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1961 Sooner Yearbook FRANK B. SWEENEY Editor C. H. BRITE General Manager of Publications MRS. LOUISE BEARD Moon: Supervisor of Publications 0 MARGARET BUCY ROSE SPRADLIN Secretaries 0 Printing and Binding ECONOMY ADVERTISING COMPANY Iowa City Iowa 0 Engraving SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING COMPANY Tulsa, Oklahoma 0 Cover 4 chsmrr Kingsport, Tennessee 0 Class Photographers UNIVERSITY STUDIO Norman, Oklahoma 0 Special Beauty Photographer TOWNSEND GODSEY Norman, Oklahoma Campus Views Photographer MEYERS A. CORNELIUS Tulsa, Oklahoma Yearbook Photographers SOL WOLCHANSKY BILL TIPPETr JERRY CORNELIUS JIM SANDERS JIM LEWIS JERRY Fox UNIVERSITY PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE I Yearbook of the University of Oklahoma, Norman FRANK B. SWEENEY Edifor Ray C. Hall. Associai'e Edifor William C. Tippi'r. Associa+e Edi+or A typical autumn Saturday aftcrn on finds ful crowd en route to Owen Stadlum. Presenfs A Panorama Of Life On The Campus A+ The Universii'y Of Oklahoma In H's Six+y-Eigh+h Year Published By , The Publicafions Board Volume 57 mama? mmxml smMM luau; rm Completing .the enrolment packet is first step In procedure. NROLMENT HUSTLE AND Neophytes learn quickly how to juggle time slots to avmd elght o.clncks and late afternoon classes. :UM-m I! IS w in A permit to enrol secured, packet completed, then comes the sectioning scramble. BUSTLE. FRANTIC FRUSTRAT4ON Coming fast on the heels of rush, enrolment continues in a pace of feverish haste and activity. So many things to attend to before classes begin! For freshmen, itas orientation, entrance exams and getting acquainted with dorm-mates. For new students., its apprais- ing the campus and new friends. For old students, itts familiar haunts and old faces. Taking a peek at the new textbooks brings resolutions to study hard, attend all classes, and not be caught short at exam time. Another form and the car is registered. Final agony, paying the bill! The milling throng $0011 begi1s the move toward the gates and the mounting excitement signals that "s almost game time. USH WEEK... PARTIES END PLEDGES COME First comes work week when Greeks call on all hands to jam cleaning, party plans, rehearsals in seven short days. Then rush, with parties and skits, smiles and hrst impressionkthe sizing up process begins. For women pledge hopefuls, dorm iso- lation, open house7 parties. For the men, parties, serenades7 pledging-at-will and bid- house. But comes the final hourhcorsages and hugs for new-found sisters, firm hand-shake as hroth'er greets brother. The final step! Beverly Buchanan gets Kappa pledge ribbons from Patsy Tait as Carol Jones and Ann Blcdsoe look on. Eager, excited members of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity line sidewalk to give royal welcome to this yearR' pledge class. Safari in Sig Alph jungle finds Great White ARTIES. ANNIVERSARIES COSTUME BALLS, DANCES SOME OLD. SOME NEW Formal dances, informal parties-traditional parties and new ones, too. Almost any weekend, fun and frolic scheduled by one group or another. Campus traditions, such as the Beta Barn Dance and the Sigma Nu White Rose Formal, are greeted each year with new enthusiasm. Whatever the occasion, it was celebrated. Pi Beta Phi marked its fiftieth anniversary with a din- ner-dance, while Kappa Sigma fraternity greeted the new year with a traditional New Yearas eve party. A gala event to suit cveryonejs taste from a jungle party to a berserk ball. Interwoven among all a happy carefree spirit. Hunters Pill Patterson. Bill Hllser. Carolyn Lewis and Phil Clark. White rose, Sigma Nu and Cynthia Curtis, Richard Ledbetter, Bill ihelnold and Carol Chamlee. Hero or villain! He keeps the leading: lady guessing. The heroinek big: moment has arnved. Brothers Four, three. two. one blast off for another successful hit! The parties are over, the talking is done, but the best is yet to come. Chi 0,5 wait for the new pledges. Boomer-Sooner rang out loud and clear but OU1s Sooners tasted sour defeat in their season opener against Northwestern. Bright spot came later in the year when NCAA opened up its arms to welcome back the Sooners after a year1s probation. Sooner enthusiasm held high as Oklahoma beat Pitt, 15-14. Then the annual trek to the Cotton Bowl began. TU dampened Sooner spirits, but the team bounced back next game to fight Kansas to a standstill, 13-13. The "Colorado or BusH7 cavalcade met with sad news, but joy reigned when Oklahoma beat Kansas State, 49-7. Iowa State, Missouri, Nebraska, enough said! The up-and-down season ended on a high note with a win over OSU, 17-6. 1W1; And here comes the Big Red team on the field and the fans give a wild. enthusiastic cheer. Ruf-Neks make an arch with their paddles as the Sooners burst onto the field from the locker rooms. Ray ConiH in stereo-it7s the sizzle that sells the steak! Another role, another face. CTIVITIES. SHOWS UAB AND PLAYHOUSE FILL THE BILL For an evenings entertainment, the Union Activities Board and the University Playhouse have something that appeals to every student. Ray Coniff presented a stereo sound show to a packed house under the sponsorship of the UAB, which also brought the Brothers Four to the campus. The University Playhouse presented a number of major pro- ductions this year including "Of Thee I Singf7 and "Diary of Anne Frankf At the Beta Barn Dance, Roger Van Dyke, Jean Robichaux, Janey Carpenter and Pete Adamson. Kappa Sigs welcome the New Year. Alpha TauK wacky "beserk ballW Fiftieth anniversary of Pi Beta Phi. mm. A- TUDYING. CLASSES. A kaleidoscope of autumn colors unfolds for Jim Mills and Judy Disosway as they pause to view the campus. Marvin Joseph at work . . . a skilled hand, a steady eye and Vella! . . . a plece of stone becomes an objet Wart! Serious-minded art student, Jean Moycr, stops to consuier canvas before applylng final brush strokes. LABS. HOME WORK. CLASS PROJECTS From library to laboratory, from study hall to class room7 students spend their college days in a search for knowledge. Talent as well as book-learning is required for some, as in art and music, where what a student can do counts along with what he can learn from texts and lectures. Other courses, such as Chemistry, combine lecture periods and laboratory work to give students the full benefit of seeing for themselves the practical demon- strations of what is learned in class. But for most, it7s lectures and textbooks, outside reading and term papers. Basic to all is the desire to learn and the ability to assimilate the cultural at- mosphere of the academic life. W'orking on a class project, Steve Conner operates a grinder in one of the labs. Scientific minds at work in chemistry lab. Instructor Tom Hower, center, gives some assistance. THE UNIVERSITY Administration F aculty Classes Medicine Nursing . ACTIVITIES Features Beauties . Personalities . Athletics Intramurals . Publications . ORGANIZATIONS Organizations Navy Air F orce Army RESIDENCES Sororities F raternities Housing . . W0men4s Housing Men"s Housing Advertising 189 201 235 251 255 287 295 309 365 373 397 425 461 515 518 544 568 The North Oval a familiar scene to alumni and students. Evans hall - the administrative center for the University of Oklahoma. 5;: 7 E k W1. X s . Jacobson hall. the art museum. displz students? and traveling exhibits. Ellison Infirmary a well-cquipped student health service. w u Monnet hall IS as dlgnified and stately as its nickname, "Law Barn;7 is not. The South Oval entrance is dominated by a statue of the 1:116 Dr. W'. B. Bizzell. 0U president. 1925-1941. Many a University" college student goes in and out the Buchanan hall door. at left. The University lake-a scene of tranquility and peace. m 5M wtw m" a..." W MW" m m- m a MW .m m. ' x as, W ' m Wm mm w; m w Y m... Behind the blue 5;; ass expanses of Gould hall, the future, geologists study earth sciences. Kaufman hall, where French nouns vie w1th Spanlsh verbs 1n classroom echoes. The new Journalism Building 01h- cially became Fayette Copeland Hall this year, honoring the schoors long-time director. The J-School is now called the H. H. Herbert School of Journalism for its found- er. Providing a decorative as well as a functlonal settmg 15 the Home Ew- nonucs bulldlng. wkmmnmx, Future business leaders learn techniques of eight curricula in Adams hull. A North Dull dew 0f the art svhnul as seen through :1 L ' ' memorial 111th. R The William Bennett Bizzell Memorial Library-somewhere in a studentas active day a time and place for open books and study in a quiet atmosphere. g3 a on. THE UNIVERSITY Administration Faculty . Classes . Medicine Nursing . 39 60 91 165 189 Dear Students and Members of the F aculty: It gives me a great deal of personal pleasure to ex- tend to you my best wishes upon this important occa- sion-the completion of another year at the University of Oklahoma. The State of Oklahoma has every reason to be ex- tremely proud of its institutions of higher learning and of the Oklahomans who operate them and who attend them. They are among the finest in all the land. The contribution which you will make to your so- ciety in the years ahead will be molded in great part by these experiences which you have had at the Uni- versity of Oklahoma and I am confident that the in- struction and training is of such a high caliber as to increase to new highs the potential of a great group of young Americans. VERNOR Governor J. Howard Edmondson Governor Edmondson and Dr. Cross at the pre-session conference on legislative procedures. 29 T. R. BENICDUM, Norman JULIAN RoTHBAUM, Tulsa LEONARD SAVAGE Oklahoma City DAVE MORGAN, Blackwell University Board of Regents The government of the University is vested in the Regents of the University of Oklahoma. This board of seven members is appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the State Senate. Every member is appointed to serve for seven years except when ap- pointed to fill an unexpired term. T. R. Benedum, Norman, served as president of the Regents this year and Leonard H. Savage of Oklahoma City was vice-president. Serving as secretary for the forty-second year was Emil R. Kraettli, Norman, who also is secretary of the University. Two new members were named to the board this year. Mark Johnson, M.D., Oklahoma City, was appointed to succeed W. D. Crisso. Eph Monroe, Clinton attorney, was named to fill the post formerly held by Quintin Little, Ardmore. Johnson and Monroe are graduates of the University of Oklahoma. The time, efforts and talents contributed to OU by the Regents are beyond measure. The Regents represent the public in all matters con- cerning the development of the University. They have responsibility for making important decisions upon which the future of the University depends. EPH MONROE, Clinton Regents appoint the president of the University. On his recommendation they appoint faculty members and other employees and fix their salaries. One of the major accomplishments of the OU Board of Regents during the past year was acquisition of over 600 acres of land and numerous buildings at the former Naval Air Technical Training Center. The property adjoins the main campus and will be used for necessary expansion of presently overcrowded facilities. Another important event on the Regents calendar was dedication of the Numerical Analysis Laboratory at the Research Park on the north campus. The new facility will be the heart of an industrial research program which will benefit the entire Southwest. Regents also approved a new degree program for the adults attending the Oklahoma Center for Continuing Education now nearing completion on the main campus. The bachelor of liberal studies degree was designed for non-resident adult students interested in the humanities and social and natural sciences. It is a part of the greatly expanded adult education program which the Regents have planned for the Center. DR. MARK JOHNSON, Okla. City GLENN NORTHCUTT, Willis EMIL R. KRAETTLI, Norman y WHARTON MATHIES, Clayton KENNETH T. GALLAGHER Stillwater State Regents for Higher Education The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education direct the Oklahoma state system of higher education, coordinating all collegiate institutions supported wholly or in part by state appropriations. The State Regents for Higher Education include nine Oklahomans appointed by the Governor. The appointments are confirmed by the State Senate. The Regents serve as a supervisory and fund-allocating board under a system adopted by the people of Okla- homa at a special election in 1941. W, D, LITTLE, Ada The chairman of the State Regents is Wharton Mathias, Clayton. Other State Regents include G. Ellis Gable, Tulsa; R. L. Crowder, Tonkawa; Guy M. Harris, Ardmore; William Dee Little, Ada; John J. Vater, jn, Enid; Robert Allee, Hammon. Dr. M. A. Nash, Oklahoma City, is chancellor and the administrative assistant is T. G. Sexton, Norman. The basic aim of the State Regents is to work with the Governor and Legislature to provide an outstanding program of higher education which will benefit Oklahoma and all its people. The State Regents establish standards of admission and graduation for all of the state colleges and universities and allocate funds which the State Legislature has appropriated for higher education. Members of this board must approve all proposed fee Changes, all new courses and property transfers from one institution to another. They also are responsible for deter- mining the functions of the statels various educational institutions. GUY HARRIS, Ardmore ROBERT ALLEE, Hammon JOHN J. VATER, Enid G. ELLIS CABLE, Tulsa R. L. CROWDER, Tonkawa 32 DR. GEORGE LYNN CROSS President of the University Of Oklahoma e u The University Board of Regents members: Leonard Savage, Dave Morgan, Glenn Northcutt, George L. Cross, T. R. Benedum, Emil R. Kraettli, Eph Monroe, Julian Rothbalum7 and Dr. Mark R. Johnson. President George L. Cross Dr. George Lynn Cross, who came to the University in 1934 to teach in the botany department, has been president of the institution since 1944. Born in South Dakota, he holds degrees from South Dakota State College and the University of Chicago. He taught at South Dakota State College and at the University of South Dakota before coming here. Prior to being named president in 1944, Dr. Cross had served as head of the botany department, acting dean of the Graduate College and acting director of the OU Research Institute. He has assisted in founding several organizations in- cluding the Frontiers of Science Foundation, Inc., and the National Cowboy Hall of F ame. The president is a member of the Oklahoma Science and Arts Federation, Inc., Phi Beta Kappa, and Sigma Xi, scientific research society. He is a fellow of the Oklahoma Academy of Science and 0f the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Dr. Cross was elected to the Oklahoma Hall of F ame in 1951. The following year he received a citation from the American Conference of Christians and Jews for promotion of religious and racial understanding in Oklahoma. During 1960 Dr. Cross received an honorary degree of doctor of laws from Oberlin College and an honorary degree of doctor of science from South Dakota State College. Dr. Cross enjoy? a relaxing evening at home by playing a game of chess Wlth 1115 son, Braden, as Mrs. Cross watches the game. 33 34 Dean of the Graduate College Dr. Lloyd E. Swearingen, dean of the OU Graduate College and vice-president in charge of research and development, has been a member of the faculty here since 1923. Holding the rank of profes- sor of chemistry, Swearingen is highly regarded for his research in the fields of physical and colloid chemistry. He was director of the Research Institute from 1947 to 1949 and from 1953 to 1958 when he was appointed to his present position. Swearingen was awarded the Bronze Star and Croix de Guerre with Palm as a colonel in the US. Army in the European theater during World War II. He was with the chief of staff in Washington, D.C., in World War II and was a second lieutenant in the infantry in World War I. He is past presi- dent of the Oklahoma chapter of Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Xi. He received his BS in chemistry and MS from OU and PhD from the University of Minnesota. DR. LLOYD SWEARINGEN 35 DEAN GLENN C. COUCH Dr. Glenn C. Couch is a native of Oklahoma who has served as dean of the University College at CU since 1946. Couch had served as director of student affairs. He is a professor of botany, having received both BS in botany and MS de- grees from 0U and the PhD from Ohio State University. Deans Dr. Horace B. Brown, dean of the OU College of Business Administration, became vice-president for business and finance at CU this year. Brown is past president of the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. He came to the University as business dean in 1949. DEAN WILLIAM E. LIVEZEY Dr. William E. Livezey, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, is also professor of history and award-winning author of Mahan on Sea Power, which was honored by the American His- torical Association. Livezey has been a faculty member at CU since 1937 and dean since 1954. DEAN HORACE B. BROWN 36 DEAN WILLIAM H. CARSON Dr. William H. Carson, dean of the College of Engineering at CU, has held his present posi- tion since 1937 and been a faculty member at CU since 1925. He is in Whais Who in America and the International Whois Who. He has been a leader in many prominent engineering organ- izations. Deans Dr. James C. Harlow, dean of the OU College Of Education, is a leader in science education. He formerly was dean of the OU College of Arts and Sciences. Harlow is executive Vice- president of the F rontiers of Science F oundation of Oklahoma. He has a PhD from the University of Chicago. DEAN EARL SNEED Earl Sneed has balanced law college experi- ence with athletic interests during 15 years with the University. A law graduate of OU and Co- lumbia University, Sneed is chairman of the OU Athletic Council and University representative for the Big Eight Conference and the NCAA. DEAN JAMES C. HARLOW 37 DEAN RALPH W. CLARK Dr. Ralph W. Clark, pharmacy educator and the author of Orientation in Pharmacy, joined the OU faculty as dean of the College of Phar- macy and professor of pharmacy in 1949. He has BS, MS, and PhD degrees from the University Of Wisconsin and has taught at midwestern uni- versities. Deans F. Donald Clark, acting dean of the College of Fine Arts, is first Vice-president of the South- west Theater Conference. He has a BS in speech from Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, and an MA in theater from the State University of Iowa. He joined the OU faculty in 1946. An DEAN MARK R. EVERETT Dr. Mark R. Everett, author of over a hundred scientific journal papers, is dean of the School of Medicine, director of the OU Medical Center, and the chairman of the biochemistry depart- ment. A graduate of Bucknell University, he has a PhD in medical sciences from Harvard Uni- versity. DEAN F. DONALD CLARK Associate and Assistant Deans DR. DONALD R. CHILDRESS DR. ARTHUR H. DOERR DR. 0. D. JOHNS DR. CLAUDE KELLEY DR. STANLEY K. COFFMAN, JR. DR. JOHN G. ERICKSEN WILSON B. PRICKETT Wilson B. Prickett has been assistant dean of the College of Business Administration at CU since 1956 and assistant profes- sor of finance at the University since 1951. Dr. Cedomir M. Sliepcevich has been associate dean of the College of Engineering since 1956. He came to OU in 1955 as chairman of the School of Chemical Engineering. Dr. Donald R. Childress, who was named associate dean of the College of Business Administration in 1960, has been a mem- ber of the faculty since 1953. Dr. Stanley K. COHman7 Jr., a professor of English7 has been assistant dean of the University College since 1954. He holds degrees from Haverford College and Ohio State. Dr. Arthur H. Doerr, who has taught geography at CU since 1951, was appointed associate dean of the Graduate College in 1960. His PhD degree is from Northwestern University. Dr. John C. Ericksen, assistant professor of government and associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, joined the OU faculty in 1951. Dr. Oliver D. Johns is assistant dean for projects and the Uni- versity School in the College of Education. He holds degrees from Oklahoma Baptist University and OU. Dr. Claude E. Kelley, professor of education, became the assistant dean for personnel of the College of Education in September, 1960. DR. CEDOMIR M. SLIEPCEVICH Administration Finding jobs for students are Pauline Coles, supervisor, and Mrs. 1 . . . , ' . DR. LLOYD E. SWEARINGEN bayle T. Cmtts, assnstant dlrector, employment serv1ces. DR PETE KYLE MCCARTER Vice President Vice President for Research and Development DR. HORACE B. BROWN DR. J. E. FELLOWS DR. CLIFFORD J. CRAVEN DR. THURMAN J. WHITE Vice President for Dean of Admiuions and Registrar Dean of Students Dean of Extension Division Business and Finance DR. ARTHUR M. MCANALLY DUD CIEZENTANNER BENJAMIN E. STOCKWICLL DAVID A. Bum: Director of University Libraries Business Manager Legal Advisor to the President Assistant to the President Director of Public Information In the oHice of the controllgr, clerks Mrs. Jackie Stout and Mrs. Francis Heston process the Umvcr51ty payroll. I I I I L , : RUTH ARNOLD DR. JIM P. ARTMAN m I n I S ra I 0 n Director of Admissions Editor of University Publications GEORGE W. CHURCHILL GARNER G. COLLUMs RONALD K. GREEN LEONARD D. HARPER Director of High School Relations Director of University Housing Director of Financial Aids Director Of Employment Services . DR. JAMES 0. H000 WILLIAM H. JORDAN D. R. KIMREY JOHN H. KUHLMAN Dlrector of Student Health Service Internal Auditor Director of Purchasing Director of Physical Plant RICHARD N. KUHLMAN SAVOIE LOTTINVILLE JAMES C. MAYFIELD HUGH M. MIX University Architect Director of University Press Director of Book Exchange Director of Educational Broadcasting Service CLARENCE W. SKINNER DR. JomE C. SMITH Q. M. SPRADLING BOYCE D. TIMMoNs Director of Machine Accounting Associate Dean of Students Controller Director of Registration Keeping tabs on car registrations requires paper work for A. C. Bernier, chief of campus police. DR. DOROTHY A. TRUEX DONALD E. WILCOX Director of Womenk Affairs Director of Student Safety and Welfare University Extension Division Educational services developed for the University7s adult student body have been greatly expanded the past 12 months, as the Extension Division prepares to move into the new Oklahoma Center for Continuing Educa- tion by January 1, 1962. Ready after two years of intensive study by a group of faculty scholars7 and approval of the administration, is the new Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree, which embraces a wide range of studies in the humanities, the natural sciences and the social sciences. Dispensing with the traditional accumulation of credit hours, the BLS degree program emphasizes intensive reading and study off campus; attendance at campus seminars and a series of examinations, with each adult student working under the supervision of a three-mem- ber faculty advisory committee. Supported by a $61,000 Carnegie Corporation grant, the BLS program is presently being pioneered by a class of 75 selected students, each a scholarship recipient. The new degree will be administered by a new col- lege, the College of Continuing Education, with faculty members drawn from the regular University faculty. Expansion of the Extension Division program the past 12 months also includes establishment of a new Bachelor of Liberal Studies Degree Committee: Left to Right: J. Clayton Feaver, J. E. Burkett, Ralph E. Olson, Gail de- Stwolinski, Franklin Morris, Howell McGee, Dean Thurman center for Federal Aviation Agency employees in Okla- homa City; a new summer residence credit program at the Ft. Sill center, and an all-time enrolment high at off-campus centers in state cities. Since October, 1958, when Extension received a grant of $1,845,000 from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation to help with construction of the Oklahoma Center for Con- tinuing Education, and for the first Eve years of pro- gramming, the Division has been awarded grants from other foundations totaling more than one-half million dollars. These grants7 awarded by the Fund for Adult Educa- tion, Carnegie Corporation, National Defense Education Act, and National Science Teachers will support addi- tional programs of continuing education planned for early introduction. Grants earmarked for the annual Summer Science Institute, conducted by the Oklahoma Science Service, total $274,900 for six courses, compared with $221,755 for five courses offered in 1960. Extension in recent months has moved to improve the quality of its offerings, through the introduction of an advisory-liaison program involving faCulty represen- tatives of eight University colleges. White, Kenneth E. Crook, B. O. Heston, Othel D. Westfall, Rufus C. Hall, Carlton W. Berenda. The intellectual home for Oklahoma and southwestern adults, by January 1, 1962. Representatives who will work with their college fac- ulties and extension departments in producing adult programs are: Rufus C. Hall, Jr., and Bernard 0. Hes- ton, arts and sciences; Bruce D. McSparrin, business administration; 0. D. Johns, education; Frank W. Cole, engineering; Dick Brightwell, fine arts; Ben Stockwell, law; Irwin Brown, medicine, and Ralph Bienfang, phar- macy. the Oklahoma Center for Continuing Education, is expected to be in use DEAN THURMAN WHITE MRS. CHARLINE PAPPAN Administrative Secretary Alumni Association The University of Oklahoma Alumni Association was organized with five chapter members in 1899, just seven years after the University was founded. Now the Asso- ciationis active membership roll numbers more than 10,550 alumni and former students in each of the fifty states and twenty-four foreign countries. The present executive secretary, R. Boyd Gunning, is the fourth to hold the position, having followed Richard Cloyd and Frank Cleckler of Oklahoma City and the late Ted Beaird. Donald Walker of Tulsa is serving as president of the Association for 1960-61. Continuing as chairman of the Oklahoma Higher Education Alumni Council is Associ- ation Past President Paul W. Reed, Jr., of Sulphur. In addition to directing the Association work, Gun- ning serves as executive secretary of the Alumni Develop- ment Fund and the University of Oklahoma F oundation. The Alumni Development F und is an "annual alumni givingT, program organized in 1949 and operated by the Association and the University on a recurring basis to provide for the current needs of the University. The Sooner Magazine has been the official alumni magazine since its establishment in 1928 and is pub- lished ten times yearly. In October, 1959, a seven-times- yearly newspaper, the Sooner News-Maker, was added to the alumni publications schedule. The publications feature stories of alumni activities and University events of interest to alumni. The editorial staff of the office of alumni publications is headed by editor Carol J. Robin- son, who is in charge of the magazine, with Sam R. Powell, assistant editor, putting out the newspaper. Other members of the staff are Connie Burke, editorial MRS. VERA BREIT In Charge of Alumni Records R. BOYD GUNNINC. Executive Secretary assistant, and Joe Davis. Gunning serves as executive editor of both publications. The University of Oklahoma Foundation, organized in 1944, is an independent corporation. Its sole purpose is to seek and administer funds of a permanent or capital gifts nature for the exclusive benefit of the University. Guy H. Brown is now in his eleventh year as assistant executive secretary of the Alumni Development Fund. Filling the recently created post of assistant executive secretary of the University of Oklahoma Foundation is William J. Hill, who is in his second year with the organization. Frank C. Mitchell is also in his second year as assistant executive secretary of the Alumni As- sociation. Carol Robinson, editor, and Sam Powell, assistant editor, look over alumni publications. M ' . .. x.- rxxa n: ,Mtj. OH'iCC staff includes Mrs. Breit, Charline Pappan, Eulah Naifeh and Karolyn Posey. Administrative secretary to Gunning for the past nine which include more than 50,000 graduates and former years has been Mrs. Charline Pappan. Mrs. Eulah students. This is her first year with the Association. Naifeh is in charge of the alumni addressographing Also serving on the office staff are receptionist Mrs. service. Gail Howard, Mrs. Peggy Morten, Karolyn Posey, Joyce Mrs. Vera Breit is in charge of the alumni records Semeniak, Karen Kelly, and Sharon Turner. Assistant executive secretaries in the alum- ni office are Bill Hill, University of Oklahoma Foundation; Frank Mitchell, University of Oklahoma Association; and Guy Brown, Alumni Development Fund. Research Institute The University of Oklahoma Research Institute is a non-profit corporation designed to coordinate sponsored contractual research between the University and various industrial and governmental groups. This year, under the direction of Verne C. Kennedy, Jr., the Research Institute administered research being done for the Air Force, the Army, the Navy, the National Science Foundation, the Department of Health, Educa- tion and Welfare, the AEC, the International Coopera- tion Administration, various Oklahoma communities and many private industrial firms as well as individual businessmen. Because of this contractual research work, the organ- izations for whom the work is being done have pros- pered and grown in knowledge and both students and faculty of the University have had the opportunity to do research work in fields which might otherwise have been closed to them. DR. LLOYD E. SWEARINGEN President of the Research Institute VERNE C. KENNEDY, JR. Executive Director Left to right, Dr. Duane H. D. Roller, Dr. C. M. Sliepcevich, and Dr. G. L. Cross, Members of the Executive Committee of the Institute. 46 Left to right, Jerry T. Johnson, Purchasing Agent; James M. Cahill, Business Manager; and Mrs. Babe M. Strong, Corpora- tion Secretary. The Research Park, headed by Mr. Laurance S. Reid, has continued to grow during this last year and has added several new firms to its list of tenants 0n the North Campus of the University. Many excellent com- panies have found that to locate their research divisions in the Research Park enables them to take advantage of the experienced and capable technical personnel avail- able through the University as well as the exceptionally fine research equipment which is located on both the North and Main Campuses. Left to right: Mrs. Reba Finley, Receptionist; Mr. .Billy J. Kinder, Property Agent; Mrs. Babe M. Strong, Corporatloh Sec- retary; Mrs. Kay Bruehl, Bookkeeper; Mrs. Barbara Blshop, Mr. Laurance S. Reid, Director of Research Park and Mr. Gar- land R. Hadley, Assistant to the Dlrector and Prolect Co- ordinator. Secretary; Mrs. Carol Rutterford, Secretary; Miss Graee Gar- dener, Bookkeeper; Mr. Scott Nickson, Accountant; Mlss Mil- dred Roberts, Accountant. 47 A staff conference of Union Administrative personnel includes Mrs. Jan Crawford, acting Director of Union Activities; Jack W. Guthrie, assistant Unlon Manager; W. H. Freeland, Unlon Manager; and Abbott Nelson, Food Department Manager. Oklahoma Memorial Union Meet You in the Union"-an 0U Tradition for Students, Faculty and Alumni, Alike UNION BOARD OF MANAGERS D. H. GRISSO, Chairman HAROLD BELKNAP W. H. FREELAND Student Senate President Oklahoma Daily Editor HAL MULDROW DEAN C. J. CRAVEN Since its construction in 1929, the Oklahoma Memo- rial Union building has been a familiar campus land- mark. In 1951 a major expansion program was com- pleted to serve a growing campus population. Linda Belt and Melba Clark at the room reservations desk fill 5,000 requests per year for space in the Union. The Union provides service and recreational facilities and an activity program for the campus and community. Student leisure time activities on both a personal and organized group basis are eHeCtively accommodated in the Union. Conference rooms, dining areas, a game room, barbershop, newsstand, ballroom, auditorium, lounges and food service units including the Ming Room, Terrace Room, and Will Rogers Cafeteria are designed and furnished with a view to the needs of students. University functions housed in the Union but admin- istered by other campus agencies are the University Book Exchange, Alumni Association7 F aculty Club and radio station WNAD. The Union Board of Trustees, composed of sixteen members, is the major policy-making group of the Union. This group of dedicated alumni control the policies of the Union and direct its management. Twelve members of this board are elected through an- nual balloting in the Sooner Magazine, official Alumni Association publication. Four members are ex-officio and include the Presidents of the University Board of Regents, the Alumni Association, the Student Senate, and the University. A second administrative body is the Union Board of Managers, an interim committee which meets regularly to act on day-to-day operational problems. This board is composed of three representatives from the Trustees, editor of the Oklahoma Daily, president of the Student Senate7 the Union Manager, and the Dean of Student Affairs. '1 Mr. B. C. Head, Union Game Room Mana'ger, watches with Marian. Higks, banquet supervisor, observes the pace of the Interest as students enjoy between-class recreatlon. coffee 11116 111 the W111 Rogers Cafeteria. UNION BOARD OF T RUSTEES LEE B. THOMPSON, Oklahoma City . . . President JACK LUITRELL, Norman . . . . . Vice-President D. H. GRISSO, Norman . . . . . . . Treasurer W. H. FREELAND, Norman . . . Secretary-Manager HAROLD BELKNAP, N orman; A. N. BOATMAN, Okmulgee; HERB BRANAN, Oklahoma City; R. J. CLEMENTS, Okla- homa City; JOE W. CURTIS, Pauls Valley; CLEE FITZ- GERALD, Stillwater; CLINT LIVINGSTON, Marietta; T. H. MCCASLAND, Duncan; HAL MULDROW, JR., Norman. Ex-Officio Members T. R. BENEDUM, President, Board of Regents DR. GEORGE L. CROSS, President, University of Oklahoma DON WALKER, President, University of Oklahoma Asso- ciation STUDENT SENATE PRESIDENT Ragph Burdick, building superintendent, renders mechanical assmtance to Mrs. Dorothy Waddle7 Union Newsstand Manager. Students receive special att'ention from James McCall, assistant food department manager, In the Ming room. 49 UNION ACTIVITIES BOARDeFIRST ROW: Ed Buchner, J. D. Hervey7 Mike Barkett. Sam Bradshaw, Eva Brasel. SECOND ROW: Tom Forney, Kent Miller, Robbie Tiffany, Carolyn tVatson. Union Activities Provide a Year-Round Program of Something Special for Every Student Interesting, diversified, and constructive are the char- acteristics of the Union Activities program. The Office of Union Activities is separated into three main bodies, the Union Activities Board, the Union Activities Council, and the Union Representatives Council, which are re- sponsible for many of the student-planned activities on the campus. The Union Activities Board members serve as chairmen of such large events as Sooner Scandals, Popular Series, Celebrated Artists and University Sing. In 1955, the second main body was added to the Pro- gramethe Union Activities Council. Members of the Council serve as vice-chairmen of larger events and chairmen of the smaller functions. The newest addition to the Union Activities program is the Union Representatives Council. Organized in 1959, this group is the liaison between the organized houses and the Union Activities program. Since all or- ganized houses are represented, the URC acts as a sounding board and draws both campus and Union into closer contact. Linda Cashion7 Chairman of the Union Representative Council, and Betsy DeFord, prepare the Union Calendar of Events before presenting it to the U.R.C. UNION ACTIVITIES SCHEDULE College of Unionology Campus Band Review Dadts Day Quartet Contest Student Trips Bowling Tournament Exhibits Union Representatives Council Sooner Scandals Celebrated Series Popular Series Public Relations Skits Travel Bureau Special Publicity General Art Brochures Bridge Tournaments and Lessons Films The Union Activities program was begun in the early 194035. Since its beginning, it has grown to include more than 900 committee members. The College of Unionology in September serves as an openhouse to in- itiate the yearts activities. Approximately 1,500 students enjoyed the "college,7 last fall. A11 University students UNION ACTIVITIES COUNCIL: FIRST ROW: Bob Bascom, Linda Cashion, Janet Clark, Diane Dykes, Robert Foster, Don OHicers of UAB-UAC for both semesters plan an omcers7 leader- ship retreat. They are7 left to right: Sandra Stiles, Ed Buchner, Carolyn Watson, Janet Clark, Bob Bascom, J. D. Hervey, Sam Bradshaw, Linda Cashion, Kent Miller, Robbie Tiffany and Jay Maxwell. are encouraged to attend, at which time they may select the committee which they prefer from a variety of Choices. Committee positions range from assignments in the public relations area to assisting in the production of Sooner Scandals. Garrett. SECOND ROW: Jenni Hiser, Kay Husky, Nancy Meyer, Keith Smith, Sandra Stiles7 Mary Ellen Thompson. 5l Adding warmth and gaiety t0 the holiday season was the Union Christmas tree demgned by Miss Edith Mahier. The Popular and Celebrated Series brings current professional entertainment to the campus. Featured this year in the Popular Series program were such enter- tainers as the Brothers F our, Ray Conniff and his "Con- cert in Sterema7 Chris Conner, George Shearing and Louis Armstrong. Brought to the campus in the Cele- brated Series program were George Tapps in "Born to Dance? the American Ballet with Maria Tallchief; the Washington National Symphony conducted by Howard Mitchell: 'uid Andre Segovia. Among the diversified services of the Union are the decorations at Christmas time and the tournaments in the game room. The feature of the decorations this year was the silver Christmas tree, designed by Miss Edith Mahier in the home economics department. The Union trips are another big feature of the pro- gram. Such trips this year were the Dallas trip to the annual Dallas weekend; the ski trip to Aspen at Christ- mas time; a weekis trip to Mexico City and Acapulco Tie Delta Gammak with their act. "The Ugly Ducklingf, hopefully try out for the 1961 Sooner Scandals. A feature of the Popular Series program was George Shearing who appeared on April 11 in Holmberg Hall. during Spring vacation; and coming this summer is the European-Russian tour, covering sixteen countries in seventy-three days. The newest addition to the Union Activities program is Mrs. Jan Crawford who came this year as Union Ac- tivities director. Jan coordinates all Union Activities and acts as general advisor for the program. She has been such an asset to the program that now Jan is a necessity to the success of the Union Activities Board and Council. Capturing First place in the 1960 Sooner Scandals was the Theta act. "Allce 1n Soonerland?7 Dressed suitably for Colorado weather, OU models encourage participation in the UAB Aspen Ski Trip. UNION ACTIVITIES BOARD OFFICERS Fall Spring ED BUCHNER . . . President . . . J. D. HERVEY J. D. HERVEY . . Vice-President . . KENT MILLER CAROLYN WATSON . Secretary . . SAM BRADSHAW The Union Activities clowns tell the whole campus that it5s time for the College of Unionology. ' 0:0 . o 440, 3:3 . D .w J? h. .h. .t 0.0.: . rill I c; o .1. q o - c. . .f 'e x :at t tu EDES T MUL,LEE 4v, 3K Receiving the first-place trophy in the 1960 University Sing was the Delta Delta Delta sorority. UNION ACTIVITIES COUNCIL OFFICERS F all S pring BOB BASCOM . . . BOB BASCOM . Vice-President . .JAY MAXWELL . . LINDA CASHION . . . President JANET CLARK . SANDRA STILES . . Secretary The Celebrated Artists Series presented the American Ballet Company to the OU campus on February 20. University of Oklahoma Bands SYMPHONIC BAND, Leonard H. Hang, conductor. FIRST ROW, left to right: Daniel Pedroja, Bette Ringrose, Edris Nutt, Steven Lambert, Carol Moore, Priscilla Dymond, Phoebe Lawson, Terry Haug, Jacquie Heston, Evelyn Swan, Kathleen Matthews, Patrick Stephens. SECOND ROW: Bill Bigheart, Bill Eason, T. J. Johnson, Roger Griffith, Thomas Lewis, Mack Nauman, Edward Bradford, Michael Crosslin, Mark McMillan, Tennie Capps, Paul Mansur, Carolyn Bayless, Georgia Tallant, Myrtlebanks Barnett, Phyllis Baker, Judith Hansen, Roy Lawrence. THIRD ROW: James Roedl, Fred Lockwood, Mary Beth Pyatt7 Jay Plett, James Brooks, Cynthia Moss, Danny Ferree, Gary Vidlock, Doris Watkins, Roger Bay- less, Lewis Downing, James Cole, James Looney, James Walker, Kent Kidwell, William Mann, Jimmy Slaughter, Richard Rose- brook, Walter Adkins, Aubrey Potter, Ruth McCook, Charles Sizemore, Donald Johnson, Tim McCook, Carleton Clay, Ger- ald Tucker. FOURTH ROW: Arden Stoehr, Gilbert Cockre- ham, James McGirt, Noel Parsons, Richard Baker, Dwight Vance, Larry Dillingham, Kenneth Leerstang, Lehman Hender- son, Richard McDonald, James Houston, Charles Borchardt, Ronnie Stewart, Herb Seem7 Walker Hartman, Richard Estes, Charles Ware, David Madewell. QKMHQM The University of Oklahoma Band is one of the oldest and largest student organizations on the campus. The 1960-61 edition of "The Pride of Oklahoma,, fielded a membership of 132 student musicians. The bands activity calendar began early last fall with the first public performance at the Oklahoma-Northwestern football clash. Appearances included all home games and trips to O.S.U. and Dal- las. Other band appearances included pep rollies, basketball games, and the world premier of the MGM motion picture "Cimmaronll in Oklahoma City. On February 23, the band presented its annual Mid-Winter Con- cert in Holmberg Hall Auditorium with Lt. Col. William F . Santel- mann, retired leader of the Marine Band7 as guest conductor. Mem- bers of the Oklahoma All-State High School musical organizations on campus that week-end attended the concert. The Motheras Day Concert was presented on May 7 and the band also participated in the 1961 commencement exercises. Here we see the band in action during a half- tlme performance 1n Owen Stadium. "The Pride of Oklahoma" . . . from Half-Time Performances f0 Concerts CONCERT BAND, Franklin E. Williams, conductor. FIRST ROW, left to right: Roger Bayless, Cynthia Moss, Mack Nau- man, Stephanie Jones, John Reid, Laurine Glen, Carol Harrell, Lorna Lavell7 Eileen Fox7 Carol Moore7 Roy Lawrence, Larry Ceis. SECOND ROW: Judith Smith, James Bradbury, John McConnel, Marilyn Walton, Linda Holmes, James McGirt, Charles Williams, James Young, Donald King, Georgia Tal- lant, Carolyn Bayless, Jack Luginbuel7 Jerry Levisee, Richard Phillips, Don Jones, William Hutchinson, Tom Lyle, George Young, Leslie Brasel7 C. Roy Wilson, George White, John Stuemky7 Tennie Capps, Daniel James, Jack Haldeman, Alvin Osburn, William Shackelford, Dwight Yenzer, Joe Sloan, John Sadberry, Leslie Sipes, Thomas Berenson, Max Beasley, Larry Jones. FOURTH ROW: Doris Watkins, Ilka Ketonen, James Waren, Charles Borchardt, Lehman Henderson, Harold Hut- ton, Jimmy Slaughter, Richard Cooper, Alan Dulrbin7 Errol Conklin, Joseph Leonard, Thomas Jamison. THIRD ROW: Diana Rodriguez, Czarina Osmun, Martha Walton, Donald McLaughlin, George Davis. The highlight of the year was a concert tour to Washington, D.C. The band was invited to participate as a special unit in the 1961 National Cherry Blossom F estival "Parade of Princesses? En route to Washington, bandsmen presented concerts in selected cities and after arrival in the Capital gave two concerts there. Along with concert- izing and marching, each bandsman had an opportunity to tour the capital city and take part in some of the festival social activities. Student officers for 1960-61 were Kent Kidwell, president; Gilbert Cockreham, vice-president; Mike Crosslin, treasurer; Carolyn Bayless, secretary; and Roy Lawrence, drum major. The band staff included Mr. Leonard H. Haug, director; Mr. F ranklin E. Williams, assistant conductor; Mr. Paul Mansur, gradu- ate assistant; and Mrs. Bernita Coffey, secretary. An outline of the state was part of the bande performance for "Pride in Oklahoma7T week. 56 Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma Two University Organizations Honor Outstanding Band Members with Membership FIRST ROW: Laurene Glen, Carolyn Bayless, Doris Watkins, Jacquie Heston, Myrtlebanks Barnett, Leonard H. Haug. SECOND ROW: Franklin E. VVilIiams7 David M. Wilson, Delta Chapters of Kappa Kappa Psi, national honor- ary fraternity for college bandsan and the sister soror- ity, Tau Beta Sigma, each year select a few members from the University of Oklahoma Band to join them in performing services for the band and in actively creating interest in music on campus. The pledges are Chosen on scholastic ability, musical competency, and proven interest in the ideals of the fraternity. Through the more than one hundred chapters7 Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma sponsor international music programs and music education services, such as the National In- tercollegiate Band under Conductor Richard Franko Goldman, to be held this summer in conjunction with the National Convention of the fraternity. Since Kappa Kappa Psi was founded at Oklahoma State University in 1919, dedicated members have greatly influenced the improvement of college band programs Kenneth B. Leerstang, Larry L. Jones, Donald L. King. THIRD ROW: Leslie Brasel, Mike Crosslin, Richard H. Rose- brook, John A. McConnel, Roger iV. UriHith, J. Kent Kidwell. in the United States. Among the many honors which the OU chapter boasts are three past grand presidents and the membership of the famous John P. Sousa. Present officers are: James Looney, president; Kenneth Leer- stang, vice-president; Michael Crosslin, secretary; Roger Griffith, treasurer; and Gerald Tucker, sergeant-at-arms. Franklin Williams sponsors this organization. Tau Beta Sigma, founded at Texas Tech in 1939, has in a few years produced a fine record, which present members are continuing today under these officers: Doris Watkins, president; Myrtlebanks Barnett, vice- president; Laurene Glen, secretary; and Carolyn Bayless, treasurer. Jacquie Heston from this chapter is district president. The chapter has also provided one past grand president. Professor Leonard Haug sponsors this group. Symphony orchestra personnel includes Flutes: Zollene Ben- net, Karen Phillips, Patrick Stephens. Oboes: Kelly Hale, Judy Hansen, Roy Lawrence. Clarinets: Billy Joe Bigheart, Daniel Pedroja. Bassoons: Phyllis Baker, Embee Barnett. Horns: Mike Crosslin, Linda Moeller, William Pickering, Mar- garet Whitting. Trumpets: Tim McCook, Gerald Tucker, Charles Ware. Trombones: Terry Barham, Kent Kidwell, James Looney. Tuba: Kenneth Leerstang. Tympani: Kay Friedlander. Percussion: Herb Seem, John Turnbull. Harp: Dwight Vance. Violins: Michael Avsharian, Karl Green- shields, Robin Cunning, Colbert Hackler, Ann Miller, Maureen Murphy, Lou Ann Roach, Sylvia Stephens. Violas: Dorothy Baumwoll7 Sharon Imes, Melanie Marshall, Meta Murphy. Violoncellos: Gail de Stwolinski7 Joe Flippo, Floyd Johnson, Doris Rohrbaugh, David Smith7 David Vanderkooi. Contra- basses: Tim Coulter, Denver Spence. Conductor: Robert W. Ross. UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Musical Pleasure for All The University Symphony Orchestra provides an edu- cational and recreational experience in orchestral play- ing for both students and faculty. The personnel is de- termined through auditions held each semester. The orchestra is conducted by Robert W. Ross, who is as- sisted by Professor Michael Avsharian. Concerts include the best of standard orchestral liter- ature as well as accompaniments for solo performances by outstanding students of the school of music. The orchestra also participates in the school of music opera production each year. Orchestra oHicers for the fall semester were Kent Kid- well, president; Phyllis Baker, vice-president, and James Looney, secretary-treasurer. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Promotes Appreciation of Finer Music on Campus One of the annual projects of Sigma Alpha Iota, hon- orary music society, is participation in the SAI State Day, when all the chapters of Oklahoma meet. The group sponsors musicales and meets bi-monthly. Membership is open to women music students who maintain a 3.0 over-all grade average and have no Jo Lea McDown, Mary Lou McConnell. Ann Sears, Georgia Tallant, Elaine Bowers, Mary Ellen Burleson, Linda Cibbard. grades in music courses below a "C3, Officers are J0 Lea McDown, president; Kathy Wris- ton, Viee-president; Ann Sears, recording secretary; Linda Gibbard, corresponding secretary; Mary Lou McConnell, treasurer; Georgia Tallant, rush chairman, and Mrs. Tom Blenkinsop, patroness. NOT PICTURED: Kathy Ristin, Linda Belt, Cathy Dilling- 11 am, Jane Dekinder. UNIVERSITY CHOIReFIRST ROW: Judy Williams, Bet- tina Owens, Theresa Alberta, Jacquelyn Harrel, Sandra Cook, Kay Aitken, Ethelyn McCoy, Carolyn Norris, Susan Lee, Diana Uri, Martha Bea Wells, Chester L. Francis, director. SECOND ROW: Jane Sneed, Carol Cummings, Floyd Johnson, John Yarrington, Jim McDougal, Paul Boone, Keith Allen, Marda Woods, Kathy Wriston, Judy Sullivan, Eleanor Chapman. THIRD ROW: Jo Ann MacKey, Peggy Graves, Sheri Wil- liams, C. Roy Wilson7 Jon R. Wolfe, Clark McCoy, Jon Jarmes, Farrell Dixon, Carmen Young, Carol Wilmoth, Karen Phillips. FOURTH ROW: Karen Kaye Taylor, Kay Kerr, Mary Ellen Burleson, Roland Z. Wolfe, J13, Willis Moore, Jerry Norman, Robert R. Martin, Jim Bates, Nina Hinson, Mary Lou McCon- nell7 Kay Hickman, Carol Cavaness. NOT PICTURED: Sarah Barker and Roy Carmichael. University Choral Groups During the season of 1960-61 there were about 200 members of the different choral organizations on cam- pus. Highlights were performances for chambers of commerce, civic Clubs, church meetings, social organi- zations, state conventions, premiering with the epic movie "CimarrorW for MGM, and concerts for high school and college assemblies. Complete works of Britten, Franck, Mendelssohn, Schubert, Verdi and Vaughan Williams were prepared for concerts. The combined repertoire of the different groups totalled some 90 choral pieces for public hear- ings. The final concert of the year, presented on May 21 in Holmberg Hall featured a new work of Spencer Norton for chorus and orchestra. Mr. Norton is one of our own faculty members. That same night was the first choral and band performance for commencement and was held in Owen stadium. The Choir concerts in Tulsa, nearby high schools and campus functions were notable performances. Re- peat requests have been made and some acceptances are planned. OHicers of the choir are Keith Allen, Altus, president; Mary Lou McConnell, Hobart, vice-president; Theresa Alberta, Hugo, secretary; Clark McCoy, Chandler, treas- urer; Eleanor Chapman, Wirt, librarian, and Mary Ellen Burleson, accompanist. Womenas Choral Club, singing a complete Christmas concert, several short fall programs and a fine spring tour were guided by Jo Lea McDown, Arapaho, presi- dent; Jan DeKinder, Chickasha, vice-president; Mary Beth Opitz, Binger, secretary; Alice Van Eaton, Car- negie, treasurer; Beth Gambill, Tulsa, librarianT and Mary Ann Bulla, Duncan, accompanist. Menas Glee Club and Soonerettes were again filling many requests over Oklahoma. Appearances on TV, a full concert for the McAlester Consistory, St. Gregory College, numerous Oklahoma City and Norman con- certs and programs called for a very large repertoire. The Men,s Glee Club was led ably by a very ambi- tious corp 0f oHicers, namely Tom Whitney, Elk City, president; Gilbert Cockerham, Vice-president; Terry Barham, Antlers, secretary; Ken Swain, Okmulgee, treasurer; James Newlon, Meriden, Conn., librarian; and John Turnbull, F rederick, accompanist. The Soonerettes is a small womenas group which ac- companies the glee Club on its tours of singing. In- cluded in the Soonerettes this year are Judy Prescott, Ethelyn McCoy, Carolyn Norris, Cecile Gray, Sandra Cook, Kay Aitken, and Janice Baxter. The groups are composed mostly of students major- ing in the school of music. However, any student fully enrolled in the university and meeting tryout qualifica- tions prior to the opening of each semester is eligible for membership in one or more groups. - Students participating in the music organizations meet regularly as a part of the university schedule and one hour per semester credit is given. Students prepare and read materials for practice and concert singing. WOMEN7S CHORAL CLULFIRST' ROW: Mary Beth Opitz, Oletha Ann Teague, Marilyn Valouch, Elaine Bowers, Jo Lea McDown, Gloria Valouch7 Glenda Hamilton, Beth Gambill, Mary Vogel, Sally VVhittington7 Ann Dunn, Mary Ann Newlon, Chester L. Francis, director. SECOND ROW: Carolyn J0 Morgan, Mary Ann Bulla, Sue Richards, Sandye Weiner, Deanna Gale Henslee, Sandra Oliver, Ann Sears, Betty War- The principal aim of the groups is to supply academic needs7 permit University participation in vocal music and promote University public relations. Chester L. Francis, associate professor of music edu- cation, is the conductor of the three groups. Approxi- mately 200 students are enrolled in the choral depart- ment under his direction. In the spring, outstanding members of the three or- MENiS GLEE CLUB AND SOONERETTES-FIRST ROW: Jerry Balentine, Tim Nicholson, Del Silmoth, Richard McDon- ald, judy Prescott, Ethelyn McCoy, Carolyn Norris, Cecile Cray, Arthur Lee Barnes, Kent Swaim, Terry Barham, Torn Whitney. SECOND ROW: Ronald Escherich, Stan Tyler, Fred Cooper, Jim B. Patterson, Sandra Cook, Kay Aitken, ren, Barbara Harper, Linda Russell, Margaret Crawford, Vickey Morrison, Diana Dunlap Case. THIRD ROW: Clare Tucker, Sherry Turner, Karen Masters, Alice Van Eaton, Leti- tia Tornay, Donna Crook, Kate Thompson, Terry Hanly, Karen Thomasson, Jane DeKinder, Lela Dunlap, Mary Ann Storms, Lou Ann Skinner. NOT PICTURED: Linda Leffel. ganizations are honored at the annual awards banquet. Members having served with one or more of the choral groups for four semesters receive a golden key; for six and eight semesters 3 ruby and diamond respectively are set in the key. The banquet climaxes a successful year for the students and faculty of the University vocal music department. Janice Baxter, Joe Sunbarger, Roy D. Taylor, Edward D. Jolly, Gilbert Cockreham. THIRD ROW: Chester L. Francis, director, James Newlon, Ronald Burkett, Willis Moore, John Turnbull, Kenneth G. Jones, Cary Swinney, Charles F. Daily, JR, John H. Stuemky, Charles Planic, Dan Loague, Norman D. Hcinrichs. DR. JAMES H. ABBOTT DR. HAROLD E. AFFSPRUNG Asxislmzf Professor Assistant Professor Modern Languages Chemlstry DR. JOHN N. ALLEY HERBERT G, ALLPHIN CARL T. ALMQUIST EMILIO AMERO Assistant Professor Associate Professor Professor . Professor Modern Languages Physical Education Electrical Engmeermg Art DR- RICHARD V- ANDREE MISS MILDRED ANDREWS DR. HENRY R. ANGELINO MISS VIOLET B. ARCHER Assocmle Professor Professor Professor Assislrmt Professor Mathematlcs Music Education Music JOSEPH R. ASSENZO MICHAEL AVSHARIAN, JR. LT. COMDR. RICHARD A. BAEKEY DR. FRANK A. BALYEAT Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Professor Emeritus Civil Engineering Music Naval Science Education 60 LA DR. RUDOLPH C. BAMBAS WILLIAM R. BANDY Miss KATE C. BARnoUR DEWEY L. BARNES Profzsxor Professor Profexsor Emerilus Professor English Law Secondary Education Accounting MISS GLADYS A. BARNES EUGENE A. BAVINGER CAPT. JAMES L- BEATTY JAMES E. BELCIIER Axsmtiale Profmsor Associate Professor As. slanl Professor Professor Emeritus Modern Languages Art Alr Selence Chemistry Dxcny BERNARD BELL DR. ROBERT E. BELL Assislant Professor Professor Music Anthropology iv ' .33.,A ,IA .mmhnan DR. JOHN F. BENDER DR. OLIVER E. BENSON John J. Long has his eye on the whole pot of coffee, but Mrs. Harry David Ross Boyd Prof. Emeritus Professor Rutledge persuades him to fill her cup. Education Government bl a JOSEPH H. BENTON DR. CARLTON W. BERENDA Professor Prnfmsor Musw Philosophy William P. James gets the slide projector ready for a lecture at the DR. DAVID P. BERGIN DR. HEINRICH W. BERGMANN Faculty Club. Associate Professor Associate Professor Journalism Theor. 8: Appl. Mech. 85 Civil Eng. DR. ARTHUR F. BERNHART DR. DONALD J. BERTHRONG DR. RALPH BIENFANG DR. LUTHER D. BISHOP Professor Associnfe Professor Professor Professor Mathematics History Pharmacy Business Management DR. HORACE H. BLISS J. PALMER Boccs DR. NORMAN H. BOKE C. J. BOLLINGER Associate Professor Professor Professor Associate Professor Emeritus Chemistry Architecture Botany and Microbiology Geography 62 HAROLD K. BONE DR. WILLIS H. BOWEN MISS MAURINE BOWLING DR. ARTHUR N. BRAGG Associate Professor Professor Associale Professor Professor Mechanical Engineering Modern Languages Physical Education Zoology W DR. CARL C. BRANSON DR. GERALD BRAVER DR. CHARLES M. BRIDGES, JR. RICHARD BRICHTWELL Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Geology Zoology Education Music Education DR. PAUL A. BRINKER DR. JOHN C. BRIXEY DR. WAYNE E. BROCKRIEDE SYBRAND BROERSMA Professor Professor Associate Professor Professor Economics Mathematics Speech Physics JOHN F. BROOKES DR. HARLEY P. BROWN HOMER A. BROWN, JR. MISS VIVIA JEAN BROWN Professor Emeritus Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Civil Engineering Zoology Accounting Pharmacy 63 Presiding at the tea table is Mrs. Mendel Clickman, smiling happily as DR JQHN B' BRUCE MRS- CUM MAE BRYANT guests assemble. Assocmle Professor Amount? Iirofcssor Pharmacy Musnc CAPT. THOMAS L. BRYANT MRS. KATHRYN O. BUCHANAN DR. PERCY W. BUCHANAN WILLIAM S. BURGETT Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Professor Aswaiale Professor Air Science Education History Architecture DR. ROBERT D. BURNS DR. HELEN B. BURTON DR. JAMES ROBERT BURWELL C. C. BUSH, JR. Assistant Professor Professor Emerilus Assistant Professor Axsociale Professor Zoology Home Economics Physics History DR. ERNEST EDWARD BYRN CHARLES L. CALDWELL FLOYD O. CALVERT DR. JoHN M. CAMPBELL Assislant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Chcmistry Education Mechanical Engineering Petroleum Engineering 64 xx M, LT. COL. NORMAN A. H. CARLILE DR. WILLIAM R. CARMACK, JR. DR. CHARLES CONGDEN CARPENTER DR. BENJAMIN A. CARTWRIGHT Associate Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Military Science Speech Zoology Education JOHN H. CASEY DR. CARL B. CASS FRANCIS R. CELLA ANSEL P. CHALLENNER Professor Professor Professor Professor Journalism Drama Business Statistics Electrical Engineering .2 , , Vs, DR. H. L. CHANCE DR. NORMAN A. CHANCE MRS. MILDRED Y. CHISOLM DR. A. K. CHRISTIAN Professor Emeritus Assistant Professor Assisimzt Professor Professor Emerilus Botany and Microbiology Anthropology Education History DR. SHERRIL D, CHRISTIAN DR, LEON S. CIERESZKO Dean William H. Carson enjoys a chat with Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Watson Associale Professor Professor at a Faculty Chlb tea. Chemistry Chemistry 65 DR. JAMES B. CLARK DR. HOWARD P. CLEMENS DR. BESSE A. CLEMENT DR. C. STANLEY CLIFTON Associate Professor Associate Professor Professor Professor Botany and Microbiology Zoology Modern Languages Social Work WILBUR F. CLOUD GERALD M. COBLE DR. JAMES C. COLBERT FRANK W. COLE Professor Associate Professor David Ross Boyd Professor ASSHllmt Professor Petroleum Engineering Library Science Chemistry Petroleum Englneermg DR. ELLSWORTH COLLINGS L. A. COMP DR. JAMES A. CONSTANTIN DR. FAYETTE COPELAND Professor Emeritus, Education Professor Professor Professor Dean Emerilus, Education Aeronautical Engineering Marketing and Transportation Journallsm Sn ROGER D. CORSAW WILLIAM L. Com! DR. ANDREW COSCAREA A. L. Coscnovr: Professor Professor Assistant Professor Professor Art Theoretical 8: Applied Mechanics Chemical 8: Metallurgical Engr. Business Communication 66 JOSEPH E. COULTER DR. 3 A. COURT MISS DOROTHY F. CRAM MAJOR LEONARD D. CRAUN Assouale Professor Professor Emerifus Associate Professor Assistant Professor Av1at10n Mathematics Social Work Air Science DR. ED FRANKLIN CRIM, JR. MRS. SARAH RICHARDS CRIM DR. DENNIS M. CRITES DR. ALBERT J. CROFT Aswcmte Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Professor Busmess Statlstlcs Home Economics Marketing Speech DR. KENNETH E. CROOK DR. ORRIN K. CROSSER David Ross Boyd Professor Associate Professor Chemistry Chemical Engineering DR. PAUL A. CUSHMAN DR. JOHN P. CUTTS Mrs. Springer and Dr. C. E. Springer, faculty club president, sign the Profexsor Emeritus Associale Professor ICSIStCT bCfOFC joining the festivities. Mechanical Engineering English 67 DR. CHARLES F. DAILY DR. E. E. DALE Professor Resmn'h Professor Emeritus Economics History i - , Am. " 3' - I '4 L L ix V - Cynthia Nicol with parents, Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Nicol, looks for 3 DR. RAYMOND D. DANIELS DR, PAUL R. DAV", place to sit at a faculty gct-together. Assistant Professor Professor Metallurgical Engineering Zoology LT. COL. ROBERT E. DAVIS DR. W. MARVIN DAVIS EUGENE F. DAwsoN A. M, In; LA Toma: Assisltmt meessor Associate Professor Profrssm' Profmsar Air Science Pharmacology Mechanical Engineering Modern Languages P MR5. GAIL B. DESTWOLINSKI DR. L. A. DORAN DR. JACK E. DOUGLAS RAYMOND C. DRAGOO Associate Professor Professor Emeritus Professor Associate Professor Music Government Speech Mathematlcs 68 1 DR. JOHN PAUL DUNCAN Mus. FRANCES R. DUNHAM LOWELL DUNHAM DR. ERICH H. EICHHOLZ Professor Assistant Professor Professor Associate Professor Government Education Modern Languages Modern Languages DR. WILLIAM F, Elcx DR. VICTOR A. ELcoNIN DR. FRANK ELKOURI DR. HERBERT JAY ELLISON Associaie Professor Professnr Professor Asszsfanf Professor Physical Education English Law Hlstory DR. BETTY D. EVANS MRS. NELL R, EVANS DR. 0. F. EVAPIS WALTER J. EWBANK Assistant Professor Professor Emeritus Professor Ememlus Professor English Home Economics GCOIOgY Mechanical Engineering DR. CORTEZ A. M. EWING DR. GEORGE M. EWING DR. JOHN S. EZELL CLYDE L. FARRAR Research Professor Professor Professor Professor Government Mathematics History Electrical Engineering 69 DR. FULTON K. FEARS DIL J. CLAYTON FEAVER DR. SEYMOUR FEILER MRS. RUTH D. FELL 115500.011? PTOIKV-WT Kingfisher Professor A..islmzt Professor Assixtmt! Profm'sor Civil Engineering Phllosophy 0f Ethlcs and Rellglou Modern Languages Education DR. GILBERT C. FITE Miss GARNETTl-Z L. FITTRO DR, NORMAN FOCEL DR. RICHARD C. FOWLER Research Professor Associale Professor Assistant Prgfgsmr memsor History Home Economics Chemistry Physics " As- CHESTER L. FRANCIS GEORGE B. FRASER DR. E. A. FREDERICKSON DR. DAVID P. FRENCH Axsmtiale Professor David Ross Boyd Prnfmsor Professor Assistant Prnfmsor Music Law Geology English Mrs. Charles A. Smith greets each guest as she presides at the punch table. DR. WILLIAM R. FULTON DR. F. F. CAITHER Associate Professor Professor Education Education 70 DR- ARTIVIUR WARREN GHENT DR' ARRFLL M' GIBSON Gaily decorated refreshment table draws a crowd for tea or punch and Axslsltlnf Professor Assacmte Professor cookies at faculty social event. Zoology History s MENDEL CLICKMAN DR. ALFRED F. CLIXMAN DR. RICHARD A. Cow Comm. JOHN A. COMMENGENGER Professor PTOfESSOT Associate Professor Axsoriale Profsssar Architecture Psychology Zoology Naval Science DR- BRISON D- COUCH DR- GEORGE J- GOODMAN DR. BRUCE INGHAM GRANGER DR. CHARLES P. GREEN Axsociale Professor PTOfe-VSOT Associate Professor Professor History Botany and Microbiology English Speech MISS HELEN GREGORY MISS WILDA P. GRIFFIN BRANDON H. GRIFFITH MISS LYDIA D. HAAG Profess0r Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Physmal Education Music Theoretical 8c Applied Mechanics English 7l DR. RUFUS G. HALL, JR. DR. ROBERT A. HARDIN CHARLES E. HARP STEWART HARRAL Professor Professor Associate Professor Profe'Wr Government Industrial Educatlon Electrical Engineering Journalism DR. REGINALD W. HARRIS WILLIAM FOSTER HARRIS DR. HARRIET HARVEY Miss CAROLE HASS Professor Professyr Axsociale Professor Associate Professor Geology Journahsm Zoology Physical Education DR. J. O. HASSLER E. E. HATFIELD LEONARD H. HAUG MISS RUTH B. HAUGEN Professor Emerilus Associate Professor Music Education Associafe Professor Mathematics and Astronomy Secretarial Science Professor Social Work MAJOR HOWARD N. HAWORTH DR. ROLF HAYN DR. ARTHUR W. HEILMAN JAMES HENKLE Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Professor Axsociate Professor Air Science Economics Education Art 72 H. H. HERBERT DR- BERNARD 0- HESTON DR. L. B. HOISINGTON Mus. BILLIE D. HOLCOMB David Ross Boyd Prof. Emeritus Profefsor Professor Emeritus Associate Profesxor Journalism Chemlstry Psychology Secretarial Science DR. C. JOE HOLLAND SAM C. HOLLAND DR. VVILLIAM E. HOLLON DR. CLUFF E. HOPLA Associate Professor . P' ?fe550V . Professor Associate Professor Journalism Engmeermg Drawmg History Zoology KENNETH B. HORNING DR. ROY T. HOUSE 1 meessor David Ross Boyd Prof. Emeritus Business Communication Modern Languages DR- BRUCE HOUSTON DR- ROBERT A- HOWARD Mr. and Mrs. James M. Murphy help young son make a choice at the Profefsor P 70195.50? Faculty Club Sunday night buffet supper. Chcmlstry Physms 73 DR. HARRY E. HOY LONNIE HUDDLESTON Professor Animm Profexsor Geography Education James G. Scriven helps Mrs. C. C. Himes with her wrap at the Faculty DR. WILLIAM N. HUN: DR. GEORGE G. HUFFMAN Chlb Christmas dinner-dance. Associate Professor Professor Mathematics Geology FLOYD LOWELL JACKSON Associale Professor Industrial Education DR. HUGH E. HUNTER DR. R. L. HUNTINGTON DR. B.EAL BAKER HYDE Assnriule Professor Research Professor K133151011, PfoV-YXIUT Geology Chemical Engineering Botany and Mlcmblology DR. OSCAR B. JACOBSON RICHARD V. JAMES GAYLORD A. JENTZ MAJOR CHARLES T. JOHNSON Research Professor Emeritus Professor Assistant Professor Asststcmt Professor Art Theoretical 8: Applied Mechanics Business Law Air Science 74 MISS EUGENIA KAUFMAN MAJOR WILLIAM S. KEARNS Associate Profesxor Emerilus Assistant Professor Modern Languages Military Science J. PRESCOTT JOHNSON Assistant Professor Philosophy RUPEL J. JONES Professor Drama MRS. PAULINE KEATON JOE w. KEELEY PAUL V. KEEN DR. PEARCE C. KELLEY As.'.x't11ut Professor Professor Associate Professor Professor Education Civil Engineering Physical Education Marketing DR. WILLIAM H. KEOWN BRUCE V. KETCHAM ROBERT W. KETNER DR. CHARLYCE Ross KING David Ron Boyd Professor Professor Asxisiant Professor Assislmlt Professor Business Management Aeronautical Engineering Social Work Home Economics , A. J. KONDONASSIS sts HARRIET W. KRITSER DR. VICTOR H. KULP EUGENE O. KUNTz Assistant Professor Associate Professor Emeritus David Ross Boyd Prof. Emeritus Professor Economics Art Law Law 75 EARL LAFON DR. HOWARD W. LARSII Auaciate Professor Profexsor Mathematics Botany and Microbiology Faculty members and guests gather around the buffet table before sitting down to informal supper and conversatlon. MRS. HELEN F. LAUTERER DR. SHERMAN P. LAWTON DR. JOHN H. LEEK Axsociale Professor memsar David Ross Boyd Professor Drama Radio Government MISS SUZANNE LASATER Assisfauf Profmsor English and Modern Languages v y f ' DR. VVILLIAM B. LEMMON Mlss R051; K. LESKE D13. CENE LEVY MISS EUNICE M. LEWIS Professor Assaciale Professor Asslstant Professor Associate Profmor Psychology Secretarial Science Mathematics Education DR. CHUN CHIA LIN MAJOR ELDON L. LITTLE, JR. DR. LEONARD M. LOGAN TOM JAY LOVE, JR. Associate Professor Assistant Professor Professor Assistant Professor Physics Naval Science Sociology Mechamcal Engineering MAJOR BEN W. LOW'rIuaR STANLEY H. Lowy DR. ELMER L. LUCAS DEWEY Lusnm Assisianl Professor Assistant Prnfexxor Professor Associate Professor Military Science Aeronautical Engineering Geology Physical Education ARTHUR W. MCCRAY HUGH V. MCDERMOTT DR- DORA MCFARLAND WILLIAM C. MCGREW Associate Professor Professor Professor Professor Petroleum Engineering Physical Education Mathematlcs Accountlng DR- EDWIN C- MCREYNOLDS DR. WHAUAM HENRY MAEHL: JR. Miss EDITH MAHIER DR. ROY RAYMOND MALE Profmsor Emeritus Asxlslanl Professor Professor Associate Professor History History Fashion Design English DR- JOHANNES MALTHANER DR. CHAVRLES JOHN MANKIN Charles Vowell and Grace Ray find their favorite cookies. Professor AssLsttmt Professor Modern Languages Geology 77 WYATT MARRS DR. JOSEPH H. MARSHBURN J. RAY MATLOCK GEORGE R. MAXSON Professor David Ross Boyd Prof. Emerilus Professor Professor Sociology English Civil Engineering Engineering Drawing l DR. F. A. MELTON JAMES O. MELTON DONALD E. MENZIE DR. MAURICE H. MERRILL Associate Professor Associale Professor Research Professor Professor . . . . ' Theoretlcal 8t Applied Mechanlcs Petroleum Englneenng Geology DR. CLIFFORD A. MERRITT DR. JOHN E. MERTES, JR. AARON I. MICHELSON MISS SUSAN E. MILLIER Professor Professor Assistant Professor Associaie Professor Geology Marketing Library Science Home Economics DR. V. E. MONNETT DR. CARL A. MOORE CAPT. EDWIN L. MOORE MRS. LOUISE B. David Ross Boyd Prof. Emeritus Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Geology Geology Air Science Journalism 78 DR. MAX L. Mookumn FRANK C. MORRIS DR. JOHN W. MORRIS MISS VIRGINIA MORRIS Prafexsor . PFWNWT . meessor Associate Professor History Englnecrmg DMWIHE Geography Physical Education A. LAURENCE MORTENSEN FRED R- MOUCK DR. GUSTAV E. MUELLER DR. GEORGE W. MURPHY Associate Professor . PTOfNSQ'" . Research Professor Professor Drama Theoretlcal 8: Applled Mechamcs Philosophy Chemistry JAMES M, Mummy CAPT. KENNETH F. MUSICK Auocinle Professor Professor d7 Commanding OHicer Finance Naval Science 9 DR. ARTHUR J. MYERS CAPT. JAMES R. NEAL . , Mr. and Mrs. Homer Brown, Jr. have another cup of coffee. Asnsfant Professor Asstsllmt Professor Geology Air Science 79 Du. ROGER E. NEBERGALL DR. J. Run NIELSEN Associate Professor Researrh Professor Speech Physics Mr. and Mrs. John B. Freeman take a whirl around the dance floor at GEORGE L. NOAH DR. PHILIP JEROME NOLAN the Faculty Club dance. Associate Prnfessor Associate Proftexsar Finance Classics DR. JOHN A. NORDEN SPENCER H. NORTON DR. CARL R. OLDROYD DR. RALPH E. OLSON Professor Research Professor Professor Professor Geology Music Psychology Geography JOHN O,NEIL DR. A. I. ORTENBURGER DR. ELMER J. ORTMAN BEN G. OWEN Professor Professor Emeritus Professor Emeritus Professor Emeritus Art Zoology Education Physical Education DR. DONNELL M. OWINGS MRS. DELLA B. OWL DR. TlNG-KWAN PAN DR. WILLIAAM N. PEACH Professor Assislmtt Professor Emeritus Professor Professqr History Modern Languages Mathematics Economlcs CAPT. VERNON PEEL DR. WILLIAM T. PENFOUND DR. ROBERT H. PERRY ROBERT v, pETERSON Assixlant Professor Professor Assoczate Professor Professor Military Science Botany and Microbiology Chemical Engineering Journalism EDWARD C. PETTY DR. ELBRIME D. PHELPS DR. MARION C. PHILLIPS DR. WIPLIAM DANIEL PITT Professor Professor Assistant Professor Asszsttmt Professor Economics Law Marketing Geology RICHARD B. POOL DR. GERALD A. PORTER DR. LAWRENCE POSTON, JR. JAMES C. POWELL Associate Professor Professor Professor Civil Engineering Education Professor Emeritus Modern Languages Business Law LYTLE PowELL DR. JOSEPH C. PRAY MRS. DOROTHY KIRK PRESTON DR. JOHN P. PRITCHARD Professor Professor Associnle Profcsvor Reserm'h Professor Music Government Interior Design English JESSE L. RADER DR. WILLIAM B. RAGAN DR. JOHN M. RAINES DR- JOSEPH F. RARICK Professor EWfWHuS Professor Professor PWIEESWT lerary Selence Education English Law MISS GRACE E. RAY DR. JIM E. REESE DR. CHARLES H. REEVES GEORGE W. Rum Profrrss-or Professqr Associale Professor Professor Journahsm Economlcs Classics Sanitary Science 8: Public Health L ; m N; ' V ,, , , . Dr. Richard V. Andree finds an empty chair next to Mrs. George HuHman. LAURANCE S. REID DR. ANSEL HARLAN RESLER Professor Associate Professor Chemical Engineering Speech 82 DR- J- J- RHYNE DR EFROY L- RICE It all looks good to Mike Gibson, Col. Richomd F. Thweatt, Kathleen Professor Assocmle Profexxor Social Work Botany and Microbiology Gibson and Dr. George G. Huffman. LESLIE H. RICE DR. CARL D. RIGGS CAPT, JOHN D, RILEY DR. HENRY D. RINSLAND Professor Associahr Professor Ass vlrmf Profesxor Professor Emeritus Journalism Zoology Air Science Education DR. CARL H. RITZMAN CWO JAMI-zs N. ROBERTS PORT G. ROBERTSON DR. RACHEL S. ROBINSON Professor Assislant Professor Assislant Professor Visiling Asxociale Professor Speech Military Science Physical Education Classics DR. LAURENCE T. ROGERS DR. LAWRENCE M. Romumucu ROBERT W. Ross DR. HOWARD H. ROWLEY Professor Prnfessor Associate Professor Professor Health Educ. 8: Sanitary Sci. Botany and Microbiology Music Education Chemistry 83 . OMER JOHN RUPIPER Associate Professor Education HARVEY C. Rovs DR. PAUL G. RUGGIERS Associalc Professor Emeritus Professor Physics English 1 DR. Au: ANDER M. SAUNDERS Associale Professor English MISS STELLA SANDERS Associate Professor Modern Languages LEWIS S. SALTER Professor, Music Dcrm Emerilus, Fine Arts MISS EDITH SCHROEDER ERNEST J. SCHULTZ Assisla'nl Professor Professor . Social Work Music Educatlon DR. WALTER F. SCHEFFER Associale Professor Government DR. ALFRED B. SEARS MISS FRANCES SEEDS Professor Associate Professor History Home Economics DR. SAMUEL H. SCOTT Assistant Professor Music Theory 84 LT. COL HERMAN B. RUPP Associate Professor Military Science DR. STEPHEN SCATORI Professor Emeritus Modern Languages MORTIMER SCHWARTZ Professor DR. J. TEAGUE SELF Professor Zoology CAPT. JAMES H. SELLERS DR. KENNON H. SHANK DR. ARTHUR C. SHEAD FRED D. SHELLABARGER As 1stmzt Professor Assncialc Professor Associale Professor Emeritus Assnciule Professor Military Science Speech Chemistry Architecture LT. Um DONALD E. SHEPPARD DR. MUZAFER SHERIF B. CLAUDE SHINN DR. RONALD B, SHUMAN Assislmlt Professor Research Professor Associate Professor Rfsearfh Professor Naval SCICIICC Psychology Accounting Business Management ALEX j. SIMON ELLIS M. SIMMS Assistant Professor Professor Business Management Mechanical Engineering LAPFL RUSSELL K' SINGLETON JOSEPH E' SMAY Dr. and Mrs. Thurman J. White lind a present under the tree. Assistant Professor Professor Military Science Architecture 85 A HARRY E. SMITH DR. LESLIE F. SMITH Axxislant Profmsnr Profmxwr English History DR. ORCENITII SMITH DR. THOMAS M. SMITH Associate Professor Axs'vlrmf Prafm'sor Music History of Science WILLIAM IIAROLD SMITII Du. GuaNN R. SNIDICR MRS. RUTH C. SNODDY I. J. SolJJ-iNm-zxcrck Professor Profr'xsor Axwvinh' Prof 'ar Prnfl'swr Art Education Home Economics Finance DR. BLANCHE SOMMERS Mlss RUTH SPALDING DR. C. E. SPRINGER MISS EDITH R. STEANSON Associale Professor Assistant Professor David Ross Boyd Professor Ass vtlmt Professor Pharmacy Library Science Mathematics Edubation 86 COL. RALPH L. STEVENSON DR. ROBERT M. ST. JOHN DR. EDWARD C. STOEVER, JR. HOY N. STONE Professor dy Commanding Ogicer Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Profgssor Air Selence Physlcs Geology Education CHARLES C. SUGGS PATR'CK'K- SUTHERLAND DR. GEORGE M. SUTTON SAMUEL W. SWENSON Assocmte Professor Research Professor Associalc Professor Emerilus Associate Professor Geology Zoology Government Drama FRANK G. TAPPAN CoL. JOHN P. TAWES JOSEPH R. TAYLOR DR. MAURICE K. TEMuRLIN David Ross Boyd Prof. Emeritus Associate Professor Professor Associale Professor Electrical Engineering Military Science Art Psychology DR. PERCY T. TESKA DR. CALVIN G. THAYER LEE E. THOMPSON LT. Um LARRY D. THOMSON Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Emeritus Assistant Professor Special Education 8: Psychology English Business Management Naval Science 87 Prof. and Mrs. Joe E. Smay pose by the Christmas tree at the DR H- V. THORMUN COL RICHMOND F. THWEATT Faculty Club Christmas party. Professor Professor c: Cmnmamllng Officer Government Military Science R. VVENDELL TOMBERLIN DR- STUART R- TOMPKINS LT. BILLY B. TRAWEEK ROBERT D. TUCKER Professor Research Professor Emcnlus Assislant Professor Axsncialc Professor Art HIStOIY Naval Science Finance GERALD TUMA DONALD B. TURKINGTON DR. PAUL UNGl-ZR DR. VERNON H. UPCIIURCII Professor Associate Professor Asszslmzt Professor Professor Electrxcal Engmeermg Mechanical Engineering Education Accounting DR. WILLIAM R. UPTHEGROVE MELVIN O. VAN DEN BARK DR. WILLIAM J. VIAVANT DR. ROBERT VLACH Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Metallurgical Engineering English Chemical Engineering Modern Languages 88 . DR. R. DALE VLIET MISS LORRAINE D. WALLING E. KEITH WALLINCFORD MRS. DOLLY S. WARD David Ross Boyd Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Associale Profs .wr Law Social Work Music Music Educanon MISS MARY ANN WARREN LT. COL. A. S. VVASIIBURN JAMES K. WATSON DR. ALFRED J. WEINIIEIMER Associate Profexxar Aswciah', Professor As islant Professor Assistant Professor Home Economics Military Science Electrical Engineering Chemistry $9,, ; MISS LILA M- WELCII DR S. H- WENDER DR. OTIIEL D. WESTFALL DR. CHARLES D. WHATLEY, jR. PerKSOV Emerilus RF-VMVCI' Professor David Ross Boyd Professor Axsisltmt Professor Home Economics Chemlstry Accounting Sociology ; , t . , 4 . l LEO H. WHINERY DR. JOHN R. WHITAKER Dr. and Mrs. J. G. Hemphill chat with Mrs. Harold Bone. Associate Professor Professor Law Journalism 89 DR. RAYMOND R. WHITE BALFOUR S. WHITNEY Professor Professor Secretarial Science Mathematics and Astronomy Mrs. C. E. Porter pours a cup of coffee for Russell Myers. DR. GERIIARD WIENS DR. STEWART C. WILCOX DR. VIRGLE G. WILHITE FRANKLIN EDMUND WILLIAMS Professor Professor Professor Assislmzt Professor Modern Languages English Economics Music DR. GUY Y. WILLIAMS DR. LLOYD P. WILLIAMS DR. W. A. WILLIBRAND DR. M. 0. WILSON Professor Emerilus Associate Professor Professor Professor Emerifus Chemistry Education Modern Languages Psychology WILLIAM HIX WILsoN DR. LEWIS E. WINFREY DR. JEWEL WURTZBAUGH DR. IRVING ZINNES Associate Professor Professor Emeritus Professor Associate Professor Architecture Modern Languages English Physics Source of collegiate life- force is the classroom where the mold is set for tomorrowas leaders. Over 11,000 students are en- rolled at the University of Oklahoma. And each brings to the campus his own personality, his own view of life. Each con- tributes his energy and vigor t0 the enrichment of lecture period and lei- sure activities. All have one desire-the acquisi- tion of an education. The fast changing world of today has emphasized to a most striking degree the need for formal educa- tion. Students must exert their total selves in the preparation for solving tomorrowis problem 8. The years for students are measured by the yard- stick of maturity. Each year adds another yearis experience to his stature7 as he is confronted with his future place in the community. Adams Bergeson Calverf Chung El Rifai Godfrey Holcomb Karns A Ahshapamek Boswell Campbell Collard Gallaher Haigler Hurley Allgood Bousaid Cannon Duffield. D. Gambk: Hammerf Hyde Baer Briggs Carney Duffield, J. Garrison Hauver Ishaq FIRST ROW: Roberf B. Adams, A86. Berwick, Penn.: Don C. Ahshapamek, A86. Anadarko. 25, H2, Sequoyah Club; Charles N. Allgood, Bus., Shawnee, SAM; Gary D. Baer, 30H. Law, Oklahoma Cify: PaHye L. Barbee. A86. AnHers. SECOND ROW: Jerry R. Bergeson, Engrn Calgary, Alberfa. Can" HET. PE Club: Fred P. Boswell, WAN. A86, Arlingfon, Tex.; Issam S. Bousaid, Engr., Beirut Lebanon, HET: Phillip D. Briggs. A86, Ada, HME: Kei+l1 L. Bryant Jr., Educ, Oklahoma Cify. qUXQ. KAH, Young Republicans. THIRD ROW: George C. Calvert Engr.. Norman, IAS: Marry A. Campbell, 114$, A86, Dallas; Joe B. Cannon, B911, 8115., Ponca Cify; Myrna Carney, Educ., Leedey, SNEA. Coun- selor; J. Francisco Chacon. Engr., Mexico Cify. FOURTH ROW: Suk H. Chung, Engr., Korea; William D. Collard, A86. Cairo. Hl., 4M3. GUXT, Band; Don F. DuFFIeId, KA, Bus., Pauls Valley; John B. Duffield, Jr., ATQI Engr.. Housfon, Tex., TVTK; Howard L. Dyke, Engr., Wal'rers, 511:, SE Physicist BSU. FIFTH ROW: Musfafa El Rifai, Engr.. Cairo, Egypt XE: Rhoda C. Gallaher, A86. Lawfon; James H. Gamble, K2. Bus., Jegerson. Tex.. ODK, ET, EFT, Wesley Found. SAM, IAS: Jo Ann Garrison, A86. Oklahoma Cify: John R. Gibson. Educ, Wichifa, Kans. SIXTH ROW: Paula J. Godfrey, Educ., Semlnole: Kennefh J. Haigler, ATSZI Engr., Canfon, PE Club; Fredrick B. Hammerf, AX Bus., Anadarko. EAXK SAM. IFC: Darlene Hauver, AAH. Educ, Orange. Texl; Margeref E. Haworfh' Educ. Norman. SEVENTH ROW: Dick B. Holcomb, AXA, A86, Oklahoma Cify, ODK. SCA. Who's Who, KTA. Sfudenf Senafe, BMOC. Engineer's Show: Pafrick J. Hurley, IIKA, A86, CordeH; Rob- erf W. HydeI A86, Albany N. Y.: Choudhry M. Ishaq. A86, Lahore. Pakistan, AAE, lnfernafional Club: Marilyn A. Jones. Educ., Blackwell. EIGHTH ROW: Anfhony W. Karns, A86, 5 CoFFeyviHe: David J. Kaup. AX. AZQS Marionvilla M0,, 11TH. 235, IQML Ruf-Neks: John C. KochI $10M Engr.. Rossfon. AmRS, IAS: Timofhy S. Lam, A86, Hong Kong: Neal F. LaneI AZdL A86 Oklahoma CHy, 2112. HME fIJBK, FIRST ROW: Rober+ B. Lewis, Bus.. Norman. BFE; Charlene A. Lewsaw. A86. Krebs; Joan S. LinnscoH', A86. Edmond; Bobbie R. Loper, A86. Befhany; Jim W. Loving. 4401', Bus.. Ponca Cify. S+a+is+ics Club, SAM; James S. McDaniel. A86, Pi++sburg, Kans., $2, 25, N139: Darrell G. McPherson, A86. Norman: Kamal D. MaHoob, Engr.. Baghdad, Iraq. SECOND ROW: Mary A. Mefz, A86, Oklahoma Ci+y, BSU; B. Riley Needham. Engnl Grove, TBH. ET, rbET, HME, ODK: Sandra D. Nichol, A86, Oklahoma Ci'ry, PQE; Den 3. Oliver, ZHPE, Engr., Tulsa, T311, 2112. HTH; Effon L. Park, Engr., Ff. Morgan, Colo.. AXE. i'AE; Larry L. Piaff, A86, Oklahoma Cify. EFE; William D. Price. Acacia, Educ., Norman. 0 Club, Baskef- baH: Charles H. Prior. Educ, Edmond. FIFTH ROW: Don .K. Tafe, K2. Bus.. Oklahoma CHy: Johnny M. Thompson, Engr.. Jackson, Miss.; John K. ToH'en. $KE, Engr.. Amarillo. Tex., EFT, 2T, AmRS. IAS: Barbara A. Troman, Engr.. Hellerfown. Penn.; Alvin R. Turner, A86, Blanket Tex.; Douglas H. Wadman, Engr., Cuf Bank, Mont; Alberf J. Walenf, A86, Copley. Ohio; Thaddeus B. Welchl Jr.. A86, Savannah Ga. Mrs. Joan LinscoH and Bill Dodson, graduafe assis+an+s. grade physics lab fesh as fhe sfudenfs look on anxiously. THIRD ROW: James H. Riggs, A86, Tulsa; Keifh C. Robinsonl EN, A86. BarHesville, Sequoyah Club, Physical Educa+ion Club: John W. Ross. A86! Pineville, Mo.; Derel D. Schrock, A86. Enid. 43112, $1913. Arnold Air Sociefy, Pershing Rifles: Yuan-Shao Shen, A86, Taiwan, China: Barbara Anne Shirley. A86, Shawnee, 4Q, 213;; Earlene H. Simon, Educ., Alva. Swing Club: Roberf E. Slocum, B911, Engr.. Oklahoma Cify. 3H3. 2 . FOURTH ROW: Herberi K. Smail, Educ. Fairbanks, Alaska: Charles E. Smifh. Educ, Rock Wall, Tex.; James N. Sommerfruchf. AT, Engn, Siloam Springs, Ark, LKOT, TBH. ET, HET, d'HE: Kaihryn E. Sfarkey, Educ. Oklahoma CHy: Josh H. Sfroman, A86, Ardmore, SAX, KTA: Glenn H. Sullivan, Engr., Friendship, 23, Public Healfh Club, ASCE, Engr. Club: Peggy L. Symes, AXQ. Educ.. Elk Cify: Ron W. Symes, K27, Bus.. Oklahoma Cify. SIXTH ROW: Bob 6. Wesf, A86, Cushing: Spencer Wong. Educ. Hong Kong; Anifa Wonn. Educ, Oklahoma Cify, KAII, SAD: Harold G. Woofan, Bus.. Marlow; R. Lee Wyse. Bus., Nor- man, Sfafisfics Club; Muhammad S. Yagan, A86, Aleppo, Syria, Arab Club; Chul Y. Yoon, Engr.I Korea: Chang H. Yum. Engr.. Korea. Lewis Lewsaw Linnscoif Loper Loving McDaniel McPherson Mafloob Riggs Robinson Ross Schrock Shen Shirley Simon Slocum Smail Smifh Sommerfruchf Sfarkey Sfroman Sullivan SymesI P. Symes. R. Taie Thompson ToHen Troman Turner Wadman Walenf Welch FIRST ROW: Joan Abels' ZTA, Educ.. Paris. Tex,: Francis Abiiaoude, Engr., Beirut Lebanon, lndus'rrial Engineers Club. Newman Club; Anona L. Adair. IVPB, Educ, Norman, Pres. of IVPB. BWOC, UAC, UAB; Walter 6. Adam. A86, Sfuarf, James L. Adams, Engn, Buffalo. ODK. EFT. ET, TBH. DSF, IAS, ARSI ASME. Judo Club, Fencing Club. SECOND ROW: John E. Adams, K3. Bus.. Oklahoma Cify, A412. Sooner Yearbook; Linda Adams. RAG. Educ, Cleveland. Ohio. Schol. Chrmn. of KAG; Merrily D. Adams. AXQ, FA. Norman. AAA. Tassels, Morfar Board, MrbE, MENC: Sidney H. Ahlschlager, ATA, Educ, Lawfon, Baseball. Inframural Chairman: Tom D. Aifken, ATA, Bus.. Alva 41H; IFC. THIRD ROW: Heidary H. Akhavan. Engr., Teheran, Iran, AIEE; Daniel F. Alcock. Acacia. Engr,, Normam Sociefy of Engineering Physicis+s; Joyce E. Aldridge. AAH. Bus.. N. Lif- He Rock, Ark, Markefing Club; Donald T. Allen. EAE' Bus . Chickasha; Joe H. Allenl A86, Oklahoma Cify. FOURTH ROW: Keifh M. Allen. FA, Alfus. UnIversHy Choir, Opera: Margare'r E. Allen, A86. Cannondale, Conn., AT, Univ. Sing Repr., AWS; Richard R. Allred, AKA. Engn. Odes- sa. Tex.; Roberf W. Anderson. EAE, Engr., Housfon. Tex.. NET. 3T! PE Club, Newman Club. Engineers CMb: Rex Arm- sfrong, Engr., Ryan, HWP PE Club. Engineers Club. FIFTH ROW: Gene ArnnI ATA, Bus., Oklahoma Cify. Sfudenf Senafe, 49113. Collegiafe Council for UN; James C. Afkins, Jr., $133, Bus., Shreveport La.; William H. Atkins, $K3, Bus., Norman: Paul D. Ausfin. K3, Bus., Seminole. Sfudenf Senafe. Senior Class Treas.; Kay V. Bailey, KKI', Educ, Vinifa. SIXTH ROW: Bill 6. Baker. Pharm.l Blackwell: Elvis M. Baker. Engn, Canadian. Tex., SIE: Phoebe L. Baker, IVDB, FA. Law- fon: Marfha J. Baldwin. AAH, Educ., RancHeft "52H, Pres, of AMI; Sandra J. Baldwin, AXQ, FA, Oklahoma Cify, leH' Dean s Honor Roll; SNEA. SEVENTH ROW: Leonard F. Ball, HKA, Bus., Oklahoma CHy, Scabbard 2Q Blade. A442; Harry L. Bannis+en Jr.I 43KB, A86. Fairview; Charles Barbee, IIKA' A86. Anflers; Rober+ W. BarkleyI A86. Tecumseh: William H. BarkleyI Bus., Tecumseh. EIGHTH ROW: James H. Barksdale, Engr.. Fabens, Tex.: Cirrelda J. Barnard, HBJH Educ. Newporf Beach, Calif; Bill E. Barnes, EAR. Bus., El Reno: Gbnn P. Barnes, Engr., Nor- man. ASME; Cecil C. BarneH. rIVIVA, Engr., Oklahoma Cify. Abels Abiiaoude Adair Adam Adams. J. L. Adams, J. E. Adams, L. Adams, M. Ahlschlager Aitken Akhavan Alcock Aldridge Allenl D. Allen, J. Allen, K. Allen! M, Allred Anderson Armstrong Arnn A+kins, J. AfkinsI W. Ausfin Bailey Baker, B. Baker, E. BakerI P. Baldwin, M. Baldwin, 5. Ball Bannisfer Barbee Barkley, R. Barkley, W. Barksdale Barnard Barnes, B. Barnes, 6. Barneff, C. mm 94 FIRST ROW: Richard L. Barne'H. A86, Shawnee, Pres of Public Relafions Soc.. Judo Club: Jonne L. Barney. KKI'. A86. Ana- darko, Pres. of IAWS, HA9, AT; Roberf L. Barr, BGH, A86. Hennessey; Charles M. BarHeH', A86. Oklahoma Cify, Scabbard 8c Blade, AUSA. SAME, $23; Robert A. Bafchelor, Bus.. Crescent Markefing Club; William E. Bafes. EN, Engr.. Jackson. Miss.I Ind. Engr. Club, IFC Council: Carolyn A. Bayless, Educ, Lindsay. BandI 'TBE, ISA: John L. Bedwell, A86, Sunray. Tex., EFE. SECOND ROW: David W. Bell, AXA, A8 S, Oklahoma CHy: Rober'r C. Benedict ATQ, Bus.. TulsaI SAM; Frank S. Banner. KA, Bus., Tulsa: Nancy C. Benner, AF, A86, Tulsa; John 0. Ben- neff, XAE. A86, Oklahoma Cify: Helen 5. Berry, IVPB, Educ.V Norman; Roberf G. Berry. Jr., BQH, A86. Pawnee. Pres. of Pe-ef, ODK, 47112, Studenf Senafe. Home-Coming Chairman, Campus Chesf Chairman. Miss OU Confesf Chairman; William R. Berry. HAVE Engr., Tulsa, Pres, of IIAfb, d HE, IIETI ET. TBH. FIFTH ROW: Joe D. Bonner, Bus.. Shawnee, Accounfing Club: William C. Bonney, EX, Bus.. Norman: Daniel K. Boone, Bus., Co- mancha $GK, Dwyer Scholarship; John D. Boosa. Engr., Weleef- ka: Sue C. Boosa. Educ, Wefumka. H911; Myrna K. Boofh, KA, Bus.. Oklahoma Cify, Markefing Club, IE, AWS: Jerry L. Boro- choff, HA? Engr., Tulsa. HKN, ET, TIME. AIEE. IRE: Brenda B. BoHoms. X9, A86, Ff. Worfh. Tex., Oikonomia. Three coins in fine founfain. Befsye Ross wifh Bob Lhuillier makes a wish. THIRD ROW: Joseph W. Biller, Educ., El Reno, NEA; Rober? A. Bird. AIME Bus.. Oklahoma Cify: Dan 6. Blake. EN, Bus.I Lan- casfer, Tex.: Frank W. Blakely, Engr., Norman, Ruf-Neks; Allen L. BlanceH. Engr., Norman, ET. TBII. AIChE: Jerry D. Blanche. Educ., Broken Bow; John W. Blasingame. A295. Kilgore. Tex.: Earl L. Bledsoe. Engr., Hinfon, HET, TBU, PE Club. FOURTH ROW: Dave C. Blevins, 3N, Engr., Midwesf CHy, IFC, ASCE; Judifh E. Bliss, A86. Midland. Tex.: Befh L. Board. 111343 A295, Boise Cify, Pres. of 111345 Tassels, AAA; Francis R. Boeding. Bus., Independence, Mo., Accouang Club; David L. Bole. ZN, Bus., Barflesville. Pefr. Land Mng. Club: Larry R. Bells, HKA. Educ.. Oklahoma Cify, Pres. of Jr. IFC, Sfudenf Senafe, Infra- murals Chairman: Leah 5. Bond. le3, Educ., MarieHa: Roberf J. Bonebrake, Engr., Oklahoma Cify, IRE. Engr. Club. SIXTH ROW: Jane Bowers. KAQ A$S, Chickasha. 9341 Tassels: Don F. Boyer, EN, Bus.. Tulsa' IE. Marke+ing C!ub, Finance Club, lnvesfmenfs Club: John R. BozalisI QTA, A86, Oklahoma Cify; Richard E. Brackeen, KA, Engr., Albuquerque. N. Mex.. IAS. ARS, Engr. Club; BeHy Jo BradenI A? FA, Norman, Univ. Play- ers, erH' Dean's Honor Roll: Luanne Bradley. AAA, Educ. A'- giers, Algeria, Pres. of AAA: Gary Bradshaw. AKA. Bus.l BarHes- ville. Pres. of $HE. Ou+s+anding Freshman: Glenda R. Brai'rh- waife. KAG, A86, Enid. Barne'd'I R. Barney Barr Barfleff Baichelor Bates Bayless Bedwell Bell Benedicf BannerI F. Benner, N. Benneff Berry, H. BerryI R. Berry, W. Biller Bird Blake Blakely BlanceH Blanche Blasingame Bledsoe Blevins BHu Board Boeding Bob BoHs Bond Bonebrake Bonner Bonney Boone 80055, J. BoosaI S. Booth Borochoff BoHoms Bowers Boyer Boza lis Brackeen Braden Bradley Bradshaw Braifhwaife 95 FIRST ROW: Eva L. Brasel. IIBQ Pharm., Tulsa, Morfar Board. PX, Celebrafed ArHs+s Chrmn: Nelson E. Brensing, Jr.. HKA. Bus., Skedee. Markefing Club. UAB: Ann Brewer. KKF, A86, BarHesviHe; Kennefh B. BrewerI Bus., Norman: Thomas H. Bright EX, Engr., Eunice, N. Mex. SECOND ROW: 8. Daryl Brisiow. EX, A86. Spencer; Larry C. Brooks, ATA, A86, LiH'le Rock, Ark; Doug B. Brown, EN, A86, Shillingfon, Penn., A442; Duane Brown. HKA. Bus.. Okla- homa Cify. Sfudenf Senafe' AEH, Pres. of Markefing Club; Esfher F. Brown. Educ, Cushing. THIRD ROW: Fred A. BrownI ASAP, A85. Chickasha. AAE: Howard L. Brown. Bus., Carlsbad, N. Mex.. Markefing Club: Phillip H. Brown, BQH, A86, Ardmore, KUVYK AEP; Sharon L. Brown, AP, Educ.. Wichifa. Kansq W. T. Brunson. AT, Engr.. Oklahoma CHy. FOURTH ROW: Charles E. Buchnen ATA, A86, Sand SprIngs. WHE, ODK, Pe-ef, UAB; Leonard L. Buchsbaum, 27AM. Bus.. Mf. Vernon. N. Y.I Pef. Land Mgf. ClubI Pick 8 Hammer; Ann M. Buck, X9, A86. Oklahoma CHy; Ray B. Burden, Educ. Blair. Baseball: Kennefh D. Burke. EX Engr., Oklahoma Cierl Baseball, AIEE. FIFTH ROW: Bill M. Burks, Engr.. Midland, Tex., Engr. Club, HET. ET, PE Club. AIME: Marilyn K. Burns, AF. Bus., Sher- man. Tex.; Dale R. BuHer. A86, Norman. 29E. AEA; Jerry G. BuHerI ATA, Bus., Fairborn. Ohio: Jim D. BuHerworih, ATSZ, Engr., Oklahoma Cify, Pres of ATSZ, IFC' AlChE. Tridenf Society. SIXTH ROW: Lynn C. Buzzard, WKZ. A86, Skia+ook; Linda K. Bynuml KAG, Educ, Blackwell; Guy L. Cabbiness, A86. Anadarko, Pick 8 Hammer; James I. Caldwell, A86. Tulsa; J. Paul Calvert $10K BUSH Midwesf Cify. SEVENTH ROW: L. Bradley Camp, Bus., Norman: L. Blair Campbell. A86, Muskogee, $112, xPX: Roger R. Campbell. Educ, Oklahoma CHy. Men's Phys. Ed. Asso.. Arnold Air Soc: Don E. Cannon. EX, Bus., Afoka: Barney L. Capeharf, Engr.. Tulsa. IRE, AIEE. Engr. Clubl Arnold Air Soc. EIGHTH ROW: Don W. Capeharf, A86, Norman: Darry S. Carls+one, A86, Tahlequah; Shirley D. Carmack, A86, Nor- man. BAH; Deanna S. Carney. 11343, A86, Midwes+ Cify. Oikonomia, Infr. Des. Club: John M. Carney. EN. Engr.l El Doradq Ark" ASME, SAE, TBl-II ET. Brasel Brensing BrewerI A. Brewer, K. Brighf Brisfow Brooks Brown. D. B. Brownl DA BrownI E. Brown. F. Brown. H. Brown, P. Brown, S. Brunson Buchner Buchsbaum Buck Burden Burke Burks Burns Bu'Her, D. Bufler, J. Bufferworth Buzzard Bynum Cabbiness Caldwell Calvert Camp Campbell. L. CampbellI R. Cannon Capeharf. B. Capeharf, D. Carlsfone Carmack Carneyl D. Carney, J. 96 FIRST ROW: Roberf E. Carfwrighh Engr., Midwesf CHy. ASME SAE. Engr. Club; Roberf F. Casfellion. Pharm., N. Tonawanda, N. Y.. APhA: Glynda L. Cecil. A86, Durham; David P. Chaney. AT, Engr., Tulsa, ET; Paul R. Chaney, Engr., Oklahoma Cify. AXE! Engr. Club, AIChE; Dewey J. Chapman, 249E, Pharm-y Ponca Cify; Roger A. Chapman. AT, Engr.. El Reno; Marfha N. Chasfain, AAH, A86. Midland. Tex.. 10?. PEM Club. UAB, Year- book. SECOND ROW: Kay B. Cheafwood, AXQ. A86. Oklahoma Cier. EAH; Leon E. Chicoraske. Engr.. Choctaw, AIEE; Nancy J. Childress. AP, Educ., Wichita Falls, Tex., AAA, KAH: John C. Choy, Engr.. Hong Kong: C. Jay Clapp, Engr., Forgan, EFT. IAS; James B. Clark. FA, Norman: William N. Clayion. EN, Bus., Porf Arfhur. Tex., MLM Club, Counselor, Young Democrafs. PA Club: Mervin D. Clemenfs. Jr.l dquC Engn, Tulsal IME Club. FIFTH ROW: Sfanley E. Conly, Bus., Ringgold, La., SAM: Caro- lyn Connell, HBWP, Bus., Granfs, N. Mex.: Chuck Conner. ATQ. Engr., Oklahoma Cify, Pres. of Fencing Club, AIA: Ann M. Cook. AP. A86, Tulsa; H. T. Cook, KA. Engr., Dallas. Tex., Geog. Club; Maurice W. Cook, Educ., Healdfon: Peggy J. Cook. AXQ. A86. Oklahoma Ci+y: Carl H. Cooper. AT, Engn, Oklahoma CHy, SEP. Engr. Club, Mgr. Ed. d Sooner Shamrock. 11TH. No way +0 ge+ ouf, so DG's Jane Gadberry and Nancy Benner decide +hey have +ime +0 walk. THlRD ROW: James A. Clear, ATA, Engr., Oklahoma Cify; John J. Coafes. EAE, Bus.. Oklahoma Cify: Ron CoFFel'r, IIKA. Engr., Duncan, HET, PE Club: Diane A. Coffey, A86, Shawnee; John W. Coffey. EN, A86, Shawnee: Richard S. Cohen. HIVb, A86. Tulsa, SAX; Carolyn E. Cole. KAQ, A86, Law+on, Oikonomia: Roy V. Cole, Educ.I Lexingfon, $+uden+ NESA, Dean's Honor Roll, ISA. FOURTH ROW: Sandra 6. ColeI AXSZI A86, Norman, AAA. KAII,VHE' H32; Dorla R, CaleyI AAA. Bus . Norman: Lyle G. Collet EN. Educ, Novafo. Calhtq Swimming: Raymond E. Col- line, 93, Engr.. Rochesfer, N. Y., AIEE, Engr. Club. Pershing RiHes, ln+ramurals7 Susan V. Collins, AXSZ. A86, Geary, Speech Club' French Club. Ducks Club, Women's Judo; Roselyn J. Col- vard, A86, Oakwood, Oikonomia. HZK, Young Republicans. BSU; Ann T. Comfort A86. Midland, Tex., TIME, Q'AG, Tassels, Mor+ar Board: Mary A. Conley. Arb. A86. Lexingfon. Ohio. Oikonomia. SIXTH ROW: James K. Cooper, Pharm.. Grove; Mel R. Coose. A86. Oklahoma Cify; Gary E. Copeland, AX, A86, Maud. KKW, IFC, AQWZ: Bobby J. Corbin. Educ... Norman; William A. CorleH, Engr., Talala. UTE, Engr. Club. ASME. ASE: Vic T. Cosh, Bus., Vicforia, Tex.; Joseph L. Cofferill. Engr., Calgary. Alberfa. Cam: Clinf Cox. AT. Educ, Talihina. Cartwright Castellion Cecil Chaney. D. Chaney. P. Chapman, D. Chapman. R. Chaslain Cheafwood Chicoraske Childress Choy Clapp Clark Clayton Clements Cloar Coafes Coffelf Coffey, D. Coffey, J. Cohen Colel C. Cole, R. Cole, S. Coley Collef Colline Collins Colvard Comfort Conley Conly Connell Conner Cook, A. Cook, H. Cook. M. Cookl P. Cooper, C. Cooper, J. Coose Copeland Corbin CorleH- Cosia Cofferill Cox, C. 97 FIRST ROW: Sfephen F. Cox. A86, Graham, Tex.; Alberf L. Crab+ree, AT, A86. Oklahoma Cify, Men's Glee Club, UAC. Pick 8 Hammer; Max W. Craig, EAE, Engr., Norman, ET. IRE, AIEE; Lovell Criswell. Educ, Durant SNEA: Carlyn G. Cruzan, ATQ, Engr., BarHesviHeI AH-Amer. Swim. Team, AIChE, AXE. SECOND ROW: James E. Cullen, Engr.. Calgary, Alberfa. Cam. ASCE; Susan Cummings. 1WD, Bus" Oklahoma Cify. Finance Club. Markefing Club. 1E; William R. Dading, A341. Engr.. Mefairie, La.; Larry H. Daniels, Educ. Clinfon; Roberf W. Daniels, Pharm., Oklahoma Cify. fbAE. APhA. THIRD ROW: Lina Darrough, KAG, Educ.. Oklahoma CHy. Young Republicans: Sfeve Davies. K; Bus., Flushing, N. Y.: Judifh L. Davis, AAA. A86, Ardmore. Counselor. Pres of HE. OEA; Paul H. Davis, Engr., Norman; Richard A. Davis, Engr.. E. Sf. Louis Ill.l PE Club, 3T, AIME. FOURTH ROW: Susan Davis, 111342 Educ, Okmulgee. NBEA, Newman Club: Thomas W. Davis, Engr.. Paoli. IAS, Engr. Club; James R. Deal. Bus.. Pauls Valley: Aubrey H. Deifriclr, 8115.. Oklahoma Cify; Jane E. De Kinder, FA, Duncan. Choral Club, Univ. Chorus. FIFTH ROW: Mary A. Diehl, Educ. Norman. BSU: Douglas B. Dillon, A86. Duncan, $HE, AEA: Eva E. Dincla, A86, Pren- sfon Junct, N. J.; Judy Disosway, H1342 A86, Shreveport La.. 934E Oklahoma Daily: Dennis J. Dodsonl rPPA. Bus.. Ponce CHy. SIXTH ROW: George A. Dodson, Bus., Norman, 5AM, BSU: John R. Dorr. K2, Bus. Pecos. Tex, Sfudenf Sena+e. Pet Land Mgf. Club, AIME. SAM; Kenne+h E. Dorsey, Bus.. Sayre, ASH: John E. Dofson, A86, Frederick: Judi+h A. Downing. Educ, Tulsa. SEVENTH ROW: Charles P. Downs. 3449, Engr., Oklahoma Cify; Howard H. Doyle, A245. A86, Sfillwafer, AAE, AER Dean's Honor Roll. Yearbook, Oklahoma Daily. WWC Pres. Coun.; Joe B. Drake, EN, Bus.. Davis, SAM. Scabbard 8 Blade: John M. Draper, EX. Bus., Oklahoma Cify; Pegi L. Dromgold, X51. A86, Oklahoma Cify, KAH, Classics Soc" lnfer. Rel. Club. Model UN. EIGHTH ROW: Ernesf M. Drowahky, A295, Wichifa, Kans.. VarsHy 0, Swimming Team: Donald D. Dryden, Engr., Chicka- sha, Engr. Club, SEP; David E. Dubler, Bus., Tulsa, Pres of Pef. Land Mgf. Club: William L. Du Bray, l KHI Engr., Muskogee: l Mary A. Ducker. AAA, A86. Monfclair. N. J.. AKA, Sociology Club, Dean's Honor ROH. Cox, 5. Crabfree Craig Criswell Cruzan Cullen Cummings Dading Daniels, L. Daniels. R. Darrough Davies Davis, J. Davis, P. Davis, R. Davis. S. Davis, T. Deal Deifrick De Kinder Diehl Dillon Dinda Disosway Dodson, D. Dodson, G. Dorr Dorsey Dofson Downing Downs Doyle Drake Draper Dromgold Drowatzky Dryden Dubler Du Bray Ducker mm 98 FIRST ROW: NaH'Ianiel H. Dumeld. KA, Bus., Pauls Valley: Jack E. Duffy, EN, Engr.. Bu++e, Mont: James E. Duffy. $K0. Bus.. Enid, Markefing Club, Newman Club: Vaughn Dunbar. Bus.. Tulsa; Donald F. Duncan, AIME Engr.. Oklahoma Cify, PE Club, Engr. Club: Anne R. Dunlap, KKIV, A86. Liffle Rock. Ark: James L. Dunlap. AKE. Engr., New Canaan, Conn., Engr. Club, PE Club: Terry K. Dunlap, 4TA, Engr.. Oklahoma Cify, ET, V. Pres of IME Club. SECOND ROW: Frank D. Duperier, EN. Bus.. Jackson. Miss.7 Charles A. DurhamI K2, Engr.I Corpus Chrisfi' Tex., TTK: Jack DurreH'l II. K2, A86, Keo+a. EM; Phyllis A. Eacock. Educ, Okla- homa Cify, SNEA. Dean's Honor Roll: Roberi F. Eddins' qTA, A86, Muskogee, Economics Club, Am. Econ. Asso.: Jody A. Edgar. AXQ. A86, Ponce Cify, BAH. KPE, HZK. Spanish Club. V. Pres of AXQ; Archie L. Edwards, A86. Shamrock. Tex.: Susan Egnew, 111343, A86, Midland, Tex. FIFTH ROW: John R. Ferrell, A86. Tulsa, His+ory Club. Classics Soc., Am. Afh. Union Chm, Judo Club. V.P. of Infer. Rel. Club: Margaref J. Ferrell, A86. Omaha, Neb., Classics Soc.. Infer. Rel. Club. Hisfory Club: Leslie B. Finnell, $qu, Engr.. Holliday, Tex.. HET, PE Club: Lloyd A. Firman, Engr., Calgary. Alberfa, Can.. Engr. Club, ASME: Geraldine C. Fleet A86, Midland. Tex.: Jerry C. Fields, Azq', Engr.. Oklahoma Cier, SAME. PE Club. AUSA: Charles R. Finn, Bus.. Broomville, Colo.. Fr. Foofball, Infra- Foofball, Boxing: A. David Fleming. EAE, Engr., Sapulpa, EFE. Soc. of Geol. Engr. BenneH Waffs falks fhings over wi+h Larry Lucas, senior ciass president THIRD ROW: Edward 6. Elder, Engr., Sanfa Cruz. Bolivia; Linda Elsfner. X9. A86. Tulsa, Oikonomia WRA, Shadowbox. Yearbook, Volleyball Club, Baskefball Club: Dorofhy Ann EndicoH, KKF' Educ.. Wichifa Falls, Tex.l Young Republicans: Allen M. Erickson, A86. Silver Spring. Md, ST; Badioliah Eshraghi. Engr., Teheran, Iran: Burfie L. Espy. Engr.. Seiling, AXE. AIChE: CharloHe L. Esfer, X9, A86, Okmulgee, Pres. of AWS: Larry W. EvansI ATQ, Bus" Oklahoma Cify. FOURTH ROW: Barbara M. Failing, X52, Educ.. Enid, Mo+her's Day. Dad's Day, Pop Series; Don C. Farmer. Engr.. Tulsa; Joe P. Farr, EN, Bus.. Davis, Markefing Club: John B. Farr, AT, Bus.. Oklahoma Cify. A211. Pub. Rel. Club. Homecoming. Soc. Chr. of DU: Pai'sy L. Farrell, AAA, A86. BarHesviHe; Jo A. Faulkner, Aqh A86. Ada, Shadowbox, HE. Pick 8 Hammer; Douglas B. Feaver. AZQS, Norman; Kenne+h D. Feiger, UMP, A86, Oklahoma Cify, EM. SIXTH ROW: George P. Florafos. A86. Law+on, Pres. of Boyd House; Barbara L. Fochf. A86, Sinking Spring, Penn.; Bobbie L. Foofe. A86, Spavinaw, iilHE, Sec. of 239E; 0. Jane Ford, P4913. Educ.. Norman; Homer L. Forsyfhe, Jr., Bus.I Chickasha. Markef- ing Club, IE; Billie M. Fosfer, ZTA, A86, Sfillwafer. HE, Law Wives Club: Charles E. Fosfer, Engr.. Oklahoma Cify, TBH, UTE, FAKE. ET; Michael L. Fought A86, BarflesviHe. Duffield Duffy. J. Duffy. J. E. Dunbar Duncan DunlapI A. Dunlap, J. Dunlap, T. Duperier Durham DurreH Eacock Eddins Edgar Edwards Egnew Elder Elsfner Endicoif Erickson Eshraghi Espv Esfer Evans Failing Farmer Farr, J. P. Farr, J. B. Farrell Faulkner Feaver Feiger Ferrell, J. Ferrell, M. Finnell Firman Fleet Fields Finn Fleming Floratos Foch? Foofe Ford Forsyihe Foster. B. Foster, C. Fouth 99 FIRST ROW: R. Wendel Foushee. q'Kq', Bus., Prince+on, IH.; Don J. Fox, AT, A86, El Reno; Larry L. French. HKA, Bus., Glendale, Calif., AAE, IE, Markefing Club, Fr. Baseball; Richard E. French, Bus., Susquehanna. Penn; Taylor N. French, EAE. A86. Memphis, Tenn. SECOND ROW: Larry J. Fulfon, AT. A86, Okmulgee; Jane Gadberry, AF, A86. El Reno; Arfhur Gaer. UMP. Bus., Tea- neck, N. J" Varsify Baseball: Nancy 6. Galloway, HBCD, A86, Elk Cify; Befh A. Gambill. AFA, FA, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: William 0. Gamble, QWA, Bus.. BeverIy Hills. CalHi; C. Rex Gardner, Bus" Paoli. AEH, UBEA: Richard E. Garlick, EN, Engr.. Billings, Mont. AIEE, IRE. ET; David M. Garrison, Engr.. Ardmore. Scabbard 8 Blade. AIEE; Kaihleen R. Garrison, A86, Duncan. Pres. of Oikonomia, Pub. Chrm. of Shadowbox. FOURTH ROW: John Gavora. Engr.. Lefhbridge, Alberfa. Cam; Phyllis J. Geni'ry, AIVA, Bus., Weafherford, Shadowbox, Panhell. Coun., 1E: Paul H. Gerlach, A86, Ardmore, Ruf- Neks, Classics Club, Young Demos.. Band. Dean's Honor Roll; Roberf R. Gilberf III, RAE! Engr.. Dallas. Tex., 2T, FTK, Engr. Club. Soc. of Geol. Engn; Hal Gill, Engr.. Oklahoma Cify, NET ET. PE Club, Eng. Club. FIFTH ROW: Virginia L. Gill, AAA, A86, Oklahoma CHy, Dean's Honor Roll, Univ. Sing. Shadow Box. Scandals, Chap- lain of AAA; Keifh B. Gilliam, Pharm., Oklahoma CifyI APhA: Gary W. Gilsfrap, Bus., Commerce; Donald L. Ginesf. Engr.. Neodesha, Kans.. Dean's Honor Roll, AIA: Billy G. Givens. $AH, Engr.I Ardmore. SIXTH ROW: Alice A. Glasby. KA, Bus., Tuka: Pe+e Glaser. AEH, Bus., Dallas, Tex.: Joseph M. Glasgow. Jr.I Engn, Chil- mark, Mass., ET. IRE, AIEE; Sylvie J. GlasgowI HEW. Educ.. Oklahoma Cify, Dean's Honor ROH; Danny E. Glenn. Engr.. Muskogee. SEVENTH ROW: Tom B. Gobble, ATA. Pharm . LiberaL Kans.. APhA: Donald D. GodfreyI Engr.. Lone Wolf. SIME. SAM; Clinfon C. Goff, AkkS, Boise Cify. WK; Sara J. Goins. KKF. A86, Ardmore: Berf Golden, 23X, Engr.. Tulsa. PE Club, Engr. Club, AIME. EIGHTH ROW: Barbara Gollup, EAT. Educ, Tulsa! Yearbook Beaufyl Chrisfmas Dec. Comm.. Homecoming; R. J. German. rDKO, Pharm. Okeene, PPhA; D. Ann Gound, Educ.I Davis. SNEA; Louis F. Goza. Bus., Camden. Ark; Leofa D. Grace. Educ. Phillips, Tex. Foushee Fox FrenchI L. French, T. Fulton Gadberry Gaer Galloway Gambill Gamble Gardner Garlick Garrison, D. Garrison, K. Gavora Gentry Gerlach Gilbert Gill, H. Gill. V. Gilliam Gilsfrap Ginesf Givens Glasby Glaser Glasgow, J. Glasgow. S. Glenn Gobble Godfrey Goff Goins Golden Gollup Gorman Gound Goza Grace mm FIRST ROW: Kennefh G. Grady. tbAQ Engr.. Tulsa, Sooner Shamrock, Sf. Paf's Council, Engr. Club, ASME. SAE: Janice 6. Graham. Educ, Pauls Valley: Jim N. Graham, EX. Engr., Del Rio. Tex., ASCE; Sian W. GrallaI 41KB. Engr., Housafonic. Mass., Newman Club, IFC: Benjamin F. Grame, Jr.I A86, Lemon Grove, Calif; Bill D. Graves. A86, Oklahoma Cify. A133. 0 Club, Track, Oklahoma Daily; Cecile M. Gray, DPB. FA, Duncan, SoonereHes, Men's Glee Club: Larry D. Green. ATQ, A86. Enid, Economics Club. SECOND ROW: Linda Lee Green. Educ.l Oklahoma CHy; Rob- er+ G. Green. Bus., Elk Cify, Pet Land Mgf. Club; Herman H. Greenhaw, Jr.. ASKD, Engr., San Anfonio, Tex.; Norman H. Gri- der, Engr., Monfgomery, Ala.. AIA; William S. GriFFin, Engr.. Kinder, La.. PE Club. AIME, Engr. Club: Verne E. Grimfh, EAE, Engr., Okmulgee. q'HE, ODK. ET, AIChE, AXE,- Neil K. Gunder- son. AX. A86, Bellerose, N. Y.: Clare Ann Hachmuih, Engr.. BarHesviHe, AIChE. Engr. Club. FIFTH ROW: John A. Harrison. Pharm., VinHa, APhA: Tom Har- risonI ATA. FA, Tulsa, Cheer-leader; Joe N. Harsh, B911, Bus, Ponce Cify, SAM: John D. Hasfie, A86, Sand Springs: Mekin Hafay. Engr., Ankara! Turkey, PE Club, Infer. Club: Phil M. Hawk, K3, Bus, Oklahoma Cify. Finance Club K2 Rush Chrmn.; Barbara A. Hawkins, AAH. Educ.. Anderson, lnd.: Ka+hleen Hawk- insl AFA, A86, Marionvflle, Mo., Pres. of APA, Oikonomia, Pres. 0+ 0N. David M. Warner makes a compu+a+ion during lab on flue old golf course. THIRD ROW: Sally L. Heckler, IVPB. A86. Muskogee, Oikono- mia: Donna D. Hale, Educ.. Lawfon: James A. Hall, Engn. Dun- can; Bill T. Hallmark, AKA. Engr., Lawfon; Fred E. Hammer, ATSZI Engr., Kearney. Neb.K Ind. Mgr. Engr. Club. Engr. Club; A. W. Hammock, Jr.I Pharm., Midland, Tex; Sally L. Hampfon, X9, A86. Dallas. Tex.. Counselorl Pledge Trnr. of X9; Jim M. Han- cock, KA. A86, Beeville. Tex.. Pick 8 Hammer Club. FOURTH ROW: Roberf L. HaneyI KA, Bus., Holdenville, PLM Club, Arnold Air Sociefy, V.P. 0 KA; Edwin L. Hansen. Jr.. KA, Engr., Pensacola, Fla., Scarab Frat: Lesfer P. Hansen, 243E. Engr.. El Paso, Tex.; Sidney J. Hardy. Engr., Law+on, IRE. Engr. Club, Scabbard 8 Blade; Jon B. Harle. A86. Oklahoma Cify; George E. Harper, A86. Oklahoma City; J. Dock Harrell, EX, Engr., Jackson. Miss; John J. Harringfon. Jr.I Engr., Coffeyville, Kans., ASME. Grady Graham, J. G. GrahamI J. N. Gralla Grame Graves Gray Green, L. D. Green, L. L. GreenI R. Greenhaw Grider Griffin Griffi'rh Gunderson Hachmufh Heckler Hale Hall Hallmark Hammer Hammock Hampfon Hancock Haney HansenI E. HansenI L. Hardy Harle Harper Harrell Harringfon HarrisonI J. Harrison, T. Harsh Hasiie Hafay Hawk Hawkins, B. HawkinsI K. Hayes Hays Head Heavin Heef Heinrichs Hembree Hempfling SIXTH RO'W: Dan Hayes. A86, Anadarko, Ruf-Neks, TGT: Roberf W. Hays, KS. Bus.l Oklahoma Cify, IE, Markefing Club. Aer: William W. Head. $59, A86, Gallup, N. Mex; Sandra K. Heavin, AXQ, Educ, Wynnewood: Mariorie C. Heef, 1486' La Harpa, Calif; Norman D. Heinrichs, FA, Colony, MENC; Roberi C. Hembree, Bus., Oklahoma Cify, Varsify Baseball, Sooner Co. UKUSAM Joan Hempfling, AFA. A86. Garden Grove, Calif.. 119. Oikonomia. HE. Dean's Honor Roll. l0l A 1 Hencke Hendrex Hendricks Henley Henly Henneke Henry Hervey Hesler Heston Hickman Hill. J. Hill, L. B. Hilll L. L, Hines Hinkle Hirschler Hoag Hobbs. J. M. Hobbs, J. J. Hoehn Hoenig HoffmanI J. Hoffman, R. Holmes HO" Hood Hopcus Hopkinsl J. HopkinsI R. Horn Horner Horst Hosner Hous+on' J. Housfon, R. Howard Hower Hoyle Huckabay l02 FIRST ROW: Barbara L Hencke, X9. A86, Tulsa, KAH, Dad's Day. Mofher's Day, Campus Chesf: Karen J. Hendrex, AF. Educ. Tulsa, Dean's Honor Roll: Laura R. Hendricks. Educ, San Anfonio, Tex., Oikonomia. HE: EmmeH H. Henley, GARE, Engr.. Oklahoma Ci+y, SIME, AUSA, SAM: George M. Henly. APKE. Engr., Oklahoma Cify, AUSA. SAE, ASME. SECOND ROW: Richard C. Henneke, Engr.. Hennessey, UTE, TBH: James G. Henryl AbPA. AXASA Tulsa; John D. Her- vey, A86, Norman, 113A, UAB, UAC, Sooner Scandalsl Pop Series: Judy A. Hesler, AAA. Educ, Kansas Cify, Mo.; Jac- quie L. Hesfon, AFA. A86, Norman, TBS, Band. THIRD ROW: Don K. Hickman, KDKQ Bus., Spiro: James M. Hill. EAE, Engr., Housfon. Tex.. 56E, Engr. Club: Leigh B. Hill, Engr., Okla. Cify. SEP. SHE: Loren L. Hi". Engr.. El Dorado, Ark, AXE, AlChE: Glenda K. Hines, KKlV, Educ, Dewey, Morfar Board, K311. Tassels, UAC. FOURTH ROW: Janef R. Hinkle. IVFB, A86. Barflesville: Don C. Hirschler, A86, Oklahoma Ci+y1 William J. Hoag, EX, A86. BarHesville: Jerry M. Hobbs, APKE, Engr.. Oklahoma ley, Arnold Air Soc. AXE. ET, AIChE; Joleen J. Hobbs. A8AS, Oklahoma Cify. FIFTH ROW: Huberf H. Hoehn. A8ASA Dallas, Tex.. 2453' 4412:: Marsha Hoenig. IIBAP, Educ., Oklahoma Cify: John R. Hoffman, Engr., Independence, Kans.. SEP: Rozelle M. HoH- man, A86. Mf. View. Yearbook Finalist AWS, Band: Tom Holmes, AXA. A86, Oklahoma CHy. SIXTH ROW: J. Sfroud Holf, A36. McNes+en SNEA: Nancy L. Hood, KAH, A86. Gufhrie; Leon M. Hopcus, Engr.. Har- rah. ASME, SAE, Engr. Club; Judi+h K. Hopkins. X9. A86. El Paso. Tex., WK, Young Repub., Wesley Found, AX: Roberf M. Hopkins. KA. Bus., LaBella, Mo. SEVENTH ROW: David C. Horn. $.39, A8AS, Ardmore, 113A: Russell G. Horner, A86, Miami, 113A, Dean's Honor Roll; David L. Horsf, Bus., Oklahoma Cify, Accounfing Club, Dean's Honor Roll: Ronald L. Hosner, AKA, Educ... FlinfI Mich.: James E. Housfon. AKA A86, Oklahoma City, KKW. EIGHTH ROW: Richard W. Housfon. KPKE, A86, Wilson. EPE: James D. Howard. Engn, Lawton: Thomas C. Hower, Jr.. 3N, Engr., Tulsa. AlChE; Elmer Hoyle, A86, Enid: Gary C. Huckabay, K3, Engr.. Snyden ODK, ET, TBH. RIRST ROW: Charles E. Hughes. Bus., Graham, Tex.; Roger H. Hughes, Bus., Healdfon: Virginia A. Hughes, A86. Duncan: Bernie L. Hulme, ATA. Engr., Chickasha; TBH, ET, ASCE, Pe.e+. ODK, Dean's Honor Roll; James C. Hun+I EAE' Engr.! Tulsa, PE Club. Engr. Club: Rufh A. Hun+er, Bus., Hobart DSF, Dean's Honor Roll: John R. Imel. Engr.. Forgan, 49112: James H. Ingram, A247, Engr.. Oklahoma Cify. UTE. SECOND ROW: Maridell G. Janfz, KA, A86, Oklahoma Cify. K41; Myra E. Jenkins, A86, Oklahoma Ci+y, Dean's Honor Roll: Roberf M. Jernigan, E11913, A86, Enid; Richard N. Johannes. AT. A86, Norman. Pe-e+, ODK, l?HE. Oufsfanding Freshman. BMOC, V. P. of Senior Class; Carolyn 5. Johns, A86, Tulsa: Ernesf L. Johnson. Jr., Engr.. Temple, HET, PE Club, Ruf-Neks. ET; Jed J. Johnson. Jr., ATA. A86, Chickasha, Sfudenf Senafe Pres, Pe-ef. ODK. $112, Cross Cifizenship Award. Oufsfanding Freshman: Juliannah Johnson. Bus., El Dorado, Ark. FIFTH ROW: Kenneih G. Jones. Engr., Ardmore, Glee Club. SAME. DSF: Kennefh H. Jones, Engr., Madill. AXE. AIChE. Engr. Club; Molly Jones. KKF' A86! Jackson. Miss.: Ralph W. Jones' Engr., Cyril; Marvin L. Joseph, HAqi' FA. Omaha, Neb.. Grisso Scholarship Award. SAME, AUSA; Roberf S. vasephI HAQ A86, Omaha, Neb: O. Maurice Joy, AKA, Engr,, Oklahoma Cify. TBII, ET! mm, IIME, HET; George E. Kadane, MA, A86 Wichifa Falls, Tex. Heads we go, +ails we s+ay! Charles Durham. Syl Tesfa. Don Ta+e and Bill Siephens. THIRD ROW: Lewis A. Johnson. Engr., Oklahoma Cify. Ruf- Neks. ASME, AUSA: Marianne Johnson. AF. A86. Carlsbad, N. Mex.V Model UN. Homecoming: Mary A. JohnsonI X9. Educ... Alfus.; Pafsy R. Johnson, A295, Norman, fPBK. qu' AKA, AAA, Tassels; Paul H. Johnson, Engr., Norman; Richard F. Johnson. A85. Oklahoma Cify. Scabbard 8 Blade, Pick 5Q Hammer: Roberi M. Johnson, IIKA. Engr.. Oklahoma Cify, 5+. Paf's Council: Thomas J. Johnson, A341, Engr., Oklahoma Cify. KKq', Band. ARS, IAS. FOURTH ROW: Wallace Johnson. Educ.. Oklahoma Cify: Buddy C. Jones, A86. Longview, Tex.; Carol L. Jones. X9, A86, Norman, ?AG, Dean's Honor Roll. Tassels, Scandals, BWOC: E. Bruce Jones. Engr., Calgary, Alberfal Cam; Gary G. Jones. AEKTI, Engr.. Thomas. TBH, ET. ODK, BMOC, IITZL fbHE: Hugh R. Jones, dTAI Bus.. Woodward: James R. Jones. AKA. A86. Muskogee, BMOC. ODK, EAXl EM, Jr. IFC. Newman Club: Judifh L. Jones. KKF, Bus.. Oklahoma Cify. SIXTH ROW: Harold W. Kallenberger. AXA, Engr.. Barflesville, SAE, ASME, BMOCI Sooner Shamrock: Judifh A. Kammerer. Educ.. Wichifa, Kans.: Kennefh R. KanoH. AEHI Pharm.. Passaic. N. J., APhA. UAB, IFC; Y. Thomas Kao, Engr., Hong Kong: Roberf D. Keadle. Bus.. Saline, Pet Land Mgf. Assoc.. FoofbaH, Varsify 0 Club; Francis J. Kelker, A86, Shreveport La; Richard A. Kelley, Engr., LiHle Rock, Ark: Elizabefh C. Kendall, A86. Gufhrie. Hughes. C. Hughes, R. Hughes, V. Hulme Hunt Hunier Imel Ingram Janfz Jenkins Jerniqan Johannes Johns Johnson. E. Johnson, J. J. Johnson, J. Johnson, L. Johnson, M. JohnsonI M. A. JohnsonI P. R. Johnson. P. H. JohnsonI R. F. Johnsonl R. M. JohnsonI T. Johnson, W. Jones, B. Jones, C. JonesI E. JonesI G. Jones, H. Jones, J. R. Jones. J. L. Jones. K. G. Jones. K. H. Jones, M. Jonesl R. JosephI M. Joseph, R. Joy Kadane Kallenberger Kammerer Kanoff Kao Keadle Kelker Kelley Kendall FIRST ROW: Richard L. Kenf, Bus... Seiling, Accounfing Club; Jack R. KeyI Engr., Oklahoma Cify, ASCE; Kenf Kidwe". FA, Ada, KKq', $MA, Pres. of Band, Pres. of Orchesfra: John B. Kiehlbauch, BGH, A85. Yukon, WK, Newman Club; BeHy Rufh King, Educ.. Keysfone. SECOND ROW: Ernesfine K. Kingelin, ZTA, A86, Lifflefon. Colo.. Homecoming, PEM Club, Swing Club. AWS, WRA; Thomas L. Kingery, ATA, Bus., Oklahoma Cify: Roberf A. Kingsbury, K3, Bus., Barflesville: Ray R. Kinsinger, PFA. A86, Blackwell; Elizabefh Kirkham, KKP. Educ.. Housfon. Tex. THIRD ROW: John B. Kirkpafrick, $439. A86, San Mafeo, Calif, EM, Young Repub., Tridenf Soc.I Judo Club; William R. Kirkwood. Jr., HKA, A86, Oklahoma CHy; Earl W. Kifchen, 49K: Engr., Oklahoma Cify, WHE, FTK' EYE, 56E: Budon H. Kleinfeld, AEH, A85. Passaic, N. J.; Joe L. Klingsfedf, KS. FA, Sfinafer. FOURTH ROW: Spencer L. Knapp, AT-Q. Engn, Oklahoma Cify, AXE, AIChE. Fencing Club; Roberf E. Knight 43A9. Bus.. Borger. Tex.. Varsify 0 Club: Mac Knighfon, tbAG, Engr., Wichifal Kans.. PE Club, AF Honor Cadet Dist Mil. Sfudenf; Wink H. Kopczynski. Engr., Madill, Pres. of PE Club, Engr. Club, HET, Pres. of AIME. LKOT; Roberf H. Kroney. K2, Engr., DallasI Tex.. Pres. of K3! A442, AUSA, IFC, 56E. FIFTH ROW: Carl R. Krueger, qDKG, Engr.. AHus' 2TB, FTK. ET. SGE: Frederick A. Kuhn, ATA, Engn, Oklahoma Cify: Gerald H. Kursar, IPKW, A86, Konawa: Kalman Kufszegi. AKA, Engrq Norman; Vicfor L. Ladd, HAVE Bus., Amarillo. Tex. SIXTH ROW: Gary C. La Gere, CPI'A, Engr., Chandler. Pres. of 4913A, ET; E. T. Laird, AKA, Engr., Kilgore. Tex.. Edifor of Sooner Shamrock, ASME, Sf. Paf's Council: V. P. Lakusfa. Engn, Opal, Alberfa, Cam, PE Club; Nancy Lamb. KKI'. A85! Oklahoma Cify: Glynn Q. Lane, Jr., AT, AZQS, Anaheim, Calif., Pres. of AT, Pick 8 Hammer. SEVENTH ROW: Caroline Langleyl A86, Muskogee; Jack M. Langfon, K23. Engr., Dallas, Tex., SGE; Frederick W. Lankard, EX, A86, Kingfisher; Doris A. Lanniganl Educ., Pofeau; Glenda A. Largenf. A86, Anadarko. SEA. EIGHTH ROW: Parke H. Largenf, ATQI Pharm.. Tip+on. APhA; Graydon H. Laughbaum, Jr., EAE, Engr., Dallas. Tex.. ODKI ET. FTK, LTE, IFC, Geol. Engn: Leonard A. Laws. A2241 A8 S Midwesf Cify: Bob V. Leaumoni, Engr.V Norman. ASME: George F. Le Bus IIIl Engr.. Norman. Arnold Air Soc.. VT. Kenf Key Kidwell Kiehlbauch King Kinqelin Kingery Kingsbury Kinsinqer Kirkham Kirkpafrick Kirkwood Kitchen Kleinfeld Klingsfedf Knapp Knight Knighfon Kopczynski Kroney Krueger Kuhn Kursar Kufszegi Ladd La Gare Laird Lakusfa Lamb Lane Langley Lang'ron Lankard Lannigan Largenf, G. Largenf, P. Laughbaum Laws Leaumonf Le Bus FIRST ROW: Judy M. Le Clere. X9. A86, Coffeyville, Kans.. AWS, ON: Tom D. LedbeHer, AT. Engr., Midwesf Cier. V. P. 0 Engr. Club, IAS, ARS. Dad's Day. Aero-Space Engr. Open House; KenneH-I B. Leersfang. FA, Ada KFMA. KKq': David L. Leisfer. Engr.. Law+on, IAS, EFT TBII: Jean A. Lemlerl APA, Educ.. Perry. Phys. Ed. Club; Myrna D. Lemmons. Educ.. Graham, Tex.: Lee A. Leslie, 23X, A86. Midwesf Cify, Scabbard 8 Blade. AqUX. AUSA: Jay L. Levine, HAfP, A86, Kansas Cify. Mo.. Edifor of Okla. Daily. Yearbook, ZAX, Sfuden+ Press Assoc. SECOND ROW: Dale F. Lewis, ATQI Bus.l Milwaukee, Wis., Wresfling; Rober+ L. Lewis, ATA, Busq Oklahoma Cify; Bruce K. Leyland, Engr., Lefhbridge, Alberfa, Cam. ASCE: Roberf L. Lhu- illier. K3, Bus., Barflesville, SAMl Adil. Finance Club, Tridenf Soc: David J. LigonI AT, A86. Wewoka, $2: David S. Lindsey. HKA, A86, Odessa. Tex.. AAZZ; John P. Linehan, Bus., Oklahoma Cify, Dean's Honor Roll, Pef. Landman's Club: Blaine LinerI A86. Norman. FGT. FIFTH ROW: Bill Lynn, B611, Engr., Tulsa: Mark K. MacNeil, A86. Norman; Wade S. McAlis'rer, BQH. Bus., Oklahoma Cify, Pef. Landman's Club: William C. McAlis+er. EN, Engr., Oklahoma Cify. Sfudenf Sena+e, ET, ODK, Scabbard 8 Blade: Mary A. McAninch, AAH, A86. Tulsa, AT; Glenna M. McAfee, KAG. Bus.. Cushing: John O. McBee. ATQ. A86, DallasI Tex., Cheerleader. Rifle Team: Sharon D. McCall, Hth Educ, Oklahoma Cify. AWS. :AH, KrP, Scandals, Univ. Sing. A good aHernoon for a game of golf-Jon Prafher. Sid Ohlschlager and Jim Cloar. THIRD ROW: Helene Lipe, 1UP. Educ.. Sfamford, Tex., FBLA. Sec. Sci. Club: Wade Lippard, Bus., Anchorage. Alaska, Markef- ing Club, IE; E. Gail LiHle. X9, A86. Oklahoma CHy, Hisfory Club. Young Republ.; Iva Lou LiHle, Educ. Heavener. SNEA: Charles C. Lively. A86. McAIesfer: Sally Ann Lively, KAG, Educ, Oklahoma Cify, Deank Honor Roll, SNEA. Scandals: Gerald N. Livingsfon, Engr., Keller, Tex.. AlChE, ET: Barbara H. Lomax. Educ.. Muskogee, 11911, $1313, Law Wives Club. FOURTH ROW: Billie 6. Long, AXQ, FAl Durant H9. K4,, WPH' Young Demo.. KUVY: Nancy A. LongI A86. Borger, Tex.: James F. Looney. A86. Oklahoma Cify, Band, Orch., Pres. of KKJ'I NbA. MIA Sinfonia: James E. LorH-Iridge. A86. Mineral Wells. Tex.; Vernon P. Lo+man, HA? Bus., Lincoln, Neb.; Larry Lucas, K3, Law, Pofeau, Pres. of Senior Class: Larry G. Lufz. dTA. Educ, Lancasfer, Tex.; Michel A. Lynch, A86, Oklahoma Cify. chm; 2:423. SIXTH ROW: Judy L. McCallon. Educ, Benfon, La.; S+anley D. McCallon. Engr.I Wynnewood. Engr. Club. IME. ET: Pafrick C. McCarroH. B911, Engr., Tulsa, 3T; James R. McCasIand. KA. Bus.. Amarillo, Tex.; Richard B. McClain, $qu. A86, Wynne- wood, $112. IFC' Classics Soc.. AUSA: Judy L. McClung. AAA. A86, Aflanfa. Tex.: lnfer. Club, AAA. de KAH, UAB: Mary L. McConnell, FA. Hobart 3A1. HKA, AAA. KNP; Thomas M. McCoyI A86, Okla. CHyI AEP. Le Clere LedbeHer Leersfang Leisfer Lemler Lemmons Leslie Levine Lewis, D. Lewis, R4 Lewand LhuHHer Ligon Lindsey Linehan Liner Lipe Lippard LHHe,E Little, l. LivelyI C. Lively, S. Livingsfon Lomax Lonq.BA Long,N. Looney Lonhddge Lofman Lucas Luh Lynch Lynn MacNeil McAlister. W. S. McAlisfer. W. C. McAninch McAfee McBee McCall McCallon. J. McCalIon. S. McCarroll McCasland McClain McClung McConnell McCoy l05 McCracken McDonald, T. McGuckin, B. McLaurin McMullin Magoon Manfellini, R. Marfin. B. McCuriain McDown McGuckin, M. McLellan Mabus Mahood Maniooih Marfin, H. McDaniel, G. McFarlane McGuire McLaughlin Mach Maldonado Marley Marfin, J. McDaniel, S. McGee McKee McMahon Mack Manning Marrs Marfin, L. McDonald, D. McGrew McKinnis McMillan Madden Manfellini, L. Marsh Martin, R. FIRST ROW: Douglas E. McCracken, AT, A295. Oklahoma Cify; Mike E. McCurfain, Ed5E, A86, Lexingfon: George 0. McDaniel. Engr.l Edcouch, Tex., SGE. PTK, AUSA: Suzan McDanielI IWB, A86, Midland, Tex.. Dean's Honor Roll. Assf. Coun.; Douglas I. McDonald, 13911, Bus., Roswell, N. Mex. SECOND ROW: Tommy E. McDonald, 33b, Engr.. Wilson: Jo L. McDown. AIVA, FA, Arapaho. Tassels, Morfar Board. 2A1, KAII; James M, McFarlaneI qlKE, A86, Okla. Cify: Mary L. McGee. MINE A86. Shreveport La.; Marcia McGrew. IVPB, A86, Okla. Cify, Asst Coun. THIRD ROW: Barbara E. McGuckin, A86, Norman, HEV Oikonomia: Mack R. McGuckin, Bus. Norman. Pershing Rifles. AUSA: Marlin R. McGuire, Engr., Mangum. AIChE; Frances L. McKee, A86, Dallas. Tex.; Sarah A. McKinnis, KAQ, A86. Shawnee. FOURTH ROW: Thad McLaurin, EN. Engr.. Jackson, Miss.. qu, ET; George W. McLellan, "KA. A86. Frederick; Ed- ward F. McLoughIin, Bus.l Ka+onah, N.Y., Acct Club, Dean's Honor ROH Acct Club Key: Dennis M. McMahon, KA. A86. Hous+on, Tex.; Donald G. McMillan. Jr.I Engr.l Emmef, Ark. AIEE. Engr. Club. FIFTH ROW: E. F. McMulIin, Jr., 449?. Bus., Dallas. Tex.. Mkf. Club, IE: James D. Mabus, Engr., Overland Pk. Kans., ET. KPHIL SIME; Ernesf R. Mach, Engr.. Yukon. Sfudenf Sen- afe. ISA: John F. Mack. Engr.. Moab, Ufah: G. D. Madden. Jr., Bus., Shawnee, SAM. SIXTH ROW: Bruce R. Magoon, UNIX Bus., Tulsa; Mike C. Mahood, KA, Engr., Housfon. Tex.: Joe E. Maldonado. $KH' Bus., Sanfa Fe, N. Mex., Mkf. Club, Finance Club, lnvesfmenf Club, Dean's Honor Roll: Beisy Manning, IIWP, A86. Dallas. Tex.. Ducks Club, Canferbury Club, Hist Club: Luis A. Man- fellini, Engr., Caracas, Venez., ET, UAB, Spanish Club. SEVENTH ROW: Ramon Manfellini, Engr.. Caracas, Venez., AIChE; Jim Manfoofh, EN, Engr.. Lindsay dill: HME. AIChE: Wendell G. Marley, Engr., Nashoba AIEE, Engr. Club: Clifford C. Marrs, Engr.. Muskogee, ASME; Janice L. Marsh, A86, Duncan. EIGHTH ROW: Bir+ C. Marfin, Educ. Norman; Howard L. Marfin, Pharm., Davis, APhA; John D. Maan, Educ.I Erick, Varsify 0 Club. AII-Amer. Track, Ind. Ed. Club. NCAA Pole Vaulf Champ: L'zada P. Maan, A86, Dallas Tex! 22AM; Richard 6. Maan, EAE. Engr., Okla. ChyI TBH, 2.1T. HKN. ODK' 441:. THE MARINE BBB? FIRST ROW: John C. Mafeer, A86. Okla. City. POT, Arnold Air $oc.: Dorofhy L. Mayhew, KKF, Bus., Okla. Cify, AAA, Tas- selsl BFE Morfar Board; Richard Medlock, BBHI A86, Fifzhugh, AEA; John W. MeeI ETA, Bus., Okla. Cify. Pres. of ATA; James W. Mehl, ATSZI Engr.I Dallas. Tex.. AIChE; Herschel R. Melfon. Engn, Midwesf Ci+y, AR Soc., l. Aero Space SCL: Joe B. Merkle, 49KB, A86, Okla. Cify; Helen l. MerriH. AAA, A86, Norman. USC. Orchesis. R. LoHinviHe Award. SECOND ROW: Wylie C. MerriHI Jr.. Bus., Maysvilla ASH, Acct Club: Kenf Messamore. EX. A86, Norman; Larry C. Mes- sick, Engnl Rockfield, Md., V.P. of AIA; Mel Meyers, 2AM, Engr., Livingsfon, N. J., IAS; John B. Miles, Jr.I Engr., Anadarko. IAS, ARS. 3+. Paf's Coun.: Kennefh P. Miles, Engr., Washingfon. D. C.. AIEE. 2T, HKN: Barbara J. Miller. Educ, Norman. Debafe Team. AEP, HZK. 433A: Ellio++ W. Miller, AKE, A86, Websfer Grove, Mo. FIFTH ROW: Bill C. Morris III, qDAG, Bus., Russell. Kans.: Laura J. Morrow, KKF, Educ.. Amarillo, Tex., Scandals, Univ. Sing; Milfon R. Moudy, Pharm., Miami. APhA; James W. Mouser, EPE, Bus.. Perry; Ka+herine A. Moxley. KAG. Educ, Enid: Frederick D. Mugler, $1912 A86. Okla. Cify. AEP; Hal K. Muldrow, B911. Bus., BrownEeld, Tex., Pres. 0 Finance Club, BGH Pledge Trainer: Allan R. Munkres, FA, Enid. H's hard 'For Carol Jones fo visualize Bob ScoH' affer he ioins +he Marines. THIRD ROW: Frederick J. Miller. Educ.. Holley. N.Y., PE Assoc: Richard A. Miller, A86. Okla. Cify, BMOC. ODK, Ou+s+anding Fr., Oufs+anding lnd.; E. Z. Million. ATQ. A86, Weafherford. ODK. q'HE. Band, KKq'; James E. Mills, AKA. A86, BarHesviHe, SAX: Phyllis L. Mills, AXSZV A86, Midwesf Ci+y7 Arvil D. Ming. Educ.I Erick. 29E. 0 Club, VarsHy Track; Jerry T. Mifchell, Bus.. Okla. Cify. Finance Club, Cheerleadem Jess C. Mitchell, A86. Vinifa. FOURTH ROW: Judy P. Mitchell, A86, Okla. CHy; Roberf B. Mii'chell. Pharm., Midwesf Cify, Jr. Class Pres.: Jessie Moni- gomery, AAA, Educ, Muskogee; Mary E. Mock, ZTA. FA, Tulsa: Allen R. Moore. Bus.. Purcell, SAM; Frances D. Moran. HBdh A86, Okla. Cify; Jay P. Morgan. Engr.. Miami; Vance K. Morgan. EX, A86, Edmond. Scandals. Dad's Day. Campus Chest Debafe Team. SIXTH ROW: Leslie L. Murphey, Bus.. Okla, Cify, MH. Club. 1E: Jack Murphyl A86, Okla. Cify; David E. MurrieI ZVFE. Educ, Tulsa: Sam A. Naid. Engn, Abadieh, Lebanon: WaHer P. Neeley. Engr., Sfrawberry, Ark: Linda A. NelsonI $M. Educ.I El Paso. Tex., AWS. Fencing Club, Baskefball Club, Dad's Day: Ron Nel- son, Acacia, Engr.. Okla. Cify: Ben E. Newcomer, KAI A85. Norman. Maieer Mayhew Medlock Mee Mehl Melton Merkle MerriH. H. MerriH. W. Messamore Messick Meyers Milesl J. Miles. K. MillerI B. Miller, E. Miller, F. Miller. R. Million Mills. J. Mills. P. Ming Mifchell, J. T. Mifchell, J. C. Mifchell. J. P. Mitchelll R. Monhgomery Mook Moore Moran Morgan, J. Morgan, V. Morris Morrow Moudy Mouser Moxley Mugler Muldrow Munkres Murphey Murphy Murrie Naid Neeley NelsonI L. NelsonI R. Newcomer l07 FIRST ROW: James C. Newman. Bus., Winnsboro. Tex.. Sfaf. Club: Clayfon R. NicholsI AEfP. Engr., Okla. Ci+y. 2T. FTK, SGE. William H. Noble, BOH, Engr., Overland Pk, Kans.. Track, Varsify 0 Club; William A. Norman, Jr.. Engr., Sher- man, Tex.. IAS. ARS' Engr. Club, Dean's Honor Roll; Virginia L. Norris, KKI', A86, Norman, th Wesley Found. SECOND ROW: Penny Nowery, DPB. Bus., Shreveport La.: James L. Noyes, AKE, Educ" Norman. Rifle Team. Ind. Arfs Club, SUSA: Safashi Oishi, Engr.. Raymond. Alberfa, Can.. AIEE, Engr. Club. Judo Club. 2T: Tommy 0. Ole. Pharm.. Ogbomosho, Nigeria. APhA, BSU, XAM, lnfer. Club: Jac- queline L. OliveI AFA, Educ., Okla. Cify, Oikonomia. SNEA. THIRD ROW: Larry J. Oliver, EX, FA, Norman; Karon C. Olson, KAQ, A86, Topeka, Kans.. 0N; Larry M. Ondic, A86, Farrell. Penn.; Karen A. Onefh, FA. El Reno1 MFA, Counselor; Morris L. Orr. $A9. A86, Dallas, Tex. FOURTH ROW: Tom D. Owens. 4301', Engr., Tulsa, Cheer- leader. IE5; John P. Czar, wKQ. A86. Bellevue, Alberfa, Cam: Gerald F. Pace. A86. Chickasha; Harold R. Paden. Bus.. Sand Springs: Bradford S. Page, EN, Bus., Jet FIFTH ROW: Neal S. Paisley. Pharm., Ponce Cify: Charles G. Palmer, ?Kq', Bus., Checofah: Sam W. Pangburn. 39H, Bus.. Alva, Scabbard 8 Blade. SAM. Mkf. Club; Rdberf B. Parker. A86, Norman: Barbara L. Parks, Educ.. Okla. Cify. SIXTH ROW: James O. Parnell. Educ. Hugo: Mary E. Pai- chinl Educ. Hobart Dean's Honor Roll, SNEA, DSF; Jim B. PaHerson, Bus.. Elk Cify, Men's Glee Club: Jo A. PaHerson. DDB, Educ, Norman. Swing Club. FBLA; Mary F. PaHerson. DPB, Educ, Okla. Cify. Dean's Honor Roll. Miss OU Finalist SEVENTH ROW: R. Kenf PaHon. Engr., Anadarko; Nancy J. Peacock, KKF. A86. Tulsa! Dean's Honor Roll, Oikonomia: Roberf N. Peavler. Bus., Tyler. Tex.; Clay L. Pedigo, Bus.I Clinfon. Mkf. C!ub: Lynn R. Pendergrass, FA. Ardmore, Dance Band. EIGHTH ROW: Charles P. Perkins. K2. Engr., Okla. Cify. 4,112. ET, TBH; William J. Perkins. due, Engr.. Hope. Ark.. ASME, SAE; Jeffrey L. Perry, Engr., OHa. Cify, ASME, Engr. 1 Club: BeH'y C. Pefers. HBrI', Educ, Midwesf Cifyl S+udenf Senafe, Morfar Board; Andy D. Phillips. EN, Bus., Jacksonville. Tex. Newman Nichols Noble Norman Norris Nowery Noyes Oishi Oke Olive Oliver Olson Ondic Onefh Orr Owens Ozar Pace Paden Page Paisley Palmer Pangburn Parker Parks Parnell Pafchin Pafferson, J. B. Patterson, J. A. Patierson. M. Pafion Peacock Peavler Pedigo Pendergrass Perkins, C, Perkins. W. Perry Peiers Phillips, A. mm I08 FIRST ROW: Billy J. Phillips. A86, Okla. Cify. AUSA: Gary M. Pickersgill, A86, Kansas Cify. Mo.: Maxine Pinkerton, PQDB' FA. Memphis, Tenn.I A d3A, VP of F4113; Louis H. PiHsI ATA, Bus.. Chickasha. Mkf. Club, SAM. Scandals: Charles R. Plank. AT, A86, Fairviewl ABA, Glee Club; John H. Poe, Jr., 4TA. A86, Tulsa; Sandra B. Poindexi'er, AqJ, A86, Pierre, 3. D., AT. Young Demo.. Can+erbury Club; Sharon Powell, $M, Engr., Ff. Worfh. Tex., Sec. of Pef. Engr. Club, Engr. Club, V.P. of WM. SECOND ROW: Jon L. Prafher. ATA. A86. Tulsa: Eugene Price. Engr., Luppe. Ariz., Sequoyah Club. AIEE; Benny F. Provance. Educ. Tulsa: James L. Provines, KA. A86, Okla. Cify, Tennis. 0 Club: Jan PuckePr, Ad! A86, Ringling, 9243, Wesley Found., Okla. Daily, 10?; Gerald W. Pybas. A86, Trousdale. Pick 8: Hammer; Fred A. Quenzer, Jr., ilKZ, A86, McKinney, Tex.. Pres. o$ NBA. AEA, Arnold Air Soc.. AMI; Mary Quisenberry. AFA. A86. WoodwardI Dean's Honor Roll. DSF, COR, Cel. Art FIFTH ROW: Roberi' R. Reis. ATA, A86, Tulsa. KUVY, In+r. Coun., DMS, EM. AEP; Edward F. Renner, HKA, Engr., Andale, Kans.; Max Reno, 43KB, A86, Groom, Tex.; Edwin C. Reynolds. Engr.. Elmore Cify; Kenne+h E. Reynolds, Bus" Woodward, Accf. Club: RheH'a R. Reynolds. AXQ. FA, Norman' M$E. MENC; Hugh D. Rice, AT, A86. Okla. Cier, V.P. of AT, WHE; James H. Rice. A86. NormanI Pe-ef, quK, ODK, ISA Pres., S+udenf Sen. James Clark has many +hings +0 siudy buf sePrles on +he Oklahoma Daily for Hue moment THIRD ROW: Bennie D. Racer, A86, Hennessey: Kennefh W. Rachels, A86. Okla. Cify, ASME. ARS; Mahfouz R. Rafidi. Engr., Bireh, Jordan, Arab Club, ln+er. Club, AIChE; Mary H. Rahhal. 1UP, A86. Duncan. Pres. of Panhell.. Tassels, BWOC. Dean's Hom or Roll. KAH: D. D. Raibourn, 2N. A8 S. Lawfon, Dean's Honor Roll, Scalpel Club: John V. Rainbolf II, A86. Cordell; Barbara J. Ramey. AXQI Educ.. Lawfon; Linda L. Ray. 113$. Educ.I Okla. Cify. FOURTH ROW: Roberf S. Ray, ATA, Engr., Sand Springs; CharloHe A. Ream, X9, A86, Perry, Ou+sfanding Fr.. Morfar Board, BWOC. Tassels, WAG, TGT; Nancy S. Reavis, AF. Educ... Pauls Valley, Pres. of AF; Jack D. Redeker, BGHI A86, Midwesf Cify; Arfhur J. Redland, Jr.I Bus.. Kerrville. Tex.: William S. Reeburgh, B011! A86, Porf Arfhur, Tex., AXE. SAACS; Sfuarf L. Reicherf. PBPEI Engr., Arlingfon. Tex.. ASME: James R. Reid, Engr., Sfigler, AIEE. Ruf-Neks, IREI Engr. Club. Phillips, 3. Pickersgill Pinkerton PiHs Plank Poe Poindexfer Powell Prather Price Provence Provines PuckeH Pybas Quenzer Quisenberry Racer Rachels Rafidi Rahhal Raibourn Rainbolf Ramey Ray. L. Ray. R. Ream Reavis Redeker Redland Reeburgh Reicher? Reid Reis Renner Reno ReynoldsI E. Reynolds, K. Reynolds, R. Rice. H. Ricel J. Rice, R. Richards Richardson Riddle Rifchey Rivero Roberson. D. Roberson, G. SIXTH ROW: Roberi' R. Rice. Engr., Yukon, ASCE: Kafie Rich- ards, AAA, A86. Norman. Mor+or Board, Tassels: Tommy M. Richardson, K2, Bus.. Okla. Cify. Finance Clubl AFROTC Exhib. Team; Kay Riddle. AXQ, A86, Wichifa Falls, Tex.. Pres. of AX-Q, Morfar Board: Howard G. Rifchey, tPAG, A86, Barflesville; Mario J. Rivero. dJKQ, Engn, La Paz, BOL. RuLNeks. ASCE: Darryl H. Roberson. Educ, Chickasha; Glenda S. Roberson, Educ., Flefcher, SNEA. BSU. Roberson Robertson, 5. Rose Rouse Rushingl J. Schkade Scoff, J, Sears IIO Roberts, M. Rogers, M. Rosenberg Ruggles Saunders Schriner Scott, R. Seeb Roberfs, T. RogersI O. Rosenfield Rupert Savage Schroyer Scribner Self Roberison, F. Roqueberf Ross, B. Rush Sawabini Schuessler Scrivner Sessions Roberfson, J. Roring Ross, J. Rushingl B. Saxe Schumacher Seaman: Shafer FIRST ROW: William D. Roberson, A86, Lawfon: Margaret E. Roberts, FTPB. Bus., Shreveport La., Pres. of 11433. Panhell.: Theodore P. Roberfs, AXE A86, Los Angeles. Calif; Frank H. Rober'rson, BBU, Engr.. Okla. Cify, ET, HTS. LKOT: John E. Roberfson, Engr., Okla. Cify, SGE, FTK. SECOND ROW: Steve Roberfson, Engn. Wafonga, AIEE: Melvin V. Rogers. AKA, Engr., Ponca Cify: O+is R. Rogers. KA, Bus., Okla. Ci+y; Jaime A. Roqueberf. A86, Panama. Spanish Club Pres.. lnfer. Club: Carolyn K. Roring, X9. Educ.. Okla. Cify. THIRD ROW: Larry D. Rose, $K3, FA, Okla. Cify; Benjamin D. Rosenberg, HAd', A86. Joplin. Mo.; S+an W. RosenHeld, HAWK A86; Ok'a. Ci+y Econ. Club, KUVY, EM: Be+sye J. Ross. AP, Bus., Dallas. Tex.. AWS. Sfudenf Sen., Scandals. Campus Chesf: James E. Ross, ATSZ, Bus., Midwesf Cify. FOURTH ROW: Billy J. Rouse, Educ, Norman; Rober+ M. Ruggles, A86. Ponca CHy, BAX. 'WIEI Scabbard 8 Blade: Paul R. Ruperf, HE, Engr.. Hollywood, Calif., EFT, TBH, lHIE; Tom Y. Rush. Engr., Decafur. Tex.. UTE. 3.3T. SAE, ASME: Bob R. Rushing, NRA, Educ. Abilene. Tex., IFC, PIKA Rush Chm, Pl. Class Pres. FIFTH ROW: Jacqueline R. Rushingl A86, Midland, Tex.: Ann Saunders, X53! A86, Norman: Joe C. Savage, IIKAI A86, Paducah, Ky., Pres. of IIKA, Band, Chorus, Dean's Honor Roll: Cosfandi T. Sawabini, Engr.l Pasadena, Calif.. PE Club. Engr. Ciub: Allan A. Saxe, HAVE. A86, Okla. Cify, ODK, $112. BMOC, EM. SIXTH ROW: Marvin J. Schkade. Educ, Albany. Tex., 0 Club, Phys. Ed. Assoc. Tennis; Lynn A. Schriner' AEQE EngrH Ponca Cify, SAMEI Soc. DSP; Jack Schroyer, EN, Engn. Manifou Springs, Colo., Engr. Club. PE Club; Sally F. Schues- sler, FA, OHa. Cify, Add; Frederick J. Schumacher, AX. Educ.. N, Y., N. Y,. TA. SEVENTH ROW: Joy A. ScoH. A86. Claremore, Sequoyah Club, Spanish Club, WRA: Roberf R. ScoH'l ATA. A86, Hous- ton. Tex.: Edward L. Scribner, Acacia, Bus., Alva: Gilber+ C. Scrivner, AKA. Engr.. Heavener; James V. Seamans. 'T'Kq'. Engr.. Okla. Cify. EIGHTH ROW: Judy L. Sears. AAA, Educ, Kansas Cify, Mo.: Howard B. Seeb, Engn, Englewood. N. J., AIEE; Buford T. Self, Educ. Cache, SNEA. OEA. FTA; Ross V. SessionsI Engr., Seymour, Tex.. PE Club: Francis L. Shafer, Jr., EAR, Engr.. Newkirk. H l! 3.. WW mi 1 18'" av 3$iugt :1 FIRST ROW: Gerry M. Shaffer, KA, Engr., Amarillo. Tex.. AIArch.. ET; Terry R. Sharp, A86, Asher; William R. Sharp. Engr., Liberal, Kans., AIME, I'TK, EYE, TBH; Rober'l' L. Shaw. EAE, Engr.. Wea+herford. ET. AXE, AIChE; Susan H. Shaw. IVPB. A86. Dallas, Tex.. Morfar Board. Tassels, AAA; Don R. Sherwood, ATA, Engr., Okla. ley, ET. Sfudenf Sen.: Alan B. Shidler, AEH, Bus.. Tulsa. IFC: David E Shusferman, 23AM. A86. BaHimore, Md., AAZ. SECOND ROW: Earl L. ShuH, Bus., Midwes+ Ci+y; Siephen V. Sickel. rDAQ, Bus.. Wichifa. Kans.: Phillip SimonI 2AM, A86. El- gin. Tex.; Mary F. Simpson, Educ. Law+on; Robert L. Simpson. EAE, Bus., Eufaula, SAM; James A. Sinex, EX, Engr.; Longview, Tex.. Scabbard 8 Blade, Engr. Club, PE Club. UAC, Infra. 8d,; Charles R. SkinnerI 2113K Educ.V Barflesville, IFC. $112, Richard C. Slagle, $KEI Engr., Okla. Cify. IRE. FIFTH ROW: Thomas Soukas. 274E, Bus" Riverdale, N. Y.; John O. Sparks. QDPA, A86. WoodwardI EAX; Leslie E. Sparks. Engr., Novafo, Calif., ISA. AIChE, Engr. Club: Susan L. Sparks. X9, A86, Okla. Cify. Tassels. BWOCI French Club. Dean's Honor Roll; M. Denver Spence. FA, Weleefka. qWIA, KKq': Milfon T. Spivey, Jr., cPKZ, Engr., Okla. CHy; Harold W. Spradlin, Bus.. Chickasha, BFE, Acct Club; John T. Spradling, A86. Sulpher. Richard Cohen picks up +he second semes+er's schedule of classes from Boyce Timmons. THIRD ROW: Sue K. Sloan, AXQ. A86. Norman, Oikonomia. HZK, BSU', Barbara A. Smifh, Ark A86! Okla. CHy. BAH, Young Repub.: Charles R. SmiH'II A86, Rush Springs, WWC Jud. Bd.: Clemenf E. SmiH'Il Engr. Hardwick. Vt; Lee D. Smifh. Engr.. Lawrenceville' HIY Xq'l TBH' IIET' PE Club: Marilyn K. Smifh. AXQ, A86! Okla. Cify. HME: Marilyn N. Smifh, Pharm., Okeene. PX, APhA, Band; Philip W. S.mi+h. Engr.. Okla. Cify, IAS, ET, TBHI EFT. Engr. Club. FOURTH ROW: S+ephen J. Smifh. HAW, Bus... Wharfon. Tex.. Scandals, Homecoming. Sfudenf Sen; Susan E. Smifh, XSZ, Bus.. Union Cify. Pres. of X9: Ted H. Smi+hl A7111. A86, Tacna, Peru. AUSA; Jane B. Snead, KAG, FA, Okla. Cify; Lawrence M. Snider. ADP! A86l Okla. Cify, Ruf-Neks, DSF: William C. Snyder, Engr.. Calgary, Alberfa, Cam. Engr. Club, ASCE; William J. Sochan, Engn. Carragana. Sask.. Cam, IAS; Richard 5. Solar, HA1?! Bus.. SwampscoH', Mass. SIXTH ROW: Karen A. Spurrier. X9! Educ.. WichHa, Kans.: Andy N. Sfadler' Bus., Cyril. SAM: Chris P. Sfamaiis, K3, Bus.I Okla. Cify: Norman R. Sfanderfer, K3, Engr.. Lindsay: Charles C. Sfanford, Bus.. Holdenville. Pet Land Mgf, Club, Infra. Bd.: James B. Sfeed, $KE, A86, Ada, URC' Homecoming, Canfer- bury Club: Robert W. Steele. Engr., Tulsa; Nancy M. S+eiger. FA, Midwesf Cify. ShaHer Sharp, T. Sharp. W. Shaw. R. Shaw. 5. Sherwood Shidler Shusierman ShuH' Sickel Simon Simpson, Simpson. Sinex Skinner Slagle Sloan Smifh, B. M. R. Smifh, c. R. Smifh. c. E. Smifh, L. Smith, M Smifh, M Smith, P. Sanh.S. Sn +h,S. Sn ih,T. Sneed Snider Snyder Sochan Solar Soukas .K. .N. J. E. Sparks, J. Sparks. L. Sparks. S. Spence Spivey Spradlin Spradling SpurHer Sfadler SfamaHs Sfanderfer Stanford Sfeed Steele Sfeiger Sfein Stephenson, C. Sfewarf, N, Sfreiesky Sullivan, S. A. Swaim, W. Sylvesfer Tafe Il2 Sfeinkruger Sfephens, E. Sfephens. L. Stephens, W. Stephenson, J, Shangel Sferling Stewart. B. Sfinson Stone Sfouf Sfovall Siuckey Suckle, D. Suckle, S. SuIIivan, S. S. Sullivanf Suiherland Su+oris Swaim. R. SwanI F. Swan, T. Sweeney, F. Sweeney, J. Tait Tankersley Tanner Tarfer Tatge Tafum Taylor, D. Taylor. V. mm FIRST ROW: Mary A. Sfein, AAA, A86, Amarillo. Tex.. AAA! Tassels, BWOC, Ducks; Anihony F. Sieinkruger, Engr., San Anfonio. Tex.; Elizabefh Sfephens, A86, Duncan. rFAQ. PGT' Coun.: LyneHe SfephensI A86. Fayeffeville, N.C.; Williams A. Sfephens, K3, Bus. Okla. Cify. Mkf. Club, IE. SECOND ROW: Charles M. Sfephenson. Engr., Muskogee, UTE, ASME, SAE. Sf. Pa+'s Repm John H. Sfephenson, XX, Bus., Seminole, AAE: Neffie E. Sfengel, AAA, A86. Nashville, Tenn.. HE, Oikonomia; Valerie Sferling, Educ, Wafonga: Billy J. S+ewarf. Bus., Rush Springs. THIRD ROW: Nancy L. Shwarf. AXQ, FA' Midwesf CHy, Univ. Players: Glennelle Sfinson. AFA, Educ, Norman: Murray Sfone. AEII. A86, Bronx. N. Y.: Lynda K. Sfouf, Ada A86. Okla. Cify, Model UNI Aq' Rush Chrmn.: Ann S+ovall, A86, Wilburfon, Shadow Box, Oikonomia, IE, URC. FOURTH ROW: Tony Sfrefesky. Engr., Tipfon; James E. Siuckey. Bus.. Burlingfon: David G. SuckleI HAVE Engr.. Dal- las, Tex.l SIME, Sf. Paf's Counn Engr. Club: Sfephen L. Suckle, EAMI Engr., Shreveport La.; Sonia S. Sullivan, AAA, A86. Duncan. AEP, AAA, KUVY, Hon. L+. Col. Army ROTC. FIFTH ROW: Sfephen A. Sullivan. $159, A86, Kingdom Sydney 5. Sullivanh IVPB, A86, Okla. Cify. 921$, Okla. Daily: Ronald R. SmherlandI Engr., Healdfon: Roberf A. Suforis. AKE, Bus.. Kansas Cify, M0,: Royce M. Swaim, Alida A86. Ponca Cify, Band. AUSA. SIXTH ROW: William K. Swaim, AT, Bus., Okmulgee, A211. G$ee Club: Frederick B. Swan, A86, Midwesf Cify, 1313K! Pres.of Res. Hall, Chess Club. Unifarian Fellowship: Theodore A. Swen, KA, Bus., Casper, Wyo.; Frank B. Sweeney. 39H. Engr., Dallas, Tex., Yearbook Edifor, PE Club, Engr. Club. ET, Newman Club: James P. Sweeney. Engr., Cliffon, N. J., NEEx IRE. SEVENTH ROW: Joseph E. Sylvesfer. Pharm., Cyril, FPX, APhA: MarHIa C. Taif, KKI', A86, Befhesda. Md.: John A. Tankersley, Jr., Bus., Midwes+ Cify' Mkt Club, IE. Finance Club: James G. Tanner. 3N. A86. Tulsa, Scabbard 2k Blade: Naialie R. Tarfer. A86, Dallas. Tex., UME, AAA, Sec. of Cafe Cen+er. EIGHTH ROW: Roger G. Ta+e. Bus., Cyril: Allan F. Tafge. Engrl, Norman; Lufher I. Tafum, Engr., Denison, Tex., AIEE, IRE, Pres, of Engr Club. ET, S+udenf Sen.. Tridenf 500: Donald R. Taylor, AKA, Bus.. Okla. CHy. SAM, Tridenf Soc., Grisso Award; Viva Lee TaylorI A86, Gary. lnd.. AAA. BAH. KPH. FIRST ROW: William J. Taylor, Engr., Pine Bluff, Ark, ASCE Soc. Chrm.: Barbara E. Teel, HBQ Educ.. Tulsa, X911. Oufsfand- ing Educafion Sfudenf, BWOC, Bus. Queen: Kennefh L. Teel. 2N, A86. Okla. Cify. 0 Club, EAX. ODKI Baseball; Syl J. Tesfa, K27, A86, McAlesfer, Classics Club, Young Demo.; Wayne H. Theus, 249E. Bus., Okla. Cier; Diana D. Thomas. AW. Educ.. Heald- +on, Young Demo.. SNEA, Homecoming: Bob W. Thompson, AT. Bus., Tulsa, AZ"? AAE; CharloHe Thompsonl AFA, Educ.I Heald- +on. SECOND ROW: Dean Thompson, Engn, Blanchard; John R. Thompson, BBHI Engr., Ff. Worfh, Tex , Engr. Club. PE Club; Johnna C. Thompson. AFA.I A86. Okla. Cify; Claude R. Thorpe. Educ., Kingfisher, WAG, Hist Club: Richmond F. FOURTH ROW: Morris 6. Tucker, Engn. Norman, SGE, Engr. Club. Pick 8 Hammer: John K. TurnerI Bus., Washingfon, Dean's Honor Roll. Scandals, SAM, Finance Club; Barbara A. Underwood. KAG, Bus., Housfon, Tex.; Huber+ Underwood. Engr.. Okla. Cify: George S. Upfon. EX. Bus.. Scandals, SAMl Scabbard 8 Blade. Pep Coun., DMS; Roberf 6. Urban. Engr., Arlingfon, Tex.: Marilyn J. Valouch, FA, Norman, MENC. BSU, Choral Club: John C. Van Aken. 3911, Bus., Barflesville. IE. Mkf. Club. Young Repub. QUIET! - Gordon Collef finally gave up on pursuing his sfudies. ThweaH- Ill. Acacia, A86. Norman, AAZI; David R. Timmons. A86. NormanI EAX, Pub. Rel. Club. Sequoyah Club: Richard L. Tooley, A86. Okla. Cify. THIRD ROW: Sfanley M. TownsendI Educ., Duncan, Vice Pres. of Ind. Educ. Club; Raymond E. Townsley, Engr.. BeHendorf. Ia.: Roger W. Treke". EX, Bus., Okla. Cify, Dean's Honor Roll. Dad's Day, Fronfier Day, Pep Coun.; Roberf B. Trimble, Engr., Calgary. Alberfa. Cam. 56E: Jon H. Trudgeon, EN, Bus.. Miami. Mkf. Club. Acct Club, IE; William H. Tschappet Engr., Mf. Pleasant Mich, PE Club, Engr. Club: Jerry L. Tubb. ATA, A86. Midwesf Cify, Pres. of IFC. BMOC. ODK, Classics 506.: Gerald L. Tucker. FA, Okla. CHy. MENC, KKW' $MA. Band. FIFTH ROW: Carl J. Vandever. A85, Shawnee. Dean's Honor Roll. Scandals; Dunny Venice, AKE, Bus., Kansas Cify. Mo.. 0 Club, Tennis; Theodore Van Kalker, Engr,' 5. Holland. HL, SAE. ASNE; Jerry D. Van Zanfe. A86. Okla. CHy; Charles E. Vaughn. Engr.. Brooklyn, N. Y.. UTE. ASME. SAE, Engr. Club: Jimmy S. VerneHi. Engr., Brisfow, UTE, SAME; JACK VONDRA, AXV A86. Ff. Worfh, BAX; Richard V. VorheisI Engr., Norman, 4 HE' TBII. HKN, IRC. TaylorI W. Teel, B. Teel. K. Tesfa Theus Thomas Thompson, B. Thompson, C. Thompson. ThompsonI Thompson, Thompson. Thorpe Thweatf Timmons Tooley FILED Townsend Townsley Trekell Trimble Trudgeon Tschappaf Tubb TuckerI 6. Tucker, M. Turner UnderwoodI B. Underwood, H. Upfon Urban Valouch Van Aken Vandever Venice Van Ka lker Van Zanfe Vaughn Vernei'ri Vondra Vorheis ll3 FIRST ROW: Larry R. Wade, AKE. A86, Elk Cify. Edi+or of Okla. Daily AAZ, Band, Sfudenf Sen.. Pres. of Sfu. Press A550,: Sharon M. Wade. AFAI Educ, Okla. Cify, SNEA; J. Sfeve Wahl. K2, Busq Okla. Cify: Paul Walker. Engr., El Dorado, Ark: L. Jack We". 43ml, Engr.. Enid. DMS. HET' 2T, PE Club. SECOND ROW: Vicfor L. WallaceI EX. A86, Shawnee: C1yde W. Walls, Bus.. Marlow, ISA, Rifle Team. Acct Club: Larry K. Warden. Pharm., Tishomingo. PX, $112, qNXT, 493; Dale F. Warnke, Engn, Canufe; BeHy A. Warren, AP. FA. Okla. CHy, MWE. Choral Club, Dads Day, Homecoming. THIRD ROW: Marian WaHs, KAQ, Educ, Okla. Cify. Sfu- denf Sen., Fr. Orien., Engr, Queen Finalist Hon. Cadef Col. Army ROTC; Roberf W. WaHs. tiA, Bus., Madill: WayneHe WaHs, KKF. A86, Wichifa FaHs, Tex.: Gary 5. Way, Engr.. Roscommon, Mich, AIME, LKOT, Sf. Paf's Coun., 3T: Jim E. Weaver, Pharm., Okla. City, APhA. FOURTH ROW: Alber'r P. WeeksI KA, Engn. BarHesviHe. ddIEl ODK, Pe-ef, TBH, ET: W. Brinson Weeks. Jr.I KA, Busq Barflesville: Susan J. Wegener. KKP. A86, Okla. Cify; Lois E. Wegner, A86, Gufhria Wesfminsfer. AT ISA, HZK; Sandye Weiner, Educ., Okla. Cify. ISA. FIFTH ROW: Ronald L. Weissman. UMP. Bus., 3+. Louis, Mo.. MH. Club. Finance Club, Diving Champ: A. Max Weifzen- hoFFer, AKE. FA.. Okla. Cify. Univ. Players, Young Repub; Lawrence B. Wells, ALVP, Engr., Okla. Cify: Link Welsh. QTA. A86. Tulsa, SAME, Dean's Honor Roll: Susan Wesner. APA. Educ, Tulsa. SNEA. SIXTH ROW: Pafricia 6. West KKF, A86. Elk Cify; Fred Wesferberg, Engr., Brooklyn, N. Y., Sooner Shamrock, ASME, SAE, WWC Pres. Coun.: Glen R. Wes+all, AKA. Engr., Rui- doso. N. Mex.; Jerry D. Whife, Engr.. Okla. Cify, ISA, Engr. Clubl Engr. Phy. Club: Sarah E. WhHeI AVA, A86. Okla. Cify. SEVENTH ROW: Howard R. WhiHock, Engr.. Flefcher, 2PT. IAS; G. Thomas Whifney' $123! FA, Elk Cify, Pres. of Men's Glee Club; Gregory M. Whifney. Educ., Okemah, Ind. Arfs CIub; Rosalie A. Whitney, Educ. Sapulpa: John A. Wiens. A86, Norman, 113, IRC, Canferbury Club, Yearbook. EIGHTH ROW: Sylvia A. Wigingfon, AAA. A86, Lawfon, Oikonomia, 0N, HE; Harrief J. Wildman, AP, A295, Okla. Cify Wesley Found, Morfar Board: De Armond Wiles. K21. Bus... Newkirk; Donald K. Wilk. HAIR Bus., New York. N. Y.: Linda J. WilkesI A86. Mobile, Ala. WadE, L, WadeI S. Wahl Walker Wall Wallace Walls Warden Warnke Warren Watts. M. WaHs, R. WaHs. W. Way Weaver Weeks, A. Weeks, W. Wegener Wegner Weiner Weissman Wei'rxenhoffer Wells Welsh Wesner Wesf Wesferberg Wesfall White, J. Whifel S. Whiflock Whifney. G. T. WhitneyI G. M. Whitney. R. Wiens Wiginfon Wildrnan Wiles Wilk Wilkes mm ll4 FIRST ROW: Richard C. Wilkins. Engr., Brockfon. Mass.: Alberf E. Williamsl Bus., Purcell. SAM: Carol L. Williams, X9, Educ.. Tulsa; Galen R. Willis, Engr.. Sherman. Tex.. NEE; Gwenifh E. Williamsl A86, Zoel HE, Oikonomial Counselor; LoreHa A. Wil- liamsI A86. Marlow, Oufsfanding lnd., Hanging of fhe Greens. Univ. Sing. KUVY, 'WRA; Kennefh H. Willy, i?KGl Engr.! Ff. Worfh: Dan M. Wilson, Engr., Norman, AIEE. SECOND ROW: George G. Wilson. Bus.. Goule, Ark: Marcia R. Wilson, A86. Russell. Kans., Ducks Club, Tassels, KAH, PEM Club; Sharon L. Wilson, A86, Tahlequah: Wallace W. Wilson. Engr., Duncan. ASCE; G. Bing Wines. ATSZI Engr., Tulsa, PE FOURTH ROW: Mary L. Woods. KA. Educ.. S+illwa+er, KAH, 0N. Young Repub., 'WRA: Mary A. Woodsonl Bus., Okla. Cify; Pa+ricia Woody, Educ.. Duncan: Elaine A. Word, H343. A86. BarHesviHe, Dean's Honor Roll. Hon. Navy Cadef Comm; Frank W. WorleyI 23X, FA. Dallas. Tex.. Pep Coun.; Joy L. Wrighf. A86, Okla. Cify. 9234', AWS. ISA, Okla. Daily. Yearbook: Rich- ard E. Wrighf III, BQII, Bus.. Okla. Cify. Ada, Acct Club; Roger Wyanf, EN, A86, Lawfon. Karen One+h. counselor of Kirk House, disfribufes +he morning's mail. Club, Engr. Club. Campus Chest Dad's Day: Barbara L. Winfer. A86. Tulsa: Richard G. Winfer, Acacia, Engr.. Tulsa, dVHE' Dean's Honor Roll. AIChE, Band; Herman J. Wirz IIII AKA. FA, Tulsa, Sooner Shamrock. THIRD ROW: Sol Wolchansky, Engr., Ff. Worfh, Tex., Pho+og. Ed. of Yearbook: Roland L. WolfeI Jr.. Engr.. Konawa. IRE. AIEE; Mike S. Wolfson. HA? A86, Dallas, Tex.. Scandals; Sigmund Welkomir, AEH. Bus., Bronx. N. Y.. Econ. Club; Darrell W. Wood. FA. Seminole, NPA, IRC; Pafricia A. Wood. Bus., Non man, Mkf. Club, BSU; Howard E. Woodard. Engr., Okla. CHy. ASME. SAE: K. Lance WoodIiH, AT, Bus.I HenryeHa. FIFTH ROW: Don G. Wyckoff, A86, Osborne. Kans., Anfhro. Club; Ronald G. Wynne, Engr.. Okla. Ci+y: Charles R. Yarger. A86. Bris+ow, E11121; Jerry L. Young, Pharm., Okla. Cify; Warren F. YoungI EN. Bus.. Velma, SAM, Pef. Land. Club. A2743: John B. Youngmeyer. Engr.. Tyler. Tex., Engr. Club, ASCE; Jay P. Zum- waH', Engr.. Frederick. IRE, AIEE; Roy H. Zumwalf. Engr., Freder- ick. ASME. SAE. Wilkins WilliamsI Williams, Willis WilliamsI Williams, Willy Wilson, D. 3'9 .0? Wilson, 6. Wilson. M. Wilson. S. Wilson. W. Wines Winfer. 8. Winter. R. Wirz Wolchansky Wolfe Wolfson Wolkomir WoodI D. Wood, P. Woodard Woodliff Woods Woodson Woody Word Worley Wright J. Wright R. Wyanf Wyckoff Wynne Yarger Young, J. Young, W. Younqmeyer ZumwaH. J. Zumwalf, R. Carolyn Sue Lyn Edward Tom A. lnfs Jean L. Ladd Joe D. Abernafhy Ables Ables Abolins Abramson Adams Adkins Educ. A8:S . Engr. A86 Alpha Epsilon Engr. A86 Okla.Cify Madlll Miami Okla.CHy Phi. Educ. Hollis Marlow Shreveport La. lxo Linda Lee C. PauleHe Mary Lois Royal 8. Gloria M. Linda Jane Nelda Von Adkins Akers Akers Aklns Allen Allen Allen . 1'0. 'QIDIDI"? Phi Mu Alpha Gamma Delta Delta Engr. Gamma Phi Alpha Phi Alpha Gamma mun 2mm Bus. Delfa. Bus. Delfa A86 Tulsa Beta. A86 FA, Roslyn Delta, Pharm Carnegie Lawfon Denisom Tex. Dallas, Tex. Heighfs, N.Y. Weameriord William C. Skip Linda Robert V. Jon E. Mary Ann Larry Allen Allman Amerman Ande Anderson Anderson Angus Phi Delfa Si ma Chi Alpha Epsilon Alpha Tau Lambda Chi Delfa Gamma Befa Theia Pi Theta, UC U , Porf Phi, Educ. Omega, Bus. Alpha, Bus. A86 A86 Muskogee Wash.. N.Y. Sfroud Olda. Cify Tulsa Shawnee Lawton Kar n J. Joseph Ruth Carolyn Marilyn R. James E. Eduardo J. Max W. Anf ony Anfinoro. Jr. Arbuckle Arky Arledge Arze Ashley Educ. Engr. Chi Omega Alpha Epsilon A$S Engr. Acacia Snyder Chickasha Educ. Phi. Educ. Okla. CHy Oruro, Bol. FA Okla. Cify Tulsa AHUS Barbara Bungardf and Rob Luke exchange friendly insuHs during Hue presidenfial campaign. Playing cards are Bill Ervin. Roger Van Dyke. Monf Muldrow and John Coleman as David Nelson looks on. Ann. Alfop L. Jimmie L. Terry E. Valera Lois Garrick Alan Jerry D. Atkinson Aushn Austin Babcock Bachman Bailey Bailey Kappa Alpha Lambda Chi Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma Educ. A86 Educ. Thefa. Nurs. Alpha, Bus. Bus. Bus. Haysville, Okla. Cify Vernon, Tex. TUISG Eufaula Seminole Okla. Cify Kans. Carol A. Dick Jim 6. Nancy Jane Jerry D. Robert H. Hal D. Baker Baker Baker Baker Balenfine BallI Delta Balyeai Kappa Kappa Phi Kappa A86 Pi Befa Phi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi, A86 Phi Gamma quma. A86 PsiI Engr. Cherokee Educ. Pharm. Greenwood Delfa. A86 Emd Okmulgee Berger, Tex. Maysvllle Lake, NY. Okla. CHy WM?" Pefer C. Terry J. V. Michael Nancy M. SmiHy Louis Michael Bapflsf Bargeliofes Barham Barkeff Barnes Barnes Barsi Sigma Chi Engr. Lambda Chi Lambda Chi Kappa Kappa SIgma Nu A86 Bus. El Reno Alpha, FA Alpha, A86 Gamma, A86 A86 Woodbridge, Shawnee Antlers Okla. Cify Norman Lawton N.J. Nancy M- Joseph K. Kennefh P. Stanley S. Max H. Sandra Lee Suzanne E. BarfleH Bafes BaHaIle Beard Beasley, Jr. Beck Beisel Axis . Sigma Phi PI Kappa Bu; Acacia, Engr. Kappa Delta Kappa Kappa Okla. ley Epsilon, Engr. Alpha. Engr. Ardmore Nashville, A86 Gamma. A86 Okla. Cify Amory, Miss. Tenn. Marland Des Moines. la. Jon M. Belanqer Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bus. Guymon Loyd L. Benson A86 Comanche Mar M. Blac Nurs. Laverne M. Francis Bonds Pi Befa Phi A86 Muskogee Judy L. Brence UC McAlesfer Janice V. Brownen A86 Okla. City Tommy Burf Kappa Alpha Bus., WichHa Falls, Tex. John W. Carnes Kappa SIgma ngr. F+.Wor+h, Tex. James T. Bell UC Purcell Sue Benfley Alpha Chi Omega, A86 Duncan Suzy Jane Blair Educ. Temple Gerald E. Borelli Sigma Chi us. Kingfisher Roberf L. Bridwell Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Carnegie Linda Kay Bruch Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. Midwesf Cify Carol L. Caldwell Chi Omega A86 Hugo Judith Lynne Carpenter A8tS Malverne, N.Y. Janalee Bell Delfa Delfa Delfa, A86 Perryfon, Tex. Kenneth Bent: Alpha Tau mega, Bus. Okla. City Edward R. Blanco Engr. La Paz. 801. Ben S. Bo'mick Alpha Epsilon Pi, Engr., Hot Springs. Ark. ScoH Briggs Sigma Nu F Maysville Culleen Bryant Delta Delfa Delfa, A86 Norman Norma Ruth Callas Educ. Enid Mary Lou Carier A86 Norman Joe N. Bell Lambda Chi Alpha. FA Edmond Jane Bergstrom Pi Befa Phi E duo Marshall, Tex. Judy Blanz Phi Mu, A86 N. Liffle Rock, Ark. Clark Hayes Boyles Phi Gamma Delfa, A86 Okla. City James B, Bright Alpha Tau Omega, Bus. Lone Grove Marcia Kay Bull Chi Omega FA Chickasha Carolyne Campbell Delfa Deifa Delfa, A86 Okla. City Roberf L. Carter Educ. Antioch, Calif. Marilyn Bell FA Okla. City Sarah Alice Berry Zefa Tau Alpha, Educ. Okla. City Jud Ble soe Delia Delfa Delfa, Educ. Lawton Gra A. Bra en EngrA Dawson Creek. B. ., an. William C. Brining Phi Delfa Thefa, Bus. Tonkawa Barbara E. Bungardf Delfa Delfa Delfa, A818 Tulsa Linda L. Campbell Bus. Bowie, Tex. Rowland F. Carfer UC Enid Wendell Belvin Bus. Norman Joe W. Berryman Phi Gamma Delta, A86 Okla. Cify Jud Anne Blyf e EduC. Albuquerque, N.M. Connie W. Bradshaw Kappa Kappa Gamma, A8x$ Housfon, Tex. Suzanne Broach Kappa Kappa Gamma, A86 Clinfon Barbara D. Burch Alpha Phi Educ. DallasI Tex. Bill 6. Canfield Pharm. Praft Kans. Jimmy L. Carver Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Tulsa Frank J. Belz Npha Tau Omega, Educ. Cleveland, 0; Carmen Betzer Chi Omega A86 ShIdIer Gordon A, Bocox Lambda Chi Alpha, A86 Tulsa Patricia Ann Bradshaw Educ. Tulsa James R. Brooks Engr. Page, Arlz. Jimmy M. Burdeff Delfa Kappa Epsilon. A86 Checofah Kennefh R. Caplin Pi Lambda Phi A815, Forest Hills, N.Y. Kay Caswell Nurs. BarHesvae ClarieHe Bendorf Sigma Delfa Tau, UC, Breck. enridgel Tex. George David Bialac Bus. Omaha, Neb. Barbara Ann Bohan A86 Alexisl Ill. Sam Kenf Bradshaw Sigma Chi Engr. Tulsa Pat W. Brooks Phi Delta Thefa, UC Ff. SIlI Nancy Ilene Bur e Gamma Phi Befa, A86 Jal, N.M. Richard J. Caplin PI Lambda Phi A86. Forest Hills, N.Y. Clifford K. Cafe. Jr. Phi Gamma Delfa. A86 Roswell, N.M. Ralph E. Bendorf Sigma Alpha Mu, us, Okla. City Charles P. Bieber Lambda Chi Alpha, A86 Ponca City EliIabefh Ann Bohan A86 Alexis, HI. Mark Edward Brady Educ. Sapulpa J. Philip Brougher Bus. Odessa. Tex, Paf Burnside Educ. Okernah Mary Jane Capps A86 Konawa Carolyn S. Cafes Alpha Delfa Pi, A86 Norman Zollene BenneH FA Texarkana, Ark. Doyle E. Biller Phi Kappa Theta, Bus. Yukon Curfis O. Bohlman Sigma Chi A8x$ Wafonga John Claude Brannan' Jr. Kappa Sigma Bus. Marie'rfa Bruce T. Brown Delta UpsIIon Pharm. BoulderI Colo. Marshall L. Burrell Delta Sigma Phi, Bus. Gallup. N.M. Karen Carder Educ. Paoli Robert A. Cafes Befa Thefa Pi A RoswellI N.M. Frank L. Benson Bus. Okmulgee Bruce Paul Bischof Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Bismarck, ND. Gary Lee Boland A815 Guymon Sue Ann Brashears Kappa Alpha Theta, Bus. Perryfon, Tex. Dodie Brown Alpha Gamma Delta, Educ. Okla. CHy Charles D. Burrough Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bus. Anflers Thomas Carlile Bus. Columbus, a. Diane Caylor Pi Befa Phi A818 Tulsa Kennefh E. Benson A815 Norman Judy L. Black Delfa Gamma A86 Okla. Cify Dan Murray Bond Bus. Sfamps. Ark. Robert D. Braicher Delfa Tau Delta, Bus. Denison, Tex. Muriel E. Brown A86 Okmulgee Guy H. Eurrous Lambda Chi Alpha. Bus. Hugo Bette Kaye Carnahan Pi Befa Phi A86 Wichifa, Kan. Preston E. Chaney Delfa Chi Engr. Dallas. Tex. ll7 Bill H. Chasfain Delta Tau Delfa, A86 Okla. Cify Judifh M. Claborn Alpha Chi Omega, A86 Evanston, Ill. Carolyn Coe Kappa Kappa Gamma, AErS Okla. City Mark E. L. Collins Alpha Tau Omega, UC Partridge. Ks. Judy S. Conley Delia Delfa Delfa Educ. Norman Bria n W. Copple Bgfa Thefa PI, Bus. Roswell, NM. Roberf N. Covingion UC Sf. Louis, Mo. Harvey F. Crouch Sigma Chi Bus. CushIng Merriff B. Chasiain, Jr. Phi Gamma Delfa. A86 Shreveport La. Charlie P. Clark Sigma Alpha EpsilonI ABtS Tulsa J. B. Cohn Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. Tulsa Ray 64 Collins Sigma Alpha EpsilonI Engr. Tulsa Carolyn K. Cook Delfa DeHa Delta, A86 Okla. Cify Judifh Rae CorbeH Alpha Gamma Delfa, A86 Okla. Cify Haden Cowdrey Phi Delfa The'ra, Bus. Dallas, Tex. John M. Crouch A86 Berger, Tex. Warren H. Cheaiham Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Okla. Cify Donald L. Clark Phi Gamma Delfa, Bus. Dallas, Tex. Jimmy M. Cole Phi Kappa Psi, A8 S Duncan Charles D. Colsfon Alpha Tau Omegal Bus. MarieHa BeH Lou Coo sey Alpha Delfa PI, Educ. Gufhrie Cindy G. Corley Educ. Ff. Worth. Tex. Charles W. Coyner Lambda Chi Alpha, A86 Edmond Janef Gayle Crum Kappa IMpha Thefa, Educ. Seminole Kennefh L. Cheever Eng'. Okla. Cify Norman R. Clark Engr. Pauls Valley Joe Charles Cole Phi Delta Theta, ABxS Okla. City Richard Ivan Colfon Alpha Epsilon Pi, UC Wharfon,Tex Sally Cooper Educ Lawfon Phyllis A. Cornell Pi Beta Phi Educ. Okla. City James A. Crisf Engr. Omega Dennis G. Cubbage Si ma Chi us Cushing Charles W. Cherry Engr. Okla. City Gordon L. Clouser Alpha Tau Omega, Engr. Norman John D. Coleman Befa The'ra Pi A86 Tulsa June Lea Compton A86 Lindsay Karen Gail Coofs Educ. Loveland William R. orr Delta Kappa Epsilon, Bus. Barflesville James WA Crofford Kappa Sigma Bus. Okla. Cify Curfis L. Culver Sigma Chi UC Tulsa Edward H. Chmel Sigma Chi Educ, Ber- genfield, N.J. William C. Cockerham UC Okla. City James T. Collier UC McAlesfer William S Comroe Sigma Alpha u. Bus. DaHas, Tex. Rodney R. Copeland Pharm. Mangum Enrique A. Costas UC Sanfa CruzI Bol. Helen J. Cromer Alpha Delta Pi. 86 Dania, Fla. Glenn D. Cummings Bus. Berger, Tex. Richard E. Cies Lambda Ch? Alpha, A86 Okla. Cify Lee Gilberf Cockreham FA Frederick Rosa H. Collier Educ, Taioga Linda M. Conklin Delfa DeHa Delfa, A86 Sfigler Sam M. Coplxn Pi Lambda Phil UC FT.Worfh,Tex. Carolyn C. Cofulla Gamma Phi Beia. A86 ArlIngfon,Va. Mike Crosslin A86 Enid Glenn R. Cunningham Sigma Nu ABxS Brlsfow Fred Brown, Lynn Schriner and Jim Kendall discuss Hie finer poin'rs of a ham radio. June Harms confers wi+h W. C. Vanderwer+h concerning a Iayouf for Hue newspaper. Robert L. Cusfer Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Okla. CHy John K, Davis Engr. Okla. Cify Mary Kaie Denny Chi Omega FA Tulsa Tom Dulaney Phi Gamma Delta, Bus. Okla. Cify John W. Elias Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. Tulsa Brian N. theridge Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC DenverI Colo. David R. Fifzgerald Engr. Duncan Samuel H. Franklin Pi Kappa Alpha, Educ. Tulsa Bob Cufchall Kappa Sigma Bus. Okla. CHy Mike C. Davis Sigma Phi Epsilon, FA Tulsa Dorfhlynn Denf Kappa Alpha Theta, A815 Okla. Cify James W. Dulin UC Paoli Judy K. Elliotf Aipha Chi Omega, Educ. Okia. Cify Cameron Evans Alpha Sigma Phi, Bus. Norman Kathleen Flanagan Gamma Phi Befa Bus. Vinifa Sara Beth Freeman Chi Omega duc. Hydro Barbara Sue Daily Delfa Gamma A86, Wichifa Falls, Tex. Nancy A. Davis A86 Tulsa Nancy A. De Villiers Alpha Phi A$S Hinsdale, Ill. Jackie Dull Alpha Gamma Delfa, A86 Woodward Speed EllioH, Ill Bus. Wakifa Charles M. Evans Lambda Chi Alpha, A86 Shawnee Robert E. Flexner Pi Lambda Phi, A85 Okla. City Ray A. Freele Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Corp.Chr..Tex. Charles F. DailyI Jr. Bus. Norman Sandra Jayne Davis Gamma Phi Be'ra, Bus. Amarillol Tex. John W. Dillard AExS Seagovilfe, Tex. Delia Jane Dunkin Chi Omega duc. Tulsa Charles A. Ellis Engr. Hominy Haskell L. Evans Phi Kappa Sigma, Pharm. Lawfon CharloHe A. Fogq Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. El Reno Jerry Freidberg Sigma Alpha u, us: Bartleswlle Margaret Ann Daily FA Muldrow Sharon Davis Kappa Alpha Theta. A86 Okla. Cify Larry M. Dillinqham Engr. Norman Paul C. DuncanI Jr. Pi Kappa Alpha, A86 Okla. Cify Ca rl David Elmore Bus.l El Dorado, Ark. Mary Befh Evans Alpha Delfa PI, S Temple Joe Paul oor ABxS Quinton Befh French Nurs. Searcy, Ark. Jon D. Darby Alpha Tau Omega, UC Duke Glen A. Day DeHa UpsHon A86 Midwest City Gar F. Doclery Phi Kappa Sigma, Bus. Pampa. Tex. Charles W. Duireau A86 Okla. Cify James S. Emery Kappa Sigma Bu s. Miami David E. Ewing Phi Gamma Delfa, A815 Okla. Cify Helen M. Ford Delfa Delfa Delfa, A86 Okla. Cify John B. French Sigma Alpha Epsilon, AZxS ArTesIa, N.M. Clarence E. Daugherty, Ill. En r. Owens oro, Ky. Johnnie C. Day A86 Okla. Cify Richa rd W. Dodson Pharm. Midwesf Cify Diane Dykes DeHa Gamma 8x5 A Okla. Cify Raul G. Encianas Engr. La Paz, Bol. Berenice S. Fagin Sigma Delfa Tau, Educ. Okla. Cify Tom 6. Forney Sigma Nu A86 Cherokee Barf Charles Frichof, Ill A815 Cushing Alan Davis Phi Gamma Delta, UC Okla. Cify Bill Deal Phi Gamma Delfa, A86 Tulsa Patricia L. Donnell Alpha Chi Omega. AEES Kilgore, Tex. Mary Judi1h Earnhearf Bus. Okla. Cify Pairicia Ann English Alpha Ch: Omega. Educ. Midwesf Cify Pafricia Ann Farris Educ. Ft. Smith, Ark. Morfeza M . Fos-Haf Engr. Iran Robert E. Fricke Si ma Nu uE Okla. Cl'ry Barbara Davis PI Befa Phi Educ. AHus GaryJ. Dean Alpha Sigma Phil Bus. Okla. CHy Patrick F, Donnelly A86 Okla. Cify Kenneth Easfon Delfa Tau Delfa, Bus. Lawfon g Mary Jo Enlows Delfa Delta Delta, A86 GIendaIe,Cal. Wally J. Faulkner Delfa Gamma Educ. Tulsa Gary Fosfer Kappa Sigma A86 Cushing Vickie Kay Fuller Delfa Gamma A86 Tonkawa Barry M. Davis Pi Lambda Phi. A86 Tulsa Beisy De Ford Gamma Phi Beta, Bus. Anadarko Jerry S. Dorman A86 Springdalel Ark. Jay Ronal Edelstein Pi Lambda Phi. Bus., El Campo, Tex. William J. Ervin Beta Theta Pi ABxS McAlesfer Pafiy Felkel Kappa Alpha hefa, Educ. Tulsa Joe R. Fosfer Delfa Sigma Phi, A86 Okla. City Ronald C. Funk Delfa Sigma Phi, Engr. Oconfo, Wis. Jane Ellen Davis Kappa Kappa Gamma, A S Ada Marilyn L. Dell A815 McAlesfer David A. Downing Phi Kappa Psi ngr. Okla. City Tommy L. Edgar Pharm. Perry Lynn R. Eskridge Delta Kappa Epsilom Bus. Tulsa Carol Finkel A86 Prairie Village, Kan; Sa ndra L. Fox Kappa AI ha The+a, AXg Shawnee Louis J. Gaberino Alpha, Bus. McAJesfer John Andrews Davis Phi Gamma Delfa, Bus. DallasI Tex. Nick Denner Delfa Tau Delfa, A86 Alva William O. Dudley Engr. Maud Joanne Efren Sigma Delta au, A Okla. Cify Mary Louise Essman Kappa Alpha Thefa, A86 Tulsa Michael L, Finley A86 Sand Springs Robert E. Frank Bus. Norman Karen Kay Gable Delfa Delfa DelJral Educ. Tulsa I I9 Barbara J. Gage Bus. Enid Rife Beih Gann Delta Gamma Educ. Okla. City M. Clay Gilbert Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. El Reno Thomas D. Grant Delfa Sigma Phi, A86, New Orleans, La. Robert C. Greggs Educ. Pawhuska Freda Ann Guesf Educ. Bradley Ray C. Hall Delia Tau Delta, A8xS Norman Amanda Hardy Chi Omega A86 Ardmore Helen L. Gale Alpha Delfa I, Educ. Leedy Roberf A. Gappa AStS Yukon William E. Glover Pharm. AmarHIo,Tex. Herberf M. Graves Sigma Chi A815 Duncan Margaref A. Greve Alpha Chi Omega, Bus. Tulsa Siefani Gurwell Kappa Alpha Thefa, Educ. Enid Glenda Lynn Hamilton Chi Omega A86 Guymon Carol Ann Harkins Delta Delta Delfa, A86 McAlesfer Pafricia C. Gales Delta Gamma A86 Okla. Cify Judith G. Gardner A86 Tulsa Richard D. Goddard Engr. Long Beach, Calif. James H. Gray Pi Kappa Alpha Engr. Okla. City Floyanne Griffin Alpha Delfa PI, Educ. Tulsa Lanny B. Guthrie Bus. Tlpfon Sherry Lynn Hamilton A86 Okla. Cify June Harms Kappa Kappa Gamma. A815 Duncan E. Ann Gallagher Pi Befa Phi Bus. Tulsa Lionel H. Garreff Sigma Chi Bus. Coalgafe Anne Godfrey Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. Amarillo,Tex. Bill Green Acacia Susan Griffin Delta Delta Delta, Educ. ldabel William Hadwiger Engr. Alva Jerry E. Hammetf Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Okla. CHy Marqaref A. Harris Alpha Gamma Delfa, Educ. Okla. Cify James P. Gallagher UC Jersey Cify, N.J. Velfa Ladean GarreH A86 Maysville De WiH- C. Goff Sigma Nu Bus. Tulsa Phil Green FA HenrieHa. 6X. Groh PI Befa Phi A86 Sf. LouisI Mo. Lori Haenchen AEkS K3ngsfon Don Hammond Kappa SIgma Engr. Norman Margaret N. Harris Educ. Norman BeHy Gallemore Delta Gamma Educ. Tulsa Joseph D. Gibson Engr. Wichifa, Kans. Jeanne Genders Pi Befa Phi Okla. City Robert B. Greensfine Engr: Harrisburgl Pa Bob Lake Grove PI Kappa Alpha, UC Panama Samir B. Haidamus Engr. Lebanon David W. Hardin Engr. Des Moines, la. Tanya Alice Harris Sigma Delta Tau, Educ. Dallas, Tex. Donald P. Gangemi Phi Kappa Theta, Bus. Scarsdale, N.Y. Lavelle R. Gibson Engr. Dallas, Tex. Don E. 6013 Engr. Albert Jay 0. Gregg Alpha Tau Omega, Bus. Perry Tanya Harris, sfanding. and C. B. do fheir weekly washing. Bendorf fake +ime ouf +0 Berry Phillips con+empla+es +he happy prospecf of siarfing +0 s+udy for his classes. Phyllis Gruver A86 Shawnee Ronal Dean Hale Lambda Chi A86 Moore Sharon Hardin Bus. McAlesfer Lyneffe Hart Alpha Delta Pi. Educ. Norman John Garner Hafcheff Befa Thefa Pi, A86 Pawhuska Don E. Herrold Sigma Chi A86 Tulsa Roberf 8. Holland. Jr. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, bus. oore Larry J. Hoskins UC Duncan Linda K. Hudspefh Gamma Phi Befa, Educ. Afoka Bill Don Huser Sigma Alpha EpsHon. A86 Wewoka Torn Ed James Phi Delta Thefa, Bus. Ardmore Tommy A. Jones Bus. Texhoma Jim R. Haws Aipha Sigma Phi, A86 Okla. Cify Gary B. Hesfer Pi Kappa Alpha. Bus. Ponca City William C. Hollisier Delfa Tau DeHa, A86 York. Pa. Dorofhy Houk A86 BarHeslee Jimmy Roy Huff A86 Okla. Cify Suda Kay Husky Alpha Chi Omega, A86 Okla. City John Bruce Jarboe Sigma Chi A86 Tulsa Bob Kada ne Sigma Chi 8 us. Dallas, Tex. Jimmy L. Haws Engr. AHus William Tim Hicks PI Kappa Alpha Bus. Marieffa John R. Holmes Phi Gamma Delfa, A86 Duranf Barron C. Housel Phi Delfa Theta, Engr. San Rafael,Cal. Marian E. uf Alpha Chi Omega. A86 Norman Marian Ikeda A86 Puunene, Maui, Hawaii Jay L. Jarmes Lambda Chi Alpha. Bus. Hugo Drusilla L. Kaiser Gamma Phi Befa. A8xS Muskogee Leo M. Hayden Sigma Phi EpsHon, A86 Elk City Ardell Glynn Higginboiham UC McAlesfer Lenore C. Holmes Educ. Edmond Mike C. Howard Befa Theta Pi arm. Blackwell a Kennefh G. Huffman Engr Norman Gene R. Imke Kappa Sigma Bus. Okla. City Bob Rhea Jayroe Kappa Alpha A815, Blythe- ville, Ark. Teresa Ann Kalman Gamma Phi Befa, Educ. Norman Alden Vance Hayes Delta Gamma A86, Ridge- wood, N.J. Frank Wayne Higgins Engr. Tulsa Sally Ann Holf Kappa Kappa Gamma, A Tulsa Sharon Ann Howard Pharm. Ff. Cobb Barbara W. Hughes Educ. Roswell. N.M. Charles W. Ingram Engr. CIanon Andy Johnson Kappa Alpha A86 Okla. City Roy E. Kennedy, Jr. Engr. Healdfon Gilberf F. Hayes Kappa Alpha AZLS Okla. Cify Chesfer L. Hill Sigma Chi A86 Clayfonl N.M. John A. Holub Engr. Medicine HafI Alberfa Can. W. Dwayne Howard Sigma Chi Bus. Arfesia, N.M. Robert V, Hughes A86 Healdton Yvonne lHner Delta Delia Delfa A$S Midland, Tex. Clyde B. Johnson A295 Eudora, Ark. Jerome H. Kafz Sigma Alpha u, A S Tulsa James G. Hazlewood Dallas, Tex. John D. Hill Delia Tau DeHa, Engr. Tulsa David E. Hood Pi Kappa Alpha, Engr. Okla. Cify Jerry Carroll Howell Delta SKgma Phi, UC Olafhe. Kan. William R. Hughes UC RcsweH, N.M. Frank Bruce Jackson. Jr. Beta Thefa Pi Bus. Muskogee Elton L Johnson, Jr. Kappa Sigma Engr. Ausfin, Tex. Marlene Kaye Educ. Little Rock, Ark. Michael T. Healy Phi Kappa Thefal Engr. Wichifa. Kan. Kafhy A. Hodges Alpha Phi AaS Dayton, Ohio Dayna Sue Hood Delfa DeHa Del'ra, FA Durant Mary Jo Howell Kappa Delfa UC Claremore James L. Humes A86 Council Bluffs, la. Joan L. Jacob Kappa Delta duc. Warner Judy Paf Johnson Chi Omega A86 Tulsa Kathleen l. Kelley A86 Norman Diane Helms Chi Omega ASS Hope, Ark. Johnnie Hohenshelf Kappa Alpha Engr. Ardmore James D. Hood Alpha Sigma Phi. UC Norman Richard T. Howell Sigma Nu Engr. Broken Arrow Bill Hunfer Delta Tau DeHa, A8 S Tulsa Laura Jan Jacobson Chi Omega FA Ardmore Synneva Ann Johnson Educ. Ardmore Walier E. Kendall UC Okla. Cify Charles T Henderson Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Okla. Cify Sieve B. Holaday Delta UpsHon A86 Midwest City Marcia Jean Hopping Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. Okla. Cify Ronald Kenf Howell Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Duncan Mary Jane Hunter Alpha Gamma Delfa, A86 Cha'fon, W.Va. Henry James PI Kappa Afpha, Bus. AHus Kennefh R. Johnson Sigma Alpha EpsHon, Bus. Norman Robert Joe Kepke Phi Gamma Delta, Engr. Dallas, Tex. Ross Henderson Engr. Calgary Alberta, Can, Richard L. Holden Delfa Upsilon us. Evans'ron, HI. Kennefh Lee Horn Engr. Okla. Cify Tim H. Hoyf Sigma Phi Epsilonl A86 Alfus Charles E. Huerz PI Lambda Phil Bus. Kilgore, Tex. Melvin Ray James Kappa Sigma Bus. Seminole Ray Alan Johnson Educl Perry George B. Kernek SKgma Chi B US. Holdenwlle E. Scoff Henley Kappa Alpha harm. Ardmore Barbara Jo Holland Alpha Gamma Delfm A86 Ada Larry R. Hornbeek Engr. Okla. Cify Roberf L. Hucka by Befa Thefa Pi A86 Okla. Cify Jea nne A. Hurwifz Alpha Epsilon Phi, Educ. Sioux Falls,S.D. Roger T. James Pharm. Newfon, Ill. Judy C. Johnston Chi Omega A86 Shawnee Karla Anne Ketch Alpha Phi FA Okla. Ci'ry I2l Ruth Carolyn Kibbe A86 . Sand Sprung: John Barry Kimbrough UC Lawfon Roberf Allan Kirkpahick Pi Kappa Alpha, Engr. Okla. Cify Robert A. Kyker Engr. Ringling Timothy M. Larason Befa Thefa Pi Gary A. Leek Lambda Chi Alpha. A86 Tulsa Beffye Ann LeWIs Alpha Delfa Pi, A86 Sulphur Janice E. Line Chi Omega A86 Clinton Rober+ Lee Kidd, Ill Alpha Tau Omega, Engr. Pofeau Nina Sue King Kappa Kappa Gamma, A86 Berger, Tex. Taxi Takeshi Kifagawa Engr.,Vauxhall, Alberfa, Can. Gwyn S. Lacey Educ. Okla. Cify George A. Lasky Alpha Epsilon Pi, 8145., Ho? Springs, Ark. Anne Lehnhard Zefa Tau Alpha. A86 Longview,Tex. Charles Lewis Kappa Alpha A86 Hobarf Gene G. Livingsfon A86 Keyes James R. Kidder Engr. Riverside, Ca i . Sheron King Alpha Chi mega, Educ. Guymon Linda Kliewer Educ. Cherokee Linda Sue Lahr Educ. Bellaire Tex. Linda Sue Laughery Kappa Kappa amma, Educl Rebecca A. Kiles Kappa Alpha The'ra, Educ. Okla. Cify Su An FaHh King Pharm. Bixby Jerald A. Klinock Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus . Prai- rieVillage, Kan. Dick H. Lambert: Sigma Nu Bus. Enid Don L. Lawrence Sigma Chi us. Wich. Falls,Tex. Sayre June Leibenderfer Kappa Alpha Thefa A86 Norman Clifford W. Libby Bus. IndependenceI Mo. Jim W. Lloyd A86 Laverne Angie J. Leonard Alpha Chi Omega FA Jackson. Mo. Ronnie J. Licklider Sigma Nu A86 Pauls Valley J. Roger Lochhead Phi Kappa Theta, A86 Okla. City Lesfer J. Killingsworfh A815 Alfus La Donna Kinnebrew Educ F1. Cobb Gwende A. Koch Pi Befa Phi 86 Scarsdale, N.Y. Linda Neal Landauer Pi Befa Phi AZrS . Ponca CITy Jack M; Lee Sigma Chi E uc. McAlesfer Timofhy D. Leonard Befa Thefa PI AXKS Beaver Gary Kenf Liles UC Okla. Cify Judy A. Longbofham Alpha Chi Omega, A86 Guymon Don K. Kilfau Engr. Leader, Sask., Can. Roberf L. Kinzer A86 Grandfield Fred B, Koontz, III Phi DeHa Them, Bus. Tulsa Roberf M. Langston Engr. Thackerville Roger A. Lee A86 Wichifa Falls, Tex. Tommie Lou Levi Educ. Memphis, Tenn. Roberf S. Lipton Sigma Alpha Mu, A36 N.Y., N.Y. Jack W. Love Sigma Chi A8x$ Okla. Cify In Sook Kim A86 Seoul, Korea Judifh Ann Kirkland UC Okla. Cify Brenda Gale Kuhn Educ. Sapulpa Ken La nyon Phi Delfa Thefal Bus. Amarillo,Tex. "Easy come, easy go" say Cal Sharpe and Allan Schifman as Huey pay +ui+ion +0 Bill Comroe. Joe Fulfon demonsfrafes for Rich Holden +he ar+ of polishing shoes for R.O.T.C. Shirley Ke-ying Lee Pharm. Hong Kong John Perry Levine Pi Lambda Phi, Engr. Ardmore Tom Liffle'ron Engr. Okla. Cify William C. Love Sigma Nu P arm. Lawfon Colleen Lucas A86 Houston, Tex. Susan Lurie McCallum Zefa Tau Alpha, A86 Evansfon, Ill. KiHy McDonald Kappa Kappa Gamma, A86 Muskogee CharloHe McRee FA Granife Marfha M. MaHhews Pi Befa Phi A8:S Okla. CHy Sherri Rene Miller Chi Omega A86 Okla. City Don Morey Kappa Alpha Educ. Waurika Mon? Muldrow Befa Theta Pi Bus. Brown- field, Tex. Fred Lucas, Jr. A86 Woodward Louis E, McCarfer Befa Thefa Pi A86 Ton kawa Richard W. McDonald Delia Sigma Phi, A86 Aurora, HI. Roberf C. Maier Sigma Phi Epsilon, A86 Housfon, Tex. John D. Maxson Kappa Alpha Bus. DallasI Tex. William Leon Miller Delta Upsilon Bus. Norman Lil Morgan Kappa Alpha Thefa, A815 Okla. Cify Ann Margaret Mullman Zefa Tau Alpha, A86 Okla. Cify Susie Lucas Pi Befa PI-Ii ABd Okla. Cify Pug McClanahan Sigma Chi Bus. Norman James P. McDowell Pharm. HerefordI Tex. John C. Mansur UC Tulsa I Jerry D. Mayes Pharm. Ada Suzanne Milsfen Sigma Delta Tau, S Tulsa Denzel Rufh Morris Educ. Norman Judy Mundy DeHa Gamma Educl, Sham- rock. Tex. Judy Gaye Ludlam Alpha Chi Omega, FA Norman John C. McClure Phi Kappa Psi ngr. Barflesville David F. McElroy Educ. Chickasha Todd W. Markum Phi Gamma Delfa, A86 Clinfon Marilyn Mays Delfa Gamma 86 Housfon, Tex. Carole Milfon Alpha Gamma Delta. A815 Wantagh, N.Y. R an H. orris Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. El Reno Marcia Munger Pi Befa Phi Educ., Des Moines, la. Donald A. Ludlow AXtS Grofon, N.Y. Mary E. McClure Kappa Kappa amma. Educ. Ardmore Luc Frances Mc adgen Kappa Alpha Thefa, A8t$ Anadarko Mary E. Marsh Delfa Delfa Delfa. A85 Shreveport La. Mary Lou Means Pharm. Ardmore Marla Sue Mifchell Alpha Chi Omega, A86 Wewoka William H. Morris. Jr. Lambda Chi AIFha, A86 Tu 5a Elaine Murphy Phi Mu A85, RivIera Beach, Fla. Jack Luqinbuel Bus. Vinita James A. McComas Phi Kappa Theta, UC, Las Cruces, NM. Donna Jean McFarlin Delfa Gamma uc. Ponce Cify Robert L. Marshall Delfa Ka pa Epsilon, us. Syracuse, NY. W.J. Meder Engr. 5?. Louis, Mo. Michael Dan Mitchell Alpha Sigma Phi, A86 Tulsa Stan J. Morrison Sigma Phi Epsilon, Engr. PlaInviewJex. Maureen Murphy Phi Mu A86 Eufaula Roberf P. Luke Sigma Alpha EpsHon, Engr. Ardmore Bobby G. McConnell Bus. Lamonf Janie Mclnfosh Alpha Chi mega, Educ. Okla. City Susan Ann Marshall Educ Shreerorf, La. Mary Ellen Meehan PI Beta Phi UC Wichifa, Kan. Robert B. Monfgomery Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Houston, Tex. Conrad F. Morrow Delta Tau Delfa. A86 Muskogee Sylvia P. Murphy Alpha Gamma Delta, Bus. Okla, Cify David C. Luther Phi Kappa Psi Bus. Ponca City Thomas M. McCurdy A86 Purcell Ronnie F. McK.nney Engr. Temple Charles R. Martin Alpha Tau Omega, Engr. Okla. Cify Ed W. Mehew Sigma Nu Engr. Lawfon Terry J, Monfgomery A86 AHus Bob E. Moses Delta Tau DeHa, A86 Tulsa Sidney A. Musser Phi Kappa Psi. UC Okla. CHy Anne Garland Lync Gamma Phi Befa, A86 Okla. CHy Ronald Craig McDaniel Bus. Dallas, Tex. Mary J. McKnith Kappa Alpha Thefal Educ. Enid Linda Raye Martin Alpha Delfa Pi, uc. Okla. Cify Barbara Ann Merrill Zeta Tau Alpha, UC Dallas, Tex. John R. Moody Bus. Duncan Charles 6. Moses Kappa Sigma Engr. Norman Earl Franklin Myers UC Harper, Kan. Dorofhy Lee Lynch A86 Enid Ben A. McDermoH Bus. Nashville, Tenn. Pat Ann McMahon Kappa Alpha Thefa, Educ. Dallas, Tex. Lowana Lee Martin AlphaSDelfa ll Okla. Cify Maureen Mefcalfe Delta Delfa DeHa, A86 Okla. City Meredyfh Moore Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Vinifa William S. Moses Sigma Alpha Mu, Engr. Housfon, Tex. Kaye D. Nadolski Pharm. Wichita, Kan. Ann McAlisfer Pi Befa Phi A86 Okla. City Dian J. McDonald A8 S Pofeau W, Clark McManus Phi Kappa Psi A86 Muskogee Terry Marfin Chi Omega AILS Hennessey AnneHe Miller A-Ipha Delfa Pg Educ. Hinton WaHer Mac core Engr. Hollis William R. Moff FA Tulsa Allen 0. Nance Sigma Chi Bus. Befhany Pafricia Ann McCaiferfy Pi Befa Phi Bus. Duncan George E. McDonald Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. Okla. City Jerry W. McNeer Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bus. Ardmore M. Chrisfine MaHhews Asks Okla; City Kenf Miller DeHa Tau Delia, Engr. Okla. Cify Willis Moore A815 Norman Dale R. Muehlenbroch Engr. Dallas, Tex. James L Nash Engr. Ryan l23 Billy Tifus David F. Stephen M, Pa'! A. James Ray Mary Ann Lynfha Ann Nelson Nelson Nemecek Neville Newlon Newlon Nickles Pi Kappa Beta Thefa Pi A86 Bus. . Acacia . Phi Mu Kappa Kappa Alpha Engr. AXIS Piffsburg, Okla.CI1y UC, Menden. FA GammaA A86 HoustzSn, Tex. Muskogee Kan. Conn. Tabor, Ia. Lawfon Roger M. J. Venn Janice Ehine Nels T, L. Dee Begky R. Algada H. Norman Norwood Novak Olander Oliphanf Olive Ohver Bus. Sigma Phi Alpha Gamma PI Kappa Sigma Phi Alpha Chi Nurst Temple Epsilon, Bus. Delia, Educ. Alpha, Engr. EpSIIon. Bus. OmegahAXAS Cushwng ArlingfonAVa. Okla. City El Reno Norman Okia. ley Paf A. Mary E. Cathryn M. Chuck Lillian Lee Phyllis Marilyn Anne O'Neal Opih Orrell Orfh Overlees Owen Owens P' B + Ph' Alpha Gamma Kappa Kappa DeHa Upsilon Kappa Alpha Educ. , Zeta Tau I uga I DeHa, FA Gamma, FA Bus. Theta, A86 Okla. way Alpha, A86 Okla. City Binger Tulsa Tulsa BarflesviHe Shawnee Edgar F. Carolyn K. Ma'or W. Jerry R. Nancy Rae Richard 6. Tom F. Pacheco Panero Perla Jr. Parker Parker Parker Parker Phi Kappa Alpha Phi Sigma Chi A86 Alpha Gamma Phi Kappa Psi Phi Gamma Thefal Engr. Educu Long 86 BrIsfow DelfaA FA Bus. Delfa, AAS A OruroI Bol. Beach, Calif. Okla. City Okla. Cify Tulsa Shreveport La, "Ff. Lauderdale, here I come." says Bucky Brown as he pre- pares for spring vacafion. Susan Groh hands Bill Sherer his Hckef for fhe I96! Sooner Scandals +0 be held early in March. Bill Nerena J. Virginia Lee Rachel Jerrold H. Dudley C. Herman L. Parks Parnell Parnell Parrot? Pass Patierson Patierson Educ. . A86 Educ. Chi Omega Sigma Alpha UC Engr. Frederwck Okla. Ci'ry Chickasha Educ. Mu, Bus. Hugo Draper, N.C. Sfillwafer Ladue, Mo. John T. Judith 8. Marshall M. James E. Bill Mary Irene Perry A, PaHerson PaHerson Pearlsfein Pearson Peck Pendergraff Penderqraff A86 . A86 Pi Lambda A818 PM Kappa Psi A86 Delta Tau Moorefleld. Moorefield. Phi, Bus. Norman Engr. Pond Creek DelfaA Pharm, W. Va. W. Va. 5?. LOUis, Mo. Tulsa Norman Dal; A Robert E. Suzanne Linda Ann Pafricia Ruth MaHha Jane Berry F. Perlnl Perry Perry Pefree Peugh Phelps Phillips Educ. Delta Upsilon Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Pharm. Alpha Gamma Delfa Upsilon Carlsbad. Educ. Thefa. A86 Theta, A86 Tulsa Delfa. Educ. A86 N. Mex. Pawnee Wagoner Okla. City Ponca City Pawnee Liqda Gale R. Curfis Margaref C. Jim Mary Jo Herb D. Varion L. Phillips Phillips Pierson PiHs Plovanich Pond Ponfon Phi Mu Phi Delfa Alpha Ch? Lambda Chi Educ. Bus. Bus. A86 Theta, Engr. Omega. Educ. Alpha, A86 Tulsa Ff. Cobb Casper, Wyo. Shreveport La. Boulder. Colo. Okla. Cify Okla. Cify Kenf H. Pof+s A86 Wel Isfon Gardner Randall Delia Upsilon Engr. Midwesf CHy Sam Ted Reyes PI Lambda Phi, A$S Wewoka Elaine Rogers Delta Delfa Delfa, Educ. Okla. City James F. Rushing Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Okla. Cify John N. Schaefer Alpha Tau Omega, Bus. Okla. CHy SueHen Senfer Gamma Phi Beta, Educ. Wash, D.C. James L. Shorf Bus. Okla. Cify David W. Poynor Alpha Tau mega Enid Ella Fern Ray Educ. Crescent Jay P. Rhodes Bus. Dallas, Tex. Sylvia R. Rogers Alpha Gamma Delfa, Bus., N L?Hle Rock,Ar1u N Robert D. Ryan Phi Delfa Them, Bus. Tulsa Murray H. Schafer Buy Moose Jaw, Sask., Can. Timoihy K. Seo Engr. Okla. Cify Jerome H. Short Alpha Sigma Phi, Engr. Okla; Cify Susan Poyfhress Alpha Gamma Delta A86 DaHas, Tex. James David Raybern A86 Okla. Cify Sherry D. Rhodes Educl Norman lvo Roospold Bus. Brooklyn, .Y. Sharon Louise abo Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. Okla. City Lonnie SchmIH Phi Kappa Psi Engr.l Dor- chesfer, Tex. Judy Sierer Pi Befa Phi A86 Tulsa Don T. Sieberf Delfa Tau Delfa, ASKS Muskogee Carolyn M. Pref? Atpha Chi Omega, A86 Okla. Cify Helen M. Reagor Chi Omega EduC. Shreveport, La. Roberf B. Ricci Sigma Chi Bus., Greem wich, Conn. Chester E. Red UC Mf. Vernon, Ind. Kennefh R. Sage FA Chicago. HI. Barf Schoeneman Kappa Alpha us. Dallas, Tex. S. Barnef'r Serio. Jr. afgma Nu Nafchez, Miss. Dwight E. Silver Delta Sigma Phi, A86. Los Alamos, NM. Paula Priebe Kappa Kappa Gamma A86 Ngona, Ia. Karen Dale Ream Chi Omega Educ. Perry Sue Richards Alpha Gamma DelfaI FA Sulphur Pairicia D. ose Sigma Delfa Tau FA, Mem- phis, Tenn. Roberf B. Salem Engr. Tripoli Lebanon David W. Schreiber AStS Okla. City R. B. Sewell Phi Delfa Theta, Engr. Okla. City Carole M. Simon Sigma Delfa TauI A86 Kan.Cify, Kan. Wildena G. Probst AELS Enid C. Jane Reed Gamma Phi Befa, Bus. Perry Linda F4 Richardson Educ. Norman Abram Rosenberg Alpha Epsilon Pi, Bus.l E Campo, Tex. Walfer L. Saloga Engr. Okla. CHy Shirley Ann SchriHer EduC. Manifou John B. Shakely uc Okla. City A. Richard Sinclair Delfa Tau Delfa, Engr, Okla. Cify M. Elizabefh Presser Kappa Alpha Thefa, A815 OHa. City Judy S. Reed Pi Befa Phi Bus. Ardmore Melvin E. Riggs UC Tulna Norman F. Ross Kappa Alpha A86 Tabor, la. Sfan Salpefer Alpha Epsilon Pil us. Brooklyn, NY. Myra Jean Schuberf FA Bethany Jim R. Sharp Engr. Rush Springs Saul L. Sinderbrand Alpha Epsilon Pi. us. Wharfon, Tex. Scott W, Pryse UC Ponca Cify Karen J. Reed Bus. Miami Mack G. Riley Bus. Okla. Cify Lyle D. Rowe Acacia US. Barfleswlle Marfin Sanborn DeHa Tau Delfa, UC Abilene, Kan. Delbert G. Schwab Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. ShaHuck Ronald L. Sheffield Lambda Chi Alpha, Educ. Lawfon Clyda L. SinneH A86 Norman Tillman J. Ragan Phi Kappa Sigma, Educ. Norman Roberf T. Reese Kappa Alpha Bus.,EI Cerrlfo, Calif. Walfer A. Rinehar+ Befa Thefa PI ngr. Wichifa, Kan. Judy Rownfree Chi Omega A86 Okla. Cify Fenfon M. Sanger Sigma Chi AXrS Okla Cify Eugene J. Schweifler Delfa Kappa Epsilon, A8xS For.HIIIs, N.Y. Jerr G. Shelrwy FA Okla. Cify Edward N. Sizer DeHa ChE Engr., Char- loffe, N.C. Nolen R. Rains PI Kappa Alpha, Pharm. Muskogee Donna Reeser DeHa Gamma A8rS Enid Anne Vivian Robbins Delfa Delfa Delta, A86 McAlesfer Barbara Jean Royds Educ. Downers Grove, Ill. Joseph B. Saunders Sigma Alpha Epsilon Bus. Housfon, Tex. Sfuarf M. Scoggin Lambda Chi Alpha, A$S Okla. CHy Wanda M. Shelton A86 Arneff Toby L. Skinner Engr. Lyman, S.C. Thomas H. Rains Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Duncan Elizabeth A. Reumers Alpha Phi A815 E. Moline, Ill. John D. Roberfs Phi Kappa Thefa, Engr. Duncan 0. H. Rundell, Jr. Phi Gamma Delia, A86 Okla. Ci'ry Shari Lynn Saunders Chi Omega Educ. Norman Carolyn T Seabolf Bus. Davidson Rufh Ann Sherwood A86 Okla; Cify Alvin H. Smiih Phi Gamma Delfa, A86 Clinton Don Randall Si ma Nu U8 Tulsa David Ray Rexroad Educ. Buckhannon, W. Va. Alec L. Rogers Engr. Blanchard Roberf J. Rusch Delta Sigma P I, Engr. Brookaeld, HI. Rodney J. Sayles Acacia Engr. Miami Mary Louise Searcy Kappa Kappa Gamma. A86 Ponca Cify Donna Lee Shirley Gamma Phi Befa, Engr. Wynnewood Blaine H. Smiih. Jr. Acacia A86 Okla. City l25 Carol Lee Carolyn Clefa Fay Dick Le Roy Garry L. Keith Mary Louise Smiqh Smiih Smifh Smith Smith Smifh Smith Alpha Chi Gamma Phi Engr. Befa Thefa Pi Pi Kappa Chi Omega Omega, A86 Befa. A86 Anthony, Kan. A86 Alpha A86 A86 Perry, Ha. Midwesf CHy Duncan Tulsa Okla. City Union Cify Richard W. ROYSG J. Sandra Lynn William H. Karen Lee Howard Jean Y. Smifh Smith Smifh Smifh. ll Snell Somberg Sorrell Phi Kappa Phi Delfa Kappa Ka pa Phi DeHa Ze+a Tau Alpha Epsilon Alpha Phi Sigma, A86 Theta, Engr. Gamma, duc. Theta, Pharm, Alpha Bus. Pi. Pharm. FA Quak'fown, Pa. Norman Ardmore Norman LIHlefon, Col. Okla. CHy Okla. Cify Neilson Milfon Le Ron Joyce K. Charles M. Wayne Keiih Howard Scoff Roberf D. k Spann Spessard Sproles Sfaehle Sfalnaker Stanfield Sfaples Phi Kappa Psi Bus. Chi Omega Engr. Engr. Delta Upsilon Engr. A85 Comanche Educ. Powell, Wyo. Konawa A86 El Dorado, Ada Guymon Norman Kan. Diane J. Diane Mary Ellen Bill Janice R. Mary Ann Carl N. Stark Sfeel Sievens Sfewarf Sfewarf Storms Sfoverl Jr. Phi Mu DeHa Delfa Educ. Pi Kappa FA A86 Sigma Alpha Educ., Alex- Delfa. A86 Borger, Tex. Alpha, A8rS Duranf Shawnee EPSIIOQ, Engr. andrial Va. Houston. Tex. Okla. City Kan.CIfyI Kan. "Bu+ why can'f I have fhis secfion?" aslls Jim Sanders of Carl BurneH. Arley Rinehad checks Gene Schweiher's No. 3 card before leHing him confinue wifh enrolment Gloria Ann Clarence E. Ronda K. William A. Ronald John Edwin L. Marfha Sirange Shebel Sfudebaker Squibb Steele Stoorza Sudderfh A815 Engr. Educ. Kappa Alpha Sigma Nu Engr. Kappa Alpha Tonkawa Okay Miami UC ngr. FY.Worfh.Tex. Theta, A815 Dallas, Tex. Barflesville Monahans. Tex. Dena Carole Sue Steve W. Bruce 6. Jack Carolyn C. Roland Sureck Sutton Swafford Swame Sweeney Swinney Tague Sigma DeHa Educ. Phi Delfa Sigma Chi Befa Thefa Pi EdUC. Delfa Tau Tau. A86 Okla. CHy Thefa Engr. Bus. us. Lawfon Delta, Bus. Okla. Cify Liffle Rock.Ark. Sf. Louis, Mo. Dallasl Tex, Okla, CHy Lynda L. Judy A. 6. Neal Judifh Irene Ron N. James V. Paf Joe Bufler Tamblyn Tarpley Taylor Taylor Taylor Teegersfrom Temple Thomas A36 . Pi Beia Phi FA A8r$ Alpha Tau Sigma Npha Kappa Sigma Phi Delta Okla. CWY Educ. Duranf Cyril Omega, A86 Epsilon. Bus. Bus. Thefa. Bus Okla. Cify Claremore Shamrocleex. Miami Dallas. Tex. Leonard Ken? Tom W. Karen L. .lfznne Ray Mary Ellen Michael V. Sonia Robbie Thomas Thomas Thomasson ompson Thompson Thompson Thorpe Tiffany Sigma Phi A86 Kappa Kappa Kappa Alpha UC Delfa Delta Kappa Alpha Miami Epsilon, A86 Parkersburg. Gamma, Bus Thefa, A86 Walfers Delfa Educ. Thefa, A86 Holdenville W. Va, Ada Pauls Valley Brisfow Shawnee Suxie Tilqhman A86 om Cify Joanna C. Umpleby Delfa Gamma us. Dallas, Tex. Judy Waddle Delfa DeHa Delfa, Bus. Eufaula Don D. Warrick Sigma Nu Bus. Alva Cinda Wheeler Chi Omega A86 Wafonga Hal H. Williams Delta Kappa EpsilonI Educ. Tulsa Jane E. Winsfead Delfa Delta Delfa, AZxS Wich.Falls.Tex. Barry Worfh Bus. LaCanada. Calif. William C. Tippif Kappa Sigma 86 McAlesfer Lois H. Urban A86 Arlmgfon, Tex. Mary Alice Wade Alpha Gamma Delfa, A86 Duncan Doris Jean Wafkins Educ. Okla. Cify Juanifa Marie Wherry A86 Tulsa Jo Ann Williams Alpha Gamma Delia, A86 Lawfon Charles R. Wise Pi Lambda Phil Bus. OmahaI Neb. Fred U. Worfhingion 148$ Sand Springs Paul Sherwin Tolfz Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. Denver, Colo. Alice Marie Van Eaton Alpha Gamma Delta, EA Carnegie James D. Walker, Jr. A86 Okla. City Thomas H. Wafkins Lambda Chi Alpha, A86 Okla. Cify William L. Whitaker Delta Ka pa EPSIIOHI ngr. a Nouna Ann Williams Delfa Gamma A86 Wefumka W. Wayne Withers Phi Delfa Theta, A86 EnId Charles B. Wray Engr. Cyril Roberf Leo Toffen Bus. Auan. Tex. Charles W. Van Tine, Jr. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bus. Barflesvllle William 6, Walker Kappa Sigma us. Okla. Cify Carolyn M. Wafson Kappa Alpha Thefa, A86 Frederick Charles F. Whife Phi Delta Thefa, Bus. Norman Roberf F. J, Williams, III Pi Kappa Npha, Bus. Okla. City Chrisfian Woessner Engr. Teaneck, NJ. Roberf Alan Yafes Phi Kappa Thefa Bus., Garden Ci'ry, N.Y. Lisbeth Tooke Zeta Tau Alpha, A86 BartlevaHe John C. Vaughan Phi Delta Thefa, A85 Norman Nancy Lee Walraih Kappa Delta A86 Okla. Ci'ry George H. Weaber Delfa Kappa Epsilon. A86 Okla. City Larry W. Whiie mas Okla. City Don L. Willis Educ. Shamrock. Tex. WaHer H. Wolffrurn Educ. Deer Creek John M. Yeager Befa Thefa Pi ngr. BoulderI Colo. E. Gay Townley Alpha Phi A86 Norman Virginia Vaughan Ka ppa Kappa Gamma. Educ. Norman Diane Walsfad A86 Hobbs, N.M. Carl F. Webb Engr. Miami Gerald D. Whiffield Alpha Tau mega. Okla. City William H. Willis Delfa Kappa EpsilonI A86 Okla. City Judith A. Wood FA Lindsay David H. Young Phi Gamma Delta, A86 Okla. City Charles E, Trimble Sigma Chi us. Tulsa William Alan Vesely Beta Theta Pi Engr. Okla. City Allan Bruce Ward Engr. Calgary, Alberta, Can. M. D. Webber Phi Delfa Thefa, Bus. Enid Randall Kirk Whifmer AXtS Glendive, Monf. Sarah A. Willsie Alpha Phi Educ. Duncan Julie Marie Woody A86 Purcell Lyle 0. Young Phi Delfa Theta, Educ. Berger, Tex. Roger M. Troub Bus. Carnegie Carl David Vickburg Befa Thefa Pi Engr. Tulsa Dennis Ward Bus. Barflesville Roberf J. Weedn A86 Duncan Harry L. Widdifield Alpha Sigma Phi, Engr. Okla. Cify David M. Wilson Engr. Phillips, Tex. Beverly Kay Woodruff Kappa Kappa Gamma, A86 Tulsa Mary M. Young Kappa Kappa Gamma, Ponca Cify LoreHa L. Tucker Educ. Norman Tom C. Vincenf Delta Tau Delia, Bus. Okla. Cify Fred M. WardenI Jr. Kappa Alpha Bus. Tulsa Susan Weems Alpha Gamma Delta. FA Bells, Tex. Donald H. Wiesen Bus. Lubbock, Tex. Ernes'r Cye Wilson Sigma Nu Engr. Midwesf Cify Martha Louise Woodruff Chi Omega A86 Kingfisher Carl W. Zahn Engr. Tulsa Marilyn Janet Turner Zefa Tau Alpha, Bus. Norman Neal W. Vinyard Delta Sigma Phi, Bus. Tahlequah James R. Waren Acacia A86 Kingfisher Sfeven Weisberq Alpha Epsilon Pi, A86, May- wood, N.J. Karen Ann WIesen Educ. Rockford, Ill. Larry W. Wilson Engr. Okla. Cify John Pierce Woodson Delta Tau Delfa. A815 Okla. Cify Rita Louise Zoblofsky Sigma Delfa Tau, A86 Norman 5. D. Turner Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Okla. Cify James David Vondra Delfa Chi Bus. Pr. Worth, Tex. Ray E. Warren UC Talihina James S. Welch Sigma Chi A85 Tulsa Gurney Wilkes Alpha Phi Educ. Tinker AFB Myrna Lee Wilson Kappa Kappa Gamma, FA Enid Janice WooHen Delta DeHa Delta, FA Clayfon, N.M. Larry Roger Zook Phi Delfa Thefal Bus. Lawfon Pafsy Tyler Alpha Chi Omega, A86 Guymon Rober1L H. Vofaw Bus. Miami William H. Warren, Jr. Sigma Alpha EpsHon. Bus. Holdenviile Harolyn Wes'thoff Kappa Alpha Thefa. Educ. Okla. Cify Claude N. Williams Phi Kappa Psi Bus. Muskogee R. Kay Wilson Chi Omega ASKS Tulsa Richard F. Worsena Delta Sigma hi, Bus. N.Y., N.Y. Ronnie Jay Zuckerman Pi Lambda Phi Bus., Por'r Chesfer, N.Y. l27 N . h...m....m - I I3, kw . 3.x PreHy foursome is Barbara Heldenbrand. Jean Sfarkey. Carole Boddie and Sandra Smi+h. Brooke Calver'r and Nathan Lanford. assis+ed by Bill Brown- ing learn abouf con+our maps. Edwin D. Abel A86 Okla. Cify Karen M. Akins Allis Anflers Frifzi Allsopp DeHa Gamma Ben Ansley Sigma Amha Epsilon, Bus. Lawfon Nancy Baer Alpha Epsilon Phi, Bus. New Orleans, La. Terry Barber A86 Okmulgee Bob Bascom Delfa Tau Delfa, A86 Tulsa Susan Beesley Delia Delfa Delfa, Educ. Broken Arrow Ann E. Adams Gamma Phi Beta. A86 Okla. City Carroll Lee Alexander Chi Omega Educ. Housfon, Tex. Marvin C. Al'rsfaf1 Engr. Maysville Penny Ray Anfhis Alpha Gamma Delta, A86 Reno George R. Bailey Phi Gamma DeHa, UC Duncan BeHy R. Bard Pi Befa Phi Educ. Tulsa Richard W. Baughman UC Okla. City Jerry Duwayne Beets Eng r. Alfus Be'rh Adams Gamma Phi Befa, A815 Gufhrle Ezlizabefh S. Alexander Alpha CM Omega, A36 Wich. Falls,Tex. John R. Ames Kappa Alpha ngr Housfonl Tex. Ann Appleton Delfa Gamma AEKS om City Roberf Loyd Baker Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Okla. CHy Arfhur Lee Barnes FA Pofeau Janice E. Baxier Delta Gamma duc. Okla. City Martha Bell uc Okla. Cify John K. Adams Pi Kappa Alpha A85 Okla. Cify Melinda S. Alexander Chi Omega Educ. Okmulgee Anne Lynne Anderson Delta Gamma A86 Okla. Cify Teofiio J. Aray Engr. aracas, Ven. Mike E. Balenfi Kappa Alpha UC Alva Jack W. Barnes PI Kappa Alpha, Bus. Okla. Cify Pairicia Bayless Zeta Tau Alpha. A86 Tulsa Janice B. Belsky UC Abilene. Tex. Pefe Adamson Befa Thefa Pi Engr. Okmulgee Mary L. Allen Chi Omega A86 Okla; City Nicholas V, Anderson UC Cushing Frank Philip Archer UC Befhany W. Joe Ballard Phi DeHa Thefa A86 Purcell Dallas C. Barnef'l' Phi Kappa PSI ngr. Okla. City Lufher Joe Beaver Bus. Heavener Gregory A. Benford UC Norman Bobby M. Aday A885 Clinton Linda J. Allen Alpha Phi AZkS Tulsa Peggy Anderson DeHa Gamma AES Muskogee Julie Kay AsMock Delia Delfa Delfa, Bus. Lawfon Charley F. BaIIou UC Shawnee Myrflebanks BarneH Alpha Gamma Delta, A86 Tulsa Bill W. Bechfel Sigma Alpha EpsilonI Bus. Ardmore John H. BenneH Kappa Alpha A86 Norman Jerry Dale kln Engn Bethany Julianne Allin Chi Omega Educ. Norman Pefer C4 Andresen Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Brooklyn, NY. OHS Guy Bacon, Ill Befa Thefa Pi Bus. Ardmore l. Linda S. Balsam UC Brooklyn, N.Y. Linda Barrick UC Dulufh. Minn. H. Neal Beekman Pi Kappa Alpha, A86 Ponca Cify Harry J. Benson Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Okmulgee Rick Benson UC Tulsa Kay Sandra Blevins Educ. Davis Gloria J. Boykin AI ha Phi u8 Clayfon Edwa rd H. Breff uc Okla. Cify Jerry Lee Brusf UC Midwesf ley Jim M. Busch Pi Lambda Phi Pharm. Clayfon, Mo. Jon D. Canaday Lambda Chi Alpha, AZLS Pauls Valley Kafhryn F. Cha pman Alpha Phi UC Norman Charles D. Berry Kappa Sigma A86 Tulsa David B. Blue. Ill Sigma Nu A86 Tulsa Brenda L. Boyle Kappa Kappa Gamma. Bus. Stoneham, Mass. Brenda Sue Brewer Kappa Kappa amma, Okla. Cify Beverly Ann Buchanan Kappa Kappa Gamma, A86 Enid Clifford Joe Buskuhl UC Blackwell Marfha J. Cardwell UC Perryfon. Tex. William M. Cheafham Acacia A36 Ardmore Kennefh R. Berry Delta Kappa Epsilon, Bus. Pauls Valley Carole A. Boddie Chi Omega Educ. Okla. Cify S+anle E. Botarf Lambda Chi Alpha, A86 Okla. City George I. Bridges, Jr. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A86 Lawfon Kennefh C. Buckner UC Norman Roberf W. Buster Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Guymon Johannah Cargill Delfa Delfa Delfa, FA Lawfon Michael R, Choquetfe Phi Delfa Thefa, UC Tulsa Jo Anna Bianchi A86 Norman Karen Lee Boggs Kappa Kappa amma, U Ark.CHy,Kan. Marshall 5. Brackin Kappa Sigma Engr. Redding, Cal. Robert S. Bridges UC Gerber Mary Ann Bulla Gamma Phi Befa, FA Duncan Mark G. Bufferly Beta Theta Pi A86 Okla. Cify John Hoyle Carlock. Ill Snga Alpha Epsilon, AaS Ardmore Pafricia Ann Chrisfian Nurs. Chickasha James M. Biglane UC Nafchez, Miss. Frank Lee Bollinger Befa Thefa Pi A815 Okla. CHy Mar Lou Brade Alpha ChE Omega, A86 Okla. Cify Carolyn Brook Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Mobile, Ala. Barbara Ann Bunce Chi Omega A815 Mounds Carol Elizabeih Byrd Npha Gamma Delfal A86 Colgate Kay Carlson Gamma Phi Befa. FA OHa. Cify Janef Clark Kappa Alpha Thefa, A86 Norman Norman B. Bingham Delta Tau Delfa, UC Midwesf Cify Charles S. Bollman Phi Kappa Psi A86 Muskogee James R. Bradley Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Muskogee Anfhony D. Brown UC Muskogee Jan Bunch Pi Befa Phi UC Rocky Linnie J. Cade UC Eafonfown, N.J. Jean Carlton DeHa Gamma Aim Seminoie Tom G. Clark Phi Gamma DeHa, Bus. Tulsa Frank W. Birnie. Jr. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Owensboro, Ky. Paul R. Boone Sigma Chi Educ. Shawnee Larr D. Bra y UC Lindsay D. Kendall Brown ms Okla. cny Clarice Marie Bur e A86 Chicago, Ill. Paf Cahill A86 Tulsa Linda Cashion PI Befa Phi Nurs. Enid Marcia E. Cleary Kappa Alpha Thefa, A8xS Br'nsville, Tex. Marilyn U. Black Pi Beta Phi Bus. Tulsa Charles Borchardf Acacia A86 L Norman John Moore Bra y A86 Ada John Graham Brown Phi Kappa Sigma, A815 McAlesfer Ronald Burkeff A86 Norman Brooke Allen Calverf Kappa Alpha Thefa, A86 Tulsa Judy K. Cason UC Keofa Lee Anne Clemenfs Pi Befa Phi A86 Tulsa Paul D. Black UC Norman Charlene Bosley Kappa Alpha Thefa, A815 Muskogee John H. Brandenburg Phi Delfa Tl'Iefal A86 Norman Ronald G. Brown Sigma Chi A86 Tulsa Linda A. Burks Alpha Phi A86 Norman Roderick W. Calvert Phi Delta Thefa, UC Ada Pat CafleH Kappa AIpha Theta. A86 Muskogee Julia A. Cliffon Alpha Phi Bus. Norman Janice A. Blakely A86 Norman Jerry M. Bowen Pharm. Bartlesvil Ie Leslie Eugene Brasel Pharm. Drumrighf Terry Brown Bus. Hennessey Brad Burnham UC Eufaula Douglas C. Cameron Kappa Sigma C Okla. CIfy Carol Diane Cavaness Gamma Phi Befa, UC Okla. Cify Tony E. Clikas Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Mobile, Ala. Ann S. Bledsoe Kappa Kappa Gamma, A86 Tulsa Ronnie S. Bowie UC Okla. Cify Judy K. Brauch A815 Sf. Louis, Mo. Thomas E. Brown A86 Danville, III. John Paul Burfon uc Del CHy William Tracy Cameron. Jr. UC MCAXesfer Joe E. Chamberlin Educ. Ponca Cify William B. Cobb Kappa Sigma A86 Purcell Paffi L. Bledsoe DeHa DeHa DeL fa. A86, Ff. Lauderdale, Fla. James L. Boydsfon Bus. Glen Ridge, N.J. Beverly Ray Breeze Kappa Alpha Thefa, Educ. Blackwell William W. Browningl Jr. UC WellsvilleI N.Y. Mike J. Busby Kappa Alpha UC Housfon, Tex. Suzy Campbell Delta Gamma Bus. Tulsa Jesse L. R. Chapman Educ. Moore guinfon E. obb Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. Ardmore l29 ..,. Larry Mehl and Bill Kafzman find sfudies go beHer wifh candy from +he canfeen. Jim Shannon enjoys an affer-class chaf wifh sociology pro- feSSOI'. WyaH Marrs. David John Cochran Shreveport La. Mike N. T. Cohlmia Sigma Nu Bus. Wichi+a Kan. Ann Connolly Kappa Alpha Thefa ABtS Okla. C.?y Richard C. Cooper Lambda Chi Alpha. A86 Pofeau Annis Elaine Coup UC Midwesf City Nan Crawford Delta Gamma A86, San Antoniq Tex. John S. Cunningham UC Lawton Cindy Lou Davis Delta Delfa Delta, A86 Barflesville William W. CochranI Jr. Delta Tau DeHa, Bps. Okla. ley Sharon Marie Cole Kappa Delia Nurs Beaver Barney R. Cook FA, Los Angeles CaL Donald G. Copeland Bus. Lindsay k Laurence D. Courtney Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Ardmore Roberf H. Croak Delta Upsilon us. Midwesf CHy Suzanne Cunningham Educ. Comanche Joe W. Davis Phi DeHa Thefa, Bus. Des Moines, la. Sandra Cockrell Chi Omega duc. Ff,WorH1, Tex. Geargann Beih Coleman Kappa Kappa Gamma, A86 M'dwesf CHy Ronald Cook Eng r. Wewoka Donald R. Copeland Beta Thefa PI Bus., Brown- field Tex. Audrey Jean Cowan Alpha Phi E uc. Midwesf CHy Charles A. Crowder Delta Tau Delta, A86 Lawton Cynfhia Ann Curfis Pi Befa Phi A86 Midwesf Cify Richard H. Davis Delta Upsilon Pauls Valley John M . Coffey Beta Theta PI Bus. Norman Mary Frances Coley Kappa Kappa Gamma Educ. HoHis Tom L. Cooley Kappa Sigma UC Ff.$mifh.Ark. Patrick E. Corder Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Engrl LIfHe RocklArk. Roy Wenh owan UC Earlsboro W. Timoihy Crowe UC Culver, Ind. Jo Ann Curfis Nurs. Fredechk Susan Harriet Davis Alpha Epsilon Phi, A86, San Antonio, Tex. Jerry H. Cohen Pi Lambda Phi Bus Houston, Tex. Jeff T. Collins Delfa Tau Delta, A85 Tulsa Fred l. Cooper Pharm. Blackwell Blair "Skip" Core Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Okla. City Cynthia Crandall Gamma Phi Befa, FA Okla. CHy Steve Cubbage Si ma Chi uE Cushing Alvin A. Daiches Sigma Alpha Mu. Bus. Ff. Worfh, Tex. William G. Davis Kappa Sigma us. Wichifa, Kan. Judy A. Cohen Sigma Delta au, Omaha. Neb. Sharon Kay Commons Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Okla. City Jan Cooper Delfa Gamma Educ. El Reno Roger L. Corkins A86 Norman Kaihryn E. Crandall Alpha PhF Educ. Okla. Cify Karen Lynn Cullen Pi Beta Phi A36 Woodward John R. Dalri Engr. Tulsa Valerie A. Day Nurs. Midwesf CIfy Linda Rae Cohen Alpha Epsilon I. duc. STUffgarf, Ark. Susan 0. Conly Educ. Ringgold, La. Jim L. Cooper Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Tecumseh Jim W. Comer Lambda Chi Alpha, UC PurceH Dorothy C. Craven Kappa Alpha Thefa. S DallasI Tex. Kathryn Culver UC Olusfee Charles E. Daniels A815 Barflesville David Dean Kappa Alpha UC Amarillol Tex. David W. Deax Delfa Tau Delfa, A8x$ Tulsa Faifh Eileen Diehl Alpha Delfa Pi, A86 Norman Tom D. Dopler Si ma Nu uE Ardmore Tom David Dunham Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Davidson Clark Ellison Beta Thefa Pi UC Okla. City Gary Lee Evans Kappa Alpha Bus. Norman Bob Feller: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Tulsa Michael F. Fitzgerald UC Okla. Cify Susan F. Debes Alpha Gamma DeHa, Educ. Skokie, HI. Darla Jean Dies uc Okla. Cify Karen J. Dorman Chi Omega Educ. Okla. CHy Barbara Jean Dunn Alpha Gamma Del'ra, Bus. Tulsa John P. Elson Phi Kappa Psi UC Tulsa Harlan J. Evans uc Okla. City Kay Lynn Fellers Kappa Alpha Thefa, Educ. Okla. Cify Sandy Fleming Delfa Delfa Delfa, UC Cordell Doris A. Deere A86 Guymon Bruce 5. Dieterlen Sigma Nu A8 S Tulsa Celia Ann Dorris Alpha Chi Omega. FA Seminole Delores Ann Dunn Alpha Delfa Pi. A Chickasha Camille Emerson uc. Okla. Cify Tommie Gene Evans UC Pauls Valley Ba bs Elixabefh Fenwick Axis Tulsa Mary Louise Flippo Alpha Phi Bus. Ff.WorH1, Tex. Monte M. Deere Sigma Chi uc.. Amarillo. Tex. Bill Dillberg UC Okla. Cify Jim Douthy Sigma Alpha Epsilon. UC Wilson Vance J. Dykhouse Sigma Chi Pharm. Laverne, Minn. Sue Anne Emery Chi Omega Educ. Tulsa Earl H. Fagin Sigma Alpha Mu. A8 S Okla. City Virginia Anne Ferguson Kappa Alpha Thefa, A86 Shreveport La Clay A. Fogarfy SIgma Chi US. Evansfon, lll. Sondra Lee Deffner Alpha Gamma DeHal UC Duncan Richard E. Diller Delfa Tau Delfa, UC Princefon, III. 6. Mike Downs Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Okla. Cify Gene Markley Earl Sigma Chi Aas Tulsa Aileen Emmerf UC Okla. Cify Mike Fankhouser Sigma Nu Bus. Hooker Robert Leon Farrier Delta Upsilon A8rS Hugo Richard M. Fogg Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A86 EIReno Richard B. De Laughter Kappa Sigma Bus. Okla. Ci'ry Mike Dirham Delfa Tau DeHa, A86 Blackwell Peggy Sue Du Boise Zeta Tau Alpha, A815 hawnee Ronal D. Eden Pi Kappa Alpha, AXtS Tulsa Joy S. Engle Delfa Delfa Delial A86 Edmond Margaref C. Farmer AStS Guthrie Becky M. Fey FA Blackwell Terry Warren Fooshee Delfa Sigma Phi UC Wi'chifa, Kan. J. L. Dempsey UC Ff. Worthl Tex. Danya Dawn Dobbins Pi Befa Phi FA, Wichifa Falls, Tex. Mary Ann Duckworfh FA, Wichifa Falls, Tex. James Paul Edwards Phi Delta Thefa, Engr. Housfon, Tex, Charloffe V. Enox Alpha Phi A86 Okla. Cify Maureen Sue Fedman Alpha Epsilon Phi, Tulsa Kay Elilabefh Files Delfa Delfa Delta, A86 Galvesfon,Tex. John Linn Forbis Dallas, Tex. Karen Denison Delfa Delta Delta, A86 Lawton Edward Keifh Dobson A86 Brisfow Dennis E. Duff Pi Kappa Alpha UC, Monf- gomery, Ala. Dale K. Egglesfon Sigma Chi Pharm. Praff, Kan. Doris Jean Enyarf Educ. Pawhuska James A. Feighny Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Holdenville Mark W. Files Pi Kappa Alpha. Bus. BarHeslee Rober+ L. Fosfer Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A86 Midland, Tex. James R. Derryberry Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Lake Worth, Fla. William H. Dodge, Jr. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. A86 DallasI Tex. Joan Ellen Duffield Kappa Alpha Thefa, Bus. Pauls Valley Coudney Ellioif Delfa Tau Delia, Bus. Chickasha Roberf F. Erdman. Jr. Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr, Newport, R.l. Dennis S. Feinberg Pi Lambda Phi, UC Frederick Consfance C. Finch Alpha Chi Omega, A86 Augus+a, Ga. James E. Foust Educ. Amarillo, Tex. Bob J. Deupree Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Okla. City Bob Dolgin Sigma Alpha Mul AXS BrooklynI N.Y. Kay Dulin A86 Paoli Donifa Ellioff DeHa Gamma A86 Okla. Cify Ronald E. Escherich Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr. FallsCh.,Va. Harold L. Feldman Sigma Alpha MuI UC Norman Barry Carlyle Fink Sigma Alpha u, Bus., Bev- erlyHills,Cal. Linda Anne Frensley Kappa Alpha Theta, FA Okia. City Khossrow Diba-Tabatabi UC Teheran, Iran David H. Donaldson Befa Theta Pi A8xS New Lenox. Ill. Gary A. Dunbar Engr. Tulsa J. J. Elliott Sigma AIpha Epsilonl UC Tulsa Ace E. thridge UC Edmond Janice Kay Feldman Sigma Delfa Tau, Norman Nonya Gaye Finkelstein Sig ma Delfa au, Okla. City Myrna Lea Friedman Sigma Delfa Tau, Educ. Des Moines, la. Jim E. Dicus Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Ada Susan E. Donosky Educ. Benfon, Ill. Alsie L. Duncan Alpha Chi Omega, A86 Shreveport La. Leah Kay Elliot? Educ. Wakifa Edith Lee Evans Kappa Kappa amma, A86 Jackson, Miss. Jarin F. Feldsfein Sigma Alpha Mu, Engr. Los Angeles, Cal. Paf Finley Gamma Phi Befa, A86 Tulsa Judy Funk Chi Omega Bus Waurika l3l Don Copeland wakes up enough +0 Find +he alarm, buf chances are he'll never make his eighf o'clock. On a quief Friday affernoon a dafe +0 sfudy in Hue library pleases Judy Harris and Don Garreff. W Pam Lynn Fuqua Alpha Gamma DeHa. A8xS Lawton Stuart Earle Garrison AEkS Ardmore Bob Giarrapufo Bus Denison, Tex. Linda Gipson Kappa Alpha The1a, A86 Seminde Carlynn Joy Goldstein Alpha Epsilon Phi, Educ Sioux Cify, la. Dorofhy Nan Gray UC McAlesfer Mary Anne Giffin Alpha Chi Omega A86 Hobart Donald G. Gunning UC Carlsbad. N. Mex. Lynda Carol Fufrell UC Paoli Phillip M. Genfry UC Shawnee William H. Gidden Kappa Alpha UC Tunica. Miss. Donald D. Gish Kappa Alpha Engrl Hobarf Tom P. Gordon, Jr. Kappa Sigma A86 Okla. Cify Mary Sue Gray UC Bellevue. Neb. Roger W. Giffifh Sigma Alpha Epsilonl UC Moore Sue Ann Guthrie ' Befa Phi Educ. MonneH, Mo. Barbara S. Gallup A86 Tulsa Linda George Kappa Kappa amma, Educ. Barflesville Lee W. Gilbert Sigma Alpha Epsilom A86 Dallas, Texl Gary F. Glasgow Delfa Tau DeHa, A86 Okla. City . Charles E. Grady Phi Gamma Delia A86 Okla. CHy Michael Kent Gray UC Norman Marfy Grosboll UC Islpringfield, Linda Sue Haas Kappa Alpha Theta. A86 KamCify, Mo. Gerald Lynn Gamble Kappa Sigma A86 Jefferson,TeX. Marshall J. Gerber Sigma Alpha Mu. Bus. Chicago, HI. Jerry M. Giles UC Sand Springs Laurene Glen UC Billings KenneHI E. Graham Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Okla. City Ellyn Sue Greenberg Alpha Epsilon Phi, Educ. Denver, Colo. Larry A. Grossman Sigma Alpha Mu A86 Stairsdalel N.Y. Lawrence M. Hadding UC Cushing Jean Gamble DeHa Delfa Delta, Educ. Bev.HiIIs, Cal. Roberf G. Gerefy UC Pawnee Larry E. Gilinsky Pi Lambda PM Bus. Omaha. Nebr. Martha Ann Godfrey Nancy C. Granf Sigma Delfa Tau, Bus. Columbia, S.C. Jusfin M. Greenberg Pi Lambda Phi, Bus. Omaha, Neb. Fred Groves Sigma Chi UC Kan. Cifyl Mo. Jerry C. Haddock Kappa Sigma Bus. Okla. Cify C. Sue Gardner Nursl Okla. City Jerry Geyman Sigma Nu UC, Wichifa Falls Tex. Lynda M. Gill Chi Omega us. Shreveport La. Sanfa Godfrey Alpha Phi Educ. Madill Margarei E. Grauel Chi Omega A86 Bartlesville Gary L. Greeson Delia Upsilon A86 Okla. CIfy Anne E. Gruenig Delfa Gamma Educ. Okla, City John P. Haddock Kappa Sigma UC Norman Donald H. Garrett Beta Theta Pi A86 Okla. Cify Frank F, Gheriner PI Lambda Phi, Bus- Nashvillejenn. Vernon G. Gilletfe A86 FhWorfthex. Robert E, Goldfield Bus. Okla. CHy Peggy M. Graves Alpha Gamma Delfa, FA Tulsa Joanne D. Griffin Kappa Kappa Gamma, A315 Frederick Mary Kaye Grumbine Alpha Chi Omega. A815 Blanchard Carlyn Hager Kappa Alpha Theta, FA Norman Don A. Haggard Alpha Tau Omega. UC Okla. Cify James W. Hammond Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr. Housfon, Tex. Judy A. Harris Kappa Kappa Gamma, A85 Okla. Cify Margaref 5. Hawthorne Nurs. Pofeau Karen Lynn Henning DeHa DeHa Delta, Educ. Whiffier,Cal. James H. Hise Sigma Aipha Epsilon, UC DesMoines, la. Carroll L. Honn UC Blackwell John M. Huey Engr. Lawfon Jack Haggard UC Okla. Cify Malcom P. Hammond Phi Delfa Thefa, UC Tulsa C. Wade Harrison Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A86 Lawfon David E. Hayes Sigma Nu BarHesviHe Deanna Gale Henslee Alpha Gamma Delfa, FA Carnegie Jenni Lea Hiser Delfa Gamma 8:5 A Okla. ley Virginia C. Hood Kappa Alpha Theta, Educ. Okla. City Mary Lou Huff Kappa Alpha Thefa, A815 Alva Kafhy P. Hahn Alpha Phi Bus. Okla. Cify Linda Hanson Delfa Delfa Delfa, A86 Nashville,Tenn. Sally Harrison Kappa Kappa Gamma, A86 El Reno Charles W. Heiderich UC Moore Marcia Diane HewiH Gamma Phi Befal A86 BarflesviHe Margueriie Hoard Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. El Reno William W. Hood, Jr. Kappa Al pha UC Sand Springs Ellen Claire Hughes Pi Befa Phi UC Ardmore Kay Haines Kappa Kappa Gamma. AgrS Lawfon R. E. Hardberger Befa Thefa Pi UC Beaver William W. Harrison Acacia UC Barflesville Larry Kenf Hein UC Newerld, N.Y. Suzanne V. Hickey Delfa Delfa Delia, A85 DallasI Tex. Paul Jay Hodges Delfa Upsilon Bus. Tulsa Ma rfha Lee Hook A86 Texhoma Paula Kay Hughes Alpha Gamma Delfa, A86 Tulsa Richard T. Hai+hcock PI Kappa Alpha, Bus. Lawfon Anne Hardy Gamma Phi Beta, A86 Tulsa Bill L. Harf UC Tulsa Diane Heinke Delfa Gamma Educ. Dallas. Tex. Jane Hieronymus DeHa Delfa Delta, Educ. Tulsa Thompson 6. Hodges Bus. Norman Mar Ann Hoo UC Texhoma Tracy Cla rene HuiH UC Wynnewood David F. Hall Delfa UpsHon UC, Spring- field, Mo. Jack L. Hardy A86 Pryor Jo Ann Harfley Alpha Gamma Delta, A86 Midwesf Cify Barbara Lou Heidenbrand Chi Omega A86, New Iberia, La. David A. Higbee Alpha Tau Omega, UC Norman Anthony N. Hoffman Acacia, FA Coffeyville, Kan. Nancy Kay Hoover Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. Norman Charles F. Hull Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Barflesville Garih Len Hall DeHa Upsilon A86 Okla. Cify David H. Harms Kappa Alpha UC Housfon, Tex. Jaclyn Jean Harwood Alpha Epsilon Phi, UCl San Anfonio. Tex. Joyce A. Helmers Alpha Delia Pi, Educl Barflesville Frank D. Hill Phi Delfa Thefa, Bus. Tulsa Janis A. Hoffman UC Norman Phil F. Homing DeHa Upsilon A86 Norman Charles E. Humphrey Bus. Healdfon Fred H. Hallman Befa Thefa Pi Bus. RoswellI N.M. Barbara K, Harper A86 Pofeau Joe W. Hafcher UC Cusfer Cify Sonny Helms UC Tulsa , 3Q? 3 i m: H. Jacqueline Hill Chi Omega A86 Chickasha Richard L. Hoffman En r. Ingependence, Kan. Carole Ann Houchin Nurs. Okla. Cify Charmayne A. Humphrey FA Long Beach. Calif. Samuel King Hallman Sigma Chi A86 Brisfow Carol Joyce Harrell Alpha Delta PI, Educ. Arneff John R. Hauqen Lambda Chi Alpha, A86 Ada Dosmilda Hembree A86, Rio de Janeiro, Braz. Ollie K. Hill UC Tulsa Honee Holberf Chi Omega A36 Tulsa Eddy R. Howard Sigma Chi us. DallasI Tex. Lloyd A. Hunf Pharm. Tulsa Kennefh B. Hamilton Engr. Housfon,Tex. James A. Harrell UC Tulsa Red Hawkes Delta Upsilon Engr. Decatur, Ga. Caralee Hemphill Chi Omega A86 Norman Thomas A. Hill Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Ardmore George L. Holland Phi Kappa Sigma. Engr. Selling Mark W. Howard Bus. Brisfow Wavery E. Hunter A8xS Okla. Cify Paula Hamilfon Delfa DeHa Delta, UC Hugo Allen K. Harris Lambda Chi Alpha, A86 Okla. Cify R. D. Hawkins UC Sayre Mary E. Hendricks Kappa Alpha Thefa, Bus. Prague Jo Bob Hille Si ma Chi U8 Collinsvilie JudiH1 Ann Holmes Alpha Delfa Pi UC SHreve porf, La. John K. Hudson Beta Thefa Pi Bus. Ponca Cify Mary Ann Hursf FA Tulsa Linda M. Hammon Chi Omega 86 Sfinneff.Tex. Charles E. Harris Delta Tau Delfa. Bus. Okla. Cify Sally Jo Hawkins Educ. Tulsa Peter S. Hendy Phi Kappa Psi UC Tulsa 1;, Nina Delena Hinson UC Dallas, Tex. James T. Holf Engr. BarHesviHe Nedra Lee Hudson Delfa Gamma Educ. Okla. Cify William S. Hurwif: Pi Lambda Phi, UC SiouxCify, la. l33 ' N JOYlDUS50 F'ABIJI OUC Jean Robicheaux and Dave Mueller discuss H1eir prospecfs for ioining Hue UAB ski +rip f0 Aspen. Two o'clock Friday af+ernoon and Ken Fox says goodbye +0 classes unfil Monday. ? William W. Hufchinson Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Hobbs, N.M. Ga?! Carol Jacobson Alpha Epsilon Phi, Educ. Okla. Cify Roberf Janelli UC New York, N.Y. Janifa A. John Chi Omega A86 Grandiiefd Carol A. Jones Kappa Kappa amma, Educ. Duncan Ronald L. Jones Engr. Lindsay Dennis M. Kaufman Pi Lambda Phi UC Okla. City Patricia Kay Keller Alpha Gamma DeHa, FA Ponca City B. Sue Ingram Gamma PM 3915, UC. Artesla, N.M. Dan W. James Phi Kappa Psi UC Sulphur, La. Jon J. Jarmes FA Hugo Daniel Biff Johnson Lambda Chi Alpha A86 Ponca CHy CharloHe A Jones Alpha Chi Omega, A86 Befhany Jerry Jusfice Delfa Upsilon Bus. Norman Roberf H. Kaye Pi Lambda Phi Engr. Dallas, Tex. Bob Kellef Kappa Sigma Bus. Bob R. Ingram Alpha Sigma Pm UC Okla. City Johnny D. James Educ. Moore Gary M. Jarmon F+.Worih,Tex. Dion L. Johnson PI Kappa Npha, Engr. Tulsa Clarence R. Jones uc om Cify Mike G. Kahn Sigma Alpha Mu, ABxS Seminole Barbara M. Keafing leha Delta '. Ff. Sill Edward K. Kelling Bus. Barfleswlle David T, Ingram Delta Upsilon Bus. Okla. Cify Judifh Ann James Educ. PurceH Judy K. Jenkins Delta Delta Delta, A86 Duncan Marian Kay Johnson Educ. Norman Gaylord Jones UC Frederick Toba F. Kamen Alpha Epsilon Phi, Bus. Wichifa. Kan. Philip M. Keeley Sigma Nu us. Blackwell Noma L. Kelfon Bus. Modesfo, Cal. Peggy Lynn lrby Delta Delfa Delta UC HoldenvIHe Michael V. James UC St Louis Mo. Wylie D. Jennings, Jr. A8 S Davis Tom 6. Johnson Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bus. Guymon Larry Lee Jones UC Texhoma Nancy C. Kamp Gamma Phi Beta, A86 Shawnee Marlene Keene Barnsdall Sharon E. Kempf Bus. Norman Celia R. Irwm Chi Omega A86 Shawnee Tom L. James Sigma Chi Bus Arlingfon, Va, Carol Ann Jensen A86 Okla. cm, Judith Ann Joiner Gamma Phi Befa, AZLS Spr'field Ohio Leslie S. Jones Delfa Delta Delta, AZES Lawton Florence Kantrovich Alpha Epsilon Phi, A8 $ HousfonI Tex. Thornfon Kell. Jr. Delta Upsilon AEKS Ardmore Kenneih L. Kendrick Befa The'ra Pi Bus., Brown- field, Tex. F. B. Jackson, Ill Kappa Alpha Bus Dal.las, Tex. Thomas K. Jamison Bus. Davis Sally Susan Jeier Gamma Phi Beta, UC Hermanm Mo. E. D. Jolly Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. McAlesfer Mike Louis Jones Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Cushing Bill Kahman Pi Lambda Phi us. Omaha, Neb. Eddie Keller Acacia US. Dewey James D. Kennedy A86 Chickasha Patricia A. Kennedy Chi Omega A86 Tulsa John R. Killgore Phi Delta Thefa, Bus. Shreveport La. Sfeve J. Krafchman Pi Lambda Phi UC Kan. Cify, Mo. Don V. Lassiier A86 Gary, 1nd. Leslie H. Leibowih Alpha Epsilon PI, Engr. Brooklyn. N.Y. Donna Sharon Line Chi Omega A86 Clinton Ann C. Lynn Alpha Gamma Delfa, UC Okla. City Wynona McDonald Nurs. Lawton Janice C. Kenslow Kappa Delta Educ. Tulsa Sherry Ann Kime Alpha Ch? Omega, A86 Blackwell Vance R. Kriefe Engr. Tulsa Bunny Rae Laughlin Gamma Phi Beta, Educ. El Reno Wylla Jane Leonard UC Duncan Carolyn V. Liffle Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Okla. CIfy Jay Lynn PI Kappa Alpha, Pharm. Healdfon James E. McDougal 5? ma Chi L13 Chandler Eugene R. Kernaghan Pharm. Okla, cm Joe! P. Kimelman Pi Lambda Phi A86 Sf. Louis, Mo. Joyce Kross Sigma Delta Tau, Engr. Kan. CW, Mo. Linda Lawrence Alpha Delfa Pi, Educ. Linda Jan Lesky A86 Honsfon, Tex. Mary June Lime Delfa Delfa Delfa, A86 Alfus Fancy McAllisfer Delta Delta Delfa, UC FLWorth, Tex. Jessie Ann McDowell PI Beta Phi A295 Okla. City Henry P. Kerr Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. Dallas, Tex. Carl E. Kinder Engr. Randleff Tom L. Krou1il Phi Gamma Delfa, UC Yukon Bobby Lynn Lawson Bus. Knowles Jerry W, Levin Pi Lambda PhT, UC OHa. Cify Lynn Ann Livingston Kappa Kappa Gamma. A86 Tulsa Barbara C. McCarfy Chi Omega A86 Okla. City Judith E. McEvoy Kappa DeHa FA Tulsa Jean Kessler Gamma Phi Befa, A86 Okla. Cify Donald L. King Acacia UC Weatherford Glenda Sue Kuhnemund Kappa Delta Educ. Tulsa Kay Lawson Kappa Delta A86 Pampa, Tex. Roslyn Sue Lewin Alpha Epsilon Phi, Educ. St Louis, Mo. Clara M. Loewen Chi Omega A86 Wafonqa Roseffa F. McCleary A86 Midwesf Cify Bob F. McFa rland DeHa Upsilon Engr. Norman Ilka G. Kefonen UC Norman Beverly Kay Kinnear A86 Del City William E. Kurfz Pharm. Okla. Cify Susan D. Lea Educ. Terrell, Tex. Kaye Lewis Alpha Chi Omega, A86 Okla. Cify Myron C. Looney Bus. Eden, N.Y. John A. McConnel UC Crescent Larry L. McHughes Engr. Norman Joe F. Key, Jr. Delfa Upsilon Bus. Roswell, N.M. Jack M. Kinnebrew Beta Thefa Pi Bus. Pauls Valley John L. Kyser. Ill A86 Barflesville Harold H. Le Crone Phi Gamma Delta, A86 Tulsa Mirna Ruth Liles A86 Okla. CHy Carolyn Louis Pi Beta Phi Educ. Okla. Cify Philip E. McGowan UC Okla. Cify Janice M. Mclninch Kappa Delta Educ. Rochesfer. N.Y. JohneHe Kidd Gamma Phi Beta, A815 Norman James L. Kirkhuff Bus. Tulsa Sandra E. Lain Alpha Phi FA! Wash- ington, D.C. Richard LedbeHer Sigma N u UC Midwesf City Ken? Ray Lillenberg UC Piffsburgh, Pa. Barbara Ludmeyer Alpha Epsilon Phi, Educ. Joplin, Mo. Francis M. McCoy. Jr. UC Norman Mary Pat McGinnis Alpha Gamma Delfa, A86 Okla. Cify Karol J. Kidd Delta Delta Delta, A8xS Anadarko Nancy Knapp PI Beta Phi FA Tulsa Jack 6. Land, Ill Phi Kappa Sigma, A86 Muskogee Elizabeth G. Lee UC Ponce CIfy Sfeve A. Lindley Phi Delta Thefa A86, San Angelo. Tex. Jim Lundschen Beeville, Tex. Kathleen Ann McCue Delta Gamma A86 Fairview Thomas C. McKee Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Carnegie Virginia L. Kidd Kappa Kappa Gamma, A86 Shawnee Gary W. Kolander Delfa Sigma PhKI Engr. Shattuck Nathan A. Lanford Kappa Sigma Bus. Hobbs, N.M. Paula Gene Le Fan Pi Befa Phi A86 Tulsa Anne Lindsay Denver, Colo. Larry Lusk Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bus. Okla. Cify Gary S. McCurdy Phi Delfa Thefa, UC Purcell Donald R. McLellan Lambda Chi Alpha. Bus. Lindsay Colleen M. Kidwell Alpha Chi Omega, FA Wich.Falls,Tex. Warren K. Kourf PI Lambda Phi ngr. Wichita, Kan. Mady J. Lange Alpha Epsilon PhIl A86 Winnefka, HI. David L. Leffel UC McAlesfer Judy A. Linker Alpha Gamma Del+a A86 PetersburgNa. Joan Barbara Lyckberg A86 Akron, Ohio Marfha K. McDannald Alpha Phi A2kS Okla. Cify Jeff P. McLemore uc Okla. Cify Carmen L. Kighf A86 Texhoma Barbara J. Krafchman Sigma DeHa Tau, ABxS Kan. Cify, Mo. Jean L. Larson Alpha Chi mega, AXxS Blackwell Linda Leffel DeHa Delfa Delta, FA McAlesfer William H. Lipton Sigma Alpha u. us. N.YA Gary Lee Lykken Engr. Rapid CHy. S.D. Denzil C. McDonald Kappa Sigma us. Okla. Cify Linda McLennan Kappa Kappa Gamma, A86 Housfom Tex. I35 Linda Lesky Dean Rodolph, Paf Gordon and Judy Peebles. All expecfing impor+an+ callsI Sue Overholser, Pa'r CaHeH and Sherry Owen grab for +he felephone. Robert M. McLeod Sigma Amha Epsilon, Bus. Fargo, N D Marilyn A. Maddox Alpha DeHa Pi, duc. Okla. City Clyde J. Mans Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Guymon Ellen MaHhews Gamma Phi Beta Bus. Okla. Cify Bess Ann eek UC Tulsa Karel Messinger Alpha Phi Okla. Ci'ry Jerry B. Miller Delfa Tau Delta, A86 Barflesville Betfy Jane Mifchell uc Okla. Cify Judy Nag McManms Alpha Phi duc. Okla. Cify Marty Maddux PI Befa Phi A86 Tulsa Donna Lee Margolin Sigma Delfa Tau, Educ. Kan. City, Mo. George Sue MaHox UC El Monfe, Cal. Siephen Larry Mehl Pi Lambda Phi, Engr. Wichifa, Kan. Nancy Ann Meyer PI Befa Phi A86 Norman Carol Dean Miller FA Norman Linda Mole Pi Befa Phi Doris K. McNuff Chi Omega Bus. Okla. City Jera!d M. Maddux Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Barflesvflle Roberf Gene Maricle llzDelfa Upsilon Okla. CHy Joe W. Maxey Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A86 El Reno Karen A. Meier Nurs. Ponce CHy Larry Midland UC Cheyenne. Wyo. Jerry J. Miller P? Lambda Phi, A86 Kan.Cify, Mo. Jerry L. Montgomery Pi Befa Phi uc. Okla. Cify R. L. McPheron Kappa Sigma Bus. Hobbs, N.M. Jon Tony Madeira Phi Gamma Delta, A86 Lawton Fred R. Marsh Kappa Sigma ngr. Okla. CHy Jay D. Maxwell Delfa Tau Delta, Bus. OHa City Delven H. Mermis Engr Arfesia. N.M. Nancy W. Mielke Educ. Owensboro, Ky. Sfephen D. Miller Phi Kappa Psi, UC LiberaL Kan. Edward L. Moore Bus. Cherokee Don Robert Mace uley Delta Tau Delta AErS Midwesf Cify Elizabeth Kay Malfby Chi Omega Bus. Bartlesville Melanie Marshall Delfa Gamma A86 Ferguson. Mo. Mike 5. Maxwell Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bus. Dallas Tex. Sally Ann Merrill Pi Befa Phi Educ. Duncan Mike Miers Sigma Nu UC Tulsa Suzanne J. Miller Chi Omega A86 Chickasha Leland W. Moore Educ. Purcell Judifh Arlene MacDonald UC Ada Jim D. Machen Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Alfus Joan Elixabefh Martin Delfa Gamma BUSA Tulsa Jim W. Mayfield Sigma Alpha EpsHom A86 Norman Donna Merritf A86 SfurgIs, SD. Carla Kay M.Ies Kappa Alpha Thefa, A88 Amarillo,Tex. Walter S. Milling'ron Delta Kappa Epsjlon. Bus. Arlmgfon,Va. Richard W. Moore gefa Thefa PI Sandra Mace Delia Gamma A86 Okla. City Vincent Mancini UC Brooklyn, N.Y. John Roberf Mafney Phi Kappa S.gma. UC Harlingen,Tex. Darrell L. Mears Engr. Tulsa Don E. Merien Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Springfield, Ill. Berry Miller Delfa Tau Delfa, Bys. Okla. Cx'ry Arlo W. Minfo UC Eagleville, aLf. Carlos Morcafe UC Cuba Don L. Morelock FA Ada E. Douglas Muir Sigma Nu UC, San Anfonio, Tex Nedria A. Nei+ch UC Coos Bay. re. Jack M. NoHingham UC Bethany Fra nces Irene Osborn Nurs. Muskogee Ton Pac Pi Lambda Phi, Bus. Wichifa, Kan; Temple E. Paxfon Alpha Chi Omega. Bus. Amarillo, Tex. Roberf John Patrick Bus. Cincinnati, Ohio John Parke Morgan Bellaire, Tex. Car! M. Mullen Engr. Sapulpa William T. Nelms Pi Kappa Alpha, UC McAlesfer Roberf A. Nunally Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Okla. City Mary Kay Osborne Educ. Okla. Cify David B, PadgeH Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Cify James H Payne Sigma Chi Sfamford, Tex. Richard W. PeHicrew Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. lnd'apolis, Ind. Julia Ellen Morris Bus. Tyrone Jerry L. Munro Befa Theta Pi UC Norman Judy A. Nelson Kappa Alpha Theta, FA Duncan Glenda J. Ochsner Alpha Gamma Delta, A86 Yukon Ken? 6. Osfeen UC Okla. Cify Carolyn Lou Palmer DeHa Delta Del'ral Bus. Eufaula Eddy E. Peach Sigma Nu Educ. Elk City Karen R. Philbin Gamma Phi Befa. Educ. LosAng.,Cal. Melanie Nan Morris Alpha Epsilon Phi, A86 NasthlIeITenn. Bob C. Murrell Delta Upsilon UC Okla Cify Mary Ann Newcomer Alpha Chi Omega. A86 Norman Pefer M. O'Connor UC El Dorado, Ark. Jerry E. O'Iis Lambda Chi Alpha. Bus. Lawfon Larry R. Papsf Alpha Tau Omega, A86 Okla. Cify Charles D. Pearson UC Webbers Falls Allegra Phillips Alpha Gamma Delta, A86 Phoenix. Ariz. Ronald M. Morris A8 S Ada Judy Ellen Murrell A86 Norman Connie Kay Newman UC Miami Sondra Kay Odom Delia Delta Delia, Bus. Okla. City Lorna Lee Outland Alpha Gamma Delfa, Educ. Ff. Sill Linda Kay Paramore Pi Beta Phi Educ. Duncan Fred Roberf Peck UC Gea ry Karen W. Phillips UC Shawnee Pafricia A. Morrison Kappa Alpha Thefajus. Okla. Cify George H. Musgrave Phi DeHa Thefa. UC Hurst Tex. Larry Newmann A86 Okarche Marvin F. Ogle Sigma Chi A86 Barflesville Sue L. Overholser Kappa Alpha Theta. A86 Kan.Ciny Mo. Janice Marie Park Bus. Ff. Morgan. Colo. Mike S. Peck Sigma Alpha Mu,Bus. High- land Park, Ill. Sissy Phillips Pi Befa Phi A815, Jack- sonville, Tex. Shirley Morrison Kappa Alpha hefa UC Okla. CHy Jerr F. Mus raf A8tS BarHesville Judifh Ann Newmark Alpha Epsilon '1 Chester, III. Ernest C. O'Hara. Jr. Bus. Okla. Cify Marylynn Overman Alpha Chi Omega. A86 Ponca Cify Ra ndleff Parker Engrl Lawfon Tom D. Peck Kappa Sigma A86 Miami Nancy Pickens Alpha Phi A86 Okla. CHy Vickey D. Morrison Alpha Ch? Omega, Educ. Lindsay Joe B, Myers Sigma Chi UC Chandler Hugh 8. Nicholas Alpha Sigma Phi, A86 Tulsa Cregg Oliver ABxS Norman Lynn P. Overfon Kappa Alpha Bus., Garden City, Kan. Jan Alvin Parkhill Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Cify Jane Pemberfon Kappa Alpha Theta, A815 Okla. Cify Sally A. Pidgeon Sigma Delfa Tau, Des Moines, la. William A. Morrison FA Chelsea Ronnie L. Myles Sigma Nu UC Tulsa Paul Wayne Nicholson Bus. Fredechk John David Olivier UC Okla. City Philip Overfon A8 S Bartleslee Noel R. Parsons A86 Wewoka Lindsay Perkins Phi Gamma Delfa, Bus. Tulsa Joe M. Pierce UC Alfus Sue Mosman Kappa AI pha Theta. Nurs. Kan. CHy. Mo. Linda Nance UC Okla. City Tim Nicholson Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Okmulgee Steve Jeffrey Olsen Phi Delfa ThemI Engr. Tulsa Cannon A. OwenI ll DeHa Upsilon UC, Ff. Sam Housfon, Tex. Marylena Patterson Delta Delfa Delfa. Educ. Muskogee Pafricia Ann Perry Chi Omega A815 Tulsa Anifa Jean Poe Gamma Phi Beta, Educ. Sfigler Gary R. Moxley Sigma Nu UC Enid Joyce Ilene Nash Alpha Epsilon Phi, A815 Wichlfa. Kan. Denny Noble A86 Shawnee, Kan. Fred M. Olson Delfa Upsilon Bus. Midwesf Cify Dan R. OwenI Jr. UC LubbockI Tex. Pa? Patterson Kappa Kappa Gamma, A86 Okla. Cify Judith Ann Pefefish Alpha Delfa Pi, U Cabool, Mo. John M. Poer Acacia UC Gufhrie David B. Mueller Befg Thefa Pi Peoria, Ill. Mack Gordon Nauman Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Sfroud Fran R. Norman FA Dallas, Tex. Mary Paf Ormon Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Borger, Tex. Sherry Owen Kappa Alpha Thefa, Educ. Tulsa Tom P. Pafferson Delia Upsilon UC, Calgary, Alberta, Can. Nancy E. Pefersen Alpha Gamma Del'ra, Educ. Okla. Cify BeHy M. Pond Kappa Kappa amma Pharm., Enid l37 Lewis N. Pontikos Engr. Susanne Powell Educ. Muskogee Roberf M, Ralls Befa Thefa Pi A86 Duncan Kris Reeves P? Befa Phi us. Okla. CHy Gary Rawlinson Finds +he College OuHine Series of greaf inferesf as fhe firs'r semesfer's Finals near. Sophomores Jeff McLemore and JoAnn Curfis look over +he school newspaper. The Oklahoma DailyI on +heir coffee break. i Thomas G. Reser Engr. Quincy, Wash. Elaine Rich Chi Omega U5. Afoka Byron Rife Sigma Nu Bus., Sen John T. Robinson Lambda Chi Alpha, A86 Tulsa Housfon, Tex. Anfonio, Tex. Judd Porter Educ. Tulsa Judith Helen PrescoH Delta Delta Delta. FA Alfus Eddie L. Ramey Delfa Upsilon A86 Seminole Sara L. Reid A86 Duncan Paul D. Resler Bus. Cherokee James H, Rich UC Sfuffgarf, Ark. Donald Gene Rigqan Sigma Phi EpsHon, UC Del Cify Patricia Y. Robinson UC Okla. Cify Pefer M. Porfer Sigma Npha Epsilon, UC Shawnee Ronald S. Prefekin PT Lambda Phil Bus. Dayton, Ohio Nancy Sue Randle Delta Gamma U5. Claremore Rosemary Reily Pi Befa Phi Educ. Okla. CHy Lynne W. Rexroad Educ. Buckhannon, W. Va. Gordon S. Richards Kappa Sigma Pharm. Shawnee Jack W. Rippy Sigma Nu A86 Tulsa Nancy Lee Roberts DeHa Delfa Delfa, Bus. Okla. Cify William P. Peder DeHa Kappa EpsWon, Bus. Okla. CRy Louis Vicfor P ebe Befa Thefa PI Bus. En'd James D. Rafcliff UC Mesquifel Tex. D. J. Reifh A818 Hameon, Ohio W. Jay Reynolds Delta Upsilon Pharm. Enid William D. Richards UC Calgary, Alberta, Can. Lou Ann Roach Gamma Phi Be1a, UC Okla. Ci'ry Martin J. Rodkin Alpha EpsHon Pi Bus. Bronx, N.Y. Dee Posf Delta Gamma Educ. Housfon, Tex. Guy Sherman Primrose DeHa Tau Delfak Bus. Norman 6. A, Razook SIgma Nu A86 Selling Francine K. Remmel Alpha Chi Omega. ASrS Guymon Bill J. Rheinold Jerry Richardson Befa Thefa Pi Bus. Okla. Cify Becky L. Roberts A86 Okla. City Lois Rogers AZkS Norman Mary Ann Pofes Alpha Gamma Delta, A$S Sulphur Kate P. Prifcheff Ka ppa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Muskogee Lawrence B. Reams Beta Theta Pi A86 Enid Mary M. Renegar Alpha Phi US. Okla. my Carolyn Rhodes PI Beta Phi A86 Tulsa Rosemary Riddle A86 Norman Jean Renee Robichaux Kappa Alpha Thefa, EduC. Ex.Sp'gs, Mo. Robert P. Rosenberg Pi Lambda Phi, Engr. Sf. Louis, Mo. Ron Poffs Sigma Chi ngr. Chaffanooga David J. Raley Delfa Tau DeHa, Bus. Tulsa Charles D. Reed Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A86 Okla. Cify David A. Rennie Delia Upsilon Engr. Norman Linda Sue Rice Delta Gamma A86 Okla. CHy Rodney L. Rieger Delfa Tau Delfa, UC EnId Dave Robinson Kappa Sigma us. Miami Myron R. Ro+h alpha Epsilon I N.Y. Roberfa l. Rofhsfein Educ. El Paso. Tex. Susie Sanfee A2$S Okla. Cify David L. Schram Sigma Nu UC Enid John M. Sharp DeHa Upsilon A86 Tulsa Michael G. Simpson Delta Sigma Phi, A86 Mission, Tex. Donald W. Smifh Befa Thefa Pi us. Dallasl Tex. Myoung Won Sohn Seoul, Korea Kim Shnfon Pharm. Ringling Larry R. Rowe Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A86 Wewoka Sharon Sarns Alpha Epsilon Phi A86 DaHas, Tex. Mex Larson Schuermann UC Medford Sue Sharpe Educ. Berger, Tex. Sally Kennard Sims UC Tulsa Karen McKay Smith Kappa Kappa Gamma, A86 Ardmore Rober'r Larry Spengler Delfa Kappa Epsilon. UC Alfus Jean Sfarkey Chi Omega Educ. Okla. Cify Carol L. Rucker Alpha Phi Educ. Okla. Cify Frank L, Savage Haileyvflle Virginia Lulie Scoff Pi Befa Phi U5. Okla. Cify Judith Carol Shaw UC Tulsa Sharon S. Sims Educ. Okla. CHy Lesier H. Smith P? Lambda Phi, UC Wharton, Tex. Jackie Kay Sparks A86 PorT-aw Prince, Haifi Phyllis J. Sfein Alpha Epsilon II Chicago. HI. Jim A. Rushfon Phi Delfa Theml UC Muskogee Jerrianne Savage Alpha Gamma Delta. A86 Okla. CHy Harold W. Scovill SIgma Alpha Epsilon. UC Perry Rodell L. Shea Pi Beta Phi Barflesville Jo Ann Sinclair Kappa Kappa Gamma, Bus. Tulsa MarH'Ia L. Smifh A86 Longview, Tex. James W. Sparks Beta Thefa Pi Engr. Okla. City Ronald J. Sfeinberg Sigma Alpha C Mu, Wynne, Ark. David Owen Rutherford Engr. Tulsa Ronald Eddy Savage Engr. Duncan Jerry L. Sealy Delta Tau Delfa, Bus. Okla. CHy Lloyd E. Sheefs Beta Theta Pi Bus. v Lindsay Karen L. Sisney Alpha Delfa Piv A86 Okla. Cify Patsy B. Smith Educ. Okla. City Jim S. Spencer Sigma Nu us. Ponca Cify Lewis G. Sfephens Kappa Alpha Engr. Tulsa Thomas A. Ryan Phi Delia Thefa, Engr. Tuba Roberf John Sawicki Kappa Sigma UC Linden N.J. Carol A, Segal Atpha Epsilon Phi, us. Duran? Tom W. Shelhimer Kappa Alpha Bus. Lesfer D. SiHer Sigma Chi A86 McLean, Tex. Richard J. Smith A86 Barflesville Roslyn P. Sperber Phi Mu FA Tulsa Kay Karol Sfevens Gamma Phi Befa, FA Okla. City M. Toby Sachier Alpha Epsilon Phi, A86 Denver, Cow. Sandra Jo Sawyer Alpha Chi Omega, A86 Norman Roger L. Segler Delfa Tau Delfa, UC Midwesf Cify George A. Shelion Engr. Hugo Barbar Ann Skinner Delfa Gamma Educ. DailasI Tex. Richard J. Smith PhI Gamma Delta, A86 Ardmore Gary A, Spradling A86 Norman Woodrow W. Sfevens Bus. McAlesfer Martha Jean Sadler Educ. Alfus Allan Ronald Schifman Sigma Alpha Mu, us. Kan.CiYy,Mo. Barbara Ann Seiber Alpha Gamma Delfa, Bus. Pauls Valley Mary E, Sherman Alpha Phi A86 Okla. CHy Tom B. Slater Kappa Alpha Bus. Houston, Tex. Robert O. Smith A8x$ Bismarck, ND. Nancy C. Spraque A86 Helena Roger Sfewarf Pi Kappa Alpha, A86 Okla. CIfy Frank Selle Alpha Epsilon PL Bus. Tulsa Morris J. Schimmel Pi Lambda Phi, Pharm. Sf. LouisI Mo. Jimmy C. Seibold Si ma Nu uE Tulsa Jack E. Short Engr. Jenks William S. Slease Phi Gamma Delta, Bus. Wichlfm Kan. Sandra Smifh Chi Omega UC Norman Ellen L. Stafford Zefa Tau Alpha, Bus. Tulsa Sandra Stiles Chi Omega Educ. Tulsa Karen June Sanders Kappa Kappa Gamma, AExS Dallas, Tex. Barbara Schlanger Alpha Epsilon P i, UC Tulsa Virginia Byrd Self Kappa Alpha Thefa. A815 Norman Gary G. Shrago PI Lambda Phi, A86 Sioux Cify, la. Howard Alan Slusky PI Lambda Phi, Bus. Omaha, Neb. Sharon Kay Smifh Bus. Walfers Rosalind Y. Sfanard Alpha Gamma Delfa FA Lawton Richard L. Sfephenson Phi Delta Thefa, UC Ada Mariha Talley Sandersfeld Bus. Hobarf Lin T. Schmiech Alpha Tau Omega UC Norman Tommy R. Seizer Phi Gamma DeHa, ASxS MemphislTenn. Truman E. Sicks Engr. Okville. Onfario, Can. Jimmy Smallwood PI Kappa Alpha, A86 Shreveporf, La. Mel N. Snifz Pi Lambda Phi, UC Kan.Cify,Mo. Carl F. Sfanford Engr.I San Benito, Tex. Marilyn J. Siinson Alpha Gamma Delfa. A86 Norman Dora Dell Sandlin DeHa Delfa DeHa, AXtS Holdenville Sarah Sue SchoH Alpha Chi Omega Bus. Wich. Falls,TeX. James T. Shaeffer Lambda Chi Alpha A86 BarHesviHe Matthew D. Sieqel Sigma Alpha Mu. Ennr. Okla. Cify Alan B. Smith Delfa Kappa Epsilon, UC Seminole Darrellyn Soffar UC Texas Cify, Tex. Larry K. Stanford Delta Kappa Epsilon. UC FloraI Ill. Mary K. S'robaugh Gamma Phi Befa, Bus. Tulsa I39 Jack H. Stout Sigma Chi Alas Shawnee Elaine Mae Suffian Alpha EpsHon PhiI C Sf. Louis, Mo. Karen Swineharf A86 Cllnfon Marfha A. Taylor Kappa Alpha Theta, Educ. Ff.Worfthex, Marilyn Thomas Sigma Delfa Tau. Educ. LiHle Rock,Ark, Nina Sue Tomlinson Delta Delfa Delfal Bus. AmarilloI Tex. Ann Truman Delfa Gamma Bus. Tulsa Leslie A. Sfouf Alpha Phi UC Okla Cify Joe A. Sunbarger Delta Tau Delia, A86 Housfon. Tex. Gary R. Swinney Roy Dale Taylor Delta Upsilon UC Tulsa Jim L. Thompson Delfa Tau DeHa Engr. Okla. Cify Bobbye J. Tracey AEkS Okla. Cify Tom J. Tschetfer En r.l Sioux Fa IsI S.D. Cary E. SfraHon Sigma Alpha Epsilonl UC Waco, Tex. Carolyn S. Sutfon Alpha Gamma DeHa, UC Meeker J. Ronald Tacker Delta Upsilon UC Tahlequah Sfeve Taylor Engr. Norman Judith K. Thompson UC OHa. CH'y Betsy R. Trahern Delfa DeHa Delta, A8 S Pauls Valley Paul E. Tullis Engn, Ff. Smith, Ark. Sally B. Sfreefer Alpha Phi UC WilmeHe, Ill. Delores E. Sveikovsky Alpha Phi Educ. Yukon Gerald G. Tanner Educ. Tulsa George H. Teas AZrS. Moores- fown, N.J. William B. Thompson Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Okla. City Louise Trapnell Pi Beta Phi A86 Ponca Cify Susan Turk Gamma Phi Beta, Bus. Okla. CHy Phoebe Sfreefman Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. Seminole Jimmie A. Swanson UC Lawton Jack W. Tarpley Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr. Sayre Elimbefh A. Tennis Kappa Kappa Gamma. A86 Ada John Doyle Todd Delta Tau DeHa, Bus. Norman Faye N. Trapp Alpha Phi Educ. Hunf- ingfon, N.Y. Ann Turner Sigma Delfa Tau, Educ. Clayfon. Mo. Kif . Sfuarf Kappa Alpha Thefa. Educ. Sapulpa Carolyn A. Sweaif Kappa Delfa A86 Dallas. Tex. John W. Tarr Sigma Nu Bus. Okla. Ci'ry Janis D, Tennyson Alpha Gamma DeHa, A86 Tulsa James S. Toland Phi Gamma Delfa, Bus. Okla. Cify Donna Triggs A86 Midwesf CIfy Jeanne Turner Alpha Chi Omega, A86 HoldenvIHe BeHy Sfubbs Alpha Phi A86 Dallas, Tex. Thomas D. Swineford Befa Thefa Pi A86 Chickasha Bob L. Taykwr Pi Kappa Alpha, FA ' ' ' Okla.Cify Pefer Andresen finds measuring mgrednenis carefully a musf for his Chemis+ry I experiment Sharon E. Cynfhia Curfis manages +0 smile while preparing for finals- Thmfo'd a rare moment Alpha Phi A85 Paris, Tex. Ruth Ann Tolbert Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Hobarf Norma J. True Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. Blackwell John M. Turner Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Tulsa Sherry C. Tu rner Chi Omega A86 Tulsa Byron A. Vaughn Sigma Nu us. Maysville Robert N. ard Engr. Lexingfon Bill N. Weaver Kappa Al pha A86 Muskogee William 0. West Kappa Sigma A86 Okla. City Kafhleen J. Wiley A86 Winnsboro, La. Mary Bea Winters Nurs. Okeene Priscilla Ann Wrighf Kappa Alpha Thefa, Bus. Tulsa Sfeve Turner Sigma Chi Bus. Nowafa Nancy V. Venger Sigma Delfa Tau, UC Omaha, Neb. Beverly K. We re A86 Cherokee Jerry R. Weber A86 Duncan Jane Dunham Weston Chi Omega A818 Brazill Ind. Marye Gayle Wilfong DeHa Gamma A8 FLWorfh, Tex. Margref Ann Withers Bus. Calgary, Alberta, Can. Anthony J. Wyand UC Laverne Arisfides G. Typaldos. Jr. Engr., Panama Cify, Pan. Cameron A. Vickers Engr. Okla. Cify Carolyn L. Warren Delfa Gamma U Midland, Tex. Rose Marie Weber Bus Omega Kay Whelihan Gamma Phi Beha, A86 Okla. Cify David N. Wilkes Delta Upsilon Bus. Ardmore Paul William Wiffing UC Brofherhood, N.J. Gary Davis Wylie UC Whifesboro, ex. Leslie I. Txinberg Pi Lambda Phi harm. Sf. Louis, Mo. Diane V.ckery Delta Delfa Delfal A$S Ponce Cify Gayle Washburn Educ. Worland, Wyo. Charles K. Websfer Phi Gamma DeHa, Bus. Okla. Cify Brenda J. Wheisfone Afpha Phi A86 Miami Judy Ann Williams Gamma Phi Befa, FA Alfus Charles R. Wolf Pi Lambda Phi Bus., Wash- ingfon, D.C4 John C. Yarring'ton Alpha Sigma Phi, FA Tulsa Gloria Valdes Delfa Delfa Delfa, A815 Tulsa Rebecca R. Voiles Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Hooker Mark A. Wasko Sigma Alpha Mu. Bus. Denver, Colo. Ellyn Wedemeyer Alpha Phi uc. Monroe, La. Jerrie E. Whisiler Alpha Phi A86 Norman Patricia Ann Williams Gamma Phi Befa. UC Pauls Valley Ceci Wolfe Kappa Alpha Theta, A86 Hugo Dwight L. Yenzer Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Crescent Judy Van Aken PI Befa Phi A86 BarHesville Haskell T. Waddle Befa Thefa Pi UC Norman Gerald L. Wasson Si ma Chi uE Collinsvlile James N. Wagner UC, Park Ridge, HI. George Allen WhHe Delfa Sigma Phi, Engr. Sfroud Sheri L, Williams Alpha CM Omega, FA Okla. City Susan M. Wood Bus. Hanna Armsfead A. York Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Okmulgee Bill Van Dall Alpha Tau Omega, A86 Barflesville Gennie H. Wade UC Okla. Cify James F. Wafhen A86 Lawfon Larry H. Weinfraub Sigma Alpha Kaye Whitfield Educ. Okla. Cify Guy R. Willibey Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Sapulpa Duane A. Woodliff DeHa Upsilon Bus. Henryeffa Linda Lou Young Alpha Phi Roger S. Van Dyke Beta Theta Pi Bus. Pawhuska E. William Wadsworth Delfa Tau Delfa, Bus. Chickasha James R. Wa'tkins Sigma Alpha Epsilon. UC Tulsa Larry K. Weifzner Pi Lambda Phi UC Newark, N.J. Darrell W. WhiHen Engr. Idabel Bradley R. Wilson A86 Sfroud Alson Carl Woodward Engr. Lawfon Mardelle Young Delfa Delia Delta, A86 Ff.Worfh,Tex. Brooke A. Van Horn Pharm. Okia. Cify Don 6. Walker Phi Delfa Theta. Bus. Wichifa, Kan. Joan Evelyn Watkins Chi Omega A86 Wichita, Kan. Gayle Welcher Gamma Phi Befa, ASrS Norman Sally Lanel WhiHingfon Alpha Chi Omega Educ. Wewoka Jim Wilson Lambda Chi Alpha, A86 Muskogee Carolyn WorreH Pi Beta Phi A36 Chickasl-Ia Sa ndra Lee Younf Educ. Anadarko Treva Marie Van Tine Alpha Phi A S Barflesville Rebecca Walkow Alpha Epsilon Phi, Educ. Texarkana,Tex. Marfha Wafkins Kappa Alpha efa. Afoka Mariha Bea Wells Delfa Gamma Okemah Betty A, Wiedemann Npha DeHa Pi, Educ. Tulsa Nancy E. Wilson UC Duncan Keifh R. Worsham Kappa Sigma UC EIReno Gerry Zalkovsky Alpha Chi Omega. A86 Dallasl Tex. George R. Van Wagner Sigma Chi UC Shawnee Ed H. Walner Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Engr. Ardmore Alfon 0. Watson Pharm. Okla. Cify Peggy Wells Kappa Alpha Thefa. A85 Enid Donald Keifh Whi'rlark Engr. Amarillo, Tex. Thomas W. Wilson Pharm. Loco Sandra Worfhingfon Alpha Gamma Delfa, A815 Midwesf City Carol Rose Zafzkis UC Shreveport La. Robert W. Vaughan Delfa Sigma Phi, Engr. Kiowa Roberf D. Walner Phi Gamma Delfa. A86 Dallas, Tex. David M. Way Phi Gamma Delfa. UC Housfon, Tex. Roberf P. Wesf Delta Kappa Epsilon, A86 Antlers Roberf E. Wilbur Phi Gamma Delfa, A$S Dallas, Tex. Bill R. Wines Delta Tau Delta, Bus. Tulsa John G. Wrighf Engr. Allen Carolyn Joyce Zwibelman Alpha Epsilon Phi. Educ. Sf. Louis, Mo. l4l Kaye PoHer and Lynda Lang look a+ prehisforic elephanf in Sfovall Museum. Carlynn Kay Caroline R. James E. Wal'rer D, Donnie Joe Adams Adams Adams Adams Adkins Admire PM Kappa UC UC UC UC UC Psi, UC Ponce CHy OHa City Norman Wewoka Tulsa Kan.Ci+y, Mo. Ann Kay A. Spencer Keith Carolyn P. Rebecca Karen R. Ahrens Alfken Albin Alden Alexander Alford Delfa Delta Gamma Phi UC Npha Chi UC Kappa Npha Delfa. UC Befa UC Ringling Omega, UC BarnsdaH Theta, UC Tulsa Alva Barflesville Tulsa Sandra Jean Sherry Lee Linda Kay John Ronald Gayle Sally Sue Allen Allen Allford Allgood Allison Allmon Alpha Gamma Gamma Phi Chi Omega Pi Kappa Alpha Delta Aipha Chi Delta. UC Beta, UC UC Alpha, UC PI, UC Omega, UC Lawfon BarHesviHe McAlesfer Alfus Norman Norman Susie Carol Ronny 6. Fred Bonnie Sheila Tom W. Allsman Altman Alfman Amafo Amerman Amsden Alpha DeHa Sigma DeHa P? Lambda UC Alpha Epsilon Kappa Alpha i. Tau UC Phi, UC Norwalk, Phi, UC UC Okla. Cify Bayfowm Tex. Tulsa Conn. Siroud Norman Beverly Daniel S. Ellen F. George E. Jerry D. Joe W. Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson, Jr. Anderson Anderson UC Sigma Nu Alpha Chi Alpha Tau Sigma Npha Phi Delfa Tafum, N.M. UC, Fayeffe- Omega, UC Omega, UC EpsHon, UC Theta. UC vHIe, Ark. Okla. City Okla. CHy Tuba Hugo JudHh Joy Kevin Rose Linda Lee Ruih M, Sallie E. Sheila Jean Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Kappa Delfa UC UC UC Chi Omega Alpha Chi UC Maryville, Maryville, Denven Colo. UC Omega, UC Denver, Colo. Tenn. Tenn. Cushing McAlesfer V. Gary Kerry Lynne Pete Davida Rae Sfan B. Pafricia Rae Anderson Andruss Ankeny Applebaum Arcader Argo Delfa Upsilon UC SFgma Nu UC UC Sigma Delfa UC Sapulpa UC, Spring- Ff.Worth,Tex. Brisfow Tau, UC Tulsa field IH. Auanl Tex. Jackie Allen L. Behy J. Jill Ann Thomas R. David V. Armbrusf Arms Arneff Aronson Ash Ashbaucher Alpha Chi UC Kappa Alpha Afpha EpsHon UC PI Kappa Omega.'UC Chickasha Theta, UC Phi, UC New Orleans, Alpha UC Okla. thy Hugo Dallas, Tex. La. KenFlonh, Ill. Analee Charles E. John David Carol Ruih Anne Nick R. ASMEY Ausfin Ausfin Aufry Aufry Avanfs Kappa Alpha UC Phi Delfa Alpha Phi UC Kappa Alpha Theta. UC Midwest City Thefa, uc UC Norman UC, Liffle Norman Wichifa, Kan. Purcell Rock, Ark. Lou Ann Edmondo E. Adele L. Beverly J. Rene Denise Kay Janet AYnesworfh Azuaie Beer Babbif Bagby Bailey UC UC Sigma Delfa Delfa DeHa Alpha Chi Gamma Phi Norman MaricaSbo, Tau, UC Delta. UC Omega. UC Beta. UC Venez. Missnonl Kan. Lawton Blackwell Memphis,Tenn. I42 8. Jean Bainbridge Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla. City Susan Barnes UC El Reno Mary Alice Beaver UC Heavener George D. Benneff Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Okla. Cify John E. Binckley Kappa Alpha UC BarHesville T. Allen Blaske UC Okla. Cify Carol Boydstun Ruth Ann BriHon UC Okla. Ci9y Julia Jean Baird Pi Befa Phi UC Tulsa Gus M. Barfleff Alpha Tau William H. Beck UC Blackwell Diane Bennis Al ha Phi uc? Brandon, S.D. Robert P. Bisacca UC Greenwich, onn. Joan E. Bloom Alpha Epsilon i, UC Housfon, Tex. Dennis E. Boydsfun UC Apache Bruce L. Broadrlck UC Chickasha Diana Lynn Baker Alpha Chi Omega, UC Dallas, Tex. Ma rga ref C. Bartlett UC Moore Jerry Bednar Delfa Tau Delfa, UC Okla. Cify Tom H. Berenson Pi Lambda Phi, UC McAlesfer Bill W. Bishop sigma Chi Tulsa Mark Y. Blum Pi Lambda Phi, UC Wichita, Kan. James A. Bradbury, ll UC Woodward Monneff Brock Chi Omega UC Tulsa Gerry R. Baker Chi Omega UC Okla. City Joe Paul Barfram UC Gufhrie Kay Beelewr Kappa Alpha Thefa, UC Okla. Cify John 5. Berry Befa Theta Pi UC Pawnee La rry David Bishop UC Brisfow Barbara S. Blumenfeld UC Des Moines, la. Rodger V. Bramley Phi Ka pa Psi, U8 Dallas, Tex. Valerie Brock UC Calgary, Alberfa. Can. Ronnie P. Baker Sigma Alpha Mu, UCl Pral- rieViH., Kan. Paf A. Barry Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. Cify Dennis Duane Beese UC Lisbon, Ia. Larry R. Beffes UC Norman Bob Black UC Tulsa Don L, Blumenthal Pi Lambda Phi. UC DesMoines, la. K. Kay Brandes UC Okla. Cify Caroline E, Brooks UC Midwesf Cify Sarah E. Barker Kappa Delfa UC Tulsa Mary Kay Batchelor Delfa Gamma UC Duran? Merry K. Beets UC AHus Mary K. Bet Alpha Chi Omegal UC SanAnfnTex. Jimmy Don Blair Sigma Alpha Epsilon. UC Borger. Tex. Kay Boafrighf PI Beta Phi UC Tulsa Roberta K. Brandf UC Houston, Tex. Edward H. Brooks Sigma Alpha U. Denver, Colo. Richard 8. Baldwin Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Tulsa Carolyn G. Battles Delta Gamma UC Okla. Cify Georgann Behrenfeld UC Tulsa Bob Beyerl UC Ossining, N.Y, Diane Blake Kappa Alpha Thefa, UC Lancaster, Tex. Nancy Ann Boge S7gma DeHa Tau, U Wichita, Kan. Beth Branyan Delfa Gamma UC Tulsa Jakie Brooks Sigma Nu BarHeslee Henry Lee Ball DeHa Kappa Epsilon, UC Norman Cap Baxfer Sigma Nu UC Tulsa Lynn Bell Kappa Al pha Thefa, UC Woodward Marilyn B. Bialock Alpha Epsilon i. UC Sf. LouisI Mo. Judy Ann Blake UC Chickasha fl Camp Bonds, Jr. Befa Thefa Pi UC Muskogee Romnn Breashears UC Clinfon Kennefh Brooks UC Norman Ann E. Berger UC Okla. CHy Jon W. Bayless UC Hof Springs. Ark. Mary Ann Bell Pi Befa Phi UC Tulsa Judith Ann Bilberry Alpha Delta Pw, UC Col. CH, Tex. Befsy A. Blakely Kappa Kappa amma, Tulsa Sheila Joy Boris Sigma Delta Tau, Dallas, Tex. Todis Bre'tf PI Befa Phi UC Norman Beverly Anne Brown Gamma Phi Befa, UC Tulsa Frances Ann Barnard Pi Befa Phi UC. Newporf Beachl Calif. Roger L. Bayless UC Lindsay Nancy Bell UC Okla. City Gary L, Bllbrey Sigma Nu UC Lawfon Carole Ann Blanceff UC Okla. Cify Mary Karlene Bornemann UC Calumet Shannon Brians Kappa Al pha Thefa, UC Purcell Coke R. Brown Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. Cify Gerald Hugh Barnes Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Barflesville Suxanne A. Bayne Zeta Tau Alpha, UC Okla. City Sylvia M. Bendorf Sigma Delfa Tau, Okla. Cify Robert Erle Biles UC Chandler Duane R. Blankenship Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Clinton Jim D. Boswell Sigma Nu UC Tulsa Charles L. Brisfow 51 me Chi uE Midwesf City D. Elaine Brown Glpha Phi Okla. CHy John R. Barnes De'lfa Sigma '. BarHesviHe Catherine G. Beale UC McAlesfer Bruce N. Benedicf Delfa Sigma Phi, UC Bartlesville Dale J. Billam UC Muskogee Paf Blanfon Sigma Nu UC Enid , ' Ka ren Bowers uc Okla. Cify Gordon Brisfow Kappa Sigma CL Big Sprung, Tex. Jay Brown Pi Lambda Phi, UC Tulsa I43 Judie G. Brown Delta Gamma UC Shawnee Lewis Gerald Bryant UC Norman Virginia Ann Burk UC Duncan Susan Bush Delia Delfa Delta, UC Tulsa Richard W. Campbell SIgma Alpha Epsilon, UC Midland, Tex. Joan K. Carmichael Kappa Alpha Thefa, UC Enid Sandra Kay Carpenter UC Norman Carole Caswell Chi Omega UC Norman Carol Chamlee Delta DeHa Delta, UC Cordell Pahicia N. CIark Gamma Phi Befa, UC Tulsa I44 Brown UC Norman Maribelle M. Bryde UC FT.SII1 Michael Burke UC Okla. Cify Dennis E. Bufcher Detlfa Sigma M Barflesvnlle Janis Capps AIpha Chi Omega. UC Okla. Ci'ry Karin M. Carmichael Alpha Gamma Delfa. UC Okla. CHy Linda Lou CarroH Delfa DeHa Delta, UC Enid Byron Lee Cafe Phi Gamma Delta, UC Norman Michael Scoif Chapline UC Okla. City Roberf A, Clark Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Ardmore Safari C. Brown Alpha Epsilon FM, UC Okla. City Mike Buchanan Delia Tau Delfa UC Okla. CIfy Margaref Burleson Kappa Alpha Theta. UC Prague Chuck Bufler Acacia Chocfaw Tennie Ann Capps Phi Mu UC Eufaula Michael F, Carmichael Delfa Kappa Epsilon, UC WHrrIeHel HI. H. Kaye Carson Alpha Gamma Delfa, UC Okla. Cyfy PhEIIIp M. Caufhron UC Hugo Eleanor Ann Chapman Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Wirf Harry Dunbar Cleaver. Jr. UC Dhahran, . Saudi Arabia Thomas J. Brown Kappa Sigma UC Pond Creek Nancy Rawson Bucher Kappa Npha Theta UC Okla. City Marie Burns Delta Gamma UC Sherman, Tex. Mafilda Lou Bufler Kappa Kappa Gamma UC Okla. Ci+y Virginia P Carey Alpha DeHa PI, UC Ff.WorHu Tex. Kenny 6. Games Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Sapulpa Alberi L. Carfer UC Norman BurdeH Cavin UC Dumas Tex. Carol Chifwood Alpha Gamma Delfa UC Denison, Tex. Jill Cleveland Delfa Delta Delfa, UC AHus Rusty Brunkow Delfa Upsilon UC Tulsa Carolyn Bulla Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Okla. ley Nancy Ann Burf Kappa Kappa Gamma, U Wichifa Falls. Tex. William M. Cain, Ill Phi Gamma DeHa, UC OHa. Cify Sue Carmack Alpha Phi UC Tinker AFB Jane Ann Carpenter Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Alfus W. Sue Carfer UC Okia.Ci+y Roger W. Chalfanf UC Wichita, Kan. Jann T. Christian Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Ci'ry Julie A. Cloar Delfa Gamma UC Okla. Cify Bachelor's quarfers af Cross Cenfer and Kenny Deichman wifh favorHe magazine. John A. Okla. City James O. Burch UC San Anfonio, ex. Gary D. Bur+on UC Sand Springs Chris Carlile Calhoun UC Okla. City Ronald R. Carman Alpha Sigma Phi, UC BartlestHe Larry D. Carpenter UC Laverne Sara Carfwell UC Albuquerque, NM. Ron Glyn Chambers Phi Kappa Psi, Okla. CHy John A. Chrisfner Mounfain View Janis Ann Coafes Gamma Phi Befa, UC Chickasha Chris Cockrum Sigma Nu UC Perry Beverly Jean Constanfine Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Tulsa Cleve Cravens Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Okla. Cify Joseph P. Culp Si ma Chi uE Norman Joe J. Darby Alpha Tau Omega, UC Dallas, Tex. Dennis E. Deakins UC Lawfon William E, Dimick. Jr. Delfa Tau DeHa, UC Ff.Worfh,Tex. David Driver DeHa Tau Delfa, UC Okla. Cify James L. Cody UC ClevelandI io David T. Cook DeHa Upsilon UC Wewoka Von Russell reel Delfa Kappa Epsilon, UC Midwesi Cify Colleen Cummins Alpha Gamma Delfa, UC Lawfon Jane Darrough Kappa Kappa Gamma. VInIYa Nancy E. Deafon UC Ringgold, Ga. Larry Dean Dobie Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Tulsa John M. Duck Kappa Sigma UC Okla. City Johnny Coffey UC Okla. Cify Jim Cook Kappa Sigma UC Okla. City Janies Kay Crenshaw UC CushIng Jeneane A. Curry Zefa Tau Alpha. UC Clovis, N.M. Rufh A. Darrough Kappa Alpha Thefa, Okla. Cify Stephen John De Canio UC Claremore Kay Dockery DeHa Delfa Delta, UC Cleve., Miss. Carol Duley N pha Gamma DeHa, Ponca City Joan Wayne Coffman UC Pauls Valley Sandra S. Cook Kappa Kappa amma, U Okla. Cify Beverly Criswell Alpha Delfa P? UC Alvfus Jim Michael Cushinq UC Cheyenne, Wyo. Janice Rae Daffel Sigma Delfa Tau, UC Grenada, Miss. Connie Sue Decherf UC Colby, Kan. Stan Docfor Wichifa, Kan. Carolyn Kay Duncan Gamma Phi Befa, UC Tulsa Nancy C. Coffman Pi Befa Phi UC Ardmore Mariorie Lee Cooper UC Okla. Cify Marfha Helen Crocker Kappa Delta UC, Wash- ingfon, D.C. Guy An'rhony Cufrufo UC Bosfon, Mass. PaHy David UC Tulsa Paul R. Deis Dallas, Tex. Jacque Domke Delta Gamma Boulder,Colo. Gary L. Duncan Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Cify Gil 8. Cohen Sigma Alpha Mu, UC, Lif- fle Rock, Ark. Marcia J. Copilevifz Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Sf. Louisl Mo. EHeene Crook UC Enid Mary Lee Daily Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Bixby Miller T. Davidge Phi Gamma Delta, UC Duranf 53!, Kenny L. Deifchman Sigma Alpha Mu UC Kari. cw, Mo. Shirley June Dorman Npha Delfa PL uc Okla. cny Carolyn Sue Dunlap UC Eakly Sharon Conclasure UC Ardmore Carla Jean Corry Alpha Chi Omega. UC IrvingI Tex. AI Crosbie UC Okla. City William J. DaleyI Jr. UC Edmond Gilberf S. Davidson,Jr. Sigma Alpha u, C Muskogee Roger L. De Spain Delta Upsilon UC Enid Nelson L. Doughfy UC Martha Rick W. Dunlevy Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Okla. Cify Royce Susan Coleman Sigma Delfa Tau, UC, Nash- ville. Tenn. Emily Anne Cosfon uc Okla. CHy Jill Cross Kappa Kap a Gamma, U Enid Judy Kay Dalke Delta Delfa Delfa, UC Wichita, Kan. George W. Davis Phi Delfa ThefaI UC Ardmore Mary E. Devine Gamma Phi Befa, UC Muskogee Daniel D. Douglass UC Balboa Hfs., Canal Zone 5. Margaref Dunlevy Delta Gamma UC Abilene, Tex. Ernest W. Collins Shreveport La. John B. Craig UC Tulsa Judye Lynn Crumley Gamma Phi Befa, UC Holdenville Marsha D. Dalian Alpha Gamma Delta, UC W'msviHe, NY Joe Davis. Jr. Phi Delfa Thefa, UC Ardmore Angel D. Dial UC Caracas, Venez. Pafricia A. Down Gamma Phi Befa, UC Okarche Roberfa Dunningfon Alpha Phi UC Cherokee Carol Jeanne Colman Alpha Epsilon Phi. C Amarillo,Tex. Marion Ellen Craighead Gamma Phi Beta, UC Barflesville Nancy M. Cubbaqe Gamma Phi Befa, UC Barflesville Priscilla Damm Kappa Delfa UC Shawnee Nancy Davis AI ha Epsilon Phlp, UC Wharfon, Tex. James W. Dick UC Syberfsville, Pa. Sa ndra Corine Drake UC Kimball, N b e . Jon C. Dyer Phi Kappa Psi. UC Muskogee Richard M. Conklin Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Sfigler Anfhony L. Cra nsfon UC GeringI Neb. Michael A, Cullinan Phi Kappa Psi. UC Tulsa Orion A . Daniel, Jr. Kappa Alpha , Wichifa Falls, Tex. Sfephen Paul Davis Si ma Nu Midwesf City Judy Jo Didier UC Ff. Cobb Loyd J. Dra per UC Norman Phil Earnesf Phi Delia Thefa, UC Enid Robert E. Conley Delfa Tau Del'raI UC Tulsa Stephen H. Craven Phi Delfa Thefa, UC Okla. Cify Bill C. Culp Kappa Sigma C McAlesfer Guy 0. Danielson Phi Gamma Delfa. UC Okla. City Ann Day UC Tulsa Anita L. Di Giacomo PI Befa Phi UC Tulsa Henry 0. DrillingI Jr. UC Okla. City Bruce Hills Easley UC Midwesf Cify I45 Bill B. Eason Alpha SKgma Phi, UC Ardmore Bobby 6. Ellis UC Shawnee Marsha B. Emmer Sigma Delia Tau, Okla. Ci'ry Ciaudia J. Eurron Kappa Kappa Gamma. U Norman Susan E. Falls UC Marshfield, Mo. Jimmy D. Fellers Phi Kappa Sigma. UC Savannah, Ga. Lois Helene Finkel Sigma Delta Tau, Prairie Village. Kan. Rosalind Dee Fishman Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Sf. Louis, Mo. William A. Flexner Pi Lambda Phi, UC Okla. City Floyd Fosfer UC Okmulgee I46 Phil Eberharf Phi Gamma Delfa, UC Kansas Cify, Mo. Harry 6. Ellis Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Alfus Diane Sue Engelbert; Sigma Delta Tau. UC Mempth, Tenn David H. Fagin Pi Lambda Phi, UC Okla. Cify John H. Fannin UC Abquaiq, Saudi ArabFa Nancy Jane Fendell Sigma Delfa Tau, UC 5+. Louis, Mo. Don Carl Finkenbinder Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Clinfon Dia na Carol Fifch UC Wefumka Michael E. Flick Sigma Nu UC Muskogee Lon Fosfer Srgma Alpha Epsilom UC Okla. Cify KiHy Ann Wendell Dale Edmunds Edwards Alpha Chi UC Omega UC Okla. City Norman James Lee Judy Lynn Ellis Ellis UC Delfa Gamma Seminole UC Okla. Cify Bill M. Jerry D. Engle Ennis Phi Delta UC Theta, UC MCAFESfer Big Spring, Tex. Joanne M. Kaye Fagin Fair Sigma Delfa Phi Mu Tau, UC UC Okla. Cify Okla CHy Khaled A. John A. Faqih Farrell UC Phi Gamma Sulphur Delta, UC St. Louis. Mo. D. Tims Carole S. Fenwick, Jr. Ferguson Phi DeHa UC Theta, UC MinneapoHs. Tulsa Minn. Camilla L. Finley UC Sand Springs Roberf James Jane Ann Fifxgibbons Fleetwood Pi Kappa Gamma Phi Alpha UC Befa, UC Memphis, Okla. City Tenn. John Dennis Flood Kappa Alpha UC OHa. Cify Lavinia Kay Margaref B. Fran Frank Alpha Chi UC Omega, UC Midwest Cify Norman John M. Eggner UC OHa. Cify Sheila A. Elsberg UC Sioux Cify, la. John P. Essley Kappa Alpha UC Tulsa Granf Fair Beta Theta P1 UC BartlesviHe Gary H. Farris Phi Delfa Thefa, UC Muskogee Patricia Ann Ferguson Delia DeHa Delfa, UC Okla. City PaHi Fisher Kappa Kappa Gamma, Midwesf City Leona Gwynn Fleming UC Okmulgee Judifh Ford Pi Befa Phi U Ponca City Phebe L. Frank UC Lawfon John Alvin Eqnew Sigma Npha Epsilom UC Midland, Tex. Mary Lynn Emanuel Alpha Gamma Delfa, UC Lawton Jon E. Eubanks PI Kappa Alpha, UC Lawfon Remingfon P. Fairlamb Phi Delfa Thefal UC Tulsa Andy Thomas Faust Phi Kappa Psi, UC Barflesville Ray D. Finegan Phi Delfa Theta. UC Pawhuska Marilyn E. Fishman Npha Epsilon Phi, UC Sf. LOUISI Mo. Judy Carole Fletcher Kappa Delta UC Okla. City William L. Ford Sigma AIpha Epsilonl UC Shawnee Franklin Delta Tau DeHa. UC Okla. Cify Tefe-a-fefe a+ Ca+e Cenier wifh Sydne Kneff, Jackie S+ephens and Toby Tenebaum. Gary M. Fra ns UC Okla. Cify Mike P. Friedman Pi Lambda Phi UC Des Moines,la. Patricia Ann Gasfman Alpha Epsilon Phi,UC, Minne- apolis, Minn. Mike L. Gibson Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Tulsa Neola Dianne Goforfh UC Norman Judy R. Graham Gamma Phi Befa, UC Okla. Cify Allen Grieve UC Midwesf Cify Jack Carroll Haldeman, II UC Befhesda, Md. Jerry L. Frazier DeHa Tau DeHa, UC Okla. Cify Faifh E. Friof UC Norfh Tona- wanda, N .Y. Jack P. Gafewood Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Pofeau John L. Gifford uc Okla. cny Lee Goldberg Alpha Epsilon PM Cl New Orleans, La. Sall W. Gra am Ze'ra TauAVpha UC. Corpus Chrisfi, Tex. Douglas E. Griffin Delta Kappa Epsilon. UC F+.Sm1+h,Ark. N. Kelly Hale Delta Kappa Epsilon, UC Fairfax Judy Frederick Kappa Delta UC Okla. City Charles Max Fry UC Amarillo.Tex. Ronda Kay Gaifher Gamma Phi Befa. UC Pryor Howard E. Gilbert Pi Lambda Phi UC Tulsa Judy Gail Goldfeder UC Little Rock. Ark. Emily Gray Delfa Delta Delia, UC Houston. Tex. Phil Grimm Delta Ch; UC Omaha, Neb. Jim R. Hall Phi Delta Thefa, UC Tulsa Jerr Craig Fre ericks UC Ff. Worfh. Tex. Judy Elaine Fry uc Okla. Cify Richard L. Gau UC Enid Sandra M. Gilbert Sigma Delta au. Alfon, III. Judy Goldman UC Kansas Cityl Mo. Judiih Lynn Gray UC S'rillwafer Patricia H. Gross Sigma Delfa Tau, UC Ff. Laud'dale, Fla. Torn E. Haller Delfa Tau DeltaI UC Okla. City Thomas Mark Freedman Pi Lambda Phi, UC, Prai- rie Vill.l Kan. Jack Frye UC Norman Larry R. Geis UC Cherokee William Lee Gilberf UC Norman Susan L. Golf: Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC, Hot Springs, Ark. Robert W. Grey UC Duncan William R. Grove Phi Kappa Psi UC Norman Elaine M. Halfzman UC Liffle Rock. Ark. Sara Jo Freeny Alpha Gamma Delfa, UC Okla. City Larry F. Fugif UC Okla. City Salem L. Geller Pi Lambda Phi UC, Gal- vesfon, Tex. Philip Wayne Giles UC Carnegie Vivian R. Goltz Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Tulsa Sfephen Gray UC Duncan Mary Evelyn roves Kappa Delfa UC Norman Susan Kay Hamby Gamma Phi Befa, UC Okla. Cify Judi Freyer Alpha Delta i UC Al'fus Marvin J. Fuller UC Seminole William L. George Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Duran? Janef Aileen Gill Delta Delfa Delta, UC Okla. City Bobby James Good Delfa Chi Pauls Valley Marilynn Green Alpha Phi UC Okla. City David Grubb Sigma ChI UC Tulsa Jay D. Hamilton DeHa Upsilon UC Sycamore, III. Arnold S. Fried Pi Lambda Phi U Albu- querque, N.M. Richard L. Furman Kappa Sigma UC Tulsa Jack Fred Gerson PF Lambda Phi UC Housfon, Tex. Adele A. Ginsberg Sigma Delfa Tau, Sf. Louis. Mo. Cynthia Good UC Kansas Cify, Mo. Jeff Greene PF Lambda Phi UC Mission. Kan. Lynne Grundfesf Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC RoH- ing Fork, Miss. Maurifa Hamlin UC Blackwell Larry P. Friedberg Pi Lambda Phi UC Wichifa, Kan. Diane Fufrell UC PaoIi David Roy Gessner Sigma Alpha u C Kan'. Cify, Mo. Herb S. GiHleman PI Lambda Phi UC S'I. Louis, Mo. James Dale Goodpasture UC Norman Richard G. Greene UC Norman Jim F. Guerry Sigma Nu UC Norman Linda K Hamm Pi Befa Phi UC Tulsa Lois M. Friedlander UC Sf. Louis, Mo. Gretchen K. Ganschinietz Belleville, Ill. Tom A. Gibbs Kappa Sigma , ove- landl Colo. Carolyn Befh Glass UC Elecfra, Tex. Donald Gordon Dallas, Tex. Cathie Gregg Alpha Phi U Wichita, Kan. Robin R. Gunning uc Okla. City PaHy Hammond Chi Omega UC Tulsa Janice Kay Friedman Alpha Phi , Corpus Christi, Tex. John C. GarreH UC Sfilwell 6. Drew Gibson Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Shawnee Pamela Nell Glenn UC Wynnewood Andrea Joan Graham Chi Omega UC PaulsValley Sylvia Greiner UC Slewafer Dugal C. Gurren Delfa Kappa Epsilonl UC Norman Sfeve E. Hamner UC Okla. Cify Judy Friedman Sigma Delta au. Omaha, Neb. Woodrow Garreff UC Tulsa Judy Karen Gibson Delta Gamma UC Lawfon Rayburne W. Goen Sigma Chi UC Tulsa James R. Graham PhI Gamma Delfa, UC Anadarko Nancy Ellen Gribin Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Tulsa Dena Gu'nman Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Lake Charles, La; Phillip Lewis Hampfon Kappa Alpha UC Norman I47 Terry E. Haney Alpha Phi UC Sf. Adele. Quebec, Can. Judy Ann Harkrider Chi Omega C U Ff.Wor+h, Tex. John Harris UC Norman Carl B. Haifield UC Okla. Cify Jim 6. Henderson Alpha Tau Omega, UC Beaver John Edward Hensley UC Tulsa Kay V. Hickman Alpha Chi Omegal UC OkIa City Milton S. Hill Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Farmingfon, NM. Roy Lee Hodges UC Gore Theodora Ann Hood UC Midwesf Cify I48 Dick L. Hanley Alpha Tau Omega. UC Norman William B. Harl UC Tulsa Lynda Rae Harris UC Joplin. Mo. Dianne Fosfer Hawkins UC Tulsa Pafricia A. Henderson Zefa Tau Alpha, UC Tulsa Pam Herifage Pi Befa Phi UC Barflesvllle Gary D. Hickmon UC Laverne Sharon M. Hines Alpha Phi UC Lefors, Tex. Tommy G. Hodges SI ma Chi uE Dallasl Tex. Jan Hooks Alpha Chi Omega, UC Tipfon Robert M. Hanna UC Comanche Ann Harms UC Midwesf City Susan E. Harris Kappa Kappa Gamma. UC Norman Sharon Sue Haygood Kappa DeHa UC Shawnee John W. Henry UC Blackwell Sandra Herndon Npha Chi Omega, UC Madill Leeroy H. Highfower Pi Kappa Arphm UC Alamogordo, N.M. Elode Hinson glpha Delfa '. Midwesf City Joyce B. Hoffman UC Sf. Loui; Mo. Mariorie Ann Hooper UC Chickasha Ed C. Hardegree DeHa Tau Delta, UC Okla City Jacquelyn Harrel UC Midwesf Cify Leonard Gene Harnson UC Madill Mary Kafe Hays Chi Omega UC OHa City Margaref A. Henry Kappa Kappa Gamma, KHIeem Tex. Ian I. Herzog PI Lambda Phi UC Omaha. Neb. Scoff Leslie Hilburn Delta UpsHon UC Tuba Lavenia D. Hlssom Chi Omega UC Tulsa Jackie Lynn Holberf Sigma Nu BarHesvilIe James L. Hopkins Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Sfroud Jack O'Dell Hardy Delta Sigma Phi, UC Ponca Chy Sara Patricia Harrell UC WichHa, Kan. Cafherine Ann Harsh Delta Gamma UC Ponce Chy Barbara Marie Heggen Alpha Phi UC, Garref- son, S.D. Sara Jane Henry Npha Gamma Delta UC Okla. City Sara A. Hess Kappa Kappa amma, Okla. CHy Bill H. Hill Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Okla Cify Douglas D. Hobbs DeHa Tau Delfal UC Lawfon Judy J. Holloman Kappa Alpha Thefa, UC Frederick Reginald F. Hopper UC Maysville Comparing nofes a+ +he library are Myron Wein- berger. Jody Leviian and Harvey Mozer. Bruce E. Hare Delta Tau Delfa, UC AmarHIOITex. Charles P. Harris, Jr. UC Memphis,Tenn. Glenn Walker Harfman UC Ponca City Ken M. Hemry Lambda Chi Amha, UC Okla. CHy James Hensler Kappa Sigma UC Ada Carolyn A. Hewson Alpha Chi Omega, UC Pelham. N.Y. Jarrell Hill UC Roosevelf Carole Sue Hodam DeITa Delta DeHa, UC Okla. City Judy A. Holloway UC Baton Rouge. La. Glenda Joyce Horn UC Midwesf Cify Judifh Ann Horn Pi Beta Phi UC Alva Janna Lee Hubbard Gamma Phi Beta, UC Norman Glenn Lee Hunter Befa Thefa Pi UC Ponca Cify Dixie Joe Jackson Phi Delta Thefa, UC Duncan Loanna L. Jennings Linda Jane Johnson Gamma Phi Beta, UC Norman Mariellen Jones Alpha Gamma Delta, UC McAlesfer Judy Ann Kan Sigma Delfa Tau. Dayton, Ohio Jon Harold Horwedel Sigma Phi Epsilon. UC Hinton William A. Hubbard S? ma Nu u8 Okla. Cify Phil E. Hurley UC Los Angeles, Calif. Jim Jackson 5? ma Chi uE McAles'ter James Arfhur Jerniqan UC Ff. Walton Beach. Fla. Lois l. Johnson Alpha Gamma Delfa, UC Lefhbridge, Alberfa, Can. Stephanie A. Jones Alpha Delta Pi, UC Ff.Wor+h,Tex. Lois P. Kafz UC Universify Cifyl Mo. Sieve Horwifz Pi Lambda Phi Okla. CHy Paul Hubble UC Ardmore Donna Jean Hurst UC Soufhard Bob Jacob Kappa Sigma UC Tulsa Orval W. Jeff UC Wefumka Marfha L. Johnson Al ha Phi uE Okla. City Uliey Ralph Jones uc Okla. cny Sfanley G. Kah Sigma Alpha Mu, Dallas, Tex, Pairicia L. HosfeHer UC Tulsa Eddie L. Huey Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Cify Frank M. Hussey UC Okla. Cify Ballard H. Jacobson Sigma Delfa Tau, UCI New BrunswickI N.J. Claudia A. Joachim Aipha Phi UC Hinsdale, lll. Nathaniel B. Johnson, Ill UC PeekskiH, N.Y. Jean 5. Judd Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Sanfa Monica. CaT. Judy M. Kennedy Delfa Gamma UC Tulsa Marfha Jan Houthin Kappa Delfa UC Okla. City Rebecca Lee Huffine UC Tuffle Harold R. Huffon. II UC Blackwell Joan Marie Jakaifis Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Ff. Sill Anne E. Johnson UC Okla. Cify Prudy Johnson Kappa Kappa Gamma, U Okla. CHy Anna Kay Judson Delta Delfa Delfa, UC McAlesfer Dolores Ann Kesfer Alpha Gamma Delia, UC Ponca City Dallas C. Howard Delfa Tau Delfa, UC Lawfon Andrea Lou Huffman Alpha Chi Omega, UC Elk Cify Jerry Don HuHon Si ma Nu uE Elk Cify Baird Jamerson Sigma Chi UC DallasI Tex. Carolyn Johnson DeHa Delta Delfa, UC Hugo Ronald L. Johnson Dallas. Tex. Mary Ann Junk Delta Delfa DeHa, UC Wich.Falls,Tex. Lynda K. Kaufman Alpha Epsilon P i, C Wich.FaHs,Tex. John C. Howard UC Wewoka Gwen E. Hughes uc Okla. Cify Sharon E. lmes UC Midwesf Cify Bill D. James Alpha Tau mega. Okla. Cify Don F. Johnson UC El Reno Virginia Nan Johnson Gamma Phi Befa, UC Okla. City Joy V. Kahn Alpha Epsilon P i UC Okla. Cify John M. Keefer Sigma Chi UC Tulsa Thomas E. Howard Phi Gamma Delta, UC Muskogee Susan Louise Huqus UC Cushing Loren V. lnglish uc Okla. CHy Dennis Lloyd James uc Okla. Cify EvereH L. Johnson UC Norman Dale Jones UC Norman Mike Kallmeyer PI Lambda Phi UC Tulsa Judy Ann Keegan Kappa Delfa UC Tulsa Arden Howell Sigma Chi UC Norman Ann Hull Delfa Gamma Midwesf Cify Jim C. Ingram Sigma Nu UC Tulsa Donald L. James UC Norman James D. Johnson Alpha Tau Omega. UC Okla. Cify David M. Jones UC Anadarko Joan R. Kalman Gamma Phi Befa, UC Norman John J. Keenan Phi Kappa Psi , a a2, Bolivia Ramona Ann Howell UC Claremore Dick Hull uc Okla. CHy W. Earl Ingraml Ill Phi Gamma DeHa, UC Okla. Cify Jean Rae James Alpha Gamma Delfa, UC Harfshorne Jane? Lynn Johnson Delfa Delta Delfa, UC Okla. City J, Ross Jones UC Muskogee Julie C. Kalman Gamma Phi Beta, UC Norman Marfha Jane Keesee Alpha Chi Omega, UC Wewoka Mac M. Hower Delfa Upsilon UC Tulsa John Weldon Hundley Si ma Chi uE Calvin Doyle W. lvesfer UC Wewoka JobeHa James Alpha Phi UC Okla. Cify Judy Ellen Johnson Delta Gamma C Okla. CHy Johnny H. Jones Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Shawnee Gregory J. Kannel UC Akron, Ohio Elwanda L. Keller UC Norman Martha Jane? Hoy'r Delta Gamma Okla. City Judi'th A. Hunsfein UC Tulsa Lee Frank Ivy Si ma Chi U ,Univen sifyCify, Mo. Susan M. Jamneson UC Sf.LouIs,Mo. Linda Ann Johnson Delia Gamma UC Tulsa Kathy Jones Alpha Delta PI, UC DallasI Tex. Don C. Kaspereif Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. Cify Patricia Ann Keller UC Norman I49 Larry K. Kelley Befa Thefa PI UC Okmulgee Gayle Joyce Kenslow Kappa Deifa UC Tulsa Joan Kershaw Chi Omega UC Dallas, Tex. Carolyn Sue Kimball UC Midwesf Cify Sandy King Sigma Delfa Tau, C New Orleans, La. Carole L. Kirkland Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Rooosevelf A. Sieven Koplowifx Sigma Alpha Mu, UC St. Louis. Mo Louis R. Kronfeld Beta Theta Pi UC Shreveport, La. Jerry Walier Lambert! UC Okla. CHy Sandy Langsam Alpha Epsilon II C Denver, Colo. l50 Bob 3. Kellough Phi Gamma Delta, UC Denver, Colo. Jeri Lynn Kenslow Kappa DeHa UC Tulsa Judy A. Keys Gamma Phi Befal UC Okla. City Charles L. Kimberlin UC Wilson Pam K. Kinnan Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Okla. Cify Judy Klabluba Kappa Delfa Ff.Worfh,Tex. Marshall J. Kramer PI Lambda Phi UC Sf. Louis Mo. Selma May Kross S?gma Delfa Tau, Kansas City, Mo. W. Hershel Lamirand Kappa Sigma C Okla. Cify Refha A. La ngsfon UC Berger, Tex. Erskine 8. Kelly Sigma Chi UC Dallas. Tex. Teddi Kern Sigma Delfa Tau C Kansas City, Mo. Nancy K. Kienxle Delia Gamma UC Shawnee Karen Lee Kimbrough Npha Chi Omega, UC Norman James Alvin Klnnebrew Befa Thefa PI Pauls Valley BeHy Jean Klaffke Delta Gamma UC Okla. City Rober+ W. Krasnow Pi Lambda Phi UC OHa. Cify Kaye Kupka Kappa Kappa Gamma, Haskell David H. Lampfon Phi Gamma Delfa, UC Norman Marilyn Ann Largenf Gamma Phi Befa. UC Tipfon Merrilea Kelly UC Lackland Air Force Base, Tex Ann Kernek Gamma Phi Be+al UC Holdenville Rosemary K les Kappa Npha Theta, UC Okla. Cify Ronnie Gene K.mmel UC BarHevaHe Marlene Kirch Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Las Vegas, Nev. Sydne Kneff Sigma Delta Tau, UC Sf. Louis, Mo. Leon J. Kravefz Sigma Alpha Mu. UC Tulsa Gay Kurek Kappa Delia UC Midwest CHy Louise 3. Landesman Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Housfonl Tex. Carolyn Larson UC Okla. Cify Gregg Kennedy Kappa Sigma UC Okemah Charles S. Kerr UC Beaver J. Mike Killingsworfh Pi Kappa Alpha UC Duncan Sharon Rae Kimmell Sigma Delfa Tau, UC Dallas Tex. Joseph K. Kirk UC Okla. Ciiy Roberf K. Kolbrener Pi Lambda Phi UC Sf. Lou's, Mo. Jane Louise Krepps DeHa Gamma UC Okla. Cify Edward T. Kurfz Delta Upsilon UC Tulsa Lynda L. Lang Delta Gamma UC DaHas, Tex. Jim 5. Lasafer Phi Gamma Delta, UC Okla. Cify Lenny Tracfenberg fakes good care of his aufomo- bile. a freshman's besf friend. Thomas G. Kenney AcacIa UC ShaHuCk Kay L. Kerr Kappa Npha Thefa UC McAlesfer Vivienne Klm UC Okla. City Laurie K. King UC Grotom Conn. Kip Kirkhuff PI Kappa Alpha, UC Okla. Cify Ralph Lee Kooken Sigma Chi UC Kingfisher Joscelyn Krivcher Sigma Delta Tau, Memphisl Tenn. Judy Kaye Lamberson Kappa Delia UC Ff. Worfhl TeX. Carol Ann Langley UC Healdfon Lorna Linda Lavell UC Falrborn, hio Donald Earl Lawrence UC El Dorado, Ark. Jerald J. Lehman Sigma Alpha Epsilon. UC Okla. CHy Charles G. Lewnes UC Annapolis. Md. Jeannie Lloyd uc Okla. Cify Phil W. Lowell Phi Gamma DeHa, UC Okla. CHy Aurelia Lee McBee UC Pofeau Edward J. McGee Kappa Sigma UC Duranf Sara Lee McKinney Pi Beta Phi UC, El Dorado. Ark. H. Duane Lawrence UC Chandler Linda P. Leigh UC KinngSher Bill Freeman Liqon UC Wewoka Fred J. Lockwood Phi Kappa PSI UC, Kansas City, Mo. Vickie L. Lowsley UC Norman Dave McCariy Sigma Alpha Epsilon. UC Okla. Cify Mari McGInnis PI Beta Ph? UC Tulsa Ralph Leon McLaury UC Ponce Cify R. G. Lawson Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Barflesville Jerry O. Leningfon Delta Tau Delta, UC AmarIIIO,Tex. Linda Ann Lillard Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC FT. Shem, Ill. Carol Sue Loewen UC Hooker Jane Marie Lucas Chi Omega UC Okla. City Joe McCauley UC Muskogee Candee J. McGown Chi Omega UC Okmulgee Sidney McLeland Chi Omega UC F1'.Wor+h Tex. Ronnie Lawson UC Beaver Carolyn J. Lennon Chi Omega UC Guthrie Angie Lillls Npha Phi UC, Kansas City Mo. James L. Loffis UC Okla. City Sara Ann Lucas Delta Gamma UC Pofeau Gar L. Mc Ianahan Sigma Chi UC Norman Sharon M. McGrew UC Okla. Cify Gayle McLeod Delfa Delta Delta, UC Ff. Worth. Tex. Donnie L. Layton UC Pauls Valley Joe E. Leonard UC Rush Springs Xenda Jane Lindel Aipha Phi UC Des Moines, la. Lilian A. Logan UC Lindsay Dorofhl Kaye Ludwic UC Norman Clifford Buck McCollum UC F'r. Myers, Fla. PaHi Ann McGuire Delfa Gamma UC Duncan Janei' Gaye McLin Chi Omega UC Clinfon Susan Leach Alpha Gamma DeHa, UC McAlesfer Maurice N. Leonardi UC New York NY. Charles S. Lindsey uc Okla. CIfy Linda M. Londe Sigma Delfa Tau, Sf. Louis, Mo. Edward D. Lusk UC Tuisa A. Edwin McComas uc Elk Cify Paf M. Mclver Pi Beta Phi UC Tulsa Kenf C. McManus Sigma Nu UC Tulsa Deeanna K. Leaumonf UC Ardmore Rufh Le Van UC El Reno .Gene Lindsey PI Befa Phi UC Dallas. Tex. Gary K. Long UC Okmulgee Barbara W. LuHrell UC Ff. Sill thelyn Befh McCoy UC Chandler Karen McKaIip UC Tulsa Mary Linda McMeans UC Davenport la. Diane Lebowifz Sigma Delfa Tau, C Sf. Louis, Mo. Jerry L. Levisee PI Kappa Alpha, UC Ff.Worfh Tex Jim L. Lindsey Kappa Alpha UC Tulsa Sarah Jane Long Gamma Phi Befal UC Alva Tom C, Lyle Delfa Tau DeHa, UC Okla. CHy Sue E. McCoy UC Cleveland Michael R. McKee UC Okla. City Norma Kay Mackey uc Okla. Cify Doral June Lee UC SubleH'e. Kan. Joanne LeVIfan Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC, San Anfoniol Tex. Linda Gay Lichensfein Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Ausfin, Tex. Virgil Perry Lovelace Kappa Alpha UC Tulsa Ann Lyner Sigma Delfa au, 5?. Louis, Mo. Janice Ray McCraw UC Norman Roberf H. McKee Phi Kappa Psi UC Muskogee Marilyn K. Maddox Delta Gamma UC Tulsa Jerry D. Lee UC Okla. Cify Jamie C. Lewinsohn UC Okla CHy John A. Liichfield UC Wynnewood 0H0 Michael Loveland UC Okla. City Nancy Ruth Lynn Kappa Kappa Gamma. Jackson, Miss Ann McDaniel PI Beta Phi UC, MiHing- fon, Tenn. Phil McKeever Phi Delfa Theta UC Enid Bob Fosfer Maddy UC Okla. CIfy Marilyn Kay Lee Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Alva John E. Lewis, Jr. DeHa Tau Delfal UC Okla. Cify Bennie Vernon LiHle UC Muskogee George C. Loving Phi Delfa Thefa. UC Clwnfon Paf Lynn UC Barflesville Janie McDonald Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Okla. Cify Kay J. McKinney Delia Delfa Delta UC DallasI Tex. J. C. Mahan PI Kappa Npha. UC Alfus Pafricia Ann Lee UC Duncan Susan M. Lewis Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Dallas, Tex. David L. Livinqsfon Sigma Nu UC Tulsa Wayne L. Lovmg Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Ponca Cify Joe P. McAlisfer UC Noble Roger E. McElroy Phi Gamma DeHa, UC Okla. Cify Lynn Dell McKinney Chi Omega UC Norman Hath A. Mahmoud UC Baghdad, Iraq l5I Joseph P. Mahoney uc Okla. Cify Sally C. Manning PI Beta Phi Dallas, Tex. Carolyn Markman Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Denver, Colol Roberf R. Martin Pi Kappa Alphal UC Cordell James C. Masfers Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC lfhaca, N.Y. James E. MaHhews, Jr. Delta Tau DeHa, UC Tulsa Joseph E. Mazzie UC LEndenhursf, N.Y. Gary R. Mercer Arphm UC Okla. City Kay A. Meyer Pi Befa Phi UC BarHesvil Ie Kenneih R. Miller UC Harfshorne l52 Robert J. Mahoney Delta Upsilon UC Midwesf CHy Michael J. Maples SEgma Chi UC Holdenville Mike W. Marko PhiKappa Psi UC Okla. CHy Sally Ann Martin UC Okla. CIfy Janef Helen Masfers leha Epsilon M Ff.Worfh,Tex. Jerry Don Matthews UC Cushing John M. Meade UC mks Bluff, Hal J. Merriman PI Kappa Npha, UC Okla. Cify Janis Meyerson Alpha Epsilon UC Phi, Ff. Worfh Tex. Marqaref A. Miller UC Wichita Falls, Tex. Judy Kafhleen Mallernee UC Nashville, Tenn. Gordon 6, Marcum Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC M1dlandK Tex. B. Jean Marsh UC Befhlehem Pa. Sheila Kay Martin UC Okla. City Harrold E. Mafheny Tulsa Kathleen Sue Matthews UC Okla. CHy Elsie Marie Medlin UC Siamford, Tex. Grady Merrir'r Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Nowafa Buddy Miles Kappa Sigma UC El Reno John Dwight ills UC . Okla. foy William Kent Malone UC Ponca City Marilyn Sue Marcum Delfa Gamma UC Alva Mike D. Martin Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Norman Marilyn Gene ason Dallasl Tex. Claudia Lea Mafney Gamma Phi BetaH UC Tulsa Foster Lee Mayer UC Cyril Barbara Ann Melton UC Maysville busan Meschke UC Okla. City Nancy Lynne Miles Kappa Kappa Gamma,, U Norman Judifh A. Mills Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Sfamford, Tex. Katherine E. Maney Delfa Delfa Delta, UC Okla. Cify Marma L. Markham UC Tahlequah Nancy Sue Martin Kappa Kappa Gamma. UC Shawnee Ed B. Massey Phi DeHa Theta UC Norman Lorelei B. MaHeson Alpha DeH'a PiI C Tulsa Gary Deon Maynard UC Cloud Chief Ba rbara Jean Menkoff UC Tulsa Ellen E. Mefcalf UC Purcell John C. Millar Sigma Phi EpsilonI UC Okla. Cify Marguerife L. ills UC Washingfon, D.C. E. T. Manning UC Pauls Valley David John Markley Sigma Nu UC Barflesville Paula K4 Mariin Gamma Phi Befa, UC Tulsa James A. Massey UC Shoud Ronald Larry Maffhesen UC Moore James W. Mayo Phi Kappa Psi C SaHIsaw C Jim Menzies Sigma Nu UC Tulsa George T. Metcalfe Okla.Ci1y Kaihy Milier UC Kansas Cify, Mo. Beify Carolyn Minnick Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Shawnee A+ Terrace Room, favorife spof of Sharon Spraker. Shirley ShoemakerI Peggy Whiffing. Stanley l. Jeyry Brian David M. Larry A. Don D. Bob Carol Anne Diana Gay Paf E. Sarah Louise Sulanne Jim F. Minfz Mlsner Mitchell Mizel Monfqomery Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moran Alpha Epsilon Phi KapEa UC PI Lambda Phi Sigma Nu Kappa STgma UC UC Delfa Upsilon AI ha Phi Alpha Delfa Pi Kappa Pi, UC, New Slgma. C Frederick UC , El UC Lindsay Duncan UC U i. C Alpha, UC York, NY. Codyl Wyo. Tulsa Dorado, Ark. Okla. CIfy Okmulgee Sf. Louis, M04 Okla. Cify Sapulpa Marilyn Joyce Marie Dianne Judy Marvin D. Donna Kay Woody Orville E. Judifh Patricia Ann Amos N. Marfin Moran Morehead Morey Morgana Morris Morris Morris Morrow Morton Moseley Moses Moses. Jr. UC UC Chi Omega Algha Phi UC Alpha DeHa Acacia UC Delta Gamma UC Sigma Alpha Delta Tau Chickasha Norman UC, AlbuA U Seminole Pi. UC UC Walnuf UC Broken Bow Epsilon, UC Delia, UC querque, N.M. Paris. Tex. Dalias, Tex. Okla. Cify Creek, Calif. Sulphur Norman Norman Cynthia A. Max D. Joyce Ann Harvey Gene Thomas M. Gary E. Janice Kay Charles L. Gordon K. Jan Regis L. Kenn-efh R. Moss Moulfon Mounce Moxer Mudrick Mueller Mueller Mugg Muir Mull Mullen Mulllcan UC UC UC Sigma Alpha Sigma Alpha Kappa Sigma UC Delfa Tau UC Phi Mu Befa Thefa Pi U.C' Sapulpa Okla. Cify Brlsiow Mu,l UC Mu, UC UC, Colorado Bird Cify, Delfa, UC Enid UC UC Vlnlfa Denver, Colo. Ottawa, Kan. Springs, Colo. Kan. Okla. Cify Okla. City Havana, IH. Kay Paf A. Charles R. Gael Ann Paula Gail Bob 6. Bill 6. Jackie A. Rober+a Ann Jim Sydney Al Mullins Mundkowski Murdock Murphy Nance Nafanson Nations Neal Negrin Nelson Nemecek Newberq Kappa Alpha Zefa Tau Sigma Chi Chi Omega UC UC Phi Delfa Kappa Alpha UC UC UIC PT Lambda Phi Thefa, UC Alpha, UC UC Okla. Cify Pi Lambda Phi Theta, UC Thefa, UC LIHIe RockI Tulsa PIHSbuTgY UC AmarillolTex. Grandfield Norman Ff. Sill Wichifa. Kan. Noble Tulsa Ark. Kan. Omaha. Neb. Saint Clair Lloyd L. Kay Lynn Louis Robert Jim R. Nancy Clark Ann Elizabeth A. Lynda Lee Margaref J. To'mmiew Lynn Tigursfon Dale Newbern Newby Newman Newman Newporf Newton Nicholas Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols Nickles UC Delia Kappa UC Sigma Alpha UC Pi Beta Phi UC Zefa Tau Alpha Delfa UC UC 56W Thefa Pi Wayne EDSIlon, UC Anadarko Mu, UC Okmulgee UC Tulsa Alpha, UC Pi, UC, San Maysville Norman UC Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Okla. City Mafeo, Calif. Lawfon a . ' - ,4 ow 30b 5. Elizabe1h A. Jerry Max Carolyn Cynthia Gwin Virginia C. Tom L. J. Roberf Nancy Janet Geoff Sherry Kay Wal'rer H. Noqg Nolen Norman Norris Norris Nowofny Oakley O'Bryan Oqlesby Older Oldham Oldring PI Lambda Phi Delfa Gamma Pi Kappa Kappa Kappa Alpha Delta UC Sigma Nu Delfa Upsilon UC Kappa Sigma Alpha Phi UC UC, San Alpha, UC Gamma, UC Pi. UC Chocfaw UC UC. Wash- Arlingfon, UC, Kenib UC Edmonfon, Omaha, Neb. Anfonio. Texl AHus Norman Okla. Cify Bartlesville Ingfon. Pa. Tex. worth, IH. Tulsa A1ber+a,Can. Sandra Kay John P. Janie Lou Richard C. Susan Edward A. Ann Donald W. William G. Beffina Louise Joseph N. Larry D. Oliver O'Neill Orr Ornll Osherwitz OHersfrom Overman Owen Owen Owens Owens Owens UC UC Alpha Delfa Acacia Sigma Delfa Kappa Sigma UC UC . UC UC Alpha Tau Befa Thefa Pi Clinfon Housfon, Tex. PE, UC UC Tau, UC UC Cleveland Seminole Ardmore Okla. Cify Omega, UC UC Okla. City Tulsa Duncan Evansfon, III. Okla. Cify Beaver Shphen Jon Sue A. Leslie D. Gage John B. William R. Charlie 5. Jean Anne Raymond G. Gu WA H. Anne Marie E. Howard Oxenhandler Padgetf Page Paine Panqburn Pansxe Parker Parker Parker Par hursf. Jr. Parr Parsons Pi Lambda Phi DeHa Delfa UC Gamma Phi Befa Thefa Pi Sigma Alpha UC UC . UC UC . UC DeHa Tau UC Delta, UC Newkirk Beta, UC UC Epsilon..UC Tulsa BeckVIlle, Okla. ley Okla. ley Okla. Cify Delfa, UC Sf. Louisl Mo. Okla. City Okla. City Alva Okla. ley Tex. Lawton I53 Tommie 0. Pa rsons UC Ponca City Tracy G. Peck Befa Thefa Pi UC BarHeSVIHe Susan M. Penninger UC Wichifa Falls, EX. Jane E. Pefers Alpha Phi UC. WichHa Falls, Tex. Roger 6. Pierce UC Okla. Cify Edwin F. Pionkowski Sigma Chi UC Wilmeffe, Ill. Bill Pollock Delta Chi UC Lawfon Jay E. PoHer Kappa Alpha UC BarHesville Ann J. Prier Delta Gamma UC Norman '5 Anifa Ma rie Pascoe Chi Omega UC McAlesfer Daniel A. Pedroia UC Piffsburg, an. Sondra Faye Pepper Npha Epsilon Phi, UC Housfon. Tex. Delores Ann Peterson Ellinwood, Kan. Delores June Pierson Kappa Delta UC Norman Paf R. Pifchford Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Lawfon Roberf W. Poor Npha Sigma Phi, UC McAIesfer Kaye Ca rol Poffer Delfa Gamma UC DaHas, Tex. Carol Ann Presser Chi Omega UC Okla. City David E. Ragland Phi Gamma Delfa, UC Madill Fred L. Patrick Beta Thefa PI UC Sapulpa Arf L. Peiffer Alpha Tau Omega, UC Dumas, Tex. Elizabeth A. Pereff Gamma Phi Beta UC TuIsa David C. Phares UC OHa.Ci+y Shirley E. Pietsch UC Housfom Tex. Sylvia R. Piflman Chi Omega UC Okla. CHy Carol Ann Pope Npha Gamma Delfa, UC Norman Dana L. PoHs Alpha Gamma Delia UC OHa. City David L. Pugh UC Wayne, Mich. Frances A. Rahhal Alpha Phi UC Duncan "Lucky" Paul Kappa Alpha hefa, OHa. CHy Dick K. Pemberfon Phi Delia Thefa, UC Okla. City Mary L. Perkins Alpha Chi Omega UC FLWor'rthex. Glenna Phebus Npha Phi U Midwesf CHy Skip Pilh Pi Lambda Phi C Mission, Kan. Judy PIurnmer Gamma Phi Beta. UC Jefferson Cifyl Mo. D'Ann Pope Kappa Alpha hefa, C Lawfon Carolyn D. Powers Kappa DeHa UC Okla. Cify Linda Pulliam UC Norman Pafricia Railey Kappa Kappa Gamma. UC Okla. Cify Roy M. Payne Delta Upsilon UC McAlesfer Ronnie J. Pendergrafi DeHa Tau DeHa, UC Norman Linda W. Perry Kappa Ka ppa Gamma. Tulsa Don Phillips UC Corpus cmmx, Tex. Tom R. Pinion UC Befhany Ralph J. Pogoloff Alpha Epsilon P' UC M Branchburg, N.J. Judith K. Porter UC Tulsa Lyle A. Powers Acacia Wichita Kam Melanie Ann Puryear Chi Omega UC Tulsa James O. Randel Lambda Chi Alpha UC Carlsbad. N.M. Tennis anyone? Paula Van Waggoner and David Gessner shake hands over a game. Payne Phi Kappa Psi UC Okmulgee Linda Kay Pendergrass Jane A. Persinger Sharon Lee Phillips UC Darrouze+t Tex. Harlan S. Pinkerfon Sigma Amha Epsilon, UC Sand Springs Richard A. Pogue Sigma Alpha Epsilon UC Sapulpa Aubrey E. PoHer Pawhuska Melvyn G. Price Sigma Alpha U Tulsa Mary Beth Pyaif DeHa Delia Delia. UC Kingfisher Roberf R. Ray Kappa Alpha UC Tulsa Joe Reber UC Midwest Cify Lucille 6. Rice UC Norman Mary Befh Roberfs Kappa Alpha Theta. UC Shrevepor1,La. Sheila R. Rogul UC Okla. Cify Ann E. Roxen Sigma Delfa Tau, UC Tulsa Ellen Saddoris Gamma Phi Befa. UC BarHevaIIe Sandy S. Sawvell Delta Gamma UC Okla. CHy James Robert Scott Acacia UC Duncan Don W. Reeser Delfa Tau Delfa, UC Enid Ronald D. Rich UC Hooker Coleman L. Robison Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Ardmore Ronel Rolen UC Wewoka Carol Renee Rozen Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Tulsa Guillermo A, Salas UC Mexico City' Mex. HowardA. Schainker PI Lambda Phi UC St. Louis, Mo. Jerry Douglas Scot? S'gma Alpha EpsHon, UC Tonkawa Joe M. Reid Alpha Tau Omega, UC Palos Verdes Est, Calif. James L. Richardson UC Tulsa Philip Irwin Robison UC Dodge City, Kan. Janice Jo Rollins Delfa Delta Delta, UC Okla. Cify Jo ce C. Ru in UC Kansas Cify, Mo. Rifa Salas UC Lawfon Cecil Schenker PI Lambda Phi ,San Anfonio. Tex. Rose Marie Scoff UC Randolph, Tex. John Robert Reid Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Gr.Lakes, Ill. Judy Richardson Pi Befa Phi UC Okla. Cify Julia Ann Robinson UC Okmulgee William W. Rollins Phi Gamma Delta, UC Alfus Ralph W. Rucker Delfa Tau Delia" UC BarffevaHe Sharon Sue Salmon Kappa AIpha Thefa, UC Duran? Judy Scthhf Alpha Gamma Delfa, UC McAlesier Shirley L. ScoH Zeta Tau Alpha, UC Blackwell Virginia L. Raising Al ha Phi uE Okla. Cify Terry Lee Riddle Lambda Chi Alpha,, UC Lawfon Joe Rocket? Befa Thefa Pil UC Drumrig hf Jean Anne Romelrman Gamma Phi Befa, UC Okla. Cify Rufh Ann Rudd UC Hooker Cecilia Ann Samara UC Okla. City Madeline Lee Schnaer Sigma Delia Tau, UC Kam City, Mo. Wilna M. Scott UC Newkirk Bob L. Renberg Pi Lambda PM UC Tulsa Eddie Rider UC Ardmore John W. Rodgers Delta Tau Delfa, UC Bloom'fon, HI. Carl M. Rose uc Okla. cny Mike D. Rudman Pi Lambda Phi UC Sf. Louis, Mo. Presfon E. Sample Beta Thefa Pi UC Sapulpa Rifa Jo Scholem Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Ff.5mlfh,Ark. KiHy C. Seay Chi Omega UC Chlckasha Beverly C. Renegar UC Norman Thomas E. Riggs Delfa Tau Delfa, UC Tulsa Richard C. Rodgers UC Barflesville Suzi Rosen Delfa Gamma UC Midwest CHy Marianne S. Ruffin UC Housfon, Tex. Susa n Sanders Kappa Delfa UC Muskogee Mary J. Schwarfz Sigma Delfa Tau, UC Nashville,Tenn. Maureen C. Segal Alpha Epsilon P i, C Tulsa James H. Reniers Phi Delfa Thefa, UC Tulsa Mike Riley Phi Kap a Sigma, BC Affon Diana Rodriquez UC Wagoner PauleHe L. Rosenberg Sigma Delfa Tau, UC St. Louis, Mo. Kennefh L. Ruggles UC Sand Springs Richard S. Sandler PF Lambda Phi UC 5?. Louis, Mo. Myron D. Schwartz Alpha Epsilon P. UC '1 Denver. Colo. Charles F. Sego Kappa Alpha UC Barflesville Terry Dean Rexroad UC Pampa, Tex. BeH'e Ringrose UC Gufhrie James Melvin Roe UC Wellsfon Susan Lee Rosenberg Alpha Epsilon PhiI UC Joplin, Mo. Ka lee K. Ruzl UC Medford, Ore. Ann Santee Kappa Kappa amma. UC Skiafook Norman J. Schwarh Alpga Epsilon M Lubbock, Tex. Herb A. Seem UC Enid Sfeve W. Rhoades Phi Kappa Psi UC Okmulgee Jerry Risenhoover UC Okemah Clinton Dee Rogers Sigma Chi UC Okla. Cify Janie Ross Chi Omega UC Denison, Tex. Linda Jean Russell UC Kirkwood, Mo. James R. SarreH Alpha, UC Barflesville Sfeve Schwartz Pi Lambda Phi UC Purcell George W. Seibold Phi Delfa Thefa, UC Muskogee Billy Rhodes UC Dallas, Tex. Billie F. Roberfs Pi Befa Phi UC Ff.Worfh, Tex. Janice L. Rogers Chi Omega UC Tulsa Renn Rofhrock Delta Tau Delhi, UC Tulsa Terry M. Rutherford UC Sayre A Rebecca Sauerwein Carolyn Schweers Delta Delfa Delta, UC Tulsa Robert I. Sewell Alpha Sigma i, C Bartlesville David L. Rice Sigma Alpha Epsilon. UC Wafonga Linda Lou Roberfs DeHa Gamma UC Tulsa Linda A. Roggli UC Wafonga Charles Mac Rofhwell UC Colorado Cify, Tex. Charlyne R. Ryland Pi Befa Phi UC Okla. Cify Lee B. Saunders UC Myerstown, Pa. Rifa Ellen Scissors Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Sf. Louis. Mo. Chuck Shadday UC Tulsa l55 John Marder Shane Pi Lambda Phi UC Tulsa Susan Carol Sheffel Alpha Epsilon Phi. Sapulpa Roberf W. Shields Delfa Chi UC, Valley Sfream, N.Y. Nancy A. Shorbe PI Beta Phi UC Okla. City Judy C. Sims Aipha CM Omegal UC Okla. City Joe 0. Sloan UC Nicoma Park John P. Smith Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Annadale,Va. Sandy Jean Smith Gamma Phi Befa. UC Duran? Lucille Soufherland Kappa Kappa Gamma, U Okla. Cify Sharon 6. Spraker Alpha Phi UC Muskogee l56 Myrna Shaner Alpha EpsHon Phi, UC Denverl Colo. John Baker Shaffer Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Hanover, Pa. Sfan C. Shields Befa Thefa Pi UC Okla. Cify Phil A. Shrader Delta Tau Delfa, UC Okla. Cify Leslie W. Sipes UC Midwesf Cify Sfeve A. Sloan Pi Lambda Phi UC Omaha, Neb. Judith Ann Smith UC Okeene John C. Snyder Phi DeHa Theta UC F+.WorThATex. Sfephanie Spech? UC Lawfon Sam D. Sfanifer Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Alfus E. Frank Shanklin UC Vienna, Va. Jerry Lynn Sherman Sigma DeHa Tau, Wharton. Tex. Frances Sheppard Alpha Gamma DeHa, UC Okla. Cify William W, Shepherd UC Okla Ci+y James E. Raynor G. Shipley Shoaf UC Alpha Phi McAlesfer MemphlSIenn. Judi Shuarf Alpha Phi UC Sue Sieh Alpha Chi Omega, UC Housfon, Tex. Kansas City! Mo Charles W. Sisney Sizemore Delta Gamma Lambda Ch? UC Afpha, UC Tulsa Muskogee Pat C. Ba rbara E. Smifh Sigma Delfa au, UC Kansas CHy, Mo. Iginda Beth Marcia E. mifh Smifh Alpha Delfa Alpha Gamma PI, UC DeHa, UC Tulsa Okla. City Roberf F. Snyder Sylvia Soden Gamma Phi Beta UC BarflesviHe UC Midwest Cify Barbara Jo Spencer Alpha Delta Pi, UC Alberf Kennefh G. Speer. Jr. Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Seminole Jane Ann Sfeadley Chi Omega UC Okla. Cify Paul N. Sfanfon Befa Thefa Pi UC Alfus Sherra F. Sherman PI Befa Phi UC Houston, Tex. Naomi Alice Sheppard Alpha Phi UC Lawton Nancy Lou Shoemake Kappa Delta UC Shawnee Marsha Ann Silversfein Alpha Epsilon Phi, University City, Mo. Joe Sue Skirvin Aipha DeHa UC Vinita Fred W. Smith Kappa Alpha UC Tulsa Paul Sfephen SmHh UC Dallas Tex. Carole Ann Sokolov UC Leavenworfh, Kan. Margie L. Spencer Gamma Phi Beta, UC Lawfon Trude Jeanne Steele PE Befa Phi UC Norman Ronnie Baker looks on as Coleman Robison aims for a side pocket Suzie Shaw Delfa Delfa Delta, UC Okla. ny Judith C. Sherman Npha Chi Omega, UC Parls, Tex. Shirley Shoemake Alpha Phi uc Okla. cxty Charles S. Sims Phi Kappa Psi UC Holdenville Jim L. Slaughfer UC PauIs Valley Jana Smith Kappa Kappa Gamma. UC Okla. City Richard A. Smifh UC Mounfawn View Paul R. Soule Sigma Nu UC Tulsa Susan I. Spielberg Sigma Delfa Tau, Sf. Louis. Mo. Jerome R. Sfegman UC Lexingfon Park, Md. Bill Sfeger UC Duranf Nancy Sfockwell UC Okla. City Vicki Lee Suderman Delta Delta Delfa, UC BarflesviHe Jerry Frank Taintor UC Pam pa, Tex Nancy J. Teague UC Okla. Cify Sherry Thomas UC Dumas, Tex. David N. Thorp UC Kansas CHy, Mo. Mary Jane Turnbull Kappa Alpha Thefa, UC Frederick Bren? L. Siein Sigma Alpha U. Dallas, Tex. Howard M. Stoler PI Lambda Phi UC Omaha, Neb. E. Jackson Sullivan Phi Gamma Delfa, UC Okla. Cify Janice Tallanf UC Frederick Bill 6. Teed Phi Kappa Thefa, UC Okla. Cify Teresa A. Thomas Gamma Phi Beta, UC Ponca Cify Janef E. Tice Alpha Gamma Delfa, UC Okla. City C. Lynne Turner Chi Omega UC Tulsa Miriam L. Sfein UC Lawfon Gerry Sfoller Sigma Delfa Tau, Dallasl Tex. Judith Ann Sullivan UC Okla. Cify Bill W. Talley Kappa Alpha UC Hobarf Julia Ann Teeqersfrom UC Shamrock, Tex. William F. Thomas. Ill Si ma Nu uE Tulsa Charles H. Tippif Kappa Sigma U McAlesfer Tommy R. Turner UC Tulsa Jackie J. Sfephens Alpha Phi UC Sf. LouisI M04 Jay A. Sfolper Pi Lambda Phi UC Ponca Cify Walfer M. Sufherland UC Ff. Sill Judy A. Talley Kappa Kap a Gamma, U Norman J. Jolene Terrel Bill 6. Thompson Ph? Gamma Delta, UC Okla. City John Samuel Tifus. Jr. UC Fairfax, Va. Ralph James Tufhill Ka ppa Sigma UC Okla. CHy Michael R. Stephens Phi Kappa Psi UC Muskogee Nancy Sfone Delta Gamma UC Tulsa Sherrye Suffon Delta Gamma Midwesf Cify Sharon Tankersley Ka ppa Al pha Thefa, Newman Karen 5. Terry Darrell R. Thompson UC Lexingfon Edward H. Torcom Phi Delta Theta, UC Evansfon, III. Sfan Tyler Phi Gamma DeHa, UC Guymon David A. Stephenson UC Okla. Cify Sue Ellen Sfoneman Kappa Kap a Gamma, U Okla. Cfiy Vance M. Swaim Delfa STQma Phil UC Ponca Cify John P. Tanfon Delta Tau Delfa. UC Okia. Cify Pairick A. Terry UC Norman John C. Thompson uc Okla. Cify Leonard W. Trachfenberg Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Seminole Roberf T. Uda Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Kailua, Haw. Leslie Grace Sfernberger Sigma Delta Tau, C Memphis,Tenn. Ka ren L. Sfonis Delfa Gamma UC Okla. Cify Evelyn A. Swan Kappa Delia UC Wichita, Kan. Carolyn Joy Tarses Alpha Epsilon Phil C Housfon, Tex. Mary Ann Thacker Alpha Delfa Pi UC A;dmore Kaie Thompson Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Mp!s., Minn. Gloria Tracy Delfa Gamma uc Okla. cny Digna B. rl Chi Omega UC Tulsa Dianna Sfevens Alpha Chi Omega, UC Befhany Gerald D. Sfowers UC Owensboro, Ky. Elilabefh Sue Swanson Kappa Kappa amma. UC Barflesville Larry D. Tashlik Alpha Epsilon Pi, UC. New York, N.Y. Anita Louise Thomas UC Pauls Valley Marilyn R. Thompson Delta Delfa Delta, UC Lawfon George 0. Trickel Phi Delfa Thefa, UC Tulsa Mike E. Vaclaw Sigma Npha Epsilon. UC Barflesville Tom 6. Sfevens UC Okla. City Bob J. Sfubblefield Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Tulsa Roberf E. Swarfz UC Ocean City, N.J. Helen E, Taylor Alpha Chi Omega. UC Midwest Cify Chrisfine L. Thomas UC Ff. Worfh, Tex. Michael D. Thompson UC Hampfon, Va. Sandra Kaye Trouf UC Pryor William D, Van Allen UC LIHIe Falls, NY. James W. Sfevenson UC Muskogee John W. Sfurges UC Norman David R. Sweqer Delfa Sigma Phi, UC Des Moines, la. John W. Taylor Kappa Alpha UC Tulsa John S. Thomas UC Wakifa Tommy M. Thompson Sigma Nu UC BarHesviHe Phil Truss Phi Gamma Delia, UC Okla. Cify Gary L. Van Anfwerp UC Muskogee Ronnie D. Sfewarf UC Prague Gary Clinfon Siuh UC Seminole Frances Tabor Gamma Phi Befa, UC Tulsa Kaye Taylor Alpha Chi Omega. UC Seiling Linda L. Thomas Kappa Alpha Thefa, UC Tulsa William E. Thompson uc Okla. City Befw Truffman Alpha Phi UC McAlesfer Lesfer Fra nk Van Dyke UC Tulsa Lance Stockwell Si ma Nu U Okla. Cify Sidney J. Sudberry Delfa Delfa Delfa, UC Ada Jerry Anne Tadlock UC Norman Phyllis A. Taylor Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Anadarko Roy Edward Thomas Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Okla. Cify Merrily Thornton Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Dallas, Tex. Nellie Clare Tucker UC Eafonfon, 6a. Karen Van Hooser UC OHa. Cify I57 Paula Lee Van Wagoner Delta Gamma Dallas, Tex. Judy M. Vickers Delta Gamma UC Okla. Cify Eleanor K. Walinsky AI ha Epsilon P UC '. Ff.Wor+h,Tex. Jim Lee Ward Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Muskogee Gene T. Wafson aigma Chi Tulsa Thomas M. Weaver Lambda Ch? Alpha, UC Hobbs, N.M. Myron J. Weinberger Sigma Alpha Mu, C Okla. Cify Don D. Welch Sigma Chi UC Tulsa Cookie J. hifa Delta Gamma UC Okla. Cify Cynfhia Wicksfrom Chi Omega UC, New OrleansI La. l58 George R. Vaughn Delfa Tau Delta, UC Okla. City Sa ndra G. Vickers UC Fairvlew Connie S. Walker Kappa Delta UC Norman William L. Ward UC Norman Margo? D. Wafson UC Okla. Cify William J. Webb UC Norman Mim Weiner UC Des Molnes, la. Pahicia F. Weller UC Midwesf City James R. White Delta Tau Delta, UC Norman Renee Widdifield Gamma Phi Befa, UC Okla. City Grady H. Vaughn Sigma Chi UC Dallas, Tex. Jess L, Vinf Phi Gamma Delta, UC Tulsa James C. Walter Sigma Alpha EpsilonI UC Elk City Curfis Dale Warffeli UC Pufnam Bryant Watts Ph'w Gamma DeHa, UC Madill Dana F. Webber Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Okla. CHy Terry L, Weiner Sigma Delfa Taul UC Kansas Cify, Mo. Bonnie Lee Wells Gamma Phi Beta, UC urcell Jeanne White Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Okla. City Margaret A, Widman DeHa Delfa DeHa, QC Memphis, Tenn. Enid B. Venger Sigma Delfa Tau, Omaha, Neb. Sharon Joyce Vivion UC Wagoner Fred F. Waltermire UC Perry Ca rolyn L. Warmoufh UC LiHle Rock, Ark. Pefer M. Way Phi Gamma Delta, UC Housfon, Tex. Wayne Webster UC Wayne Paul R. Weinsfein Pi Lambda Phi U Housfon, Tex. Judith C. Wells Alpha Chi Omega. UC Dallas, Tex. Margaret L. Whimng Alpha Phi U Ff. Sill John P. Wiewel Kappa Alpha UC El Reno Jerry James Vernon UC Okla. City Linda L. Voyles DeITa Gamma UC Madlll Frank B. Walfers Delta Kappa Epsilon, UC Okla. CHy Sally Washburn UC Midwest Cify Chris Weaver Kappa Sigma UC Okla. CHy David R. Weicherf. Jr. UC Tulsa Paul A. WeisblaH Sigma Alpha u, UC Ff. Worfh, Tex. BeHe L. Wheeler Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla. Cify Dennis Whifilesey Kappa Sigma UC Sapulpa Paul R. Wiley Lambda Chi Alpha. UC Ff. Sill Ed Massey helps Jim Worfhingfon make +he im- porfanf decision of which coa+ +0 buy. Ann Elilabefh Vesely Pi Befa Phi UC Okla. CHy Junifa Jean Wade Alpha Gamma Delfa, UC Duncan Betfe Jo WanNa nd Kappa Alpha Thefa, UC Tulsa Marcia Jo Weaver Chi Omega UC Dallas, Tex. Celle M. Weinberg Sigma DeHa Tau, UC Tulsa Linc-Ja Welssman Sigma Delfa Tau, Sf. Louis, Mo. James Whisnand Delta Upsilon UC Lawton William E. Wicks UC Bridgeport onn. Carl F. Wilkerson UC Norman Susan E. Wilkerson Gamma Phi Befal UC AHus Samuel L. Williamson Delfa Tau Delfa, UC Okla. Cify Larry H. Wilson. Jr. Phi Gamma Delta, UC Tulsa Bruce T. Wolff Pi Lambda Phi, UC Housfon, Tex. James R. Worthing1on UCl Great Bar- ringfon, Mass. Harry M. Young Phi Kappa Psi UC Norman Dick J. Wilkins, Jr, Delfa Tau DeHa, UC Okla. Cify Mary Wilhbrand Kappa Delfa UC Norman Marty Nell ilson Alpha Chi Omega, UC Tulsa Paf Wolff Houston, Tex. Jane Ellen Wofring Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla. City Herberf C. Young Sigma Alpha Mu, UC, West- porf, Conn. Berta Wllhams Pi Beta Phi UC Tulsa Bill L. Willis Delfa Tau Delta, UC Midwes'r City Roberf H. ilson UC Okla. Cify Jerry M . Wood Delfa Tau Delta, UC Garland, Tex. Lois H. Wray Pi Befa Phi UC Shreveport La. James.M. Young UC Shawnee Denis A. Donna Jo Williams Williams UC . Chi Omega WIChH'a, Kan. UC Midwesf Cify R. Nolen James David Willis Willsey. Jr. Delfa Upsilon UC UC El Reno Tulsa Roxanne Sondra G. Wilson Windle Gamma Phi UC Befa, UC Mangum Phillips, Tex. Leonard J. Sally Jo Woods Wood UC UC Wynnewood Tulsa Brenda G. Janjes Writh erth Npha Gamma UC DeHa. UC Lawfon Tulsa Lee C. Trisha 5. Young Young Lambda Chi Pi Befa Phi Alpha. UC UC Mf. Grove, Mo. Dallas, Tex. Doug Williams Phi Gamma Delfa, UC Woodward C. Roy Wilson UC Lubbock, Tex. Joe A. Winfield Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Loco Suzanne M. Wood Gamma Phi Beta, UC Muskogee Lawrence A. Wrighf Befa Thefa Pi UC Seminole Sue Zander Sigma Delia Tau, Nashvillefenn. Harold M. Williams UC BismarckI .D. ClaudeHe Wilson uc Okla. cm, Susan Carol Winge'r UC Sapulpa John F. Woodruff algma Nu Housfon, Tex. Russ W. Wyand UC Laverne Hal D. Zelaxny Pi Lambda Phi, UC Dallas, Tex. James F. Williams Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Seminole Charles W. Wilson Delta Upsilon UC Ardmore Richard L. Winn UC Ada Sharon A. Woddruff UC Tulsa Stanley M. Wyaff, Jr. Delfa Kappa Epsilon, UC MonroeI La. Mary E. Zeller Des Moines, la. Janice D. Williams Alpha Chi Omega. UC Norman Dana Jane Wilson Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Frederick Sandra L. Winters Gamma Phi Befa, UC Okla. Cify M a rfa Lyn n Woods UC Taloga Marsa Gail Wynn Alpha Delfa Pi, UC Norman Daniel M. Zellmer UC Cordell Stephen R. Williams Delta Tau Delfa, UC Norman Jay D. Wilson UC Cushing Mary V. Wisdom uc Okla. c1+y Jeff S. Woodson Eigma Chi Norman Ronald L. Yanish UC Denver. Colo. Roberf N. Zoblofsky Sigma Alpha Mul UC Norman Gary B. Williamson Sigma Chi Shawnee Johanna Wilson Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Berger, Tex. Ellison H. Wifiels Pi Lambda Phi, UC Okla. City Jack Woodwa rd Siqma Nu UC Fairview James A. Yoder Acacia UC Dalharf, Tex Lyn Zorbis Sig ma Delta au, UC Lawfon John S. Williamson UC Ardmore Keith L. Wilson UC Lone Wolf Kennefh R. Wolfe UC Wilson Branf Worfhingfon Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Midwesf Cify Faye Young UC Okla. City Judi Zurovsky Sigma Delta au. Kan. CIfyl Mo. FIRST ROW: Barry Albert Fr., Okla. Cify: Tod F. Almquisf. EX, Fr.. Norman. ASH: W. A. Baker, EAR, Jr., Borger, Tex.; Rober+ W. Bechfel, Sr., Amarillo, Tex., AGNH Donald L. Ben- son, Sr.. Cherokee, AGFP; Dick A. Blakeley. KA. Fr., Okla. Cify. SECOND ROW: James T. Blanfon, SN, Fr., Pauls Valley; J. Edwin Carman, tPFA. Sr., Brisfow, qf'AA' Pres of Law Class, Bd. of Gov. of Sfudenf Bar Asso., ALSA Repm Richard H. Champlin. 4A9, Sr.. Enid, Sr. Law Class Pres., $AA. Pasf Pres. of Sr. Class; William T. Comfort EN. Sn. Midland. Texa dDAH; Leslie L. Conner, BHH, Fr., Okla. Cify: Paf CorbeH, Jr., Wich- Hal Kans. THIRD ROW: Johnny C. Corona. Fr., Wilson: J. F. Cosiello. Jr., EX. Jr., Lindsay: Joe H. Crosby. $KE. FL. Lawfon, EMl Dad's Day UAB Comm. Pop Series; James W. De Mik, Aca- cia, Fr., Lansing, HL: Larry D. Derryberry, HKA, Fr., AHus, $1121; Richard L. Dugger, Fr., Hammon. FOURTH ROW: Jack R. Durland, Jr., 4T5. Jr., 0H5 CHy; Charles Leonard Fagin. ILMbv Sn. Okla. Cify. QJAA, Ed. of Okla. Law Review: Richard W. Gable, $3.9, Fr.. Tulsa! TBH, ET, IITE; George K. Glass, Acacia. Fr., Bafon Rouge La.: Sidney J. Gorelick, 21AM. Sr., Tulsa. lFAA, COR Repr.. UAB Repr.. HIHeh Jon F. Gray. AT-X. Jr., Pauls Valley, WM. FIFTH ROW: Phillip R. Greaves, Fr.. Barflesvme: Richard L. Griffith. 4TA, Fr.. Dallas. Tex.; Robert R. Hamilfon, Sr.. Okla. Cify. Aerb; Eddie Harper, EX, Fr.. McAlesfer; Dick 6. Harris, KA. Fr., BarHesville, Tennis; Harold K. Haxfon. Sn. Gofebo. A9? Wesfminsfer. SIXTH ROW: John R. Hughey, K5, Sn, Weleefka. ODK. 1123A dhAA. IFC: Joe R. Kennedy. dTA, Fr. Muskogee; Larry B. Lucasl K3, Fr., Pofeau Pres. of 13439. V. P. of Pep CounciL EM, SHE, Pres. of Sr. Class: Denver W. Meacham. dTA. Ft. Clinfon; V. Bryan Medlock, Jr., 3911, Jr., Ada: Harry Merson, IIAdx Sn. Okla. Cify. SEVENTH ROW: Roy B. Powell, Jr., Wilburfon: Roberf A. Price, K3, Soph, Okla. Cify; Jack Querry, Sr., Tonkawa. AWE HXA, Young Demos.: Henry R. Raskin, HAW, Fr,, Tulsa; Gary W. Sibley, Fr.. Claremore, Bus. Mgr. of Band, ASH, Kler' Band Press, Roberf C. Spurlock, KA, Fr., Ff. Worfh. Tex. EIGHTH ROW: Frank Raymond Sfone, EX, Fr., Hobbs. N. Mex.: Rober'r L. Vaughan, Jr.. Norman: David K. Williams, I ATQ, Fr.. Ardmora 4413, Accfg. Club, UAB: Fred M. We- werka, Sr.. El Reno, IbA-X: James R. Winnie, Jr., WyandoHe, $AA, ODK: John C. WilliamsI EN, Fr., Jackson. Miss. Alberf Almquisf Baker Bechiel Benson Blakeley Blanfon Carman Champlin Csmforf Conner Corbeff Corona Cosfello Crosby De Mik Derryberry Dugger Durland Fagin Gable Glass Gorelick Gray Greaves Griffith Hamilfon Harper Harris Haxfon Hughey Kennedy Lucas Meacham Medlock Merson Powell Price Querry Raskin Sibley Spurlock Sfone Vaughan Williams, D. Wewerka Winnie Williams, J. Gene T. Bonner and Roberf Baker discuss a case af+er courf wifh Dr. R. Dale Vlief. I60 i e, FIRST ROW: Alan J. Couch, Richard Penix, Walter Bower, J. Edwin Carman, Alfred P. Murrah, Jr., Norman Perkins, Deanna Burger, Richard Street, Dennis Ryan7 Frederick J. Hansen, Doug Peacock, Charles Heard, Richard H. Champlin. SECOND ROW: James LeGrand, John R. McKee, Patrick Brown, Robert R. Hamilton, David K. Simpson, Joel Schmidt, Joe A. Williams, Bill Webb, Bill Boston, Bob Scarbrough, Harry Merson. THIRD ROW: Owen Wilson, Tom Wakeley, Harold K. Haxton, Lewis E. Darrell, Michael B. Silva, Frank A. Greg- ory, Matt Kane, Henry P. Rheinberger, Robert H. Macy, Sidney J. Gorelick. FOURTH ROW: Sam VVithiam, Harry Smith, Francis Mayhue, Bill Harris, Sid Clarke, Fred M. Wewerka, Orva L. Peck, James Jessup, Mort Loar, Ed LeLouis, Charles Neal, Charles Fagin. FIFTH ROW: Jack Querry, John Huey, Pat Mann, Lester Henderson7 John Taber, Donald L. Benson, Harry Ells, Charles E. Holmes, Lonny Long, James H. Dillard, Jerome L. Hemry. SIXTH ROW: Edward Parry, Fred An- derson, Dennis MeCaffery, John Clifton, Gene Bonner. SEV- ENTH ROW: Vince Nathan, Joel Carlson, Jack Cain, Ralph Thompson, Milton S. Nickson, Bill Comfort, Ed Morton, Jim Iverson. SENIOR LAW CLASS Sends Winning Moot Court Team to National Finals The senior law class of 1960-61 is the largest group to graduate in a decade from the University of Okla- homa college of law. In addition to social activities and class projects, the senior class sent their winning moot court team to New York City for the national finals. Members of the team were Dusty Bonner, Dan Batchelor and Jerry Salyer. Officers of the class are Dick Champlin, president; Mat Kane, vice-president; Bill Comfort, secretary, and John Hughey, treasurer. Honor council representatives are Jack Cain, Bill Boston and Fred Hansen. Chester A. Smith served as marshal. FRESHMAN LAW CLASS First Year Law Students Outline Objectives for Year Freshman law students are those who have completed 90 hours of pre-law or hold a bacheloras degree. At a Class meeting, the law students set forth the fol- lowing objectives: assist in bringing the outstanding law school award to Oklahoma, set up permanent class or- ganization to maintain contact among class members Members of the freshman law class are A. P. Aberson, B. Albert, J. Alexander, P. S. Alexander, T. F. Almquist, M. D. Andrews, D. Austin7 K. D. Bacon, J. L. Belt, D. A. Blakeley, J. T. Blanton, R. F. Boyles, D. K. Brown, D. D. Brunson, C. R. Buhrman, L. M. Burton, D. K. Cargill, J E. Cartwright, K. W. Caywood, A. M. Coats, R. W. Collier, L. L. Conner, R. C. Copeland, J. C. Corona, J. F. Costello, A. J. Couch, C. R. Craig, J. H. Crosby, S. L. Cunningham, A. T. Dalton, J. W. DeMik, L. D. Derryberry, D. R. Dickey, J. W. Dickey, R. E. Dixon, W. J. Doyle, R. L. Dugger, A. J. Duncan, J. S. Dun- can, J. R. Durland, J. 0. Ellis, L. L. Field, J. M. Fish, R. W. Cable, F. Gillespie, G. K. Class, T. J. Gordon, J. E. Gotcller, S. L. Graham, T. G. Graves, P. R. Greaves, R. L. GriHith, J. C. Hardwick, P. E. Harper, R. G. Harris, R. A. Harris, J. W. Helley, J. H. Hepburn, T. P. Hester, K. E. Holmes, L. M. Holmes, R. G. Homer, B. A. Huey, C. G. Humble, P. S. Hurst, D. 0. Johnson, S. H. Johnson, J. 0. Jones, J. R. Ken- after graduation, remodel and decorate student lounge in law school basement, and locate summer job oppor- tunities for freshman Class members. Officers of the freshman class are Joe Semrod7 presi- dent; Dick McKnight, vice-president; Ken Holmes, sec- retary, and Jim Sneed, treasurer. nedy, J. S. Kerr, W7. B. Kice, L. H. Kirkland, M. C. Klem, P. W. Kyle, N. A. Lamb, J. M. Lambert, N. Landa, C. E. Le- Force, P. H. Leonard, G. W. Lookadoo, J. Z. Lucas, L. B. Lucas, J. T. Maatsch, M. G. Mahannah, J. R. McCandless, T. J. McDaniel, R. D. McDonald, C. H. McElroy, T. B. MC- Gee, R. L. McKnight, D. W. Meacham, G. R. Melson, L. G. Merritt, A. J. Mills, B. C. Mitchell, H. Mitchell, J. R. Moore, B. J. Moran, W. P. Morgan, D. C. Nelson, J. M. Nelson, W. W. Nelson, C. O. Nolley, W. L. Oliver, W. F. Parrish, J. M. Perry, J. W. Pielsticker, D. E. Pray, H. R. Raskin, P. W. Reed, J. L. Riley, J. M. Robinson, R. T. Ross, C. L. Sammons, H. T. Sandlin, F. H. Seay, T. J. Semrod, C. J. Sharpe, G. W. Sibley, R. A. Skinner, J. L. Sneed, R. C. Spurlock, D. E. Sterba, F. R. Stone, P. A. Tharp, R. L. Thompson, B. H. Upp, E. E. Wal- deck, J. M. Walker, J. N. Welch, W. W. Wells, F. W. Wewerka, J. A. Wideman, D. K. Williams, J. C. Williams, J. B. Wood- son. Phi Alpha Delta Maintains Memorial Lending Library to Provide Books for Law Students FIRST ROTV: Harry Ells, William E. Tucker, Edward L. Morton, J. XV. Rizley, Paul Murrah, Pat Mann, Bill Leonard, Scott Nickson7 Sidney Gorelick, Dennis Ryan. SECOND ROW': xValter Bower, Wayne Harrist Jon Cray; Morton Y. Loar. John Board, Joe A. Williams, J. Edwin Carman, Lester Henderson, Melvin Bellt. THIRD ROW: James R. Winnie, Fred M. VVewerka, Lewis E. Darrell. James H. Dillard, Edward C. LeLouis, Richard H. Champlin. FOURTH ROW: Sid Clarke, Dan Tucker, Michael B. Silva, Harry Merson, Jack R. The John Marshall Harlan chapter of Phi Alpha Delta legal fraternity was established at the University of Oklahoma 011 May 20, 1916. Since its creation Har- lan chapter has provided both social and intellectual opportunities for its members. F requent parties sponsored by the fraternity offer a refreshing break in the law school routine. Regular luncheon meetings allow the members to plan future activities and provide a pleasant contact with the chap- ter alumni practicing law in every part of the state. The Graham B. Johnson, Jr., memorial lending li- brary is maintained and operated by Phi Alpha Delta. This service to the law school makes expensive law books available, without cost, to many students each semester. All law students are eligible to apply for books and more than sixty deserving students received Lawrence, Gil Gaddis, Joel Carson. FIFTH ROW: Thomas M. VVakely, Orva L. Peck, Charles Fagin, Sam Withiam, Owen Wilson, Bill Newton. SIXTH ROW: John R. McKee, Jack Cain, Ralph C. Thompson, Ernie Day, William Art Baker. SEVENTH ROW: Charles L. Heard, Jerry A. Karam, Bryan Medlock, Jim Dolman, Don Hamilton. EIGHTH ROW: Dean Williamson. John L. Clifton. Neil Stanfield, George McCaHrey, H. L. Smith. NINTH ROTV: Bill Comfort, Monty Bratcher, David Simpson. Henry Bouncy. requested books during the first semester. The group sponsored an alumni coffee during Home- coming weekend and provided an initiation team to assist in the recent installation of a new Phi Alpha Delta chapter at Oklahoma City university. John Marshall Harlan chapter was Chosen as the most outstanding Phi Alpha Delta chapter in the nation during the 1960-61 school year because of its many ac- tivities and contributions to the college of law. The Chapter was presented a plaque by the national oHicers to commemorate this recognition. The fraternity was headed the first semester by Paul Murrah, justice. Other oHicers were Pat Mann, vice- justice; Bill Leonard, clerk, and Scott Nickson, treas- urer. Phi Delta Phi Promotes Scholarship, Friendship and High Attainments in Legal Profession FIRST ROW: Robert Baker, Jerry Salyer, Dusty Bonner, Bob Wilson, Matt Kane, Dr. R. Dale Vliet, Bob Jones, Bill Cheek. SECOND ROW: Dale Curtis, Jerome Hemry, Henry Rhein- Sneed, Mike Reed, John Hayes, Vince Nathan, Jack Gamblin, Pat Pugh, Dan Batchelor, Tom Capshaw, Norman Perkins, Ed Adams, Bob Tawney. berger, Dick Sonberg, George B. Fraser, Ben Stockwell, Earl Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity was established in 1869 at the University of Michigan. The OU chapter is one of 74 undergraduate inns. There are also 52 barrister inns with a total membership that exceeds 50,000. OHicers are C. Robert Jones, president; Matt Kane, secretary; Jerome L. Hemry, treasurer; Jerry L. Salyer, historian; Bob Wilson, rush chairman, and Dr. R. Dale Vliet, faculty sponsor. Requirements for membership provide that a student must have been in the upper 20 per cent of his class scholastically during the previous semester. Members are encouraged to maintain high standards of scholar- ship and pursue high standards of legal ethics in their professional practices. A current project is the establishment of the Dr. John Beggs Cheadle memorial fund for the purchase of books pertaining to Indian land titles in Oklahoma for the college of law library. Under the direction of Ed Adams, members also as- sisted this year in the cataloguing of books in the law library. Purposes of Phi Delta Phi are to recognize and pro- vide social contact among the top scholars in the college of law, to encourage high scholastic achievement, give service to the college of law and foster an understand- ing of legal problems. Members meet from time to time as necessary. Initi- ation for new members is held each spring in the Okla- homa supreme court chambers in the capitol building. It is followed by a dinner-dance for members and their dates or wives. I63 Delta Theta Phi Provides Fellowship, Social Activity and Scholastic Aid for Student Members FIRST ROW: Jack Querry, XVilliam R. Bandy, Richard Penix, Bill Boston, Frank Gregor, Harold Haxton. To promote high scholarship and legal learning and to unite fraternally the students of law are the noble purposes of the Edmondson senate of Delta Theta Phi legal fraternity. The OU group is one of 59 student senates and the organization has 47 alumni senates. It was founded in 1913. The list of ofhcers includes Bobbie R. Scarbrough, dean; Hal L. Grider, viee-dean; John D. Solomon, Clerk of the rolls; Max Scarce, clerk of the exchequer; Rex K. Travis, master of the ritual; Nelson E. Ralston, bailiff; William C. Boston, Jn, tribune5 and William Bandy, faculty sponsor. Each new member must have a satisfactory academic standing and his membership must be for the better- ment of the fraternity. Projects include the preparation and editing of a law SECOND ROW: Bob Scarbrough, Hal Grider, Dennis McCaf- fery, Don Benson, Fred Anderson, Robert Hamilton, Doug Peacock. school directory each year. Members also promote a program of instruction and assistance for freshman members of the law school. Luncheon meetings are held alternate Thursdays in the student union. Distinguished Delta Theta Phi alumni who have been guest lecturers are Judge Elvin J. Brown, district court, Norman; Judge Hez J. Bussey, court of criminal appeals; judge Kirksey Nix, court of criminal appeals; Justice Pat Irwin7 Oklahoma state supreme court, Lt. Gov. George Nigh, Justice N. B. Johnson, Oklahoma state supreme court, and Clee Fitz- gerald7 attorney, Stillwater. A special social event is the annual smoker held by the alumni senate in the Skirvin hoteli Oklahoma City, for freshman and student senate members. The group also holds a fall banquet and spring banquet-dance for new pledges. The University of Okla- homa School of Medicine plays a vital role in the future health of Oklaho- mans and Americans eV- erywhere. These dedi- cated students travel a long, well-Charted path from pre-med course to internship. The faculty assumes the task of inte- grating instruction in ba- sic sciences and clinical phases of medicine. But the student must provide the energy, intelligence and desire to become a responsible member of a cherished profession. Ap- plicants t0 the med school must meet rigid requirements and the best facilities are provided for their training. Graduate study is emphasized with the facilities of the Okla- homa Medical c e n t e r available for this use. In addition, the OU med school features a program for seniors who serve un- der state physicians. I65 - I u u . m meaw-W, CHILDREN'S MEMORIAL HOSPITAL UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL LL LL Li: +1 P PF F VETERAN' HOSPITAL can of the School of Medicine Dr. Mark R. Everett, director of the medical center, dean of the school of medi- cine, and professor and chairman of the department of biochemistry, has been awarded membership in the Oklahoma Hall of F ame, honorary SC.D. from Bucknell university, and has been appointed member of the executive council of the Association of American Medical colleges. He also has been named to the Oklahoma Medical Sciences Hall of Fame. Associate Deans and Directors PHILLIP E. SMITH, Sc.D., Associate Dean-Student Affairs Associate Dean of the Graduate College MS. degree from the University of Illinois Sc.D. degree from Johns Hopkins 5. N- STONE M.D. JOSEPH M. WHITE, JIL, M.D. Associate Dean-Clinical Instruction M.D. degree from the University of Pennsylvania I.S. degree in surgery from the Minnesota Graduate School of Medicine Associate Dean Specia1 Training and Research Program M.D. degree from Southwestern Medical college MS. degree from Iowa State university L mug, I69 DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY FIRST ROXV: Don Coal- 0ND ROW: Kenneth M. Richter, John F. Lhotka, Laurence sun, Ernest Lachman7 Alice M. Brues, John E. Allison. SEC- G. Gumbreck, Carmen H. Daron, Kenneth K. Faulkner. The Facuhy DEPARTMENT OF CYNECOLOGY FIRST ROW: Albert J. Mintzer, Joseph W. Funnell, J. B. Ballina, Joseph W. Kelso, chairman; George H. Jennings, James B. Pitts, JL, Dan L. Vaughn. SECOND ROW: Howard Snmtherman, W. K. Hartford, Hollis E. Hampton, John F. Kuhn, John J. Coylea Farris W. Coggins, Lynn W. Abshcre. DEPARTMENT OF M E D I C I N E FIRST ROW: Arthur Elliott, Kelly M. West. James A. Hagans, Stewart Wolf, JL, Adrian Kyriakopoulos, Natoo Patel, R 0 b c r t Furman. SECOND ROW: Leonard P. Eliel, Oren Skouge, William O. Smith, Henry Turner, Paul Condit, Robert C. Lawson, Robert A. Schneider, Bert Keltz. THIRD ROW: George L. W'inn, H. T. Avery, Carl Smith, Rich- ard M. Burke, Mervin Clark, James R. Ricks, Jack D. Welsh, William Ishmael. FOURTH ROXV: William W. Schott- staedt, James R. Hammarsten, Philip C. Johnson, W. W. Rucks, Chesterfield G. Gunn, Julien Bahr, William Pugsley, Jim Hampton. FIFTH ROW: Tom Lynn, Robert S. Ellis, Allen R. Hennes, David C. Mock, Loyal L. Conrad, George N. Berry, Byron L. Bailey, Min- ard F. Jacobs, Johnny A. Blue, Richard G. Hahn, Palmer Howard. DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHIATRY FIRST ROW: Boyd K. M. Pierce, Robert A. Schneider, Jay T. Shurley, Herbert H. Lester, C. V. Ramana, Samuel M. Meyers, Mrs. Katherine Hud- Janszen, Franklin Nelson, C. C. Cunn, Floyd S. Cornelison, son, Mrs. Mary Sloan, William J. Dickerson, Oscar A. Parsons, JL, Stewart G. VVoIf, Louis Jolyon West. Alfonso Paredes, Gunter R. Haase. SECOND ROW: Chester DEPARTMENT OF MICROBIOLOGYiLEFT TO RIGHT: Frances G. Felton, Robert A. Patnode, John R. Sokatch, Mar- Edwin C. Bracken, L. Vernon Scott, Alexander H. Woods, tin M. Cummings, Florene C. Kelly, John M. Hale. The Faculty DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY-FIRST ROW: R. A. McLauChlin7 R. B. Men- guy, C. R. Williams, J. A. Schilling. SECOND ROW: A. H. Bell, C. H. Wilson, L. J. Bernard, M. K. DuVal. THIRD ROW: I. O. Pollock, F. H. McGregor, N. W. Woodward, R. L. Murdoch. FOURTH ROW: J. M. Campbell, S. J. Binkley7 A. E. Greer, W. L. Felton, C. A. Tollett. FIFTH ROW: J. R. Riggall, C. F. McDonnold, E. E. Cooke, C. M. OaLeary, J. F. Mes- senbaugh. SIXTH ROW: R. T. Sturm, L. H. Brown, C. Robison. P. D. Erwin, K. K. Boatman, I. H. Brown, C. S. Campbell, W. 0. Coleman, Ancel Earp. DEPARTMENT OF OTORHINOLAR- YNGOLOGYiFIRST ROW: Sylvester R. Shaver, Jose R. Rigual, Richard Cummings, Lee K. Emenhiser, chairman; Alvaro J. Espinosa. SECOND ROW: Robert Brownell, Ethan A. Walker, Jr., R. L. Casebeer, 0. Alton Waton. DEPARTMENT OF ORTHOPEDICSiFIRST ROW: P. Pa- D. Brown M. Margo, S. Moore, J. Stacy, R. Harris. THIRD lumbo Wm. King, J. Sisler G. Frank S. Jack, W. K. West ROW: J. Messenbaugh, R. Payne, Jr., C. Monnet J. Spencer, D. H. ODonoghue H. Shorbe C. R. Rountree. SECOND R. Smith, Wm. Harsha Wm. Waldrop, E. Maier, R. Holt. ROW: C. Rockw,00d Jr., S. Sfier, Wm. Waskowitz, R. Starts, i DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY-LEFT TO RIGHT: P. T. Condit, R. Caputto, R. E. Trucco, H. N. Kirkman, Mark A. C. Kurtz7 P. W. VVigler, P. B. McCay, O. B. Houchin, E. G. R. Everett. Larsen, P. Alaupovic, A. T. Bevcr, M. S. Shetlar, Fay Sheppard, The Facuhy DEPARTMENT OF OPHTHALMOL- OGY FIRST ROW: Joe Henkc, T. V. Custom, J. R. Reed, Dr. Ferguson, James Luton, Dr. Carnier. SECOND ROW: D011 Marsh, Ray Balyeat, Jr., Robert King, Charles Royer, Dr. Blair, Dick Clay. THIRD ROW: J. M. Elliott, W. W. Sanger, W. R. Collins, Robert Camp- bell, Coy McClure. DEPARTMENT OF RADIOLOGY FIRST ROW: P. E. Russo, Ernest Lachman, J. T. Boggs, G. R. Ridings, Richard Price. SECOND ROW: L. J. Rahhal, H. W. Mankin, E. H. Kalmon, B. E. Mulvey, R. E. Johnston. THIRD ROW: D. C. Lowry, C. G. Coin, Mel- vin C. Hicks, Walter Coin, S. M. Classer, Robert Sukman. DEPARTMENT OF UROLOGY-FIRST ROW: M. Appleton, Dr. Don Branham, Jim Taylor. SECOND ROW: Bill Blanch- ard, Don Alberts, Benton Dawson, Jess Mil- ler, Jim Beck. THIRD ROW: Barney Limes, Joe Collins. Lucien Kavan7 Jim Boyle, R. C. Emmett. LEFT TO RIGHT: J. D. Guin, T. E. Nix, Jr., P. Jones, DEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGY- FIRST ROW: Anton Lindner, William E. Juques, W. Jeanne Green, Hazel Mc- Gaffcy. SECOND ROW: Hidco N21- miki. Henry T. Russell, James P. Dewar, Norman K. Lee, Rudolf E. Eyerer. DEPARTMENT OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE AND PUBLIC HEALTH- FIRST ROW: Samuel M. Meyers, Olivia M. Smythe, Margaret E. Cwinn, Wilson D. Steen, Barbara F. Braden, Margaret F. Shackelford. SECOND ROW: Her- bert B. Hudnut, Thomas N. Lynn, jr., Maurice L. Peter, Grady F. Mathews, MdVilson Warren. Noah T. James, Ar- thur N. Springall, Robert C. Lowe7 Jo- seph B. Goldsmith, Raymond D. Crews, C. U. Cunn, VVillialn W. Schottstacdt, Kirk T. Mosley, Hilliard D. Estes. M. A. Everett. Dr. Coffey, J. H. Lamb. W. Jones, J. W. Swan, P. G. Shackelford, Wm. R. Loney. The Facuhy PEDIATRICS RESIDENTS AND IN- TERNLFIRST ROW: Mary Abbott, Jack Roane, Hugh Graham, Armond Start. SECOND ROW: C. E. Shissler, Steve Friedbsrg, Robert Drewry, Mary Punfenney. THIRD ROW: H. W. Buck, Irwin Jones, Dan Harvey, Dick Earnest, Harold Stout. I73 d; 1-sz El3 DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY-LEFT TO RIGHT: A. J. Stanley, J. M. Dabney, J. W. H. Smith, M. J. Keyl, R. O. Bird7 C. C. Cunn. DEPARTMENT OF PEDIATRICS FIRST ROW: Marjorie Keele, Her- bert V. L. Sapper, Harold W. Buch- ner, E. C. Bracken, J. Neil Lysaught Harris D. Riley, Chairman. SEC 0ND ROW: Jerome D. Schaffer Bertha M. Levy, Samuel Sepkowitz, H. Wallace Vandever, Ben Nicholson, George I. Lythcott. THIRD ROW: Doman K. Keele, Lillian M. Noke, Sidney Schnitz, Lucius Waites, Claude H. B. Brown. FOURTH ROW: Neil Kirkman, Glen Cayler. I74 DEPARTMENT i 3 OF ANESTHESIOLOGY LEFT TO Irvin Hamburger, Peter Welt, Frankie N. Nations, Joseph M. White, chairman. DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOLOGY FIRST ROW: Paul W. Smith, R. W. Payne, John A. Blaschke. SECOND ROW: Robert F. Redmond, John H. Cogerty, William B. Stavinoha. DEPARTMENT OF OBSTETRICS FIRST ROW: Milton J. Serwer. chair- man; J. B. Eskridge, III, Harry L. Deu- pree, Delbert C. Smith. SECOND ROW: John W. Records, vice-chairman; Joe Coley, Sam W. Hendrix, Thomas C. Points, Davis T. Hunt. . Mary I. Abbott . Narendrajit Singh Ahuwalia Petar .Alaupovic : Donald D. Albers . IIohn E.Alliso11 . gmes Charles Amspacher ubert M. Anderson . Robert L. Anderson . Robert Douglass Anspaugh . Meredith Marcus Appleton . Robert Edward Ashley . Harry '1 hompson Avey, IIr. . Iulicn W. Bahr . Bruno yron Louis Bailey Balke . Ikmes Bautista Ballina ay Morton Balyeal . Ray M. Bal eat, .17 . Marcus S. arker . Nasry Fayad Vander Barkeu . George Newton Barry . Robert Hebard Bayley . James M. Behrman . Austin Holloway Bell James Preston Bell . Henry Garland Bennett, II1'. . Howard A. Bennett . Paul C. Benton . Stanley E. Berger . Joseph Bernard . Arley Tunis Bever, IIr. . Charles Max Bielstein . Harold Jacob Binder James Garfield Binkley . lllamas Samuel Binkley obert Montgomery Bird I c11110111 1131 Blair . Shatteen . $ohn A. alock Blaschkc erget H. Blockson, IIr. : Carman Eddythe Bloedow A. Blue ighnn . arl enneth Boatman . Charles David B odine . lIgames Thomas Boggs enneth Earl Bohan : John Louis Boland, Jr. Sister Mlary Bonaventure, M. S. ill1am Lawrence Bond . William Lawrence Bonham . George Bouthilet . Wayne . James tantonn Boyle . George S Bozalis . Everett C. Bracken . Barbara F. Braden . Vance Arthur Bradford . Charles M. Brake . Donald Wilgon Branham Earl M. Bncker I Charles M. Brodie . C. Alton Brown . Claude H. B. Brown . David R. Brown . Forest Reed Brown George M. Brown, Jr. . Irwin H. Brown . Leonard H.Browr1 Alice M. B rues I Harold w. Buchner . Richard Michael Burke . 1Ltflm Flack B urton erwm Thomas Buxton . William Turner Bynum Leo F. Cailey I 011111111 Sadler Campbell . thn Moore Campbell, III obert E Campbell . Ranwel Capulto . Ikohn Merwm Carey Richard Everett Carpenter . Robert Lawrence Casebeer . Charles Wesley Cath ey . IIames Iackson Caviness . Glen Cayler . Paul B. Cham lin . Norman Allce hanoe . Louis Harrv Chamey . DavidO. Ch ilders . Mervin Leslie Clark . Robert T. Clark . Richard Allen Clay Ted Clements, Jr. : Cyril Ebert Clymcr IIohn Hatchet! Clymcr . Robert E. Coalson . Farris Webb Co gins . Howard Murdoc Cohenour . Carl C. Coin . Walter IIames Coin . Wil Iiam Omer Coleman . IIoe chrv Coley D1' 1'. IIer. Collins Dr. Dr. Dr. William Robert Collins IIohn P.Colmo1'c Iames Robert Calvert aul Taylor Condit gnnie Connery Loyal Lee Conrad : Everette Ellis Cooke . Waller Robert Cooper, 11'. . Vernon Corder . Floyd S. Cornelison, Jr. . Iames Paul Costeloe ullos Oswell Coston . Donald Counihan . James Alphonso Cox . Iohn II. Coyie : William ancy R an Craig Craig . Rowland F. Crane . Sterling Thomas Crawford Raymond Drake Crews . Marion IIoe Crosthwait . Martin M. Cummings . Earl Richard Cunnmgham . Rah" Ashby Cunningham ay E. Curie r.rVe1-n0n D. Cushing Dr 1. John Richard Danstrom Dr. Garmon Harlow Daron . Frank E. Darrow . Paul R. David . Kieerr D. Davis Clarence Benton Dawson D . Charles Francis DcGaris D . Charles Earl Delhotal . Harry Linnell Deupree . James K. Devore Dr. Iohn Woodrow DeVore amcs P. Dewar, Jr. arrell C. odson, IIr. . Carl Rug? Doering D . Roy W onagh e . John I. Donnell . Hubert Eugene Doudna D . Will 1am Jackson Dowling . Albert R. Drescher . Mary Loretta Duffy . James L. Dunagin . 1UIJhn Hartwell Dunn D erlin K. DuVal, II1'. . Ancel EarpII . William ELigar Easlland . Rheba H Edwar s D . Norphleete Price Eley . Leonard P. Eliel . Arthur Furman Elliott . Robert Smith Ellis . Lee Kenneth Emenhiscr . Paul D. Erwin . games Burnett Eskridge ames Burnett Eskridge, III . Hilliard D. Estes Winfield Evans D . Mark Allen Everett . Mark Reuben Everett . Rudolf Emil Eyerer . Herman Fagin . Ellis Edwin Fair D . Edward M. Farris . Emil P. Farris D . Kenneth Keith Faulkner . Frances G. Felton D . Warren L Felton dmund Gordon Ferguson D . Pearl D. Fisher . William Patton Fite . Elizabeth P. Fleming D . Marion A. Flasher . William Nason Flesher Iohn Florence D . Hervey Adolph Foerster . Virgil Ray Forester Louis S. Frank . Leon C. Freed D . Charles Louis Freede . Charles W. Freeman D . Athol Lee Frew, Jr. . Wallace Friedberg . Geor c .Friou . Iosep Funnell obert Howard Furman . James Jackson Cable, 11'. . Tom Si d Gafford . William Hampmh Garnier . George Harry Garrison . Frank G. Catchell . David Jackson Geigcrman . Ella Mary George D . Samuel M. Glasser . Marvin Brown Glissman D . Paul William Coaz D . John Harry Cogerty D . Ira Goldber . Ephriam C0 dfain D . Joseph B. Goldsmith . Rufus Quitman Goodwin . Harold Roy Cravellc . Charles E. Green . J$mes Albert Green . ilma Jeanne Green . Allen E. Greer . IereD uin . Laurence Cable Cumbreck . Chesterfield Garvin Gunn George Henry Guthrey Margaret E. Gwinn M. S. Dr. Gunter Roland Haase D . Harold Waton Hackler Dr. James A. Hazans Dr. Richard G. Hahn Dr. Raymond F. Hain Dr. John Milton Hale r. Clark Homer Hall Dr. Irvin Glenn Hamburger Dr. James F. Hammarstcn Dr. Hollis E Hampton Dr. aswell Paul Haney, II. Dr. Ralston R. Hannas, Jr. Dr. Leon Harowitz Dr. Russell D. Harris D . William S. Harrison Br. William Norris Harsha 1'. Dr. Charles M. Harvey 1'. rCracc Clause Hassler Dr. George Thomas Hauty Dr. Basil Aucgustus Hayes LilahB Dr. AlfregI ACllen Hellams Dr. Arthur Alfred Hcllbaum Dr. Walter Scott Hendren Dr. Sam W. Hendrix Dr. Joseph Reid Henke llen R. Hermes Dr. Joseph Ted Harbelin Dr. Robert E. Herndon Dr. less Duval Herrmann Dr. Melvin Claude Hicks Dr. Harrv Gray Hightowcr Dr. Virgil Thomas Hill Dr. Robert Graham Hirschi Dr. Ernest Freeman Hiscr Dr. Lillian Marie Hoke Dr. Everett Neal Holden Dr. Robert Perry Holt Dr. ?mes Wilburn Hampton Walter Kenneth Hartford The . William F. Hood, IIr. . Bernard Horn . Ollie B Houchin . Jack Van Doren Hough . Robert Bruce Howard . Robert Mayburn Howard Palmer owar : Herbert Beecher Hudnut Katl Fred G. Hudson ierinc Kaufman Hudson Dick Howard Huff . Max N. Hufiman . Davis T.Hu11t . DeWitt T. Hunter . L. Virginia Hunter Luiese Husen . Gilbert Louis Hymop . P. F. Iampietro . John Damel Ingle . William Knowlton Ishmael . Minard Fricdbcrg Jacobs . Herbert H. . William E. anszcn aques George H . Jennmgs . Klause JJensen Wth Jcter tar IIocl . Mark R. Johnson Mair Richard E. Johnston 16 C. Jones, M. 5. .Th llis Emmaline Jones ert W. Kah n : Edmond H Kalmon, IIr. . Lucien C. Kavan . Doman K. Keele . Marjorie S. Keele . Wilbur Flo d Keller . Iames W. ell ey lorene Cora Kelly . Joseph Willard Kelso . Bert Fletcher Keltz . Stanley M. Kemler . Herbert Kent . Rex E. Kenyon . Larson Russell Keso . M. Jack Key! . IIohn Walter KC 5 I N111 imball e Henry . K1merer COT . Robert Wallace King . Henry N. Kirkman . C. Frank Knox, IIr. . David I. K raft . Robert Lewis Kramer . Carl Kriegcr, IIr. . IIol 1n Frederick Kuhn . Alton Clair Kurtz . Turan Ahmet Kutkam . Adrian Kyriakopoulas . Ernest Lachman . . Everett Samuel Lain . IIohn Henderson Lamb . Wann Langston . Earl G . Larsen . Robert C. Lawson . Norman K. Lee . William R. Lemmon . Charles Edward Leonard . Samuel B. Leslie Boyd K L ester . Bertha Marion Levy . IIohn Emmett Lewis . Dave Bernhard Lhevine . Iohn Francis Lhotka, II1'. ichard E. Lincoln 1 Robert D. Lindeman . Ray Harvey Lindsey . Forrest Merle Lingenfelter . Achilles Courtne . Lero . Leo Lisle Downing ong owbeer . Robert Chester Lowe . James R. Lowell . David C . Lowry . Dick Moss Lowry . William A. Loy . Emanuel Nathan Lubin . James Polk Luton . Walter Archibald Lybrand . Thomas 1 Lynn, . IIames Neill Lysaught . Geor e I. Lythcott Earl uwain McBride . Stanley R. McCampbclI . Paul Baker McCa . Coyc Willard Mc lure . Wiley Thomas McColl11m . VVilham George McCrclght . Joseph C. MacDonald . George Fred McDonnold Hazel L. McCaHey . Frank Harrison McGregor . Lawrence Chester McHenry . Robert Doreck McKee . lIess Mack McKenzie obert A. McLaughlin ' .Philip Marsden McNeill H.ugh Francis Maguire .Edwin R. aier .Haven W. Mankin Marvin K. Margo Joanne Marianas. M. S. D . Carl E. Magshall . Harry Martin . Joseph L. Martin Joseph Thomas Martin . IIohn Barrey Massey . Walter H. Massion . Maude Merle Masterson . Grady Fred Mathews . Newman Sanford Matthews . Reuben Hilton Mayberry . Robert Harold Mayes . James E. Mays, Jr. . Robert Charles Mayfield . Eric B. Meador, IIr. Factu Dr. IIsseph Fife Messenbaugh obert P. Messinger Samuel M. Meyers, M.A. D . Thomas Harvey Miley . James R. Miller . Jess E. Miller . William A. Miller . David C. Mock . Iohn Fay Mommy crman C . Moody : CliHord W. Moore Samuel Tu mer Moore . James Floyd Moorman ohn Barnhart Morey oberWesse Morgan alker Morledge . fichn . obert Dean Morrison . Kirk Thornton Mosley . Harold C. Muchmote . Bert Ernest Mulvey . William James Mummery . Edward Robert Munnell . Raymond Lester Murdoch . E. Cotter Murray . Sam N. Musallam . Elmer Ray Musick . Robert Emmett Myers . Hidco Namiki . Frankie Nell Nations . Kenneth W. Navin . Victor R. Neal Roy L. Neel . Franklin Nelson Ben Hamllton Nicholson . Thomas E. Nix, . Ray Ulman Nort rip . Charles F. Obermann . Larry . Don . Charles Marion 0 Leary . Iamcs Newton Owens, Jr. .0 Brien oratio O Donoghue loyd A. Owens . Alfonso Paredes . Rile . ice arion Parker W. Park ohn Martin Parrish Jr. amela Prentice Parrish . R. Gibson Parrish . Oscar Albert Parsons . William R. Paschal . Natoo C. Patel . Robert Arthur Patnode David Dare Paulus Dr r. Richard Weston Payne Thelma Pedersen M. A. Dr. Maurice L.Pete1' Dr. Dale W. Peters Vera I. Peters, M.A. D . Robert R. Phillips . IInhn Coneland Pickard . Chester M. Pierce . Iames Burton Pitts, Jr. Paul E. Plowman . Thomas Craig Points . Harold R. Pollock . Ira O. Pollock Carroll Monroe Founders . George Townley Price . Richard B. Price Moorman Paul Prosser . William S. Pugsiev Dr 1'. Lindberg II. Rahhal lhomas S. Rav, M. . D . John William Records . Robert F. Redmond Herman Reece . IIaimes Robert Reed . Francis Joesph Reichmann . William H. ReiH . William Branch Renfrow . Charles Lee Reynolds II1'. . George E. Reynolds, . Sylvia 0. Richardson . William R. Richardson . Kenneth Murrell Richter . IIames Ralthicks, Jr. us Ray R1d1ngs . Joseph Anton Rileger D . IIack Lee Riggall . Iames D . Iosc Rafael Rigual Riggall arris Rilev, Ir. : Robert Alvin Rix, IIr. . Galen P. Robbins Dean Robertson . Edwin N. Robertson, IIr. . John M. Robertson . John Harrison Robinson . Clarence Robison, II1'. IIoe 0. Rogers. LL.B. . William Gerald Rogers . Charles Ross Rountree . Charles Abraham Royer William Ward Rucks, Jr. D . George T. Russell Henry Thomas Russell . Sumner Russman . Peter Ernest Russo . Bob Iack Rutledge . Nell J. R an . Fenton A mer Sanger Welborn Ward Sanger 1'. Herbert Victor L. Sapper . John A. Schilling Edna Schmidt, B.A. D . Helen Hughes Schmidt . Arthur Schmidt . Robert A. Schneider . Sidney E. Schnitz Mary Frances Schottstaedt . William W. Scholtstaedt D . Carl Emil Schow . Wayne H. Schultz . Lawrence Vernon Scott . Anna T. Scruggs . Samuel Sepkowitz . Milton IIohn Serwer Dr. wrome Daniels Shaffer Dr. ard Loren Shafier Dr.Sylveste1' Robert Shaver Fay Sheppard M. S. Dr. Mary Virginia Sawyer She pard uzafer Sherif . Marvin R. Shetlar . Richard C. Shjfrip . Edward E. ShirchH', Jr. . Kenneth W. Shons . Howard Bruce Shorbe . Jay Talmadge Shurley . William Hale Simon Harry Fields Singleton . Vernon V. Sisney . Oren T. Skouge . William F. Slagle . Harold C. Sleeper Mary N. Sloan . Byron F. Smith . Carl W. Smith . Charles Andrew Smith . Charles E. Smith Jr. . Delbert Gilmore Smith . Paul Winston Smith . Phillip Edward Smith Ralph Argyle Smith . Viv1an Sweibel Smith 1'. William O Smith ivia M. Smythe, M.S. . William Thomas Snoddy . ames Byron Snow . . ohn R. Sokatch . Edward Easton Soule . Harlan Keith Sowell . Robert W. Spepcer . Arthur N. Sprmgall . Henry Ernest Spuehler . IIohn Raymond Stacy Gregory Everett Stanbro . Allan IIohn Stanley . Leo Joseph Starry . William B. Stavinoha . Carl T. Sleen . Wilson David Steen . Frank William Stewart . Samuel Newton Stone . Hugh Albert Stout . Lawrence Stream . William Edgar Strecker Robert Theodore Sturm . Alfred R. Sugg . Robert Sukman . Pei Chin Tang . Hooshan Taybi . A. Nicho 5 Ta lor . Iim Mabury alor . Lewis Carroll aylor oy W. Tced . IIames Barrett Thompson . Sterlhen Wright Thompson ham Best Thompson . Lowell F. Thornton . Lal Duncan Threlkeld . Albert C. Tipton, II1'. . Charles Albert Tollett . S. Fulton Tompkins . Charles Donovan Tool . Robert Irvine Trent . David K. Trikes . Raul Exteban Trucco . Henry Hubert Turner . Rolf .I- Ullestad . Harry Wallace Vandever . Paul Merton Vickers . Theodore G. Wails Lucius Waites . William L. Waldrop . Ethan Allen Walker, Jr. . Iames Robert Walker . Vernon C. Ward . MCWilson Warren . O. Alton Watson Dr. Lois Lyon Wells Shirley L. Wells, . . Dr r. Iack Dar le Welsh . eter J. .Welt . Kathrvn L. West . Kelly McGuHin West . Louis Iolvon West . Willis Kelly West . Margaret Doepfner Wettstein D . Preston G. Wheeler . Joseph M. White, IIr. . Oscar Rogers White . Carrvl W. Wiggins . Paul W. Wigler . Harry Wilkins . George Rainey Williams . Charles Hugh Wllson George Louis Winn . Stewart George Wolf, IIr. . I011 11 Powers 0 . Alexander H. Woods . Neil Whitnev Woodward . Wilfred E. Woolridge . Bertrand Ray Worsham . Leroy David Wright . IIohan Adolf Wulff . Richard Wyrick r Douglas A. Yeager . C. IIack Young Mary C. Zahasky, B.S. Dr. Basilus Zaricznyj Preceptors, School of Medicine Dr. Malcolm Mollison Altu Dr. EdwardT. Cook,11'. Anadarko Dr. E. A. McGrew Beaver Dr. E. C. Lindley Duncan Dr. GeorgeA. Tallant Frederick Dr. L. A S. Johnston Holdenville Dr. Tom L. Wainwright Mangum Dr. C. K. Holland McAlester Dr. Lynn C. Barnes Nowata Dr. .I- A. Graham Pauls Valley Dr. Cody Ray Pawhuska Dr. Robert B. Gibson Ponca City Dr. Robert W. Lowrey Poteau Dr. W. C. McCurdy, Jr. Purcell Dr. Walter H. Dersch, II1'. Shattuck Dr. George B. Gathers Stillwater Dr. Burdge F. Green Stilwell Dr. Joe L. Duer Woodward Dr. Edward T. Shirley Wynnewoo Asmciaye. Preceptors, School of M edtcme ALTUS Dr. i: H. Abernathy Dr. red W. Belker Dr. H. N. Bossey Dr. Joan K. Hiett Dr. James Holman Dr. Irby Dr. ayne Starkey Dr. John Walker ANADARKO Dr. John B. Miles Dr.A.C.Robe1-son BEA VER Dr. Ed L. Calhoon Dr. John W. Marks Dr. Orby L. Butcher, IIr. DUNCAN Dr. Jack Gregston Dr.E ..H Lindley Dr. D. C. Ryan FREDERICK Dr. Wm G.Harvcy, Jr. Dr. kick- D. Honaker Dr. Johnson Dr. J. Polk F ry Dr. C. Curtis Ailcn HENRYETTA Dr. Floyd Hubbard Dr. Gene Johnson HOLDSNVILLE Dr. .H. Cramhlet Dr. H.V .SchaH Dr. RoyceC. McDougal Dr. T row MANGUM Dr. Dwight E. Pierson Dr. Fred S. Sellers MCALESTER Dr. B. H. Brown Dr. C. M. Brown Dr. C. E. Lively Dr. ..L Norman DLE H. Shullcr Dr. Thurman Shuller Dr. F. D. Switzer Dr. H. C. Wheeler NOWATA Dr. 0. L. Grigsby Dr. $ohn R. Reid Dr. enton Thomas r. Ray Spence P$UrLS VALLEY DER. Nash Byrd ay H. Lindsey Dr. Hugh H. Monroe Dr. John M. Moore Dr. RayE. Spence PAWHUSKA Dr. Ed A Brashear Dr. Rex W. dDa.I;qu cny Dr. Richard Dr. WilliamA. Loy Dr. WcsleyT. Manning Dr. William Mays PONCA CITY Dr. Robert W. Gibson POTEAU 1'. 1'C. S. Cunningham Dr. R. L. Winters PURCELLG Dr. W.G Long Dr. W. Tex Stone SHATTUCK Dr. RichardH. Burgtorf Dr. Floyd S. Newman Dr. M. Haskpll Newman Dr. J. .I- Sm1th STILLWATER Dr. Powell E. F ry Dr. Leon C. Freed Dr. Robert E. Roberts Dr. Harold R. Sanders Dr. Haskell Smith STILWELL Dr. WilliamZ. Cook Dr. Robert Currie WOODWARD Dr. Myron C. England Dr. I. D. Fetzer D1.R.G.0bermille1' Dr. C. W. Tedrowe Dr. R. Whiteneck WYNNEWOOD . John William Shackelford Margaret F. Shackelford, M S. Dr. Paul D. Shackelford . Rene Menguy . Robert D. Mercer Dr. Carlton E. Smith Henryetta Dr. M. E. Robberson Dr. Walter L. Honska 1'. .I- V. Simmering Dr. hie Mitchell Dabncy Dr. Frederick Redding Hood Dr. arty Anthony Daniels Alexander, J. Beckloff Brill Clark Deshan Edmonds Franz Hale i Alexanden R. Bell BuHeson Crockeff Desmuke Farr Fuller Haunschild Allenworfh Blackburn Caldwell Danel Dorr Fiizgerald Gaspar Hays Anderson Bowlan Carlile Dean Dycus Franken Gorena Hogue Afkin Bradford Cha pman Dehart Easf Franklin Hackney Ingels FIRST ROW: John Robert Alexander. Tulsa. OU; Roberf Lin Alexander, Jr.. Okmulgee, OU; Edward Wayne Allenswor'rh, Brisfow, Cenfral Sfafe CoHege: Lanny Gorden Anderson. Wewoka. OU; John Drew A+kin, Grainola. OU. SECOND ROW: Gerald Lee Beckloff, Okeene. Universi+y of Kansas: Rober+ Frank Bell, Seminole. OU: Roberf Neil Black- burn, Cushing. OU: WaHer Lewis Bowlan. Oklahoma Cify, Cenfral Sfafe College: Regan Howard Bradford, Lawfon. OU. THIRD ROW: Melvin Leon Brill, Lawfon. OU: Michael Ned Burleson. Prague. OU; Delmar Roy Caldwell. ShaHuck. OU: William Finley CarlileI Tulsa, Tulsa Univers?+y; Frank Deuel Chapman. Cleveland, OSU. FOURTH ROW: Ronald David Clark. Tulsa, Tulsa UniversH'y: William Anders CrockeH, Oklahoma Cify. Cenfral Sfafe Col- lege: Joe Randolph Danell Red Oak Norfheasfern Sfafe Col- lege: Charles Edward Dean, Tulsa, OU; OHie Wayne Dehar+, Heavener, OU. FIFTH ROW: Presfon Warren Deshan. Tulsa. Tulsa Univer- sify: Lamar Donald Desmuke. Muskogee, Wayne Sfafe Uni- versify: Clyde Hudson Dorr, Oklahoma Cify. OU: David Dy- cus. Elk Ci+y, OU; William R. East Oklahoma Cify. OU- SIXTH ROW: Paul Edmonds. Befhany, Befhany College: Charles H. Farr, Oklahoma Cify, Cenfral Sfafe College; Dean Turner Fifzgerald. Tulsa. Tulsa Universify; Edmund A. Franken. Shawnee, 31'. Louis Universify; Ann Franklinl Okim homa Cify, OU. SEVENTH ROW: Roger Franz. Enid. OU; Alan M. Fuller. Lawfon, OU; Harvey Gaspar. Oklahoma Cify, OU; Aden L. Gorena. Jr.. Brownsville Tex.. TU: John Hackney, Wakifa. OSU. EIGHTH ROW: Charles Hale, Ponca Cify, OU; Charles D. Haunschild, Jet OU: Harrison F. Hays. Oklahoma Cify, OU; Rober+ Hogue, Jr., Cherokee. Norfhwesfern Sfafe College; George William Ingelsl Normam OU. FIRST ROW: Joe Bob Jarman. Tulsa, OU: Charles L. Jobe, Jr.. Oklahoma Cify, OU: Kennefh L. Koehn, Orienfa. Phillips Univer- sHy: Thomas L. Llewellyn. Tulsa, Tulsa UniversH'y; Paul Lough- ridge. Ardmore, OU: Richard Elwood Mansfield. ManhaHan, Kans.. Kansas Stafe Universify; June Carolynn MayI Owasso, Norfheasfern Sfafe College. THIRD ROW: Vicior W. Neugebauer. Fairview. OU: CrockeH H. Page, Oklahoma Ci+y. OU; Bernie Parsons. ldabel. OSU; Lufher J. Sfrickland. Oktahoma Cify. Universify of California: Jack Dean Powell, Cleveland. OU: Terrill E. Price. Jr.. Jones, OU: Jerry Lee Puls. Tulsa. Indiana Universify. FIFTH ROW: Jane Self. Tulsa. Norfheasfern Sfafe College; Rob- er+ Paul Shaver, Oklahoma Ci+y, OU; Charles Joseph Shaw. Bur- bank, OSU; Dale B. Sherrod, Oklahoma Ci+y. OU: John R. Slighf. Barflesville, Wesfminsfer College: Henry P. Smifh. Sfroud, OU; John I. Smifh. Tulsa. Tulsa Universify: Rober+ M. Smifh. Okla- homa Cify. OU. CLASS OFFICERS DALE SHERROD JOHN ATKIN GEORGE INGELS Presiden+ . Vice-Presiden+ Secrefary-Treasurer SECOND ROW: John Edwards McAllisfer. Muskogee. Northeast ern Sfafe College; Warren S- MerriH, Norman, OU; Grimfh C. Miller, Sapulpa. OU: James MooreI Tahlequah, Norfheasfern Sfafe College; Roberf R. Moose. Tulsa. Tulsa Universify; Willard B. Moran. Jr.. Shawnee. OBU: James Doyle Morgan, Ponca Cify, OU. FOURTH ROW: David Reigel, Jennings, OU: Roberf Max Rich- ard. Harmon, OSU; Vic'ror L. Robards. Jr., Tahlequah. Nor+hwesin ern Sfafe College: Gloria Akin Rogers, Oklahoma Cify, OCU: Kenne+h A. Rogers. Jr., Oklahoma Cify, OCU; Monfey L. Rofhen- berger. Chesfer, OSU; David Moore Selby, Enid. OU. SIXTH ROW: Kennefh G. Plummer, Anadarko. OU; Lowell N. Templer, Mangum. OU; Harold Dean Thiesson. Gofebo, Soufh- wes'rern Sfafe College; William Edward Van Buren, Monison, Cen- +ral S+a+e College: Sfanfon Lee WiHer, Sfillwa+er, OSU: Ted Wallace Wolfe. Cushing, OU: Milfon R. Workman. Tulsa. OU; Phillip Jay Wrigh'r. Cordell. OU. Jarman Jobe Koehn Llewellyn Loughridge Mansfield May McAllisfer Merriff Miller Moore Moose Moran Morgan Neugebauer Page Parsons Sfrickland Powell Price Puls Reigel Richard Robards Rogers, 6. Rogers. K. ROH1enberger Selby Self Shaver Shaw Sherrod Slighf Smith, H. Smifh, J. Smith. R. Plummer Templer Thiesson Van Buren WiHer Wolfe Workman Wright I77 Albrighf Baylor Blankenship Chaffield Culwell Elkins Glomsei HrdIicka Alexander Beckloff Boren Close Daffer Elliott Gooch Hughs Baggeff Bergman Bottomley Corley Davidson Felacfu Grisham Hunter Bare Bernhardt Burr Cordum Donaf Flesher Harper Hurd Barlow Biehler Camp Couch Earls Garner Haslam lson FIRST ROW: John D. Albrighf. Leedy. OSU: Thomas C- Alexander. Okmulgee, OU: Rex T. BaggeH, Oklahoma Cify, OU: Lawrence E. Bare. Tulsa, Cenfral Sfafe CoHege; Ronald S. Barlow, Barflesville, Befhany Nazarene College. SECOND ROW: Richard A. Baylor, Oklahoma Cify, Cenfral Sfafe College; George N. BeckloFF, Okeene, Soufhwesfern Sfafe College: Donald R. Bergman, Miami, OU: Keifh I. Bernhardt Omega, Soufhwes+ern S+afe College; Larry Bieh- lerI Omega, $ou+hwes+ern Sfafe College THIRD ROW: Jerry Blankenship, Frederick, OU: Paul G. Boren, Oklahoma Cify, Centre! Sfafe College; Rober+ G. Bo++omley, Tulsa. OU: Donald C. Burr. Pauls VaHey. OU; Carl D. Camp, Cleo Springs. OU. FOURTH ROW: Rober+ B. ChafHeld, Tulsa, OU; John H. Close, Oklahoma Cify, OU: Ber+ Corley, Sallisaw, OU; My- ron Cordum. Davenport Cenfral Sfafe College. Jim C. Couch. Duncan, OBU. FIFTH ROW: Don W. Culwell, Norman, OU: Ernesf DaHer. WHson. OU: Harold Davidson, Hydro. OU: Paul Donaf, Shawnee. Cenfral S+a+e College: Jim H. Earls, Shawnee, OBU. SIXTH ROW: Ronald C. Elkins, Ponca Cify, OU; Charles C. EllioH, Tulsa Norfheasfern S+a+e College; James Felacfu. Tulsa. Tulsa Universify: David A. Flesher. Oklahoma CH'y. CenfraI Sfafe College: James H. Garner. Sfillwei'er, OSU. SEVENTH ROW: John L. Glomsef, Oklahoma Cify. OU: Lloyd D. Gooch, Gufhrie, OSU: Phillip L. Grisham. PurceH, OU: Jack Harper, Frederick, OU; Gilberf Haslam. Ana- darko. OU. EIGHTH ROW: Larry Hrdlicka, Eufaula. OU; Dale R. Hughs. Nine Norfhwesfern S+a+e College: Roberf E. Hun+er. Oklahoma Cify, Cenfral S+a+e College; Eric R. HurdI Clare more, Tulsa Universi+y; Lee A. Ison. Shawnee. OBU. FIRST ROW: George Jay. Oklahoma Cify, OU: Grady L. Jefer. Alfus. OU; Charles D. Kelly. Clin+on. Sou+hwes+ern S+afe College: Nem Kelly. Elk Cify. OU: Torn KendallI Holdenville. Cenfral Sfafe College: William Kilgore, ldabel. OU; EvereH King, Duncan, OU: Joseph Kopfa. Tulsa. OU: James H. LifHe. Oklahoma Cify, Cen- fral Sfafe College. THIRD ROW: Elaine M. Neill. Enid, Phillips Universify; Thomas O. Nickles. Oklahoma Cify, Cenfral Sfafe College: Ronald Orr. Anadarko, Be+hany Nazarene College: Herman C. Piffs. Fairfax, Norfheas+ern Sfafe College; Leonard A. Poplin, Kansas. Norfh- easfern Sfafe College; Tony G. PuckeH, Clinfon, OBU: Lavern Rafliff, Red Rock, OSU: Jerry D. Razook, Cherokee. Norfhwes+ern Sfafe College: James 5. Reed, Tulsa. Wesfminsfer College. FIFTH ROW: David Smi'rh. Sfroud. OSU; Roger Smiihpefer, Geary, OU: Henry K. SpeedI Sayre, OU; N. Russell Stacey. Woodward, Phillips Universify; Danny Sfehr. Clinfon, OU; Dan T. Sullivan. Okmulgee. Cenfral Sfafe College; James R. Taylor, SHII- wafer, OSU: Larry Taylor, Carnegie. OU. CLASS OFFICERS Presidenf . - . . . . TOM NICKLAS Vice-Presidem . JIM LITTLE Secreiary-Treasurer . ELAINE NEILL SECOND ROW: Max Lorenz. Tulsa. OU: Charles L. McCarver, Wis+er. OU; Mack I. McClain, Oklahoma Cify. OU: Pafrick A. McKee. Tulsa. Tulsa University: Harvey Michael, Oklahoma Cify. Cenfral Sfafe College: James V. Miller. Oklahoma Cify. OU: George Moore. Sfillwafer. OSU; Omar V. Morgan. Tahlequah. Norfheasfern Sfafe College: J. ScoH Morrisonl Prague. OUA FOURTH ROW: Don Reid. Oklahoma Cify, OU: John H. Rempel, Oklahoma Ci+y, OU: Freddie Reynolds. Ponce Cify. OU; Joe Bills Reynolds. Gofebo. OU: David Rogers. Oklahoma Cify. OU; Ken- nefh R. Scivally. Hollis. Soufhwesfern Sfafe College: Eddie B. Scoggin. Alfus, OU: Richard D. ScoH, Tulsa. Tulsa Universify: Ramon Shane. Henryeffa, OU. SIXTH ROW: H. C. Townsley, Oklahoma Cify. OU: Lanny F. Trof+er, Oklahoma Cify, OU; Michael Whalen, Oklahoma Ci+y. OU; Travis E. Whi+e. Alfus. OSU: Boyd 0. Whiflock. Kaw Cify. OSU: Thomas L. Whifseff. Tulsa, California lnsfi+u+e of Tech nology; Dave WillhaHe. Lawfon, OBU; George Woofan. Okla Homa Cify, Cenfral Sfafe College. Jay Jeier Kelly, C. Kelly, K. Kendall Kilgore King Kopfa Liffle Lorenz McCarver McClain McKee Michael Miller Moore Morgan Morrison Neill Nickles Orr Pitfs Poplin Puckeff Rafliff Razook Reed Reid Rempel Reynolds. F. Reynolds. J. Rogers Scivally Scoggin ScoH' Shane Smifh Smifhpefer Speed Sfacey Sfehr Sullivan TaylorI J. Taylor, L. Townsley Troffer Whalen Whife Whiflock WhifseH Willhaife Woofan I79 Bridges Chestnuf Coyner Donor EvereH Hale Hefner Barreff Brooks Cole Crawford Doran Ferrell Hamra Hill Bealmear Buffs Cone Currie Dowdell Floyd Hanks Hingle Casey Coussons Disiere Evans. 6. Garis Hanna Blevens Chaves Covey Donaldson Evans. J. Gunfer Hawkins Husen FIRST ROW: Roberf Allred, Tulsa. VanderbiH' Unfversify; Paul A. BarreH. Wayne, OSU; Kenf Bealmear. Chickasha' OU; Bruce 6. Bell, Oklahoma Cify. OBU: Ronald W. BlevinsI Tulsa. Tulsa Universify. SECOND ROW: Delfa W. Bridges. Tulsa, Norfheas+ern Sfafe College; Harold Brooks. Norman. OCU: Donald T- BuHs, Birmingham, Ala.. OU'. Roberf L. Casey. Oklahoma Cify, OU; Enrique Chaves. San Jose, Cosfa Rica, Easf Cenfral S+a+e College. THIRD ROW: Dan E. Chestnut Duncan, OU; Royce M. Cole. Kings+on, OU; John A. Cone. Miami. OU: Richard T. Coussons, Housfon, Tex.. OU: James H. Covey, Pofeau. Norfhwesfern 5+a+e College. FOURTH ROW: Wallace Ccyner. Edmond. Cenfrai S+afe College; James W. Crawford. Sapulpa. OBU: John M. Cur- rie, Swaell, Norfheasfern Sfafe College: John E. Disiere, Muskogee, Norfheasfern S+a+e College; Ronald V. Donald- son. Oklahoma Cify, Wesfminsfer College. FIFTH ROW: Richard E. Donor, Tulsa. Norfheasfern Sfafe College: Charles K. Doran, Claremore, Tulsa Universify; Roy W. Dowdell. Elk Cify. Sou+hwesfern Sfafe College: Gary G. Evans. Perry, Cenfral Sfa+e College; John P. Evans. Edmond. Cenfral Sfafe College. SIXTH ROW: Elwood D. EvereH. Forf Gibson, Norfhwesfern Sfafe College: Don P. Ferrell. Amorifa, OSU; Marion E. Floyd. Coalgafe, Easf Cenfral Sfafe College; John A. Garis. Weafherford. Soufhwesfern Sfafe College: Jack P. Gunfer. Jr.. Muldrow, Wesfminsfer College. SEVENTH ROW: William J. Hale. Harrah, Cenfral Sfafe College; Sam T. Hamra. Lawfon, OU: Norman N. Hanks. Shawnee. Cenfral $+a+e College; William R. Hanna. Moore- Iand, Norfhwesfern Sfafe College: Larry E. Hawkins, Tulsa. Tulsa Universify, EIGHTH ROW: James R. Hefner. Barflesville. OSU; James A. Hill, Lawfon, OU: Royce A. HinkleI Muskogee, Norfh- easfern Sfafe College; Edwin 6. Home, Oklahoma Cify, OU: Luverne A. Husen, OHahoma Ci+y, Cenfrai Sfafe College. FIRST ROW: Michael G. Keeran. Lawfon, OU: Noah Cur+is Kim ball. Canfon. OU: Charles P. Kirkland. Edmond. OU; Charlyce A. Klepper. Ada. Eas+ Cen+ral Sfafe College: Sfeve A. LeVaHey, Blackwell. OU: Cary L. LevereH, Ardmore, OBU; Larry L. Long. Enid, PhiHips Universify: Warren D. Long, OHahoma Ci+y. OU. THIRD ROW: Ernesf W. Norman. Ardmore, Sou+heasfern S+a+e College; Michael PaHon. Coalga+e. OU: Charles L. Payne. Chicka- sha, Phillips Universify: Willis Frank Phelps, Wilbur+on. Norfheasf- ern Sfafe College: Sam L. Pool, Duranf, Soufheasfern S+afe Col- lege; William J. Presfon. Norman, OU; An+hony G. Redding. Sfillwafer' OSU: Berf T. Reed. Tulsa, OU. FIFTH ROW: Charles R. Saylor. Law+on. OSU: Clarence Shields, Alfus. Soufhwes+ern SfaJre College: Raymond C. Smifh. Hominy. OU: Phil Sfamps, Shawnee. OBU: Thomas M. S+anley, Oklahoma Cify, Norfhwes+ern Universify: Harland Keifh Sfonecipher, Okla- homa Cify. OU: Ronald W. SJmahanl CanJronI OU: David L. Trenf. Guymon. OBU; James S. TurnerI Edmond. Cenfral Sfafe College. CLASS OFFICERS . ROYCE COLE JACK PRESTON DOROTHY A. wooo Presidenf Vice-PresideM Secrefary-Treasurer . SECOND ROW: Dan Mackey. Enid, 0U: John Marsh, Norman. OU: Clarence A. Marfin. Muldrow' Norfheasfern Sfafe College: Donald R. Mifchell. Tulsa. Norfheas+ern Sfafe College; Richard EaH Morris. Woodward. OU; Jerry F. MorrowI Norman, OU: Billy J. Neal. Duncan. Tulsa Universify: Orville G. Neufeld, Fair- view, Soufhwesfern Sfafe College. FOURTH ROW: Jerome Reichenberger, Alva, Norfhwesfern Sfafe College: Gerald Reimer. Mountain View, OSU; Thomas W. RickmanI Cherokea Norfhwesfern Sfafe College; Don Ringrose, Gufhrie, OU: Roberf C. RiHer. Oklahoma Cify, OU; Don A. Rockwell. Miami, OU: Lois R. Rollins, Muskogee, Norfheasfern Sfafe College: David Russell, Enid. OSU. SIXTH ROW: Willis Wade. Jr.. Unger, Sou+hwesfern Sfafe Col- lege; Taylor D. Wagner, Ada, OSU: Larry W. Weidner. Arapaho. Souihwesfern Sfafe College; Dennis A. Weigand, Alva, Norfh- wes+ern Sfafe College; Nelson Whife. Tulsa. OU; Ronald Whi+e. Seminole. OU; Dorofhy Wood, Oklahoma Cify. Kansas Sfafe Uni- versi+y; Clarence C. Young, Shawnee. OBU; Larry l. Young, Ada, OU. Keeran Kimball Kirkland Klepper LeValIey Levereff Longl L. Long, W. Mackey Marsh Martin Mifchell Morris Morrow Neal Neufeld Norman PaHon Payne Phelps Pool Preston Redding Reed Reichenberger Reimer Rickman Ringrose RiHer RockweH Rollins Russell Saylor Shields Smifh Sfamps Stanley Sfonecipher Sfrahan Tren+ Turner Wade Wagner Weidner Weigand Whiie. N. White. R. Wood Young, C. Youngl L. Afinowicz Bridwell Calliccm Crowell Allgood Brown Clabaugh Donica Farringfon Fisher Goree Hawley Hahn Head Jimerson Jobe Ballard Brownson Clevenger Duffy Gisf Harf Honaker Jones Baxter Curiis Colvard Edwards Glasser Harfxog Howard Jordan Boggs Eynum Cramer Eva" Goodman Hafhaway Hulsey FIRST ROW: John R. Afinowicz, Oklahoma Cify. OU; Rich- ard Allgood, AHus. OU: Peiey Hughey Baker. Tulsa, Tulsa Universify; Noble Lee Ballard, Duke, Cenfral Sfafe College; Earl D. Bax+er, Ninnekah, OU: Harold Earl Boggs. Jr., BarHes- ville, Phillips Universify. SECOND ROW: Malcolm Ed Bridwell, Carnegie. OU; David William BrownI Barflesville. OU: Mary Louise Brown. Boswell! Soufhern Mefhodisf Universify; Richard Jay Brownson, Tulsa, Wesfminsfer CoHege; Buff Fanheur Burfis. Jr., Clinfon, OU; T. E. Bynum, Oklahoma Cify, OU. THIRD ROW: Ronald Alvan CallicoH, Lawfon. OU: Wesf Addis Clabaugh. Ardmore. OSU: James WaHer Clark. WiL burfon, OU; Alva Ben Clevenger, Alfus, OU; Billy Noel Col- vard, Oklahoma Cify, Cenfral Sfafe College: Ralph CramerI Elmwood, OSU. FOURTH ROW: Bi" Bruce Crowell, Shawnee, OU: Thomas Marion Donica. Nashoba, OSU; Kimiko HaHa Dugan. Alfus, OCW: Joseph Duffy, Oklahoma CHy. OCU; William L. Ed- wards, Ponca Cify, Wesfminsfer College: Bruce Lee EvaH, Wayne. OU. FIFTH ROW: Ofis Olin Farring+on, Anadarko, Cenfral Sfafe College: Roberf Darryl Fisher. Ada. Cenfral Sfafe College: Stanley Laverne Gibbon, Rewey, Wisc., Wisconsin Sfa+e Col- lege: Joel Keifh Gish Kremlin, OU: Edward Jay Glasser. Oklahoma Cify. OSU: Clyde Deroy Goodman. Oklahoma Cify, OCU. SlXTH ROW: Charles S. Goree, Jr.. Oklahoma Cify, OU; Charles Raymond Hahn. Blackwell, OU; Ronald Ross Hall. Sfillwafen OSU; Dims Leroy Harf. Edmond. Cenfral Sfafe College: Joe T. Harfzog. Oklahoma Cify, OU: Paul WaHer Hafhaway, AHus. OU. SEVENTH ROW: William Dean Hawley, HenryeHa, Bene- dlcfins Heighfs College; Philip Wayne Head. Sfigler. NorHr easfern Sfafe College; Larry Wayne Hill, Oklahoma Cify. OU; Richard EIIioH' Honaker. Be+hany, Befhany College: Jack Barton Howard, Oklahoma Cify, Cenfral Sfafe College: George Haynes Hulsey. Edmond. Cenfral Sfafe College. EIGHTH ROW: Gordon Kenf Jimerson, El Reno, OU: Wil- liam Louis Jobe. Oldahoma CHy, OU: Howard R. Johnson. Tulsa. Tulsa Universify: James S. Jones, Norman. OU: Michael Lee Jordan. Tulsa, Norfheasfern Sfafe College. FIRST ROW: Delmer Dan Kennedy. HenryeHa, OSU: Henry Duane Lagan. Enid, Phillips Universi+yz Rosalie Anderson Lavon. Norman, OU: Hollis K. Leai'hers, Muskogee. OU: Roberf Kerr Lee, Tahlequah. Norfheasfern Sfafe College; Wilford Franklin Lee, Ada, Easf Cenfral Sfafe College: Billy Q. Lehenbauger. Drum- mond, Phillips Universify: Lyda Louise Long. Oklahoma Cify, OU: John Alvin LungI Del Cify. OSU. THIRD ROW: James Andrew Mulholland, Jr., Tulsa, Norfheas+ern Sfafe CoHege: Bruce Addis Naylor. Okeene, OBU: John Talmage O'Neal, Oklahoma Cify. OU: Henry Johnson Pearce. Edmond. Cenfral Sfafe College: Leonard Olen Pendergraff, Jr., Tulsa. Phil- lips UniversHy: John Ellis Poarch. Crescent Cenfral S+a+e College: Charles E. Pra+her, Tulsa, 0U; James Roberf Priest Tahlequah, Norfheasfern S+a+e College; Edward Gerral Reichielt Oklahoma Cify, Cenfral Sfafe Coliege. FIFTH ROW: Billy Herman Siout Shawnee, OBU: WaHer B. Sfull- man, Bronx. N. Y., Columbia Universify: Walfer Duane Sullivan. Shawnee. OBU: Ellen Harlene Tallaferro, Healdfon, OCW; Thomas Evans Talley, Enid. Phillips Universify; Roberi Vicfor Tafe. Enid. OU: Roberf Anihony TaylorI Ponca Cify. OSU; Rober+ Dean Vallion, Panama. OSU: Thomas Edward Vogel, Tulsa' Bene- dicfine Heighfs. CLASS OFFICERS Presiden+ . . . . . . PAUL MASSAD Vice-Presidenf NOBLE BALLARD Secrefary-Treasurer JUDY WILLIAMS SECOND ROW: Paul Eugene Massed. Apache. Soufhwesfern S+afe College: William C. McCurdy. Purcell, OU; Richard A. Mc- Kinne, Okmulgee, OU; Audrey Jeanne McMasfer, Oklahoma Cify, Cenfral S+a+e College; Robert Paul Mefcalf. Hollis. Soufhwes+ern Sfafe College: George Lance Miller. Tulsa, Nor+heasfern Sfafe College: David Harris Milligan, Sharon. OBU: Earl Ray Minier. Oklahoma Cier, OCU: John Anfhony Mohr, Maize. Kans., 5+. Louis Universify. FOURTH ROW: Herberf Rowland. Milburn. Soufheasfern Sfafe College; Earl Jerome Schoolar. Ardmore. Texas Wesleyan; Don Ingle ScoH', Ada. OU; Roberf Adrian Searcy. Tulsa. Wesfminsfer College; Ronald Rex Sheefs, Woodward. OSU; Tim Kenf Smalley. Coyle. OSU: Eric John Sorenson, Minneapolis. Minn., OU; David A. Spencer. Norman, OU: Daniel Ross Sfough, Geary. Cenfral S+a+e College. SIXTH ROW: Tom Ausfin Wainwright Mangum. OU; Jimmy By- ron Wallace. Alva. Nor+hwesfern Sfafe College: Dale Isaac Webb. Tulsa. Baylor Universffy: James Garfh Williamsl Elk Cify. Soufh- wesfern Sfafe College; Judy Dyan Williams. Enid. Phillips Univer- sify: Roberf Dean Wuerflein. Enid, Phillips Universify: James W. Youngl Shawnee, OBU. Kennedy Lagan Lavon Leafhers Lee,R. Lee,VV Lehenbauger Long Lung Massad McCurdy McKinne McMasfer Mefcalf Miller Milliqan Minfer Mohr Mulholland Naylor O'Neal Pearce Pendergraff Poarch Prafher Priesf Reichielf Milburn Schoolar ScoH' Searcy Sheefs Smalley Sorenson Spencer S+ough Sfouf Siullman Sullivan Tallaferro Talley Tafe Taylor Vallion Vogel Wainwright Wallace Webb Williams, J. G. Williams. J. D. Wuerflein Young l83 DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY: Evans. William E: Jones. Jacqueline: Shires, Thomas K. DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY: Anglin. J. Hill. Jr.; Capeharf. Roberf J.; Capps. Jerry: Coleman, Ronald L.; EI-Kha+ib, Shukri; Frow, Frank R.; Hursf. Max Wayne; Kirkpafrick, Ann: Lacefield. Delbert Li. Yu-Teh: Park. Young Suk: Ryan, Leonard C.: Tang. Jordan J, N.; Washburn. Phillip E.; Whife. BeHy J.: Yang. Hsui-Ying Tsai. DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNICATIONS DISORDERS: Bryan. George A.; Cooper, William A., Jr.; Dixon, James D.: Harris, Dean; Mencke. Eugene 0.: Milburn. Braxfon: Miller. Judifh: Nunn. Wesley L, Jr.; Palmer. Jacolyn E.; Price. Lloyd L.; RiHmanic. Paul A.: Rowley, Rodney R.; ScoH', Marilyn: Vaughn, Avery 0.; Weaber, Helen H.; Wilson, Marilyn F. DEPARTMENT OF DIETETICS: Bass, June E.; Beher. Linda L.: Bemis. Ca+herine P.; Cheadle. Tommie D.; Cliff, Juanifa R.: King. Carmen; Masilungan. Norma: U+esch. Kaye 5.: Veloro. Dalisay. DEPARTMENT OF MICROBIOLOGY: Bowman. Bernard J.; Brown, Bernard A.; Chifwood. Law- rence; Leu, Richard W.; Lewis. Vesfer J.; Lomanifz. Rachel; Morgan. Paul N.; Nix. Gwendolyn E.: Nor+onI John E.: ReynoldsI Reed; Sans, Mary Delaine; Wes+I Billy. DEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGY: Allen. Russell; Jawahiry, Mamil L; Key, Charles R.: Naik, Raiendra R. DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOLOGY: Cole. Rosser R.: Hursey. Shirley E. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY: Palmer. William N.; Pilking'ron, Lou Ann; Reins, Dale A. DEPARTMENT OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE AND PUBLIC HEALTH: Braden. Barbara E: Branch. John Cur+is: Cosfiloe, James Paul; Kang. Kern; Miller, M. Clinton: Pickard. Ben M.: Rein- schmiecH'. Edwin R.; Sfeen, Wilson David; Wigler. Eleanor J.: Wong. Johnnie. UNCLASSIFIED: Asher. Ela M.; Be+hel. Shelba J.; Bourrand, Joseph A.: Eng- lish, Allen; Ha". Rubye: King. Edifh: Mas+ers. Yanna F.; Spengos, Michael N.; Sfephenson. Jack M. f Anglin, J. Brown, B. BryanI G. Chifwood, L. Coleman, R. Dixon. J. English, A. Kang, K. Lacefield. D. Leu, R. LewisI V. Li, Y. Lomanifz, R. Masilungan. N. Mencke. E. Milburn. B. Miller. M. C. Morgan, P. Nix, G. Norfon. J. Palmerl W. N. Pickard. B. Price, L. Reynolds. 0. R. Ryan, L. Sans. M. ScoH. M. Spengos. M. Velcro, D. . Yang. H. Graduafe Sfudenf Commiifee: Curf BranchI chairman; Wil- liam Evans, vice-chairman: Shirley Hursey. secreiary-heasurer. I85 Student Council FIRST ROW, left to right: Dr. Philip E. Smith, Larry Long, Tom Llewellyn, John Atkin, Ernest Daffer. SECOND ROW: OFFICERS President . . . . . . . . . . ERNEST DAFFER Secretary-Treasurer . . . . . . JOHN ALBRIGHT Senior Representatives TOM LEWELLYN, LANNY ANDERSON Junior Representatives CHARLES ELLIOTT, DELBERT ALBRIGHT Sophomore Representatives LARRY LONG, STEVE LEVALLEY Freshman Representative . . . . . JOHN POARCH ERNEST DAFFER, President Royce Cole, Steve LeVaIIey, Tom Nicklas, Charles Elliott, Paul Massad. The class president and two representatives from each class, a graduate student representative and Dean Smith comprise the student council7 which is the only organ- ized duly-elected body serving the needs of the entire student body of the medical school. At the closing meeting of the preceding school year, Ernie Daffer was elected president to serve throughout the current year. Other members of the council were appointed to serve on various student council commit- tees. Primarily through the efforts of those making up the respective committees, the student body enjoyed another outstanding all-school dance, an intramural sports pro- gram, and various improvements of student facilities as undertaken by the council. The student council again sponsored the publication of the SOONER MEDIC. Student AMA Dr. Boyd Lester leads an SAMA group discussion. Informal group discussions are enjoyed by all. SAMA was founded in December7 1950. At that time 41 medical schools ratified the constitution. Today, the association has 55,000 active and aHiliated members in 78 medical schools of the 85 present in the United States and territories. The purpose of the association en- visioned since its conception has been to present the studentas point of view to the medical profession and enrichment of medical training through exposure of scientific and non-scientiflc facets of careers in the medi- cal profession. On the local level the SAMA strives to be of service President Rex Baggett, center, consults With Ron White, vice- premdent, and Sam Hamra, secretary-treasurer. to the individual student members and the medical pro- fession as a whole. In summation, the constitution defines the purpose of ". . . to advance the profession existence as follows: of medicine, to contribute to welfare and education of medical students, interns and residents, to familiarize its members with the purposes and ideals of organized medicine and to prepare its members to meet the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine? White serves refreshments to Charlotte and Gordon King. Alpha Epsilon Iota FIRST ROW, left to right: Elaine Neill, Gloria Rogers, Lois Rollins, Jane Self, Ellen Taliaferro, Judy Williams, Dorothy Wood. SECOND ROW: Mary Brown, Kimiko Hatta Dugan, Alpha Epsilon Iota was founded 70 years ago at the University of Michigan. Nu chapter was established at the University of Oklahoma in 1921. Monthly meetings, conducted in homes of alumnae, afforded enjoyable opportunities for the students and the alumnae to exchange ideas, items of information and to "talk shopf9 A speaker was engaged for each meeting to discuss topics from fine arts, to investments in eco- nomics, to a newest advancement in the field of medi- cine. Dr. Maude Masterson was hostess at the tradi- tional Christmas dinner this past year. The annual guest night each year is observed at Mrs. Margaret Reploglels, the fraternity patroness. Another of the chapterls activi- ties is a "get-acquainted7, party for the freshman girls each year at the time of enrollment. Emphasis is placed on fellowship, scholarship and the fostering of a spirit of moral and social helpfulness. Nu seeks to maintain the high standards of AEI and, in so doing, also maintains the standards of the fraternity of which we are all members a medicine. Ann Franklin, Charlyce Klepper, Rosalie Lavon, Lyda Long, June May, Audrey McMaster. President . . . . . . . . . . . . JANE SELF Vice-President . . . . . . . . . ELAINE NEILL Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . JUNE MAY Greetings are exchanged by Dr. Fannie Lou Leney, Dr. Bertha Levy-and- senior students Ann Franklin and June May. The occasmn IS the November meeting at Dr. Leneyls home. 1961 Sooner Medic Connie Weaver KEN ROGERS, Business Manager JIM TURNER, Editor The 1961 SOONER MEDIC will represent something a little different to all who read it. To the underclassmen it symbolizes the passing of another yearls activities which puts them closer to their goal. To the seniors, it marks the end to one phase of their medical education and the commencement of another. To the faculty it signifies a year of striving for highest possible standards in medical education. To all who read the SOONER MEDIC, it is a pictorial review of a year in which they have been an integral part. To all who have contributed time and effort to make this yearbook possible7 the staff extends its sincere thanks. Each of the Class oflicers, Dr. Phillip Smith and his entire office staff, and Imogene Patrick in the Public Relations office have provided irreplaceable help during the weeks of preparation. We wish also to thank Miss Gene McRae for working patiently with us on the layout of this book. The pleasure you derive now and in the future from the 1961 SOONER MEDIC will be ample reward for the efforts of those who are responsible for the publication of your yearbook. Collette Keyser FIRST ROW, left to right: John Atkin, Jim Little, Nobel Ballard. SECOND ROW: Jack Preston, Dan Mackey, Phil Head, Tom Stanley. University of Oklahoma School of Nursing in Oklahoma City HELEN E. PATTERSON, R.N., M.A. Dean, School of Nursing I90 School of Nursing This section of the SOONER MEDIC is lovingly dedi- cated to Ada Hawkins. Under her leadership as Direc- tor from 1951 to 1961, the School of Nursing of the University of Oklahoma has progressed steadily. Her unfailing devotion to the school has been a strong force in the development of the institution to meet the ever-increasing need of quality nursing care for the people of Oklahoma. Her participation in professional and community ac- tivities has stimulated a recognition of the important role of nursing in improving health standards of the state and nation. The importance of progress in these areas cannot be denied, but her personal qualities which have endeared her to all who know her-kindness, understanding, love of her fellow-man-must surely take precedence above all else. It is with justifiable pride in her accomplishments that the student body, graduates, and faculty of the School of Nursing express their appreciation by this tribute. Faculty and Directors I'xw. .4 BEVERLY ALLEN, R.N., B.S.N. NELLIE FARMER, R.N., B.A. EMMA K. FLINNER, ANN FRANKLIN Instructor in Assistant Professor of R.M., M.Lit. Freshman Advisor Medical-Surgical Nursing Pediatric Nursing Assistant Professor of Nursing $1M JUANITA GARRISON FRANCES HART, B.S., M.A. ADA HAWKINS, R.N., S.M. JEN LL HUBBARD, FREDA INDA, R.N:7 B.S.N. Residence Director Assistant Professor of Professor of Nursing R , B.S.N. Ipstrpctor II! General Nursing Assoc. Dir. of Pedlatrlc Nursmg Institutional Nursing FRANCES INZER, B.S.N. LILLIAN JONES, B.S.N., M.A. MARIE C. MINK, R.N., M.S. JANET MORGAN, R.N., B.S.N. HELEN PAMINTUAN, Instructor in Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Instructor ip B.S.N., M.S.N. General Nursing Pediatric Nursing Obstetrlcal Nursmg General Nursmg Assmtant Professor of Psychiatric Nursing VERA PETERS, N.H.Ec. OLIVIA SMYTH, B.S., M.A. LUCILE H. TERRELL, LORETTA TROYER, B.S. .IESSCELIA WILSON: Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of R.N., B.S. Instructor in RN", B.S.N. Nutrition Public Health Nursing Assistant Professor of Operating Room Nursing lnStructor in General Nursing Medical-Surgical Nursing l9l I92 FIRST ROW, left to right: MILDRED BOCKLEMAN, Enid; Degree; OSSNA; NANCY BOWLIN, San Antonio, Tex.; jr. class reporter; DONA BOYCE, Stillwatcr; Degree; Treas. D.A. sr. yr.; OSSNA; BARBARA BROSS, Tulsa; MARY CASTEEL, Earlsboro; SUE CHANEY, Muskogee; Valentine Sweetheart fr. yr.; sr. class vice-pres.; st. body social chairman sr. yr.; OSSNA; SONDRA CHASE, Seminole; WAUKOMIS CHUPKO, Okmul- gee; Degree; OSSNA. SECOND ROW: DEANNA CRAWFORD, Enid; OSSNA; JANE DENNIS, Quanah, Tex.; NADINE ENGLE, Meeker; ERNESTINE FARRELL, Nash; fr. D.A. award; jr. class pres.; st. council pres. sr. yr.; D.A. treas. jr. yr.; OSSNA; MARILYN FEINBERG, Frederick; Degree; D.A. treas. jr. yr.; OSSNA; JANICE FULTON, Oklahoma City; OSSNA; JEANNE GOT- CHER, Shawnee; sports chairman fr. yr.; OSSNA; SUE JEN- NINCS, Duncan; fr. Class treas.; D.A. treas. and librarian jr. yr.; OSSNA vice-pres. sr. yr. THIRD ROW: COLLETTE KEYSER, Oklahoma City; De- gree; annual co-editor sr. yr.; Sr. council sr. yr.; OSSNA; D.A. librarian jr. yr.; DEANN LAMB, Napa, Calif.; OSSNA; LILA Senior Class Several members of the 761 class pose for a picture. This class has been outstanding for its individuality in school activities. LITTLE, Rostml; Degree; OSSNA; SANDRA MARTIN, Cush- ing; RUTH ANNE MCKOOL7 Garland, Tex.; fr. class pres.; st. council fr. yr.; jr. class vice-pres.; annual rep. sr. yr.; OSS- NA; ETTA MARIE MINNICK, Moore; D.A.; OSSNA; SAN- DRA NICHOLS? Seminole; Miss OUSN jr. yr.; DULIN SNI- DER, Ponca City. FOURTH ROW: ELAINE STARK, Lawton; fr. class vice- pres.; jr. class treas.; CLENDA STEVENS, Moore; Miss OUSN sr. yr.; fr. and jr. class reporter, Lamp editor jr. yr.; D.A. vice- pres. and social chairman jr. and sr. yr.; OWANA TOWNS, Stigler; Degree; D.A. pledge mistress sr. yr.; OSSNA; MELVA VAUGHAN, Prague; fr. and jr. class sec; sr. class pres.; D.A. pres.-elect and pres. sr. yr.; OSSNA; CONNIE WEAVER, Oklahoma City; fr., jr. and sr. class historian; annual editor jr. yr.; annual co-editor 51'. yr.; St. council jr. and SI. yr.; D.A. vice-pres. and pres.-elect jr. yr., pres. sr. yr.; OSSNA; JANET WHITE, Dacoma; sr. class sec.; D.A. sec. sr. yr.; st. council sec. jr. yr.; OSSNA; MYRNA WHITLOCK, Oklahoma City; jr. class annual rep.; OSSNA; BE'I'FY WILSON, Oklahoma City; Degree; OLLIE VOGT, Weatherford; Degree; D.A.; OSSNA. Junior Class FIRST ROW, left to right: LINDA ARFSTROM, Durant; VIRGINIA BALDWIN, Bethany; DONNA BECKER7 Okla- homa City; JOYCE BETTES, Arkansas City, Kans.; JOANN BROWN, Oklahoma City; MARIDELL CUNNINGHAM, Tulsa; MARY MORGAN, Oklahoma City; SUSAN DEWEY, Okmul- gee; KAREN ELLING, Cache. SECOND ROW: LANA FAUVER, Oklahoma City; JANICE FRANZ, Bartlesville; MARTHA GAFFORD, Haworth; NANCY GIDDENS, Oklahoma City; jEANNIE CILLESPIE, Shawnee; DRUCILLA GRIGGS, Hunter; LILLIAN CRISWOLD, Cache; MARILYN HARPER, Duncan; JANICE HAWKINS, Tonkawa. THIRD ROW: CINDY HAYES, Oklahoma City; COLEEN HEFTY, Dewey; ALMA HELM7 Oklahoma City; JUDY KIM- BALL, Cushing; Zae Ann Knoepfli, Prague; DAN LIKENS, Dale, KAY MIDKIFF, Miami; JACKIE MILLER7 Krebs; FLORA ANN MILLS, Bartlesville. FOURTH ROW: RUTH ANN MOORE, Comanche; JEANNE MYERS, Boulder, C010.; BETH NORTON, Oklahoma City; LOU ANN OSBORNE, Oklahoma City; AURORA PENERA, Oklahoma City; VILMA PERALTA, Chitre, Panama; CLENDA POTTS, Duncan; GEORGIA RADEBAUCH, Henryetta; BETTY REINHARDT, Mooreland. FIFTH ROW: LINDA SAVAGE, Oklahoma City; SHAREN SCOTT, Tonkawa; SUZANNE SEBRINC, Oklahoma City; NAN STOUT, Waurika; CAROL THOMPSON, Oklahoma City; MARILYN TOWNE, Cushing; HERBIE KAY TURNER, Ada; KAY WATKINS, Guymond; VOYLE LYNN W7YNN, Frederick. Our capes have finally arrived. I94 FIRST ROW, left to right: KAY BAILEY, Hooker; BARBARA BARLOVV, Oklahoma City; MARY BLAKELY, Oklahoma City; SALLIE BRADLEY, Stillwater; SONDRA CHAPPELL, Shidler; HELEN CISPER, Oklahoma City; SONDRA COOPER, Oklahoma City; KAREN DAWKINS, Sayre. SECOND ROW: CAROLYN DEHART, Duncan; MARJEAN FORD7 Oklahoma City; DIANNA LEAHMAN, Tahlequah; CAROLYN SUE LINDLEY, Oklahoma City; JUDY MCCART- NEY, Carlsbad, Calif.; KAREN MCELFISH, Lawton; MADE- LYN MITCHELL, Lawton; SHERI NEW, Oklahoma City. Freshman Class Money-making rummage sale. THIRD ROW: CAROL SUE OWENS, Cushing; CAROLE PITZER, Oklahoma City; MARY SUE POPE, Loyal; SU- ZANNE RENSHAW, Durant; SICRID RING, Bethany; CAROL SHAFFER, Oklahoma City; SHARON SHELTON, Lawton; HOPE SPROWLS, Phillips, Tex. FOURTH ROW: MICKIE SYKES, Hooper; JOAN WARD, Antlers; ROBERTA WEHRENBERG, Loyal; JOYCE WIL- LIAMS, Chandler; BARBARA WILSON, Duncan; KAREN WIRTZ, Oklahoma City; PHYLLIS WITHIAM7 Cushing. The Student council, com- posed of student body offi- cers, class presidents, and representatives of s t u d e n t organizations, governs th 6 student body. The council meets monthly to direct stu- dent activities. S+uden+ Governmeni' Associa+ion The Student body is the self-governing body of the students, and all students are members although freshmen do not have voting power for the first three months of the school year. All rules of residence life are suggested and adopted by the student body, subject to faculty approval. Social and recreational activities are planned by the stu- dents and are carried out by committees. The president of the Student body leads the members in the school song. Sooner Nurses Sfaff The annual staff consists of an annual editor7 representatives from each of the three classes and a member of the faculty as sponsor. It is the aim of the annual staff to depict all phases of Classes and lec- tures, ward experience, and recreational programs. Not only the student nurses but the other departments such as Dietary and Labora- tory personnel are shown in the dorm life. Proceeds from the Miss OUSN contest help to l pay for the annual. The majority of the pictures used in the annual were taken by the nursing students. The annual is supported by the sale of an- nuals, money-raising projects and by the sale of space in the annual to the school7s organizations. I95 I96 A marked change will be noted with the three-year certificate program, the ba- sic bacalaureatc program and the supplemental pro- gram now being offered by the school. The new graduates glance through the Alumnae scrapbook. The new pledges parade before the school on their way to Kangaroo Kourt. Yearly a gold pin miniature 0f the Night- ingale Lamp is presented to the outstand- ing first-year student on the basis of schol- arship, leadership, character, and ward ef- ficiency. A semesteris tuition is presented to a senior as a grant. Alumnae Associafion Looking back on fifty years Of progress is being done by members of the Alumnae Association of the University of Oklahoma School of Nursing. A homecoming is among the festivities planned for June 3 and 4, 1961, to celebrate the semi-centennial anniversary of the school. Since its establishment in 1911, more than 1,200 nurses have completed the program in professional nursing. DeH'a Alpha Delta Alpha is the schooljs honorary sorority which holds monthly meetings and sponsors many service projects as well as social func- tions during the course of a year. It is responsible for many residence improvements and often provides help for hospital equipment. It maintains the residence library and handles the nursing text supply for classroom work. The Pi Kappa Alpha fire truck there s mom for the whole gang; to climb aboard and help fire up school spirit for every home football game. ACTIVITIES Features . Beauties . Personalities Athletics Intramurals . Publications A college dance, an all- school pep rally, decora- tions for Homecoming weekend, the thrill of a football game . . . all are part of the memories of a college career. One side of the coin is the exhili- ration of learning, the other is the excitement of the social whirl. From the blow of the first whis- tle at the first game to the confident satisfaction of graduation, college days are filled With parties, dances, sports events and special weekends. The music played at dances, "Boomer Soonerw ringing out from Owen stadium, the colorful beauty of the campus in spring . . . all are part of the memories. The stillness 0f the libra- ry, the smell of a text- book, the pleasure of an A on a term paper, the image of a favorite pro- fessor . . . all these will be remembered with fondness for college days. 20l Theta Linda Frensley insists that paint- Jng props properly takes talent. The welcomed moment of relaxation after the work is over-David Young and Mark Sullivan. Lambda Chi polish detail includes Dick Cooper, Alan Harris, Don Mc- Clellan and Jerry Otis. 202 Campus Comes To Life As Greek Work Week Begins Summer is all too short and ends with a bang- entitled work week. The second week of September sees members of the 16 sororities and 25 fraternities begin pulling into Norman. Unloading is followed by happy reunions with Greek brothers and sisters. Then the real task he- gins. From mops and brooms to scrub pails and sil- ver polish, men and women get to work to spruce up their houses. In between cleaning chores, skits are rehearsed, props are made, lines memorized, songs and dances prepared. During the evenings, alums consult, mem- bers confer and pledge lists are checked out. F inally! Everything is ready for the big rush. This digginis for the gophers say Sig Alphs Bob Foster, Ray Foster7 Bill Bechtel and Joe Maxey. From open house . . . Getting the 01d Sigma Nu rush. Kappa Sigs buttonhole rushee. : in" Pi Beta Phis and Phi Cams get together for a serenade, a high point during rush week. ,n-k . to parties . . . . . . to skits . . . . . . to preferential. Rushees check in on a quiet Sunday. But after that, it7s one week of noisy gaiety with parties, skits, smiles and serenades. Big day is Monday7 open house, when rushees take a grand tour of houses. Then parties, par- ties, parties! Between dates, rushees are confined to dorms- a time for bridge and gab fests. Friday comes and amid squeals of delight the girls make final commitments. For the men, the big panic is bid-house at 4 delock Friday. For all, pledge banquets Friday night at all houses, followed by Victory dances. When Sunday arrives again, peace descends 1 and pledges sporting new ribbons prepare for Victory dance at last-yea! Clark Ellison and Molly Williams. the next hurdle-enrolment. Last stop before classes begin. Sandy Herndon helps Steve Davies get set for new semester. Jo Ann Allman tries to slip by during sectioning as Paul Walker checks Ed- die Keller7s packet. Students jam the Bursafs office to finish enrollment processing before the dead- line. Seven-League Boots Nee ed To Conquer Enrollment F rom admission to book-buying, enrolment is one long series of small battles. First comes the permit to enrol, but some may find a stop card. For them itts a trip to the Ad building to straighten out the trouble. Grand tour through the field house may take min- utes or hours. Then it,s off to see the adviser. Sectioning may well be Waterloo. It,s a battle for the right hour, right day, right prof. Paying the bill, registering the car, posing for ID pictureksmall skirmishes all. Last front is book-buying. But the war is won! Sweets to the victor-itvs time for Classes and activi- ties! Stop spells trouble for Ernie Aberson, who can,t continue enrollment until hls record IS cleared. The Lighter Side - Activities 0 t. 5:. at? "n" , . "on 'cl'nu- ' Juncuw . tuv-a Happy clowns wave and the music goes 00mp-pah-pah. Honored as the top ten freshman women were Mary Ann Bulla, Donita Elliott, Mary Anne Griffin, Janet Clark, Paula Hughes, Carol McCarty, Karen Cullen, Betty Pond, Karen Akins weath and Rose Marie Weber. Tryouts for cheerleader . . . . . . then lots and lots . . . Officers get together to discuss AWS News Bulletin. . of practice. First big fling in the fall is the College of Unionology when the whole campus is welcomed to fun and frolic and to sign up for UAB com- mittees. The call goes out from Mortar Board to all freshman women to "walk-out? Alpha Lambda Delta and Tassels help lead the parade. The top ten freshman women from the previous year are announced. Pe-et members beat the drums and announce the top ten freshman men. The eveningvs festivities Wind up at the "festival of activitiesw sponsored by AWS. For the new students the activities world is just beginning to spin. Clubs, councils, commit- tees, societies, boardseopportunities for getting into the swing of campus activities are limitless. Pe-et tbacki pow-wows with top ten freshman men T oby Kell, Jerry Gamble, Red Hawkes, Robert Ralls, Don Garrett, Jack Kinnebrew, Jay Maxwell, Rogert Stewart, Sam Hallman and Jack Stout. When iths time to break from studying, why not go the Union for a movie? 1 Crowded voting place during Senate elections forces Emily Gray to use Rawsie Buchefs back to fill out ballot. Something special for someone special when the Delta Tauhs hold their annual date dinner. Voting, Movies, Dinners, Meetings-More Activities i Catchy phrases, flashy posters, handbills by the i dozens-it,s election time on campus and the houses 1 turn out en masse to campaign for a favorite candi- date for Student Senate. Fraternities and sororities begin their annual series of date dinners, receptions for faculty and teas to honor alums. Getting down to serious business, the Inter-Reli- 5 gious council makes plans for the Conference on Re- ligion. This year featured Dr. Theodore Green, pro- fessor of philosophy at Scripps college, Claremont, Calif. Emphasis was on religious art and books with special displays in the art museum, Stovall museum and Bizzell library. For a break in the routine, the Union sponsored favorite movies such as "Red Shoes," "The Robci, and "The Young Lions.77 Loren Hall, Jan Jacobson and Carmen Betzer, chalrman, dlscuss plans for Conference on Rellglon posters. F Is For Football, Fun, A ,1 Quarterback Bennett Watts stretches to catch pass. Co-captains Hartline and York jaunt onto field for the coin toss. Colorado-bound on the Phi Cam bus are Link Welsh, Anne McAllistcr, Edith Evans and Bill Gamble. . t .,y .4 w e . .thotm V Cecil Samara brings his OU car. Block OU marches down the field. Cheerleaders dash helter skelter. Football is the magic word but the enchant- ment isn,t confined to the game itself. At pre- game pep rallies, students join in with spirit and enthusiasm. Half-time ceremonies are chock-full of enter- tainment from hand maneuvers t0 queen-crown- ings. Then comes a D-Day. Big day in Big D- an event no 0U student wants to miss. The an- nual trek to the Cotton Bowl begins7 as cars dec- orated with red and white streamers line the highway. In Dallas students go from pep rally to game to Texas State Fair to Victory dances for one long weekend of excitement. Texas trounced 0U, but the parties went on anyway, and Sooners looked forward to the next Bertie Livezey and Duane Will sign in at big Dallas weekend dance. , blg football eventeBoulder or Bust. Cheerleaders put the heat on to revive school spirit at the pep rally and giant bonfire the night before the big game. 2I3 Preparing pop corn for a party in Brooks house are Sally Hawkins, Judy Kirkland and Linda Jackson. a s A v: '16:: rvif ,1 LI; 6' ' K " 'HHIHH 513 -, ;I'-3;"-niililil mm x x Dianne Morey and Steven Cann talk over the ISA Mixer with Pam Heritage and Jakie Brooks. Forming background music for the an- nual "Hanglng of the Green? is the Cate Center choir. 2I4 Many Independent Activities Fill Social Calendar The Independent Studentis association, largest group on campus, puts its best foot foremost early in the year with the annual ISA mixer. In Cate center, big cooperative event is "Hanging 0f the Greens:7 annual Christmas program. Natalie Tarter, Dallas senior, directed the pageant this year, under the supervision of Miss Janie Carrico. The ISA Christmas dance caps the holiday season. All during the year, dorm parties round out social activities. Second semester special event is the ISA Sweet- heart dance. Lovell Criswell, Durant senior, was crowned by Jim Rice, ISA president. At the ISA Christmas dance are happy twosomes Bob Leaumont, Deeanna Kee- ton, Sandye Herndon and Ronnie Kimmel. 2l5 ampus Tarpley votes for queen. The long and the short of it-short girl draws tall boy. A couple of Pi Lams harm it up during skit for blind dates. Jimmy Fellers didnk know he had it so good, as Phi Kappa Sig members show him how things used to be. 2l6 QYthHabq vmmm . SDT pledges wield a wicked hammer. Sigma Chis snare a customer. Jerry Gamble is going, going, gone! Come one, come all! Campus chest carnival got under way in October as collegiates turned out to support the campus-wide drive to raise money for worthy causes. Booths went up in the Union for the carnival, students voted for a queen by donating money and proceeds from pledge class auctions went into the fund. Jill Aronson won the title as Campus Chest queen. Meanwhile back at the sorority houses, social Chairmen were arranging blind dates for their pledgektraditional way for pledges of fraterni- ties and sororities to get acquainted. Skits, sing- ing, something to eat and introductions all around. Polishing silver is no chore at all when the Tri Delts come over to help at the Sigma Nu house-cleaning. 2I7 Named Homecoming queen at half- time ceremony, Theta Carol Craven, Dallas sophomore7 smiles happily. Sigma Nds Working on float are David Livingston, Jim Menzies7 Duke Soule and Scotty Briggs. Sylvester-Tweetie Pie rivalry in Sigma Chi Homecoming float parallels Miz- zou-OU on field. 2l8 t Here's To Old Grads- ay Their Tribe Increase Homecoming highlights the weekend of November 12 included all-night pow-wow by Sequoyah Indian club, Phi Delta Theta turtle race, football game and crowning of Homecoming queen, luncheons, dinners, open houses and tours to view decorations. Events were climaxed by the all-school dance Sat- urday night. Alpha Gamma Delta won the turtle race Saturday morning and Carol Craven, Dallas sophomore, was crowned Homecoming queen at half-time by Bob Berry, Beta, chairman of Home- coming activities. Sequoyah Indian club beat the drums all night F riday night, upholding a thirty-year tradition. Before the game, Pe-et smoked the peace pipe with Mizzou7s Mystical Seven. Winning school retains pipe and OU has won it every year since 1946. However, this year, MU took home the peace pipe. Susan Weems and Joan HempHing root for Alpha Cam turtle in annual Phi Delt turtle race. 2l9 When Dad Comes To The Campus Outstanding seniors L. K. Warden, Dorothy Mayhew, Barbara Two top seniors, Jim Rice and Harriet Wildman with Clarence Teel, Jo Lea McDown and Al Weeks with President Cross. McElroy. Walking Off with first place in the Engineefs show this year was the Kappa Alpha Theta act depicting women,s suffrage entitled, "Womenas Rights or Bust?, 220 Dad Jim E. Smith gets a gift. Kappa skit lets them know that "Dads are a girlts Bobby Zoblotsky and Dad at game. ' best friend? . Vi 4 w . 7; , , . . Dads steamed into Norman November 18 for A L annual Dadts Day festivities and honors and trophies followed in their wake. At the 35th annual Dads5 association meeting, Virgil Medlock 0f Fitzhugh was elected presi- dent. Activities got under way F riday night with the quartet contest and wound up Saturday night with the Engineers7 show. In between, Dads held a meeting, attended the OU-Nebraska game and the ISA tea. During half-time ceremonies Carlyn Hager was crowned Ruf-Nek queen, and the Dads announced awards to outstanding students. Registering the most dads were Alley house, The wheels go tround and tround during half-time activities of "The Hume house, Lambda Chi Alpha and Kappa Prlde of Oklahoma.w Alpha Theta. Chi Omega f0ur-Glenda Hamilton, Doris McNutt, Della Jane In harmony is BSU quartet Mike Finley, Danny Griffin, Denny Dunkln and Suzanne Miller-sing for dads. Price and Cary Stringer. Preparing for the annual Motherk Day style show are Nancy Ilene Burke and Gayle VVashburn. Zeta Tau "Look Alikeh contest winners are Mrs. Jay Stafford and Ellen of Tulsa. DUs get into the sing of things as they strlve to Win again this year at the Motherhs Day sing. Corsages, Songs, Style Show, Talent -All For Moms Bedecked with corsages7 favors and gifts, mothers come to the campus for their special weekend in May. A full schedule of activities each year includes Ducks club water show, Omicron Delta Kappa talent show, all-university sing and band concert. Sometime during the weekend, mothers get to- gether for their annual business meeting. At this time scholarship awards are made to deserving stu- dents. Carolyn Pratt and Keith Smith coordinated this yearis events. Houses plan something special too, in- cluding luncheons and teas, skits, favors, serenades and dinner out. Also on tap for them to enjoy are the Delta Phi Delta art exhibit, art museum library, home econom- ics open house, bridge and bingo in the Union and the AWS mother-son-daughter style show. J A proud mom and son are Lambda Chi Gilbert Scrivner and Mrs. Kenneth Scrivner of Heavener. At Delta Tau "Little Guysah party . . . Orchesis rehearses for the "Juggler of Notre Damef7 M. Watts and R. Shaw try to get ready for Aspen ski trip. John Miller, Patsy Gale and Roy Woods 100k for the right size at the DG charity Christmas tree sale. 224 Touch football on the lawn . . . M-m-m-m! This tastes good . . . Someone lost the scissors at Residentialgs "wrapping party?a Last big fling before buckling down for finals is the round of holiday events preceding Christ- mas vacation. Organized houses sponsor parties for orphans and give baskets to needy families. The Men,s Glee club brightens up the season with their an- nual caroling tour of houses. Orchesis, womerfs modern dance group7 pre- sents the annual production of "Juggler of Notre Dame:7 and Cate center gives their annual pag- eant, "Hanging 0f the Greens? The Delta Gamma lawn is covered with Christmas trees as they sponsor a Christmas tree sale to support their national project for the blind. Jolly old St. Nick visits practically every house on campus bringing presents and a good time for all. i The Menas Glee club adds spirit annually to the Christmas season with their festive songs. Best part of all-presents! Friendsu Romans, Countrymen, all, along w1th John and Sandy Johnson, went to the PiKA Toga Party. 'Do-Si-Do and away we go.7 Dianna Moore and Richard Moore at the Beta Barn Dance. Receiving Chi 0 Ski party favors are JeH Collar from Sandra Stiles and Frank Jill from Linda Hammon. 226 Winter Wonderland Is Right Setting For Parties Whatever the weatherjwhatever the season, some social chairman will dream up a party to fit the occasion. Imagination knows no bounds in thinking of a new theme-PiKA toga party, Sigma Chi baby ball, Chi O ski party are just a few. Some parties are staged year after year until they become a tradition, such as the Beta barn dance and the ISA sweetheart dance. Music ranges from sweet and low mood melodies to rhythm and jazz. Whether record or live, students swing out on the fast ones, sit out the slow ones. The attire may be formal, informal or costume, but Friday and Saturday nights ring out with the happy sounds of parties. Happy Larry Oliver and Virginia Nor- ris have evidently found the right "formulzf7 at the Sigma Chi Baby Ball. 227 228 Winter Nights, More Parties x i E . . bright-eyed Lois Finkel gets ready. A surprise package for Larry Dickerson . . . from Santa Claus . Kcn Bentu . . . Emcee John Schaefer tells all. After rush, a Lambda Chi Victory party celebrated by Jim Jones, Ann Brewer, Gilbert Scribner and Lou Little. t H ' ,, ' .54 . . . Sol Wolchansky has a heavy date . . . We don"t want to be late . . . A pleasant evening. The fall and winter months pass quickly. Days are spent in Classes, evenings studying, but weekends are for dances, parties7 dinners out or a visit with parents. From victory parties after rush to holiday dances before Christmas vacation, the cry "What can we do';377 is answered by "Letas have a partyw Then come busy hours spent on decorating the houses7 ordering refreshments. The girls press dresses, borrow jewelry, go to the beauty parlor. The men shine their shoes, borrow ties. Everything must be just right. . ' r tT d t h ' . Jerry Gamble and Clssy Carlson relax at a Kappa Sig formal. The doorbell 1111335, 16 a CS ave arrlved MA Pausing at the Sigma Nu White Rose formal are A. Phillips, J. Armstrong, J. B. Drake7 K. Drake, J. Morton and T. Drake. 229 Pert pixie and pal at the Delta Gamma "pinafore partfa are Judy Johnson and Ralph Maxwell. Giving the Charleston a try are Rex Givens and Johanna Cargill at Phi Delta Theta "roaring 207s77 party. Pago-Pago was never like this, as: happy couples g0 native for Phl Gamma Delta7s annual "island partyf, Pinafores, Straw Hats, After finals, after second semester enrolment, the social whirl begins all over again. Costume parties are the thing and everyone is talk- ing about the roaring 20E, south sea island and pina- fore parties. The elegant Kappa Alpha dixie ball is a red-letter day for southern belles and gentlemen. A gay mood, a new formal, a different hair-do . . . spring is the season for change and the empha- sis is on a party thatls different. But they all have the same ingredientkfun, laughter, music, good times. Sarongs-It's Spring Again! Pretty southern belle, Jeanne Conders, with Mike Mahood at the Kappa Alpha Dixie Ball. Fine Arts, Silk-screen symphony! Ray Hall helps June Snead find a score at Music Library. Prof. Lytle meH with piano student, Barbara Spencer. Arthur Lauranw "Clearing in the Woods;7 a University Playhouse production, was a psychological fantasy. 232 A dab here, a dab there! Piping; hot! Wrought beauty! Plays, art exhibits, recitals, concerts-all through the year, entertainment is offered by talented students and faculty in art, music and drama. University Playhouse presented five major pro- ductions including "Of Thee I Singf "Death of a Salesman? "All My Sons:7 "Clearing in the Woods17 and "Diary of Anne Frank.77 Big event for the college of fine arts was the announcement of the association of Yvonne Choteau and Miguel Terekhov as artists-in-resi- deuce. Miss Choteau, internationally famous .. ballerina from Oklahoma, and her talented hus- t........1 band scheduled courses in beginning and inter- mediate ballet, with plans to add an advanced course in the future. Serious student7 Cecile Gray, concentrates on concerto. Eldon Hallum, Ron OtHara, Judy Prescott, David Spradling, Don Bristow and friends in "Of Thee I Sing.77 233 o u, ROBERT STACK 7mW$i$fgfffwKt w?3W y ., w;- ; WW , m mm. " w. :Kw 279 , p , m L . ,, Mn Kappa Alpha Theia g". Gamma Phi Beta ngggw V Delta Delta Delta Finalists NANCY PI 'KENS CAROL CIIAMLEL Alpha Phi Davis House MARILYN TURNER SHEILA ROGUL KAREN ALFORD Zeta Tau Alpha Hamill House Kirk House DELORES PIERSON SUS N WEEMS MARGARET WIDMAN Kappa Delta Alpha Gamma Delta Holman House ELM 1c BIGGER NIICRRILY THORNTON Franklin House Parker House JAN LOWTHER MARY BETH DEVINE BARBARA KRATCIIMAN Lawson House Sager House Sigma Delta Tau Finalists va1 mm m w . , L , ,. JUDY BLACK PATTI FISHER Delta Gamma Hume House 245 Finalists L'E PADGETT K Y HICKMAN Jordan House Alpha Chi Omega DIANNE HAWKINS MARTHA BELL McCurtain House Brooks House SUE SIEH JUDY BLYTIIE SUZANNE MOORE McSpadden House Evans House Alpha Delta Pi JUDY ANDE Sanger House GEORGIA MATTOX SARA CARTMELL JEAN JUDD Cleo Cross House Herrick House Alpha Epsilon Phi Finalists JANE ANN CARPENTER MARILYN MADDUX Forbes House Neill House 247 248 JACKIE STEPHENS Alpha Phi NANCY STEWART Alpha Chi Omega SHIRLEY DORMAN Alpha Delta Pi SUSIE LUCAS Pi Beta Phi MARY SMITH Chi Omega SANDY FLEMING Delta Delta Delta KAREN PHILBIN Gamma Phi Beta MELANIE MORRIS Alpha Epsilon Phi PATRICIA GALES Delta Gamma ominees KAREN HENNING Delta Delta Delta JUDY TARPLEY Pi Beta Phi TERESA THOMAS Gamma Phi Beta ELAINE ROGERS Delta Delta Delta SALLY LIVELY Kappa Alpha Theta MARIAN WATTS Kappa Alpha Theta Gamma Phi Beta MARGOT UETRECHT NANCY PETERSEN Aloha Gamma Delta CARLYN HAGER Kappa Alpha Theta NANCY MILES Kappa Kappa Gamma BARBARA HENCKE Chi Omega JACKIE HAnwoon KAYE TAYLOR RITA GANN TANYA HARRIS CAROL COWAN JUDY PRESCOTT Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Chi Omega Delta Gamma Sigma Delta Tau Alpha Phi Delta Delta Delta VIRGINIA Kmn KAREN SPURRIER JUDY SIERER ANN HULL JANE FORD PATTY MURPHY Kappa Kappa Gamma Chi Omega Pi Beta Phi Delta Gamma Gamma Phi Beta Alpha Gamma Delta Nominees JUNITA WADE MARILYN BLA MAXINE PINKERTON CLENDA HAMILTON jum' MUNDY ALICE GLASBY Alpha Gamma Delta Pi Beta Phi Gamma Phi Beta Chi Omega Delta Gamma Kappa Delta SYBIL HALL LOUISE LANDESMAN BETTE Jo VVANTLAND BARBARA BUNGARDT BE ' OLIVE GERRY ZALKOVSKY Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Epsilon Phi Kappa Alpha Theta Delta Delta Delta Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Omega 0 ROBERT C. BERRY, II: Letters major, president of Pe-et, chairman of Campus Chest, Miss 0U contest chairman, chairman of homecoming, one of t0p ten freshman men, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Classics society7 Who's Who, BMOC, presi- dent of Beta Theta Pi. CHARLES E. BUCHNER, III: Letters ma- jor, president of Union Activities board, president of Union Activities council, vice- president of Phi Eta Sigma, one of ten top freshman men, distinguished ROTC stu- dent, Rotary scholarship, director of 1960 Sooner Scandals, Pe-et, Omicron Delta Kappa, Whoas Who, BMOC, vice-president of Delta Tau Delta. Personalities EVA BRASEL BOGART: Pharmacy ma- jor, engineeres queen, Union Activities council, Union Activities board, secretary of Mortar Board, ROTC honorary Lt. Colo- nel, Miss OU finalist, Alpha Lambda Delta, Tassels, Phi Sigma, Rho Chi, American Pharmaceutical association, chairman of celebrated artists, Whoes Who, BWOC, rush chairman of Pi Beta Phi. CHARLOTTE ESTER: Letters major, president of Association of Women Students, Union Activities council, Panhellenic rush Chairman, one of top ten freshman women, Alpha Lambda Delta, delegate to model U.N., Kappa Phi, Inter-Religious council, Wesley Foundation, Tassels, Who's Who, BWOC, rush Chairman of Chi Omega. ANN BREWER: Journalism major, presi- dent of Theta Sigma Phi, student senate, secretary, treasurer of Mortar Board, out- standing sophomore woman in journalism, Public Relations society, Young Democrats club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Tassels, Whoes Who, BWOC, Kappa Kappa Gamma. BERNIE L. HULME: Civil engineering major, Savoie Lottinville award, secretary of Phi Eta Sigma, treasurer of Tau Beta Pi, one of ten top freshman men, Pe-et, Ameri- can Society of Civil Engineers, Omicron Delta Kappa, VVhok Who. BMOC, IFC rep- resentative of Delta Tau Delta. 25! Personalities RICHARD NELSON JOHANNES: Gov- ernment major, battalion commander of NROTC, historian of Phi Eta Sigma, treas- urer of Omicron Delta Kappa, secretary of Pe-et, student senate, Union Activities coun- cil, one of ten top freshman men, Pi Sigma Alpha, Xi Mu, publications board, yearbook fraternity editor, VVhds Who, BMOC, Delta Upsilon. DOROTHY LOUISE MAYHEW: Secre- tarial science major, Alpha Lambda Delta, Tassels, Mortar Board, Beta Gamma Sigma as a junior, student senate, secretary of Fi- nance club, Panhcllenic rush chairman, treasurer of Junior Panhellenic, chairman of BW-BMOC banquet, ths Who, BWOC, Kappa Kappa Gamma. 252 JED J. JOHNSON, II: Government ma- jor, president of student senate, president of Xi Mu, president of model U.N., Cross citizenship award, one of ten top freshman men, delegate to national student congress, Pe-et, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sig- ma, Pi Sigma Alpha, ths Who, BMOC, publicity chairman of Delta Tau Delta. HELEN MERRITT: English major, Rita Lottinville award, president of Union Activ- ities council, Westminster Foundation, Or- chesis, Panhellenic, vice-Chairman of Home- coming, vice-chairman of Popular Series, Alpha Lambda Delta, Tassels, Mortar Board, Wllds Who, BW'OC, vice-president of Delta Delta Delta. 3K3 MARY LOU MCCONNELL: Vocal music education major, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sig- ma Alpha Iota, Wesley Foundation, vice- president of university choir, Pi Kappa Lambda, Kappa Delta Pi, outstanding inde- pendent, treasurer of Music Educatory Na- tional Conference, scholarship Chairman of Logan House, Whok tho, BVVOC. RICHARD MILLER: Government, history and economics major, moderator of VVest- minster Foundation, president of Ecumen- ical council, Vice-president of Inter-Reli- gious council, Vice-president of Independent Student association, outstanding independ- ent, one of ten top freshman men, Bass scholarship, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Alpha Theta, VVh075 Who, BMOC. .S.News mmm Uulf 9m! awnacsLFV A , M 76mg ,, JAN PUCKE'IT: Journalism major, editor, managing editor, news editor and campus editor of Oklahoma Daily, H. H. Herbert journalism scholarship, secretary of Theta Sigma Phi, Publications board, Union Board of Directors, Pep council, Wesley Foundation, treasurer of Alpha Phi. me .;-- KAY RIDDLE: Government major, vice- president of Mortar Board, secretary of As- sociation of Women Students, Panhellenic, president of Alpha Lambda Deltaa one of ten top freshman women, Tassels, Pi Alpha Sigma, th5 Who, BWOC7 president of Alpha Chi Omega. Wu yaw 2m Personalities CHARLOTTE REAM: History major, most outstanding freshman woman7 chair- man of homecoming, student senate, Pi Omega, Union Activities council. History club, Phi Alpha Theta, Gamma Theta Up- silon, Panhellenic, Alpha Lambda Delta, Tassels, Mortar Board, ths Who, BWOC, president of Chi Omega. SUSAN SHAW: Letters major, student sen- ate, Union Activities board, secretary of senior Class, Panhellenic, historian of Tas- sels, vice-president of Alpha Lambda Del- ta, model for Coca-Cola Company, Madem- oiselle staff, Classics society, selection board of Windmill magazine, delegate to NSA congress7 Who,s Who, BWOC, outstanding member of Gamma Phi Beta. JIM RICE: Mathematics major, president of Independent Student association, student senate, treasurer of Pe-et, distinguished ROTC student, Dads7 Day award, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma, Wesley Founda- tion, Inter-Religious council, Phi Beta Kap- pa as a junior, Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who7s Who, BMOC. FREDERICK SWAN: Mathematics major, president and intramural chairman of Resi- dential hall, president Unitarian fellowship, president chess club, house manager Cele- brated Artists series, ISA council, outstand- ing independent, junior Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Phi Alpha, Sigma Pi Sigma, Rhodes scholarship nominee, Phi Eta Sigma. 253 Personalities LUTHER "BUDDY7 TATUM: Engineer- ing major, president Engineers club, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, student senate, one of fifteen outstanding junior engineers in the United States selected by SAME, Phi E.ta Sigma, AIEE, outstanding junior 1n NROTC. LARRY WADE: Journalism major, editor of Oklahoma Daily, president of Student Press association, student senate, chairman of Journalism day, Interfraternity council, delegate to Student Conference on National Affairs, Sigma Delta Chi, Alpha Delta Sig- ma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Whoas Who, BMOC, outstanding member of Delta Kap- pa Epsilon. 254 KENNY TEEL: Journalism major, Varsity "0 7 club, lettered in baseball two years, distinguished ROTC student, Oklahoma Daily staff, McMahon scholarship, Cross Center honor resident, Scabbard and Blade, Sigma Delta Chi, Omicron Delta Kappa, VVhoas W110, BMOC, president of Sigma Nu. AL WEEKS: General engineering major, president of Tau Beta Pi, vice-president of Pi Tau Pi, vice-president of Pe-et, Society of Engineering Physicists, Union Activities council, outstanding sophomore AFROTC student, Sigma Pi Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Tau, Omicron Delta Kappa, Whoas Who, BMOC, president of Kappa Alpha. JERRY TUBB: Letters major, president of Interfraternity council, president of Big Eight Interfraternity council, student sen- ate, Xi Mu, Classics society, Young Demo- crats Club, Omicron Delta Kappa, ths Who, BMOC, Interfraternity council repre- sentative of Delta Tau Delta. HARRIET WILDMAN: Zoology major, president of Mortar Board, president 0 Wesley Foundation, president of Alpha Lambda Delta, Dadas Day award, Kappa Phi, outstanding sophomore woman, Tas- sels, Who7s Who, BWOC, treasurer of Delta Gamma. Stamina, self-control and ability to surge forward -w0rds that describe qualities of a varsity ath- lete. But also words that describe Characteristics desirable for all men and women. Athletic compe- tition has been regarded through the ages as a training ground to equip men and women for rich- er, fuller lives. The ath- letic program at the Uni- versity of Oklahoma is designed to provide max- imum enrichment for both athletes and specta- tors. Varsity sports em- phasizes team-work, fair play, and the ability to lose gracefully and win humbly. For all men and women in the university, no matter what their de- gree of proficiency, the intramural program pro- vides a chance to enter both team and individual competition. Each stu- dent is encouraged to participate. 255 DON WALRM'EN DOYLE PARRAcK ATHLETIC COUNCIL-FIRST ROW: Ronald Hill, Dean Earl Sneed, Dr. John C. Brixey. SECOND ROW: Dr. Carl Riggsa Ken Farris, Eugene O. Kuntz, Dr. Jim E. Reese, Dr. Oliver E. Benson. Athletic Council and Coaching Staff After years and years of outstanding success, Okla- homaas athletic fortunes finally came down to earth in 1960-61. Coach Bud Wilkinson was forced to settle for his first losing season at CU. However, many of the front- line players used during the season were underclassmen which may mean that things arerft going to stay glum very long in the Sooner football camp. MATT MANN JACK BAIZR His staff of assistants was headed again by Comer Jones and included Rudy Fellman, Bob Blaik, Eddie Crowder and Bob Ward. Norman McNabb and Port Robertson handled the freshman squad. Head basketball coach Doyle Parrack and his aide, Paul Geymann, watched their team get off to a fine first semester start only to stumble in Big Eight play and end the loop year in the conference cellar. Matt Mann had another highly successful season as the Oklahoma swimming coach. His tank team won their sixth consecutive Big Eight title under his tutelage and posted a fine 6-2 dual record for the year. Bob Connors, 1960 OU graduate, served as assistant coach. Track Coach Bill Carrollis team became the squad that finally stopped Kansas7s domination of the Big Eight track world by winning the leagueas indoor title. Tommy Evans did a great job as wrestling coach as he had to rebuild his team after ineligibilities cost him two NCAA champions and an NCAA runner-up. The team lost only three matches out of 15. COM ER joNEs KEN FARRIS we yum DEAN EARL SNEED Chairman of Athletic Council Big Eight Faculty Representative C. B. WILKINSON Director of Athletics Head Football Coach Tennis coach Don Walraven piloted his team to a fine dual meet season. Jack Baer handled a hard hitting baseball crew that contended for the Big Eight title and Bob James coached the golfers for the fifth year. PORT ROBERTSON EDDIE CROWDER J. D. ROBERTS RUDY FELLMAN BOB BLAIK TOMMY EVANS WILLIAM CARROLL PAUL CEYMANN BOB JAMES HAROLD KEITH JOHN JACOBS 257 1960 Oklahoma Football Team Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma SEASONS RECORD 3 15 0 13 0 49 6 19 14 17 Northwestern Pittsburgh . Texas Kansas Colorado Kansas State Iowa State . Missouri Nebraska Oklahoma State . 19 14 24 13 10 41 17 s. FIRST ROW: Bobby Wyatt, Jimmy Payne, Ben Jimmy Carpenter. 258 Bill Meacham, John Tatum, nett Watts, Jerry Tillery, Phil Lohmann, SECOND ROW: Duane Cook, Tom Cox, Karl Milstead, Ronny Payne, Billy White, Leon Cross, Wayne The 1960 football season was a disappointing year for both the Oklahoma football squad and their legions of fans. The team showed Hashes of exceptional ability and never gave up the fight but was not able to gain enough poise and overcome the inexperience it possessed in order to produce a winning season. Coach Bud Wilkinson had the first losing season of his career at CU, 3-6-1, and for the first time since coming to OU, his team failed to win or tie for the conference championship. Continually the coach re- fused to blame his players for their losses but preferred to shoulder any fault upon himself. In this respect he truly showed why he is a Champion who has produced championship teams. Lee, Marshall York, Ronnie Hartline. THIRD ROW: Dale Perini, Glenn Cunningham, Jim McCoy, Bob Cornell, Eddie Wood, Jim Byerly, Claude Hamon, Sam Davis, Dennis Ward. NCAA Lifts Sooner Probation Of the six losses sustained by the Big Red, three were by a touchdown or less. In this year of the Revolt of the Seven Dwarfs, Iowa State edged 0U, 10-6, Colorado shut the Sooners out, 7-0, and Nebraska brushed by Oklahoma, 17-14. The other defeats were solid thump- ings at the hands of Texas, 24-0, Northwestern, 19-3, and Missouri, 41-19. Defeated by OU were eastern power Pittsburgh, 15-14, Kansas State, 49-7, and arch rival Oklahoma State, 17-7. Kansas, who was forced to relinquish the Big Eight title because of a recruiting incident, was tied, 13-13. The pre-season prognosticators failed to take heed 0f the bemoanings of Coach Wilkinson and many of the magazines and newspapers picked OU to win the Big Eight and finish in the top ten of the country. As far as the honors for play during the season, Okla- FIRST ROW: Mike McClellan, Max Morris, Melvin Sanders- feld, Paul Lea, Monte Deere, Bud Dempsey, Jerry Pettibone, Bill Pannell, Jim Hensley. SECOND ROW: Gary Wylie, Elton Salmon, H. O. Estes, Vernon Lang, Bill Winblood, James homa players received little mention at the end of the year, possibly because of the team1s overall record. Tackle Bill White was named to the first team All- Big Eight squad and fullback Ronnie Hartline was placed on the second team. Honorable mention was given to end Ronnie Payne, guards Karl Milstead and Leon Cross and halfback Mike McClellan. Fullback Gary Wylie was on the Number One all-academic lineup. Hartline in pre-season charts was named all-America by Red Grange in the 1960 Kick-OH Yearbook and by the Sports Review Football. He and Milstead were picked on a pre-1960 All Plains and Mountains squad by Stanley Woodward. In the final season picks, Hartline and White received honorable mention alI-American honors. Parker, Ralph Maxfield, John Clapp, Jimmy Milhauser, Dale Keadle. THIRD ROW: Larry Pannell, Jon Black, Frank Smith, Paul Resler, Paul Benien, Don Roberts, Dean Bass, John Porterfield, John Homing. 259 DALE KEADLE B01; CORNELL Quarterback Fullback Oklahoma 3 - NormanetSept. 24le61,500 football fans filled Owen stadium to watch the sophomorish Oklahoma Sooners entertain the team that had humiliated them in the 1959 opener, Northwestern. It seemed that the tables would be reversed as Okla- homa darted OH to a quick lead but the Wildcats 0f the Big Ten came back to score in every period to pull out a 19-3 win. Karl Milstead practically put the crowd into a state of hysteria when he booted a 35-yard field goal after the Hrst team had pushed for 53 yards on seven plays. Northwestern then took the kick-off and marched for a touchdown. They added two field goals by their Quarterback Bennett Watts, N0. 15, is about to land on team-mate Paul Lea, N0. 36, in the Northwestern game. KARL MILSTEAD Guard End Northwestern 19 fullback Mike Stock and another touchdown to round out their scoring. Stock and Dick Thornton of Northwestern were the two big guns that OU was unable to contain. Stock scored two field goals, kicked an extra point and picked up 86 yards on rushes. Thornton passed for 108 yards and two touchdowns. The game marked the debut of Jimmy Carpenter as a quarterback. Carpenter had sat out all but the opener 0f the previous season due to an injury and had been converted from halfback t0 quarterback during spring training by Coach Wilkinson. 1g?u'ku . :1 T ' "'y:$mni t' 59 c l aw PAUL BENIEN Halfback Billy Meachain is halted on a sweep by the jar- ring tackle of Pittsburghis 1 Paul Hodge. RONNIE HARTLINE F ullback Okla. 15 - Pittsburgh 14 Norman4t0ct. 11-On a spine-tingling plunge for a 2-point conversion, Oklahoma evened its 1960 foot- ball record at 1-1 by defeating Pittsburgh, 15-14. Late in the fourth period Don Dick scored from five yards out to pull OU up to a 13-14 deficit. Then with 0U posed to kick for a single point, quarterback Bennett Watts scooped up the pass from center and rammed into the end zone behind Milstead5s smashing block on all- America end Mike Ditka to make the tally 0U 15, Pittsburgh 14. The Sooner had started fast as in the Northwestern contest by scoring the second time they had the ball. Six points were registered as Carpenter faked beautifully to Hartline and passed 30 yards to Ronny Payne who was 10 yards behind the Panther secondary. Milstead kicked the point after. Pittsburgh scored twice, one in each of the second and third quarters. Their attack centered around the "C7, boys, Cunningham, Cox and Clemens, and the passing ofJim Traficant. OU was not overwhelmed by the Pitt offense as the Big Red stopped Panther drives to 70 and 79 yards. The latter drive was stalled after Pittsburgh had made a first down on the DU 7 but had been stopped just a half yard from paydirt. Coach Wilkinsonis Charges then proceeded to drive to the 41 of Pittsburgh, punt and then Phil Lohman set up the last touchdown by blocking the ensuing Panther punt which Marshall York recovered for Oklahoma. Backs Ronnie Hartline and Billy Meacham played sparkling games both on offense and defense. Hartline gained 91 yards rushing, made 6 tackles and assisted on 3 others while Meacham ran for 49 yards7 and brought 8 Panthers to bay. Karl Milstead was the overall defensive ring-leader with 11 tackles. JIM BYERLY Center JIM McCoy End BILL WINBLOOD Center 26l DALE PERINI TOM Cox End Tackle football fans by dropping a convincing 24-0 loss to Texas. The Longhorns simply overwhelmed OU on offense and defense to rack up their third straight win in this annual contest. The key play in the ballgame may have occurred in the second quarter with Texas leading 3-0 and less than three minutes left to play in the half. The Long- horns passed on third and 4 from their 41 for what was an apparent incompletion but interference was called on 0U. The Texans then stormed into the end LEON Cxoss Guard Tackle Oklahoma 0 - Texas 24 DallaFtOCt. Sy-Oklahoma dispelled all rumors that perhaps another banner was in store for Sooner zone to pick up a 10-point halftime bulge. Late in the third quarter OU finally came to life trailing 17-0. The alternates drove to the Texas 37 and the starters got a first down on the 3 but each drive was halted by a costly fumble. Another drive went 46 yards but OU was then halted 0n downs. Oklahoma showed their best defensive stand yardage- wise 0f the season by allowing Texas only 234 yards total oHensive. Wayne Lee and Ronnie Hartline made 32 tackles and assists between them to top the Sooner defenders defensively. Sooner quarterback Jim Carpenter, N0. 22, outlegs Texas Longhorn Drew Morris, N0. 20, on an end run. MAX MORRIS MIKE MCCLELLAN Halfback JIMMY CARPENTER Quarterback JIM PARKER F ullback MONTE DEERE Halfback K Oklahoma fullback Ronnie ? Hartline burst through the . middle of the Kansas line "' and is about to shake off a Jayhawk en route to a long gain at Lawrence, Kans. The Sooners tied KU, 13-13. Okla. 13 - Kansas 13 Lawrence-tOct. l5leA two-touchdown underdog Oklahoma team battled a highly touted Kansas Jay- hawk eleven to a 13-13 tie in their opening Big Eight contest in Lawrence, Kansas. Oklahoma had to fight for its very life as Kansas missed victory by the margin of a missed 7eyard field- goal in the Closing seconds of the game. The team faced by 0U had been defeated only by No. 1 rated Syracuse and itself had been placed in the top ten football teams in the nation. Disregarding all this, Oklahoma proceeded to take the play away from KU and, in fact, never trailed in the game. F ullback Ronnie Hartline was the power cog for the Big Red. He rushed for 110 yards on 20 carries to almost double the efforts of the next best runner on the gridiron. Kansas7 all-America back John Hadl certainly showed the reason for his selection by passing and running for over 200 yards. His accurate punting almost proved fatal to the Sooners also. The Big Red started fast in each half by scoring touchdowns on initial possessions of the ball. After receiving the opening kickoff, Jimmy Carpenter signal-called the way into the end zone 55 yards in 13 plays. Mike McClellan tallied the score and Milstead1s conversion was true. The big plays were rushes of 19 and 22 yards by Hartline. The second half started in the same way. 0U took the kickoff and rolled 76 yards in 13 plays. The clincher was a fake field goal try with Carpenter standing up and heaving a screen pass to McClellan, who barreled in for the score. This time the conversion was blocked. The Jayhawks in the meantime were displaying their own offensive wares before an appreciative home crowd of over 40,000. 263 DUANE COOK Guard Halfback BILLY MEACHAM JERRY T1 LLERY End Guard Oklahoma 49 - Kansas State 7 NormanetOct. 22t-A bruised and tired Oklahoma team finally met a soft touch on Band Day in Norman in the personage of Kansas State. Although the Wild- cats never threw in the towel, they clearly were out- manned by the Sooners, who went off the field with a 49-7 win. Coach Wilkinson finally got a look at his deep re- serves as 52 members of the Big Red made their appear- ance before the home crowd. Only players not to play were injured backs Ronnie Hartline and Mike McClel- lan. Kansas State did throw a brief scare into the Sooners Bob Cornell, No. 14, hauled ":8 r ?- and the 42,200 strong assemblage when Jack Richardson ran the opening kickoff back to the 50-yard line. How- ever, this threat died and with it the chances of a K- State upset. The Wildcats only score came in the third period with the score reading 29-0. Oklahoma scored seven times on short runs and plunges. The scores were fairly evenly divided with the starters and alternates hitting paydirt three times each and the third team once. Quarterback Carpenter scored twice as did halfback Don Dickey. Monte Deere, Melvin Sandersfield and Bennett Watts each made a single touchdown. down by Kansas State tackle Dave Noblitt. Center Jim Byerly blocks as Vernon Lang clears the path. t H. O. ESTES MARSHALL YORK Tackle WAYNE LEE Center CARY WYLIE F ullback GLEN CUNNINGHAM End The middle of the Sooner line holds Colorado fullback Chuck Weiss from scoring in the second half. Moments later, Weiss cracked over to give the Buffs a 7-0 win over 0U. Okla. 0 - Colorado 7 Boulder-t0ct. 29ie0klahoma suffered its first con- ference shutout since 1942 when the Colorado BuHaloes whitewashed OU 7-0 in Boulder. A one-yard plunge by Buff fullback Chuck Weiss on fourth down and 5:33 left in the first half was the only score of the game. The win ended years of frustration for the 46,000 fans who braved cold, snowy weather to witness the Clash on Folsom field. The game was a tight defensive struggle with Okla- homa making two shots at the goal and Colorado four. OU made. it to the Buff 26 in the first half and t0 the 5 in the fourth quarter. Aside from its TD drive, Colo- rado advanced to the 0U 14, 30 and 39. In the second period, the Golden Buffs made their strike goalward and achieved success through a 15-play, 61-yard march. Weiss got the tally after the Big Red line led by Wayne Lee, Leon Cross and Karl Milstead stopped three charges from the OU one. This score promptly ignited the Sooners, who took the ensuing kickoff and made their longest sustained march of the day, 53 yards. However, Colorado stopped this drive shortly before the intermission. Oklahoma almost produced the equalizing tally late in the game on the most spectacular play of the contest. Quarterback Bennett Watts faked to Hartline and ram- bled 69 yards before Weiss nailed him on the Colorado 17. Hartline made it to the 5 for a first down but four plays gained nothing and Colorado took over the ball and the victory. A last-ditch drive ended with less than two minutes to go in the game on a fumble at midfield. Colorado completely dominated the play statistically. 0U was out-first-downed 17-7 and lost the total yardage race, 193-267. The Buffs7 Weiss was the outstanding player on the field with his OHensive and defensive heroics. 265 A VERNON LANG ELTON SALMON JOHN TATUM Guard End Cuard PAUL VAUGHAN Halfback Oklahoma 6 - AmektNov. malowa State added more misery to a long Oklahoma season by downing the Sooners 10-6 with a touchdown in the last four minutes of the game. Cyclone tailback Dave Hoppman and OU fullback Ron- nie Hartline engaged in a tremendous running duel with the Cyclone gaining 152 yards, eight more than the Sooner fullbackas 144. 0U was completely in charge of matters in the first half. The only sign of resistance was a 32-yard dash by Hoppman early in the first quarter. The Sooners scored in the second quarter as McClel- lan plunged in behind the blocking of White, Cross and owa State 10 Phil Lohmann. The kick for the point after was wide. OU threatened again in the quarter but the bid died on the Cyclone 39. In the second half Iowa State made only two serious efforts to score and each occasion was successful. An Oklahoma fumble set a Cyclone 34-yard field goal in the second quarter. Another fumble in the final quarter, which ended a Sooner drive on the Iowa State 32, gave the Staters the spark to drive 68 yards for the game- winning score. Watkins smashed over from the one after three shots from inside the seven had failed. Sooner tackle Marshall York, No. 72, stops Iowa State fullback Dave Hoppman after a short gain. BILLY WHITE Tackle DON DICKEY Halfback PHIL LOHMANN End MELVIN SANDERSFELD Halfback Quarterback Jimmy Carpen- ter, No. 22, flings an aerial during the OU-Mizzou game. Ronnie Hartline, No. 45, keeps MUis Danny LaRose out. No. 79 of MU is Rockne Calhoun. Okla. 19 - Missouri 41 Norman-tNov. l21-Oklahoma scored three times on the ground, the first such scores yielded by Missouri during the season, but the N0. 1 ranked Tigers had too much power for OU and stormed to a 41-19 win before 56,500 Oklahoma fans. Rated two or three-touchdown underdogs, OU stunned the Missourians when Mike McClellan raced 70 yards on the fourth play of the game to give OU a 6-0 lead. H. O. Estes and Billy White threw the key blocks. Mizzou struck back decisively for three touchdowns and a field goal to grab a 24-6 lead. One of the scores was a 77-yard dash by N orris Stevenson. However, the Sooners didn1t fold and Melvin Sanders- feld roared 36 yards, reversing his field well, to bring 0U up to only a 12-24 deficit. A third-quarter plunge by Carpenter and Hartline7s kick made the tally 24-19. Oklahoma drove again for the six points, the score that would have given the team the lead and perhaps broken the back of Missouriis spirit. 0U had a first down on the MU 35 but a mishandled handoff and a fumble ruined the Soonersi hopes. The Tigers shook Stevenson loose for 60 yards, hit a second field goal and added a final six points to make the final score 41-19. Bad pitchouts were responsible for the final Missouri drives as the OU quarterbacks and halfbacks continu- ally mishandled the short tosses. The swift Stevenson was virtually unstoppable. He gained 169 yards rushing and scored two touchdowns. MissourPs ace place-kicker, Bill Tobin, put through five of five extra points and two field goals from 33 and 31 yards out. McClellan and Hartline led the Oklahoma rushers with 118 and 94 yards respectively. Sandersfeld rushed for 53 and Meacham for 49. 267 Ax JERRY PETTIBONE CLAUDE HAMoN Halfback Tackle Oklahoma 14 - Norman-tNov. IQt-Ron Meade, a seldom-used Nebraska quarterback, kicked the Sooners into defeat for the second consecutive year to hand 0U a bitter 17-14 loss. The 41,000-plus Dad,s Day crowd watched in dismay as the Cornhuskers erased a 14-0 first-half lead to score 17 points in the second half and win the game. The Sooners started out as if to blow the Huskers out of the stadium and back to Lincoln. They marched 81 yards after receiving the opening kickoff with McClellan sprinting the last 23 to score. Milstead booted the point. In the second quarter7 Carpenter faked t0 Hartline s I BENNETT WATTS Quarterback Guard Nebraska 17 and threw a 49-yard payoff strike to Ronnie Payne. Milstead again converted. A third score which might have ended the Nebraska hopes was denied OU because of a fumble 0n the Corn- husker one as the first half ended. The second half was all Nebraska. F ullback Thunder Thornton scored twice, once on a sneak and another on a tremendous 68-yard run. OU threatened again midway in the fourth quarter but for the fifth time in the game a fumble was lost and the drive died on the NU 22. From this position, Ne- braska drove for the winning three points. JIM MILHAUSER RONNY PAYNE End PAUL LEA Halfback BUD DEMPSEY Fullback DENNIS WARD Tackle A big hole opens in the Okla- homa State line as 0U quar- terback Bob Cornell scores a touchdown. The S o o n e r s downed the Cowpokes, 17-7. Okla. 17 - Okla. St. 7 Stillwater-tNov. 26t-Senior quarterback Bob Cor- nell ran and passed Oklahomats Big Red to its 16th straight win over cross-state rival Oklahoma State. Cor- nell, who had been relegated to the third string for most of the season, scored once and directed the team to its other six points. , Oklahoma played, mechanically, its best ballgame 0f the year. Nary a fumble was lost nor a pass intercepted. The game enabled the Soonerst 11 seniors to end their careers on a winning note and it brought the final yearts mark to 3-6-1. With Cornell splendidly mixing up the calls, OU drove 78 yards for the first score of the game. The big play was a fourth and one gamble from the 49 and Cor- nell won it with a 27-yard carry. Three plays later Sandersfeld scored. Milstead tried a field goal late in the first half from the 32, but it was short. Oklahomzfs backfleld suffered serious injuries in the first half. Quarterback Carpenter and both left half- backs, McClellan and Sandersfeld, were put on the bench. However, their replacements, Monte Deere and Jerry Pettibone, the latter an erst-while fifth stringer, performed very well. Hartline and Cornell did most of the ball carrying in a 77-yard drive after receiving the second half kickoff. Cornell went the last three behind the blocks of Vernon Lang and Jim Byerly. Oklahoma State refused to give up and scored early in the last quarter. Their fine fullback Dillard knifed over but the subsequent try for a two-point conversion was stacked up. The Cowpokes started another drive for an equalizer but OU tackle Tom Cox alertly intercepted a pass and returned it 17 yards. SCORES Oklahoma . . 21 Arkansas . . . 40 Oklahoma . . 32 Oklahoma State . 23 Oklahoma . . 38 Kansas . . . 18 Oklahoma . . 28 Kansas State . . 40 Wichita . . . 64 Oklahoma was third in the Big Eight Championship Races. Lee Smith, OU7S top cross-eountry ace, heads home after the long grind 0n the old golf course. Cross Country Oklahoma rolled up a 2-2 dual record and a spark- ling third place conference finish during the 1960 cross- country season. Coach Bill Carroll primarily relied on sophomores and juniors for the brunt of the work done by the squad. The Southwest conference champion Arkansas was defeated in the first meet 0f the season run on the old Norman golf course. The Razorbacks took first place but a solid 2-3-4-5 finish by Lee Smith, Gail Hodgson, Paul Ebert and Buddy Stewart gave OU the team victory. Oklahoma State continued its mastery cross-country- wise over the Sooners by whipping them 32-23 in Still- water. The Cowpokes were 1-2-3 across the tape but Smith, Ebert and Hodgson were 4-5-6 to make the re- sult fairly close. FIRST ROW: Lee Smith, Buddy Stewart, Skip Allman, Tim Leonard. SECOND ROW: Gail Hodgson, Dick Neg, Coach Bill Carroll, Neville 5011, Paul Ebert. FIRST ROW: Joe Lee Thompson, DeLane Garner, Tom MC- Curdy, Jerry Haddock, Buddy Russell, Edward Evans, George Kernel:7 Tom Hedrick, Jack Lee, DeWayne Garner, Warren Fouts. SECOND ROW: Coach Doyle Parrack, Harvey Chaf- EMRD t": E55152; X$t9hjtgr a fin, Brian Etheridge, Stan Morrison, Darrell Hohmann, Don Riggant Eddie Jackson, Connie McGuire, Manager Dennis Price7 Coach Paul Geymann. BasketbaH The 1960-61 Sooner basketball season could aptly be called two seasons in one. During the first one which lasted until the Big Eight pre-season tourney in late December, the Oklahoma squad compiled a 7-1 record. The second season, post-tournament time, saw the Red and White drop to a 3-14 record. For the entire campaign the record was 10-15. At home 0U was 5-6 and on the road the mark was 5-9. Coach Doyle Parrack had a relatively young ball club with only two men, Joe Lee Thompson and Buddy Rus- sell, graduating in June. Two sophomores who showed fine promise were 5-9 guard Edward Evans and 6-7 center-forward Stan Mor- rison. Evans was the key man on the floor game after veteran George Kernek was forced out of action. Morri- son came on late in the year to provide most of the scoring punch in later-season contests. The Sooners boasted one of the tallest teams in the conference. They were picked to finish third in pre- season ratings and given the role of the 100p,s dark- horse. But the second semester nightmare killed off these fond hopes. Oklahoma . . . 70 Texas Western . . 58 Oklahoma . . . 60 Minnesota . . . 56 Oklahoma . . . 60 Brigham Young . 56 Oklahoma . . . 61 Southern Methodist 67 Oklahoma . . . 55 Houston . . . . 51 Oklahoma . . . 69 Texas AScM . . . 56 Oklahoma . . . 56 Colorado State U. . 50 Oklahoma . . . 75 Texas Tech . . . 56 Oklahoma . . . 64 Colorado . . . 60 Oklahoma . . . 52 Kansas State . . 73 Oklahoma . . . 55 Iowa State . . . 67 Oklahoma . . . 55 Kansas . . . . 58 Oklahoma . . . 57 Kansas State . . 69 Oklahoma . . . 56 Colorado . . . 47 SEASONS RECORD Oklahoma . . . 62 Missouri . . . . 70 Oklahoma . . . 63 Kansas State . . 71 Oklahoma . . . 56 Colorado . . . 47 Oklahoma . . . 62 Missouri . . . . 70 Oklahoma . . . 63 Kansas State . . 71 Oklahoma . . . 69 Nebraska . . . 58 Oklahoma . . . 78 Missouri . . . . 94 Oklahoma . . . 42 Oklahoma State . 48 Oklahoma . . . 56 Iowa State . . . 57 Oklahoma . . . 61 Nebraska . . . 83 Oklahoma . . . 55 Iowa State . . . 61 Oklahoma . . . 56 Kansas . . . . 81 Oklahoma . . . 45 Colorado . . . 52 Oklahoma . . . 47 Oklahoma State . 60 27l JERRY HADDOCK TOM IIEmucx STAN MORRISON WARREN FoUTs Forward-Cuard Guard Bas Texas Western opened the year at Norman for OU and the Sooners ran 03 with a 70-58 win. Evans had 13 points and nine rebounds to top the OU attack. All- Border conference guard Al Tolen threw in 20 for the Miners. George Kernek flipped in a jump shot with :03 left on the clock to give 0U a 60-56 win over Minnesota. The Gophers called time with :02 left but their last ditch try failed as Warren Fouts was fouled and he added two free throws after the gun had sounded. Evans Sooner center Eddie Jackson heads for a possible re- bound after a Colorado player gets OH a shot in the CU-OU contest. F 0 rward F orward ketball with 18 was high for Oklahoma. At Provo, Utah, the Brigham Young Cougars became Victim N0. 3 0f the year for Oklahoma. OU trailed most of the first half but spurted to a 48-41 lead with 7:21 left and ended up on the long end of a 60-56 score. Kernek with 16 was high point man. The first defeat of the year was at the hands of SMU, 61-67. Brian Etheridge threw in 26 points and Fouts held all-Southwest conference forward Steve Strange to 14 in a losing effort. The Ponies led all the way. Jerry Haddock meets a stone wall in Colorado State's Lyle Hunsaker, so he passes OH during the OU- Miners game. Jim Turner, N0. 12, 0f CSU and George Kernek, No. 00, of OU back the play up. 0U center Brian Etheridge fights Minnesota Golden CO- phers1 Jerry Butler, N0. 52, and Bob Kammerer, No. 34, for a rebound. HARVEY CHAFFIN Forward JACK LEE Forward Coach Doyle Parrack and his Sooners put some spirit into their huddle during a timeout in the Colorado game. BasketbaH Oklahoma enjoyed a weekend stay in Houston by winning two games in the Bluebonnet doubleheaders. On the opening night NCAA selection Houston was tripped 55-51. Pre-season all-America candidate Gary Phillip was held to 13 by Kernek, who tied Fouts for the Oklahoma scoring lead with 14. The Sooners hit 24 0f 48 shots for a hot 501X3. Texas AScM fell the second night to the tune of 69-56. Etheridge poured in 23 points and Tom McCurdy chipped in with 13. The Sooners blasted off to a 37-22 lead at the half and breezed through the last 20 minutes. In a Close contest in Norman, Colorado State was turned back, 56-50. The score was tied at 46-2111 with 6:13 left but Fouts and Evans got hot to pull OU in. Fouts led Oklahoma with 18 points. The final contest before the annual Christmas meet in Kansas City was with the later-to-be-crowned cham- pions 0f the Southwest conference, Texas Tech. After trailing, 43-40, at the half, OU outscored the Red Raiders, 35-13, in the second stanza to win going away, 75-56. The Sooners sewed it up by scoring 11 straight points in the final minutes of play. Balance was the key to success as Etheridge hit 16, Lee 12 and Ker- nek 11. Raider standout Del Ray Mounts was held to 14. In the Big Eight matches, 0U beat Colorado, and then lost to Kansas State and Iowa State to place fourth in the eight-team field. Playing with a lame shoulder, Jack Lee threw in 22 points to lead the way in the Colorado victory. 273 JOE LEE THOMPSON Guard Guard TOM MCCURDY DARRELL HOHMANN Forward-Center Guard BasketbaH Kansas State ended any hopes of a title by ruining 0U, 73-52. Iowa State5s classy twosome of Henry Whit- ney and Gary Wheeler potted 38 points between them to drop OU, 67-55. Kansas opened the Oklahoma Big Eight play by win- ning, 58-55, at Norman. The loss early in the second half of Warren Fouts via the foul route ended the OU hopes. He did a top job of guarding Wayne Hightower 0f the Jays. OU led Kansas State for a half, 22-21, at Manhattan Despite the efforts of Jayhawksa Wayne Hightower, N0. 55, and Bill Bridges 0n the right, 0U center Brian Etheridge bangs in a two-pointer. In the back- ground is Darrell Hohman of OU and behind Bridges but the Wildcats warmed up to win, 69-57. Larry Comely hit 21 for K-State and Etheridge had 15 for OU. Colorado was the victim of a determined Oklahoma comeback effort at Boulder as OU won, 56-47. Clutch late shooting by McCurdy and Kernek was the key blow to the Buffs. . MissourYs threesome of Charles Henke, Joe Scott and Don Satver banged in 54 points in leading the Tigers to a 70-62 win at Columbia. Etheridge5s 13 was tops for OU. Jack Lee, No. 14, is a second late as Texas Western7s Al Tolen7 an AIl-Border conference guard, grabs the is Allen Correll 0f KU. ball. EDWARD EVANS Mizzou7s high scoring Joe Scott is tied up by 0U center Brian Etheridge. S c 0 tt scored 24 points in the Tiger win at Norman. BRIAN ETHERIDGE Center-Forward GEORGE KERNEK Guard Colorado forward Milt Mueller and an unidentified Sooner fight for a loose ball during the CU-OU game in Norman. 4 :- BasketbaH Nebraska became the second and last victim of the Sooners in Big Eight play. The Cornhuskers were swamped, 69-50, at Norman. OU trailed at the half, 37-36, but finished strong to win. Stan Morrison scored 21 to top OU in scoring. The rest of the season was pure misery for Oklahoma. Eight straight games were lost during the final stretch of the year. Mizzou scorched the Sooners, 94-78, in Norman. The Sooners got good scoring from Morrison with 20, Fouts 18 and Evans 13, but MU retaliated with Henkeis 26, Scottis 22 and Sarveris 17. Oklahoma State won the first of the two 1961 Bedlam Series contests, 48-42, at Stillwater. The Cowpokes went to their delay game at 5:17 to wrap up the contest. Eth- eridge played a top game for 0U, hitting 17. Iowa State won, 57-56, at Ames and 61-55 at Norman. Whitney was their standout in both contests. In the former game Evans hit three late buckets to almost pull OU out but the time ended. In the second game, the Cyclones locked up the game with a late freeze game. Nebraska put OU in the cellar for sure by winning, 83-61, at Lincoln. Jan Wall led the hot shooting Husk- ers with 22. N0 Sooner hit over 8. Sophomore Eddie Jackson hit 13 points but Kansas romped over the Sooners, 81-56, in Lawrence. Bill Bridges with 23 and Allen Correll with 16 were high for Kansas. The BuHs of Colorado took a close 52-45 win over OU in Norman as they played without their ace, Wilky Gilmore. In the final game of the year, Oklahoma State controlled OU to win, 60-47. Swimming OklahomaTs swimmers had a 6-2 dual meet record and won their seventh straight Big Eight title during the 1961 season. The year was Climaxed by the Big Eight meet held in Norman at the new 50-meter varsity pool. The Sooners rolled up 143 points to outdistance sec- ond place Iowa State, which scored 74. Standouts for OU during the three-day event were Captain Gordon Collet, Johnnie Day, Carl Zahn and Lorne Hale. Collet won the 100 and 200-yard breaststroke events, setting a new NCAA record in the 100 and a new meet standard in the 200. His 100 time was 1:02.9 and for the longer haul, 2222.9. Johnnie Day swam the 1,500 meters free in 18:20.8, the 200-yard backstroke in 2:073, setting records in both events, and he also won the 100 backstroke in 58.7. Butterfly specialist Zahn set new records of 55.6 and 2:079 in the 100 and 200-yard races respectively. The conferenceTs top diver from the one and three- meter levels was Hale. Teammate Bob Reese was second in both events. Other top finishers for Oklahoma were Jack Saari, third in the 200 butterfly; Doug Brown, second in the 200 freestyle; Phil Brougher, third in the 100 freestyle, and the second place 440-yard freestyle relay team. The medley relay team of Hal Williams, Collet, Zahn and Barron Housel set a new record of 3:530 in the 400-yard event. FIRST ROW: Bob Connor, assistant coach; Melvin Riggs, Cordon Collet. captain; Carrit Maris, Matt Mann, coach. SECOND ROW: Bob Reese, Phil Cordon, Ron Hosner, Doug 0U diver Bob Reese completes a high-scoring eHo'rt in the Southern Methodisl-Oklahoma meet. Reese placed thlrd 1n the event. Oklahoma clobbered Nebraska, 70-35, to open the dual season, setting three records in the process. Ron Hosner went the 200 medley in 2:20.37 Day swam the 200 backstroke in 2:08 and Collet took the 200 breast- stroke in 2:236. Other firsts were garnered by Hale in the diving, Saari in the 200 butterfly and Brougher in the 100 freestyle. Brown, Don Johnson. THIRD ROW: Johnnie Day, Benno Fischer, Hal Williams, Carl Zahn, Phil Brougher, Barron Housel. Versatile Ron Hosner of Oklahoma makes the turn in the 200 individual medley in the OU-Colorado meet. Hosner won the event as OU whipped the Bulls in the meet. The Sooners entertained both Colorado and Air Force in a meet where each team competed in dual competi- tion with the two other schools. The 400 medley team of Collet, Day, Zahn and Brougher started the meet off by shattering the old school record with a mark of 3:483. Zahn set a school mark of 2:12.4 in the 200 butterfly and Day did likewise in the 200 backstroke with a time of 2206.2. Housel, Reese, Brougher and Collet also won first places for Matt Mannls 0U swimmers. Southern Methodist dealt Oklahoma its only two dual losses of the season, once at Norman and at the second meet in Dallas. In the first contest both coaches juggled their swim- mers in order to gain an advantage in different events. Day won the 200 individual medley in 2:105 for a school record and Zahn placed a close second. He also tied the 200 backstroke record in the same meet. Breaststroker Collet won his specialty and Melvin Riggs sprinted to place second. Diver Lorned Hale picked up five points on the one-meter board for OU. The Ponies were sparked by South African Olympian Aubrey Burer, who won the 100, 220 and 440-yard free- style events. In the second match between the two squads Burer again won three events to lead the Mustangs. Oklahoma won four first places. The medley relay team swam the 400 yards in 3:546, Day won the indi- vidual medley in 2:095, Hale copped the three-meter dive and Collet won the 200 breaststroke in 2:253. The Sooners soundly thrashed their three other con- ference foes4Kansas State, Kansas and Iowa State4and also whipped Texas in a non-loop meet. Garrlt Maris of OU takes to the water in the freestyle relgy against Kansas. Maris was the Soonersl top 50-yard man In 1961. SCORES Oklahoma . . 70 Nebraska . . . 35 Oklahoma . . 82 Colorado . . . 23 Oklahoma . . 65 Air F orce . . . 30 Oklahoma . . 45 So. Methodist . 50 Oklahoma . . 65 Kansas . . . 35 Oklahoma . . 57 Iowa State . . 48 Oklahoma . . 34 So. Methodist . 61 Oklahoma . . 80 Kansas State . . 13 Oklahoma . . 57 Texas . . . . 38 Oklahoma first in the Big Eight 277 Wrestling Coach Tommy Evans turned in a remarkable job in 1961 as the Soonersa wrestling coach guided his charges to a 11-3-1 record and a second place finish in the Big Eight meet in Norman. They might have been a con- tender for the loop crown had not six men been lost at semester because of grades and two others quit the squad. The highlight of the year was the Big Eight scramble where OU pressed highly favored Oklahoma State for the championship. Sooners Duwane Miller, Billy Carter, V011 Henry and Dale Lewis won first places and Wally Curtis, Mickey Martin and Wayne Baughman placed second in their weight classes. F ourth places were gained by Joe Cham- berlain and Phil Keeley. Miller squeezed past his arCh-foe Masaaki Hatta of OSU, 4-4, 3-1, in overtime at 123 and Lewis bear-hugged Ted Lewis of the Cowboys into defeat also in overtime, 4-4, 3-2, in the most exciting matches of the tournament. Sophomore Carter beat Doug Wilson of OSU at 137, Bill Carter puts the pressure on Iowa Statels Cloy Mead. Car- ter defeated Mead as OU tied the Cyclones, 14-14. Sooner Jerry Tanner is in trouble against his Mankato State opponent in 21 l23-pound battle. The Sooners won the match, however, downing the Minnesota team 18-9. 4-1, to take a first and Von Henry ripped Tom Pilcher of Iowa State, 5-1, to cop the 191 championship. A top individual efTort turned in by a Sooner was the 4-2 semi-final win by Wally Curtis over previously un- defeated Mark McCracken of OSU at 115. Two of the three defeats sustained by Oklahoma were at the hands of Oklahoma State by scores of 27-7 and 20-11. About 8,300 Stillwater fans saw the first encounter in which only Gerald Whitfield of OU could claim a win, a 5-3 victory over Big Eight champ Ted Pierce at 130. Dale Lewis and David Campbell were tied in their bouts. OSU won the rematch 0f the teams but the score was considerably closer, 20-11, although OU had just lost half the team because of grades. Martin, Henry and Lewis all scored wins and Carter picked up a tie. The Sooners started off the season in fine style sweep- ing three matches on a western tour with San Diego State, San Diego Navy and Utah. Fourteen pins were scored with Lewis7 three leading the team. Whitfield and Baughman each had two. OU almost lost its first home match in a dual with Iowa. The Sooners trailed 8-11 going into the final two matches but David Campbell at 177 and George Good- ner in unlimited pulled OU in with decisions to make the final team score 14-11. Shutout wins by Bob Dupree and Campbell sparked the Sooners to a 18-9 romp over highly regarded Man- kato State in Norman. Visiting Minnesota Of the Big Ten was roughly handled 20-2 by Oklahoma. Student manager Tom Ed- gar wrestling at 167 won his first bout of the year. Dupree and Jay Gregg posted whitewash wins. SCORES Oklahoma . . 33 San Diego State . Oklahoma . . 45 San Diego Naw . Oklahoma . . 19 Utah . Oklahoma . . 14 Iowa . . . . . 11 Oklahoma . . 7 Oklahoma State . 27 Oklahoma . . 18 Mankato State Oklahoma . . 20 Minnesota Oklahoma . . 11 Oklahoma State . 20 Oklahoma . . 14 Iowa State . . 14 Oklahoma . . 23 Colorado Oklahoma . . 27 Colorado Mines . Oklahoma . . 11 Colorado State . 15 Oklahoma . . 19 Wyoming . . . 13 Oklahoma . . 27 Southern Illinois . 6 Oklahoma . . 17 Kansas State On a second western tour, the Sooners beat Colorado, Colorado Mines and Wyoming but were upset by C010 rado State7 15-11. In the last home dual meet a rugged Southern Illinois team was smashed 27-6. Carter and Henry scored pins FIRST ROW: Coach Tommy Evans, Jerry Tanner, Bob Peck, John Robinson, Gerald VVhitlield. Regan XVright, Joe Chamber- lain, Mickey Martin, Tony Macias, Wally Curtis. SECOND 1r 'm m Oklahoma State 130-pounder Ted Pierce has OU7s Gerald Whitfield in trouble at Stillwater. Whitfield got up to win over Pierce to score for 0U. and Miller and Lewis took impressive decision verdicts. Kansas State gave 0U a scare leading 9-8 until the final three matches but the Sooners came on to win 17-9. Miller pinned 1960 Big Eight champ John Dooley in 8:26. ROWE Bob Dupree, David Campbell, Von Henry, Dale Lewis, W'ayne Baughman, Jay Gregg, Phil Keeley, Art Terry, Joe Gibson, George Goodner. mm ' $347473; Track The track season of 1960 was a banner year for Okla- homa tracksters as a team and so far as individual per- formances were concerned. Sooner track mentor Bill Carroll guided his team to first place in the Big Eight indoor meet, tied Kansas in a dual meet and in the outdoor contests routed cross- state rival OSU 76-59, placed third in the Big Eight meet7 won the Dallas invitational against three South- west conference teams and placed in a tie for 14th in the National Collegiate championships. Two athletes, one varsity performer and a freshman standout were chosen to perform in the Olympics in Rome. Mike Lindsay entered the shot put and discus for Great Britain and Anthony Watson was a broad jumper for the United States. Lindsay also swept the shot put events at the Drake, Kansas and Texas relays while teammate J. D. Martin won the pole vault events at these same meets. In a quadrangular meet with Illinois, OSU and Ne- braska, Martin vaulted over 15-934 which would have been a new world7s record had not the cross bar been set the wrong way to prevent its being blown off be- cause of a high wind. Martin during the year won the NCAA, Big Eight indoor and outdoor meets, the Michi- gan State relays title and tied Olympic silver medal win- ner Ron Morris in the West Coast relays. Highlighting the indoor season was the tie with Kan- sas and the winning of the Big Eight indoor. Against Kansas, the Jayhawks were forced to come FIRST ROW: David Frank, Dick NeH, Mark Sullivan, Bob Knight, Tommy Raley, Steve Swafford, Skip Allman, Don War- rick, Tim Leonard, Buddy Stewart. SECOND ROW: Neville Soll, Ralph Youngworth, Walt Myers, Dick Dorsey, J. D. Mar- Olympic broadjumper Anthony Watson sails past the 25-foot mark during the Oklahoma AAU meet 1n Norman. from behind on the last event, the mile relay, to salvage the tie. 0U anchorman Robert Wilcox barely lost to KU runner and silver 440 hurdle Olympic medalist Cliff Cushman. In the meet Lindsay and Martin set Kansas fieldhouse records in their specialties and Gail Hodgson won the mile and the 1000-yard run. tin, Mark Brady, Gary Knapp, Paul Ebert, C211 Sharpe, Richard Sinclair, Lee Smith, Kinnan Coleman and Jack Vaughan, managers. Big Eight discus champ and British Olympian Mike Lindsay sets sail a heave during a home meet. Five athletes went to Michigan State with the results of three first places by Lindsay, Martin and Hodgson, a second by Neeley in the vault and Dee Givens placed fourth in the 75-yard dash. The Sooners traveled west in the outdoor season to engage in two meets. Arizona fell 671Ar63V2 with the mile relay team picking up a 30-yard deficit to hand 0U the victory. Robert Wilcox starred for the Sooners as he anchored the mile relay team, placed first in the javelin and won the 440. Other first place winners were Neeley and Mark Brady in the high jump, Lindsay in the shot, Hodgson, mile and two-mile, Ringo the 880 and Mar- tin in the pole vault. In the other meet Oklahoma was second to Southern California but edged Arizona State in a triangular meet. Among the performers from USC and Arizona State in the meet were Olympians Dallas Long, Charles Du- mas, Mal Spence, Mel Spence and Alex Henderson. All-American football stars Mike and Marlin McKeever were entered in the weights by USC. OU got three first places with Givens winning the 100 and 220 and Martin in the pole vault. OSU,s Cowpokes were no match for the Sooners in the annual state clash. Dee Givens won both the sprints and anchored the winning 440 relay team to pace the Sooners. Weightman Mike Lindsay swept the shot put and discus setting a meet record in the latter event. Other first place winners were Tom Raley in the broad jumpsHodgson in the mile and Wilcox in the javelin. Oklahoma garnered all the points in the jave- lin as Martin was second and David Ewing placed third. Southwest conference teams Texas, SMU and Texas Ach were soundly thrashed in the Dallas invitational. 0U won five events and scored six seconds to sweep to victory. ., ,5, i ' , , , a... OUfs stellar vaulter J. D. Martin tries his hand at hurdling during a meet with OSU, Illinois, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma SCORES I ndoors 70 61 Nebraska Kansas Outdoors 76 Okla. State . 671A; Arizona 471A; So. California Arizona State 55 Illinois Okla. State . Nebraska 52 61 Oklahoma first in the Big Eight Indoor Meet 59 63 V2 88 41 49 33 26 Oklahoma first in the Dallas Invitational Meet Oklahoma third in the Big Eight Outdoor Meet 28l 282 . BasebaH The margin of three losses by a single run in separate Big Eight contests prevented OU from becoming league champions in 1960. As it was Oklahoma recorded a 12-7 league record to place third in the Big Eight and finished 13-10 for the entire season. Two players were picked on the all-Big Eight team, firstbaseman George Kernek and catcher Don Nipp. Oklahoma did manage to accomplish the 110 small feat of whipping Big Eight and defending NCAA champ- ions Oklahoma State two of three games at Stillwater. The wins at the time put Oklahoma within one game of first place in the loop race. A two-game series with Texas opened the seasonls action and the Longhorns who were to go on to win the Southwest Conference Championship whipped OU in both contests. In the first game lost in the last of the ninth 15-16, 0U led 12-4 after four innings. Hobby was the top swinger against the Texans with three hits and five runs All-Big Eight catcher Don Nipp starts a run-producing swing during an 0U rally. Second sacker Denny Price snags a popfly off a Colorado bat. Bob Hembree comes in to back up Price. batted in. The Steers also prevailed in the second game by a 12-6 count. Traveling north, Jack Baer1s charges split a two-game set with Illinois at Champaign. Two runs in the ninth inning gained an 8-7 win in the opener. Don Nipp had a home run and Bobby Jayroe was the winner in relief. Three round-trippers by the Illini resulted in an 11-4 loss for 0U. Tommy Jones started the Sooners off in the Big Eight race by pitching two-hit, eight-strikeout7 6-0 win over Kansas. Nipp7s four runs batted in and a home run were the key offensive licks. The Sooners took the sec- ond game of the series 11-4 behind Kenny Teells fine pitching. Brewster Hobby walloped a grand slam home run in the contest. Jayhawk hurler Jerry Waldschmidt outlasted the Sooners in 12 innings to pick up a 6-5 win. The loss nullified John WoodalPs fme relief chore of allowing two runs and two hits in 6 273 innings. Another fine performance by Jones, a one-hitter coupled with 7 strikeouts paced Oklahoma to a 6-1 win over Colorado at Norman. Robert Rickey knocked in three runs for OU. All-Big Eight Buff star Gene Lenderman hit three home runs to lead Colorado to a 8-5 win in the second game of the series. After losing the second game, Teel came back to turn in a sparkling relief job to preserve a 13-10 0U win in the rubber game of the series. Rickey had the key blow in the game, a three-run homer in the bottom of the 11th. The OSU series looked like a repeat of past years as Dick Soergal pitched the Pokes to a 13-3 win in the set,s opener. Teel went all the way to record a 9-7 win in the second contest. Warren Foutls two-run single in the sixth won the game for OU. First saeker George Kernek of OU scoops up a low throw in tune to out out a Cornhusker during the Oklahoma-Nebraska serles. The Sooners won two of the three games played. In the final series of the year, Nebraska was defeated in two of three games. The first ended in the football score of 20-13. Kernek went wild with five hits7 eight runs batted in, a home run and two doubles. Rickey also clouted a round tripper. Eighteen players saw service for OU as the Sooners scored eight runs in the fourth and five in the sixth. Nebraskats big inning was the seventh when they scored 11 runs. Jones capped his career by firing a three-hit shutout won by OU 18-0. Bob Hembree and Denny Price each had three hits in the game. The Sooner bats were fin- FIRST ROW: Dick Carpenter, Robert Hembree, Dick Demon, Jim Self, Brewster Hobby, Kenny Burke, Jim Seamans. SEC- OND ROW: Bobby Jayme, Joe Melton, Jerry Gill, John Hol- lingsworth, Denny Price, Art Gaer, Robert Rickey, Tommy SCORES Oklahoma . . 15 Texas Oklahoma Texas Oklahoma Illinois Oklahoma Illinois Oklahoma Kansas Oklahoma Kansas Oklahoma Kansas . Oklahoma Colorado . Oklahoma Colorado . Oklahoma Colorado . . . Oklahoma Oklahoma State . Oklahoma Oklahoma State . Oklahoma Oklahoma State . Oklahoma Iowa State Oklahoma Iowa State Oklahoma Missouri Oklahoma Missouri . . Oklahoma Kansas State . Oklahoma Missouri Oklahoma Nebraska . Oklahoma Nebraska . Oklahoma Nebraska . Seasotfs Record 13-10-Third in the Big Eight I-l Hi-I HNMG: j-Jp-I mummwdawummmmcanaoom NOWNWAQAVONWOWHQOVF lou-I 0CD I-l H 1-100 ally stilled in the finale as Nebraska closed out the year with a 7-1 win. Hembree topped 0U in batting with a .370 average. Other top batters were Nipp, .338; Hobby, .313; Ker- nek, .297, and Kenny Burke, .286. Among those seeing limited action pitcher Jones had the best figure with a .444 mark. Jones, Don Nipp. THIRD ROW: Ray Collins, John Woodall, Ray Burden, George Kernek, Warren Fouts, Howard Black, Kenny Teel, Bill Wines, Tom Edgar, Buddy Woods, manager. SCORES Oklahoma . . 6 Northeastern State . 1 Oklahoma . . 2 North Texas State . 4 Oklahoma . . 2 Southeastern State . 4 Oklahoma . . 2 Kansas . . . . . 5 Oklahoma . . 7 Kansas State . . . 0 Oklahoma . . 5 Nebraska . . . . 2 Oklahoma . . 4 Oklahoma Baptist . 2 Oklahoma . . 1 Oklahoma State . . 6 Oklahoma . . 5 Wichita . . . . 0 Oklahoma . . 5 North Texas State . 1 Oklahoma . . 4 Wichita . . . . 3 Oklahoma . . 6 Kansas State . . 1 Oklahoma . . 6 Southeastern State . 0 Oklahoma . . 2 Oklahoma Baptist . 4 Seasozfs Record 9-5 Third in the Big Eight Tournament Tenn The netsters of Oklahoma coached by former OU star Don Walraven compiled a 9-5 dual meet record and finished third in the annual Big Eight tournament. All the members of the squad were returning letter- men with the only loss from the 1959 squad being Joe Harris. Marvin Schakde had a perfect dual meet record of 10-0 to lead the Sooners through the season. Follow- ing Schakde as top winner was Dunny Vanice, 10-3; James Provines, 7-5; Bill Lackey, 7-6; Dick Harris, 5-6 0U netster Dick Harris fires a backhand shot during a spring match. I and Randy Robins won the only singles match he played in. The problem of finding a top doubles combination plagued the Oklahomans as 12 different combinations were tried throughout the year. The top twosome per- centage wise was Provines and Lackey with a 3-0 record. In the Big Eight tournament OU scored 6 points to rank third behind OSUas 21 and Kansas1 12. No other team could score more than 3 points. FIRST ROW: Coach Don Walraven, Bill Lackey, Randy Robins, Marvin Schkade. SECOND ROW: Dunny Vanice, James Provines. Dick Harris. Bob James, coach; Howie Hesler, Richard Martin, Butch Cahoon, Bob Ryan, Dick Lambertz. Golf After a highly successful dual season record of 7-3-1, the Oklahoma golfers were hampered by subnormal performances and placed seventh in the Big Eight tour- nament at Ames, Iowa. The top win of the season for OU was 7-5 Victory over arch-rival and the eventual Big Eight champs, Oklahoma State. Butch Cahoon tied the Cowpokes, Labron Harris, Jr. with a 78 for low score of the match Sooner golfer Bob Ryan eyes a long putt on the OU course. and carried off a 3-0 win for OU as did Bob Ryan. The Aggies came back and got revenge on the Still- water greens with an 11-1 stomping of Oklahoma. Wichita fell to the Sooners twice by scores of 10V2- IIA; and 7V2-41Ap 1n the former, OU won three matches and tied one and in the latter Dick Lambertz and Ca- hoon led the way with 785. SCORES Oklahoma . 7 Oklahoma State 5 Oklahoma . 1 North Texas St. 5 Oklahoma . 101A; Wichita . . . 11A; Oklahoma . 5 West Texas St. 1 Oklahoma . 11 Nebraska. . . 4 Oklahoma . 3 North Texas St. 3 Oklahoma . 4V2 Kansas State . 2V2 Oklahoma . 8V2 Kansas . . . 6M2 Oklahoma . 1 Oklahoma State 11 Oklahoma . 4 Tulsa . . . . 8 Oklahoma . 71A; Wichita . . . 4M2 Season7s Record 7-3-1 Seventh in the Big Eight Tournament 285 BILLY WHITE DALE LEWIS DON NIPP Football Wrestling Baseball Top Athletes WARREN FOUTS MIKE LINDSAY RONNIE HARTLINE Baseball Track Football DUWAYNE MILLER JOHNNY DAY J. D. MARTIN Wrestllng Swimming Track 1; T , Intramural Council FIRST ROW: Dewey W. Luster, Mary Carter, Luther I. Tatum, Kin Coleman, Paul V. Keen. SECOND ROW: Jim Sinex, Bob Reis, Arthur Redland, David Gibbs, Lyle Young. Intramurals To teach sportsmanship, fair play and respect for the will of others is the goal of the Intramural department. The department has acquired space and developed fields so that every student in the University can have an op- portunity to compete in some form of competitive sports. Through practice a boy develops a fondness for sports which gives him courage and provides him with the physical fitness so vital nowadays to his countryls service. He creates a sports habit which carries over and serves in later life as a wholesome recreation for his leisure time. The student who takes full advantage of the oppor- tunities provided in the program will have not only a decided health benefit, but will have vital improvement in his mental well being. Beta Theta Pi Class A touch football champions: FIRST ROW: Richard Moore, Monty Bratcher, Bob Barr, Cary Baer. SECOND ROW: Tom Swineford, Brian Copple, Ken Mul- drow, Louie Priehe, Sam Pangburn. Student leadership is encouraged in the administra- tion of the play; faculty guidance, rather than faculty dominance is the rule. The department is more inter- ested in the men participating than in who wins the games. The intramural program is an ideal proving ground for democracyesports for alleplaying instead of watching. if L2 1;: y l 3 Independent Class A touch football winners, Residential Hall: FIRST ROW: Roger Norman, Homer Forsythe, James Pear- son David Gibbs, Tom Ables, Bill Barrow. SECOND ROW: Butch Wohl, Charles Orelup, James Humphrey, Boliver Jones, Loyd Benson, R. D. Myatt. 287 288 Lambda Chi Alpha Class A Volleyball champions: Tom Dunhain, Rick Petticrew, Ralph Russell, Maurice Joy, Ron Sheffield, H. L. Crites. Outstanding intramurals manager of the year for the 1959-60 season 15 Jim Sinex, Sigma Chl. Intramurals A sport for every man and every man in a sport is the motto of the University of Oklahoma Intramural department, which makes available athletic equipment and facilities to all university men. The intramural sports system was inaugurated on the OU campus in 1925, when it attracted 256 participants. In thirty-six years the program has continued to expand and the list of men and women entering this year will exceed five thousand. The intramural headquarters in the field house car- ries equipment for all sports and at least one tourna- ment :1 year is conducted in each of them. Intramurals at the University give every man3 whether proficient in a sport or not, a Chance to exercise and enter a competitive tournament. Since independent men have organized into small groups for this purpose, intramurals sponsor and foster sports competition and cooperation between fraternities and independent men and do much to unite the two groups. Equipment and tournaments are managed by a corps of student sports leaders. Paul V. Keen is the director. Keen came to the University in 1927 as the coach of the varsity wrestling team and to serve on the intramural staff. Due largely to his untiring efforts, the intramural program has become an integral part of the University menls education program. Another member of the clese-working intramural de- partment administrative organization is Dewey Luster7 0r "Snorter;a as he is known to the students. Mrs. Mary Lou Carter rounds out the staff of faculty administrators for the intramural department. She is in charge of all team entries, scoring records and book work involved in the department. Student managers for the intramural athletic program are Barney Barnett, David Gibbs, Bob Reis, Hugh Rice, Charles Stanford, Buddy Tatum, Kinnan Coleman, Arthur Redland, Jim Sinex, Bill Walker and Lyle Young. These appointed students, the director of intramural athletics and the staff of the department compose the managerial board. The board meets twice a month to discuss policies and possible improvements to be made in the program. Each year the student members of the board are se- lected from members of the previous year. It is the duty of the senior managers to see that play is run off smoothly in their assigned sport. This system is de- signed so that all managers will be sufficiently trained to hold the position of senior manager, and to fulfill the functions required for tournament and league play in the many sports sponsored by the intramural depart- ment. Twelve softball diamonds, 12 touch football fields7 21 tennis courts, five basketball courts, six horseshoe pits, 12 badminton courts, six four-wall handball courts, six volleyball courts, the track and swimming pool are used by any group for practice or practice games as well as for intramural competition. Each organized house7 both independent and frater- nity, has an athletic manager elected or appointed by the house. He is the point of contact between the team and the department. Matters affecting the team are communicated to the manager who in turn is respon- sible for passing the information on to his team mem- bers. The manager of each organization is eligible to try out for managerial board and are also in competition each year for the Outstanding Manager award. The winner for 1959-60 was Jim Sinex, representing Sigma Chi fraternity. Team sports winners receive trophies and individual winners receive medals in intramural competition. aROADVM wTHODIST Sigma Chi softball, class A winners: Bruce Swaine, Don Can- Sigma Alpha Epsilon winning; track team: FIRST ROW: Tum non, Roy Hogard, Ed Harper, Steve Turner, Curtis Bohlman, Wknrick, Bud Babcock. SECOND ROW: F. L. Shaffer, John Jim Sinex, Dennis Cubbage, Les Sitter. Paul Johnson, Hank Kerr. Spencer Wong and David Weichert shake hands after learning First place winner in the table tennis, singles, was Joe Soko- they were badmmton champmns. The two represent Young luff, sophomore 1n arts and sciences, Boyd house. house. Beta Theta Pi swimming team took first place honors. FIRST Robert E. Colasinski and Mervin Clements, representing Phi ROW: Louie Pribie, John VViegand. SECOND ROW: John Kappa Psi, took the championship in the horseshoes Moublew Coffey, Bob Barr, Pete Adamsml. cmnpetition. . 289 Intramural Winners Winners of the men,s intramural program are listed below. These are Champions from spring, 1960, and from the 1960-61 competition up to the date of publi- cation. TEAM SPORTS Touch football, class A . . . . . Beta Theta Pi . ., p T ouch football, class B . . . . . Beta Theta Pi Sigma ChiVS winning boxing team. FIRST ROW: Jim MC- Touch football, independent . . . . . Residential Dougalt Ron Brownt J96.Myres9 JaCk LOVC' S.ECQND ROW: Basketball Class A . . . . . . Delta Tau Delta George Upton, Jerry Bllllngsly, Bob Kadane, Jlm Slnex. 7 . Basketball, class B . . . . . . . Beta Theta P1 Basketball, independent . . . . . . . Outcasts Wrestling, first place . . . . . . . Kappa Sigma Wrestling, second place . . . Sigma Nu Volleyball, Class A . . . . . Lambda Chi Alpha Volleyball, class B . . . . . . . Phi Kappa Psi Volleyball, independent . . . . . . Spanish Club Boxing, first place . . . . . . . . Sigma Chi Boxing, second place . . . . . Phi Delta Theta, Delta Tau Delta Softball, class A . . . . . Sigma Chi Softball, class B . . . . . . Alpha Tau Omega Softball, independent . . . . . . Baker House Track and field, first place . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Track and field, second place . . Phi Delta Theta Swimming, Hrst place . . . . . . Beta Theta Pi Swimming, second place . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon INDIVIDUAL BRACKET SPORTS Badminton doubles . Spencer Wong, David Weichert Class A basketball champs, Delta Tau Delta. FIRST ROW: Sid Ahlschlager, Bob Lewis, Nick Denner, Tom Kingery. . Young HOUSE? SECOND ROW: Charlie Harris, Bob Ray, Ronnie Pender- Badmlnton singles . . Tom Goodwin, Beta Theta P1 graft. Handball doubles . . . Joe Sokoloff, Doug Ratcliff Boyd House Handball singles . . . . Joe SokoloH, Boyd House Horseshoe doubles . . . Mervin D. Clements, Jr., Robert E. Golasinski Phi Kappa Psi Horseshoe singles . . Jim Ross, Alpha Tau Omega Golf doubles . . . Larry Hughes, Robert Loosley Phi Gamma Delta Golf singles . . . . David Livingston, Sigma Nu Paddleball doubles . . . . Jon Cole, R. W. F ields Disciples Student Fellowship Paddleball singles . . . . . Jon Cole Disciples Student Fellowship Tennis doubles . . Frank Mitchell, Robert Mitchell Beta Theta Pi Tennis singles . . . F rank Mitchell, Beta Theta Pi Table tennis doubles . Spencer Wing, Doug Edwards Young House Table tennis singles . . . Joe Sokoloff, Boyd House Outcasts capture independent basketball crown. FIRST ROW: Joe Windes, Bill Kinder. SECOND ROW: Don Corman, Kenneth Cook, Alan Grubb. 290 FIRST ROW: Gloria Valdes7 Lynda Tamblyn, Mary Ellen Thompson, Carmen Betzer, Judy Rowntree, Jill Johnson, Susan Croh. SECOND ROW: Jean Ann Lemler, June Wiley, Judy Kammerer, Dee Post, Maurine Bowling, Angie Leonard, Judy Didieir7 Judith Porter, Sandy King. THIRD ROW: Mary H: In "3 In 2 4W00ds, Jacque Domke, Phyllis Gruver, Mary Black, Marilyn Black, Nancy Baer, Carol Smith, Lilian Logan, Susan Wood. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Sutton, Wilda Shelton, Judy Kaye Lamberson, Joanne Grifiin, Sarah Scholl, Ann Kemekt Vicky Green, Della jane Dunkin, Lee Goldberg. Women's Recreational Association To provide recreational activities for women students, to develop skills through participation in activities and to foster a keen sense of sportsmanship and character are the aims of the Womerfs Recreational association. Any woman student enrolled in the University of Oklahoma is eligible for membership in WRA. The WRA council is made up of members chosen as repre- WRA oHicers include Carmen Betzer, vice-president; Jill John- son, social chairman; Judy Rowntree, publicity chairman; Mary Ellen Thompson, president; Dee Post, secretary; Susan Groh, treasurer; Lynda Tamblyn, OARFCW representative, and Gloria Valdes, historian. sentatives from each organized living unit and represent- atives from each recreational club. Governing body of the WRA is the board composed of elected officers. OHicers are Mary Ellen Thompson, president; Carmen Betzer, vice-president; Susan Groh, treasurer; Gloria Valdes, historian; Judy Rowntree, pub- licity chairman; Jill Johnson, social chairman, and Lynda Tamblyn, representative to the Oklahoma Ath- letic Federation of College Women. Maurine Bowling is faculty sponsor. Recreational Clubs taking part in the WRA are Or- chesis dance Club, Ducks swimming Club, Swing club, Racquet club, Terpischore, PEM tphysical education majorsi club, Fencing club and Volleyball Club. A student becomes an active member of WRA when she joins one of these groups. Promoting interest in both team and individual sports and providing a recreational program for those of all abilities are responsibilities of WRA. One of the main projects this year has been the presentation of trophies t0 the house and dorm teams for sportsmanship, attend- ance and excellence in sports. Meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of each month in the Women,s building. 29I 292 FIRST ROW: Betsy Manning, Diane Caylor, Teresa Kalman, Marcia R. Wilson, Dorla Coley, Laurie King, Joan Kalman. SECOND ROW: Caralee Hemphill, Todis Brett, Sidney Sud- herry, Margaret Burleson, Pat Clark, Donna McFarlin, Julie Kalman. THIRD ROW: Roberta Tesar, Camilla Finley, Lorna Outland, Marylynn Overman, Connie Carson, Sharon Tankers- ley, Sandy King, Carole Hass. DUCKS CLUB Promotes Individual Skill and Interest in Synchronized Swimming A water show for mothers during Momts Day week- end and a synchronized swimming workshop in the fall are two of the projects of the Ducks club. OHicers are Marcia R. Wilson, president; Darla Coley, Vice-presi- dent; Betsy Manning7 secretary; Teresa Kalman$ treas- urer, and Carole Hass, faculty sponsor. Membership is open to women students who satisfy the skill require- ment at fall tryouts. The club strives to promote in- dividual skills and interests in synchronized swimming. It sponsors high school and college meets and presents water shows. ORCHESIS Dance Club Presents "Juggler of Notre Dame" As Annual Christmas Show To foster understanding and appreciation of the dance as a contemporary art form is one of the aims of Orchesis, woments dance group. The organization of- fers members an opportunity to do creative works and present them for public performance. Officers are Don- ita Elliott, president; Margaret N. Harris, vice-president; FIRST ROW: Bunny Laughlin, Gayle Wilfong, Diana Moore, Joyce Nash. Donitu Elliott, Leslie Sternberger, Susie Rosen- berg? SECOND ROW: Helen Gregory, Mary McCoy. Marcia Hewitt, Candee MeGown, Joan Lyckberg, Carolyn Bulla, Mary Marcia Hewitt, secretary, and Helen Gregory7 faculty sponsor. Each year during the Christmas season, Or- chesis members perform the "Juggler of Notre Dame;7 which has become a tradition on campus. Tryouts are held twice a year and those accepted become provisional members until they participate in one major production. Katherine Betz. THIRD ROW: Cynthia Davis, Glenda Ochs- ner, Elaine Haltzman, Becky Olive, Helen Merritt, Delores Svejkovsky, Mary Ann Schwall, Margaret N. Harris. SWING CLUB The Swing club is open to all women interested in golf who demonstrate skill in playing nine holes and hitting specified shots. Annual projects include the spon- sorship of high school invitational tournaments and high school clinics. They also promote pro exhibition, intramural and extra-mural matches and practice ses- sions. OHicers are Linda Conklin, president; Suzanne Parks, vice-president; Janice Blakely, secretary-treasurer, and Maurine Bowling, faculty sponsor. The group holds occasional business meetings, luncheon or dinner meet- ings and sponsors an annual Christmas party. TERPSICHORE Lessons in various dance skills are learned by mem- bers of Terpsichore, womenas dance club, at their weekly meetings in the Womenls building. The object of the Club is to provide an extra-curricular activity and to improve the studenUs skill, understanding and appreciation of the dance. Officers are Judy Mallernee, president; Patty Page7 vice-president; Carolyn Sutton, secretary; Dean Miller, treasurer, and Carolyn Dar- rough, faculty sponsor. Club members appeared as monks in the "Juggler of Notre Dame,77 annual Christ- mas presentation of Orchesis. VOLLEYBALL CLUB The Volleyball club participates in the annual state- wide Sports Day. Any woman interested in volleyball is eligible for membership. The group plays games and holds practice sessions during the volleyball season. Mary Cantt is faculty sponsor of the club, designed to increase physical efficiency and recreational interests of its members. , x: x V Valerie Brock, Patti Wllson, Earlene Simon, Maurine Bowling, Linda Conklin, Nancy Fendell, Nancy Baler7 Janice Blakely. 1:: FIRST ROW: Cloann Miller, Judy Beardslee, Sharon Stallord. Dean Miller, Gloria Miller. SECOND ROW: Martha Mark- ham, Patty Page, Marion Craighead, Carolyn Darrough, Caro- lyn Sutton, Judy Mallernee. FIRST ROW: Mary K. Bomemann, Jean Ann Lemler, Susan Groh, Karen Brown, Valerie Brock, Bess Meeks, Judy Kam- merer. SECOND ROW: Mary Gantt, Nancy Baer, Sandy King, Lynda Tamblyn, Betsy Manning, Joanne Crillin, Nancy Newsom, Mary Boyd, Myrna Carney. 293 FIRST ROW: Karen Brown, Nancy Fendell, Lynda Tanlblyn. Linda Londe, Valerie Brock, Jean Ann Lemlee. SECOND ROW: Marylena Patterson, Becky Olive, Babs Yarmuk, Dee Post, Marthanelle Chastain. THIRD ROXV: Virginia Morris, Linda Nelson, Nancy Newsom, Kay Kingeliu7 Marcia Wilson. PEM CLUB Annual activities of the Physical Education Majors Club includes a banquet When an award is given to the outstanding senior, PEM-Faculty basketball and volley- ball games, Christmas party and "play day7 for senior high school girls. Offlcers are Jean Ann Lemler, presi- dent; Lynda Tamblyn, Vice-president; Marylena Patter- son, secretary-treasurer, and Virginia Morris, faculty sponsor. FENCING CLUB Anyone interested in fencing who wishes to improve his skill may become a member of the Fencing club. The Club annually holds clinics at OSU, Central State College and OU. They also present an annual tour- nament in the spring and attend other tournaments throughout the year. thcers are Jean Ann Lemler, president; Enrique Costas, vice-president; Rosa Lee Howard, secretary, and Jan Thompson, faculty sponsor. FIRST ROW: Jean Ann Lemler, Janies Kay Crenshaw, Mar- gueritte Loretta Mills, Marian Camp, Jorena Wicker, Beth Stone, Nancy Blythe Mayfield, Jacqui Sparks. SECOND ROW: Jan Thompson, Tony E. Clikas, Dale J. Billam, Elmer J. Hoyle, Gary Van Antwerp, Enrique Costas. FIKSI KOVV: Linda Driskill, Karen Brown, Rose Marie Scott, Barbara J0 Spencer, Judy A. Kammerer. SECOND ROW: Myrna Carney, Helen L. Cale, Lynda Tamblyn, Mary Black, Joeann Benson. THIRD ROW: Janie Orr, Karen Meier, Val- erie Brock, Nancy Newsom, Patty David, Nancy VValrath. BASKETBALL CLUB The Basketball club participated in the inter-state basketball tournament held at CU in the fall. Karen Meier is captain and Mary Gantt is faculty sponsor. They meet regularly to practice shots and play games. The club promotes interest in basketball and provides physical recreation for its members. Anyone interested in basketball may become a member of the Club. INTRAMURAL WINNERS For the third year in a row, members of Delta Delta Delta sorority won the intramural trophy by collecting a total of over 1,000 points in competition. Representa- tives won in volleyball, while placing in speedball, basketball, swimming, softball, table tennis and tennis. FIRST ROW: Kay Fields, Yvonne Ittner, Julie Ashlock, Sylva Billue, Anne V. Robbins. SECOND ROW: Cloria Valdes, Fancy McAllister, Jessie Montgomery, Jeanie Gamble, Diane J. Steele. lune Little. The voice of the campus is heard five times a week Via the Oklahoma Daily, official student newspa- per. Student staff mem- bers write it, edit it, sell advertising and, through the Journalism P r e s s , help print it. For 47 years, the Daily has been publishing campus news and serving as a labora- tory for J students. Rounding up the years activities each year is the SOONER Yearbook, begun in 1909. It was preceded by the Mistletoe, which had been the OHiCial an- nual since 1905. Prior to the Mistletoe, the Univer- sity Umpire had been is- sued temporarily as an annual souvenir edition. In 1941, the ofhcial organ of the college of engi- neering began publica- tion. The Sooner Sham- rock magazine is written especially for student and alumni engineers, by a qualified staff. PubHcaHons Board The University of Oklahoma Publications board has acted as the publisher and policy-making body for the two school publications, the Oklahoma Daily and the SOONER yearbook, since 1915. The student-faculty board is comprised of seven voting and three ex-oflicio members. Four students are chosen annually from ap- plicants to represent the two publications or the publi- cations-at-large. Voting faculty members of the board are Dr. C. Joe Holland, acting director of the school of journalism and Chairman of the board; john H. Casey, professor of journalism and secretary of the board, and Dr. Ralph Bienfang, professor of pharmacy, appointed to the board by President Ceorge Cross. Student members of the board this year were Fred Lankard, representing the Oklahoma Daily; Dick Jo- hannes, representing the SOONER yearbook, and Eddie Frost and Jan Puckett, chosen to serve as members-at- large from the two publications. Mrs. Louise Beard Moore, supervisor of student pub- lications, Cecil H. Brite, general manager of student pub- lications, and David Burr, assistant to the president and director of public information, are the three ex-oHicio members of the Publications board who sit in on board meetings but do not vote. FIRST ROW: Fred Lankard. Professor John ll. Casey. Dr. C. .Ine Holland. Dr. Ralph Bienlzmg. Jan Putkett. SECOND DR. F AYE'I'FE COPELAND The Board also produces the University of Oklahoma oHicial student directory of faculty and students and the Oklahoma Daily summer special edition which is mailed to all new students, telling the story of Oklahoma Uni- versity in terms of activities and student leadership. ROlV: Eddie Frost. Daxe Burr. Dick Johannes: Cecil Brite, Louise Moore. PROFESSOR JOHN H. CASEY Selection of the editors of the two student publica- tions and approval of stall appointments are the princi- pal duties of the Publications board members. The board also exercises the power of approval of all budgets and expenditures of the publications. Selection of the editors of the Oklahoma Daily and the SOONER yearbook is made from applications sub- mitted to the board by students seeking the position. Each candidate must have served at least one semester DR. RALPH BIENFANG CECIL H. BRITE in a major staff position on the publication for which he is seeking the editorship. Before appointments are made the applicants are considered for their experience, dedication and execu- tive ability. Student members of the board are elected to serve a one-year term. Faculty members are appointed or re- appointed annually. MRS. LOUISE BEARD MOORE 297 a a jefh ...: FIRST ROW: James R. Squirrel, James R. McGirt, Bill Z. Penn7 Mary Anne Griffin, Sharon L. Phillips7 Jack L. Hardy, John C. Howard. SECOND ROW: Bob R. Salmon, Jerry L. Wasson, Harold E. Ray, John L. Cromwell, S. Michael Neme- X , cek, John H. "Jake?7 Bennett, John Wm. Harbour, Jim, Frank E. Pazoureck, Jim, Michael C. Davis, Wm. B. "Billl7 Walter, Michael D. Lee, Fred U. Worthington, W. C. Vanderwerth. Journalism Press W. C. VANDERWERTH Superintendent of the Journalism Press Each semester students are employed by the Journal- ism Press to do the composing, typesetting, page make-up and press work for the Oklahoma Daily. W. C. Vanderwerth, shop superintendent, directs and coordinates all work. The Press assumes the responsibility and assures the maintenance of all the mechanical needs of the student newspaper. All students who work in the shop are experienced printers who have worked in the mechanical depart- ments of papers in their hometowns throughout Okla- homa. It is the responsibility of these student employees to turn the copy of journalism students into a finished morning newspaper available to students and faculty. The Journalism Press provides journalism experience in publishing a newspaper and working in a newspaper shop to the student employees. The Press makes all purchases and handles the finan- cial dealings for the Daily, subject to the approval of the University. General manager of the Journalism Press and student publications is Cecil H. Brite. Sooner Yearbook This is the 1961 SOONER yearbook, volume 57. Since last April when F rank Sweeney was Chosen to be editor of this yearis yearbook, his staff of 25, dozens of volun- teers, six photographers and two office secretaries have devoted their time and effort to make the 1961 SOONER the best Oklahoma University has ever had. The theme which has been carried throughout the yearbook in copy and pictures is "Campus Life.77 In an attempt to give an accurate and representative account of life on the OU campus there is coverage of parties, football games, study, rush week, campus activities and enrolment. The opening section shows the Sooner student as he is on the OU campus. The feature section was enlarged and more extensive space was given activities and special events. Special thanks must be given to Sol Wolchansky, SOONER photography editor, who coordinated and scheduled pictures in cooperation with the University Photographic Service. Thanks also to the university Office of Public Information who helped write some of FRANK B. SWEENEY, Editor the copy and provide endless help and assistance. The 24 yearbook personalities were chosen by a com- bined faculty-student committee. These personalities represent the most outstanding students to graduate from OU this year. The preliminary judging for the selection of the top 5 eight yearbook beauties was performed by a selection After the field had been narrowed to eight, Robert committee consisting of Editor Frank Sweeney, Beauty Stack, star of movies and television, rated the eight Editor Bob Barr, Ed Buchner, president of the Union beauties in the order they appear. Activities board, Jim Swain of the Office of Public In- Itis your yearbook, about your life on your campus. formation and Barbara Royds, one of the top eight Read it and enjoy it-and keep it for many years to beauties of the 1960 SOONER. come. RAY HALL BILL TIPPIT SHERRY TURNER BETSY DEFORD JOHN SHARP Assistant CO-editor Assistant Co-editor Features Co-editor Features Co-editor Organizations Editor 299 SOONER YEARBOOK A specially selected staff of 42 students worked thou- sands of hours in group and individual effort to publish this yearas SOONER yearbook. Getting students to have their pictures made and get- ting pictures of campus organizations and personalities are two of the biggest problems the staff encounters. That is, besides all the foot work? phone calls, typing and mailing. The office staff had their big chance to talk to Robert Stack, television star of "The Untouchables? when Beauty Editor Bob Barr telephoned to see if the star would Judge the top Clght beautles. . . Everyone lends a hand in filing pictures. Diane McDonald and Another perennlal problem 15 being sure fratermty Margaret Widmau take their mm. and sorority picture panels are correct. The staff must track down men newly pledged, depledged, repledged and redepledged and either place their pictures in the Greek section or remove them. Many hours were spent identifying pictures, writing Cecil H. Britei general manager of publieations, who copy, getting housing information blanks and schedul- supervises yearbook activities; Office Manager Margaret ing photographs to be able to meet deadlines. Bucy, Editor Frank Sweeney and Secretary Rose Sprad- The higher echelon 0f the SOONER office includes lin. Yearbook staff-FIRST ROW: Jay Reynolds, Susan Beesley, Stein, J. Ronald Tacker, R. L. Barr, Tim Larason, Sol Wol- Sherry Turner, Sissy Phillips, Joy Wright, Betsy DeFord, Marsa Chansky, John Sharp, Ray C. Hall, Jay Levine, William C. Wynn, Babs Fenwick, Richard Cohen. SECOND ROW: Brent Tippit. 300 . Caught on the job for the SOONER year- book is Jim Sanders, junior from Ardmore, one of the six photographers kept busy meeting picture deadlines during the year. FRANK SWEENEY . . . . RAY C. HALL . . . . t. BILL TIPPIT . . . . . SHERRY TURNER . . . . BETSY DEFORD . . . . JOHN SHARP . . . . . BOB BARR ANN WHYBARK . . ROBBIE TIFFANY . . . . . TIM LARASON . . . . . SOONER STAFF MEMBERS Editor DAVID GIBBS . . Assistant Editor JOY WRIGHT . . Assistant Editor JAY LEVINE . Features SUSAN BEESLEY . . Features RICHARD COHEN Organizations PATTY FUQUA . . . Beauty MARSA WYNN . . Sororities SOL WOLCHANSKY . Sororities ROBERT RALLS . . Fraternities RON TACKER . Independent Men Independent Women Sports Communications Menas Intramurals VVomenk Intramurals Divisions Photography Class Features Class Features . . . . Rose Spradlin, secretary, checks the SOONER layout for copy meas- urements as Assistant Editor Mar- garet Bucy calls the photo lab to arrange for a group picture. 30I LARRY WADE First Semester Editor Oqullorna Daily advertising staff first semester: Suzanne Beisel, DaVId Shusterman, Barbara Bungardt, Prof. John H. Casey, Walter N. Leach, Richard Boggs. Oklahoma .Daily first semester staIf-FIRST ROW: Jan Puck- ett, mquaglng edltor;'Larry Wade7 editor. SECOND ROW: Bob Lipton, Betti Phlllips, Joy Wright, Nancy Walrath, Jens A Mwm V 12$;uuis. , 39;;- u wt Oklahoma Daily The Oklahoma, Daily, written and edited by journal- ism students, serves as the principle news medium for the university. During the 47th year of publication the Daily Covered voluntary ROTC, the NCAA probation reprieve and picketing demonstrations on the campus corner. Two staff members received national recognition for journalistic excellence. Nancy Walrath placed seventh in news writing competition sponsored by the William Randolph Hearst foundation. Her prize winning article covered the visit of presidential candidate John F. Ken- nedy to Oklahoma. Daily editor Larry Wade placed ninth in the editorial writing competition of the Hearst foundation. His edi- torial supported voluntary ROTC at CU. James Lewis7 entertainment critic and reviewer, evalu- ated drama productions7 Sooner Scandals and movies. A Friday entertainment page was added which reviewed local attractions. During the year, the Daily published a number of special sections, calling attention to Engineers week in March on green newsprint in keeping with one of the oldest traditions of the campus, to Journalism day ac- tivities March 16, and to OU7s first "Focus on Fine Artsai week in April. State high school newspaper staffers helped put out the Daily April 14 on annual Oklahoma Interscholastic Press association day. The Oklahoma Daily is one of the few university newspapers in the nation with full Associated Press membership and full leased wire service of United Press International. Among former editors of the Daily are Senator Mike Monroney, Jack Fischer, editor of Harpefs Magazine, and Dr. Fayette Copeland, longtime journalism school director. Olesen. THIRD ROW: Bob Johnson, Bill Stewart, Liz Mor- gan, Lucy McFadyen, Jim Carter, Kenny Teel7 Judy Disosway, Ann Brewer, Robbie Tiffany, Terry Barber. 'egkvmetii'teekxsmx; Oklahoma Daily staff, second semestereFIRST ROW: Jan Puckett, editor; Bob Lipton, managing editor. SECOND ROW: Babs Fenwick, Diane Steele, Nancy Walrath, Joy Wright. Editor of the Daily for the first semester was Larry Wade. He supported the campaign of John F. Ken- nedy for President of the United States, supported civil rights, and appealed to students to create an interest in student senate activities, especially the election of offl- eers. He supported strongly a new time for electing senate members which was eventually adopted. Wade emphasized the emergence of a new student who is alert to university activities and activities other than those sponsored by the university. JAN PUCKE'IT Second Semester Editor THIRD ROW: Liz Morgan, Skip Allman, Sherry Turner, Ray C. Hall, Jo Anne Efron, Mrs. Louise B. Moore. Daily advertising staff, second semester-FIRST ROW: Steve Weisberg, Kenneth Caplin, Sylva Billue, Lucy McFadyen. SECOND ROXV: Ray Hughes, J. B. Shakely, Ronnie Licklider, Bill Young, John H. Casey. Jan Puckett was editor of the Oklahoma Daily second semester. The paper covered the sit-in demonstrations extensively and Daily editorials supported human rights and individual equality. Miss Puckett encouraged student and faculty readers to submit letters which would promote "new and stim- ulating thought,7 She supported the Conference on Religion and tried to make the students aware of its importance to the campus. The activities of the student senate and the senatets Model United Nations were brought to the readers attention in an attempt to clarify their purposes. 303 Somwr Shamrork staffeFIRST ROW: Ken G. Grady, Carl H. Cooper, E. T. Laird, B. M. Rahm, Fred VVesterberg. SECOND ROW: Ben M. Moyer, John B. Burger, Charles F. Hull, Bill Sooner Sh The Sooner Shamrock was first published in 1941, and since then has been serving the OU college of engi- neering and its engineers. Noted as one of the most outstanding publications of its kind, the Shamrock is completely self-supporting. The duties of the Shamrock are many, for it keeps student engineers up to date on the latest advances, 304 E. T. LAIRD Editor Hallmark, Jerry E. Hammett, Heard Broadrick, Thomas H. Rams. amrock publishes technical writings and promotes the college of engineering in Oklahoma. E. T. Laird sits at the editorts desk this year. B. M. Rahm handles the associate editors tasks and Carl H. Cooper is managing editor. Ken G. Grady is business manager and W. H. Wilson is faculty sponsor. KEN GRADY Business Manager The pres1dent calls the meeting; to 0rder a chance for every student to ' 'ipate in organized activity is an important part of formal education. A v-w-vyw .s-r- Waw ., WHNMer$N-w "AM ,R9 :- km f wuk. ORGANIZATIONS Organizations N avy Air Force Army 309 365 373 397 QBEBZMMMTDUJRJE? Professional, scholastic or honorary-whatever the bent of the student, there is a campus organization for him. Working to- gether in organized groups provides collegi- ates with additional expe- riences that supplement classroom and textbook learning. Whether he is a leader or a follower, the student can find a niche that will fit his ca- pabilities. Associations with classmates, contacts with professional people and informal conversa- tions with faculty mem- bers stimulate the student to greater effort. A group of students gathered to- gether with the same pur- poses can sound out ideas, form opinions and follow through with ac- tions. The student learns to recognize qualities of leadership in himself and finds another area in which to grow to become a useful citizen. 309 3l0 Varsity TO" Club FIRST ROW: Ronald Raymond Payne, Karl Milstead, Jim Bill Winblood, Jim Provines. THIRD ROW: Paul Ebert, Lee Parker, Jim Byerly, Bill Meacham, Bob Cornell, Bill White. Smith, Tommy Edgar, Doug Brown, Melvin E. Riggs, Dale F. SECOND ROle Dale Keadle, David Campbell, Tom Cox, Lewis, Carl Zahn, Joe Lee Thompson, Perry Russell. Kenney Burke, Phil Lohmann, Marshall York, Jerry Tillery, A, emf, ,w MN, MW. , ," er M x' z i A closer spirit of loyalty to the University and to each other is fostered by mem- bership in the Varsity "Oll club. Membership is open to any man who has earned a letter in a varsity sport and has been approved by the Athletic Council. Four Classes of membership compose the Club: active, inactive, alumni and honorary. Active members participate in all club activity. Inactive and alumni members can attend club meetings but are unable to vote or hold olhce. Honorary membership is extended to persons who have rendered exceptional service to athletes and the developmnt 0f the OU athletic program. The club brings together both graduate and undergraduate lettermen who are interested in upholding the athletic prestige of their school. The organization pro- motes in every proper and constructive way the athletic interests of the University among students, faculty alumni and friends. Other objectives are to encourage scholarship, develop sportsmanship, both by example and precept, bolster social activities, accommodate visiting sports teams and take an active interest in campus activities. Through mutual understanding of the objectives, the club maintains a more com- plete relationship with members of the Sooner coaching staff. The club also promotes relations with high school athletes and assists in orienting freshman athletes at CU. "077 club officers are Del Heidebrecht, president; Paul Benien, vice-president; Leon Bevers, executive secretary; Ken Teel, social secretary, and Port Robertson, faculty sponsor. Club members are hosts to dads and mothers at the Dadls Day game with a luncheon in the "Oll club lounge preceeding the game. Following the game, guests are entertained at a reception. Promotes Student Loyalty and Team Spirit in University Athletics FIRST ROW: Jack N. Lee, Bob Connor, Gordon Collet, Jared Lorne Hale, Warren Fonts. THIRD ROW: Don Warrick, Rowe, Bob Hembree, Ron Hosner, Barry Housel, Phil Brougher. Mark Brady, J. D. Martin, Bill Noble, Johnme Day, Tom SECOND ROW: Vernon Lang, Ronnie Hartline, Paul Benien, Raley, Richard Sinclair, Phil Cordon, George Kernek. Mike McClellan, Jimmy Carpenter, Arvil Ming, Bill Graves, A luncheon precedes every home game for members and their guests, and recep- tions are held after games. On Homecoming weekends7 an especial welcome is extended to alumni. Joe E. Burke edits the Varsity "07, Club Newsletter, published monthly and sent to all dues-paying members. It features timely articles and comments of interest to sportsmen. Highlight each year is the banquet. A distinguished speaker is invited and letters and membership plaques are presented to those who have qualified during the past year. Attracting wide interest among sports fans around the state is the annual Varsity- Alumni football game held each year on the last day of spring practice, under the sponsorship of the "Oh club. Club activity centers in the club lounge located in the north end of Owen stadium. The lounge was oHicially opened in September, 1951. Besides being the location for meetings of the organization, the lounge serves as a place for past and present members of the club to meet. Returning Sooner alumni find the lounge open before and after home football games. The lounge is also open three nights each week to lettermen and their guests. Television, records, bridge tables and games and a snack bar are part of the facilities available. Meetings are scheduled by the members of the executive council as the need arises and a variety of social activities is planned from time to time. Engineers Club Acts to Unify Students, Promote Activities of College of Engineering Members of St. Patas council are, FIRST ROW, left to right: Myron Bond, David Pierce, John Miles. THIRD ROtV: Rich- Norman Clark, Tom Ledbetter, Bill M. Burks, Buddy Tatum, ard C. Martin, Bill Griffin, Gerald L. Auerbach, Steve Winder, Curtis Phillips, E. T. Laird, Robert M. Johnson. SECOND Patrick Miller. ROW: Charles Stephenson, David C. Suckle, Clay Allen, In 1920, six engineers decided to work together to further the interests and activities of students in the college of engineering. That was the beginning of the Engineers club, one of the largest groups on campus. The membership is open to all students in engineering. Within the club is a quasi-legislative bodyt St. Pat7s council, composed of representatives from all engineering organizations. Also within the club is the secret society, Loyal Knights of Old Trusty, whose mem- bership is composed of outstanding engineers. Main activities of the group are crowning 0f the St. Pat7s queen, followed by a banquet and dance, beard-growing contest, engineers open house, engineers show and engineers week. L. I. Tatum, Jr., is president. Other officers are Bill M. Burks, Vice-president; Tom Ledbetter, second vice-president; Gail Hodgson, L. I. TATUM, JR., President secretary; Curtis Phillips, treasurer, and D. E. Menzie7 H. K. Bone and B. H. GriHIth, faculty sponsors. The Thetas smile Victoriously with the trophy given them fgr taking first place with their act, "Womenk Rights or Bust,77 1n the annual Englneers Show. Honored at the annual engineers banquet climaxing March Engineers Week were engineers queen Karen Cullen and St. Pat, Bill M. Burks. The Loyal Knights of Old Trustyethe highest honor a senior society, members work without recognition to uphold the tradi- englneer can receive is to be a member of this group. A secret tions of the college of englneerlng. l O 392 393 394 Petroleum Engineers Club FIRST ROW': Jack Schmyer, Bing W'ines, Larry Parker, Ron- nie Gadberry, Jay Hunt, John Imel, Ray Sharp, Bill M. Burks. SECOND ROW: Gary S. Wayt Myron H. Bond, Larry G. Hill, Ken Haigler, Bert Golden, Sharon Powell, Wink Kopezynski, Wayne E. Glenn. THIRD ROW: David Gibbs, Charles R. Turner7 William H. Tschappat. Rex Armstrong, Dean Thomp- WILBUR F. CLOUD son, V. Lakusta, A. C. Everett, E. T. Arze, Paul Richardson, Mekin Hatay, C. T. Sawabini. FOURTH ROW: Wilbur Mot- ley, H211 G. Uerryt Gill, Pete Graves, Ross V. Sessions, Ralph W. Jones, Davood Nassiri, Charles C. Patton7 Mihir B. Roy, L. Jack xYall, Mac Knighton. For the past 26 years, the Petroleum Engineers club has been under the guiding hand of Wilbur F . Cloud, professor of petroleum engineering. Through his efforts, engineers with outstanding re- cords of achievement have been brought to the campus as speakers for the club. He has worked unceasingly for the advancement of the organization, and members agree that it is through his steadfast interest that the spirit of the club has been kept alive. Held in high esteem by his colleagues, students and members of his profession, "Judgew Cloud has a long record of achievement including teaching, research, con- sulting engineer7 short courses and writing. His book, "Petroleum Production,77 has been adopted as text by many colleges. He has been at CU since 1925. A nationally known authority in the field of oil and gas law, he received the title "judgeii from being an "expert witnessiU-one on whom the legal profession relies for expert testimony and interpretation. Cements Good Relations Among Students, Industry and the Public FIRST ROW: S. J. Miller, Enrique Costas, Bob Grace, Lloyd Thompson, Mike Mahood, Bill Grimm7 Earl Kerr, Rick Kinge- Bolding, Ernest L. Johnson, Leslie B. Finnell, JL, Glen R. lin, Charles Purser, Dick L. Smith. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Westall, Ed Frank Spinks. SECOND ROW: W. F. Cloud, Bergerson, Richard Davis, George Davis, Paul Davis, John M. D. E. Menzie7 C. E. Porterfield, Leon Bledsoe, Ron CoHelt, Yeagert Joe Stafinski, Carl Artopoeus, James E. Thomas, Dean Frank Sweeney, Lee D. Smith. THIRD ROW: Bill R. Class, C. Richardson, Jim Sommerfrucht. Melvin Lee, Andrew P. Demis, Richard R. Allred, Randy Headline event of the year for the Petroleum Engi- neers club was sponsorship of the first annual banquet honoring a distinguished petroleum engineer graduate. Wayne E. Glenn, president of the Society of Petro- leum Engineers of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers, received the W. F. Cloud, VVayne E. Glenn, Wink Kopczynski and Dean honor for his outstanding service to petroleum engineers. cars"? at bifElquet for Glenn-Hm t0 'eceiVe award for 011t- . . ' . standlng serncc. All students in petroleum englneerlng are ellglble for membership in the Club which has as its purpose the promotion of good relations among students, the school and the industry. OHicers are Wink Kopczynski, president; Charles Turner, vice-president; Sharon Powell, secretary; Bert Golden, treasurer, and W. F. Cloud, faculty sponsor. In April each year the Club celebrates engineers week. They participate in engineers open house and in 1960 won second place for their exhibit. They usually spon- sor at least one picnic a year. 3l5 Engine Wives Club Awards Annual Scholarship to Married Engineering Student FIRST ROW: Ruth Hall, Doris Wilson, Carol Carson, Shirley Thorpe, Lorna Snyder, Sally Davis, Kathy Motley, Pat Leister, Jo Burleson, Phyllis Vaughn, Pat Hoogland, Vi Kennett, Stella Thurman, Linda Dryden, Frances Brown, Nancy Martin. SEC- OND ROW: Marilyn Henderson, Nancy McCurdy, Mrs. H. K. Bone, Mary Jo Webb, Marjorie Trimble, Linda DeWeese, Pilar Lista, Nannette Bowman, Helen Burks, Mira Golden, Bobetta Rush, Ben Eva Gale, Tody Kopczynski, Betty Critz, Anna Zum- Engine Wives club hosts party for husbands and guests follow- ing annual fall engineers show. walt, Barbara Burger. Claudia Andrews, Susan Harris, Barbara Winter, Aman Matloob, Sally Martin, Marilyn Campbell. THIRD ROW: Joan Summers, Barbara Trimble, Masako Erickson, Marlene Smith, Cynthia Merritt, Roberta Curren, Betty Kay Sneed, Lorraine Cullen, Conul Hatay, hVillievSes- sions, Barbara Garvin, Pat Burke, Kathleen Smith, Lydia Sur- bey, Clarice Landrutm Marty Cinest7 Marjie Bergeson, Nina Hudson, Marcy Ross, Patricia Hopcus, Alice Clark. Biggest event of the year for the Engine Wives club is when P. H. T. degreeseputting hubby throughe are awarded to wives of graduating seniors. Founded at the university in September, 1956, the club each year holds a Christmas party and a mixer following the engine show. This year the women made toys for Crippled Childrents hospital and awarded a $100 scholarship to a married engineering student. To raise money, they sold peanuts and held a rummage sale. Officers include Mrs. Bill Burleson, president; Mrs. Paul Davis, first vice-president; Mrs. Bill Snyder, second vice-president; Mrs. Charles Vaughn, recording secre- tary; Mrs. Wilber Motley, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Bob Hoogland, treasurer; Mrs. Frank Martin, St. Patts representative; Mrs. Don Thurman, parliamentarian- historian, and Mrs. Harold Bone and Mrs. Brandon Grithh, faculty sponsors. 3I6 Disciples' Student Fellowship Combines Religious and Social Activities; Promotes Fellowship, Good Will FIRST ROW: Betty Lou Cooksey, Ruth Anne Hunter, Mary Stacy Dolby, Mike Crosslin, Fred Lucas, JL, Kay Caswell, Mary Qulsenherry. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Shirley Dolby and son, Black, Charles F. Daily, Jr., David Hamilton, Richard V. Vor- Stacy; Nancy Bell, Joelme Allen, Dan Loague, Judy Richter, heis, Hugh A. L. Dempsey, Charles W. Fields, John McConnel, Judy Fry, Bettina Owens, Laurene Glen. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Bell. A variety of activities is sponsored by the Disciplesa Student Fellowship which meets for religious and social activities at the Christian student center, 514 Elm. Olhcers are Dick Vorheis, president; Scott Stanfield, vice-president; Juanita Wherry, secretary, and Charles F . Daily, Jn, treasurer. Rev. Stacy E. Dolby, Jn, campus minister of the Christian churches of Oklahoma, and Mrs. Dolby are sponsors and are available for counseling at any time. Among the grouphs activities are open house for freshman students, Fathefs day, MotheKs day, spring and fall retreats and a banquet honoring graduating seniors. The group also holds vespers on Thursday evenings when special guest speakers are invited. They meet Sunday mornings and evenings, for special day services and participate in campus-wide religious activities. A DSF conference at the student center includes Mike McKee, John McConnel, C. W. Fields, Judith Ann Richter. 3l7 3I8 FIRST ROW: Diane Smith, Ruthie Rudd, Wanda Shelton7 Carolyn Seabolt. J0 Alma Bianchi7 Linda Speaks, Judy Conley, Mary Sue Thmnpson, Mary Lou McConnell, Sharon McCall, Maridell Jantz, Priscilla Damm. SECOND ROW: Mary Eve- lyn Groves, Judy Murrell, Rebecca Alexander, Carolyn Swin- ney, Judy Elliott, Gayle VVashburn, Wilma Crosslin, Beverly Breece, Janice lVootten, Anne Godfrey. THIRD ROW: Emily t Coston, Suzanne Cunningham, Carolyn Norris, Kay Aitken, Margie Hooper, Judy Claborn. Glona Ann Strange, Jean Aline KAPPA PHI United Methodist Women Founded in 1916 at the University of Kansas, Kappa Phi is a national organization for Methodist women. Kappa Chapter was organized here in 1922. It provides a closer association among Methodist women and encourages active participation in religious training and Church activities. Members help with all phases of student work at the Methodist Student center and work with other relig- Parker, Tracy Huitt, Jessena Brasher. FOURTH ROW: Lou Ann Aynesworth, Terry Haug, Virginia Norris, Mary Ann New- 1011, Clara Loeweu. Linda Burks, Ruth Jett, Judy Keathley, Mary Lou Braddy7 N. Kay Hoover, Mrs. Frank Mosley, Karyn Anthony. FIFTH ROW: Linda Campbell, Lavinia Kay Frank, Nancy Mielke, Sandy Yount. Janice D. Williams, Mary Lou Carter, Marla Mitchell, Beverley Looney, Judy Prescott, Marian Kay Johnson. ious groups on campus. Social events include a get- acquainted meeting7 formal pledging and initiation each semester and an honor banquet. Officers are Judy Conley, president; Wilma Crosslin, Vice-president; Kay Hoover, secretary; Sandra Beck, treasurer, and Mrs. F rank Mosley and Mrs. Velma Felk- 1161', Sponsors. SIGMA THETA EPSILON Work Project Aids Churches Sigma Theta Epsilon is a service organization to acquaint Methodist men with the purposes and ideals of their church. This year the group sponsored a work project to help Wesley foundation and other churches in the Okla- homa area, such as the Little Axe Indian mission. Headed by James Hood, president, the organization FIRST ROW: Don Westfall, James D. Hood, Jay Lynn, Rob- ert MCMasters, Richard Curtis, Henry Hensel, Jim Shields. SECOND ROW: Everett Wood, Edd Kennedy, John Titus, meets every Tuesday evening at Wesley foundation. Other officers are Mike Westfall7 vice-president; Tom Caves, secretary; Dick Curtis, treasurer, and Rev. James Shields, faculty sponsor. Membership is open to all young men who are Methodists and college students. Ronnie Carman, Jim Rice, Dick Smith, Jerry D. Bailey. THIRD ROW: Mike VVestfall, Ken Oerke, Jerry Mayer, Pat Berryhill, Bob Foote, James E. Pearson, Chester R. Cowen. Wesley Foundation Student Methodist Group Sponsors Worship Services and Social Events FIRST ROW: Celia Allmon, Ann Overman, Joe Antinoro, Sue McCoy, Robert L. Marshall, Mary Anne Griffin, Judith James, Tom Caves, Denny Beese, Dick Smith. SECOND ROW: Jerry Bailey, Mary Lou Carter, George A. White, Jo Anna Bianchi, Judy Murrell, Mary Lou Braddy, Carol McCarty, Chester R. Cowen, Sidney Sudberry, Harriet Wildman, Gloria Strange. THIRD ROW: James C. Shields, Jessena Brasher, Rebecca Alexander, Diane Smith, Janice D. Williams, Jane Kinzer, Caro- lyn C. Swinney, Wanda Shelton, D. Ann Gound, Carol Boyd- stun, Jean Parker, Kay Johnson, Sondra Windle. FOURTH ROW: Doug Howard, Karen Thomasson, Carolyn Norris7 Kay Aitken, Marcia R. Wilson, Ethelyn McCoy, Wilma Lee Crosslin, UZada Martin7 Jane Bergstrom, Ann Lynn, Carole Milton, Since its founding in 1906 at the University of Illi- nois in Urbana, Wesley foundation has established 181 Chapters. thcers of the OU group are Harriet Wildman, presi- dent; Mary Lou Carter, Glenn Cunningham and Jerry Bailey, vice-presidents; Virginia Norris, secretary, and Rev. Jim Shields, director. The foundation sponsors a year-round program of worship, at study and service for Methodist students and joins with other religious groups in campus-wide activities. Special events include participation in the Conference on Religion and joint sponsorship with the Presbyterian, Christian and Episcopalian groups of the Bishopas Play- ers, a religious drama group. Social affairs include open house in the fall, senior banquet in May and the "spring fling? annual picnic near the end of school. Robert L. Simpson, III, Sharon Tankersley. FIFTH ROW: Ron Baxter, Ramona Ann Howell, Stanley Wyatt, Tracy Huitt, Suzanne Cunningham, Gayle Washburn, Zollene Bennett, Vir- ginia Norris, Sandra Beck, Mary Lou McConnell, Virgil L. Jones, Sally Sue Allmon, Susan Debes, Rosemary Riddle, N. Kay Hoover. SIXTH ROW: John Hampton Duncan, Mark McMillan, Cregg Oliver, Henry Hensel, Robert McMasters, Charles C. Patton, George C. Calvert, Pat Condom, Jim Sharp, Edd Kennedy, Orval Jett, Kent Messamore, Jim Roe, Kenneth Oerke. SEVENTH ROW: Jon Smith, Jim Rice, Gerald Cam- ble, Lynn Murrell, James E. Pearson, George E. Davis, Dick L. Smith, George R. McKown, JL, Jerry Mayes, Ed Jewell, Glenn Cunningham, Dick Cies. Wesley Foundatiqn: locatedet Elm and Lindsay, is open every day for rellglous meetlngs and leisure activities. 320 Young people gather for informal discussion and social activities in the Westminster Foundation room of the First Presbyterian Church. WESTMINSTER FOUNDATION Encourages Study and Religious Inquiry A center for worship, recreation and fellowship is provided for Presbyterian students by the Westminster foundation of the First Presbyterian Church. The group strives to further knowledge in religious areas and such topics as Bible, theology, church history, world religion and the philosophy of religion are studied. A variety of programs and social activities are planned including panels, forums, guest speakers and discussions as well as regular Sunday evening suppers. OHicers are Richard Miller, president; Jackie Dull and Clyde Grithh, Vice-presidents; Carolyn Connell, sec- retary, and Gary Greeson, treasurer. CANTERBURY ASSOCIATION Builds Religious Foundation To develop a ministry to the academic community which adds to campus life the foundation of the Chris- tian faith is the aim of the Canterbury association, student group of the Episcopal Church. They sponsor a regular program of worship, study and fellowship. Among their activities are an open house each fall, annual Christmas program and spring FIRST ROW: Carol Jane Wolf, Fred Shellaharger, Father Otto Anderson, Jim Knowlton. SECOND ROW: Gladys Shellabarger, Harry Mize Young, Dan Edwards, Betsy Manning, dance. Dinner meetings, films and guest speakers are often scheduled. Officers are Dan Edwards, president; Toby Kell, vice- president; Mimi Muldrow, secretary; Alan Smith, treas- urer; Fred Shellabarger, faculty sponsor, and F ather Otto Anderson, student director. Richmond F. Thweatt, III, Mimi Muldrow. THIRD ROW: Anne Lynch, Toby Kell, C. Roy Wilson. Baptist Student Union Stresses Spiritual Maturity Through Religious Activities and Services FIRST ROW: Sandra Oliver, Rozann Breashears, Sara King, Mary F. Simpson7 Roselyn Colvard, Mary Irene Pendergraft, Viva Lee Taylor, Carolyn Abernathy, Lois Schwoerke, Stan Klein, Pat Cahill, Camilla Finley, Carmen Young, Vina Windes, Sharon Phillips, Joan Robbins, Martha Smith, Alice Faudree, Sharon Massey, Mrs. W. L. Dillard. SECOND ROW: Lynda Nichols, Ann Dunn, Glenda Martin, Linda Jones, Pat Wood, Betty Ann Cault, Martha Walton, Marilyn Walton, Mike Fin- ley, Donald V. Lassiter, II, Alson Woodward, Virjama Hal- lock, Shirley Burns, Charlotte Hallock, Laura Spiker, Mary Ann Thacker. THIRD ROW: Darrell Wood, Bill Shelton, Franklin Farmer, Johnny Webb, Gary Stringer, Don James, The Baptist Student union is an organization designed to meet the spiritual needs of Baptist students. It stresses spiritual maturity and religious understanding. It also provides a center for religious and social activity at the Baptist Student center, 435 W. Boyd. Its facilities are open 85 hours a week and includes a recreation hall, kitchen, assembly room and prayer room. The group holds weekly services, daily morning watch and noon-day devotionals. A variety of social activities includes a welcome party and a semi-formal banquet each semester. Officers include Darrell Wood, president; Roseiyn Colvard, secretary; Rev. Bud Hunter, pastor advisor; Dr. Arthur F. Bernhart, faculty sponsor, and Franklin Farmer, student director. Mrs. W. L. Dillard is hostess at the center. Karen McKaIip, Becky Huffine, Joyce Morehead, Ginger No- wotny, Gloria Valouch, Ruth Kibbe7 Norma Callas, Bill Dud- ley, Doyle Standifeir7 Charles Smith, Jimmie Swanson, Kenneth Berry, Velta Garrett, Bob Spangler, Jim Ricketson, R. D. Hawkins, Bill Eason, Denny Price. FOURTH ROW: Phillip R. Greaves, Robert A. Rose, William J. Webb, Jerry Bryant, Jimmie Walker, Leon Biddy, Charles Schmidt, Jimmy Kennedy7 Don Gunning, Roger McGuckin, Melvin Ernest, Jack Murphy, Richard Stephens, Bruce M. Murray, Kenneth Mullican, Joe Bartram7 William A. Corlett, Dean Thompson, Terry Mont- gomery, Howard Dyke7 Don Phillips, Carl Mullen. Best part of the eYening is when the gang gathers around the plano for group smglng at the Baptist Student Union center. ' i 322 The governing council headed by executive council officers are, FIRST ROW': Carol Zatzkis, Mady Lange, Sandra Gomek, Marshall Gerber, Carole Simon, Burton Kleinfeld, Morris HILLEI. FOUNDATION Religious and Social Center To enhance cultural, religious and social activities of its members is the goal of B7nai B7rith Hillel founda- tion, one of 204 such centers in the country. The group holds F riday evening services and partakes in observance of all other Jewish holidays. They an- nually hold a "stunt night" for individuals and groups who vie for a trophy. They also sponsor a winter won- ALPHA CHI SIGMA Sponsors "Prof Snarf" Contest Highlighting the yearts activities of Alpha Chi Sigma, national honorary chemistry society, is the presentation of the F loyd L. Swank award to the outstanding fresh- man in Chemistry. Used to finance the award are proceeds from the annual "Prof Snarftt contest. The society strives for the FIRST ROW: VVyman CriudstaH, Richard Hagen7 John Wal- ler, John Shoemaker, Ronald J. Steele, Donald Walton, Carlyn Cruzau, Leon S. Ciereszko. SECOND ROW': James G. Mc- ' Q Selximmel, Barbara Ludmeyer. SECOND ROW: Cary Jacobs, Blll Comroe, Tuba Kamen, Bruce Magoon, Steve Weisberg, Stan Salpeter, Susan Osherwitz, Rosie Kaye. derland dance7 mixers and monthly dinners. In addi- tion, the recreation room and library are always open. thcers are Carole Simont president; Burt Kleinfeld and Sandra Gornek, vice-presidents; Judy Burk, secre- tary; Marshall Gerber, treasurer, and Rabbi Victor Epstein, sponsor. advancement of chemistry. Above average scholarship is required for membership. Heading the list of officers are John Waller, master alchemist; Verne Griffith, vice-master alchemist; Ronald Grigsby, recorder; Loren Hill, treasurer; Jim McCreary, reporter, and Dr. H. H. Rowler, faculty sponsor. Creary, H. H. Rowley, Loren L. Hill7 Kenneth H. Jones, Jerry M. Hobbs, Leonard Kent Thomas, James E. Hunteman, John R. Christiansen, Fred A. Jones, Burtis L. Espy. Accounting Club Emphasizes High Standards on Both Collegiate and Professional Levels FIRST ROW: Othel D. VVestfalI7 William C. McGrew, Charles F. Daily, Edward F. McLoughlin, Clarence L. Mayberry, Merle D. Dillon. SECOND ROW: Bill Comroe, Frank Salle, Fran- cis R. Boeding, Abram Rosenberg, James A. Kinnebrew, Jack M. Kinnebrew, Jerry tV. Plant, Bob Suloris, Richard E. Wright. THIRD ROW: Joe D. Bonner, Stephen Smith, Stanley L. Hall, Dennis L. Statham, Lyle R. VVatrous, Don R. Nicholson, Jon H. Trudgeon. Jim Deskins, Bill Corr, Joe Beaver, Dick Kent. FOURTH ROW: Charles E. Hughes, Kenneth L. Price, Highlighting the years activities of the Accounting club is the annual spring banquet when outstanding students are recognized. Among the awards given are "accounting keys;7 the Newton Memorial fellowship7 Continental scholarship, and for the first time this year, the Arthur Anderson scholarship. The "keys,5 are presented to students on the basis of grade average and participation. The Newton fellow- ship, commemorating W. K. Newton, long-time faculty member, is given to the outstanding senior. Founded in 1930 at the university, the Accounting club strives to promote high standards and integrity in the profession. It serves as a means for accounting majors to get acquainted and to meet outstanding businessmen and accountants. Donald E. Criswell, Harold Cene VVootan, Kenneth E. Rey- nolds, Wayne L. Garrison, Harold W. Spradlin, Floyd H. Haynes, Melvin J. McGuHin. NOT PICTURED: Doyle Biller, J. R. Bistline7 Phillip L. Caldwell, Dorla Coley, Speed A. Elliot, III, Suzanne Fagan, Forrest L. Frueh, Lanny B. Guthrie, Claude J. Herpin, Vernon P. Lotman, Glenna McAtee, Jerry McNeely, Jack Mitchell, David Oates, Floyd E. Pierce, Jim Reavis, Roger Tate, Richard L. Teeter, Lonnie L. Treat, Jr. Guest speakers are scheduled for the semi-monthly meetings. They are chosen from private industry, gov- ernment7 public practice and financial institutions, with emphasis on accounting. First-hand observation is gained from field trips to accounting departments of major businesses and indus- tries. Membership is open to students with an interest in accounting and either a major or minor in the subject. William C. McGrew is faculty sponsor. First-semester oHicers were Clarence L. Mayberry, president; Merle D. Dillon, vice-president; Edward McLoughlin, secretary, and Charles F. Daily, JL, treasurer. Officers elected for the second semester are Dillon, president; Floyd Haynes, vice-president; Dorla Coley, secretary, and Daily, treasurer. 323 324 FIRST ROW: Sara Lee Reid, Mary Ann Bulla, Donita Elliott, Charlotte Jones, Mary Anne Grillin, Karen Akins, Betty D. Evans, Karen Lynn Cullen, Rose Marie Weber, Pat Catlett, Carla Miles, Betty Pond, Carol McCarty. SECOND ROW: Kay Lawson, M. Janiece Cramer, Janet Clark, Beverly Kinnear, Arvella Hertje, Anne Hardy, Nancy Meyer, Sissy Phillips, Martha Bea Wells, Cynthia Curtis, Carlyn Hager, Elizabeth Ligon7 Paula Hughes, Gayle Wilfong. THIRD ROW: Pat Gibson, Carolyn Sutton, Glenda Ochsner, Rose Coins, Martha McCarter, Julia Clifton, Carolyn Worrell7 Louise Trapnell, Nancy Petersen7 Mary Ann Potes, Jo Ann M. Hartley, Karen Caddell, Louise Boyd, Sue Miller. FOURTH ROW: Beverly Ware, Barbara Heldenbrand, Mary Allen, Judy Harris, Jane Weston, Marcia Hewitt, Joanne GriHin, Margot Uetrecht, Bertie Livezey, Linda Burks, Carol Byrd, Jenni Hiser, Nedra Hudson. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Scholastic Fraternity for Freshman Women Superior scholastic attainment is recognized by mem- bership in Alpha Lambda Delta, national honorary society for freshman women. In order to qualify, a stu- dent must achieve a 3.5 grade average in either 15 hours the first semester, or overall for the freshman year. An annual event for the OU chapter is when members lead the Mortar Board walkout of freshman women. ALPHA PHI OMEGA Pledged to Service on Campus The OU chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, national serv- ice fraternity, is an organization of men, experienced in scouting ideals and traditions and dedicated to perform service to the campus. Projects of Alpha Phi Omega are conducting all campus-wide elections, providing water guards for Cere- bral Palsy institute children and an annual Christmas FIRST ROW: Jon H. Trudgeon, Leonard Ball, Richard E. Wright, Doug Brown, Ray Hall, Chester R. Cowen. SECOND ROW: James C. Mahan, Robert E. McMasters, James R. Win- Oflicers are Karen Lynn Cullen, president; Karen Akins, vice-president; Rose Marie Weber, secretary; Mary Ann GriHin, treasurer, and Dr. Betty Evans, faculty sponsor. The national society was founded in 1924 at the University of Illinois and now numbers 101 chapters. caroling of all Norman convalescent homes with Pi Omega, womenls service sorority. Officers are Doug Brown, president; Richard Wright, Vice-president; Ray C. Hall, secretary-treasurer; Jim Winnie7 chairman of the executive committee, and Thelma Haddan, faculty sponsor. nie, John Linn Forbis, Burdette Blue, III, Ron Allgood, Bob F ricke, Jim Sarrett. Alpha Delta Sigma Combines Theory and Experience to Prepare Men for Advertising Profession FIRST ROW: Kenneth Roy Caplin, David Shusterman, Fred A. Brown7 John M..Benson, Hardy Doyle. SECOND ROW: Jerry R. Weber, Jlm Baker, Bill Graves, Bob Thompson, Men in advertising gain practical knowledge and ex- perience from the activities sponsored by Alpha Delta Sigma, national honorary advertising fraternity. The organization was founded in 1912 at the Uni- versity of Missouri. The OU chapter was organized in 1922 and is now one Of 69 chapters throughout the nation. David Shusterman serves as president. Other officers are Bob Thompson, vice-president; Rich Holden, secre- tary-treasurer, and Jay M. Poynor, faculty sponsor. The purpose of the organization is to bridge the gap between advertising theory and experience. They spon- sor field trips to places of interest and engage outstand- ing speakers in the field of advertising. The club meets once a week and students enrolled in some phase of advertising who maintain a respectable grade average can become members. Brent Stein. THIRD ROW: Jay Poynor, David Lindsey, Larry French, John Stephenson, Len Hall7 Richard L. Holden. ADS members and pledges display a signboard typifying what all pledges must wear as part of their initiation. Locations 3:: wmam 300 W, UNUSQV 3m PORTER 326 FIRST ROW: R. L. H1111ti11gt011.VV. B.Eeck James G. Mc- Creary, Jerry M.Hol1hs Clayton F. Kerr Clare A.Hz1chmuth, Burtis L. Espy Frank Wolfe, Ramon Mantellini, Loren Hill. SECOND ROW: Kenneth W olfe, Kenneth H. Jones, Steve G. Carson D. K. Waller I. P. Markey Lloyd E. Trimble Richard G.Wi1iter, Ernest Kelly, Warren A.Thon1pson,Allen Blancett, Carl Brady, Gerald N. Livingston Andrew Cosgarea Jr. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS Promotes High Standards in Profession Founded june 22, 1908, in Philadelphia, the Ameri- can Institute of Chemical Engineers strives to advance chemical engineering in theory and practice and main- tain high professional standards among its members. Student members, who must be enrolled in chemical engineering participate each year in the Engineers Open house, and the student contest problem sponsored each spring by AIChE. Other activities of the local Chapter include an annual May picnic. Burtis L. Espy is president. Other oHicers are Clayton Kerr, vice-president; Clare Hackmuth, secretary; Jerry Hobbs, treasurer; Tom Garvin, St. Patis representative, and Dr. R. L. Huntington7 faculty sponsor. AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION Student Branch Has High Aims Climaxing Pharmacy Day held annually in the spring, is the senior awards banquet, sponsored by the American Pharmaceutical association and attended by students, local businessmen and representatives from pharmaceu- tical companies. All students majoring in pharmacy are eligible for membership in the student branch of APhA which was founded here in 1950. The group encourages in the FIRST ROW: Carol Leinmiller, Judith Bilberry, Carol Lang- ley, Carol Chamlee, Pat Peugh, Sharon Howard, Pat Nolcn, Mary Lou Means, Kaye Nadolski, Betty Pond, Aija Zalais, Mari- lyn N .Smith, Sandra S. DeLashaW, Edith L. Hulslander. SECOND ROW: Jay Reynolds. Dale Eggleston, H011 21rd Mar- tin, Stanley Arcader, Craig Murray, Bill Beck Ken Cooper7 Bob CastEHion, Gum'ferhune, L. C. Flemens, Iohn Harrison Bill Glover Mike meard. THIRD ROW: Bill Smith J0- broadest and most liberal manner the advancement of Pharmacy as 21 science and profession. Current officers are Keith Read, president; Keith Gilliam, Vice-president; Mary Lou Means, secretary; Kaye Nadolski, treasurer, and Dr. John Bruce, faculty sponsor. The group meets monthly with outstanding members of the profession as guest speakers. seph Sylvester Daniel M. Zellmer. Keith Read. Leon Brining, Ben Brown, Jerry Balentine. William E. Kurtz, Tommy Edgar. Glen A. Hadaway7 Rodney Copeland Ronnie Cox. FOURTH ROW: Vance J. Dykhouse Bruce Broan, Richard Dodson Larry Warden, Milton R. Moudy, Kenneth R. Kanoff, Tom B. Gobble, Bob Wallis, Jerry Mayes, John B. Bruce, Parke Lar- gent, Le Roy N. Ogle, Bill Canfield, Keith B. Gilliam. AIEE-IRE Outstanding Senior Honored by Student Branch of Professional Society FIRST ROW: Luis Mantellini, Jack Brockbank, Earl E. Bur- nett, Jay Zumwalt, Richard Martin, Luther I. Tatum, Clement E. Smith, Joseph M. Glasgow, JL, Harry W. Schaefer, Richard L. Hudson, James H. Hammond. SECOND ROW: Robert W. Lawrence, Robert H. Koger, J. Arnold Hall, Russell A. Wyatt, Richard E. Garlick, Ronald R. Sutherland, Leo C. Larsen, James C. McKenzie, Raymond E. Colline, Walter P. Neeley, Dan M. Wilson, Floyd E. Heinzig, Manoucher Mohageri. In 1955 two organizations with similar interests joined to form the student branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers-Institute of Radio Engineers. The AIEE has been a campus organization since 1912. The joint group provides a means for social and pro- fessional contact among its members and men in the profession. Membership is open to students enrolled in electrical engineering and anyone else interested in the field. The group sponsors a papers contest, and provides a display for Engineers open house. At their monthly meetings they invite speakers from appropriate industries. Each semester they sponsor a field trip to places such as the Mustang Power plant, Western Electric and Sylvania Manufacturing plant. THIRD ROW: Steve Robinson, Sut Oishi, David M. Garrison, Joseph L. Mohr, Kenneth P. Miles, James F. Rushing, Leon Chicoraske, Kenneth Burke, Donald G. McMillan, JL, Terry N. Webb. FOURTH ROW: Howard Seeb, Barney L. Capehart, Roland L. Wolfe, JL, Hubert H. Underwood, Arlin Lee, Wen- dell G. Marley, Robert A. Kirkpatrick, Paul Hinrichs, Galen Willis, Robert Urban. On the social side, the club enjoys an annual banquet. At this time, the national organizations present an award to the outstanding senior. They also plan a stag party at the end of each semester. Richard C. Martin serves as president. Other officers are Jim Sweeney, vice-president; Roy Smith and Jay Zumwalt, secretaries; Buddy Tatum, treasurer; Mike Gale, St. Patis representative, and C. T. Almquist and C. E. Harp, faculty sponsors. Aims of the organization are to give students an idea of the types of jobs available and to familiarize them with the national organizations in which they may obtain full professional memberships after graduation. The AIEE and the IRE as national groups foster high ideals in the profession and promote activities which further the interests of electrical engineers. 327 328 FIRST ROW: Robert K. Belt, Jr., Jerry D. Ennis, Joseph A. Ayvaz, Don R. Smith, John K. Totteu, John B. Miles, Stan H. Lowy, Sam Najd, Douglas GriHin. SECOND ROW: Samir AMERICAN ROCKET SOCIETY Prepares for Any student interested in rockets who wants to learn more about them can belong to the American Rocket society. All phases of the subject are studied as well as cur- rent happenings in related areas. Highlight of the year was a field trip to a missile production plant. The Shehab, Richard F. Baker, Herschel R. Meltan, Paul R. Rupert, Nathaniel B. Johnson, Robert T. Uda, Theodore J. Hartman, Arthur L. Jones. the Space Age monthly meetings usually feature a guest speaker, fol- lowed by informal discussion. Stan H. Lowy is faculty sponsor of the group with John K. Totten, president; D011 R. Smith, Vice-president; Mike Ruby, secretary; George Teas, treasurer, and John Miles, St. Paths representative. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS Keep-s Informed on Progress Membership in the student branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is open to any student regularly enrolled in engineering. Its principal aims are the advancement of standards of engineering, the broadening of the usefulness of the profession and the fostering of engineering education. Offlcers are Tom Y. Rush, president; Harold Myers, FIRST ROW: Frank Martin, E. T. Laird, Harold R. Myers, Tom Rush, Charles Stephenson, D. B. Turkington. SECOND ROW: Roy E. Kannady, Charles D. Reese, William A. Corlett, David W. Camp, Clifford C. Marts, Earl D. Robinson, James R. Booth, Jerry C. Brown, Jack E. Duffy. THIRD ROW: Paul Johnson, Chuck Vaughn, George Henley, Richard Henneke, Ernest R. Mach, Stuart L. Reiehert, Charles B. Childs, William L. Whitaker, Harold W. Kallenberger. Fred Westerberg, Glenn Vice-president; E. T. Laird, secretary; Charles Stephen- son, treasurer; Frank Martin7 St. Paths representative, and D. B. Turkington, faculty sponsor. The Club sends representatives to student paper con- tests each semester and a delegation to the regional meeting every spring. P. Barnes, Thomas P. McCurdy, Ronald A. Campbell, Edward L. Jeter, Jack M. Evans, Mahendra Bakshi. FOURTH ROW: F. L. Shafer, D. A. Maytubby, E. F. Dawson, E. M. Sims, P. K. Miller, R. B. Butler, Frank H. Robertson, Bill McAlister, Wil- liam J. Perkins, Ted Van Kalker, James H. Ingram, Leon M. Hopcus, Howard Woodard, Mel Fox, Anthony F. Steinkruger, John M. Carney, Bert Akins. American Society of Civil Engineers Engages in Variety of Projects to further Goals of Student Members FIRST ROW: Bruce K. Leyland, Bernie L. Hulme, William J. Taylor, Bill Dale, David Pierce, Charles G. McVey, VViIliam C. Snyder. SECOND ROW': Hal Lambert, Bob Joe Bell, Esh- mghi-Badiollah7 Tapan Sanyal, Samuel P. Wallace, Jim N. Since its founding in 1852, the American Society of Civil Engineers has been active in assisting its members to gain knowledge in current technical subjects and problems associated With civil engineering. It also serves to provide contacts between members and outstanding leaders in the field of civil engineering. Chapters are found on every major campus in the country. Officers of Stadia chapter are William J.Tay10r, presi- dent; Bill Dale, Vice-president; Bernie L. Hulme and Jim C. Cullen, secretaries, and Billy R. Garrett, treasurer. Joseph R. Azzenzo is faculty sponsor. Other officers include Bill Snyder, social chairman, and Bruce K. Leyland, sports director. Anyone who is majoring in civil engineering or a specialized field of civil engineering, such as sanitary, Graham. THIRD ROW: John Cavora, Jack Richard Key, Alan Haws, Leon R. Spitz, Wallace W. Wilson, Bruce Jones, Charles Smith. structural or transportation, can become a member. Its goals are to afford members an opportunity to become acquainted, to promote a spirit of congeniality among its members, enhance knowledge through spon- soring competent speakers, and to foster the development of a professional spirit. Projects accomplished this year include a Christmas party for under-privileged Children of Little Axe school, obtaining a study room where members may study7 planning a field trip to Arizona and submitting a project for Engineers open house. Regular activities include a trip to the national ASCE convention each year and an annual banquet and dance. The group meets twice a month and usually schedules a guest speaker outstanding in the field of civil engi- neering. 329 FIRST ROW: A. L. Cosgrove, Billie D. Holcomb, William C. McGrew, Loren B. Meaders, George L. Noah, B. Claude Shinn, Othel D. Westfall, Raymond R. White. SECOND ROW: Bobby G. Arnold, Kenneth B. Carter, William R. DeCastro, Carolyn Eads, Darryl B. Edelman, Patricia Good. Jerry D. Hagan, Stanley L. Hall. THIRD ROW: David G. Howard, Dorothy Mayhew, Denver Meacham, Robert L. Murphy, Bruce Reed, Sol Schwartz, Harold W. Spradlin. BETA GAMMA SIGMA Coveted Honor for Business Students Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma, national honor- ary scholastic society of business administration, is open to graduate and undergraduate scholars. Election to the society is restricted to juniors in the upper three per cent and seniors in the upper ten per cent of their classes. Beta Gamma Sigma was organized in 1907 at the University of Wisconsin. The local Chapter, Oklahoma Alpha, was established in 1933. Dr. 0. D. Westfall is president and Dr. Raymond R. White is secretary. The group holds an initiation and banquet annually. BUSINESS STATISTICS CLUB A Professional and Social Outlet Distributing "career booklets7 to all seniors is one of the projects of the Business Statistics club, an organ- ization formed to further the knowledge in the applica- tion of statistical techniques in business. The group, open to students who have completed or are enrolled in business statistics 84, meets once a month FIRST ROW: N. J. Dikeman, JL, Arthur Redland, Cary New- man, R. Lee Wyse, James W. Loving, Warren E. Moeller. and holds a noon banquet once a semester. The club often invites guest speakers from other departments in the school of business. Officers are R. Lee Wyse, president; J. C. Newman, Vice-president; Jim Loving, secretary-treasurer, and Prof. W. E. Moeller, faculty sponsor. SECOND ROW: Gene Cavender, Stanley L. Hall, Larry Lar- son. Dick Lambertz, Don Gathright, Jay Parker. Arab Club Strives to Better Understanding Between Arab and American Students FIRST ROW: Salim Abdul Karim, Kamal D. Matloob, Aman H. Matloob, J. Paul Duncan, Mrs. Wagwa Shaarawy, Mrs. Bariah A. Taha, Ahmed A. R. Taha, W. Al-Hillali, Gene Rus- sell. SECOND ROW: Sam A. Najd, Issam S. Bousaid, Mu- The Arab club, established in 1954, welcomes among its members all Arab students at the university. Others may join as al'Hliated members. They seek to promote a better understanding between Arabs and Americans, and support independence, liberty, unity and economic and social justice for all Arab states. Traditional annual social activities include a picnic featuring Arabian appetizers and shish-kabob, a banquet with 400 distinguished guests, and election of Miss Scheherazade, followed by the Miss Scheherazade ball. An added activity is the sponsoring classes in Arabic. Oflicers are Elie Anid, president; Samir Shehab, vice- president; Adil Mayyasi, corresponding secretary; Wadia Al-Hillali, recording secretary; Joseph Baaklini, treas- urer; Mahfouz Rafidi, publicity chairman, and Dr. John P. Duncan, faculty sponsor. waffak C. Challah, Muhammad S. Yagan, George Hazclrigg, Mostafa Shaarawy, Samir Haidamus, Adib Farsoun, Samir She- hab, Joseph M. Baaklini, Mahfouz R. Rafidi, Abdel-Kader Kotb, Elie G. Anid. Dr. John. P. Duncan receives honorary membership in the Organizatlon of Arab Students in the U. S. i LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Miracle, Martha Kay Renfroc, Maxine Pinkerton, R. W. Tonlberlin, Sally Schuessler, Jean Meyer, Aileen Young, Karen Oneth, Jan Jacobson and Darrell Wood. DELTA PHI DELTA Recognizes Talent and Scholarship An annual Motheras day art exhibit and a student art auction are two activities sponsored by Omega chap- ter of Delta Phi Delta, national art fraternity. Junior and senior students with a 2.7 over-all grade average and a 3.0 average in the art school are eligible for membership. The group stimulates scholarship and develops professional art interest and ability. ETA EPSILON Develops Professional Attitudes A tea on Motherls day is only one of the many pro- jects 0f Eta Epsilon, national organization for girls in the field of home economics. Their programs strive to develop skills and increase knowledge, widen cultural interests, develop professional attitudes and abilities and give the members a role in FIRST ROW: Gwenith Williams, Judy Davis, Judy Sierer, Sandra Cole, Yvonne Ittner, Mrs. Ruth Snoddy. SECOND ROW: Leah Kay Elliott, Jane Weston, Sally Hackler, Betsy A pledge banquet, Christmas party and picnic are social events on their calendar, which also includes a spring sketch trip. Presiding oHicers are Darrell Wood, president; Sally Schuessler, Vice-president; Maxine Pinkerton: secretary; Karen Oneth, treasurer7 and R. W. Tomberlin, faculty sponsor. creating understanding among the people of all nations. Eta Epsilon officers are Judy Davis, president; Judy Sierer: first vice-president; Sylvia Wigington, second vice-president; Cwenith Williams, secretary-treasurer, and Mrs. Ruth Snoddy and Dr. Charlyce King, faculty sponsors. Stengel. THIRD ROW: Stephanie Stevenson, Mary Evelyn Groves, Barbara Melton, Ann Mullman. Association of Women Students Formulates Policies and Strives for Advancement of Women Students FIRST ROW: Lucy McFadyen, Jeanne Hurwitz, Carmen Bet- zer, Mary Ellen Thompson, Charlotte Ester7 Carolyn Pratt, Dorothy Trucx, Clara Loewen, Carol McCarty, Ruth Sherwood. SECOND ROW: Nan Crawford, Danielle Levy, Allegra Phil- Every woman student enrolled at the university is a member of the Association of Women Students, 3 legis- lative and judicial body which deals with regulations concerning women students. The AWS council, composed of the officers and rep- resentatives elected from each organized house, meets to discuss matters affecting university women and to admin- ister and coordinate beneficial programs. Representatives present topics discussed by the council to members of their houses to determine student opinion concerning the issues. The organization aims to provide cultural and intel- lectual stimulation and to begin to prepare the student for her role in the local, national and international community. Officers this year are Charlotte Ester, president; Mary Ellen Thompson, vice-president; Carolyn Pratt, record- lips, Betty Lou Cooksey, Sherry Turner, Colleen Lucas, Gwyn Lacey, Judy LeClere, Mary McKnight. THIRD ROW: Joyce Klross7 Joyce Nash, Louise Stein, Ann Santee, Prudy Johnson, Becky Fey, Gayle W7ashburn, Brenda Conan, Nancy Baker. w ing secretary; Carmen Betzer, corresponding secretary; Mary Lou Carter, treasurer, and Sherry Turner, editor. Committee chairmen are Carol Jones, Carol McCarty, Clara Loewen, Nan Crawford, Lucy McFadyen, Ruth Sherwood, Alice Van Eaton and Jeanne Hurwitz. Dr. Dorothy Truex is faculty sponsor. The AWS has worked on such projects as adjusting hours for women students, collecting Thanksgiving bas- kets for needy families and circulating an AWS News- letter to dorms and houses. Annually they sponsor the AWS festival, following the Mortar Board walk-out, and the Motheras day style show each spring. 0U student Jonne Barney is president of IAWS, the Inter-Collegiate Association of Women Students, recog- nized by the American Council on Education as rep- resentative of all college women in America. 333 i A FIRST ROW': Mrs. Louise B. Moore, Sherry C. Turner, Lucy F. McFadyen, Helen M. Ford, Patti Rose, Pat Catlctt. GAMMA ALPHA CHI For Women in Advertising Women students interested in advertising find a pro- fessional and social outlet in Gamma Alpha Chi, national advertising fraternity for women. Founded at the University of Missouri in 1920, the organization furthers truth and service in the advertising field. Students who have satisfactory grades and are recommended by faculty members and sponsors are GAMMA TAU KAPPA Plans National Expansion Gamma Tau Kappa selects its membership from the junior and senior Classes of the geological engineering curriculum. It recognizes those who have an equal interest in geology and engineering. The Chapter is presently in the process of expanding Gamma Tau Kappa into a national organization and establishing chapters at other universities oHering a FIRST ROW: Clayton Nichols, Earl Kitchen, Bill Sharp, Ed Moran, Brian Ausburn, Frank Collins. SECOND ROW: George 0. McDaniel, Carl R. Kruegcr, John E. Robertson, SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Morgan, Mary Lou Braddy, Karol Kldd, Joanne Efron, Karla A. Ketch, Tracy C. Huitt. eligible for membership. Officers of the group are Helen Ford, president; In Sook Kim, vice-president; Lucy McFadyen, secretary, and Mrs. Louise B. Moore, faculty sponsor. Gamma Alpha Chi is the only national advertising fraternity for women. degree in geological engineering. William Sharp is Gamma Tau Kappa president; Robert Gilbert, vice-president; Graydon Laughbaum, secretary; Edward Moran, treasurer, and Dr. Arthur Myers, faculty sponsor. Dr. John Norden is a faculty member. John B. Duffield, Jr., Charles A. Durham, JL, Theodore C. Catchel. Cheerleaders Big Red Boosters Create School Spirit and Loyalty at Sports Events FIRST ROW: Betty Bard, Patti Bledsoe, Jessie McDowell, Linda Carroll. The eight varsity cheerleaders are on hand at every home football and basketball game and lead the stu- dent body in cheering on the team. This year the group also went to the Texas, Kansas and Colorado football games and they regularly appear at all pep rallies. They strive to create school spirit and enthusiasm, promote good sportsmanship and inspire school loyalty and devotion. Each fall tryouts are held to fill vacancies on the cheerleading squad. New members are picked by a panel of judges after two tryouts. Any under-graduate who is making satisfactory grades may apply. Regular practice sessions and meetings with their sponsor, Donald Wilcox, are held. Head cheer- leader this year is Keith Smith. SECOND ROW: John MCBee, Keith Smith, Tommy Owens, Arley Rinehart. Alternate cheerleaders Julia Baird, Paul Hubble and Diana Stevens keep in practice. FIRST ROtV: L. E. Dietrich, Gregory M. tYhitney, Stanley M. Townsend, Vernon L. Townley, F. Lowell Jackson. SECOND ROtV: R. V. Keck. Bill Parks, Gary L. Hawkins, James O. Parnell, Ray Alan Johnson, VVaIter H. XVolHrum. INDUSTRIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION Practical Projects Raise Money Field trips, money-raising projects and building entries for the annual spring open house have occupied mem- bers of the Industrial Arts association during the past year. The principal aims of the organization are to promote interest in the held of industrial arts and to bring about a closer relationship among students and faculty. Founded in 1948, the OU chapter is one of ten in the Oklahoma Industrial Arts association. An annual banquet highlights spring activities. Officers are Vernon L. Townley, president; Stanley M. Townsend, vice-president; Gregory M. Whitney, secre- tary, and F. Lowell Jackson, sponsor. INSTITUTE OF AERO SPACE SCIENCES Inspires Knowledge and Fellowship Field trips, papers competition and Engineers open house are among the projects sponsored each year by the Institute of Aero Space Sciences. Its principal aims are the advancement and dissem- ination of knowledge and the encouragement of profes- sional consciousness and fellowship. In February members presented papers at their regu- FIRST ROW': Philip W. Smith, Allan B. Ward. William E. Jones, Jay Clapp, Herschel R. Melton, Paul R. Rupert, L. A. Comp, Stan H. Lowy, Sam Najd, Anthony Pennybaker. SEC- OND ROW: Glen D. Kirkland, William Sochan, David L. lar meeting in preparation for completion at the re- gional conference in April. Officers for the first semester were Herschel R. Melton, Chairman; Paul R. Rupert, vice-Chairman; Jay Clapp, secretary-treasurer; Richard Ward, publicity chairman, and L. A. Comp, faculty sponsor. Leister, Robert K. Belt, jr., Tom D. Owens, Bill T. Hallmark, J. K. Totten, John B. Miles, Robert T. Uda, Arthur L. jones, Thomas Davis. Delta Sigma Pi Sponsors Annual Business Day to Highlight Purposes of Men in Commerce FIRST ROW: John Barryhill, Ralph Bowyer, Othel D. VVest- fall, Clarence L. Poe, Robert H. Croak, Edward F. McLaugh- lin, Richard H. Holley, Bob W. Thompson, Dewey L. Walling. SECOND ROW: Milan Yovanovic, Larry Garrison, Warren Young, Dennis Kestner. Jerry Maddux, Chuck Orth, Robert Sveska Bill Corr, Joe E. Maldonado, Bob Benedict. THIRD Beta Epsilon chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, menhs honor- ary business fraternity, is active in fostering the study of business in universities. Founded in 1907 at New York University, it also encourages scholarship7 social activity and a closer aHiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce. It furthers higher standards of commercial ethics. Officers are Richard H. Holley, president; William K. Barrow, vice-president; Robert W. Thompson7 senior vice-president; Charles F . Daily, JL, secretary; Clarence L. Poe, treasurer; W. Kent Swaim, historian; Robert H. Croak, chancellor, and Dr. Othel D. Westfall, faculty sponsor. A 2.4 grade average and unanimous election by mem- bers is required before a student may join Delta Sigma Pi. Annual activities include sponsorship of Business Day and the Rose of Delta Sigma Pi banquet. Frederic M. Olson. Phil Swartz. Walter Whilden. ROWI: Wylie C. Merritt, JL, Jerry Klinock, Jerrold H. Pass, Marshall Gerber, Richard L. Holden, Mark W. Files, Raymond A. Melahu. Jn, Kenneth E. Dorsey, C. Rex Gardner. NOT PICTURED: VVillianl K. Barrow, Charles F. Daily, Jr., John B. K. Farr, Charles R. Finn, Henry james, Joseph J. Johnson, Dick Holley, president, and Dr. 0. D. Westfall7 sponsor, in- spect the newly mstalled chapter bulletin board outside the Bureau of Business Research. e INMmhm? :zmmg t5 5 1a, ; 338 FIRST ROW: Joseph M. Baaklini, Kwang R0, Raul G. E11- cinas, Gene Russell, Saleh M. Owen, Mahfouz R. Rafidi. Jim Rice, J. Paul Duncan. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Bariah H. Taha, Shirley Ramsey, Aman Matloob, Johanna Kleynhans, V. Z. Yin Sheng, W. Al-Hillali, Mrs. Wagwa Shaarawy, Carol Jane XVolf, Barbara Ann Truman, Patty Bayless, Joan Richardson, Mary Alice Ducker. THIRD ROW: Aboutaieb Mohamed, Ahmed A. R. Taha, Tommy Olawuyi Oke, Kamal D. Matloob, P. H. Sheng, Theo E. Kleynhans, M. Odiakosa Ibemesi, Jaay Massakas, C. M. Ishag, Muhammad S. Yugan, Muwaffak C. Challah, Sam Najd, Salim Abdul Karim, Mrs. John Harris, Mattie E. Traub, anlly Minto. FOURTH ROW: George Hazelrigg, Piley Sheng, Elie G. Anid, Samir Haidamus, Abdel- Kader Kotb, Mustafa Shaarawy, Issam Bousaid, Yousef Ai- Doory, Samir Shehab, DeVier Pierson, John R. Everett. INTERNATIONAL CLUB Stimulates Around-the-World Friendship The International Club is a social, cultural and edu- cational organization designed to promote cooperation and mutual understanding among its members. Saleh M. Owen serves as president. Other officers are Rajaram K. Brabhdesai, vice-president; Caron Wolf7 secretary; Tommy Oke, treasurer, and Dr. John C. Eriksen, faculty sponsor. IOTA EPSILON Spotlights Small Business To create and promote an interest in small business, Dr. Pearce C. Kelley, professor of marketing, organized Iota Epsilon in 1953. The group is open to all interested business majors. They meet once a month and usually feature a guest speaker who discusses special problems encountered by the small business. FIRST ROW': Phyllis Gentry, Carolyn Cole, Paulette Akers, Marilyn Burns, Judy Jones, Betsy DeFord, Nancy Peacock, Ann Stovall, Betsye Ross. SECOND ROW: Steven Davies, Robert Membership is open to anyone interested in the club who wishes to further mutual understanding between American and foreign students. Social events include a costume party, featuring native costumes of members, a "banquet of nationsf and an annual picnic. This year,s project was a style show sponsmed jointly with Shadowbox. OHicers are Ron Symes, president; Bill Huston, vice- president; Marilyn Burns, secretary; Judy Jones, treas- urer; Dee Oliphant, publicity chairman, and Dr. Kelley, sponsor. Hays, Robert Merson, Don Boyer, Dick Lambertz, Clarence Poe, Ron Symes, Homer Forsythe, Robert Sveska, John Tankersley, Ken Brewer7 Bill Stephens. Gamma Theta Upsilon Geography Group Plans Interesting Field Trips, Projects and Meetings FIRST ROW: Jack Mateer, Connie Bradshaw, Blaine Liner, Harry E. Hoy. SECOND ROW: Ralph E. Olson, Penny Pennington, Sandra Nichol, Gwen Witherspoon, Dan Hayes, Nancy Galloway. THIRD ROW: 0. T. Ventress, T. D. Snow- Gamma Theta Upsilon is an organization designed to stimulate an interest in geography and to foster closer re- lationships between geography and associated disciplines. Membership is open to anyone interested in geography who has had six hours in the subject and maintained a satisfactory grade average. Blaine Liner is president. Other officers serving with him are Jack Matecr, vice-president; Connie Bradshaw, secretary-treasurer; Sandra Nichol, historian and publi- city chairman, and Dr. Harry E. Hoy, faculty sponsor. Current projects this year include a model for visual portrayal of air mass analysis to be used in class room lectures. The group sponsors either an industrial or a physical geography field trip each semester, a picnic and a pre- Christmas banquet. den, Kay LefHer, T. L. Lelller, Fred Schumacher, John W. Morris, Robert G. Janke. FOURTH ROW: Gary L. Thomp- son, Walter L. Conner, Ralph D. Cross, Alber J. Walent, Stephen M. Sutherland. Dr. Harry E: Hoy, sponsor of Gamma Theta Upsilon, Mateer, Connie Bradshaw and Blaine Liner, study map. 340 FIRST ROW: Caralee Hemphill, Judith Hromada, Karen Akins, Barbara Holland, Mary Essmau, Wilma Crosslin. SEC- OND ROW: Suzanne J. Miller, Sandra Beck, Sue E. Miller, Margaret E. Allen, Carolyn Cates, Sue Pettigrove. lAMBDA TAU Promotes Interest in Medical Technology Developing a spirit of unity among students of med- ical laboratory technology and related fields is one of the goals of Lambda Tau. To be a member of the organization a student must have completed two semesters toward the study of med- ical laboratory technology with a 2.7 over-all grade average. Barbara Holland is president. Other ofhcers are Lois Wegner, vice-president; Jonne Barney, secretary; La- Wanna Sells7 treasurer, and Dr. C. E. Hopla, faculty sponsor. Included in the yearas projects and activities were an initiation banquet, blood-typing booth at the AWS festi- val and field trips to approved medical laboratories. MARKETING CLUB Brings Students in Touch with Marketing World The purposes of the Marketing club are to develop an interest in the field of marketing, bring students in contact with practitioners of marketing and give insight into practical marketing through business contacts. Duane Brown is listed as president of the organiza- tion. Other oHicers are Bob F ricke7 Vice-president; Judy FIRST ROW: Marilyn Burns, Phyllis Gentry, Paulette Akers, Bob Fricke, Judy Jones, Betsy DeFord, Duane Brown, Marilyn Turner, Robert Batchelor, Pat Wood, Nancy Peacock. SEC- OND ROW: Milton LeRon Spessard, Robert Merson, Bill E. Barnes, Howard L. Brown, Nelson E. F. Brensing, JL, S. D. Jones, secretary; Betsy DeFord, treasurer, and William Wilcutt7 faculty sponsor. Anyone interested in marketing can belong to the club, which regularly meets evenings for coffee and informal discussion. In addition, noon luncheons are often scheduled with special guest speakers featured. Turner, Ken Brewer, John Tankersley, Jr., John Berryhill, Bill Stephens, Steven Davies. THIRD ROW: Bradford Page, Leon Boyer, Mike Cohlmia, Ken White, Dick Lambertz, Harold Paden, Bob McCasland, Wade Lippard, Homer Forsythe, Clay Pedigo, Robert Hays. NOT PICTURED: Dave Lindsey. Mortar Board Top Senior Women Picked for Scholarship Achievement by Honor Society FIRST ROW: Jo Lea McDown, Ann Brewer7 Jean Brown, Harriet VVilthnun, Susan Shaw, Dorothy Truex, Eva Blrztsel7 Betty Peters. SECOND ROW: Glenda Schuher Hines, Helen Merritt, Katie Richards, Judy Cathey Clupp, Dorothy Mayhew, One of the highest honors on campus for a woman student is to be selected for membership in Mortar Board, national senior womenas honor society. Each spring, members dressed in cap and gown, enter classrooms to "taph juniors who have received the unanimous vote of outgoing members. In order to qualify for membership, :1 student must have a 3.0 grade average or above and show outstanding qualities of leadership and service to the university. Principal aims of the organization are to promote and maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recog- nize and encourage leadership, and to stimulate and develop a finer type of college woman. Annual event to which freshman women are invited is the Mortar Board walk-out, in which Alpha Lambda Delta and Tassels also participate. Merrily Adams, Beth Gainbill, Charlotte Ann Ream, Ann Coni- fort. NOT PICTURED: Kay Riddle, Dr. Charlyce King, Mrs. Gail de Stwolinski. During the second semester Mortar Board holds a "Smarty Partyi, to which coeds making a 3.0 grade average the previous semester are invited. The organiza- tion also awards scholarships to sophomores. In November the local chapter was hostess to other chapters from Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico at a sectional conference. Mortar Board was founded in 1918 at Syracuse Uni- versity and the Owl and Triangle chapter at CU is one of 103 chapters at colleges and universities throughout the nation. The group here was organized in 1925. Heading the list of officers this year are Harriet Wild- man, president; Kay Riddle, vice-president; Eva Brasel, secretary, and Ann Brewer, treasurer. Faculty sponsors are Dr. Dorothy Truex, Miss Jean Brown, Dr. Charlyce King and Mrs. Gail de Stwolinski. 34l 342 FIRST ROW: Alice Van Eaton, Judy Ludlam, Beth Gambill, Sue Richards, Judy Prescott. SECOND ROW: Carol Wil- moth, Mary Ann Bulla, Wilda P. CriHin, Sheri Williams, Linda M" PHI EPSILON Advances Music and Scholarship A national music sorority dedicated to the advance- ment of music in America and the promotion of musi- cianship and scholarship, Mu Phi Epsilon brings together women who major or minor in music and maintain a 3.0 grade average. In addition to an annual tea honoring all freshman music students, the group sponsors an annual awards OIKONOMIA Cookie Sale Provides Funds To encourage young women to establish an interest in home economics and maintain a responsibility for its advancement is the purpose of Oikonomia. Miss Frances Seeds is faculty sponsor of the group, which requires that members achieve a B average in 12 hours or more of home economics. FIRST ROW: Sally Hackler, Gay Townley, Mary Smith, Brenda Bottoms, Nancy Peacock, Kay Higginbotham, Judy MC- Clain, Yvonne Ittner. SECOND ROW: Jackie Dull, Sharon Barr, Mary Ann Conley, Judith Corbett, Joan Hempfling, Leffei, Sharon Aboussie. NOT PICTURED: Rhetta Reynolds, Merrily Adams, Peggy Hancock, Martha Wells. dinner, cookie sale, and participates in programs spon- sored by the school of music. Annually they award a $100 scholarship for the school of music and a $50 scholarship to an outstanding Mu Phi. Officers include Beth Cambill, president; Judy Lud- lilm, vice-president; Alice Van Eaton, secretary; Rhetta Reynolds, treasurer, and Wilda GriITm, faculty sponsor. Annual activities include a cookie sale to raise money for scholarships and a Christmas project. Kathleen Rider Garrison is president. Other officers are Judy Sierer, vice-president; Gayle Anderson Sayre, secretary; Ann Stovall, treasurer; Judith Corbett, project chairman, and Nancy Peacock, membership chairman. Clyda Sinnett, Barbara Winter, Ann Stovall. THIRD ROW: Kathleen Rider Garrison, Sylvia Wigington, Jannie Houser Clark, June Leibenderfer, Suzanne Perry, Cwenith Williams, Judith Lynn Davis, Ruth Hendricks, Frances Seeds. Oklahoma State Student Nurses' Association Advances Professional Ideals of Education, Service and Personal Conduct FIRST ROW: Crayton Bolton, Ellen D. Harris7 Lonzetta B. Hayes, Martha Primeaux, Kay Caswell, Mary Black, Mary Pat McGinnis, Becky Hufhne, Patricia Ann Lee, Joanna Eckstrom. SECOND ROW: Patricia Christian, Mary Bea Winters, C. Sue Gardner, Ellen Saddoris, Charlene Chism, Susan Hawthorne, The Oklahoma State Student NursesT association was organized to stimulate interest in nursing and to pro- mote unity and fellowship through educational meetings, service projects and social activities. The association provides opportunities for exchange of ideas and discussion of student problems and encour- ages high standards of personal and professional conduct among pre-nursing students. All pre-nursing students at the University of Okla- homa are eligible to belong to the Norman district of OSSNA. As of this year, the local organization is called the Lamplighters. Presiding at evening meetings once a month in the Union is Kay Caswell, president. Other officers include Martha Primeaux, vice-president; Mary Black, secretary; Mary Pat McGinnis, treasurer; Mrs. Janet Moody Mor- gan, faculty sponsor, and Mrs. Ruth Mouck, co-sponsor. Sharon Cole, Elwanda Keller, Melinda Zeeck. THIRD ROW: Suzanne Wood, Eileene Crook, Carol Zatzkis, Virginia No- wotny, Mary E. Boyd, Valerie A. Day, Vicky L. Green, Sondra C. Windle, Rita Salas. Students working toward a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing spend approximately two years on the Nor- man campus and the following 27 months in the college of nursing at the University of Oklahoma Medical center in Oklahoma City. Club activities include participation in State Future Nursest Day and a service project for a geriactrics home in Norman. The association also provides assistance at the local Cerebral Palsy institute. A Christmas dance and a spring banquet are annual club-sponsored social events. Meetings usually feature speakers, films and panel dis- cussions to inform members about all aspects of the nursing profession. For the first time this year, two members of the Club attended the state convention. 343 FIRST ROW: Ahdus Sutter, Mihir B. Roy, Issam S. Bousaid, Lee Melvin, Davood Nassiri, Gary S. Way. SECOND ROW: Rex Armstrong, C. E. Daugherty, Wink Kopczynski, David PI EPSILON TAU For Leaders in Petroleum In 1948 Pi Epsilon Tau was founded at CU to foster a closer bond between its members and the petroleum industry. The organization now numbers eight chapters over the nation. Officers are Melvin Lee, president; Bob Anderson, first Vice-president; V. P. Bill Burks, second vice-presi- dent; Rex Armstrong, secretary-treasurer; Leon Bledsoe, Pl MU EPSILON Emphasizes Scholarly Activity Students who distinguished themselves in the subject of mathematics and faculty members in math or related fields are eligible for membership in Pi Mu Epsilon. The national fraternity5 founded at Syracuse University in 1914, promotes scholarly achievement in mathematics. A project running throughout the year is the "prob- lem boxai in Buchanan hall. A prize of $20 worth of FIRST ROW: Dr. C. A. Nicol. Natalie Tarter, Marilyn Kay Smith, Michel A. Lynch, Jerry W'. Evans. Katie Richards. Thad B. xVelch, Jr., J. C. Mathews. SECOND ROW: Harold llochanadcl, Carl Young. THIRD ROW: David L. Byers, Eurl Leon Bledsoe, Ron Coffelt, L. Jack Wall, Ernest L. John- son, Jr. corresponding secretary; Myron Bond, St. Patis repre- sentative, and F. W. Cole and D. E. Menzies, faculty sponsors. Membership is based on scholarship, leadership and sociability. Yearly activities include bi-annual field trips and an initiation banquet each semester. math books is given to the person who solves the problem. Dr. Dora McFarland serves as faculty correspondent, with Dr. Charles A. Nicol, faculty sponsor; Jerry Evans, director; Mike Lynch, vice-director, and Marilyn Kay Smith, secretary-treasurer. Huneke, Thomas A. Lewis, Holland Ford, Jim Rice, Phillip Briggs, Paul Berry, Bob Kinzer, Harry Sims, Don R. Smith. Oklahoma University Association of Petroleum Landmen Advances Profession and Upholds Integrity of Petroleum Industry FIRST ROW: Dr. William H. Keown, Stanley Beard, Frank L. Benson, David Bole, Dan Bond, John Brannan, Terry Brown, Leonard Buchsbaum, William N. Clayton, Tommy Clikas, Gary Dean. SECOND ROW: John Dorr, David Dubler, Carl David Elmore, John Engelson, Mike Fankhouser, Dewitt Goff, Louis F. Goza, Bob Green, Fred Hallman, Robert Haney, Bill Heath. THIRD ROW: Henry Hurd, Melvin James, Bob The Oklahoma University Association of Petroleum Landmen strives to advance the profession of landwork in oil exploration, to advocate thorough and continuing land education and to uphold the honor and integrity of the oil industry. Officers are David L. Bole, president; Dave Dubler, vice-president; Bill Clayton, secretary-treasurer, and Dr. W. H. Keown, sponsor. Requirements for membership include enrolment in the petroleum land management curriculum with a 2? point over-all grade average. The OU group is affiliated with the American Associ- ation of Petroleum Landmen in a summer job placement program for students. This arrangement has been suc- cessful in placing many OU students in jobs throughout the country. The group meets twice a month with speakers who Kadane, Dale Keadle, J. Patrick Lineman, Wade McAlister, Charles MeCann, Ben McDermott, Robert McLeod, Harris Miller, Roger Norman. FOURTH ROW: DeWayne Pitt, A1- lie Reynolds, Byron Rife, Jay Smith, Charles Stanford, J. J. Sweeney, Joe Thomas, Roger Trekell, Bill Warren, Warren Young. are landmen from industry presenting topics of general interest to supplement the student,s class work. Field trips are made to local drilling rigs and the county court house each semester to acquaint students with the workings of the oil industry. A banquet is held each semester for the students, their wives and industry guests. The speaker is a noted per- son from the petroleum land management field. In addition, a stag picnic is held every spring. This year eight students are receiving scholarships donated by the American Association of Petroleum Landmen, Sohio Petroleum company and Mobil Oil company. Distinguished men in the industry who are honorary members of the local group are Bill Majors, Claud Fleet, Jr., Hugh Key, Don Burton, Keith Miller, Lee Neely and Dr. W. H. Keown. 346 FIRST ROW: Monnett Brock, Carol Rozen, Lavina Kay Frank, Sara Narrell, Cindy Wickstmm7 Janie Ross, Ceille Weinberg, Sylvia Bendorf, Janice Dattcl, Gael Murphy, Mari- belle Bryde, Royce Colemant Mary Schwartz, Jean Bainbridge, Judy Porter. SECOND ROW': Judy Funk, Diana Uri, Lynn Turner, Janice Rogers, Judy Ann Harkrider, Andrea Graham, Joyce Nash, Pat Perry, Judy Ludlam, Carolyn Pratt, Mrs. Thelma Haddan, Carmen Betzer, Mary Lou Braddy, Nan Craw- ford, Clara Loewen, Connie Finch, Martha Primeaux, Judy Newmark, Melanie Morris, Judy Ellis7 Betty Klaf'fke7 Karen Stonis. THIRD ROW: Connie Newman, Juli Allin7 Candee Pl OMEGA Service to the School and Community Service and friendship are the key words that describe Pi Omega, which has as its purpose service to school, community and humanity through a fellowship of college women. Coeds must complete 10 hours of service to be ad- mitted to membership. Projects include volunteer work Pl TAU PI Participates in Physics Day Furthering outstanding scholarship in engineering physics is the aim of Pi Tau Pi, organized at CU in 1958. Members are chosen from the upper 15th scholasti- cally of those enrolled in engineering physics, subject to the approval of members. Each year the group assists FIRST ROW: Gene L. Weaver, Howard Kosanke, Carl Cooper, Robert C. Cockrell, Frank L. Skaggs. MeGown, Karen Allford, Paula Martin, Snippy Rosen, Sara Lucas, Lee Goldberg, Joy Kahn, Susan Coltz, Rita Scholem, Vivian Goltz, Rose Marie Weber, Nancy Sprague, Bette Ring- rose, Mary Beth Pyatt, Dee Pierson, Safari Brown, Linda Voyles. FOURTH ROW': Marcia W'eaver, Mary Evelyn Groves, Sylvia Soden, Frances Barnard, Mary Ann Junk, Mary Beth Devine, Terry Weiner, Judy Katz, Barbara Smith, Diane Lebowitz, Susie Speilberg, Joscelyn Krivcher, Linda Lichen- stein, Barbara Spencer, Linda Lange, Judy Bmwm Janet Hoyt, Kay Potter, Judy Morton, Sheila Rogul, Teddi Kern, Doris Thompson. at various institutions. Officers are listed as Carmen Betzer, president; Caro- lyn Pratt, vice-president; Mary Lou Braddy, secretary; Pat Perry, treasurer; Judy Ludlam, publicity Chairman; Nan Crawford, historian, and Mrs. Thelma Haddan, faculty sponsor. Sigma Pi Sigma in conducting Physics day. Serving as officers of the group are E. W. Friday, president; Frank Skaggs, vice-president; Gene Weaver7 secretary; Bob Cockrell, treasurer; Carl Cooper, histor- ian; Howard Kosanke, sergeant-at-arms, and Albert P. Wilson, faculty sponsor. SECOND ROW: Dale F. Warnke, David M. Wilson, Patrick A. Clingan, Mike Ruby, Robert M. Westfall, David E. Pitts. Omicron Delta Kappa Rewards Distinctive Achievement for Leadership in Collegiate Activities FIRST ROW: Allan Saxe, Verne Crifiith, Dick Holcomb, Dick Johannes, Richard Martin. SECOND ROW: Bob Berry, Kenny Teel, Jim Rice, Jim Jones, Ed Buchner, AI Weeks. THIRD ROW: E. Z. Million, Lynn A. Murrell, George Hazel- Omicron Delta Kappa, leadership fraternity for junior and senior men, was founded in 1914 at Washington and Lee University. The local chapter was organized in May, 1955, and is one of 89 such chapters throughout the country. Its goals are to recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities, to bring together the most representative men in all phases of college life to help mold public opinion on the cam- pus, and to bring together members of the faculty and the student body. F aculty and staff members as well as undergraduates are honored for unusual and distinctive achievements in various areas of college activity. Officers are Dick Holcomb, president; Verne Griffith, vice-president; Dick Johannes, treasurer, and Dr. Pete Kyle MCCarter, faculty sponsor. rigg, Wayne Harris, Jim Adams, Bernie L. Hulme. FOURTH ROW: Richard Miller, James Gamble, Bill Leonard, Bill MC- Alister, Gene Cunningham. FIFTH ROW: Theodore L. Gatchel, Harry 0. Sims, Jean D. Reed, James R. Winnie, Jr. Membership requirements are an over-all grade aver- age of 2.7 and achievement of special distinction in one of the following fields: scholarship, athletics, student government, social and religious affairs, publications and speech, music, drama and the other arts. Each year members produce and direct the ODK talent show to raise funds for an $800 scholarship to be awarded to the outstanding high school senior boy planning to attend OU. The club holds an annual off-the-record conference with President Cross on University problems and this year started a special study with President Cross on faculty-student relationships. Seventeen men were chosen for membership last fall. Initiation each semester is followed by a banquet honor- ing new members. 348 FIRST ROVY: Charles M. Stephenson, Wayne Lathrop, Charles B. Childs, Jeffrey L. Perry, Thomas P. McCurdy. SECOND ROW: Patrick Miller, Frank H. Robertson, Harold R. Myers, E. M. Sims, Tom Rush, D. B. Turkington, Don Wilson, E. F. PI TAU SIGMA Picks Top Men for Membership Out of the top 3570 scholastically, those who exhibit leadership, personality, trustworthiness, industry, de- pendability and probable future success in mechanical engineering are chosen for membership in Pi Tau Sigma. Among the group7s activities are luncheon meetings, smoker to meet prospective pledges, banquet to honor new members, and participation in the Engineers open Dmvson, Charles D. Reese, Roy E. Kannaday. THIRD ROW: Richard K. Reid, Jimmy Vernetti, Gene Ross, William A. Cor- lett, Chuck Vaughn, Richard Henneke, Gary G. Jones, Charles Foster, Eugene Cox, James H. Ingram. house. Officers are Don Wilson, president; Tom Rush, vice-president; Harold Myers, corresponding secretary; Charles Reese, recording secretary; Frank Robertson, treasurer; Charles Stephenson, St. Patis representative, and E. F . Dawson, faculty sponsor. PHYSICAL THERAPY CLUB Studies Professional Opportunities Acquainting their members with the variety of jobs in their field is the purpose of the Physical Therapy Club. Meetings consist of movies and discussions about such topics as the handicapped? rehabilitation and opportu- nities in physical therapy. A visit is scheduled to the Cerebral Palsy Institute each year for a practical demonstration. Social activities include a get-acquainted picnic, Christmas party, and a spring picnic for the CPI children. Officers are Carole Milton, president; Judy Brauch, vice-president; Jacqui Sparks, secretary-treasurer, and Thelma Pedersen, faculty sponsor. Pe-et Oldest Honor Society on Campus Picks Wen Best" for Membership FIRST ROW: Jim Rice. Bob Berry, Earl Sneed, Al Weeks. PICTURED: Bernie Hulme. The most coveted honor for a senior man is to be named a member of Pe-et, the oldest honor society on campus. Membership is based on scholarship, leader- ship, activities, honors and service. Organized in 1910, the name Pe-et is an Indian word meaning "ten best? The ritual and initiation rites of the organization are patterned after Indian ceremonials, in keeping with the tradition of Oklahoma as principal home of the American Indian. It was decided that this rich heritage of Oklahomans should be cherished, customs perpetuated and symbols of Indian life exemplified. It seemed fitting to choose these for a society that typifies the finest characteristics of young manhood. In keeping with these traditions, Pe-et oHicers are Bob Berry, chief; Al Weeks, medicine man; Dick Johannes, scribe; Jim Rice, wampum man; Ed Buchner, pelt tso- SECOND ROW: Dick Johannes, Ed Buchner, Jed Johnson, Jr. NOT cial chairmani, and Dean Earl Sneed, faculty sponsor. The other two members are Jed Johnson and Bernie Hulme. This year only seven seniors met the high standards for membership. Efforts to keep alive Indian lore are most evident at the societyis annual Powwow. The council fire cere- mony honors the ten top freshman men from the pre- vious year. Pe-et members also name the most out- standing man from the class. The colorful event is conducted Indian style with council fire, peace pipes and headdress. President George L. Cross is on hand to make the presentations. Traditionally Pe-et members and members of the Mystical Seven society from the University of Missouri meet during the half-time of the OU-MU game for a peace-pipe-smoking ceremony. The society from the winning school retains possession of the pipe for a year. 349 350 FIRST ROW: Dean Ralph W'. Clark, Prof. Jean Brown, San- dra DeLashaw, Eva Brasel, Marilyn N. Smith, Larry Warden. SECOND ROW: Dr. Marvin Davis, William M. Pax, John RHO CHI Recognizes Intellectual Scholarship Gamma chapter of Rho Chi was established at CU in 1922, the same year the organization was founded at the University of Michigan. It promotes the advancement of pharmaceutical sci- ences through scholarship. Members are top scholars who have completed 60tX3 of their college work in pharmacy. Charles Ogle, Joseph E. Sylvester, Dr. John B. Bruce7 Jerry Alan Cook. Rho Chi members join with the student branch of the American Pharmaceutical association in preparing for the annual Pharmacy day awards and banquet. OI'Hcers are Larry K. Warden, president; Jerry Cook, vice-president; Eva Brasel, secretary; Marilyn Smith7 treasurer, and Dr. W. Marvin Davis, faculty sponsor. SHADOW BOX Furthers Interest in Fashion and Modeling The emphasis is on fashion arts and modeling when Shadow Box meets every week in the Home Economics lounge. F ashion shows, modeling and showing original designs are among the club,s projects. Officers are Nancy Ilene Burke, president; Kathey FIRST ROW: Judy Johnson, Nancy Newton, Nancy Ilene Burke, Sandra Stiles, Cinda Wheeler, Nancy Galloway, Joan Hempfling, Judy Sierer, Susan Egnew, Gayle Washburn, Kathy Kelley, Jane Lucas, Anne Parr, Camille Emerson, Nancy Ran- dle. SECOND ROW: Judy Kennedy, Margaret N. Harris, Nancy Sprague, Gerry Zalkovsky, Nancy Shorbe, Lois Wray, Kay J. McKinney, Nancy K. Kienzle, Ann Vesely, Joy Engle, Marie Burns, Pam Heritage, Sue Swanson7 Brenda Wright. THIRD ROW: Allegra Phillips, C. Paulette Akers, Sally Cra- Kelley, program chairman; Camille Emerson, corre- sponding secretary; Judy Sierer, recording secretary; Joan Hempfling, treasurer; Susan Egnew, modeling chairman; Gayle Washburn, publicity Chairman, and Edith Mahier and Mrs. Clara Dumas, faculty sponsors. ham, Stephanie Specht, Ann Santee, Ruth Jett, Carol Boydstun, Betty Stubbs, Judy Mallernee, Diana C. Fitch, Paula L. Van Wagoner, Kaye Potter, Suzy Campbell, Jackie Neal, Linda Pul- liam, Sue Sieh. FOURTH ROW: Marilyn Turner, Nancy Lynn7 Julia Baird, Judy Mills, Sandy Langsam, Linda Ann Lillard, Judi Shuart, Jean Parker, Marlene Kirch, Sarah Moore, Lois Johnson, Neola Coforth, Marilyn Bums, Matilda Butler, Kay Boatright, Nancy Knapp. Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society for Freshman Men Recognizes and Encourages Scholarship FIRST ROW: P. K. MeCarter, Pat Gordon, Darrell Whitten, Richard Fogg, Gerald Gamble, Sam Hallman, Robert Owen, Glenn Cunningham, Robert Bridwell, Hugh J. Barrett, Gene Cunningham. SECOND ROW: Jack Kinnebrew, Phil Couch, Robert Ralls, Donald H. Garrett, Charles E. Daniels, Red Hawkes, Jim Bowie, Don Walker, Jerry L. Brasier, Robert Foster. THIRD ROW: James Benford, Toby Kell, Alan Dahl- vig, Freddie Carter7 Jeff Collins, Jay Maxwell, John Forbis, John Fisher, Harold C. Kirk, George A. Shelton, Jr. FOURTH ROW: Robert Rossa, James T. Holt, Thomas G. Ebrey, Cliff- In 1927 the fourth chapter of Phi Eta Sigma was organized at the University of Oklahoma to recognize freshman men for high standards of scholastic achieve- ment. Founded nationally at the University of Illinois in 1923, there are now 106 chapters. Phi Eta Sigma not only encourages freshman men to meet the qualifications for membership, but continues to emphasize the maintenance of scholarship throughout their college careers. In order to become a member, a student must achieve a 3.5 grade average the first semester, or an over-all 3.5 for the freshman year. Students chosen during the spring of their freshman year maintain active member- ship during the sophomore year. Following spring and fall initiations, banquets are held to honor new members and their parents. In addi- tion to business meetings and special projects, social ton Lewis, William E. Kurtz, Dion L. Johnson, Murray Robi- son, Roger M. Stewart, William M. Cheatham, Harold Hefler. FIFTH ROW: William E. Isaacs, Jack Stout7 Ronnie Dotson, Charles C. Nance, Jr., David Way, Marty Grosboll, Vance Kriete7 James Hammond, Paul Young, David Pugmire, Robert Vaughan, Marvin Altstatt. SIXTH ROW: Ronald Myles, John Robinson, John Yarrington, Paul Gregory, Jim Busch, Orin M. Bachrach, Larry Freeman, Mark Files7 Larry D. Jones, Bruce Hamilton, Frank W. Birnie. activities are scheduled from time to time, and fre- quently include sponsorship of an event together with other scholastic societies on campus. A special project of the local group for several years has been the distribution of the booklet "Hints on How to Study? These are handed out at the annual AWS activities festival and at freshman orientation. Biennial national conventions are held, at which time official delegates from all chapters present accomplish- ments and problems. Policies are determined at these conventions. The idea which led to the promotion of such an organization was that of providing suitable recognition for academically outstanding freshman men. Officers are Sam Hallman, president; Gerald Gamble, vice-president; Richard F ogg, secretary; Darrel Whitten, treasurer; Verne GriHith, senior advisor; Pat Cordon, historian, and Dr. P. K. McCarter, faculty sponsor. 352 x FIRST RtHY: C. Joe Holland, Brad Agnew, Fred Lankard, Norman L. Stanley, Blaine H. Smith, Jr. SIGMA DELTA CHI To Host State Convention Members of the OU student chapter of Sigma Delta Chi, professional journalism fraternity, are men intend- ing to enter the editorial phase of journalism. This year the OU chapter was host to the state Sigma Delta Chi convention held here on the campus. An annual project of SDX is the "Soonergram:a a SECOND ROW: Robert S. Lipton, Jim Jones, Bob Ruggles, Fred U. Worthington, James H. Carter, Jay Levine. long telegram sent to the football team before the Dallas game, sign by thousands of student and faculty sup- porters wishing them luck. Officers are Brad Agnew, president; jim Mills7 Vice- president; Norman Stanley, secretary; Fred Lankard, treasurer, and Dr. C. Joe Holland, faculty sponsor. SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON Promotes Scientific Achievement The third chapter in the nation of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, national honorary earth sciences fraternity7 was organized on the OU campus in 1916. It promotes the scholastic and scientific advancement of its members and the extension of friendship to other universities. One of their projects this year was sponsoring the FIRST ROW: George G. HuHman, Jerry K. Greer, Frank D. Sorrel, Jesse E. King7 Richard A. VVasteneys, William R. Cro- noble, Alexander B. Spencer, Charles L. Rowett, Mark McEl- roy, Vaughan Watkins. SECOND ROW: Frederick H. Man- ley, Peter E. Blau, Connie Mack Krivanek, Billie N. Prewitt, William Hamilton, Larry Piatt, Anthony Wesley Kams, Burt E. the appearance here of C. C. Kennedy, distinguished lecturer from UCLA. W. R. Cronoble is president. Other oHicers include Charles L. Rowett, Vice-president; Richard A. Wasteneys, sccretary-treasurer; A. B. Spencer, publicity chairman; Frank D. Sorrel, pledge trainer, and G. G. Huffman, faculty sponsor. Hamric, James A. Gibbs, John L. Bedwell, Alvin H. Smith, A. O. Riley. THIRD ROW: Joseph G. Meinert, Howard E. Kunz, Bill Bellis, James V. Sidwell, Tom Mairs, John B. Duf- field, Jr., William R. Sharp, James W. Fambrough, A. David Fleming, Gene L. Jeary. Ruf-Neks Men's Top Group Spreads Enthusiasm and Loyalty for Athletic Teams FIRST ROW: Danny Sohn, James R. Reid, Beverly Renegar, ROW: Hal JeHers, Richard Stegman, Charles Choate, Larry Gene Pierce, Joe Reid, Charles Ingram, Bob Protzman. SEC- Tooker, Paul Witting, Barney Cook. FOURTH ROW: James 0ND ROW: Rodney Reynolds, Phillip Thornton, Pete Schnei- Lehman, Richard McKee, Philip Kramer, Kent Bennett, Don der, Jim Dietrich, Jim Wright, Dennis Deakins. THIRD Scheh,Steve Hamner,Jerry Bryant,Paul Wiehe. Spreading school spirit and enthusiasm at every home game are the red-shirted Ruf-Neks, University of Okla- homats oldest pep group. Organized in 1915, the Ruf-Neks with paddles in hand have remained leaders in spontaneous outbursts of Sooner loyalty. At each game the men form an arc of Carlyn Hager is escorted off the field by Gene Pierce and Bob Reed after being crowned Ruf-Nek queen. paddles to welcome the team on the field. They tradi- tionally decorate the goal posts and the stadium. Each year they elect a Ruf-Nek queen and hold a formal dance each semester. OHicers are Gene Pierce, president; Louie Johnson, vice-president; Paul White, secretary; Bill Johnson, treasurer; Gene Stowers, pledge trainer, and Preston Moore, faculty sponsor. Any male student currently enrolled in the university in good standing may become a member of the club. 354 FIRST ROW: Michel A. Lynch, Lynne C. Fowler, Frederick B. Swan, Joan S. Linscott, Robert M. St. John, Darry S. Carl- stone, Hubert H. Hoehn, Roger A. Breckenridge, Robert E. England, William H. Dodson, Paul R. Rupert. SECOND SIGMA Pl SIGMA Top Scholars in Physics A national honorary society for those who display marked ability in physics is Sigma Pi Sigma, founded in 1921 at Davidson College. Darry S. Carlstone is president, with Hubert H. Hoehn, vice-president; Roger A. Breckenridge, secretary; James Rice, treasurer, and Dr. R. M. St. John, sponsor. SIGMA TAU Honors Outstanding Freshman Each year Sigma Tau, national honorary engineering fraternity, selects the outstanding engineering freshman. The group admits to membership those who are dis- tinctly superior in such areas as scholarship? leadership and personality. FIRST ROW: Jack E. Duffy, John M. Carney, William L. Van Horn, Albert P. Weeks, Philip W. Smith, F. L. Shafer, Edgar F. Pacheco, Samuel P. Wallace, Joseph M. Glasgow, Jr. SECOND ROW: Thad McLaurin, Ed Moran, Jim Mabus, John Heuring, Ed Mehew, Charles B. Childs, Clement E. Smith, George Trent Hamlin. THIRD ROW: Theodore L. Gatehel, Robert H. Kroney, David E. Hochanadel, Luis Man- tellini, J. Arnold Hall, Harold T. Kurisu, Charles C. McVey. FOURTH ROW: Allen Blancett, Anthony F. Steinkruger, Bill McAlister, Frank H. Robertson, Gary S. Way, Richard E. Gar- lick, James C. McKenzie, Donald P. Grant, David M. Pierce. FIFTH ROW: Paul R. Rupert, Charles D. Reese, David E. Pitts, Philip Parduhn, John K. Totten, Arnold G. Henderson, Robert M. Westfall. SIXTH ROW: Tom Rush, George F. ROW: Robert C. Cockrell, Robert Michael Westfall, Alfred Gale Sullenberger, Harry L. VViddifield7 Charles E. Foster, Thomas. J. Goodwin, Earl Edward Lafon, Robert L. Kinzer, John Vmcent Boggs, Holland Cole Ford, Thomas Gail Kyle. Now one of 106 Chapters, the OU group annually helps plan and carry out Physics day activities including a banquet. They also sponsor a spring picnic. The organization has as one of its goals the encour- agement of research and the study of advanced physics among its members. Prof. Harold Bone is faculty sponsor. Officers are William Van Horn7 president; Donald E. Wilson, Vice- president; William Burkes7 secretary; Verne GriHith, treasurer, and Norman R. Clark, Pyramid correspondent. LeBus, 111, Richard G. Martin, Lavelle R. Gibson, Jerry M. Hobbs, David Hatchet, Charles Stephenson, Donald MacDon- ald. SEVENTH ROW: Robert A. Booth, Arthur L. Jones, William C. Snyder, Bruce Jones, Gerry M. Shaffer, Frank Skaggs, David M. Wilcox, Max W. Craig. EIGHTH ROW: C. R, Maxson, F. C. Morris, Brandon H. GriHith, Floyd E. Heinzig, Kenneth P. Miles, James V. Sidwell, Sut Oishi, Lloyd Trimble. NINTH ROW: M. H. McKinney, Leon Bledsoe, Bernie Hulme, Barney L. Capehart, Jim Cloar, Ernest L. John- son, C. T. Almquist, G. K. VVeeter. TENTH R01V: Theo- dore Van Kalker, Jim R. Sharp, Wendell G. Marley, Arlin Lee, Bruce M. Rahnl, Patrick K. Miller, Ron Coffelt, Charles A. Durham, Luther 1. Tatum. Sigma Gamma Tau Participates in Orientation of Aeronautical Engineering Freshmen FIRST ROW: Jamel Azar, Jerome Short, Jim Adams, Paul R. Rupert, Philip xV. Smith, Richard E. Brackeen. SECOND ROW: John K. Totten, David L. Leister, Arthur L. Jones. Ed- W T0 recognize and honor students in the field of- aeronautics, Sigma Gamma Tau was founded at Purdue University in 1953. Gamma Alpha Rho and Tau Omega, two aeronau- tical engineering societies, joined to form the new organ- ization. L. A. Comp, professor of aeronautical and space engineering at CU, was first national president and one of the founders. The society recognizes students who, through scholar- ship, integrity and outstanding achievement, have been a credit to their profession. It seeks to foster a high standard of ethics and profes- sional practices and to create a spirit of loyalty and fel- lowship among students of aeronautical engineering. To be a member, a student must be in the upper one-fourth of the junior class or upper one-third of the senior class. Character, contributions, scholarship and ward F. Blick, Jerry E. Hames7 Gerald G. Eddington, Jay Clapp. interest in aeronautics are also considered. Jim Adams heads the organization this year. Other Officers are Roger Chapman, vice-president; Hank MC- Gee, secretary-treasurer; Steve Winder, St. Patas repre- sentative, and Ed Blick, faculty sponsor. One of the current projects includes an orientation program for freshman aeronautical engineers and undecided engineering freshmen. Members of Sigma Gamma Tau discuss the aeronautical engineering pro- gram with these students and help them decide if that is the course of study they wish to pursue. The group holds meetings in the engineering buliding and the Oklahoma Memorial union at various times. Outstanding events on their social calendar are the membership selection smoker and the annual initiation banquet. 355 356 FIRST ROXV: P. K. Miller, E. M. Sims, Jack E. Duffy, James R. Booth. Ted Van Kalker. SECOND ROW: Charles D. Reese, Richard Henneke, William A. Corlett, Harold R. Myers, George Henley, M. S. Bakshi. THIRD ROW: Tom Rush, Bob Butler, William Perkins, David Camp, Chuck Vaughn, Thomas P. McCurdy, Harold W. Kallenbergger, Fred VVester- berg, Edward L. Jcter, Jerry C. Brown. FOURTH ROW': Frank H. Robertson, Anthony F. Steinkruger, Mike Carney, Howard VVoudard, Mel Fox, Leon Hopcus, Bill McAlister, James H. Ingram, Jack M. Evans, Charles Stephenson SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS Studies Automotive Design Open for membership to any student enrolled in engineering is the student branch of the Society of Automotive Engineers. The society was established to promote the arts, sci- ences, and engineering practices connected with the de- sign7 construction and utilization of automotive appa- ratus. Officers include Jack E. Duffy, president; J. R. Booth, vice-president; Ted Van Kalker, secretary-treasurer; P. K. Miller, St. Patis representative, and Prof. E. M. Sims, faculty sponsor. The monthly meetings feature authorities in the field of automotive engineering. SOCIETY OF ENGINEERING PHYSICISTS Rewards Scholarship and Leadership Making plans to expand its organization are members of the OU chapter of the Society of Engineering Physi- cists, at this time the only known such group in the nation. It is designed to promote the field of engineering physics as a professional engineering endeavor 0f the highest quality and magnitude. It is open to those FIRST ROW: John Hoffman, Gene L. Weaver, Robert Mc- Musters, Dale F. Wamke. Robert M. Westfall, Robert G. Cock- rcll, Frank L. Skaggs, William L. Sikes, Chun C. Lin. SEC- enrolled in the school of engineering physics and t0 engineers who have had 15 or more hours of physics who meet the scholastic requirements. Frank L. Skaggs is president. Completing the list of officers are E. W. F riday, Vice-president; Gene Weaver, secretary; Bob England, treasurer, and Dr. C. C. Lin, faculty sponsor. 0ND ROW: David M. Wilson, Patrick A. Clingan, Howard Kosanke, Carl Cooper, Mike Ruby, W. D. Dobbs, David E. Pitts, Donald D. Dryden. Social Work Club Familiarizes Students with Objectives and Requirements of Profession FIRST ROW: Ernest Moore, Donald R. McDonald, Anna K. Sturges, Frances W. Sears, Sharon Ross, Helen Cornish, John P. Wells, Bill Timmons, Marion F. Payne. SECOND ROW: Annie Lois Bradley, Vincent McPhee, Jo Ann Levine, Rhoda Therese Reid, Viola Taylor, Ina M. Young, Irene O. Clarey, Ethel M. Wade, Marie Nowka. THIRD ROW: Don D. Brewer, Peter Kim, Jo Keltner, Vera Powell, Virginia Newton, The Social Work club is the student organization of the OU graduate school of social work, one of 62 schools accredited by the National Council of Social Work Education in the United States and Canada. The 1961 graduating class is the largest since accredi- tation in 1951. Requirements for receiving a master of social work degree include a two-year program of com- bined class and field work, which provides learning experience in a social agency. All students enrolled in social work are eligible for membership. The club has a two-fold purpose. One is to provide opportunities to become more familiar with the profession through programs presented by in- dividuals competent in the field of social work and related professions. The second objective of the Club is to provide a social outlet for members. Among the social activities each Frances Magann, Roberta Hubbard, Dorothy C. Prier, Marquita Dormon, Roberta Ellison, Mary Lou Freund, Fem B. Wood. FOURTH ROW: Edward R. Maillard, Edsel W. Ford, Ivan D. Krahulec, Evelyn Creenman, Virginia Smalley, Adella Smith7 Gladys Choens, Sylvia Kalman, Joan Campbell, Gwendolyn Sue Pennington. year is a Christmas party and spring picnic. Anyone interested in becoming acquainted with social work may attend the monthly meetings. Social work is concerned with helping individuals adjust to their environment. At the present time, there is a great demand for quali- fied social workers with jobs available in the helds of medicine, mental health, public health, research, cor- rection, public welfare, family service agencies, com- munity organization program, education and group work programs. Barbara Thomson is faculty sponsor of the Club. Serving as president is Sharon Ross. Other officers are Jean Benson, vice-president; John Wells, secretary; Frances Sears, treasurer; Bill Timmons, program chair- man, and Helen Cornish, publicity chairman. FIRST ROW: Morris C. Tucker, Craydon H. Laughbaum, Jr., Dr. Carl A. Moore, Elmer G. Cleveland, Edward W. Moran, Jr. SECOND ROW: Carl R. Krueger, Robert H. Kroney, James M. Hill, Arland R. Dyer, Earl William Kitchen, Brian Ausburn, Charles Ellis, A. David Fleming. THIRD ROW: William R. Sharp, Chris F. Bosecker, Kenneth W. Corvin, Theodore L. Catchel, John E. Robertson, John F. Mack, Rich- ard W. Petticrew, Sherman P. Lundy, Clayton Nichols, Charles A. Durham. SOCIETY OF GEOLOGICAL ENGINEERS Holds Banquet to Honor Seniors Geology engineering majors combine their efforts to promote an interest in their profession through the Society of Geological Engineers. In addition to montly meetings which feature speak- ers and films from the petroleum industry, the group participates in the Engineers open house, sponsors field trips to offices and labs of interest and holds a fall banquet for mid-term graduates. Serving as oEicers are Craydon A. Laughbaum, JL, president; Morris G. Tucker, vice-president; Elmer C. Cleveland, secretary-treasurer; Ed Moran, St. Pat,s representative, and Dr. Carl A. Moore, faculty sponsor. SOCIETY OF INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT ENGINEERS Studies Local Industries and industry. Officers of the group are William L. Van Horn, presi- dent; Terry Dunlap, vice-president; David James, sec- retary; Dean Truitt, treasurer; Melvin McKinney, pub- licity Chairman, and Prof. James O. Melton, faculty sponsor. Inviting representatives from business firms to speak at their monthly meetings gives the Society of Industrial Management Engineers first-hand information on all aspects of industrial management. In addition, frequent field trips to such places as Tinker Air Force base and Western Electric provides on-the-spot observation in the correlation of management FIRST ROW: Dave Janus, M. H. McKinney, Jr., William L. Van Horn, Dave G. Suckle. SECOND ROW: Dean B. Truitt, Emmett H. Henley, R. W. Dense7 A. L. Buchanan, Jim MCLin. THIRD ROW: Donald A. Hyatt, Stanley D. McCallon, Don D. German, Donald D. Godfrey. Society for Advancement of Management Upholds Program to Help Students Meet Future Needs of Business FIRST ROW: Robert B. Lewis, Lanny B. Guthrie, Albert E. Williams, Patrick L. Shehan7 L. D. Bishop, W. F. Young, Joe B. Cannon, Jerry A. Nohe. SECOND ROW: Stanley Sal- peter, Myron Schwartz, Milton LeRon Spessard, George A. Dodson7 Henry F. Lesch, Jr., Billy J. Kinder, Neal W. Vinyard. THIRD ROW: Allen R. Moore, Joe N. Harsh, James W. Loving, Raymond A. Melahn, Robert L. Schwartz, Andy N. The Society for the Advancement of Management was founded in 1912 and now numbers 178 university chapters and 78 senior Chapters. Its principal aims are the development of human resources and providing business with a better product to train, mold and refine to meet its needs. The group is open to any student with a sincere interest in the art and science of management. Headed the first semester by Warren F . Young, presi- dent, other oHicers were Joe Cannon, vice-president; Albert Williams, secretary, and Patrick Shehan, treas- urer. Second semester oHicers include Cannon, president; Ray Melahn, vice-president; Neal Vinyard, secretary, and Grant Jackson, treasurer. Faculty sponsor is L. D. Bishop. The local chapter ranks 33rd out of 178 chapters Stalder, Stanley E. Conly, Charles N. Allgood. NOT PIC- TURED: Clarence Lee, Bob Sveska, Dick Lambertz, Dave Meachanl, Warren Cheatham, James Dunn, James Gamble7 Donald Godfrey, Jerry Townley, Don Warrick, Joe Bob Drake, James Bright, Frederick Jackson, Billy Stewart, Robert Simp- son, F. D. Prince, G. D. Madden, Jerry Lamb, Bob Marshall, Emmett Henley, Herbert Pond, Larry 200k, Don Corman. internationally. At OU the group sponsors an annual Business day and a current project is establishing a senior chapter in Oklahoma City. The group meets every Thursday for luncheon, in addition to regular evening meetings. Guest speakers from the business world are invited and this year have included a banker, a judge and an executive of an oil company. Several field trips each semester are scheduled by the group to show members practical operation of com- panies and its relationship to theories of business man- agement and office procedure. Annual events on the social calendar are installation of officers, an awards banquet, dance and open house. An outstanding service award is presented each year to a deserving member of the Club. 360 FIRST ROW: Kay Husky, Linda Conklin, Harriet Harvey, Diane Dykes, Helen Gregory, Maureen Murphy, Mary Lou Car- ter. SECOND ROW: Carmen Betzer, Jackie Dull, Juanita Wherry, Judy Ludlam, Glenda Hamilton, June Harms, Judith Anne Gilbert, Ann VVhybark. THIRD ROW: Gwen Wither- TASSELS Recognizes Scholarship and Activities An active group on campus is Tassels, founded in 1956 by members of Mortar Board, to encourage and honor high scholarship and participation in campus activities. Eligible for membership are second-semester sopho- more women who have a 3.0 grade average and take an active part in campus life. THEM SIGMA PHI Honors Outstanding Achievement A highlight on the campus each year is the Matrix Table sponsored by Theta Sigma Phi, women7s honorary journalism fraternity. The banquet honors a distinguished state woman, faculty woman and student. A nationally prominent speaker is featured. Theta Sigma Phi strives to achieve high standards FIRST ROW: Jan Puckett. Betti Phillips, Barbara Bungardt, Grace Ray7 Helen Ford, Robbie Tiffany. spoon, Jo Ann Williams, Carolyn Pratt, Donna Shirley, Pa- tricia Donnell, Jean Bonney, Alice Van Eaton. FOURTH ROW: Pat OvNeal, Lyntha Nicklas, Jean D. Moyer, Anne C. Lynch, Lucy McFadyen, Mary Ellen Thompson. Diane Dykes is president with Kay Husky, Vice-presi- dent; Linda Conklin, secretary; Mary Lou Carter7 treas- urer, and Miss Helen Gregory, Miss Mary F . Gantt and Dr. Harriett Harvey, faculty sponsors. An annual event for the group is participation with Mortar Board in the walk-out of freshman women. in the field of journalism, improve working conditions and inspire members to higher individual efforts. This yearis officers are Ann Brewer, president; Sydney Sullivant, vice-president; Jan Puckett, secretary; Bobbie Woods, treasurer; Jan Bowers, keeper of the archives; Mrs. Mima McCandless, alumna sponsor7 and Miss Grace Ray, faculty sponsor. SECOND ROW: Liz Morgan, Jane Bowers, Joy Wright, Judy Disosway, Lucy McFadyen, Diane Steele. Student Senate Makes Significant Gains in Emphasizing and Improving Student Welfare FIRST ROW: Patti McGuire, Hershel Lamirand, Gene Arnn, Henry James. SECOND ROW: Jody Levitan, John Tanton, Gil Davidson, Bob Lake Grove. THIRD ROW: Jim Rice, Ruth Sherwood, Pat OlNeal, Susan Beesley, Linda Conklin, Bob Conley, Jim Cloar. FOURTH ROW: Ellison Wittels, Susan Shaw, Willis Moore, Duane Brown, Margaret Greve, Gerald Gamble, James Gamble. FIFTH ROW: Jack E. Duffy7 Serving as the legislative body for students at the University of Oklahoma is the Student Senate. Each school and college is represented on the basis of enrol- ment, with one representative from each of the govern- ing bodies, Panhellenic council, Interfraternity council, and one man and one woman student from the Inde- pendent Student Association. The senate is the oHicial body for making recommen- dations t0 the president of the university on matters concerning student welfare. The group has jurisdiction over all 110n-academic student activities. The senate also appoints student mem- bers t0 the policy-making committees of the university. In addition the senate appropriates money to campus organizations and activities, schedules student activities on the university calendar, makes recommendations to the faculty senate on academic matters, grants charters t0 Sharon Kimmell, Dick Johannes, Patti Rose, Shaila R. Aery, Betty Peters, Elton Johnson, Paul Austin. SIXTH ROW: Bruce T. Brown, Gary Anderson, Jed Johnson, George Hazel- rigg, Muhammad Yagan, Scott Graham, Henry P. Jones, Luther l. Tatum. SEVENTH ROW: Mary Jo Howell, Dr. E. A. Fredrickson. new organizations and helps plan freshman orientation. They also sponsor the Last Lecture series, student health insurance, high school visitation program and the Model United Nations. They initiated "Books for Asiala and an Algerian Relief drive. The group studies and passes resolutions on such problems as parking, com- pulsory ROTC, and increased appropriations to colleges in Oklahoma. OHicers 0f the second semester are Henry James, president; Jerry Gamble, vice-president; Patti Rose, sec- retary; Paul Austin, treasurer; Ruth Sherwood, public relations; Jed Johnson, parliamentarian, and Dr. E. A. F rederickson, faculty sponsor. Serving the first semester as officers were Jed Johnson? president; Henry James, vice-presidnt; Betty Peters, sec- retary; Gene Arnn, treasurer, and Gerald Preston, par- liamentarian. 36! Tau Beta Pi Fosters Academic Incentive and Spirit of Liberal Culture in Engineering FIRST ROW: Earl W. Kitchen, William L. Van Horn, Rich- ard C. Martin, Clayton P. Kerr, Albert P. Weeks, Norman R. Clark. SECOND ROW: Lee D. Smith, Jim Mabus, Eugene Cox, Steve Winder, Dale VVarnke, C. T. Almquist, Allen Blan- cett. THIRD ROW: Ed Moran, Gary S. Way, David E. Hochanadel, Richard Henneke, Charles D. Reese, Fred Mouck. FOURTH ROW William R. Sharp, L. R. Gibson7 David L. Undergraduate engineers who demonstrate scholarship and exemplary character are recognized by membership in Tau Beta Pi. One of 103 chapters, the OU group chooses members who are scholastically in the upper fifth of the senior class and upper eighth of the junior class in the college of engineering. In addition to scholarship, students must show quali- ties of good character, leadership, breadth of interest and honesty. Founded in 1885 at Lehigh University, Bethleham, Pa., Tau Beta Pi fosters a spirit of liberal culture in engineering colleges. Twice a year pledges are entertained at a smoker and a banquet marks initiation of new members. In addition a group-sponsored project is usually undertaken. Each semester three juniors are eligible for honor Leister, Wayne Lathmp, J. R. Assenzo, H. W. Bergmann. FIFTH ROW: Jack E. Dtu, John M. Carney, Theodore L. Gatchel, Philip W. Smith, David M. Wilson, Paul R. Rupert. SIXTH ROW: G. R. Maxson, F. C. Morris, Leon Bledsoe, Frank Skaggs, Luther I. Tatum, Allen L. Terry, Larry C. Messick. membership. Those chosen for this distinction the first semester were Wayne Lathrop, David Wilson and Lavelle Gibson. F irst semester officers were Al Weeks, president; Rich- ard Martin, vice-president; Clayton Kerr, recording secretary; Ed Shreve, corresponding secretary; Bernie Hulme, treasurer; Norman Clark, St. Patjs representa- tive, and Bill Van Horn, cataloguer. Officers for the second semester are Hulme, president; Kerr, vice-president; Jim Mabus, recording secretary; Paul Rupert, corresponding secretary; Clark, St. Pat7s representative, and Allen Blancett, cataloguer. Faculty sponsors of the group are Joe Smay, professor of architecture; J. R. Assenzo7 assistant professor of civil engineering, and C. T. Almquist, professor of electrical engineering. University Players Drama Organization Takes Charge of Ticket Sales for Major Productions FIRST ROWE Ginger Bonnewell, Eldon C. Hallum, Rupel J. Jones? Farley Richmond, Max lVeitzenhoffer. SECOND ROW: $2 The University Players, honorary drama organization, recognizes ability for hard work, as well as talent and scholarship. Students must not only meet scholarship requirements, but also must have participated in a specified number of drama productions. The organization this year had charge of ticket sales for the major drama productions and an all-time record number was sold. Major productions included "Of Thee I Singa7 and "Diary of Anne Frank? The University Players also plan the drama banquet each year to which guests from the English, music and art departments are invited. Scheduled events also include a freshman mixer held each fall. The school of drama each year presents flve major productions, one graduate show and several one-act shows directed by students. OUls drama school is one of the oldest and most highly rated in the nation. Jean Sorrell, Donald A. Bristow, Carol L. Wilson, Dave Spratl- ling, Lee Clements, Ann Morris, Mary Kate Denny. Officers of University Players are, FIRST ROW: Ginger Bon- newell, secretary; Rupel J. Jones, faculty sponsor; Max Weit- zenhoffer, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Eldon C. Hallum, president; Farley Richmond, vice-president. 33:: 32:3. , M , : . 72.21;??234. L w M 51.215331: Keyed t0 the continuing advancements made by the United States Navy and the Marine corps, the Universityas naval reserve officers training program is a flexible curriculum of progressive instruction. Classroom material and practical demonstrations are revamped to keep pace with new ideas and theories. The men re- ceive expert instruction in traditional subjects as well as the latest ma- terial relating to the space age. Qualities of leadership are recognized and encourged in the young men who Will serve their country as of- ficers. From drill field to summer cruise, the mid- shipman undergoes rigor- ous training to prepare him for future service with the navy 0r marines. Students are charged with the duty to prepare themselves for Whatever the future holds. 365 Oklahoma NROTC Unit CAPTAIN KENNETH F. MUSICK Commaudmg Officer Keeping in pace with today's ever-modernizing United States Navy, the OU Naval Reserve OHicerhs Training Corps advances forward in training and instruction of future Navy and Marine Corps oHicers to meet tomor- rowhs military challenges in war or peace. 1960-61 saw the Navyas underwater-launched Polaris missile put into fleet operation, revolutionizing the whole scheme of naval power; NROTC training can- NROTC STAFF: FIRST ROW: Lt. D. E. Sheppard, Lt. Cdr. R. A. Baekey, Maj. E. L. Little, Lt. B. B. Traweek, Lt. tjgt L. D. Thomson. SECOND ROW: Mtht. P. F. Coleman, YNC COMMANDER JOHN A. GOMMENGICNGICR Executlve Officer tinued to advance, too. Changing concepts of war called for changes in mid- shipman instruction: subjects such as nuclear weapons, guided missiles, space technology, and astronautics were stressed in the classroom. New ideas in naval command led to curriculum changes; applied psychology and personnel manage- ment were studied for more effective leadership. D. R. ShuFf, SKC R. C. Childress, FTC F. W. Hines, CMC E. H. Pitman, QMC F. E. Powell. 5 TRIDENT SOCIETY OFFICERS: Seated: F. L. Shafer, J. A. Clozur7 M. H. Beasley; Standing: C. H. Stubbs, J. B. Hawkes. During summer cruise, midshipmen gained practical experience in the Naval profession, training aboard ships 01' the fleet, at naval shore stations, and at Marine Corps training bases. Oklahoma Universityas 210 midshipmen welcomed a new commanding officer, Captain K. F. Musick, head of the staff of seven ofhcers and six enlisted instructors. Other unit activities included the Flrlghaisf, NROTC1S salty newspaper; a new Semper Fidelis society for Marine option students; top-notch rifle and pistol teams; Held trips to Corpus Christi, Texas and New Orleans, 143.; the Trident society smokers; 21 radio club and a middie-dominated sport parachuting club. Social life fer a well-rounded future oHicer was pro- vided by the Trident society, and was highlighted by the annual Navy Ball, February 17. Colorful signal flags, anchors7 and seagoing paraphernalia adorned the Union Ballroom, and OU midshipmen saluted their 1960 queen7 Miss Lynda Bynum, then crowned their 1961 Honorary Battalion Commander, Miss Virginia Kidd. PISTOL TEAM: FIRST ROW: F. M. McKee, D. W. Ben- ninga, S. R. Gray, R. J. Pedersen, D. O. Rutherford, C. F. Baerst. SECOND ROW: BMC E. H. Pitman, Coach D. S. Anderson, C. H. Osborne, C. S. Williams, J. E. Pearson, E. N. Sizer. NAVY ROTC FLAGHOIST STAFF: Seated: R. N. Johannes, . . . C. M. Staehle. Standing: R. L. Carter7 W. M. Dirhum, J. B. Hawkes, L. D. Jones, J. N. Coodson. OFFICE SECRETARIES include Mrs. Hildegarde M. Long and Mrs. Yvonne Holmes. RIFLE TEAM: FIRST ROW: S. R. Cray, H. S. Nakayama, A. B. Cain. SECOND ROW: C. M. Staehle, Mngt. P. F. Coleman, rifle team coach W. T. Cameron. James William Larry Charles Alexander Brooks Richard Ellsworth James Robert Garlick Jetton, Jr. Robert Edward Bruce Marvin Nilson Rahm Luther Irx'y Donald Ray Tatum Taylor Midshipmen First Class Joseph Paul Stew Glenn Calvert Carson Richard Nelson Richard Johannes Johnson James McKee Robinson Thomas Cli fton Terrell Carter Robert Lyndolph James Allen Clour Floyd Richard Andrew John Bole Kelley Francis LOC Shufer, Jr. Hubert Harold Underwood Kirkpatrick Charles Terrell Shaw James Allen Vestcr, Jr. Harwin Thomas Cook Robert Lee Lhuillicr Villia1n Kent Swaim Gene Leroy Weaver Gene Marshall Cunningham Homer Shim Nakayzuna James Garfield Tanner XVilliam Wayne Youngblood Richard Dennis Baker Gerald Neuman Glasgow Earl Paul Johnson James Vann N0 rwood Charles Michael Staehle Kenneth Preuitt Battaile Danny Elloy Glenn Robert And rew Johnson James Earl Pearson Edwin Lawrence Stoorza, Jr. idshipmen Second Class Robe rt Bruce Ricci Samuel Denham Turner, Jr. Max Hartwell Beasley, Jr. Thomas David Grant Michael Roy Koziewicz James Harley Sanders, Jr. Phillip Walker VVashbum Henry James Ch ristiausen, Jr. Gilbert Franklin Hayes Thomas Alan Lewis Scwcll Ralph Byron Charles Sidney Williams, Jr. Stanley Elmer Cowan Alwin George Holland7 Jr. Robert Phillips Luke Short Jerome Harold John Michael Crouch7 Jr. Robe rt Edwa rd Flexnet William Christopher Jack Douglas Hollister Stanley Allison McCourry Silver Robert Fletcher J. Richard Francis Williams, III W0 rsena Dwight Edmond Hooks Dale Ronald Muehlenbrock Edward Nelson Sizer Robert Alan Yates 369 Midshipmen Third Class E. L. C. F. J. S. C. J. H. J. P. R. .I. L. J. G. T. E. T. H. A. B. Andrews, Jr. Bacrst Barbour Benedict Benson Boone Boydston Brown Brown Brown Cain W. T. W. M. R. F. M. F. J. E. J. C. H. M. V. G. j. J. R. G. L. Cameron, Jr. Dirham Erdman, Jr. Fitzgerald Faust, HI Fox Gay, Jr. Gillette Coodson Greer Creeson C. E. K. B. E. V. W. W. .I- B. L. K. J. B. A. XV. L. D. G. S. F. M. Griffith Hamilton Hardaway Harrison Hawker; Heiu Hille Johnson Jones Lazarczyk McCoy, Jr. T. C. D. E. R. W. B. M. C. M. G. A. W. T. D. O. W. J. R. J. J. H. McKee Mcrten Moore, Jr. Moyer Mullen Perry Richardson Rutherford Smallwood Smith Smittle J. H. P. E. G. E. H. T. G. L. G. R. P. W. A. C. A. A. J. W. Stuemky Tullis, II Vesper Waddle Wasson VVillibey Witting Woodward York, Jr. Zwick Midshipmen Fourth Class D. S. D. C. C. C. K. P. D. W. R. E. J. W. A. C. J. A. R. R. L. J. Anderson Atwater Barnes Bartholomew Benninga Berg Boettcher Bonds Carlson Carman Courant J. B. D. D. R. D. W. J. M. C. R. J. P. J. A. II. C. D. T. J. C. M. J. Craig Daniel Demaree Dettle Downing Edwards Egnew Fair Fenwick Federicks Fuller T. J. M. L. H. E. C. J. W. M. S. R. D. E. J. D. R. O. S. L. G. N. Gibbons Gibson Gilbert Clahn Grammar Gray Green Hamilton Haubelt Hilburn Hitchcock F. D. V. W. L. F. G. B. G. J. D. J. R. E. J. A. J. L. J. L. R.A. Humes Humphrey Ivy James Kannel Kauble Kozak Lehman Levisee Lindsey Malahowski J. F. R. K. E. W. M. J. J. R. W. P. C. H. R. J. J. L. V. C. H. J. M. Miller Miller Murphy Nelson OaBryan Olsen Osborne Pedersen Plunkett Randall Reber R. W. J. W. L. B. J. E. D. A. R. D. T. C. L. J. C. H. R. E. K. F. Reynolds Rodgers Saunders Scott Smith Southern Spore Statham Stubbs Swartz Swindle W. W. W. G. O. T. W. E. P. W. J. J. C. W. J. M. W. J. J. W. J. D. Talley Teed Thompson Thompson Thornton Vernon Vidlock Wallace Webb Wilson Witt Midshipman Commander Honorary Company Commander Gamma Phi Beta Midshipman Commander MIM-W Kum- Honorary Company Commander Davis House Midshipman Captain Mm, UW Kai Honorary Battalion Commander Kappa Kappa Gamma Midshipman Commander Mun:P0t MoIm, Honorary Company Commander Pi Beta Phi Midshipman Commander '55 Mom. Maludeih, Pant: Honorary Company Commander Forbes House To the future Air Force officer, the challenges of preparation, study, disci- pline, and physical effort are taken in stride. He is introduced into the Air F orce way of life as a ba- sic cadet, and develops in character and skill to meet the selective re- quirements of entrance into the advanced corps. He will make new friend- ships and share the com- mon goals of his fellow cadets; he will finish his summer training with the full appreciation of this newly acquired knowl- edge and its application. Many cadets will go on to pilot training, or to tech- nical schools, for an Air Force officerls education never ends. The first four years of fun and hard work are climaxed by his commissioning and the prospects of a varied, suc- cessful future, in which he will share in preserv- ing the nationls security. 374 COLONEL RALPH L. STEVENSON Professor of Au SCICIICC DETACHMENT NCO7s: FIRST ROW: Staff Sergeant Roy D. Vanderhook, Technical Sergeant Montie A. VVOHOrd, Staff Ser- geant J. Lee Brown, SECOND ROW: Staff Sergeant John D. McDaniel, StaIf Sergeant Lee B. Mozley, Technical Sergeant Elmer L. Howe, Military Property Custodian Stephen J. Carr. DETACHMENT STAFF OFFICERS: FIRST ROW: Lt. C010- nel Robert E. Davis, Major Leonard D. Craun, Major C. T. Johnson, Major Howard N. Haworth. SECOND ROTV: Cap- Department Of Air Science The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps is charged with a dual responsibility in higher education ethe training of future USAF officers and providing a basis for informed citizenship in the age of aerospace power. In fulfilling; these responsibilities on the cam- pus 0f the University of Oklahoma, the AFROTC has made significant contributions to the body of campus leaders in intellectual, civic and social attainments. The curriculum of the Air Force program is a Chal- lenging combination of ideas, ideals and practice. The objective of the curriculum is to develop leaders capable of independent thought not restricted by previously es- tablished limits of experience. At the same time, a fine balance is sought which will incorporate the lessons of history to produce men of Vision capable of rational decisions. To have lesser objectives in this technolog- ical era of tremendous compression of firepower in time and space would be to jeopardize the future security of the nation and the world. In its primary mission of selecting, motivating and educating potential reserve and regular officers of the Air Force, the AFROTC enlarges the scope of every cadet as regards the complex problems and conflicting ideologies existing today. The basic program Offers a broad consideration of the foundations of aerospace power which will enable the cadet7 as a future respon- sible citizen, to better understand and interpret the events of his day. The advanced corps, a highly competitive and selec- tive portion of the programt is composed of those cadets who possess the outstanding traits of leadership neces- sary for an effective Air Force oHicer. tain James L. Beatty, Captain James R. Neal, Captain Thomas L. Bryant, Captain Edwin L. Moore7 Captain Elwood L. San- ders, Captain John D. Riley. 675th AFROTC Cadet Wing Officers CADET COLONEL JOEL T. HALL CADET COLONEL EARL KNIGHTON Wing Commander lst Semester Wlng Commander 2nd Semester i a CADET WING STAFF OFFICERS: FIRST ROW: Chet nel Officer; Jon K. Messamore, Special Activities Officer; Roger Dean, Administrative Officer; Jack Mateer, Wing Inspector; R. Campbell, Personnel Officer; Paul R. Rupert, Assistant Richard E. French, Deputy Wing Commander; Earl M. Knight- Operations OHicer; D011 Thurman, Assistant Administrative Of- on, JL, Director of Operations; Robert A. Batchelor, Wing ficer; Elbert W. Friday, Jr.. Assistant Director of Operations. Comptroller. SECOND ROW: James Reid, Assistant Person- CADET WING STAFF NCO: FIRST ROW: C. E. Lund, Bob Bascom, Jack H. Stout, John McConnel, C. L. Honn. SECOND ROW: Rob- ert D. Grace, Jim L. Cooper, John R. Matney, Jerry L. Finney, Allan V. Cecil, Richard K. Ledbetter, John R. Thorpe. 375 376 GROUP COMMANDERS AND STAFFS: FIRST ROW: B. L. Capehart, Group 675; Thomas L. Kingery, Group 672; Roy R. Love, JL, Group 674; Larry M. Ondic, Group 673. SECOND ROW: Lesslie L. Conner, Group 671; Robert L. Haney, Support Group Commander; Otto T. Pokorny, Group 671 Oper- ations Officer; George C. Garner, Group 673 Operations Officer. Group Commanders And Staffs Cadet Wing Headquarters is frequently a very busy place. Drawing equipment, books and uniforms is an important ' Here Cadet Lt. Colonel Mateer checks Wlth "Ops?7 for some "flrst dutym for each AFROTC cadet. Cadet Major Sid Terry prepares for a jet flight in a T-33 information. An important part of the day7s activitics-the flag detail. trainer during summer training at Webb Air Force Base, Texas. FIRST ROW: Larry M. Dillingham, Jack Mateer, Mike D. Webber, Roger R. Campbell, J. Kent Messamore, Robert E. Frank, Lt. Colonel Robert E. Davis. SECOND ROW: Thomas A. Wood, Warren H. Cheatham, Robert A. Batchelor, Robert L. Haney, Jack R. Woodward7 Melvin V. Rogers, Freddie Car- ARNOLD AIR The Arnold Air Society is a professional honorary service organization supporting aerospace power. Named for General H. H. Arnold, the society is repre- sented at 158 American universities and colleges. Mem- bership is restricted to outstanding AFROTC cadets who have displayed professional interest in air and ter. THIRD ROW: George Teas, Don M. Abrams, George A. Shelton7 Ed Mehew, Robert B. Greenstine, George C. Garner, Rodney J. Sayles. FOURTH ROW: Jerry M. Hobbs, Walter C. Barnes, Paul R. Rupert, Cordon L. Clouser, Otto T. P0- korny, Richard L. Schwartz. SOCIETY space age leadership by high scholastic standings and demonstrated leadership ability in air science activities. The Arnold Air Society at the University of Okla- homa is known as the "Waddy Young Squadron? and was named in honor of Captain Walter R. Young of the Army Air F orces. THE BAND The Air F orce ROTC band performs at Cadet Wing activities and provides music for all reviews of the corps FIRST RANK: James C. Buzzard, Roger W. Griffith, Leslie E. Brasel, LeRoy H. Hightower, Don S. Jones, George K. Rice, Wendell D. Edwards, James W. Cole. SECOND RANK: Roger L. Bayless, Robert G. Eaton, Don L. Moreluck, James M. Young, Nathan K. Hale, Bill A. Mann. THIRD RANK: Jim L. Slaughter, Tommy D. Harris, Don J. Binkley, William C. Culp, Daniel A. Pedroja, Larry R. Geis. FOURTH RANK: Tommy K. Jamison, Joe 0. Sloan, Daniel M. Zellmer, Cregg R. Oliver, Richard M. Conklin, Charles W. Sizemore. FIFTH RANK: Donald F. Johnson, Tom H. Berenson, Mark McMil- and formal ceremonies during the year. The band also performs at various festivals and Civic functions. lan, Ralph Knight, JL, Larry Owens, Aubrey Potter. SIXTH RANK: James A. Bradbury 11, Joseph M. Reid, James C. Langley, Michael R. Stephens, Jon Dewton, George W. Davis. SEVENTH RANK: E. David Madewell, Stanley Arcader, Fred J. Lockwood, Phillip M. Cauthron, R. Jan Peterson, Dwight A. Vance. EIGHTH RANK: Roy A. Lawrence7 Gary L. Van Antwerp, James R. Squirrel, Bruce N. Benedict, Ronnie Law- son, Wayne T. Crochet. NINTH RANK: Gary K. Long, Luther J. Beaver7 James E. Adams7 John R. Reid, Dennis D. Beese. Squadron 30. FIRST ROW: J. T. Holland, R. B. Creenstine. SECOND ROW, Johnny D. James, George C. Beavers, Eric A. Moberg, Gig Parker, Joseph W. Hullett, Bill Bishop, Jerry D. Ennis, John B. Shaffer. Larry Beckham, Paul Hubble. THIRD ROW: Harold Bell. Norman Schwartz. Steve J. Anderson, Tom Lovett. Doug Troute, William Engle, Bruce Broadr 1;. Ray Farris, Sam W'illiamson, Ken Conaway. FOURTH ROW: FIRST ROW: W7illiam E. Bates, Bruce P. Bischof. SECOND ROW: P. S. Smith, E. F. Shanklin, Roy L. Hodges, R. T. Uda. Gerald H. Barnes. Gerald Hodgsou, Jerry B. Misncr, S. D. Condom. Richard DeLaughtcr, Arden Howell. James H. Reuicrs. THIRD R0 V: Joseph E. Manic, J. Ross Jones, Johnny H. Jones. Jack Gatewood, Duane Motscnbocker, Coke Brown, Stanley Burris. James . Jernigan, Paul S. Hanunmls, Steven Calm, Gary M. Frans, Walter D. Adkins. FOURTH Squadron 31, John L. Hollis, Vance M. Swaiuy Jack L. Christian, Donald W. Owen, Cyrus B. Vance, II, Bud Torcom7 Bert Roberts, Thomas R. Ash, Bill Kirkpatrick, Chris Doyle. FIFTH ROW: Royce Ewing, Joe A. Cooper, Jerry Genzer, Garth L. Hall, Otis W. Frog, Woody Garrett, Jimmy Blair, Amos Moses, Jn, Larry Ashley, David L. Livingston. ROWE D. B. Blue III. M. Y. Blum, J12. J. M. Campbell, IV, Guy Danielson. .104: A. VVilkie III. Fred J. Clare. Jon Hor- wedcl, LcRoy A. Tease, Edward T. Kurtz. Walter Barnes, Roy E. Carter. FIFTH ROW: William B. Bmwder. Michael Terry, Ronel R. Rolen, James R. White, Ron Yanish, Robert W'. Poor, John B. Elms, Joseph K. Kirk, Reg L. Muller James Shipley, Robert L. Spangler, Michael S. Chapline. 1t 'V -w 0 - FIRST ROW: R. P. Billeg, M. U. Rogers. SECOND ROW: Box Black. Michael Burke Cap Baxter Bob Bisacca John Eggner Jeff 1Allred Iames M.B1.uce Jimmy A. Moore Alvin P Epperson, Jack Woodward Lemiard J. Woods. THIRD ROW: Carl Rose, Ronnie Dotson, John Thompson, John Barnes, John F. Chessmore. Jack Barnes, Dennis Butcher. James L. Loftis, W. T. Atkins, John W. Taylor. FOURTH FIRST ROW: N0fleA.McCla1121han. SECOND ROW: VVil- liam N. VVhite VV1H1am 1A. Flexner Norman B.Bi11ghan1.John VV. Sturges, Richard L. Estes Jim Guerry, Dwayne Jackson, Andv Hubbard, Bill Booth Burt Jordan, Tom Watson Albert Carter, Stanley Katz. THIRD ROVV Max D. Moulton. Ollie K. Hill Dennis E. Boydstun David L. Pugh Jerr3 D. Scott Lloyd 1V.H1111t Robert A. Protzman, Robert M Hanna7 lames H. bledhill Richard S. Schwartz. FOURTH ROW: . Group 671 ROVV:Ste1'e VV. Rhoades,Jerr3'Lamhe1tz Kenneth L. Brooks. Richard L.Ga11 VVilliam L VVard Juan M. Rico George A. Shelton Harold A. Ransf Ronald L. Matthesei1, Jerr3 O. Cilson, Scott Poole. FIF H ROW: Roger L.McC.11cki11, Charles M. Rothwall, Ger 1 B. Odom Roy D. Taylor, Jerry Norman, Ed H. VValner. 11c Webster. Gerald L. Gamble, Larry W. Freeman, Bill E. Calvin, Larry K. Kelly. Joe A. Sunbarger, Phi11A. McKeever, Doyle R. Hackney, John D. Lester, Lann3 H. Headley, Harley D. Anders, Older Geoff J.Yarringt011, Wayne L. Loving, Duane R. Bruce, Larry F, Bennett. FIFTH ROW: T Allen Blaske John C. Millar, L. D. Sitter. Vernon Jack Frye, Bob Stubblefield, Roger Kelly, James D. Johnson. Gerald Bednar III, Ernest G. York, Myron D. Schwartz. . . Group 671 Squadron 32, FIRST ROWE James D. C x M. D. VVebber. SECOND ROW: Irvin D. VVehb, Da d B. Catlctt. Eugene Dillard. Rob- ert K. Woods, J. Mike Buchanan. David H. Fagin, Jim C. Henderson, Jim Boswell, Donald D. W'elch, Darrell L. Speed. Larry L. Barnes. THIRD ROW: John A. Christner, Clarence R. Jones. Mac Hower, Bill G. Nations. Richard L. Furman, Thomas D. COOL Michael B. Hankina Lynn Quinn, Charles S. Kerr, Lindsey Harris, Bennie V. Little, Phillip M. Friday. FIRST ROW: Darryl Dixon. Nick Dunner. S VD ROW: Kenny L. Deitchman, Christopher F. Love, Dennis LY. Davi 11, Nelson L. Doughty, Ch ter J. Rabbit. Duane R. Blankenship, William L. Young, lomas W. Briggs, Ned Otterstrom. THIRD ROW: James C. Mahan. Gary P. Muspcm. James R. Barnett. Gene O.'Bryant. William M. Morrison. George R. Van- VVagner. Robert D. Knight. Clarence L. Cordam Melvin R. Squad ran 33, v: FOURTH ROW: Charles E. Lollin. Roger L. Segler, Jerry Frazier. Lloyd R. Hackney, Earl Ingram, Perry Lovelace, Jim Hall. Jimmie Jones, Orion A. Daniela Jr., David M. Mitchell. Joe E. Kasparek. FIFTH ROW: C. W. Vowell, Dugal C. Curran, Larry G. Dicken, Jack W. Tarplcy, George P. Ball. Dalla' C. Howard. David Phares, Dick J. Wilkins. Robert Gray, Jerry H. Turner, Douglas D. Hobbs, Jerold H. Pass. Payne. FOURTH ROW: Jack E. Popham. Larry D. Wynne. Paul N. Stanton. xVarren J.Smit11. Donald R. Rentie, Kent M. Young. Hill C. Martin. Robert W. Price, Paul R. Deis. FIFTH R0 . Harvey L. Riggs. Orville E. Blurmm Pat A. Barry. Orul Y. Jen. Charles L. Kimberlin. Jerry D. Lee. Joseph J. Sokolnfl'. Joe J. Darby. Larry D. Farrell. I. ,s3 tn? g . V .. . ? FIRST ROW: Lyle O. Young5 Cordon L. Clouser. SECOND ROW: Andy Garbart, Cris C. Calhoun, James VVOrtllingtOn, D. Joe Rockctt, Darryl Contrer William L. Ford, Jim Croft.q George R. Vaughn. Bryant V Stan Doctor, John Segatti, Keith L. Wilson. THIRD ROV . William W. Rollins, Jerome L. Hume, David L. Rice, Bruce E. Hare, Dennis A. Camp, Lewis Smith, Ronald E. Savage. Larry L. Lusk, Lenny Trach- tenberg. Glendon R. Brown, Jack L, Holbert. FOURTH FIRST ROW: Jack R. W'Odeli1 Billy C. Givens. SECOND ROW: James D. VVillsey, JL, Roger G Pierce, PL, Joe C. Schmitt, Lyon W. Barton, John J. Santos, Tom D. Cable, Rob- ert H. Pixley, H. Mark W'illiams, Joel R. Cheves. THIRD ROW: Noble Forbes, Charles W. Fawcett, John M. Meade, Walter H. Mizell, David R. Mullen John F. WoodruH. Richard J. Smith. Pete Ankeny. D011 Blumenthal. FOURTH ROW: Group 672 ROW: Jerry D. V'Vebster. Charles K. Webster, Johnny Binck- ley. Cecil G. Miskcl, James R. Robinson, Timothv T. Downing, Hank Kerr, Gary Atwood. Rick Dunlevyg Steve cinberg. Billy Ray, Johnny Coffey. FIFTH ROW: Jimmie wanson, Don C. Kaspereit, George Mctcalfe, Cleve Cravens, Joe Sestak, Bill Wilhs, Jay D. Wilson, Danny W. LeCrone, Herbert R. Eakers, Jerry D. Matthews, Sam L. O3Ba1ulon. Lyman C. Lewis, Jerry D. Harraman, Rodger Bramley, Paul R. Soule, David A. Higbee, Harry G. Ellis1 Ronald P. Baker, Jerry D. Anderson, Peter M. Feldman. FIFTH ROW: Robert F. Rossa, Curtis D. W'arffeli. Noel R. Persons, Tom L. Oakley, VVilIiam L. Gendler, Kenneth D. VVaIker, Freddie D. Carter, Glenn E. Frank, Croal N. W'oolems. Group 672 . v Squadron 34, FIRST ROW: Larry M. Dillingham, Otto L. Osborne. SECOND RI, W: Paul H. Baker, Philip M. Seabolt, Albert D. Segmves, Eddie M. Schmidt, Bob R. VVVyatt, Jimmy C. Baker, Patrick E. Moore, ,Iim D. Turner, Anthony L. Cranston. THIRD ROW: Robert A .Walker, Stan C. Shields, Jerry R. Bettis. ,Ierry D. Harris, John D. Markley, Jerry M. Wood. Lawrence E. Bush, David V. Ashbaucher, Pat W. Purcell. FIRST ROVV': Jerry M. Hobbs. Thomas A. VVOIKI. SECOND ROVV': John T. Akin, Forrest R. Michael, David C. Driver, Henry 0. Drilling, David A. Stephenson, Larry D. Carpenter, Gary D. Strum, Larry D. Bishop, Jim W. Smith, Don A. Hag- ' , Rchurd L. Vana Kenneth R. VVUIIC. THIRD ROW: , Coffey, R. Chris Cuckrum Russ W and, Gene C. 011111611, Foster L. Mayer, Ii111 C. Ferguson larlcs L. Mugg, Ernest W. C11IIi115.D011 C. Harrison Dm 11I Grubb, Dennis L. Squadron 35, 12 . FOURTH ROW: Harold H. Harris, Robert VV'. Shields Stanley G. Kennedy, Robert Quinn, Gary E. Meunicr, R011 L. Main, John E. Lewis, In, David J. Hamilton, Ronald Burkett, Thomas Strouhal. FIFTH ROW: Randall E. Campbell, Lawrence P. Slavin, James B. Chaney, Michael A. Gullinan, Donald W. Smith, James D. Craven, Jim T. Phillips, James C. Hensler, Charles R. Murdock. Iames. FOURTH ROW: Philip A. Shradcr Arnold R. Rey- nolds, Mark M McAtee dexin H.521nger, Charles I.Bry2111. Terry M. VV'yatt, Bruce T. VVolff Bill F.Lig011, I21111es R. Graham. Bob . 2 1. 1' . MIim Cable. FIFTH RUVV': C 21ry V 1, I I. ' I 1 Gerald E.I0plie1 Fred C. Dubi L. Iim A. Yoder Bill A Morgan, Dave M. McCarty, Sheri1Iai1 H. Carter, Bill I2. Ihompson, Robert Mach. FIRST ROW: Warren H. Cheatham, Brooke A. VanHorn. SECOND ROW: Gordon G. Marcum, Gary S. McCurdyg Ed- ward D. Gordon, Clair J. Button. Ronnie L. Casperson, Rob- ert A. Rose7 John M. Keefer, Mike F. Curran, Noah A. Ken- nedy, Stephen J. DeCanio. THIRD ROW: James E. Baum, Tom E. Haller, Jeff S. VVoodsnn, Richard L. Winn, Bob F. Maddy, James D. Lynn, Jerry D. Risenhoover, Martin Moses, FIRST ROW: Robert N. Kindell, George H. Teas. SECOND ROW: Clark W. Bowman, Gordon A. Hammons, Jack W. Rippy, Darryl E. Walton, John D. LeFavour, Don M. Abrams, Steve C. Anderson, Joe P. Bartram, Mark W. Howard, Richard L. Hanley, Steve A. Koplowitz. THIRD ROW: Nathaniel B. Johnson, Herbert G. Young, John M. Hugo, Galawd D. Kra- mer, Tom A. Martin, Ed F. Pionkowski, Robert M. Hamlin, Ceorge McBee. Arnold S. Fried. R. Gary Stephens, Kenneth . Group 673 Stephen T. Swift, Fred Amato. FOURTH ROW: Robert E. Conley, Lewis Mathis, Fred M. Olson, Donald E. Lawreu Charles E. Hare, S. Keith Albin, G. Douglas Stephens, Kent 4. McManus, Steve J. Davis. FIFTH ROW: Larry W. Midland, Jerome R. Stegman, Patrick A. Terry, John S. Titus, John R. Allgood. Ronald D. Rich, Jodie H. Goodman, Gary Anderson, Darwin M. Hixson, Gary L. McClanahan. C. Carnes, Chuck Butler. FOURTH ROW: Vance R. Kriete, Joe P. Culp, Thomas E. Riggs, Michael D. Thompson, Jack F. Gerson, Whitley Cox, F ond Foster7 Andy T. F 3113!, Terry Rutherford, Paul R. Ford, Ed C. Hardegree. FIFTH ROW: John A. Litchfield, James D. McQuillen, Roy Peters, Larry L. VVillsey, John A. Michalik, Roy M. Payne, Joe N. Owens, D. L. Mote, Roger L. DcSpain, Robert J. Fitzgibbons, David S. Cra- ham, Louis E. W'hite. Squadron 36. FIRST ROW: Ray VJ. Collins. Dave C. Blevins. SECOND ROW: Lairv Friedberg. Ii111 Fiy. V1. Kim Stanton. VVa 16 El war119.VViIlia111 R. Nobles. Earl 0. Si1111119.Philip VV. Vvlle9 Allan R. C.arl111:.k Iamcs S. ShaVV'.Jan1es R.VVhite.VVilliaI11V1. Biay, Thomas W Wilson. THIRD RO V: Robcit F SI1V1ler, Robert K.H0VVe.Elli9011 H. VVittels. Sid E. Hare. Thomas A. Gibbs.Kennetl1 V1. Specr. Jr.. R099 C.Harrer.J01111 M.D111-k. Th11111219' M VV'WCEIVCF Charlie S. Parke Arthur VV.Du1lenhoeffer, FIRST ROVV: Ian A. Burr.Ji111R.Sha-rp. SECOND ROVV': Jerry V111l1e11.Inl111 Adams. R011 Smith i111te11tMu111i11i. R. D. Haw T. Vl. EbrcV.V;i111 V111lerson.Iame9 D. Ratclilf. Barry Fi11k.THIRD ROW: T0111 Patterson Iim Man9. Bill D . Bob Bangen. IaV Hodges. Vharles D. Reed. Phil Cou1'h.Tl10111a9' A. Hart. DaVid R Pugmire. FOURTH ROVV: Squadron 9 v John L. Forbis. FOURTH ROW: T0111 Hodges. James T. Menzies. Jesse B. Jamerson, Harlan S. Pinkerton, IL, Robert R. Ray. Roger VVV. Cook. Ronnie Newton. Stephen D. Humph- rey7 Melvin VJ. Price. Tommy M. Thompson. Jim A. Dietrich. Dick K. Pembertou. FIFTH ROW: Allen M. Hill. Dale J. Billam. Fred L. Patrick. Roger W. Chalfant. Solon W. Hinton, Ken Jeremiah. Stephen Foreman. Larry H. Wilson. Richard E. Diller. D011 Pistole, Terry M. Turner. John D. Undenvood. David B. Padgett. Bill B. Cobb. T0111 Johnson. Robert C. 1V1011tg0111ery. Boliver Jones. D. Biff John- 9011. Arthur L. Barnes, A. Dale Arney. FIFTH ROW: Doug Cameron. Chuck Grady. Johnny Haddock. Toby K611. Mark Poldennan. VV'illiam L. Baldwin. Robert D. Hunter. Bruce VVY. Nutt. Vance J. Dykhouse. .r a ' a FIRST ROW': John M. Robertson. Don M. Spratllin. SEC- OND RC V: Charles R. Driskill. T acy Perk. Hugh E. NIC- Goveru illiam W. Shepherd, Jay A. Stolper, Gary R. Mercer, LcRoy James. Patrick E. Krause, Eddie L. Huey, Gary W. Linder, Harry R. Youngblood. Joe A. Winfield, Robert B. Jacob. THIRD ROW': Michael XV. Marko. Jon C. Dyer, Glenn E. Heatherly, Charles D. Coburn, Bob J. IVIahtmeya Keith L. Klaffke, Leo C. VVerneke, Everett L. Johnson, James R. Sarrett, C. Brant W'orthington, VViHiam G. Owen. FOURTH : Edwin W. Mehcw. Nels T. Olander. SECOND l H. Donaldsom M. Donald Siech VVillizuu Lip- miech. John K. Hudson. Jack Land. Jerry L. Bramer. Larry K. Stanford, Jerry L. Sealy. THIRD RO V: D011 B'Iacuuley. Jim Davisa I. Dougl' Adams. Jim Shaeffer, Mike F. Kuhn. Mike Jones. W'ayne P. inlley. Jim L. Thomp- Group 674 ROW: John H. Tucker, Ronald D. Hendrickson. Alvin E. Osburn, Andy Nagume, Patrick K. Jadin, Jimmy R. Haws. Gerald Maynarda D011 x . Reeser, Truman E cks, John S. Cunningham, Donnie. L. Layton. FIFTH RC . Bill W. Van- Dall. Claude R. Murray. Duane Brown. VVlllizun F. Thomas. FA 'in F. Ellis. S. Phil Eberhart. Jerry L. Prathcr, Nolen Wlllis, Vernon R. Harris, James L. Trimble, Edwin P. Wright, Jac M. Piltz. son, Harmld L. Feldman. FOURTH ROW: Danny R. Beltz, Jun Parkhill. Bob Vestal. Bob Strand. Gly 321nm. David Hol- den, VaynC R. Powell. Les H. Lieibowitz. Roger K. V0rsham. Jr. FIFTH IMNV: Vylie D. Jennings, Jack Jolly. Charles E. Harris. Robert J. Pc ick. Donald R. McLellan. Stanley Bald- win. Kenneth Tendall. T. L. Fisher. B. J. Buckles. Group 674 Squadron 38. FIRST ROsz Rodney J. Saylcs. Albcrt L. Crabtree. SECOND ROW: Howard A. Slusky, Danny J. Bruckctt, Ronald L. Jones, Ma hull J. Gerber. T0111 L. Cooley, John H. Bennett. IL Jay S.Lipsl1y, Larry H. JVeintraub. tephen D. Miller. THIRD ROW: Dennis E. Duff. Sam Y. W'adc. Ed R. Kennedy, Frank L. Bollinger. Iloyd E. Sheds, Carl K. Buckner. Larry L. Mc- Hughes, Larry D. Brady, Randy Parker. FUIVRTH ROJV: FIRST KOJV: 12111105 JV. 1331111111. TIN JND 1U HY: James D. Bowie. 11211 Garrison. Tnny J Clikus. Stanley E. Bumrtll. Ted J. UuK . Put D. Carder, N 'hucl J Mason. Jim Holm- lme. THIRD UHV: Martin W'. Rich. Peter 5. Handy. Gene Stmx'crs. Joseph H. Robinson. Arthm M. Robison. XV. Joe Bal- lard. Philip 016mm. C. xValxnc Heidcrith. FUl'RTII ROJV: Squadron 39, a Jim A. Rushion. Edward H. Brett. E. D. Jolly, Richard V. Llc- Kee. Robcr C. Murrell. Darrell C. Merrellq M. M. MCVVilliams. James H. Rich. FIFTH ROXU Ronald C. Estes. Jack R. Tuckey. Dennis M. Kaufman. Grm'cr L. Mislu Mcrron H. Teagllt. 1111p LeCmue. Mike Gentry JUC S. Mchc-n. Dick A. Middle. Kenneth E. JVullis. Joe W'. Muxcy. G1 ' H. Holloway, Mike James. Bub Kcllct. Can Moxley. George, R. Jelferies. Fred H. Sxxufford. FIFTH ROJV: Gerald L. Justice. Burton Stephen- son. T. R. Pitts. John M. Turner. R. D. Myutl. Richard M. Glasgow. Phil Lung. Marty Groslmll. Larry D. JVbhbcr. raw m FIRST ROVVI Robert E. Frank, James M. Brown. SECOND ROW: Charlie F. Ballom T. Ray Phillips, Danny L, Cloud. Steve S. Black, Browning L. Smith. Dennis E. Usewicz. Karl M. Kuhlman, Michael T. Kesslcr, Jerry D. Ennis. THIRD ROW: R. E. Hardherger, Thomas G. Reset, Thomas D. Swine- ford, Jim Lundschen. Leland W7. Moore, Richard L. Hoffman, Gary E. Epperson, James K. Turrenline, Rodney L. Rieger. FIRST ROW: Alan K. Crider. SECOND ROW': Jim VVat- kins, Lonnie Allison. George A. Wyhite. Bub Dolgin, Jerry Payne, Ron Eaton. Phil McGowan, Roger S. VanDyke. THIRD ROW: Frank P. Archer. Chester L. Hill, Clark Ellison1 Gary W'. Koluuder. William D. Richards. Paul H. Benson, Barry Worth, R011 VViHiams. FOURTH ROW: Jeff T. Collins. Ruh- g? Group 675 FOURTH ROW: William D. Lambert, Tom E. Bartley, Mark W. Files. Max I. Ludwig. Robert C. Schepman, James W. Sparks, Richard WV. Kerr, Steve B. Cubbage. FIFTH ROW: Charles A. Crowder, Gordon Daveherty, Maurice N. Leonard, Dick Bella John L. Kyser, Kenneth E. Graham, Dave Ingram, David P. Clemens, Jerry B. Miller. ert H. Crouk, Michael D. Freeman, J. T. Doughty5 G. Mark Butterly, Bill Flood. Bert M. Avery. Denny S. Fcinberg. David XV. Denx. FIFTH ROVY: David D. Filler, W. Burton WVCIIH, Clay A. Fogarty, Larry R. Papsta Jerry L. Munro, Tom C. Clark, John M. Coffey, Richard Vallejo. Group 675 Cadei Colonel Honorary Wing Commander Hume House Cadet Lieutenant Colonel damn, Gouden- Pi Beta Phi Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Linda. 7- Kappa Alpha Theta Cadet Lieutenant Colonel wabam KW Sigma Delta Tau Cadet Lieutenant Colonel JWBW Evans House Cadet Lieutenant Colonel 'PawT'BMMe, Delta Delta Delta AIR FORCE BALL V! ; , . iszig; 31$ vg U. 392 FLI CHT INDOCTRINATION PROGRAM: Elementary flight training is offered to qualified ad- vanced students through an Air Force contract with the University of Oklahoma. Preparing for flight are Cadet Colonels Bob Haney and Earl Knighton. INFORMATION SERVICE OF- FICE: SEATED: John L. Bed- well. STANDING: Dick Schwartz, William Cook, Tillman J. Ragan. The ISO is responsible for all news releases concerning the ac- tivities of the AFROTC cadet corps and for public relation serv- ices for the corps. RIFLE TEAM: FRONT ROW: Jody Anders, Bob Boswell. SEC- OND ROW: Budd Davisson7 Clint Cox, Glen Platner, Rex Beckenhauer. The Air Force R0 TC rifle team is a voluntary or- ganization giving participants the chance to compete with other young men on a natiou-widc basis. g. 1 "r'fif CADET ADVISORY COUNCIL: Jim Menzies, Willis Smith, George Metcalfe, Wylie D. Jennings, B. L. Capehart, Dick Biddle, Felix Vargas, Bill Young, Lou White. The Cadet Advisory Council is an elected organization representing all squadrons. AIR POLICE: FIRST ROW: Robert P. Rosenberg, Clyde Cold- berg, Bill Haul, Toby L. Skinner. SECOND ROW: Uliey Jones, John VViewel, Marvin Starkey, Whrren K. Kourt. Thomas W. Shelhimer. THIRD ROW: Tom Amsden, Clifford McCollum, Don Morey, Lewis Stephens, Gary Es- tes. F OURTH ROW: Charles Sego, T0111 Brownlee, Gary Evans, Howard Stoler, Andrew Cowan. AFROTC DISTINGUISHED MILITARY STUDENTS: John L. Bedwell. Earl M. Knighton, Roger R. Campbell, Kenneth E. Russell, Leslie L. Conner. NOT PICTURED: Roy R. Love and Elbert W. Friday. Distinguished cadets are selected for their spe- cial aptitude for Air Force leader- ship. BOWLING TEAM: SEATED: J. W. Byrum, Tony E. Clikas, Sam 07Ba11n011, Philip Giles. STANDING: Jim Burch, Joe Sokoloff, John L. Bedwell. BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Rob Ryan, John Coleman, Tom Ash. SECOND ROW: Cap- tain John D. Riley, Thomas L. Kingery, Nick Denner, Roger Campbell, Jerry Maynard. During a visit to the Boeing Air- plane Company at Wichita, Kan- sas, cadets of the 675th Wing pause for a quick photo beside their C-97 "school busf7 The Arnold Air Society sponsors an annual auto rally. Shown com- puting results are Cadet Lt. Frank, Cadet Lt. Colonel Cape- hart, and Lt. Colonel Robert Davis, assistant professor of Air Science. The "proof of the pudding" of many drill periods is indicated at Cadet Wing reviews. On these occasions, the competition for Honor Squadron 0f the Cadet Wing is especially intense. Summer Training Unit, usually completed by cadets during the summer between the junior and senior years, offers practical train- ing and experience relative to the operation of an active U.S. Air Force base. 395 v; ' a 33m 5. Im hillWF-i ramm tr AFROHC DRILL TEAM: FIRST ROW: James O. Randel, THIRD ROW: James O. Burch, Michael F. Carmichael, Don- Leonard G. Harrison, John C. Howard, Robert J. Sawicki, ald L. James, Floyd Johnson, Jr., Thomas W. Davis, Harold James E. McDougal, Walter S. Millington, Joe B. Myers, Rich- J. Roberts, Jim L. Wlard, Charles L. Bristow. Joe A. Davis. ard C. Orrill, Bruce D. Wasserman, Dolph C. Broadstone. FOURTH ROW: Bryan L. Cheatwood, Larry C. Tooker7 John SECOND ROW: John S. Spoon, Frank J. Jacobs, Lewis Bry- W. Henry, Allen L. Arms, Dorse K. Brown7 John W. Bolton, ant, James M. Mitchell, James A. Harrell, Jim Bates, William George A. Young, Joe L. Lowry, James F. Claiborne. M. Cain, Kenneth R. Pitchford, Fred Groves, William S. Burt. Commissioning The culmination of years of study and work occurs on graduation day when the traditional diploma and the golden bars of a Second Lieutenant in the U. S. Air Force are awarded graduates of the AFROTC program. For this young man, an exciting and rewarding career on the "aerospace team7, is just ahead. Here, Lieutenant Bradford Page receives his insignia of rank from his mother in an informal, yet traditional, ceremony imme- diately following Commissioning Exercises. To produce outstanding officers is the goal of the department of military science, responsible for training and development of 1,000 army cadets en- rolled in the army ROTC program at the University of Oklahoma. The staff is proficient in guiding each cadet through courses in military science, drill and preparations for summer camp at Fort Hood. Stu- dents must be knowledge- able in a variety of fields to equip them for active duty. Such courses as military history, map reading, small unit tac- tics and communications prepare students for all phases of an army career. In addition some students take flight training where they receive g r o u n d school and flying instruc- tion. Upon completion of advanced ROTC, the student is commissioned a second lieutenant and is ready for duty. COLONEL RICHMOND F. TIIWEATT LT. COL. JOHN P. TAWES LT. COL. ARTHUR S. VVASHBURN MAJ. CHARLES W. COVAULT SELLERS 398 CAPT. JAMES H. LT. CoL. NORMAN A. H. CARLILE HERMAN B. RUPP CAPT. VERNON PEEL Department Of Military Science The Department of Military Science is commanded for the first full year this year by Colonel R. F. Thweatt, who received his second lieutenant,s bars in 1935 at CU and was graduated with a bache10r7s degree in petro- leum engineering from here in 1939. The staff was selected for assignment to a Reserve Officers Training Corps unit because each officer or non-commissioned oHicer possesses outstanding teaching ability and military knowledge. The staff is responsible for the development of mili- tary proficiency in some 1,000 army cadets in the class- room and on the drill field. Army cadets drill each Tuesday afternoon from 4:10 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. with periodic division reviews to honor campus or visiting dignitaries or the honorary cadet colonel of the division. Each spring the combined army, navy and air force ROTC units parade together on Armed Forces day and pass in review for general oHicers 0f the services. This year the army is in charge of the review. LT. COL. MAJ. BEN W. LOWTHER MAJ. WILLIAM S. KEARNS CAPT. RUSSELL K. SINGLETON CWO, W4 JAMES N. ROBERTS MSgt JAMES R. MSgt AVERY C. MSgt DAVID L. MSgt NEWELL L. SFC CHARLES L. ROLLINGS CLARK WRIGHT PHILLIPS SUNDERLAND SFC CHARLES R. SFC HERBERT W. SFC ROGER SFC GENE A. Sgt. ROY S. RAMBO TANKERSLEY LIBERTY WILSON VAN SICKLE a ggk I X, . .I :y . w I .' 5 Mrs. Betty Ross, Mrs. Pattie McM. Long, Miss Judy Bramlet, Mrs. Orlene Hobby7 Mrs. Juanita Ondic, Mrs. Jo Ann Reynolds7 Charles Power. Distinguished Military Students A Distinguished Military Student is a senior cadet upper half of his academic class and the top third of who hasdisplayed traits of leadership, followership, schol- his ROTC class. He may apply for a regular army arship and ability in ROTC. A DMS must be in the commission. FIRST ROW: R. B. Agnew, J. R. Allred, R. D. Bernier, JL, M. R. McCuckin, D. W. Meacham, II7 H. K. Muldrow, W. R. C. Berry, Jr., C. F. Booze, Jr., C. E. Buchner, III, M. E. H. Noble, R. R. Reis. THIRD ROW: J. H. Rice, R. M. Rug- Burge, D. S. Carlstone, C. B. Childs, J. B. Drake, R. G. Hart- gles, R. L. Shaw, J. A. Sinex, III, T. H. Smith, K. L. Teel, line. SECOND ROW: J. D. Hastie, E. H. Henley, G. H. G. S. Upton, L. J. Wall, W. F. Winblood7 S. W. Winder. Laughbaum, JL, L. A. Leslie, J. D. Mabus, G. O. McDaniel, Field Grade Officers Cadet Corps DIVISION COMMANDERS ROBERT L. SHAW KENNETH L. TEEL JAMES A. SINEX III GEORGE O. McDANIEL, JR. BATTLE GROUP COMMANDERS R. G. BERRY C. F. BOOZE, JR. R. G. HARTLINE J. D. HASFIE G. H. LAUGHBAUM, JR. J. D. MABUS H. K. MULDROW W. H. NOBLE S. W. WINDER FIELD GRADE STAFF OFFICERS Leslie, M. R. McGuckin, G. E. McLellan, T. H. Smith, C. S. FIRST ROW: J. E. Adams, J. R. Allred, F. S. Barnes, J. E. Upton, W. B. Whilden7 W. F. Winblood7 S. Wolchansky. Bates, R. D. Bernier, C. E. Buchner, III, M. E. Burge, G. A. Dodson, E. H. Henley. SECOND ROW: K. H. Jones, L. A. COMPANY COMMANDEBS FIRST ROW: N. R. Standefer, R. B. Agnew, D. S. Carlstone, D. W. Meacham, II, F. D. Nelson, J. H. Rice, W. W. Romine, F. R. Cornell, J. B. Drake, J. M. Draper, L. J. Fulton, R. L. R. M. Ruggles, J. O. Sparks, N. L. Stanley, L. J. Wall, N. L. CriHith, E. W. Lippard. SECOND ROW: W. S. MCAIister, Welsh, Jr. l'l Cadets learn early how to execute facing movements, salute, how to interpret com- mands, and how to handle and clean the M-1 rifle. Di- . rect instruction of freshman a V 5 ' . . and sophomore cadets is left ' in the hands of their platoon leaders, seniors7 and platoon sergeants, juniors, with cadet company and battle group commanders supervising. Cadets "Dress right? to align themselves. Division commander and staff lead review. "N3 company stands at parade rest on the drill field awaiting the battle group order. Seniors Members of the division staH await the command of the d1v1SIon commander to "pass 111 revwwia FIRST ROW: J. E. Adams, R. B. Agnew, J. R. Allred, L. F. FOURTH ROW: D. B. Feaver, J. C. Fields, D. J. Fisher, A. D. Ball, F. S. Barnes, C. M. Bartlett, J. E. Bates, J. M. Benson, Fleming, 0. E. Fowler, Jn, L. J. Fulton, W. O. Gamble, R. L. R. D. Bernier, R. G. Berry7 Jr. GriHith, C. A. Guess, D. R. Harlow. SECOND ROW: F. H. Blocklinger, C. F. Booze, JL, B. N. FIFTH ROW: R. C. Hartline, J. D. Hastie, R. C. Hembree, Brantley, F. A. Brown, C. E. Buchner, III, M. E. Burge, D. S. E. H. Henley, G. M. Henley, H. T. Holmes7 W. Johnson, J. R. Carlstone, C. B. Childs, J. B. Clark, R. E. Colline. Jones, K. G. Jones, K. H. Jones. THIRD ROW: K. R. Cook, F. R. Cornell, C. R. Cowen, J. H. SIXTH ROW: J. L. Joyner, R. D. Keadle7 R. H. Kroney, Crosby, G. A. Dodson, J. B. Drake7 J. M. Draper, F. D. V. L. Ladd, G. H. Laughbaum, JL, S. D. Lawson, Jr., J. W. Duperier, N. H. Duffield, C. A. Durham, Jr. Lescher, L. A. Leslie, E. W. Lippard, D. L. Lord. FIRST ROW: W. S. McAlister, J. R. McCasland, R. B. MC- Clain, G. O. McDaniel, JL, T. E. McDonald, J. M. McFarlanc, M. R. MCGuCkin, G. E. McLellan, J. D. Mabus. SECOND ROW: D. W. Meacham, II, R. A. Miller, F. M. Morris, W. C. Morris, III, H. K. Muldrow, F. D. Nelson, W. H. Noble. J. L. Noyes, H. R. Paden. THIRD ROW: S. W. Pangburn, J. C. Pearson, J. H. Poe, M. A. Ray, R. S. Ray, S. L. Reichert, R. R. Reis, J. H. Rice, D. P. Roberts. FOURTH ROW: W. W. Romine, R. M. Ruggles, J. C. Saari, V. R. Sanders, R. L. Shaw, A. B. Shidler, J. A. Sinex, III, R. C. Slagle, T. H. Smith, J. O. Sparks. FIFTH ROW: L. E. Sparks, C. P. Stamatis, N. R. Standerfer, N. L. Stanley, M. C. Stewart, R. M. Swaim, F. B. Sweeney, R. W. Symes, K. L. Teel, R. W. Thompson. SIXTH ROW: G. S. Upton, J. C. Van Aken, L. J. Wall, D. W. Westfall, N. L. Welsh, Jr., W. B. Whilden, W. F. Winblood, S. W. Winder, G. B. Wines, S. Wolchansky. Seniors Cadet Captain R. L. GriHith briefs his platoon leaders on the dayk drill schedule. 403 Juniors Grrr! Cadets practice the growling. thrustlng and sweatmg 0f bayonet drill at sinner Camp. FIRST ROW: I. Almlins, A. L. Austin, L. L. Benson, K. Bentz, J. V. Boggs, S. K. Bradshaw, J. C. Brannau, Jr., W. C. Brining, P. W. Brooks, J. A. Byerly. SECOND ROW: C. E. Calhoun, R. J. Caplin, T. R. Carlile. J. F. Carney, J. E. Carter, M. B. Chastain, Jr., C. P. Clark. J. C. Clark, J M. Cole, M. E. Collins. THIRD ROW: D. W. Conrad, W. R. Corr, C. F. Daily, Jr., C. E. Daugherty III, B. M. Davis, W. H. Deal, C. F. Dockelry. K. E. Easton, T. L. Edgar, J. R. Everett. Kn FOURTH ROW: D. G. Ferguson, D. R. Fitzgerald, W. G. Frame7 M. D. Freeman, E. L. Cage, D. C. Goff7 K. R. Gray, D. T. Cunning, W. A. Hadwiger, J. M. Hannigan. FIFTH ROW: E. S. Henley, R. L. Holden, H. T. Holmes, . C. W. Ingram, J. J. Johnson, C. B. Kemek, J. B. Kimbrough, J. K. Lanyon, D. L. Lawrence, G. A. Lee. SIXTH ROW: G. A. Leek, H. L. Logsdon, J. R. Long, C. R. Martin, L. D. McClellan, W. M. McClellan, J. B. McCoy, T. M. McCurdy, G. E. McDonald, W. L Miller. FIRST ROW: C. F. Morrow, A. M. Muldrow, J. R. Mullins, . A. Nelson, S. M. Nemecek, D. R. Noakes, S. W. Pangburn, D. A. Perini, R. E. Perry, B. J. Phillips. SECOND ROW: H. D. Pond T. H. Rains T S. Raley, J. D. Raybern R. T. Reese, R. J. Rusch S. Salpeter, J. N. Schaefer, G. L. Schmidt L. A. Schriner. THIRD ROW: S. M. Scoggin, R. W. Seago, R. L. Sheffield, B. H. Smith, R. J. Smith, W. L. Smith, W. K. Stalnaker, H. S. Stanfield, R. J. Steele, F. H. Suhre, Jr. FOURTH ROW: A. G. Sullenberger, R. A. Sutoris, S. W. Swafford W. H. Theus, M. V. Thompson B. J. Walker, J. K. Walker, W. C Walker, D. Ward R. M. Westfall. FIFTH ROW: W. W. White D. L. Willis D. M. Wilson, C. R. Wise E. A. Wood, J. P. Woodson F. U. Worthington. B. J. Wyatt. R. K. Young, R. H. Zumwalt Juniors CWO James N. Roberts, unit adjutant, tells a cadet the advantages of entering the advanced course. 405 Army bulletin boards always attract many readers. FIRST 0V M. C. Altstatt, P. C. Amero, J. R. Ames, P. C. Andresen, B. T. Ansley, D. Baade, R. Bagley, G. R. Bailey, R. E. Barhydt, D. C. Barnett, W. D. Bass, W. W. Bechtel. SECOND ROW H. N. Beekman J D. Beets, J. D. Belford, G. A. Benford, J N. Benford, P. V. Berg hneider, K. R. Berry, J. M. Biglane7 F. W. Birnie, Jr., J J. Black, F. D. Black7 H. D. Blane. THIRD ROW': C. S. Bollman, R. S. Bowie, J. D. Brace, M. S. Brackin, J M. Braly, J. H. Brandenburg, A. D. Brown, J. L. Brust, R. B. Bumham, J P. Burtnm D. B. Busby M. J. Busby. FOURTH ROW: R. J Y Buster, Jr., C. L. Bl on7 J. D. Can- Sophomores aday, L. B. Carden, C. D. Cargo, J. H. Carlock, R. B. Car- penter, M. D. Carr, H. L. ChaHin, E. Chamberlin, W. F. Chambers, J. Chapman. FIFTH ROW M. R. Choquette, W. B. Cochran7 W. C. Cockerham, Mi 6 N. T Cohlmia, J. D. Cook, R. S. Coo F. 1. Cooper, D. R. Copelan , C. R. Comer, J. W. Comer, . W. Cowan, T. T. Cox. SIXTH ROW: R. H. Davis, J. S. Dawson, M. M. Deere, J. L. Dempsey, J. R. Derryberry, R. J. Deupree, D. F. Dickey, J. E. Dicus, B. S. Dieterlen, D. B. Dildy, V . N. Dillbcrg, E. K. Dobson. SEVENTH ROW: F. L Dombek, T. D. Dopler, Jr., C. M. Downs, G. H. Droescher C. Dunc n, T. D. Dunham, b. M. Earl, P. M. Ebert, B. M. Edwards, J. P. Elson, J. F. Eplcy, M. D. Ernest. EIGHTH ROV H. O. Estes. E. C. Evans. H. J Evans. E. H. Fagin, J. A Feighny, R. M. Fellers, R. L. Ferrier, H. Fisher, R. M. Fogg, R. L. Foster, M. C. Francis, D. E. Frank. NINTH ROW: DeL. Garner, DeW. Garner, R. M. Garner, D. H. Garrett, S. E. Garrison, S. D. George, L. V Gilbert, L. E. Gilinsky, J. K. lillette, E. F. Gilson, W. H. Goodman, J. K. Cuodmiller. NOT PICTURED: C. F. Glasgow. Sophomores FIRST ROW: T. J. Goodwin, T. P. Gordon, Jr., J. P. Graber, S. A. Gray, C. M. Green, J. M. Greenherg, P. R. Gregory, L. A. Grossman, J. C. Haddock, F. H. Hallman, J. W. Hammond, M. P. Hammond. SECOND ROW: C. L. Hamon, J. L. Hardy D. H Harms A.K.Har1is, C. W. Harrison, A. Hason, R. G. Hathawa, D. E. Haves, T. L. Heath J. T. Hedrick, H. D. Hefler, H. L. Henson. THIRD ROW: F. D. Hill, 0. R. Hill, A. N. Hoffman, J. E. Holasek, G. L. Holland, C. L Hollis, J. T. Holt, P. F. Horn- ing, J. R. Hornung, E. R. Howard, J. M. Huey, Jr., C. F. Hull. FOURTH ROVV' W P. Husbanda W. W. Hutchinson, R. R. Ingram, W. E. Isaacs, K. F. Jackson, E. L. Jeter, D. L. John- son, S. A. Johnson, L. R. Jordan, S. A. Joyner, C. S, Judson III, E. K. Kelling. FIFTH ROW: S. Kelly III, K. L. Kendrick, J. D. Kennedy. D. C. Kestner, J. M. Kinnebrew, H. G. Kirk, J. G. Kirkhuff. Jr., T. L. Kroutil, W. E. Lac , M. F. LaFevers, N. A. Lanford, D. V. Lassiter. SIp H ROV 7: B L. Lawson, W. W. Lee, J. W. Levin, C. C. M. C. LooneyD' J. B. Luton, J. D. Machen, F. R. Marsh, M.p W. Marti11,P . D. Matthews, R. O. Maxfield, J. D. Maxwell. Capt. J. H. Sellers shows maintenance of an Army truck. SEVENTH ROW: M. S. MaxwelL J. W. Mayfield, W. N. May- field, R. F. McFarland, J. W. McKmnev. R. L. McPheron, D. L. Mears, D. L. Melot, S. F. Miers, J D. Mihlhauser, D. B. Miller, J. P. Morgan. EIGHTH ROW: L. D. Mornhinweg, R. M. Morris, W. A. Mor- rison, E. D. Muir, Jr., W. E. Murphy, G. H. Musgrave, J. F. M1 krat, C. C. Nance, J. M. N tingham, R. A. Nunnally, M F. Ogle, E. C. 05Hara. NINTH ROVV': S. J. Olsen, J. E. Otis. C A. Owen II, D. R. Owen, JL, T. E. Pack, L. A. Pannell, J L. Parker1 Jr.7 H Payne, E. E. Peach, M. S. P T. D. Peck, D. L. Perkins. Sgt. Roy Van Sickle's clu. Iatile jeep. FIRST ROV R. W. Petticrem 1 H. Phelps. J. M. Pierce. 1. R. Pinion. R. L. Flatt, I D. Pomemy. P. M. Porter, VV'. P. Porter, J. L. Porterficld, R. S.Prcteki11, J. T. Price. SECOND ROV L. V. Priebe, D. J. Ralcy. R. N. Ralls, E. D. Ratliff, Ii. C. Rawlinso , G. A. Razook, C. K. Reber, D. J. Keith, J. C. Rembert, D. A. Rennie, P. D. Resler. THIRD ROW: Reyn .I. Rheinokh D. K. Rob- Sophomores ert R D. A. Robinson. M. .I. Rodkin, J. W. Ross. L. R. Rowe, R. M. Rupert, J. R. Sadberry. F. E. 521116, D. J. Sanders. FOUR H ROV . M. .I. Sandersfcld. M. D. Scolfum, H. VV'. Scm'ill. T. O. Sebert. P. L. Sells, T. R. Setzer, .I- M. Sharp, K. C. Sinex1 I. C. Smith, J. D. Smith. L. R. Smith. FIFTH ROV . R. A. Smith R. O. Smith. 1V1. Snitz. S. R. 1 0111- 11161. .I- S. Spencer, C. A . Sprudling C. F. Stanford, J. W. Stanley, C. E. Stratton. I. VV'V. Tarr, L. E. Tarrant. SIXTH ROV . J. E. T tum. R. L. Taylor In. S. E. Taylor, VV'. B. Th 111115011. VV'. IL. Thonmeu. G. T. Tlller, I. D. Todd. T. J. T etter, C. G. VanBrunt. .I. E. Vaughan, R. W. Vaughn. SEVENTH ROV . I. . Vloedman. B. M. VV dlou, E. 1 adworth. B. I' VValkcr.T. O.VV'alt011. I.F.VV21tl1e11. A. I VV atsou, D. M. VVay, VV. N. VVeaxer Jr.. I:. L. VVcbb, L. K V eitzner. K. T. VV'hite Jr.. D. K. VV'hit- . V llbur J. H.V'illia111son, G. W. VVillis C. R.VV01f D. :V. VVoodliffT .N. Word, G. D. VV'ylie, C. D. Yo1k. Hal K. Mu'ldrow has. a try at operating the bolt 0f the Brown- Some cadets get to ride, courtesy army aviation, instead of walk ing .30 caliber machine gun during summer camp. to the tactical problem assembly area. Fort and John Benson gets g close look at his companfs modern kitchen Emmett Henley scored 221 in M-l shooting; competition, earn- and learns about dlshpan hands at Fort Hood. mg a chance to fire the armyas new M-14 rille. t n! 55 This is what it takes to blow up a tank. Cadet William Harbert Behind the'mud and grass of camouflage 0n the left is OUis examines the armyas M-16 anti-vehicular mine. Wade McAllster, about to fire on the aggressor. i XWft'S ' SFG H. W. Tankersley instructs with a model of the M-1. FIRST ROW: B. C. Adams, J. D. Akin. J. L. Aldriedge, K. O. Allwhilc, J. W. Anderson, H. D. Bailey, J. D. Barnard, D. E. Barnett, R. W. Barrett, M. G. Bartlett, J. L. Bass, M. S. Batchelor. SECOND ROW: R. L. Beattie, W. H. Beck. L. Belin, J. D. Benien, G. D. Bennett, G. M. Bennett, J. S. Berry, L. R. Bettes, R. A. Beyerl, L. R. Biddy, G. L. Bilbrey, R. E. Biles. THIRD ROW: R. H. Binford, Jr., E. P. Blanton, G. I. Bolton, R. K. Boutwell, W. P. Bowlin7 C. R. Bowman, J. C. Braden, J. E. Brandt, G. I. Bridges, L. K. Briggs, J. H. Brooks, J. L. Brown. Freshmen FOURTH ROW: T. J. Brown, T. J. Brown. Jr., W. W. Browning, Jr., C. L. Brunkow, J. A. Bryan, M. C. Bryles, JL, W. C Buckley, G. D. Burton. C. J. Buskuhl. J. W. Campbell. R. Campbell, J. E. Candy, Jr. FIFTH ROW: F. O. Cantrell, B. L. Cate. F. H. Charles, D. L. Cheek, J. T. Christian, H. J. Clay H. D. Cleaver, Jr.. U. E. Glenn R. W'. Close, A. S. Coad, J. . Cogburn, G. B. Cohen. SIXTH ROV G. L. Cole, T. L. Cole, R. Coleman, P. M. Conn, G. D. Amok, J. C. Cook, S. J. Cook, M. P. Cooper, D. G. Copelzuu T. R. Corbitt, J. R. Cowan7 S. H. Craven. SEVENTH ROW: V. R. Creel. W. M. Croom, A. L. Crosbie, ' T. Curtis, J. M. Cushing. G. A. Cutrufo, W. J. Dale, Jr., T. M. Davidge, J. D. Davis, J. W. Davis, D. E. Deakins, J. B. DeHart. EIGHTH ROW: W. E. Dimick, W. J. Dobry, W. G. Dodge, Jr., D. D. Douglass, L. J. Draper, T. DuBois, J. P. Earnest, B. H. Easley, J. L. Ellis, J. P. Easley, J. E. Eubanks, R. P. Fairlamb. NINTH ROW: J. H. Fannin, J. A. Farrell, C. H. Farris, T. N. Farris, E. A. Feaver, J. Fellers. D. L. Feltenberger. P. L. Fich- tenau, R. Finegan, JL, S. H. Fisher, J. D. Flood, H. L. Floyd. Freshmen FIRST ROV J. H. Fowler, E. Franklin, R. B. Frogge, Jr., C. M. Fry, J. C. Garrett, S. L. Geller, W. L. George, B. J. Giarraputo J. L. Gifford, W. L. Gilert7 R. W. Coen, J12, J. R. Com . SECOND Rm Y: B. J. Cooda D. R. Coodin, D. A. Gray, Jr., J. T. Greiner, C. A. Grieve, D. E. Griffin, W. L. Griffin, R. R. Gunning, C. A. Hadzuvay7 R. R. Hall, S. A. Hall7 M. G. Hammonds. THIRD ROV . S. E. Hammer, P. L. HamI 1, V. Haragara, J. O. Hardy, J. C. Harris, G. W. Hartman, T. J. Hartman, L. W. Haswell, C. B. Hatfield, J. L. Hayden, J. S. Hayes, B. C. Head. FOURTH ROW: K. M. Hemry, W. R. Hendrix, I. I. Herzog, G D. Hickman, J. Hill, M. S. Hill, W. H. Hill, III, S. H. H1 on, D. W. Holden, D. O. Holt, R. L. Honey, J. L. Hopkins. FIFTH ROW: S. N. Horwitz, T. E. Howard, W. R. Hughes, J. R. Hull, D. B. Humphrey, J. Hundley, C. L. Hunter, P. E. Hurley, L. V. Inglish, R. W. Inman, D. W. Ivestcr, D. J. Jackson. SIXTH ROW: W. A. Jackson, H. M. JeHers, JL, F. E. John- son, A. F. Johnst D. M. Jones, C. E. Jones, M. D. Jones, D. W. Jordan, J. J. Keenan, J. A. Kinnebrew, J. G. Kirkhuff, Jn, L. V. Klingman. SEVENTH ROW: J. W. Knickmeyer, R. K. Kolbrener, R. W. r H. K. Muldrow receives DMS certificate from his uncle, Maj. Gen. Hal Muldrow, retired commander of the "45th.77 Krasnow, L. J. Kravetz, L. Kronfeld, D. R. Kruse, S. L. Lam- bert, D. H. Lampton, J. S. Lasater, H. D. Lawrence, R. G. Lawson, S. B. Lawton. EIGHTH ROW: S. E. Lawton, J J. Lehman, J. O. Lenington, K. A. Little, R. B. Livingston, . C. Loving, P. W. Lowell, L. G. Lutz, J. P. Mahoney, W. L. Malone, E. T Manning, M. J. Maples. NINTH ROW: J. L. Martin, M. D. Martin R. R. Martin, B. E. Massey, J. A. Massey, J. C. Masters, R. A. Matheny, J. E. Matthews, JL, J. W. Mayes, C. D. Mayhuc, G. D. Maynard, J. W. Mayo. The Honorary Cadet Colonels meet Maj. Gen. Muldrow. FIRST ROW: J. P. McAlister, L. J. McAlister, R. L. Mc- Carthy, R. J. McCallley, R. L. McClure, A. E. McComas, J. M. McConnell, R. E. McElroy, E. J. McGee, J. P. McKay, W. H. McLain, E. L. McLaughlin. SECOND ROW': R. L. McLaury, C. J. McNaHy, JL, B. C. Meacham7 H. J. Mcrriman, M. A. Mertes, D. J. Meyer-Hayes, T. L. Middlesworth, B. W. Miller, J. D. Mills, II, S. I. Mintz, D. D. Montgomery, Jr., J. F. Moran. THIRD ROW: R. P. Moore, D. Morgan, J. D. Morris, M. D. Morris, T. M. Mudrick, G. E. Mueller, G. K. Muir, K. R. Mulli- can, A. S. Newberg, S. C. Newberg7 J. R. Newport, T. D. Nicklas. Freshmen FOURTH ROW: L. C. Nipper, T. W. Oas, F. A. O Brien, D. C. O7Neill, J. P. O NeiIl, S. M. Ownbey, S. J. Oxenhandler, L. D. Page, D. A. Palestini, W. R. Pansze, J. L. Panter, D. G. Parent. FIFTH ROW: G. W. H. Parkhurst. Jr., E. H. Parsons, T. H. Payne, F. E. Pazoureck, Jr., A. L. Peiffer, R. Pendergraft, D. T. Phillips, J. A. Pincham, P. R. Pitchford7 W. D. Pollock, R. E. Pomeroy, R. W. Powers. SIXTH IUMV: J. R. Prickett, G. S. Primrosea A. T. Pritchard, R. W. Quick, D. E. Ragland, D. K. Rahhal, H. E. Ray, L. B. Reams, T. D. Rexmad, J. W. Rhodes, G. S. Richards, Jr., J. L. Richardson. SEVENTH ROW: E. H. Rider, P. M. Riley, M. Robison, R. C. Rodgers, Jr., C. D. Rogers, R. W. Rucker, M. D. Rud- 111311, R. S. Sandler, H. A. Seem, D. F. Sefa7 G. W. Seibold. EIGHTH ROW: J. C. Seibold, R. I. Sewell, Jr., C. A. Shadday, K. E. Shcan, D. G. Sherman, B. J. Shields, M. R. Simon, C. S Sims, L. D. Sims, C. W. Skinner, N. O. Slack. NINTH ROW: S. A. Sloan, H. M. Smail, P. A. Smiley, B. L. Smith, F. W. Smith7 Jr., M. J. McVay, F. L. Savage, H. A. Schainker, P. N. Schneider, JL, E. E. Shrock, J. R. Scott. Freshmen FIRST ROW': J. J. Smith, J. P. Smith. R. A. Smith, R. L. Snipes7 J. C. Snyder, D. G. Standifer, S. D. Stanifer, S. E. Stanley, W. L. Steger, R. L. Stephenson, T. C. Stevens. SEC ND ROW: J. W. Stevenson, R. D. Stewart, . 1. H. Stokes, B. J. Stone, G. D. Stowers, E. Sullivan. W. M. Sum- mers, Jr., W. M. Sutherland, D. R. Sweger, J. F. Tain or, L. Tashlik. THIRD ROW: L. G. Tavlor, J. S. Thomas, R. E. Thomas, Jr., D. R. Thompson E . lompson. Jr.. K. L. Thompson, D. N. Thorp, C. H. Tppit, D. L. Truitt, N. P. Truss, W. C. Tu rner. FOURTH ROW: R. J. Tuthill, M. E. Vaclaw, W. D. Van- Allen, L. F. VanDyke, A. W. VanZante, C. H. Vaughn, P. E. Walker, D. K. Waller, W. L. Walls, F. B. Walters, Jr., C. Washington. FIFTH ROW: P. M. Way, C. E. Weaver, Jr., D. C Weaver, T. M. Weber, D. R. Weichert, Jr., M. J. VVeinberger, P. Wein- m wan".-. w MSgt. N. L. Phillips displays ommunications equipment. stein, H. C. West, J. C. West, , H. J. W'hisnau I, Whitaker. SI J H ROW: S. A. White, T. B. White. P. R. Wilev Wilkes, D. A. Williams, J. D. Williams, S. R. Williams, C Wilson, J. O. VVinblood, B. L. Witt. SEVENTH ROW: R. F. Wood. J. M. Woods, J. C. Wright, J. L. Yerby, H. M. Young, L. C. Young, T. E. X Jung, H. D. Zelazny, K. P. Zgonetz, R. N. Zoblotsky. LT. COL. NORMAN CARLILE FIRST ROW: C. H. Teas, M. J. McVay, T. R. Carlile, W. K. Stalnaker, Sandy Fleming, honorary captain; Capt. M. R. Mc- Guckin, commanding officer; R. K. Young, J. D. Beets, R. L. Spangler. SECOND ROW: R. Main, J. L. Richardson, B. H. Easley, R. L. Hodges, J. M. Mitchell, J. P. Morgan. THIRD Pershing Rifles Company H of Pershing Rifles was established on the University of Oklahoma campus in the fall of 1948. The National Society of Pershing Rifles was begun in 1891 at the University of Nebraska. It was founded by Gen. John J. Pershing. Membership is open to basic army7 navy and air force ROTC cadets who wish to develop individual drill proficiency and increase their military knowledge. Mack R. McGuckin served as company commander and Wayne Stalnaker was executive oHicer of company H. Miss Sandy Fleming was chosen to serve as Honor- ary Captain for the 1960-61 school year. . MACK R. MCGUCKIN Adusor Company Commander ROW: A. VanZante, J. D. Ennis7 J. L. Aldriedge7 F. D. Humes, S. E. Stanley, L. W. Haswell, M. C. Bryles, Jr. FOURTH ROW: J. Chapman, P. E. Walker, D. A. Gray, C. M. Rothwell, J. D. Belford, J. R. Hull, J. R. Sadberry, W. G. Bray, Jr. Miss Sandy Fleming was named Honorary Captain. WAYNE STALNAKER Executlve omcer Freshmen FIRST ROW J. J. Smith, J. P. Smith. R. A. Smith, R. L. Snipes, J. C. Snyder7 D. C. Standifer, S. D. Stanifer, S. E. Stanley, W. L. Steger, R. L. Stephenson, T. G. Stevens. SECOND ROW: J. W Stevenson, R. D. Stewart. Jr.. C. H. Stokes, B. J. Stone G. D. Stowers, E. J. Sullivan. W. M. Sum- mers, Jr.. W. M. Sutherland, D. R. Sweger, J. F. Taintor, L. Tashlik. u. ummwum MSgt. N. L. Phillips displays communicati ls equipmen . THIRD ROW: L. G. Taylor J. S. Thomas, R. E. Thomas, Jr., D. R. Thompson, E. XV. Thompson: JL. K. L. Thom; on, D- N- Thoma 0- H- Tlpplta D- L- Trmtta N- P- Truss? - 0- stein, H. C. West, J. c. west, JL, H. J. Whisnand, L. E. Turner. Whitaker. FOURTH ROW: R. J. Tuthill, M. E. Vaclaw, W. D. Van- S. A, White, T, B, White, P. R. Wiley, D. N. Allen, L- F- VanDyke, A- VV- VanZante, G- H- Vaughn. P- E- V kes, D. A. Williams, J. D. Williams, S. R. Williams, C. E. VValfler, D. K. Waller, W. L. Walls, F. B. Walters, Jr., C. Wilson, J, O. Winblood, B. L. Witt. Was ington. SEVENTH ROV ': R. F. Wood, J. M. W ods, J. G. Wright, H ROW: P. M. Way, C. E. Weaver, Jr.., D. C. Weaver, J. L. Yerby, H. M. Young, L. C. Young, . E. Young, H. D. . M. Weber, D. R. Weichert, JL, M. . W'einberger, P. Wein- Zelazny, K. P. Zgonetz, R. N. Zoblotsky. LT. COL. NORMAN CARLILE FIRST ROW: C. H. Teas, M. J. MCVay7 T. R. Carlile, XV. K. Stalnaker, Sandy Fleming, honorary Captain; Capt. M. R. Mc- Guckin, commanding officer; R. K. Young, J. D. Beets, R. L. Spangler. SECOND ROW: R. Main, J. L. Richardson, B. H. Easley, R. L. Hodges, J. M. Mitchell, J. P. Morgan. THIRD Pershing Rifles Company H of Pershing Rifles was established on the University of Oklahoma campus in the fall of 1948. The National Society of Pershing Rifles was begun in 1891 at the University of Nebraska. It was founded by Gen. John J. Pershing. Membership is open to basic army, navy and air force ROTC cadets who wish to develop individual drill proficiency and increase their military knowledge. Mack R. McGuckin served as company commander and Wayne Stalnaker was executive oHicer of company H. Miss Sandy Fleming was Chosen to serve as Honor- ary Captain for the 1960-61 school year. MACK R. MCGUCKIN Adwsor Company Commander ROW: A. VanZante, J. D. Ennis7 J. L. Aldriedge, F. D. Humes, S. E. Stanley, L. W. Haswell, M. C. Bryles, Jr. FOURTH ROW: J. Chapman, P. E. Walker, D. A. Gray, C. M. Rothwell, J. D. Belford, J. R. Hull, J. R. Sadberry, W. C. Bray, Jr. Miss Sandy Fleming was named Honorary Captain. WAYNE STALNAKER Executlve Officer FIRST ROW: J. Tanner7 F. S. Barnes, R. Johnson, C. M. Bartlett, L. F. Ball. SECOND ROW: J. A. Sinex, R. Steele, D. C. Goff, J. B. Drake, R. D. Bernier, R. J. Caslin, S. D. Turner, C. E. Daugherty, J. D. Raybem, K. L. Teel, A. Leslie, Standing are Floyd Barnes, finance officer, left, and Charles Bartlett. Seated is Leonard Ball, captain. Sponsors are Lt. Col. H. B. Rupp, army; Maj. E. L. Little, marines, and Capt. Vernon Peel, army. C. S. Upton. THIRD ROW: K. R. Gray7 I. Abolins, J. R. Everett, R. L. Shaw7 G. O. McDaniel, D. Lawrence, S. W. Pangbum, R. M. Ruggles, D. T. Cunning, H. K. Muldrow, C. F. Dailey, Jr. Scabbard And Blade Developing leadership is one of the main goals of Scabbard and Blade. The organization is a national honorary society composed of men who meet the aca- demic and military requirements, receive an invitation to join, and are members of the army or navy advanced ROTC program. The organization is designed to help these men understand the obligations of citizenship and also aids them in becoming better officers by preparing them for future military responsibilities. One of the main projects of the organization is the sponsorship of the annual army ROTC military ball and the selection of the four finalists for honorary cadet colonel. During the second semester the organizationas activ- ities include a wives$ orientation program climaxed by a visit to Fort Sill to acquaint wives and hancees of future army oHicers with the facilities and customs of an army post. Other activities of Scabbard and Blade are a recption held for newly commissioned oHicers, a unit trip to F ort Sill and meetings with guest speakers. m FIRST ROW: Lt. Col. A. S. Washburn, sponsor; G. 0. Mc- Daniel, J. R. McCasland, H. K. Muldrow, H. R. Paden, C. R. Cowam7 D. H. Hancock. SECOND ROW: K. H. Jones, j. T. Holt, J. D. Kennedy, A. M. Muldrow, G. F. Dockery, J. M. Cole, C. W. Ingram. ASSOCIATION OF THE U. S. ARMY The Sooner company of the Association of the United States army is composed of army ROTC cadets who are interested in furthering their knowledge of the armyTs role in national defense. Sooner company is the only SOCIETY OF AMERICAN The Society of American Military Engineers was founded in 1920. The OU chapter was chartered in April of 1935 to promote a knowledge of military engi- neering among Civilian engineers and engineering stu- dents. SAME meets the third Wednesday evening of each month. cadet organization of the AUSA in Oklahoma. The company was oHicially chartered in formal cere- monies January 14, 1958. One of the groust fall activ- ities was a trip to Oklah0n1a7s Altus air force base. MILITARY ENGINEERS The society takes two field trips annually, one within the state to an engineering project under the supervision of the Tulsa district of the corps of engineers and another to the engineering school at Fort Belvoir, Va. In addition, SAME sponsors an exhibit at the Engineers show on campus. Sponsor, Maj. Ben Lowther, J. C. Fields, J. W'. Lescher, J. D. Mabus. Flight Training Cadets Kenneth R. Cook, Chester Cowen, William W. Romine, Norman Stanley and Donald J. Fisher passed the rigid physical examinations and other tests to qualify for the army flight training program. Two for the money! Emmett and George Henley have "wings57 on their minds, too. The twins also are enrolled in army flight training, receiving about seventy-two hours of training equally divided between ground school and flying. Rifle Team Team coach MSgt. Avgry C. Clark studies a shot group as four meIr-lbeors of the rlfle team 100k On to pick up pointers from then 1nstructor. FIRST ROW: Robert Beyerl, Joseph Bass, Jimmy W. Comer, David OtNeal and Donald T. Cunning. SECOND ROW: MSgt. Clark, Donald Svejkovsky, James Noyes, Dion Johnson and team sponsor Capt. Russell K. Singleton. Honorary cadet colonel finalists and their escorts were. left to John Hastie. Mary Pat Ormon and Cadet Lt. Col. Stephen right: Cynthia Curtis. Cadet Colonel Ken chl. Ann Connolly. XVinder. Cadet Lt. Col. H. K. Muldrow, Patsy Gales. Cadet Lt. Col. Military Ball Marian xVatts. last ycarfs honorary cadet colonel. presents the trophy t0 the 1960-61 honorary cadet colonel, Cynthia Cums. Brigadier General Clyde J. Watts, father of the 1959-60 colonel, congratulates the new colonel and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Martin T. Curtis. HONORARY CADET COLONEL Miss Cynthia Curtis Pi Beta Phi HONORARY CADET LT. COLONEL Miss Mary Pat Ormon Kappa Kappa Gamma HONORARY CADET LT. COLONEL HONORARY CADET LT. COLONEL Miss Ann Connolly Miss Patsy Gales Kappa Alpha Theta Delta Gamma 4l9 W4: - m m MSgt. Avery Clark instructs freshmen with M-I rifles. Colonel Thweatt watches cadet division pass in review. Features Cadet Robert Hembree is fingerprinted for his application for commission by SFC Charles Rambo. A sophomore class learns the use of azimuth in map reading from Maj. Ben Lowther. Don Cunning; shot the highest score, 387 out of 400, at the army ROTC shooting match at Fort Sill. Cadet Robert M. Ruggles was editor of the army ROTC sec- tion of the 1961 SOONER. The Cate Center Cafeteria bu0ks and Classes, weekend parties, every-day affairs, but a girl can always relax for friendly conversation at meal time. RESIDENCES Sororities Fraternities . . Housing . . W0men7s Housing MeIfs Housing; Advertising . . 425 461 515 518 544 568 Since the organization of the first national sorority in 1867, young college women have banded to- gether to encourage and stimulate a rewarding academic life both scho- lastically and socially. Kappa Alpha Theta in- stalled the first national sorority at the University of Oklahoma in 1909. In 1955 Alpha Epsilon Phi grew from a colony to a chapter, Kappa Delta participated in rush for the first time and Phi Mu was reactivated. Kappa Delta was formally char- tered the following spring. Phi Mu had first organized on the campus in 1923. With these ad- di tio n s , l6 sororities maintain chapter houses, totaling over 1100 mem- bers and pledges. Each year the sororities work to win the Kappa Sigma tro- phy for outstanding soror- ity based on all-around achievements. 425 426 PanheHenk Coundl The OU Panhellenic Council was hostess to the Big Eight Panhellenic Conference held on our campus April 14-15. The Big Eight Panhellenic Council was first organized last spring at the University of Nebraska. The membership consists of the Panhellenic Councils of each of the universities in the Big Eight Conference, and the purpose is to foster better relations, to exchange ideas, and to promote the best interests of the member Panhellenic Councils. The principal purposes of the OU Panhellenic Coun- cil are to maintain on a high plane sorority life and interfraternity relations in this University, to cooperate with the University authorities in their effort to main- tain high cultural, educational, and social standards of sorority women, to be a forum for the discussion of problems common to the various sororities, and to strive for greater unity and cooperation among these groups. Membership in Panhellenic Council is composed of the presidents and an elected representative from each of the sixteen sororities on the University of Oklahoma campus. Officers are rotated following the order in which each sorority was established on the OU campus. The Panhellenic president is selected by the women in the house scheduled to have the presidency. The council meets twice each month to plan and FIRST ROW, left to right: Linda Adkins, Nedra Hudson, JoLea McDown, Sandie Davis, Mary Helen Rahhal, Dr. Doro- thy Truex, Julia Clifton. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Arky, Beth Board, Judy Elliott, Ann Gallagher, Mary Ann Conley, Helen Cromer, Nancy Venger. THIRD ROW: Terry Martin, supervise all sorority activities, on and off campus. Re- sponsibilities include compiling and enforcing rules governing rushing, pledging, initiation, chapter social functions, scholarship and any other area involving the sorority system on the Sooner campus. Another impor- tant governing aspect of the council consists of commit- tees of sorority chairmen of the various areas, who meet several times per semester when the occasion arises to make suggestions for changes or improvements of the regulations in their respective areas to Panhellenic Council. The investigations and judicial committees are the bodies which draft all disciplinary measures for ap- proval by Panhellenic Council. Each year Panhellenic Council compiles and pub- lishes a pamphlet, "Tips to Rusheesfl which is sent to girls planning to attend sorority rush. This year, though, as a combination rush booklet, it replaces all individual sorority rush booklets. Each sorority is al- lotted six pages to include any information about the group that it wishes to relate to the rushees. The book- let also includes information such as pledge and initia- tion fees7 rush rules, schedule of rush week parties and suggestions of what to bring and wear during rush week. M. Toby Sachter, Janice McIninch, Dorothy Mayhew, Martha Jo Baldwin, Tanya Harris, Ann Whybark. FOURTH ROW: Roslyn Sperber, Barbara Merrill, Marilyn Turner, Carol Byrd, Kay Riddle, Kathleen Hawkins, Anona Adair. NOT PIC- TURED: Carolyn Roring. Scholarship is one of the ideals most stressed by Pan- hellenic. As one of its projects, Panhellenic awards scholarships to sorority women to help in the continu- ation of their education. Selection is based on need and scholastic achievement. This year $1,000 in scholar- ships was awarded by Panhellenic t0 the ten most de- serving girls who had made application. Another Panhellenic project pertaining to good schol- arship is the awarding of three trophies each semester to the sorority with the highest grade average, to the pledge class with the highest grade average, and t0 the sorority showing the greatest scholastic improvement over the previous semester. If a sorority wins a trophy three times in succession, it becomes its permanent pos- session. The all-sorority average has been above the all- womenas average for the last seven years. In the fall of 1959, the University of Oklahoma Pan- hellenic Council received recognition from National Panhellenic Council as the collegiate council which was the most outstanding in the nation in its representation of sorority ideals and standards. This achievement has spurred the 1960-61 council to continued progress and greater achievements. Panhellenic Council is composed of representatives from each of the 16 OU sororities which are: Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Phi, Chi Omega, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Gamma, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Mu, Pi Beta Phi, Sigma Delta Tau and Zeta Tau Alpha. Discussing the pamphlet for rush- ees are council officers: Carolyn Roring, Sandie Davis, Dr. Truex, Mary Helen Rahhal, Nedra Hudson and J0 Lea McDown. OFFICERS President . . . MARY HELEN RAHHAL Vice-President . . . . SANDRA DAVIS Recording Secretary . . NEDRA HUDSON Corresponding Secretary J0 LEA MCDOWN Treasurer . . . . . CAROLYN RORING F aculty Sponsor . DR. DOROTHY TRUEX MARY HELEN RAHHAL, President 427 -J FIRST RCSHV. left to right: Merrily Adams. Carolyn Alden. ElizabethS Alexander, Sally Sue All1110n. Ellen F.A111lerson. Sheila. IIeaxi Anderson. Jackie Armbrust1che Denise Bagby. B.IIea11 Bainbridge, Diana Lynn Baker, Sue BentleV.SEC1- OND ROW: Mary Katherine Betz, Mary Lou BraddV', Linda KaV Bruch. IIanis Capps, Kay B. CheatVV'100d Judith M. Cla- horn. Sandra C-ayle Cole. Susan Vileta Collins Peggy IIane C011k1Carla IIean CorrV. Celia A1111 Dorris. THIRD ROW: Patricia L. D01111ell.Alsic L.Dunca11. IIodV A1111 Edgar. KittV A1111 Edmunds. IIudy K. Elliott. Patricia A1111 English C 1151211118 C Finch.LaVin1a Kay Fra11k1M. ClaV Cuilbert Anne. mdfreV. Margaret A1111 CnreVe. FOURTH ROW: Mary A1111 C.riHin. MarV KaVe C rumhine. Sandra K.HeaVi11. Sandra Herndon. Caroan A. HeVVson. KaV V. Hickman. Marguerite Hoard.IIa11 H11oks.N2111CV' KaV Homer. Marcia IIean Hoppi11g.IVIarian E. Huff. FIFTH ROW: Andrea Lou Huffman. Suda KaV HuskV. Charlotte Anne Jones, Martha Jane Keesee. Colleen M.Ki1lVVell. SherrV A1111 Kime, Sharon King1 II11a11 L. Larson1 Angie II. Leonard, KaVc LeVVis. Billie Cyail Lu11g.SIXTH ROVV: IIudV' A.L1111gb0tha111, IIudV CyaVe Ludlam. Janie McIntosh. Pthlis L. Mills, Marla Sue Mitchell. VickeV D. Morrison, Amie LindsaV, Karen Lee Kimbrough. MarV A1111 Newcomer. BeckV R. Olive. MaerVnn Overman. SEVENTH ROVV': Temple E. Paxton. MarV L..Perki1131Margaret Carol Pierson, Caroan M. Pratt, Barbara Jean Ra111eV.Francine K. Remmcl. Rhetta R. Reynolds: Sharon Louise Sab0.Sa111lra J0 SaVVVer1 Sarah Sue Scholl. IIudith Carole Sherman. EIC. HTH ROW: Sue Sieh.I11dy C1. Si111s.Sue K. Sloan. Caroan S111ith.MarilV11 KaV Smith Vianna SCVe11s.Nan1'V L1. SteVVart. P11116111: Streetman. IeggV LV1111 1 V es Helen E. TaVlor. KaVe TaVl.11r NINTH ROVV:N11r111a I True. Jeanne Turner.Pz1tsV TV'Ier.Rel1e1.1a R.V11iles. Judith Carol VVelIs, Bette L VVheeler. SallV Lanel VVh1tt1115,t1111IIa11ice D. Williams. Sheri L.VVilliams.Mz1rtV Nell VVilsou. IIane Ellen VVotring1 Gerry ZalkoV'skV'. KAY RIDDLE, President OFFICERS KAY RIDDLE JODY EDGAR President . . . . F irst Vice-President . Second Vice-President RHE'ITA REYNOLDS Secretar . . . . . SANDRA COLE Y MARILYN SMITH PAT ENGLISH Treasurer . . Social Chairman . Anne Bagby, Becky Olive along with Angie Leonard and Janie McIntosh watch Bert make cari- caturcs. f 1115 College Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Omega was founded nationally at De Pauw university by seven coeds on October 15, 1885. Psi Chapter was founded at the University of Oklahoma in June, 1916. Ninety-two chapters now wear the colors of scarlet and olive green. Alpha Chi had many outstanding activities this last year. To name a few, they placed second in University Sing and are in fifth place scholastically. Elected to Mortar Board this year were two members of Psi chap- ter-Kay Riddle serving as vice-president and Merrily Adams. Other outstanding members of Alpha Chi are Pat Donnell, Kay Husky, Carolyn Pratt, and Judy Ludlam who are members of Tassels. Alpha Chi was especially proud when Mary Ann GriHin was named one of the ten outstanding freshman women. Also, Sue Sieh received the honor of being named the sweetheart of Phi Kappa Sigma. The Red Carnation Ball and the Christmas' formal are two social activities which spark their year with gaiety. Also adding fun to the year is the Gamma Phi Beta picnic, the autumn party, and the an- nual exchange dinner with the houseboys. Mrs. Bert Meacham, Alpha Chi housemother, has served the chap- ter for four and one-half years. 1405 Elm Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi climaxed its social season this year with the Black Diamond ball. The occasion is a spring formal and is a big social event for all ADPi Chapters. The theme is that of a southern ball and belle. Also highlighting the season were the Suppressed Desire Party in October and the annual Final Fling, a dance just prior to final examinations. Alpha Delta Pi, the first secret society for college women, was founded in 1851 at Wesleyan College for Women, Macon, Ga. The group was led by Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald. The actual date of founding was May 15, 1851 and it was not chartered on this campus until 1947. There are now 102 Chapters of Alpha Delta Pi wearing their colors of blue and white. This year Alpha Delta Pi placed first in the Marlboro contest re- ceiving a stereo record player as the prize. Mrs. Norissa P. Green, Alpha Delta Pi housemother, is spending her third year with the sorority. Officers serving Gamma Zeta chapter of Alpha Delta Pi this year are Martha J0 Baldwin, president; Jahrea Friedman, vice-president; Karen Sisney, secretary; F loyanne GriHin, treasurer; and Judith Holmes, social chairman. MARTHA JO BALDWIN, President OFFICERS President . . MARTHA Jo BALDWIN Vice-President . JAHREA FRIEDMAN Secretary . . . . KAREN SISNEY Treasurer . . . FLOYANNE GRIFFIN Social Chairman . JUDITH HOLMES T00 hungry to wait are Jahrea Friedman, Martha Jo Baldwin and Linda Martin invading ADPi kitchen. Gamma Ze+a Chap+er . . . I947 FIRST ROW, left to right: Joyce Elaine Aldridge, Gayle Alli- son, Susie Allsman, Judith Ann Bilberry, Virginia Pamela Carey, Carolyn S. Cams7 Martha Nelle Chastain, Betty Lou Cooksey, Beverly Criswell, Helen J. Cromer. SECOND ROW: Faith Eileen Diehl, Shirley June Dorman, Delores Ann Dunn, Mary Beth Evans, Judi Freyer, Helen L. Gale, Floyanne GriHin, Kathy Jones, Stephanie Ann Jones, Carol Joyce Harrell. THIRD ROW: Lynette Hart, Darlene Hauver, Barbara Ann Hawkins, Joyce A. Helmets, Elode Hinson, Judith Ann Holmes, Barbara Mary Keating, Linda Lawrence, Bettye Ann Lewis, Marilyn A. Maddox. FOURTH ROW: Linda Raye Martin7 Lowana Lee Martin, Mary Ann McAninch, Lorelei B. Matteson, Annette Miller, Suzanne Moore, Donna Kay Morris, Lynda Lee Nichols, Cynthia Gwin Norris. FIFTH ROW: Janie Lou Orr, Judith Ann Petefish, Karen L. Sisney, J0 Sue Skirvin, Linda Beth Smith, Barbara J0 Spencer, Mary Ann Thacker, Betty A. Wiedmann, Marsa Cail Wynn. Alpha Deltg Pi Beverly Criswell just doesnat dig this old gar- denmg a blt, but Kathy Jones is raking it all in as they clean up the house grounds. 43l Epsilon Gamma Chapfer . . . I956 FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. Helen S. Hugill7 Hostess; Jean L. Abramson, Bonnie S. Amerman, Linda Amerman, Jill Ann Aronson, Nancy Baer, Marilyn B. Bialock, Joan E. Bloom, Carolyn Brook, Safari C. Brown, Linda Rae Cohen. SECOND ROW: Carol Jeanne Colman, Marcia J. Copilevitz, Nancy Davis, Susan H. Davis, Maureen Sue Fedman, Marilyn E. Fish- man, Rosalind Dee Fishman, Patricia Ann Gastman, Lee Gold- berg, Carlynn Joy Coldstein, Susan L. Goltz. THIRD ROW: Vivian R. Coltz, Ellyn Sue Greenberg, Nancy E. Gribin, Lynne Grundfest, Dena Cuttman, Jaclyn J. Harwood, Jeanne A. Hur- witz, Gail C. Jacobson, Jean S. Judd, Joy V. Kahn, Toba F. Kamen. FOURTH ROW: Florence Kantrovich, Lynda K. Kaufman, Louise B. Landesman7 Mady J. Lange, Sandy Lang- sam, Joanne Levitan, Roslyn Sue Lewin, Linda Gay Lichen- stein, Barbara Ludmeyer, Carolyn Markman, Janet Helen Mas- ters. FIFTH ROW: Janis Meyerson, Melanie N. Morris, Joyce I. Nash, Judith Ann Newmark, Sondra Faye Pepper, Susan Lee Rosenberg, Carol R. Rozen, M. Toby Sachter, Sharon Sarns, Barbara Schlanger, Rita J0 Scholem. SIXTH ROW: Rita E. Scissors, Carol A. Segal, Maureen C. chal, Myrna Shaner, Susan C. Sheffel, Marsha Ann Silverstein, Phyllis J. Stein, Elaine M. SuHian, Carolyn J. Tarses, Eleanor A. Walinsky, Re- becca Walkow, Carolyn J. Zwibelman. MARILYN ARKY, President OFFICERS President . . . . MARILYN ARKY Vice-President . . . IRENE KLAFF Secretary . . . . SHARON SARNS Treasurer . . . JEAN ABRAMSON Social Chairman . . MADY LANCE Her AEPhi sisters keep telling her it1s raining but Marilyn Arky just doesn5t believe it. 640 Elm Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Epsilon Phi was busy this year in all phases of campus life 4sch01arship, activities, and beauties. They won the Campus Chest queen contest for the second time in a row, placed fourth in Student Senate? and placed second in scholarship improvement. Alpha Epsilon Phi was founded on May 27, 1909 at Barnard Col- lege by seven girls who had gathered together for the purpose of organizing a club. They Chose the motto, "Aei Esto Philiaf which means, "May friendship be everlasting? There are now 48 chapters showing the green and white colors of Alpha Epsilon Phi. Epsilon Gamma chapter was founded on the University of Okla- homa campus on September 26, 1955, after being installed as a colony on May 20, 1944. Outstanding members of AEPhi are Joyce Nash, Pi Omega, out- standing pledge award, AWS; Carol Zwibelman, Campus Chest Queen 1959-60, Finalist in 1960 SOONER Yearbook, Rush Chairman; Jill Aronson, Campus Chest Queen, 1960-61; Jody Levitan, Student Senate; Eleanor Kaymen, Alpha Lambda Delta. Social events at the AEPhi house are always of interest. Outstand- ing social events of the AEPhias this year were the TGIF party, the Red Carnation ball, the Spring banquet and formal, and the annual pledge party. 920 Chautauqua Alpha Gamma Delta The first of Alpha Gamma Deltzfs 88 chapters was established on May 30, 1904, at Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y . The sorority colors are red, buff and green. Upsilon chapter was founded at the University of Oklahoma in 1919. Alpha Cam had many activities this yearethey placed first in the Dance Festival, third in University Sing, and first in the Phi Delta Theta Turtle Race. Seven members of Alpha Cam are in Alpha Lambda Delta, three in Tassels, and two in Mortar Board. Some of the many outstanding members of Alpha Cam are J0 Leo McDown, outstanding senior in Fine Arts, Mortar Board, VVh07s Who, Tassels; Beth Gambill, Mu Phi Epsilon, Mortar Board, Kappa Delta Pi; Jean Ann Lemler, P.E.M. Club, Fencing Club, Ima James Reeves trophy for outstanding service to physical education; Alice Van Eaton, Alpha Lambda Delta, Tassels, Mu Phi Epsilon, Chair- man of AWS Activities Festival; Jackie Dull, Outstanding Fresh- man, Alpha Lambda Delta, Tassels, Oikonomia, Outstanding Fresh- man in Home Economics; Paula Hughes, Alpha Lambda Delta, Out- standing Freshman, Candadite for Lottinville Award. Highlights of the social year included spring and Christmas for- mals, International Reunion Day, Mountain Party, and the annual faculty dinner. . wvrdwwvm KATHLEEN HAWKINS, President OFFICERS President . . KATHLEEN HAWKINS Vice-President . . BETH CAMBILL Secretary . . . ALICE VAN EATON Treasurer . CHARLOTTE THOMPSON Social Chairman . J0 LEA MCDOWN The big wash for a small car from Alpha Cams Nancy Peter- sen, Patti Fuqua and Martha Phelps. Upsilon Chapfer . . . l9l9 y a; 1 ; Q '. 5'3 FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Paulette Akcrs, Nelda V011 Allen, Sandra J. Allen, Penny Ray Anthis, Embee Barnett. Dodie Brown, r01 E. Byrd, Karin M. Carmichael, H. Kaye Ann Chapman. Carol Chitwood, Judith Rae A ND RO V: 10116611 Cumm' s. Marsha D. Dal- ton, Sondra Lee Definer, Susan F. Debts, Carol Duley, Jackie Dull, Barbara J. Dunn, Mary L. Emanuel, Patti L. Fuqun. Sara J0 Frceny, Beth A. Gambill, Phyllis J Gentry. THIRD RO V: Peggy M. Graves, Margaret A. Harris, Jo Ann Hartley, Joan Hcmpfling, Sara Jane Henry. Deanna G. Henslee, Jacquie L. Heston, Barbara J. Holland, Paula Kay Hughes, Mary J. Hun- ter, Joan M. Jakaitis, Jean Rae James. FOURTH ROXY: Lois I. Johnson, Mariellen Jones, Patricia Kay Keller. Dolores Ann Kestcr, Blarlene Kirch, Susan Leach, Marilyn Kay Lee. Jean Ann Lcmler, Judy A. Linker. Carolyn V. Little, Ann C. Lynn. J0 Lea McDown. FIFTH ROW': Mary Pat McCinnis. Carole $ J Milton, Sylvia P. Murphy, Janice E. Novak, Glenda J. Ochsner, Jacqueline L. Olive, Mary E. Opitz, Lorna Lee Outland, Nancy Rae Parker, Nancy E. Petersen, Martha J. Phelps, Allegra Phillips. SIXTH ROXY: Carol Ann Pope, Mary Ann Potes, Dana L. Potts, Susan Poythress, Mary Quisenberry. Sue Rich- ards, Sylvia R. Rogers1 Jerrianne Savage, Judy Schlicht, Bar- bara Ann Seiber, Fr mes Sheppard, Marcia E. Smith. SEV- ENTH ROW: Rosalind Y. Stanard. Glennclle Stimson, Mari- lyn J. Stimson, Carolyn S. utton, Phyllis A. Taylor, Janis D. Tennyson, Charlotte Thom; n Johnna C. Thompson. Kate Thomp n, Janet E. Tice. Allce M. Van Eaton. EIGHTH ROW: J nita J. Wade. Mary A. Wade. Sharon M. Wade, Dana F. VVcbber. Susan VVeenls, Susan Vcsncr. Jeanne XVhite, Sarah E. White, Jo Ann Williams, Sandra KVorthington, Brenda G. Vright. Phi Chap+er . . . I9I7 v a x1 ani 1 n FIRST ROW, left to right: Linda Jane Allen, Linda J. Allen, Carol Autry, Diane Bennis, Gloria J. Boykin. Betty Jo Braden, D. Elaine Brown, Barbara D. Burch, Linda A. Burks, Sue Car- mack. SECOND ROW: Kathryn F. Chapman. Julia A. Clif- ton, Audrey Jean Cowan, Kathryn Elizabeth Crandall. Nancy A. De Villiers, Roberta Dunnington, Charlotte Virginia Enox, J0 Aurelia Faulknen Mary Louise Flippo, Janice Kay Friedman. THIRD ROW: Santa Godfrey, Marilyn Green7 Cathie Gregg, Kathy P. Hahn7 Terry Elizabeth Haney, Barbara Marie Heggen, Sharon M. Hines, Kathy A. Hodges, Jobella James, Claudia A. Joachim. FOURTH ROW: Martha L. Johnson, Karla Anne Ketch, Sandra E. Lain, Angie Lillis, Xenda Jane Lindel, Hal- ene Lipe., Martha Katherine McDannald, Judy Nan McMannis, Karel Mcssinger, Sarah Louise Moore. FIFTH ROW: Judy Morgano, Sherry Kay Oldham, Carolyn K. Panero, Jane Eliza- beth Peters, Glenna Phebus, Nancy Pickens, Sandra Beth Poin- dexter, Jan Puckett, Frances A. Rahhal, Mary Helen Rahhal. SIXTH ROW: Elizabeth Ann Reimers, Virginia Lynne Reis- ing, Marymargaret Renegar, Carol L. Rucker, Naomi Alice Sheppard, Mary E. Sherman, Raynor C Shoaf, Shirley Shoc- make, Judi Shuart, Barbara Anne Smith. SEVENTH ROW: Jean Y. Sorrell, Sharon G. Spraker, Jackie J. Stephens, Leslie K. Stout, Lynda Kathryn Stout, Sally Barbara Streeter, Betty Stuhbs, Delores Elaine Svcjkovs y, Sharon Elaine Thetford, Diana De Thomas. EIGHTH ROW: E. Cay Townley, Faye N. Trapp, Betty Truttman, Treva Marie Van Tine, Ellyn VVedemeyer, Brenda J. Whetstone, Jerrie E. Whistler, Margaret L. Whitting, Gurney Wilkes, Sarah A. VVillsic, Linda Lou Young. 1401 College Alpha Phi Beauties, activities and scholarship all received the attention of the Alpha Phils this year. The Alpha Phils gave a tea honoring Dr. Dorothy Truex. They also had a Valentinels dessert, a Christmas formal, a Spring formal, Bridels dinner, and a surprise breakfast for the Tri Delts. The house also entered an act in the Engineers Show. However, grades were not slighted, for they received third place in scholarship improvement. Beauty was present at the Alpha Phi house with Mary F lippo being a finalist for Cimarron Queen, Judi Shuart being a finalist for Delta Upsilon Feudal Princess, and Jean Sorrell receiving the honor of being Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl. Established 0n the OU campus in 1917, Alpha Phi was founded October 10, 1872, at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, as MARY ANN CONLEY, President 0 F F I C E RS the third womenls Greek letter fraternity. Seventy-seven chapters . wear the colors of silver and bordeaux. Premdent ' t ' MARY ANN CONLEY Outstanding members of Alpha Phi include Mary Helen Rahhal, Vice-President . . SARAH WILLSIE President of Panhellenic, B.W.O.C., Tassels, and ths Who; Julia Secretary . . . . DIANA THOMAS Clifton, Alpha Lambda Delta, Student Senate, and Panhellenic; Jan Puckett, Editor of the Oklahoma Daily, and Theta Sigma Phi; Treasurer ' ' ' MARGARET RENEGAR Martha McDannald, Student Senate committees and Tassels award Social Chairman . . HALENE LIPE for scholastic achievement. Member Halene Lipe, second from left, relaxes as pledges Judy Morgano, Jackie Stephens and Martha Johnson tidy up. Hz" 820 Chautauqua Chi Omega Chi Omega7s had a busy year both socially and activity wise. Many of their members are outstanding on campus in committee work and in scholastic achievement. Their annual Ski Party given each December is always a highlight of their social season. Also adding to the fun was the fall house party and the spring formal. Active Chi 075 include Carmen Betzer, Outstanding Freshman Woman, Alpha Lambda Delta, Chairman of C.O.R., President of Pi Omega; Charlotte Ester, Whois Who, B.W.O.C., and Yearbook per- sonality; Carol McCarty, Outstanding Freshman Woman, Alpha Lambda Delta, A.W.S. Regional Delegate, and Chairman of House Decorations for Homecoming; Clara Loewen, Student Senate com- mittees, French Club, Classics Club, and Finance Chairman of A.W.S.; Carol Jones, Who7s Who, B.W.O.C., and Russian Club. Chi Omega Sorority was founded April 5, 1895, at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas. The founders were Jobelle H01- combe, Jean Vincenheller, Alice Simonds, Ina Mae Boles, and Dr. Charles Richardson. One-hundred-and-twenty-six chapters now share the colors of cardinal and straw. Adding to the long list of activities of Chi Omega was their plac- ing second in scholarship in the fall. They were also a participant in the 1961 Engineers Show. SUSAN SMITH, President OFFICERS President . . . . . SUSAN SMITH Vice-President . . . JAN JACOBSON Secretary . . . . SUSAN SPARKS Treasurer . . . . MARION SLATER Social Chairman . . CAROL JONES Making decorations are Jean Starkey, Barbara Hencke, Carol Jones and Jan Jacobson. Epsilon Alpha Chapfer . . . I9I9 FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. Helen M. Mitchel. Hostess; Carroll Lee Alexander, Melinda S. Alexander, Mary L. Alden, Linda Kay Allford, Julianne Allin, Sallie Elizabeth Anderson, Ruth Carolyn Arbuckle, Gerry R. Baker. Carmen Betzer, Carole A. Boddie, Brenda Bryan Bottoms. SECOND ROXV: Monnett Brock, Ann M. Buck, Marcia Kay Bull. Barbara Anne Bunce, Carol L. Caldwell, Carole Caswell, Sandra Cockrell, Mary Kate Denny, Karen Janelle Dorman, Pegi Lee Dromgold, Della Jane Dunkin, Linda Elstner. THIRD ROW: Sue Anne Emery, Charlotte L. Ester, Barbara Mae Failing, Sara Beth Freeman, Judy Funk, Lynda M. Gill, Andrea Joan Graham, Margaret E. Grauel, Glenda Lynn Hamilton, Linda M. Hamnlon. Patty Hammond, Sally Louise Hampton. FOURTH ROW: Amanda Hardy, Judy Ann Harkrider, Mary Kate Hays, Barbara Lou Heldenbrand, Diane Helms, Caralee Hemphill, Barbara Irene Hencke, H. Jacqueline Hill, Lavenia Diane Hissom, Honee Holbert, Celia R. Irwin, Laura Jan Jacobson. FIFTH ROW: Janita A. John, Judy Pat Johnson, IVIary Alice Johnson, Judy C. Johnston, Carol Lynn Jones, Patricia A. Kennedy, Joan Kershaw, Judy M. Le Clerc, Carolyn J. Lennon, Donna Sharon Littke, Janice E. Littke, E. Gail Little. SIXTH ROW: Clara M. Loewen, Jane Marie Lucas, Barbara Carol McCarty, Candee J. MeGown. Lynn Dell McKinney. Sidney McLeland, Janet Gaye McLin, Doris K. MCNutt, Elizabeth Kay Maltby. Terry Martin7 Sherri Rene Miller, Suzanne J. Miller. SEVENTH ROW: Dianne Morey, Gael Ann Murphy, Rachel Parrott, Anita Marie Pascoe, Patricia Ann Perry, Sylvia R. Pittman, Carol Ann Presser, Melanie Ann Puryear, Helen M. Reagor, Charlotte Ann Ream, Karen Dale Ream, Elaine Rich. EIGHTH ROW': Janice L. Rogers, Carolyn K. Roring, Janice Ross, Judy Rowntree, Ann Saunders, Shari Lynn Saunders, Kitty Carolyn Seay, Mary Louise Smith, Sandra Smith, Susan Lane Sparks, Joyce K. Sproles, Karen A. Spurrier, Jean Star- key. NINTH ROW: Jane Ann Steadley, Sandra Stiles, C. Lynne Turner, Diana B. Uri, Sherry Charlene Turner, Joan Evelyn Watkins, Marcia Jo Weaver, Jane Dunham Weston, Cinda Wyheeler, Cynthia VVickstrom, Donna Jo VVilIiams, R. Kay Wilson, Martha Louise VVoodruff. Thefa Gamma Chapi'er . . . I9I0 V ., FIRST ROW', left to right: Ann Ahrens, Mary Lois Akers, Julie Kay Ashlock, Beverly J. Babbitt, Susan Beesley, Jaualee Bell, Judy Bledsoe, Patti L. Bledsoe, Culleen Bryant, Barbara Elaine Bungardt, Susan Bush. SECOND ROW: Carolyne Campbell, Johannah Cargill7 Linda Lou Carroll, Carol Cham- lee, Jill Cleveland, Dorla Rae Coley, Linda M. Conklin, Judy S. Conley, Carolyn K. Cook, Judy Kay Dalke, Cindy Lou Davis. THIRD ROW: Judith Lynne Davis, Karen Dcnisou, Kay Dockery, Mary Alice Ducker, Joy S. Engle, Mary Jo En- lows. Patsy L. Farrell, Patricia Ann Ferguson. Kay Elizabeth Files, Sandy Fleming, Helen LIaurine Ford. FOURTH ROW: Jean Gamble. Janet Aileen Gill. Virginia Lee Gill. Emily Gray, Susan Griffin. Paula Hamilton. Linda Hanson. Carol Ann Harkins. Karen Lynn Henning. Judy A. Hesler. Suzanne V. Hickey. FIFTH ROW: Jane Hieronymus. Carol Sue H0- dam. Dayna Sue Hood, Peggy Lynn Irby, Yvonne Ittnen Judy K. Jenkins, Carolyn Johnsom Janet Lynn Johnson, Leslie Suz- anne Jones, Annakay Judson, Mary Ann Junk. SIXTH ROW: Karol J. Kidd7 Linda LeHel. Mary June Little. Fancy McAl- lister, Judy Lou McClung, Kay J. McKinney, Gayle McLeod, Katherine Elizabeth Mancy. Mary Elizabeth Marsh. Helen Iva Merritt, Maureen Meu'alfe. SEVENTH ROW: Jessie Mont- gomery, Sondra Kay Odom, Sue A. Padgett, Carolyn Lou Pal- mer, Marylena Patterson, Judith Helen Prescott, Mary Beth Pyatt, Katie Richards. Anne Vivian Robbins Nancy Lee Rob- erts, Elaine Rogers. EIGHTH ROW: Janice J0 Rollins, Dora Dell Sandlin, Carolyn Schweers, Judy L. Sears, Suzie Shaw, Diane Steele. Mary Anne Stein, Nettie Elizabeth Stengel, Sid- ney J. Sudberry, Vicki Lee Suderman. Sonja Sue Sullivan, Lois E. Thompson NINTH RoxV: Marilyn Ruth Thompson, Sonja Thorpe. Nina Sue Tomlinson. Betsy R. Trahern, Gloria Valdes, Diane Vickery, Judy Waddle, Margaret A. VVidman, Sylvia A. VVigington. Jane Elizabeth VVinstead. Janice VVoottcn, Mardellc Young. LUANNE BRADLEY, President OFFICERS President . . . LUANNE BRADLEY Vice-President . . SONJA SULLIVAN Secretary . . . . BETSY STENGLE Treasurer . . . . SUZANNE FAGEN Social Chairman MAUREEN METCALFE Listening to favorite albums on stereo are Elaine Rogers, Jane Winstead, Dorla Corley and San- dra Fleming. 1611 College DeHa DeHa Deha On Thanksgiving eve, 1888, Sarah Ida Shaw and Eleanor Dorcas Pond founded Delta Delta Delta. Boston University was its birth- place, and collegiate chapters now number 106. Silver7 gold and blue are oHiCial Tri-Delt colors and the flower is the pansy. For the third straight year, the Tri-Delts have received the Kappa Sigma "Sorority of the YearV, trophy. Leading to this honor is their taking hrst place in Campus Chest, first place in University Sing7 Sooner Scandals entry, first place in Intramurals, and third place in Dads7 Day Barbershop Quartet. Individual members of Tri-Delta who are outstanding in campus organizations are Helen Merritt, Mortar Board, President U.A.C., B.W.O.C., Tassels; Katie Richards, Mortar Board, Tassels; Judy Cathey, Mortar Board, B.W.O.C., Whois Who, President W.R.A.; Jane Klockman, Phi Beta Kappa, B.W.O.C., President Student Press Association, Mortar Board; Marjorie Buchner, U.A.B., B.W.O.C., Pi Omega Pi, University Sing Chairman; Linda Carroll and Patti Bled- soe, Cheerleaders, and Sandy F leming, Cimarron City Premier Queen and Pershing Rifle Queen. On the social side, the Tri-Delts entertained at their annual Christmas dance, a spring dance or initiation dance, sweetheart dinner, and Heart-Sister Week. 744 Elm Delta Gamma The Christmas Tree Sale, the Ugly Duckling act in Sooner Scan- dals, and finalists for Homecoming Queen and Army Honorary Cadet Colonel are all activities which took place in the Delta Gamma house this year. Social events as well as activities were of interest at the DC. house. A fall D.G. Date party, the pledge-member Christmas party, a for- mal Christmas dinner for members, a spring formal, and the annual Pinafore Party on legacy weekend are traditional social events at the house at 744 Elm. Delta Gamma members were busy winning individual honors as well. Harriet Wildman received the Dad,s Day Award for Best All- Around Woman Student. She is President of Mortar Board and was named B.W.O.C. Diane Dykes is another outstanding D.G. She is Alpha Lambda Delta, President of Tassels, and recipient of the Lottinville Award. Donita Elliott directed the act which got the D.Gfs into Scandals this year. She was one of the Top Ten Fresh- man women and is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta. Jennie Hiser is a member of U.A.C. and Alpha Lambda Delta. Another D.C. who is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta is Martha Bea Wells. Delta Gamma fraternity for women was founded at Lewis School, Oxford, Miss., in December of 1874. Alpha Iota chapter was founded on the Oklahoma University campus in 1918. N ANCY REAVIS, President OFFICERS President . . . . NANCY REAVIS Vice-President . . . JUDY SHERER Secretary . . . . . DIANE DYKES Treasurer . . . HARRIET WILDMAN Social Chairman . . . JUDY BLACK Unloading is more work than packing find Rita Gann, Suzy Campbell and Sharon Brown. Alpha Iofa Chapfer . . . I9I8 FIRST ROW, left to right: Fritzi Allsopp, Anne Lynne Ander- son, Mary Ann Anderson, Peggy Anderson, Ann Appleton, Mary Kay Batchelor, Carolyn Glenn Battles, Janice E. Baxter, Nancy C. Benner, Judy L. Black, Beth Branyan, Judie C. Brown. SECOND ROW: Sharon L. Brown. Marie Burns, Marilyn Kay Burns, Suzy Campbell, Jean Carlton, Nancy Jeanne Childress, Julie A. Clear, Ann Marie Cook, Jan Cooper, Nan Crawford, Barbara Sue Daily, Jacque Domke. THIRD ROW: S. Margaret Dunlevy, Diane Dykes, Donita Elliott, Judy Lynn Ellis, Wally J. Faulkner, Vickie Kay Fuller, Jane Cad- berry, Patricia Catherine Gales, Betty Callemore, Rita Beth Gann, Judy Karen Gibson, Anne E. Cruenig. FOURTH ROW: Catherine Ann Harsh, Alden Vance Hayes, Diane Heinke, Karen Jean Hendrex, Jenni Lea Hiser. Martha Janet Hoyt, Nedra Lee Hudson, Ann Hull, Judy Ellen Johnson, Linda Ann Johnson, Marianne Johnson, Judy M. Kennedy. A 11' I FIFTH ROW: Nancy K. Kienzle, Betty Jean Klaffke, Jane Louise Krepps, Lynda L. Lang, Sara Ann Lucas, Kathleen Ann McCue, Marilyn Sue Marcum, Joan Elizabeth Martin, Donna Jean McFarlin, Patti Ann McGuire, Sandra Mace, Marilyn K. Maddox. SIXTH ROW: Melanie Marshall, Marilyn Mays, Judith Morton, Judy Mundy, Elizabeth Ann Nolen, Dee Post, Kaye Carol Potter, Ann J. Prier, Nancy Sue Randle, Donna Reeser, Linda Sue Rice. SEVENTH ROW': Linda Lou Rob- erts, Suzi Rosen, Betsye Jo Ross, Sandy S. Sawvell, Pat C. Sisney, Barbara Ann Skinner7 Nancy Stone, Karen L. Stonis, Sherrye Sutton, Gloria Tracy, Ann Truman. EIGHTH ROW: Joanna Carolyn Umpleby, Paula Lee Van Wagoner, Judy M. Vickcrs, Linda L. Voyles, Betty Ann Warren, Carolyn Lee Warren, Martha Bea Wells. Cookie j. White, Harriet J. VVild- man, IVIarye Gayle W"'ilfong, Nouna Ann Williams. Psi Chapfer . . . I9I8 FIRST ROW'f left to right: Mrs. Firth Drummmul. Ann E. Adams. Beth Adams. Kay A. Aitken, Gloria M. Allen. Lee Allen, Kay Janet Bailey. Phoebe Lou Baker. Berry. Beverley Anne Brown. Mary Ann Bulla. ROW': Nan Ilene Burke. Marry Ann 0 Carol Diane 'aness. Patricia Nadine ark. Janis A1111 Loatcs. Carolyn C. Cotulla. Marion Ellen Craighcad. yntlliu Crzlmlull. Jud 6 Lynn Crumley. Nancy Ma 'arel Cubhnge. THIRD ROW: Susan Cummings, Sandra Jayne Davis. Betsy DeFord. Blary Elizabeth Devine. Patricia A. Dow. Carolyn Kay Duncan. Pat Finley. Kathleen Flanagan. June Ann Flvclwmul. 0. June Ford, Ronda Kay Caither. FOURTH ROW: Judy R. Cra- halm Cecile 1H. Cray llly Lou Hackler. Susan Kay Hamhy. Anne Hardy. Murcia ant: Hewitt. Janet Ruth Hinklc, 121mm Lee Hubba'd. Linda K. Hudspelh. B. Sue Ingram. hall 152m Jeter. FIFTH ROW: Linda Jane Johnson. Virginm Nun Johnson. Judith A1111 Joiner. Drusilla L. Kaiser. Juan R. Kal- man, Julie C. Kalman. Teresa Ann Kalmun. Nancy Carol x' Ramp, A1111 Kernek, Jean Kessler, Judy A. Keys. SIXTH ROW': mnellc Kidd, Marilyn 1n Largent, Bunny Rae Laughlin, drab Jane Long. Anne Garland Lynch. Suzan MC- Daniel. Paula K. Martin. Ellen Matthews. Claudia Lea Manley, Penny Nowery, Gage Paine. SEVENTH ROWE Jo Ann Pat- terson. Mary F. Patterson. Elizabeth Anne Pcrett, Karen R. Philbin, Maxine Pinkerton, Judy Plummet. Anita Jean Poe, Carolyn Jane Reed. Lou Ann Roach, Margaret E. Roberts, Jean Anne Romerman. Ellen Saddoris. EIGHTH ROW: Su- Cllen Sent Susan H. Sha ' Donna Lee Shirley. Clem Fay Smith. Sm Jean Smith, in Snden. Margie L. Spencer, Kay Karol Stevens. Mary K. Stobaugh. Sydney S. Sullivant. Frances Tubm. c-reszl Allane Thomas. NINTH ROW: Susan Turk Margot F. Uctrccllt. Unvle VVclcher. Bonnie Lee Wells, Kay W'helihzm. Renee W'iddif 1d, Susan E. Wilkerson, Judy A1111 Williams, Patricia Ann Williams. Roxanne Wilson: Sandra L. VViIlters. Suzanne Mae Wood. ANONA ADAIR, President OFFICERS President . . ANONA ADAIR Vice-President . . SUZANNE BERRY Secretary . . . . . ANNE HARDY Treasurer . . . DONNA SHIRLEY Social Chairman MAXINE PINKERTON 1105 College Gamma Phi Beta Activities are the key word at the house located at 1105 College. Gamma Phi Beta received honorable mention in the 1960 University Sing and placed second in the Engineers9 Show. At Christmas, they entertained a group of children from Concho school; and the annual Glass Slipper Classic, 21 football game With the Pi Phias for benefit of the Cerebral Palsy Institute, is not to be forgotten. Members active in campus activities are Susan Shaw, Mortar Board7 Student Senate, Senior Class secretary, B.W.O.C., and finalist for Miss 0U; Mary Ann Bulla, Alpha Lambda Delta, one of Ten Outstanding Freshman Women, and Mu Phi Epsilon; Sandie Davis, Vice-President of Panhellenic; Anona Adair, B.W.O.C., President of U.A.C., and Secretary of U.A.B.; and Kay Carlson, Hnalist for Navy Midshipman Commander. Other members of importance are Donna Shirley, Ann Lynch and Teresa Kalman, all members of Tassels; and Marcia Hewitt, Anne Hardy and Margot Uetrecht who are members of Alpha Lambda Delta. The Gamma Phi housemother, Mrs. Firth Drummond, who had been with the house for three years, passed away during the Christmas holidays. Gamma Phi Beta was founded nationally on November 11, 1874, at Syracuse University, Syracuse7 N.Y. Mode and brown are the colors of the sorority and at present there are eighty-six chapters. Psi chapter was founded at the University of Oklahoma on Septem- ber 13, 1918. Things have come to a pretty pass when Gamma Phias practice for the Glass Slipper Classic. 845 Chautauqua Kappa Alpha Theta First place in the 1960 Engineers7 Show, first place in Dad7s Day attendance, Homecoming Queen, Ruf-Nek Queen, first place in the 1960 Sooner Scandals, and first place in Motherk Day attendance for 1960 all lead to a most successful year for Kappa Alpha Theta. Kappa Alpha Theta, the first Greek letter fraternity known among women, was founded January 27, 18705 at Indiana Asbury College, now DePauw University, Greencastle, Ind. Alpha Omicron chapter was chartered at CU in 1909, the first national sorority to appear on this campus. There are now 86 chapters wearing the black and gold colors of Theta. Active in campus activities this year were Robbie Tiffany, Alpha Lambda Delta, U.A.C. Vice-President, and Tassels; Mary Ellen Thompson, Alpha Lambda Delta, Tassels, President of W.R.A., Vice- President of A.W.S., and U.A.C.; Carolyn Watson, Secretary of U.A.B., and Tassels; Lucy McFadyen, Tassels and Gamma Alpha Chi; Janet Clark, Alpha Lambda Delta and U.A.C.; Ann Whybark: Alpha Lambda Delta, Tassels, and Sweetheart of Sigma Chi; Liz Morgan, Gamma Alpha Chi, Theta Sigma Phi7 and Campus Editor and News Editor of the Oklahoma Daily; Marion Watts, Army ROTC Queen and Student Senate. k i 24 SALLY LIVELY, President OFFICERS President . . . . SALLY LIVELY Vice-President . . . KARON OLSON Secretary . . . CAROLYN WATSON Treasurer . . . . JANE BOWERS Social Chairman . LYNDA BAYNUM Theylre all in stitches and good reasonz too. Their act won first place in the Engineers Show. Alpha Omicron Chap+er . . . I907 x'. FIRST ROW, left to right: Linda Adams, Karen R. Alford, Betty J. Arnett, Analee Ashley, Ann Atkinson, Kay Beeler, Lynn Bell, Diane Blake, Charlene Bosley, Jane Bowers, Glenda Ruth Braithwaite. SECOND ROW: Beverly Ray Breece, Shannon Brians, Rawsie Bucher, Margaret Burleson, Linda Kay Bynum, Brooke Allen Calvert, Joan K. Carmichael, Jane Ann Carpen- ter, Pat Catlett, Janet Clark, Marcia Elizabeth Cleary. THIRD ROW: Carolyn E. Cole, Ann Connolly, Beverly Jean Con- stantine, Janet G. Crum, Carol Craven, Lina Darrough, Ruth A. Darrough, Sharon Davis, Dorthlynn Dent. Joan Ellen Duf- fleld, Mary Louise Essman. FOURTH ROW: Patty Felkel, Kay Lynn Fellers, Virginia Anne Ferguson. Sandra L. Fox, Linda Anne Frensley, Linda Cipson, Stefani Curwell, Linda Sue Haas, Carlyn Hager, Mary E. Hendricks, Judy J. Hollo- man. FIFTH ROW: Nancy Lynn Hood, Virginia Carol Hood, Mary Lou Huff, Kay L. Kerr, Becky A. Kilcs, Rosemary Kilcs, June Leihcnderfcr, Glenna Mae McAtee, Janie McDonald, 8 Lucy Frances McFadyen, Sarah A. McKinnis. SIXTH ROW: Mary J. McKnight, Pat Ann McMahon, Carla Kay Miles, Judith A. Mills, Liz Morgan, Patricia A. Morrison, Sue Mosman, Kath- erine Ann Moxley, Shirley Richart Morrison, Kay Mullins, Jackie A. Neal. SEVENTH ROW: Judy A. Nelson, Karon C. Olson, Sue L. Overholser, Lillian Lee Overlees, Sherry Owen, Lucky Paul, Jane Pemberton, Suzanne Perry, Linda Ann Petree, DaAnn Pope, M. Elizabeth Prosser. EIGHTH ROW: Mary Beth Roberts, Jean Renee Robichaux, Sharon Sue Sal- mon, Virginia Byrd Self, Jane Barnes Sneed, Kit Stuart, Mar- tha Suddcrth, Sharon Tankerslcy, Martha A. Taylor, Linda L. Thomas, Mary Ellen Thompson. NINTH ROW: Merrily Thornton, Robbie Tiffany, Mary Jane Turnbull, Barbara Anne Underwood, Bette Jo VVantland, Martha Watkins, Carolyn Marie Watson, Marian Watts, Peggy Wells, Harolyn Westhoff, Ceci W'olfe, Priscilla Ann Wright. 448 Gamma Thefa Chapfer . . . I956 N0 pumpkin heads here except the jack-o-lantern. K.D. pledges Carolyn Powers and Nancy Shoemake decorate the house for Halloween. FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. 0. A. Cleveland, Hostess, Judith Joy Anderson, Sarah E. Barker, Sandra Lee Beck, Myrna Kay Booth, Sharon Marie Cole, Martha Helen Crocker, Priscilla Damm, Judy Carole Fletcher, Judy Frederick. SEC- OND ROW: Alice Ann Clasby, Mary Evelyn Groves, Sharon Sue Haygood, Martha Jan Houghlin, Mary Jo Howell, Joan Lorraine Jacob, Maridell Jantz, Judy Ann Keegen, Cayla Joyce Kenslow, Janice C. Kenslow. THIRD ROW: Jeri Lynn Kenslow, Judy Klabzuba, Glenda Sue Kuhnemund, Cay Kurek, Judy Kaye Lamberson, Kay Lawson, Judith E. McEvoy, Janice M. MCIninch, Delores June Pierson, Carolyn D. Powers. FOURTH ROW: Susan Sanders, Nancy Lou Shoemakc, Eve- lyn A. Swan, Carolyn Alice Sweatt, Connie Sharon Walker, Nancy Lee Walrath, Mary Willibrand, Sally Jo Wood, Mary Louise Woods. SHAILA R. AERY, President OFFICERS President . . . . SHAILA R. AERY Vice-President . . . ALICE GLASBY Secretary . . NANCY LEE WALRATH Treasurer . . . . MYRNA BOOTH Social Chairman CLENDA KUHNEMUND Thereits silver somewhere! KD's at work are Carolyn Sweatt, Joan Jacob, Janice Kenslow and San- dra Beck. 747 College Kappa Deha The University of Oklahoma chapter of Kappa Delta is looking forward to their Georgian-Provincial home as they have received the complete set of houseplans. Negotiations are now in final stage for the building site. Kappa Delta sorority was founded on October 23, 1897, at Long- wood College, F armville, Va. The four founders sought to create a beautiful symbol for their aspirations and to perpetuate their friend- ship far into the future. There are now 467000 college women who have formed their closest ties within its bounds. Outstanding KD,s include Shaila R. Aery, Panhellenic Student Senator, B.W.O.C., and Deanas Advisory Judicial Board. Alice Glasby was a yearbook beauty and Secretary of the O.U. Pep Coun- cil. Picked as "OU Miss Young Republicanh for 1960 was Mary Woods. On the KD social agenda this year were the annual "Sno-Ballii formal held in the winter, the Green and White dinner-dance held in the spring presenting the spring initiates, and a house party each month. This year Kappa Delta pursued scholarship and it was certainly rewarding because they won the Scholarship Improvement Trophy at the Mortar Board Retreat. Nationally known KD alumnae include Pearl Buck; Shirley Jones, movie star; and Mrs. Robert Young. 700 College Kappa Kappa Gamma Air Force Honorary Cadet Colonel, national president of A.W.S., Outstanding Senior from the Business School, and president of Junior Panhelenic are just a few of the many honors belonging to the Kappa Kappa Gamma house located at 700 College. Kappais were outstanding in almost every phase of campus activi- ties this past year. Ann Brewer was a member of Mortar Board, was listed in Whifs Who, is a yearbook personality and president of Theta Sigma Phi. Another member of Mortar Board is Dorothy Mayhew. She is also a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, was named Wh01s Who, and was selected a yearbook personality. Lyntha Nick- las is a member of Tassels and is the ex-president of Alpha Lambda Delta. President of junior Panhellenic is Matilda Butler. Jonne Barney is president of A.W.S. and Patti Fisher is Air Force Honorary Cadet Colonel. The social side of college life was not slighted. The Kappais had a fall house party and a spring; party. They gave a Christmas dessert and gave a Christmas orphan party jointly with the DUis. Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded on the campus of Monmouth College, Monmouth, 111., in October, 1870. Beta Theta chapter was established at the University of Oklahoma in 1914, with light and dark blue as the sorority colors. Mrs. C. J. Widener served them the first time this year as chapter hostess. MARTHA CLAIRE TAIT, President OFFICERS President . . MARTHA CLAIRE TAIT Vice-President . . SUSAN WEGENER Secretary . . . . . LINDA ADAMS Treasurer . . . . . JANE DAVIS Social Chairman . . . JAN COINS Nightly pin-up for Mary Pat 0r- man, assisted by Annette Lynn and Ann Bledsoe. Be+a The+a Chapfer . . . I9I4 FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. Carol J. Widener, Hostess, Kay Bailey, Carol A. Baker, Nancy M. Barnes, Jonne L. Bar- ney7 Suzanne E. Bcisel, Betsy A. Blakely, Ann S. Bledsoe, Karen Lee Boggs, Brenda L. Boyle, Ann Brewer. SECOND ROW: Brenda Sue Brewer, Suzanne Broach, Beverly Ann Buchanan, Carolyn Bulla, Nancy Ann Burt, Matilda Lou But- ler, Carolyn Coe, Georgeann Beth Coleman, Mary Frances Coley, Sharon Kay Commons. Sandra S. Cook. THIRD ROW: Jill Cross, Mary Lee Daily. Jane Darrough, Jane Ellen Davis, Dorothy Ann Endicott, Claudia J. Eurton, Edith Lee Evans, Patti Fishcn Charlotte A. Fogg, Linda George, Sara Jan Coins. FOURTH ROW: Joanne D. Griffin, Kay Haines, June Harms, Judy A. Harris, Susan Elizabeth Harris, Sally Harrison, Mar- garet A. Henry, Sara A. Hess. Sally Ann Holt, Prudy Johnson, Carol A. Jones. FIFTH ROW: Judith L. Jones, Molly Jones, Virginia Lee Kidd, Nina Sue King, Pam K. Kinnan, Elizabeth Kirkham, Carole L. Kirkland, Kaye Kupka, Nancy Lamb, Linda Sue Laughery, Susan Marguerite Lewis. SIXTH ROW: Linda Ann Lillard, Lynn Ann Livingston, Nancy Ruth Lynn, Mary Elizabeth McClure, Kitty McDonald, Linda McLennan, Nancy Sue Martin, Dorothy Louise Mayhew, Nancy Lynne Mile Betty Carolyn Minnick, Meredyth Moore. SEVENTH ROW: Laura J. Morrow, Lyntha Ann Nicklas, Carolyn Nor- ris, Virginia L. Norris, Mary Pat Ormon, Cathryn Marguerite Orrell, Pat Patterson, Nancy J. Peacock, Linda Wallace Perry, Betty M. Pond, Paula Priebe, Kate P. Pritchett. EIGHTH ROW: Patricia Railey, Karen June Sanders, Ann Santee, Mary Louise Searcy, JoAnn Sinclair, Jana Smith, Karen McKay Smith7 Sandra Lynn Smith, Lucile Southerland, Sue Ellen Stoneman, Elizabeth Sue Swanson, Judy A. Talley. NINTH ROW: Elizabeth Ann Tennis, Lynne Ray Thompson, Ruth Ann Talbert, Virginia Vaughan, Waynette Watts, Susan J VVegener. Patricia Gail West. Dana Jane Wilson, Johanna Wilson, Myrna Lee Wilson, Beverly Kay VVoodruff, Mary M. Young. Epsilon Be+a Chap+er . . . I955 K '9 19$ ?lQQHVEYH'Si s 3691; mmm m Receiving Bridge lessons from Mrs. Lucille Paara, Phi Mu housemother, are Carol Smith and Roslyn Sperber. FIRST ROW, left to right: Judy Blanz, Tennie Ann Capps, Kaye Fair, Jan Mull, Elaine Murphy, Maureen Murphy, Linda Ann Nelson. SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Newlon, Linda Gayle Phillips, Sharon Powell, Carol Lee Smith, Roslyn Phyllis Sperbcr, Diane J. Stark, Marla Lynn Woods. LINDA ADKINS, President OFFICERS President . . . . LINDA ADKINS Vice-President SHARON POWELL Secretary . . . . ELAINE MURPHY Treasurer . DIANE STARK Social Chairman . ROSLYN SPERBER Man, thatis like crazy sound from Phi Muis Kaye Fair, Linda Ad- kins and Linda Nelson. 704 Lindsay Phi Mu Lots of activity was present at the Phi Mu house this year. During the first semester7 Mrs. F red Lewter, National Membership Director, Mrs. Harry 0. Harsh, National F inance Director, and Mrs. Landon Freear, National Panhellenic Conference delegate visited Epsilon Beta chapter. Also, in December the Phi Mu chapter from Tulsa came down and visited with the OU chapter and attended the annual Christmas party. Campus activities play a big part in the Phi Mu school life. Linda Adkins is a member of Panhellenic, Kappa Phi, and was the ofiicial delegate to the Phi Mu National Convention. Maureen Murphy is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Tassels, the University Symphony Orchestra, and Delta Phi Alpha. Secretary of the Petroleum Engi- neers Club is Sharon Powell. Carrying on with the social phase of the campus, Phi Mu has an annual Bermuda Party, a Christmas party, a Dog Patch Daze party, and on March 4, they have a Founders7 Day Breakfast. The Epsilon Beta Chapter of Phi Mu national sorority was in- stalled at CU in 1923 and was reactivated on June 37 1955. Phi Mu sorority was founded in 1852 by Mary Myrick Daniel, Martha Hardaway Redding, and Mary Dupont Lyon at Wesleyan College for Women at Macon, Ca. It now has 80 Chapters through- out the United States bearing the colors of rose and white. Pi Beta Phi Oklahoma Alpha Chapter of Pi Beta Phi is now celebrating its 50th year at CU. Established on September 1, 1910, the chapter recently moved into a new house at 1701 Elm. There are now 104 chapters wearing the wine and silver blue colors. The semi-centennial activities for the sorority included a large dinner and dance given on November 4 in Oklahoma City. This year the Pi Phils won the Stoolman Vase which is given to the Chap- ter ranking second among all the chapters of Pi Beta Phi. This year the Pi Phi7s received the Scholarship Cup, making it the tenth cup retired. They also received and retired the Pledge Scholar- ship Cup. F our members were selected to Phi Beta Kappa, two are members of Mortar Board, two of Tassels, and seven of Alpha Lambda Delta. Outstanding members in Pi Beta Phi are Eva Brasel, Mortar Board, Tassels, Alpha Lambda Delta, Engineersl Queen, Army Lt. Colonel, Whols Who, B.W.O.C., and U.A.B.; Karen Cullen, one of Ten Outstanding Freshman Women and President of Alpha Lambda Delta; Cynthia Curtis, Alpha Lambda Delta, Army ROTC Queen; Pat OlNeal, Alpha Lambda Delta, one of Ten Outstanding Freshman Women, Student Senate and A.W.S. Secretary; Betty Peters, Alpha Lambda Delta, B.W.O.C., and Student Senate. BETH BOARD, President OFFICERS President . . . . . BETH BOARD Vice-President . LINDA BAUGHMAN Secretary . . . BETTE CARNAHAN Treasurer . . MARIAN MATrHEws Social Chairman . . SUSIE LUCAS Cirrelda Barnard is the lucky girl as a candle is lit to fete a new engagement. Oklahoma Alpha Chap+er . . '4; l: :11; FIRST ROW, left to right: Julia Jean Baird, Nancy Jane Baker, Betty R. Bard, Cirrclda J. Barnard, Frances A1111 Bar- nard, Mary A1111 Bell, Jane Bcrgstrom, Marilyn U. Black, EV'a L. Brasel, Kay Boatright, M. Francie Bonds. SECOND ROW: Todis Brett, Jan Bunch, Bette Kaye Carnahan, Deanna Shepard Carney, Linday Cashion, Diane Caylor, Lee Anne Clements, Nancy C. Coffman, Carolyn Connell, Phyllis A. Cornell, Karen Cullen. THIRD ROW: Cynthia Ann Curtis. Barbara Jane Davis, Susan Davis, Anita L. DiCiacomo, Judy DiSOSVV'aV', Danya Dawn Dobbins, Susan Egnew, Camille Emerson, Judith Ford, E. Ann Gallagher, Nancy Gordon Galloway. FOURTH ROW: SV'IVia J. Glasgow. Jeanne Genders, Susan P. Groh. Sue Ann Guthrie, Linda K. Hamm, Pam Heritage Marsha Hoenig, Judith A1111 Horn Ellen Claire Hughes,Na11cV Knapp CVVende A Koch. FIFTH ROW: Linda Neal Landauer. P1111121 Gene LeFan, Gene Lindsey, Caroan L011is.Susie Lucas A1111 IVIcAlister, Patricia A1111 IVIcCaHerty, Sharon DaV McC all A1111 I9IO McDaniel, Jessie Ann McDowell, Mary L. McGee. SIXTH ROW: Marty McCinnis, Pat M. McIV'er, Sara Lee McKinney, Marty Maddux Betsy Manning, SallV C. Manning, Susan A1111 Marshall Martha M.Matt11CVVs MarV Ellen Meehan Sally Ann Merrill, Kay A Meyer. SEVENTH ROVV: Nancy A1111 Meyer, Linda Mole, Jerry L. Montgomery, Frances D. Moran Marcia Munger, Nach Clark Newton, Pat A 0 Neal, Linda Kay Para- more, Betty Carole Peters Sissy Phillips,Li11da L. Ray. EIGHTH ROW: Judy S. Reed Kris ReeVes Rosemary Reily, Carolyn Rhodes, JudV Richardson Billie F. Roberts, Chaerne R.Ryla11d Virginia Lulie Scott: Sherra Frances Shannan, Rodell L. Shea Nach A. Shorbe. NINTH ROW: Judy Sierer, Trude Jeanne Steele, Judy A. Tarpley, Barbara Elkins Teel, Edra Louise Trapnell Judy Van Aken Ann Elizabeth VeselV. Berta Williams, Elaine A. VVOrd Curoan VVorrell Lois Hendrick VVraV7 T risha Young; FIRST ROW, left to right: Carol Altman, Patricia Rae Argo, Adele L. Baler, Clariette BendorL Sylvia M. Bendorf, Nancy Ann Boga, Sheila Joy Boris, Judy A. Cohen, Royce Susan Coleman, Janice Rae Dattel, Joanne Efron. SECOND ROW: Marsha B. Emmer, Diane Sue Engelberg, Berenice Sandra Fagin, Joanne M. Fagin, Janice Kay Feldman, Nancy Jane Fendell, Lois Helene Finkcl, Nonya Gaye Finkelstein7 Judy Friedman, Myrna Lee Friedmam Sandra M. Gilbert. THIRD ROW: Adele A. Ginsberg, Barbara Gollub, Nancy Carolyn Grant, Patricia H. Cross, Ballard Harris Jacobson, Judy Ann Kati, Teddi Kern, Sharon Rae Kimmell, Sandy King, Sydne Kneff, Barbara Jean Kratchman. FOURTH ROW: Joscelyn Xi Chapfer . . . I929 Krivcher, Joyce Kross, Selma May Kross, Diane Lebowitz, Linda M. Londe, Ann Lyncr, Donna Lee Margolin, Suzanne Milsten, Susan Osherwitz, Sally A. Pidgeon, Patricia D. Rose. FIFTH ROW: Paulette L. Rosenberg, Ann E. Rozen, Made- line Lee Schnaer, Mary J. Schwartz, Jerry Lynn Shannan, Carole M. Simon, Barbara E. Smith, Susan 1. Spielberg, Leslie Grace Sternberger, Gerry Stoller, Dena Surcck. SIXTH ROW: Marilyn Thomas, Ann Turner, Enid B. Venger, Nancy V. Venger, Celle M. Weinberg, Terry L. VVciner, Linda VVeiss- man, Sue Zander, Rita Louise Zoblotsky, Lyn Zorbis7 Judi Zurovsky. TANYA HARRIS, President OFFICERS President . . . TANYA HARRIS Vice-President . . BERENICE FAGIN Secretary . . . . CAROLE SIMON Treasurer . . . . . ANN TURNER Social Chairman . BARBARA GOLLUB The SDT1s were going for a bike ride until Tanya Harris finds she had forgotten how to pedal. 3 .1' N. am 103 W. Bovd Sigma Delta Tau Plans for a new house is the topic for conversation at the Sigma Delta Tau house. Construction is to be started at the corner of Timberdell and Chautauqua in the early spring of 1961 so that the house will be completed by the fall of 1961. Sigma Delta Tau was founded on March 25, 1917, at Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. There are now 40 chapters in the United States and Canada. The O.U. chapter, Xi, was established on campus on September 14, 1929. The sorority colors are cafe au lait and 01d blue. Sigma Delta Tau7s were in many different kinds of activities on campus. Carole Simon was President of Hillel Foundation. Honor- ary Air Force Cadet Lt. Colonel was Barbara Kratchman. Patti Rose was secretary of Student Senate, Program Advertising Manager of Sooner Scandals7 and a member of Gamma Alpha Chi. SDT was well represented in the Student Senate by Judy Cohen and Sharon Kimmell. Joanne Efron was a member of Gamma Alpha Chi7 Alpha Epsilon Rho, and the KUVY staff. Traditional Sigma Delta Tau social events Which were celebrated this year were the Spring Formal Dinner-Dance and the Frontier Party. Mrs. Irving Cohen has been the Sigma Delta Tau hostess for two years. 920 Chautauqua Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Tau Alpha was founded at Longwood College, Farmville, Va., by nine young women. Founded on October 15, 1898, it was the first sorority to be Chartered by the state legislature of Virginia. Since this date, 108 chapters of the fraternity have been established. In March of 1953, Gamma Upsilon chapter at the University of Oklahoma joined the ranks of Zeta Tau Alpha. The colors of the fraternity are turquoise blue and steel grey. This past summer much of the Zeta house was redecorated and plans are now being made to add a new wing to the house in the near future. Some outstanding campus and sorority leaders were Marilyn Turner, President of Zeta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Shadowbox, and Marketing Club; Missy Snell, Vice-President of Zeta, Shadowbox, Fencing Club, and Spanish Club; Patty Bayless, International Club and Pick and Hammer Club; Barbara Merrill, Rush Chairman and Standards Chairman for Zeta, Young Republicans Club, and Pan- hellenic Representative; and Anne Lehnhard, Scholarship Chairman for Zeta, A.W.S. Representative, and Lambda Tau. Many outstanding events were on the Zeta Tau Alpha social cal- endar during the year. Among these were the annual Christmas Swedish smorgasbord, a spring formal, and the pledge hayride in the fall. MARILYN TURNER7 President OFFICERS President . . . MARILYN TURNER Vice-President . . . MISSY SNELL Secretary . . . SUSAN MCCALLUM Treasurer . . . . . SALLY BERRY Social Chairman. . . JOAN ABELS Wrapping gifts to dates before an- nual Christmas party are Trish Henderson, Sally Graham and Judy Gailey. Gamma Upsilon Chapfer . . . I953 FIRST ROW, left to right: Joan Abels, Patricia Bayless, Su- zanne A. Bayne, Sarah Alice Berry, Jeneane A. Curry, Peggy Sue DuBoise, Billie Millard Foster. SECOND ROW: Sally W. Graham, Patricia A. Henderson, Ernestine Kay Kingelin, Anne Lehnhard, Susan Lurie McCallum, Barbara Ann Merrill, Mary Elizabeth Mook. THIRD ROW: Ann Margaret Mull- man, Pat A. Mundkowski, Elizabeth Ann Nichols, Marilyn Ann Owens, Shirley Leeanne Scott, Karen Lee Snell, Ellen L. Staf- ford, Lisbeth Tooke. Keeping up with fashion is Shirley Scott as she has her hem shortened by Jeneane Curry and Susan McCallum. 459 Junior Panhellenic Council Council Works to Create Friendliness and Unity Among Sorority Pledge Classes FIRST ROW: Pat Clark, Carol Cowan, Judy Sherman, Ma- tilda Butler, Carolyn Lennon, Gene Lindsey, Sara Jo Freeny, Cleanor Chapman. SECOND ROW: Judy Fletcher, Jennie Capps, B. J. Whetstone, Kathy Jones, Pam Kinnan, Pat Sisney, Junior Panhellenic council brings together sorority pledge classes in co-operative planning and guidance. The group was established at CU in 1944, an auxiliary 0f Panhellenic council. Membership of the council is made up of each pledge class president and one elected representative from each pledge Class. Officers are selected on a rotation basis and oHicers this year were: Matilda Butler7 president; Judy Sherman, vice-president; Carol Cowan, secretary; and Pat Clark, treasurer. Junior Panhellenic sponsor is Mrs. Thelma Haddan. On the first Tuesday evening after classes begin, Junior Panhellenic holds an orientation of new pledges. Another project of the group is to tabulate and evaluate surveys of blind dates. Also the group sponsors the annual work day at the Central State hospital which is Jerry Sharman, Joan Bloom, Lorie Matteson. THIRD ROW: Jeri Kenslow, Jan Mull, ITAnn Pope, Vance Hayes, Virginia Carey, Judy Gailey. Elizabeth Prosser, Suzanne Milsten, Lou Ann Roach, Sandie Davis. co-sponsored with the members of fraternity pledge classes. This is held in the spring. Junior Panhellenic each year awards a scholarship cup to the pledge class with the highest scholastic aver- age for the fall semester. A member of Panhellenic council acts as adviser to the younger group. Sandie Davis, Panhellenic vice- president, was this yearis representative. The purpose of Junior Panhellenic council is to co- operate with university authorities in an effort to main- tain high cultural, educational and social standards of both fraternity and non-fraternity women. The council meets twice each month in order to create a feeling of friendliness and CO-operation among the various pledge classes. EBZMEBKIIWEQ Striving to instill quali- ties of leadership, citizen- ship and brotherhood as well as providing experi- ences in group living and social orientation, the Creek fraternity system has grown through the years along with the uni- versity. In 1905 Kappa A l p h :1 established the first social fraternity here. Though Acacia had been organized a year earlier, that fraternity at the time limited its membership to Masons. With the addi- tion of Alpha Epsilon Pi last year, fraternities total 25 with approximately 2,000 men affiliated. The fraternities cooperate in a number of projects vying with each other for recognition in scholar- ship, intramurals and as "fraternity of the year? Gamma Phi Beta awards this trophy based on a point system for achieve- ment and participation in campus activities. 46l Interfraternity Council The Interfraternity council was founded in 1912. At that time fraternity development was in its infancy, but leaders saw quickly the advantages of a cooperative group which could work for the betterment of the fraternity system while it was working for the good of the university. The council has met the challenge and has grown vastly in both achievement and authority. The council is the governing body of 25 campus so- cial fraternities. It is composed of two representatives from each national social fraternity, meeting bi-monthly to consider fraternity matters. The council is em- powered to legislate on matters affecting the interests of the member Chapters and to enforce rules and regu- lations by the infliction of penalties for violations. Though not subjected to a high degree of control, the fraternities in this way regulate their social, athletic and scholastic activities in order to stimulate fair and vigorous competition. The cooperation with the university in its program for the students is another important function of the council. The IF C has endeavored throughout the year to maintain the best possible relationship with the FIRST ROW: Ted H. Smith, Stan Bozarth, Jim Jones, Blaine Smith, Larry Grossman, F. B. Jackson, III, Ted Roberts, Stan W. Gralla, Don Hickman. SECOND ROW: John W. Tarr, Kenneth R. Kanoff, Glynn Q. Lane, Robert M. Jemigan, W'il- liam R. Berry, Jerry Tubb, Ron Taylor, Alan B. Shidler, W'il- liam E. Bates, John R. Hughey. THIRD ROTV: Dr. Jodie Smith, Henry James, Joe Savage, Sam Hallman, Barry Srago, administration. In the fraternities, the university has found staunch support in its endeavors to promote leadership and wholesome campus projects. The IFC serves the member fraternities as needs arise in discipline, assistance in pledging, initiation ap- proval, records of membership and as liaison between university administration and fraternity systems. Twelve committees handle the matters of the council. They are athletic, constitution and by-laws, general welfare, judiciary, pledge training, projects, public relations, rush, scholarship, social, expansion and a special Greek Week committee. The IFC encourages high attainments in scholarship; each year trophies are awarded to three fraternities for superior achievement. Last year the all-fraternity grade average was well above the all-menas average, indicat- ing that fraternity scholarship programs exceed those of the average student. A dinner was held for the deans of all colleges this year. The IF C also has an active faculty adviser group which meets separately and also with the council. Jim Burdett, Bob McCasland, Bill Hollister, Haskell Waddle, Stephen Sullivan, Bob Kirkpatrick, David Downing, Robert Kroney, Hank Kerr. FOURTH ROW: Gary Foster, Vic Wal- lace, Ken Lanyon, Merritt B. Chastain, Clay Allen, Richard W. Smith, Skip Skinner, Tom Aitken, Richard McClain7 Richard Moore, Terry Fooshee, Gary LaGere, Daryl Bristow, Steve Holaday, Hugh Barrett. Executive council gets together to discuss future plans for the Inter- fraternity Council. Graydon Laugh- haum, Tom Aitken, Jerry Tubb and Hugh Barrett look over pam- phlet to get new ideas. OFFICERS The oHicers include Jerry Tubb, president; Tom President . ' . . . ' JERRY TUBB Aitken, executive secretary; Hugh Barrett, recording sec- retary and Graydon Laughbaum, treasurer; Dr. Jodie C. Smith is faculty adviser. Recording Secretary . . HUGH BARRETT Jerry Tubb was also elected president of the Big Eight Interfraternity council. The OU council will be honored by hosting the next conference on the Sooner campus. The Sooner Greek, oHicial IFC publication, was printed this year for the first time. Its purpose is to dissemminate news of the council, the individual fra- ternities, news from nationals and administration policy viewed by the IFC. The annual Greek Work Day was held this year with Steve Rhoades as chairman and Jerry Bednar as supply chairman. All Greek pledges worked at Central State Hospital on the 25th of March. Bo Diddley was brought to the campus by the IF C for an all-school dance first semester. The council cooperated with the city of Norman in its annual City Beautification Day to improve fraternity landscapes. The Graham B. Johnson Memorial fund receives con- tributions from every fraternity man on the campus. It is distributed to charitable organizations and goes toward scholarships. Markos Alafouzos, a Greek orphan, is sponsored by the IF C through the F oster Parent Plan. During football season, fraternity pledges collected several thousand dollars by soliciting contributions to the Oklahoma Medical Research foundation from foot- ball fans. Executive Secretary . . . TOM AITKEN Treasurer . . . GRAYDON LAUGHBAUM Faculty Adviser . . DR. JODIE C. SMITH J ERRY TUBB, President 463 464 Oklahoma Acacias with "Cleo the drang at their Oriental Ball, the old- est costume hall on campus. FIRST ROW, left to right: Daniel F. Alcock, Max W. Ashley, Max H. Beasley, Jr., Charles Borchardt, Chuck Butler, William M. Cheatham, James W. DeMik. SECOND ROW: George Kenneth Glass, Bill Green, William W. Harrison, Anthony N. Hoffman, Eddie Keller, Thomas George Kenney, Donald L. King. THIRD ROW: Woody Morris, Ron Nelson, James Ray Newlon, Richard C. Orrill7 John M. Peer, Lyle A. Powers, William Dennis Price. FOURTH ROW: Lyle D. Rowe, Rodney J. Sayles, James Robert Scott, Edward L. Scribner, Richmond F. Thweatt7 III, James R. Waren, Richard Gary Winter, James A. Yoder. BLAINE H. SMITH, JR., President OFFICERS President . . BLAINE H. SMITH, JR. Vice-President . RONALD W. NELSON Secretary . RICHMOND F . THWEAT, III Treasurer . . . W. O. GREEN, JR. A wrong guess on the OU-Texas game means paying off for Tony Hoffman. Collecting is a pleasure for XVoody Morris as Max Beasley waits his turn. 544 Elm Acacia The Acacia fraternity grew out of the Masonic Club which was founded in 1894 at the University of Michigan. In 1904 fourteen Master Masons founded the University of Oklahoma chapter of Acacia fraternity. For many years only Masons were eligible for membership, but the requirements have changed while the basic principles still exist. One of the highlights on the OU social calendar is the unique and colorful Oriental Ball of Acacia. Other social events include the Black and Gold Formal, the Christmas Dinner-Dance and the Pledge dessert for the president and social Chairman of the sorority pledge classes. Two of Acacia alumni include former presidents of the university, Stratton Brooks and William Bennett Bizzell. Other alumni are Lloyd Swearingen, viee-president 0f the university, and Emil Kraettli, secretary of the Board of Regents. Acacia, a Greek word instead of the usual Greek letters, symbolizes everlasting life and friendship; these are the principles upon which the fraternity was founded. 536 S. UniVersity Blvd. Alpha Epsilon Pi Oklahomais Omega Upsilon chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi is the newest addition to the OU fraternity system. On October 18, 1959, this became the 72nd chapter of the largest predominently Jewish fraternity in the United States. Before becoming afflliated with a national fraternity, the men were associated with Lambda Nu, a local social club founded in 1957. In May of 1959 Lambda Nu was made a colony of Alpha Epsilon Pi. After meeting the grade requirement in accordance with the univer- sity, the colony was given full recognition as a chapter. The fraternity7s social season is highlighted by the Exotica Spring weekend, the Fireside Affair, the Gangland Gathering and the annual hayride. Famous alumni of Alpha Epsilon Pi are Jerry Lewis, actor and comedian, and Justice Felix F rankfurter 0f the United States Supreme Court. Mrs. Mildred Fischer has been housemother for the Chapter for almost two years. KEN KANOFF, President OFFICERS President . . . . . KEN KANOFF Vice-President . BURTON KLEINFELD Secretary . . . ABRAM ROSENBERG Treasurer . . . STANLEY SALPETER Social Chairman . STEVE WEISBERG New ideas may come from old party pictures. Planning events are Howard Somberg, Mike Schwartz, Richard Colton, Leslie Leibowitz and Martin Rodkin. Omega Upsilon Chap+er . . . I959 FIRST ROW, left to right: Ben S. Botnick, Richard Ivan Colton, Pete Glaser, Burton H. Kleinfeld, George A. Lasky, Leslie Howard Leibowitz, Stanley I. Mintz. SECOND ROW: Ralph J. Pogoloff, Martin J. Rodkin, Abram Rosenberg, Myron R. Roth, Frank Salle, Stan Salpeter, Myron D. Schwartz. THIRD ROW: Norman J. Schwartz, Alan B. Shidlcr, Saul L. Sinderbrand, Howard Somberg, Murray Stone, Larry D. Tash- lik, Sigmund W'olkomir, Steven W'eisberg. Euquing the festivities at the AEPi Exotica party are the fra- ternlty mascot, S. Smderbrand and R. 52112. 467 468 Concentrating on the ball is Gary J. Dean with Alpha Sigs Harry Widdifield, Houston Greenhaw, Jim Evanoff and Bill Dading. FIRST ROW, left to right: Robert A. Bird, Ronald R. Car- man, William R. Dading, Gary J. Dean, Donald F. Duncan, Bill B. Eason, Cameron Evans, Herman Houston Greenhaw, JL, Jim R. Haws. SECOND ROW: James D. Hood, Bob R. Ingram, James H. Ingram, Thomas J. Johnson, Neal F. Lane, Leonard A. Laws, Michael Dan Mitchell, Hugh B. Nicholas, Clayton R. Nichols. THIRD ROW: Robert W. Poor, Robert I. Sewell, John Baker Sheffcr, Jerome H. Short, Bob J Stub- bleficld, Roy Edward Thomas. Robert T. Uda, Harry L. Widdi- field, John C. Yarrington. envy" xh . e a TED ROBERTS, President OFFICERS President. . . . . TED ROBERTS Vice-President . . MIKE MITCHELL Secretary . . . HARRY WIDDIFIELD Treasurer . . . CLAYTON NICHOLS Social Chairman . MIKE MITCHELL Mad-hatters are Clayton Nichols, Sue VVhittlesey, Mary Anderson, Jim Ingram, Jinny Swimmer and Bob Ingram. 602 w. Boyd Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Sigma Phi was founded at Yale university in 1845. It is the fourth oldest Greek letter fraternity in the nation. Alpha Alpha chapter at the University of Oklahoma was founded in December of 1923. Alpha Sig7s are proud of their accomplishments in vocal contests last year. After receiving an honorable mention in the Dad?s Day quartet contest they went on to win third place in the M0ther7s Day aII-university sing of 1960. The social calendar of Alpha Sigma Phi was filled this year with such events as the Mad Hatters costume ball, the Talisman Rose formal at which Miss Louise Woodrqu Chi Omega, was crowned sweetheart. Other parties included the annual Christmas dinner- dance, the Sig Bust and the Bayou Bounce, a New Orleans style costume party. Second-semester oHicers were Harry Widdifield, president; Jerry Short, Vice-president; Cameron Evans, secretary; Ted Roberts7 treas- urer, and Hugh Nicholas, social chairman. 1005 S. Jenkins Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Tau Omega was the first Greek letter fraternity established after the Civil War, founded in 1865. Delta Kappa chapter at Oklahoma university was founded in 1921. The spirit and prowess of the men of ATO took their teams to victory in B softball, also placing third in bowling and getting their A and B football teams into the finals. The social activities of Alpha Tau Omega included the Berserk Ball, the Christmas Dance, Spring Formal, Hawaiian Luau, the Bowery Ball and the Victory Party after rush week. Outstanding members of ATO are Dick Sanders, BMOC, Loyal Knights of Old Trusty, vice-president of Engineers club and man- aging editor of the Sooner Shamrock. Steve Conner is a member of the American Society for Metals, Sigma Tau, Engineers club and the Trident Society. E. Z. Million is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Kappa Psi and Sigma Theta Epsilon. Second-semester officers were Charles Martin, president; Bill Van- Dall, vice-president; Mark Collins, secretary; Bob Ande, treasurer, and Ron Taylor, social Chairman. JIM BUTTERWORTH, President OFFICERS President . . . JIM BUTrERWORTH Vice-President . . CHARLES MARTIN Secretary . . . . . . JIM MEHL Treasurer . . . . FRED HAMMER Social Chairman . JOHN SCHAEFER A housemother is always handy for a fourth at bridge. Mimi Shockley plays a hand with Ken Haigler, Jim Mehl and Bill Van Dall as Dick Hanley looks on. DeHa Kappa Chap+er . . . I92! FIRST ROW, left to right: Robert V. Ande, George E. Ander- son, JR, Pat A. Barry, Cus M. Bartlett, Frank J. Bell, Robert C. Benedict, Kenneth Bentz, James B. Bright, Coke R. Brown, Gordon L. Clouser. SECOND RoxV: Mark E. Collins. Charles David Colston, Chuck Conner, Carlyn C. Cruzan, Joe J. Darby, Jon D. Darby, John B. Duffield, JL, Larry Wayne Evans, Michael Kent Gray, Larry D. Green. THIRD ROW: Jay 0. Gregg, Don A. Haggard, Kenneth J. Haigler, Fred Evans Hammer, Dick L. Hanley, Jim C. Henderson, David A. Higbee, Bill D. James, James D. Johnson, Don C. Kaspereit. FOURTH ROW: Robert Lee Kidd, III, Spencer L. Knapp, Parke H. Largent, Dale F. Lewis, John O. McBee, Charles R. Martin, James V. Mchl, E. Z. Million, Joseph Newton Owens, Larry R. Papst, Art L. PeiHer. FIFTH ROW: David W. Poynor, Joe M. Reid, James E. Ross, Lee B. Saunders, John N. Schaefcr, Lin T. Schmiech, Ron N. Taylor, Bill Van Dall, Gerald D. W'hitfield, David Kent Williams, C. Bing Wines. 47l FIRST ROW, left to right: Pete Adamson. Larry Angus. Otis Guy Bacon 111. Gary Dee Baer. Robert L. Barr, John S. Berry, Frank Lee Bollinger, Camp Bonds. JL, Phillip H. BmWIL Mark G. Butterly, Joe B. Cannon. SECOND ROW: Robert A. Gates, John M. Coffey. John D. Coleman, Leslie L. Conner. Donald R. Copeland, Brian XV. Copple, David H. Donaldson. Clark Ellison, William J. Enin. Crant Fair, Donald H. Gar- rett. THIRD ROW: Fred H. Hallman, R. E. Hardberger, Joe Nathan Harsh. John Gamer Hatchett. Mike C. Howard. Robert L. Huckaby John K. Hudson. Glenn Lee Hunter. Frank Bruce Jackso IL, Larry K. Kelley, Kenneth L. Ken- drieck. FOURTH : John Barney Kiehlbaugh, lack M. Kinnebrew, James Alvin Kinnebrew, Louis R. Kronfek Timo- thy M. Larason, T.nlothy Dwight Leonard, Bill Lynn, Yade S. McAlister. Patrick C. McCarmll. Louis E. McCarter Douglas Iam McDonald. FIFTH ROW': Richard Medlock, V. Bryan Medlock, Jr., Richard W. Moore1 David B. Mueller, Hal K. Muldrow, Mont Muldmw. Regis L. Mullen, Jerry L. Munro, David F. Nelson. Thurston Dale Nicklas. William Herbert Noble. SIXTH ROW: Larry D. Owens, john B. Pangburn, Sam Wesley Pangburn. Fred L. Patrick, Tracy G. Pecka Louis Victor Pricbe, mart M. Ralls. Lawrence Burton Reams, Jack D. Redeker. W7i11i2un Scott Reeburgh, Jerry Richardson. SEV- ENTH ROW: Walter Arley Rinehart, Frank H. Robertson. Joe Rockett, Preston E. Sample, Lloyd E. Shcets, Stan C. Shields, Robert E. Slocum, Donald W. Smith, Garry L. Smith, James W. Sparks Paul N. Stanton. EIGHTH ROW: Frank B. Sween ack Sweeney, Thomas Derald Swineford, John R. SRandw nnpson. Iohn C. Van Aken, Roger S. Van Dyke, William Alan Vese ,. Carl David Vickburg, Haskell T. VVad- dle, Lawrence A. Wright. Richard E. Wright, III, John hi. Yeager. BOB BERRY, President OFFICERS President . . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman A practice session on the football field finds Bob Barr looking for a receiver. The Betas work hard to win that intramural trophy. DOB BERRY KEN MULDROW DAVE DONALDSON TIM LARASON DON HASSEBROEK 800 Chautauqua Beta Theta Pi Beta Theta Pi was founded nationally at Miami university in August of 1839. Gamma Phi chapter was founded in 1907 on the Sooner campus. Besides winning the scholarship cup of the Interfraternity council, Beta has been active in campus events and activities. Beta swimmers took first place in swimming and also won first in both A and B football in intramural play. President Bob Berry was also president of Pe-et, chairman of Homecoming, chairman of Campus Chest, chairman of the Miss OU contest, a member of Phi Eta Sigma, BMOC, Who1s Who and is a yearbook personality. Terrell Dixon was chairman of the 1960 Champus Chest and was one of the ten top freshman men. Frank Sweeney is editor of the SOONER yearbook, a member of Sigma Tau and the Petroleum Engineers club. Don Garrett was production manager of 1961 Sooner Scandals, member of the UAC and Phi Eta Sigma and was one of the ten top freshman men. First semester officers were Roy Steigleder, president; Richard Medlock, vice-president; Dave Donaldson, secretary; Tim Larason, treasurer, and David Nelson, social chairman. 815 S. Jenkins Delta Chi The highlight of the year at the Delta Chi fraternity house was the float which the chapter built for Homecoming. The float which was seventeen feet high, featured Linus from the Peanuts comic strip. The French Party is the annual costume party held each second semester during which the chapter house is decorated as a French sidewalk cafe. The Christmas dance is the highlight of first semester social activities at Delta Chi. F0under7s Day and a Christmas tea were also held. Delta Chi was founded at Cornell university on October 13, 1890, by 11 students as a law fraternity. Since then it has evolved into an undergraduate social fraternity and the University of Oklahoma chapter was established on May 31, 1927. Second semester ochers are Jack Vondra, president; David Peirce, vice-president; Joe Gibson, secretary; Ed Sizer, treasurer, and Cary Copeland, social chairman. Mrs. Una Smith has been housemother for the chapter for four years. GARY COPELAND, President OFFICERS President . . . . GARY COPELAND Vice-President . . . JACK VONDRA Secretary . . . . . JOE GIBSON Treasurer . . . PRESTON CHANEY Social Chairman . . JIM HOUSTON Here,s t0 dear old Delta Chi! In the game room are Joe Gibson, Dave Kaup, Ed Sizer, Gary Cope- land, Jim Vondra, Charles Tay- lor and Ed Linderzelt. Oklahoma Universi+y Chap+er . . . I927 FIRST ROW, left to right: Preston E. Chaney, Bobby James Good, Phil R. Grimm, Neil K. Gunderson, Frederick B. Ham- mert, James Edward Houston, Bill Pollock. SECOND ROW: Robert W. Shields, Frederick John Schumacher, Edward Nel- son Sizer7 Jack Vondra, James David Vondra, David James Kaup. The Delta Chis have the balcony but where is Juliet? Charles Taylor, Jim Vondra7 Gary Copeland and Ed Sizer want to know, too. 475 Rho Lambda Chapfer . . . I954 Baby Face Wilfong arrives at the 700 Club Prohibition Party with Janice Morgan under the watchful eyes of Machine Gun Millington and Hatchet Head Stanford. FIRST ROW, left to right: Henry Lee Ball, Kenneth R. Berry, Michael Forbes Carmichael, Von Russell Creel, William R. Carr, James L. Dunlap, Lynn R. Eskridge7 Douglas Edwin Griffin. SECOND ROW: Dugal Carmichael Curren, N. Kelly Hale, Robert L. Marshall, Elliott W. Miller, Walter S. Milling- ton, Lloyd L. Newby, James L. Noyes, William P. Porter. THIRD ROW: Eugene J. Schweitzer, Alan B. Smith, Robert Larry Spangler, Larry K. Stanford, Robert A. Sutoris, Dunny Vanice, Larry R. Wade, Frank Bernston Walters. FOURTH ROW: George H. Weather, A. Max Witzenhoffer, Robert Pow- ell West, William L. Whitaker7 Hal H. Williams, William Holmes Willis, Stanley M. Wyatt, Jr. JIMMY M. BURDETT, President OFFICERS President . . . JIMMY M. BURDE'IT Vice-President . WILLIAM H. WILLIS Secretary . EUGENE J. SCHWEITZER Treasurer . . . WILLIAM R. CORR Social Chairman WALTER S. MILLINGTON Will Willis could make it if only Walter Millington and Larry Stan- ford would stand aside. Naviga- tor Dick Eskridge ponders about a parking place. 700 Elm Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Kappa Epsilon was founded at Yale university in 1844 as a protest against the injustice of the society system that existed then at that university. Locally Rho Lambda chapter of Delta Kappa Epsi- lon was founded on February 20, 1954. The "Deke Undertakersf, a comedy team, participated in this yearas Sooner Scandals by providing some subtle humor and ironic gags to Oklahoma Universityas biggest variety show. Deke Larry Wade was first semester editor of the Oklahoma Daily, a member of Whots Who in American Colleges, student senate, Omi- cron Delta Kappa and was a yearbook personality. On the fraternityts social calendar were the Reincarnation Ball, the Victory Party, the F0under7s Day Banquet, the Spring Formal and the Mad Pad Beatnik party. Some outstanding alumni of Deke are former presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Rutherford Hayes, James Hagerty, Stuart Symington and Henry Cabot Lodge. Mrs. Isla Harris has been housemother 0f the Chapter since it was founded seven years ago. 519 S. University Blvd. Delta Sigma Phi Miss Suzanne Broach of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority was elected Dream Girl of Delta Sigma Phi at the 1960 Carnation Ball. Other social functions of Delta Sig include the Christmas dance7 the pledge costume party, and the Delta Sig Weekend which includes the annual Sailoris Ball. Delta Sigma Phi is one of the newest fraternities on the OU cam- pus. The Delta Beta chapter was installed on May 14, 1956. Outstanding members of the chapter are Robert Vaughn, member of Phi Eta Sigma, honor resident of Woodrow Wilson center, out- standing freshman ROTC cadet and recipient of a National Merit scholarship. Fred Brown received a McMahon journalism scholar- ship, was president of Alpha Delta Sigma and has been on the Oklahoma Daily staff. Second semester officers are Fred Brown, president; Tommy Mc- Donald, vice-president; Robert Vaughn, secretary; Richard Worsena, treasurer, and Jim Kendall, social chairman. TED SMITH, President OFFICERS President . . . . . TED SMITH Vice-President . . HOWARD DOYLE Secretary . . . . . JERRY FIELDS Treasurer . . TOMMY MCDONALD Social Chairman . . LYNN SHRINER A strike, a spare, a. trophy! Ad- miring their collection are Delta Sig bowlers Ron Funk, Dwight Silver, Terry Fooshee and Mer- rill Snider. DeHa Befa Chapfer . . . I956 FIRST ROW, left to right: Robert H. Ball, John R. Barnes, Bruce N. Benedict, James A. Bradbury II, Fred A. Brown, Marshall L. Burrell, Dennis E. Butcher, Howard H. Doyle. SECOND ROW: Jerry C. Fields, Terry Warren Fooshee, Joe R. Foster, Ronald C. Funk, Thomas David Grant, Jack O Dell Hardy, Jerry Carroll Howell, Gary C. Jones. THIRD ROW: Gary W. Kolander, Richard William McDonald, Tommy E. McDonald, Robert J. Rusch, Lynn A. Schriner, Dwight E. Silver, Michael Grant Simpson, Lawrence Merrill Snider. FOURTH ROW: A. Cale Sullenberger, Royce M. Swaim, Vance Maurice Swaim, David R. Sweger, Robert W. Vaughan, Neal W. Vinyard, Lawrence Byrne Wells, George Allen White, Richard F. Worsena. Gathered around the piano to listen to Jim Kcndale music are George White, Fred Brown and Bob Vaughn. 479 DeHa Alpha Chap+er . . I922 3. FIRST R0 V. left to right:Si1l H.1Ahlschlager, Tom D. Ait- ken. Axenc A11111. Bob Bascom. JerrV Bednar Norman R. Bing- hani.R0bertDoi1glas Bratcher, LarrV C. Brooks. Mike Buchan- an. Charles E. Buchner IcrrV Clei1i1 Butler, Bill H. Chastain. SECOND ROVV:James1.A Cl11ar.VViHiani B. A111l11a11 Jr.. Jeff T. Collins Robert E. ConleV. Charles A AmVV1ler. DaVid VV. Deax Nick Denner Richard E Diller, VVllliam E.Din1ick . c Dirha111.DaVid Kenneth East011.THIRD CourtneV Elliott Ben Franklin, Jerry L F1azie1. A- -ary , ': Tom B. Cobble. Jon Franklin Cray. T0111 E. . Ed C. Hardcgrce. Bruce E. Hare. Charles E. Harris, Tucker Harrison. John D. Hill. FOURTH ROVV: Douglas D. Hobbs. William C. Hollister. Ray C. H2111, Dallas C. Now- ard. Bernie L. Hulme Bill Hunter, Jed J. I01111s1111. Jr.. Thomas L. KingerV. Frederick A.Kul1n. IerrV OAmnmr Len- 1119,1011 John E. LeVVis Ir R1111ertL.Lewis FIPIH ROVV T0111 A LVle D011 RobertMacauleV.Jz1111es E MattheVVs Jr.. Jay D. Maxwell, Berry Miller, Jerry B. Miller, Kent Miller. Conrad F. Morrow. Bob E. Moses, Martin Moses, JL, Charles L. Mugg. E. Howard Parsons. SIXTH ROVV': Perry A. Pen- dcrgraft. Ronnie J. Peudergraft. Robert Stanley Ray, D011 W. Reeser. Louis H. Pitts, Jon Lee Prathcr, Guy Sherman Prim- rose. David J. Ralcy, Robert R. Reis. R011 L. Rieger. Thomas E. Rigs, John W. Rodgers. Renn Rothrock. SEVENTH ROW: Ralph W. Rucker, Martin Sanbom. Robert R. Scott, Jerry L. Sealy. Roger L. Segler, D011 R. Shenvood, Phil A. Shrader. D011 T. Siebert. A. Richard Sinclair. Joe A Sun- barger. Roland Tague Iohn P.Ta11t011 Jim L.Thomps1m. EIGHTH ROW: John Done Todd. JerrV L. Tubb. Alconge R. Vaughn. T0111 Vi111611t. E. William VVadSVVortli. James R. VVhite.Di1k Ju VV11L111s Stephen R.VV1111ams, Sam L. VVillian1son.Bill R. Wines. Blill L. VVillis, JerrV M. VVOOd John Pierce VV nodson. JOHN MEE, President OFFICERS President . . . . . . JOHN MEE Vice-President ED BUCHNER Recording Secretary . . HERB PI'ITS Corresponding Secretary . BOB RAY Treasurer . . . . . BOB LEWIS Guide . . . . . . . JIM CLOAR A favorite spot at the Delt house is around the stereo. Jim Cloar checks the needle for Berry Mil- ler 0er and Roland Tagile trighU. I I l I - . . . - .man-guawnmnm,W, ,..R u -- w. ' a a a a q ,, ,, ,, ism . . g 630 Elm Delta Tau Delta Delta Tau Delta had a rewarding year in activities, personalities, scholarship and intramurals. Four Delts officiated as presidents of the four most influential organizations on the campus. A Delt was president of the Interfraternity council, student senate, Union Activities board and council and Tau Beta Pi. Four of the seven top seniors were Delts; six were ODKts, and three Phi Eta Sigmas. In intramurals, Delts captured the basketball crown for the second consecutive year plus second in B league, won badminton and hand- ball, won second in boxing and placed teams into A and B playoffs of every intramural sport. Diligent study was repaid by second place in IFC scholarship standings. Social events included the Delt Dive costume party, Lake Murray weekend party, fall and spring formals, Christmas party and numer- ous house parties. Second semester oHicers are Bill Hollister, president; Roland Tague, vice-president; Kent Miller and Nick Denner, secretaries; Bob Bascorn, treasurer, and Bob Scott, social chairman. 603 W. Brooks DeHa UpsHon Delta Upsilon was founded November 4, 1834, at Williams col- lege, the fifth oldest social fraternity and the oldest national fraternity on the OU campus. It is the only non-secret fraternity in existence and one of the first internationals. The DU,s won first place in the 1960 University Sing on Mothers Day last year. The chapter also won third place in scholarship of the campus, 25 fraternities. The Oklahoma chapter was selected the second best chapter in this division of Delta Upsilon. At the annual Feudal Dinner this year, which has been held an- nually since 1933, Miss Suzanne Perry, Kappa Alpha Theta, was crowned Feudal Princess. Other social events include the Spring formal, Pizza Party, and the annual Easter Egg Hunt, won by Alpha Delta Pi. DU Dick Johannes was a member of the student senate7 Pe-et, ODK, Phi Eta Sigma; he was NROTC battalion commander, the vice-president of the senior class and an outstanding freshman. Red Hawkes and Toby Kell were both selected to be among the ten outstanding freshman men of last year. T2,; 1: P D' I n E GLYNN LANE, President OFFICERS President . . . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Social Chairman GLYNN LANE HUGH RICE JOHN SPIKER BOB THOMPSON CHARLES PLANK Waiting for the bus to come in and a big week-end in Colorado are Joan Kershaw, Jay D. Hamil- ton, John Farr and Judi Shuart. FIRST ROW, left to right: V. Cary Anderson, Bruce T. Brown, Rusty Brunkow, W. T. Brunson, David P. Chaney, Roger A. Chapman, David T. Cook, Carl H. Cooper, Clint Cox, Albert L. Crabtree. SECOND ROW: Robert H. Croak, Richard H. Davis, Glen A. Day, Roger L. DeSpain, John B. K. Farr, Robert Leon Ferrier, Don J. Fox, Larry J. Fulton, Gary L. Greeson, David F. Hall. THIRD ROW: Garth Len Hall, Jay D. Hamilton, Red Hawkes, Scott Leslie Hilburn, Paul Jay Hodges, Steve B. Holaday, Richard Livingston Holden, Phil F. Homing, Mac M. Hower, David T. Ingram. FOURTH ROW: Richard Nelson Johannes, Jerry Justice, Thornton Kell, Jr.. Joe F. Key, JL, Edward T. Kurtz, Tom D. Ledbelter, J. David Ligon, Douglas E. McCracken7 Bob F. McFarland, Robert J. Mahoney. FIFTH ROW: Robert Gene Maricle, William Leon Miller, Pat E. Moore, Bob C. Murrell, J. Robert O Bryan, Fred M. Olson, Chuck Orth, Cannon A. Owen, II, Tom P. Patterson, Roy M. Payne. SIXTH ROW: Robert E. Perry, Berry F. Phillips, Charles R. Plank, Eddie L. Ramey, Gardner Randall, David A. Rennie, W. Jay Reynolds, Hugh David Rice, John M. Sharp, James N. Sommerfrucht. SEVENTH ROW: Howard Scott Stanfield, William Kent Swaim, J. Ronald Tacker. Roy Dale Taylor, Bob W. Thompson, James Whis- nand, David N. Wilkes, R. Nolen Willis, Charles W. Wilson, Duane A. VVoodliff. K. Lance VVoodliff. Be+a E+a Chap+er . . I905 if FIRST ROW, left to right: John R. Ames. Tom VV. Amsden7 Nick R. Avants, Mike E. Balenti, Frank S. Benner, John H. Bennett, John E. Binckley, Dick A. Blakeley, Richard E. Brackeen, Tommy Burt. SECOND ROW: Mike J. Busby, H. T. Cook, Orion A. Daniel, Jr., David Dean, D011 F. Duf- field, Nathaniel H. DuHield, John P. Essley. Gary Lee Evans, John Dennis Flood, William H. Cidden. THIRD ROW: Don- ald D. Gish. Phillip Lewis Hampton, Jim M. Hancock. L. Haney. Edwin L. Hansen, Jr., David H Harms Harris. Gilbert F. Haxes E. Scott Henl Johnnie Hohenshelt FOURTH ROVV: W illiam Wayne H00 kins, F. B. Jackson III, Bob Rhea Jayme, Andy Johnson Charles Lewis, Jim L. Lindsey, Virgil Perry Lovelace, James R. McCasland, Dennis M. McMahon. FIFTH ROW: Mike C. Mahood, John D. Maxson, Don Morey, Ben E. Newcomer, Lynn P. Overton, Jay E. Potter, James L. Provines, Robert Raymond Ray, Robert T. Reese. SIXTH ROW: Otis R. Rogers, Norman F. Ross, Bart Schoeneman, Charles F. Sega, Gerry M. Shaffer Tom VV. Shelhimer. Tom B. Slater, Fred W. Smith Robert C. Spurlock. SEVENTH ROW: William A. G Stephens Theodore A. Swan, Bill VV. Talley, Fred M.VVardeI1, JL, Bill N. VVeaxer7 VV Brinson VV eeks, 1., John P. VViewel. AL WEEKS, President OFFICERS President . . . . . . AL WEEKS Vice-President . . . . BOB HANEY Secretary . . . . CHARLES LEWIS Treasurer . . . . . BERT HAYES Social Chairman. . . BRAD AKINS Before a portrait of Robert E. Lee, KA7s Mike Busby, Ben New- comer, David Dean and Jack Maxson fold the Confederate flag. 601 Cruce Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha order was founded nationally at Washington and Lee university in 1865 at the cloose 0f the Civil War under the auspices and beliefs of General Robert E. Lee. Locally Kappa Alpha was established in 1905, the first fraternity 0n the campus. Miss Jeanne Conders, Pi Beta Phi was crowned the Kappa Alpha Rose at the Dixie Dance, oldest costume ball on the campus. The Plantation Ball in the fall, the big brother-little brother party and the Christmas party are other KA social events. President Al Weeks is a member of Pe-et, Omicron Delta Kappa, Union Activities council, Whois Who and was president of Tau Beta Pi. Myron Bond belongs to Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, Pi Epsilon Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa and St. Pat7s council. Bob Jayroe is a varsity baseball pitcher; Jim Provines plays varsity tennis, and Bob Reese is a varsity diver. Kappa Alpha is in the process of beginning a fund-raising drive to build a new three-story Colonial-style fraternity house on its pres- ent location, which should be completed in the fall of 1962, accord- ing to present plans. 1100 College Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma was founded nationally at the University of Vir- ginia in 1869. Gamma Kappa chapter at the University of Oklahoma was established in June of 1906. Kappa Sig is well known on the campus by such parties as the New Yearis Eve in November party, the Hellzapoppini party, the Christmas formal and the Spring formal. The fraternity sponsors the Sorority of the Year trophy which is awarded on the basis of points accumulated by sororities in campus activities, scholarship and intramurals. Paul Austin was Student Senate treasurer, senior class treasurer and a member of Alpha Phi Omega. Jerry Gamble received the Lottinville Award and the Pe-et award for the outstanding freshman man, was vice-president of the Student Senate and is a member of Alpha Phi Omega. Elton Johnson is a member of the Student Senate, one of the top ten freshman men, a distinguished AFROTC cadet and was chairman of the Engineer Show and dance. Mrs. James McGee has been housemother for the OU Kappa Sigs for two years. ROBERT KRONEY, President OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Social Chairman "What are we having for supper. Hershel Lamirandt Fred Marsh tfronti, Jack Durrett, Bill Culp and Gary Duncan try to find out. ROBERT KRONEY BILL WALKER ELTON JOHNSON PAUL AUSTIN Buzz MCDONALD 357 Gamma Rho Ze+a FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. J. C. Bethshares, Hostess, Richard R. Allred, Jon E. Anderson, Peter C. Andresen, Alton L. Austin, Terry J. Barham, V. Michael Barkkett, Gerald Hugh Barnes, David W. Bell, Joe N. Bell. SECOND ROW: Harry J. Benson. Charles P. Bieber, Gordon A. Bocox, Stanley E. Bozarth, Gary Bradshaw, Robert L. Bridwell, Guy H. Burrous, Jon D. Canaday, Richard E. Cies, Jim L. Cooper. THIRD ROW: Richard C. Cooper, Jim W. Comer, James R. Derry- berry, Jim E. Dicus7 Tom David Dunham, Charles M. Evans, Ray A. Freeze, Jack P. Catewood, Kenneth E. Graham. Ronni Dean Hale. FOURTH ROW: Bill T. Hallmark, Jerry E. Hammett, Allen K. Harris, John R. Haugen. Ken M. Hemry, Charles T. Henderson, Dick B. Holcomb, Tom Holmes, James L. Hopkins. Ronald L. Hosncr. FIFTH ROW: Charles F. Hull, William W. Hutchinson, Jay L. Jarmes, Daniel Biff 1. . . Johnson, Johnny H. Jones, JL, 0. Maurice Joy, Harold W'. Kallenbcrger, Kalman Kutszegi, E. T. Laird, Gary A. Leek. SIXTH ROW: W7ayne L. Loving, Thomas C. McKee, Donald R. McLellan, Grady Merritt, James E. Mills. Robert B. Mont- gomery, William H. Morris, JL, Mack Gordon Nauman, Jerry E. Otis, Richard W. Petticrew. SEVENTH ROW: Pat R. Pitchford, Jim Pitts, Thomas H. Rains, James O. Randel, Terry Lee Riddle, John T. Robinson, Melvin V. Rogers, Stuart M. Scoggin, Gilbert C. Scrivner, James T. Shaeffer, Ronald L. Sheffield. EIGHTH ROW: Charles W. Sizemore, John P. Smith. Donald R Taylor, Thomas H. Watkins, Thomas Michael Weaver. Wen R. VVestall, Paul Ronald Wiley, Jim Wilson, Joe A. Winfield, Herman Judd Wirz III, Lee Candler Young. JAMES JONES, President OFFICERS President . . . . JAMES R. JONES Vice-President . . . MIKE BARKE'IT Secretary . . . . . JERRY E. OTIS Treasurer . . . . TOM WATKINS Social Chairman . RALPH W. RUSSELL Joe Bell, Ralph Russell and Jerry Otis help housemother Mrs. J. C. Bethshares prepare for dessert. 904 College Lambda Chi Alpha For the second consecutive year the Lambda Chi Alpha act was selected to appear in the Sooner Scandals. A Lambda Chi, Mike Barkett, was also director of the 1961 Sooner Scandals. Lambda Chi ranks in the top four of Interfraternity council ratings of intramurals and scholarship. Lambda Chi Dick Holcomb holds the presidency of Omicron Delta Kappa; more Lambda Chi1s are members of ODK than any other fraternity on the campus. Seven BMOC,s are Lambda Chi7s. Parents of chapter members have won both attendance trophies 0n Dad7s Day and Motheras Day respectively for the past five years. On the social calendar of the chapter are the Tradewinds party, a costume party which lasts an entire weekend; the White Rose for- mal; the Moulin Rouge party; the Christmas party, and the spring formal. Second semester officers of the chapter are Charles Evans, presi- dent; Stan Bozarth, vice-president; Jerry Otis, secretary; Bill Morris, treasurer, and Jim Dicus, social chairman. Lambda Chi Alpha was founded in 1909 at Boston university. Locally it saw its establishment in October of 1923. 1400 College Phi Delta Theta One of the highlights of the OU Homecoming weekend is the annual Phi Delta Theta Turtle Race. This year the turtle of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority won the contest. Traditional Phi Delta social events are the Christmas formal, the Spring formal, the Roaring Twenties Party and the all-Phi Delta Theta basketball tournament. Phi Delt was founded nationally in 1848 at Miami university in Oxford, Ohio. Oklahoma Alpha had its local founding in January of 1918. Noted Alumni of Phi Delta Theta are Frank Lloyd Wright, Van HeHin, F red Vinson, Doak Walker, Lou Gehrig and former President Benjamin Harrison. F irst semester offlcers arc Steve Sullivan, president; Tom Ed James, vice-president; Joey Robinson, secretary; John Pearson, treasurer, and Ken Morrison, social chairman. Mrs. Roy Baker has begun her first year as housemother of Okla- homa University,s chapter of Phi Delta Theta. MAC KNIGHTON, President OFFICERS President . . . . MAC KNIGHTON Vice-President . LARRY MARCH Secretary . . . . . LARRY NEELY Treasurer . . . . JOHN PEARSON Social Chairman . KEN MORRISON Pledges dontt allow any shut-eye going on around here as member Bob Ryan gets dumped from the living room couch. Oklahoma Alpha Chap+er . . . l9l8 FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. Roy Baker. Hostessq William C. Allen, Joe W. Anderson, John David Austin. W. Joe Bal- lard, John H. Brandenburg, VViIliam C. Brining, Pat W. Brooks, Roderick W. Calvert, Richard H. Champlin, Michael R. Choquette. SECOND ROW: Joe Charles Cole, Haden Cmvdrey, Stephen H. Craven, George William Davis, Joe W. Davis, Joe Davis, Jr., Phil Earnest, James Paul Edwards, Bill M. Engle, Remington P. Fairlamb, Gary H. Farris. THIRD ROW: D. Tims Fenwick, Jr., Ray D. Finegan, Richard W. Gable, Billy Guy Givens, Kenneth Gene Grady, Jim R. Hall, Malcom Pearce Hammond, William VVnde Head, Frank D. Hill7 Barron C. Housel, John R. Killgore. FOURTH ROWE John B. Kirkpatrick, Robert B. Knight, Fred B. Koontz III, Dixie l A Joe Jackson. Tom Ed James, Ken Lanyon, Steve A. Lindley, George Collier Loving, Gary S. McCurdy, Phil MCKeever, Ed B. Massey. FIFTH ROW: Bill C. Morris III, George H. Mus- grave, Bill G. Nations, Steve Jeffrey Olsen, Morris Lee Orr, Dick K. Pemberton, William J. Perkins, R. Curtis Phillips, James H. Reniers, Howard Grant Ritchey, Jim A. Rushton. SIXTH ROW: Robert D. Ryan, Thomas A. Ryan, George W. Seibold, R. B. Sewell, Stephen V. Sickel, Royse J. Smith, Wil- liam H. Smith 11, John C. Snyder, Richard L. Stephenson, Stephen A. Sullivan, Steve W. SwaHord. SEVENTH ROW: Joe Butler Thomas, Edward H. Torcom, George 0. Trikel, John C. Vaughan, Don C. Walker, M. D. Webbcr, W. Wayne Withers, Charles F. White, Lyle 0. Young, Larry Roger Zook. Nu Omega Chap+er . . . I9I7 I FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. Ralph B. Kramer, Hostcss. James C. Atkins, JL, Hal D. Balyeat, George R. Bailey. Cecil C. Barnett, Joe W. Berryman, Clark Hayes Boyles john R. Bozalis, William M. Cain III. J. Edwin Carman. Byron Lee Cate. SECOND R Clifford K. Cate, Jn. Merritt B. Chas- tain, JL, Donald L. ark, Tom C. Clark. David John Coch- ran, Miller Davidge. Alan Davis, John Andrews Davis. Cu, O. Danielson, Bill Deal, Dennis J. Dodson. THIRD ROV Terry Knight Dunlap, T0111 Dulaney, Jack R. Durland. JL, Phil Eberhart, Robert F. Eddins, David E. Ewing, John A. Farrell. W7illiam O. Gamble. Charles E. Grady. James R. Cra- ham. Richard L. Griffith. FOURTH ROW: James CA Henryq John R. Holmes. Thomas Edward Howard. W. Earl Ingram III, Gary 1V1. Jarmon, Hugh Raymond Jones. George Edward Kadane. Bob B. Kellough. Joe R. Kennedy. Robert joc Kepke. 1 Ray R. Kinsinger. FIFTH ROW: Tom L. Kroutil, David H. Lampton, Jim S. Lasater, Haro H. LeCrone, Phil WV. Lowell, Larry C. Lutz, Roger E. McElroy, Jon T y Madeira, Todd W. Markum. Denver W. Meacham, George T. Metcalfe. SIXTH ROW: Tom F. Parker. Lindsay Perkinsf John H. Poe, Jr., David E. Ragland, William W. Rollins. O. H. Ruudell, JL, Tommy R. Setzer. Wyilliam S. Slease, Alvin H. Smith, Richard J. Smith. SEVENTH ROW: John O. Sparks, E. Jackson Sullivan, Bill C. Thompson, Jam Stephen Toland7 Phil Truss, Stan Tyler, Jess L. Vint, L. Jack Wall. Robert D. VValner, Bryant VValts. EIGHTH ROW: Robert W'endyl W'atts, David M. Way, Peter M. Way, Charles Keith Webster, Link Welsh, G. hnmas Whitney, Robert E. Vilbur, Doug Villiams, Larry H. W'ilson. Jr., David H. Young. GARY LAGERE, President OFFICERS President. . . . . GARY LAGERE Corresponding Secretary DAVID YOUNG Recording Secretary DENVER MEACHAM Treasurer . . . BARNEY BARNETT Social Chairman . . SONNY BOYLES T. Myers is ready for class while L. Perkins, B. Wilbur and D. Dodson wonder w h at th e i r chances are of a ride. 1200 College Phi Gamma Delta Phi Gamma Delta has undertaken an extensive program of social service. Each Fiji pays one dollar per month into a fund used especially for social service. Projects include adopting a little girl in Asia through the Foster Parents Plan, sending CARE packages overseas and being on 24-hour call for blood donations. The Chapter also collects food and clothing for needy families and has numerous parties for orphans and underprivileged children. Phi Gamma Delta was founded at Jefferson college in 1848, based on secrecy and friendship. The motto of the fraternity is "friendship athe sweetest influence? Nu Omega chapter was established on the Oklahoma university campus in 1917. The OU chapter has been selected as the outstanding chapter of Phi Gamma Delta more times than any other chapter in the fraternity. The Fiji Island costume party is the chapterTs outstanding social event of the year, the house being decorated in South Seas motif. Other parties are the Fiji Nite Club party, the Christmas party and the White Costume Party. Prominent alumni of Phi Cam are Governor J. Howard Edmond- son, Representative Ed Edmondson, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, C. Mennen Williams and Bob Mathias. 720 Elm Phi Kappa Psi Members of Phi Kappa Psi are looking forward to next year when they will be living in their new house. The new fraternity house is being built at the same location and will be colonial in style, costing $300,000. Construction is expected to be completed by next September. Phi Kappa Psi fraternity was founded in 1852 in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Oklahoma Alpha chapter was established on the OU campus in October of 1920. Members of Phi Psi active on the campus are Jerry Rogers, Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu and Society of Radio Engineers; Don Litchford, IF C rush chairman, Society of Mechanical Engineers, and Society of Automotive Engineers? and James Loving, president of the Business Statistics Clubi Society for Advancement of Management, and AFROTC cadet advisory committee. Second semester officers are Charles Palmer, president; Dick Baker, Vice-presidnt; David Downing, secretary; Paul Calvert, treasurer, and Claude Williams, social Chairman. WENDEL FOUSHEE, President OFFICERS President . . . WENDEL FOUSHEE Vice-President . RICHARD MCCLAIN Secretary . . . DAVID A. DOWNING Treasurer . . . . PA1:L CALVERT Social Chairman . JOHN ENGLESON Having fun at the Phi Psi "Hal- loween Part3;a are Leta Rae Fer- guson. Richard McClain and Don Tillman. Oklahoma Alpha Chap+er . . . I920 FIRST ROW, left to right: Ben C. Adams, Dick Baker, Dallas C. Barnett, Charles S. Bellman, Rodger V. Bramley, J. Paul Calvert, Ron Glyn Chambers, Mervin Dwight Clements, JL, Jimmy M. Cole, Michael Alvin Cullinan. SECOND ROW': David A. Downing, Jon C. Dyer, John P. E15011, Andy Thomas Faust, Leslie B. Finnell, William Riley Grove, Peter S. chdy. Dan W. James, John J. Keenan, John C. Koch. THIRD ROW: Gerald Holman Kursar, Jack G. Land III, Fred J. Lockwood, Jim W. Loving, David C. Luther, Richard B. Mc- Clain, John C. McClure, Robert Henry McKee, W. Clark Mc- Manus, Buddy McMullin. FOURTH ROW: Mike W. Marko, James W. Mayo, Stephen D. Miller, Frederick D. W. Mugler, Sidney A. Musscr, Tom D. Owens, Charles G. Palmer, Richard G. Parker, Thomas Howard Payne. FIFTH ROW: Bill Peck, Steve W. Rhoades, Lonnie Schmilt, James Vance Seamans, Charles S. Sims, Neilson Spann, Michael R. Stephens, Claude N. Williams, Harry Mize Young. 495 Omicron Chap+er . . . I929 Engmssed in a "c0013, conversation are two Phi Kaps and dates at the Phi Kappa Sigma "Beatnlk Party? FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. Charles W. Honess, Hostess, William Howard Atkins, Harry L. Bannister, Jr., John Graham Brown, Lynn C. Buzzard, Robert A. Clark, Laurence D. Court- ney, J06 H. Crosby, Cary F. Dockery. SECOND ROW: Rob- ert F. Erdman, JL, Donald E. Escherich, Haskell L. Evans, Jimmy Dorsey Fellers, James William Hammond, Emmett H. Henley, George M. Henley, Jerry M. Hobbs, George L. H01- land. THIRD ROW: Richard W. Houston, Earl W. Kitchen, R. C. Lawson, James M. McFarlane, John Robert Matncy, Tim Nicholson, Jerry Brian Misner, Tillman J. Ragan, John Robert Reid. FOURTH ROW: Max Reno, Mike Riley, Larry D. Rose, Richard C. Slagle, Richard W. Smith, Milton T. Spivey, Jr., James Burgess Steed, Jack W. Talrpley7 John K. Totten, Fred A. Quenzer, Jr. BUTCH MERKLE, President OFFICERS President . . . . BUTCH MERKLE Vice-President . . RICHARD SLAGLE Secretary . . . . . JOHN BROWN Treasurer . . . . FRED QUENZER Social Chairman . . . JIM STEED Margot Uetrecht is about to get dunked in the pool, but the Phi Kappa Sigs and Cynthia Crandall are enjoying the whole thing. 736 Elm Phi Kappa Sigma On August 167 1850, at the University of Pennsylvania, Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity was founded by Samuel Brown and Wylie Mitchell, Omicron chapter was established at the University of Oklahoma in 1929. Phi Kap, now With 46 chapters, is the fifth oldest fraternity in existence. The colors of the fraternity are black and gold. Phi Kap Earl Kitchen is a member of Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Gamma Tau Kappa and Phi Eta Sigma. Fred Quenzer belongs to Delta Phi Alpha, Alpha Epsilon Delta and the Arnold Air society. Social functions of Phi Kappa Sigma are the Black and Cold formal, the Shipwreck and the Dallas weekend party. The Chapter participated in Homecoming decorations this year by building a giant "Huey Duckh on their front lawn. Outstanding alumni are Albert Kulp, executive member of the national Interfraternity council; Dr. Victor Kulp, David Ross Boyd, professor of Law7 and Robert Ruark, famous author and journalist. Second semester officers are Butch Merkle, president; Bud Spivey, vice-president; Robert Erdman, secretary; Fred Quenzer, treasurer, and John Brown, social chairman. 73 I Asp Phi Kappa Theta Phi Kappa Theta is the result of an amalgamation of the two national fraternities for Catholic men, Theta Kappa Phi and Phi Kappa. This chapter was founded as Theta Kappa Phi in January of 1934. The Roman Holiday costume party is the highlight of the Phi Kappa Theta social season. Invitations are delivered by slave-driven chariots. Other parties include the Fall Formal, the Beaux Arts Ball and the Victory Party at the conclusion of rush week. Outstanding members of the chapter are Joe Maldonado, Delta Sigma Pi, finance club, marketing club, Iota Epsilon and Beta Beta Sigma; Dennis Kelcher, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma and the DeaIfs honor roll; Robert Krueger, Gamma Tau Kappa7 Sigma Tau, Society of Geological Engineers7 and the Dean's honor roll. Mrs. Van T. Moon has been housemother 0f the chapter for the past 14 years. DON HICKMAN, President OFFICERS President . . . . DON HICKMAN Vice-President . . MIKE THOMPSON Secretary . . . . . MIKE HEALY Treasurer . . . . DON GANGEMI Social Chairman . . JIM MCCOMAS Shades of Caesar! Dennis Woods invites Carolyn Torreguossa to a Roman Holiday. Trumpeters are Stan Cralla and Pete Koerner. Oklahoma Kappa Chapfer . . . I934 FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. Van T. Moon, Hostess, Doyle E. Biller, William L. DuBray, James E. Duffy, Donald P. Gan- gemi, Stan W. Cralla. SECOND ROW: Michael T. Healy, Carl Robert Krueger, J. Roger Lochhead, James A. McComas, Joe E. Maldonado, John Paul Ozar. THIRD ROW: Edgar F. Pacheco, Mario J. Rivera, John D. Roberts, Bill T. Teed, Ken- neth H. VVilIy, Robert Alan Yates. Desperate for a parking spot, Roger Lochhead, along with.Den- nis Woods, tries the lawn. But Bob Yates, Don Gangeml and Jim McComas say no. FIRST ROVVV', left 111 right: .101111 Kenneth Adznns, 1111111 R1111- 21111 Allgood, David V. Ashbuucller, 11601111111 Frank Bull. Charles Barbee, Jack W. Barnes, Kenneth Preuitt 11211121116. 11. Neal 1166111112111, Larry R. 150115, James Richard Bradley, Nelson E. F. Brensing, Jr. SECOND ROVW Duane 11r0VV'11. 101111 A. 111Va11,11111 Caerr.VVurre11 H. 0162111111111. R1111 11011611 1111-1111111 M. 1 11k1111 Blair 11 1 111116.11ch C111V611s. 11011611 L.C11ster.Larry D.Derere11 LarrV De1111 11111119.T111RD ROW Dennis E.D1111,P21111 C. Duncan. 11. 11011111 D. 11111611. HanV C. E11 1011 E. 1511111111 12111185 A. Fciglnn'. Mark VVV. Files. Robert . 1es Fitz 111111101 01111 1.11111 1:0r111 11101 11. Franklinq Larry1 French. F1 TH ROVV': 1.11 . 1122111111- 1110. James H. Cray, B1111 Lake VC. Richard T. 11111111111; Gary B. Hester. VV1111121111 T1111 1111 Lecrny 11. 111g11t0VV ' David E. Hood, Ronald Kent Howell, Paul 1111111116, P111111 1 1, Hurley. F "11 ROW: Henry James. 1111111 11. 111111118011. R1111- e1t M. Johnson 1.1V11ke K111111gSVV01111. K111 K111111111, Robert :Vllzm Killqmtlick VV111111111 RoV K11kVV01111.1r.,1er1V' 11. Lev- 1see.DaV11l S. 11111156V'. 111V LV1111.190rgc VV.Mc11611'11n. S 'TH ROVV: 11111 D. 3111111611. 16121111 M. Maddux. .1. C. M11111111.R11l1ert R. Martin. Gary R. McrL-er. 11111 1. Merrimau, .11111 F.M11ra11. VV111121111 Thomas Nelms, Hilly Titus Nelson, 1CIIV Max N011111111.R11l1ert A. N1111'1111V'. S 1ENTH ROW: Nels T. 0111111161.N01611 R.R2111ls. Edward 19 161111131. 11011 R. Rusl1111g..111111es R. 31111611 116111611 C. S1'111V'2111. ,11111111V' 81112111- VV'0011. David A. SI111111.K01111 51111111. KCIlllClh C. 1. Jr. EIGHTH ROV . . 91'1111161.11111 Stewart. R113. Stewart, 11011 L. Taylor. V 11 .2 . 1110111115011. S. D. Turner, James F. VViHiElIIlS. 1h111611 F. ,1. VViIlizuns 111, Brunt VV'orthington, Dwight L. chzcr. JOE SAVAGE, President OFFICERS President . . . . . JOE SAVAGE Vice-President . . . BILL STEWART Secretary . . . . BILL THOMPSON Treasurer . . . . DUANE BROWN Social Chairman . . . BOB CUSTER The PiKA combo gets ready for a real cool session. Musicians are Ron Coffelt, piano; Dion Johnson and Ken Speer, guitars; and Tom Hicks, drums. 1203 Elm Pi Kappa Alpha The glee Club of Pi Kappa Alpha with the chorus of Delta Delta Delta sorority sang the overture and the finale of the 1961 Sooner Scandals. Pi K A won second place in the 1960 Motherts Day University Sing. Miss Jean Sorrell of Alpha Phi sorority was Chosen the Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha at the Dream Girl Formal. Other parties are the Apache F tench costume party, the Black and White F ormal, the Pledge party and the victory party. Pike Henry James was president of the Student Senate, one of the ten top freshman men, member of Delta Sigma Pi and on the Dean7s honor roll. Roger Stewart was one of the ten top freshman men, a member of Phi Eta Sigma and the Interfraternity council. Second semester oHEcers are Paul Duncan, president; Bob Kirk- patrick, vice-president; Mark Files, secretary; Jerry Maddux, treas- urer, and Bill Stewart, social chairman. 1201 College Pi Lambda Phi Pi Lambda Phi was founded at Yale university in 1895. Since its establishment on the OU campus in 1922, Pi Lam has maintained an outstanding record in scholarship, athletics and campus activities. This year with Pi Kappa Alpha and Pi Beta Phi, the Pi Lam,s sponsored the second annual Pi Party at the beginning of the year for the whole campus. Each year the Pi Lam spring house highlights the rush and social events of the year. Noteworthy Pi Lam,s 0n the campus are Allen Saxe7 president of Pi Sigma Alpha, member of the Student Senate, Omicron Delta Kappa and a BMOC. Richard Cohen is president of the Public Relations society, member of Sigma Delta Chi and intramural editor of the SOONER yearbook. Jay Levine was treasurer of the Student Press association, editor of the Oklahoma Daily, member of Sigma Delta Chi and sports editor of the SOONER yearbook. Mrs. Corrine Levy has been Pi Lam housemother for 11 years. STEPHEN SMITH, President OFFICERS President . . . . STEPHEN SMITH Vice-President MARSHALL PEARLSTEIN Secretary . . . . . BARRY SRAGO Treasurer . . . . . JOHN LEVINE Social Chairman . BRUCE MAGOON Pi Lams win over the Sammies in the annual "Nose Bowlia game to Win the trophy. Chapfer . . . I922 FIRST ROW, left to right: Ronny G. Altman, Tom H. Beren- son, William R. Berry, Mark Y. Blum, D011 L. Blumenthal, Jerry L. BorochoH, Jay Brown, Jim M. Busch, Kenneth Roy Caplin, Richard J. Caplin, Jerry H. Cohen, Richard S. Cohen. SECOND ROW: Sam M. Coplin, Barry M. Davis, Stan Doc- tor, Jay Ronal Edelstein, Charles Leonard Fagin, David H. Fagin, Kenneth D. Fciger, Dennis Stephen Feinberg, Robert E. Flexner, William A. Flexner, Thomas Mark Freedman, Arnold S. Fried. THIRD ROW: Larry F. Friedherg, Mike P. Fried- man, Arthur Gaer, Salem L. Geller, Jack Fred Gerson, Frank F. Ghertner, Howard Elliott Gilbert, Larry E. Gilinsky, Herb S. Gittleman, Justin M. Greenberg, Jeff Greene, Ian I. Herzog. FOURTH RO V: Steve Horwitz, Charles E. Hurwitz. William S. Hurwitz, Marvin Lee Joseph, Robert S. Joseph, Mike Kall- meyer, Bill Katznlan, Dennis M. Kaufman. Robert Henry Kaye. Joel P. Kimelman, Robert K. Kolhrenner, W7arren K. Kourt. FIFTH ROW: Marshall J. Kramer, Robert W. Krasnow, Steve J. Kratchman, Victor L. Ladd, Jerry W. Levin, Jay Lewis Levine, John Perry Levine, Vernon P. Lotman, Bruce Ray- mond Magoon, Stephen Larry Mehl, Harry Merson, Jerry J Miller. SIXTH ROW: Larry A. Mizel, Bob G. Natanson, Al Newberg, Bob S. Nogg, Stephen Jon Oxenhandler, Tony Pack, Marshall Mark Pearlstein, Skip Piltz, Ronald S. Pretekin, Henry Richard Raskin, Bob L. Renbcrg. SEVENTH ROW: Sam Ted Reyes, Benjamin D. Rosenberg, Robert P. Rosenberg, Stan W. Rosenfield, Mike D. Rudman, Richard S. Sandler, Allan A. Saxe, Howard A. Schainker, Cecil Schenker, Morris J. Schimmel, Steve Schwartz. EIGHTH ROW: John Marder Shane, Gary G. Shrago, Steve A. Sloan, Howard Alan Slusky, Mel N. Snitz, Lester H. Smith, Richard S. Solar, Howard M. Stoler, Jay A. Stolper, David G. Suckle, Leslie 1. Tzinberg. NINTH ROW: Paul R. VVeinstein, Ronald L. VVeissman, Larry K. VVeitzner, Donald K. VVilk, Charles R. Wise, Ellison H. VVittels, Charles R. Wolf, Bruce T. W'olff, Mike S. W70lfson, Hal D. Zelazny, Ronnie Jay Zuckerman. , N f FIRST ROW, left to right: Donald Thomas Allen. Robert W. Anderson, Ben Ansley. W'. A. Baker. Richard B. Baldwin. Bill E. Barnes. Bill W'. Bechtel, George D. Bennett. John Overton Bennett, Frank W. Binnie, JL. Bruce Paul Bischof. Jimmy Don Blair. SECOND ROW: Duane R. Blankenshi . George I. Bridges, '1 Kenny G. Carnes, Charlie P. Clark. Tony E. C E. Cobb. Ray C. Collins, Patrick D. Corder. Max W. Craig. Bob J. Deupree. THIRD ROW: XVilliam George Dodge. Jr., Jim Doughty. Rick W. Dunlevy. John Alvin Egnew. John XV. Elias. J. j. Elliott. Bob Fellers. Don Carl Finkenbimler. A. David Fleming Richard M. Fogg. NVilliam L. Ford. Lon Fast FOURTH ROW. Robert L. Foster. John B. French. Taylm N. French. William L. George. C. Drew Gibson, Lee XV. Gilbert. Robert R. Gilbert III, Mike L. Gibson. Verne E. GriHitll. Wade Harrison, Bill H. Hill. James M. Hill. FIFTH ROW; Thomas A. Hill, James Hamilton Hise, Robert B. Holland, Jr.., James C. Hunt, Bill Don Huser, Kenneth R. Johnson, E. D. Jolly, Mike Louis Jones, Henry P. Kerr. Graydon H. Laugh- bnum, r.. Jerald J. Lehman, Robert P. Luke. SIXTH ROW: Dave McCarty, George E. McDonald, Robert M. McLeod, Gor- don G. Marcum, R' "I ard G. Martina Mike D. Martin, Joe W. M 'ey, Jim W. M 1d, D011 E. Merten, Ryan H. Morris, Amos N. Moses, VV 11am Robert Pauszc. SEVENTH ROW: Harlan S. Pinkerton, Jr.. Richard A. Poguq Peter M. Porter, Charles D. Reed. David L. Rice, Larry R. Rowe, Joseph Ben- jamin Saunders. Ierry Douglas Scott, Harold W. Scovill, Francis L. Shafe Jr.. Robert L. Shaw. Robert Lee Simpson. EIGHTH ROW: Curl N. Stover, JL, Cary E. Stratum, James . Teegerstrom. John M. Turner. Ed H. W'alner, James C. VVal . William H. Warren, Jr., James R. Watkins, Guy R. W'illlbey. Armstead A. York, Mike E. Vaclaw. JOHN COATEs, President OFFICERS President . . . . . JOHN COATES Vice-President . . . RAY COLLINS Secretary . . . . . BILL BARNES Treasurer . . . JIM TEEGERSTROM Social Chairman . . JIM JOHNSON Entering the Sig Alph "Jungle Partyw by way of the tunnel are Jim Doughty, Sherry Turner and John Muntz. 730 College Sigma Alpha Epsilon Oklahoma Kappa chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon has been on the OU campus for over a half-century setting records in intramurals, scholarship and activities. The chapter received the Intrafraternity council scholarship im- provement trophy last year for making the greatest improvement in chapter scholarship. The IFC intramural track trophy also resides in the Sig Alph house. Outstanding Sig Alphs 0n the campus are Vern CriHith, Phi Eta Sigma, one of the ten top freshman men, Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Tau and Alpha Chi Sigma; Greydon Laughbaum, Sigma Tau, Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Gamma Epsilon and treasurer of the IFC; Rob Luke, Phi Eta Sigma, outstanding NROTC freshman, Society of Engineering Physicists and outstanding freshman engineer; and Robert Foster, Phi Eta Sigma, Union Activities council and finance manager of Sooner Scandals. First semester officers are Robert Shaw, president; John Elias, Vice-president; Jim Johnson, secretary; Jim Teegerstrom, treasurer, and Jim Johnson, social chairman. 524 W. Brooks Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Alpha Mu celebrated the 40th anniversary of its founding 0n the Oklahoma University campus this year. Sigma Alpha chapter was established on May 26, 1920. Nationally Sigma Alpha Mu was founded at the City College of New York in 1909. The Sammy exhibit won second place in the 1960 Campus Chest Carnival. During homecoming7 the chaptefs float was an alligator which was wrapped around the chapter house depicting the cartoon theme and adding to the spirit of homecoming. Sammies were in the swing of campus society with their Winter and Spring formals, the Hillbilly Hop, Casino Party and Shipwreck Party. Mrs. Sonia Brown has been the Sammy housemother for 13 years. Bob Lipton was managing editor and sports editor of the Okla- homa Daily and a member of Sigma Delta Chi; Gil Davidson was one of the ten freshmen elected to the student senate from the Uni- versity college, and Ron Steinberg was one of the top AFROTC freshman cadets. MEL MEYERS, President OFFICERS President . . . . . MEL MEYERS Vice-President . . . . J. B. COHN Secretary . . . . . . JERRY PAss Treasurer . . . JERRY FREIDBERG Social Chairman . . MARK WASCO Another car sticker, but new pledge Kenny Deitchman is proud to display it. Members J. B. Cohn, Jerry Pass and Earl Fagin 100k on. Sigma Alpha Chapfer . . . I920 FIRST ROW, left to right: Ronnie P. Baker, Ralph B. Ben- dorf, Edward H. Brooks, Leonard L. Buchsbaum, Gil B. Cohen, J. B. Cohn, William S. Comroe, Alvin A. Daiches, Gilbert S. Davidson, JL, Kenny L. Deitchman. SECOND ROW: Bob Dolgin, Earl H. Fagin, Harold L. Feldman, Jarin F. Feldstein, Barry Carlyle Fink, Jerry Freidberg, Marshall J. Gerber, David Roy Ccssner, Sidney Joel Gorelick, Larry A. Grossman. THIRD ROW: Mike C. Kahn, Jerome H. Katz, Stanley G. Katz, Jerald A. Klinock, A. Steven Koplowitz5 Leon J. Kravetz, Robert S. Lipton, Wyilliam H. Lipton. inlliam S. Moses, Harvey Gene Mozer. FOURTH ROW: Thomas M. Mudrick, Louis Robert Newman, Jerrold H. Pass, Mike S. Peck, Melvyn Gerald Price, Coleman L. Robison, Allan Ronald Schifmzm7 David E. Shusterman, Matthew Donald Siegel, Phillip Simon. FIFTH ROW: Brent LaSallc Stein, Ronald J. Steinberg, Stephen L. Suckle, Paul Sherwin Toltz, Leonard W. Trachtenberg, Mark A. VVasko, Myron .I- Veinberger, Larry H. Wkintraub, Paul A. VVeisblatt, Herbert C. Young;7 Robert N. Zoblotsky. 507 Be+a Kappa Chapi'er . . . I9I2 FIRST ROW, left to right: Skip Allman. Tod F. Almquist. Wilson Ba; st, Bill W. Bishop, Curtis 0. Bohlman. William C. Bouncy. Paul R. Boone, Gerald E. Borelli. Sam Kent 15; d- shaw. Thomas H. Bright. B. Daryl Bristou'. SECOND IUVHV: Charles L. Bristow, Ronald G. Brown. Kenneth D. Burke. D011 E. Cannon. dex 1! H. Chmel. J. F. Costello. J11. Harvey F. Crouch. Dennis 0. Cubbage, Steve Cubbage. Joseph P. Culp, Curtis L. Culver. THIRD ROW: Monte M. Deere. John M. " ce J. Dykhouse. Gene Marklcy Earl. Dale K. Eg- Nohle Forbes. Iinnel H. Garrett. .0 den. Jim N. 1 31121111. FOURTH Herbert M. Graves. Fred Gr '65. Daud Grubh. Samuel King Hallman. Eddie Harper. .1. Dock Harrell. D011 E. Her- rold. Chester L. Hill. J0 Bob Hille. XViHiznn James Hoag. Tommy C. Hodges. FIFTH IUHV: Eddy R. Howard. 1V. Dwayne Howard, Arden Howell. John 1Vcldml Humllty. Lee Frank lVy. Jim Jackson. Baird Jzuuerm'm. T0111 L. Jaunt-s. John Bruce Jurboe, Bob Kadane. John M. Keefer. SIXTH ROW: Erskine R. Kelly, George B. Kcrnek. Ralph L66 Kooken. Fred- erick 1V. Lankard. Don L. Lawrence. Jack N. Lee. Lee Alan Leslie. Jack 1V. Love. Gary L. McClanahan. Pug McClunahan. Mike E. MCCurtain. SEVENTH ROWE James E. McDougal. Michael James h'lzlples. Kent Messamore. Vance K. Morgan. Charles R. Murdock. Joe B. Myers. Allen 0. Nance. Marvin F. Ogle. Larry Joe Oliver. Major W. Park. J11. James II. Payne. EIGHTH ROW': Edwin F. Pionkowski. IL. R011 Potts. Robert B. Ricci Clinton Dee Rogers, Fenton M. Sanger. James A. Sinex. 4 ster D Sitter. John H Stephenson. Frank Raymond Stone. Jack H. Rout, Bruce. Swaine. Roger W. Trekell. NINTH ROW: Charles E. Tumble. Steve Turner. George S. Upton. George R. V1111 XVagner. Grady II. Vaughn. Gerald L. XVassun. Gene T. W'atson. Don D. W'elch. James S. W'elch. Gary B. 1Villiamson. Jeff 5.th1mls0n. Frank 1V. VVorIcy. VIC VVALLACE, President OFFICERS President. . . . . VIC WALLACE Vice-President . . . JIM SINEX Secretary . . . CURTIS BOHLMAN Treasurer . . . JIM WELSH Social Chairman . FRANK WORLEY Itis just a friendly game of snook- er, but keep your eye on the ball. Left to right are Allan Nance, Frank VVorley, John Jarboe and Pug McClanahan. 558 S. University Blvd. Sigma Chi Sigma Chi was the recipient of the 1960 IFC intramural trophy and this year placed second in intramural football and third in basketball. In campus activities the Chis were once again in the Sooner Scan- dals with their act, Grapes of Wrath, Part II. The fraternity won first place in the Campus Chest and second in the Dad$s Day Quartet contest. The top social event for the chapter is the Sweetheart dance, at which Ann Whybark, Kappa Alpha Theta, was chosen the Sweet- heart of Sigma Chi last year. Other events are the Western party, the Harlem ball, the Baby Bawl and Derby Day7 which features inter- sorority competition in track and field events. Second semester oHicers are Jim Sinex, president; Daryl Bristow, Vice-president; Sam Bradshaw, secretary; Marvin Ogle, treasurer, and Jack Love, social chairman. Mrs. Mollie Sullins has been Sigma Chi housemother for two years. 1300 College Sigma Nu Sigma Nu fraternity was founded in 1869 at Virginia Military in- stitute, founded on the principles of love, honor and truth. Delta Epsilon chapter was chartered in January of 1909 on the OU campus. The Nus have always been known for their "big three77 partiese the White Rose F ormal, the Pledge Party and the Border Dance. The Border Dance is the oldest established party on the campus, being over 50 years old. Kenny Teel is a member of ODK, BMOC, Wh0,s Who, a varsity baseballer and a member of Sigma Delta Chi; Bill McAlister is a member of ODK, BMOC, student senate, Whois Who, chairman of the Miss 0U contest, Sigma Tau and Scabbard and Blade. Tom Forney is a member of the Union Activities board, student senate, Men1s Glee Club and chairman of the Popular Series. First semester officers were William E. Bates, president; Dave Blevins, Vice-president; Joe Farr, secretary; Joe Bob Drake, treasurer, and Dan George Blake, social Chairman. DAVE BLEVINS, President OFFICERS President . . . . DAVE BLEVINS Vice-President . . . . JOE FARR Secretary . . . . . TOM FORNEY Treasurer . . . . ANDY PHILLIPS Social Chairman . DICK LAMBERTZ Sigma Nu golf enthusiasts get ready to relax awhile. Ready to go are Andy Phillips, Mike Cohl- mia, Ken White, Ed Mehew and Dick Lambertz. DeHa Epsilon Chap+er . . . I909 FIRST ROW, left to right: Daniel Stonewall Anderson, Pete Ankeny, Jerry D. Balentine, Smitty Barnes, William E. Bates, Cap Baxter, Gary L. Bilbrey, Dan George Blake. James T. Blanton, Pat Blanton. David B. Blue III, David L. Bole. SEC- OND ROW': Jim D. Boswell, Don F. Boyer, Scott Briggs, Jakie Brooks, Doug B. Brown, John Michael Carney, XVilliam N. Clayton, Chris Cockrum, John VaIter Coffey, Mike N. T. Cohlmia, Lyle Cordon Collet, W'illiam T. Comfort. THIRD ROW: Glenn R. Cunningham, Stephen Paul Davis, Bruce S. Dieterlen, Tom D. Dopler, Joe Bob Drake, Jack E. Duffy, Frank D. Dupericr, Carl David Elmore. Mike Fankhouser, Joe P. Farr, Michael Edward Flick, Tom C. Forney. FOURTH ROW: Robert E. Fricke, Richard E. ,arlick, Jerry Ceyman. DeVVitt C. Goff, Jim F. Cuerry. Dav l E. Hay 5, Jackie Lynn Holbert. Richard T. Howell. Thomas C. Ho ' Jr., William Andy Hubbard, Jerry D011 Hutton. Jim C. Ingram. FIFTH ROW: Philip M. Keeley, Dick H. Lambertz, Richard Led- better, Ronnie J. Licklider, David L. Livingston, VViIIiam C. Uktw Love, William Craig McAlister, Thad MCLaurin, Kent C. McManus, Jim Mantooth, David John Markley, Ed W. Mehew. SIXTH ROW: Jim Menzies, Mike Miers, Don D. Montgomery, Jr., Gary R. Moxlcy, E. Douglas Muir. Ronnie L. Myles, Tom L. Oakley, Bradford S. Page, Eddy E. Peach, Andy Dorman Phillips, D. D. Raiboum. D011 Randall. SEV- ENTH ROW': G. A. Raz Hi. Bill J. Rheinold, Byron Rife, Jack W. Rippy, Keith C. R 115011, David L. Schram, Jack Schroyer, Jimmy C. Seibold. S. Barnett Serio. Jr.9 Paul R. Soule, Jim S. Spencer, Ronald John Steele. Lance Stockwell. EIGHTH ROW': James C. Tanner, John W. Tarr. Kenneth L. Teel. William Francis Thomas III. Tommy M. Thompson, Jon H. Trudgeon, D011 D. xVarrick, John C. Williams. Ernest Cye Wilson, Jack Woodward, John F . Woodruff, Roger VVyant, Warren F. Young. Taking part in the fun at the Sig Ep Monster Rally party are Nancy Pickens and Bob Baker. 5l2 Oklahoma Be+a Chapfer FIRST ROW, left to right: Robert Lloyd Baker, Joseph K. Bates, Jon M. Belanger, Charles David Burrough, Robert W. Buster, Dewey J. Chapman, Ernest W. Collins, Mike C. Davis, Charles P. Downs, G. Mike Downs. SECOND ROW: Brian N. Etheridge, Roger W. Griffith, Lester P. Hansen, Leo M. Hayden, Milton S. Hill, Jon Harold Horwedel, Tim H. Hoyt, Tom G. Johnson? Larry Lusk, Jerry W. McNeeley. THIRD ROW: Robert C. Maier, Clyde J. Mans, James Cornelius Mas- ters, Mike S. Maxwell, John C. Millar, Stan J. Morrison, James W. Mouser, David E. Murrie, J. Vann Norwood, L. Dee Oli- phant. FOURTH ROW: Don Bruce Oliver, Stuart L. Reich- ert, Donald Gene Riggan, Thomas Soukas, Charles R. Skinner, Wayne H. Theus, Tom W. Thomas, Jim Lee Ward, Charles W. VanTine, Jr. ROBERT JERNchN, President OFFICERS President . . ROBERT M. JERNIGAN Vice-President . STUART REICHERT Secretary . . . CHARLES VANTINE Treasurer . . . . . TOM SOUKAS Social Chairman . VAN NORWOOD Charles VanTine is engrossed in conversation while Bud Hayden, Tom Thomas and Jim Mans wait their turn. 518 S. University Blvd. Sigma Phi Epsilon Again this year the members and pledges of Sigma Phi Epsilon and Alpha Phi sorority collected money from Norman residents for the National Heart F und. Traditional social events of Sig Ep are the annual Girl of the Golden Heart formal, the Monster Rally Halloween party, the Beatnik party, Las Vegas party and the Christmas party. Every year Sig Eps entertain orphans at a Christmas party. The chapter has begun plans to build a new house on "Fraternity ROW.H The building date is set for the latter part of next year. The new house will hold approximately 65 men. Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded nationally at Richmond college in Virginia in 1901. The Oklahoma Beta Chapter was chartered on the Oklahoma University campus on June 1, 1946. Forrest F reuh is a member of the Interfraternity council, the stu- dent senate and the Y oung Democrats club. Brian Etheridge, Warren Fouts and Buddy Russell play varsity basketball. Jerry Kasperek was a member of the OU team that appeared on the General Electric College Bowl on national television last fall. 001830330 Providing a "home away from homeia for OU stu- dents is the major con- cern of the housing direc- tor and his staff. Facili- ties added in recent years have made OUas housing on a par with any other university in the nation. Typical of the rooms are those in Cross Center for men. They include built- in study desks, bookcases, study chairs, beds with under-bed drawers for storage, large closet for each student, Chest of drawers, lounge chair and telephone. Every ac- commodation for the stu- dentis comfort and con- venience is p r 0 v i d e d within the range of rea- sonable cost. The recent addition of the large air- conditioned X-shaped building has increased Cate Centervs capacity to 1,000 single women. The university urges new stu- dents to live in the dorms for the first year. 5l5 5l6 Cate Center "yrmmwt ' The Housing Program The University offers one of the most modern and complete housing and dining facilities in America. Single women live in Cate Center for Women and Franklin house. Single men reside in Cross Center, Woodrow Wilson Center, Hester-Robertson houses and Whitehand house. Excellent facilities are available to married students in Parkview, Niemann, South Base, and Logan apartments. All students live in University housing or housing approved by the University, thereby assuring students of proper living and studying conditions. Exceptions include students working for rooms, commuting 0r liv- ing with parents. Upperclass students may live in frater- nity 0r sorority houses. University oHicials stress small house groups, there- fore each new house on the campus has a maximum of 51 residents supervised by a skilled counselor. Each house elects 0H3cers who maintain house govern- ment and plan academic and social events. All students enjoy modern cafeteria service with lib- eral Choice of food items. Trained dietitians supervise preparation of menus to insure proper balance of healthful foods. GARNER C. CoLLUMs Dlrector 0f Housmg MRS. MYRTLE B. KELLERHALS Superwsor of Food Servme VVILLIAM H. STRICKLAND Assmtant Dlrector of Housmg Cross Center Jefferson House XVllitehand Hall Residential Hall iemann Apartments Cate Center President's Council Coordinating organized activities of the houses in Cate Center is one of the functions of the Cate Center Presidenfs Council. Organized to promote unity and cooperation among the houses in the center, the council meets once a week to discuss activities, events and problems concerning residents. Under the council, also, is the judicial board which handles disciplinary action. Activities undertaken this year include decorating for OFFICERS President . . . RUTH SHERWOOD Vice-president . . NATALIE TARTER Secretary . . ROSE MARIE WEBER Treasurer . . . . KAREN AKINs Miss Carrico with executive council Natalie Tarter, Ruth Sherwood, Karen Akins. Not plctured: Rose Marie Weber. FIRST ROW: Janie Carrico, Barbara Jayme, L'Zada Martin, Jo Anne Desherow, Roberta Negrin, Cindy Corley, Karen Akins. SECOND ROW: Gwen Hughes, Judy Hopkins, Ruth Sherwood, Diana Rodriguez, Fran Norman, Sharon VVoodruff, THIRD ROW: Carol Finkel, Lynda Harris, Aurelia MCBee. Homecoming, Hanging 0f the Greens at Christmas time and Sooner Scandals. The Cate Center entry in Sean- dals was one of those chosen for the 1961 production. In the spring, the council sponsors a banquet with Cross Center Presidentas council, a center-wide formal and a breakfast honoring graduating seniors. Each year an outstanding senior resident is named, this yearis honor going to Judy Mitchell. Miss Janie Carrico is sponsor of the council. Carilyn Sturdy, Susan Cough, Leslie Hamm, Natalie Tarter, Sandie Trout, Marilyn Mason, Kitty Greenshields, Camilla Finley, Shirley Pietsch. NOT PICTURED: Rose Marie Weber. FIRST ROXV, left to right: J0 Sue Skirvin, Anne Johnson, Bette Jo VVantland, Lou Roberts, Anita DiGiacomo, Mary Ann Bell, Celle Weinberg, Kay Kerr, Diane Blake, Marty McGinnis, Snippy Rozen, Linda Lichenstein. SECOND ROW': Judy Mitchell, Carol Chamlee, Phyllis Janice Stein, Marilyn Thomp- son, Susan Bush, Leslie Hamm, Eva Jean Thorsen, Pat Mclver, Linda Perry, Carolyn Bayless. THIRD ROW': Dena Guttman, Mimi Muldrow, Monnett Brock, Diana Uri, Janice Rogers, Pat Davis House Intramurals, homecoming, Hanging of the Greens, dorm parties and house projects were a few of the activi- ties that made the past year a busy one for residents of Davis House. The girls formed a speedball team to enter in the womenls intramurals program. They held Halloween and Christmas parties, and to start off the second semes- ter, they enjoyed a date party. Rosemary Kiles and Pat MCIver were both finalists in OFFICERS President LESLIE HAMM Vice-president SUSAN BUSH Secretary E. J. THORSEN Treasurer MARILYN THOMPSON T Ready for pledge-class study hall are Clau- dia Matney, Lynne Turner, Monnett Brock and Betsy Blakely. Sisney, Lynne Turner, Carolyn Schweers, Judy Ann Harkrider, Mary Lee Daily, Frances Taber, Claudia Matney, Carolyn Tarses, Nancy Davis, Joy Kahn. FOURTH ROW: Karen Kaye Taylor, D'lAnn Pope, Colleen Cummins, Judy Gibson, Mary Lynn Emmanuel, Sandy Allen, Bonnie Amerrnan, Diana Fitch, Jeannie James, Betsy Blakely, Rita Scholem, Marsha Emmer, Sondy Pepper. the NROTC queen race. Judy Mitchell, senior in social work, is counselor. The yearls activities were characterized by fun, dates and surprise parties. Of course, there were books, classes, study hall and trips to the library, too. The girls will remember their happy associations in the house and all the new friends they made. In general, the girls agree they had a happy year. 5l9 Forbes House Outstanding event for residents of Forbes house this year was their Christmas costume party which featured a satire on the lives of each girl in the dorm. Events in which the girls participated included Scan- dals, Hanging; 0f the Greens, homecoming decorations and Dads Day. As a special project they prepared a Thanksgiving basket for a needy family. Among the outstanding residents are Patti McGuire, student senate; Mary Beth Pyatt, finalist for Naval OFFICERS President . . . MARILYN MASON Vice-president JILL CLEVELAND Secretary DIANA MOORE Treasurer CAROLE KIRKLAND She resists but short-shceters insist! Jill Cleveland, Diana Moore ther betU7 Bobbi Luttrell and Patti McGuire. FIRST ROW: Linda Ann Johnson, Nancy Stone, Ann Lyner, Susan Goltz, Lois Katz, Donna Morris, Andrea Graham, Bette Ringrose, Sue lander, Lyn Zorbis. SECOND ROW: Patricia L. Nolan, Mim Wciner, Phebe Frank, Carolyn Minnick, Diana Moore, Marilyn Mason, Jill Cleveland, Carole Kirkland, Brenda Barnard, Sherry Allen, Danna Steckclberg, Myrna Lemmons. THIRD ROW: Mary Schwartz, Cissy Thomas, Lyndia Junkins, Kerry Lynne Andruss, Mary Beth Malchi, ROTC queen; Jane Carpenter, Yearbook beauty; San- dra Turner, AWS representative; Nancy Stone, WRA representative; Betty Ringrose, ISA representative, and Patti McGuire, pep council. The house participated in intramurals by entering speedball, volleyball, tennis and table tennis. Myrna Lemmons, senior in speech education, is counselor. The house was named for Minnie May Forbes. Roberta Rothstein, Betty Ayres, Katie Hays, Patti McGuire, Sondra Turner, Lois Friedlander, Barbara Luttrell, Brenda Wright, Mary Beth Pyatt. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Sue Mar- tin, Joan Wayne Conan, Ellen Anne Saddoris, Judith Anne Upton, Beverly Jean Constantine, Jane Mai Carpenter, Gayle Gertrude McLeod, Pamela Nell Glenn, Sharon Frances Hag- gard, Roberta Brandt, Marion Ellen Craighead, Mary Kathleen Bohan, Ann Vesely, Lucretia Hickerson. m, t K n FIRST ROW: Nancy Kaye Kienzle, Gayle Allison, Joanne Fagin, Adele Baer, Sallie Anderson, Kay Aitken, Sheila Rogul. SECOND ROW: Nancy Hood, Kay McKinney, Judy Sherman, Jobclla James7 Judy Morgano, Susan Cough, Joyce Rubin, Linda Londe, Margaret Burleson, Cynthia Cooper, Suzan Mc- Daniel. THIRD ROW: Eleanor Chapman, Carol Duley, Judy Mallernee, Judy Sims, Sharon Haygood, Jeri Kenslow, Cayla Hamill House A spirit of friendliness and cooperation reigns at Hamill house, where girls from all parts of the country are brought together for a brief time to share their col- lege lives. Intramurals, dorm parties, Homecoming decorations, dorm walk-out and contributions to a Christmas gift for a needy person were among projects undertaken during the year. In intramurals, the house participated in speedball OFFICERS President . . . SUSAN GOUGH Vice-president . . JOBELLA JAMES Secretary . . . MARJORIE HOOPER Treasurer . . . JUDY SHERMAN Best way to play bridge-Barbara Smith, Betty Parr, Carolyn Lennon let No. 2 Coun- selor Suzan McDaniel win. f L ' m; Kenslow, Lynne Raising, Pam Kinnan, Sandi Humphrey7 Pat Railey, Carolyn Lennon, Johanna Wilson, Sylvia Bendorf, Lois Finkel. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Boge, Becky Saucrwein, Margie Hooper, Jeanne White, Melinda Zeeck, Dolores Kester, Barbara Smith, Terry VVeiner, Barbara Parr, Shannon Brians, Janis Capps, Paula Van Wagoner, Gene Lindsey, Brenda Bu- chanan, Joanna Eckstrom. and volleyball. Among the active coeds in the house are Lois F inkel, UAC representative, "Clearing in the Woodstt; Judy Sherman, Homecoming committee, president of Alpha Chi Omega pledge class; Jeri Kenslow, AWS repre- sentative; Linda Londe, intramurals, and Sheila Rogul, ISA representative. Nancy Hood, senior in history and German, is the counselor, and Suzan McDaniel is assistant counselor. HerHck House If Herrick house is outstanding it is because of the enthusiasm and outstanding accomplishments of each girl in her endeavors on the campus. Some of the residents and their achievements are Sharon Woodruff, Homecoming queen attendant; Sara Cartmell, Yearbook beauty finalist, "Cimarron Queeif7 finalist and Air Force honorary cadet colonel finalist; Joan Carmichael, finalist for Ruf-Nek queen; Sidney Sudberry, outstanding member of the Ducks club, and OFFICERS President . . SHARON WOODRUFF Vice-president . . FRANCIS BARNARD Secretary . GEORGANN BEHRENFELD Treasurer . JANET HOLMES Only two more weeks ttill Christmas. Judy Mills and Frances Ann Barnard count the days. FIRST ROW: Judy Kennedy, Mary Ann Junk, Pam Heritage, Lynn Woods, Sylvia Soden, Nancy Cubbage, Sidney Sudberry. SECOND ROW: Judy Davis, Suzanne Wood, Judy Mills, Georgann Behrenfeld, Frances Ann Barnard, Janet Holmes, Catherine Harsh, Judy Ford, Mary Kay Batchelor, Kathleen Ward. THIRD ROW: Nancy Newton, Sharon Spraker, Sherra Sharman, Linda Hamm, Sue Swanson7 Judy Horn, Linda Carrol, cheerleader. Among the social events scheduled were a Dad,s Day coffee, exchange dances with Washington house and houses in Cross Center, dorm parties on Hallowe,en, Christmas and Valentine,s Day. The house decorations for homecoming weekend used the theme "The Road- runner? Counselor is Judy Davis7 senior in vocational home economics, and Katie Ward is assistant counselor. Davida Rae Applebaum, Sandra Carey, Judith Bilberry, Nancy Coffman, Margaret Dunlevy, Marcia Whittington, Judye Crum- ley, Sara Cartmell, Susan Penninger. FOURTH ROW: Joan Carmichael, Kay Boatright, Anne McDaniel, Lynn Bell, Patty Hammond, Kay Neuman, Kay Meyer, Kathy Miller ,Angie Lillis, Carol Langley, Anita Thomas, Ann Kernek, Jeannette Flickinger, Judi Morton, ally Graham. :3; if, i; a g" FIRST ROW: Lilian Logan, Norma Mackey, Margaret Wid- man, Carol Colman, Kay Mullins, Sharon Tankersley, Frances Sheppard, Susan Meschke. SECOND ROW: Eileene Crook, Donna Hurst, Patricia Weller, Charlotte Ann Ream, Jo Ann Feldman, Royce Coleman, Sandy Gilbert, Carol Altman, Kay Dockery, Cheri Watson, Tommie Lou Levi. THIRD ROW: Judy Loflin, Cindy Wickstrom7 Cecelia Samara, Carolyn Glass, Holman House Things to talk about at Holman house ranged from the counseloris engagement to Roxanne Wilsonis per- formance at ping pong in the intramurals contest. At Halloweien residents decorated paper sacks for masks and they celebrated New Yearis with punch and snacks before Christmas vacation. During exams they studied and ate at a "final feast? Diana Stevens is an alternate cheerleader and janie Ross and Cherie Watson were in the Cate center ,;.. OFFICERS President DIANE RODRIQUEZ Vice-president KAY POTTER Secretary SUSAN MESCHKE Treasurer PAT WELLER - Three "Abe Lincolns7i-Kay Constant, Sara Harrell and Jane Ann Steadley-cram by candlelight. Beth Frank, Kay Constant, Jane Ann Steadley, Dianna Stevens, Judie Brown, Sally Washburn, Ann Harms, Diana F. Rod- riguez, Sheila Elsberg. FOURTH ROW: Jane Darrough, Jan Hoyt, Sara Harrell, Kaye Potter, Sally Manning, Lynda Lang, Janie Ross, Diane Engelberg, Susan Sheffcl, Sharon Vivion. Sharon McGrew, Edris Nutt, Karin Carmichael. Scandals act. Other residents representing the house in various offices are Sharon Vivion, AWS representative; Lillian Logan, WRA representative; Sharon Tankersley, UAB, and Sally Manning, member of Student Senate. Char- lotte Ream, history senior, is counselor. The house was named in memory of Catherine H01- man, long-time faculty member at the University. Hume House Dads turned out en masse at Hume house to win for them first place in registration on Dad7s Day. Caroling the Cate center residents at Christmas and entering the Homecoming decorations contest provided extra-cur- ricular diversions. Activities were not missing either. Patti Fisher is an honorary Air Force ROTC cadet colonel and a Year- book beauty. Matilda Butler is president of Junior Panhellenic and Carol Cowen is secretary of that organ- OFFICERS President GWEN HUGHES Vice-president CAROL HODAM Secretary SHEILA MARTIN Treasurer KAY BEELER Jean Aiin Romerman and Carol Hodam, along With Judy Johnson and Jan Gill, try to find room for one more bag. FIRST ROW: Sally Ratliff, Barbara J0 Spencer, Jean Anne Romerman, Judy Johnson, Jane Lucas, Nancy Teague, Mari- ellen Jones. SECOND ROW: Mary Sue Thompson, Jan Gill, Cage Paine, Judy Richardson, Suzi Rosen, Kay Beeler, Carol deam, Gwen Hughes, Sheila Martin, Janet Johnson, Cathy Bidack, Ruth Kibbe. THIRD ROW: Patti Fisher, Bette Wheeler, Gloria Tracy, Sandy Sawvell, Ruthie Darrough, ization as well as a Yearbook beauty. Carolyn Bulla and Janet Johnson joined Orchesis and Kay Hickman was named Yearbook beauty. They entered intramurals with a volleyball team. Mary Sue Thompson7 sophomore in home economics, is counselor 0f Hume house, named for Mrs. Annette Ross Hume. The girls gave to a needy family at Christ- mas, participated in Hanging 0f the Greens and gave parties at Halloweaen and Christmas. Glenna Phebus, Carolyn Bulla, Helen Taylor, Sherrye Sutton, Ann Ahrens, Carol Cowan, Carol Pazoureck, Doris Thompson, Judith Porter, Paula Nance. FOURTH ROW: Carlynn Kay Adams, Nancy Shorbe, Janie McDonald, Lucky Paul, Carol Presser, Janet Tice, Gay Beale, Jamie Lewinsohn, Matilda But- ler, Elode Hinson, Gisela Pahlkc, Julie Cloar, Emily Coston, Janie Krepps, Paula McCarty. FIRST ROW: Nancy Bell, Sheron Williams, Carole Blancett, Marilyn Moran, Marilyn Largent, Ruthie Rudd, Carmen Young, Ann Beard, Sandy King, Marianne RuHin. SECOND ROhV: Jan Mager, Judy Ann Blake, Linda Sue Balsam, Judy Fletcher, Gerry Baker, Carolyn Sturdy, Marguerite Mills, Susie Rosen- berg, Janies Crenshaw, Edith Hartness. THIRD ROW: Judy Ellis, Betty Jean Klaffke, Sue Padgett, Mary Wisdom, Faye Jordan House Working on Homecoming decorations, planning par- ties, making new friends and having great fun sum up things to be remembered by residents of Jordan house. The house won third prize for Homecoming decora- tions and entertained Smith and Naifeh house residents at dorm parties. They also observed Halloween and Christmas time with appropriate social events. Beauty candidates in the house include Lu Souther- land, Air F orce ROTC, and Sue Padgett, SOONER Year- OFFICERS President CAROLYN STURDY Vice-President . . GERRY BAKER Secretary LAURIE MILLS Treasurer . . . . JUDY FLETCHER - Switching drawers is a good trick, say Ann Hull, Carolyn Battles, Linda Balsam and Rita Hamlin. Young, Judy Keys, Ann Barger, Rene Bagby, Kathy Maney, Rita Hamlin, Janis Coates, Cookie White, Suzie Shaw7 Rosa- lind McLain, Karen Bowers, Trisha Young. FOURTH ROW: Susan Barnes, Sarah Jane Long, Jackie Armbrust, Lu Souther- land, Carolyn Battles, Karen Stonis, Jeannie Lloyd, Shelley Safdi, Sue Lefkowitz, Judy Fry, Jane Wotring, Sylvia Pittman, Jean Bainbridge, Becky Huffine. book, Cimarron queen and N avy ROTC. Other girls and their activities include Gerry Baker, who represented the house on a Campus Chest commit- tee, and judy F letcher, president of Kappa Delta pledge class. Jan Mager, graduate student in guidance, is coun- selor for the house, named after Elizabeth Jordan, dean of women students at CU from 1918-1922. Kirk House Excellent scholarship, dorm auction, unusual Christ- mas gifts and second place in Dadas Day registration made news at Kirk house this year. Pledge class officers in their respective sororities are Teddi Kern, Susan Hamby, Sandy Cook, Ronda Gaith- er, Beth Branyan, Lynne Grundfest, Sue Stoneman and Carolyn Duncan. Other accomplishments include Karen Kelly, Pi Kap- OFFICERS President SANDRA TROUT NANCY LYNN K. KAY BRANDES BETH BRANYON Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . A splash of cold water is what Lynne Grundfest needs to wake up. So K. Kay Brandes and Cynthia Good oblige. FIRST ROW: Jayne Pippin, Beverly Renegar7 Mary Beth Roberts7 Donna Williams, Melanie Puryear, Judy Graham, Sue Stoneman, Susan Hambey. SECOND ROW: Eleanor Zobisch, Carolyn Johnson, Betty Arnett, Sandra Trout, K. Kay Brandes, Karen Alford, Nancy Lynn, Beth Branyan, Carolyn Duncan, Ronda Kay Gaither, Patricia Argo, Karen Oneth. THIRD ROW: Teddi Kern, Sandra Cook, Judy Vickers, Joann Owen, pa Alpha dream girl finalist; Julia Baird, alternate cheerleader; Miss Grundfest, Yearbook staff; Beverly Renegar, former Ruf-Nek queen; Miss Cook, Sooner- ettes, and Miss Duncan, cheerleader finalist. The house contributed to a Christmas project, de- signed and installed holiday door decorations, and got to the quarter finals in volleyball. Counselor is Karen A. Oneth, senior in art education. Karen Kelly, Joan Kershaw, Elaine Brown7 Martha Houghlin, Dorothy Roush, Linda Duncan, Jacque Domke, Marty Wilson, Dana Wilson, Berta Williams. FOURTH ROW: Patty David, Marda Woods, Mary McMeans, Cynthia Good, Julia Teeger- strom, Lynne Grundfest, Mary Jane Turnbull, Carolyn Hew- son, Paula Martin, Lois Wray, Judy Holloman, Carolyn Janice Cherry, Janice Dattel. , : "m. FIRST ROW: Karen Phillips, Jacqueline Jefferson, Sandye Weiner, Thresa Marie Alberta, Sharon Melzer, M. Christine Matthews, Jolcen Hobbs, Ruby Jewelle Rodgers, Betty Per- metter. SECOND ROW: Wilda Shelton, Wanda Shelton, La Donna Kinnebrew, Harriet Jackson, Rita McCarthy, Elizabeth Williams7 Theresa McKcIIar, Gwyn Lacey, Lonzetta Hayes, Claudette Slaughter. THIRD ROW: Judith Selk, Elodee Less- lawson House Hours spent in making Homecoming decorations paid off for Lawson house for they won second place. The house entered a volleyball team in intramurals and celebrated Hallowe7en, Christmas and Homecoming weekends with parties. Several residents walked away with scholastic honors this year. Chris Mathews made the Deanas Honor Roll and won a psychology fellowship. Judy Brauch is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta and also participated in Sooner Scandals. OFFICERS President . . . . L7ZADA MARTIN Vice-President MARY SIMPSON Secretary . VINA WINDES Treasurer . . . WANDA SHELTON Sprucing 1:1p the lounge has to be done so J'fme Martin, Patsy Heard and Vina Winds pitch in w1th mop and broom. ley, Jann Lowther, Nancy Davis, Laurene Glen, Carolyn Swin- ney, Rosalie Whitney, Patsy Heard, Aija Zalais, Jane Kinzer, Jackie Sparks, Shirley Lee. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Lee Parks, Nancy M. Steiger, Aileen Young, Rosetta McCleary, Judy Brauch, Celia Allmon7 Mary Hayes Simpson, LtZada Martin, Lynda Tamblyn, Brenda Kuhn, Marilyn N. Smith, Mary Ann Woodson. Yearbook Beauty Nancy Davis was elected to Alpha Lambda Delta and Wanda Shelton made the Dean,s Honor Roll and is a member of Student Senate. LaZada Martin, also on the Dean,s Honor Roll, is a member of Sigma Alpha Eta, president$s council and a representa- tive to ISA. Elizabeth Williams, junior in government, is coun- selor. An international flavor is given to the house by the presence of Shirley Lee, Hong Kong, and others who have traveled widely. McCurtain House Take a few freshman girls, a handful of upperclass women and a couple of young women from a foreign country and mix well. The result is a year of shared experiences treasured by residents of McCurtain house. Active students include Diane Hawkins, Yearbook beauty, Campus Chest queen candidate, Homecoming queen candidate; Anne Miller7 Oklahoma City sym- phony and OU orchestra; Sharon Salmon, Ruf-Nek queen candidate; Sydney Nemecek, Army ROTC cadet OFFICERS President ROYNELLE KNIGHT Vice-Prcsident . SHARON SALMON Secretary . . . . . BECKY HART Treasurer LINDA HARRIS Bags packed, taxi called, signed out. A weekend home for Ann Day, Bonnie Thomp- son and Kay Pendergrass. FIRST ROW: Virginia Gangwer, Sandye Herndon, Judy Fred- erick, Marjorie Cooper, Sharon Salmon, Marilyn Nord. SEC- OND ROW: Diane Futrell, Glenda Martin, Nina Elix, Judy Goldman, Carolyn Dunlap, Sandra Vickers, Sylvia Greiner, Joan Bloom, Judy Didier, Janice Littke, Teryle Wilder. THIRD ROW: Jo Cleary, Ann Day, Judy Goldfeder, Deeanna Keeton, colonel candidate; Joan Jakaitis, cadet colonel candi- date, and Lynda Harris, cadet colonel candidate, Cimar- ton queen candidate. Other house officers include Nancy Hampton, AWS representative; Judy Shaw, VVRA representative; Sandy Vickers7 ISA representative; Diane Hawkins, URC rep- resentative, and Bonnie Thompson, pep council. Darlene Haurier, graduate student in guidance and counseling, is counselor. Marcia Weaver, Becky Hart, Sydney Nemecek, Judy Wells, Janice Tallant, Bonnie Thompson, Malinda Conner, Sue Mc- Coy7 Jody Levitan. FOURTH ROW: Elsie Medlin, Kay Pen- dergrass, Jan Hooks, Lynda Harris, Dianne Hawkins, Judith Gray, Dana Potts, Sandy McGee, Judy Scott, Judy Schlicht, Jana Smith. FIRST ROW: Marcia McCrew, Aurelia McBee, Kathy Lem- mon, Judy Friedman, Noel Chappell. SECOND ROW: Safari Brown, Sue Sieh, Joy Anderson, Judy Hunstein, Donzetta Parker, Anne Parr, Marie Burns, Suzi Kupka, Sara Henry, Karen Mabry, Nancy Burt, Christina Jameson. THIRD ROW: Cynthia Ann Moss, Patt Lynn7 Merrilea Kelly, Helen Casey, McSpadden House Success scored at McSpadden house with first place in Homecoming decorations, "hot chocolate? parties and celebrations for Christmas, Hallowefen, election eve and Homecoming weekend. Active coeds include Jill Aronson, Campus Chest queen; Ann Santee, Shadow Box; Ballard Jacobson and Jackie Stephens, Yearbook beauty finalists; Judy Hun- stein, first runner-up, honorary captain of Pershing Rifles; Sue Sieh, Yearbook Beauty finalist, Phi Kappa Sigma pledge class sweetheart, Shadow Box; Alice Le- OFFICERS President . . . . AURELIA MCBEE Vice-President . . . MARIE BURNS Secretary . . . DONZE'ITA PARKER Treasurer . . KAYE KUPKA Busy making Homecoming decorations are Kaye Kupka, Apn Santee, Sue Sieh and Anne Parr. Thelr dorm won first! .' :19 Carol Rozen, Sandy Langsam, Jackie Stephens, Linda Holmes, Helen Parrish, Rebecca Alexander, Rowena Suzanne Hill. FOURTH ROW: Patricia Messer, Etta Perkins, Mary Kather- lne Betz? Elizabeth Ann Nolen, Kate Thompson, Emily Gray, Vivian Goltz, Rawsie Bucher, Linda Lichenstein, Ballard Jacob- son, Alice Levine, Marsha Silverstein, Eleanor Walinsky. vine, Carol Rozen and Sara Jane Henry, Pi Omega; Linda Holmes and Cynthia Moss, band; Merrilea Kelly, exchange editor of Windmill magazine, and Aurelia McBee, president of presidenfs council, first runner-up Cimarron queen, Student Senate, pep rally and Scan- dals. Named for Will Rogersa sister, McSpaddcn house is supervised by Counselor Christina Jameson, social work junior. Neill House Scholarship, beauty, intramurals, activitieHNeill house residents may excel in all, but their proudest achievement was beating the deadline for Homecoming decorations. On the social side they entertained at a Hallowe,en party, Homecoming coffee following the football game, and exchange parties with Kingfisher and Residential. Accomplished coeds include Carol Moore, Hanging of the Greens, band, ISA representative; Jo Anne Deshe- OFFICERS President . . J0 ANNE DESHEROW Vice-President ROBERTA DUNNINGTON Secretary . . . JEAN RINKLIN Treasurer JUDY PLUMMER Ensconced under the dryer, Judy Holloway 1gn'ores pleas from Carolyn Warmouth and Anlta Pascoe. FIRST ROW: Lynn Langford, Karlene Bornemann, Donna Kelly, Lynda Nichols, Mary Ann Thacker, Sandra Smith, Sue Carmack, Louise Stein. SECOND ROW: Gwenith Williams, Karen Sue Camel, Judy Carole Plummet, Roberta Dunnington, Jo Anne Desherow, Jean Rinklin, Laurie King, Marsha Dalton, Marilyn Maddox, K10 Ann Conan. THIRD ROW: Billie Jean Marsh, Patricia Ione Woody, Suzanne Bayne7 Judy Itzko- w1tz, Sarah Moore, Connie Ericson, Winnie Lopardo, Junita row, Homecoming queen finalist, Hanging of the Greens; Candee MeGown, cheerleader finalist, Orchesis; Lorrie King, Ducks club; Linda Moellar, orchestra and brass choir, and Louise Stein, AWS representative. Senior in vocational home economics Gwenith Wil- liams is counselor 0f Neill house, named for Dr. Alma J. Neill. Their Christmas project was contributing to a needy family. Jean Wade, Carolyn Warmouth, Linda Allford, Leslie Stern- berger, Susan Lifshutz, Sheila Kushner, Gail Duncan. FOURTH ROW: Francene Dent, Carol Anne Moore, Carla Jean Corry, Judy Holloway, Karen Siegel, Linda Moeller, Faith Elizabeth Friot, Darlene Jenette Dobrovolny, Patricia Ann Mundkowski, Barbie Rink, Candee MeGown, Anita Pascoe, Judy Klabzuba, Carole Caswell, Carolyn Larson. f . h 1 FIRST ROW: Danielle Levy, Susan Spielberg, Sue Carter, Carolyn Kimball, Linda Roggli, Doral Lee, Sallye Steiner, Phyllis Taylor. SECOND ROW: Karen Coors, Kitty Ed- munds, Sydne KneH', Adele Ginsberg, Clare Tucker, Camilla Finley, Sondra Windle, Myrna Shaner, Maribelle Bryde, Sherry Thomas, Sharon Colclasure, Thurgasu Dill. THIRD ROW: Letitia Tornay, Carol Ann Gold, Jacquelyn Harrel, Phoebe Oliver House Beauties, scholars and active campusites are well rep- resented in Oliver house. Some of the residents and their activities include Marybell Bryde, Homecoming queen finalist, ISA rep- resentative; Ethelyn McCoy, choir, Soonerettes, Lew Wentz music scholarship; Camilla Finley, Ducks club; Clare Tucker, choir; Norma Watson, Lew Wentz music scholarship. Linda Lavell7 band; Tish Tornay, choir; Phoebe OFFICERS President . CAMILLA FINLEY Vice-President NELLIE CLARE TUCKER Secretary CINDY WINDLE Treasurer . MYRNA SHANER Miss Dill opens up for late-comers Phyllis Taylor, Gael Murphy, Norma W'atson and Joscelyn Krivcher. Lawson, Priscilla Damm, Trudy Lee, Jimmie Ray Paine, Sharon Lee Phillips, Linda Rae Ricks7 Hala Stout, Joscelyn Krivcher, Jane Nichols, Pat Cross, Lee Goldberg. FOURTH ROW: Janice Mueller, Susan Falls, Teddy Hood, Nancy Oglesby, Norma Watson, Ethelyn McCoy, Judi DcShano, Barbara Mel- ton, Natalie Zerobnick7 Louise Landcsman, Roz Fishman, Gael Murphy. Lawson, band, band scholarship; Jacquelyn Harrel, Choir; Linda Roggli, Army ROTC honorary colonel candidate; Natalie Ann Zerobnik, UAB representative; Danielle Levy, AWS representative, and Lee Goldberg, WRA representative. The house participated in volleyball, table tennis, horseshoes and badminton. Counselor is Thurgasu Dill, graduate in business education. The house is named for Jennie Harris Oliver, writer on Oklahoma themes. Parker House The name of Parker house was chosen to honor Cynthia Ann Parker, wife of Peta Nacona and mother of Quanah Parker, Comanche chief and well-knmvn historical figure of Oklahoma. Along with other extra-curricular activities, the house participated in Homecoming decorations and get-ac- quainted mixers With the men residents of Cleveland, Kitchens and Lincoln houses. They enthusiastically entered intramurals, participat- OFFICERS President . . ROBERTA NEGRIN Vice-President . . NANCY FENDELL Secretary RUTH ANN BRI'ITON T reasurer . . ELAINE HALTZMAN Whoas calling? Beverly Anderson, Martha Crocker, Connie Dechert and Stephanie Specht want to know. FIRST ROW: Valerie Brock, Lura Wright, Karen McKaIip, Merrily Thornton, Susan Harris, Stephanie Specht, Jean Anne Parker, Louise A. Brochstein, Billie Roberts. SECOND ROW: Su An King, Martha Cracker, Linda Weissman, Ruth Ann Britton, Nancy Fendell, Roberta Negrin, Elaine Haltzman, Gerry Stoller, Sheila Boris, Betty Stephens. THIRD ROW: Bettina Owens, Caroline Adams, Carolyn Piatt, Beverly Ander- ing in volleyball, tennis and table tennis. Residents active in campus affairs include Sharon Kimmell, student senate; Merrily Thornton, Yearbook beauty; Roberta Negrin, Cate Center presidentas coun- cil; Elaine Haltzman, Orchesis, "Juggler of Notre Dame,w and Ramona Howell, ISA representative. Counseling duties were handled by senior student, Betty Stephens, a history and German major. son, Judy Smith, Laura Spiker, Lois Johnson, Marlene Kirch, Judy Kaye Lamberson, Patricia Dow, Carol Boydstun, Connie Sue Dechert. FOURTH ROW: Kathleen Matthews, Julia Ann Robinson, Ramona Ann Howell, Gwynn Fleming, Barbara Menkoff, Delores Kolar, Judith Ann Sullivan, Judy Keathley7 Jean Judd, Carolyn Markman, Janis Meyerson, Mary Perkins, Sally Wood, Sidney McLeland. FIRST ROW: Carol Leinmiller, Cara Mitchell, Marilyn Bia- lock, Velva Slider, Barbara Posey. SECOND ROW: Glynda L. Cecil, Linda Russell, Carol McBrayer, Carol Kauffman, Bar- bara Jayme, Carolyn Alden, Martha Jane Keesee, Gretchen K. Canschinietz, Sherry Oldham, Cecile Gray. THIRD ROW: Sandra Oliver, Susan Green, Kaye Carson, Marcia Copilevitz, Wanda Kirk, Janet McLin, Ruth Anderson, Betty Jones, Vir- Sager House Campuses, room checks and study hall were bal- anced by parties, scholastic achievements and house projects during the year at Sager house. Sharon Imes is a member of the OU symphony 0r- chestra, Oklahoma City symphony; Linda J. Russell, choral club, Hanging of the Greens, Choir, Physical Therapy club, Matrix Table; Gretchen K. Ganschinietz5 Hanging 0f the Greens, choir. Prudence Johnson, Eta Epsilon, Scandals, Dadas Day OFFICERS President . . . BARBARA JAYROE Vice-President . CAROLYN P. ALDEN Secretary . . . CAROL KAUFFMAN Treasurer . MARTHA JANE KEESEE Bed-making just takes a jiffy when all C0- operate-Toby Tenenbaum, Paulette Ros- enberg and Judy Katz. 4ML .. ginia Swimmer, Sherry Smith, Prudy Johnson, Nancy Deaton, Virginia Burk, Marsha Monroe. FOURTH ROW: Sue Loe- wen, Elizabeth Nichols, Kathie Herron, Janet A. Rosen, Ann Jones, Sue Parks, Judy Smith, Susan Hugus, Ruth LeVan, Judy Katz, Selma Kross, Mary Beth Devine, Madeline Schnaer, Carol Chitwood, Rozann Breashears. quartet, COR; and Barbara Jayroe, Hanging of the Greens, and Scandals. Math senior, Glynda L. Cecil, is counselor for the house which was named for Meta Chestnut Sager, founder of El Meta Bond college. Other officers representing the house are Linda J. Russell, ISA; Prudence Johnson, AWS, and Marsha Monroe, WRA. Sanger House Third place in Dad,s day registration, partiese Christmas, Hallowe7en, electioneintramurals, and a small fire totaled up to an exciting year at Sanger house. Outstanding girls and their achievements include Shirley Pietsch, Cate center judicial board, Matrix table, Hanging 0f the Greens, UAB; Marilyn Kay Lee, Nurs- ing club, Dad's day, Scandals; Marilyn Fishman, URA representative, Dad,s day; Rita Scissors, Yearbook beau- ty, and Judy Ande, Pep council, Homecoming, Year- book beauty. OFFICERS President . . . SHIRLEY PIETSCH Vice-President . . LOU HUFFMAN Secretary . . . . ANN OVERMAN Treasurer . . . . EVELYN SWAN A trip to the laundry is a happy event. Ha! Ha! say Mary Zeller7 Sara Lucas and Joyce Hoffman. FIRST ROW: Brunetta Hays, Toni Kim, Cay Kurek, Barbara Blumenfeld, Patty Ferguson, Joyce Hoffman, Sara Jo Freeny, Lea Ann Coggins. SECOND ROW: Susan Drews, Margaret Henry, Dianne Morey, Evelyn Swan, Lou Huffman, Shirley Pletsch, Ann Overman, Joyce Mounce, Nancy Cribin, Mary Lou Freund. THIRD ROW: Emma Cathey, Bonnie Ruth, Judy Ande, Carron Martin, Margot Watson, Rita Scissors, Marilyn Others are Diane Morey, AWS representative; Mari- lyn Fishman, UAB; Mary Zeller, ISA representative; Lynda Kaufman, Student senate, and Vicky Green, WRA representative. Mrs. Betty Pendergraft King, senior in social studies education, is counselor, replacing Mary Lou Freund, who served the first part of the year. The house was named for Winnie Monroney Sanger, M.D. Fishman, Maureen Segal, Susan Winget, Susan Osherwitz, Pa- tricia Hostettcr, Yuk-Chun So, Diana Baker. FOURTH ROW: Wilna Scott, Ginger Nowotny, Kaylee Ruhl, Susan Leach, Kay Lee, Janice Rollins, Bettie Cameron, Patti Gastman, Lynda Kaufman, Sara Ann Lucas, Mary Zeller, Diane Hissom, Retha Langston, Vicky Green. FIRST ROW: Ruthie Miller, Becky Fey7 Sue Sharpe, Donna Triggs, Karin Kostka, A. J. Shepard, Joan Lyckberg, Nancy Mielke. SECOND ROW: Mary Frances Jumper, Dianne Per- kins, Barbara A. Silvers, Sharon Kempf, Ruth Sherwood, Myrna Carney, Barbara Smith, Bess Ann Meek, Fran Norman, Karen Ann Meier, Patsy B. Smith, Sandy Yount. THIRD ROW: Linda Nance, Shirley Schritter, Carolyn Seabolt, Sharon Gar- Bizzell House Song fests, skits and a pizza party entertained the girls at Bizzell house, as well as exchange parties with the ments dorms, a Christmas party and an election watch party. Residents cheered their volleyball team that lost in the finals to the Pi Phis. Babs Yarmuk came through, though, by winning the woments tennis championship. Other residents and their achievements include Ruth Sherwood, president of Cate center and assistant house counselor; Babs Fenwick, Oklahoma Daily staff writer; OFFICERS President F RAN N ORMAN Vice-President . BEVERLY LOONEY Secretary . LINDA NANCE Treasurer SANDY YOUNT h Knit two, drop two! Is that the way it goes? e- Ruth Sherwood, Babs Fenwick, Mary Ann Mills and Sally Sims. ner, Barbara Collup, Babs Fenwick, Judy Cason, Samoa Baker, Sue Pettigrove, Beverley Looney, Wynona McDonald, Mary Ann Duckworth, Charlotte Misegades. FOURTH ROW: Eleanor Jean Taylor, Gwendlyn Claudette Crawford, Karen L. Thoma- son, Johnette Virginia Houck, Frances Osborn, C. Sue Gardner, Mary Bea Winters, Mary Ann Mills, Babs Yarmuk, Darla Dies, Carole Garbarino, Margaret Farmer, Martha Sue Shelby. Sharon Kempf, Air Force ROTC cadet colonel finalist; Bess Meek, Yearbook beauty, and Barbara Smith, Cim- arron queen finalist. Bizzell residents in the Cate Center act chosen for Sooner Scandals were dancers Fran Norman, Bess Meek, Joan Lyckberg, Linda Nance, Sharon Kempf and Kay Dulin. Myrna Carney, graduate student in guidance and counseling, is counselor. Brooks House Named for the wife of a former president of the Uni- versity, Brooks house was the scene of a lively year of activities, parties and achievements. Election feeling ran high at the pre-election party. The girls entertained their dads at a coffee following the football game and observed the Christmas season with a traditional party. One of the outstanding residents is Julia Morris, whose achievements include Tassels, Young Republi- cans club, basketball club, KUVY staff and the Deans OFFICERS President . MARY SUE GRAY Vice-President . JUDY HOPKINS Secretary PAT GORDON Treasurer MARTHA BELL Wrapping Christmas presents are Judy Tay- lor, Pat Gordon, Margaret Withers and Martha Bell. FIRST ROW: Kayleen Studebaker, Karen Reed, Mary Vogel, Barbara Harper, J0 Dean Rodolph, Louise Woodruff, Alice Faudree, Martha L. Smith, Karen Swinehart, Carole Christen- sen. SECOND ROW: Rosemary Lee Thompson, Lori Haen- Chen, Pat Gordon, Judy Hopkins, Mary Sue Cray, Martha Bell, Mary Ann Hurst, June Wiley, Beverly Bolender, Betty Pender- graft. THIRD ROW: Carol Wolff, Joan Foster, Dorothy Lee Lynch, Karen Lou Otti, Muriel E. Brown, Margaret Withers, Honor Roll. Clara Sue Kidwell is also a member of Tassels. Beauties abound in the house and include Martha Bell, Yearbook finalist; Judy Hopkins, Homecoming queen semi-finalist; Carol Rogers, Cimarron queen finalist; Bobbye Tracey7 Navy ROTC queen candidate, and Margaret Withers7 Ruf-Vek queen candidate. Counselor is Rosemary Thompson, graduate law student. Zollene Bennett, Martha Cardwell, Marilyn Booth, Linda Lesky, Dorothy Nan Gray, Martha Garrett, Janice Mannin, Linda Jackson. FOURTH ROW: Julia Morris, Sally Jo Hawkins, Sharon Lynn Phillips, Donna Merritt, Sharon Hardin, Janet Johnson, Janice Belsky, Karen Byrd, Judy Peebles, Judy Che- mcrs, Judy Kirkland, Bobbye Tracey, Suzanne Melton, Carol Rogers, Ethel Hsu. ? FIRST ROW: Mary Jo Plovanich, Doris Jean Enyart, Liz Lee, Rebeeca Roberts, Judith James, Karen Akins, Carol Zatzkis. SECOND ROW: Mary Frances Feuton, Shirley Ann Wagoner, Beverly hVare, Nancy Sprague7 Kitty Greenshields, Mary Jayne Capps, Valerie Day, Stephanie Stevenson, Judith Kay Thomp- son. THIRD ROW: Emily XVilliams, Joanne DeFriend. Sue Miller, Karen Van Hooser, Martha Jean Sadler, Maxine Susan Cleo Cross House A "Japanese Holidayh dance and a costume party on Halloweten were among the social events enjoyed by residents of Cleo Cross house. They "adoptedh a needy family and provided them with a basket of food on Thanksgiving and toys for the children at Christmas. Outstanding girls include Kay Caswell, president of Oklahoma State Student Nurses association; Rose Marie Weber, outstanding freshman last year, secretary of OFFICERS President KITTY GREENSHIELDS Vice-President N ANCY SPRAGUE Secretary BEVERLY WARE Treasurer MARY JANE CAPPS Going up or coming down? Susie Powell, Sue Carolyn Seidel and Beverly Ware help Emily Williams keep in style. w , Wood, Sharon Massey, Judith Carpenter, Mary Ann Hook, Martha Lee Hook, Annis Coup, Georga Mattox, Rose Marie Weber, Virginia Scott. FOURTH ROW: Susan Hawthorne, Susanne Powell, Kay Caswell, Lou Vandergriff, Gayle VVash- burn, Judy Hromada, Patricia Ann Christian, Kathryn Culver, Julie Marie Woody, Carol Jane xVolf, Mary E. Boyd, Sharon Sims, Beverly Kinnear, Dian McDonald. Cate Center, Alpha Lambda Delta, ISA; Karen Akins, a top ten freshman, treasurer of Cate center, Alpha Lamb- da Delta, ISA, outstanding independent; Nancy Sprague, reader in Hanging 0f the Greens. In intramurals the house entered a volleyball team. Mary Frances F enton, graduate in art education, is counselor. The house is named for Mrs. George L. Cross, wife of the president of the University. Evans House Scholarship, beauties, social events, intramurals, house projects-residents of Evans house participate in a variety of activities. Natalie Tarter, who is vice-president of Cate Center, won the Reaves math scholarship and Juanita Wherry was selected to Tassels. The house initiated a fund for a boy with defective eyesight which resulted in a co-operative effort of many OFFICERS President CAROL FINKEL Vice-President ROZELLE HOFFMAN Secretary LOVELL CRISWELL Treasurer DENA PROBST It,s a happy birthday party for Carol Finkel, who cuts the cake as her dorm mates rally 7round. FIRST ROW: Judith Kammerer, Mary Black, Judy Blythe. SECOND ROW: Cail Sammons, Frances Sue Seymour, Ruth Anne Hunter, Rozelle Hoffman, Carol FinkeL Lovell Criswell, Dena Probst, Valera Bachman, Nancy Long, Mary Patchin. THIRD ROW: Margaret Allen, Gloria Ann Strange, Jane Bergstrom, Mary Earnheart, Linda Lahr, Glenda Roberson, dorms in Cate Center. In intramurals, the house was first place runner-up in volleyball and participated in ping pong and tennis. Karen Carder was national ISA sweetheart for 1959- 60 and also a Ruf-Nek queen candidate. Judy Blythe was selected as an honorary cadet lieutenant-colonel and Carol Finkel was a semi-finalist for 1961 Yearbook. Counselor is Molly Jones, senior in interior design. June Lea Compton, Joan Wychet Karen Carder, Judy Gardner, Carolyn Abernathy, juanita Wherry. FOURTH ROW: Beth French, Pat Nolen, D. Ann Gound, Laura Thurston, Colleen Lucas, Natalie Tarter, Iva Lou Little, Eva Etelka Dinda, Suzy Jane Blair, Jane Ellis, Virginia Parnell, Wilma Crosslin, Viva Lee Taylor, Ann Stovall. FIRST ROW: Mary Louise Trager, Gloria Valouch, Ann Cover, Elaine Martin, Cindy Corley, Pat Cahill, Diane Helms, Rachel Parrott, Mary Osborne, Ann Comfort. SECOND ROW: Margaret Ann Richardson, Betty Jane Mitchell, Phyllis Cruver, Karen Crossley, Kathleen R. Eskridge, Lynn Stephens, Ella Fern Ray, Doris Ann Deere, Dorothy Houk, Annette Pazoureck, Franklin House To take care of the overflow from Cate center, Frank- lin house at 564 University boulevard was opened this fall to women students. Residents were active in campus affairs and special events. They enjoyed running across the street for food from Rickneras, though they missed being near the hub of activity in Cate center. Although the girls in Franklin house enjoyed them- selves the first semester, they were happy when places OFFICERS President CINDY CORLEY Vice-President ELAINE MARTIN Secretary ANN COVER Treasurer PAT CAHILL h Around the piang are Carole Ferguson, seated, Sharon Wllson, Cynneva Johnson, Darrellyn Soffar and Dons Deere. Jorena Wicker, Darrellyn "Deeh SoHar, Susie Santee, Carol jensen. THIRD ROW: Noma Kelton, Robin Ruth, Carol Cummings, Dosmilda Hembree, Mary Ann Storms, Cathy Or- rell, Charlie Humphrey, Linda Barrick, Sharon Smith, Nancy Bouse, Carolyn J0 Morgan, Sue Carolyn Seidel, Elaine Bigger. were found for them in Cate center the second semester. Their social activities included a Christmas party and a Hallowe7en costume party. They entertained infor- mally for dads 0n Dad,s day and for dates on Home- coming weekend. As an organized house, they did not enter intramurals, but many of the girls enjoyed the games from the sidelines. Louisa Trager, graduate student, was counselor. 539 Logan House FIRST ROW: Sandra June Baldwin, Sue Ann Brashears, Jo Ann Curtis, Phyllis A. Eacock, Barbara J. Cage, Nina Delcna Hinson7 Carmen L. Kight. SECOND ROW: Linda Kliewer, Caroline Langley, VVylla Jane Leonard, Mary Lou McConnell, Pat A. Neville, Sara L. Reid, Valerie Sterling. THIRD ROW: Suzie Tilghman, Diane W'alstad, Doris Jean Vatkins, Kaye Whitfield, Carol Louise Williams, Joy L. W'right. g Noml-time television tickles Caroline Langley, Kay Whitfield, Pat Neville and Phyllis Eacock. OFFICERS President . . . . JUDY DOWNING Vice-President . . . VALERIE STERLING Secretary . . . . . . JOY WRIGHT Treasurer . . . . . . SARAH REED JUDY DOWNING, President OHicers take a coffee break during one of then CXCCllthC SCSSIOHS on house problems. 823 Chautauqua logan House Logan housesgirls who desire residence in this popular upper- class dorm may find a waiting list. The privately owned University approved house has long been a choice residence for campus coeds. The house received the scholarship cup for the highest grade average among independent women,s houses for the second semester of 1960. Outstanding Logan house coeds include Mary Lou McConnell, past president of Sigma Alpha Iota, vice-president of University Choir, outstanding independent, Whoas Who and Yearbook person- ality. Joy Wright, independent women,s editor of the SOONER, is a past Oklahoma Daily news editor and campus editor. She is secretary of Theta Sigma Phi. The house sponsored a Christmas party when a skit7 "ThereTs Nothing Like a Drinkf was presented for residents and their dates. The house boys crowned the house "breakfast queenf Pat Neville, Oklahoma City junior, at this party. House boys and house mother were presented gifts. Logan house participates every year in University sing as well as other campus-wide activities. House mother for the past several years has been Mrs. Fred Cope. Independent Students Association One of the largest groups On the OU campus, the Independent Students association provides an opportu- nity for group affiliation of all students not pledging Greek social fraternities. It promotes leadership and fellowship and assists in- dependents scholastically and socially. It keeps them informed of their role in campus activities, provides recognition of their achievements and encourages their participation in campus functions. The governing body of the ISA is the executive coun- OFFICERS President JAMES RICE Vice-President CHARLES F. DAILY, JR. Secretary . CLYDE GRIFFITH THELMA HADDAN, GENE RUSSELL Sponsors Add-ressing postcards to publicize ISA Chrlstmas dance are Ann Barger, Ernie Mach and Kay Crotts. FIRST ROW: Clyde Griffith, Gene Russell, Charles F. Daily, JL, Thelma Haddan, James Rice. SECOND ROW: Ramona Ann Howell7 Ruth Sherwood7 Willis Moore, Mimi Muldrow, Lois Wegner, Rose Marie Weber. THIRD ROW: Joe Lowry, Fred Humes, Linda Russell, Ernest R. Mach, Richard Miller7 Maribelle Bryde, Sandra Trout. FOURTH ROW: Judy cil made up of elected representatives Chosen from dorms and private housing. The ISA sponsors an orientation mixer, all-campus Christmas dance, Dadas day coffee7 ISA Sweetheart dance, Motheris day tea7 Cate Center mixers and an awards banquet when outstanding independents are named. A major achievement has been establishing a cooper- ative house for independent men which has been oper- ating successfully for two years. Blythe, Bill Lorrow, James G. Wright, Jimmie K. Walker, Jane Kinzer, Gaylord Jones, Loyd Benson. FIFTH ROW: Carl Mullen, Zollene Bennett, Kenneth Mullican, Jeff Harlow, Pat Condon, Jimmy Don Kennedy. SIXTH ROW: John Imel, Chuck Frichot, Kay Grotts, Clifford McCollum, Sue McCoy, Mary Zeller. ' Men's Counselors Thirty-two resident and assistant counselors are em- ployed in the Universityas student counseling program for men. The counselors are responsible for the 2100 men re- siding in the 16 houses in Cross center, 5 houses in Wilson center, Whitehand and Residential halls. Coordinated by the oHice of E. H. Miles, assistant director of men,s affairs in charge of housing, the coun- selors are chosen from applications and interviews. They undergo a training period at the beginning of the Dean of Students DR. CLIFFORD J. CRAVEN Associate Dean of Students DR. JODIE C. SMITH Director of University Housing GARNER G. COLLUMS Assistant Director of Ments Affairs in Charge of Housing E. H. MILES E. H. Miles gives instructions on enrollment procedures to Tom Murphy, Jackie Lind- ley, Sandra Dorsey, Ronnie Reed and Dar- ryl Fitzjerrell. FIRST ROW': Tom Murphy, Henry Christiansen, Ronald Riede, Robert Deal, Richard L. McKnight, Jim Humes, Elmer G. Cleveland, Gilbert Carlson, Jay Smith, Don W. LeCrone. SECOND ROW: Bob Rugglcs, John P. Johnson, Charles Fa- gin, Bill Lanier, John Hughey, Jack Redeker, Arland R. Dyer, school year. Mr. Milesa office administers the awarding of the Donelson, Ocelot and Turpin awards. The Ocelot award, presented each spring, is based on a year-long point competition among Cross center houses, while the Donelson and Turpin awards are given for outstanding athletic achievement. Counselors meet regularly to discuss problems and coordinate activities among the menas dormitories. John Hastie, John McKee, George MCCaHrey, Arley Rinehart, Garner G. Collums, E. H. Miles. THIRD ROW: Bill Com- fort, Arthur Jones, Ken Lanyon, Ted Metscher, Fred Wester- bcrg, Larry Warden, Lewis A. Johnson, Joseph C. Muskrat, Robert R. Rice, Jim R. Sharp7 Brian H. Upp, Mike Spradlin. x ' t, Muskrat, Jim Sharp, Robert Patrick, Chris VVoessner. SEC- OND ROWE Jack Redeker, Jack Gatewood, Jerry D011 Mat- FIRST ROW: Jim Kinnebrew, Bob Cook, Paul Johnson, Jerry thews7 J. B. Brust, Vincent Boggs, Cecil Downing, Bob Moore, Terry Barber, Dick Baldwin, Ted Metscher. Cross Center President's Council Each year the Cross center presidenBs council selects an outstanding citizen of Cross center, based on scholar- ship, citizenship, leadership and all-around activities. The council, composed of presidents of the 16 houses in the Center, coordinates activities and discusses prob- lems pertaining to the residents. Jack Redeker, coun- selor at Baker house7 acts as adviser to the group. thcers for the first semester were Bob Cook, presi- dent; jim Kinnebrew, vice-president; Jack Gatcwood, OFFICERS President JIMMY DON BLAIR Vice-President . DAVID CRAVEN Secretary LON F OSTER Parliamentarian BOB PETRICK Big Three ConferenceeCmss center presi- dentts counc1l-1ncludes Jlm Klmlebrew, Bob Cook, Jack Gatewood. secretary, and J. B. Brust, parliamentarian. Second semester officers include Jimmy Don Blair, president; David Craven, vice-president; Lon Foster, secretary, and Bob Petrick, parliamentarian. The council, together with the Cate center president9s council, annually holds a banquet in the spring honor- ing Dr. and Mrs. George L. Cross. They also sponsor a party for orphans at Christmas time, held in the Cross center lounge. Alley House Winning the Ocelot by the best score ever was an honor bestowed on Alley house this year. Alley house also won the 1960 M0m7s Day Trophy, the Dad7s Day Trophy, and the Donelson Trophy. The Donelson award is presented to the Cross Center house most out- standing in Intramurals. John Tanton, a member of Alley house, is a Student Senator and Social Chairman of the Delta Tau Delta OFFICERS President . . . . JIMMY D. BLAIR Vicc-President CARY LONG Secretary . . . GORDON MARCUM Intramurals Chairman BROOKE VAN HORN ISA Representative . JIM WALKER Admiring awards are Brooke Van Horn. Roy Coleman, Jimmy Blair, Stan Shields and Burl Ragland. FIRST ROW: Rodney Rieger, Cordon Marcum, Gary Lang, Jim R. Sharp, Ted A. Metscher, Jerry Anderson, Jim Randel, Leslie Sipes. SECOND ROW: Rogers I. Barton, John Taylor, Cary Bolton, Bob Giarraputo, Burl Ragland, Richard Pogue, Kimbel Kelling, Kenneth Miller, Bill Browder7 Myron Wein- berger. THIRD ROW: Bobby J. Bryant, Jimmie Walker, Bob Snyder, Brant Worthington, Kenny Carnes, Bill Cain, Pledge Class. Dan Edwards is President of the Canter- bury Club. John Stuemky is a member of both the OU Band and the Glee Club. Usher Chairman of Sooner Scandals is Ed Hardegree who is also Vice-President of the Delta Tau Delta Pledge Class. Seven members of Alley house are in the OU Band. Ted M. Metscher, a senior in Science Education, counseled at Alley house this year. Thomas K. Jamison, Bert Roberts, Roy Coleman, Alvin E. Osburn, J. R. Graham, Bill Willis, Joe Buskuhl, Richard Winn, Joe Sloan. FOURTH ROW: Joe F. Leonard, Jim W. Smith, Tom E. Haller, Bill W. Talley, John A. Egnew, Bill E. Thompson, John H. Stuemky, Alan K. Crider, Wylie D. Jen- nings, Richard K. Young, Jimmy Don Blair, Mike Gentry, Brooke A. Van Horn, Charley F. Ballou, John A. Chrismer. FIRST ROW: Steve Sloan, Clint D. Rogers, Arthur Jones, Bob Moore, Larry Kelley, Hal Zelazny. SECOND ROW: James W. Dick, Steve Schwartz, Herb D. Pond, Nelson Lee Doughty, Ken Rice, Baird Jamerson, Tom Hodges, Andy Gar- rart, Pat Ed Moore, Leo G. Werneke. THIRD ROW: Johnny Coffey, Royde Ewing, Carl Rose, John Meade, Chris Zinn, Buchanan House Buchanan house was quite active this year in Intra- murals. They placed fourth in football in Cross Center and made it to the playoffs in basketball7 making it a most successful year in sports for them. The social dances held With the houses in Cate Cen- ter were among some of the social activities of Bu- chanan house. Parties with both Herrick and Hume houses provided a good time for all. OFFICERS President ROBERT P. MOORE Vice-President . LARRY KELLEY Secretary CLINT ROGERS Intramural Chairman JOE KASPAREK ISA Representative JOHN MEADE Getting ready for a festive loccasion are John Meagle7 Carleton Clay, Jlm Yoder and John Grelner. Lance Stockwell, Jay Stolper, Phil Lowell, John Creiner, Frank W'alters, Floyd Foster, George Metcalfe. FOURTH ROW': Bill James, Andy Nagurney, Jim Yoder, Carleton Clay, Steve Rhoades7 J. Douglas Howard, Joe E. Kasparek, H. D. Knight, Howard Stoler, George Bennett, Joe Pryor, William Wesley Rollins, Dennis VVhittlesey, Gerald D. VVilhite. Among the outstanding students living in Buchanan are Steve Rhoades, President of the Phi Kappa Psi Pledge Class; and Carleton Clay, Bill Pickering, Dennis VVhittlesey, all members of the OU Band. House counselor Arthur Jones is a senior majoring in aeronautical engineering. The dorm was named in honor of the late James Calloway Buchanan, Jr. e m wgkm HDUSE Burton House A sound academic record coupled with numerous so- cial and athletic events combined to give Burton house men a feeling of teamwork and unity this past year. Burton house was active in football, basketball, hand- ball5 track, wrestling, volleyball, baseball, paddleball7 swimming, and golf. However, athletics were not the only thing Burton house was active with. Bob Conley was a Student Senator and a member of Alpha Phi Omega. J. T. Holt was a Phi Eta Sigma and honor OFFICERS President . JERRY MUSKRAT DICK SMITH J. T. HOLT BOB GROOMS Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Athletic Director . TED GAJEWSKI A bit of harmony by Don Sinex tseatedi, Bob Grooms, Kerry Holt, Ed Kennedy and Dick Smith. FIRST ROW: Dick Smith, Don LeCrone, Jerry Muskrat. SECOND ROW: Ted Gajewski, Tim McCook, Kent Sinex, Paul Smith, Donald Sinex, Charles Daniels, Steve Coad, Mike Friedman, Louis Newman, Cary Williamson. THIRD ROW: Thomas Ebrey, Robert R. Ray, Philip Overton, Denny Noble, Ed Brooks, Bruce Wolff, Bill Morgan, David Rice, Ralph R. resident of Cross Center. Charles Daniels and David Rice were both members of Phi Eta Sigma. Burton house was represented in the OU Band with Walker Hartman. Thaddeus Cajewski from Lupkow, Poland, was a resident of Burton house. Social activities received the attention of the residents of Burton house as well, for they had several house parties, a hamburger fry, and two beach parties. Hall, Jim D. Barnard, Walker Hartman7 Francis Nelson. FOURTH ROW: Gordon K. Muir, John L. Kyser, III, Cyrus B. Vance, 11, Edward L. Moore, JL, Paul R. Deis, John P. Smith, James T. Holt, Renn Rothrock, JL, Bailey Stephens, Bob Conley, Roy Payne, Bob Grooms, Bill Beck, James R. Scott. FIRST ROW: Lester Smith, Leonard Joe Woods, Earl Paul Johnson, John R. McKee, Kenny Deitchman, Jae M. Piltz. SECOND ROW: John E. Lewis, Jr., John K. Gillette, Pete Ankeny, Burdette Cavin, Arnold Fried, Joe Knickmeyer, Keith Shean, Tom F reedman, Jimmy Fellers, Mike Loveland. THIRD ROW: Erich Oscar Zschaeck, William A. Flexner, Louis M. Barsi, Harlan S. Pinkerton, JL, Patrick R. Pitchford, Max J. Ditmars House Ditmars house was named in honor of Sidney F rancis Ditmars, Jr., who attended the University in 1942-43 and gave his life during World War II. Active participation in basketball, football, softball, and volleyball are some of the intramural sports that Ditmars house entered this year. Also, strong emphasis was placed upon academic achievement. John L. Bedwell was one of the outstanding members of the house. He was a member of Sigma Gamma Epsi- OFFICERS President PAUL JOHNSON Vice-President DAVID MARKLEY Secretary JOE KNICKMEYER Intramurals Chairman MAX NELSON Most happy fellas taking a break are Pete Ankeny, Jakie Brooks and Bob Pomeroy. $e Nelson, Doug Williams, Vernon R. Harris, Jody Anders, Ken Jadm, J. C. .I- Schmitt, John L. Bedwell. FOURTH ROW: Douglas B. Dillon, John A. Bryan, Paul R. Wiley, Phillip E. Hurley, Bill Thompson, Milton S. Hill, Richard Douglas South- ern, George Bert Flaming, Brent Stein, Tony Cranston, Nico- las A. Arvelo, Ernest W. Collins, Duane R. Blankenship, Khaled A. Faqih. Ion, Cross Disciplinary Board, and received the honor of being named Distinguished Military Student. He also received the house citizenship award. Another ac- complished member of Ditmars house was Douglas Dillon who was a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, and the History Club. John R. McKee, a senior in the College of Law, served as their counselor. KeHy House Kelly house was a busy place during every month of the school year. Activities ranged from parties with houses in Cate Center to house participation in various athletic intramurals throughout the fall, winter and spring. Individual residents of Kelly house made good aca- demic records. Also they have an outstanding bowling team consisting of Jay Lipshy, Harry Cleaver, Don Hall, Larry Belin, and Van Hardaway. 0 F F I C E R3 J. B. BRUST BRUCE NOLLEY President Vice-President Secretary Judicial Board Intramural Chairman MARK POLDERMAN JOH N EGGNER VAN IIARDAWAY Judo, Van Hardaway style, assisted by J. B. Brust as Dave Ashbaucher, Larry High- tower and Jay C. Smith 100k 011. FIRST ROW: Chuck Butler, William J. Dale, Jr.. Stanley Arcader, J. B. Brust, Jay Smith, Bruce Nolley, Joe Winfield, John Keefer, David V. Ashbaucher. SECOND ROW: Stanley Plockcr, Jay S. Lipshy, Don Hall, Larry Wynne, Larry Belin, David Humphrey. Blake DeHart. Jerry Ennis. Tom Berenson, Tom Martin. THIRD IUHV: Van Hartlaway, Dwayne Jack- son, Bob Jacob, Leemy Hightower, JL, Dan Williams, Ronnie Kelly house made it to the playoffs in football. "Buck,7 McCollum was an outstanding contribution to the intramurals teams coached by intramural Chairman, Mark Folderman. Perhaps all activities were not of campus-wide impor- tance, but the friendships, parties, and of course, not forgetting the reason for being brought t0gcther-- classes, all will stand out in memories of a very pleasant year at Kelly house. Caspersnn, "Bud?a McCoIlum, II. john Eggner, Gary Frans, John Tucker, Bill Culp, Tommy Brown, Charles Sago. Harry Cleaver, Terrence .l- Gibbons, Bill Bishop. FOURTH ROW: Larry DOblC, Woody Morris, Melvyn Pricea Myron Looney, Mark Folderman. Ralph W'. Rucker. Mike Cooper, Mike Cib- son, Scott Chapline. Larry Farrell. John Farrell. Ben Franklin, Bill Powers, Robert W. Poor, Wendell Edwards, Stephen Gray. FIRST ROW: Robert Rose, Jim Newport, Andy Hubbard, Jack Gatewood, Elmer Cleveland, John Rodgers, Robert Protz- man, Allan Johnston, Ralph McLaury. SECOND ROW: Larry Joe Statham, Donald Francis Johnson, Earis F. Shanklin, John Louis Hollis7 Dennis Eugene Boydstun, Robert Cary Stephens, Harvey Gene Mozer, John Baker Sheffer, Wayne L. Loving, Steve Lambert. THIRD ROW: Theodore Hartman, David Mitchell, Michael F. Carmichael, Fred C. Dubinsky, William C. Mills House Mills house was quite active this past year in Intra- murals. They participated in football, basketball, vol- leyball, and softball. In the spring of 1960, they made it to the playoffs for both volleyball and softball. Elmer C. Cleveland counseled the Mills house resi- dents for a second year. He is a senior majoring in geological engineering. Lavelle Gibson, a resident of Mills house, was a mem- OFFICERS President . JACK P. GATEWOOD Vice-President JOHN W. RODGERS Secreta AMES E. STUCKEY ry Judicial Representative DONALD E. LAWRENCE In the lobby with awards are John Hollis, Marty Grosboll, Bob Reid7 James Stuckey and Allan Johnston. 1' Teed, Jerry R. Weber, Carmichael Wesley Gurren, Bobby C. Engle, Donald E. Law- rence, Lavelle Gibson, Jack W. Wilson. FOURTH ROW: Ben Reisman, Harrold Matheny, Glenn E. Heatherly, AI Cros- bie, Tom Stevens, Dick hVilkins, Marty Crosball, James E. Stuckey, Sonny Helms, Ed McComas, John Henry, Lee Young, Jim Hopkins, Chuck Shadday, A. Allen, M. Hill. ber of Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, the Engineers Club7 the CU. and O.U.A.F.R.O.T.C. Rifle teams. He holds a two-year letter exemplifying his ability as a rifle-team member. The men of Mills house have found lots of time to talk over the many moods of college life. With activi- ties ranging from social to scholastic achievements, they have a full dorm life. Bob Reid, Ron Yanish, Herb Gittelman, 55l NaHeh House A very active year both socially and athletically was enjoyed this year by Naifch house, named for Capt. L. Alfred Naifeh of Norman. Naifeh house, like other Cross Center dorms, was named in honor of a former University student who gave his life during World War II. Naifeh house boasted two foreign students this yeara Dan Mcyer-Hayes of Paris, France, and Abdulla M. Ali 0f Al-Kuwait, Kuwait. OFFICERS President . BOB J. COOK Vice-President DAVID STEVENSON Secretary D. TIMS FENWICK Athletic Director REMINGTON FAIRLAMB Judicial Chairman WOODY GARRETT Sergeant-at-Arms THOMAS MAURICE THOMPSON The inevitable card game includes David Stephenson, Jim IIall, Larry Briggs and Buster Loving. FIRST ROW: Stanley Katz, Bob Cook, George "Mick", Mc- Caffrey, David Stephenson, Tom Mudrick. SECOND ROW: Tims Fenwick, Tim Spore, Gregory Glahn, Robert Krasnow, David Fagin, Roy Hodges, Dan Meyer-Hayes, Larry Tashlik, Leslie Page, Don Rahhal. THIRD ROW: Jim Bradbury, Pete Fairlamb, Bud Wright, Von Creel, Bob Carpenter, John A1- Bob Cook serving as President of Naifeh house, also received the honor of being President of the Cross Cen- ter Presidentis Council. George MCCaHrey, more commonly known as "Micki, counseled the residents of Naifeh house for a third year. He is in his second year in the law school. Naifeh house enjoyed several exchange parties with various Cate Center houses during the year. driedge, Jim Mayo, Larry Briggs, Tom Tschetter, Cary For- beck, Johnny H. Jones, Jr., Abdulla Ali. FOURTH ROW: Bob Kellough, Michael David Thompson, Buster Loving, Bob Stubbleheld, Richard Rodgers, Jack Sullivan, Joe Darby, Roger McElroy, Buddy Miles, Ronnie Hendrickson, Ronnie Carman, Gordon Cole. Charlie Parker. x 2 i ' FIRST ROW: George Bialac, Mark Williams, Marshall Kra- mer, Bruce Hamilton, Charles Fagin, Robert Petrick, Gary Bennett, Jim Winblood, Bill Hill. SECOND ROW: Mike Bu- chanan, Paul Weinstein, Jerry Barnes, Bob Pomeroy, Gary Mercer, Jim Sarrett, Terrence H. Martin, Sam OlBannon, James Hammond, Greg Kannel. THIRD ROW: Allen Grieve, Douglas E. Crilfm, Jerry Atchley, Jakie Brooks, Bob Fitzgib- Preane House Sports were of importance to Prentice house this year which resulted in their placing third in Intramural touch football in Cross Center. Jerry Atchley, Intra- mural chairman, guided his men to this victory. Also, Don Harrison won the Intramural wrestling champion- ship in the 167-pound class. Social activities were also of interest to Prentice house residents. They will have many fond memories but the OFFICERS President ROBERT PETRICK Vice-President KENNETH B. HAMILTON Treasurer VANCE KRIETE Intramural Chairman JERRY ATCHLEY Bob Astrick kibitzes as John Matney, Bruce Hamilton, Bob Patrick and John Elms play bridge. - bons, Ken Hemry, Arthur Dudenhoeffer, St. Clair Newbern, Lester F. Van Dyke, Robert E. Biles, Phillip R. Grimm, Glen Platner, Keith Albin, Don Harrison. FOURTH ROW: Rich- ard Sandler, Bill Cameron, John Snyder, Robert Martin, Art Peiffer, Don Kaspereit, Ron Stewart, John Elms, Charles Kim- berlin, Dave McCarty, Duane Lawrence, Paul Edwards, Ron Kimmel, Bob Kolbrener, Vance Kriete. party they most remember was their annual Halloween party. Charles Fagin, a senior in the College of Law, coun- seled for his third year. This was his second year at Prentice house. Prentice house was named in honor of the late Thomas Walker Prentice, Jr., from Ponca City who gave his life in Egypt during World War II. Smith House A very active year both socially and athletically was enjoyed by the men of Smith house, named for Harri- son M. Smith, jr., of Oklahoma City, who lost his life during the war in January, 1944, in the Southwest Pacific. Social events of the year included several exchange parties with different houses of Cate Center, but the men most remember the parties with Davis and Jordan houses. Bill Comfort served as counselor for the 1960-61 OFFICERS President TERRY BARBER Vice-President KHOSSROW DIBA Secretary JIM BIGLANE Intramural Chairman BOB FINLEY ISA Representative . DARBY CRAY Smith house lounge is the scene for a double-deck card game. FRONT ROW: Croal Woolems, George Beavers, Robert Bau- mer, Diba T. Khossrow, Bill Comfort, Terry Barber, Steve Ox- enhandler, Bill Owen, Joel Cheves, Peter Feldman. SECOND ROW: W. Thomas Atkins, J. Phil Earnest, Bob Wyatt, Larry Geis, Bill Steger, E. T. Manning, Chuck Cherry, Burt Pardue, John Hamlin, Murphy Bryles, Jr. THIRD ROW: Gary Cof- fey, Bob Finley, Don Montgomery, Larry Scheid, Michael Suth- yeur. Bill is a senior in the college of law. At one time during the year, three sets of bunk beds accommodated T 0m Atkins, Bob Finley, Phil Earnest, Bob Wyatt, Phil McKeever, Steve Oxenhandler in one room. The two vacated rooms were used for studying purposes. Unfortunately the arrangement had to be split up. Nobility was brought into the dorm when Khossrow Dibais cousin, the Queen of Iran, gave birth to a new prince. erland, Vernon Little, Fred Humes, Tom Kenney, Larry New- mann, James Biglane, Jack Luginbuel, Fred Clare, Michael Burke, Jerald Cook, Darrell Speed. FOURTH ROW: Phil McKeever, M. E. Flick, Bill George, Tommy A. Jones, Darby Gray, Charles Sizemore, Larry Dicken, Charles Rothwell. Bob Hassler, Jay Hamilton, Glenn Hunter, Stony Anderson, David Phares, Bill Pollock, Pat Walker. FIRST ROW: Mark McAtee, Jim Cantrell, Grady Vaughn, James Robert Deal, Jim Henderson, Ronnie Lawson, Rex Beck- enhauer, Tom Brown. SECOND ROW: Larry Bennett, Jerry Misner, Sam A. Gray, Don Phillips, Mike Weaver, Buddy Her- zog, Bob Nogg, Douglas RatcliH, George Vaughn, Joe Davis. THIRD ROW: Bill Gendler, Don Kiltau, John Michael Wal- lace, Gary Don Owens, Charles M. Bartlett, Cecil Schenker, Al Young House One of the high points of the year at Young house was when Spencer Wong and David Weichert won the badminton doubles championship. The dorm partici- pated in many of the other intramurals such as football, basketball, and softball. Sam Gray, intramurals chair- man7 did a fine job of organizing the teams and setting up the games. Social activities were not slighted though. A house OFFICERS President GRADY VAUGHN Vice-President JIM HENDERSON Secretary . DOUGLAS HOBBS Intramural Chairman SAM GRAY ISA Representative CHARLES M. BARTLE'IT W'itlyhigh hopes for a winning year, play- ers plck out jerseys. Newberg, John Scott, Cary Bilbrey, Robert D. Knight, Bob Lawson, Donald Gordon, Ed Pionkowski, Wayne Fawcett. FOURTH ROW: Lee Saunders, John Essley, James D. John- son, John Millar, james M. Baker, James E. Matthews, Jr., Terry M. Turner, Douglas D. Hobbs, T. Allen Blaske, Don Waller, Howard Rich, Jim Lindsey, David R. Weichert, JL, F. Carl Barr, Jr. party with Oliver house with a south sea theme was well remembered. A tropical atmosphere was produced by sand and reflecting pool, a bamboo fence, and native shields decorating the walls. Outstanding members of Young house are Charles M. Bartlett, Phi Sigma, I.S.A. Executive Council and Amer- ican Society of Military Engineers; Don Phillips, O.U. Band; and Spencer Wong, Phi Delta Kappa. FIRST ROW: Pat Mahoney, Mark Hanna, Jack Redeker, Charles Martin, Keith L. 1Vilson. SECOND ROW: Paul Weisblatt, Coleman Robisou, Phil Truss7 Ronnie Reed, Billy Rhodes, Keith Dobson, Lenny Trachtenberg, Philip Robison, Jerry Scott, Gerald Hodgson. THIRD ROW: Bill Ford, Jay Rhodes, Larry Hornbeek, John Moody, Robert Peavler, Berry Mundis, Guy Danielson, I L Dennis Mote, George A. Shelton, Jr., Don Gathright, Guy Jones, Dale Billam, William Murphy, Arthur Redland. FOURTH ROWE Harold W'est, Charles Lindsey, Ronald Quick, Jerry Levisee, Don Gunning, Dick Pemberton7 Chris Weaver, Larry Midland, Steve Craven, Drew GibJ son, Roger Bayless, Jim Moran, Carl Mullen. Baker house won the scholarship trophy for Cross Center in the spring of 1960 and they also placed sec- ond in Cross Center as Best All ,Round House. Guiding the house to its many honors were David Craven, President; Dick Pemberton, Vice-President; Jay Rhodes, Secretary; Ronnie Reed, Treasurer; and Vin- cent Boggs, Intramural Chairman. Basketball Champions and heavyweight boxing Cham- pion are two titles held by Bass house. Jimmie Wil- liams, intramurals chairman, did a fine job in co-ordi- nating the house athletic activities. Bass house elected Richard Baldwin, President; Wil- liam Croom, Vice-President; Steve Cook, Treasurer; and Jimmie Williams, Intramural Chairman. In the area of sports, Baker house residentsl softball team was the University independent champions, going undefeated in the spring of 1960. They finished fourth in the overall intramural race in Cross Center. Jack D. Redeker counseled the residents of Baker house for the year of 1960-61. He is in pre-law major- ing in government. Bass house residents will have many fine memories of their year at O.U. but one of the outstanding memories will be their annual dinner-dance in Oklahoma City. Taking an active part in Bass house activities was counselor, John Hughey. He is a senior in the College of Law. FIRST ROW: Ellison Wittels, Bob Renberg, Jim Coins, Dick Baldwin, Bill Croom, John Mayes, Leon Kravetz, Ronny Altman. SECOND ROW: Laurence D. Courtney, Camp Bonds, George Seibold, Tom Howard, John Hughey, Mike Stephens, Tom Wilson, Ross Jones, William W. Har- rison, Jerry Risenhoover. THIRD ROW: John Shane, Mike Simon, Fred L. Patrick, Hal Merriman, Roger Cook, Jim Williams, Mike Killingsworth, Jim Pitts, George Da- vis, Jim Reniers, Cary Farris, Gregg Kennedy, Larry Sims. FOURTH ROW: Rusty Binford, Eddie Kurtz, Lynn Quinn, Bob Quinn, Gil Davidson, Joe McCauley, Steve Cook, Lon Foster, Harlan Evans, Willis Smith, Jim Lasa- ter, Earl Ingram, John Reid, Jimmie Lee Jones, Rick Dunlevy. 1 Bass House Kifchens House FIRST ROW: Hershel Lamirand, Arland R. Dyer, Jerry D. Matthews. SECOND ROW: Rowland F. Carter, Gary L. Van Antwerp, Stanley M. Wyatt, Jr., James G. Wright, Richard L. Levendosky, John H. Duncan, Ed Lowe, John Duck, Robert Howe, John S. Berry. THIRD ROW: Tom A. Gibbs, C. E. Daugherty, Frank Jacobs, Rusty Brunkow, Billy Ray, Howard Martin, Perry Lovelace, Miller Da- vidge, Steve Weinberg, John LeFavour, Charles Bryan, Johnny Santos. FOURTH ROW: Cary Atwood, Bob Bisacca, Myron Schwartz, Ronny Rich, John Hundley, Gus Bartlett, Scott Hilburn, Bob Mach, Pete McGee, Den- nis James, David Clemens, Mike Maples, John WoodruE. An impressive record of basketball victories led to Kitchens house capturing the Cross Center basketball championship. Kitchens house will have many memories of their stay at CU but a night most of them will remember is the night Arland Dyer tfirst-semester counselorl was thrown in the South Canadian River as "a token of ap- preciation for all he had done for the residents? McCain house enjoyed a busy year under the careful guidance of their oHicers. Chris Woessner served as president, Mac Hower as vice-president, and Roger De- Spain as treasurer. Sports were an important part in the lives of the resi- dents of McCain house during the year. Truman Sicks organized and co-ordinated the athletic activities of the house. Social events of the year included several exchange Officers serving first semester were Dave Clemens, President; Howard Martin, Vice-President; Gary Van Antwerp, Treasurer. Second-semester oHicers were President, Jerry Matthews; Vice-President, Hershel Lamirand; and Treasurer, Frank Jacobs. Jim Humes, a senior in psychology, served as coun- selor of Kitchens house for the second semester. dances with houses from Cate Center. Each party was a special event within itself. Bill Lanier was the first-semester counselor for Mc- Cain house. He was a senior majoring in business. McCain house was named for Oren M. McCain, alumnus and prominent Tulsa attorney who was killed at Salerno, Italy, during World War II. He was the hrst American artilleryman to land in Italy. FIRST ROW: Steve Horwitz, Daniel Pedroja, Howard G1lbert2 Chrls Woessner, Bill Lanier, Mac Hower, Tru- man Slcks, Dennis Butcher, Roger DeSpain. SECOND ROW: Jim L. Slaughter, Donnie Layton, Richard Spur- gxp, Paul Hubble, Gerald Stowers, James Worthington, Rlchard Furman, Larry Jones, Terry Rexroad, David Holden. THIRD ROW: Salem Geller, James A. Jemi- gan, Dan Sharp, Jack Campbell, Ross Harrer, Terry Rid- dle, Daniel D. Douglass, Jim Whisnand, Bill Engle, Her- bert Young, Walter H. Mizell, E. Howard Parsons, Stephen Hall, Jay Brown. FOURTH ROW: Jeff Greene, Max Ludwig, John Barnes, Jerry Glasgow, Tommy Turner, Harley Baade, Joe Lowry, Dallas Howard, Vernon Gil- lette, Kelly F. Swindle, Jerry Taintor7 Thomas Cole, Nolen Willis, Tillman McDaniel. SeHiff House A FIRST ROW: Daniel M. Zellmer, R. Wozniak, Tex Coen, Lynn Pendergrass, Bob Ruggles, Gil Cohen, James D. Bowie, Thomas G. Reser, jim Rurch. SECOND ROW: John Pincham, David Madewell, Howard Schwainker, A. Steve Koplowitz, David B. Catlett, Larry A. Wright, Gary E. Mueller, Jack Keenan, John Craig, Tommy Akin. THIRD ROW: Jack Popham, Phil Giles, Bill Richards, Bob Leedy, Lloyd Hunt, Jim Loftis, Leslie Sparks, Darryli Walton, Greg Stevens, Mike Rudman, John Rembert, Bob Walker. FOURTH ROW: Bryant Watts, Bruce Broadrick, Ronald Main, Steve Hammer, John Blasingame, Rodger Bramley, Jerry Turner, Stan Tyler, Terrance M. Weber, Eddie Kura, Phil Eberhart, Noble Forbes, Pat Hogan. Setlif'f house nominated Lynn Pendergrass, President, of their house for the year 1960-61. Other officers in- minton, golf, volleyball, and softball. Counseling duties were handled by Bob Ruggles, Ponca City senior, majoring in journalism. Canadian residents were present in SetliH house this year With Bill Richards, Verne Toews, and Ed Kura. Leslie Sparks, Port au Prince, Haiti, was also a Setlifi' eluded Jerry Turner, Vice-President, and Bob Walker, Secretary. House teams under the guidance of Jerry Turner, General Intramurals Chairman, and Tex Coex, Foot- ball Chairman, took part in football, basketball, bad- resident. 0f Vance house during 1960-61. Vance house was named for Leon R. Vance, Jr., from Enid, Oklahoma. Leon was killed at sea during World War II on July 26, 1944. Some "extra11 activities carried on at Vance house during the year included late night record sessions, "bull sessions,75 and book sessions. Vance house worked for the distinction of placing second in the Cross Center football. Residents also par- ticipated in basketball and volleyball. Residents nominated Jim Kinnebrew to serve as pres- ident for the fall semester of 1960-61. Other oHicers included Bill Young, vice-president, and Allen Hart, secretary-treasurer. Ken Chowins from Wetumka is serving as counselor Jerry Wood, Bill Olsen, Robert T. Uda, Larry A. Mizel, SECOND Tom Gable. FOURTH ROW: Mike Kallmeyer, Bruce Hare, Jerry Lenington, Joe Owens, George Ball, Bill Martin, Rick Malahowski, John Litchfield, David Living- ston, James D. McQuillen, Jr., David Sweger, Bruce H. Easley, Dan Green, Allen Hart. F1RST ROW: Charles Kerr, Bill Young, Ken Chowins, Jlm Kinnebrew, Jim Menzies, Duke Soule. ROW: Jerry Prather, Bob O7Bryan, Danny LeCrone, Larry Friedberg, R. G. Natanson, Max Fry, Stan Doctor, Fired Amato, Jeff Harlow, Bob Sewell. THIRD ROW: Jim Boswell, Carroll Honn, Cap Baxter, Charles Mugg, Tom Briggs, Tom Harris, Mark Y. Blum7 JL, Jon Dyer, Wilson Cenfer residenf's Council FIRST ROW: Bill Lumpkin, John Jerry Martens, George P. FloraLos, Roland L. Wolfe, Jr. SECOND ROW: Joe Bartram, Bob Janelli, Phillip Friday, Robert R. Rice, M1ke Spradlin, Jay Clapp, Howard Seeb, Lehman Edwin Hen- derson, Jr. Acting as the governing body for Wilson center is the L. VVOlfe, JL, president; George P. F loratos, vice-presi- presidentls council composed of the presidents and an dent; Bill Lumpkin, Jr., secretary, and John J. Martens, appointed representative from each of the five houses. treasurer. Annual projects of the group include a "navyal ban- Second semester officers are John Imel, president; quet when outstanding faculty and staff members are Felix Vargas, Vice-president; John Boettcher, secretary; inducted into their "honorary navy?7 The council also Pat Linehan, treasurer, and Dale Parent, parliamenta- sponsors a Christmas party for orphans. rian. Mike Spradlin is adviser. The list of oHicers for the first semester were Roland FIRST ROW: Ron Riede Larry Warden Roland Wolfe Garland Pendergraf, Jay Clapp. SECOND ROW:D011ald ammack John Cunningham Vincent Caturano Lem 'ence cDonald, Bill Mills Steve Wirtz Jerry S. Dorman, Davis ellers, Cliarles Smith. THIRD ROW: Jack Woodward Defending independent basketball Champs, W.W.C. basketball champs, and Turpin Trophy winner are all honors belonging to Cleveland house. Cleveland house also helds teams in football, volleyball7 and softball, and in turn they gained the playoffs in each of these sports. Roland Wolfe, president of Cleveland house, also served as president of W.W.C. President7s Council. D. Raybern, Edward Brett Curtis Shiflett. Chuck Walker, H. Lindsay Patterson. R. C. Montgomery, Dav- d Lambert Charles Schmidt Walter W. VVychopen. paldos7 JL, Other outstanding residents of Cleveland are Curtis Shiflett, Larry K. Warden, Ed Bates, and Jerry Dorman. Ochers 0f the house are Roland Wolfe, President; Howard Seeb, Vice-President; Jay Clapp, Secretary; and Intramural Chairman, Garland Pendergraf. Adding fun to the social side of Cleveland house was their annual Christmas dinner-dance, and their annual spring picnic at Lincoln Park, Oklahoma City. FOURTH ROW: James D. Walker, Jr., Aristides C. Ty- Donald L. Walton, John R. Imel, James N. VVegner, Charles M. Green, Richard D. Goddard, Houston Satterwhite, Lane Gibson, Don L. Willis, Jon R. Wolfe. FIFTH ROW: Charles Yarger, Dick Kent, Ed Bates, Bill Robert E. Johnson, C. S. Williams, Kendall Brown7 Phil Archer, Owen Lee Robinson, Donald Brandt, Jimmy M. Cole. Cleveland House Kingfisher L House 2 FIRST ROW: Guy Cutrufo, Wayne Crochet, Dominic Palestini, Donald Bernabe, Joseph Muskrat, Philip Friday, James Kauble. SECOND ROW: Winston Barton, Joe Davis, Thomas Tadacheeny, Dennis Davison, Robin Berg, Eric Moberg, Noah Kennedy, Charles Ingram, Jack H01- bert. THIRD ROW: James Richardson, Thomas Brown, William Boyd Stroud, Grady Merritt, Don Reeser, Thomas 035, Gene Harrison, James Squirrel, Don Scott Jones, Kemp, Solon Hinton, Roger McCallum, Tom Lovett, Rob- ert Steele, Douglas Troute, Saud Raad, Leroy Tease, Phillip Thornton, James Willsey, Ben Van Meter, Mike Grammar, James Young. FIFTH ROW: Jim Fox, Jay Wllson, Robert Casey, James Boydston, Bob Price, Harry Brown, Pat O7Brien, Linard Baron, Richard Stegman, Robert Gray, Floyd Johnson, Jerry Redden, Bill Kirk- patrick, Paul Hammons. David Jones, Danny Ferree. FOURTH ROW: Tommy Serving as counselor 0f Kingfisher house this year was Joe Muskrat, junior majoring in economics. Through his careful guidance the men in the dorm have had a happy and successful year. OHiccrs of the dorm included Don Bernabe, Presi- dent; Phil Friday, Vice-President; and Wayne Crochet, Secretary-Trcasurer. Lincoln house elected Bob Janelli for president. Other oHicers are Sarge Kelly, vice-president, and Joe Bartram, Athletic Chairman. Lincoln house participated in many sports this year. They made it to the semifinals in football and did quite well in basketball. Members of distinction of Lincoln house are Joe Bartram, intramural chairman and football coach; Bob Kingfisher house gave a party at the start of the year entitled "Les Girls.77 The entertainment was provided solely by residents of the house featuring F loyd John- son, jazz pianist, and Don Bernabe, folk singer, along with Charles Ingram on the bass and Benny Van Meter 0n the drums. Decorations were in the "Moulin Rouge? theme with a 30-foot mural decorating the wall. Janelli, house president and intramural football; Sarge Kelly, freshman track team. Residents of Lincoln house will have many memories. They have found lots of time to talk over the many moods of college life. With activities ranging from so- cial to scholastic achievements, they have a full dorm life. FIRST ROW: Bob Janelli, Chris Christiansen, Duke Finn, qu Bartram. SECOND ROW: Terry Young, Eddie Rider, John Howard, Mike Robison, Mike Riley, Jim Plunkett, Ronnie Dotson, Larry Jordan, Vernon Haragara. THIRD ROW: Dave Cook, John Mills, Budd Davisson, Harry Jeffers, Ed Pazoureck, Claude Spurlock, Ed Lusk, Ben McDermott, Charles Austin, Bill Browning, Archie Edwards, Ollie Hill, Felix Vargas. FOURTH ROW: Lew1s Pontikos, Eddie Schmidt, Danny Sohn, Clyde Gold- berg, Bill Summers, Paul Witting7 Joe Anderson, Ronel Rolen, Charles Ellis, Louis White. FIFTH ROW: Gene Stowers, Jim Goodson, Jerry Hayes, Fred Smith, Donald Copeland, Walter Oldring, F red Swafford, Harold Hutton, Bob Totten, Jim Foust, Harold Kirk, Arthur Dunbar, Mike Uzcategui. SIXTH ROW: Dave Atwater, Jim Shipley, Rich Conklin, Bill Ligon, Allen Pritchard, Delton Cleek, Joe Candy, John Mack, Roy Williams, Jim Cole. Lincoln House FIRST ROW: Denny Beese, Lee Henderson, Don M. Spradlin, Robert R. Rice, Clarence L. Gordon, Steve Owenby. SECOND ROW: Ronald E. Kozak, Ralph Knight, JL, Nicholas V. Anderson, John OlNeill, Wayne Edwards, Bill Alan Booth, Kent Lillenherg, Robert H. Wilson, George McBee. THIRD ROW: Roland Simmons, Gary Stutz, Joe Bass, Jerry Gilson, Bill Burt, Norvell O. Slack, Franklin Gilson, John Martens, Vernon Humphrey, John A. Bryan. FOURTH ROW: Tom Caves, Gordon A. Hammons, Ken Jeremiah, Roy Carter, Larry Barnes, Dale Parent, Duane Adkins, Mal Batchelor, Don Owen, Peter Chambers, Bob Swartz, Bill McClure. FIFTH ROW: Mer- ron H. Teague, Alan Durbin, Charles J. Benedict, Wayne Webster, Gerald S. Lazarczyk, Clinton Goff, Michael Mc- Kee, Dick Gau, Danny Beltz, Leon Wyatt. Sequoyah house residents elected Lee Henderson president for the fall semester. Other oHicers chosen in- clude Dennis Beese, Vice-President; C. L. Gordon, Sec- retary and I.S.A. Representative; Stephen Owenbey, Treasurer; Bob Shields, I.S.A. Representative; Vaughn Dunbar, Judicial Board Representative; and Intramural Chairman, Ray Haubelt. The dorm was named for Sequoyah whose contribu- tion to the Five Civilized Tribes remains one of the most unique education contributions of all times. The boys in the dorm are active in all aspects of campus life from exchange parties with houses from Cate Center to athletic directors to studying. Although Worcester house residents entered several intramural events with zeal and interest, they wound up the season with a record which they describe as "noth- ing to speak of? The usual social activities were held and the men spent their out-of-class time studying, socializing and participating in a variety of campus activities. Bill Boettcher was elected president. Other oihcers serving with him were Roger Westfall, vice-president; John Poole, secretary-treasurer, and Rodolpho Leh- mann, ISA representative. John Paul Johnson, senior in English, had charge of counseling duties. Adding international interest to Worcester house con- versation were a number of foreign students. IRST ROW: Harold Bell, James Bruce, Angel Diaz, orman Schwartz, Doyle Standifer, George L. Ray, Jr., oseph W. Hullett, Gilbert Carlson, Bill Clayton, Mike urran, Wgyne Willey, Scott Poole, Donald Truitt, Leroy ames, Dav1d Graham. SECOND ROW: Jon E. Eubanks, arl Murphy, James Gledhill, Richard J. Peterson, Robert . Clark, Roger E. Westfall, Larry Lazbuddy, J. F rancisco hacon, James Lorthridge, Gerald M. Harris, Larry D. arpenter, Chris Cockrum, Leo Macias. THIRD ROW: ussOWyand, Dewitt Neal, James Lehman, Bob Barrett, arvm Altstatt, Jack Carlson, Richard Curtis, F. J. Web- er, JL, Blzan Esfandiart, George Teas, Bob Beyerl, Bob ills, Roger G. Pierce, Gary L. Duncan, Eddie Huey, ohn S. Spoon, Gene Cowden, Albert Segroves, Dennis Usewicz, Keith Bartholomew, Bill Flood, Allan Hartman. FOURTH ROW: Herbert Eakers, Ken Conaway, John W. Boettcher, Bob Black, Dan Dorrow, Bill Kurtz, Bill New- ton, Tommy White, james Barnett, Del Dutcher, John W. Dillard, Roger Chalfant, Mark McMillan, Dan R. Owen, Jr., Mike Conn. FIFTH ROW: C. Roy Wilson, Bill Bent- ley, Charles Wilson, Larry Wayne Smith, Donald Rentie, Tim Hoyt, Michael F. Fitzgerald, Heidarali Akhaven- Heidary, Orion Daniel, John Jennings, George Vesper, Byrne Hatheld, Bob Boswell, Sam Stanifer. SIXTH ROW: Clthon Lewis, Michael Freeman, John Williamson, Curtis Warffeli, George Young, Ned Otterstrom, Regis Mullen, William Hendrix, Johnny Titus, Dick Harman, Steve Hixon, Kenneth Mullican. Worcesfer House Boyd House Boyd house was named after David Ross Boyd, the first president of the University. Boyd house has competed in many intramural sports. Some of these sports are volleyball, basketball, football, and softball. Although not always being the winning team, they have in recent years won many champion- ships in these sports. Boyd house residents included four students from OFFICERS President GEORGE F LORATOS Vice-President BILL LUMPKIN, JR. Secretary PHIL GREEN Treasurer JOHN DODD Intramural Chairman . DAVE WESTON Social Chairman . PAUL BINGHAM Planning a party are Bill Lumpkin, Ray Barton, Roger Troub, John Dodd and Gene Murphy. FIRST ROW: Ron Williams, Phil Green, Bill Lumpkin, JL, Arley Rinehart, Fred Westerburg, George Floratos, John Dodd, Dave Weston. SECOND ROW: Courtner Bayer, Ken Carlson, Vance Swaim, Kent Patton7 Darrell Whitten, Dave Thorp, D. Djavaheri, Lawrence Veki. THIRD ROW: Lyle Powers, Craig Tweedy, John Sadberry, Ron Allgood, John Flood, Henry Har- rlson, Jay Jones, James Massey, Max Moulton, John Morgan, Harry Ellis. FOURTH ROW: Carl Artopoeus, Mick La- other countries this year. Plin Sau came from Batem- berg, Cambodia, and Iraj Charib, Mahammad Jeddi and Daryoush Djaveheri all came from Iran. Every month Boyd house plans a houseparty. Deco- rations highlight these functions with house members working together to entertain the guests. Fred Westerberg, a senior in mechanical engineering, served as dorm counselor for the year, 1960-61. Fevers, Bobby Lawson, Sau Plin, Ken Sage, Earl Myers, Vin- cent Martinez, Mohammad Jeddi, J. C. Mahan, R. M. Troub, Jack L. Hardy, Jack O. Hardy. FIFTH ROW: Jerry Norman, Cary Burton, Joe Pierce, Gary Hickman, John Fannin, Joseph SokoloH, Robert Anderson, Robert Hunter, David Choate, John Youngmeyer, Gene Murphy, Fred Charles, Tom Bartley, Gary Willis. ROBERTSON HALL FIRST ROW: Robert Kyker, Eugene Price, Jim Mabus, Ken Lanyon, John Paul Johnson, George Davidson, Jerrold Dettle, Phillip Greaves. SECOND ROW: Roy Cole, Sut Oishi, Thomas Davis, Mike Crosslin, William Sochan, Leslie Brasel, Luther Elliott, Jr", Cray Braden, David M. Wilson, Robert Gappa, Jim Shull. THIRD ROW: Carl Stanford, Robert Story, Ronald Cook, Darrell Mears, Clifford Guess, Peter O7C0nnor, Paul O. Brawner, II, James W. Thomas, Ernest L. Johnson, Jr., Roger Lee, Dennis Gerlitz, John L. Cromwell, Tim Crowe, Carl Reed, David Gibbs. FOURTH ROW: John Harrington, Glen Hadaway, Neal Taylor, Kent Young, Tom Ables, Robert England7 Douglas Sharp, Bill Chambers, Wendell G. Marley, Fred Swan, Dick L. Smith, J. Stroud Holt, J. Ray- burn Robinson, Kenneth Drosey, Lloyd Firman, Jim Holland, Mike James. Residential Hall Sports, parties and studying were the main events on the Residential house agenda. Their football team was the independent football champions. They also partici- pated in all the other intramural sports. Grades also were of importance to the residences as they received the academic award for the highest house gradepoint for the spring, 1960. One of the high points of the year was their "End of Semester,a dance. At Christmas time7 the annual or- phansl Christmas party was held. At this party the chil- dren were given gifts donated by members of the house. Serving as counselor at Residential this year was John Hastie, a senior majoring in government. Fred Swan was a very outstanding member of Resi- dential7 for he is Jr. Phi Beta Kappa, a nominee for the Rhodes Scholar, outstanding independent, and Omicron Delta Kappa. Another member of prominence is Mike Phillips who is also Jr. Phi Beta Kappa, outstanding independent, and Omicron Delta Kappa. Jim Adams was President of Sigma Gamma Tau, Whols Who, and Omicron Delta Kappa. Residential offices were filled by Mike Phillips, Presi- dent; Sut Oishi, Vice-President; Lloyd Firman, Secre- tary; Jim Mabus, Treasurer; and Tom Ables, Social Chairman. Both Hester and Robertson halls were formerly girlsl dorms, but after the BOQ fire, men were moved in them. HESTER HALL FIRST ROW: John Bowie, John Hastie, Jim Humes, Roger Norman. SECOND ROW: Bob Kinzer, Larry Miracle, Edwin D. Able, Jack Querry, Paul Cerlach, John Dalri, Bruce Hilton, Lanny Guthrie, Troy D. Reed, Fred R. Lucas, Jr. THIRD ROW: Donald Goza, Bennie Provance, David Jerome Reith7 Delven Mermis, Richard Davis, David Pitts, Robert B. Green- r4 stine, William A. Corlett, Milton Leron Spessard, Gary Lee Bo- land, David Burrough, Bill Barrow. FOURTH ROW: David Rutherford, James A. Poindexter, Bernard J. Ehrler, George E. Davis, James E. Pearson, Hubert H. Underwood, Ronnie S. Bowie, Frank L. Benson, Bud Boyd, Larry Hein, Loyd Benson, Robert A. Booth7 Chris F. Bosecker, Gaylord Jones. 563 VVhHehand HaH Whitehand hall, situated on the corner of Boyd and South University boulevard, is one of the oldest Univer- sity dormitories. Completing an activity-packed year, Whitehand par- ticipated in intramurals in football, basketball, track, volleyball, and softball. Gerald Hoyt, intramural chair- man, did an excellent job in managing the teams. Not slighting the social side of college life, White- OFFICERS President . DAVE J. PINA Vice-President BOB STRAND Secretary . TONY BROWN Intramural Chairman . GERALD HOYT At the coke machine are Tony Brown, Bob Strand, Gary Epperson and Marvin Chris- topherson. FRONT ROW: Joe D. Bonner, Richard L. McKnight, Lewis A. Johnsqn, Brian H. Upp, David R. Fitzgerald. SECOND ROW: Lmnie Cade, Arnold Reynolds, Kim Stanton, Jim Wil- liamson, Browning L. Smith, Mario Fabiano, Rafael A. Rivero, Kari H. Merz. THIRD ROW: William Cook, Warren J. Smlth, Leroy G. Nipper, Robert J. Mahoney, Vernon C. Dun- hand gave a party at the Lockett Hotel, Norman. Resi- dents will have many fond memories of their year in Whitehand. Keith Smith has made quite a name for himself while on campus. He is a cheerleader, President of Union Activities Council, and Vice-President of the ISA. Lewis Johnson, counselor, is a senior general engi- neer from Oklahoma City. can, Gerald D. Hoyt, Arden W. Van Zante, Harold Gene Wootan, Floyd 0. Cantrell, Francis J. Kelker, Safdar Waliul- lah, Ali Akbar Hadian. FOURTH ROW: John McDoulett, Carlos Morcate, Jarrell Hill, Harold Hefler, Anthony Brown, John A. Hinton, Mike Cauthron, Charles Davis, Dennis Deakins, Robert Mogot, Guillermo Salas, Roger Kelly. FIRST ROWE Ben Fischer, Jim Claborn, Melvin E. Riggs, Carl Zahn, Cordon Collet, Loren Karcher, Harith Mahmoud, Mike Bryant, Charles G. Lewnes, Philip M. Keeley, Bill Griffin, Ron Hosner, Jerry Vernon, Johnnie Day, Phil Brougher. SEC- OND ROW: Jerry Geyman, Rex Ball, James Cody, Terry J. Miller, Charles Schvette, Barry Housel, Mike Finley, Tommy Edgar, Ace Ethridge, Mike Martin, Jay Gregg, Steve Morelock, George Trickel7 Stan Harrison, Tom Pinion, Phil Cordon. THIRD ROW: Doug Brown, David Campbell, Mark Sullivan, Jefferson House Studies, social activities and sports fill the days of the school year for residents of Jefferson house, where members of the varsity swimming, wrestling, track, ten- nis and golf teams reside. These big red champions took over Jefferson house in the fall of 1959 when the varsity football, basketball and baseball players moved into the then new Wash- ington house. Sports is the big thing in the lives of these men. But scholarship is not neglected either. Regular study hours are observed and members of the teams are required to COUNSELORS CHESTER FRANKLIN DAVID NELSON BILLY JACK MOORE CLENDON THOMAS DEL HEIDEBREICHT Giving the Brothers Four competition are David Frank, Buddy Stewart, Steve More- lock and Mark Altham. Tom Raley, Bill Noble, Steve SwaHord, David Nelson, Joe Chamberlin. FOURTH ROW: Paul Gregory, Paul Ebert, Don Warrick, Sam Jones, Rich Sinclair, Charles Martin, Joe Gibson, Dale F. Lewis, Lorne Hale, Pete Love, Mark Brady, J. D. Martin, Mark Latham, Donnie Admire, Jim Garlick, Lee Smith. FIFTH ROW: Gilbert Dean Johnson, Donald VVhit- lark, Jack Nottingham, Kenneth Allwhite, Fred Waltermire, Von Henry. keep up their grade averages. Counselors are Chester Franklin7 assistant football coach; David Nelson, junior in journalism; Billy Jack Moore7 senior in social studies; Clendon Thomas, senior in business, and Del Heidebreicht, senior in physical education. Among the well-known residents of the house are Mike Lindson and J. D. Martin, track, and Dale Lewis, wrestling. The house was named for Thomas Jefferson. 565 566 Washington House Since its construction in 1959, Washington house has been the residence of varsity football, basketball and baseball players. The four-story modernistic dorm of red brick and reinforced concrete is located across the street from Owen stadium. Just as campus usage long ago shortened Jefferson house to "Jer house, so Washington house has been dubbed "WashAJ house. The house has a long list of champions, both present COUNSELORS DON STUDEBAKER NORMAN A. LAMB BOB CONNOR CLAY PEDIGO Art ."Rembrandth Caer demonstrates his artlstlc abllltles t0 Doyle Tunnell, Gary Maynard and Buzz McDonald. k e FIRST ROW: Brice Smith, Don Jordan, Tommy Farris, Jerry Hayden, Jerry Ellis, Harvey ChaHin, Glen Condren, Larry Ver- million, Richard Haught, Dick Beattie, Johnny Smith, John Benien, Mike Vaclaw, Leon Cross, Bob Conner. SECOND ROW: Ron Potts, Larry Wehber, Frank Dombek, Virgil Boll, Jack Cowan7 Dale Perini, Jimmy Carpenter7 Jimmy Gilstrap, Bob Cornell, Duane Cook, Jerry Pettibone, Arthur Gaer, Eddy Peach, John Garrett, Buzz McDonald, Bob Hembree, George Jarman, Bill Van Burkleo. THIRD ROW: Clay L. Pedigo, Jerry Panter, Gary Wylie, Don Dickey, John Tatum, Bill White, Jon Darby, Roy Boutwell, Wendall Robinson, Karl Mil- stead, Doyle Ivester, Brent Morford, Don Roberts, Jann Chris- tian, Sam Davis, Ralph Maxlield, Bob Jayme, Bennie Shields. and past residentFnames familiar to sports fans the nation over. Annual social activities include the "David Nelsonh dance and Varsity "O,v club functions including a pic- nic and a banquet. The athletes have study hall from 7:30 to 10:30 eve- nings. Those in training are required by their coaches to observe special rules concerning rest, exercise and diet. FOURTH ROW: Joe Lee Thompson, Jerry Cogburn, Jerry Haddock, Chris Clapp, Steve Davis, Claude Hamon, Tom Cox, Paul Benien, Jim Jackson, Richard Inman, Charles Pearson, Jack N. Lee, Jon J. Black, Doyle Tunnell, Lynn Overton, Nick Oakley, John Homing, Warren Fouts, Jerry Hutton, Stan Mor- rison, Tom Walton, Pat Smiley. FIFTH ROW: Don Riggan, John Porterfield, Jim McKay, Paul Resler, Ceary Taylor, George Kernek, Mike McClellan, Ray Bob Burden, Ronny Ray Payne, Johnny West, Jim Struenson, Charlie Mayhue, Dennis Ward, George H. Stokes, Gary Maynard, Pat Blanton, Dean Bass, Jim Mihlhauser, Frank Smith, Billy Woods. SIXTH ROW: Glenn Cunningham, Wayne Lee, Monte Deere, Bobby Wyatt, Billy Stone, Dale Keadle, Nick Avants, Jim Hensley. 1 3' 1 9v x QDWEBHUQUME From Tulsa to Tangiers, from Shawnee to Saudi Arabia, the SOONER Year- book accompanies Uni- versity of Oklahoma stu- dents to their homes in all parts of the world. The goal has been to pic- ture every student in indi- vidual, group and feature pictures. Over 5,000 col- lege men and women ap- pear in the class section, while hundreds of addi- tional students are pic- tured in the organization, feature, residences and military sections. The yearbook is self-support- ing, financing its opera- tions through sales, ad- vertising and contracts with groups for pages in the yearbook. T0 the ad- vertisers g0 many thanks for their continued sup- port. Their messages are a part of this lasting rec- ord to be recallede along with activities and achievements of college daysefor years to come. 567 The UniversHy Book Exchange Exfends Congra+ula+ions +0 Graduafing Seniors and Best Wishes +0 all for a happy Summer of Oklahoma Class Ring We are Represen+a+ives for 'l'he Official Universi+y It Has Been Our Pleasure To Serve You UNIVERSITY BOOK EXCHANGE in Hue Union Building 568 The Will Rogers Cafeteria The Oklahoma Memorial Union serves sfudenf. campus. communify. and sfafewide achIvIJries. Each year hundreds of large and small conven+ions and group meefings are eHICIenHy accommodafed in We Union. This service Is made pos- sible by fine audiforiums, ballrooms. meefing rooms. dining rooms. and IgurlIging and recreafional facilifies all convenienHy Iocafed in HIis single uiding. Also locafed in +he Union are Radio Sfa+ion WNAD. HIe Universify of Oklahoma Associafion. +he Universify Book Exchange. Union Acfivifies office and Factu Club. You are invifed +0 visi+ and four +he Union. For InformaHon wriJre +0 +he Oklahoma Memorial Union. Faculfy Exchange. Norman. Oklahoma. Managed by Board of Trus+ees LEE B. THOMPSON. Presidenf JACK LUTTRELL. Vice-Presidenf D. H. GRISSO. Treasurer AHorney. Oklahoma Cify AH'orney. Norman Banker. Norman HILLYER FREELANDI Secrefary and Manager The OKLAHOMA MEMORIAL UNION Inc. 569 OU's Favorite For 33 Years gift Ecgge F A R M 39 Oklahoma's Grea'l' Independent Dairy 570 Enjoy that REFRESHING NEW FEELING! you get from Coke! TRADE-MARKCRU "ADE-IARK 57l W3 PRESCRIPTION SHOP "WHERE PHARMACY IS A PROFESSION" I209 N. Walker CEn+raI 9-2401 Opposi+e Osler Bldg. 2507 N.W. 23rd Sfreef Wlndsor 3-4406 Villa and 23rd 525 N.W. lH'h S+ree+ CEnfral 9-2409 Medical Cenfer l I I I Nor+h Lee CEnfral 9-2406 Pasfeur Med. Bldg. CE 9-2422 CE 9-2406 Elasfic Hose and Professional Uniforms for Nurses and Surgical Garmen+s. Supporfs. 9 Doc+or's Assis+an+s. - OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA - ClTY-WIDE DELIVERY AND DRIVE-IN WINDOW SERVICE George Davis, freshman from Ardmore, at the pep rally before C. J. "CONNIE" MASTERSON. Presiden+ the Missouri-OU game. CHASTAlN-HOLLAND OILCO. PHILLIPS DISTRIBUTOR PATRONIZE YOUR NEAREST PHILLIPS DEALER PHONE JE 4-I709 NORMAN. OKLA. If yolfve started to make wwmmw vacation needs.... We're unpacking some wonderful new formals and dayHme dresses here af Brown's on Hie campus. Come see our exciHng collec+ion of casual charmers and accessories from your favorii'e New York and California designers . 'l'hey're gay. colorful and as individual as you are! And so right for a happy holiday ahead! COLLEGE CORN ER 573 A Abbott, D1. JamesH . Abel,Edwi11 Dale, 128, 6563 Abels, Joan, 95,459 Abernathy, Carolyn Sue, 116, 321, 3 5 Aherson, Arnold Phillip, 161, 207 Abijaoude, Francis. Ables, Lyn Edward,116 Ables, Tom Andrew: 116,287, 563 Abolins, Ints, 116 404. 415 Aboussie, Sharon Kay, 342 Aboutaieb, Mohamed. 338 Abrams, Don Mack, 377,383 Abramson, Ican Louise, 116. 432 Adair,Anona Lou. 94 426, 445 Adam, Walter Gene, 94 Adams, Ann Elizabeth 128,444 Adangs: BenjaminC., 111, 142,410, 49 Adams, Caroline Ruth, 142,532 Adams, Carlynn Kay,142, Adaaias, James Edw'a1d, 142,377, Adams, James,3 g4, 347, 355 Adams, John,3 Adams: Iohn D08ug1218,385 Adams,JohnEdwatd, 94, 402,487 Adams, John Kennethi1128, 500 Adams, Laddie Mac,l Adams, Linda, 94, 47 Adams, Mary Elizabeth, 128,444 Adams, Me11i1y Dcann, 94,341, 342, 4 8 Adams, Olen Edwin, 163 Adams, Robert Brittain, 92 Adamson,Petcr,III, 13,128,289, 472 Aday, Bobby Max, 128 Adkins, Ioe Dean, 116 Adk1ns,L1ndaLee, 116,426, 453 Adkins, VVlalter Duane, 54,142, 378, 56 Admire, Donnie Joe, 142,565 Aery, Shaila Rosalie, 361, 448 Affsprung, D1.Ha101d E., 60 Agnew, Brad, 352, 399, 401, 402 Ahlschlager, Sidney H.,94, 104, 290, 480 Ahrens,A1maLee, 142,440,524 Ahshapanek DonC 01813510, 92 Ai-Doory,110usef,3 Aitken,KayA1c111e,58142,318, 319,444,521 Aitkcn, Tom Dean, 94,462, 463, 480 Akers, Chloie Paulette, 116, 338, 340, 350, Akers, Mary Loiss, 116, 440 Akhavan, Heidary 1'1., 94, 561 Akin, Jerry Dale, 128,410 Akin, John Thomas, 382,558 Akins, Karen Ma1ie, 128,208,324, 340, 518, 53 37 Akins, Royal Berton, 116,328 A1Hi1ali,Wadia Said. 331, 338 Albert, Barry, 160,161 Alberta, Theresa Marie, 58, 527 Albin, SpencerKeith.142,;383,553 A1cock,DanielF1ank.94, Alden, Carolyn Priscilla, 142, 428, 533 Aldridge, Joyce Elaine, 94,431 Aldriedge, John Lewis, 410, 414, 552 Alexander, C arroll Lee, 128,439 Alexander, Fmes WilGlilam, 368 Alexander, 01:, J1. , Alexander, Melinda 56,161128, 439 Alexander, Paula Sue,1 Alexander, Rebecca Tweed, 142,318, 319, 128,428 529 Alexander, Sarah E., Alford, Karen Ruth,142, 244, 447, 562 A11, Ahdulla M.i 552 Allee, Robert, Allen, Claude Patrick, 312 Allen, Clay,4 62 Allen, Donald Thomas, 94, 504 Allen, Gloria Margaret, 116,444 Allen, Joe Haskell, 94 Allen,igoe1ine, 317 Allen, eith Marlin, 58, 94 Allen, Linda Jane, 116, 436 Allen, Linda Jean, 128, 436 A115en, Margaret Elizabeth, 94, 340, 38 Allen, Mary Lenora, 128, 324, 439 Allen, Nelda V011, 116,438 Allen,SandraJean, 142, 438,519 Allen, Sherry Lee, 142,444,520 Allen, William Claibourne, 11,6 491 Alley, D1. JohnN 0 Allford, Karen,3 46 Allford, Linda Kay, 142,439,530 Allgood, Charles Normah, 92, 359 Allgood,IohnRonald, 142,324, 382,562 Allin, Julianne, 128, 346, 439 Allison,Gay1e, 142.431, 521 Allison, Lonnie Dean, 287 Allmau, Billie Io Ann, 206 Allman, Schu5yle1' Shroycr, 116, 270, 280, 303 Allmoh, Ce1ia50 Maria, 319. 527 Allmon, SallySuc, 142,319, 428 Allphin, D1. Herbert G.. 60 Allred, James Ray, 399. 400, 402 A111ed,LemueI J1.,379 Allrsed,Richa1dReaves, 94,315, Student Index Allsman, Mary Sue, 142, 431 Allsopp, Mary Freiderica, 128, 443 Allwhite, Kenneth Othal. 410, 565 Almquist, Carl T., 60, 354, 362 Almquist, Tod Francis, 160, 161, 508 Altman, Carol Lee, 142, 456, 523 Altman, Ronny Gene, 142., 503, 556 Altstatt, Mlarvin Condrey, 128,351, 406,56 Amato, Frgderick, 142, 382. 558 Amem1an, Bonnie Sheila, 142. 432., 519 Ame1man, Li-nda, 116,432 Amero, Emi 1o, 60 Ame10.Peter Charles. 406 Ames, John Roger. 128, 406, 484 Amsden, Thomas William, J1., 142, 393, 484 Ande, Judith Elaine. 247. 534 Ande, Robert V., 116, 471 Anders, Harley Dillon, 379, 392, 549 Anderson, Anne Lynne, 128, 443 Anderson, Beverly Etta, 142, 532 Anderson.4Daniel S., 142, 367, 371, 511 Anderson, Ellen Forsythl. 142,428 Anderson, Fred Harris. 161, 16 Anderson, George 13.. J1. , 142., 471 Anderson, impy, 84 Anderson, Jerry Dennis, 142, 381, 46 5 Anderson, Joe Wilkes, 142, 410, 491, 560 Anderson, IonEdward. 116,488 An5d261son, Judith Joy, 142,448, Anderson, Kevin Rose,142 Anderson, Linda Lee, 142 Anderson, Mary Ann. 116, 443. 469 Anderson, Nicholas Vail. 128, 561 Anderson, Father Otto, 320 Anderson, Peggy, 128, 443 Anderson, Robert Elliott. 562 Anderson, Robert W., 94, 504 Anderson, Ruth Margaret, 142, 533 Anderson, Sallie E., 142, 439. 521 Anderson, Sheila Jean, 142, 428 Anderson, Stephen C., 383 Anderson, Stephen Jerre, 378 Angie;son.3 Victor Cary, 142, 361, 8 Andree, D1. RichardV., 60, 82 Anfomsen538 Peter Christian, 128,140, Andrews, Claudia. 316 Andrews, Ernest 1466610111., 370 Andrews,Mi1dred. Andrews, Milton Darre11.161 Andruss, Kerry Lynne. 142. 520 Angelino, Dr. Henry R , Angus.Larrv. 116,472 Anid. Elie George. 331. 3.8 An5k463y, Peter Ralph, 142,381, 511, Ansley, Benjamin T., IV, 128, 406, 504 Anthis, Penelope Ray, 128, 438 Anthony, Karyn June, 116, 318 Antinoro, Joseph. I1.. 116. 319 Applebaum. Davida Rae. 142, 522 Appleton, Ann. 128., 443 Aray. Teo610 Jose, 128 Arhuckle. Ruth Carolyn, 116., 439 Arcader. Stanley Barton, 142, 326, 377, 550 Archer, Frank Philip. 128, 387., 558 Archer. Violet B., A1010, Patricia Rae. 142.456 526 A1ky.Marilyn Ruth 116. 426, 432 Arledge, James Emest.116 Armb51ust, Margaret J., 142, 428, 2 5 Arms. Allen Lane. 142., 396 Arasirong, Harold Rex, 94, 314., Armstrong, John Henry, 229 A1nett.Bettv Jean.142, 447, 526 Arney, A. Dale, 384 1nn.Cene Ray. 94.361, 480 A1nold,Bobby CO. 330 A1nold,Ruth. Aronsoh, 1111Ann142 432 Artman. Dr. JimP 40 A110D0eus.Caer1ctor315.562 Arvelo Nicolas Alfredo. 549 Arze, Eduardo Iose. 116. 314 Ash. Thomas R.. 142. 378, 394 Ashbaucher, David Vaughan, 142, 382, 500, 550 Athey, Analee. I42, 447 Ashley, Larry Allison. 378 Ashley. Max Weldon. 116. 464 Ashlock, Julie Kay, 128. 294, 440 Assenzo, Joseph R., 60. 362 Atchley, 1erry Wayne, .553 Atkins, lame; Calvin J1. . 94.492 Atkins, Wi11iam Howard, 94.4.96 Atkins. William Thomas. .379. .554 Atkinson.Pat1-ic13 Ann. 116. 447 Atwater. David Carter. 371. 560 Atwood.GarvA 381.557 Aucrbach. Gera1d Louis. 312 Ausburn. Brian Edwin. 334. 358 Austin, Alton ann 116,404, 488 Austin, Charles Edward, 142, 560 Austin, Daniel. 161 Austin, Jimmie Lvnn. 116. 487 Austin, 10hn David. 142. 491 Austin. Paul Douglas. 04. 361. 487 Autry, Ramona Carol, 142, 436 Autry. Ruth Anne,142 Avants. Nickey Ray, 142,484,566 Avery, Bert Mills, 387 Avsharian, Michael, J1., 57, 60 Aynesworth, Lou Ann, 142, 318 Ayres, Betty Jo, 520 Ayvaz, Joseph Antoine, 328 Azar. Jamal Joseph, 355 Azuaje, Edmundo Enrique, 142 B Baade. Harlewaain, 406. 557 Baaklini. Josep11Milhem,33l,338 Babbi1,C hester Joseph, 30 Babbitt, Beverly Jane, 142, 440 Babcoc'i, Bud, 89 Babcock, Terry Ellsworth, 116, 487 Bachman, Valera L015, 116, 538 Bachrach, 01i11Mag1am,35l Baco11,Kenneth Dale,161 Bacon, Otis Guy, 111, 128,385,472 Bael6ey, Richard Aldred, LL. Comd1., 6 , 366 Bae1,AdeleL 142,456,521 Baer, Car Dec, 92 287, 472 Baer, JacrlZ,25 Bae1.Nancv,l28, 291, 293,432 Baerst, Carl Frederick, 367, 370 Bragg? Rene Denise, 142, 428, 429, Bagle1, Ronald Vincenl,1406 Bailey, Garrick Alan,l Bailey, George Rayn10ndl,J1. ,128, 406, 492 Bailey, Howard Dale, 410 Bailey, Jeanette Kay, 142,444 Bailey, JerryDavid,116,3118,319 Bailey. Kay Victoria. 94, 45 Bainb1igges, Beverly Jean, 1413, 346, 81 Baird, Julia Jean, 143, 350, 455 Baker, Bill Gene, 94 Baker. Carol Abbv. 116. 451 Baker, Diana Lynn, 143, 428, 534 Baker, Elvis Merle, 94 Bageg, Geraldine Rogers, 143, 439, 2 Baker, James Gould, 116 Baker, James Michael, 555 Baker, Jimmy, 325, 382 Baker, Nancy, 333 Baker, Nancy Jane, 116, 455 Baker, Paul Henry, 382 Baker, Phoebe Lou, 94, 444 Baker, Phyllis A1111, 54, 57 B3116; Richard Dennis, 116, 369, Baker, Richard, 54, 328 Baker, Robert Lloyd, 128, 512 Baker, Robert Saxon, 160, 163 131113121, Rona1d Phillip, I43, 156, 81, Baker, Samoa Ann,5 Baker, William A111111315, 160,162, 504 Bakshi, Mahendra S., 328, 356 Baldwin, Martha J0, 94, 426., 430 Baldwin. Richard Butler, 143, 504, 545, 556 Baldwin, Sandra June, 94, 540 Baldwin, Stanley W. C., 5 Baldwin, William Lewis, 384 Balenti, Michael Ervin, 128, 484 Balcntine, Jerry Duwayne, 58, 116, 326. 511 B311, George Palmer, 38706 558 Ball,ch1y Lee, 143, Ball. Leonard Frank, 94, 6324, 402, 415. 50 0 Ball, Rex Harrison, 565 Ball. RohertHarold, 116,479 Ballgal1'd, William Joseph,128, 386, B3119011,CharleyFred. 128,387, 546 Balsam, Linda Sue, 128,025 Balyeat, D1. FrankA.. Balyeat, Hal Davison, C16106, 492 Bamas, D1. RudolhpC ,61 Bandy. William R., 61:, Bangert, Robert Lee, 384 Bannister, Harry Leroy. I1. , 94,496 Baptist,NathanielW.,111, 116.508 Barbee,CharlesWalk2e1, 94,500 Barbee, Patty: Lee,9 Barber, Terry Charles, 128, 302, 545. 54 Barbour,Ioe1 Shearsl. 370 Barbour, Kate C., Bard. Betty Rogers. 61128. 335, 455 Bargeliotes,Pele1 116 Barger, Anh Elizabe1h. 143, 525 Barham, Terry Joe, 57, 58, 116, 488 Barhydt. Ralph Emery, 406 Haiku, Sarah Elizabeth, 58, 143, 4 8 Baikett, Vander Michael, 50, 116, 88 Barkley, Robert Wheeler, 94 Barkley. William Hugh, 94 Barksdale. James H., J1., 94 Barnard, Brenda Anne, 520 133315121111, Cirrelda Julia, 94, 454, 5 Barnard. FrancesAnn, 143,346, 455.522 Barnaird, Jim David, 410, 548 Barnes, A1thurLee,58, 1,28 384 Barnes, Clyde Carroll, 371 Barnes, Dewey 61 Bazngs:51F10yd Smith, 116,400, 402, 1 Barnes, Gerald Hugh, 143, 378, 488 553 Barnes, Miss Gladys A., 61 Barnes, Glenn Paul, 94, 328 Barnes, Jack Warren, 128. 379. 500 Barnes, John Richard, 143, 379 479, 557 Barnes, Larry Lee, 380, 561 Barnes, Nancy Marinda, 116, 451 Barnes, Sara Susan, 143, 52.5 Barnes, Walter Cameron, 377 Baggis, William Edwin, 94, 340, Barnett, Cecil Clyde, J1., 94, 492 Barnett, Dale Eudcan, 57, 410 Barnett, Dallas Cody, 128. 406, 495 Barnett, James Robert, 380. 561 Bazaar, Myrtlebanks, 54, 56, 128, 8 Barnett, Richard Lee, 95 Barney, .Ionne Louise, 95. 451 Baron. Linard Tarris, 555560 Barr. Falvy Carl. J1., Barr. Robert Lincol7n, 5955, 287, 289, 300.301, 472, Barr, Sharon Louise:3 342 Bargeglt,Hugl1JaCkson, 351,462, Barrett, Robert Synder, 561 Barrett, Robert William, 410 Barrick, Linda Mary, 128, 539 Barrggw, William Kendall, 287, 337, 56. 112111911, Patrick Arrington, 143, 380, 4 Barryhill, ,I011n,337 B3151, Louis Michael, 116,549 Bartholomew. Keith Perry, 371, 561 Bartlett, Cha1les Michael, 95, 402, 415, 555 Bartlett, Margaret Carole, 143 Bartlett, MylcsCustaf, 143,410, Bartlett,NancyMarie,116 Bartley, Thomas Edd. 387, 562 Barton, Lyon Winston, 381, 560 Barton, Ray Eugene, 562 Barton.Rogers1van, 46 Bartram, JoePaul, 143,321,383, 559, 560 Bascom, Robert Claude, 51, 128, 375. 480 Bass, Joseph Lloyd, 410, 417, 561 Bass. Warren Dean, 259, 406, 566 Batchelor, James Dan, 163 Batchelor, Malcolm Stuart, 410, 561 Batchelor, Mary Katherine, 143, 443, 522 Batchelor. Robert Arnold, 95, 340, 37 , 77 Bates, James, 58, 396, 400, 402, 558 Bates Joseph Kenneth, 116, 512 Bates. William Ellison, 95, 378, 462 511 Batta61e, Kenneth Preuitt, 116, 369, 50 Battles, Carolyn Glenn, 143, 443., 525 Baughman. Richard Wayne, 128, Baum, James E., 383 Baumcr, Robert James, 554 Baumw011,Dorothy Ann, 57 Bavinger, Eugene A., Bax;;r,JaniceEve1yn,61,58 59,128, 4 Baxter, Louie Caplin, Jr., 143, 379, 511., 55 Baxte1.R0naldC1y,de 319 Bayer, Courtney Robert, 562 Ba1'l.ess lCarolvnAleen, 5.4 55,56, 95, Bayless5, lJon William, 143 Bayless, PatriciaDuncan, 128,338, 4.5 9 Ba1less, Roge1L011ell, 54. 55, 143, 3 Bayne,Suzan11e Adelaide, 143, 459, 5 30 Beale, Catherine Grace, 143,524 Beard, A1111 arie, 25' Beard, StanlevSherman 116,345 Beardslee. Judy Karen. 293 Beasley,3 Mgax Hartwell, J1., 55,116, 367,4 4 Reason, 3Ioeann, 249 Beanie, Richard Ledford61.410 566 Beatty, Capt JamesL., 374 Beaver, Luther 10c, 128. 6323, 377 Beaver, Mary A11ccVV.. 143 Beavers, George Coleman, 378,554 Bechtel,Robeerarren,160 Bechtel, 5W4illiam Wesley, 128, 203, 40 6, Beck, 81511.4326,5 48 Beck.Sand1aLee, 116,319,340, 448 Beck, W. B., 326 Beck. William Hershel, 143. 410 Beckenhauer. Rex Leroy, 39728, 555 Beckham. VVilber L., J1.,3 Bednar. Gerald. III, 143, 379, 480 Bedwcll. John Lewis, 95, 352, 392, 393, 394. 549 Beekman, Harry Neal, 128, 406, 0 50 Beeler, Katherine Lucile, 143, 447, 524 Beese.DennisDuane, 143,319, 377, 561 Beesley,MarySusan, 128,300,301, 361, 440 Bectls, Jerry Du Wayne, 128,406, Beetls, Merry Katherine, 143 Bchrenfeld,Georgann, 143,522 Beisgl, Suzanne Elizabeth, 116,30 Belfnlger,JonMicl1ae1, 117,512 Belcher, James E., Belford, Jay Doug1as, 406, 414 Belin, Larry,4 550 Bell, Bobby Joe, 329 Bell, David William, 95, 488 Bell, Digby Bernard, 61 Bell, Harold Francis, 378, 561 Bell, James T., 17 Bell, Janalec, 117, 440 Bell,JoeNich01as, 117,488,489 Be11,Marilyn,117, 317 Bell, MarthaAnn,128, 246.536 Bell, Mary Ann, 143, 455, 519 Bell, Nancy Lou, 143, 317,525 Bell, Richard Allen, 387 Bell, Dr. Robert E., 61 Bell, Willa Lynn, 143, 447, 522 Bellis,William1Hen1y, 352 Bellt, Melvin,162 Bclshy, Janice Beve11y, 128,536 Belt, Iohn Lampton, 161 Bell, Linda, 48, 57 Be11.Roberthhneth,J1., Beltz, Danny Ray, 385,561 Bel1'in,Wendell. 117 Belz,Fra11kJosheph,1171,471 Benc101, D1.John F., Bendorf, Clariette, 117,1120, 456 Bendorf, Ralph Benja111in, 117, 5! Bend011.,Sylvia Miriam, 143, 346 6, Bengdict, Bruce Newton, 143, 377 9 4 Benedict, Charles Joseph, 370, 56 Bei41;dict,Robert Charles, 95, 337 Benedum, T. R., Benford,Grcg01y Aolbert, 128, 40- Benford, James Nelson, 351,406 Benicn, lohn David, 410, 566 Benien, aul Frederick, J1., 259, 260, 31 566 Benner, Frlank Sammie, 95,484 Be1111er,Nancy Carolyn, 95,96, 443 Bennett, Gary Mahlon, 410, 553 Bennett, George Dewecs, 143, 410 328,3 1 7 Bennett, John Henry, 128, 298, 3 484 Bennett, John Overton, 95, 504 Bennett, Kent Lewis, 353 Bennett, Larry Frank, 379, 555 Bennett, Zollene, 57,117, 319, 536, 542 Benninga, Darryl VVlayne, 367, 37 Bennis, Diane E1a,143, 6 Benson, Donald Lee, 160, 161, 1- Benson, Frank Lane, 117, 345, 51 Benson, Harry James, 128, 370, 488 Benson, John Manning, 325, 402 409 Benson, Kenneth Edward. J1., Bens011,51.6gydLee, 117, 287, 4041, Benson, Dr OliverEq 61, 256 Benson, Paul H., J1., 387 Benson,Richa1dEarl,l29 Bentley, SusanRulh,117,428 Bentley, William Ralph, 561 Benton, Joseth 62 Bentz, Kenneth, J1. , 117, 228, 40 4 71 Berenda, Dr. Carlton W., 42. 62 Berenson,ThomasHoward,55,1 377.503, 0 Berg, Robin Edwin. 371, 560 Berge1,Deanna, 161 Bergeson, Jerry Roger, 92, 315 Bergcson, Marjie, Bergin, D1. DavidP.. 62 Begsgr;ann, D1. Heinrichw, 62, Bergschneider, Paul V., 406 Bergstrom, Jane, 117, 319, 455, 5 8 Bernabe, Donald Edward,6 560 Bernhart. D1. A11111u1F., Bernier, A. C., Bernier, Ralph Dell, 399, 400, Berr1.Charles Dixon, 129,487 Berry, Suzanne, 95, 444 Baggy; John Steele, 143,410,472 Berna Kenneth Ray, 129, 321, 4! 4 7 Berry, Paul McClellan, 344 Berry. Robert Gale, ,I1., 95, 251, 347, 349, 399, 400, 402. 473 Berry, Sarah Alice, 117, 459 Berg; William Randolph, 95, 16 Berryhill,Jothat, 318,340 392132111311, Joe Wright, J1. ., 117, Berthrong, D1. DonaClqu 62 Bethsharcs, M13.J.C 48 Bettes,LarryRaymouc1, 143,410 Bettis.Ie11y Ray, 382 Betz2.5 Mar;9 Katherine, 143,292, 4 8, Betzer, Carmen, 117, 211, 291, 3 346, 360, 439 ARMSTRONG TIRES' "Ounce of Prevention" Cir-ig can save your life See how Armstrong patented SAFETY DISCS prevent deadly skids as no other tire can ORDINARY TIRES No Discs-Tread Squeezes Shut ARMSTRONG TIRES Safety Discs Keep Tread Open EXTRA SAFETY AT N 0 EXTRA COST! Armstrong "Miracle" Tires give you un- matched protection against today's common- est hazard, skids. They keep you safer on any road, at any speed, in any weather- yet cost no more. And compare the guarantee you get on these rugged tires! Look in the Yellow Pages for your nearest Armstrong Tire dealer. See him soon. IRES AH-eni-ion Engineers and Chemisi's Job opportunities are available in the Research and Develop- ment Department of the Armstrong Rubber Company, a rapidly growing multi-plant company, in a rapidly growing industry. 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Connecficuf 575 Beyerl, 15lobert Anthony, 143, 410, I 13121111c7 George David, 117. 553 B1;locIi,Marily11 Barbara, 143,432, Bianchi, J0 Anna, 129, 318, 319 Bidack, Catherine Jane, 524 Biddle, Richard Allan, 386, 393 Biddy, Leon Ray, 321, 410 Bieber.Cha1'1es Philip, 117,488 Bienfahg, Dr. Ralph, 62, 296, 297 Bigger, Elaine Leigh, 245,539 Biggs, Harvey Lee, 380 B1gheart,B111y Joe, 54, 57 Biglsane, James Michael, 129,406, B11565erry, JudithAnn, 143,326, 431 52 1 2 Bilbrey, Gary Lynn, 143, 410, 511, 555 Biles, Robert Erlc, 143, 410, 553 Billam, Dale John, 143, 7384, 556 Billeg, Robert P., Jr., Billet, Doyle Eugene, 1177, 323, 499 B1ller, Joseph William, 95 Billingsly, Jerry, 290 Billue, Sy1va Belle, 294, 303 B12081Zley, Johnny Earl, 143, 381, B1nford, Russell H., J1'., 410, 556 Blngham, Barry Norman, 129, 379, 4 Binkley, Donald James, 377 Bird, Robert Allen, 95, 468 Birnie, Frank Walter, Jr., 129, 351, 406, 504 Bisacca, Robert Paul, 143, 379, 557 Bisch01,BrucePau1,1177,378,504 Bishop, Mrs. Barbara,4 Bishop, LarryDavid,14673, 359,382 Bishop, Dr. Luther D., Bishop, William W.,J1'.6, 143, 378,508,550 Bistline, Jo,seph Richard. 323 B1ack,HowardMilton, 283 Black, Jon Jay 259, 406, 566 Black, Judith orene, 117, 245, 443 Black, Marilyn Uleda, 129,250, 291,455 Black,MaryMartha, 117,291,294, 317, 34 3, 538 Black, PaulDow, 129,379, 406 B1ack,RobettMartiu, 143, 561 ack, Stephen Sterling, 387 Blaik, Bob, 257 B13141, Jimmy Don, 143, 378, 504, 6 Blair, Suzy Jane, 117, 538 Blgke, Beverly Diane, 143, 447, 19 Blake, Dan George, 95, 511 Blake, Judy Ann, 143, 525 Blakeley, Dick Aust1n, 160, 161, 4 Blgkltgy, Betsy Arnold, 143, 451, Blakely, Frank Warren, 95 Blakely, Janice Ann, 129, 293 Blancctt, Allen Leroy, 95, 326, 354, 362 Blancett, Carole Ann, 143, 525 Blanche, Jerry D011, Blanco, Rene Eduardo S., 117 Blane, Homer Dabney, 406 Blankenssgigp, Duane Roy, 143, 380, Blanton, Ernest Paul, 41 Blanton, iJamey. Thomas, 111,160, 161,511 B1anton,Pat, 143,511,566 Blanz, Judith Lee, 117,247,452 lasingame, John Wayne, 95, 558 Blaske, Theodore Allen, 143, 379, 5 Blau, Peter England,3 52 Bledsoe, AnnS., 11, 129, 450, 451 Bledsoe, Earl Leon, 95,315,344, 354, 362 Bledsoe, Judith Ann, 117,440 Bledsoc,PattyLee, 129,249,335, 391, 440 Blevins, David Coker, 95 384, 510 Blevins. Kay Sandra, 129 Blink, Edward Forrest, 355 Bliss, Dr. Horace H., 62 Bliss, Judith Eugenia, 95 Blocklinger, Fred Hans, 402 Bloom, Joan Etta, 143, 432, 460, 528 B1ue.Dav18d Burdeue, 111,129, 324.378 511 B1um,yMark Y., J1'. , 143,378,503, 58 Blumenfeld, Barbara S.,143, 534 Blgmcnghaigl, Donald Louis,143, 81 Blyt11e.Judy Anne, 117,246,391, 538, 542 Board. Beth Lee, 95, 426, 454 oard, John Dooley, 162 BoatrighstizBeverly Kay, 143, 350, 7 Bocox, Cordon Arthur.117. 488 Boddie, Carole Ann, 128, 129,439 Boeding, Francis Regis, 95 323 Boettcher, John William. 371. 561 Boge, Nancy Ann, 143, 456, 521 Boggs, J. Palmer, 62 Boggs, John Vincent. 354. 404, 545 Boggs, Karen Lee, 129. 451 Boggs, Richard E., 302 Bohan, Barbara Ann, 117 Bohan, Elizabeth Ann, 117 Bohan, Mary Kathleen, 520 Boggrsnan, Curtis Owen, 117, 289, 557'11 Bokc, Dr. Norman H., 62 Boland, Cary Lee, 117, 563 Balding, L1oyd Blaine, 315 Bole, David Leland, 95, 345, 511 Bolender, Beverly C311, 536 Boll. Virgil Llo1d. 566 Bollinger, C. J.. 62 Bollinger, Frank Lee, 129,386, 472 Bollgman, Char1es Smith, 129, 406, 1301195, Larry Ross, 95, 500 Bolton,Crayto11 Omega M., 343 Bolton, Gary 111111, 3410, 56 Bolto11.J011n 1V. Bond, Dan Murray, 9117, 345 Bond, Leah Susanne, 95 Bond, Myro11Humphre1 312, 314 Bonds, Archibald Camp, Jr. , 143, 371, 472,556 Bonds, Martha Frances, 117,455 Bone, Mrs H. K.. 89, 316 Bone, HaroldK., 63 Bonebrake, Robert Joseph, 95 Bonner,Gene Travis. 160.161. 162 Bonner. Joe David. 95, 323. 564 Bonnewell, Virgin1aC., 363 Bonney, Henry C lift011,162 Bonney, Jean, Bonney.WilliamC.. 95,508 Boone, Daniel Kyle, 9 95 Boonc,PaulRohert,58,129,370, 50 8 Boosa, John D211 1d 95 Boosa, Sue Caroly11, 95 Booth, Bill A1311, 379,561 Booth, James Russell, 328, 356 Booth,111211'11111Ann.5368 B00111,Mymai Kay, 95, Booth, Robert Arthur, 354, 563 Booze, Charles Fred. Jr. , 399, 400, 402 Borchardc, Charles Albert, 54, 55, 12 4 9, 64 Borell1. Gerald Ed11'.ard 117.508 Boris, Sheila Joy, 143, 456,532 Bornemann, Mary Karlene, 143, 293, Boroch0511, 0..JerryL 95,503 Bosecker,ChrisF., 358, 563 Bosley, MildredCharlcne,129,447 Baston,WilliamCJr.,161,164 Boswell, Fred Page,9 Boswell, Jamequ 1423, 380, 511, 558 Boswell, RobertEu 387, 51 Botnick,Benjam1nSan111e1, 117,467 Bottoms, Brenda Bryan, 95, 342, 4 39 Bou Said, Issam, 92, 331, 338, 344 Bouse, Nancy Sue, 539 Boutwe11,R0y Kent, 410,566 Bowen, Jerry Mars11311,129 Bowen, Dr. Willis H., 6 Bower, Walter Murray, 161,162 Bowers, Jane Anne, 95,360,447 Bowers, Karen Kay, 143,525 Bow.c1's Lois Elaine, 57, 58 Bowie, James Dwight, 351, 386, 8 5 Bowie, John Lee, Bowie, Ronnie Shagfard, 129,406, 63 56 Bowlin, William Paul, 410 Bowling, Maurine, 63, 291, 293 Bowman, Carrel Ross. 410 Bowman, Clark W.. 383 Bowman, Nannette M., 316 Bowyer, Ralph Gordson, 337 Boyd, Grant A11en,5 Boyd. Mary Elizabeth, 293. 343, 537 Bov,d Parthena Louise, 324 Boydston, James Laymance, 129, 560 Boydston. Janet Carol, 143, 319, 350, 532 Bo1'dstun5Dennis Eugene, 143, 379,51 Boyer, DonaldFlooyd, 95,338, 511 Boyer, Leon. 340 Boykin. Gloria June, 129 436 Boyle, Brenda Louise, 129,451 Boyles, Clark Haves, 117. 492 Boyles, Ramona Adeline F..161 Bozalis,J0hnRusse11,95,49 Bozarth, Stanley Eugene, 129,386, 488 Brace, Jerry Dean.4 Brackeen, RichardEnnis, 95,355, 4 4 Bracken, Daniel J30,e Brackin, MarshallSeitzt? 1.29 406, 487 Bradbury, JamesA., 111,55, 143, 377,479,552 Braddy,3Mar1'Lou, 129,318,319, 334. Braderi, 3136611y J0, 95, 463 Braden, Cray Allan, 11.7 563 Braden, James Clint 410 Bradford,Josep11 Ed11'ard,54 Bradley, Annie Lois. 357 Bradley, Iames Richard 129,500 Bradley,Luanne, 95.440 Bradshaw, Constance Winn, 117, 33 9 Bradshaw,JohnCar1'.95,488 Bradshaw. Patricia Anne.117 Bradshaw, Samuel Kent, 50, 51, 117,404, Brady. Carl O11en. 326 Brady, Larry Dale, 129.386 Brady, MarkEdward, 117,280, 311. .565 Bragg, Dr. Arthur N.. 63 Braithwahe. Glenda Ruth. 95, 447 Braly, John Moore, 129, 406 Bramlett, Judy,3 ramley,7 Rodger Vin Pelt,143, 381, 495,558 Brandenburg, John Harkey, 129, 406, 491 Brandcs, K. Kay, 143, 526 Brandt, Donald Paul 558 Brandt, Jerry Edwar , 410 Brandt, Roberta Kay, 143, 520 Brannan, John Claude, J1., 117, 345, 404, 487 Bransou, Dr. Carl C., 63 Brantley, Bruce Norton, 402 Brgnyan, Elizabeth H., 143, 443, 26 Brasel, Eva Lorraine, 50, 96, 251, 341, 455 Brasel, Leslie Eugene, 55, 56, 129, , 563 Brashears, Sue Ann,117, 540 Brasher, Jessena Sue. 318, 319 Brasier, Jerry Lee, 351,385 Bratcher, MontyLaRex, 162,287 Bratcher, Robert Douglas, 117, 480 Brgugh, Judith Kathryn, 129, 348, 2 Braver, Dr. Gerald, 63 Brawncr, Paul Oliver, 563 13121: VV1lliam George, Jr., 384, 14 Breashears, Rozann, 143, 321, 533 Breckenridge, Roger Allen, 354 Breece. Beverly Ray, 129, 318, 447 Breit. Vera. 44, 45 Bre11ce,Judit11 LavadFa, 117 Brensing, Nelson E. ,Jr. , 96, 40. 500 Brett, Edward Hugh,129, 386, 558 1312151. La Vadis Lykihs, 143, 292, 5 Brewer, Ann, 96, 228, 251, 302, 341, 451 Brewer, Brenda Sue, 129, 249, 451 Brewer, Don Delano, 5 Brewer, Kenneth Billy, 96, 338, 34 Brians, Jane Shannon, 143, 447, 521 Bridges, Dr. C11arlesM.. Jr.. Bri5dges, Georgelmboder1,129,3410, 13115111135, Robert Sidney, 129 Br1d11'e11, RobertLeslie, 117,351, 488 Briggs, LarryK., 410, 552 Briggs, Phillip Duane, 92.344 Briggs, Tommy Wayne, 380.558 Briggls,WilliamScott, 117,218, 511 Bright, James Barry, 117. 359. 471 Bright, Thomas Hairy, Jr., 6, 508 Brightwe11,Richard. 63 Brin111g,R.Le0n,117. 326 Bnning,VV1lliamConrad,117, 404, Brinker, Dlr. PaulA.. 63 Bristow,BvronDary1 96,462, 508 Bristow, Charles Lewis, 143, 396, 5 8 Bristow, Donald A., 233, 363 Bristow, J. Gordon. 7143, 487 B1116, Cecil, 296.297 Britto11.Ru1hA11n. 143. 532 Brixe1'. Dr JohnC.. 63. 256 Breach, Suzanne, 117,451 Broadrick,BruceLeonard, 143,378, 558 Broadrick. William Heard. 304 Broadstone, C.Dolp11, 396 Brochstein, Louise Ablon, 532 Brock. LceMonnctt, 143,346,439, 519 Brock. Valerie Joyce,143, 293, 294, 532 Brockbank, Iack. 327 Brockriedc Dr. VVavneE" 63 Broersma.Dr. Sybra11d.63 Brook.BetteCamlyn. 129,432 Brookes.10hnF Brooks. Ed11ard1:1arris, 143,507, 548 Brooks. Elizabeth C., 143 Brooks. Jacob Harrison, 143., 214, 410. 511, 549. 553 Brooks, James. 54 Brooks. 1ames Robert. 117 Brook9.Kennet11 L1'11n, 143. 379 Brooks, Larerharles, 96.368. 480 Brooks, Patton Wright, 117,404, 419 Brouzher. 101111 Philip, 117, 276, 311. 57.5 Bmwder, William Barr, III, 378, 5 46 13101111 A11t110n1 Dexter. 12.9. .564 Brown, Arthur David, Jr., 4 131012111 Ben A.. 326 131011 11 Bever11 Anne. 143. 444 13101111 Bruce Ta1l,or 117,122, 326. 361, 483 Brown, Charles Duane, 96, 340. 361. 500 Br01111, C0ke Reed. 143. 378. 471 B1011n, E1a1ne.143 436. 526 Brown.Danie1Ke11v. 161 Brown. Dorse Kendall. 129. 396 Brown. Douvlas Bollman, 96, 276, 310. 324. 511. 565 Br0111.1 Wether Fave. 696 Bro11'1.1 Frances. 31 Bron 11 Fred Allen, 96, 118, 325, 402, 479 Bro111.1 Glendon Rhea, 380 101111 Cuy. 13101111 Dr. Harley P.. ,63 Brow,n Harry, 560 Brown, HomerA, J1. , 63,79 Brown, Mrs. Homer, Jr. , Brown, Dean Horace 13., 3759, 39 B1011'1,1 Ho1vard3Lamar, 96,340 Brown, J. Lee, 347 Brown, James Martin, 387 Brgg'7n, Jay Louis, 143, 410, 503, Brown, Jean, 341, 350 Brown, Jerry Carl, 328, 356 Brigg, John Graham, 129, 370, Brown, Judith Cay, 144, 346, 443, 523 Brown, Karcn Elise, 144, 293, 294 Brown, Maude D611, 117,438 Brow11,Murie1 Elizabeth. 117,536 Brow,11 Patrick Eugene, 161 Brow11,Philip Harley, 96,472 Brggsn, Ronald Gregory, 129, 290, Brown, Safari Catherine, 144, 346, 4 , 529 Brown, Sharon Eloise, 442 Br0w11,Sharo11Lyn1196,4443 Bro11':n Terry Lee, 1,329 Brgg'n, Thomas Edward,1529, 370, Brown,T1-10mas H011 ard 3710, 558 Br0w11,Thomas Jess, Jr. , Brow11,Tho111as5Joh11, 14441410, 487, 550, 55 Bro1111. Vivia Jean, 63 Brownen, Janice Buck,117 Browningl, William W., Jr. , 8, 129,410, 560 Brownlec, Thomas Cuinn, 393 Bruce, Duane Robert, 379 Bruce, lgames Martin, 379, 561 Bruce, 1. John B., 64, 326, 350 Bruch. Linda Kay, 117, 428 Bruehl, Mrs. Kay, 47 Brunkow, Gaines Le Roy, 144,410, 483,557 Brunson,Dav1d Dan1c1.111,161 Brunson. William Thomas, 96, 483 Brust, Jerry Lee, 129, 406, 545, 550 Bryan, Charles Llo1d. 382,557 Bryan, John Abbctt, 144, 410, 500, 549, 561 Bryant, Bobby Joe, 546 Bryant, Celia , 64 Bry,a11t Culleen, 117,440 Bryant, Ke1th Lynn, 92 Bryant, Lewis Gerald, 144,321, 353, 396 Brya111, Michael Naylor, 565 Bryant, Capt. Thomas L., 64, 374 Bryde, Maribelle Margaret, 144, 239, 346. 531 54 Brglgs, Mu1'p111 C., Jr. , 410, 414, Buchanan, Ancel Lee, 3.58 Buchanan, Beverly A1111, 11, 129, 4 Buchanan, Brenda Beth, 521 Buchanan, James Michael, 144, 380, 480. 553 Buchanan, Kathryn 0.. 64 Buchanan, Dr. Percy W., 64 Bucher, Nancy Rawson, 144,210, 447. 529 Bucl1ner,C11arlesE., 111, 50. 51. 966251, 347, 349, 399, 400, 402, 48 Buchsbaum, Leonard L., 96, 345, 507 Buck, Ann Marie, 96, 439 Buckles, Billy Joe, 385 Buckley, William Charles, 410 Buckner, Kenneth Carl, 129, 386 Bucy, Margaret, 301 Buhrman, Charles Robert. 161 Bull, Marcia Kay, 117. 439 Bulla, Carolyn, 144. 292. 451, 524 Bulla. Mary A1111, 58, 129, 208, 324, 342, 444 Bunce, Barbara Anne, 129, 439 Bunch, Janis Jane, 129, 455 Bunzardt. Barbara Elaine. 116, 117, 250. 302. 360. 440 Burch, Barbara Dean. 117. 436 Burch, James 0., 144, 394, 396 Burden. Ray Bob, 96, 283, 566 Burdick, Ralph. 49 Burden, Jimmy Melbourne, 117, 462, 77 Burge. Marvin Earl. 399, 400, 402 Burger, Barbara, 316 Burger, John E., 304 Burzett. VV1111am S., 64 Burk, Virginia Ann, 144. 533 Burke, Clarice Marie, 129 Burke, Patricia, 316 Burke, Kenneth Donald, 96, 283, 310, 327. 508 Burke, Michael James, 144, 379, 554 Burke, Nancy Ilene, 117, 222, 350, Burke", J F... 42 Burkett, James Ronald,59,129, Burks,Bill1'MaC1116.96 312,314 Burks. Helen. Buggs, Linda Ann, 129, 318, 324, 6 Burleson, Jo. 316 Burleson. 1111121 Margaret,144, 292, 447. 521 Burleson. Mary E1len, 57, 58 Burnett. Carl. 1 Burnett, Earl Eugene. 327 Buzgflsmm, Raymond Bradley, 129, Burns, Marie, 144, 350. 443. 529 Burns, 1:1:31111'n Kay, 96, 338, 340, Burns, Dr. Robert D., 64 Bums, Shirley Kay, 321 Burnside, ?at Diane, 117 Burr, David A., 39, 296 Burr, Jerry Allen, 384 Burre11,MarshalILee, 71817, 479 Burris, Stanley Nea1,3 Bu51'rough, Charles Dav71d, 117,51 63 Burrous, Guy Howard, 117, 488 Burt, Nancy Ann, 144, 451, 529 Burt, Thomas Anthony, 117, 484 Burt, William S., JR, 396, 561 Burton, Gary David. 144., 410, 56 Burton, Dr. Helen B., 64 Burton, John Paul, 129, 406 Burton, Lawton Myron, 161 Burwell, Dr. James Robert, 64 Busby, David Barton, 406 Busby, Michael Jay, 129, 406, 48 Busch, JamesM., 129, 351, 503 Bush ,C. C., Jr., 64 Bush, Lawrence Errol, 382 Bush. Susan, 144,440, 519 Buskghl, CliffordJoe, 1,29 410, Buster, RohertVVillard,Jr.,129, 512 Butcher, Dennis Eugene, 144, 37 479, 557 Butler, Bob Burnett, 328, 356 Butltr, Charles Dee, 144, 383, 46 550 Butler, Dale Ralph, 96 Butler, Jerry Glenn, 96, 480 Butler, Matilda Lou, 144, 350, 451, 460, 524 Butterly, Glen Marcus, 129, 387, Butterworth, James D., 96, 470 Button, Clair Jerome, 383 Buxton, Charles Longmire, 406 Buzzard, Charles Lynn, 96, 496 Buzzard, James Charles, 377 Byer y, James Aden, 258, 261, 26 , 4 Byers, David La Mont, 344 Bynum, Lynda Kay, 96, 447 Byram, James Wray, 386, 394 Byrd Carol Elizabeth, 129, 324, 26,438 B1 rd, Karen, 536 By 111, Dr. Ei'nest Edw ard, 64 C Cabbiness, Guy Louis, 96 Cable, James P., 382 Caddell, Karen Marie, 324 Cade. Linnic Jesse, 129, 564 Cah111, James Michael, 47 Cahill, Patricia Ann, 129, 321, 348, 539 Cahoon, Butch, 285 Cain, Allyn Burgess, 367, 370 Cain, John Robert, 161,162 Cai11.VV1111am M01ga11,111,144, 396, 492.546 Caldwc11,CarolLou, 1617, 439 Ca1dwe11,C11ar1es L., Caldwell, James Ian 1116.2. :.Jr , 96 Caldw,ell Phillip L.0 Calhoun, Carl E., Ca1110un.Chris Carloile. 144. 380 Callas.NormaRuth, 117.321 Ca11'e7r1, Brooke Allen, 128, 129, 44 Calvert, Floyd0., 64 Calv,ert George Cecil, 92,319 Calv,ert Joseph Paul, 96,368, 49 Calvert, Roderick Wilcox, 129, 4 Calvin, B111 Edward, 379 Cameron, Betty Ann, 534 Cameron, Douglas Crawford, 129 384,487 Cameron.W1111am Tracy. Jr. , 12 367, 370, 53 Cammgack, Donald David, 558 Camp, David V1711liam, 328, 356 Camp,DennisA1an, 381 Camp, Lawrence Bradley, 96 Camp, Marian Frances, 294 Campbell,Carolyne, 117,440 Campbell, David Lee, 278, 279, 310. 55 Campbell, J. W, 410 Campbell, Jack Nance, 557 Campbell, Joan Lou. 357 Campbell, Dr. J011nM.. 64 Camphe11, John Moore. IV, 378 Campbell, Linda Lou, 117,318 Campbell, L1116 Blair. 96 Campbell,Ma1'11y11,3l6 Camphe11,MaryAnn,92,444 Camph611,Randa11Ear1382 Campbell.RichardVValter,144, 410, 504 Campbell. Roger Rice, 96,375, 377 39.3 394 Campbe1l, Ronald Arthur, 328 Campbell, Suzanne, 129,350, 44 443 Canadav, Jon Denis,1129, 406, 4 Cand1, Joe E.. Jr.. 560 CanHeId, Bill G0wdy,1117 326 Cannon, Donald Edward, 96, 28 508 Ca11110n,JFoeBerry.92,359.472 Cantre11,F10ydOrin, 410,564 Cantrell, James Lewis, J.1' , 555 Capehari, Barney Lee, 96,327, 3 376. 393. 39.5 Capel1atL.Do11W.. Cap11n,4Kenneth Roy, 117, 303, 325, 5. 503 Caplir1.Richard. 117. 404,503 Capps, Hilda Jahis, 144, 428, 52 Capps, MaryJayne,117, 537 CHAMPLIN . . . A GREATNAME f IN THE GREA 7' PLAINS Capps, Tennie Ann, 54, 55, 144, 452, 460 Capshaw, Tom Dean, 163 Carden, Lance Burch, 406 Carder, P. Karen, 117, 538 Cardwell,Martha,1eanne, 129,536 Carey, Saindra Dian,5 Cazesy, Virginia Pamela, 144,431, 0 Cargi11,DavidKeel, Cargbll, Sara ,10hani121h,1129, 230, Cargo, Curtis Dale,4 Carlile, Lt. Col. Norman A. 11., 65, , 4 Cazliie, Thomas Richard, 117, 404, 1 Carlock, John Hoyle, 129, 406, 504 Carlson, Gilbert Leon. 544, 561 Carlson, John Aner. 371, 561 Carlson, Kenneth Edward, 562 Cagam, Maxine Kay, 129, 229, Carlstone. Darry Scott, 96, 399, 401, 402 Carlton. Beverlv Jean. 129. 443 Carmack, Kav Sue. 144, 436, 530 Carmack, Shirley Leone D., 96 Carmack, Dr. William, ,11'., 65 Carman, John Edwin, 160, 161, 162, 492 Carman, Ronald Revis, 144, 318, 371. 468, 552 Carmichael, Joan Kay, 144, 447, 522 Casrmichael, Karin May, 144, 438, 23 Carmichae1,Michae1 F.. 14,4 396, 476. Camicha5e1. Thurmond Roy. 58 Carnahan. Bette Kaye, 117, 455 Carnes,10hnWi1cox. 117. 487 Games, ,thnneth George, 144,383, Carney, James Franklin. 404 Camey,10hn Michael, 96, 328, 354,356. 362. 51 Carney.Mari1yn Dealnna Shepard, , Carney, Myrna Lee, 92., 293, 294, 535 Carolstone. Darrv 5.. 354 Carpenter, Dr.Char1es Congden, 65 Carpenter, Dick. 283 Carnenter.E1-nest 1ames fjimmy1, 258. 262. 263.267.311.566 Carnenter. 1am. Anne, 13, 144, 247. 447. .520 Carpenter. 111111111 Lynne. 117. 537 Casrnenter, Larry Dene, 144, 382, 61 Caroenter. Robert Bruce. 406, 552 Caroenter.San!1ra Kay. 44 Carr.M1chaelDavvr1406 Carr. Stenhen 1.. 3745 Carricn. Marya 1ane.. Carrn11. Lmda Lou, 144,8. 335, 440, 59 .5 Carroll. William. 2.57., 270 Carson, Carole. 316 Carson, Connie Ruth. 292 Carson. H. K'we. 144. 438, 533 Carson. 1oe1 Louis. 162 Carson, Steve Cv't'nn. 396, 368 Carcnn, Dean William 11.. ,36, 65, 31.5 Carter.A1bertLewis. 144, Carter, Freddie Dewayne, 3:571? 377, 381 Carter, James Harrison, 302, 352 Cartez, Joe Edmond, 404 Carter, Kenneth B., 330 Carter, Mary, 287 Carter, Mary Lou, 117,318,319, 360 Carter, Robert Lyndolph, 117, 367, 36 8 Carter,RowlandFtank,1156,71557 Carter, Roy Edward, 378, Carter, Sheridan Henry, 385261 Carter, Willetta Sue, 144,531 Carter, William Lee, 278 Ca5rtme11, Sara Martin, 144,247, 22 Cartwright, Dr. Benjamin A, 65 Cartwright,1an Eric, 161 Cartwright, Robert Edwin, 97 Carver, James Le Myrl, 117,500 Case, Diana Ruth, 5852 asey, Helen Laura,5 Casev,,10hnH65, 2926? 297,302, 303 Casey, Robert Alden,5 560 Casl51150n, Linda Dale, 50, 51, 129, Cason,,1udy Kay, 129,535 Casperson, Ronme La Mar, 383, 55 Cass, Dr. Carl B., Castellion, RobertF15oyd, 97,326 Caswell,CaroleWynema, 144,439, 530 Caswell, Kay, 343,537 Caswell, Mary Katherine, 117, 317 Catc,ByronLec, 144,410,492 Cate, Clifford K., Jr. , 117, 492 Cates,CarolynSue, 117,340,431 Cates, Robert Allen, 117,472 Cathcy, Emma 1ean, 534 Catlelt, David B., Jr. , 380,558 Catlett, Patricia, 129,136,324, 3 4, 44 Caturano, Vincent,1r., Cauthron, Phillip Micha5el,144, 377, 564 Cavaness, Carol Diane, 58,129,444 Cavender, Clayton Eugene, 330 Caves, Thomas Courtney, 319, 561 Calvin, W. Burdette, 144, 549 Cazggr, Norma Diane, 117, 292, Caywood, Kerry Wayne, 161 Cecil, Allan Vaughn, 375 Cecil,G1y11da L011, 97, 533 611.1, Francis Chacon, Juan Francisco, 92, 561 ChaHin, Harvey Lee, 271, 273, 406, 5 Chalfam, Roger Wayne, 144, 384, Challah, MuwaHak Chafik, 331, 338 Challenner, Ansel P., 65 Ghraigiberlin, Joe E., 129, 278, 279, Chambers, Peter Scott, 561 Chambers, Ronald Glyn, I44, 495 Chambers, William Floyd, 406, 563 Chamlee, Mary Carol, 12, 144, 244, 326, 440, 519 Champlin, Richard Herbert, 160, 161, 491 Chance, Dr. H. L., 65 Chance, Dr. Norman A., 65 Chaney, David 1Poe1, 97, 483 Chaney, James Boyd, 382 Chaney, Paul Raymond, 97 Chaney, Preston Earl, 11., 117, 475 Ch5ap6ine, Michael Scott, 144,378, Chapman, Dewey James, 97,512 Chapman, Eleanor Ann, 58, I44, 438, 460, 521 Chapman, ,1., 406, 414 Chapman, Jesse Lee Roy, 129 Chapman, Kathryn Fay, 129, 436 Chapman, Roger Allen. 97, 483 Chappell, Noel Anita, 529 Charles, Fred Hampton, 410, 562 Chastain, Bill Hampton, 118, 480 Chgstlain, Martha Nelle, 97, 294, Chastain, Merritt B., 11., 118, 404, 462, 492 Cheatham. Warren Hurley, 118, 359, 377. 383, 500 Chfgiham, William M., 129, 351, Cheatwood, Bryan Lee, 396 Cheatwood, Kav Barry, 97, 428 Check, Dalton Lee. 410 Cheek, William Clinton. 162 Chcever, Kenneth Lee, 118 Chcmers, Judy1.. 136, 536 Cherry, Carolyn Ianice, 526 Cherry, Charles Walter. 118.554 Chessniore, John Francis. 379 Cheves, Joel Raye. 381, 554 Chicoraskc. Leon Edward, 97, 327 Childress, Dr. Donald R., 38 Childress, Nancv Jeanne. 97, 443 Childress. SKC R. C.. 36 6 Childs, Charles Brenton, 328, 348, 354,399, 02 Chism, Frankie Charlene. 343 Chisolm, Mrs. Mildred Y., 6.5 Cl'ggvgood, Alice Carol, 144, 438, Chmel, Edward Henry, 118, 508 Choate, David Charles, 352, 562 Choens, Gladys Maye,3 Chogiluette, MichaeIRees5e,129, 406, Chowins. Kenneth Gene. 558 Chov, John Cho Hong. 97 Christensen Carole, 536 Christian, Dr. A K.. 65 Chnstian, 1ack Lee,3 Christian. f:51arm Taylor, 144,387, 410.566 Christian, Patricia Ann, 129, 343, 537 Christian, Dr. Sherril D.. 65 Christiansen, enry 1, ,1r., 369, 544. 560 Christiansen. ,1011nnyR... 322 Ch5risstner, John Arthur, 144. 380, Chung. Suk Hyunn. 92 Churchill, George W., 40 Ciereszko. Dr. Leon S., 6.5. 322 GizmsRichard Emerson, 118, 319, 8 Claborn, James Richard. .565 Claborn, Judith Marie, 118, 318, C1ai2borne, 1amesF.,111.396 Clamp, Carl Jay, 97, 336, 355,558, 559 Clapp, 101m Christonhel. 259, 566 Clapp, 1udith Ellen C . 1 Clare, Fred ,1meoh, 378. 5.54 Clarey, Irene Edna 0., 357 Clark, A1ice. 316 Clark. MSCT Averv C.. 399. 417. 420 Claak. Charles Phillip, 118. 404, Clark. DonaH L.. 118. 402 Clark. Dean F. Donald. 37 Clark. Dr. James B.. 66 Clark. 1ames Benton. 97. 108., 402 Clark. 1ames Carroll. 404 Clark. Janet, 51, 129, 208, 324, 447 C1ark,,1annie Lee Houser, 342 Clark, Melba, Clark, Norman Ray. 118,312, 362 Clark, Patricia Nadine, 144,292, 444,460 Clark, Phillip Allen. 12 Clark, Dean Ralph W., 37, 350 C1ark,RohertA1den. 144.496 C1ark,RoberlC0ner1y.560 C1ar112,Thomas Gail, ,Ir. , 129,387, Clarke, Sidney Ross, 161, 162 Clay, Carltgton Cleveland, 54, 547 Clay, Holhce James, 410 Clayton, William Norris, 97, 345, 511, 561 Cleary, Elizabeth Marie, 528 Cleary, Marcia Elizabeth, 129, 447 Cleaver, Harry Dunbar, Jr., 14 410, 550 Cleek, Dellon, 560 Clem.E1is Eugene, 410 Clemens, David Paul, 387,557 Clemens, Dr. Howard P., 6 Clement, Dr. Bcsse A , Clements, Lee, 363 Clements, Lee Anne, 129, 455 Clements, Mervin D., Jr., 97, 289, 495 Clgggand, Carolyn ,1i11, 144,440, Clevelland, E1merGly,nn 358, 544, Cli5ft0n, Dr. C. Stanley, Clifton, John Lillard, y1661, 162 CligcgnhluliaAnn, 129,324,426, Clikas, Tony Ernest, 129,294,345, 386. 394, 504 Clingan, Paitrick Allen, 346, 356 Cloar, James Allen, 97, 104, 354, 361, 367, 368, 480 Clear, Julie Anne, 144, 443, 524 Close Richard Wayne, 410 Clou , Danny Lynn, 387 Cloud, Wilbur F., 66, 314, 315 Clouscr, Gordon Lee, 118, 377, 380, 471 Coad, Alfred Stephen, 410, 548 Coates, Janis Ann, 144,444,525 Coates, John Joseph, 6917, 505 Coats, Andrew M., Cobb, B111 Bethel, 11291, 384, 487 Cobb, Quinton Eiigene, 129,504 Cable, Gerald M., 66 Coburn, Charles David, 385 Cochran, David John, 130, 492 C0485", William B., Jr., 130, 406, Cockerham, William Carl,118, COkaeham, Lee Gilbert, 54,59, Coc Hcgell Robert GiHord, 346,354, 35 Cockrell, Sandra, 130, 249, 439 Coglsiium, Chris, 145, 382, 511, Cody. James Louis, 145, 565 Coe.Ca1'01yn, 118,243,451 CoHell, William Ronlald, 97,315, 344, 354, 500,5 Coffey, Gary Gene, 382, 554 CoHey, John M., 130, 289, 387, 472 Coffey, John Walter, 97, 511 Coffey, Johnny Perry, 145, 381, 547 CoH'ey, ,on Diane A., 97 Coffman, Brenda Carole, 333 Coffman, 10am Wayne, 145,520 Conan, K10 Ann, 530 Coggan, Nancy Carolyn, 145, 455, Conan, Dr. Stanley K., ,11'., 38 Cogburn, ,1erry Glen, 410, 566 Coggins, Della Lea Ann, 534 3105110631! Gerald Howard, 130, 384, Cohen, Gilbert 312153, 145, 410, 506, 507, 558 Cohen, ,Iudy Ann, 130, 456 Cohen, Linda Rae, 130, 432 Cohen, Riclhard Sheldon, 97, 110, 300, 530 Cohlniias. 0MichalelN. T., 130, 340, 406, 510, 51 Cohn, ,1u1es Barllh, 118, 507 Colbert, Dr. 1amesC ,66 Colclasiue, Sharon Rhea, 145,531 Cole Carolyn Elizabeth, 97, 338, Cole, Frank W., Cole, Gordon LeoGnard. 410. 552 Cole.,1immyMillc1', 118,404,416, 495. 558, 560 Cole, Iames Winter, 54,377 Cole.106Charles, 118,491 Cole, Ion Kieth, 29 90 Cole, Roy Verlin, 97,563 Cole, Sandra Gayle, 97,332,428 Cole,3 . haron Marie, 130,343, 448 Cole. Thomas Lee, 410, 557 Coleman, Ccorgann Beth, 130, 451 Coiggian, John Douglass, 116, 118, Coleman, John William, 394 Coleman, PF, 366, 367 Coleman, K., 410 Coleman, Roy, 11'. , Coleman. Royce Sussan, 145,346, ,523 Coles,Char1es Ray, 382 Coles, Pauline, C01 ev. Dorla Rae,997, 292,323, 440, 441 Coley.Ma1'y Frances, 130,451 Collar. Jeffrey Morgan, 226 Collard. William David, 92 Collet, Lyle Gordon, 97, 112, 276, 311, 511, 6 Collier, James Thomas, 118 Col licr, Robert Willlisam, 161 Collier. Rosa H., C0462": RaymondlEmmett, 97,327, Collings, Dr. Ellsworth, 66 Collins, David Frank, 334 Collins, ErnestW., 145,382,512, 549 Collisis, Jeff Townes, 130, 351, 387, 48 Collins, Mark Eugene, 118, 404, 471 Collins, Ray C., III, 118, 384, 504 Collins, Susan Vilela, 97, 428 Collums, Garner C., 40, 516, 544 Cog12ngu1, Carol Jeanne, 145, 432, Colston,CharlesDavid, 118,471 Colton,Richard1van, 118,466, 467 Colvard,Rose1ynJune, 97,321 Coggrt, Annabelle Tip, 97, 341, Comfort, William T., ,11., 160, 161, 162, 511, 544, 554 Commons, Sharon Kay, 130,451 Comp, L. A., 66, 336 Compton, June Lea, 118, 538 Comroe, WilliamStuart, 118,122, 322, 323, 507 Conaway, Lloyd Kenneth, 378, 561 Cosnffn, Stephen Patrick, 319, 378, Condren, Glen Paige, 566 Conklin, Linda May, 118, 293, 360, 361, 40 Conklins 0R1chard Mc Kay, 55,145, 377,560 Come; 5,1ur1y Sue, 118, 318, 440 Conlgy, Mary Anna, 97,342,426, Conley, Robert Ellis, 145,361, 383, 480, 548 Conly, Stanley Etoyle, 97,359 Conly, Susan, 130 Conn, Patrick Michael, 410, 561 Con5,n5ell Martha Carolyn, 97,317, Conner, Bry an Thomas. 566 Conner, Humbert Char1es, 97, 471 Conner,3 Leslie Lynn, 11'. ., 160,161, 370,472 Conner, 3Malinda Ruth, 528 Conner, Steven Edwani,15 Conner, Walter Lister, ,11. , 339 Connolly. Ann, 130, 418, 419, 447 Connor, Robert Charles, 276, 311 Conrad, Dale Walliam, 4 Constant, Kay Clarene, 523 Constantin, Dr. James A., 66 Cons;antine, Beverly Jean, 145, Contreras, Darryl Gene, 381 Cook, Ann Marie, 97,443 Cook, Barney Raymond, 130,353 Cook, Bobby, 382, 544, 545, 552 Cook, Carolyn Kay, 118,440 Cook. David Thomas, 145, 380, 483, 560 Cook, Gerald Douglas, 410 Cook; Harwin Thomas, 97, 368, Cook: James Cordell, 145,410, Cook7, James Duane, 258,264,406, 566 Cook, Jerry Alan, 350 Cook, , erry .5 Cook,Kennet1iR,alph 402,417 Cook, Maurice Woodrow, Cook,Peggy,1ane,97,428 Cook, Roger Wayne,384, 556 C05ok,Rona1dStephen,130 406, 563 Cook, Sandra Sue, 58, 145, 451, 52 Cook, Steven Jay, 410 .556 Cook, William Meister, 392, 564 Cooksey, Betty Lou, 118,317,333, 31 Coolgy, Tom Leonard, 130, 386, Cooper,CarlHa101d,,1r., 97,304, 346,356 Cooper, nyithia Kay,5 Cooper, Fred Irwood, 58,1130, 406 Cooper, james Kenneth, 97, 290, 326 Cooper,1anetAnn. 130.443 Cooper,,1immie Lynn, 130, 375, Cooper, 1oe Alva,3 78 Cooper, MarjorieLee. 145,528 Cooper, Michael Paul, 410, 550 Cooper, RichardCarl,55, 130, 202, 488 Cooper, Sally Ann, 118 Coose, Marel Renan 97 Coots, Karen Gail, 1,18 531 Copfland,DonaldC1ynn, 130,132, Copleland6Dona1dRay, 130,406, 472,5 60 Copeland, Dr. Fayette, 66,296 Copeland, Cary Earl. 97, 47 74 Copeland, Robert Coleman, 161 Copeland. RodneyRoss, 118,326 Copher. Gerald Eugene 382 Co5oggevitz, Marcia,1., 145,432 Coplin, Sam M.. ,350 Copble, Brian V1.7alrd8 11,8 287,472 Corbett,1udith R3166 0,118 342,438 Corbett, Pat. ,11'. , Corbin, Bobby J061,697 Corbiu, Tom Rav,4 410 Cogdir, Patrick Dean, 130,386, Co5rdon,PhillipDouglas, 276,311, Core, F. Blair, 130, 500 C0rkins,RogerL10yd, 130 Corlett William Albert, 97, 321, 328, 348, 356, 56 3 Corley,CyrithiaGail, 118,518, 39 Cornell. Frederick Robert, 258, 260, 264, 269, 310, 401, 402, 566 Cornell, Phyllis Ann 118,455 Cornish, Helen Kath1eene, 357 Corona, johnny Charles, 160, 161 Corr, William Reade, 118, 323, 337, 404, 476 Corry, Carla Jean, 145, 428, 530 Corsaw, Roger D., Corvin, Kenneth Wgyne, 358 Cory, William L., Cosgarea, Dr. Andrew, 66,326 Cosgrove, A. L., 303 Costa, Victor Thomas, 97 Cogtass, EnriqueAlfredo, 118,294, I Costello, John Francis, ,11., 160, 161, 508 Coston, Emily Anne, 145, 318, 524 Cotner, Cecil Ray, 4 6 Coiuer, a11mmy Wayne, 130,406, Conerill, Joseph Leigh, 97 Cotulla, Carolyn Cllaly, 118, 444 Couch, Alan Jay, Couch, Ellis Ph11111p,l 351, 384 Couch, Dean Glenn C., Coultei', Joseph E., 67 Coulter, Tim, 57 Coup, Annis Elaine, 130, 537 Courant, rLawrence James, 371 Court, Costlggiley, Laurence Dean, 130, 49? Covault, Maj. Charles W., 398 Covington, Robert Neil, 118 Cowan, A1idrew Earl, 393 Cowan, Audrey Jean, 130, 436 Cowan, Carol Ann, 250, 460, 524 Cowan, kackie Ray, 410, 566 Cowan, 0y Wentz, 130 Cowan, Stanley Elmer, 369 Cowan, Thomas William, 406 Cowden, Gene Charles, 382, 561 Cowdrey Joel Haden,,11. ,11 8, 49 Cowcn, Chester Riclh7ard, 318, 319, 324,402,416, Cox, Clint, 97, 392, 7483 Cox, Eugene Aaron, 348, 362 Cox, ames Daryl, 380 Cox, oyd Whitley, 383 Cox, Ronald James, 326 Cox, Stephen Francis, 98 Cox, Thomas Tide, 406 Cox, Tom, 258, 262,310,566 Coyner, Charles Wallace, 118 Crabtree, Albert Lee, 98,386,483 Craig, Charles Roy, III, 161 Craig, Mhn B., ,1r., 145,371,558 Craig, ax Wayne, 98,354. 504 CraigheadbMarion Ellen, 145,29 4 , Cram, Miss Dorothy F., 67 Cramer Mary Janiece, 324 Cranga1l,CynthiaMarie, 130,444 CrandalI,KathrynE., 130.436 Cranston, Anthony Lynn, 145. 38 549 Craun, Major Leonard D., 67, 374 Craven, Dr. Clifford 1,519,544 Craven, Dorothy Carol, 130, 218, Craven, Iames David,3 82 Craven, Stephen Herald, 145,410, 56 Cravens, Delbert Cleve, 145, 381, 500 Crawford,Gwend01yn C., 535 Crawford, Mrs.,1an, 48 Crawford, MargaretE., 58 Crawford, Nan, 130, 333, 346, 44 Crge51. VonRussell, 145,410, 476, 2 Crenshaw, Janies Kay, 145, 294, Crider Alan Kent, 387, 546 C1'im,1'Ed Franklin, Jr. , 67 Crim, Mrs. Sarah Richards, 67 Crist, James Arden,1 118 Criswell, Beverly Ann, 145,431 Criswell, Donald Eugene, 323 Criswell, Lovell Marie, 98,538 Critcs,D1-.Den1118s M., 67 Crites, H. L., Croak,Ro1;e1-t anry, 130,337, 8 Crochet, Wayne Talmage, 377. 56! Cracker, Martha Helen, 145,448, 5 32 CroHord, James Wesley, 111,18, Croft,D1'.A1bert,1..8617 Croft, Jimmie Lee,3 Cromer, Helen Janettse, 118,426 1 43 Cromwell, John Lee, 298,563 Cr5ook,Ei1eeneMichcl,145,343, Crook, Donna 10,5 Crook, Dr. KennethE., 42, 67 Croom, William Mack, 410, 556 Crosbie,A1fredLi11den, 145,410, 55 Crosby,Joe Harold, 160, 161, 40 Cross, Braden, 33 Cross, Delbert Leon, 258, 262, 565 Cross, C. ,1i11, Crogs, D10 GeorlgeL., 29, 32, 33, Cross, Mrs. Georch., 33 Cross, Ralph Donald, 33.57? Crosser, Dr.Or1'in K. Crossley, Karen Lee, 53697 Crosslin, Michael Paul, 54, 56, 5 118,317, 563 Crosslin5. Wilma Lee, 318,319, 3 . Crouch, Harvey Francis, 11., 118, 508 HOW M UCH W-E IGHT? technicl; :Ommendations are constantly changing, as biVD'tm m:nding Wei Sare improved. Ten years ago we were re00 W7 7R T ghtsu 3:3 000 to 5, 000 pounds per inch of bit diameter 00 a he 5Uggested weights, today, on our greatly improved W7R, range from 4,000 to 7,000 pounds. Looking to the future and future weight recommendations, we are experimenting with extreme weights. In a series of research laboratory tests, drilling with a 7Vs-inch W7R in granite, we applied weights up to 112,000 pounds-equivalent to 14,000 pounds per inch of bit diameter. Frankly, we thought the teeth would snap off. But that didn't hap- pen. Instead, drilling rate and footage increased materially, compared with the performance of the bit with a weight of 70,000 pounds. This, of course, is controlled laboratory drilling . . . E recommended in actual practice. But the results point to interesting possibilities, in view of our new advanced research program which anticipates increased drilling weights in the future. 069 H U G H E S 579 Crouch, John Michael, Jr., 118, Crowder, Charles A 130,387, 480 Crowder, Eddie Crowder, R. L., Crowe, William TimRothy, 130,563 Crowoble, WilliamR 52 Crum Janet Gayle, 118, 447 Crumiey, Judye Lynn, 145, 444, 522 Cruzan, Carlyn Grant, 98, 322, 471 ubbage, Dennis 0., Jr., 118, 289, 8 Cubbage, Nancy Margaret, 145, 444 Cugatigge, Stephen Bryant, 130, 387, Cullen, James Evendon, 98 Cullen, Karen Lynn, 130, 208, 324,4 455 Cullen, Lorraine, 316 Culli5nan, Michael Alvin, 145,382, Culp, Joseph Payne, 145,383,508 Culp, William Combs, 145,377, 486, 487,5 0 Culver, Curtis Leon, 118, 508 Culver, Sara Kathryn, 130, 537 Cummings, Carol Jean, 58, 539 Cummings, Glenn Douglas, 118 Cummings, Susan, 98, 444 C11511111;ins, MaryColleen, 145,438, Cunningham, Gene M., 347, 351, 368 Cunningham, Glenn R055, 118, 258, 265, 319, 351, 511, 566 Cunninglgam, John Stuart, 130, Cunnihgham, Stanley Lloyd, 161 Cunningham, Suzanne, 130, 318, 319 Curran, Mike Frank, 383, 561 Curren, Roberta, 316 Curry, Jeneane Ametta, 145, 458, 459 Curtis, Carroll Dale, 163 Curtis, Cynthia Ann, 12, 130,140, 324, 418 419, Curtis, 0 Ann,130 138, 540 Curtis, fartian Curtis, Mrs. Martin T., 418 Curtis, Richard Dean, 318, 561 Curtis, Wallace Turner, 278, 279, 1 Cushing, Jim Michael, 145,410 Cushman, Dr. Paul 67 Custer, Robert Leonarti, 119, 500 Cutchall, Robert Dean, 119,487 Cutrufo, Guy Anthony, 145, 410, 6 5 0 Cutts, Dr. John F., 67 D Dading, William Russell, 98, 468 Dahlv1g,A1anLee, 351 Daiches,Al1'in Abe, 130, 507 Daily, Barbara Sue, 119, 443 Daily, Dr. Charles F., 68 Daily, Charles F., Jr., 59, 119, 317, 323, 337, 404, 415, 542 Daily, Margaret Ann, 119 Daily, Mary Lee, 145, 451,519 Dale, Dr 1. . E., 68 Dale, Willoiam Joseph, Jr., 5, 329, Dalke, Judy Kay, 145,440 Dalri, John Richard, 130, 563 Dalton, Andrew Thomas, Jr., 161 Daslgan, Marsha Dianne, 145, 438, Damm, Priscilla Kathleen, 145, 318 48 531 Danie , David Donald, 371 Daniel,01'ion Amos, Jr. , 145, 380 44,8 561 Danigis, Charles Edward, 130, 351, Daniels, Larry Hunter, 98 Daniels, Dr. aymond D., 68 Daniels, Robert Wesley, 98 Danielson, Guy Otis, 145, 378, 492, 556 Darby, Jon David, 119, 471, 566 Darby, Joseph Jasper, III, 145, 3 471, 2 Darrell, Lewis Eugene, 161, 162 Darrough, C. Jane, 145, 451, 523 Darrough, Carolyn, 293 Darrough, Lina Burford, 98, 447 Darrough, Ruth A., 145, 447, 524 Dagtel, Janice Rae, 145, 346, 456, 26 Daugherty, Clarence E., III, 119, 344, 404, 415, 557 Daugherty, Clarence C., III, 387 David,PatriciaLee, 145,294,525 David, Dr. PaulR., 68 Davidge, Thomas Miller, 145,410, 492 557 1 Davidson, George 1., III 563 Davidson, Gilbert 5., Jr.,, 145, 361, 507, 556 Davies, Steven Charles, 98, 206, 338,340, 87 Davis, Alan, 119,492 Davis, Barbara Jane, 119, 455 Davis, Barry Milton, 119, 404, 503 Davis, Charles Lawrence, 564 D2225, Cynthia Louise, 130, 292, 0 Davis, George Edward, 319, 563 Davis, George, 55, 145, 315, 377, 491, 2 Davis, James Whitson, 410 Davis, Jane Ellen, 119, 451 Davis, Jim, 385 Davis, Joe Allen, 396, 560 590 Davis, Joe Dudley, 145, 410, 491, 555 Davis, John Andrews, 119, 492 Davis, John Kent, 119 Davis, Joseph Warren, 130, 491 Davis, J5udith Lynn, 98,332,342, 440, 522 Deisvis, Michael Charles, 119, 298, 12 Davis,Nancy, 119,432,527 Davis, Nancy Alene, 145,519 Davis, PaulHoward, 98,315 Davis, Richard, 98, 315, 563 Davis,RichardHayden, 130,406, 48 Davis, Lt Col. RobertE., 68,374, 377,395 Davis, Sally Lynn, 316 Davis, SamueIAdam, 258,566 Davis, Sandra Jayne,119, 426, 427, 4, 460 Davis, Sharon, 119,447 Davis, Steve James,3 Davis, StephenPaul, 1845, 511,566 Davis, Susan, 130, 455 Davis, Susan Harriet, 98,432 Davis, Thomas, 98,336, Thomas Waiter, 396, 3563 Davis, Dr.W. Marvin, 68,350 Davis,WilliamGICn,130,384,487 Davison, Dennis Wayne, 380, 560 Davisson, Harold K., 392, 560 Dawson, EugeneF, 68 Dawson, Floy Edwin, 328, 348 Dawson, Jack Sterling, 406 Day, Erhest Balfour, Jr., 162 Day, Glen Andrew, 119, 483 Day, Grenada, 145, 528 Day. Johnnie Charles, 119, 276, 286, 311, 565 D2257Valerie Adelaide, 130, 343, De Canio, Stephen John. 145,383 De Castro. William R.. 330 DeFord. K.Elizabeth,50, 119,299, 300,301,338, 340,444 De Friend, Joanhe Louise, 537 De Hart, James Blake. 410, 550 chlander, Jane Elizabeth, 57, 58, de la Torre, A. M., 68 De Lashaw, Sandra Sue, 326,350 De418.;ughter, Richarqu 131,378, De Mik, James Williamson, 160, 161, 46 4 De Shana, Judith Ann, 531 De Spain, Roger Lee, 145,383, 557 de Stwolinski, Mrs. Gail E., 42, 57, 68 De Villiers. Nancy Ann, 119, 436 DeWeese, Linda, 316 Deakins. Dennis Eugene, 145, 353, 410. 564 Deal. James Rohen, 98, 544, 555 Deg;4 Wisl;12iam Hartley, Jr., 119, Dean, Chester Francis, 375 Dean, David. 130. 484. 485 Dean, Gary Johnston, 119, 345, 468 Degggn, Nancy Elaine, 145, 348, Deax, David Wallace, 131, 387, 480 Debes, Susan Pamela, 131, 319, 438 Dechert. Connie Sue. 145. 532 Deere, Doris Ann, 131. 539 eere, Monte Max, 131, 259, 263, 406, 508, . Deffncr, Sondra Lee. 131, 438 Deis, Paul Rucker, 145, 380, 548 Deitchman, Kenny Logan, 144, 145, 380. 506, 507, 54 9 Deitrick, Aubrey Hugh, 98 Dell, Marilyn Louise.119 Demaree. Ronald DeWayne, 371 Demis, Andrew .. 315 Dempsey, Huzh Albert Lee, 317 DemDsey, Jackie Lee Bud, 131, 259, 269, 406 Denison, Karen Louise, 131, 440 Deuner, Paul Nicholas, 119, 290, 380, 480 Denny, Mary Kate. 119, 363, 439 Dense. Robert William, 358 Dent,Dorth1yn11 Anita, 119,447 Dent, Francihe Leona, 530 Demon, Jon Richard, 283,377 Derrvberry, James R. ,1'.,J 131, Desrrvberry, Larry Dale, 160,161, Desherow. Jo Anne, 518, 530 Deskins James Wesl ey, 32 Dettle, Jerrold Michael, 371, 563 Deunree. RobertJames, 131,278, 279, 406, 504 Devine, Mary Elizabeth, 145,245, 346, 444, 533 Di Giacomo, Anita Louise, 145, Diaz, Angel Dario. 145, 561 Diba, Tabatabai Khossrow, 131 Dick, James Walter, 145. 547 Dicken, Larry George. 380. 554 Dickenson, Larry Cavle, 228 Dickey. David Rutledge, 161 Digkey, Donald Franklin, 267,406, Dickey, 1ack W., Diius, Jimmy Engage, 131, 406, 88 Didier,1udith 10, 14531291. 528 Dieh1,Faith Eileen.1, 431 Die Mary Alice. 983 Dies. Darla Jean. 131, 535 Digterlen, Bruce Sanford, 131, 406, 11 Dietrich, Jimmy Allen, 353,384 Dietrich, L. E., 33 6 Dikeman, N. J., 330 Dildy, David Benjamin, 406 Dill, Thurgasu, 531 Dillard, Eugene, 380 Dillard, James Houston, 161, 162 Dillard, John William, 119, 561 Dillard, Mrs. Walter Lawrence, 321 Dillberg, William Nelson, 131,406 Dillsea', RichardEdward, 131,384, Dillingham, Cathy, 57 Dillingham, Larry Max, 54, 119, 377, 382 Dillon, Douglas 13., 98, 549 Dillon, Merle Dwain, 323 Dimick, William Ernest, Jr., 145, 410, 48 Dinda, Eva Etelka, 98, 583 Dirham, VVOalterMichgel, 131,367, 370, 480 Disosway, Judith, 14, 98, 302, 360, 455 Dixon, Darryl David, 380 Dixon, Emmett Farrell, 58 Dixon, Richard Edward,161 Djavalieri,Da1-yoush,562 Dobbins Danya Dawn, 131,455 Dobbs, Williain David, 356 Dobie, Larry Dean, 145, 500, 550 Dobrovolny, Darlene J., 530 Dobry, 1Valler Jerome, 410 Diggson, Edward Keith, 131, 406, 6 Dockery. Gary Franklin, 119,404, 416. 49 D115Ck;11', Hughla McKay, 145,440, 2 Doctor, Stan, 145, 380, 503, 558 D0dd,Joh11 Robert, 562 Dodge William George, Jr. ., 131, 410,504 Dodson, Dennis Joe, 98,492, 493 Dodson, George Andrew, 98, 359, 400, 402 D63dson, Richard Wayne, 11,119, 6 2 Dod;o:13Wi11ia1n Harold, Jr., 92, 1 Doen', Dr. Arthur H., 38 Dolby, Mrs. Shidey, 317 Dolby, Stacy, 317 Dolgin, Robert, 131, 387, 507 Dolman, James Brewster, 162 Dombek. Frank Lee, 406 , 566 Do5n2115e, Jacqueline, 145,291, 443, D121172121dson, DavidH., 131,385, Donnell, Patricia Lou, 119, 360, 428 Donnelly, Patrick F., Jr., 119 Donosky, Susan Elizabeth, 131 Dopler, T1110mas Daniel, Jr., 131, 406, 511 Doran, Dr. L.A Dorman, Jerry Sims, 119,558 Dorman, Karen Janelle, 131,439 Dormon, Marqulta Ann, 357 Dzraan, Shirley June, 145, 248, Dorr, John Robert, 98, 345, 487 Dorris, Celia Ann, 131, 428 Dorrow, Dan, 561 Dorsey, Dick, 280 Dosrsgy, Kenneth Earlon, 98,337, Dorsey, Sandra, 544 Dotson, John Edward, 98 D051stan, Ronnie Dayle, 351, 379, 6 Doughty, James Thomas, Jr. , 131, 387,504 Do3ughty, Nelson Lee, 131,145, 3.80 547 D05115g71213, Daniel David, Jr. , 145, Douglas, Dr. Jack E. 68 Douglass, David Paui, 410 Dow, Patricia Ann, 145, 444, 532 Downing, Cecil Raimon, 371, 545 Dow1511ng, David Allen, 119, 462, Downing, Judith Ann, 98 Downing, ewis Jackson, 54 Downing, Timothy T., 381 Downs, Charles Patrick, 98,512 Downs, C. Mike, 131, 406, 512 Doyle, Christie Earl, 378 Doyle, Howard Hardeman, 98, 325, 479 Doyle,WilliamJoseph,III,161 ragoo, Raymon C., 68 Drake, Joe Bob, 985,1229, 359, 399, 401.402, 415, Drake, K., 229 Drake, Sandra Corine, 145 Drake, T., 229 Drgger, John Milton, 98, 401, 402, 8 Draper, Loyd James, 145, 410 Drews, Susan Carol, Drilling, Henry 0., Jr., 145, 382 Driskill, Charles Ray, 385 Driskill. Linda Zonell, 294 Driveor, David Cleburn, 145, 382, Drosescher, George Henry, 460 Dromgold, Pegi Lee, 98,249,439 Drow 'atzky, Ernest Milton, 98 Dryden, Don Dave, 98, 356 Dryden, Linda, 316 Du Bois, Thomas Neal, 410 Du Boise, Peggy Sue, 131, 459 Du Bray, William Lee, 98, 499 Dubinsky, Frederick C., 382, 551 Dubler, David Earl, 98, 345 Duck, John Michael, 145, 384, 487, 55 7 Duckcr, Mary Alice, 98, 338, 440 Duckworth, Mary Ann, 131, 535 DudenhoeHer, Arthur W., 384, 553 Dudley, William Ewan, Jr., 119 Dudey, William, 321 DuH, Dennis Eugene, 131, 386, 500 DuHield, Don Forrest, 92, 484 DuHield, Joan Ellen, 131, 447 DuHicld, John Burton, Jr., 92, 334, 1 2, 47 Dufiild, Nathaniel Henry, 99, 402, 8 Duffy, Jack Edwin, 99, 328, 354, 356, 361, 362, 499, 511 Duffy, James Everett, 99 Dugger, Richard Lassie, 160, 161 Dilggiy, Luther Thomas, Jr., 119, Dulcy, Carol Kay, 145, 438, 521 Dulin, James Walker, 119 Dulin, Pocahontas Kav. 131 Du11.Sherry Jacklym 119,317, 342, 360, Dunbar, Cary Asrthur, 131, 560 Dunbar, James Vaughn, 99 Duncan, Alsie Lea, 131, 428 Duncan, Alva John, 161 Duncan, Carolyn Kay, 145, 444, 526 Duncan, Donald Frank. 99, 468 Duncan, Gail Fern, 530 D115rgcan, Cary Leon, 145, 486, 487, 1 Duncan, J. Paul, 331, 338 Duncan, Jerry Sharpe, 161 Duncan, John Hampton, 319, 557 uncan, Dr. John Paul, 69 Duncan, Linda Jean, 526 Duncan, Paul Crockett, Jr., 119 500 Duncan, Vernon Claude. 406. 564 Dunham. Mrs. Frances R., 69 Dunham.Lowe11.69 Dunham. Tom David, 131,288, 406.488 Digglgim Della Jane, 119, 221, 291. Dunlap, Anne Noble Reavcs. 99 Dunlap, Carolyn Sue, 145. 528 Dunlap, James Lapham, 99, 476 Dunlap, Lela Estelle, 58 Dunlap, Terry Knight, 99, 492 Dunlevy. Rick Wilkenson, 145, 380. 504, 556 D1151;12evy, Sara Margaret, 145, 443, Dunn, Ann, 58, 321 Dunn, Barbara Jean, 131, 438 Dunn, Delores Ann, 131, 431 Dunln, James Allen, 359 Du51f13161ngton, Roberta, 145, 436, a DLgielrier, Frank Dauterive, 99, 402, Durbin, Alan Curtis, 55, 561 ur am. harles Albert. Jr.,8 99 102, 334, 354. 358, 402.4 Durland.1ack Raymond, Jr,8 0, 161.92 Durre1t,JaCk,11,99,486,487 Dutcher, Del, 561 Dutteau, Charles William, 119 Dyer, Arland Raye, 358. 544. 557 Dyer, Jon Chris, 145, 385, 495, 558 Dyke, Howard Loy. 92, 321 Dykes, Diane, 51, 119. 360. 443 Dykhouse. Vance Jacob, 131, 326, 384, 508 Dymond, Margaret R, 54 E Eacock. Phyllis Ann, 99, 540 Ea s, Carolvn, 330 Bakers. Herbert Ray, 381. 561 E21511. Gene Markley, Jr., 131, 406, 0 8 Earnest, John Phillip, 145, 410, 4 1, 554 Earnheart, Marv Judith. 119. 538 Easley, Bruce Hills, 145, 410, 414. 5 Eason, 1311113., 54. 146. 321. 468 Easton, Kenneth Earl. 119, 404, 480 Eaton, Robert Gene, 377 Eaton, Ronald Kent. 387 Eberhart. Samuel Phillip, 146, 385, 492, 558 Ebert. Paul Michael, 270, 280, 310, 406, 565 Eh5riy, Thomas Glenn, 351, 384, 8 Eckstrom, Joanna Grace, 343. 521 Eddington. Gerald Gwen, 355 Eddins. Robert Fast, 99. 492 Edelman, Darrvl 13.. 330 Edelstein, Jay Renal. 119. 503 Eden, Ronal Dean, 131, 500 Edgar, Jocelia Ann, 99. 428 Edgar, Tommv Lee, 119, 283, 310, 326. 404 565 Edmohdson, Governor J. Howard Edmunds, K1tthnn 146.428, 531 Edwards, Archie Lee. 99, 56 Edwards. Bruce Martin. 4060 Edwards, Daniel Paul, 320 Edw,ards Doug g, 290 Edwalrds5. 5James Paul, 131, 371, Ed1153rd55, 5Wendell Dale, 146,377, Edwards.VVi1burWa1ne, 384,561 E,fron Joanne. 119, 303. 334. 456 Egzlcgston,Dale Kirhball, 131, 326, Eggner, John Milton, 146, 379, 55 Eguew, John Alvin, 146, 371, 504 546 Egnew, Susan, 99, 350, 455 Ehrler, Bernard John, 563 Eicliholz, Dr. Erich H., 69 Eick, Dr. William F., 69 El Rifai, MustafaM., 92 Elconin Dr. Victor A., 69 Elder, Ed dward George, 99 Elias, John VVaher, 119,504 Elix, Nina Lou, 528 Elkiiis, Barbara Lee, 113 Elkouri, Dr. Frank, 69 Elliott, Charles Courtney, 131, 48 Elliott, Donita Marie, 131, 208, 292, 324, 4 Elliott, James Joseph, 131, 405 Elliott, Judith Kay, 119, 318, 426 4 8 2 Elliott, Leah Kay, 131, 332 Elliott, Luther VV.,J1'., Elliott, Speed Aaron,4111, 6119, 32 Ellis, Bobby Gene, Ellis, Charles, 119,134568, 560 Ellis, Edwin French, 385 Ellis, Harry Goodwin, 146, 381, 500, 562 Ellis, James Lee, 146, 410 Ellis,Jerr1'Russell, 566 Ellis, Joe Oliver, J1'. ., 161 Ellis. Judith Lynn, 146,346, 443 552 Ellis, Lora Jane,5 38 Ellison,Clark,131, 205, 387, 47 Ellison, Dr. Herbert Jay, 69 Ellison, Roberta, 357 Ells, Harry Arthur, Jr., 161. 162 Elmore, Carl David, 119, 345, 51 Elms, John Baker, Jr., 378, 553 Elsberg, Sheila Anne, 146, 523 Elson, John Phillip, 131, 406, 49 Elstner, Linda Ann, 99, 439 Emanuel, Mary Lynn, 146, 438, 19 5 Emerson, Camille, 131, 350, 455 Emery, games Stephen, 119, 487 Emery, ue Anne, 131, 439 Emmer, Marsha Bliss, 146, 456, 5 Emmett, Aileen, 131 Encinas, Raul Gerardo, 119, 338 Endicott, Dorothy Ann, 99, 451 Engelberg, Diane Sue, 146, 456, Engelson, John Clarke, 345 England, Robert Echvardi 354, 56 Engle, Bobby Gerald, 551 Engle, Joy Sherwood, 131, 350, 4 Engle, William McCurdy, 146,3 491, 557 English, Patricia Alnn, 119,428 Enlows. Mary Jo,1,440g Ennis, Jelrald David,9146, 328,37 387,550 Enox,Ch1ariotte Virginia, 131,43 Enyart, Doris Jean, 131, 37 Epley, Jack Francis, 406 Epperson, Alvin Dwain, 378 Epperson, Gary Eugene, 387 Erdgnsan, Robert F., Jr., 131, 370 4 Ericksen, Dr. John C., 38 Erickson, Allen M., 99 Erickson, Masako, 316 Ericson, Constance Marie,0 530 Ernest, Melvin D., 321, Ervin, William Joseph,1106;6 119, 47 Escherich, Ronald Edward, 58, 1 496 Esfandiari, Bijan, 561 Eshraghi, Badiollah. 99, 329 Eskridge, Kathleen Reid, 539 Eskridge, Lynn Richard, 119.47 Espy, Burlis Lynn, 99,322, 326 Esley, John Pete, 146, 410, 484, Essman, Mary Louise, 119, 340, Ester Charlotte Lucile, 99, 251, 333, 439 Estes, Cary Lynn, 393 Estes, H. 0., 259 264,406 Estes, Richard LeRoy, 54, 379 Estes, Ronald Gene, 386 Etgeridge, Brian Newman, 119, 2 l Ethridge, Ace Cleveland, 131, 56 Ethridge, Bob Bryan, 273. 274, 2 Eubanks, Jon Earl, 146, 410, 500 61 5 Burton. Claudia Jean, 146,451 Evanoff . JimE 68 Evans, D1 Betty D., 69, 324 Evans. Charles Camerori, 119.46 Evans, Charles Mack, 119. 488 Evans, Edith Lee, 131, 212, 451 Evans, Edward C., 271, 274, 406 Evans, Cary Lee, 131, 393. 484 Evggg, Harlan Jackson, 131, 406, Evans, Haskell Lee, Jr., 119, 496 Evans, Jack Miller, 328. 356 Evans, Jerry Wayne, 344 Evans, Larry Wayne, 99. 471 Evans, Mary Elizabeth, 119, 431 Evans. Mrs. Nell R , Evans, Dr. 0. F . Evans, Tommie Gene, 131 Evans, Coach Tommy, 257, 278, 279 Everett, Ardell Gordon. 314 Ejil'cgtt, John Raymond, 338, 404 Everett. Dean MarkRn 37 E11hank. WalterJ., 69 Ewing, Dr. CortczA. M. 69 Ewing, DavidEvans. 119.491 Ewing. Dr. CeorgeM., 69 Ewing. Rmce Francis, 37,8 547 Ezell. Dr. JohnS., 69 In The Skirvin Tower Hotel S Smart Clothes K v, $w wIZifLZpZSan W . . Skirts Sweaters Gay Cottons Date Dresses 1' , 85 Ll': I V, Formals V . x Visit m' ml" Ann Gallagher imd Cary LaGere get ready to board the Phi Oklahoma,s Finest Shop Cam bus for the Colorado game. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION NORMAN OKLAHOMA F Fabiano, Mario Schiano, 564 Fagan, Suzanne, 323 Fagin, Berenice Sandra, 119,456 Fagin,CharIesLeonard,160,161, 162,503,544, 553 Fag1n,Dav1dH 146, 380,503, 552 F3567, Earl Howard, 131, 406, 506, Fagi111,Joanne Manha, 146, 456, 21 Failing, Barbara Mae. 99, 439 Fair, Barbara Kaye, 146,452, 453 Fair, Harry Grant, J1. , 146, 371, 47 2 Fairgland,RemingtonP., 146,410, 1: Falls, Susan Barbara, 146, 531 Fambrough, ames Warren, 352 Fankhouser, 511 Fannin, John Harold, 146, 410, 56 2 Faqih,KhaledAsad. 146,549 Farmer, Donald Crawford, 99 Farmer, Franklin, 321 Farmer, Margarest; C5larc, 131,535 Farr, Joe Pike,9 9, 511 Farr,JohnB. K., 99, 337, 482, 483 Farrar,C1ydeL Fagrell,Jol1nA11an,l46, 410, 492, Farrell, Larry Don, 380 550 Farrell, Patsy Lee, 99 440 Farris,Ga1yHom, 146,410,491, Farr5is, Ken, 256 Farris, Michael Ray, 378 Farris, Patricia. Ann, 119 Farris, Thomas Newton. 410, 566 Farsoun, Adib Raphael, 331 Faudree, Alice Carol, 321, 536 Faulk ner, J0 Aurelia, 99,436 FaullgnenWahleahJenAnn,119, 44 Faust, Andy Thomas, Jr., 146, 383, 495 Fawcett, Charles Waync, 381,555 Fears, D1. Fulton K.. Feave1,Douglas Bruce, 99,402 Feaver, Ed Albion, 410 Feavcr,D 1. J. Clayton, 42, 70 Fedman, Maureen Sue,1 1, 432 Feiger, Kenneth David. 99,503 Feighny, James A.. 13710 406, 500 Fe1le1', D1.Seymour,7 Feirbberg, Dennis Stephen, 131, 387, Feldman, Harold Lawrence, 131, 385 50 Fcldman, Janice Kay, 131,456 Feldman, Jo Ann, 523 Feldman, Peter Michael 381,554 Feldstcin, Jarin, 131,07 Felkel. Patricia ADnne,0 119, 447 FeILM1s.Ruth Fehlleas, Jimmy Do1sey, 146,216, Fellers, Kay Lynn, 131,447 Fclle;s,RobertMayna1d,131,406, 50 Fellman, Rudy, 256 Fellows, Dr. .E., 39 Feltenberger, ale Leroy, 410 FendeII.Nanchane, 146,293,294, 456, 532 Fenton, Mary Frances, 53 7 Fenwick.DickTims,J1., 146,371, 491,552 Fenwick, ElizabethCleo, 131,300, 303,535 Ferguson, Carole Shartel, 146 Ferguson, Donald Gene, 404 Ferguson, James Connie, 382 Ferguson, Leta Rae, 44 Fergison,Patr1c1aAnn, 146,440 53 Ferguson, Virginia Anne, 131, 447 Fcrree, Danny Clarence, 54, 560 Ferrell, Johnny Robert. 99 Ferrell, Margaret Jean C., 99 Ferrie1,RobertL 131,406,483 Fey,Bec11yMell, 131,333,535 Fichtenau, Paul Louis, 41 Field, Larry Lee. 161 Fields, Charles Walter, 317 Fiel?s,Je11yCarl,99, 402, 416, Fields, R. W., Files, Kay Elizabith, 131, 294, 440 Filcs.MarkWilla1d, 131,337,351, 387,500 Fille1,Dav1d Dalton, 387 Finch,ConstanceCeCile,131, 346, 428 Finegan, D. Ray, 146, 410, 491 Fink,BarryCa11yle,151,384,507 FinkeI,Ca101. 119,518 583 Finkell, Lois Helene, 146, 228,456, 52 Finkelstein. Nonya Gaye, I31, 456 Finkenbinder. Don Carl, 146, 504 Finley, Camilla Lee, 146, 292, 321, 518, 531 F11512e1y, Michael La Rue, 119, 221, Finley, Pat 131. 444 Finley, M13. Reba, 47 Finley. RobertLewis. 146,554 Finn, Charles Robert, 99. 337, 560 Finnell, LeslieB., J1; 99,9315, 495 Finney, Jerry Lynn, 375 Firman, Lloyd Arthur, 99,563 Fischer, Benno John. 276, 565 Fish,Jo11n Manci1,Jr.. 161 Fisher, Donald Joe, 402, 417 ale Michael, 131, 345, F1sher, John Harold, 351, 406 Fisher, Patricia Gail, 146,245,388, 451, 524 Fisher, Stephen Haden, 410 Fisher, Ted Lance, 385 Fi5511irzian, Marilyn Eileen, I46, 432, Fishman, Rosalind Dee, 146, 432, 531 Fitch, Diana Carol, 146, 350, 519 Fits, Dr. Gilbert C., 70 Fiuro, Miss Garnette L., 70 Fitz, Gibbons Robert J., 146, 383, , 553 Figgirald, David Ramsey, 119, 404, Fitszgerald, Michael Feliz, 131, 370, 1 Fitzjerrell, Darryl Glen, 544 Flaming, George Bert, 549 Flanagan, Kathleen, 119,444 Fleet, Geraldine Frances, 99 Fleetwood, Jane Ann, 146, 444 Flemens, Loren Clay, 326 Fleming, Aubrey David, 99, 352, 358, 402,504 Fleming, Leona va,ynn 146. 532 Fleming,Sand1aPatricia, 131,248, 414, , 441 Flaggger, Judy Carole, 146, 448, 460, 111165163", Robert Edward, 119, 369, Flesxncr, William A., 146, 379, 503, 49 Flick. Michael Edward, 146, 511, 554 Flickinger, Jeanette, 522 Flippo, Joe, 57 Flippo, Mary Louise, 131,436 F100d.J0hnDennis, 146,410,484, 562 Flood, William Howard, Jr., 387, 561 Floratos. George Peter, 99, 559, 562 F10yd,Hen1y Leon, 4109 Fochl. Barbara Lynne,9 Fogarty. Clay Arnold.139,1 387. 508 Foge1,D1.Norman, 70 Fogg, Charlotte Ann, 119, 451 Fogg, Richard Meacham, 131, 351, 406, 504 F001. Joe Paul, F00;15ee,Terry Warren, 131.462, 4 Foote, Bobbie Leon, 99, 3518 Forbeck. Cary Dewayne,5 52 Fogbes,Cha1IesNob1e, 146,381, 508, Forbis, John Linn, 131,324, 351, 384,500 Forbis. Lyn. 520 Ford. Edsel VVilIiam, 357 F0111. Helen Maurine, 119,334, 360, 0 Ford, Holland Cole, 344, 354 Ford, Judith Marie. 146. 455, 522 Ford, Opal Jane. 99, 250,4 444 Ford, Paul Richard, 38 3 Ford.6 William Leslie, 146,381,504, Fo5reman. George Stephen, 384 Forney, homas Green, 50, 119, 511 Fo1sytl1e. Homer Le Roy, J1., 99, 287. 338, 340 Fos, Hat Morteza, 119 Foster, Billie Louella, 99,459 Foster, Charles Edw ard, 99. 348, 354 Foster, Floyd Milton. 146. 383. 547 Foster, Gary Ted, 119, 462, 487 Foster, Joan Paige, 536 Foster, Joe Reeves, 119. 479 Foster, Lon, 12113146, 504, 556 Foster, Ray,2 Foster, Robert Lloyd, 51, 131,203, 351,5 4 F0ught,4Michae1Lyle,9 Foushee. Robert Wendel? 100. 492 F0513; James Eldridge, III, 131, 370, Fouts. Hulett Warren, 271, 272, 283, 286,311 56 66 Fowler, 1ames Howard. 411 Fowler, Lynne Carol, 354 Fowler, OrvilleE1101i.Jr.. 402 Fowler, Dr. Richard C., 0 Fox, Donald James, 100, 483 Fox, H. Eileen, 55 Fox, James Charles, Jr., 370, 560 Fox, Kenneth Malcolm. 134 Fox, Melvin Eugene, 328. 356 Fox, Sandra Lu, 119. 447 Frame, 13111 George, 404 Francis, Chester L., 58. 59, 70 Francis. Mac Cuinn, 406 Frank, David Eugene, 280,406 Frank, Glenn Edwin, 81 F133;, Lavinia Kay, 146, 318, 346, Frank, Margaret Beth, 146. 523 Frank, Phebe Louisa, 146. 520 Frank. Robert Eugene, 119. 377. 387 Frgglalin, Ben, III, 146, 411, 480, Franklin, Samuel Harry. 119.500 Frans, Cary Mike, 147. 378, 550 Fraser, George 13., 16 Frazier. IerryLee. 147.380. 480 Frederick,JudyDa1e. 147. 448.528 Fredericks, Jerry Craiz,,147, 371 Frederick son, 0, 361 Freeland, W. 48 Fr;114d5nan,ThomasMark, 147,503, Freeman, John 13., 80 Freeman, Mrs. John B., 80 Freeman, Larry Wayne, 351 379 Freeman, Marvin Darre11,404 Freeman, Michael David, 387, 561 Freeman, Sara Beth, 119,439 Freeny, Sara Jo, 147, 438, 460, 534 Freeze, Ray Arnold, 119, 488 Freidberg, Jerry, 119,507 French, Dr. DavidP., 70 French,J0h1111y Boone, 119,504 French, Larry Lee, 100, 325, 500 French, M. Beth Ueland 119,538 French, RichardEdwar, 100,375 F1ench,TaylorNickles, 100,504 Fr;nslcy,4laindaAnne, 131, 202, 237, Freu11d,Mary Lou, 357,534 Freyer, Judith Kaye, 147, 431 Frichol,Be1tCharles,III 119,542, 558 Frgckf, Robert Earl, 119, 324, 340, Friday, Elbert Walter, Jr. , 375,393 F1151;w, Phillip Michael, 380, 559, Fried. Arnold 5., I47, 383, 503, 549 Friedberg, Lawrence Paul, 147, 384, 03 558 Fncdlander, Lois May, 147, 520 Friedman, Jahrea, 430 Friedman,JaniceKay, 147,436 Friedman,Judith, 147, 456,529 Fri56dman, MichaelPalil, 147,503, 48 Friedman, Myrna Lee, 131, 456 F1101, Faith Elizabeth, 147, 530 Frog, Otis W., 378 Frogge. Ray Byron, Jr., 411 Frost, Eddie Lee, 296 Frueh, Forrest Lee, 323 Fry, Charles Max. 147,411,558 F1y,James Kenneth. 384 Fry,JudithElaine, 147,317,525 Frye, Vernon Jack, J11. , 147,379 Fugit, Larry Floyd,1 Fuller, Marvin Johnnie, 147,371 Fuller. Vickie Kay, 119, Fu1t011,Larry Joe, 100, 14242, 401, 02,483 Fultori. Dr. WilliamR., 70 Funk, JudithEIlen. 131.346, 439 Funk.RonaIdClen1ent, 119,479 Fugua, PattiLynn, 132, 301, 434, 3 Furman.RichardLewis, 147,380, 4.87 57 Futre11,Diane, 147.528 Futrell, Lynda Carole, 132 G Gaberino, Louis Joseph, J1., 119, 500 Gable, G. Ellis, 31 Gable,Ka1-en Kay,1 Gable,RichardWarren,160,161, 491 Gable, Thomas Doyle. 381, 558 Gadbcrry, Jane, 96,100,443 Gadb erry, Ronnie LesTie, 314 Gaddis.P1cstonCilbe1t,162 Caer. Arthur, 100. 283. 503. 566 Gage, Barbara Jeah, 120,540 Gage, EdwinL., 4 Gailey, Judith Anne. 458, 460 Gaither,D1. F. F., Caither. Ronda Kay, I47. 444, 526 Gagewski, Thaddeus Joseph, 386, 548 Gale, Ben Eva,3 Gale. Helen LoenleG. 120, 294. 431 Gales.Pa11icia Catherine, 120,224, 248, 418. 419, 434 Gallagher. E. Ann, 120, 242, 426, 455,581 Gallagher, James Patrick.120 Gallaghe1,Kenneth T.. l Gallagher, Rhoda Caroline, 92 Gallemore, Betty Faye. 120.443 Galloway. Nancy Gordon, 100, 339, 350, 455 Gallup. Barbara Suzanne. 132 Gamhill. Beth Anne, 58, 100, 341, 342. 438 Gamble. Cerald Lynn, 132, 209, 217, 229. 319. 351. 361,379. 487 Gamble.4g;mes11ugh, 92, 347, 359, Gambia, Jean. I32. 294, 440 Ca4m021e.92 William Olivar, 100, 212, C-amhlin.9JackL.,163 Camel. Karen Sue, 530 Canewer, Virginia Sue. 528 GangemLDonaldPaul. 120.499 Car4n.RitaBeth, 120,250,442, 3 Cann. Steven Anthony, 214,1378 Gan;chi11ietz, Gretchen K., Cami, Mary, 293 Capoa. Robert Anthony, 190, 563 Carharino. Carole Jean, 535 Garbart, AndrewP., J1'.. 381, 547 Gardener, Miss Grace, 47 Gardner, Charles Rex. 100. 337 Gardner, Clara Sue, I32. 343. 535 Gardner, Judith Gayle.120g538 Carlick,JamesMichae1.565 Garlick.RichardE.,100,327,354, 368 511 Ca110c11.AlIan Robert. 03684 Garner, Delanc, 271. Garner, Dewavnr. 271, 0406 Garner, George Curtis. 376. 377 Garner, Robert Michae1.406 Garner, Sharon Leigh, 535 GarrPtt. Donald H112h,51,132, 209,351, 406, 472 Garrett, Iohn C... 147,411,566 Garrett, LioneII-1uq11, 120,508 Garrett. Martha Lois, 536 Garrett, Velta La Dean, 120, 321 Garrett, Woodrow A., Jr., 147, 378 Garrison, David Merle, 100, 327 Garrison, Jo Ann, 92 Garrison,Kath1een Rider, 100, 342 Garrison, Larry Neal, 37 Ca11'ison,SLua11Earle, 132, 3406 Garrison, WayneLq 323 Garvin, Barbara, 316 G21asgman,PatriciaAnn,l47, 432 4 Galehel, Theodore C., Gatchel, Theodore Lewis,4 347, 354, Gatewood, Jack Patrick, 147, 378, 488, 544, 545, 551 Cathright, Don Roy, 330, 556 Cau, Richard Lee, 147, 379, 561 GaulL, Betty Ann, 321 Gavora, John, 100, 329 Gay, Harold Maurice, J1. , 370 Geis. Larry Ray.55, 147.377, 554 Geller, SaIcmLione1,I47,411, 503, 557 Gcndler, WiIliam Leonard, 381, 555 Ge5nliry, Philip Michael, 132, 386, 6 Gentry, Phyllis Jean, 100, 338, 340, Genzer, ierry Lave111,378 George, indaPatricia, 132,451 George, Steve Daniel, 460 Ceorge,WiIlialeo;d,147, 411, 504,554 Gerber, Marshall Jay, I32, 322, 337, 386, 507 Gercty, Robert Gene, 132 Gcrlach. PaulHaroId 100.563 Cerlitz, Dennis Conrad, 563 Gerson, JackFred, 147,383, 503 Cessner, David Roy, 147i 154, 507 Ceymann, Paul13 257, Cayman, JerryD 66. 13227, 1,511 565 Ch cnt, D1 Arthu1Warren, 71 Ghertner, Frank Fleisman, 132,1503 Giarraputo, Bobby Joe, 132, 41 546 Gibbard, Linda Louise, 57 Gibbons, Terrence Joseph, 3714 550 Gibbs, David Edward, 287,314 381,563 Gibbs, James Alanson, 352 Gibbs,ThomasAlbert, 147,384, 487, 7 Gibson, D1.A1'1eIIM., 711 Gibson, ,sgvgorge Drew, Jr. , 7, Gibson, Joe Durden, 278, 279,565 Gibson, John Rob ert, 92 Gibson, Joseph Dwayne, 120,474 Gibson,1udyKaren 147, 443 Gibson, Judv Wright. 519 Gibson, Kathleen, Gibson, Lavelle R0331, 120,354, 62, 55 Gibson,Mike5L.,83, 147,371, 504,550. Gibson, Patriiif, 324 Cidden, William Henry, 132,484 Giezentanner, Dud, 39 GiHord,JohnLeigz1i.147, 41 Gilbert, Howard Elliot, 147, 1371, 503,557 Gilbert, Judith Anne, 360 CiIbert,LeeWelch, 132,406,504 Gilbert,MaryC1ay, 120,428 Gilbert, RobenR, III, 100,504 Gilb;11,SandraMarlene,147, 456, 52 Gilbert. William Lee. 147,411 Giles,1e11y Mack, 132 Giles. PhilipWaync, 147,384,394, 558 Gilinsky, Lawrence E., 132, 406, 5 Gill, HaIGerald, 100. 283,314 Ci11,IIanetAi1cen, 147,440,524 CiII,LvndaMarie, 132,439 Gill, Virginia Lee. 100, 440 Gillespie.Finis.III,161 Gillette, John Kelly, 406,549 Ci1156;te, Vernon George, 1,32 370, Gilliam. Keith Barton, 100. 326 Gilson, Ernest Franklin. 406, 561 Gilson,Jer1'yO Neil, 379. 561 Gilstrap, Gary Wayne, 100 Gilstrap. Jimmy. 566 Cinest, Donald 3Laray, 100 Ginest, Marty,3 Ciggberg, Adele Ann, 147,456, Gipson. Linda Sue, 132,447 Gish. Donald Dee, 132,484 Giggllman, Herbie Steven,147, 503, Givens, Rex J.20n Civgqs,WilliamCuy0, 100,381, Glahn, Gregory Joseph, 371, 552 Glasby, Alice Ann, 100, 250, 448 Glaser, Peter, 100, 467 Glasgow, Gary Floyd, 132, 406, Glasgow, Jerry Newman, 369, 557 Glasgiow, Joseph M., Jr. , 100, 327, Glasgow, Richard Marshall. 386 GIasgow.SyIviaJo. 100,455 Class, Billv Rav. 315 G1ass,CaronnBeth.147 523 GlagiGeorgeKenneth,160,161, Gledhill, James Herman. 379. 561 G1eu.Frai1cesLau1ene, 55,56,132, 317, 348. 527 Glenn, Danny Elloy, 100, 369 Glcnn,PamelaNe11. 147.520 Glenn. WayneE., 314, 315 Glickman, Mendel, 64, 71 Clixman, Dr. Alfred F., 71 Clove1,WiIIia1nEdward, 120,32 Gobble, Tom Brady, 100, 326, 4: boddard,RichardDavid, 120,55 Godfrey, Anne Suthers, 12,0 318, Godfrey, Donald Dec, 100, 358, 359 Godfrey, Martha Ann, 132 Godfrey, Paula Jean, 92 Godfrey, Santa Ann, 132, 436 Coen, Rayburne Wyndham, JL, 147,411, 508,558 C011, Clinton Clifford, 100, 561 C011, DeWittClinton, 120,345, 404,415,511 Goff, Dr. RichardA., Coforth, Neola Dianne7. 1,47 350 Coins, James Riley, 411, 556 Coins, Rose Philomena, 5324 Coins, Sara Jan, 100,4 002lasinski, Robert Edwarld, 289, G021d, CarolAnn, 531 Goldberg, Clyde, 393 560 Gogglberggl Lee Joyce, 147, 291, 3 2 Golgen, Allbert C., III, 100, 314, 8 Golden, Mira,3 Goldfeder, Judy Gail, 147.528 Goldfield, Robert Earl, I32 Goldman, Judy Lee, 147, 528 Goldstein, Carlynn Joy, 132,432 Golemon, Ronald Kinnan. 280, 2 Gollub, Barbara Raye, 100, 456, 535 Goltz, SusanL., 147,346,432, 520 Goltz, Vivian Rose, 147, 346, 43 529 Commengenger, Comdr. John A. I 366 Condersi 5Jeanne, 120, 231, 249, 391,455 Gooch. Dr. B1isonD., 71 Good, Bobby James, 147, 411, 4 Good,Cynthia, 147,526 Good, Patricia, 330 Coodin.De1bertRay, 411 Goodman,D1.Ge01geJ., 71 Goodman, Jodie Harold. 383 Goodman, William Hansel, 406 Goodmiller, John Kenzel, 406 Goodncr, George A1len, 278, 279 Goodpasture, James Dale, 147 Goodson, Jimmie, 367, 370, 560 Goodwin. Thomas Jeerrson, 29 354,407 Cordon,ClarenceL., II. 380, 56 Gordon. Edward Donald, J1. , 14 383,555 Gordon, PatriciaAnn, 136,351, 536 Gordon, Thomas Patrick, J1., 40 487 Gordon. Tommy Joe, 132, 161 Gorclick, Sidney Joel, 160, 161, 162, 507 German, Don Dawson, 290, 358 359 Corman, Robert Joe, 100 Gornek, Sandra Ruth, 322 Gotcher, James Earle, 161 Cough, Susan Elizabeth. 518, 5 Gound, D. Ann, 100, 319. 538 Cover, Anna Christine, 539 Goza, Donald Eugene, 12,0 563 Coza, Louis Franklin. 100, 345 Graber, John Paul, 40 7 Grace, Leota Dean, 100 Grace, Robert Dean, 315. 375 Grady,CharlesE., III, 132, 384 Grady, Kenneth Gene, 101. 304, Grah am, 2Andrea Joan, 147,346 439. Crahai'n, 2David Shannon, 383, 5 Graham, James Royce, 147,382, 492, 54 Graham, Janice Diana, 101 Graham, Jimmie Newton,101, Graham, JudithRu 147,444 5 C1ah21m,Kenneth Eugene, I32, 387, 488 Graham, S8311yWard, 147,350, 458, 459, 522 Graham. Scottie Lee, 161.361 Gralla,StanleyWiIliam, 101,4 499 Crame, Benjamin F., Jr. Grammar, William Michaell,137 560 Granger. Dr Bruce Ingham, 71 Grant, Donald Pete, 354 Grant,NancyCarolyn, 132,456 Grant, Thomas David, 120, 369 497 G1aue1,MargaretElise, 132.43 Graves, A. ,314 Graves, BillD., 101,311,325 Graves, Herbert Mac, 120,508 Graves, Peggy Maxine, 58,132, Graves. Thomas Grenville.161 Gray. Cecile Marie, 58, 101,23 444, 533 Gray. Darby Alexander, J1. , 41 414,554 Gray, Dorothy Nan. 132,536 Gray,Em11y 147, 210, 440, 52 Gray, ames Houston, 120,500 Gray,.onFranklin, 160,162, Gray, Judith Lynn, 147,528 Gray, Karl Robert. 404.415 Gray, Mary Sue, 132,536 "OUR BEST WISHES 60 WITH THE MEN AND WOMEN PREPARING FOR A CAREER IN PHARMACY" Congratulations to Graduates in 1961 The FOX VLIET DRUG For Sale a+ Leading co Grocers POTATO CHIPS WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS WICHITA - OKLAHOMA CITY - PUEBLO OKLAHOMA CITY ALBUQUERQUE 9l6 N. Pennsylvania Phone CE 2-6348 THE MARK OF HIGHEST QUALITY You can be sure +ha'l' +his home has me+ +he highesi' sfandards in +he homebuilding indusfry. Oui'sfanding Builders . . . Finesf Maferials . . . Qualify Consirucfion . . .Modern GAS Appliances backed by a fine famil of famous brand names. Look for 1' e home displaying +he Blue Sfar Symbol. . . . H's your assurance GO MODERN - 60 GAS of +he Fmesf! OHLFIHOmH HQTURRL 4am 583 Gray, Michael Kent, 132, 471 Gray, Rob e11 Wayne, 147,380,560 Gray, Samuel Anthony, 407,555 Gray, Stephen Roberts, 147,367, 371,550 GreazesgPhillip Ray, 160,161, 32 Green, Bob Ray, 34 5 Green, Charlesy Milton, 407, 558 Green, Dr. Charles P., 1 Green, Daniel Ernest, 371, 558 Green, Iohn Phillip, 120, 562 Green, Larry Dcnnlsou, 101, 471 Green, Linda Lee, 1 Green, Marilyn May, 147, 436 Green, Robert Gale, 101 Green, Ronald K., 40 Green, Susan Virginia, 533 Green, Vicky Lynn, 291 343, 534 Gree141,W1111am 011vcr,11, 120, 46 Greenberg, Ellyn Sue, 132, 432 Grseggberg, Justin M., 132, 407, Greene, Jeffrey L., 147, 503, 557 Greene, Richard Gleason, 147 Gregnhaw, Herman H., 11., 101, 4 8 Greenman, Evelyn Nancy, 357 Creenshields, Kitty, 518, 7537 Greenshields, T. Karl,5 Greenstine, Robert 3e1157120, 377, 378,563 Greer, James Ririe, 370 Greer, Jerry Kenneth, 352 Griggon, Gary Leon, 132, 317, 370, Gregg, CalherineJo, 147,436 Gregg, 1116150 Dell, 119, 278, 279, Greggs, Robert Cavill, 120 Gregory, Frank Arthur, 161, 164 Gregory, Miss Helen, 71, 292, 360 Crgggry, Paul Roderick, 351, 407, Greiner, John Thomas, In, 411, 547 Greiner, Sylvia Pauline, I47, 528 Greve, Margaret Ann, 120, 361, 428 Gr1b11n, Nancy Ellen, 147, 432, 534 Grider, H211 Louown, 164 Grider, Norman Harriss, 101 Grieve,C1ydeA11en, 147,411,553 Grifiin, Dann Lee, 221 GriHin, Doug as Edwin, 147, 328, 411, 476, 553 GriHin, Eula Floyanne, 120, 431 GIiHjn, Joanne Donnelly, 132, 291, 293, 3 , 451 Grifhn, Mary Anne, 132, 208, 298, 319, 324, 42s Griffin, Sarah Susan, 120, 440 Grian, Miss Wilda P., 71, 342 G15116115n, William Law rence, 411, Grif11n,W1111am, 101,312,315 C1111it11, Brandon H., ,354 G15111ith, Clyde Edwa1d, 317, 370, 542 GriRith, RichardL., 160, 161, 401, 402, 403, 492 GriHith, Roger Wade, 54,56,132, 3 Grggith, VerneE. ,Jr. , 101,347, Grimm, Phillip Ray, 147,475,553 GrindstaH, Wyman Keith, 322 Grilz, Betty, 316 Groh,Susa11 Patricia, 120,124, 291,293,455 Grooms, Bobby Joe, 548 Grgglfoll, Marty, 132, 351, 386, Gross Patricia H., 147, 456, 531 Grossman, Lawrence Alan, 132, 407, 462, 507 Grotts, Barbara Kay, 5429 Grotts: Mrs. GayleT Grove, Robert Lake, 120, 361, 500 Grove, William Riley, 147,495 Crgggs, John Frederick, 132,396, Groves,MaryEve1yn, 147,318, 332, 36 44 Cmbb,A1ahSle8wart,290 C1r5ug1b,David Courlr1ey, 147, 382, 8 Gruenig, Anne Elizabeth, 132, 443 Grumbine, Mary Kaye, 132, 4 8 Crundfest, Lynne, 147, 432, 526 Grgggr, Phyllis Viola, I20, 291, Gu5e11y, James Francis, 147, 379, 11 Guess, Clifford Allen, 402, 563 Guest, Freda Ann, 1 0 Gunderson, Neil Kreamcr, 101, 475 Cunning, Donald Gene, 132 Gunn1ng, Donald, 321, 404, 415, 417, 420, 556 Cunning, R. Boy d,4 Cunlnling, Robiny Rosser, 57,147, 4 Curran, Dugal Carmichael, 147, 380, 476, 551 Curwell, Stefani Kay, 120, 447 Guthrie, Jack W., 4 Guth31-16, Lanny Boy, 120, 323, 359, 56 Guthrie, Sue Ann, 132, 455 Gunman, Dena Faye, 147, 432, 519 H Haag, Lydia D., Haas, Linda Sue, 71,132 447 ERA. Hachmuth, Clare Ann, 101, 326 Hackler, Colbert, 57 Hackler, Sally Lou, 101, 332, 342, 444 Hackney, Doyle Ray, 379 Hackney, Lloyd Rex, 380 Hadaway, Glen Arthur, 326,411, 63 Haddan, Mrs. Thelma. 346,542 Hadding, Lawrence Martin, 132 Haddock, Jerry Carl, 132,271, 272, 407, 487, 566 Haddock, John Philip, 132, 384, 4 Hadiau, Aliakbar, 564 Hadley, Garland K., 47 Hadwiger, William August, 120, 404 Haenchen, BreDnda Carol, 120, 536 Hagan, JerryD Hagen, Richard Eugene, 322 Hagar, M.Carlyn, 132,248,324, 353,4 Haggard, Billy Jack, I33 Haggard, Don Alonzo, 133, 382, 4 1 Haggard, Sharon Frances, 520 Hahn, Katherine Pauline, 133, 436 Haidamus, Samir Besharah, 120, 331, 338 Haigllcr, Kenneth J., 92,314, 470, Haincs, Kay Marie, 133,451 Haithcock, Richard TafE, 133, 500 Haldeman, Jack Carroll. 55, 147 Hale, Donna De Ette, 101 Hale, ,Iames Lorne, 311, 565 H2226 Nathan Kelly, 57, 147, 377, Hale, Ronal Dean, 120, 488 Hall, David Fenderson, 133, 483 Hall. Donald William. 550 H311, Garth Len, 133. 378. 483 Hall, ,Iamcs Arnold. 101, 327, 354 Hall,,11m Roy. 147. 387, 491, 552 Hall, Joel Thomas, 375 Ha11,Leonard Dale, 325 Hall, Loren. 211 Hall, Ralph Roy, 411. 58 H811. Ray Cow 311. 1. 120. 8,232 299, 300. 301. 303, 324. 480 Hall, Dr. Rufus C.. In, 42. 72 Hall. Ruth, 316 Hall, Stanley Lynn. 323, 330 Hall, Stephen Austin, 411, 557 Hall, Sybil Lorraine, 250 Haller, Tom Emerson, 147, 383, 480, 546 Hallman. Fred Howell, 133, 345, 40 72 7, 4 Hallman. Samuel King, 133, 209, 351, 462. 508 Hallmark.6W1lliam Thomas, 101, 304, 488 Hallock, 3C11ar10tteA.. 321 Hallock, Virjama Ruth. 321 Hallum,E1donGlen,233.363 Haltzman, Elaine Marsha, 147, 292, 532 Hamhy, Susan Kay, 147. 444, 526 Hames, Jerry Eugene, 355 Hamilton. David Tom. 317. 382 Hamilton, Donald Earl,162 Hamilton. Glenda Lvnn, 58 120, 221, 250. 360, 439 Ham1lton. Iav Dane, 147,371, 482,483.55 Hamilton. Kenneth Bruce, 133, 351,370,553 Hamilgton, Mary Paula, 133, 440 Hargjlilltona.4 Robert Richard, 160, 1 Hamilton, Sherry Lynn, 120 Hamilton.W1111am, Ir. , 352 Hamlin,Geo1'geTrent, 354 Hamlin, John Robert. 554 Hamlin,Mauritchrd1ne, 147,525 HamlinZRobertMichae1,38 Hamm, Leslie Ann, 518, 5193 Hamm, Linda Kay, 147, 455. 522 Hammer, Frederick Evans, 101. 471 Hamgnert, Frederick Bernard, 92, 47 Hammett, Jerry Edward, 120, 304, 488 Hammock, Allen Welcome, IL. 101 Halgmon, Linda Mac, 133, 226, 49 Hammond,Dona1dRay.120.487 Haxgmond, James Harold, II, 327, 3 1 Hammond. James William, 133, 407,488 553 Hamn10nd8Malcom Pearce, I33. 407. 91 Hammond, Patricia Kay. 147,439. 522 Hammonds. Michael Galen, 411 Hammons, Gordon Arthur, 383, 561 Hammons. Sherd Paul. 378. 560 Hamners5851eve Edward, 147,353, 411 Hamoh, Claude Lee, 258. 268. 407. 566 Hampton, Phillip Lewis, 147, 411, 484 Hampton. Salleouise. 101,439 Hamric. Burt rv1n, Hancock, Barbara4 10. 348 Hancock, D. H.. 416 Hamrck, James Martin, Ir.,1111, Hancock. Peggv Marian. 342 Hanev, Robert L., 101, 345, 376, 377, 392, 484 Hancv. Terrv Elizabeth, 148. 436 Hankins, Michael Bruce, 380 Hanley, Richard Leland, 148, 383, 470 471 Hanlyi, Barbara Bernadette, 58 H551151615a, Robert Marcus, 148,379, Hannigan, John Michael, 404 Hansen, Edward Leonard,11011, 484 Hansen, Frederick Jacob,1 Hansen, ,iudith Elaine, 54, 57 Hansen, ester Ph1111p, 101, 512 Hanson, Dorothy Linda, 133,440 Haragara, Vernon, 411,560 Harber, William Charles, 409 Harbour, John W. W., IL, 298 Harcher, David, 354 Hzgdaway, Edward V., 11, 370, 50 Higiclgberger, R. E., IL, 133, 387, Hardegree, Edward C., 148, 383, 480 Hardin, David Wallace, 120 Hardin, Dr. Robert A., 72 Hardin, Sharon, 120, 536 Hardwick, Jim Charles T., 161 Hirfy, Claudia Anne, 133, 324, 4 Hargiy, Jack Lee, 133, 298, 407, Hardy, Jack OaDell, 148, 411, 479, 6 5 2 Hardy, Milta Amanda, 120, 439 Hardy, Sidney John, 101 Hare, Bruce Edward, 148, 381, 480, 558 Hare, Charles Edwin, 383 Hare, Sidney Elbert, 384 Harkins. Carol A1111, 120, 440 Hagcss-ider, Judy Ann, 148,346, Harl,V11111am Berry, 148,393 Harle, I011 Berry, 101 Harlow, Dan Rae, 402 Harlow, Dean James C., 36 Harlow. Jeff L. 542, 558 Harman.VV1111am Richards, 561 Harms, David Henry, 133,407,484 Harms, Mary June, 118, 120, 360, 51 4 Harms, Ruth A1111, 148, 523 Harp, Charles E., 72 Harper, Barbara K., 58, 133, 536 Harper, Edward Harold, 160, 289 Harper, George Edw,ard 101 Harper, Leonard D., 4 H5516x1,PaulEdward, 160161, 8 Harral, Stewart, 72 Harraman, IIerry Don, 381 Harrel. Iacquelyn,58. 148. 531 Harrell,CarolJoyce,55, 133.431 Harrell, Iames.41fred, 133, 396 Harrell, James Dock, 101.508 Harrell: Sara Patricia. 148. 523 Harrer, Ross Carter, 384, 557 Harrington, John J., Jr., 101, 563 Harris, Alan, 02 Harris, Allen Keith, Ir. , 133,407, 488.591 Harris,B111y Carr, Harris, CharlesEdWlard, 133,385, 480 Harris, Charles P., Jr. , 148 Harris, Charles Wayne, 162. 347 Harris, Charlie, 290 Harris. Dora Ellen, 343 Harris, Gerald 3Mastou, 561 Harris, Guy,3 Harris, Harold 1I-Iam1111,382 Harris, James Crawford: Harris, Ierry Don,3 Harris, John, 148 Harris, Mrs. IIohn,3 Harrils, Judith Ann, 132,133,324, Harr1s, Lynda Rae, 148,518,528 Harris,L1ndsey Ervin, IIr. , 380 Harris, MargarctAnn, 120,439 Harris,MargaretNe11, 120,292, 350 Harris, Dr. Reginalqu 72 Harris, Richard Goodrich, 160, 161,284,484 Harris, Robert Allen. 161 Harris, Susan, 316. 532 Harris,SusanElizabcth. 148.451 Harris, Tanya Alice, 120, 250,426, 456. 457 Harris, Tommy Dean, 377. 558 Harris, Vernon Ray, 385, 549 Harris,W1111am Foster, 72 Harrison, Clarence Wade, 133,407, 504 Harrison, DonCarl, 382,553 Hardson, Henry Routon, 562 Harrison, Iohn Arthur, 101,326 Harrison, Leonard Gene, 148,396, 0 56 Harrison, Sally Mae, 133.451 Harrison, Stan Thomas, 565 Harrison, Thomas Perry, 101, 480 Harrison. William W., 133, 370, 464, 556 Harsh, Catherine Ann, 148, 443, 522 Harsh, IIoe Nathan, 101, 359, 472 Hart, Becky. 528 Hart, Bi11y Lewis, 133 311,1. Lynette, 120,431 homas Allen .384 ,10 Ann Madeline, 133, Hartline, Ronnie Gene, 212, 258, 261, 263, 267, 268, 286, 311, 399. 400,402 Hartman,Alla11 Chester, 561 Hartman.G1ennWalker, 54,148, 411,548 Hartman, Theodore Joseph, 328, 411,551 Hartness,Ed11h Gayle, 525 Harvey, Dr. Harriet, 72, 360 Harwood, Jaclyn IIea11, 133,250, 3 Hason, A1311, 407 Hass, Carole, 72,292 Hass1er, Bobby Vernon, 554 Hassler, Dr IO ,72 Hastie, John Douglas, 5101, 399, 400, 402, 418, 544,5 Haswell, Larry Wayne, 411, 414 Hatay, Conul, 316 Hatay, Mekiu, 101, 314 Hatchet, Joe Wheeler, 133 Hatchett, John Garner, 121, 472 Hat6e1d,C.arl Byrnc, 148,411,561 Hatlield, E. E., 7 Hathaway, Robert Grey, 407 Haubelt, Raymond 0., Jr , 371 Hang, Leonard H., 54, 56, 72 Hang, Terry Irene, 54, 318 Hauge11,IIohn Robert, 133,488 Haugen,Ru1hB,72 Haught,W1111amRiChard, 560 Hausam, Suzanne Diane, 236 Hauver, Lynda Darlene, 92,431 Hawk.Ph11 Michael, 101,487 Hawkes, Iames Benjamin 31RedI, 209,351,367, 438 Hawk1ns,A.Katl1glcct11, 101,426, 434 Hawkins, Barbara A1111, 101, 431 Hawkins, Dianne Foster, 148, 246, 52 Hawkins. Gary Lee,3 Hawkins, Requa Dean, 1.33 321, Hawkins, Sally I0, 133. 214,536 Haworth, Maj. Howard N., 72, 374 Haworth, Margaret Edna, 92 Ha11s.Dud1e1'Alan,329 Haws, Jimm1,12l Haws,J1mvaodger, 121,385, 468 Hawthorne, MargaretSusan,133, 7 Haxton, Harold Kenton, 160, I61, 164 Hayden, Bud. 513 Hay,den IIernL., 411 Havden, Harry. 566 Hay,dcn Leo M01v1n, Ir. , 121, 512 Haxes.A1de11Vance,121,443, 460 Hayes,Dan. 393 Heges, David Eugene, 133,407, Hayes, Gilbert Franklin, 121, 369, 484 Hayes, Hurlev Daniel, 101 Hayes, Jerry 8., 411,560 Hayes, Iohn Burton. 163 Hayes, Lonzetta B.. 343, 527 Haygood, Sharon Sue, 148, 448, 1 52 Hayn, Dr. Rolf. Haynes.F10Vd He7nry, 323 Hays, Brunetta, 534 Hays, MaryKate. 148,439,520 Hays. R0herths161,:Ir., 101,338, 340, Hazclrigg, George Harold, 331, 338. 347, 361 Hazlewoodc. James Greer, 121 Head, B.C Head, Bernard 9Charles, Jr. , 411 Head.WilliamWade.Ir., 101,491 Headley, Lanny Hugh, 379 Healy, Michael Timothy, 121, 499 Heard, Charles Langford, 161, 162 Heard, Patsy Lou, 527 Heath, T. L., 47 Heath,W1111amIohn,345 Heatherlv, Glenn Edward, 385, 551 Heavin, Sandra Kay, 101,428 Hedorick, James Thomas, 271,272, Heet. 7Marjorie Catherine, 101 Hefler, Harold Dean, 351,407, 564 Hefley, Justus Wood1u1 Heggen, Barbara Marie, 61148, 436 Heiderich, Charles Wayne, 133, 386 Heilman, Dr. Arthur W.. 72 Hein. Larry Kent. 133, 370, 563 Heinke. Diane, 133, 443 Heinrichs. Norman Dale, 58, 4101 Heinzig, Floyd Earl. 327 Heldenhrand. Barbara Lou,5 128, 133, 324 , Helmers.,Io;toeAn11. 133,431 Helms,Su9anDiane. 121,439,539 Helms, William Jackson, 133,551 Hembree,Dosm11da, 133,539 Hembree.RobertC..101, 282, 283. 311. 402.566 Hemoflinq. loans Juanita, 101,219, 342. 350. HemD11111,Cara1866, 133,292,340, Hemph111,Dr.J.G. 89 Hemph111,Mrs.I. C., 89 Hemry, Jerome Louis, 161,163 Hemry, KennethMarshaIl,148, 411,488,553 Hencke, Barbara Irene, 102, 248, 438, 439 Henderson, Arnold Glenn, 354 Henderson, Charles Travis, 121, 488 Henderson, Jim C., 148, 387, 471, 555 Henderson, Lehman E., Jr., 54, 55, , 56 Henderson, Lester Dale, 161, 162 Henderson, Marilyn, 316 Henderson, Patricia Ann, 148, 45 459 Henderson, Ross, He11drex,KarenIean,102,443 Hc11dricks,LauraRuth, 102,342 Hc11d7ricks, Mary Earle, 133,249, He:l1:d:rickson, Ronald David, 385, Hendrix, 1V1111am Ronald, 411, 561 chdy, Peter Stuart, 133, 386, 49 Henkle, James, 72 Henley, Emmett Henry, 102, 358 359, 399, 400, 402,409, 496 Henley, Everett Scott, 121, 404, 4 , 484 Henley, George Mial, 102, 328, 355,402, 417, 496 Henneke, Richard Clyde, 102, 32 348, 355, 362 Heianing, Karen Lynn, 133, 248, 0 Henry, James Cifl'ord, 102, 492 Henry, John Warren, 148, 396, 551 Henry, Margaret. Alice, 148, 451, 534 Henry, Sara .Iane, 148, 438, 529 Henry, Von Earl, 278, 279, 565 Hansel, Henry, 318, 319 Henslee, Deanna Gale, 58, 133, 438 chsler, ,Iames Cromwell, 148, : , 8 Hensley, Jim Bob, 259, 566 Hensley, John Edward, 148 Henson, Harris Lee, 407 Hcpburn, Iames Hensley, 161 Hubert, H. H., 73 Heritage, Pame1a, 148,214,350, 455.522 Helndon. Sandra Rey, 148,206, 215 428. .528 Hcrpin,C1aude Jack, 323 Hcrmld.D0naldErw1n.121, 508 Hcrmn. Merry Kathleen. 533 1-,1crtjc Arvella Elaine, 324 Hervey, 011nD0uglas, 50. 51, 1C Hcgzog, anIsaaC, 148,411,503 55 Heslcr, Howie, 285 Hcs1cr. Judith A1111. 102, 440 Hcss, Sara Ann, 148, 451 Hester, Cary Blaine, 121, 500 Hester, Thomas Patrick, 161 Heston, Dr. Bernard 0.. 42, 73 Heston, Mrs. Francis, 40 Hesxgn, Jacquie Louise, 54, 56, 8 chrihg. Iohn Ballard. 354 Hewitt, WIarciaDiane, 133,292, 324, 444 chson, Carolyn Ann, 148, 428, 526 Hickcrson, Lucret1a, 520 Hickey, Suzanne Virginia, 133, 4 Hickman, Kay, 58, 102, 462, 498 H1ckma11,Cary Dean, 148,411, 6 5 2 Hickman, Valena Kay, 148, 246, 482 Hicks, Marian,4 Hicks, William Tim, 121, 500, 5J Hiero11y,mus Martha Jane, 133, H1ghee,Dav1d Arthur, 133, 381, Higgubotham, Ardell C.,121 Higginbotham, Kay Diane, 342 H1ggius,Frank Wayne, 121 Hiqhtower. Leeroy H., IL, 148, 377, 500, 550 Hilhurn. Scott Leslie, 148, 371, 483, 557 Hill, Allen MCPheeters, 384, 551 Hill, Bill, 45 Hill, Chester Lee, 121, 387, 508 Hill, Frank Davis, 133, 407, 491 Hill, Helen Jacqueline, 133, 439 Hill, James MayHeld, 102, 358, 04 5 H111, Jarrell, 148, 411,564 H111, John Dixon, 121, 480 H111, Larry Glenn, 314 H111,Le1g11 Byrnos, 102 Hill, Loren LeRoy, 102,322, 32 H111, Milton Simpson, 148,411, 512, 49 H111, 0111B Kinnard, 133, 379, 51 Hill, Orlon Royce, 407 H111, Ronald Luther, 256 H111, Rowena Suzanne, 529 H111, Thomas Allen, 133, 504 1115110. 4W1515113m Henry, 148,411, H1312.I05B0b. 133,370,508 Hilton, Ernest Bruce 563 Himes, Mrs. G. G. , 74 Hines, Frank Wesley. 366 Higies, Glenda Kay Schuber, 102 41 Hines, Sharon Mae, 148, 436 Hinkle, Ianet Ruth. 102, 444 Hinriclis. Paul Rutland, 327 Hinson, Elode. 148, 431, 524 Hinson, Nina Delena, 58, 133, 5 Hinton,,10hn Arthur, 564 H1nton,Solon Way.11e 384,560 Hirschler. Donald Clifton. 102 Hise, James Hamilton,133, 04 Hiser, Jenni Lea, 51,133,324, H155312m, Lavenia Diz1ne, 148,43 Hitchcock, Gilbert N., 11., 371 Hixon, Steven Howell, 411, 561 Hixson. Darwin Max, 383 Hoag. William James. 102. 508 Hoard, Marguerite, 133, 428 l3l3 - B Jenkins. Norman COMMANDER MILLS. INC. SAND SPRINGS, OKLA. CONGRATULATIONS 1961 Graduates of the O. U. School of Pharmacy Lef us work fogefher +0 keep pharmacy up +0 +he highesf efhical sfandards a+ all +imes. McKESSON 8: ROBBINS, INC. Oklahoma City. Oklahoma Aufomafic BS 8K W monifors hlecfronid Auioma+ic capaci+ance analyzers and confrols blecfronid Aufomafic con+rol panels Aufomafic cusfody fransfer unifs Aufomafic defoaming oil and gas separafors Au+oma+ic dehydraHon unifs Aufomafic desorbing unifs Aufomafic desulphurizafion uni+s Aufomafic disfiHa+e recovery planfs Aufomafic emulsion freafers Aufomafic filfers and fiHer sysfems Aufomafic flood con+rol sysiems Au+oma+ic Frigi-Gas units Aufamafic Gagefrons helechonicl Aufomafic gas and oil separators Au+oma+ic gasoline plan'rs Aufoma'ric glycol sys+ems Au+omafic hydrocarbon recovery planfs Aufomafic Aufomch lease produc'rion sysfems liquid mefering equipmenf NATIONA NJ TULSA, Aufomafic liquid level confrol unifs blecfronid Au+oma+ic low fempera+ure exfracfion sysfems Aufomch low femperafure glycol sys+ems Au'romafic Mani-Flo confrol valves and sysfems Au+oma+ic nef barrel counfers Au+omafic pneumafic differenfial relays Aufomch precipifafors Aufomafic self wafer disposal sysfems Au'romafic samplers Aufoma+ic stabilizing unifs Aufomafic sfage separafion uni+s Aufomai'ic Sfak-Pak unifs Aufomch sfeam generafors I; DRAWER l7l0 NATIONAIJS PRODUCTS Aufomafic wafer disposal sysfems Aufomaiic waier knockoufs Absorbers Accumulafors Adsorbers Aerafors Elec+ric and pneumafic unif swifches Fluid boosfers Grain fanks Grooved couplings and fiHings Heafers-high pressure gas and oil Hea+ exchangers Loading racks-+ank car Micro valves Safe+y con+rols Scrubbers-gas pipeline Sfairways - s+eel Sfeel hanks - boHed Sfeel fanks-welded Vessels - pressure Vessels special Walkways - sfeel Wafer condifioning sys+ems Wood fanks COMPANY OKLAHOMA 585 IIohbs,DougIasDaI'ton,148.3.80 Hobbs, Ierry MarIin, 102, 322. 26.354.3 77. 382 4111'; Hobbs, Igolcen Janice, 102,527 Hobby, rewstcr Button, 283 Hobb y, Mrs. OrIenc, 399 Hochanach, David Eugene, 344, H01Iam, CaroISue, 148,440,524 Hodges,Kalhcrine Ann: 121 436 Hodges,Pau1 ay, 133,384, 483 Hodges, Roy cc, 148, 378, 552 1101154,ng Thomas, 133, 384, 508, Hodges, Tommie G.,148 Hodgson, Gerald Wayne, 378. 556 Hodgson, Michael Gail, 270, 597 Hochn, Hubert Henry, 102,354 Hoenig, Marsha Lu, 102, 455 Hofgman, AnthonchaI, 133,407, Hoffman.J0hnRobert. 102,356 Honan,J10yce Beverly, 148,534 Hoffman, ichard Lee, 133,387 110515131513n, Rozelle Margarc1,102, HoIIman,JanisCoopcrA.,133 Hogan, Patrick Vern, 558 gngara, Roy Oliver. 289 enshelt JohnnieR., 121,484 1113712ann, Darrell Richard, 271, Hoisington, Dr. L B.. 73 Holggay, Stephen Barton.121, 462, Holasek, 01111 Edw,ard 407 HoIbert once, 133, 439 1105111611, Jack Lynn, 148, 381, 511., Holcomb, Mrs. BillicD.. 73,330 1101g80mb,RichardBrucc: 92, 347, 11131dcn,DavidWayne, 38.5, 411, I'Ioldc11,4Ric11ard L., 121 122,325, 483 H011 and, AIwin George, Jr. , 369 I10113nd,BarbaraJo, 121,340,438 111111and, George LI1111, I33, 407 11011aud,1n1TerrI 378,563 Holland, 1. C. Joe, 73,296,352 Hogand, Robert Belvin, Jr. , 121, 5 11011and,SamC. Holley, Richard Hedge, 337 Hollingsworth, John, 283 HoIIi9,CharIesG Glenn, 407 H01115,Joh11 Louis, 378, 551 110111231e1', William C.. ,121, 369 480 Ilglgginan, JudItIIJean, 148,447, H0110n,Dr. William E., 73 H011 oway, Grady Harrison, 386 Holloway,JIudiih Arnote, 148,530 Holmb oe, amcs Andrew. 386 Holmes, Charles Everett, I61 Holmes, Claire Lenore, 121 11016113, Howard Thomas 111, 402, HoInIcs,Ja11elSusann, 522 Holmes,J0hIIRay, 121,492 Holmes, udith Ann, 133, 431 oImes, ennethEdison,161 Holmes, Lee Marks, 161 Holmes, Linda Carol, 855, 529 Holmes, Tom, 10 2,4 Holmes, Yvonne, 3678 11011, David Oliver, 4ll HoIt,Ja1nesStroud. 102,563 Holt, James Terrence. 133, 351, 407,416,548 Holt,SaIIyAnn, 121,451 11011113, ohn Andrew, 121 Honey, ichard Leon, 411 11051;; Carroll Lawrence, 133,375, Hood, DavidEdward, 121,500 Hood: Dayna Sue, 121,440 Hood, ames Dennis, 121, 318. 468 Hood. 1'. James 0., 40 Hood, Nancy Lynn,102. 447,521 Hood, Theodora A11n, 148, 531 Hood,VirginiaCarol, 133,447 HoodzIVilliamWaI'ne,Jr..133, Hoo land, Pat, H00, Martha Lee, 6,133 537 Hook, Mary Ann, 133, 537 Hooks, Jack Douglas, 369 Hooks, atnciaIIan, 148,428,528 "150291611, Marjorie Ann, 148. ,,183 11002321, Nancy Kay, 133, 318, 319, Hopcus, Leon Mac, 102,328,356 Hopcus, Patricia, 316 Hopkins, James Ly,nn 148,411, 488, 551 H0pkins,JudiII1Kay, 102,518,536 Hopkins, Robert Maurice 102,484 H0p1a,Dr. C,1u11 73 Hopper, ReginaIcI Frank1i11,148 Hopping, Marcia Jean, 121,428 Horn, David Christoplher, 102 Horn, Glenda Joy,ce 148 Horn, Judith Ann, 149,455,522 H01'.n Kenneth Lee, 121 Hornbeek, Larry Ray, 121, 556 11011611151, RusseIICrant,Jr.,102, Homing, John, 259, 566 Homing, Kenneth B.. Hirning, P11i1F1-ank1in,3133, 407. 83 IIornIIIIg. John Robert. 407 586 Horst.DaI'1dLoren. 102 IIorIIvedel.J0nIIarnl1I. 149,378. IInnIlitz. SI1I1 NU H9 111.5301 .5. 57 1105111115, LarrI Joc.12 Hosner, Ronalld5 Lee, 1202, 276, 277., 311 488 Hostettcr,Pa15ricia 11.. 149.534 Houchin, Carole Anne. 133 Houck, Johneue Virgiiiia, 535 110511236h1in, Martha Jan, 149, 448, Houk, DorothI Ju11e, 121,539 House. Dr. Roy House , Barron C.. J.,r I21, 276. 311, 491. 565 Houston, Dr. Bruce,7 Hogston,JamesEdII'a7rd,54,102, 45 Houston, RichardWayne, 102.496 110w,ard Dallas Cornell, 149, 380., 480, 55 7 H0wa1'd,DavidC.. H13w;rd,EddieRay,3J10.,133,407, Ho5vzgrd, James Douglas, 102, 319, I'Itawarcl560 John Campbell, 149, 298, . 133. 383 Howard, Mark W., H0:;;rd,Mi11eCurtis, 121,326, Howard, Dr. RobertA.. 73 Howard:SharonAnn. 121,326 1'10w.ard Thomas EdII,ard 1,49 411, 492, 556 Howard Willis Dwayne, 121, 508 owe,E1mc1L.. 384 Howe, Robert Keith, 384, 557 Howe11.Arden. 149,378,508 Howe11,i;rryCarmll, 121,479 owelI, ary J11, 121, 361, 448 Howell, RomonaAnn, 149,319, 532, 542 Howell, Richard Truman 121. 511 HowelLRonaldKem, 121,500 Hazy, MacNeaI Morgan, 149.380, Hower, Thomas Chester, Jr.., 15 102, 511 Hoy. Dr. Harry E.. 74, 339 Hoyle, Elmchoe. 102.294 111gy2LC-era1d Dale. .564 Iont, MarthaJanet, 149.346, 443, Hoy1,'111nHu111cr 121. 512.561 Hromada, Judith Ann. 340, 537 Hsu.E111eIYeeShiu,536 Hubbard, 11111121 Lee. 149, 444 1Iubba1':d oberta Mildred, 357 Hubbard.WiII5iamAn1Irew,149., 379,51 Hubble, Jcain 5Paul. 149, 378, 500. HucIZabay, Cary Clayton, 102.487 uckab y, Robert Louis, 121,472 Huddleston. Lonnie, 74 Hudson, John Kurte. 133. 385. 472 Hudson.chraLcc.133,249,324. 426, 427, 443 Hudson,Ni11a,316 Hudson, Richard Lee, 327 Hudspcth, Linda Kay, 121.444 Huey, Beniamin Amcs,1 161 Higesyl. Eddie Lee, 149. 385, 487, Huey. John Mason, Jr., 133, 161., 407 Huff, Jimmy Roy, HuII,MarianE1izabc1111. 121 428 1'1qu , MarII Lou, I33. 44 47 11qu, Dr. WilliamNu 74 1115125112, Rcbecca Lee, 149,321, HuHman,AndreaLou, 149,428. 534 Hquman, Dr. George C.. 74., 83. 352 Huffman, Mrs. George C., 82 HIIIIman, Kenneth Glenn, 121 Hughes, Alvah Rav. 303 Hughes, Barbara VValkins. 121 Hughes, Charles Ernest. 103. 323 Hughes, Ellen CIaire. 133. 455 Hughes,CwenE11a. 149,518., 524 Hughes, Larry. 290 Hughes, Paula KaI, 133. 208, 324. HugIIes,RobcrtVincenl.121 Hughes.RogerHowe11, 103 Hughes, Virginia An11.10 Hughes, WilliamR.. Jr..121. 411 Humhey.IIohnRobe1-1. 160,462. 487,544. Hugo, John II5lichac1, 383 Hugus, Susan Louise, 149,533 Huitt. T121141, Clarene, 133, 318, , . HuII, A1111 Maree, I49. 250, 443 Hull. Charles Fredric. 133, 304. 407, 488 Hull. James Richard, 149. 411. 414 HuIIett, Ioseph Walter. 378. 561 Hulme. Bernie Lee. 103, 251, 329, 347, 349, 354. 480 Hulslandcr. Edith Lois, 326 Humble. Charles Gordon.161 Hume, Jerome LeCranqe, 381 Humes, Frederic Douglas, 371, 414. 542, 554 Humes, James Lynn. 121, 544. 563 Humphrey, Charles Eugene, 133 Humphrey, Charmayne A.. 133. 539 Humphrey, David Byrom, 411, 5.50 Humphrey, IamesC., 28 Humphrey, Sandra 116111.521 IIumpIIrrI. Stephen D111. 384 leliIIIpI'IrcI', Vernon IVoodrnII'. 371, F . 1 11111111111. Jnhn IVt' 111011. 149. I .557 Hunckc. Ilar1311l..144 Hunslcin. Judith Ann. 149, .529 Hunt. James Chapman III, 103, 314, 504 Hunt, Lloyd Arthur, 133, 379, 558 Huntsman, James Edward, 322 Hunter, Glenn Lee, 149., 411., 472, 554 Hunter, Dr. Hugh E., 74 Hunter, Mary Jane, 121, 438 Huntcr, Robert Daniel, 384, 562 Hunter, Ruth Anne, 103, 317, 538 Hunter, Wavery Eugene, 133 Hunter, William Sam, 121, 480 Huntington, Dr. R. L., 74, 326 urd, Henry Ray, 345 Hurley, Patrick 52', 92, 500 Hurley, Phillip dward, 149, 411, 549 Hurst, Donna Jean, 149, 523 Hurst, Mary Ann, 133, 536 Hursk. PhiI Stanlc 161 HurIIitz, Charles Edwin. 121, 35303 H133112,Jeanne Anne, 121, Hurwilz, William Stuart, 133., 503 Husband, William Paul, 407 Huscn, Luicse, 348 Huser, VViIIiam Donald, 12, 121., 504 Husky, Suda Kay, 51, 121, 360, 428 Hussey, Frank Marshall, 11, 149 Hutchinson, William Wayne, .55, 134. 407, Hutton, Harold Raymond, 11, 55, 149, 560 Hutton, Jerry D011, I49, 511. .566 Hyatt, Donald Adams, 358 y e, Dr. Beal Baker, 74 HI'de. Robert Wallace, 92 I Ibemcsi, Maxwell, 338 Ikeda, Marian Marika, 121 1m5eL9JohnRichard, 103,314, 542, 11115es.9Shar011 Elaine, 57,149 Imkc, Gene Raymond, 121, 487 IIIinsII, Loren Vernon, I49, 411 Ingram, Barbara Sue, 134,444 1ngra1n,CharIes 353.560 Ingram. Charles VVIIIa1'.d I21, 404, 416 Ingram, David Thomas, 134, 381, 483 amen Charles, 149,511 28, Ingram. ames Hean'.103, Ingram, 348, 356, 468. 469 Ingram,Robc1tRusselI, 134,407, 468. 46 9 I11gra1n,WiIIiamEarl,III,149, 380, 492, 556 Inman. RiCIIaI'd WaIton. 411. 566 IrbI'.PeggyLInn, 134,440 IrIIi11.Cc1iaRose.134,439 Isaacs, William EImore, 351. 407 Ishaq,C.110udhry MOIIammch, .92, 3 38 Inner. Yvonne, 121, 294, 332, 342, 440 Itzkowitz. Judy Ann, 51301 Iverson, James David, Ivesste1,D0er William, 149, 411., 66 IVY, Lee Frank, 149, 371, 508 J 1 ackson, Dixie Joe, 149, 411, 491 ackson, Dwayne Rowe, 379, 550 . ackson, Eddie Wayne, 271, 272 I ackson, Floyd Lowell, 74, 336 acksmI, Francis Bill, 134, 462., 484 ackson, Frank Bruce, Jr., 121, 472 210115011, Frederick Grant, 359 ackson. Harriet Lavern, 527 . acksnn, James Elbert, 149, 508, 566 ac'ison, Kenneth Fay, 407 I ackson, Linda Marie, 214, 536 210115011. VViIIiam Allen, 411 acob, Joan Lorraine, 121, 448, 449 . 2105016. Robert Brian, 149, 384, 487, 5 Jacobs, Frank Joseph, 396, .557 Jacobs, Gary Paul. 322 Jacobson. Ballard Harris, 149, 249, 456, 529 Jacobson, Gail Carol, 134, 432 Jacobson, Laura Jan, 121, 211, 332, 438 Jacobson, Dr. Oscar B.. 74 Jadin. Patrick Kenneth, 385, 549 Jakaltis, Joan Marie, 149.438 Jamerson.JesseBaird, 149,384, 508, 54 7 James, Bob 257, 285 James, CII11e Leroy, .561 James, Daniel Walker, 55, 134, 495 Jangs. Dennis L10I'd, 149, 382, Iamses, Donald Lee, 149,321,396 James, Gordon Bradley. 371 James, jeanRae, 149, 438. 519 James, obella, 149,436,521 James, 01mnyDaIel34.378 James, Iudith Ann, 1,34 319.537 ames Melvin Ray, 1121; 345 487 James. Michael V, James, Patrick Hc11ry.3121. 337. 361. 462. 500 . Johnson, I alucs, Richard V.. 74 . ames, Roger Thomas, 121 I 11mm. TIInmas Lee. 134. .508 Iames. Tom E11. 121. 49' Iani41-s. IViIlianI Dram. I49, 471, .5 7 ames, William P., 62 . ameson, Christina Ruth, 529 amicson, Susan Merle, 149 amlson. T1101nasKeIlI,55, 134, 377. 546 JaneIOIi. Robert Richard, 134., 559, aneso, Michael Valle, 386,563 anke, Robert C., 39 21141121.i Maridell Geneug, 103,318, anus, RaImond David. 358 arboe, J011n Bruce, 121,508,509 arman, George William, 566 armes, Jay Leonard, 121, 488 armes, Jon Jeffery, 58, 134 armon, Cary Mann, 134, 492 1 ayroe, Barbara Jean, 518, 533 ayroe, Robert Rhea, Jr., 121, 283, , 566 can, Gene Lane, 352 eddi, MohammadR Rezsa, 562 efferics. Geore I chers, HaorrI 51ende1,86 J1. ., 353, 411, e11erson,6Jacqu1-:Iine L., 527 enkins, irdy Kay, 134, 440 enkins, I'm Elaine, 103 eIIIIIngs, iI401111nI' Laird, 561 cnmngs, oanna Lucille.149 cnnings, WIIIC B.. Jr. , 134, 385, , 546 Iensen, Carol Ann, 134, .539 uc1112, CaIlord A. 74 384. Ieresmiah, Kenneth IV" Jr., 5 I JeI'1gi7gan, James Arthur, I49, 378, 5 chnliagan. Robert Markin, 103. 462, I essup, James Robert. etc, Ed IIardLa1IIar.3216.8l356, 407 eter. Sally Susan, 134,444 en, Merriam Ruth, 318, 350 I ctt, Orval Wayne, I49, 319, 380 Ietlon, James Robert, J1.. 368 ewcll. Larry Edward, 319 IiII, Frank, 226 I uachim, Claudia Anne, I49, 436 I 011211111135, Richard Nelson, 103., 252, 296, 347. 349. 361., 367. 368, 483 I 01m, Janita Annene,1134, 439 011115, CarroII'II Sue,1 011ns, . OIIIIson, rAI'IIeIt Wayne, 370 0.111150n A1111: Boyd, 149,519 011nson, Carolyn, 149, 440, 526 011nson, Major Charles T., 74. 374 Iolmson, Clyde Briggs, Jr., 121 IIoIInson, Dale Ossi , 61 011nson, Daniel Bi ., 134, 384, 488 Iohnson,Dio11 LInn,1134. 351. 407. 417. 500, 50 J01111s011, Don. 76 Jognson, Don Funcis, 149, 377, Johnson, Donald Foster, .54 Johnson, Earl Paul, 369, 549 Jogggon, Earnest L., Jr., 3.54, 355, Johnson, Elton Leroy, Jr., 121, 361 487 Johnson, Ernest L., Jr.. 103. 315 Johnson, Everett LI'Ie, 149. 385 Johnson, Farrell Eugene. 411 Joggaon, Floyd, Jr., 57., 58., 396., Johnson, Gilbert Dean. .565 Johnson, J. Prescott. 75 Johnson. James David. 149. 379, 4 1. Johnson, Janet. 536 Johnson, Janet Lynn. 149, 440, 524 Johnson. Jed Joseph, Jr.. 103, 252. 3 36 480 Johnson, JiII, 291 Johnson J01111.226 IOIInson,II01111PauI, 289. 544. 563 Johnson, Joseph James, 337, 404 Johnson, IIudilII Patton. 121. 439 Johnson. Judv E11611. 149, 230., 350. 443. 524 Johnson, ,IuIiannaII, 103 Johnson, Kenneth Ray, 121, 504 Joggion, Lewis Allen, 103, 544, Johnson, Linda A1111, 149. 443. 520 Johnson, Linda Jane, 149. 444 Johnson. Lois Isobel, 149, 350. 4 , 532 Johnson, Marian Kay, 134,318, 319 Johnson, Marianne. 103.44. IIoI11111011D Mark 11.. 30, 33 Johnson, Martha Louise. 149., 436., 437 Mary Alice. 103. 439 Johnson. NathanieI B.., 111, 149, 328, 383 Johnson, Palsv Ruth, 103 Johnson, Paul Henry, 103. 328, .54 Johnson. Prudence Burke, 149, 333, Johnson, R., 41.5 II,011n5011 RaI AIan. 121.336 Johnson,RichardFloI'd. 103,368 Johnson. Robert Andrew. 121. 369, 484 Johnson, Robert Edward. 302. 559 Johnson. Robert Marlzuul. 103. 312. .50 I ones, IoIInson. Ronald LeRoy, 149 I ohnson. Sam Houston, 161 , uhnsmi. Sandra Jane. 226 . 111111va11. Spencer 3111111, 407 . Olmson. SI'nncva Ann. 121 I oImson, Thomas J.., 111, 54, 103, 468 I 011115011, Tom Gene 134,384, 51 ohnsou, Vir Inia Nan, 149, 444 . ohnson, VVa lace, 103,402 Iohnston, Allan Fredrick, 411, 55 Nohnston, ,Judilh Carol, 121, 439 I omer, Ju ilh Ann, 134, 444 . 015164 Edward David, 59, 134, 38 IIoIII, Jack Dee,3 Joggs,54ArtIIu151-ee,8328, 336, 354, Iones, Bitty A117ene, 533 ones, BoIdiver, 287, 384 I,0nes,BudCaIvi11, 103 ones, Carl dDaIe, 149 Jones, Carlton Robert, 163 Iones, Carol Ann, 11, 106, 134, 438, 451, 533 Jones, CaroILynn, 103, 439 Jones, Charlotte Anne, 134, 324, 428 . ones, Clarence Raymond, 134. 3 ones, David Marion, I49, 411, 5 I ones, D011 Scott, 55, 377, 560 ones, Ernest Bruce, 103, 329, 3.5 . ones, Fred Allen, 322 ones, Gary Gene, 103, 348, 479 I ones, Gaylord, 134, .542, 563 I ones, Comer, 256 ones, Guy Ernest, Jr., 411, 556 I ones, Henry Paschal, 361 . 0mm, Hugh Raymond, 103., 492 . ones, JJames Lee, 380 I ones, ames' R0bcrl,103,402,48 ones, JIessc Sampson, 65 I ones, IInInIe, 228,347,352, 46K 55 6 I nues, John Orville, 161 I011es,J01111 Ross, I49. 378, 556 I13IIes,JOIIIIIII 11.. ,.,Jr 149, 378, 488, Jongsl, Jusdithee, 103, 338, 340, Jones, Kathleen, 149, 431. 460 IInnes,Kcn11ctIIC-age59.1.03 403 J0nes.Ke1111elIII-I.,103.322,.326 400. 402, 416 Jones, LaI'I'I' Deane, 3.51, 367., 371 5.57 I ones, Larry Lee. 56., 13-1 Larry, 55 . 011es,Leinc Suzanne, 134.440 I 01185, Linda FaI',e 321 I ones, Mariellen, 149,438,524 Iones, MaIIIIn Anne, 9 I ones. Marion Dale, 411 I ones, IIarI Lenior. 103,451 I011es,MikcI10uis, 1,34 385, 504 I ones,RaIp11Warre11, 103,314 I ones, Ronald Lee, 134, 386 . ones, RupcI BaII7inger, 363 Iones, Rupel J.. Ioncs,StepIIanicA11n,55,14943 I0ncs,T01n1III A11e11.12l, 283. 5 Iones, UIieII Ra1p11,J1.. I49 393 Iones, Virgil Leroy, 319 I ones, William Ernest, 336 . ones, William Jay, Jr., 562 I ordan, Edwin Burton, Jr., 379 I ordan, Larry Russell, 407, 560 I ordan, William H., 40 . ordon, Danny Wayne, 411,566 Iosep11,Marvin Lce,l4.103.503 oseph. Robert S.. 103. 503 I 0I, OkIe Maurice. 103, 288., 488 IOIIICI', James Law, 402 onner.SamAndreII, 111,407 udd. StepIIannic Jean, 149,247, 432. 532 , udson, Anna Katherine, 149., 44 I udson, Charles S., 407 umper, Mary Frances, .535 I ""22 Mary Ann, 149,346, 440, Iunkins. LIndia Kay. 520 Iustice.Cer.11dLanc,134,386. K Kadane, George Edward. 103, 49 Kadanc, Robert Andrews, 121, 29 345, 508 Kahn, JoI' Vch, 149, 346, 432, 519 K511... Michael Garry; 134, 385, 507 Kdiscr.DrusiIIaL0uisc. 121.444 Kallenbergcr, HaroIdIV., 103.32 356, 488 Kallmeyer, MichaelL, 149., 503, 558 KaIman, JoaIIRiCIlmomI, 149,29 444 Kalman, Julie CottreII, 149, 292, 444 Kalman, Sylvia Levy, 357 ' Kalman, Teresa Ann, 121, 292, 4 Kamcn, Toha Frances, 134, 322, 43 KamgI-ergr.5Jud18111A11n,103.291 29 Kamp, Naniqy 5Carol, 134, Kane, MaItIICII John, 111,161, 11 Kannady, Roy Ed ward, Jr., 121, 328, 348 K215115n3e1, Gregory Joseph, 149, 37 KanoII, KcnnelIIRohem 103, 321 462, 134. 432 Ka111r0vi1611, FIOrenCL'. K1111. Yucn C 111mg. 10.1 Cover for the . . . 1961 SOONER Designed and Produced BY KINGSPORT PRESS INC. KINGSPORT, TENN. After enrolment, students stop by the Union book exchange for texts and supplles to begin classes. SECURI'I' NK NORMAN. OKLAHOMA OFFICERS W. H. PATTEN - Presidenf D. H. GRISSO - Senior Vice-Presidenf J. H. PATTEN - Vice-Presidenf JOHN McFARLAND - Vice-Presidenf AL J. LOEFFELHOLZ-Ass'+ Vice-Presidenf T. J. CREGER - Cashier DALE S. WOOD - Ass'f Cashier DIRECTORS R. E. BARBOUR JOHN McFARLAND v. c. BRATTON F. E. McINTIRE D. H. GRISSO JOHN L. MORRISON R. w. HUTTO J. H. PATTEN o. T. McCALL. JR. w. H. PATTEN 3FCOURTESY and SERVICE Member Federal DeposH Insurance Corporafion 587 Kur3111,JL'1'1'y 111116311, 162 Karchcr Loren 117311151, 565 Karim, 331imAbdu1, 331, 338 Kams, Anthon 0$1V651113y547 92, 352 Kaspai'ek, 00nC1yde, 1497, 381, Kaspereit53 471, K312, JeromcH011'.31d 121.507 K35Iz.Jud1thAnn, 149,346,456, K3511, Lois Paula. 149.520 K311, Stanley Cei',31d 149,379, 507, 5 K311131311, VVi11i31111113161',130, 134, 50 K311111c,Jim, 371. 560 KauHmau, C 3101 111216. 533 Kaufman,DennisMaxwell,134, .186, Kaufniaii, Miss Eugenia, 75 K3111111311,Ly11d.1Kala, 149, 432, K.1iip, David James, 92. 474. 475 K.111:,MaileneRosc, 121322 Ka1'C,R0be1'tHeury, 134,50 Kc.1d1e, Robert Dale, 103, 259. 260, 310, 345, 402. 566 Kearns, Major Williaqu 75, 398 Keathley, Judy Lynne, 318, 532 Kcating, Barbara Mary,l 134 431 Keaton1i 11115.3P2gu1inc, 75 Keck,R Keefc1',JohhM661L 149,383,508, 550 Kee amigudilhq Ann, 149, 448 Kee ey, W 5 Keeley, hilip Max, 134, 278, 279, 565 Keen,P3u1V, 75, 287 Keenan, John Joseph, 149. 411. 495,558 Keesee, Martha Jane, 149. 428. 533 Keelon, Deeanna Marie, 215. 528 Keith, Harold, 257 Kclker, Francis James. 103, 56 Ke11.Thormon,Jr.,134,209, 320, 351 384, KellcriEdwardFrank,134, 206, 464 Keller. Elwanda Louisit, 149, 343 Keller, Patricia Ann, 9 Keller, Patricia K3y,134. 438 Kellerhals, Mrs. Myrtle B, 516 KeIIct,RobertOdcll,134, 386, 487 Kelley, Dr. Claude, 38 Kelley,K31hleenIsabe1, 121,350 Kelle7y, Larry Kay, 150,379, 472, Kclle7y, Dr. Pearce C. ., 75 Kelley, Richard Andrew, 103, 368 Kclling, Edward Kimbcl, 134, 407, 546 Kcllough. Robert B00111, J1'. ., 0, 492, .552 KcIIy, Donalda Frances, 530 Kelly, Ernest Michael, 326 Kelly, Erskine Bee, III, 150, 508 Kelly, Karen Rae, 526 Kelly, Mcrrilea, 150, 529 Kelly, Roger Winglicld, 379, 564 Kelly, Shaun, III, 407 Keltne1,Tu11y 0R.. 357 Kcllon, Noma ee,134,539 Kemp,T110mas Allen. 560 Kem f,S113mnEIaine, 134,535 Ken 311, Elizabeth Koch, 103 Ke11d311,JamesEd11ard, 118,479 Kendall, Walter Earl, 121 Kcndrick,Kem1ethLee, 134,407, 72 Kennedy, Edd Reed, 318, 319, 386. 548 Kc1111edy,lJ63mesDon31d, 134,321, 407,4 542 Kc11nedy,lJoeR0bert. 160.161. 492 Keiliaedyggudith Mai'ie, 149,350., 44 2 Kennedy, Noah A11111 11. 383. 560 Kennedy, Patricia Ann. 135. 439 Kennedy.Stan1evG1egg, 150,382, 487. 556 Kennedy,Ve1'131e6C..Jr.. Kennett, Vi. Kenney.Th0mzl15Cc01'ge,III, 150., 464, 554 K611511011, Cayla J0me, 150, 448, K011219011; Janice C3101, 13.5. 448, KL1151011,Jcr1L1nn 150. 448,460, 1'1 .1 Kent, Richard Lee, 104, 323, .559 Keown, Dr. William H., 75, 345 Kepkc, Robert Joe, I21, 492 Kcm, Teddi, 346, 526 Kern,T1'essa, 150,456 Kernaghan, Eugeiie Ray, 135 Kernek,GeorgeBoyd, 121,271, 272,275, 283,311, 404,508, 56 6 Kemek, Mildred Ann, 150,291, 4 , 522 Kerr, Charles Sherwood, 150., 380, 558 Kerr, Clayton Phillips, 326, 362 Kerr, Henry Perry, 111, 135, 289, 381., 462, Kerr, James Earl, 315 Kerr, I01111 Sid11e1'.16l Kerr, .150. 447. .519 Kerr. Richard 11" in. 387 Kcrshaw. Joan, 150. 439, 482, .526 Kesslcr, 01111 C01111cllec.135. 444 Kcsslcr. IiL'IIacl T humas, .187 Kcslc1, Dolores A1111. 149. 438. 521 Kestneir. Dennis CarL 337. 407 Kethi.Kar13 Anne. 121.334 436 Ketcliam, Bruce V.. 7.5 588 Kemer. Rubert11.. 7.5 K610111311 Ilka G11'e11d01111, 55, 135 Ke1,JaC'Richa1',d 104., Key, Joseh F101'd, Jr.,135. 483 Ke1's,J111'.A11n 150,444,525 Khossrow, Diba'T 554 Kibbe,RuthC31'01vn., 122.321., 524 Kice, Warren Beck, 16 Kidd,J0h11e11e, 13.5. 444 Kidd,Kar01Jo,1,135.334.440 Kidd, Robert Lee, 111. 122, 471 Kidd.Vi1'giniaLee,135,250.451 Kidder,JamcsRobelt,J1'..122 Kid10ve11, James Kent, 54, 56. 57 Kid101'e11, 111311113 C011ee11.13.5,428 Kiehlbaiich,J0h11 Barney, 104,472 Kienzle, Nfuicy Kaye, 150,3 Kigl1t,C3rme11L11111135.540 Kiles, Rebecca A1111, 122,447 Kiles, Rosemary, 150., 47 Killgore,J0hnRob611. l35. 491 Killingsworth, James 111., 1.50, 500, 6 Killingsworth, Lester, J1'., I22 Kiltau, Donald Keith, 122, 555 Kim, In Sook, 122 Kim, Peter Heechong, 357 Kim,T011i, 534 Kim, Vivienne A., 150 Kimh311,Carolyn Sue, 150, i5301 Kimberlin, CharlesL.. J,r 380, 553 Kimbrough, John B3111, 122.404 Kimbrough, Karen Lee, 150,428 Kimc.SherryAnn,135,428y Kime1m3n,JoelPhi11ip, 135.503 Kimmel, RonnieGene, 150,215 55 3 Kimmell, SharonRae, 150,361, 456 Kimrey, Kindell, Robert Nathanicl, 383 Kinder, Bill, 29 90 Kinder, Billy J., 47 Kinder, Bi111' Joe, 359 Kinder. C311 Edward. 135 King,BeuvRuth.104 K1ng,DrCIarlvceRoss, 75., 341 King,4 D0n31dLouis,55,56, 135., King, Jesse Emera. 352 King, Laurie, 292 King, Lorraine K111111111. 150. 530 King, Nina Sue. 122. 451 King,Sand1'3J03n,150,291,292. 2.93, 456, King, H5313, 321 King, Sharon F316, 122,428 K1ng,SuA11Faith, 122,532 Kingelin, Ernestine Kay, 104,294, 495 Kingelin, Rick, Kingcry, Thomas 3I.10y,11 104, 290, 376, 394, 480 Kingsburv, R0'beitA1',1101d 41014., 487 Kinnan, P3111613 Kay, 1.50, 460, 521 Kinnear, Beverly Kay, 135, .124, 537 Kim1ebre11.J3L'ks0n M. , 135, 209, 33,2 51,407,472 Kinnebrew, James Alvi11,8150, 324, 411, 472, 544, 545. Ki11neb1",c11 L3D0nn3Jean,122, 5 27 Kinsi11ger,R31p11R.,Jr., 104.492 Kinzer, Jane Marie, 319,527,542 Kinzer, Robert Lee, 122,344,354, 56 Kirgh, Marlene Jean, 150., 350, 438, 5 2 Kigkaarold G1e11.J1'..351,407, 6 Kirk,Josep11 Kent. 150, 378 Kirk, Wanda Lee. 1533 Kirkham,E1izabeth. 104.451 KirkhuH,J3mesLi0ne1. 13515 KirkhuH:l,Ilohn Ccrald,J.1', 407,500 Kirklland. 333101 Louise 150., 208, 52 Kirklland,G1en Dale.3 Kigkland.,Judi1hAn11, 122,214, 36 Kirkland.Lar1'1'Hug11, 161 Kirkpatrick,JohnB01e, 104.368, Kirkpatrick,RobertA113n122, 3,27 500 Kirkpatrick:Wi11i3mL.. 378,560 Kigkgood, W11113m R01 Jr., 11,04 Kitagawa, Taxi Takeslii, 122 Kitchen, Earl William, Jr., 104, 334,358,362, KIabzuba, JudyAnn6150. 448, 530 Klgffke, BettyJean 150,346, 443, K121111112. Keith Ludwig, 385 Klein, Stanley Eugene, 321 KIZi6n7feld, Burton Harry, 104, 322, Klem. Marion Cecil, 161 Kleynhans, Johanna, 338 Kleynhans, Theo E.., 338 Kliewer, Linda, 122., 540 Klingman, Vernice Londel. 41 1 Klingstedt, Joe Lars, 104. 487 Klgxagck, Jerald Allan, 122. 337, Knapp. Gary Louis. 280 Knapp, Nancy Gail. 135 350. 4.5.5 Knapp. Spencer Ludvik. 04. 47l K11e11. Sydne. 146. 150., 456. 531 Knickmever. Joe 11 ilbusr. 411, 549 Knight,H31'01d Dene, 547 Knight, James Ralph, Jr., 377. .561 Knighl. Robert Blythe, 104, 280, 491 Kuight,Robc11D0uglas, 380. 555 K1iight011, Earl M. ,J1'. , 104, 1314, 375, 392, 393,3 490 Knowlton, Jim,3 Koch, Gwendc A1111, 122,455 K0L'h,J01111 Calvin, 92, 495 K061'1ier.Pete,499 K11gc1,R011e11H311.327 K01311d01,1131'1 WaS'ue, 135, 387, 479 K0131, Delores Carol, 532 Kolb-rfuerkRobcn Krone, 150, 411, 55 Kondonassis, A. J., 75 Kookeu, RalphLee, 150,508 K001112,FrederickB.,III, 122,491 Koptzyiifki, Winfred H., 104, 314, 1 K44 , . Knplowikz,Slc1'e11A1'111u1', 150, 383, .507, 558 Kopczvuski, T30dy, Kosankc, Howard Deilmis, 346, 356 Kostka, Kaieu Ly1,1115 53 K03111,AbdclKade1' Mohamed, 3317 Kour,t Warren King, 135,393,503 Kozak, Ronald Edward, 371, 561 Koziewicz, Michael Roy, 369 Kraettli, EmiIR., 30, 33 Kraliulec, Ivan D., 357 Kramer, Caland Dwight, 383 K1'53gnjei', Marshall Jay, 150,503, Kramer, Philip A1311, 353 Krasnow, Robert William, 150, 41 l, Kr;;?1ngn,BarbaraJean, 135, Kratc11111an,Steveu J31, 135,503 Krause, Patrick E. 385 Kravetz, Leon Jay, 150,411,507, 556 Krcpps,J3neLouise, 150,443,524 K1icle,V3nceRalph,135,351, 383.553 K1'itsei.Miss H31riet W ., 75 K1'i1'311ck, Connie Mack, 352 Krivcher, Joscelyn, 150,346,456, 531 K1'o11cy,RobertH318'per, 104,354, 358. 402, 462, Krongeld, Louis Roberts, 150,411, K1'oss, Joyce, 135,333,456 Kross, SclmaMay, 150,456,533 Kroglil, Thomas Le Ray, 135, 407, 42 K1'ucgc1',C31'lRobc11, 104,334, 35,8 499 Kriise, Douglas Ric1131d, 411 K11111m3n, J011n,40 KuhIman, Karl Menningcr, 387 K11111111311,RichardN.,41 Ku1111,111'c11daGale 122, 527 Kuhn,FrederickAL121ir, 104,480 Kuhnemund, Glenda Sue, 135, 448 Kulp, Dr. Victor H., Kunlz, EngeneO. 75,256 Kunz, Howard Eciward, 352 Kupka, Susan Kaye, 150,451, 529 Ku1'.1, Eddie Martin, 558 Kurek, MonaCay, 150, 448,534 Kurisu, Harold Tadaini, 354 Ku1'sar,Ge1'31dH01man, 104,495 Ku1'tz,Ed116'31d Thomas, 150, 378, 43,8 Kurtz, Wilsliam Ellis, 135, 326, Kushner, Sheila Iris, 530 Kmszcgi, Kalman, I04, 488 Kyker, Robe1',1A11311 122, 563 Kyle, Philip Wichman5n, 161 K1 1e, Thomas Gail.3 Kyser, John Lewis, 111.4135, 387, L La Fevcrs, Mickey, 407, 562 LaFou, Earl, 76 LaCerc, Cary Carl, 104, 462., 493, 581 Lacey, Gwyn Sue, 122,333. 527 Lackey, WilliamGu III, 284 Lacy, Walter Edmond. 407 Ladd,Victo1-Lewis, 104,402, 503 LaI'OIi. Earl Edwa1d, 35 54 L3111,1LindaSue, 122,538 L3i11.SandraElizabetii, 135,436 Larid, Elmer Trice, Jr. , 104,304, 312, 38,2 488 Lakusta, Victor Peter, 104,314 Lam Timothy See Yiii, 92 L3m11, ,glrry Moundy, 359 Lamb, ancy,104, Lamb,Norm311 A., Lamberson, Judy Kalye, 150, 291, 448,532 Lambert, David Lee, 559 Lambert, Hal, 329 Lambcrl, James Marion, 1615 Lambert, Steve Lee. 54, 411. Lambert, William Doug, 38755 Lai1ihertz,DickHal,122,1285,330., 338. 340. 359. 510, 51 Lambertz, Jerry Walter, 1150., 379 La1ni1'zu1d.VV. Hershel. 150, 361, 48 487, 57 Lmnplo11,11211'i11 Holland, 1.50, 411. 49 2 1.111111. JuL'L Ci'rcn. 111. 1.1.1 . 38.5. 4.9.5 L'.111du.Nor111.111, I61 Lu1ulz1ue1',LindaNcal. 122.455 Landesman. Louise Barbara, 150, 2.50, 432., 531 Landrum, Clarice, 316 Laue, Glynn Quinton, Jr., 104, 462, 482 Lane, Neal F., 92. 468 Lanford, Nathan Adrian, 128., 135., 407.487 La11g,C3n' Dennis, 54 6 Lang, L111d3 Lee. 142,150,443, Lang, Vernon H011'a1d, 259, 264., 266 311 Lange, Linda. 346 Lange, Madeleine Joy, 135, 322, 432 Langford, Janice Lynn, 530 Langley, Carol A1111, 150., 326. 522 L311g1e1',C aroline W..104, 540 Laugle1',J3mcs C.. 3 7 L311gsani.,Sandra K31, I50, 350, 150,534 432., 529 Langston, Retha A1111. Langston, Robert Mic11361,122 L311gto11,JaL'kson Maurice, 104, 487 L311icx'.Bi11Ed.544 5.5 L311k31'd3, Fredeiick W.. J'.1 ., 104, 296. 35.2 508 Lannigau, D011'isA.. Lanyon.I.Kei1. 122,404,462, 491. 544. 563 Larason, Timoth1 Manuel, 122., 300, Lalgeut,Cv1e11d3 Ann. 104 Larggm, MarilynAmi, 150, 444, Largent, Parke Holt, 104, 326, 471 Larsen, Leo C., 27 Larsh.D1'. Howard 1V.. 76 Larsoh, Ioan Louise, 135, 428 Larson, Larrv Carl,3 Larson, W. Carolyn, 1500, 530 Lasatcr, James Smith, 150, 411, 492 556 Lasale1, Miss Suzanne, 76 Lasky, George Arthur, 122, 467 Lassi;er, Donald Victor, 135, 321, 40 Latham, Mark Elliott, 565 Lathrop, Lester Waxne. 348. 362 Laughbaum, Gryad011H.,Jr.. 104, 358. 399. 400. 402, 463, 504 Laugher1,LindaSue. 122.451 Larfiilin, Juanita Rae, 135, 292, Lauterer, Mrs. Helen F., 76 Lavell, Lorna Linda, 55, 150 Lawrence, Donald Earl, I51, 551 Lawrence, Donald Leo, 122, 383, 404, 415, 508 Laggrgnce, Homer Duane, 151, 411, Lawrence, Jack Roy, 162 Lawrence, Linda, 135, 431 Lawrence, Robert William, 327 L315v716nce, Roy Albert, 54, 55, 57, Laws, Leonard Allen, 104, 468 Lawson, Bobby Lynn, 135, 407, 555, 562 Lawson, Herbert Ronald, 151, 377 Lawson, Naomi Kay, 135., 324, 448 Lawson, Phoebe Louise, 54, 531 Lawson,R50bertG3y1e, 151,411, 96,5 Lawsoh Shelby Damon, Jr.. 402 Law 1011, Sherman Bruce, 411 Lawton, Dr. Sherman P., 76 Lawton, Stephan Ewbank, 411 Layton. Donnie Lee, 151, 385. 557 Lazarckzy, Gerald Stanley, 370, 561 Lazbuddy, Larry, 561 LeBus, George F., 104. 354 LeCIere, Judy May. 105, 333, 439 LeCrone. Daniel Walter, 381., 544, 548, 558 LeCrone.9H3r01d Homer, Jr., 135 386. LeFan.P3u13 Gene. 135.455 LeFa1'0ur. John D0ug135.383.,557 LeForce. Carl Eugene, 161 LeGrande. James Leray, 161 LeLouis. Edw ard C..J1'.,161,162 LeVan. Ruth Ann. 151.533 Lea, Paul 1Vallace. 259. 260. 269 L63, Susan Marie Dishman, 58.135 Leach, Susan Kaye, 151, 438, 534 Leach, Walter Norman, 302 Leaumont, Deeanna Keelon, 151 Leaumont, Robert V., 104, 215 Lehowitz, Diane, 151. 346. 456 Legggueril Richard Kent, 12,135, Ledbetter, Tommy Dale, 105. 312, 48 Lee, Arlin, 327, 354 Lee, Clareiice Wayne, 258,265,359 Lee, Doral June. 151,531 Lee, Elisabeth Gene, 135, 537 Lee, Caylon Arthur, 404 Lee. Jack Newton, 122, 271, 273, 274, 311. 508, 566 Lee, Jerry Dean, 151. 380 Lee. Marilyn Kay, 151,438, 534 Lee, Melvin A1bert,315 ee, Mic113e1.298 Lee, Patricia Ann, 151. 343 Lee, Roger Anson, 122. 563 Lee. Shirley Ke Ying, 122, 527 Lee, Trudith S.. 531 Lee. VVi1liam Wayne, 407. 566 Lecdy. Robert Eugene, 558 Leek Gary Allen. 122. 404., 488 Leek. Dr. John H , 76 Leerstang. Kenneth Brian. .54. .56 57. 105 IrIIcl. 11211111 L. 13.5 LcIIcIO. Li11d.1 A11i1,59,135 342, LeIIIer, K31'Ellen,3 LeHler, Theodore Lorenz, 339 LL'Ikowitz, Sue,.5 52 Lehman. James A11e11.353,371, Lehman, Jerald Jay, 151, 41,1 50 Lchnhard, Anne, 122, 459 Leibenderfer, June Riede, 122, 34 447 Leibowitz, Leslie H011'31'd,135., 3 6 67 Lcigh,Li11d3 Perle. 151 Leinmiller, Carol Rose, 326. 533 Lcister, David Le R01'.105,336, 155, 362 Leister, Pat, 316 Lemlcr, Jean A1111, 2.94., 438 Leninmn, Kathleen Anuc, 52.9 Lemmon. Dr. William B., 76 Lemmons, Myrna Dale, 105, 520 Lcninglon, Jerry 01Connor, 1.51, 4H, 480, 558 Lcunon,Car01y11 Iaync, 151,439 460, Lcnnani. Angeline Jane, 122, 291 428, 429 Luggard, Joseph Edward, .55, 151 Leonard, Phillip Hugh, 161 Leonard Timothy Dwight, I22, 270, 280 472 Lconai'd, V1'i11iamL., 162., 347 Leonard.WyllaJanc, 135,540 Leonardi, MauriceN., 151,387 Lcsch. Henry Franklin. 359 Lescher. Jere Wayne, 402,416 Leske, Rose K., 6 Lesky,LindaJan,135, 136,536 Leslie, Lee Alan, 105., 399, 400, 402,415 508 Lcssley, 4Elode A1111, 527 Lester, John Douglas 379 Levendosky, Richard 1..., 557 Levi,Ton1mie Lou, 122,523 Le1'ii1,Jer1'yW3yne5,135, 407,50 Le1'ine,A1ice C31',5 Leginc, Jay Lewis, 105. 300., 352, 0n Le1'i11e,gwo Ann, 357 Levine. crryBenneltJ.. 122.50 Levisee, 5Jerry L1',nn 55. 151. 371 .500. Le1'i1311,5Joannc, 148. 151, 361, 4 28 Lc1'1',Danie11e Georgette, 333., 53 Lev1'.Dr.Cene,7 Le11'in.Rosl1'nSue,135,432 Lc11insohn,JamieCor,a 151,524 Le11'is,Bett1'eA11n. 122,431 Lc11is, Car0ly11, 1'2 Le111L,Cliarlechon, 122,484 Le1us,DaleFolsom. 105,278, 27 286, 310, 471, 56 75 Lewis, Eunice M., Lewis, J01111E111met71, 151,382, 4 549 Lewis, Lyman Climon, II, 351, 381, 561 Le11is,MargarctKaye,135,428 Lewis, Robert Ben, 93, 290,359 Lewis, Robert Lee, 105,480 Lewis, Susan Marguerite, 151,45 Lewis, Thomas Alan, 54, 344, 36 Lewncs, Charles George, 151,56 Lewsaw, Charlene Ann, 9 Ley,13nd Brucheith, 105,329 Lhusiyier, RobertLee, 94. 105. 3 Libby, CIiHord Wayne, 122 Liberty, Roger, 399 Lichenstein, Linda Gay, 151,346 432, 519, 529 Licklllidcr, Ronald James, 122,30 10.5, 291, 293, Lifsiilutz, Susan C31'01.5 Ligon, BillFreeman. 151, 382. 5 L,1gon E1izabeth.324 Ligon, James Da1'i1d, 105,483 Liles, Cary Kent. 12 Li1es.Mirn21Ruth, 135 LiIIai'd, Linda Ann. 151.350. 45 Lillenberg, KemR31'. 135,561 Lillis. An ie, 151, 436, 522 Lin. Dr. hun CIiia, 76. 356 Lindel, Xenda Ianc, 151', 436 Linder. Gary Winston, 385 Linderfelt,Ed11'ardNeal, 474 Lindley, Jack 11:, 544 Lindle1nStcvenArthur, 135.491 Lindsay, Anne.135, 4 8 Lindsay, Mich361 Robert, 281, 2 Lindsey, CharlesStephen, 151,5 Lindsey. David Shancr, 105,325 340, .500 Li11dsey,Cene, 151, 455, 460, .542 Ligggcy, Jimmy Lee, 151,371, Linehan, John Patrick, 105, 345 Liner,E1mer Blaine, 105, 339 Li11ker,JudyA., 135,438 Linnscou, Joan S1lvey, 92, 93, 3 Lipe, C Iark C113r1esw0rth,407 L1pc,HalenL105,436,437 Liggard.0 ErnestWade, 10.5, 340, Lipshy, Iay Stuart, 386. 5.50 Lipton,R0bcrtSte1en 122,302., 303. 352. 7 Liptmi, William Howard, 135, 3 507 Lista, Pilar. 316 1310;186:111, John Austin, 151,38 Liuke.D0n113 S11a1'011, 135,439 Lillkc. J1111i1'c Evelyuc. 122, 43.9, .528 LittIc.Be1111ic, 151.380 Little, Carolyn Virginia. 135.43 Little. 1Iaior Eldon L., ., 76 366,415 Little Red gives football fans 21 show during halftime at one of the OU football games. J. R. SYMCOXS Pres. NAHONAL BAN K CITY NATIONAL in Nam IE MPERAYURE 3h IANK lol MKVIOVV S, Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corporafion JENEANE CURRY. Freshman. Clovis. N.M. "Portraits of Distinction,, MEL NEWSOM STUDIO xXWNxxxRNSXVXX 0 Portraits 0 Party Pics 0 C ommercial Photography Aerial Photography 589 Little, Elizabeth C1111, 105, 439 Little, Iva L011, 105, 228, 538 Little, Kenneth Albert, 411 Little, Mary June, 135, 294, 440 Little, Vernon, 554 Little, W. D., 31 Littleton, Tom, 122 Lively, Charles C., 105 Lively, Sally A1111, 105, 248, 446 Livczcy, Wilberta Mac, 213, 324 LiV'czcx' Dean William E., 35 Livingstolnl, David Lee, 151,218, 378, 51 Livingstoul, Gene C., Jr., 122 Li312116gston, Gerald Nelson, 105, Livingston,Ly1111A1111, 135, 451 Livingston, Robert Boy,d 4111 Lloyd, Jimmy Wilson, 122 L1 oyd , Junia Jean, 151,525 Luague, Dan, 59, 317 Loar, Morton Yi11gli11gI161,162 Lochhead, J. Roger 122,11 Lockwoox1, Frederic1: J., 151,377,495 Loewe11,Ca1'01Sue. 151,533 Loewen, C1.11a Mane, 135, 318, 333, 346, 39 Loflin, Charles Edward, 380 L011i11, udith Ann, 523 Loftis, Dames Lee, 151, 379, .558 Loga11,D1'.Leo11a1'd,76 Logan, Lilia11A11n,l51, 291,523 Logsdm1,Harold Leslie, 404 Lohma1111,PhilJay, 2518, 267, 310 L0n1ax,Barba1'aA1111,l . Lunde, Linda May, 151, 294, 456, 521 Long, B11111: Gail, 105,428 Long, Cary Kc1111c111,1 1.51 377 Long, Hildegarde M., 367 Long, ames Robert, 404 Long, oh11J.,1 Long, 115. John, 86 Long, Lonny 116116.161 Long, Nancy A1111, 105, 538 Long, Mrs. Pattie,3 Long, Sarah Jane, 151,444,525 Longbotham, Judith Ahn, 122,428 Lookadoo, C. W., Jr., 161 Looney, Beverley Sue, 318,535 Looney, James Frederick, 54, 57, 105 Looney, Myron Charles, 135, 407, 5 Lopardo, Winifred Joy, 530 Loper, Bobie Rolfe, 93 L01'd,David Lesl21c, 402 Lor1ow, B111, Lorthrid