okla. City Kappa Delta UC Okla. City Delta Tau Delta, UC Lawton Delta Delta Delta. Educ. Lawton UC Wewoka Phi Gamma Delta, A S Muskogee James L. Howell Ramona A. Howell Mac Hower Martha J. Hoyt Andy Hubbard Paul Hubble Andrea L. Huffman Gwen Hughes Susan Hugus Ann M. Hull Dick Hull Joseph W. Hullett Bus. Comanche A S Claremore Delta Upsilon Engr. Tulsa Delta Gamma Bus. Okla. City Sigma Nu A S Okla. City PI Kappa Alpha. A S Ardmore A S Elk City A S Okla. City Bus. Cushing Delta Gamma A S Midwest City Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Okla. City Bus. W. Hartfor Conn. Allen P. Hundley John W. Hundley Ronald L. Hunt Phil Hurley Donna J. Hurst Frank M. Hussey Harold R. Hutton Jerry Hutton Earl Ingram Sara L. Jacobs Ballard H. Jacobson Baird Jamerson Kappa Alpha A S Dallas, Tex Sigma Chi UC Calvin Engr. Okla. City Delta Upsilon A S, Albu- querque, N.M. UC Southard Engr. Okla. City Kappa Sigma Pharm. Blackwell Sigma Nu Bus. Elk City Phi Gamma Delta, Bus. Okla. City UC Tulsa Sigma Delta Tau, A S Brunswick. N.J. Sigma Chi Bus. Dallas. Tex. Bill D. James Jean R. James Leroy C. James Wayne Jett Beatrice C. Johnson Carolyn Johnson Janet L. Johnson Jim D. Johnson Linda J. Johnson Lois 1. Johnson Prudy Johnson Virginia N. Johnson Alpha Tau Omega, Bus. Okla. City Alpha Gamma Delta, A S Hartshorne Lambda Chi Alpha. UC Okla. City Engr. Wetumka Phi Mu UC Okla. City Delta Delta Delta. Educ. Hugo Delta Delta Delta. Bus. Okla. City Alpha Tau Omeqa. A S Okla. City Gamma Phi Beta, A S Norman Alpha Gamma Delta. Bus. Lethbridge. Alberta. Can. Kappa Kappa Gamma, A S Okla. City Gamma Phi Beta, A S Okla. City 450 Janice McCraw. Julie Cloar and Sandy Sawvell finally malte it out to movie and nothing Is going to stop them. SOPHOMORES Studying hard for Stat. 84 quii in the library are Steve Oienhandlcr, Hal Zelazny and Don Blumethal. P H V V ' K K B $i%- f 11 Ifm Jm. t idl Lloyd Sheeh, Jim Kinnebrew and John LeFavour take in a public lecture in the Business Ad auditorium. Leon J. Kravetz Jane Krepps Louis Kronfeld Selma M. Kross Susan K. Kupka Eddie T. Kurtz UC Tulsa Delta Gamma Educ. Okla. City Beta Theta Pi A S. Shreve- port. La. Sigma Delta Tau, Educ. Kan. City, Mo. Kappa Kappa Gamma, A S Haskey Delta Upsil UC Tulsa k 1 J n Jl 1 S ?l r Bonnie L. Laffins Sam J. LaMonte David Lampton Lynda L. Lang Retha Langston Marilyn A. Larqent SG iPr lOr lOI RE: 5 Kappa Delta Bus. Shawnee Phi Gamma Delta, A S Okla. City Phi Gamma Delta, A S Norman Delta Gamma A S Kan. City, Mo. Educ. ?eT= ' Gamma Phi Beta, Educ. Tipton Loma L. Lavell Sherman B. Lawton Bob Lawson Steve Lawton Dan W. LeCrone Marilyn K. Lee A S Fairborn, Ohio Beta Theta Pi A S Norman Phi Kappa Sigma. UC Bartlesville Beta Theta Pi A S Norman Sigma Nu Bu " s. Tulsa Alpha Gam Delta. Nurs Alva Suzanne Lee JoeE. Leonard Alice G. Levine Jerry L. Levisee Donald E. Lawrence Duane Lawrence Kappa Delta A S Tulsa Pharm. Rush Springs Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC, Spring Valley, N.Y. Pi Kappa Alpha, Engr. Ft. Worth. Tex. Engr. El Dorado. Ark. Pharm. Chandler Jerald J. Lehman Jamie Lewlnsohn Coralie A. Lews Susan M. Lewis Charles G, Lewnes Linda G. Lichenstein Linda A. Lillard Anqie Lillis Xenda J. Lindel Gene Lindsey Jim L. Lindsey Linda K. Linhardt Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Okla. City Educ. Okla. City UC Norman Kappa Kappa Gamma. UC Guthrie Alpha Tau Omega, Bus. Annapolis, Md. Aloha Epsilon Phi, Educ. Austin, Tex. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ, Ft. Sheridan, Mi Alpha Phi Educ. Kan. City, Mo. Alpha Phi, A S. Des Moines, la. Pi Beta Phi Educ. Dallas, Tex. Kaopa Alpha Bus. Tulsa A S Okla. City Frederick Lockwood James Loftis Lilian A. Logan Christopher F. Love Linda Love Virqil P. Lovelace Wayne L. Loving Mary L. Lowe Phil W. Lowell Joe L. Lowry Michael J. Lubel Jame M. Lucas Phi Kappa Fsi UC Lea wood, Kan Engr. Okla. City Gamma Ph. Beta, A S Lindsay Delta Kappa Epsilon, UC Webster Groves, Mo. UC Chandler Kappa Alpha UC Tulsa Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Ponca City Delta Gamma A S Eufaula Phi Gamma Delta Okla. City Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr. Blanchard Sigma Alpha Mu, UC, San Antonio, Tex. Chi Omega A S Okla. City Edward D. Lusk Barbara W. Luttrell TomC. Lyie Paul Lyies Nancy R. Lynn Robbie G. McAdams Aurelia McBee George H. McBee Carol A. McBrayer Clifford 8. McCollum Ed McComas Sue McConnell UC Tulsa A S Ft. Sill Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. City Pharm. Hugo Kappa Kappa Gamma Bus. Jackson, Miss. Delta Delta Delta. A S Okla. City UC Poteau Lamb da Chi Alpha, Engr. Poteau Educ. Ennis, Tex. Bus. Ft. Myers, Fla. A S Elk City A S Ft. Smith. Ark. Ethelyn B. McCoy Sue McCoy Janice R. McCraw Anne McDaniel Tillman McDaniel Janie McDonald Roger E. McElroy Lawrence D. McFarland Sandra L. McGee Mike McGoffin JImmie L. McGowen CandeeJ. MeGowr FA Chandler A S Cleveland Delta Gamma Educ. Norman Pi Beta Phi A S, Mill- ington, Tenn. Kappa Sigma Educ. Texhoma Kappa Alpha Theta, A S Okla. City Phi Gamma Delta, Bus. Okla. City Alpha Tau Omega, UC Delta Gamma A S Okla. City Kappa Alpha A S Tulsa A S Norman Chi Omega Educ. Okmulgee Patti A. McGuire Pat Mclver Michael R. McKee Lynn D. McKinney Sara L. McKinney Patricia McKnight Rosalind McLain Ralph L. McLaury Sidney McLeland GayleC. McLeod Janet G. McLin Delia Gamma Educ. Duncan Pi Beta Phi Educ. Tulia Alpha Sigma Phr Educ. Okla. City Chi Omega A S Norman Pi Beta Phi A S, El Dorado, Ark. Educ. Bristow Kaopa Delta A S Okla.City Delta Tau Delia, A S Ponca City Ch " Omega Fl. Worth, Tex. Delia Delia Delta Educ. Ft. Worth, Tex Chi Omega Educ Clinton Mary McMeans B.C. McNeill Norma K. Mackey Marilyn K. Maddox John E. Madewell Harith A. Mahmoud Joseph Patrick Robert J. Mahoney Katherine E. Maney E. T. Manninq Sally Manning Bus. Davenport, la. Kappa Sigma A S Okla.City A S Okla. City Delta Gamma Bus. Okla.City Kappa Alpha UC Midwest City Bus. Norman Mahoney Beta Theta Pi A S, Okla.City Delta Upsilon A S Midwest City Delta Delta Delta. Educ. Okla.City Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A S Pauls Valley Pi Beta Pni A S Dallas. Tex. Mike Maples Gordon Marcum Marilyn S. Marcum Martha L. Markham David J. Markley Mike W. Marko BillieJ. Marsh Glenda G. Martin Nancy S. Martin Paula K. Martin Sheila K. Martin Sigma Chi Engr. Holdenville Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Bus. Midland. Tex. Delta Gamma UC Alva UC Tahlequah Sigma Nu Bartlesville A S Okla. City Kappa Delta UC Bethlehem, Pa. UC Rinqlinq Kappa Kappa Gamma, A S Shawnee Gamma Phi Beta, UC Tulsa Alpha Phi Bus. Okla.City James C. Masters Claudia L. Matney Lorelei B. Matteson James E. Matthews Kathleen Matthews Jeanne Mayfield James W. Mayo Joseph E. Mazzie Elsie M. Medlin Fred Mehew III John Mahaw Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Ithaca, N,Y. Gamma Phi Beta, A S Tulsa Alpha Delta Pi A S Tulsa UC Tulsa FA Okla.City Alpha Chi Omeqa, A S Dallas, Tex. A S Sallisaw Pi Kappa Alpha Engr.. Linden- hurst, N.Y. Alpha Phi A S Stanford, Tex. Sigma Nu A S Lawton Sigma Nu UC Lawton Jim Meniies Hal J. MerrimoH Grady Merritt Mitch Mcrtes George T. Metcalfe Sigma Nu A S Tulsa PI Kappa Alpha. A S Okla. City Lambda Ch, Alpha, Bus. Nowata FA Norman Phi Gamma Delta. Bus. Okla.City Terry L. Middlesworth Nancy Miles Kenneth R. Miller Margaret A. Miller Judith A. Mills Educ, Shawnee Kappa Kappa Gamma, Bus. Norman A S Hartshorne FA Wichita Falls Tex. Kappa Aloha Theta, A S Stamford, Tex. David A. Mitchell Larry A. Mizel Walter H. Mizell Lynda Mlinar Linda A. Moeller C E il— 1 It Jl i r% 3 C A S Frederick Pi Lambda Phi UC Tulsa Engr. Ft. Sill Kappa Kappa Gamma, FA Amarillo, Tex. Kappa Delta FA Hooker W lOF HC IVI OR E£ Don D. Montgomery Sigma Nu Bus., El Dorado, Ark. Diana G. Moore Delta Delta Delta. A S Duncan Joyce M. Moreliead FA Norman Dianne Morey Chi Omega A S, Albu- querque. N.M. Carol A. Moore Educ. Lindsay Patty Hammond, Dulce Wheeler and Pete Adams hope to learn In accounting lab how to stay In the black and be happy. 453 SOPHOMORES Dr. Dorothy Truex is entertained by Sidney McLeland, Janie Ross and Monnett Brock at " guest dinner night. " Karen Moore Patrick E. Moore Robert P. Moore Sarah L. Moore Jim F. Moran James E. Morrill Pi Beta Ptil A8.5 Norman Delta Upsllon Educ. Okmulgee Kappa Sigma Bus. OUa. City Alpha Phi Bus. St. Louis, Mo. PI Kappa Alpha, UC Sapulpa UC Johnson City Tenn. Donna K. Morris Woody Morris Orville E. Morrow Judi Morton Patricia A. Moseley Martin Moses UC Dallas, Tex, Acacia A S Norman Engr. Walnut Creek, Calif. Delta Gamma A S Sulphur UC Broken Bow UC Norman Ma D. Mouton Harvey Mozer Thomas M. Mudrick Janice K. Mueller Charles L. Muqq Gordon Muir Bus. Okla.Clty Sigma Alpha Mu, A S Denver, Colo, Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus Ottawa, Kan. A S Bird City, Kan, Delta Tau Delta, Bus, Okla. City Delta Sigma Phi, UC Enid Reg L. Mullen Kenneh R. Mullican Kay Mullins Patricia A. Mundkowski Florene E. Nadler George E. Narvaes Beta Theta Pi A S Havana, III. A S Vinita Kappa Alpha Theta Bus. Amarillo, Tex, Zeta Tau Alpha, Bus. Grandfield Alpha Epsllon Phi, UC St, Louis, Mo. Phi Kappa Theta A S Winfield, Ka f 1 1 Theta Pi Pi La Orinqderff Sigma Nu A S Enid Fred L. Patrick Beta Theta Pi A S Sapulpa Oliphant Phi Gamm Gamma Phi Beta, A S Okla. City Kapoa Alpha Theta. A S Okla. City 454 % % ' f Judy Brown and Pruj, have just spent their month ' s allowance during a shopping spree on campus corner. Rdndel Raymond Reese Reid Reising Renberg Lambda Chi Alpha UC Carlsbad. N.M Engr. ChTcago. III. A S Warn Lambda Chi Alpha Bus. Gr. Lakes, 111, A S Okla. City Pi Lambda P Bus. Tulsa JimH. Reniers Jeffrey Repke Terry D. Rexroad Steve W. Rhoades Billy Rhodes David L. Rice Phi Delta Tbeta, Engr. Tulsa UC Borden, N.J. Phi Kappa Sigma, Enqr. Pampa. Tex. Phi Kappa Psi Engr. Okmulgee Kappa Sigma Bus Dallas, lex. Sigma Alph Epsilon, UC Watonga Ronald D. Rich Beverly H. Richards James L. Richardson Judy Richardson Eddie Rider Terry Riddle S;gma Chi Enqr. Hooker Delta Delta Delta. A S Okla.City UC Tulsa PI Beta Phi Educ. Okla.City UC A-amore Lambda Ch- Alpha, UC Lawton Thomas E. RIgqs Mike Riley Bette Ringrose Barbie Rink Jerry D. Risenhoover Charlene A Rives Delta Tau Delta. A S Tulsa Phi Kappa Sigma. UC Afton Alpha Chi Omega, FA Guthrie Kappa Delta Educ, Little Rock, Ark. Educ. Oke-nah A S Holden ille SOPHOMORES 455 pp BSPBPPP Mary B. Roberts Julia A. Robinson Phillip 1. Robinson Coleman Robison John W. Rodgers Diana F. Rodriguez Clint D. Rogers Janice L. Rogers Patricia A. Rogers Sheila Rogul Janice Rollins William W. Rollins Kappa Alpha Theta, Educ. Shreveport, La UC Okmulgee A S Dodge City, Kan. Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. Ardmore Delta Tau Del- ta, UC, Bloom- ington. III. UC Wagoner Sigma Chi Bus. Okla.City Chi Omega A S Tulsa UC, Steele, Mo. A S Okla.City Delta Delta Delta, UC Okla.City Phi Gamma Delta, Engr. Springfield, Va Robert A. Rose Tony Suzi Rosen Susie L. Rosenberg Janie Ross R. Renn Rothrock. Jr. Susan E. Rowley Ann E. Rozen Carol R. Rozen Bobbi A, Rubin Ralph W. Rucker Ruthie A. Rudd Delta Kappa Epsilon, Bus. Roosevelt Engr. Merrick. N.Y. Delta Gamma FA Midwest City Alpha Epsilon Phi, A S Joplin, Mo. Chi Omega A S Denison, Tex. Delta Tau Delta, Engr. Tulsa A S Denver, Colo. Sigma Delta Tau, A S Tulsa Alpha Epsilon Phi, Educ. Tulsa Slqma Delta Tau, A S Des Moines, la. Delta Tau Delta A S Bartlesville Alpha Delta Pi UC Hooker Linda J. Russell Charlyne Ryland Hugh E. Sabel Ellen A. Saddoris Eleanor A. Safley Guillermo A. Salas Sharon Salmon Suzan Sanders Ann Santee Rebecca J. Sauerwein Lee B. Saunders Sandy S. Sawvell A 5 Kirkwood, Mo. Pi Beta Phi Bus. OUa.Clty Pi Lambda Phi, UC Houston, Ten. Gamma Phi Beta, Educ. Bartlesville Alpha Gamma Delta, Educ. Wirt A S Mexico City Mex. Kappa Alpha Theta, Educ. Durant Kappa Delta A S Muskogee Kappa Kappa Gamma, A S Sklatook Gamma Phi Beta, Educ. Tulsa Alpha Tau Omeoa, Bus. Myerstown, P Delta Gamma Educ. . Okla.City William A. Scanlon Howard A. Schainker Cecil Schenker Rita Schoiem Charlie A. Schuette Norman J. Schwartz R. Steve Schwartz Carolyn L. Schweers James R. Scott John E. Scott Wilna Scott Jimmie R. Seay Phi Kappa Sigma. UC Holdenville Pi Lambda Phi, UC St. Louis, Mo, Pi Lambda Phi, Bus.. San Antonio, Tex. Alpha Epsilon Phi, FA Ft. Smith, Ark Bus. Columbus, Ind. Alpha Epsilon Pi, A S Butler, Pa. Pi Lambda Phi, Bus. Purcell Delta Delta Delta, A S Tulsa Acacia UC Duncan Alpha Tau Omega, UC Plattekill. N.Y. Bus. Newklrk Educ. Oscar PhB Joe Bateman and Susan Hamby wait anxiously for in-coming news from fhe teletype machine In the Daily office. SOPHOMORES 456 ■fir} ] SOPHOMORES 1 9t S WMWimdik i Union activities travel bureau gives Information to Perry Lovelace and Martin Moses concerning summer trips. Larry D. Leslie W. Sipes Charles W. Siiemore Jo Sue Skirvin Jim L. Slaughter Carole A. Smith Acacia UC Duncan Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Midwest City Phi Kappa Psl. A S Muskogee Alpha Delta P Pharm. VInita Bus. Pauls Valley Delta Gamma Engr. Dallas, Tex. Fred W. Smith JimW. Smith Lester Smith Marcia E. Smith Linda B. Smith Marcia S. Smith Kappa Alpha UC Tulsa Delta Tau Delta FA Hobart Pi Lambda Phi. Bus. Wharton, lex. Alpha Gammi Delta Bus. Okla. City Alpha Delta Pi UC Tulsa Kappa Alpha Theta. Bus. Tulsa Mike Smith Richard A. Smith Roger K. Smith Willis V. Smith Gary W. Snell John 0. Snyder Sigma Phi Epsilon, A S Guvmor. Enqr. Mt. View ASS Holdenville Sigma Nu A S Okla.Ctv P; Kappa Alpha, UC Buffalo Phi Delta Theta, Engr. Ft. Worth. Tex Robert F. Snyder Duke Soule Lu Southerland Linda J. Speaks Stephanie Specht Darrell L. Speed UC Altus Sigma Nu UC Tulsa Kappa Kappa Gamma, Bus. Okla.City Alpha Delta P UC Norman A S Lawton Alpha Sigma Phi. A S Okla.City ' ft t % t ' f ' Sf t w S ' ft i t S Sha.o., to. Spraker Alpha Pni UC Muskogee Richard Spurgin Acacia UC Duncan John Squarek Enqr. Norman Francis M. Stackenwdit A S Colllnqswood, N.J, Doyle G. Standifer A S Wapanucka Sam Stanifer UC Altus Paul N. Stanton Beta Theta Pi UC Altus Walter J. Stark. Jr. Phi Delta Theta. A S Okla.City Jane A. Steadley Chi Omega Okla. City Trudc J. Steele Pi Beta Phi A S Norman BUI L Steger A S Durant Brent Stein Sigma Alpha Mu. Bus. Dallas. Tex. Richard Stegman A S Lexington Park. Md. Douglas Stephens UC Duncan Leslie G. Sternberger Sigma Delta Tau. A S Memphis. Tenn Steve Stevenson Sigma Alpha Mu. UC. Lake Charles. La. Lance Stockwell Sigma Nu UC Okla.City Gerry Stoller Sigma Delta Tau, A S Dallas, Tex. Jay Stolper Pi Lambda Phi, UC Ponca City SueE. Stoneman Kappa Kappa Gamma. A S Okla.City Karen L. Stonis Delta Gamma Educ. Okla.City Sarah Stookey FA Norman Joan E. Storthi Alpha Epsilon Phi. A S. Little Rock. Ark. Gerald D. Stowers UC Owensboro. Ky. Virginia Stuart Kappa Alpha Theta, A S Okla.City Bob J. Stubblefield Lambda Chi Alpha, A S Tulsa John W. Sturges Alpha Tau Omega. UC Hugo Sidney J. Sudberry Delta Delta Delta. FA Ada Vicki Suderman Delia Delta Delta. Educ. Bartlesville E. Jackson Sullivan Phi Gamma Delta Okla.City Vance M. Swaim Delta Sigma Phi. UC Ponca City Evelyn A. Swan Kappa Delta A S Wichita. Kan. Elizabeth Sue Swanson Kappa Kappa Gamma. Educ. Bartlesville Virginia A. Alpha Gamma Delta. Bus. Okla. City Kelly F. Swindle A S Stihwater Ellubelh M. Sylvester Alpha Delta Pi UC Dallas. Tex. Frances Tabor Gamma Phi Beta. A S Tulsa Janice Tallant A S Frederick Judy A. Talley Kappa Kappa Gamma. A S Norman William W. Talley Kappa Alpha Engr. Hobart Claudia A. Tangye A S McAlester Sharon Tankersley Kappa Alpha Theta. A S Norman John P. Tanton Delta Tau Delta. A S Okla.City Hank latum Phi Gamma Delta. UC Dallas. Tex. Donna Taylor UC Wetumka Helen E. Taylor Alpha Chi Omega. A S Midwest Cily John W. Taylor Kaopa Alpha UC Tulsa Karen K. Taylor Alpha Chi Omega. Bus, Sailing 457 f f Jess L. Vint Sharon J. Vivion C. W. Vowell Linda Voyles Junita J. Wade James Walker R. Nanelle Wall John M. Wallace Don K. Waller Darryl Walton Bette J. Wantland Ward Phi Gamma Delta, UC Tulsa UC Wagoner Engr. Okla. City Delta Gamma Educ. Madill Alpha Gamma Delta. Bos. Duncan UC Lock P N.Y. 3rt, PI Beta Phi A S Ardmore UC Edgewood. Engr. Redondo, Calif. UC Claremore Kappa Alpha Theta. A S Tulsa Pi Kappa Alpha. Bus. Muskogee William L. Ward Cheri Watson Margot D. Watson Bryan S. Watt Peter M. Way Marcia Weave J. Thomas M. Weaver Robert Webb William J. Webb Dana F. Webber Larry Weber Bruce M. Webster UC Norman Educ. Enid UC Okla. City Bus. Tulsa Phi Gamma Delta, Engr. Houston, Tex. A S Dallas. Tex. Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus, Hobbs, N.M. A S Okla. City UC Dallas. Tex. Alpha Gamm Delta. A S Okla. Cty a Phi Kappa Sigma. Bus. Olustee Bus. Midwest City Celle M. Weinberg Terry Weiner Paul R. Weinstein Paul A. Weisblatt Patricia F. Weller Bonnie Wells Beverly J. West Carey West John C. West, Jr. Bette L. Wheeler H. James Whisnand Cookie White Sigma Delta Tau, A S. St. Petersburg. Fla Sigma Delta Tau. FA Kan, City, Mo. Pi Lambda Phi. A S Houston, Tex. Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus., Ft. Worth, Tex, Alpha Gamma Delta, A S Ivlidwest City Bus. Purcell Alpha Phi UC Okla. City Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Engr. Ft. Worth, Tex Sigma Nu Bus. Elk City Alpha Chi Omega, Bus. Okla. City Delta Upsilon Engr. Lawton Delta Gamma A S Okla. City Jeanne White Jim White Stanley A. White l arcia A. Whittinaton Dennis J. Whittlesey Williar Wicks n E. Cindi Wickstrom K. Renee Widdifield Margaret A. Widman Catherine J. Wienecke Robert E. Wilbur Kenneth 0. Wilder Alpha Gamma Delta. A S Okla. City Delta Tau Delta. UC Norman A S Okla. City Alpha Chi Omega, FA Ivluskogee Kappa Sigma A S Sapulpa Engr. Bridge Conn. port, Chi Omega A S, New Orleans. La. Gamma Phi Beta, Educ. Okla.C.ty Delta Delta Delta, A S Memphis. Tenr Gamma Phi Beta. Bus. . Tulsa Phi Gamma Delta. A S Dallas. Tex. Pi Kappa Alpna. Bus. Memphis. Tenn 458 f f i « f t .f f ¥ 7 A ± f -% " W 1 1 -9 ' 1 5 " f f Wilkle Wilkins Wilkins Williams Williams Williamson Williamson Willibrand . ,.C!tv Delta Tau Delta. Engr. Okla.Citv Pi Beta Phi UC Okla.Citv Phi Gamma Delta. A S Woodward Delta Tau Delta. Engr. Norman UC Hastings Delta Tau Delta. UC Okla. City Kappa Delt A S Norman 1 Bill 1 Willis Georgia Wills Dana Wilson Jdv D. Wilson. Jr. Johanna Wilson Larry Wilson Marty N. Wilson Robert H. Wilson 1 n„„aTau •a. A S ■ ' Jwest City A S Tulsa Kappa Kappa Gamma. A S Frederick Bus. Cushing Kappa Kappa Gamma. Educ. Borger. Tex. Phi Gamma Delta, Bus. Tulsa Alpha Chi Omega, Bus. Tulsa Sigma Chi Bus. Okla. City Roianne M. Wilson Roy Wilson Jim O. Winblood Joe A. Winfield Susan C. Winget Sandra Winters James E. Wisdom Mary Wisdom Gamma Phi Beta, Engr. Phillips, Te. FA Abilene, Tex, Kappa Sigma UC A ' dmore Lambda Chi Alpha. A S Loco Alpha Gamma Delta. A S Sapulpa Gamma Phi Beta. Educ. Okla. City UC Heavener Educ. Okla.Cty Katie Witherspoon Nancy E. Wit Ellison H. Wittels Maylan T. Wolverton Lynda S. Wood Suzanne M. Wood John F. Woodruff Sharon Woodruff Kappa Alpha Theta. A S Abilene, Tex. A S Muskogee Pi Lambda Chi. A S Okla. City Pi Beta Phi A S Lawton UC Guymon Gamma Phi Beta. Nurs. Muskogee Sigma Nu UC Houston. Tex. Pharm. Tulsa SOPHOMORES « f »t Marcy Whiftington, Terry Werner and Carolyn Duncan find refuge from starvation af the snacit bar. Jeff S. Woodson Sigma Chi A S Norman Jack Woodward Sigma Nu A S Fairview Joy L. Wooldridge Educ. Graham Rocille Wooldridge Educ. RatliffCity Lee Ann Worrell Pi Beta Phi A S Chickasha Brant Wortfiington A S Midwest City Lois Wray Pi Beta Phi Educ. Shreve- port. La. James G. Wright Educ. Lawton Lawrence A. Wright Beta Theta P ' A S Seminole Bob Wyatt Sigma Nu A S Enid Shirley A. Yingting Educ. Lawton James A. Yoder Acacia UC Dalhart. Tex. Carmen G. Young FA Tipton George A. Young A S Prague Harry M. Young Phi Kappa PsI Bus. Normjn LeeC. Young Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Mt. Grove. Mo. Trisha Young Pi Beta Phi Educ. Dallas. Tex. H. Ronnie Youngblood Bus. Yukon Al D. Zelasny Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Dallas. Tex. Mary E, Zeller A S Oes Moines. Iowa Daniel M. Zellmer A S Cordell Natalie Zerobnlck Alpha Epsilon Phi. Educ. Denver, Colo. Ken Zgonetz Pi Kappa Alpha. Bus. Cleveland, O. Bob Zoblotsky Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. Norman 459 It ' s hurry, hurry, hurry as Don Crews gets ready for plans for an evening with a certain someone. FRESHMEN Charles H Arbaugh Wichita, Kan. Judi Anderson Alpha Gam Delta, UC Okla.Citv Phi Kappa .City Sigma, UC Midwest City 460 Virginia W. Bdtemdn Eldon L. Baltey Lynne Bdughn Sandy Bay Arden P. Bealmear Peter Bean Jerry Beardslee Sharon D. Beck Kay Beesley Betty C. Belford Sue Bell Janet F. Belt UC Camden, Art. UC Elk City UC Riverside, Ca UC Okla.C ' ly UC Chickasha UC Sea Cliff. Long IsL, N.Y. UC Norman UC Tulsa Alpha Chi Omeqa UC Tulsa Alpha Gamma Delta. UC Norman UC Midwest City Chi Omega UC Okla. City Anne E, Belanger Sherry L. Bene Ivlyra A. Benedict Carroll Benjamin Ann K. Bennett Dianne Bennett E. Kathleen Bennett Jim B. Bennett Cecile Benson James D. Benson John M. Benson Paul M. Berland Chi Omega UC Guymon Alpha Chi Omega. UC Okla. City Alpha Gamm£ Delta. UC Amarillo. Te«. UC Dallas. Tex. Gamma Phi Beta. UC Duncan Kappa Alpha Theta. UC Dallas, Tex. Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Okmulgee Delta Tau Delta, UC Midwest City Alpha Chi Omega, UC Tulsa UC Okla. City UC Norman UC Farmington, N.M. John G. Bernard James R. Bernler, Jr. Bonnie J. Berrong John B. PI Lambda N. Scott Berry VIcki E. Berryman George V. Bershinsky Shirley A. Biggs Kent Billingsley Carol A. Bird BillieR. Bish Sharon A. BItner Phi Delta Theta UC Miami, Flo. UC Okla. City UC Cusler Phi, UC Tyler, TeK. Pi Lambda Phi, UC Vicksb ' g, Miss Delta Delta Delta. UC . Okla. City UC Hartshorn Chi Omega UC Okla. City UC Colo. Springs, Colo. Kappa Alpha Theta. UC Okla. City Kappa Alpha Theta. UC Lawlon Alpha Epsilon Phi. UC Kan. City, Mo. Merle Black Stephen E. Blaise Joe R. Blake Thomas Blakely Candace G. Blalock James E. Blalock Douglas W. Blenkarn Sandra J. Bloomberg Betsy A. Bock Ed. L. Boen Sonia N. Bogoslavsky Danid L. Boland UC Cleveland Alpha Tau Omeqa, UC »vle .CIty, Mex Sigma Nu UC Pauls Valley UC Norman Delta Delta Delta, UC Pauls Valley Sigma Chi UC Durant Phi Delta Theta, UC Whitep ' t, Can Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Chicago, III. Alpha Epsilon Phi. UC Dallas. Tex. Phi Delta Theta, UC Muskogee UC Ft. Smith. Ark. UC. Wash- ington. O.C. Marilyn E. Bomar Paul D. Borchard Janet L. Borde James R. Boren Kay R. Boring Larry R. Bolen Alpha Gamm Delta. UC Okla. City a UC Osage. Iowa Sigma Delta Tau. UC Bev. Hills, Cal Alpha Tau Omega. UC Norman UC Chicago, III. Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Carnegie Margaret L. Borchardt Marilyn M. Bossai Roseann K. Bou. ' iden Harold A. Bowers Bruce W. Bowman ,Jr. Jean S. Boyd Kappa Delta UC Norman UC. Vi ash- inglon, D.C. Aloha Gamma Delta. UC Alva Delta Tau Delta. UC Okla. City Pi Kappa Alpha UC Dallas. Tex. Delta Gamma UC Houston, Tex. Jean E. Boyd Susan Boyette Lynda S. Boydstun Rochelle Brachfeld Sheila K. Bracksieck Laurel K. Bradford UC Hartshorne Delta Gamma UC Okla. City UC Apache UC Galveston, Tex Alpha Delta Pi UC Maysville Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Durant Tom A. 1 Bradford JoeT. Bradley Guy Bradshaw Larry R. Brakebill Malcolm H. Branch Janets. Brannan 1 McAlester Siqmo Chi UC Tulsa Delta Tau Delta. UC Hugo Kappa Sigma UC Okla. City Acacia UC Duncan Kappa Alpha Theta .UC Marietta FRESHMEN Every Tuesday is D day. drill that is. D. E. Mitchell. R. W. Provines and J. Gough line up for their weekly walk. PIP IB 1 ' FRESHMEN Going my way? Kathy Bennett is glad to detour a little in order to have Butch Coward as her escort to class. Judy L. Frank W. Carlson Carlyle UC Phi Delta Dallas, Tex. Theta, UC Okla.City 462 WIM Carolyn S. Cossey Charles R. Couston Mike Coulter Janet 6. Council Sally Cousins Charles S. Coward Gamma Ph; Beta, UC Bartlesville UC Temole UC Tulsa UC Okla.Citv UC Muskogee Beta Theta Pi UC Cincinnati, O. Allen Cowdery Teddy H. Cox Vaylord Cox Jan Crabtree David W. Craig John T. Craig Sigma Alpha Epsilon. UC Bartlesville Phi Delta Theta. UC Tulsa Phi Delta Theta, UC Tulsa UC Alexandria. Va. UC Wichita. Kan UC Okla.City JimB. Craun Midge Craven Don R. Crews Robert L. Crews Clayton C. Crider Jerry Criswell UC Tulsa Delta Delta Delta. UC Norman Beta Theta Pi UC Okla.City Alpha Tau Ome a. UC Apache UC SHafoofc UC Ada Penny R Criswell JackW. CrockeH Karen M. Crosslin Wanda L. Crosslin Stanley L. Ann J. Cummings UC Orleans. France Kappa Sigma UC Altus Kappa Kappa Gamma. UC Enid UC Lamont Sigma Alpha Mu. UC Dallas. Tex. Zeta Tau Alpha UC Wellsville, N.Y FRESHMEN 463 i: % f t ■ , ? f It isn ' t exactly the Waldorf but Kay Hardin and Kathryn Steadley enjoy pleasant lunch in Cate center cafeteria. Carleton B. Cunningham Jenny L. Cunningham John H. Cunningham Lee A. Cunningham Janet Currey Gerald L. Daniels Susan Darrough Jeff Dashev Billie A. Davenport Linda G. Davidson Marilyns. Davidson Paul E. Davidson Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Tulsa UC Commerce Beta Theta Pi UC Dalhart, Tex. UC Okla. City Alpha Chi Omega, UC Seminole UC Norman UC Houston, Tex. Pi Lambda Phi UC, Jersey City, N.J. Alpha Chi Omega, UC Tulsa Alpha Delta f UC Eakly i Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC, Meri dian. Miss. UC Pine Bluff Ark. Bill Davis Garland Davis Joyce A. Davis Maribea L. Davis Michael Davis Parke Davis RexG. Davis Ronnie Davis Sharon A. Davis Gary G. Day Jean A. Day Tom B. Deal Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Okla. City Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Ft. Worth, Tex UC Altus UC Des Moines, la. Sigma Chi UC Tulsa Sigma Nu UC Tulsa UC Clinton Sigma Nu UC Tulsa Alpha Chi Omega, UC Midwest City UC Fairvlew UC Pryor Sigma Alp Epsilon, U Tulsa Deanna Dean John Deax Judi Dees Stephen A. De Hanas C. F. De La Fleur Walter L. Dell Diana M. Dennis Peggy Dent FallieD. De Vore Allan R. Dick James H. Dies Jerome M Dillinq Kappa Delta UC Muskogee UC Tulsa Delta Delta Delta, UC Ft. Worth. Tex UC Tulsa Alpha Tau Omega, UC Mex.City, Mex Siama Nu UC Okla. City Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Okla. City UC Shawnee UC Norman UC Sybertsville, Pa. UC Okla. City UC Fletcher John F. Dinda B.Douglas Dishman Betty Dixon Edward D. Dixon L.Jeanne Dixon James B. Dodds Charles W. Dohnaiek Gray Donahoe Dian Donnell Wayne L. Doran Helen J. Dorr George L DorseH UC Princeton Jet., N.J. Kappa Alpha UC Terrell, Te«. Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Okla. City UC Gore UC Viola, Kan. Delta Kappa Epsilon UC Wellsville N.Y UC Tulsa UC Ponca City Alpha Chi Omega, UC Kilgore, Tex. UC, Mount Holly, N.J. Alpha Gamma UC Delta, UC Norman Pecos, lex. FRESHMEN Robert T. Doty Beverly J. Doughty Jay Douthit Ed D. Dubie Ted P. Dubie Don Hen Dugan UC Tulsa UC Martha Setliff, Phi Kappa Sigma UC, Konawa Delta Tau , Delta, UC Sand Springs Delta Tau Delta, UC Sand Springs UC Idabel SamO. Dugger Carole K. Duncan Chris C. Dunlap Tullv L. Dunlap Charley E. Dunn Stephen Dunning Delta Upslion UC Wagoner UC Stroud UC Haysville. Kan. UC Duncan UC Pine Ridge, S.D. UC Wilming Del. Bill Dutcher Mike B. Dutcher Judith A. Dyser Eugene Eakins Jean Eastman Ginger Eby Sigma Chi UC Bartlesville Kappa Sigma UC Anadarko UC TAFB UC Cheyenne Chi Omega UC Tulsa Chi Ome Tulsa Beverly Edelman Ron Eddington Joe E. Eder Jacqualine J. Edwards Phil L. Edwards Gay E. Elder UC Houston, Tex. UC Tulsa UC Chickasha UC Moore Phi Delta Theta. UC Enid Alpha C Omega. Okla.Ci 464 FRESHMEN Linda S. Farris Robert L. Faust Gregorv Fehr Carolyn Feinberg Shen L. Feintech Howard A. Feldman Harry G. Fender Jerry Feinstein Melferd D. Fergeson Patricia A. Ferguson Stan Ferguson Kappa Alpha Theta. UC Norman Kappa Alpha UC Tulsa Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Urbana, III. Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Dallas, Tex. Sigma Delta Tau. UC, Des Moines, la. Pi Lambda Phi, UC Omaha. Neb. Delta Upsilon UC Wagoner Alpha Epsilon Pi. UC. Hunt- ington. N.Y. UC Bixby Kappa Delta UC Hugo UC Tulsa QueHi L. Fielder Diana E. Fields Joel FInkel Barbara L. Finkelstein Mike A. Finkelston Eddie Finley Joanie Fischer Sharry L. Fishel John D. Fisher Sue A. Fisher Thellann Fisher UC Wayne Alpha Chi Omega. UC Amarillo, Tex. Sigma Alpha Mu.UC.Coun- cil eiuffs. la. Sigma Delta Tau.UC, Nash- ville, Tenn. Pi Lambda Phi UC. Kansas City. Mo. Lambda Chi UC Enid UC St. Louis, Mo. Sigma Delta Tau. UC Cairo. III. Alpha Tau Omega. UC Sapulpa UC Bartlesville UC Springfield, Tim Flaherty Nancy L. Fleming Jerry Flick Richard S. Flood Thomas E. Flood Delphine Floyd Dell L. Fobes Diana H. Fogel Jack E. Foote Chris Ford Ann M. Forrester UC Ruther ' ord, NJ. UC Saputpa Sigma Nu UC Clinton Pi Kappa Al- pha. UC, Con- cord, Calif. UC Pryor UC Duncan UC Sapulpa Sigma Delta Tau, UC Omaha. Neb. Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Durjnt Delta Gamma UC Stroud Pi Beta Phi UC Okla. City John F. Forster Linda K. Foster Stan L. Foster Jane Franklin John M. Fratees Lynn S. Frederickson Lynda Freeman Susan K. Freese Ronnie Freidberg Elii. Barbara Freldlin Julie French Kappa Sigma UC Dallas. Tex. UC Farmlngton. N.M. Phi Kappa Sigma. UC Okla. City Sigma Delta Tau. UC. Little Rock. Ark. Phi Delta Theta UC. Coral Cables. Fla. UC Midwest City Alpha Gamma Delta. UC Lawton UC Bristow Sigma Alpha Mu. UC Bartlesville Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Tulsa UC Midwest City 465 I it Kay Friedlander Eleanor J. Friedman Harold D. Frieze Gary G. Frost Marcette A. Fruin Mike B. Fry Sarah L. Fugitt Betty A. Funkhouse Frank Fusco Jim Gaberino James E. Gage Barbara L. Gamble UC Norman UC OtIa.Citv Phi Delta Theta. UC Broken Arrow UC Norman UC Okla.City Lambda Chi Alpha. UC Frederick Delta Gamma UC Okla.City Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Okla.City UC Clifton. N.J. UC McAlester Phi Delta Theta, UC Enid Delta Delta Delta, UC, Bev. Hills. Cal Mike W. Gamble Robert L. Gamble David Gannon Jorge J. Garcia Ben Gard James P. Gard Naomi L. Garfinkle Daniel S. Garman E. L. Garnett John H. Garrett Wilson Garrett John K. Garrison UC Norman Lambda Chi Alpha. UC Enid UC Tulsa UC Norman UC Alva UC Iowa Park. Tex. Sigma Delta Tau.UC, Nash- ville, Tenn. Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Okla.City Delta Upsllon UC Okla.City Sigma Chi UC Coalgate UC Grants, N.M. UC Okla.City Janet Gary James N. Gay Carl Gericke Rita A. Gerrity Danna K. Gettings Jeanie A. Geyer Chris C. Gibbs William M. Gibson Phyllis A. Gill Don W. Gillham Dea nna L. Gilstrap Jean L. Ginden Chi Omega UC. Ft. Worth. Tex. Acacia UC Norman UC Gary, Ind. UC Torrance. Calif. UC Okla. City Alpha Chi Omega, UC Norman Phi Delta Theta. UC Amarillo, Tex. Kappa Alpha UC Amarillo. Tex. Chi Omega Shreveport, La. Si-ma Alpha Epsilon, UC Okmulgee Alpha Phi UC Miami UC Okla. City Joseph W. Glahn Samyra Glass Howard B. Glatstein Tobi R. Glazer Sharon Glickman John T. Glover Carole L. Glueck Paul D. Goforth Michael A. GoidI Michael M. Goldberg Henry B. Goldberger Gail E. Golden UC Okla.City UC Kansas City. Mo. Sigma Alpha Mu, UC, Mem phis, Tenn. Sigma Delta Tau. UC Tulsa Alpha Epsilon Phi. UC St. Louis. Mo. UC Okla.City Alpha Eosilon Phi. UC Holbert, Ind. Acacia UC Norman Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Dallas, Tex. Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Wilburton Alpha Epsilon Pi, UC Elizabeth, N.J. Sigma Delta Tau. UC, High land Park. III. Mary Griffiths Phi Mu UC Okla.City Kafhy B. Guy Phi Beta Phi 466 Barbara L. Havighurst Chi Omega UC, Scotts- dale. Ariz. Judy A. Grinstein JimC. Grisham Wanda F. Grizzle UC Milwaukee, Wis, UC OIney, Tex. UC Norman Sharon E. Hack Hope Hackler Jim Hackl Phi Delta UC St. Louis, Mo. UC Lake Charles Theta. UC , Muskogee Alpha Epsilor Pi, UC Oil City. La. Carol A. Green Kappa Alpha Theta. UC Okla.City David Grundish Kappa Alpha Lynda J. Hackler Kappa Kappa UC Delta Ga UC Dallas. Te Barbara Grundy Alpha G Delt Waurlka UC , City Haqan Alpha Phi. UC Madison, Wis. Bev. Hills. Cal. Dalla Bethesda. Md. Gushing Gottsegen Sigma Delta Cindy J. Delta. UC. Hot Springs, Ark. Judy Hall Phi Delta Theta. UC Okla.City Hugo William T. Gulshall Delta Tau Delta. UC Ard-nore William E. Kappa Kappa UC i p i Hamilton Mammon Hampton Hamrick Hancock Hanks S THia Chi UC Beta Theta Pi UC Stinnett, Te«. UC Hugo UC Healdton UC Norman UC Tulsa Arlen Hanle Gav Hansen Tom Hanson Herschel V. Harden III Kay A. Hardin NealC. Hardin UC ;■ ilmetle. Alpha Chi Omega. UC Tulsa UC Okla.City UC Hoqansville. Ga. Alpha Chi UC Okla.City UC Checotah John P. Hardwick Gena Hargis Judy Harkey Kathy Harmon Elizabeth A. Harned Johnny Harrel Kappa Sigma UC. Wichita Falls, Te . UC Tulsa UC Normon UC Ashland, Kan. Kappa Alpha Theta, UC UC Elmore C BoHy C. Harris Buddy L. Harris James W. Harris Judy Harris Thomas D. Harris Charles J Harrison Kappa Delta UC, West Palm Beach, Fla. UC Norman Phi Delta Theta, UC Joptin, Mo. Alpha Chi Omega, UC Amarillo, Tex. UC Okla. City Acacia UC Okla.City tf« ' «f ft Harrison Harrison Harrison Hart Harvey Hatley UC Okla.City Phi Kappa Theta, UC Okla.City PI Beta Phi UC Evanston, III. UC Tishomingo UC Pomona, Calif. UC Duncan Morris Hatley Ellis P. Haver Charles 9. Hawkins Virginia Hawks Claire Hawthorn Steve Hayes Phi Kappa PsI. UC Muskogee UC Kittredge, Colo. UC Tulsa Delta Delta Delta, UC Bartiesville UC Okla. City Delta Sigm Phi. UC Okla. City Herbert B. Hays Jody Head Sharon M. Haflin James P. Handerson Jim Henderson Jimmy W. Henderson Lambda Ch ' Alpha. UC Altus Delta Gamma UC Bartiesville UC Midwest City UC Okla.City Kappa Alpha UC Tulsa UC Norman Pat Hannessee Ben Henry C.J. H.nry Jim L. Henson Elizabeth A. Henthorn Frank 6. Hermes UC Lawton Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Mission. Kan. UC Okla. City UC Norman UC Shidler UC Arlington Heights. II A touch of Ingenuity can turn any dorm room into a shrjrp h.ibi + ' it. G Patterson surveys his handiwork. FRESHMEN Oh, those dorm fights! Larry Tomlinson got the worst of this one. Just his luck to get the shaving cream treatment. s H I % % % what ' s the most typical feature picture of a freshn course! That ' s Don Rayton, Cross Center. 1? Why sleeping, of FRESHMEN Holbrook Delta Sign Larry A. Holcomb Malcomb L Holcumb Kathleen Hoidge Linda R. Hollingsworth Terry! J. Hollman Barbara Holmes J. Kinross Holt Joan E. Holway Richard Homsey Bob Hood UC Lawton UC Jackson, Fla. Alpha Delta UC Denver, Co Pi UC Norman Sigma Ph, Epsilon, UC Hooker Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Okia. City Sigma Nu UC Altus UC Dallas, Te«. Delta Tau Delta. UC Okia. City Beta Theta P UC Norman Gayle L. Hopkins Ronald Hopper Barbara A. Horn Linda Hoin Ronald L. Hornbeek Malcolm Home, Jr. Floyd Norton William P. Horton J. R. Hough Don R. House UC Houston, Tf« UC Mavsvllle UC Lawton UC Sapulpa UC Okia, City Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Ardmore UC Paragould Ark. Delta Tau Delta, UC Okia. City UC Sacramento, Calif. UC Arlington Heights, III. Mike Howard Jeri J. Howell Judy H. Hough Donna Hudiburg Nancy A. Huffman Lurlene Hulme Julie C. Hunt Linda E. Hunt JimF. Hutchins Edward J. Hutlas UC Ada Delia Gamma UC Tulsa Delta Gamr UC Vinita na Alpha Chi Omega, UC Midwest City Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Midwest City UC Chickasha UC Tulsa UC Okia. City UC Wewoka Phi Kappa Theta UC Canada Marsha M. RobE Irby l»ey Delta Delta UC ■t 1 1 1 ' 5S • ille Delta Upsilon John M. Kennedy Delta Kappa Epsilon. UC McAlester lill Arllnqton, Va. UC Kappa Sigrra UC. Wichita Falls, Tex. Kennedy Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Jud; Johnson lla C. Johnson L. Kay Johnson Manly B. Johnson Sandra M. Johnson Jim Johnston David C. Jones Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Okla.City Gamma Phi Beta. UC Alius Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Shawnee Sigma Alpha Epsilon. UC Lawton Kappa Alpha Theta. UC Norman UC Tulsa UC Sterling Ronald J. Jones Roberto. Jordan, Jr. Margaret A. Justice Suzanne B. Kaqan Roger E. Kahn Caroline Kahoe Jim Kaho Lambda Chi Alpha. UC Duncan Phi Kappa Theta. UC Houston. Tex. UC Maysville Alpha Epsilon Phi. UC. New Orleans. La. Alpha Epsilon Pi. UC. Hot Springs Ark. UC Norman UC Norman Beth Karkowski Rob Kaufman Tommy Kay Linda C. Keegan Richard Keeling LeeH. Keely Lesli A. Kehn UC Houston, Te«. Pi Lambda Phi, UC Mission. Kan. UC Okla.City UC Harrah UC Norman UC Norman Alpha Epsilon Phi .UC N.Y., N,Y. Cynthia J. Kerns Ben J. Kerr Janis L. Ketcham Janet Ketchum Richard W. Kenyon Vikki 1. Kessler Judy Ketchum UC Okla.City Sigma Alpha Epsilon. UC Dallas, Tex. Kappa Kappa Gamma. UC Okla.City Delta Delta Delta, UC Okla.City UC Douglaslon. N.Y. Alpha Epsilon Phi; UC St. Louis. Mo. Delta Delta Delta. UC Okla.City William ! Killian Kilpatrick Delta Kappa Phi Delta Epsilon. UC. St. Theta. UC Joseph. Mich. Enid t f f i ' t FRESHMEN Barry Silverman, Marty Golman, Eugene Ealcins, Sheegog sharpen up their round-ball technique. Mike Thomas and David 469 FRESHMEN Wonder who waited on whom? Don Crews finally makes it over to the don to pick up his date, Marilyn Wade. Richard M. Kobdish Palmer B. Koontz H.Jack Kraettle Kenny Krandel Elaine Kratchman N Frank Kroutil Phi Delta Theta, UC Tulsa Phi Delta Theta, UC Tulsa UC, Colorado Springs. Colo. Pi Lambda Phi, UC Houston. Tex. Sigma Delta Tau, UC Kan. City, Kan UC Yukon Larry Kuhlman Victor K. Kulp William W. Kummings Harriet L. Kusnetiky Eloise Kuykendall Judie Kyle UC Morgan City, La. Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Tulsa UC, Craw- fordsville, Ind. Sigma Delta Tau, UC Kan. City. Mo. Chi Omega UC Norman Kappa D UC Bethany David E. Lack Clifford C. La Drew Pam Laird Patricia A. Land Robert N. Land Ann Lander Acacia UC Alex UC Yonkers, N,Y. Pi Beta Phi UC, Ft. Worth, le«. UC Robstown Tex. Sigma Alpha Epsilon , UC Dallas, Tex. Zeta Tau Alpha, U Dallas, T Dave Landholt Mona A. Lane Barbara B. Lang Stanley M. Langa, Jr. BenJ. Langdon Sandra L Langley Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Holdenville UC Tecumseh UC Chicago, III. UC Glenhead. N.Y. Phi Gamma Delta, UC Mangum UC Stillwell 470 ■ ' % % % t « f. Jjyno M. ' hen Linda Lupo Eddie E. Uutl Douglas C. Lyie William D. Lynch Mary E. Lynn Kcron McAlister Pam McArther Alice A. McBride Paul L. McBride Elvera A. McCarty Lewis P. McClendon Delta Tex. UC Lamont Phi Gamma Delta. UC Ponca City Delta Kappa Epsllon, UC Mesa, Ariz. UC Enid Kappa Kappa Gamma. UC Tulsa Kappa Kappa Gamma. UC Wlch. Falls, Tex Alpha Gamma Delta, UC . Wauwatosa.Wi UC Lindsay UC Longview. Alpha Delta Pi. UC Norman UC Midwest Clt Jim C. McClure Ed McConnell Margaret A. McConnell Rick McCurdy Edward M. McDanel William E. McDaniel Roger D, McDonald George E. McDowell BertC. McElroy William P. McEnroe Frances A. McFadyen Michael McGehee Phi Koppa Psl. UC Bartlesvllle UC Crescent Alpha Gamm Delta, UC Hobart Phi Delta Theta UC Purcell Lambda Chi Alpha. UC Norman UC Norman UC Sklatook Sigma Nu UC Okla.City Kappa Alpha UC Tulsa Delta Kappa Epsllon. UC Wellsville.N.Y. Kappa Alpha Theta. UC Anadarko UC Shawnee William E. McGinnis Bob Mcintosh Michael E. Mcintosh Vickie J. McKenzie Judy M. McManus Ronald J. McMeans Julian P. McNeely Judy McProud Craig F. MacGowan Jim P. Mackellar William C. Madson Beatty Mahoney Sigma Nu UC Tulso Sigma Chi UC Tulsa UC Norman Alpha Delta Pi. UC Del City Kappa Kappa Gamma. UC Muskogee Kappa Sigma UC Marietta Sigma Chi UC Altus UC Norman UC Okla.City Phi Gamma Delta. UC Okla. City UC Midwest C ' ty Acacia UC Nowa ' a Jack Malloy David F. Maloy Linda A. Maltby Marcia F. Manis Loretta S. Mankins Brenda 1. Mann Stephen P. Mann Kenneth N. Manning, Jr. Milan D. Maravich Arthur W. Marchessault Richard A. Maris Suianne L. Marks ilgma - ' V UC Seminole Chi Omega UC Bartlesvllle UC Memphis. Tenn. UC Cleveland Sigma Delta Tau, UC Dallas, Tex. Phi Gamma Delta, UC Anadarko UC Norman Sigma Alpha Epsllon. UC Okla.C ' ty UC N.Y. N.Y. Phi Delta Theta. UC DesMolnes, la. Alpha Epsil Ph!.UC Tulsa ® i i; % • m m A m Jmi Gary Piccolo didn ' t want to admit hi Infirmary during eight weeks exams? Bruce A. Marler Jack H. Marsee Patricia A. Marsh Robert L. Marshall Albert Martha Jr. Dennis L. Martin UC Corpus Christl, Te«. Phi Delta Theta, UC Tulsa Delia Delta Delta, UC Jackson, Miss Delta Kappa Epsllon, Law Okla, City UC Dorothy, N.J. UC Stigler Doug M. Martin Larry K. Martin Luster Martin Patricia C. Martin Sylvia S. Martin Lynn Marx UC Tulsa Acacia UC Marietta UC McAlester Phi Mu UC Altus UC Norman Alpha Epsllor Phi, UC Monroe, La. Sue A. Mason Jerry Master Conrad J. Masterson Diane D. Mathews Shari Matkin Jeff Matkoff UC Tecumseh UC Norman Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Okla.City UC Midwest City UC Liberal, Kon. Pi Lambda Phi. UC Wichita Kan Annice C. Matthews Mack Matthews E.Jean Mauch Clyde R. Maxey Thomas B. Maxwell Farnsworth R May UC Muskogee Pi Kappa Alpha. UC Okla.City UC Sapulpa Beta Theta Pi UC El Reno UC Okla. City Alpha Tau Omeqa. UC Franklin, La. FRESHMEN 471 f « f t I -: ■■ . m P iiPPP Michael A. May Andrea Mayo Mary F, Mead Peggy S. Meaders Earl W. Meadows Lynette L. Mehl Sharon A. Meikle Bill Melton Elizabeth A. Melton Bill Mercer Jerily M. Mercer UC Tulsa UC Sallisaw UC Okla. City UC Frederick UC Bristow Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Dallas, Tex. Alpha Chi Omega, UC Norman Sigma Nu UC Lawton UC Lawton UC Okla. City UC Tulsa Ray Merchant Sally Merkle Bill Merrel James D. Messenger Richard J. Meyer Anna L. Milann Lewis H. Miles Allen W. Miller Betty E. Miller Brent Miller Cora-del E Miller Kappa Alpha UC Tulsa Delta Gammc UC Okla. City Siqma Chi UC Guthrie UC Nash UC Geary UC Wilson Alpha Epsilon Pi, UC Duncan Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Hinton Chi Omega UC Okla. City UC Okla. City UC Okla. City Gary L. Miller Harold R. Miller, II Jackie P. Miller Robert A. Miller Milton E. Milstead Carol L. Mitchell C. Scott Mitchell Dale E. Mitchell Janis Mixon Linda K. Mixon Randall D Mock UC Okla. City UC, Mt. Pleasant, Te«. Kappa Delta UC Clinton UC Okla. City Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Okla. City UC Okla. City SigmaChi,UC Port Wash- ington, N.Y. Kappa Sigma UC Okla. City UC Spiro UC Okla. City Delta Tau Delta, UC Okla. City Lana F. Moeller Suzi Mollison George R. Mondie Carolyn Montgomery John W. Moore Judy K. Moore JoyE. Monroe Judy K. Monroe Sue Moore Ann Moran Stanley G. Moran Kappa Delta UC Hooker Gamma Phi Beta, UC Altus UC Okla. City UC Tulsa Delta Tau Delta, UC Okla. City Chi Omega UC Tulsa Delta Delta Delta, UC Norman Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Okla. City Alpha Gamm Delta. UC Stillwater 3 Chi Omega UC Seminole UC Ardmore Doing the Twisi Isn ' t as easy as It looks, but John Graves, Janie Reding and Don Macauley give It a try. FRESHMEN 472 mmmm FRESHMEN fUGSBM Rufhie Eddleman and Bill Davis stop af the book store to buy supplies afte enrolling for second semester. Harold D. Murry, Jr. Sue Musallam Chuck R. Musgravelll A.Jane Myers Mary D. Myers Nancy K. Murphy SiqmaChi UC Brol.n Arrow Alpha Phi UC Okla.Cilv Pi Kappa Alpha. UC Bartlesville Delta Gamma UC UC Houston, Te«. UC Okla.Citv Barbara J. Naifeh Beryl E. Nash Diane M. Nash Kitty Natanson Carol A. Neal Linda J. Neal UC UC Pampa, Tex. UC Tulsa Sigma Delta Tau, UC Wichita, Kan. UC El Paso, Tex. Delta Delia Delta, UC Wich. Falls. Te Diane Neaves Rod J. Nelbert Loyd F. Nelson David F. Nemecek Pam Nestlerode P.J. Neuman KaDDJ Delia UC Norrnjr, Pi Lambda Phi UC. Little Rock, Ark, UC Bellealre Te . UC Okla.Citv UC OUa. CI, UC Kan, City, Mo David Neumann Judy Newkirk Rita Nevfrr an C.Terry Nickle Barbara A. Nilles Noble L. Norddhl P; Kappa Alpha, UC Okarche Delta Delta Delta. UC Muskoqee Alpha Epsilon Phi. UC St. Louis, Mo. Phi Kappa Psi UC Canada Zeta Tau Alpha, UC, San Antonio, Tex. UC Greenville, Tex. t ' f t t Elilabelh Norman Neal N. North Jerry Northcutt Rick C. Northcutt Nancy Norton Diane Nourse Kathy J. Novoson Jim Null Sam Nunley John E Olinghouse Shirley A. Olive C. Roger Olsen Gamma Phi Beta, UC DjIIov Tf. UC Ponca City Phi Delta Thela, UC Ada Phi Delta Theta, UC Noble UC Okla.City Aloha Phi UC Okla.Citv UC St. Louis, Mo. UC Okla.City Beta Theta Pi UC Chickasha UC Okla.City Alpha Gami Delta. UC Okla.Citv ia Pi Lambda Phi, UC Dallas. Tex. Jemm? L. Olson Robert L. Olson Casey O ' Neal UC David M. Orcutt Joan Orlando Marly K. Osborn Rae Ours Jo Ann Overton Bill A. Overstreet Sharon L. Owens Ted Ownby, Jr. Terry L. Padgham UC OH.l, City UC Okla.City Littleton. Colo. UC Okla. City UC Plainfield. N.J. Chi Omega UC Okla.City Alpha Chi Omega. UC Okla.City UC Beaver Delta Upsilon UC Okla.City Phi Mu. UC Annapolis. Md. Phi Gamma Delta, UC El Ret o UC Altus Jean Pake James G. Palmer Judith E. Palmer Tommy D. Pannelt Susan A. Parker Patria Parnell Mike Parr Cleo 1. Parsons Gary A. Parsons Jim Pale George S. Patlerson John Palterson Alpha Epsilon Phi UCMont- gomew, Al,. UC B.irtlewille UC t„ls,i UC No ' rn.,n UC Te.. Gamma Phi Beta, UC Norman UC OUa.Citv UC Norman UC OI la.Cllv UC Okla. City Delta Kappa Epsilon UC Tulsa Sigma Nu UC Elk City Trlsha Patterson Larry Patton Joan E. Patier David L. Pauling Suianne 1. Paynter Bill Peck Gerald A. Peel Charles Pelton Jim E. Pence Norman H. Pence Dick Perryman Judy Pelers Alpha Delta Pi, UC OklaCily UC Shawnee Kappa . Ipha Theta. UC Okla. City Lambda Chi Alpha. UC Lawton Delta Delta Delta, UC Tulsa Pi Lambda Phi, UC. St. Louis. Mo. UC Valleio, Calif. Sigma Nu UC Okla.City Phi Delta Thela. UC Norman UC Huao UC Walonqa Alpha Gamma Delta. UC Shreveport, La 473 f 3 ' ' i Ann Reisner Ronald S. Reiter Susan G. Reiter Susan A. Reno Lance Rentiel Margaret L. Revels Sally A. Reynolds Billie L. Rhodes Julian B. Rhodes Jack Richards Howard M. Richardson Kay Richardson Alpha Chi Omega. UC,W Lafayette, Ir.d. Sigma Alpha Mu, UC. New Orleans. La. Delta Gamma UC. Wilmette. III. UC Cleveland Kappa Sigma UC Okla. City UC Allen Gamma Phi Beta, UC Okla. City PI Beta Phi UC Pauls Valley UC Baldwin, N.Y. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Shawnee UC Norman UC Richard on. Te«. Rick Richardson Maribeth Riddle Farel E. Riklin Joe J. Ring Don Ringrose Terry Risenhoover Ron Ritch La Ruth Robberson Jane L. Robbin; Judy Robbins James B. Roberts Earl Robinson Alpha Tau Omega. UC Tulsa Delta Delta Delta, UC Altus Sigma Delta Tau, UC, San Antonio. Tex. Kappa Sigma UC, Natchez, Miss. UC Guthrie UC Okemah Sigma Alpha Mu. UC Norman UC Wynnewood Pi Beta Phi UC Ardmore Delta Delta Delta. UC Muskogee UC Okla. City UC Enid J. David Robinson Michael R. Robinson Nancy A. Robinson Shirley J. Rodgers Sue A. Rodger; Max J. Roedruck Jan F. Roesler Donald L. Rodolph Barty Rogers Tom R ogers W. D. Rogers, Jr. James A. Romo UC Duncan UC Norman Alpha Epiilon Phi. UC Houston. Tex. Pi Bfta Phi UC Tulsa Chi Omega UC Tulsa UC Lawton Gamma Phi Beta, UC Okla. City UC Temple Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Ponca City Phi Delia Theta. UC Enid Delia Upsilon UC Wagoner UC Chickasha Dewoy B. Roolier, III Robert A. Rosenbaum Saralyn M. Rosenberg Stephan D. Rosenthal John Ross Judy B. Ross Marylyn S, Ross Bruce G. Rossiter Sharon Rothschild Louis Rowe Lawrence A. Rudin Elaine Ruqgles UC McLoud Sigma Alpha Mu UC St. Louis, Mo. Sigma Delta Tau. UC Memphis, Tenn Sigma Alpha Mu. UC St. Louis, Mo. Phi Delta Theta. UC Norman Alpha Delta Pi. UC Broken Arrow UC Okla. City Sigma Chi UC Bellaire. Tex. UC Kansas City. Mo. Kappa Alpha Theta UC Lawton Sigma Alpha Mu. UC Lubbock. Tex. Delta Delta Delta. UC Tulsa 474 U f t t ¥ i? r . t f El IS f Jjne M. Ruich Richard D. Ru»ell Richard Rulh Kenneth D. Sachen Kenneth H. Sadberry Judith A. Sadey . i.Clty Alpha Tau Omega, UC Miami Sigma Chi UC Inola Phi Kappa Theta, UC Okla.City Kappa Sigma UC Okla.City Alpha Gamr Delta, UC Healdton Barbara F. Safron Frances H. Salle Eddie R. Sallee Byron D. Salsman Rochell 1. Salti E. N. Samara AI-, Epsilon UC ■jis, Mo. UC Tulsa UC Enia UC Tulsa Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Galveston. Tex Sigma Alpha Epsilon. UC Okla.City Tot, M. Sandefur Edward C. Sanders Patricia A. Sanford Betty A. Sanmann James A. Saporito Phil W. Sappenfield UC Duncan Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Okla.Citv UC Lindsay UC Geronimo Siama Nu UC Prvor UC Whitesboro, Te . Bill T. Saul Sharon A. Saunders David W. Scales Nancy A. Schedel Bill Schimmell Carole A. Schmidt S.qmaChi UC Kappa Kappa Gamma. UC El Reno UC Tulsa Alpha Chi Omega. UC Tulsa Pi Lambda Phi, UC, Wichita, Kan. Gamma Phi Beta, UC Okla.City Schmitt Schneider Schoenhals Schoenhals Schollenbarge UC Monterrey, N.L., Mex. Pi Lambda Phi. UC St. Louis, Mo. Gamma Phi Beta, UC Okla.City Gamma Phi Beta, UC Okla.City Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Shatluck Sami D. Schuber Linda M. Schucart Dianne K. Schwab Pamela Schwend Keith Schwer Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Dewey Sigma Delta Tau. UC St. Louis. Mo. UC Alva Kappa Alpha Theta. UC Tulsa UC Sapulpa Milliard J. Scott Felis J. Sebert Lorene F. Segal Steve C. Sego Richard L. Seiden UC, Ft. Worth, Tex. Sigma Delta Tau. UC Kan. City, Mo. Alpha Epsilon Phi. UC Denver, Colo. Kappa Alpha UC Barllesville UC Los Angeles, Calif. Barbara A. Sewell B. W. Sexton Felice C. Shaffer Bette S. Shanfeld Linda K. Shanklin UC Franklin, Tenn. UC Muskogee Sigma Delta Tau, UC Kan. City, Mo. Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC St. Louis, Mo. UC Vandenberg. Calif. f Norman ' s first snowfall was greeted with miied reactions but Nancy Murphy and Donna Morgan seem to enjoy ir. FRESHMEN Mary Benson gets a second semester class schedule from information booth in the Ad Building lobby. WBB Kathy E. Shapiro Lynns Shapiro Marilyn C. Shapiro Ronald M. Sharp Cathie Shaw Juhn P. Shea David E. Sheegog SueN. Shelby Rickey L. Shelley Robt. L. Shick, Jr. Stan Shields Sigma Delta Tau, UC Tulsa Alpha Epsilon Phi. UC Tulsa Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Kan. City, Mo. UC Dallas, Tex. UC Okla.City Phi Kappa Theta. UC Okla.City Phi Gamma Delta, UC Pauls Valley Pi Beta Phi UC Tulsa Alpha Phi UC Wichita, Kan. UC Okla. City Delta Tau Delta UC Tulsa Joe Shinn Sharon A. Shirley Janetta L. Shissler Carol Shiess Linda Shockey Gary N. Sholtess Sandy R. Shorr Sybil Short Howard Shrier Sharon Shriver Martha Sickles Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC ArcJmore Alpha Chi Omega, UC Watonga Alpha Chi Omega, UC Norman Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Okla.City UC Midwest City UC Falrvlew Sigma Delta Tau, UC Dayton, Ohio UC Okla.City Pi Lambda Phi, UC Omaha, Neb. UC Enid Delta Gamm UC Norman Sandra Sigler Michael L. Silk Marsha E. Silverman Kenneth F. Simmons. Jr. Ralph G. Sharon Simmons Rick Simms Richard V. Simon Anita J. Singletary Randy Singleton Lee Slater UC Elmhurst, III, UC Cranston, R.I. Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Chicago, III. UC Ardmore Delta Tau Delta, UC Hugo UC Ft. Worth, Tex Sigma Alpha Epsilon. UC Lindjay Kappa Alpha UC Gushing Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla.City Sigma Nu UC Tulsa UC Clinton Barbara J. Smith Billi Kaye Smith Buddy H. Smith Camille Smith Carol J. Smith Carol R. Smith Dora J. Smith Gary M. Smith Gene W. Smith, Jr. Gerald R. Smith Gwendolin R Smith Gamma Phi Beta, UC Ft. Bragg, N,C Delta Gamma UC Stroud Phi Delta Theta UC Tulsa UC Tulsa UC Okeene UC Okla.City Kappa Delta UC Muskogee Phi Kappa Sigma. UC Muskogee Sigma Nu UC Elk City UC Shawnee UC Blanchard Tony Charles is trying to study but not too hard. The to study than whafs in the book, eh! FRESHMEN James L. Smith Janice P. Smith Jo Lynn Smith Kathleen Smith Les Anne Smith Mike Smith UC Visalia.Cal. Alpha Delta Pi UC Elmhurst, 111. UC Duncan UC Frederick UC Pauls Valley UC Watong Norman L. Smith Paul E. Smith, Jr. Randall Smith Ray A. Smith Sandra A. Smith Walter [ Smith Beta Theta Pi UC Alva Delta Kappa Epsilon. UC Wash ' ton, D.C. UC Broken Bow UC Ann Arbor, Mich, Delta Delta Delta, UC Duncan Kappa S UC Okla.C Judy Smothermon Judith A. Snider Bill F. Snipes Jackie S. Snodgrass Gail E. Sobel Lanny R Sockwel UC Norman Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla.City Kappa Sigm, UC Okla.City UC Okla.City Sigma Delta Tau, UC Dallas, Tex. PI Kapp Alpha, L Altus Keat E. Soder Katherine Sorrells Link Spann Leona P. Sperber BobC. Spigener Gae Spivey Phi Delta Theta. UC Okla. City UC Midwest City UC Tulsa UC Tulsa Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Okla.City UC Okla.Ci 476 FRESHMEN 9 4% Downfall of many a good freshman are those contour maps in geology lab. Teddy Molina. BeHy Tuma and George Pemberfon look for a hill. John L. Spohn Thomas S. Spooner Dave R. Stacy Charles R. Stallard Jane A. Stamper Amilie A, Stanford UC New Lebanon. NY. UC Chelopa, Kan UC Dallas. Ten. Sigma Phi Epslion. UC Okla. City Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Antlers Phi Oel ' a Theta. UC lulsa Donna L. Stark Gerald Starr Adrian Statser Barry A. Staub Kathryn E. Steadley Richard P. Stead Sigma Delta Tau, UC Denver. Colo. UC Shawnee UC Okla.C ' ty Pi Lambda Phi, UC Dallas, Tex. Chi Omega UC Okla. City UC Okmulgee Roger L. Stebbins Sherry A. Steele Sharon Steelman Irma D. Steinman Peggy Stern Richard D. Stern Phi Delta Theta, UC Ivluslogee Pi Beta Phi UC Norman UC Haskell UC St, Louis, Mo. Chi Omega UC Dallas. Tex. Pi Lambda Phi, UC Dallas. Tex George A. Stevens Joanna Stevens Don Steward Kay Stewart Sue Ann Stewart Susan Stewart Siamj Nu UC T„|.„. Gamma Phi Beta. UC Okla.Clty Sigma Nu UC Ivtidwest City UC Duncan UC Okla. City Alpha Phi UC Wichita, K wr i 1 % ■■■ rSksi A mK T 1 ►I yr 1 % |mH PSi 1 H V fj . - ' y HH V___v . __ t t P Qy QS William Ivl. James A. Stiles Ivlary P Stitt Sue A. Stoltenberg Carol L. Stone William V. Stone Ola Mac Stout Dona J. Freoe.ick Strahm David H. Street Bill Strong John B. Strong uc " " UC Frederick Alpha Phi UC. Wichita Falls, Tex. Pi Beta Phi UC Midland. Tex. Kappa Delta UC Muskogee Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Duncan UC Okla.Clty Zeta Tau Alpha, UC Gary, Ind. Alpha Sigma Phi. UC Tulsa Sigma Alpha Epsilon. UC Okla. City Delta Tau Delta, UC Elk City Sigm.a Chi UC Guthrie Jean M. Stutsman Judy E. Sugarman Sigrid L. Sundvahl Janie Sutton Mike Sutton Sumitra Suwannabha s. c. Suydam David E. Swalford Richard L. Sweet, III Ross 0. Swimmer Bob Sykes Bunny J. Talley n ■ ., Delta • UC ue, N.lvt Alpha Delta Pi. UC Elk City Kappa Alpha Theta. UC Tulsa UC Cushing Sigma Nu UC Wilmelte. III. UC Norman Sigma Nu UC, Mont- gomery, Ala. UC Okla.Clty Phi Kappa Psi UC Tulsa Alpha Sigma Phi. UC Okla. City UC Houston, Tex. Delta Delta Delta. UC Okla.Clty Talley Diane Tanner EdB. latum Barbara Taylor JimC. Taylor Pat A. Taylor Patsy A. Taylor Bobbie J. Teehee Linda Tein Lennea A. Teir Blaine L. Thacker Irish C. Thatcher K ![ p ) Kappa G,.-.,„a.UC M , i n UC Tulsa Lambda Ch. Alpha, UC Sapulpa Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Dewey UC Durant Gamma Phi Beta, UC Okla. City Alpha Chi Omega, UC Midwest City UC Tulsa Alpha Epsilon Phi; UC Denver, Colo. Alpha Chi Omega. UC WIch. Falls, Tex Sigma Nu UC . Dallas, Tex. Alpha Phi UC Austin. Minn George P. Theriot, III David R. Thomas Kitike H. Thomas Stephanie S. Thomas Allan Thompson JimT. Thompson John J. Thompson Larry A. Thompson LyIe E. Thompson Robert R. Thompson Bruce A. Thrall Ralph M. Thurman SrjmaChi UC Dallas, Tex. UC Okla.Clty Sigma Chi UC Pawnee Pi Beta Phi UC Vinlta Delta Upsilon UC Lawton Delta Tau Delta, UC Ft. Worth, Tex Sigma Nu UC Waurlka UC Midwest City UC LasVegas. Nev Lambda Chi . Alpha, UC Okla. City UC Wakita Sigma Phi Epsilon. UC Hooker 477 f 1 Ruth Tigner Karen L. Tims Larry B. Tindell Jane E. Tinsley Mike Titsworth Nanci U. Toland Richard S. Tornay Michael J. Transue Timothy R. Traynor Jim Tubb Billie F. Tucker Richard E Tulk UC Enid Gamma Phi Beta, UC Altus UC Carter Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Midwest City UC Shawnee Delta Gamma UC, San Marino, Cal. UC N.Y., N.Y. Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Bethlehem. Pa Phi Delta Theta, UC . Enid Delta Tau Delta, UC Midwest City Alpha Phi UC Pierre, S.D. UC Dallas. Te Betty Tuma Necia M. Turner Harlan Tyler Lynda A. Tyler Deanna S. Urban Joan C. Utbert Margaret Vail Mary L. Vaneton Curtis Van Hooser L. Sharon Van Tuyl Marti Vargas Tom Vastine Delta Delta Delta. UC Norman Kappa Alpha Theta. UC Holdenville UC Tulsa Chi Omega UC Guymon UC Trenton, N.J. Alpha Chi Omega, UC Ponca City UC Nashville, Tenn. UC Carnegie UC Okla.City Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Bixby UC Okla.City UC Midwest C John E. Vaughan Judy Vaughn Sandra Vaughey Tom K. Veale John L. Veccia Jimmy Vervack Don N. Vickburq Mary A. Vitale Robert Voegeli John F. Vogler John D. Voiles Werner W Voss UC Midwest City UC Okla.City Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Jackson Miss. Phi Gamma Delta. UC LeMars, Iowa UC Bronks, N.Y. Kappa Sigma UC Ft. Smith, Ark. Beta Theta Pi UC Tulsa UC Guthrie Phi Gamma Delta. UC Muskogee Delta Tau Delta, UC Greenville Ky. UC Hooker UC Alex J. D. Veto Jan E. Wade Jon Wade Marilyn G. Wade Kathryn A. Wait Nancy A. Waldman Donald Walker Barbara Wall Judy Wa ' lach Waynel Walling Linda L. Walters William H Walton Sigma Chi UC Atoka UC Norman Phi Kappa Psi UC Okla.City Chi Omega UC Tulsa Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Tulsa Alpha Epsiloo Phi, UC Dallas, Tex. Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Shawnee UC Tulsa UC St. Louis, Mo. UC Ryan Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla.City UC Stillwater SB Pt Larry J. Warden Tana L. Ware Edward O. Warren Jerry A. Warren Lana S. Warren Pamela Wartey Sue A. Washecheck Marcus Wasson Steve Waterman Linda Watkins Chuck D. Watson Don W. Watson Kappa Alpha UC Tulsa Gamma Phi Beta, UC B.artlesville UC Norman Acacia UC Bartlesvllle Kappa Delta UC Norman Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC St. Louis, Mo. UC Yukon UC Wilson PI Lambda Phi, UC, Nash ville. Tenn. Alpha Phi - UC Okla.City Beta Theta PI UC Drumright UC Bartlesville Rhoda J. Watson Gloria Webber Dick R. Wegener Denny Wehba John A. Weick Allen A. Weiner Barbara F. Weinstein Anne L. Weisiger Maxine M. Weizman Bryanne Welch Gloria A. Welch Leslie Weldon Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Amarillo. Tex. UC Davis Phi Delta Theta UC Okla.City Sigma Nu UC Okla.City UC Butler, N.J. Sigma Alpha Mu, UC, New Orleans, La. Sigma Delta Tau, UC, Nash ville, Tenn. Delta Delta - Delta, UC Okla.City Sigma Delta Tau, UC Dallas, Tex. Gamma Phi Beta, UC Okla.City UC Shawnee UC Okla.City Robe rt Wellington Jack K. Wells Brenda Wesner Joann Westgate George Whitcomb David White Forrest White Tom White Otho R. Whiteneck Paula Whitesell Nancy L. Whittaker Donna Whittern UC Norman Kappa Sigma UC Okla.City Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Tulsa UC Tulsa UC Canoga Park, Cal. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Ardmore Phi Gamma Delta. UC Okla.City Sigma Nu UC Tulsa Phi Delta Theta. UC Enid UC Vinlta Gamma Phi Beta. UC Okla.City Delta Gam UC Shawnee Lynda K. Wiand John Wicklund Robert K. Wicox Terry T. Wiens Ann Wiest Gerald T. Wilkins Ranald G. Wilkins Barbara A. Wilkinson Nancy K. Wilkonson John F. Willet Allen L. Willhite Ann Williams Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Okla.City UC Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Phi Delta Theta, UC Miami, Fla. Beta Theta Pi, UC Enid Delta Delta Delta, UC Norman UC Alex UC Okla.City Kappa Delta UC Okla.City Alpha Gamm Delta, UC Sapulpa 3 Alpha Sigma PhrUC Okla.City UC Okla.City Gamma Ph Beta, UC Okla.City 478 1 I ii- •S? ' Bob Willldmi Doyle Williams Jumcv W. W.lli jms Jocttd Williams Johnnie L. Williams Johnny M. Williams Michael L. Williams Molly S. Williams Neve Jo Williams Robert P. Williams Jud C. Willimson Sigma Ch. UC ArdmofC UC Ardmore UC Longview, Tex. UC Okla.City UC Vernon UC Marlow UC Wilberlon UC Moore Alpha Gamma UC Delta. UC Muskogee Norman Alpha Ph UC Okla.CIli Verne L. Willits, Jr. James D. Willsey Carolyn D. Wilson Don L, Wilson Don R. Wilson Jeanette Wilson Keith 0. Wilson Larry E. Wilson Myra R. Wilson Ruth E. Winchell Lynn Windel Ph: Kapp.. S qma, UC Fairvlew UC El Reno UC Cusbing UC Okla.City Delta Tau Delta. UC Midwest City UC Norman UC Pond Creek Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC W ' hton. D.C. Delta Gamma UC, Nash, ville. Tenn. UC Okla.City UC Okla.Clt Carolyn G. Winkel Rose Marie Winkler Robert C. Witt Shirley R. Wolberg S.Guy Wolff Terry H. Wolff Sharon R. Wolfson John A. Wood Sandra N. Wood Vickie L. Woodrow Jim Woods Alpha Epsilon Phi. UC Oes Moines 1 i Alpha Phi UC Okla. City UC Gouvemuer, N.Y. Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Kan. City, Mo. Sigma Alpha Mu, UC St. Louis, Mo. Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Houston, Tex. Sigma Delta Tau, UC Dallas, Tex. UC Mlnco UC Hanna UC Norman Sigma Ph Epsilon. U Norman Jim B. Woods John C. Woods Marti L. Woodside Paul W. Woody Jim Woodward Paul S. Woolsey Carolyn G. Work Bob Worley Carol A. Worthing Mark E. Wright Steve B Yaffe PI Kappo Alpha, UC Dallas, Te . UC Houston, Tex. UC Springfield. Mo. Alpha Sigma Phi, UC, San Angelo, Tex. Slqma Alpha Epsilon, UC Okla.City UC Duncan UC Tulsa Sigma Alpha Epsilon. UC Waurlka Alpha Gamm Delta UC Okla.City UC Suplette, Kan Alpha £p Pi. UC Muskogee t 1 1 t JudI Goodman and Marilyn Shapiro by-pass the library and classes for coffee break In the union. Floydene Yancey Pat Yandell Vlkl Yoes Chai. W. Yohn Gary R. Youell .la. City UC Dallas, Te«. UC Okla.City UC Norman Sigma Phi Epsilon Blackwell James R. Young Joyce Young Margaret B. Young Vic Young Wesley J. Young UC Bixev UC Tulsa UC Tuls.i UC Tuls,. UC Hawaii Woody Young Leonard J. Younger Norman W. Youngsteadt Susan A. Zadik Jane A. Zander Delta Tau Delta, UC OUa.Clty Alpha Epsilon PI. UC Brooklyn, N.Y. UC Broadview. III. Delta Gamma UC Dallas, Tex. UC Tulsa Terri L. Zdngwill Stuart Zarrow James R. Zdenek Fran Zien Richard L. Zinn i-na Delta ,,UC, Mem , i, Tenn. Pi Lambda Phi, UC Tulsa UC Riverside. III. Alpha Epsilon Phi UC Mil- waukee, Wis. Phi Kappa Sigma. UC. RochlPk.N.J FRESHMEN 479 LA VYERS FIRST ROW: Barry Albert, Oklahoma City: Tod F. Almquist, i;X, Norman, AZII, +AA: W. A. Baker, i;AE, Borger, Tex.: Richard L Barnes, ATS!, Bartlesville: Dan G. Blake, i:N, Lancaster, Tex.: James T. Blanton, :SX, Pauls Valley; Monty L. Bratcher, BOn. Nor- man: Robert B. Carter, Miami: Mike Crosslin, Enid, Band, Orches- tra, I . 1A, D5F Pres., Outstanding Independent, Student Senate; Thomas L. Cubbage, i;X, Bartlesville. SECOND ROW: James L. Cunningham, l ' rA, Muskogee: Jack Durland, rA, Oklahoma City, -t-AA; Stephen H. Foster, Bristow, AK . -I-AA, i:«K; Forrest L. Frueh, i: :. Perry; Richard G. Har- ris, KA, Bartlesville: Thomas P. Hester, ATfi, Ponca City, Vice- Pres. Jr. Law Class, ' I ' AA; Russell G. Horner, Jr., Miami, Sec. Jr. Law Class, AH : Robert J. Kepke, -I ' TA, Dallas, Tex.; Ronald L. Klein, Cincinnati, Ohio: William L. Leonard Beaver, ODK, -l-AA. THIRD ROW: John D, Lomax, Muskogee: Tommy A. Lucas, Nor- man; A. Jack Mills, i;AK, Stanford, Tex.; Lynn D. Nolen, We- tumka: David K. Petty, Oklahoma City; Ted N, Pool, i;. ' , Tulsa; Henry R. Raskin, llA ' t , Tulsa, AA: Robert R. Reis, ATA, Tulsa, DMS, Interm. Coun., Dean ' s Honor Roll: Ted Roberts, Ai; , Los Angeles, Calif.; Glen F. Shore, Bethany. FOURTH ROW: James B. Silman, Norman; Richard L. Stahl, K:S, Stahl; Frank R. Stone, i;X, Santa Fe, N. Mex.: Roger M. Troub, Carnegie: Jon H. Trudgeon, Miami; L. Dan Tucker, Ai) ' ! ' , El Dor- ado Ark., AA, Law School Honor Coun., Pres. of Fresh. Law Class, Law School Board of Gov.; William E. Tucker, Pierre, S. Dak., HT, Pres. ' f ' AA; Robert L. Vaughan, Norman, -PAA- David K. Williams, ATV., Ardmore, Mf2; James R. Winnie, Wyandotte, OAK, i AA; Richard E. Wright, III, BOn, Oklahoma City. SENIOR LAW CLASS 480 I ' IRST ROW: Hob Tauney. Paul Braun. Kill Tucker. John I.omax, H. j. Brockctt. Johu Board, Steve Foster. Robert Vaughn. Jack Lawrence. Bill Leonard. Art Baker. Charles Ellis. SFXOND ROW: Cecil Klein. Bill Cheek, Bud Scoggins. Coy Torn Welch, Dale Everett. Neil Stanfield, Dean Wil- liamson, Jim Dolman. THIRD ROW: John Hayes. Bob Wil- son. Hal Crider. Civ Adams. Ron Whitten. Gary Baer. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Karam, David Rambo. Jim Howell. Wayne Harris. Gil Carlson. Jack Durland. Jon Gray. FIFTH ROW: Richard Race. Dale Curtis. Ed Adams. Bob Jordan, Final Year Prepares Students For law Career Bill Newton, Billv Crawford. Bill |oiics. M(,nl Braliher. Ernie Day, Tom Dalton. Bill Waggoner. SIXTH ROW: Max Scarce, Keiuieth . nderson, Roy Powell. Ciharlcs (ioodwin, Gil Caddis, Ken McKinney, Dan Tucker, Jim Zahorskv, Jerry Rizlev, Rex Travis. SEVENTH ROW: William Kerr, Bryan Medlock. Tom Mason, Gene Morrell. Warren Kice. Mike Reed. NOT PICTURED: James Ballard. Don Hamilton. Bill Kaufman, Harley McConnell. Jim Winnie. Jerry Sokolosky. Rodger Rud- kin. George McCaffrey. kJSSE FlKSr ROW: J. .111! Iklt. Carl UKorce. F, l lic lIat|Ki. W Parrish, Norman Lancia, Stanley Cuiuiiiinluuii. I..irr l)trr - berry. Johnnie Williams, Ciliarles Ilunihle. Frank Stunc. I.eslic Conner. James Hardwick, . m Coals. SKCO.NU ROW: (llcnn Sharpe. Lee Hohnes. liiii Lambert. Frank Seay, Ritliard Raskin. Tom Hester. I ' hil Hurst. I)a i l 1)1. kev. Tom McCec, [olin Nel- son. Rlibard Cable. Rriari IVp. ' FliiRD ROW: Robert Cope- larul. David Car ' lll. joe Senun,l. |anirs ( :.,(, Iier. |ames Srieed, William Nelson. Jap HIankenship. Tod Alm(|uist. |oliniiv tior- ona, Ken Bacon, Kent Williams. FOLR ' IH ROW: Dan Er- uiii, Jack Mills, Jan Cartwright. Sam Joliiisori. Joe Kennedy, Iose|)b Wideman. Frank Wewcrka. |oIimiiv I ' errv. Joe Crosby. Milton Andrews. FlI ' Fll ROW: Norman Lamb. Phil Kyle, Richard MiK.unlil. Robert McD..nald. Robert Collier, Russell Horner. Tom McDaiiiel. Kerrv Caywood. Junior Law Class Promotes High Attainments In Lejal Profession; Hosts Annual Law School Banquet And Gridiron Each year the members of the junior Uiw thiss are hosts for the aiiiitial law .school baiuitiet held in De- cember, They must provide all entertainment for the freshincn and .senior law students. Usually reflected in the skits are professors and their idiosyncracies and life at the dear ole Law Barn. Later in the spring, a |)iciiic is held follow ini; llie jtmior-senior football clash, . dance for all hi sliKlents and their dates ends the day " s activities. To lead their class, the junior law l.iss clcitcd I ' hil Hurst as president. Other ollicers are Tom Hester. ice- president: Ru.ssell Horner, secretary, and Phil K le. treasurer. StriviiiK to further an uitercst iii llic sIikK of law. encourage scholarship and em|)hasi e traditions of the [ rofession. the class meets in the law Iniildiny; monthly. Members of the |niiior t lass compete williiii lluir own class in moot court. Tlic also enter the nalioiuil moot court competition. For the class competition, four members are chosen for a team by the faculty. They are selected on the basis of their written briefs and oral arguments. The moot court is culminated on Law Day in the spring and the Oklahoma stale supreme court judges hear the argu- ments. The judges select the winners and present them with cash prizes. For national competition, both junior and senior l.iw students are eligible. The faculty acts as a court and selects three members for the moot court team and one alternate. Fhe question to be argued is decided by the national board, composed of members of the .American Bar association. The team first Kimpclcs with other colleges in this region before rcaihing rialioiials. 481 FIRST ROW: Robert Reis. Mike Crosslin, John Mee, Jon Prather. Richard Carpenter, Alan Shidler, Jim McCaffrey, Larry Savaj e, Hiij h Kev, Dan Blake. Scott Hunter, Don Beau- champ, Clarence Futrell. SECOND ROW: Donald Wood, Roger Troub, Thomas Aitken, Charles Daily, James Cody, .Jay Forbes, William Morris, John Hastie, David Petty, Royal Air- hart, William McCarthy, Roger Johnston. THIRD RO y: Jack Durrett, Jim Caldwell, Tommie Watkins, Bill Settle, Jim Pitts, Everett Cotter, Dale Crowder, William CJreen, Oliii (Gil- bert, James Henry, Derril McGuire, James Silman, Jim Slurdi- vant. FOURTH ROW: Robert Carter, Charles Foor, Harold Logsdon. Charles Pierce, Craig Tweedy, Robert Gordon, James Cunningham, Bert Chiles, Leonard Buchsbaum, Carl Jones, Ronald Klein, Smith Barnes, |on Trudgeon. FIFTH ROW: Donald Wiley, R. V. Kepke, W. H. Deal. Richard McClain. Ted Holshouser. Karl Cray. Dick Stahl, Paul Duncan. R. F. Thweatt. Richard Barnes. Tom Lucas, Dick Jones, Ted Rob- erts. SIXTH ROW: Neal Merriolt, Robert Maishou, Paul Vassar, Lyini Nolen, Joseph Muskrat, Ted Pool, Dan Draper, Mike Stewart. John Rainbolt. Freshman Law Class Lar e Freshman Class Begins Three Year Preparation For A Degree In Law Tlif 118 inenibers of the " Class of 1964 " began tfie school year by electing John D. Hastie as class presi- dent. Other officers incltide: Tom Lucas, vice-president; Mary J. Romine, secretary: William H. Morris, Jr., treasurer and Jaines B. Silmand and Philip L. Savage, honor council rejiresentatives. Dean Earl Sneed is the class sponsor. This year ' s freshman class represents all parts of Okla- homa and .several neighboring states. The class has members from all walks of life including a doctor, a dentist, a colonel and lieutenant colonel in the U. S. Army, and the sheriff of Carter county. The binding tie is the uniform desire to understand and be able to a|)ply the law. The aim of the class is to continue the tradition of scholastic excellence which makes the University of Oklahoma school of law respected among her sister schools ihroughotit the U. S. Freshman law students are those who have completed 90 hours of pre-law sttidies or hold a bachelors degree. The majority of the members of the class fulfilled this requirement in Oklahoma colleges and universities. Out-of-state schools which are represented are the uni- versities of Te. as, Iowa. New Mexico, Colorado, Cali- fornia, Delaware, Dartmouth, Baylor, Notre Dame, Kansas City University, Westminister college and Mexico City college. After completing cotirses in contracts, property, torts, legal blbliograiihy, jtidicial administration, equity, moot court, legistlation and legal acounting, the first year stu- dent has established the basis for the remainder of his study. Highlights for the first year class ere tlie partici[)a- tion in the Student Bar association sponsored lecture series, the annual banquet and gridiron and freshman social events. 482 J t J» f MUST ROW: Wol. MauiRf Merrill. JaiiRs Siiccil. l.ajrv DerrvlK ' rrv. Hob Tawiiev. Hob Wilson. Joseph Rarick. tJeorge Fraser. SKCO.M) R ) V: Kerrv Cavwootl. lohn Hayes, . ik1v Coats. Robert Spiirlock. V. F. Parrish, Wiijiani Nelson. lohn [ones. F.(l«iM . lains. [anies Harcluick. ' FlIIRD ROW: Rob- n. cu . UI)onal(l. Chalks Ihni.bU. DoMakI l ' ra . Paul Reel. Mil- ton Andrews. John .Nelson. Michael Reed. NOT PIC ' Fl RKI): Earl .Sneed. F.. D. Phelps. Dick McKni«ht. Bill Cheek. Ken MiKinnev. Dale Curtis. Rob Copeland. Cordon .Melson. lien Phi Delta Phi Prepare Plans For Holmes Inn 50th Celebration— Albert Jenner, Guest Speaker The Holmes Inn chapter of Phi Deha Phi a( the Uni- versity of Oklahoma t ' elel)rated its .50ih anniversary-. February 9. . lbert Jeinier. (Iis(inj;uisiic(l atloniey from Chicago was the guest s|)eaker. Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity was established in 1869 at the University of Michigan. Holmes Inn is one of 74 undergraduate inns. There are also ,52 barrister inns with a total membership that exceeds 50.000. Officers are V. Robert Wilson, president: Dick Mc- Knight. liistorian: Jim Sneed. secretar)-; Bob Tawney. treasurer and George B. Fra.ser. faculty s[)onsor. Members meet from time to time as necessary usually during noon luncheons. Initiation for new members is iicld eadi spring in the Oklahoma su|)reme court cham- bers in the capitol builditig. A diiiner-dance for mem- bers and guests follows. Re(|tiireiiH ' nts for meiiihership pro ide lliat a student must have been in the upper 20 per cent of his class .scholastically during the previotis semester or have main- tained a 7.00 grade average according to the law school system. Members are encotiraged to maintain high standards of .scholarshi|) and jjursue high standards of legal ethics in their [professional practices. A current project is the tutoring exams for the first year law students. These are held (hiring the fall semes- ter of each year. The iiiemhers also sponsor a fall and s|)ring party. Purposes of Phi Delta Phi are to recognize and pro- vide social contact among the top scholars in the college of law. to encourage high scholastic achievement, give service to tlie college of law and foster an understanding of legal problems. They promote high attaiiunents in the legal profession. 483 FIRST ROW: Sam Johnson, Norman Lamb. Les Conner, Dave Cargill. Tod Almquist, Jack Durland, Wavne Harris, Pete Bur- ton, Jim Blanton, Bill Newton, Paul Thaqj. SECOND ROW: Jan Cartwright, Ernie Day, Jack Mills, Steve Foster, Tom Welch, Charles Ellis, John Lomax, Jon (jrav, Joe Wldeman, Stan Cunningham, Brian Upp. THIRD ROW: Dan Tucker, Jim Dolman, John Corona, Roger Rudkin, Tom Hester, Roherl Jordan, Jerry Rizsley, Dave Dickey, Ken Holmes. FOURTH ROW: Cecil Klem. Dick Gable. Tom Dalton. Dan Eruin. FIFTH ROW: Bill Tucker, Ron Whitton. C;il Caddis, Norman Landa, Jack Dickey, George McElroy. SIXTH ROW: Ed Harper, Neil Stanfield, Bill Leonard. EIGHTH ROW: Hap Wewerka, Art Baker. Dean Williamson, Jerry Korain, Joe Crosby. NINTH ROW: George McCafferty, Monty Bratcher, Jerry Sokolosky. li. J. Brocket!. Phi Alpha Delta Fosters Professional And Social Spirit Among Harlan Chapter Members At OU The Graham B. Johnson, Jr., memorial lending 11- lirary is maintained and operated by Phi Alpha Delta. This service to the law school makes expensive law books available. v ithout cost, to many students each .semester. All law students are eligible to apply for books and more than sixty deserving students received requested books during the first semester. Another pro- ject is sponsoring a book exchange as a median for stu- dents to buy and sell used law books. Frequent parties .sponsored by the fraternity offer a refreshing break in the law school routine. Regular luncheon meetings allow the members to plan future activities and provide a pleasant contact with the chap- ter alumni practicing law in every ])art of the state. The Oil coaching staff has been invited to gi e critiques on llic games and prtdiclioiis for fulurc sports e enls of OU. The John Miusluill Ihirian cliaplcr of I ' lil Alpha Delta legal fraternity was established at the University of Oklahoma on May 20. 1916. Since its creation Har- lan chapter has provided both social and intellectual opportiniities for its members. Phi Al|)ha Delta is strictly a social fraternity requiring only a 4.0 grade average according to the 12.0 scale of the law school. They propose to foster ])rofessional and social esprit de corp among all llie members and the factiity. An initiation Ijanquet is held in the spring for all new members. Afterwards, a dance for all members and their dates or wives is featured. Officers of Phi Alpha Delta include jack Lawrence, justice: E. Neil Stanfield. xice-justice: Phil Kyle, clerk; Phil Hurst, treasurer and Charles Ellis, marshal. Leo VVIiinery. associate prolessor of law, is the faculty spon- sor. 484 Delta Theta Phi Compiles And Edits The Law School Directory. Hosts A Freshman Get-Acquainted Party Dill. I TIkI.i I ' ll! I.ikis ' 4n.1l |)ii(li- in llii- |)iil)li( sciMic 111 uliitli Ml iii.iin cil il.s nicinbcis ;irc i.-iiji.iiK ' ' ' - At (lie present tiiiif. ilic fidxxriior. liciileiiuiit jro enior. treasurer, secretary ol si;iic. director of ci il defense, two supreme court justices and two judges of tlie court of ( riminal appeals, one U. S. senator and many legisthiiors .ui- .ill serviii);- Oklaiionia as |)ublic .servants. Delta Tlieta Phi elected Hal Grider president. Oilier odicers are Jim Howell. ice-president: Carl LeForce. .secretary and Ken Racoii. treasurer. Dr. Frank Elkouri is tacully sponsor. Delta Tlieta Plii compiles and edits the law .school directory. They arc hosts for a get-acquainled party for (he freshman law class and a dance and banquet for ilic members of the fraternity. They strive to unite liaUriKilly (niimnial sludcnts of the law and advance i s iiiUresls. Denver Meacham. Lee Holmes. Carl LeForte and Hal Grider (lisiuss plans for the Delta Tlieta Phi dinner-dance. FIRST ROW Carl LeForce. Bill Collier. Hal (Irider, Judge Klvin J. Hrown. (ileiin Sharpe. Paul Brauii. Ken Hacon. ,SF.C- (). D ROW Johnnie Perrv. Tom McDaniel. Jack Horner. Larry Kirkland. Coy McKenzie. Dale Everett. Max Scarce. Richard Race, Rex Travis, James Zahorsby. Jim Howell. 485 Band -iSS Symphony " 9 ' Choral 492 Engineers 493 Rehgious 49 Athletic ' ' O ' Professional, Honorary. Social . . . 507 Service 526 Political 540 Leadership 541 Legislative 548 r t r n fi University of Olclatioma Bands FIRST ROW: Roy Lawrence, Leslie Brasel, Loyd Nelson, Ben (Jard, Don Ringrose, Terry Estes, Calvin Kilgore, Samuel Claw- ser. Michael Crosslin, Beatty Mahoney, Grady Merritt, Daniel Pedroja, James Hackler, Morris Hatley, Charles Tucker, Patrick Haver, Charles Schmidt. Joe Haldernan, Dwight Vance, Eugene Cole, Tim McCook, Gerry Wood, Lawrence Horn, William Strong, Larry Dillingham, Richard Estes, Jimmy Henderson, William Shackelford, Lehman Henderson, Larry Geis, Carolyn Bayless. SECOND ROW: Paul Mansur, Francine Mullen, JoAnn Westgate, Linda Holmes, Kathryn Hoffmann, Kay Fried- lander, Sue Warren, Faye Ray, Charley Dunn, Carol Moore. Mary Beth Pyatt, Bette Ringrose, Gwen Ketonen, Myrtlebanks Harnett. Martha DeWitt, Terry Haug, Evelyn Swan, Phoehe Lawrence. Cleta Beth Longest, Jayne Smith, Diana Rodriguez. Janice Mixon, Cora Del Miller, Laurcne (Jlen. Tennie Capps. Marilyn Walton, Martha Walton, Sarah Stookey. Judith Love- lace, Danna Gettings, Doris Watkins. THIRD ROW: Franklin Williams. William Hutchinson, Charles Wilson. John Hurt, Carleton Clay, Roger Griffith, Jofui Stuemky, Alvin Osburn, Earl Johnston. Ronald Brenner, Donald King, Alan Durbin, James Leake. Charles Sizemore, Edward Sittler, Edward Brad- ford. Ross Swimmer, Gary Sims, Doyle Williams, Michael Critchfield, Thomas Lewis, Jack Kraettle, Roger Bayless, Robert Anguish, Mvron Humphrey, John Reid, Alvin Leonard, Au- brey Potter, Harold Hulton. FOURTH ROW: Leonard Haug. Jack Luginbuei, Jack Haldernan, Bill Bigheart. Mark McMil- lan. Joseph Leonard. Garland Hope, Donald Phillips. Bruce Vegter, Jim Slaughter. Edward Duclos. Robert Kidd. Douglas Eaton, James Zdenek, James Brooks, James Roberts, Joe Eder, Hilliard Scott. David Maloy. Jim Henson, Steve Yaffe, Jack Foote, Wayne Abies, Barty Rogers, Clifford Sorrells, Ronnie Stewart, CJeorge Young. " Wf lo e llie Pride, " a l()(iii)ali iaii wrote recently. ' ' As it cumes inarching down the field, we enjoy its precision and harmony — but most of all — its dignity. To us (who have attended football games for sixteen years) this is the real charm of the Pride of Oklahoma. " Highlights of the marching season were the Dad ' s Day and Homecoming shows. The first was a presenta- tion of songs of the blue and the gray in which melodies of the Civil war era caught the attention of the audience. The climax came as tows of white crosses appeared on the field simulating a military cemetery while " taps ' echoed throughout the silent stadium. The Homecoming show featured Pinky Tomlin. a prominent OU alumnus, singing his all-time hits. A brand new Pinky song, " I ' m the Worrying Kind, " was heard for the first time in Oklahoma. 488 m Kitvi r.-v - J From HaH-Time Performances To Concerts . . . " The Pride of Oklahoma " I ' Ik- Muphdini Ii.iikI ens rnhlc. i cirnposfd ol 55 l);iri(lsnien. is ;i sck-ct group ot iniisiciaiis chosen Ironi ilic t ' litirc membership. On ilie 14lh of Decenilier. 1961. lliis organization played a ( " liristmas concert. Between MMitsters it made a concert tour, presenting ten concerts in lliesc soiilhwcsterii Oklahoma cities: Law ton. I ' rcd- ni( k. hns. Anadarko and Kl Reno. In Ichriiarv. liic s ni|)honic hand shared a mid- winler Kincerl wllh liie men ' s glee chih. In attendance were visiting Oklaiioma all-state high siliooi musicians who were on the campus that week end lor the all- slate festivities. Student oflicers for tlie l9()l-62 year were Tim Mc- Cook. president: Michael Crosslin. ice-[)resident: Phoebe Lawrence, secretary and Roger (irilhth treasurer. These odicers plaiuied the social acti ilies. including a picnic and dance, for the bands. n lie comhjned swiiphcjinc .uid (onierl liaiids pre- sented their aimujj Ol Moihers " Day concert in May. Sooner Tattoo II. an oiildoor pageant inider the stars and the I in ersil new Iradilion. was |)resente(l in May also, jiisl as llie bugle call " Tattoo " signals the end ol llie da s a(li il on a nulitary base. " Sooner Talloo " marked llie end of ih;- " Pride ' s " activities for the school year. Members who make up llie hands comes from 14 states across the nation. Every college in the University is represented and almost every field of interest, so it is truly a " cross section " of campus life al llie I ' nixersity of Oklahoma. The band stall ' includes Professor Leonard H. Haug. conductor: Professor Franklin E. Williams, assistant conductor: Paul Mansur. graduate assistant and Mrs. P.ernita Coffey. secretar . They direct the ' Tride of Okhihoma " bands. Tlir Priik- of ()klali,.ma iiKircliinn ImikI fuiins llic I)I h k ■•()■■ ihulnn iKilflliiK- f(„ lov;,l S,K,„f, f,H,il,.,ll f.ins. T ? ' iP FIRST ROW: Laureiie Glen, Marilyn Walton. Martha Walton. Tennie Capps, Sarah Stookey, Terry Haug. Myrtlebanks Barnett. Doris Watkins. Belte Rlngrose. Ruthie McCook. SECOND ROW: Leonard Haug. Daniel Pedroja. Lee Henderson, Leslie Brasel. Don King. Mike Crosslin, Roger Griffith, Jack Haide- nian. Tim Mi-Cook. Franklin Williams. Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Si ma Outstanding Band Members Chosen For Membership In Honorary Clubs Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma, national honorary fraternity and sorority for college bandsmen, function in the interest of all band members. On the campus they provide special service for the band and promote the playing of good music. Nation-wide, they sponsor music programs and music education services, including the commissioning of compositions for band by prominent composers. In conjunction with the na- tional convention at Wichita University last summer, the two groups sponsored the national intercollegiate band under conductor Dr. Richard Franko Goldman. Kappa Kap|)a Psi, founded at Oklahoma State Uni- versity ill 1919, has been responsible for much improve- ment in the over-all college band programs of the United States. Delta Chapter of OU boasts two famous honorary members: Dr. Joseph Maddy and the late John Philip Sousa. Present officers of Kappa Kappa Psi are Tim Mc- Cook, president: Roger GrifTith. vice-president: Michael Crosslin, secretary and Leslie Brasel. treasurer. Profes- sor Franklin E. Williams serves as faculty sponsor. Tau Beta Sigma was founded at Texas Tech in 1939. It has in only the few years of existence, produced a fine record of achievement. The Delta chapter of Okla- homa University claims one national past grand presi- dent. Jacquie Heston is currently the district ])resident. Tau Beta Sigma officers for the 1961-62 school year are Laurene Glen, president; Marilyn Walton, vice- president: Terry Haug, secretary and Bette Ringrose. treasurer. Professor Leonard 11. Haug. conductor of llie Uni- versity of Oklahoma bands, is the faculty s|)onsor for Tau Beta Sigma. 490 Urnluis ).ii. (..IfrN. |)icii.ln: |aru-t Cuircv. K.illilti-n Mailings. Ill, (CM l{.i LawrfruT. (.Ilir.,,,! S, rrrlls. , I),hs: Da.ilcl IVdiuja. Kill Hlnlicart. ilarlm-ts: I ' Inllls Hakur. Kinbcc Harm-It. l a s( iMs: l.inda Mocller. Ci-orni- Ann C civ. Mike Crossli,,. (iforjit Ii.irns: ' I ' iin McCo.ik. Cliarlcs Ware. CarUlcn Clav. tnunpcts: Mv r..M I l.,m| liri . KoboK KiiUI. JaiiKs Walkc. Ir.iiiilxMK-s: I.cliiiian I li-iuli-.son. Kav 1 ' , Ic.llaink r. Jim lUiiM.ii. |K-. ussi,„i: Mi.JKKl Avsliaria.i. Maruiunli- liliiikiiiscii. UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Sliplic-n CaiMi.lKll. KoIk-ii l)anf..r(l. Kail ( .kimsIih Ids. (oIIkH Haikkr. Katl.nn IloirTiian. Arm .Miller. Ci-.irut .MoiKlic. Kcnina Miiiiii. Sii Muss, jcrrv Spaiiii. .Ndrinan Tcaniic. Lri) Wlilricrv. i li s: Dorodiv I.clilia jolinston. Mclanic Marshall. Sliaroii Williams, iolas: (iaii do St«i liriski. I.iiuise Farmer, joe Flippo. I.nrciiz KuiKkrhi.rk. I ' l. nd ,|.,lnis,..i. Doris K..lir- l aii ;li. I)a id X ' aiiderkooi. telios: Tim (jiullcr. James H(ij;j;c. DtiiM-r Speiuc. I)asscs. Provides Musical Pleasure For All The Uni ersity Sym|)li()iiy f)ri licstra. (oiicluctecl by Proffs.sor R((l)c-r( W. Ross ;iii(l ;issistc(l 1) Professor Michael . shariaii. |)r ) icles an eehicalioiial and recre- ational e. [)erieiice in orchestral |)layinK for both .stii- {IciiLs aiul faculty. The personnel is determined liiroiiKli aiuliliuns held eaih semester. Concerts include the best of standard orchestral litera- ture as well as accompaniments for solo |)erforniaiiccs by students of the school of musii . Fall .semester oflicers were l ' h lbs H.iker. president: Karl Greenshields. ice-presidenl and (li.ules W. Are. secretary-treasurer. MU PHI EPSIION Mu Phi Epsiloifs activities this year included a fund- raisinK spaghetti dinner, student recitals and the aniuial le.i honorinj; all freshman iiuisic students and transfer music students. Mil I ' lii Kpsiloii is a national .sorority for uiimeii who iiKi|(ir III music and maintain a 3.0 ji;radc average. Outstanding Women ' s Music Sorority OfTicers include Judy l.udlam. president: . lice Van Raton. vice-|)resident: Kathleen Matthews, secretary and Sheri Williams, treasurer. Mu Phi E|)silon is dedicated lo liie a(l aiRemeiit ol music ill .America ami the pniiiHiiiciu of luiisn i.iuship and scholarshi]). Wilda (irilieii is sponsor. riRSr ROW: KallikiM Malthcus. Iktle RiiiKrosc. Sandra (look. S.iiidi.i ()li ers. Sue Halpain. |iid Williams. Marv . iiii Bulla. Ali.c Nan Katoii. SKCO.M) KOW: Carol Wiimoth. Slicri Williains. Hcllina ( ) miis. Judy I.iidlaiii. Nina Hinsnii. Ethclvii MeCov. Ka Ailkcn. Linda LclFcl. Clarolyii Norris. ?fr m 491 Members of Mens (iiee Club and Soonerettes are — FlRS ' i " ROW: Maribeth Riddle, Joe Kliiigstedt, Jolm Hillaboh. Bill Strong, Donald Sinex, Judy Prescott, Kay Aitken, Carolyn Nor- ris, Woody Anderson, Cary Anderson. Arthur Barnes. Roberl Martin. William Hutchinson. SECOND ROW: Robert Ball. Mike Wilson. Keith Alien, Kent Sine.x. Tom Rains. Judy Dalkc. Sue Stoneman. Ethelyn McCoy. Royce Bridi!;eman. Robert tiray. James Walker. Morris Douglas. Chester Francis. THIRD ROW: Rich McDonald. Stan Tyler. Ron Burkett, Willis Moore, Charles Daily, Jere Osbuni, Gary Sninney, Bob Franklin, Ccrald Hamilton. Daniel (ireen. Kelly Hale. Kenneth Miller, Ronald Harper. NOT PICTURED: C:harles Evans, Joe Siin- barger. Charles Judson. William Shackelford. University Clioral Groups Chester L, Francis, associate professor of luiisic, is tfie conductor of the two groups. The members lielcl .some thirty concerts and programs during tiiis .school year. A tour for the high schools of Oklahoma jire- seuted " Christmas Oratorio, " portions of HandeFs " Messiah " and Faiire ' s " Requeim. " Their |)rincipal anus are to arrange singing pro- grams for state meetings, fulfill academic needs and to promote public relatio ns for the University. Besides the outside activities the two groups meet four days a week as a class. ,4n awards dinner climaxes a successful year l(ir xocal nuisic stiidenls. Members of Women ' s Choral Club are— FIRST ROW: Alice Van Eaton, Jody Angeli, Linda Lupo. Andrea Graham. Kate Thompson. Mary Newlon. .Scarlette Irwin. Karen Hoffmann. Glenda Allen. Carol Cummings. Wanda Crosslin. K. Harper. Kathy Harmon. Sandra Oliver. SECOND ROW; Jane Wol- ring. Ann Sears. Jeanelle Wilson. LaDornia Oakley. Ann Hcnl- horn, Judy Ludlam, (ilcrula Hamilton. Ejrida Freeman. Vic- toria Morey, Lou Skinner, Patty Lieb, . nn Dunn. THIRD ROW: Sharon Parker, Charlotte Hallock, Kathleen (iail Wris- ton. Dcanna Troub, Donna Crook, Bettina Owens, Emily Allen, Pat Dudley, Ann McConnell, Karen Thomasson. Marilvii McMastcrs. Martha McDannald. NOT PICTURED: C:arolyn Paricro. Karen Jones. Sherry Turner. Zollcne Bennett. Martha Shoaf. Ciarilee Hogan. Nancy Hampton. Petroleum Engineers Club Furl hers Ihe Understanding Between Sludents And Induslria! Leaders I ' lnlissdi . II. ( ' IciihI. (iiu- 111 iIk- (iilj iiuil orj;uiii cis 111 iIk- I ' I " , iliil . Ii.i l)Liri I.Kiilu s|)iitis((r since 1941. I If has ohlaiiR-d niilsl.iiKJiii hum n liu- (vl iiidiisliy 1(1 speak to nicnihirs. OHicirs itnlndi- I. eon HIiiImh-. prcsidciil: Dick Smilli. icc-|)icsi(kiu and l.d aid(p r c. secretary-lrcasurcr. Miiiiijersliip is open to all sludtrils tiinijltd In pilnil- t inn or " icoloj ical engineering. I leadline e enl ol llic ear was the second .uuiiial disiinu;nislied alnnnnis lKnu|Liet in No einl er. IIk ai- iiinniis honored was W. D. ()x sle . senior ice-presidenl 111 llie liallibiirloii company. Each spring the members jiarticipate in the AIM I ' . stndent paper contest. Other activities iiiclnde participa- tion in the engineers week and uptn iuiiise and picnics iluonghoiit the year. Members agree that ' Jndge " Cloud and Ins sleadlast inleres! has ke|)l the s|)irit of the tlnb ,di c. ,|ii(lgc Ciloud and l toii liledsoe present the distinguished ahiniinis award to V. D. Owslcv. FIRST ROW V. F. Chuid. W. I). ()wsle . I)i k Smith. F.d wardo Arze. Dr. Carl Moore. Rill Turner. I.e.i.i HIcdsoe. I)i John . orden. Boh (irate. Samuel Mills. SKCOM) ROW Or. ,|ohii (lamphcll. Flossein ouri. Curtis Phillips. .|olii YeaRcr. C. E. Daiijjhertv. Dean Thompson. |oseph Coltcrill Walter F.llis. [.ihn Stoudcr. F.d Rlauro. Will ' iam Peck. Rile Cnldsmlih. D. F. Ieri le. THIRD ROW: [..Nss, (■i-Saee(l Farainarz. Ron CofFelt. DcKen Mcrinis. |iin Slnex. N. Llsta. Rinn Wines. Frank Suecnev. |ack Wall, [ohn Buhner. Mai Kniiihion. FOl RTIi ROW: Cicorue Mi Daniel. Ronnie (.ad- herry. R. . Sharp. Richard (ioddard. James Sidwell. Santo Lombardo. |ames Hill. Edyar Paiheio, lorRC Flores, Oarlo RoxMcln. Roiu-it Ilarrigan. 493 I IRST ROW: Mrs. Bill Burleson. N. Lista. Eddie .Jeter. Kent Miller. Karen Cullen. Curtis Phillips. Red Hawkes. Delven Merinis. Brandon Crlflitli. Ceorne LeHus. SECOND ROW; Verne Criflitli. Clav Allen. Cardncr Randall. William Surbev, Roger Chapman. Max Crain- Tom Martin. Jim Sniex. Koi) Luke. THIRD ROW: Jim Haddock. Mike Ruby. David Criihl), Arthur Jojies, Dick Smith. Leon Bledsoe. Wallace Wilson. Bob Crace. Engineers Club Active Engineers on St. Pat ' s Council Plan Annual Affairs For All Engineering Students ClKllS I ' llll.lJI ' S. i ' icsidllll Main activities of tlie Engineers cluh are the crowning of the St. Pat ' s queen, which is followed by a banquet and dance; a beard-growing contest: the Engineers open house during which, each branch of the engineering school illustrates some phase of their work in their exhibits, and the Engineers show and Engineers week. The menibershi]) is open to all undergraduate stu- dents enrolled in the college of engineering. This makes the Engineers club one of the largest student organizations on tiie OU campus. Within the club is a quasi-legislative l)ocly. St. Pat ' s council, composed of representatives from all engineering organizations. Also within the club is the secret society. LKOT. whose mem- bers are outstanding engineers. Faculty sjjonsors are D. E. Meiizie. H. II. (intlith and II. K. Bone. Ctirlis Phillips is prcsidctil. 494 Iloiiortd .It llii- .iiiriual ilinirKcl s ' l)arHHKl and hall. Cli- inaxiriK I ' .rinimiis Week Manli 12-17 uere St. I ' at. Caid- ]iir Kaiidall. and Knulnee. iipj, ,|iiei ii. I.liida FiensleN. Tlie Tri-Delt clii rus line l)ri)ii)j;!il iitory and fame t i (he house 1» uinninv; first place in the atitiiial Engineers shoH . The I.Mxal knl.Ahls of Old I uisH ret ' nilii ii to iipliohl tradition. eiiior cntjineer lan u,n i. seini society, inenihcrs work without 495 Engine Wives Second semester officers of tlie Engine Wives chib are of planning the annual spring luncheon. charge Activities Climaxed By " PHT " Graduation; Award Given To Married Engineering Student lO Iciirii more aljout engineeriiif!; and Us opixirtuiiilics lor their husbands is the purpose of the Engine Wives club. All wives of engineering students are eHgible for membership. The biggest e ent of the year for the Engine Wi es is when P. H. T. degrees — putting iiubby tiiroiigh — are awarded to wives of graduating seniors. Other so- cial e ents include an annual fall style show, a mixer folhmiiig the Engine show and the annual Christmas party. The members also awarded a $100 scholarship to a married engineering student. To raise money, they had bake sales and nnnmage sales. First semester officers were Mrs. F. Martin, president: Mrs. Bill Snyder, vice-president and Mrs. Bill Laird, secretary. Mrs. Brandon Griffith and Mrs. Joe Keeley are the faculty sponsors. Mrs. Terry Pokorny is second semester president. FIRST ROW: Mary Ann Dean Laird. Jann WilsDii. .)(. l5urleson, Mrs. Joe Keelev. Nancy Martin, Lydia Siirbey, Loriia Snyder. Carroll Pokorny. SECOND ROW: Mary Lou Alexan- der. Peggy Akins. Betty Simpson. Susan Lea. Claudia Andrews. .Joan Trimble. Anna Zumwalt. Nancy Daugliert . Helen High. Pilar Lisla. Be crl Weirich. Wanda Crist. h " lv Martin. THIRD ROW: Karen Howell. Betty Critz. Carroll Orvis, Holly Montgomerv. Donna Garrison. Judy Miller. Wanda Washburn. Dawn Bachler. Karolyn Posey. ' iiniie Whitney. Kayleeu Thomas. Anita Mc(iee. Margaret Hanson. Kay Kingelin. 496 Baptist Student Union Sliidcnt Center, " Home Away From Home " For Baptist Students Attendin|J 01 I ' d |)rii i(li- nil i,iin|)iis ,1 ( linn li-i inltnil (■lll| ll.lsl (111 .s| .mil M ii| , lilies tn llu- sIikIcmI. .iikI Irvilis; In iiiKiil linn in Ins s| in(l icliniiiiis l.iilli while ,ii(|iiirini; knnuleilne is (he iili|(.(li e nl llu ' K,i|)liM sliiiltnis .11 ihe I iii eisil (il ( )kl.iliiiiii.i. I ' lif liSl ' IS .ilsd iinssiiiii,ir . seelviiii new iiiii erls .iiiil s|)R-a(lint; ilstll nilo new ;iie;is e(iiisluiili . Tin- niiiii|) liiilds daily .services in tlic early iiioriiiii; ; .111(1 .11 11(11111 ;iikI a weekly service at llic Cerebral Palsy center. They have made an offering of .$2,200 for stu- dent missions and the Kroiip sjjonsors a choir. The HSl IS under llie direction ol an execulne ( (iiiiniitlee made ii|) ol ih ■ piesideiit. secrctar and coun- cil directors. Members arc Willis Moore, president: JiLiii llohhins. secretary and Franklin Farmer, director. .Manrine I ' oe is the assistant director. riic H.Sl excciiluc iiniiuil iiitcls uilli l)i (levotioiia! periods for llic " ctk. I I., liSr HOW : Ci-lia Sanuira. Kaicii Cooper. Pal Wellcr. Jo 111 M.i.kcv. Aim Barker. Lou Ann Koaeli. hie Paul Hartiain. li.ara I l.u ketl. C:larence |oik-s. |oauii Kohbiiis. Aim Dimii. Ill Aim Dav. Dorothv lolmso.i. .SKCO.NJ) 1U) V: Wanda ildsln. Calliv Duck. Patsv Faulkner. iS ' oiiiia Vhiekev. |aim uMlier. Mary Kay Choate. aiiev Nolillll. M.ula Karris. Hiili lidi. Sandra OJlNer. Marilvii Wallon. lieverlv Valoiidi. Mai- I Wallon. Sliaroii Viv ion. Pat Tooker. Paula W liilesell. aroii Masse . Mrs. W. I.. Dillard. THIRD ROW: Ellen rliin. Karen SHineluirt. Jeaiiellc Wilson. |ulie Hunt. SalU .oper. Cliarlolte Ilalloek. Viijaina llalloek. Virginia NmvoUiv eiida larliii. Delpliine l-lo d. Sliaron Kiiiu,. Carmen ■oull;;. v,i l..i luad. (d.uia ' alomli. Marv Peiidernraft. Beek Rogers. Dean Thompson. Kduard . laik. Dennis , larliii. (.ary Stringer. Waller Mizell. |errv lir anl. Don James. Ken Miilli- eaii. limmv Moore. Rieliard Sleplieiis. jaiiies Ainu. W. K. Stover. Franklin Fanner. Leon Hl(i(l . Hex Dai is. Dale Conner. Rov Carniieliael. R. I) ILn kn,s W.U- Ri.liards„„. James Rieketsun. Willis 1n,,,,. 497 FIRST ROW: David Winkles. Linda Daniel. Nanev ■Sounds. Sue Hasernian. (iladvs Shellabarger. SECIOND ROW: Rich- mond Thweatt, David li. Shoebotham. Fred Shcilabars!;ei. W. (irosvenor Pollard. III. C. Roy Wilson, .lerry Criswell. Mike (;lick, Charles Wesley .Mworth. Jack Fleniinin);. CANTERBURY ASSOCIATIO Outstanding English Film Hi hli hts Study Officers of the Canterbury Association this year are Harry Young, president: Grosvenor Pollard, vice-presi- dent and .Alan Smith, secretary. Fred Shellabarger is the faculty sponsor. Anyone interested in the aims and objectives of the Episcopal Church may become a member. The association strives to develop a ministry to the academic community which adds to campus life the foundation of the Christian faith. The members sponsor a regular program of worsliip. study and fellowship. This year " Cry The Beloved Country " by Alan Paton was shown. HILLEL FOUNDATION Jewish Religious And Social Center Jewish education on a collegiate level. Jewish wor- ship and fellowship and personal counseling and leader- .ship training are all aims of the B ' nai B ' ritli Ilillel foundation. Among other activities the foundation holds ;ui open house social at the start of each semester. Weekly worship services, Sunday supper lectures on world problems and educational classes are all func- tions of the foundation. Fall and spring semester officers were William Com- roe. president: Berenice Fagin, vice-president, and Maureen Fednian, secretary-treasurer. 498 FIRST ROW: Lynda Picow, Joanne Efron, Irnia Steinman. Berenice Fa in. Maureen Fednian, Carol Rozen. Leslie Stern- herger. Jovcc Nasli. Hoilicllc Sallz. SECOND ROW: Rabbi Victor Eppstein, William Coniroe, Jerry Cohen, Steve Water- man, Howard Somberji;. |erry Pass. Stan Salpeter. Clyde Gold- ;. Frank CIktIikt. T Mudrlik. it j 6 Disciples Student Fellowsliip Encourages Religious and Social Activities Among Students Maturing in Christian Faith Don I ' ,. (iil)S(in. iiiiiipiis iimiiskr. is llu ' diriildi ol llic sHitkiU ic ' iUtT at 314 Mini. Ill .lUn .isslsis wilh Sunday worship at llu- First Chi isii.iri ilninli .ind is axaiiahic for stiidi ' iil ((lunsiiini; arciiiiid ihi- i Im k. DSF oirucrs art- Mike Crosslin. |)rtsidcnl: Caincron l ' ' , aiis. iK.-| r(.si(lfiit: .|nd Kitliter. sfcrctary and JkIhi McConncll. treasurer. Mrs. (Jihsoii assists her hushaiid in spoiisorinj; the j;r )ii|). The objective of DSF is to |)ro ide a iello shi|) in which a person may mature in iniderstanding the Chris- tian faith and its relation to daily livinj;. The relation of faith to all areas of life — intellectual, social and physical — is major concern of the j ,t " P « " fl • pro- iiioled throiijrh its acti ities. Aiiollicr facet is to provide leadership for the cliiircii. All stiidciiLs seeking a fuller understandiiii; of tin will nl ( ' • (] lor their li cs are in- ile(l to attend. l«- — Vifl f W.yjfJ Don ¥.. (;il soii. (,iiii|»is inliil ' -lt ' r for Christian diiirdics. an l Dwlnlil cnzcr illscuss ri-linluus piDnraiiis. KIKST KOW: V.( MiConiicl. Dui ilil trl l. K.kIiio Heed Charles Field, SKCOM) KOW: M,s. Kid,,,, Na,i.e. R.itl Klelds. |„d KulHe,. Kelt,,ia ()uei,s. l.,, ( ,,le. |i„U Car.lne, luanita Whcrrv, Laurene (;lcn. THIRD ROW: Ehh n Nance. Hill Fields. John MeCionnel. Cameron Evans. Robert Bcaird. Hush Denipsev. Mike Crosslin. 499 FIRST ROW : Mrs. Fi,uik Mcslev. Judy Murrell. Gayle Wash- burn. Janice Williams. Ka Johnson. Wihna Crosslin, Mary Neulon. Tracy Huilt. JoAnna Hianchi. Suzaiuie Cunningham. Kay Hoover. Sandv Vount. Marv Grumbine. Joy Monroe. Ruth Jett. SECOND ROW: Karyn Anthony, Linda Campbell, Ju- dith Shaw, Judith James. Gwyn Lacey, Carolyn Svvinney, Nancy Morris, Tennie Capps. Jessena Brasher, Judy Smothermon. Linda Nance. Mary Braddy, Sue McCoy. THIRD ROW: Mr.s. cImi,i Felkucr. Karen Thomasson. Rulhic Rudd. Ann Harms, Jean Parker. Sally Merkle, Carol Boydstun, Judy Sims, Lavinia Frank. Kaye Carson, Marv Groves, Diane Smith, Ann Wiest. Janice Mueller. FOURTH ROW: Janie Orr, Julia Teeger- strom, Judith Bilberry, Shirley Dorman, Kay Aitken. Carolyn Norris. Linda Burks, Judy Jageler, Trude Steele, Terry Haug, Betty Tunui. Mary Anderson, Diajie Neaves. KAPPA PHI Sponsors Service Projects For Methodist Groups College women who are members of Methodist church or are of Methodist preference are eligible for mem- bership in the Kappa Phi club. The Kappa Phi club gives women in the tiniversity world today a chance to be a leader in the chtirch world loiiu)rr(w. Current projects and accomplishments for the club include a wide variety of service projects for the Wesley foundation and the McFarlin Methodist church. Officers are Wilma L. Crosslin, president; Sue Cunningham, vice-president; Judy Murrell, secretary and Mary Sue Thomnsoii. treasurer. SIGMA THETA EPSIIO Acquaints Methodist Men with Church Ideals Sigma Tlieta Kpsilon is a service organization pri- marily interested in accjuainting young Methodist men with the purposes and ideals of the church. These mem- bers sponsor several work projects along with ushering every Sunday at the McFarland Methodist church. Melanie Marshal was elected sweetheart of the group this year. Officers include Dick Smith, president: Ronnie Carman, vice-president; Henry Mensel, secretary: Dick Curtis, treasurer, and Jim Shields, sponsor. The young men also found time to have a party with girls of OCW. 500 FIRST ROW: Bob Kin er, Dick Smith. Henry Hensel, Ronn Carman. Mary Lou Braddy, Tom Caves, Richard Curtis, Ne Jones. Edd Kenriedv, SECOND ROW; Jim Shields. D:ui N( son. Walker Hartman, Jim Sharp, Bob Fci Robert Westfall, Everet Wood, Jerome Dillinij Wesley Foundation i l( ' lh«(lis( Church At Work On The Campus Sponsors Worship Services And Socials riu ' sli I ' oiirKl.ilKin IS ihc Miihiiili-,; iliimli ;it Mirk on (Ik- (.iin|iiis. I Ik- linnuhilmn s|)iin.siiis ;i idiiiul |)i()jfi;iiii 111 (U lii| . .1 sIikK .111(1 siTNKi- for Mclliddist stuclciils ;iii(l joins with oiIki i .lij;ioiis jjioiips ill (;iin|)iis- icif ;Rli ilifs. SiiKc its foiiiKliiiK ill 1906 :il tin- I iii cisii o| Illinois ill I rluiiKi. Wcslcv Koiin(l;iti(iii lias isl.ililislud IcSI ( li.ipltrs. Ollitiis ol tilt or cli;i|)tci arc Cilcnn (ainiiiiij;li;im- presiileiit: Louise Farmer, vite-iiresideiit of failii: Sue Cuiiiiiiigiiam. ice-|)resi(lent of witness: Martiia Mal- tiiews. secretary ami Re . jiiii Shields, director. ( ' atli CarLsoii is associate director. Special events include ])arlK ipalmn in (he ( ' oiikieiKc on Religion. " La Strada " and d.iils iiieeliiins .il the Methodist student ceiiler. Social affairs iiKJiide o|)eii house iii the lall. senior l ,iii(|iiel .111(1 llie spniiii Hui;;. " " puiiK. Vcslf |-.M,,Hl.,li..n. C CT (Ul llll uliuli J .11 I llll .111(1 I.iiKlsii . Is (ipcii (xliMv;s and Ifisiire adixilifs. FIRST ROW: I ' Ih.cIk- |-,iiiii(r. Co.. Km . ,„,is. j.nic kin HcttN .Xndreus. lankc Willlanis. Xciuiia Maruska. ji.lle Kiciu |ii(K SiiM.ll.cri.KiM. Ka KiieinaM. SKCOM) ROW: Iran Simps,,,!. Riitli llll. I.ianlla Anders,,,,. KaN ll„„vcr. !au W, Mar H,a(ld . I ' al (:„iid„n. Sue ShV.n. ll,,pt Ilackkr. I.,,n Faiiiicr. Tl(IRI) ROW: Lee Wnrrcll. J.n M„nr, e. Ik- Tuma. ' el,,,er l),,ncr . Karen Thoinassoii. William I)a s( . lelaiiic .Marshall, (lalliy Ciarls,)n. Teiinlc (iapps. Donna Mm hurt::. .Sally .Mlmoii. C ainllle F.incrs,,n. Marv (iri, es. Sliar HavKood. Clyd e C:liesnLit(. FOIRIH ROW: Traty Hnitt. ?■ anm- C,,,,,,!,, .;,,,, |.-,.„ I ' nUr. ,|n,K Sims. Janlec R,...;,- Jaml ( Cnlp. Ilaun. Si„,dnr Walkci |lm Rl li„l, F. Frieke. Siinll,. Henscl, ,-,ll I )ir. Fll-Tll ROW: lami-s Shields. M.uA .Nt-«l,,ii. lilll FMiclt .„„l. K,il,(-rl ' Fhucatl. .|,,lin Uradley. ' Ftrrv IVlh Rcsler. lane lieru ,l:,„,i. Mailiia MallhcHs. Jaekit ass. Indy .Miiriell. SIXTH ROW: Richard Sinilh. Ilarlman. Ruhard C.irtis. WaMic Jell. R„l)crl Wcslfall. Iar„ld Mnrru Dan Nels,„i. |lm Ptarsnn. Jim Sharp. Da ld liallev. |,,e Aiillm,,,,. AMii Ixonard. H„l rv . la es. SKNF.N ' FI I ROW: Diane Smith. Dick 1 Kennedy. T ,m Caves. Heek Alexander. Henry iinle Carman. |en,me Dillinn. Cleiin Ciiniiliinham. . ,„K Reese. I!,,l, Kln er. Car,, I Kln i. ks. I 1 FIRST ROW: Kdith HarlMcss. Miarcn Kii|)|). Riuliaiui Mciik. J. J. J()liMst.)ii. Nancy Oglesby. SECOND ROW: Gary Van Antwerp, jaiic Steadley. Marilyn Dell. .John Hillabolt. Janie Myers. Gary (ireeson. Jatkie Dull. Larr ' Dawson. (iar ' ()neII. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Howard Bell. Eddie Finley. Mary Lou Feaver. Susan Egnew. Pat Cahill. Sue Miller. Linda Lavell. Carolvn Sutton. Nancv Petersen. Clyde Griffith. Linda .Anderson. Bruce Vejiter. FOIRTH ROW: Ed Feaver. John Kiper. WESTMINSTER FOUNDATION Spiritual Maturity From Religious Services A fellowship of faculty and studenis dedicated to the development of Christian discipleship in all fields of human endeavor on the campus and for future life is the goal of the Westminster Foundation. The founda- tion holds refjular Sunday evening diiniers and evening worship. Oflicers include Gary Greeson, moderator; Jackie Dull, Clyde Griffith and Linda Lavell, vice-moderators: Carolyn Sutton, secretary: Ed Feaver, treasurer; Rev. Donald Scruggs, director and Mrs. Howard Bell, as- sociate director. The fouiuiation meets in the First Presbyterian church. ALPHA CHI SIGMA Awards Outstanding Freshman in Chemistry The Floyd L. Swank award is given anually to the outstanding freshman chemistry student by the Alpha Chi Sigma society. Alpha Chi Sigma is a national pro- fessional fraternity for chemistry students and chemical engineers. .Any member of the clulj nuisl have better than average grades. At the monthly meetings, technical films are shown and university profe.ssors are employed as speakers. Offi- cers are Jerry Hobbs, master alchemist; Lloyd Trimble, vice-master alchemist: Spencer Knapp, recorder: Loren Mill, treasurer and lohn Shoemaker, master of cere- 502 FIRST ROW: Lindsay Patterson. Llovd Trinil le. Jerry Hobbs, Spencer Kna|)p. Wvnian GrindstaH. Paul Chanev. SECOND ROW: David Kurl . Brent Turner, Kent Tlionias. Kenneth Wolfe, Don Waller. Rol)ert Hyde. THIRD ROW: Wayne Stalnaker. Mac Moore. Ronald Spencer, (iary Braden. Robert Cheerleaders Oil Pep Ambassadors Work Hard To Arouse School Spirit And Good Sportsmanship ii iinikr |j,i.iiln.iU- «li(i is iii.ikiiiii s.ilishu lory j;r;uk-.s iiKiN iiNoiil lor varsity diccrlcacler. ' Pryouts arc lielil t;nli fall (() lill acaiicics. .New cheerleaders are |)icke(l li ;i |);iii(l of jiKJjjes after they ha e |)erf()rinecl twice. ( )[ tlRcrleailers selected a new mascot tliis year. " Little Red " — Danny Tiinnioiis. " Little Red " aloiiji; with, the eijiht arsity cheerleaders are responsible for lead- iiiji; yells and hoostiiii; spirit at ail lioiiu- alliietic con- tests and pep rallies. Ol ' cheerleaders are iiosls lo liie annual state cheer- leaders contest s|)onsored 1) the National Cheerleaders association. Merle lyler. Jessie McDowell and Linda ( " arrol are executive members of tlie NC A. Ol ' " s good will ambassadors paid tliiir own .i lo liie Notre Dame and the Army game lo represent liig Red. Mrs. Laricne Smith is s|)oiisor. r., |.u,.l,s. I ' .,mI HmI)I,U- and Khiiiic {uggh- . allcriiale il.ccr- drrs. k |, ,n |Ma.ll.c-. ! ' ■ ltd. Keith Smith. Diatie Stevens. Merle Tyler. Jessie Ann McDowell. Arley Rlneharl. Linda (!arr 503 I ' I KM ROW: Riilicrt l)eii|)icc. Mai |ame!i Parker. Paul iienien. Claude SECOND ROW: Timolln Leouard. 1 licil) PaKi-. janits kriljilil. Pliillp Kdi- ■ If " art. C.ciru Marns HaiMou. Moule Deere nn Raley. Williur Carter JaiMfs Carpenter. Mike McClellaii. Haivey Clhallin. Deuayne Co.ik. THIRD R(J : Paul Ebert. Mark Brady. Robert Jayroe, Jerry Haddock. Stan- Icy Morrison. Thomas MiCurdy. Warren Fonts. Richard Baugh- ruiui. Cary Wylle. Varsity " 0 " Club The Varsity ' ' O " club fosters a closer spirit of loyalty among lettermeii in all sports at the University of Okla- homa. Membership is open to any man v ho has earned a letter in a varsity sport and has been approved by the athletic council. Four classes ol membership c(niij)osc tlie chil): active, inactive, aliimni and honorary. Active members partici- pate in all cliil) activity. Inactive and alumni members can attend club meetings but are ineligible to vote or hold an oflice. Honorary membership is extended to ])ersons who have rendered exceptional .service to athletes and the development of the OU athletic program. The club brings together both graduate and under- graduate lettermen who are interested in upholding the athletic prestige of their .school. The organization ]iro- iiioles the athlelic interest of the University among stii- (leiils. laciiJlv ami .ibiiniii. Other objectives of the " O " club are lo encourage scliolarship, develop sportsmanship, both by example and precept, bolster social activities, accommodate visit- ing sports teams and take an active interest in campus activities. Througli mutual understanding of tiie objectives, the ( liil) maintains a more complete relationship with mem- bers of tlie Sooner coaching staff. The club also pro- motes relations with high school athletss and assists 111 orienting freshman athletes at OU. Members elected to serve as this year ' s slate of officers are Mike Lindsay, president: Mike McC ' lellan, vice- president and Billy Wliite. social chairman. " Red " Reid is the co-ordinator for the organization and Port C. Robertson is the faculty sponsor. Club meml)ers are hosts to parents at (lie Dad " s Day game i(h a luncheon and reception. 504 riKST l : |..liiiMR- l)a . I ' liil Cdidciii. ' rdiii Cox. K;irl M s(i-.ul. J. n. Wright. Tommy Ed ar. Conleri Colli-I. SKCOAD KOW: Iiiliii RroiiKlier. Ralph Voiiiinswoiili. loluiriie Tatum. Roiiiu I ' aMic. Pliil Lolinuuiii. Mcl ill Sander sfcUI. Jcirv Pctll- c, S.UM IhiMs. l-.duani Evans. ' rillRl) ROW; llai Wil- liams. Don VVarritk. Wayne Lee. Dale I ' crini. AIIktI Sinclair, Melvin Rign;s. Calvin Sliarpc, Sieve SualFord. Mlkc Lindsay. Unites Collegiate Letternien In Upholding Athletic Prestige A luiiclieoii prececks every home game for members ;iii(l ilieir guests and receptions are held aher the games. On Homecoming weekends, the Varsity " O " chib ex- tends a special welcome to all ahinnii of Oklahoma L ' niversity. Joe E. Burke edits the N ' arsily " () " " Club Newsletter. |)ui)lished monthly and sent to all members who have |)aid their dues for the year. The letter features timely ailities and comments of interest to sportsmen around ilie (ouniry. Leon Bevers is tlie executive secretary. Highlighting each year is the " O " club bani|uel. A distinguished speaker is invited and " O " letters and membership plai|ues are presented to those who lune (jualified for membership during the year. Other social events this year included the Christmas and Valentine ' s |)arties and the annual picnic outing at Lake Murray. .Attracting wide interest among s|)orts fans around the state is the ainuial varsity-aluii ni football game held each year on the hisl da (d spring practice. The " O " ' club. sj)oMS( rs (il till- game, invite members of past " Big Red " football teams to participate on the alumni line-up. Such big football names as Prentice Gaut. Jerry Tubbs and Jim W ' eathcrall ha e redirned to Nor- man for the varsity-alunnii footi)al! clash. Club activity centers in tin- (lid) lounge located in the north end of Owen siadimii. The lounge was oHitially (ipiried in September. 19, " )1 and is open three niglits eacli week to letternien and their guests. Tele- isiiiii. reiords. bridge tables and games and a snack bar are pari id the facilities available. The lounge, serv- ing as a meeting place for past present members, is o| en to Sooner alumni before and after home games. 505 Ruf-Neks Arousinjj; school spirit and enthusiasm at every hi Kuf-Neks lead loyal Sooner fans. ji,anie. the Red Shirts And ' ' Bi Red " Blunderbuss Trademarks Of OU ' s Oldest Pep Organization Organized in 1915, the Ruf-Neks with paddles in hand have remained leaders in spontaneous outbursts of Sooner loyalty. At each game the men form an arc of paddles to welcome the team on the field. They traditionally decorate the goal posts and the stadium. Each year they elect a Ruf-Nek queen and hold a formal dance each semester. Officers are Dainiy Sohn. president: Charles Ingram, vice-president; Roger Lee, secretary and Phil Kramer, treasurer. Pat Hays is the pledge trainer and George Morris, faculty sponsor. The principal aim of the Ruf-Neks is to aid and assist the cheerleaders and to protect the campus in cases of inter-school rivalry. Spreading school spirit and enthusiasm at every home game are the red-shirted Ruf-Neks, University of Okla- homa ' s oldest pep group. FIRST ROW: Patrick Hayes. Steve HaTimier. Clienl Watson. Kent Reniielt. Jim ' nv. ii. ] m Erin. D n, Rodolph. Roll Scxtc Roger Lee. Charles Ingram. SKCO.M) |{() : jmi Hi.i i ll.m. TIIIKI) ROW: IVi.a ClejiicMl. Jack Anderson. I ' Inl Ki.u rA tX.»: 1 I IRsr ROW: WilHam 1 l l Pleiir. Douglas Sharp. Klovd Haviies. Liiula Carlik. Thoinas Carlile. Linda Lasselcr. Saiulic I)a is. SKCOND ROW: Richard Curtis. Don Phillips. Larr (it ' is. |amcs Tcejicrstroni. Ra PInllips. r)a icl Btirrouyifi. Hill Chap.iUHi. |in Mans. |..hM Crai-. ) .e Ikavcr. Fred Ktijitl. TIIIRU ROW: Wvlic .Mcrrit. Harold Ransfcird. Robert Rose. liol) l!e crl. lerrv McNeclv. Kriitst Collins, (olm (iarland. Uoun Lvle. l-con Grover. FOl RTII ROW: Kd»ard Kcllinu. Donald Wicsen. Don .Nicholson. Don onni;. .Man Christie. Dovie Blller. RoI.erl l!rl l«cll. |errv |aikson. Dick Kent. Tonnnv Jones. Accounting Club Promotes High Standards of Proficiency. Integrity In Public And Private Accounting Tlte .Accoiiiiliriu; tltib was tnimdcil at llic I iii trsit of OklalioDia ill 19. ' 3(). Tlie principal aims of the or- ganization are to promote high .standards of accouiitiiij!;. to make coiitaiis with succe.ssfiil accoimtants and busi- ness men and to pr(i ide a means of accountants at llie I ' nixersity to get acquainted on a social level. Highlighting the year ' s activities of the .- ccoiiiilnig club is the annual s|)niig i(aii(|iicl hIk-u outstanding stu- dents are recogni ed. .Among the awards given are " accoiniting keys. " the Newton Memorial fellowship. Continental scholarships and the .Arthur Anderson scholarshij). The keys are given to .students who have completed twelve hours of advanced accounting with a grade average of a . .() or better. The .scholaishi|)s are awarded annually to the oulstaiiditig seiuors ni llic (ieparlnnul. Kaili semester tin- ciiil) members take a field trip piamied to better acquaint them with the accoiniting held. Past trips have been to OC.AM.A. SW Bell Tele- |ilione. Republic Steel. Central State Haiik .uid the In- ternal Re enue otiices in Oklahoma City. Regidar meetings are held periodically during the semester. Guest speakers arc schedided from private in- dustry, governments, public practice and financial insti- tutions, with an emphasis on accounting. From the speeches tlie members gain first hand observations. Membership in the .Accounting club is o| eii to all students wilii ;ui interest in accounting and either a major or minor in the subject. William C. McGrew is the faculty spon.sor. OfTicers are I.eroy Flaynes. president: Douglas Sharp, vice-presi- dent and I.iiula Carlile. secretarv. 507 FIRST ROW: Peter Feldman. Brent Slcin. Jim Raker. (;arth Hall, Bob Thompson. SECOND ROW: J. M. PoyiK.r. Jim Mayo, Bill Evans, Loyal Roach, Ronnie Licklider, John Shakely, Michael Hicks. Michael Hammonds, Martin Sanborn, Bill Beck. ALPHA DEITA SIGMA To jjrovide opportunity, senice, honorary recognition and practical application for undergraduate advertising students and to encourage cooperation and understand- ing betv ' een education and business are the primary goals of Alpha Delta Sigma, advertising fraternity. Acquaints Advertising Students With Profession This year ADS sponsored the showing of ' " Gervaise, " the top foreign film of 1960. Officers for the fall semester were James Baker, presi- dent: Len Hall, vice-president: Ron Licklider, secretary and J. M. Poynor, Jr., faculty sponsor. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA A 3.5 grade average and a minimum of 15 hours per semester for the freshman year are the requirements for membership in Alpha Lambda Delta, an honorary so- ciety for freshman women. Alpha Lam was formed to promote intelligent living and a high standard of learning among its members. Frcsiiman Women ' s Scliolastic Fraternity Annual activities include leading the Mortar Board walk-out parade and giving a book award to the senior meml)er with the highest grade average. Officers are Linda Lavell, president; Lynda Harris, vice-president; Sue McCoy, secretary and Pat Weller, treasurer. Dr. Betty Evans is sponsor. 508 FIRS ' I ' ROW: Kathleen Mattheus. Sue McCoy. Pat Weller. Linda Lavell. Hetty Evans. Anne McDaniel. Joan Kalman. SECOND ROW: Jeanne White. Sharon Kiinmell. Robhey Ne rin. Sharon (ioiclasnre. Ramona Howell. Jiulv Ford. Sue Swanson. Jane THIRD ROW: Snvni Wlnj,el. San- dra Oliver. Linda Moellei Marion Craighead. Karen Alford. Joan Coffnian. Monnett Brock. Stephanie Jones. PegKy Henry. FOURTH ROW: Patricia Hostetter. Ruth Darrough. D ' Ann Pope. Jndv Tallev. Ethelvn McCov. Jean Parker. Jo Sne Skir in. Ann li.nriis. Rc;iina Tinrcnlinc. PHI 0% Vvf ' t FIRST ROW (liailts Harp. D.uiil W.iriitr. Norman Clark. Ccralil llaililcr. |ulni Wall. Ttrrv WchI). Lavelle (;ibs(.n. Ra - Miond Collim-. lioss IIciulcrsoM. Darrrll Wliittcn. C. T. .Mni- iiuisl. SKCOM) ROW: lames ,|tllnii. Ri v L(nc. Hcrinctt .Andrews, Yen Corkk-. liolili Knlnrls. James RusliiiiR. MIcIkkI llduc. ( liarles l)axi ls„n. )c-rrv Maminetl. Hiiiloii. THIRD ROW: Russell Cenet. Wall leUalf. Albert Wehb. Di.nalil .Ni.akes. Hiilier! Iruler .mkI. Wendell Marlev. Richard Sclirade. |ames Knilleii. Carl, R..l)erl Kirkpalrii k. AIEE-IRE Sludent Branch Selects Outstanding Senior And Fosters Teclinical, Etiiical Standards A campus orKiiiiization since 1912, the Atnericaii Institute of Electrical Engineers joined with the Insti- tute of Radio Engineers in 195. ' j to form tlie student branch of .MEE-IRE. The princi|)al aims of this or- ganization are the advancement of llie theory and prac- tice of electrical engineering and its allied arts and .sciences. It also fosters the maintenance of high techni- cal and ethical standards among its members. To belong to , IEE-IRE. a student must be registered either as an undergraduate in an enigineering or .science curriculum and is devoting at least 309( of full time on studies. The specific objectives of the siudenl branches are to give the student the o| oprturiily Id .strengthen his social, technical, and literary bonds with his classmates, instructors, and with graduate engirneis. and to develop .some administrative ex|)crience. , t the monllily meetings, an engineer in industry is invited to discuss his particular duties, needs and re- (luiremenls for his type of em|)loyment. .Annual acti i- lies include an open house, field trip, student pajier con- test and an annual membership dri e. The .MEE-IRE also has a spring banquet each year. Terry N. Webb serves as |)resident. Other officers are Norman Clark, vice-president: Carl Webb, secretary, and Lavelle CJibson. treasurer. Faculiv sponsors are C T. lnii|iiist and ( ' . E. Ilar|). l iIk- .uiiinai baiujuel. llie oulstanduig seiiinr is pre- sented an award l) tile national organizations. . stag part) is also held at the end of the .semester. .Although MEE-IRE are separate organizations, they hold their meetings together and |)articipate in social functions as one unit. The iikhiiIiK meetings are held Wednesday night in Felgar ilalj. the engineering auditorium. 509 FIRST i( ) : K. L. HuiUiii;;toii. Paul Chaiiey, Hank Hongo. Verne (irillith. Jerry Hobbs. Llovd Trimble. Clare Patterson. Gerald Livinyston. Robert Perry. SECOND ROW: Brent Turner, Ketuielb Wolfe. David Crubb. Lindsay Patterson. Ken- neth Brian. Leslie Sjjarks. Da id Lord. Wayne Stalnaker, James Crist. THIRD ROW: David Kurtz. Kent Thomas, Mac- Moore, Jim Butterworth, Thomas Garvin, Don Waller. Spencer Knapp. Robert Greeustine. American Institute Of Chemical Engineers Maintains Higli Professional Standards .All enrolled students in chemical engineering are eligible for membership in AIChE. Two of the annual projects of this group are the Engineering open house each spring and the student problem contest sponsored by the national society. Films and speakers from in- dustry highlight AIChE ' s monthly meetings. Jerry M. Hobbs is president. Other officers are Lloyd Trimble, vice-president; Paul Chaney, secretary: Hank Hongoe, treasurer. Dr. R. L. Huntington and L. S. Reis serve as faculty sponsors. An annual May picnic is held each spring. The national society was founded at Philadelphia on June 22, 1908. AMERICAN ROCKET SOCIETY Disseminates Information On Rocketry Arts Students majoring in science or engineering and who are interested in rockets are eligible for membership in ARS. Meetings are held monthly, during which the members view technical films. .An annual spring field trip is also held each year. President is Roger Chapman. Other officers are Dick Baker, vice-president: Jerry Ennis, secretary and Bill Black, treasurer. Stan H. Lowy is the faculty sponsor for the Rocket Society. At the monthly meetings, all phases of rocketry are studied, as well as recent events in related areas. 510 FIRST ROW: , l Myers. David Rennie. Stan Lowy. Richard Baker. Royer Chapman, Jerry Ennis, William Black. .Arthur Jones. SECOND ROW: Ronald Brock. John Miles. Ken Elder. Dounlas Griffin. . dil Mayyasi. William Sochan. Jav Montgomery. H. E. Taylor. Laurence Davis. THIRD ROW: Sam Najd. H. S. Nakayama. George Teas. Robert Hayford, Robert Conors, . llan Dohrer. William Surbey. Browning Smith. riKSl ROW: |,M|,li l)i lo,iKo. Ind HaUlicr. Sliirlev Lcc. Allen. Man ClaiUoii. Hrk-.i llarals,,,,. Rila McCarlln, IhIim HriKC. lames MeD.mell. Vn.. K. Kiulz. Mike Howard SKCOM) KOW; Charles Name. Pat PeuKJi. Margaret Leonard Sharon llouard. Mary Means. Pat Nolen. Kave Nadolski, Harold Harris. Kddie Pdand. Cuy Hooper. Perry Pendergrafi rniRI) ROW: H.n (.lo e.•. RellU Curl). Ardeslnr Khal lirute lirown. Riiliard Dodson. |errv Halentinc. a ne Hidlard. Sam Raines. liol Wallis. I.ecMi lirininv;. RoiiaUi , ndersoii, FOIRTH ROW: Cairlis Terhnne. Cene Lafitte. Charles . ith- man. Bill Canliel.l. l!ol) .Neelev. liol) Kerr. |ini Wadkn. Keith Read. Fred Ciooper. Robert Hamiliton. American Pharmaceutical Association Teaches Professional Requirements For Pharmacy And Promotes High Standards Metnl)crslii|) in the . nierlcaii Pharmaceutical .Associa- tion is open to all full-time undcrjrradtiate students and graduate studetits who s[)eiid at least one-hall ol their time as students enrolled in the school of pharmacy and prc-pharmacy students. The . Ph. elected Mike Howard to ser e as liieir [■.resident. Other odicers chosen were Bob Wallis. vice- president: Pat Petigh. secretary and Bill Kurtz, treasurer. The association is s|)on,sored i)y Or. John Bruce, associ- ate |)rofessor of pharmacy. The student branch of the . mcrican Pharmaceutical .Association was organized at the 19. ' )4 . PhA coinention held in Boston. Mass. Presently, there are 7() other branches in colleges over the llnited States. The members hold regular meetings in tin PliarMi.ii Iniilding on the 2nd ediiesda of each iiioiitli. All (liiuR-rs are held in llie iiiiion hallrooin. The principal aims of the organization are to promote the interest of pharmacy to the state and nation through the students. They strive also to bring together the stu- dents and re|)resentatives of student branches to discuss matters of common interests in pharmacy. The annual Pharmacy Day highlights the year for all ()harmacy students. Events of the day include an o[)en house at the Pharmacy building during which, dilferent pharmaceutical companies present various ex- hibits. .All annual banquet clima.xes the day where senior awards are presented and the new pharmacy queens are crowned. This year ' s queens are .Margaret Leonard, a junior from Oklahoma City and .Mary Lou feans. .Ardinore senior. Pharmaceutical companies also present each senior with a gift. The APh A encourages in a liberal iiuiiiiier the ad- vaiueiiuiil of |)li.iriiiacy as a science and profession. 511 FIRST ROW: Frank Martin. Jim Hadtlotk. Wayne Lathrop. James Dotson. William Corlett, Raul Encias. SECOND ROW: E. F. Dawson. Phillip Whitney. Charles Enrnheart. Paul Madole. Roy Kannacly. Jimmy Haws. William Swan. (Gordon Washburn. Lairv (iritz. Cilen Moshier. Charles Stephenson. Mahendra Bakshi. THIRD ROW: Bert Akins. Marvin Freeman. Richard Kclley. Richard Rcid. Rov Zumwalt. James Hnoth. Kent Miller, Ken Crady, Ray Culver. FOliRTH ROW: Robert Hayford, Bill Dunford, Richard Sinclair. C. B. Wray. Paul Johnson. Ronald Rogers, William Lynn. William Laird. (Gilbert Scrivner, Walter Saloga, Mike Lindsay. American Society Of Mechanical Engineers Promotes Science Of Mechanical Engineering The ])riiicipal aims of .ASME are to broaden the iise- fuhiess of the engineering profession, and to promote the sharing of experience among engineers and with allied technologists. Student members, who must be enrolled in mechanical engineering, hear speeches given on cur- rent topics of interest. Officers are Wayne Lathrop. president: Frank Martin, vice-president: James Dotson, secretary; Jahendra Bak- shi, treasurer, and D. B. Turkington, faculty sponsor. ASME was founded at Stevens Institute of Tech- nology, Hoboken, N. J., April 7, 1880. ARAB CLUB Promotes Better Arab-American Understanding Traditional ainiual social acti ities of the .Arab club include a picnic featuring .Arabian appetizers and shish- kabob, a banquet with 400 distinguished guests and the election of Miss Scheherazade, followed by the Miss Scheherazade ball. An added activity is the sponsoring of classes in Arabic. Officers are Mahfouz Rafidi. president: Harith M. Mahmoud. vice-president; Nicola Firzli, secretary and Badreddine Mansouri. treasurer. Dr. John P. Duncan is faculty sponsor. As a group, the Arab club seeks to promote a better understanding between .Arabs and .Americans. 512 FIRST ROW: Mahfouz Rafidi. Harith Mahmoud. Mohamed Aboutaiel). Nicola Firzli. Badreddine-Mansouri. Wadi Al-Hillali, Patricia Farris. Lucille Kenyon, Jerry Spann. .SECOND ROW: Bill Cook. Vishnu Saksena. Mohammed Turk, Issam Bousaid, Muvvallak Challah, Patty Bayless. Sjllin (l;il(.l, SIkk, I, l,,l,,- laziz, Abdulla Ali, Izzat Feidi. Said Najd. Isam Jainjooni. THIRD ROW: Sam Najd. Rex Pu mire. Abdul Mallik. Adil Mayyasi. .MkIuI Rahman-A-Jalajel. Abckdaziz S. Saleh. Joseph . vvaz. IIKSr KOW: Man ll.ius. S.iiiiir lla; Rnlurl Salf.n. R. A. Hc.otli. W. V. WIK Sahali Alxlallah. SKCOND ROW: Wald R(il crl ' Roberl Dausoii. I.oii) (.loiW Rcid. Paul liariies. Dale Siiiilli. I) IS. Miki- Sptar. )ii. Mike- Tti nnps( n. I liaiiilla. I ie Keelev. Spli . Ra ' v Matlock. 1, r,mls,Mi. THIRD ROW; Darrcll Clumilicrs. Bill Dale. Hill T .pscii. I.arrv loiies. Iladi Norouzi. Burl Raiilaiul. Carlauil Peudernraf. Ron- nie Carriker. Morv Fos-Hat. Ro er McCalluni. Don Kiltau. Luis Xino. Hector PcMSO. KOIRTH ROW: Don Dunsniore. I.e Dinhkv. Pliil Lntz. S. P. Wallaie. Kuliard Carano. Mike Healy. .lini St..ul, Badi-EshraKJii. Rovte Hill. Charles Smith. Feridon Shahhaznid. iVaji Salman. liminv Harkins. Dar oush- Djavaheri. Archie Perrv. FIFFH ROW: Roman Wo niak. |iin Carver. John Butler. Boh Dillard. lolui McClure. Ken Clialfant. John Roberts. John Wrinlil. Keith English. Zah man Raul. Weldon Alexander. J. R. Haney. Roniulo Rodri(iue . James I loin. Frank Hussev. Nick .Semeniuk. American Society of Civil Engineers Enja es In Variety Of Projects To Furtiier Goals Of Student Members In Civil Engineering I ' lic iiuil ;iii Society " I (lixil Eiipiiiieers va.s es- tablished to help civil engineering students enrich their college careers by begiiniing professional contacts and associations. This year . SC1E was the onl rciipiciil ol the Iriitcd Enginecrins); center award in tlic southwestern area of the I ' nited States. Other functions of .ASCIE are to afford members an o|)portiinity to become acc|Liainted. to promote a s|)irit of congeniality among its members, to enhance knowl- edge through sponsoring competent speakers and to foster the development of a professional spirit. Founded in 18.52 the national society has (i er 145 .student chapters. Students nuist be majoring in civil engineering or a specialized field of civil engineering. mkIi as saiiilar . striicttiral or traiisportalKni to iiecoine members. nniial activities include engineering queen competi- tion. ])artici|)ation in engineering open house and an annual spring banc|uet and dance. Last year members took a field trip to Phoenix. .Arizona. Leon R. S|)itz is president of the Stadia chapter at the University of Oklahoma. Don C Poiilson is vice- president: Mike S|)ear. secretary: Robert . . Booth, treas- urer: and Mr. Joseph R. .Vssenzo is the organization ' s laculty sponsor. Other oiricers include the co-secretary. Nick Semeniuk and social chairman. James M. Thom|)soii. .ASCE meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each iiKinlli in liir rnion building. Meetings are usually |)l.iiiiu(l aKiiiiid outstanding s|)eakers in the field of engiiicenng. hinis nr skils. 513 IIKM ROW: Professor William C. MeXircw, Dr. O. D. Westfall, Dean Horace Broun, Donald Weir, Dr, Raymond White. SECOND ROW: Thomas G. Graves. James Clark, William Ciorr, Jean Bonnev, Gavie Wheeless. Donald Kolker, |(ie Drake. THIRD ROVV: Richard Hollev, Clarence Poe. Ronald McDanicl. Ciliarles Daily, John Bradshaw, Alan .Sliidler. Bill Lanier. FOURTH ROVV: A. L. Cosgrove, Dr. Vernon Upchurch. Thomas Dearmon, Douglas Sharp, Don Westfall. Victor Costa. NOT PICTURED: Dr. Ed Crim. Thomas Aitken. Gene .Vrnn. C.u Foster. BETA GAMMA SIGMA Coveted Honor For Business Students Beta Gamma Sigma is a national honorary scholastic society of business administration. Membership is open to graduates and undergraduates who fulfill the scholar- ship demands. Election to the society is restricted to juniors in the upper three per cent and the upper two per cent of seniors. Beta Gamma Sigma was organized in 1907 at the University of Wisconsin. The local chapter. Oklahoma Alpha, was established in 1933. James M. Murpahy is president of the group; E. E. Hatfield, vice-president: William McGrew, secretary, and Dr. Raymond R. White, treasurer. DEITA PHI DELTA Fosters True Friendship Among Art Students Some of the many activities of Delta Phi Delta in- clude exchange art exhibitions, the aiuuial spring auc- tion, spring picnic and an annual sketching trip. Besides having a 3.00 overall in fine arts, members must be of junior standing and be recommended by the faculty. Delta Phi Delta promotes and recognizes scholarship and professional ability in the art profession. Officers are Marcia Bull, president: Neal Taylor, vice- president: Karen Thompson, secretary, and Jean Moyer, treasurer. The faculty sponsor is R. W. Tomberlin, pro- fessor of art. 514 FIRST ROVV: Darrell Wood. Marlcne Morelock, Marcia Bull. Karen Thomasson. Dawn Dobbins, Neal Taylor. SECOND ROW: Hetty Cooksy. Jean Moyer. Marmot t ' ctrecht. NOT PICTURED: R. Wendell Tomberlin. Martin Mcgimsey. Mike Dymond, Barney Cook, Charles Kelly, . ' Vileen Young. I I lis I ROW; liailiaia Posev. Diaii Mi Ooiiakl. Carol larv F.llcM Thompson. DaiiKll l.ev . Clara Lor OM) ROW: KvcKn S DAiM. Pope. Sandra In .art . Maria W ' ulnas. Dr. Doroth ' Trnex. en. Snsan Tnrk. Sally Merklc. SEC- an. .[eanne (Campbell. Sharon Ilclliii. rier. Pal Cahill. Moniiett Brock. Ana Harms. Barbara Callnp. Klk-n Coldsnin Beth P atl. .loan ColFman. Path Ha le Slnlsnian. Jancl Keliluim. Belli Willian Wa.le. MariKn Ste " arl. Mar is. .|an Kelchain. .Jean . kris Ree es. Juanita Association of Women Students Representatives Of All Coeds Formulate Regulations Governing Women Students . ii orientation .style-show and [)arty for freshmen, an acti ities festival following the Mortar Board walk- out, a style show on Mother ' s Day and a Christmas party for council members hij!;iilij;hted the year ' s activi- ties for the .Association of Women Students. Every woman student enrolled at OL ' is autonuilii a!l a member of .AWS. an organization empowered to set rules and regulations governing OU coeds. The a.s- sociation .serves as both a legislati e and judicial body. The .AVVS council. c )m|)osed of the odicers and repre- sentatives elected from each organized house, meets on alternate Tuesdays to di.scuss matters affecting I ' ni- ersity women and to administer and coordinate beneficial programs. Re|)resentatives then present lo|)ics discussed i)y the council to their house for an o cr-all student o[)inion. Ollicers this year are Klkii rhiniipsoii. presi- dent: Rose Marie Weber, vice-president: Dian McDon- ald, secretan- and Charlotte Weeks, treasurer. Dr. Dorothy Truex is the faculty sponsor. C onnnittee chairmen are Nfonnet Brock, activities: Barbara Posey, correspondence: Danell Levy, finance: Judy Broach, orientation: Sandra Turner, publicity: Clara Loewen. public relations: .Xaii ( ' raw ford, service and Carol McCarty. I.AWS. Oil is a member of lAWS. the Inter-Collegiate .As- sociation of Women Students, recognized by the .Ameri- can Council on Education as rc|)re.sentalive of all col- lege women in .America. In the s|)ring of 1963. the Ol ' chapter will be host to the national .AWS convention. AWS aims to provide cultural and intellectual stimu- lation and to begin to prepare the student for her role in the local, national atid world conununitv. 515 FIRST ROW: Karen Cooper. Sally Washburn. Mar Sue Tlidiiipsoii. Regiiia Turrentine, Shirley Olive, Joan Jacob. SECOM) ROW: Jackie Dull. Velta Garrett. Beverly Nie- brnegge. V onne Ittner. Karen Carder, Jane Craves. Melanie Marshall. Mary Lou Huff, Janie Houser Clark. THIRD ROW: Jo Milligan, Stephanie Stevenson, Ann Harms. Janice Moeller, Judy Murrell. Judy Gardner, Ann Hahn, Kay Tucker. Wanda Clifton. Rosa Collier. ETA EPSIION Develops Professional Skills In Home Economics Striving to develop skills and increase knowledge in home economics. Eta Epsilon, at OU since 1923, at- tempts to widen the cultural interests and develop pro- fessional attitudes for those interested in home eco- nomics. One of the ways this is accomplished is through talks of guest speakers each month. Officers are Yvonne Ittner, president: Karen Carder, vice-president: Velta Garrett, secretary-treasurer; Jane Graves, publicity and Melanie Marshall, hospitality. The faculty sponsor is Mrs. Janie Clark. A Christmas party is held each year and money for projects is raised through cooky sales held throughout the year. ETA KAPPA NU Field Of Electrical Engineering Emphasized The Beta Zi Chapter of Eta Kappa Nu at the Uni- versity of Oklahoma was formed to promote a high knowledge in the field of electrical engineering. An emphasis is placed on high grades as the major qualifi- cation for membership in the club. Officers for the year were Walter Metcalfe, president; Ed Shreve. vice-president: Earl Burnett, secretary: Robin Knox, treasurer; Arlin Lee, corresponding secretary; Ken Horn, bridge correspondent and Norman Clark, St. Pat ' s council representative. Frank Kern is the faculty sponsor. 516 FIRST ROW: C:hales Harp, Ansel Challenner, Frank Kern. Gerald Tunia. Darrell Williams, C. L. Farrar. C. T. . " Iinquist. SECOND ROW: Lavell (Wbson. Robin Knox. Peter Bargeliotes. Ross Henderson. F.d Slirexe, Robert Klrkpatrick. Norman Cllark. Earle Burnett. George Morris. THIRD ROW: Wall Metcalfe, Dick Schrade. Richard Merritt. Kenneth Horn. Paul Hinrichs, Wendell Marlev, Arlin Lee. (herald Smith. Lou Bretzke. Delta Si ma Fi Sponsors Annual Business Day To Hi| hli| h( Purposes Of Men In Commerce. Business Tlu- Beta K|)sil( ii (lKi|)Hr of Delta Sigma Pi. men ' s honorary business Ir-iUrnils. helps to promote the study of business at Oklahoma Uni ersity. Founded November 7. 1907 at New ■ork l ' ni ersity. it also encourages scholarship and coo|}erati()n between the commercial world and students of commerce, be- sides furthering higher standards of commercial ethics. Re(|iurements for meinl)ershi|)s are a 2.4 overall grade average, and also inuuMnuuis eUitioti iiy the member- ship. Delta Sig sponsors the annual lousiness Day and also the Rose of Delta Sigma Pi bancjuct each year. First semester officers were Ray Melahii. president: Jerry Pass, senior vice-president: Marshall Gerber, junior vice-president: I.arry (jarrison, secretary, and treasurer. Bob Fitzgibbons. The faculty sponsor is Dr. Phillips. lisciiss tlic agenda for FIKSI- KOW: leraltl Klinock. ). B. Colin. Jerrokl Pass. Dr. Marlon l ' l.illi|«. Kav Melaiiii. Marshall (;crl)cr. Bob Fltz ib- h.iiis. I)..iial(l SInex. William Aclileii. SECXXND ROW: Paul Wcisl)lail. Ken Wilder. Kon Baker. Coleman Roblson. Leslie Pajj,e. Cary Dockery. Scott Hilbiirn. Jay Hodges. THIRD ROW: Joel Kctonen. .Vlex Kondonassis. Robert Svcska. (iil Davidson. Brent Stein. Neal Burns. Jim Cole. Tannell Sliadid. 517 FIRST ROW: Helen Ford. Jaiiita Jiihii. Maijio Williams, Sherry Turner. Pat Clatlelt. Paiti Rose. Patty VVatwood. SEC- OND ROW: M. H. Montgomery. Sandra Turner. Peggy Wells, Nancy Kiiapp. I)a«.i Dobbins. Judy Nelson. THIRD ROW: Jill Cleveland, Liz Morgan, Joanne Efron, Lucy McFadyen. Mary Lou Braddy, Mrs. Louise Moore. GAMMA AlPBA CHI Offers Opportunities To Women In Advertising Gamma Alpha Chi is a national organization for women interested in advertising. Founded at the Uni- versity of Missouri in 1920, the organization furthers truth and service in the field of advertising. Students who have satisfactory grades and are recommended by the faculty are eligible. Sponsored by Louise Moore and Mary Montgomery, professional sponsor, the women sold candy during fall enrollment and acted as an advertising agency for the Windmill magazine. Sherry Turner is president: Pat Catlett, vice-president: Pattl Rose, secretary, and Liz Morgan, treasurer. GAMMA TAU KAPPA Organized For Engineering and Geology Students Gamma Tau Kappa recognizes men who have shown appreciation for engineering and geology. The organi- zation encourages continuance along these lines. It further aids in bringing together members of the student body and faculty on a basis of mutual interest and fel- lowship. George O. McDaniel is president: James Sidwell. vice-president: Robert Kroney, secretary-treasurer and Dr. A. J. Myers, faculty sponsor. Members must have completed one full academic year of residence and 50 per cent of courses with a 73 per cent of tlic highest grade attainable. 518 FIRST ROW: A. J. Mvcrs. Ceorge McDaniel. James Siduell. Earl Kil. Ih II M.t DM) ROW : Ronald Davis. Robert Kroney, Tu:rK-r. Clia.lcs Durham. J.iscph Cotterill. Future Journalists of America Members Serve As Guides For Hi h School: Career Possibilities Explored In Programs " More ni;iii|) ver for the Journalistic world " is the FJA slogan. The organization uas fonndccl on the OU lanipus in 1938. An inUrcsi in i(nirnali.sin and its opportunities is the liasis Inr ininibership. The group is sjionsored by John M. (iascy. professor of journaliMii Allan Thompson is president. FJA-ers have been guests at a Norman Transcript o|)en house and at a dinenr where KNOR radio station ciei artment heads formed a |)anel to tell of their work. The FJA-ers serve as guides to high schoolers during the OIPA tneelings on campus-spring and lall. John Casey explains liriiitvpe iiiadiiiie in ll FIKST KOW: Kav Boring, lietli Resler. Nancv Seymour. Allan llionipsoii. Ola Mae Slout. Lvnne liaunlin. I.inda Ciole. SF.C- (). I) ROW: Mike Smith. Terrx Abrams. Mike McCarville. Irank Kroutil. ' Vk-U.i I.arr Frederi. k. Dale Hccken- (lorn. John Clasey. TMIkl) KOW: Natalie Bradley. Sharon Shriver. Bobbie Kirkharl. |ud [aneler. Paula Hollinushead. Vicki Heath. Frieda Shau. I ' .iiri.ia Sanford. 519 FIRST ROW: Don VVarriek. Fred VVaiden. ( ' . C. kellc . Marilyn Turner, Paulette Akers, Roseleen Rogers, Marcelllia Meyer, Gayle VVclcher, Peter Hencly, John Berryhill. SECOND ROW: V. L. Ponton. F. B. Jackson. J. B. Saunders, William Taylor, Dick Lambertz, John Tarr. Bill Rheinold, Richard Parker. Art (.aer. ' I ' HIRD ROW: Bart Schoenenian, Chris Stamatis, Bob Reese, Allan Hevvett, DeArmond Wiles, Cameron Evans. Milton Spessard. Vaughn Byron. Walling Dewey. NOT PICTURED: Judith Joiner. Bill Davis. IOTA EPSIION Strives To Improve Independent Enterprises Principal aims of Iota Epsilon are to render all possible service toward the improvement and status of independent enterprises and to provide honorary recog- nition for work in this field. Among its special events are having speakers from retailing organizations near the campus and Oklahoma City. The ainuial social activity of the year is the Founders day banquet usually held in April. The chapter also initiates several professional members each year. Pro- fessional members are chosen on the basis of activity and experience as independent enterprisers. KAPPA DELTA PI Recognizes Contributions To Education Harolyn Westhoff is this year ' s president of Kappa Delta Pi. Other officers are Charlotte Fogg, vice-presi- dent; Mary Ellen Thompson, secretary, and Dr. F. F. Gaither, faculty sponsor. Membership is open to stu- dents v ith grade points in the u|3])er 20 per cent who are prejjaring to teach. The OU chapter of Kappa Delta Pi was organized in 1915, four years after its founding at the University of Illinois. Each year the group awards a scholarship to a qualified senior. An initiation and banquet is held every year for new members. They also meet annually with Phi Delta Kappa. 520 FIRST ROW: Ruth Jett. Mary Ann Bulla. Martha Moore, Teresa Kalmaii, Charlotte Fogg. Harolyn Westholf. Phyllis Mc- Williams, Kayleen Thomas. Brenda McDaniel. F. F. Gaither. SECOND ROW: Lynda Tamblyn. Jerrv Munt-omerv. Linda LefFel. Jane Bergstrom. Nariiv Petersen, Mar Knn Luther. Melanie Marshall. Judy Cardnei. ' I ' HIRD ROW: (.ail Blan- cett. Terry Barhani. Donald W lulls. Tdlnian Ragan, John Varrington. Industrial Arts Club Stressos Advances of Industrial Arts Majors: Open House Spotlights Annual Projects Amniip; tin- animal activities of lln ' Iiidiistrial rls club arc selected tours of iiicliistrial pl.iiils and an (i|icii liciiisc licld in loiiiiectioii with Kiij ;iiieer " s week. Tor the (ipcii liniisc. ihc incnihcrs [irepare entries and |)rojects that take ii man), hours of work, ( " liiiiaxinj!; tlie year, the did) liolds a hanquet during wiiicii all outstanding ineTnl)crs are rewarded. Founded in 1948. the OL ' chapter is one of ten in the Oklahoma Industrial Arts association. The clid) stresses the intellectual advancement of industrial edu- cation majors. They promote interest in the field of in- dustrial arts and as a special aim, they try to bring about a closer relationship between students and faculty. Officers include James Parnell. president: Gary Hawkins, vice-president: Ray Johnson, secretary and treasurer, and Dr. Robert Hardin, faculty sponsor. FIRST ROW: I.. K. Dietrich. William Griffin. Man in Stewart. THIRD ROW: ..n II.i»ki Robert Bright. John I lola.sek. SECOND ROW " : Robert Keek. James Parnell. Robert Ilar.lin. Joe Chamberlin. Glenn Frank. Bill Parks. Walter W ' olirrum. Wilbur Garter. Ra Johnson. 521 FIRST ROW: Mary Herrold, VVilma Crosslin, Karen Crossley, Carol Colman. Monnett Brock. Patricia Keller. Joyce Nash, Jan Smith, Kay Husky, Caralee Hemphill, Joan Foster. SECOND ROW: Robert Collier, Karen Ejfger, Erniona McGoodwin, (icornann Coleman. Lee Anne Clements. Linda Cashion. Sharon (iole, Ann Prier, Jorena Wicker, Carolyn Cates. LAMBDA TAU Encourages Interest in Medical Technology Any student with a 2.7 over-all grade average who has completed two semesters toward the study of medical laboratory technology may become a member of Lambda Tau. The national medical technology honor society aims to develop a spirit of unity among students in re- lated fields. Officers are Mary Essman Herrold, president; Sue Miller, vice-president: Carolyn Cates, secretary and Karen Egger, treasurer. Dr. R. E. Collier is the faculty sponsor. Yearly projects include initiation banquets, field trips and sponsoring a blood-typing booth at the .AWS festival. MARKETING CLUB Gives Students Insight Into Marketing World Kenneth Easton is listed as president of the Marketing club. Other officers include Paulette Akers, vice-presi- dent; Marilyn Turner, secretary: Lynn Austin, treasurer, and Dr. Dennis Crites, faculty sponsor. Membership is open to all students interested in the field of marketing. To develop interest in the field, to bring the students in contact with practitioners of marketing are the prin- cipal aims of the Marketing club. Activities include distributing the 1962 career books to college seniors, field trips, fall picnic for professors and the annual awards banquet in May. 522 FIRST ROW: Don Warrick, Larry Zook, Paulette Akers. Patricia Mtirj hy, Kenneth Easton, Betsy DeFord, Kris Reeves, John Herryhill, Dave Whittaker. SECOND KOW : l{.,l)crt Votaw. Allan Hewett, Bob Fricke, Alton Austin, (iary Dockery. William Taylor, Cameron Evans, Milton Spessard, Joe Hester. W ' KL 5. Af fc lS 1 ' Xvi ' M Vf r ' j V - • IIKM " ROW: lames Farris. Krt-d HamiiRr. Jc.lui Durliani. Clarence Lee. Kohert Hardin. SKCONI) ROW: Nincenl Col- asuoiino. Malcolm Home. (Jiiinton (iohi). Lester Connor. Ri o R.Klr. ;uc . I,,,u,ll Ja.kson. •JlflRI) ROW: H..I. Lonl...ta Patrick McCarn.ll. John McCinnK. T IMiillip Loli manii. Ronald lloelzer. Society of Industrial Management Engineers Places Second in Engine Open House; Visits Local Industries and Plants Professor Juiiifs O. Mtlloii is llit- faculty sponsor for tlie Iiuiiistrial Mauageiiieut Engineers. Officers include Fred Ilanuiier. |)resident: Pal McCarroll. vice-president: John Durham, .secretary, and Wayne Lee, treasurer. Tom Martin is the repre-seiitative to the St. Pat ' s Council. The principal aim of the organization is to serve its iiiemi ers in their preparation for their special field of x (irk. .Ml students enrolled in tlic IMK curriculum arc (|iialificd for membership. The members strive to pro- mote interest in industrial management engineering within the University and the industrial world. This year, in order to carry out this aim and increase the size of the organization, the members sponsored a member- shi|) drive. As a result of the drive, membership antl interest have more than tripled in the past year. Mec ' tMig on c■dn ■sda evenings, the group has plaiuied such acti ities as the diiuier for their i es and dates and all professors of IME. .Also at the meetings, the .systems engineers from Oklahoma City IB.M branch presented films on indu.strial engineering. E. P. Oicks. an industrial management engineer from the Sylvania company was a sjjecial guesL .Another highlight of the year was a field trip to the Lone Star brewery in Okla- homa City. They also visited other industrial companies and plants in this area. Through these field trips, on- the-spot observations lari be made cDrrchiliinj; in.inage- ment and industry. The future looks bright for the IME club. The newly established school of industrial management engineering IS the fastest growing school in the college of engineer- ing. There are now over 7. ' 5 .students currently enrolled 111 this field. 523 FIRM ROW: HcllN Stiihbs. Kay Haiiics. H )bbye Van Horn, Judv Pat Johnson. Carolyn Sutton. Marv Lou Huff. Judith Corbett. Yvonne Ittner, Judy Gardner. SECOND ROW: Lois Scliuderke. Rosa Collier, Suzanne Hickey, Jackie Dull, Judith Tavlor. Frances Seeds, Mary Sue Thompson, Clyda Sinnetl. Danys Self, Judy Jenkins. Leah Kay Elliott. THIRD ROW: Lee Strickland, Judy Claborn. Ann Hann. Jane Weston. Mar Wade, Nancy Wilson, Velta Garrett, Beverly Niebruegi!,e. Judy Murrell, Karen Neumann, Carol Dunninsjton. Melanie Marshall. Stephanie Stevenson. OIKONOMIA Studies Role of Career Woman and Housewife Mary Sue Thompson is president of Oikonomia. Other officers are Judith Corbett, vice-president; Mel- anie Marshall, secretary, and Jane Weston, treasurer. Frances Seeds is faculty sponsor of the group. Members must have a 3.0 average in 12 hours or more of home economics. Annual activities include a cookie sale to finance scholarships and a Christmas basket for a needy family. This year Mrs. Mollie Perry, home economist from Mid- west City schools and runner-up in the Mrs. Oklahoma contest, spoke to the girls on the dual role of the career woman and housewife. PHI BETA LAMBDA Hosts tlie FBIA State Meet for College Chapters The aims of Phi Beta Lambda are to develop compe- tent and aggressive leadership, create more interest in the choice of business occupations, strengthen the confi- dence of young men and women in their work and en- courage improvement in scholarship and promote school i.nallv. Membership is open to all majors in business adminis- tration or business education. They participate in the FBLA state convention for college and high school chap- ters. The OU chapter usually serves as host. Margaret Harris is president and Dr. Charles Walker is faculty sponsor. 524 FIRST ROW: Frizonia M. Ardjol. Margaret Harris. Carolyn S«inne . Marilyn Walton. Linda Campbell, Karyn Anthony, Pat Mnndkowski. Lvnne Rexroad. SECOND ROW: Charles Walker. Riilli lelt. Ttiniie Capps. KllvTi Wedenicver. Shannon Brians. Karen Alforil. Karen Reed. THIRD ROW: Gerald Porter. Barjjara Hughes, [ane Bergstrom. Eleanor Muskrat. David Rexroad. MUST HOW: Sksc Winder. Red llaukis. r.mi ( Kmls. W li- li.irii SuiIk-v. )( 1iii Miles. L. A. Coiiip. Marion Hiiller(ield. Cci- ,il.l I.aulion. II. S. Nakavama. San, Najd. SF.COND ROW: i,llioM IV,i.ivl)aker. Mai Hclcmil). liniuninii. Sinitli. .Vlil M.iwasl. Maliornond Zaydan. Sarnir Slielial). Hime liar. ell. Jav Montnornerv. Rodney Sayle.s. Miiliael Slioxliri. TIIIRI) ROW: David Rerinie. Donald Coza. Ronald lirock. ,)aak .Massakas. Charles Von RosensberK. Larry McJIu«hes. Mel Meyers. Ro«er Chapman. Loniiie Sthniitt. Williain Sochaii. I)oui;las Crilliii. KOIRTII ROW: Mark Craves. Miihael Coride. Joseph Avail . Allan Ward. Jim Sliarj). lira. keen. Huh I ' ane. An Jones. James .Steele. Institute of Aerospace Sciences Participation In Engine Open House Brings First Place To IAS Two Consecutive Years ' I ' liv Iiisliliitf (il Aerospace Sciences was irmided in I9.)L ' ill New ll|■k City. The OkhiluniKi cliapler is niie of SO iliaplcrs iinw in existence. Tlie |)iirp()se of the orKani ation is to iry to act|naint sliidents in every way possilile with llie aerospace indiis- lr . Ilie nuiiihcrs are enlij;litened as to tlie future possi- hililies in the field of aerospace and are also given the chance to get acquainted with several leaders. ' Pile I. S elected John B. Miles. Jr.. to serve as presi- dent iliis year. Other odicers elected were William Sur- licy. ice-| resident: Tom Owens, secretary: Richard lirackeen. St. Pat ' s council representative: Red Haw kes. publicity chairman: Homer Nakayama. memhership I liairman. and L. . . Comp. |)rofessor of aeronautical and space engineering, is the faculty s()( nsor. The ofhcers preside over iIk ' monthly iiRcliiigs in iIil- engineering Iniilding. Guest speakers at th;- meetings lune liighligliled ihe year for the IAS. l die October iiieeling. ).iines Cook- sey. from the (Ihance-Vought .Aircraft imnp.iin. was a sjieciai guest. In NoNember. the organi .alKni was isited by Don Long wlio is willi ero Conunander. Iiu. John Barton, representing the .McDonnell .Aircrafls. was die speaker at the January meeting. . s a break from the busy sdiediile of classes, mem- bers of the I.AS made field trips to the wind tunnel test facilities at Chance X ' ought aircraft in Dallas and to the engine test facilities at ' linker Air Force Base. The won first |)lace in engineering open house. Social activities included the annual picnic held each spring. Faculty members were in itcd and the feature event was the faculty-student softball game. A banquet for the members and their dates or wi es is accentuated h die annual I S bi.iMcli awards for sc hniarsliip and lecture. 525 FIRST ROW: Mihir Rov. Ken Haigler. Carl Young, t 1 Daughertx. Alxliis Salter, Frank Sweeney. SECOND ROW Frank Cole. Leslie Finnel, Ron Coffelt. Dick Smith. Leon Bled- soe. Sam Bradshaw, D. E. Menzie. PI EPSIION TAU For leaders in Petroleum Engineering To fooster a closer bond between memliers and the petroleum industry is the purpose of Pi Epsilon Tau. They also strive to broaden the scope of ideals and standards of the engineering profession. The OU chap- ter is one of eight in the U. S. Dick Smith is the current president of Pi Epsilon Tau. John Yeager is vice-president; Clarence Daugherty. secretary-treasurer and Donald E. Menzie and Frank W. Cole, faculty sponsors. Highlight of the year was the initiation banquet with Harold S. Kelly as guest speaker. PI OMEGA Service and Friendship Describe Pi Omega Membershi|) in Pi Omega is open to all coeds who are willing to complete 10 hours of service at various institutions. The girls have helped during the student senate elections. Campus Chest, sold Christmas trees made by the children at Cerebral Palsy institute and wrapped Christmas gifts. Nan Crawford is the president. Other officers are Joan Kaufman, vice-president: Monnett Brock, secre- tary; Joyce Nash, treasurer, and Mrs. Earlene Smith, faculty sponsor. Service and friendship are the key words that describe Pi Omega. It has as its purpose, service to school, commiinitv and humanitv. FIRST ROW: Cora-Del Miller. Joyce Kenienesky. Jean Ahrani- son. Joann Porter. Patricia Corbett. (iaie Ciolden. Joan Cofl- man, Mrs. Earlin Smith. Nan Crawford, Monnett Brock, Judx Ann Harkrider. Maxine Weit .man. Florence Nadler, Gail Levicl. Jackie Jacobs. Marilyn Davidson. Jean Eastman. SECOND ROW: Donna Hudiburg. LeeAnn Johns, Susan Kaiser, Janii Willard. {i«en Hughes. Verna Moss. Janey Johnston. Mike Wilson. Lana Moellcr. Pamela Wartev. ( arol Ro .cu. C.j Lindsey. Susan Zadik. Barbara Brown. THIRD ROW: Judy Sims, .Ann Moran. Clydine Cornett. Mary CJroves. Lana Warren Leslie Kehn, Kathy Dively, Susie Doolittle. Suzanne Kagan Carol Shiess, Miriam Walkow, Lorenc .Segal. Suzanne Marks Lynne Turner. FOURTH ROW: Sally Merkle. Diane Neaves Mary Junk. Juanita .Vnderson, Rickey Shelley. Linda Schucart Julia Teegerstroin. Martha Ulken. Carol Barnes. Bettv Peterson U ic Aimr. 11.111. Alice Levine, Janice Rog.iv S l i,i Pllliiian 526 International Club Group Fosters Understanding, Friendship Among Students of Different Countries riic I 2. " i riKinlnis 111 llir ( ' liih arc yoiiii j iiKii .mil woiiRii liciiM .ill iiM.1 iIr- vMirld. rcpresciitiiis; coiiiitrics in tlic Near Kast. Far East, luiropc. llic Aiiicri- tas and Africa. The cliil) " s primary purpose is to provide c |)porlniiities for the students to come to know one iitiolher l)elter ihrou li the various educational, cuhural .10(1 s(i( i;il iMiils which the chib sponsors. Ill .ulclilioii Id the regular meetings, which Icaliirc .1 speaker talkinj; on a topic of worldwide interest, the club sponsors a Christmas Dance of the Nations, an jnlern.ilioiial ( ostmiic b.ill. and a Spriiiij, Haii(|uel ol N.ilioiis. Ollicers arc isliiiii Saksena of India, president: I ' arouk llusseiui nl Jordan, vice-president: Anialia Fast lit lliill.iml. secretary, and Motohiko Inagaki of Japan. irc.isurcr. Club s|) )nsor is Karl Reinhardt. Mrs. John I l.irns .111(1 Mrs. Abiii Turiifr are hostesses. Members of ( Itih ' s witli Dr. Cross and Karl Kciiiliardi I IKSI ' ROW: Ainnill.a liatliini. K. wr Cm kins. Ahiii Turner. Mrs. AUiii Turner, islinii Saksena. Mrs. jolm Harris. Motii- liikii Inauaki. . nialia Kast. (lene Kiissell. Margaret Russell. Karl Keinliardl. (ioniiie Walker. Kamik llusscini. Feresliteli Metshalelii. Ri.olidllah Parlovi-ii. SECiOM) ROW: MeuKu . ernusli. Sharon llellin. Mrs. .joliii Edwards, . lbcrta .|ones. In Sook Klin. ena n Clieii . Dianne . uiin. liijan Zaiiili. Carol Tokio. Iloshaiin Patrlela l.oeke. Mcola Fri .ll. Louis Malsuura. Barbara Pose . Palriiia Ha less. j. I ' . Abldian- daiii. Cviilbia Miiussa. Linda liartlicl. [antt .Mollov. Alberto Jacome. THIRD ROW: Juan Hose Rada. .M. A. li. Malilk. Izzat Feidi. Tiniir Haran Ro . Tliainniayya Vatti. Safdar Walinl- lah. John Oinrctte. Dalbir .Neni. Cioniiee Caulier. S. NL Slsahuddin. Herron Dawson. C linton Smith. Taxi Kitajsawa. Mr. Flcmln. AH Hdian. Salim Haltcv. Marieiio Moreno. Robert Dupue. 527 FIRST ROW: CerM Porter, Jane Herj strom. Martha Sadler. Ruth Jett. Barbara Hughes, Linda Lawrence, Linda Bruch, Margaret Harris, Margaret Wines. SECOND ROW: Karen Recti, jean Adams. Sue Kayior. Mavnie Hrc.uii, Kay Hoover. Mary Mills. David Rexroad, Lynne Rexroad. Elizabeth Smith. Sonja Thorpe, Wanda Statham, Dr. Charles Walker. PI OMEGA PI Teaches Service As Basis Of Worthy Enterprise Officers of Pi Omega Pi are Ruth Jett, president: Martha Sadler, vice-president; Barbara Hughes, secre- tary, and Jane Bergstrom, treasurer. Dr. Gerald Porter, faculty sponsor, was host to the group for a picnic In his home. There were also two initiation banquets during the year. Qualifications for membership state that the potential member must be in business education, have completed fifteen hours in professional education with superior rating and at least have a medium standing in all other subjects. Pi Omega Pi teaches the ideal of service as basis for enterprise. PI TAU SIGMA Top Engineers Chosen For Membership Members in Pi Tau Sigma, national mechanical engi- neering fraternity, are chosen on a basis of sound engi- neering ability, scholarship and personality from junior, senior and graduate classes. Initiation is limited to the top 25% of first semester juniors and the top 35% of first semester seniors. Oflficers include Roy Kannady. president: Wayne Lathrop, vice-president: Ronald Landrum, secretary; William Corlett, treasurer and E. F. Dawson, faculty sponsor. Activities include participation in engineering open house, luncheons and a banquet to honor pledges. 528 FIRST ROW: E. F. Dawson. Ronald Landrniii. K„ Kannadv. W aync Lathrop. William Corlett. SECOND ROVV: E. M. Sims. Bill Walker. Dale Conrad. Clen Moshier. Marvin Free- man, Cliarles Eariiheart, Roy Zuniualt. Mahendra Bakshi. Richard Reid. Michael Lindsay. THIRD ROW: C:. B. Wray Lynn William, Gordon Washburn. Paul Madole. Kent Miller .James Dotson, Richard Sinclair, Richard Kelley. Iranian Students Society Iranian New Year ' s Parly and Banquet, Facully lea lli iili| li( Social Calendar of Activities ' I " 1k- Iranian Stiidt ' iits SociclN was IniiiHltd on llic or tampns in 1958. Dr. Carl . n „x- s|H.ns,Hs iIk- ;i iii|i. IIk ' sc Iranian sliiiknls aix- ihk ii mil willi prc- scnliri ' .; ( .uiil ailniliis Idi (li ili)|)inent 111 a Ik-IUt undcrslandnii; hilw ei.ii llu- people of Iran and llif liiilal Stalts. Prnicipal activities inclndc the Iranian art cxiiihitioii. Iranian .New ' ear " s banijiiet and dance, etiitinj; tile new.s letter. Iirniiiiii Sliidiiil Soiiily. and tli-. faculty tea party. aser Akliaxan presides at the meetings held at the I nion. ( ate Center, or anons hurc lies. The Persian hand erijo s l ' (.lln .lii[) iix p learned in AiiieiK a and liaiiian folk siniy.s. I-IKST HOW: lladlan All. I{u.,l„.llali l ' ail.,M-M. AidesM, M la i. Men Fiis-llati. Iraj Kai ,. Aladlali-Mcinliarahi. Al.diil- liosselii-lialiailoii. Mansoui-Kazilat. liadl-Kslnanlil. K. H. Diha. SKCiOM) HOW: Aliol-hasseni Main I. Mrs. Sliiiceii Mulavi. M.irleza .MIrsliainsl. For.mnli-ZaniZanii. Dr. Carl A. Moore. Hoiiia Ainlra. IVresliteh Metylialelii. Mrs. Sharon (iharih. Mrs. Dolores Mehdl adeh. THIRD ROW: (oe Maieaii... Frank Cole. Rouer Corkins. MaliMMHul Ileiiiassi. 1,.ms,,u, s,,I,,,v,I,. Manoniher Moliajierl. lradj- ekiaslienas. All Aiinri. Moliannnad Jeddi. Darjoush Djaxaluri. Hoosliann Sepanloo. Iraj (iliarlh. Hadi (iilak. Paivi, Melull .ideli. Nassel Akhavaii. FOIRTII ROW: Fcridon Shalilia nia. Mnos Henjamin. Cholaniali Feizv. Reza iS ' ahizadeh. liijan-I ' .sfandiari. Faraiiiarz Moussave-Saecdi. Hadi Noroiizi. Hadi Ilasliein. Davood Nassiri. .Ardeshir Khanii. SallcK Ali. Mnskda Moiiii. iniTTfTif i 529 FIRST ROW: Man Lou Means. SuAii kiiis;. Julia Parker. Shirley Lee, William Smith. SECOND ROW: W. M. Davis. m. K eith Read. Clarence Maxev. Hill Clover. RHO CHI Recognizes High Attainments In Pharmacy Members in the national pharmacy organization are chosen from .students who have completed 75 hours of class work, have an 85% average or its equivalent and rank in the top 20% of their pharmacy class. The Gamma chapter of Rho Chi at OU is one of the three oldest chapters having been founded in 1922. Rho Chi officers are William H. Smith, president: Sii Ann King, vice-president: Mary Lou Means, secretary, and Julia Parker, treasurer. Dr. Marvin Davis is the faculty sponsor. The organization sponsors field trips, educational fiilms and guest speakers. SEQUOYAH CLUB Promotes Indian Customs and Traditions Membership in Sequoyah club is open to all students who are of Indian descent and at least have one-eighth degree Indian blood. These students meet on Thursday evenings to promote and maintain interest in Indian custom and tradition. The dance before Homecoming and the spring Pow- Wovv are the main social events of the club. Vernon Haragara is the president. Other officers include Charlie Redcorn. vice-president; Alice Bradshaw, secretary: Gerald One Feather, treasurer, and Boyce Tinunons, faculty si)onsor. FIRST ROW: Paula Berland, Norman Bearskin, Harley Saunook. Ruth Tvner. Alice Bradshaw. Doris Watkins. 530 SECOND ROW: Vernon Haragara, Gerald One Feather. Robin Cunning. Eugene Price. Charles Redcorn. Don Ahshapa- nek. IIKsr ROW: Cail dc Slu.Jiiiski. | ari H.ovmi. I ' al ONc-al ( i.|.|)li-. .u Lou Carter. I. ntlia Niiklas. Dora McFarlaiicl. SKCOM) KOW: Jackie Dull. Carolyn Pratt. Carolyn Watson. IS. ( ariiien IVl er. ka Hi.skv. R.ibhie lilfanv. ' IHIRD ROW: Diane Dykes. Jndy l.iKllan.. I.vnne Capeliart. Mary I ' .llen llionipson. f inda (ionklin. Maureen .Mtirpliy. Mortar Board Top Senior Women Tapped By National Honor Society For Outstanding Achievements Selecliotj 111 Mortar Boartl. national senior wonieir.s lioiior .society, is one of the liisliest honors an Ol! coed may receive. Kach spring. lueinhers dressed iti lap and gown, enter chissrooins to " tap " juniors who liave received the iMianiinoiis yote of outgoing nieiiil)ers. In order to qualify for nienil)ershi|). a student must ha e a .3.0 grade average or aboye and shoyv outstanding (|ualities of .scholarship, leadership and service. Principal alms of the organization arc to advance the spirit of service and fellowshiji among iniiversity yvonien. to maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize .111(1 eiKiiiirage leadership and to stimidale and develo|) a finer type of college women. Mortar Board meets regularly on Tuesday e enings in organized lioiises to plan their jirojects and acti ities. Mortar Hoard was founded in I91S at ihe I ' liiversitv of Syracuse and the Owl and Triangle chapter at OU is one of 107 cha])lers al colleges and universities throughout the nation. The Ol ' chapter heiame a nieni- l)er of national in IJJS. ' ). .Annual event to yvhich freshman yvomen are invited is the Mortar Board yvalk-out. in which . lpha Lambda Delta and Ta.ssels |)articipate. During the second semester Mortar Hoard is hostess to a " ' Smarty Party " to which all coeds making a 3.0 grade average the previous semester are invited. The organization also spon.sors a Homecoming breakfast for Mortar Board alumnae. Mary Lou darter is |)residcnt and Lyntha Nicklas. vice-|)resident. Other odicers are Linda Clonklin. secre- tary and Maureen Murphy, treasurer, jean Broyyii. Mrs. Cail cle Slwolinski. Dr. Dora McFarland and Dr. Dorothy Tniex are sponsors. 531 FIRST ROW: Susie HiiHttc. JiuU Hoiigli. Linchi Cic.le. tiarol Boydstuii. Cniiciv Wheeler. Ruth Jett, Marie Burns. Kathy Kellev. Lou Roberts. Susie Lutas. Nancy Randle. Betli Branyan. Joy Engle. SECOND ROW: .Ann Ellington, Patricia Murphy, Sue Moore. Donna Whittern. Jeri Howell. Patricia Corbett, Phyllis Stein. Marceilla Meyer. Sandy Langley. Joan Patzer, Pamila VVartev. Viva Lee Kennedy. Jackie Miller, Sandy Hall. Patricia Primrose. THIRD ROVV: Marilyn Turner. Paulette Akcrs. Linda Karris. Mary E elyn Groves. Jo Frances Pugh. Rita Scholem. Roseleen Rogers, Louise Chaduick. Susie Bran- nan. Joyce Davis. Clyda Sinnett. Barbara Wilison. Rosalind Fishnian. FOURTH ROVV: Janice Moeller. Velta Garrett. Jessie Higgs. Trisha Patterson. Mary Junk. Lana Moeller. Natalie Lewis. Terry Wolff. Jane Weston, Susie Reiter. Reha Bnsfow. Jean Parker. Jidie Pierson. SHADOW BOX Emphasizes Fashion Arts And Modeling Officers of Shadow Box this year are Nancy Raiidel. president; Kathy Kelley, vice-president: Lou Roberts, secretary, and Cinda Wheeler, treasurer. Edith Mahier is the faculty sponsor. Meetings emphasize fashion arts and modeling. Origi- nal designs also add interest. The principal aims of the organization are to more fully appreciate the mechanics and the " back stage " work in fashion and its related field through the ex- perience of doing and from the culmination of ideas. Faculty teas, Mother ' s Day fashion show and the elec- tion of the 10 best -dressed girls are projects. SIGMA DELTA CHI Honorary Journalism Society For Men An annual activity of Sigma Delta Chi is sponsoring the Soonergram of student greetings to the OU football team before the Texas game at Dallas. Throughout the year members of professional chapters spoke to students on timely news topics and offered tips on the operations ol coiiiiiuniications. Officers are Blaine H. Smith. Jr.. president: Sam A. Coplin, vice-president; Skip .Allnian, secretary, and Donald G. Ferguson, treasurer. C. Joe Holland is faculty sponsor. Membership is open to those men interested in working as vyriters and editors for the mass media. FIRST ROW: C:. Joe Holland. Blaine Sniilli. Don Ferguson Bill Snwart. Bob Ha s. Garry .Mitclielnioic. SKCOM) ROW: 7 f? TfB9 Robert Carev. Bob Ruggles. Deiniis Berend. Bob Lipton. Bill Tippit. Jim Kendel. Jin. Byrani. Gal Sharpe. 532 1-lllSr ROW: LumIIi- C.ll.M.M. RKliarxl Siiulalr. Dancll Vo„il. lames Winnie. SECOND ROW: Philip Nolan. C:. E. Springer. Sam Biadsliaw. Elxm Johnson. THIRD ROW: Robert Owen. Terrell Or Harrelt. don, Omicron Delta Kappa ODK Annual Talent Show Proceeds Finance Scholarship For Outstanding High School Senior Omicron Delta Kappa was foiiiicled al Washington and Let- L ' niversity in 1914. The local chapter was organized in May. 195.5 and is one of 100 sucii (ha|)Iers ihroiijilioiit the United States. ODK. ollicers are James R. Winnie, president: Sam Hradshaw. ice-president: Dr. Pete Kyle MtCarter. sec- retary: Glenn Gutininghani. treasurer, and Dr. I ' hdip Xolan. facidty sponsor. Menihershij) ret|uirements are high achie ement of leadership in one or more of the following areas: scholarship, athletics, student government. ])ul)licatioiis. social and religious affairs or speech, music, drama and the other arts. All members must have a minimum grade rec|uiremeiit of 2.7. All faculty and staff memhers as well as undergraduates are honored for their unusual and distinctive achievements in various areas of college acti itv. The goals of Omicron Delta Kappa are to recognize men who have attained a high standard of elficency in collegiate activities, to hring together the most repre- sentative men in all phases of college life to help mold [lublic opinion on ilie campus and to bring together members of the faculty and the student body for dis- cussion of campus problems. Each year members |)roduce and direct the ODK lalcnt show. Proceeds from the annual affair make il possible for the leadership fraternity to present an $800 scliolarslii|) lo an outstanding high school senior boy planning to allciid llii- l ' niversity of Oklahoma. The club also holds an informal discussion uilh President Cross. Seventeen outstanding jiniiors and seniors were selected to membership for the fall semester. A banquet is held in lidnnr ol llic- new iriiliales. 533 FIRST ROW: Can Steuarl. Jim Fambrough. Dick W asliiicNs. J.iliii Diilllilil. Alvin Smith. George Huffman. SECOND ROW: Ri)v li. Miliir. Robert Brown. Jesse King. David Kotila. Bryan Ferguson. Ceraici Pybas. Mike Wolfson. Baughan Watkins. THIRD ROW: Hulon Madelye. George MiDaniei. William Hamilton. James Gibbs. Graydon Laughbaum. Peter Blau. Don Bradshaw, James Sidwell. SIGMA GAMMA EPSIION See ks Advancement Of Earth Sciences Students with superior grades in geology, mining, metallurgy, ceramics, petroleum engineering — and any branch of earth science — are welcomed to Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Regular meetings feature speakers and field trips to geological locations in Oklahoma. They promote scientific advancement. Officers are John Duffield. president: Richard ' aste- neys, vice-president; .Alvin Smith, secretary-treasurer, and Dr. G. G. Huffman, sponsor. A special project was helping the newly formed geological department at the Bangkok University in Thailand get started by sending rocks and literature. SIGMA PI SIGMA Honorary Physics Group Encourages Activity Sigma Pi Sigma, a national honorary society for those with marked ability in physics, was founded in 1921 at Davidson college, North Carolina. To date, there are 106 chapters. Robert Cockrell is president; Earl Lafon, vice-president and Lynne Capehart. secretary. Dr. Gohn is faculty sponsor. The group sponsors the Physics days held each spring during the Oklahoma State science fair for high school students. This year they were hosts for the regional conference of Zone 4. One goal is to encourage research and study of ad- vanced physics among its members. 534 FIRST ROW: Greg Benford, Lynne Fowler Capehart, Bob Kinzer. Robert Lcedv. Earl Lafon. Vincent Boggs, Ronald Wood. SECOND HOW: Oui„ Robinson. R„„ald Kassik. Dion Johnson. Mike Ruby. Harlan Evans. Robert Weslfall. THIRD ROW: Barney Capehart. Holland Ford, Michael FrceiiKui. Robi-rl Cockrell. David Wilson. James Bcnf.n,!. .. IIKST ROW: ).K(iiii Sparks, l.aiirciif (.Icii. Diam- Ik-iuiis. IIuImi,! iVdtrse.i. Kllzabclh AlspauKh. SECOND ROW: Edna Siliniidl. Linda Vaniaiio. Janet McWilliains, Sliari n iNeddeau. Knbv Elliott. Lulcsc Huscri. IIIIKI) ROW: Pal 1. KcKv. Barbara Hancmk. Kay Roberts. Car.. It- Mill..... Diane Walslad. Fran Schuler. Physical Therapy Club Promotes Fellowship With Therapy Majors Offers Study in Professional Opportunities Eaili iiioiitli the ineiiibers of tlit Physical Tlierapy club meet with the students already in therapy training at the OU medical school. This group publishes a monthly newspaper which is sent to every student and graduate of the physical therapy school. They also have annual parties during the year. Other meetings are held in the union o cr a cu|) of coffee and during a break from classes. Regular meetings consist of movies and discussions about such topics as the handicapped, rehabilitation and opportunities in physical therapy. A practical demon- stration is scheduled at the Cerebral Palsy Institute each year. Social acti ities include a .j,e(-ai(|iiaiiilc(l [)icnic. Christmas |)art . and a spring picnic for the i ' .Vl chil- dren. Guest speakers, telling of their actual experiences of working in physical therapy, are of added interest lliiduglioiil the year. The club concentrates with belter acijuaiuting its members with the variety of positions available in their field. A new project is making toys for the children at the Children ' s Memorial hospital in Oklahoma City. jacquie Sparks is |jresidcnt and Diane Bennis is the ice-president. Other ollicers of the Physical Therapy dub are Lau- raine Glen, secretary and treasurer, and Thelma Peder- sen. faculty sponsor. The purposes of the organization arc to promote a better miderstanding of a major in physical therapy and to encourage fellowship among members and all persons interested in the field. Membership is open to students interested in thera|)y. In order to hnance all of the cliii) " s social events and field trips, the members s|)onsored candy sales during the vear. All members work together to learn more about physical therapy as an occupation. 535 |; ' f llir ? ' W ' 1f FIRST ROW: E. M. Sims, l.amont Eltiiine. Kddie Jeter. Ronald Landrum. Roy Zumwalt, Ken Grady. SECOND ROW: Bill Walker. Bert Akiiis. Charles Earnheart, Phillip Whitney. Jimmy Haws, William Swan. Ciordoii Washburn, Lairy Gritz. Glen Moshier. W. J. Ewbank. THIRD ROW: Wayne Lathrop. Erank Martin. Bill Dunford. Marvin Freeman. Richard Reid. J. R. Booth. Ronald Singlev. Mahendra Bakshi. William Cor- lett. FOURTH ROW: Robert Hayford, C. B. Wray. Jim Haddock, Paul Johnson, Ronald Rogers, Lynn William, Gilbert Scrivner, Walter Saloga, Michael Lindsay, James Dotsoii. SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS Studies Automotive Design and Construction Ronald Landrum Is the current president of the So- ciety of Automotive Engineers. Kenneth Grady is vice- president: Edward Jeter, secretary, and E. M. Sims, faculty sponsor. Membership is open to all students enrolled in the school of engineering who have an inter- est in automotives. The society was established to promote the arts and sciences and engineering practices connected with the design, construction and utilization of automotive ap- paratus. Meetings, of a professional nature, are held monthly in the engineering auditorium. Guest speakers highlight the meetings. STATISTICS CLUB Sponsors Talks By Prominent Business Men To further the knowledge of members in statistical applications in the business and professional world is the principal aim of the Statistics club. Meetings empha- size current happenings in the business field by guest speakers. Coffee sessions are held frequently during the year. Statistics club officers are James Newman, president: B. Weeks, vice-president; Charles Booze, secretary and treasurer. Warren Moeller is the faculty sponsor of the club . Membership is open to students enrolled in Statistics 84 or students majoring in statistics. 536 I IKST |{() V; Willis Mn.Mr. Hwji li.nrctl. ( IkuI.s D.mK. SK((tM) K( l : s.,„, |l,.„KI,.,u. IV.kII I)i ,,„. Robirt Oucm. Tcrr l(,irl, PE-ET Indian Traditions Perpetuated by Senior Men; Ten Chosen For Outstanding Contributions Pt-ct IS till- oldest honor society on the Ol campus. Membership is based on scholarship, leadership, activi- ties, honors and service. It is the most coveted honor for a senior man to receive. The name Pe-et is an Indian word meaning " ten best. " The ritual and initiation rites of the orKanization are patterned after Indian ceremonials. At the time of Pe-et " s foundinji i ' l 1910. Okialioma was (lie |)rin(ipal home of the American Indian. Efforts to keep alive Indian lore are most e ident at the society ' s ainiiial Powwow. The council fire ceremony honors the 10 top freshman tmcii from (lie pre ious year. Pe-et members also name the most outstanduij; man from the class. Dr. Ceorj e Ooss ap[)ears ainuially at the Powwow to present the awards, ( ' omplete Indian attire including headdresses, peace pipes and boil fires accentuate the afTair. .Meetings are held prior to selec- lioti of the Iresluncn. In keeping with these traditions. Pe-et ollicers are Sam Bradshaw. chief: Willis Moore, medicine man: (Charles Daily, scribe: Robert Owen, wampum man (treasurer) and Hugh Barrett, pelt, (social chairman). Traditionally. Pe-et members and members of the Mystical Seven society from the I ' niversity of Missouri meet during the half-time of the OU-Mi . .oii football game for a peace-pipe-smoking ceremony. This year, since Missouri lost the football game. Oklahoma will regain possession of llic i)ipc after losing to the Tigers last year. So high are the membershi|) standards in Pe-et. that HI |)revious years, the quota of 10 was not always filled. This is to insure that the organization ' s membership in- cludes only the most outstanding and deserving senior men. Earl Sneed. dean of the law school, sponsors Pe-et. 537 FIRST ROW: Loiiyetta Haves. Cliarleiie Chism, Elivanda Kel- ler. Joanna Sturm. Becky Hiidine. Jean Mauch. Linda Linhardt, (;uynn Flemins- SECOND ROW: Maria Hammon, Linda Daniel. Kalliy Ninuno. Ann Barker. Suzanne Wood, Carol Pazoureck, Corky Bornemann, Jane Tinsley. THIRD ROW: Alice Brown, Dorothy Brown, Melinda Zuck. Mary Birch. Sharon Steclman, Judith Dyser. Diane Smith, Susan (irccn. Nancy Wilkonson. Sandra Caswell. STUDENT NURSES ' ASSOCIATION Pre-nursin Students Volunteer Work At CPI .All students interested in nursing are eligible to join the Student Nurses Association. Special projects are doing volunteer work at Cerebral Palsy Institute, at- tending state meetings of OSSNA, and the initiation or get-acquainted party. The members hold a dinner lo elect officers. The pin is a nightingale lamp on two books with an OU guard. Officers are Jeanna Storm, president; Becky Huffine. vice-president; Elwanda Keller, secretary; Charlene Chism, treasurer and Suzanne Wood, historian. Miss Helen Pamintuan is the faculty sponsor. TASSELS Emphasis on Scholarship and Activities Tassels was founded at OU in 1956 by its senior counterpart, Mortar Board. Tassels encourages and honors high scholarship and participation in campus activities. Tassels, as a group, participates in many annual events including the Mortar Board walkout. women ' s recognition night and luncheons. Tassels awards a certificate to all freshmen women who make a 3.0 grade average. Officers for the past year were Jenni Lea Hiser, president; Carol Byrd, vice- president; Clara Lowewen, secretary, and Nan Craw- ford, treasurer. Faculty spon-sors are Helen Gregory. Mary Gantt, Dr. H. Harvey. 538 riRST ROW: Carolyn Sutton, Nan Crawford, Carol Byrd. Jenni Hiser. (Jlara Loewen. Mary Sue Thompson. Joyce Nash. S?:COM) ROW: Carol McCarly. Sherry Turner. Jeaiuie Tur- ner. .ns UmUU. |..nel CK.ik. I ' aula I lnt;lu-s. ' Rose M.uic Weber. THIRD ROW: Miss Mary Gantt, Miss Harriet Harvey, Miss Helen (Jrenorv. Karen EgKcr- Melanie Marshall, Karen Cullen. „ . .. t lift f? 1 f f tt-f4f tt.J !„f IIKST ROW: .).. ■ K.iiikriioer. Larry (ieis. Fred Clare. SuplicM l)t iaiild. Kiihlii (iunniiiji:. Carlcloii (ilav. Paul Stanton. firiL Kiruirhrcu. TliDrssti-in St. Miklas. Jakie Hrooks. SKCOM) KOW: Sianlev Hiirris. Darin Cray. Cuy Parkliurst. l Croshlr. K,l IVa er. Lou Foster, liill Ceor e. David Rice. Tom Ri ns. )olui TlioiiipsciM. LtliMuui Meiulerson. Larry Barnes. Harry Younsi. THIRD ROW: Kellcy Sul.ulle. Tom Stevens. Steve Lambert. Daniel Zellmer. |aek Keenan. David Sherman. James (;ood|Xl tn e. Donjvlas CrillMi. Ral|.li Hall. Leo Werneke. Dennis Heese. Edwin F.llis. Stephen S«ift. Robert (;ra . F.verett |ohnson. FOIRTH ROW: Daniel Pedroja. Robert Rose. lolui CilFord. Paul Weinstein. John Shane. Robert Renber . Kllison Wittles. Cecil Schenker. Rex Ball. Cerald Barnes. Steven Cook. |ini Ci.ishinn. Scott Poole. Thomas . msden. FIITH ROW: Jon Horwedel. |on Bavless. Dick Greene. Don Philli|)s. Don Waller. David Grubb. jerry Bednar. . rthiir Dudenluieircr. Robert Biles. Ralph McLaury. Stan Harrisoii. Bill Thompsorj. Shermen Lawlon. Phi Eta Si ma Freshman Men ' s Honor Society Recognizes And Encourages Continuance Of High Scholarship Serviiiji .is I ' lii l ' ' .t;i Sij;iii;i ]hcm(Iciii is IvI Feaver. Vice-president i.s Loii roitcr: Toiii RiKgs, secretary; Bill George, trea.siirer. and David Rice, historian. Dr. Oliver BetLsoii is faculty sponsor. Hugh Barett serves as the senior advisor. Two initiations are held per year in IMii Kla Sigma. The spring initiation is for those freshiiKii wlm made a 3.5 overall or better their first seniesicr. I Ik f.ill initia- liiiii is lor those freshmen who did iioi nuikc a 3.5 their first semester, but were able to make an overall ayerage for the year of 3.5. The initiations consists of ceremonies and a banquet for thr new members and their guests. Phi Eta Sigma not only encourages Ircshnuiii incii to meet the qualifications for membership, biii ton- linues to emphasize the maintenance of scholarship throughout their college careers. ' l " he group provides suitable recognition for onislaMdiiig men. In 1927 the fourth chapter of Phi Eta Sigma was organized at the University of Oklahoma to recognize freshman men for high statidards of scholastic achieve- ment. Founded nationally at the University of Illinois in 192.3. there are now lOf) chapters throughout the Ignited Stales. In addition to business meetings and s|)ecial projects, social acli iti es are scheduled from time to lime and freijuently include sponsorship of an e ent together with other scholastic societies on campus. .A special project of the local chapter for .several years has been the distribution of the booklet " Hints on How to Study. " These are handed out at the annual ' S activities festival and at freshman orientation. National con enlions during yyliich policies are de- termiiied are held hieiiiiialK . 539 FIRST ROW: Grace Ray, Nancy Walwrath, Helen Ford, llosenuiry Riddle. Emily VVillianis. .Sue Hently, Dorothy Houk. SECOND ROW: In Sook Kim. Robbie Tiffany, Peggy Wells. Liz MornaiK Mary Lou Hraddy, Ruth Ann Cam] I ' urner. Sherry THETA SIGMA PHI Honors Achievements In Journalism Matrix Table is the hi !;liliglit of Theta Sigma Phi ' s annual events, at which an outstanding senior, faculty and state woman are honored. An initiation banquet is another special event. The group aims to promote high standards in the field of journalism, improve working conditions and inspire efforts. The year ' s officers are Liz Morgan, president: Nancy VValrath, vice-president: Helen Ford, secretary, and Sue Bently, treasurer. Grace Ray is faculty sponsor. Dr. Betty Evans is alumni advisor. Membership is open to women in journalism with a specified grade average. YOUNG REPUBLICANS Republicans Hold Rally For Three Congressmen The Young Republicans held a rally during the Homecoming festivities for three of the US congressmen: Rhoades, from Arizona; Mclntyre, Maine, and Betts. Ohio. These men were part of the " Paul Revere " panel set up by the Republican jjarty canijjaign. They s|)oke to the students at south base. Club members also attended the meetings of the Re- publican National connnittee in Oklahoma City. Officers include Paul Tharp, president; Bob Locke, vi ce-presi- dent: Glenda Khiniemund and Carol Hood, secretaries; Bruce ' anderburg, treasurer, and Dan Chichester, faculty sponsor. 540 KIRST ROW: Robert Locke, Virginia Hood, Glenda Kuhne- nnirid. Uruce Vanderburg. SECOND ROW: Linda Cartmill. I ' eggye Ktcjian. Julie French, Dianne Bennett, .[anie McKeau. Liz Harned. Nancy Morris. Judy Klabzid)a. Jeri Kenslon, Mary Groves. Rosalind McLain, Nancy Shoemake, Billie Marsh. rillRl) ROW: Doug Williams. Henry Kolesnik, Stephen Ounbey. John Spink, Daniel Myers, (iary Murrell. UK , KIKST ROW: Don . tlsoii. I.Mida (.iKiridlci. Stcplianle I ' lKiriKis, I.l[i(la I " , aiis. Mary Lively. Candy Blalock. Ann lUlaiimr. Carol liird. Letitia, Chambers. Juanila Anderson. I.ltida Craves. Susan Keno. Clnu k Walson. SF:C()M) KOW: Sie e Sniilli. Larrv Mnllins. William Dawson. |aik Shannon, liol) Altom, Richard Evans. Tom While. Jerry Tli.k. Charles KIdo.i Ballev. R.. son. Daxid .Nemeiek. ir rillRI) ROW: |im T. McConncl. Hill Mercer. I RohUei. Kenl llallev. l.arrx riiom|.- Ashfonl. Riek Norlheult. Ro«er Kllon. Jor. lack Cochran, liill Winanz. F.d Allen Miller. Michael Hewitt. David Pauliii);. Jim Stiles. Stan Moran. Louis Hrinliam. Cary .Ahrams. Don Rinnrose. Randy Smith. L )(j;an Heard, (ieorge Narvacs. President ' s leadership Class Fifly-Seven Hi h School Students Selected For Scholarships and Leadership Training Tlic I ' rcsidciil ' s LtcKlcrslii|) .iw.ird |)r(ij; was cs- lahlislifd l)y Dr. George L. Cross, OU i)rcsi(lt-iil. in llic spririK of 1961 to recognize high school seniors who ,irc onistaricliiig leaders. Winners receive personal cila- lioiis Iroiii Dr. Cross. Lew Wentz Service Scholarshijis of ,S4(K) per year and leadership lrairiin i, in llu- Picsl- deiil ' s Leadershi]) class. Fifty-seven students were in the first grotip of award ' .viiniers which attended the University under the |)ro- grani this year. W ' iiniers were nominated by their high school |)rincipals and selected by a screening committee at or. When I ' rcsidciil ( ' .niss atiinnincc-d llic i9(JI scleilioiis he explained that " By recognizing leadership in the same way we recognize scholastic and athletic excellence, we can encourage more high .school students to accei)t liieir responsibilities as the future leaders of our state .iiid rcuiiin. " Tiif l ' resi(!ftil " s Leadership class x,is pKinncd l i sa e lime for the stutleiils ami ' .;i c lluni llu- oppiulninlv In make themselves leaders li ininidiic iii ' j, llniii In ilie mechaiucs of the I ' liivcrsily .nid llie aclnilics a ailal)lc to them. Members of the class heard weekly lectures on such subjects as President Cross ' s duties and the role he hoped award wiiniers would phi in the I ' niversity. the and organization of (lie University, stiuieiit activities and leadershij) )p|)ortiuiities available and services ofTered by OU such as financial aids, employment and medical care. Areas in which the Uni ersil is leader were also poinlcd cinl Id llic- sliidents. Reaching beyond the campus, the stiidenis alsd heard lectures on. and di.s- cussed. leadership of llu fuliirc and leadershi]) ethics. At the end of llu- class. llic put their knowledge to work l ser in ' .; .is miicles lor visitors. 54! FIRST ROW: Troy Reed. E. T. Blick, Jerome Short. Henry McGee, Roger Chapman, Jim Sharp. Browning Smith, Phillippe Bouchard, William Black. SECOND ROW: Aldrich Liu, Ken Elder, Fred Mouck, Adil Mayyasi, Arthur Jones. Richard Dutnell. Al Myers. Rodiiev Savles. Ste e Winder. William Surbey. THIRD ROW: John Miles. Bob Wadlou. Cerald Lawhon, Ray Smith. Si ma Gamma Tau Honors Outstanding Aero-Space Engineers Promotes Scholarsliip, Feilowsliip, Leaderstiip Sigma Guiiima Tan was eslablislied (o rec()f;iiize and honor students in the field of aeronautics, who, tlirough scholarship, integrity and outstanding achievement, have been a credit to their profession. The society seeks to foster a high standard of ethics and professional | rac- tices and to create a spirit of loyalty and feilowsliip among students of aeronautical engineering. Sigma Gamma Tau was founded at Purdue University in 1953. Gamma Alpha Rho and Tau Omega, tv () aeronautical engineering societies, joined to form the new organization. L. A. Comp, professor of aeronautical .space engineering at OU, was the first national president and one of the original founders. R. F. Blick is the organization ' s faculty sponsor. Meetings are held three times each semester in either the engineering building (.ir the Oklahoma Memorial union. The oulslaniliiig social e ent of the Norman chapter of Sigma Gamma Tau is the atniual initiation banquet held in January. Qualifications for membership state that a student must have a 3.0 grade average and be in the upper one-fourth of the junior class or upper one- ihird of the senior class. Character, contributions, scholarshij) and interest in aeronautical engineering are also considered. A three-fourths vote of the member- ship is rec|uierd for selection. .Activities include an orientation program for all freshman aeronautical engineers and undecided engi- neering rreshnien. A .scholarship program is carefidly plainied lor all students enrolled in the engineering curnciihuii. Olliccrs arc Hank M((Jee. |)resident: Jerome Short. ice-presi lciil: and Troy Reed, secretary and treasurer. 542 IIKSl ' liOW: Re. hen llin.l. Rc.Ihii 1..,i-.. l..inlU (.iI,..m,. N. l.lMii. l.idii HIcdsoe. Max Crais;. Harold Uoric. Ki iial(l LaiulriiMi. Hiaiidon (;rillitli. DoM Klllau. Rol)c,l Conors. Inn Slunp. R-. ' rr Cliapinan Snnlh. IIIIRI) ROW: A, NLmasI, I),.m,I Wilv.n. () SKCOM) ROW: I ' anI Johnson. Kohcrl Weslfall. I ' rank Swecncv. Rolnrt Booth. Jim Mahus. Dick L. Dahhiin. Kranlv Cuv. .Vdii ven Rohinson. Hrovvnlnu- Smith. ArduH loncs. I).ni.l l.o,.i. M,m Alexander. I ' OIKTII ROW: Hill Had«i«cr. Rohirt Sha«. Ltc Hro«n. T. Jo Mcd- diiili. lerrv Hohhs. Curtis Phillifis. K l(;ar Pachcco. RoKCr Phares. Jack Wall. FIFTH ROW: James Knittcl. HurIi Barrett. .|ohn McClnrc. W. I.. Kolaiider. Carl Webb. Kent Thomas. David Hardin. John Yeager. Robert Kirkpatrick, Peter Barrel iotue. Si ma Tau Recognizes Scholarship, Professional Ideals And Honors Outstanding Freshman Engineers ()iil iIk- |(i|i (liird (if llie sttidfiit.s witli 72 hours or ludic iji llu (-iillc-iif 111 Kiiijiiieeriiiir can hfcoiiie members of Sijrma I ' ati. Cltirrtiit |)riijcct.s ate- .1 Ircsliiiiaii aiKisor) kiiiiiciI and a loan and scliolarsliip ftind. i ' I ery year a Sigma Tati honor frcshmati award is | resented to an oiilstaiidinK freshman. First sciiicsicr oiiicfrs were Max ( ' raJK- president: La- velle (iihson. iee-presideiit: Kent Miller, secretary: Napoleon Lista. Ireastirer: Leon Bledso " . pledge trainer: Rob Luke. St. Pat ' s represctilali e. and Kmi Laiidrimi. I ' yramid correspondent. Second .semester ollicers are Kent Miller. |)residcnt: David Hardin. vice-|)resident: Robert Hunt, secretary: Carl Webb, treasurer: Dick Smith, pledge trainer: Rob Luke. St. Pal ' s representative, and Ma. Craig. I ' yraiiild correspondent. Professor Harold K. Bone ,scr es as ;id is( r. Fonnded February 22. 1904 at the liiixersits of .Ne- braska. Sigma Tan has 32 cha|)ters. Regular meetings are held in Felgar hall and a smoker and a ban(|net are annual affairs. special e eiit was the aj)pearance of Dr. J ' liii - Norden at the initiation baiujiiet in No ember. Dr. Norden showed color slides taken in Kiirope. Initiation is held twice a year. The gronp admits to memliership only those who are distinctly superior in such areas as scholarship, leadership and personality. Prospective members are voted upon by the membership. A special project is the freshman advisory council w hich attempts to assist freshmen in the college of engi- neriiig to plan their curricula and choose a specific field of study. The council strives to aid freshmen in any way to attain the goal of a degree in engineering. 543 riKVr ROW: ElualjLlli ' lailvucll. Helen Ikniiett. Susan MtUaniel. Judy Noilin, Rhoda Reid. Pauline Mayer. Susan Dean. JoAnn LeMue. Marie Gregg. Elizabeth Andrews. SECOND ROW: Francis Sears. Marion Lincli, Honora Phelps. Vera Powell. Virginia Newton. Barbara Thompson, Vanelle Benham, Alice Bradshaw, Marcelle Montgomery, Jean Hender- son. THIRD ROW: Lucille Conneh. Delia Williams. Doris West. Donald McDonald. David Bryant. Edward Maillard. Louis Bowling, Jerry Jolly. John Leitka. FOllRTH ROW: Evelyn Thomas, LaRue Haney, Joe Formby, Jay Olson. Alfred Williams. Donald Fox. Don Brewer, Cecil Miles. Charles Ben- Social Work Club Professional Organization Familiarizes Students With Problems, Opportunities in Chosen Field The OU Social Work club membership is ci)m[)osed of graduate students in the school of social work and others interested in the field of social v ' elfare. It is not affiliated nationally, but exchanges informa- tion and ideas vxith social work clubs at other colleges and universities. Officers serving this year are Virginia Newton, presi- dent: Jay Olson, vice-president: Alice Bradshaw, secre- tary: Bill Hagans, treasurer, and Judy Norlin. publicity chairman. Miss Barbara Thomson is faculty atlvisor to the club. The organization meets once a month on Tuesday evenings v ith luncheon meetings scheduled from time to time ihroughout the year. One of the otitstanding guest s|)eakers this year was Fred Woodson. Tulsa attorney. He discussed the a and its effect in the field of the social worker and his cJc;iliiigs willi llic |)ubllc. One of the ptuposes of the club is to acquauit mem- bers with the work that is carried on in the field of .social work. Qualified social workers are in demand in sucii di- versified fields as medicine, mental health, public health, research, correction, public welfare, family service agencies, conmitniity organizations, education and group work programs. Members are acqiianited with details of these o[jpor- tiniities through the a|)|iearance of qualified s[)eakers and discussions of material published and available to them through professional channels. A second objective of the club is to provide a social outlet for students, through which the free interchange of ideas among .students, teachers and people who work in the field is accomplished. The club sponsors an annual Christmas party and a spring piciiK 111 May. 544 IIKsr ROW: Dun .irnik. RciIkM Sijtsk.i. Il.irviv (n ItoLtrt Notau. K(Miald Zuckfrniaii. Walter MilllnnK.ii. V. li. Jackson. Slaii Salpcler. SF.C:OM) KOW: I.. I). Neal V ' iiiyard, Karen Dittelmier, Sharon Kempf, Doris NU.N ' ult. I,...u Z.. .k. rillKI) ROW: )i,„ SI, nil. RoIriI Ricii. Cnrlis CnUtr. ou ln,» .Sknens. William Bishop. William Whitaker, a niori )larris. .|err Pass. James Kcenan. Jim (iaul. (leor);c Hcnlc . Kr ett Henley. Society for Advancement of Management Field Trips Show Members Practical Operation Of Companies And Relationship To Theories riic Society for (lie .Advancement of Management i.s open to any .student witli a sincere interest in the art and science of management. The | rinci[)al aims of the organization arc the tlc- vclopmcnt of human resources and |)ro idinji; liusincss with a better product to train, mold and refine to meet its needs. The Society lor ihi- l iirKiinctil ol M;iii;imiiRiil was founded in 1912 and now uuiiil)ers 178 umxersily iliapliis and 78 senior cha|)lirs. Serving as ofhcers this years are Neal VV. N ' inyard. president: Bob Sveska. vice-president: Doris McNutt. secretary and Larry Zook. treasurer. Dr. L. 1). Bishop. professf)r and chairman of the de|)artment of Inisincss management, is the faculty sponsor. The group meets twice a niontii and al oilier luiics lor anous business activities. Besides meeting regularly during the evenings, the grou|) meets every Thursday for luncheons. Guest speakers from the business world are invited and in ihe i)asl. the speakers have included a banker, a ju lge and executives of various oil companies in Oklaliotna. Several field trips each scme.ster are scheduled by the group to show members practical operation of comjia- uies and its relationship to theories of business manage- Mient and office procedure. The local chapter ranks ,3.3rd out of 178 chapters internationally. Al OU the group s| onsors an annual Business da and a current project is establishing a senior chapter in Oklahoma City. Annual social events are installation of ollicers. an a ards barujuet. dance and open house. . n ouLstanding ser ice award is [jrcsciited each year to u deserving mem- ber of llie ( lub. 545 FIRST ROW: Albcrl Wilson. Jclii. Hotrmaii. Cdrdnii M»rris. CliiiM Liii. Dlciii joliMMMi. I)a i l Aslihaudier. liriice Hamilton. Robert Luke. SECOND ROW: Oueii Roljinson. Da son. Mike Ruby, Kenneth Jones. Robert Westfall. Society of Engineering Pliysicists and Pi Tau Pi Local Groups Organize to Promote Profession, Recognize Outstanding Scholars, Leaders The Society of Eiisiiieeriii}!; Pliysicist.s and Pi Tan Pi are two professional organizations for students in ciikI- neering-pliysics. Tfie Society of Eiigiiieering Physicists is open to all stndents enrolled in the major. It promotes the field of eiiKineering-physics and helps create interest and lellow- ship among the students in this field of study. Ofiicers of the society are Robert Westfall, |)resident; Rol) Luke, vice-pre sident: John Hoffman, secretary; Da id Wilson, treasurer; Gardner Randall. St. Pal ' s re| resentative, and Owen Robin,son, chairman of the o|)en house committee. Professor D. R. Lin serves as faculty sponsor. The society enters the Engineers open house every year and last year won second place for its exhibit which demon- strated one aspect of engincering-|)hysics. Tliey also participated in Physics Day. An honor organi alion. Pi Tan Pi is (ij)en lo sdideiits who rank scholastically in tiic upper 5 per cent of (lie school and who have made sonic significaiil conlrilitilioii in the field on campus. Officers are Carl Cooper, president: Robert ' estlali. vice-president: Robert Cockrell. secretary: Da id ilson. treasurer, and Curtis Shiflett. liislorian. Al ' ilson is facidty sponsor. The group also participates every year in Physics Day and with the society joins in the animal Christmas party and the s])ring picnic of the department. During enrolment, the engineering-physics iiia|i is counsel and advise freshmen and assist the professors in enrolment procedure. They also visit high school science cla.sses during spring vacation, conduct tours through the Research Institute and perform general services for the department. They assist in proiiioting engineering-physics throughout Oklahoma. 546 IIKSr ROW: R„s JiukLMunluiii Crciii. Siizaiiiii- Lcc. ait ' ra Bacliiiiaii. Sn ' Blair, (iicnda Horn, .joaii (if)tl lii. iriiiia Mariiska. aiicy Daunlicrty. Jean Ahrainsoii. Barbara l.ii(linc er. Kavlci ' ii Tlioinas. Brciula McDaniil. Sliaron Mini ' s. Saiulvc WVincr. SITCOM) ROW: Roscr Kociilicad. Jerry lcinl« itner . Ruse Marie Weher. I ' atsy Heard. Teresa Kalnian. I ' al tialiill. MaryKnn Lutlicr. .Sheila Reel. (Jwyiie Lacey. CaroKn Ahernatln. Rehccia Walk.iH. MarN Pat Or n. Patricia Rild.eson. THIRD ROW: Jerry Blanche. Orvis Mc- Malian. Rohert (Irav. I.inda Hnds|5etli. Sidney Sudberrv. {nclith Bilberry, Karen Howell. Jo MilliKan. |ii lv Coldfeder. Carlvnn Adams. Robbey XeKriii. Willa Boozer. KIKn W cdenieyer. Pa- tricia .Smith. Linda Ceorye. Student National Education Association Encourages Good Students To Clioose Teacliin As Career, Works for Hijiier Standards in Field louiKkd III I ' drlLiiid. Ore. iii jul . I.9. " )(i. iIk- Sliidfiil .National Kiincation association lias grown r,i|)i(ll lo encompass 840 chapters with 72.000 members. Its principle aims are to clee| en the interest of capable students in teaching as a career. The group encourages careful selection and guidance of persciis adniillcd to teacher education programs. Through higher standards of preparation and the lis- semination of information, the grou|) strives to achie e a rea.soiial)le balance in teacher supply. Anyone enrolled in the teacher ediicalion |)rogram in a fully accredited college or iniiversity may become .1 member. The OU group is composed of students in liie college of educalmri wiio iiuti iiKnilhK in llie stu- dent Union building. Ainuially the Oklahoma Education as.sociatlon spon- sors a tea to hom-r members of SNE. . Olhcers of the Ol cliapler are I.inda George, presi- dent: Koger I.ockiuad. iie-presi(lenl: Jerri Moiiigoiuery. secrelary, and ' alera Hachmaii. treasurer. Faculty spon- sor is Dr. William Monahan. .A special project each year is promoting teacher etlu- catioii at state high schools during American Flducation ueek. Members team u lo isil state high scIkmiIs where the make speeches, distribute literature. ad ise students and answer questions of high school students interested in the field of education. The organization ])roniotes the lield of echualion and llie I ' liixersily of Oklahoiii.i bulli on and olf die caiii| iis. Members hear speeches, yicw films and recei e litera- ture on new ideas and information |)ertaining to teachers and prospective teachers. The organization also oircrs an opportunitv for students to meet socially. 547 FIRST ROW: James Hamill. Ceiald Gamble. Ceorge Frasei. SECOND ROW: Lou Ann Roach. Babs Feinvitk. Bob Mc- Farlaiid. Pat Patterson. Larry Blankeiiship. THIRD ROW: David Mc(;ee. Mike Riibv. Bob Conlev. Patti McCUiire, Juaiiita Wherry. Susan Beesley, Bob Lake Grove. FOURTH ROW: Bruce Brown, Margaret Creve, Bill Lipton, Sharon Kimmell, Jim Mache.i. Linn Forbis. Don Randall. FIFTH lUJW: Pat O ' Neal. Frank Sweeney. John Tanton. Ellison Wiltels. Bruce Armour. Loyd Benson. Bill Tliompson. Sam Hallman. SIXTH ROW: Scott Graham, Willis Moore, Joel Haggard, Gary Anderson. Bill Wines. Lynn Livingston. Conrad Morro " . Linda McLennan, Karen Kelley. Student Senate Fulfilling Of Student Welfare, Academic, Governmental Needs Is Student Senate Aim To fulfill the needs of the students as to their welfare, academic and governmental needs is the goal of the student senate at the University of Oklahoma. The senate, established in 1947, is coinpo.sed of repre- sentatives from each school and college on the basis of their enrollment. Also included in the senate are repre- sentatives from each of the governing bodies, the Pan- hellenic council, Interfraternity council and one man and one woman student from the Inde|iendent Student association. To be a senator, a student must have at least a two-point grade average and must be in good standing with the University. Representatives are elected in annual elections by the students of the respective schools. Projects this year included the Last Lecture series, freshman orientation. ap])ropriations to campus organ- izations and acadciiiR alfiiirs. Other duties of the senate are appropriations of money to campus activities, scliediiling of student activities on the University calendar, high school visitation, student welfare, making recommendations to the faculty senate on academic matters, granting charters to new organiza- tions and appointing student members to the policy-mak- ing committees of the University. First semester officers of the student senate were Gerald Gamble, president: Willis Moore, vice-president: Pat Patterson, secretary and Bob McFarland. treasurer, Babs Fenwick was the |)ublic relations chairman and Bob Grove, |)arliameiitarian. Serving for the second semester are Bob McFarland. president: Bill Wines, vice-president: Susan Beesley, sec- retary; Bill Lipton, treasurer; and Gerald Gamble, par- liamentarian. George B. Fraser is the faculty .sponsor. 548 ■ " ■c US ' r? IIKST liOW: S.,i„ H,.„lsli,,». I.,iv ll ( riic (.iillllli. N. I.lsta. KoIh-M Kirkpatr loii (.rlllilli. |Imi MjIhis. Koiiald LaM.Ini Kduanl Hates. Mahi-iiclra Baksl.l. I red lu William Bates, . rliii Lee. Karl Hurrull. M.n. Ili.i.l l,l..iiiriri. a. K 1 Slirevc. Hraii- II. SKCO.M) ROW: ilk. Riclianl Siiulair. Steve Winder. Kent Kobeit Westrali. IIIIRI) ROW: Dawd W dsori. Ronald Holmes. N ' anie Kriele. Jolui Hastings. Roj;er Cliap- inaii. (iravdoii l.aunhhaum. l ' . !s;ar I ' ailieeo. Rohlii Knox. ,|errv Hohl.s. Ronald Davis. C. K. Oauslierly. FOl R Tl I ROW: Mike Rid)y. Ron ColFclt. I.coii Bledsoe. Norman Claik. Tau Beta Pi Confers Membership Upon Those Who Have Excelled Scholastically In Engineering Tail Beta Pi i.s a national honor society open to engi- neers only. Seniors must be in the upper fifth of their class and juniors nuist .stand in the up|)er eighth of their class in the engineering curriculum. Grailuate engineer- ing students gain mcmhcrship hv outstanding ptrfonn- ance in the field of engineering. The organization ' s is to mark in a fitting inainier those who have conferred honor upon their alma mater by outstanding .scholar.shi[) and exemplary character. One of the club ' s peretniial tasks is to en- courage frcsiuiKiii engineers to strive for outstanding scholarshi|). Kach semester at the initiation bancjiiet. a guest speaker talks on current events relating to the engineering field. The group also sponsors a smoker each .semester to " rush " prospective memb ' .-rs. The natiotial convention is a highlight of the clubs calendar. Serving as [)resident is Edward Slireve. assisted by Norman Clark, vice-president. Wayne Lathrop is the secretary and Leon Bledsoe, treasurer. Other officers are ' erne Griffith, corresponding .secretary: Marvin Free- iiKin. cataloguer and Napol-on Lista. St. Pat ' s council representative. The facidty sponsors are Joseph Smay. professor of architecture: Josejih As.senzo. assi.stant pro- fessor of civil etigincering: ( ' arl T. .Mnujuist. |)rofessor of electrical engineering and William I ' pthegrove. asso- ciate professor of metallurgical engineering. Tau Bita Pi was founded in 1885 at Lehigh Univer- sity. Bethlehem. Pa. There are now 107 chapters throughout the United States. Besides scholarship, stu- dents must show (|ualities of good character, leadership, breadth of interest and honesty. The overall aim of Tau Beta Pi is to foster a spirit of liberal culture in engineer- ing colleges. 549 FIRST ROW: Frank Benson. Joe Ulake. Don f:lark. Tony Clikas. James Doughlv. David Elmore. John Engelson. Mike Fankhouser. SECOND ROW: William (;ivens. Dash Goff. Fred Hallmaii. Henry Hurd. Jack Jackson, Bob Kadane. John K.eUner. Wade McAlister. THIRD ROW: Don Montgomery. Roger Norman. DeWayne Pitt, Jack Sweeney. Grady Vaughn, Dennis Ward, William Warren. Jinnny Williamson. Oklahoma University Association of Petroleum landmen Goal Is To Advance The Profession Of Landwork In Oil Exploration AcKaiRiiif!; the i rofession of landwork in oil explora- tion is |)art of tiie goal of the Oklahoma Association of Petroleum Landmen. They also advocate a thorough and continuing education and uphold the honor and integrity of the oil industry. To qualify for membership, a student must be enrolled in petroleum land manage- me nt and have a 2.0 overall grade average. Through its regular meetings which are held in the union, the club works to familiarize students with the aspects of landwork not taught in classes and to foster a spirit of fellowshi|} among its members. Tlie club sponsors a spring picnic each year, and also holds semi- annual banquets. The fall banquet was held in Okla- homa ( " ity with Claude Fleet, executive vice-president of the American Association of Petroleum Landmen, the guest speaker. Other guest s|)eakers s])()ke to the cliijj at the monthly meetings. De Wayne Pitt serves as president. Vice-president is Wade McAlister; secretary is Jake McClure: and Henry Hurd acts as treasurer. The club ' s sponsor is Dr. Wil- liam H. Keown. The Association of Petroleum Landmen was formed as a result of the establishment of the petroleum land management curriculum in the fall of 1958. At present, there are two chapters in the United States, one being at OU, the other at Texas University. The OU grou|) is affiliated with its parent association in a summer job ])lacement program for students. This program has been successful in placing many OU stu- dents in jobs throughout the country. The organization each year presents honorary membership to men who have excelled in the field of the oil industry. Members also take several field trips during the year to acquaint themselves with the workings of the oil industry. 550 University Players rrrsciils Ida Z. Kirk And Van lieflin Awards lo Ou(.s(andin|| Drama Students At Banquet rill- rtii frsiiy Players is an iKuicirary drania orKaii- i alioii whose purpose is lo lulp willi llic smial and (il tlio non-social atliMliis ol llie iliania school. I he or ani jlion is lieatled by Max VVeit cnlioirer. presi- diiil. Other odicers include Don Brislow. vice-president: Nancy Dull, secretary: Pepper Daly, treasurer and Ron O ' llara. pkdnv Irainir. Rnp " l J. Ioiks is I ' aiiill), spon.oi. Mcinhiisiiip IS open l(; sludciils with .il Icasl ,i .1.0 a i-raj;e wilh . ' 2 hours ol drama and h c points anuiiui- lated 1) work on drania productions. Projects tins car imluded iniliatin;; the [liayhouse prograni-s. the first ol their kind. |)ronioting- ticket .sales at the playhouse, dec- orating the drama lounge and organizing the awards l)ani|net. Ihe Ida Z. Kirk and ' an lieflin awards are presitited to the outstanding drania students. .Ml major pla s arc presented 1) the I ni ersit pla ers. mm.. A The exciiillM- ..r I iiiNcisilv I ', is Kiipcl |..iks. Max Viil .(Mli..irc.. Ki.ii (Vn.11.1. .Num. i Dulf. .mkI Don HriMoH. MRST KOW: IV.I Inhiisori. KoJkIU- l!r.ulifelil. liKiid.i Wis i,tr. Skip KusK ii S|,cil fi. Kiipfl ji.iics. L„is l- ' inkti. Kasi (nv. i ' alll lislicr. Man Dcniu. I5eck I ' cv. Ciaroi Barrett SKCO.M) KOW: l.nla o,„ls. (.Iciiila IHililaiHl. Kaiei Kiiott. Namy . ....|..,,. I{..s.,l,,„| Si ,,,.,,, I. s.,,hIi., I .hm. K HraiKJes. SalK Ailaiiis. Alicia Cilkes. •|-.,in Nie..lle. ■JIIIUI) KOW: Mas Weil eiilioircr. Koii (VHara. .Mel MiKchev. I " . kroiitil. I)a e Si.r.idlinK. KIdoii llalliiiii. Charles lliiir. ClaMoii .Slhtid. Ii..h l..lslll,M.,,k. CHJkR mrw If Stu(l " iil-I ' ;uull Index . . 558 A(l (.rtisiii ; Index General Index 585 590 The Will Rogers Cafeteria OKLAHOMA MEMORIAL UNION THE OKLAHOMA MEMORIAL UNION SERVES STUDENT, CAMPUS, COMMUNITY, AND STATEWIDE ACTIVITIES. AUDITORIUMS — BALLROOMS TRUSTEES . . . MEETING ROOMS — DINING ROOMS president lee B. Thompson LOUNGING AND RECREATIONAL FACILITIES yiCE PRESIDENT JACK LUTTRELL We are equipped to handle both large and TREASURER D. H. GRISSO small conventions and group meetings. SECRETARY and MANAGER . HILLYER FREELAND 554 555 CONGRATULATIONS TO GRADUATING SENIORS AND A HAPPY SUMMER TO ALL . . . UNIVERSITY BOOK EXCHANGE (IN THE UNION BUILDING) ' IT HAS BEEN A PLEASURE TO SERVE YOU " 556 Enjoy that REFRESHING NE A ING! 557 student Index Abdallali. Sabah M., 513 Abdulaziz, Shawlcy. 512 Abel, Edwin D., 323, 432 Abernathy, Carolyn S., 359, 412, 547 Abichandani, Jival P.. 527 Abijaoude. Francis, 267. 326, 327, 412 Abies, Judy L., 375, 460 Abies, Wayne C. 385. 488 Abolins, Ints. 182, 195, 198, 379, 399. 404 Aboutaieb. Mohamed, 512 Abrams, Dennis I.. 337. 383. 460 Abrams. Don M., 204 Abrams, Gary V.. 223, 386. 541 Abrams. Norman L., 207, 401 Abrams, Terry 1.. 337. 385, 460 Abramson, Jean L., 526, 547 Acheson, Keith R., 289. 387, 460 Acord, Lu J., 460 Acree, Patricia L., 373. 460 Acree, William R., 412 Adam, Walter, 412 Adamek. James R., 401 Adams, Benjamin C. 323. 444 Adams, Caroline R.. 374 Adams, Carlynn K.. 444. 457 Adams, Doug. 324, 444 Adams, Gary K., 190, 460 Adams, Givcns L., 480 Adams, Janet A., 363. 460 Adams, John D., 332 Adams, John E., 267. 412, 480, 483 Adams, John K.. 147. 315, 432 Adams, Judy, 374. 460 Adams, Karen, 361, 460 Adams. Kenneth S.. 64 Adams. Mrs. Kenneth S., 64 Adams, Linda C, 312. 412 Adams. Mary E.. 304. 432 Adams. Paul D.. 190 Adams, Robert B.. 410 Adams, Sally R., 274. 444, 551 Adams, Sharon J., 354 Adams, Wanda J., 528 Adamson, Peter III, 288, 289, 432, 453 Adcock, James L., 196. 389, 460 Adden, William L., 517 Adkers, Mary L., 412 Adkins, Linda, 328 Adkins, Waller D., 194, 204. 404 Adkisson, Jack N., 395 Adier, Donald A.. 190, 384, 460 Adler, R. Kennis. 184 Aergusti, Meuguy, 527 Ahlschlager, Sidney IL, 300, 412 Ahshapanek, Don, 530 Ahrens, AnnaL., 292, 444 Ahrens, Jon M., 380, 390, 432 Airhart, Rayel, 482 Aitken, Kay A., 304. 444. 491. 492, 500 Aitken, Tom D., 482 Akcrs, Chloie P., 265, 281, 412, 520 522 532 Akcrs, ' cibson C, 332, 395, 460 Akers, Mary L., 292 Akhavan, Nassel H.. 529 Akin, John T., 392 Akins, Peggy, 496 Akins, Royal B., 412, 512,536 Akins, Thomas S.. 184. 402 AlHilali, WadiaS.,512 Albaugh. Bernard |.. 412 Albert, Barry, 481 Alberts, Jack B.. 399. 412 AlberLson, Bruce W.. 340. 444 Alberty. Sterling. 373 Albin, Spencer K.. 391 Albright, Dulley D., 190, 344, 460 Aldrich, Jane M.. 310. 360. 460 Aldrich, Liu, 542 Alexander, Carroll L.. 290. 432 Alexander. Rebecca T., 501 Alexander, Richard C, 316, 460 Alexander, Weldon L.. 513. 543 Alford, Karen R.. 308. 444, 508, 524 Alford, Merdine, 374 Ali, Ardeshir K.. 529 Ali, Abdulla M., 512 Ali, Hadian, 529 Allard, Karen A., I. ' )5, 136 Alice, Robert, 63 Allen, Brandcs A., 460 Allen, Clay. 494 Allen, Emily D., 492 Allen, George D., 444 Allen, Glcdna P., 290. 3(i 1 , 460. 492 Allen, Gloria M., 304. 412 Allen, Jim A., 340, 444 Allen, Keith M.. 492 Allen, Mary L., 290, 432 Allen, Nelda v., 281,412.511 Allen. Phyllis J., 374, 412 Allen, Polly, 308, 365, 460 Allen, Sandra J., 164, 277, 444 Allen, Sherry L., 304, 444 Allen, Stephen J., 315, 400, 460 Allen. William C. 319, 396, 412 Allgood, John R., .132, 444 Allgood. Ruth L.. 444 Allin. Julianne, 144, 164, 265, 290, 432 Alliprandine, Dayid L.. 190, 382 Allison, Sheryl A., 375, 460 Allnian, Skip, 123, 146, 340, 412, 430 Allmon, Sally S., 40, 134,225, 273, 444, 501 AUrcd. Garrv D.. 190. 194, 395 Alhcd. |. I).. 344 Allrcil. Lcniuel J., 405. 444 Allwhilc. Kenneth O.. 120, 186, 285. 405. 444 Almquist. C. T.,509, 516 Almquist, Tod P.. 340, 480, 481, 484 Almv, James A., 403, 460. 497 Alspaugh, Elizabeth R.. 535 Alston, Sally J.. 371 Altman, Carol L., 165, 343, 444 Altman, Ronny G., 335, 444 Altom. Bobby J.. 403, 460, 541 Altshiller. Arthur L.. 402 Alststatt. MaryinC, 184. 195 Altstatt. Sara L., 373. 460 Alworth. Charles W., 382, 460, 498 Ambler. Robert S., 190. 391 Amerman. Bonnie S., 265, 277, 444, 526 .Amira, Homa. 529 Amiri. Ali, 529 Amsden, Thomas W., 539 Andeel, Ronald J., 394, 460 Anders, Harley D., 206 Anders, Jarolyn J., 412 Andersen, Elwood C, 195 Anderson, Beverly E., 374, 444 Anderson, Charlie R., 444 Anderson, Cindy A., 331, 444 Anderson, Daniel S., 222, 344, 444 Anderson. Ellen P., 273, 295, 444 Anderson, Gary D., 190, 194, 213,303 Anderson, Harlan D., 412 Anderson, Jack C, 205, 400, 460. 506 Anderson, Joe W., 186, 267, 319, 444 Anderson, Juanita. 354, 364, 460, 501, 526, 541 Anderson, Judi L., 281, 368, 460 Anderson. Kenneth T., 480 Anderson. Keyin R., 55. 444 Anderson, Linda D.. 361. 460, 502 Anderson, Linda L.. 444 Anderson. Margaret N.. 432 Anderson. Mary A., 412 Anderson, Mary G.. 371. 500 Anderson. Rober E.. 398 Anderson, Ronald C, 511 Anderson. Ruth M.. 295, 355 Anderson, Victor G., 444, 492, 548 Anderson, Woodrow W.. 492 Andres. Hoyt C, 42, 43. 142, 300, 444 Andresen, Peter C, 34, 35, 184, 267, 316, 432 Andrews, Austin M., 324, 386, 460 Andrews, Bennett N., 509 Andre vs, Elizabeth, 501, 544 Andrews, Ernest L., 221 Andrews. Milton D., 481, 483 Andrews, Nila J.. 375. 460 Andrews, Raphael F., 432 Angcli. Jodv, 492 Angell. Klarv J.,357, 432 Anglin. Richard D., 383 Anguish. Robert H.. 401. 460. 488 Angus. Larry. 289. 412 Aiikciu. Peter R.. 34t. 444 Aiintskn. Rolicrl II.. 460 Aiilc .aM.i. Fciiund.i. (611 Antliis. l iul. i e. R.. 281, 432 Anthony. Karyn J.. 412. 500, 524 Antinoro, |oseph Jr., 501 Antwerp, Gary, 502 Applebaum, Davida R.. 357, 444 Appletoii. A.. 295. 432 Arav. Joscphina, 49 Aray. Tentilo 1.. 49 Arhaugh. Charles H.. 392, 160 Arcailcr. Stanley K.. 3:17, 411 Argyrop.)ul..s. Mei.dilli. IS Arkin. Michael 11.. 117. I I ll Arky, Marihn R.. 277. 112 Arnihrust. Margaret )., 355, 41 I Armour, Bruce E., 316, 432, 548 Arms, Allen L., 396, 444 Armstrong, Mary L., 136 . rmstrong, Trevus D., 403, 460 Arnett, Betty J.. 308, 444 Arnn. Lvnn R., 190, 336, 381, 460 Arnold. James T.. 190.460 Arnold, Michael L., 190, 383 Aronson. Marshall, 337, 412 Arterburn, John D.. 404 Arthur. Arch S.. 223. 403. 460 Artopoeus, Carl V., 39S, 412 Ane, Eduardo J.. 412. 493 Ashabranner. Carolyn. 134. 290, 444 Ashbaucher, David V., 332. 444, 546 Ashbv, Elton T.. 223, 400, 460 Ashe, Karen S.. 370 Ashford, Victor v., 388. 541 Ashley, Analee, 308, 444 Ashley, Auda A., 444 Ashlock, Julie K., 292, 432 . shton, Vincent M., 383, 460 Ashworth, JohnA.,3S3, 460 . skew, James H., 300, 385, 460 Askins, James R., 190 Asp, Mary L.. 372, 460 Atchlev, jerry W., 391 Atkins; ManonT..375, 460 Atwater. Dayid C, 222. 402. 404 Atwood. John B., 190. 406 Auchterlonie. Charles. 223, 270. 400. 460 Austin. Alton L., 316,412.522 . ustin, JohnD., 319, 444 Austin, Paul D., 315, 410 Autery, Jean L.. 403 Autry. Ramona C 283. 444 Autry. Ruth A., 444 Avants, Nickey R.. 307. 405. 444 Avsharian, Michael, 491 Awtrey, Jim L., 340, 402, 460 Avres, Betty J., 357 Ayvaz, Joseph A., 512, 525 B Baade, Harley D., 190 Babbitt, Beverly J., 292, 444 Bachini, Anigeiica, 527 Bachman, Valera L., 354, 412, 547 Bachner, Jane E., 165, 312, 460 Bacon, Kenneth D., 481, 485 Bader, Diane A., 316, 444 Baehler, Dawn, 496 Baehler, Gerald E., 412, 509 Baekey, R. A.. 218 Baer, Adele L., 444 Baer. Gary D.. 130, 480 Baer, Jack, 99 Baerst, Carl F., 221. 327, 432 Bagby, JimR.,38. 190 Bagby, ReneD., 273, 444 Raggett, Noel v., 402 Bagley. Preston A., 406 Bagwell, John M., 190, 316, 390, 460 Baharlou, Abdolhossein, 529 Bailey, BrendaJ., 355 Bailey, Garrick A., 432 Bailey, George R., 320, 432 Bailey, Janice L., 295, 358, 460 Bailey, Jerry, 501 Bailey, Karen P., 283, 444 Bailey, Linda K., 136, 369 Bailey, Morris J., 218 Bailey. Patrick E., 398 Bailey. Theresa L.. 460 Bailey. Philip E., 186, 205, 402 Bailey, Robert L.. 61 Bair. Bill A.. 432 Baird. Julia J.. 42, 166,331, 444 Bake, jean, 135 Baker. Diana. 165. 273. 444 Baker. James G., 412, 508 Baker, Judith A., 283, 370, 460 Baker. Nancy J., 3.10, 331. 412 Baker. Phyllis A., 491 Baker. Richard D., 225, 322, 412, 510 Baker. Ronald K., 337, 347, 384. 460. 517 Baker. Ronald P., 203, 444 Baker, Susan J., 368 Baker. William A.. 336, 480, 484 Bakshi, Mahendra S., 512. 528. 536. 549 Balhin, Paul D., 186, 460 Balcli, John H., 387 Baldwin, Joe E., 388. 410 Baldwin. Richard B.. 130. 336. 444 ILlleilliiie. lenv I).. 344. 412 ILileiiliiie. l,nla S.. 412 H.ill. Iie.l S,. ■- " il. 412 li.ill. ( I ' .. .191 B.1II. Ileim 1,.. 295. 444 Ball. Rex H., 118,539 Ball, Robeit H., 298, 412, 492 Ballard, Mary J., 374, 444 Ballou, Charley, 381 Balveat, Hal D.. 320. 412 Bancett. Carole A., 444 Bandy, William R.. 190, 460 BaniUe, Waldo, 513 Bank, Jonathan, 335, 391, 460 Baptist. Jane C, 308, 362. 460 Baptist. Nathaniel W., 340, 412 Barbais, James 382 Barber. Terry C. 142, 143, 147. 432. 440 Barbera. Lino J.. 401 Barbour. Joel S.. 195. 221 Bard. Bettv R., 331. 432. 503 Bard. Elmore R.. 184, 432, 378, 396 Bargeliotcs, Peter C, 516. 543 Barger, Ann E.. 444, 497, 538 Barham, Gail E., 304, 374, 460 Barham, Terry J., 169, 316, 412. 510, 537 Barhvdt, Ralph E.. 184, 316, 432 Barker, Joyce A., 331, 362, 460 Barker, Sarah E., 310, 444 Barkett, Vander, 169 Barnard, Frances A., 331, 444 Barnard. Jean, 354, 375 Barnard. Jim D., 186, 444 Barnes, Arthur L.. 432, 492 Barnes, Carol A., 295, 444, 526 Barnes. Charles F., 404 Barnes, Clyde C, 404 Barnes, Floyd S., 482 Barnes, Gerald H., 316. 444. 539 Barnes. Harry E., 190. 385 Barnes, JeanetteC. 312, 460 Barnes, John R., 285, 299, 444, 482 Barnes, Larry L.. 539 Barnes, Nancy M., 312, 412 Barnes, Paul Z.. 404,513 Barnes, Richard L., 480 Barnctt, Gerald F., 300, 395, 460 Barnett, James R.. 399, 444 Barnett, Marilyn A., 331. 444 Barnctt. Myrtlebanks, 371, 488, 490, 491 Barnett, Robert L., 401, 460 Barrett, Carol K., 46, 281, 373, 551 Barrett, Hugh J., 340, 412, 533, 537, 543 Barrett. Jack N.. 190 Barrett, James B., 460. 525 Barrett, Lynne S., 354, 373 Barrett, Robert W., 186, 401, 536 Barringer, Martha R., 460 Barrow, William K., 402 Barry, Bernard J., 206, 403 Barrv, Sharon A., 30 4, 460 Barsi, Louis M.. 385 Barthel, Linda M.. 162, 375, 378, 400, 527 Bartholomew, Keith P., 222, 396. 444 Bartlett. Margaret C., 166, 376, 444 Bartlett. Myles, 186 Bartlett, Ronald O., 395 Barton, Ellen V., 497 Barton, Judy L., 274, 367, 460 Barton, Karren N., 365 Barton, Lyon W., 380, 386 Barton, Rogers 1., 381 Bartram, Joe P., 460, 497 Bascom, Robert C, 300, 432 Bascus, Paul, 147 Bass, Jerry D., 190, 336, 384, 460 Bass, Joseph L., 186, 385, 444 Bassett, Le Ann, 432 Batchelor, Mary K.. 356. 444 Batcman, Joe B., 186, 402, 444, 456 Bateman, Virginia W., 461 Bates, James E., 549 Bates, Joseph K... 147, 412 Bates. William E., 204, 211, 549 Battailc. Kenneth P., 220, 225, 332. 412 Batlev. EldnnL., 400, 461,541 Bauer. Sally L.. 295. 444 11. Richard W., 121, 128, 432. 504 370, 461, 519 lames C, 432 Do 491 Ml 307, 445 Bav.,., I . iVi. 461 Baver. ( .Mi.ui. l(.. 203, 213 Bav less. ( .iinlvM ., 374. 488 Bav less. Fredrick 1... 404 Bavless. Jon W., 444, 5.19 Bavless. Patricia D., 348, 432, 512. 515. 527 Bavless. Roger L.. 382, 488 Beaird, Robert D., 190, 194, 196, 378, 499 Beale, Gay, 134 Bealmear, Arden P., 380, 383, 461 Beam, Peter, 401, 461 Beard, Ann M., 375 Beard, OUic L., 541 Beard, Stanley S., 412 Beardslee, Jerry K., 461 Bearskin, Norman J., 367, 53D Beaslev. Max H.. 220. 270, 412 Beattie, Richard L., 100, 103, 186, 406 Beauchamp, Donald W ' ., 482 Beauchamp. Henry F.. 285, 445 r, Luther J., 432, 507 .rgeC.,393,445 lliam W., 184 L., 410 ;1 L., 186, 289, 445 nD.j 375, 461 im H., 186, 382, 445, Beavi Bechtel. Wi Beck. Bryce Beck. Samu Beck, Share Beck, Willi 508 Beckenhauer, Rex L., 295, 445 Beckham, Wilber L., 392, 445 Beckwith. David R., 190, 404 Bederer, Pat, 354 Bednar. Gerald III, 142, 300, 445, 539 Beekman, Harry N., 184. 395 Beeler. KatherineL., 165, 308, 445 Beer. Bettina L.. 273, 432 Beese, Dennis D., 404, 539 Bcesley. Kay D., 273, 363, 460 Beesley. .Mary S., 143. 292, 432, 548 Belanger, Ann E., 290, 461, 541 Belanger, Jon M., 347, 412 Belford. Betty C, 281, 461 Belin, Larry, 186, 399 Bell, Alice S.. 363, 461 Bell, Howard Mrs., 502 Bell, loeN., 412 Bell, Linda J.. 372 Bell, Marilyn, 412 Bell, Martha A., 165,290,445 Bell, MarvA., 211, 212,331, 445 Bell, Nancy L., 274, 445 Bell, Willa L., 308, 445 Belt, Janet F., 290,365, 461 Belt, John Lampton, 46, 481 Belz, Bud. 121, 412 Bendorf, Clariette, 343, 412 Bendorf, Sylvia M., 343, 445 Bene, Sherry L., 273, 363, 461 Benedict, Bruce N., 299, 445 Benedict, Myra A., 281, 364, 461 Benford, Gregory A., 534 Benford, James N . 432, 534 Benh; Benien 406 Benien 504 Ben j an Benian 461 Benjan Bennett. Ann 461, 4.62 Bennett, Ann elle D., 544 , John D., 100, 103, 186, Paul F., 101, 103.406, , William P.. 205 , Ethel C, 134, 304, 362, IS 529 F.. 307, 412 ,312,361,375, J., 304 , 161, 308,374, 461, 540 Bennett, Emma K., 461 Bennett, Gary M.. 186 Bennett. George D.. 186, .136, 445 Bennett. James B.. 300. 382, 461 Bennett, John B.. 336, 379 Bennett. John O., 413 Bennett. Kent L., 506 Bennett, Zollene, 413, 492 Benninga. Darryl W., 222, 324, 445 Bennis, Diane E.. 445, 535 Benson. Barbara C, 273, 461 Benson, Charles S., 544 Benson, Frank L., 432, 550 Benson. Harry I.. 221.316, 432 Benson, James D., 392, 461 Benson, John M., 461 Benson, Loyd L.. 179. 180. 182, 189, 378, 413, 548 Benson, Mary C, 475 Renllev. Bellv A., 360 licMllev. W.. 404 IkMllev. Sms.1i. R., 273, 413,540 Belli , ke.iiieth Jr., 182, 285, 413 Bcreiid. Dennis. 146, 532 Berenson. Thomas H.. 386. 445 Berg. Robin E.. 222 Bergstinra. Jane. 331. 413, 501, 520, 524 ' , 528 Berland, Paul M., 370. 461, 530 Bernard, John, 118, 319, 405, Be 461 R.. 161 558 6ENEI?At JACI S LOCATIONS: Norman: JE 6-1515 ' ' Campus Corner " Oklahoma City: JA 4-2363 1712A N.W. 16th Party Facilities P I z z A 559 Benoiig. Bonnie J.. 461 Bcrrv, Charles D., 315. 432 Bern. Jack L., 206, 393 Bcrrv. John B., 335, 461 Berry. John S., 186, 289. 385, 445 Berrv. Kennclh R.. 295. 432. 497 . 461 Bern, S.,IK S , US. 413 llei,,l,ill. lolni I ' . 413. .520. 522,. |.i, W.. ,U0. 321. 413 Berrvnian. Xitkic E.. 292, 365, 461 Bershinskv. George V.. 223, 395, 461 Bcttes.. Larry R., 186 Belly. Scolt, 388 Belzer. Carmen. 169. 290. 413, 531 Beuslring. Glenn R.. 190. 319, 445 Bcverl. Rnberl . ., 186. 326. 327, 445. 507 Bianclii. Jo . nna. 500 Bickel. Neil M.. 222. 402, 445 Biclatk. Catherine J.. 163, 273. 445 RiilcK. Leon R.. 186. 497 liielefckl. (one A., 354. 370 liicnfani;. Dr. Ralph. 141 Bijiwr. Elaine L.. 265, 328. 329, 432 BisRs. f:harles E., 404 Bisgs. Shirley A ., 268, 290, 365. 461 Bighcarl, Billy J.. 402. 488, 491 Biglane. James M.. 445 Bilberry. Judith A.. 274. 445, 500, 547 Bilbrey. Gary L., 186, 344. 445 Biles. Robert E.. 186, 380. 391, 445, 539 Billeg. Robert P.. 204. 213 liiller. Doile E.. 327. 413. 507 KiUiiiRslea. Susan M.. 372 Billiiicslcv. KentE.. 401, 461 Bilolta. Frank A.. 398 Binforil. Russell H.. 186, 289, 4)5 Hirth. Mary E.. 538 Bird. . nneC.. 308.365, 461, 541 Birnie, Frank V.. 184. 336. 432 Bisacca. Robert P., 347. 445 Bischor. Bruce P.. 336, 413 Bish. BiUie R., 308, 358, 432, 461 Bish. Diane J.. 295 Alfred P., 184 l!,si,..|J. Larry D.. 445, 545 lii ' ,l..)j). William M.. 545 liitner. Sharon A., 268. 277, 360, 461 Bivens, Barbara L., 358 Bi bv. Linda A., 363 Black. Dayid D.. 190 Bhi.k. Howard. 125 Ula,!.. k.ilhlcen. 136 Mlaik. Marilyn U.. 165. 331. 432 Bla.k. Merle L.. 461 lihuk. Paul D.. 432 Bla, k. Phillip R.. 319. 413 BIj.i,. Riiliard A.. 399 l! S.indraS.. 356. 445 lilj.k. Snphen. S.. 300. 430 Ilia, k. William E.. 510. 542 Hlair. liiimn D.. 267. 336. 445 Ml.iir. S,„x L. ■554. 413. 547 Hlaisr. Slcplan E.. 2S5. 191. 461 Hla ' ;e. H ».iK 1).. MtS. 445 llldk.-. n.ui (,.. 344. 4SI. 482 lUakc. loe R.. 190. 344. 382. t(.i. 50 lilakilv. Betsy A., 312. 445 Hlakel . fanice A.. 135. 136, 432 Blakcly. ' Fhomas J.. 461 Blakeslee. Halidon G.. 399 Blalock. CandaccG.. 161, 292. 3C0. 461, 541 nial.nk. Jame.sE., 340.392. 461 lli..r„,ii. Gail R.. 520 Hl.iM,lic. lerry I).. 413. 547 lil.ipi,.,. Kcne E.. 493 lll.iiikciiship. DuaucR.. 130. 186, Ml.. H5 liljiikciiship. (ames L.. 548 HlaiikcMslilp. Jan W.. 481 Blanlon. Ernest P.. ISfi. 445 Blanlon. James T., 344. 431, 4S4 Blanlon. Pal. 344 111.111 I.mIhI, I, . i28. 413 I ' .l.. ' . 11 1.i. Mien, 383 llla uik... laiRCR J.. 413 Blazer, Slierra L., 374 Bleaklcy. William P., 223. 378, 384 Bledsoe. Albert J., 406 lll,.lso, . Ann S.. 432 1(1.. is..,, F..irl L.. 413. 493. 494, 5- l., -, I,!. 549 HI..Im„. jiKlith A.. 292. 312, 413, I. ' II lll.r.k.i.ii. D.iiiKlasW.. 190. 319, ■is. I. Ilil lilciikinsop. Margucrita. 491 Bleyins. David C.. 202 Blick, Edward F., 542 Block. Edward L.. 3.35. 445 Blomeycr. Robert B.. 190 Bloom, Joan E., 377, 445 nberg. Sandra J.. 277. 368, Blu 461 Blun 451 )avid B., 344, 432 Mark Y.. 335. 445 ithal, Donald L.. 335. 445, Board. John D.. 480 Boalright. Beverly K.. 331, 445 Bock. Bclsv A.. 277, 461 Bocox. Gordon A.. 316. 413 Bodelson. Martin N.. 393 Boerner. Patricia K.. 376, 445 Boen. Ed L.. 319. 389. 461 Boen. Rebecca A.. 134. 312, 445 Boeltcher, John W., 403 Boge. Nancv A.. 343. 445 Boggs. John v.. 179. ISO. 197, 413. 534 Bogoslavskv. .Sonja N.. 358. 461 Bohan. Barbara A,. ,359. 413 Bohaii. i li , , iH9. 413 Boh. Bohniiil, 1 li.,.l.s I , 223. 400 Bokc. Di. ,N.,ii..aM. 97 Bokum. Robcrl 11., 190, 404 Bolaiid. Daniel L.. 190, 461 Bolen. Larry R.. 332. 381, 461 Boll. Virgil L.. 103 Bollinger, Frank L.. 289. 432 Bollman. Charles S., 323, 432 Bollman. Henry C., 413 Bolton. Gary L. 186, 381 Bomar. Marilyn Eloise, 281, 366, 461 Bonds. Archibald C. 222, 289, 445 Bone. Harold. 543 Bone. Marion R.. 396 Bonncll, Margaret E.. 359. 445 Bonney. lean. 514 oke L.. 397 Boone. Paul R.. 195. 221, 340, 432 Booth. James R.. 512. 536 Booth. Kerry G.. 413 Booth. Robert A.. 513. 543 Booth. Robert V.. 3,S3 I h. ■.:)( Boozci w ill,, II 1 ;:;. 547, I ii,..l.s ,. 270. 433 Borclia,.ll, l,n.,,.i 1... 461 Borchardl. Onia A., 310 Borchardt. Paul D., 223, 396. 461 Borde, Janet L., 165, 343, 360, 461 Bordeau. Mrs. Elvie. 129 Boren. James R.. 38, 2,85, 461 Boring. Kay R.. 372. 461, 519 Bornemann, Mary K.. 371. 538 Bossart. Marilyn M., 136, 364, 461 Botha. Marilyn C. 361 Botnick. Benjamin S., 277, 413 Bolt. Gerald P., 433 Bottoms. Mickey C, 379, 433 Bouchard. Philippe O., 542 Boughncr, Sally J.. 354 Bousaid. Issam. 512 Bouziden. Roseann K.. 2SI. 367. 461 Bowen. Jerry M.. 433 Bower. James M.. 295. 433 Bower. Susan J.. 370 Bowers. Harold A.. 300. 388. 461 Bowlbv, David C, 190. 403 Bowling, Jasper L.. 544 Bowling, Maurine. 135 Bowman. Bruce W.. 332. 461 Bowman. Carrel R.. 186. 405 Bowman. Margie K.. 198. 199. 367 Bowman. Sherry L., 34, 35, 268, 283, 445 Boyd, Grant A., 413 Boyd, Jean E., 364, 461 Boyd. Jean S., 136. 295. 366. 461 Boyd. Mary E., 433 Bovdston, lanet C. 445. 500. 532 Bovdstun, Dennis E.. 295 Bovdstun. Lynda S.. 370. 461 Bover, Donald F.. 344. 413 Bovelle, Dana S., 268. 295, 366, 461. 532 Bovlc. BrendaL.. 312, 433 Boyles. MyrnaR.. 376. 413 Bozarth. Stanle E.. 316. 4.33 Bozovich. Slobodan. 410 Brace, Ronald E.. 223. 403 Brace. Jerry D., 185, 433 Brachfeld. Leah R., 374, 461, 551 Bracil. G., Marcia, 433 Brackeen, Richard E., 307, 413, 525 Brackin, Marshall S., 315, 433 Bracksicck, Sheila K., 274, 363, 461 Bradbury, James A., 299, 445 Bradbury. N. F., 19 Braddy. Mary 1... 273. 433, 500, 501, 5IS, 5 ' IK, 540 Bra.l.-i. i:.,.. ' ■.II ' . ' Brad.,., |, ,( IS(, Bra(ir..i.l I .s l,S, ' l. 445 Bradf.,,.!. |,.M|,h 1.,. 488 Biadfoid. l.auicl k.. 281. 366. Bradfo rd. Thomas A., 383. 461 Bradley. James R.. 332. 413 Bradley, John H.. 190. 388. 501 Bradley. Joseph T.. 190. 340. 394, 461 Bradley, Natalie |.. 367. 519 Bradshaw. Alice A.. 530. 544 Bradshaw. Donald D.. 534 Bradshaw. Guy W.. 300. 390. 461 Bradshaw. |ohn. 514 Bradshaw. Samuel Kent. 61. 169. 179. 180, 182, 195. 198. 267, 341. 413, 526. 533, 537. 549. 550 Brady. Larry D.. 390 Bradv. Mark E.. 123. 405. 413. 504 Brakebill. Larry R.. 190. 315. 461 Bramlev. Rodger V.. 323. 445 Branch. Malcolm. 270. 461 Brandenl.uri.. |.,hn H.. 319. 433 Bi.iinlts. , lliii , ,. 190. 395 Bia,i,ks. K. KdN. 445. 551 B.annan. Bcllina. 445 Branna, Janet S.. 308. 365. 461. 532 Brannan, John C. 179, 180. 182. 433 Brannon. Don, 394. 462 Branyan. Elizabeth H.. 166. 295. 445. 532 Brasel " . Leslie E., 433. 488, 490 Brashears. Sue A., 413 Brasher. Jessena S.. 500 Bratcher. Monty L.. 130. 289. 480. 484 Bratcher. Rober D.. 300. 413 Branch. Judith K.. 354. 433 Braun. Paul C. 480. 485 Brav. Robert C. 394. 462 Brav. William G.. 184. 196 Brazelton. James E.. 445. 506 Brazil. Marcia G.. 162. 274 Brecden. Patricia M.. 283. 372, 462 Brcighner. William B.. 396 Brenemen. Betty J.. 371 Brenner. Ronald C, 488 Brett. Edward. 399, 433 Brell. La VadisL., 42 Bretzke. Lou E., 516 Brewer, Don D.. 544 Brewer. Thomas M., 396 Brian. Kenneth C. 510 Brians, Jane S.. 34, 35, 308. 445, 524 Bricker. Earl M.. 190. 391. 462 Bridgeman, Rovce R.. 223, 400. 462, 492 Bridges, George L, 130, 336, 441. 443 Bridgford. Janet K.. 134. 304. 361, 462 Bridwell, Bobby S.. 190.316 Bridwell, Robert L.. 413, 507 Briggs, Tommy W.. 395. 445 Brigham. Louis H., 190.340, 385, 462, 541 Bright, Donald W.. 300. 383. 462 Bright, lames B., 285. 413 Bright. Robert D.. 521 Brightman. Laura K.. 374 Brining. R. Leon. 413. 511. 530 Brining. William C. 319. 413 Briscoe. Carroll J.. 360. 462 Brisiow. Charles L., 205. 340. 415 Hrislow. Donald G.. 551 Bristow. Reha M., 295. 361. 462. 532 Brite. C. H., 140. 141 Brillon. John F.. 205. 340. 462 Bi,,,,.l,i. ' ,. Ri.i.e L.. 398 li Kl.,i,., C, Dolph. 401 lli...i.Ul.,i,., Ili.k L.. 205 H,,.,,.lsi.,,„, , C. 205 Hi,.,k. Lee .M.. 445. 454. 508. 515, 522 Br,„k. Ronald M.. 510. 525 flrock. N ' alerlcJ.. 133. 135.359, Br. 462 Buddv J.. 480. 484 n. Linda J.. 274. 363. E.. 134. 371. 445 Ri..i.L. M.iiimtt. 290. 526 R,.... ' ,. Rclk ( ,. 164. 277. 433 Ri...,ks. Jai.ib 11.. 344. 345. 445. 539 Brooks. James L.. 398. 413. 48S Brooks. James R.. 404. 413 Broo ' is. |ov C.. 358. 462 , .. 413 R,. W.. I,s K.,l.cil I-., 289. 445 Bi. ..ks. Ronald F., 190. 401 Brose. George G.. 190. 405 Brosseau. Jon A., 401, 462 Broughlcr. J. Phil, 98. 118. 414. Br. 505 vn. Alice M., 368, 462, 538 vn. Anthony D.. 299. 433 vn, Barbara A.. 295, 462, 526 vn, Barbara |.. 363 vn. Betty J. .358, 376.433, Claudia K.. 374 rown. Coke R.. 285. 445 rown. Dolores J.. 281 rown. Donald C, 395 niwn. Dorolhv F.. 368. 462. 538 .,i,«ii. Diniglas B.. 414. 344 i.inn. Emma L.. 414 .OHM. Ksthcr F.. 414 rown. Fred A.. 267. 298. 299. 414 rown. Gary C. 182. 185. 195. 196. 414 rown. Geoffrey W.. 383 rown. Gwendolyn K., 312. 369. 462 Irown. Dr. Horace B.. 68. 69. 72. 514 Irown. J. L., 202 rown. lay L., 186. 335. 445 rown. ludith G.. 295. 445. 455 ;rowii. ludith S.. 3G2 Ken . l.. I,M„I,, 1) 135 ■111 FL. 184 :i!) " i 41)2 ..u,i, M.I ..«.,. M,.,i.k I),. 414 ,m„. l.,MiK- I,.. 414. 528 .mil. Miiii.4 ¥... 414 ...1,1. R.,l.iil I,,. 414. 534 ...Ml. I{..ii,il,i (.:.. 340. 433 .mil. .Susan. 114 .ovii. Tliomas E.. 129. 221. ,illO. 433 ..wii. Thomas H.. 221. 315. 399 own. Thomas J.. 186. 394 own. ' Thomas lohn. 186. 445 own. Thomas W.. 383. 462. 497 oivn. Velida F.. 462 owiie. Ann C. 308. 433 owning. Richard T.. 462 owning. Robert A.. 178. 191 owning. Sii ann. K.. 363 Ml. Ii, I III.!., k,, 273. 414. 528 lav C. 190. 344. 381. 41)2 iniikou . Gaines L., 186. 303. 445 nisi. Krrv L.. 184. 195.386 ru a. Sharon R., 268. 281. 462 rvan. Charles G., 186. 344 nan. llarrvL., 190, 315. 395. 461 1,1. k 1„, 145 Rn.iii I IP. I,. I , ■lliK. 462 S,,i,,li,i ;iis. 375. 462 Rii.iii, W h.,.. Darrel. 405 Riv.iiil, Rcll. I,,. :i70 Rrvaiil. R..1.1.V |.. 381. 395 Rr alll. ( iillccn. 292. 414 Bryant. David IL. 410. 544 Bryant. Glenn G., 190. 401 Bryant. lerrv, 497 Bryant. ludith A.. 370. 462 Bryant. Lewis G.. 446 Brvant. .Mary E., 312. 462 Brvanl. Mary F.. 410 Br anl. T, L.. 202 Rnl.s. MnrnhvC. 186. 194.383 R.i. h.iii.i.i, R..,iK . .. 3n. 433 Rii. I, ,.,,.,.., Run.!., R.. 376. 446 R,i. ' i,,i,,in, l.iiM. s .. 401 Rii. Ii.i,,,,,,, I,,,,„s M.. 100. 446 Ru. 1 ,,, I .s S,. 312 R,,, !i, , N,,ii. . It,. :i0S. 446 Rii. 111. .11.1, M.iik. 182 Rii. hn, .111, Rosalind A.. 277. 373. 411 2 Ru. Iishaiim. Leonard L.. 482 Rill ' s lev. William. 398 Rucklin. Fred H..34J. 395. 462 Ruckner. Carl K., 390 Bndzins ' iv, Sharon G.. 160. 331. 462 R.ill.,l.,u, 11.11. il.l 1).. 41)2 Riill.,,.. , Ni. I,..l,.s I,. :i is. 410 R.ill M.I. .,. k , - " III. 414. 514 Rull.1. ( .i,..Imi. .112. 446 Bulla. Mary A., 304. 433. 491. 520 Bullard. Cecil W.. 433. 511 Buller. Pamela [., 163. 364. 462 Bullock. John A.. 190. 303. 404. 462 Buhner. |ohn. 493 Riilnui. WillLini E.. 410 Riiiiri.iidiHi. Alleii W.. 190. 406 Riiiim.,,,,,,. WillKiniC.. 386 R,i,i, I,, l.iiiis I,. l;i3. 331. 433 Riiil.,i. SI, .,,..11 I.,. 2.S ' 1. 369. 462 R.,iI,,,,Ik.. |,,i) A,. -•SI R„i.l,. Rarl. I),. 2S,1. 114 |.,nns (),. 201. ,199. 446 R,,r, h. PcKK). ,■178 Riii.l,,,!,,. laiius F.. 387. 462 R,i, lii,. Kav Rob. 125 Rurdelt. la.k L.. 295. 403. 462 Burden. Jimmy M.. 295, 414 Burger, (errv R.. 388. 462 Burger, Robert IL, 190. 194. 401. 462 Burgess, Donald W.. 405.462 Bulk. Ronald L.. 186. 303. 446 Burke, Betty J., l. ' iS, 290.367. 462 Burke 125 Burke. . licl,.iel J. 446 Burkett, James R., 201, 324. 433, 492 Burkhalter, Dianne L.. 364. 462 Burks. Linda A., 283. 433, 500 Burleson. Mrs. Bill. 491 Burleson. Billy D.. 414 Burleson. |o. 496 Burlseon. Julia M.. 1,33. 308, 446 Burnett. Barbara A.. 343. 338. 462 Burnett. Earl E.. 516. 549 Burnbam. Robert H.. 223. 336, 392 Burns, Greggon A.. 19D. 406 Burns. Kay D., 417 " ■ ■ e. 295. 446. 532. Nori Burr. Je . .. 414 Elizabeth A.. 360. 462 Burris. Judy B.. 374. 446 Burris. Stanley N.. .539 Ruriough. Charles D.. 347. 398, 414. 507 Run. Nanc) A.. 312. 446 Rurt. ' Thomas . .. . ' 111?. 4 14 Run. Williams., 2.S5. 446 Bunon. Gary D.. 106. 396 Burton. Harold N.. 403 Burton. Linda K.. 301. 446 Burton, Loy A.. 19. 509 Bunon. Pete. 484 Burton. Richard H.. 40 ' 5 Bury. Svlvia M,. 162. 358 Busb . David R,, IS6 Bush). M,. I.,,. I |,, iOi. 307. 433 Busih. |,,„i.s M , ; 15. 433 Bush. ( i,,iis. 1,. |.|||. 405 Bush. Susan. 292. 446 Bushkuhl. Clilford I.. 398. 433 Buster. Roben W.. IS4. 347. 433 Butcher. Dennis E.. 400 Butcher. Patricia A.. 446 Butler. Bill. 336 Butler. Charles D.. 38. 39. 270. 446 Builei. II,, (r,2 Bullci, I.. ,,il.! I ' ll. 462 Bullci. |. Ill I. , I SI, ,190 Bulk- II I,. I i|2. 446 Butlc,, W illi,iiii II 110. 184 Bulkili. I.I l,i, I.,. 525 Bullerl), l.l.ii M,, 2S.|. 433 Buttcrwoith. James 1).. 220. 2S5. 414, 510 Button. Roben C. 190 Butts. Carolyn S.. 361 Buxton. Clarence C 190. 315. 392. 462 Buzzard. James C. 2.S5. 414 Bverlv. Tommy R.. 402. 446 Bvram. James V., 207. 433. 532 Bvrd. Arthur A., 190. 196,389, 462 Bvrd, Carol E.. 281. 433. 538 Bvrd. Don. 406. 462 Bvrd. Virginia A.. 308. 365. 462 Cahill. Patricia A.. 371. 433. 437, 502. 515. 547 Cain. Allvn B.. 219. 221, 462 Caldwell. Betty J., 369 Caldwell. lames I., 482 Calhoun. Chris C., 316. 446 Calhoun. Richard O.. 393 Calvert. Brooke A., 166. 308, 433 Calvert. Roderick W.. 319. 433 Cameron, William T.. 221. 391, 433 Camp, Marian F.. 446 Camp, Melvin, 383, 462 Campbell. Carolyne, 2:J2. 414 Campbell. Eari M.. 190. 400 Campbell: Frances J.. 515. 556 Campbell, [oe W.. 344. 383, 462 Campbell, John C, 402 Campbell. Linda L.. 414. 500. 52 Campbell. Randall E.. 306 Campbell. Richard W.. 130, 186, 336, 446 Campbell. Ruth A.. 414 Campbell. Stephen B.. 392. 41.2. 491 Canadav. Jon D.. 433 Candv. |..eE.. ISI). ,107. I4(. Cand). Siis.i,,. ,11,11 Canlichl. Ii,n (.,. Ill, " ,1 I Canlichl. laiius K,. .195 Canlral. Da) id J.. 130. 1,86. 267 Caiitiell, Floyd O., 1.86. 396 Canliell. James L., 446 Capehan, Barney L.. 534 Capchait, Don W.. 414 Capehart, LvnneC., 414. 531 Capehart. Lynne F.. 169. 534 Capliii, Richard, 182. 195. 198. 414 Caplin, Kenneth R.. 33,5. 41 I Capps, Hilda .1., 273. 446 Capps, Mary J., 414 Capps. Tcnnic A., 357. 446. iss, 490. 500, 501, 524 Carano, Richard D.. 5 13 Carder, P. Karen, 363, 414. 511- Carder. Robert C, .307. 394. 41.2 Cardwell. Martha J.. 295,433 560 HUGH is now a many-sided company Pioneers in the development and manufacturing of tools for oil and pas well drilling, the Oil Tool Division is currently engaged in a diversity of activities at home and abroad. Thev include : Tools for oil and gas well drilling Rebuilding machine tools Seismic bits for exploration Rota-Blast bits for mining Earth borers for construction Cutters for big hole drilling, mine shaft sinking and tunnel driving The name " HUGHES " stands for intcgritij of products and set-vice throughout the free world. HUGHES TOOL COMPANY • OIL TOOL DIVISION 561 Carey, Robert D., 532 Carey, Virginia P., 27-(, 446 Carey, Warren, 340. 393, 462 Cargill, David K.. 481, 4S4 Cargill, Sara J., 292. 433 Carillo, Winston, 396 Carlile. Linda L., 507 Carlile, Thomas R., 179, 180, 1S2, 194, 507 Carlisle, Edwin, 194. 399. 410 Carlockj John H., 184. 433 Carls, Terrv D., 290, 375, 462 Carlson, Charlcne V.. 331, 446 Carlson, Gilbert L., 379, 388, 488 Carlson, John A., 222, 327, 446 Carlson, Judith L., 462 Carlyle. Frank W.. 319, 392. 462 Carmack. Kay S., 283, 446 Carman. Ronald R., 222, 285, 446. 500, 501 Carraichael. Joan K.. 308. 446 Carraichacl. Karin M.. 280, 281. 446 Carraichael. Roy. 497 Carnahan. Bette K., 265, 330. 414 Carnes. Michael C 129. 223. 394 Carpenter. Jimmy. 100, 103, 106, 107. no. 111. 406 Carpenter. Jane A.. 308, 446 Carpenter. Judith L., 283, 364, 414 Carpenter, Lewis R.. 482 Carpenter, Ramey L.. 186, 303, 446 Carpenter, Richard L., 223 Carr, Bob, 289. 433 Carr. Richard E.. 401, 462 Carrikcr. Ronald R.. 513 Carrington. Betty J., 358 Carroll. Bill. 99 Carroll. Linda L.. 374. 446. 503 Carson. H. Kave. 281. 446, 500 Carson. Dr. William H.. 74 Carsten. R. A.. 218 Carter, Joe E., 130, 180, 182, 195, 336. 414, 433 Carter. Kathrvn S., 462 Carter, Lee A., 393 Carter. Linda Kay. 375 Carter, Marv Lou. 169. 414. 531 Carter, Max L.. 149 Carter, R. F.. 189 Carter. Robert B.. 481. 482 Carter. Robert L.. 414 Carter, Roy E., 404 Carter, Sharon S.. 371 Carter, Wilbur E., 504. 521 Carter. William L., 120 Cartmell. Margaret A.. 375 Cartmill. Linda S.. 368. 462. 540 Cartwright. Jan E.. 481, 484 Carver, James D.. 513 Case, Robert R., 190 Case, William A., 319, 389, 462 Casey, John H., 140, 141, 146, 147. 519 Casey. Kenneth F.. 402 Casey, Linda L.. 304. 433 Casey. Robert A.. 401. 446 Cashion. Linda D., 331. 433, 522 Castaneda. Sean M.. 404 Castor, Michael R., 383, 462 Caswell. Sandra K.. 364, 462. 538 Cate. Bvron L., 186. 320, 446. Cates, Carolyn S., 274, 414, 522 Cathey, Patricia A.. 363 Catlett. Patricia. 308. 433, 518 Caudill, Gilbert H.. 385 Caudill. Mrs. Marie. 327 Cauthron. Phillin M.. 446 Cavaness. Carol D., 304. 433 Caves, Thomas C, 414. 500, 501 Cavin, W. Burdette, 391 Caylor, Norman D., 133, 134, 331, 414 Caywood. Kerry W., 481, 483 Chaccy, Carole, 362 Chadwict, Wanda L., 281, 365. 462, 532 Chaffin, Harvey L., 113, 114, 184, 347, 406, 4.33, 504 Chaille, Claudia M., 363, 462 Chairanl. Donald K.. 513 Chalfarit. R,.nii .. in.l. Hfi Challah. lu«.ilfal. (.. 512 Challen.K-i. Aiis.l. 516 Chamberlain, Dale E., 190, 340. 392, 463 Chambcrlin, [oe E., 120, 521 Chambers, Peter .S., 404, 446 Chambers, Sharon )., 369 Chambers William F.. 433 Chamlce. Mary C, 155, 292, 446 Chancellor. Oiville I... 396, 397 Chan il.i. l,.Hi I . lilt Chandl, , I ii,,l,, K r.N. 11,2 II. (I " ; Chapnia II. ' ' ). ' RoK A.. 148. 303, 549 Ch; ,, H ey Paul K., 502, .110 Chancy, Robert N., 190 Chancy, Roy C, 382, 462 Chang, Cheng C. 49 Chapline, Michael S., 386, 446 Chapman, Bill, 347. 433, 507 Chapman, Charles W., 270. 410 Chapman, Jesse L., 184, 433 Chapman, John W., 346 Chapman, Kathrvn F.. 283, 433 |.,s,|,li A.. 476 ( lijscni. 11,11 II.. 300. 415 I l,,i,[.ii,i. l.,iil,,, N., 274. 415 ( l,,i,l.iiri. l,Milt B.. 179. ISO, 1 . ' . . ' l.i,. . ' 1,7. 415 Chatham. Joan . 1.. 367. 463 Cheatham. Nancy R.. 463 Cheatham. Warren H., 203, 207, 332. 415 riu-alh:im. William M.. 270. 433 Clitaiunn,!. H,,,in L.. 205. 401 ( imk. s.,i„li., K.. 463 ( l, -a. Willi.,,,, (;.. 480 (.hcmtiv |,,d,. .143. 433 (:l,crr . ( l,.i,lcs W.. 393. 415 501 269 Chcsni C;hesnut. Paul L.. 289. 385. 463 Chew. Gary R., 223, 344, 387, 463 Chichester, Dan. 82 C:hildrcss. Donald R.. 69. 72 Childress, Philip N.. 303. 402. 433 Childs. Linda J.. 331. 433 Chiles. Bert A.. 182. 482 Chillcss. Ted F.. 190. 194. 463 C:hism. FrankieC. 374. 538 Cheml. Edward H.. 340. 415 Choate, Mary K.. 497 Choteau. Yvonne. 12 Chowins. Kenneth C. 379. 395 Chov. Melvyn Y., 186. 399 Christensen, Carole, 359 Christian, Jack L., 446 Christian. lann T., 186.315, 406. 446 (,.,,,,. lU-urv J.. 415 ( liii,ii.nis, I,. I{..ln-cca, 433 (III, sill-. . l.i,, 1.. 507 C.liri lnc. |.,l,„ A.. 381, 446 Chronister. ' Richard D.. 285. 395. 463 Cilia, Ralph A.. 403, 404 Circle, Daniel P., 399 Clabaugh. Nelson N.. 186, 336, 463 Claborn, James R., 118, 405 Claborn. Judith M.. 273. 415. 524 Clanton. Mary, 511 Clapp. J. Chris, 100, 406. 463 Clapp. Larrv W., 399 C:lapp. Roger C, 190. 316, 395 Clark. Averv C, 179 Clar ' v. Charles P., 182 flaik. Donald L.. 550 (lark. F. Donald. 69. 75 Clark. Fred P.. 539 Clark. Gary D.. 415 Clark. James B.. 514 Clark. James C. 179, ISO, 289, 415 Clark. lanet, 90. 308, 433, 538 (:lj,k. |ni, I... 269. 285, 463 ( l.,,l.. l,s Kll,a. 88 ( l.,ik. I ' l,,l, (11 I 1,1, L. li. I,.„ I .. 190. 403. 463 ( l.,i ' ,. l,. I,.,. I I).. 415 (:l.,,k. ,.,,, K.. 509. 516,549 (:l.,ik. I ' .,i,,,,,, N.. 304. 446 t:laik. Phillip . ., 130. 195, 336, 415, 419 Clark. Ralph W., 69, 78, 147 Clark. Stephen L., 446 Clark. Thomas G., 320, 433 Clarkson. Marv A., 312, 374, 463 Claro. John A., 433 Clauser. Samuel M., 223, 344, 463, 488 Clauve, Sue M., 135, 354, 360, 463 Clav. Carleton C. 488. 491, 539 riav. Mrs. Dorothy, 74 D., 186 1 E.. 190 ■id P., 387 :lcn,cnt. Perry T., 401, 463, 506 Clement. Thomas C, 223, 347, 400. 463 flkmeuts. Lee A.. 331. 433,522 Cleveland. C.Jill. 292, 446.518 ( l. .l.,iid. Fred M.. 190. 386, ■ 16 415 ( l...,i. |,,l,, I i i, I II. 451 (:i,„,sc,, (;o, lo„ L., 204. 213, 2S5. 415 Coad. Alfreds.. 384, 446 ( " ales. Janis A.. 304, 446 ( ...,is. , „ ii,« . 1.. 481, 483 ( ..1,1,. 11,11 H.. .115. 433 ( ..1,1,. (J„i„i.„, K.,336, 433, 523 ' ... I ,. David J. ,320, 321 ( ... I,,.,„. R. David, 433 I ...I,, a, I, Jack Martin, 223, 320, ist. 463 :.,. I.rai,. William B., 10 (.,. k.rham, William C, 180, 182, 195. 4 15 (:., kielijm, LccG., 316, 317, 415 fcic ' iiell, Robert G.. 19, 415 Cockrcll, Sandra, 290, 376. 433 Cockrum, Chris, 344, 446 Cody, James D., 118, 446, 482 Codv, James L.. 405 Coe. Carolvn. 312, 415, 429 CoHelt. William R., 493. 526. 549 Colfev. Jan. 491 Coffev. John M.. 289, 433 Coffey. Johnny P., 446 Coffey. SydnieM., 415 Coffman. Joan W., 135. 290, 446, 508, 515, 526 Coffman, Nancy C, 331, 446 Coffman. Dr. Stanley K., 70 Coghurn. Jerry G., 101, 186. 406 Cohen, Gerald H.. 335. 433, 498 Cohen. Linda R., 277, 433 Cohen. Susan L,, 277, 369. 463 Cohlmia, Michael N.. 184. 344. 433 Cohn, Cissy L., 343, 358, 463 Cohn, Jules B., 337, 415, 517 Cojanis, John P., 391, 463 Colasuonno. Vincent. 523 Colclasure. Sharon R.. 374. 446, 508 Cole. Eugene C, 381. 463. 488 Cole, Frank, 526, 529 Cole, Jacqueline J.. 415 Cole, JimmieL.. 402. 517 Cole, Jimmy M., 30, 31. 182, 196. 323. 415 Cole, foe D.. 315, 433 Cole. Linda L.. 295. 370, 463. 519. 532 Cole. Mary N.. 446. 499 Cole. Sharon M., 310. 433. 522 Cole. William A.. 182 Coleman. Barbara, 292, 414. 415 Coleman, Bovce R., 190, 315. 463 Coleman, Carol J., 277, 446 Coleman, Gcorgann B.. 312. 433. 522 Coleman. John D., 190. 196. 289. 415 Coleman. P. E.. 218 Coleman. Rov Jr., 186, 332. 446 Coleman. William S.. 404, 463 Coles. Charles R.. 446 Cole . Ma,N F.. 312. 433 Colla,. Iefr,ev M.. 300. 415 Collcii. L. (..,,ili,n. 344. 415. 505 Collett. Larrv G.. 190. 406 Collier. Catherine M., 281. 374. 463 Collier, Robert W., 481. 522 Collier, Rosa H.. 516, 524 Colline, Raymond E.. 415. 509 Collins, Ernest W.. 347. 446. 507 Collins. )eff T.. 300. 433 Collins. Mark E.. 285. 287. 415 Collins. Michael D.. 332. 3S4. 463 Collins. Ra C. 125. 203. 204 Collums. Garner C. 353 Colman. CarolJ..522 Colston. Charles D., 285, 287. 415 Combs, Judith A.. 367 Combs. Richard L.. 190 Combs. Robert S.. 340. 395. 463 Comegys. Frank W.. 190. 194 Comegvs, Joe, 196 Commons, Sharon K., 312, 313. 433 Comroe, William S., 337. 415, 490 Conard, Donald R., 386 Conard, J. M., 223 Conawav. Lloyd, 399 Conde. Michael C, 403. 463. 525 Condon. Stephen P.. 196, 379. 403. 433, 500 Conklin. Linda M., 170. 292. 415, 531 Conklin. Richard M., 332, 446 Conlev, Robert E., 300, 446, 548 Connely. George A., 433. 491 Conner, Ernest D., 190. 403. 463, 497 Conner, Leslie L., 481, 484 Conner. Malinda R., 359 Connolly. Kathleen A., 348, 463 Connor, Lester E., 523 Conors, Robert W., 510 Conover, John C, 395 Conrad, Dale W.. 182. 528 Conradt, Craig R., 190. 320, 385, 463 Constant. Kay C 359 Constantin, Nina K., 370 Constantine. Beverly. 308. 446 Contreras, Joel G., 190, 316, 404, 463 Cook. Bcbbv |.. 307, 402. 446 Cook. ( j,,,K,, k.. 292. 415 Cn.,k. 11.,,,, I I ' , Ml). 446 CoaV. II,, , s . ii,7 Clonk. (.e.,,Ke W . , 223. 3,S5, 497 Cook, James C., 186, 315, 446 Cook, J. Duane, 103, 184, 406, 504 Cook. Robert G., 206, 390, 463, 404 Ciook, S. T., 186 Cook. Sandra S.. 312, 446, 491 Clook. Steven ).. .336. 446,539 Cook. Siiv,i, K,. 146 Cook. Williaii, , 1.. 463, 512 Cooke. 1)1,11 I).. 307. 4.33 Cooke. .MeKin B.. 389 Cook.sey, Betty L., 274, 415, 514 Cooley, TomL.,315. 433 Coon, Edgar M., 395 Cooper. Brenda S.. 363, 463 Cooper, Fred I.. 433, 511 Cooper, JimmieL.. 316. 433 Cooper, Karen L.. 370. 463, 497, 516 Cooper. Kay. 363. 463 Cooper, Linda D., 343. 362. 463 Cooper, Michael P., 186, 399 Cooper. Richard C, 316, 433 Cooper, Sally S., 415, 497 Cooper, William L., 190, 336. 393 Copcland. Angeline, 290, 447 Copeland. Donald G.. 190. 289 Copeland. Donald R., 184. 196, 433 Copeland, Robbie E.. 363, 463 Copeland, Robert C, 481 Copcnbarger, Paul D., 223 Copher, Gerald E., 205, 402 Copilevitz, Marcia J., 277, 447 Copilevitz, Mark E., 269. 337, 382. 463 Coplin. Sam M.. 335. 415 Copple. Brian W.. 130. 168. 289, 415 Corbett. Judith R.. 90, 281. 415. 524 Corbett. Patricia A., 373. 463, 526, 532 Corbin. Eugene T., 398 Corbitt. Tom R., 186 Cordell. Mary L., 274, 367. 463 Corder, Patrick D., 336, 433 Cordon. Nancv C. 415 Cordon. Phillip D., 316, 415, 505 Core, F. Blair, 332, 333, 434 Corkins, Roger L.. 527, 529 Corlelt. William A., 415. 512, 528 Corley. A. W., 218 Corley. Beverly J.. 364 Corley. R. Ray, 190. 332, 384, 463 Corlin. E. E., 205 Cornell, Dahl K., 324, 400, 463 Cornell, Phvllis A., 331, 415 Cornett. CKdinc. 363. 463, 526 Cornctt. Paul R.. 300. 447 Cornmaii, Trent C. 186 Corona. Johnny C. 481 Corr. William R., 182, 267, 296. 415, 514 Corrigan, Catherine C, 331, 361, 463 Cosgrove, A. L., 514 Cossey, Carolyn S., 304, 360, 464 Costa. Victor, 514 Costa. Vincent L.. 404 Cotner. Cecil R.. 184 Cotner. Jimmy W.. 184. 316. 434 Cotner. Kav Carol. 374. 447 Cotter. Everett E., 482 Cotterill, Joseph L., 415. 493. 518 Cotulla. Carolyn C. 304, 415 Couch. Glenn C, 69. 70 Coulson. Richard E., 447 Coulston. Charles R.. 464 Coulter. Michael E.. 384. 464 Coulter, Tim, 491 let E., ;J., 222 Courtney, Laurence D., 381, 434 Counsins. Sara L.. 303. 464 Cowan. Jackie R.. 100. 102, 103, 186. 406 Cowan. Monta J.. 219 Cowan. Stanley E.. 220 Coward. Charles S.. 223. 289, 380. 462, 464 Cowderv. Allen C, 336, 385, 464 Cowdrey, Joel H., 319, 414, 415 Cow. Clinton V., 190. 319. 390, 464 Cow. KaveL.. 361.551 Cox, James D.. 203. 204 Cox. Marilyn F.. 360 Cox, Ronald J., 415 Cox, Teddy H., 190, 319, 390, 464 Cox, Thomas T.. 101. 103, 505 Cox, Tom S., 406 Coy, Barbaras., 371 Coynver. Charles W.. 316. 415 Cozart, Shirley L., 373 Crabtrec. Jan F., 363. 464 Cracraft, Joel L., 401 Crahn. L. D., 202 Craig, David W., 190, 390. 464 Craig, JohnT., 190, 464 Craig. Max W., 494 Craighead. Marion E., 144, 304, 508 Crandall. Kathryn E., 283, 434 Crane, Jerry C, 219, 223 Craun, James B., 464 Craven, Clifford J., ,80 Craven, Dorothv C, 164, 224, 308, 434 Craven, James D.. 391 Craven, Midge, 292, 464 Craven, Stephen H.. 190. 319. 447 Crawford, Ililly B., 480 Crawford, Carl, 108 Crawford, Nan. 264, 265, 268, 295. 434. 526, 538 Creel, Von Ru.sscll, 186, 390, 447 Cremecns, Elaine F.. 366 Crews, Donald R., 269, 289, 382, 460, 464, 470 Crews, Robert L., 190, 285, 464 Crider, Clayton C, 401, 464 Crisp. Carolyn L.. 366 Crist. James A., 415, 510 Criswell. Jerry U., 190, 395. 464 Criswell. Lovell M., 356 Criswell. Penny R., 361, 464 Critchfield. M.. 149, 488 Croak, Robert H.. 303, 434 Crochet, Wayne T., 401 Crocker. Martha H., 310. 447 Crockett. Jack W.. 315, 392, 464 Crolford. lames W., 315. 415 Cromer. Helen J., 265. 275. 415 Cromwell, James D., 223 Cromwell, John L., 149 Crook. Donna J., 492 Croom, William M., 186, 336, 447 Crosbie. Alfred L., 186, 389, 447, 539 Crosbv. JoeH., 481 Cross. D. Leon. 100. 101. 406 Cross. G. Jill. 312. 447 Cross. Dr. George L., 64. 65, 79, 86 Cross, Mrs. George L.. 64 Cross. Joe L., 206 Crosslev. Karen L., 310. 434, 522 Crosslin, Karen M., 133, 312, 364, 464 Crosslin. Michael P., 481. 482, 488. 490. 491, 499 Crosslin, Wanda L., 366, 378, 464, 492 Crosslin. Wilma L.. 415, 500, 522 Grossman. Stanley L.. 190, 337, 384. 464 Crothers. James I.. 190. 388 Crouch. Harvcv F., 340. 416. 545 Crouch. John M.. 219. 220. 225, 416 Crow. Don M., 206 Crow, John T.. 190 Crowder, Charles A.. 434 Crowder, Dale F.. 482, 497 Crowder. Eddie. 99 Crowder. R. L.. 63 Crowe. William T.. 296. 434 Crowlev. Tim J.. 344. 416 Crum. Janet G.. 308. 416 Crumlcv, Judve L.. 356, 447 Crumpley, Gwen, 87 Cruz. Ranero F., 416 Cubbage. Dennis O., 340. 416 Cubbage. Nancy M., 304, 447 Cubbage. Stephen B.. 340, 434 Cubbage. Thomas L., 340, 481 Cullen. Karen L.. 90, 164. 331, 434, 494. 538 Culp. .|i scph P., 205 Culp. William C, 315, 447, 501 Culver, Curtis L., 340, 416, 545 Culver, La Feren R., 512 Culver. William H., 190 Cummings, Ann J., 348. 375, 464 Cummings, Carol J., 371. 416, 492 Cummings, Marc S.. 206, 393 Cummins, Mary Colleen. 281, 447 Cunningham, Carleton, 332, 384, 464 Cunningham, Gene C. 186, 447 Cunningham, Glenn R., 170, 344, 416. 501 Cunningham, James D.. 320. 403 Cunningham. James L., 481, 482 Cunningham. Jenny L., 368. 464 Cunningham, John H., 289, 390, 399, 464 Cunningham, John S., 434 Cunningham, Lee Ann, 464 Cunningham. Mary J.. 359. 434 Cunningham, Stanley L.. 481 Cunningham, Suzanne, 500 Cunningham, Suzanne V., 501 Cupp. Carl D., 344, 434 Curb. Chapman R.,511 Curiev. Janet, 273, 464, 491 Currv. J ' cneane A., 134, 348, 447 Curtis. Carroll D.. 480 Cuius. Cvnthia A., 166. 198, .331, 4.14 Ciiitis. Judv. 87 Curtis, ilichard D.. 500. 501, 507 Curtis. Wallace T., 120 Cutrufo, Guy A., 186. 332, 447 D Dab. Mike. 381 Dailcv. Pat U.. 190,390 DaiK. Hail, J, a S.. 294. 295. 416 l ,,,l,. 1 l,.,,l,s K. Jr., 182, 195, ;7s. III,. IS. . 492, 514, 537 I)a,K, l..,,l.,„,l V.. 434 l)a,K. M.,,, I. . 147 l).,,M ,, ,ll,a„, C, 396 Dali. II.,,, W ,. .■i33 Dale. . II.. I,S6 Dale. William J., 332. 447.513 Dalke. Judy K., 136, 292, 447, 492 Dairi, John R., 340, 434 Dalton, Andrew T., 480 Dalton. Marsha D., 281, 447 562 Qlh €cJqe Cr R A RIVI s Oklahoma ' s Great Independent Dairy 563 DAmbrosio. R.. 190. 401 Damnl, Priscilla K.. 310. 447 Dance. David S., 404 Danford. Robert M., 392. 491 D aniel. David D.. 222 Daniel. lolin B., 206. 384 Daniel. Linda L.. 447. 498. 538 Daniel. Orion A. Ir.. 307. 447 Daniels. Charles E.. 285. 434 Daniels, DianncS.. 144. 434 Daniels. Gerald L.. 4 )4 Danielson, Guv O.. 320. 447 Darbv. Jon. 125 Darrough, C. Jane. 312. 447. 508 Darrough. Ruth A.. 308. 447 Darrough. Susan C.. 362. 464 Dashev. Jeffrey I.. 190. 335. 382. 464 Daughertv. Clarence E.. 179. 180, 182. 195. 416, 492.526.549 Daughcrtv. Nancv M.. 416. 496, 547 Davenport. Billie Ann. 273. 372. 464 David. RavraondR.. 190 Davidge. Thomas M.. 186. 320, 447 Davidson. Charles R.. 509 Davidson. Gerald D.. 395 Davidson. Gilbert S.. 337. 447. 517 Davidson, lames G.. 62. 64 Davidson, Linda G.. 274. 373, 464 Davidson. Marilyn .S.. 277. 464, 526 Davidson. Paul E.. 401. 464 Davis. Arthur D.. 406 Davis. Barbara J.. 331. 416 Davis. Barrv M.. 182. 195. 267, 335. 416 Davis. Beverly J., 447 Davis, Billie S., 344. 434 Davis. Charles L., 170. 393 Davis. Clvde. 12 Davis. Cynthia L., 292. 434 Davis, Dale W., 497 Davis, Garland D.. 223. 324. 464 Davis, Garth v.. 190 Davis, George E.. 416 Davis. lames B.. 344. 416 Davis. Jane E.. 312. 416 Davis. Joe A., 319 Davis. Joe D.. 186. 447 Davis, lohn A.. 416, 320 Davis, John K., 416 Davis, Joyce A.. 373. 464. 532 Davis. lunetta V., 87 Davis. L. Dow. 223. 400 Davis. Laurence R.. 510 Davis. . IaribeaL..363, 464 Davis. Marilou, 133 Davis, Michael C. 184. 340. 464 Davis, Michael R., 405 Davis. Nancy. 277. 447 Davis. Nancv A.. 40. 41. 312. .334. 355, 416 Davis. Parke H.. 190. 344. 388, 464 Davis. R. E., 202. 204 Davis. Rex G.. 205, 403. 4C4. 497 Davis. Richard H., 303. 434 Davis. Robert E., 214 Davis, Ronald E., 344. 394. 464, 518 Davis. Ronald N., 549 Davis. Samuel A., 100. 104. 182, 406, 416. 505 Davis. Sandra J.. 61. 170, 264, 265. 304. 416, 507 Davis. Sharon A., 166, 273.360, 464 Davis. Sonia E., 133, 1.35, 136, 356 Davis, Steve, 405, 447 Davis, Tom, 405 Davis, Tommy L., 223 Davis, W. M., 530 Davis, William C 306. 315 Davis. William IL. 464 Davis. William O.. 336 Davis. William W.. 434. 447, 473 Davison, Dennis W.. 401 Davisson. Harold K.. 206, 402 Dawson. Floy E..512. 528 Dawson. Hcrron V.. 416 Dawson, lack S.. IS4. 315. 434 Da«M„, I .,,,( i:,, 502 DauM.ii. Si,,,li, ,1 It . tli; Dawson. Willi,, ,11 W . jr.. :IS1. 501 Dav. l.rriisl II . ISII. 4X4 Day. Gary (... 401. 464 Day. Glen A.. 303, 416 Day, Glyn L.. 405 Dav. Grenada Ann. 273. 447 l);n. lean A,. 370. 464. 497 ).n. InliMiiicC. 118. 12S, 416, 1115 l)c llillis. Dciiina M.. 370 Dc II.imI. I.,, 11,7 Dc ( ..iiM. SI, ,,Im ,, |,. isli. 539 De 1..mI k I Ii,,iIh||i. M4. 422 Dc Iljiias. Sum a.. JS6. 464 DcHart. J. E.. 186 De La Flcur, Chris, 285. 404, 464 DcMik. lames W.. 267 Dc Moniio. |nvl li. 511 De Spain. Roger L.. 316. 447 De Stwolinski, Gail. 531 De Vore. Dorothea F.. 464 De Witt. Martha K.. 373 Deakins. Dennis E., 190 Deal, Tom B.. 190. 336. 385. 469 Deal. William H., 182, 320. 416, 482 Dean. Dcanna Sherry. 310. 362, 464 Dearmon, Thomas, 514 Deatherage. David E.. 332. 416 Deaton, Nancy E., 355 Deaton, Stephen R.. 401 Deax. David W.. 300. 434 Deax. John Gayle. 381. 464 Debts. Susan P., 281. 434 Dcchert, Connie S.. 162. 283. 447 Decker. Thomas H.. 184. 434 Deere. Monte M., 100, 104, 406, 504 Dees. Barbara J., 416 Dees. Judith A.. 292. 368. 464 Deitch. Jon R., 385 Deitrick, Marilvnn S.. 373 Dell. Marilyn L.. 371. 416. 502 Dell. Walter L.. 344. 387, 464 n, iiips.v. Unci. 101. 104 l),iii|,s.. llirih A.. 184. 196, 499 D.iiiul,,,. Ki.liard |.. 401 Diiiim. Null.. las. 113. 114, 300, 434 Denney, Kenneth C. 410 Dennis, Diana M., 164. 281, 375. 464 n.iiiiis. L.iriv A.. 320. 434 ll.iwn M,,l Kate. 290, 416.551 -ill. iil.iia J., ' 372 Dull. D.iiihlinn A.. 308, 416, 417 Dent, Francine, 371 Dent, Peggy K.. 367.378. 464 Denton. Dick H., 125 Denton, Jon R.. 149 Derryberrv, James R. 434 Derrvberry. Larrv D.. 481. 483 Dervvin. James, 190 Deters. Henry E.. 390 Dcuprce. Robert J., 120. 336. 405, 434. 504 Devine. Marv E.. 159. 447 Dewev. Walling. 520 Di Giacomo, Anita L.. 331. 447 Diba. T. Khossrow, 380. 393. 447, 520 Diik. ILiii K.. 464 |}i,k l.iiii,-. V., 447 1)1, k. Miili.iel T.. 337. 398. 447 Uaktcs.,!!. liarrv S.. 223. 383 Dickey. David R.. 481 Dickev. John W.. 416 Dickson. Roger G.. 223. 403 Dickson. William J.. 149 Dicus, limmy E., 267. 317. 434 Diehl. Faith E.. 274. 434 Dies. Daria J.. 363. 434 Dies. James H.. 464 Dielii ' . I.inies E.. 403 Dielelleii. llrucc S.. 344. 434 niil.iiil. L.. 416, 513 DiII.imI. IhIiii W.. in-l. 416 llill.ii,! Mis. W I |il7 Dill, 1. Ki,, I 1, . illll. 434 Dilliiia. K R l.. I ' M. 464. 501 Dillingham. Larrv Max. 204, 416, 488 Dimery, Velmer J.. 501 Diniick. William E., 186. 300. 447 |.iii..s F., 401, 464 Diiikl, -.13 Ills .,11. D,,uKlas. 307. 385. 464 lliiiii.iis lis. S. F.. 63 Dm, I k.iien K.. 265. 348, Di: M. 310. 447, 526 a Lee, 447 llcttv Jo, 162, 308, 365, 464 Dixon. Dan G.. 402. 434 Dixon. Darryl D.. 203. 204. 323, 416 Dixon. Edward D.. 190, 464 Dixon, lames G., 416 Dixon, Jean, 372, 464 Dixon. Ross J. Jr., 327, 447 Dixon. Terrell F.. 170. 289. 416, 537 Djavaheri. Daryoush. 513. 529 Dobbins, Danya D.. 331. 434. 514, 518 Dobry, Walter J.. 186 Dobson, Edward K., 434 Dockery, Gary F., 182. I9fi. 324. 416. 517. 522 Doctor. Stan, 3.35, 447 Dodd. Patricia L., 273. 447 Dmlds. James B.. 190, 269, 296, 400. 464 Dodge. William G.. .336. 434 Dodson. Janet J.. 312, 447 Dodsoii, Norma R.. 416 Dodson. Richard W., 416. 511 Dodson. Teddy E.. 406 Doerr, Dr. Arthur H., 69 Dohnaiek, Charles W., 391, 464 Dohrer, James A.. 410,510 Dolgin. kobcrt. 337. 434 Dolman, |aiius B., 480 Dombek. Frank L.. 184. 406 Donahoe. Ann G.. 363. 464 Donaldson, David H.. 289, 434 Donati. Emanuel, J., 404 Donnell. Patricia L.. 273. 416 Donncll. S, Dian, 273, 360, 464 Donnelly. Patrick F.. 416 DonnelK. lames E.. 403 Do.. lull, . Sii, ' .. L. " !. ' .. I.i4, 526 I)..|.l,i. 11 s D.. I.M. .144, 434 D.ii N,i Ml 4 , Ji.lmD.. 323,379, 403, 410 Dorman. Karen J.. 290. 434 Dorman. Shirley J.. 274. 447. 500 Dorr, lUI.M |.. 2S1. 374. 464 Dniiis ( , li,i , 273. 434 l),ii. I,, ,11,;, I,.. 190. 194, 464 D.ils.A, Di. k. I2.i Dotson. Diiiiilhv, 407 Dotson, James 1.. 416. 512. 528 Dotson. Ronnie D., 399 Doty. Robert T., 395. 465 Dougherty. Russell C, 190. 387 Doughtv. li.i.iK .1-, !(.(., 165 Doughty, I ., ' i ' .ll Doughtv. 1... ( 17 Douglas. HilK s . I ;i Douglas. D,, 11, ,1,1 (, :mi. .(88 Douglas. Will., 1 M I ' lJ Douglass. D.niiil 1).. All. 388, 447 Douglass. Stephen A.. 186. 190 Douthit. Jay. 190. 324. 392. 465 Dow. Pahiiia A,. 304. 447 D.i.Mi, V. Iimliu D.. I ' MI. :)95 l).m,iiirj 11,1.1,1 )- ' 1, 116 D.miis, I, liki, .ilT. Ill Dmic. Laulelice i.. lUl Drake, Joe, 514 Drake, Tom L., 344, 447 Draper. Daniel D.. 482 DrewTiiikv. Gene A. Jr.. 391 Diilliir,. 11,111V O. Jr.. 303. 447 Dusk, 11. I ,11,1., ,.. 416 Dinu. D.,,1,1 ( ., 300. 447 Dioestliei. (.e..lKc H.. 196. 434 Dryer. George A.. 190. 400. 497 Du Bray. William L.. 327. 416 Du Plessis. Brian, 405 Dubie, Edwin D.. 300. 465 Dubie. Ted P., 300. 465 Duck. Cathy. 497 Duck, lohn M.. 315, 447 Dii,l,u..iili, M,iiv A,, 328. 434 n.i, l,,s I ,l„,ii.l H.. 403. 48S DihI.iiIi,., 11,1 , ,lliur. 391 Dii.ll.v. Il,.li. I ' KI, 434 Diidlev. I ' ,ilsv H,. 434. 492 Dudlev. Willi.iiii ( .. 497 Dull. I)eii.ns I ' ,., 332. 434 Diiir. N.iii.v l. eill, ,551 Dii .ui, D,,ii II , I ' M, II, ' I D.iu.;, I, s,iiii. nil III ; ' .si. 465 Dill, , ( .,,,,1 k _ ' M 1 17 Dull. |,i, ki.. 1711, _ ' .,|, 117. 502, 516: 524. 531 Dumler. Terry L.. 400 Dunimever. Jeannette, 134. 365 Duncan. Alsie L.. 273, 434 Duncan. Carole K.. 465 Duncan. Carolyn K.. 304, 333, 447. 459 Dun, .111, limmicn.. 300. 416 Dun, ,111, l ' ,,iil I ' ., 4S2 Di II, . I II. ,11 C. 396. 397 Diiiil.ii.l, Wilh.iiii H.. 512 Dunliain. kciincth K.. 303. 417 Dunham. Ray W., 416 Dunham. Tom D.. 148. 316. 434, 523 Dunk. Dion. 135 Dunkin. Delia J., 38. 93. 290. 416 Dunlap. Chris. 465 Dunlap. Douglas. 385 Dunlap. E. T.. 63 Dunlap. Tullv L..381. 465 Dunlevv. Rick. 186 Dunn. Ann. 133 Dunn, Charley E.. 366. 404. 465. 488 Dunn. Delores A.. 274, 434. 492, 497 Dunn, lames A.. 416 Dunn, Sherrill D., 416 Dunn. Wesley A., 190,382 Dunning, Arthur S., 223. 401, 465 Duiiniiigton. Carol A., 524 Diiiiiiiiiu , R.iheita, 283. 447 Duns 11, ,11, lid D.. 417,513 I) .,,,1. 11,, ki. 225 Dii|,.,u,, 1 k I).. 344, 410, 536 Durbiii. Alan C. 488 Durham, Charles A.. 315, 410. 518 Duriiam. John M.. 523 Durland. Jack R.. 320. 480, 484 Durrctt. Jack. 482 Dutcher. Michael B., 315. 381. 465 Dutclier, William E., 340, 387, 465 Dyer, Jon C, 323, 447 Dykes, Diane, 90, 171, 294. 417, 423, 531 Dvkliouse, Vance. 340. 434 Dvsei. Iiidilh , ., 363. 465. 538 Eakins. Reginald E.. 190, 194, 389, 465. 469 Earl. Gene M., 434 Earlev, Jack D., 395 Earlev. Royce L., 190 EariRsl. Ilctlv .M,, 361 |..liii 1 ' ,. I,sli. 319, 447 Mel , Charles, 512. 52S Eason. Bill. 2.S5, 447 Eastman, Jean A.. 290. 363. 465. 526 Easton. Kenneth E.. 182. 300, 417, 522 Easton. Phillip L., 186, 300, 447 Eaton. Douglas C, 400, 488 Eaton. Keith A.. 389 Eaton. Robert G.. 434 Eberhart. Samuel P.. 320, 321. 447 Ebert. Paul M.. 122. 123, 405. 504 Ebv, Virginia A.. 290. 362. 465 Eckel, MilfredO., 190,385 Ecton, Thomas R., 3S3 Eddiiigton, George R.. 385, 465 Eddleman. RuthE., 473 Edelman, Beverly J., 465 Edelstein, Jav R.. 417 Eden, RonalD.. 332.434 Eder, Joe E., 383. 465. 488 Edgar, Tommy L., 120, 285, 405, 434, 505 Edmondson, Gov. J. Howard, 61, 79 Edmunds, Kitty A.. 273. 447 Edward. Mickey. 396 Edwards. Archie L.. 400. 417 Edw.ii.Is, Ciiiiiu. D,. 205. 403, 11. I, II l,, ,108. 413, 417 Edw s, |,i, ,|,,,,lii, ),. 465 Edw.ii.Is, |.ui,es I ' ,, 222 Edwards. Leslie K.. 403 Edwards. Phil L.. 319. 393. 465 Efron, Joanne. 343, 417. 498, 518 Egger, Karen M.. 434. 522. 538 Egnew, John A., 42, 43, 222. 336, 447 Egnew. Susan. 361, 502 Elder, Gay E.. 273. 365, 465 Elder, Kenneth L.. 510 Elias. Michael A.. 403. 465 Eliezer. Norma 1.. 370. 465 Elkinds, Phillip F., 190. 315, 392, 465 Ellington, Ann. 281. 367. 465, 532 Elliott. Charles H,. 184. 396. 447 Elli.ill, I li.iiles ( , 300. 434 Elliuii, lis, l,,,l,lu M.. 82 Elli.,11, |,.iiies |,, ,1,111. 434 Ellioli. Jem (,.. 316. 395, 465 Elliott, Joel M., 269, 319, 385, 465 Elliott, ludith K.. 273, 417, 423 Elliott, LeahK., 434,524 Elliott, Speed, 417 Elliott, William C, 340, 3S5, 404. 465 Ellioii, Williiim C, 465 Ellis, Clniil.s , ISO Ellis, I IniiUs W l,S(l Ellis. I ' .luin I , I ' ll.. 539 Ellis. Ilain (... 21,7 Ellis, lames L.. 186, 296, 447 Ellis. Rav D.. 190 Ellis. Walter D., 435, 493 Ellison, Carol A., 362 Ellison. Clark. 289. 434 Ellstroin, Terry W.. 336, 388, 465 EInioK, r,,,l n,, 114. 417. 550 IV I III! julin II EImcII N.iii, V D - " 12. 362. 465 Em.iiin,l, l,ii. I 2S1. 447 Enicisi.n, ( ,1111,11., 144. 331. 434. 501 Emerson, Charles D.. 336 Emerson, Judith G.. 368 Emery. |ames S., 315, 417 Emmer, Marsha B.. 343 Emrich. Robert B., 190. 307. 465 Encinas. Raul G.. 417, 512 Endcrs, Henry S.. 190 Engelberg, Diane S.. 1,35. 336. 356 Engelson. John C. 550 Engelson, Nedra H., 53, 417 Engic, |ov S.. 136. 292, 434, 532 Englem ' an, John H., 53 English, H. Keith. 513 English, lohn K... 190 English. I ' .iiii, 1,1 ,, 27.3. 417 EnKiM.iii N,.i,ili,, • ' ' . 165 Enl.H, W illuiiii I nil Enlous. .Mjn |,,. 292. 365. 417 Eniiis. lerry D., 194, 204, 336, 402, 510 ■ Enoch, leraldC, 190 Eppstein, Rabbi Victor, 498 Erdman, Cornett, 392 Erdman. Jerilyn K., 365 Erdman, Robert F., 190, 221. 324, 434 Erikseii Erin, Tim, 190.401 Ervin, Beverly R., 274, 336 Erwin, Dan A., 481 Erwin, Gary M., 205. 340, 463 Erwin, Sandra D., 281, 360, 465 Esfandiari, Bijan, 399, 529 Eshraghi, Badiollah. 513, 529 Essley, John P., 186, 394 Estes, Richard L., 4SS Estes, Terry W., 347. 400, 465, 488 Ethcrcdge. Kenneth R.. 319, 385, 465 Ethridge. Ace C, 405, 434 Eubank, Gayle, 363 Eubanks. Ion E., 382 Eurton. Claudia J.. 312. 336 Evans. Albert C. 190, 336, 389, 465 Evans, Betty, 508 Evans, Billy Don, 508 Evans, Charles C. 267, 285, 417, 499, 520, 522 Evans. Charles M.. 269. 316, 417 Evans, Edward H.. 113, 114, 391, 465. 505 Evans, Gary L., 307, 434 Evans. Harian L, 381, 434 Evans, Haskell L.. 324, 434 Evans, Linda, 366 Evans, Louis A., 190, 285, 391, 465 Evans, Perry W.. 391 Evans. Richard H.. 400 Evans. Sonva M.. 134. 336 Evans. Tommy, 99. 126 Everett, Dale M.. 480 Everett, Dorothy A.. 375, 465 Everett. Edward L.. 381 Everett. John R.. 179. 180, 195, 196. 198. 417 Everett. Dr. Mark R.. 77 Everts. Marilyn L., 369, 465 Ewing. Charles S.. 384 Ewing. David E.. 320. 417 Ewing. lames R.. 191. 386, 465 Ewing, larthaN.. 356. 434 F Fagan, Joe G., 388 Fagin, Berenice, 343, 417, 498 Fagin, Eari H.. 184. 337. 434 Fafr, Grant. 130. 222. 289, 336 Fairlamb, Remington P., 186, 319, 336 Faiz. Iraj, 529 Familetti. Martin , 1.. 399 Fankhouscr, Dale M., 344,434, 550 Fannin, John H.. 186. 336, 398 Faramarz. Moussavei-Saeedi, 493 Farha. James T.. 182, 319, 434 Farmer. Franklin D., 497 Farmer, Louise, 491, 501 Farmer, Margaret C, 374, 434 Farmer, Phoebe, 331, 466, 501 Farr, Hugh H., 382 Farrar, C. L., 516 Farrell, John A.. 186, 320, 321, 336 Farrell, Larry D.. 336, 386 Farrell, Pamela A.. 292. 434 Fnnis, Can H,. 186. 319, 336 W.. 523 k, 1 . 98 30S. 406. 497 1 ,iiiis r,iiii,i,, , ,. 417, 512 I ,iiiis, ,,s, ,. 101. 186, 406 I ,isi iii,ili,i I ' ,. 527 1,111, lie,, li,e C. 356 lauglil. luiiig L.. 417, 497 Faulkner, Patsy, 497 Faulkner. Wahleah. 294. 295, 417 Faust. Andv T.. 323. 336 Faust. Robert L.. 307, 387. 466 Fazilal. Mansour. 434. 529 Fcavcr. Ed , .. 186. 502, 539 Fcaver. |ohi, H.. 191 Fedmaii. ' Maureen S.. 277, 434, 498 Fehr. Gregory P., 347. 400. 466 Feidi. hzatH,. 410. 512. 527 luichiu |;iiii,-s ,, 132, 117 II IK Dr. John G.. 71 1,1111,, li Ml, ,1 L.. 343,374, 466 I.U., l,li,,l,,ii,,ili. 434 lel.lMi.iii- ll.iuaidA.. 191,335, Fei ' dinan, Jo Ann, .336, 343 Feldman, Peter M.. 336. 393, 50. Feldman. Rudy, 99 Feldsteiii. Jarin. 337. 434 Felkcl. Patricia A.. 308. 417 Fellers. |immy D.. 186. 324. 33ll. 398 IVIKis, Kiv Ivnii. 45. .308. 434 I, II. IS I ,,,1 ,ii,. 308. .336 l,ll,,„s II,,,,, |.,l,n E.. 81,,,l„,,.. ,, Dale L.. 340. 434 leiiilei. Il.iiiv G.. 191. 269. 303. 3S4. 406 Fcndrvch. lohnnie S.. 403 Fenner. Richard W.. 417 Fenwick. Babs. 145. 146. 147. 434, 548 Fenwick. Tims. 319. 330 Ferber. Lee A.. 332. 330 Fergeson. Melferd D.. 390. 466 Fer , Di, hi G I.S2. 532 564 II you ' ve stalled (o make np your list of vacation needs.... 1 We ' re unpacking sonne wonderful new formals and daytime dresses here at Brc« n ' s on the campus. Come see our excising collection of casual charmers and accessories from your favorite New York and California designers . they ' re gay, colorful and as individual as you are! And so right for a happy holiday ahead! COLLEGE CORNER 565 Ferguson, M. Sue, 371 Ferguson, Patricia A., 310, 466 Ferguson, Patricia A.. 292, 336 Ferguson, Stanley V., 191, 401, 466 Ferguson, Virginia A., 308, 434 Fernando, Antezana, 403 Ferraro, Vicki J., 312, 362, 466 Ferrec, Danny C, 191 Ferrier. Robert L., 184, 303, 434 Ferris, Robin, 303, 336 Fey, Becky, 551 Fichtenau. Louis, 186 Fiegel. Fred. 507 Fielder. Quetta L., 372, 466 Fields. BUI, 499 Fields. Charles V.. 499 Fields. Diana. 273, 375. 466 Fields. Jerry C. 299, 4l7 Fields. Larry. 130 Fields. Ruth. 499 Files. Kav E.. 292, 434 Files. Mark W., 332. 434 Findlay. Carole V., 369 Finegan. D. Ray. 186 Finkel. Joel A.. 191.337,389, 466 Finkel. LoisH., 336. 343, 551 Finkelstein. Barbara, 343, 358, 466 Finkelstein. Gerald S., 191 Finkelstein. Nonya G., 343, 434 Finkelsion. Mike A., 335, 383, 466 Finkenbinder. Don. 125, 336 Finley, Camilla L., 134, 371, 448 Finlev. Eddie. 316. 395. 466, 502 Finlev. Michael L.. 4l7 Finlev. Pat, 304, 434 Finley. Ralph E., 404 FinnelL Leslie B., 526 Firzli. Nicola Y., 49, 417. 512, 527 Fischer, Benno, 118, 119 Fischer, Joan L.. 354. 363. 466 Fishel. Sharon L.. 343. 361, 466 Fisher, Bruce J.. 191 Fisher, John D., 191, 285, 395, 466 Fisher. Matthew P., 386 Fisher. Patricia G.. 161, 211, 312, 448. 551 Fisher. Sandra L.. 367 Fisher. Sue A.. 368, 466 Fisher. Thellann, 361, 466 Fishman, Rosalind D., 277, 448, 532 Fitch. Diana C. 281. 448 Fitz. Brewster E.. 289. 435 Fitzgibbons. Robert. 332, 448, 517 Fitzgerald. Ella. 91 Fitzgerald. James H., 196 Fitzgerald. Marilyn M., 312. 372, 466 Fitzgerald. Michael F., 219, 223, 319. 435 Filzjerrel. Darrvl G.. 417 Flagg. John S.. 285. 435 Flaherty. Timothy J., 223, 466 Flanagan. Kathleen. 304. 417 Flaugher. William T.. 395 Fleetwood. Jane A.. 304. 448 Fleming. Gwvnn. 371. 378. 538 Fleming. Nancy L., 366, 466 Flemming. Jack, 391. 498 Fletcher. George R.. 147 Fletcher. ludy C, 310, 448 Flexner, Robert E., 220. 335, 417 Flexner. William A.. 335. 448 Flick. Gerald P.. 344. 394. 466 Flick. Michael E., 186, 344, 448 Flint. Jerry. 129 Flood. John D.. 186. 307. 448 Flood. Richard S., 223. 332, 387, 466 Flood. Thomas E.. 401, 466 Flores, lorge W.. 417, 493 Flovd. Delphine A.. 368. 466, 497 Flovd, Dennis L., 206 Flovd. John. 99. 113 Find. Lowell R.. 399 Flvnn. lohn T.. 406 Fobes. Dell L.. 133. 360. 466 Fogel. Diane H.. 162, 343, 367, 466 Fogg. Charlotte A.. 312, 417, 520 Fogg. Richard M., 166, 184, 433 Foley. Frank W.. 186 Foley, lohn W.. 448 Foor. Charles V.. 482 Poor, loc Paul. 417 Fooshee. Terry W.. 298. 299, 417 K.M,ie. Bobbie L.. 500. 501 F.M.le. lack E.. 191. 324, 385, 46(i. 488 K., f:liariesN.. 340, 448 Forbis. lohn L.. 548 Ford. Christine E.. 295. 374. 466 Ford. Helen M., 144, 292. 417, 518 Ford. Holland C, 417 Ford. lames, 82 Ford, Indith M.. 331. 440. 508 Forrl. William I,.. 191, 336, 448 „ 2,15. 410 !.,,,„, !,,,„. s I .., 340. 435 1..IMI,. ri„„„asC.. 267,345, 418 Forrester, Ann M.. ,331. 365, 466 Forrester. Robert L., 418 Forster, John F.. 191, 315, 392, 466 Forsythe, George D., 191, 401, 466 Fos Hat. Morteza, 418, 513, 529 Foster, Bobby G.. 184 Foster, Clillord O,, 400 Foster. Joan P., 356, 522 Foster, Joe R.. 299. 418 Foster. Linda K., 369, 466 Foster, Lon. 336. 448, 539 Foster. Robert L. ' . 184. 195 Foster. Stanley L.. 324, 393. 466 Foster. Stephen H,. 480. 481. 484 Foust. James E.. 219. 221, 435 Fonts. W.iM, N. I I i. 114. 115. 116, -2 ' . l_ ' s, ;i7. III!.. 418. 504 Fowler. I 1..1..1. II , lS(i Fowlei. Janio II., 103 Fox, Fred T.. 186 Fox, James C., 221 Fox, Kenneth M.. 335, 435 Fox, Leslie H., 204. 214 Fox. Sandra Lu, 308. 418 Frame. Bill George, 146, 182 Francis. Chester. 492 Frank, David. 123 Frank. Glenn, 521 Frank. Lavinia K.. 273, 364. 448, 508 Frank. Margaret, 356. 448 Frank. Phebe L,. 448 Frank. Robert E.. 204. 213. 324. 418. 448 Franklin, Ben, 186, 300, 448 Franklin. Chet. 99 Franklin, lane. 343, 466 Franklin. Robert E., 347, 396, 397. 492 Frans. Gary M., 448 Fraser. George. 548 Frates. John M., 191. 319. 400. 466 Fraver. Mary Lou. 502 Frazier. Jern ' L,. 204. 300. 448, 482 Fredenberger. John C. 184, 336, 435 Frederick. ludy D.. 310. 448 Frederick. Larry D.. 389. 519 Fredericks. Jerry C. 219. 223. 448 Frederick.sen. Lynn S.. 368, 466 Freedman. Thomas M.. 335. 448 Freeland. leflrev B,. 391 Freeman. Arthur R,. 410 Freeman, Don L., 47 143 501 , Kirk R.. 396 . Larry W., 435 . Lynda L.. 281, 366. 466. Ma 528 •inD., 182.512, , Michael D., 179. 180. 402 Freeman. Sara B.. 290, 418 Freenv. Marv L.. 283. 435 Freenv. Sara J.. 1.33. 281. 448 Freese. Susan K.. 354. 365. 466 Freidberg. Ronnie. ,337. 393. 466 Freidlin. Elizabeth B., 277, 360, 466 French. Freda. 312. 448 French, fulie. 370. 466. 501 French. Larry L.. 332. 410 Frenslev, Linda A., 44, 308. 435, 495 Frever, Judith K,. 274, 448 Frichot. Bert C. 418 Fricke. Robert E., 182, 195. 344. 418, 501. 522 Fried. Arnold S.. 398. 448 Friedberg. Laurence P.. 335. 448 Friedlander. Sandra K., 466. 488, 491 Friedman. Eleanor I.. 374. 466 Friend. Carl D,, 392 Frieze, Harold D.. 129. 205. 319, 394. 466 Friot. Faith E,. 133. 310. 448 Frisch. lerome A.. 448 Froggc. Rav B.. 186 Frost. Gary G.. 194. 466 Frude. lerrv. 121 Frueh, Forrest L.. 347. 488 Fruin. Marcette A., 373. 466 Fry. Charles M.. ISfi. 394. 448 Fry. Michael B.. 316. 400. 466 Frv. ludith E.. 371 Fry. M. Lyndol, 435 Frve. Vernon I.. 448 Frver. Tudi. 275 Fucitt. Sarah L., 295, 365, 466 Fuller. Donald C, 324. 448 Fuller. Marvin ].. 448 Fuller. M..r,,, C. . 118 Full ' I i.l ' . k , " 15, 418 FuTiL. lt.i,,.,l,l ( , " 10, 418 Funkli..nM , 11,11. ., • ' SI. 466 Fuqua, Pa((. I.., 2SI. 435 Fusco, Frank B,. 191. 404. 466 Fulrell. Chrencc R,. 482 Fnlrc ' l. Diane, 448 Fulrell, I.vndaC, 371 G Gabal. lames M.. 186, 340. 448 Gaberiiio. James D., 206, 386, 456 Gable. G. Ellis. 63 Gable. Richard W., 481. 484 Cable. Thomas D.. 344, ' 448 Gadberry. Ronnie L., 493 Gaddis, Preston G., 480, 484 Gaer. Arthur, 335, 418, 520 Gage, Edwin L., 319, 418 Gage. James E.. 191. 319. 400, 466 Gailev. Judith A,. 133 Gaither. F, F,. 520 Gaiewski. Thaddeus J.. 384 (.allirallh, ( liarlcs R,. 410 (, . Ihli.i I . 418 .,ill.|.ili,i. kcniictll L.. 63 CalLispi. W illiani C 396 Galleniore, Belly F., 290. 295, 418 Gallawav. Dr. James R.. 83 Gallup. Barbara S.. 355. 435, 515 Gallup. Jere R.. 390 Gallup. Marty. 407 Gamble. Barbara L., 363, 466 Gamble. Bill, 54. 403 Gamble. Gerald L.. 315, 435, 548 Gamble. Jean, 136. 292 Gamble, Jenny. 135 Gamble. Mike W., 466 Gamble, Robert L.. 191, 316, 391, 466 Gangemi. Donald P.. 327, 418 Gangwer. Kenton W.. 314, 435 Gangwer. Virginia S.. 310, 448 Gannawav. Gloria J.. 167. 295, 418 Gannon, David E.. 466 Gannon. Robert I.. 404 Ganschinietz. Gretchen. 356. 448 Gantt. Marv. 136. 538 Garbarino. Carole J.. 355 Garcia, Jorge ),, 386. 466 Garcia. Juan L.. 403 Card. Ben H.. 401. 466. 488 Card. James P.. 191, 406. 466 Gardner. Judith C. 359, 418, 499. 516. 520. 524 Garfinkle. Alan. 39S. 448 Garfinkle. Naomi L., 343. 358, 466 Garland. John W.. 435 Garlick. lames M.. 207. 344. 448 Garlick. Richard E., 344, 379, 391. 418 Carman. Daniel S.. 316. 400, 466 Garner. Delane. 113. 184 Garner. Dewayne, 113. 184 Garner, George C. 203. 204, 418 Garner. Walter H.. 191 Garnctt, Ed L.. 303. 392. 466 Carclvn I.. 435 (;,,,, ,11. l)„i,,,i,l H.. 90. 289. 435 (.,11, ,11, I :.. 191. 340. 406 (.an, II, |,.liii II,. 389. 466 (.aiHU, liuh, .112. 4,35 fiain-U, KallierineA.. 448 Ganill. Li..nel H.. 340. 41S Ganell. Robert ].. 184. 189 Garrett. Terry L.. 324. 418 Garrett. Velta L,. 359. 435, 516, 524. 532 Garrett. Wilson H.. 191. 396, 466 Garrett. Woodrow A. Jr.. 319, 448 Garrson, Donna, 496 Garri.son. lo Ann, 410 Garrison. John K.. 191. 388. 466 Garrison. Vernon L.. 271, 410 Garrison, WavneL,, 418 Gartenlaub. Marshall, 398 Gartner. John R.. 396 Games, jane. 363 Garvil. Leon. 396 Garvin. Carolyn S., 304, 448 Garvin. Tommv R.. 418. 510 Ganvood. Frederick N.. 402. 435 Garv. Janel. 268. 290. 368. 466 Gatewood. Jack P.. 34. 35, 316, 448 Gathright, Don. 382 Gathright, Jimmy M.. 179 Can. Richard L., 404, 448 Gault. Sarah I., 448 Gaut. Jimmy L.. 418. 545 Gautier. Connee. 527 Gavin. John. 46 Gav. Harold M.. 221 Gav. lames N.. 219, 223, 270. 466 C is. Larry R., 393. 448. 507. 539 Geis, Sarah L.. 133. 136. 355. 449 Geller, Salem L.. 335. 449 Gelnar. Johnnie R,. 406 Gendler. William L.. 394. 449 Genet. Russell M.. 509 Gentry. Philip M.. 381 George. leretta S., 369 George. Linda P.. 312. 435. 547 George. William L., 186, 336, 448, 539 (., il„i, Mai.l.all L. .337. 435. 517 (.,M,kr (ill II,, ' 191, 401, 466 (.,i„i.,M. Si,,,n S,. 404 (.,1,11,. Kii,, ,, 363. 466 (.,iii,,.o ll,,,,,,a K.. 373. 466, 488 („ ,,. I ., 273. 466 („Mn,i,i. 1. ,n I),, 126, 435 Gibson. Charles W., 400 Gibson. Douglas M.. 403, 497 Gibson. George D., 336, 449 Gibson. JoeD., 404 Gibson, Joel E.. 396 Gibson. Joseph D.. 418 Gibson, Judy K.. 295, 449 Gibson. Lavelle R., 418, 509. 516. 533. 543. 549 Gibson. .Michael L.. 222. 336. 449 Gibson. Mike, 191, 307, 386, 466 Giden. Jean. 360 GiHord. John. 539 Gilak. Hadi. 386. 529 Gilbert. Marv C, 273. 418 Gilbert. Sandra M.. 343, 449 Gill. Janet A.. 292. 449 Gill. " Lvnda M.. 290. 376. 435 Gill. Mary A.. 410 Gill. Phvllis A,. 290.374. 466 Gillespie. SalK L,. 369 Gilleilc, loli.i K,. 184 Gillclle. cr,M.n(:,. 221.324. 435 Gillham. Donald W., 336. 383, 466 Gilson. Ernest F.. 399 Gilslrap. Deanna L., 165. 268, 283. 368, 466 Gilstrap, Jimmv. 100. 104. 406 Ginden. Jeanne, 466 Ginsberg, Adele A.. 342 Gipson. Linda S., 308. 435 Gish. Donald D.. 307. 435 Gist. JohnT.. 399. 418 Givens, William G., 319, 418, 550 Glahn, Gregory J., 222, 390, 449 Glahn. Joseph W.. 466 Glasbv. Alice A.. 265. 310. 418 Glasgow. Garv F.. 184, 300. 435 Glasgow, Jerrv N,. 220, 418 , ' ■.29 ,l,,,iil,. sli,i,,,M I,. 4IS. 529 (,l„ ,1,1. I I ,,iiik ' F,. 498 (.l,,,lai„,,l,, I ' , ' l .%. 529 (.ihl.s. Chiisli.oher, 319, 466 Gibhs, James A,. 534 Gibbs, Thomas A.. 315, 449 l. .S2 c;i. Gla .1, 378. 466 l,in 1),. 285. 418 Man ).. 207. 401 in. Howird B., 337, 383. 466 Glazer. Tobi R.. 343. 358. 466 GledhiU, James H., 324, 325, 449 Glen. Frances L.. 435, 488. 490, 499, 535 Glenn, Nowmen J., 191 Glenn, Pamela N.. 356. 449 Glennon. John W.. 395 Click. Don M.. 205. 498 Glickman. Sharon E., 277. 370, 466 Glidden. David. 82 Glomset. Sandra. 281. 435 Glover. lohn T.. 386. 466 Glover. William E.. 418. 530 Glueck. Carole L.. 268. 277. 375. 466 Goddard. Richard D., 399. 418. 493 Godlrev. AnneS.. 418 Godtrev. Martha A.. 304. 435 Godfrey. Santa A.. 273. 28 ' !. 435 Godwin. Carolyn I.. 376. 418. 547 Goen. Ravburne. W.. 267. 340. 449 God. Dewitt C.. 180. 182. 195, 344. 418, 550 GoU, Leonards.. 186 Goff. Noel ¥.. 216. 435 Goforth. Neola D.. 449 Goforth. Paul D.. 270. 466 Goidl. Michael A,, 337. ' ' .S5. 466 Coins. James R.. 186. 337 Goldberg. Clyde. 278. 449. 498 Goldberg. Lee J.. 133. ?77. 449 Goldberg. Michael M., 337. 395, 466 Goldberger. Henrv B.. 278. 4fi6 Golden, Gail E.. 343. 366. 466, 526 Goldfeder, Judv G.. 357. 449. 547 Goldfield. Lvnda R.. 363. 467 Goldman. Harris. 191, 403 Goldsmith. Rilev. 491 Godlslein. Ellen M.. 343. 367. 467. 515 Coldtrap. Katherine A.. 372 Goleman. Kinnan. 1 ' ' 3 Gollub. Sandra J.. 343. 362 Gollup. Judv. 467 Golman. Martin, 191. 337. 389. 467. 469 Goltz, Susan L,, 277. 449 Goltz. Vivian R.. 277. 449 Gommengenper, John A.. 218 Good. Cynthia. 376. 449 Goodart. Gavlord. 435 Goodin. Delberl R,. 187 Goodman. Judith A.. 277. 361. 467, 479 Goodman. Lawrence. 278. 467 Goodpasture, lames D,. 449. 539 Goodpasture. Martin O.. 191 Goodson, limmie. 210. 221. 435 Goodson. Rena A.. 295. ■ ' 75. 467 Goodwin. Charles L.. 480 Goodwin. Laurel A.. 375. 467 Goodwin, Thomas J.. 182, 289, 418 Goodwvn. Marv K,. 372. 467 Gordon. Edward D,. 378. 394. 449 Gordon. Patricia A,. 30. 31. 146, 182. 198. 199. 373. 435 Gordon. Phil. 118 Gordon, Robert C., 482 Gordon, Thomas P., 315, 435 Gorski, Cornelius, 327. 418 Gotcher. James E., 481 Goltsegen, Susan, 343, 467 Cough, Jamie, 337, 461 Cough. Susan E., 308, 449 Gound. LeeC. 389 Goza, Donald E., 418, 525 Graber, John P.. 196 Grable. Frances A., 304. 365, 467 Grace. Robert D., 435. 493, 494 Grady, Charles E., 320, 435 Grady. Kenneth G., 512, 536 Graham, Andrea Joan, 290, 449, 492 Graham. David S.. 403 Graham. James R., 267.326 Graham. Judith R.. 376. 449 Graham. ' Nlichael M.. 319. 467 Graham. Robert H., 191. 285, 404, 467 Graham. Scottie L., 548 Gralla. Stanley. 267, 327, 418 Grant. NancvC. 343. 435 Grant. Suzanne C, 273. 365, 467 Grant. Thomas D., 299. 418 Grauel. Margaret E., 290. 435 Graves. Herbert M., 418 Graves. J. P.. 184 Graves, Jane C, 331, 467,516 Graves. John L., 191, 289, 401, 467. 472 Graves, Linda. 361, 467. 541 Graves, Mark T., 525 Graves, Peggv. 281, 433. 435 Graves. Thomas G., 514 Gravitt. William C... 406 Gravitt. Wilson B., 406 Gray. Darby A., 187. 539 Gray, Emily, 292, 449 Gray. Jon F.. 480. 484 Grav. Karl R., 179, 180. 182. 195, 482 Grav. Linda. 274. 435 Grav. Robert W.. 449. 492, 539, 547 Gray. Samuel A.. 184. 195, 398 Gray. Stephen R., 219, 222 Green. Carol A.. 308. 365. 467 Green. Daniel E.. 222. 299, 449, 492 Green. Capt. L. B.. 218. 225 Green. Larry D.. 285. 418 Green. Linda L.. 418 Green, Marie, 435 Green. Marilynn M., 283. 449, 547 Green. Marvin C., 449 Green. Nell, 435 Green. Ronald G.. 80.3,96 Green. Susan V., 136. 164, 274, 275. 449. 538 Green, William O., 270. 418, 482 Green, William T., 129. 394. 467t 497 Greenberg. Justin M.. 325. 435 Greene. Carol A.. 343. 360. 467 Greene, lellrev L.. 325. 449 Greene. Richard G.. 449. 539 Greenshields. T. Karl. 184. 491 Greenstine. Robert B.. 204. 207, 418, 502. 510 Greenstone. Jim L.. 335. 467 Greenwood. Larrv C. 191 Greer. James R.. 221 Greeson. aGrv L., 219. 221, 303, 432. 435. 502 Gregg. JavO., 125,405 Gregory. Ellna K.. 361 Gregory. Helen. 538 Gresorv, Paul R.. 126. 436 Greiner. JohnT.. 187. 383. 449 Greve. Margaret A,. 273. 418. 548 Grider. Hal L.. 480. 485 Griffin. Douglas E.. 187. 296, 449, 510. 525. 539 Griffin. EulaF.. 274. 418 Griffin. Jeff, 82 Griffin. JohnL.. 149 Griffin. Michael. 401 Griffin. Peggy J.. 163. 373. 467 Griffin. Sarahs,. 292. 18 Griffin. William H.. .391. 467. Griffin. William L,. 1«7, 405 Griffith. Brandon H.. 494. 543, Griffith, ClvdeE.. 22 1,. 378. 502 Griffith. Roger W.. 347. 436. 488, 490 Griffith. Ruth A.. 290.375.467 Griffith. Verne E.. Jr.. 220, 336, 418.494.510.549 Griffiths. Marv L.. 268. 328. 375, 467 Griffins. ELiineM.. 360. 467 Grindstall. Wvman K.. 502 Grinstein. ludith A., .357. 467 Grisham. JimmieC.. 191.406. 467 Gritz. Bettv. 496 Gritz. Lairv J.. 512. 536 Grizzle, Waiida F.. 467 Groh. Susan P., 90. .331. 419 Grosboll. Martv. 389, 436 Gross. Carol D.. 343. 449 Gross. Patricia H., 343, 449 Grossman. Lawrence A.. 184. 337, 436 Crolls. Barbara K., 419 566 Think FIRST For Student Accounts Bank FIRST The College Bank - FIRS ' fbf ' BJl fhuitG . NORMAN. OKLAHOMA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION J K,,. : PRODUCTS Automatic BS W monitors Automatic liquid level control units Automatic water disposal systems (electronic) (electronic) Automatic water knockouts Automatic capacitance analyzers Automatic low temperature Absorbers and controls (electronic) extraction systems Accumulators Automatic control panels Automatic low temperature glycol Adsorbers Automatic custody transfer units systems Aerators Automatic defoaming oil and gas Automatic Manl-Flo control v Ives Electric and pneumatic unit switches separators and systems Fluid boosters Automatic dehydration units Automatic net barrel counters Grain tanks Automatic desorbing units Automatic pneumatic differen iai Grooved couplings and fittings Automatic desulphuriiation units relays Heaters — high pressure gas and oil Automatic distillate recovery plants Automatic precipitators Heat exchangers Automatic emulsion treaters Automatic salt water disposal Loading racks — tank car Automatic filters and filter systems systems Micro valves Automatic flood control systems Automatic samplers Safety controls Automatic Frigl-Gas units Automatic stabilizing units Scrubbers — gas pipeline Automatic Gagetrons (electronic) Automatic stage separation u Its Stairways — steel Automatic gas and oil separators Automatic Stak-Pak units Steel tanks — bolted Automatic gasoline plants Automatic steam generators Steel tanks — welded Automatic glycol systems Vessels — pressure Automatic hydrocarbon recovery Vessels — special plants Walkways — steel Automatic lease production systems Water conditioning systems Automatic liquid metering equipment M ® Wood tanks NATIONAL PANk i COMPANY DRAWER 1710 T U L S A , K L A H M A 1 567 Grove. Bruce R.. 400 Grove. Robert L.. 33 ' Z. 419. 431, 449, 548 Grove. Shirlev. .. 283. 449 Grove. William R., 222. 323 Grover. Harlev L.. 419. 507 Groves, Marv E.. 310. 449, 500. 301. 525. ' 532. 540 Grubb. David C. 340, 449, 494, 510, 539 Grubbs. Judson B.. 1!)6, 398 Grumb. Dick. 402 Grumbiiie. Mary K.. 273, 436, 500 Grundish. Robert D., 307, 382, 467 Grundy. Barbara H., 281, 372, 467 Gude, James S.. 187, 402, 449 Guffev, James R., 332. 400, 467 Gulfey. Janita V.. 292. 365, 467 Gunn, Cynthia J., 304. 369, 467 Gunning. Donald G.. 221. 381 Gunning, Donald T.. 179. 180, 182. 195. 324, 419 Gunning, R. Bovd. 84 Gunning. Richard B.. 191. 449, 324 Gunning. Robin R., 187, 449, 530, 539 Guntcr. Jcrrv E.. 289. 423, 449 Gunter, Vicki A.. 212. 292. 375, 467 Gurren, Dugal C.. 295. 449 Gurwell, Stefani K.. 419, 308 Guthrie. Lanny B.. 419 Guthrie. Sue . .. 331. 434 Gutshall. William T.. 300. 395. 467 Guv. Mrs. Allcene. 292 Gu%. Frank W.. 543 Guv. Kathleen B.. 331. 36S. 467 Givartncv. Pat R.. 401. 449 H Hack. .Sharon E.. 369. 467 Hackctt. Barbara J.. 497 Hacklcr. Cecelia H.. 365. 467, 501 Hac ' vler, Colbert F.. 491 Hackler. James A.. 319 Ha, tier. James W.. 395, 467, 488, 489 Hacklcr. LvndaJ., 312. 467 Haddinz, Lawrence M., 39S Haddock. James L.. 307. 494. 512 Haddock, Jerry C. 113. 115. 125, 184. 307, 406. 436. 504 Haddock. John P., 315, 436 Haddock. Tom P.. 205. 340. 449 Hadley. Garland R.. 87 Hadwiger. William A.. 179. 180, 182, 195. 543 Halley, Morris, 395 Hagan, Jessica L.. 467 Hagerman. Sue A.. 374, 498 Haggard, loel E.. 539 Haggard. Larry C 436 Haggard. Sharon F.. 355 Hahn. Katherine P.. 283. 449 Haidamus. Samir B.. 513 Haigler. Kenneth J.. 285. 410, 526 Haines. Kay, 312. 436. 524 Haldeman. Jack C 391. 449. 488, 490 Haldeman. Joe W.. 391. 467. 488 Hale. Nathan K.. 296. 449, 492 Hale, Ronal D.. 316, 419 Haley. James E.. 191. 386. 467 Hall. Dean A., 401 Hall. DonT.. 191 Hall. Donald W.. 386 Hall, Garth L.. 146. 147, 302. 303. 436, 508 Hall, Jim R., 319, 449 Hall, Judith A.. 304, 467 Hall. R. R., 187 Hall, Ralph R., 399, ,539 Hall. Rav C, 44, 142, 300, 419, II,, 430. 501 R, 1 A., 364 ll,,li, Stephen A., 187. 285, 449 Hall. S.,„draJ.,312, 375, 467, llall. ' Wilhurii C. 303. 436 llalliiia.i. Frc-d H.. 289. 436. 550 llallma,,. Samuel K., 267, 340, 4,ili, . ' ■)4,S lljll,„k. Charlotte A., 492, 497 iriama R.. 497 llailii,,,. Ei,l„ii (;.. 551 Haipji,,. I, la S l SI. 419. 491, S,,Im,, N . -I 12. 527 Hail,. W illi.Hii I. . |(,7 Haniiil,,,. ( laic ()., 348. 436 lla,iil,i.l. Ellen E.. 366 I K., 42. 43. 304, 4 CI 156 lill. James F.. 385 Hamill. James P.. 322. 548 Hamilton. Cecily A.. 93. 312. 449 Hamilton. David T.. 39S Hamilton. Gerald W.. 340. 395. 467. 492 llaniiltoii. Clcnda L., 38, 164. 2iiri. 419. 492 Hamilton. Jay D., 222. 303. 449 Hamilton, Bruce, 221. 436. 546 Hamilton, Robert A.. 191 Hamilton. Sherrs L.. 41:) Hamilton, William, 534 Hamlin. JohnR.. 419 Hamlin. William C, 436 Hamm. Linda k.. 331. 449 Haminan. Karen S,. 290. 449 Hammer, Frederick E.. 267, 285, 419, 523 , Steve, 503 tt. Jerry E., 509 , Chris H.. 191, 289. 390, 4U Hammon, Linda Mae, 10, 290, 376, 436 Hammon, Maria L., 374, 538 Hammon. James W., 184, 324, 436 Hammond, Patricia K., Iu6, 290, 449. 453 Hammonds. Michael G., 187, 394 Hammons, Gordon A., 204. 378, 404 Haniner. Steve E., 187, 392, 449 Hamon, Claude L., 101), 104. 406, 504 Hampson, Charles R.. 401 Hampton, Garth D,. 191. 400. 4u Hampton. Nancy J.. 492 Hampton, Pliilhp L.. l, 7 Hanirick. Carolvn. 3d3. 467 Hance. Fredenck K.. 191 Hancock, Barbara J., 535 Hancock, Gary E., 467 Hancock. James M., 419 Hanev. J. R., 513 Hankc, Julie, 363 .Michael B.. 3J6, 397 Hanks, luha A., 467 llallle. . rltll J,. 223, 404, 467 H.inlcv. Richard L., 285, 449 Hann. Ann .Margaret, 348. 419, 510, 524 Hannigan. John Michael, 182 Hansen. Ph ' xilis G., 273. 363, 467 Hji,s,„i, l),,i,aklL.. 191, 436 llaiiMui. I),.i„lhv L.. 292 Hanson. .Maigaiet, 496 Hanson. Thomas J., 385, 467 Happy. Gay, 370 Haragara, Vernon, 402, 530 ■■ ■ . Joe B., 187, 400 n.iiid M.. 319, 436 |,.l,ii W., 419 529 i:iluar,l, 221. 3,sfi H . I ,1 II, li, 1 , , 11.7 k,illil,- I, . I_ ' , 1 I. 273, 3i,5, 104, 467 Hardin. Neal C, 401. 467 Hjiclin. Robert. 521. 523 Hardin. Sharon. 357. 419 Hardrick. Elizabeth, 374 Hardwick, Jim C, 481, 483 Hardwick. John P.. 315. 396. 467 Hardy. Amanda. 135. 290. 376. 419 Hard . Jack L,. 149. 267. 299. 431) Haidi. Jack O,. 398 Hare. Bruce E.. 300. 449 Hare. Charles E.. 204 Hargis. Gene P., 191. 404. 467 Harkev. Judy, 467 Harkins. Carol Ann. 292,419 Harkins. Jimmy N.. 513 Harkrider, |udv A,. 290. 449. 526 Ha Harh.u. I - |,i,.u . I, , 7. ' 1 Harninii I li .ili, il. K . ili6, 467 Harm,.,,. R,.,i,,l,l I;.. 1116 Harms. Ann. 274. 449. 500. 508. 515, 516 Harms, June, 141. 171. 312. 419, 535 Harncd. Elizabctli A., 308. 362, 467. 540 Harp. Charles. 509. 516 Haip.-Mili.iu. Shw, 206, 401 Harpci. I!iil,,n,i K L ' SI, 4.i6, 492 Harper. r,|.,,.,i,l II ISI. 484 Harpc. i;,. II, ,1,1 I. , I ' l. ' Harrcl, |,,!iii,n ,M,. 191. 400 Hariell. Can,] J., 274, 436 Hariigan. Robert V., 493 Harriman. Linda P., 360 Harris, Betty K., 268. 310. 467 Harris, Buddy. 467 Harris, Charles E., 306. 436 Harris. Charles W.. 484 Harris, Dale D., 10, 300. 436 Harris. Douglas M., 191 Harris. Fred, 36 Harris. Guy, 63 Harris. Harold H., 436 Harris. James H., 202 Harris. James W.. 319. 3Si. 467 Harris, Jerry D., 42, 88 Harris. John. 204 Harris. Mrs. |ohn. 527 Harris, luditli A.. 313. 366. 4(,7 Harris, Judith C. 273 Harris. Lynda R,. 312. 449 Harris. .Margaret N.. 419. 524, 528 Harris, Paul D., 400 Harris. Richard G., 307. 4S1 Harris. Susan E.. 136.312, 449 Harris. Thomas D., 390, 450. 467 Harris. Thomas J.. 391 Harris, lommy D.. 394 Harris. Waymon L.. 480, 545 Harrison. Charles J.. 191. 270. 391. 467 Harrison. Clifton E.. 205. 401 Harrison. Don C. 315. 450 Hairison. Harold, 121 Harrison. Joseph B,. 399. 468 Harrison. Leonard G,, 401. 450 Harrison. iMary Anna. 357 Harrison. Michael R,. 326. 327, 468 Harrison, Nickie K.. 191 Harrison, Patricia E.. 331, 362, 468 Harrison. Sally M.. 312. 436 Harrison. Stan T., 120. 336. 405, 450. 539 llaiiis,,,,,, 130 ll.iiiis.iii. William W,. 270. 436 II, ml,, |i,li, 467 llais I, ( ,iiluiiiie , nn. 295. 450 llarl, liilh L,, 436 I Ian, Carole A,. 468 llarl, |, Lvneltc. 419 llait, lames B,. 450 llarl, lames H.. 405 Halt, riiomas A., 384 llait, William R,. 223, 403 llailhn. Jo Ann. 281. 436 Harlman. Glenn W.. 187. 384. 500. 501 Hartness. Edith. 502 Harvey. Harriet. 530 Ilarve , Susan. 358. 468 llaiMllc. Jerry L,. 191. 382 Hashemi, Hadi. 529 llaskii.s. , lichael D.. 223 Hass. Carole. 134 Hassebroek. Donald W,, 125. 130. 289. 419 Hasskarl. Robert A.. 410 I ' assniann. Carv. 115 llasiie, |,,liii D,. 379. 407. 482 llasuiitts. Han, Id J.. 549 11,11, hci, L.iMcll C. 191. 390 llallkl.l, ( ,,il I ' .,, 187. 404 II III!, 111. Will.iiil L,. 419 ll.iil,,. Mill, IS I.,. 322. 323. 468, llallev. Kolicrt K,. 378. 468. 541 Haubcit- Raymond O., 222 Hang. Leonard. 490 IliliR, Tcrrv 4SS, 490. 500. 501 II iimhl, William R,. 319. 450 II 11,1,1, llirii,aiii, P,. 402 II ivci, F.Mis p., 404. 468. 488 ILiviclunst, liaibara L.. 290. 362 467 Hawkcs. lames B,, 219. 221. 302. 303. 436. 494. 525 Hawkins. Charles Q.. 191. 385. 468 Hawkins. Dianne F.. 161. 295. 450 Haw ' ins, Carv . ., 521 II ,„kins. !{. 1) , 404 ll,i„kMis. It,,,,, a Dean. 436. 497 llauklHs, Sail, |,. 358. 436 lla,as. iiBiiiia M.. 292. 362. 468 Hawks. Red. 28. 168 Haws. Dudlc A.. 513 ll„ s. IniiMn. .-12. 536 II iMlli.Hii, iimiiiaC. 365. 468 II ,„i,ii, Uiiii. ,, 450 llauiiii, Riiili, 399 llaMlcii, F, Lee, 82. 83 lla dc,l, lerrv L,. 101. 187. 347. 40-) II IMS lla,,s ,IMll I ;n, 436 ll,iMs. l.ill,, II I . 2JI1 1117. 419 11,1, s. Ill ill, II It.. 46,s lllMS. ill, ill, 11.. 410 ll,i,.s |,ii, s . I,S7. 402. 450 ll.uis. |,,liii I!,, 480. 4,S3 llaMs, Lawrences.. 299. 403. 46S Haves. Lonzelta B.. 538 lla,cs. Martha L,. 367 IIjms, I ' alriik. 406 ll.n.s .Sailii K., 371 II niniil, l(,,l„,i 1,,, 510, 512 li,nu.„„l, Sliai,,,, S,. 310, 450. 501 Havhurst. Fritz. 191. 383 Havncs. FInvd H.. 507 ILns, Knbb» L, 532 ll,,,s, Hi,i,l, ;i(,, 388 11,1,., Mil, k,ii,, 290, 450 lla l,,M„i,l. ijn,cs G.. 307. 436 II, I, Ail, licniaidC. 187. 194 |o Ellen. 295. 362. 468 , Mi.haelT.. 267.326. 327 II, a, ,1, I ' als, I . r. ' l. Ii l. -,)7 II, Jill. I, ki I . ;ii ' l. -.I ' l II, I, IS,, I. Iiiii.ii,, .. ;,,-, lli.k. ( ai.,liM, II., 1 ;i, III, k,ii,l, RaMi„.li,l (,,, (50 llr.k, ii.iorM, Dale. 519 ll,,i,lui,l, rrnnian (,, 54,( llc.lli.iid. Nancv L ' . 376. 450 Hedrick. James T,. 113 Heller. Harold D.. 184. 396 Hellin. Sharon M.. 375. 468. 515. 527 Heider, James B.. 191. 400 Hein. Larry Kent. 221. H.iii .e. Diane. 295. 436 Heldenbrand. Barbara. 290. 436 Helling, lauseii. David. 191. 382 Helm,,,, |i.i,, , 274. 436 Hem, IS, I. M.ilii „l, 529 lliiiili,!, K ill, II ( ,, 124. 125. 419 Henil.i,,, Wllnia jean, 436 Hcnipillll. (a, alec, 134. 290. 436, 522 Hemry. Kenneth M,, IS7. 316, 450 Henderson, James J.. 400 Henderson, James P., 468 Henderson, Jim G,, 285, 287, 357, 450, 468 Henderson, Jimmv W,. 191. 468, 488 Henderson. Lehman, 332. 450. 4:lS. 490. 491, 539 Henderson. Ross, 419. 509, 516 Heiidrix. William R., 187 Hendy. Peter S.. 168. 323. 436. 520 H;nley. Emmetl H,. 545 Henlev. Everett S.. 307. 419 Henley. George M,. 545 H.nnessee. Patrick A,. 300. 405. 468 Henning. Karen L., 165. 292. 419 Henrv. Bcnn L.. 336. 468 Henry. Carolyn J.. 363. 468 Henrv. Francis B,. 191 Henry, James M.. 482 Henry. John M,. 389 Henn. lolin W.. 450 Hciir , lrs, Mary. 88 Hem,: Margaret A.. 312. 450. 508 H,i,i,, Sara J.. 281. 450 ill 120 Hensoii. |im L,. 468, 488. 491 Hensv. Patrick E., 299. 379. 387. 410 Henthron, Elizabeth A.. 363. 468, 492 llciiljKc, Pam, 331. 450 Gerald F,. 398 lIciiiKs, Mrs, Albert, 376, 377 , 468 Herrmann. W illiani t:,. Herrold. Mary L., 419 Herron. Jack; 113 Hertenstein. Dean, 184. 332. 419 Heraog. Ian L. 335. 450 Hess. Sara A.. 312. 450 Hester. |oe. 398. 522 Hester, thomas P.. 285. 481. 484 Heston. lames W.. 82 Hewes. Charles R.. 386. 468 Hewett. Allan. 419.520.522 Hewitt. Maicia D.. 265. 306. 436 Hewitt. Michael C. 340. 405. 468 Hewson. Carolvn A., 273. 450 Hickev, Suzanne v.. 292. 436. 524 Hickman. Don K.. 327. 419 Hickman, lames F.. 468 Hickman. Marilyn P.. 277. 375. 468 Hick, nan, alcna K,. 273. 450 Hicknini, (,,ii, I),, 187. 404. 450 Hicks, j,i,i,. ; ;|. 11,5. 468 HIc ' .s. M.iiiKii. 17-, M., Willi. Illi;mnl.,.lli,iiii. iilill. ll ' i IliKKiiib,,!! I. li.iili.lii. 116 IligRills. Frank W,. 419 I liggs, Jessie C. 295.364, 468. 532 HIrIi, Helen. 496 IIIrIi, Marv A,, 194 HirIiIiII, Carol J., 362 Ili,!lil,iii,l, Clenda. 450, 551 lllKlll,» cr, Leeroy, 332,450 lliliinin, llugliC..390, 468 Hill, inn, Scott L.. 219, 222. 302. .ill.i, 150, 517 llili, II,, I,, 196 llrll, 1.11I1IC. 331. 468 Chcslci L.. 340 III ]hl 386 11,11. Frank I),. 191. 319. 436 Hill, |a,,|iiclin, 290. 436 llill. Houaiil W,, 191, 336. 406 Hill, I cs M,. 19,1 11,11. ' | ,lin I),. ,106 llill, b.-ii, It,. IS4, 420 llill, liulith [.,. 274. 31)3. 468 Hill, Kcuiin M,. 420 llill, I, lilt I),, 191 III Ml Hill, (llln 1111 llill, ( il,,n R,, 51,1 I Mi, Rill K,. 375. 468 llili, Koiiiil F.. 289. 436 Mil, Wiiiiain H.. 187. 450 Hill, William L., 300. 384. 468 Hillaholl. lohn A.. 468.492.502 llincks, Marilyn M.. 40. 41. 163, 283, 354. 468 Hindman. A. Jefferv. 395. 468 Hiiidman. Bob D,. 403 Hines. lames S.. 344. 436 Hincj. Sliaron M.. lo4. 283. 450. 547 Hinnchs. Paul R..516 Hinricksen. Virgil V.. 396 Hinson. Elode. 274. 450 Hinson. NinaD.. 436. 491 Hinton. John A., 396 Hinton: Breiida J., 375 Hirsh. Judith L.. 360 Hiser. Jcnni Lea, 90, 295, 436. Hisei, Nancv A.. 374, 450 llik, Calhciiiie, .. 331, 468 ill, I. Ill, IS, Ann D., ' 361 llnlil... D.iiiulas D., 300, 450 ll.,l,l,s, jcru , 1,, 204, 213,324. 420. 502. 510. 549 Hobbs. Linda F., 420 Hobson. Leslie C. 370, 378, 468 Hockman. Ned. 82. 83 Hodam. Carol S,, 292, 450 llmldc. Hill, 191, 316. 403. 468 Ib.iiRcs. Ja,. 302, 303. 436. 517 llodRcs, Kalhciine A,, 2,S3, 420 Hjclges. Roy L,. 194. 450 Hoelzcr. Ronald N.. 523 HoUmaii. John R,. 546 Holfmann. Karen A.. 366. 468, 492 Hoffman. Kathrvn R.. 488, 491 Hogan. Carilee A.. 268. 273, 374, 468. 492 Hogan. Patrick V.. 100. 406 Hogge. James H.. 316, 388, 468, 491 Hogins. Charles K.. 403 Hohenshclt. lohnnie R.. 307. 420 Hohmann. Darrell R.. 113. 115. 420 Hohman. Sherry J.. 468 Holada%. Stephen B.. 267. 302. 420. 431 Holasek. John E.. 521 Holbert. Honee. 290. 436 Holbert. Webb H.. 319. 468 Holbrook. Jerod L.. 205, 299, 469 Holcomb. lames F.. 191, 469 Holcomb. Larn A.. 270. 388. 469 Holcomb. Malcolm L.. 403, 469. 525 Holden. David W., 187 Holden. Richard L.. 195 Holdcrrcad. Anita S.. 374. 450 Hold,!e. Kathleen. 165. 204. 211, 212. 274. 375. 469 Holland. AlwinG,. 220.324 Holland. Dr. C.Joe, 140. 141, 532 Holland. George L.. 436 Holland, lanet J.. 292. 450 Holland, jim T.. 213 Holland, lohn W.. 191 Holland. Kathrvn F.. 450 Holland. Robert B.. 336. 420 Holland. Robert F, . 337 I I., Hand, Shervl K,, 2,83 II,, lie Riiliard. 514 Hollidax. Charles A.. 191 Holllngslicad. Paula. 367. 519 Hollingsworth. Linda. 469 Hollis. Thomas L.. 324. 436 Hollister. William C. 220. 301. 420 Hollman. Tend J.. 191.347. 389. 469 Dr. Eugen Holl 211 Holloway. ludith A.. 312. 450 Holowav. Rov B.. 395 Holowav. T. I.. 191. 450 HolK, Cecil. 450 Holmes. Barbara. 30S. 469 Holmes. David F,, IS2. 420 Holmes, Fli ahclli ., 4511 H cs. I.iiii, S.. 171, llolllKS. Inllll l; ijll. 1211 llolni.s. k. Ill I . ISI llolllKS. I ,, |. |S|. I.S-, ll„lni,s. I 1,1,1.1 ( . ISX II,, in, IS. It,,,,l I . -, PI II, , lines, Nmiiiiij. _ ' I ' 1 Holshousci, led I ' ,, 1.S2 Holt. James T,. 184. 195. 196, 384, 436 Holt, lohn K.. 344. 391. 469 H.,lw.iv, loan E,. 373. 469 llomsex, ill, hard S.. 300. 469 .liaid L.. 181.307,450 ill. HO .,sliiliiro. 420 Hood. DaviiaS,. 292. 420 Hood. Don R,. 191. 406 Hood. lames D,. 285. 420 Hood. Robert S.. 289. 469 Hood. Virginia C. 308. 436 Hood. Warren W.. 191. 324. 386, 469, William C. 307 ll.„,d, William W,. 436 ll„„ ' ,s, ja.k D,. 220 !l,„,ks, raiiicia |,. 273. 450 lloopci. Jlnim, C. 191 Hooper, kobert G.. 191. 404 Hooper. iMaijorie A.. 376. 450 Hoover. Barbara Lou. 372 Hoover. Nancy K.. 273. 436. 500, 501. 528 Hope. Garland H.. 388. 469. 4SS 568 GO MODERN SO GAS THE MARK OF HIGHEST QUALITY You can be sure that this home has met the highest standards in the homsbuilding industry. Outstanding Builders . . . Finest Materials . . . Quality Construction . . .Modern GAS Appliances backed by a fine ■family of famous brand names. Look for the home displaying the Blue Star Symbol. . . . It ' s your assuranc? of the finest! OHLRHOmfl nflTURflL SUZY CAMPBELL OFFICIAL YEARBOOK BEAUTY PHOTOGRAPHERS MEL NEWSON PHOTOGRAPHERS 541 S. UNIVERSITY BLVD. Hopkins. Gay Ic L.. 372. 469 Hopkins. GIo rv K.. 40. 41.354. 358 Hopkins. Jam es K.. 184. 402 Hopkins. Jan es L.. 187. .iSl.S. 450 Hopkins. Jim 404 Hopper. Rcgi ,ald F.. 450 Hopper. Rona Id C. 469 Hopping. Ma eia Jean, 273. 420 Hon,. Barhar J A.. 358, 469 Horn. David C 318 Hinn. J.. 450. 547 Horn. James .. 513 ll„M. Imllll, H.»n. Ke.inet v.. .331. 450 iL.. 516 Horn. La«rei ee C. 48.S Horn. Linda. 368. 469 Horn. Ronald A.. 406 Horn. Ronnie J.. 191 Horubeek. Ro naldL..303. 489 Hornbeek. La rrv R.. 382, 420 Home. iMalco Im. 336. 389, 469, 523 Horner. Jack 485 Horner. Russ 11 (;.. 481 Horning. Phi . 184. 195. 303. 43( Hornsb . Dai idC. 420 Hornstein. Be nnell C. 333. 3.)5. 420 Horton. . rchie L.. 191 Morion. Floyd D.. 285. 382. 469 Horton. William P.. 308. 384. 469 Honvedel. |on H.. 347. 450. 539 Horwitz. Steve, 187, 335. 450 Hoskins. Larry J.. 420 Hostetter. Patricia L.. 371, 508 Hough. James R.. 469 Hough. Jndv H.. 295. 369. 469. 532 Houghlin. Martha 1..3I0, 450 . Charles D,. 196, 396 , Don R,, 223, 400, 469 , Donna L,, 163 , Sherry D,, 367 L Barron C„ 118 ■d. Dallas C:.. 90, 300, 450 ■d. Eddie R.. 184 s E.. 316. 400. 469 s K.. 387. 469 292. 450 ard. ard John C... 450 John K.. 149 MikeC:.. 289. 42( , 420. 46 l irdM.. 191. 395 m A.. 420 las E.. 187, 320, Howard, Willis D., 340. 420 Ho K T 202 Howell Howell 1. 11 I - " ' ■,. Ki ' i -.•■: Howell. |,,fi ( . :■!■ . ;i.s. ijii Howell. kaiLU C... 121). 190. 347 Howell. Raniona A.. 371, 37S. 450. 508 Howell. Richard T.. 344. 420 Hower. Mac. 303. 450 Hovt. Martha J.. 295, 450 Hubbard. William A.. 203. 344. 445, 450 Hubble. Jean P., 332. 450 Huckabay. Kathryn A., 375 Hudiburg, Donna. 273. 368. 469. 501. 526 Hudson. John K.. 289. 436 Hudson. ' Michael K..316. 436 Hudson. Milburn. 134. 331. 420 Hudson. Robert K.. 191. 39) lludspclli. Linda K.. 304. 4211. 547 Hucv, John M.. 404 HulT. Charles E., 551 Hull, limmv R,, 420 llulf, Mary Lou. 308. 436, 516, 524 Ilulline. Rebecca L.. 497. 538 llulFma llulfma llullma llnlfma 469 Hughe L.. 376. 450 urge. 534 rnid 11.. 191. 401 nci A.. 308. 349. i, Barbara W,. 420, 524, i, Charles C. 191, 404 i, Ellen :.. 331. 43B i. Cwen E., 450. 526 Paula K.. 281. 436. 53 llugMS. S„s.,„ I ,. Hiiiii. I ,,,.1. I ;i.. Hull. iM, M.n., Hull. ( [..i,!.-. I . Hull. 1)1. k. I»i,. Hull. Eloise, 371 Hull, lames R.. 1 lluUett. loseph W IM. 316. 437 Hon Lurle Humble. Charle 410 274. 368. 469 C, 481. 4S3 nphrev nphrev nphrev Charles E., 437 David B.. 187. .399 Myron N.. 437, 488, cv. v. W.. 222 . Mien P.. 307. 450 . John W., 187, 340, 450 111. |o Ann, 371 ;;;[; 1 h.v.i . ; Id 1 ;: Ki.luii 1 ' . ■. 1 : HIL Knii.ilil 1... I ' ll. 150 lllu ' , ' . 1 ' , ' " . ' . ' W . 420 ilili 1. ri,..iiijs S.. 482 nitt ,. WaurK E.. 437 II. 1 lleii.i K.. 550 iric . I ' lnllipp:., 191. 303. 450 iisl l). ni.j |.. 355. 450 llsl I ' IliI S.. 4S1 irsi Skpiieu 1).. 191, 387 II t. j.iIlii I... 402. 488 irw 1 . Williams. ..335. 437 ISCI . Lulcse. 535 isei William D.. 336. 420 ..skv . Kay. 90. 171. 273. 420. 522 531 Hutlas. Edward J.. 327. 469 Hutton, Donald C.. 437 Hutlon. Harold R.. 315. 450. 4S; Hutton. Jerrv D.. 344. 405. 450 Hide. Dana D.. 373 Hvde. Homer C. 344. 420 Hvdc. Robert W.. 502 Ikeda. Marian M.. 371. 420 Hill. R..l,tri n.. 206 Iniki. Ciiie. 115. 421 lM.ij;.iki. M..l..liiko. 527 InncK. illi,n.i A.. 191. 340. 469 liittKs.. rulli.. D., 403 l,inil-.ll. I.OICIL ' .. 187 lugr.un. Cliailcs W.. 179. 180. 182. 195. 196. 197. 437.506 Ingram. David T.. 303, 437 Ingram, Robert R.. 285.437 Ingram. Susan K.. 91, 292. 367. 469 Ingram. Earl. 320. 321. 450 luhote. KaioKu L.. 374 liiman. Richard W.. 101. 104. 187. 406 libv. .Marsha. 45. 21 I. 292. 469 Irln. Peggi L.. 292. 437 liuin. Celia R . 290. 437 Iruiii. Siarlellc |,. 437. 492 lllmi. ■ ..lllle. 292. 121. 516. 524 hesU,. II. Ale W. kohc 315. 421 R.. rl L.. 3X4. 469 mie L.. 191. 386 t S.. 390 Dai I, 1)1 . 402 a C... 364. 469 i,g A., 372 J.. 187 • R., 37, 386 u, Eddie W., 113, 437 11. Edward E.. 406 u. F. B.. 437. 520, 545 M. Fran, is B.. 267. 550 II l.niKA E.. 100. 306. 406 II, |, m I)., 184. 437. 507 II I.. III! M.. 191. 382 II, l.iv.cll. 523 II S,,in ilii. 331. 367. 469 I ' eggv. K.I H.. 401 113. 115 Jacob, u. V llll 406 Joan L.. 310, 421, , Dave A,, 437 , la.,|uelineF.. 277 I ' .lii All, c P.. 223. 40 450 .175 1.1. 343. 450 li,. no, 52 ' ; 500. •■: I. Mi.liil R ■..,„. jcse 11,. 3411. 1511 . lliH 1).. 22,1. 400. 450 . Hob. 99, 127 . CIvde L., 316, 450 , Daniel W.. 323. 437 , Dennis L,, 187 , Donald L„ 497 , Jean R,, 281, 450 , Johnny D,. 437 , Judith A,. ,357, 437 , Melton B., 410 , Thomas L,. 340 , Tom Ed, 319, 421, 437 , .Mrs. Ucl. 49 . William T.. 82 . William T).. 285 on. CI 00 " I2 anelli. K.,bc,l R,. 117 ames, Kaien. 369 an.,vy. J. 4 10 ansing. Je,ie, 469 arl,.,.. |. l,„ H,, 110, I , (;,,ii ., W,. 100. 104. 406 a,MS. JoeJ.,469 ay Elsea ' i99 avrue. Ro ' bcl K.. 125. 307. 406. 421. 504 eddi. Mohammad R.. 529 .4ie,s.,,i. Jacqueline, 421 cikins. |a.i|ueline A.. 292, 364, 469 enkins. Judy K.. 292, 437, 524 enkins. William R., 191, 267. 315. 392. 470 cnulngs. Barbara. 361. 470 e„, lings. iMark W., 191. 319. 390, 470 ci,„,ugs. Nancy S.. 410 enniugs, Wylie D.. 437 etcr. Ldwa,d L.. 494. 536 ell. 0,val W.. 450. 501 ell. Rulli. 421. 500. 501. 520. 524. 528. 532 ellou. lames R.. 509 i,neue . Sallv P.. 363 ,nks. l.vdia H.. 410 ohauscn. Eric L.. 332. 437 .,l,n. Jauita A., 10. 295. 437. 518 ohns. Lee A.. 364. 470, 526 „l,i,v 1)1. (). 1).. 73 W. 20 ,128. 450. 551 I , I , - ' 02 I .111,1 l,. 421. 450 , Clyde B.. 421 , Daniel B., 316, 437 , Dion L,, 332, 437. 534, , Do,othy O,, 371, 437, ill E.. I 13. I 15. IS lull , ,115. 393, 470 , J..s,|,li,|,. IS2. 315, 171. 470 , .liuiilli P., 265, 290, 421, , Judv E„ 3, 312 . Inlia K.. 500 , 1.. Diane. 376. 437 1 b. 12. 450, Ray A., 421,521 , Robert A.. 220. 225 Sam H,. 481. 484 S,,iHiia l.. 308. 369. 470 Sv, III. 1,1 .. 421 1,11,1 (. . 347. 437 iiKiioa C. 30. 90. 91. ,iia N.. 450 M 1,. 187. 316. 451 h , F.. 190. 191. s n,, 403. no. 170 , ■. |,. 502 , s l.. 191 I ,. 191 III ( ,. 421 la l,. 312. 1 17. 491 . Kenneth C. 546 . Larry D., 221, 391. 470 , Leslie S., 437 , Linda K., 360 , Lou K.. 492 , Margaret A,, 355 , Marion D., 187 , Marthas,. 281, 451 . Mary L, 146, 147. 376, 437 , Neill E.. 399, 500, 501 , Paul D., 512 . Ralph W.. 421 . Riiha,,! I),. 182 . R.,l,c,l 1,, 1X7 . R Id |,. 190. 470 . Ronald 1... 316. 390 . Rupel. 551 . Stephanie A., 274, 451 , Thomas G,, 437, 507 . Tommy A., 421 . Vikki, 373 . William G.. 480 , Willi; , Willi; n, Abn n, Danny W,. 100. 1X7. 406 n. Edwin H,. 307. 451 n. Larry R.. 402 n. Linda J.. 368 n. Robert C. 327. 403. 470. I r. James L.. 179, 189 ak, David 1.. 206,327, 421 a. Elizabeth J., 369 Roy L.. 421. 547 „i. Anna K.. 1.33, 136, 292. I ,n, Charles S.. 378. 492 , Mary A.. 136. 292. 451. , 532 e, Margaret A.. 361. 470 s. Detlev D.. 421 KelU-y. C:l,a,les 1). n J. " jr.. 39, ' ! nK.. 402 B.. 480 ka.lak,. B. 4 10 Kobcl Andiew. 550 Kaderli. H. Hilton, 191. 402 Kagan. Suzanne B.. 277, 375, 470. 525 Kahler. Gary M.. 191, 388 Kahn, Joy v.. 277, 451 Kahn, Michael G., 337 Kahn, Roger E,, 191, 278, 388, 470 R,, 470 Kahoe. Ja Kalse,. Ja 191, 470 i P,, 113, 116 iR.. 343,370. 470. 526 Kallenbach, Lyle R,, 410 Kallmcver, Michael L. 335. 451 Kalma.l, Joan R., 133, 134. 304, 445, 457, 508 Kalman, Julie C. 133. 134.304. 457 Kalman, Teresa A.. 134. 304. 421. 520. 547 Kaniber. Janet B., 343. 358. 470 kameu.Toba Fiances. 276. 277. 437 Kaincnesky. MarlencJ.. 277. 421. 526 Kane. Pal. 307, 385. 470 Kannadav. Dianna M.. 367. 470 Ka,i,,ady. Rov E.. 203. 204. 421. Floii Kapell. SI; Kapka. Susan I Karam. Jerry .- Kaiasek. John Karowski. Beth Kassik, Ronald W , H. 375 277 534 1,17. 421 Katz. Judy, 343, 359, 451 Kalzenbock. Edwin L.. 47 Kauirman, Edward C,, 344. 421 Kaufman. Robert S.. 335. 400. 470 Kay. Tommv Lee. 470 ,142. 343. 421 kayl,. R.,1,. Do, I II.. ,1,15. 437 ,1.1, III. lull ,, ,1114. ,101,. 4.17 Keaias. , laj. William S., 178. IXJ K. 11,, 336. 437 194 li, Ja. L II , I ' lX Keas. Christa C, 134, 374 Keating, Barbara M,, 355 Ks. . iil ' n ' ,, ' ' L.. ' ' ' 3 ' 42. 379. 3,S3. Keaton, Lloyd C 206 421. 494. 510. 525. 542 Keck, Robert, 521 les. Hillv A.. 451 Kecgan, Linda C, 366, 470 le . lUr,,,, B.. 191. 387 KeeVey, Mrs, Joe, 4,96 Keelev. PhilM., 120, 344, 405, les. C. ().. 191 les. Carl 1).. 451. 482 437, 504 les. Ca,.,l A,. 312. 437 Keeling. Richard. 470 ,es. Caia.iy,! I... 331. 437 Keely. Lee H.. 223. 470 ,. , (la,. ,,.. It,. 497 Keen. Paul. 129 1. . 11,1.1.1 1 , 191. 391 k., 1 es C. 545 1, ,, ll,n..l l , 1X7. 401. 151 k..„a„, I ' cggye A..310, 437 us. Ili,i,.il.l ,. 170 k,,s,c, Ma.lhaJ,. 273. 451 i.s. 1 a,l l{,. 22,1, 400 kel,,,. Leslie. 277. 372. 470. 525 ,.s. 1 ia„k J., .103. 394, 470 keilh. ILl.old. 99 ,.s, (.l.ainetl, 1).. 393. 470 kell. ■Fhomlon (Tobv). 303. 137 , s. (..„„ri, 98 kelle. Edward D.. 403 ,es. Hugh R., 270,320, 121 kell, rhals. Myrtle B.. .353 les. Hugh V. .lr„ 451 kcll.r. Flwanda L., 451,538 les. |„e 1)., 191. 389, I O k.ll.,. Pahi.ia A.. 451 „s. lohn O., 316. 483 kelle,. Patricia K.. 264. 281, 4. ' i.l ,es, lohnny II. |r., 90, 45 1 4,17. 522 ,cs, kathh.,,. 136, 265, 274. 45 - kcllel, Robert O.. 315. 4,17 kel lei 1), ( lao.le. 73 kel ley K, ,l„el. (,.. 289 Kel ley ka 111 ken L. 295. 421, 451 532 Kellev La •rv K„ 203, 289, 451 Kelley P. C. 520 Kellev Ro nald W.. 187. 3X2 Kellev Hi lia,,l A,. 121, ' 12. -,31, Kelley Si il,., I ' l " , 1711 kellev Sii .iiiiii 1 , i " ' l, 1 17 R.,1,1 II.. 191 ken,,il. Slia,„„ E., 355. 4:17. 545 kcmpne,. Melv.u J.. 401 Kendall. James E.. 145. 146. 147 171. 532 Kendrick. Kenneth L.. 1X4. 196. 289. 437 Kennaid. Herman R., 303. 390. 470 500 Kennedy. Edward L.. 380. 501 Kennedv, James D.. 184. 316. 437. 497 Kennedv. |oe R.. 320. 421. 481 Kennedy. John M.. 191. 296,395. 470 Kennedv. Judith M.. 295. 451 Kennedv. Noah A.. 332. 451 Kennedy. Patricia A.. 290. 376. 437 Kennedy. Viva L.. 308. 362. 470. k.i ' i ' i.y, Glorias.. 360 kiiislii... Janice C, 310. 421 k,,,sl,,w, .leri L., 161. 310. 451 kenl. Riciiaid L.. 421. 507 keiil. William A.. 389 kenlon. Kathryn D.. 134. 312. 367. 470 Kenvon. Lucille. 512 Keinoii. Richa,d W.. 191. 403. 470 Kepke. Robert J. .320. 481. IS2 Kern, Frank J., 516 Kern, John G„ 406 Keriiek. M, Ann, 304, 451 Kernek, George, 124, 125, I2S Kerns, Cvntliia A.,370. 470 Ken, Ben ),, 336, 395, 470 Kerr. Chai ' les S.. 395 Ken. Don. 466 Kerr. Henry P.. 267. 336. 43,1. 437 lames W.. 191. 404 Kay, 308. 451. 466 Robert L.. 421. 511 Scat.,, Robcil S.. 36 William C.. 344. 451. 4X0 W, . 1.. 1X7 I. 290. 45 1 4 70 esslci. ikk, esk,. I).,l.,,es A.. 2X1. 451 el. I,, Kaila . .. 283, 421 el.l,. Russ. II L.. 421 euham. |a„,s L.. 312, 470,515 etchum. Janet, 162, 292, 366, 374, 470. 515 Jith. 1 G.. 268. 348. 437 488 Ketonen. Joel P.. 517 Key. Hugh B.. 482 Key. losepb F,, 303, 437 Keys. ' liidv A.. ,304. 451 Kha,,, ' . , ,ileshi,. 511. 529 kihl,.. Rulh ( -. ,171., 197 ki.e. Wane, B.. 4X0 kidd, Robeil F., 223. 491 Kidd, Robert L,, 285.401,421, 488 Kidd. Virginia L.. 166. 225. 31: 437 ki.l..,ll M.n, ha ( .. 273. 4:17 ,1. ,, K.ll. , . k. 421 H..,,sei„j,y. :10X. 451 Kilgoie. W. Calvin. .390. 470. 4,88 Killian. William B.. 296. 404. 470 Killingsworth. Lestci. 421 Kilpaliick. Bill IL, 191.319. 400. 470 Kiltaui, Donald K.. 421. 513 Kim. Ill Sook. 48. 49, 421,527 Kimball. Paul M.. 399 Kimbcrlin. Charles L.. .391 kimbeiling. Amos A.. 191.:i40. 470 Kimbrell. Willaid W.. 191. 403, 470 Kimliiougli. John B.. 182. 190 Kimbiough. Karen L.. 376. 451 Kime. Diana S., 367 kime. Sherry A, ,273, 437 Kimelman, Joel P,, 335, 437 470 ell. Dale A., 1.33, 343, 368, ell. Shaioii R., 264. 343. , 50S, 548 y. Bonnie P.. 26X 570 YOUR SOONER YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER MELANIE PURYEAR STEVE LAWTON COMMERCIAL and PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY UNIVERSITY STUDIOS 217 W. BOYD JE 4-2602 Kincaid, John V.. -470 Kinder. BillvJ., 421 King. Carol A., 136, 369, 501 King. Donald L., 270, 437, 488, 490 King. Edward M.. 403. 470 King. Car T.. 400, 470 King, Janet. 133, 375. 470 King. Jesse E.. 534 King. Nina S.. 312. 372, 427 King. Roger E., 191, 316. 395. 470 King. Sandra J.. 133.313.451 King. Sharon C, 497 King, Sheron F.. 273, 421 King. Su An F.. 375. 530 Kingelin, Kav. 496 Kinnan. Pamela K..312. 451 Kinnebrew. James A., 187. 289. 451. 452, 539 Kinnebrew. Jackson M.. 184. 195. 196. 289. 437 Kinnebrew. La Donna. 363. 421 Kinzer. (ane M., 421, 501 Kinzer, Robert L.. 171. 378. 39C. 421, 500, 534 Kiper, John. 502 Kipp. William M.. 296. 297. 400. 470 Kirch. Marlene J.. 281. 451 Kirk. Harold C... 184, 402 Kirk, Joseph. 536 Kirk. Robert F., 404 Kirkham. Rodnev T., 206, 319. 383. 470 Kirkhart, Roberta L., 368. 470. 519 Kirkhnir. John C, 187 Kirkland. Carol L., 312, 376. 451 Kirkland. Richard L.. 385 Kirkman. Claudia A.. 290, 373. 470 Kirkpatrick, Mary C. 292, 364. 470 Kirkpatrick. Robert A., 332, 421, 516, 549 Kirschner. Barbara K.. 470 Kirschner, Susan B.. 277. 356. 358. 451 Kiskorna. Kenneth J.. 191. 404 Kitagawa. Taxi T.. 527 Kitclicn. Earl V.. 324. 421.518 Klabzuba. Judv A.. 310. 451 Klalf. Irene J.. 276. 277. 421 Klaffke. Keith L.. 404 Klein. Allan D., 337. 389. 470 Klein. Ronald L.. 482 Klem, Marion C, 480. 484 Klein, Ronald L.. 481 Klein. A. D.. 191 Kliewer. Linda, 421 Kligman. Shirley A., 372. 470 Kline. Steven E., 315, 406, 470 Klingstedt. Joe L., 492 Klinker. Walt, 106 Klinock, JeraldA., 337, 421.517 Kloeckler, Adeline, 373 Klutts. Karen K.. 375, 470 Knapp, Gary L.. 123 Knapp, James L., 406 Knapp. Marian L.. 133. 134, 470 Knapp. Nancy G., 331, 437, 518 Knapp, Spencer L., 285, 421, 502, 510 Kneff, Svdne, 163, 451 Knickmeyer, JoeW., 187, 385 Knight, Harold D.. 383 Knight, lames R.. 504 Knight. Robert B.. 123 Knighton. Earl M.. 493 Kniselev. John W., 191 Knittel. lames C... 509 Knopf. Robert I., ,337. 382. 470 Knott, Karen K.. 369. 470. 551 Knox, Robin B., 516, 549 Kobdish, Richard M., 191, 319. 381, 471 Kobyluk, John M., 391 Koch, Gwende A., 422 Koch, William E., 320, 451 Kohler, Dr. Frederick, 12 Kolander, GaiT W., 299, 422 Kolbrener, Robert K.. 187, 406 Kolesnik. Henry A.. 404 Kolker. Ronald G.. 514 Kondonassis. Alex, 517 Kooken, Ralph L.. 340. 451 Koonce, Charles E.. 191. 194. I9« Koontz, Palmer B.. 319. 471 Kopka, Susan, 312 Koram, Jerry, 484 Kosseau, Diana L., 410 Koslka, Karen L., 374, 437 Kotila. David A.. 534 Kourl. Warren K . 335. 437 al. |;..,,jM I Jl-i. 299. 451 Kr; Kraellli II M I ;s7. 471. 488 Kramw ' .il.iM.I II I 10. 21 I Krani. I Mii.Lill | 135. 451 Kranur n,ili|. -.(11) KrandJ, k.ii.i.tli, ; l " ,. 387. 471 Kranz. I .llIciilI. (,.. 206. 404 Krasnow, Robert W.. 187 Kratchman, Elaine C. 343. 471 Kravetz, Leon J., 187,390, 452 Krepps, laneL., 295, 452 Kricte, Vance R., 549 Kroeger, Karl Jr.j 191, 401 Kroney, Robert H., 315, 422, 518 Kronfcld, Louis R., 118, 187, 289. Kross, SelmaM..343, 452 La« to, . Shern n 187, 289 Kouse. Ann S.. 372 452 Kroutil. N. Frank. 394, 471.519 Lautoi . StepI an E., ;87, 267, Kroutil. Thomas L.. 320. 438. 551 289. 452 Krusc. Douglas R.. 187. 194 LawH. ( .illiii II, .. 367. 171 Krutsinger, Jackie. 133. 136 Knbik. JamesJ.. 327, 422 L.n,„. l,h„! . ;!5S l.ailMU 1 Inlili , 1 . ISS Kuhlman. Larrv G.. 388. 471 LtHns. (.((III;, 1 .. 422. 194 Kuhn, BrendaG..361. 422 Let loi I. D.ii, il W .. 130. 203. Kuhn. Sarah E.. 374 :mi. 45 2 Kuhnemund. Glenda S.. 36. 37. LeC,„i c. Don W .. 379. 384 310 LeCo, . llji .1.1 11.. 320. 438 Kulp. Victor K.. 191. 324. 471 UK. ,11. I ' .nil,, :.. 1)1. 438 Knmmings. William VV.. 191. 385. I.d.n. n. |nl 1 11.. 203 471 I.cIm-. 1. . ISI. 485 Kuia. Eddie M.. 392 Li(.,,,i ,1, I ' .M . 1.. 401 Kinl . n.nhl P., IL ' I. " in. 502 Le .,M ,. 1 M iliO Kn f 1 V.dw .(III 10 ; : - ' ' Le ,,ll l,l V , 171 Ki,ii W ill ' i.iiii 1- III 1, (:)8. 511 Lea, 1 ' . nl w ' . IIMI. Ifl7 kiisiul k . ll,,i,i,l 1... il3. 361. Lea. Si S.IH l . 1 N. 496 471 Kuvkcndall, Rose E.. 290. 471 K kcr. Robert A.. 396. 422 Kvle. Judith L.. 310.369. 471 Kvle. Nicholas S.. 187 Kvle. Philip V., 481 Kvle, Robert H., 404 Kvser, lohn L.. 438 L.i l)rc«. ClilfiiidC.. (1111. 471 I, I M,,i..,. S.iii, |.. Ijn. 152 1 ,1 Km, |,i, LI! 171 500, 547 Lack. David E., 270, 400. 471 Lacv. Walter E.J 422 LaHins. Bonnie L.. 310. 452 Lalitte. Gene A.. 511 Lafon. Earl E., 422, 534 Lahr, Linda S.. 359, 422 Lain. Sandra E.. 551 Laiid. Dean, 496 Laird. Pam. 161. 331, 368. 471 Laird. William J.. 438.512 Lamb. Norman A.. 481. 484 Lambert. James M.. 481 Lambert. Robert A.. 396 Lambert. Steve L.. 187. 389 Lambertz. Dick H.. 127. 344. 422. 520 Lampton, David H.. 320. 452 Lampton, Dorothy H.. 187 Land. Patricia A.. 364. 471 Land. Robert N., 191. 336. 395, 471 Landa. Norman, 481. 484 Landauer. M. Laile. 289. 422 Lander. Ann. 348. 375. 471 Landholt. David E., 191, 336, 471 l.andiam. CarolMi |., 438 Landinm. Ronald G.. 422. 528, 536. 549 Lane. Clara R., 363 Lane. Gwvn, 147 Lane. Mona., 364, 471 Lane, Neal F., 285, 410 Lanford. Nathan A., 184,315, 438 Lang, Barbara B., 375, 471 Lang, Lvnda L.. 290. 452 Langa. Stanley M.. 191. 401. 471 Langdon. B. J.. 191,320 l,aiii; l„n. Ben. 3,85, 471 L.ii.i;.. Madeline J.. 354. 359 L.iimlo. Carol A., 355 L.iiiglei. Sandra L.. 375, 471, 432 Langston, Retha A., 452 Langworthv, Marten, 336, 393, 471 Lanier. Bill. 514 Lansdcn. Thomas J.. 438 Lanvon. J. Ken. ISO. 182. 195. 266. 267. 319. 422 Larason. Timothv M.. 289. 422 Largent. Marilvn A.. 304. 452 Larimore. Dale W.. 191. 471 Larroux. Linda. 136 Lars,,,,. Ilai [.. 401 |„ ■ W L.ishI L, It,, I,. Il W . -,51 Laajs. |j t .. il I. 171 Laskav, ' Linda L.. 355 l.askv; George A.. 277, 422 La.sseter. Linda L.. 273, 422. 507 Lassiter. Donald V.. 184. 497 Latham, Mark E.. 405 Lathrop, Lester W., 512. 528, 536 Lauderdale. Mike L., 378. 396, 438 1 ..ii,;hl.. I.i.iidon H.. 336. r.V ' , ; : ' , 11. 549 I,,,,. II. I .., I,,. 354. 356. 378. 152. 502. fiUS l.a«hon. Ceiald L.. 410. 525 Lawiencc, Donald E., 340. 389. 452 I, aw,,-, I.e. Donald L.. 179. 180. 1. in " , 122 l..,„i, ,,,, 1 1, 1,1, 1.-. 399 I ,1-, , 1 1,, III,, 1).. 187. 452 l.,,„ 1,11,. 1,1, k l( . 4,S0 1 C.. 187. 324. 452 Leach, Laurie. 69 Leake, James, 395. 488 Leakey. Steven P.. 213. 385. 471 Lear, Alvin C. 406 Ledbetter, Richaid K.. 185, 344. 438 Lederer, Patricia M.. 354. 361. 471 Ledgerivood. Freida R., 374 Ledlow, Claudia K.. 363 Lee, Arlin, 516, 549 Lee, Clarence, 523 Lee, Elisabeth G., 356 Ue, Gaylon A., 180 Lee, HonK., 233,401 Lee. JackN., 113, 114, 115. 116, 340, 422 Lee, Linda L.. 362. 471 Lee. Marilyn K... 281, 452 Lee, Mary A., 496 Lee, Ro ger A., 422, 506 Lee. Shirley K., 371,422, 511, 530 Lee, Skip, 356, 551 Lee, Suzanne, 310, 355, 452. 547 Lee. William VV.. 101, 107. 185. 406. 505 Leech, Kenneth A.. 410 Leedy. James H.. 206 Leedv. Robcit E.. 534 Leek! Gary A., 422 Lees, Donald H.. 390. 471 Lcfebvre, Ronald E.. 223, 396 Lelfel, Linda A., 292,438, 491, 520 Lener, Judy A., 374 Lehman, Jerald J., 187, 336, 452 Lehman, Lee T.. 191, 299, 385, 471 Lehman. Robert A.. 336. 422 Leibowitz. Leslie H., 267, 277. 279. 438 Lcichhaidl. Kenneth E.. 319. 395. 471 Leigh. Martha L.. 372, 471 Leightv. Floyd H.. 394 Lemme. Margaret L.. 268. 471 Lenington. Jerry O.. 187 Lensden. Tommv. 319 Lenskv. Larrv R.. 191 Lennai-d. Alvin R.. 488. 501 Leonard. Angeiine |.. 134. 273. 422 Leonaid. Barbaia E.. 2.95. 471 Leonaid. Joseph E.,381. 452. 488 Leonaid. Margaret A., 511 Leonaid, Timothy D.. 123. 289. 405, 422. 504 Leonard. William L.. 481. 484. 4SS ( li.iil.- N.. 404 LciMiili, l , .N.. 404 Lcriii.iii. W ,nii, l.. 400 Lerii, I, l ' .,,il..,i.i s . 277. 372. 471 U■ .l I 111,1,, I i ' 9 Lrsh, ( II, M.i W , 191. 347. 471 Leslu, |.,iii, W , 187. 296. 438 Lesouiu. lijil.a.a. 277,375. 471 Lcvallcx. , lar» A.. 312 Levi. TommieL..371, 422 Levin, Gail S., 277. 471. 526 Levin. Icrry W..335. 438 Uvin. Lois E.. 343. 362. 471 Levin. Tammi R., 369 Lcvine. Alice G.. 277. 452,526 Leviiie, Nanellf M.. 277. 360. 471 Lc iii ,,ii, jiiiliil, K,. 343. 361. 471 in I, . 222. 332. 452 Levv Le I II, il5 l.cuis. Leslev R.. 191 l.ovis. Lvmaii (;.. 401 l.cuis. Mike. 399 Lewis. Natalie G., 277. 364. 471. 532 Lewis. Susan M., 312. 452 Lewis, ' |•,rr | , 471 l,,., is ri ,s ijj iss Lc«,i,s I l.,,l,s ,, JS-. HI " ,, 45 Lil,..| Li, l„ i; . 452 LickHdci. Ronald |.. 344. 422. 427. 508 l.ieb. Marv P.. ,357. 438, 492 Ligon. William O.. 323. 438 Likens. Joan M.. 166, 281. 438 Lillaid. Linda A., 312, 452 Lillcnberg. Kent R.. 323, 43 j Lillis, Angle. 2,83, 452 Lillv, Michael A.. 191, 404 Liming, Mary L,, 135, 273, 369, 471 Lin, Chun, 546 Lindel, XendaJ., 283. 452 Lindlev. Cheryl L., 292, 374. 471 Lindsav. Barrett K.. 332. 438 Lindsav. Beverlv H.. 312. 372. 471 Lindsay. Charles G.. 120 Lindsav. Linda J.. 422 Lindsav. Michael R., 122, 406, 505. 512. 528, 536 Lindsev. Carolyn V., 290, 363, 491, 526 Lindsev, Gene, 331, 452 Lindsev. Jimmv L.. 223. 307. 452 Linhaidt. Linda K.. 452. 538 Linn. George E.. 401 Linville. Lloid W.. 388. 391. 471 LinviUe. Wavne D.. 192 Lipe. Billy H.. 192 Lipps. Flovd A., 192. 401. 471 Lipscomb, Marv L., 292. 366. 471 Lipstet, Robert Leighton, 191, .335, 382, 471 Liptoii, Roberts.. 532,548 Lipton, William H., 141,337, 438 Lista, Pilar. 496 Lista, Napoleon. 422. 493, 494. 549 Litchlield. lolin A.. ,194 Littell. Calhei E.. 164. 277, 471 Littke. n„niia S.. 290. 438 Littke. Janice E.. 290. 374. 422 Little. MaiorE. L.. 195, 218 Little, Judith |.. 368 Little, Kenneth A.. 187 Little. Mary June. 136 Little. Vernon. 393 Littleton. Tom. 422 Lin. LingC, 410 Livelv. ludith K..312. 358. 471 Livelv, Mary A.. 133. 292. 366. 471 Livezey. Dr. William E.. 69. 71 Livingston, Garv N., 510 Livingston, |oyce A., 368 Livingston. Karen S., 292, 365, 471 Livingston, LyIeL..312, 548 Livingston, Lynn A., 265. 438 Livingston, Robert B., 307, 438 Lloyd. Cynthia A.. 422 Llovd. lohn W.. 438 Lobaugh. Stephen L.. 191,315. 394. 471 Lochhead. J. Roger. 547 Locke. Patricia E.. 134, 471, 527 Locke. Robert A.. 36 Lockhart. John M.. 402 Lockwood. Frederick J.. 323. 452 Loewen Carol S 355 Loewenl Clara M. ' , 390. 422. 538 Loftis, lames L., 452 Logan. ' Lilian A.. 304. 452 Logan. T. R.. 192 Logsdon. Harold L.. 182.379. 398. 482 Lohmann. Phil |.. 101. 107. 505. 523 Lohiman, Robert G., 192, 335, Lomax, John D., 480. 481. 484 Lombardo. Santion. 422. 493 Long. Donald K.. 1.S5 Long. Helen D., 364 Long. James R.. 182 Long. Lindsey. 270, 471 Long. Mrs. PattieM.. 179. 411 Longbotham. Judith A.. 273. 422 Longest. C:. Beth, 372, 471, 488 Loonev. Beverley S.. 374 Looney. Myron C, 347. 438 Lord. David L.. 378.510 Loudermilk. Jan. 114 Loukota. Robert D.. 523 Louthan. John A., 400 Love. Christopher F.. 296. 452 Love, lack W.. 340. 422 Love. Linda. 371, 452 Love. Pete. 195 Love. Rnv R.. 509 Love. William C... 185 Lovela,,, III, lull K . 164. 471. 488 Lovel.,,,, ii.;il I ' , 157. 307. 452 Loveriiit, I i.nikliii I ' ,. ,120. 438 Lov, I II. too illi. 452 Lowe, k. Mil, III I . l,sl, 471 Lowe. M.iii I , .I ' lll, 152 Lowell. Phillip N .. 187. 320. 452 Lowiance, James A.. 404. 471 Lowrey. Austin L.. 399 Lowrv. loeL.. 205. 324, 452 Lowthe, ' , |.ssie I 407 l.ow , Si ml,, II " .III Lubel, li,l,i. I I I ' i2, ,337. 452 Lucas, llill I , J ' I ' I, 122 Lucas. t,,,llcti,, ,;i.ll. 122 Lucas, lane M.. 290, 452 Lucas. Larry B.. 315, 438 Lucas. Sally M.. 290, 361. 471 Lucas, Suzanne F.. .331. 422. 532 Lucas, Tommv A., 481. 482 Lndlam, Judy G., 171, 273, 422, 491, 492 Ludlow. Donald A., 147 Ludman. Susan, 343. 358, 471 Ludmeier. Barbara E.. 438. 547 L,iKi,ibnel. Jack R., 393, 422, 48; Luke. Robert P.. 336. 422. 546 Luna. JcirW.. 395. 471 l.undschen. James G.. 303. 438 Luiidschen. Martha J. .310. 472 Lupcr. Barbara J.. 358 leva.l..3( Lusk. ' Edward D., 118. 405, 452 Lusk. Larrv L.. 347. 438 Lusk. Marlis J.. 358 l.iiili. l.i ,|,,liii It,, 185 I W.. 355 378. 452 Lutz. Edward E.. 20S. 320. 403, 472 Lutz. Phillip A. .320. 438. 513 Lvckberg. Joan B., 328. 438 L ke. Rob. 494 Lxle. Douglas C, 296, 297, 387, 472 Lvle, TomC. 285. 452 Lvles. Paul E., 402, 452 Lvnch, William D., 192,395, ' 472 Unn. Ann C. 281, 438 L nn. lav. 332. 438 Lvnn. iMarv E.. 312. 472 Lvnn. NancvR.. 312, 452 Lyons, Carolvn |.. 359 Lyons, Paul L.. 192, 396 Lyons, Sherry L., 354, 372 Mc McAdams, Roberta G., 292, 452 McAlister, JoeP., 187 McAlister, Keron, 312, 362, 472 iMcAlister, Wade S., 550 iVlcAlister, Frances E.. 136. 292, 438 M, ,i,ilK. , illiur. 69 , l, iil,iii, I ' , nil. 472 l, u,, l,,,k 1,. 398 . l,lt,.v, invli.i 1... 452 McBce. George H.. 316, 452 McBrayer, Carol A.. 133, 163. 357, 452 McBride, Alice A.. 472 McBride, Paul L., 472 McCabe. Riley R.. 192 , lcCaffertv, George. 484 McCaflery, Terrence T.. 422 McCaffrey. George J.. 379, 390 McCaffrev, James A.. 379. 399. 482 McCain. Watson N.. 403 .McCallum, Roger E., 513 McCarroU, Patrick C. 523 McCarter. Louis E. Jr., 289 422 McCarler, Dr. Pete Kvle, 66 69, 18 McCarthy, Rita J., 511 McCarthy. Robert. 192, 400 McCarthv. William J., 482 . lcCartv. Barbara C. 290. 438. 538 ■McCartv, David M.. 515 McCartv. Elvcra A.. 274. 472 iMcCartv, Michael G.. 192 McCarville. Dennis M.. 519 McCIain. Sid. 397 McClain. Judv. 355. 422 McClain. Richard R.. 482 , l,Claiialian. tirockett N.. 47 .McClellan. Larrv ».. 183 W. Mike. 17. 101. 107, 183. 406. 504 , Lewis P.. 472 ames B., 323 i C, 472 C. Jr., 323, 422. McClell 179. 1 .McClend McClure McClure McClure 513 McClure McCoUu McComa 452 McC, John Marv E., 312, 422 n, C. Buck, 402, 452 , Arthur E., 187, 398, James A.. 327, 422 McConahay, James R., 192 McConnel, John A., 399, 438, 499 el, Joseph E., 472. 499. 541 inell, la., inell, M. McC:onnell, C. H.. 202 .McCon McC:ori 472. 492 McConnell. M. Sue. 376. 452 McCook. Ruthie, 490 McCook. Tim A., 423. 488. 489. 490. 491 McCourrv. Stanley A., 423. 497 McCoy, Ethelv 492. 508 McCov, Fi-anci; B., 452, 491, MrCov. Sue E.. 331. 452. 500, in I, 508 M,( ,,v I ', 423 l,( iiiii, . iiKiis J. Jr.. 399, 438 M.( i,i„, l.iiii,, R.. 290, 451, 452 M,l,,ii,U. Lddie |.. 523 McClnrdv, Gary S., 318, 319, 438 572 THAT ' S OUR BANK, TOO " CITY sMiom vn, iVJohnaH ■ FXJBLIO-A-TIOISr siisTOE ises olcla. 573 Edward M.. :i-t. 3S. 192, JI6. 472 M.Daniel. Brcnda S.. 423. . ' ;20. 547 McDanicl. r;. Tillman. 4. ' i2 McDanirl. George O.. 493. .IIS. 534 McDaniel. J. D.. 202 MiDaniel. James S.. 411 McDaniel. K. . nne. 331. 452. 508 M. Daniel. Ronald C:.. 423. 512 l. Daniel. Ronald Tim. 315. 4X1 4S5. 512 M.D.inui. .Suzan. 411 M),iinel. William E.. 192. 472 M.DjMM.dd. Martha K.. 2S3. 432. 43S M.D.Muld. Bnzz. 125. 315. 401.. 41S KDiui.dd. Dian |.. 515 McDonald. Donald R.. 411 McDonald. George E.. 130. 1.S2. 195. 419 McDonald, lanie. 30S. 452 McDonald. Lawrence H.. 39S McDonald. Richard V.. 299. 423. 492 McDonald. Robert D.. 481. 483 McDonald. Roger D.. 394. 472 M. Donald. Thorn B.. 396 l, Donald. Tomnn. 207. 299. 423 MiDouRal. James E.. 340. 438 M.I),.«cll. George E. Jr., 192, 344. 387. 472 KD.,«cll. James P., 423.511 UDo vell. Jessie A.. 331. 438. 503 McElrov. Bert C. 192. 307. 382. 472 McElrov. George H.. 182 McElrov. Roger E.. 187. 320. 452 McEnroe. William P., 192. 296. 400. 472 M.l ' advcn. Frances A.. 308. 472 I.K..aicn. Lucv F.. 308. 423. 518 M,F.iriand. Dora. 531 UF.Mlaiid. Lawrence D., 285. 452 McFailand. Robert F.. 185, 267, 3(13. 438. 548 McCtt. Anita, 496 McGcc. David A., 324. 438. 548 M.Cee. Henrv C.. 423 Kav L.. 369 l,(.cc. Mrs. Paul, 348 MiCct. Sandra L., 290. 452 Toramv B.. 481 M.Geliei. Michael D.. 192. 403. 472 M,Ginipse . Martin D.. 514 M.Cinnis, William E. )r.. 344. 393. 472 McGoffin. Michael J.. 307. 452 McGoodwin. Ermona B.. 423. 522 McCowen. limmie L.. 452 McCrew, Mike. 61 McGrew. Patrick W.. 192. 453 McGrew, William C. III. 507. 514 M.Ciuire. Derril W.. 482 Mi(;uire. George G.. 223. 401 NKGnlre. Lonnie D.. 406 Mct;nirc. Patlie A.. 295. 453. 54S McGuire. Ronald T.. 192. 194. 403 McHughes. Larrv L.. 438. 525 iMcIninch. Janice M., 265. 310. Mcintosh. lanie M.. 273. 423 Mcintosh. Michael E.. 404. 472 Mcintosh, Robert D.. 340. 388. 472 Mclntvre. Thomas A.. 192 Mclvcr. Pal M.. 161. 331. 453 MiKi.i,!. |,ni T... 372 M. K., Ml, li,„ I H,. 285. 453 M.K., l(.,l„ ,1 11 . 192 Ml K.I I I ,1 I . 316. 438 M. K. Im , I 1, 1, I |,. 551 M. ki In I ' .Hm I. 535 M. K. n H I in II . ISO. 485 M.k,n ii. II ki. |.. 274. 360, 472 M. Kinnei. Kenneth N., 480 MiKionev. Lvnn D., 290, 453 M, Kinnei. Sara L.. 453 M.Kin.iis. Sarah A., 331 l. KriiKlK. Gary L.. 185. 332. 438 M.kniKl.l. Helen A.. .356 M.kiiiKlil. Marv I.. 308. 423 l.knit;lil. I ' alriila V.. 453 M. KuiKhl. Richard 1... 379. 385. 4. SI M.I.ain. K.isalirid K. . 310. 453 McI.aiiKhiin. Patrick D.. 423 McLaurin. William T.. 549 McLaury. Ralph L.. 187, 300. l.l,el.ind. Dorothy S,. 290. 2!l I . (51. 154 l. I.. 11.111. l)o ialdR.,3I6. (IS M. I.cll.,11. George E.. 332. Ill .MiLcniou-. lell P.. . ' )3, 142. 147. 296. 438 McLennan. Linda. 548 McLeod. (;avle C., 165, 292. 453 McLcod. Robeit M.. 185. 195. 441 McLin. Janet ( ' ... 220. 453 McMahan, Or vis D., 411.547 McMahon. Patricia A., 308. 423 McManns. Judith M., 312, 362, 472 .McMasters. Marilyn J., 4.53, 492 McMeans, Joe R.. 315, 395, 472 McMeans. Nlarv L., 376, 453 McMillan. Mark J., 488 McMuUen. James D., 401 McNall. C. W.. 187 McNceK. lerrv W.. 267. 346. 423, 507 McNeelv. Julian P.. 3411. 388. 472 McNeil. Douslas H.. 400 McNeill. BarrvG., 315. 453 McNutt. Doris K.. 38, 290, 438. 545 McPheron. Kill.. . I I . ilV lis MtPiond. III. I 111 iiiV 17.: McQuarters. K.lili, I M ' J Hi-, McQuiUen. J.iini D ), . IT, McRav. John It.. 21111. 4 is McR.e. flharlotlc. 423 McRight. William R.. 403 McN ' av. Michael [.. 185. 195. 196 M.Williams, lan ' et M.. 374. 438 U illi.inis. Phyllis . .. 423. 520 M Mabns. James D.. 196. 423. 549 Mac Arthur. Pam. 281, 363 Mac Donald. Daniel P.. 178, 195 Mac Goyvan, Craig F.. 192, 385, 472 MacKellar, James P.. 320. 381. 472 Macaulev. Don R.. 300. 438 Mace. Sandra F.. 295. 438 Mach. Robert J.. 387 Machen. Jimmy D.. 322. 438. 548 Mackev. Jo Ann. 304. 43S, 497 Maddox. Marilyn A.. 274. 43S Maddo.x. Marilyn K.. 295. 453 Maddux. Jerald M.. 332, 438 n T., 320. 438 ulon M.. 534 Madewehl. John E.. 307 Madewell. John, 307. 453 Madole. John P., 512,528 Madson, William C., 223, 386, 472 MaKKi, Eli .ihell, A.. 373 MasM.i. I.iiii.s. I ' l ' i. Ilin MaKo.iii. Hhiii K . 135. 423. 431 Mahnii.n.i. ILiiilli A,. 453, 512 Mahono. Arnold B.. 270, 404, 472. 488 Mahoney. Jo,seph P., 187, 289. 453 Mahoney, Robert |.. 203. 303. 453 Mahvi. Aeolghasscn. 529 Maib. Donald E.. 192. 401 Maik. Edward P.. 497 Main. Don R.. 194 Main. Joseph N.. 404. 42.1 Main. Ronald L.. 194. 22.1 Maishow. Robert. 482 Mallik. Muhammad A.. 48. 49. 512. 527 Mallin. Paul L.. 335. 438 Mallov. Francis E.. 423 Mallov. lack. 315. 472 Malone. William K.. 404 Malov. David F., 381. 472. 488 Maltbv. Elizabeth K.. 290. 362. 438 Maltbv. Linda A.. 290. 362. 472 Mandlebaum. Dean A.. 400 Manev. KatherineE.. 134, 136. 292. 447. 453 Mangoehkoesoemo, Rasbid, 396 .Mangum. Mikki E.. 375 Manis. M.iicia K.. 136. 364. 472 MankiM. 1,1,11 ii.i S . Mil. 472 Manl.i s,,n,|,,, k il.3 370. 472 Martha L.. 134. 1.15 l., 472 II ' IS ' I ' l I 18 plieii P,, 192, 320, 381. Manning. E. T.. 187. 336. 453 Manning. Kenneth N.. 192, 472 Manning. Sally C. 186, 198.. 199. 330. .331. 453 Mans. Clyde |., 438, 507 Mansoiiii. Hadrcddilic. 512 M.iiiMii. Ii.liii C., 423 M.iiisin, l.iinenceR., 192. 45.3 M.i.isin, r.iiil M.. 411. 488 l.i|.lcv Mul,.iel I.. 187.340. 45. M.iiamli. Milan D.. 336, 405, 472 Maicauo. Joe R., 402 Marchessault, Arthur W.. 223. 403. 472 Marcum. CJnrdon G.. 130. 336. 453 Mar( um, Marilyn S.. 290. 453 M.iiicle. Harriett.)., 373 Maii.le. Robert G., .303. 439 Maris. Cierrit A.. 118, 119. 319. 1(15. 439 , laiis. Ri, hai.l A,. 319, 172 Maikh. 453 Markham. Sharon K.. 374 Markland. Marion V.. 401 MaikKi. |ohn D..344. 453 Miik.i. Mil li.i(l W.. 403. 453 M,||L , I mlMin K.. 363 M.iiU, s,,, c L.. 133. 277. 362 472. 525 Maikum. Todd W.. 326. 423 Mailer. Bruce A.. l92. 194. 40.!. 472 Marley, Wendell G.. 423. 509. 516 ' Marlow. Jean E.. 364 Marris. Gerrit. 504 Marsce. Jack H.. 319. 3.93. 472 Marsh. BillieJ.. 310. 453 Marsh. Fred R.. 315. 439 Marsh. Mar E.. 292. 423 Marsh. Merry A.. 134. 135. 423 Marsh. Patricia A.. 133. 292. 365, 472 Marshall. Benjamin L.. 206. 400 M.iisli.iil, .Melanie M.. 290. 3fiS. I I ' l I ' ll. 501. 5111. 520. 524. Miivh.ilL Id, I.,, II I.,. T,. 296. 172, Siis,,ii . ill. 121 M,iiili,i, Mill II |i . till, I7J M,iiiiii, 11 I 1,1,1,. -,12 Al ( li.iiirs R,. ISI Martin. Dennis L.. 206. 472. 197 Martin. Doug. 405 Miitiii. Frank. 536 -Martin. George A.. 396 Martin. Glenda C. 453. 497 Martin. Jack D.. 192. 387. 472 .Martin. John D.. 123. 137 Martin. Judv. 496 .Martin. Larry K.. 270. 388. 472 Martin. Larrv P.. 194 Martin, Linda R.. 274. 523 .Martin. Luster. 405. 472 M.iiliii. I.whI.i ( ., ,17! NLiiiiii Ml, .. 121. I2S M.iinii. Mik. I).. 42. IS7 VLiiliii. , aii,v S,. 312. 45,i. I ' lli .Martin. Patricia K.. 328. 373. 472 Martin. Paul K.. 144. 304. 453 Martin. Robert F.. 492 Martin. Rolierl R.. IS7 liiil.i k,. ,14. 472 Tei , .. 264, 265, 290. 423 Martin, Tom A.. 4.94 Martin, William L., 192 Martinez, Rene V.. 423 Maruska, Verona A., 367. 439. 547 Marx. Lvnn. 277. 366. 472 Mason. John K.. 393 M.iMiii. M.iiii,,, G.. 163. 355. 45.1,,ii l{i,l„,i ;.. 147 M,iM,ii. Siu . ■!fi4. 472,,ii, 11 .IS R.. 480 M,,vs,ik,is, Ol, 1 I,. 423. 525 M.isMi, li l,il„iii. IS7. 44S M.isM, M,.ii,i S.. :I57. 497 l, 1-1,1., 1,111,1 - t:.. 347. 453 M.iMiiv III II .. 192. 194. 472 Mi-ii i-i.ii, ( .iiiiad J.. 18 7, 192. .Masti.,. Douiis ' m.. 192. 400 Masud. Enver. 439 Mathews. Diane D., 372. 172 .Mathias. JamesJ..399 Malhicv Whaiton. 63 Maikiii. Slijiilce. 363. 472 laik,,II, jclluA H.. 335. 395. 472 Malnci. (laudia L.. 304. 453 Matuev. John R., 324. 439 .Matsuura. Louis, 527 Malteson. Lorelei B.. 274. 453 .Matthews. Annice C, 363. 472 .Matthews. Eddie M.. 332. 384. 472 .Matthews. Ivan D.. 400 .Matthews, James E., 453 Matthews, Kathleen S.. 357. 491. 453. 508 Matthews. Muriel M.. 501 Matlox. William A.. 400 .M.IIII I, , l: |.,iii, 171. 172. S.iS ,M,IM, ( 1,111,1,, 111 111 l,iM, ( l,il, K . ' s.i 17,1 M,.x. ,. |..s, |,li « . Ill,, li ' l M.isliil.l. K.iipli ().. 101. 406 .M.iMiii.iui. . Walter A.. 400 . l., s.,ii. jiiliii I).. 307. 423 .M.immII. |.n I).. 185. 300. 439 .M.ixvicll. Mi.hael S.. 346. 347 ' . I 19 M.iMiell. Thomas B.. 404. 472 M.ii, I iiiiisuorth R.. 285. 472 M.n, Ml. III. I ,. 391. 473 M.,1. I Si, ,, II W.. 192 l.i,,- |, ii II , 439. 501, |..l,ii W IS7 40(1 M.uli.l.l |, - W I ' lJ, ilH. 1,19 M.ivli.l.l |.,,.i,.. M _ ' 7 1. 15,1 M.nluM, s,,i,,,,,.il,. I ;.| M.uliiK. I l..iihs I).. IS7. 106 Mavliiiuli. 2S5. 411 M.ii.,, Andrea. 372. 473 lai.,. jaiiic- W,. 149. 192. 32,1. 15,1. 5(1S M us. llelli II,. 423 l,iw,is, .iil M , 510. 512. 525 M.i i l.i.kKii I . 172 l.i i. |..s. |,l, k . ,132. 453 M, (...„., . ( .1,1. Kc |.. 290. 452 Meacham. liilli (,.. 100 iMeacham, Denver W., 485 Mead. Marv F.. 364. 473 Meaders, Jerry W., 187, 402. 439. 1 ' I7 Ml. id. IS, Peggv S.,375, 473. 497 M.Mclous. Earl W.. 390. 473 M..iiiil,.i. |i,n G.. 192. 400 Mc.ins. M.II, I... I. ' 1. -,1 I. 530 M.,is,,ii Ki. ii.ii.i II i: 1 Mcliiii I Is, ' , i , US 1. r, 1 M,,l|.„ k ii,;il It , ISII l,. |.,liii W . IS2 l,,l.,iii. Mil, k, , ,1,11. 121 Mi.k II. ss . 11,1. .12S. I 19 l.,k li.,li. .1 k IS-,, I ' Hi Mcliili .iil. I. I ' , .1,1 -,_ " i MiL.I, ,.l. Ii I). L.i.s -.. " I , l,li.„, k,.l„in W , Jll 1 ML ill. ,379. 402. 42,1 Mchew. Frederick. 187. 344. 453 Mchew. lohii W.. 344. 453 Mehl. |.i ' ii,cs W,, 2S5. 423. 473 Mrlil I, II, II, I . 112. 11,2 M.ikl. SI, ,11,, I, . . ' 7 1 17.1 M.l.iliii, R,uiiii,ii,l , 121. 517 Mchiiii. liaibaia . ,. .151,. 378. 453 Melton. Elizabeth . .. 35S. 473 .Melton. Jean. . ' 356 Mellon. William C.. 344. 391. 473 Men ie, 1), F,. 493. 526 lcii i,s |,iii„,s . .144. 453 M.I,, I I. .11, K . 144 l,i,.i 1,1,1,11 M.. 372. 47.3 Menu, Wilhani E.. 223. 401. 473 Men ham. Cover R., 267, 307. ,194. 473 McHhaiil. .MarciaC, 310. 473 Meriuttlier. Glenn A., 403 Mirkvl. Sally R.. 295, 368, 473, 5(111. 5 15. 526 1 H.. 399. 439. 493, .Me 494 , Louis W., 205, 340, 394. Merrill. Barbara A.. 348, 424 Merrill. Dr. Mauriia H., 483 Mcirill. Sally A., 365. 331. 439 , U 482 On, 11 1,,. 375 ..iii,,i l{ . ,355. 439 li. Ii.ii.l I,,. 424. 516 ilhiLiii (,.. 316. 453. 4,S, ' :, WvlicC, 507 Mertens, John, 402 Merles. Mitchell A.. 187. 453 Mess, iiu.i. I.IIII.S D.. 395. 47.), I, I ' .iiM. 1,1 I).. .159 M.ssii,,.;, I. k,ii. I 1... 283. 4,39 Mil. .ill, L.iiiieii.,, , .. 406 McUallc, (.eoigel.. 213. 32(1. 45,1 Metcalfe. Maureen L.. 292, 424 .Met.alfe. Walter C. 509. 516 le|,.;li,,l,lii, Feushteb. 527. 529 Mel ,;, I W illi.iiii II.. 395 l,,, I. 11,1, IS II . IS7 Me,. I. k.iiliiMi ,. 331. 453 ,Mf,ei. .Maueillia R.. 424. 520. 532 Richard ].. 395. 473 Me 52 Melvin P.. 52. 525 Middleswarth, Terry L.. 187. 4(15. 45.3 l.d,llel,.ii. Kayc. 376. 439 Ml. II. III. I, I..i„iei,.e W.. 316. 439 Mil IS, S[i,|,|,,,,.l 1.. IS5. 405 Mil.1,11 nii.i I 17,1 Mil.s. ( ,11 1,1 k , iO,S. 4.39 Miles. ( e. il D.. 544 Miles. K, II. . 379. 407 Miles. | ,lin B.. 411. 510. 525 Miles. Lewis H.. 192. 278. 390. 17,1 ,Mile Mi Nancy L., 156, 453 John C., 394 , Mcn W.. 269. 336. 3S0. Kai ,167 Miller. Bcrtclea I.. 281. 375. 424 Miller. Brent A., 365, 473 Miller. Coradel E.. 388. 473. 488. 526 Miller. David B.. 42. 1.85 . 300. 439 Miller. Don K.. 192.315, 473 .Miller. Elizabeth E.. 290. 366. 473 Miller, (iarv L., 381, 473 Miller, Harold R.. 206. 388. 473 Miller. Jackie P.. 310. 360. 473. 532 Miller. Jerome B., 300. 439 Miller. Jerry (.. 335 Miller. .Inditli A.. 331. 424 Millei. Iiidilli K.. 196 Millei. KelK W.. 4.39 Millei. kenneth R.. 3SI. 453. 192 .Miller. ICelit W.. .300. 387. 421. 194. 512. 528 .Miller. Larry B.. 386 .Miller. .Margaret A.. 357. 453 .Miller. .Marilvu F.. 473 .Miller. .Mickey L., 386 .Miller. Robert A.. 192 .Miller. Robert F.. 82 .Miller. Sherri R.. 290. 424 .Miller. Sue E.. 371. 502 Miller. Suzanne J.. 38.93. 290. 357. 439 Miller. William L.. 183. 303. 424 Milligan. GoldiaJ.. 371, 516,547 Millikan. Jack R.. 223. 439 Millington. Walter S.. 204. 215. 296, 439. 545 Million. Elmer Z., 285, 411 Mills. , l,ii, J.. 336, 481,484 Mills. Iiidiili A., 308, 453 Mills, M.ii, . .. 290. 439 Mills, Samuel. 493 Mills. William G.. 424 Millstead. Mikell H.. 400, 439, 497 Milstead. Karl D.. 101. 107. 109, 406. 505 .Milstead. Milton E., 192,324, 325. 473 Milsten. Suzanne. 342. 343 .Mintz. Stanley I.. 187, 277, 4.53 Mirghanbari.Mrs. Ansalee, 179, 200 Mirshamsi. Morteza. 529 Miskel. Cecil G., 402 .Mitchell. CaraP..371 .Mitchell. Carol L.. 360. 473 Mitchell. Charles S.. 223,340, 473 .Mitchell. Dale E.. 315, 406, 461, 473 Mitchell. David M., 401, 453 .Mitchell. Frank G.. 82 Mitchell. JessC.. 52 Mitchell. Slarv A.. 52 Mitchell. Michael D.. 285. 424 .Mitchell. Ronald R.. 192. 383 .Mitchelmore. Garrv E.. 379. 395. 424, 532 Mixon. Linda K.. 473 Mixon. Martha J.. 365, 473, 488 Mizel. Larrv A., 335, 453 .Vlizcll. Walter H.. 187. 388. 453, 497 .Mlinar. I.,nda( ,. 312. 453 .Moble,. |a,,|„ahne R.. 411 Moblei. Wariiei P.. 424 iMock. Randall. 300, 388, 473 Mock, Vicky L.. 375, 473 Moeller. Janice, 516, 532 Moeller, Lana F.. 310, 375. 453, 473. 525, 532 Moeller. Linda A.. 310. 491, 508 Moeller. Warren. 536 Moerv. Johnny L.. 401 iMogharabi. Ataolah. 411. 529 Mohageri. Manoucher, 529 Moinis. Mustafa. 529 Mok. William G.. 49. 411 Molavi. Ardesbir. 529 Molavi. Shircen. 529 .Mole. Linda, 45 .Molina. Teddy D.. 192. 477 iMoUison. Carol S.. .304. 470. 473 MoUman. Teddy C. 424 Mollov. Janet E.. 375 Molloy. Nellela I.. 371. 453 Moiidie. George R.. 192. 473. 491 .Monforl. Kirk H.. 192. 194 Monk. Galloway. 424 Monk. Ruthann. 502 Monroe. Eph. 62. 64 Monroe. lov E.. 292. 473. 501 Monroe. Judith K.. 281. 363. 47.3 Montgomery. Carolyn J.. 373. 473 Montgomery. Don D.. 187. 344. 453. 550 Montgomery. Jav D.. 289. 439. 510. 525 Montgomery, Jerry L.. 331. 439. 520. 547 Montgomery. Mary Helen. 518 Montgomery. Robert B.. 316, 424 Montgomery. Robert C. 399 iMontoya. Carlos. 47 Moodv. Erma. 497 Moodv. Martha A.. 439 Moonev. Miss Jean, 354. 407 Moore, ' Dr. Carl. 493. 529 Moore. Carol A.. 371. 453. 48S Moore. Diana G.. 292. 453 Moore. E. L.. 202 Moore. Jimmy A.. 497 Moore. John William. 192.300, 383. 473 Moore. ludvK.. 290.375. 473 Moore. Judy S.. 281, 365. 473, 532 Moiue. Karen L., .330. .331, 454 Moore. Leland. 204 Moore. Mrs. Louise B.. 141.518 Moore. M. Leon. 424 Moore, Martha H.. 520 Moore. Meredyth. 312, 424 Moore, Patrick E.. 303. 454 Moore. Richard W., 221, 288, 289, 439 Moore, Robert P.. 187. 315. 454 Moore. Sarah L.. 283. 454 Moore. Mac. 424. 502. 510 Moore. Willis H.. 129. 172.424, 192. 197. 537. 548 574 iDE-AjLi " w iTii DE3 q-:isris ! leadbetter m Oklahoma lawrence kansas austin texos SHALIMAR MAX FACTOR REVLON HELENA RUBENSTEIN PRESCRIPTION SERVICE sooner drug 305 w. boyd • ]• 4 6«»« JOHN ELLIOTT • OU GRAD 57[ Moorehead, Agnes, 92 Morain, Al, 49 Moran, Ann, 290, 473, 525 Moran. |amcs F., 187, 332, 454 Moraii. l..,.K.i, )S(i Mo.,,ri. Si ,, (. . ;i 7. 473 Moril I. | ' . . 1,. 453. 497 iMoal V , .lllH.l, |.. 399 I.lho M ' .. 307. 473 Mnrdn.k. l,,rl -i„ ,. 514 Moid... U Sk|,|k,, .. 405 Moun. IVm 1 k . ' li .1., . " Ki. 453. 492 Moi. I 17 l I.. I{.. 411 Moni. I..l. K,. tni. 473 Morev. i.toiia R.. 439. 492 Morgan, Dave, 62 .Morgan. Donna K.. 363, 475 Morgan, Elizabeth E.. 51S Morgan, Linda A.. 312. 358. 473 Morgan, Svlvia L.. 2S1. 36S. 473 Morrck, Fred. 549 Morcll. Carl E.. 194 Morin. Regina. 491 Morrell, Gene P.. 480 Morrill, lames E., 454 Morris. Dcnzel R.. 424 Morris. Donna K., 454 Morri.s, George A., 51(i Morris. Gordbn L.. 546 Morris. loel D.. 187. 270. 454 l..nis. l..,li.i 1,.. 2i;:). IIIO. 473 l s, V 1 . !I,S. 17 i. soil M..ii)v I ' .iiil N.. MU. mil M,.iiis. R. Tie-iH. ISJ. .0(1. .).S4. 473 Morris, Richard S., 322. 387. 473 Morris, Robert |., 323 Morris, Robert N.. 387, 473 Morris, Ryan H.. 337, 424 Morris, Virginia, 135 Morris, W. Rocann. 136. 360. 473 Morris. William C. 482 Morrison, Donald L., 192. 315. 473 Morris.Mi, Earl |:inies. 406 Morns...,. Sl.iil.v I . 113, 114. I 1 " . I 17 :i7. IKIi. 439. 504 M..IIIM,,, ,. k.v I).. 273. 424 .Moms.,... Will, A.. IS5. 195 iMorns..,,, W ,lli.,,,, R.. 192 Willi.iii, M.. 439 Mon H.I 124 acJ 1 ., 179. 180. 300, 424, 548 Morrow. Onille E.. 402, 454 Morton, Judith, 295. 454 Moseley, Patricia A., 454 Moses, BobE., 300, 424 Moses, Charles G., 315, 424 nk L.. 185. 402. 439. 457 Ma 154 M-..I,,. ,, CI, II W , 512. 528 I.,M. ,, |.,l.., I- , 101,i. Id, I, IS ( . )9(i Moss. ( .,,,.1 s . i7 . 473. 491 Moss. ,,ii,, 1 . .iiO. 473. 526 Moiiill,,.,!. W, II, ,,111 |.. 401 Moull,.ii. l,,s I) . IXS. 454 M.,„s,, . |,,i„. s W ;i7. 121 I.,M,. I!, iii.iiiiii, l . HI.. Ii9 l.... I. |.,,i, (... 424. 512 M.Mv A., 295, 473 M.. . .. Il.iivcv G., 337. 454 l., l,v. 1.. R.. 202 . ludrick. Thomas M.. 188. 337. 454. 498 Muehlenbrock. Dale R.. 200. 424 Mueller. David B., 289, 439 Mueller, Gary E., 188. 401 Mueller, Jack C. 396 Mueller. Janice K., 355, 454. 500 Mufftt, Charles L., 200, 301. 454 Miiii. r:,,,,l,,i, K.. 188, 299 Miilili...-. l ,... l.. ISO, 183. I ' lV I ' " ,, . ' ss. :i.s9. 424 Mill, II., S9 Mull. Lewis VI.. 301, 383 Mullen. Carl M.. 221,381, 439, 497 Mullen. Franiine L.. 134. 361, 473. 4SX Miiihn. Regis L., 289. 454 Mullens, (.arol L., 273, 473 .Mullican. Kennelh. 188. 200. 402, 454, 497 Mullins, Carol. 375 Mullins. Catherine B., 454 Mullins. Larry E.. 378, 403, 473 Mullins. Sharrm K,, 308. 473 liiri,ll. .»ski. Patricia A., 348. 349. 454, 524 iMundv. ludv. 165. 295, 424 Munn, Kathleen L.. 134, 136, .331. 367. 473 Munoz, Manuel W,. 285, 401, 473 Muntz, John C, 185 Murdough. Dale C., 192. 401, 473 Murphy, Earl W., 222 Murphy. Eugene F., 398 Murphy. Helen M.. 265, 329, 424. 531 Murphy, Nancy K.. 363. 378. 474, Murphy. Sylvia P., 281, 424, 522, 532 Murray. Bruce M., 497 Murray, C. Ray, 400 Murray. Connie L., 34, 166, 224, 374 Murray. David B.. 192. 319, 395, 473 Murray. Mary M.. 375. 473 Murrcll. Gary A.. 388. 473 Muriell. Judy E,. 500. 501. 516. 524 Murrcll. Robert C.. 303. 439 iMurrv, Harold D.. 340. 403. 474. 501 Musallam, Suad S., 283. 474 Musco. Salvalore G., 403 Musgrave. Charles R.. 192. 269. 332. 380. 387. 474 Musgrave. George H., 1,85. 319. 439 Musick. Frederick J., 192, 386 Musick, Jeff L.. 192, 388 Muskrat. Eleanor M., 524 Mus ' cral. Jerry F.. 129. 1,S5. 195. 379. 394. 439 Muskrat, Joseoh C. 4K2 iMusselman, N. B., 63 Mvalt. Ramsey D.. 439 Mvers. Allen C. 510 Mvers. Ann J.. 295. 474. 502, 518 Msiis. Daniel N,. 378. 402. 439 h.,s. Earl F,, 398 Ml. IS. loe B.. 129 Ml. IS. Marv D.. 364. 474 MuIkkI T.. 192. .iSi; Ml. IS. Ri. I,.inl. 403 Mills. Russell. 82. ,S3 Micrs. Stephen D., 411 Mveis. Walter H., 123, 405, 424 Mvles. Ronald L., 344, 345. 439 N Nabizadeh, Alircza, 529 Nadler. Florene E., 277. 454, 525 Nadolski, Kaye D,. 359. 424, 5 1 1 Naifeh. Barbara J,. 362. 474 Najafabadi, Abdolhossein. 411 . aid. Samir A.. 411, 510. 512. 525 Natavama, Homer S., 510. 525 Nance, Charles C. Jr., 511 Nance, Mrs. Eldon. 499 Nance. Eldon, 499 Nance, Linda N,, 500 Nance, Marion, 373 Nance, Weldon D.. 439 Napolitano, Anthony E., 192 Narvaes, George E,, 269. 327. 454, 541 Nash, Beryl E., 374, 474 Nash, Diane M., 375, 474 Nash, Joyce L, 265, 276, 439. 498. 522 Nash. Michael A.. 213 Nassiri, Davood, 529 Natanson. Betty S., 343, 363. 474 Nations, William C. 319. 454 Neal. Carol A.. 360, 474 Neal. Dewitt Jr.. 204 Neal. Jacqueline A.. 164. 308. 454 Neal. lerrv H.. 192 Neal. Linda J., 211, 212, 292, 362. 474 Neal, I. L.. 202 Neal. Pamelas.. 369 Neaves. Frances D.. 310. 474. 500 Neddeau. Sharon A,, 135, 374. 454 Needham, Riley B.. 411 Neelev. Robert G.. 307. 424. 5 I I Neelv. Ralph E.. 192 Nelf. Richard A.. 123 Negrin. Roberta A.. .357. 454. 508. 547 Neliring, Fred A. Jr.. 395 N ' .II.erl. R.iddv ).. 335. 474 M,l , 88,,,. HilK T.. 4.39 N,ls.„, ( l,.,,l,-s K. III. :)2, ' l. 451 .ls,,i, I).,,, 500 N, Is,,,, I ,.,,,, ,s ' .. .398,,. I.,. I. I .. 192. 405 .NlIs.ji,. |,;Iim a.. 192. 401, 481. 483 Nelson. Judith A.. 54. 308. 439, 518 Nelson, Linda A.. 135, 328. 425 Nelson. Loyd F.. 391. 474. 488. 4,S9 Nelson, Nickey E.. 192 N.lsnii. William D., .332. 483. 501 . Is.,,. Willi.un W.. 185. 481 1(1 F.. 192, 474 ,s., I..I,, ,,,.1. I ' . l cla S.. 375. 474 N..,u, I ,. i.lur W.. 425 N ,,,. I ' ..iii.k I., 192, 474 ■Niun.jiiM, David A., 192, 332, 396, 474 Neumann, Karen. 524 Newberg, Alvin S., 188. 335, 45 I Newcomer. Marv A., 273, 439 Newkirk. lulia. 292, 362,474 Newlon. Mary A.. 328, 425, 492, 500. 501 Newman, Mrs,. 38 Newman, Connie K,, 38, 377. 439 Neivmaii. Carv. 536 Newman, Kita! 277. 369. 474 Newman. Robert A,, 307. 439 Ncwp.iil. Iim R.. 188. 402 Neil s,, I,,. S.,„, 1 , .. 136. 331, 439 Neil N.,,,. 1 (:.. 454 Nei, I..,,. R.,,,,,l,l E., 345 Neui.,11. WiIIkimi W. Jr.. 379. 404. 480. 484 Nichol. Sandra D.. 411 Nicholas. Hugh B. Jr.. 285. 439 Nichols. Edward E.. 402 Nichols. Elizabeth A.. 348. 454 Nichols. Margaret |.. 274. 275. 454 Nicholson. Don R. II. 507 Nicholson. Timothy E,. 324. 439 Nicklas. Lvntha A.. 172. 265. 313. 425. 531 Nicklas. Thurston D,. 188, 289. 454 Nic ' Je. CarlT.. 323, 401. 474 Nicola, Charles G., 403 Nicolle. Thomas E,. 551 Niebruegge. Beverly J,. 425. 516. 524 Niebruegge. Biron A.. 315. 439 Niendorff, Frank S.. 395 Nigh, Sam, 82 Nilles, Barbara A.. 348. 367. 474 Niramo. Kathrvn E,. 374. 439. 538 Nil,,, I.,, IS l... il:i ■ i I. I II. ,1 (.., 188. 378. 401 NhIiiii.iii. c li.iiks J,. 511 Ni.jkes. iJoiuld R,. 180. 183. 340, 425, 509 Noakes, Paula K.. 360 Noble. William H. III. 130 Nosg. Roberts.. 335. 454 Nohlitt. Nancy, 497 Nolan. Phillip. 533 Nolen. Lvnn D.. 482 Nolen, Patsy J.. 359. 511 Noltensmever. Leo D.. 396. 397 Nordahl. Noble L.. 284. 474 Norden. John D., 493 Nordholt, Barbara A.. 366 Norman. Francina R., 133. 328. 329. 439 Nonnan. lerry M.. 332. 454 Norman. Mary E,. 304. 358, 474 Norman. Roger M., 425, 550 Norouzi. Hadi. 513, 529 Norris. Cordelia C, 312. 454, 491, 492, 500. 501 North, NealT?., 192, 387. 474 Northcutt, Glenn, 62, 64 Northcutt, Jerry L.. 192, 319. 405. 474 Northcutt, Richard C. 319. 474 Norton. Jim C, 344, 439 Norton, Nancy E.. 365. 474. 551 Norwood. James V,. 347. 425 Nouri, Hossein II.. 439. 493 Nourse. Saiulia 1).. 2,S3. 474 Novak, lanur E.. 28 1. 425 Novoson. Kathv J.. 474 Nowlin. John D., 192. 382 Nowotny. Virginia C. 357. 454. 497 Nuehlev, Jack. 397 Null, Jim C. 205. 388, 474 Nunley, Thomas S.. 289. 396, 474 Nunn, DianneS,. 363. 527 NunnalK. Robert A,, 332, 439 o () ' R.uii,.,n, Samuel L., 324. 459 (llieili. F., 192 ( ■ linen. Barbara A., 369 O ' Rrien, Pat A., 188 OBrien. Patricia V., 425 O ' Brvan. James R,, 219, 222. 303, 454 O ' Faoliaii, Sean. 47 Ouiliu. Connie. 134 () ll.ii.i. R., 192 I) ll.ii.i. Kiiiesi (,. |r.. 1.85. 344. 4.1fl Ollai.,. Ronald L.. 551 ONeal. Alva R., 361 (INeal. Jai. 99 ONeal. Patricia A.. 172, 331. 423, 425. 531. 548 ONell. David C.. 188 ONcill, John P.. 188, 398 O.iklei. I ' ll, ben I.. Jr.. 406 ll.ikl.i. |,i. k I IXS (l.ikl.i. I ,1 II, .1111.1 1... 492 (l.,kl,i, i,k. KM ().,kl, 1. Il,.,iii,,s I... 344. 354 (l.ikl. 1 I li.iil.s. ,186 n.lisii, , CI, ml., |.. 281, 439 (III , C. i.,l,l H.. 344, 454 (llil, M. ■,.,,, I , :)40. 439 (li;l,sl,i N,,,,, 1 |.. 356. 451. 502 (Ik, I-.. I. „-., I k.. 373 1)1.,, I, I. , N, Is I . 203, 332. 425 ()l,l,,,,u, W.ike, II,. 454 (lliii, (.ilheit, 482 (IliiittI,,, use. John E.. 207. 474 ( )oeC;., 188, 269, 320, 159 Olii.. lieicrly 11., 134, 165. 272. 27 1. 281. 425 lllii,. Shirley A.. 375, 474. 516 Oliiei. Ciegg R.. 439 Oliiei. (.. Sue, 352 Oli. 508 Olscn. Roger C, 192, 335, 474 Olsen, Stephen J., 192, 319, 439 Olsen, William P.. 194.383 Olson, Alvin A., 192 Olson. Icmme L.. 133. 375. 474 Olson. ' K..I.. II 1... .)Si, 474 |„ I 19 One I., .11.. . C, I, .1.1 1,,. 530 Opil . M.1,1 K.. 2s| Omill. Daiid . 1.. 196. 474 Oiiiiuderir. Gary W.. 344. 454 Orland... loan. 374. 474 Oimon. Nlan P.. 165, 312. 439. 547 Ormon. Richard 11. 395 Orr. JanieL., 454.500. 501 Orr. Judith A,. 274. 275 Orr, M,.,,,s 1... ;i9. 425 Oilh. I h.,,l.s W il l). 425 Oi-Ms. ( II I ' ll. Osb,,,,,,., k . 290. 374 Osl, Mil. k . 11,6. 290. 474 Osl,,,,,i l.,,, 1 . LSI, 454, 488 Osl, mil, |. I. II 192 Osheiiiil .,, 14.1, 454 Otis. Jerry E., 316 Otterstrom, Ned, 306, 315, 459 Ours, Rae F., 273, 374, 474 Overand. Michael L.. 192, 390 Overstreet, Bill A., 303. 393. 454. 474 Overstreet, Gary F., 192. 402 Overton. Jo A.. 474 Overton, John P.. 185,396 Overton. Lvnn P.. 125. 307. 40(i. 440 Owen. Dan R. Jr.. 315. 440 Owen. Donald W,. 399. 454 Owen. Joann. 359 Owen. Robert L.. 172, 300, 425. 537 Owen. Sherry L.. 135, 308. 440 Owen, William G., 393 Owens. Bettina L., 355. 454. 491. 492. 499 Owens. Larrv D.. 203. 289. 454 Owens. iMarihii A.. 348. 425 Owens. Sharron L.. 328. 375. 474 Owens. Tommv D.. 525 Owcnsln. Robert E.. 400 Owiil.ei, Stephen M., 188 Owiibi, Tell jr.. 320.380, 395, 474 Owslei. W, D,, 493 Oxeiiliaiidlel, Sleplicii |,. 335. 451. 454 Paaia, Lucilce. 328 Pacheco. Edg.n I .. 125. I ' ll. 549 Padgett, Sue A U.i, - " C li4 Padgham. IVm I 2(C,. lull. 474 Page. Bobbl W . I ' l- ' . Mil,. 5114. 525 Page, Leslie D., 188, 384. 454. 517 Page, Robert H., 100, 107, 108, 109, 128, 401 iiieR., , G.. 304, 306. 454 Pake, lean C. 277. 368. 474 " ' ,,li,, I ,. 292. 440 Pain Pain Palme,. Judilli I... 375. 474 Panero. Caiolvn K., 265, 2.83, 425. 492 Pangbnrn. (ohn B.. 289. 454 Pannell, l.i ' rrv A.. 101. 107. I ,S5 Paiiii.ll I... 1 II.. 192. 474 Panii. II W .11.. I,,, II . 101 Pans , W ill. ill, K , ISS. .I.IO. 454 Pap,,.,,, l,s I l,,,,liiie. 84 I .1,.|„ |.,,,,,,i.i II, s I ' ,,., 1,1 1),,], c ISS ,11, lll.l I ' aik. . iiiKlle, .17 1. IIO Paik. Elton L. Jl,. 411 Park, Janice M.. 367, 454 Parker, Frank, III Parker. James L, )r.. 100. 108, 504 Parker, Jean A,, 290. 454. 500. 501. 508. 532 Par ' icr. |iili:i .. 530 Park, 1 R 11,11 116. 435. 440 Paik, I 111. I I I . 120 Paik. I. Sli.ii,,,, I. . l.w. 454. 492 Parkei. Susan A.. ,175. 474 Parker, Thomas P. |i.. 320. 425 Parkhurst. Cuv W., ' 188. 454 Parkhurst, Mark E,. 401 Parkins. Roger L,, 300, 454 Parks. Billv R.. 425. 521 Parks. George Jr., 425 Par ' is, Susan |,. 355 Parma, Edward M., 395 Parncll, James O., 411.521 Parnell. Mary M., 369 Parnell, Nerena (., 425 Parncll, Patria. 304. 474 Parr. Peyton M.. 192. 388. 474 Parrack, Doyle, 99, 1 13 Parrish, Helen A., 376. 454 Parrish, William F, Ir,. 481, 483 Parsons, Cleo I., 17 i Parsons, Earl H,, 300, 454 Parsons. Carv A,, 188, 386. 474 Pardons. Noel R,, 399, 440 Parlovi. N. Roohollah, 402. 527. 529 Pass, Jerrold H.. 338. 425. 498. 517. 545 Pate. James E. Jr.. 381. 474 Patrick, Frederick L.. 289. 454 Patterson. Clare, 425, 510 Patterson. Edward D. Jr.. 401 Patterson. George H.. 296 Patterson. C eorgc S,. 192. 387. 467. 474 Patterson. Herman I., jr.. 502. 510 Patterson. Ira H. Jr., 223 Patterson. Jim B.. 425 Patterson. John T.. 344. 425 n,Jol n, Pai I F.. 274. 312, Patterson. Patri 440 Patterson, Patricia K,. 474. 519, 532 Patterson, Thomas J., 440 Patterson, Thomas P.. 30 1 Patterson, Trisha. 134 Patton. lack, 97 Patton, Larry D., 192, 385. 474 Patton, Ronald K.. 379. 404. 425 Patzer. Joan E.. 308. 365, 474. 532 Paul. Lacquanna. 308. 454 Pauling. David L,. 192, 193, 316. 474 Paxton. John L,. 389 Paxlon. Temple E.. .357 PaMon. Gerald, 400 Pavne, David L.. 307. 454 Payne. Francis L.. 403 Pavne. James H,. 101. 108.406 Pavne. Ronny R,. 100. 108. 109. 406. 505 Pavne. Roy M.. 203. 303. 455 Paine. William B.. 395 Payntcr. Suzanne I.. 292, 362. 474 Pazoureck. Carol L.. 371. 378. 455, 538 Peach. Eddy E,. 125. 344, 407, 440 Pearce, Charles L., 406 Pearistein. Marshall M.. 335, 425 Pearson. Charles D.. 405, 440 Pearson. James E., 219, 220, 425. 500. 501 Peck, Fred R.. 405 Peck. Bill R,. 384. 474 Peck. Michael S.. 337. 440 Peck, Richard W.. 344. 455 Peck. Tom D,, 315. 440 Peck. William M, Jr.. 323. 335. 493 Pederscn. Richard J.. 219. 220. 440 Pederson. Harvey R.. 399 Pedroja. Daniel A. Jr.. 388. 455, 488. 489, 490. 491. 539 Peel. Gerald A. Jr.. 223. 395. 396, 474 Pelton. Charies J.. 192. 344. 3.83. 474 Pemberton. Dick K.. 318. 319. 455 Pemberton. George B.. 477 Pemberton. Mary I.. 308. 440 Pence. lames E.. 192. 319. 474 Pence. Norman H,. 400, 474. 497 Pendergraf. Clyde G. Jr.. 513 Pendergraft. Archie H.. 455 Pendergraft. Mary I.. 440. 497 Pendergraft. Perry A.. 300. 425. 511 Pendergraft. Ronald J,. 112. 300. 455 Pcndergrass. Linda K,. 1411 Pendergrass. Lynn R.. 392 Pendlev. DaviclH.. 192 Penney. Mrs. Grace. 82 Pennvbaker. Anthoni I.,. 125. 525 Pense, Irvin D,. 425 Penso. Hector. 513 Pepper, Sondra F,. 277. 455 Pcrelt. Elizabeth A.. 304, 455 Perillo. Earle W,. 120 Perini, Dale A,. 100. 108. 179. 183. 406. 425. 505 Perkins. Etta L.. 356 W. Jr.. I E,. 290, 455 Pern. Archie E.. 513 Pern. Bill R.. 385. 465 Perry. Johnny M.. 481. 485 Pern. Linda W.. 312. 45,i Perry. Patricia A.. 290. 440 Pern. Patricia A,. 368 Pern. Robert E,. 196. 510 Pernman. Richard A,, 390. 465, 474 Peters, Jane E.. 283. 454 Peters, Judith E., 281. 375. 471 Peters. Roy V. Jr.. 88 Petersen. Elizabeth A,. 355, 455 Petersen, ludlth A,. 367 Pelcnseii. Nanci E.. 281. 4.12. 440. 502. 520 Peterson. Richard J.. 398 Petrick. Robert |., 391. 4411 Petrie, Weldon K.. 401 Pettibone. Gerald E.. 101, 185. 189, 115, 106, 425, 505 576 SCHOOL SUPPLIES • •» 798 ASP JE 6-2083 • .7 VARSITY BOOK STORE 5tep» ror ' " " ' o ' PUs ,, FOR MY MONEY AND PERSONAL SERVICE IT S Member Fed, rol DcDolit Insurance Coroorj 24 BRUNSWICK LANES 2424 W. MAIN JE 6-1616 577 Fellicrew, Richard W.. 185, 316, 440 Pettigrove. Mary S.. 359 Petty. David K.. 482 Pcugh, Patricia R.. 359, 425, 511 Pharcs, Charles D., 387, 455 Phares, George R., 425 Phelps, Mar»- A., 40, 292, 358, 474 Philbin, Karen R., 166, 304, 440 Phillips, Allegra, 281. 440 Phillips, Carol A., 369. 474 Phillips, Curtis. 319, 493, 494 Phillips. Darryl VV.. 403 Phillips. n.,naldT.. 188,380, 3.14. r. " .. iss. 197. 507 Phllll,. Inn. I ' ll. I. ' -kS Phillips I,, In, I . 1S7. 474 Philhps. lu.U l.. .171, 455 Phillips. Laurel A., 44, 90, 331, 440 Phillips, Dr. Marion. 517 Phillips. Newell L., 179 Phillips. Robert K., 192, 289, 381, 474 Phillips, Russell C. Jr.. 425 Phillips, Sharon L., 149. 356 Phillips, Sissy, 44, 90, 440 Phillips, T. Rav, 507 Piatt Carolyn A 357 Piccolo. Car T. ' . " 403. 471 Pickens. Howard D.. 192. 403 Pickens, lohn T.. 323. 388, 474 Pickett, Karen F., 366 Pickett. Nancy L., .304. 474 Pickle, Clara L., 149.440 Pickle. William S.. 425 Pickrell. Nelson R.. 395 Picow. Lynda C, 343, 370, 474, 498 Pierce. Charles D.. 386, 379, 482 Pierce. Floyd E., 507 Pierce, Joe M.. 398. 440 Pierce, Loretta A.. 281. 364. 474 Pierce. Roger C, 192. 401 Pierce. Roscoe J. Jr.. 209. 323, 440 Pierson, lames, 225 Pierson. lulianna. 455. 532 Pietsch. Shirley E., 371 Piland. Eddie W., 511 Piltz, lacM., 335. 455 Pina, David J.. 425 Pipe. Linda J.. 163. 308. 372, 474 Pipkin. Janet S.. 273, 367, 474 Pitchford. Patrick R., 188 Pitman, E. H., 213 Pitman. Thomas E.. 223 Pitt. DeW.. 425. 550 Pittman. Katherine M., 290. 374, 474 Pittman, Sylvia R.. 290, 455, 526 Pitts. lames H.. 482 Pitts, Tommy R.. 319, 440 Pitts. Verdell V., 474 PIcskin. Michael I.. 192. 400 Plosila. Thomas W.. 222 Plott. Patricia J.. 133. 292, 374, 474 Plovanich. Mary 1.. 359. 425 Plowden. VV.. 442 Plummer. Judy C. 304. 455 Plunkett, lames C, 285 Plunkett. Sanies L.. 222. 455 Plunkett. Michael P.. 401 Poe. Anita J.. 304. 440 Poe. Clarence. 514 Poe, George D.. 192, 404 Poe, Maureen, 497 Pogue. Richard A., 130. 203. 336, 455 Pokorny, Carroll. 496 Pokornv. OttoT.. 204, 213 Polk. Oscar B.. 401 Pollard, lane E.. 274. 474 Pollard. William C. III. 411. 498 Pollock. William D.. 194, 455 Pomerantz. Dane. 27S Pond. Herbert D.. 183. 196. 425 Pont. Lawrence L.. 402 Ponton. Varion L.. 425, 520 Pool, Glen. 82. 83 Pool, Ted N.. 482 Poole. lohn S.. 303. 455 Pope, Dennis H.. 185 Pope. Donna A., 308, 455, 508, 515 Pope. John R.. 192 Popejoy, Judy K.. 369. 474 Popham. Jack Edward Jr., 320, 455 ski. r. I ■■ ' ■• s I, . I ' I 3.95 Porter Porter. Judith K.. 133. .357. 455 Porlcrficld, John L., 100, 108. 406 Portnov. Noel, 192. 3.94 Posey, Rarbara A.. 356. 455. 515 Posey. Karolyn K.. 496 Post. Patricia D.. 133. 135. 295. 440 Potes, Mary A.. 281. 440 Potter. Aubrey E. Jr.. 402. 488. 489 Potter, Kayc C. 295. 455 Potts, Ronald G., 340. 405, 440 Poulson. Don C. 513 Powell, EstaJ.. 355, 455 Powell, Karen D., 360 Powell. Roy B.. 480 Powell. William K.. 82 Power. Colleen J., 378. 474 Powers. Carolyn D.. 310, 455 Powers. Roy W.. 188 Powless. David A., 406 Poynor. David W., 204, 285, 425 Poynor, J. M., 508 Poynor. Ken, 61 Poythress. Susan, 281, 425 Prather, Jerry L. 203 267. 344, 455 Prather, Jon L., 482 Pratt. Jack S.. 192, 300. 392. 474 Pratt Carolyn 172 531 Pray. ' Donald E., 483 Pregler. Clarice M.. 361, 474 Prep, Victor M. Jr., 223, 347, 400, 474 Prescott. Judith H., 32, 136, 165, 292, 440. 492 Preston, Benjamin, 388 Pretekin. Ronald S., 335. 440 Price. Eugene. 530 Price. lack T. Jr., 285, 403, 474 Price, James L„ 474 Price. James T., 185, 390 Pricx:, Marv K.. 135 Price. Mary S.. 361. 474 Price. Melvvn G., 203. 337. (55 Priceman. George N., 335, 388, 474 Prickett. Wilson B.. 72 Priebe. Louis v.. 130, 185, 196, 289, 440 Prier, Anna J.. 295.455,522 Primor. David ].. 204 Primrose. Alan B., 192,395 Primrose, Guy S.. 192. 455 Primrose. Patricia R.. 304. 475, 532 Prince. Emma L.. 366 Prince. James J.. 396 Pritchard. Allen T.. 188, 403. 455 Pritchett. Kate P.. 34. 312. 440 Probst. WildenaG..359. 425 Prophet. Dannice A.. 475 Prosser, Carol A.. 166. 290, 455 Prosser. Margaret E., 308, 425 Protzman. Robert A.. 402. 455 Proussanidou. Evdoxia. 272 Provine. Joe A.. 391 Provines, James L.. 126. 214, 307, 425 Provines. Robert W.. 461 Provines. Stephen |.. 38S Pruett. Shirley I.. 375. 475 Prufert. Albert L.. 146 Pruitt. Ian C. 374. 475 Prvor. William E.. 389 Pugh. David L.. 285. 287. 455 Pugh. Jo F.. 375. 532 Pugmire. David R.. 512 Pulaski. Barrv L.. 207. 269, 335, 303. 475 Pullin. Janice L.. 361, 378, 475 Purchot. Ricky. 382 Purdv. Robert L., 315. 475 Purser. Charles A.. 425 Purvear. Mehnie A.. 290. 455 Putlack. Michael. 188, 194, 403, 440 Pvatt. Mary B.. 265. 292. 455, 488, 515 Pvbas. Gerald W.. 411 Pybas. Michael D., 82 Ou.ii.l.,r, .S., 3f.0. 475 I ' lt.,n.,l,l W IS.S ()iM " l, . Mil I,,,. I s . i )(i. 3SI. 475 i.,ill,,i I),,,,, I I . I ' IL . 392 Qiiiiii. (;.ir I).. |i|l!. 395. 475 R Raab. lovce E.. 455 Race. Richard K.. 480. 484 Ractlcv. Larncv G.. 411 Rada. Jean H. 527 Rahdi. Mahfouz. 512 Ragan. lames M.. 455 Ragan, Tillman J., 267. 324. 425, 520 Rager, Ira S.. 204. 213 Ratrland. BuH, 321. 380, 425, 513 Ragland. David E., 54, 188, 320. 455 Rahhal. Donnie K.. 188 Rahlial. Frances. 283. 455 Rahm. Bruce. 148 Railcv. Patricia M.. 312. 455 Rainbolt. lo ' .n V.. 482 Raines. Sam H,. 511 Rains. Thomas H., 183. .IKi. 42(i. 492 Rakeslraw. Ella K.. 361 Raleigh. Harry E.. 223. 40.i. 475 Raley. David J.. 300. 440 Ralcv. Tommy S.. 123. 179. IS.I. 189, 405, 504 Rambo, Charles B.. 179 Rambo, Io.seph D.. 180 Ramcr, Sharon P., 372 Ramey, Edwin L., 303, 440 Ramey, George H,, 400 Ramirez, Teresa R., 357, 455 Ramos, Victor J., 390 Ramsey, Sandy, 370, 475 Ramsey, Virginia P.. 426 Randall, Donald E., 344, 426, 427. 548 Randall. Gardner H.. 221, 303, 426. 494. 495 Randall, Jeffrey L., 188 Randcl. James Oliver, 316, 455 Randle, Nancy S., 295. 440. 532 Randolph. Nancy L., 355 Ransford. Hirold A.. 507 Ransom. Billy R., 192 Ransom. Jerrv J., 206. 383 Rarick. loseph. 483 Rasliti. Unet. 360 Raskin. Henry R., 335. 481 Rasniiissen. Kent T., 223, 315, 3S7. 475 Ratcllir. lames D.. 398 Ralliir. Earl D.. 440 Rawlinson, Gary, 130 Rawlinson. Ken, 98 Rav. Florenc F.. 133. 373, 488 Ray. Grace, 540 Rav. Robert R., 192. 389. 402, 475 Rav. Thomas L.. 402 Ravbern. James D.. 183. 195, 399, 426 Raymond, Carlyle. 455 Ravmond. Connie B.. 373, 475 Raymond. Ronald [.. 398, 411 Rea. Dianna C. 295. 374. 475 Reaben. Edith G.. 273. 372. 475 Read. Owen K.. 426. 511, 530 Reagor. Helen M.. 290, 423, 426 Reams. Lawrence B., 188, 289, 440 Reams. Tommy L.. 223, 324, 325, 394, 475 Reber. Charles K.. 1.85. 196 Rebcr. Joseph M.. 196. 222 Rector. Susan E., 308, 362, 475 Redcorn, Charles H.. 530 Redeker. Jack D., 379. 380, 382 Reding. Janie B.. 331. 365, 472, 475 Reece. Donald B.. 289. 440 Reed, Carl A.. 270, 426 Reed. C«rolyn S.. 475 Reed. Chester M.. 401 Reed. Christina, 133. 134. 136, 370. 475 Reed. Gvlvnn. 281. 368. 475 Reed, lanet L., 368 Reed, ludith S., 331, 426 Reed. Karen J.. 524, 528 Reed. Michael L.. 480, 483 Reed, Paul W.. 483 Reed. Roddie L.. 192. 389 Reed. Rodney P.. 192, 194. 196, 378 499 Reed. Ronald D.. 382. 407 Reed. Trov D.. 542 Reeds. Claude. 32 Reeds. Robert W.. 192 Reel. David A., 426 Reel. Sheila A.. 426. 304. 547 Recs. Frank W.. 326. 327, 403, 475 Reese, Andy C. 399. 455, 501 Reese, George E., 192 Reese. Robert T.. 118, 183, 307. 426. 520 Reeser, Donna L.. 295. 426 Reeves. Kristin. 331. 440, 515. 522 Reid. George. 513 Reid. lohnR.. 316. 455. 488 Reid. Richard K.. 426, 512. 528 Reid. Robert J.. 389, 426 Reid. Sara L.. 360 Reimers. Elizabeth A.. 283. 426 Rcinh.irdt. Karl, 527 Rcis. Levern A., 19 Reis. Robert R., 129. 300, 481, 482 Reising. Virginia L.. 455 Reisner. Ann. 273. 369. 475 Reiter. Ronald S., 192, 339. 395. 475 Reiter. Susan G.. 295. 370. 475. 532 Reith, David J.. 402 Remmel, Frances K.. 273. 440 Renberg. Robert L.. .332. 455 Rcndel. William S.. 403 Renegar, Mary M., 283, 440 Reniers. lames H.. 319, 455 I.. I),i i.i .. 185. 196.303, 11... s,,s,,,,. iiil. 475. 541 111 , I I .IS 1... 315. 406. 475 |,k, |,ll,,v . 192. 401, 455 s, , I I Kis (,.. 204 si, , I I, ,.,!,. ill . nn. 378. 501 v,is. M.H .iuc 1... 363. 475 •Mo.ul, l)..vid. 524. 528 ■ r.iad, Lmiuc. 524. 52S ■Moad. TiiiT. 188. 324. 455 Miinnil liirnard 399 ■ .,.. I, Is. M.S. |o Ann. 179 1 II.. I, Is, H..,l,,iv, 221 M...I.IS. s.ilK . .. 304. 368, 475 .Ml. ,1.1s. W. lav. 303. 440 lieiiicild, William |.. 185. 344, 410. 520 Rhoades, Stephen W., 267, 323, 455 Rhodes, Bill, 396 Rhodes, Billie L., 315, 331, 360, 455, 475 Rhodes, James W., 188 Rhodes, Jay, 382 Rhodes, John, 36 Rhodes, Julian B., 475 Rhodes, Sherry D., 426 Ricci. Robert B., 220, 340, 426, 545 Rice, David L., 203, 336, 455, 539 Rich, Elaine, 290, 376, 440 Rich, Howard. 394 Rich. Ronald D., 205. 340, 455 Richards. BeveHy H., 292, 455 Richards. Gordon S., 315, 440 Richards, Watt J., 336, 475 Richardson, Frederock, 285, 381 Richardson, Howard M., 475 Richardson, James L., 194, 196, 455 Richardson, Jerry, 289, 440 Richardson, Judith L., 188, 331, 455 Richardson, Kay, 475 Richardson, Margaret A.. 440 Richardson, Mike, 206. 385. 497 Richardson. Rick, 475 Richardson, Robert K.. 385 Richardson, William T.. 221 Richter. Judith A., 426, 499 Rickard, Orlin B.. 383 Ricketson, James E., 497 Ricks, James M., 398, 501 Riddle, James R., 192, 403 Riddle, Joe D.. 404 Riddle, Maribeth, 292, 360. 475, 492 Riddle, Rosemary F., 273, 440, 540 Riddle. Terry L., 188. 316, 455 Rider. Eddie H., 455 Riesen. Donna, 294 Riesen, Philip E., 192 Rife, Bvron, 185. 344, 440 Riggs, Dr. Carl D.. 86, 97 Riggs. Melvin E.. 118, 405, 426, 505 Riggs. Richard P.. 400 Riggs. Thomas E.. 300. 455. 539 Riklin. Farel E.. 343, 375, 475 Riley, George M., 120, 440 Rilev, Peter M., 188, 324, 455 Rinehart. Ariey, 379, 39S, 503 Ring. Joseph J., 315. 475 Ringrose. Bette F.. 273, 455. 475, 488, 490 Ringrose. Don. 394, 488. 541 Rink. Barbara J., 268, 310, 455 Rippv. Jack W,, 307, 440 Risenhoover, Jerry D., 396, 455 Risenhoover, Terry J., 396. 475 Ritch. Avron. 336, 403, 475 Ritcheson, Patricia S.. 273, 440, 547 Riltcr, Michael T., 223. 383 Rives. Charlene A.. 376. 455 Rizlev, lerry W.. 480. 484 Roach, Lou A., 147, 304, 440, 497, 540 Roach, Loyal J., 47, 426, 508 Roadruck, Max J.. 384. 475 Robberson. Leah L.. 360. 475 Robbins, Anne V.. 292. 426 Robbins. lane L., 331. 365, 475 Robbins. Joan M., 497 Robbins. ludy C, 198. 199, 292, 362, 475 Roberson. Max S., 192. 381 Roberts. Arthur D., 192 Roberts. Bert R., 497 Roberts. Billy Gene. 188 Roberts. Bobby J., 509 Roberts. Chariotte S.. 411 Roberts. lames B., 400. 475. 488 Roberts, John D.. 192, 327, 426, 513 Roberts, Kay W., 5.15 Roberts. Linda L., 532 Roberts, Mary B.. 308. 456 Roberts, Theodore P.. 285. 481, 482 Robertson, lohnny M.. 213 Robertson, Michael A.. 223 Robertson. Port. 98 Rob;. I, ..MX. I..III R.. 308. 440 Rollins. .11 Ml, .1 I) . 192. 406 RoImms..,,. ( ,..,.1. N.-i Robins..,.. D.m.l A.. 315. 440 Robinson. Earl VV.. 393. 475 Robinson, J. David. 192. 403. 475 Robinson. lames R.. 192 Robins..,,.,,, V... 316 Rol.,„s,.n. |,.l... T.. 440 R ,l,i,.s..... |„l... .. 357. 456 Robins.,,,. Mi.l,.„l U.. 475 Robinson. Nancv A.. 162. 277. 475 Robinson. Owen L.. 399. 426, 534, 546 Robinson. Wendell K.. 100. 108, 406 Robison. Coleman L.. 336. 456. 517 Robison, Philip I.. 188. 382. 456 Roblyer. Ronald R.. 404. 541 Rock, lietsv. 374 Rodgers, John W., 222, 300, 456 Rodgers, Ricardo J., 440 Rodgers. Richard C., 188 Rodgers, Shirley J.. 331, 358, 475 Rodgers, Sue A., 290,475 Rodgers, Thomas H., 183, 307, 426 Rodolph. Donald L., 223. 400, 475, 506 Rodolph. Jo Dean, 356 Rodkin. Martin J., 277, 440 Rodriguez, Diana F.. 456. 488 Rodriguez. Rigoberlo. 523 Rodriguez. Romulo, 513 Roe. James M.. 394 Roesler, lanice F.. 304, 364. 475 Rogers. Barty, 316, 394, 475, 488 Rogers. Carolyn J., 361 Rogers, Clint D., 188, 340, 456 Rogers. Janice L., 290, 456, 501, 526 Rogers, Melvin V.. 204, 316. 426 Rogers. Patricia A., 162. 456 Rogers, Ronald W.. 428, 512, 536 Rogers. Sarah R., 571 Rogers. Sylvia R.. 281, 428, 520, 532 Rogers. Thomas M., 319, 393, 475 Rogers. William D., 303, 384, 475. 497 Roggli. Pamela J.. 366 Rogul. Sheila R., 456 Rohlolf, John R.. 400 Rohrbaugh. Doris. 491 Rollins. Janice J.. 292. 456 Rollins, Theodosia L.. 358 Rollins, William W,, 320, 456 Romig, Joe, 106 Romo, James A.. 193. 475 Rooker. Dewev B.. 384. 475 Rooker. lerrv M.. 213 Roospold. Ivo. 427 Roper. lohn M.. 428 Rose. Anthonv H.. 400. 456 Rose. Gerald W., 427 Rose. I. M.. 188 Rose. Patricia D.. 343, 367, 424, 427. 431. 518 Rose. Robert A., 296, 456. 507 Rosen, lanet A., 355 Ro,sen. Susan B.. 295, 456 Rosenbaum. Robert A.. 336, 394, 440. 475 Rosenberg. Charles V., 396 Rosenberg. Robert P.. 335 Rosenberg. Saralyn M., 343, 364, 475 Rosenberg, Susan L., 133, 134, 277. 456 Rosenfeld. Harriet J.. 371 Rosenfield. Stanley W.. 335. 427 Rosenthal. Stephan D.. 193. 336, 395. 475 Ross, Mrs. Betty, 179 Ross, John F., 193,319, 475 Ross. Judy B.. 274. 369. 475 Ross. IVIarylvn S., 368. 475 Ross. Rebecca J.. 290. 454, 456 Rossiter. Bruce G.. 340, 475 Roth. Richard, 393 Rothbaum. Julian. 62. 64 Rothrock. Robert R.. 300. 456 Rothschild. Sharon L., 475 Rountree. Marie L., 374 Rowan. Mrs.. 136 Rowe. LarrvR..336. 440 Rowe. Louise. 308. 358. 475 Rowland. William E.. 389 Rowley. Susan E.. 456 Rov. Mihir B.. 526 Roy. Timir B., 527 Rovds. Barbara J.. 427 Rovuela. Carlos. 427, 493 Rozen, Ann E, 343, 456 Rozen. Carol R.. 277, 456, 498, 526 Rubin. Barbara A.. 456 Rubin. Robbi. 134. 343 Rubin. Carol P.. 427 Rubin. Harold. 193. 401 Rubv. Mike, 378. 427. 494. 534, 546. 548, 549 Rucker. Carol L.. 283. 440 Rucker. Ralph W., 188. 300. 456 Rudd. Ruth A.. 274. 456, 500 Rudin, Lawrence A., 188,336, 392. 475 Rudkin. Rodger R.. 484 Rudman. Michael D.. 188 Rulfner. I. Boyd, 396 Ruggles, Madelvn E., 292. 360, 475 Rnggks. Robert M., 145. 146, 532 K„i„lell. ()ivisH..320. 427 Riiiige. . .,,ina )., 134, 363, .378 K, i,iu. I. ' ii R.. 406 Kup|i. II, , , H-. I7N. 183. 195 Kupp. SI,,..,.,. l . -.9- Riisili, l.. ;7I. 476 Ruscli, l{..l,.,i |.. I.s.i, 427 Ruslunn. |.„i,is I ' .. IJ7. 509 Rusbton. l.iHRs v.. .iHI. 440 Ru-ssell. I). .11 :.. 193 Russell. Dovie M.. 193 Russell. Gene. 378. 527 Russell. Larrv E., 405 Russell. Linda J.. 356. 456 Russell. Margaret. 527 Russell. MmiIc. 363 Uiissill. IVi, VV.. 348, 427 578 WIK ALL UNKELS " Over 6 Vz Million Prescriptions Have Been Entrusted To Our Pharmacists 579 Russell. Kichaul U.. 193. 2S,i. 476 Russell, Richard E.. 427 Russell. Steven E., 223 Ruth. Richard H.. IM. 340. 476 Ruth. Robin C. 371 Rutherford. David O.. 221. 319. 340, 440 Rutlcdge. Jean R.. 193 Rvan. Robert D., 127, 214. 319, 427 Ryan. Tom. 127 Kvland. f harlvne R.. 331. 456 Saarmaa. Tonu. 404 Sabel. Hugh E.. 1.13. 33,5. 391, 456 Sabo. Sharon L., 272, 427 Sachen, Kenneth D., 327, 404, 476 Sadbcrry, John R, Jr., 185, 194, 401 Sadberrv, Kenneth H., 315, 383, 476 Saddoris, Ellen A„ 304, 456 Sadler, Martha J., 427,528 Safaiyeh, Mansoor, 529 Saflev, Eleanor A., 281,456 Salley, George R„ 316, 440 Safley, Judith A,, 165, 281. 372. 476 Safron, Barbara F,, 157, 224, 225, 277, 369, 476 Sage. Kenneth R.. 398. 427 Satsena. Vishu P., 48, 49, 411, 512, 527 Salahuddin, Syed M., 427, 527 Salas, Armando, 393 Saleh, .AbdulazizS.. 48.512 Salem, Robert B., 513 Saliliof. Allen B., 193. 401 Salle. Frances H.. 374. 476 Salle. Franklin E.. 278. 440 Sallce. Eddie R., 193, 400, (76 Salman, NajoT,, 513 Salmon, Robert, 149 Salmon. Sharon S., 308.456 Saloga. Lerov W., 425, 512. 536 Salpeter. Stanley. 1S3. 278. 427. 498. 545 Salsman, Bvron D., 476 Saltz, Rochelle I.. 277. 358. 476. 498 Samara. Cecelia A.. 497 Samara. EsberN.. .335, 476 Samara S . 193. 395 Sampson, Phillip ].. 223. 404 Sanborn, Roval M., 508 Sandefur, Tonv M.. 404, 476 Sadners. Donald I.. 185. 402 Sanders. Edward C. III. 324. 382. 476 Sanders, E, L,, 202 Sanders, lames E„ 147 Sanders, Karen 1., 312, 356, 440 Sanders, Marv S,. 310. 456 Sanders. Robert C. 440 Sandersfeld. Melvin J., 101, 505 Sandler, Richard S.. 188 Sandlin. Malcom R.. 178. 196 Sanford. Patricia A.. 367. 476. 519 Sanger. Charles D.. 344. 440 Sanger. Fenton M.. 340. 427. 429 Sanmann. Bettv A.. 368. 476 Santee. Catherine A.. 312. 374. 456 Santee. Mnrv S.. 440 Santine. Vincent L.. 403 Santos. John J.. 194 Saporito. lames A.. 344. 395. 476 Sappenfield. Phin V.. 193. 384, 476 .Sargent, Loren C. 427 Sasaki, Dr. Yoshilsazn. 12 Salter, Abdus, 411, 528 Sattenvhite. Henrv II. Jr.. 402 Saul. William T.. 193. 340. 387. 476 Sau. Plin. 398 Saucr«ein. Rebecca [.. 304. 456 Saunders, Charles E.. 193 Saunders. Joseph B. Ill, 336, 427, 520 Saunders. Lcc B.. 285. 456 Saunders, Ronald L„ 392 Saunders, Sharon A,, 312, 373. 476 Sauii ' .nL ll.iii.v s . -ilo Sav.iK,-. 1 ,n, ;xj SavuKi. I ,.,ii,n,l hj. 1,1, 89 SawvcIL S.unlr.i S,, 295. 451. 456 Sawver. S.iii(lra |.. 265. 273. 440 Sayles. Rodney (., 203. 304. 270. 427, 525. 542 ScalTetta. Nicholas J„. 191 .Scales, David W,, 193, 391, 476 Scanlon, William A.. 204. 214. 324. 456 Scarce. M:iv II.. 480. 485 Schael,,. |.,I,M . JS ' -,. 440 Sch.if.i. l,,., II ISI. Sch.if. MiMt.v II 127 Schaiifl . lh.«,,Ml .. 335. 456 Scliw,,l. 11,11,11 Ji,7 .Schi.l, 1 N ' 7!. 363. 476 ScIicmI I ,,, I : ' i; 551 Schcik,, I ,. il I. if,. 456 S,liildn,[ii. I.i.iics W ,. 100 Schi 441 el. Morris J.. 335. 440, Schimmcl, William S,, 335, 395, 476 Schmidt, Carole A., 135,304, 373, 476 .Schmidt, Ciiarles E,, 488 Schmidt. Eddie M.. 386 Schmidt, F.diur •i-f ' ' S, :,,i,,,li I ,,,!, ,1, I I 1(11. 476 ,! I S.liiNill, I Hi, la l,. ;7-.. 176 SLlmult. LoiH.K ).. .;2.i. 427. 525 .Schneider. Barr, ' M.. 335. 404. 476 Schneir. Harold, 147 Schocncman, Barton F, Jr,, 307, 427, 520 Schoenhals, Kathleen. 166. 304. 375, 476 Schoenhals. Kathv, 153, 304, 375, 476 Scholcm. Rita J.. 277, 456, 532 Scholl. Sarah S., 273, 441 Schollenbarger, Betty J,, 312, 363, 476 Schoonbeck, Alan H,, 193, 403 Schrade. Richard D.. 509. 516 s, !,iiii„ I. v.. rjs s, iii,i!„ ,. ■rini,,iiii ;.. I ' l ;. i7(, II . 11,1. IJS Schucart, Linda M., 343, 370, 476, 526 Schiiclle. Cliarles A.. 118. 119. r (] s. !,,,], I, I ,,,i,,,s A.. 535 s, l,,iiii,,l,, I. Ii.,il,.ira A.. 376. 411 S, ln,i„.ni. K. Muhael. 193 Schwliicl. t.eorgc, 400 Schutte, Bruce T.. 403, 404 Schwab, Delbert C, 267, 333, 428 Sihual.. Dlimiic K.. 374. 476 Si in, ,1,1 . i:ii.,iior D.. 134. 369. S, h, 456 lie, man. 193, 404 M.,,, |., 441 liU. 279 l., miner D.. 76 . .,,n,an J.. 278, 27 Schwartz, Richard L.. 185 Schwartz. Richard S.. 335. 456 Schwderke. Lois. 524 Schwcers. Carolyn L., 90, 92, 164, 292, 456 Schweitzer. Eugene J.. 296. 428 Schivend. Pamela. 308. 362. 476 S. I,ivu, Kcilh. isi,. 176 S, :,, .,,,! (.,,,,.,;, K },,. 193 S, ,, ■_■,!, I Si,,.,, I | . IS i. 428. 480 S,, ,■,.;,,,, Il.„.,l,l li. |,.. 316 S,,,ii I; . IT. S,,,ii. K,l,il,, SI S,,,ii !l ,,,,1,1 K.. 40 ' i S,,,u. Hill,,, id |.. 395. 476. 488 Si, 111. liviin D. " |r.. 386 Sett. lames F..411 S.olt. I.imis R.. 188. 456 S, ,,11. !,,I,M K.. 285. 456 S I ,,, ,,,,1,, R.. 476 S W ,11,.,,,, A.. 336. 441 S.,,ii. Will,,, l.. 355. 456 Si.nill. llaiold V.. 185, 335, 441 Scrivner, Gilbert C. 316. 428. 512. 536 S.iivner. lolin H. Jr.. 411 S, ,,,t, l,li,l,l l- ' ,id. 127 S, ,,1., K K,ll W.. 404 S, ,,-.,. K,,l„ ,1 W .. 183. 324. 428 S. lis Mil, II, II I . Vf2 S,.il,. |, ., I. . Kill 111 S, ,,s. I ,ls, I ' . . Ill s,-.,,, V. |.,,, I .. ;i J. i:;s Sijis. l-.Mhcr A.. 42,s. 492 Seav. Kian ' i H.. 481 Scav. limmie R.. 374. 456 Sebeit. Felis J.. 343. 361. 476 Seeds. Frances, 524 Seelit, loe D., 395 .Se " al. Lorcne F,, 277. 374. 476. 526 Scgatti. loliii. 456 Scttti. K.. .112. 456 SikIci. Roger L.. 300. 441 S.u.,. ( I,,, lies r.. 307. 456 S, J..,. Si,,, I,, ,, C. 307. 384. 476 s ,, . l|„,i D. Ir.. 403 S, ,l„,l,l 1.,,,, ,- VV. ' III. 188 S.„l, ,1. L., 400, 476 Self. D. H.. 193. 524 Self, lames L., 125 Self. Richard B.. 289. 476 Sellers, lam-s II., 178. 194 S, II. ,,,.,,,,., U.. 265. 308. 441 s. M. ,-. I s II.. 178. 194 s, |.,„„s ( . |r.. 301. 456 S, ,,, ,,,,,1 ,, I,. 441. 513 S ,,. I, hs . .. 401 S, ,,,,,,.1 I I, ,„l,,,e 1.. -Isl s Sii, II. „. 304, 428 S,|i,,iil,,.,. II hang, 527, 529 Seri.., Saiiiiul B. Jr.. 344. 428 Sellle. William J., 379, 400, 411, 482 Setzer Thomas R., 320. Ill Seivell. Harhara , .. 370. 476 Sewell. Ralph B.. 220 Sc.vtoii, Billy R., iSS Sexton, Bobby W,, 400, 476, 50S Sexton. T. G.. 63 Sevni.iiM. N..T„v B., 366 Sli.i, I., ll,,,.i W ,lliam E., 488, 492 .Sli.„ll, I. |,,n„s I .. 316, 441 ' Slial,,. lKl,.us .. 365, 441. 476 Shallci. Iclue (.... 343 Shaller, Richard A,, 193 ShaHer, Sarah A., 312, 456 Shalibaznia, Feridon, 513, 528 Shakelv. John B,, 508 Shaklcn, Linda K,, 476 Shane. John M., 335, 456 Shanfeld. Belle S,, 277, 373, 476 Shaiikliii. Frank, 389 ShaiikliM. Linda K.. 364 Shaiiii.,11. laik I).. 387. 541 Shapiio. Kalhlceii E., 277, 343. 361. 477 Shapiro. Marilyn C, 277, 477. 479 Shapiro. Ronnv B.. 375 Shapiro. Lvnne, 362. 477 Shaiinan, jerry L.. 456 Sharman. Sherra F.. 331, 456 Sharp, Douglas, 50 , 514 Sharp, Jimmy R., 203. 204. 379, 380, 381, 428, 477, 500. 501, 525, 542 Sharp, John M., 143, 185, 303, 441 Sharp, Patrick A,, 441 Sharp, Raymond V,, 428. 493 Sharp, Ronald M., 193 Sharpe, Calvin N, Jr., 123. 405. 505, 532 Sharpe, Glenn ].. 445, 481 Sharpe, Judith B,, 373 Sharpe, Sue, 355, 441 Shaw, Elnia ( . Il, !. 177 Shaw, Fnc.l.i l - il.7 M ' l Shaw, ludiili ( :7I. I 1 1 . 500 Shaw. ' R„I„-.i. ;| ' I. ill, Slia,v. li,, 1,1,1 I. . 428 Sli.,, . I(,, 1.1,1 1.. 428 Sh.m. Si, ,.,,,,„. 292. 456 Shj lci. aiKii G., 316, 402, 456 Shea. John P.. 219, 223, 326, 477 Shea, John S,, 327 Shean, Keith E., 188, 406 Shiegog, David E., 320. 389, 469, 477 Sheets, LlovdE., 288, 441,452 ShelTel, Susan C, 277. 456 Sheffield. Ronald L., 180, 183, 197, 316, 428 Shehab. Samir R.. 428. 525 Shell,, jtrn C. . 428 SIkII,, M.,,iI,., S.. 374 S ' .ili,, s,,, lil. 358. 477 SIkII,,,,,, ,. I I ,s W.. 307. 441 Slicllal..iigcl. 1 led. 498 Shellabargcr, Gladys. 498 Shcllev, Rickey L., 283, 370, 477, 526 Shelton, George A. Jr.. 381. 441 Shelton. Wanda M.. 359. 428 Shen. Pearl B.. 49 Sheplierd. William W.. 204. 456 Sheppard. .Mm. I I ' . isl 156 Sheppard. N.,,,,,,, She .39 i r;. mil. I ' .i, Sim, 1. Itiii ' i .. 40. 363 SInlil,,. k.iiiiilU k.. 382 Shick. Robert L. |r.. 395. 477 Shidler. Alan B.. 482. 514 Shields. Bcnnie |.. 101. 108, 188, 406 Shields. |im, 500, 501 Shields, .Stanley C.. 144. 289, 383, 456, 477 Shields. Slanle, K.. 300 Shilkll. r,iiils Kil ■ III Shinii. !(,„ I I ' D ; il, ;n9. 477 Sliiplo. |.ii„, s I I ' ls |-,(, Sli,il.v I ' ..,, I,.,,., .. 41 I SI,,, I, , I .1 I .. 304. 428 Sl,i,l, . SI .. 273, 365. 477 Sl,,ssl,, |,,,,,ii., I... 477 Sliltss. I am] S.. 277, 367, 477, 526 Shoaf, Martha L,, 283, 492 Sho.d. R.iMior G.. 456 Sli,„ k, ,. I.i,„l,, (I.. 441. 477 Sh,,, I, ,. I ' , ,1,1., l.. 355 Sl„„l„.ili,ii,, II,,, „l B.. 391. 498 SI,,,. „,,,l,, .,,,. , 1... 310. 456. 5(0 Shoemaker. John D.. 411 Sholtcss. GaryN., 401. 477 Shorbe, Nancy A.. 131. 456 Shore. Glen F.. 481 Shorr, Sandra R,, 161, 343, 375, 477 Short, James h.. 428 Short, Jerome H.. 220. 2,85. 428. 542 Short. Svbil B.. 372. 477 ShnslioMC, Mild,, K . 160 SI,,., I,,,. l, ,4 I) . IJ-. si.i.mI, , i ' i,,i,i, . inn r.i, SI,,,,, f ,l„.,,,l I .. -,li,. -.I ' l Shiui. 111,,.,,, I II.. I ' ll. 315. 477 Shrivcr, Shaion I... 373. 477. 519 Shull. |im . (2S. 5(5 ShiiMi.,1, |, .,,,,,,,, l . ,360 SicUis, l,,,il, , K . " 15. 477 Sicks. I ,,,,,,,,,, I. . ;12. 441 Sidwcll. James .. J07. 428. 493. 518 Siebert, Donald T, Jr,. 300, 429 Siegel, Barbara S,, 358 Siegel, Kenneth A.. 193, 335, 391, 477 Siegel, Matthew Donald, 339, 441 Sicn, Linda S.. 376. 456 Sigler. Sandra L.. 133. 477 Silk. Michael L., 384, 477 Silnian, James B.. 481 Silver, Dwight E,, 220, 298, 299, 429 Silverman, Barrv W„ 193, 389, 469 477 shaE., 277, 369, Betty, 407 , Kenneth F. Jr.. 396, 397, 477 Linda J„ 372 . Ralph G,. 90. 300. 477 " ■ on L., 364, 477 Simras, Richards., 19, 336, 406, 477 Simon. Carole M.. 342, 429 Simon, Phillip, 411 Simon. Richa.d V,, 307, 393, 477 Simpson, Betty, 496 Simpson, Francis J., 411, 501 Simpson. Marv H.. 371. 429 Simpson. Michael G.. 299, 429 Simpson, Monroe E. Jr„ 196 Simpson! William D,, 385, 441 Sims, Charles S.. 188 Sims. E. M.. 528 Sims, Gary D., 392, 488 Sims, Judith C„ 273, 456, 500, 501 Sims. Larry D.. 188. 270. 457 Sims Siiaron S 359 Sinclair. Albert ' k.. ' 123. 172, 213, 300, 405, 429, 505,512, 528, 533 549 Sinder ' brand, Saul L„ 278. 429 Sinex. Donald G.. 340, 441, 492, 517 Sincx, James A. Ill, 129. 340. 379, 400. 429. 494 Sinex, KentC, 185, 402, 492 Singletarv, Anita J., 164, 273, 374, 477 Singleton. Randall P.. 193. 344. 395. 477 Singleton. Russcl K.. 178 Siiiglev. Ronald D.. 536 Siniictt. CUda L..524. 532 Si.,1. h H.. 49 Sipcs. l.,sli,- . 324. 457 SipU.II |,,„„s, ' .II Sisiic. Ka,, ,, I .. :i7l. 441 156 I. 441 I 9.1 Skai eiiski. IVlei 1 ' .. 193. 405 Skibiki. C;arv S., 193, 404 Skidgel, Albert W.. 405 Skinner, Lou A., 492 Skinner, Toby L,, 203, 204, 207. 213 Skirvin. Jo A., 274.457. 508 Slagle. Richard C. 325. 429 Slate. Houston L.. 399. 411 Slater. Marian J.. 290. 429 Slater. Richard L.. 193. 400. 477 Slaughter. Jimmy L.. 457. 488 Slear. David G. HI. 223. 403 Slease. William S.. 320. 441 Slcp ' ;a, Carole K,, 133, 292. 369. 477 Sliep,i,i,h. Ill- r. M.. 74. 86 Slusk,. Il,,„.,,,l . .1.15. 441 Sm.ill , 1. H,,I,.H , .. 395 Small,, I. William |.. 219. 221. 332. 441 Smith. Alan B., 295, 296, 441 Smith, Alvin H,, 320, 429, 534 Smith, Barbara E., 304 Smith. Ball. .11,1 L. 164. 364. 477 Smith. r..iil.a,a M.. .355 Smilli. W .. I ' ll. 391 Smith. kallil,.ii. 375. 477 Smith. Hilli K.. 162. 295. 361. 477. 497 Smith. Blaine H.Jr,. 179. ISO. 183, 270, 429, 532 Smith, BrowningL., 396, 510, 525. 542 Smith. Buddy. 319. 390, 477 Smith, CamilleE„369, 477 Smith, Carl J,, 405 Smith, C:arol, 373 Smith, Carol I.. 477 Smith, Carol R,, 477 Smith. Carole A,, 295, 457 Smith, Carolyn Sue, 273, 429 Smilii, Charles C, Jr,, 527 Smith, Charles R. , ' 41 1, 513 Smith, Charles R., 429 Smith, Cleta F., 304, 429 Smith, Dale. 513 Smith. David A.. 222. 404 Smith. Diane. 500. 501. 538 Smilh. Diik. 404 Smith. Dick L.. 384. 399, 430, 493. 494. 500, 501 Smith. Don R.. 90. 127 Siiiiili. I),,, ,.,1,1 W.. -. ' SO. 491 S„„,l,. II,,,., I ilil ii,2. 477 Si,,,il,. !■.,,],,,, . SII. i7,s. 526 Siiiiili. 1.1,1, ,,,. jhs S II. fli ,il,.ili. -.2s Siiiiih I I,, I W .. .107. (57 Si, mil. f. W .. l.s.S Smili,. (.an,. 288. 430 Smith. Gary M.. 324, 391, 477 Smith, Gene V,, 344, 394, 477 129 II., Ill ( Siiiitli. |. Sle,e. 2S ' I. 3S2. 477 Smith. James D.. 185 Smith. James Lee, 112, 123, 300. 477 Smith. James, 457 Smith, Janice L,, 136, 308, 441, 522 Smith, Janice P.. 274. 477 Smith. Jav C. 379. 396. 430 Siiiiih. |a,ii,-. 372, 488 S h |,„li, ( .. 80. 266 Siiiiili. I ,11,, 11,3. 477 s,,,i,i,. |,,l, ,,,,,. 406 s,„,il,. |,„l,il,. 1,55 Siiiiili, k 290. 312. 441 S I,. k,i, Sii.-. 441 s,,,,il,. I k, ,ih. 44. 173. 332. I ill. I il ' .(II S I,. I ,,,,,. .199 s h- I-., ,,ii. 135. 363. 477 Siiiiih. I ,,i. , II.. .135. 457 S,,,,ili. I., ,1,1., it.. 274. 457 s,,,,ili. l.,,,,a E.. 281. 457 S,,,ill,. la,, la S.. 457 S I,. Mai, k.. 290, 430 Smith. .Mary L.. 430 Smith. Michael G., 185, 200, 347. 400, 407, 477 Smith, Norman, 223, 289, 393, 477 Smith, Norman W„ 193 Smith, Norman W,, 406 Smith, Patricia Ann (1), 273, .354, 441 Smith. Patricia Ann (2) 547 Smith. Paul E., 193, 396, 477 Smilh. Paul 1.. 296 Smiili. i ' l.sliiii R., 406 Siiiiili. iljlpli II. . 193 SiMiili. Raii.lall H.. 129. 394. 477 SiMiili. K.I, .. 188. 477, 541 Sm,,iI,. Ka, W.. 411 SiMiih. R,,l,ai,l. .. 402. 457. 526 Sniii ' i. Ri.h.iid |.. 1,S3. 501 SiMilh. Rlilurd W.. 127 Smilh. Robert E.. 319 Smith. Robert O., 128, 185, 441 Smith. Robert R.. 193 Sill, I ' ,. Ri... ' .r K.. 402. 457 SmihIi. s Ii.i .. 292. 360. 477 S 1, 1... 360 S I,. Sl„ ,,, k.. 355 s,„,il,. lu.i. 11,2 S,,,,ili. W.ili.i . .. 315. 411 S h. .,li,, H.. 193. 477 Siiiilli. W.iii.ii L.. 181 S,„,ili. W ill. Ill L.. 1.S3 S h. WiMi.iiii If.. 530 Si, mil. Willis -.. 344. 457 Si I.. | ,l,i, II.. 194. 221 .163 ,,,,,il„ I,,,.,,,. |,,,l,- 177. 500. 501 ' ,li ' , ' , ' l. ' l ' l,.,,, " i .,, ' l I, ' I 7(,. 97 ,,.,,1. |,,„„s I . (SI- ts3 ,.l.;,.,ss |,,,,|ucKii. 477. 501 ,1,,. ( l,,,,l,s (;.. 402 ,1, ,, |,,li,i .. 188. 319. 457 s,.l„ I- (..,,1 1... 343. 375. 477 Sim hail. Bill |.. 430. 510, 525 .Sockivell- Lannv R,, 332. 386. 477 Soder. KMts Endymion. 319. 390. , Ms- k.i s,,,,i..,s I I ,,,s. 347. 430 s,,,,l, I ' .,,, I ill. 345. 457 s i, ,,,,!. II.,, 1,1. 100. 406 S ,l.,,,,l l.iicile. 312. 313. 457 S I,,,,, It,, hard D.. 399 S,,a,,i;l.,. It, ,1.111. 194. 204. 296, 441 Spann, lerrv, 491,512 .Spann. Link. 129. 378. 394. 477 Sparks. . Ified. 296. 441 S|..,, ' ,s. la.k,.,. 5.35 s ks l.,„„s W " .. 55. 2S9. 441 S|,.,,ks. I, si,,-. 510 S|,..,ks. 1.11, .la I.. 271. 457 Spear. . lich.iel R.. 513 580 COMMANDER MILLS, INC. SAND SPRINGS, OKLA. serving O.U. for 39 years Best V isl es to tlTe Class of 1962 . . . ••••••••••••••• FIDELITY NATIONAL BANK AM) TRIST (OIPAW ' ,. " , " ,, " I ' ARK AVE. IIARVKV • OhIAHOMA CITV • •••••••••••••• COMPLETE, M O D E R IV B A IS K I IV G S E R I C E S Better Portrait Photography " Serving Norman Since 1929 " RUSSELL SMITH STUDIO 120 West Main Phone IE 4-841?, xpe ' " ' « On«y »n c r ' •o " 0 er ' ' c. CLARK CLEANERS 58! Spear, Ma.-vin E., 285, 403, 441 Spears, Paul D., 430 Spccht, Stephanie, 376, 457 Speed, Darrell, 28.5, 457 Speed, Gordon, 285, 441 Spence, Jerry U., 193 Spence, Marion D.. 491 Spence, Melaille, 81 Spencer, James S., 344. 441 Spencer, Ronald J., 477, 502 Sperbcr, Lcona P., 363 Sperber, Roslyn P., 328, 329, 441, 551 Spessard, Milton L.. 520, 522 Spigener, Bob C. 332. 477 Spink. John R., 540 Spiu. LeonR.. 430.513 Spitzfaden. Reilly E.. 193. 404 Spivcv. Milton T., 324, 441 Spivcx. N. r.aie. 363, 477 SpiMA. Id, hard D.. 401 S|„,lin. |.,lii. L.. 193, 385. 478 Sp,„„i. JHliii S.. 205. 405 ,Sp.H)iKi. rill. mas S.. 396, 478 Spradliii. I).ni. ' • M Spradlii,. I).., I M.. 379.393 Sprj lliii. R..SI k.. 143 Spradliri. William H.. 344. 441 Spraker. Sharon C. 34. 133, 457 Spriggs. Mary L.. 356 Springer. C. E.. 533 Sproles. |(.Mf K.. 290. 430 SpiirKlii. ' Knl,.ircl 1.. 270. 457 Spurl...k. Rol.iil ( .. 402, 483 Spurriti. RiilicM I).. 3S9 Squarek. )olin E.. 388. 457 Squibb. William A.. 207. 306. 441 St. Nicklas. Thorsstein, 539 St. Pierre. Caroline V.. 304, 442 Stackenivalt. Francis M.. 457 Stacy. Dave R.. 478 Staehle. Charles M.. 220. 431 Stafford. Ellen L.. 348. 441 Stalford. Sharon W.. 441 Stahl. Pamela J.. 374 Stahl. Richard I... 315. 481. 482 Stallard, Charles R.. 347. 400. 478 Slalnaker. Wavne K., 183, 194, 502. 510 Stamalis. Chris P.. 510 .Stamper, lane.-i., 308, 375, 478 Stanard, Rosalind Y.. 551 Standifer. Dovie G.. 387. 457 Standley. Charles S.. 87 Stanfield. Edcil N.. 480, 484 Stanfield, Howard S., 180, 183, 195 Stanford, Ainslie A.. 193, 319, 389, 478 Stanford. Larry K.. 296. 297. 441 Stanifer, Sam D.. 188. 399. 457 Stanley, limmy W.. 185 Stanley. Stephen E., 1S8. 196 Stanton. Paul N.. 289. 457. 539 Stapp. Susanne, 295, 441 Stark, Diane J.. 328. 430 Stark. Donna L.. 134, 164, 343, 478 Start. Walter I.. ISS. 319. 457 Starkey, lean A.. 336 Slarkev. Marvin L.. 441 Starr. Delbert. 401 Starr. Gerald A.. 193. 401. 478 Statham. Larrv J.. 222 Statham. Wanda L.. 528 Statser. Adrian P., 385. 478 Statnm. Joseph E.. 430 Staiib. Barry A.. 193. 335. 391. 478 Stead. Richard P., 906. 401, 478 Steadlcv. lane A., 135, 136, 290. 457, 502 Stcadley. Kathryn E.. 290. 365, 464. 478 Stebbins, Roger L.. 319. 389, 478 Steed, James li., 324, 411 I7S I.. 292. 430 Sr..l. . H I l 1 . 179. l.SO. 183. 195. 344, 379 401. 431 Steele, Sherry A . 331 Steele. Trudc J. 143.331.457, 500 Slcclman. Sharo 1 K.. 478. 538 Steger. William 1... 188. 457 Stegman. Jerome R., 457 Stein. Brent T . !! 1. .(57, ' ■.0,S. 517 Stein. Pin Ills 1 ' 77 11 1 ' ' ' f ' ' Steinberg. Id.,,,, .fl ;:., Ill " Steinmai,. 1,,,,., 1 ;ii ;. 17, . 198 «ti-pl„„s. lt,,,i, V i . Ill Sl,|,l„„. Il, ,,l ll, 1 ' ,. ,)(|S It,. 1,,,,,1 K,. 197 ili, ' s.,I -..,1 ( t:..,].. M., 512 Si,|,l„„s,,„. |,,l,,,„t II.. 340. 430 .Stephens,,,,. M„l,a,l ,VI., 193 Stephenson. Stephen V.. 289. 441 Stern. Peggy L., 224, 225, 290, 367, 478 Stern, Richard D., 3.35, 387, 478 Stcrnberger, Leslie G., 40, 134, 343, 457, 498 Sterne. Larry T., 404 Stevens, Dianna I., 30. 272. 503 Stevens, Donald E.. 193. 406 Stevens, George A., 223, 344, 395, 478 Stevens, Joanna G., 304, 478 Stevens, Kay K., 304. 441 Stevens, .Mary E., 430 Stevens, Thomas G., 188, 196, 539 Stevens, Woodrow W., 441, 545 Stevenson, Col. Ralph L., 202, 314 Stevenson. Sanford M.. 386 Stevenson. Stephanie A., 371, 516, 524 Stevenson, Steve, 339, 394, 395, 457 Steward, Donald E.. 344, 395, 478 Stewart, Albert W., 183 Stewart, Buddy, 123 Stewart, Gary F., 534 Stewart, Janice R., 430 Stewart. Lionel G.. 402 Stewart. Marilyn R.. 441, 515 Stewart. Marvin B.. 405, 504. 521 Stewart. MikeC. 482 Stewart. Patricia Kay, 363, 478 Stewart. Ronnie D., 380. 488 Stewart. Sue Ann, 368, 478 Stewart, Susan, 165, 283. 478 Stewart, Susan, 354 Stewart. Suzie. 362 Stewart. Van Nelson, 223, 396 Stewart. William M., 141, 193, 320, 332. 430. 478, 532 Stiles, James A., 401, 404, 478, 541 Stinson, Marilyn J. ,281, 441 Stitt, Mary P.. 283. 362. 478 Stizza, John B., 340. 430 Stockdale. Darlv K.. 193 Stockwel. Lance. 344, 457 Stokes. George H., lOI, 108, 188, 406 Stoller. Geraldine J., 343. 457 Stolper. Jav Allen, 335. 457 Stoletnberg. Sue Anne, 331, 362, 478 Stone. Carol L., 310. 362. 478 Stone. Frank R.. 340. 392. 481 Stone, Richard E., 1.93 Stone. Virgil W.. 193. 403 Stone, William B., 91, 316, 478 Stoneman. Gayle L., 304, 442 Stoneraan. Sue E., 42, 312, 457, 492 Stonis, Karen L., 295, 457 Stookey, C. M.. 13 Stookev. Sarah L.. 457. 488. 490 Stoorza, Edwin L.. 220. 430 Stoothoff, William L., 379, 396 Storm, Joanna G., 538 Storms, Mary A.. 356, 442 Storthz, Joan E., 277, 453 Stouder, John A.. 493 Stout, Dorothy. 80 Stout. Jack H., 90. 91, 340, 442, 513 Stout, Jacqueline M.. 430 Stout, Jimmy M.. 430 Stout. Larry D., 398 Stout, OlaM.. 363. 478 Stover, Carl N.. 419 Stover, Dona J.. 348. 349. 375, 478 Stover, Robert J.. 386 Stover, William R.. 497 Stoweberger. James. 396 Stowers, Gerald, 332. 457 Strahm, Frederick. 285, 390. 478 Stralis, George G.. 223, 400 Stratton, Gary E.. 130 Sirebel. Clarence E., 430 Street. David H.. 193. 336, 478 Streeter, Sallv B.. 2.83, 442 Strickland, Lee, 524 Strickland. William H.. 353 Stricklin, Linda K., 136 Stringer, Gary A., 430. 497 Stringer, James L., 442 Stringer, Paul E.. 442 Strong, Babe M., 87 Strong, Donald W.. 389 Strong, John B.. 193. 340, 394, 478 Strong, William A.. 300. 478. 488 Strough. Robert R.. 403 Stuart. AnnaK.. 308. 442 Stuart. Virginia L.. 308, 457 St,ilil.lelRl(l. Boh |.. 91, 316, 457 Sliil.l.s. CI, a, lie 11.. 222 Siiil.l.s. Li„,lle E.. 283, 442. 524 Stuckev. James E.. 380. 389 Stuemky. John H.. 4SS Stumpp, Larry M.. 404 Sturdivani, James M.. 482 Sturges. John W.. 266. 457 Stutsman, Jean M., 292. 375. 478, 515 Stiilz. Can C:.. 399 S„,ll„,,i. s;,l,„v I.. 134, 136, J ' l_ ' , I 17. r.7. 547 S„,l, ,„,,,,, V.. 293 S,,,i.,„,,,,,. S ,,ki L.. 292, 293, 457 Suska, liohcrl, 545 Sugarman, Judith E., 274, 369, 478 Sullcnbcrger, Alfred G., 179, 180, 183, 196 Sullivan, Elijah I., 188, 320, 457 Sullivan. Gerald J.. 410 Sullivan, Marks., 123, 128 Sullivan, Priscilla B., 442 Sumerall, Jimmic L.. 405 Siinu.i.u,, . |.„ .. 300, 442, 492 S„,,,l, ,|,,,„I, ( h.,,lcsL., 179 Sii,„K.,l.l. ,s,j;,,cl L.. 34, 308, 478 Sutb i. LvJia, 496 Surbey, William W., 430, 494, 510, 525, 542 Sureck, DenaR.,343, 431 Susman, Geegee S.. 360 Sutoris, Robert A., 126, 183, 296, 431 Sutter. Rita K.. 136. 304. 442 Sutton. Carole S.. 311, 43l, 442 Sutton. Carolvn S.. 281, 436, 502, 524. 538 Sutton. Elizabeth J.. 478 Sutton, Michael B.. 344. 478 Sutton. Sherr e A.. 356 Suwannabha. Sumitra, 49. 363, 478 Suydam. Schuyler C. 129, 223, 344, 394. 478 Sveska. Robert F.. 517 Swalford. David E.. 223. 478 Swaffoid. Stephen W.. 123. 183, 319. 405. 431. 505 Swaim. ' jiRc M.. 188. 299, 457 Swam. Frank L.. 193. 194. 400 Swan. Evelyn A., 310, 457, 488, 515 Swan, Michael S., 383 Swan. WilliamA.. 512, 536 Swanson, Elizabeth S., 312, 457, 508 Swearengin. Dr. Lloyd E.. 67. 69. 86 Sweenev. Frank B., 289, 431. 493, 526. 548 Sweenev. John J., 129, 267, 289, 431. 550 Sweet. Richard L., 323. 382, 478 .Sweger. David R.. 188, 395 Swift. Stephen T.. 539 Swimley. Charles S., 399. 442 Swimmer. Ross O., 285, 382. 488, 498 Swimmer. Virginia A., 281, 457 Swindle. Kelly F., 222, 388, 457, 539 Swineford, Thomas D., 125. 130, 289, 442 Swinehart, Karen D., 356, 442. 497 Swinncv. Carolvn C. 431. 500. 524 Swinnev, Gary R., 492 Swisher, Sally A., 367 Sykes, Robert L., 386, 478 Sylvester, Elizabeth M., 274, 457 T Tabor, Frances, 304. 457 Tacker. |a,k K.. 303. 442 Taikntll. Eli .,l.ilh . I.. 544 Tag,,.. R,.l.,„,l M,. KJS. 300. 301. 4 il Taintor. Jern F.. 18S. 388 Tallant. Georgia A.. 457 Tallant. Janice L., 376 Tallev. Johna, 292. 367. 478 Talley. Judith A.. 92. 136, 312. 457. 508 Talley, Susan, 312. 368. 478 Tallev. William W.. 222, 307. 457 Tain Doo. Francis X.. 403 Tamblyn. Lynda. 133. 135, 355, 431, 520 Tangvc, Claudia A.. 376. 457 Tankersley. Herbert W.. 179 Tankerslev, Sharon. 308. 457 Tanner. Marv Diane. 375. 478 Tanlon. Iri!,n P.. 300. 457, 548 Tapia. ll..,l I .. 405 Ta 391 Tapi.ei. l),,,i 1).. 196 Taiplev. Jack W., 324. 442 Tarr. John W., 185, 266, 267, 344. 442, 520 Tarses, Carolyn J., 11, 166 Tashlik. Larry D., 188, 390 Tatum, Edwin B., 188. 193, 316, 382, 478 Tatum. Henry K., 320. 457 Tatum. JohnE., 100. HI. 406, 505 Taives. John P.. 178 Tawnev. Robert M.. 480. 483 Tavlor. Barbara. 312. 362, 478 Tavlor. Charles H., 442 Tavlor. Mrs. Charles R.. 271 Tavlor, Donna J.. 371. 457 Tavlor, Garland N.. 431.514 ■Pavlor. C:earv. 101, III, 406 Tavlor. Gerald E., 206 Tavlor. Helen F... 273. 457. 510 Ta l,.,, |.,„,.s C. 193. 478 •| ' ., i..i. !,,,.,,,„ W,. 541 •| , l.,, |.,l,,, W , Tft7. 457 T.iil... |,,. I,, 142. 524 TjvI.,,, |,,.I. I , i5( . 358 T., l.i, k,,,,,, k,, 273, 457 Tail.,,. l.,,. II , ,Kil Ta l,.i. I ' .,l,,. ,,, , .. 197. 304. 375, 478 Taylor, Patsy A., 273, 364. 378 Tayhir. Phvlll, A , 280. 281. 458 Taylor, Robert J., M , Tavlor, Roy D., 193, 30j, 44.. Taylor. Roy G., 193 Taylor, Shelley B., 185, 344, 442 Taylor, Steven E.. 185, 442 Taylor, Suzy J., 134 Taylor, Tlierron L.. 387 Taylor, Wil,iam D.. 520, 522 Taylor, William 1., 431 Teague. Nanev J.. 295. 458 Teague, Norman. 491 Teague. Oletha A.. 431 Teas. George H.. 194, 398, 442. 510 Teas. Robert C. 193. 390 Teed. William G., 222, 327. 458 Teegerstrom, James V., 336. 413. 431. 507 Teegerstrom. Julia A., 458, 500, 526 Teehee. Bobbie J., 372, 478 Teel. Kenny, 124, 125 Tein, Linda G.. 277. 374. 478 Teir, Lennea A., 273. 362. 478 Temple. Bert E.. 400 Tennvson, Janis D., 281. 442 Terekhov. Miguel, 13 Terlume. Harry (.:.. 431. 511 Terist. Wanda. 496 Terry, Gary, 402 Terry, Michael L.. 300, 458 Tesar, Roberta, 133, 134, 273, 442 Thacicr, Blaine L., 344, 478 Thacker, Mary A., 274, 458 Tharp, Paul A., 484 Thatcner, Patty C. 134, 283, 375, 478 Thayer, Fred, 193 Theilig. John T.. 183. 270, 431 Theriot, George P.. 340, 478 Thelford. Sharon h... 146, 147, 283, 442 Theus, Wavne H., 183, 196, 347, 431 T.iomas. Anita L., 355, 458 Thomas, David R., 403, 478 Thomas. Donald M., 193, 400 Thomas. Evelyn T., 544 Thomas, Harold G., 431 Thomas, James W., 431 Thomas, Jean S.. 134, 358. 458 Thomas. John S., 188,387 Thomas, Kayleen, 131, 496. 520, 547 Thomas, Leonard K.. 431. 502, 510, 549 Thomas, Marilyn, 342 Thomas, MarkW., 403 Thomas. Michael H., 193, 340, 389, 469, 478 Thomas, Roy E., 188, 285, 458 Thomas, Stephanie S., 331, 369, 478. 541 Thomas, Teresa A., 34, 165, 304, 438 Thomas. Tom W.. 267. 347, 431 Thomas. William F., 344, 458 Thomasson. Karen L.. 431, 492, 500. 501. 514 Thomlinson, Larrv R., 384 Thompson, Bill, 548 Thompson, Colleene B., 544 Thompson, Darrell R., 188 Thompson, Dean. 493. 497 Thompson, H. Allan, 193, 269. 303.391. 478.519 Thompson, James L., 188, 442 Thompson, James M., 431 Thompson, James T., 193. 327. 382. 478 Thompson. Jimmy L., 300 Thompson, Joe L.. 406 Thompson. John C, 458, 539 Thompson, John R., 204, 344 Thompson, Johnny J., 388. 478 Thompson, J. Suzanne, 365 Thompson, Kate, 281, 458, 492 Thomp.son, Katherine A.. 135, 442 Thompson, Keith L.. 188 Thompson, Kinney E., 403 Thompson, Larry A., 384. 458, 478. 541 Thompson, Larry C, 381 Thompson, L. D., 218 Thompson, Lee B.. 89 Thompson. Lvle E., 400. 478 Thompson. Mary E., 93, 173, 308, 431, 515. 531. 538 Thompson. Marv S.. 134. 292. 435. 442. 516. 524 Thompson, Michael V.. 431. 513 Thompson, Robert L., 431, 513 Thompson, Robert N., 316 Thompson, Robert R., 193. 478, 508 Thompson, Robert W.. 303 Thompson, Rosemary L.. 356 Thompson. Sallv H.. 366 Thom| ' .,.,,. Ski.l,a„ie P.. 40. 354 Tbonip ' ...,,. „l,., I,,. 193. 400 ThonipM,,,. ,n,.,„. A., 442 Thomps,.,,, ,lliai,i li., 320. .132 Thompson. William C., 539 Thompson, William E., 222. 340, 458 Thompson, William G., 458. 513 Thomson, Terry L., 194, 223. 401 Thornton, Merrily, 458 Thornton. Virginia J., 134, 162, 281, 442 ThoriJC. Sonja S., 265, 293, 431, 528 Thrall. Bruce, 193. 478 Thurman. Ralph M., 193, 347, 392. 400, 478 Thurmond. Leslie L., 295, 458 Thurston. Laura R.. 431 Thweall. Col. Richmond. 188 Thweatt. R. F. Jr.. 178. 498 Thweatt. Robert, 482, 501 Tice. Janet. 281. 458 Tidier. Hugh D.. 398 Tilfany. Roberta. 144. 173. 269, 431. 531. 540 Tigner. RuthE.. 373. 479 Tilger. B. R.. 218 Tilghman. Janice, 431 Till. Jarrell. 399 Tiller. George T., 400 Tilson. Jeanne E.. 374. 378. 442 Timmons. Dan B.. 28 Tims, Karen L.. 304. 479 Tims. Timothy B.. 193 Tindell. Larry B.. 193. 403. 479 Tinsley. Jane E., 281. 364, 479, 538 Tippit. William C 147. 429. 532 Tipps. Carolyn J., 442 Tipps. Daniel O.. 458 Tipps. Thomas J.. 205 Titsworth. Charles M.. 378, 403, 479 Titus, John S.. 389. 458. 521 Tobin. Ronald G.. 324. 442 Todd. John D., 1,85. 300, 442 Todd. Robert P.. 185 Toko. Carol. 527 Toland. Nanci. 295. 479 Tolbtrt. Karen K., 369 Tolbert. Ruth A.. 312. 442 Toltz. Paul S.. 337. 429 Tomlin. Pinky. 32 Tomlin. Truman. 193. 300. 458 Tonev. Patricia A.. 375 Tooke. M. Lisbeth. 429 Tooker, Pat. 497 Torcom, Edward H.. 319. 458 Tornav. Letitia B.. 274. 458 Tornay. Richard S.. 385. 479 Townsend. Espenola A.. 375 Tracy. Gloria J., 295, 458 Trahern. Betsy R.. 136. 292. 442 Transue. Michael J.. 223. 347. 400, 479 Trapnell. Edra L.. 331. 442 Trapp, Fave N., 283. 442 Traverse, Judith A.. 458 Travis. Rex K.. 480. 485 Traxler, Walter R.. 396 Traynor. Timothy R., 193. 319. 393. 479 Treseder. Patricia A., 142.310, 357. 440, 442 Trickel. George O., 319. 405. 458 Triggs. Donna E.. 442 Trimble. Charles E., 340. 429 Trimble. Joan. 496 Trimble. Llovd E.. 429. 502. 510 Tromburg. TerrvD.. 40 Troub. Deanna G.. 281. 442, 492 Troub. Roger M.. 481. 482 Trout. Sandra K.. 355. 458 Trudgcon. Jon H.. 481. 482 True. Norma J.. 273. 442 Truex. Dr. Dorothy. 80. 264. 265. 454. 515 Truss. N. Phillip. 188. 320. 458 Tubb. James F.. 300. 380. 382, 479 Tucker. Billie F.. 283. 479 Tucker. Charics R., 403. 488 Tucker. Franklin D.. 299. 347, 458. 480 Tucker, Guv W.. 223 Tucker, lames D.. 400 r„, kii. I..1,,, II.. 213. 340. 458 •1,1, I.,,, k.,, I ,. 516 Tihl., I, I I).. 4S1 Tnikc. I,,.,ui,, 1... 429 Tucker. Robert [.. 193. 395 Tucker. Bill. 480. 481. 484 Tudor. George L.. 323 Tuell. Carol A.. 371 Tulk. Richard E.. 193. 395. 479 Tullis. Paul E.. 221 Tuma. Betty S.. 292. 477. 479, 500. 501 Tuma. Gerald. 516 Tunnell. Dovle C. 406 Turk. Mohammed K.. 442. 512 Turk. Susan. 304. 442. 515 Turlev. Robert C. 332. 442 Turnbull. John R.. 429 Turnbull. Marv J.. 308. 458 Turner. Alvin. .527 Turner. Mrs. Alvin. 527 Turner. Carol L.. 290. 458. 526 Turner. Cecil L.. 411 Turner. David E.. 193. 400 Turner. Jean. 273. 442 Turner. Jerry B.. 3,S0. 392. 502. 510 Turner, John M., 130, 147. 336, 442 Turner. Judith T., 133 Turner, Marilyn J., 163, 348, 429, 532 Turner, Necia M.. 308. 373. 479 Turner, Samuel D., 195, 220, 332, 429 Turner. Sandra K.. 147. 290. 458, 515, 518 582 Cover for the . . . 1962 SOONER Designed and Produced By KINGSPORT PRESS INC. KINGSPORT, TENN. " OUR BEST WISHES GO WITH THE MEN AND WOMEN PREPARING FOR A CAREER IN PHARMACY " Congratulations to Graduates in 1962 The FOX VLIET DRUG Co. WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS WICHITA - OKLAHOMA CITY - PUEBLO ALBUOUERQUE In The Skirvin Tower Hotel ■ f6 Fashions with a Young Viewpoint m tm ' M OKLAHOMA ' S FINEST SHOP Cimme ' PRESCRIPTION SHOP ■■WHERE PHARMACY IS A PROFESSIONS 1209 N. Walker CEn+ral 9-2401 Opposite Osier Bidg. 2507 N.W. 23rd Street Windsor 3-4405 Villa and 23rd 525 N.W. nth Street CEntral 9-2409 Medical Center I II I North Lee CEntral 9-2406 Pasteur Med. BIdg. 5700 N.W. Grand Blvd. Windsor 3-4408 Doctors Medical B!dg. Surgical Garments, Supports, CE 9-2422 Elastic Hose and Professional I pr q OAfjt Unifornns for Nurses and f Doctor ' s Assistants. J Wl 3-4408 — OKLAHOMA CITY. OKLAHOMA — CITY-WIDE DELIVERY AND DRIVE-IN WINDOW SERVICE C. J. " CONNIE " MASTERSON, President 583 Turner, Sharron C 442 Turner. Slurrrv E.. 146. 290. 492, 518. 538, 540 Turner, Terrv M.. 398 Turner. William R.. 493, 518 Turrentinc. Rcgina. 442, 508, 516 Turshman. Eric E.. 401 Tuthill. Ralph J.. 18S. 315, 458 Tweedv. Craig. 398. 482 Tyler. Harlan D.. 213, 479 Tyler. Lynda A.. 290, 374. 479 Tvler. Merle L.. 442, . ' ;03 Tvler. Palrida R.. 273. 429 Tvler. Stanley. 399. 458, 492 Tvner. Rulh P., 530 Typaldos. Arislides G.. 442 Tyson. Raniond E.. 299, 442 Tzinberg, Leslie, 335, 442 u I ' douj. Judv K... 283. 442 I ' eki. Lawrence K., 298. 429 L ' ctrechl. Margot p., 166, 304, 439. 442. 514 Ulken. Martha C. 355. 458. 526 Lllmann. William J.. 193,393 Trnplebv. Joanna C. 295. 429 I ' ndtniood. Hubert H.. 429, 509 L ' pchurch. Dr. Vernon. 514 L ' pdegrair. Billy P.. 458 Lpp. Brian H.. 481 I ' pton. Judith .■ .. 374 Urban. Deanna 1.. 479 Uri. Dianna B.. 290. 458 Urrulia, Margarita I.. 363 Usewicz. Edward D.. 324. 442 Utberg. Joan C. 273. 369. 479 Vail. Margaret I., 479 Valdes. Gloria G.. 136. 292, 442 Valouch. Beverly K., 458. 497 Valouch. Gloria A.. 429. 497 Van.Aken. Sar J.. 331. 442 Van .Allen. William I).. I S ' an.AMlucrpl. (.arv L.. 45 Van Aukiu. Robert 1).. 411 Van Burkleo. William B.. 101, 105. 111. 406 Van Dall. William W.. 286, 442 Van Dam. Delano. 327. 429 an Eaton. .Alice M.. 280, 429, 491, 492 Van Eaton, Mary L.. 373. 479 ' an Hooser. Curtis D.. 193. 388. 479 Van Horn. Bobbye J.. 442, 524 Van Horn, Brooke A.. 442 Van Sickle. Roy S.. 179 Van Tine. Charles W., 429 Van Tine. Treva M.. 283. 442 VanTuyl, Lovella S.. 312. 365. 479 Van Wagner. George R.. 188. 442 ' an Zante. Arden W., 188. 194 Vance. Dwight A.. 488 Vandcrburo;. Laeman L.. 540 Varidergrill. Lucrctia. 442 Vandcrhook. Roy D.. 202 Vanderkooi. David. 491 Vandenvcrth. W. C 149 Vandever. Carl J.. 411 Vanice. Dunnv, 126 Vargas, Martha E.. 136. .•)54. 367. 479 Varncll. Palric c B.. 395 Vassar. Paul M.. 482 Vastine. Thomas D,, 479 Vate, J. D.. 389 Vater. John J.. 63 Vatti. Thammayva. 527 Vaughan, John. 123. 403 Vaughan. John E.. 123. 479 Vaughan. Linda L.. 364 ' aughan. Robert L.. 442. 480. 481 Vaughan. Robert W.. 185. 298. 29!) Vaughan. Virginia. 312. 429 Vaughey. Genevieve S.. 312. 375. 479 Vaughn. Byron A.. 344. 442 Vaughn. George R.. 300. 458 Vaughn, Grady H.. 188. 340, 458. 550 Vaughn, ludith E.. 479 V ' aught, Roger W.. 442 Vcale. Thomas K.. 320. 390. 479 Vcccia. John L.. 378, 401. 479 Vecaart. E. W.. 213 Vcgtcr. Robert G.. 387. 489. 502 Verdonck. Douglas H.. 387 Verges, Jimmy T.. 327. 429 Verges. Marianne M.. 348. 429 Vermillion, Larry D,. 101. III. 406 Vernon, Eldon L., 458 Vernon, .JcrrvJ.. 118. 202. 405 Vcrvack. Jimnu C. 315. inil. 47 ' ! Ve.sclv. Ann K. 165. 331 fiS Vestal, W ' .. 3!l l. 112 Vick. WilhlUM P.. ISX Vickburg. Donald N.. 289. 393. 479 Vickcrs. James A.. 188. 404. 458 Vickers. Sandra G.. 357. 378. 458 Vic-h. lohn A., 402 rr,l. |;-,s I... 320, 458 Vinvard. N ..l W,. 200. 429, 545 ' italc. M.ii. :ii7, (7 ' l niun. Sh 11 I . r,li. 158, 497 Wicgeli. Ki.lHii W ,. .iliO. 383, 479 N ' ogler, John F.. 193. 300, 384, 479 Voiles. John D.. 193. 479 Von Roscnbirs. C. W.. 525 ,iss. W . IMt. iN5. 479 " 1.1 " . K.-li. 11 H . IJ ' i. ■ ' .22. 545 iih II .m N. ( , w . r.s Vovles. Linda L.. 295. 458 Vreeland, Teresa R., 374 w Waddle. Haskell T., 219, 221, 266, 289 Waddle. Judy M., 292, 429 W adc. Hester G.. 442 Wade. Jan E., 479 Wade, Junita J., 280, 2S1, 458, 515 W ade. Jon T., 223, 323, 388, 479 Wade. iMarilvn G., 290, 375, 463, 470. 479 ■ Wade. .MaryA., 231,429,524 W ade. Sammy, 203 Wadlci. James G., 511 W adiow. Betty J., 292, 442 Wadlow. Bobby M.. 185, 542 Vadsworth. Evard V,, 185, 300, 442 Waggoner. William C, 480 W.iuii.Ki. Sl.i.ln A., 371 .iiiiir.;lii I , 108 W.iii k.uli.iiii A.. 312. 364, 479 Il.uid I).. 396 Walden. . larv A., 373 W aldnian, Nancy A., 277, 368, 479 Wall. Ullah S., 527 Walker, Billy J„ 183, 189,399, 528. 535 Walker. Charles. 404 Walker. Dr. Charles R., 524, 528 W.ilkci. Constance S.. 527 W.ilkei. Don G., 319, 442 W.dkii. Donald K., 193,324,385, -179 W.,lkcr. James D.. 429 Walker. James R.. 403, 458. 491, 492 Walker. |immie K.. 195 W.ilko. 1.111,1,1 E.. 213 W.ilk.i. I 111,1,1 |.. 369 W.ilkii. I ' .iiii.k I-:.. 188. 194. 399 W.ilkii. I ' .iul, 32 W.ilkci. Robert A.. 399 W .ilker. Susan Shaw. 52 W.ilkc-i. William G.. 129. 183, 195 W.llkel. Miv W . ;.. I,S3 Miii.iiii. 520 U,ilk.iu. Rein, ,.1. 277. 442. 547 W..lkiip. liiiaii 1... 324. 411 WjII. Barbara a.. 365. 479 ,ill. JohnT.. 429, 509, 543 W.ill. ludith H,, 479 ..ll. I.ceman J,,320. 429, 493 .ill. . anelle. 331. 458 ,ill.uc. John M.. 129. 222,394. r,i, Sani.iel P.. 513 .iN.M 1. Imliili I... 369 W.ill, I ll.Mi.ilil k.. 188. 394. 458. W.iMur; W.iwiil. 372. 378. 479 W.illis. Id, 1.1 II |.. 511 W.ilU. Willi.iMi 1... 188 W.ilii,!. Ilirji 1.,. 336. 442 , I... 136. 145. 146. 17 540 W.iIm.hI. ( 1)1,,, le. 535 .ilr,,. |.,i,i ' s c ,. 336. 442 W.ih, 1 k,ii. II .. 372 W.,li, I W illiiiii li.. 149 .ili, ' V I 11,;,, I... 273. 374. 479 .,li ' „ , |.,iii,s K.. 300. 442 W,,li,,ii. DjimI K.. 392. 458 WailoM. Donald L.. 479 Marilyn J.. 442. 488. 490, 524 W.ilr,..,. M.irlli,, (,,442. 488,497 . 11. I ' 1-. O.. 125 ..l - Willi, .111 II.. 223.389 W ,111,1. II, . I, |.,, 308. 458 W,i,il Ml,,i, I! . ' 525 W.ii.l, II,, 1,. ..,1 .n, II, mils HIil. 101). I ] 1 171) ,ii 50 S.. 193. 395 W.ii.l. Kathleen A.. 362. 429 Wanl. Leslie L.. 403 W .,,,1 Michael M.. 193. 332. 399, I5S W, " (l Robert N.. 183. 200 Wai.l. William I... 458 W ardcn. Frederick M.. 307. 429, 520 Warden. Larry K.. 125. 307. 387. 411 Warden. Lawrence I.. 193. 479 Ware. Beverly K., 357 Ware. Charles W.. 491 Ware. Tana L.. 164, 304, 362, 479 ariiig, RodT,, 193, 389 Warner, David M.. 509 Wa n. Carolyn L.. 295. 442 n. Dean £,,402 n, Edward O., 223. 479 n. lerry A.. 270, 479 n, Lana S,, 310, 479, 488, n. W ' illiam A.. 336, 550 , William H„ 193. 429, 550 Warrick, Don, 123, 344, 405, 429, 505, 520. 545 Warley. Pam. 7. 27. 375. 479, 526; 532 Washburn. Arthurs.. 178. 196 Washburn. C. Gayle, 371. 442, 500 W.isliluiiii. (,,.1,1.111. 512. 528, 536 W.1SI1I, 1,111. S,ilK. 516 W,islil,iiiii. W ,1,1,1.1. 496 WasiR,!,,, ; s,,, .. .■)64. 479 Wasliiiril,. i. ( u,. I,ss II W:i R.ibe. 49S S., 335. 479, L. J.. 218 Waters. William C. 400. 541 W allien. James F., 399, 442 Watkins. Doris J., 374. 429, 488, 490. 530 Watkins. Henry V.. 534 Watkins. James R.. 130. 203. 336, 442 Watkins. loan E.. 290. 442 Watkiii,;. Linda |.. 283. 370. 479 W.iikiiis.,,. .. 308. 442 Waikiiis. 11 ,,s II.. 482 W.iis,,,,. ( .11. .Ki. l.. 32. 90. 91. 9.;. I7.i. ,;u,s. 429. 531 Watson. Charles D., 193, 289. 382. 479. 541 Watson. C:hcri L.. 390. 458, 506 id I... 403 W J W 179 W.111. Hi 11.11, .ill II.. 429;..i. i76. 458 (... 357. 378 HI. ...1,1 I . 308. 362. 479 ri,s W.u«.,..,l, l ' .,i,i, 1.1 J.. 141. 376, 442. 5I.S Wav. David M.. 320. 442 Way. Peter M.. 188. 320. 458 Weaber. George. 55, 267. 296. 297, 430 Weaver. Carl E.. 113. 188 Weaver. Marcia j., 376, 458 Weaver. Thomas M.. 316. 458 Weaver. William N.. 185. 307. 442 Webb, Albert H.. 509 Webb. Carl F.. 399, 404, 430. 509. 543 Webb. lohn C. 400 Webb. Lindlc R.. 47 Webb. Robert I.. 193. 197. 458 Webb. Robert R.. 402 Webb. Terrv N.. 509 Wehh. William L, 222. 458 Webber. Dana F.. 281. 458 Webber. Gloria L. 360. 479 Webber. Larry D.. 458 Webber. Michael D.. 204. 213. 319. 430 Weber. Larry M.. 324. 405 Weber. Rose M.. 354. 359. 442. 538. 547 Webster. Bruce M.. 458 Webster. Charles K.. 188. 326. 442 Webster. Daniel L.. 147 Wedemever. Ellvn. 283. 442. 524. 547 Weedn. Robert J.. 429 Weeks. Al. 307. 430 Weeks. C:ooper. 336. 443 Weems. Susan. 281. 430 Wegener. Dick. 193. 319. 390. 479 Weirer. Shirley A.. ,359. 443 Wehba. Dennis. 213. 344. 395. 479 Weichert. David R.. 383 Wcick. .John A.. 193. 479 Weinberg. Celle. 343. 458 Weinberg. Michael S.. 401 Weiner. Allen A.. 193. 337. 479 Weiiier. Sandyr. 371. 547 Weiner. Terrv L.. 343. 359. 458. 466 Weinstein. Barbara F.. 343. .358. 479 Weinstein, Paul E,, ,335 Weinstein. Paul R.. 188. 458. 539 Weir. Donald. 514 Wcirich. Beverly. 496 Weisberg. .Steven R.. 278. 430 Wcisblatt, Paul A., 337, 458, 517 Weisiger. Anne L.. 292. 365. 479 Weissinan. Ronald L., 335, 430 Weilz.nhoircr, A, Max, 296, 411, . 343, 361, 479, Weitzman. Ma 526 Weitzner. Larrv K.. 185.335. 4 Welch. Flois, II , 11)1. ill-,. |- Wei. I, , CI...... ;iil 17.1 Welch, laiii.s s ;iii I ;ii Welch, Tli,,i.,,is II . IMI Welcher, (.j W. I 12. 304. 443. 520 Wcldon. Jean L.. 360, 479 Wellbo • ■ " We 1 1 bo Wellborn. L. W.. 196 Wcller. Patricia F.. 281. 354. 357, 378. 458. 497. 508 Wellington. Robert L.. 403. 479 Wells. Bonnie L.. 355. 458 Wells. George L.. 398 Wells. Jack K.. 193. 315. 479 Wells, John M,, 430 Wells. Lawrence J.. 400 Wells. Martha B., 295, 443 Wells. Peggy. 146. 308. 442. 518, 540 Wells. Woodrow B.. 443 Welsh. Link. 320, 430 Weriieke. Leo G.. 539 Wertz. Mary E.. 367 Wesner. Brenda. 281. 361. 479, 551 Wesson. Lawrence H., 400 West, Beverly J,. 283, 458 West. Carey K.. 223, 336. 458 West. Doris. 544 West. Harold G.. 188. 382 West. John C. 188. 344. 458 West, lohn D., 387 West. Lee, 482 West. Mary Evelyn, 75 West. Willie, 430 Weslfall. Don. 514 Wcstfall. Dr. O. D.. 514 Westfall. Robert M.. 344. 345. 500. 501. 534. 543. 546. 549 Westfall. Roger. 183. 443 Westgate. Ruth J.. 134. 135.360. 488. 499 Westhoff. Harolvn. 308. 430, 520 Weston, lane. 2 ' I0. 443. 524. 532 Wi-vMik.i. I, .ink W . 4SI. 484 WluMll, . l ' ,,ni,i,i I . 361 lKelci. 1... . ' 73. 458 Wheeler. Cimia. 290. 430. 532 Wlieeler. Harold J.. 402 Wheeless. Gavle. 514 Wlielilian. Man K.. 304. 443 Whenv. luanita M.. 173. 359. 378. 430. 499. 548 Whetstone. Brenda J.. 283, 443 Whinery, Leo. 491 Whisnand. Harry J.. 148. 188. 303. 458 Whissen. Gil, 116 Whistler, Jerrie E,. 283, 443 Whitaker. Lincoln E., 188 Whitaker, William, 202, 203, 204, 267. 296. 430. 545 Whiuomb. George A.. 404. 479 llil,. HilK. 100. 111. 183 l,ii, I ,11, .Km. 373 W ' lii,. I ,iil,s C. 318. 430 Willi,-. Cli.iilcs L,, 405 White, Cookie, 395, 458 While, Coralce, 42 White. David H.. 193. 336. 395. 479 White. Forrest. 320. 381. 479 White, George A.. 267. 269. 414. 443, 491 White. |im, 300, 458 White, lohn R.. 430 White. Kenneth D.. 391 White. Kenneth T.. 1,85. 1,95 While. Larrv W.. 430 White. Louis E.. 402 White. Phyllis J.. 458. 508 White. Dr! Raymond. 514 White. Stanley A., 188, 458 While, Thomas B,. 188, 267, 479 White. Thomas P.. 344 White. Thurman. 69. 79. ,80. 83 White. Tilden R.. 188. 396 White. Tommy B.. 400. 541 Whitencck. Otho. 193. 319. 393. 479 Whitesell. Paula. 369. 479. 497 Whitfield, Gerald, 120 Whitis, Donald R,. 430, 520 Whillark, Donald K,. 443 Whitlock. Don, 127 Whitney, Phillip A., 443, 512. 536 Whitney. Vinnie. 496 Whittaker, David B., 522 Whiltaker, Nancy L., 304, 364, 479 Whittels, Ellison, 267, 3.35 Whillen. Darrell W.. 398. 443. 509 Whillen. Ronald D.. 480. 484 Whillcrn. Donna L., 295, 361, 479, 532 Whittington, Marcia A,. 273. 458. 459 Whitllescv. Dennis J.. 315. 458 VI,il.,.,l. Ann. 308. 430 i,,i,,l, I ,i,l.i K,, 312, 374. 479 Wiik,, |. ..,„., F.. 371,522 Wiikl i I, .1,11 -,, 223, 384, 479 Wi. ' .s W ill. .... F . r.s Wi. ksi.....i 1 ...ilii.i _ ' .|il |-,s i i;,.i.. k W, ,1,1.11,1, 1. II., Wid.iilield, Karen K,, 304, 458 Wideman, loscph A,. 481 Widinan. Margaret A,, 164, 292, Wiens. Terrv T., 289. 383. 479 Wieseu. Donald H.. 507 Wicst. Ellinor Ann, 292. 479, 500 Wilbur. Robert E.. 185, 320, 458 Wilcox. Dr. Donald. 80 Wilcox. Robert K.. 319. 400 Wilder. Kenneth D.. 332. 458, 517 Wiles, De Armond, 315. 430, 520 Wiley. Donald L., 482 VVilhelm. Marsha K.. 363 Wilison. Barbara, 532 Wilke. Marianna, 295. 443 Wilkes. David N.. 303. 443 Wilkes. Gurnev. 283. 430 Wilkie. Joe A.; 459 Wilkins. Dick J.. 53.300, 459 Wilkins. Gerald T., 479 Wilkins. Ronald G.. 223. 401, 479 Wilkins. Sandra K.. 53. 331. 459 Wilkinson. Coach Bud. 96. 97 Wilkison. Barbara A.. 310, 360, 479 Wilknnson. Nancv K.. 281. 375, 479. 538 Wilks. Lowell E.. 193 Willard. Jeanette F., 363. 526 Willcox. Joan. 371 Willet. John F.. 193. 194. 2,85, 479 Willett. Linda J.. 308. 430 Willhite. Allen L.. 223. 393, 479 William. Lynn. 528. 536 Williams. Alfred L.. 544 Williams. Barry. 396 Williams. Beth A.. 304. 363. 365, 479. 515 Williams. Bob. 479 Williams. Darrell R..516 Williams. David K.. 286. 481 Williams. Delia G.. 544 Williams. Dovle W.. 400, 479. 488 Williams. Eleanor A.. 268 Williams. Emily L.. 374. 540 Williams. Gene P.. 488. 490 Williams. Hal H.. 118. 296. 405, 430. 505 Williams. Henry L.. 401 Williams. Herbert Hugh. 398 Williams. James, 48 Williams. James B.. 443 Williams. James D.. 320. 459. 540 Williams, James Dennis, 188 Williams, James W,, 193,403, 479 Williams. Janice D.. 273. 443, 500. 501 Williams, loetta P.. 375. 479 Williams, John C. 481 Williams. .lohnnieC. 481 Williams. Johnnie L., 206. 479 Williams. Johnny M.. 404. 479 Willi..nis. .ludvth A.. 304. 443. 491 Willi.iiiis. Margo E.. 147. 331. Willi, ,11s. li, li,,el L.. 405. 479 Willi, 1,11,. M,.IK S..372. 479 W. 111. mis. ,,.i |.. 281, 370. 479 Willi,iii.s. . ,.unj A.. 295. 4.30 Wilii.iMis. Portwood. 404 Willi.iiiis. Robert. 390 Willi.iMis. Robert F,, 220.332, 4i(l W illi.iiiis. Robert L., 193. 340. 381 Willi.inis. Robert P.. 479 Willi.iins. Sharon E.. 136. 491 Willi.iMis. Slun. 273. 443. 491 Willi. iriiv St,„li,ii. 188. 300. 459 Willi.iiiiM,... Il,-,iii. 484 .ll.,.iiisi.ii. Iiiiunv H.. 459. 550 Willi.inis.,,,, |udv C., 283, 366, 479 Williamson, Samuel L,. 300. 459 Willibcv. Guv R.. 443 Williluand. Niary. 55. 310. 459 Willis. Don L., 1,83. 430 Wilhs. Gary L.. 399. 430 Willis. Homes M.. 193 W.lhs. Robert R.. 308. 430 Wilhs. Will H.. 296. 430 Willis. William H., 300. 319. I. " . ) Wiliils. -erneL., 324. 479 Wilis. Georgia A,, 376. 459 Wills,,, lames D.. 396. 479 WilK. Kenneth. 327, 430 Will Ii. r,,,,,I. 491 W.l.n,,il,. 1). II., It D,. 430 Wils,,,.. Ml., .1 F... 546 Wris,,,,. H,.i,llev. 443 W lis,, 11. tarolvn D.. 373. 479 Wilson. i:harles W.. 459. 488. Da 549 Wilson. David M.. 183. 430. 543, 546, 549 Wilson, Don L,, 479 Wilson. Donald R.. 300. 301. 382, 479 W ilson. Gene A.. 179 Wils..,i, 1-:.. 1,88 Wils,,,,. i.„k W .. 223. 389 W,K,,,i. I.,, ,11. |i|(i Wils,, 11. |.n I).. 101, 459 Wilsi.M. leaiiette, 479, 492. 497 Wilson, lohanna, 312, 459 584 ..ii.cii!. Ni.iiic K.. m. .).i:i. WiK I.awrrnicE., IM. 7!) W,.M .,i,sU. Sol. 142 iK..i,. I.jrrv W.. 320. 336. 430. Wi.lf. ( a,..l J.. 443 r. i W..lf. ( l,., lis K.. 443 WiK.iM. l.„il,aN.. 273. 479 W..l(. l. l.,„ l. I.I W iN..ii. lil.i-. 323. 388. 492. . ' i2(i W..l(. l.,,v A.. II 1. 501 iK..„. Mw.i U.. 29.5, 479 W..lf, K „„cll, R.. 502. 510 Wil K., 443. . ' 24 Wi.K, M.i,;iaK ' l (.. 308. 44.1 WiN..... 11. .1.1,1 II..340. 4. ' i9 W„III, 1 a„il J.. 371. 443 (.„N..t 7. 392. 480 U.N..n. K..v.,iii.cM.,304. 459 W,,lll. WiKmm. I ' I,„„m M.. 443 W..III. IVrrv M.. 277. 364. 4.Sfl. iK..i,. .ill.i. - W.. .113 532 lis...!. U iIIk (.. 193 Wiiiir, i,i„. Waller II.. 431. 521 i„.ii, . Will, .1111 E.. . ' ■•41 ,„l.lcH.,l. 11,11 v.. 200 Wolfs, „. Mi.l,ael S.. 53 4 i„l,l,....l. |„i. O.. I.S.S. 31.1. 4.19 Wolls. I,. Sliaroi, R.. 34.1. 358. U.iichrll. Riilli E.. 354. 369. 479 4,80 Wiii.lcl. IcrrvL.. 205, 479 Wiii.lrr. Sicphcn W., 525. 542. Wiilve rion. Mavlaii T.. 330. ,331. 459 549 W,.,..l Darrell W.. 497. 514. 5.13 Wiiics. Garv B.. 286. 430. 493 W.,..,l Donald E.. 481 Wines, Mariarcl A.. 281. 32.S. 430 Wines. William R.. .00. 30D. 443. W,...,l. Kwrell. 501. 500 W....,l A.. 1!)3 14S W 1. (.irrv ().. 193. 400. 48S Wii.h.l.l. Joe A.. 203, 316. 459 , „ln III. Julius C. 193. 401 W,„„l. John A.. 480 W,„.d. I.MidaS., 459 W ,,iil. Susan C. 281. 459. 508 W,.,.,l. Pl.« M.. 188 ,,|l.rl. (- .rnlvnC.. 277. 480 W....,l. Ri.oald K.. 188. 534 ,,ikl, ,. !t..M- M.. 283. 480 W 1, s.„„lraN.. 1.15.369. 480 ,kl. . l)., ,cl R.. 498 Wmm.I. Si, a,ine M.. .104. 459. 538 V,,ir,„. |.„,iis R.. 481. .1.13 w....,l. lli.imas A.. 204.213. 431 ,r,si,.,.l. l.„,cE., 292. 430 W,„„l. r..,n. 214 ,iiM..„. rtianaK.. 359 W,„.,ll II. I)„a„ - . .. 185. 195 ,ni r,. Sandra L.. 304. 459 W,. i,l, .». ,. L,i 1... 480 is,i..i„. lames E.. 459 W ,„ l, ,11. II, .«.,,,! 1... 207. 395 U,s.l.i.„. lan v.. 135. . 115. 459 Uoodr ull. |„li,i v.. 344. 459 l .. li.iili-. N.. 195. 335 Woodr uir. Xlanlia L.. 162. 359. ,v ( l,.,,l. R.. 183. 430 431 ,il,.,ll. Il.„,v A.. 390 W„„dr iir. Sharon A.. 376. 459 ,cl,i,v .Marurct A.. 356. 443 „n,k nillv J.. 125.406.431 ,il,.r,. Waller W.. 266. 267. W Is l.ioics B.. .132. 347. 392. il ' l. 430 1 i|- 1 (1 Uiil,crs|»„„i. Linda K.. 165. 211. W is l.iims n.. 480 . ' 1. ' . ;os. r.i) .i.,,|s jllMII,!. I... I li. I ' lll Mii., " , ri,.,n,as(:.. 401 W Is |..s,|,ll l , ISS Will, |, , 1) . Ill Wl.mIs |..i,i. ( . |ii;. i ' Mi. (Ml Will. .iii,v 1... 134. 355. 459 W Is M.iiM 1... i-,7. V.l W.ll. K..l. rt (... 193. 390. 4,S0 W s ,U. Manila I... 4SII W iltcls. Ellison H.. 335. 459. W Is .11. Iiir S.. 340. 459 539. 548 W,,.„K .11,1. AlsonC. 221.381. Wolford. M. A., 202 113 W,...,l ,a„l. Jail R.. 213. 341. :|i|ii. 459 W.,o,l»a,il. James I... 480. 389 W....,li. Ksiher E.. 443 W,.,.,li. William P.. 193. 285. ISl) Wo, ,1,1, 1, In,, Joy I... 459 W„ol.l,i,ltf.. lUille. 459 WooUet. Taiil S.. 386. 480 Worl.. Carolyn f;.. 358. 480 W,irle». Rolicrl B.. 336. 388. 480 Worrell. Carol. n I).. .131. 443 Woirell..rerrvN.. 382 ell. A...13I. 358. 459, W, 501 lorse 431 Riiliard F.. 220. 299. Worlli. Harry II.. 278. 431 Vorlliam. Ceorge E., 393 Worlliinit, Carol A., 281. 366. 4. 50 WorlhinKlon, C, Branl. 381. 459 Worlliinglon. Fred I ' .. 149. 183. 431 Wolring. Jane E.. 492 WozniaL. Roman P.. 431. 513 Wray. Charles B., 431. 512. 528. 5.16 Wray. Lois Hendriek. .131. 459 Wriulu. AnilionyT.. 193. 401 Wrinlil. Diik L.. 431 Wriulil. ClennaJ.. 131 Wiiahl. lames f... 188. 387. 459. 506 Wrielit. lohn C 443. 513 riKliI. Lawreiiic A.. 289. 459 WriKhl. Mark E.. 402. 480 Wriiilu. Prisiilla A.. 308. 443 Wriahl. Regan R.. 336. 431 Wrii:lil. Richard E.. 289.344. 4. 51 WiiMoii, KalhlcenC. 492 Wiall. Itol.l.y I.. III. 193. 406 Wvall. R„l.,-,lL.. 101. 344. 459 Willi. (.j,s 1).. ini. 111. 1.S5. Valle. Sieve B.. 278. 389. 480. 488 Vamano. Linda M.. .535 ancev. Joseph, 398 N ailK.roiiiih. Teiry. 19 3 Narrioitlon. JolinC.. 284. 443. ran. T. S.. 206 cklasl,ena . Iradj. 529 Ncii ci. Dtyixlil 1... 332, 443, 499 .,Kler, Mr , Jo,, 28 KoIk A,. 431 ViliKlillX. Shillev A.. 459 Voder, lames A.. 270. 459 Voes. I ' .i L.. 373. 480 Vohn. Charles W,, 480 Nork. Annslead, 336, 44 1 York, Carroll ! ., 185, 40! Vmiell, (iary R,, 193, 347, 480, 502 Vounx, Arlcn, 514 V.mnK. Carl R., 526 Vounit, Carmen C... 459, 497 „„|,l;. Dayiil II., 321, 431 N..,i.,U. Donald L., 347. 431 „„„J!. Karl W.. 223. 405 ,.o„K. Emma R.. 431 VoiiiiK. Ceorge A.. 205. 403. 459. 4.S8 Young. Harry M.. 188. 323. 4.19. 539 Yonng. i R.. 390. 480 Young, loyce F.. 365. 480 Young. LeeC, 188, 316. 459 Young. Linda L.. 283. 443 Young. LylcO.. 129. 213. 391. 431 Young. Margaret B.. 480 Young. Mary J.. 312 Young, Mary M., 133, 164, 431 oung. Naniy, 498 ,iung, Palricia S.. 311, 459 Young. Richard K.. 179. ISO. 182. 431. 497 nung. Terry E., 188, 402 oiing, Viclor C. 386, 4,S0 „u,ig, WVsUy J.. 183, 403, 4,S0 ,.„iig. Wooili. 4.S0 ,„,lKl.l ' „.cl. II. Ronnie. 459 N ouiigir. I.i„i,a,d J.. 278. 480 Vnungsleadl. Nonnan VV.. 405. 480 Younguoilh. Ralph. 123 Y,OMigi...rlh. Ramlolph J., .105 ouol. Joseph P., 403 ounl, Sanclia L., 372, 443, .100 Yoyanovii, Milan, 431 Yovell, t.arv, 395 ahih, Hijan. 529 Zadik. Sutan A.. 295. 363. 480. 526 aim. Call V.. 110. 431 ahnrskt. lames L.. 480. 485 amianii. Esfahani F.. 49. 529 aiiik. Thomas C.. 223. 404 Zander. Jane A., 372, 480 .anguill, Terri L., 268. 343. 358, 480 aiilc. Allien W.. 194 Zarroiy. Sluarl A.. 193. 335. 395, 480 Zaydan. Mahmoud II.. 399. 443, 525 Zdenek. lames R.. 400. 480. 488 Zeigler. Dennis S.. 205. 400 -elainy. Hal D.. 193. 335. 451. 459 Zcldich. Rhoda J.. 375 Zeller. Mar E.. 459 Zcllmer. Daniel .M.. 399. 459. 539 Zeniik. Larry S.. 393 Zerobnitk. .Valalie A., 277, 459 ZgoneU. Ken P., 188. 332. 459 Ziegler. David A.. 278. 443 Zien. Frames D.. 277, 362, 480 Zingg, William W,, 385 Zinn. Richard L., 324. 401. 480 Zohlolsky. RilaL.. 343. 431 Zoblolsky. Rol)erI .. 188. 337. 459 Zook. Larry R.. 319. 431. 522. 545 Zuck. Melinda. 538 Zuckerman. Ronald J.. 335. 431, 545 Ziimwall. Anna. 496 Zumsvall. Rov H.. 183. 196, 431, 512. 528. 536 Ziiihelnian. Carolyn J.. 10, 166, 277. 443 ' 62 GRADS .n y, ) " Go ahead " banking for " Oef ahead " people , V 4 National Bank ■ il }l »i and Trust Company (if Oklahiinia Citv NE Corner Park Avenue and N, Robinson CEntral 6-2811 585 In Norman . . . Always Stop at the Locke+t COMPLETELY AIR-CONDITIONED • Drive-in Entrance Coffee Shop • Ballroom Private Dining Rooms THE LOCKETT HOTEL and Coffee Shop NORMAN, OKLAHOMA Co mp limen ts of a Friend Advertising Index Agar-Ford Insurance Agency . . . 587 American Iron Mach. Works Co. . 589 B Balliet ' s Briscoe, Powel, Oil Producer . Brown ' s College Corner c Capitol Steel Iron Co. . . Champlin Oil Co Chastain-Holland Oil Co. . . City National Bank .... Clark. B. C. Jewelers Clark Cleaners S: Laundry . Coca-Cola Bottling Co. . Commander Mills, Inc. . Connie ' s Prescription Shop Courtesy Cleaners .... E Economy Advertising Co 588 El Charrito Restaurants .... 589 Fidelity National Bank 581 First National Bank 5(i7 Foreman-Caudill Real Estate S: Ins. . 587 Fox-Vliet Drug Co 58:5 Hughes Tool Company Hunzicker Brothers . 583 .John ' s Texaco . 589 K Kingsport Press. Inc. Kunkel ' s .... 589 555 579 573 589 581 557 581 583 587 G General Jack ' : Cih Edge Ear 586 ,559 563 Leadbetter Motor Co. . . Liberty National Bank . Lockett Hotel M Maxwell, Leo, Co., Inc. McCall ' s Coffee Shop . . McCall ' s Super Food Market Meadow Gold Milk . . . " Moore " Burger .... N National Tank Co. Newsom, Mel, Photography Norman Courts Motor Hotel Normandy Bowl .... o O. K. Stamp tt Seal Co, . . Oklalioma Daily .... Oklahoma Memorial Union Oklahoma Natural (ias Co. Oklahoma Pap er ( " o. 561 589 583 579 575 585 586 589 587 587 589 575 567 569 587 577 589 591 554 569 589 Pittsburgh Plate Co 589 Poynor, Ken, Real Estate Ins. . . 587 Rite-Way IGA Foodliners .... 587 .Security National Bank 577 .Seismograph Senice Corp. . . . 589 Sharpe Dry Goods C o 587 Smith, Russell, Studio 581 Sooner Drug 575 Southwestern Engraving Co. . . . 592 Steelman Construction Co. . . . 589 T. D. ' s Radio S: TV Townley ' s Dairy . Transcript Press . 587 585 573 u University Book Exchange University Portrait Studio Varsity Book Store Veazev ' s .... 556 571 Wacker ' s Deparlnicnt Store Western Newspaper Union . 577 579 587 589 JOHN ' S TEXACO Wash Lubricaticin Road Service Firestone Accessories Phone JE 4-1645 Highway 77 Lindsay Norman We Give S H Green Stamps FOREMAN-CAUDILL ior HEAL LSTATL and INSURANCE • FIRE • ' :asualty 111 E. Comanche • AUTOMOBILE • BONDS IE 4-5120 COURTESY CLEANERS LAUNDRY SERVICE 312 West Main - Phone JE 4-7265 filPifr Lindsay Road - Phone JE 4-8407 318 S. Porler - Phone JE 6-0729 NORMAN, OKLAHOMA AGAR-FORD INSURANCE AGENCY " Where Insurance Is Not A Sideline " 218 N. Peters Phone JE 4-2700 Norman, Okla. NORMAN COURTS MOTEL 65 LANDSCAPED - QUIET UNITS Phones, TV ' s, Radios, Carpeting, Modern Air Condition- ing Heating. Popular Restaurant Adjacent. NORMAN ' S BEST VALUE FOR OUT-OF-TOWN GUESTS 1131 N. Porter - In Town - Hiway 77 - Near N. Campus JE 4-3000 24-Hour Switchboard KEN POYNOR Real Estate and Insurance Agency 705 W. Main, Norman JE 4-5888 Nationally Known Merchandise At Sale Prices WACKER ' S Department Store Phone IE 4-7432 1 16 S. Crawford McCALL ' S COFFEE SHOP Fountain — Sandwiches — Steaks 116 East Main JE 4-1822 SHARPE DRY GOODS CO. Norman ' s " Name Brands " Depar+ment Store 110-112 E. Main Phone JE 4-3223 T. D. ' s Radio TV 116 South Santa Fe Avenue NORMAN, OKLAHOMA Dean Waddell, Owner Phone JE 4-5210 RITE WAY L G. A. FOODLINERS 315 E. Eufaula 1425 George John Morrison McCALL ' S SUPER FOOD MARKET Norman ' s Leading Independent Grocers 301 West Main Street Oscar McCall O. T. McCall 587 T h This Yearbook Printed and Bound by CLIO PRESS Yearbook Division of ihe Q ECONOMY ADVERTISING COMPANY Iowa City, Iowa 1 SOME OF THE TYPE FACES AVAILABLE TO OUR CUSTOMERS 588 iy,i, i j Downtown - Mayfair Oklahoma City, Okla. ' ' - ' - ., AlSllr H " V8 ' 11 ...tic More Oklahomans Drink MEADOW GOLD MILK Than Any Other Brand CAPITOL STEEL IRON CO. " Dependable Service Since 1910 " Office and Plant — 1726 S. Agnevf Oklahoma City ME 4-6381 | and 1902 Afton St., Houston, Texa.7 WESTERN NEWSPAPER UNION Everything For the Printer 2nd at Harvey Oklahoma City Congratulations, Sooners POWEL BRISCOE OIL PRODUCER 1916 First Nat ' l Bldg. - Okla. City - CE 6-4531 OKLAHOMA PAPER CO. Established 1900 Distributors of " HI-GRADE " School Supplies 301 E. Calif. Okla. City CE 6-0611 1 PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS COMPANY 4301 N. Santa Fe Oklahoma City, Oklahoma HUNZICKER BROS. Electrical Supplies — Lighting Fixtures Wholesale Only Oklahoma City 501 N. Virginia CE 6-3731 O. K. STAMP SEAL CO. Aldy Gers, Owner 108 W. Grand Okla. City CE 5-7853 LEO MAXWELL CO.. INC. Wholesale Appliance Distributor Zenith - Fedders - Norge 530 S. Broadway CE 6-4351 Oklahoma City STEELMAN CONST. CO. PAVING ASPHALTS OKLAHOMA. CITY SEISMOGRAPH SERVICE CORP. 6200 E. 41st Street Tulsa P. O. Box 1590 Riverside 3-1381 AMERICAN IRON And MACHINE WORKS CO. 518 N. Indiana CE 2-5251 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 589 General Index Acacia, 270, 271 Accounting Club, 507 Administration, 58-81 AIChE. 510 AIEE-IRE. 509 Air Force. 201-216 Alley House, 381 Alpha Chi Omega. 272-273 . lpha Chi Sigma. 502 Alpha Delta Pi, 274-275 Alpha Delta Sigma. 508 Alpha Epsilon Phi. 276-277 Alpha Epsilon Pi, 278-279 Alpha Gamma Delta, 280-281 Alpha Lambda Delta, 508 Alpha Phi. 282-283 Alpha Sigma Phi, 284-285 Alpha Tau Omega, 286-287 Alumni Association, 84-85 American Pharmaceutical Association, 511 American Rocket Society, 510 Arab Club. 512 Army. 176-200 ASCE. 513 ASME, 512 Atliletics, 94-137 AWS, 515 B Baker House, 382 Baptist Student Union, 497 Bass House, 395 Beauties. 150-167 Beta Gamma Sigma, 514 Beta Theta Pi, 288-289 Bizzell House, 355 Boyd House. 398 Brooks House, 356 Buchanan House, 383 Burton House. 384 Canterbury Association. 498 Campus Personalities, 169- 173 Cheerleaders. 503 Chi Omega, 290-291 Choral Groups, 492 Cleo Cross House, 357 Cleveland House. 399 Cross, Dr. George L., 64-65 D Davis House, 358 Deans, 69-81 Delta Delta Delta, 292-293 Delta (iamma, 294-295 Delta Kappa Epsilon, 296- 297 Delta Phi Delta, 514 Delta Sigma Phi, 298-299 Delta Sigma Pi, 517 Delta Tau Delta, 300-301 Delta Theta Phi, 485 Delta Upsilon, 302-303 Disciples Student Fellowship, 499 Ditmans House, 385 E Edmonson, Governor J. Howard. 60-61 Engine Wives, 496 Engineers Club, 494-495 Eta Epsilon, 516 Eta Kappa Nu, 516 Evans House, 359 Extension Division, 82-83 Features. 28-55 Forbes House, 360 Franklin House, 374 Freshman Class, 260-479 Freshman Law Class, 482 Ciamma Alpha Chi, 518 Gamma Phi Beta. 304-305 Gamma Tau Kappa, 518 Graduate Class, 410-411 Greeks, 262-349 H Hamill House, 361 Herrick House, 362 Hester House, 363 Hillel Foundation, 498 Holman House. 364 Housing Program, 350-407 Hume House, 365 I IFC. 266 Industrial .Arts Club, 521 Institute of Aero Space Sciences, 525 International Club. 527 Iota Epsilon. 520 ISA, 378 J Jefferson House, 405 .Jordan House, 374 Journalism Press, 149 Jr. Panhellenic Council, 268 Junior Cllass. 432-443 Junior Law Class, 481 Kappa Alpha, 306-307 Kappa Alpha Theta. 308-309 Kappa Delta, 310-311 Kappa Delta Pi, 520 Kappa Kappa Gamma. 312- 313 Kappa Kappa Psi, 490 Kappa Phi, 500 Kappa Sigma. 314-315 Kelly House. 386 Kingfisher House, 401 Kirk House, 375 Kitchens House, 387 Lambda C:iii Alpha. 316-317 Lambda ' Fau, 522 Lawson House, 366 Lawyers, 480-485 Lincoln House, 402 Logan House, 376-377 Mc McCain House. 388 McCurtain House, 367 McSpadden House, 368 M Man of Distinction, 168 Marketing Club. 522 Medicine. 226-252 Men ' s Counselors, 379 Men ' s Intramurals, 129-131 Mills House. 389 Miss OV. 162 Mortar Board, 531 Mu Phi Epsilon. 491 N Naifeh House, 390 Navy. 217-225 Neill House, 375 Nursing, 253-261 o " O " ' Club. 504-505 Oikononiia. 524 Oklalioma Daily. 14.5-147 Oklahoma Memorial Union, 88-93 Oliver House, 369 Omicron Delta Kappa, 533 Opening Section. 4-55 OU Petroleum Landmen As- sociation. 550 Panhellenic Council, 264-265 Parker House. 370 Pe-et. 537 Petroleum Engineers Club. 493 Phi Alpha Delta. 484 Phi Delta Phi, 483 Phi Delta Theta, 318-319 Phi Eta Sigma, 539 Phi Ganmia Delta, 320-321 Phi Kappa Psi. 322-323 Phi Kappa Sigma, 324-325 Phi Kappa Theta, 326-327 Phi Mu. 328-329 Physical Therapy Club. 535 Pi Beta Phi. 330-331 Pi Epsilon Tau. 526 Pi Kappa Alpha, 332-333 Pi Lambda Phi. 334-335 Pi Omega, 526 Pi Omega Pi, 528 Pi Tau Sigma, 528 Prentice House. 3.91 President ' s Council of Gate Center, 354 Presidents ' Council of Cross Center. 380 Presidents ' Council of Wilson Center. 404 President ' s Leadership Clas.s. 541 PubllcuioTis Board. 140-141 R Research Institute. 86-87 Rho Chi, 530 Robertson House, 371 Ruf-Neks. 506 Sager House, 372 Sanger House, 373 Senior Class, 412-431 Senior Law Class, 480 Sequoyah House, 404 Sequovah Club, 530 Setliff House. 392 Shadow Bo. . 532 Sigma . lpha Epsilon. 336- 337 Sigma Alpha Mu. 338-339 Si Mia Clii. ;i40-341 Sigma Delta Chi, 532 Sigma Delta Tau, 342-343 Sigma Gamma Epsilon, 534 Sigma Gamma Tau, 542 Sigma Nu, 344-345 Sigma Phi Epsilon, 346-347 Sigma Pi Sigma, 534 Sigma Tau. 543 Sigma Theta Epsilon, 500 Smith House. 393 Student National Education Association, 547 Social Work Club, 544 Society for the Advancement of Management, 545 Society of Automotive Engi- neers, 536 Society of Engineering Phy- sicists, 546 Society of Industrial Man- agement Engineers, 523 Sooner Yearbook, 142-143 Sooner Shamrock, 148 Sophomore Class, 444-459 State Regents for Higher Education, 63 Statistics Club, 536 Student Nurses ' Association, 538 Student Senate, 548 Tassels. 538 Tau Beta Pi, 549 Theta Sigma Phi, 540 u University Band, 488 University Board of Regents, 62 University Players, 551 University Symphony Orches- tra. 488 Vance House. 395 Vice-Presidents, 66-i ' ourlg House. 394 z Zeta Tau .Mpha. 348-349 590 OU Chorale Sets Concert -. Ol ' ihoulo «ul IHCsciil a-cc p.:b- - ' lie Cornell at 3 p.m. Sunday i:i . Mcatlioin auditorium. ; Dr. David W. Scott, associate :-i professor of music, will conduct .- ' Uie clioralc. John Turnbull, Fre- )f : dcrick senior, will be piano accom- d ;ianist. i ' ■ ' Featured as solists will be Del- ; bi ' i V.ilmotli, Beaver senior: Jerry m. .Mtus sopliomore, and . — -- iced. Norman junior. .:im will open with a ry " h, " Come. Jesus, j-;.!;?.. .vvill .then il pcrniission. YOUR STUDENT NEWSPAPER a Tl tV t ' ' V c la ho ' crs sla. •40VC1 . speakci islativp . ; . Ilouiird is . low the sludcri. senate president dent. JANET K A M BE R. Cit.w freshman, political!.. Clicck. Favors a bill for lighting on campus. The three issues which she woui, like to see discussed during her senate term are: (li better means of informing students of senate ac- tivities (21 ways and means of dealing with the fast-growing atten- dance at OU and i3i the problem of whether or not a freshman should be allowed to have a car on cam- pus. Her experience in student gov- ernment consists of being a niem- »r of the student council in high " a ' 1.V t.g.i.f. , -° ' r l o ' Well, egar young intellectuals. ; into a frat house and they pledged V Vhat scary time of the semester 1 him. ! . io_|s upon us again. Worried students xhe King of the World arrived I tji - ' ire once again withdrawing from on campus to anoint scvi-ral prin- ' ■CS ' iociety ;ind beginning the great! ccs and prince CrecK ' . •V ' j»tv» o,ermitage without shaves, haircuts work in that divinity ' s absence •V ' t 4 ' % Vjr pernianents. Just like rush v.eek ' (lonif may it be). Kercnlly Peacej S. — cigarets and water and, a little Pilgrim arrived in a freezing blii-j iclexadrine on the side. ' ; zard wearinB only a sweatshirt ji o« ' - This is the last Friday of the and slim jims and her twcnly-|, .emester so if you can tear your- fourth pair of crepe (the first P ' elf away from the boks yeu i.s prononnr- — ught to take advant.Trc of it " •■ ' " ' • ■- « ;IF while there ' s sti " . t»f We liope t. ' " «. ' " cond ' .If, ' A ' ' The thre the senate to parking problci.. tion of president . dent of senate and ' sory PE for women pulsory ROTC for me pnrp inomhcr of APO 5 o wewspapev y uaies ar • ' t t classes to meet Mol - ..„ the O utt, Wil-,nt Begins Xrt planned to f enrolment. Tucs- T .Is the qucs- j . nrtidates for ' ve;. nan cars be- lugust. 1962. listeo I ' , , ; begin enrolment i enrolm.. for reinodel- ' " fj , 1 housinc is (lining hall of ' • ' . . ■ - Ml luiuses and will be sub- d ' s consldEi .■ - atcs to enrol . .. those whose [ . the letters Da- 1 .rough in alphabet- 1 L and back again to • .,ts other than 1S62 degree ..Uidates begin enrolling Wcdnes- 1 ,v. January 24. with Da- Davis, " ,es first and Kinh-Kn last ■-- .— January 25. the li3ti Les-Li through Ta-Tay-, al day of regular enrol- 1 •hose whose names be- ; •nning through Coy-: % , lment is to I It the time! Here ' , ,iy employctJ77 ■• K. retirement policy .(•. utilities systcia iiake radio statior. )orting. Regents will arierly general : " - ■ ocations and a " ; : c : mtli l, Ar THE OKLAHOMA DAILY 591 414a : aM4 ;t; t4:ia 2 4t ; ; 4t jijag ' iaiwecg.t-: 4 iii|iitf iinwji ii|i)_,„ " ' ' iJ tU ju ,»:j y a; ; ; a;iU AUi;A " " ' " ' " ' p fc ! " fc% ; K k " w ' ? 1962 Sooner Yearbook Ran C. II mi I ' dilor C. II. Hiiin (Jciicral Maiiaj;cr i f I ' uMicatioiis Mits. I.oi isi. Hkmu) Mooiu. Sui)(.r ihor ol Piiljlicutioiib RoSK Si ' KADI.I.N JaMCL I ' KhtMA.N Secretaries Priiiliiisi and Biiidlii " ; Economy Advektisinc; CIomi-anv Iowa Ii) u SoiTii WESTERN Knckavinc; CoM1 ' AN Tulsa. Oklaiioina Cover KlNGSKRAlT Kiiij;s|)()ri. rcmiessee a lass l ' li(il i!it il liirs UNivEftsrn Sn Dio Norman. Oklahoma Sixriiil Braiily PIiol( ' i:,raj)ltir Mei. Newsom SiiDio Noriiuin. Okl.i. )■,( ' ■ ' . Plii ' li ' piililins Sol Voe( hansky C liiff PliolnKraplicT Bii 1. Tii ' i ' ir l lN Tl RNEK L ' MVEKsin I ' liorocRArHic; Service l X ' %J - • ys ' , JfM- -,tK - •• " feii

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