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1959 SOONER YEARBOOK NEIL STANFIELD Editor C. H. BRITE General Manager of Publications MRS. LOUISE BEARD MOORE Supervisor of Publications NANCY NORTON, Executive BARBARA FERRIS Secretaries Printing and Binding ECONOMY ADVERTISING COMPANY Iowa City, Iowa Engraving SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING CO. Tulsa, Oklahoma Cover KINGSKRAFI' Kingsport, Tennessee Class Photographers UNIVERSITY STUDIO Norman, Oklahoma Special Beauty Photographer MEL NEWSOM Norman, Oklahoma Yearbook Photographers SHERRILL D. DUNN, Chief UNIVERSITY PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE RAY IACOBY PHOTOGRAPHY 0 0 5 2 , G 090 Q Q Vg V PRESS the 1959 OOI19I' V S W! ,K v The Uni Administration Faculty .... Classes . . Military . . Medicine . . Residences Sororities . . . Fraternities . . Housing Program Women's Housing Men's Housing . OI1tSI1'11S . 57 . 75 . 113 . 193 . 257 . . 433 . . 471 . . 524 . . 526 . . 547 Features Pre-Enrolment . . Campus Lite . . Weekend Activity Parties . . . . Orange Bowl . Activities Beauties . . Personalities . . Athletics . . Publications . . Organizations . YEARBOOK OF THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA Norman, Oklahoma NEIL STANFIELD Editor SCDCDIISTIEIIR, I3iCt'l11'eE dedication of 0 .TO'L1I'I18,1iSII1 Buildlng r. A A g,k, , ' Dedication ceremonies for the new S604,000 Iournalism building were held October 25, 1958 in Holrrlberg hall. University President George L. Cross made the oFF1cial dedicatory talk. QL Q Student pu.'Io11oa,t1o:r1s new 110 II19 Iournalism students and faculty are proud of their new building, in which classes were first held this fall. Com- pletion ol the S604,000 air-conditioned structure on the south oval climaxed a 35-year campaign of countless state publishers, faculty members and supporters of the school. The 183-foot main Wing, which runs east and West, contains the newsroom of the Oklahoma Daily, SOONER YEARBOOK offices, advertising offices and classrooms, publi- cations business oliice and the professional writing depart- ment. Classrooms are situated on the second and third iioors with administrative and faculty oiiices in the south wing. The one-story composing and pressroom annex is north of the main wing. Iournalism students are now enjoying the ultimate in modern classroom and lab facilities. Dr. Fayette Copeland director of the school of journalism and Pit Kirkland secretary, assist workmen with the moxing ol the school to its ncxx lm ni in . . . and a. rnodern look Contained in the new addition, the lam situated in more spacious quarters. Many changes can be seen in the interior ol the law building, Monnet hall. The eastern addition to the structure greatly enlarges the college,s facil- ities, especially those ol the law library. The new 350,000 model courtroom is the pride ol the law college. Located on the second Hoor ol' the building, the room is the setting lor many legal arguments ol the moot court competition and practice court classes. Other additions include new offices for the law collegels quarterly Oklalzonlgtfviiaw Rtviepvgwhieh is edited by advanced law . 1" A ts. I fi f , r i Q as--iff .w-4.1 me V i ii X 3uf'0'5:Y::'rr -N V5 4 lm 4 W 'l ' ' i... Y library now V " I 'lfffiffzfafisfz lledieated in May. W58. the model courtroom is a replica of actual courtroom surroundings and will seat llltl persons. X , , f 'vt 1 9- 4k,.f ,, , 1 'F 'C li if it if ,ml r. .- n j u I EIi11Q.1gb1.?1,,11 1 15 11 .1151 X 1111111 1 1 1193! 11 1111 1,11g111111 1 1 1 141111111111111111 3111121 1 1 1 1 1 1 V 1H1 X I 513112111151 '1'1p 1 2J1f1:: -L 1 1- tlle . . SCe1'le 1, , . Vwew 1. L , 1242? J 1171,,A1ya 42 -11: 11 JAM, 1 ,L 111 1,1 1 1111111111 '11 1,1f,,11,11,..11111 . 1 1' f1l1l1'.1-1 1'11l111.11PVQif11.'k'1f1 :1!'l111111111Q11A1111'1 11 .11 1 1111111 .1 -1 111111151111 1.1-111 111311111111s11111111:111111. 1 1 11111 11,11 ,. 1 11111 , 111.11 11 1+ 1 1 1'1'1111X':X1S11111111E1,g1111'1111V111111111i21111111111111,1:111111111111111E'1'111111. -1.11L1'11!W3Q1ff.5Q1ei13b:123Q5Wi1'Qf111i2w'6W111'211151111511111 11 1 1 11 111i1f111111i11111111111 111111111111111111111511 ,111111111111' 1 ' 1 11 1 1 1. . 11 fl 11-111 151111111111111,111111E1,?11111'1111111111111111111E1111111111121111f .1 1111: 1. 1. .H1111e1z111'111i11-11:1111,1111111111,1g11115.11M11'f111q1S1g1133114113151111111111,1111211111,11121,1111111g1111111111'11111111311111111119311133111111i111Q1111gWi1Q1111g111 1 1 1 1. 1 111'1:1N1QMQ1l111 1 111111 11111511 '1 1 111 111f1l' 11111-1111N,1W1 11.811Q1,14111f1.Q11PW5'l 1111 'V111'1V Q1 1,XE1111XQ5' 1111111 1111111111311111911Qq11111fY111'1191D'11WW1N1M11TjQV1fM112111.5 ,1?f,1f1'5' , W 'Y,"1111'3111fi'111:111'-gf11111111 1 v1'1111' 1 1 11 1 , 1111Q1-1111w1.,,11111,,1 ,11 1 1 11. 1111, 1 1 11 1 :, .11,,11,,-11,111.11111511111511111,1y1111t111111111111111111111,1-V1111111111111111111111 1111f1:1W11111111111 11111111,1111111111111111,111.11,11111111111p1111.1:1111111111d211-A1011111.1 ,L 1 M1W!11l1111:111,11,,1111. N111 11 . 1 111111111111 1111111111.1111- ,1 1 , ,.1 1111. ,1,,111,111111 1 1111e.11111,111111111111r1111111111111s11111111 111111 11 1,11 1111111111111111111111,1.111111,13Q1111111W.1111,1 1 -,111-1111111111141,1111c,1e1111111,1q4S11111 -111111111111-11w11111,11111,11A,1,1A111 1111111111111111m1111..111 11111 111 1 1 11 111111111111-111111-vWvY11V1-w1?'11b1- 1.1, 111,11111111.11111111 11x1111111111111,11, 1:11 11121111 1111111111111111111111115111111+11111' '1'11111111111 11-1111113111111111111112111 M1 1111 151 1131111 11111111-11,1.1.11111111 11 111111121-1: 111'111111'1111111111:1 11111L1'11111'11111 1 1 1 11311-11-1:11516 f11'1f1w11gw1P'5111'111611111111'11111'11 111 f1111:C1111,.111.111. 111111 111111'11111111,A11i1111111,1.1,11.111,121'111'111f'w11111511?Zq111111111w1511117 b1i1511'1g?11111 311y59'1gf,1e1j111111-9111 ,111 11 111 11111,11111111111'11:11111,11,11 11'f11,j11,15y:', 1 1, 111111111 1 11k11,11111,1111t1? 1 1111111311:1111111:11,111,,:1,1111 1111,111Z'11Q11 N lx r1.,1C'g31,1'11111111:111f1:15 '1111f111111, 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 111111 2131 11 , M111,11113111jx'1121Q111111111i 1 5 1'1j'1X 1 11 1111111111111:Qfj:,z1i1e,41q11,11 11 51115511 131153 1 Q ,1 , Wigijxfffft?11F'1?i111.,11. 11 1 1 1: 11 ,. 11111111111111111211111...:1:111111-11121211,11i1I11?1r11p111,11, 1, 11 1 .11.g1111fqsff1s.qGf ,1 1111 1 1 1--1f1Q111'1, . 11 11:1-vm, 1111.11 111 1 1 11 1111111 11 11,1111 1, 1 , -Wi H31 QF' 11'1'111'1'11'1' '1 1,1131 1 Q1 1.111,L,11.1 A, . 111111111 111!11f.1111i11w111 1 1111111111 1 1 1 11-,111gp2113.615i1,,a:i'22f5,1 1+511.1,11111111.1,1 1 11 1 11111111-111511111111111:f1111r11-1:3s1w1,,11111 1111 1 111111111111 1 1 11113 1 ' I ' 1 1 1' -'Ha' '-'vfrirrfwnelif 1,1 S1111 , 1,J,"1,, .J , ,,111:1rw5:11b1swvfiawf Why? 1511111 111- 1 m1 111 1 111111111111 11 1 1111110 fl4'23'14?i'W'1 eTilEX1 3'A.L- k Y'5'1"1l'1' 1 111221 1111111 1 1 1 1. 1w11ww,k::-1 can , 12:4 11111: ,aff :1 11 11412 -1 ' 41? i f ' f-11,1 1 f i pau -,af,111m,ag1,11g,-:A 21 1 1Gax1111w111,111 i'2-H1551 1115. 1111 1, Mrmnnct hall's interior changes pmvidc Ll new setting Ihr ntudom legal training. .A.iI' CO11C1it iO11iI1g 911113.11665 The new Bizzell Memorial library addition faces the Special areas of the air-conditioned library house three outstanding collections-the Administration building. DeGolyer History of Science and Technology, the Bass History of Business, and the Phillips Southwest and Indian History. study and research gswtwwytigiw If ' as W AL' Open stacks, lounge areas and individual soundproof study rooms add to the student's comfort. The university's new 532,700,000 Bizzell Memo- rial library addition was constructed with student comfort and accessibility in mind. The library fea- tures open stacksg before the stacks were closed to students. With the new system, students may find their own books, with the help of a massive Card catalog located on the ground floor. Each Hoor of the new library is arranged for a specific type of study: history, languages, the arts, Zoology, etc. Lining the Walls of the floors are soundproof faculty studies, private typing rooms and individual desks for students. Smoking is permitted in nearly every section of the new library. Formica-topped tables, air-condi- tioning and an electronic filter system now make this possible. t The libraryis total facilities, including its branches, are brought to 3,000 seats and 1,200,000 volumes with theycompletion of the addition. wg..rmgfmitttf 91. w?gg,.wFt'mi' Wttifi t., .,, '- MM if do t T r 'Q is eb J I fr ' N wil M' P ' 1 "M l J ' , , 'Y' 4 -I 4 I gg Q , if I ,A I ,- .. 'I Y- I-'-a XL 3 .:,.s 5 ul J ,ml 55 'W' i 1' ex " . Sv' N ,1 W S ,J Vim, f l ,ak . ,QP . 45 M' " J- i If . Li fit!! , ' :H if P Y. r , 4 " '4 4 Y 4 " nf Q .1 Q, f ' ' , s K'-P ,sr ry o I1 ' ' 1 , ww 21:4 2, L I , . V' I1 Joy S pac 1011 5311631 -l 1 ' it M'5-i.-L -ti'-M ,, ,tr fi - t - - es--4 LLL, ,, :ttf r , at 77 . ' '44 -Sliigi gf5iitfg 'ii3U-iiiim P55553-47 is ffl- iii- ,rn ,. . W .saga-jam - Taking a break between classes, students relax in the Educa- tion building hall to discuss practice teaching. The latest in teaching methods lor future teach- ers is available to university students in the Edu- cation building. Special observation and testing rooms on the ground Floor enable students to prac- tice principles learned in class. One of the new features of the college is the Materials Center on the second floor. The center displays books and teaching materials from pre- primer through high school. Adjacent to the cen- ter is the projection and Film room where movies and equipment are studied as a means of future instruction. Halls of the spacious air-conditioned building are often used for exhibitions showing new and varied phases of teaching methods. Students take advantage of the lacilities in the Materials Center to study teaching programs. W 'fi tai, vw fl 5,-warrant, The contemporary two storv Home Economies building covers one-half a block. Q C 0 O I11'L1::I111' 1S fea,t1.1r1ze Style is a Word associated with home economics. and the school,s building reHects the essence ol style. Both functional and decorative, the Home Economics structure has ample window space to provide adequate illumination for thc detailed Work of sewing, art, interior decorating and other phases of homemaking. Each classroom has one lull wall of Windows. The newest in gas and electrical kitchen appli- ances and equipment are available for the instruc- tion of the future homcmakers. From the second Hoor, the modernistic staircase leads into a luxurious lounge on the ground floor. This is often used as a promenade for the Home Economies school's style shows. .. , 3 y It W A "W ,pq ' ,,,:,,..,,V,,,f,,,1, , I n H N! ,, , , 5 F Ayy, V ,x X. 8 ww Q, .,,, V NZ. ',,," ,Q ,h , ',. , -L .' 1'-hawwew-, 1 ' 2 '1.:1z.fs.1 of .Wy Q9 ,lf Coeds enjoy the large lounge which is also the site of honorary club meetings and school style shows. an opportunity to A display window at the top of the staircase gives students "show off" their work. 1 Q xx ' QM- My -,,..,. 5, , F 4, an D f r3w.,.:h15,., w y. 4 'H M wg , if r + ,nf ' .- MVN, ,, ff,L V, , ,V , -, W 1 we V if ,Qagx agfuyf ,Ig is Maw 'ek wziwQ'?o'f'f ff ' W-N 31 WV- M3432 ,-gf, -'Y at 1 Q f 'fi VH Vl,:XU 3"'5"f5Y'5fffVL v3 N 3 2 5 fl .,,. .h,.M........,., A,,A,, ....,..,. . gui: . M,,.s,g,,.W, ,ww '- 1 K 1 4- " 1 -. - .fr . Q W Q, L,fW--gm 1- 51 lr f- Q . 1, iw FZJR 2 . . -4-,M-f W- -A y-z1,:L5QT7 w gqk1,f i 1275 ,E,,y Q."5 N7 J f, V ' N L " 6 . . ' EW W - , , I , ,JA , ,,, I A J-1 ,. t .Q M, ,. ,, ,A . Y ,, ,h mg,-,., .1 fy' 2. ,, - W ' y.. vw M gn, W V4 , ' ' , ,. A A I ' '1 !4fMw?'1ffymf.W-3Qlai.515?f,fQ2?5Si51Qfiwkrfzw e iv' ' 'V " ' , . " ,L , ., ,H 4 ., . QW 129 ' ' ' ' Y W 2' - 1-N - ' f"'!"F.,.4r13Ff-5 1ri'.g,gf1"flft 2- ' fgg'H'4"fS'eq-ix-E J , '. ' , , g' ' " ' ' ' , 'L . g-.gywfxe -,1''wg'g5f,,.f15.i,Em,i,mg:Z,xiwff ,. ,. . X1 .,.-W L I :V , .. 1, . V , K ."- ' ' f "If 'Vi' V M Q ' , " 41 if V 5. ' f"i""' " W l f ,Zi ' ' J 1' a 'E v' - ' ' 1-ggi-, ,X vpgwr-ww. ' 5 "N '9 ' A K ., 'X ' A Z' I , .1-W, ,M ,X ' . ,, t W. W ' ' w SIlll1UNlN xxilh tcwhrwiml :1 Cmuld hull mm uh ml pl-wliuall vquipmem Im rhv sluclx ul uwulwgy, V eatures . ., .aww-1Mw:..L,.,, X 1,M.,.4, c,:.,L-Www, 1 gm v ,M 3 , ' jaw Y NV! I bf, gym 1-1 4+ , R71 1 ,, , ,xfwga A 1: -2 m - ks .L W V . k K i f Q4 4 1 I .521 -Hx . fs-A ui?l'.:1 A ' w wa X, , K , K , X . X . . 4 ff' N A ' ,f , i I Q. s . ' X L 1 2...,M , X. 2' ---M A A , , f' , -' ' .f .V f 1 X .N . ,,f A . M 5, 4 Iv f 4 A x ' A 1 A 4 X it Inv ' . WM. , - ,. ' xx , X , . 3, 1 L, M, X1 , K N My fl , , K K igiiks - - X . f ax ' Q s f ' L+ ' W 3 A 7:5 f X' k 5 . 1 L . A, mm,X. W- :,,, . . , , I A M4 A , ., IWQ I ,K,. I . ., ., 1 f I f """ Y " ' "Q -Q 1 , -my 'iv , ,- -H -1452252 4. vm - 1 .h X , -,-..,,S , K ff - ' 'fa 1, V,-Wm, K L. www .5 f Q..- Q s gl' Y -i I. I ,A Q . ' .- :ff gm ' ::':" . ' ,A g rr -x X X V.,,,., Vx, ,WM I 4 , ,f , -K N. A QU. " - ,,.,g3.f,k gy' Q: , .. Af V, . A , X in ' ' , ' . - it '- f mvqfid y ,A+ 1, 1 Mal, V k ak . Ay if mw.5.gfvA,,,..L..,. 4 A A j A K , K H -, 1 , , - ff---M many moods Students hustle to and from classes. XE HEX X gs, if " 4 'NM ' AA A , V 3 s , Vkkivf' ky ji, Q . VV A, it i t 4 uf-ff... Q W ee it :V -f 2 ' -..lL.f', '- ..':x.., as fs . Q Hs., 'fi .ff .. Delta Gamma's Christmas tree sale attracts students. ,Q 1 'f Features q 51 Pre-Enrolment . . 21 Campus Life . . 34 Weekend Activity . . 42 L Parties . . . . 46 i Orange Bowl . . 50 4 1 Friends, fun and aching backs N K 2 X During rush week Anne Ford adds the hnal touches to Lindy Hill's costume alter hours of rehearsing for the Theta skit. Blue jeans and paint brushes are packed with high heels and white shirts in the suitcases of members of UU fraternities and sororities as they arrive in Norman for work week. Skit rehearsals, sewing of new costumes, scenery painting and long meetings keep coeds busy. Men clean, scrub and polish chapter houses. Lawns are mowed and song practices are scheduled each day. But in the evenings, work gives Way to informal parties. Telephones are busy round the clock. Budgets for rush week expenses are checked and rechecked. Rules for rush made by Panhcllcnic and Interfraternity Council are read one last time before rush begins. The weather is hot and fans are a scarce luxury item. Air conditioning in most houses is confined to the first floor. Sunny afternoons give a chance for sunbaths and trips to North Base for swimming. There are hurried emergency trips downtown and sometimes even to Okla- home City for supplies. Everyone eats at least a few meals at local drive-ins and hamburgers are the Hthingu as usual. Movies have a rush of business alter a quiet summer. Then, as quickly as it had come, work week ends and the real thing, rush week, begins. Applying the elbow grease, Frank Sweeney and Roy Stiegleder shine up the Beta house for the coming rush week. Carol Cashion and Robert Osborne relax at the Beta Victory party after a busy week of rush. The morning after-Susan Da- vis, Iulie Downing and Beth Board gather their corsages and leave the Pi Phi house as rush week draws to a close. Skits, laughter, tears Rush Week starts at a rapid pace on Sunday, August 31, with open houses. By Sunday night, rushees are a little confused and more than a little tired. The busy week continues with scores of afternoon and evening parties. Serenades and skits highlight the Week's activities. Members, feet ache as they greet each new group at chapter houses and rushees, smiles grow a trifle fixed. Taxis do a record business. Time for decisions comes. Friday brings shouts and a few tears as ribbons are pinned on new pledges. Houses are Hooded with telegrams and Howers while victory parties climax the week. Saturday-home to rest. l fe if fa hiv W1 ...kv . l' f alti itft , Climax of the mad-cap week of rush is the pinning of pledge ribbonsg at the Kappa house excitement runs high. 1, 0 467 Sig Alphs line up to greet returning rushees as pledge ribbons and congratulations are offered. Q 3 'sm w ill 'i 'f iE',' if i ll l 5 2 s , . .T 1 Celebrating Friday evening at the Phi Dclt Victory party are Joe Musolino and Marilyn McCullough. Carol loc Kennedy and Barbara Bonner clown during the Della Gamma rush skit. 2 yi ..k, Z 1 7. X v 4 Hi. 5 Y V Fw 4 ws, ff .,,5 'pf' 'fr is " wg - iffy 1 1 'B . 155 tw i 6 74f.-- ' ,.. 8 x,.v.,,"g iw W f .Q 1' -r..a-www 5 1 Ai ni ,Q .fy Qi lhronqs of students and YISITLOTS stleam lnto On en Stadium as ple qame YKHIITL ups entertam the crowd before Lukofl Iums, gridiron histor No football blues were sung by OU fans who attended games at Owen Stadium during the 1958 season. The Big Red was undefeated on its home field. Warm Weather with no rain kept roads to Norman crowded with fans on fall Saturdays. During the season, fraternities and sororities plan coffees and buffet luncheons for families and friends visiting the campus. Open houses are held in dorms after games. The Union is always packed with returning Sooner alumns. I Programs are a "musty to keep up with the fast moving action that the Sooners display during their game. Dr. and Mrs. Iames S. Petty visit their daughter Germaine and Ellen Booth at the Chi Omega house before game time. 25 4 Hillbilly gal Mary Frances Fenton is persistent about cutting in as Mary l.0u Carter and Roland Tague dance during the Now or Never week party. my Q? -Mg! , - If-an '. ' ,. ' ' 1:3 g,p?,.yl4' j ' .. . - .. E'. - ' "1'1,- - 'Vi-H-1 :.'ts:,..'fe,, 1 xv "Hsu - - - --Q if it li-.i, 13 i . 2 i " rr litfilwf ff 1 f'x,'m" ',fr1 -.Q wr ' , . A ggi'w 1- ,Q A - ,ug , f FN , -,. f 1 '53, -gase- Tf 1 ' 1 Nfl? f A - ' Z: ' EPZTJE : 'E' -Q' V' r l ' ,f:1-6521.555 E -' iv' , V ., ' . 4, L A , ' 1. ' . .f 1 - -"' With the dating situation reversed. it is the galk turn to open doors, carry books and light dates cigzirettes. Paula Int-kv assumes her rcwprmsibilities with Ivrry Iaclcson. .ah lei, 21 ."-'ug Kay Campbell assists date john Stark as Mary Phillips and lim Harrell challeng 0 them to il game ol' bridge at the W0in0n's Quads during that special week. ew rules, dating switch-pla HV' 5' ' a .41 Reigning as Man of Distinction during the annual Now or Never week dance, Sam Esterkyn dances with loyal subject Deanna Erwin. Now or Never Week is fast becoming a tradition at the University of Oklahoma. For one week, coeds assume full responsibilities for dating. They do the telephoning to boys and the check paying on dates. Many girls use their own cars on dates or at least pay for the gas. Uninformed males find their weekend plans upset when the phone just doesn,t ring. Union coke dates are the easiest to ask for. Some gals even treat their favorite young men to steak dinners. Surprised looks cross the boys' faces when girls open doors for them, light their cigarettes, or even give them a good night kiss at the front door ol their dorm or fraternity house. Male Wallflowers ruefully hope they had a phone that is out-of-order. Sororities and houses in the Womenis Quadrangle sponsor parties where girls ask dates. The week is cli- maxed by a Now or Never Week dance at the Union Where all dances are strictly girls' tag. This fall Sam Esterkyn was crowned Man of Distinction from a Held of five candidates. Revenge for past dull dates is gained by some girls when they ask boys for Friday night dates, call for them in style and then take them to the library. Boys return to regular dating procedures a little Wiser. Brenda Coffman graciously asks date Don Hirschler for the next dance during the climaxing event in the Union ballroom. V The Bob L. Smith family never lacks entertainment. V Homework, shared hours OU has many married couples who are also university students. Some are veterans with families. Others are graduate students, law students or undergraduates. Couples learn to share not only classroom problems but housekeeping diHieulties, too. Division of labor in dishwashing and laundry chores helps save time, say young Wives. Many couples have young children and nursery schools are crowded. On Weekends families plan things together. Lots of work for these busy couples, but there is time for fun. TV, shared with friends in the evenings, is usual entertainment fare. Iim Graves is a big help to wife Ioyce as he carefully scru- tinizes her job of houseeleaning. 28 On weekend evenings Barbara and Maurice Ferris enjoy entertaining neighbors such as Carolyn and Carl Dodd. Charlene Noblet has hubby Bill down for the count-and a rolling pin assures he worft get up for a while. Q 4 Q fx gf ff ew. fx E, r if X " 4' 4, .F ' I 1, fs f fx x 5, X ,X AK I ,V ,,.x.,L' ,r N! ' ,W X N r .iii VX! ,-fx , xp' ,. 'fn' Q yx ,fir M N, s " X ,ur lk ,R 'fb ear X1 Y 'F 1 3':4"Q,w"f ' ' 15 04:1 Q: "' .,6.X,x s i' V463 xlbi sk W: SV: W 1, Aj ,af . van.-gk' x 1 X , ' , 5 ,Q we N Steve Haines finds that Gina is quite a help with homework problems. Proud parents Iirn and Kay Worrell take son Iimmy for an outing. sangu- Mw ,. ,..,.- IW K lin W 4' 'JE Q1 ,VL N 'Nb seyvz ,, ,po A fe V Q Q A, afrn- ' A A 3 , - if Q..N' ,, 6 f A ff Q s" , xt - , ,n I 1. . L f J -: ' 1. r va N Beginning Homecoming festivities is the annual Phi Delta Theta turtle race. nu nu NDRL The Gamma Phi Beta Viking ship conquered one more world as it sailed oll with lirst place honor in the Homecoming decoration contest. :V ?- ef , K are ff ' an E, W- Miles Anderson, 1958 Homecoming chai Pat Iusola from the lield alter her zilltime. rman, escorts Queen coronation during gr 5, if riw fm as iiigeiffitw Crepe paper and a queen Despite rain the preceding days, sorority house decorations dotted the campus to greet alumns for Homecoming November l5. Gamma Phi Beta sorority won first prize for its mammoth Viking ship. Events leading up to the football game with Missouri include a student pep rally Thursday. a traditional lndian powwow Friday and the annual Phi Delta Theta turtle race Saturday morning. l958 Homecoming queen Pat Iusola was hon- ored at the dance Saturday evening, climaxing activities. The Homecoming dance in the Union ballroom 1-limaxes and excitement. a busy day of activities lhe rhythmic beat ol the war drum is heard across the campus as the Sequoyah ln- dian club holds its annual llomz-cunning prmwxoxv. .wgfw-,,i vo , V ,,,L f,,, 1 v, ' W Sakini QTed Pughj and Lotus Blossom QTherese Doeplnerj give students an evening of Oriental entertainment as they star in 'iTeahouse of the August Moon," University Playhouse production. an- 9. Talking backstage with niemhers ol' the Modern jazz quartet, Buzz Mcllaniel and Iudy johnston gather pointers on the rugged schedule demanded of the popular singing group. The Pi Phis display their version ol "I'he Scented VVeapon," which took first place honors in the annual Engineers show. Pla s, programs and applause gg.. -5 . . il Vfwfhww Q .i if Rise Stevens is presented with a lite-size bust by sculptor Keating Donahue during her Celebrated Artists series performance at OU. Campus entertainment is furnished almost every Week by well-known artists or student productions. During fall enrolment tickets for both the Celebrated Artists and the Popular series of programs are on saleg and sales are given a further boost at the College of Unionology. Programs during the year vary from jazz to opera, from Oriental comedy to Shakespeare. Dadis Day crowds on November 22 were given a treat when the Kingston Trio vocalized for an hour and a half to an enthusiastic audience. A stage was built and special sound equipment installed in the Field house especially for the occasion. Holmberg hall auditorium on the north oval is the scene ol many evening programs. Some groups buy large blocs of tickets lor program series and theatre parties are planned. University Playhouse productions this year included "Nude Violinn and "Teahouse of the August Moonf, Celebrities visiting the Sooner campus were Rise Ste- vens, the Modern Jazz quartet and the Hi-Los. show and the February Sooner Scandals talent revue, with one performance in Norman and one in Oklahoma City. Holmberg hall rang with song as the Hi-Los entertained Sooner audiences with popular music as well as jazz. "Mi C The Soonergram carries support to the Big Red. jigs Planned mass confusion For new students at OU, there are new roommates, conditioning to university rules, regulations, and cafeteria food. Time brings fresh images-tolerance of people who are different, experiences that are new. New buildings such as the women's dormitory completed in January and the Iournalism building change the face of the campus. All-school projects, like the Campus Chest carnival and cheerleader tryouts, are varied to suit all types of students. There are clubs to join, meetings to attend, and countless elections. Sometimes trips to the Administration building are necessary to straighten out records or pay housing. And campus life goes on . . . Carolyne Campbell falls off her perch when the ball hits its mark at the Tri-Delt booth during Campus Chest carnival. 34 Students pause on their way to classes to vote lor representatives to the student senate. ,,..uv-1-"""' Throngs of enthusiastic students turn out to see fraternity and independent teams play touch football at the intramural Held. Frolieking clowns Larry Crowell and Mary Anne Stein guide Ioan Hersh and Morris Zoblotsky through the annual College of Unionology. Meacham auditorium echoes with yells as classes choose cheerleaders. fs? 1 si. Ei if An occasion to remember-outstanding freshman woman Charlotte Ream is congratulated by Mary Layne Perry during the annual Mortar Board Walkout. A big powwow is held as Pe-et members name the l0 outstanding freshman men. F " Ioining forces for an act in the l959 Sooner Scandals, DU members and Kappa pledges practice for the annual spring event. ' g it get at -, I, get llontests, clubs, 0 From September to Iune, OU students are kept busy with campus activities ranging from barber- sbop quartet contests to ping pong intramurals. UAB programs, Mortar Board and Pe-et cere- monies in the fall, Sooner Scandals and Frontier Days in the spring-these are only a few of the events planned for students. Many students serve on various university com- mittees, belong to organizational clubs or partici- pate in athletic and social activities. apers Sherman Carter and parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Carter, receive a royal welcome during the ISA Dad's Day coffee. "Old Man River" rolls from Whiteband throats as the riv- erboat men compete in the Barbershop Quartet contest during Dad's Day. 37 M-wwf 38 One "award,' that most Sooner students seem to get at least once uuring tneir college career is a university parking ticket. Here lucky recipient is Darryl Edelman. Eleven Sooner coecls, who were selected as Miss Campus Chest candidates, take out time from campaigning to smile prettily for Oklahoma Daily and SOONER yearbook photographers. Proud Matrix winners are Dr. Charlyce King, top OU faculty womang Mrs. Lona Eaton Miller, most prominent state woman, and Patti Gumerson, outstanding senior woman on campus. ,ww Posters, speeches and promises Visiting ROTC classes, Barbara Pannage, with help of campaign manager Fritz Heinke, solicits votes for Honorary Cadet Colonel title. Late study hours, extra effort exerted, talent applied -these qualities and more are awarded recognition during the school year. Some awards come as complete surprises to students. Others are the culmination of years of work and dreaming. Annette Marshis selection as Miss OU, Bob Harri- sonis award of lineman of the year and member of the Look magazine all-America football team, and Iim Wal- lace and dummy friend Wally's winning first place rec- ognition in talent competition at the TU-OU student party in Dallas, Texas, all claimed student attention during the year. M Some awards are happily received. Others are not so welcomed, such as the gaily colored parking tickets lib- erally distributed to offenders on campus every hour of every weekday. Awards for outstanding scholastic rec- ords, recognition of athletic ability, service in university life, military awards, fellowships are all proud occasions. Congratulations go to the winners, losers are disap- pointed. Talk of future plans, hopes and dreams occupy many morning hours over black cups of coffee. Mem- bers of the faculty meet to make decisions concerning awards. Some student committees select various recipi- ents. Proud parents attend presentation ceremonies. Vying for the "Man of Distinction" title during Now or Never week are these five regal men: seated, Mike McNally, Sam Esterkyn and Richard Minshallg standing, Neal Horton and Miles Anderson. r YI? Five eampus cuties compete for ISA Sweetheart. it ' as-W rf Mt' Selected as lineman of the year, Sooner center Bob Harri- son was also name for Lool: all-American. Hard work, recognition There are awards that everyone on campus hears about and there are those you never know exist. Favorites are honors for proficiency in languages, departmental awards, small scholarships, letters of con- gratulations from the dean of a student's college for outstanding grades. And there are the personal awards accompanied by little fanfare- the well-deserved A on term papers, invitations to dinner at a friend's fraternity or sorority house "just because," a letter of praise from dad when the bank book balances at the end of the month, and the smiles of thanks when you help push a student's wheelchair up a ramp, or answer the hall phone. These, too, are awards. Top OU students Sunya Sanger and Ierry Fronterhouse receive Dadis Day awards from President Cross The IO outstanding freshman men, kneeling, receive recognition during the annual celebration planned by Pe-et members. ffm 7 5. A W During Tuesday drill, Lt. Col. Francis X. Olney awards the distinguished military badge to Army ROTC cadet Iim Lawrence, one of 24 DMS. Yearbook beauty judges face six attractive Neill house candidates. 4' - Q I 4 X s 1, Steffeny Dubie is puzzled by the over-sized sock she found in her laundry. fi, at Q 4, , YQ in . gi R i 'J' er' , Y' 15, af My .-if f' .Y "' '1 'ff ,JLWR " 1 'Ex-, i 5 Q "ff f Nw ' Mt . M M ,,,, ii VM, -.H W 5 'W' my Mn' S, X i an A " up A K l Kappa Kappa Gamma gals practice for their pledge-member touch Adding to the Christmas motif in the Union building, football bout. Roger Louis and Pat Leonard place more packages under the tree. Best part of the week To many OU students, weekends are the best part of the Week. They oller a chance to catch up on lost sleep, do several weeks, laundry, play a quick game ol tennis, wash a dirty ear, or run down to the campus corner to get some errands done. To dedicated souls, weekends mean longer hours for studying. But, to most students, weekends just mean later eurlews on Friday and Saturday nights at Women's houses. Sunday is time for church, a letter home, and maybe an evening movie. s......,,,,,' I 1 'll Asa.. ,, tt Saturday morning seems a good time for Norman Standefer to shine his ear at the Kappa Sig house. Coeds Mary Ann Winslow and Ann Clay take a look at the latest campus fashions. 43 were-..kik,i,V.3M L-KV I 44 , .if Spending a Friday evening studying, industrious Sooners Ianellen Gipson and Dick Mc- Kinney retreat to the Quadrangle lounge for a little peace and quiet. ,gun- rw Nm It takes lots ul "prepzirzttionu lm' tliut big weekend date as Ann Wist'. Sharon Hrvrtrm, Theta pledge Mary Moore meets Tom Nlzlrian Hull' :md Yettii Rousek vnztlxt- Sure they will look their best. Biiislu-.11', Sigma Clii pledge. during Creek blind dates. Chores, dates and extra sleep That never ceasing job of raking and cleaning the yard is tackled by energetic Sig Alphs Max Craig and Vern Griffith. Some students are lucky. Their classes on Friday end as early as noon. For others the day drags out to five o'clock, or worse still, there is a Saturday morning class to cope with. Weekfrrids are precious and far apart. Activities are planned far in advance, but there is always something left over for which there isnit time. Records are dusted off and played by the hours. Rooms are cleaned. Empty pop bottles are collected. Students crowd TV lounges in dorms. Some pack bags and leave for home or to visit friends. Girls rush to corner beauty shops. Bermuda shorts are the uniform. Do Not Disturb signs are observed on doors. Houscmothers and counselors are pressed into service to plan parties, listen to problems, or make a fourth for bridge. Cheeks are cashed, bank balances frowned over. The campus is quiet, resting after the week. A few footsteps echo in lonely buildings. The Oklahoma Daily press is still. Telephones in offices are silent. Students stop in bookstores to browse among the books or to buy a birthday card or a bluebook lor a quiz. The Union chimes ring out across the campus. The sky may be blue or grey, the temperature freezing or in the nineties, the leaves red or green. These are the weekends. Saturday night dates mean a stop at the Union lor Glenna Gault, Mary Lou Huff, Tom Forney and Cecil Gilcrease. . RQ Hors d'oeuvres capture the interest of Edith Coates and Rich Ratcliile at the Phi Cam dance. Soft music and dancing are a romantic background for Trudy Shulkin and Steve Rothstein during the annual Pi Lam dance. Costumes and confetti Costume parties are the thing. From Halloween parties to beach- comber parties, costumes are in demand. Such events include a KA Ghoul party in the fall, an early New Year party for Kappa Sigma fra- ternity, a Beta barn dance and many more. Hawaiian themes are popular, too. Music for parties ranges from sweet and low mood music to the jazz of Negro combos. Christmas time brings parties for children from or- phanages. Spring means formal dances in Gklahoma City for many groups. Military balls are also formal affairs. The annual Greek Week dance in late fall and the ISA Sweetheart dance in February are all-campus dances held in the Union ballroom. Santa Claus Barbara Rodgers reads a special poem for Bob Perry at the Chi Omega ski party. 'vm 1712: ffzzliff iffy 4 The gangs all here, decked out in bluejeans, cowboy hats and boots for the fun and merriment of the Beta barn dance. at Mil? ,ff H 5' ii ,E Ellen Roach isn't the least bit afraid of her "monster" date fPhil Hodgesj as they join in the festivities of the KA Ghoul party. Tiki Taylor and James Norwood spend Friday afternoon decorating for the allschool Terrace Inn dance, sponsored by the Union Activities. if-'Q AN' an ,T ,,, Q Y' 'Q , if , W 9 w ' ra, ., in I -...un-. 9 . Sigma Chi beaehcomber Red Bowers and date Dixie Miller sit out this dance. gf ,- U Patty Page and Jackie Douglas insist that bibs are a 'iinustu for their dates, Curtis Schwartz and jake McClure, at the Delta Gamma Bar-B-Q. Mm Taking time out at the Sig Alph dance, Tots Lyons, Francie Bonds, Ann Ross and Bill Dupree smile for the photographer. usio, mood, memories Social chairmen of dorms, fraternities, and sororities are noted for their harricd looks and full calendars. Every month ol the school year offers more than one good excuse for a party. Hayrides and house parties in the lall give way to ski parties, Christmas caroling and formal dances in the Winter. All-student dances are held on Friday nights in the Terrace Inn at the Union. Spring months make Way for picnics, outdoor patio parties and the last dances before finals. ,dvr fxis? ax Really getting into the spirit ol the Kappa Sigma New Yearis party are George McKinnis, Gena McCall. Sonja Seilmoldt and Ron Symes. g l l I 5 I 1 ELL- Jr ' - 5 Q Lyndon Williams and Sue Pi- per are greeted by ticket seller David McPl1errcn as they at- tend the ISA all-campus Christmas dance. 49 Js,laic l l l l Sooner football fans saw plenty of action at the Orange Bowl game as Prentice Gautt blocks a Syracuse player while Iakie Sandefer, carrying the ball, looks for an opening. QEYSBE - The OU Rocket boosts Sooner pep and enthusiasm during the Orange Bowl game. The B' R d' B bb B d 25 5 d h h car followed students and alumni to Miami where it adorned the street in front of the hi hii Sami fill gi, aciiog asnhz iesgivei Plaza HOW1- the hall during the OU-Syracuse Orange Bowl game. Dismal Dallas, but Pattie Meadows happily pins the traditional Sooner button on David Burr during the OU brunch held at the alumni head- quarters in Miami. unny Miami October 11 was the date of the annual OU-TU foot- ball game in Dallas. And this year, the words "Big D" stood for more than "Big Dallasn to many shaken Sooner fans, who saw the Big Red defeated by a score of 15-14. Dismal, dark, disappointing and a few more descrip- tive adjectives summed up Oklahoma sentiments. Dar- rell Royal, ex-Sooner football star and present Texas coach, was jubilant. For the first time an OU-TU all-student party was held in Dallas Friday night. Large crowds attended the Texas State Fair. Hit musical, "The Music Man," played to a tired but responsive audience in the Fair- ground auditorium. Saturday morning showers disap- peared and the sun came out before game time. After the Texas defeat, the Sooner team bounced back and captured the conference crown, meeting Syracuse university in the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida, on New Year's day. Sooners claimed victory of 21-6. Visitors enjoyed balmy shirtsleeve weather and sunned, went deep sea fishing, or just relaxed. Evenings were full of parties. A few members of the Sooner foot- ball team who were married during the holidays made the Miami trip a honeymoon. Oklahoma had a heavy coat of snow. Some fans Hew home or returned by car, but most left regretfully. Before the annual OU-TU football game in Dallas, students were feted with an all-night dance and enter- tainment. Bernice Gagin, Norman Dritch, Bob Schwartz and Bobbie Teper take Q 2 3 ' f iii, if ,155 . 5 time out to rest those tired feet. Ida Katz meditates at Hillel Foundation. Students take an active part in campus religious events, such as the noonday devotionals offered by Baptist Student Center. A place for e ery faith Religion is an important force in the lives of university students. Active youth programs are planned in most Norman churches for the college student. Many churches maintain student centers near the campus. Close contact with students having other religious convictions brings new evaluation, viewpoints to the student. However, students profess a need for time of personal meditation as well as attendance at group worship services. Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter programs are presented by stu- dent groups. In the spring the university sponsors the Conference on Religion when students may hear speakers representative of all faiths. Norman churches are filled on Sunday mornings as students, faculty and townspeople attend services V the university R:-:.fQm4,f,f.v-.ww ,.f, wwf..-f, .Mwf 5 223 S 3 S ww l'G?:w: 'X ,, Kiifiglifhiffilff- - . 1 'V'f11ffffw-?sm- 1 :z,f21':71'.1Y,fffP?fi4?fE1Yhi1f 2. ' K wwf-sr -Pff,f2aS?li2':?5f-ff' ef ' m'ffVefws?isefff 2' V VZ W M ,. i , ,- f 'isslaiiiigi .mfff-V , Vt" an :i'IXl?iiHbi?4EQgii3m-7 -''-155333151UflfiEi?iQei:.fv, '3?Af9?S" 'fu 2 cif5175if iiia?ifE5IfY7'f Y 'lf kif25:Sx?Z'5iE , f gg ' fy iw:wzgffg5wfQ1,,,,ssff . 1, 1lirlffgizivfzflwwsff2'.f,ffqQ:2zu2,g . V i f'5ETli4f5523Kv1f'25ifW''EVE'E'u:'i::2i:lSi,LElGi 22?ff5!'5?7ilf23f Mill-i'1' 3 .: -'1iYF?35f5Es???s'::'f:iiiiiigbiwgifllfQEWL5'3323563-L5ff2iiIiQ?ix5ii?iQ1271'if' , . ' , . , . 2 1 -A - R f K ww: ,,,, WEEASM M , ::f " 'H H " Mm' 1 - A - 5-2' si,,sA wVf5TZi5E?5371,9' 34.1.-JM --ll U Mlgmggwffif-MM 'sm M EM W. my .. . W .... 1 mvmamfmvmmxx... , '11 f 3 W v J M 55,5 5 23595 Qigizgi XX 1 in lv H' 'I-': , V yy' i J H ., .... .... , R. , 5 ca ,W f 9 .4 . .. .. .. iii? lg 7" :!?4?E'::'5'faaf' af 5 3 'gi 1v'wMMM-fs K, ' ' ' "Ham .XL fs- Eff:-ffazggkgegggsgifs ' S ws mf wx my lx mf- -A 1534 Lost in deep concentration, students and faculty stroll through the campus. C11018.I'S11iIJ de and A- KT r c 3 me-'wzw 5-.,l- 'X N, vyvyfwa A , - Jaw- ,.,4,i,ff,-4i.,.5 .w...'Wm:fL . .UQ M., 7'f-'V'-5'AJ"f'ffffa5',Q'yQ?iQ'fQEf5k4-:'f N " - Q. www ,GW I " "fr QV!! '75 M ' r-, 5, A, v jwff , ,W W Maj, I, K,M,, QF' 55,3-,W fm- f M AA, TWH, , -ffifaaa 3, ss! 5 , 1 .M N, his A W, 'lf ,Q ,, .q, ,Vi ,i I K 5-sw, V, f , , N 435 H f- H, - fl' . Q" M, ' ' Nj fx'3,,,,1, ii 2 '- f -nf"12H55'f'1 siD?"5a. us'WfffM ' 535' . ,ifkhif 1 a gf, fa. -fi .F ., ff-V, ,V 'D'fw.xy fag? fs. M iq M V f is ,, - " " , . " ,1-,cw ,,"'2.f'wg.,,.'if' J, mf-w.ezf,r32:54.0:.:i NMMA Pe-et honors students' academic achievements. leterrnination W saw-. :gut-+2--fum:---, f 2-rf:-vets 1"-f- - .V,:-ff:--fffrvf-as--7 --- 1'-:-A "1-r-nf' N H W ':"f ' qv W.. 57-fwfr , rr' sp--1 , --fy-mvfhrfzf-f-1:f:7g'i' We ',ef",i-me-'.'-2'i'1?f'gii55'f4S W 'J pf: . ,: ' " ' y 'fx 5 .' , . f N ' V. ff . j ' " WHL' ri M f' 1k'f:Lf'im "7 mf f4ff.2f'2Qp3, v3 , , W , X H., 'x 1 wi.:-fx, ' .vii-:cw-53-15"'. fx,J-'rtw'wif--w1:'j'ffa1H' ,-f'1.+i1fff5fwf241Qa:s-W af ' Q- fqfw5w+mYw,qJgga ",f:zf'5-g:'fl,,,4,' ,, 35 A- 5 'Nmf - 'Q-',,,,1ZqQ mf. 1 ,JH .,,:1,,Q- 9-if,.'M,!-X .Q wig:-135144 fffyyuz wQw,wy.r :Jv4a+m"aaw1afrwwf:gw1'fgf"f'fHfw"w'::iF'?:w41"fPwM 'W 'M YW wEfQjix3,s3.u2wfi'f,rfM1wwJwfw?v:2iZ3f,w 1 w.,':i-ram--1' uag..?5yfmf.v N mamw'.w,wxsM:fH:15G4 ' Ya.11y1w1ML,:mWilma,-sfmlsanfpauiwn,wfri1MfaxvZa.2a2':3ax4aza-aa:2427Es5a:h2aLuQ Mi,N5m,mea1iew 5iM 'Www The long-awaited graduation day draws crowds of friends, f The University Administration . . 57 Faculty . . . . 75 Classes . . 113 Military . . . 193 Medicine . . 257 TO THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA: I don't suppose that it is possible for an alum to feel the responsi- bility of these greetings more than anyone else, but I do want each one of you to know that your future is so important to the state of Oklahoma and to the nation, that I do weigh each Word carefully. If our democracy is to expand in its efficiency and scope, each of you must assume more of the responsibility for good government than we have known in the past. A greater percentage of our people must be more vitally interested in good government, if We are to set an example for the rest of the world to admire and copy. I think this is the greatest responsibility of our 50 states and each of you will be ideally prepared in intellectual background to be of much service. I can not urge too strongly your active participation in your democ- racy. If you should lag at your citizenship, then there is a serious likelihood of something less than good government tomorrow. I send to each of you the very best Wishes of the government of Oklahoma, and, naturally, the very kindest personal best Wishes from lVIrs, Edmondson and myself. Sincerely, RNoR GUVIER 0R J. HUWARD IEDMO D30 U IVERSITY B0 RD 0F REGE TS The University Regents represent the citizens of Oklahoma in the administration of the university as their center for the discovery of truth, the preservation of knowledge, and the advanced institution of the youth and the adults of the state. There are seven regents. The Governor of the state, with the subsequent confirmation of the Senate, ap- points one regent each year for a term of seven years. The staggered arrangement provides for continuity and permits each regent to become thoroughly familiar with the complex problems that face the university ad- ministration. In many instances, members have served two or more terms. Ioe W. McBride, Anadarko, who is serving as presi- dent of the Board of Regents, is completing his third seven-year term. Emil R. Kraettli is completing his fortieth consecutive year as secretary. The regents concern themselves primarily with the quality and the scope of the instructional and research program of the university, with the intellectual and moral qualifications of the men and women appointed to the administration, faculty and staff, with the main- tenance and development of the physical plant and equipment, and with the good name and prestige of the university everywhere. They look to the president of the university for recommendations pertaining to all these matters. They do their work with full awareness that their success depends upon the moral and financial support they receive from the people of Oklahoma and upon general public approval of their actions. The regents are justly proud of the university,s ac- complishments during the past year. New buildings completed are: addition to the Bizzell Memorial Li- brary, Iournalism Building, and a residential hall for 200 women students. Substantial gifts and grants from private sources and foundations have been received. The largest grant that came to Oklahoma from an outside source was by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation for a Continuing Education Center to be used in the education of the adults of Oklahoma and the Southwest. The regents are appreciative of the fine support given by the citizens of the state to their university, and in return pledge their best efforts to maintain the highest standards in the operation of the institution. JOE W. MCBRIDE, Anadarko W. D. Gmsso, Oklahoma City T. R. BENEDUM, Norman LEONARD SAVAGE, Oklahoma City DAVE MORGAN, Blackwell GLENN NORTHCUTT, Willis QUINTIN LITTLE, Ardmore EMU. R. KRAE'I'I'LI, Norman DR M. A. NASH, Oklahoma City IOHN ROGERS, Tulsa Sl TE REGE TS EOR HIGHER EDUC lI0 The Oklahoma State System of Higher Education is a plan for the co-ordination of educational prog- rams offered by the state supported institutions of higher learning in Oklahoma. The system was es- tablished by the people of Oklahoma at a special election in l94l. The board has the following specific powers: l. it shall prescribe standards of higher education ap- plicable to each institution, 2. it shall determine the function and course of study in each of the in- stitutions to conform to the standards prescribed, 3. it shall grant degrees and other forms of academic recognition, 4. it shall recommend to the state legis- lature the budget allocations to each institution, and 5. it shall have the power to recommend to the legislature proposed fees for all of such institutions. The members of the eo-ordinating board of con- trol are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. There are nine members, and they are appointed for a nine-year term each, with only one term expiring each year. OHicers for the past year have been Iohn Rogers, Tulsa, chairmang Clee Doggett, Cherokee. vice chairman, Wharton Mathies, Clayton, secretary, S. A. Bryant, Cushing, assistant secretary: Dr. Mell A. Nash, Oklahoma City, chancellor, and Tom G. Sexton, Norman, administrative assistant. The regents have worked to prevent needless du- plication of effort by schools within the State System ol Higher Education and to remove any in- adequacies in the present provisions for higher edu- cation in Oklahoma, as well as engaging in cooper- ative efforts with outside agencies which will aid in the development of an even more effective program of higher education. The basic philosophy and immediate purpose ol the regents is to assist the Governor and the Legis- lature in providing educational programs and ser- vices beyond high school for those who desire fur- ther education. CLEE O. DOGGETF, Cherokee WHARTON MATHIES, Clayton S. A. BRYANT, Cushing W. D. LITYLE, Ada GUY HARRIS, Ardmore - X. - K 3? , IULIUS IOHNSTON, Lawton DR. CLAUDE CHAMBERS, Seminole ROBERT ALLEE, Hammon 59 ww Dr. Cross discusses campus changes with University Board of Regents members. First row: Ioe W. McBride, Dave Morgan, Quintin Little, W. D. Grisso. Second row: T. R. Benedum, Leonard Savage, Emil R. Kracttli, Glenn Northcutt. THE PRESIDE T President George L. Cross began his l6th year as president of the University of Oklahoma in january, 1959, and his 25th year as a member of the OU fac- ulty. He came to the university in l934 as an assistant professor of botany. In Ianuary, l944, he was named acting president and was elected in August of that year. Dr. Cross, administration has covered critical years in the life of the institution. In the past l5 years, the university has experienced the phenomenal World War ll veteran enrolment which precipitated a huge construction program for classrooms, housing and aca- demic facilities. Currently, his administration is con- fronted With the problem of securing faculty and facil- ities for another anticipated enrolment increase and securing adequate salaries for faculty members. George Cross attended South Dakota State College, where he mixed sports With studies. He proved that athletes can be scholars by earning his Doctor of Phi- losophy degree in five calendar years after finishing high school. At the beginning of the fall semester, Dr. and Mrs. Cross are host at the annual President's Reception for university faculty and administration members. in f. '.-. 1 fi' Y At the request of the Board of Regents, and with Dr. Cross momentarily absent, Cross Center for men was named after him. This year, one of the houses in the new air-conditioned unit of the Womenis Quadrangle was named the Cleo Cross house for Mrs. Cross. Dr. Cross is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, and of the Board of Presidents of the William Rockhill Nelson Trust, Kansas City. He is the author of more then 60 technical articles dealing with the mechanics of plant growth. Admiring a certificate awarded to the University of Oklahoma Student Bar association by the American Law Student associa- tion are Dr. George L. Cross, Iohn W. Raley Ir., SBA president, and Earl Sneed Ir., OU college of law dean. DR. LLOYD SWEARINGEN DEAN 0F THE GR DUATE CULIEGE Dr. Lloyd Swearingen is a former director of basic science research for the U. S. Army. He joined the OU faculty in 1923 and now holds the academic rank of professor of chemistry and is vice president of the university for research and development as well as Graduate Dean. He was head of OU,s Research Insti- tute from 1947-49 and from 1953-1958. He served with the Army during World War II in the European theatre and later with the Chief of Staff in Washington. He earned an alumni citation from the University of Minnesota, Where he received his Doctor of Philosophy degree, as a "Crusader for basic and applied research throughout his state." The author of several research publications in the field of physical and colloid chemistry, Dr. Swearingen has served as state president of both Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Xi. During his service in Europe, he was awarded both the Bronze Star and the Croix de Guerre with Palms. Dr. Swearingen became Dean of the Graduate Col- lege with the resignation of Dr. Laurence Snyder, who is now President of the University of Hawaii. I .L 5 A , aywax.. we wr'- sr ' 'ff -.Ku Q ,Q '9 Y . S s E 3 ff ? 5 ,. 5 . Q s 5 3 5 f . E V K Q Q 2 3 .13 E . fx g 3 Q5 5 if 3, , A ,, . gg, 9- 9' 5 'lk' H, A ,Q . 3 ,gf f f - 0 QQ K ' W-,' E s 7' WV K N' , K 3 ' A QE' ' 1, 1 A 'NM fx 7. - J ' . , A , A" - - ig A' 1 A ,, ff ' , Y' ' f 'TL-mil. wut W! 'A H W A .,-'W xl , yr 1 g.g5'g, ,g L,gggg 'g jr, fx ' . Q, . - ffviyg' A 'L . M 'mf' MW ivig- X' A ' JVM gf: i' A an 'V ' Q-A DEAN WILLIAM E. L1vEzEY DEAN HORACE B. BROWN DEAN GLENN C. CoUcH DR. GLENN C. COUCH, Dean, The University College One of the most effective freshmen counselors in the nation, Dr. Glenn Couch has proven over many years that he is a real friend to any freshman that will give the Dean a chance to help him. He has a Warm and very sympathetic understanding of the problems of freshmen, and is genuinely dedicated to their interest. A native Oklahoman, Dr. Couch received his bachelor's and master's degrees at OU and his Doctor of Philosophy degree at Ohio State University. DR. WILLIAM E. LIVEZEY, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences College of Arts and Sciences Dean, Dr. William E. Livezey, is a skilled historian, writer and administra- tor. On the OU history faculty since 1937, the Dean won the Iohn Dunning Award in 1947 for his book, "Mahan on Sea Powerf, from the American His- torica Association as the best book in American his- tory for that year. In 1951, Dr. Livezey received an award for special study in modern political theory from the Fund for the Advancement of Education. DR. HORACE B. BROWN IR., Dean, College of Business Administration A nationally known authority, Dr. Horace B. Brown Ir., is a past president of both the National Council for Professional Education in Business and the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. A professor of marketing, Dean Brown is also a national authority in the field of cotton mar- keting. During leave from the university, he has served as lecturer at the Harvard University Gradu- ate School of Business. He is a native of Mississippi and got his Ph.D. from Northwestern University. saalgwr 'X ADAMS HALL BUCHANAN HALL ,AJ L.,-.353 1'-" L I E5-E5 EEE? EEE? DEAN WILLIAM H. CARSON DEAN HARRISON KERR DEAN IAMES G. HARLOW DR. JAMES G. HARLOW, Dean, College of Education Dr. Iames G. Harlow is both Dean of the College of Education and Executive Vice President of the Frontiers of Science Foundation of Oklahoma, Inc. One of Oklahomais earliest boosters of channeling high school students into scientific careers, Dr. Har- low has taught in high school, is a former dean of OU's College of Arts and Sciences and former asso- ciate dean of the University College. He organized the Oklahoma Science Service. Dr. Harlowis major fields of study are physics and mathematics. DR. WILLIAM H. CARSON, Dean, College of Engineering One of the world's most distinguished engineering educators, Dr. Carson has headed OU,s College of Engineering for the past 22 years and has brought it to the attention of the world. He is a member of the Fulbright Committee to choose recipients in engi- neering and is chairman of the Engineering Commit- tee for the Interstate Oil Compact Commission. He was granted an Honors Medal and a Doctoris degree by the Central University of Venezuela for service to Venezuela through education in his college. DR. HARRISON KERR, Dean, College of Fine Arts Portions of Dean Kerr's new opera, "The Tower of Kelf' were performed this fall in Hartford, Con- necticut, to great critical acclaim. He spent a year's leave in Ireland doing research on the opera which is based on an Irish legend. One of Americais top ranking composers, Kerr has previously written or- chestral work and chamber music. He has lectured in Europe for the U.S. information Agency and in Japan and Korea. .4 g,.. 4' 'sf g 'su ' N V EBM' ' ,e ,. .zu ,g,- 5 x Q , xx A 1 A v 8 .h , 4 . 'iifbf 1 Qt: ' 'GM rl' A "F A -A Q 1 I. . xx' "' 9 4 u 5 'x - u f Q .3 9 m ' Y ,wi if vim , . .Q avi :NL -ful ' in Y, . f- 4 ,. -JL wf , ,lg ,Aff X. 1 ,..mrV-1 wulluiur ggi'l9 54 v fn I p '- -VUQQ W, ,Q . ' ' 3' if f Q ,g Q V ,' 4. x , 4 li V wt ,t V . -' 5 m-. M" A M I . Q. ..1f ' v n , 1'-4 11 'fa' -'fy' MN I ,x 'Q Q, u g"..' I .iisyrf x ' I 1 v I ' f. Z -L-V' . WJ- ,, ,W L N. ' v 'Ra 4 ' x , 1 Q' Q 5 my ,R , A 'X-"'vm'lm- ,..p,4gm-qi-11"""" K' 'W . .M M, M Mk 'ff-I W'-W , ,,1,. ..,.. ,xwffw J M ,. L 9. :xL'i7"k f v . f Em A n?' f"i ..L",ffah'f" L , , NA . , , 1 , Q., M ,W - .L - '..w . ' -. , . 'y.,' f ww ""'4+..m f ' Rn, rf " ,, K ' M X . .t k 1 W na 1 2f"i . . " - 'N I KV :,:,,L of -fy 1 - S' , Ia G A A , , , I J2, , ,7 I s ay ,M . , A A ' 'w f'r.:fV3H Q 3. 'I Sm ,aff nf' v :- M Mg v. ,av ev, M M, , , 1 , 4 t 1 Q ig fr wifi .- 'Q h Ya k- K' 4. 15 . "' 4-Q., , ,. , ,, 4 5, I. , .r- ., , A 1' "f F X7 - K V ,4 V . , A ' V , , .,. , S 1 ' . Q Q E A' .. ' 1 VH., . DEAN MARK R. EVERETT DEAN RALPH W. CLARK DEAN EARL SNEED DR. EARL SNEED, Dean, College of Law Known throughout Oklahoma and the Southwest for his friendly good humor and warm personality is Earl Sneed, dean of OU's College of Law. In addition to serving as chairman of OU,s Athletic Council, he is representative to the Big Eight Con- ference and to the National Collegiate Athletic Asso- ciation. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, the Pe-et Society and the Order of the Coif, among others. During World War ll, he received both the Bronze Star and the Croix de Guerre. DR. MARK R. EVERETT, Dean, School of Medicine Dr. Mark Reuben Everett has served as dean of the School of Medicine since 1947. He is director of the University of Oklahoma Medical Center and chairman of the Department of Biochemistry. Dr. Everett is author of Medical Biochemistry and, active in research for some 30 years, he has written more than 100 papers for national scientific journals. A graduate of Bucknell University, where he received a B.S. in chemical engineering magna cum laude, he won his Ph.D. in medical sciences at Harvard in 1924. DR. RALPH W. CLARK, Dean, College of Pharmacy Lecturer, author and educator of note is Dr. Ralph Clark, dean ol OU,s College of Pharmacy, oldest professional college on the campus. Experienced in both the industrial and practical phases of pharmacy, the Dean holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Wisconsin. A vigorous promoter and believer in the future of pharmacy, the Dean travels hundreds of miles each year lecturing on the subject. His new book, Orientation in Pharmacy, is being distributed nationally to beginning students in 72 colleges. PHARMACY BUILDING , , - ,kk W ,, 'www f -ww-1:3 -M., , A -,K gk ,Hx , . nw KM, v. 4 , I., .V ,, I -,W , N Us ,w.v.,,.,gNF,, . ,N 7, H-S, 1-In ,f-,Vgk-MQ ., I.. ,. N I ,amy ,,,,,e, I 1 W f. I ,.q.,.A -. 4, . ,. Y , U- Q. ,fain x A 5, k I ,.,wlI3,.Q. RICHARDS HALL ' - .-', "'s,if'i I ,551 Top brass in the university housing department-Miss Betty Bob Angerman and E. H. Miles discuss residence problems. Handling a big job, Mrs. Ieane Keestcr and Mrs. Alcidene Grimwood prepare university housing statements for distribu- tion. DR. PETE KYLE MCCARTER Vice President ROSCOE CATE Vice President and Business Manager DR. LLOYD E. SWEARINGEN Vice President and Dean of Graduate College DR. I. E. FELLOWS Dean of Admissions and DR. CZLIFFORD I. CRAVEN DR, TIIURMAN I. WIllT'E DR. ARTHUR M. MCANAI.l.Y Dean of Students Dean ol' Extension Division Director ol' University Libraries GEORGE W. CHURCHILL Director of Public Relations -.Ns I j x L, -JSI A ,+- j ' WN X ' . . E f 'M M3595 ,mi ai WL 255 ' - 1- .wi N. X f Q 4 , 4 s w ,, ,www . f 42.644 sas: fzwgw .-Q., .A ' jwiaygiifk,-s A 1 4 ' " 55.5 Keeping the records in order in the auditing department are Le Roy Leech, assistant internal auditor, and Mrs. Marilyn Dean, account clerk. Director of Personnel and Placement Controller Inspecting blueprints of proposed structures for the OU cam- pus are university architects Donald Weaver and R. C. Dragoo Ir. D. R, KIMREY JOHN H. KUHLMAN Director of Purchasing Director of Physical Plant GEORGE P. HALEY Q. M. SPRADLING DONALD E. WILCOX DR. DOROTHY TRUEX DR. IODIE C. SMITH IIM P. ARTM Coordinator of Student Activities Director Of Womenis Affairs Associate Dean of Students Editor of University 72 AN K ,. .- K p - ., W 5511.331 .m.f"5-iff"- M. L :ff w., - N' ' N - ' ' K- . Q' f fn Q fl! 'K , ' ,f L " , K N . 1' ,, Y: ' ' , ,, -. , 4 U34 - mmf, . Lf ,-mf' f M' up--L - fff 1-'nina , - A ' . " 'fffizkfm fw ' .M .fa-1 ,.i.4.:,u-3' ,' A MRWQ SOUTH OVAL FELGAR HAH Sooner job-getters Mrs. Evelyn Sherman and Mrs. Florence Mooney study student applications for part-time employment. Filing orders is routine business for Mrs. Doris Brown and Mrs. Francene Marx, members of the purchasing department. RICHARD N. KU1u.mAN University Architect DR. Imtiis 0. Hoon C' Director ol Student Hcultli oervice V , n,.t,1,,fw6 Srtvoiis l.oT'riNv1I.I.E Director ol University Press llUGH Mix Director ol' liducationzil Broadcasti CILARIENCE SKiNNnR Innes C. MAYFIELD Boyce D. TIMMONS RUTH ARNoLD Director of Machine Accounting Director of Book Exchange Director of Registration Director of Admissions 74 faculty CAPTAIN PRENTICE A, ABLES DR. ARTHUR B. ADAMS HAROLD E. AFFSPRUNG Assistant professor Regents Prof. Erner. of Economics Assistant Professor Air Science Dean Emeritus, Business Adm. Chemistry iii MAJOR CHARLES H. ALEXANDER Assistant Professor Air Science MAJOR WILLIATNI l- ALEXANDER IOIIN N. ALLEY HERBERT G. ALLPHIN ASSLSUIVU P"0f9550f Assistant Professor Associate Professor All' SCICUCG Modern Languages Physical Education EMILIO AMERO DR. RICHARD V. ANDREE Miss MILDRED ANDREWS Professor Associate Professor Professor Art Mathematics Music CARL T. ALMQUIST Professor Electrical Engineering DR. HENRY R. ANGELINO Associate Professor Education VIOLET B. ARCHER MICHAEL AVSHARIAN, IR. DR. FRANK A. BALYEAT DR. RUDOLPH C. BAMBAS Associate Professor Visiting Assistant Professor Professor Emeritus Professor Music Music Education English 76 -L t VVILI-IAM R. BANDY Miss KATE C. BARBOUR lJIiXVEY L. BARNES CLIFFORD M. BAUMBACK Professor Professor Emeritus Professor Associate professor Law Secondary Education Accounting Business Management new EUGENE A. BAVINGER CAPTAIN IAMES I.. BEATrY Associate Professor Assistant Professor r Air Science t... IAMES E. BELCHER Arriving for the annual faculty get-together, Capt. and Mrs. Daniel DIGBY BERNARD BELL Professor EWCVUUS White greet Dr. George I.. Cross in the receiving line. Assistant Pr0fU550f Chemistry Music 1 .r J, DR. ROBERT E. BELL DR. IOIIN F. BENDER DR. fJI.IVER E. BENsoN Ioszgvn Il. BENTON Professor Druid Ross Boyd Prof. Emeritus Professor Professor Anthropology Education Covernmcnt Music 77 DR. CARLTON W. BERENDA Professor Philosophy DR. RALPH BIENFANG Professor Pharmacy ss. "f"Tii. 3-,ghlz -, ', f.,!:E: i Q 1 ,, : , Jr , . , , 3 X. 'F 3 , sa f is if r f H X 4 ,. .sg Y 5 x is N f is 551 f , gf! 3 546 xgwgs ii. ff r s r ,, ' ' V at DR. NORMAN H. BOKE Professor Plant Sciences Miss MAURINE BOWLING Associate Professor Physical Education 78 DAVID P. BERGIN DR. ARTHUR F. BERNHART DR- DONAQLD l- BERTHRONG Associate Professor Professor Awoclatff Pf0feSSOf Iournalism Mathematics HISYOTY Q LUTHER D. B1sHoP DR. HoRAcE H. Buss I. PALMER Bocas Associate Professor A Associate Professor Professor Business Management Chemistry Arch. and Arch. Engineering C. I. BOLLINGER HAROLD K. BONE DR, WILLIS H, BOWEN Associate Professor Associate Professor Professor Geography Mechanical Engineering Modern Languages DR. ARTHUR N. BRAGG DR. CARL C. BRANSON RICHARD BRIGHTVVELL Professor Professor Associate Professor Zoology Geology Music Education illiilfii V ' DR. PAUL A. BRINKIZR Professor Economics 1 lull. JOHN C. BRIXEY JOHN F. BROOKES DR. I'lARI.liY P. BROWN Professor Professor Emeritus Associate Professor Mathematics Civil Engineering Zoology HOMER A. BROWN, IR. Assistant Professor Accounting M155 VIVIA JEAN BROWN Assistant Professor Pharmacy ,.f-2-"',- CAPT, IAivi1as L. BRONVN Assistant Professor Military Science and Tactics Capt. Richard M. Payne discovers that he is not the first military DR. JOHN B. BRUCE oflicer to arrive at the Presidenfs reception. Associate Professor Pharmacy MRS. CELIA MAE BRYANT Assistant Professor Music MRS. KATHRYN O. BUCHANAN DR. PERCY W. BUCHANAN WILLIAM S. BURGETT Assistant Professor - Professor Associate Professor Eclucation History Arch. and Arch. Engineering 79 ROBERT D, BURNS DR. HELEN B. BURTON C. C. BUSH, IR. ERNEST EDWARD BYRN Assistant Professor Professor Emeritus Associate Professor Assistant Professor Zoology Home Economics History Chemistry CHARLES L, CAIADVVHLIA DR. IOHN M. CAMPBELL DR. RICHARD G. CANNICOT1' LT. COL. NORMAN A. H. CARLILE Assistant Pmfgggoy Associate Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Education Petroleum Engineering Psychology Military Science and Tactics WILLIAM R. CARMACK, IR. DR. CHARLES CONGDEN CARPENTER DR. BENJAMIN A. CARTWRIGHT IOHN H. CASEY Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Professor Speech Zoology Education Iournalism DR. CARL B. CASS FRANCIS R. CELLA ANSEL P. CHALLENNER DR, H. L. CHANCE Professor Professor Professor Professor Drama Business Statistics Electrical Engineering Plant Sciences 80 NORMAN A. CHANCE DR, IOIIN B. CIIEAIJIAIE DR. PHILIP A. CHENOXVIZTH Assistant Professor Duuirl Ross Boyrl Prof. lfnzeritus Associate Professor Anthropology I ,aw Ceology DR. DONALD RAYMOND CIIII.DRESS Professor Finance r MIIS. CONSTANCE CHERRY Assistant Professor Home Economics MIIS. MIIADRIED Y. CHISOLM Assistant Professor Education 1-egg, DR, A, K, CHRISTIAN Three pert ladies on hand for the reception are Miss Betty Bob SIIIQRRIL D. CHRISTIAN Professor Emeritus Angermzin, Miss Vivia lean Brown and Dr. Dorothy Truex. Assistant Professor History Chemistry ,, . - Thin- If V? , E ' 5' P f ..r-t A , S. i , DR. LEON S. CIERIZSZKO F. DClNAI.I3 CLARK DR, Imnis B. CLARK DR. HOWARD P. CLEMENS Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Chemistry Drama Plant Sciences Zoology 8I ALToN E. CLIFTON Assistant Professor Education DR. BESSE A. CLEMENT Professor Modern Languages l DR. STANLEY K. COFFMAN, JR. DR. IAMES C. COLBERT Professor David Ross Boyd Professor English Chemistry L. A. COMP Professor Aeronautical Engineering DR. IAMRS A. CONSTANTIN Professor Marketing and Transportation XNILLIABI L. CORY A. L. COSGROVE Associate Professor Professor 'Theoretical 81 Applied Mechanics Business Communication 82 i "ix . .fu ,, . I gig - ' - 5,5 ' In if if ' 3 ' ' ,, . .,.., , I gy I A "fa . WILBUR F. CLOUD Professor Petroleum Engineering DR. C. STANLEY CLIFTON Professor Social Work DR, ELLSWORTH COLLINGS Professor Emeritus, Education Dean Emeritus, Education FRANK W. COLE Assistant Professor Petroleum Engineering ROGER D. CORSAW Professor DR. FAYEITE COPELAND Professor Iournalism Aff IOSEPH E. COULTER DR. N. A. COURT Assistant Professor Professor Emeritus Aviation Mathematics Miss DOROTHY F. CRAM ED FRANKLIN CRIM, IR. IDENNIS M. CRITES DR. ALBERT I. CROFT Associate Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Social Work Business Statistics Marketing Speech Y X if DR. KENNETH E. CRooK ORRIN K. CRossER Professor Associate Professor Chemistry Chemical Engineering 4 " ' 'us Q DR, PAUL A, CUSHMAN Mrs. Phillip E. Smith is much in demand as she serves Maurice M155 VILONA P, CUTLER Professor Temerlin while other faculty members wait their turn. Professor Mechanical Engineering Social Work DR, CHARLES F. DAILY DR, E. E. DALE R.fxY!xIoND D. IDANIELS DR, PAUL R. DAVID Professor Research Professor Emeritus Assistant Professor Professor Economics History Metallurgical Engineering Zoology 83 W. MARVIN DAVIS EUGENE F. DAWSON Assistant Professor Professor Pharmacology Mechanical Engineering I 215 , DR. I.UClLE DORA Professor Emeritus Modern Languages DR. ARTHUR H. DOERR Associate Professor Geography A. M. DE LA TORRE MRS. GAIL B. DESTWOLINSKI Professor Associate Professor Modern Languages Music X E 5 Y ii S E DR. L. A. DURAN DR. JACK E. DOUGLAS Professor Emeritus Associate Professor Government Speech RAYMOND C. DRAGOO DR. JOHN PAUL DUNCAN MRS. FRANCES R. DUNHAM LOWELL DUNHAM Associate Professor Professor Assistant Professor ASSOCUUC Pf0i9550V Mathematics Government Education Modern Languages LAZELLE L. DUNN DWICIIT E. DYER DR. ERICH EICHHOLZ DR. VICTOR A. ELCONIN Visiting Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Professor Drama Music Education Modern Languages English 84 is La Lv DR. FRANK ELKOURI IIERBERT IAY ELLISON DR. BETTY D. EVANS Mus. Nur. R. EVANS Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Professor Law History English Home Economics DR. O. F. EVANS NVALTER I. EWBANK Professor Emeritus Associate Professor Geology Mechanical Engineering DR. COR-1-EZ A. M. EWING Mr. and Mrs. Williiiiti G. lVlcGrew take time out lrom Visiting DRA JOHN S, EZELL Research Professor with friends to enjoy a dance in the Union ballroom. Associate Professor Government History - - i S , by ' Mei, , if . W i.. 1: fj f ... fi ESW - .N i I N. V 1 J, CLYDE l.. FARRAR ROBERT O. PAY FULTON K. FEARS Du. I. CLAY'roN FEAVER Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor KingyQsher Professor Electrical Engineering Geology Civil Engineering Philosophy of Ethics and Religion 85 PNA SEYMOUR FEILER MRS. RUTH D. FELL DR, CIILBERT C. FITE Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Research Professor Modern Languages Education History NORINIAN FOGEL DR. RICHARD G. FOXVLER CIIESTER L. FRANCIS Assistant Professor Pf0f9SS0f Associate Professor Chemistry PhyS1CS Music DR. E. A. FREDERICKSON LAWRENCE FREEMAN WII,I.IAL1 R. FULTON Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Geology Business Communication Education CAPT. ALFRED F. GERKEN DR. IOHN B. GIEVER lVlENDIEL GLICKRIAN Prof. and Commanding Officer Associate Professor Professor Naval Science Mathematics Arch. and Arch. Engineering 86 Miss GARNETTE L. FITTRO Associate Professor Home Economics GEORGE B. FRASER Professor Law DR. F. F. GAITHER Professor Education DR. ALFRED F. GLIXMAN Associate Professor Psychology Wish DR, RICIIARD A. GOFF Associate Professor Zoology 52 Q E I 5 I DR. CHARI.ES P. GREEN Professor Speech MISS WILDA P. GRIFFIN Associate Professor Music CDR. I. A. CiUMMENGENGIiR DR. GEORGE I. GOODMAN Associalc Professor Professor Naval Science Plant Sciences W Sittinff out this dance Mr and Mrs D R Kimrcy conserse with Dr and Mrs H V Thornton and Gene Green DR. BRUCE INGHAM ClRANGER Associate Professor English MISS HELEN GRIac:oRY Professor Physical Education BRANDON H. CiRIFFlTH Assistant Professor Theoretical 81 Applied Mechanics X iowa Miss LYDIA D. HAAG CAPT. BILLY G. HALBERT DR. Rufus G. HALL, IR, DR. ROBERT A. I'iARDIN Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Professor English Air Science Government Industrial Education 87 Q W. RICHARD HARGROVE CHARLES E. HARP STEWART HARRAL DR. REGINALD W. HARRIS Assistant Professor Associate Professor Professor professor Education Electrical Engineering Iournalism Geology VVILUAM FOSTER HARRIS DR. HARRIET HARVEY Miss CAROLE HAss DR. I. O. HASSLER Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Professor Emeritus Journalism Zoology Physical Education Mathematics and Astronomy 3 Wert AV' 5 lr 31111 x im Sf,-Q ' s sis. 5 f, ,rir 1-3-1 ws.W rrst A P ,,f. . "" , ' ",tt'1t , .t.r '- '-1.' 'if if V A , f -, ' 1 ' ' w I - ' A f , E, E, HATHELD LEONARD H, HAUG RUTH B. HAUGEN MAJ. HOWARD N. HAWORTH Associate Professor Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Secretarial Science Music Education Social Work Air Science ROLE HAYN DR. ARTHUR W. HEILMAN IAMES HENKLE H. H. HERBERT Assistant Professor Professor Assistant Professor David Ross Boyd Professor Economics Education Art Iournalism 88 sf , At 5 5 2 , 'J ? sss 'W . 52' X A ' y N .,:' .... Q DR. BERNARD O. HESTON DR. T,. B. IIOISINGTON MRS. BILLIR D. HOl.COMB C JOE HOLLAND Professor Professor Emeritus Assistant Professor ASSOC!-ate profcswr Cl'19miStry Psychology Secretarial Science Ioumalism SAM C. I'Ioi.LAND Associate Professor Engineering Drawing DR. W1LL1AM E. HOLLON Professor History DR. CIiUFF HOPLA Navy newcomers Commander and Mrs. I. A. Gommengenger are served KENNETH B, PIURNHXIG A506310 ll mlmsor by Mrs. Vernon Scott as they greet faculty club members. Professor f . . . 'OO OW Business Communication DR, Rose T. House DR. BRUCE HOUSTON DR. RoRi2RT A. HOXVARD DR. HARRY Hoy David R055 Boyd Prof, Emeritus Professor Professor Professor Modern Languages Chemistry Physics Geography 89 DR. GEORGE G. HUFFMAN Professor Geology DR. WILLIAM N. HUFF Associate Professor Mathematics LONNIE HUDDLESTON Assistant Professor Education DR. R. L. HUNTINGTON Research Professor Chemical Engineering HUGH E. HUNTER Associate Professor Geology CAPT. EDWARD I. HUSKINSON Assistant Professor Air Science FLOYD LOWELL IACKSON Assistant Professor DR. OSCAR B. IACOBSON Research Professor Emeritus Industrial Education Art RICHARD V. IAMES Professor Theoretical 81 Applied Mechanics CHARLES IOSEPH Miss EUGENIA KAUFMAN RUPEL I. JONES Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Emeritus Drama Music Modern Languages KAREL HULICRA Assistant Professor Government I E l 5 S 5 x K E DR. BEAL BAKER IIYDE Assistant Professor Plant Sciences CAPT. GEORGE W. IOHNSTON Assistant Professor Military Science and Tactics E MRS. PAULINE KEATON Assistant Professor Education Ion W. KEELEY PAUL V. KEEN DR. PEARCE C. KELLEY WILLIAM H. KEOWN Professor Associate Professor Professor Dauid Ross Boyd Professor Civil Engineering Physical Education Marketing Business Management BRUCE V. KETCHAINI Associate Professor Aeronautical Engineering s W 1 DR. IOHN W. KEYS Professor Speech A ' 'ffiififfwl 2552? .. rf' g MISS HARRIET W- KRITSER Among the faculty enjoying a game or two of cards are Mrs. Coy DR. VICTOR H- KULP Associate Professor Emeritus Loman, Mrs. Hugh Key and Dr. Dora McFarland, David Ross Boyd Prof. Emeritus Art Law EUGENE O. KUNTZ EARL LAFON Du. HOWARD W. LARSH Miss SUZANNE LASATER Professor Associate Professor Professor Assistant Professor Law Mathematics Plant Sciences English and Modern Languages 9l i 4,4 MRS. HELEN F. LAUTERER DR. SHERMAN P. LAWTON DR. IOHN H. LEEK Associate Professor Professor David Ross Boyd Professor Drama Radio Government .l DR. WILLIAM B. LEMMON MIss RosE K. LESKE GENE LEVY Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Psychology Secretarial Science Mathematics CHUN CHIA LIN PHILIP F. LITTLE DR. LEONARD LOGAN Assistant Professor Visiting Assistant Professor Professor Physics Physics Sociology STANLEY H. Lowv DR. ELMER L. LUCAS DEWEY LUSTER Assistant Professor Professor Associate Professor Aeronautical Engineering Geology Physical Education 92 IOHN E. LEIBENDERFER Associate Professor Finance MIss EUNICE M. LEWIS Associate Professor Education i 5 I S l 2 ToM IAY LOVE, IR. Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering ARTHUR W. MCCRAY Associate Professor Petroleum Engineering HUGH V. MCDERMOTT' DR. DORA MCFARLAND WILLIAM C. MCGREW CHARLES L, MCLANE Professor Professor Associate Professor Assistant Profeggor Physical Education Mathematics Accounting Law LT. COL. FRED W. MCNELLY DR. EDXVIN C. MCREYNOLDS Assistant Professor Profggggr Air SClCI'lCB History Miss EDITH MAHIER Dr. Harry Hoy seems to be having difhculty dancing with Mrs. Hoy DR. IOHANNE5 M AL-FH ANER PfOfCSSOf. as faculty friend Dr. Alfred Sears tries to cut in. Professor 17215111011 DCSISH Modern Languages 2 MRS- MARY H- MARABU5 WYATF MARRS DR. IOSEPH H. MARSHBURN I. RAY MATLOCK 1 Pf0i955Qf PVOJIGSSOV David Ross Boyd Professor Professor Llbfafy 50181106 Sociology English Civil Engineering 93 GEORGE R. MAXSON Professor Engineering Drawing DONALD E. MENZIE Associate Professor Petroleum Engineering CAPT. WILLIAM C. MILES Assistant Professor Military Science and Tactics CAPT. EDWIN L. MOORE Assistant Professor Air Science 94 COLONEL M. W. MAY Professor if Commanding Officer Military Science DR. MAURICE H. MERRILL Research Professor Law MISS SUSAN E. MILLIER Associate Professor Home Economics MRS, LOUISE B. MOORE Assistant Professor Iournalism I I i . E E E IAMES O. MELTON DR. F. A. MELTON Professor Associate Professor Geology Theoretical 8: Applied Mechanics JOHN E. MERTES, IR. DR. CLIFFORD A. MERRITT Professor Professor Geology Marketing DR. V. E. MONNET1' DR. CARL A. MOORE David Ross Boyd Professor Professor G6Ol0gy Geology K DR. MAX L. MOORHEAD FRANK C. MORRIS Professor Professor History Engineering Drawing 5 S 2 E Q DR. JOHN W. MORRIS MISS VIRGINIA MORRIS A. LAURENCE MORTENSEN professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Geography Physical Education Drama DR. GUSTAV MUELLER Research Professor Philosophy JAMES M. MURPIIY Dr. and Mrs. Philip Nolan pause during the President's reception to A5Si5ffmf Professor survey the crowd ol' faculty and university officials. Finance CAPT. JAMES R. NliAL ROGER E. NEBERGALL MALI. A. A. NELSON, IR. Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Air Science Speech Naval Science FRED R. MOUCK Professor Theoretical 81 Applied Mechanics GEORGE W. MURPHY Associate Professor Chemistry ARTHUR I. MYERS Assistant Professor Geology DR. I. RUD NIELSEN Research Professor Physics 95 GEORGE L. NOAH DR. PHILIP IEROME NOLAN DR. JOHN A. NORDEN SPENCER H. NORTON Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Professor Finance Classics Geology Music ' - me er -as - :E iilif f - . li A V' 's " ,Ezstgiasa sglfsrl ERNST ERICH NOTH SHIZUO OKA DR. CARL R. OLDROYD LT, COL. FRANCIS X. OLNEY Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Comparative Literature Arch. and Arch. Engineering Psychology Military Science and Tactics DR. RALPH E. OLSON IOHN O,NEIL DR. A. I. ORTENBURGER DR. ELMER I. ORTMAN Professor Professor Professor Emeritus Professor Emeritus Geography Art Zoology Education . , ..k. BEN G. OWEN DR. DONNELL M. OWINGS MRS. DELLA B. OWL DR. TING-KWAN PAN Professor Emeritus Associate Professor Assistant Professor Emeritus Professor Physical Education History Modern Languages Mathematics ,. xr- CAPT. RICHARD PAYNE DR. WILLIADI PEACH DR, VVILLIAM PENFQUNU RQBERT PERRY Assistant Professor Professor Prnfeggnr Agggeiafe Prnfegggr Military Science and Tactics Economics Plant Seieneeg Chemical Engineering ,.., , .. 'lf isa: .V QQ.. I z ' ' I ' ':"' is I . ,.., II ' ' -mi . I? fi .I ' . A I isii ee I ROBERT V. PETERSON Professor Iournalism EDWARD C. PETTY Professor Economics CAPT. LENNOX I. PETREE Assistant Professor Air Science Keeping the home Hres burning! lack Powers lights the candles at the DR. ELBRIDGE D- PHE!-PS reception table as Mrs. R. L. Huntington supervises. Pfifvwf aw tw E WILLIAM DANIEL PITT Assistant Professor Geology RICHARD B. PooL DR. GERALD A. PORTER DR. LAXVRENCE POSTON, IR. Associate Professor Professor Professor Civil Engineering Education Modern Languages 97 IAMES C POWELL LYTLE POWELL DR. REED M. POWELL Professor Professor Associate Professor Business Law Music Soclology MRS. DOROTHY KIRK PRESTON WILSON B. PRICKETI' DR. IOHN P. PRITCHARD Associate Professor Assistant Professor Research Professor Interior Design Finance English DR. D. Ross PUGMIRE JESSE L, RADER DR. WILLIAM B. RAGAN Professor Professor Emeritus Professor Education Library Science Education JOSEPH F. RARICK Miss GRACE E. RAY DR. IIM E. REESE Professor Professor Professor Law Iournalism Economics 98 DR. IOSEPH C. PRAY Professor Government LT. CDR. P. B. PUCKETT Assistant Professor Naval Science DR. IOHN M. RAINES Professor English DR. CHARLES H. REEVES Associate Professor Classics GEORGE W. REID Professor Sanitary Science 81 Public Health DR. ELROY I., RICE Associate Professor Plant Sciences DR, AUTH RICHARDS Professor Emeritus Zoology DR. CARL D. RIGGS Associate Professor Zoology LAURENCE S. REID ANSEI. PIARLAN RESLER DR. I. I. RHYNE Professor Assistant Professor Pr0fGSSOr Chemical Engineering Speech SOCial Worls LESLIE H. RICE Professor Iournalism Taking a break from the dance, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Fell stop to SARAH ROSE RICHARDS talk with Mr. and Mrs. Keith Wallingford, center. Assistant Pr0f9550V Home Economics izszze .qt f-" I XI LIIA . CAPT. IOHN D. RILEY DR, HENRY D, RINSLAND DR. CARI. H. RITZMAN Assistant Professor Professor Professor Air Science Education Speech 99 PORT G. ROBERTSON Assistant Professor Physical Education CTXPT. JAMES W. RowE Assistant Professor Military Science and Tactics OMER IOHN RUPIPER Assistant Professor Education DR. ALEXANDER M. SAUNDERS Assistant Professor English I00 DR. LAURENCE T. ROGERS DR. LAWRENCE M. ROHRBAUGH ROBERT W. Ross Professor Professor Associate Professor Health Educ. and Sanitary Sci. Plant Sciences Music Education DR. HOWARD H. ROWLEY HARVEY G. RoYs DR. PAUL G. RUGGIERS Professor Associate Professor Emeritus Professor Chemistry Physics English my LT. COL. HERMAN B. RUPP LEw1s S. SALTER Miss STELLA SANDERS Associate Professor Professor, Music Associate Professor Military Science and Tactics Dean Emeritus, Fine Arts Modern Languages DR. STEPHEN SCATORI Miss HEDWIG SCHAEFER WALTER F. SCHEFFER Professor Associate Professor Emeritus Assistant Professor Modern Languages Home Economics Government ' . I f Z 4 1 ,als ag Sz. ii t A 5 t ,Q 2 5 :iii af 6 1- 'Lin .Y S 4 Y 1 l A W X N A , EW 4 4 -4 'I Q I A 1 .L ' ' 4 I .V is 4gEE2',x2i 5 vw., K 11 ,,,, ,, fs is ,gi ,LL .sfassfww ' DR. HANs ADOLF SCHMITT DR. WILLIAM SCIIRIEVER EDITH SCHROEDER ERNEST 1, SCHULTZ Associate Professor Professor Assistant Professor Professor History Physics Social Work Music Education -' 'milf I VIII 51 I,I' H... 'H 4 it it 'ffiglig f f Q.. 'E , Ti ' ii ' . ,,,: SAMUEL H. SCOTT Assistant Professor Music Theory MORTIMER SCHNVARTZ Associate Professor Law DR. ALFRED B. SEARS With heads together, Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Ross and Spencer H. MISS FRANCES SEEDS Professor Norton discuss future music school productions and plans. Associate Pfvfesfof History Home Economics DR. I. TEAGUE SELF KENNON H. SHANK DR, GAIL SHANNON DR, ARTHUR C. SHEAD Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Emeritus Zoology Speech Education Chemistry I0l FRED D. SHELLABARGER DR. MUZAFER SHERIF MAJ. FRANCIS M. SHERRILL Associate Professor Professor Assistant Professor Arch. and Arch. Engineering Psychology Air Science I , LT. COL. MEREDITH L. SI-IUMAKER DR. RONALD B. SHUMAN ALEX 1. SIMON Associate Professor Research Professor Assistant Professor Military Science and Tactics Business Management Business Management DR. CEDOMIR M. SLIEPCEVICH IOSEPH E. SMAY HARRY E, SNHTH Professor Professor Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering Arch. and Arch. Engineering English ORCENITH SMITH WILLIAM HAROLD SMITH DR. GLENN R. SNIDER Associate Professor Professor Associate Professor Music Art Education I02 B. CLAUDE SHINN Associate Professor Accounting ELLIS M. SIMS Professor Mechanical Engineering DR. LESLIE F. SMITH Associate Professor History MRS. RUTH G. SNODDY Associate Professor Home Economics I. I. SOLLENBERGER MIss BLANCIIE SOMMERS DR. ALICE SOWERS Prgfggggr Associate Professor Professor Finance Pharmacy Family Life Education DR. C. E. SPRINGER Professor Mathematics ROBERT M. ST. IOHN Col. and Mrs. Metticus W. May request a special song of Newt AS5f5fCmf P"0fC550" Clcttings While the faculty dance in the Union ballroom. Physics ,,k. ,. Vkiikk lk i I Y K is - 'e I, I I A ' "" , V. is ' I ff i"', ..,, "" , K A .k.V of .bfi R5 +R Mww?iYSw W K . gt f' lloY N. SToN12 CoI.oNIs1. BUDDY STROZIIZR CIIAR1.1as C. SUGGS Assistant Professor Prof. and Commanding Officer Associate Professor Education Air Science Drama Bn MISS RUTII SPALDING Assistant Professor Library Science Miss EDITH R. STIZANSON Assistant Professor Education EDWARD C. STOEVER, IR. Assistant Professor Geology It is ii?-X , V ,ai 'Y ss il P if 1 ,. N 5 t. , QE . R . W ,fnw ,. ,.,. ...V A A - s.:tf11f'If 5151- , . z nsawsw . I figs, 1 . K PATRICK K. SUTIIERLAND Associate Professor Geology l03 DR. GEORGE M. SUTTON DR. KESTER SVENDSEN Professor David Ross Boyd Professor Zoology English IOSEPH R. TAYLOR MAURICE K. TEMER1.1N Professor Assistant Professor Art Psychology O1'ro H. THEIINIER I. HARPER 'THOMAS Associate Professor Associate Professor Physics Mechanical Engineering IRMA TOMBERLIN VR. WENDELL TOZNlBERI.IN Assistant Professor Associate Professor Library Science Art I04 SAMUEL W. SWENSON Associate Professor Emeritus Government DR. PERCY T. TESKA Professor Special Education and Psychology LEE E. THOMPSON Associate Professor Business Management DR. STUART R. TOMPKINS Research Professor Emeritus History DR. WII.I.IAM B. SWINFORD Professor Emeritus Law CALVIN G. THAYER Assistant Professor English DR. H. V. THORNTON Professor Government DR. WILLIAM R. TONGUE Professor Classics CiIiRAI.D TUMA DoNALD B. TURKINGTIJN Miss EVA TURNER PAUL IJNGER Professor Associate Professor Professor Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Voice Education VERNON H. UPCHURCH VVILLIAM R. UPTHEGROVE Associate Professor Assistant Professor Accounting Metallurgical Engineering MEWIN O, VAN DEN BARK Lost in deep concentration in the Union ballroom are Mr. and Mrs. LT. COL FRANCIS M. VAUGHN Associate Professor Ned Hockman while the orchestra takes an intermission. Asmcgatc Professor English Military Science and Tactics Wi1.L1AM I. VIAVANT DR. R. DALE VLIET LORRAINE D. WALLING E, KEITH WALLINGFORD Associate Professor David Ross Boyd Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Chemical Engineering Law Social Work Music I05 MRS, DOLLY S, WARD Assistant Professor Music Education OTHEL D. WESTFALL David Ross Boyd Professor Accounting DR. JOHN R. WHITAKER Professor Iournalism RAYMOND R. WHITE Associate Professor Secretarial Science I06 4 2 Z l MISS MARY ANN WARREN MISS LILA M. WELCH DR. S. H. WENDER Associate Professor Professor Emeritus Research Professor Home Economics Home Economics Chemistry CHARLES D. WHATLEY, IR. Assistant Professor Sociology CAPT. DANIEL R. WHITE Assistant Professor Military Science and Tactics Taking it easy in one of the Union lounges, Mr. and Mrs. Arrell M. Gibson exchange stories with Dr. Gerald A. Porter. BALFOUR S. WHITNEY DR. GERHARD WIENS DR. STEWART C. WILCOX Associate Professor Professor Professor Mathematics and Astronomy Modern Languages English uf' -inf' -. A .. 2 ' -I . -1 : 5 -5 gig-5-,egg ' uw., f ' ,Q ,, Ask-.rr , , so ww vw " ' writ- rf . I mfr N -- . I ffQ,.' It 4 f I www 5 I .- I . ,Ig',I:I' X553 - 4-31 -I 'l"s3jj1A:f2E U ' Et.. iefrarfzizzr in-if II, V 1. ' 'iygzw ifj 1 It " . 1 1, ,I v. Z'5iB!"'Y DR. VIRGLE G. WILHITE CHESTER S. WII.I.IAMS FRANKLIN EDMUND WILLIAMS DR, GUY Y, WILLIAMS Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Professor Emeritus ECOn0m1CS Education Music Chemistry LLOYD P- WILLIAMS DR. W. A. WILLIBRAND Assistant Professor Professor ECIUCHIIOII Modern Languages DR- M- O- WILSON Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hang and Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Williams WILLIANI HIX WILSON P"0f9550f join forces for a game of bridge in the faculty club. ASSOCIGIU P'AfIfC5SOf . Psychology Arch. and Arch. Engineerlng DR. LEWIS E. WINFREY DR. IEWEL WURTZBAUGH HARL H. YOUNG, IR. DR. IRVING ZINNES Professor Emeritus Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Modern Languages EI1gliSh P5YClI0l0gY PIIYSICS I07 I . The School Community and Professional Service of the Exten- coordinatorg Iames L. Robinson, Rosalie Caldwell, David Steen, sion Division is composed of Dick Brlghtwell Novielee Beakey, Alice Willis. Carol Beegle Dr F F Cates Dana MtM1nn R. I.. McLean, UNIVERSITY EXTE SIO DIVISl0 Established on the principle of service to the people of Oklahoma, the University of Oklahoma Extension Division took a long step in 1958 to- ward even greater educational service to the Sooner State and the South- west. University and extension administrators are looking ahead to the fall of 1960, when the division will occupy a new main campus facility-the Okla- homa Center for Continuing Education, to be located just south of Sooner City. The 32.0 million center, made possible by a 351.865 million grant from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, will signify the greatest adult education advancement in Southwestern educational history. Operating now in temporary buildings on the North Campus, the Exten- sion Division is host to 35,000 persons who attend the more than 200 short courses, conferences, seminars, workshops and clinics during a 12-month span. When the new center is occupied, an expanded program of educational, professional, technical short courses and conferences is expected to push annual enrolments to 60,000 or more campus visitors by 1965. Until the new Center for Continuing Education becomes a reality, the university faculty and extension staff will continue to operate and improve the program, which now touches the lives of hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans each year, providing improved economic conditions for many and for others the satisfaction that comes with greater knowledge. Whatever the adult's objective, Oklahomans have learned that the OU Extension Division offers an inexhaustible storcroom of knowledge and ideas. Geared to "the changing pattern of adult concerns,', extension is utilizing all its resources to provide a broader program of continuing education, while anticipating future needs of its statewide student body. New and vital programs are offered the adult as he moves through five principal areas of interest during his lifetime. These nconccrnsi' are profes- sional, civic and social, interpretive, health and home. Age groups in which each "concern,' seems to be strongest are: profes- sional-l8 to 45 years, civic and social-35 to 55 years, interpretive-from 50 years on, health-a steady growth from l8 to 80, and home-I8 to 80, with some decrease at about 50 years, as the children reach maturity. Of particular interest to extension personnel is the great upsurge in inter- pretive interests starting in the late 40s and extending through the remain- der of life. This interest is the basis for additional effort on programs in art, music, literature, drama and philosophy. Working to keep apace of Oklahomais demands for more and more con- tinuing education are specialists who make up the personnel for extensionis three main departments: Educational Materials Services is made up of three units-Audio-Visual Education, Evaluation and Testing, and Public Information. Field Development Services is divided into four units-School, Commu- nity and Professional Services, Family Life Institute, Business and Indus- trial Services, and Industrial Research Park. General Services consists of five units-Evening Classes, Short Courses and Conferences, Correspondence Study, Educational Broadcasting Services, and the Motion Picture Unit. Sub-units making daily contributions to the education of Oklahomans are Oklahoma Science Service, Oklahoma Interscholastic Press association, Lib- eral Education, Executive Development, Petroleum Training, Supervisory and Management Training. Safety Education, Small Business Management Services, and Lecture and Entertainment. First row: Bill Boren, Glenna Hays, Christine Virgin, Mary Ila Thurston, Grace Penney, Sibyl R. Weaver, Goldie Elliott, Mar- ian Evans, Loucyle Aynesworth, Richard Brightwell. Second row: Glen Pool, Bill Brown, Bill Hartman, R. L. McLean, Dr. Thurman White, Ned Hockman, Loren N. Brown, Eugene GOLDIE D. Form Cates, Lee Hayden. Third row: james Robinson, Horate H Bliss, Iess E. Burkett, David W. White, Iohn I. Long Ieon E Thompson, Howell McGee, Frank W. McClain, Russell Myers Milt Roberts, David Steen. Organized in 1899 with five chapter members, the University of Oklahoma Alumni Association now numbers over 10,500 in its ranks of former students who wish to be associated with their alma mater. Of the chapter membership of the association, only C. Ross Hume, class of 1898, is still living. Four men have held the post of executive secretary of the organization. Richard Cloyd and Frank Clecker of Oklahoma City, followed by the late Ted Beaird, and the present secretary, R. Boyd Gunning. Temporarily taking Gunning's place from May to February was presidential assistant David A. Burr, ALUMNI ASSUCIATIU R. BOYD GUNNING Executive Secretary who is also editor of all University of Oklahoma Foun- dation Publications. Gunning turned his duties over to Burr in order to devote all his time to an expansion phase of the University of Oklahoma Foundation. In addition to steering the association and the foun- dation, Gunning also serves as executive secretary of the Alumni Development Fund, which, with Guy H. Brown as assistant executive secretary, received over Sll7,200 in 1958 compared to 369,000 in 1957. Over 5,350 alumni contributed. President of the association for the 1958-59 year is O. T. McCall, Norman businessman. The Sooner Magazine staff is composed of Dick Smith, edi- tor, Eugenia Donovan, class notes editor, and Carol lean Robinson, assistant editor. asf' Included in the Alumni Associa- tion otlice stall are, first row: Iudy Sherer. Sally Rector and Marlene Hudson. Second row: Mary Ann Calvert, Anne Pitts and Toni Buckles. -.N 65 -vs.. Ts? wi The Sooner Magazine is the ofiicial alumni magazine and is pub- lished ten times a year by the association. In his first year as editor of the magazine is Dick Smith. Gunning is the Sooner's executive editor. Eugenia Donovan continues as class notes editor and Carol lean Rob- inson serves as assistant editor. Bruce Anthony is advertising manager. Serving her 30th year with the association is Mrs. Mary Turnbull, in charge of alumni records. Mrs. Turnbull keeps addresses and files accurate and up-to-date for more than 50.000 graduates and former students. She has served on the alumni office staff under three execu- tive secretaries-a service record unequalled by any other member of the staff. Mrs. Charline Pappan, administrative secretary to Gunning, has completed seven years in that position. Both Mrs. Marlene Hudson and Mrs. Shirley Garden have been secretaries to Brown during the year. The associationis bookkeeper is Mrs. Anne Pitts. Mrs. Dell Stephenson is in charge of the alumni addressographing service and has been with the association for three years. Also on the office staff are Mrs. Sally Rector, secretary to Burrg Mrs. Toni Buckles, receptionist, and Iudy Amspacher and Judy Sherer, clerk- typists. In addition to the duties mentioned, Gunning, Brown and Burr serve on several university committees. They are also prominent in the American Alumni Council, national organization lor executives in alumni work, having each received awards from the organization last year for their initiative and success in alumni projects. Executives of the Alumni Association and the Alumni De- velopment Fund are Guy H. Brown, assistant secretary. and Dave Burr, presidential assistant. gmw, s f3.frQ?ggfM:.i?is?s K' 2 ..ifS:afvv ,gg 13:9-if ,'f few A fg 159951 ff. if ,is is .L 1 el is '24 li, A if 351 tm-iii wr .fq1-afa4::-A- rrw.W,1.. .... l - iffy- 5 s Z2 3519 r gi' R P XX W, it ay 3-.,,js..:: -- ? , 3 -if,-mxifafc, 'A .. W 't . W.. ...,t, .,,... . W - - if .9 i K - ,gs 4 Rf-sf M X... f' tW....I .7 "':- ffuw M 1' MRS. CHARLINE PAPPAN Executive Secretary 3PE5P:Cf3?'? . ' A iigi. . f. .52 .H is " ii u?5:j,fFzA5 . i n Sim. R- P . " is 'illiI-eff..e-157:52-' .3 -- I i ii - ' ' - - 1' 3 ,iisfift ' f-5' f ' , r J - hi'-:EQ - V 'X a as , . Sr . ' 2 ' 'iitibf l Q MRS. MARY TURNBULL ln Charge of Alumni Records lzwhael C:illI'H'l'Hl1 stops between clzxssvs to discuss SILICIB H5Sigl'lIY1L'llIS with lim Artmzm and Dr, Imwcll Dunlmm. 2 's f. N.,.s'-.N ., .4 L' Aw 'AL '7 ' ' AQ A 5 'rw H5 i 1 V b- V H- fum , wk 'i,g,.:2.f"w3:R4?w., , 'Ww- g --. I -xy, 5 5 THE mms an Q9 r is luunsufm Ms 'Sf' JM a,C1'LJ.8,tSS 'j' ., :Egg is 3' , A 44 M P iw 7 Fw P l . S, L, 2 V . 0 fm-wg'-ummm-1 m II3 1 FIRST ROW: Harold N. Black, Engr., Okla Cily, HET, AlME. Pelr. Engr. Club, Engr., Club: Rolaerl D. Bradshaw, -EX, Engr., Tulsa, OAK, -EVE: L. C. Brogdon, Bus., Savanna, Soc. for Adv. of Mgmf.: Donald E. Bryanl, Bus., Lawlon, Pe-el: Alfred C. Buck- ingham, AKE, Engr., Norman, TBU, Zi'l', BPT, flvllfl, Am. Rocker Soc. SECOND ROW: Joseph R. Byron, Geog., Wyckoff, N. J.: R. Ran- dall Cape, Geol., Brislow, Pick and Hammer, Dean's Honor Roll: Melvan D. Carler, Malh., Okla. Cily, 'l'BKg Helen S. Caslelli, Journ,, Cos Colo, Conn.: Joseph R. Caslelli, Geoq., Cos Cob, Conn. THlRD ROW: Hyun K. Chang, San Sci., Seoul, Korea: Chong Y. Choo, San Sci., Seoul, Korea: Wayne H. Cole, Bus. Shawnee: William D. Collard, Baci., Poplar Bluff, Mo.: Wynona G. Day, Soc., Muldrow, Social Work Club, Sequoyah Club. FOURTH ROW: Allen D. Daylon, AT, Engr., Lawlon: Thelma D. Dean, Educ., Okla. Cily: Nelson V. De La Torre, San., Sci., Ouilo, Ecuador: John A. Dickinson, Educ., Malvern, Ark.:Glenn E. Dill, Jr., Bus., Okemah, Soc. for Adv. of Mgml: FIFTH ROW: Roberl' T. Ellzey, Jr., EN, Engr., El Dorado, Ark., Soc. of Geol. Engr.: F. Emilson Evangelisfa, Geol., Ceara, Brazil: Shu-Kun Feng, San. Sci., China: Roberl' J. Forgie, Engr., Regina, Saskalchewan, Canada, TBH, HET: Darrell L. Fowler, Engr., Enid, TBU, ET, PTK, SPE, SIXTH ROW: Eugene R. Franlkowski, Bus., Reading, Pa.: John H. George, EAE, Geol., Holdenville, Dean's Honor Roll, Pick and Hammer, lnrermural Foolball, Air Command Squadron, Our- slanding AFROTC Soph.: Tom Glenn, Aifb' Chem., Elmore Cify: George B. Harden, Educ., Chickasha: Claude Harris, Geol., Okla. Ciry. SEVENTH ROW: Russell N. Hassinger, Geol., Colo Springs, Colo.: Margarel- E. Haworlh, Home Ec., Norman: Hosey H. Hearn, Grad., Duncan: Hisashi Hirayama, Soc., Tokyo, Japan: Kasumi Hirayama, Educ., Tokyo, Japan. EIGHTH ROW: Nancy Hoklo+ubbe, Psy., Harlshorne: Clyde B. Holloway, Music, Texarkana, Tex.: Amir Jahromi, Engr., lran: lan W. Jasper, Engr., lulheiglcn, Auslralia: Donald E. Jensen, Engr., Springbrook, Wis., HKN. A raduates Black Byron Chang Dayfon Ellzey Franlkcwski Hassinger Hoklofubbe Bradshaw Cape Choo Dean Eva ngel isfa George Haworlh Holloway Brogdon Bryan? Carler Casfelli, H. Cole Collard De Ia Torre Dickinson Feng Forgie Glenn Harden Hearn Hirayama, H. Jahromi Jasper Buckingham Casfelli, J Day Dill Fowler Harris Hirayama, K Jensen lI4 Taking his work seriously is G. W. Paxfon Jr. as he fonderly adiusls +he Oscilloscope in physics lab. FlRST ROW: Dennis W. Jeler, Bus., Norman, Margarel H. Kime. Social Work, Cofieyville, Kansas, Social Work Club, Charles W. Lamb, Engr., Nashville, Tenn.: Miguel Leon, San Sci., Cuenca, Ecuador, Roberl' E. LiHle, Educ., Hammond, Wanda A. Lilfle, Educ., Elk Cily, James S. McDaniel, Zoo., Piflsburg, Kans., 'l'-fl, Harold L. McKain, Jr., Phys. Ed., independence, Mo., Foolball Mgr., Harry O. McLeod, KX, Engr., Shreveport La., HTE, -EVE, TISII, SECOND ROW: Almir D. Maia, Geol., Rio de Janiero, Brazil, ITE, Pick and Hammer Club, Danisa Markovic, Arr and Lelieis, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Harry T. Miller, Lang., Okla. Cily, Larry F. Miller, Educ., Broken Arrow, Luiz O. Miranda, Geol., S. Gabriel, Brazil, Roberf J. Morris, AX, Engr., Louisville, Ky., Jerry B. Murphy, Speech, Provo, Ulahg Alberl L. Nalion, Bus., Granire, -1-EH, Accounling Club, Paul J. Neighbors, Bus., Edmond. THIRD ROW: Brian E. O'Brien, Geol., Okla. Cily, Ralph H. Ochsner, 95, Grad., Chalfanooga, 1'9T, Annelle N. Parmenfer, AXKS, Canion, German Club, Lesler L. Parmenler, AHS, Canlonz Jose Perez, San. Sci., Cuenca, Ecuador, Edilh M. Plemmons, Music, Franklin, N. Car., EAT, Jerry C. Powell, ATA, Physics, Okla. Ciry, -SUE, Soc. of Engr. Phys., Rosemary M. Powell, Libr. Sci., Shawnee, Jimmie L. V. Prickell, Educ., Dill Cify. FOURTH ROW: William J. Rampon, Geog., Smilhville, Pa., FQE, Richard C. Ramsey, Educ., McAles+er, BFZ3, AKXP, Jose A. Roberls, San. Sci., Panama Cily, Panama, Barbara A. Shirley, Zoo., Shawnee, Carroll W. Smilh, Chem., Okla. Cily, Am. lnsl. of Chem. Engr., Edgar W. Smifh, Bus., Okla. Cily, AEN, Norris L. Smilh, Social Work, Norman, Paul Spinks, Libr. Sci., London, England, Richard S. Slringer, I"l'E, Geol., Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Harry W. Todd, ff'-59, Engr., Ardmore, OAK, TEH, ET, PTK, BFE, Soc. of Geol. Engr., Willie G. Tucker, Chem., Tampa, Fla., Tandy C. Walker, Engr., Sasakwa, lnsl. of Aero. Sci., Arn. Rocker Soc., Barry J. Walraven, Drama, Okla. Cily, John C. Ward, QKE, Engr., Jacksboro, Tex., George F. Weber, Educ., Henryella, Mahmool' Yamin, Chem. Enqr., Tehran, Iran, lna M. Young, Social Work, Okla. Cily, Social Work Club, Leroy A. Young, Bus., Omaha, Neb., Soc. for Adv. of Mgml. Jefer Kime Lamb Leon Mana Markovic Miller, H. Miller, L. O Brien Ochsner Parmenler, A. Parmenfer, L. Rampon Ramsey Roberts Shirley Todd Tucker Walker Walraven Liffle, R. Lilfle, W. McDaniel McKain McLeod Miranda Morris Murphy Nafion Neighbors Perez Plemmons Powell, J. Powell, R. Prickell Smifh, C. Smifh, E. Smilh, N. Spinks Sfrlnger Ward Weber Yamin Young, l. Young L FIRST ROW: David R. Abel, Enqr., Selling, Arnold Air Sociely, EFT, l.A.S.: James A. Abernalhy, AHS, Okla. Cily: Mary B. Adams, ZTA, ALS, McCamey, Tex.: Roy B. Adams, A8fS, Wewoka: George R. Ahsmuhs, Engr., Okla. Cily, I.A.S., Am. Rockel Sociely: SECOND ROW: Dan F. Alcock, Acacia, Engr., Norman: Janice S. Alden, AX53, Educ., Princelon, N.J.: Ann Aldrich, AAA, AHS, Wichila, Kans.: Bobby G. Alexander, Enqr,, Sl, Elmo, III., Soc. Geol. Engr., Enqr. Club: Jan H. Alexander, AKE, Bus., Monlerey, Calif. THIRD ROW: George J. Andersen, Jr., A2142 Engr., Norman, Afbfl, Engr. Club, Am. Soc. Mech. Enqr., Soc. Aulo. Engr.: Roberl H. Andersen, AIT, Bus., Ponca Cily, Marketing Club: lmczelle F. Anderson, Educ., Waukomis: Kennelh T. Anderson, 41.36, AHS, Lawlon: Miles C. Anderson, AT, A8iS, San Anlonio, Tex. FOURTH ROW: Richard T. Anderson, AES, Waukomis, "O" Club: Sally J. Anderson, X52, AES, Tulsa, Oikonomia, Markelinq Club: Bob Andrews, Engr., Waurika, lnsl. Radio, Engr.: Jon H. Andrus, 'T'KX1', Enqr., Dallas: Jo L. Ansley, KAW, FA, Lawlon, AQUA, FIFTH ROW: John P. Arnold, Jr., Bus., Shawnee: Paul E. Aubrey, ATU, Educ., Tulsa, Wreslling Squad: Brian E. Ausburn, Engr., Tulsa, FTK, EVE, TBH, Ge-ol. Enqr, Soc., Weslminsler Foundalion: James L. Aulrey, f4lKfT', Bus., Shawnee: Roberf E. Babcock, :X Engr., Duncan. . SIXTH ROW: Leo C. Baca, Bus., Albuquerque, N.M,, AIII, Soc, lor Adv. Mgml.: Rudolph C. Baier, Jr., Engr., New York Cily, Am. lnsl. Mech. Engr., Pelr. Engr. Club, Enqr. Club: Carol E. Bailey, Ali, ALS, Okla. Cily: Bob D. Baker, Enqr., Enid, Soc. ol Geol. Engr., Engr. Club, Pelr. Engr. Club, Pick and Hammer: Charles M. Baker, ATA, AES, Bixby. SEVENTH ROW: Jack W. Baker, llA'l', Bus., Omaha, Neb.: Mary A. Baker, AAII, 'Educ., Hursl, Tex., -YAI5, KUVY, Pep Club: Phil C. Baker, ETB, Engr., Shreveporl, La., Am. Soc. Mech. Enqr., Arnold Air Soc., Soc. ol: Aulo, Engrs.: W. A. Baker, BAE, Engr., Borger, Tex. EIGHTH ROW: William H. Baker, KA, AHS, Houslon, Tex.: Jan- ice L. Baldwin, AVA, ALS, Okla. Cily, -YAH, Speech and Hearing Soc.: Pal' J. Ball, KA9, AHS, Tulsa, :Alb Kennelh J. Balles, AHS, Scolls Blulzl, Nob., EYE, Pick and Hammer, Univ. Rifle Team, I.S.A. Exec. Council: Abe Levon Baller, Educ., Hooker: C. Vernon Banks, Engr., Okla. Cily, IITZI, Engr. Club. NINTH ROW: Paul F. Barbour, AES, Worcesler, Mass., Geo- graphy Clubg Lindel L. Barnes, Enqr., Sl. Louis, Arn. Soc. of Civ. Engrs.: Samir A. Barrai, Engr., Beirul, Lebanon, lniernalional Club, Arab Club, Am. Soc. of Civ. Engrs.: Michael R. Barros, AES, Louisville, Ky., -EVE, Pick and Hammer: V. Sue Barlon, XXI, ALS, Kirkwood, Mo., HIT, Pub. Relalions Club. S9I1iOI'S II6 Abel Abernathy Adams, M. Alcock Alden Aldrich Andersen, G. Andersen, R. Anderson, l. Anderson, R. Anderson, S. Andrews Arnold Aubrey Ausburn Baca Haier Bailey Baker, J. Baker, M. Baker, P. Baldwin Ball Belles Barbour Barnes Barrai Adams Alexan Anders Andrus Aulrey Baker, Baker, Balzer Barros , R. d on, K. B. W. A. er, B. Ahsmuhs Alexander, J Anderson, M Ansley Babcock Baker, C. Baker, W. H, Banks Barlon Marvin Goldslein gels lhe ohms meler ready for one of his physics lab experimenls. FlRST ROW: Taylor BasseH', fmil, ABS, Amarillo, Tex.: Sally Bale- man, lll5'l', Bus., Odessa, Tex., lvlarkeling Club, Shadow Box: Jack Bayles, Engr., Tecumseh: Roberl G. Beach, Engr., Midwesl Cily: Eugene H. Beauchamp, Pharm., Grove: Roberl L. 'Beavin, HKCP, Engr., Olcla. Cily: Herlserl B. Bebb, ABS, Wichila Falls, Tex., IIME, :ll-E: Larry Beclrerman, llA'l', AHS, Dallas, Tex., A-3:1 Ben T. Benedum, 'N'-3, Bus., Norman. SECOND ROW: Roy F. Bennell, IN, Engr., Okla. Cily: Bruce L. Benlon, AES, Okla. Cily: Marlin L. Bernard, -EAM, AHS, Highland Park, NJ., All-X, Dean's Honor Rall, Hillel Foundalion: Carol J. Berry, AV, ABS, Shawnee, EAU: Max B. Berry, Allfl, AXQS, Olcla. Ciry: Sally Berry, AV, Educ., Olcla. Cily: Ted M. Berry, Jr., 'l'l'A, Bus., Henryella: Slanley l. Belzer, IX, ABS, Shidler: Lynn Biggers, HB'T', ABS, Wewoka. THIRD ROW: Joy Biggs, AHS, Selling, AAA: Cynlhia L. Bingman, Bus., Olcmulgee: Gerald J. Black, A815 Tulsa, Pick and Hammer Club, lnd. Slud. Assoc.: Anne Blackburn, ITB'lr, FA, Elk Cily, MTE: Charles N. Blacklee, ABS, Calgary, Alberla, Canada: Howard V. Blair, AHS, Okla. Cily: Claudia A. Blake, ZTA, Educ., Olcla. Cily: John A. Blakely, Pharm., Highland, N.Y.: Cary A. Boddeker, KA, ABS, Houslori, Tex. FOURTH ROVV: Allen Bolinski, Engr., Calgary, Alberla, Canada: Beverly Bonham, KAH, AHS, Okla. Cily: Dick Boone, HGIIII ABS, Tonlcawa: Harold W. Boone, ABS, Madison, Kans.: John D. Boosa, Engr., Weleelka: Perley A. Boolh, A'l', Engr., Okla. Cily, Pelr. Engr. Club: Fred A. Bordman, HNF, Bus., Kans. Cily, Mo.: l:Val+er R. Bowen, Bus., Pillsburgh, Pa., Soc. lor Adv. ol Mgml.: Cynlhia A. Bower, AXQ, Educ., Okla. Cily. FIFTH ROW: Richard C. Bower, fI'K'I', Enqr., Dallas, Tex.: Caro- lyn S. Bowman, AFA, Educ., Okla. Cily: John D. Boxell, ALS, Barllesville: David E. Boylan, 'PK-S, Engr., Balesville, Ark., lnsl. ol Aero. Sci., Am. Soc. ol Mech. Engr.: William Boyle, AXA, Bus., Wiclcenburg, Ariz., Accl. Club: Gaylene Bozarlh, ABS, Midwesl Cily: Edward Bradford, AXQS, Lawlon, AIIIA, German Club, Class- ics Soc., Dean's Honor Roll, Univ. Band: Charles E. Bradley, Pharm, Jeliferson, IDE, Am. Pharm. Assoc.: Paul B. Bradley, A-KE, Engr., Okla. Cily, fIJHE, Basset? Bafeman Bayles Beach Beauchamp Beavin Bebb Beckerman Benedum Benner? Benton Bernard Berry, C. Berry, M. Berry, S. Berry, T. Befzer Biggers Biggs Bingman Black Blackburn Blacklee Blair Blake Blakely Boddeker Bolinski Bonham Boone, D. Boone, H. Boosa Booth Bordman Bowen Bower C Bower, R. Bowman Boxell Boylan Boyle Bozarlh Bradford Bradley, C. Bradley P FIRST ROW: Ronald G. Bradshaw, Engr., C-uymon: William N. Brady, Bus., Tulsa, Soc. for Adv. of Mgml.: Lawrence K. Brainard, AX,A8fS, Olcla. Cily, Okla. Daily S'ra'FF: Fred V. Braun, UAW, AHS, Houslon, Tex.: Paul E. Braun, AX, Bus., Bolcoshe, Accl. Club. SECOND ROW: Roger l'l. Brawley, A242 Enqr., Olcla. Cify, Am. lnsl. of Arch.: Tommy W. Brashear, EX, Bus., Maysville, KK111, ATU, IE, Mlcl. Club, Slud. Senale, Univ. Band: Mary J. Breashears, XQ, ALS, Clinlon: Joe R. Broady, Affb, AHS, Olceene: William F. Brodnax, 'PAH Bus., N. Lillie Roclc, Arla, Soc. for Adv. of Mgmf. THIRD ROW: Quenlin R. Broeren, AES, Tislcilwa, lll., ITE: Charles W. Brown, ATA, Enqr., Midwe-sl Cily, 'l'llI, AXE, Arn. lnsf. of Chem. Engr., Arn. Chem. Soc.: Gaylon Brown, EX, Bus., Norman: Gerald P. Brown, Engr., Olean, N.Y., Soc. of Ind. Mgml. Engr.: Herberl L. Brown, Jr., Engr., Okla. Cily. FOURTH ROW: Larry J. Brown, Bus., Pocassel: Roy L. Brown, Engr., Pocassel, Engr. Club: Wallace E. Brown, Engr., Slroud, TIET: Donna J. Bruza, ZTA, FA Okla. Cily, AWA: Keilh L. Bryanf, Educ., Okla. Cily, fl'A'9, KAH, FIFTH ROW: Eddie Bryson, Bus., Achille: Jesse H. Buchanan, Enqr., Olcla. Cily, Am. lnsl. of Elec. Engr., lnsl. of Radio Engr.: John B. Buchanan, Engr. Grove, IIET, OAK, Slud. Senale, Pelr. Engr. Club: Carl R. Buclr, 'PK-fi, Engr., Fox, Ind. Engr. Club, lnferfral. Council: Roberl W. Bunch, Engr., Barllesville. SIXTH ROW: Willon H. Burch, Engr., Grandfield, ITET, Am lnsl. of Mech, Engr., Pelr. Engr. Club: Janel L. Burggraf, A815 Mary S. Burleson, AAA, Educ., Waco, Tex.: Jerry W. Burnell Engr., Olcla. Cily, Am. lnsl. of Elec. Engr., lnsf. of Radio Engr SEVENTH ROW: Marvin D. BurneH, AZKS, Tulsa: Sally Burns, X52 A8cS, Okla. Cily: John C. Burnside, Engr., Garden Cily, Kans. Margarel A. Burum, APA, Educ., Norman, League of Young Re- pub.: Grelchen Bush, HRT, AXQS, Tulsa. EIG-HTH ROW: Allen R. Buller, Bus., Olcla. Cify, Accf. Club Finance Club, Mklg. Club: Owen L. Buller, IN, AES, Grove Gordon Buller, Engr., Henryella: Pal' A. Byrn, Educ., Frederick EAH: Janel S. Cabe, AF, AES, Tulsa. NINTH RO'W: Bill Caldwell, AXA, Bus., Hugo: Rachel B. Cam eron, KA9, ASS, River Fore-sl, III.: Ann A. Cammarano, KA, A3,S, Olympia, Wash.: Carol L. Camp, ARS, Holdenyille: Charles D. Campbell, KA, Engr., Miami, IIT, Pefr. Engr. Club. f 9 Nik r ' .. . ..,.. ,L ., V ,. ff. M' 'mess' X ., x- f A. .X fxgxcq.. My , WT 11" 5, 1 10 I' S 'fem xifctf.,-Q.,-gf fi l I8 if Arlinglon, Tex., Oilccnomia: Charles R. Burk, 9Kfl" Engr,, Duncan' Bradshaw Brawley Broeren Brown, L. Bryson Burch Burnell, M. Butler, A. Caldwell Brady Brashear Brown, C. Brown, R. Buchanan Bu rggraf Burns Buller, O. Cameron Brainard Braun, F. Breashears Broady Brown, G. Brown, G. P. Brown, W. Bruza Buchanan, J. B. Buck Burk Burleson Burnside Burum Buller, G. Byrn Cammarano Camp Braun, P. Broadnax Brown, H. Bryan? Bunch Burnelf, J. Bush Cabe Campbell Losl' in deep concenlralion, Harold Boone care- fully draws in lhe delails for his geology map. FlRST ROW: Marvin W. Campbell, Bus., Welch, 'Nl-Y, A-Eli: Jay P. Cannon, ABS, l-lealdlon, Alilg Byron H. Capilo, HA'l'. Engr., Kans. Cily, Mo., Am. lnsl. ol Chem. Engr.: Slanley L. Carl- lon, ASW, AHS, Wichila, Kans., Pick and Hammer Club: Johnny W. Carnes, Educ., Sayre:James A. Carney, Engr., Okla. Cily, Engr. Club, Am. Soc. of Civil Engr.: Luis A. Carrizales, Engr., Caracas, Venezuela, Am. Soc. ol Mech. Engr.: Ann Carler, KKV, ABS, Tulsa: Jerry Carler, Engr., Sulphur, lnsl. ol Radio Engr. SECOND ROW: Sherman P. Carler, ABS, Brislow, OAK, 'DAQ l-lislory Club, Classics Soc.: Thad C. Carver, :'Pl'l, ABS, Wichila, Kans.I Bob L. Casey, BGTH, AES, Okla. Cily, fblll, AEA, OAK, Pe-el, Union Aciivilies Board: Carol A. Cashion, KKV, A81S, Enid: Tom Cale, -'PK-S, Engr., Norman: Dorolhy L. Calhey, AAA, AES, Amarillo, Tex.: Sleve B. Cafhey, BETH, AES, Norman, AA-Y, Slud. Press Assoc., Public Relalions Soc., Okla. Daily Mg. Ed.: Manuel J. Chacin, IIKA, Bus., Caracas, Venezuela, Soc. for Adv. ol Mgml., Spanish Club: James E. Chambers, FA, Mangum. THIRD ROW: Jane Chambers, KK1', Educ., Alrus: B. C. Chance, Engr., Seminole, Am. lnsl. of Elec. Engr.:Danny R. Chandler, Educ., Blackwell, Debale Squad: Paul Chandler, xx, Pharm., Broken Bow, Am. Pharm. Assoc., Discioles Slud. Fellowship: Rex W. Chandler, -EN, Pharm., Broken Bow: Dewey J. Chapman, IFFE, AES, Ponca Cily: Barbara Chealham, AAA, FA, Okla. Cily, A'l'A, Morlar Board, Slud. Senale, Union Aclivilies Bd.: Glenn R. Chowins, Educ., Welumkap Sydney L. Chowins, AES Weleelka, FOURTH ROW: Roberl V. Clapp, HGH, Engr., Okla. Cily, THU, OAK, 'Pill 3112, IUIE: Pal' Clare, A8fS, Tulsa, ITE, Pick and Hammer Club: Larry Clark, AXA, ALS, Richardson, Tex.: Roberl' R. Clark, Engr., Okla. Cily, Am. lnsl. ol Chem. Engr.: Slanley A. Clark, Bus., Muskogee: William S. Clark, EN, AHS, Falls Church, Va.: Bob L. Clearwaler, DDE, Engr., Wichila, Kans.: D. David Clemons, FA, Ada, 'PMA' OAK' slvllllg Eleanor Cline, AFA, FA, Okla. Cily, Fedr. of Young Repub. FIFTH ROW: Roberl J. Clinl, ARS, Niagara Falls, N.Y.: Bob R. Cochrane, KE, Engr., Shawnee, Engr. Club, Am. Soc. of Mech. Engr., Scabbord and Blade: Karl E. Cocke, Acacia, AXcS, Tulsa, CPAQ, l-lislory Club, French Club, Fedr. ol Young Repub.: Kennelh M. Coffelf, AX, Educ., Waurika: William L. Coffey, -SAE, AHS, Ardmore, Finance Club: Marilyn R. Cole, A'I', ASS, Sligler, Wesley Foundalion, Young Dem. Club: Gary D. Coley, ABS, Norman, 'PHIL Am. Chem. Soc.: C. E. Collins, Engr., Norman, Soc. of Aulo Eng., Am. Soc. of Mech. Eng.: Phil E. Colslon, HKA, Bus., Mc- Alesler, Soc. for Adv. of Mgml., Markelinq Club, Campbell Cannon Capilo Carlfon Carnes Carney Carrizales Carfer, A. Carler J Carter, S. Carver Casey Cashion Cafe Calhey, D. Calhey, S. Chacin Chambers J E Chambers, J. Chance Chandler, D. Chandler, P. Chandler, R. Chapman Chealham Chowins, G. Chowlns S Clapp Clare Clark, L. Clark, R. Clark, S. Clark, W. Clearwafer Clemons Cline Clinl Cochrane Cocke Coffell Coffey Cole Coley Collins Colsfon FIRST ROW: Carol L. Conley, AAA, Bus., Norman, Accl. Club, Mqml. Club, Air Knockers, Gail A. Cooley, AAA, ASIS, Norman, ACPA, John H. Cooper, AT, Enqr., El Dorado, Kans., Am. Soc. ol Mech, Enqr., VTK, Richard L. Cooper, Bus., Olcla. Cily, Donald H. Coplin, llA'l', Engr., I-louslon, Tex., THU, lllC'l', IT, SECOND ROW: Richard W. Corbilfr, A242 Educ., Allus, Bobby N. Corcoran, Bus., Olcla. Cily, Wesley G. Cornelison, Bus., Nor- man, Charles W. Cossey, IN, AHS, Barllesville, James D. Cossey, EN, AES, Barllesville, Joseph S. Cofner, fT'A0, Engr., Magnolia, Arlr. THIRD ROW: Hugh J. Collon, Enqr., Wichila, Kans., Am. Soc. of Mech. Enqr., 41112, Maryle Council, AES, I-leavener, Richard W. Courfney, IIKA, Bus., Woodward, Mike S. Cox, A8fS, Talihina. FOURTH ROW: Roberf D. Cox, 'l'Al3, Bus., Ardmore, Norma D. Coyle, AES, Marlow, Oilconomia, Duclcs Club, Wayne E. Craig, Enqr., Olcla. Cily., Charles C. Cremer, Engr., Elgin, John H. Crooch, AHS, Olcmulqee. FIFTH ROW: Donald W. Crosby, AI45, ALS, Reluqio, Tex., If-PE, Wesley Foundalion, C. Tom Cross, A8iS, Houslon, Tex., Dennis A. Cross, BN, Engr., Tulsa, EFT, lnsl. ol Aero. Sci., Donald A. Cross, IN, Engr., Tulsa, Kenny Crossland, Bus., Allus, TE. SIXTH ROW: Mary A. Cupil, ZTA, EA, Midwesl Cily, Nancy Currey, AXU, FA, Seminole, Morris S. Curry, 'l'KXl', AES, Dallas, Tex., Donna L. Czeslcleba, AX33, ASUS, Tulsa, Michael D'Amico, Engr., Malverne, N.Y. SEVENTH ROW: Pafricia A. Daugheriy, Xll, FA, Hulchinson, Kans., A'T'A, Javonna S. David, ZTA, Bus., Midwesr Cily, Thomas E. Davie, Jr., IX, Enqr., Tulsa, Insr. ol Aero. Sci.: Jay Davis, -YN. Engr., Lawlon, TEH, ET, Engr. Club, S+. Pals Council, Am. Soc. of Melals, Arnold Air Command, Johnna M. Davis, XQ, Educ., Norman. EIGHTH ROW: Ernie B. Day, BAE, Bus., Muskogee, Deanna Dean, APA, Educ., Woodward, Fur. Teachers of Am., Dwain L. Dean, Bus., Allus, Accl. Club, Richard A. Delgado, Educ., San Diego, Calif., "O" Club, Ful. Bus. Leaders ol Am., Billy R. Delp, Bus., Olcla. Cily. NINTH ROW: Furio DeMar+a, Engr., Puenla La Cruz, Venezuela, Pal' M. Dennis, XII, AHS, Enid, AAA, 9:42 Roberl W. Dense, Jr., BAE, Engr., Tulsa, James W. H. Denlon, AXA, Enqr., E+. Worrh, Tex., Glenda W. Depuy, Bus., Olcla. Cily, Slal, Club. seniors I20 Conley Cooley Corbilf Corcoran Coiner Colton Cox, R. Coyle Crosby Cross, C. Cupif Currey Daugherfy David Day Dean, D. DeMarla Dennis Cooper, J. Cooper, R. Coplin Cornelison Cossey, C. Cossey, J. Council Courtney Cox, M. Craig Cremer Crooch Cross, D. Cross, D. A. Crossland Curry Czeskleba D'Amico Davie Davis, J. Davis, J. M Dean, D. L. Delgado Delp Dense Denton Depuy During zoology lab Joel Woodburn and Bob Casey work over 'rheir helpless prey. FIRST ROW: Fran Dexler, HRT, Educ., Pheonix, Ariz., K-5-TT: Frank E. Dicus, ZQE, Bus., Ada, TE, Mkl. Club: Donald D. Dill- man, HKA, Bus., Seminole: Sharon M. Dobbs, TlT5'T', AES, Allus: Mary R. Dobie, HBKR, FA, EI Dorado, Ark.: David L. Dodd, Engr., Ardmore: Kennefh Doke, Engr., Welumka, Arn. Soc. of Mech. Engr., Soc. of Aulo Engr.: Donley A. Dollar, ASS, Muskogee: Roberl M. Donaldson, Engr., Okla. Cily. SECOND ROW: G. R. Donehew, Pharm., Norman: William C. Donley, AXA, FA, Arapaho, NPA: David A. T. Donohue, Engr., Monlrcal, Canada, IIET, Pair. Engr. Club: Marilyn Dorff, AXS2, AHS, EI Paso, Tex.: Rod A. Dorr, E'l'l'f, Engr., Okla. Cily: Jackie L. Douglas, AF, Educ., Dallas, Tex.: Kerlnefh W. Downey, Engr., Duncan: William J. Doyle, Ill, EAE, Engr., Tulsa: Paul A. Drew, Engr., Arcanum, Ohio, ET, FTK, Soc. of Geol. Engr. THIRD ROW: Terrell W. Driskill, ATU, Bus., Hollis, Soc. for Adv. of Mgml., Mkl. Club: Mariellen Duckworlh, A'l', Bus., Tulsa: Lou Ann Dudley, AAA, Educ., Hollis: John B. DuFfieId, Jr., ATU, Engr., Houslon, Tex: Jackie R. Duncan, AXQ, Educ., Mangum, Tassels, KATI, Ful. Teachers of Am.: Jerry S. Duncan, AKE, Engr., Okla. Cily, Sl. PaI"s Council: John R. Dunkin, EN, Bus., Tulsa: Bryan A. Dunlap, Educ., Lawlon, Bapl. Slud. Union: Dick W. Dunn, ATU, Engr., Ardmore. FOURTH ROW: Warren H. Dunninglon, EN, AHS, Lawlon, Scab- bard and Blade: John A. Dye, 95, Engr., Tulsa: James E. Eakin, Jr., Engr., Wichifa Falls, Tex., fP9K, NET, ET, TBH, Am. Insl. of Mech. Engr.: Gerry G. Easl-, HKA, Enqr., Okla. Cily: Bennel' T. Easlerling, EN, AHS, Que-mado, N. Mex.: Frank K. Eby, Engr. Wilson: Thomas M. Egan, Jr., EX, Bus., Evansville, Ind.: Hilde- garde Ehrman, A81S, Washinglon, D.C., QA9: Ann G. Eichor ARS, EI Reno. FIFTH ROW: Kennefh L. Elder, 'iJK'I', Engr., Sulphur: Merilyn K Eldridge, KA9, ALS, Tulsa: ITQT: Joan Ellef, Bllfb, AHS, Wichila Kans.: Jim D. EIIioH, WPA, A8.S, Tulsa, Fedr. of Young Repub. LeRoy R. England, Engr., Spencer, HET, 22913, Ind. Slud. Assoc. Dan A. Erwin, Bus., Chandler: Sam H. Eslerkyn, HARD, A8fS, Sl Joseph, Mo.: Marshall S. Esfrin, 1-IAQ, Engr., Kans. Cily, Mo. Am. Soc. of Civil Engr., Am. Ins'l. of Arch. Dexter Dicus Dillman Dobbs Doble Dodd Doke Dollar Donaldson Donehew Donley Donohue Dorff Dorr Douglas Downey Doyle Drew Drlskill Duckworlh Dudley Duffield Duncan, J, R. Duncan, J. S. Dunkin Dunlap Dunn Dunnlnglon Dye Eakin Easf Easlerling Eby Egan Ehrman Eichor Elder Eldridge Ellel' Ellioll England Epp Erwin Eslerkyn Eslrm Engr. Club, Pelr. Engr. Club: Edgar K. Epp, Engr., Newlon, Kans.: FIRST ROW: Alice D. Evans, AAA, ALS, Houslon, Tex., TAX: Carl L. Evans, A8rS, Slillwaler: Thomas D. Evans, Bus., Ada, AEH: Carl Fagin, HAT, Engr., Olcla. Cily, Am. Soc. ol Melals, Am. lnsl. ol Chem. Engr.: Charles L. Fagln. HAT. Law, Olila. Cily. SECOND ROW: Judy S. Fagin, EAT, Educ., Olcla. Cily: James C. Fairchild, Engr., Rohr, TBH, ET: Monlella Fanl, X53, Bus., Dur- anl, Mlal. Club, TE, Wesley Foundalion: Arlhur W. Farrier, Educ.. Olcla. Cily: Jerry Fasl-, AZQS, Fairview, EWU. THIRD ROW: MQMFSF. Fenian, APA, FA, Okla. Ciiy, AAA: James R. Fenwick, A2115 AES, Sl. Louis, Mo.: Lawrence J. Fergus, 91019, Bus., Youngslown, Ohio, Soc. for Adv. ol Mgml.: Larry R. Ferguson, AES, Pawnee: Emily A. Ferris, AAA, A8fS, Allus. FOURTH ROW: James D. Feuerslein, IAM, Bus., Highland Park, Ill., Soc. for Adv. ol: Mgml., Sabre Air Command, Finance Club, Mlcl. Club: Ronald W. Fidler, ZAE, Engr., Olcla. Cily, TBII, ET: Roger H. Fincher, Engr., Haynesville, La.: James H. Finney, BGH, Engr., Olcla. Cily, TBII, Arnold Air Soc.: Lee F. Fischer, A241 ALS, Larned, Kans. FIFTH ROW: John M. Fish, ATA, Engr., Tulsa: Johnny D. Fisher, Bus., Elmore Cily: Sue S. Fisher, X-Q, Educ., Maysville: Carla M. Fifch, AHS, Norman: Ralph H. Flagler, AHS, Chiclcasha. SIXTH ROW: Kenl' Fleming, WPA, Engr., Olcla. Cily: Earle S. Florance, Engr., I-louslon, Tex., Soc. of Geol. Engr., Bapl. Slud. Union, Tridenl Soc.: Jim Flow, KA, AHS, Norman: Russell H. Floyd, AHS, Beaver: Edward E. Forbes, Engr., Broken Arrow. SEVENTH ROW: Eugene Forbes, ALS, Housion, Tex.: James M. Ford, Engr., La Junla, Colo., HT2: Carol A. Forsberg, AES, Prai- rie Village, Kans., Who's Who, XT, A.W.S., Ind. Slud. Assoc., Slud. Senale, B.'W.O.C.: Anne V. Fosler, AX9, Educ., Miami: Ben Fosfer, IIKA, Bus., Allus. EIGHTH ROW: Joyce L. Fosfer, AF, AES, Olcla. Cily, EAU. KAH: John E. Francis, A242 Engr., Kingfisher, KKW, Am. Soc. ol Mech. Engr., Soc. ol Aulo, Engr.: Janel' C. Franldiurl, AES, Okla. Cily: Charles O. Fredregill, AHS, Odessa, Tex., Univ. Band: Ronald L. Freed, UAW, Pharm., Sl. Joseph, Mo. NINTH ROW: Roberl Frenfzel, Engr., Pensacola, Fla., Ind. Engr. Club, Engr. Club: Keilh E. Freudenlhal, AT, Pharm., Beeville, Tex.: Paul J. Fronlerhouse, fI'Kl, Engr., I-lealdlon, TEH, ET, UNT: Kay Frossard, XSZ, AES, Dallas Tex., Women's Rec. Assoc.: Julia C. Fullerlron, KK1' AAS, Lawlon. Evans A. Fenion ,,. ,, , ,, ,,,,,,.., . W " . Fagin, J. S 101' S Feuwfein f X I 22 Fish Fleming Forbes, E. Fosfer, J. Fre nlzel Eva ns, C. Fairchild Fenwick Fidler Fisher, J. Florance Ford Francis Freudenlhal Eva ns, T. Fan? Fergus Fincher Fisher, S. Flow Forsberg Frankfurt Fro nie rhouse Fagin, C. Farrier Ferguson Finney Fifch Floyd Fosfer, A. Fredregill Frossard Fagin, C. L. Fasf Ferris Fischer Flagler Forbes, E. E Fosler, B. Freed Fullerion Crealing lhe lalesi in fashion, Nancy Ward lries some fancy sfifching in home economics class. FIRST ROW: Garland N. Gaines, Educ., Allus, QUE, WA97 John W. Gaines, ETE, Engr., Olrla. Cily, Am. lnsi. oi Archs. A.U.S.A.: Pafricia A. Garber, AAA, AES, Chevy Chase, Md.: Nelson V. Garner Jr., 'DAQ Engr., Olcla. Cily, lnsl. of Aero. Sci., Am. Soc. of Mech. Engrsq Roberf D. Garrell, A8fS, Olcla. Ciiy, QHE, OAK, Pe-ei, Pres. ol l.S.A., Pres of U.A.B., Siudenl Senaley Jo Ann Garrison, ALS, Olcla. Cily, Fulure Teachers of Am.: Charles R. Gasaway, fPKE, AXIS, Enid, Olcla. Academy of Sci., 'PH-E7 James C. Gaslcins Jr., ATA, Bus., Ardmore, Finance Club: Allen F. George, Acacia, Enqr., Easl Norwich, N.Y. SECOND ROW: Tom P. George, 'PK-3, AHS, Tulsa, AEH, Scab- bard and Blade, Paul N. Gershon, IIA'I', Enqr., Kans. Ciiy, Mo.: Paul B. Gibbs, Bus., Norman, Soc. for Adv, of Mgmt: Janice R. Gibson, AFA, Educ., Sl. Louis, Mo., QJAFJI KAH: Owen S. Gibson, Acacia, AHS, Okla. Ciiyg James E. Gilchrisl, AT, Engr., Walnul, Ill.: Bryan E. Gillespie, BDU, Engr., Olcla. Ciiy: Roberl E. Gilli- land, Engr., Olcla. Cily, Soc. Geol. Enqr.: Russell N. Gilmore, ALS, Trenlon, N.J., XPX. THIRD ROW: Shirley E. Gilmore, A8fS, Trenlon, N.J., WX: Wil- liam C. Gilmore, ASQS, Albuquerque, N.M.: Carl L. Gipson, Engr., Olcla. Ciiy, lnsl. of Aero. Sci., Am. Soc. of Mech. Engrsq Elmore H. Gladish, Engr., Olcla. Ciiy, Engr. Club, Am. Soc. of Civil Engrs.7 Befh Gladslfein, AWP, Bus., Olcla. Cily, Marlceiing Club, llig William A. Glass, AT, Engr., Olcmulgeeg David H. Glenn, AXA, Engr., Houslonl Tex., TBII, OAK, EYE, TTK, flfll-33 Richard A. Glenn, AT, Bus., Lawlon, AEH, TE, Margairel' A. Gober, AFA, Educ., Olcla. Ciiy, Orchesis, BWOC, Dean's Honor Roll, HZK. FOURTH ROW: James l.. Goff, B911 AHS, Ponca Ciiyg Har- riel L. Goldberg, AE'fIJ, A8fS, Wilburlong Edward Goldin, UAW, Bus., Miami, Fla.: Bob S. Goldberg, EAM, Engr., Brooklyn, N.Y.: Marvin Goldslein, 1-IAfI', ASIS, Kans. Ciiy, Mo.: Samuel D. Good- win, AXA, Engr., Pauls Valleyg Glenda Gower, Bus., Helena, Clem D. Gregg, Engr., Olcla. Cily, TITZ, Am. Soc. of Mech. Engrs.. Engr. Club, Soc. oi Aulo. Engrs.: Ralph W. Granl, AX, AES, Clinlon, KUVY Slaii. FIFTH ROW: Mary A. Granfham, AAU, FA, Olcla. Cilyg Rhoda J. Grady, KA9, FA, Shawnee, KUVY Siaflg Jon F. Gray, ATA, AES, Pauls Valley: T. D. Gray, Bus., Olcla. Cily, Accouniing Club: Carole A. Green, 114313, AES, Lawion, AAA: Harry W. Green, APD, Bus., Lone Wolf: Margarel' J. Green, I'fI'B, AHS, Norman, AAA, IIEA, Deans Honor Roll, Presiden'I's Honor Roll: Don W. Greenberg, UAT, Bus., Omaha, Neb., William A. Griffin, Engr., Yulcon, Soc. ol Enqr. Phys., ET, TEH. ENE. Games, G. Gaines, J. Garber Garner Garrell' Garrison Gasaway Gaskins George A George, T. Gershon Gibbs Gibson, J. Gibson, O. Gilchrisl Gillespie Gilliland Gilmore R Gilmore, S. Gilmore, W. Gipson Gladish Gladsfein Glass Glenn, D. Glenn, R. Gober Goff Goldberg Gcldin Goldberg Goldslein Goodwin Gower Gragg Granf Granlham Grady Gray, J. Gray, T. Green, C. Green, H. Green, M. Greenberg Griffin FIRST ROW: Carol A. Griffilh, Educ., Midwesf Cilyg John F. Grifiifh, BGII, Enqr., Hugo: Ben C. Groenewold, A8rS, Tulsa, Larry T. Gross, AHS, San Anlonio, Tex.: Ralph G. Grounds, AXA. A8iS, Hooper. SECOND ROW: Anne M. Groves, A41 FA, Okla. Cilyg PaHi R. Gumerson, KA9. A8fS, Gulhrie, Morlar Board, KPBK, AAA, Tas- sels, Union Aclivilies Bd., Pochelle Gufhrie, Educ., Maysville, Fur. Teachers of Am.: Roberl L. Gwarlney, Educ., Leavenworlh, Kans.: Julia A. Haga, KA, A8iS, Grand Rapids, Mich. THIRD ROW: Jerry D. Hagee, ATSZ, Bus., Okla. Cily, IE, Scab- bard and Blade, Mkr. Club, Air Knockers: Roberl' T. Hager Jr., FA, Okla. Cifyz Kennelh J. Haigler, ATSZ, Enqr., Canionq Fred W. Haise, Engr., Biloxi, Miss., TEH. E1'Tg Neal B. Hamblelon, A8iS. Chickasha. FOURTH ROW: John S. Hamillon, Enqr., Williamsport Pa.: Marlynn Hamillon, AF, AXQS, Houslon, Tex., EAHg Mary Ann Hamillon, AXS2, Educ., Enid, Ful. Teachers of Am.: W. D. Hamil- ion, Engr., Calgary, Alberla, Canada, Jack Hammond, Engr., Noble. FIFTH RO'W: Sam T. Hamra, TA9, A8rS, Lawlon, AEA: Charles C. Handly, KA, Engr., Memphis, Tenn.: Roberl D. Hanley, 'PKE, Engr., Dallas, Tex.: Larry B. Hannah, BAE, Engr., Edmond, James S. Hardy, A8iS, Tulsa. SIXTH ROW: Vernon E. Hardy, Enqr., Okla. Cily, ET, TIME, HKN, 4911231 Bill L. Harlan, AXA, AHS, Amarillo, Tex.: Ronald E. Harper, Bus., Tulsa, Univ. Band: Bonnie J. Harrel, FA, Midwesl Cily, MTE, Dudley M. Harlman, Engr., Okla. Cily, HET. SEVENTH ROW: Verlan W. Harrell, A815 Gage: C. Wayne Har- ris, A542 Bus., Waurika, lnlerfraf. Council, Slud. Senale, Bus. Sia- lisrics Club: William H. Harris, 'PK2 Bus., Cushing, Emil B. Harrison, A8cS, Tulsa, EAX, A.U.S.A.g Charla D. Hasenmyer, A8rS, Grandiqeld, AT, 492. EIGHTH ROW: Jack L. Haskins, EN, Bus., Shidlerq Jerry E. Haslon, AHS, Loco, Pick and Hammer: William L. Hawkins, Bus.. Fl. Worlh: James W. Hayes, KA, AHS, Okla. Cilyg Jared E. Hazlelon, B9.II, Bus., Okla. Cily, Pe-el, OAK, Slud. Senaie. NlNTH ROW: Jerry Heller, HAT, Pharm., Joplin, Mo.: Miriam Hellman, EAT, A8rS, Chandler, John R. Helfon, EN, A8iS, Grand- lieldg Lawrence A. Herron, Engr., Okla. Cily, lns'l'. of Aero. Sci.: Arlhur H. Hesler, KE, Enqr., Kans. Cily, Mo. 7-5i6111OI"S -4 f-31? , , I 24 Griffilh, C. Griffifh, J. Groenewold Gross Groves Gumerson Gulhrie Gwarfney Hagee Hager Haigler Haise Hamilion, J. Hamilion, M. Hamilton, M. A. Hamillon, W. Hamra Handly Hanley Hannah Hardy, V. Harlan Harper Harrel Harrell Harris, C. Harris, W. Harrison Haskins Haston Hawkins Hayes Heller Hellman Helton Herron Grounds Haga Hamblefon Hammond Hardy, J. Harfman Hasenmyer Hazlefon Hesler Wilh lhe lafesl melhods in sludying, Lesler Tucker, Eugene McConnell and David Polls ulilize lhe library. FIRST ROW: Charles W. Hesfer, Educ., Norman, Hudy C. HewiH Jr., Engr., Alokag Leah K. Higbie, Al'-A, AES, Okla. Cily, Oiko- nomia: Charles F. Hill Jr., KA, Engr., Dallas, Tex., "O" Club: Jack E. Hill, Engr., Cameron, Mo., UNT: Ronald M. Hill, KX, Engr., Easl Lansing, Mich.: James C. Hippen, ARS, Okla. Cily, Pe-el, OAK, fl1A9, 1'9T, ISA, Hisfory Club, 'PHE7 Del H. Hodges, EN, AHS, El Dorado, Ark., James R. Holcomb, Engr., Alfus, Am. Soc. of Mech. Engrs., Soc. of Aufo. Engrs. , SECOND RONN: Ronald P. Holcomb, AKE, Engr., Wellsfon: Forresf E. Holdcraff Jr., Engr., Okla. Cify, lnsl. of Radio Engrs.: James N. Holdcraff, A-YP, Bus., Okla. Cily, Mkf. Club: Carol R. Holderby, Educ., Byron, UUH, HZK, KAN: Gilberl' B. Holmes, Bus., Okla. Cilyg Reland K. Holsapple, KKP, Educ., Chickasha, Ducks: John W. Hollzclaw, Engr., Tulsa, THE, Zillll, OAK, THU: Cecil D. Homer Jr., Engr., l-lealdlong Carol J. Hoopingarner, AF, ARS, Dallas, Tex., 9242 FAX. THIRD ROW: Neal M. Horlon, ATA, Bus., Okla. Cify, A2117 Roberf B. Housfon, K-Y, Bus., Barllesville: Leslie R. Howard, Engr., Ada: Sara F. Howell, AAA, Educ., Holdenville, H9-H, Wesley Founclafion, Fulure Bus. Leaders of America, Dale S. Hughes, A242 AXQS, Nevada, Iowa, Jimmie R. Hughes, Engr., Elmore Cify: Jo Ann Hughslon, Educ., McAlesferg Joseph H. Humphrey, ARS. Fl. Smilh, Ark., Pick and Hammer, League of Young Dem., Vel- erans Club: James P. Hunl, EX, Bus., Kingfisher. FOURTH ROW: M. Janice Hunler, AAA, FA, Wichifa, Kans., M'PEg Vicki Hunler, UB'I', Educ., Tulsa, Bus. Educ. Club lPres.l, N.R.O.T.C. Queen, '57-'583 Frank Hunlinglon, EWR, Engr., Tulsa: Barbara H. Huslon, X9, Educ., Berger, Tex., HQH, Fulure Teach- ers of Am., Alyce C. Hulcheson, KA9, Bus., Muskogee, IE, Mar- keling Club, Finance Club, Norman L. lzard, Bus., Duncan, Finance Club, Accounling Clubg Sieve A. Janger, HAT, AHS, Okla, Cify, French Club: Don R. Jay, Geol., Cherokee: Mary Ann Jeffrey. XQ, Educ., El Reno. FIFTH ROW: Larry N. Jeffries, Bus., Kingfisher, Accf. Club, Jo Anne Jensen, TM, AXQS, Lincoln, Ne-b.y Edwin J. Johnson, Engr., Ardmore, Gene H. Johnson, AKE, Engr., Vinila: Herberl A. John- son, EN, Engr., Lawlong Joe C. Johnson, ATS2, AHS, l-lousfon, Tex., Pick and Hammer: Mary E. Johnson, Bus., Okemahg Virginia A. Johnson, Educ., Gulhrieg Mary-Sluarl Johnslone, AAA, AES, Chappequah, N.Y., EAU, Orchesis. Hesler Hewill Higbie Hill, C. Hill, J. Hill, R. Hippen Hodges Holcomb J Holcomb, R. Holdcraff, F. Holdcraff, J. Holderby Holmes Holsapple Holfzclaw Homer Hoopxngarner Horlon Housfon Howard Howell Hughes, D. Hughes, J. Hughsfon Humphrey Hunf Hunler, M. Hunfer, V. Hunlinglon Husfon Hulcheson lzard Janger Jay Jeffrey Jeffries Jensen Johnson, E. Johnson, G. Johnson, H. Johnson, J. Johnson, M. Johnson, V. Johnsfone FIRST ROW: Billy L. Jones, Engr., Kingfisher, Soc. ol: Enqr. Phys.: Chesler L. Jones, Enqr., Okla. Cily: Don B. Jones, Engr., Tahle- quah, ET, HKN, lnsl. of Radio Enqr.: Donald K. Jones, A8cS. Lamar, Colo.: Floyd H. Jones, Bus., Norman. SECOND ROW: Jill A. Jones, AHS, Caracas, Venezuela: Roberl M. Jones, KE, A8rS, Ada: Roberl' N. Jones, QPFA, AHS, Amarillo, Tex.: Ronald T. Jones, Engr., Duncan: Ronnie K. Jones, 'PAQ Bus., Lawlon, Mkl. Club, Fedr. of Young Dem., IE. THIRD ROW: Sidney F. Jones, AXA, Enqr., Okla. Cily, Engr. Club, Pelr. Enqr. Club, Sooner Shamrock Slaicl: Wilbur D. Jones, Engr., Tulsa, lnsl, of Radio Engr.: Kay Kaiser, KKF, AES, Clinlon, Ducks: Norman N. Kangun, Bus., N. Bergen, N.J., TE, Soc. for Adv. of Mgrnl., Mkt. Club, Fedr. ol Young Dem.: Irv M. Kauff- man, EAM, AHS, Henryella, AAZI. FOURTH ROW: James E. Keele, Engr., Tishomingo, UKN, lnsl. of Radio Enqr.: Kalhleen A. Keilh, KKF, Educ., Norman: Lucy E. Keller, ZTA, AHS, Houslon, Tex.: Bobby J. Kelly, Bus., Duncan. Mkl'. Club, IE: Fred W. Kelly, AKE, Engr., Calgary, Alberla, Canada, Engr. Club, Pelr. Club, S+. Pal's Council, Air Knockers. FIFTH ROW: Janice J. Kelly, HRW, Educ., Elk Cily: Jackie L, Kelfner, Engr., Lawlon: Ima J. Kendall, Pharm., Okla. Clly: Dale E. Kennedy, FA, Chickasha, KK'If, 'l'MA, Univ. Band: Sheila Ker- lin, KA9, A8rS, Tulsa. SIXTH ROW: Chesler R. Ke'lner, Engr., Norman: George N. Keyser, Engr., Okla. Cily, AZFD, Enqr. Club: Rodney T. Kienlen, Engr,, Okla. Cily: Larry N. Kilborn, -BET, Engr., Chickasha, Am. lns'l'. of Arch.: Anna M. Killian, AES, Norman, XT. SEVENTH ROW: Curlis Kimball, AHS, Canlon: Lawrence M. Kimrey, KE, Bus., Norman, IE, Arn. Mkl. Assoc., Finance Club: George A. King, A241 Bus., Okla. Cilyg Rick Kingelin, AKE, Enqr., Housfon, Tex., Classics Soc., Varsily Baseball, Pick and Hammer Club, Sooner Shamrock, lnleriral. Council, Pelr. Enqr. Club, Engr. Club, Soc. of Ge-ol. Engr.: S. Jean Kingery, AXU, FA, ous. cny, Afm. EIGHTH ROW: Ryborn R. Kirby, Enqr., Gainesville, Tex.: Charles P. Kirkland, Pharm., Edmond, Pres. of PX, TE: Carol L. Kilchen, KA9, Educ., Cushing: Roberf H. Klamkin, A8rS, New York Cily, N.Y., Ind. Slud. Assoc.: Nancy A. Klass, XQ, Educ., Lawlon. NINTH ROW: Richard A. Klein, Engr., Wallers, Pelr. Enqr. Club: Andrianna Klenfos, ZTA, Bus., Wewoka: Don M. Kline, Educ., Mishawaka, Ind., Ful. Bus. Leaders of Am.: Ronney R. Koch, Enqr., Cape Girardeau, Mo.: Rudolph Koci Jr., AHS, Fr. Worlh, Tex. seriiors I26 Jones, B. Jones, J. Jones, S. Keele Kelly, J. Keiner Kimball Kirby Klein Jones, C. Jones, R. M. Jones, W. Keith Kelfner Keyser Kimrey Kirkland Klenfos Jones, D. B. Jones, D. K. Jones, F. Jones, R. N. Jones, R. T. Jones, R. K Kaiser Kangun Kauffman Keller Kelly, B. Kelly, F. Kendall Kennedy Kerlin Kienlen Kilborn Killian King Kinqelin Kingery Kitchen Klamkin Klass Kline Koch Koci Fellow ar+is+ Lloyd Tugwell observes as Jean Kingery applies fhe 'finishing fouches lo her maslerpiece. FIRST ROW: Lou Ann Koerner,KK1', FA, Park Ridge, III.: Jarold L. Kohll, EAM, Pharm., Omaha, Nels.: Irwin H. Kornield, HA'l', AHS, Wichiia, Kans.: Jimmie N. Koronis, Pharm., Picher, PX, Am. Ph. Assoc.: Ted K. Krampf, fl-AE, Engr., Nowala: C. A. Kraslxa, l5'lKli', Bus., Cliilon, N.J.: Raymond Kulclenslci, Engr., Olcla. Cily, Am. lnsl. of Chem. Engrs.: Howard E. Kunz, AES, Dallas, Tex.: Craig K. Kyle, 93, Engr., Norman. SECOND ROW: John E. Lacy, :'l'l'l, Bus., Wichila, Kans., Soc. Am. Mil. Engr., IE, lvlarlqeling Club: Roberl W. Lafon, Aca- cia, Engr., Amarillo, Tex., Am. lnsl. of Chem. Engr.: Willie E. Lamberi, Bus., Sayre: Ernesl' R. Laminaclr, KE, ASS, Verona, N.J.: Sidney B. Lampson, A8cS, Lawlon, Am. Chem. Soc., Soc. 'lor Adv. of Mgmi.: Herman L.Lancas+er, Bus., Meeker: San R. Landers. Bus., Nowala: Erdie D. Lansford, AES, Lawlon, Piclc and Hammer: Mariorie L. Lasley, Nursing, Boynlon. THIRD ROW: Be'Hy J. Lalshaw, Bus., I-lobarl: Bobby G. Lawson, Engr., Ollon, Tex., HKN, TBH, Am. lnsl. of Elec. Engrs.: Alice J. Lay, AF, ALS, Olcla. Cily, Pub. Relalions Soc.: Lowell E. Leach, Engr., lvlaysville: Marianne Leafheroclr, AAA, AHS, Perry, Morlar Board: Don W. Lecrone, KZ, Bus., Wagoner: Jack Ledbeller Jr., E4"E, Bus., Midwesl Cily, Marlceling Club: Ronnie E. Ledgerwood, Bus., Fl. Worlh, Tex., Marlceling Club: Jhong S. Lee, Engr., Seoul, Korea, Inlernalional Club, Asian Club. FOURTH ROW: Kay K. Lee, AXSZ, ASS, Norman, 9241, FAX: Ralph A. Lee, KA, FA, Olcla. Cily: Leo V. Legg, AX, Engr., Salli- saw, Am. Insi. of Elec. Engrs,: Clarence E. Lehr, A2-i'l', Engr., Calgary, Alberla, Canada, lnsl. of Aero. Soc.: Dorofhy L. Lemon, AX-Q, AHS, Olcla. Cily, Morlar Board, Tassels, AAA, Lollinville Award: Pai A. Leonard, Hlifb, ARS, Duncan: William L. Leonard. AHS, Beaver, OAK, KKXP: Virginia R. Leopold, FA, Olcla. Cily, Univ. Players, Orchesis: Donald L. Lesfer, AT, Pharm., Rush Springs. FIFTH ROW: Pafricia Lesler, ABS, Rush Springs: Alan J. Levine, HA'l', Bus., Omaha, Neb.: Emil H. Levine, HAfi', ASIS, Ardmore, EAX, Olcla. Daily Slail, OU Judo Club: E. Charles Lewallen, AEfI', Bus., Olcla. Cily, Accl. Club: Don E. Lewis, Engr., Olcla. Cily, Am. Soc. of Mech. Engrs.: Gail Lewis, KA9, A8fS, Dallas, Tex., HE, Oilconomia: James C. Lewis, AXKS, Ardmore, Pick and Hammer: Grefchen C. Ligon, KKF, Bus., Tulsa: Don D. Lindsey, Bus., Olcla. Cily, IE, Mlci. Club. Koerner Kohll Kornfeld Koronis Krampf Kraska Kuklenski Kunz Ky e Lacy LaFon Lamberf Laminack Lampson Lancasfer Landers Lansford Lasley Lafshaw Lawson Lay Leach Leaiherock LeCrone Ledbefler Ledgerwood Lee J Lee, K. Lee, R. Legg Lehr Lemon Leonard, P. Leonard, W. Leopold Lesfer D Lesier, P. Levine, A. Levine, E. Lewallen Lewis, D. Lewis, G. Lewis, J. Ligon Lindsey FIRST ROW: Wanda J. LiHle, Engr., Okla. Cily, EPT, lnsi. ol Aero Sci., Am. Rockel Soc., Am. Soc. of Mech. Engr.: George J. Lloyd, Bus., Denver, Colo., Mkl. Club, "O" Club, Varsily Baseball: Don L. Loflis, Engr., Pauls Valley, Pelr. Engr. Club, Engr. Club: Raymond C. Lohman, Engr., Midwesl Cily, fDIIE, Am, lnsl. oi Chem. Engr.: Paula A. Lomasney, Bus., Barllesville. SECOND ROW: Charles H. Lomenick, Pharm., Oillon, Am. Pharm. Assoc., Sooner Anlidole Sfahf: Roger M. Long, UKA. Engr., Muskogee, Engr. Club, lnsl. of Aero Sci., Am. Rocker Soc.: Roberi' F. Longo, 9K'l'1', AHS, Clillon, N.J., Soc. lor Adv. of Mgml.: Mike E. Lord, AXA, Engr., Fl. Worlh, Tex., EFT, lnsl. of Aero. Sci., Sooner Shamrock: Paul Lorenzino Jr., Engr., Noble, lnsl. of Radio Engr. THIRD ROW: William R. Louis, ZAE, AHS, Okla. Cily, Who's Who, Pe-ef, OAK: Charlolle B. Lovelace, IVPB, FA, Tulsa, Mfi'E, Tassels, Univ. Choir, Bapl. Slud. Union: Bill L. Lucas, AE"P, Engr., Carnegie: Glen Luchau, Educ., We-elheriord, ZQE, lnler-Religious Council: Larry G. Lyon, fDK'P, Bus., Okla. Cily. FOURTH ROW: Clyde W. McAfee, AECIJ, Engr., Ignacio, Colo.: Kennelh R. McAlis+er, Pharm., Okla. Cily: George J. McCaffrey, Bus., Okla. Cily, Finance Club: Slanley D. McCaIlon, Engr., Wynnewood, ET, HET, Soc. of Ind. Mgml. Engr., Engr. Club: Marge McCollum, KKF, A8iS, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Eugene C. McConnell, Engr., Shawnee: Roberl C. McConnell, Bus., Greensboro, N. Car.: Grace A. McCormick, APA, A8cS, Perry, AAA, Tassels, B.W.O.C., XT, Pick and Hammer: William B. McCormick, KA, Engr., Chickasha: Rolaeri' D. McCoy, GJKE, Engr., Okla. Cily, KIJHZ, Scabbard and Blade, Soc. of Engr. Phys. SIXTH ROW: Roberla McCoy, Educ., Gainesville, Tex., HZK, Ful. Teachers of Am., Disciples Slud. Fellowship: Anila K. McCul- lough, X52, Educ., Okla. Cily: Cal D. McCullough, Bus., Keola, Finance Club: Bailey J. McDuff, Engr., Lindsay: Mark N. McElroy, KE, A8cS, Chickasha, Pick and Hammer. SEVENTH ROW: Ernesl F. McGuire, Bus., Okla. Cily: Tom W. Mclndoe, 'PAQ A8cS, Houslon, Tex.: William R. McKay, HKA, Engr., Calgary, Alberla, Canada, Am. lnsl. of Mech. Engr.: George C. McKinnis, KE, AHS, Shawnee: Gordon C. McLaren, Engr., Calgary, Alberla, Canada. EIGHTH ROW: Jim M. McLemore, Bus., Okla. Cily, Soc. for Adv. of Mgml.: Nancy D. McMillan, AAA, Educ., Vlnila: Raymond L. McMinn, Engr., Barnsdall, TBI-I, Soc. of Ind, Mgml. Engr.: Michael L. McNally, EN, AES, Tulsa: Jay McNemar, Engr., Pine Bluff, Ark. NINTH ROW: Dan M. Mackey, A241 AHS, Enid, AEA, AHQ7 Roberf C. MacMinn, ATA, Bus., Arlinglon, Va., Accl. Club: Leon M. Magill, Engr., Brooklyn, N.Y., 111112, ET, IIKN, Engr. Club, HME, TBH, Am. Isl. oi Elec. Engr., lnsi, oi Radio Engr.: Hugh P. Maguire, Engr., Cincinnali, Ohio, Am. Soc. of Mech. Engr.: Marcia Mahan, KAG, Educ. Fairfax. S9'I1iO1'S iza Little Lloyd Lofiis Lohman Lomenick Long Longo Lord Louis Lovelace Lucas Luchau McAfee McAIisler McCaffrey McCollon McConnell, E. McConnell, R. McCormick, G. McCormick, W. McCoy, R. McCullough, A. McCullough, C. McDuff McGuire Mclndoe McKay McKinnis McLemore McMillan McMlnn McNally Mackey MacMinn Maqill Maguire Lomasney Lorenzino Lyon McCollum McCoy, R. McElroy McLaren McNemar Mahan ln speech lherapy lab Joyce Fosler helps Charles and Nina Joy Mahimma wilh lheir pronuncialion. FlRST ROW: Scoll R. Mallard, Engr., Tulsa, lnsl. ol Aero. Sci.: Pallye Maloney, FTB, ASS, Olcla. Cily, Oilconomia, HE, Shadow Box: Jaclt A. Mann, Bus., Anadarlco, IE, Marlceling Club, Manage- menl Club: Kay R. Mannon, AXIZ, Educ., Tulsa: Roberl S. Marlrs, IIA'I', Engr., Corpus Chrisli, Tex.: Annelle Marsh, 1'fI'B, Educ., Olcla. Cily, Ful. Bus. Leaders ol Am.: Carol R. Marshall, IIBKD, Educ., Olcla. Cily: Sally J. Marshall, HRT, Educ., Ponca Cily, KATI, Ful. Teachers ol Am., Racquel Club, K'I': Charles K. Marlin, Engr., Norman. SECOND ROW: Vernon J. Maruslra, Engr., Moore: Paul D. Massad, AT, ALS, Lawlon, ZIAX, Public Relalions Sociely, Olcla. Daily Slall: Carl R. Mallhews, 15911, ALS, El Reno: James E. Mallhews, AKE, AES, Silceslon, Mo.: Richard A. Maynard, Engr., Carlhage, Ill.: Edgar L. Mays, AX, AES, Corpus Chrisli, Tex.: Roberl D. Meadows, Engr., Olcla. Cily, Engr. Club: Nancy Mech- ling, AF, ARS, Canoga Parlf, Calil., EAH, Orchesis: Cynlhia J. Medcall, A8fS, Miami, KAII. THIRD ROW: Kennelh S. Medford Jr., Bus., Olcmulgee, Accl. Club: Virgil B. Medlock, 15911, Engr., Ada, THE, Am. lnsl. Chem. Engrs.: Nancy C. Meehan, H1342 AES, Wichila, Karas.: William M. Merrill, KE, AHS, Shawnee, Sabre Air Command, lnlerior De- sign Club: Bessie A. Merrill, AXSZ, ARS, Lindsay, AAA, Tassels: Kay W. Merrill, AFA, Educ., Maysville, KAII7 Wayne A. Merrill, Bus., Enid, AEN: Luiz Melh, Engr., Sao Paulo, Brazil: David G. Meyer, KA, Bus., Chiclcasha, IE, Mlcl. Club, Mgml. Club. FOURTH ROW: George A. Meyer, AES, Chiclcasha: Harold B. Meyer, Engr., Olcla. Cily, Am. Soc. ol Mech. Engr., Soc. ol Aulo. Engrs., 4412, HT2, ET, TBH: Jerry W. Meyer, Engr., Fairfax, P.E. Club, Engr. Club, Baplisl Sludenl Union: Paul B. Meyer, AE'I', Engr., Geary, Am. lnsl. ol Archs., Newman Club: William M. Middlelon, Engr., Olcla. Cily, Am. Soc. ol Chem. Engrs.: Judy Midelre, UB'l', FA, Olcla. Cily, Orchesis: Roberl F. Milam, 95, Engr., Smaclcover, Ark.: Jerry G. Miller, 'DAQ Engr., Pulaslci, Tenn., Engr. Club Pres., HET, Academic Allairs Comm., Who's Who, Slu- denl Senale, Council on Plan. 81 Devel., Am. lnsl. Mech. Engr., Pel. Engr. Club: Cacci Miller, HRT, A8fS, Dallas, Tex., ON, Oilconomia. FIFTH ROW: Don L. Miller, FA, Norman, lnlernal'l Club, Fed. ol Young Dem., l.S.A., Wesley Foundalion, Span. Club, Pep Coun- cil, Enlre Nous: Kennelh E. Miller, PIAE, AES, Midwesl Cily: Mary A. Miller, KA9, Educ., Ada: Jim H. Mills, ALS, Olcmulgee: Orville W. Mills Jr., Bus., Olcla. Cily: Roberl C. Mills, Engr., Olcla. Cily: Donald D. Minnix, Engr., Maysville: T. A. Minlon, Educ.. Olcla. Cily: Ronnie V. Milchell, Engr., Harrisburg, lll., Engr. Club, Pelr. Engr. Club. Mallard Maruska Medford Meyer, G. Miller, D. Maloney Mann Mannon Marks Marsh Marshall, C. Marshall, S. Marlin Massad Mallhews, C, Mallhews, J. Maynard Mays Meadows Mechling Medcalf Medlock Meehan Merrill Merrill, B. Merrill, K. Merrill, W. Melh Meyer, D Meyer, H. Meyer, J. Meyer, P. Middlelon Mideke Milam Miles Miller, C Miller, K. Miller, M. Mills, J. Mills, O. Mills, R. Minnix Minlon Milchell FIRST ROW: William C. Milschrich, Enqr., Okla. Cily, lnsl. ol Radio Engr., UKN: Paul E. Mogridge, QFKE, A8fS, Okla. Cily: Gerald H. Mongold, Engr., Enid, Afiffl, lnsl. of Radio Enqr., Soc. of Aulo. Engr.: H. Ray Moore, AT, ALS, Okla. Cily: Harold K. Moore, Bus., Blanchard, Air Knockers, Mkl. Club, Soc. for Adv. of Mgml. SECOND ROIN: Jack Moore, 'T'-AG, Bus., Duncan, Pe-el, OAK AZH, Slud. Senale, Finance Club: Jim Moore, KA, ALS, Okla. Ci+y: Jimmie K. Morehead, f-WE, Engr., Okla. Cily, Scabbard and Blade, Soc. ol: Am. Mil. Enqr: Am. lnsl. ol Mech. Enqr., Pelr. Enqr. Club: Bill E. Morgan, A8fS, Dallas, Tex.: James P. Morgan, KA, Engr., Okla. Cily. THIRD ROW: Marcene Morrison, HBCP, AES, Norman, ON, Oiko- nomia, IIE: Joe F. Morriss, Bus., Ringling: Melvin M. Morrow, AXQS, Clinlon: Mariane Morlon, AAA, Educ., Lawlon: Elloui Mose- ley, IVPB, Educ., Norman. FOURTH ROW: John L. Moseley, "PTA, Enqr., Norman: Tom H. Morley, ATU, Bus., Hollis: Doris A. Morunls, AFA, AES, Edmond: H. Chrislopher Mugler, 'l'K'l', A8fS, Lake Charles, La.: Carolyn L. Muir, Afff, AHS, Enid. FIFTH ROW: Gloria J. Muir, AF, FA, Wewoka, AEP, Wesley Foundalion: Fosfer M. Mullen, Enqr., Cushing, "O" Club, Soc. ol Geol. Engr., Enqr. Club: Glenda M. Mullen, FA, Okla. Cily: War- ren M. Murphy, AKE, Engr., Russellville, Ark., FTK, Scabbard and Blade: Sue Murrah, XYZ, AES, Okla. Cily. SIXTH ROW: Joseph R. Musolino, 'l'A9, Engr., Quincy, lll., Engr. Club, lnsl. of Aero, Sci.: Slephen D. Myers, ADT, Enqr., Lima, Ohio, Scabbard and Blade, Soc. of Am. Mil. Enqr., Enqr. Club, Pelr. Enqr. Club, AUSA: Slewarl' E. Myers, Bus., Haverlown, Pa., ABU: William J. Nassif, Bus., Norfhamplon, Mass: Riley B. Need- ham, Engr., Grove, ET, TBI-I, IIET, ITME, SEVENTH ROW: Thomas M. Neel, Bus., Elgin, Accl. Club, KUVY Slall: Earl N. Neese, Bus., Forqan, Accl. Club: E. Richard Neff, '-RPA, A8zS, Okla. Cily: William F. Neher, Bus., Norman: Buddy C. Neighors, KE, Engr., Fl. Worlh, Tex., Tridenl Soc., Engr. Club, Am. Soc, of Mech. Enqr. EIGHTH ROW: Doug Nelson, fI'A9, Bus., Minneapolis, Minn.: Edward A. Nelson, Enqr., Okla. Cily: Paul K. Nelson, Engr., Okla. Cily, TRU, ET, 1-ITE, HMB: Roberl' Y. Nelson, Engr., Benlon, La., TRU, ET, Am. Soc. of Civil Engr.: Roberf M. Nerem, AXA, Enqr., Minogqua, Wi5,, KIYIIE, TBIT' OAK, EFT, NINTI-I ROW: H. Roberl Nelhaway, AKE, AES, Schoharre, N.Y.: Paul D. Newendorp, Enqr., l.eMars, Iowa, Pelr. Engr. Club, Engr. Club, Men's Glee Club: Hack Newman, BDU, ASS, Shalluck, AEA: George W. Newlon, BAE, AES, Perry: Nick Nicholl, AKE, Engr., Okla. Cily. S91'liCJI"S I30 Milschrich Moore, Jack Morrison Moseley, J. Muir, G. Musolino Neel Nelson, D. Nefhaway Mogridge Moore, Jim Morriss Molley Mullen, F. Myers, S. D. Neese Nelson, E. Newendorp Mongold Moore, H. R. Morehead Morgan, B. Morrow Morlon Mounfs Mugler Mullen, G. Murphy Myers, S. E. Nassif Neff Neher Nelson, P. Nelson, R. Newman Newton Moore, H. K Morgan, J. Moseley, E. Muir, C. Murrah Needham Neighbors Nerem Nicholl Bob Finkel and Emily Ferris sorl The UP wire COPY for use in The Oklahoma Daily. FIRST ROW: Gary L. Nichols, AES, Liiile Rock, Ark: Charles R. Nixon, A8rS, Okla. Ciiy: Terry C. Norihcufi, KA, AXQS, Amarillo, Tex.: Doroihy L. Ochsner, ZTA, Bus., Verden: Heidi E. Ochsner, AF, AHS, Hales Corners, Wis., Oikonomia, HE, Shadow Box, Univ. Band: Haskell Olivio Jr., Engr., Siudenl Am. lnsi. Arch.: Don B. Oliver, IFPE, Enqr., Tulsa: James D. Olsen, ATQ, Engr., Housion, Tex.: Donald J. O'MalIey, KA, Engr., Dallas, Tex., Am. lnsi. of Chem. Engrs., Arn. Chem. Soc. SECOND ROW: Peggy S. O'Rear, KA, A8cS, Alius, 921111, Public Relaiions Soc.: Roberi' P. Osborne, BQH, Bus., Woodward, Finance Club, Deian's Honor Roll: Sieve Owen, KA, AHS, Conroe, Tex., AAE: Garl T. Owens, Educ., Lexinqion, Ind. Aris Club: Grover C. Ozmun, BQTT, Bus., Okla. Ciiy, Scabbard and Blade, Markelf ing Club: William H. Paapanen, AXA, AHS, Tulsa: Bob O. Pace, AUP, Enqr., Midland, Tex., Scabbard and Blade, Soc. of Am. Mil. Engrs., Am. lnsi. Chem. Engrs.: David A. Paine, QYKKP, Bus., Okla. Ciiy.: Don W. Park, B9'H, Bus., DeOueen, Ark., Soc. 'lor Adv. Mgmi., Mki. Club, ASH: Clarence R. Parker, Engr., Leedey. THIRD ROW: Francia L. Parman, Educ., Cordell, Fui. Teachers of Am.: Edmond L. Parson, Engr., Baliimore, Md.: Alice A. Parsons, Educ., Okla. Ciiy, Dean's Honor Roll: Charles C. Pa'H'on, Engr., Elmore Ciiy, TRU, OAK, ET, ZTDE, HRT, Sooner Shamrock: Gene C. PaH'on, B91-I, Engr., Siillwaier, Soc. Geol. Enqr., EVE: John R. Paukune, EA-Y-, Engr., Chickasha: Lynnda Jo Paukune, AF, Educ., Dallas, Tex., Herberf L. Payne, IIKA, Engr., Chaiianooga: FOURTH ROW: Jerry R. Payne, Bus., Marlow: H. W. Peace, AEG, AES, Elk Ciiy, Pick and Hammer: Thomas F. Peak, f'Tf5',A81S, 2 7 W" B if 'F' :' Okla. Ciiy: Vance T. Peak, AX, A8iS, Enid: John B. Pearce, Bus. Okla. Ciiy, Markeiinq Club: William O. Pearce, AHS, Cleveland John E. Penninqion, FA, Okla. Ciiy, Univ. Band: Johnnie L. Pen- ningfon, AAII, A8fS, Sulphur: Charles C. Perkins, TIKA, Bus., Okla Ciiy, IE, Mki. Club. FIFTH ROW: Mary L. Perry, AF, A8rS, Tulsa, Moriar Board, ON Marilyn A. Pefers, KA, Educ., Alex, HE, Oikonomia: Garland E PeH'y, AT, Pharm., Waliers, KW, Phillip O. Pfanschmidf, ZfI1E, Engr., Wichiia, Kans.: G. Roger Phares, FA, Okla. Ciiy: Donna S Phillis, X9, AHS, Okla. Ciiy: Mary A. Pierce, AFA, AES, Clarks- ville, Ark.: S. Gayle Pi'H'man, X9, Pharm., Barilesville, Am. Pharm Assoc.: CharloH'e A. Pixley, KA, Educ., Tulsa, Fur. Teachers of Am .ziaw Nichols Nixon Norfhcuff Ochsner, D. Ochsner, H. Olivo Oliver Olsen O'MaIIey O'Rear Osborne Owen Owens Ozmun Paapanen Pace Paine Park Parker Parman Parson Parsons Paffon, C. Paifon, G. Paukune, J. Paukune, L. Payne, H. Payne, J. Peace Peak, T. Peak, V. Pearce, J. Pearce, W. Penningfon, J. E. Pennington, J. L. Perkins Perry Peters Peffy Pfanschmidf Phares Phillis Pierce Piffman Pixley FIRST ROW: Ron E. Plalh, Educ., Auslin, Minn., "O" Club, Var- sily Baseball: Bruce H. Plulhchok, EAM, Pharm., Passaic, N.J.: Neal A. Pock, Educ., Slillwaler, Ind. Arls Club Pres.: Roberl' A. Pope, EN, Engr., Houslon, Tex., Pelr. Engr. Club, Engr. Club: Turner T. Pope, ATU, Engr., Houslon, Tex., Engr. Club, Geol. Engr. Club, lnlerlral. Council. SECONDROW: Ross U. Porfer, EAE, AES, Shawnee: Janice M. Posfon, Educ., Lawlon, HE, Bapl. Slud. Union: Jerry L. Posfon, AT, Engr., Lawfon, Am. Soc. of Civil Engr., Engr. Club, Bapl. Slud. Union: Helen M. Po'H's, ATA, APRS, Grandlalls, Tex., Pick and Hammer, 119, Don C. Poulson, TFA, Engr., Waynesboro, Va. THIRD ROW: John L. Powell, 'l'KxI', Bus., Okla. Cily, Mkl. Club, IE: Rcberf W. Powell, Ecluc., Shawnee: Jim S. Powers, EN, Bus.. Lawlon, Scabbard and Blade, A.U.S.A.: Thomas J. Powers, AT, AHS, Lillie Rock, Ark.: John L. Prendergasf, BAE, Pharm., Hobarl, KNP, FOURTH ROW: Olen D. Presley, AXA, AES, Okla. Cily: Horace B. Brewsfer, KE, A81S, Shreveporl, La: Jack E. Schroyer, EN, Enqr., Manilou Springs, Colo., Am. lnsl. of Mech. Engr.: Donald H. Campbell, EN, AHS, Okla. Cily, Pick and Hammer, Disciples Slud. Fellowship: Bob Goble, EX, Bus., Tulsa, Finance Club, Mkl. Club, IE. FIFTH ROW: Don A. Rockwell, EAE, A8cS, Miami, WX: Darryll G. Prince, Engr., McAleslerj Vernon E. Pringle Jr., KA, Enqr., Shreveporl, La.: Jerry E. Prilchard, AHS, Seminole: William H. Prifche'H', AXA, Pharm., Muskogee, Am. Pharm. Assoc., "O" Club, Varsily Track. SIXTH ROW: Dana C. Puddy, Educ., Ponca Cily, KAH: Joe Pulaski, UAT, FA, Houslon, Tex.: Marfha E. Pulley, AXS2, A8fS, Okla. Cily, EAU, KAH: Dan N. Pulliam, Enqr. Midwesl Ciiy. lnsf. of Aero Sci., Am. Soc. of Mech. Engr., EFT: Glenda A. Pullin, A8xS, Minco, ON, Oikonomia. SEVENTH ROW: Joyce A. Pumphrey, AES, Maysville: Frank D. Rabourn, AXcS, McAlesler: Linda S. Raibourn, TFPB, AES, Lawlon, HE, Oikonomia: Sidney R. Randolph Jr., Enqr., Norman: Ann Lee Rafcliffe, X9, FA, Weafherlord, M'PE. EIGHTH ROW: Jerry P. Rahlaff, KA, Engr., Ada, HKN, IIME, TBH. ET, Am. lnsl. of Elec. Engr., lns'r. ol Radio Enqr.: Joe C. Ray, A8cS, Okla. Cily, TBK, CIJA9, FST, OAK, 411112, ILEA: Jerry R. Ream, Engr., Hobart Engr. Club, Soc. of Engr. Phys.: Befly J. Reed, XQ, AXKS, Okla. Cily: Donald L. Reese, A8cS, Calumel, EPR, NINTH ROW: Hugh W. Reeves, KA, A8rS, Tulsa: Laurence D. Reis Jr., ATA, Engr., Tulsa, Soc. of lnd. Mqml. Engr.: Paul H. Rempel Jr., AHS, Enid, AEP: Allie D. Reynolds, EAE, AHS, Okla. Cily: William W. Rhoades, 'I'KXI', Engr., Okmulgee, Engr. Club, HTE. iors 132 Plalh Porfer Powell, J. Presley Rockwell Puddy Pumphrey Rafzlaff Reeves Plufchok Poslon, J. M. Powell, R. Brewsfer Prince Pulaski Rabourn Ray Reis Pock Posfon, J. L. Powers, J. Schroyer Pringle Pulley Raibourn Ream Rempel Pope, R. Polls Powers, T. Campbell Priichard Pulliam Randolph Reed Reynolds Pope, T. Poulson Prendergasl' Goble Prilchell' Pullin Rafcliffe Reese Rhoades Taclrling a big iob, Kay Kendriclxson sands and slains her chair woodwork during furnilure renovalion lab. FlRST RO'W: James J. Rhyne, ARS, Norman, THE, OAK, HME. EHS, Sabre Air Comm., Malh. Assoc. of Am.: Bill R. Rhynes, Bus., Norman: Howard P. Rice Jr., Engr., Norman: Alvin B. Rich- ards, Bus., Nacogdoches, Tex.: Marilyn R. Richardson, AFA, AES, Olcla. Cily, lviorlar Board, KPN, German Club, BWOC, AAA, Tassels, French Club: Richard R. Richison, AXKS, Chiclcasha: Dan A. Riddell, ITKA, Engr., Olnla. Cily, Engr. Club, Pei. Engr. Club: Harold W. Riggs, Bus., Ponca Cily, Mkl. Club: Allon O. Riley, AHS, Ringling. SECOND ROW: Harold P. Riley, 'FAQ Engr., l-louslon, Tex.: Theodore J. Rinlrer, HKA, AES, lndependence, Mo., lnl. Design Club: Bruce D. Risinger, ARS, Olcla. Cily: Jaclc O. Roberls, 'WRA, Bus., Okla, Cily: Douglas W. Roberlson, KA, Engr,, Shreveport La., OAK, Pei. Engr. Club, Arnold Air Soc.: J. Slanley Roberison, ATA, Engr., l-lollis: Carol J. Robinson, AVA, AXKS, Blackwell: Roberf P. Robinson, Bus., Olcla. Cily, Accl. Club: Roy S. Robinson, Engr., Walonga. THIRD ROW: Harrill E. Roclnell, Bus., Tahlequah, IE, Arn. Mlcl. Assoc., Soc. for Adv. of Mgmi.: Bill W. Rodgers, WPA, A8cS. Blaclcwell: Zoe J. Rodgers, XQ, Educ., Tulsa, Ful. Teachers of Am., U. A. B.: Billy D. Rogers, AHS, Olcla. Cily, Arnold Air Sociely: Don L. Roland, Engr., Olcla. Cily: Mary A. Roring, X9, AES, Olcla. Cily: Joe D. Rose, Engr., Snyder, Pelr. Engr. Club, Engr. Club: Gary E. Rofh, Engr., Tyrone, HRT, Pelr. Engr. Club, Am. lnsl'. ol Mech. Engrs.: Rick L. Rounlree, ATA, AHS, l-lugo. FOURTH ROW: Bill C. Roufh, KA, Engr., Shawnee: Linda S. Rowell, AXQ-, AES, Ponca Cily: Rodger R. Rudlcin, AKE, ASS, Olcla. Cily: Slanley P. Rugeley, KE, Engr., Wichila Falls, Tex.: Bobby R. Russell, A-YP, Educ., Albany, Tex., Arnold Air Sociely: Franklin G. Russell, AES, Perryopolis, Penn.: Gerald E. Russell. AX, Bus., Needham, Mass.: James H. Russell, Engr., Camden, Ark., Am. lnsl. of Elecl. Enqrs., Engr, Club, Tridenl Radio Club, EGR, Wesley Foundalion, AQ9: Diclr N. Ryerson, ATA, Bus., Alva, BFE, AEH, FIFTH ROW: Bob Sandilen, HND, Bus., Tulsa: Sunya S. Sanger, XQ, AES, Mangum, AWS, WRA, Oufslanding Senior, Morlar Board, Tassels, AAA: Everell E. Sanmann, AHS, Geronimo, QHE, ZIIZ, IIME, JJBK, OAK: John M. Sappinglon, 9K1i", Engr., Wesl Branch, Mich.: J. John Sauer, AX, Bus., Dewey, Afiffl: Charles W. Sayles, Acacia, Engr., Miami, TUE, Am. lnsl. of Chem. Engrs., AXE: George E. Schaefer, Engr., Olcla. Cily: Palricia G. Schaefer, AX9, A8fS, Alva: Carolyn E. Schambra, AAU, AZQS, Freeporl, Tex., Young Republicans, Shadow Box, HE. Rhyne Rhynes Rice Richards Riley H. Rinker Risinger Roberts Rockelf Rodgers, B. Rodgers, Z. Rogers Rowell Rudkin Rllqeley Sandrlen Sanger Sanmann SBPPTHQTON Richardson Richison Riddell Riggs Riley A Roberlson, D. Roberlson, S. Robinson, C. Robinson, R. P. Robinson R Roland Roring Rose Rolh Rounlree Russell, B. Russell, F. Russell, G. Russell, J. Ryerson Sauer Sayles Schaefer, G. Schaefer, P. Schambra FIRST ROW: Carson J. Schardt, Engr., Edmond: Rosalyn S. Schilz, AES, Omaha, Neb.:Bill Schulz, EN, ALS, Tulsa, Pick and Hammer, Scabbard and Blade: Martin Schwartz, AES, New York City, N.Y.: Robert H. Schwartz, AT, Engr., Blue Island, Ill,, AXE, yr, TBH, OAK, L.K.O.T. SECOND ROW: C. J. Scott, AX, Enqr., Cedarville, Ark., Petr. Engr. Club: Marilyn M. Scott, FA, Woodward, EAI: Richard A. Scott, Bus., Atlanta, Ga.: Tom P. Seale, FA, Enid: Margaret M. Searle, X9, A8cS, Tulsa, Newman Club, Fedr. of Young Repub. THIRD ROW: Robert E. Seikel, Bus., Okla. City: Sara J. Seligson, AEG, ALS, Okla. City: Gerry M. Shatter, KA, Engr., Amarillo, Tex., Am. Inst. of Arch.: Joe S. Shannon, Engr., Walters, Inst. ot Aero. Sci., EFT, Am. Rocket Soc.: Grace E. Sharpe, Educ., Okla. City, Fut. Teachers of Am. FOURTH ROW: Mary A. Shaw, Educ., Hugo: Jerry L. Shebester, ATU, Engr., Pauls Valley, HET: Junia M. Shelden, AAA, Bus.. Edmond, Acct. Club, Y.W.C.A., League ol Young Dem.: John L. Shelton, Educ., Perry, "O" Club, Ind. Arts Club: Jack C. Shilling, Bus., Sweetwater, Tex. FIFTH ROW: Thomas J. Sibley, KE, AES, Shreveport, La.: Ken- neth L. Sielcman, KA, Enqr., Hastings, Neb., Am. Inst. ot Arch.: James D. Sims, A8fS, Gray: Thomas S. Simms, HKA, Engr., Lindsay, Pres. ot Am. Soc. ot Civil Engr.: William W. Simmons, Bus., Okla. City, AZJII, SIXTH ROW: Raymond E. Simons, Pharm., Blackwell, Am. Pharm. Assoc.: Charles D. Singleton, Engr., Okla. City: Fred D. Singleton AXA, AES, EI Reno, AA-E: Jerry B. Six, Bus., Norman: Samuel L. Skibell, EAM, AHS, Oak Park, lll, SEVENTH RO'W: Sandra Slzillern, 13173, A8iS, Tulsa, AEP, Monte Ray Slatton, Bus., Dill City, Acct. Clubg Charles R. Smart, Pharm., Ft. Cobb: Carroll L. Smith, Engr., Pampa, Tex.: David J. Smith, A8cS, Mt. View. EIGHTH ROW: Edward L. Smith, Engr., Willow, Rui-Neks, Petr. Engr. Club: Garland K. Smith, A2111 FA, Comanche, AEP: Gerald B. Smith, Engr., Shawnee, Engr. Club, Am. Soc. of Civil Engr.: Loyal C. Smith, Engr., Elk City, TBH, HTE, ET, Am. Soc. ot Mech. Engr.: Patricia R. Smith, Afb, Bus., Dallas, Tex. NINTH ROW: Patsy S. Smith, AXS2, A8rS, Wichita Falls, Tex.. Mortar Board, Oikonomia: Richard L. Smith, Engr., Bartlesville, Am. Soc. of Mech. Engr., Soc. ot Auto. Engr.: Ted W. Smith, Engr., Knowles: Walter R. Smith, Engr., Haworth, Inst. of Aero. Sci.: Sherwin Snyder, Pharm., Wichita, Kans., 'I'll-Y, OAK, PX, Am. Pharm. Assoc. seniors .S if ,g I34 Schardt Shilz Scott, C. Scott,M. Seikel Seligson Shaw Shebester Sibley Siekman Simons Singleton, C. Skillern Slatton Smith, E. Smith, G. K. Smith, P. S. Smith, R. Schulz Scott, R. Shaffer Shelden Sims Singleton, F. Smart Smith, G. B. Smith, T. Schwartz, M. Seale Shannon Shelton Simms Six Smith, C. Smith, L. Smith, W. Schwartz Searle Sharpe Shilling Simmons Skibell Smith,D. Smith, P. Snyder , R R. FIRST ROW: Wayne J. Snyder, BAE, Engr., New Hamplon, Iowa: Alvin B. Sorkin, HNF, Engr., Dallas, Tex., Am. Soc. ol Mech. Enqrs.: William C. Soulherland, Enqr., Chickasha, Am. lnsl. ol Chem. Engrs.: Conslance E. Soulhern, TM, AES, Ardmore: Mary M. Sparks, KA9, AES, Okla. Cily, HZK, Young Rep., Social Work Club: Roberl C. Spurlock, KA, Engr., Fl. Worlh, Tex.: John A. Slager, ALS, Midwesl Cily: Nancy S. Slagg, X52, FA, Barllesville, Weslminsler Foundalion, Mfbli, Tassels, AAA, HKA: Neal Slan- field, BDU, Bus., '59 Yearbook Edilor, Dean's Honor Roll. SECOND ROW: Joy Slarry, AF, A8fS, Okla. Cily, AAA, Tassels, 9249, Siu. Press Assoc., Public Relalions Soc.: Larry Slauber. EAM, ARS, New York Cily: Bill P. Slauss, AXA, Engr., Tahlequah, HET, Sooner Shamrock Eclilor: Don C. Slephens, IIKA, Bus., Slephens, Ark.: James E. Slephenson, EN, Bus., Madill: Leeman Slevens, Educ., Albuquerque, N.M., Ind. Arls Club: Dan F. Slew- arl, Enqr., Okmulqce: Harold M. Slewarl, EX, Engr., Tulsa, OAK, lnsl. ol Aero. Sci., Engr. Club: William R. Slewarl' Jr., FA, Henri- ella. THIRD ROW: Tom L. Slock, ATS2, Pharm., Kearney, Neb., Am. Pharm. Assoc.: Harry M. Sloner, ATU, Bus., Allus, IE, Mkl. Club: Marilyn S. Slong, AES, Okla. Cily, TIME, KATI, AAA: Paul G. Slorm, KE, Engr,, Dallas, Tex.: Belly Slory, KKF, ASQS, Duranl: Kalherine A. Slover, KA9, Educ., Tulsa: Anna Slreelman, Educ., Okla. Cily, Ful. Teachers ol Am., Bus. Educ. Club: Alfred l. Slrenlzsch, EQE, Pharm., Allen, Mo., Am. Pharm. Assoc.: James M. Slurdivanl, EAN, Bus., Enid, Accl. Club, Finance Club, Tridenl Soc. FOURTH ROW: Glenn H. Sullivan, Engr., Allus: Joe D. Sum- mers, Engr., Okla. Cily, Engr. Club, P.E. Club, Arnold Air Soc.: Larry C. Swanson, ATU, Pharm., Kearney, Neb., Am. Pharm. Assoc.: Margarel R. Swenson, AHS, Norman: Terry B. Swifl, Bus., Miami: John D. Swiharl, Jr., Engr., Okla. Cily, ET, IIKN, TBH, Engr. Club, Am, lnsl. ol Elec. Engr.: William E. Taber, Engr., Shawnee: James Talkinglon, Enqr., Verden, Pelr. Engr. Club: John F. Taylor, Bus., Amarillo, Tex. FIFTH ROW: Lon W. Taylor, ATA, Bus., Okla. Cily: Sabre E. Teka, APRS, Gondar, Elhiopia' Bill W. Thalcher, Engr., Clinlon, Am. lnsl. ol Arch., Soc. of Am. Mil. Engrs., Soc. of Civil Engrs: Ken- nelh C. Thenen, AZLS, New York Cily, N.Y.: Donnie G. Thomas, Engr., Canule: Maredilh L. Thomas, KA9, Educ., Lawlon: Archie E. Thompson, Educ., Muskogee: Carolyn E. Thompson, HWP, AHS, Okla. Cily: Joseph D. Thompson, Bus., Okla. Cily. SIXTH ROW: Le Roy E. Thompson, A8fS, Hinlon: Richard H. Thompson, Bus., Poleau: Roberl L. Thompson, Engr., Tulsa, Am. lnsl. Elec. Enqrs.: William S. Thompson, Engr., Amarillo, Tex., NROTC Drill Team, Soc. ol Engr. Phys.: Bob Thorpe, EX, Bus., Enid: Joe B. Thurslon, 95, AES, Alex: Donald R. Tibbil, Engr., Texarkana, Ark., Am. Soc. ol Civil Engrs., Engr. Club: John S. Tice, Bus., Okla. Cily, AAE, Baplisl Sludenl Union: William B. Tiffany, ETE, ALS, Shawnee, Pe-el, OAK, THE, ETIE. Snyder Sorkin Soulherland Soufhern Sparks Spurlock Slager Slagg Slanfield Slauber Slauss Slephens Slephenson Stevens Slewarl, D. Slewarl, H. Slewarl W Sloner Slong Slorm Slory Slover Slreelman Slrenhsch Slurdiva nl Sullivan Summers Swanson Swenson Swifl Swiharl Taber Talkinglon Taylor J Taylor, L. Teka Thalcher Thenen Thomas, D. Thomas, M. Thompson, A. Thompson, C. Thompson J Thomspon, L. Thompson, R. H. Thompson, R. L. Thompson W. Thorpe Thurslon Tibbil Tice Tiffany FIRST ROW: Billy E. Tindell, Enqr., Springfield, Mo., Am. lnsl. ol Arch.: Howard L. Tollelson, FA, Okla. Cily: Phillip D. Toney, Bus., Tulsa, Accl. Club: Anlonio Torres, 95, Engr., Arecibo, Puerlo Rico, Am. lnsl. ol Arch., Rul-Nelcs, Spanish Club: John K. Tollen. fI'KE, Enqr., Amarillo, Tex., Insl. of Aero. Sci., Am. Rockel Soc., Dean's Honor Roll. SECOND ROW: Nancy C. Troul, ZTA, Educ., Okla. Cily, Ful. Teachers ol Am., HQ: Laurey D. Tucker, AUP, Engr., Norman, Am. lnsr. ol Chem. Engr.: Kalhryn M. Tullius, Bus., Norman, Newman Club, Accl. Club, Inler-Religious Council: Carol A. Turnbull, KKF, AES, Ardmore: Paul W. Turnbull, KA, Bus., Elk Cily, Union Aclivilies Bd. THIRD ROW: Charles C. Turner, AHS, Okla. Cily: Rulh A. Under- wood, KA, AES, Soulhard, Oilconomia, HE: Leo W. Upchurch, Bus., Gould: Jerry D. Vandel, HKA, Engr., Scollsblull, Neb., Engr. Club, Geol. Soc., Pick and Hammer: Donna L. Vandiver, AXQ, FA, Seminole, KT, Choral Club, Wesley Foundalion. FOURTH ROW: Donald E. Van Meler, AE"l', Educ., Bowleqs, Ind. Arls Club: Fred B. Van Shoubrouek, Enqr., Ozona, Tex., ITTE, Am. Soc. ol Mech. Enqr., Enqr. Club: Roberl L. Vaughan, Bus., Nor- man: Donald W. Veach, Engr., Wallers: Harley C. Vickers, Educ., Fairview, KAIT, GHZ. FIFTH ROW: M. Frank Vrska, Bus., Hennessey, Accl. Club? Frankie R. Wagner, Bus., Seminole, EAU, Spanish Club: John H. Waller, Enqr., Lawlon: James L. Wallin, ARS, Norman, Am. lnsl. ol Elec. Enqr.: Rulh G. Waller, XQ, AHS, Canlon, Ohio, EAU. Y.W.C.A., Wome-n's Recr. Assoc., A.W.S. SIXTH ROW: Charles E. Ward, Enqr., Chandler, KKTP, HET: Nancy A. Ward, XYZ, ALS, Tulsa, Sociology Club, Newman Club, Sooner Yearbook Slall: Mildred R. Wasson, AAII, AHS, Wilson: Paul C-. Walson, Engr., Okla. Cily, lnsl. ol Radio Engr.: Donald W. Walls, HKA, Engr., Slrallord, Am. lnsl. ol Mech. Enqr., Pelr. Engr. Club. SEVENTH ROW: Charles E. Way, Enqr,, Cody, Wyo., UTE, Am. Soc. ol Mech. Engr., Soc. ol Aulo. Enqr.: Mary B. Webb, XQ, AHS, Norman: Donald Webber, EAM, AHS, Tulsa, EYE, Pick and Hammer: Nancy A. Weeks, XYZ, A8fS, Olcla. Cily: W. Brinson Weeks Jr., KA, Engr., Barllesville, Am. Insl. ol Chem. Engr. EIGHTH ROW: Lucy B. Wheeler, AXSZ, A8cS, Olcla. Cily: Gary K. Weeler, BAE, Engr., Des Moines, Iowa: Ann Weingarlner, AAU, AHS, Tulsa, EAU: Thomas H. Welch, EX, ALS, Tulsa: Gene R. Wells, Engr., Arnell. NINTH ROW: Kalhryn Wendel, AFA AHS, Houslon, Tex.: Earl R. Wesl, Engr., Muleshoe, Tex., HET, ET, TRU: Harold D. Wesl, AZT, Engr., Collinsville, III., Am. Insl. ol Elec. Enqr., lnsl. ol Radio Engr.: Donald R. While, ASS, Tulsa: James E. While, Engr., Okla. Cily, EPT, Arnold Air Soc., lnsl. ol Aero. Sci., Am. Roclcel Soc. ,' Tindell Tollefson Toney i ' Troul Tucker Tullius S e I I S Turner Underwood Upchurch Van Meler Van Shoubrouek Vaughan Vrska Wagner Waller Ward, C. Ward, N. Wasson Way Webb Webber i Wheeler Weeler Weinqarlner I Wendsl Wesl, E. Wesl, H. is if Torres Turnbul Va ndel Veach Wallin Walson Weeks, Welch While, Toflen I, C. Turnbull, P. Vandiver Vickers Waller Walls N. Weeks, W. B Wells D. While, J. ElRST ROW: James W. Wlwile, BGII, AHS, Norman, 'PHIL Pe-el, OAK, Sludenl Senale: Nelson P. Wl'1il'e, AES, Tulsa: Ronald H. While, Blfln, AES, Seminole, AEA: Glenda S. Wl'li+ley, X53, Bus., Elk Cify, AAA: Sandra R. Wliilney, ATT, AES, Okemalw, AT, AAA, Tassels, lvlorlar Board, Orcnesis: Michael C. Wl1il"r, KE, Engr., Corpus Clnrisli, Tex., 'l'll-fl lIli'l': Michael D. Wliorlon, KA, Engr., Sweelwaler, Tex., Gveol. Engr. Soc.: Ernesl E. Wicker, AX, Engr., Ardmore, Am. lnsl. oi Elec. Engr.: Alvin L. Wickline, A341 AES. Enid. SECOND ROW: Rod Wiese, IX, Bus., San Marino, Calif., Pep Council, Econ. Club: Alan S. Wilcox, ASS, Norman, "O" Club, Erenclm Club: Sylvia A. Wileman, Hlgfb, A8lS, Okla. Cily: Sam L. Wilhile, Blrlll, Engr., Anadarko: Charles W. Wilkerson, AT, ALS, Lawlon: Jane Wilkinson, Illifb, AHS, Borger, Tex., Tassels, Enlre Nous, Y.W.C.A.: Barbara Wilkonson, Hllflll Bus., Sapulpa: Amarel C. Williams, EA, Okla. Cilvj Frank K. Williams, ASS, Okla. Cily, Pick and l-lammer, A.U.S.A. Tl-llRD ROW: Jerry D. Williams, HKA, Bus., Wilburlon, A-Eli, BFE, BDE, Sludenl' Senale: Lyndon D. Williams, Engr., Zoe, l.S.A., OAK, Perslwing Rifles: Norma Williams, AVA, A8cS, Okla. Cily: B. Janice Willis, KA1-l, Educ., Snyder: Gary E. Wilson, Engr., Eorgan, lnsl. oi Aero. Sci.: Nina L. Wilson, Educ., Bellelonlaine, Olwio: Sam E. Wilson, lil'lH, Bus., Muskogee, Mki. Club, Soc. for Adv. of Mgml.: Vern O. Wilson, HKA, Engr., Calgary, Alberla, Canada: William R. Wilson, ATQ, Bus., Allus. FOURTH ROW: James R. Winnie, Bus., Wyandolle, A'l'f3, EM, AEP, Accounling Club, Debaie Team: Malfie S. Winlers, XQ, Bus., Anllers: Jon R. Wil'l'irow, BN, Engr., Seminole, THU, UET, Am. lnsl. Mecli. Engrs.: Carol E. Wilfels, Aliflv, ASKS, Okla. Cilv, fPAl'l, AAA, Morlar Board, B.W.O.C., Greek Week Clwairman, Campus Cliesl Comm. Clwair.: Sieve E. Wixson, ATA, Engr., Tulsa, HKN: James W. Woelfel, AES, Ponca Cily, 'PNK OAK, 'l'llZ, fIJAf-J, Univ. Men's Glee Club, Canlerbury Assoc.: Edi+l1 M. Wol- aver, Educ., Tulsa: Millon M. Wolff, BAM, Bus., Cusliing: Bruce N. Wood, AHS, Slrong Cily, Kans., EVE. FIFTH ROW: Herb Wood, AX, AHS, Enid: Joe l. Wood, Engr., Okla. Cily: Olin W. Wood, AES, Elk Cily, OAK, AEA, KFH. Erenclw Club, lnlernalional Newsleller Ediior, 'HII3 Virginia A. Wood, T"l'l5, EA, Duranl, lll'l'l'l, 'llli-Y, KT, Univ. Band: Joel W. Woodburn, BAE, AHS, Muskogee: Joan E. Woodward, AHS, Law- lon, HZK, Baplisl Siud. Union: Lewis R. Woolery, ATU, Bus., Okla. Cily, llf, Mkl. Club, Air Knockers, Arnold Air Sociely: Nancy L. Wolring, AX53, AES, Okla. Cily: Joan Wriglwf, AXQ, AXS, Dallas, Tex. SIXTH ROW: William V. Wriglll' Jr., Engr., Ballimore, Md., Soc. of Ind. Engrs., Sl. Pal's Council, Engr. Club: Roberl S. Wrislon. Engr., Tulsa: Paris B. York, EA, Wewoka, Univ. Band: Tom L. Young, ARS, l-lalslead, Kans.: John B. Youngmeyer, Engr., Tyler, Tex.: Don T. Zachrilz, EN, Bus., Okla. Cily, Scabbard and Blade. A.U.S.A.: James L. Zalnorsky, Bus., Carmen, Acci. Club: Henry G. Zapruder, lIA'l', Bus., Dallas, Tex.: Jerry D. Ziflerman, llAfl', Bus., Kans. Cily, Mo. Whife, J. While, N. While, R. Whilley Wiese Wilcox Wileman Wilhile Williams, J. Williams, L. Williams, N. Willis Winnie Winters Wifhrow Wiflels Wood, H. Wood, J. Wood, O. Wood, V. Wrighf, W. Wrislon York Young Wilkerson Wilson, G. Woodburn Youngmeyer Whill Whorlon Wicker Wickline Wilkinson Wilkonson Williams, A. Williams F Wilson, N. Wilson, S. Wilson, V. Wilson W Woelfel Wolaver Wolff Wood B Woodward Woolery Wolring Wrighl J Zachrih Zahorsky Zapruder Zilferman Vain-zilicm time arrives as Jean Bamcw and Iulm Urifiiih pack the car for the icing-zixxziitc-cl 1I'i1DhO1T1C i51"215Si-f"f'V""""i':ZT.. -' ' M, k39.L'43:l1kKi2 Zfldfidv -GA ,lig,Qi3fEi',Lu2'f4?hiPf12f2sk1.h-,v.2' 'l1I1C1eI"C13.SSeS wg? 1-fm Q ' ::If:" ::::: .':' - -: NZ I QW? 5:- ,iw .ay f 'ibm as . 1: 353115 juniors T5 During his experiment in physics lab, Johnny Bradley, right, deter- mines the molecular weight of an unknown gas. E-4 ii,ii- Stanley D. Aaronson Pi Lambda Phi, Engr, Tulsa Robert C. Agee Alpha Tau Omega, Bus. El Reno Sam E. Allison Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Sayre Robert B. Andrews Sig ma Nu Eng r, Tulsa David Attaway Delta Upsilon A815 Lawton Thomas B. Baines Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Tulsa Marolyn A. Barrett Gamma Phi Beta, A815 Ardmore Dorothy S. Bassham Nursing Hulbert Barbara A. Bennett Delta Della Delta, A815 Dallas, Tex. Kay A. Blake A815 Okla. City Richard G. Abati Theta Ka ppa Phi, Bus. Vineland, N.J. Thomas E. Agee Alpha Tau Omega, Bus. El Reno James R. Allred Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr. Vernal, Utah Elie G, Anid Eriqr. Beirut, Lebanon William F. Avery Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Calgary, Alberta, Can Bill G. Baker Pharm. Blackwell George N. Barry Sigma Phi Epsilon, A815 Okla. City I John O. Bearden Delta Tau Delta, UC Houston, Tex. Bettie J. Bennett Zeta Tau Alpha, ASS l-lennessey Milton P. Blake Sigma Nu Bus. Pauls Valley Joan Abels UC Pa ris, Tex. Janice L. Aikman Kappa Alpha Theta, A815 Ft, Worth, Tex. Richard R. Allred Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Odessa, Tex. Bob G. Arnold Bus. Cordell Luis Ayala Theta Xi UC, Ponce, Puerto Rico James H. Barksdale Alpha Sigma Phi, Engr. Fabens, Tex. Jan Barth Gamma Phi Beta, Educ. tv1aplew'd,La, Beverly B. Beauchamp UC Lawton Howard L. Berkey Phi Della Theta, A815 Tulsa Cheryl S. Blankenship Pi Beta Phi Educ. Clinton Arnold Aberson Pi Lambda Phi, Bus. Cordell Mary K. Alberding Educ. lgenilworth I I. Carol K. Anderson Educ. Cordell Bob W, Atherton Al ha Tau P Omega, ALS Wichita, Kans. Mariorie A. Baade FA Olcla. City Sara J. Barlow A815 Shreveport, La. Nancy D. Bartleson Delta Delta Delta, A815 Muskogee Gary D. Beavers Sigma Chi UC Pomona, Cal Robert A. Bernstein Pi Lambda Phi, FA Okla. City Frances M. Bohan Delta Gamm A815 Aleis, lll. 5 Sharon K. Aboussie FA Altus Barry Albert Bus. Okla. City Dale R. Anderson Phi Gamma Delta, Engr. Okla. City Howard Atkins Phi Kappa Sigma, Bus, Norman Gerald E. Baehler UC Tulsa Jean Barnes Delta Delta Delta, Educ. Hugo Neil K. Barton Sigma Phi Epsilon, A815 Okla. City Doris Bendorf Sigma Delta Tau, Educ. Okla. City Bill Berry Pi Lambda Phi, Engr. Tulsa Marilyn S. Bolt Kappa Delta UC Tulsa , James L. Adams Engr. Buttalo Robert T. Alguire Delta Tau Delta, Engr. Roswell, N.l Judy K. Anderson Kappa Kapr Gamma, A3 Okla. City Patricia L. Atlee Alpha Delta Pi, ALS Okla. City Gary D. Baer Beta Theta P Bus. Okla. City Jan Barney Kappa Kap' Gamma, A2 Anadarko Jim C. Bass Lambda Ch Alpha, Bus. El Reno Bob C. Benedict Alpha Tau Omega, Em Tulsa Bonnie L. Biggs A815 Seiling Myron H. Bond Kappa Alpl' Engr, Chickasha Barbara L. Bonner Della Gamma Educ. Duncan Andrew L. Brandenburg Thela Kappa Phi, Bus. Tulsa William T. Brunson Della Upsilon Engr. Okla. Cily Olivelle L. Burl Alpha Chi Omega, FA Okla. Cily John M. Carney S'gma Nu Engr., El Dorado, Ark. Ginger Bonnewell Della Della Della, FA Shidler Roberl F. Brandenburg Phi Della Thela, A815 Norman Louisa J. Bryan Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. Seminole Thomas O. Bush Lambda Chi Alpha, A815 Ada Ken E. Carpenler Bela Thela Pi Engr. Okla. Cily Brenda Boone Pi Bela Phi A815 Tulsa Marlha A. Brandon Pi Bela Phi A815 Shrevep'l, La Ancel L. Buchanan Engr. Okla. Cily Palricia A. Buller Pi Bela Phi Educ. Okmulgee Nancy H. Carpenler Pharm. Granl Ellen Gary Glenda Gene W. Boolh Boren Boundy Bowers Chi Omega Phi Della Alpha Gamma Sigma Chi A815 Thela, Bus. Della, A815 A815 Okla. Cily Elk Cily Okla. Cily Norman Sheridan Lora M. Nelson E. F. Roberl P. Brandon Brasel Brensing, Jr. Brenl Educ. Pharm. Pi Kappa Kappa Alpha Lawlon Drumrighl Alpha, ALS Bus. Skedee Amarillo, Tex. Arnold F. Mariorie I. Leonard L. Margarel A. Buchholz Buchner Buchsbaum Bucy Engr. Della Della Sigma Alpha Gamma Phi Pigeon, Mich. Della, Educ. Mu, AHS, Ml. Bela, Bus. Sand Springs Vernon, N.Y. Okla. Cily Roberl B. Sharon L. Virgil H. Roberl G. Buller Buller Buller Bulrum Phi Della Alpha Chi Sigma Nu UC Thela, Engr. Omega, Engr. Bus. Dewey Midwesl Cily Okla. Cily Okla. Cily Roberl W. Barbara J. Kennelh B. Jan E. Carson Carler Carler Carlwrighl Alpha Sigma Alpha Della Della Sigma Phi Gamma Phi, A815 Pi, ALS Phi, Bus. Della, UC Okla. Cily Faxon Okla. Cily Wewoka Belly Bowles Kappa Kappa Gamma, AES Okla. Cily Tommy W. Brillon UC Binger John T. Burdge ALS Hooker Don Bulls ABS Midwesl Cily Jim W. Case Della Tau Della, Educ. Tulsa Roberl P. Bowles Della Kappa Epsilon, Bus. Tulsa Suzanne Brock Gamma Phi Bela, AHS Okla. Cily J. Michael Burke Kappa Sigma A8iS, N. Y. Cily, N.Y. Charles L. Buzzard Phi Kappa Sigma AHS Skialook Ron K. Chalfanl Alpha Tau Omega, Bus, lvluslang Roger B. Bowman Bela Thela Pi A815 Woodward John L. Brooks Phi Kappa Psi A815 Okla. Cily Kennelh D. Burke Sigma Chi Engr. Okla. Cily John D. Caffey Bus. Mangum William H. Chambers Educ. Alhens, Ala. Don D. Bradshaw Phi Della Thela, A815 Okla. Cily David W. Brown Phi Gamma Della, A815 Barllesvile Charles R. Burkhard Bus. Claremore Jimmy D. Callaway Bus. Duncan Randy Chance, Thela Kappa Phi Bus., Pough- keepsie, N.Y. Mary S. Bragg Educ. Okla, Cily Jim Bruce, Jr. Phi Kappa Sigma, A815 Ardmore John Phillip Burns A815 Allus Don W. Ca peharl ALS Norman Marlha Nelle Chaslain Alpha Della Pi, A815 Midland, Tex. W. Scoll Chickering Kappa Alpha Engr. Dallas, Tex. Elmer G. Cleveland Della Chi Engr. Duncan Irving S. Cooper Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. M'phis, Tenn. Leon E. Chicoraske Engr. Choclaw Charles M. Cochran Della Upsilon Engr. Okemah Palsy J. Cooper Gamma Phi Bela, A815 Barllesyille Charles B. Childs Della Tau Della, Engr. Duncan Marilyn A. Coffey Della Della Della, A815 Okarche Roberl C. Copeland Della Kappa Epsilon, Bus. Wassenaar, Holland Phyllis J. Chipman Alpha Della Pi, Educ. Norman Cliflon R. Cohn Pi Lambda Phi Bus., Kans. Cily, MO. Allen E. Cornelius UC Lawlon Gayle Chrislensen Gamma Phi Bela, Educ. Tulsa E. F. Collins Phi Della Thela, A815 Fl. Worth Jerry L. Cornelius A815 Tulsa Johnny R. Chrisliansen A815 Ulysses, Kans. Judy A. Confer Della Gamma A815 Tucson, Ariz. Bob l. Corns Sigma Nu Bus. Okla. Cily Marvin G. Chrislopherson Bus. Tulsa Roberl C. Conner Educ. Gamboa, Canal Zone Andrea Coslon Della Della Della, Educ. Okla. Cily Ann C. Clark Gamma Phi Bela, AES Barllesville Sleve C. Connor Alpha Tau Omega, Engr. Gulhrie Richard T. Coussons Alpha Sigma Phi, A815 Tulsa Dan K. Clark Kappa Alpha A815 l-loldenville Harwin T. Cook Kappa Alpha UC Dallas, Tex Carol L. Cox Chi Omega A815 Olcla. Cily Pal A. Clark A815 Chickasha James R. Cook Educ. Soulh Colleyville Clinl Cox Della Upsilon A815 Talihina Wahnne Clark ALS Anadarko Linda L. Cook Della Della Della, UC Okla. Cily Dale Crablree Della Tau Della, A815 Okla. Cily Mervin D. Clemenls Phi Kappa Psi Engr. Tulsa Barbara A. Cooksey Alpha Della Pi, A815 Gulhrie James M. Crablree Alpha Tau Omega, A815 Allus l4I ye fv- juniors Radio student Hal Hurst selects a few discs to spin before he is on the air at KUVY student broadcasting station. Anna L. Craig Chi Omega Bus. Pauls Valley James L. Crowson ABS Duncan Jim B. Culwell Kappa Sigma Bus. Okla. City Noelene Datin Chi Omega Educ. Guthrie Harvey C. Denison Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Okla. City Jimmie M. Dixon A815 Bowlegs Donna K. Dow Chi Omega Educ. Okarche Steffeny Dubie Delta Delta Delta, Bus, Sand Springs Archie W. Dunham Engr. Durant Carolyn E. Easterlinq Alpha Chi Omega, AES Edmond Hetty F. Craig Educ. Poteau Carlyn G. Cruzan Alpha Tau Omega, Engr. Bartlesville Gene M. Cunningham Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr, Muskogee Jan Davidson Pi Beta Phi ABS, Wichita Falls, Tex. Robert W. Denton Engr, Norma n Dennis J. Dodson Phi Gamma Delta, Engr. Ponca City Charles P. Downs Sigma Phi Epsilon, Engr Okla. City William L. Du Bray Theta Kappa Phi, Engr. Muskogee Diane K. Dunlap Alpha Phi A8iS Okla. City Gail M. Echols Nursing Okla. City Donald E. Criswell Bus. Okla. City Betsy Cullen Kappa Alpha Theta, ABS Tulsa Stan L. Cunningham Pi Kappa Alpha, ABS Tishomingo James R. Deal Bus. Pauls Valley James W. Deskins Bus. Chickasha James B. Dolman Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. Ardmore Jack L. Drake Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Dallas, Tex. Jack E. Duffy Sigma Nu Engr. Butte, Mon. Jack R, Durland Phi Gamma Delta, Bus. Okla. City Darryl B. Edelman Pi Lambda Phi, Bus, Tulsa H. L. Crites Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Enfd Stephen J. Cullison Engr. Okla. City Bill R. Dading Alpha Sign'a Phi, UC Metairie, La. Chet Dean Alpha Tau Omega, Engr. Bartlesville Walter D. Dewitt Bus, Hominy John E. Dorman AES Springdale, Ark, Dave W. Dreisker Beta Theta Pi ABS Bartlesville Joseph Duffy Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Okla. City Mary C. Eads Delta Gamma Bus. Tulsa Neville B. Edenborough Delta Upsilon Engr, Okmulgee Catherine E. Crouch Delta Gamma FA Birmingham, Mich. Robert D. Culp Kappa Sigma Eng r. McAlester Robert L. Dale Beta Theta Pi AHS Roswell, N,M. Lawrence D. Dean FA Duncan Mary J. Dimick Delta Gamma ASS Ft. Worth, Tex. John R. Dorr Kappa Sigma Bus. Pecos, Tex. Charles H. Dry Pi Kappa Alpha, Engr. Tishamingo Bob Duncan Sigma Chi Engr. Tulsa Suzanne Eagleton Kappa Alpha Theta, ABS Okla. City Joan M. Edwards Pi Beta Phi A815 Tulsa Lois G. Crowder Chi Omega Bus, Guymon Sparky Culp A815 Chipkasha Nancy A. Danner ALS Evansville, Ind. John M. Deen Sigma Phi Epsilon, All Tulsa Bobby D. Dix A815 Velma William T. Dove Engr. Edmond Pat Dryden Delta Delta Delta, Educ' Checotah William H. Dunford Sigma Phi Eps'lon, Enc Okla. C'ty Norma J. Eastep ABS Norman Janet M. Elias FA Tulsa Patsy K. Elkins Gamma Phi Beta, FA Dallas, Tex. John C. Evans Sigma Nu ASS Tulsa Garvie S. Fink Bus. Denver, Colo. Howard D. Frank Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. Graham, Tex. David M. Garrison Engr. Ardmore Dee Ann Elliott Alpha Gamma Delta, Educ. Perry David K. Fagin Phi Delta Theta, Engr. Dallas, Tex. Jim D. Fletcher Phi Kappa Psi Bus. Tulsa Howard R. Frank Kappa Sigma UC Poteau Theodore L. Gatchell Delta Upsilon Engr. Norman Roberta A. Ellis A8iS Hominy Shirley R. Farley Educ. Devol Patricia J. Flood Pi Beta Phi ALS Ardmore Norman L. Freeman Engr. Duncan Donald R. Geis Engr. Loyal Henry B. Grant A. Adrienne Toby William E. Emilson Emrick Enqelberg Engelman Ervin EA Bus. Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Alpha Sigma Sundals-Ryr, Durant Phi, Educ. Epsilon, Engr. Phi, ALS Sweden Dallas, Tex. Havana, Cuba Pond Creek Charles E. Donald C. Patricia A. Kathryn J. Joanne S. Farmer Farmer Farrar Felkel Felkner Alpha Sigma Sigma Phi Alpha Chi Kappa Alpha Delta Delta Phi, Bus. Epsilon Omega, ARS Theta, Educ. Delta, ABS Okla. City Engr. Norman Tulsa Menlo Park, Tulsa Calit. Gaylene Donald C. Stanford D. Mary M. Susan Folk Forbes Forbes Ford Ford Educ. Engr., Swift Phi Kappa Gamma Phi Delta Gamma Yukon Current, Sask., Sigma, Bus. Beta, UC Educ. Canada Skiatook Tia Juana, Duncan Venezuela William F. Jahrea Albert C. Barbara J. Fa Lu Frensley Friedman Fuller Fuller Fuller Lambda Chi Alpha Delta Pi Educ. Delta Delta Zeta Tau Alpha, AHS Bus. Lawton Okla. City Delta, UC Alpha, ASS Okla. City Norman Shrevep't, La. William P. Hiale B. David E. Maryanr Robert R. George Gernef, Jr. Gibbs Gibson Gilbert Engr. Phi Delta Engr. Zeta Tau Sigma Alpha Ada Theta, Bus. Midland, Tex. Alpha, UC Epsilon, Engr. Casper, Wyo. Shawnee Dallas, Tex. Deanna S. Erwin Alpha Gamma Delta, FA l-lenryetta Richard F. Fellrath Beta Theta Pi, A815 Blackwell Sondra Foristell Pi Beta Phi A8iS Tulsa Fitzhugh L. Fulton, Jr. Bus. Columbus, Ga. Cecil R. Gilcrease Sigma Nu Engr. Shrevep't, la. Burtis L. Allen D. Espy Evans ABS Delta Tau Seiling Delta, A815 Okla. City Mickey K. Mary J. Fentriss Ferrill Kappa Sigma Pi Beta Phi Bus. Educ. Okla City Wichita, Kans. Michael L. L. Dennis Fought Foxworth A815 Sigma Alpha Bartlesville Epsilon, Bus. Newkirk Richard W. Ronnie L. Gable Gadberry Phi Delta Engr. Theta, Engr. Broken Bow Tulsa Finis Joel K. Gillespie Gist Lambda Chi Delta Upsilon Alpha, AES A815 Hobart l-lennessey Bob R. Evans Engr. Ft. Gibson Jerry K. Fetters Eng r. Temple Patricia A. Francis Nursing Tulsa Preston G. Gaddis Beta Theta Pi ALS Bartlesville Carol Gladsfein Sigma Delta Tau, FA McAiester Pete Glaser Bus. Dallas, Tex. Bill J. Gough Eng r. Roswell, N.M. Jean E. Haley Delta Delta Delta, A815 Tulsa Tom Gobble Delta Tau Delta, Pharm. Liberal, Kars. Bud Goza Theta Xi ASS Camden, Ark. Laura F. Haley ASS Ada Paula J. Godfrey Educ. Seminole Henry L. Gray Engr. Calgary, Alberta, Can. John H. Hall ASS Fairfax, Va. Mike R. Goldman Pi Lambda Phi, A8iS Kans. City, Mo. Abe Greenberg ALS Okla. City William D. Hallman Sigma Ch' Bus. Bristow Howard D. Goldstein Pi Lambda Phi, Bus. Omaha, Nob. Betty Griffin Pi Beta Phi, ALS Tulsa Bill T. Hallmark Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Velma Ronald K. Golemon Phi Delta Theta, Engr. Kerrville, Tex. Mack M. Griffin Pharm. Maysville Gay Hammond Chi Omega A815 Tulsa Sue Goltra Alpha Phi Bus. Collinsville Louis R. Griffis A815 Anadarko James H. Hammond Theta Xl Engr. Diablo, Cal. Sarah J. Goodman Delta Gamma A8iS McAlester Eleanor R. Grignon A8iS Windsor, Conn. William C. Hammond Delta Tau Delta, Engr. Okla. City Charles L. Goodwin Phi Delta Theta, Educ. Clinton Glenna S. Grubb Alpha Chi Omega, ALS Miami Joan Hampton Pi Beta Phi A86 Ponca City Charlie l. Gorman Phi Delta Theta, Bus. Bartlesville Jerry D. Hagan Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Okla. City Peggy M. Hancock Delta Delta Delta, FA Cushing C. Andrew Gorski Theta Kappa Phi, Engr. Evanston, lll. Charles R. Hahn Beta Theta Pi A815 Blackwell Janice K. Hann Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. Dallas, Tex. Mariorie Goss Delta Delta Delta, FA Houston, Tex. Leon I. Haimes Bus. New York, N.Y. Lester P. Hansen Sigma Phi Epsilon, Engr El Paso, Tex. I43 juniors Slides, slides and more slides! ln planl science lab Bob Winfer and his microscope become consfanl companions. cw Q... Bill Harber Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Seminole Dwayne L. Harlan Alpha Tau Omega, Engr. Okla. Ciiy Thomas P. Harrison Della Tau Della, FA Tulsa C. Morfon Hawkins A8-S Marionville, Mo. Emmell H. Henley Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr. Okla. Ciiy Carolyn A. Hill FA Okla. Ciry Paul J. Hockersmilh Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Memphis, Tenn. Nelson Hollis Engr, Warner David G. Howard Bela Theia Pi Bus. Pawhuska Gary C. Hucka bay Kappa Sig ma Engr. Snyder Robbie J. Hardaway Educ. Memphis, Tenn, Jimmy T. Harmon Alpha Sigma Phi, A815 Okla. Cily Phillip L. Harriss Phi Della Thela, Bus. Okla. Cily Ann F. Hayes FA ous. can George M. Henley Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr. Okla. Ciiy James M. Hill Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. Housfon, Tex. M. Gail Hodgson Engr. Johannesburg, S. Africa Phyllis Holmes Kappa Alpha Thela, A815 l-lousion, Tex. James D. Howard Eng r. Lawion Barry M. Hudson Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Ada Jim C. T. Hardwick Kappa Alpha Engr. Barflesville Eddie Harper Sigma Chi A815 McAlesler Joe N. Harsh Bela Thela Pi Bus. Ponca Ciiy Daniel H. Hayes AES Anadarko Palrick E. Hensy Della Sigma Phi, Engr. Tulsa Larry W. Hill Sigma Phi Epsilon, AES Okla. Cily Dick B. Holcomb Lambda Chi Alpha, AES Okla. Cily Marilyn Hopkins Chi Omega ARS Chandler Linda A. Howard Kappa Alpha Thela, A815 Muskogee Judilh A. Hudson Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. Ponca Ciiy Mary M. Hardwick Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Okla. Cily Jim S. Harrell Phi Della Theia, UC Ardmore Joe L. Harf Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. Enid George H. Hazelrigg Pi Kappa Alpha, Engr. Kirkwood, Mo. Owen M. Hewell AXIS Baltimore, Md. Mary J. Hillaboll Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Alva Mary A. Holcomb Alpha Gamma Della, A815 Sayre Sharon Horlon Pi Beia Phi Educ. Borger, Tex. Sally K. Howard Pi Beia Phi A815 Tulsa Woodrow C. Huffines, Jr. Alpha Sigma Phi, Engr. Okla, Ciry Sidney J. Hardy Engr. Lawion Henry W. Harris Sigma Alpha Epsilon, AES Okla. Cily David O. Hatcher Phi Delia Thela, Engr. Tulsa Judy Head Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Tulsa Gary L. Hiqdon Sigma Chi A815 Neosho, Mo. David E. Hillier Alpha Sigma Phi, Engr. Sl. Louis, Mo. Kay F. Holderby Alpha Delia Pi, Pharm. Cherokee Larry J. Hoskins Engr. Duncan Margarel Howell Kappa Alpha Theia,AB1S Barllesville Charles E. Hughes UC Graha m, Tex. Jim J. Harkness Sigma Chi UC Housllon, Te David J. Harrison AXTS Okla. Ciry Paul W. Hathaway Delia Tau Delia, A815 Alius Mike Henderson Lambda Ch Alpha, Bus. Olcla. Cily Carol J. Hilburn Alpha Chi Omega, Edu Madill Edward H. Hoag Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Tulsa Dale E. Hollis Sigma Nu Bus. Muskogee Johnece E. Houghlin Della Delia Della, A815 Pauls Valley Thomas C. Hower, Jr. Sigma Nu Eng r. Tulsa Larry T. Hughes Phi Gamma Della, Bus. Ponca Ciiy Simon P. James C. Suzanne Palrick J. Hal L. Donald A. John R. Bob Frank N. Hughes Hunl Hunler Hurley Hursl Hyall lmel lmpson lngraham Phi Della Sigma Alpha Kappa Kappa Engr. Sigma Nu Phi Della Engr. Pi Kappa Phi Kappa Psi Thela, Bus. Epsilon, Engr. Gamma, Cordell A815 Thela, Engr. Forgan Alpha, A815 Bus. Okla. Cily Tulsa Educ., Tulsa Tulsa Okla. Cily McAlesler Dallas, Tex. Paul A. Gerald R. Judy L. Roberl M. Don S. Kaye L. Delberl C. Ernesl L. Gerald A. James Jenkins Jennings Jernigan Jobson Johns Johnson Johnson, Jr. Johnson Della Sigma Della Kappa Gamma Phi Sigma Phi Bus. Della Gamma Della Chi Engr. Engr. Phi, Engr. Epsilon, A845 Bela, FA Epsilon, UC Coral Educ. Bus. Temple Lawlon Okla. Cily Okla. Cily Pauls Valley Enid Gables, Fla. Okla. Cily Ponca Cily Sara E. Thomas J. Linda J. Joseph S. Gary G. Janel Roberl B. Marvin L. O. Maurice Johnson Johnson Jolly Jondahl Jones Jones Jones Joseph Joy Gamma Phi Alpha Sigma Della Della Phi Gamma Della Sigma UC Sigma Alpha Pi Lambda Lambda Chi Bela, Educ. Phi, Engr. Della, FA Della, Bus. Phi, Engr. Washinglon, Epsilon, Bus. Phi, FA Alpha, Engr. Okla. Cily Okla. Cily McAlesler Checolah Thomas D.C. El Paso, Tex. Omaha, Nebr. Okla. Cily Kennelh R. Jeanne A. David J. Maxine G. Michael G. Cliflon H. Dennis L. Alberl A. Barbara A. Kanoff Kaspar Kaup Keenan Keeran Kees Keleher Kelley Kelley Pharm. Zela Tau Della Chi Kappa Della UC Sigma Alpha Thela Kappa Gamma Phi Alpha Gamma Passaic, N.J. Alpha, Educ. Engr. UC Lawlon Epsilon, Engr. Phi, A815 Bela, AHS Della, A8iS Okla. Cily Marionville, Houslon, Tex. New Orleans, Princelon, Ill Okmulgee Okla. Cily Mo. a. Linda Richard L. S. Michael Joan P. Clara L. Grady Mary E. Phil B. Jerry M. Kennedy Ken? Kilbey Killingsworlh Kimberlin King Kirkpatrick Klein Kliewer Kappa Alpha Engr. Della Kappa Pi Bela Phi Educ, Alpha Sigma Della Della Pi Lambda Engr. Thela, A815 Seiling Epsilon, Engr. AHS Wilson Phi, Educ, Della, ASS Phi, FA Arnell Okla. Cily lgfinslead, Duncan Enid Okla. Cily Pawhuska onn. James H. Polly D. Keilh Ingram Ishmael Jackson Alpha Sigma Pi Bela Phi Acacia, Engr. Phi, Engr. AES Lakewood, Okla. Cily Okla. Cily Colo. John D. Michael C. Richard R. Johnson Johnson Johnson Pi Kappa Sigma Alpha Bus. Alpha, Engr. Epsilon, UC Broken Bow Seminole Edmond William H. Lynn F. Harold W. Joy, Jr. Kagan Kallenberger Engr. Sigma Della Lambda Chi Worcesler, Tau Educ. Alpha, Engr. Mass. Houslon, Tex. Barllesville Ernesl M. John W. Carol J. Kelly Kelly Kennedy Engr. Pi Kappa Della Gamma Pawnee Alpha, Bus. Educ. Okla. Cily Ardmore Helen R. Jane A, Harry Kline Klockman Klug Chi Omega Della Della Pi Lambda Bus. Della, ALS Phi, Bus. Pawnee Barllesville Brooklyn, N. Y, Sharon Kniseley Della Della Della, A815 Norman Hal Lamberl Engr. ldabel Leonard A. Laws Alpha Sigma Phi, A815 Midwesl Cily Rudy J. Koch Phi Gamma Della, Bus. Checolah Tom Lambrechl Engr. Chickasha Donald L. Lawson Educ. Knowles Louis S. Kovash Pi Kappa Alpha, Educ. McAlesler Norma Landa Pi Lambda Phi, AHS Tulsa Shelby D. Lawson Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr, Barllesville Shirley A. Kramer Alpha Chi Omega, Bus. Okla, Cily Phil M. Landers Acacia Bus. Nowala Charles W. Lechner Sigma Nu Bus., Lake Eoresl, lll. Leonard Krisman Pi Lambda Phi, ALS Tulsa Marie A. Landriaull Bus. Shawnee Melvin Lee Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Louisville, lll. Wanda Krivanek Alpha Gamma Della, A815 Okla. Cily Glynn Q. Lane Della Upsilon Engr., Fl. Smilh, Ark. Larry J. Lermo Sigma Nu AES Bend, Ore. Carl R. Krueger Thela Kappa Phi, Engr. Allus Neal F. Lane Alpha Sigma Phi, A815 Okla. Cily Sleve A. Levalley Phi Gamma Della, A815 Blackwell Julius Kruger Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. Wichila Falls, Tex. Beniamin T. Laney Engr. h Magnolia, Ark. Beverly J. Levand Alpha Epsilon Phi, AES Wichila, Kans. Frederick A. Kuhn Della Tau Della, Engr. Okla. Cily Bill E. Lanier Bus. Chickasha Mel Levine Sigma Alpha Nu, Bus. Sealy, Tex, Donna L. Lacy Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Lawlon Dorolhy J. Landsden Alpha chi Omega, Educ. Enid Molly Levile Alpna Della Pi, A815 Apache Gary C. Lagere Phi Gamma Della, Engr. Chandler Parke H. Largenl Pharm. Tiplon Sleve M. Levy Pi Lambda Phi, AES Lincoln, Neb. E. T. Laird Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Kilgore, Tex. Edward L. Lauderdale UC Maysville Nancy B. Lewis Alpwa Chi Omeoa, UC Shawnee I45 juniors Service with a smile-Carolyn Easterling prepares to serve breakfast during a foods class in home economics. Lou D. Lindsey Pi Kappa Alpha, A815 Odessa, Tex. Kay Lockwood Alpha Phi A815 Kan. City, Mo James W. Loving Phi Kappa Psi Bus. I Ponca City William C. McAlister Sigma Nu Engr. Okla. City Ronald T. McDaniel Delta Tau Delta, ALS Okla. City Robert E. McGregor Acacia Engr. Bartlesville Barbara A. McShane Pi Beta Phi Pharm. Monett, Mo. Jackie Manley Delta Delta Delta, Educ, Carnegie Judith E. Martin Alpha Chi Omega, ASS Ft. Harrison, lnd. Claren N. Mays Ka ppa Sigma A815 Chickasha Marguerite L. Link Alpha Gamma Delia, Educ. Okla. City Russell M. Long ALS Ada Dick Lowry Sigma Nu Bus. Miami Michael G. McCatferty Lambda Chi Alpha, AES Poteau Douglas l. McDonald Beta Theta Pi Bus. Roswell, N.M. David B. McGutfin Phi Gamma Delta, A815 Shrevep't, La. Ernest R. Mach Engr. Yukon Terri Mann Delta Delta Delta, AES Okla. City Judy Martin Delta Delta Delta, Educ. Houston, Tex. Carl H. Mead Theta Xi Bus. Winnetka, lll. Jay I. Lippmann Bus. Goose Bay, La brador David L. Loop Delta Sigma Phi, Bus. Tulsa Richard C. Luneberg Kappa Sigma Bus. New York City, N. Y. Sharon McCall Pi Beta Phi ALS Okla, City Saradelle McDonald Educ. Dallas, Tex. Arthur D. Mclntosh Alpha Tau Omega, UC Los Angeles, Calit. Carolyn S. Maddry Educ. ldabel Robert J. Marone Theta Kappa Phi, Engr. Poughkeepsie N. Y. Richard G. Martin Sig ma Alpha Epsilon, Engr, Okla. C'ty Frank B. Meaders Delta Upsilon Bus. Ada Don Litchford Phi Kappa Psi, Eng r. Tulsa Robert A. Loosley Phi Gamma Delta, Enqr. Ponca City Donna K. Luper Bus. Wayne Carol T, McCoy A815 Okla. City Marilyn S. McDowell Pi Beta Phi A815 Okla. City Patricia E. McManus San Antonio, Tex. Russell D. Madigan Engr. Okla. City David R. Marshall Bus. Tulsa William J. Masheter Bus. Okla. City Pattie J. Meadows Gamma Phi Beta,A81S Okla. City Loy D. Littlefield Sigma Phi Epsilon, ASS Bartlesyille Margaret A. Lott Chi Omega Bus., Mem- phis, Tenn. Larry G. Lutz Phi Gamma Delta, Educ. Lancaster, Tex. John F. McCoy A815 l-lealdton Henry C. McGee UC El Reno Buddy McMullin Phi Kappa Psi UC Dallas, Tex, Gene W. Mahanay, Jr. Phi Gamma Delta, Bus. Clinton Jack Marshall Alpha Tau Omega, UC Mt. Pleasant, Tex. Dick B. Mason Phi Kappa Psi Engr. Pt. Worth Betty Mehornay Alpha Phi Educ., Kans. City, Mo. Linda J. Lockett Bus. Norman Joe R. Love Beta Theta Pi, Bus. Dallas, Tex. Carl D. Lyons Pharm. Norman Mike E. McCurtain Sigma Chi A815 Lexington Gary P, McGinn Phi Gamma Delta, Bus. Elk City Ann S. McPherson Delta Gamr Educ. Ada Donald C. Mainprize ALS Minco Cheryne Martin FA Cordell Harriett D. Mason A815 Okla, City Helen M. Meinert Alpha Gan' Delta, Bus. Tulsa Sandra L. Menacliof Alpha Epsilon Phi, Educ. Daylon, Ohio Karen K. Miller Bus. Hugo Marshall A. Monlgomery, Jr Educ, Sulphur Bob Murray Engr. ldabel Sandy Nobles Alpha Gamma Della, A815 Woodward Roberl P. Merrell Engr. Calgary, Alb., Canada Mary F. Miller Alpha Gamma Della, FA Wichila Falls, Tex. Donald L. Moore Phi Della Thela, Bus. Fl. Worlh, Tex. Ron Murray Della Tau Della, Bus. Okla. Cily Julie A. Norfleel Alpha Phi Educ. Wichila, Kans. Virginia L. Merrill Kappa Kappa Gamma, Bus. Enid Willis P. Miller Sigma Phi Epsilon, Engr. Okla. Cily Gordon C. Moore Phi Kappa Psi A815 Gulhrie Hugh L. Murlha Sigma Chi Engr. M'phis, Tenn. Arl Novak Pi Lambda Phi, Bus. Omaha, Neb. Ted A. Melscher Della Upsilon A818 Enid Jack Mills Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Slamlord, Tex. Zelberl L. Moore A815 Okla, Cily Diane Myerson Sigma Della Tau, ABS Kans. Cily, Mo. David W. Oakley Sigma Nu Bus. Barllesville Leah G. Meyer Sigma Della Tau, Educ. Sl. Lou s Mo. Max B. Milner Bus. Allen Don G. Morgan Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Okla. Cily Franklin K. Naifeh UC Okla, Cily David Oales Bus. Clinlon D. Kenl Meyers Phi Gamma Della, Bus. Okla. Cily Marilyn V. Milnor Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Winnelka, lll Mary M. Morgan A815 Joplin, Mo. Samir Naid Eng. Abadieh, Lebanon Gloria L. Odom Bus. Okla. Cily Melvin P. Meyers Sigma Alpha Mu, Engr. Livingslon, N. J. Brian M. Milvain Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Calgary, Alb., Canada Sharon K. Morgan Zela Tau Alpha, AES Okla. Cily William W. Nelson Della Tau Della, ALS Okla. Cily William H. O'Keele Educ. Filchburg, Mass, H. Dee Miles Gamma Phi Bela, Bus. Norman Arvil B. Ming UC Erick Richard E. Morris Della Sigma Phi, A815 Woodward Marlha L. Newby Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Alva Belly M. Oliphanl Kappa Alpha Thela, Bus. Norman Bill Miller Phi Kappa Sigma, A815 Okla. Cily Richard E. Minshall Sigma Chi UC Tulsa Bunny Morrison Gamma Phi Bela, Educ. Okla. City Virginia A. Newlon Bus. Ponca Cily Nancy A. Olney AHS Canlon, Ohio Carolyn Miller Kappa Alpha Thela, A815 Mariella Marilyn Mishler Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Tulsa Ronald B. Moss Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Barllesville William W. Newlon, Jr. UC Dallas, Tex. Peqqv Olson Alpha Phi AHS Shrevep'l, La. David B. Miller Alpha Tau Omega, AHS Enid Roberl H. Milchell Bela Thela Pi Bus. Seminole Marquis A. Murdock A815 Ada Sandra D. Nichol A815 Okla. Cily John T. O'Neal Bela Thela Pi A815 Okla, Cily Ellioll W. Miller Della Kappa Epsilon, AES Websler Groves, Mo. Mike Monroe Sigma Nu Bus. Enid Roberl L. Murphy Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Hobbs, N. M Claylon R. Nichols Alpha Sigma Phi, Engr. Okla. Cily Judilh A. Olls AES Cabimas, Venezuela fu- Ik ,... 9 131' J i ' il lf, l , .,.. -i A M ' 5' 2- ef- Mary E. Overlees Kappa Alpha Thcla, Educ. Barllesville Arlhur R. Parduhn, Jr. UC Norman William J. Perkins Phi Della Thela, Engr. Hope, Ark. Tommy B. Larry G. Owens Padgel Phi Kappa A815 Psi, Engr. Lovinglon, Tulsa N. Mex. Precious Diane L. Park Parker Pi Bela Phi Della Gamma A815 Bus., Fl. DeQueen, Ark. Worlh, Tex. Arch E. Roberl E. Perry Pelers Pi Kappa Engr. Alpha, Engr. Pauls Valley Seminole Bradford S. Page Sigma Nu Bus. Jel Palricia A. Parker Phi Mu A8iS Houslon, Tex. Maryann Pelerson Della Della Della, Bus. Kans. Cily, Mo. Donald M. Page Pharm. Shawnee Linda K. Parnell Gamma Phi Bela, Educ. Wynnewood Germaine L. Pelly Chi Omega ABS V Gulhrie Joyce M. Page Alpha Della Pi, A815 Ponca Cily Sandra S. Paschall Chi Omega Educ., Fl. Worlh, Tex. William J. Phillips Kappa Alpha A815 Chickasha Palricia A. Page Della Gamma FA oua. can Thomas C. Pallen Thela Kappa Phi, Engr. Okla. Cily Larry L. Piall Ms oua, ciiy David E. Pagel Kappa Alpha UC l-louslon, Tex. Ronald K. Fallon UC Anadarko David M. Pierce Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Velma Arlie F. Palk Della Tau Della, Bus. Denison, Tex. R. J. Paulsen, Jr. Engr. Pauls Valley Jerry W. Planl Pi Kappa Alpha, Engr. Midwesl Cily James E. Palmer Engr. Tulsa Richard K. Pendlelon FA Allui Dennis L. Poindexler Aloha Tau Omega, Engr. Okla. Cily 3 Sam W. Panqburn Bela Thela Pi Bus. Alva Luella V. Pen-iey A815 Ardmore Raymond D. Poirier Eno r. Olcla, Cily Ellie Papacon- slanlinou A815 Alhens, Greece Charles P. Perkins Kappa Sigma Engr. Okla. Cily Kennelh C. Ponsor Della Chi Engr. Olcla. Clly I47 juniors Business slalislics lab presenls problems for Leon Haimes and Barlley Meaders as lhey give lhe adding machines a wcrkoul. Belly Poor Della Gamma A815 McAlesler Drew Priddy Kappa Alpha Thela, A815 McAlesler C. Gene Quarles UC lanlha, Mo. Karen A. Ray Kappa Alpha There, ALS Frederick Slan Reiler Phi Della Thela, Bus. Clinlon Edwina Richison Phi Mu Educ. Norman Granl Ritchey Phi Della Thela, A815 Ba rllesville Barbara J. Rodgers Chi Omega Educ., Fl. Worlh, Tex. James E. Ross Alpha Tau Omega, UC Midwesl Cily James A. Russell Phi Della , Thela, Engr. Dallas, Tex. lk .WW fe 'ii ' Carol J. Posl Zela Tau Alpha, A813 Midland, Tex. Ben H. Primrose UC Norman Eileen Raizen A818 Ponca Cily Bill G. Read Pharm. Ardmore Del W. Renlzel Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Okla. Cily Jane M. Rickman UC Okla.Cily Sylvia H. Roberson Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Ardmore Jerry M. Rogers Phi Kappa Psi Engr. Ponca Cily Slephen A. Rolhslein Pi Lambda Phi, A815 Tulsa Liz M. Ryan Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Lawlon Sam Powell Lambda Chi Alpha, AHS Muskogee James L. Prilchell ABS Okla. Cily Rosemary Ralls Kappa Alpha Thela, A815 Duncan Jean D. Reed AES Norman Jack C. Reulelhuber Della Upsilon A8iS, Lillie Rock, Ark. Sue S, Rickman Alpha Chi Omega Educ. Brislow Mary F. Roberl: Chi Omega ARS Woodward Lynn C. Rogers Enqr. Maysville Jared W. Rowe Phi Kappa Psi ALS Ponca Cily Mary L. Ryan Zela Tau Alpha, Bus. Okla. Cily Gerla S. Prendergasl Della Della Della, Educ. Hobarl Parnell Privelfe Pi Kappa Alpha, Enqr. Olxla. Cily Dynkia Ramirez A815 Caracas, Venezuela Donald L. Reese Engr. l-lolyrood, Kans. Carolyn A. Richardson Alpha Gamma Della, Educ. Okla. Cily Frances C. Ridling Della Gamma Educ. Ada Frank H. Roberlson ll Bela Thela Pi Enqr. Okla. Cily Ronald W. Rogers Enqr. Marlow Mark N. Rubin Pi Lambda Phi, Bus. Dallas, Tex. Charles M. Ryland Enqr. Okla. Cily William D. Price Acacia Bus. Norman Carl H. Prokesh Della Tau Della, Engr. Fl. Worlh, Tex Henry R. Raskin Pi Lambda Phi. BUS. Omaha, Neb. Sluarl L. Reicherl Sigma Phi Epsilon Enqr. Fl. Worlh, Tex. Charles R. Richardson UC Shalluck Roberl B. Ringo Bela Thela Pi Bus. Barllesville Sarah A. Roberlson Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Okla. Cily Georgia M. Rogge Della Gamma A815 Robslown, Tex Marlha E. Rugeley Kappa Kappa Gamma, A818 Wichila Falls, Tex. Arlhur M. Saddoris A815 Cleveland Lois R. Priceman Educ. Wichila, Ka Zack D. Pryse lll Della Tau Della, Bus. Ponca Cily Philip R. Ralliff Bus. El Reno Richard H. Reid Bela Thela ALS Barllesville Dean C. Richardson Phi Della Thela, Engr Ardmore Roberl E. Ringrose Alpha Sigrr Phi, A815 Gulhrie Keilh C. Robinson Sig ma Nu Educ. Barllesville Howard A. Rosenberg Pi Lambda Phi, A815 Okla. Cily Tom Y. Rush Engr. Decalur, Te Sondra A. Sala Alpha Chi Omega, A2 Okla. Cily ry A. oman lma Delta ,1, Bus. lla, City bert L. 1wart1 ima Nu I, Westbury, I., N.Y. ink H. 3Y ppa Sigma ninole 'I zpard s. ntield, La. 1n D. Jemaker S Nton Jra A. owski Jha Gamma lta,A81S col nwood, ianor J. ith aha Chi teqa, Bus. 1 Francisco, lit. lyne C. ith gr. FTTTGTT 'n ancer Za Theta Pi tca City n K. ndeven opa Alpha ata, A815 la. City Richard G. Sanders Alpha Tau Omega, Engr. Okla. City Robert M. Schwartz Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Kans. City, Mo. Marsha H. Segell Alpha Epsilon Phi, Bus. Okla. City Stephen A. Sherman Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. Little Rock, Ark. Patricia A. Shubert Pi Beta Phi ALS Okla. City Flovd E. Skarky Phi Delta Theta, Bus. Enid F. Duggan Smith Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Pampa, Tex. Elaine Solow Sigma Delta Tau Bus. Tulsa Frank Spooner Theta Xi Bus. Stephens, Ark. Charles C. Stanford UC htoldenyille Richard W. Scarritt Phi Delta Theta, AXIS Enid Sol Schwartz Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. Houston, Tex. Marilynn l. Selders Delta Delta Delta, A815 Kans. City, Mo. Curtis Shitlett Eng r. Goodwell Trudy C. Shulkin Sigma Delta Tau, ASS Sioux City, la. Diane M. Sloan Delta Gamma Educ., Albu- C1uerque,N.M. Hermalyn A. Smith Bus. Amarillo, Tex. James N. Sommerfrucht Delta Upsilon Engr., Siloam Springs, Ark. David E. Spore Delta Chi A815 Tulsa Freda Stanislav Alpha Gamma Delta, Educ. Perry Helen A. Schlinke Bus, Okla. City Susan Schweinle Kappa Alpha Theta, A815 Okla. City Mal Shafran Pi Lambda Phi UC Kans. City, Mo. Sharon K. Shipman Gamma Phi Beta, Educ. Okla. City Gary W. Sibley Bus. Claremore Robert E. Slocum Beta Theta Pi Engr. Okla. City Jerry L. Smith Beta Theta Pi AXIS Tulsa Edythe A. Southard UC McAlester Glenda R. Srago Alpha Epsilon Phi, Bus. Okla. City John P. Stark Phi Delta Theta, Engr. Des Moines, Iowa Jennis Schuman Sigma Delta Tau, Educ. Tulsa Nancy B. Scofield Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Ponca City Fletcher Sharp Beta Theta Pi AES Okla. City DeAnne Shirley Zeta Tau Alpha, FA Pampa, Tex. Harry O. Sims Delta Sigma Phi, A815 Okla. City Charles K. Smith Sigma Chi Bus. Tulsa Raymond O. Smith Beta Theta Pi A815 Hominy James M. Sparkman Engr. Lindsay Edwin J. Stahl Sigma Nu Engr. Okla. City Robert W. Steele Eng r. Tulsa Curt A. Schwartz Lambda Chi Alpha, FA Okla. City Scottie Scott Eng r. Tishomingo Deanna Shepard Pi Beta Phi AXIS Midwest City Odis E. Shoaf, Jr. Beta Theta Pi, ASIS Okla. City Phil Sisney Phi Kappa Psi UC Tulsa Don A. Smith Kappa Sigma Bus. Wewoka Tommy D. Smith Bus. Okla City Mary C. Speer UC Oak Park, Ill. Norman R. Standerfer Kappa Sigma Engr. Okla. City Larry A. Stetfy Alpha Tau Omega, EA Tulsa juniors Jan Davidson shows Joan Edwards her version of comfortable, modern living with her interior design house plan. juniors Steady does it, as De Anne Shirley and Ben Williams prepare some unusual designs with silk screen art work. Barbara B. Stewart Kappa Kappa Gamma, FA Lake Charles, La. Donald R. Stout A815 Shattuck Rebecca J. Summers Alpha Delta Pi, Educ. Tulsa Margaret Taylor Bus. Okla. City Janet K. Theus A815 Okla. City Page Thurston Educ. Ninnekah Bruce A. Torbett Phi Delta Theta, Bus. Enid Morris G. Tucker Engr. Norman Jimmy S. Vernetti Engr. Bristow John M. Wagner Phi Kappa Psi Engr. Enid Mike Stewart Kappa Sigma A815 Okla. City John B. Stout Sigma Phi Epsilon, ASS Okla. City Phil N. Sureck Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. Okla. City Peggy J. Taylor Gamma Phi Beta, Ecluc. Tulsa Marv E. Thomlinson Gamma Phi Beta, AHS Okla. City Virginia A. Tibbitts Alpha Phi Educ. Spiro Vernon L. Townley Educ. Norman Sharon Tuttle ALS Norman Darrell L. Vincent Kappa Sigma Engr. Okla. City Sara M. Wagner Chi Omega Educ. McAlester William H. Stice AHS Foreman, Ark. Brucine A. Strifling Sigma Delta Tau, Educ. St. Louis, lvlo. Ann Synos Kappa Alpha Theta, Bus. Bartlesyille William J. Taylor Engr. Pine Blutt, Ark. Carol A. Thompson Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Okla. City Martha L. Tice Educ. DeKalb, Tex. Bill R. Tracewell Kappa Sigma Bus. Okla. City Elaine Upton Chi Omega Pharm. Brownsville, Tex. Ronald Viner Sgrna Alpha Mu, Engr. Tulsa Barbara D. Waid Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Lawton Roy E. Stiner Sigma Phi Epsilon, Engr. Tulsa Samuel O. Strong Eno r. Norman James J. Taliaferro Phi Kappa Sigma, ASS Lindsay Jo Ellen Terrill Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Wichita Falls, Tex. Gary L. Thompson A818 Moore Don L, Tillman Phi Kappa Psi Bus. Ponca City Roger W. Trekell Sigma Chi Engr. Okla. City Wade L. Utay Sigma Alpha Mu, ARS Dallas, Tex. Bill Waggoner Kappa Sigma A815 Olcla. City Kay A. Wainwright Alpha Phi A815 Marshall, Tex. Herb F. Stonehocker UC Lawton John G. Stuart Kappa S'grna Bus. Okla. City Don K. Tate Kappa Sigma Bus. Olcla. City Allen F. Terry Engr. Tulsa Mary A. Thompson Kappa Alpha Theta, Educ. Okla. City James C. Tipton Phi Kappa Psi Bus. Hugo Karen S. Trower Pi Beta Phi AHS Tulsa Dunny Vanice Delta Kappa Epsilon, Bus. Kans. City Mo. Benny D. Wagner Delta Tau Delta, Engr. Duncan Tom A. Wainwright Beta Theta Pi A315 Mangum Anne Stout Kappa Kap Gamma, E: Ft. Worth,' David G. Suckle Pi Lambda Phi, UC Dallas, Tex. Virgil W. Tate A815 Lawton Ronald Terry Delta Kapp Epsilon, Bu Tulsa Don Thompson Engr. Calgary, Alb., Cana Darla J. Todd FA Ardmore Glenda A. Truitt Zeta Tau Alpha, Edu Carnegie Myra Vedder Alpha Gan Delta, A815 Okla. City Glenda M. Wagner Educ. Yukon Richard R. Walker UC Altus or L. llace ma Chi wnee .ph A. 'tts lr. ittord in R. stfall nbda Chi tha, Engr. dosa, N.M. lard itehead :tee 'ald W. kins lcia El ry J. liams ieta Phi 5 ls R. :des Kappa Tia, Enqr. ega, ALS a. City IE. 1 ypa Sigma lr. lton, Tex. l l ald L. pd linole M. ger na Alpha lon, Bus. more Pegqy L. Walter Alpha Chi Omega, AES Elk City Gary S. Way Engr. Roscommon Mich. Charlotte L. Wetherton Zeta Tau Alpha, uc Chicago, Ill. Everett L. Whitney Engr. Gardner, Maine Jan J. Wilkinson Chi Omega A815 Ft. Smith, Ark. Delbert D. Wilmoth Lambda Chi Alpha, FA Beaver J. Hardy Windham Phi Kappa Psi, UC Muskogee Lynnda L. Wolford Gamma Phi Beta, FA Okla. Cfty Kathy Wright Alpha Delta Pi, UC Lawton Larry I. Young A815 Ada John R. Ward Educ. Kans. City, Mo. Lawrence B. Wells Delta Sigma Phi, Engr. Okla. City Walter B. Whilden Delta Upsilon Bus. Dallas, Tex. Joseph A. Wideman Bus. Ponca City Gail A. Wilkins Alpha Delta Pi, A815 Ft. Sill Bob E. Wilson Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Henryetta Raymond L. Winstead, Jr. Kappa Sigma A815 Wichita Falls, Tex. Edmund B. Wong Enqr.,Olds, Alberta, Canada John R. Wyant Sigma Nu UC Lawton Warren F. Young Sigma Nu Enqr. Velma M. Margaret Ward Delta Delta Delta, Bus. Norman Winnie D. Wenrick Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Wetumka Elaine White Alpha Chi Omeega, ASIS Omega, A815 George C. Wiese Pl Kappa Alpha, Enqr. Milwaukee, Wis. Ben T. Williams FA okla. any Donald E. Wilson Sig ma Chi Enq r. Okla. City Robert L. Winter Acacia ABS Tulsa Spencer Wong Educ. Hong Kong, China Judi Wynn Delta Delta Delta, A815 Bartlesville Albert R. Zabel Bus. Okla. City Kendall B. Warren A815 Bus. Norman Pete Wert Lambda Chi Al ha A815 P . Ft. Wortth, Tex. Lynda L. White ALS Chickasha Teryle A. Wilder Pi Beta Phi A815 Racine, Wis. Johnnie C. Williams Sigma Nu Enqr. Jackson, Mi Marilyn F. Wilson A815 Norman H. Judd Wirz Lambda Ch Alpha, FA Tulsa Anita L. Wonn Gamma Phi Beta, Educ. Okla. City Charles E. Wysong Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Okla. City Raymond L. Zimmerman Pharm. Miami SS. i Larry B. Warren Enqr. Okla. City John M. West Phi Kappa Psi, A815 Tulsa Rex White Sigma Nu Bus. N. Little Rock, Ark. Betty B. Wiley Delta Delta Delta, ALS Littleton, Colo. Joni S. Williams Zeta Tau Alpha, A818 Okla. City Bruce E. Wilt Enqr. Brighton, Mich. Donald J. Witt Pi Lambda Phi, Enqr. Columbus, Ga Aubrey D. Wood Enor. Maysville John W. Yager UC Chickasha Jay Zumwalt Eng r. Okla. City juzniors Part of homemakinq is the art of setting an attractive table, being done here during class by Joan Prater. SOp11OID.OTeS Searching for lhe correcl formulas lor his chemislry lab quiz, Gary Campbell is caughl in a pensive mood. Samuel J. Abel UC l'l'co, Tex Linda Adams Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Cleveland Joyce E. Aldridge UC Norlh Lillle Rock, Ark. Dan Allgell Phi Kappa Sigma, A815 San Anlonio, Tex. Gene R. Arnn Della Tau Della, Bus. Okla. Cily Karen M. Bader Gamma Phi Bela, UC Sl. Louis Mary B. Baker Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Okla. Cily Lewis J. BL-mberl, Jr. Acacia Bus. Miami Cirrelda J. Barnard Pi Bela Phi Educ., Newporl Beach, Calil. Charles M. Barllell ALS Okla. Cily Larry J. Abels Sigma Alpha lvlu, Bus. Okla. Cily Linda C. Adams Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Okla. Cily Jim W. Alexander Sigma Chi UC Duncan Anila C. Anderson UC Olcla. Cily Marshall S. Aronson Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Newlon, Mass. Belsy C. Baer Della Gamma UC Norman Ray W. Baker Phi Della Thela, UC Wynnewood Cherrill D. Banning Alpha Della Pi, A815 Duncan Bill E. Barnes Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC El Reno Susan D. Barllell AES Clinlon Mel N. Abend Pi Lambda Phi, ASS Kansas Cily Mo. Merrily D. Adams Alpha Chi Omega, FA Norman Keilh M. Allen FA Allus Gayle A. Anderson Kappa Della UC Ninnekah Linda K. Ashby Della Della Della, Educ. Dallas, Tex. Kay V. Bailey Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Vinila Marlha J. Baldwin Alpha Della Pr, Earle. Randlell Harry L. Bannisler,Jr. Phi Kappa Sigma, ALS Olcla. Cily C. C. Barnell, Jr. Phi Gamma Della, UC Olsla, Cily William E. Bales Sigma Nu Engr. Jackson, Miss. K 5 ' s :Ki Carolyn S. Abernathy Bus. Okla. Cily Rulh Gwen Adcock A815 Pampa, Tex. Paula D. Allen Bus. Ardmore Kay Lynne Anderson A815 Okla. Cily James C. Alkins Phi Gamma Della, UC Shreveporl, La. Bruce W. Baker Encir. Dallas, Tex. Fred S. Ball Bus. Norman Charles W. Barbee UC Anllers Jcnne Barney Kappa Kappa Gamma, A Anadarko Linda Baughman Pi Bela Phi, AHS Ponca Cily 81S 'L sn., ,L Anona L. Adair Gamma Phi Bela, Bus. Norman Tom D. Ailken Della Tau Della, Bus. Alva Richard J. Allgood A815 AlluS Roberl W. Anderson Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. Houslon, Tex. Judilh M. Allee Alpha Della Pi, Nursing Okla. Cily James G. Baker UC Cherokee Leonard Ball Pi Kappa Alpha UC Okla. Cily Janinne Bare Alpha Chi Omega, FA I Pine Blu.l',Ark Roberl' L. Barr Ill Bela Thela Pi, ASIS l-lennessey Carolyn A. Bayless UC Lindsay John E. Adams Kappa Sig Bus. Okla. Cily Ronald S. Aks Pi Lambda Phi, Ui: Kans. Cily, Tod F. l Almquisl Sig ma Chi Bus. Norman Tommy Harper Armslrong UC Duncan Paul D. Auslin Kappa Sig Bus. Seminole John K. Baker Sigma Chi UC Okmulgee Alice E. Balzer Educ. Hooker Anne Barkley Zela Tau Alpha, Nu Tecumseh Ann Barrows Della Gan UC Tulsa Kalhy A. Bearden Gamma P Bela, A8iS l-louslon, T Gary S. John L. Palricia A. Jon T. Frank S. Nancy C. Donna K. John M. Beckerman Bedwell Bell Benedicl Benner Benner Bennell BENSON Pi Lambda UC Kappa Alpha Della Kappa ABS Della Gamma Chi Omega Della Upsilon Phi, Engr. Sunray, Thela, Bus. Epsilon, Engr. Tulsa UC Educ. Bus. Fl. Worlh, Tex. Tex. Woodward Caracas, Venez. Tulsa Norman Tulsa Roberl G. Sally J. Gayna Ann Howard W. Jill A. Dan G. Jerry D. Berry Bewley Billue Bingaman Bizzell Blackburn Blake Blanche Bela Thela Chi Omega Della Della Pi Bela Phi Della Upsilon Della Della Sigma Nu, UC UC Pi, UC Bus. Della, Bus. A815 Engr. Della, UC Lancasler, Broken Bow Pawnee Tulsa Chickasha Purcell Lawlon Checolah Tex. Jon L. Fred Kennelh L. Belh Ronald Larry R. Gordon D. William C. Blocker Blocklinger Bloom Board Bohannon Bolls Bomar Bonney Bus. Della Sigma UC Pi Bela Phi A815 Pi Kappa UC Sigma Chi Claremore Phi, UC Nowala ABS Frederick Alpha, UC Aloka, Bus. Healdlon Boise Cily Okla. Cily Tenn. Okla. Cily Trish Jane A. Wilbur G. Don F. John R. Jack D Belly J. Luanne Bowen Bowers Bowersox Boyer Bozalis Brabils Braden Bradley Kappa Kappa Kappa Alpha Bus, Sigma Nu Phi Gamma Phi Kappa Alpha Phi Della Della Gamma, UC Thela,UC Okla. Cily Bus. Della, A815 Psi, UC FA Della, Educ. Valleio, Cal. Chickasha Tulsa Okla. Cily Okla. Cily Norman Barllesville Roger W. Bruce N. Eva L. Roger A Alan M. Ann Susan H. Malcom E. Branson Branlley Brasel Breckenridge Brenner Brewer Brickman Bridwell UC Sigma Nu Pi Bela Phi UC Sigma Alpha Kappa Kappa Alpha Epsilon Lambda Chi Okla. Cily Bus., Mexico Pharm. Anadarko Mu, UC Gamma, A815 Phi, A815 Alpha, UC Cily, Mex. Tulsa Tulsa Barllesville Sl. Louis, Mo Carnegie Mary F. Berkey Alpha Epsilon Phi, A815 Okla. Cily Richard A. Bland UC Granile Charles F. Boo1e Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Cily John G. Bradshaw Lambda Chi Alpha, A815 Barllesville James L. Briqhl UC Jenks Murray N. Berkowich Bus. Kans. Cily Mo. John W. Blasingame UC Kilgore, Tex. William R. Borgsladl Bus. Concordia, Mo. Slan J. Brady Kappa Alpha A845 Barllesville Thomas H. Brighl, Jr. Sigma Chi, Engr. Eunice, N.M. Ralph D. Bernier Phi Gamma Della, UC Norman Leon Bledsoe UC Hinlon Brenda B. Bollloms A815 Fl. Worlh, Tex. Mary A. Brand UC Chickasha Owen M. Briles UC Adams Helen S. Berry Gamma Phi Bela, ABS Norman Dave C. Blevins Sigma Nu, U Midwesl Cily Vance R. Bolls UC M idwesl' Cily Carol A. Branson Alpha Della Pi, Educ. Okla. Cily William C. Brining Phi Della Thela, UC Tonkawa Julian Brisco Alpha Chi Omega, FA Grove Sharon E. Brown Pi Bela Phi A815 Okla. Cily Jerry G. Buller Della Tau Della, UC Alexandria, Va. B. Daryl Brislow Sigma Chi UC Midwesl Cily Sharon L. Brown Della Gamma Educ. Wichila, Kans. Tim Buller Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. Cily Judy L. Breach Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. oua. ciiy Kav Browning Pi Bela Phi Bus. Barllesville Marion L. Bullerfield Della Kappa Epsilon UC Okla. Cily William H. Broadrick Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Ada Sharon K. Brumley uc okia. csiy Jim Bullerworlh Alpha Tau Omega, Engr. Okla. Cily Larry C. Brooks Della Tau Della, UC Lillle Rock, Ark John A. Brunk Phi Kappa Psi, Engr. Frederick Marion C. Buzzard UC Grove J. Philip Brougher Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Okla. Cily Herberl V. Bryanl UC Aloka Turner E. Bynum Della Tau Della, A815 Okla. Cily Douglas D. Brown Sigma Nu, UC Shilliriglon, Pa. Charles E. Buchner Della Tau Della, UC Sancl Springs Gull L. Cabbiness A315 Anadarko Duane Brown Pi Kappa Alpha, UC l-lulchinson, Kan. Ann M. Buck Chi Omega Bus. Okla. Cily Joseph W. Caldwell Kappa Sigma UC Dallas, Tex. Edna D. Brown A815 Lamonl Ray B. Burden Educ. Blair Paul Calverl Phi Kappa Psi, Bus. Midwesl Cily Eslher F. Brown UC Cushing Marvin E. Burge Della Upsilon ASS El Reno Don E. Cannon Sigma Chi Bus. Aloka Fred A. Brown A815 Chickasha Helen M. Burns Bus. Anadarko Don A. Carey Bela Thela Pi, Engr. Enid Philip H. Brown Bela Thela Pi, A815 Ardmore Dale R. Buller Phi Kappa Sigma, A815 Norman Harry Carey A815 Gage l53 sophomores Amused al the sound of lheir voices, Susan Sparks and Fran Wolfe play back lape recordings in language lab. David K. Cargill Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Edmond Blas R. Casares Thela Kappa Phi, UC Havana, Cuba David P. Chaney Della Upsilon Enqr. Tulsa Kennelh L. Cheever UC Okla. Cily Elizabelh J. Clark Della Della Della, AHS Houslon, Tex. Edilh L. Coals Chi Omega A815 Okla. Cily Roy V. Cole Bus. Lexinglon Raymond E. Colline Engr. Rochesler, N .Y. Mary A. Conley Alpha Phi UC Lexinglon Nancy J. Coody Alpha Phi, UC Breckenridge, Tex. Shirley J. Carnes Educ. Sayre Roberl F. Caslellion Pharm. N. Tonawanda, N.Y. Paul R. Chaney Engr. Okla. Cily Marlha A. Cheslnul Gamma Phi Bela, Educ. Barllesville Phillip A. Clark Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Muskogee Billie K. Cochran Chi Omega Bus. Allanla, Tex. Sandra G. Cole Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Nofman Frank Collins Engr. Pelrolia, Tex. Slanley E. Conley A815 Ringgold, La. Jerry A. Cook Pharm. Okla. Cily Marble J. Carpenler Della Upsilon UC Lawlon Judilh E. Calhey Della Della Della, Educ. Norman Dixie J. Chapman Bus. Okla. Cily M. Wayne Chesnul Phi Gamma Della, UC Shreveporl, La . William N. Claylon UC Porl Arlhur, Tex. Roberl G. Cockrell Engr. Birmingham, Ala. Dorla R. Coley Della Della Della, Bus. Norman Susan V. Collins Alpha Chi Omega, UC Geary Carolyn Connell Pi Bela Phi Bus. Granls, N.M. Palricia K. Cook Alpha Chi Omega, FA Okla. Cily Judy A. Carper Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla. Cily Wendell Calhey Kappa Alpha UC Elk Cily Roger A. Chapman Della Upsilon Engr. El Reno Nancy J. Childress Della Gamma Educ. Wichila Falls, Tex. Shirley A. Cline Alpha Gamma Della, AXLS Okla. Cily Richard S. Cohen Pi Lambda Phi, A815 Tulsa Jeffrey M. Collar Della Tau Della, A545 Tulsa Roselyn J. Colvard UC Oakwood Leslie L. Conner, Jr. Bela Thela Pi, A815 Okla. Cily Peggy J. Cook Alpha Chi Omega, A845 Okla. Cily Carolyn Carroll Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Amarillo, Tex. Kennelh W. Chaffin Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Ardmore Suzanne Chasleen Alpha Della Pi, Educ. Mariella Billie L. Chism FA Shawnee James A. Cloar Della Tau Della, UC Okla. Cily Carolyn E. Cole Kappa Alpha Thela AHS Lawlon L. Gordon Collell UC San Carlos, Calil. C. W. Comer UC Middleburg, Va. Mark Connolly Phi Gamma Della, A815 Okla. Cily Carl H. Cooper Della Upsilon UC Lawlon Roberl L. Carler UC Anlioch, Calif. Marilyn R. Chance Della Gam Bus. Tulsa Kay Chealwooc Alpha Chi Omega, U' Okla. Cily Nancy Clabaugh Pi Bela Phi, UC Okla. Cily John J. Coales Sigma Alp Epsilon, Bu Okla. Cily Mary J. Cole Chi Omeg A815 Norman Lanny R. Collier Sigma Chi UC Okla. Cily Ann T. Comforl' A815 Denver, Colo. Palrick A. Considine Phi Gamm Della, UC Wichila Fe Tex. Ann Copeland Alpha Gar Della, A815 Kingfisher Gary E. Copeland Delta Chi Engr. Maude Minna R. Cytrin Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC, San Antonio, Tex Sandra S. DeLashaw Pharm. Sidi Slimane, Morocco Stanley D. Dodds Kappa Alpha Bus. Almagordo, N.M. Mary A. Ducker Delta Delta Delta Educ. Montclair, N.J. John Corff Theta Kappa Phi, UC Okla. City Lina B. Darrough Kappa Alpha Theta, Educ. Okla. City Bill R. Denison Delta Tau Delta, A815 Ponca City Julia G. Dorr Delta Gamma Bus. Okla. City Harriette A. Duckworth Gamma Phi Beta, Bus. Mary A. Cowen Kappa Alpha Theta, Nursing Shawnee Steven C. Davies Kappa Sigma UC Flushing, N.Y. Nancy J. Denton Delta Gamma UC Lubbock, Tex. C. Dewayne Dotson Sigma Nu UC Okla. City Nathaniel H. Duffield Kappa Alpha Bus. Witchita, Kans. Pauls Valley Myron F. Stephen F. Albert L. Max W. Joe H. Cox Cox Crabtree Craig Crosby UC Sigma Phi Delta Upsilon Sigma Alpha Phi Kappa Watonga Epsilon, UC UC Epsilon, Engr. Sigma, A8iS Graham, Tex. Okla. City Norman Lawton Dorothy R. E. Susan Jess B. Lyle G. David F. Davis Davis Davis, Jr. Deal Dean Kappa Alpha Pi Beta Phi Alpha Sigma Phi Kappa Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Educ. Phi, Educ. Sigma, Bus. UC , Muskogee Okmulgee N. Haven, Midland, Tex. Amarillo, Tex. Conn. Larry D. Craig William L. Richard F. Fred E. Derryberry DeSilvia Deupree DeVoe DeWeese AHS Sigma Nu Sigma Alpha Beta Theta UC Altus UC Epsilon, UC Pi, Engr. Barnsdall Missoula, Mont. Okla. City Bartlesville James I. Patricia A. W. Morris Charles L. Judith A. Dotson Dougherty Douglas Dow Downing UC Chi Omega UC Bus. Educ. Stilwell Bus. Denison, Fairview Tulsa Okla. City Tex. James E. Dannie E. Gary D. Tom Donald W. Duffy Duggan Duke Dulaney Dumler Theta Kappa UC Sigma Phi Phi Gamma FA Phi, Bus. Enid Epsilon, UC Delta, Bus. Altus Enid Chickasha Okla. City Linda Crosby Alpha Phi ARS, Colo. Springs, Colo. Marland Deen UC Wright City Harold Dicker UC Tulsa Howard H. Doyle Delta Sigma Phi, A815 Stillwater Diana R. Dunlap Alpha Chi Omega, FA Duncan Raymond A. Cross UC Okla. City Thomas A. Dearman Kappa Sigma Bus. Chickosha Bob L. Dillard UC Carnegie Joe B. Drake Sigma Nu Bus. Davis Terry Dunlap Phi Gamma Delta, Engr. Okla. City Larry D. Crowell Delta Upsilon UC Tulsa Chiquita F. Deason Phi Mu A815 Norman Judy Disosway Pi Beta Phi, UC Shreveport, John M. Draper Sigma Chi UC Okla. City Natalie P. Dunn Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Memphis, Tenn. La. Creston C. Cutchall Kappa Sigma Bus. I Okla. City Jane E. Dekinder FA Chickasha Charles W. Dissly Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Tulsa Peqi L. Dromgold Chi Omega A8iS Okla. City Frank D. Duperier Sigma Nu UC Jackson, Miss Charles A. Durham Kappa Sigma, UC Sue Durkee Kappa Alpha Theta, Educ. Corpus Christi, Norman Tex. Jody A. Edgar Alpha Chi Omega, A8iS Ponca City Mary E. :pton Delta Delta Delta, FA Wewoka Barbara A. Efting Alpha Chi Omega, FA Park Ridge, Ill. Judy Erwin Alpha Gamma Delta, Educ. Memphis, Tenn. James D. Durland Phi Kappa Sigma, Bus. Okla. City Barbara L. Elkins Pi Beta Phi Bus, Tulsa Charlotte L. Ester Chi Omega A8iS Okmulgee Jack Durrett ll Kappa Sigma A815 Keota Charles A. Ellis Engr. Hominy Tom F. Eurton Phi Delta Theta, UC Norman Judy A. Dutcher Kappa Kapoa Gamma, ALS Anadarko Kay K. Ellison Kappa Kappa Gamma, FA Okla. City James D. Evans Phi Delta Theta, Pharm. Enid Jim K. Dysart Kappa Alpha UC Amarillo, Tex. Linda Elstner Chi Omega Educ. Tul-a Larry W. Evans Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. City Phyllis A. Eacock Educ. Okla. City Neal W. Emerson Phi Gamma Delta, Bus. Checotah Barbara M. Failing Chi Omega Educ. Enid Doyle E. Earles Educ. Argonia, Kans. Jimmie E. Emery UC Oxtord, Pa. Joe P. Farr Sigma Nu Bus. Davis James K. Early Phi Kappa Sigma, Bus. Okla. City Martha J. Emrick Delta Delta Delta, Educ. Enid John B. K. Farr Delta Upsilon Bus. Okla. City Martha V. Echart Delta Gamma Bus. Dallas, Tex. Dorothy A. Endicott Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Wichita Falls, Tex. Patsy L. Farrell Delta Delta Delta, A815 Bartlesville Jack Eddins Phi Gamma Delta, UC Muskogee John C. Engelson Phi Kappa Psi, UC Tulsa Marilyn H. Feinberg Nursing Frederick Robert F. Eddins Phi Gamma Delta, UC Muskogee Joe T. Eoff Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Woodward Wilma E. Felkner Delta Delta Delta, A3iS Norman l55 WK? 0, s iasqphornores Allan Munkres gives Karen Oneth a few colorful tips and ideas for her semester proiect in beginning art design. GE Barbara A. Felmley Pi Beta Phi Educ. Rlloomington, Charles R. Finn AHS Denver, Colo. Larry G. Flowers UC Okla. City Carolyn Freedman Sigma Delta Tau, ABS Houston, Tex. Elinor M. Galerston A815 Okla. City Bob J. Garrett Phi Kappa Psi, A815 Okla. City Sally Ghormley Delta Gamma Educ. Blackwell Charline Glascock Delta Delta Delta, FA Memphis, Tenn. Barbara R. Gollub Sigma Delta Tau, Educ. Tulsa Stan W. Gralla Theta Kappa Phi, UC Housatonic Mass. Jerry C. Fields Engr. Okla. City Ann M. Fischer Alpha Phi, UC Memphis, Tenn. Edith A. Ford Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Shawnee Ben N. Freidberg Sigma Alpha Mu, A815 Bartlesville Beth A. Gambill Alpha Gamma Delta, FA Tulsa Joe H. Garrett Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Tulsa Pat Gibson Pi Beta Phi, ALS Okmulgee Sylvia J. Glasgow Pi Beta Phi, Educ. Okie. City Kittv J. Gore Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Kansas City, Mo. Carolyn R. Grantham UC McAlester Sandra L. Fierstine Sigma Delta Tau, Educ. St. Louis, Mo. Donald J. Fisher UC Fox Jane Ford Gamma Phi Beta, Educ. Norman Larry L. French Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Shreveport, La. William O. Gamble Phi Gamma Delta, Bus. Beverly Hills, Calif. Jacki M. Gaumer Alpha Gamma Delta, Bus. Okla. City Joe H. Gieck A815 Altus Shirley C. Goddard Alpha Gamma Delta, Educ. Tulsa Charles S. Goree A815 Okla. City Paul C. Grantham Alpha Tau Omega, UC T'rre H'ute, lnd. Sally Files Delta Delta Delta, Educ. Casper, Wyo. A. David Fleming Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Sapulpa, Don J. Fox Delta Upsilon UC El Reno Forrest L. Frueh Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Perry Robert A. Gappa UC Yukon Jerry L. Gaylor UC Panhandle, Tex. Bill Giles UC Hobbs, N.M. Sara J. Goins Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Ardmore Anna M. Gorelick Sigma Delta Tau, Educ. Tulsa Donald M. Graubart Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Scarsdale, N.Y. Susan J. Fine Alpha Epsilon Phi, Educ. Denver, Colo. Allen W. Flenoid UC Okla. City Jerry B. Fox A815 Hugo Larry J. Fulton Delta Upsilon UC Okmulgee Charles R. Gardner Bus. Paoli Phyllis J. Gentry Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Weatherford Keith B. Gilliam Pharm. Okla. City Albert C. Golden Sigma Chi Engr. Tulsa Charles R. Gorham UC Okla. City Tom G. Graves Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Muskogee Rhona N. Finkelstein Alpha Epsil Phi, Educ. Pampa,Tex. George P. Floratos UC Los Angeles Calit. Teresa J. Frederick Nursing Moyers Arthur Gaer UC Teaneck, N.J. Richard E. Garlick Sigma Nu Engr. Wichita Fal Tex. Barbara E. Gerson Sigma Delta Tau, UC Enid William G. Givens Phi Delta Theta, UC Ardmore Richard U. Goldwyn Sigma Alpl' Mu, A815 Tulsa Kenneth G. Grady Phi Delta Theta, Engr Tulsa Cecile M. Gray Gamma Ph Beta, UC Duncan Larry D. Green UC Enid Robert L. Haney Kappa Alpha UC Holdenville Phil M. Hawk Kappa Sigma Bus. Okla. City Richard C. Henneke Engr. Hennessey Patrick T. Higgins Delta Tau Delta, A8iS Okla. City Curtis L. Greer UC McAlester Don H. Hanson Theta Xi Engr., Calgary, Alberta, Can. Sara B. Hawk Delta Delta Delta, Educ. Bartlesville Carolyn K. Hennessee Bus. Lawton Linda K. Hightower Alpha Delta Pi, Bus. Alamogorodo, N.M. Richard L. Griffith Phi Gamma Delta, ALS Dallas, Tex. Rilla J. Harlin Alpha Delta Pi, A815 Okla. City Kathleen Hawkins Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Marionville, Mo. James G. Henry Phi Gamma Delta, A815 Tulsla Linda Jennings Delta Delta Delta, Educ. Okla. City Verne E. Griffith Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. Okmulgee Barbara L. Harper UC Tulsa Robert W. Hays Kappa Sigma Engr. Okla. City Dale A. Henshaw Engr. Duncan Myra E. Jenkins A815 Okla. City Janice D. William R. Clare A. Sally L. Grimm Gurley Hachmuth Heckler UC Phi Gamma Enqr. Gamma Phi Pauls Valley Delta, Engr. Bartlesville Beta, UC Bristow Muskogee J. Dock Bobby J. Holly D. Richard G. Harrell Harris, Harris Harris Sigma Chi Phi Gamma Alpha Phi Kappa Alpha UC Delta, ues. A8iS. Conners- A815 Jackson, Miss. Muskogee ville, lnd. Bartlesville Pat Sandra K. Norman D. Robert C. Head Heavin Heinrichs Hembree UC Alpha Chi FA UC Duncan Omega, Educ. Colony Okla. City Wynnewood Cynthia J. John D. Judy Thomas P. Hersh Hervey Hesler Hester Sigma Delta ALS Delta Delta Alpha Tau Tau, UC Norman Delta, Educ. Omega,UC Wichita, Kans. Kans. City. Mo. Ponca City Marvin L. Frank L. Beth Grant Jeffries Jannuui James Jackson Engr. Theta Kappa Chi Omega Kappa Alpha Guthrie Phi, Engr. Educ. UC rlzojndbrook, Okla. City Elk City Phil L. Hale Kappa Siq ma UC Okla. City John A. Harrison Pharm. Vinita Joan Hemptling Alpha Gamma Delta, Bus. Garden Grove, Calif. Jacquie L. Heston Alpha Gamma Delta, A815 Norman Terence L. lrons Delta Chi UC Ponca City Arthur W, Fred E. Barbara J. Hall Hammer Hancock Delta Tau Alpha Tau UC Delta, ALS Omega, Engr. Beaver Alva Kearney, Neb. Sara E. Susan A. 'Sydney J. Harrison Harrison aslam Alpha Phi Bus. Nursing Bus. Van Nuys, Tulsa Stamford, Tex. Calif. Barbara l. Kaaren M. Tonnie Hencke Henderson Hendrickson Chi Omega, Alpha Phi, UC Sigma Nu A815 Des Moines, UC Tulsa Iowa Tulsa Marguerite Kay D. John D. Heston Higgenbotham Higgins Alpha Chi Bus. UC Omega, UC Ada Mt. Carmel, Shreveport, La. lll. Charles W. Thomas T. Martha H. lnqram Ikeda Hurt UC UC Zeta Tau Chickasha Hilo, Alpha, Educ. Hawaii Tulsa Henry R. Hurd Sigma Nu UC Jacksboro, Tex. David L. Horst Bus. Okla. City Able J. Holbert Sigma Nu A815 Bartlesville Patrick W. Hunt Bus. Claremore David C. Horn Phi Delta Theta, UC Ardmore Rozelle M. Hoffman UC Mt. View Paul D. Hunt Engr. Tulsa Robert M. Hopkins Kappa Alpha UC LaBelle, Mo. John R. Hoffman Eng r. lndependenc Kans. ei Lindsay M. Hunt Kappa Sigma A815 Okla. City James C. Hoopes Sigma Nu Bus. Bossier City, L Mary Hodges Pi Beta Phi Bus., San Marino, Calif. Bernie L. Hulme Delta Tau Delta, Engr. Chickasha Nancy L. Hood Kappa Alpha Theta, Educ. Guthrie Jerry M. Hobbs Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr. Okla. City Roger H. Hughes Bus. Healdton Mary J. Hogd UC Erick Bill J. Hoag Sigma Chi UC Bartlesville Elaine Huddleston Delta Gamma, A815 Bartlesville Dave E. Hood Pi Kappa Alpha, Engr. Okla. City Janet R. Hinkle Gamma Phi Beta, UC Bartlesville Harold B. Hoyt Sigma Nu UC Okla. City Lee M. Holmes A815 Edmond James L. Hines Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A815 Kans. City, Mo. Shirley J. Howerton UC Okla. City Marilyn F. Hollis UC Muskogee Loren N. Hill Engr. El Dorado, Ark. Albert S. Howarth UC Mooseiaw, Saskatchewan, Can. Richard H. Holley Theta Xi Bus. Lawton Lindy Hill Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Dallas, Tex. Jannie L. Houser Delta Delta Delta, A8rS Hugo Ferrin H. Holcomb Delta Tau Delta, UC Blanchard Don Richard Hill Alpha Tau Omega, Bus. Okla. City Pat C. Horton Alpha Gamma Delta, Educ. Lawton Rosanne Holbert Delta Gamma FA Bartlesville Danny Hill Phi Kappa Psi Bus. Muskogee l57 sophomores Correspondenl for lhe Oklahoma Daily, Sydney Sullivanl galhers lhe who, whal, where, why, when, and how of a news slory. Richard N. Johannes Della Upsilon A815 Norman Richard F. Johnson uc Okh.CHy James S. Jones Phi Della Thela, UC Duncan Mary A. Kakish Alpha Chi Omega, Bus. Harlshorne Sherril J. Kaufman UC Okla. Cily Collelle P. Keyser Alpha Gamma Della, Nursing Okla. Cily S ll S. Kilrky AES Norman Joe L. Klingsledl Kappa Sigma FA Slillwaler Norma K. Kroulil Educ. Yukon Roberl A Lamberl A815 Wesl Covina, Calif. Donald F. Johnson Bus. Lansing, Mich. Roberl M. Johnson Pi Kappa Alpha, Engr. Okla. Cily Molly Jones Kappa Kappa Gamma, A85 Jackson, Miss. Carole S. Kaliskl Sigma Della Tau UC Houslon, Tex. Cora S. Keller Zela Tau Alpha, UC Houslon, Tex. James K. Kidwell FA Ada Elizabelh Kirkham Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Houslon, Tex Spencer L. Knapp Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. Cily James J. Kubik Thela Kapa Phi, UC Duncan Marilyn R. Land Chi Omega Bus. M'mphis, Tenn. Evelyn A. Johnson UC Dallas, Tex. Judilh S. Johnslon visas Pm,Aas Okh.CHy Ralph W. Jones UC Cyril Mildred A. Kane Engr. Barllesville Richard A. Kelley UC Lillle Rock, Ark. Kaye Kiesperl Della Gamma Bus. Ardmore Kirkpalrick John B. Phi Della Thela, A815 San Maleo, Glenda A. Knighl Gamma Phi Bela, A815 Anadarko Gerald H. Kursar Phi Kappa Psi, UC Konawa Roy H. Lane UC Panhandle, Tex. Cal. Jed J. Johnson, Jr. Della Tau Della, UC Chickasha Arlhur L. Jones Eng r. Frederick Roberl D. Jones UC Midwesl Cily Pennie E. Karchmer Sigma Della Tau, AHS Albuqurque, N.M. Erskine R. Kelly Della Kappa Epsilon, Engr. Wash., D.C. Thomas L. Kingery Della Tau Della, UC Okla. Cily Earl W. Kilchen Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Okla. Cily Roberl B. Knighl Phi Della Thela, Bus. Borger, Tex. Vic Ladd Pi Lambda Phi, UC Amarillo, Tex. Elizabelh A. Langenkamp Pi Bela Phi, UC Tulsa Larry M. Johnson UC Argonia, Kans. Bruce E. Jones Engr., Calgary, Al berla, Canada Roberl S. Joseph Pi Lambda PM,UC Omaha, Neb. lda Kali Alpha Epsilon Phi, Bus. Dallas, Tex. Joe R. Kennedy Phi Gamma Della, A815 Muskogee Roberl A. Kingsbury Kappa Sigma Bus. Barllesville Sharon R. Klein Educ. Des Moines, iowa Mac Kniqhlon Phi Della Thela, UC Wichila, Kans. E. Adrian LaGrave Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Culver Cily, Cal. Jack M. Langlon Kappa Sigma Engr. Houslon, Tex. Mary A. Johnson Y Chi Omegai Educ. Allus l Carol L. Jones Chi Omega A815 Norman George E. Kadane Phi Gamma Della, A815 Wichila Fal Tex. Linda C. Kalz Alpha Epsil Phi, UC Slalford, Te Eddie A. Kern Sigma Alpl Mu, FA Tulsa Ralph R. Kinsinger Phi Gamma Della, A845 Blackwell Judith A. Klepper UC San Anlonii Tex. Robe rl H. Kroney Kappa Sigr UC Dallas, Tex. Louie T. LaMark Thela Kapp Phi, AHS Houslon, Te Henry O. Langslon UC Miami, Fla. Fred W. Lankard Sigma Chi A815 Kingfisher Bob E. Lenhardl Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Okla. Cily Halene Lipe Alpha Phi Bus. Slamford, Tex. Ann Lollridge Alpha Phi UC Barllesville Mary A. McAninch Alpha Della Pi, ALS Tulsa Graydon H. Laughbaum Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. Dallas, Tex. Lee A. Leslie Sigma Chi UC Midwesl Cily Gail Lillie Chi Omega A815 Okla. Cily Larry D. Lucas Kappa Sigma UC Poleau Glenna M. McAlee Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Cushing Kennelh P. Leach UC Maysvil le William D. Leslie Phi Della Thela, Bus., Dallas, Tex. Oleka A. Lillie Alpha Gamma Della, A815 Madill Kara L. Luman Chi Omega UC ous. Cily John O. McBee Alpha Tau Omega, UC Dallas, Tex. Phyllis M. Pal George F. Judy William H. Lealherman Lealhers LeBus lll LeClere Lee Chi Omega Phi Gamma UC Chi Omega Sigma Phi AHS, Minne- Della, A815 Wichila Falls, A8iS Epsilon, UC apolis, Minn. Muskogee Tex. goffeyville, Okla. Cily ans. M. G. Jay L. Joe Rose Ken H. Linda A. Lesserl Levine Levy Levy Levy Phi Della Pi Lambda Sigma Della Sigma Alpha Kappa Della Thela, UC Phi, A8iS, Kans. Tau, A815 Mu, Bus. UC Ponca Cily Cily, Mo. Memphis, Tenn. Greenville,Miss.Okla. Cily Tom Charles C. Sally A. Nancy Gerald N. Lrlllelon Lively Lively Livergood Livingslon UC I UC Kappa Alpha Della Gamma Engr. Okla. Cily McAlesler Thela, Educ. UC Fl. Worlh, Okla. Cily Tulsa Tex. Virginia A. Roy R. Lynda L. Annelle Bill Lulon Love Lowrey Lynn Lynn Alpha Phi Della Tau Chi Omega Kappa Kappa Bela Thela Bus. Della, UC UC Gamma, Educ, Pi, Engr. Okla. Cily Okla. Cily Poleau Checolah Tulsa Jim A. Palrick C. James R. Richard B. Reg McCaffrey McCarroll McCasland McClain McClish, Jr. Bus. Bela Thela Kappa Alpha Phi Kappa Bus. Okla. Cily Pi, Engr. Bus. Psi, ALS Okmulgee Tulsa Amarillo, Tex. Wynnewood Jean A. Lemler Alpha Gamma Della, Educ. Perry Roberl L. Lewis Della Tau Della, Bus. Okla. Cily Anlhony J. Loeb Sigma Alpha Mu, ALS Beverly Hills Cal. Roberl T. Lyon Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Okla. Cily Jud L. Mcglung Della Della Della, UC Allanla, Tex. Jack A. Ernesl C. Philip H. Lenerli Leonard Leonard Pi Kappa Sigma Chi Bela Thela Alpha, Engr, UC Pi, UC Riverside, Cal. Tulsa Duncan Roberl L. David S. John P. Lhuillier Lindsey Linehan Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Thela Kappa UC Alpha, UC Phi, UC Barllesville Odessa, Tex. Okla. Cily Phillip J. Billie G. Nancy A. Lohmann Long Long Sigma Nu Alpha Chi ARS Engr., Farmf Omega, UC Borger, Tex. inglon, N.M. Duranl Jerry L. Anne Wade S. McAdams McAlisler McAlisler Della Upsilon Pi Bela Phi Bela Thela Engr. UC Pi, UC Okla. Cily Tulsa Okla. Cily Mary L Tim A. Belly McConnell McCook McCormick FA FA Kappa Alpha Lone Wolf Enid Thela, AHS Chickasha Douglas E. McCracken Della Upsilon uc Okla. ciiy Sam A. McKenzie Bus. Elk Cily Mike C. Mahood Kappa Alpha UC l-louslon, Tex. William C. McCurdy Phi Della Thela, Pharm. Purcell Sarah A. McKinnis Kappa Alpha Thela, Educ. Shawnee Augusl D. Malfregeol Phi Della Thela, Engr. Clarksburg, W. Va. Tommy E. McDonald Della Sigma Phi, uc Wilson Richard D. McLaughlin Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Kansas Cily, Kans. Hal L. Malone Kappa Sigma Bus. Duranl Bud H. McDougal A815 McCall, Idaho Thad McLaurin Sigma Nu UC Jackson, Miss. Jerri L. Mann UC Oillon Jo Lea McDown Alpha Gamma Della, FA Arapaho George E. McLellan UC Frederick Elizabelh J. Manning A815 Dallas, Tex. David F. McElroy UC Chickasha Dennis M. McMahon Kappa Alpha UC Houslon, Tex. Pele Manos Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Dallas, Tex. James M. McFarlane Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr. Okla. Cily Robcrl E. McMaslers uc Okla. cziy Linda S, Mansur Bus, l-leadrick Peler S. McGregor UC, Calgary, Alberla, Canada Jerry W. McNeely Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Ardmore Jim Manloolh Sigma Nu UC Lindsay Mack R. McGuckin Bus. Norman Marcene P. Mabry UC Amarillo, Tex. Thomas D. Marchanl Phi Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily Belly N. McGuire Bus. Shreveporl, La. James D. Mabus Engr. Overland Park, Kans. Marie L. Marice Alpha Phi UC Mobile, Ala. William E. McKay Bela Thela Pi, UC, Fl. Worlh, Tex. John F. Mack UC Moab, Ulah Auguslino J. Marques UC New York Cily, N.Y. Steve ' McKeever Phi Della Thela, Bus. Enid Bruce R. Maqoon Pi Lambda Phi, A815 Tulsa John H. Marsh Pharm. McAlesler l59 bfhorrlores Ann Saunders makes use of lhe library's new syslem of card calalog and open slacks, which makes sludying easier. Lawrence J. Marshall Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Wynnewood Marian A. Mallhews Pi Bela Phi Educ. Okla. Cily John W. Mee, Jr. Della Tau Della, Bus. Okla. Cily Darrell Merrell UC Jenks Barbara J. Miller Educ. Norman James E. Mills Lambda Chi Alpha, AHS Barllesville Judy J. Moffell FA Wichila, Kans. Edward W. Moran Phi Gamma Della, Engr. Wichila Falls Tex. Lynda J. Mosley Alpha Phi A815 Norman Wall Mullins Kappa Sigma A815 Chickasha John D. Marlin UC Erick Ike Mayfield Sigma Chi UC Belhany Donald D. Meeks UC Sunray, Tex. Hellen I. Merrill Della Della Della, A815 Norman Clarence D. Miller uc okia. cify Phyllis L. Mills Alpha Chi Omega, UC Midwesl Cily Belsy Mook Zela Tau Alpha, UC Tu sa Jim H. Morrison UC Norman Nancy J. Moseley UC Purcell Allan R. Munkres UC Enid Mary S. Marlin Alpha Phi A815 Norman Dorolhy L. Mayhew Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Tulsa Slephen H. Meese Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Enid Bob M. Merson Pi Lambda Phi, UC Okla. Cily Jerry M. Miller Pi Lambda Phi, UC Tulsa Kalherine R. Missildine Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Wichila, Kans. Glenda L. Moore Bus. Dallas, Tex. Mario A. Morrison UC Okla. Cily James W. Mouser Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Perry Bill S. Murphy A8iS Okla. Cily Richard B. Mason sigma cm uc oil... cziy Dave Meacham Sigma Nu, Bus. El Dorado, Ark. James W. Mehl Alpha Tau Omega, Engr. Dallas, Tex Jessie J. Mesis Bus. Hennessey John A. Miller Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Cily Judy P. Milchell UC Okla. Cily Jim Moore Phi Gamma Della, Bus. Dallas, Tex. Ralph L. Morrison, Jr. Sigma Nu UC Okla. Cily Kalherine A. Moxley Kappa Alpha Thela Educ. Enid Thomas H. Murphy UC Ardmore Charlolle C. Massad Alpha Gamma Della, FA Healdlon Denver W. Meacham Phi Gamma Della, Bus. Clinlon John W. Meikle Bela Thela Pi, UC Norman J. Kenl Messamore Sigma Chi A815 Norman Kennelh B. Milliaan UC Lexinglon Roberl B. Milchell Pharm. Okla. Cily Mary E. Moore Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Ponca Cily Laura J. Morrow Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Amarillo, Tex. Frederick D. W. Mugler Phi Kappa Psi UC, Lake Charles, La. Thomas F. Myers Phi Gamma Della, UC Kans. Cily Mo. Jack C. Maleer Bus. Okla. Cily Thomas R. Medlock Bela Thela Pi, UC Filzhugh James C. Menifee Bus. Okla. Cily Annella L. Miller UC Norman Elmer C. Million UC Wealherfor Barbara L. Mock Della Gaml Educ. Ponca Cily Tom M. Moore Ph' Ka pa Psi, Us Dallas Tex. Edwin Morlon Alpha Tau Omega, Bu Ardmore Hal K. Muldrow Bela Thela Pi, Bus. Brownlield John T. Nalley UC Okla. Cily Lee Nash Sigma Chi A815 Muskogee James L. Noyes Della Kappa Epsilon, Educ. W. Hyallsville, Md. Emmell A. Palmer UC Grand Junclion, Colo. Jim B. Pallerson UC Elk Cily Andy D. Phillips Sigma Nu, Bus., Jacksonville, Tex. John M. Nelson Della Tau Della, A815 Amber Jackie L. Olive Alpha Gamma Della, Educ. Okla. Cily Laurella M. Palmeler FA Elk ciiy Jo Ann Pallerson Gamma Phi Bela, Bus. Norman Nancy J. Phillips UC Hammond, lnd. Linda A. Nelson Phi Mu Educ. El Paso, Tex. Larry J. Oliver Sigma Chi Bus. Norman Peler Panek Engr. Peno, Alberla, Canada Nancy J. Peacock Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Tulsa David Pickard Educ. Blanchard Nancy Ben E. Jack A. Roberl E. Donald R. Bill Virginia L. Sara l. Penny Newblock Newcomer Nichols Nilson Noakes Noble Norris Norlhcull Nowery Chi Omega, Kappa Alpha UC UC Sigma Chi, Bela Thela Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Gamma Phi UC UC Okla. Cily El Reno UC Pi, Engr. Gamma, A815 Bela, UC Bela, Bus. Okla. Cily Hobarl Okla. Cily Kan. Cily, Kan. Norman Purcell Shreveporl, La Karon C. Karen A. Marilyn K. Morris L. Pally R. Janel M. John P. Harold R. Nea! S. Olson Onelh Orr Orr Osborne Overlon Ozar Paden Paisley Kappa Alpha FA Alpha Gamma Phi Della Chi Omega Educ. Thela Kappa Bus. ' Pharm. 0 Thela, UC El Reno Della, Educ. Thela, UC Bus. Pond Creek Phi, UC Sand Springs Ponca Cily Topeka, Kans. Norman Dallas, Tex. Okla. Cily Bellvue, Alberla, Can. Barbara J. Deanna Barbara L. Alice A. Cleve Roberl G. Thomas O. James O. Dudley C. Pannage Paramore Parenl Parham Park Parker Parma Parnell Pallerson Della Gamma Gamma Phi ALS Gamma Phi Phi Kappa Phi Kappa UC UC UC UC, Greal Falls,Bela, Educ. Wewoka Bela, A815 Psi, Pharm. Sigma, Engr. Dallas, Tex. Hugo Hugo Monlana Lawlon Dallas, Tex. Okmulgee Okla. Cily Leah S. John C. Don E. Lynn R. William Z. Penny Belly C. Georgianne Sue l Pearce Pearson lll Peery Penderqrass Penn Penninglon Pelers Pelerson Pelllgrove Gamma Phi Phi Della UC FA Della Upsilon Alpha Della Pi Bela Phi Della Della A815 Bela, Educ. Thela, Engr. Okla. Cily Tulsa Educ. Pi, ABS, Bus . Della, UC Claremore Mariella Ardmore Wallers Balhoa, Midwesl Cily Des Moines, la. Canal Zone Maxine Lynn R. Lesley A. Louis H. Charles R. Sandra B. Sally Gela 5. Nancy L. Pinkerlon Pinson Pilney Pills Plank Poindexler Polk Pollock Pool Gamma Phi UC Della Gamma Della Tau Della Upsilon Alpha Phi Kappa Kappa Kappa Della Della Gamma Bela, FA Tiplon A815 Della, Bus. Pharm. A8rS, Pierre, Gamma AA8rS . Educ. Memphis, Tenn. Okla. Cily Chickasha Fairview S, Dakola EC h k Big Cabin Shawnee aw us a Ted N. Pool Ulgma l S' Ch' Tulsa Mary H. Rahhal Alpha Phi A815 Duncan Jack D. Redeker Bela Thela Pi, UC Cushing Phil Porla UC El Reno Bruce M. Rahm Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Barllesville William S. Reeburgh Bela Thela Pi, UC, Perl Arlhur, Tex. Gerald D. Porler UC Wilson Don L. Randall Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Ponca Cily Roberl R. Reis Della Tau Della, Engr. Tulsa Erlene R. Poslon Alpha Gamma Della, UC Lawlon Richard K. Ralcliffe Phi Gamma Della, Bus. Wealherlord Holli Reisel Sigma Della Tau, UC Ei Paso, Tex. Jerry T. Price Bela Thela Pi, Bus., Ponca Cily Merlyn Ilalh UC Tulsa Edward F. Renner Pi Kappa Alpha, Engr. Andale, Kans. Jan Puckell Alpha Phi ABS Ringling Roberl R. Rawlings, Jr. UC Slullgarl, Ark. Weldon M. Reno Ph' Kappa Sigma, A815 Groom, Tex. Charles E. Pyle Engr. Enid Ella F. Ray A815 Marshall Rhella R. Reynolds Alpha Chi Omega, FA Norman Fred A. Quenzer, Jr. Phi Kappa Sigma, A815 McKinney, Tex. Linda L. Ray Pi Bela Phi Educ. Okla. Cily William Rhees Phi Kappa Psi, Bus. Perry Ray L. Quillin Kappa Sigma Bus. Okla. Cily Roberl S. Ray Della Tau Della, Engr. Sand Springs Belly L. Rhynes Bus. Norman Mary F. Nancy S. Quisenberry Rabourn A815 UC Woodward Pharoah Charlolle A. Nancy S. Ream Reavis Chi Omega Della Gamma A815 Educ. Perry Pauls Valley Hugh D. Jim Rice Rice Della Upsilon ABS A815 Norman Okla. Cily Bennie D. Racer UC Hennessey Lynn Reddoch Chi Omega FA Memphis, Tenn Roberl R. Rice UC Yukon I6l sophomores Believing lhal' praclice makes perfecl, Kenl Kidwell ulilizes lhe in- dividual praclice rooms in Holmberg hall. Kay Riddle Alpha Chi Omega, A315 Wichila Falls Tex. John D. Roberls UC Duncan Gloria J. Robinson A815 Okla. Cily Don J. Rorschach Sigma Chi ABS Vinila Dell Ruggles Pi Bela Phi Educ., Wichila Falls, Tex. John C. Saari Sigma Nu A815 Auslin, Minn. Suzanne Sawyer Della Della Della, A815 Fl. Worlh, Te Roberl G. Scholl Sigma Alpha Epsilon, AES Wichila Falls Tex. Joyce A. Scoll UC Claremore John D. Seba A815 Norman X. Jane A. Riddlebarger Kappa Kappa Gamma, Bus. Barllesville Margarel E. Roberls Gamma Phi Bela, Bus. Shreveporl, La. Jim M. Robinson Della Upsilon, Bus. Norman Beniamin D. Rosenberg Pi Lambda Phi, UC Joplin, Mo. Joyce J. Ruggles Bus. Okla. Cily Richard S. Sakoda Bus. Hawaii Allan A. Saxe Pi Lambda Phi, A815 Okla. Cily Lynn A. Schriner Della Sigma Phi, Engr. Ponca Cily Roberl R. Scolf UC l-louslon, Tex. Sonia M. Seiboldl Kappa Alpha Thela, Educ. Cushing Kalhleen L. Rider A815 Duncan Phil D. Roberls Kappa Alpha UC Okla. Cily Melvin V. Rogers Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Ponca Cily Belsye J. Ross Della Gamma Bus. Dallas, Tex. Diane G. Runion Zela Tau Alpha, UC Auslin, Tex. Marlin Sanborn Della Tau Della, FA Abilene, Kans. Virginia A. Scheefers ALS Duncan Glenda K. Schuber Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Dewey Edward L, Scribner UC Alva Jim L. Self Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Educ. Tulsa Sharron S. Ridings Zela Tau Alpha, A815 Midwesl Cily Theodore P. Roberfs Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Los Ang., Cal. Olis R, Rogers, Jr. UC Okla. Cily Yella L. Rousek UC M uskog ee Paul R. Ruperl Engr. Hollywood, Calif. Ann Saunders Chi Omega A815 Norman Earl M. Schenberg Sigma Alpha lvlu, UC Sl. Louis, Mo. Fred J. Schumacher Della Chi Educ., Floral Park Li., NX. Gilberl' C. Scrivner Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Heavener Rose A. Shackle UC Wagoner Marlha J. Riley Educ. Norman Diana M. Robinowilz Sigma Della Tau, Bus. Tulsa William W. Romine ALS Washinglon Vicki L. Rowe Della Ga mma FA Ponca Cily Perry W. Russell Sigma Phi Epsilon, Educ. Dallas, Tex. Sid Saunders Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Norman Laurane Schnorbus UC Painesville, Ohio George H. Schwaner, Jr. Kapa Sigma Bus, Dallas, Tex. James V. Seamans uc ous, cziy Roberl R. Shaffer Kappa Sigma Bus, Ardmore William D. Roberson, . UC Lawlon Randy Robins Della Kapi: Epsilon, Bu Okla. Cily Carolyn K. Roring Chi Omega Educ. Okla. Cily Bob M. Ruqgles UC Ponca Cily Tom D. Rulland UC Porl Arlhur Tex. Joe C Savage P' K pa Nlplis UC Paducah, K Barl Schoenema Kappa Alp UC Dallas, Tex. Don l. Scoll Della Upsil AXIS Ada Judv L. Sears Della Della Della, Educ Kans. Cily, David S. Shanks Sigma Chi UC Drumrighl Douglas Charles T. Jerry M. Sharp Shaw Shaw Bus. Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Wewoka Sigma, UC Epsilon, UC Tallahassee, Fla,Tulsa David E. David V, Stephen Shufterman Sibila Sickel Sigma Alpha Thela Kappa Phi Della Mu, UC Phi, UC Thela, UC Baltimore, Md. Dallas, Tex. Wichila, Kans, Alpha M. Alvin H. Brenda L. Smilh Smith Smith Bus. Phi Gamma Della Della Elk Cily Della, UC Della, FA Clirlon Okla. City Bill J. Richard S. Neal F, Sochan Solar Solliday UC UC Sigma Alpha Carragana, Lynn, Mass. Epsilon, UC Saskatchewan, Tulsa Can. Karen A. Chris P. Kay L. Spurrier Slamalis Stanberry Chi Omega Kappa Sigma Bus. Educ. Bus. Olcla. Cily Wichita, Kans, Okla. Cily Roberl L. Shaw Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. Wealherlord Phillip Simon Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Elgin, Tex. Carolyn S. Smilh Alpha Della Pi, A815 Elk Cily Eric J. Sorenson Della Tau Della, ALS Minniapolis, Minn. Norman L. Stanley A815 Henryella Susan H, Shaw Gamma Phi Bela, UC Dallas, Tex. Roberl L. Simpson Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Eulaula Douglas W. Smith, Jr. Kappa Alpha UC Shreveporl, La. Tom Soukas Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Bronx, N.Y. Kalhryn E. Starkey Educ. Okla. City Winifred A. Shelby Della Della Della, UC Anadarko Kennelh Sims, Jr. UC Wakila Linda S Smith AI h Ph' U5 Kailila, Oahu, Hawaii Susan L. Sparks Chi Omega ALS Okla. Cily Dennis L. Slalham UC Barllesville Gary D. Shepherd ALS A Ponca Cily Jim A. Sinex UC Sigma Chi Longview, Tex. Marilyn K. Smilh Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Okla. Cily David A. Spencer Sigma Chi A815 Tulsa James B. Sleed Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Ada E. Gayle Sheridan S' ma Ch' Ulg l Barllesville Judye S. Singer Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Tulsa Marilyn N. Smilh Pharm. Okeene Jimmy R. Spencer Theta Xi Eng r. Gainesville, Tex. Eugene M. Sleele Sigma Nu UC Barllesville Don R. Sherwood Della Tau Della, Engr. Okla. Cily Vernon V. Sisney UC Okla. Cily Slephen J. Smilh Pi Lambda Phi, Bus. Wharlon, Tex. Don M. Spradlin Sigma Nu Engr, Lindsay Jo Ann Sleely UC Norman Fred C. Shields Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Okla. Cily Sue K. Sloan Alpha Chi Omega, AES Norman Susan E. Smilh Bus. Union Cily John O. Sparks Phi Gamma Della, ALS Woodward John C. Sleffens Kappa Alpha Bus, Barllesville Richard A. Shulman Pi Lambda Phi, Bus. lowa Cily, lowa Vera Slulzky Sigma Della Tau, UC Olcla. Cily Ernesline K. Snell Zela Tau Alpha, A815 Lilllelon Colo. Armand Spring Lambda Chi Alpha, UC New Orleans Nancy M. Sleiger UC Midwesl Cily Susan L. Shuplrine Chi Omega UC Memphis, Tenn Gayle B. Smiley Sigma Della Tau, Bus. Houston, Tex. Sharon Sobol Sigma Della Tau, UC Olcla. Cily Jerry F. Springer UC Olcla. City Mary A. Slein Della Della Della, A8iS Amarillo, Tex. Nellie E. Slengel Della Della Della, Educ. Nashville, Tenn. Sonia S. Sullivan Della Della Della, AES Duncan Nalalie R, Tarler A815 Dallas, Tex. Bill A. Slephens Kappa Sigma Bus. Okla. Cily Stephen A. Sullivan Phi Della Thela, ALS Kingslon Allan F, Talge Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Norman Elizabeth P. Slephens Educ, Duncan Sydney S. Sullivanl Gamma Phi Bela, UC Okla. Cily Lulher I. Talum Eng r. Denison, Tex. John H. Slephenson Sig ma Chi Bus. Seminole Hal R. Sundvahl Phi Kappa Sigma, Bus. Norman Annelle Taylor Alpha Chi Omega, Bus. Carnegie Valerie Slerling Educ. Walonga Royce M. Swaim Della Sigma Phi, UC Ponca Cily Helen J. Tayloi Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Wichila Falls, Tex. Sandra M. Stevens Phi Mu, UC Palos Verdes Eslales, Calil. William K. Swaim UC Okmulgee Shelley Taylor Sigma Nu UC Tulsa Nancy L. Stewart FA lvlidwesl Cily Roberl F. Swarls Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bus. Carnegie Ma rqarel A. Teas Kappa Kappa Gamma. UC Nashville, Tenn. Glennelle Slinson Alpha Gamma Della, Educ. Lawton Phil A. Swarlz Pi Lambda Phi, Bus. Des Moines, Kennelh L. Teel Sigma Nu ALS Okla, Cily la. Gayle M. Sloll Della Gamma Bus. Ba rllesville Frank B. Sweeney Bela Thela Pi, UC Dallas, Tex. Roger L. Teigen Sigma Nu AHS Okla. Cily Peler A. Slone Della Upsilon UC Norlhlield, lll. Ron W. Symes Kappa Sigma Bus. Okla. Cily Roberla J. Teper Sigma Della Tau, UC Sl. Louis, Mo. Billie M. Suggs BUS. Lawlon Zsolt Szilegyi Thela Kappa Phi, UC Norman Sidney C. Terry Bus. Edmond Ronald R. Sukenis UC Harlshorne James G. Tanner Sigma Nu UC Tulsa Wayne H. Theus Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Okla. Cily I63 Sophornores Jim Azar makes a final check and measuremenl before slarling lhe machinery in his engineering melal lalhe lab. Marilyn E. Van Meler Alpha Chi Omega, UC Bowlegs Sharon M. Wade Alpha Gamma Della, Educ. Okla. Cily L. Jack Wall Phi Gamma Della, UC Enid Fred M. Warden, Jr. Kappa Alpha UC Tulsa Marian Walls Kappa Alpha Thela, Educ. Okla. Cily Diana D. Thomas Alpha Phi Educ. Healdlon Tobi L. Thompson UC, Fl. Worlh, Tex. Roberl B. Trimble Engr. Calgary, Alberla, Can. Luann Tupper Alpha Gamma Della, FA Tulsa Carole L. Uelz Alpha Gamma Della, UC Des Moines la. Palricia A. Vaughn Zela Tau Alpha, UC Dallas, Tex. Belly J. Wadlow Della Della Della, Bus. Barllesville Kay C. Wallace Bus. Duncan Larry K. Warden Pharmacy Tishomingo Roberl W. Walls Phi Gamma Della, Bus. Madill Charlolle L. Thompson Alpha Gamma Della, UC Healdlon Richmond F. Thweall Acacia UC Norman Pal Trower Pi Bela Phi UC Tulsa John R. Turnbull FA Frederick Barbara Underwood Kappa Alpha Thela, Bus. Houslon, Tex. Jim A. Vesler UC Sherman, Tex. Nancy L. Wadlow Della, Della Della, Bus. Barllesville James Wallis UC Broken Bow Belly A. Warren Della Gamma FA Okla. Cily Daniel L. Websler UC Wanelle John R. Thompson, Jr. Bela Thela Pi, UC,, Fl. Worlh, Tex. Verne Toews UC Saskaloon, Saskalchewan Can. John H. Trudgeon Siqma Nu UC Miami John K. Turner Bus. Norman John C. Van Aken Bela Thela Pi, Bus. Barllesville Roberl D. Vinyard UC Farminglon, N.M. Pal Waganer Bus. Norman Joe M. Wallers Sigma Nu UC Duncan John W. Washburn, Jr. UC Lexinglon Al P. Weeks Kappa Alpha Engr. Barllesville Johnna C, Thompson Alpha Gamma Della, A815 Fox Bill Towery Phi Gamma Della, UC Shreve porl, La . Dean B. Truill Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. Carnegie William R. Turner UC Fl. McCurray Alberla, Can. Delano Van Dam Th la K ppa Phi, uca Fairlawn,N.J. Jack Larry R. Vondra Wade AHS Della Kapp Nashville, Epsilon, Al Tenn. Elk Cily Andrea B. Everell J. Waldman Walker Alpha Epsilon Phi Kappa Phi, Educ. Psi, UC Dallas, Tex. Okla. Cily Slanley M. Tressa J. Ward Ward Bela Thela Phi Mu , Pi, UC UC , Slillwaler Norman l l Anila Barbara A, Walkins Walson Educ. Gamma Pl' Muskogee Bela, A815 Duncan Susan J. Ronald L. Wegener Weissman Kappa Kappa Pi Lambda Gamma, UC Phi, UC Okla. Cily Sl. Louis, l Kay Lois E. Thompson Thompson Della Della Della Dell Della, A815 Della, UC El Campo, Tex. Okla. Cily Jerry K. James R. Townley Trimble UC UC Norman Harper, Kans. Jerry L. Judy Tubb Tucker Della Tau UC Della, A815 l-louslon, Midwesl Cily Tex. Merle L. Lawrence Tyler Ueki Della Tau UC Della, FA Wailuku Tulsa Maui l-law Lois E. A.P. Van LandinghamVan Meler FA Alpha Tau Duncan Omega, E Okla. Cily vlax llzenhoffer la Kappa ilon, FA a. Cily 1 D. slon ha Sigma UC shinglon, lald H. :sen bock, ies A. hife la Tau la, UC a r C. son 'lon le :der na Nu l". Moines, la. n If ha Epsilon A815 aveporl,La. 1 L. Odliff la Upsilon iriella ian R. ghl -na Alpha ilon, UC a in G. V55 :na Chi llesville Ricnmond B. Wells UC Laguna Beach, Calif. Sarah E. While Alpha Gamma Della, A813 Okla. Cily Sylvia A. Wigingfon Della Della Della, A815 Lawlon David K. Williams Alpha Tau Omega, Bus. Ardmore James C. Wilson Thela Xi UC, Wesl Chesler, Pa. G. Bing Wines Alpha Tau Omega, UC Tulsa Louise Wolfe Gamma Phi Bela UC Okla.Cily Ma ry A. Woodson Bus. Okla. Cily Ronnie G. Wynne UC Olcla. Cily Jacqueline H. Ziemian Kappa Della UC, Soulh River, N.J. Noel L. Welsh, Jr. Phi Gamma Della, UC, Tulsa Kaye Whilfield AXIS Okla. City James M. Wilcox Della Tau Della, Engr. Bloominglon, Gwenilh E. Williams UC Zoe John L. Wilson Educ. Muskogee Sandy C. Wing Gamma Phi Bela, AX1S Tulsa Mike S. Wolfson Pi Lambda Phi, UC Dallas Elaine A. Word Pi Bela Phi, UC Barllesville Beverly L. Yandell Alp'1a Chi Omega, FA Duncan Eleanor M. Zobisch Educ. Geary Al. Charles R. Wesner Bela Thela Pi, UC Cordell Guy T. Whilney Phi Gamma Della, A815 Elk Cify Larry M. Wilder Phi Kappa Psi, A815 Muskogee Mary L. Williams UC Edmond Larry W. Wilson Enqr. Okla. Cily Richard G. Winler Acacia Eng r. Tulsa Carolyn Womack Gamma Phi Bela, A815 Okla. Cily Frank W. Worley Sigma Chi FA Dallas, Tex. Joyce A. Yandell Gamma Phi Bela, Educ. Perry Sandy Zubrin Siqma Della Tau, Bus. Kans. Cily, Mo. Susan Wesner Alpha Gamma Della, Educ. Tulsa Rosalie A. Whilney Educ. Sa pulpa Harrief J. Wildman Della Gamma A815 Okla. Cily Ann Williamson Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Flora, lll. Marcia R. Wilson A815 Russell Kans. Margarel A. Wise Kappa Kappa Gamma, Bus. Okmulgee Darrell W. Wood FA Seminole William P. Worlman Della Kappa Epsilon, UC Tulsa Jean A. Yarborough Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Enid Sharon L. Zubrin Alpha Epsilon Phi, Bus. Kans. Cily, Mo. Bill Wesl UC Okla. Cily John A. Wiens UC Norman Ben C. Wileman Phi Gamma Della, Bus. Okla. Cily Roberf R. Willis UC Wichila, Kans. Bill F. Winblood Phi Gamma Della, UC Mariella Larry L. Wilherspoon Bela Thela Pi, A815 Wichila, Kans. Thomas A. Wood llC Davenporl, lowa Dick L. Wrighf Sigma Nu AGS Okla. Ciiy Phillip K. Zalmanzig uc oua. Clly Roy H. Zumwall Enq r. Frederick sophomores The Quad cafeleria is a convenienf spol in which Marian Barraco and Carolyn Olson found lo sludy-il's near 'lhe coffee. freshmen An essenlial parl of school-Richard and Kennelh Caplin add up lhe lisl of necessary class books and supplies. Caroline D. Abboll' Gamma Phi Bela, UC Claremore Linda L. Adkins Phi Mu UC Carnegie Theresa M. Alberla UC Hugo Sandra S. Allen Chi Omega UC Guymon Clarence W. Anderson Della Sigma Phi, UC Oxford, Pa. Larry Angus Bela Thela Pi, UC Lawlon Eduardo J. Arze UC Oruro, Bolivia Valera L. Bachman UC Ponca Cily Richard D. Baker Phi Kappa Psi, UC Okmulgee lngrid L. Ballrusch UC Honolulu, Hawaii James W. Abboll Della Upsilon UC Greenfield, la Ken Adler Sigma Chi UC Okla. Cily Lacrecia A. Albrighl uc Okla. ciiy Vicki A. Alslon Della Gamma UC Ponca Cily John R. Anderson UC Okla. Cily Karen J. Anlhony UC Snyder Bill Asbury UC Tulsa Julie F. Baer Sigma Della Tau, UC Kans. Cily, Ka Carolyn E. Baldwin Alpha Chi Omega, UC TIS. Fl. Worlh, Tex. Karen L. Ballrusch UC Honolulu,, Hawaii lnls Abolins uc Okla. Cily Gail Airoldi Alpha Phi UC Dallas, Tex. Ronald M. Alex UC Mission, Kans. Jorge Allamirano UC Huancayo, Peru Jon E. Anderson Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Tulsa Joe Anlinoro, Jr. UC Chickasha Allon L. Auslin UC Shawnee Garrick A. Bailey UC Okla. Cily Nancy J. Baldwin Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Tulsa Hal D. Balyeal Phi Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily ,J Laddie M. Adams UC Hollis Chloie P. Akers Alpha Gamma Della, UC Lawlon Ronald E. Alger uc ous. ciiy Linda Amerman Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Slroud Sally J. Anderson UC Texola Michael B. Arkin Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Arlinglon, Va. Bob Auslin Della Chi UC Okla. Cily Gerald F. Bailey Kappa Alpha UC Abilene, Tex. Jack Balenseifen UC Walonga Wilson Baplisl Sigma Chi UC Shawnee Peler D. Adams Sigma Nu UC Corsicana, Tex. Berl Akins UC Tulsa Don F. Allen Bela Thela Pi, UC Denver,Colo. Judy A. Amspacher UC Norman Sandy J. Anderson Alpha Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily Marilyn R. Arky Apha Epsilon Phi, UC Tulsa Jimmie L. Auslin Kappa Sigma UC Seminole Nancy J. Baker Pi Bela Phi UC Borger, Tex. Jerry D. Balenline UC Maysville David D. Barber Sig Tia Nu UC Midwesl Cily l Richard N Adams Sigma Ch UC Shrevepor Brad Akins Kappa All UC Tulsa George D Allen Lambda C Alpha, UC Ardmore l l Roberl V. Ande Alpha Tau Omega, L Okla. Cily Frank A. Anderlon, Sigma Phi Epsilon, U Ardmore Roberl' C. Arnold, Ji Sigma Nu UC Okla. Cily Cleo J. Ayers UC Ardmore Ralph A. Baker UC Del Cily Seren L. Ball Sigma De Tau, UC Albuqueri N.M. Vander M Barkell Lambda C Alpha, UC Okla. Cily Barbara Jean Barnes UC Harrisburg, lll. Ted F. Beakey Phi Kappa Psi, UC Perry Nancy J. Beldon Sigma Della Tau, UC San Anlonio, Tex. Kennelh Benlz Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. Cily Sylva B. Billue Della Della Della, UC Chickasha Bob Donald L. Richard L. Sharon L. Marian T. Hugh J. Nancy M. Anila l.. Barnes Barnes Barnes Barr Barraco Barrell Barllell Barvais Della Tau UC Alpha Tau Della Della UC Sigma Chi UC UC Della, UC Okmulgee Omega, UC Della, UC Dallas, UC Okla. Cily Henriella El Reno Barllesville Duncan Tex. Tulsa Ann M. Judifh A. Marshall L. Slanley Max H. Byron G. T. William Sandra L. Beard Beard Beard Beard Beasley, Jr. Beaver Bechlol, Jr. Beck UC Kappa Kappa Kappa Alpha UC UC Phi Della UC UC Tulsa Gamma, UC UC Ardmore Nashville, Thela, UC Sall Lake Marland Wichila Falls, Muskogee Tenn. Lawlon Cily, Ulah Tex. Dick A. Jerry W. Joe N. Clarielle Ralph B. Darla J. Mary M. Frank L. Bell Bell Bell Bendorf Bendorf Bennell Bennell Benson Bela Thela Bela Thela UC Sigma Della UC UC Nursing UC Pi, UC Pi, UC Edmond Tau, UC Okla. Cily Texhoma Okla. Cily Okmulgee Seminole Norman Breckenridge, Tex. Judie S. Linda R. Larry G. Marvin J. Genevieve J. Sarah A. John P. Margarel E. Berck Berg Bernal Bernslein Berry Berry Berryhill Besl Alpha Epsilon Sigma Della Sigma Alpha Sigma Alpha UC Zela Tau UC Alpha Chi Phi, UC Tau, UC Mu, UC Mu, UC Amarillo, Alpha, UC Ardmore Omega, UC York, Pa. Dallas, Tex. Okla. Cily Omaha, Neb. Tex. Okla. Cily Tulsa Emma L. Belsy E. Susan E. William M. Ellioll H. Carol A. Bellye J. Judilh L. Binkley Birenbaum Bishop Bishop Bivins Bizub Black Black UC Alpha Epsilon Sigma Della UC Della Tau UC UC Della Gamma Hennessey Phi, UC Tau UC Pollsboro, Della, UC Okla. Cily Binghamlon, UC Dallas, Tex. Sl. Louis, Mo. Tex. Duncan N.Y. Okla. Cily Richard l. Lawana J. Vivian E. Bales Balson Bauer Della Upsilon UC UC UC Ma'iella Norman Wilmelle, lll. Andrea T. Suzanne E. John M. Beckerman Beisel Belanger Sigma Della Kappa Kappa Sigma Phi Tau, UC Gamma, UC Epsilon, UC Dallas, Tex. Des Moines, Guymon lowa Kennelh E. Susan R. Pal E. Benson Benlley Benlon UC UC UC Norman Duncan Norman Carmen George D. Charles P. Belzer Bialac Bieber Chi Omega UC Lambda Chi UC Omaha, Alpha, UC Shidler Neb. Ponca Cily Phil R. Sharon K. Waller W. Black Black Blackburn Phi Della Chi Omega Della Kappa Thela, UC UC Epsilon, UC Ada Norman Elk Cily Harry L. Blackslock Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Cily Curlis O. Bohlman Sigma Chi UC Walonga Richard S. Boullinghouse Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Okla. Cily Suzy J. Blair UC Temple Henry C. Bollman UC Milwaukee, Wis. Erma J. Boyd Alpha Chi Omega, UC Keokuk,lowa Bill L. Blake UC Norman Judi J. Bond UC Tulsa Gra nl A. Boyd UC Fay Janice L. Blake Gamma Phi Bela, UC Duncan Francie Bonds Pi Bela Phi UC Muskogee Clark H. Boyles Phi Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily Eugene J. Blazenko UC Calgary, Alberla, Can. William F. Bonnell Phi Della Thela, UC Fl. Worlh, Te Sharon L. Braden UC Elmore Cily X Roberl H. Bliss Sigma Nu UC Midland, Tex. Jean Bonney Pi Bela Phi UC Okla. Cily Sam K. Bradshaw Sigma Chi UC Tulsa Karol S. Bloom Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Reading, Pa. M. Ann Boosa UC Liberal Kan. Carl O. Brady UC Wagoner lda G. Bloomslon Sigma Della Tau, UC Birmingham Ala. Marilyn A. Boolh UC Wilburlon Mark E. Brady UC Sapulpa Gordon A. Bocox Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Tulsa Gerald E. Borelli Sigma Chi UC Kingfisher John C. Brannan, Jr. Kappa Sigma UC Mariella John V. Boggs UC Cheyenne Ben S. Bolnick UC Hol Springs, Ark. Donald P. Brandl UC l-lillburn, N.Y. Barbara A. Bohan UC Alexis, lll. Mickey C. Bolloms UC Fl. Morgan, Colo. Amanda S. Branl Gamma Phi Bela, UC Tulsa Elizabelh A. Bohan UC Alexis, lll. John E. Boudler Pi Kappa Alpha, UC, Ml Pleasanl, Mich. Sleve B. Brauchl Della Upsilon UC Okla. Cily I67 freshmen Modeling lhe skirl she is making in home ec. Joyce Pospisil asks Marian Huff lo assisl her in pinning lhe hem. Russal B. Brawley Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Okla. Cily Suzanne Broach UC Clinlon Tweed Brooks UC Forl Worlh, Tex. Gwen M. Brown Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Lindsay Roberl T. Buck Sigma Nu UC Tulsa Sharon F. Burnell Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Okla. Cily Guy H. Burrous Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Hugo Buddy Byars Kappa Sigma UC Barllesville Fred C. Champlin Phi Della Thela, UC Cushing Merrill B Chaslain, Jr. Phi Gamma Della, UC Shreveporl, La. Gail Breeding Alpha Phi UC Okla. Cily Thomas Brobyn Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Grinnell, la. William O. Brower Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Milford, Ohio Terry L. Brown UC Hennessey Sondra A. Buckman UC Ringle, Wise. Kay D. Burns Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Regina, Saskalchewan, Can. Gary L. Burrus UC Tulsa James W. Byram UC Norman Carolyn S. Chandler UC Wayne Charles W. Cherry uc okia. Cary Judy Brence Alpha Phi UC McAlesler Phyllis A. Brody Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Memphis, Tenn. Bruce T. Brown UC Garland, Texas Viclor F. Brown UC Buffalo Belly L. Buckwaller UC Ardmore Thomas B. Burns, Jr. Phi Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily George V. Burlon UC Dallas, Tex. Jua nila A. Byrom UC Mangum Sharon K. Chandler uc siyihe, Calif. Tommy R. Chesnull Phi Gamma Della, UC Tulsa J. Phillip Brenl Kappa Alpha UC Amarillo, Tex. Sharron D. Brook uc okia. Cily Carol J. Brown Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Norman Linda K. Bruch Alpha Chi Omega, UC Midwesl Cily Barbara E. Bungardl Della Della Della, UC Tulsa Pal D. Burnside UC Okemah Al L. Buschhorn Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. Cily Carolyn S. Cales UC Norman Jay E. Chapple Phi Della Thela, UC Wichila, Kans Kenl G. Childs Phi Gamma Della UC Tulsa Larry C. Bresnick Pi Lambda Phi, UC Kan. Cily, Kan. James R. Brooks UC Marlow Carole O. Brown Alpha Phi UC Henriella Bobby J. Bryanl UC Ardmore Jimmy M. Burdell Della Kappa Epsilon UC Checolah Marshall L. Burrell UC Borger, Tex. B. J. Bushman Pi Bela Phi UC Dallas, Tex. George A. Calhey Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Tulsa Sandra L. Chase UC Seminole David C. Choale UC Haskell William C. Briggs Sigma Nu UC Maysville Pallon W, Brooks Phi Della Thela, UC Fl. Worlh, Doug W. Brown uc oha. Cily! Culleen Bryanl Della Della Della, UC Norman Nancy l. Burke Gamma Pl' Bela, UC Jal, N.M. David Burrough UC Anllers Tommy Burl Kappa Alp UC Wichila Fa Tex. Fred H. Chaffee UC Midwesl Cily Bill H. Chaslain Della Tau Della, UC Okla.. Cily Henry J. Chrislianse UC Philadelph Pa. Richard E. Judilh M. Billie J. John C. Lorraine Carl E. Peoro Barbara Carolyne Jeanine K. Linda L, Cies Claborn Cacy Cain Calame Calhoun Callegaro Campbell Campbell Campbell Campbell Lambda Chi Alpha Chi UC Phi Gamma UC UC UC Della Della Della Della Della Della UC . Alpha, UC Omega, UC El Reno Della, UC Norman Norman Sao Paulo, Della, UC Della, UC Della, UC, Des Bowie, Okla. Cily Evanslon, lll. Pecos, Tex. Brazil Dallas, Tex. Okla. Cily Moines, lowa Tex. Rulh A. Kennelh R. Richard J, Maria Shelia A. Pegqy K. Thomas R. Belly John W. James F. Merrill L. Campbell Caplin Caplin Capullo Carafiol Carder Carlile Carnahan Carnes Carney Carson Della Della Pi Lambda Pi Lambda UC UC UC UC UC Kappa Sigma Phi Della UC Della, UC Phi, UC Phi, UC Sanla Fe, Sl. Louis, Paoli Columbus, Wichila, UC, Fl. Thela, UC Tulsa Okla. Cily Greal Neck, Greal Neck, Argenlina Mo. Ga. Kans. Worlh, Tex. Okla. Cily N.Y. N.Y. Mary L. Rowland F. Mary A. Kay John C. Charles P. David G. Donald L. James C, Judilh E. Gordon L. Carler Carler Cash Caswell Clapp Clark Clark Clark Clark Clark Clouser Della Della Kappa Alpha UC UC UC Sigma Alpha UC Phi Gamma Bela Thela Gamma Phi Alpha Tau Della, UC UC Owasso Barllesville Webb Cily Epsilon, UC El Dorado, Della, UC Pi, UC Bela, UC Omega, UC Norman Enid Tulsa Ark. Dallas, Tex. Okla. Cily Barllesyille Norman Lu Ann E. Nancy C. Scoll P. Lee G. Eleanor A. Maurine B. Sharon M. Linda 6. Sherrilyn P. Donna L. Griffin G. Cobb Cobb Cochran Cockreham Cohen Cohen Cohen Cohn Colclasure Coleman Coleman Kappa Alpha Alpha Chi Sigma Alpha UC Sigma Della UC UC Alpha Epsilon UC UC UC Thela, UC Omega, UC Epsilon, UC Frederick Tau, UC Dallas, Slullgarl, Phi, UC Dewey Tulsa Okla. Cily gelle Fourche, Okla. Cily Mission, Kans, Denver, Colo. Tex. Ark. Kans, Cily, Mo, .D. Harry M. Judie Eliza belh A. Mark E. Ray G. Roger B. Charles D. Richard l. William S. Linda M. Judv S. Coley Collier Collins Collins Collins Collins Colslon Collon Comroe Conklin Conley Alpha Tau Kappa Alpha UC Alpha Tau Sigma Alpha UC Aloha Tau UC Sigma Alpha Della Della Della Della Omega, UC Thela, UC Norman Omega, UC Epsilon, UC San Anlonio, Omega, UC Wharlon, Mu, UC Della, UC Della, UC Hollis Enid Parlriclge, Kans.Tulsa Tex. Mariella Tex. Dallas, Tex. Sligler Norman Millon C. Campbell UC Lawlon Holly L. Carler UC Honolulu, Hawaii John P. Cobb Phi Della Thela, UC Lillle Rock, Ark. John D. Coleman Bela Thela Pi, UC Tulsa James P. Conner UC Tulsa Mira B. Cook Gamma Phi Bela, UC Houslon, Tex. Pal Corrinqlon Chi Omega UC Shreveporl, L La-Mar Creasman Sigma Phi Epsilon. UC Cl. Rossville Ga. Belly L. Cooksey Alpha Della Pi, UC Gulhrie Gwendolyn J. Corvin UC Okla. Cily Linda L. Creel UC Durica n Cynlhia A. Cooley Della Gamma UC Tonkawa Janice Cosgrove Della Gamma UC Los Ang., Cal James W. Crofford Kappa Sigma UC Dallas, Tex. Belly C. Cynlhia K. Coombs Cooper Gamma Phi Alpha Chi Bela, UC Omego, UC Okla. Cily Wewoka Carolyn Thomas C. Colulla Couller UC UC Arlinglon, Okla. Cily Va. Michael P. Harvey F. Crosslin Crouch UC UC Enid Cushing Ed E. Cooper Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Bernice Roberl N. Covinglon UC Normandy, Mo. John M. Crouch UC Borger, Tex. Linda K. Cooper Alpha Ph, UC Tecumseh Joel H. Cowdrey, Jr. Phi Della Thela, UC Dallas, Tex. Jo Ellen Crow UC Tulsa Rodney R. Copeland UC Manqum Doris A. Cox UC Slroud Marilyn C. Crow UC Muskogee Brian W. Copple UC Roswell, N. Mex. Lonnie R. Cox uc oils, ciiy Tim J. Crowley Sigma Nu UC Enid Judilh R. Corbell Alpha Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily Calharine A, Crane UC Cheyenne Wyo. Dennis O. Cubbage Sigma Chi UC Cushing Phil D. Cordon UC Okla. Cily Susan E. Crank UC Muskogee Janel G. Crum Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Seminole William R. Corr UC Barllesyille Neil J. Crawford UC Calgary, Alberla, Can Curlis L. Culver Sigma Chi UC Tulsa I69 That necessary evil of school-studying-is faced by Mont Muldrow and Mike Shane, as they check out library books. Carol Jean Cummings uc oiia. City Charles F. Daily UC Norman Arlene L. Davidson Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Meridian, Miss John K. Davis UC Okla. City Donnie Day UC Las Vegas Nev. David E. Deatherage Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Sapulpa Mary K. Denny Chi Omeqa UC Tulsa Sidney J. Diamond UC El Paso, Tex. Richard W. Dodson UC Midwest City Roger N. Downey Delta Upsilon UC Hicksville, N.Y. Gerald W. Cummins UC Middlesex, N.J. Linda L. Damberg Chi Omega UC Dallas Tex Barry M. Davis Pi Lambda Phi, UC Tulsa Joseph B. Davis Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Okla. City Glen A. Day Delta Upsilon UC Midwest City Suzanne Debus Delta Gamma UC, San Marino, Calif. Dorthlynn A. Dent Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Okla. City Larry M. Dillingham Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Norman Jo Ellyn Dolezal Delta Delta Delta, UC Perry David A. Downing Ph' K pa Psii, U65 Okla. City Bob L. Custer Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Okla. City Dianne S. Daniels Gamma Phi Beta, UC Norman Becky J. Davis Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Walters Judith L. Davis Delta Delta Delta, UC Ardmore Johnnie C. Day UC Okla. City Richard L. Deeds UC Sentinel Marcia S. Deutch Sigma Delta Tau, UC Kan. City, K Karen K. Dittlemier Zeta Tau Alpha, UC Okla. City Patricia L. Donnell Alpha Chi Omega, UC dll. Kilgore, Tex. Mike A. Drea Sigma Chi UC Okla. City Robert D. Cutchall Kappa Sigma UC Okla. City Jon D. Darby Alpha Tau Omega, UC Duke Frances M. Davis Zeta Tau Alpha, UC Ft. Sill Lendol L. Davis UC Duncan Ronald G. Day UC Ardmore Barbara J. Dees UC Norman Karen Deutsch Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC New York, City Terrell F. Dixon Beta Theta Pi, UC Okmulqee Linda C. Doremus UC Enid Jeanine M. Dreisker Gamma Phi Beta, UC Bartlesville Carol J, Cytion UC St. Louis, Mo. Bruce R. Darnes UC Chickasha Jane E. Davis Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Ada Michael C. Davis Alpha Tau Omega, UC Tulsa Gene R. Deal Phi Kapaa Sigma, C Midland, Tex. Carolyn A. Delaughter uc oiia. ciiy Nancy A. Devilliers Alpha Phi UC Hinsdale, Ill. Gary F. Dockery Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Pampa, Tex. Jerry S. Dorman UC Springdale, Ark. Patti Drew UC Dallas, Tex. Barbara Sui Daily Delta Gam UC, Wichi Falls, Tex. Clarence E Daugherty UC Owensboro Ky. i John A. Davis Phi Gamma Delta, UC Durant Nancy A. Davis UC Tulsa Gary J. Dean UC Okla. City Nick Denner Delta Tau Delta, UC Alva J. Daniel Devine UC Des Moines Iowa John R. Dodd UC Wolf Po'nt, Mont. Karen K. Dotscn Delta Delta Delta, UC Tulsa Norman F. Dritch Sigma Alph Mu, UC Tulsa William O. Dudley UC Perryton, Tex. Charles A. Eaves Kappa Alpha UC Tulsa Speed Elliott UC Wakita Bob B. Ethridge UC Norman Wahleah J. Faulkner Delta Gamma, UC Tulsa Sherry J. Dull UC Woodward Tommy L. Edgar UC Perry Chris P. Ellis UC Chicago, I I. Haskell L. Evans Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Ringlinq Lana P. Fauver UC Okla. City Dale Paul C. Darielle A. Jolene A. Sherrill D. Duncan Duncan, Jr. Dunn Dunn Dunn Delta Tau Pi Kappa Pi Beta UC UC Delta, UC Alpha, UC Phi, UC Cherokee Okla. City Purcell Okla. City Tulsa Carolyn Helen M. Sheila H. Joanne William H. Edwards Edwards Edwards Etron Egan Gamma Phi Kappa Alpha UC Sigma Delta Kappa Sigma Beta, UC Theta, UC Okla. City Tau, UC UC Pauls Valley Okla. City Okla. City Dallas, Tex. Jane Carl D. Charles W. James S. Brenda L. Ellis Elmore Embach Emery Englehart UC Sigma Nu UC Kappa Sigma UC Okeene UC Muskogee UC Shreveport, El Dorado, Ark. Miami Le. Jerry S. Judy C. John R. Tommy Milton P. Evans Evans Everett Everley Fagan UC Alpha Chi UC Phi Kappa UC Binghamton, Omega, UC Palembang, Psi, UC Okla. City N.Y. Okla. City Sumatra Tulsa Patricia A. Kenn A. Brucidean Carol Ted L. Felker Ferguson Fetterolf Finkel Fisher Kappa Alpha Phi Kappa UC Sigma Delta Delta Sigma Theta, UC Sigma, UC Tulsa Tau, UC Phi, UC Tulsa Homewood, Ill. Kan. City, Mo. Tulsa Robert A. Durant Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Honolulu, Hawaii Bernard J. Ehrler UC Anadarko Patricia A. English Alpha Chi Omega, UC Midwest City Bernice S. Fagin Sigma Delta Tau, UC Okla. City Kathleen Flanagan Gamma Phi Beta, UC Vinita Gary R. Durkee UC Billings William H. Eisenkramer Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Pane Bluff, Ark. Mary Jo Enlows Delta Delta Delta, UC Glendale, Cal. Robert J. Fair Theta Kappa Phi UC West Nyack, N.Y. Robin Fletcher UC Shreveport, La. Joel C Bill D. Diane Duttera Dye Dykes UC Sigma Phi Delta Gamma York, Epsilon, UC UC Pa. Amarillo, Tex. Okla. City John W. Judy K. Luther W. Elias Elliott Elliott Sigma Alpha Alpha Chi UC Epsilon, UC Omega, UC Enid Houston, Tex. Okla. City Jim Lynn R. Mary L. Epps Eskridge Essman Pi Kappa Delta Kappa Kappa Alpha Alpha, UC Epsilon, UC Theta, UC Okla. City Tulsa Tulsa Richard G. Marjorie M. Brook Falkensten, Faris Farrell Kappa Alpha UC I Kappa Kappa UC Okla. City Gamma, UC Tulsa Wichita, Kan. Robert E. Judy C. William B. Flexner Flow Fontaine Pi Lambda Alpha Chi Sigma Alpha Phi, UC Omega, UC Epsiloon, UC Okla. City Okla. City Jackson, Miss Ike M. Willard L. Footlick Forbes Pi Lambda Phi Kappa Phi, UC Sigma, UC Kan. City, Mo. Skiatook Pat Linda G. Franklin Frantz Alpha Gamma Delta Gamma Delta, UC UC Tulsa Norman Daisy S. William L. Fuiimoto Fulton UC UC Puunerie, Duncan Maui, Hawaii Helen M. Ford Delta Delta Delta, UC Okla. City Janice G. Franz Chi Omega UC Bartlesville Ronald C. Funk Delta Sigma Phi, UC Oconto, Wis. Thomas G. Forney Sigma Nu UC Cherokee Ray A. Freeze Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Corpus Christi, Tex. Buddy L. Gaberino UC MCAlester Gary T. Foster Kappa Sigma UC Cushing Jerry Freidberg Sigma Alpha Mu UC Bartlesville- Edwin L. Gage Phi Delta theta, UC Enid Jack O. Foster UC Moore Lenore P. Freiden Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC El Paso, Tex. Helen L. Gale UC Leedey Joe R. Foster Delta Sigma Phi, UC Okla. City Johnny B. French UC Artesia, N.M. E. Ann Gallagher Pi Beta Phi, UC Tulsa Elaine F. Fox Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Memphis, Tenn. Jeanne Freudenberqer UC Coyle James P. Gallagher UC Jersey City, N.J. Sandra L. Bill G. Sherron L. Fox Frame Francis Kappa Alpha Delta Kappa Alpha Delta Theta, UC Epsilon, UC Pi, UC Shawnee Checotah Downers Grove, Ill Guiomar Natalie R. Tish Freytez Friedman Friedman UC Alpha Epsilon Alpha Epsilon Caracas, Phi, UC Phi, UC Venezuela Dallas, Tex. Dallas, Tex. Nora A. Betty F. Cindy A. Gallagher Gallemore Gamel UC Delta Gamma Chi Omega Norman UC UC, Ft. Tulsa Worth, Tex. Elise Frankel UC Shreveport, La. Harriet J. Friend Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Dallas, Tex. Jimmy D. Gann UC Doyle l7l ,... freshmen v Alaska holds much inleresl lor Laurence Goforfh and Bob Kenney, who sludy the lerrilory's map in Gilllnger hall. le if 0 W ' ' K J vi- , W M, if ,isa 2 ,LW -. rl aa- f f ?1""- Gloria Jane Gannaway Della Gamma UC Okla. City Glenna Gaull Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Hereford, Tex. Janice A. Gilliam UC Sapulpa Gary A, Godard UC Sulphur Jeanie L. Goldslein Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Omaha, Neb. Thomas J. Goodwin UC Ponca Cily Thomas D. Granl Della Sigma Phi, UC New Orleans, La. Mark l. Greenberg Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Allanla, Ga. Barbara J. Grinnell UC l-lobarl Kay Grolls UC Norman Judy G. Gardner UC Tulsa Jeanne C. Gerber UC Sl. Paul, Minn. David D. Giovacco Thela Kappa Phi, UC Cliflon, N.J. Marie Goebel Chi Omega, UC Shreveporl, L Roberla Goldslein Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Denver, Colo. Peggy Jo Gordon Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Denver, Colo. James H. Gray Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Okla. Cily Barba ra Greenroyd UC Duncan Kalhleen Grisham Kappa Ka ppa Gamma, UC Purcell Bob L. Grove Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Panama Lug: -iwh., A wk 'Q 'ga Pal Garrison Kappa Kappa Gamma UC Tulsa Frank Gibbard, Jr. UC Sulphur Jerry N. Glasgow Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Edmond Dewill C. Goff Sigma Nu UC a. Tulsa Jeanne Gonders Pi Bela Phi UC Olcla. Cily Richard C. Gosey UC Wewoka John W. Gray Bela Thela Pi, UC Colo. Springs, Colo. T. Karl Greenshields UC Norman Ramona S. Grissom UC Norman John F. Groves Sigma Chi UC Kansas Cily, Mo. Marlin M. Garlhwaile Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Charles Cily, lowa Lavelle R. Gibson UC Dallas, Tex. D. R. J. Glass UC Plainfield, N.J. Mary Lou Golasinski Gamma Phi Bela, UC Tulsa Marcia A. Goodall Della, Gamma UC Purcell Clefa F. Gough UC El Reno Mike K. Gray Kappa Sigma UC Norman Connie S. Greenwood UC lsnendola, I . Lillian S. Griswold UC Meera Freda A. Guesl UC Lindsay Erwin Gasser UC Sanla Cruz Bolivia Belh Gillespie UC Hobarl Hedra Mae Glass Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Kansas Cily, Mo. A. David Goldslein Pi Lambda Phi, UC Omaha, Nels. Marilyn Goodman Sigma Della Tau, UC Okla. Cily Doyne M. Goyer UC Salina Tommy L. Gray UC Canadian Jay O. Gregg UC Perry Lonnie D. Groendes UC Tulsa Donald T. Gunning Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Norman 3 .. t . ...W P x.U,,?,, smwqiie ,Y wa. A David A. Gales Della Tau Della, UC Tulsa l l Jean E. l Gillespie i Alpha Chil Omega, U4 Shawnee Sheila H. Glasser Sigma Dell Tau, UC Tyler, Tex lval J. Goldslein Sigma Alp Mu, UC Challanooi Tenn. Gerald J. Goodwin Alpha Sign Phi, UC Tulsa Gary A. Gra am UC Frederick William O Green, Jr. Acacia, UC Enid Floyanne Griffin Alpha Dell Pi, UC Tulsa Susan P. Groh Pi Bela Phi UC Okla. Cily James A. Hackler UC Salina, Kar Nancy C. Hagar UC Norman Jerry E. Hammell Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Okla. Cily Tanya A. Harris Sigma Della Tau, UC Dallas, Vex. Gilberl F. Hayes Kappa Alpha, UC Okla. Cily Krislin B. Hesser UC Noble Larry C. Haggard UC Duncan Don R. Hammond Kappa Sigma UC Norman Waymon L. Harris UC Gray Marguerile A. Hayes uc ous. oily Ardell G. Hiqgenbolham UC lvlcAlesler Farhad Hakimipour UC Tehran, Iran J. R. Haney UC Anadarko Russell L. Harrison uc one. Cily Palsy L. Heard UC Slrinqlown John D. Hill Della Tau Della, UC Tulsa Deloris J. Phillip E. Ronald D. Glen W. Ramon C. Hale Hale Hale Hall Hall UC . UC Lambda Chi Pi Kappa Della Tau Norlh Lillle Coronado, Alpha, UC Alpha, UC Della, UC Rock, Ark. Calif. Moore Dyersburg, Tenn Norman Richard D. Shelby L. Sharon Carol A. Grace E. Harcourl Hardaqe Hardin Harkins Harmon Lambda Chi Alpha Tau UC Della Della Alpha Chi Alpha, UC Omega,IUC McAlesler Della, UC Omega, UC Tulsa Okie. CNY McAlesler Duncan Morris E. Phillip B. Allan C. Waller D. Jerry W. Harl Harl Harlman Harlwig Harvey Phi Gamma Sigma Alpha UC Della Tau UC Della, UC Epsilon, UC Cardslon Della UC Geary Hollis El Paso, Tex. Alerla, Can. El Reno Virginia L. Norma J. Coleen R. Judv M. Carol A. Heffernan Hefley Hefly Helvey Henschel Della Della UC A UC Gamma Phi UC Della, UC Okla. Cily Dewey Bela, UC Sl. Louis, Tulsa Pauls Valley Mo. Sara I. Ernesl B. Hillord H. Judi Anlhony N. Hill Hillon Hinson Hirschfield Hobgood UC V UC Lambda Chi Alpha Epsilon Pi Kappa Wichnla, Tulsa Alpha, UC Phi, UC Alpha, UC iians. Houslon, Tex. Denver, Colo. Reseda, Calif. Richard A. Hall Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Kan. Cily, Mo. June Harms Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Duncan Francis D. Hass UC Muskogee Dick Hensley Phi Ka pa Psi, Us Tulsa William H. Hodge UC DeQueen, Ark. Sandra Linda L. Judilh C. Hall Hamillon Hamlin Kappa Alpha Chi Omega Al ha Phi Thela, UC UC uc? Brady, Tex. Guymon Norman Linda F. David M. Margarel' A. Harrell Harris Harris Della Gamma UC UC UC Midwesl Cily Okla. Cily Ardmore Don W. John G. Irene Hassebroek Halchell Hayden Bela Thela Bela Thela UC Pi, UC Pi, UC Okla. Cily Duncan Pawhuska John W. Donald E. Dean l. Henson Herrold Herlenslein UC UC Pi Kappa Brislow Tulsa Alpha, UC Ml. Vernon, Philip L. Thompson E. Johnnie Hodges Hodges Hohenshell Kappa Alpha UC UC Norman Ardmore UC Okla. Cily l Richard L. Holden Della Upsilon UC, Mil- aukee, Wis. Bennell G. Hornslein Pi Lambda Phi, UC Omaha, Neb. Jerry C. Howell Della Sigma Phi, UC Okla. Cily Barbara J. Holland Alpha Gamma Della, UC Ada Judy C. Horwilz UC Milwaukee, Wis. Larry V, Howell UC Dallas, Tex Czarina M. Holland UC Seil ng Jeff V. Hosler Kappa Sigma UC Okla, Cily Mary J. Howell UC Claremore Roberl B. Palricia A. Holland, Jr. Holley Sigma Alpha UC Epsilon, UC Okla. Cily Moore Dorolhy J. Barron C. Houk Housel UC Phi Della Barllesyille Thcla, UC Kenllield, Cal. Richard T. Ronald K. Howell Howell UC UC Tulsa Duncan William C. Hollisler Della Tau Della, UC York, Pa. George Howard UC Tokyo, Japan Paul G. Huckins lll Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Okla. Cily John R. Holmes Phi Gamma Della, UC Duranl James W. Howard Sigma Nu UC Barllesville Milburn R. Hudson Pi Bela Phi, UC Ardmore Sally A. Holl Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Wichila, Kans. Mike C. Howard Bela Thela Pi, UC Blackwell Judilh A. Huff UC Lawlon Dayna S. Hood Della Della Della, UC Duranl Sharon A. Howard UC Fl. Cobb Marion E. Huff Alpha Chi Omega, UC Norman James O. Hood Della Upsilon UC Norman Willis D. Howard UC Midland, Tex. J. Ray Hughes Phi Della Thela, UC Okla. Cily Jack D. Hooks UC Okla. Cily Donald G. Howe UC Okla. Cily Roberl V. Hughes UC Healrllon Larry R. Hornbeek UC Okla. Cily Jeanne L. Howell Chi Omega UC Tulsa Ann Hulin UC Cordell I73 freshmen Combal on lhe courl! Janice Leflke and Suzanne Broach head for a brisk game of lennis during lhe phys. ed. class. 4- 7 f.. in .Mya a . 4 ,,., -,s - 0-.. ', H 4 13 f 1: W " M, VW ,. .1 . Z, K, 'W i QV . all ii 2 ', l ..f jk i i ' ei X? xi... i 'FR' P -1 ig K q '95 i Iioifid ' ii isslfwif . in ' ' g I - f'--- ' ,,..f. ' Q f ,. -r all . - - H V. ' . . . ss as . as A . V . N .. i ,V A 14-4 I j,,,s-rf' . ' , ' , eww - Charles E. Judith A. Jo Ann Wendell D. William S. Humphrey Hunkins Hunf Hunl' Hunler UC UC Alpha Phi UC Delia Tau Healdron Sr. Louis, UC Coalgale Dell'a, UC Mo. Okla. Cily Tulsa Jeanne A. Suda K. Juanila J. Clark H. Marian M. Hurwifz Husky Hufchens Hyde Ikeda Alpha Epsilon Alpha Chi UC Sigma Nu UC Phi, UC Omega UC Rush Springs UC Maui, Sioux Falls, S.D Okla. Ciiy Okla. Ciiy Hawaii Sianley E. Burton Y. Yvonne Roberl L. William M. Ingram llo lflner Ivesler Jackman UC UC UC Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Cily Kona, Midland, UC Okla. Cily Hawaii Tex. Sayre Sulanne E, Ronald L. William E. Jeanne A. Laura J. Jackson Jacobs Jacobs Jacobson Jacobson UC Sigma Alpha Alpha Tau Kappa Alpha Chi Omega Cleveland, Mu, UC Omega, UC Thefa, UC UC Ohio Pitlsurgh, Pa. Dallas, Tex. Okla, Cily Ardmore Melvin R. Tom E. Sfa-idford M. G. Jay John B. James James Janger Janzen Jarboe Kappa Sigma Phi Della Pi Lambda Lambda Chi Sigma Chi UC Thera, UC Phi, UC Alpha, UC UC Seminole Ardmore Olnla. Cify Barilesville Tulsa Roberl R, Jacqueline L. John J. John L. Roberi C. Jayroe ,Jr. Jefferson Jenkins Jennings Jennings Kappa Alpha UC Alpha Tau Phi Gamma Della Upsilon UC Balon Rouge, Omega, UC Della, UC UC Blyfheville, Ark. La. Lebanon, Mo. Barllesville Okla. Cily Louis C. John R. Eric L. Roberf A. Clyde B. Jensen Jelion Johansen Johnson Jo nson Pi Kappa UC Pi Kappa UC I UC I Alpha, UC Tulsa Alpha, UC Okla. City Okla, Ciiy Tulsa A Altus J. J. James R. Joan A. Judilh P. Kennelh R. Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Sigma Alpha UC Alpha Phi Chi Omega Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Del Cily UC UC Epsilon, UC Hobarf Barllesville Tulsa Norman Dennis J. Judilh C. Judy J. Kafharin RoberlJ. Johnslon Johnslon Johnsfon .lohnslon Johnslon UC Chi Orrega Della Delia Gamma Phi Sigma Nu Brooklyn, UC Della, UC Bela, UC UC N,Y, Shawnee Tulsa Holdenville Ardmore Glenn N. Jane Lee John R. Andrew N. Loma G. Jones Jones Jones Jorgensen Jurek UC Kappa Alpha UC Delia Sigma Alpha Epsilon Lake Charles Thela, UC Duncan Phi, UC Phi UC La. Barilesville Niagara Falls, N.Y. Minneapolis, Minn. Charles E. Hurwilz Pi Lambda Phi, UC Kilgore, Tex Marila M. Ing raham UC Nicoma Park Jane D. Jackson uc ons. ciiy Henry James Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Allus Jay L. Jarmes UC Hugo Sue Jennings Kappa Alp Thefa UC Fl, Sill Dorolhy L. Johnson Alpha Garr Della, UC Okla. Ciiy Ray A. Johnson UC Perry Sian Johnslon Delta Upsil UC Okla. Cily Emily A Kadane Alpha Chi Omega, U1 Wichila Fa Tex. Roberl A. Kadane S' Ch' Uigma i Dallas, Tex. Chris E. Kauffman S-llama Nu Okla. Cily Kalhy R. Kilbride Alpha Phi UC, Palo Allo, Calif. Joseph Kirk UC Passaic, N.J. Frederick B. Koonlz lll Phi Della Thela, UC Tulsa Peler E. Kahn UC Dallas, Tex. Beverly R. Kaufman UC Sl. Louis, Mo. Rebecca A. Kiles Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Fl. Worlh, Tex Judith A. Kirkland uc ous. ciiy Mike R. Koziewicz UC Ardmore Simone P. Kahn Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Glen Ridge, N.J. Kalie J. Keen Alpha Della Pi, UC Okla. Cily ln Sock Kim Della Della Della, UC Seoul, Korea Bill Kirkwood Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Okla, Cily Eileen J. Krall UC Nampa, Alberla, Can. Janel Lana S. Teresa A. Yella L. Barbara J. Marlene J. Hailey John O. Jerome H. Kaiman Kallmeyer Kalman Kalpin Kamenesky Kamenesky Kanard Karch Kalz Sigma Della Sigma Della Gamma Phi Sigma Della Alpha Epsilon Alpha Epsilon Phi Della UC Sigma Alpha Tau, UC Tau, UC Bela, UC Tau, UC Phi, UC Phi, UC Thela, UC Barllesville Mu, UC Des Moines, la. Tulsa Norman Wewoka Okla. Cily Okla. Cily Muskogee Tulsa Kalhleen I. Don H. Nancy M. Jim William A. Chrissie Joel A. Joe F. Roberl L. Kelley Kelly Kelly Kendall Kendall Kendrick Kelch Key, Jr. Kidd Ill UC UC Chi Omega Della Sigma UC Della Gamma UC UC UC Norman Duncan UC Phi, UC Okla. Cily UC Okla. Cily Roswell, Poleau Yukon Graham, Tex. Slamford, Tex. N.M. Jo Anne Judy K. Lynn R Sheron F. Suan Sug Ladonna J. Karen L. Jerry S. Kimball Kimball Kimrey King King King Kinnebrew Kinsler Kinzel Gamma Phi UC Kappa Sigma Alpha Chi UC Della Della UC UC UC Bela, UC Cushing UC Omega, UC Bixby Della, UC Apache Davenporl, Wewoka Okla. Cily Norman Guymon Fl. Worlh, Tex. lowa Karen A. Kennelh J. Cynlhia A. Ann lrene J. Jerry A. Sandra M. Ed S. William L. Kirlon Kiser Kile Killredge Klaff Klinock Knebel Knighl Kolander Gamma Phi Phi Gamma Kappa Kappa Kappa Alpha Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Della Gamma Kappa Alpha UC Bela, UC Della, UC Gamma, UC Thela, UC Phi, UC Mu, UC UC UC Noble Barllesvillc Blackwell Tulsa Tulsa Wilmellc, lll. liqrairie Village, Tulsa Dallas, Tex. an. Phyllis J. Karl M. Anne W, Roberl A. Gwyn S. Sandra L. Harry J. Jim Paul N. Kriss Kuh'man Kusik Kyker Lacey Lacey Lachance Lackey Lackey Sigma Della Pi Kappa Chi Omega UC UC UC UC Phi Gamma UC Tau, UC Alpha, UC UC Ringling Okla. Cily Calgary, Encino, Della, UC Okmulgee Dallas, Tex. Norman Cleveland, Ohio Alberla, Can. Calif. Pecos, Tex. Keilh M. Lafon Kappa Alpha UC Amarillo, Tex. Linda L. Lasseler Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla. Cily Anne Lehnhard Zela Tau Alpha, UC Longview, Tex. Judy A. Lahr UC Houslon, Tex. Linda S. Laughery Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Wichila Falls, Tex. June R. Leibenderfer Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Norman Linda S. Lahr UC Houslon, Tex. Allon C. Lawrence UC Velma Elinor Leon Sigma Della Tau, UC Sl. Louis, Mo. James R. Lamb Bela Thela Pi UC Olcla. Cily Don L. Lawrence UC Sayre Angie J. Leonard Alpha Chi Omega, UC Dick L. Lamberlz S' ma N Ula U Enid Kennelh L. Lawrence Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Tulsa Roberl K. Leonard Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Sue Lambiolle UC l-lenriella Roberl E. Lawson UC Dallas, Tex. Timolhy D. Leonard UC Beaver Jackson, Miss. Dyersburg, Tenn. Linda Landauer Pi Bela Phi, UC Ponca Cily Pamela S. Leavens Alpha Chi Omega, UC Oak Park, Ill. Marilyn J. Leslie Della Della Della, UC Alva Fran Lander Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Tulsa David K. Lee UC Ada Tommie L. Levi UC Memphis, Tenn. Gilberf L. Lane Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Memphis, Tenn. Nancy A. Lee UC Los Angeles, Calil. Nancy J. Levick Sigma Della Tau UC, Albu- querque, N.M. Andrew J. Lanier, Jr. UC Mansfield, La. Roger A. Lee UC Wichila Falls, Tex. Irwin M. Levine Pi Lambda Phi, UC Kan. Cily, Mo. James K. Lanyon Phi Della Thela, UC Amarillo, Te Gary A. Leek Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Tulsa Perry J. Levine Pi Lambda Phi, UC Ardmore X. Timolhy M. Larason Bela Thela Pi, UC Fargo David L. Lelfel UC McAlesler Barbara A. Levi'H' Alpha Phi UC Flora, lll. l75 freshmen Praclicing lo be a model execulive secrelary, Linda Berg is busily engrossed in her aflernoon lyping class. ass-2' Allen L. Levy Pi Lambda Phi, UC Denver, Colo. Susan E. Lichf Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Dallas, Tex, Janice E. Liflke Chi Omega UC Clinlon Harold L. Loqsdon UC Gufhrie Colleen Lucas UC Dallas, Tex. Sally S. Luper UC Wayne Pairicia A. McCafferly Pi Bela Phi UC Polcau John C. McClure Phi Kappa Psi, UC Barllesville Mary C. McDonald Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Muskogee Wanda L. McCoy UC l-lealdlon Bellye A. Lewis UC Sulphur Ronnie Licklider Sigma Nu UC Pauls Valley Jimmy W. Lloyd Phi Kappa Psi, UC Laverne Palricia K. Logue Chi Omega UC Barflosvillc Palricia A. Luck Chi Omega UC Fi. Worlh, Tex. cliff s. Lyaifk uc Norman Terrence T. McCaffery UC, Calgary, Alberla, Canada James A. McComas Theta Kappa Phi, UC Kan, Ciiy, Kan. Richard W. McDonald Della Sigma Pm, UC Aurora, lll. Linda S. McCrary Gamma Phi Beia, UC Dallas, Tex. James C. Lewis UC Ardmore Raymond 6. Linde UC Guymon Barbara Locke UC Kansas Cily, Mo. Danys K. London Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Dallas, Tcx. Judy G. Ludlam Alpha Chi Omega, UC Norman Anne G Lynch Gamma Phi Beia, UC Okla. City Susan L McCallum Zara Tau Alpha, UC Wilma-lie, lll. Slanley A. McCoury UC Norman Joyce E. McGee UC Olcla. Ciiy Ronald C. McDaniels UC Dallas, Tex. Joyce A. Lewis Della Della Della UC Brislow Linda J. Lindsay UC Tulsa Orvil L. Locke Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Ardmore Judy A. Longbolham Alpha Chi Omega, UC Guymon Donald A. Ludlow UC Grolon, N,Y. Hosea W. McAdoo, Jr. UC Springfield, Mo. Louis E. McCarfer Bela Thela Pi, UC Tonkawa Tom M. McCraw Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC l-lonolulu, Hawaii Marlin D. McGimpsey UC Langley Belh J. McDermoH' UC Olcla. Cily Judilh A. Lewis uc ous. ciiy Carol A. Linebarger Alpha Phi UC Tulsa - Paula S, Locke UC Okla. Cily Francisco Lopez UC Sanliago, Cuba Roberl P. Luke Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Ardmore Rolierl B. McAlpine Eigma Nu Tulsa Judy McClain uc Elk ony Howard S. McCurry Della Upsilon UC Wichila, Kans. Lynn C. Mc6lo'fl'1in Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Winslow, Ariz. Bobby D. McDonald UC DeOueen, Arkansas Thomas A. Lewis UC l-lo' Springs Ark. T Roberl S. Llplon Sigma Alph Mu, UC New York, l Mary E. Logan UC Graham, Te Jack W. Love Sigma Chi UC Okla. City Beverly A. Lunn UC Nashville, Tenn. Gerald D. McAnully UC Alolca Nofle A. McClanahal Sigma Chi UC , Norman Ben A. McDermol'f Phi Kappa Psi, UC Nashvillc,Ta Janel K. McClung UC Granile Roberl L. McElroy UC, New Providence, N.J. Marsha R. McFarland Della Della Della, UC Boulder. Col Judy K. McMorris Alpha Chi Omega, UC Shawnee Mary E. Marsh UC Shreveporl, La. Charles H. Mayfield UC Lambda Chi Alpha, Ada Annelle Miller Alpha Della Pi, UC Hinlon Sharon S. McGee Alpha Gamma Della, UC Norman Penny McMurry Zela Tau Alpha, UC Jackson, Miss Roberl L. Marshall Della Kappa Epsilon, UC Slillwaler William J. Meder UC Sl. Louis Mo. Barry J. Miller Pi Lambda Phi, UC Okl. Cily James J. McGralh Thela Kappa Phi, UC, Lin- denhursl, N,Y. Denny B. McWherler Alpha Chi Omega, UC L.A., Calii. Susan A. Marshall Pi Bela Phi UC, Shreve- porl, La. Nancy K. Medley uc ous. ciiy Berlelea Miller UC Salina, Kans. Janie Mary S. Theresa G. Helen A. Mclnlosh McKean McKellar McKnighl Alpha Chi Kappa Alpha UC UC Omega, UC Thela, UC Tulsa Barllesville Okla. Cily Shr'v'porl, La. Kennelh R. De Lores A. Karen J. Joe E. McWilliams Maddux Magee Maldonado Kappa Alpha Alpha Chi Della Gamma Thela Kappa UC Omega, UC UC Phi, UC Okla. Cily S'lh G'le, Cal. Racine, Wis. S'nla Fe, N.M. Charles R. Linda R. Lowana L. Terry A. Marlin Marlin Marlin Marlin Alpha Tau Alpha Della Alpha Della Chi Omega Omega, UC Pi, UC Pi, UC UC Okla.Cily Ol-cla.Cily Okla. Cly Hennressey Mary E. lvan C. Sharon J. Trudy Meehan Meek Melzer Menachol Pi Bela UC UC Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Tulsa Glenview, Phi, UC Wichila, Kan. lll. Denver, Colo. Brenda R. Dixie D. Harris M. Jean A, Miller Miller Miller Miller Alpha Epsilon Gamma Phi Sigma Alpha Kappa Alpha Phi, UC Bela, UC Mu, UC Thela, UC Tulsa Norman N.Y. Cily, N.Y. Nashville, Tenn. Marv J. McKnight Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Enid Linda R. Mallsberger Chi Omega UC Pawnee Roberl G. Mason UC Norman Shirley l. Mendel Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC All'nla, Ga. Kenl W. Miller Della Tau Della, UC Okla. Cily Palrick D. McLaughlin UC Ponca Cily Susan A. Manlin Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Sl. L's, Mo. H. Eileen Mallhews UC Moore Barbara A. Merrill Zela Tau Alpha, UC Dallas, Tex. William L. Miller Della Upsilon UC Norman Ray T. Pal A. Clark McLaury, Jr. McMahon McManus Della Tau Kappa Alpha Phi Kappa Della, UC Thela, UC Psi, UC Cushing Dallas, Tex. Muskogee John G. J. R. Douq E. Maples Marble Marcom UC UC UC Okla. C'ly Norman Frederick Muriel M. Palricia A. John D. Mallhews Mallhews Maxson Pi Bela Phi UC Kappa Alpha UC San Marino, UC Okla. Cily Calif. Dallas, Tex, Mike Verlon Maureen L. Merrill . Merrill, lll Melcalfe Kappa Sigma UC Della Della UC Monlgomery, Della, UC Shawnee Ala. Okla. Cily Flora A. Carole A. Eddie W. Mills Millon Milchell UC Alpha Gamma Alpha Sigma Barllesville Della, UC Phi, UC Tulsa El Dorado Marla S. Milchell Alpha Chi Omega, UC Wewoka Marilyn E. Moorehead Gamma Phi Bela, UC Okla. Cily William S. Moses Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Houslon, Tex. Michael D. Milchell Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Tulsa Jo Ann Moran Della Della, Della, UC Chickasha James G. Mosley Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Norman Mike L. Milchell Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Clinlon Elizabelh E. Morgan Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Okla. Cily William R. Moll Della Upsilon UC Tulsa Garry E. Milchelmore UC Davis Helen E. Morgan Chi Omega UC, Woosier, Ohio Lloyd T. Moxley Alpna Tau Om-ga, UC Wynnewood Sleven M. Mizer Pi Lambda Phi, UC Tulsa Rosemary E. Morris UC Russell, Kans. Susan L. hioye Alpha Ph' UC, I Fl. Sill Roberl B. Monlgomery Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Houslon, Tex. Ryan H. Morris Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC El Reno Carroll F. Moyer Della Sigma Phi, UC McAllen, Tex. Harry K. Moore Ill, Phi Gamma Della, UC Lindsay William H. Morris, Jr. Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Tulsa Dale R. Muehlenbrock UC Dallas, Tex. Jack H. Moore uc ous. ony Jane A. Morrison Della Gamma UC Okla. Cily Alvin M. Muldrow Bela Thela Pi, UC Br'wnl'ld, Tex Jack L. Moore UC Pryor Conrad F. Morrow Della Tau Della, UC Muskogee Beniamin E. Mullins UC Tiplon Marlha Moore Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Muskogee George H Morse Pi Kappa Alpha, UC M'mphis, Tenn. Linda S. Mullins Zela Tau Alpha, UC Okla. Cily Waller M. Moore UC Hollis Bob E. Moses Della Tau Della, UC Tulsa Barry G. Mundis UC Levillown Pa. Willis H. Moore UC Norman Charles G. Moses Kappa Sigma UC Nor'nan Barbara E. Murphy UC Norwalk, Conn. I77 freshmen Taking advantage of a pretty day, Jim l-lolmboe, Pete Adams and Robert Arnold study on the Engineering steps. Helen M. Murphy UC Eufaulo Sidney A. Musser Phi Kappa Psi, UC Okla. City James L. Nash UC Ryan David F. Nelson Beta Theta Pi, UC Muskogee Rodney E. Newland Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Tulsa Roger M. Norman UC Temple Paul K. Olinger Delta Sigma Phi, UC, Love- land, Colo. Charles W. Orth Delta Upsilon UC Tulsa Lillian L. Overlees Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Bartlesville Jerry R. Parker UC Bristow John M. Murphy UC Okla. City Earl F. Myers UC Harper, Kans. Clifford W. Nath UC Anaclarko Diane Nelson UC Boulder City, Nev. James R. Newlon UC Binq hamton, N.Y. James V. Norwood UC Arlington, Va. Wanda C. Oliver Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Ponca City Jayne Osborn UC Cushing Nelson M. Owen Phi Gamma Delta, UC Okla, City Maier W. Park Sigma Chi UC Okla. City John P. Murphy Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Okla. City Walter H. Myers Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Odessa, Tex. Charles C. Neel Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Paducah, Ky. Tom A. Nelson Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Lawton Lyntha A. Nicklas Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Lawton Janice E. Novak Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Okla. City Patricia A. O'Neal Pi Bela Phi UC Okla. City Lou Ann Osborne UC Okla, City Robert L. Owen Delta Tau Delta, UC Bartlesvillc Nancy R. Parker UC Okla, City Sylvia P. Murphy Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Okla. City Linda C. Nance Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla. City Tom Nelms UC MCAlGstCr Stephen M. Nemecek UC Pittsburg, Kans. Byron A. Niebruegge Kappa Sigma UC Snyder Ronald W. Nye Delta Kappa Epsilon, UC Bartlesville Mary E. Opitz UC Binger Van A. Osborne, Jr. uc oils. ciiy Roma D. Owens uc Okie. ony Phyllis A. Parker UC Tucumcari, N. Mex. Sheron S. Murray Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Tulsa Odie A. Nance Sigma Chi UC Bethany Billy T. Nelson UC Houston, Tcx. Mike S. Neville Phi Kappa Psi, UC Ponca City Jimmy W. Nix uc Okie. ciiy Charles F. Oakley UC Little Rock, Ark. Rodney W. Opitz UC Lookeba Marcia l. Oser UC Memphis, Tenn. Lanita M. Pacey Alpha Gamma Delia, UC Ft. B'ning, Ga. Richard G, Parker Phi Kappa Psi, UC Tulsa Don W. Murrell UC Casper, Wyo. Clark Nash Phi Kappa Psi, UC Guymon Claude F. Nelson UC Okmulgec Pat Neville uc: Okla. caiy William D. Norfleet Phi Gamma Delta, UC Okla. City Douglas E. Oden UC Okla, City Patrick D. O'Reilly UC Okla. City D'ann O'Shea Delta Gamr UC Tulsa Tom R. Padgham Sigma Nu UC A Midwest Cz Tom F. Parker Phi Gamma Delta, UC Shreveport, Virginia L. Jerry H. Marilyn J. Max A. Jack R. Annelle Caryl A. Marshall M. James E. Mary F. Roberl J, Clyde G. Parnell Pass Pafrlc Paul Paxlon Pazoureck Pearlman Pearlslein Pearson Pearson Pellow Pendergral, UC Sigma Alpha Nursing Della Tau UC UC Alpha Epsilon Pi Lambda UC UC Alpha Tau UC Chickasha Mu, UC Okla. Cily Della, UC Sulphur Welumlca Phi, UC Phi, UC Norman Spearman, Omega, UC Jay Sl. Louis, Mo. Okla. Cily Des Moines, la. Univ. Cily, Mo. Tex. Kans. Cily, Mo. Perry A. lrvin D. Roberlc Dale A. James E. Judilh A. Linda J. Roberl E. William E. Mary-Ann Denisa R. Emma R. Pendergrall Pense Peraza Perini Perkins, Jr. Permenler Perry Perry Peller Pellinuill Pelly Pelly Della Tau UC Alpwa Sigma UC Kappa Alpha Gamma Phi UC Della Upsilon UC Alpha Phi, Della Della UC Della, UC Tulsa Phi, UC Carlsbad, UC Bela, UC Tulsz UC Williamsporl, UC, Della, UC Cusler Norman Bogola, Col. N. Mex. lrving, Tex. Tulsa Pawnee Pa. Wayne, Maine Olcla. Cily Palricia R. Eugene P. Marlha J. Berry F. Linda G. Russell C. Shara D. Larry H. Bob Barbara L. Max S. Ted A. Peugh Phelps Phelps Phillips Phillips Phillips Phillips Phipps Pickens Pierse Pierson Filson UC UC UC Della Upsilon Phi Mu, Phi Della Sigma Della UC Phi Kappa UC UC Kappa Alpl Tulsa Syracuse, Ponca Cily UC UC, New Thela,L1C Tau, UC Okla. Cily Psi, UC Tulsa Pawliuska UC, Ml. N.Y. Pawnee Orleans La. Wichila, Kans. Memphis, Tenn. Dallas, Tex. Vernon, lll. William W. Barbara James E. Jack D. Ronda S. Janie L. Joyce E. Roberl L. Kenl H. Jack Joe K, Killy Plumlee Poe Pohl Pool Pop Porler Pospisil Pollholf Polls Powell Powell Powell UC UC UC Phi Della Alpha Epsilon Kappa Kappa UC Thela Xi UC Phi Kappa UC Gamma Phi Springer Duncan Tulsa Thela, UC Phi, UC Gamma, UC Okla. Clly UC, Wesl Wcllslon Psi, UC Krebs Bela UC Chickasha Bev, Hills, Cal. Jackson, Miss. Chesler, Pa. Quanah, Tex. Duncan Carolyn Sheila B. Alan W. Beverly N. Harvey L. Janice R. R. Perry Wildena G. Brenda John E. Karen P. George W. Prall Prebish "'renliss Price Price Price Pringle Probsl Puckell Purcell Pyle Pyles, ll UC Sigma Della UC Gamma Phi Bela, Thela UC Kappa Alpha UC Pi Bela Phi Della Gamma Phi UC Okla. Cily Tau, UC Midwesl Bela, UC Pi, UC Norman UC Enid Phi, UC Thela, UC Bela, UC Tulsa Sl. Louis, Mo. Cily Tulsa Okla. Cily Shreveporl, La. Sayre Muskogee Norman Jr in Glen A Rabun Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Cily Karen D. Ream Chi Onega UC Perry Sue Reynolds UC Tulsa Vernon L. Racer UC Hennessey Carolyn J. Reed Gamma Phi Bela, UC Perry Buzzy Rhodes Sigma Nu UC, Jack- son, Miss. Kennelh W. Rachels UC, Olcla. Cily Judilh S. Reed Pi Bela Phi, UC Ardmore Jay P. Rhodes Alpha Sigma Phi, UC l-louslon, Tex Burl D. Ragland UC Mounlain View Bob T. Reese UC Fresno, Calif. Roberl B. Ricci UC Greenwich, Conn, Gail Raibourn UC Washinglon, D.C. Claudelle J. Reid Pi Bela Phi, UC Tulsa David C. Rice Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Norman Nolan R. Rains UC , McAlesler Elizabefh A. Reimers Alpha Phi, UC Moline, Ill. lda Sue Richards UC Sulphur Thomas H. Rains Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Duncan Brenda L. Reingold UC Denver, Colo. Kalie Richards Della Della Della, UC Norman Tommy S. Raley Sigma Nu, UC Lawlon Ricki Reisman Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Memphis, Tenn. John H. Richardson Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Har'glon, lll. Don Randall Siqma Nu UC Tulsa Barbara R. Renfro Della Gamma UC, Fl. Worlh,-Tex. Bruce D. Rider UC Duncan Gardner H. Randall Della Upsilon UC Miclwesl Cily John R. Repass UC Ada Gary L. Rigney UC Tulsa Loyd J. Randel Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. Cily Sam T. Reyes Pi Lambda Phi, UC Wewoka G. M. Riley UC Okla. City Helen M. Reagor UC Shreveporl, La. Ray N. Reynolds UC Del Cily Judy E. Riley UC Olcla. Cily I79 freshmen Adiusting the hi-fi record player in the library, Allan Hartman and Charles Clement select several study records. Clinton L. Risner UC Lone Grove Nancy B. Robertson Gamma Phi Beta, UC Pryor Sulanne Rolle Chi Omega UC Vinita Barbara E. Rosen Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Chicago, lll. Jo Ann Roz an Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Chicago, lll. Frank S. Samuel Delta Upsilon UC Suffield, Conn. Ginger Sawyer UC Watonga Harold Schneir Pi Lambda Phi, UC Detroit, Mich. Eugene J. Schweitzer UC Eorest Hills, N.Y. Robert W. Seago Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Olcla. ciiy Anne V. Robbins Delta Delta Delta, UC McAlestcr Barbara Robinowitz Sigma Delta Tau, UC Tulsa William A. Romine Acacia UC Okla. City Abram Rosenberg UC. El Campo, Tex. Robert J. Rusch UC Okla. City Raymond L, Sanders UC Okla. City John N Schaefer Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. City Sue F. Schofield Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Albuq., NM. Lois J. Schwoerke UC, Wichita Falls, Tex. Joseph J. Sefa UC Good rich, Mich. ""fQ7ihs John C. Roberts Delta Upsilon UC Ada Sherrian E. Robinson Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Ardmore Elio A. Ronchini UC Tulsa Sherry S. Rosenfeld Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC, Des Moines, Iowa Robert D. Ryan Phi Delta Theta, UC Tulsa Cecil L. Sanford, Jr. UC Pam pa, Tex. Larry D. Schafer UC Dewey Shirley A. Schritter UC Manitou Marion Scivally Pi Beta Phi, UC Houston, Tex. Felice Seligson Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Olcla. City Mark C. Roberts Phi Kappa Psi, UC Dallas, Tcx. Gene L. Rogers Sigma Chi UC Mena, Ark. Dale Rorick Phi Delta Theta, UC Ardmore Robert F. Ross Sigma Chi UC Dallas, Tex. Sharon L. Sabo Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla. City Nitza Santiago UC New York, N.Y. M. Kathryn Scheidt UC Tecumseh Lynn P. Schurman Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Chicago, lll. Marcia S. Sclar Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Svr. Sprg, Md. Sandra A Serkes UC Kansas City, Mo. Wayne T. Roberts UC Owasso Jo Ann Rogers UC Tulsa Charlotte S. Rose Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Tulsa Judy A. Rowntree Chi Omega UC Okla. City Mary L. Saddoris UC Bartlesvills J. B. Saunders Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Houston, Tex. Judy A. Schmidt UC N. l-lomested Ohio Marlene J. Schwartz UC St. Louis, Mo. Margaret H. Scott Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Houston, Tex. Samuel B. Serio, Jr. Sigma Nu UC, Natchez, Miss. John E. Robertson, . Phi Gamma Delta. UC Dallas, Tex. Roseleen S. Rogers UC, North Little Rock, Ark. Patricia D. Rose Sigma Delta Tau, UC M'mphis, Te Barbara J. Royds Alpha Chi Omega, UC Dwnrs Gr've Kenneth R. Sage UC lX:MChicago, Shari L. Saunders Chi Omega UC Norman Lonnie J. Schmitt Phi Kappa Psi, UC Dorchester, Tom M. Schwartl Beta Theta Pi, UC, Cola Springs, Col Sharon S. Scott Delta Gamn UC Tonkawa Carolyn T. Seabolt UC Davidson Judith D. Selk Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Tulsa Ruth A. Sherwood uc ous. City Albert R. Sinclair Delta Tau Delta, UC Okla. City Eldon K. Smith UC Okla. City Sandra L. Smith Kappa Kappa Gamma UC Ardmore Betty F. Mike Jim R, James R. Michelle Lincla J. Robert M. Sevier Sewell Sharp Sharpe Sharpe Shaw Shaw UO Phi Delta UC UC Alpha Epsilon UC Sigma Phi Chickasha Theta, UC Rush Ardmore Phi, UC Ponca City Epsilon, UC Okla. City Springs Forrest City, Kemah, Tex. Ark. Donna L. James L. Jerome H. Michael A Donna M. Ginger Judy A. Shirley Short Short Shrier Shubert Siegel Sierer Gamma Phi UC Alpha Sigma Pi'Laml3da Gamma Phi Alpha Epsilon Pi Beta Beta, UC Okla. City Phi, UC Phi, UC Beta, UC Phi, UC Phi, UC Wynnewood Okla. City Omaha, Neb. Shawnee Durant Tulsa Edward N. Toby L. Stephen A. Marian J. Claudette Harry B. Frances E. Sizer Skinner Skold Slater Slaughter Slayback Slein UC UC UC Chi Omega UC Phi Kappa UC Charlotte, Lyman, S.C. Los Gatos. UC Okla. City Psi, UC St,. Louis, N. Carolina Calif. Brentwood, Mo. Dallas, Tex. Mo Garry L, George A. Jay C. Jeanne Y. Kenneth H. Marilyn S. Martha L. Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Beta Theta Lambda Chi Pi Kappa UC UC Alpha Chi Pi Beta Pi, UC Alpha, UC Alpha, UC Duncan Vici Omega, UC Phi, UC Tulsa Norman Helena Okla. City Olustee Thomas J Wm. H. Karen L. John L. Jean Ann R. Daniel D. Smith Smith Snell Snyder Sorrell Southerland Spence UC Phi Delta Zeta Tau UC Alpha Phi Zeta Tau UC Farmington, Theta, UC Alpha, UC Okla. City UC Alpha UC Northiield, N,M. Norman Littleton, Colo. Okla. City Okla. City lll. Sherron R. Shea Pi Beta Phi, UC Bartlesvills, Efrain Silva UC Caracas, Venezuela Blaine H. Smith Acacia, UC Enid Mary K. Smith Chi Omega UC Cushing Nelson H. Spencer UC Dallas Tex. Norma K. Ronald L. Carolyn J. Shebester Sheffield Sherman Gamma Phi Lambda Chl Alpha Epsilon Beta, UC Alpha, UC Phi, UC Pauls Valley Lawton St. Louis, Mo. Dwight E. Carole M. Monroe E. Silver Simon Simpson Delta Sigma Sigma Delta UC Phi, UC,Los Tau, UC Norman Alamos, N.M. K. C., Kans. Carolyn S. Claude E. David R. Smith Smith Smith UC Acacia, UC UC Midwest City Albuq., N.M Dayton, Ohio Melva J. Patrick S. Royse Smith Smith Smith Alpha Gamma Phi Delta Phi Delta Delta, UC Theta, UC Theta UC Duncan Bartlesville Norman Virgil l. Marcia A. John C. Spencer Spielberc Spiker UC Sigma Delta Delta Upsilon Wewoka Tau, UC UC St. Louis, Mo. Seminole Rex J. Spivey UC San Antonio Tex. Bill Stewart Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Okla. City Fred H. Suhre, Jr. UC Okla. City Charles M. Staehle Delta Sigma Phi, UC, Powell Wyo. Charles P. Stillwell Lambda Chi Alpha UC Tulsa Mark S. Sullivan Phi Gamma Delta, UC Okla. City Leland P. Staley Kappa Sigma UC Okla. City Beth Stone Gamma Phi Beta, UC Muskogee Dena R. Sureck Sigma Delta Tau, UC Okla. City Rita A. Stallings uc ous. City Linda C. Stone Sigma Delta Tau UC St. Louis, Mo. Eva A. Suoianen UC Great Neck, N.Y. Wayne K. Stalnaker UC Konawcl Edwin L, Stoorza UC, Ft, Worth Tex. Steve W. Swaftord UC, Little Rock, Ark. Scott Stanfield Delta Upsilon UC Norman Reta F. Story UC Okla. City Bruce G. Swaine Si ma Chi ue, si. Louis, Mo. Diane J. Stark Phi Mu UC Ft. Sill Ann Stovall UC Wilburton Linda J. Swanson UC Barnsdall Diane Stecker UC Dallas, Tex. Carl N. Stover Sigma Alpha E silon, UC D Pr'rie Vill., Kan. Virginia B. Swanson UC, The Dalles, Ore. Diane J. Steele Delta Delta Delta, UC Houston Tex. Kav Stringer Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC M'mphis, Tenn. John J. Sweeney Beta Theta Pi, UC Dallas, Tex. Ronald J. Steele Sigma Nu UC Bartlesville N. Martin Stringer Phi Delta Theta, UC Ada Marcia E. Swesnik Sigma Delta Tau, UC Dallas Tex. Carol L. Stephens UC Graham, Tex. Jackie Suckle Sigma Delta Tau, UC Dallas Tex Michael l. Tack Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Brooklyn N.Y. Gregory J. Stevens UC Williamston Mich. Martha Sudderth Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Monahans, Tex. Roland M. Tague Delta Tau Delta, UC Okla. City l8l freshmen Palricia A. Tail Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Fl. Sill Mike A. Taylor Phi Kappa Psi, UC Tulsa Mary E. Thompson Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Pauls Valley Robbie B. Tiffany Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Shawnee Carolyn A. Torregrossa UC Galveslon, Tex. John Lloyd Trogdon Phi Gamma Della, UC Anadarko Beverly J. Tzinberg Sigma Della Tau, UC Sl, Louis, Mo. Glenn E. Van Coeverinq UC Perry Virginia Vaughan Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Norman Edward W. Von Hollon Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Tulsa William G. Walker Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Cily Lynda L. Tamblyn UC Okla. Cily Ron N. Taylor Alpha Tau Omega, UC Claremore Mary S. Thompson Della Della Della, UC Dallas, Tex. Donald W. Tinnev UC Pampa, Tex. E. Gay.. Townley UC Olcla. Cily Roger M. Troub UC Carnegie Carol J. Underberg Sigma Della Tau, UC M'mphis. Tenn. Alice M. Van Ealon Alpha Gamma Della, UC Carnegie William A. Vesely Bela Thela, Pi, UC Okla. Cily Mary Alice Wade Alpha Gamma Della, UC Duncan Jerry D. Wall UC Okla. Cily Judilh A. Tarpley Pi Bela Phi, UC Okla. Cily James V. Teegerslrom Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Shamrock, Tex. Ronald E. Thompson UC Lawlon William K. Tisdale UC, Lillie Rock, Ark. William G. Townsend Sigma Nu UC Okla, Cilv Arlhur E. Truiillo UC Ralon, N. Mex. Analeslie Unfriecl Alpha Gamma Della, UC Fl. Worlh, Tex. Harold D. Vanhook uc ous. cny Donald W. Vesl Bela Thela Pi, UC Denver, Colo. Jo Shana Wadler Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Wharlon, Tex. James A. Wallon Phi Gamma Della, UC Midland, Tex. Clay Taylor Della Tau Della, UC Midwesl Cily Richard H. Terrell Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Egle, Klc,, Tex William E. Thompson UC Okla. Cily William A. Todd Thela Kappa Phi. UC Valley Slream, N.Y. David H. Trent UC Allus Marilyn J. Turner UC Norman Elizabeth Updegrafl UC Norman Paul H. Van Wagoner UC Dallas, Tex. Tommy C. Vincenl uc Okie, ony Terry L. Wall Zela Tau Alpha, UC Anadarko Maris N. Wallon Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Tulsa George B. Taylor UC Nocona, Texas Karen L. Thomasson UC Parkerslaurq, W, Va. Virginia J. Thornlon Alpha Gamma Della, UC Norman Eleanor M. Tolberl UC New Orleans, La. Charles E. Trimble UC Tulsa S. D. Turner Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Okla. Cily Mario M. Uzcalegui, Caracas, Venezuela Judy Van Wie UC Blanchard Judilh Vogel Della Della Della, UC Eulaula Roma R. Walker UC Keller, Tex. Larry Ward UC Elmore Cily Judy D. Taylor Della Gamr UC Ardmore Lynne R. Thompson Kappa Kapi Gamma, U4 Ada Laura Thurslon UC Tulsa Paul S. Tollz Sigma Alplr Mu, UC Denver, Col Lloyd E. Trimble UC Farminglon N. Mex. Palricia R. Tyler Alpha Chi Omega, UO Guyrnon Gloria A. Valouch UC Norman John C. Vaughan Phi Della Thela, UC Norman James D. Vondra UC Nashville, Tenn. Thomas E. Walker S'g Alph Epslimlgn, UC Chickasha James B. Warden Ph' Ka pa Psil, U8 Dallas, Tex. James R. Warren UC Kingfisher Earl C. Webb Sigma Chi UC, Hobbs, N. Mex. Harolyn Weslhoff Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Okla. City Harry L. Widdifield Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Okla. Cily Palricia A. Williamson UC Midwest City Ray E. Don D. Doris J. Thomas H. Carolyn M. David O. Harold D. Judith C. Marlys A. George Hawn Mary A. Warren Warrick Watkins Walkins Watson Walson Watson Watson Watson Weaber Weatherly UC Sigma Nu UC Lambda Chi Kappa Alpha UC UC UC Alpha Gamma Delta Kappa UC Talihina U Okla. City Alpha, UC Thela, UC Okla. Cily Chickasha Hobart Delta, UC Epsilon, UC Fleetwood Alva Okla. Cily Frederick Nor'nan Billings, Mont. Frank R. John R. Dan J. Michael D. Susan D. Paul E. James S. Linda L. Gordon A. John C. John M. Webb Webb Webber Webber Weems Weinslein Welch Welch Welcher Welker Wells Phi Delta UC UC UC, Phi Alpha Gamma Sigma Alpha Sigma Chi Kappa Kappa Pi Kappa UC Della Tau Thela, UC Drumright Pauls Valley Delta Theta Della, UC Mu, UC UC Gamma, UC Alpha, UC Lawlon Della, UC Norman Enid Bells, Tex. Fl. Worlh Tex. Tulsa Tulsa Norman Barllesville Jean A. Carl A, Wendell L. Juanita M. William L. Charles F. Charles G. Larry W. Marcia J. Ann C... Emily D. Wharlon Wheeler Wheeler Wherry Whilaker While While While White Whybark Wickizer Alpha Gamma Sigma Nu Delta Kappa UC Alpha Tau Phi Delta Phi Della UC UC Kappa Alpha UC Delta, UC UC Epsilon, UC Tulsa Omega UC Theta, UC Theta, UC Okla. City Chickasha Theta, UC Marlow Okla. Cily Tulsa Tulsa Ada Norman Camden, Ark. Dallas, Tex. Allan R, Phyliss L. Jerald D. Jim Charles S. Claude N. Hal H. Jo Ann Nouna A. Robert F. J. Woodrow L. Wilk Wilke Will Willefl William, Jr. Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Sigma Alpha UC Kappa Sigma Thela Xi, UC Phi Kappa Delta Kappa Alpha Gamma Della Gamma Pi Kappa UC Mu, UC Kansas City, UC UC Knighldalc, Psi, UC Epsilon, UC Della, UC UC, Alpha, UC Okla. City Memphis, Tenn. Mo. Normar Smackover, Ark.N, Car. Muskogee Tulsa Tahlequah Welumka Okla. City Don L. Sarah A. David M. E. Cye Judy K. Myrna L. Randy Trellys Terry J. Linda R, Bonnie L. Willis Willsie Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Winebrenner Winer Wingfield UC Alpha Phi UC Sigma Nu Della Della Kappa Kappa UC Della Gamma Alpha Tau Sigma Della Alpha Della Shamrock, Tex. UC Caddo UC Della, UC Gamma UC Altus UC Omega, UC Tau, UC Pi, UC Duncan Midwesl City Purcell Enid Lawlon Ft. Wayne, Ind. Kan. City, Mo. Ft. Sill Elizabelh A. Wingo UC Okla. City Rosemary Wood UC Tulsa Douglas F. Wyman Acacia UC Connie Winn Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Houslon, Tex. Arlhur L. Woodall UC Norman Roberl A. Yales Thela Kappa Phi, UC Concord, N.H. Grdn Cily, N.Y. Jane E. Winslead Della Delta Della, UC Wich. Falls, Tex. Dennis J. Woods Thela Kappa Phi, UC Arlinglon, Va. David H. Young Phi Gamma Delta, UC Okla. Cily Diana K. Winslon Alpha Chi Omega, UC Chicago, Ill, John P. Woodson Della Tau Della' UC Okla. Cily Donald L. Young Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Shawnee Charles R. Wise Pi Lambda Phi, UC Omaha, Neb. Sullon Woodson Kappa Alpha UC Tulsa Elizabeth A. Young Phi Mu UC Okla. City Ray Wise Phi Gamma Delta, UC Muskogee Beverly K. Woodruff Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Tulsa Jeane Young UC Memphs, Tenn. Patricia S. Wilheers Delta Della Della, UC, Cale gary, Alb'ta, Can. Martha L. Woodruff Chi Omega, UC Kingfisher Linda R. Young UC Dalias Tex. Wayne Withers Phi Della Theta, UC Enid David A. Woodward Phi Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily Lyle 0. Young UC Border, Tex. Donna R. Witten Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla. City Fred U. Worlhington UC, Sand Springs Ralph J. You naworlh UC Johannesburg, S. Africa Chris Woessner UC Tea neck, N .J. Earl W. Wright UC Norman Rila L. Zoblotsky, Sigma Delta Tau, UC Norman Waller H. Wolffrum UC Deer Creek Judy A. Wriqhl UC Tulsa James B. Zonqker Phi Kappa Psi, UC Wichita, Kans. Roberl Womack Kappa Sigma UC Okla. City Mary A. Wrighl Della Gamma UC. Okla. City Ronald J. Zuckerman UC Porl Cheslf-Q N .Y. l83 ,J 3,525 ,QV 5, ':5A:5.'1 EEE? V Q:s3.3T5iQ3Lj55w1L , K V: 'ffrfiisldff' K V , ' ' , wgf ,ff,pffl ,,-1fW?5f.ff 3 9 M ' fi' if ' , f i W ',.Lfs:-Vx" 3? lawyers V FIRST ROW: James D. Balchelor, Fr., Duranl: Roberl W. Bechlel, Fr., Amarillo, Tex.: Daller M. Bower, 'PKF-, Fr., Okla. Cifyg Roberl G. Buchanan, 'I'1'A, Jr., Okla. Cilyg Berl' D. Bucher, E'l'E, Fr.. Enid: Deanna Burger, AAU. Fr., Okla. Cily: John C. Caldwell lll, TTA, Fr., Ardmore: Joe B. Cannon, BETH, Fr., Ponca Cily: J. Ed- win Carman, fl'l'A, Fr., Brislow: Glenn D. Carfer, Jr., Tecumseh. SECOND ROW: Richard H. Champlin, Fr., fI'Al9, Enid: William C. Chapman, BAE, Jr., Ardmore, 'I'AA, OAK, Scabbard and Blade: Ray L. Craig, -Yfblf, Fr., Blackwell: James L. Cunningham. TFA, Fr., Muskogee: Frank W. Davis, Sr., Francis: W. Lawrence Eakin Jr., WMI, Fr., Healdlon: Roberf L. Easlham, Fr., Tulsa: Leo P. Ferris, Fr., Fl. Worlh, Tex., 'l'Al'7, lnlernalional Club, Hislory Clulo, French Club, Phil. Club: William O. Fields, Jr., Norman, ff'AA: Gary F. Fuller, KE, Sr., fl'AA THIRD ROW: Fred Gipson, WWII, Jr., Seminole, 'l1AA: Sidney J. Gorelick, IQAM, Fr., Tulsa' Frank A. Gregory, Fr., Muskogee: Roberl R. Hamillon, Sr., Okla. Cily: Jerome L. Hemry, AXA, Fr., Okla. Cily: Charles L. Hirlinger, Sr., Okla, Cily: Dick Howard, 'l'I'A, Fr., Muskogee: John R. Hughey, KI, Fr., Weleelka, OAK, HSA, EM: John M. Hullo, :'l'l'f, Sr., Pauls Valley, 'l'AA: John M. lmel, BX, Sr., Cushing, TAA. FOURTH ROW: Ronald P. Jacobson, HNF, Fr., Okla. Cily: James R. Jessup, BAE. Fr., Lamonl: Jerry D. Kirk, Jr., Wesl Lake, La.: Ray D. Linder, Jr., Waynoka, Slud. Bar Assoc.: F. Lovell McMillin, -VUE, Jr., Okla. Cily, fI'AA: Francis E. Mayhue, Fr., Ada: Harry Merson, 1IA1i', Fr., Okla. Cily, A-ET, lnlerlrar. Council, Dean's Honor Roll, B.M.O.C.: John F. Miller, Sr., Poleau, fI'AAg Barry D. Mock, Sr., Gulhrie, 'l'AA: John T. Moore, Sr., Gulhrie, TAA. FIFTH ROW: B. E. Morrison, Sr., Arapaho, 'l'A'i': Vincenl' M. Nafhan, EAM, Fr., Ardmore: Tom R. Nelson, AZIIP, Jr., LaGrange Park, Ill., 'I'-VP: Gwen Owens, Fr., Des Moines, lowa: Norman D. Perkins, Fr., Elk Cily: Hugh H. Forler, Sr., Okla. Cily: Jack Querry, Fr., Tonkawa: John W. Raley Jr., Sr., Shawnee, fl'AA, OAK, Bd. of Governors, Slud. Bar Assoc., Slud. Senale: Chris L. Rhodes, AT, Sr., Tulsa, TAA: Jerry L. S.alyer, 'i'Al'l, Fr., Lawlon. SIXTH ROW: Jerald M. Schuman, IAM, Sr., Tul F. Shaw, HKA, Jr., Canlon, 'l'AA: Don A. Smllh, nole, TAA, AIU: Donald M. Sfevenson, SX, Sr., H. Tips, ATA, Jr., Tulsa: S. Edward Wagner, 'PK-fl, Billy D. Webb, Fr., Okla. Cily: Roy H. Wells, Sr., Joe A. Williams, 2l'l'l'f, Fr., Guymon: Slephen J. Sr., Tulsa. sa, 'PAAI Sieve BDU, Jr., Semi- lclabel: Roberl Jr., Okla. Cily: Coleman, A1-lib: Zeligson, llA'l', Batchelor Champlin Gipson Jacobson Morrison Schuman Bechlel Bower Buchanan Bucher Burger Caldwell Cannon Carman Chapman Craig Cunningham Davis Eakin Easfham Ferris Fields Gorelick Gregory Hamilton Hemry Hirlinger Howard Hughey Huffo Jessup Kirk Linder McMiIIin Mayhue Merson Miller Mock Nathan Nelson Owens Perkins Porler Querry Raley Rhodes Shaw Smith Stevenson Tips Wagner Webb Wells Williams lawyers Carler Fuller lmel Moore Salyer Zeliqson I86 FIRST YEAR LAW CLASS Annual Picnic and Winter Dance Break Study Routine Ot the Large Freshman Law Class The largest freshman law class in ten years began the year by selecting Edwin Carman to head their group. Dan Batchelor was elected vice presidentg Deanna Burger, secretary, and Larry Eakin, treasurer. Earl Sneed jr.. dean of the law school, served as faculty sponsor. The first year law students had at least three years pre-legal education on a college level before entering the law school. The students had taken the first big step in the long drive toward an LL.B. which is their final goal. Alfred P. Murrah jr. expressed the sentiments of his class: "The largest group in a decade converved beneath the Green Gwl last fall to represent humanity at its best in the eternal struggle to bet- ter distribute the LL.B. Minced with a multiplicity of things and thought, each contributor determinedly splashes his teeming energy onto the vast morass of dark nothingness, piercing the thin skinned veil of enlightenment." On the social side law students forgot studies momentarily to dance to Buddy Billen's refreshing music at the freshman law dance held December 6. The group also participated in an annual picnic held during the second semester. First row: Orva L. Peck jr., jack DeArmon, joe A. Williams, Walter Bower, Ronald jacobs, Pat Corbett jr., Billy D. Webb, Nelson Ralston, Don Sterba, Gwen Owens, David Simpson, Sam Withiam, Michael Silva, Edward LeLouis, Harry Smith, jim Durant, Charles Fagin, jack Livingston, Robert H. Macy. Sec- ond row: john R. McKee, Matthew Kane, jr., Charles T. Henry, justus Hefley, Dave E. Chavez, Alfred P. Murrah jr., Charles Heard, William G. jones, George O. Kleier, john C. Caldwell, Frank Gregory, john Ivester, jack Querry, Norman Perkins, john R. Hughey, Bob Baker, Larry Eakin, jerry Salyer, j. Edwin Carman, Deanna Burger, Dan Batchelor, F. j. Hansen, W. C. Boston, Doug Peacock, Howard N. Robinson, janet Frankfurt, Richard Penix, jo Tapp. Third row: Nick Lee Smith, Richard H. Mays, Givens Adams, Bob jones, Sid Clarke, joe B. Cannon, David Rambo, Richard Hamilton, jack Bloom, Sidney Goreliek, Leo Ferris, Robert W. Amis, Claude Branson, Richard Street, jerry D. Mullins, Henry Bonney, Lester Henderson, Pat Mann, Charles Neal, Francis Mayhue, john Clifton, Vincent Nathan, Edward Morton, john E. Madden. Fourth row: james H. Dil- lard, Owen Wilson, joel L. Carson, Gerald R. Preston, james R. Hathaway, jerome L. Hemry, Ronald P. jacobson, Harry Mer- son, Bill Comfort, Ron Thompson, james L. Cunningham, Leonard R. Howard, Bill C. Harris, john R. Cain, Edgar Tur- ney, jack C. Payne, Harold K. Haxton, Harry A. Ells, Gary Tesch, Robert W. Pollard, Phil O'Neill. Fifth row: Patrick E. Brown, Lloyd C. Beveridge, Henry Rheinberger, Edward F. Parry, Fred H. Anderson, julian D. Northcutt, Robert W. Bech- tel, Robert L. Eastham, Donald L. Benson, james R. jessup, Bert D. Bucher, Gene T. Bonner, Lonny Long, Dennis McCaf- fery, Richard H. Champlin, jim Iverson, jim McGinley, Ray Craig, Fred Wewerka, Floyd L. Henson, Charles E. Holmes, Thomas M. Wakely. SHIO D YE R LAW Cl SS The second year law students commenced their second year ol learning how to better protect the personal and property rights ol thc individual. To equip the lawyer with these tools is the ulti- mate goal of the law school. Serving the class as officers this l958-59 school term were john Dean, president, john Burzio, vice presidentg Ed Adwon, treasurer. and Al Matthews, secretary. Members of the Honor Council from the second year law class Were jerry York and Bill Fields. During the second semester lour junior law students argued bc- lore the Oklahoma Supreme Court in the junior Moot Court com- petition Which Was held on Law Day. At the Law School banquet held annually each year. the junior class entertained the lrcshman and senior classes with an original skit. Although the juniors did not Win the junior-senior football game, they enjoyed the competition. The second year law class makes up a part of the school that had its origin in 1909 at the University of Oklahoma. The faculty dur- ing that year consisted of Dean julien C. Monnet and john B. Cheadle. In l9l'3 the present law building was ready for use and named Monnet hall by a unanimous petition of the student body. lunior Law Students Entertain With Original Skit During Annual School Banquet First row: T. Canafax, Pete Boatright, Andrew j. Moore, Charles A. Smith, Ed Wagner, Bob Duncan, David Hudson, David Ken- drick, jim Chandler, Bill Fields. Second row: Dean Linder, G. A. Mandeville, Velmer j. Dimery, jim Hamilton, Leon j. York, Fred Tillman, Mike Harding, Glenn F. Prichard, Philip Hart, Albert R. Matthews, jerry D. Kirk, E. W. Keller, George B. Spencer. Third row: Gary Shores, Bill Chapman, john Dean, john Patterson, Bob Richardson, Rod Buckles, Lovell Mc- Millin, john Burzio, john Paul Bugbee, Fred A. Gipson, joe Young, Bill Blew, james C. Pinkerton. Fourth row: Barry Galt, Max N. Berry, Edward Adwon, james K. Dewbre, james S. Gill, Thomas R. Nelson, jack C. Thomas, Don A. Smith, Robert H. Tips, Truman Moss, Marvin Mixon, Tom Tate, Patrick Sullivan, Preston Trimble. THIRD YEAR LAW CLASS After many long and arduous hours of concentrated eitort, senior lawyers have completed the final step toward their long-sought- after goal. Following the final round of study, parties and other activities, the senior lawyers are at last prepared to meet oncoming rush of the business and political world. Adopting the slogan that "All work and no play . . ." is socially undesirable, the senior class held both a fall and spring party and succeeded in soundly trouneing the junior class in the traditional junior-senior football game. Guiding the class on their Final journey were Ierald Schuman, president, Theodore M. Elam, vice president, John M. Raley, secre- taryg Gary F. Fuller, treasurer, Robert M. Butler, William Hensley, and Homer Paul, honor council representatives. The senior law students used the Practice Court to exercise their knowledge of the law. Each student prepared cases which were argued in live courtroom trials. At the end of their search for legal knowledge amid a round ol concentrated studies, banquets, parties and other activities, the sen- ior lawyers are now ready to face the world and put everything learned into actual practice. First row: Grant Miller, Don Cooper, Iohn M. Hutto, Dave Blakeburn, I. B. Browne, Barry D. Mock, Thomas B. Preston, Virgil Upchurch, Gary F. Fuller, Iames N. Kourie, Jerald Schu- man, Sam P. Daniel Ir., F. Page Dobson, Robert H. Goetzinger, Bert M. jones, Iohn F. Miller, lack L. Lively. Second row: B. I. Cooper, C. E. Biederman, S. L. MeClaren, Homer Paul, C. Casey, N. A. Smith, I. R. Tourtellotte, T. M. Elam, Yvonne Cravens, David Swank, Ralph I. May, Donald M. Stevenson, James A. Worrell, Claude S. Woody Ir., Barry R. Simms, Bob Markley, Daniel G. Gibbens, John M. Imel, Herbert Standeven. Third row: Iohn Raley, Tom Moore, Harrell F. Followell, Frank W. Davis, Iohn David Maley, Stephen Zeligson, Iames C. Winterringer, Hugh H. Porter, lay C. Baker, I. Richard Kunkel, Harry Evans, Harry Edwinn Brown Ir., Raymond L. Sturm, Bill E. Morrison, Wilburn L. Williamson, Wayne F. Gallop, Harold Singer. Fourth row: Robert M. Butler, Leroy Mushrush, Iames W. Connor, James A. Michal, Gerald C. Stamper, Bill I. Hensley, Bill Fisher, lay Bond, Roy H. Wells, W. C. Sellers, Don W. Cihak, Sam C. Fullerton, Fenton R. Ramey, Chris Rhodes, Grey W. Satterlield, Enloe Baumert, Lou Hirlinger, Paul Ferguson. First row: Patrick Sullivan, Grant Miller, Bill Fisher, Ralph Wampler, William R. Bandy, james A. Worrell, Roy Mush- rush, Raymond L. Sturm. Second row: Paul Ferguson, jim Connor, David Hudson, C. Wayne Falkenstein, William W. DELTA THETA PHI Provides Fellowship, Social Ac Delta Theta Phi law fraternity was organized in l900 at Cleveland, Ohio, to unite congenial students of the law and encourage scholarship. William G. Fisher was chosen to head the group this year as dean. Roy Mushrush Was elected vice dean, Bill Sellers, secretary, Ray Sturm, treasurerg William R. Bandy, faculty sponsor, and Dave Hudson, Pl'll ALPHA DELTA Semi-Annually Contributes Any lavv student in the 2nd or 3rd year, who has an overall grade average of C, and who is extended an invitation for membership by a unanimous vote of the chapter, may become a member of Phi Alpha Delta. The organization was founded to further legal education and to develop the qualities in young law- yers that will result in their becoming outstanding First row: Don W. Cihak, B. j. Cooper, Don Cooper, Charles Casey, Gary Fuller, Ted Elam, Sam Daniel, Stephen Zeligson, Steve Shaw, Barry Galt, Ed Wagner. Second row: Chris Rhodes, john Raley, Dan Gibbens, Al Matthews, Bill Fields, jim Chandler, jerald Schuman, Edward R. Adwon. Third row: Bert jones, john M. Hutto, jack C. Thomas, Bill Chapman, Keas, Bill Sexton, Marvin Mixon, Robert H. Goetzinger, Roy H. Wells. Third row: Herbert Standeven, W. C. Sellers, Truman Moss, Wayne Litchheld. tivity and Scholastic Aid for Student Members tribune. Membership of Delta Theta Phi fraternity is made up of law students who have maintained a C average. The purpose of the organization is to provide fellow- ship and scholastic aid for the members. Meetings are held regularly throughout the year. Chapter Book Funds to the College ot Law Library members of the bar and their communities. Officers for the year included Sam P. Daniel jr., president, Stephen Zeligson, vice presidentg john Bur- zio, secretary, Enloe Baumert, treasurerg Eugene O. Kuntz, faculty sponsorg Mike Harding, marshal, and Edward Adwon, sergeant-at-arms. Tom Canafax, jim Pinkerton, Page Dobson. Fourth row: Don- ald M. Stevenson, Gerald G. Stamper, john R. Smith, Fred A. Gipson, Don A. Smith, Dick Miller, john M. Imel. Fifth row: Tom Moore, jack L. Lively, Frank Followell, Enloe Baumert, jim Winterringer, Fenton R. Ramey. f- A 5 hm T 31424 ar, 'Q .Algi- . A 4' I A We Sw ,. x A,. 1 EBSQ' SW' adm? f L5 '5E5:2 f Q1 W Q., ,.,. -42 R Q 5' X Q Y F 2 1 . Hg 1 Ink Q Y 'N fl ip, ,gi 2? , 'gif N Q AX, N . . .X- : . ,Xi 1' u XX A,.m B 5 if f an mm yu -ff ., -fiiknn I1 avy dm- ...J 1: ev: 2.-. ' .2- .:::.:fa,s:,::s::f gf 2 -:-::- ..-me- ::Ks:' :.:':- 535555: ,'-'jgjigg CAPT. ALFRED F. GERKEN Professor of Naval Science NROTC STAFF, Hrst row: Lt. Haven P. Cammett, Major Ar- thur A. Nelson, Cdr. Iohn A. Gommengenge, Lt. Cdr. Paul B. Puckett, Lt. Iohn F. Foster, Lt. UCD Iohn L. Robertson. Second 0Kl HOMA ROTC UNIT The dark blue uniform with bright brass buttons is a familiar sight on almost any Tuesday afternoon at the University of Oklahoma. The wearer of this uni- form, carefully selected on his own merits to be trained in the traditions, history, duties, responsibilities and technical aspects of the United States Navy, is a mem- ber of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps. He is one of approximately 250 midshipmen who are studying to become naval officers and readying them- selves for positions of responsibility in the operating forces of todayis modern navy. The 11nit is staifed with seven officers and six en- listed men as compared with the original enrollment of 100 midshipmen and two officer instructors in l940. In lf-358 a new course was introduced for sopho- mores, the study of guided missiles. Next year a course in psychology will be taught in order that naval offi- cers ean better carry out their primary job, that of leadership. Classroom instruction for fourth classmen includes information on naval customs, administration and the role of sea power in the history of the world. Third classmen concentrate on the study of naval weapons during their sophomore year in school. Second class- men keep busy exploring the mysteries of marine engi- neering, damage control and navigation. During their last year as first classmen, the poten- tial officer is given instruction in ship tactics, opera- tions and administration, and problems in leadership. "Remember those drill periods in CIC when our de- stroyer made a 'near miss, on the carrier, or we found our position just in time for the Screen Commander to order a new position?', ' row: SKC Russell C. Childress, Yn l Dean R. Shufl, lst Sgt. Dave Johnson, GMI George Lorentzen, FTC Frank Hines, QMC Frank E. Powell. E 2 , 8 . 2 sf s E , ' i OFFICE SECRETARIES include Mrs. Elizabeth Sharp and Mrs. Donna Bradley. During the year other activities supplement class- room instruction. Trips are provided to naval installa- tions at New Orleans and Corpus Christi. "Do you recall the maneuvers on Bourbon Street?', During the summer, most of the midshipmen get their hrst taste ol salt vvater. Cruises in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are scheduled in carriers, cruisers, destroyers and submarine. Ports in Iapan, South America. Europe and Mexico are visited and the mid- shipmen are given opportunities to be "ambassadors" and learn of the problems confronting our friends across the seas. One of the highlights oi the academic year is the selection of navy queen. Janis Felkel was selected as NROTC queen l959 at the annual ball held in Febru- ary. Finalists included Ienny Clark. Iudy Beard. Gloria Gannavvay and Tiki Taylor. This year about 45 men qualified for their degrees from the university and were commissioned ensigns in the navy or second lieutenants in the marine corps. These men will take their place in the fleet with an air of confidence and knowledge provided by the NROTC Program. PISTOL TEAM, first row: E. H. Levine, D. E. Silver, I. E. Pearson, I. E. Emery, D. O'Neill, T. I. Powers. R. R. IIart. T. L. Catchel, C. S. Williams. RIFLE TEAM, scconrl row: ' scum Aff, W. NAVY TRIDENT OFFICERS, first rote: B. R. VVhite. I. ID Cossey, XV. W. Rhoades. A. N. Iorgensen. Second rote: VV. E Ervin, C. D. Zinn. NROTC FLAGHOIST STAFF, first row: I. E. Hazleton, E. H Levine. Second row: G. N. Livingston, M. R. Koziewicz. GMI C. D. Lorentxen, pistol team instructorg H. S. Nakayama R. B. Ricci, I. R. Porter, E. S. Florance. O. D. Presley. lst Sgt D. L. Iohnson, rifle team instructor. A 5. F .cvs '55 First row: Daniel F. Aleock, james B. Bleakley, Charles R Burk. Robert I.. Clark, William S. Clark, james D. Cossey james R. Fenwiek. Second rote: Carwin K. Fleming, Farle S. Florance. Russell H. Floyd. William A. Griilin, john F. Crillith First row: Robert W. LaFon. Wilburn P. Emil H. Levine Robert C. McConnell, William B. McCormick, Arlis j. Me- Nemar jr., joseph R. Musolino, Cara Neighbors. Second row: Donald B. Oliver. William H. Paapanen, Thomas j. Powers Olen D. Presley, Vernon E. Pringle jr., William W. Rhoades Q 1 Ronnie R. Hart, jared F. Hazleton. Third rout Walter B Henry, Hndy C. Hewitt jr.. james C. Hippen. Robert B. Hous- ton. joseph C. johnson jr.. Sidney F. jones jr.. jackie l.. Keltner. George N. Keyser. FIRST CLASS Harold P. Riley, William W. Rodgers jr. Third roizz' Carl R. Sawyer jr., Kermit P, Sehaler jr., Theo Michael Seikel jr., Larry U. Steenrod, james M. Sturdivant, William S. Thompson. john K. Totten. L' i . noir iv -HS' 5 17 4. 'LA W w ,gig 5 err iam 'bs , E , M 3' 'er if V 52,5 W fee .35fi, fil.f?e. g-j,, xwftf faeef' :,A A43 Ei 'iiggfm WQMR J First row: james l., Adams, Ierry D. Beveridge, fVlyron H. Bond. Gene W. Bowers, Robert F. Brandenburg Ir., john R. Brandon. Iames W. Bruce Ir., William T. Brunson Ir. Sm-ond row: Iohn Nl. Burke, Thomas O. Bush, Kenneth E. Carpenter, Edward l.. MIDSHIPME First row: Lawrence G. Hill, Harold W. Kallenberger Ir., Clil- ton H. Kees Ir., Gary C. l.aGere, Glynn Lane Ir., Henry l.. Lusehen, Larry G. l.utz, Michael G. lVIcCal'lerty. Second row: David B, MeGuliin, Lynn A. Murrell, David W. Oakley, Wil- Carter, Steven li. Conner, llarwin T. Cook, Gene Nl. Cunninge ham, Robert W. Denton. Third rowf lack E. Dully, Archie W. Dunham, Theodore L. Gatehel, Robert R. Gilbert, Ronald K. Goleman, Donald P. Grant, Abe Greenberg, Iarnes W. Hayes. SECO D CLASS liam Perkins, lack R. Porter, lack C. Reutelhuber, Richard P. Rollins, Edgar R. Stiner. Third row: Benny D. Wagner, Gary K. Weeter, Peter K. W. Wert, Brents R. White, Herbert H. VVood, Aubrey D. Wood, Clyde D. Zinn. no . gy fi .s .. . Q ' ..., .3-.-Q, . is' 'WW OMAN , , .ff-as '23 First? row: james W. Alexander, Larry C. Brooks, George F. Bust-he, james D. Butterworth, joseph P. Calvert. Steve Ci. Car- son. Robert I.. Carter, james A. Cloar. Second rote: Stephen li. Cow. jess B. Davis jr.. Thomas li. Dixon. Clilton l.. Driskell. MIDSHIPMIE First rozr: Richard A. Kelley. john B. Kirkpatrick. Robert L. Lhuillier, Lawrence Marshall, Homer S. Nakayania, Robert E. Nilson, Larry j. Oliver, Donald j. O'Neill. Second row: Morris l.. Orr, Bruce M. Rahm, james M. Robinson, james A. Russell jr.. Francis l.. Shafer jr., Charles T. Shaw, William K. Swaim, sw. -... , gs? . St Sinai 'bfi Sv T 5 . I k--k. 13 K W ' 1 . H fK-. - ' ' -"' ' lad 'W' A ' fs.: mx F' First' rout Clarence W. Anderson. Ric-hard D. Baker, Max H. Beasley jr., Harry l.. Blaekstoek. VVilliam M. lirieltman. William O. Brower. Merrill l.. Garson. Henry j. Ghristiansen jr.. Stan- ley li. Cloxran. john M. Grout-h jr. Second rout Gene R. Deal. Robert D. Deaton, Charles VV. lfmbaeh, Haskell L. livans jr.. Robert lf. Flexner. William B. Fontaine jr.. Gerald N. Glasgow, Ric-hard CI. Gosey. 'Lhoinas D. Grant. VVayne lf. Hadley. Third IVIIDSHIPMIE First rout Richard M. Landriault. john L. Lewis. Thomas A. Lewis, Gerald N. Livingston, Robert P. Luke, William E. Lump- kin jr.. Michael G. Mt-Closkey, Merlin K. lVlt-Corkle, Stanley A. MeCourry. Lynn C. Mt-Glothlin. Second rote: Forrest R. Mil- ler. Dale R. Muehlenbroek. Paul Francis Murray. james V. Norwood. lfdward lf. Page. james li. Pearson, Robert R. Ricci. james H. Sanders jr., Larry D. St-hal'er, Ralph R. Sewell. Tllirfl row: Richard A. Hall, Richard D. Harcourt. Morris li. Hart. Gilbert lf. Hayes. Ifxerett D. Haj more jr., Alwin G. Holland jr.. N VVilliam G. Hollister. jan-lc lj. Hooks. VVillis D. lloxx ard. Fourlli rout' Homer G. Hyde. Robert D. lseman. Louis C. jensen, liarl P, johnson. Robert A. johnson. Andrew N. jorgen- son. Daxid A. Kay. Nliebael R. Koziexxiez. james H. F0 RTH Cl SS tout' Robert M. Shan. jerome H. Short. Dxxight If. Silver. Ed- ward N. Siler, Stephen A. Skold. Rbcuble A. Spring, Charles M. Staehle. Edwin l.. Stoorza jr.. Bruce G. Sxxainc. Fourth row: Samuel D. Turner jr.. Larry If. Ward, Phillip W. Washburn. Charles S. Williams jr.. Robert lf. j. Wlilliams. Terry j. VVitt. j Dennis j. VVoods. Richard F. Worsena. Robert A. Yates. ijizlfrf r ' -,Q N an l .L 1-2. fs-.Lk 9 'Z E '45 I QQ.: Q Q -... .520 .Q ' . - 4 ,V . I h . I I -I - L' . . -J ' Midshipman Commander MLM, Jwgfswm Honorary Cadet Comma nder Kappa Kappa Gamm a Mldshvpman Commander QM. Jeffumjw- QQGIJL Honorary Cadet Commander Neill House Mrdshlpm an Caplam Mlm! Jmmflfelllewl Honorary Baffallon Commander Kappa Alpha Theta Midshipman Comm ander lK!l4AAe Q-QoJmAcLQa,mca,u1a3 Honorary Cade? Commander Della Gamma Mldshupman Commander IvlumflTla'lEqQofo Honorary Cadet Commander Jordan House II137' THE ARMY IS REURGA IZIED With Newi BECAUSE: "War to the hilt between communism and capital- ism is inevitable. Today, of course, we are not strong enough to attack. Our time will come in 20 to 30 years. To win we shall need the element of surprise. The bourgeoisie will have to be put to sleep. So we shall begin by launching the most spectacular peace movement on record. There will be electrifying over- This is a pentomic squad on the drill field going through maneuvers with a full complement of weap- ons. Notice that the fifth and ninth cadets have auto- matic rifles. The automatic rifle is the nucleus of the fire team. AFighHng Teams Weapons A-Concepts of Warfare tures and unheard of concessions. The capitalist coun- tries, stupid and decadent, will rejoice to cooperate in their own destruction. They will leap at another chance to be friends. As soon as their guard is down, we shall smash them with our clenched flSi.,,- Dimitry Z. Manuilsky, USSR diplomate. This freshman class is learning the composition and fighting capabilities of our new military teams. The eleven figures on the blackboard symbolize a pentomic squad. These students will also learn the change from regiments into battle groups. Five battle groups Cpen- tomicj are in a division. It is designed for maximum Hexibility in a war of maneuver and atomic evasion. OU cadet Iames C. Chandler is honored by a divi- sion review at the 1958 summer camp held at Ft. Hood, Texas. Beside him is Brigadier General John A. Berry, Commanding General of Ill Corps Artillery, along with Colonel Frederick B. Alexander, Deputy Camp Commander, and Colonel Harry B. Cooper, Senior Tactical Officer. In this picture Captain Rowe is giving instruc- tion in the advantages of armor. The new army is specializing in relatively light, fast armored ve- hicles with a low silhouette for partial protection from a direct hit. In the armored infantry divi- sion, armor-infantry teams combine the advan- tages of both arms with the effect of overwhelming punching power. The armored division is so organized that the various units can be changed back and forth within the several combat commands. This allows more flexibility of organization than was formerly possible, Q as - sf' Sophomore cadets are here learning how to as- semble, fire, and command a mortar. Although cadets fire only practice rounds in these weapons at the Armory, they do fire service rounds at sum- mer camp. One of the greatest advantages of pentomic reorganization is the tremendous in- crease in Firepower. Some of the artillery weap- ons available to a pentomic division can fire atomic shells. Even the dough-foot has a new weapon, the M-15, an automatic and semi-automatic rifle which will allow the infantryman to hurl more lead. Lt. Colonel Rupp is giving a lecture on the characteristics of the armored personnel carrier to a class of seniors. This vehicle has increased the transport capabilities of the army and gives its passengers protection from the effects of an atomic blast. Since an atomic blast would ruin a tightly as- sembled group of men or equipment, the various units within an army must be spread apart. Transportation is then a vital requirement to get the various units together for action and apart for dispersion. "Wheels,', ntracks' and uwingsi' have been added wherever necessary to give the fighter mobility. IIE IIIERSHIP TRAINING New Concepts of Warfare Produce Increased Responsibilities In the picture on the right a group of freshmen are learning how to drill. Drill is one of the most basic things a military man must know. Drill teaches two vital principles: teamwork and discipline. The ROTC oFfieer must be able to produce a fighting unit out of the disorganized mass of recruits. Drill and practice teamwork will accomplish this objective. In the lower picture Mike lVIcCarty is learning how to operate the basic infantry weapon, the M-I rifle. He will become familiar with all of the weapons taught the basic soldier at boot-camp. Mike, after his train- ing ends, will be able to instruct basic soldiers in the use of these weapons. - r 1 ,o,, -v I In the upper picture, G. A. Dodson, R. E. Colline, and C. W. Comer are being instructed by R. V. Cole. After Cole learned the basics of a soldier he was given more responsibility and here he instructs on the feed- ing process of a cal. 30 machine gun. In the left picture lack K. Townley is performing the most important duty of a sophomore. He is lead- ing a squad in drill. Squad leader is the first command a basic cadet is given. All of his instruction leads up to that point. l EA D E R S H I P The Advanced Course Provides These Opportunities On the right, Capt. Brown is instructing a group of juniors in tactics. The first year of advanced will give the cadets adequate knowledge of small unit tactics. Much of their attention will be focused on the squad or platoon. This knowledge will be put to practical use at summer camp where the juniors in this class will lead various size units in tactical situations. All-American center, Bob Harrison, is doing K.P. duty at his company mess hall. Bob was oriented in every phase of a basic soldier's duties so that he would know what to expect of the men of his own command, when he becomes a commander. Bob, besides K.P. and other company details such as barracks scrubbing, was placed in a variety of com- mand positions where he learned the operations and administration of company level units. l - qi l Above, Robert joseph, a junior, is performing the job of company lst sergeant. He is checking the com- pany roster for absences. Ioseph, in this position, has an inside opportunity to view and take part in the functioning of a company. In the left picture, Cadet Lt. Don Trapnell, a senior, is leading his platoon. Seniors fill leadership posi- tions from platoon leader to division commander and give instruction with command authority to all cadets in their units. Rlllll ctivities Produce Well-Rounded llfficers Activities committee includes, first row: L. R. Ferguson, W. C. McAlister, R. V. Clapp, I. P. Hunt. Second row: W. H. Noble, H. R. Paden, R. I. Smith, C. P. Stillwell. The activities committee is elected by the Corps with two representatives from each class. The major function of the committee is to plan the election of the Honorary Cadet Colonel and the military ball. The public information committee keeps a close check on the activities of the cadets. It makes news releases on individual cadets to hometown newspapers. PIO committee is composed of Ben Harrison and Dick Holcomb. Yearbook committee is headed by George C. McKinnis, right, who is assisted by Iohn E. Adams and Charles Perkins. The Army yearbook committee is responsible for the Army ROTC Section of the SOONER Yearbook. Its members match wits and skill against rushing year- book deadlines. Cadet George McKinnis served as head of this committee. The Conference on Religion series was presented to the ROTC Corps by Father Robert Dodson, President of St. Gregories College, Shawnee. The father pointed out some of the religious phases of the military life. X, V .. I xv V' Q ... ...wc wnrtw' , Father Robert Dodson addresses ROTC students during COR week. Ierry Edinger, Ioel Smith, Bill Delp, and Kenneth Williams go through the routine of aircraft instruction. FLIGHT TRAINING The ROTC flight training program is available to two hours of training equally divided between ground all seniors in Army ROTC who can meet rigid physi- cal requirements. The student receives about seventy- school and Hying. All expenses incurred are paid by the Army. EXTRA-CURRICULAR ROTC cadets who proudly compose the army color guard in- clude NI. Garthwaite, M. McGuckin, L. Mansur and H. Logsdon. Betty Bowles, last year's Honorary Cadet Colonel, is escorted to the military ball by Cadet Charles Messer. - H ., , sf:1x??5g???Qi,551?5'5Y I ww ww Eg HE' gn ',Qi.fjfeQg,:1g5sg'i?s3f9gQS5353 -, f Q f bewpa 14: 2 . 0- 5 , l ww fi waz? ,g I 5-fw wszww vwf ,a5q'5si.1Q: :f . . , tqgiw suffix ilrgfgag Lv fi find fisfiw J , M1551 iieigf21'f1icwew2i21W W 412369ff,2sAfw QMI ,m,,ffL:1g5?Q?55f?2Zjff gwQg7:1f2L12QWg3L'Jw :rf . was N- mama I 'rw fri: 25,4531 3111 , . l - REN DUNNINGTON. Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel SONJA SULLIVAN and Cadet Lt. Colonel BILL DELP. Honorary Cadet Colonel BARBARA PAN- NAGE and Division Commander WAR- Honorary Lt. Colonel EVA BRASEI, and Cadet Lt. Colonel LEE STEVENS. HONOR RY C DET UFFIIIERS AND ESCURTS Honorary Cadet Major NATALIE DUNN and Cadet Lt. Colonel STAN BETZER. Honorary Cadet Major CINDY ClAMEL and Cadet Lt. Colonel ROBERT CLAPP. First row: K. W. Downey, K. T. Anderson, R. M. Hill, L. Stevens, C. R. Casaway. I. D. Edinger. Second row: P. B. Bradley, D. I. Beakey, E. B. Harrison, L. D. Williams, R. V. Clapp. G. W. Wilkins, I. W. White. Third row: R. T. AI- guirc, I. S. Powers. I. D. Cies, B. R. Paynes, R. A. Glenn, R. D. Garrett, S. I. Betzcr. Fourth row: I. R. Hathaway, C. R. Mes- scr, W. H. Dunnington, I. C. Shilling, I. Il. Lawrence. E. E. Sanmann. Not piclurwl: T. P. Ccorge, K. N. McKinney, C. E. Ward, M. D. Witte. DISTINGUISHED MILITARY STUDENTS These DMS cadets were selected by the Professor of Military Science and the President of the University in their senior year. Selections are made from senior year cadets based upon academic standing in the Univer- sity, record in Military Science and achievements in campus activities. Each may apply for a regular army rather than reserve commissions. ARMY RIFLE TEAM The army riHe team is made up of the top marks- men in the corps. The rifie team provides an opportu- nity for students interested in marksmanship to com- pete in scheduled matches with riHe teams from other universities in the United States. Captain James L. Brown, assistant professor of military science and tac- tics, is the team advisor. First row: Ford Holland. Steve Mclita, Rick Caplin, jim Noyes, Thomas Carlile, Forest Carroll. Second row: Capt. Iames L. Brown, ad- visor, Steve Carlson. Larry Mansur, Glenn Van Coev- ering, lVlfSgt. Avery C. Clark, coach. SSTTCIATIU 0E THE UNITED ST TES ARMY The Sooner Company of the Association of the United States Army is composed of sophomores, jun- iors, and seniors enrolled in Army ROTC who are interested in furthering their knowledge of the army's role in national defense. The Sooner Company is the only cadet organization of the AUSA in Oklahoma. The OU group was formed hy senior cadets who real- ized a need for an organization that would help pre- pare ROTC students for their jobs as olhcers. Serving as officers of the group this past year were Billy R. Dclp, captain, joel K. Smith, lst Lt., Bill R. Rhynes, 2nd Lt.. and Tames C. McKenzie, lst Lt. Members of AUSA made trips to the U. S. Military Academy, West Point, New York, Ft. Bliss, Texas, Ft. Knox, Kentucky, and Ft. Benning, Georgia, to further their knowledge of an ofiiceris role and to give them an overall view of the army. Meetings were held once a month on a Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. Some ol the speakers at the meetings throughout the year were such outstanding military men as Colonel Charles Bush, professor of history at OU, Major General Hal Muldrow, Com- manding General of the 45th Division, Oklahoma Na- tional Guardg Colonel Robert G. Iohnston, Chief of Oklahoma Military District, Maj, General Thomas E. de Shazo, Commanding General, Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, and Captain Alfred Gerken, Commanding Oilieer of Navy ROTC in Norman. The AUSA organization at OU was officially char- tered in formal ceremonies january l4, 1958. First row: Lt. Col. M. L. Shumaker, lVIfSgt. R. C. Iohnson, W. G. Bowersox, C. R. Nichols, T. K. Smith, B. R. Delp, I. C. McKenzie, B. R. Rhynes, T. E. Moomau, MfSgt. M. I. Carp. Second row: S. I. Hardy, L. R. Griflis, S. L. Hall, G. G. Zim- merman, L. D. Williams, R. C. Piper, G. W. Wilkins, F, K. Williams. E. B. Harrison, H. E. Kunz, I. F. Palmer, I. H. Ham- mond, T. M. Henderson, W. A. Schulz, D. Fdinger. Third' row: A. T. Mills, D. E. Kennedy, T. W. Smith, E. R. Mach, - 4 E3 i-? v . T. gli ,,.g..a...4,x Top: Officers of AUSA are Billy R. Delp, Toel K. Smith, Bill R. Rhynes, and Iames C. McKenzie. Bottom: At the annual meeting of AUSA in Washington, D. C.. Cadet Billy R. Delp is welcomed by General Bruce C. Clarke, Commanding General, USCONARC, and Lt. General Guy S. Meloy, Commanding General, Fourth United States Army. G. L. Horsman, P. A. Clingan, W. N. Brady, T. W. Cafky, G. R. Donehew, R. B. Adams, L. G. Padget, I. M. Lamb, G. C. Kelley, I. D. Hagan, S. D. Myers. Fourth row: D. M. Yeager, I. E. Hames, L. E. Chicoraske, C. P. Krepper, A. L. Blaneett, H. F. Stonehocker, I.. A. johnson, I. D. Reed, W. H, Lee, I. B. Dol- man, R. C. Poe, P. P. Thurston, R. O. McDonald, W. H. Dun- nington, T. A. Metscher. 3 l A 4 3 SPONSORS Lt. Col. Herman Rupp, Capt. Iames Rowe, and Maj. A. A. Nclson. SC BBARD A D Bl DIE Pledges participating in regular tactical field problems include H. H. Creenhaw, D. M. Garrison. M. P. Blake, I. E. Hames, S. I. Hardy and H. F. Stonchocker. Scabbard and Blade is a national honorary military society. In order to be eligible lor membership in the group a student must be enrolled in advanced Army or Navy ROTC, have a 3.0 military science average, a 2.5 overall academic average, and an invitation to join. These men have already decided to become officers, so all the instruction, practice and discussion is designed to help them realize the importance of their task, and how they can best meet the challenge. Company Commander Warren Dunnington was ca- det Division Commander of ABOTC as Well as cap- tain of Scabbard and Blade. Other officers assisting him were Charles Hamburg, lst Lieutenant, Grover Ozmun, 2nd Lieutenant, William Schulz, 2nd Lieu- tenant, and Stephen lVlycrs, lst Sergeant. Advisors of the group included Lt. Colonel H. B. Rupp, Major A. A. Nelson, and Capt. Iames Rowe. Meetings of Scabbard and Blade are held twice a month on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 p.m. in the ar- mory or the Union building. Programs are planned Scabbard and Blade oliiccrs were Crover Ozmun, Bill Schultz, Steve Myers, Charles Hamburg and Warren Dunnington. MEMBERS, first row: W. H. Dunnington, I. W. White, W. A. Schultz, F. W. Heinke. G. C. Ozmun, B. D. Pace. Second row: to complement regular classroom instruction. The men are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skill by practice and discussion. The members of Scabbard and Blade are men who understand that military service is an obligation of citizenship and are striving to better prepare themselves lor their respon- sibilities. One of the main projects of Scabbard and Blade is sponsorship of the Army ROTC Military Ball. This includes the selection ol the Army Honorary Cadet Colonel. Cadet Tom George served as Military Ball Chairman and was assisted by the following committee chairmen: Cadet Charles Cannon, deeorationsg Cadet Bob Pace. Honorary Cadet Colonel contestg Cadet G. W. Wilkins, P. Cannon. W. M. Murphy, S. D. Myers, D. A. Paine, T. F. George. Iames White, coronationg Cadet Warren Dunnington, ballotingg Cadet Gerald Hagee, refreshments, Cadet W. Mason Murphy, invitations, Cadet Grover C. Oz- mun, finance. This past year Seabbard and Blade members spon- sored orientation classes for Wives and iianeees ol fu- ture army ofhcers. A trip was taken to Ft. Sill by these classes to acquaint the girls with lacilities on an army base. Each year two pledge classes are initiated into Seab- bard and Blade. Pledgeship lasts from four to six Weeks, and is concluded with an overnight tactical program. At this time pledges are under simulated combat conditions. PLEDGES, first rout H. F. Stonehoclter, S. I. Hardy, V. ll. Butler. W. C. Mt-Alister, D. M. Garrison, H. H. Greenhaw. M. ll. Blake. Secoml row: H. L. Hurst, R. M. Long, A. lf. Steinkruger. C. l.. Adair. D. B. Mason, E. Haines. D. D. Bradshaw, B. D. Wagner. n .Hugs in L , First row: Ernest R. Mach. Allen L. Blancett. Lyndon ID, VVil- liams, Barbara A. Merrill, Wilbur C. Bovversox, Patrick A. Clingan. George I.. Horsman. Second row: Charles E. Schmidt, Don R. Ingold. Robert li. Mt-Masters. Wayne K. Stalnaker, Mack R. McGuckin, Martin M. Carthvvaite. Richard K. Stephens. Charles W. Ingram. Third rote: Earl W. Wright, Harold L. PERSHI Pershing Rifles is composed ol army, navy. and air force RCTC students who vvish to develop individual drill proficiency, increase their military knowledge, and receive training in aspects of the military not taught in regular classes. The first Pershing Rifles group was organized at the University of Nebraska in l89l by General Pershing when he was a 2nd Lieutenant. He demonstrated the type of leadership in forming Company A, as he called the group, that would distinguish him in later years as a great commander. Lyndon D. Williams served as company commander of the organization and Wilbur Cr. Bowersox was ex- 6 Logsdon. Marshall L. Burrell, W. II. Moore, William A. Had- vviger, Raymond E. Colline, Carl Calhoun. Kenneth H. Iones. Fourth row: Charles M. Staehle, Henry I. Christiansen Ir.. A. N. Iorgensen, Ierry Howell, Donald E. Ilolkan, Kenneth W. Rachels. Thomas R. Carlile. Mike Mt-Carty. RIFIES ecutive ofhcer. Miss Barbara Merrill was chosen to serve as Honorary Captain for the l95S-59 term. At the annual Regimental Assembly Pershing RiHe- men from OU engage in competition with companies from five states. In the l958 competition Co. H-7 took First place in standard squad drill, exhibition drill, and advanced individual drill competition, and placed sec- ond in standard platoon drill. In addition, Pershing Riilemen engage in one tactical field problem a semes- ter and are on call to provide firing squads and honor guards. This year H-7,5 drill team performed for Sooner Scandals. Capt. Richard Payne and Capt, Daniel White, advisors, Lyndon Williams, company commanderg Wilbur Rovversox. executive ollicerg Barbara Merrill. honorary captain. THE Sl FF Department of Military Science instructional staff headed by Col. Metticus W. May was selected by the Army lor this assignment by reason ol its teaching ability and military knowledge. The mission ol the staff is to pre- pare cadets to qualify upon graduation from the University for commissions in the Army of the United States. Colonel ME.m.K.US W' MAY Colonel Lf. Colonel 4 Lf. Colonel Lv. Calanel Lf. Calanel Maier Maier Captain X, Olney Norman A. H. Carlile Herman B. Rupp Meredilh L. Shumaker Francis M. Vaughn Charles W. Covault Ben W. Lowther James L. Brown Ccpluin Coplain Capvain . Cupfnln i CWOfW2 MSGT MSGT le W. Johnsron William C. Miles Richard M. Payne Denial R. While' W Fred A. Aldridge .lense R. Brazil Isaac E. Cheek MSGT MSGT MSGT MSGT MSGT MSGT MSGT SFC xael J. Carp Avery C. Clark Ralph C. Johnsen Galloway Monk Ty Morris Newell L. Phillips David l.. Wright Francis A. Haber A6964 'VG' Q 'fl sw xg K-fl' SFC Mlll'0'Y p"0P9'fY Cl-'5'0dl0f' Secretary Secretary Secretary Secretary Secratary Secretary H. Windham Charles Power Mrs. Annavra Bualrlar Mrs. Clarke Landrum Mrs. Beftv Ross Mrs, Sharon Simpson Mrs. Jan Wantwaffh Mrs. Ann Forrest COMMANDERS AND GENERAL STAFF, first row: R. P. Oshorne, G-lg R. M. Hill, G-2, K. T. Anderson, G-4. Second row: W. H. Dunnington, division commander, C. R. Nlesser, chief ol' stalgfg L. D. Williams, G-3. 2nd BATTLE GROUP, first row: D. E. Kennedy, S-2, S. I. Betzer, commander, L. G. Lyon, executive otheer. Sr-cond row: N. B. Hambleton, S-lg R. D. Garrett, S-'33 W. White, S-4. -lth BATTLE GROUP, first row: R. T. Smith, executive offi- cerg D. Gies, S-3, M. M. Wolll', S-4. Second row: L. W. Taylor, S-2, F. L. Stevens, commander, C. R. Gasaway. S-l. DIVISIUN AND BATTLE GRO P CUMMA DERS A D THEIR STAFF lst BATTLE GROUP, first row: I. R. Hathaway, executive orhcerg E. E. Sanmann, S-4, H. W, Meason, S-l. Second row: P. M. Smith, S-2, I. D. Hagee, S-'lg R. V. Clapp, commander. 3rd BATTLE GROUP, first row: 1. S. Powers, executive orlicerg T. P. George, commander, P. B. Bradley, S-2. Second row: F. W. Heinke, S-lg D. E. Trapnell, S-4, R. T. Alguire, S-3. 5th BATTLE GROUP, first row: G. M. Bell, S-lg I. H. Lawrence, commander, I. C. Shilling, S-3. Second row: B. R. Rhynes, S-4, C. W. Hamburg, executive oliicer. Noi shown: G. M. Bell, S-l. COMPANY A First row: D. I. Witt, D. M. Pierce, I. D. Reed, L. A. Iohnson N. W. McElderry, L. D. Williams, I. G. Miles, L. R. Howard I. D. Hagee, I. R. Brooks, N. L. Freeman, P. W. Turnbull, M M. GriHHn. Second row: D. R. Proctor, R. F. Pierson, M. E. Burge, R. G. Berry, S. B. Braucht, L. H. Sanford, F. S. Ball, I Eofi, H. D. Watson, I. T. Benedict, T. I. Goodwin, P. D. O'Reilly. Third row: L. B. Mitchell, L. A. Ayala, P. A. Pender- graft, I. M. Merrell, R. M. Alex, I. D. Hood, R. Sexton, D. W Ballew, A. L. Austin, E. G. Mercencavage, L. E. Sparks, I. M McFarlane. Fourth row: F. R. Webb, I. I. Ienkins, A. M Christie, P. S. Smith, W. N. Magee, W. H. Lee, H. E. Wester- mier, A. D. Peirce, R. C. McDaniel, R. E. Russell, E. M. Frost G. K. Dotson. COMPANY B First row: B. E. Lanier, B. E. Foster, P. A. Iames, H. L. Hurst, I. L. Moseley, P. B. Smith, I. R. Hathaway, H. E. Kunz, I. E. Meyerson, T. W. Spencer, E. L. Ervin, T. W. Smith, I. C. Schwartz, N. B. Edenborough. Second row: H. H. Doyle, P. W. Sapp, R. D. Reed, W. G. Leitner, R. H. Zumwalt, H. C. Ford, B. H. Smith, F. C. Shields, C. C. Evans, I. W. McNeely, W. S. Moses, D. E. Oden. Third row: S. I. Smith, F. H. Suhre, R. F. Eddins, W. C. Brining, G. A. Smith, R. W. Seago, C. D. Col- ston, S. G. Brainard, I. C. Brannan, I. L. Trogdon, I. K. Davis, N. L. Craig, R. V. Cole. Fourth row: C. W. Walls, A. M. Muldrow, R. B. Montgomery, I. W. Henson, H. L. Forsythe, I. C. Fields, I. T. Traver, I. W. Balenseifen, M. C. Davis, G. R. Green, I. C. Knittel, I. C. Van Aken. COMPANY C First row: M. P. Blake, G. W. Wilkins, W. Cafky, E. E. Sanmann, R. N. Ryerson, L. E. Chicoraski, G. R. Donehevv, M. C. Iohnson, H. W. Meason, R. H, Mitchell, R. B. Holcomb, F. K. Williams, H. H. Greenhaw. Second row: G. A. Welcsher, I. Schaffer, L. Bernat, B. B. Barrow, I. H. Katz, G. F. Dockery, H. K. Muldrow, G. L. Link, H. R. Saundvahl, I. D. Seba, C. T. White, W. A. Ratliff, E. A. Ronchini, I. G. Butler. Third row: D. S. Parks, R. B. Agnew, I. S. Iones, G. L. Schmidt, I. G. Frederick, H. S. Stanlield, D. F. Fleet, R. Bohannon, R. I. Barton, W. R. Corr, N. D, Waddle, I. W. Abbott, I. P. Cobb. Fourth row: B. L. Foote, R. K. Adler, I. G. Baker, R. I. Spivey, T. I. Butler, D. L. Shnell, C. H. Cooper, W. R. Borgstadt, I. Abolins, I. L. Blocker, E. Cundifl. R. D. McLaughlin, G. W. Cummins, D. F. Bergman. COMPANY D First row: P. M. Landers, C. H. Prokesh, I. D. Hagan, M. L. Ioseph, I. L. Hemry, K. D. Calvert, R. V. Clapp, E. B. Harrison, E. A. Nelson, B. F. Wilburn, W. R. Fulton, C. A. Gorski. Sec- ond row: D. E. Mann, D. D. Van Winkle, C. E. Calhoun, L. C. Thomas, C. R. Wise, C. G. White, W. G. Townsend, R. A. Miller, R. M. Rupert, G. A. Leek, H. D. Pond, P. D. Roberts, I. C. Clark. Third row: I. W. Thomas, R. R. Willis, D. D. I Meeks, I. P. Buschke, R. L. Custer, T. M. McCoy, H. C. Ter- hune, D. M. Wilson, Durrett, I. R. Anderson, R. M. Adams, I. E. Poll, C. R. Cowen. Fourth row: F. B. Sweeney, K. W. Raehels, C. R. Caldwell, I. N. Schaefer, G. H. Laughbaum R. L. shaw, M. A, Moody, R. B. comms, B. 1. Ehrler, 1. Mi Draper, I. S. Thornham, C. B. Childs, R. T. Buck. COMPANY E First row: M. D. Shafto, R. E. Duncan, I. C. Bass, R. P. Iacob- son, R. D. Garrett, S. T. Betzer, W. M. Murphy, I. M. Kerr, A. F. Steinkruger, W. C. Habber, C. P. Perkins, I. F. Morris, R. F. De Voe. Second row: C. W. Comer, I. K. Walker, P. D. Adams, E. T. Steins, I. D. Higgins, I. M. Wilcox, D. R. Fitz- gerald, C. U. Artopoeus, I. A. Hurt, H. R. Paden, C. G. Griffin, I. R. Fletcher. Third row: M. C. Roberts, G. D. Hughey, A. W. Stewart, C. R. Martin, I. M. Campbell, I. R. Everett, I. W Lescher, G. B. Wines, I. E. Adams, R. L. Sunshine, C. D. Simp- son, R. S. Boultinghouse. Fourth row: R. E. Thompson, V. H Ice, I. G. Anquoe, R. G. Dowling, I. C. Rollins, R. W. Baker I. R. Wolfe, C. E. Love, I. E. Evans, F. D. Nelson, W. G Walker. COM First row: I. C. Rose. L. R. Ferguson, O. E. Shoaf, V. E. Hardy, D. E. Kennedy, S. L. Beckerman, M. D. Witte, I. K. Smith, I. P. Morgan, T. A. Metscher, E. L. Iohnson, S. I. Hardy, I. E. Moo- man, H. F. Stonehocker. Second row: C. M. Funk, C. D. Dot- son, D. R. Timmons, I. P. Farr, R. D. Moore, F. D. Haas, I. S. Harrell, T. C. Vincent, A. E. Trujillo, T. H. Smith, N. M. Owen, S. M. Chazen, T. H. Rains. Third row: R. A. Shulman. PANY F W. Laxson, S. H. Meese, L. R. Eskridge, M. T. White, C. E Farmer, M. P. McCarty, W. K. Tisdale, B. G. Martin, R. S Gluck, R. K. Stephens. Fourth row: C. l.. Van Sant, R. E Colline, I. M. Eddins, I. M. Westheimer, D. L. Lawrence, I. B Grubbs, C. Melton, I. L. Noyes, T. Holland, C. T. Hender son, T. D. Marchant, N. T. Olander. COMPANY G First row: I. E. Palmer, C. R. Krueger, W. K. Lambert, R. M. Long, P. L. Shehan, I. W. White, I. D. Harris, N. B. Hamble- ton, W. L. Coljfey, R. L. Burns, W. W. Keas, T. B. Gobble, D. L. Svejkovsky, W. C. McAlister. Second row: N. H. Duf- field, C. H. Hurwitz, R. B. Holland, M. S. Aronson, B. M. Davis W. W. Blackburn, I. C. Roberts, R. F. Carter, T. D. Keetoni R. M. Hopkins, L. E. Ables, D. E. Larrabee. Third row: R. R. Reynolds, I. W. Harbour, I. A. Davis, T. R. Stough, L. R. Bolls, H. C. Nash, R. P. Schwedland, K. D. Young, I. C. Atkins, G. R. Durkee, M. W. Park. Fourth row: H. Rice, D. F. Collins, D. R. Hill, D. S. Carlstone, S. A. Musser, E. E. Kefier, R. L. Teigen, F. A. Brown, L. R. Taylor, R. L. Holden, R. M. Swaim, T. H. Armstrong. COMPANY H First row.' I. M. Henderson, P. Iohnson, I. E. Schroyer, G. L. Brown, C. A. Boddeker, I. L. Goff, W. H. Dunnington, I. T. Warkentin, L. G. Lyon, C. P. Krepper, D. L. Bole, D. O. Hatcher, H. L. Berkey. Second row: A. G. Sullenberger, B. S. Botnick, I. M. Crawford, D. W. Schreiber, I. P. Woodson, B. N. Taylor, E. L. Mathews, D. L. Randall, R. I. Caplin, S. M. Scoggin, C. R. Boydston. Third row: S. B. Weisberg, T. B. Carlile, I. I. Iohnson, R. B. Boughner, R. B. Carpenter, H. L. Logsdon, D. M. Pickard, I. E. Anderson, T. A. Dearman, K. R. Cook, D. G. Tucker. Fourth row: G. E. Van Coevering, R. A. McKinne, T. K. Dunlap, R. I. Rusch, P. C. Tolleson, T. H. Watkins, W. S. McAlister, R. E. Cies, D. L. Creasman, S. I. Sickel, B. R. Rider. COMPANY I First row: G. G. Zimmerman, D. M. Garrison, A. I. Mills, I. B Dolman, R. O. McDonald, R. T. Alguire, R. R. Hamilton, G. C McKinnis, I. D. Edinger, K. W. Downey, S. A. Sherman, T. R Barnes, C. L. Adair. Second row: I. V. Givens, B. D. Rosen- berg, I. G. Henry, H. H. Hoehn, I. O. Kareh, C. L. Culver, L. A. March, D. E. Holkan, C. C. Barnett, W. D. Norfieet D. A. Ludlow, A. V. Robinson, P. W. Hunt, S. A. Sullivan Third row: I. M. Iones, D. B. Feaver, R. R. Copeland, H. W. Bizzell, K. G. Childs, R. H. Bray, F. D. Mugler, G. A. Lasky, C. F. Daily, W. W. Rahhal, M. B. Chastain, T. H. Stover, R. H. Kroney, F. C. Champlin. Fourth row: I. B. Smith, D. E. Ran- dall, C. M. Bartlett, E. W. Kitchen, R. F.. Alger, I. C. Muntz, D. F. Holmes, I. H. Crosby, L. D. Rose, I. E. Dotson, R. G. Rayburn, E. W. Lippard, E. F. Murphy, C. E. Doggett. First row: G. L. Higdon, A. K. Rose, I. R. Love, F. A. Kuhn N. M. Horton, D. E. Trapnell, I. L. Salyer, F. W. Heinke, G. T. Thompson, O. M. Ioy, P. D. Van Dusen, C. T. Scianee. Second row: L. F. Ball R. E. Lenhardt S. M. Fowler, W. C. Morris R. P. Pringle, I. R. Parker, I. E. Robertson, R. D. Fielden, I. A Nichols. D. Nl. Ferree, . B. Drake. Third row: I. V. Teeger- CUMPANY K i 1 a 3 iff u 3 as strom C. K. Hogins, R. M. Westfall, S. C. Hudkins, M. Ioseph- son lf B. Koontz, R. I. Steele, D. R. Glass, I. C. Savage, R. P. Schult7 B. Y. Ito. Fourth row: R. S. Ioseph, C. P. Stillwell, W D Yimrnerman, R. C. Hooper, R. M. Ruggles, M. W. Duna- way F F. Dixon, T. A. Nelson, G. K. Washburn, W. R. Denison W. W. Romine. Q A , 1 COMPANY L First row: I. C. McKenzie, I. M. Carney, D. B. Mason, M. A. Lee, F. L. Skaggs, K. N. McKinney, H. S. La Bree, P. B. Brad- ley, L. W. Plemmons, S. L. Hall, G. M. Shaffer, H. W. Harris. Second row: T. G. Graves, T. L. Irons, I. M. Langton, F. W. Cannon, R. A. Gappa, W. T. Nelms, I. E. Boulder, D. T. Gunning, G. O. McDaniel, R. K. Howell, R. C. Vandiver, I. P. Rhodes. Third row: I. W. Murphy, I. A. Lewis, D. C. Berns- house, H. L. Patterson, R. M. Tague, L. Angus, M. E. Stoll, T. E. Walker, K. L. Teel, G. A. Boyd, I. R. McCasland, I. I. Sweeney, T. F. Parker, W. L. Harris. Fourth row: F. M. War- den, S. K. Bradshaw, D. E. Peery, A. L. Shoemaker, I. D. Ma- lone, I. F. Carney, I. S. Welch, M. R. McGuekin, T. G. Forney, T. E. McDonald, G. H. Randall, I. K. Townley, G. I. Goodwin, C. E. Buchner. COMPANY M First row: L. R. Grifhs, G. L. Horsman, E. M. Drowatzky, B. E Gillespie, K. T. Anderson, B. O. Pace, I. S. Powers, I. W. Case, G. C. Ozmun, I. C. Hanes, W. A. Schulz, A. L. Blancett, R. I Seidle. Second row: T. B. Burns, F. A. Bilotta, I. R. Hanlin, R. A. Baker, G. A. Myers, G. I. Dean, G. E. Bennett, I. A. Sinex, D. L. Wright, L. W. White, L. I. Fulton. Third row I. H. Richardson, K. H. Iones, L. G. Rogers, G. L. Smith, W. M Reno, H. L. Bannister, I. E. Mills, T. F. Beaky, N. L. Welsh G. A. Dodson, I. L. Gaut, R. E. Perry. Fourth row: H. L Woodliff, L. A. Schriner, P. W. Brooks, I. W. Blasingame, M. L Talhart, O. R. Rogers, C. McLain, L. E. McCarter, M. Connolly G. D. Porter, W. M. Moore. 1 COMPANY N First row: G. C. Kelley, I. H. Waller, R. B. Butler. W. R. Berry, D. T. Zachritz, C. E. Ward, D. I. Beakey, I. M. Fish, M. M Morrow, H. Hammond, L. B. Wells. Second row: G. W. Cathey, D. I. Fisher, T. A. Pilson, S. Salpeter, I. M. Benson, L. D. Crowell, F. H. Peters, R. E. Currie, R. V. Ande, I. D. Durland, R. L. Pottholf. Third row: M. E. Collins, P. V. Bergschneider, I. D. Gann, R. A. Durant, F. D. Duperier, E. A. Morton, C. A. Durham, I. L. Nash, A. R. Cislo, B. D. Hard S. A. Elliott, I. C. Pearson. Fourth row: C. P. Clement, V. Li McQueen, K. W. Miller, W. H. Moore, F. U. Worthington R. Garrett, L. A. Leslie, E. C. Kauffman, C. A. Guess, L. I Wall, WV. W. Withers, B. I. Hornstein. COMPANY O First row: I. E. Robertson, P. P. Thurston, B. M. Hudson, R. C. Poe, R. M. Hill, I. P. Cannon, C. D. Ellison, C. R. Gasaway, B. T. Benedum, S. O. Carlson, H. M. Weatherly, R. G. Martin. Second row: W. O. Gamble, I. P. Green, E. L. Gage, W. S. Briggs, C. F. Booze, A. D. Fleming, D. K. Williams, D. M. Graubart, W. R. Mott, W. O. Dudley, C. L. Cook, W. H. Wolf- frum. Third row: D. l. Scott, C. E. Daugherty, L. Strickland, D. F. Dean, B. T. Brown, T. W. West, I. E. Harrison, I. B. Shakely, F. Gibbard, S. W. Kendall, T. I. Smith, I. W. Wash- burn. R. C. Piper. Fourth row: E. M. Steele, C. G. Pendergraf, C. M. Mote, P. A. Swartz, I. K. Lanyon, I. V. Loveless, C. R. Garner, D. M. Cunningham, K. E. McClelen, I. T. Parker, S. I. Brady, L. D. Bailey, K. R. Gray. .... ... COMPANY 0 First row: C. W. Lechner, E. R. Mach, C. R. Burkhard, S. A. Rothstein, L. G. Long, S. D. Myers, R. T. Smith, I. R. Clark, I. W. Ostrander, C. R. Gilcrease, L. P. Hansen. Second row: R. T. Reese, R. B. Bendorf, D. R. Harlow, D. R. lngold, L. W. Wilson, I. C. Welker, C. H. Redcorn, D. E. Deatherage, H. B. Slayback, D. P. Gangemi, I. W. Wiedeman. Third row: B. I. Harris, I. N. Royer, E. A. LaGrave, D. R. Noakes, H. M. Rice, R. D. Sullivan, R. D. Loague, R. I. Reid, I. W. Gamble, G. W. Dunnington, A. B. Shidler, N. L. Stanley. Fourth row: R. S. Ray, B. Walker, W. F. McKay. D. Pinson, M. D. Shane. I. D. Gibson, G. E. Mt-Lellan, C. Spiker, D. E. Shusterman. I. G. Taylor, D. G. Blake, L. K. Ueki. l ll COMPANY R First row: R. L. Swanson, R. Viner, P. N. Sureck, M. M. Wolff, R. L. Craig, E. L. Stevens, L. W. Taylor, K. L. Bryant, L. G. Padget, C. I. Gorman, R. L. Murphy, I. L. Crowson. Second row: S. E. Ingram, L. E. Kelley, G. A. Bailey, C. P. Stamatis. P. S. Shilling, F. D. Carroll, W. G. D. Sharp, I. W. Mehl, B. E. Mullins, L. W. Smithee, I. D. Moon. Third row: M. C. Camp- l AP! bell, A. A. Saxe, K. Bentz, R. I. Summers. R. C. Slagle, I. F. Mack, I. D. Preston, D. R. O'Neal, D. Meacham, A. E. Wil- liams, N. R. Raines, I. D. Robertson. Fourth row: V. L. Ladd, I. C. Wilson, M. C. Bottoms, W. H. Towery, C. W. Yohn, R. L. Lewis, L. W. Taggart, L. M. Adams, R. I. Smith, H. T. Holmes, I. R. Mullins, H. F. Leseh. li A I A A COMPANY S ' First row: P. A. Clingan, H. O. Sims, F. D. Smith, B. R. Rhynes, H. M. Lewis, W. N. Brady, B. R. Delp, D. M. Yeager, T. P. Harrison, D. K. Meyers, G. W. Mahanay, D. D. Bradshaw. Second row: I. B. Zongker, S. W. Winder, I. R. Dunn, A. D. Goldstein, L. L. Davis, O. E. Fowler, W. W. Riddle, F. H. Blocklinger, E. C. Webb, I. D. Mabus, I. R. Spencer, I. L. Short, R. A. Dye. Third row: H. Schneir, M. M. Garthwaite, A. N. Kilby, L. M. Hadding, P. A. Clark, D. B. Stockman, W. D. Poe, W. K. Osmun, P. K. Olinger, D. L. Cooper, R. T. Lingo C. P. Clark, I. W. Mouser, S. W. Rosenheld. Fourth row: I. Ri Lamb, L. S. Mailhes, D. E. Pitts, M. G. Lessert, B. N. Brantley, T. I. Crowley,fI. R. Roospold, L. K. Mansur, E. A. Wood, P. G. Huckins, D. H. Wiesen, D. K. Lee. D. O. Wood, D. C. Goff. COMPANY T First row: T. M. Hill, W. G. Bowersox. C, R. Nichols, E. N. Stanlield, R. P. Osborne, G. M. Bell, I. P. Hunt, S. E. Wixson R. A. Glenn, C. W. Hamberg, I. B. Miles, B. G. Malone, R. C Benedict. I. C. Williams. Second row: I. P. Murphy, W. E. Barnes, I. A. Smith, P. T. Higgins, H. N. Plaut, K. C. Iackson, B. I. Miller, W. H. Theus, C. DeSilvia, P. I. Kirk. W. L. Deu- pree, C. W. Ingram. Third row: S. I. Diamond, R. G. Parker, l.. D. Groendes, R. L. Shelheld, R. W. Steele, C. F. Morrow, D. L. Stedman, P. C. Coldiron, D. W. Westfall, W. G. Frame C. E. Schmidt, M. W. Chesnut. Fourth row: T. A. Burge I. M. Lamb, W. K. Stalnaker, A. C. Melton, L. I. French, F. L Fredman, P. B. Hart, W. W. Plumlee, P. D. Kadyk, W. C Sherer, I. P. Linehan, R. L. Deeds, W. B. Whilden. 1 s COMPANY U First row: R. C. Conner, H. B. Gernert, I. Ianovy, G. I. Bloyd, F. E. Skarky, D. A. Erwin, D. I. Marsh, G. K. Parr, W. C. Hammond, M. S. Simpson, G. R. Chowins, M. M. Marrow, P. L. Lee. Second row: R. C. Hembree, D. R. Marshall, G. W. Kernek, M. E. Brady, K. S. Sage, R. A. Iohnson, W. E. Hirst H. W. Pours, R. L. Bifdweil, D. C. Ewing, T. L. Edgar, T. Fi Swaffford, W. H. Myers, M. B. Stewart, F. H. Fenton, D. A Austeri, P. A. La Mar. Third row: I. C. Saari, M. R. Savage, I. F. Edgar, M. S. Sullivan, H. Gugig, I. R. Ward, M. E. Bird- well, I. N. Lee, I. W. Elias, T. M. McCurdy, I. W. Hollings- worth, C. G. Lindsay, T. Littleton, H. L. Iames, D. D. Brad- shaw, G. M. Riley, M. A. Macias. Fourth row: V. R. Sanders W. L. Smith, R. B. Knight, F. L. Stephens, I. R. Iohnson, S. W Swafford, D. E. Secrist, I. H. Clingman, D. R. Hohnann, K. E Dixon, S. P. Cochran, V. E. Henry, C. E. Beutelschies, L. D. Fisher, C. D. Miller, I. L. Self, H. Minion. A COMPANY V First row: W. I. Rowe, B. D. Wells, I. M. Iackson, M. A. Iohn- son, I. C. Shilling, I. H. Lawrence, R. L. Harrison, D. L. Baker, P. Gautt, B. B. Hobby, R. B. Morford. Second row: F. P. Staff, D. L. Cross, F. R. Cornell, G. R. Page, P. E. Hale, B. I. Wyatt S. A. Davis, E. D. Salmon, I. E. Steward, I. E. Wood, M. F. Morris, E. Pettibone, C. I. Bailey, D. I. Brewington, E. I. Carpenter. Third row: T. H. Columbus, C. R. Ledbetter, A. F. Smith, S. M. Ward, I. I. Tillery, C. D. Emerson, T. S. Cox, W. M. McClellan, D. W. Pitt, W. W. White, R. G. Scholl, I. B. French, B. C. Meacham, I. D. Teagan, R. D. Hamric. Fourth row: G. S. Wells, R. R. Payne, R. L. Smith, T. I. Pluhar, I. D. Cole, I. F. Murray, L. D. Wallace, R. G. Hartline, I. B McCoy, I. A. Byerly, T. S. Raley, R. H. Klamkin, K. D. Mil- stead, B. F. Winblood, I. B. Hensley. Fifth row: D. Ward, W. C. Metcalfe, M. R. York, W. F. Watts, E. B. Morford, R. A. Yingling, V. H. Lang, P. F. Benien, B. W. Copple, W. S. Brown, D. A. Perini, R. D. Keadle, L. H. Corn, B. E. Fellows, R. L. Domhek, W. H. Noble, P. I. Lohmann. BAND First row: L. K. Brainard. Second row: F. W. Higgins, A. W Hall, M. A. Drea, R. R. Reis, P. L. Lackey, P. H. Washecheck I. V. Boggs, I. E. Bates, H. C. Walohan, I. W. Bell, L. R. Wade S. G. Melita, I. Antinoro, I. D. Bailey. Third row: K. R. Rus- scll. H. L. Martin, T. C. Caves, I. H. Allen, A. L. Gasaway R. N. Wares, R. C. Iennings, P. L. Dulaney. I. R. Sawyer, W. D. Q Meslcimen, A. L. Buschhorn, R. D. Curtis, H. R. Bridges Fourth row: A. C. Anderson, I, D. Van Zante, P. S. Byers, P. L New, R. B, McClain, D. L. Horst, F. B. Swan, I. M. Burdett W. A. Hadwiger, L. L. Ball, W. I. Mcdcr, D. L. Willes, I. T Wall, W. O. Green. s I' fOI'Ce Colonel BUDDY A. STRoz1ER Professor of Air Science DEPARTMIE l 0F AIR SCIE CE The Air Force ROTC, during its brief tenure on the University of Oklahoma campus, has con- tributed heavily to the body of campus leaders in both intellectual and social endeavor. The university AFROTC has a duplex purpose, the fitting of every cadet for informed citizenship in this age of technology and the education of the air force officer of tomorrow. The world has experienced nearly cataclysmic changes in its mode of life within the past decade. The great mission of higher education is to enable men to cope with the powers that have been un- leashed. The air force ROTC curriculum is designed to enable the cadet to comprehend the implications of air and space power in this troublous melange of national states and conHicting ideologies and to play his role as a competent protagonist in this international drama. In its primary task of selecting, motivating and educating potential reserve and regular officers of the air force, it enlarges the scope of every cadet by enabling him to more readily understand the complex problems which face the leaders in this world of such technological masterpieces for weal or woe as thermonuclear power, and the recently developed space vehicles. The advanced program is open only to those cadets who demonstrate a possession of the ag- gregate of leadership traits which are necessary for an effective air force officer, and who have passed exacting physical examinations and rigorous men- tal tests. Lt Colonel FRED W MCNELLY Major FRANCIS M. SHERRILL Major WILLIAM I. ALEXANDER Major HOWARD N. HAWORTH Major CHARLES H Asst Professor of Air Science Asst. Professor of Air Science Asst. Professor of Air Science Asst. Professor of Air Science Asst. Professor of Air THE ST FF Master Sergeant WILsON THOMPSON Master Sergeant IACK DAUGHERTY Master Sergeant GLENN A. Moss Technical Sergeant MONTIE WOFFORD Technical Sergeant ELMER L. HOWE Staiaf Sergeant ROY D. VrXNDERHCbfJK Staff Sergeant IOIIN D. MCDANIEI StaFf Sergeant I. L. BROWN Staff Sergeant WILLIAM HICKNTAN Captain EDWIN L. MOORE Assistant Professor of Air Science Captain PRENTICE A. ABLES Assistant Professor of Air Science Captain B. G. PIALBERT Assistant Professor of Air Science Captain IOIIN D. RILEY Assistant Professor of Air Science Captain LENNOX I. PETREE Assistant Professor of Air Science Captain EDWARD I. HUSKINSON Assistant Professor of Air Science Captain JAMES L. BEATIY Assistant Professor of Air Science Captain JAMES R. NEAL Assistant Professor of Air Science f Xa 'Q-Q15 fc if, J iiiwkxw- .2 li yn -,ww ,pgfek - . . V ' sf Y K ,E ..:,, 3 ' Alassfilfik' ' .x,ff. 5? Cadet Capt. DARRELL G. BI'I'I'LE Cadet Capt. PHIL BAKER Cadet Lt. Col. LEWIS R. WOOLERY Operations Officer Administration OFficer Group Commander GRUUP 671 Squadron 30 Cadet Major C. L. BRANSON Commander Squadron 31 Cadet lst Lt. ION H. ANDRUS Cadet Major TOM YARBRO Administration and Operations Otlicer Commander 23! S? 5' .3 we af ' H ? . 1 J if 1,1 QQ: f, 9 Q 9 W Q, av W A,,.., . , Y' i f Q ' y ,. 6, nm I 1 . lk . m i . W W if t ' V TY W , in . 1 A V i 1' wr x ' 1 ' 'Q ' V i f I x P ll ,,,q 3 , L , . , fa. L I w 4 Q as - us . w ' i .E , . . L. W . , H, ' K v Z , - 2 ? , ' Q W -EE g zei '..'A, i 1 X if iw! W- H R Y? Q Q Q , Y ' Q I V 'Q 5 V ' 9 2 K. ' 'Z' Q. . k Y . . ,, ..,, .,, .. . .. . ,. .-an , 5 N-.N ' .. was a ' 1+ x 25- 9 Q ' a is :1 1 , I I l ,- , . , W 1 w ' . Q1 V1 it vm i 5 JZ A n 4 9 X K C Q, gig 53:7 . E P K 5 is ' 'uv' 'Q 5? N .,,.9,3'Q S, X. B v f 'E' xr tlfi K ' u Q 'E a X' , : . 2' r 0 v Q , 1 i U ' ., --" ' , ' 4 . - . f f , ' ' 3 , K 9 . , . , , Y . M 1 f , ' .N A if M Q I .. 2 , f g 9 . . ,, , ,Ek V din 4.7 - .V Q vt 5 L ' ' an ' , , 'fx WI" - - . ' ' x V ' s ur ' Q U 1 . Q . ' 0 g 4 u , Q D I o ' M ' Q '- : ' f . , 'VVI e-'V V ' lgi ' . 5 4 v W: Q 3 f H H ? E Q W 5 ,. v :li 6 . t . 4 First row: Iames E. White, Iames C. Fairchild, David R. Abel, Young, David L. Floyd, Billy D. Rogers. Fourth row: Thomas Bruce D. Risinger, Maurice Ferris. Second row: Bill Whetstone, P. Barr, Paul R. Rupert, Lewis R. Woolery, Dale S. Hughes, Ioe S. Shannon, I. I. Taliaferro, C. D. Singleton, Robert G. Woodrow C. Huffines Ir., Donald R. Puddy, Michael D. Webber, Parker, Melvin V. Rogers. Third row: Larry I. Scott, Charles jerry M. Hobbs. D. Campbell, Fred A. Quenzer Ir., Ioe D. Summers, Warren F. AR 0lIJ IR SUCIETY 0 F F I C E RS Commander ........ IAMES E. WHI'I'E Executive Oflicer . . . BILL GLASS Operations Officer . . ALLEN AVERY Adjutant-Recorder . . . DAVID ABEL Comptroller ...... . . DON Cnoss Informations Service Ojjicer . . IAMES FAIRCHILD l Cadet Lt. Colonel JAMES E. WHITE Commander The Arnold Air Society is a professional honorary service organization of AFROTC cadets. The year l958 witnessed the amalgamation of the Arnold Air Society with the Sabre Air Command, formerly the basic cadet organization corresponding to the Arnold Air Society for advanced cadets. Membership in the University of Oklahoma unit, the Waddy Young Squadron, is now open to both basic and advanced cadets who meet the membership requirements. The standards for eligibility in the or- ganization are a 3.0 grade average in air science and a 2.2 overall average. Objectives of the Arnold Air Society are to promote a clearer apprehension of the duties of citizenship in the air age, to advance the support of airpowerg to further the purpose, mission, tradition and concept of the United States Air Force, and to assist in special projects of the AFROTC Wing. Among the projects of the society this year was the planning of the reception for all advanced cadets im- mediately preceding the Air Force ROTC ball. The group also was responsible for the decoration of the Union ballroom for the annual spring dance. Second semester officers of the society included Don Cross, commander, Don Puddy. executive ofiicerg Woodrow Huffmes, operations oiiicerg Bruce Risinger, adjutant-recorder, Richard Bower, Comptroller, and Iohn Heck, Informations Service officer. Cadet Capt. KENNETH I. DAVIS Cadet Capt. FRED V. BRAUN Cadet Lt, Colonel DON M, INGELS Operations Officer Administration Officer Group Commander GRO P 672 Squadron 32 Cadet Major DON S. COLEMAN Cadet Ist Lt. IOE S. SHANNON Commander Administration and Operations Officer Squadron 33 Cadet lst Lt. CHARLES D. SINGLETON Cadet Major DWIGHT B. PFENNING Administration and Operations Officer Commander 235 1 Q 3 1 Q P Q Q Q! ' " Q Q if 1 if K 3 F 'f' :,, , , if u 4,1 5, H V , 195 gi , . -Q s,, 5 Y V if X, 1 Q s f M7 ,.vAi 1 'e f ,ff . , X .. 1 H, K 3 2? i f MW- , X i X I -,j,N ,t 4 C 1 ' . Yi Q . A 0 - A 4 5 A A. , , , , a - v X I ' 0 3' A . 4 - ' 1 ' ' ' , 'X , vw Q' ' 'Z . E 2 W 1 C . 6 .. f Q 9 an Q ' ,, x I ' ' ' 4 D , , A E -Q ' Y' i Y fi G Y I U Q K Q , . o 1 W 8 o D ,, 'U w ..,f as 5: , f N. 4- y 'Pi' 'E ,A A K , FM v . gp ,Ap 'i , fx Q , K V, 1 . sf. hx o C, , 2 Q 1 6 . . M , Q -W g r 1 1 E Y gi f 3 , i P x V ' F ' sf! . Q ,V , .N S v O . 3 ' s - 4' 1.1 I J, F 91. 10,3 ' as. Q . ' . K 8' S s Aj . t Q A p A Q ,f Q 'bf ' Q at as af M f 1 fb 490' First row: A. N. Hobgood, Claude N. Williams, Gary McGinn, Warren F. Young, Robert G. Parker. Second row: P. Duane Hunt, Ken M. Fletcher, Dan I. Webber, Tommy R. Padgham, Billy D. Rogers. Third row: Charles R. Plank, E. T. Laird, I. A. Wilhite, Bradford Page, Gene R. Arnn, Michael Webber. ADVISORY COUNCIL The Air Force ROTC Cadet Advisory Council serves as a close liaison between the Corps of Cadets and the professor of air science. The council is composed of elected representatives of both basic and advanced air science sections. The principal aims of the organiza- tion are handling all corps finances and administra- tive matters as far as the conduct of the corps is con- cerned. One of the highest honors that a cadet may attain is to be named a member of the council. THE BAND During the year the Air Force ROTC band per- forms at Corps of Cadets activities and provides music for all reviews of the corps and formal ceremonies. Besides its duties in connection with the corps, the band is requested to perform at various festivals and h rles E Trimble drum ma or First rou o Kent Kidwell C a 3 . ' , j . i: I , Vernon L. Racer, Iames L. Bright, Thomas Van Sykel, Lionel H. Garrett, Terry I. Barham, Rudy I. Koch, Donald G. Bristow. Second row: Ierry D. Balentine, Bruce R. Darnes, Ioe F. Key, Larry D. Green, Fred H. Gesin, Larry M. Dillingham, Lynn R. Pinson, Gerald W. Pullin, Iack O. Foster. Third row: Hollis K. Leathers, Tom G. Whitney, Iack R. Paxton, Charles E. Hum- phrey, Walton L. Briscoe, Thomas H. Powell, Wyatt G. Cock- reham, Charles Pyle, Tom D. Aitken. Fourth row: Richard I. Colton, Lloyd T. Moxley, Iames R. Waren, Ronnie D. Hale, civic functions throughout the state. Captain B. G. Halbert is sponsor of the band with Leonard Hang, director of the University Bands, ad- visor. Bob Marshall, Iohn R. Holmes, Keith Allen, Richard H. Rose- brook, Robert Beasley. Fifth row: Howard S. Miller, Ioe H. Russell, Gerald L. Tucker, Iames I. Hawkins, Ray C. Hall, Richard Henneke, Thomas Howerstine Ir., Iames R. Brooks. Sixth row: Ierry Blanche, Iames C. Lewis, Abram Rosenberg, Ken Grady, Philip Martin, David Elmore, G. Webber, R. M. Troub, Garry E. Mitchelmore. Seventh row: Theodore Karl Greenshields, Eldon Keith Smith, Bruce L. Evatt, Charles S. Woodson, Robert V. Hughes. Eighth row: Iim Kendall, Gary A. Graham, Kenneth L. Deakins, Richard W. McDonald. ..--n ...a-..... 4-aa .-nm 1--4.-as U Vary ig -sbs I Cadet Capt. BILLY B. BECK Cadet Capt. WILLIAM M. MERRILL Cadet Lt. Colongl BRUCE M. POWELL Operations Officer Administration Officer Group Commander GRO P 673 Squadron 34 Cadet Major CHARLES I. GUINN Cadet lst Lt. DONALD E. VAN METER Commander Administration and Operations Ofiicer Squadron 35 Cadet Major GARY A. GOSDIN Commander 239 E w 1 ,L 1 E Q ' ' M 'i K 7 I ig 1 'Q 'S 'Q' .Q ' iQ-gi a xy , KT? f gf P an 1 u A N i ,sw K W , '11 T Q My ." i s I . 'vs 'Q M Q R A"' A . ' 5' N .b K Q 3 6 i ' q ta' K ' ' 1 t VV , :,.a. , M . , 1 i Wg Q1 Q Q ig, we 'if QQ i f X ' ' ' is x A Q W ' a o ,f an Q ' iq- ., . ' x , gi W 4 1 .. M - - 1 Q , , gk g , P C S , d K E ,. 4 . ? fr L -QW 'f L 1, 1 5: 'EQ 1 g K sw., ' " . ' f V , J ' we v , 'Q - .. Lg. K 1 Q '-,, , , 'Z , 3 vc , 4 3 I I , . ., .D if , . Y z 'lv K Q 1 1 " . Q Q 9 Q i'? 'WG' fe 51' 11 "U v 5 Y W 'W U P 'P Q1 YY f ,Pi T N' U 2 gg f 1 J N 3, ,Q 1 if 1 'Q' Q 'ff ' Qs af sf 2' 1 E D . ff 1 i ' ' I ' h Q i 'Q Q' I ages ,YK-1 Fi fl me ,.,.. ,,,. , ta it 4 ,Zh t mv '-fa --is '-"' , QV-ttiy r- ' iii 4 I ,V A 1' E, M 2 . Q ., it 9' 2 .-ts :ZW- :. Wg, - . 8 3 1 Q K is Q t H g ' . K Z t at W Q 4 X 'fa w at.. , 1 4 V ' UK Q First row: lack Mateer, team commander, Bill West, assistant commander. Second row.' Earl W. Wright, Carl N. Stover, Iack R. Woodward, Alan W. Prentiss, Iohn G. Hatchett, Tonnie Hendrickson, Dan Edwards, Iim Hackler, Ioe R. Foster. Third row: Iames D. Raybern, Chris Woessner, Tommy D. Emerson, Fred L. Iones, Stan W. Gralla, Troy D. Reed, Thomas Rossi, DRILL T Members of the Air Force ROTC Drill Team are selected on the basis of their proficiency in the execu- tion oi drill and ceremonies. First organized in 1953. the team promotes interest in military discipline and augments the ROTC leadership program. This year Henry Ruzieka, Albert Fuller. Fourth row: Clark H. McCoy, Larry Blankenship, Ivan C. Meek, Gary L. Burris, Buddy L. Gaberino, Tom E. Iames, David M. Harris, Ioel C. Duttera, Iohn R. Ietton. Fifth row: Phil Pace, Nick Denner, Iohn R. Thomp- son, David H. Trent, Robert D. Vinyard, Wendell H. Harrison, Robert W. Whitener, Ierry C. Howell. EAM the team presented fancy drill performances at the inaugural parade of Governor Edmondson and during the OU-Air Force basketball clash, in addition to other public functions. RIFLE TEAM The Air Force ROTC riHe team, organized in l950, has ranked among the top ten AFROTC rifle teams for the past four years. The squad is a purely volun- tary organization which affords cadets interested in shooting a chance to compete with their compatriots First row: William L. Whitaker, Iohn D. McElhaney, Robert F. Dubos, Sgt. Elmer L. Howe, advisor. from other universities. The team competed in the William Randolph Hearst matches to defend their title of No. 1 ranking AFROTC rifle team in the nation. Second row: Lavelle Gibson, Clint Cox, David C. Mayfield, Donald K. Gaddie. ,Q-. Y A., 'tr . l P5 t ...Wi Cadet Capt. ROGER L. STEPHENS Cadet Capt. MICHAEL S. Cox Cadet Lt. Colonel MAURICE FERRIS Operations Officer Administration Officer Group Commander GRUUP 674 Squadron 36 Cadet Major CHARLES C. PERKINS Cadet lst Lt. ROBERT L. FINKEL Commander Administration and Operations Ofiicer Squadron 37 Cadet lst Lt. JOE D. SUMMERS Cadet Major IOHNNIE B. HECK Administration and Operations OFHcer Commander 243 I, X I ' " YI y W "-g'.W. i 3 ,, , , , , 4 ' , Q 5, , . 5 A V . ' we Q 'L . 2' VV2 1 'M W si , 52" .. 1 3 ar ,0- x R w. Y- 1 G W 'W' 'V' 'versa 5 I Y sat. W" Q 1 Q K it ' ,x n ,,z QQ gg-X gg, ' ' lag, L if a ,M 'T my Us 3 T Q V ' ar ' . 1 ' in x r t 5' Uf' 1 ww ww I ,w.,i, ?.v,,L ,. I ' A v ,, ' X 1 M Q iii 5 V E . 0 , E . Y! A WDQ , l . 1 2' 1 V I ,., F 1: D l , v 4 JC , 5 ..f'1s'3V'X - . f u t i L an M , . n-' , V Q . L , 1 53- 'Q if ' 1 1 s an g 4 is l"! !Q '53 Y. Q 2 ' -. s 12' Q J Q , , Q - ., ,,E, ,A ' ' f . 9 4 t - E 'I' an J GQ ' Q Q 'V E ' ' -V + , 'f, . -,M g -, '-" Y W .,12' ' A- 5 " N 3 H k 5 X eg- A 3 ' u on , ' ' O , Q Q Qi s My . Q I' 0 2 5 v First row: M. L. Butterheld, D. I. Fox, W. C. Routh, T. T. Ikeda, R. A. Chapman. Second row: I. R. Trimble, A. W. Flenoid, AIR The Air Police was organized in 1956 to promote leadership and maintain discipline within the cadet corps. To be eligible for Air Police, a cadet must be a sophomore and demonstrate high leadership poten- tial. Each year about 25 basic cadets are chosen for F. W. DeWeese, E. M. Knighton, C. N. Lounds, F. A. Quenzer. Third row: R. D. Iones, G. H. Burrous, E. K. James. POLICE the AP section with an advanced cadet serving as com- mander of the group. The AP is responsible for giving inspections of the cadet corps and directing traffic in the drill field. OPERATIONS DIRECTORATE The Wing Operations Directorate is responsible for the printing and dissemination of changes in the cadet standard operating procedures as regards such military conduct as Wearing of the uniform, mode of addressing officers and advanced cadets. Its most important task is the printing of the weekly drill bulletin listing the aspects of drill and ceremonies covered in the leader- ship laboratory for the week. Al Crabtree, Quentin Broeren, Benton Clark, John Frr. Cadet Capt. RALPH I. WITTROCK Cadet Capt. RICHARD G. PORTER Cadet Lt, Cglonel GILBERT B. HOLMES Operations Officer Administration Officer Group Commander GRO P 675 Squadron 33 Cadet Major BOBBY R. RUSSELL Commander Squadron 39 Cadet lst Lt. CHARLES R. CHANDLER Cadet Major JOEL L. CARSON Administration and Operations Officer Commander 247 4 - 2 .f uf 'Q' Q '-Q if Q H2 6 I an E, wi QW tw: E , . 1 , 2 R iq ma if 'f' . 1 ' I G , Q . . X i y v an 5m 'fm EQ is 192 3 1 1 W ' ' f Q, " "Q Q .g eq ' ,, sf ' f 99 . W., . 4 'm w419'i99-Q M Q Q mu 5 1 ' ' f . - f ,E we: V ,Q P LV 7LA Q V Y ym-ww 9? , . , I H a 1. F ff E i 4 . a , Q ' cv 4 fa' 1 ,, . ...Q , F- '5 I F2 " L-g,, 1'-f ' Q -an 1 n Qi, V 1 r 1 an r 1, 1 Ex Q a vs W 4' 'N X y, r . ' ' U . 4 f L K 5 'W fe if ' y 9 , f V 6 V 5 5 , ,M E M Q A like A ' 4 W nm, A x, S fl K Vlf5:,,g:g,2f ,W , N Cadet Lieutenant Colonel lvlifmf JQAAKTEBQQQIL Delta Gamma Honorary Commander - 6715? Group Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Mum- Jury wwe Della Della Delta Honorary Commander - 674th Group Cade? Lieufenanl Colonel lUlu1A.CleaM,u,e,-leloweQQ, Neill House Honorary Commander 673rd Group Cade? Lieufenani Colonel Pi Bela Phi 9 Honorary Commander - 672nd Group Cade? Lleufenanl Colonel lkflbm. Lmlm Mwdbz Alpha Delta Pi Honorary Commander - 675th Group AIR. FORCE :BALL limba 6 far, F' wi' avi. ff? E 5 IW' ,,.. .......w-,-nf f 1 9 Q f 'S we gg i' N .0 ww., .aw ' ' QS - .. fs' Qifi 'SE f ' r A. , Sk RQ ,,,,f - if -E 5 5'-NR. - Sus- I xr I W winks ' , rf 9' if ,,. W V Q - -'53 N 3 4 H F 'P N an ' , "LW, .. , Q1 an A s If , .1- -,. if' in, n mm 5..- William F. Frensley, Kenneth L. Cheever, Woodrow C. I-Iuliines Ir., Bruce D. Risinger. INFORMATION A comparatively new branch of the Air Force ROTC program, the Information Service Oflice is now in its third year of operation. The ISO is responsible for all news releases concerning the activities of the AFROTC cadet corps and for public relations services PERSONNEL DI The Wing Personnel Directorate provides for the constitution of a special board which reviews profi- ciency reports from the Weekly leadership laboratory, and recommends to the wing commander the promo- tion of certain cadets in the wing hierarchy. It is re- SERVICE OFFICE for the corps. The section promotes the Air Force Ball, the election of honorary cadet colonels and the annual federal inspection. The ISO works through a variety of media: newspapers, radio, motion pictures, maga- zines, public lectures and television. RECTORATE sponsible for the publication of personnel actions memoranda notifying of approved promotions. This primary task includes the maintenance of records of attendance at the leadership laboratories and of that bane of all military existence-the demerit. First row: Richard V. Vorheis, Don M. Spradlin, Don Cross. Second row: Raymond Tullius, William E. Bates. 4 an " .A A - "Oh, how l hate this darn tight collar." FLYING Elementary flight training for the qualified ad- vanced cadets is only two years old at OU. The Air Force contracts with the university flight instructors to teach the cadets the rudiments of aircraft operation and navigation. The aim of the program is not so much to teach the cadet to Hy before he enters the air force training program, but to measure his Hying apti- tude and to place him at an advantage when he enters primary flight training. The training aircraft is the two-place tandem seated Aeronca Champion with a 90 horsepower engine. It has a top speed of around l25 MPH, with a cruising Iim White, Bruce Holmes and lim Fairchild obtain the best available insurance-a thorough pre-flight check. "Yes, this is our plane." ? 5 Xu' .2-MW' The 675th Wing prepares for a weekly review. OGRAM speed of 90 MPH. The cadets receive 40 hours of training, 20 hours of dual and 20 hours of solo. At the end of the course, the student is entitled to try for his private pilotis license. "Watch out for the prop." lim White props the Aeronca Champion. SUMMER CAMP-"Bet you I can fiinish mine in less than a "Mister, You better shape up or l'll give you l00 demeritsf, minute!" SUMMER CAMP - COMMISSIONING COMMISSIONING-Col. Buddy Strozier hands commission to Barbara Ferris assists husband Maurice. left, with his new bars Charles C, Perkins during graduation exercises in Holmberg hall. while Bruce Medley gets help from admirer. Following commissioning ceremonies, Mrs. Alice White happily Quentin R. Broeren gets attention as his wife pins on bars and pins the gold bars on her son James E. White. his mother, Mrs. Henry Broeren, snaps the picture. - s if 9? 5329? '--'wir ' f - e . 74 S ed. ici ne tl I SCHOOL OF NURSING SCHOOL OF MEDICINE CHILDREN'S MEMORIAL HOSPITAL UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL ...-n na.... VETERANS ADMINISTRATION HOSPITAL A 259 ,,, , , , ,W , , 4 3 ww 'S ? is , mm A , we -we me ROBERT C. Lowe, M.D. Superintendent ol the University Hospitals M.D. degree from the Minnesota School of Medicine A. N. TAYLOR, Ph.D. Associate Dean-Student Affairs M.A. and Ph.D. degrees lrorn the University of Texas ASSUCIATE DEA S AND DIRECTURS S. N. STONE, M.D. Associate Dean-Clinical Instruction NLD. degree from the University of Pennsylvania lVl.S. degree in surgery from the Minnesota Graduate School ol Medicine PHILIP E. SMITH, Ph.D. Associate Dean of the Graduate College M.S. degree from the University Ol Illinois D.Sc. degree from Iolins Hopkins E DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY, first row: Iohn F. Lhotka, Alice M. Brues, Ernest M. Lachman, chairman, Iohn E. Allison, Iohn ' Christiansen. Second row: Kenneth K. Faulkner, Garman H. Daron, Lawrence G. Gumbreck, Allan Katzberg, Kenneth Richter. THE FACULTY '. . . Guide, philosopher and friend . . .', POPE young men and women are learning not only the sci- The men and women on the following pages are the ence but also the art of medicine. They have for- faculty ofthe University of Oklahoma School of Medi- warded the progress of medicine by their efforts as cine. They have given the students the benefit of their teachers and by original research in all branches of experience and knowledge and, through their example, medical science. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSI- OLOGY, hrst row: Paul B. Mc- Kay, I. W. H. Smith,-A. N. Taylor, chairman, Robert M. Bird. Second row: A. I. Stan- ley, Michael T. Lategola, M. lack Keyl, C. G. Gunn. P DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY, first row: Fay Shappard, Lawrence E. McClure, Mark R. Everett, chairman, Alton C. Kurtz, vice chairman. Second row: Leonard N. Norcia, Ranwel Capputo, Marvin R. Shetlar, Earl G. Larsen, Arley T. Bever. icfs:1.i1fs27gs.:z..f..--.maefeg1,,::.2,.t, if .al.1::z5ft af ..z.-'is i ..l ,. w A Ji 931109 K rw EQ DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY, first row: Robert Sturme, N. V. Barkett, Charles Robinson, man, Iohn Cunningham, Everett Neff. Second row: Forrest Linkenfelter, Rainey Williams, Warren L. Felton, Bob I. Rutledge, Everette E. Cooke, Iess Hermann. Third row: Harry Wilkins, Rene Menguey, Charles A. Tollett, Allen E. Greer, Merlin K. DuVal, Frank Darrow, Gilbert L. Hyroop. DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE, first row: Iames Hampton, Keith Klopfenstein, lack Welch, Stewart G. Wolfe, chairman, Charles Ad- sett. Second row: Iohn Kalb- fleisch, Bill Hood, Camack Baker, Iohn Kyriocopoulas, Everett Rhoades, Carman Bloedow. Third row: Omer Eubanks, Earl Ginn, Charles Robinson, Walter Camp, L. Klein. Fourth row.' Kent Braden, Fred Key, Dick Bettigole, Iohannes Nielsen. Fifth row: Iohn Huser, Rudolph Bell. Harrel C. Dodson, John A. Schilling, chair- ' " 1 13- ,ti 1, .v 4 A t t if . DEPARTMENT OF MICROBIOL- OGY, first row: Iohn H. Hale, Francis Felton, Florence C. Kelly, chairmang Iohn Sokatch. Second row: Ted Wilson, Raymond K. Bower, Paul W. Goaz, L. Vernon Scott. DEPARTMENT OF PATH- OLOGY, first row: Rudolph E. Eyerer, Walter Ioel, William E. Iaques, chairman, Iames P. De- war. Second row: C. Donovan Tool, Rex E. Kenyon, Bill Snoddy, Hugh A. Stout. we -2, re- mf F My .,,r, r., wh , sw .ax r A I , ,,.., ,V E-ia., I Q . lg, . Q , A , , , . .5 . A li if S1 W . if ggi L.. f sl E Q 16: 4,11 . Q' f .. , L P- fig Q. , . ' ,X gg . 'rw ., s I Q t 5- nur 'L' W fa 'ir Er st 5553.4 E' J LZ S, DS ri J gf ev 44 51 if .L W Q W ,z Q mo 4 " e 1. , , auf.-. , I I i f 5 f Q. Jie i' ' "ff:Eft:1f1 z ' iles DEPARTMENT OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE AND PUBLIC HEALTH, first row: Pearl Fisher, Carl Doering, Iames Hagens, Margaret Gwinn, Harold G. Muchmore, Richard G. Hahn, Robert C. Lowe. Second row: McWilson Warren, Raymond Crews, Ioseph B. Gold- smith, Phillip E. Smith, Kirk T. Mosley, chairmang William W. Sthottstaedt, George Adams, Arthur N. Springall. DEPARTMENT OF PHARM- ACOLOGY, first row: Richard Payne, Paul Smith, chairman, Harold A. Shoemaker, John A. Blachke. Second row: john H. Gogerty. Robert Redmond. DEPARTMENT OF PEDIAT- RICS, first row: Harold W. Buck- ner, James Lysaught, Harris D. Ri- ley, chairmang George Garrison. Second row: Ierome D. Schaffer, H. Wallace Vandever, Charles Freede, Herbert V. L. Sapper. Third row: Claude Brown, Lil- lian M. Hoke, Lucius Waite, Sam- uel Sepkowitz. Fourth row: George Lythcott, Bertha M. Levy, Glen Caylor, Sylvia Richardson. DEPARTMENT OF OBSTETRICS. first row: Milton Serwer, chairmang Iames Eskridge III, Harry Deupree, Delbert Smith. Second row: Iohn Records, Ioel Coley, Sam Hendrix, Thomas C. Points, Robert Hunt. DEPARTMENT OF GYNECOLOGY, Hrst row: Henry G. Bennett, George Iennings, Ioseph W. Kelso, chairman, Ioseph W. Funnell, Iames B. Pitts Ir. Sccond row: Farris W. Coggins, Sterling T. Crawlord, W. Gerald Rogers, vice chairman, Hollis E. Hampton, Iohn Parrish, Iohn F. Kuhn. DEPARTMENT OF OPHTHAIF MOLOGY, first row: Roy W. Teed, Emil Farris, james R. Reed, chairman, Norris Robertson, Rob- ert Spencer, George Wiley. Second row: Ioe Henke, Richard Wyrick, Charles A. Royer, CliFford Blair, Robert King, E. Gordon Ferguson. Third row: Robert L. Kramer, Robert Collins, William H. Gar- nier, Iames Luton, Richard Clay, Robert Campbell. DEPARTMENT Ol? ANESTI IESI- OLOGY, first row: Walter H. Mas sion, Ioseph M. White, Chairman Irvin Hamburger, R. E. Curle. Svc- onrl row: R. Morgan. Ioscph 'l' Herbelin, Bernhard Horn. Riley Parks. Third row: Rodney Stcw- ard, Fred Garloclx. Mario Alcantara, Victor Neal. DEPARTMENT OF DERMA- TOLOGY, first row: William G. McCreight, Phyllis E. Iones, Dwane B. Minor, Hervey A. Foerster, Iohn Penrod. Second row: Mark A. Everett, Robert I. Morgan, Iohn H. Lamb, chairman, Lloyd A. Owens, Herman D. Alston. we 1 DEPARTMENT OE RADIOLOGY, first row: Ed Kalmon, Iarnes T. Boggs. C. R. Ridings, chairman, Peter Russo. Earnest Laehman, Wayne Schultz. Second rout: Walter Coin. john Danstrom. Samuel M. Glasser. Robert Sukman. Winfield Evans. William O. Eastland. DEPARTMENT OF OTOR- HINOLARYNGOLOGY, first row: Alvaro I. Espinosa, L. C. McHenry, I. Cavallero, Lee K. Emenhiser, I. C. McDonald. lose R. Rigual, S. R. Shaver. Second row: Robert Brownell, Jack V. D. Hough, O. Alton Watson, chairman, I. G. Coil, Ethan A. Walker Ir. c DEPARTMENT OF UROLOGY, first row: Angel Luis Bettaglio, Donald Allers, Hartwell Dunn, Donald W. Branham, chairmang Clarence B, Dawson. Second row: Barney Limes, Ralph C. Emmott, lim M. Tavlor, less E. Miller, Willard H. Smith. DEPARTMENT UF PSYCHIATRY, Hrst row: Harold Sleeper, Carl Steen, Richard B. Lincoln, Boyd K. Lester, Alfonso Paredes. Second row: Charles E. Smith Ir., Charles F. Obermann. Louis I. West, chair- man, Floyd S. Cornelison Ir., Dale W. Peters. Herbert H. Jansen. Alton Brooke Abshier George Adams Donald D. Albers Victor H. Albers George Thomas Allen John E. Allison James Charles Amspacher Hubert M, Anderson Robert L. Anderson Ruth Vivian Annadown Robert Douglass Anspaugh Meredith Marcus Appleton Harry Thompson Avey, Jr. Byron Louis Bailey Ray Morton Balyeat Marcus S. Barker Nasry Fayad Vander Barkett George Bames George Newton Barny Robert Hebard Bayley James M. Behrman Austin Holloway Bell Henry Garland Bennett, Jr. Howard A. Bennett Paul C. Benton Stanley E. Berger Gladys Berry Arley Tunis Bever, Jr. Charles Max Bielstein Harold Jacob Binder James Garfield Binkley James Samuel Binkley Robert Montgomery Bird Lucile Spire Blachly William D. Blackwood Clifford J. Blair John A. Blaschke Berget H. Blockson, Jr. Johnrky A. Blue Karl enneth Boatman Charles David Bodine James Thomas Boggs Kenneth Earl Bohan John Louis Boland, Jr. Karl Austin Bolten Sister Mar Bonaventure M.S. Y r William Lawrence Bond William Lawrence Bonham Raymond Kenneth Bower James Stanton Boyle George S. Bozalis Vance Arthur Bradford Charles M. Brake Donald Wilton Branham Earl M. Bricker C. Alton Brown Claude H. B. Brown David R. Brown Forest Reed Brown George M. Brown, Jr. Irwin H. Brown Leonard H. Brown Nello Brown Alice M. Brues Harold W. Buchner Richard Michael Burke John Flack Burton Merwin Thomas Buxton William Tumer Bynum Leo F. Cailey Gilbert Sadler Campbell Jiohn Moore Campbell, III obert E. Campbell Ranwel Caputto Jfhn Menrvin Carey ichard Everett Carpenter Robert Lawrence Casebeer Charles Wesley Cathey James Jackson Caviness Glen G. Cayler Paul B. Champlin Norman Allee Chance Louis Harr Chamey Mervin Leshe Clark Richard Allen Clay Ted Clements, Jr. Cyril Ebert Clymer John Hatchett Clymer Farris Webb Coggins Howard Murdoc Cohenour Jenner G. Coil Carl G. Coin Walter James Coin William Omer Coleman Joe Henry Coley John P. Colmore James Robert Colvert Lo al Lee Conrad Odyis A. Cook Everette Ellis Cooke Vemon W. Corder Floyd S. Comelison, Jr. James Paul Costeloe Tullos Oswell Coston Donald Counihan John J. Coyle Nancy Ryan Craig Sterling Thomas Crawford Raymond Drake Crews Marion Jtoe Crosthwait Earl Ric ard Cunningham Kohn Ashby Cunningham emon D. Cushing Harry Anthony Daniels John Richard Danstrom Garmon Harlow Daron Frank E. Darrow Paul R. David Kieffer D. Davis Dr Dr Dr Dr. THE FACULTY . Clarence Benton Dawson . Clarence Francis DeGar1s . Charles Earl Delhotal Harry Linnell Deupree Dr. James K. Devore Dr. John Woodrow DeVore Dr. James P. Dewar, Jr. Dr Harrell Chandler Dodson, Jr. Dr, Carl Rupp Doering Dr, Roy W. Donaghe Dr. Hayden Hackney Donahue Dr. John J. Donnell Dr. Hubert Eugene Doudna Dr. William Jackson Dowling Dr. Albert R. Drescher Dr. Mary Loretta Duffy Dr. John F. Dunkel Dr. John Hartwell Dunn Dr. Merlin K. DuVal, Jr. Dr. Ancel Earp, Jr. Dr. William Edgar Eastland Dr. Rheba H. Edwards Dr. Dr. Norphleete Price Eley Leonard P. Eliel Dr. Arthur Furman Elliott Dr. Robert Smith Ellis Dr. Lee Kenneth Emenhiser Dr. Paul D. Erwin Dr. James Burnett Eskridge Dr. James Bumett Eskridge, III Dr. Winfield W. Evans Dr. Dr. Mark Allen Everett Mark Reuben Everett Dr. William Finis Ewing. Jr. Dr. Rudolpf Emil Eyerer Dr. Herman Fagin Dr. Ellis Edwin Fair Dr. Edward M. Farris Dr. Dr. Emil P. Farris Kenneth Keith Faulkner Dr. Edmund Gordon Ferguson Dr. James William Finch Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Thomas C. Finn Casriel J. Fishman William Patton Fite Elizabeth P. Fleming Dr. Marion A. Flesher Dr, Dr. William Nason Flesher John Florence Dr. Hervey Adolph Foerster Dr. Virgil Ra Forester Dr. Louis S. lgrank Dr. Leon C. Freed Dr. Charles Louis Freede Dr. Charles W. Freeman Dr, Athol Lee Frew, Jr. Dr. Guy Wesleg Fuller Dr. Jfxseph W. unnell Dr. obert Howard Furman Dr. James Jackson Gable, Jr. Dr. Wi Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr Tom Sid Gafford, Jr. lliam Clark Galegar, M.S. Shelby G. Gamble William Hampton Gamier Geor e Harry Garrison Davr ackson Gel erman - I 's Dr. Ella Mary George Dr Dr, Dr. Samuel M. Glasser Marvin Brown Glissman Paul William Goaz Dr. Ephriam Goldfain Dr. Jiuseph Benjamin Goldsmith Dr. ufus Qixitman Goodwin Dr. Harold oy Gravelle Dr. Wilma Jeanne Green Dr. Allen E. Greer Dr. Orion Russell Gregg Dr. Laurence Gable Gumbreck Dr. Dr. Chesterfield Garvin Gunn George Henry Guthrey Margaret E. Gwinn, M.S. Dr. Harold Waton Hackler Dr. John Fielden Hackler Dr. James A. Hagans Dr. Richard G. Hahn Dr. Thomas Hulen Haight Dr. John Milton Hale Dr. Clark Homer Hall Dr. Irvin Glenn Hamburger Dr. James F. Hammarsten Dr. Hollis E. Hampton Dr. Taswell Paul Haney, Jr. Dr. Ralston Raymond Hannas, Jr. Dr. Russell D. Harris Dr. William Norris Harsha Dr. Walter Kenneth Hartford Dr. Charles M. Harvey Dr. Grace Clause Hassler Dr. Basil Augustus Hayes Dr Lil Dr . John Evans Heatley ah B. Heck, M.S. . Alfred Allen Hellams Dr. Arthur Alfred Hellbaum Dr. Walter Scott Hendren Dr. Sam W. Hendrix Dr. Joseph Reid Henke Dr. Allen R. Hennes Dr, Jslss Duval Herrmann Dr. elvin Clause Hicks Dr. Harry Gray Hightower Dr. Robert Graham Hirschi Dr. Ernest Freeman Hiser Dr. Thomas Oran Hodges Dr. James F. Hohl Dr Lillian Marie Hoke Drl Robert Perry Holt Dr. Frederick Redding Hood Dr . Jack Van Doren Hough Dr Dr Dr Dr Ka . Robert Bruce Howard . Robert Mayburn Howard . R. Palmer Howard . Fred G. Hudson therine Kaufman Hudson, M.S. Dr . Dick Howard Huff Dr. Max Niel Huffman Dr. Davis T. Hunt Dr. DeWitt T. Hunter Dr. Gilbert Louis Hyroop Dr. Muriel Hall Hyroop Dr. John Daniel Ingle William Knowlton Ishmael Dr. Dr. Minard Friedberg Jacobs Dr Dr. Dr Dr Dr . William E. Jaques George H. Jennings . Hugh Jeter . Walter Joel . Mark R. Johnson Dr. Philip Carl Johnson Margie C. Jones, M.S. Dr. Ph llis Emmaline Jones Dr. Dr. Dr. Robert W. Kahn Edmond H. Kalmon, Jr. Allan Alfred Katzberg Dr. Wilbur Floyd Keller Dr. James W. Kelley Dr. Florene Cora Kelly Dr, Joseph Willard Kelso Dr. Bert Fletcher Keltz Dr. Herbert Kent Dr. Rax E. Kenyon Dr. M. Jack Keyl Dr. John Walter Keys Dr. George Henry Kimball Dr. Neil B. Kimerer Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Robert Wallace King David I. Kraft Carl Krieger, Jr. John Frederick Kuhn Alton Clair Kurtz Ernest Lachman Everett Samuel Lain John Henderson Lamb Geor e Althouse LaMotte Dr. g Dr. Wann Langston Dr. Earl G. Larsen Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Michael T. Lategola Robert C. Lawson Charles Edward Leonard Bertha Marion Levy John Emmett Lewis Dave Bemhard Lhevine Dr. Dr. John Francis Lhotk.a, Jr. Richard B Lincoln Dr. . Dr. Ray Harvey Lindsey Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Forrest Merle Lingenfelter Achilles Courtney Lisle Leroy Downing Long Robert Farris Loughmiller Leo Lowbeer Robert Chester Lowe James R. Lowell David C. Lowry Dr. Dick Moss Lowry Dr. Emanuel Nathan Lubin Dr. James Polk Luton Dr. Walter Archibald Lybrand Dr. James Neill Lysaught Dr, George I. Lythcott Dr. Roy Cobb Lytle Dr. Earl Duwain McBridge Dr. Stanley R. McCampbell Dr. Paul Baker McCay Dr. Coye Willard McClure Dr. Lawrence E. McClure Dr. Wiley Thomas McCollum Dr. William George McCreight Dr. John Edwin McDonald Dr. Dr. Dr. Joseph C. MacDonald Frank Harrison McGrIeIgor Lawrence Chester Mc enry Dr. Robert Doreck McKee Dr. Robert A. McLaughlin Dr. Philip Marsden McNeill Dr. Edwin R. Maier Dr. Haven W. Mankin Dr. Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr. Dr Dr Dr Dr. Dr. Dr. Marvin K. Margo . Frank John Martin . Joseph Thomas Martin . Walter H. Massion . Maude Merle Masterson . Grady Fred Mathews . Newman Sanford Matthews Reuben Hilton Mayberry . Robert Harold Mayes . Robert Charles Mayfield . Eric B. Meador, Jr. Rene Menguy Robert D. Mercer Joseph Fife Messenbaugh Robert P Messin er Dr. , g Samuel M. Meyers, M.A. Dr. ' Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Thomas Harvey Mrley . Charles Henderson Miller . ames R. Miller . esse E. Miller . William A. Miller . David C. Mock . John Fay Montroy . Clifford W. Moore . Samuel Tumer Moore . James Floyd Moorman . John Bamhart Morey . Robert Jesse Morgan . Jghn Walker Morledge . irk Thornton Mosley Dr. Harold G. Muchmore Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Bert Ernest Mulvey Edward Robert Munnell Ra mond Lester Murdoch Rallph William Murphy Sam N. Musallam Elmer Ray Musick William Marcus Mussill Kenneth W. Navin Roy L. Neel Everett Baker Neff Ben Hamilton Nicholson Leonard N. Norcia Ray Ulman Northrip Charles Frederick Obermann Dr. Don Horatio O'Donoghue Dr. Don L. Oesterreicher Dr. Charles Marion O'Leary Dr. Hugh Barrett O'Neil Dr. James Newton Owens, Jr. Dr. Lloyd A. Owens Dr. Joe Marion Parker Dr. Alfonso Paredes Dr. John Martin Parrish, Jr. Dr. Ramela Prentice Parrish Dr. R. Gibson Parrish Dr. William R. Paschal Dr. Alvin W. Paulson Dr. David Dare Paulus Dr. Richard Weston Payne Thelma Pedersen, M.A. Dr. Maurice L. Peter Dr. Dale W. Peters Vera I. Peters, M.A. Dr. John Copeland Pickard Dr. James Burton Pitts, Jr. Dr. Paul E. Plowman Dr. Thomas Crai Points Dr. Harold R. Poliock Dr. Ira O. Pollock Dr. Carroll Monroe Pounders Dr. George Townley Price Dr. Moorman Paul Prosser Dr. William S. Pugsley C. V. Ramana Thomas S. Ray, M.S. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. ohn William Records obert F. Redmond James Robert Reed Francis Joseph Reichmann William H. Reiff William Branch Renfrow George Edward Reynolds, William R. Richardson Kenneth Murrell Richter Gerbert Rebell, B.S. Dr JK Dr. Dr. James Ralph Ricks, Jr. Dr. Gus Ray Ridings Dr. Dr. Joseph Anton Rieger Leander Armistead Riely Dr. Jack Lee Riggall Dr. James R. Riggall Dr. Jose Rafael Rigual Dr. Dr. Harris Riley, Jir. Robert Alvin ix, Jr. Dr. Dean Robertson Dr. Edwin Norris Robertson, Jr. Dr. John M. Robertson Dr. John Harrison Robinson Dr. Clarence Robison, Jr. Joe O. Rogers, LLB. Dr. William Gerald Rogers Dr. Charles Ross Rountree Dr, Charles Abraham Royer Dr. William Ward Rucks, Jr. Dr. George T. Russell Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Henry Thomas Russell Sumner Russman Peter Emest Russo Bob Jack Rutledge Abel Jay Sands Fenton Almer Sanger Welbom Ward Sanger Herbert Victor Louis Sapper John A. Schilling Arthur Schmidt Dr. Edna Schmidt, B.A. Dr Dr: Dr Robert A. Schneider Sidney E. Schnitz Mary Frances Schottstaedt Dr: William W. Schottstaedt Dr. Carl Emil Schow Dr, Lawrence Vernon Scott Dr. Dr. Samuel Sepkowitz Milton John Servver John William Shackelford D . Mlargaret F. Shackelford, M.S. Dr. Jerome Daniels Shaffer Dr, Ward Loren Shaffer Dr. Sylvester Robert Shaver Fay Sheppard, M.S. Dr. Mary Virginia Sawyer Sheppard Dr, M zafer Sherif Mdlrvin R. Shetlar Dr. Dr. Richard G. Shifrin Edward Emmett Shirclilf, Jr. D . Di. Harold Adam Shoemaker Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. S Howard Bruce Shorbe Jay Talmadge Shurley Harry Fields Singleton Vemon V. Sisney Oren T. Skouge Harold G. Sleeper B ron F. Smith Charles Andrew Smith Charles E. Smith, Jr. Delbert Gilmore Smith James William Hickman mith Jr. Dr. Paul Winston Smith Dr. Phillip Edward Smith Dr. Ralph Argyle Smith Dr. Vivian Sweibel Smith Dr. William O. Smith Dr. William Thomas Snoddy Dr. Dr. Dr. James Byron Snow Harlan Keith Sowell Robert W. Spencer Dr. Arthur N. Springall Dr. John Raymond Stacy Dr. Gregory Everett Stanbro Dr. Allan John Stanley Dr. Leo Joseph Starry Dr. Carl T. Steen Frank William Stewart Samuel Newton Stone Hugh .Albert Stout Lawrence Stream William Edgar Strecker Robert Theodore Sturm Alfred R. Sugg Robert Sukman A. Nichols Taylor Charles Benjamin Taylor Jim Mabury Taylor Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Lewis Carroll Taylor Dr. Roy W. Teed Dr. James Barrett Thompson Dr. William Best Thompson Dr. Lowell F. Thornton Dr. Lal Duncan Threlkeld Dr. Albert C. Tipton, rlr. Dr. Charles Albert To lett S. Fulton Tompkins Charles Donovan Tool Robert Irvine Trent Raul Exteban Trucco Dr. Henry Hubert Turner Dr. Rolf J. Ullestad Dr. Harry Wallace Vandever Dr. Paul Merton Vickers Albert B. Wade, M.A. Dr. Theodore G. Wails Dr, William L. Waldrop Dr. Ethan Allen Walker, Jr. Dr. GMES Robert Walker Dr. cWilson Warren Dr. O. Alton Watson Dr. Lois Lyon Wells Shirley L. Wells, M.S. Dr. Kelly McGuHin West Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Louis Jolyon West Dr. Willis Kelly West Margaret Doepfner Wettstein Walter H. Whitcomb Dr. Dr. Dr. Joseph M. White, Jr. Dr. Oscar Rogers White Dr. Carryl W. Wiggins Dr. A. Ray Wiley George A. Wiley Harry Wilkins Geor e Rainey Williams Charles Hugh Wilson Dr. Thomas Edward Wilson Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Geor e Louis Winn Dr. Harolld Witten Dr. Stewart George Wolf, Jr. Dr. John Powers Wolff Dr. Neil Whitney Woodward Dr. Leroy David Wright Dr. Richard Wyrick Dr. Douglas A. Yeager Dr. C. Jack Young Mary C. Zahasky, B.S. Dr. Basilus Zaricznyj Preceptors, School of Medicine Dr. C. A. Traverse Alva Dr. Edward T. Cook, Jr. Anadarko Dr. E. A. McGrew Beaver Dr. Carlton E. Smith Henryetta Dr. H. V. Schaff Holdenville Dr. Tom L. Wainbright Mangum Dr. C. K. Holland McAlester Dr. Lynn C. Barnes Nowata Dr. Kenneth E. Godfrey Okeene Dr. Daton M. Rose Okemah Dr. Charles N. Atkins Oklahoma City Dr. Ray E. Spence Pauls Valley Dr. Cody Ray Pawhuska Dr. M. A. Connell Picher Dr. Robert B. Gibson Ponca City Dr. W. C. McCurdy, Jr. Purcell Dr. Walter H. Dersch, Jr. Shattuck Dr, John M. Carson Shawnee Dr. George B. Gathers Stillwater Dr. Burdge F. Green Stilwell Dr. Carl H. Bailey Stroud Dr. Joe L. Duer Woodward Dr. Edward T. Shirley Wynnewood Associate Preceptors, School of Medicine ALVA Dr. T. D. Benjergerdes Dr. D. B. Ensor Dr. A. B. Hinkle Dr. John Simon Dr. I. F. Stephenson ANADARKO Dr. Gilbert E. Haslam Dr. John B. Miles Dr. A. C. Roberson BEAVER Dr. Ed L. Calhoon Dr. John W. Marks Dr. Orby L, Butcher, HENRYETTA Dr. Bob G. Mitchell Dr. Ed Pointer HOLDENVILLE Dr. D. H. Cramblet Dr. L. A. S. Johnston Dr. Royce C. McDougal Dr. T. A. Trow Jr. MANGUM Dr. Dwight E. Pierson Dr. Fred S. Sellers McALESTER Dr. B. H. Brown Dr. G. M. Brown Dr. C. E. Lively Dr. S. L. Norman Dr. E. H. Shuller Dr. Thurman Shuller Dr. F. D. Switzer Dr. H. C. Wheeler NOWATA Dr. James H. Elliott Dr. S. A. Lang Dr, H. M. Prentiss Dr. Denton Thomas OKEENE Dr. Claude H. Williams OKEMAH Dr. Charles A. Carmack PAULS VALLEY Dr. J. Nash Byrd Dr. J. A. Graham Dr. Ray H. Lindsey Dr, Hugh H. Monroe Dr. John M. Moore PAWHUSKA Dr. Rex W. Daugherty Dr. Richard W. Loy Dr. William A. Loy Dr. Wesley T. Manning PICHER Dr. Glenn W. Cosby Dr. Norton R. Ritter Dr. H. W. Wendelken PONCA CITY Dr. Robert W, Gibson PURCELL Dr. W. G. Long Dr. W. Tex Stone SHATTUCK Richard H. Burgtorf Wilbur G. Lawson Dr. Dr. Dr. Floyd S. Newman Dr. M. Haskell Newman Dr. J. J. Smith SHAWNEE Dr, August C. Gauchat Dr. Horton E. Hughes Dr. James D. Loudon STILLWATER Dr. Dr. Dr. Powell E. Fry Leon C. Freed Robert E. Roberts Dr. Harold R. Sanders Haskell Smith Dr. STILWELL Dr. Ralph C. Emmott WOODWARD Dr. Myron C. England Dr. J. D. Fetzer Dr. R. G. Obermiller Dr. C. W. Tedrowe WYNNEWOOD Dr. D. E. Eggenberg, Davis Dr. M. E. Robberson 267 Firsl row: MARCUS WEBB ADAMS, JR., Oklahoma Cily: RICHARD KENT ALEXANDER, Muskogee: ROY DIXIE BAINES, JR., l-lennessey: JOHN WILLIS BARNHILL, Okla- homa Cily: JOE THOMAS BLEDSOE, Tullle. Second row: HORACE J. BROWN, Norman: JIM ROBERT CARROLL, Tulsa: MERLE DEAN CARTER, Tulsa: CHARLES KEMPE CASTEEL, Aloka: CLINT EDWIN CHAMBERS. Chickasha. Third row: WILLIAM STEPHEN CHAMBLESS, Chickasha: JOHN KENT CHESNUT, Duncan: ROBERT SIDNEY CLOUD, Oklahoma City: CHARLES ATHERTON CLOUGH, Norman: DONALD DEE COLLINS, Vinifa. Fourlh row: RICHARD ALBERT CONLEY, Kingfisher: JERRY BOB COTNER, I-larlshorne: JOHN CHARLES DAY. Heavener: MAX ALLARD DEARDORFF, Tulsa: BILLY DALE DOTTER, Alva. Fiffh row: RICHARD GENE DOTTER, Alva: JAMES WIL- LIAM DYER, Miami: WILLIAM ORON ELLIFRIT, Ponca Cily: EDWARD ESPARZA, Stillwa+erg EMMETT BONLORE FERGUSON, JR., l-linfon. Sixlh row: THOMAS HASKELL FRALEY, Hominy: ROBERT GEORGE FRANZ, Enid: JOHN HOWARD GARDNER, Gulhrie: NATHAN ALVIN GEURKINK, Ardmore: DAMON DONALD GREGG, Beaver. Sevenfh row: VICTOR EUGENE HANSON, Pond Creek: JESS HENSLEY, Chelsea: PAUL CULLISON HOUK, Fair- view: GEORGE HOEBING ISHLER, Chickasha: DOYLE EUGENE JOHNSON, Muskogee. Eighth row: FELIX ROSS KAY, Big Cabin: CHARLES RAY KEY, Oklahoma Cily: KENNETH DWIGHT KIESTER, JR.. Duncan: JERRY EDD KING, Barnsdall: RICHARD D. KING, Duncan. ' f WW A ' 0 f ' Ji' ' J If ,. O S Adams Alexander '31 I 4 Brown Carroll V ghambless Chesnul onley Cofner 5 Dolfer, R. Dyer i f Fraley Franz Hanson Hensley af 1' Kay Key 268 Baines Barnhill Bledsoe Carfer Casfeel Chambers Cloud Clough Collins Day Deardorff DoHer, B. Ellifrif Esparza Ferguson Gardner Geurkink Gregg Houk lshler Johnson Kiesfer King, J. King, R. Klein Lewis, Millon Pfeifer Sablan Smith, Tenney Webb V. Lilfle Laila Long Wilkerson Rilchey Simcoe Slorls Lewis, B. Maller Myers Runser Smith, E. Sfrange Vesley Townsend, J. Trammell Mosley Wilkins CLASS OFFICERS: Don Mannerberg, vice president: Ioan Webb, secretary, and Dick Tenney, president. Firsl' row: IRVING KLEIN, Hiqhslown, N. J.: JAMES AL- BERT KUNKEL, Oklahoma Cily: JO ELLEN LATTA, Tulsa: ORRIN LAUGHLIN, Slillwaler: BILLIE LEWIS, EI Reno. Second row: VIVIAN MOON LEWIS, Oklahoma Cily: JESSE SAMUEL LITTLE, Minco: JAMES DOWNING LONG, Enid: FREDERICK DONALD MANNERBERG, Okla- homa Cily: BILLY JOE MATTER, Hooker. Third row: LeROY M. MILTON, Shawnee: EUGENE MOR- KIN, Oklahoma Cily: DOUGLAS CLIFTON WILKERSON. JR., Okeene: RAY FRANKLIN MOTLEY, Oklahoma Cily: LYNN LeROY MYERS, Oklahoma Oily, Fourlh row: DONALD RICHARD PFEIFER, Tulsa: NANCY ANN RABON, Copan: CHARLES LeROY RITCHEY, JR.. Alva: DAVID DEAN ROSE, Oklahoma Cilyg RICHARD HENRY RUNSER, Oklahoma Cily. Fiffh row: RALPH GUERRERO SABLAN, Sinaiana, Guam: PHILLIP LEIGHTON SHEPHERD, Wewokar CHARLES WILLIAM SIMCOE, Slillwalerg CARL ROY SMITH, Tulsa: EDWARD EUGENE SMITH, Oklahoma Cily. Sixlh row: THOMAS JOSEPH SMITH, Guymon: ROBERT LOUIS STOCKTON, Belhany: RICHARD ALVIN STORTS. Norman: TOM MCNEIL STORY, Edmond: JIMMY RAY STRANGE, Mcfxlesler. Sevenlh row: RICHARD FRANK TENNEY, Tulsa: HORACE DEAN TOWNSEND, Tulsa: JOHN LIONEL TOWNSEND, Oklahoma Cify: JOHN RAYMOND TRAMMELL, Hollis? DON RAY VESLEY, Tahlequah. Eighlh row: JOAN LIEBENHEIM WEBB, Pawhuska: BETTY LOU WHITENER, Tulsa: WILEY HENRY MOSLEY, Okla- homa Cily: HAROLD DEAN WILKINS, Elk Cily. Firsl row: RAY FRANKLIN ALLEN, Anadarkot WILBUR KERMIT BAKER ll, Poleauf WILLIAM LEROY BAKER, Broken Arrow, LOWELL EVANS BAST, Edmond: SAMUEL CHARLES BERNHARDT, JR., Omega. Second row: BILLY EUGENE BLEVINS., Enid: JOHN T. BOAZ III, Tiploni WILLIAM CHARLES BOSWORTH, Nor- mang EDWARD NEWMAN BRANDT, JR., Marieflap LOY DONNA BRIDAL, Cashion. Third row: BLOYCE HILL BRITTON, JR., Ames: JOHN D. BUSH, Tulsag PHILIP JUDSON CAMPBELL, Oklahoma Cilyg PETER LEE CASON, Norman, TIMOTHY HARDIN DENNEHY, Tulsa, Fourlh row: DEAN HENRY DIMENT, Tulsa: HERSCHEL LEWIS DOUGLAS, Oklahoma Ciiy: RICHARD BROOKS DULANY, Kinqlisherg CARL RICHARD EARNEST, Shaw- nee: BOBBY GENE EATON, Wealherlorcl. Fiffh row: ELDON EUGENE FITCH, Newkirky JAMES DEAN FUNNELL, San Diego, CalII.7 EDGAR ALLEN GEDOSH, Poleaug RONALD WALLACE GILCHRIST, JR., Tulsa, DONALD CARROLL GILLILAND, Oklahoma Cify. S-ixlh row: THOMAS GERALD GOODWIN, Choclaw: GLEN DALE HALLUM, Ada: ROBERT HAROLD HAYES, McLoudq GARY HAYES, Clinlong HENRY EATON HELVIE, Tulsa. Sevenfh row: ROBERT STUART HERRICK, Farminglon, N. M.: TOMMY GORDON HODGE, Brislowg THOMAS JEAN HONEA, Muskogee: QUILLEN MONROE HUGHES, Allus: VIRGIL ROY JOBE, JR., Oklahoma Cily. Eighlh row: WILLIAM MOTT JOHNSON, Oklahoma Cilyi WILLIAM IRWIN JONES, Tryon, PAUL EDWIN KAL- DAHL, Oaks: WILLIAM RANSON KILGORE, JR., ldabel: WILLIAM RICHARD KIRKHAM, Slillwaler. iors .V Allen Blevins Briffcn Dinel Fitch Goodwin Herrick Johnson Baker, W. K. Baker, W. L. Boaz Bosworfh Bush Campbell Douglas Dulany Funnell Gedosh Hallum Hayes, R. Hodge Honea Jones Kaldahl Basl Brandf Cason Earnesf Gilchrisl' Hayes, G. H hes U9 Kilgore Bernhardl Bridal Dennehy Ealon Gilliland Helvie J b o e Kirkham Koehn Leap Meece Pafrick Roberls Spence Toma Winsfon Koger Ladd Lanning Lashley Lenaburg Maguire Marker? McClure Michener Miller Muenzler Nida Pafzkowsky Ramey Resler Ricchelii Sanders Scales Sneed Souda Sfobaugh Slouf Thompson Tilloison Wade Wagnon Warren Worley Yeakley Zeiders if 5 X . ki 'Q .Q CLASS OFFICERS: Leo Meece, presidentg George Ladd, vice president, and Ham Winston, secretary. Firsr row: JANE BARNARD KOEHN, Weslvillet EDWARD LEROY KOGER, Miami: GEORGE HOWARD LADD, Musa qogeey JOHN ALLEN LANNING, Tulsag FLOYD JOHN- SON LASHLEY, JR., Tulsa. Second row: PAUL ALBERT LEAP, Oklahoma Cily: HER- BERT HAROLD LENABURG, Shawnee: PHILIP JAMES MAGUIRE, Oklahoma Cily: GEORGE CONRAD MAR- KERT, Wewoka: HUBERT LAVON McCLURE, Big Canyon. Third row: LEO MEECE, Frederick, FRANK ROSBACK MICHENER, Cushing, DUANE CATHEY MILLER, Lawlor? WILLIAM STANLEY MUENZLER, Oklahoma Ciiyq JERRY RAYMOND NIDA, Muskogee. Fourlh row: ALVIN WILLIAM PATRICK, Sunnyside ,Washq PAUL DEAN PATZKOWSKY, Fairviewg DAYNE WARREN RAMEY, Muskogee: DONALD RAY RESLER, Cherokee: WARREN FREDRIC RICCHETTI, Bolivar, Mo. Fifrh row: PAUL EDMOND ROBERTS, Sand Springs: RON RAY SANDERS, Srillwaierj JULIUS LINDSEY SCATES, Woodward: NORMA LEE SNEED, Checoiahp ROBERT Mc- CARREI.. SOUDA, Norman. Sixfh row: WAYMAN RUTHERFORD SPENCE, Tulsa: ROBERT EDWARD STOBAUGH, Oklahoma Cily: HAROLD STOUT, Waurikaq WAYMAN JACKSON THOMPSON, JR., Oklahoma Cilyg CAROL RUTH TILLOTSON, Norman. Sevenlh row: HELEN JO TOMA, Snyder: DONALD FRANKLIN WADE, Oklahoma Cilyi MARION CAROL WAGNON, Tipiong DARRELL RICHARD WARREN, Nor- l'Y'lGI'1. Eighfh row: HAMILTON MELVIN WINSTON, Lawlony JIM WARREN WORLEY, Oklahoma Ciiy: ROBERT ARLEN YEAKLEY, Muskogee, JAMES WILSON ZEIDERS, Midwes? Cily. 27I Firsl row: JOHN ROBERT ALEXANDER, Tulsa: ROBERT LIN ALEXANDER, JR., Okmulqeei EDWARD WAYNE ALLENSWORTH, Brisfow: LANNY GORDON ANDERSON, Wewoka: JOHN DREW ATKIN, Grainola. Second row: JOHN JUSTICE BATCHELOR, JR., Okla- homa Clly: GERALD LEE BECKLOFF, Okeene: ROBERT FRANK BELL, Seminole: NORMAN FRANK BERRY, JR.. Venlnor, N. J.: ROBERT NEIL BLACKBURN, Cushing, Third row: WALTER LEWIS BOWLAN, Oklahoma Cily: REAGAN HOWARD BRADFORD, Lawlon: MELVYN LEON BRILL, Lawlon: MICHAEL NED BURLESON, Prague: DEL- MAR RAY CALDWELL, Shalluck. Fourlh row: CARL D. CAMP, Cleo Springs: WILLIAM FINLEY CARLILE, Tulsa: FRANK DEUEL CHAPMAN, Cleveland: RONALD DAVID CLARK, Tulsa: WILLIAM ANDERS CROCKETT, Oklahoma Cily. Fif+l1 row: JOE RANDOLPH DANEL, Red Oak: CHARLES EDWARD DEAN, Tulsa: OLLIE WAYNE DEHART, Heav- ener: PRESTON WARREN DESHAN, Tulsa: LAMAR DON- ALD DESMUKE, Muskogee. Sixlh row: ROBERT ALLEN DIX, Enid: CLYDE HUDSON DORR II, Oklahoma Cify: DAVID SPROUSE DYCUS, Elk Ci'y: WILLIAM ROBERT EAST, Oklahoma Cily: PAUL BRYAN EDMONDS, Befhany. Sevenlh row: CHARLES HENRY FARR, Oklahoma Cily: DEAN TURNER FITZGERALD. JR., Tulsa: EDMUND ANTHONY FRANKLIN, Shawnee: MILDRED ANN FRANK- LIN, Norman: ROGER ABIE FRANZ, Enid. Eighlh row: ALEN MUNSON FULLER, Lawlon: HARVEY LEE GASPAR, Oklahoma Cily: ADAN LUIS GORENA, JR., Brownsville, Tex.: JOHN LOUIS HACKNEY, Wakila: CHARLES HARRISON HALE, Ponca Cily. Ninlh row: CHARLES DENNIS HAUNSCHILD, Jef: HAR- RISON FRENSLEY HAYES, Oklahoma Cily: ROBERT JAMES HOGUE, JR., Cherokee: GEORGE WILLIAM INGELS., Norman: JOE BOB JARMAN, Tulsa. f A : A Alexander, J. Alexander, R. Allensworfh I I O I I I Batchelor Beckloff Bell 1 1 , Bowlan Bradford Brill ' .1 Camp Carlile Chapman 'X jg, S' Danel Dean Deharf A Dix Dorr Dycus v Farr Fitzgerald Franken lk-5 xy Fuller Gaspar Gorena Haunschild Hayes Hogue Anderson Berry Burleson Clark Deshan Easf Franklin Hackney lngels Alkin Blackburn Caldwell Crockelf Desmuke Edmonds Franz Hale Jarman CLASS OFFICERS: William Crockett, vice pres- ident: Robert Bell, president, and Robert Smith, S6Cr6tary. First row: CHARLES LOUIS JOBE, JR., Oklahoma City: KEN- NETH LEROY KOEHN, Orienta: THOMAS SYLVESTER LLEWEL- LYN Ill, Tulsa: BILLY PAUL LOUGHRIDGE, Ardmore: RICHARD ELWOOD MANSFIELD, Manhattan, Kan.: JUNE CAROLYNN MAY, Owasso: JOHN EDWARDS McALlSTER, Muskogee: LAW- RENCE STEVENS MERRITT, Norman: LEONARD BARRETT MEYER, Mangum. Second row: GRIFFITH C. MILLER, Sapulpa: GEORGE CLIF- FORD MOORE, Stillwater: JAMES DAVIS MOORE, Tahlequah: ROBERT RONALD MOOSE, Tulsa: WILLARD BROWN MORAN. JR., Shawnee: JAMES DOYLE MORGAN, Ponca City:'VICTOR W. NEUGEBAUER, Fairview: CROCKETT HENRY PAGE, Okla- homa City: BERNIE PARSONS, ldabel. Third row: KENNETH GAROLYN PLUMMER, Anadarko: JACK DEAN POWELL, Cleveland: TERRILL EYRE PRICE, JR., Jones: JERRY LEE PULS, Tulsa: DAVID GEORGE REIGEL, Jennings: ROBERT MAX RICHARD, I-larmon: VICTOR LYCURGUS RO- BARDS, JR., Tahlequah: KENNETH ALFRED ROGERS, JR., Okla- homa City: MONTY LERAY ROTHENBERGER, Chester. Fourth row: DAVID MOORE SELBY, Enid: JANE SELF, Tulsa: ROBERT PAUL SHAVER, Oklahoma City: CHARLES JOSEPH SHAW, JOHN Stroud: Burbank: DALE BYARS SHERROD, Oklahoma City: RIGBY SLIGHT, Bartlesville: DAVID ALBERT SMITH, HENRY PERCY SMITH, Frederick: JOHN IRVING SMITH, Tulsa: ROBERT MARCHAND SMITH, Oklahoma City. Fifth row: ROGER LEE SMITHPETER, Geary: DANNY LEE STEHR, Clinton: LUTHER JEARL STRICKLAND, Oklahoma City: LOWELL NELSON TEMPLER, Mangum: HAROLD DEAN THIES- SEN, Gotebo: WILLIAM VAN BUREN, Pawnee: STANTON LEE WITTER, Stillwater: TED WALLACE WOLFE, Cushing: MILTON RICE WORKMAN, Tulsa: PHILLIP JAY WRIGHT, Cordell. I Jobe Koehn Llewellyn Loughridge Mansfield May M:Alister Merritt Miller Moore, G. Moore, J. Moose Moran Morgan Neugebauer Page Plummer Powell Price Puls Reigel Richard Robards Roger Selby Self Shaver Shaw Sherrod Slight Smith, D. Smith, H. Smith, J. Smithpeter Stehr Strickland Templer Thiessen VanBuren Witter Wolfe Workman Meyer Parsons Rothenberger Smith, R. Wright 273 Flrsf row: JOHN DELBERT ALBRIGHT, Leedeyp THOMAS CRAWFORD ALEXANDER, Okmulqee: RUSSELL FLOYD ALLEN, Oklahoma Cilyy REX TIPPENS BAGGETT, Okla- homa Cilyp MARVIN LEROY BAIRD, Edmond, Second row: LAWRENCE ELMER BARE, Tulsa: RONALD STEPHEN BARLOW, Barilesville: RICHARD ALOYSIUS. BAYLOR, JR., Oklahoma Ciiyg GEORGE NICK BECKLOFF, Okeene: DONALD RAYMOND BERGMAN, Miami. Third row: KEITH IRION BERNHARDT, Omega: LARRY LOYD BIEHLERI Omega, JERRY BEN BLANKENSHIP. Frederick: PAUL GOODWYN BOREN, Oklahoma Cilyg ROBERT GARY BOTTOMLEY, Tulsa. Fourfh row: JAMES WAYNE CHILDS, Sand Springs, MYRON ALFRED CORDUM, Davenport JIM CARROL COUCH, Duncan, WALLACE WARE COYNER, Edmond: BILL BRUCE CROWELL, Shawnee. Fif+h row: DON WALES CULWELL, Norman: ERNEST ROBERT DAFFER, Wilson, HAROLD DEAN DAVIDSON, Hydro: RONALD CHARLES ELKINS, Ponca Ciiyt CHARLES CALEB ELLIOTT, Tulsa. Sixlh row: JAMES FELACTU, Tulsa, DAVID A. FLESHER. Oklahoma Cilyg JAMES HERBERT GARNER, JR., Slillwa- +erg JOHN LARSON GLOMSET, JR., Oklahoma Cilyx PHILIP LEO GRISHAM, Purcell. Sevenfh row: BUDDY WAYNE HARBIN, Chandler, JACK SIMS HARPER, Frederick: GILBERT EARLE HASLAM, JR.. Anadarkog DONALD WADE HASTINGS, Seminole: LARRY JOE HRDLICKA, Eulaula. Eighlh row: DALE RAY HUGHES, Alineg ROBERT EARL HUNTER, Oklahoma Cify: ERIC RAY HURD, Claremore? LEE ANDREW IS-OM, Shawnee: GEORGE ROBERT JAY. Oklahoma Cify. Nlnfh row: GRADY LYNN JETER, Al+us1 PAUL EDWIN JOHNSON, Miami: CHARLES DWAYNE KELLEY, Clinfong KEM KELLY, Elk Cilyq THOMAS E. KENDALL, Holdenville. . freshmen Albrighl Bare Bernhard? Childs Culwell Felaclu Harbin Hughes Jeler Alexander Allen Baggeff Baird Barlow Baylor Beckloff Bergman Bjehler Blankenship Boren Boffomley Cordum Couch Coyner Crowell Daffer Davidson Elkins Elliolf Flesher Garner Glomsef Grisham Harper Haslam Haslinqs Hrdlicka Hunler Isom Hurd Jay Johnson Kelley Kelly Kendall CLASS OFFICERS: Ronald Elkins, vice presi- dent: Elaine Neill. secretary, and Tom Nicklas, president. Firsl' row: EVERETT GORDON KING, Duncan: JOSEPH KOPTA, Tulsa: JAMES HOYT LITTLE, Oklahoma Cifyi MAX PAUL LORENZ, Tulsa: WILLIAM PATRICK LOVELACE, Tulsa: CHARLES LEE McCARVER, Wislert MACK IRA MCCLAIN, Oklahoma Cily: PATRICK ALLEN McKEE, Tulsa: WILLIAM ELDER McNElLL, Oklahoma Cily. Second row: HARVEY RAY MICHAEL, Oklahoma Cily: JAMES VANCE MILLER, Oklahoma Cily' OMAR JOHN MORGAN. Tahlequah: SCOTT MORRISON, Prague: THOMAS ORVILLE NICKLAS, Oklahoma Cily: ERVIN RONALD ORR, Anadarko: WILLIAM THOMAS PERRYMAN, JR., Tahlequah: HERMAN CRAIG PITTS, Fairfax: LENARD AUSTIN POPLIN, Twin Oaks. Third row: TONY GENE PUCKETT, Carnegie: HANSEL LAVERN RATLIFF, Red Rock: JERRY DON RAZOOK, Cherokee: JAMES STAFFORD REED, Tulsa: DONALD ALBERT REID, Oklahoma City: JOHN HOWARD REMPEL, Enid: FREDDIE ALBERT REYN- OLDS, Ponca Cilyg JOE BILLS REYNOLDS, Golebo: DAVID GERALD ROGERS, Oklahoma Ciry. Fourfh row: KENNETH REX SClVALl..Y, I-lollis: EDDIE BENSON SCOGGIN, Allus: RICHARD DEAN SCOTT, Tulsa: RAMON ARTHUR SHANE, I-Ienryella: HENRY KIRVEN SPEED Ill, Sayre: NORMAN RUSSELL STACEY, JR., Woodward: DAN THOMAS. SULLIVAN, Okmulgee: JAMES ROBERT TAYLOR, Sfillwaler: LARRY RAYMOND TAYLOR, Carnegie. Fif'rh row: HUMPHREY COLBERT TOWNSLEY, Oklahoma Cily: LANNY FLOYD TROTTER, Oklahoma Cily: JOE UNSELL TUR- LEY, Tulsa: MICHAEL HOWARD WHALEN, Oklahoma Cily: TRAVIS EDWARD WHITE, Allus: BOYD OTHO WHITLOCK. Kaw Ciry: THOMAS LEROY WHITSETT, Tulsa: DAVID ROY WILLHOITE, Lawrong GEORGE ALLEN WOTTAN. King Kopfa LlH'le Lorenz Lovelace McCarver McClain McKee McNeill Michael Miller Morgan Morrison Nicklas Orr Perryman Pills Poplin Puckett Rafliff Razook Reed Reid Rempel Reynolds, F. Reynolds, J, Rogers Scivally Scoggin Scoh' Shane Speed Sfacey Sullivan Taylor, J. Taylor L Townsley Troffer Turley Whalen While Whitlock Whilseff Willhoife Woffan , I , gi, e df i e ' a COUNCIL MEETING-First row: john Gardner. Wayman Thompson, Ioe Iarman. Clyde Dorr. Second rout: Byron Bailey, Bob East, Robert M. Smith. OFFICERS President . . WAYATAN THOMPSON Vice President . . . BILL IOHNSON Secretary . . JOHN GARDNER Treasurer . . . . BOB SMITH Program Chairman . BOB STOBAUGH PHI BETA Pl lpha lambda Chapter Phi Beta Pi, national medical fraternity, was found- ed March lil, l89l. at the Wc'str:rn Pennsvlvania Med- ical College, now the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. The Alpha Lambda chapter was estab- lished at the University of Oklahoma, May 24. l9l2. Bush this year was again successful, being climaxed by a roaring stag party. The Thanksgiving and Christmas dances in Oklahoma City completed the first semester's social activities. The annual Founders' Day banquet was enjoyed by chapter alums and members. Stressing scholarship and brotherhood, Alpha Lamb- da moves with propriety to further the standards it has set for the betterment of Phi Beta Pi and the oldest, select fraternity-medicine, The quality of freshmen pledged each year and the interest Of the alumni as- sure continued success. Paul Patzlaovrsky, Don Wade and Virgil Iobe discuss new ideas to submit to the staff. Each member has a keen in- terest in the growth of the organization. Council meeting includes Ierry Puls, George lay, Sidney Cloud, Russell Allen and Tom Goodwin. OFFICERS Presiding Senior . R. SIDNEY CLOUD Presiding funior . . BILL MORRIS Secretary . . . JERRY PULS Treasurer . . . TOM GOODWIN Alumni Secretary . . GEORGE IAY Social Chairman . RUSSELL ALLEN PHI CHI ilmicron Kappa Chapter The Omicron Kappa chapter of Phi Chi was estab- lished at the University of Oklahoma in l922. At chapter meetings this year, the membership was privi- leged to hear several informal lectures delivered by such distinguished guest speakers as Dr. Harris D. Riley, Dr. Louis I. West, and Dr. Robert M. Bird. Social activities this year have included such annual events as the freshman stag party, Christmas dance and Founders' Day celebrations. The annual Eben Lively Memorial award in anat- omy was presented to Iohn A. Alexander. Instituted for the first time this year was an alumni newsletter which will reach this chapter's 721 alumni members semi-annually. This organization is exceedingly proud of its accom- plishments of the past and is looking forward to many more achievements in the future through the coopera- tion of all aFHliates. Bill Morris and Tom Good- win are enjoying one of the many facets of the organiza- tion available to its members -that of social get-togethers. Student Council Class presidents, two representatives from each class, a graduate student representative, a faculty represen- tative and Dean Taylor comprise the Student Council, which is the only organized duly elected body serving the needs of the entire student body of the Medical School. At the closing meeting of the preceding school year, Bill Dotter was elected president to serve throughout the current year. Other members of the council were each appointed to serve on the various Student Coun- cil committees. Primarily through the efforts of those making up the respective committees, the student body enjoyed an- other outstanding all-school dance on February 14 at the Municipal Auditorium, an evening of frivolity when the Gridiron was presented on April lO, an in- tramural sports program, and various improvements ol student facilities as undertaken by the projects com- mittee. The council again sponsored the publication of the Sooner Medic. BILL DOTTER President OFFICERS President .... . . . BILL DOTTER Faculty Advisors . . . DR. A. N. TAYLOR DR. VV. W. SCHOTTSTAEDT Council members include, first row: Robert Bell, Dick Tenney, Bill Dotter, Dr. W. W. Sehottstaedt, Dr. A. N. Taylor, Iim Funnell. Second row: Leo Meece, Iohn Bush, David Selbey, Vie Robards, Ioe Reynolds, lack Close, Tom Nicklas. nursing School of ursing The University of Oklahoma School ol Nursing has grown from a blue print of yesterday to the modern four story dormitory of today which houses classrooms and living quarters for those en- colled in its curriculum. Nursing has grown to a new professional height in education, business and medical care, with special emphasis being placed on the quality of nurses produced by a school of nursing, rather than the quantity of nurses. The school, realizing this, offers two accredited programs: a diploma program and a degree program. A third program is now available to graduate nurses who wish to continue their education in nursing. We are proud of the progress our school has made. Its horizons are ever broadening and will continue to do so, as long as there are young women who want to obtain a well rounded source of knowledge and who want to fulfill their place in society. University of Oklahoma School of Nursing Q 1. A . ADA HAWKINS, R.N., S.lVI Director, School ol Nursing r""M"'t'-t FACULTY AD DIRECIURS '49 ELAINE MCMINN, R.N., M.S. IENELL HUBBARD, R.N., B.S.N. IUANITA GARRISON Assistant Director of Nursing Associate Director of Institutional Residence Director Nursing, Director of Nursing Service ELLIE FARMER, R.N., B.A. Assistant Professor of Pediatric Nursing 5. ' A BEVERLYN ALLEN, R.N., B.S.N. Teaching Assistant in lperating Room Nursing EMMA K. FLINNER, R.N., M.Lit. TERESA M. STACY, R.N. IESSCELIA WILSON, R.N., B.S.N. VERA PETERS, M.H.Ec. Assistant Professor of Nursing Teaching Assistant in Medical- Instructor in Medical-Surgical Nursing Assistant Professor in Nutrition Surgical Nursing IANET lVIooDY, R.N., B.S.N. Instructor in General Nursing GLENNITA SMITH, R.N., B.S.N. Teaching Assistant in General Nursing LUCILE H. TERRELL, R.N., B.S. Assistant Professor of Public Health Nursing HELEN E. PATTERSON, R.N., M.A. Director, Degree Program for Nurses with a Certihcate in Professional Nursing MARIE C, MINK, R.N,, M,S. Assistant Professor in Obstetrical Nursing HELEN A. MCCULLOUGH, R.N., M.A., Prof. Diploma Assistant Professor of General Nursing FREDA SCHREINER, R.N., B.S.N. Teaching Assistant in Pediatric Nursing ANN FRANKLIN Freshman .Advisor 283 First row: ELIZABETH BALDWIN, DA, OSSNA, Bethany, SHIRLEY BARToN, Cushing, OLETA BEAM, DA, Arnett, MARY FRANCIS BUR- TON, Flagstaff, Ariz., PAT CLARK, DA, OSSNA, St. Council, Healdton, BARBARA Cox, Okrnulgee, CARA NELL FEIGHNY, St. Council, Degree, Watoka, SUSAN FREEDMAN, St. Council, OSSNA, Degree, Tulsa. Second row: CAROLYN ClENTNER, St. Council, Ponca City, SHIR- LEY GILLIS, Oklahoma City, NANCY GRAHANI, Degree, Bartles- ville, NORNTA JONES, Dewey, BETTY KINSEY, DA, Oklahoma City, LAVENA KRIEC, Wellston, RAYE l,AIvIEERT, Vivian, La., JANE LE- FAVOUR, DA, OSSNA, St. Council, Cushing. SE IORS VVhoop-ef Third row: IRAIA JEAN l.owRY, Degree, Cuymon, MARY' l,oU l,UNSFORD, OSSNA, Carlsbad, N. M., MARILYN MAGEE, DA. Dewey, Lois JUNE lVlA'I"I'ER, St. Council, Degree, Hooker, KATHY NIILTON, Oklahoma City, FERN MERREI.I., Degree, Norman, PAT MOKJRE, Bethany, PAT NIORKIN, Oklahoma City. Fourth row: ALZAIJA CJLIVER, DA, Cushing, MARY ANN POZARO, Degree, San Diego, Calif., JANE QUADE, Degree, Oklahoma City, l.II.I.IE REGIER, OSSNA, Enid, IANE RICHARDSON, DA, St. Coun- cil, Snyder, DIXIE ROBINSON, Pampa, Tex,, VIRGINIA SLATE, El Reno, BARBARA STRoUP, Degree, Oklahoma City. Fifth row: ELIZABETH STAFFORD, Degree, Denver, Colo., ALICE TAYLOR, DA, Duncan, TALLIE TOWNE, St. Council, OSSNA, Cushing, SUE TUCKER, St. Council, Finley, PENNY VANDERHOOK, Oklahoma City, IJONNA WALLS, Degree, Bartlesville, IANE WHITE, Degree, Anadarko, MADONNA YATES, Oklahoma City. First row: LAZETTE BEVERS, St. Council, Blair, Io CRINRLAW, Pampa, Tex., DOROTHY CURRIE, OSSNA, Degree, Sallisawg AR- LYS EDMONDS, Bethany, ALETI-IA ELLIS, OSSNA, Degree, Norman, CONSTANCE ENDERS, OSSNA, Degree, Oklahoma City. Second row: EUPHEMIA GOODLOW, OSSNA, Degree, Oklahoma City, CAROLYN GRIFFY, DA, Oklahoma City, FRANCIS HARGROVE, Degree, Prague, ANN HECK, St. Council, Weatherford, VERNITA HELMS, DA, OSSNA, Lawton, BETTY RUTH INMAN, OSSNA, Degree, Oklahoma City. Third row: IUDITH ANN IANZEN, OSSNA, Degree, Tulsa, LOIS KRAUSE, OSSNA, Degree, Enid, EILEEN KRIVANEK, OSSNA, De- gree, Mustang, SUZETTE LALANNE, DA, North Platte, Neb., LOU ANN LOWER, Degree, Oklahoma City, IANET MARSHALL, OSSNA, Degree, Seminole. UNIURS Mirror, mirror on the wall--what'S the most important event of all? Fourth row: MARY MARX, Oklahoma City, PAT MEEKS, Ponca City, IEANE'I'I'E MICHENER, DA, Burkburnett, Tex., CHARLA MILLS, Nash, MARTHA SKAJA, St. Council, Haworth, IUDY SMITH, Canton. Fifth row: SONDRA SNYDER, Duncan, NANCY TAUBE, Midwest City, PAT TUNE, Fargo, BARBARA TURNER, Stillwell, DARLENE TROSPER, Lake Arthur, La., BOBETTE WATSON, OSSNA, Degree, Oklahoma City, BETTYE Io WILSON, Degree, Oklahoma City. Topsy-Part l. First row: LEILA ANN BARNES, Lawton, NANCY ROSE BOWLIN, Boise, Idaho, BARBARA BROSS, Tulsa, IANICE MARIE BROWN, Grimes, MARY ELLEN CASTEEL, Earlsborog LEWANA SUE CHANEY, Muskogee, DEANNA GwEN CRAWFORD, Enid, NANCY JANE DEN- NIS, Quanah, Tex. FRESHMIE Second row: ERNESTINE FARRELL, Nash, ROBENA LEE IACKSON, Boley, BETHELYN SUE IENINGS, Duncan, KARROLL CURTIS IONES, Norman, TREVA SUE LANCEORD, Stillwater, SANDRA LEA MARTIN, Cushing, LINDA DEE MCCAULEY, Edmond, NANCY CAROL Mc- CLAIN, Oklahoma City. Third row: IEANNE ANN MCELROY, Shawnee, RUTH ANN MC- KOOL, St. Council, Garland, ETTA MARIE MINNICK, Moore, SANDRA KAY NICHOLS, Seminole, MARILYN REESE, Oklahoma City, GERALDINE ELLEN ROBINSON, Meeker, NADINE HELEN ROB- INSON, Meeker, PATRICIA ANN SETTLE, Muskogee. Fourth row: DOROTHY ELAINE STARK, Lawton, GLENDA STEVENS, Moore, MYRNA RUTH TARKINCTON, Oklahoma City, IUDITH VAUGHN, Tulsa, MELVA DEAN VAUCHN, Prague, CONSTANCE IRENE WEAVER, Oklahoma City, IANET DE ANN WHITE, Dacoma. Harrah! The DA members gave the school a new TV. Our Guiding Light-The Student Council. What! OUSN has a Sairey Camp. Welcome horne-How was the OSSNA Convention? Vlfhcn you maid scruh nurse, I didn'L know I The Ca es are here! Where's mine? vou meant the Hoor! Hallway, and a hanquct too P , fwa :P SWK' 'si X K... Stranger in Paradise! State Board Reference lVlz1terial- Typical freshman lun. Everything uniform. Look. girl5-it's xvhiref Romeo, wh Romeo. wherefor art thou. Romeo? Take a deep breath-hold it-now. I'm right Chere. lc-Us chat awhile. "Have fluids. will trzivelfl ' 5 f 1 , ' 5 i i E e ., 3 ' ,,"1" .. ri M M I 'L Q nl S2 s f x S i f? is V activities ,... WW, , 7 ' -za, -W ff ra 3 5. ,,m,"i1i2zQ:, . .. ,Mwar . Y Intramural aciion brings cheers as students throng the field. Q Extra- currloulan , v goal s . 5, .sew Q- Students flock to the annual College of are h.1g11 l 0 fl - l' 11 9 n 2 m x 1 -Q W f , N , Q niwdw ' l . ., ,, 'W' ll Homecoming queen candidates pose for TV cameras. Activities Beauties . . 293 Personalities . . 309 Athletics . . 313 Publications . . 353 Organizations . . 363 ii .iii L ,1,.N t' '- 1 FI ,alggipfi 3, 3. wytgrsgsi gi, 1 gf gem-rf 41. .W f. 'AQ' IND! I fl 'DIMIINIJH no-no you-u m, wx ,u u-. x u4:nu.f num.-4, 4-,u.uvnum.a Mr. Neil Stanfield and Mr. Robert Osborne Sooner Yearbook University of Oklahoma Norman, Oklahoma Gentlemen: As you requested, beauties as follows: First place: Second place: Third place: Fourth place: Fil' th place: Sixth place: Seventh place: Eighth place: This has been a most pleasant, difficult assignment. Oklahoma University on the wealth of beauty represented in the lovely young ladies. All of them had many January 9. 1959 I have ranked your top eight Barbara rannege Marilyn McCullough Jean Ann Miller Diane Dowling Wilma Felkner Paula Locke Susan noopes De Ann Dudenhoeffer however an extremely photographs of these qualities of beauty and personality. I am sorry it was not possible to be there in person to share with you the loveliness of this entire group. May I suggest that you display all the photographs in some public place, or peruaps in your local newspaper so that your entire com unity may enjoy tue beauty of these young ladiea ilease congratulate each of tnese finalists for me and extend my best wishes to them and to tne students and faculty of your University. ny warmest trmnks, also, to you and to the staff of the 1959 Sooner Yearbook for selecting me for this honor and pleasure. E. S. As per your request I photograph of myself. Cordlal N ns! am enclosing an autographed is to be congratulated Ewvbolugpfp 1-sp, A-1, T17 1.4 .- M., b-311. 'i ' , i j gf 57 A 511 eg, ' W" I ,H9331 " 5 -..F Kcuppo Alpha Theta 31 Pi Beta Phi ,f ,. ,JW,5.,,, x 'lm' A W 1,59 am- sq .alma 5. mix m , agus at 4 7 1 i A gf Xgisfiii, . Ab MAIICENIZ MARRY ANNE'r'ria Mmisir Rosie ANN SiiAc1Ki.u iVlcCurtain House Gamma Phi Beta NlcSpz1cld1-ii House PAT Pfxixiqiaiz TIKI 'llAYl.0R Iixciciii GAUMER Phi Mu jordan Hausa- Alpha Gamma Delta QW CAim1.r1 SUE Kiuisiqi BECKY Kiwis SHLRRY ZUBRIN Sigma Della 'l'ziu Parker lloiisc' Alpha Iipsilon Phi """"'k S Y 3, 'WE . A -H W i Ain, I iw Ha, 4 wifflm WW Ai Z A W .171 A -- 'wi' A 'hi 31 'fm- KATIIIZIUNE iVlISSIL.DlfXIi Cl.-XYNA B1l.l.l'Ii PAT 'TROXVER ANN SAL'N1ui1as Kappa Kappa Garrmia Dvlta Dclta Dvlta Pi Bela Phi Chi Omega 'a Wa A. hx. iii' YE- PllYI.I.IS llramlis Viciuii HUN'1'1iR l.lNDA JHNNINCS SANDRA BII.l.l'PS Kappa Alpha Theta Logan Home Delta Delta Della Delta Gamma Niue' BARBARA Mocic LINDA MCCIi.'Xll1' lDIiNISA P1-:TTY juni' CARPHQ D1-lta Gamma Gamma Phi Rota Delta Della Delta Alpha Chi Omn-ga FRAN LANDER SUE MVRRAH lfI.IZAI3Ii'I'H I.ANcsuNKAwiP BRENDA MII.I.IiR Kappa Kappa Gamma Chi Omega Pi Bela Phi Alpha lfpsilon Phi PERSO ALITIES STAN BETZER: Letters major, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pe-et, Whois Who, Phi Eta Sigma, Distinguished Military Student, Sigma Chi social fraternity, Delta Phi Alpha, Conference on Religion chairman, BMOC, Disciples Student Fellowship, Frontier Weekend chairman, student sen- ate executive secretary, judicial Advisory Board, Union Activities Board, Dallas Rally Dance chairman. . . -,gmt a,.egams,m Ma., ',+:,a,ae+wawfY't' A BARBARA CHEATHAM: Fine arts ma- jor, Alpha Lambda Delta, Tassels, Mortar Board, Union Activities Council, student senate orientation chairman, AWS, BWOC, one of ten outstanding freshman women, Delta Phi Delta, Kappa Phi, Whois Who, Delta Delta Delta social so- rority, Alpha Lambda Delta, work exhib- ited in 1959 Philbrook Art show and l95S Association of Oklahoma Artists show. BOB CASEY: English and pre-med ma- jor, 1958 Sooner Scandals director, Phi Eta Sigma president, Union Activities Board, Beta Theta Pi social fraternity president, Alpha Epsilon Delta vice presi- dent, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pe-et, Who's Who, BMOC, Career Conference, YMCA vice president, one of ten outstanding freshman men, Conference on Religion and Dadis Day committees. CHUCK COSSEY: Geology major, Union Activities Council president, Career Con- ference chairman for l958-59. SOONER yearbook fraternity editor, Homecoming executive committees, Cross Center Presi- dents' Council, Who's Who, Sigma Nu social fraternity, BMOC, lnterfraternity Council expansion committee, AFROTC freshman honor cadet, Pick and Hammer club, student senate committees. STEVE CATHEY: journalism major, Oklahoma Daily editor spring semester l959, past managing editor, news editor and sports editor, Student Press Associa- tion president, Publications Board, Public Relations society, Alpha Delta Sigma, SOONER yearbook sports editor, McMahon Memorial journalism scholarship, Okla- homa City Times summer internship, Beta Theta Pi social fraternity. LIDA SUE ELKINS: Home economics major, Alpha Lambda Delta president and junior advisor, Union Activities Board secretary, Eta Epsilon, Oikonomia, Omicron Nu, Tassels, Mortar Board, Chi Omega social sorority, Shadowbox, Kap- pa Phi, Leadership Training Course chairman, Kappa Delta Pi, Union Activi- ties Council secretary-treasurer, outstand- ing freshman and sophomore woman. ikf gL,g K A f S' fr 2 t CAROI, FORSBERG: Geology major, student senate, Pick and Hammer club, Homecoming vice chairman, Quadrangle Tri-council, AWS vice president, Whois Who, Independent Students association secretary, outstanding independent wom- an, BWOC, outstanding Quadrangle sen- ior, Chi Upsilon, Westminster Founda- tion, Quadrangle president 1957-58, Letz- eiser selection committee. BOB HARRISON: Business administra- tion major, co-captain varsity football team 1958, All-Big Eight team, All-Amer- ican for Football Digest, Associated Press, United Press International, Look maga- zine, All-Player, 1958 Player of the Year in Big Eight, Varsity KOH club, United Press International Linesman of the Year, voted outstanding linesman ol 1957 var- sity alumni game. 3I0 PERSUNMIIIES ROBERT D. GARRETT: Literature, history, philosophy major, Independent Students association president, Union Ac- tivities Board presidcnt, Men's Glee club. BMOC, Pe-et treasurer, Distinguished Military Student, Omicron Delta Kappa, student senate academic allairs committee chairman. Sooner Scandals financial man- ager, Union Activities Council, Phi Eta Sigma. ' IARED HAZLETON: Accounting-eco- nomics major, student senate vice presi- dent, Xi Mu pre-lavv president, Pe-et vice president, Omicron Delta Kappa, BMOC, Phi Eta Sigma, University Debate team, twice winner of Missouri Valley debate championship, Whois Who, Beta Theta Pi social fraternity, Conference on Reli- gion treasurer. President Cross, religious leadership award. -ov-N, Q,-'?"' PATTI GUMERSON: Mortar Board, Tassels, English major, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Alpha Theta social sorority president and scholarship cup Winner four semesters, Matrix Table outstanding sen- ior woman award, Union Activities Board vice president, Association of Women Stu- dents council, Union Activities Council secretary, Phi Beta Kappa, 1958 Motheris Day chairman. JAMES C. I-IIPPEN: History major, Phi Alpha Theta president, student senate, History club, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Pe- et, Omicron Delta Kappa, ISA executive council, outstanding independent man for 1958, Phi Eta Sigma, BMOC, Westmin- ster Foundation, Letzeiser selection com- mittee l958, one of ten outstanding fresh- man men, NROTC Battalion commander, top naval student three years. PERSUNAIIIIIES BILL LEONARD: Philosophy major, University Band, Kappa Kappa Psi vice president and secretary, Inter-Religious Council president, Councilor editor, Con- ference on Religion vice chairman, Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Dcan's honor roll, Classics club, selected as an outstanding independent, Westminster Foundation president. 5 IACK MOORE: Finance major, student senate president, Varsity "OH club, Delta Sigma Pi vice president, Finance club treasurer, Business Statistics club vice president, Accounting club, Pe-et, Omi- cron Delta Kappa, BMOC, Big Seven golf champion, Whois Who, Phi Delta Theta social fraternity treasurer and alumni sec- retary, Society of American Military Engi- neers. ROGER LOUIS: Letters major, Pe-et president, Omicron Delta Kappa presi- dent, Sigma Alpha Epsilon social frater- nity president, Campus YMCA president, University Symphony Orchestra, Phi Alpha Theta, International Relations club president, Who's VVho two years, Classics Society president, Letzeiser honor roll, Delta Phi Alpha president, Campus Chest treasurer, Phi Eta Sigma. 'W MARY LAYNE RALEY: Vocational home economics major, Mortar Board president, student senate secretary, Alpha Lambda Delta judicial advisory board, 1958 Career Conference chairman, l957 Homecoming co-chairman, past regional director National Students association, BWOC, Who's Who, Delta Gamma so- cial sorority president, Omicron Nu. Eta Epsilon, Oilconomia. IERRY MILES: Petroleum engineering major, Engineers club president, Pi Epsi- lon Tau vice president, student senate, Petroleum Engineers club, Whois Who, Sooner Shamroclis "Man of Mitef' Omi- cron Delta Kappa, AIME student YIICFII- ber, Phi Delta Theta social fraternity house manager and scholarship chairman, University Council on Planning and Dc- vclopment, Union Activities. i i MARILYN RICHARDSON: Freneh-his- tory, government major, Tassels vice pres- ident, Alpha Lambda Delta treasurer, BWOC, Panhellenic, Mortar Board vice president, Who's Who, Entre Nous treas- urer, Kappa Gamma Epsilon, outstanding freshman and sophomore Woman, AAUW and LaVerne Noyes scholarship, Alpha Gamma Delta social sorority president, Lucille Dora French award. I PT:':"53,ja, . CAROL IEAN ROBINSON: journalism major, Student Press association secretary, Oklahoma Daily editor fall semester IQSS, managing editor, news editor, campus edi- tor, Union Activities committees, Federa- tion of Young Republicans, Theta Sigma Phi, Tassels, Mortar Board, Alpha Lamb- do Delta, BWOC, Whois Who, Alpha Gamma Delta social sorority, assistant editor oi Sooner Magazine. BILL TIFFANY: Physics major, Pe-et vice president, Omicron Delta Kappa, Sig- ma Pi Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, BMOC, In- terfraternity council, Union Activities, student senate, Society of American Mili- tary Engineers, Sigma Phi Epsilon social Iraternity president, Lottinville Award, Whois Who, district finalist for Rhodes Scholarship, Homecoming alumni chair- man. 3I2 PIERSO ALIIIES SUNYA SANGER: Language arts major, Alpha Lambda Delta. BWOC, Associa- tion oi VVomen Students president and treasurer, WRA president two years, Mor- tar Board secretary, Kappa Delta Pi, Chi Omega social sorority president and see- retary, Dadis Day award lor outstanding senior woman, Tassels, Whois Who, out- standing Ireshman and sophomore wom- an, senior class vice president. i i , ,Q--1 ,i ti. TKT, JIM VV. VVHITE: Letters major, student senate president and vice president, Dad's Day chairman, Pe-et secretary, Scabhard and Blade, Omicron Delta Kappa, Persh- ing Rifies, Classics club, Phi Eta Sigma, Union Activities Council, Motheris Day co-chairman, Distinguished Military Stu- dent, Disciple Student Fellowship presi- dent, Beta Theta Pi social fraternity ac- tivities chairman. Q we 1 V ,ff aaa . BOB H. SCHWARTZ: Chemical engi- neering major, Engineers club treasurer, St. Pat's council treasurer, Omicron Delta Kappa, LKOT, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, Who's Who, Knight of St. Pat, Distin- guished Military Student, American Insti- tute of Chemical Engineers vice president Interfraternity Council, Alpha Chi Sigma Delta Upsilon social fraternity president. 5 LYNDON WILLIAMS: Chemical engi- necring major, Independent Students as- sociation president, Omicron Delta Kap- pa. Pershing Rifles, Phi Eta Sigma, Amer- ican Institute of Chemical Engineers, Wesley Foundation, OU Marching and Symphonic bands, VVho,s Who, outstand- ing army ROTC cadet, Distinguished Military Student, BMOC, Sooner Scan- dals and Homecoming committees, hand letter and award. athletic S ff vw A .4 1, mf, 3: war wif N QW M- ilf M 1- akin Jia su M? .... fI:.: .f5E: .V A ..W,E,,.. . 3. 3 I Athletic Council, first row: Dr. E, A. Frederickson, Clyde L. Farrar, Dean Earl Sneed, Paul V. Keen, Dr. Joseph H. Marshburn. Second row: Bud Wilkinson, Leonard Haug, Ken Farris, Dr. Iohn C. Hrixey, Eugene 0. Kuntz. DOYLE PARRACK JACK BARR DON WALRAVEN MATT MANN WILLIAM CARROLL PAUL GEYMANN BOB JAMES HAROLD KEITH JOHN IAcoBs EDDIE CROWDER I. D. ROBERTS RUDY FELLMAN CLIVE RUSH TOMMY EVANS DEAN EARL SNEED IR. Chairman of Athletic Council Big Eight Faculty Representative C. B. WILKINSON Director of Athletics Head Football Coach THLEHC CUUNCH. Oklahoma ended this yearis athletic season support- ing one of the best all-around varsity records in the schoolis history. While sportswriters and grid fans were speculating this season's strength, Coach Bud Wilkinson formed what proved to be one of his best Sooner squads. The season, marked by a loss to the Longhorns of Texas, and one of the closest grid encounters with the Okla- homa State footballers in years, ended with the Big Red winning another Big Eight championship and adding another Orange Bowl trophy to the shelf. Wilkinson Was aided by former Sooners Eddie Crowder and D. Roberts, as well as Clive Rush, Rudy Fellman, and All-American line builder Gomer Jones. Basketball mentor Doyle Parrack found replace- ments for graduates Ioe King, Gene Hudson, Max GOMER IONES KEN FARRIS Pom ROBERTSON l' . I 1 : l l 5 I l i l I l A D CUACHI G Sl FF Claiborne and Bruce Medley, and when the seasonal opener came, Parrack's hustlers began what turned out to be an uncanny home court Winning streak. Matt Mannis merrnen, longtime national power- houses, splashed to another successful winning season. Their winning streak of 1958 was broken when the SMU Mustangs hosted the Sooners and swam OH with the honors. Port Robertson's Sooner wrestlers turned in a great performances, along with a surprising upset of Okla- homa State's grappling champions. Coach lack Baer led Sooner baseballers to another successful season, while Bill Carroll was taking over head duties as track mentor. Bob Iames coached Sooner golfers for the third sea- son and Don Walraven headed the Oklahoma tennis squad. S00 ERS TR MPLE What could have been another one of Bud's unde- feated football squads was spoiled when the Sooners traveled to Dallas early in the grid season. A fired up, improved Darrell Royal team did what team after team had tried to do. They whipped the Big Red 15-14, but it took every bit of football learn- ing teacher Wilkinson had taught to student Royal. After returning from Dallas, Budis Soonermen be- gan working toward another Big Eight championship trophy and a trip to the Orange Bowl on New Year's day. ' First on the Big Redis list of Big Eight opponents was the Kansas Jayhawk squad. Iack Mitchell's eleven were downed by the Sooners 43-0. Next came another Kansas team. This time, Kansas State. In the encounter Bobby Boyd and Bob Cornell BIG EIGHT SUU DS connected with 9 out of ll passes to lead the Big Red to their second Big Eight victory of the season, 40-6. The next step on the Sooners' march to the oranges was the battle with the upset-minded Colorado Buffa- loes. Coach Dal Ward's 9th-ranked Bulls, seeking re- venge from last yearis encounter, again went down in defeat by a score of 23-7. Iowa State was the fourth Big Eight team to fall under the Sooner steam roller. The Sooners took the match 20-0 and moved on to the next obstacle in the road. That next obstacle was the Tigers from Missouri, the squad picked by many sportswriters to upset the Wilkinsonmen. Being doubted was all Budis men needed. They ran onto the turf and carried off the Missouri Tigers with a 39-0 victory tied to their necks. First row: Bob Harrison, Ioe Rector, Brewster Hobby, Dick Evans, Don Salmon, Bob Cornell, Prentice Gautt. Second row: Iim Davis, Dale Keadle, Max Morris, Dick Carpenter, Bill Levonitis, Ross Coyle, jared Rowe, Steve Iennings. Third row: Darrell Ray, head mana- ger, Vernon Lang, Marshall York, Travis Columbus, Walt Metcalfe, Glenn Sears, David Rolle. Fourth row: Iim Lawrence, Dick Corbitt, Mickey Johnson, Ben Wells, jerry Payne, Cloyd Shilling, Bill Brown, Tom Pluhar. I BOWl M RCH The Nebraska Cornhuskers were the sixth and last squad to be rolled under by the Big Red in their Orange Bowl march. The final score was 40-7, giving the Sooners a clean sweep of the 1958 Big Eight race and a chance to strut their stull in the Miami bowl. And strut they did. Budis men whipped the Syra- cuse squad 21-6 and brought back to Soonerland an- other Orange Bowl trophy. Thus ended the Sooners' long victory march, after meeting defeat from the Texas Longhorns. Oklahoma had its share of football greats during the 1958 season. Standing out among these was team co- eaptain Bob Harrison. Harrison, All-American choice of the Associated Press, United Press lnternational, and Football Digest, was selected as the 1958 lineman of the year. Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma . 47 West Virgi . 6 Oregon . 14 Texas . . 43 Kansas . . 40 Kansas Sta . 23 Colorado . 20 lowa State . 39 Missouri nia . 14 ...O .15 . . 0 te. . 6 . . 7 . . O . . O . 40 Nebraska . . . 7 . 7 Oklahoma ORANGE BOWL State 0 . 21 Syracuse . . 6 First row: lim Steward, Benton O'Neal, Wahoo Mt-Daniel, Iere Durham, Iaekie Holt, Buster Bradley, Iakie Sandeler, Iohn Pellou Second row: Ronnie Ilartline, Larry Munnerlyn, Stan Ward, Ierry Tillery, Bill Noble, Bill Winblood, Brent Morlord, Ronald Smith Third row: Billy lack Moore, Bobby Boyd, Jimmy Feagen, Iimmy Carpenter, Gilmer Lewis, Wallace Iohnson, Dean Emerson, Lee Horne Ierry Thompson. Fourth rote: Bob Nlorlord, Bob Yingling, Mickey Iackson, Bill Watts, Dick Gwinn, Robert Scholl, Bob Page. Uklahoma 47 - West Virginia I4 West Virginia's left tackle Blaine Staats 174D and half- back Mel Reight Q42j close in on Sooner Dick Carpenter C335 in the second quarter. OU went on to score seven touchdowns and crush the Mountaineers, 47-14. Oregon halfback Herm Mc- Kinney f35j takes oft be- hind quarterback Paul Gro- ver C18D for a run around end, only to be brought down by Sooner left end Wahoo McDaniel. 3l8 Before 58,000 screaming Big Red fans, the Okla- homa Sooners opened their l2th Wilkinson-coached season by trouncing "Pappy" Lewis' West Virginia Mountaineers by a rousing 47-14 score. The win put the Sooners at the top of the AP poll. To highlight the season opener, the Sooners dis- played a new type of offensive attack that racked up 599 total yards. It was not until the second stanza that the Wilkin- sonmen penetrated the Mountaineer goal line, but when they did, it was the Big Red all the way. Adding to Coach Lewis, misery was an 86-yard touchdown pass from Bobby Boyd to left end Wahoo McDaniel, second longest in the schoolis history. Lending a helping hand scorewise were such stand- outs as Prentice Gautt, David Baker, Iakie Sandefer, Iimmy Carpenter and Mickey Johnson. Next on the Sooners' list of competitors was the team from Oregon. The Ducks, led by speedy back Willie West, were destined by many sportswriters to become the team to upset the Oklahoma men. DAVID BAKER BOBBY BOYD LESTER BRADLEY DICK CARPENTER IIMMY CARPENTER klahoma 6 - 0reg0n 0 With all Owen stadium on its feet in the second stanza, Sooner quarterback Bobby Boyd tossed an easy touchdown pass to halfback Dick Carpenter from nine yards out and the only Big Red tally in a 6-0 victory over the Oregon Ducks. The Big Red offense, which ran up a total of 599 yards against West Virginia, was held to 129 yards on the ground and 27 yards in the air. The total of 156 yards was second only to last yearis Notre Dame game, for the lowest yardage output in the Wilkinson dynasty. With the Webfoot offense threatening every minute, Oregon quarterback Dave Grosz gave Sooner fans quite a scare in the second quarter as he raced up the middle for 18 yards, before being pulled down by Bobby Boyd. Late in the third quarter, OU,s Prentice Gautt saved the day as he outran Oregon back Willie West, who dashed around Sooner right end for 53 yards, taking the Ducks to within 36 yards of pay- dirt. In the final stanza, the Sooners found them- selves in a kicking situation three times. Oregon had a similar route, booting four times. Although West's jaunt proved to be the last real threat to a Sooner victory, Big Red fans found themselves eager to be counting 6-5-4-3-2-I at the end of the contest. The win sent the Sooners down one notch, to the No. 2 position on the AP poll. DICK CORBIT1' Bots CORNELL Ross COYLE llklahoma I4 Up and over goes Iimmy Carpenter as he is hit by Texas Steer Kleo Halm. Closing in last is Bob Har- werth. Bobby Boyd ended up on the bottom of the Texas- Sooner dogpile. Doyle Schick finds Prentice Gautt a hard man to get around as Prentice brings him down in the KU-Sooner en- counter. The Sooners won the game, 43-O. 320 - Texas I5 What had the makings of a happy-holiday Dallas weekend quickly changed into an unbelievable night- mare for the droves of Sooner supporters who had crossed the Red river to witness OU's annual dehorn- ing ceremony of the Texas Longhorns. But this year those pesky Steers were made of stern- er stuff than those of preceding Texas aggregations. lust when OU thought it had corraled the reluctant Longhorns in the final quarter with a hard-earned l4-8 advantage, the Lone Star staters sprouted wings and virtually Hew 75 yards in the Waning minutes be- hind the stout passing arms of Vince Matthews and game hero Bobby Lackey. The sound of the final gun brought the voice of doom to die--hard Sooners as hysterical Texans raced rampant on the football turf and carried away the goalposts for the first time since l95l. The almost unbelievable upset sent the Sooners to llth place in the AP grid poll. IIM DAVIS IERE DURHAM llklahoma 43 - Kansas 0 The lid popped off the Big Eight conference race as the Oklahoma Sooners steam-rolled Coach lack lVlitchell's Kansas Jayhawks 43-0 at Law- rence, Kansas. Looking like the old Sooners, Wilkinson's Won- ders cast aside their new multiple offense and re- verted to their old bread-and-butter split-T. Highlighting the Sooner rout was an 80-yard scamper by Oklahoma's littlest Sooner, 161- pound Iohnny Pellow. The Big Red attained a wide majority in the statistics, racking the Kansans on first downs 28-7, rushing yardage, 350-125, and yards via passing, 157-58. The first Sooner tally came at the end of the opening period and climaxed a drive with Jackie Holtis last yard plunge. Late in the fourth stanza, Pellow added another TD under his belt as he raced 38 yards after re- ceiving a Kansas punt. OU's aerial attack took a sudden shift from pre- vious Sooner battles as the Wilkinsonmen hit 10 of 17 attempts with two tosses accounting for tallies. Other Sooners receiving scoring honors were Ierry Tillery, Brewster Hobby and Bobby Boyd. The victory gave the Big Red their 64th Big Eight win without defeat, placed them in the ninth slot on the AP poll, and enabled them to move one Saturday closer to Miami and the long- awaited Orange Bowl tilt. IIMMY FEAGAN PRENTICE GAUT1' DICK GWINN BOB HARRISON RONNIE HARTLINE BREWSTER HOBBY flklahoma 40 - Kansas State 6 Crash . . . and down goes K- State's Ben Grosse C455 as he is stopped by Sooner left guard lim Davis C53j and quarterback Bobby Boyd 1251. The Big Red wreckers slammed the Staters, 40-6. Colorado's Howard Cook 121D tries to get away from Wahoo McDaniel MOD. The Sooners went on to win the game and ruin Colorado's chances of an upset in the Big Eight race. 322 9649 Sparked with a 27-point last half Hurry, the Big Red moved one notch closer to an Orange Bowl invitation by whipping the Kansas State Wildcats 40-6. In their second Big Eight encounter, the Sooners hit two TD passes in the first half and then propelled far out in front by tallying three times on drives of 29 and 60 yards, added to sophomore Iimmy Carpenter,s 45- yard TD punt return. The win gave the Wilkinson Wonders their 65th Big Eight triumph without defeat and a seventh place position on the AP poll. Sooner Brewster Hobby was the game's top rusher, totaling 65 yards in seven tries. Alternate fullback Ronnie Hartline rushed 45 yards in nine carries and first team fullback Prentice Gautt amassed 41 yards in nine attempts. Once the Staters were out of the way, all Sooner eyes turned toward the upcoming battle with the up- set-minded Colorado Buffaloes. JACKIE HOLT MICKEY IACKSON STEVE IENNINGS MICKEY IOHNSON VERNON LANG Uklahoma 23 - Colorado 7 Playing the best game of the season, the victory- happy Sooners hurdled the main obstacle in their "win-the-Big Eight' campaign as they spilled the upset-minded Colorado Buffaloes 23-7. To Dal Wardis ninth-ranked Buffs, who en- tered the game unscathed in five outings, it was a stunning setback. The Big Red charging line played the key role in the game by keeping the Buff backfield busy, while consistently providing Sooner pigskin car- riers with gaping holes. Buff hopes rode with the brilliant punting of quarterback Boyd Dowler, whose long-range kicks continually forced the Sooners to launch drives deep in their own territory. The Sooners broke the scoring barrier late in the first stanza as the Big Red front line opened the path for Prentice Gautt's back-breaking 48- yard scamper, erasing an early 7-0 Buff advan- tage. Highlighting the battle was a 51-yard punt re- turn by Bobby Boyd to the Colorado 31, early in the third quarter. But two plays later the BuHs captured a fumble on the 27 and the Sooner drive was ended. Always hustling David Baker picked up two tal- lies in the fourth quarter to add to the hopeful Colorado fans, disappointment. Little did Soonerites realize that the following week the Missouri Tigers would whip the Buffa- loes 33-9 and become an even greater obstacle in the Sooners' march to the oranges. IIM LAWRENCE BILL LEVONITIS GILMER LEWIS llklahoma 20 - Iowa State 0 Big Red starters Steve Ien- nings 1903 and Bob Harri- son 1545 close in on Iowa State gridster as he tries a sweep around end. Quarterback David Baker f3lJ hands off to unidenti- fied Sooner teammate in Mis- souri action at Owen field. The Big Red win gave Budls men undisputed champion- ship in Big Eight competition. 324 With the smell of orange blossoms becoming strong- er, the Wilkinson Wonders moved one notch closer to Miami as they rolled over stubborn Iowa State 20-0. Although an outbreak of lost fumbles played havoc with Sooner offense, jimmy Carpenter helped the red- men take an early command over the Cyclones as he pulled down a pass from Brewster Hobby and crossed over the goal line. The Big Red machine kicked into high gear in the third periodis opening minutes and Iimmy Carpenter drove across with his second tally of the day. The bothersome Cyclones, paced by Dwight K'The Nuisance" Nichols, threw their Tennessee-type single wing formation and the Iowa offense clicked oPf 232 yards ground-wise against the Sooners. OU picked up 273 yards on rushing. With the sound of the final gun, Sooner bossmen hurried the squad home to prepare for the upcoming Missouri battle for the Big Eight championship and an Orange Bowl bid. WAHOO MCDANIEL BILLY JACK Moomz MAX MORRIS Uklahoma 39 - Missouri ll Playing sound defensive ball and displaying an explosive olgfensive punch reminiscent of former OU-Missouri afternoons, the Big Red took home the Big Eight crown and a probable invitation to the Orange Bowl by defeating the Tigers from Missouri by a score of 39-0, The Big Red scored first in the opening quarter on a lightning pass play which covered 74 yards and set visions of oranges dancing before the old grads watching the 49th renewal of the Sooner- Tiger rivalry. Oklahoma completely dominated the game sta- tistics, outrushing the previously undefeated-in- conference games team. The Sooners rolled up 406 yards total offense, while holding the Tigers to 241. The Sooners also tallied 246 yards rushing and completed l0 of l3 pass attempts for a total of 160 yards. Bobby Boyd and Brewster Hobby took home their share of the honors in the game, as Hobby completed three out of three passes for 94 yards and two touchdowns, and scored once himself on a one-yard plunge. Boyd was the real crowd-pleaser of the after- noon, as he brought the Sooner fans to their feet time and again with his sparkling runs that shat- tered the Tigers and put them down for the final COl11'1t. The Big Red's first three touchdowns came from drives of 88, 70, and again 70 yards. The final tally came from the fourth string with five seconds remaining in the game. BOB PAGE IERRY PAYNE IOHN PELLow IOE RECTOR DAVID R0LLIs llklahoma 40 - ebraska 7 in Sooner end Ross Coyle takes a desperation leap for the pigskin in the Nebraska grid- iron classic. The end is near as Iakie San- defer closes in on OSU Cow- boy Larry Rundle. The Soon- ers won the battle, 7-0, on Sandefer's fourth q u a rt e r touchdown sneak. 326 A 45,000 Dad's Day crowd watched the Oklahoma Sooners pound the Nebraska Cornhuskers into the ground by a 40-7 score and win the Big Eight football championship for the llth straight grid season. The win put the Big Red into the Orange Bowl and gave the team a fifth place rating on the UPI grid poll. Oklahoma's Orange Bowl bound Sooners scored three times in the first quarter, twice in the third, and added another in the fourth quarter. Early in the third period, Larry Naviux, senior right half for Nebraska, intercepted a Sooner pass near his own goal and returned it 93 yards for a touchdown, to break the pass return record against the OU squad. Iohnny Pellow, fourth string halfbaek, scored the Big Redis last tally of the 1958 season in Owen sta- dium as he skirted right end with 1:38 left in the game. The sound of the final gun turned all eyes toward Stillwater and the Sooners, approaching battle with their "Country Cousinsn under the mentorship of Cliff Specglc. IAKIE SANDEFER Boa SCHOLL IIM STEWARD TERRY THOMPSON IERRY TILLERY Uklahoma 7 - Uklahoma State 0 It took everything Bud Wilkinson knew and a little more to pull his Sooners through the closest Big Red-Cowboy grid dual in many a year. The game, which ended the regular seasonal play for both teams, saw Cliff Speegleis Oklahoma State footballers set up a defensive wall which held the Sooners to a scoreless deadlock until Bob- by Boyd ran across the untouchable goal line in the bruising defensive battle played before a packed Lewis Field crowd of 40,000 The Sooner tally came late in the fourth quar- ter as Bobby Boyd scampered 31 yards for the precious and long awaited touchdown. Wi1kinson's Big Eight champions met their first jolt of the game in the first quarter as the Cow- boys stopped them on the four-yard line. After that it was nip and tuck all the way. Sooner guard Dick Corbitt alertly stopped an OSU drive in the third period as the Cowboys drove from their own 42 to the Sooner 14 before fumbling and Corbitt falling on top. The Sooners outgained the Cowboys with a to- tal of 196 yards to 187, but the edge was in favor of the losers in first downs, 13 to ll. Brewster Hobby lcd in individual rushing, car- rying 62 yards in 13 tries. Cowboy Dick Soergel led the passing, connecting on three of his six tosses for a total of 51 yards. Following the 7-0 Big Red victory, Bud brought his boys back to Owen field to prepare them for the upcoming battle with Syracuse in the Orange Bowl in Miami on New Year's day. STAN WARD BEN WELLS NIARSHALL YORK CRUSS CUU TRY Paced by record-breaking star Gail Hodgson, coach Bill Carrolis 7-man Sooner cross country squad turned in another one of its average seasons. Members of this year's team were Iohn Coley, Hodgson, Iay Field, Bob Ringo, Ernst Kleynhans, Ar- vil Ming and Bill Dissley. On November 1, the Kansas Iayhawks arrived in Norman to take part in the annual Big Eight cross country race. Kansas had high hopes of continuing their undisputed team and individual championships held for 11 years. Coach Bill Eastonis Kansas thinclads succeeded in winning their 12th team championship, but the Soon- ers scored an upset in the individual scoring and be- came the holder of the individual championship trophy. Gail Hodgson, Johannesburg, South Africa, was the winner of the trophy. He ran the 3-mile jaunt in 14:00.4, setting a new Oklahoma course and confer- ence record. Hodgson's win helped give Oklahoma fourth place in the event. With low score winning, the Sooners ran to a first place position in the Austin, Texas, meet. Carrollis men picked up 42 points, Houston got 47, and Texas ended up with 50. Hodgson grabbed a second place victory in the 4-mile race with 19:39 time. In the Oklahoma State meet, the Cowboys proved the better of the two squads as they ran to a 23 score. Sooner men picked up 32. The Sooners' downfall of the season came as they met Colorado, Iowa State and OBU in a duel quad meet. Iowa State came in first with 43 points, fol- lowed by Coloradois 53 points. OBU ended up with 62 points and the Sooner squad came in last with 66. 5-. MX, Sooner cross country runners Ernst Kleynhans Cleftj and Big Eight champion Gail Hodgson show winning form during a meet on Sooner sod. THREE MILES WORTH CLow score winsj Oklahoma 42g Houston 47, Texas 50. Oklahoma 32, Oklahoma State 23. Oklahoma 66, Colorado 53, Iowa State 43, OBU 62. BIG EIGHT MEET Oklahoma 112, Kansas 37, Colorado 98, Ne- braska 117, Iowa State 92, Oklahoma State 138, Kansas State 138, Missouri 145. First row: Arvil Ming, Iohn Coley, Ernst Kleynhans. Second row: Bob Ringo, Gail Hodgson, William Dissly, William Carroll, coach. First row: Buddy Hudson, Denny Price, Phil Leonard, Roger Potts, Raymond Lewis, Monte Simpson. Second row: Ioe Lee Thompson, Bob Stoermer. Bill Hammond, lack Marsh, Buddy Russell. Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma MENU FOR A YEAR Texas Tech . Arkansas . . Iowa . . . Minnesota . Southern Methodist Southern California New Mexico State . Iowa State . Kansas State . Nebraska . . Missouri . . Iowa State . Kansas State . Kansas . . . Oklahoma State Air Force . . Kansas . . Nebraska . . Iowa State . Kansas State . Missouri . . Oklahoma State Colorado . . Nebraska . . Colorado . BASKETBALL Football-famous Oklahoma had its best basketball team in I0 years in l958-59 and finished second in a league dominated by Kansas State. Doyle Parrack's charges had a I5-IO overall record and a 9-5 mark in conference play. This was the flnest ellort by an OU squad since Bruce Drake's cagers tied for league hon- ors in 1949. The OU record was I4-9 overall and 9-3 in the Big Seven that year. Oklahoma lost its No. 2 pointmaker, Del Heide- brecht, with eight games remaining, but the Sooners managed to win six of those contests to finish up the season in grand style. Oklahoma had to overcome a lack ol scoring and rebounding power with a tenacious defense. Eight times they held foes to 50 points or less. Leading scorers for the year were Denny Price. l3.lg Heidebrecht. lO.3g Ray Lewis, 7.6g Bob Stoermer, 7.4. and Buddy Hudson, 5.4. The Parracks found out early that they eouldn't win with poor ball handling as towering Texas Tech took advantage ol l5 Sooner errors to grab a 73-56 victory December 3 in Norman. Playing his hrst game for OU. Heidebrecht meshed l7 points to take scoring honors for the losers. Moving to Fayetteville to tangle with Arkansas, the Sooners coasted to a I5-6 bulge early in the game, but ran out of gas and absorbed another nine-point lick- ing. 52-61, Price hit I8 to top all OU scorers. Up goes Denny Price 1445 as Iowa Stater Terry Roberts 1553 leaps into the air to stop him. Charlie Lynch 1255 comes down with the ball lor Texas Tech as Oklahornan Denny Price 144D demonstrates his jumping ability. B SKETBML Returning to Norman. the Big Red dribblers opened one ol the biggest surprise packages of the season. a brilliant 80-57 burial of Iowa. Five Sooners scored in the double figures as OU sunk 52.9 percent of its floor shots. With the Oklahoma defense holding Minnesota to 12 points in the last hall and OU guard Ray Lewis swishing through 8 ol 10 field goal attempts, the Soon- ers beat the Gophers, 52-45, in Minneapolis. At one stretch in the second period the northerners failed to score lor 12 minutes. Mae Williams, 5-10 SMU guard, was too much for the Parraekmen in Dallas as the Mustangs prevailed, 59-51. The little showboat finished with 19 points, one more than Sooner center Bob Stoermer tallied. Stoermer also had 15 rebounds. BILL HAMMOND DEL HEIDEBRECHT Oklahoma then returned to Norman where the Sooners upset unbeaten Southern California, 60-50, as Price hit 21 points. Stoermer had 16 tallies and 12 re- bounds to lead everyone in that department. Trailing 23-32 early in the last period, the Sooners roared back to edge New Mexico State, 57-52, in OU's last game before the Big Eight pre-season tournament in Kansas City. Aggie Bill Price, one of the best pivot men the Parracks faced all year, popped in 20 points for scoring honors. Oklahoma won its opening tournament game over Iowa State, 68-65, as Heidebrecht set a school record of 15 free throws. The 6-6 forward finished with 23 points, his season high. Kansas State went to the foul line to sink 41 of 50 charities and top OU, 73-59. Bob Boozer, Stateis all- American forward, caged 28 points including 16 of 17 foul shots. Price led the Sooner attack with 13 points. Nebraskais hustling shorties turned OUis third- place dream into a nightmare as they romped to a sur- prisingly easy 60-43 win. Hurschel Turner and Al Maxey, two of the league's better performers, combined to score 37 points and snare 25 rebounds. OU's greatest individual show of the season came Ianuary 5 in Norman as Price, the Sooner version of perpetual motion, dropped in 10 of 14 field goal at- tempts and potted 7 free throws lor 27 points against Missouri. OU won, 64-59. The Sooners then went to Iowa State where they once again proved that defense wins basketball games by scoring an impressive 56-43 victory. The Cyclones meshed only one field goal in the first 12 minutes of the game. With a 2-0 conference record the Oklahomans went to Kansas State. This was a mistake. The Sooner- eating Wildcats devoured their foe by an embarrassing 90-45. In absorbing their worst beating of the Par- rack regime, the Sooners could hit only 23 percent ol' their field shots. 33I 3 fl BUDDY HUDSON RAYMOND Lewis Coming back to the friendly confines of the OU Field house for their television debut, the up-and- down Sooners called on their defense once again to topple Kansas, 45-38. Although KU center Bill Bridges was the leading rebounder in the league, the Sooners won the rebound battle 44-33. Successful in their first TV appearance, Parrack's boys drew a a blank in their second video effort as lean Arlen Clark funneled in 19 of 20 gift shots. The Aggies won 57-38. The Air Force Academy came to Norman for the first athletic competition between the two schools and Air Fort-eis Bob Williams and OU's Ray Lewis go up for a rebound as Roger Potts C525 and Iim Ulm 123D look on. Someone must have been louled as Sooners Bob Stoer- mer and Buddy Hudson til-17 are caught in a lree-lor-all with K-Stater Bob Clrahant and seyeral til, his other team- mates. Air Forte roundballer Bob Beekel t3-IJ tries a high leap to stop Sooner Bob Stoervnefs set shot. Bet-kel's attempt was in vain. BASKETBAU fought the Sooners on eyen terms until Prices tip-in with six seconds lelt in the game gave OU a 40-'39 victory. Kansas got eyen with the Sooners in Lawrence. Tl- 44, as the Big Red was unable to connect consistently lrom the field, Ron Loneski tabbed l9 for the Kan- sans and Bridges all but owned the backboards. The loss dropped OU's league record to 3-3. Like a rubber ball, OU bounced back to flip Ne- braska, 54-48. as Lewis sunk six clutch free throws in the last moments ol' the frantic scramble. Price led UU with i7 points, but Nlaxcy tabbed l8 to top all scorers. The third time wasn't charmed for Iowa State as OU romped, 65-50. in Norman. The Staters hit only 7.4 percent ol their field goal tries in the first hall. IACK MARSH Room Porrs The anemic-shooting Cyclones failed to connect from the floor in the last 17 minutes of the initial period. Kansas State's runaway Wildcats roared through Norman and whipped the Sooners for the third time, 75-55. Boozer dropped in 21 points for the Cats and received fine support from Wally Frank and Ced Price, who each meshed 16. Lewis scored 20 and Price, 18, for Oklahoma. OU won its second conference road game by top- ping Missouri, 55-37. Playing like they invented de- fense, the Sooners went ahead early in the game and led the rest of the way. Lewis, 16 points was high for the Big Red. Back home again, the locals out-bedlamed Okla- homa State, 54-52, before 4,500 nervous witnesses. A 20-foot set shot by Stoermer and a pair of gift tosses by Roger Potts gave OU a 54-50 lead with only 32 seconds left. Automatic Arlen Clark then dumped in two charities but blew the Pokes, last chance when he took steps with only seven seconds remaining. The Sooners, now safely in the first division, went to Colorado where they learned a five-man show is better than a two-man combination. Lewis and Price each netted 19 points to take game honors but the balanced Buffalos prevailed, 73-56. Traveling to Nebraska, the Sooners played one of their finest games of the season and defeated the tough-at-home Huskers, 65-54. Price scorched the nets for 19 points and Ioe Thompson, sophomore for- ward who had scored only 16 points for the season. swished through 17. Colorado came into Norman tied with OU for see- ond place in the league with an 8-5 record. It was the last game of the season for both clubs. Stoermer, play- ing like an all-American in his last game for OU, banged in 22 points as the Sooners won a richly de- served 63-60 decision to finish second behind Kansas State in the Big Eight competition. Oklahoma loses only three men from the 1959 run- i Q DENNY PRICE Bois STOERMER nerup squad, Stoermer and reserve forwards Bill Ash- craft and Monte Simpson. OU,s freshman team, one of the best in the school's history, became the first OU yearling squad to play outside competition. The frosh lost to the experienced OCU first year men, 72-59, and to highly-rated Mur- ray Iunior College, 52-50, before sweeping a two- game series from the OSU Colts, 43-42 in Norman and 63-53 in Stillwater. With many of the league's top stars graduating this year, OU will be one of the favorites for the league crown next season. "No!" groans Nebraskais guard Wayne Hester, as Oklahoma's Denny Price takes one under the goal. SWIMMI G The Sooners, swimming team extended its masterful domi- nance of Big Eight Conference foes to nine straight years by cruising to a lopsided triumph in the annual conference meet held in Lincoln, Nebraska. Matt Mann's skillful splashers won l4 of the l6 events in establishing four new records and tying a fifth mark. OU,s stag- gering total of 198 points equalled the combined output of the Eve also-rans. Sophomore sensation Gordon Collet, who had shattered the 200-yard breast stroke in a mid-season dual meet against SMU, broke both the conference and NCAA standards in the l00-yard race. His time of 2:27.3 in the 200-yard breast stroke was over three seconds slower than his best performance, but still fast enough to clip the Big Eight record. lack Saari set a new mark in the 100-yard butterfly while the 400-yard medley relay team propelled home in the record time of 4:03.l. The team was composed of Chuck Lechner, Collet, Saari and Ernie Drowatzky. Other OU conference kings were Lechner in the back stroke, Larry Lermo in the distance freestyles, Drowatzky in the sprint freestyle, Don Iobson in the individual medley and Lorne Hale in diving. Sooner diver Lorne Hale shows perfect form as he hits the water in a practice session in the OU Field house. First row Loren Hale, Phil Brougher, Harry Klug. Second row: Ron Hosner, Larry Lermo, Bob Connor, Gordon Collet. Third row: Don Iobson, Doug Brown. Alan Wilcox, Iohn Ianovy, Don johnson, Matt Mann. coach. Fourth row: Carlyn Cruzan, Chuck Lcchner, Ernest Drowatzky, lack Saari. 4 WATERPROOF Swimmers hit the pool in the 440 event of the OU-Colorado meet held in Norman. Showing good depth, OU also swam to an easy vic- tory in the 400-yard freestyle relay with the team of Alan Wilcox, Don Johnson, Drowatzky and Doug Brown. Led by Lermo, the Sooners opened the season with a 75-18 drowning of the Kansas Iayhawks. Lermo took the 220 and 440 freestyle events and was the anchor man in Oklahoma's winning 400-yard freestyle relay team. In their second effort, the Sooners stroked past Kan- sas State, 70-16, at Manhattan. The triumph pro- duced four pool records for the Mann men and first place in all but one event. Collet took the spotlight in OU,s 75-11 thumping of Colorado by establishing a new school and pool mark in the 200-yard breast stroke. Graceful Gordon's time of 2124.7 surpassed the former record of 2:26. After enjoying the sweet taste of victory in 21 straight duals, Oklahoma was finally served the bitter cup of defeat against SMU, 51-35, in Dallas. The Sooners found consolation in the stunning loss through the marvelous showing turned in by Collet. The San Carlos, Cal., Comet streaked through his event in 2222.9 to break the national mark of 2:24.3. After disposing of Kansas, 81-15, OU atoned for their lone loss in four years with a 48-38 pasting of the Mustangs in Norman. The revenge-minded Soon- ers won the first four events, including the medley re- lay for a school record, and SMU could never catch up. Oklahoma headed into the Big Eight meet by dunk- ing conference threat Iowa State, 58-21, and Nebraska, 78-11. Oklahoma . . 75 Kansas. . Oklahoma . . 70 Kansas State Oklahoma . Oklahoma . . 75 Colorado . . 35 SMU . Oklahoma . . 81 Kansas . . Oklahoma . .48 SMU.. Oklahoma . . 58 Iowa State Oklahoma . . 78 Nebraska . OU Dual Record-8 wins, 1 loss OU finished first in the Big Eight 1 Deterrnined Texas swimmer prepared to hit the water against Sooners Don Iobson and Ernie Drowatzky. Drowatzky won the 220 free style event. i WRESIII li Oklahoma's sophomore-dominated 1959 wrestling team de- feated both Iowa State and Oklahoma State in dual competition. but finished third to this pair in the Big Eight tournament in Stillwater. Two Putnam City products, 130-pound Stan Abel and 123- pound Duwaync Miller, won league titles for coach Port Rob- ertsonls grapplers. Paul Aubrey at 147, George Goodner at 177 and Sid Terry at 167 all earned runnerup spots for the Sooners. Oklahoma State won the team title with 71 points while Iowa State was amassing 63 for second place. The Sooners finished with 56 points-far ahead of fourth place Colorado, which tal- lied only 23 points. OU,s finish was its lowest in the tourney since Robertson took the Sooner helm in 1947. OU, OSU and Iowa State have made the tourney a three-way fight since the Cowpokes entered the league in 1958. Oklahoma's dual season got off to a poor start as OSU's de- fending NCAA champs rolled to an easy 19-7 victory over the inexperienced Sooners. Only Aubrey, defending NCAA titleist, was able to win for the Big Red as he thumped Tom Chesbro, 6-1, Mounted and ready is Sooner Regan Wright as he With Miller and Goodner scoring pins, OU won its first dual, ggjzgefnwiagfjx stator lack Theamm The match First row: Tom Littleton, Leonard Shelton, Duayne Miller, Regan Wright. Second row: Paul Aubrey, Stan Abel George Goodner B1 Knowles, Sid Terry. Third row: Dick Gwinn, Iim Edgar, David Campbell, Dale Lewis, Earl Secrist. 1 , Q . , fa ' . wgtw . fivp Gt gi if ,ig I .23 - ? Q My l' in if' f'.-5-if 3 5 Sooner grappler Tom Littleton is given a rough going over by OSU champion Shelby Wilson. Wilson won the match 7-2. 32-U. over hopelessly outclassed Nebraska in Lincoln. Leonard Shelton and Abel both won by forfeit. Oklahoma made it two road wins in a row by down- ing Kansas State, 29-2. Miller, Coodner and heavy- weight Dale Lewis highlighted the match by pinning their foes. The defending small college national champions from Mankato State came to Norman to try their skill and were sent back to Minnesota with a 23-7 shellaeking. Leonard Shelton got the Big Red off to a healthy lead with a pin. Abel, Aubrey and Terry put Oklahoma further on top with lopsided triumphs. OU topped Iowa State's rugged Cyclones by a con- vincing 17-9 score in a Norman dual. Abel turned the tide in the Sooners' favor by thrashing national champ Les Anderson, 6-3. Aubrey followed with a fall to give Port Robertson's squad an insurmountable advantage. Arch-rival OSU, enjoying one of their best seasons in history, entertained OU in Stillwater, but the Soon- ers were rude guests and upset the Cowboys, 14-12. Miller and Terry shared the hero's circle in the stun- ning setback. Miller flattened the shoulders of Cow- boy Max Hawkins and Terry dealt Bruce Campbell his first loss in nine bouts. The Sooners added another heralded foe to their list of victims by clipping 1owa's Big Ten kings, 15-91 Miller snapped Larry Moser's 9-match win streak, 3-1, while Goodner provided the margin ol' victory with a 7-4 verdict over Hawkeye 177 ace. lim Craig. Leaving Shelton and Lewis at home on its final road trip, OU tied Colorado Teachers. 12-12. and beat Vifyoming. 15-13, Colorado State. 17-10. and Colo- rado, 22-8. GRUNTIN' AND GROANIN' Oklahoma . 7 OSU . . . . 19 Oklahoma . 32 Nebraska . . 0 Oklahoma . 29 Kansas State . . 2 Oklahoma . 23 Mankato . . 7 Oklahoma . 17 Iowa State . . 9 Oklahoma . 14 OSU ..... 12 Oklahoma . 15 Iowa ..... 9 Oklahoma . 12 Colorado Teachers 12 Oklahoma . 15 Wyoming .... 13 Oklahoma . 17 Colorado State . . 10 Oklahoma . 22 Colorado .... 8 OU's Dual Record-9 wins. 1 loss. 1 tie OU placed third in the Big Eight Sooner wrestler Paul Aubrey gives Iowa State opponent a little Zrouble during Big Eight competition. Aubrey won the match. TRACK Nebraska and Kansas knocked Uklahoma thinclads around quite a bit during the 1958 indoor track season. In the Big Eight indoor meet, Coach Carroll's Sooners won a third place position, following Kansas and Nebraska. Big Red hopes were raised when Dee Givens placed first in the 60- yard dash and second in the low hurdles. However, Kansas and Nebraska proved too much for Carroll's men in the other divisions. The indoor squad had only two indoor duals and as chances would have it, they were with Kansas and Nebraska. ln the Kansas meet, Oklahoma was paced by Bill Pritchett, winner of the 440-yard dash, and Larry Neely, who won pole vault competition by marking l3'9". The final score in the meet was Kansas 67, OU 37. Then came the Nebraska meeting. Hodgson started the Sooners off as he won the 2-mile race and George Church won the shot put. Also taking winning honors were Phil Lee, high jump, Bill Pritchett, 440-yard race, and Larry Neeley, pole vault. The efforts of these fine athletes weren't enough and the Sooners went down in defeat 49 U3 to 53 ZX3. In the Michigan State relays, the Big Red thinclads placed George Church, Sooner shotputter and co-captain of the OU team, is a former holder of the state shot record of 54-QM which is his best heave in that event. First row: Owen Hewett, manager, Dee Givens, Arvil Ming, Doug Crow, Gail Hodgson, Iim Cernert, Bill Chambers. Second row: William Carroll, coach, Bill Graves, Larry Neeley, Bob Knight, Vernie Sanders, Iohn Coley, Ken Barber, Clark Brunton, Philip Lee, Ernst Kleynhans. Third row: Bob Rawlings, William Dissly, Bill Noble, I. D. Martin, Bob Ringo, Hi Gernert, Dan Erwin, A. W. Hammock Ir., Herman Gugig. Three of Oklahoma's distance medley relay squad are Bob Ringo, Ernst Kleynhans and Gail Hodgson. Not pictured is Hi Gernert, other member of the 4-man squad. second. Dee Givens won the 75-yard dash, and the sprint medley relay squad of Bill Pritchett, Iohn Pel- low, Dee Givens and Gary Parr took another victory. In outdoor track competition, the Sooner squad did a little better. The team was paced by such outstanding performers as Dee Givens, Hi Gernert, Bob Ringo, Gail Hodgson, lim Denton, Dan Erwin, George Church, Larry Nee- ley and A. W. Hammock. In actual competition, Oklahoma State proved to be too much for Carroll's men. The Staters took the meet 712f3 to 641f3. However, the Big Red won an impressive victory over the New Mexico thinclads 1035 to 275. Arizona State defeated Carrollis men 70 to 61, but the Sooners bounced back to win the Louisiana meet, getting 83 points, to Houstonis 52 and Kansas State's 37M. The Sooners placed fifth in the league outdoor meet and had a 1-2 outdoor dual record, winning the New Mexico battle, and losing to the O-Staters and Ari- zona State. The season was marked by various Sooners winning individual honors. Gail Hodgson placed third in the NCAA mile and made the All-American track team. He ran the anchor mile to lead OU,s distance medley relay team to a new Kansas relays record of 9:50.8, fastest time made in the United States in 1958. Dee Givens placed fourth at the national AAU and six th at the national NCAA meet in the 100-yard dash. This was Bill Carroll's first season as head track mentor, replacing former coach John Iacobs, now as- sociate track coach. ON THE RIGHT TRACK Qlndoorb Oklahoma 37 Kansas . . . 67 Oklahoma 491,f3 Kansas. . . 542f3 Oklahoma placed third in the Big Eight indoor track meet. COutdoorD Oklahoma 64 1X3 Oklahoma State 71 2X3 Oklahoma 61 Arizona . . . 70 Oklahoma 1032 New Mexico . 272 Oklahoma placed Hfth in the league outdoor meet. Larry Neeley, Sooner pole vaulting star, sees an easy jump ahead. B SEB ll Coach lack Baeris Big Red of the diamond sloshed through a rain-filled season and emerged with a l2-8 overall record. The Sooners won eight of their last ll league games and finished third in the Big Eight, behind Missouri and Oklahoma State. Oklahomais final conference count was ll-5. Nebraska shucked OU's title chances when they took two of three games. Going into the three-game set, the Sooners were M game ahead of Missouri and only one game behind OSU. In addition to cancelling several games, rain put a damper on team practice sessions. This was reiiected in the team batting average which slumped to .242 by the end of the season. The Baermen opened the warring in Austin with a two-game series with Texas. The Longhorns bombed OU, 13-2, in the first game, but Jim Hammond and Iim Park tossed six hitless innings to give the Sooners their first win, 5-3, in the second game. Minnesota opened the OU home season by flipping the Sooners twice, 8-5 and 2-l. Colorado came to Norman two weeks later to open the con- ference season. The Buffs returned to Boulder with only one run in three games to show for their efforts. Eddie Fisher pitflhed 2-hit balls HS the Sooners WOH the f"1I'Stga1fI1G, Colo- home plate during 3 baseball game on the GU Sooner right handcr Curtis French fires one across First row: Ron Plath, Eddie Fisher, Iim Hammond, Don Nipp, Robert Rickey, Tommy Iones, Gene H. Iohnson. Second row: Dave Clary, Steve Owen, lack Roberts, lim Belcher, Bob Ward, Raymond Lewis, George Lloyd, Willis Warden, Allen Rose. Third row: Dick Carpenter, Cecil Snyder, jerry Lucas, Iohn Woodall, Ioe Windes, Hudy Hewitt, Iim Iones, Denny Price, Curtis French. 1- it . ra f .. ' ' ' J - I V 1 -,K,.L-Lf fl . K L' A .V .k-, 'p q . gggf, - ."', , f .I ,.g, ,,.',- I , A - J , V . " eg, t 'Qfff tttil F . B -.-iBri- f ,e !' I D - . . , - ' 4, . H ' . '1 e i , - 'rs --4' OU,s Don Nipp gets set to tag out Iowa State's Ron Baukol. rado took the second, 1-0, but OU blasted CU in the finale, 12-0. The Sooners then invaded Aggieland for a wack at Oklahoma State. Curtis French won the first game for OU, 4-3, but the Aggies blasted back 9-1 in the nightcap. Norval Rasmussen provided one of Oklahoma's top baseball thrills of the year as his 360-foot homer broke up an ll inning marathon with Iowa State at Haskell field. The Sooners won that game 11-8 and went on to sweep the three-game series. This left the Baermen in first place in the league standings, but that was short-lived as Missouri's champs-to-be won a singleton, 5-4 at Columbia. As a result, the Big Red slid to fourth spot. The Sooners fought back to second place by defeat- ing Kansas State three times with a combined score of 25-9. And then came the fatal Nebraska series. Sooner bats were silent for this time as the Big Red tallied only one run in the two Sooner losses. Fisher won the second game, 2-1, as Oklahoma rallied in the last inning. The team closed the season at Lawrence as they topped Kansas, 7-2. Don Nipp, sophomore catcher, won the team bat- ting title with a .333 average. He was followed by senior shortstop Al Kiddy who hit .295 and junior left fielder Steve Owen who ended the year at .283 First sacker Rasmussen led the team in homers with four, and in runs batted in with 15, Fishers 5 2 rec ord also included a 2.64 earned run average As a team, the Big Red outhit their combined op ponents, .242-.230, and outpitched them 3 18 4 19 IN THE MIDST OF RAIN Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Texas . . . Texas . . Minnesota . Minnesota . Colorado . Colorado . . Colorado . . Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Iowa State . Iowa State . Iowa State . Missouri . . Kansas State . Kansas State . Kansas State . Nebraska . . Nebraska . . Nebraska . . Kansas . . Norval Rasmussen, Sooner firstbaseman, goes after a wild throw in a game against Iowa State. I TENNIS The Sooner tennis squad threw a racket into the sky and when it came down at the end of the season, they found themselves in the number four position of the Big Eight tennis conference. The squad began the season by whipping Southern Illinois, 8-l, in the OU Field house. Oklahoma Bap- tist university Was next on the squadis schedule and they took that match, 6-l. Following the OBU victory, the team took on Ne- braska, the first Big Eight encounter of the season. The OU netsters won the match 6-l. The teamls fourth straight victory came when they defeated Southeastern State Challengers also by a 6-l final score. Then the winning streak stopped. Colorado whipped the Sooners 4-3, only to be followed by another loss to Texas, 4-2. The Sooners got back on the winning end by de- feating Kansas State 6-l. Then came a 3-3 tied match with Tulsa Trinity. Oklahoma State university put the Sooners back in the losing bracket as they demonstrated fine racket swinging form defeating the OU squad 4-3. In the next encounter, OU and Houston fought to a 3-3 draw leading up to the Iowa State-Sooner match in which the Sooners came out victorious with a final 6-l score. The last match of the regular season came with another defeat by the OSU squad, 4-3, the same score by which the Sooners were defeated in the previous OSU encounter. The exciting season was marked by many close singles and doubles battles, and fine tennis playing on the part of many of the OU squad members. Sooner tennis players Ioe Harris and Don Cross look pretty happy after winning another court match. THE NET TOTAL Oklahoma . 8 Southern Illinois Oklahoma . 6 Oklahoma Baptist Oklahoma . 6 Nebraska . . Oklahoma . 6 Southeastern State Oklahoma . 3 Colorado . . . Oklahoma . 6 Kansas State . Oklahoma . 3 Tulsa Trinity . Oklahoma . 3 Oklahoma State Oklahoma . 3 Houston . . . Oklahoma . 6 Iowa State . . Oklahoma . 3 Oklahoma State First row: Coach Don Walraven, Don Cross, Dennis Cross, Marvin Schkade, Bill Lackey. Second row: Iames Bradford, Ioe Harris 1 . . 1 Bill Black, Bob Richardson, Bob Iames, coach, Tom Black, Leonard Smoat, Harold Cahoon. Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma TEED OFF I72 Wichita . l75 OBU . . . 20 Nebraska . 152 Kansas . . 72 Iowa State . I0 OSU . . . l0 OBU . . 0 North Texas 72 North Texas 62 Kansas State M We 1 32 42 ll s 6 ww 52 The team placed second in Big Eight confer- ence swinging and 12th in the Southwestern Intercollegiate Invitational tournament in Houston, Texas. Sooner golfer Tommy Black demonstrates his form while follow- ing through on a line drive. G0lF Sparked by the sharp putting of Tom Black, Bob Richardson, lack Moore, Harold Cahoon and Leonard Smoat, coach Bob Iames, Big Red golfers swung to a successful Sooner year. The seasonal highlight came when the team placed second in Big Eight competition. A winning streak started James' men out on the right track as they outclassed Wichita l72-5 in the seasonal opener. Black led his Sooner teammates to their second straight victory as they whipped Oklahoma Baptist University linksmen, l75-5. Then came the conference opener with the Huskers from Nebraska. OU linksmen took the encounter 20- l, giving the team an undefeated record to carry proudly into the Southwestern Intercollegiate Invita- tional tournament in Houston, Texas. At the meet, the Sooners came out l2th best in medlay play. The Big Red picked up their second and third con- ference victories as they knocked off Kansas, l52-82, and Iowa State, 75-45, before going into a series with interstate rivals. OBU turned in a slightly better performance than they did the first time the two squads met, but the Sooner team contracted a case of winites and took the match I0-8. Defeat came the next day as the OSU Aggies took a surprise victory over the hard Hghting Big Red, ll-l0. North Texas linksmen took a set of victories, 6-0 and 102-75, over the Sooners, however james' men bounced back and outclassed K-Stateis hopeful four, by a score of 65-55. Second place in the Big Eight conference meeting was taken by the OU linksmen as they wound up 33 strokes behind the league's No. l team, Oklahoma State. i .gsI,'l . Q i 5 xv f 1 ' hi 7 . 1 g f 4 X ag fl - 1,--S IJEINNIS Pluck basketball EDDIE FISHIR basebqll PRL'xT1ch GAUTT, football Tommy BIACK, golfg PAUL AUBRIQY, wrestling, DEF Cmhlxs, we -Z , ' J X Q1 l NWA I TR MURALS The principal objective of the mcnis intramural de- partment has been to acquire space and develop fields so that every student at the University will have the opportunity to compete in some form of competitive sport. To teach sportsmanship, fair play and respect for the will of others is the goal of the department. The student who takes full advantage of the oppor- tunities provided by the department's program will have, not only a decided health benefit, but also a vi- tal improvement in his mental Well being. "Sports for all," "Playing instead of Watchingi' are the mottoes of the intramural department. Student leadership is encouraged in the administration of the play. Faculty guidance rather than faculty dominance is the rule of the program. It is the departmentis belief that through practice a boy develops a fondness for sports which gives him courage and provides him with the physical fitness so vital nowadays to his country's service. It also creates a sports habit which carries over and serves in later life as a wholesome recreation for time of leisure. As DeCoubertin wrote, "The important thing is not winning but taking part, the essential thing is not conquering but fighting wellf' The Intramural Council is composed of: First row: Carl Buck, Dewey Luster, Betty Tuttle, Grady King, Paul Keen. Second row: Delta Tau Delta team was intramural "A" softball champion in the spring, 1958. First row: P. Taylor, I. Cloar, Don Treps, C. Williams. Second row: B. McDaniel, R. Dixon, T. Kingery, R. Murray. Tom Powers, Tom Nelson, David Gibbs, Ian Tupper. Third row: Ken Coffelt, Kent Fleming, Charles Stanford. 'Ubi .. N1 I .gm,.n., Independent championship in touch football went to Vance House. First row: Iim Carlson, Perry Pringle, Ed Mercin- cavage, Ierry Evans, Butch Mosley, Rowland F. Carter, Iames Newlon, Ed Chmel. Second row: Frank L. Benson, Richard S. Solar, Iohn McBee, Bus Branson, counselor, Don Shnell, Bob McAlpine, Dick Kellers. I TRAM RMS Paul V. Keen is chairman of the intramural depart- ment organization. He came to the OU campus in l927 as the coach of the varsity wrestling team and served on the intramural staff. Greatly due to his un- tiring eiforts and work, the intramural program has become an integral part of the university's recreation- al-education program for men. Working closely with Keen in the intramural pro- gram is Dewey Luster, or 'fSnorter', as he is fondly called by the students. Mrs. Betty Tuttle is secretary of the department and is in charge of team entries, scoring records and other bookwork. Facilities and equipment of the intramural depart- ment include l2 softball diamonds, 12 touch football fields, 21 tennis courts, six four-wall handball courts, six horseshoe pits, five basketball courts, one track and one swimming pool. Badminton sets, horseshoes, footballs, handball Warren Kice, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, was named intramural tennis champion. 5 . 5 f t . 5 Winner of the 440-yard relay last spring was Sigma Alpha Epsilon's team, composed of lim McElroy, Robert Frazer, Bud Babcock and John Paul johnson. gloves and balls, paddleball sets, table tennis sets, vol- leyballs, softballs and bats. basketballs, and boxing gloves are available to students. Referees for the games are assigned by the intra- mural oilice. Every organization is required to furnish at least one official for each contest. Each group is assisted in organizing backyard recre- ation such as table tennis, horseshoes, volleyball, bad- minton, etc., for their own house. Every organized house, both independent and fra- ternity, has an athletic manager elected or appointed by the respective group. This manager is the point of contact between the team and the intramural depart- ment. Matters affecting his team are communicated to him and he in turn is responsible for passing the infor- mation on to his team members. The selection of such a manager should be made after due consideration of the individual's qualifica- Badminton singles championship went to Spencer Wong, Young House. . A I 'MT Class A touch football winner was Sigma Alpha Epsilon. First row: Iohnny George, Allie Reynolds, john Paul Iohn- son, Iohnny Morey, Iack Miles. Second row: Coach Ross Porter, Bill Newton, Ross Roberts, Hugo Northcutt, Marion Perdue, Iohn O. Bennett, Ernie Day. tions. He should be interested in the team's welfare and should be interested in sports. The manager of each organization should use freshman assistants, se- lecting boys who are interested in intramurals and Willing to work. Serving as student managers this year for the intra- mural athletic program are Tom Powers, Tom Nelson, Kent Fleming and Ian Tupper, senior managers, Ken Coffelt, David Gibbs, Grady King and Charlie Stan- ford, junior managers. Sophomore managers are ap- pointed in the fall after the semester begins. These appointed students, the director of the intra- mural athletics and the stail of the department com- pose the managerial board. This board meets twice a month to discuss policies and possible improvements to be made in the intramural program. Winners of all team sports are awarded trophies, with individual winners receiving medals of gold, sil- ver and bronze in the individual events. Selected as outstanding intramural manager for the l957- SS season was Iim Drake, Beta Theta Pi. i all if QV 5 5 if 5 is Qi 4' K Volleyball champions this season were the Roekhounds. First row: Roger MCDufFl6, Wayne Thornton, Tom Brow- der, captaing Bill Bellis. Sz-cond row: Henry Bercutt, Iim Hanen, Tom Rowland. Intramural swimming championship was tied by Kappa Sigma, with Bob Houston captain, and Phi Delta Theta, which had Bob McDonald as captain. The 880-yard relay winners last spring were Lambda Chi Alpha members Mike Lord, Bill Harlan, Dick Quade and H. L. Crites. S r 'iff ',. -Q , - 2 , 1557 1 , 'mf ' T92 ::. sa Phi Gamma Delta,s basketball team was composed of, First row: Kent Fleming. Second row: Kent Meyers, Larry Lutz. Third row: Barney Barnett, Dennis Dodson, Robert Watts. Captains of the three wrestling teams that tied for the championship are Clint Cox, Residential Hall, Bob Ande, Alpha Tau Omega, and Phil Hawk, Kappa Sigma. Handball doubles champions are Ion Cole and Mike Mc- Laury, playing for Disciples Student Fellowship. I IRAMURAL WINNERS The first and second place winners of the men's intramural program are listed below. These champions are taken from the late spring of l958 and from the 1958-59 competition up to the date of publication. TEAM SPORTS Touch football, Class A . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Touch football, Class B . Touch football, Independent Basketball, Class A . . Basketball Class B . . Basketball, Independents Wrestling, 3-way tie . Volleyball Class A . Volleyball, Class B . Volleyball, Independent . Boxing, First place . . Boxing, Second place . Softball, Class A . Softball, Class B . . . Softball, Independent . . Track and Field, First place . . Alpha Tau Omega . . . Vance House . . Phi Gamma Delta . Rockhounds . . . Roustabouts . Alpha Tau Omega Phi Gamma Delta Residential Hall . Phi Kappa Psi . Delta Tau Delta . . Rockhounds . Delta Tau Delta . Phi Delta Theta . Delta Tau Delta . Delta Tau Delta . . Baker House . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Track and Field, Second place . . Phi Delta Theta Swimming, Tie .... . Phi Delta Theta Kappa Sigma INDIVIDUAL BRACKET SPORTS Badminton doubles . . Badminton singles . . Handball doubles . . Handball singles Horseshoe singles Scott Hunt and Mike Burdick, Phi Gamma Delta Spencer Wong, Young House Mike McLoury and Ion Cole, Disciple Student Fellowship . Ion Cole, Disciple Student Fellowship Ival Goldstein, Sigma Alpha Mu Golf doubles Don Whorton and Bob Weaver, Kappa Alpha Golf singles . . . Tennis doubles . . Tennis singles . Dean Hertenstein, Pi Kappa Alpha Warren Kice and Henry Brown, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Warren Kice, Sigma Alpha Epsilon fvnwv ' f First row: janet Overton, Kay Frossard, Ruth Walter, lane Klockman, Iudy Cathey, Stelfeny Dubie. Second row: Maurine Bowling, sponsor, Analeslie Unfried, Linda Elstner, B. B. Bush- man, Marilyn McDowell, Iudy Hunkins, Lynda Tamblyn, Iudy C23 Lewis, Mary Behling, sponsor. Third row: Carol Stephens, Ann Southard, Lou Horner, Beverly Woodruff, Ceta Pollock, Iacqueline Wood. WOME 'S RECRIE H0 ASSUCIATIU The Women,s Recreation association was estab- lished to promote interest in recreational sports for those of all abilities and strives to encourage friend- ship and promote opportunities for leadership and service. Elected to serve as head of the group this past year was Ruth Walters. Officers assisting the president were jane Klockman, vice presidentg Sondra Foristell, secretaryg Stephanie Dubie, treasurer, Maurine Bowl- ing and Mary Behling, faculty sponsorsg Kay Frossard, social chairman, judy Cathy, publicity chairman, Penny Wolaver, historian, and janet Overton, O.A.R. F.C.W. chairman. The recreational clubs that make up the WRA are PEM, Ducks swimming club, Orchesis dance club, PEM Cl B Selected to serve as head of PEM club this year was Peggy Eastman. Assisting her were Linda Rowell, vice presidentg Iudy Cathey, secretary-treasurer, and Vir- ginia Morris, faculty sponsor. To qualify for membership in PEM a student must be majoring in physical education, The purpose of the group is to acquaint majors with the many opportuni- ties in that Held. The organization promotes better re- lations and understanding between faculty and stu- dents. Luncheon meetings of the PEM club are held once a month. During the second semester a spring banquet is given to recognize the outstanding senior major. 349 , Swing club, Sooner Sachay square dance club, Racquet club, Terpsichore, Basketball club, and Hockey club. Council representatives are elected by vote of those in the house or dorm in which they live or the WRA club of which they are a member. One of the main projects of the WRA during the year is awarding trophies to the house or dorm teams for sportsmanship, attendance, and excellence in sports. The WRA board is the governing body of WRA. lt serves as a co-ordinating unit to the various clubs forming the association. Executive board meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays of each month and meetings of the executive council on the second and fourth Thursdays. First row: Lou Hobbs, lean Ann Lemler, janet Over- ton, Sudie Rowell, Peggy Eastman, Iudy Cathey, Sue Winterringer. Second row: Louise Carter, Ann South- ard, Mary Corff, Kay Snell, Betty Cook, Sara jeffrey. Third row: Nancy Danner, Linda Tamblyn, Elizabeth Yager, Elaine Fox, Martha Nelle Chastain. First row: Mary Alice Ducker, Teresa Frederick, Elizabeth Yager, Marcia R. Wilson, Nancy Russell. Second row: Dixie Chapman, Mary McKnight, janice Aikman, Suzanne Beisel, Culleen Bryant, Teresa Kalman, Claudette Reid. Third row: Carole Hass, Mary Sue Thompson, Marilyn McDowell, Vickie Rowe, Dorla Coley, Iudi Wynn, jean Ann Lemler, Carol Cox, Virginia Newton, Kay Hols- apple, Iudy Cathey, Carol jones. First row: Patty Mason, jean Barnhill, Mary Scivally, Sharon Barr, Helen Merritt, Pat Farrar, Bruciene Strifling, Kathaleen Howell. Second row: Phyllis Leatherman, Cathy Crane, Beverly Olive, Sea- ritha Carsa, julia Dorr, Gwen Owens. Third row: Gloria Ganoway, Caroline Hennessee, Sandra Whitney, Iudy Mideke, Mary Kay Denny, Betty Wadlo, Nancy Mechling, Nancy Wadlo, Mary Stuart Iohnstone, Clariette Bendorf, Virginia Thornton, Milburn Hudson, Carol jones, Gay Hammond. First row: Mary Adams, Linda Lockett, Nancy Wadlow, Liz Reirners, Sandra Poindexter, Ann Hamilton, jan Davidson, Bishy Langen- kamp, Billie Suggs, Sharon Tuttle, Rosanne Holbert, Elaine Word, Betty Wadlow. Second row: Kay Snell, Liz Kirkham, Bette Tap- pella, Sarah Willsie, Linda Conklin, Ginny Heffernan. s'4Exr1"wwa.a flmwsfe D CKS HUB The principal aims of the Ducks club are to increase inter- est in swimming among Oklahoma University women, im- prove members, skills, sponsor highschool and college meets, and present watershows. Officers for this year are Sunny Yager, president, Marcia Wilson, vice president, Nancy Russell, secretary, Teresa Frederick, treasurer, and Carole Haas, faculty sponsor. Girls are selected for membership in Ducks club on the basis of their performance in a routine at fall try-Outs. Each year, a few girls go to Hollywood, Florida, where the latest in synchronized swimming and other aquatic sports is presented by leaders in the field. URCHESIS Orchesis aims to foster understanding and appreciation of dance as a contemporary art form through giving the mem- bers opportunity to do creative works and present them for public performance. Two major productions are presented each year and demonstrations in other campus productions are held. Meetings are held weekly on Thursdays at 7:15 p.m. Pat Farrar served the group as president this year. Other officers were Carol jones, vice president, Paddy Mason, secretary, Sandra Whitney, treasurer, Gwen Owens, WRA representa- tive, and Helen Gregory, faculty sponsor. Tryouts for Orchesis are held twice a year. Those accepted become provisional members until participating in one major production. SWI 6 CLUB Membership in the Swing club is open to women students who satisfactorily hit specified golf shots during try-outs. Projects of thc past year have included golf matches with nearby colleges, intra-club tournaments, sponsoring high school invitational golf tournaments and sponsoring clinics and exhibitions by women pros. Officers were Kay Browning, president, Luanne Bradley, vice president, Kay Snell, secretary-treasurer, and Maurine Bowling, faculty sponsor. Social events have included several luncheons and dinners. Business meetings of the group are held in the womenis build- ing and practice sessions at the golf course. S00 ER SAIIH Y Any student interested in learning how to square dance may become a member of Sooner Sachay. This organization offers students a chance to learn and teach square dancing. Serving Sooner Sachay as president for the past year was Bud McDougal. Cherrill D. Banning was chosen to serve as secretary-treasurer, and Sally Massey was sponsor. Regular weekly meetings are held on Wednesday nights in Park row. Throughout the year the group performs at festi- vals and school functions. Sooner Sachay provides an opportunity for university men and women to get together to learn and enjoy recreational dancing. The organization is school-sponsored. RACU El Cl B This year a State Tennis Tournament was held at OU. Every other year the OU Racquet club alternates with OSU in being host of the tournament. The principal aim of the organization is to provide univer- sity women interested in tennis an opportunity for fellowship in recreation of a common sport. Officers this year included Dell Ruggles, president, Ioan Marshall, vice president, Gretchen Ligon, secretary-treasurer, Beverly Woodruff, WRA representative, and Billye Cheatum, sponsor. Membership in the Racquet club is open to women students who have a knowledge of tennis and enjoy the sport. TERPSICHURE Terpsichore aims to provide an extra-curricular activity to improve students' skill, understanding, and appreciation of dance. Students interested in dancing are eligible for mem- bership in the group. Meetings are held on Tuesday nights at 7:15 p.m. at the women's gym building. Lessons in various dance skills are preceded by a short business meeting. Serving as officers were Angie Leonard, president, Mary L. Williams, vice president, Carolyn Darrough, faculty sponsor, and Margaret Harris, WRA representative. Members of Terpsichore participated in roles of monks in the dance pantomime "Juggler of Notre Damen held in December. V' lli First row: Mary Ann McAninch, Anna Lynn Mullikin, Cherrill D. Banning, Ann Scheefers. Second row: Iohn R. Imel, Roy H. Zum- walt, Charles Hughes, Donald Tinney, Iames Thomas. Third row: t Al Mullikin, Esther Mullikin, Sally Massey, Bud McDougal. l First row: Linda Landauer, Ioan Marshall, Dell Ruggles, Dutch Ligon, Beverly Woodruff, Mag Teas. Second row: Peggy Eastman, Sudie Rowell, Iudie Berck, Babe Swanson, Sherron Francis, Marita Ingraham, Mary Small, Dianne Daniels, Donna Shubert, Carol Finkel. Third row: Billye Cheatum, sponsor, Linda Lindsay, Linda Laughery, Sylvia Glasgow, Iudy Claborn, Betsy Manning, Ioan Vedder, Bishy Langenkamp, Kitty Keith, lean Bonney, lean Ann Miller, Mary Corff, Lou Horner. First row: Mary Ann Miller, Mary L. Williams, Sharon Black, Glenna Gault, Evelyn Y. Iones, Gay Townley, Sara Hill. Second row: Ioyce Pospisil, Dorthlynn Dent, Kay Dee Burns, Elizabeth Young, Carolyn Darrough, sponsor, Carol Mead, Larry Gayle Dicken- son, Margaret Harris, Angie Leonard. Third row: Helen Edwards, Marcia R. Wilson, Martha Matthews, Carol Schritter, Marilyn Turner, Marian Huff, Merry Ann Marsh, Marge Armstrong, Linda Ann Nelson. ' ' . 1 r "'- - - Q.. K . . J 'V . tr- . , it . ' f . - 2 if r it 5 S .5 , iz, f, - 6 t , 4' ,Q Basketball club, Hrst row: Ianet Overton, Kara Lee Luman, Ann Southard, Lou Horner, Mrs. Reba Lucey, Mary Pendergralt, Marian Barraco, Iudy Gathey, Linda Rowell. Second row: Linda Elstner, Sheila Bruno, Nancy Danner, Pat Benton, Sue Orr, Lynda Tamblyn. Ducks club members include Vicki Rowe, Kay Holsapple, Iudy Cathey, Nancy Russell and Carol Iones. Kappa Kappa Gamma team won the intramural softball and speed- ball championship. First row: Kitty Keith, Susan Wegener. Second row: Barbara Waid, Iulia Fullerton, Ruth Ann Norris, Peggy East- man, Liz Kirkham, Dutch Ligon, Virginia Lee Merritt, Martha Tait. , ,.,, ,,,.,:,,,,,,w,,,,,,,,. :,,--:,.,, A I Q .' ,5 "'25"' -if , 6 ' 13' ' an Hockey club, first row: Miss Mary Behling, sponsor, Marilyn Good- man, Sarah Jeffrey, Ianet Overton, Lynda Tamblyn. Second row: Rosemary Bohnenblust, Ieanette Pearson, Mickey Pettingill, Liz Reimers, Mary Ann Brand, Betty McGuire. Intramural volleyball champions are Kappa Kappa Gammas-Vir- ginia Merritt, Peggy Eastman, Ruth Ann Norris and Dutch Ligon. Kappa Delta had the highest percentage of participation in women's intramurals. First row: Iulia Ann Bell, Gayle Anderson, Marilyn Boldt. Second row: Charlotte Pixley, Geta Pollock, Maxine Keenan, Peggy O'Rear, Ann Cammarano. -of jp'L1'IO1iCa,tiO1'J.S ll?i?'5Sl?LZ?? NN.. DR. FAYETTE COPELAND PUBLIC 1 The Publications Board makes all major decisions affecting the two student publications, the Oklahoma Daily student newspaper and the SOONER YEARBOOK. One of the oldest faculty-student groups on the OU campus, the board selects the editors of the two publi- cations and approves the staffs of each. Selection of the two editors is based on the appli- cants, experience, loyalty and executive ability. At least one semesteras work in a major staff position on the publication of which he seeks editorship is required. The editor of the SOONER serves a one-year term and the Daily, a one-semester term. Another duty of the board is to exercise the power of approval of all budgets and expenditures of these pub- lications. In 1915 the board first assumed its present form. Eleven years later the membership was in- creased from five to seven. The organization is student-controlled and the weight of student opinion in determining board deci- sions is emphasized. Four students and three faculty members hold voting positions and because of this, stu- dent plans, opinions and ideas form the essence of the policies set up by the board. Composing the student membership of the board this year were Steve Cathey, representing the Okla- homa Dailyg Miles Anderson, from the SOONER, with Pat Flood and Sue Barton serving as members-at-large. Board faculty members include Dr. Fayette Cope- land, director of the school of journalism since 19473 joHN H. CASEY I0 SBO RD Dr. Ralph Bienfang, professor of pharmacy, named to the board in 1950, and john H. Casey, professor and nationally known authority on community journalism. He joined the OU faculty in 1927. DR. RALPH BIENFANG l t 2 . First rou-: Pat Flood, Sue Barton, Mrs. Louise B. Moore. Second row: Cen-il H. Brite, Dr. Fayette Copeland, Dr. Ralph Three faculty ex-officio members also serve on the board, These are Mrs, Louise Beard Moore. supervisor of student publicationsg Cecil H. Brite, general mana- ger ol all student publications. and George Churchill. director of the university public relations bureau. X MRS. Louisa B. MooRE dbh ff tw, ,M Bienfang. Steve Cathey, Miles Anderson, Iohn H. Casey. Faculty members are appointed or re-appointed an- nually, but the student personnel is selected for a one- year term. Publication Board meetings are held in the Bronson memorial room located in the new Journalism building. C1iCIL H. BRITE First row: Don Harris, Glen Dale Carter. Second row: Don Wasson, Iim Newby, Bill Penn, Iohn Cromwell, Mike Davis, Bob Salmon. Third row: Bob Lewellen, Bill Walter, Ken JUURNAL A , xxx URM K Zh ,A Uv, um xwt ,ig x' 'Q B, S ,rhu- al Tana. - l , ' A , in 4 ' .. QL W. C. VANDERWERTH Superintendent of Shop Lewis, Fred Worthington, john Harbour, Bob Impson, W. C. Vanderwerth, superintendent. ISM PRESS The mechanical assembling and printing of the Oklahoma Daily student newspaper is done by the Journalism Press. The organization was established June l, 1930, by an act of the Publications Board, and in March, 1956, by authority of the Board of Regents, was made an auxiliary of the university. Employees who work in the mechanical department of the Daily are experienced student printers. The shop crew is composed of students who have gained printing experience on various Oklahoma newspapers, and who are working their way through the university. Their responsibility is making up the paper, preparing the type for printing, and carrying through to the fin- ished product. Supervisor of the student employees, W. C. Vander- werth directs the mechanical department. "Van,H as he is called by his student associates, puts the finishing touches on the journalism students, work and produces the outstanding university newspaper. The Press assumes the responsibilities and assures the maintenance of the mechanical needs of the morn- ing paper. With the approval of the university, the Press makes all purchases and handles financial deal- ings for the newspaper. General manager of the Iour- nalism Press is Cecil H. Brite. S00 ER YE RBO0K Hallelujah! The time for rejoicing has come . . The SOONER yearbook staH is celebrating its first year in the new journalism building. With a suite of offices on the first floor, the staff is now enjoying great ly enlarged working areas and new facilities. The edi tor has his own private office for conferences and staff meetings. All this space is an overwhelming contrast to the cramped cubby-hole the SOONER office occupied in the old j-building. Air-conditioning replaces the stifling afternoon heatg draperies diffuse the piercing rays of the sung new glass-top steel furniture supplants mad dening, ever-sticking drawers of former equipment and spacious, well-illuminated working areas take the place of the dim little cubical which belonged to an era that ended August l2, l958 Now all of the staff members and committeemen can get into the SOONER office at the same time-a feat which could never be accomplished in the former dwellings. Two telephones are available for student use in carrying out yearbook business. In the old of Hee, students had to make a reservation to use the one phone which was continually in demand The new surroundings were made possible through the work of previous editors and staff members and the donations of state publishers and journalism alumni Although the SOONER staff is very much pleased with the new offices, there is one catch-more and bet ter work is expected of them in the future SOONER staff members, first row: Pat Gibson, Patty Flood, Ann Brewer, Martha Nelle Chastain, Patty Ball, Mary Ann Wins NEIL STANFIELD Editor Helen Hurt Sharon Horton Ann Wise jane Bowers Carolyn Miller Thtrd row Dick Iohannes john McCoy Larry With low, Ann Clay. Second row: Alice Evans, Linda Conklin, erspooh,Iohn M. Benson, Walter B.,Whilden. , - WALTER WHILDEN PAT GIBSON CHUCK Cossrar Assistant Editor Features Editor Fraternity Editor SUHNER The first yearbook at the University of Oklahoma was called the Mistletoe, published in l905. The title was changed to the SOONER yearbook four years later. From this small beginning of a few leather-bound pages, the annual has grown in size to the current six hundred pages. Color work as well as black and white photographs are used in the complete coverage of cam- pus events, activities and study. Busy at work filing yearbook cards are staff members Pat Flood, Chuck Cossey and secretary Barbara Ferris. This year the SOONER,S theme is the new look on the OU campus. The opening section features various contemporary buildings complete with detailed pic- tures of modernized and improved facilities for student use. The pictorial display includes such new structures as Iournalism, Library addition, Home Economics, Law interior and Education. Campus life is emphasized in the l959 SOONER. The regular feature section is doubled in size and con- tains many new layouts to include every phase of stu- dent activities. Yearbook photographer Sherrill Dunn was kept busy with activity, organization, fraternity, sorority, independent housing and faculty features. He was on call day and night for emergencies that always seemed to arise. Robert Cummings, of the popular television show, was asked to judge the yearbook beauties this season. He ranked the top eight girls l, 2, 3, etc., according to photographs sent him by the yearbook beauty commit- tee. Heading the committee was Robert Osborne, with Mel Newsom, photographer, Neil Stanfield, yearbook editor, Ben Benedum, Phi Gamma Delta president, Col. Metticus May, and lack Moore, senate president, assisting in the selection. The committee went to all of the women's dorms and sorority houses to select the top girls from each. The Publications Board appoints the SOONER editor in the mid-spring semester. He is chosen according to his previous service on the yearbook, and serves for one year. He, in turn, selects other members of the staff. Any student may work on the SOONER and should place an application in the spring or early fall. The editorial staff is assisted by Mrs. Louise B. Moore, supervisor of student publications. Yearbook financial business is directed by Cecil H. Brite, general manager of publications. SOONER STAFF NEIL STANFIELD . . Editor WALTER WHILDEN . Assistant Editor PAT GIBSON . . . Features Editor PAT FLOOD . . Sorority Editor CHUCK COssEY . . . . Fraternity Editor ANN CLAY . Independent Women Editor JOHN MCCOY . . . Independent Men Editor LARRY WITHERSPOON . Organizations Editor ROBERT OSBORNE . . Beauty Editor SOONER staff members Robert Os- borne, Linda Conklin and Steve Cathey are faced with quite a few class pictures to panel. MEMBERS MARTHA NELLE CHASTAIN Womenis Intramurals Editor DICK IOIIANNES . . IVIen's Intramurals Editor IOHN BENSON . . Class Features Editor ALICE EVANS . . Communications Editor STEVE CATHEY . . . . Sports Editor GEORGE MCKINNIS . . Army Editor BRUCE RISINGER . . Air Force Editor EMIL LEVINE . Navy Editor BOB BARR . . Index Editor Yearbook plans and problems are dis- cussed by Nancy Norton, otlice man- agerg Cecil Brite, general manager, and Neil Stanfield, editor. THE 0Kl HOMA DAILY The Oklahoma Daily, written and edited by jour- nalism students, serves as the principal news dissemi- nation medium for the university and the student body. The completion and dedication of the new Iournalism building gave historical significance to the l958-59 school year for the Daily. During the 45th year of publication, the Daily fea- tured articles on the defeat of the Sooner football team by our annual rivals, the University of Texas, at Dal- las. The Daily also covered progress on the new X- shaped womenls dorm and expressed the pro and con views of students toward traffic barricades on campus streets. Directing the Dailyis activities as editor during the first semester was Carol lean Robinson. She carried on an active campaign aimed at the lack of school spirit displayed at athletic events. During examination pe- riods, she criticized strongly the amount of cheating and the superfluous cuts of "ambitious', students. Her editorials urged student recognition of the press- ing need of increased salaries for the faculty. In a summary of the semester's achievements, Miss Robin- son pointed out that the meaning of Homecoming had 1 A I, CAROL JEAN ROBINSON First Semester Editor been reduced to a display ol' chicken wire and crepe paper. Steve Cathcy served as the Daily editor during the second semester. He opened his series of editorials with a survey of student regulations and university methods of discipline. FIRST SEMESTER DAILY STAFF, Hrs! row: David Smith, man, Tomi Castelli, Ann Brewer, Iune Harms. Third row: jimmy Sims, Steve Cathey, Carol lean Robinson, Sue Barton, Paul Massad, Terry West, Bob Finkel, Thad Poulson, Ierry Alice Evans, Emily Ferris, Carol Hoopingarner. Second row: Cornelius, Sam Powell, joe Park. Kay Blake, Pat Flood, Iudy Anderson, Alice Lay, lane Kloclc- l ., ,,,,. SECOND SEMESTER DAILY STAFF, first row: Sam Powell, Iudy Anderson, Alice Lay, Pat Flood, Steve Cathey, lane Klock- man, Alice Evans, jerry Cornelius, Kay Blake. Second row: During thc first Week of the spring semester, Cathey wrote an open letter to the president of the student senate Warning him of the Dailyis close observation of senate activities. He continued during the semester to print his comments and criticisms ol senate proposals. One edition of the Daily each year is published with the help of high school students attending the spring meeting ol the Oklahoma Interscholastic Press Associ- ation. Advising the student editorial staff of the newspaper is Mrs. Louise B. Moore. supervisor ol student publica- tions. W. C. Vanderwerth, shop superintendent, di- rects the student-staffed composing room and press of the Daily. The newspaper is published five days a week, Tues- day through Saturday mornings. Copies are distrib- uted to all houses and to centralized points about the campus. The Daily is a member of the Associated Press and also uses United International Press wire service. FIRST SEMESTER ADVERTISING STAFF: Pat Dennis, Steve Owen, Pat Clark, Bill Frensley, Don Wasson, Professor John Casey, standing. , ' ,?,firiiQii Q p iiitt-fiflii Y s e 7 ff' s M WJ xr Iune Harms, Carol lean Robinson, Richard Boggs, Ben Wofford Daniel Webster, Ioe Broody, Mrs. Louise Moore, Ian Puckett Beverly Beauchamp. STEVE CATHEY Second Semester Editor SECOND SEMESTER ADVERTISING STAFF: Larry Becker- man, Mary Kirkpatrick, Bill Phillips, Leslie H. Rice, Judy Anderson, Carol Hoopingarner, Bob Impson. W Shamrock editor is Bill P. Stauss, left, with Al Buckingham as business manager. S00 ER SH MRUCK First published in l94l, the Sooner Shamrock is a self-supporting publication that gives students enrolled in the college of engineering a journal in which they can publish technical Writings and the latest news of the engineering college and field. Bill P. Stauss served as editor this year. Al Bucking- ham and Leon Magill were business managersg Charles Patton, secretary, and Torn Gilmore, photography editor. Any engineering student interested in working on First row: Finis Gillespie, Melvin Rogers, Gene Cunningham, Bill P. Stauss, Al Buckingham, Leon Magill, Tom Gilmore. the Shamrock is welcome to a stall position. The edi- tor and business manager are appointed on a leader- ship and experience basis by the St. Pat's Council, the governing body of engineering activities. Although the staff receives no pay. graduating senior staff mem- bers are presented with keys at St. Patis banquet in the spring. The Shamrock helps promote the college ol engi- neering in Oklahoma and other states because it is sent to all high schools throughout Oklahoma. Second row: Ralph W. Iaekson, George D. Allen, Wanda I. Little, Charles Mayfield, Robert M. Nerem, Lynn C. Rogers. Serving this year as Sooner O:l:'ga.11iza.tio11s ' UNION ACTIVITIES BOARD, First row: lim Dolman, Bob Garrett, Patti Gumerson, Mike Henderson, Linda Iolly. Second row: Lynnette Lemon, Mike Mc- Calferty, Buzz McDaniel, jerry Smith, lean Whybark. UNIIIN IIIIIIVIIIES PRO IIIES EVE IS Charlene Caldwell, Union Activities director, and Bob Garrett, board president, discuss student trips and events. Union Activities provides a program of varied and constructive activities for university students through- out the school year. The organization is operated by students to provide interest, enthusiasm and participa- tion in living at the university. Miss Charlene Cald- well, staff sponsor, is the director of Union Activities. The organization is divided into several groups. The Union Activities Board is the policy-making body of the program. It is the function of the board to plan and coordinate all events in Union Activities. Ten juniors and seniors participate in the arranging of the major university activities. The Union Activities Council is responsible for the organizing of most of the actual recreational activities. It is composed of I9 students who have qualified for council membership by outstanding work on various Union Activities committees. The treasurer of the board acts as the connecting link in the two bodies. UNION ACTIVITIES COUNCIL, First row: Anona Adair, Catherine Bond, Eva Brasel, Ed Buehner, Marjorie Buchner, Chuck Cossey. Second row: Al Crabtree. Charlotte Ester, Allen Evans, Bill Givens, Betty Griffin, I. D. Hervey. Third row: Dick Iohannes, Sue Matlack, Bill McKay, Helen Merritt, Alice Parham, Don Randall, Rhetta Reynolds. lm . A I The officers of the Union Activities Board and the Union Activities Council serve to co- ordinate the events of both groups. The offi- cers of the board are president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. Council officers con- sist of president, vice president and secretary- treasurer. The oHicers of both groups work very close- ly together in the planning of future activities. The presidents of the UAB and UAC must represent Union Activities in other campus events. The vice presidents work coordinating the activities of all the committees of Union Activities. The secretary of each body as- sumes a committee chairmanship in addition to his office responsibilities. A very important officer of the board is the treasurer. He not only serves as financial ad- visor to Union Activities, but also serves as coordinator to the council. G 2.5 Officers of Union Activities include, first row: Ed Buchner, Betty Grifhn, Anona Adair, Robert D. Garrett. Second row: Mike Henderson, Patti Gumerson, Mike McCafFerty, lean Whybark, T. D. Hervey. UNION ACTIVITIES BOARD OFFICERS Fall Spring BOB GARRETT . . President . . BOB GARRET'F PATTI GUMERSON . Vice-President . IEAN WHYBARK JEAN WIIYRARK . . Secretary . MIKE HENDERSON Bos CASEY . . Treasurer . MIKE IVTCCAFFERTY A feature of the Popular Series entertainment, Erroll Garner thrilled audiences with his piano style and personality. UNION ACTIVITIES COUNCIL OFFICERS Fall Spring ED BUCIINER . . President . . ANONA ADAIR ANONA ADAIR . Vice-President . BETTY GRIFFIN BETTY GRIFFIN . Sec.-Treas. . . T. D. HERVEY The Boston uPopsi' Orchestra, conducted by Arthur Fiedler, was brought to the Sooner campus as part of the Celebrated Series. The chorus of Alpha Gamma Delta placed lirst in the Mothers The Tri-Delt songsters won lirst place honors in the annual Day Sing competition sponsored by the llnion Activities. t ' E CM ns it u oontr aint als was highlighted bv 1 tifiu int tuu tu s 4 Ntllitl S 1 NL ill X fall Dad's Day Quartet contest, to entertain visiting fathers. Committees which are sponsored by the board are varied. These consist ol' Student Trips, Celebrated Artists. Popular Series. VVorld Problems, University Sing. Public Relations, Sooner Scandals and Research and Development. Sooner Scandals, Popular Series and Celebrated Artists Series provide a wide range ol entertainment for university students. Both series brought to the campus this season such entertainers as the Hi-Lo's, Erroll Garner, Dukes of Dixieland, "The lVlousetrap." and Rise Stevens. Each spring Sooner Scandals presents the best in student talent. Group acts. specialty acts and individ- ual acts are featured. The final showing is presented in the Municipal Auditorium in Oklahoma City. Clovxns frolic during the fall College ol linionologv. held to acquaint students with Union facilities and entertainment. I 'QE-3 .g .., . aff ', ,I 1 .VX One of many student trips sponsored by the Union Activities is the journey to Acapulco, Mexico, during spring vacation. Public Relations covers a variety of functions essen- tial to the coordination of the activities program. Pub- licity for the Union Activities program is handled by this department. "lVIelvin,n the Union Activities ter- mite, is also originated in Public Relations. Other areas of publicity include General Art, Hospitality, Yearbook layout and the Activities Festival booth. The recreational side of Union Activities includes Terrace Inn dances, Films, Now or Never Week, and Bridge Tournaments. Student Trips provide exciting excursions for students during school recesses to many wonderful places, such as Colorado, Mexico and Europe. The Modern Iazz Quartet visited the Sooner campus to appear on the Popular Series program. UNION ACTIVITIES SCHEDULE World Problems Conference Popular Series Celebrated Artists Sooner Scandals Barbershop Quartet Contest Friday Night Dances Films Public Relations House Representatives Hospitality Research and Development General Art Committee Union Exhibits Intercollegiate and Intramural Bridge General Publicity and Newsclipping Service Travel Bureau College of Unionology Now or Never Week Quarterback Club Kingston Trio Concert Union Christmas Decorations National Billiards Tournament Housemother's Bridge Career Conference Mixer Spring Trip University Sing Summer Program Planning The Field house rang with the well-known ballads of the Kingston Trio last November. YV' Wt t l Rwfvf I at it mm ,Qi - . . aiiil ifte- i ,E ' emma University of Oklahoma band members line up in pre-game formation before the singing of "The Star Spangled Bannerf, CONCERT BAND, Franklin E. Williams, conductor. First row: Iacquie Heston, Iaekie Dull, Karl Coeke, Terry Martin, Cwenith Williams, Angie Leonard, Carolyn Bayless, Iudy Riley, Karen Miller, Keith Allen. Second row: Iames Brooks, Doris Watkins, Ann Seheefers, Louise Binkley, Bill Collard, Roger Hughes. Rex Craig, Mike Crosslin, Iulie Brisco, Willard Forbes, Virginia Swanson, Richard Rosebrook, Bill Bishop, Robert Win- ter, Charles Evans, Bruce Dames. Third rou-: Barbara Chand- ler, Andy Avans, Nancy Carpenter, Czarina Holland, Phillip Iones, Vernon Hardy, Larry Wade, Ierry Balentine, jim Sharp, Robert Kyker, Vernon Racer, Lionel Garrett, Owen Gibson, Iames Bright, Bruce Brown, Wanda Horton, Barbara Bohan. Iaines Hawkins, John Wells. Max Beasley, Ion Cray, Cecil Stanford, Edwin Fowler, Dennis Cook, Fourth row: Rozelle Hoffman, Helen Webb, Donna Coleman, David Wilson, Rob- ert Mt-Gregor, Bill Wheeling, Iames Kendall, Iames Sanders, lack Moore, Albert Fuller. Claude Smith, l.ouis Ienson, Steven Melita. UNIVERSITY The University Band is one of the oldest and largest student organizations on the OU campus. Many stu- dents have derived hours of pleasure, fellowship and musical experience from membership in this organiza- tion. Since its founding in i904 with l6 members, the personnel has grown steadily. The l958-59 edition of the band boasted a membership of more than 150 stu- dent musicians. There were lO4 Oklahomans in the band. The "Pride of Oklahoman has become an integral part ol OU football. This year the band performed at each of the football games played in Owen stadium. On October l0 the Pride made its annual trek to Dal- las for the OU-Texas game. This year marked the fifth Orange Bowl appearance for the band, other trips having been made in l939, 1954, l956 and l95S. On December 28, the band ar- rived in Miami via three chartered airliners. While in Florida, the band gave a public concert in Hollywood 0F 0KlAHOMA and marched in the mammoth King Orange Parade playing the ever-stirring "Boomer Sooner' ,and "O.K. Oklahomaf, In keeping with the silver anniversary of the Orange Bowl, the band based this ycar's half-time presentation on highlights from its previous appear- ances in the Bowl. One of the highlights of the trip was a band beach party. Bandsmen also had opportunities to go deep- sea fishing, sightseeing and to attend jai Alai games. In january the band participated in the inaugural parade and ceremonies of the new Oklahoma governor, j. Howard Edmondson. Two concert groups, the Symphonic Band, con- ducted by Professor Leonard Haug, and the Concert Band, conducted by Professor Franklin Williams, pre- pared for a busy season. The second semester was filled with several concerts on the campus, a spring tour and performances for spring sports events. Dur- ing the Oklahoma All-State High School Band Festi- val, the Symphonic Band presented a concert for the participating high school students. The band per- SYMPHONIC BAND, Leonard H. Haug, conductor. First row: Ann Copeland, Pat Stephens, Karl Cocke, Eileen Matthews, Nancy Danner, jacquie Heston, john Waller, Sally Kirk, Phyllis Parker, Marilyn Smith, Roger Robinson. Second row: Tom Aitken, Bob Beasley, Dale Kennedy, Lindell Ball, Shelton Lan- caster, Roger Hughes, Bruce Evatt, Robert Parnnell, Robert Ringrose, Cilbert Cockrcham, jane Ellis, Luther Elliott, Carry Mitchelmore, Charles Fredregill, Darryl Smith. Third row: Charles Pyle, T. j. johnson, john Yager, Thomas Lewis, Linda Scott, Vernon Maruska, james Brooks, Perry New, Robert Kidd, Robert Hughes, Elmer Million, Donald Bristow, james Looney, Cary Sibley, Terry Barham, Kent Kidwell, john Pennington, joe Key, Artie Palk, Bobby McDonald, Bill Penn, David Clem- ons, Richard Wares, Bill Hadwiger, Tim McCook, Gerald Tucker. Fourth row: Cary Copeland, Richard Winter, Walter Lambert, Marla Mitchell, Helen Webb, Ann Scheelers, Ed Bradford, john Turnbull, Ann Wood, Mike Neumann, Paris York, Ronald Harper. james Kendall, james Houston, Richard IVlcDonald. Robert Webb, Gerald Goodwin, Fred Cesin, David Miller, Larry Dillingham, Kay Caswell. DS formed at one basketball game which was carried over a southwestern regional television network. Each year the groups rehearse and perform the finest literature available for band. Many students are given the opportunity to be featured as soloists with the band. This year the band tape-recorded several selections for future use by radio stations. Band officers for the fall semester were Artie Palk, president, T. johnson, vice president, Ann Copeland, secretary, and Marilyn Smith, treasurer. Second se- mester ofiicers were Dale Kennedy, president, Tom Aitken, vice president, Ann Copeland, secretary, and Marilyn Smith, treasurer. Council members for the year include Ronald Harper, Robert Ringrose, Tim McCook, Robert Hughes, Roger Hughes and Nancy Carpenter. Drum major was Robert Hughes. The band staff for 1958-59 included Professor Leon- ard H. Haug, director, Professor Franklin E. Williams, assistant conductor, Rodger P. Robinson, graduate as- sistant, and Paris B. York, student conductor. Conductor: Robert W. Ross. Assistant conductor: Samuel Scott. Flutes: Mary Frances Miller, Paris York. Ohoes: Roger Robinson, Beverly Valouch. Clarinets: Frank Kern, Shelton Lancaster. Bassoons: Phyllis Parker, Sharon Smith. Horns: Cretha lean Adair, Roger Louis, Iames McMakin, William Rob- inson. Trumpets: David Clemons, Tim McCook. Timpani Martha Morgan. Violins: Michael Avsharian, Marguerita Blen- UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Presents The University Symphony Orchestra provides an educational and recreational experience in orchestral playing for students. The personnel is determined through auditions which are held each semester. All university students and laculty are eligible for mem- bership. Concerts include the best of standard orchestral lit- kinsop, Dwight Dyer, Margaret jane Green, Karl Greenshields, principalg Don Hatch, Barbara Messenbaugh, concertmaster, Anne Miller, Susan Poythress, Katherine Scott, Larry Stefiy. Violas: Dorothy Baumwool, Emily Dyer, Lawrence Poston, Par- nell Privette. Violoncellos: Viola Brown, Vanda Cohen, Gail de Stwolinski, Doris Rohrbaugh, David Vanderkooi. Contra- basses: Richard Brightwell, Ruth Brightwell. Annual Concerts and Accompanies Fine Arts Opera eraturc as well as the presentation of solo performances by outstanding students of the school of music. The orchestra also participates in the Fine Arts opera pro- duction and the annual scholarship concert. The string section ol the orchestra is coached by Professors Michael Avsharian and David Vanderkooi. MU PHI EPSH.0N Encourages Growth in Music Ability, Confidence, Ideals and Future Achievement The national music fraternity Mu Phi Epsilon pro- motes musicianship and scholarship and advances music in America. Seventy-five chapters make up the organization, founded at Metropolitan College of Mu- sic, Cincinnati. in l903. Membership is composed of eoeds who have a 3.0 grade average in all music courses and are music ma- First row: Rhetta Reynolds, Charlotte Lovelace, Carol Cook, Sylvia Zaremba, Frances Worrell, Linda Iolly. Second row: Patricia Cook, Diana Dunlap, Betty Ann Warren, Ianice Hun- jors or minors. Each year the group participates in a joint scholarship benefit musical. Officers are Frances Worrell, presidentg Linda Iolly. vice president, Mary Ruth Dobie and Charlotte Love- lace, secretariesg Carol Cook, treasurer. and Miss Sylvia Zaremba, faculty sponsor. ter, Clarece Dyer, Peggy Hancock. Third row: Carol Chrisen- berry, Beth Gambill, Merrily Adams, Nancy Holland, Chlorica 92.1.3 Warkentin. K PPA KAPPA PSI and TAU BETA SIGM Two University Organizations Promote Activities and Achievement Among Outstanding Band Men and Women Outstanding band men and Women on the Sooner campus par- ticipate in the activities of Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi, honorary band organizations. Kappa Kappa Psi, national honorary band fraternity for college bandsmen, was founded at Qklahorna State University in 1919. The society honors outstanding bandsmen through privilege of membership extended as a reward for technical achievement and appreciation for the best in music. Membership qualifications include service with the band for one semester and an over-all C grade average. Gene Cook Was presi- dent this year, with Tim McCook, vice presidentg Kent Kidwell, secretaryg Dale Kennedy, treasurer, and Franklin Williams, spon- sor. Founded to cultivate a wholesome respect for band activities and achievements, Tau Beta Sigma honors top women in the band and promotes a high average of attainment by the performance of good music. Established at Texas Teachers College in l939, the organization now has 28 chapters. This year the OU chapter was headed by Nancy Danner, president. Marilyn Smith was vice presidentg Ann Seheefers, secretary, Ann Copeland, treasurer, and Leonard Haug, university band director, is sponsor. First row.' Ann Copeland, Marilyn N. Smith, Elizabeth Windes, Kidwell, Franklin E. Williams, Leonard H. Haug. Iacquie Heston, Nancy Danner. Third row: Elmer Million, Artie Palk, Ioe R. Windes, Robert Second row: Tim McCook, Bruce Lee Evatt, Gene Cook, Kent Ringrose, T. I. Iohnson, Dale E. Kennedy, Iim F. Looney. UNIVERSITY CHUR l GRUUPS Three choral groups. well known to Sooner audi- ences and civic organizations throughout Oklahoma, compose the vocal music department at OU. Chester I.. Francis is director-conductor ol the University Choir, the Men's Glee Club and the Women's Choral Club. The groups are composed mostly of students major- ing in the school ol music. However, any student fully enrolled in the university and meeting tryout qualifi- cations prior to the opening ol each semester is eligible for membership in one or more groups. Students participating in the music organizations meet regularly as a part ol the university schedule and one hour per semester credit is given. Students prepare and read materials for practice and concert singing. The principal aim of the groups is to supply aca- demic needs, permit university participation in vocal music and promote university public relations. During the year, the choral groups performed in over 70 concerts and programs throughout the state and on the Sooner campus. Their appearances were requested at numerous civic clubs, churches, conven- tions, professional organizations and state high schools. President of the University Choir is Del Wilmoth. Assisting him as vice president is jared Rowe, with Bobbie Knie as secretary, Bonnie Harrell, treasurer, and Marilyn Scott, librarian. OPHcers for the Menis Glee Club include Miles An- derson, president, james Woelfel, vice president, Billy Rogers, secretaryg Albert Crabtree, librarian, and james Deskins, treasurer. UNIVERSITY CHORAL GROUP, first row: Suzanne Rolle, Betty Coombs, Nancy Steiger, Virginia Thornton, Beth Gam- bill, Mary Carol Gilbert, Io Lea McDown, Bobbie Knie, Carol Christenberry, Emily Wickizer, Marilyn Scott, Ann Blackburn, Bonnie Harrell, Ianice Bare, Charlotte Lovelace, Cynthia Kite, Mary Lou McConnell. Second row: Ianice Grimm, Naomi Steiger, Kay Elkins, Linda Moye, lack Foster, Larry Dean, Stacy Schronk, Robert Bell, Gary Shoemaker, Tom Aitken, Clark The Women's Choral Club is headed by Nancy Holland as president, with Sandra Rogers. vice presi- dent, Mary Ruth Dobic, sccretaryg Donna Vandiver, treasurer, and Denise McWherter. librarian. Chester L. Francis, associate prolcssor of music edu- cation, is the conductor of the three groups. Approxi- mately 200 students are enrolled in the choral depart- ment under his direction. Each organization undertakes a very busy schedule ol concerts and tours. This year the University Choir presented concerts lor the Oklahoma City McDowell Club ol Allied Arts. National Association of Teachers of Singing regional convention of eight states, and sev- eral school and civic programs. The group gave a reli- gious concert during Conference on Religion Week and a presentation of the American premier of the noted Canadian composer Violet Archeris 'gApoca- lypsef, The Womenis Choral Club sang for the formal ini- tiation of Mortar Board and for the Oklahoma Bank- er's convention. The coeds presented Christmas con- certs, civic programs, and enjoyed a tour through western Oklahoma. The Menis Glee Club, accompanied by the Sooner- ettes, fill many engagements throughout Oklahoma. Conventions, civic groups, Chambers oi Commerce, high schools and church groups request programs which are filled during the school term. The glee club is composed mostly of non-music majors. The fields with the largest representation are engineering and business. McCoy, Tom Wood, Keith Allen, Lee Stanfield, Ann Kelley, Rhetta Reynolds. Third row: B. I. Whitehead, accompanist, Sue Sloan, Merrily Adams, Lauretta Palmeter, Chester Cowan, Delbert Wilmoth, Rex Craig, jared Rowe, Neal Paisley, Kent Miller, james Wilson, Robert Mansheld, Paul Braun, Carol Cook, Iudy Ludlam, Marsha Greenshields, Chester L. Francis, conductor. kb---A V ,. I VVOMEN'S CHORAL CLUB. first row: Joyce Stephens, Theresa Alberta, Cheryne Martin, Judy Johns, Suzanne Broach, Gwen Brown, Caroline Abbott, Diana Dunlap, Alice Van Eaton, Pat Butler, Anne Groves. Second row: Sandra Rogers, Carolyn Graham. Sandra Serkes, Beverly Yandell, Carolyn Seabolt, Glenda Hamilton. Martha Smith, Sharon King, Mary Frances Miller, Priscilla Cook, Sharon Abousie, Francia Parman. Third rout Sue Richards, Mary Opitz, Sandra Allen. Denise Mc- VVherter. Lyda Harris, Frances Worrell, Nancy Currey, Alice The Soonerettes is a small womcn's group which accompanies the glee club on its tours of singing. In- cluded in the Soonerettes this year are Linda Jolly, Janice Gibson, Cecile Cray, Mary Ellen Hughes, Bob- bie Knie. Suzanne Rolle and Jan Barney. The University Choir, an organization made up of members of the three groups and other music majors, presented a concert in Oklahoma City with the Okla- home City Symphony Orchestra. They sang Handelis "Dettingen Te Deumf' The chorus presented an all MENSS GLEE CLUB AND SOONERETTES, first row: Jim Patterson, Joe Klingstedt, Marshall Montgomery, Robert Rawl- ings, Jack Floyd, James Bruce, Linda Jolly, Janice Gibson, Cecile Gray, David Hayes, Robert Wyatt, Tom Forney, Albert Crab- tree, Charles Nixon, Chester L. Francis, director, John Turnbull, accompanist at piano. Second row: Darrel Rickard, Sam Lan- ders, Dean Hertenstein, Delbert Wilmoth, Rex Craig, Mary .. ,. 5. m, grim? Suojanen, Juanita Carnes, Donna Vandiver, Betty Ann Lewis. Fourth row: Carolyn Owen, Merrell Ann Hadden, Marilyn Valouch, Elaine Vanlandingham, Marilyn Orr, Martha Heincn, Charl Kraus, Jane Deliinder, Kay Creed, Ginger Siegel, Ann Ratclifl, Yetta Kalpin. Fifth row: Chester L. Francis, director, Sandye Weiner, Karen Thomasson, Simone Kahn, Mary Ruth Dobie, Janice Hall, Nancy Holland, Janet Elias, Diane Nelson, Joyce Argrow, Myra Bagley, Betty Black, Clarece Dyer, accom- panist. Mendelssohn concert on the Sooner campus at Christ- mas and a spring concert in May. In the spring, outstanding members of the three or- ganizations are honored at the annual awards banquet. Members having served with one or more of the choral groups for four semesters receive a golden key, for six and eight semesters a ruby and diamond respectively are set in the key. The banquet climaxes a successful year for the students and faculty of the university vocal music department. Ellen Hughes, Bobbie Knie, Suzanne Rolle, Jan Barney, David Oates, Paul Newendorp, David Miller, Joel Gist, Jim Deskins. Third row: Ted Metscher, Richard Ryerson, Billy Rogers, Charles Goodwin, Don Scott, Dan Edwards, Miles Anderson, Tom Whitney, Robert Webb, Joe Ray, Terry Barham, James Woelfel, Robert Garrett, Dan Loague, Norman Heinrichs, Gary Swinney. First row: Harriet Wildman, Virginia Norris, Betty Sue Mc- Bride, Patti Page, Mrs. F. K. Mosley, Marilyn Kay Smith, Iewell Monroe, Andrea Coston, Marilyn Van Meter, Lynda Mosley, Iudy Conley, Helen Gale, Iudy Ludlam. Second row: Io Ann Parker, Susan Sparks, Mary Io Howell, Iulie Brisco, Tressa Ward, Suzanne Breach, Charlene Crow, Martha Phelps, Mary Lou Carter, Mary Weatherly, Anne Byrom, Io Millard, Karen Kay Dotson. Third row: Ieanie Berry, Wilma Lee Crosslin, KAPPA PHI Strives to Make the Work among OU's Kappa chapter is one of 38 affiliates of Kappa Phi, Methodist women's service club, which seeks to form a closer association among Methodist women who are students in universities. The aim of the or- ganization is "Every Methodist woman in the univer- sity world today, a leader in the Church of Tomor- rowf, Iewell Monroe headed Kappa Phi this year as presi- SIGMA THETA EPSll.0N Encourages Participation Sigma Theta Epsilon was founded for men who ap- preciate the need for a closer Christian fellowship among men of Methodist preference in colleges and universities. Officers of Sigma Theta Epsilon are Lynn A. Mur- rell, president, Glen Luchan, vice president, Larry Lawson, secretary, Charles Patton, treasurer, Ierry First row: Rev. Clyde Chesnutt, I. H. Russell, D. I. Kaup, G. L. Horsman, Lynn Murrell, Arvil Ming, Gerald Pullin, Richard D. Curtis, Ierry Fast. Second row: Kent Messamore, Iake Ecker, I. Iohn Sauer, Bob Kinzer, Thomas Hardy Murphy, Bob Mc- Gregor, Don Westfall, Richard Russell, Gale Sullenberger. Susan Poythress, Marla Mitchell, Sue Rickman, Iane Bryan, Emma Ruth Petty, Susan Bartlett, Mary Sue Thompson, Roma Ruth Walker, Ieanette Pearson, Charlotte Ester. Fourth row: Iudy Flow, Carolyn Easterling, Mary Martin, Peggy Walter, Mary Lou McConnell, Sandra Beck, Kathy Grisham, Iudy Mc- Clung, Linda Lasseter, Nouna Williams, Billie Gail Long, Ann Boosa, Phyllis R. Mills, lane Ellis, Maureen Metcalfe. Methodist Student Women More Effective and Sufficient dent. Wilma Felkner and Betty Sue McBride were vice presidents, Marilyn Kay Smith and Olivette Burt, secretaries, Lynda Mosley, treasurer, and Mrs, F. K. Mosley, sponsor. Kappa Phi and Sigma Theta Epsilon co-sponsor an- nual parties, a spring banquet and other social activ- ities. in Methodist Programs Planned for University Men Fast, chaplain, and Rev. Clyde Chesnutt, sponsor. The organization strives to develop the high moral standards of college men and of future leadership of the church. Meetings are held each Tuesday evening at the Methodist Student Center, across from the OU campus. Tau chapter was founded in 1949. Third row: Ted W. Smith, Bobbie Leon Foote, Curtis Kimball, Iames Pearson, Don Crosby, Elmer Million, Mike Westfall, Doug Lyle. Fourth row.' Paul Rupert, Hamp Holcomb, Iarnes Nevvlon, Iim Sharp, Nan Meek, Loring I. King, Iim Hood. he Wesley collegiate chapel of the Methodist Student Center is conveniently located at Elm and Lindsay. WESLEY FUUNDATIU Wesley Foundation is the name given to branches of the Meth- odist Student Movement in state universities and colleges. Every Methodist preference student may be a member. The foundation provides students with opportunities for worship, study, social ac- tion and fellowship. The purpose of the organization is to lead students and faculty to a deeper understanding of the oneness of truth and to a commit- ment to Christ. The Methodist student center, south of the campus, is the site of many weekday activities of the foundation. These include noon devotional periods, vesper services of Thursday, Holy Communion, Bible study groups, freshman forum and other discussion groups. In addition, students may join the Wesley Choir, Kappa Phi ser- vice sorority for girls, and Sigma Theta Epsilon, men's service fraternity. Officers of Wesley Foundation are Iohn Crooch, presidentg Karen Ray, vice president of Faith, Marilyn Cole, vice president of Witness, Charles Patton, vice president of Fellowship, and Sunya Sanger, secretary. Rev. Clyde Chesnutt is the foundation's director and Io Ann Parker is associate director. First row: Diana Roane, Roma Walker, Marilyn Cole, Iohn Crooch, Ionny Chesnutt, Charles Patton, Karen Ray, Mary Frances Fenton, Iudy McClain. Second row: Io Ann Parker, Myra Ienkins, Marcia Wilson, Marilyn N. Smith, Carolyn Bay- less, Iudy Gardner, Mary Io Howell, Ann Boosa, Louise Farmer, Harriet Wildman, Susan Bartlett, Clyde Chesnutt, Iane Ellis. Third row: Mike Westfall, Gerald N. Livingston, Chester R. Cowan, Virgil L. Iones, Ioe C. Ray, Ierry N. Fast, Dorothy Ann Murray, Ian Houghton, LaNita Pacey, Lynda Mosley, Iosefa Millard, Ann Iung, Klo Ann Coffman, Mary Lou McConnell, Carolyn Graham, Mary Ellen Chesnutt. Fourth row: Merrily Adams, Richard McKinne, Gary L. Nichols, George McElroy, Howard Kunz, Bob Kinzer, Wilma Felkner, Gwenith Williams, Dale Welch, Betty Sue McBride, Ierry Bailey, Ioe Antinord, Ioe Gieck, Dick Bland, Hugh Russell. Fifth row: Kent Messamore, Paul R. Rupert, Paul Hathaway, Kenneth Rachels, Robert Mc- Masters, Guy Wilson, Mary Martin, Bobby Iayroe, Sharon Mc- Aninch, Barbara Miller, David Harrison, Gene Ryan, Dan Mackey, Arvil Ming. Sixth row: Larry Clark, I. P. Iohnson, Bill Seibert, Iim Hood, Richard Russell, Lorne Hale, Doug Lyle, Doug Howard, Hamp Holcomb, Iim Rice, Elmer Million, Carl Evans, Glenn Cunningham, James D. Batchelor, David A. Kay. Seventh row: Iim Roane, Ted Iames, Tommy Lewis, Tom Watkins, Bill Martz, Ray Freeze, Lyndon Williams, Iames Houpe, Lindsay Patterson, Tom Caves, Bob Marshall, Holland Ford, James Hawkins, Carl Groschick. The Baptist Student Center, 435 W. Boyd, is a "Home Away From Home" which provides a Christian atmosphere for Baptist students at the University ol' Oklahoma. The Center is open 85 hours a xxeek under the supervision of Art Driscoll, BSU director, and Mrs. W. L. Dillard, hostess. Facilities include a recreation hall, kitchen. photo lab, mimeograph room, large living room, assembly room, library, prayer room, apartment for host- ess and suite of ollices. BAPTIST STUITIE TU I0 The Baptist Student Union at OU is one of some 285 organizations sponsored by Southern Baptists in the college communities of 24 states. The general ob- jective is to win students to Christ and help them mature as Christians. Local church membership is magnified and a week-day program at the Center is provided to minister to the spiritual needs of students. At the beginning of each semester a welcome party is sponsored and during the year the members enjoy hayrides, Weiner roasts, skating parties and seasonal socials which are scheduled to give at least one big party each month. A semi-formal banquet is held each semester and fellowships are conducted each week on Saturday and Sunday nights. A few of the active BSU members are, first row: Karl West, Mary Beth Opitz, Sallie Anderson, Terre Thompson, Ruth Kibbe, Sam Landers, Gaylene Bozarth, Frank L. Skaggs, Bill Pearce. Second row: Ramona Melton, Iuanita Carnes, Pat Waganer, Linda Ruth Cook, Peggy Williams, Gloria Valouch, Marilyn Valouch, Sue Sloan, Diana Dunlap, Iody Edgar, Marcene Mor- rison, Pat Horton, Conley P. Smith. Third row: Tim Wilson, Ben Williams, Ed Laging, Charlotte Lovelace, Randy Richison, Outstanding feature during T958-59 was the Baptist Focus Week, December 7-ll. Ten Baptist leaders rep- resenting various vocations were on campus to lead members' thinking on the theme "The Power of One in Christf, First semester officers were Bill Pearce, president, Marilyn Valouch, secretary, Dr. Iohannes Malthaner, faculty adviser, Rev. Tack Owens, pastor adviser, and Art Driscoll, BSU director. Chairman oiiicers include Gerald Wilkins, enlistment, Mary Anne Pierce, social, Peggy Williams, devotional, Rosemary Henry, promo- tional, Tim Winslow, stewardship, Stanley Klein, mis- sion, and Tim Carlisle, evangelism. Charles Doggett, Iames Carlisle, Stan Klein, Allen E. Cornelius, Iuanita Hutchens, Kay Creed, Carolyn Smith, Ierry Wilkins, Gary Stringer, Iohn Henson, Willis Moore, Mrs. W. L. Dillard, hostess, Ronnie Ryan, Robert M. Rawlings. Fourth row: K. M. Hill, Melvin E. Fox, Norman Sloan, Dale Willard, Tom P. Seale, Bryan Dunlap, Ierry Meyer, Kenneth B. Carter, Bill Green, Bill Dudley, Phil M. Landers. f First row: Gay Townley, Barbara Miller, Katie Townley, Iudith Richter, Scherie Wood, Carline Nardheim, Elaine Vanlanding- ham, Kay Caswell, Iuanita Wherry. Second row: Mrs. Shirley Dolby, Stephen I. England, Laura Haley, Sharon Ball, Mary Patchin, Ruth Ann Hunter, Lucy Lee Stanheld, Linda Ioyce Lindsay, Roberta McCoy, Sharon McGee, Ramona Grison. Third row: Stacy E. Dolby Ir., Charles F. Daily Ir., lean D. DISCIPLES' STUDENT FELLOWSHIP Plans The aim of the Disciples' Student Fellowship is to provide opportunities for all students interested in participating in its program to grow in their under- standing and appreciation of the Christian faith. The relation of this faith to all areas of life-intellectual. social and physical--is a major concern of the group, and is promoted through its activities. WESTMTNSTER FOUNDATION Unites Presbyterian Westminster Foundation, for Presbyterian students, furthers the Christian knowledge in the academic community. It helps the student to know the Bible and provides a center of worship, recreation and fel- lowship. Charles Gilbert served as president of the founda- First row: Edith Hartness, Margaret Best, Ann Beard, Kathleen Rider, Lois Wegner, Glenna Gault, Patricia Donnell, Jackie Dull, Carol Forsberg, Linda Baker. Second row: Walter Lam- bert, Gay Hammond, Marjorie Buchner, Mary Carol Gilbert, Nancy Stagg, Marilyn Kay Smith, Sam McDaniel, Tim Leonard. Reed, Scott Stanfield, Rex Chandler, Donald H. Campbell. Richard V. Vorheis, Mike Moody, Camron Shanks, Thong S. Lee, Sam C. Zeigler, Barbara Cooksey. Fourth row: Hal Wil- liams, Charles W. Fields, Iohn Holtzclaw, Charles Farmer, Dan Loague, Thomas T. Ikeda, William A. Grifhn, Douglas Oden, Paul Chandler, Larry Young. Programs, Activities for Students of the Christian Faith Paul Chandler is president of DSF. Vice president is Larry Young, with Iudy Richter as secretary, C. W. Fields, treasurer, and Rev. Stacy Dolby, campus min- ister. Mectings of the DSF are held every Sunday evening at the Christian Student Center, adjacent to the cam- pus. Youth Through Fellowship and Worship Programs tion this year. Bill Leonard was vice president, Nancy Staggs, secretary, and David Garrison, treasurer. Iohn Heidbrink, university pastor, is sponsor of the group. The organization regularly meets in the Westmin- ster Foundation room of the First Presbyterian Church for suppcr and worship programs on Sunday evenings. William L. Leonard. Third row: Iames Showen, lim Mc- Creary, David Oates, Harold Haxton, Tim Hippen, Iames Rhyne, Darry Carlstone, Charles Gilbert. Fourth row: Ed Buchner, Tim Dolman, Melvin Morrow, Bill Chapman, Iohn Engleman. n President . . Vice President Secretary . . Treasurer . . Public Relations Faculty Sponsors . OFFICERS . . . . . . IERRY MILES . . . PAUL W1TT . F. W. KELLEY . . IOHN COOPER . . . . GLENN SULLIVAN . PROP. ICE W. KEELEY PROE. DAN E. MENZIE PROE. HAROLD K. BONE ENGINEERS Cl B The Engineers club is the largest student organiza- tion on the OU campus with over 2500 members. It exists for the greater unity and cooperation among engineers and promotes numerous activities during the year. St. Patis council, a quasi-legislative body, operates within the club to coordinate and plan the engine schoolis activities. Membership on the council is com- posed ol the elected oliicers of the Engineers club, committee chairmen and elected representatives from each local engineering club or society, Other mem- bers are the editor and business manager of the Sooner Shamrock magazine and representatives from honor organizations. The Engineers show is held in the fall and is pro- ST. PAT'S COUNCIL, first row: Theodore Gatchel, Ierry Duncan, Glenn Sullivan, Iohn H. Cooper, Ierry Miles, Deanna Erwin, Ann Dolce, Paul Witt, Fred Kelly, Dean Richardson, Robert C. Poe, Kenneth C. Ponsor. Second row: Harold K. Bone, M. R. Anderson, D. L. Anderson, George Wiese, George Hazelrigg, Bryan Gillespie, Iohn Holtzclaw, Roy Adams, Leon duced entirely by engineering students. In the spring, the Engineers open house attracts state-wide recog- nition. Held in April, the event consists of exhibits from each branch of engineering and illustrates some phase of work encompassed by the many societies and clubs. In March a beard growing contest lasts for 30 days before Engineers Week. The crowning of Queen Eva Brasel by the new St. Pat, Ves Neville, was the high- light of the engineers dance this spring. At the annual banquet, l7 men were knighted by the queen as Knights of St. Pat. Meetings of the Engineers club are scheduled for the second Thursday of each month and are held in the Engineering auditorium. Magill, Tom Gilmore, Gene Cunningham, Ves Neville, Don Menzie. Third row: lim Sommerfrucht, Ralph W. Iackson, Harry W. Todd, Harold B. Meyer, Iames M. Ford, Darrell L. Vincent, lack Schroyer, Bill R. Glass, Riley B, Needham, Sammy Goodman, Melvin Rogers, Mike Lord, R. W. Bunch, Ioe Musolino. 'Y x Q 542 r 2 Engineefs queen Eva Brasel and St. Pat, Ves Neville, are center of attention at the annual engineers banquet. Queen candidate Marilyn l.and serves refreshments to engineers during the campaign in the Engineering building, LOYAI, KNIGHTS OF OLD TRUSTY-Taking it upon them- out recognition. Membership in LKOT is the highest honor a selves to see that the traditions of the college of engineering are senior engineer can receive. carried out, LKOT members are selected secretly and work with- Petroleum Engineers Club The Petroleum Engineers club was organized in 1933 by W. H. Carson, W. F. Cloud and R. L. Feemster, a senior student. In l935 the PE club became a student chapter of the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, or AIME. At first no definite effort was made by the students to become affiliated with a national organization when the school of petroleum engineering was organized. The interest of the PE students Was somewhat divided as some students would attend a student branch of one school and other students another. A movement was begun in l930 by some of the leading PE students to bring all enrollees of that school together in a common organization. In l933 a mass student meeting was held to explain the advan- tage of having a student organization in which the membership would be drawn exclusively from those enrolled in petroleum engi- neering. This resulted in the organization of the present' PE club. All petroleum engineering majors are eligible for membership in the club, which now boasts the largest active membership of any school or departmental club on the University of Oklahoma cam- pus. The club is open to all freshmen and sophomores Planning to major in that Held. First row: Dan A. Riddell, L. T. Morrison, Bill R. Glass, Tom Koch. Third row: Bill P. Stauss, Rae B. White, David Dodd, Minette, Bill A. Glass, Iohn B. Buchanan, W. H. Strang, W. F. Mihir Boran Roy, R. I. Forgie, Harold Black, Stuart W. Hender- Cloud, Dale DePue. Second row: lack E. Hill, Paul Fronter- son, Myron H. Bond, Iames N. Sommerfrucht, David K. Fagin. house, Don Forbes, Richard Klein, Vern Wilson, Fred W. Kelly, Fourth row: Ralph Watts, Lawrie Gray, Iohnny Day, Ronald Ralph W. Iackson, Earl Ray West, I. H. Talkington, Ronney R. Day. llo-ordinates Classroom Theories with Professional Knowledge The club provides an opportunity for the student members to meet and become better acquainted with the faculty and fellow members. Bimonthly meetings are held in the Engineering audi- torium. Professor W. F. Cloud, the clubis sponsor since l94l, has en- gaged many outstanding men of the oil industry to speak to the club on practical application of the knowledge learned in the class- rooms. In this way, members are informed of recent developments of the industry. The PE club participates in the annual Engineers, Open House and has won seven first place awards during the last nine open house contests, including the l958 event. In the spring of 1958, the club was host to the District AIME student paper contest held on the OU campus. On the social side, members, their families and thc faculty enjoy the annual spring picnic and softball game sponsored by the club. John B. Buchanan served as president of the PE club this year, with Leonard Roberson, vice presidentg Dale DePue, secretary, Tom Minette, treasurer, Terry Morrison, entertainment chairman, and Bill R. Glass, St. Patis representative, Riley Needham, David Dodd and Bill Glass served as open house chairmen. First row: Iames E. Massey, Ioe Maruska, Paul Newendorf, Roth, C' I Scott loc 'VIcDull Melxin Lee Third row Iohnnie Claud A. Mullins, William E. Aitken Ir., Carlos A. Salas, Ron- Hohenschelt Ray Stu enson Chirlie Campbell Gene Pringle ald Ordakowski, Glenn Avra, Raymond Thomas, Donald l.oftis. Richard Chambers Welton H Burch Riley B Needham Iohn Second row: Terry A. Reichardt, George C. Callis, Arthur R. C. Burnside Ierrx C Vliles Duc Donohue Atkinson, Alan George, Charles Iordan, Richard Davis, Gary E. VARSITY " " CLUB The Varsity "On club unites collegiate athletes at the University of Oklahoma. Any man who has earned a letter in a recognized intercollegiate sport at OU and has met the requirements and approval of the Athletic council is eligible for membership in the club. The club fosters a spirit of loyalty in the hearts of those who up- hold the athletic prestige of the Red and White, and promotes in every constructive way the athletic interests of the University of Oklahoma among its students, faculty, alumni and friends. Mem- bers advance a special spirit of regard for the KO". One of the principal aims of the club is to develop sportsmanship both by example and precept. The organization encourages schol- arship, bolsters social activities, takes an active interest in campus activities and accommodates visiting sports teams. Varsity "O" club officers this year include Iim Denton, presidentg Gordon Roesler, vice president, Dale Sherrod, social secretary, and Port Robertson, faculty advisor. Through mutual understanding of objectives, the club maintains a more complete relationship with members of the Sooner coaching staff. The club also promotes relations with high school athletes and assists in orientating freshman athletes at OU. Fzrst row Dale Sherrod Carlyn Cruzan Ovsen Hewett, Gail Lloyd. Third row: Clarke Brunton, Bill Graves, Bob Connor, Hodgson Bob Ringo Gary K Parr Second rou Dick Car- Prentice Gautt, Hi Gernert, Sid Terry, johnny Pellow, Dick penter Mickey jackson Dee Gixens Clenn Chovtms George Gwinn, Ioe Harris, Bob Stoermer. Fosters Good Sportsmanship in Il Phases of Collegiate Athletics Meetings of the club are held once a month, with the dates set by the clubis executive committee. The L'O,' club lounge, located in Owen stadium, is the headquarters of club activity. Besides being the site of meetings, the lounge is open to returning Sooner club alumni before and after home football games. Coifee and sandwiches are available at the snack bar. Four classes of membership compose the club: active, inactive, alumni and honorary. Active members are those men enrolled in the University of Oklahoma who participate in all functions of the club. Inactive and alumni members do not have the power to vote and hold office, but may attend meetings. Honorary members are people who have rendered exceptional service to athletes and the development of the OU athletic program. New members are formally accepted each semester on a date set by the executive committee and the board of directors. On the social side, "Ou club activities include the annual ban- quet, Christmas party, and picnic. Other informal events complete the members' social calendar. The club usually presents a special Dad's Day program for alums of the club and visiting fathers. '91-fi l First row: Richard Delgado, Leonard Shelton, Dennis Cross, Third row: lack Marsh Raymond lewis Bill Ashcraft Icre Iohn Phillips, Stanley Abel, Iay Field. Second row: Ron Plath, Durham, Denny Prite Ross Coyle Dan l-ruin Roger Potts john Coley, Larry Lermo, lim Davis, Ierry Payne, Billy I. Moore. Jackie Sandeler. Lau renee C rcgorx Cordon Roesler lim Denton First row: Carol Conley, Iohn Phillips, Clyde DeHart, Ioe Lu- Ioe Noyes, Pat Leathers. ton, Ken Northcutt, Pete Howard, Donna Shirley. Third row: Gary P. Iacobs, Lewis R. Woolery, Fred W. Kelly, Second row: Ches Culp, lim Dunn, Roger Phares, Iohn Waller, Iohn B. Miles. AIR KNOCKERS Club Keeps University Student-Pilots Proficient in Their Aviation Techniques The Air Knockers club was founded at OU in l946. The principal aims of the organization is to keep pilots who have graduated from the university Hying courses proficient in their flying abilities and to promote avia- tion at OU. Toe M. Luton served as president for the l958-59 term. Other officers included: Iohn Phillips, vice pres- ALPHA DELTA SIGMA Relates Advertising The principal aims of Alpha Delta Sigma are to bridge the gap between the school book theory and actual business practices. To become a member of the club you must have a live interest in advertising and have attained a C grade average. Alpha Delta Sigma members hear speakers from all phases of advertising and undertake projects which First row: Larry Beckerman, Iohn M. Deen, Byron R. Hays, Professor Leslie H. Rice, Fred Singleton, Irv Kauffman. identg Clyde DeHart, secretary, Ken Northcutt, treas- urer, and Frank W. Howard, faculty sponsor. Club meetings are held every other Thursday night at 7:30 at Westheimer field. Members look forward to the annual awards banquet after the National Air Meet. Classroom Theory to the Actual Business Practices deal with that field. Meetings are held every other Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Union dining room. Officers of the group include: Fred Singleton, presi- dentg Irv Kauffman, vice president, Iohn Deen, secre- taryg Robert Orner, treasurer, and faculty sponsor, I. M. Poyner. Second row: Hardy Doyle, Don Harris, Bruce Anthony, I. M. Poynor, Steve Owen, Larry Lyon, Bill Phillips, Bill Frensley, Vance Peak. CCUUNTING Cl B Members Encourage the High Standards Of Proficiency, Integrity ln Both Public and Private Accounting The Accounting Club was founded at Oklahoma University in i930 by students as a student organization lor those Whose major work is in the field of accounting. The purposes of the Accounting Club are to provide a means of acquainting accounting majors With each other on a social level, it makes contacts with successful accountants and business men who appear as guest speakers before its members, thc club strives for the promotion of high standards of proficiency and integrity in the fields of private and public accounting. Kenneth Medford presided over the meetings of the Accounting Club. Assisting him were Monte Slatton, vice presidentg Carol Conley, secretary, Marvin Campbell, treasurerg William C. Mc- Grevv, faculty sponsor. Meetings are held every other Wednesday night during the year in the Union building. Each year the group holds its annual spring banquet during the second semester. The clubis "Accounting Key" is presented to students who have become members of the Accounting Club, complete twelve hours of advanced accounting with a grade average of B, have no D's, and attend two-thirds percent of the meetings for a prior semester. First row: William C. Mc-Grew, Kenneth S. Medlord Ir.. Mar- vin W. Campbell, Elsa Alexander, Carol Conely, Monte Slatton, Pat Waganer, Harold Wootan, M. Frank Vrska, Dr. Othel D. Westfall. Second row: H. lack Wilson, Norman E. Emge, Ierry Wilson, Kathryn Tullius, Gene Torbett, Iunia Shelden, Duke Wheeler, Frances Brown, Ianice Hudson, Richard Thomp- son, Donald R. Billingsley. Third row: Don Crisvvell, Willie Lambert, Larry Ietfries, Allen R. Butler, Ioe F. Morriss, Morris Beegle, Gene Wyrrick, Ion Baughman, Donald Smittle, Stanley L. Hall, james R. Winnie, D. Gene Clements. Fourth row: E. Charles Lewallen, Phil Kyle, Phillip D. Toney, Albert L. Nation, lim Deskins, Thomas M. Neel, Billy G. Stine, Iames L. Zahorsky, Wilmer Koop, Paul D. Austin, William L. Hawkins. VPS? H First row: Ann Mackintosh, Hal Hurst, Sandra Skillern, Dr. Second row: Thomas McCoy, Iim York, I. D. Moon, Ann Kel- Sherman Lawton, Patsy Cooper. ley, Kent Smith, Raymond Sanford. ALPHA EPSILON RHO Advances Radio-Television Broadcasting as an Educational Intermediate Serving as officers this year for Alpha Epsilon Rho are Hal Hurst, president, Sandy Skillern, vice presi- dentg Gloria Muir, secretary and treasurer, and Sher- man P. Lawton, faculty sponsor. In order to be eligible for membership in this organ- ization a student must be a broadcasting major, have ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Honors Intelligent Alpha Lambda Delta was founded at the Univer- sity of Illinois in l924 and since then S2 chapters have been formed. The principal aims of the organization are to promote intelligent living and a high standard of learning, and to encourage superior scholastic at- tainment among the freshman Women. A student must have a 3.5 average for 30 hours at the end ol her fresh- First row: jean Brown. Helen Merritt, Charlotte Ester, lean Yarborough, Kay Riddle, Iudy Cathey, Catherine Bond, Mary A. Duclcer, Viva Lee Taylor, Charlotte Ann Ream, Linda Iolly. Second row: Eva Brasel, Sandra Cole, Pennie Karchmer, Mary Anne Stein, Wilma Felkner. Dorothy Mayhew, Chlorica War- a 3.0 grade average in all radio classes, and a 2.0 grade average in all other courses. Advancing radio and television as an educational media is the main purpose of the organization. Many discussion groups are held with various people in the broadcasting iield, and reports are given by members. Living, High Scholastic Standards of Freshman Women man year. Alpha Lambda Delta assists with the Mortar Board VValkout and the AWS scholarship committee. The society elected Kay Riddle to preside at their meetings. Other officers chosen were Iudy Cathey, vice president, Catherine Bond. secretary, lean Yar- horough, treasurer. kentin, Kathy Iohnston, Ann Brewer, Nancy Hood, Nancy Childress, Dorothy Ruth Davis. Third row: Betty Peters, Nata- lie Tarter, Sonja Sullivan, Phyllis L. Mills, Mary Ann McAn- inch, Harriet Wildman, Merrily Adams, Mary Lou McConnell, Iudy McClung, Beth Board, Brenda Simms. -qs . .gi .5 ' f .K A, g 'gi.,,,,,3 K . wg! 5 , . 1 g tv . if 1 i 4 .S OU Student Branches Combine Forces To Advance the Practices Ot Electrical and Radio Engineering AIEE-IRE The American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers are now joined in one organization. AIEE-IRE members elected S. M. Neville to serve as president for the 1958-59 tcrm. R. C. Pricer was chosen vice president, Rich- ard C. Pruett and Donald R. Earnest, secretaries, Iames E. George, treasurer, D. Palmer and C. E. Harp, faculty sponsors, Leon Magill, St. Pat's council representative. In order to qualify for membership in the group a student must be enrolled and pursuing a course leading to a degree in engineer- ing at an accredited college or university. The principal aim of the organization is to foster those qualities needed by the engineer which are not fully developed in the class- room such as sociability, administrative ability, and certain aspects of technical ability. Regular meetings are held once a month on Thursday evenings. Different men representing industry and business speak at these sessions after which coffee is furnished by the club in the Terrace room of the Union building. The annual spring banquet was held during May in the Union ballroom where approximately 150 students and alums attended. First row: V. H. Hains, R. C. Pricer, D. R. Earnest, L. M. Ma- gill, S. M. Neville, I. E. George, R. C. Pruett, I. D. Palmer. Second row: Paul Lorenzino Ir., Bob Andrews, Dale Reynolds Sidney Hardy, lack Hammond, P. I. Zumwalt, Bobby G. Lawi son, Luis Mantellini, C. L. Furrar. 'Third row: Joseph L. Bar- ton, Leo V. Legg, David A. Todd, Paul G. Watson, Bill Mitsch- rich, Dwight Spurlock, Gerald Mongold, C. A. McCoy, Charles E. Harp. Fourth row: B. C. Chance, Edward E. Forbes, For- rest E. Holdcraft Ir., Charles L. Moberly, Ierry P. Ratzlaff, Den- ver W. Ritchey, Leon Chicoraske, Hugh Russell, Philip Smith. First row: Amir Iahromi, Ierry R. Moffett, l.ynn C. Rogers, jacob Ervin Ecker. Third row: Cecil D. Homer Ir., Paul Carrel W. Smith, Charles W. Sayles, Robert Clark, Tom Gil- Chaney, Monte Witte, Raymond Kuklenski, Robert W. LaFon, more. Second row: Donald D. Minnix, Kenneth Brooks, Don Henry L. Luschen, Byron Capito. G. Moshier, Aubrey D. Wood, Carl Crownover, Don E. Roush, AMERICAN INSTITUTE 0F CHEMICAL ENGINEERS Acquaints Students of the Same Interests American Institute of Chemical Engineers was as president and other officers included Lynn Rogers, brought on the OU campus in order to promote a bet- vice presidentg Charles W. Sayles, secretaryg Ierry R. ter understanding of chemical engineering and to pro- Moffett, treasurer. vide a means for students of the same interest to get Only students in chemical engineering can qualify acquainted. for membership in the organization. Meetings are held Dr. I. E. Powers and Dr. R. L. Huntington were on the second Tuesday of each month. faculty sponsors of the group. Carrel W. Smith served AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION Promotes Pharmacy for Public Health and Service On the second Tuesday of every month at 7:30 Gayle Pittman, secretary, Rex Chandler, treasurer, and p.m. regular meetings of the American Pharmaceutical Dr. Iohn Bruce, faculty sponsor. Association are held. The organization aims to ad- Any student enrolled in the college of pharmacy or vance the profession of pharmacy for public health the university college with the intention of majoring and service. in pharmacy may belong to the group. The associa- Doing a fine job as officers this year were Charles tion was formed on the OU campus in May, 1934. Bradley, president, Charles Lomenick, vice president, First row: Edith Hulslander, Gayle Pittman, Charles Lomenick, lyn N. Smith, Kenneth R. KanoFf, Lents Prendergast, Neal Charles Bradley, Rex Chandler, Sandra Delsashaw. Second row: Paisley. Sherwin Snyder, Paul Chandler, Raymond Zimmerman, Mari- n- m mm1wmn : asm- am ASCE members adorn their thin shell hyperpolic parabaloid, the clubis exhibit for the l958 Engineers' Open House. Society Provides Over-all Background Of Technical Knowledge For Members' Use in Future Profession AMERICAN SIIIIIEIY 0E IIIVII ENGINEERS The American Society of Civil Engineers was founded in 1852 to provide opportunities for the beginnings of professional associa- tions and to prepare the students for entry into a profession of civil engineering. Tom Simms was elected to head the Stadia chapter of ASCE. Other officers included: Iohn Coleman, vice president, Ken Downey, secretary, Harry Gladish, treasurer, R. Assenzo, fac- ulty sponsor, and Sammy Goodman, St. Pat's council representa- tive. Any student enrolled or interested in civil engineering may belong to the ASCE. Social events for the members this year have consisted of a fall picnic, Christmas party, and a spring dinner- dance. OU will be the site of the 1959 Mid-Continent conference of ASCE. The members also participated in the Engineers' Open House. Speakers, entertainment, and refreshments are all present at the meetings of the organization held on the first and third Tues- days of each month in dining room A in the Union building. The ASCE helps civil engineering students to enrich their col- lege courses by beginning those professional contacts and associa- tions which are so valuable to the practicing engineer. First row: Iack Williams, Dick Gravlin, Dan Song, Marefatul- lah Sobhani, Tom Simms, Fred Code, Saki Poulakidas, Iohn Coleman. Second row: Bill Middleton, Bill Taylor, Bruce Powell, Bob Fraley, Gareld Borgstadt, Ken Downey, Kal Bruner, Paul Poffenroth, Ioe Marcotte. Third row: Robert Hamernik, Conrad Crust, Charles Ellet, Harry Gladish, Sandra Keister, T. K. Sanyal, W. F. Davis, jerry Poston, Sam Goodman, jim Carney, Bob Hadley. Fourth row: Bob Donaldson, Iim Carney, Bob Mills, Bob Nelson, Furio DeMarta, Glenn Sullivan, Dick Pool, Ice Keeley, Sidney Randolph, Bill Krause, Iohn La Fon. First row: Florence Iones, Richard Kroeger, Bruce V. Ketcham. Wanda Little, Robert M. Nerem, Stan H. Lowy, Joseph V. Noyes. Second row: Walter R. Smith, Iames E. Palmer, Ioe S. Shannon, Frank Huntington, Hillord H. Hinson, Clifford R. Ramsey, Iamcs L. Adams, Melvin V. Rogers. Third row: Mike Ruby, Handley Shull, Tandy C. Walker, Charles E. Fairbank, Gene Ray Wells, Robert B. Montgomery, Mike E. Lord, Gary E. Wilson. AMERICAN ROCKET SOCIETY Tests Missiles and Their Components in let Propulsion Laboratory Any person enrolled at the university and interested in rocket and missile science may become a member of the American Rocket Society. The organization makes static tests of rockets and their components in a jet propulsion lab. Also discussions, movies and talks are presented by representatives from industries all over the country. President of the group this year was Robert M. Nerem. Ronald Bruce was vice president, Wanda I. Little, secretary, lim White, treasurer, and B. V. Ketcham, faculty sponsor. The organization aims to create a fellowship among students interested in rock- ets and missiles. ASIA CLUB Increases Opportunities for Cultural Exchange Between Asian and American Students The Asia Club was established October, 1956 at the University of Oklahoma. The organization strives to increase opportunities for cultural exchange between the Asian and the American students in order that they may contribute directly and lastingly to the building of a stronger basis for international cooperation and First row: Vivian Bell, Nadine Oka, Kerry McCrady, Kathy McCrady. Second row: Bertha B. Corbin, S. H. Chao, Ouida Corbin, Nobuo Momose, Daniel B. Song, Shizuo Oka, Lilette Angelino, M. Sakuntala, K. Lakshmi. Third row: Phoebe Ann Basinger, Dian Nylander, Christine Matthews, Deloris Hale, Sharon Melzer, Elinor A. Harris, Norma Iean Eastep, In Sook Kim, Mara Davake, Effie Papaconstantinou, Roberta Ballinger, Martha Bell, Lula Bonebrake, Sudha Srikrishen. Fourth row: understanding as a result of their having developed, through personal experience, a sense of mutual respect and appreciation for one another. Officers of the club include: Daniel B. Song, presi- dentg Nobuo Momose, vice president, Ouida Corbin. secretary, M. Fazil Qureshi, treasurer. Iohn C. H. Choy, Sharanjit S. Dhillonn, Syed Iftikhar Husain, M. Afzal Khan, Gabre Emanuel Teka, Othman Shaaban, Ihong S. Lee, Robert Lagrone, Iay H. Woo, Thomby Ninan, Paul Bell, Thomas Y. C. Kao, Collin C. L. Dang. Fifth row: Iohn Loh, Kwang Ro, Bill Pearce, Bert Tupamaker, Maqsud A. Miam, Tse-Chang Chen, Peter Klaboe, Woody Wood, Amir Massoud Iahromi, Kamalakar Raut, Dale Willard, Norman Carlile, Carlton Chin. M merican Societ Projects of the Organization Include An Annual Student Contest Based on Engineering Research Essays of Mechanical Engineers The American Society of Mechanical Engineers affords an op- portunity for students to become acquainted with the personnel and activities of the society as well as to promote a professional aware- ness and fellowship. Some of the principal aims of the group are the advancement and dissemination of knowledge of the theory, practice of mechanical engineering, and the presentation of a proper perspective of engineering work. Students regularly enrolled and pursuing an approved engineer- ing curriculum in a school having a student section of the society may be eligible for membership in ASME. Officers this year were Harold B. Meyer, president, Iames Hill, vice president, Robert C. Poe, secretary, Kenneth Doke, treasurer, Tom Love, faculty sponsor, Loyal C. Smith, St. Pat's represen- tative. Each semester technical papers are presented at regional student conferences of ASME. The first semester conference was held in Tulsa and this year the second semester conference was held at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, Arkansas. Each year the members of ASME prepare an exhibit to be shown in the Engineers, Open House in the spring. First row: Floyd Calvert, D. B. Turkington, Mike Carney, Iack Duffy, Kenneth Doke, Robert C. Poe, Harold B. Meyer, Iames L. Hill, Loyal C. Smith. Second row: E. M. Sims, E. F. Daw- son, T. I. Love, R. H. Turner, I. M. Ford, Ken Ponsor, Clem D. Gragg, Iay McNemar. Third row: Hudy C. Hewitt Ir., George I. Andersen, Kenneth R. Bates, Walter W. Robertson, Iames R. Booth, Noel T. Smith, Iames R. Holcomb, Clarence R. Parker, R. L. Alvis, Chuck Collins, Don Puddy, Ed Fox, Luis A. Carri- zales. Fourth row: Luiz Meth, Bill McAlister, Iames E. Palmer, Don E. Lewis, Richard G. Sanders, Ted K. Iames, Harold R. Myers, Fred Van Shoubrouek, Ioe I. Wood, Darryll G. Prince, George C. Vestal, Gordon C. McLaren, Charlie Way. Fifth row: Ed D. Storms, Michael Basaraba, Don Geis, Stanley Ras- mussen, Chet Byrd, C. Lawrence Vache, Louis Watkins, Elie G. Anid, Iimmy Cox. First row: C. F. Daily, H. B. Brown, O. D. Westfall, A. L. Cos- grove, George L. Noah. Second row: Antonio L. Savoca, Wen- dell H. Arnold, Dellwood D. Brurrskill, Gerald R. Preston Ir., Ioyce Kirchner McDaniel, Glenda Suzanne Whitley, Leta Kay Smith, Roscal S. Cate, Donald R. Childress. Third row: Iohn F. Seymour, james K. Daggs, Ierry D. Williams, Ray K. Flem- ing, Lucien K. Sandefur, Richard E. Lampton, Valdie Carr. Fourth row: Richard N. Ryerson, Robert F. Smith, William R. Burditt, Robert P. Grimmett, Bill Athey, Wilber Bradford, Clarence E. Wiley. BETA GAMMA SIGMA Recognizes Scholarship and Accomplishment in Business Administration Beta Gamma Sigma was organized in l907, at the University of Wisconsin, for the purpose of encourag- ing and rewarding scholarship and accomplishment in the field of business administration. Dr. Charles F. Daily served as president, Prof. A. L. Cosgrove, vice president, Prof. George L. Noah, secre- tary, Dr. O. D. Westfall, treasurer, Prof. Dewey L. Barnes, sponsor. All of those chosen for membership have a record of scholarship and accomplishment in business adminis- tration. The local chapter, Oklahoma Alpha was es- tablished in l933 and is one of 64 national affiliates. DELTA PHI DELTA Stimulates Interest in Students' Creative Art Work and Professional Ability Serving as officers for the l958-59 school term were: Pat Daugherty, president, Bill Donley, vice president, Donna Bruza, secretary, lean Kingery, treasurer, and R. W. Tomberlin, faculty sponsor. Members must be students who have completed four semesters of college work and are recommended by the First row: William C. Donley, Patricia Daugherty, Io Lynn Ansley, Donna Bruza, Barbara Cheatham, Don Bradley. Sec- ond row: Ioniece Frank, Ruth Ann Steele. Eleanor Cline, Judy faculty. Their grade average must be 2.7 or better. Delta Phi Delta held their business meetings at 7:15 p.m. on the lst and 3rd Wednesday of every month. The organization aims to promote art in the United States, to recognize scholarship and professional abil- ity, and to foster true friendship. Moffett, Marjorie A. Baade. Third row: Sam C. Zeigler, Roger Phares, jack Iordan, Iames F. Chambers, Frank W. Fowler, Ioe Hobbs. R. W. Tomberlin. t r fi ii 'K ASSUCI H0 0F WUME STUDE TS Group Formulates Rules Governing All Undergraduate Women Who Reside in University Housing The Association of Women Students is made up of representa- tives from each sorority house and dormitory on campus. Sunya Sanger served as president of the group this past year. Officers assisting her were Pat Shubert, vice president, Liz Ryan and Lois Hammond, secretaries, Charla Hasenmyer, treasurer, and Dr. Dor- othy Truex, faculty sponsor. The principal organizational aim is to afford opportunities for discussion of matters affecting university women and to devise, ad- minister and coordinate beneficial programs. Meetings of the group are held on the second and fourth Tues- days of each month at 4:00 p.m. in the Union building. The mem- bers sponsored the Activities Festival, a Campus Chest booth, the Mothers' Day style show, and recommendations concerning cam- pus procedures and activities. AWS members who headed active committees this past year were Charlotte Ann Reame, activities, Ionese Houghlin, corre- spondence, Marty Newby, public relations, Janet Ferrill, publicity, and Ionne Barney, orientation. AWS members help to form student regulations which govern women students on the campus. First row: Liz Ryan, Charla Hassenmeyer, Sunya Sanger, Dr. Dorothy Truex, Pat Schubert, Lois Hammond. Second row: Marilyn Smith, Rilla Harlin, Iudy Evans, Charlotte Ream, Kay Riddle, Shirley Mendel, Ionne Barney. Third row: Iohnece Houghlin, Karen Ream, Kathleen Ward, Ruth Walter, Iane McNew, Melissa Woelfel, Ruth Adcock, Lyntha Nicklas. Fourth row: Nancy Wotring, Ianet Ferrill, Mary Ellen Thompson, Marty Newby, Tis Petty, Carolyn Smith, Carol Io Kennedy, De Thomas, Maureen Murphy. l Q A li A ... ... -L First row: lane Forbes, Ioan Smith, Dixie Mallard, Christiana H. Fulton, Herlinda Dryden, Sally De Wees, Mrs. R. L. Hunt- ington, Mrs. Iohn M. Campbell, Leveda Glass, Mrs. Donald Menzie, Donna Purcell, Ann Doke, Carolyn Callis, Pat Dixon, Donna Newendorp. Second row: Goniel Hatay, Lanora Best, Pat Evans, Ianet Ioy, Flo Howarth, Ferne Knight, Marian Carr, Louise Loftis, Helen Laney, Georgia Mill, Deloris McConnell, ENGINE WIVES CLUB Takes an Active Part in The Engine Wives Club has been very active this past year. They took Thanksgiving baskets to needy families, made contributions to Cerebral Palsy, helped with the engineers open house booth, and assisted in the floral arrangements for the engineers dance and banquet. Members of Engine Wives Club serving as officers ETA EPSILON Emphasizes the Importance of Eta Epsilon was founded in 1904 at the University of Illinois to promote a better understanding and ap- preciation of the importance of education in home and family living. Officers for the year are Iohnece Houghlin, presi- dent, Barbara McGuckin, vice president, Sally How- First row: Iannie Houser, Marilyn Peters, Sally Howard, Iane Hillabolt, Iohneee Houghlin, Barbara McGuekin, Mrs. C. Cherry, I. Faulkner, Heidi Ochsner. Second row: Lois Thompson, Sandra Cole, Wanda Mc-Coy, Ioanne Felkner, Linda jolly, Iudy Davis, Gayle Anderson, Ruth Underwood, Graciela Home Carol Stewart, Roselyn Thompson, Mary Perry, Ianice Poston, Kae Godfrey. Third row: Nona 1. Watts, Sue Sheegog, Phyllis Vaughn, Yvonne Palmer, Iackie Poe, Ann Moomau, Theresa Carrillo, Ioan Slejko, Betsy Bowles, Frances Brown, Pat Iones, Betty McMillan, Glenda Buchanan, Barbara Burnside, Mary Attaya, Lois Parduhn, Pat Burger, Carolyn Black, Pat Cotton, Kylene Barnes. the Preparation of Many Engineering Events include Mrs. Bill R. Glass, president, Mrs. Oliver Pur- cell and Mrs. VVilliam Fulton, vice presidents, Mrs. Bruce De Wees and Mrs. Don Dryden, secretaries, Mrs. Cliff Callis, treasurer, Mrs. Iohn Campbell, Mrs. Don Menzie, and Mrs. R. L. Huntington, faculty sponsors. Economics Education in Home and Eamily Living ard. secretary, Marilyn Peters, treasurer, Constance Cherry, faculty sponsor, Iannie Houser, publicity chairman, and Marceen Morrison, social chairman. The organization is made up of students who are interested in home economics and have taken courses in that field. Raiaghelli, joy Leslie. Third row: In Sook Kim, Wilma E. Felkner, Barbara Harper, jane Winstead, Georgianne Peterson, Janice Poston, Carol Schambra, Suzanne Silcott, Io Ann Steely, Ian Cosgrove, Ellie Papaconstantinou. f.fcQai-fa f.-s.s.aemfe1r ., 1' -.,-f .- 1,--its,,,::e..or:.-aD,.Alm,a25z5rznr.nH.rr:aws. ,v ' DELTA SIGMA PI Fraternity Presents Scholarship Key To the Outstanding Student ln the University's Business School Qualifications for membership in Delta Sigma Pi require that a student have an over-all of 2.4, be enrolled in the School of Busi- ness Administration, and be selected by unanimous secret ballot of the membership. The organization was founded in 1907 at New York University to foster the study of business in universities. Delta Sigma Pi en- courages scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice. It also promotes closer affiliation between the commercial world and stu- dents of commerce and strives further for a higher standard of com- mercial ethics and culture in the community. This year Wayne Merritt served as president of Delta Sigma Pig Don Criswell, senior vice president, William Nassif, junior vice president, Iohn D. Caffey, secretary, Marvin Campbell, treasurerg Gary Sibley, historian, and Alex Simon, faculty sponsor. Each year a scholarship key is presented to the outstanding stu- dent in the business school. Also, Dr. Ronald Shuman, research professor of business management, gives a ring to the outstanding Delta Sigma Pi member. Meetings of the organization are held in the Union building. First row: Tod Almquist, Marvin W. Campbell, Iohn D. Caffey, William I. Nassif, Wayne A. Merritt, Donald E. Criswell, Gary W. Sibley, William L. Fentress, Edward B. Wharton. Second row: H. lack Wilson, Sol Schwartz, Stewart E. Myers, Bob McConnell, Charlie Gorman, Alvin B. Richards, Bruce Reed, Thomas D. Evans. Third row: Leo C. Baca, Stanley L. Hall, Stephen A. Sherman, Richard H. Holley, F. Duggan Smith, Otha D. Hill, Bell C. Haney, Kenneth B. Carter. Fourth row: Ierry Dickinson, Aaron G. Gattis, Irving Stanley Cooper, Her- man Lancaster, Robert L. Murphy, Albert L. Nation, Richard A. Glenn, Ernest Charles Lewallen, Walter B. Whilden. First row: S. M. Neville, Don Iones, Leon Magill, Iohn D. Swi- hart, Iames E. George, Ierry P. Ratzlaff. Second row: Charles E. Harp, Clyde L. Farrar, Louis Peronard, Bill Mitschrieh, Lyle Cartwright, Frank I. Kern, Denver W. Ritchey, Wayne A. Winget. Third row: D. T. Young, Bobby G. Lawson, W. D. Reynolds, R. Newsome, D. R. Williams, W. I. McKeel, I. E. Keele, V. E. Hardy. ETA KAPPA NU Continues to Improve Standards of the Profession of Electrical Engineering In order to qualify for membership of Eta Kappa Nu a student must be in the upper 25 per cent of the jun- ior electrical engineering class or the upper one-third of the senior class. Eta Kappa Nu was established at the University of Illinois in 1904 and presently there are 73 chapters. FINANCE CLUB Enables Students to Become Luncheon meetings each first and third Wednesdays of every month were conducted by the following offi- cers for the past year: Robert P. Osborne, president, Bob Gobel, vice presidentg james Groves, secretary, lack Moore, treasurer, and Dr. Donald R. Childress, sponsor. The Finance club is open to all students interested First row: Paul Braum, Bob Goble, Iim Graves, Carol Conley, Robert Osborne, Donald Childress, lack Moore, Ed Wharton. Second row: Robert B. Iones, Gary McGinn, Ioe R. Love, David Howard, Darryl Edelman, Iimmie Gaskins, George McCalfery, The organization strives to improve standards of the profession of electrical engineering. Iohn Swihart presided at the meetings held once a month. Other officers included Ierry Ratzlaff, vice president, lim George, secretary, Capt. Donald Iensen, treasurer, and Gerald Tuma, faculty sponsor. Familiar with All Phases of Finance and Business in the field of finance. Throughout the year several addresses are given the members by prominent men on different areas of finance. The purpose of the organization is to enable the students interested in areas of finance to become better acquainted with each other and their areas of interest. Ierry Sokolosky, Bob Askew. Third row: Robert Bell, Raymond A. Fortune, Woodye M. Morrow, Dick Raskin, Cliff Cohn, Ierry Six, Don Bryant, Bob Wells, Glenn F. Rhodes, Bob Brent. I SIII IE 0F AERIINAUIIIZ LSCIE IIE Field Trips and Regional Conferences Give Members Opportunities Io Learn More about Their Profession First row: james L. Adams, I.. A. Comp, Mike Lord, Wanda j. I.ittle, Robert D. Culp, joseph V. Noyes, Stan II. I.owy. Second rote: David E. Boylan. Clarence IZ. l.ehr, Gene R. Wells, R. W. Bunch, Ted W. Smith. Ray Chenovreth, William D. Campbell. Thirrl rote: Robert Betuel, Roger M., Robert M. Nerem. The Institute of Aeronautical Sciences lacilitates by all available means the interchange ol technical ideas among aeronautical engif neers. Students are given an opportunity to learn more about the prolession and to supplement their classroom instruction. There are 60 chapters of the organization located on various campuses in the United States. Students interested in the science ol aeronautics and its related fields are eligible for membership in the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. The organization ollers its members an opportunity lor professional consciousness and fellowship with other students inter- ested in aeronautical sciences. This year members of the group participated in the Engineers' Open House, Held trips, and regional conferences. Discussions, talks and movies take place at the meetings held in the Engineering building. Wanda I.ittle was chosen as chairman ol the organization this year. Mike Lord was elected vice chairman, Robert D. Culp, secre- tary-treasurerg L. A. Comp, laculty sponsor. and Robert Bunch, St. Pat's representative. Visits were taken by the members to state aircralt plants and bases. Cramp. Fourth rote: Carl l., Cipson, john K. Totten, Tandy C. Wzxlker, Fred W. Ilaise. Charles R. Fairbank, Mike Ruby, Don Thurman, Cary E. Wilson. Filth rote: Robert B. Hoogland, james M. Ziese, Keith jackson, Dan N. Pulliam. VValter R. Smith, Mark T. Graves, Scott R. Nlallard. Melvin V. Rogers, joe S. Shannon, james IC. Ilayes, liulis Earl 397 QQ First row: Carole Lowe, Iune Harms, Cal Sharpe, Ioe Ketch, Vera Paisley. Second row: Blaine Smith, William S. Morgan, Prof. Iohn H. Casey, Dale Heckendorn, Iames D. Raybern, Sherrill Dunn. FUTURE JOURNALISTS 0F AMERICA Sponsors Field Trips to Radio-TV Stations and News Plants Future Iournalists of America, organized nationally at OU, spring of 1958, has as its objective "more man- power for the journalistic world." First college chap- ter was founded here in the fall, 1958. Officers for the fall semester were Randy Wilson, president, Jim Lewis, first vice president, Cal Sharpe, GAMMA AI.PI'IA CHI Furnishes Opportunities Gamma Alpha Chi is composed of women students with satisfactory grade records who are actively inter- ested in some phase of advertising and are eligible to belong upon recommendation of faculty members and sponsor. Gfhcers of the group include Alice Evans, president, Kay Lee, vice president, Emily Ferris, secretary, Mrs. First row: Betty Story, Peggy Cook, Cacci Miller, Alice Evans, Emily Ferris, Charline Glascock, Beverly Beauchamp. Second row: Mrs. Louise B. Moore, Pat Parker, Ieanne Savage, second vice president, Iune Harms, secretaryg Joe Ketch, treasurer, Iohn Casey, faculty sponsor, Dale Heckendorn and Bill Morgan, professional sponsors. The group offers social fellowship at the freshman level and field trips to radio-TV stations, newspaper plants and advertising agencies. for Extra-Curricular Activities in Advertising Louise B. Moore, faculty sponsor. The aims of Gamma Alpha Chi are to furnish col- legiate members with opportunities for extra-curricular activities and education in advertising and to provide its graduates and alumnae contact with the profes- sional advertising field. Barbara Efting, Carol Hoopingarner, Iudy Anderson, lane Klockf man, Pat Flood, Brenda Smith. 3 LAMBDA U On October 24, 1957, Lambda Nu social organization was founded at the University of Oklahoma. The group aids in the full development and adjustment of its members to university life in both scholastic and social activities. Lambda Nu plans to petition for membership in a national Greek fraternity in the near future. Iohn P. Morgan served the fraternity as president this year with Kenneth R. Kanoff, vice president, lay I. Lippmann, secretary, Stephen Shapiro, treasurer, Iohn C. Schwartz, historian, and Dr. Norman Fogel, sponsor. During the first semester, Lambda Nu entertained with a hay- ride and barn dance at Halloween. In April the fraternity was host during the annual spring dinner-dance. The group has an induction dinner each semester for the new pledges. Sunday eve- ning dinners are held at least twice a month by the organization. Lambda Nu strives to increase the social and scholastic standings of its members and pledges through planned social events and study sessions and by actively participating in campus events and activities. The organization is in the process of petitioning the Interfraternity Council for associate membership. Ftrs! row Gary Iacobs Steven Shapiro Murray Herskowitz, Steven Weisberg, Pete Glaser. Third row: Sig Wolkomir, Mil- Iohn P Morgan Fred Bolton Ronald Cluclc Sanford L Cook, ton Iosephson, George A. Lasky, Ronald Sunshine, Burton H. Donald H Appclbaum Second mu Iohn C Schwartz Alan Kleinfeld, Jay I. Lippmann. Ronald Hecht, Stanley Salpeter. B Shldlcr Ioseph Klrlt ack Wlnnltlx Kenneth R Kanoff, First row: Charles Blackwood, Harry Todd, A. I. Myers, David Glenn, Paul Drew, D. C. Anderson. Second row: Brian Aus- lmurn, Darrell l.. Vincent, joel Wall, 'Vheodore Gatchel, jack GAMMA TAU KAPPA ls Composed ot Outstanding Gamma Tau Kappa aims to recognize outstanding students, promote fellowship, and stimulate the grow- ing interest of industry in geological engineering. Heading the organization this year are Harry Todd. president: David Glenn, vice presidentg Paul Drew, secretaryg Charles Blackwood, treasurer: Dr. A. Richardson, John A. Tessari, Don Whortort, Bob Marks. 'l'ltirrI row: M, R. Anderson, Norman R. Gelphman, Iohn Cooper, George liazelrigg, Dean Nixon, Harold I. Hastings, Ted Krampl. Students in the School ot Geological Engineering Myers, faculty sponsorg Wilbur Bradley, corresponding secretary, D. C. Anderson, pledge trainer, M. R. An- derson, St. Pat's representative. Membership is selected from geological engineering students who have 60 hours with a 73.0 grade average or lilil hours with a 2.75 grade average. l'lll.l.El. FOUNDATION Atfords Educational, Religious and Recreational Center for Jewish Students Hillel Foundation was founded at the University ol Illinois in l923. At present there are 216 chapters in the United States. Serving as oflicers of the group are Sol Schwartz, president, Margie Aronoff, Rhona Finkelstein, vice presidents, Penny Karchmer, secretaryg Sandye Wein- First row: Sherry Burnett, Loma Iurek, Rhona Finkelstein, Pen- nic Karehrner, Sol Schwartz, Margie Aronoll, Sandye Weiner, Babett Cohen, Beverly I.evand. Second row: Steve Ianger, Irv Kauffman, Alice Z. Goldberg, Rosalind Baraban, Rabbi er, treasurer, and Rabbi Victor Eppstcin, faculty spon- sor. The aims of the organization are to provide a lew- ish educational, religious, and counseling service among students at American colleges and universities. Jewish students in residence at Oklahoma Univcrf sity are eligible for membership. Victor Eppstein, Glenda Srago, Carole Simon, Fredric Bolton. Steven Weisberg. Third row: Arnold Aberson, Milton Ioseph- son, George l.asky, Ronald Hecht, Phil Swartz, john P. Morgan. C? URTAR BUARD lop Senior Women Print Monthly List Ot Entertaining Campus Events Available to All University Students Mortar Board lnentbcrs are selected in the spring ol' each year. 'l'he mem bers, dressed in caps and gowns, enter the classrooms and "tap" the new members lor the next year. 'l'he girls are chosen lor their outstanding services. scholastic records, and leadership abil- ities, There are lllll chapters ol' Mortar Board throughout the country and the organization was established at OU in l925, lVlortar Board was founded in Syracuse, New York, in l9l8, to promote college loyalty, and to advance the spirit ol service and fellowship among university Women, Principal aims ol the group are to promote and maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and encour- age leadership, and to stimulate and develop a finer type of college women. Officers are Mary Layne Perry, president: Marilyn Richardson, vice presidentg Marianne Leatherock and Sunya Sander, seeretariesg lane Thompson, trcasurerg Carol lean Robinson, historian: Mildred Andrews, Dr. Charlyce King, Dr. Betty Evans and Dr. Dorothy Truex, laculty sponsors. 'l'his year lVlortar Board inaugurated a printed monthly list ol' educational and entertaininyg events available to all students on the catnpus. Most important project ol the year is the annual Mortar llornd VVall4out, at xvllicll the outstanding: lrcslnncn women are honored. First ion 5 Carol Vvittels, lNlarilyn llielpndsoii. Retry ll lfxxnis, Semin! wir : Lynette Lemon, Carol lingleman Paul, Patti Cum- Xflary l.a5ne Perry, Nlilclrecl :Xndrexxs, Marianne l,eatheroels. erson, Patsy Smith, Carol -lean Robinson, Sunya Sanger, l,ida Barbara Cheatham. Neil Elkins. A , First row: Shelton Leonard, Richard Walker, Robert V. Keck, Phillip Hein, Neal A. Pock, Donald E. Van Meter, Garl Owens, Art Farrier. Second row: Corky Oden, Gregory M. Whitney, Vernon L. Townley, Quentin M. Spradling, Iames L. Noyes, Y1 Howard W. Brading, Ronald Boatwright, Leo F. York, Herbert I. Feldhake. Third row: Robert A. Hardin, L. E. Dietrich, Iohn L. Wilson, Phillip W. Iones, Billy L. Autry, Ernie Huff- man, Richard W. Corbitt, Kenneth Leach, F. Lowell Jackson. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Conducts Student Field Trips and Sponsors an Open House Each Year Meetings of the Industrial Arts Club are held on the first Wednesday of every month in the Student Union. The members of the club are active in taking field trips, carrying out their business, and holding an In- dustrial Arts open house every year. Ofiicers for the group include Neal Pock, president, Don Van Meter, vice president, Phil Hein, secretary- treasurer, and R. V. Keck, faculty sponsor. The principal aim of the organization is to promote interest in the field of industrial arts and to bring about a closer relationship among the students and the faculty. INTERNATIONAL CLUB Cultivates Mutual Interests Among Its Members from Foreign Countries The International Club strives to further the under- standing among students from various countries of the world by promoting cultural, educational and social programs. The organization was founded about 12 years ago on the OU campus. Ihong Lee served the group as president this year. First row: Ioe Baaklim, K. Lakshmi, Furio D. Marta Aivano, Santino Lombardo, Betty Bruce Wiley, Gabre-Emanuel Teka, Sisti Black, Othman M. Shaaban, Ihong S. Lee, E. Kenneth Feaver, Gene Russell, Mrs. Iohn Harris, Sharanjit S. Dhillonn, Dorothy Hallock, Maqsud Ali Mian, Hyun K. Chang. Second row: Iohn Papaeonstantinou, Loyce Marie Brown, Enrique Landino, Iuan Baixeras, Lynne Baixeras, Iose D. Loayza-Rod- rigo, In Sook Kim, Norma Iean Eastep, Patricia Donnell, Sudha Srikrishen, lean Hestetler, Elinor A. Harris, Hsiu-Ying Tsai, Mrs. Howard Bell, Daniel B. Song, M. Fazil Qureshi. Third row: Diane Dunlap, Roberto Peraza, Iorge Cabrera, Iamal Azar, Paevin Ansari, Indy Huff, Saleh M. Owen, Chong Y. Assisting him were the other officers, Othman Sha- baan, vice presidentg Sistie Black, secretary: G. Eman- uel Taka, treasurerg Gene Russell, faculty sponsor, Dr. Stephen Scatori, sponsor emeritus. Any person interested in the club and its purposes is eligible for membership. Choo, Raul Encinas, Iohn K. S. Loh, Feng Shu-kun, Nobuo Momose, S. H. Chao, Luiz Meth. Fourth row: Ziad Shaahan, EHie Papaconstantinou, Sharon Klein, Eva E. Dinda, Toulic Shehady, Aija Zalais, Aquiles Sanchez-Russo, Ieanie Berry, Car- los Royuela, Graciela Rafaghelli, Maria del Carmen Caputto. Anita Carol Anderson, Yunes Ali Hijazi, Kwang Ro, Barbara Huddleston, Kamalakar Raut, Tien-sheng Yang. Row five: Io- seph Humphrey, Danisa Markovic, Ernesto Luis Garassini, Anthony A. Stellar, Kalman Kutszegi, Robert E. Lagrone, M. Alzal Khan, Eduardo Arze Chopitea, Norman Carlile, Samir Barraj, Issam Bou-Said, Ioan Smith, Luis R. Santixo, Cosrne D. Perez, William E. Aitken, lose A. Roberts. AlIONAl STUDENT EDUCATIUN ASSUCIATIUN Membership in the Student National Association is open to col- lege or university students who are considering education their ma- jor and to those who are actively preparing to teach. The organization aims to develop among young people, who are preparing to be teachers, an organization which shall be an integral part of state and national education associationsg to acquaint teachers, in training, with the history, ethics, and program of the Organization Members Become Acquaini-ed organized teaching professiong to interest the young men and wom- en in education as a lifelong careerg to encourage careful selection 1-he Fui-ure Requirements of persons admitted to schools which prepare teachers with empha- sis on both character and scholarship, and to seek through the dis- And Techniques of Teaching Profession semination of information and through higher standards of prepa- ration to bring teacher supply and demand into a reasonable bal- ance. Officers for the association include Ianis Willis, presidentg Lois Priceman, vice presidentg Carol Damon, secretaryg Mary Overlees, treasurer, Dr. Richard Hargrove and Dr. Chester Williams, faculty sponsors. The organization with the cooperation of faculty and other edu- cation organizations held its first Teacher Education Day in 1958. First row: Kay Wren Merritt, Mary Overlees, Lois Priceman, Marilyn Orr, Billy L. Chism, Deanna Dean, Mary Attaya, Hetty Ianis Willis, Patsy Creel, Clara Louise Kimberlin Geraldine Craig. Third row: Ieanne Kaspar, Kenneth Coffelt, Richard Engleman. Second row: Cynthia Bower, Mary Thompson, Silver, Robert Dupuich, Iean L. Barnhill. First row: Ken Clary, Margaret Lott, Montella Fant, Ierry D. Hagee, Ronny K. Iones, Richard A. Glenn. Second row: Sally Anderson, Bobby I. Kelly, Dick Abati, Randy Chance, Helen Rae Kline, Iohn Benson, Alyce Hutcheson, Beth Gladstein. Third row: Iohn Lacy, Bruce Edmondson, Iohn L. Powell, R. T. Bob Steele, Harry M. Stoner, Dr. Pearce C. Kelley, Dave Meyer, Robert Frazer. Fourth row: Bruce Duckworth, Iohn Eurton, Harvey Lewis, Robert H. Andersen, lack A. Mann, Larry M. Kimrey, R. B. Houston, Carl H. Mead, Iames Holdcraft. IOTA EPSILON Encourages Independent Enterprise and Protessionalized Management in Small Businesses Iota Epsilon was founded at Oklahoma University in March of l95'3. The organization strives to profes- sionalize management of small businesses and to en- courage independent enterprise. lerry liagee served the group as president. Other-rs assisting him were Ronnie lones. vice presidentg Mon- tella Fant, secretary, Richard Glenn, treasurer, and Pearce C. Kelley, faculty sponsor. Meetings ol the group are hold in the evenings on the first Wednesday of each month in the Union building. Iota Epsilon is open lo all students who are in good standing in the university and interested in enterprise. MARKETING CLUB Increases Professional Knowledge ot Members with Business Personnel lectures The Marketing Club is open to all sophomore stu- dents who have an interest in marketing. The organi- zation is striving to increase the professional knowledge of students by bringing them in contact with outstand- ing marketers of the nation. Meetings are conducted by Grover Ozmun. Other officers include Ken Clary, vice president, Montella First row: Don Yeager, Bruce Edmondson, Ken Clary, Marion C. Phillips, Grover Ozmun, Beth Gladstein, Montella Fant, Margaret Lott, Paula Lomasney, lean Whybark. Second row: lim Baxter, Ronnie K. Iones, Rex White, Bobby Kelly, Sam Wil- son, Helen Rae Kline, Randy Chance, George Lloyd, Dave Meyer, Dick Abati, Sally Anderson. Third row: Iohn Eurton, Fant, secretary, Beth Gladstein, treasurer, and M. C. Phillips, faculty sponsor. The principal aim of the Marketing Club is to de- velop among students a professional interest in mar- keting. An annual banquet is held each year by the members. Iohn L. Powell, Loyd Nease, Iohn Lacy, Bruce Duckworth, Del H. Hodges, Iohn R. Dunkin, Iack A. Mann, Ierry D. Hagee, Tom Wenrick, Harry M. Stoner. Fourth row: Harold W. Riggs, Robert E. Seikel, Harvey Lewis, Iames Holderaft, Robert H. An- dersen, R. T. Bob Steele, Carl H. Mead, lack Ledbetter, Bob Houston, Larry Kimrey, Don W. LeCrone, Robert C. Frazer. i rr f ii: u.sif....vm1namow . ,fl llklahoma State Student urses ssociation The Oklahoma State Student Nurses association was organized to stimulate interest in nursing and to promote unity and fellow- ship through educational meetings and social activities. The asso- eiation provides an opportunity for exchange of ideas and discus- sion of student problems and encourages high standards of personal and professional conduct among pre-nursing students. All pre-nursing students enrolled at the university are eligible to belong to the Norman district of the Oklahoma State Student Nurses Association. After two years at the university in Norman, students spend the next twenty-seven months at the OU school of nursing in Oklahoma City. They then graduate from the university with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. Field trips were taken during the year to the Cerebral Palsy insti- tute, hospitals, and nursing homes. Meetings are held once a month in the Quadrangle lounge. Serving as officers this year were Edith Hartness, president, Mari- lyn Feinberg, vice president, Loretta Sapp, secretaryg Dona Boyce, treasurer, Miss Ianet Moody, faculty sponsorg Collette Keyser, par- liamentarian, and Georgeann Radebaugh, freshman representative. Student Pre-Nursing Society Furthers Ideals and High Standards Ot Personal and Professional Conduct Social events this year included a Christmas dance and a ban- quet. First rote: Ruth Ann Moore, Mildred Cole, Owana Towns, Frederick. Collette Keyser, Doris Cox, Martha Primeaux. Tliirrl Ieannie Gillespie, Sada Sibley, Marilyn Helen Feinberg, Sydney row: Susan Dewey, Edith Hartness, Loretta Sapp, Dona M. I. Haslam, Ioyee Ellen McGee. Second row: Lillian Griswold, Boyce, Marlys Ann Watson, Kay Caswell, Coleen Hefty, Velma Donna Lea Coleman, Patsy Lou Heard, Carolyn Bayless, Teresa Teters. 0 gpvv ' L21 ...V 9' 1 QQ. 422.9 gy 1 ' . . E t el .... - ,......... if S X First row: Sally Anderson, Glenda Pullin, Sally Young, Kaye Highie, Linda Ruth Cook, Frances Seeds, Barbara McGuckin, Patty Daily, Mary Beth Webb. Second row: Dorothy Ann Murray, Glenda Boundy, Iackie Poe, Glenna Grubb, Ianey Chatman, Harriett Mason, Ian Davidson, Lee Russo, Carla Fitch, Nancy Lee Wotring, Heidi Ochsner, Ioyce Pumphrcy, Ianell W. Baxter. Third row.' Pat Schaefer, Carol Schambra, Mary Anne Pierce, Jane Holbird, Mary Layne Perry, Donna Pinkerton, Lin- da Dyason, Iudy Wall, Mable Bizzle, Iohnece Houghlin, Nancy Bartleson. OIKUNOMIA Develops a Deeper Sense ot Responsibility for the Advancement of Home Economics The principal aims of Oikonomia are to promote fellowship among home economics students and to de- velop a deeper sense of responsibility for the advance- ment of home economics Whether it be in the home or in one's chosen career, out of the home. Membership in the organization is limited to stu- dents of home economics that are sophomores or bet- ter and have a minimum of 12 hours of B and no hours of F. Ofiicerswhich presided at the meetings which were held on the first Thursday of each month were Linda Cook, president, Sally Young, vice presidentg Carla Fitch, secretaryg Glenda Pullin, treasurer. PHI ALPHA THETA Recognizes Superior Academic Achievement, Interest in the Field of History Founded in l92l, Phi Alpha Theta strives to pro- vide recognition for those achieving superior academic records, especially in history, and to encourage an ac- tive, scholarly interest in history. Serving as oiiicers of the group this year were Sher- man P. Carter, president, Ioe C. Ray, vice president, First row: Ioyce M. Chadd, Alberta Grey, Carol Wittels, Sher- man P. Carter, loc Ray, Hildegarde Ehrman, Martin Bernard. Second row: Liz Ryan, Ann Eickor, Lynn Biggers, Mary Sue Hays, Gail Ann Cooley, Pat Shubert, Mary An Munn, lim Hip- Carol Wittels, secretary-treasurer, and Dr. Herbert Ellison, faculty sponsor. Phi Alpha Theta and History Club jointly sponsor an annual banquet at which a prominent historian is guest speaker. Also bi-weekly luncheon meetings are held in seminar rooms with guests bringing lunches. en, Lynn Bryant, Karl Cocke. Third row: Tom Wood, Ioel Woelfel, Marvin Burge, lack D. Hoby, David A. McPherren, Garland Gaines, Kenneth R. Hodge, Leo P. Ferris, I. M. Gleason. l l iE 0MIlIRO Dlflll-l KAPPA Members Sponsor Annual Talent Show To Raise Scholarship Fund For Outstanding Incoming Freshman First rote: Charles C. Patton. Stan Betzer, lim Woellel. David H. Clenn, Roger l,ouis. Don Ceis. Richard C. Bower, Harold Nl. Stewart. Second rote: Sherman P. Carter. lim llippen. D. Omicron Delta Kappa was lounded at Washington and Uni- versity in l9l4. At present there are 89 chapters ol this organiza- tion throughout the nation. Nlembership is selected lrom students who have achieved with distinction one of the following areas ol campus life: scholarship, athletics, student government. social and religious allairs. publications. speech, music, drama and the other arts. The principal aims ol the organization are to give recognition to the men students Who have excelled in efficiency in collegiate activ- ities and to encourage others. Omicron Delta Kappa brings to- gether the most outstanding student men with the faculty on a ba- sis of mutual interest and understanding. ODK raises money with a talent show at Dad's Day to grant an S800 scholarship to the "most outstanding incoming freshman" chosen by a faculty-student committee from the society. Officers were Roger Louis, presidentg David Glenn, vice presi- dentg George Churchill. secretary: Robert Casey. treasurer. and Dr. Pete Kyle lVleCarter. Faculty sponsor. A banquet is held during each semester to install the new mem- bers. Meetings are called at the presidents request. David Clemons. Bill Chapman. john B. Buchanan. Robert M. Nerem. lames I. Rhyne, lfverett E. Sanmann, Ches Culp, Roy Adams. Ioe Ray. ,..C."..'.f3s. toy First row: Paula Adams, Thelma Pedersen, Bob Butrum, Hancock, Georgia Colden, Ieanne McClelland, Dorothy Fry. Lynda White, Nan Olney, Edna Schmidt, Dorothy Curtis. Third row: Ioe Wolfenberger, Iohnny Pellow, lack Smith, Don- Sccond row: Gloria Marie Carter, Rilla Harlin, Anne Barkley, ald Henderson. Lillie Pearl Bynes, Annette Cox, Marilyn Van Meter, Barbara PHYSICAL THERAPY CLUB Combines High Scholarship Order with Rich Ideals for the Future The Physical Therapy Club Was founded on No- vember 9, 1955, at the University of Oklahoma to pro- niote good fellowship among physical therapy students, to protect and care for man's mind and bodyg to foster rich ideals, and to maintain high order of scholarship and professional achievement. Lynda White served the group as president during the last school term. Other officers included Robert Butruni. vice president, Nan Olney, secretary, and Thelma Pedersen, faculty sponsor. Any one interested in physical therapy may become il 111cn1ber of the organization. PI OMEGA Contributes Service to the Different Campus Proiects and local Community Activities Officers of Pi Omega for the 1958-59 term were Rhetta Reynolds, president, Merrel Ann Haddan, vice president, Io Ann Williams, recording secretary, lean Howell, treasurer, Martha Phelps, corresponding sec- retary, Denny McWherter, historiang Carol Milton, publicity chairman, and Mrs. Thelma Haddan, faculty sponsor, First row: Lucy Bo Wheeler, Io Ann Williams, Iackie Dull, Susan Sparks, La Nita Pacey, Ieanne Howell, Caryl Pearlman, Tanya Harris, Carol Underberg, Rhetta Reynolds, Felice Selig- son, Bereniee Fagin. Second row: Patsy Tyler, Analeslie Un- fried, Glennelle Stinson, Emma Ruth Petty, Peggy Walter, Virginia Thornton, Dena Sureck, Barbara Rosen, Nancy Leviek, The principal aims of the organization are to pro- mote the service of college Women on and off campus and to develop friendships. Coeds interested in offering services to campus ae- tivitics may belong to the society. A pledgeship of 10 hours service is required to become a member. Mrs. Thelma Haddan. Third row: Denny McWherter, Cherrill Banning, Paulette Akers, Marian Huff, Margaret Best, Diane Stark, Marilyn Arky, Carman Betzer, Janice Novak. Fourth row: Mary Ann McAninch, Sandra Knebel, Ginny HeFfernan, Kay Campbell, Iudy Ludlam, Carol Massad, Linda Phillips, Carole Milton, Mary Alice Wade, Becky Davis. Society, is Composed of Ten Senior lvlen Outstanding in the Fields Of Scholarship, Leadership and Service PE-El Being named as a member ol Pc-et is a highly coveted honor. Its selection lor members is based on scholarship, activities, honors and service. The principal aim ol thc group is to recognize the highest ability in scholarship, leadership and original Work among the men of the university. These top men are brought together for moral, educational and social purposes. Pe-et was founded on the University of Oklahoma campus in l909 and is indeed proud of the history and tradition behind it. The organization is made up of the ten top men students on the campus. In the fall an annual pow-wow is held by members of Pe-ct. At this time the ten top freshman men oi the previous year are named. The colorful event is conducted in Indian style with a council fire, peace pipes, and headdress, thus continuing the principles and culture of the Indians which symbolize Pc-ct. At this time these men are honored by Dr. George L. Cross, president ol the univer- sity. Serving as oFlicers of Pe-ct this past year were Roger I.ouis, presi- dentg Bill TiFfany, vice president, lim White, secretaryg Robert D. Garrett, treasurer, and Dean Earl Sneed, sponsor. Bob Casey, Stan Betzer, Iim Hippen, jim White, Bill Tillany, Roger Louis, Robert D. Garrett, Iared Hazleton, lack Moore, I.anny Trotten. First Row: james L. Hill, Chet Byrd, Loyal C. Smith, Floyd Calvert, Robert Turner, Robert C. Poe, Clem D. Gragg, Ken C. Ponsor. Second row: E. F. Dawson, Paul K. Nelson, Kenneth R. Bates, Scottie Scott, Hudy C. Hewitt Ir., Michael Basaraba, Iames M. Ford, Walter W. Robertson, Clarence R. Parker, Char- lie Way, Ed Fox. Third row: E. M. Sims, T. I. Love, Harold B. Meyer, D. B. Turkington, Ted K. Iames, William W. Rhoades, Fred Van Shoubrouek, Louis D. Watkins, Don Geis, Ierry D. Mullins, Iames E. Palmer. PI TAU SIGMA Presents Annual Award to the Outstanding Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma was founded March 16, 1915, at the University of Illinois. Members are chosen on the basis of sound engineering ability, scholarship, and personality and are selected from the junior and senior classes of the school of mechanical engineering. l.. C. Smith presided over the meetings held month- ly in the Union building. Other oilicers of the group include Chester Byrd, vice president, Michael Basa- raba, recording secretaryg Iames Hill, treasurerg Harold Meyer, St. Patis council representative, and Floyd Calvert, faculty sponsor. An award is given each year to the outstanding sophomore mechanical engineering student. PICK AND HAMMER CLUB Assists the University Stovall Museum with Geological Science Study Promoting interest among its members in current geological literature is the main purpose of the Pick and Hammer Club. The organization is open to all students interested in promoting the geological sci- ences. This year Richard Berryhill led the Pick and Ham- mer Club. Ofiicers assisting him were Steve Champlin, First row: lean Malcom, Iohnny George, Howard Kunz, Charles Rambo, Richard A. Berryhill, Bill E. Morgan, Tom Long, lim Mills. Second row: Donley A. Dollar, John M. Wagner, Ierry E. Haston, Richard E. Frech, Martin M. Cassidy, Charles C. vice presidentg Ianice Calms, secretary, Bill Morgan, treasurer, and Dr. P. A. Chenoweth, faculty sponsor. Meetings are held twice each month in the Geology building during which there are guest speakers. The members helped in maintaining a sample library and sponsored work in the lapidary shop at the Stovall Museum. Perry Ir., R. Neal Hassinger. Third row: Richard Wasteneys, Erdie D. Lansford, Dale S. Hughes, Pat Clare, Donald Webber, Dr. Philip Chenoweth. The Pep Council plans formations for the student card section which performs during home football games. Representatives Plan and Supervise The Student Card Section During Big Red Home Football Games PEP lI0llNlIll The Pep Council was organized in the spring ol 1953 and is made up of one representative from each organized house, repre- sentatives from the band, the cheerleaders, "OM club, Panhellenic council, Rui-Neks, Interfraternity council, and the Independent Students association. I Chosen to head the organization this year was Iohn Draper, Of- ficers assisting him were Rod Weise, vice presidentg Brucine Strifel- ing, secretaryg Frank Worley, treasurerg George Churchill, faculty sponsor, and Don Reis, ram-rod. Meetings ol the group are held informally at the Union building. The Pep Council was formed to further school spirit by coordi- nating the activities of the various campus groups and by encour- aging students to support the teams representing Oklahoma Uni- versity in intercollegiate competition. The Pep Council a few years ago organized the card section stunts used during half-time at home football games. This past year members of the council Worked out plans to improve this section over last season's. The council brings various organizations who sponsor rallies and game demonstrations into closer cooperation and encourages better sportsmanship. First row: Iohn Iarboe, Iudy Wright, Frank Worley, John Dra- Halene Lipe, Mary Thompson, Curtis Culver, Artie Palk, Iolm per, Brucine Strifling, Pat Trower, Iohn Benson. Second row: SteHens, Sydney Sullivant, Earl Webb, Czarina Holland. I.. First row: Marjorie Laslie, Dorothy Bassham, Marilyn Patric, Miguel Leon, Mohammed Hyder, Fazil Qureshi, Ivan Gayle, Tommy Throekmorton, Robert Thompson, Bob Assenzo. Second row: Betty Beaty, Hsiu-Ying Tsai, lose Perez, Chong Yoo Choo, Iames Katigan, Paul Fronterhouse, Mike Wilhrow, Shu-kun Feng, George Prehle. Third row: Mary Grubraugh, Ann Engel. Darrell Fowler, Thomas Shriver, Hyun Kwang Chang. Yunes lliiazi, George Reid, Nelson de La Torre. Fourth rote: Dun Guycr, Touiic Shehady, lose Roberts. PUBLIC l'lEAl.'l'l'l CLUB Endeavors to Promote the Interests ot the Sanitary Science Department The Public Health club strives to promote the best interests and welfare oi the Department ol Sanitary Science ol the university through lectures, discussion, professional enlightenment, and social activities. Officers ol the organization include: Robert N. Thompson. presidentg Chang Hyun Kwang, vice presi- dentg F. F. Withrruvs' secretary. and George Reid, I. R. Assenzo, and Dan Guycr, faculty sponsors. Meetings ol the group are held on the third Thurs- day ol each month at 7 p.m. in the Engineering build- ing, Social activities of the Public Health club have been a tall picnic. Christmas dinner party, and spring picnic. RHO Cl'll Recognizes and Encourages Intellectual Scholarship and Promotes Pharmaceutical Research Rho Chi society was established at the University of Michigan May 19, 1922, to promote advancement of pharmaceutical sciences through encouragement and recognition of intellectual scholarship and by the pro- motion of pharmaceutical research. Officers ol the organization include Charles Kirk- land, president, Sherwin Snyder, vice presidentg Mrs. First rote: Victor Waliba, Anne Northcutt, Sherwin Snyder. Ken Northcutt, secretary, Victor VVahba, treasurerg lim Koronis, historian, Dr. Marvin Davis, faculty sponsor. The organization meets on the second and fourth Fridays of each month. A banquet was held after ini- tiation of new members. Seeonrl row: Charles Kirkland, lim Koronis, Dr. Marvin Davis. Dean Ralph W. Clark, PHI EIA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma recognizes those students who maintained a high scholastic standing during their lreshman year. In order for a stu- dent to be eligible lor the group he must have maintained a 3.5 grade average or better during the first semester ol' his freshman year or a 3.5 over-all or better for the entire year. Established at the University of Illinois in l923, Phi Eta Sigma came on the OU campus in l927 as the fourth chapter in the Society Maintains High Principles Milon- Social events this past year included a tea for Phi Eta Sigma and Ot Scholarship, Activities For Top Men of the Freshman Class Alpha Lambda Delta members. Initiation banquets for the new members are held in the spring and the fall in the Union building. Phi Eta Sigma members elected Gary Bradshaw as president this year. Ed Buchner was chosen as vice president, Bernie Hulme, secretaryg Verne Griffith. treasurer, and Dr. Pete Kyle lVlcGarter, laculty sponsor. In giving recognition to men who have attained a high academic standing, Phi Eta Sigma hopes this will serve as an incentive for these students to strive for further academic achievements. The benelits derived from Phi Eta Sigma arc many more than those lound in recognition ol high scholarship. First rotc: Gary Bradshaw, Richard Johannes, Verne Griffith. Ed Buchner, Bernie Hulme, Roy Adams, Bill llolt, Harry Sims. George Wiese, Mike Henderson, Mike Phillips. Second row: Anthony Loeb, Allan Safe, Steve Winder, Pat Leathers, l,ee Nash. Paul A. Thard, Veron Archer, Tom Graves, Thad IVIcLaurin, lim Mana tooth, Billy Bates, Elbert Friday, Iim Mabus, Richard Miller. Third row: Robert E. Lenhardt. Earl W. Kitchen. Richard II. Holley, Eldon G. Hallurn, Art Mihram, Iim Vester, Norman Stinson. Fred Swan, Iames lVlcCreary, Don Bryant, Bob Webber. Fourth row: Melvin Rogers, Bob Ruggles, Robert Ray, Edward Shreve, Iohn H. Ilall, led Iohnson, Gene Arnn, Richard H. Gold- xvyn, William R. Gurley, Randy Robins, Paul Eads. Fifth row: l,ans F. Tobisson, lim H. Kester, Richard G. Winter, Robert l.. Barr, Robert G. Berry, Marvin Burge, Richard A. lVIcKinne, Richard I. Allgood, Iimmy C. Knittel, Iames H. Rice, Gordon Cassie. Sixth row: Paul Rider Rupert, Torn Aitken, Al Weeks, Hugh Rice, Elmer Million, Denver Meacham, Don I. Scott. Hubert H. Hoehn, I. D. Seba, Bobbie Foote, Bill Siebert. Seventh row: L. I. Tatum, I.. K. Warders, R. R. Rawlings, S. R. Turnbull, D. S. Carlstonc, W. R. Hudgins, I. R. Imel, C. C. Sparks, A. D. Van Meter, D. K. Williams. First rote: Iudy Tarpley. Pat English, Ianie Mclntosh, Sharon Sabo, Culleen Bryant, Carolyn Baldwin, Cynthia Cooper, Mar- teillia Meg er, Kathy Kelley, Carolyn Easterling Wanda Oliver, Phyllis Gentry. Second rote: Katsy Mullendore, Carolyn Cole, Gretchen Bush, Kathleen Hawkins, Edith Mahier, Ianet Chat- man, Sondra Sala, Carol Schambra, Nance Weeks, Ann Aedrich, Marita Ingraham. Third row: Delores Maddux. Pamela Lean- ens, Betsy E. Ross, Peggy Olson, Ema Boyd, Linda Lassder, Ruth Ann Campbell. Donna Rae Witten. Patty Murphy. Mary SHADUWBUX Gains Practical Experience in t Members ol' Shadowbox elected Ianct Chatman, president lor the 1958-59 term, Other ofiicers included Ann Aldrich, vice presidentg Myra Vedder. secretaryg Kathy Hawkins, treasurer, Gretchen Bush, modeling chairman, and Miss Edith Mahier, faculty sponsor. The principal aim of the organization is to lully ap- preciate thc mechanics and the "back stage" Work in Sue Thompson. Judy Roxvntree. Marian Slatcn. Kaye Whitlield. Eleann Cohen. Fourth rote: Indy Beard. Pat Tait, Ianice No- vak, Mary Ann Holcomb, Marie Landriault, Caroline Wilsion. Gaye Grimes, Ieanne Dreisker, Patricia Deaver, jeanne Howell, Nancy Burke, Iani Kalman. Elivoe Leon, Kaye Lockwood. Fifth row: Sherril Kaufman, Mary Alice Wade, Bette Carnahan, jan Cosgrove, Sue Sloan, Milva lean Smith, Pat Holley, l,il Ryan, Barbara Fuller, Sug King, Kay Lockwood. he Mechanics and Back Stage Work of Fashion and Design lashion and its related fields. The group is organized in the hope that they may benefit from the experiences ol' doing and from the culmination ol' ideas. Members ol Shadowbox staged a style show this lall for the McDowell Club ta national arts elubl ol' Norman. SIGMA ALPHA l0TA Otters Local and National Activities for University Women in the Music School Sigma Alpha Iota was founded in 1929 to promote good music and further the musical profession for women. Members must be Women students majoring in music with a 3.5 grade average in all music subjects and a 3.0 over-all. Officers are Beverly Alspaugh, presidentg Bobbie First row: Mary Frances Miller, Beverly Alspaugh, Bobbie Knie, Katherine Scott, Cheryne Martin. Second row: Marilyn Scott, Knie, vice presidentg Mary Frances Miller and Cheryne Martin, secretaries, Katherine Scott, treasurer, and Mary Evelyn West, Miss Eva Turner, Mrs. William Paul, and Mrs. Richard Hargrove, sponsors. The members of Sigma Alpha Iota helped with the annual reception for the music school. Elaine Vanlandinghain. Mary l.ou McConnell. lo l,ea Mt-l7oxxn, , i. Q i 'A' 'CP' "Wu PI EPSILUN TAU Scholarship and Loan Fund Provides Opportunity for Students To Study Petroleum Engineering Field Pi Epsilon Tau is an honorary collegiate society ol' national status whose active members are students majoring in petroleum engineer- ing and who are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership. and sociability. Pi Epsilon Tau was founded on the campus of the University of Oklahoma in 1948 and now has chapters spread from coast to coast. The aims of Pi Epsilon Tau are to foster a closer bond between its members and the petroleum industry, to broaden the scope ol' activities ol its members, and to maintain the high ideals and standards of the engineering profession. Officers for this year were john B. Buchanan, presidentg jack Hill and jerry Miles, vice presidentsg Dave Donohue, secretary and treasurerg Riley Needham, St. Pat's representative, and D. E. lVlenZie and F. W. Cole, sponsors. Alpha chapter of OU was host to the National Convention of Pi Epsilon Tau in the fall of 1957. The organization strives to serve the PE students through the maintenance ol' a Scholarship and Loan Fund to provide loans, interest free, to any junior or senior PE student on a pay-back-as-you-can basis. Pi Epsilon Tau holds a pledge smoker each semester. First row: Riley li. Needham, john B. Buclianan, jerry LI. Miles, Chambers, Myron H. Bond, james Soinnierlrucht, Paul j. Front- Dave Donohue, Bob Scholler, jack Hill. Second row: lf. W. erhouse, Claud A. Mullins, james E. Eakin. Fourth row: Stuart Cole, Lawrence j. Ray, Conley Paul Smith, Charles D. Camp- W. Henderson, Harold N. Black, David K. Fagin, jack O'Con- bell, Bill P. Stauss, Melvin Lee. Cary Roth, R. j. Forgie, Welton nor, Paul Newendorp. Earl Ray West. Thomas N. Minette, H. Burch, D. E. Menzie. Third rote: Gene Pringle. Richard K. Charles E. Ward. First row: Bill Cronoble, Gary A. McDaniel, Neal Hassinger. Charles E. Stark, Iim Hansen, Bill Bellis, Milton Boler, Bruce Wood. Second row: Almir da Silva Maia, Howard E. Kunz, Richard A. Berryhill, Tom L. Rowland, Donald N. Iones, Larry L. Piatt, B. E. Ausburn, Michael R. Barros, George D. Ray. Third row: George G. Huffman, L. W. Teel, Robert D. Brad- shaw, Cooper B. Land, Donald L. Reese, Harry C. Lee, Robert W. Richter, William G. Darsey, Robert T. Clark. Fourth row: Pat Clare, Henry Cullins, Cecil Iones, Charles Rambo, M. Charles Gilbert, Steve Champlin. Alton Riley, Larry Gross, Donald Webber, Frank Lovett. SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON Presents Interesting and Timely Information Concerning Earth Sciences Sigma Gamma Epsilon has authoritative talks on various timely and interesting subjects related to the earth sciences at their meetings, held on the second and fourth Thursdays ol each month in room 112 ol the Geology building. Elected as president this year was Bill Bellis. Neil Hassinger was vice president, Bill Cronoble, corre- SIGMA PI SIGMA Advances and Rewards St Qualifications for membership in Sigma Pi Sigma require that a student maintain a 4.0 grade average with l0 hours of physics, a 3.5 with l3 hours. or a 3.0 with 20 hours or more. The organization aims to award distinction to those ol high scholarship in physics and to advance knowl- First row: Iames I. Rhyne, lean D. Reed, Everett li. Sanmann, Benton C. Clark. udents' sponding secretary, Gary McDaniel, seeretary-treas- urerg Chuck Stark, publicity chairman, lim Hansen. pledge trainer, and Dr. G. G, Hulfman, faculty spon- sor. The group emphasizes scholastic, scientihc and so- cial advancement of its members. Scholastic Achievements in the Study of Physics edge and interest in the field. Officers were James Rhyne, presidentg Benton C. Clark, vice president, Everett E. Sanmann, secretary- treasurerg Dr. R. M. St. lohn, faculty sponsor, and lean D. Reed, reporter. Monthly meetings were held in the evenings in the Research Institute. Si-cond row: Robert M. St. John, Charles C. Cremer, William Alva Grillin, Ronnie R. Hart, Barry Bebb. Blunderbusses and Pep Rallies Boost Student Enthusiasm, Spirit During Sooner Team Game Competition First row: Frank Parman. Neal Anderson, Charles Ryland. james R. Reid, Walter P. Neeley. James K. Fawcett, jerry Fet- ters, Charles W. Ingram. Second row: Gary Graham, Doug RUF-NEKS Ruf-Neks have the distinction of being the oldest pep organiza- tion on the Oklahoma University campus. The groupwas formed 40 years ago to promote school spirit and to protect the campus in case of inter-school rivalry. Serving the organization as president this year was Iames K. Fawcett. Officers assisting him were Ierry Fetters, secretaryg Walter P. Neely, treasurerg Iames R. Reid, pledge trainer, and Lewis A. Iohnson, historian. The Ruf-Neks are always busy promoting the teams of the cam- pus. Their activities have included bonfires, pep rallies, pledging, dances and banquets. Not to forget the Ruf-Neks have the im- portant job of shooting their shotgun each time the big red team scores. Also during the gridiron season the Rui-Neks take charge of decorating the goal posts in the usual red and white stripes. Pledges of the organization are formally initiated at the end of each semester. A campus tradition is the annual pledge shave to new pledges on a Saturday morning before a home football game as part of their initiation. An annual formal dance is held each ycar by thc group in Oklahoma City. johnson, james Nevvlon. Clifton, L. Driskell. Third row: jerry Evans, Ioe P. Reid, Tommy L. Gray, David I. Kaup, Lewis A. Iohnson, E. Leon Smith, Mickey C. Bottoms, Thomas E. Croi- Marcom, Pat Bushem, Roger Lee, George Taylor, Ernest L. ford. First rout: W. I. Masheter, W. D. Dewitt, L. I. Fergus, Iames Feuerstein. Leo C. Baca. George Sadler, Dan Kubiek, Donald McMahon. Second row: Paul B. Gibbs, Pat Good, Helen A. Schlinke, Alyce Iones, Ioe R. Love. Iohn M. McKinney. Dan M. lcager. Third row: Bell C. Haney, Rill G. Malone. Harrill ' u f Rockett, lim lVIcLemore, Sam R. Landers. Bruce A. Duckworth, Tom E. Agee. james C. Morgan. Fourth row: Stanley Cooper. Harry W. Green. Tom D. Wenricla. L. C. Brogdon. Marvin I.. VVooclall, William F. Tilson. LeRoy A. Young. SOCIETY FUR ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT Unites Students With Business Executives The Society lor Advancement ol Management was lounded to bring closer together executives in business and students preparing to go into that tieldg to serve as an effective medium for the exchange and distribution ol information on the problems. policies. and methods of industry and management: to provide students with the opportunity to participate in the organizing, plan- ning. directing. and controlling of the activities oI an organization dedicated to the promotion of the art and science oi management. Officers were Leo Baca. presidentg lim Feuerstein. vice president. and Herman Lancaster. secretary. SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS Aids in the Study ot Automotive Design and Construction Any student enrolled in engineering is eligible to become a member of the Society of Automotive Engi- neers. The society was established to promote the arts. sciences, and engineering practices connected with the design, construction and utilization of automotive ap- paratus. First row: Ted K. Iames. Richard G. Sanders. Michael Basaraba, Iames L. Hill. Ken C. Ponsor. Clem D. Gragg, lay McNemar. Second row: E. M. Sims, G. I. Andersen, jerry D. Mullins. Walter W. Robertson, Don Geis. Luiz Meth. T. Van Kalker. This year's officers included Ted Iames. presidentg E. D. Storms. vice presidentg C. E. Collins. secretary. and Prof. E. M. Sims. faculty sponsor. The organization brings students into contact with outstanding engineers and their accomplishments in the automotive industry. loc I. Wood. Louis D. Watkins. Charlie Way. Third ruuw Chuck Collins. Ed D. Storms. Harold R. Myers, Don Lewis, Mike Carney. Iames R. Holcomb. Harold B. Meyer. Clarence R. Parker. ilif tr: it SEO Members Perpetuate lndian Traditions With Colorful Campus Events Including Annual Homecoming Pow-Wows lfrrst muh VVynona II. Day. jimmy Rcdeorn. XrVZllIlifttNlS Cliupe en, Bell Haney. George Shannon, B. D. 'I'immons. Iohn Anquoe. lilizahctlt llpdegrall. Sveonrl rout lflizaheth Ewing. Suzanne UYAH lil B The Sequoyah club encourages the continuation oi Indian tribal traditions and ceremonies. The organization aims to establish brotherly friendship among the Indian students and their class- mates. and to promote Indian culture. tradition and education among its own members. Membership in the Sequoyah cluh is held open to Indian stu- dents attending Oklahoma University. and those persons interested in perpetuating Indian traditions. The organization was begun in 1912. George Shannon served as president of the club. Other oiiicers were Bell Haney. vice presidentg VVaukomis Chupco, secretaryg blames Redcorn, treasurerg Boyce Timmons, faculty sponsor. and Iosh Anquoe, keeper of the drum. The Sequoyah club provides many social activities lor its mem- bers. In the fall and spring picnics are held. Other social activ- ities included their Homecoming and Spring Pow-Wows. and the Christmas banquet and dance. Members of the Sequoyah cluh hold their meetings two or three times each month at the museum lecture room on Sunday after- noon. The organization conducted programs lor university groups. Allen Quetone. Don Ahshapanelc. Bill jones. Charley Redcorn David Timmons. Chasteen. joy Scott. Gail Westfiti, Paulette Akers. Doris Watkiits. lohy Henry. Juanita Carnes. Third i-our Wrntred Poemoceah. l 1 l 4' First row: Chun C. Lin, Stan Robertson, Howell H. Porter, Don Oliver, Frank Huntington, Terry R. Ream, Iohn W. Holtzclaw, Roy Adams. Second row: Al Vlleeks, Bill McCormick, Charles Cremer, William Alva Gritiin, I. W. Calky, Iames Barksdale, SOCIETY OF ENGINEERING PHYSICISTS The Society ol Engineering Physicists was organized at the Ilniversity ol Oklahoma to loster a productive and friendly spirit among engineering physics students and faculty, and to keep abreast ol current events iu physics. Presiding at the group meetings and lectures this year were the Iollowing officers: john W, Holtxclaw. SOCIETY OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS Sponsors The Society lor Industrial Engineers is open to all students enrolled in that field. The principal aims ol the organization are to foster professional interest in industrial engineering and acquaint students with new developments in the field. Officers are David L. Barger, president, Raymond lVlclVlinn, vice president, Edward Parsons, secretary, First row: Terry IVI. Hill, Carl Buck, Ray MclVlinn, David I.ce Barger, Edmund L. Parson, Gerald R. Frazier, I. O. Melton. Second row: Nathan Craig Ir., Richard G. Parker, Vester A. Metzger, Emmett Henley, Herbert Payne, Philip Parduhn. Robert Slocum, Frank I.. Skaggs. Third row: Iames Holdcralt, R. T. Rob Steele, Bob Anderson, jack A. Mann, Ronnie R. llart. I. Brian Rleakley, Thoinas johnson, W. S, Thompson Ill. Rewards Scholastic Attainment in Scientific Fields president, Richard Coats, vice president, Terry Ream, secretary, Roy Adams, treasurer, and Dr. Chun CI. I,in, laculty sponsor. The members have been busy this year with meet ings, lectures, open houses, lilms and the physics picnic. Discussions Headed by Business Industrialists Terry Hill, treasurer, and james O. Melton, faculty sponsor. Various businessmen and industrialists have spoken to the group at their meetings in the Union building. Student members have been working this past year toward the establishment ol a School of Industrial Engineering. Third row: Coy Campbell, Paul Eads, Willizlm E. Geyer, Dick Teel, William V. Wright, Iames I.. Brown, Bob C. Benedict. Fourth row: Frank H. Robertson, Gerald P. Brown, Stanley ID. lVlcCallon, Gary A. Godard, Terry K. Dunlap, Darrell G. Bittle. SIGMA GAMMA TA Professional Development ot Members ls the Fundamental Goal Ot the Aeronautical Engineers' Group Camma Alpha Rho and Tau Omega. two aeronautical engineer- ing societies joined to form Sigma Gamma Tau in February. 1953. at Purdue University. The fraternity recognizes and honors those students in the field of aeronautics who have through scholarship, integrity, and outstanding achievement been a credit to their profession. New members are chosen from students who have completed half of their college Work and are in the upper one fourth of their junior aeronautics class or upper one third of the senior class. R. W. Bunch was chosen to head the organization this past year. Officers assisting him were C. Fairchild, vice presidentg R. M. Nerem, secretary-treasurer, and Mike Lord, St. Pat's representative. james E. Hayes, instructor in aeronautical engineering was sponsor. Activities which members of Sigma Gamma Tau participated in during the year included a pledge smoker and an initiation ban- quet. Sigma Gamma Tau, national aeronautical engineering frater- nity, fosters a high standard of ethics and professional practices and creates a spirit of loyalty and fellowship among the members. The honorary fraternity holds its meetings once a month. First rote: Robert Losehke. William D. Campbell, Mike lj. Lord. Uene R. Wells. john T. Hatch. joe V. Noyes. Third rote. R. W. Bunch, james C. Fairchild. Robert M. Nerem. james E. David R. Abel. Dan N. Pulliam. james C. Plunkett. joe S. Shan- Hayes. Second row: james E. White. Keith jackson, Fred W. non, Al Buckingham, Eugene Wood. Edmund S. Crewe, Ted D. Haise, Robert D. Culp. Charles D. Singleton, Wanda j. Little, Carretson, A. D. Dayton. r Q, gm., wt ., X -V f 1 s, wa if First row: Ben Williams, Dr. Percy Buchanan, Kenny johnston. Brandon. Third row: Roberto B. Peraza, Mike R. Koziewicz, Second row: Robert Checorski, Vernon Duncan, Hoyt Kenimer, Carlton Chin, Bud Smith, Sutton Woodson, Roger Norman, Scott Florance, Frank I.. Skaggs, Terry I.. Iliff, john Raymond Dennis Poindexter. SOONER SAMURAI Schedules Regular Workouts to Practice the Principles and Philosophy of Judo Sooner Samurai officers for the 1958-59 term in- cluded Ben Williams, president, Bob Harvey, vice president, Scott Florence, secretary, Frank Skaggs, treasurer, Dr. Percy Buchanan, faculty sponsor. The organization encourages each member to heneht through the study of the principles and philosophy ol judo. The group has regular workouts and occasion- THETA SIGMA PHI Honors University Women Theta Sigma Phi aims to unite women engaged in journalism, to confer honor upon women who distin- guish themselves in journalism or letters, to achieve definite standards in journalism and letters, to improve working conditions for women in these fields, to in- spire members to greater individual effort. Sue Barton served as president of Theta Sigma Phi. Who ally holds matches with other clubs. Workouts are held twice each week in the judo Hall located east of the Ellison Infirmary. Award ceremonies are given each year for those members who complete the requirements for advance- ment. Have Distinguished Records in lournalistic Work Other officers were Ann Billingsley, vice president, Peggy O'Rear, secretary, Pat Dennis, treasurer, Miss Grace E. Ray, faculty sponsor. Meetings are held twice a month in the journalism building. The group annually sponsors Matrix Table during which outstanding state and campus women are honored. First row: Peggy O'Rear, Patty Flood, Emily Ferris, Grace Ray. Second row.' Mima Mc-Candless, Carol Hoopingarner, Sue Barton, Kay Lee, Carol j. Robinson. Engineering Education ls Furthered Through Special Activities Ot 0U's Oldest Honorary Fraternity First mir. Hudy C. Hewitt jr.. Don B, jones. Harold B. Meyer. Riley B. Needham. james George. john D. Swiltart jr., james SIGMA TAU The oldest honorary engineering fraternity on the UU campus Sigma Tau recognizes personal attainment on the part oi engineer- ing students and promotes interest in engineering as a profession. Membership qualifications are based on scholarship. lVlembers must have a grade point average of 3.0, with at least 72 hours ol college Work in the Held of engineering. Other necessary quali- ities are soeiability. practieability and leadership as demonstrated in their activities in the college oi engineering. The First Sigma Tau chapter was founded February 22, 1904, at Nebraska University. The OU afhliate was established May I3, 1916, and is one of 32 chapters in the nation. Serving as president oi the organization this year is james Eakin. james George is vice president: M. R. Anderson, secretaryg Thomas Minette, treasurcrg Donald jones, historiang Charles Patton, Pyra- mid correspondentg D. C. Anderson. St. Pat's representative. and H. K. Bone, faculty sponsor. Evening business meetings oi Sigma Tau are held in Felgar hall. Each semester the group entertains with a pledge smoker and joint initiation banquet with Tau Beta Pi. lf. Eakin jr., Second rout: lreon lVl. Niagill, Charles D. Camp- Anderson. bell, Charles C. Patton, Loyal C. Smith, Ted D. Carretson, james l.. Hill, Harold K. Bone. Third mu: VVillian1 A. Crillin. Paul Fronterhouse, Ifarl Ray VVest, Thomas N. Minette, Nl, R. Slllllill WURK ill B The main projects ol' the Social Work club are to create unity among students. to puhlicive the school oi social work and to pro- mote scholarship and careers in that field. Meetings and programs lor the group are held once a month. with executive committee meetings scheduled bimonthly. john P. Jones headed the club as president this year. Vera Davis was vice president, with Elizabeth Mitchell. secretaryg lack Harris and iacqulyn Wood, treasurers. and Miss Vilona Cutler serving as faculty adviser. The outstanding annual event of the club is the fall cook-out held in October at the home of Miss Cutler. The get-acquainted meeting ol the year. the cook-out is held for all faculty members ol the school oi social work and the entire student body ol the school. All faculty members are also club affiliates. Principal activity of the club is its annual project of investigating the possibilities of scholarships and employment for people in the social Work field. The group also strives to encourage enrolment in the school. The club gives students an opportunity to meet and Group Projects Annually Include Investigating Opportunities For Scholarships and Employment ,.c.,, . t . tails with professional workers in the lielcl ol' social wr lfnsr mu: john P. jones. lidltli Salter. Katie 'l'mxnley. Betty Richman. ina Young. Wynona Day. Vern I. West. Art-ille Brown. lflizabeth Mitchell. lack Harris. Second row: Edsel Ford. Iexvell L. llaekson. Mary Claire Burnite. Ceorgene Hale, Virginia Henry. . , ' on Nlahel Richardson. Don Wallace. Hisashi liirayania. R, j. Nerlrl Tliird row: Margaret Kime, Norris l,. Smith. Martha Rudd Doris West. Coralie, Kuzmic, Iacqulyn Wood, Vanelle Bonham Richard D. Huston. L K . Q , -'.: t . --s, .. fs, Q H 4 ' - is V 4- fl' f t 'NBL iii .,., ir fit ,gi . .Q Q , ' 'ss' 'T-f4amsL'.::f5f emi . , ,, 1... .,,. . , g W ,ffm I 'Q o 3' 2 i? as ff t K 1 K 1 f we A 5 E iS:?t,1j ,lfgllrw SUIIIETY 0F GE0l0GIlI lE GI EERS Organization Familiarizes Members With Future Expectations Concerning the Geology Profession Founded on the Sooner eampus in l9l48, the Society ol' Ceo- logieal Engineers promotes technical interest and fellowship among geological engineers and the faculty of the school. The society meets the first and third Tuesdays of each month. lVlany of the meetings are highlighted by representative speakers from all branches of the oil industry. These give the members a more complete insight on their future profession. Any student enrolled in the school of geological engineering is eligible for membership. Bobby G. Alexander was elected presi- dent of the society this year, with Paul A. Drew, vice presidentg loel l,. Wall, secretaryg Walter Staley, treasurerg Harry Todd, St. Pat's representative. and Dr. Carl A. lVloore. faculty adviser. Society of Geological Engineers enters a display in the annual Engineers' Open House in the spring. The group also sponsors a banquet in honor of graduating seniors. Other social events of the organixation include a watermelon feed in the fall and a pienic during the spring semester. The main purpose of the society is to organize the students in geological engineering and to arrange programs and activities to prepare them after graduation. I 'st rote: C. W. Miller, Allen Bolinslai. Paul Drew, Ioel Wall. A. Tessari. Tltird rote: Harris T. Papahronis, john V. Nlelelter. Bob Alexander. Carl A. Moore, Brian Ausburn, Harry Todd. Second row: Louis Soter, Iohn M. Wagner, Lowell li. Leach. john Cooper, M. R. Anderson, David ll. Clenn, D. C. Anderson. I. Slaviela, lack Richardson. Plmer C. Cleveland. Arland R. Dyer, Archie W. Dunham, Iobn 4253 Sl DE TSE ATE 'l'lie legisltive body lor the students at the University ol Okla- homa is the student senate. Representation is based on the popu- lation ol' the schools and colleges, with one representative from each of the governing bodies, Panhellenic council, Interlraternity council and one man and one woman student from the Independ- ent Students association. The senate is the ofhcial body lor making recommendations to the president ol the university on matters concerning student wel- lare. The group has jurisdiction over all non-academic student activities. The senate also appoints student members to the policy making committees ol the university. In addition, the senate appropriatcs money to campus organi- zations and activities, schedules student activities on the university calendar, makes recommendations to the faculty senate on academic matters, grants charters to new organizations. and helps plan fresh- Student Legislative Body Coordinates All Non-Academic Activities On the University of Oklahoma Campus man orientation. First semester ofhcers of the group included lack Moore, presi- J dentg James White, vice president, lat Leonard, sccretaryg Jared Hazleton, treasurer: George Hazelrigg, public relationsg John Raley, parliamentarian, and Dr. E. P. Frederickson, sponsor. First rout' Pat l.L'tlllLll'Ll, Stan Betzer, Mary Overlees, lack Moore, Ival Goldstein. Second row: Wayne Harris, Pat Shubert, Bar- bara Cheatham, Donna Bruza, Robert D. Garrett, Ianet K Theus, Mary Layne Perry, Shirley I. Mendell. Third rou' Don Bradshaw, Carolyn Eads, Carol Io Kennedy, Gloria Gunna- way, Bob Williams, lean Bonney, Tom Forney, Nancy l"otu'tlt rout: Dick Ilolcotnb, Robert U. llradsliaw, Alan .'Xx'et'5 Stanford Ianger, Patti Rose, Richard Berryhill, llenry Gullins George Hazelrigg. Fifth row: jerry Williams, Marilyn Smith Bill McAlister, Paul Witt, Darrell L. Vincent, Robert D, Culp Lovell McMillin, Elaine Upton, Iared Hazleton. Sixth rout. Iames White, Iewel Monroe, Dr. E. P. Frederiekson. .0-.. T SSHS 'I'assels, junior womcn's honorary organization, encourages. and honors high scholastic attainment, participation in campus activ- ities, and Service to the campus community. The organization was founded April 25, l956, at the University of Oklahoma. Sophomore eoeds are selected for membership in their junior year on the basis ol scholarship, leadership and service by the . , , preceding Tassels group. To be eligible for membership, a coed Soclely Encourages Allammenl must be a second semester sophomore or a first semester juniorg . . 1 maintain a 3.0 over-all grade average. and must have been enrolled Of Umverslly jumor Women in the university at least one semester prior to selection. Prospec- , , , tive members must submit application forms. In SCh0l5F5hlDf I-eadershlpf Servlce Tassels members are in charge ol' Women's Recognition night, and sponsor a fall style show in the Quadrangle lounge. The group awards honor rolls to the girls with an outstanding scholas- tic record in the freshman dormitories. This year lean Whybark is 'llassels presidentg Kaye lfinkenbinder, vice president, Betty Grilhn, secretaryg Ian Hann, treasurer, and Pat Flood, historian: Faculty advisers lor the group are Dr. Virginia Morris, Carole l-lass and Billie Cheatum. lfirvi rout' l.ix Ryan, Patty Flood, Kaye lfinkenbindcr, Ianict- jane Kloclvntan, Barbara Coolvsey, Virginia Morris, sponsor. Hann, jean Whybark, Betty Griflin, Pat Shubert, Sharon Tuttle. Third row: Carolyn Iiads, Sandy Nobles, Merrell Ann Haddan. Olivette Burt. Second row: Carole Hass, sponsor, Molly l.eVite, judi Wynn, Marty Newby, Carolyn Miller, Ianet Ferrill, Pre- Noelene Datin, Marjorie Buchner, Fran Worrell, Linda Jolly, cious Park, Sally Howard, Ioan Killingsworth, Iohnece Houghlin. BETA Pl The principal aim ol Tau Beta Pi is to mark in a fitting manner those who have conlerred honor upon their school by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character. This can he done by under- graduates in engineering or by their attainments as alumni in that lield. The national fraternity was begun at Lehigh University, Beth- leham, Pa., in 1885. One hundred and two chapters now carry out the work of giving recognition to outstanding engineers. To be eligible for membership, students must express leadership, good character and breadth ol interest and honesty in addition to scholarship. Scholastic qualifications include being in the upper fifth ol the senior class or upper eighth of the junior class in the college of engineering. Special projects of Tau Beta Pi are the honor junior scholarship system and the awarding oi two scholarships to outstanding junior engineering students. The pledge smoker and a banquet are annual activities oi the organization. Fraternity officers are David H. Glenn, president, Alfred C. Buckingham, vice president, Riley B. Needham and Charles C. Patton, secretariesg Monte Witte, cataloger. and Sylvester M, Outstanding Students and Alumni ln the Engineering Field Receive Fraternity Recognition Neville. St. Pat's representative. First row: Monte D. Witte, Richard l.. Clampitt, Riley B. Need- ham, Arthur I. Myers, loc Smay, sponsor, Iohn li. Powers, spon- sorg David ll. Glenn, Charles C. Patton, S. M. Neville. Second row: Ausburn Brian, Darrell G. Bittle, Chet Byrd, Charles Blackwood, Robert D. Culp, Iay Davis, Ken Downey, Gerry East. Third row: Ronald Ordakowski, Paul K. Nelson, Claud A. Mullins, Paul B. Meyer, W. D. Reynolds, Robert Y. Nelson, lack K. Richardson, Tom Seianee, Raymond L. MeMinn. Fourth row: Iames E. George, Sammy Goodman, Robert E. Hamernik, Vernon E. Hardy, Ronnie R. Hart, Bobby G. Lawson, Robert C. Lost-hke, Dale K. Lewis, Eugene C. Mt-Connell. Fifth rout: Leon M. Magill, Earl Ray West, Richard V. Vorheis, Iohn A. Tessari, Denver W. Ritchey, Alexander Stuart. M. R. Anderson. F. W. Haise, I. H. Kuhlman. Sixth row: Iac-ob E. Ecker, Iohn W, Holtzclaw, Iames E. Eakin Ir., Bryan Medlock, Wayne A. Winget, Donald Coplin, William A. Grillin, D. C. Anderson. l , , I' v .5 ., 1: .. I-1 14 E . xr' 5 ff 5 Q 5. Coeds return to the WOmPI1,S Quadrangle after a long day of classes. Friendships are Softball is BSSSI1't.i8,1 619111611115 ,.,,..,,,. my , ,, i i 'LZ ' "fi ' 5 .1 iw M 7 W F: iE4Ei? 1514: : ff,f?9f'V -iz.-av' SOI'OI'itiSS Y PSI CH PIER ..... June, 1916 First row: Merrily Adams. Ianice Alden, Carolyn Bald- win, Ianinne Bare, Margaret Best, Cynthia Bower, Erma lane Boyd, Iulian Brisco. Linda Kay Bruch. Second row: Louisa Bryan. Olivette Burt, Sharon Butler, Judy Carper, Kay Cheatwood, Iudith Claborn, Nancy Cobb. Sandra Cole, Susan Collins. Third row: Patricia Cook. Peggy Cook, Cynthia Cooper, Nancy Currey, Donna Czesk- leba, Patricia Donnell, Iackie Duncan, Diana Dunlap, Car- olyn Easterling. Fourth row: Iocelia Ann Ed- gar, Barbara Efting, Iudy El- liott, Patricia English, Iudy Carol Evans, Patricia Farrar, Iudy Carol Flow, Anne Fos- ter, Iean Gillespie. Fifth row: Glenna Grubb, Mary Hamilton, Janice Hann, Grace Harmon, Sandra Hea- vin, Marguerite Heston, Carol Io Hilburn, Mary Hillaholt. Iudith Ann Hudson. Sixth row: Marian Hull, Suda Husky, Emily Ann Ka- dane, Mary Ann Kakish, Sheron Faye King, Jean King- ery, Shirley Ann Kramer, Donna Lea Lacy, Dorothy Lansden. Scuenlh row: Linda Lee Las- seter, Pamela Sue Leavens. Kay Lee, Dorothy Lemon, An- gie Iane Leonard, Nancy Lewis, Billie Gail Long, Iudy Ann Longbotham, Iudy Lud- lam. Eighth row: DeLores Ann Maddux, Kay Mannon, Iu- dith Martin, Ianie Mclntosh, Iudy Kay McMorris, Denny MeWherter, Bessie Ann Mer- ritt, Phyllis Lee Mills, Marla Sue Mitchell, Linda Nance. Ninth row: Martha Lou Newby, Martha Pulley, Rhet- ta Reynolds, Sue Rickman. Kay Riddle, Sarah Ann Rob- ertson, Linda Sue Rowell, Barbara Royds, Sharon Sabo, Sondra Ann Sala. Tenth row: Patricia Schaefer. Sue Sloan, Eleanor Io Smith. Marilyn Ki-ly Smith, Marilyn: Sue Smith, Patsy Sue Smith, Annette Taylor, Carol Ann Thompson, Patricia Tyler, Donna Vandiver. Eleventh row: Marilyn Van Meter, Peggy Walter, Lucy Bo Wheeler, Elaine White, Di- ana Kay Winston, Donna Rae Wittcn, Nancy Lee Wot- ring, Ioan Wright, Beverly Yandell, Ioan Ann Yarbor- ough. Three smart Alpha Chi Omegas. Sondra Sala, Elaine White and lane Thompson, kill two birds with one stone as they do their homework and enjoy a beautiful :IutumII day. NTARILYN DoRFF President lll5 College I P -Q i iki V T .- LL ALPHA CHI UMEGA Grades and achievements took precedence over other sorority activity at the Alpha Chi Omega house this year. Many members received honors and ranked high in honorary organizations on the Sooner campus. In addition to winning First place in University Sing last year, Alpha Chi has three members elected to Mortar Boardg four to Tassels, with Janice Hann as treasurer, and five to Alpha Lambda Delta, with Kay Riddle as president and Iean Yarborough as treasurer. Three of the outstanding freshman women are Alpha Chis-Kay Riddle, lean Yarborough and Rhetta Reynolds. The sorority was founded nationally by seven coeds at DePauw university and came to the OU campus in Iune, l9l6. Now 86 chapters wear the colors of scarlet and olive green. Mrs. Bert Meacham has served as Psi chapter hostess for two years. On the social side, the sorority entertained with the brother-son legacy din- ner, an annual Christmas party during which the girls give toys to their dates and these presents are later given to charity, and the Red Carnation ball in the spring. Annually the pledges give a Halloween party for the members. This year the event came as a surprise at dinner. Another sorority favorite is the scholarship dinner when the members and pledges dress according to their grade points. Outstanding members of Alpha Chi include lane Thompson, junior member of Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar Board and Union Activities, Ianice Hann, vice presi- dent of Panhellenic, treasurer of Tassels, Nieman-Marcus College board, out- standing sophomore woman, and Lynette Lemon, Tassels, Mortar Board and Union Activities. OFFICERS President .... . First Vice President . . Second Vice President . I ."r Recording Secretary . . ,-WT. . , -2- A Corresponding Secretary . y Social Chairman . . MARILYN DORFF MARTHA PULLEY . PATSY SMITH . IEAN KINGERY . IANICE ALDIQN . IANICIC HANN G MM ZHA CHAPTER Ma , 1947 First row: Mrs. Norissa Green, Iudith Marie Atlee, Patricia Lynne Atlee, Mary Alice Baker, Martha Io Bald- VVIU. Seconrl row: Cherrill Dean Banning, Carol Anne Bran- son, Barbara Ioline Carter, Martha Nelle Chastain, Su- zanne Chasteen. Third row: Phyllis Iune Chipman, Barbara Ann Cook- sey, Betty Lou Cooksey, Sher- ron L. Franvis, Iahrea Fried- man. Fourth row: Mary Ann Grantham, Floyanne Griffin, Rilla Ioy Harlin, Linda Kay Hightower, Kay Francis Hold- erby. Fifth row: Katie lean Keen, Molly LeVite, Linda Raye Martin, Lowana Lee Martin, Mary Ann Mt-Anim-h. Sixth row: Annette Miller, Ioyee Marie Page, Johnnie Lee Pennington, Penny Pen- nington, Carolyn Elizabeth Schambra, C a r o l y n S u e Smith. Setrifnlh row: Rebecca lean Summers, Mildred Reba Was- son, Ann Weingartner, Gail Andrea Wilkins, Bonnie Lee VVinglield, Kathy Wright. Shown here at one of the most popular places in the Alpha Delta Pi house, Bonnie Wingfield and Judith Atlee enjoy a coke after returning from their afternoon classes. DEANNA BURGER rr. C53-P gil? Squazg A ALPHA DELTA PI The social season at the Alpha Delta Pi house was climaxed this semester with the Black Diamond ball. The big social event for all ADPi chapters, the occasion is a spring formal where all the sorority tradition comes forth. It fol- lows the theme of the southern ball and belle. Other highlights on the ADPi social calendar included the Suppressed Desire party, a costume party held in October, and the Final Fling, a formal dance and the last social event on campus prior to first semester Finals. Campus activities received their share of attention from sorority members. Deanna Burger, chapter president, was also a member of Panhellenic, Young Democrats club, secretary to the History club and secretary of the freshman law class. Molly LcVite, selected as outstanding freshman woman of 1957, is a member of Tassels and secretary ol the Homecoming committee. Treasurer of Pi Zeta Kappa, Barbara Cooksey was also affiliated with Kappa Delta Pi, Tassels, COR and secretary of Dadis Day. ADPi was founded at Wesleyan Female College, Macon, Ga., in l85l. It became the first secret society in the world for college women. The group con- tinued at the college until 1904 when it was incorporated under Georgia state law and received the Greek letters Alpha Delta Pi. Coming to the OU campus in 1947, Gamma Zeta chapter is one of 95. lVlrs. Norrissa P. Green has just completed her first year as hostess. The sorority colors of azure blue and white will soon be moved to a new loca- President tion on Elm street. The modcrnistic two-story house is in the process of being built on the new fraternity-sorority row. Until the completion of the chapter home. ADPi members are temporarily residing at l20 E. Boyd. l'3Ul film President . . . . Dl'IANNA BURGER Vice President , . . BARBARA COOKSPIY Secretary . . . ANN W115NGARTN1eR Social Chairman . . . .IUDY A'rI.i21i W... .... ..,. .. - 'ix P LQ at is an an ll a W . M-L . .. .M W iz'-el114.L.mh1i ' 5'f'lh4L'!'h5-i EPSll0 G MMA CH PIER March, 1956 First row: linda Amerrnan, Marilyn Ruth Arky, Iudie Su- zanne Berek, Mary Frances Berlcey, Betsy E. Birenbaum, Susan Brit-kman, Karol Sue Bloom. Second rout: Phyllis Ann Brody, Sharon Faye Burnett, Linda Gayle Cohn, Minna Rae Cytrin, Arlene l.. David- son, Karen Deutsch, Adrienne lingleberg. Third row: Susan jean Fine. Rhona N. Finkelstein. Elaine F. Fox, Lenore P. Freiden, Natalie Ruth Friedman, Tish Friedman, Harriet Io Friend. Fourth row: Beth Gladstein, Hedra Mae Glass, Harriet I.. Goldberg, lean Linda Gold- stein, R 0 b e r t a Goldstein, Peggy I0 Gordon, Iudi Hirsch- held. Fifth row: ,Ieanne Anne llur- witz, Loma Gayle jurek, Si- mone P. Kahn, Barbara Kamenesky, Marlene I. Kam- eneslcy, Ida Katz, Linda Katz. Sixth row: Irene lane Klall, Susan E. Lieht, Susan A. Manlin, Sandra Lee Mena- chol, Trudy Menaehof, Shir- ley I. Mendel, Brenda R. Mil- ler. Seventh row: Caryl Ann Pearlman, Ronda Susan Pop, Rielci Reisman, Barbara Rosen, Sherry Sue Rosenfeld, Io Ann Rozen, l,ynn P. Schurman. Eighth row: Mart-ia S. St-lar, Marsha H. Segell, Felice Se- ligson, Sara Ianice Seligson, Michelle Sharpe, Carolyn I. Sherman, Ginger Siegel. Ninth row: ludye Singer, Glenda R, Srago, Io Shani Wadler, Andrea Beth Wald- man, Carol Ellen Wittels, Fran Wolf, Sharon l.ou Zu- brin. Taking out time from their stud- ies, Susan Fine, Sherry Zubrin, Susan Brickman and Fran Wolf match wits in a bridge game in the living room of the AEPhi house. IN BEVERLY IOAN LEVAND llreg,ide,1t 640 Elm LPHA EPSILU PHI Activities, scholarship, and campus events received the full attention of Alpha Epsilon Phi this year as the sorority members entered into all phases of campus life. Epsilon Camma chapter is proud of winning the sorority scholarship improve- ment award. AEPhi members and pledges worked hard during the rainy week which preceded Homecoming and took second place honors for house decora- tions in the second division. Brenda Miller was selected as Miss Campus Chest carnival queen this fall. First established on October 24, l909, at Barnard College, New York, AEPhi has now grown to 45 chapters with over l8,UO0 members. The green and white sorority colors were founded at the University of Oklahoma on March 8, l956. Serving her second year as chapter hostess, Mrs. Helen Hugill is as pleased as the members about plans for a new sorority house to be built in the near future. AEPhi members take an active part in campus activities and hold several organization offices. Carol Wittels is a BWOC and a member of Mortar Boardg Shirley Mendel is a student senatorg Beth Cladstein is Marketing club treasurerg Adrienne Engelberg. vice president of Young Democrats clubg Rhona Finkel- stein. vice president of Hillel. Social activities are not to be forgotten at the AEPhi house. Among the year's highlights were the Pledge party, a tradition of the sorority, the TGIF party and the annual spring formal. Many informal date parties and get- togethers were held in the sorority living room. Pinmates and HHHCCS were a frequent sight at Sunday dinner. OFFICERS President . . ..... Bizviaai.Y LEVANIJ . 7 . . A, ,X Vice President . . ANDREA WALDMAN 45 A 'J "- Secretari . . . . RHONA FINKELSTEIN f fs' 4 N I Qemqegcf-X S5 Social Chairman . . CiLIiNDA Simoo iii. V N, p x , ..., PSll0 CHAPTER March, 1919 First row: Chloie P. Akers, Sandy I. Anderson, Ianice L. Baldwin, Glenda Boundy, Carolyn S. Bowman, Mar- garet A. Burum, Eleanor Cline, Shirley A. Cline. Sccoml row: Ann Copeland. Iudith R. Corbett, Becky I. Davis, Deanna Dean, Dee A. Elliott. Deanna Erwin. Iudy Erwin. Mary lf. Fenton. Third row: Pat Franklin, Beth A. Gambill, Iacki M. Gaumer, Phyllis I. Gentry. Ianice R. Gibson, Margaret A. Gober, Shirley C. God- dard, Kathleen Hawkins. Fourth row: Ioan Hempllinpl. Iacquie L. Heston, Leah K. Higbie, Mary A. Holcomb. Barbara I. Holland, Pat C. Horton, Marita M. lngraham. Dorothy L. Iohnson. Fifth rote: Barbara A. Kelley. Collette P. Keyser, Wanda Krivanek, Iean A. Lemler. Marguerite L. Link. Gteka A. Little, Charlotte C. Massad. Grace A. McCormick. Sixth rout: Io Lea Mcllown, Sharon S. McGee, Helen M. Meinert, Kay W. Merritt, Mary F. Miller. Carole A. Milton, Doris A. Mounts, Syl- via P. Murphy. Sc'1'r'nth row: Sandy Nobles, Ianice E. Novak, Iackie L. Olive, Wanda C. Oliver, Marilyn K. Orr, LaNita M. Pacey. Mary A. Pierce, Er- lene R. Poston. Eighth row: Helen M. Potts, Carolyn A. Richardson, Carol I. Robinson, Sherrian E. Rob- inson, Iudith D. Selk, Laura A. Sitowski, Melva I. Smith, Freda Stanislav. Ninth row: Glennelle Stin- son, Charlotte L. Thompson, Iohnna C. Thompson, Vir- ginia I. Thornton, LuAnn Tupper, Carole L. Uetz, Anna Leslie Unfried, Alice M. Van Eaton, Myra Vedder. Tenth row: Mary A. Wade, Marlys A. Watson, Susan D. Weems, Kathryn Wendel, Su- san Wesner, Iean A. Whar- ton, Sarah E. White, Io Ann Williams. Norma Williams. .-Xdtniring the roses sent to an Al- pha Gam member by her pinmate lor their serenade that evening are l.aura Sitowski, Paulette Akers and Carole lletz. IVIARHYN R. RICHARDSON President ETSU Chautauqua f-4 lk ALPH GAMMA DELTA Founded nationally at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, in 1904, Alpha Gamma Delta has grown to 71 chapters, whose colors are red, buH' and green. In March, 1919, Upsilon chapter was begun at the University ol Okla- homa. For the last eight years, the position of hostess has ably been filled by Mrs. W. B. Hankla. Social lile at the Alpha Gam house this year included such sorority lavorites as the lall "Mountain" party, Christmas Winter ball, brother-son banquet, Monte Carlo party. spring lormal, spring laculty bullet and spring dessert lor all sorority presidents, social chairmen and hostesscs. The chapter entertained patients at the Norman Cerebral Palsy Institute with a Christmas party. During Dadls Day weekend celebration this fall, Alpha Gam won the at- tendance trophy lor the most fathers present. The sorority also placed second in the Dad's Day quartet contest. Extra-curricular activities were entered into by many members ol Alpha Gam. Grace Ann McCormick served as president of Pi Gmega, vice president ol Chi Upsilon and was named lor Who's Who. Chapter president Marilyn Richard- son was winner ol the Lucille Dora French award, Vice president of Mortar Board, and member of Kappa Gamma Epsilon and Career Conference commit- tee. She was selected lor Who's Who, BWOC and AAUW scholarship. Wanda Krivanek was head OU cheerleader this year. Editor of the Okla- homa Daily, Carol lean Robinson is a member ol Mortar Board, Theta Sigma Phi, Sooner Magazine stail. Student Press association and chosen BWOC and Who's Who. OFFICERS President . . . . lVlARILYNR1CIIARDSON First Vice President . . . . MAR115 Po'i'Ts Second Vice President . . lVlARGARliT BURUM Recording Secretary . . . ROSHMARY lAIiNRY Corresponding Secretary . . IANICI5 BALDVVIN SociolCl1airnian . . . IANICECl1BSON PHI CH PIER September, 1917 First row: Gail Airoldi, Betty I. Braden, Gail Breeding. Iudy Brence. C a r ol e O. Brown, Marilyn R. Cole. Second row: Mary A. Conley, Nancy I. Coody, Linda K. Cooper, Linda Croshy, Nancy A. DeVilliers, M a r i e l l 0 n Duckworth. Third row: Diane K. Dunlap. Ann M. Fischer, Sue Goltra, Anne M. Groves, Iudith C. Hamlin, Holly D. Harris. Fourth row: Sarah E. Harri- son, Kaaren M. Henderson, Io Ann Hunt, Ioan A. Iohn- son, Kathy R. Kilhride, Bar- bara A. Levitt. Fifth row: Carol A. Linc- harger, Halene 'Lipe, Kay Lockwood, Ann Lottridge. Virginia A. Luton, Marie L. Mariee. Sixth row: Mary S. Martin, Betty Mehornay, Lynda I. Mosley, Susan L. Moye, Car- olyn L. Muir, Iulie A. Nor- Heet. St'l7l'!'llI7. row: Peggy Olson, Mary A. Pettingill, Sandra B. Poindexter, Ian Puckett, Mary H. Rahhal, Elizabeth A. Reimers, Linda S. Smith. Eighth row: Pat R. Smith, lean Y. Sorrell, Eva A. Suo- jancn, Diana D. Thomas, Virginia A. Tihbitts, Kay A. Wainwright, Sarah A. Will- sic. lfager to get into the new Alpha Phi house, Virginia Tibbets, Sarah Harrison and Halene l.ipe help speed up the construction work by laying bricks. ANN1i Boorii President 1401 South College www ,.., . mwgggsmwzeifwiis gr: f Zig-W' ,fftwi--.. 'VO' LPHA PHI Members of Alpha Phi sorority are busy unpacking and moving into their new chapter house at 1401 College. lust completed this spring, the early Ameri- can house is thc only three-story Greek dwelling on fraternity-sorority row. It is constructed of used brick. Established on the OU campus in 1917, Alpha Phi was founded October 10, 1872, at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, as the third women's Creek letter fraternity. Fifty-eight chapters presently wear the colors of silver and bordeaux. Among the outstanding members of Alpha Phi are Anne Groves, Delta Chi White Carnation queen candidate and member of the University Choirg Mary Helen Rahhal, recording secretary of Panhellenic, and Marilyn Cole, a member of Kappa Phi, Wesley Foundation and COR. The sorority's social calendar was filled with traditional events such as the Christmas dance, brides' dinner and spring formal. The Frisby Came was a party the Alpha Phis gave with Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. Serving as chapter officers for the spring semester are Virginia Tibbets, presi- dentg Holly Harris, first vice presidentg Sue Goultra, second vice presidentg Mary Helen Rahhal, corresponding secretary, and Halene Lipe, corresponding secretary. A unique title was won by the Alpha Phis this fall-"The Fastest Girl on Carnpusw award. Each year, before the Beta-Kappa Alpha Beer Bowl, repre- sentatives from the sororities compete in a race for the honor. Alpha Phi proved to have the best runner. Outstanding sorority alumnae include Mrs. Helen Bender Bach, Mrs. Kitty Shanklin Rountree, Mrs. Bud Wilkinson and Mrs. Fred Ameringer. QKSQQIFT ' "WA kr VV.. R ,,,,,. ,,,. WM.. A KX..X4 r,e l ait t a i orilctas President ...... 4. . . ANNE Boom First Vice President . MARIELLEN Ducicwoizrn Second Vice President .... MARILYN Coma Recording Secretary . . ANN Caovlss Corresponding Secretary . . DIANE DUNLAP Social Chairman . . . , IUDY ALUQN -. EPSILU ALPHA CHAPTER November, 1919 First rouu' Mrs. Carol J. Widener, Sandra S. Allen, Sally Anderson, V. Sue Bar- ton, Donna K. Bennett, Car- men Betzer, Sharon K. Black, Ellen Booth, Mary J. Breash- ears. Scconfl row: Ann M. Buck, Sally Burns, Edith L. Coats. Billie K. Cochran, Mary J. Cole, Pat Corrington, Carol L. Cox, Anna L. Craig. Lois G. Crowder. Third row: Linda L. Dain- berg, Noelene Datin, Pat Ann Daugherty. Johnna M. Davis, Pat M. Dennis, Mary K. Denny, Patricia A. Dough- erty, Pegi L. Dromgold, Linda Elstner. Fourth row: Charlotte L. Es- ter, Barbara M. Failing, Mon- tella Fant, Janice G. Franz. Kay Frossard, Cindy A. Ga- mel, Marie Goebel, Glenda L. Hamilton, Barbara I. Hencke. Fifth row: Marilyn Hopkins, Jeanne L. Howell, Laura J. Jacobson, Beth James, Mary A. Jeffrey, Judith C. John- ston, Judith P. Johnson, Mary A. Johnson, Carol L. Jones. Sixth rotci Nancy M. Kelly. Nancy A. Klass, Helen. R. Kline, Anne W. Kusik, Mari- lyn R. Land. Phyllis M. Leatherman, Judy LeClere, Janice Littke, Gail Little. Sctrcnth row: Patricia K. Logue, Margaret A. Lott. Lynda L. Lowrey, Patricia A. Luck, Kara L. Luman, Linda R. Maltsberger, Terry A. Martin, Anita K. McCul- lough. Helen E. Morgan. Eighth row: Sue Murrah. Nancy Newblock, Patty R. Osborne, Sandra S. Paschall, Germaine L. Petty, Donna S. Phillis, S. Gayle Pittman, Ann L. Ratclitgfe, Charlotte A. Ream. Ninth row: Karen D. Ream. Lynn Reddoch, Betty J. Reed, Mary F. Roberts, Barbara J. Rodgers. Zoe Jane Rodgers, Suzanne Rollo, Carolyn K. Roring, Mary Ann Roring. Tenth row: Judy A. Rown- tree, Ann Saunders, Shari L. Saunders, Margaret A. Searle, Susan L. Shuptrine, Marian J. Slater, Mary K. Smith, Su- san L. Sparks, Karen A. Spur- l'l61'. Elf-wnth row: Nancy S. Stagg, Elaine Upton, Ruth G. Walter, Nancy A. Ward, Nancy A. Weeks, Glenda S. Whitley, Jan Wilkinson, Mattie S. Winters, Martha L. Woodruri. Caught burning the late midnight oil in the Chi Omega living room are three studious girls, Mattie Winters, Anita Mt-Cullough and Donna Sue Phillis. SUNYA SANGER President 820 Chautauqua i 5 4 5 4 , Y mi, CHI UMEG Committees, meetings, activities-all these and more kept Chi Omega mem- bers busy during the year as the girls entered into all phases of campus life. Two members were selected as campus personalities: Lida Neil Elkins, lVlor- tar Board, BWOC, outstanding freshman, Who's Who, Union Activities and Alpha Lambda Delta president, and Sunya Sanger, Whois Who, AWS presi- dent, WRA president for two years, Mortar Board, BWOC and Dadis Day award for outstanding senior woman. Other active ChiOs include Sue Barton, Oklahoma Daily managing editor, Theta Sigma Phi president, Tassels and Career Conference, Charlotte Ream, AWS, Alpha Lambda Delta, outstanding freshman woman, Union Activities and Homecoming committee, and Charlotte Ester, one of 10 outstanding fresh- man women, Union Activities, Wesley Foundation and Alpha Lambda Delta. Social entertainment at the ChiO house was highlighted by the annual Ski party, complete with ski lodge, mugs and poems for dates, the spring dinner- dance, an informal Now or Never Week dance and the Christmas party for underprivileged children. Besides activities, beauty was rewarded with Johnna Davis crowned as Delta Upsilon Feudal Princess, Ann Saunders selected as finalist for Rui'-Nek queen, and Cindy Gamcl chosen as ROTC Honorary Cadet Major. The sorority was established at the University of Arkansas in l895. At present l23 chapters wear the colors of cardinal and straw. Epsilon Alpha chapter was founded at the University of Oklahoma in l9l9. lVlrs. Carol Widener has served as chapter hostess for the past seven years. OFFICERS President . ...... SUNYA SANGER Vice President . . SALLY ANDERSON Secretary . . . . ANN RATCLIFFE Social Chairman . . MAIQGARHT Lo'r'r THETA GAMM CH PIER ..... pril, 1910 First row: Ann Aldrich, Linda K. Ashby, jean Barnes, Sharon I.. Barr, Nancy D. Bartleson, Barbara A. Ben- nett, Gayne Billue, Sylvia B. Billue, jill A. Blackburn, Cin- ger Bonnevvell. Second row: Luanne Bradley, Culleen Bryant, Marjorie I. Buchner, Barbara E. Bun- gardt, Mary S. Burleson, Bar- bara Campbell, Carolyne Campbell, Ieanine K. Camp- bell, Ruth A. Campbell, Dor- othy L. Cathey. Third row: Iudith E. Cathey. Mary L. Carter, Barbara Cheatham, Marilyn A. Col- ley, Elizabeth I. Clark, Dorla R. Coley, Linda M. Conklin. Carol L. Conley, Judy S. Con- ley, Linda I.. Cook. Fourth row: Gail A. Cooley, Andrea Coston, Iudith l.. Da- vis, Karen K. Dotson, Pat Dryden, SteIIeny Dubie, Mary A. Ducker, Lou A. Dudley, Martha I. Emrick, Mary Enlovvs. Fifth row: Mary Epton, Alice D. Evans, Patsy l.. Far- rell, joanne S. Felkncr, Wilma E. Felkner, Emily A. Ferris, Sally Files, Helen M. Ford. Barbara I. Fuller, Charlinc Glascock. Sixth row: Marjorie Goss. jean E. Haley, Peggy M. Hancock, Carol A. Harkins. Sara B. Hawk, Virginia I.. Heliernan, I u d y H e s l c r , Dayna S. Hood, johnccc E. Houghlin, Iannie l.. Houscr. Scucnth row: Sara F. Howell, M. Ianiee Hunter, Linda jen- nings, judy I. Iohnston, Mary- Stuart johnstone, Linda I. jolly, In Sook Kim, Sug King, Mary E. Kirkpatrick, jane A. Klockman. Eighth row: Sharon Kniseley, Marianne Leatherock, Mari- lyn I. Leslie, joyce A. Lewis, jackie Manley, Terri Mann, Iudy Martin, judy l.. Mc- Clung, Marsha R. McFarland, Nancy D. McMillan. Ninth row: Helcn I. Merritt, Maureen l.. Metcalfe, jo Ann Moran, Marjane M o rt on , Maryann Peterson, Denisa R. Petty, Gerta S. Prendergast, Katie Richards, Anne V. Rob- bins, Suzanne Sawyer. Tenth row: Iudy I.. Sears. Marilynn I. Selders, Wini- lred A. Shelby, junia M. Shelden, Brenda I.. Smith, Diane I. Steele, Mary A. Stein, Nettie E. Stengel, Sonja S. Sullivan, Kay Thompson. E I e lf en Z h rout Lois Thompson, Mary Thomp- son, Betty I. Wadlow. Nancy L. Wadlovv, M. Margaret Ward, Sylvia A. Wiginton, Betty B. Wiley, judy K. Wil- son, jane E. Winstead, Pa- tricia S. Withers, judi Wynn. lean Barnes, Iudy Martin, Sue Prendergast and Jackie Manley have a hard time trying to decide which of the many programs to watch on their portable TV set. PATTY ANN GARBER President 1611 South College -,,,,..of'-'-'n"" DELTA DEH DEH Campus activities received full attention of Delta Delta Delta members with the result that the sorority walked off with several Hrst and second place honors. In the first place division, Tri-Delt Won the Dad's Day Barbershop Quartet contest, Campus Chest carnival entrees, Women's intramurals, and the Phi Delta Theta turtle race during Homecoming celebration. The sorority was selected by the Kappa Sigma fraternity as the K'Sorority of the Year." Tri-Delt Won second place honors in the Homecoming decorations. and in the 1958 University Sing contest. Individual members of Tri-Delt who are outstanding in campus organizations include Helen Merritt, Union Activities, Lottinville award winner, Alpha Lambda Delta and Orchesisg Barbara Cheatham, Mortar Board, BWOC and Whois Whog Linda folly, Union Activities, Tassels, Alpha Lambda Delta, Celebrated Artists chairman and Mu Phi Epsilon. Established in 1888 at Boston University, Theta Gamma chapter Was founded on the Sooner campus in 1910. One hundred and three chapters have grown from the Eirst organization and now wear the colors of silver, gold and blue. Mrs. I. R. Broddus is the sororityis hostess. On the social side, the Tri-Delts entertained with a Christmas tree decorating party and a Christmas dance, Elance dinner and the annual Pansy breakfast in the spring honoring the graduating members. Among the outstanding chapter alurnnae are Mrs. C. T. Haller, national presidentg Mrs. Gordon Young, district president, and Mrs. Ioseph Crigsby, national Panhellenic conference delegate. OFFICERS President . . . . . PATTY GARBER Vice President . . MARY SUR BURLRSON Secretary . . . . IOHNECE HOUGHLIN SociafCl1airmarz . . . TERRY MANN IPH IIII CH PIER ..... March, 1918 First Roic: Vicki Ann Alston, Nancy C. Baer, Carol E. Bai- ley, Ann Barrows, Nancy C. Benner, Carol Berry, Sally Berry, juclith I.. Black. Second row: Frances M. Bo- han, Barbara I.. Bonner, Sharon I.. Brown, Ianet S. Cabe, Marilyn R. Chance, Nancy I. Childress, Cynthia A. Cooley, Iucly A. Conler. Third row: Janice Cosgrove, Catharine F. Crouch, Barbara S. Daily, Suzanne DeBus, Nancy I. Denton, Mary I. Dimick, Iulia G. Dorr, Iackic I.. Douglas. Fourth row: Diane Dykes. Mary C. Iiads, Martha V. Echart, Wahleah Faulkner, Susan Ford, Ioyce I.. Foster, Linda G. Frantz, Betty F. Gallemorc. Fifth roic: Gloria I. Ganna- way, Sally Ghormley, Marcia A, Goodall, Sarah Good- man, Marilynn Hamilton, Linda F. Harrell, Carolyn K. Hennessee, Rosanne Holbert. Sixth row: Carol 1. Hoopin- garner, Flaine Huddlcston, Kaye I.. Johns, Chrissie Ken- drick, Carol I. Kennedy, Kaye Kiespert, Sandra M. Knebel, Alice I. I.ay. Sczienlh row: Nancy I.iver- good, Karen I. Magee, Ann S. McPherson, Nancy Mechling, Barbara I.. Mock, Iane A. Morrison, Gloria Muir, Heidi F. Dchsner. Eighth row: D'Ann U'Shea. Patricia A. Page, Barbara I. Pannage, Diana I.. Parker, I.esley A, Pitney, Nancy I.. Pool, Betty Poor, Nancy S. Reavis. Ninth row: Barbara R. Ren- lro, Frances C, Ridling, Geor- gia M. Rogge, Betsye I. Ross, Vicki I.. Rowe, Sharon S. Scott, Diane M. Sloan, Ioy Starry. Tenth row: Gayle M. Stoll, Iudy D. Taylor, Betty A. Warren, Sandra R. Whitney. Harriett I. Wildman, Nouna A. Williams, Trellys Wilson. Mary Ann Wright. Smiling proudly and for a very good reason are Mrs. Wood Hale, Carolyn Eads, Kay Iohns and Heidi Ochsner, admiring the Delta Gamma 1958 first place Scandals trophy. D?" MARY LAYNE PERRY President 744 Elm J,-f' DELTA ii MMA Taking out time from studies and campus activities, members of Delta Gamma sorority enjoyed chapter social events and philanthropic projects. The girls sold Christmas trees early in December and the proceeds were given to Sight Conservation and Aid to the Blind. The sorority also gave a Christmas party for the children of Little Ax school. Other social events included the Dee Gee Bar-B-Q fall party, the annual Pina- fore party and a spring party. Campus events were also high on the DG activity list as the sorority won first place in the 1958 Sooner Scandals, second place in the Engineers Show, and third place in the University Sing contest. Delta Gamma members were busy winning individual honors as Barbara Pannage was selected as ROTC Honorary Cadet Colonel, Melissa Woeffel was chosen an outstanding freshman woman, Alice Lay served as 1958 summer edi- tor of the Oklahoma Daily, and Gloria Gannaway, Carolyn Eads, Carol Io Kennedy and Mary Layne Perry were representatives to the student senate. First established at Lewis School, Oxford, Miss., in December, 1873, Delta Gamma now consists of 85 chapters wearing the colors of bronze, pink and blue. Alpha Iota chapter was founded at the University of Oklahoma in 1918. Mrs. Wood Hale has served as hostess for the sorority during the past two years. Outstanding members of DG include Mary Layne Perry, president of Mortar Board, BWOC, Who's Who, chapter president and student senator for two years, Sandy Whitney, Tassels, Orchesis, Whois Who, Mortar Board and BWOC, and Carolyn Eads, Tassels, student senate and chapter secretary. 'Y OFFICERS - President ....... MARY LAYNE PERRY First Vice President . . . KAY SUE KINCAID Second Vice President . . . PAT WooDsoN Corresponding Secretary . . . SALLY GOODMAN Recording Secretary . . . . CAROLYN EADS Social Chairman . . . HEIDI OCHSNER PSI CHAPTER September, 1918 First row: Caroline Abbott, Anona Lou Adair, Karen Ba- der, Marolyn Ann Barrett, Ian Barth, Cathic- Bearden, Helen Suzanne Berry, Ianice lr. Blake, Amanda Sue Brant. Second row: Suzanne Brock, Margaret Ann Bucy, Nancy Burke, Martha Ann Chesnut, Gayle Christensen, Ann Car- olyn Clark, Iudith Clark, Mira Beth Cook, Betty Coombs. Third row: P a t s y Io a n Cooper, Dianne Daniels, lean- ine M. Dreisker, Harriette Ann Duckworth, Carolyn Ed- wards, Patsy Kay Elkins, K a t h l e e rr Flanagan, Iane Ford, Mary Ford. Fourth row: Mary Lou Gola- sinski, Cecile Gray, Carole Ann Green, Margaret I. Green, Sally Lou Hackler, Iudy Mae Helvey, Ianet Ruth Hinkle, Iudy Lynn Jennings, Katharin Iohnston. Fifth row: Sara Elizabeth Iohnson, Teresa Ann Kalman, Albert Ann Kelley, Io Anne Kimball, Karen Ann Kirton, Glenda Ann Knight, Char- lotte Lovelace, Anne Lynch, Pattye Maloney. Sixth row: Annette Marsh, Linda Sue McCrary, Pattie lane Meadows, Dee Miles, Dixie D. Miller, Marilyn Moorehead, Bunny Morrison, Sara I. Northcutt. Seventh row: Penny Nowery, Deanna Paramore, Alice Par- ham, Linda Kay Parnell, Io Ann Patterson, Leah Pearce, Iudy Permenter, Maxine Pink- erton. Eighth row: Kitty Powell, Beverly Price, Karen Pat Pyle, Carolyn Ianey Reed, Margaret E. Roberts, Nancy Beth Rob- ertson, Susan Shaw, Norma Kaye Shebester. Ninth row: Sharon Shipman, Donna Lee Shirley, Donna Shubert, Sandra Skillern, Beth Stone, Sydney Sue Sullivant, Peggy lean Taylor, Mary Thomlinson. Tenth row: Barbara A. Wat- son, Sandy Wing, Louise Wolfe, Lynnda Lee Wolford, Carolyn Womack, Anita Lou- ise Wonn, Ann Wood, Ioyce Allen Yandell. Assisting with the preparations for the annual Gamma Phi Beta house party, Sue Cloud, Carolyn Clark and Bunny Morrison help make t-andied apples for the event. LINDA SUE RAIBOURN President 1105 South College 1 G MM PHI BET A gigantic Viking ship guarded the Gamma Phi Beta house during the fall Homecoming celebration and sailed off with the first place trophy for house decorations. "No New Worlds to Conquerf, as the mammoth display was titled, required many long hours of working far into the night as sleepy members stuffed crepe paper into the large frame. Gamma Phi Beta sorority was founded at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, in November, 1874. Psi chapter was brought to the OU campus in Sep- tember, l9l8. Mode and brown are the colors of 76 affiliated chapters that now make up the sorority. This is the first year that Mrs. Peg Drummond, "Mom Pegg to the girls, has served as Psi chapter hostess. Beauty as well as brains can be found at the Gamma Phi house. Annette Marsh reigned as "Miss OUH this year. She was also a candidate for Engineers, Queen and was selected as ROTC Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel. Bunny Morri- son was crowned "Girl of the Golden Heartn by Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. Campus organizations rated much interest with Kathy Iohnston a member of Alpha Lambda Deltag Ann Billingsley, Theta Sigma Phig Charlotte Lovelace, Mu Phi Epsilon, and Beth Stone, the OU golf team. Social events at the Gamma Phi house included such sorority favorites as the Christmas formal, Ranch party during legacy weekend, and the Pink Carnation formal in the spring. The girls entertained the Indian children of Concho School with a Christmas party. The Glass Slipper Classic, football game between the Gamma Phi Betas and the Pi Beta Phis, is an annual campus event played in Owen stadium. OFFICERS President . . . . . LINDA RAIBOURN Vice President . . MARGARET ROBERTS Secretary . . . . ALICE PARIIAM Social Chairman . . ANNETTE MARSII in ,,,f if I D I I l 45I LPH 0MII2R0 CHAPTER August, 1909 First row: Linda Adams, Ian- ice Lynn Aikman, Io Lynn Ansley, Mary Beth Baker, Pa- tricia Ball, Patricia Ann Bell, Beverly Bonham, lane Anne Bowers, Kay Dee Burns. Second row: Rachel Cam- eron, LuAnn Cobb, Carolyn Cole, Iudie Collier, Mary Al- ice Cowen, Ianet Gayle Crum, Betsy Cullen, Lina Darrough, Dorothy Ruth Davis. Third row: Dorthlynn Anita Dent, Sue Durkee, Suzanne Eagleton, Helen Edwards, Merilyn Kay Eldridge, Mary Louise Essman, Kathryn Ianis Fellcel, Patricia Ann Felkel, Edith Anne Ford. Fourth row: Sandra Lu Fox, Glenna Gault, Rhoda Grady, Sandra Hall, Lindy Hill, Phyllis Holmes, Nancy Hood, Linda Ann Howard, Margaret Howell. Fifth row: Alyce Carol Hut- cheson, Ieanne Anne Iacob- son, Sue Jennings, lane Lee Iones, Linda Kennedy, Sheila Kerlin, Rebecca Ann Kiles, Carol Lynn Kitchen, Ann Kittrcdge. Sixth row: Iune Leibenderfer, Gail Lewis, Sally Ann Lively, Danys Kay London, Marcia Mahan, Glenna McAtee, Betty McCormick, Mary Susan Mc- Kean, Sarah Ann McKinnis. Seventh row.' Mary Iane Mc- Knight, Patricia Ann McMa- han, Carolyn Miller, Iean Ann Miller, Mary Ann Miller, Marilyn Virginia Milnor, Mary Moore, Elizabeth Mor- gan, Katherine Ann Moxley. Eighth row: Sheron Sue Mur- ray, Betty Oliphant, Karon Olson, Lillian Overlees, Mary Elizabeth Overlees, D r e w Priddy, Rosemary Ralls, Karen Ann Ray, Charlotte Sue Rose. Ninth row: Sue Frances Scho- field, Susan Schweinle, Sonja Seiboldt, Mary M a r g a r e t Sparks, Katherine Ann Stover, Martha Sudderth, Ann Synos, Meredith L. Thomas, Mary Thompson. Tenth row: Mary Ellen Thompson, Robbie Tiffany, Barbara Underwood, Maris Neil Walton, Carolyn Wat- son, Marian Watts, Harolyn Westhoff, Ann Whybark, Ann Williamson, Ianis Willis. Celebrating Kappa Alpha Theta's 50th anniversary, Ianis Felkel, Linda Hill, Bitsy Edgerton and Sally Lively sample a giant birth- day cake in honor ol the event. PATT1 GUMERSON President 845 Chautauqua Q. t A Qs. X K PPA MPH THETA The First sorority on the Sooner campus, Alpha Omicron chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta is now celebrating its 50th year at OU. Established in August, 1909, the chapter recently added a new wing to the sorority house and last summer completely redecorated the downstairs in an Old English motif. The semi-centenial activities for the sorority include a large dance and events including alumnae of the chapter. Members also enjoyed a giant birthday cake in honor of the celebration. Other social events of Theta this year were the fall pledge party, the Snow- ball formal before Christmas, and the spring house party. Patti Gumerson, chapter president, is a member of Mortar Board, Phi Beta Kappa and vice president of the Union Activities Board. She was selected as a yearbook personality and for Who's Who. This fall she won the Matrix Table award as the outstanding senior woman on campus. Also active in campus activities were lean Whybark, Tassels president, Union Activities board secretary and co-chairman of Motheris Day, and Catherine Bond, one of 10 outstanding freshman women, member of Alpha Lambda Delta, AWS, Union Activities and Career Conference committee. Theta was founded nationally at Indiana Asbury College, now DePauw Uni- versity, in Ianuary, l870. Eighty-two chapters, whose colors are black and gold, are presently on roll. Mrs. Aline Asher has been hostess of Alpha Omicron chapter for two and one-half years. Ofhcers for the second semester are Carolyn Miller, president, Ianet Curley, vice president, Suzy Eagleton, secretary, and Bitsy Edgerton, social chairman. O F F I C E R S President ........ PATTI GUMIQRSON Vice President . . Io LYNN ANSLEY Secretary . . . IANET GURLEY Social Chairman . . CAROL KITCHEN 453 faiifw fx, .2 , 1 35' K I W 4 1 158 , 1 aj J 1 I W -1 ' ,. -g" ' l l QQ K ki ' f - V .. V 4 A , K - , K ' 5 ., X f ' ' L A, . ffl f ' K 1. -Q,-il, f:SZ3f'7-5' I ' X' M 0 . ' , L+ V Ma: ,L My .f gk W. .-mln, A f,4mw-lfkjx. pi f,-w,,i4s3 'M X fy L' ' 1 i H i" v-S-,MQ , ,M-53segiv.5 , ww A ASF' fa '1 ., we , V, 'U gx ul mm 'Of " ' .,, ' "i Miva. .gggw 3 'QR -ww:-, -uw , 2 Charlotte Pixley, Gayle Anderson and Linda Levy are leisurely en- joying a cup of coffee in the KD house after a hard day of attend- ing classes. MARILYN PETERS President 848 Elm K PPA DELTA All phases of campus activities kept Kappa Delta sorority members busy this year. In addition to classes, homework, studying and social events, Kappa Deltas actively participated in campus organizations and university functions. Outstanding KDs include Peggy O'Rear, secretary of Theta Sigma Phi, news editor for the Oklahoma Daily, chairman of Matrix Table, Dean's Honor Roll and Wesley Foundation, Marilyn Peters, member of Panhellenic, Eta Epsilon, Oikonomia, Future Teachers of America and chapter president, and Gayle Anderson, member of Junior Panhellenic, Dadis Day committee, Eta Epsilon and candidate for NROTC queen. Tops on the KD social agenda are the Christmas dinner-dance, the Kappa Delta Hades party, the annual Green and White spring formal and a spring picnic. This winter the sorority had as its guest the Kappa Delta national president, Mrs. R. W. Campbell. She was honored with a tea held in the chapter house. On October 23, 1897, the first chapter of Kappa Delta was founded at Long- wood College, Farmville, Va. One of 97 affiliates, Gamma Theta chapter was begun at OU in May, l955. Miss Blanche Davenport is the hostess at the KD house this year. One of the newest sororities on the Sooner campus, Kappa Delta members are considering house plans and hope to build a new chapter house within the next two years. Nationally known KD alumnae include Pearl Buck, Shirley Iones, movie starg Alice Carr Harrison, Maid of Cotton in l953, and Mrs. Robert Young. fe ofrlctas ,177 X 'J President ........ MARILYN PETERS Vice President . . . . JACQUELINE ZIEMIAN Secretary ..... RUTH ANNE UNDERwooD Social Chairman ....... LINDA LEVY BET THETA CHAPTER September, 1914 First row: Linda Adams, Iudy Kay Anderson, Kay Bai- ley, Nancy Io Baldwin, Ian Barney, Ionne Barney, Iu- dith Ann Beard, Suzanne Bei- se . Second row: Trish Bowen, Betty Bowles, Iudy Broach, Carol Iane Brown, Gwen Ma- rie Brown, Carolyn Carroll, Ann Carter, Carol Ann Cash- ion. Third row: jane Chambers, lane Ellen Davis, Natalie Dunn, Iudy Ann Dutcher, Kay Ellison, Dorothy Ann Endicott, Brook Farrell, Iulia Fullerton. Fourth row: Pat Garrison, Sara Ian Goins, Kitty Io Gore, Kathleen Grisham, Mary Kay Hardwick, Iune Harms, Iudy Head, Kay Hols- apple. Fifth row: Sally Ann Holt, Suzanne Hunter, Molly Iones, Kay Kaiser, Kathleen Ann K e i t h , Elizabeth Kirkham, Cynthia Ann Kite, Lou Ann Koerner. Sixth row: Fran Lander, Linda Sue Laughery, Gret- chen Ligon, Anette Lynn, Dorothy Mayhew, Marge Mc- Collum, Mary Catherine Mc- Donald, Virginia Merritt. Seventh row: Marilyn Mish- ler, Katherine Missildine, Martha Moore, Laura Mor- row, Lyntha Ann Nicklas, Virginia Norris, Nancy lane Peacock, Sally Polk. Eighth row: Ianie Lou Por- ter, Jane Ann Riddlebarger, Sylvia Roberson, Liz Ryan, Glenda Kay Schuber, Nancy Scofield, Margaret Helen Scott, Sandra Lyn Smith. Ninth row: Barbara Stewart, Betty Story, Anne Stout, Kay Stringer, Patricia Ann Tait, Helen Io Taylor, Margaret Ann Teas, Io Ellen Terrill. Tenth row: L y n n e R a y Thompson, Carol Ann Turn- bull, Barbara Dell Waid, Su- san Iane Wegener, Linda Lee Welch, Myrna Lee Wilson, Connie Winn, Margaret Ann Wise, Beverly Kay Woodruff. Looking over the members, pic- tures in the Kappa Kappa Gamma beauty book are Marilyn Mishler, Mag Teas, Glenda Schilber and lane Chambers. ,fwji i 11' ANN CASTLES President 700 College 1-nanny, KAPPA K PPA GAMM Redecorating activity took place at the Kappa Kappa Gamma house last summer with the result that the house has a new wing and enlarged facilities. The pride of the chapter is the new modern recreation room, complete with open fireplace and adjacent patio. Building activity included enlarging the dining room, kitchen, basement and adding several bedrooms on the second and third Hoors. Campus events and grades were emphasized during the year as the sorority placed first in pledge scholarship and second in chapter scholarship. The Kappa softball, speedball and tennis teams won first place honors in women's intra- murals, and the sororityis booth at the Campus Chest carnival came in second in competition. Kappa had its share of beauties and campus queens this year. Iudy Broach was selected queen of the Arnold Air Society and a yearbook beauty, Laura Morrow reigned as White Rose Queen of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, Natalie Dunn was ROTC Honorary Cadet Major, and Marilyn McCullough was chosen as one of the top eight yearbook beauties and a finalist for Homecoming queen. In the department of scholarship, Brenda Simms and Ian Barney have been named as outstanding freshmen, Liz Ryan and Iudy Head are members of Tassels, and Ann Brewer, Brenda Simms and Dorothy Mayhew are Alpha Lambda Deltas. Kappa was founded on the campus of Monmouth College, Monmouth, Ill., in October, l870. Beta Theta chapter was established at the University of Oklahoma in l9l4, with light and dark blue as the sorority colors. For the past two years, Mrs. Fred Wewerka has served as chapter hostess. OFFICERS President . . ...... ANN CAsTLEs Vice President . . RUTH ANN NORRIS Secretary . . . . ANNA jo SAMTER Social Chairman . . ANN TURNBULL ' ,f'Wrw:- ' A in 3 ix' ff , S, I Sw " 1 2 S 1 --931 ..., I., f s ..N . fm J' fx-.....,..f'J I 1- :,: K I kg f5,:-an-W mf.: H . A A ., -1. , V: Q 'H gg. ' f Ja FT S Q I ...Qi My 'hz g ' MQW WSI , 1 A , 4 ,M X f 9 f . L .K -5 f 'wa ' 1 "'q,,,..v"x ' S-153 , . . 745- K , '- 125591 F f' 5 Wx., .1 ' 'wi f ' 'H-a..,..,-af" is 1 ii -5 6 i . sl. gt - 5 . ,, gt , fr -,S PHI M Now in its fourth year of activity, Epsilon Beta chapter of Phi Mu is the youngest sorority on the University of Oklahoma campus. The chapter was es- tablished here in Iune, 1955, and is one of 80 national affiliates. The first Phi Mu chapter was founded at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, in March, l852. It is the second oldest secret society for women. Highlights of the Phi Mu social season were the Silver Ball, the annual Christmas formal, a pledge party in the fall and the Bermuda party in the spring. The sorority purchased additional lots near their house and building plans will begin in the immediate future. The house will be designed in southern colonial syle. Campus activities play a big part in Phi Muis school life. Paddy Mason is a member of Orchesis dance club and served on the Conference on Religion com- mittee and the Mother's Day show committee. Io Jensen, chapter president, is a member of Panhellenic, Eta Epsilon, Federation of Young Republicans and a yearbook beauty candidate. Chic Deason served as a representative to Associa- tion of Women Students. Phi Mu alumnae of statewide and national importance include Agnes Moor- head, actress, Mary B. Merritt, dean emeritus of Miami University, Marge Champion, movie and TV dancer, and Mrs. Iohn Daly, wife of the prominent news commentator. Mrs. Carl Roberts has just completed her first year as hostess for Epsilon Beta chapter. She is just as excited as the girls over the prospect of a new house. OFFICERS President . . . . . Io JENSEN Vice President . . EDWINA RICHISON Secretary . . . . LINDA NEI.SON Social Chairman . . PADDY MASON 0Kl HOMA MPH CH PIER September, 1909 First row: Nancy Iane Baker, Cirrelda I. Barnard, Sally Bateman, Linda Baughman, Lynn Biggers, Ann Binga- man, Anne Blackburn, Cheryl Sue Blankenship, Beth Board. Second row: Francie Bonds, Iean Bonney. Brenda Boone, Martha Ann Brandon, Eva Brasel, Sharon Brown, Kay Browning, Gretchen Bush, B. I. Bushman. Third row: Patricia Ann But- ler, Nancy Clabaugh, Caro- lyn Connell, Ian Davidson, Susan Davis, Fran Dexter, Iudy Disosway, Sharon Dobbs, Mary Ruth Dobie. Fourth row: Darielle Ann Dunn, Ioan Edwards, Barbara Elkins, Ioan Ellet, Barbara Ann Felmley, Mary Ianet Ferrill, Patricia Iean Flood, Sondra Foristell, Ann Galla- gher. Fifth row: Pat Gibson, Sylvia Glasgow, Ieanne Gonders, Betty Grilhn, Susan Groh, Ioan Hampton, Mary Hodges, Sharon Horton, Sally Kay Howard. Sixth row: Milburn Ruth Hudson, Vicki Hunter, Polly Dee Ishmael, Iudith Iohnston, Ianiee Io Kelly, Ioan Killings- vvorth, Linda Landauer, Eliz- abeth Ann Langenkamp, Pat Ann Leonard. Scuenth row: Carol Bae Mar- shall, Sally Ioan Marshall, Susan Marshall, Marian Mat- thews, Muriel Martha Mat- thews, Anne McAlister, Pa- tricia Ann MeCafferty, Sharon McCall, Marilyn Sue Me- Dowell. Eighth row: Barbara Ann McShane, Mary Ellen Mee- han, Iudy Mideke, Cacci Mil- ler, Mareene Morrison, Pa- tricia Anne O'Neal, Precious Park, Betty Peters, Brenda Puckett. Ninth row: Linda Ray, Iu- dith Reed, Claudette Iane Reid, Dell Ruggles, Marion Scivally, Sherron Shea, De- anna Shepard, Patricia Ann Shuhert, Iudy Ann Sierer, Martha Smith. Tenth row: Iudith Ann Tarp- ley, Carolyn Thompson, Karen Sue Trower, Pat Trower, Ter- yle Wilder, Sylvia Anne Wildman, Iane Wilkinson, Barbara Wilkonson, M a r y Williams, Elaine Word, Cheerfully inspecting the site where their new home will soon be built are Pi Phi members Kay Browning, Beth Board, Eva Brasel and Elaine Word. NANCY MEEHAN President 702 Lahoma 'Beta P ' ' i T' 254 psi! - f PI BET PHI Members of Pi Beta Phi found this to be a varied and busy year. The chapter retired the ninth campus sorority scholarship cup this fall after earning it the two previous semesters. They are now at work on the tenth cup. The sorority worked together as a whole to win First place in the Engineers Show and third place in Homecoming decorations contest. During the Campus Chest Carnival, the Pi Phi pledge class was auctioned for the highest bid. Individually members of Pi Phi were active in all phases of campus life. Pat Shubert was AWS vice president, student senate secretary, chairman of the Quadrangle judicial board and a member of Tassels. Pat Flood served as man- aging editor of the Oklahoma Daily and was a member of Tassels and the Sooner Yearbook staff. A student senator, Pat Leonard assisted with Conference on Religion and Was a member of the judicial Advisory board. Carrying out the social phase of college life, Pi Phi entertained with the annual Christmas dance, scholarship dinners and spring dance. The chapter and Sigma Chi fraternity co-sponsored a Christmas party for the orphans home. In the spring the sorority gives an Easter egg hunt for the Norman Pi Phi alum- nae children. Coming to the Sooner campus in 1909, Pi Phi was founded nationally at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Ill., on April 28, 1867. One of 103 chapters, Oklahoma Alpha has as its hostess Mrs. Bruce Hardeman. Second semester officers include Precious Park, presidentg Janet Ferrill, vice president, Sue Trower, secretary, and Cheryl Blankenship, social chairman. 0 OFFICERS President . . . . NANCY MEEHAN Vice President . . . MARCENE MORRISON Secretary . . . . ANNE WILEMAN Social Chairman . . . SUE TROWER i t Xl CHAPTER September, 1929 First row: Iulie F. Baer, Ser- ene Lois Ball, Andrea T. Beckerman, Nancy Iane Bel- don, Clariette Bendorf, Doris Bendorf, Linda Rae Berg. Second row: Susan Elizabeth Bishop, Ida Gene Bloomston, Eleanor Ann Cohen, Marcia Sue Deutch, Ioanne Efron, Berenice Sandra Fagin, Iudy Sandra Fagin. Third row: Sandra Lee Fier- stine. Carol Finkel, Carolyn Freedman, Barbara Gerson, Carol Gladstein, Sheila H. Glasser, Barbara Raye Gol- lub. Fourth row: Marilyn Iane Goodman, Anna May Gore- lick, Tanya Alice Harris, Mariam Hellman, Cynthia Ioan Hersh, Lynn Francis Kagan, Ianet Kaiman. Fifth row: Carole Sue Ka- liski, Lana S. Kallmeyer, Yetta Louise Kalpin, Pennie Karchmer, Phyllis Kriss, Eli- nor Leon, Nancy Ioan Levick. Sixth row: Io Rose Levy, Leah Gail Meyer, Diane My- erson, Shara Diane Phillips, Sheila B. Prebish, Holli Rei- sel, Barbara Robinovvitz. Seventh row: Diana Marie Robinowitz, Patricia Dee Rose, Mary Anne Salornan, Iennis Ruth Schuman, Carole Mae Simon, Vera Slutzky, Gayle B. Smiley. Eighth row: Sharon Sobol, Elaine Solow, Marcia Ann Spielberg, Linda Carol Stone, Brucine Ann Strifling, Iackie Suckle, Dena Ruth Sureck. Ninth row: Marcia Ellen Swesnik, Roberta lane Teper, Beverly Tzinberg, Carol Ioyce Underberg, Linda Rae Winer, Rita Zoblotsky, Sandy Zubrin. Gathered around the piano at the SDT house, Mary Anne Salomon, Carol Sue Kaliski, Trudy Shulkin and Elaine Solow plan an evening of singing. TRUDY SHULKIN President 103 West Boyd Q i 5' Each sorority has its share of campus activity leaders and Sigma Delta Tau certainly is no exception. Campus beauty candidates are also plentiful at the SDT house. Chapter president Trudy Shullcin was selected as a yearbook beauty and was a finalist for the Miss OU title and for Homecoming queen. One of lO out- standing freshman Women, Penny Karehmcr is a member of Alpha Lambda Del- ta, Hillel foundation, Panhellenie and served on student senate committees and Career Conference committee. In the field of drama, Carol Gladstein has starred in Playhouse Productions and is treasurer of the University Players. She was nominated for best character actress as a sophomore. Brucine StriHing served as Pep Council secretary and Hillel foundation social chairman and is a member of Orchesis. She was also a finalist for Ruf-Nek queen. SDT was first organized at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, in March l9l7. Xi chapter, now one of 36 affiliates, was founded at OU in September, l929. Mrs. Minna Rosenfeld, 6'Aunt Min' to the girls, has just completed her first year as hostess. Members of SDT enjoyed a full social season this year which was topped by the pledge party, Winter formal, alumni day activities and spring formal, not to mention the informal house parties and impromptu get-togethers on the week- ends. On the more serious side, SDT members and pledges held a Shoe Shine day to earn money for their philanthropic project. The sorority also entertained a needy family with a Christmas party and presents, before the holiday vacation. OFFICERS President ........ TRUDY SHULKIN Vice President . . . . LYNN KAGAN Secretary . . . . MARY ANNE SALOMON Social Chairman . . . DIANE MYERSON GAMMA llPSIl0 CHAPTER March, 1953 First row: Mary B. Adams, Anne Barkley, Bettie Iane Bennett, Sarah Berry, Claudia Ann Blake. Second row: Mary Alice Cu- pit, Iavonna Sue David, Fran- ces M. Davis, Karen Kay Dittelrnier, Fa Lu Fuller. Third row: Maryann Gib- son, Martha Helen Hurt, Jeanne Ann Kaspar, Cora S. Keller, Lucy E. Keller. Fourth row: Andrianna Klen- tos, Anne Lehnhard, Susan L. McCallum, Penny MeMurry, Barbara Ann Merrill. Fifth row: Betsy Mook, Sharon Morgan, Linda Sue Mullins, Dorothy L. Ochsner, Carol Ieanne Post. Sixth row: Sharron Sue Rid- ings, Diane Runion, Mary Lil Ryan, DeAnne Shirley, Er- nestine Kay Snell, Karen Lee Snell. Snuunzh row: Ann Souther- land, Nancy Trout, Glenda Ann Truitt, Patricia Ann Vaughn, Terry Lee Wall, Ioni Sue Williams. One of the favorite pastimes at the Zeta house is making peanut but- ter sandwiches, being enjoyed here by Bettie Bennett, Sharon Morgan. Helen llurt and Nancy Trout. lDONNA I1fAN BRUZA President 9217 Chautauqua ZIETA TAU ALPHA Studies, social life and campus events take up much of the student's time, but members of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority found time for their variety of philanthrop- ic projects. This year the chapter sponsored a campus and city-wide drive to raise funds for Central State hospital, Norman. The money was used to purchase magazine subscriptions for the patients. At Christmas time the girls adopted two local families and presented them with gifts. Zeta founded at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia by nine coeds in October, ISQS. Presently lOl chapters Wear the colors of turquoise blue and steel gray. Gamma Upsilon chapter was established at the University of Oklahoma in March, l953. Hostess for the house is Mrs. Velma Pfeiffer. The social agenda of Zeta was highlighted with the annual fall hayride and dance. a Christmas smorgasbord complete with Santa and gifts, and the annual spring formal. The spring initiation banquet and the annual state day celebra- tion rounded out the chapter's social activities for the year. Zetas took an active part in campus organizations and university events. Ieanne Kaspar was president of Newman club and a member of Future Teachers of America. A student senator, Donna Bruza is a member of Delta Phi Delta art fraternity and Kappa Phi Methodist sorority. Toni Sue Williams reigned as Talisman Rose queen of Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity. She is a member of Union Activities, Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Mu Epsilon. OFFICERS President . . . DONNA BRUZA Vice President . . jr:ANNis KASPAR Secretary . . . . LUCY KELLER Socir1fCbairmr1n . . NANCIX' TROUT PA HELLE Organized at the University ol' Oklahoma in 1912. Panhellenic Council governs all sorority groups and coordinates their activities and social functions. Mem- bers of the council are the presidents and elected rep- resentatives, one per sorority, Ol each ol the campus sororities. The principal purposes ol the council are to cooper- ate with the university authorities in their effort to maintain high cultural, educational and social stand- ards Ol sorority Womcng to be a forum lor the discus- sion oi problems common to the various sororities and to strive for greater unity and cooperation among these groups. The council compiles and enforces rules governing rushing, pledging, initiation, chapter social functions, scholarship and any other area involving the sorority system on the Sooner campus. Each year the president ol Panhellenic is selected by the Women in the house scheduled to have the presi- dency. Other oflicers are those representatives who attend regular council meetings. Officers are rotated among every sorority, following the order in which each was established On the campus. 'llwo retreats are held each year, one in the lall and one in the spring, at which time present policies are discussed and new policies made governing sorority activities. Regular meetings ol the group are scheduled Panhellenic ollicers Mary Helen Rahhal, Ian Hann, Dr. Dorothy 'l'ruex, sponsor, Carol Cashion and Sally Hackler study changes in the Greek Directory. Ill CUUNCIL RMK CAROL CASHION President OFFICERS President ..... CAROL CASHION Vice President . . . IANICI-IHANN Recording Secretary MARY HliI.IEN RAHHAI. Corresponding Secretary SALLY HACKI.IiR Treasurer ..... NANCY DEN'I'ON Faculty Sponsor . DR. DORO'llllY Tnuisx First row: Sandy Whitney, Mary Helen Rahhal, Ianiee Hann, Carol Cashion, Dr. Dorothy Truex, sponsorg Sally Hackler. Second row: Patti Gumerson, Ioni Sue Williams, Donna Bruza, Susi Seymour, Trudy Shulkin, Pennie Karchmer. Third row: the first and third Thursday evenings ol each month. The council supervises and plans all sorority rush activities on and off the university campus. A pam- phlet, "Tips to Rusheesf' is published in the spring by Panhellenic. It explains the rules of w0men's rush, giving hints for girls who will participate in rush activ- ities. The booklet contains information on each soror- ity, pledge and initiation fees, rush rules, schedule ol rush week parties and what to bring and Wear during rush week. At the end ol each semester, Panhellenic awards scholarship cups to the sorority with the highest grade average and to the sorority showing the greatest im- provement in scholarship since the preceding semester. With the assistance ol the Ofiice of Student Affairs, the scholarship committee computes the grade aver- ages ol each of the campus sororities. As one ol its projects each year, Panhellenic pre- sents two Sl00 scholarships to sorority women. They are awarded to the coeds to help in the continuation of their college education and selection is based on need and scholastic achievement. Panhellenic Council is composed ol representatives from each ol the 16 OU sororitics, which are: Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Phi, Chi Omega, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Gamma, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Mu, Pi Beta Phi, Sigma Delta Tau and Zeta Tau Alpha. Marilyn Dorff, Molly l,eVite, Kay Davis, Sally Burns, Mary Anne Stein, Mary Overlees, Beverly Levand. Fourth row: Ann Castles, Marily Peters, Io Anne Iensen, Mary Layne Perry. Sunya Sanger, Deanna Burger, Rhona Finkelstein, Ianet lferrill. Group Governs and Coordinates All Activities, Social Functions and Projects Pertaining to the Campus Sorority Affiliates I TERFRATER ITY lI0llNlIIl The Interfraternity Council advances the fraternity system on the University of Oklahoma campus. As the governing body of the 25 fraternities, the council co-ordinates their policies and furthers the purposes and ideals of the Greek system. Through their elected representatives, the fraterni- ties use the IFC as the sounding board for ideas, and after their adoption, as the administrative body for their execution and enforcement. In this way the fra- ternities regulate their social, scholastic and athletic activities. Acting as a liaison between university administra- tion and fraternity systems, the IFC serves the member fraternities as needs arise in discipline, assistance in pledging, initiation approval and records of member- ship. The high degree of self-government which the fraternity system is permitted to maintain on the OU campus reflects the success of this relationship with the university. The council is empowered, by its constitution, to legislate on matters affecting the general interests of the affiliated chapters and to enforce its rules and reg- ulations. Serving as a final ruling group on matters which require judicial action is the executive commit- tee, which is appointed by the president. Evening meetings are held every second We-dnesday of the month in the Union building. A monthly luncheon is given for the presidents of member frater- IFC officers Lynn Barrett, Harold Stewart and Kent Meyers dis- cuss the year's progress of the council. i , 1 -9 -I M," . HAROLD STEWART President OFFICERS President .,... HAROLD STEWART Recording Secretary . MIKE MCNALLY Executive Secretary . . LYNN BARRETT Treasurer .... . KENT MEYERS Faculty Sponsor . . DR. Ioonc SMITH First role: Robert Donald Bradshaw, Darryl lfdelman. Steve Ianger, Dick Abati, Kent Meyers, l.ynn Barrett, Vlike Mt-Nally. Harold Stewart, Dr. Iodie Smith, sponsorg Eddie Kern, lim In- gram. Ted Smith. joe Fulton, Steve Chazen. Second rote: Bill Chapman, Bill McKay, Ceorge Haxelrigg, Rick Kingelin, For- rest. Frueh, Charles Childs. Bill Tillany, Roger Louis, Darrell Vincent, Mickey lientriss, lim Talialerro. Tliird rote: Ben nitics to inlorm them ol' the council's proceedings. Membership in the council is composed ol the presi- dents of each ol the campus fraternities and one repre- sentative from each affiliate. Twelve committees handle the business of the coun- cil: egeneral Welfare, judiciary, pledge training, proj- ects, public relations, rush, scholarship, social, foreign students, expansion, historian, a special Greek week committee. athletic, and constitution and by-laws. Each semester the council gives encouragement in the Held ol scholarship by offering thrce scholarship trophies lor attainment in that field. The cups are awarded to the chapters with the highest over-all grade averages and to the chapters which show the tfreatest improvement over the last semester. Annually an award is presented to the pledge class with the highest over-all grade average. As some of their annual projects, IFC members co- sponsor many campus events, such as Frontier Days, Homecoming dance and Creek Wt-ek activities. 'l'he council awards two scholarships each year lor men who 'ire not financially able to attend college. Une is lor anv upperelassman and the other is avail- able to an incoming lreshman, liratcrnity rush is supervised by the IFC and the group acts as the sro-between lor rushecs with the lra- ternitics in which they arc interested. Benedum, Dick Courtney, Don Hanson, Daryl Bristow, lim Cossey, Richard Bower, Dave Pierce, Bob IVIcCasland. Bill Mc- Curdy, Don Bradshaw, jim Butterworth, Mark Connolly. Fourth rote: Don Hamilton, George Wiese, lerry Don Williams, Kenny Teel, Mike Carney, Stephen Zeligson, Steve Wixson. Gene Cunningham, Wayne Harris, Robert l.aF0n, Bob McCoy, Carl Buck, Sam Ilamra. Council Supervision and Influence Encourage University Social Fraternities To Maintain High Degree ot Self-Government Discussing Junior Panhellenic business are oflicers Jean Bonney, Sug King, Janie Lou Porter and Judy Elliott. OFFICERS I i l President . . . . SUG KING Vice President . . JEAN BONNEY Secretary . . JANIE PORTER Treasurer . . . . . JUDY ELLIOTT Faculty Sponsor lVlRs. Tn ELMA HADDAN First row: Harolyn Westltoil, Robbie Tiffany. Janie l.ou Por- ter. Jean Bonney. Sug King. Judy Elliott, Terry I,ee Wall, Tiki Taylor, Tressa Ward. Second row: Julie Baer, Dena Sureck, JUNIUR PA HELLIE IC CUUNCIL Junior Panhellenic council brings sorority pledge classes together in cooperative planning and guidance. Established at OU in l944. the organization strives to develop a closer relationship between the pledge classes and to work out any of the group's individual projects. Council membership is composed of the pledge class president and one elected delegate from each sorority. Alternates may attend the meetings which are held twice monthly. The Junior council is preparation for future Panhellenic work. The organization prepares rush information and tabulates evaluation surveys of rush week and blind dates. Another activity is the Junior Panhellenic ori- entation program for new pledges. The junior group assists Panhellenic and IFC in sponsoring the annual Greek Week project. Each year Junior Panhellenic awards a scholarship cup. The trophy is presented to the pledge class with the highest scholastic average for the fall semester. A tuition scholarship for a deserving pledge is also made available by the council. As part of its training program. Panhellenic council elects one ol its members to be sponsor ol the junior group. This year Janice Hann was the senior council's representative. Tanya Harris, Sherron Francis, Mary Roberts. l.inda Phillips. Diane Dykes, Barbara Carter, Mary Jo Howell, Jan Goins, Gayle Anderson. X fI"a'l:eI'IJ.itieS V 0KlAHOMA CHAPTER Ma , 1920 First row: Dan I". Alt-mek, Lewis I. Bamberl lr., Karl E. Cm-ke, Frederic A. George. Secfmrirl row: Owen S. Gilmm, William O. Green Ir., Keith laclxson, Phil M. Landers. illfllifll mir: Robert li. Mt'- Gregor, William D. Priee, l.ev W. Roberts, William A. Ru- mine. Fourth row: Charlea W. Sayles, Robert M. Sayre, Ed- ward l.. Scribner, Blaine H. Smith Ir., Claude E. Smith. Fifth row: Riehrnond F. Thweatt III, Gerald W. Wil- kins, Richard G. Winter, Robert l.. Winter, Douglas F. Wyman. Always a conversation piece at tlu- Acacia house is the new gold, white and green mosaic fraternity crest, being admired by Doug Wy- man, Karl Cocke, Al George and Bob Sayre. RoBERT W. LAFON President 544 Elm .ata A . 5 J K, M , , if 559 5 4, ..,, ..,.i,.5gq,?gtxta Y 'I ,ls 3 2 Hfl:fE'iefi1rB 4 3 feltyi fda ,': li i is 8 ' A .V , 2 . uu- 'Haw-' A M 4 " 1 Q 1 'V' ll .lf..t:,,,. ...,,,'f,w ' ' . I,-"J'1"'-'t --Ta.I."' "W- ,- .im ,-..,. -ljjy Z- 1.x..,,".'1-lj, , W.. jj'-Q BIZ? '11 'A 't, Qi- , 'if' .tl .t,,?"- W-a jx-tw, , '4LQ,l V A t lil Lv' l" Y 'r ' gk .il ,Q l? 5 ' . hit. T I 3 ' at vm' 441+ ' I? FQ. 9 if 'il an T ,11ta,w4,7- 0. -"l t -thaw .L , :nu 'uh ' ' ' .1 il nl -ftsiwfa 85.2, "f 3.5 fgiffg 5 5 4 'figs or as V the Qpuwr if 'ii'-F ts 'fkgvisijae nQee Q, 32 in in ACACIA Members of Acacia fraternity combined campus and social events and schol- astic activities to fill out a Well-rounded year at the university. They Worked dil- igently toward accomplishments in all phases of college life. Among the outstanding members in campus organizations are Charles W. Sayles, president of Alpha Chi Sigma and member of. Inter-Religious Council, Canterbury Club, Phi Eta Sigma and American Institute of Chemical Engineersg Denny Price, player on the varsity basketball teamg Karl Cocke, History club president and member of Phi Alpha Theta, and Gerald Wilkins, vice president of Baptist Student center and a member of Scabbard and Blade and Society for the Advancement of Management. Social life was not to be neglected by the Acacia members as they entertained with the Christmas date party, Christmas stag party, pledge dessert, fall formal and spring formal. The Oriental dinner-dance, a unique social event of the OU campus, is the fraternity's costume ball. The event is one of the oldest tradi- tional costume dances at the university. Acacia is known campus-Wide for its annual Christmas screnades to the sororities. Before the holiday vacation begins, the fraternity carols the Women's houses. ' Acacia fraternity was founded at Michigan University by a group of Master Masons in May, l904. lt was established on Masonic principles and for many years membership was only open to Master Masons. Although the Masonic principles are present still, the requirements for membership have been changed to include any man who is recommended by two Masons. Oklahoma chapter came to OU in May, l92O. OFFICERS President ....... ROBERT W. LAFON Vice President . . DAN F. ALCOCK Secretary . . . . CZHARLIZS SAYLLS Social Clmirmfm . . OWEN CTIBSON at-7s V ", tgmmd jggggi t LPHA AlPHA CHAPTER Ma , 1923 First row: George j. Ander- sen, james H. Barksdale, Roger H. Brawley, Russal B. Brawley, joe R. Broady, Stan- ley L. Carlton. Sm,-will row: Robert W. Car- son, Richard W. Corbitt, Richard T. Coussons, Bill R. Dading, jess B. Davis jr., john R. Dodd. Third row: jack l.. Drake, William E. Ervin, Charles E. Farmer, john E. Francis, Tom Glenn, Gerald j. Goodwin. l"ozu'll1 row: jimmy 'l'. liar- mon, David E. H i l l ie r, Woodrow C. Huliines jr., james H. Ingram, Thomas j. johnson, George N. Keyser. Iiiflli row: George A. King, Grady King, E. Adrian La- Grave, Neal F. Lane, l.eon- ard A. Laws, Raymond G. Linde. Sixth row: Dan M. Mackey, Paul B. Meyer, Eddie W. Mitchell, Michael D. Mitch- ell, Mike L. Mitchell, Tom A. Nelson. Seventh row: Tom R. Nel- son, H. W. Peace. Roberto Peraza, jay P. Rhodes, Rob- ert E. Ringrose. Eighth row: Theodore P. Roberts, jerome H. Short. Harold D. West. Don D. Weston, Harry I.. Widdi- field. Planning for the future, Alpha Sig members ll. W. Peace, Ted Rob' erts, Bob Carson and George Key- ser look over sketches of their new contemporary house. Cl,AY'1'oN R. NicHo1.s President 602 West Boy tl 1 .,.r-- '.'u 3 Lk-1 , 4 were EA.-Xf155'5' MPH SIGM PHI Social activity was not lacking at the Alpha Sigma Phi house this year as many weekends Were filled with fraternity parties and fun. Each season was an occasion for a dance and costume parties are always a chapter favorite. A Halloween Masquerade party began the social whirl. Others included the VVinter formal, Bayou Bounce costume party in the style of old New Orleansg the Talisman Rose formal during which the lraternity's queen is crowned, and other chapter functions. At the end of each year, all Alpha Sig chapters enter- tain with thc Sig Bust, sponsored by the alumni association. The fraternity was founded at Yale University in December, l845. Ninety- two chapters now wear the colors of cardinal and stone. Alpha Alpha chapter was established at OU in May, l923. For the past three years lVlrs. Marshall Massey has served as hostess. The chapter recently purchased a lot on the new fraternity-sorority row. Plans are now being considered and the house should be built within the next few years. Campus activities received their share of attention from Acacia members. Both members of the Varsity O club, lim Lawrence is a tackle on the Sooner football team and Dick Corbitt plays guard. Richard T. Coussons was selected as one of 10 outstanding freshman men, top freshman chemistry students and is a member of BSU and Phi Eta Sigma. Vice president of the OU band, T. johnson is also affiliated with the Engineers club and the Society of Engineering Physics. OFFICERS President . . . CLAYTON NICHOLS Vice President . . . N1aAL LANE Secretary . . . . JOHN FRANCIS Social Clzczirmrm . . Bora ClARSON 'P--.. 475 DEllA KAPP CHAPTER ..... prH, 1921 First row: Mrs. Mary C. Shoelcley, Robert C. Agee, Thomas E. Agee, R o b e rt Ande, Bob W. Atherton, Paul E. Aubrey, Richard l.. Barnes. Second row: Bob C. Bene- dict. Kenneth Bentz, Max B. Berry, Al L. Busehhorn, Tim Butler, lim Butterworth, Ron K. Challant. Third l'OtL'.' Cordon l.. Clouser, Harry M. Coley. Mark E. Collins, Charles D. Colston, Steve C. Conner. Iarnes M. Crabtree, Carlyn C. Cruzan. Fourth row: Ion Darby, Mi- chael C. Davis, Chet Dean. Terrell W. Driskill, lohn B. Duffield Ir., Dick W. Dunn. Larry W. Evans. Ififth row: Paul C Cran- tham, jerry D. Ilagee, Ken- neth Haigler, lfred Hammer, Dwayne l.. llarlan, Thomas P. llester. Don R. Ilill. Sixth rote: William li. ja- eobs, joe C. johnson, Spencer I.. Knapp, Iaek Marshall, Charles R. Martin, Iohn O. IVleBee, Arthur D. Mt-Intosh. Sezwntli row: I a m e s W. Mehl, David B. Miller, Tom H. Motley, Lloyd T. Mosley, Iames D. Olsen, Robert Pcllow, Dennis l.. Poindexter, Loyd Randel. Ifigiitli row: james li. Ross. Richard G. Sanders, john N. Schaefer, jerry L. Shebester, Larry A. Stelly, Tom l.. Stock, Harry M. Stoner, Larry C. Swanson. Ninth row: Ron N. Taylor. R. P. Van Meter. William l.. VVhitalser, David K. Wil- liams, William R. Wilson, Terry Winebrenner. C. Bing Wines, Lewis R. Wool- ery. Enjoying their job as volunteer candy samplers for Mrs. Mimi Shockley, ATO hostess, are Ches- ter Dean. I.arry Swanson, Turner Pope and Shelby Iiardage. TURNER T. Poma President H105 South Ienkins LPHA TA UMIEGA As usual, the men of Alpha Tau Omega went all out in intramural sports this year. The fraternity's HB" football team won the championship title this fall and the "Aw team came in second in competition. The men also drew a first place tie in the wrestling championship. Teams were entered in other in- tramural sports and fared well. Members of ATO were actively interested in campus organizations and events. Bob Burr is a three-year varsity basketball letterman and all "Big Sevenw in basketball two years. A distinguished Military Student, Ray Hamiltion is a member of Tau Beta Pi, Scabbard and Blade and Gamma Tau Kappa. Bob Benedict is past president of Woodrow' Wilson Center and recipient of the junior Interfraternity Council scholarship. The first Greek letter fraternity founded after the Civil War, Alpha Tau Omega was founded by three young Confederate ofiicers at Virginia Military Institute in 1865. In l92l the fraternity established Delta Kappa chapter, now one of HS. at the University of Oklahoma. Mrs, Mary Shockley is chapter hostess. The social calendar of ATO members was full this year as they entertained dates with the fall formal, Christmas dance, Hawaiian Luau, spring formal and the fraternity's traditional Bowery ball costume party. ATO has many outstanding alumni which include Rev. Bill Alexander. min- ister of the Oklahoma City First Christian churchg Art Linkletter. TV personal- ityg Ioe McBride, member of the OU Board of Regents, and Ben T. Williams, Oklahoma Supreme Court justice. OFFICERS President . . . TURNER POPE Vice President . . IOIIN DUFFIEI.IJ Secretary! . . . . . JIM OLSON Social Chairman . . DICK DUNN GAMMA PHI CHAPTER Jul , 1907 First row: Mrs. W. P. Vick. Don F. Allen, Larry Angus. Gary D. Baer, Robert L. Barr Ill, Dick A. Bell, Ierry W. Bell, Robert G. Berry, Dick Boone. Second row: Roger B. Bow- man, Philip H. Brown, Joe B. Cannon, Don A. Carey, Ken E. Carpenter, Bob L. Casey. Steve B. Cathey, Robert V. Clapp, Iames C. Clark. 'llhirfl rote: John D. Colc- man, Leslie L. Conner Ir., Robert L. Dale, Richard F. DeVoe, Terrell F. Dixon, Dave W. Dreisker, W. Law- rence Eakin Ir., Richard F. Fellrath, james H. Finney. Fourth row: Preston G. Gad- dis, Fred Gipson, Bryan F. Gillespie, Iames L. Goll', Iohn W. Gray, Iohn M. Griffith, Charles R. Hahn, Ioe N. Harsh, Don W. Hassebroek. Fifth row: Iohn G. Hatchett, Iared Hazleton, David G. Howard, Mike C. Howard, Iames R. Lamb. Timothy M. Larason, Philip H. Leonard. Ioe R. Love, Bill Lynn. Sixth row: Carl R. Matthews, Wade S. Mc-Alister, Patrick C. McCarroll, Louis McCar- ter, Douglas l. McDonald. William F. McKay, Virgil B. Medlock, Thomas R. Mcd- lock, john W. Meikle. Seventh row: Robert ll. Mitchell, Alvin M. Muldrow, Hal K. Muldrow, David F. Nelson, Hack Newman, Bill Noble, john T. O'Neal, Roh- ert P. Osborne, Grover C. Oz- mun. Eighth row: Sam W. Pang- burn, Gene C. Paton, Harvey L. Price. jerry T. Price, lack D. Redeker, William S. Ree- burgh, Richard H. Reid, Rob- ert B. Ringo. Frank H. Roh- ertson ll. Ninth ro wi Tom M. Schwartz, Fletcher S h a r p . Odis E. Shoal lr., Robert E. Slocum, Don A. Smith, Garry L. Smith, jerry L. Smith, Ray- mond O. Smith. Tenth row: Tom W. Spen- cer, Neal Stanlield, Frank B. Sweeney. Iohn I. Sweeney, Iohn R. Thompson Ir., Iohn C. Van Aken, William A. Vesely, Donald W. Vest. Elciicnllz row: Torn A. Wain- wright, Stanley M. Ward. Charles R. Wesner. james W. White, Ronald H. White, Sam L. Wilhite, Sam E. Wil- son, Larry L. Witherspoon. The first day of school linds Bryan Nledlock, Pat Law and Dick Boone looking over the prospects for fu' ture dates in the surrounding so- rority houses. DoN W. PARK President Still Chautauqua 5 I i 3 1 l t I .l I t .t l t I tl 4 4 E 1 1 t t t I I l l ll x l""""l."' BETA THET PI Individually and as a whole. the members of Beta Theta Pi fraternity won ree- ognition in scholarship, campus organizations and university events. The chap- ter earned the IFC scholarship trophy for the eighth consecutive semester, placed second in the Barber Shop Quartet contest, and was winner of the 1958 Sooner Scandals fraternity division. Accomplishments of individual Beta members include: Bob Casey, Phi Eta Sigma president. Alpha Epsilon Delta vice president, i958 Sooner Scandals director, member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Pe-et, Whois Who, BMOC and yearbook personality, Neil Stanfield, editor of the 1959 Sooner Yearbook, and lim White, student senate president, Dad's Day chairman, Pe-et secretary, mem- ber of ODK, Union Activities and selected BlVlDC, yearbook personality and Who's Who. Editor of the Oklahoma Daily, Steve Cathey was also Student Press associa- tion president, Sooner Yearbook sports editor and personality, and member of Alpha Delta Sigma and Public Relations society, Iared Hazleton served as stud- ent senate vice president, Xi Mu president, Union Activities vice president, a member of COR committee, Pe-et, ODK, Phi Eta Sigma, Who's Who and was Missouri Valley debate champion. Socially the Betas saw much activity with their fall barn dance, senior dinner- dance, pledge formal, Christmas party for orphans, Fraternal Fifties banquet, Beta District Day, spring formal and numerous house parties. First established in Dxford, Ohio, 1839, Beta now has 96 aHliliated chapters. Gamma Phi chapter was founded at OU in i907 and lVlrs. W. P, Vick has been hostess for the last six years. OFFICERS President . . . . . DON PARK Vice President . . HACK NHWMAN Secretary . . . . Blu. A'ruicY Social Clmirman . . ROBIQRT OSBORNH ' -..: , - ttrrfttqyy s -. I 2 s - - - Q - - Q s - at INN N s s -Q N s -. -. -. s 479 om Hom cn Pm: ..... Ma ,1927 l i renee K. Brainard, Paul E Braum, Elmer C. Cleveland. ence L. Irons, Delhert C Iohnson. Rohert Morris. Arthur D. Peirce, Kenneth C. Ponsor, Gerald E. Russell. I. Iohn Sauer. Fifth row: Fred I. Schu- macher, C. Scott, David E. Spore, Ernest E. Wit-lqer. llerh Wraod. First row: Boh Austin, Law- Secoml row: Cary E. Cope- land. Ralph W. Grant, Ter' Third row: David I. Kaup, Leo V. Legg, Edgar l.. Mays. Fourth row: Vance T. Peak. Even though only two can play, David Spore, lim Morris, Ed Mays. David Pierce and Cary Copeland are deep in concentration over a game ol chess. KENNETH M. CoFFELT President 815 Ienkins , E A ': A' 9 DELTA CHI Classes, studying, homework and school activities filled most of the time of Delta Chi members, but the men found opportunities for fun during the chap- teris social events. Highlight of the social activities is the annual White Carna- tion formal at which time the fraternity's queen is crowned, Other events during the year include the Fall Harvest costume party, Christ- mas tea honoring the university administration and faculty, and the French party, to which members and dates dress in French waterfront cafe attire. The fraternity is proud of winning the Interfraternity council improvement trophy for scholarship. Last spring the chapter was awarded second place honors in scholarship. Intramural sports competition is another Held in which the men scored. In October, 1890, Delta Chi was founded at Cornell University, Ithica, New York, as a law fraternity. The organization became a social fratenity in 1909. Oklahoma chapter was established May 30, 1927, on the Sooner campus with red and buff as the fraternity colors. An outstanding member of Delta Chi academically and campus-wide is Ken Ponsor, a member of St. Pat's Council, Society of Automotive Engineers, Amer- ican Society of Mechanical Engineers, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Tau and Pi Tau Sigma. The chapter is planning on building a new house. Construction should begin in the near future. lV1rs. George W. Smith has served as chaper hostess for two years. OFFICERS President . . . . Klan COFFELT Vice President . . EDGAR lVlAYs Secretary . . . DAVID SPORIQ Social Chairman . . . EDGAR MAYS RHO l MBDA CH PTER ..... Februar ,l954 First row: Ian H. Alexander, Ion T. Benedict. Walter W. Blackburn Ir.. Robert P. Bowles, Paul B. Bradley. Second row: Alfred C. Buck- ingham, jimmy M. Burdett, Marion L. Butterfield. Robert C. Copeland, Ierry S. Dun- C2-ll"l. Third row: Lynn R. Esk- ridge, Bill G. Frame, Ronald P. Holcomb, Gerald R. Ien- kins, Gene H. Iohnson. Fourth row: Erskine R. Kelly, Fred W. Kelly, S. Mi- hael Kilbey, Rick Kingelin, Robert L. Marshall. Fifth row: Iames E. Mat- thews, Elliott W. Miller, Warren M. Murphy, H. Rob- ert Nethavray, Nick Nieholl. Sixth row: Iames L. Noyes, Ronald W. Nye, William R. Robins, Rodger R. Rudkin, Ronald Terry, Dunny Vaniee. Seventh row: Larry R. Wade, George H. Weaber, A. Max Weitzenholier Ir., Wendell L. Wheeler, Hal H. William, William P. Wortman. Catching up on the latest news on world affairs are Randy Robins, Fred Kelly and Walter Blackburn, as they scan the newest edition ol' a popular campus magazine. RICK KINGELIN Outstanding DKE, 1958 700 Elm i 'W' at DELTA KAPPA EPSIUI Participation in campus activities and events ran high at the Delta Kappa Epsilon house this year. Members took active part in university organizations and held offices in many. Rick Kingelin, varsity baseball player, is a member of Interfraternity council, Classics club, Petroleum Engineers club, Pick and Hammer club, Sooner Sham- rock staff and Society of Geological Engineers. Last yearis outstanding fresh- man Randy Robins is affiliated with Federation of Young Republicans, student senate, Interfraternity council and the varsity tennis team. A Phi Eta Sigma, Tim Miller is also a member of Pershing Rifles, YMCA, Pick and Hammer club and Westminster fellowship. Fred Kelly belongs to the En- gineers club, St. Pat's council, Air Knockers club, AIME, Petroleum Engineers club and is a past president of Deke. On the lighter side of college life, Deke members enjoyed their traditional Prohibition party, Founders Day banquet, spring formal, Western Days BBF party and fall formal. The fraternity was founded at Yale University in 1944 in protest to secret organizations on the campus at that time. Deke is composed now of 52 chapters whose colors are red, blue and gold. One of the the youngest fraternities on the Sooner campus, Rho Lambda chapter was begun February 20, l954. Mrs. Earl Harris has been hostess since the origination of the chapter. Two presidents, Theodore Roosevelt and Rutherford B. Hayes, are among the prominent alumns of Deke. Others are Admiral Robert E. Peary, P. Morgan, Kingdom Gould, Arthur T. Vanderbuilt, Winthrop Rockefeller, Cole Porter, Henry Cabot Lodge and 32 United States senators. OFFICERS , Major officers are secret. Social Chairman . . DoN MCNAMARA DElTA BETA CHAPTER Ma 956 derwood, Robert H. Ander- sen, Clarence W. Anderson. Fred Blocklinger, Kenneth B. Carter, Henry Christiansen Ir. Second row: Donald W. Crosby. Howard H. Doyle, Iames R. Fenwick, Lee F. Fischer, Ted L. Fisher, Toe R. Foster. Third row: Ronald C. Funk, Thomas D. Grant, Harry W. Green, Pat E. Hensy, Iames N. Holdcraft, Jerry C. How- ell. Fourth row: Dale S. Hughes, Paul A. Iames, Gary G. Iones, Andrew N. Jorgensen. lim Kendall, Larry N. Kil- born. Fifth row: Clarence E. Lehr, E. Charles Lewallen, David L. Loop, Bill L. Lucas, Clyde W. McAfee, Richard W. Mc- Donald. Sixth row: Tommy E. Mc- Donald, Richard E. Morris, Carroll F. Moyer, Stephen D. Myers, Paul K. Olinger, Bob D. Pace. Seventh row: Bobby R. Rus- sell, Lynn A. Schriner, Dwight E. Silver, Harry O. Sims, Garland K, Smith. Charles M. Staehle. Eighth row: Royce M. Swaim, Laurey D. Tucker, Donald E. Van Meter, Law- rence B. Wells, Alvin L. Wickline. "What happened to my date?" asks lim Fenwick, center, while Cary Iones and Dick Morris mo- mentarily conceal the answer from their confused fraternity brother. WAYNE HARRIS President 519 South University Blvd. I ' i , DELTA SIGMA PHI The youngest fraternity on the University of Oklahoma campus, Delta Sigma Phi began Delta Beta chapter May 14, 1956. Mrs. Louise Underwood has been chapter hostess since it was established. The fraternity won first place in the lnterfraternity council's bowling league last semester and also ranked fifth in menis scholarship. Social events of Delta Sig include the Founders' Day dance and winter formal, Sailors costume ball, Carnation spring formal and Egyptian Fantasy pledge costume dance. During the Founderis Day celebration, the chapter was host to the Delta Sigma Phi international president. Fraternity emphasis is placed on organization participation and several cam- pus leaders are Delta Sigs. Chapter president Wayne Harris is a student sena- tor and member of Statistics club and lnterfraternity council. Gary Iones, in- tramural IOO-yard dash winner, serves on Interfraternity council scholarship committee and Phi Eta Sigma. A Distinguished Military Student, Steve Myers is also a member of Scabbard and Blade. Others active in campus activities include Pat E. Henry, member of Phi Eta Sigma, American Institute of Chemical Engineers and American Chemical so- cietyg and Harry O. Sims, Phi Eta Sigma and one of 10 outstanding freshman men. Delta Sigma Phi was founded in December, 1899. The fraternity was a re- sult of a mutual and cooperative movement of students at the College of the City of New York, Columbia University and New York University. OFFICERS President . ..... WAYNE HARRIS Vice President . . STEVE MYERS Secretary .... . PAT HENSY Social Chairman . . . LEE FISCHER DELTA ALPHA CHAPTER ..... Februar ,I922 First row: Tom D. Aitken, Robert T. Alguire, Gene R. Arnn, Charles M. Baker, Bob Barnes, Iohn O. Bearden, El- liott H. Bivins, Larry C. Brooks. Second row: Charles W. Brown, Charles E. Buchner, Ierry C. Butler, Turner Bynum, lim W. Case, Bill H. Chastain, Charles B. Childs, james A. Cloar. Third row: Ieilrey Nl. Collar. Dale Crabtree, Bill R. Deni- son, Nick Denner, Dale Dun- can, Allen D. Evans, Iohn M. Fish, Iames C. Caskins lr. Fourth row: David A. Cates. Tom Cobble, Ion F. Cray, Arthur W. Hall, Ramon C. Hall, William C. Hammond. Thomas P. Harrison, Walter D. Hartwig. Fifth row: Paul W. Hatha- way, Patrick T. Higgins, Iohn D. Hill, Ferrin H. Holcomb, William C. Hollister, Neal M. Horton, Bernie L. Hulmc, William S. Hunter. Sixth row: led Iohnson Ir.. Thomas L. Kingery, Freder- ick A. Kuhn, Robert l.. Lewis, Roy R. Love, Robert C. Mac- Minn, Ronald T. McDaniel Ray T. McLaury Ir. Seucnth row: Iohn W. Mee Ir., Kent W. Miller, Conrad F. Morrow, Bob E. Moses, Ron Murray, Iohn M. Nel- son, William W. Nelson, Robert L. Owen. Eighth row: Artie F. Palk, Perry A. Pendergralt, Louis H. Pitts, Ierry C. Powell, Carl H. Prokesh, Zack D. Pryse III, Robert S. Ray. Ninth row: Laurence D. Reis Ir., Robert R. Reis, joseph S. Robertson, Rick L. Rountree, Dick N. Ryerson, Martin Sanborn, Don R. Sherwood, Albert R. Sinclair, Eric I. Sorenson. Tenth row: Roland M. Tague, Clay Taylor, Lon W. Taylor, Robert H. Tips, Ierry l.. Tubb, Merle L. Tyler, john M. Wells, Iames M. Wilcox. Iames A. Wilhite. Admiring their 1957-58 intramural championship trophy are proud Delt members Allen Evans, Ron Murray, Bill Nelson and Bill Hammond, who helped to win the award. STEVE E. WIXSON President 630 Elm 1 DHTA TAU DEH Delta Tau Delta members set their goals high this year and came out Win- ners in many campus activities and achievements. Three of the 10 outstanding freshman men selected by Pe-et were Deltsz led lohnson, Bernie Hulm and Ed Buchner. In intramural competition, the fraternity Won the 1957-58 Intramural Tro- phy. Delt "An and "BU softball teams Won championships without losing a game, and the boxing squad placed first for eight straight years. The champion- ship in ':B,, team volleyball Went to the chapter and the "Av football team took third place. The Delts have a campus-Wide reputation as good singers. To prove this, the fraternity Won the 1958 University Sing for the 15th time in the 20-year history of the sing competition. This fall the men earned the first place honor in the Barbershop Quartet contest. Socially the chapter Was not lacking in activity and fun. House functions included the fall formal, Christmas party, Christmas "Little Cuyisu party for underprivileged children in the Norman area, spring formal and the Delt Centennial dance. Founded nationally at Bethany College, West Virginia, Delta Tau Delta established Delta Alpha chapter at OU in February, 1922. For the last five years Mrs. Earl Ammons has served as chapter hostess. Outstanding campus leaders of Delt include Ed Buchner, vice president of Phi Eta Sigma and president of Union Activities councilg Buzz lVlcDaniel, chair- man of Popular Series and Quarterback club, member of Union Activities board and councilg Tom Aitken, member of OU Choir and Chorus, OU Band and Phi Eta Sigma, and led Johnson, winner of the Cross Citizenship Award and member of Phi Eta Sigma and student senate. OFFICERS President . . . . STEVE WIXSON Vice President . . . . BUZZ MCDANIEI. Recording Secretary . . . BOB lVlAClVlINN Corresponding Secretary . . . ALLAN EVANS Treasurer ..... . DICK RYERSON 0KlAHOM CH PTER September, 1926 First row: Iames W. Abbott, Miles C. Anderson, David At- taway, Richard I. Bates, Iohn M. Benson, Howard W. Biz- zell, Steve B. Braucht, Wil- liam T. Brunson. Second row: M a r v i n E . Burge, Marbel I. Carpenter, David P. Chaney, Roger A. Chapman, Charles M. Coch- ran, Carl H. Cooper, Iohn H. Cooper, Clint Cox. Third row: Albert L. Crab- tree, Larry D. Crowell, Glen A. Day, Allen D. Dayton, Roger N. Downey, Neville B. Edenborough, Iohn B. Farr, Don I. Fox. Fourth row: Keith E. Freu- denthal, Larry Fulton, The- odore L. Gatchel, Iames E. Gilchrist, Ioel K. Gist, Wil- liam A. Glass, Richard A. Glenn, Richard L. Holden. Filth row: Iames O. Hood. Robert C. Iennings, Richard N. Iohannes, Stan Iohnston, Glynn Q. Lane, Donald L. Lester, Ierry L, McAdams, Douglas E. McCracken. Sixth row: Howard S. Mc- Curry, Paul D. Massad, Frank B. Meaders, Ted A. Metscher, William L. Miller, H. Ray Moore, William R. Mott, Charles W. Orth. Seventh row: William Z. Penn, Robert E. Perry, Gar- land E. Petty, Berry F. Phil- lips, Charles R. Plank, Ierry L. Poston, Thomas I. Powers, Gardner H. Randall. Eighth row: lack C. Reutel- huber, Chris L. Rhodes, Hugh D. Rice, john C. Roberts, lim M. Robinson, Frank S. Sam- uel, Don I. Scott. Ninth row: James N. Som- merlrucht, Iohn C, Spiker, Scott Stantield, Peter A. Stone, Walter B. Whilden, Charles W. Wilkerson, Kirk L. Wood- lifl. Learning the collegiate art of pipe smoking at the DU house are Walt Whilden, Rick Glenn, Charles Cochran and Charles Wilkerson as Bartley Meaders, center, demon- strates. ROBERT H. SCHXVARTZ President 603 West Brooks DEHA UPSILU University organizations and activities rated high on the Delta Upsilon list of achievements this year. Chapter president Bob Schwartz was chosen as a yearbook personality and for Who's Who. He is also a member of Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, Omicron Delta Kappa, LKOT and is a Knight of Saint Pat. Other DU members active in campus events are Walter Whilden, assistant editor of the l959 SOONER yearbook and member of Delta Sigma Pi and Phi Eta Sigma: Miles Anderson, Homecoming chairman, BlVlOC and student member of the Athletic council, Iames Gilchrist, member of Sigma Tau, Pi Epsilon Tau, Tau Beta Pi and Gamma Tau Kappa. One of 10 outstanding freshman men, Dick Iohannes Was chosen as outstand- ing NROTC freshman and is a member of Union Activities, Phi Eta Sigma and SOONER yearbook staff. President of the Petroleum Engineers club, Bill Glass is a BMOC and a Knight of Saint Pat. The chapter Won third place honors in fraternity competition for the Inter- fraternity council scholarship trophy. Members and pledges are working hard to keep up the good work. Delta Upsilon, the oldest national fraternity on the OU campus, was founded on November 4, l834, at Williams College, Williamstown, Mass. One of 81 affiliates, Oklahoma chapter was established here in September, 1926. Topping the DU social calendar was the annual fraternity's Feudal dinner, for which the house is turned into an ancient castle. johnna Davis, Chi Omega, was crowned as the Feudal Princess this fall. Other major social events were the Legacy dinner, Pizza party and spring formal. tts t it OFFICERS if 5' Q, President . . . BOB SCHWARTZ if H 'A be B, B W We .XX 7 ex ft Vice President . . RICK GLENN 4' A ' .P gggggvv W P 1 R Secretary . . . . . IOEL GIST 'Q A. l """L Treasurer . . . VVALTER WHILDEN ' 'L A. . 1 49- 'QPTS1 . . .3. ""' .fr A . fs . I-+ E W" Social Chairman . . JIM SOMMERFRUCHT S .. 7 1 L .V,. .. lili ,.ie.!s- easy. 35 , .. lm, V ew... ,wa I ,ww I A iv' x . 489 ir, sw.,- BET ETA CH PIER ..... March, 1905 First row: Brad Akins, Gor- ald F. Bailey, William H. Baker, Marshall I.. Beard. Cary A. Boddeker, Myron H. Bond. Stan I. Brady, I. Phil- lip Brent. Second row: Robert P. Brent, Tommy Burt, Charles D. Campbell, Rowland F. Car- ter, Wendell Cathey, W. Scott Chickering, Dan K. Clark, Harwin T. Cook. Third row: David F. Dean. Stanley D. Dodds. Nathaniel H. Duffield, lim K, Dysart. Charles A. Eaves, Richard C. Falkensten, lim Flow, Charles C. Handly. Fourth row: Robert L. Ha- ney, lim C. T. Hardwick. Richard G. Harris, Gilbert F. Hayes, Iames W. Hayes. Charles F. Hill Ir., Philip l.. Hodges, Robert M. Hopkins. Fifth row: Grant Iackson. Robert R. Iayroe Ir., Ed S. Knight, Keith M. l.aFon. Ralph A., Mike C. Ma- hood. Iohn D. Maxson, Iames R. MeCasland. Sixth row: William B. Mt'- Cormick, Dennis H. McMa- hon, Kenneth R. McWilliams, David C. Meyer, lim Moore. Iames P. Morgan, Ben E. lNIewcomer, Donald I. O'Mal- ev. Seventh row: Steve Owen. David E. Pagel, Iames Perkins Ir., William I. Phil- lips, Ted A. Pilson, R. Perry Pringle, Vernon F. Pringle Ir., Ierry P. Ratzlall. Eighth row: Hugh W. Reeves, Phil D. Roberts. Douglas W. Robertson, Bill C. Routh, Bart Schoeneman. Gerry M. Shaffer, Kenneth l.. Siekman. Douglas W. Smith jr. Ninth rout' Robert C. Spur- lock. John C. Stellens, Paul W. Turnbull, Fred M. War- den lr., Al P. Weeks, W. Brinson Weeks lr., Michael D. Whorton. Sutton Wood- son. www wmampmwmwff -ty, awmmf.mnfwm1,m1m.v Taking it easy by enjoying an in- formal evening around the Kappa Alpha fireplace are Bob lVIcCas- land, Robert Haney, Don O'lVIal- ley. Don Whorton and Scott Chickering. TERRY C. NORTHCUTT President 601 Cruce . 1 j K PPA ALPHA Une of the most festive social events on the Sooner campus is the traditional Kappa Alpha Dixie dance. Held in the spring, the dance aids in preserving the old southern spirit and dress. Other fraternity social activities are the Plantation ball, Christmas party, Flick party and the Convivium which is in celebration of Robert E. Leeis birthday. KA members retired another Beer Bowl trophy with a l-0 win over the Beta Theta Pis. This year is the 50th anniversary of the second oldest football classic in the nation, next to the Rose Bowl contest. The victory was the 35th for the KAS in the bout between the two fraternities. In the Held of campus activities, KA members were active in organizations and events. Brinson Weeks is a member of the Interfraternity council, Ameri- can lnstitute of Chemical Engineers and Alpha Chi Sigma. A varsity letterman in baseball, Charles Hill belongs to the "OU club and Petroleum Engineers club. Myron Bond is a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Epsilon Tau, Trident society and Petroleum Engineers club. Vice president of Pi Epsilon Tau, Charles Campbell is affiliated with Sigma Tau, Sabre Air Command and Arnold Air society. Don Whorton is a member of Gamma Tau Kappa, Pick and Hammer club and Society of Geological Engi- neers. He holds the title of intramural golf champion. Kappa Alpha order was founded at Washington College, now Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Va., in December, 1865. General Robert E. Lee was president of the college at that time. Beta Eta chapter was established at OU in 1905 as the first fraternity on the campus. E OFFICERS President . . ...., TERRY NORTHCUTT Vice President . . DON O,MALLEY Secretary . . . CARY BODDEKER Social Chairman . . BILL PIIILLIPS G MM KAPPA CHAPTER ..... June, 1906 First row: Iohn E. Adams, Jimmie L. Austin, Paul D. Austin, Harry L. Blat-kstoek, Charles F. Booze, Iohn C. Brannan Ir., Horat-e B. Brew- ster, I. Michael Burke, Buddy Byars. Second row: Ioseph W. Cald- well, Iohn W. Carnes, Bob R. Cochrane, James W. Crof- lord, Robert D. Culp, jim B. Culwell, Creston C. Cutt-hall, Robert D. Cult-hall, Steven C. Davies. Third row: Thomas A. Dear- man, Iohn R. Dorr, Charles A. Durham, lack Durrett II, William H. Egan Ir., Iames S. Emery, Mickey K. Fentriss. Gary T. Foster, Howard R. Frank. Fourth row: Gary F. Fuller, Mike K. Gray, Phil L. Hale, Don R. Hammond, Phil M. Hawk, Robert W. Hays, Howie Hesler, Ronald M. Hill, Ierf V. Hoster. Fifth row: Robert B. Hous- ton, Gary C. Huekabay, Iohn R. Hughey, Lindsay M. Hunt, Robert L. lvester, Melvin R. Iames, Robert M. Iones, Law- rence M. Kimrey. Lynn R. Kimrey. Sixth row: Robert A. Kings- bury, Ioe L. Klingstedt, Rob- ert H. Kroney, Ernest R. Lamirtaek, jack M. Langton, Don W. LeCrone. Robert L. Lhuillier, Larry D. Lucas, Richard C. Luneberg. Seventh row: Hal L. Malone, Claren N. Mays, Mark N. McElroy, George C. McKin- nis, Harry O. McLeod, Mike Merrill, William M. Merrill, Iohn A. Miller, Charles G. Moses. Eighth row: Walt Mullins, Buddy C. Neighbors, Byron A. Niebruegge, Charles P. Perkins, Ray L. Quillian, Glen A. Rabun, Stanley P. Rugeley, George H. St-hwaner Ir., Frank H. Seay. Ninth row: Robert R. Shaf- fer, Thomas I. Sibley, Don A. Smith, Leland P. Staley, Chris P. Stamatis, Norman R. Standerfer, Bill A. Stephens, Mike Stewart, Paul G. Storm, john. G. Stuart. Tenth row: Ron W. Symes, Don K. Tate, Bill R. Trace- well, Bill Waggoner, William G. Walker, Michael C. Whitt. Ierald D. Will, Raymond L. Winstead Ir., Paul E. Witt, Robert Womack. Kappa Sigs Bob Houston, Darrell Vincent, Bill Merrill, Paul Witt and Hal Malone tabulate the scores for the fraternity's annual Sorority of the Year trophy. DARRELL L. VINCENT President 1100 South College Q . .-Q. ., . K PPA SIGMA Intramural competition attracted the attention of Kappa Sigma members this year as the fraternity placed fourth in sports honors. The chapter won first in swimming and wrestling, second in softball and third in football events. Iakie Sandcfer and lack Holt participated in varsity athletics. Fraternity social events this year included the traditional Victory party, Hell- zapoppin' costume party, Housemotheras Christmas party, New Year's party in November, Christmas formal and Rose formal. Kappa Sigma was founded nationally at the University of Virginia in De- cember, l869. One of l30 chapters, Gamma Kappa chapter was established on the Sooner campus on Iune 7, l906. Mrs. Iohn Smith has been Kappa Sig hostess for the past four years. Campus organizations received their share of attention as Kappa Sig members were active in all phases of university events. Maurice Box served as vice presi- dent of Engineers club, a member of St. Pat's council, Omicron Delta Kappa, LKOT, Tau Beta Pi and Sigma Tau. Treasurer of. the student senate, Darrel Vincent is affiliated with Gamma Tau Kappa, COR and St. Patis council. With a 4-point overall grade average, Robert Culp is a member of Sigma Tau, Sigma Gamma Tau, student senate, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma and Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. Vice president of the Engineers club, Paul Witt is also a member of Petroleum Engineers club, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Epsilon Tau and student senate. Each year Kappa Sig awards the Sorority of the Year trophy to the campus sorority with the most outstanding activities. This yearis winner was Delta Delta Delta. OFFICERS President . . . DARRELL L. VINCENT Vice President . . . . PAUL WITT Secretary . . . . JIM CULWELL Social Chairman . . . BOB LHUILLIER G MMA RHO ZETA ..... llctober, I 926 First row: George D. Allen, Richard R. Allred, Ion E. An- derson, Thomas B. Baines, Vander M. Barkett, jim C. Bass, Iohn P. Bieber. Gordon A. Boeox. Second row: Williarn Boyle, lohn G. Bradshaw, Malcolm E. Bridwell, William H. Broadrick. William O. Brower, Guy H. Burrous, Thomas O. Bush. Bill Cald- well. Third row: Richard E. Cies, Larry Clark. Phillip A. Clark, Ed E. Cooper, H. L. Crites, Gene M. Cunningham. lo- seph Davis. Iames W. Den- IOFI. Fourth row: William C. Donley, Ray A. Freeze, Wil- liam F. Frensley, Finis Gil- lespie, Ierry N. Glasgow, Da- vid H. Glenn, Samuel D. Goodwin, Ralph G. Grounds. Filth row: jerry D. Hagan, Ronal D. Hale. Bill T. Hall- mark, jerry E. Hammett, Bill Harber, Richard D. Harcourt, Bill L. Harlan. Ierome L. Hemry. Sixth row: Mike Henderson, Hillord H. Hinson, Dick B. Holcomb, Barry M. Hudson, G. lay Ianzen, Sidney F. Iones, O. Maurice Ioy, Har- old W. Kallenberger. Seventh row: E. T. Laird, Melvin Lee, Gary A. Leek, Mike E. Lord, Charles H. Mayfield, Michael G. McCaf- lerty, Stephen I-I. Meese, Iames E. Mills. Eighth row: Robert B. Mont- gomery, William H. Morris jr., Ronald B. Moss, Robert M. Nerem, William H. Paap- anen, David M. Pierce, Sam Powell, William H. Pritchett. Ninth row: Bruce M. Rahm, Thomas H. Rains. Don L. Randall, Melvin V. Rogers, Curt A. Schwartz. Gilbert C. Serivner, Ronald L. Sheffield, Fred D. Singleton. George A. Smith. Tenth row: Armand Spring, Bill P. Stauss. Charles P. Stillwell, Thomas H. Wat- kins, Pete Wert, Glen R. Westall, Delbert D. Wilmoth, Bob E. Wilson, H. ludd Wirz. O. D. Presley helps Tom Bush line up a shot on the Lambda Chi billiard table while Bob Nerem, Del Wilmoth and Jerry Beveridge plan their strategy. OLEN D. PRESLEY President 904 South College LAMBDA CHI LPH Scholastically, socially and in every other way, Lambda Chi Alpha members were busy this year. For the eighth straight year a Lambda Chi was named one of the 10 outstanding freshman men, with Gary Bradshaw selected this fall. Chapter members served as presidents of eight major campus organizations. President of Tau Beta Pi, David Glenn was also vice president of Omicron Delta Kappa and president of Wesley Foundation. Bob Nerem was president of American Rocket society and member of Omicron Delta Kappa and Tau Beta Pi. Another president, Mike Henderson of Phi Eta Sigma, is a member of Union Activities and was stage manager for Sooner Scandals. Dick Holcomb, president of Sigma Delta Chi. is affiliated with student senate, Phi Eta Sigma and won the McMahon scholarship. Lambda Chi entered teams in every major intramural sport and won honors in many. Chapter mothers retired the Motheris Day attendance trophy last spring, winning the award for the third straight year. On Dadis Day, Lambda Chi fathers were presented their third straight attendance plaque. The fraternity had its beginning among the members of the Cosmopolitan Law club, founded at Boston University in l905. Several members of the club "broke oifn and formed Lambda Chi Alpha in November, 1909. For the last eight years Mrs. W. H. O,Connor has served as hostess of Gamma Rho Zeta, which was established at OU in 1926. On the social side of college life, Lambda Chi entertained with the Christmas party, spring formal, Trade Winds costume party and the annual White Rose formal, during which Laura Morrow, Kappa Kappa Gamma, was crowned fraternity queen. OFFICERS President ........ O. D. PRESLEY Vice President . . MIKE MCCAFFERTY Secretary . . . . . BOB NEREM Social Chairman . . BILL DONLEY UKLAHUMA MPH CHAPTER ..... Decem 496 ber, 1918 First row: Kenneth T. Ander- son, Ray W. Baker, Byron G. Beaver, Howard L. Berkey. Phil R. Black, William F. Bonnell, Gary Boren, Don D. Bradshaw, Robert F. Bran- denhurg. Second row: William C. Brining, William F. Brodnax. Patton W. Brooks, Robert B. Butler, Iames F. Carney, Fred C. Champlin, Richard H. Champlin, Iay E. Chapple. Iohn P. Cobb. Third row: E. F. Collins, Io- seph S. Cotner, Ioel H. Cow- drey Ir., Robert D. Cox, Tom F. Eurton, Iames D. Evans. David K. Fagin, Richard W. Gable, Edwin L. Gage. Fourth row: Nelson V. Gar- ner Ir., Hiale B. Gernert Ir.. William G. Givens, Ronald K. Golemon, Charles L. Good- win, Charlie I. Gorman, Ken- neth G. Grady, Sam T. Hamra, lim S. Harrell. Fifth row: Phillip L. Har- riss, David Oscar Hatcher, David C. Horn, Barron C. Housel, Ray Hughes, Simon P. Hughes, Donald A. Hyatt. Tom E. Iames, Iames S. Iones. Sixth row: Ronnie K. Iones, Hailey Kanard, Iohn B. Kirk- oatrick, Robert B. Knight, Mae Knizhton, Frederick B. Koontz, Iames K. Lanyon, William D. Leslie, M. G. Lessert. Seventh row.' August D. Mal- fregeot, William C. McCurdy. Tom W. Mclndoe, Steve Mc- Keever, Ierry G. Miles, Don- ald Lee Moore, Iack Moore, Doug Nelson, Morris L. Orr. Eighth row: Iohn C. Pearson, William I. Perkins, Russell C. Phillips, lack D. Pool, John E. Purcell, Stan Reiter, Dean C. Richardson, Harold P. Ri- ley, Grant Ritchey. Ninth row: Dale Rorick, laines A. Russell, Robert D. Ryan, Richard W. Scarritt. Mike Sewell, Stephen Sickel, Floyd E. Skarky, Patrick S. Smith, Royse I. Smith, Wil- liam H. Smith. Tenth row: Iohn P. Stark, N. Martin Stringer, Stephen A. Sullivan, Harry W. Todd, Bruce A. Torbett, Iohn C. Vaughan, Frank R. Webb, Michael D. Webber, Charles F. White, Wayne Withers. Caught in the act of kibitzing Bill McCurdy are Sam Hamra and lim Harrell, as Mrs. I. Paul Price, hostess, looks on. Mac Knighton, left, concentrates on his own hand. JOSEPH R. MUSOLINO President 1400 South College , ,Wei f,,k , 1.-7 if f' ,ws Me.. iv-wma, -sammy 'Ii f 5 5 . ,gi 04 , 2 u,' - PHI DELTA THETA On December 26, 1848, the first chapter of Phi Delta Theta was established at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. One of l20 affiliates, Oklahoma Alpha chapter came to the University of Oklahoma in 1918. Mrs. Paul Price is serving as hostess for the fraternity. Phi Delt members entertained this year with the Roaring 20's party, annual Christmas party and the spring formal. A campus favorite and fast becoming a tradition is the Phi Delt turtle race during Homecoming activities. This fall,s Winner was the Tri-Delt sororityis reptile which crept into first place. Activity-wise Phi Delt members were prominent in many respects. Sam Hamra was president of the senior class and was crowned Prince Charming during the Pi Beta Phi-Gamma Phi Beta Glass Slipper football game. President of the student senate, lack Moore was selected BMOC, yearbook personality and a member of Pe-et and Omicron Delta Kappa. Ierry Miles served as presi- dent of the Engineers club and a member of student senate and Pi Epsilon Tau. Chapter officers for the second semester were Ioe Musolino, president, Don Bradshaw, vice president, Kenneth Anderson, secretary, and Si Hughes, social chairman. Last year Oklahoma Alpha was named the outstanding Phi Delt chapter in the nation. Fraternity alunmi of statewide and national prominence include Iohn Iarman, Congressman from Oklahoma, Leonard Savage, member of the OU Board of Regents, Van Heflin, movie actor, Doak Walker, football player, and Lou Gehrig, baseball player. e t tr o F F I c E RS P President . . . . IOE MUSOLINO Vice President . . DICK SCARRITT Secretary . . . . . IIM IONES Social Chairman . . SAM HAMRA Q 497 U UMEGA CH PIER ..... March, I 917 First row: Robert D. Ander- son, james C. Atkins, Hal D. Balyeat, C. C. Barnett Ir., Taylor Bassett, Ralph D. Ber- nier, Ted M. Berry Ir., Clark H. Boyles, John R. Bozalis. Second row: David W. Brown, Robert C. Buchanan, Thomas B. Burns Ir., Iohn C. Cain, john C. Caldwell, I. Edwin Carman, Ian E. Cart- wright, Merritt B. Chastain Ir., M. Wayne Chesnutt. Third row: Tommy R. Ches- nutt, Kent C. Childs, Donald L. Clark, Mark Connolly, Patrick A. Considine, Iames L. Cunningham, Iohn A. Da- vis, Dennis I. Dodson, Tom Dulaney. Fourth row: Terry Dunlap, lack R. Durland Ir., lack Ed- dins, Robert F. Eddins, lim D. Elliott, Neal W. Emerson, Kent Fleming, William O. Gamble, Richard L. Griffith. Fifth row: William R. Gur- ley, Bobby Harris, Morris E. Hart, Iames G. Henry, Iohn R. Holmes, Dick How- ard, Larry T. Hughes, Iohn L. Iennings, Ioseph S. Iondahl. Sixth row: Robert N. Iones, George E. Kadane, Ioe R. Kennedy, Ralph R. Kinsinger, Kenneth I. Kiser, Rudy I. Koch, lim Lackey, Gary C. LaCere, Pat Leathers. Seventh row: Steve A. Le- Valley, Robert A. Loosley, Larry G. Lutz, Gene W. Ma- hanay Ir., Thomas D. Mar- ehant, Gary P. McGinn, David B. MeCufiin. Denver W. Meacham, D. Kent Meyers. Eighth row: Harry K. Moore, Iim Moore, Edward W. Moran, john L. Mosley, Thomas F. Myers, E. Richard Neff, William D. Norfleet, Nelson M. Owen, Tom F. Parker. Ninth row: Richard K. Rat- cliife, Iaek O. Roberts, Iohn E. Robertson Ir., Bill W. Rodgers, Alvin H. Smith, Iohn O. Sparks, Mark S. Sul- livan, Bill Towery, Iohn Lloyd Trogdon. Tenth row: L. lack Wall, Iames A. Walton, Robert W. Watts, Noel L. Welsh Ir., Thomas G. Whitney, Ben C. Wileman, Bill F. Winblood, Ray Wise, David A. Wood- ward, David H. Young. JCenter of attention at the Phi Gam house is the hostess's French poodle Tina and her new puppies, held by David Brown, Bob Neal Jones, Mark Connolly and Steve LeValley. BENE T. BENEDUM President i200 South College .N PHI G MMA DEH Parties are a favorite pastime at OU and an essential part of college life. One of the social highlights on the Sooner campus is the annual Fiji Island party given by Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. This festive costume event in- cludes tropical attire with native huts dotting the chapter lawn. Other major social functions of Phi Gam are the Black and White party, Pig dinner, Christmas party and Fiji Night Club party, a traditional formal dance. The fraternity was established at Washington and jeHerson College in Penn- sylvania on April 2, l848. Now consisting of 86 chapters, Phi Gam founded Nu Omega chapter at the university in March, 1917. Mrs. Ralph B. Kramer has been the hostess for the last two years. A Wide variety of campus activities was enjoyed by Phi Gam members this year. Ed Carmen served as president of the freshman law class. Treasurer of the Interfraternity council, Kent Meyers was past president of junior IFC and was co-chairman of Campus Chest Carnival. Bob Cornell played quarterback on the varsity football team. A BMOC, Ben Benedum was treasurer of the senior class, a yearbook beauty judge and member of Interfraternity council. Dick Griffith served as a student senator. Many Phi Gam alumni have attained high success in state and national politics. Howard Edmondson is governor of Oklahoma, and G. Mennen Williams is serving as governor of Michigan. Mike Monroney is United States senator from Oklahoma, with josh Lee as a former senator. 0 F F I C E RS President ........ BEN BENEDUM Vice President . . . DICK HOWARD Secretary . . . . . TAYLOR BASSETT Social Chairman . . KENT MEYERS 3 Q KW 1 'l 1 l l l l f1 499 0KlAHOMA ALPHA CH PTIER September, 1920 Richard D. Baker, Ted F. Beakcy, lack D. Brabits, Iohn l.. Brooks, Iohn A. Brunk, Paul Calvert. Scconrl row: Mervin D. Cle- ments Ir., Morris S. Curry, David A. Downing, Kenneth l.. Elder, Iohn C. Engelson, Tommy Everley, jim D. Fletcher. Third row: Bob Garrett, Dick Hensley, Danny Hill, Frank N. Ingraham, Gerald H. Kursar, Don Litchford, Jimmy VV. Lloyd. Fourth row: James W. Lov- ing. Larry G. Lyon, Dick B. Mason, Richard B. McClain, Iohn C. McClure, Ben A. Mc- Dermott, Clark McManus. Fifth row: Buddy McMullin, Cordon C. Moore, Tom M. Moore, Frederick D. Mugler, H. Christopher Mugler, Sid- ney A. Musser, Clark Nash. Sixth row: Mike S. Neville, Tommy D. Owens, David A. Paine, Cleve Park, Richard C. Parker, Bob Pickens, Thomas H. Powell. Scocnth row: Iohn L. Powell, William B. Rhees, William W. Rhoades, Mark C. Rob- erts, Ierry M. Rogers, Iared W. Rowe. Eighth row: Lonnie I. Schmitt, Phil Sisney, Harry B. Slayhack, Mike A. Taylor, Don L. Tillman, James C. Tipton. Ninth row: Everett I. Walker, Iames B. Warden, Iohn M. West, Larry M. Wilder, Claude N. Williams, lames B. Zongker. Heidi Ochsner, Miss Phi Sigh, and Donna Sue Phillis, Miss Playmate of 1958-59, reminisce the Phi Psi's Playboy party with pinmates Chris Mugler and Morris Curry. RICHARD C. Bowan President 730 Elm PHI KAPPI-I PSI Construction plans are being considered by the Phi Kappa Psi chapter. The fraternity has purchased lots adjacent to the present house with the thought of expanding present facilities and adding more rooms. Remodeling will begin in the near future. Phi Psi was founded nationally at Washington and jefferson college, Canons- burg, Pa., on February 19, 1852. Sixty affiliates now compose the fraternity with Oklahoma Alpha chapter begun at OU in 1920. Entertainment is always a welcome break from studies, and Phi Psi members enjoy their Poverty ball, a costume party for which the house is decorated in a bowery theme. The ball has been an annual event on the Sooner campus for the past 30 years. Other major parties are the Roaring 20,5 costume party and the annual fall and spring formals. Participating in campus organizations, Richard C. Bower is a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, student senate, Sigma Pi Sigma, Arnold Air society, lnterfraternity council and Omicron Delta Kappa. Another outstanding Phi Psi member is Bill Rhoades, member of Pi Tau Sigma, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Engineers club and president of the Naval Trident society. Second semester officers of the fraternity are Frederick Heinke, presidentg Morris Curry, vice president, Tommy Owens, secretary, and Larry Lyon, social chairman. Mrs. Earnest Ross is chapter hostess. In intramural sports, Dick Hensley defeated last year's intramural wrestling champion in the 130-pound division, 10-2. The Phi Psi "Bi, football team was in the playoffs and the chapter entered teams in many other intramural sports. PTP OFFICERS President ........ RICHARD BOWER Vice President . . ALLEN PAINE Secretary . . . LARRY WILDER Social Chairman . . . LARRY LYON Y x ' Q ,L 5 V 5 1, , ? ' Es. 'WQF W mm w 5? ev 5 x 9 1 -Lj '. ?-' .JH .- ,7 J 1 Qev V 1 gf 3 M I ,: J iff? ,. 5 , z Q, ,, ,,r ,. "9 Q , A.,,, . a nn' -f f my 2, 2 '1 W K I-2 , ., .Q -un, 1 T hi -as 5 f-if ,gs , 4 iw Aw ,Je if sf ay E EF' .xv s k f" if-55 S Y if " ' sis , 3 xx, Q , H: aw ,. Q, L L ,gg ,Q E P s X I' gk S q,,,, ff, X, Hy, iV3,.fL ? ? 3 J Z - V is 1 2 ,W f -f, V' m Q 2 3 F gs ,RYA fl, It's into the water with lim Bruce as Shelby l.awson, Iim Allred. Paul Mogridge and Bill Miller prepare to dunk their "victim', in the lraternity's moat. ROBERT D. MCCOY President 736 Elm A PHI KAPPA SIGMA From the men,s glee club to the Engineers club, from law school activities to military events-Phi Kappa Sigma members participated in all types of campus activities this year. A BMOC, Ed Wagner served as editor ol the Law School Bulletin and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma and Phi Alpha Delta in addition to being a Bass Scholar. lim Bruce belongs to Phi Eta Sigma, Men's Glee club and lnterfraternity council. Chairman of the ROTC Military ball, Tom George is a BMOC, Distinguished Military Student and member of Scabbard and Blade and Delta Sigma Pi. Chapter president Bob McCoy is affiliated with the Engineers club, Society of Engineering Physicists, Scabbard and Blade, Society of Military Engineers and was selected as BMOC and Distinguished Military Student. Among the social activities of Phi Kap are the annual Black and Gold Christ- mas formal, Pizza party, Shipwreck costume party, Hillbilly party and spring formal. Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity was established at the University of Pennsylvania on August 16, 1850. Now 46 chapters are on the national roll of Phi Kap, with Omicron chapter founded at the University of Oklahoma in 1929. Second semester officers of the fraternity are lim Taliaferro, president, Lyle Deal. vice president, Ioe Crosby, secretary, and Bill Miller, social chairman. For the last six years, Mrs. Lydia Honess has been the chapter hostess. She is as pleased as the members about plans to redecorate and air-condition the house. OFFICERS President ......... BOB MCCOY y Vice President . . BILL MILLER 'U S, Secretary .... . . IOE CROSBY av Social Chairman . . . PAUL MOGRIDGE '-pi 0Kl HUMA KAPPA CHAPTER Januar , 1934 Richard G. Abati, Iames L. Autrey, Robert L. Beavin, Andrew L. Brandenburg. Second row: Charles R. Burk, Blas R. Casares, Iohn Corff, William L. Du Bray, Iames E. Duffy. Third row: Robert I. Fair, Lawrence I. Fergus, David D. Giovacco, C. Andrew Gorski, Stan W. Gralla. Fourth row: Frank L. Ian- nuzzi, Dennis L. Keleher, C. A. Kraska, Carl R. Krueger, Iamcs Kubik. Fifth row: Lewis T. LaMark, Iohn P. Linehan, Robert F. Longo, Ioe E. Maldonado, Robert I. Marone. Sixth row: Iames I. Mc- Grath, Iohn P. Ozar, Iames A. McComas, Thomas C. Patten, Iohn M. Sappington. Seventh row: David V. Si- bila, Zsolt Szilegyi, William A. Todd, Delano Van Dam, Dennis I. Woods. l Enjoying their new stereophonic hi-fi set are Bob Longo, Charles Buck, Ken Willy and Stan Gralla, as they select records for several hours of listening pleasure. RANDY CHANCE President 731 Asp PHI KAPPA IHEI This spring a new fraternity name became familiar to the Sooner campus. The completed amalgamation between Theta Kappa Phi and Phi Kappa frater- nities forms the national social fraternity of Phi Kappa Theta. The order was official April 29 of this year. Theta Kappa Phi was established nationally at Lehigh University in l9l9 and now consists of 58 chapters. In Ianuary, 1934, Oklahoma Kappa chapter was founded at OU. The members celebrated the recent amalgamation at their annual Roman Holiday party in May. The party, complete with costumes of the ancient Romans, included a dinner and dance. Other social events of the chapter are the Victory dance at the end of rush week, the fall formal, Christmas party, Flunky Fling and the annual Beaux Arts ball. Campus organizations and activities were entered into by many Phi Kappa Theta members. Chapter president Randy Chance is a member of the OU tennis team, Union Activities, American Marketing association, Interfraternity council, Iota Epsilon, Newman club, KUVY radio staff and Beta Beta Sigma. Chuck Kraska is affiliated with the student senate, Union Activities, Newman club, KUVY staff and SAM. Interfraternity council representative Dick Abati belongs to American Marketing club, Newman club and Iota Epsilon. Ralph Whitrock is a member of SAM, Marketing club, Newman club and Arnold Air society. Mrs. Marie Bertells is the new hostess for Oklahoma Kappa chapter of Phi Kappa Theta. I offlctas President . . ..... RANDY CHANCE Vice President . . CHUCK KRASKA Secretary .... . STAN GRALLO Social Chairman . . . KEN WILLY BETA UMICRU CHAPTER September, 1920 First row: Mrs. Velma Forck. William F. Avery, Leonard Ball, Larry R. Bolls, Iohn E. Boudler, Richard S. Boulting- house, Nelson E. F. Brensing Ir., Duane Brown. Second row: David K. Car- gill, Manuel Chacin, Phil E. Colston, Richard W. Court- ney, Stan L. Cunningham, Bob L. Custer, David E. Deatherage, Larry M. Dilling- ham. Third row: Donald D. Dill- man, Gary F. Dockery, Charles H. Dry, Paul C. Dun- can Ir., Gerry G. East, lim Epps, Ben Foster, Larry L. French. Fourth row: M a rt i n M. Garthwaite, Iames H. Gray, Bob L. Grove, Glen W. Hall, George H. Hazelrigg, Dean I. Hertenstein, Edward H. Hoag. Anthony N. Hobgood. Fifth row.' Paul Hoclcer- smith, Dave E. Hood, Bob Impson, Henry Iames, Louis C. Jensen, Eric L. Iohansen, john D. Iohnson, Robert M. johnson. Sixth row: Iohn W. Kelly, Bill Kirkwood, Louis S. Ko- vash, Carl M. Kuhlman, Kenneth L. Lawrence, lack A. Lenertz, Bob E. Lenhardt, David S. Lindsey. Seventh row: Lou D. Lind- sey, Roger M. Long, Pete Manos, Lynn C. McGlothin, William R. McKay, Brian M. Milvain, Don G. Morgan, George H. Morse. Eighth row: Robert L. Mur- phy, Charles C. Neel, Her- bert L. Payne, Charles C. Perkins, Arch E. Perry, Ierry W. Plant, Parnell Privette, Edward F. Renner, Dan A. Riddell. Ninth row: Theodore I. Rinlcer, Ioe C. Savage, Steve F. Shaw, Thomas S. Simms, F. Duggan Smith, Iay C. Smith, Don C. Stephens, Bill Stewart, Allan F. Tatge. Tenth row: Richard H. Ter- rell, S. D. Turner, Ierry D. Vandel, Donald W. Watts. Gordon A. Welcher, George C. Wiese, Robert F. I. Wil- liams, Vern O. C. Wilson, Charles E. Wysong. Looking through the PiKA scrap- book of fraternity parties are George Wiese, Ioe Savage, Herb Payne, Ierry Williams and Charles Perkins, while they enjoy their new house. IERRY DoN WILLIAMS President 1201 South Elm 1 .L Yihtisz gaggk PI KAPP ALPHA Pi Kappa Alpha members strived to Win campus recognition for their frater- nity this year. The chapter won the Interfraternity council bowling trophy and the intramural golf trophy. The fraternity placed third in the University Sing contest and three PiKA members are student senate representatives. In the individual achievements department, George Hazelrigg is a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Tau Kappa, Xi Mu, Engineers club, Interfraternity council, student senate and is vice president of the Oklahoma Students associa- tion. National president of Xi Mu, George Wiese belongs to student senate, Phi Eta Sigma, university standing committee, Interfraternity council, St. Patis council, Petroleum Engineers club and Phi Eta Sigma. Other outstanding campus leaders include Gerry East, afhliated with Tau Beta Pi, Westminster foundation, Interfraternity council, Sigma Tau, Sigma Pi Sigma, Union Activities and Society of Engineering Physicists. jerry Williams is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, student senate, Interfraternity council, Sigma Theta Epsilon and Delta Sigma Pi. PiKA fraternity established Beta Omicron chapter on the OU campus in 1920, The national fraternity was founded at the University of Virginia in March, l868, and now consists of l27 chapters. Heading the fraternity as second semester president is Ierry Don Williams. He is assisted by Ioe Savage, vice president, Paul Hockersmith, secretary, and Gerry East, social chairman. Mrs. Velma Forck is the chapter's hostess. She and the members are still getting used to their new house, which was just com- pleted last year. OFFICERS President . . . . . IERRY DON WILLIAMS Vice President . , . . 1013 SAVAGE Secretary . , . . PAUL HOCKERSMITH Social Chairman . . . . GERRY EAST ,iv L IUIA CH PIER ..... Februar , 19 22 First row.' Mrs. Richard C. Levy, Stanley D. Aaronson, Mel N. Abend, Arnold Aber- son, Ronald S. Aks, lack W. Baker, Gary S. Beckerman, Larry Beekerman, Robert A. Bernstein. Second row: Bill Berry, Fred A. Bordman, Fred V. Braun, Larry C. Bresnick, Byron H. Capito, Kenneth R. Caplin, Richard I. Caplin, Richard S. Cohen, Clifton R. Cohn. Third row.' Donald H. Cop- lin, Barry M. Davis, Darryl B. Edelman, Sam H. Ester- kyn, Marshall S. Estrin, Carl Fagin, Charles L. Fagin, Rob- ert E. Flexner, Ike M. Foot- lick. Fourth row: Ronald L. Freed, Paul N. Gershon, Edward Goldin, Mike R. Goldman, A. David Goldstein, Howard D. Goldstein, Marvin Gold- stein, Don W. Greenberg, Ierry Heller. Fifth VOLUJ Bennett G. Horn- stein, Charles E. Hurwitz, Ronald P. Iaeobson, Stanford M. Ianger, Marvin L. Ioseph, Robert S. Ioseph, Phil B. Klein, Harry Klug, Irwin H. Kornleld. Sixth row: Leonard Krisman, Vic Ladd, Norman Landa, Alan I. Levine, Emil H. Le- vine, Irwin Marshall Levine, Iay L. Levine, Perry I. Levine, Allen L. Levy. Seventh row: Steve M. Levy, Bruce R. Magoon, Robert S. Marks, Bob M. Merson, Harry Merson, Barry I. Miller, Ierry M. Miller, Steven M. Mizel, Art Novak. Eighth row: Marshall M. Pearlstein, Ioe Pulaski, Henry R. Raskin, Sam T. Reyes, Benjamin D. Rosenberg, How- ard A. Rosenberg, Stephen A. Rothstein, Mark N. Rubin, Bob Sanditen. Ninth row: Allan A. Saxe, Harold Schneir, Mal Shafran, Michael A. Shrier, Richard A. Shulman, Alvin B. Sorkin, Stephen I. Smith, David G. Suckle. Tenth row: Phil A. Swartz, Ronald L. Weissman, Charles R. Wise, Donald I. Witt, Mike S. Wolfson, Henry G. Zapruder, Stephen I. Zeligson, Ierry D. Zitterman. Some late studying action with a very empty-headed friend is the endeavor of Pi Lam men Marvin Goldstein, Steve Rothstein, Leon- ard Krisman and Ierry Zitterman. STEVE A. IANGER President 1201 South College F -Q' 1 JHHM4 Pll MBD PHI With its impressive list of campus honors and activities, Iota chapter was named the outstanding Pi Lambda Phi chapter at the international Pi Lam convention this year. The chapter has several presidents of campus organiza- tions and for the second straight year a Pi Lam won the "Man of Distinctionn title. In 1957 Steve Ianger was selected for the honor and this fall Sam Esterkyn was crowned MOD. Major social activities of the fraternity include the traditional Homecoming weekend party sponsored by alumni, the Bowery party, the Birdland party and the annual spring house weekend. Founded at Yale University in 1895, Iota chapter came to the University of Oklahoma in 1922. Mrs. Corrine Levy has been chapter hostess for the last nine years, which is quite a long record for campus hostesses. Serving as officers second semester are Steve Ianger, president, Ioe Pulaski, vice presidentg Steve Rothstein, secretary, and Ierry Zitterman, social chairman. Campus organizations attracted many Pi Lam members. Steve Zeligson was vice president of Phi Alpha Delta, a member of the editorial board of the Okla- homa Law Review and judiciary council chairman of Interfraternity council. Darrel Edelman served as president of the Finance club. A BMOC, Max Berry was selected for Who's Who, president of Xi Mu and a member of Pi Sigma Alpha. Chapter president Steve Ianger is winner of Pi Lam outstanding athlete award, chairman of 1958 international Pi Lam convention in Los Angeles, a member of Interfraternity council and Hillel council. OFFICERS President . . ...... STEVE IANGER Vice President . . IERRY HELLER Secretary . . . . DICK RASKIN Social Chairman . . FRED BORDMAN F' 0KlAHOM KAPP cuivitn Uctoher, 1909 First row: Sam E. Allison, Robert W. Anderson, W. A. Baker, Bill E. Barnes, Thomas Brobyn, George A. Cathey, Charles P. Clark, Iohn I. Coates. Second row: Scott P. Coch- ran, William E. Coffey, Ray G. Collins, Max W. Craig, Ernie B. Day, Harvey C. Denison, Robert W. Dense Ir., William L. Deupree. Third row: Iames B. Dol- man, William I. Doyle III, Iohn W. Elias, Toby Engle- man, Ronald W. Fidler, A. David Fleming, William B. Fontaine, L. Dennis Fox- worthy. Fourth row: Iohn H. George, Robert R. Gilbert, Tom G. Graves, Verne E. GriHith, Richard A. Hall, Larry B. Hannah, Henry W. Harris, Ioe L. Hart. Fifth row.' Phillip B. Hart, Iames M. Hill, Iames L. Hines, Robert B. Holland Ir., Paul G. Huckins III, Iohnson, Kenneth R, Iohn- son, Michael C. Johnson. Sixth row: Robert B. Iones, Clifton H. Kees, Ted K. Krampf, Gilbert L. Lane, Graydon H. Laughbaum, Wil- liam R. Louis, Robert P. Luke, Robert T. Lyon. Seventh row: Richard G. Martin, Richard D. McLaugh- lin, Kenneth E. Miller, lack Mills, Ryan H. Morris, Iohn P. Murphy, Walter H. Myers, George W. Newton. Eighth row: Iohn R. Pau- kune, Ross U. Porter, Iohn L. Prendergast, Del W. Rentzel, Allie D. Reynolds, David C. Rice, I. B. Saunders, Robert G. Scholl. Ninth row: lim L. Self, Rob- ert L. Shaw, Fred C. Shields, Robert L. Simpson, Wayne I. Snyder, Neal F. Solliday, Carl N. Stover, Iames M. Sturdi- vant. Tenth row: James V. Teeger- strom, Dean B. Truitt, Ed- ward W. Von Holten, Thomas E. Walker, Gary K. Weeter, Winnie D. Wenrick, Ioel W. Woodburn, Regan R. Wright, Don M. Yeager. Getting together for a jazz session, Ross Roberts, Iohn McKinney, Iim Dolman and Max Craig fill the Sig Alph house with red hot rhythm and song. WILLIAM C. CHAPMAN President 730 South College SIGMA ALPHA EPSIl0 Intramurals and campus events claimed much attention of Sigma Alpha Ep- silon members. The fraternity won the intramural football championship and the SAE track and golf teams earned first place intramural titles. The fraternity came in second in the University Sing contest and fourth in scholarship compe- tition. In the field of social entertainment, the International ball is the chapteris biggest event of the year. Other major social activities are the fall formal, Brown Shoe party, Christmas party, Little Brother-Big Brother party and the Athletic party, with numerous informal house parties on the weekends. Roger Louis serves Sig Alph as president second semester. Other officers are Ion Ozmun, Vice presidentg Jim Dolman, secretary, and Toby Engleman, social chairman. A much beloved person at the house is Mrs. Don Cochran, who for the past 20 years has been hostess. Many campus leaders are to be found at the Sig Alph house. Roger Louis is president of Omicron Delta Kappa and Pe-et. He was selected as a campus personality and for Who's Who. Bill Chapman is a member of Interfraternity council, Scabbard and Blade, Phi Alpha Delta, Westminster fellowship and is a Distinguished Military Student. Iim Dolman is active in Interfraternity council, Union Activities and West- minster fellowship. Named outstanding NROTC freshman, Verne Griffith is a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Pe-et and Iunior Interfraternity council. Tim Guzzle is winner of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission fellowship in nuclear engineer- ing and a member of Sigma Pi Sigma. Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the University of Alabama in l856 and established Oklahoma Kappa chapter at OU in l909. A OFFICERS President . ..... BILL CHAPMAN Vice President . . . ROGER Louis Secretary . 4 . . . WARREN KICE Social Chairman . . . KERMIT SCHAFER SIGMA MPH CH PIER M 920 First row: Mrs. Sonia Brown, Larry I. Abels, Michael B. Ar- kin, Marshall S. Aronson, Martin L. Bernard, Larry G. Bernat, Marvin I. Bernstein. Second row: Alan M. Bren- ner, Leonard L. Buchsbaum, William S. Comroe, Irving S. Cooper, Norman F. Dritch, William H. Eisenkramer, James D. Feuerstein. Third row: Howard D. Frank, Ben N. Freidberg, Ierry Freidberg, Bob S. Gold- berg, Ival I. Goldstein, Rich- ard H. Goldwyn, Sidney I. Gorelick. Fourth row: Donald M. Graubart, Mark I. Greenberg, Ronald L. Iacohs, Ierome H. Katz, Eddie A. Kern, Ierry A. Klinock, Iarold L. Kohll. Fifth row: Iulius Kruger, Mel Levine, Ken H. Levy, Robert S. Lipton, Anthony I. Loeb, Melvin P. Meyers, Harris M. Miller. Sixth row: William S. Moses, Vincent M. Nathan, jerry H. Pass, Bruce H. Plutchok, Earl M. Schenberg, Sol Schwartz, Ierald M. Schuman. Seventh row: Robert M. Schwartz, Stephen A. Sher- man, David E. Shusterman, Phillip Simon, Samuel L. Ski- bell, Larry Stauber, Phil N. Sureck. Eighth row: Michael I. Tack, Paul S. Toltz, Wade L. Utay, Ronald Viner, Donald Web- ber, Paul E. Weinstein, Allan R. Wilk, Milton M. Wolf. Steve Sherman, Mel Levine and Howard Frank get into the swing of Western Week by trying their luck at five-card stud-a game ev- ery cowboy should master. IRV M. KAUFFMAN President 524 West Brooks ,714-fr . r,m 'E ' i x SIGMA ALPHA MU Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity was first established at the City College of New York in November, l909. Fifty-five chapters now wear the colors of purple and white. Sigma Alpha chapter was founded at the University of Oklahoma in May, l920. Mrs. Sonia Brown has been hostess for the last eleven years, one of the longest periods that a hostess has served on the Sooner campus. In addition to the usual number of informal weekend parties, SAM members entertained dates with their annual Casino party, the Winter formal and the Sammy spring house party. Campus activities had their share of participation from SAM members this year. The fraternity was presented the Campus Chest trophy for the most dona- tions during the annual school drive this fall. For the third consecutive year, the president of Hillel foundation has been a Sammy, with Sol Schwartz holding the office this school season. The fraternity also has two student senators, Ed Kern and lval Goldstein. Serving as second semester officers of Sigma Alpha chapter are Howard Frank, president, Mel Levine, vice president, L. W. Heyman, secretary, and Ken Levy, social chairman. Outstanding members of SAM include Irv Kauffman, chapter president and vice president of Alpha Delta Sigma, student advertising manager of the Okla- homa Daily and of the Student Directory, and Hillel executive committee member. A Eddie Kern is scholarship chairman of lnterfraternity council and a member of student senate and Homecoming committee. Also a member of IFC, Ioel Carson assisted with Campus Chest and Union Events committees. OFFICERS President ........ IRV KAUFFMAN Vice President . . HOWARD FRANK Secretary . . . . . TONY LOEB Social Chairman . . STEVE SHERMAN BET KAPP CHAPTER ..... March, 1912 First row: Richard M. Ad- ams, Ken Adler, Iim W. Alex- ander, Tod F. Almquist, Iohn K. Baker, Wilson Baptist, Hugh I. Barrett, Gary D. Beavers. Second row.' Stanley I. Bet- zer, Curtis O. Bohlman, Wil- liam C. Bonney, Gerald E. Borelli, Gene W. Bowers, Sam K. Bradshaw, Tommy W. Brashear, Thomas H. Bright Ir. Third row: B. Daryl Bristow, Gaylon Brown, Kenneth D. Burke, Don E. Cannon, Lanny R. Collier, Dennis O. Cub- bage, Curtis L. C u l v e r , Thomas E. Davie Ir. Fourth row: Iohn M. Draper, Mike A. Drea, Bob Duncan, Thomas M. Egan Ir., Bob Goble, Albert C. Golden, Iohn F. Groves, William D. Hallman. Fifth row: Iim I. Harkness, Eddie Harper, I. Dock Har- rell, Gary L. Higdon, Bill I. Hoag, Willis Dwayne How- ard, Iames Paul Hunt, Iohn M. Imel. Sixth row: Iohn B. Iarboe, Robert A. Kadane, Fred W. Lankard, Ernest C. Leonard, Lee A. Leslie, Iack W. Love, Richard B. Mason, Ike May- held. Seventh row: Nolle A. Mc- Clanahan, Mike E. McCur- tain, I. Kent Messamore, Richard E. Minshall, Hugh L. Murtha, Odie A. Nance, Lee Nash, Donald R. Noakes. Eighth row: Larry Oliver, Major W. Park, Ted N. Pool, Gene Louis Rogers, Don I. Rorschach, Robert F. Ross, David S. Shanks, E. Gayle Sheridan. Ninth row: lim A. Sinex, Da- vid A. Spencer, Iohn H. Ste- phenson, Donald M. Steven- son, Harold M. Stewart, Bruce G. Swaine, Bob Thrope, Roger W. Trekell. Tenth row: Victor L. Wal- lace, Earl C. Webb, Iames S. Welch, Thomas H. Welch, Rod Wiese, Donald E. Wil- son, Frank W. Worley, Dean G. Zervas. Hard at work thinking of an ap- propriate picture for their year- book fraternity feature are Bob Goble, Tom Welch, Richard Min- shall, Doug Beavers and Mike Meagher. DONALD BRADSHAW President 558 South University Blvd. SIGMA IIHI Organization presidents and campus leaders are numerous at the Sigma Chi house. Members have a high rate of participation in university events as they round out the social and academic phases of college life. President of Interfraternity council, Harold M. "Butch', Stewart is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Sooner Shamrock staH, Institute of Aeronautical Sci- ences and Union Activities. He was selected for Whois Who and BMOC. Lynn Barrett served as secretary of IFC, a member of St. Pat's council, the Sooner Shamrock staff and Society of Geological Engineers. Stan Betzer is a BMOC, campus personality, Who,s Who and Distinguished Military Student. He is affiliated with Pe-et, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Phi Alpha, Union Activities and was chairman of Frontier Week, COR and vice president of the student senate. Fraternity president Don Brad- shaw is a member of ODK, Scabbard and Blade, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, student senate and Society for American Military Engineers. The social side of student life was not to be forgotten as Sigma Chi members entertained with their Bermuda Beach party, Viking party, Baby bawl, Western party and Sweetheart ball. Again this winter the fraternity and Pi Beta Phi sorority were hosts to an orphans, home for their annual Christmas party. Cecil Carson was Santa and the highlight of the evening was his passing out gifts and candy. Bob Goble is second semester president of Sigma Chi, with Gary Higdon as vice president, Mike McCurtain, secretary, and Kerry Baker, social chairman. Mrs. Louise Neal has just completed her hrst year as Beta Kappa hostess. OFFICERS President . . . DON BRADSHAW Vice President . . . GARY HIGDON Secretary . . . MIKE MCCURTAIN Social Chairman . . . CHARLES PRATHER DELTA EPSIl0 CHAPTER ..... Januar , 1909 First row: Peter D. Adams. Robert Andrews, Robert C. Arnold Ir., Robert E. Bab- cock, David Barber, William E. Bates, Roy F. Bennett, Dan G. Blake, Milton Blake, Dave C. Blevins. Second row: Robert H. Bliss, Don F. Boyer, Bruce N. Brantley, William B r i g g s , Douglas D. Brown, Robert T. Buck, Owen L. Butler, Virgil H. Butler, Donald H. Camp- bell, Iohn M. Carney. Third row: Paul Chandler, Rex W. Chandler, William S. Clark, Gordon Collet, Bob I. Corns, Charles W. Cossey, Iames D. Cossey, Dennis Cross, Donald Cross, Tim I. Crowley. Fourth row: Iay Davis, Craig DeSilvia, Dewayne Dotson, Ioe Bob Drake, Iack E. Duffy, Iohn R. Dunkin, Frank Duper- ier, Bennett Easterling, Rob- ert T. Ellzey Ir., Carl D. El- more. Fifth row: Iohn C. Evans, Ioe P. Farr, Thomas G. For- ney, Richard Garlick, Cecil R. Gilcrease, DeWitt C. Goff, Iack Lee Haskins, Iohn R. Helton, Tonnie Hendrickson, Del H. Hodges. Sixth row: Abie Iay Holbert, Dale E. Hollis, Iarnes C. Hoopes, Iames W. Howard, Thomas Hower Ir., Harold B. Hoyt, Henry R. Hurd, Hal Lee Hurst, Clark Hyde, Her- bert A. Iohnson. Seventh row: Robert I. Iohn- ston, Chris E. Kauffman, Dick L. Lambertz, Charles W. Lechner, Larry I. Lermo, Ron- nie Licklider, Phillip I. Loh- mann, Dick Lowry, Iim Man- tooth, William C. McAlister. Eighth row: Robert B. Mc- Alpine, Thad McLaurin, Mi- chael Lee McNally, Dave Meacham, Mike Monroe, Ralph L. Morrison Ir., David W. Oakley, Tom R. Padg- ham, Bradford S. Page, Andy D. Phillips, Robert A. Pope. Ninth row: Iim S. Powers, Tommy Simms Raley, Don Randall, Buzzy Rhodes, Keith C. Robinson, Iohn C. Saari, Iack E. Schroyer, Bill Schulz, Robert L. Schwartz, Samuel B. Serio Ir., Don M. Spradlin. Tenth row: Edwin I. Stahl, Eugene M. Steele, Ronald I. Steele, Iames E. Stephenson, Iamcs G. Tanner, Shelley Taylor, Kenneth L. Teel, Roger L. Teigen, William G. Townsend, Ion H. Trudgeon, Ioe M. Walters. Eleventh row: Don D. War- rick, Carl A. Wheeler, Rex White, Iohnnie C. Williams, Cye Wilson, Steve Winder, Ion R. Withrow, Dick L. Wright, Iohn R. Wyant, War- ren F. Young, Don T. Zach- ritz. The Sigma Nu refrigerator is hav- ing a rough time of it as Ken Teel, Dave Blevins, Rex White and im Cosse head a late eve- . I .. Y ning raiding party. WARREN H. DUNNINGTON President 1300 South College i r . N" 'N- SIGMA U The Sigma Nu Border dance is one of the oldest social traditions on the Sooner campus. The Western party lasts one Weekend in the spring and frater- nity members go all out for the occasion-cowboy attire and atmosphere. The event began 40 years ago. Other chapter entertainment includes the fall White Rose formal held in the fraternity house, the pledge party, Christmas party and the annual Triad formal given with Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Phi Gamma Delta fraternities. Second semester officers of Sigma Nu are Iames D. Cossey, president, Mike Carney, vice president, John R. Dunkin, secretary, and Abie Holbert, social chairman. Mrs. Maxie F. Cooper has been chapter hostess for two years. Sigma Nu was organized at Virginia Military Institute in 1869. At present 124 chapters Wear the colors of black, white and gold. In Ianuary, 1909, Delta Epsilon chapter Was founded at OU, and this spring the members celebrated its 50th anniversary. Campus activities received a large share of attention from Sigma Nu members. Charles "Chuck', Cossey participated in Campus Chest, Homecoming, Inter- faternity council and Union Activities. He was selected as BMOC, Whois Who and Campus Personality. Also a BMOC, Mike McNally served as vice presi- dent of the Interfraternity council. Warren Dunnington, chapter president, was Division Commander of the Army ROTC, member of Association of United States Army, and captain of Scabbard and Blade. A battalion commander of NROTC, Bill Clark was chair- man of the Naval ball. 0 F F I C E RS President ...... WARREN DUNNINGTON as Vice President . . . IAMES D. COSSEY Secretary .... . PAUL CHANDLER Social Chairman . . . DEL HODGES rf' 1 if . , ., .,,,. , ww ..,, t K 0 ,,.. ... V fd?mg,,M,WM V , 1' Af 'f,,,-'. .V ' ' s-V'L' A-Z?.7.a,.L,,,...,,,W A pp he A ... .,. . .. 517 . Wg, S f" A W , " af' naar., ,ff Li- ,- f an N-44 BETA CHAPTER June, 1946 First row: Mrs. Elizabeth Gossom, Frank A. Anderton Ir., Phil C. Baker, George N. Barry, Neil K. Barton, Iohn M. Belanger, Philip Brougher. Second row: Bert D. Bucher, Thad C. Carver, Kenneth W. Challin, Dewey I. Chapman, Bob L. Clearwater, Stephen F. Cox, Ray L. Craig. Third row: La Mar Creas- man, Iohn M. Deen, Frank E. Dicus, Charles W. Dissly, Rod A. Dorr, Charles P. Downs, Gary Don Duke. Fourth row: William H. Dunford, Robert A. Durant, Bill D. Dye, Donald C. Far- mer, Forrest L. Frueh, Iohn W. Gaines, Lester P. Hansen. Fifth row: Larry W. Hill, Frank Huntington, Iohn M. Hutto, Robert M. Iernigan. Iohn E. Lacy, William H. Lee, lack Ledbetter Ir. Sixth row: Loy Deane Little- held, Orvil L. Locke, Law- rence I. Marshall, Tom M. McCraw, F. Lovell McMillin, Ierry W. McNeely, Willis P. Miller. Seventh row: Iimmie K. Morehead, james W. Mouser, Rodney E. Newland, Don Bruce Oliver, Phillip O. Pfan- schmidt, Ben H. Primrose, Stuart L. Reichert. Eighth row: Iohn H. Rich- ardson, Perry W. Russell, Ierry M. Shaw, Robert M. Shaw, Tom Soukas, Roy Ed- gar Stiner, John B. Stout. Ninth row.' Alfred I. Strentzsch, Richard S. Stringer, Robert F. Swarts, Wayne H. Theus, Ioe Allen Williams, Donald L. Young. "And the one that got away-," explains Thad Carver to Phil Pfanschmidt, Mrs. K. D. Gossom, hostess, I. K. Morehead and Bill Dunlord in the Sig Ep recreation room. WILLIAM B. TIFFANY President 518 South University Blvd. ,,,.i, .. S 5 .?"' SIGMA PHI EPSIIII House plans, construction contracts and new facilities are the topics of con- versation at the Sigma Phi Epsilon house. The fraternity has completed the purchase of a lot in the 1300 block of South Elm and plans are nearing com- pletion for the erection oi a new chapter house in the near future. First established at Richmond College, Richmond, Va., in November, l9Ol, Sigma Phi Epsilon has grown to include 153 chapters. In l946 Beta chapter was founded at the University of Oklahoma. Mrs. K. D. Gossom is hostess for the affiliate. , Members taking an active part in campus organizations include Lovell Mc- Millin, intramural Wrestling champion for four years, member ol student sen- ate, Phi Alpha Delta and past president of Interfraternity council, Phil Brougher, member of varsity swimming team, and Ken Burd, Buddy Russel and Bill Dissly, members of varsity athletic teams. Vice president of Pe-et, Bill TiHany was a Rhodes Scholarship finalist, se- lected for Who's Who, BMOC and campus personality. He is a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Union Activities and Omicron Delta Kappa. Phil Pfanschmidt is an OU cheerleader and member of Arnold Air society. High on the list of Sig Ep social events is the annual Girl of the Golden Heart formal, when the chapteris sweetheart is crowned. This fall the honor went to Bunny Morrison, Gamma Phi Beta. Included in the social list are the fraternity's Victory party, Las Vegas costume party, Christmas dance, Charles Addams Monster costume party and spring formal. Sig Ep annually is host for a Christmas party given for an Oklahoma City orphans, home. OFFICERS President ....... WILLIAM TIFFANY Vice President . . . LESTER HANSEN Secretary . . . . AL STRENTZSCH Social Chairman . . JIM MOREHEAD LPHA RHO CHAPTER March, 1948 First row: Luis Ayala, Iohn A. Dye, Bud Goza, Iames H. Hammond. Second row: Don H. Hanson, Richard H. Holley, Craig K. Kyle, Carl H. Mead. Third row: Robert F. Milam, Ralph II. Oehsner, Thomas F. Peak, Robert L. Pottholl. Fourth row: jimmy Ray Spencer, Frank Spooner, An- tonio Torres. Fifth row: Donald Hart Wie' sen, lim Willett, Iames C. Wilson. , 45 Jw 1, x A lively game of ping pong is al- ways on the agenda of Theta Xi members Frank Spooner, Rob Mi- lam, Bud Goza and Iim Willett, as they engage in combat. IOE B. THURSTON President 111 East Boyd THET XI From the local debate society Sigma Delta, Theta Xi fraternity was founded at Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, on April 29, l864. Since its beginning, the fraternity has added 58 chapters wearing the colors of azure blue and white. Alpha Rho chapter came to OU in March, 1948. Mrs. E. N. Woodard has been hostess since the aFF1liate was established. John Dye is serving Theta Xi as president during the second semester. Assist- ing him are Richard Holley, vice president, Don Hanson, secretary, and Frank Spooner, social chairman. Social events of the fraternity this year included the annual pledge-member party given by the pledge class, Nit-wit costume ball, Founderis Day banquet sponsored by chapter alumni and the Mother's Day celebration. In addition, Alpha Rho chapter entertained with informal house parties and get-togethers after home football games. On the philanthropic side, the Theta Xi pledge class worked hard to have 100 per cent participation in the collection for the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. Campus activities were enjoyed by many Theta Xi members as they partici- pated in organizations and events. Richard H. Holley is a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Canterbury association and KUVY radio staff. Richard Hedlund is affiliated with Sigma Gamma Epsilon, and Antonio Torres is a member of the Student Chapter of American Institute of Architects, Spanish club, Newman club and Rui-Neks pep club. OFFICERS President ......... JOE THURSTON Vice President . . . TOM PEAK Secretary . . . . . IOHN DYE Social Chairman . . FRANK SPOONER Finals ma-an study time, as Delta Up:,iIm1 prcsidcm Bob Schwartz hits lhc buokb o::r1e:r1's dorrns 523 Residential Hall Niemann Apartments THE H0 SI 6 PRUGR University housing living is quite an experience-one in which all freshmen participate. Living conditions jump from a small family of a few brothers and sisters to a large dorm of classmates and friends. From the point of view of student health, academic, social and physical welfare, the universityis housing is among the finest in the nation. The new dormitories are designed to house 52 students of their own age and class. Constructed to furnish the maximum incentive and convenience for the stu- dents, Woodrow Wilson Center and Cross Center for men and the Women's Quadrangle offer complete cafeteria and recreation-social areas. These pro- vide opportunities for students to meet and make friends with residents of other houses. Each university house has a resident counselor, who is usually a graduate student or a senior in counseling, law, engineering or kindred fields. This person is responsible to the university for the social, academic, moral and spiritual welfare of the students. Each dorm unit has its own house government. Residents in the house are responsible for the way the house functions. At the beginning of the fall semester, each dorm elects officers who maintain the house government and plan social, academic, spiritual and recreational programs. The university maintains Cross Center for men, new housing unit which houses the majority of OU's freshman and upperclass meng Woodrow Wilson Center, for freshman and upperclass men, Womenis Quadrangle, for freshman and upperclass women, and Whitehand hall, Iefferson house and Residential halls for upperclass men. For married students, the university provides Parkview apartments, 244 apartment areag Niemann apartments and Sooner City housing units. This spring an additional X-shaped unit was completed so that the Quad- rangle now has a capacity of 1000 coeds. The new dorm has a central lobby connecting the four houses, each of which has its own lounge area. The entire building is centrally heated and air-conditioned with occupants of each room able to control their own temperature by means of a thermostat. Cross Center and the Women's Quadrangle have similar accommodations which include for each room: built-in study desks of contemporary design, book cases, study chairs, beds with under-bed drawers for storage, a large closet for each student, chest of drawers, lounge chair and intercommunication Whiteliand Ilall s stem. yLaundry facilities are provided in both housing areas. In addition, laundro- mats are conveniently located near the dorms. All students live in university housing, with the exception of those who are working for room, commuting or living with relatives, or upperclass students who live in fraternity or sorority houses. Iefferson House mmmzuwff ,,,, rr-N f-ffwzw-Mizaasvmwwramsww,.-ta'a..UQ....4.amwt a. ' t,,. Q, 1 - 1"'9 rw L s 4 . sl, - vu., :ii "'M' 1 3 15-war y K 2 az , . , 1 A J .....,.,,.,,.f..,,. ..,,2.L,.QA. fm, L, Nm,--.VA A f '-'Av-::r'l"wA"' "M 'x ' ,M Y ,,, ,HN ,JV .M , M , ,. M. ., ,Na v , 4 1 ., 1. umm , MA: -xg? 151, f. i K' 2 .r, .N UALM' n A 11,.:M,.f A '?39iQQ2igQ1iE2-L ' gsgffgil gm- Q-11: X w 'wg - f ,1,. ,,,.L Q., . wi K1 11, V L, 0 H-', W A L , Z x Taking time out for a social visit are Quad President council ofHcers Miss Betty Bob Angerman, Ruth Ann Steele, Carolyn Maddry, Gwenith Williams and Judy Mitchell. OFFICERS President . . ..... CAROLYN MADDRY Vice President . . . RUTH ANN STEELE Secretary . . GXVENITH WILLIAMS Treasurer . . . ..., JUDY MITCHELL Faculty Sponsor . . . Miss BETTY BOB ANGERMAN First row: Nancy Lee, Iudy Mitchell, Ruth Ann Steele, Miss Betty Bob Angerman, Carolyn Maddry, Gwenith Williams, Paula Godfrey, Gwyn Lacey. Second row: Beverly Lunn, Lillie lluadrangle Presidents Council The Quadrangle Presidentis council holds its meet- ings weekly in the Quadrangle lounge. The council membership is made up of the elected presidents of individual houses, and the members must be inde- pendents with a grade average of 2.5 or better. The council was organized seven years ago for the purpose of promoting unity and co-operation among the coed houses and with the faculty. The principal aim of the council is to represent and govern the lOO0 girls living in the 20 individual houses of the Quad- rangle. Some of the social activities which the Presidentis council has helped to promote are: Homecoming fes- tivities, Dad's Day, Motheris Weekend, Hanging of the Greens, Spring dance, Quad-Woodrow Wilson Center Carnival, Cross Center-Quad banquet, and periodic guest dinners. Another job of the council is handling the judicial discipline of the girls in the Quadrangle. The presi- dent of the council, the vice-president of the Associa- tion of Women Students and four presidents of girls, dorms make up the judicial board. Girls charged with excessive campuses or a major lateness are required to appear before the board. Miss Betty Bob Angerman, the assistant director of Womenis affairs, is doing a fine job as faculty sponsor. Webb, Iudy Watson, Bete Tappella, Bertelea Miller, Ian Burg- graf, Sherrilyn Colclasure, Karen Kinsler, Ianet Elias, Patti Drew, Pat Holley, Marge Thurston, Io Ackley. . 5,1-.1 ,ar ,V ,nu 'ITD Q 1-my r We ar '2 as Qi V First row: Ianet Iohnson, Caroline Abbott, Ioyce Lewis, Iudy I. Iohnston, Linda Bruch, Susan Weems, Iackie Suckle, Margaret Harris, Mary K. Denny. Second row: Bertelea Miller, Iudy Brence, Anne Robbins, Carol A. Harkins, Marcia Swesnik, Cyn- thia I. Medcalf, Ioyce Foster, counselor, Tannye Beckerman, Patricia D. Rose, Betty Gallemore, Nancy Parker, Sue Rose, Floyanne Griffin. Third row: Yvonne Ittner, Carol Toma, DAVIS H0 SE Davis activities for this year have been highlighted by numerous dances for several men,s dorms, a Hal- loween party, birthday parties, Christmas parties, and skits put on by each dorm fioor. At Christmas time Davis house provided food for a family they adopted. Davis house residents were active on the campus. Cindy Kite was a nominee for Ruf-Nek Queen, Home- coming Queen, and Pep Club Queen. A candidate for Naval ROTC Queen and Yearbook Beauty Queen was Tannye Beckerman. Paulette Akers placed third in the Indian princess contest. Patti Rose served as stu- dent senator. Tanna Harris was a representative in the Army ROTC Queen contest and president of Sig- ma Delta Tau pledge class. Davis House is named for Alice Brown Davis, the only woman ever elected chief of one of the Five Civil- ized Tribes-chief of the Seminoles. All in all, it has been a very good year. Living to- gether in the dorm has brought girls with different types of personality and different backgrounds to- gether into one group. True, there were differences, but each girl, being a freshman, had one aim in com- mon, and that was to "make goodv at college. The girls at Davis house living together as a unit, sharing similar heartaches and fun, have been able to achieve this. I ' -1433 " Mary Weatherly, Betty Pendergraft, Doris Cox, Karyn I. An- thony, Doris Watkins, Pat Cooke, Sally A. Holt, Ann Kittereclge, Iudy Kimball, Pat Logue, Cindy Kite, Sharon Hardin. Fourth row: Sharon A. Howard, Sharlee Brown, Carole Brown, Frances Davis, Paulette Akers, Iudi Bond, Trellys Wilson, Clariette Ben- dorf, Tanya Harris, Lynthia Nicklas, Linda Berg, Susan Licht, Ioan Vedder, Linda Amerman. , 'GMBH-Fr' A a 1.-Q Catching up on the latest gossip, Trellys Wilson, Pat Cooke and Iudy Kimball keep the night lights burning at Davis house. OFFICERS President . . . . BERTELEA I. MILLER Vice President . . . . IOAN VEDDER Secretary . . . . YVONNE TTTNER Social Chairman . . . IOAN VEDDER Intramurals Chairman . . CAROL STEPHENS ISA Representative . . . IUDY KIMBALL Getting ready for class is a big job! At Forbes house Diana Winston, Nancy Baker and Flora Ann Mills go through the daily routine. 0 F F I C E RS President . . ..... . NANCY LEE Vice President . . CHUBBY SCOTT Secretary . . . BEA BARNES Treasurer ..... . VICKI ALSTON Intramurals Chairman . . . NANCY BAKER ISA Representative . . MYRNA LEMMONS First row: Laura Thurston, Myrna Lemmons, Martha Phelps, Susan Groh, Ianie Morrison, Ianice Franz, Sadie Saddoris, Chub- by Scott, Vickie Alston, Mary Ann Wright, Martha Lowell Smith. Second row: Brenda Miller, Nancy Lee, Tommie Lou Levi, Theresa Marie Alberta, Kaye Finkenbinder, Nancy Hok- lotubbe, counselor, Claudette Slaughter, Barbara Barnes, Betty L. Cooksey, Sara Hill, Anne McKnight. Third row: Barbara Bohan, Diana Winston, Betty Bohan, Diane Nelson, Wanda HIRBES HUUSIE One of the outstanding social events of the year at Forbes house was their Christmas party. This was not a date party but only attended by the girls in the dorm. Unusual inexpensive presents were exchanged among the residents and funny costumes were worn by all the girls on one Hoor. During the year on Tuesday nights mixers were held with Residential Halls, Kitch- ens house, and Buchanan house from 6 to 8 p.m. Chubby Scott served as house social chairman. The girls of Forbes house adopted a needy family and each resident brought food for a box which was taken to the home at Christmas time. Decorating the outside windows for special holidays and events was not enough for the dorm members. They would decorate the downstairs lounge, their in- dividual rooms and also their outside windows. It was a colorful sight around Forbes house during the holi- days. Forbes house was named for Minnie May Forbes, a faculty member from l923-33. Nancy Hoklotubbe, a graduate student from Hart- shorne, Oklahoma, is serving Forbes house as coun- selor. She was ably assisted by the student oflicers of the dorm and the co-operation of the dorm as a unit. The dorm participated in volleyball, speedball, and tennis intramurals. Oliver, Emma Ruth Petty, Wanda McCoy, Connie Greenwood, Sarah Willsie, Grace Harmon, Emmy Meehan, Nancy Iane Baker, Flora Ann Mills, Betsy Lewis. Fourth row: Coleen Lucas, Maris Walton, D'Ann O'Shea, Caryl Ann Pearlman, Cynthia Cooley, Shery Scott, Danys London, Iune Leibenderfer, Sherron Shea, Iudy Clark, Kathleen Flanagan, Melady Arm- strong. ...Q , . y Y i .. 7 7 '59 R, if - , si Saw Bi F ' i i We-'i' v' ii s 1 1 E Q . , i v qv M ti T . First row.' Mila Mae Campbell, Gloria lean Robinson, Iolene Dunn, Donnie Day, Mary L. Williams, Linda Campbell, Yetta Kalpin, Sallie Anderson, Betty Permetter, Lillie Bynes. Second row: Neva Readis, Barbara Lee Parks, Kristin B. I-lesser, Eileen Matthews. Billie Iean Cacy, Nona Cowan, counselor, Sandy Serkes, Mary Phillips, Diane Eoff, Gloria Marie Carter. Third row: Dorthea Goff, Nancy Moseley, Sara Ieflrey, Ioyce Pospisil, FRA Kll H0 SE The girls in Franklin house had a successful 1958-59 term. Barbara Parks served as Franklin's representa- tive to WRA. Val Sterling was ISA queen finalist and a yearbook beauty nominee. Other outstanding mem- bers of the dorm were Tobi Thompson, UAB Research and Development committee memberg Kay Blake, Campus Editor of the Daily during the first eight weeks of second semesterg and Linda Campbell, ROTC Honorary Cadet Colonel finalist. Parties were held in the dorm lounge with White- hand house, Residential halls, and Irving house. The girls looked forward to the parties and social chairman Io Ackley had an entertaining calendar set for the house. A Christmas party was held only for the girls in the dorm. Presents were exchanged between room- mates and after the party the girls took a basket of presents and a Christmas tree to a needy family during the holidays. Franklin house residents have been active this year in intramural sports, Several of the girls also entered the bridge tournament and were quite successful. Nona Cowan, a graduate student in the education school from Oklahoma City, is counseling Franklin this year. Birthdays, engagements, and "drops,, were cele- brated with enthusiasm in Franklin house. Birthdays and drops meant parties, while engagements usually put the showers in operation. -12' L Martha Heinen, Tobi Lynn Thompson, Susan E. Smith, Valerie Sterling, Marilyn Hollis, Yetta Rousek, Rosemary Bohnenblust. Fourth row: Ioyce Elaine Aldridge, Ramona Melton, Ianice Ser- vice, Linda Green, Ann Comfort, Ioyce Argrow, Patt Williamson, Io Ackley, Ella Fern Ray, Diane Stecker, Diane Taylor, Mary Lou Lange. At Franklin house, Valerie Sterling, Curtis Bohlman, Linda Campbell and Fred Blocklinger prove that studying is more fun when it is done in pairs. OFFICERS President .......... DIANE TAYLOR Vice President and Social Chairman . . Io ACKLEY Secretary ......... LINDA CAMPBELL Treasurer ..... . BILLIE IEAN CACY Intramurals Chairman . . BARBARA PARKS Q a l - 1 ' Q What every young coed should know Lynn Biggers, Hamill counselor, explains the university regulations and rules to Bette Tappella and Chris Seeling. OFFICERS President . . .... BETTE JANE TAPPELLA Vice President . . . . ELAINE LLOYD Secretary . . . . PHYLISS WILKE Social Chairman . . . . ELAINE LLOYD Intramurals Chairman . .... JUDY LEWIS ISA Representative . . . CAROLYN DELAUGI-ITER First row: LaCrecia Albright, Io Ellyn Dolezal, Karen Dale Ream, Gwen Brown, Rita Zoblotsky, Linda Winer, Sue Richards, Tweed Brooks, Phyliss Wilke. Second row: Elsa Alexander, Sharon Braden, Ianet Gayle Crum, Ian Wantland, Gail Airoldi, Sue L. Flaugher, Ruth Ann Steele, Lynn Biggers, counselor, Sheila Prebish, Felice Seligson, Melanie Schwanbeck, Mary Ella Logan, Ruth Ann Sherwood. Third row: Barbara Ianet Ka- menesky, Iulie Baer, Marlene Ioyce Kamenesky, Marilyn E. i I i 4 HAMIll HUUSE Activities in Hamill house have been in full swing this year from the very start. The girls looked forward to the several mixers held with Cross Center houses. The annual coffee for Dad,s Day was held in the fall. During December to add to the holiday season the girls gave a dorm Christmas party. Hamill house has girls from many places in the U.S. and two girls from foreign countries. Maria Caputto came to OU from Argentina and Sue L. Elaugher hails from Venezuela where her father is employed by an oil company. There is certainly no shortage for beauties in the dorm. Phyliss Wilke represented the dorm in the Homecoming Queen contest. Iudy Wright was nomi- nated for Yearbook Beauty Queen. Cindy Gamel was selected as ROTC Honorary Cadet Major and Ianet Crum was representative for NROTC Queen. Hamill house was named for Helen H. Hamill, a faculty member from 1922-45. The girls at Hamill although from many different places have come to know their dorm as a "home away from homen and will be sorry in a way when the school year ends and next year they will be scattered over the campus in many houses. Moorehead, Brenda Puckett, Suzanne Rolle, Bonnie Hawkins, Dena Sureck, Chris Seeling, Marilyn Arky, Carolyn Pratt, Iudith Ann Lewis, Berenice Fagin, Ioy Leslie. Fourth row: Cindy Gamel, Marcia Goodall, Pat Tait, Ginny Heffernan, Sandra Knebel, Sheila Glasser, Ioanne Eiron, Bette Tappella, Elaine Lloyd, Pat Ann McCaHerty, Maria del Carmen Caputto, Marilyn Hicks, Carolyn A. DeLaughter, Iudy Wright. 530 9 I- 1553 First row: Sheron Murray, Barbara Daily, Iudy Beard, Fran Lander, Pat Garrison, Ann Gallagher, Pat McMahon, Nancy Baldwin, Sandra Fox, Iudy Iohnston, Patsy Carson. Second row: Emily Kadane, lane Winstead, Carolyn Olson, Francie Bonds, Susan Crank, Gloria Odom, Maryle Council, counselor, Linda Barker, Donna Shubert, Robbie Tiffany, Karen Kirton, Betty Buckwalter. Third row: Lillian Overlees, Lynn Sehurman, HERRICK H0 SIE Herrick house-this name means a lot to the girls who lived there this year. It holds memories of many laughs and happy moments such as get-togethers after house meetings, dance sessions, card games, and midnight escapades. Also, it will be hard to forget the food shortage after hours when peanut butter and crackers sounded good. ' There was certainly no shortage for beauties in Her- rick house. Ann Gallagher, lean Sorrell, Linda Mar- tin, Barbara Bungardt and Pat Mallon were candidates for Yearbook Beauty Queens. Patti Drew was a nomi- nee for Ice Queen. Besides being a beauty nominee Ann Gallagher was vice president of her Pi Phi pledge class. Barbara Holland, another dorm member, was Alpha Gamma Delta pledge class president. Looking back over the year, there is one person that will always hold a big place in all hearts and she is Maryle Council, house counselor. Herrick girls can never forget how she helped solve all little dilemmas such as homesickness and study problems. Those who have friends are rich. Herrick house girls shall always be rich for during the year their many experiences helped form lasting friendships which each girl will cherish for many years to come. Marcia Oser, Simone P. Kahn, Ann Whybark, B. I. Bushman, Linda Laughery, Barbara Holland, lane Davis, Lynne Thomp- son, Patricia Deaver, Martha Moore, Kitty McDonald. Fourth row: Iudy Gardner, Iuanita Wherry, lean Sorrell, Karen Dan- nehl, Roma Owens, Carole Linebarger, Sheila Carafiol, Barbara Bungardt, Loma Iurek, Charlotte Wall, Ieanine Dreisker, Patti Drew. Proving that homework comes first, Patti Drew takes out time to iron while Patricia Deaver and B. I. Bushman continue read- ing their lessons. OFFICERS President . . ....... PATTI DREW Vice President . . ROBBIE TIFFANY Secretary .... . PATRICIA DEAVER AWS Representative . . . ANN WHYBARK WRA Representative . . B. BUSHMAN ISA Representative . . IUDY WENJE The gals at Holman house keep the postman busy as they send and receive loads of letters such as Mary Phillips, Ginger Saw- yer and Kay Campbell. OFFICERS President . . ..... . JUDY WATSON Vice President . . . JUDY DAVIS Secretary . . . . COLEEN HEFTY Social Chairman . . . . IUDY DAVIS Intramurals Chairman . . . GINGER SAWYER ISA Representative . . . SUZY BLAIR First row: Nancy Kelly, Linda Cohn, Hedra Glass, Ann Beard, Iudy Watson, Iudy Davis, Betty C. Coombs, Iudy Reed, Ian Iacobson, Marion Scivally, Ianice Blake. Second row: Coleen Hefty, Mary Ellen Thompson, Ann Stovall, Kay Mullins, Sherli Iohnston, counselor, Mary Phillips, Ida Gene Bloomston, Phyllis I. Kriss, Lana Kallmeyer, Barbara Robinowitz. Third row: Iackie Dull, Czarina Holland, Liz Reimers, Kay Campbell, lane H0lMAN HUUSE Whenever there was a special day around the cam- pus such as Homecoming, Dadis Day, etc., you could always tell because Holman house was artistically dec- orated by the art majors in the dorm. This dorm had many achievements during the past year. Besides hav- ing individual candidates for campus honors, the dorm as a whole grew rich in friendships and in doing things as a group. One of their most successful organized parties was at Christmas time when the girls ex- changed white elephant gifts and also bought cans of food for a needy family. The house ofiicers furnished the refreshments for the occasion. To add to the spice of conversation in Holman, Holly Carter from Hawaii serves as a self-appointed Chamber of Commerce when telling the girls of the beautiful vacation land of the world. Some of the outstanding girls in the dorm are Iudy Watson who is president of Holman and a Yearbook Beauty nominee, Nancy Kelly, a student senator, treas- urer of the dorm and a member of Newman club, and Ann Beard, a Campus Chest queen candidate. Shirli Iohnston, counselor of the dorm, was a candidate for the Spirit of Christmas. Holman house was named for Catherine Holman. Ellis, Ieanie Goldstein, Ieanie Berry, Margaret Best, Holly Cart- er, Rosemary Wood, Anne Lehnhard, Patricia Donnell, Ginger Sawyer. Fourth row: Carolyn Sherman, Lois Schwoerke, Sue Chandler, Kay Chandler, Sondra Buckman, Mary Frances Pear- son, Helen Loene Gale, Ianice Littke, Suzanne Broach, Carolyn Cates, Suzy Blair. 5 4 1 i t . W.. gg, e - First row: Pat Neville, Iudy Black, Linda Nance, Ianice Cos- grove, Norma Hefiey, Helen Reagor, Pat Corrington, Marie Goe- bel, Sharon Sabo, Pat O,Neal. Second row: Di Ann Ellis, Paula Locke, Diane Dykes, Kay Husky, Ieanne Anne Iacobson, Cynthia Bingman, Glenda Keith, counselor, Patricia Murphy, Gail Breed- ing, Susan Bently, Iudy Gordon. Third row: Margie Aronoff, Analeslie Unfried, Patty Luck, Anne Kusik, Iudy Lahr, Ieanne H NIE H0 SE Once again, Hume house found itself with a top col- lection of girls active in all phases of campus activities, beauty contests, and good grade averages. Hume had girls running for the student senate, ROTC queen, and Campus Chest queen. The girls in Hume were very proud of their dorm life for they were well organized and co-operated as a unit in university activities such as having a successful booth in the Campus Chest Carnival. They also had a Christmas party at which they collected toys for an orphans' home. Outstanding social events held by the dorm were a Dadis Day coffee and the dances with the boys' dorms. From the start of the school year everyone quickly made friends, as new roommates joined in the fun of decorating their rooms. They were welcomed by their able and patient counselor, Miss Glenda Keith. Ca- pable counseling, close friendship, study, parties-all are part of the atmosphere of Hume house. The house was named after Annette Ross Hume, a missionary for the Territory of Oklahoma. Her son, C. Ross Hume, visits the dorm annually and serves as "Dad" to the coeds. Socially and academically Hume house residents took part in the many activities and organizations on the Sooner campus. 31 14 .. .E 2 Gonders, Ianie McIntosh, Silvia Archer, Pam Matthews, Sada Sibley, Nancy Medley, Fran Evans, Barbara Renfro. Fourth row: Sharon Cohen, Susan McKean, Nouna Williams, Iudy Rowntree, LaNita Pacey, Iean A. Miller, Beth McDermott, Bette Carnahan, Mary Marsh, Helen Maurine Ford, Iudith K. Elliott, Beverly Ann Lunn, Iudy Tarpley, Sharron Brook. fi gr .Q learning the finer things in life, Suzanne DeBuss and Ianice Cosgrove pick up a few tips on the art of knitting from the cf ' U ' p., Hume houselpro BeverlyvLunn. OFFICERS President . . . BEVERLY LUNN Vice President . . . HELEN FORD Secretary . . . . HELEN REAGOR Social Chairman . . . . HIELEN FORD Intramurals Chairman . . ANALESLIE UNFRIED ISA Representative . . . PAT NEVILLE Iordan house counselor Donna Czeskleba quietly checks study hall while Ianellen Gipson and Gwyn Lacey concentrate on their homework. OFFICERS President . ....... GWYN LACEY Vice President . . MARSHA MCFARLAND Secretary . . . . . . CATHY CRANE Social Chairman . . . MARSHA MCFARLAND Intramurals Chairman . . CAROLYN HOLMES ISA Representative . . BARBARA PIERSE First row: Marilyn I. Melton, Ianellen Gipson, Vicki Shay, Carolyne Campbell, Maureen Metcalfe, Harolyn Westhoff, Ruth Ann Campbell, Sherry Burnett, Phyllis Ann Brody. Second row: Valera Bachman, Linda Lasseter, Ann Southerland, Gwen- dolyn Corvin, Iudith Corbett, Donna Czeskleba, counselor, Catny Crane, Io Ann Hunt, Marsha McFarland, Mary Lou Golasinski, Barbara Pierse. Third row: Gloria Muir, Betty JURDAN H0 SE Iordan was home away from home for over 40 girls from many different places. Their dormitory life was lull oi experiences which they will never forget, such as the dances with the menis dorms and the birthday party which they gave for the junior counselor. Not to be forgotten are the loads of fun they had at the dorm Christmas party which added gay and fes- tive air to the dorm. One of the outstanding accomplishments of Iordan house was the co-operation of the girls in decorating the house for Homecoming and Dad,s Day which really put everybody in the football mood. Besides being successful in doing things as a group, Iordan house had many individuals that were very active on OU campus activities. Marsha McFarland was Iordan's candidate for ROTC Colonel, served as the representative to AWS. Two other girls who have been quite active around the campus are Iudy Evans and Pat Withers. Iudy served on Dad's Day and Homecoming committees, was AWS representative, and also was a member of Kappa Phi religious sorority. Pat served as Campus Chest solicitations chairman, was a member of the Homecoming publicity committee, and a member of Shadowbox. Sevier, Gwyn Lacey, Donna Rae Witten, Melva jean Smith, Iudy Carol Evans, Linda Sue Lahr, Margaret Ann Holliday, Helen Edwards, Liz Morgan, Linda Shaw. Fourth row: Irene Louise Withgott, janet Kaye McClung, Iuanita Anne Byrom, Georgia Golden, Nancy I. Burks, Io Ann Moran, Pat Withers, Ricki Reisman, Susie Rosenfeld, Roma Ruth Walker, Marjorie Faris, Linda Rae Maltsberger. M - . ' Q' ui I R , it Ti S A l . O E1 .T l 7 ' i 1- ' . 1' Q 75? Q me Q Q if 5 ici' 3 ? i is 1 Ab ' Q -4-I First row: Becky Olive, Pat English, Marilyn S. Smith, Rita Ann Stallings, Darla Bennett, Myrna C. Bagley, Serene Ball, Mary McKnight, Sandy Anderson. Second row: Myrna Wilson, Glenna Gault, Angie Leonard, Sheron King, Ioyce Pumphrey, counselor, Sandra Allen, Wally Faulkner, Iudy Sierer, Claudette Reid, Susan Marshall, Marcia S. Deutch. Third row: Karol S. Bloom, Dale Pliner, Martha Matthews, Ann Boosa, Iudy KIRK H0 st It has long been said that one's home is the back- ground for oneis entire personality. When the girls at Kirk house carne together in September they formed an atmosphere of friendliness that serves as a very pleas- ant home background for their first year at OU. The girls at Kirk house had many various and inter- esting activities as a group during the year. Six dances were held with different menis dorms. In October they had a Halloween costume party. The fathers of the girls at Kirk were entertained royally at their annual Dad's Day coffee. Kirk house received the OU Dadis association award for having the largest number of dads registered. With Winter came all the gay festivities such as the Christmas decorating party. The girls also Worked with AWS and provided food and presents for a needy family. Besides their many activities the members of Kirk house are very scholastic. They were awarded the scholarship trophy for the spring semester 1958. Kirk house had many outstanding girls. lean Bon- ney was a member of the student senate, Kirk house treasurer, and vice president of Iunior Panhellenic. Another student senator was Marilyn Smith. She was also AWS representative. Charla Hasenmeyer was treasurer of AWS, assistant counselor, and treasurer of Lambda Tau. ,i , 1 . Schmidt, Karen K. Dotson, Darielle Dunn, Iudy P. Iohnson, Patty Felkel, Kay D. Burns, Iudy Longbotham, Terry Martin, Glenda Hamilton, Mary Small, Patsy Tyler. Fourth row: Linda L. Creel, Brenda C. Coffman, Terry L. Wall, Carolyn C. Cotul- la, Iean Bonney, Ioan Johnson, Emma L. Binkley, Sue Scho- field, Carolyn Watson, Dorthlynn Dent, Suzanne Beisel, Connie Winn, Kitty Powell, Donna Shirley, Lenore P. Freiden. T .- Holding study hall outside on pretty days are Kirk house girls Linda Creel, Terry Martin, Rita Stallings, Ann Boasa and Dale Pliner. OFFICERS President . . . . IUDY SCHMIDT Vice President . . . . SUE BEISEL Secretary . . . CAROLYN COTULLA Social Chairman . . . . SUE BEISEL Intramurals Chairman . . . MARY SMALL ISA Representative . . BRENDA COFFMAN rg, That once-a-week job of thoroughly cleaning the room is mast- ered at Lawson house by Viva Taylor, Marilyn Iones, Fran Wheeler and Gaylene Folk. L OFFICERS President . . ..... . . IAN BURGGRAF Vice President . . SYDNEY HASLAM Secretary . . . . NATALIE TARTER Social Chairman. . . SYDNEY HASLAM Intramurals Chairman . . ANN SOUTHARD ISA Representative . . SANDY DELASHAW First row: Viva Lee Taylor, Ianet Overton, Gwendolyn I. Jern- igan, Virginia Sidwell, Ioby Henry, Barbara Harper, Sue Brown, Ruth Adcock, Lois Hammond. Second row: Iudy Klepper, Iessie I. Mesis, Marilyn Helen Feinberg, Sydney I. Haslam, Ianet K. Theus, Sue Dunnington, counselor, Ann Southard, Helen Schlinke, Gaylene Folk, Glenda Wagner, Nancy Long. Third row: Sue Hayden, Owana Towns, Natalie Tarter, Carolyn l WSO H0 SIE On a visit to Lawson house one would find a variety of girls active in all aspects on the OU campus. Ianct Theus is a student senator and a ISA sweetheart final- ist. Treasurer of Lawson house, Edith Hartness, was president of the Nurses Club and a member of West- minster Foundation. Lois Hammond was AWS record- ing secretary and belongs to the Canterbury Club. Nancy Danner was president of Tau Beta Sigma and also a member of the PEM Club. President and secre- tary of Gamma Delta, Ianet Burggraf, has also served as house president and is a member of COR and Oiko- nomia. In addition to their individual accomplishments Lawson house girls are successful in doing things as a group such as their Halloween and Christmas parties. The dorm started the year out with dance programs with several of the menis dorms. At Christmas time the girls adopted a family to which they tried to bring Christmas cheer. Volleyball and speedball were intra- murals in which they participated. Lawson house was named for Roberta Campbell Lawson, outstanding club woman and granddaughter of the last chief of the Delawares, Iourneycake. Miss Sue Dunnington served as Lawson house coun- selor. Bayless, Mary A. Woodson, Scherie Wood, Eleanor Zobisch, Norma Pace, Edith Hartness, Marylin Iones, Sandra DeLashaw, Roselyn Colvard. Fourth row: Iudy Tucker, Kay Wallace, Janice Grimm, Ruth A. Hunter, Mary Patchin, Ian Burggraf, Carol Camp, Carolyn Perdue, Fran Wheeler, Roberta Ellis, Helen Smith. i as ,M ,M if. , lf , , 5 4.5, it-fy.-.5 . ,A :aug . ' ss , . S! ' s -Q -V if . . ,,, ik. J . fi! 5 any First row: Lois Wegner, Io Ann Hughston, Sheridan Brandon, Paula Godfrey, Marjo Morrison, Marty Ingraham, Phyllis Gentry, Clara Louise Kimberlin, Nancy Sherler. Second row: Alpha Smith, Karen A. Oneth, Betsy Manning, Olidine Vogt, Sharon Klein, Deborah Rothe, counselor, Linda R. Cook, Nan Olney, Billie L. Chism, Susie Harrison, Sue Pettigrove, Bonnie Biggs. Third row: Teresa Frederick, Louana Horner, ,lane Mc- IVICC RTAIN H0 SE Need a fourth for bridge, or a partner for checkers, or a piano player, or someone to jitterbug with while the record player blasts, or maybe someone just to sit with on the sofa and make conversation? The girls of McCurtain can provide all ol these and more too, be- cause there is always something going on at this par- ticular dorm. As an example ol their diversified inter- ests, lVlcCurtain house girls were active in Kappa Delta Pi, Zeta Kappa, Pi Omega Pi, Dean's Honor Roll, Westminster Foundation, Physical Therapy Club, Rul- Nek Queen Finalist, representatives ofthe Interdenomi- national Religious Council, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Finalist in ISA Sweetheart. On the social side the girls entertained Young house, Worcester house, Residential, and Lincoln house at parties in the dorm. Also, the girls had a Dad,s Day coffee and a Motheris Day tea for their parents. Deborah Rothe, a second year graduate student in social work and counselor at MeCurtain, contributed a great deal toward making the year pleasant in the dorm. McCurtain house is named for lane McCurtain, Wife of Jackson lVleCurtain, chief of the Choctaws. New, Bobby Woods, Marcene Mabry, Vicki Butterfield, Ioyce Ruggles, Lauretta Palmeter, Iudith Richter, Saradelle McDonald, Lynda L. White, Barbara A. Briggs. Fourth row: Carol Holder- by, Nancy Helen Carpenter, Marilyn N. Smith, Maxine Esther Miller, Mary B. Meador, Sharron Lehmer, Donna K. Luper, Rochelle Guthrie, Ann Streetman, Carline Nardheim, Iudy Horwitz, Dona M. Boyce. I 4 A ,pi .- Which dress to wear is the problem facing Marcene Mabry, center. Helping her make the choice are Betsy Manning and IoAnn Hughston. OFFICERS President . . . . PAULA GODFREY Vice President . . SHERIDAN BRANDON Secretary . . . MARY B. MEADOR Treasurer ..... . CAROL HOLDERBY Intramurals Chairman . . LUANA HORNER ISA Representative . . Lois WIEGNER 537 range-W4 la L,....-1 All decked out! Rose Shackle, Ianet Elias and Esther Brown are busy at work decorating McSpadden house windows for the Saturday football game. OFFICERS President . . . . IANET ELIAS Vice President . ..... IUDY OTTS Secretary . . . GEORGIANNE PETERSON Social Chairman . . . .... JUDY OTTS Intramurals Chairman . . . MATT HORSMAN ISA Representative . . . Rose SHACKLE First row: Frances McKee, Elinor M. Galerston, Iudy Moffett, Iudy Otts, Marilyn Scott, Erlene Poston, Kathleen Rider, Patricia Woody, Klo Ann Coffman. Second row: Ann lung, Connie Campbell, Ianell W. Baxter, Georgianne Peterson, Ianet N. Elias, Gaylene Bozarth, counselor, Rose Shackle, Evelyn Ann Iohnson, Esther F. Brown, Ianet jones, Aija Zalais. Third row: Eleanor Rose Grignon, Sharon McAninch, Anita Carol Anderson, McSPADDIE H0 SE Variety has been the spice of McSpadden house's life in 1959. The dorm has been buzzing since the first day of school. After the first football game the girls held open house for parents and boy friends. The dorm windows were decorated for each football game and for the Christmas season by the artistic members of McSpaddcn. Successful parties are common occur- rence around the dorm. Parties were given with Cleveland house and Ditmars house in the quadrangle lounge. To add to the fun around the house they rented a piano for their lounge. Whenever someone in the dorm gets engaged, pinned, or dropped it is great fun to have the candlelight ceremony to surprise the girls as to who it is. They raised money for their dorm from two auctions given by the girls. As a Christmas gift for the Cerebral Palsy Institute the girls went to the hospital to sing carols and play with the children. Some outstanding girls in the dorm are Sue Speake, representative for the ROTC Honorary Cadet Colonel, Rose Shackle, a nominee for yearbook beauty, and Iudy Moffett who was a queen candidate for Ruf-Neks, elected ISA Sweetheart representative, and Naval ROTC candidate. Rozelle Hoffman, Fran Blasko, Anne Klein, Shirley Enyart, Gwenith Williams, Carolyn Maddry, Virginia Ann Newton, Iudy Mitchell. Fourth row: Anna Lynn Mullikin, Ann Schee- fers, Carolyn Abernathy, Iudy Hood, Karen K. Miller, Pat Clark, Eileen Krall, Charl K. Krauss, Elaine Vanlandingham, Clare Hachrnuth, Ioleen Ianice Hobbs, Nancy I. Phillips, Margaret Wilmans. as., mmm, V, 'rf' Ls sf My . " . vs. . 'W' A A . ii l rr ,L v I, Y H4 my -qi, W-I YL? 538 . 5 . aa 'Y First row: Pat Peugh, Iayne Osborn, Tish Friedman, Alice Z. Goldberg, Guiomar Freytez, Susan Alex Manlin, Roberta Gold- stein, Iacqueline L. Ieiierson, Nancy Levick, Kaye Smith, Iuanita Carnes. Second row: Theresa Gwendolyn McKellar, Ruth Kibbe, Eunice Sawyer, lean Howell, lean Ann Wharton, Nancy Bartleson, Ioy Starry, counselor, Betsy Birenbaum, Mary Beth Opitz, Carolyn Stephens, Ienny Clark, Barbara Royds, Carol Henschel. Third row: Sandra Beck, Emily Dale Wickizer, Elll HUUSE Whether you are looking for beauty or brains, you can find them at Neill house. Barbara Royds was Homecoming Queen finalist, a yearbook beauty nomi- nee and AWS representative. Neill house candidate for Campus Chest queen and Rui-Nek queen was Peggy Simpson. Nancy Bartleson was the accompanist for the Quadrangle Christmas ceremony and the dorm candidate for ROTC Honorary Cadet Colonel. Ienny Clark was a Finalist in the NROTC queen contest. Miss Joy M. Starry served as counselor this year. She is a senior majoring in professional writing in the school of journalism. Good counseling was one of the reasons Neill house had a successful and full year. Guiomar Freytez, a dorm member, came to OU from Caracas, Venezuela. The girls in the dorm were very much entertained as Guiomar told them about Vene- zuela. Besides being active in committee work, beauty con- tests, and in a scholastic manner, the girls have a spe- cial talent for giving good dorm parties. A Halloween costume party was given in October. ln December the girls had a dorm Christmas party. Instead of drawing names between each other, each dorm room drew names with another room. This turned out to be lots of fun and a party the girls wouldnit forget soon. In Neill house, as in all houses, one finds the usual gab sessions, record parties and exchanging of clothes. Elizabeth Goodwin, Phyllis Parker, Ruth Ann Moore, Freda Ann Guest, Wilma Lee Crosslin, Pat Franklin, Ierre Lee Thomp- son, Donna Lea Coleman, Patsy Lou Heard, Karen Gail Coots, Shara Phillips, Iudithann Kirkland. Fourth row: Ann Hulin, Lou Ann Osborne, Yvonne Trub, Lynda Tamblyn, Iudith Selk, Elaine Fox, Kay Caswell, Peggy Simpson, Diane Steele, Denny McWherter, Carol Finkel, Lillie Criss Webb, Mary I. Howell. . E WV' A i ,, Refreshment time at Neill house includes the latest movie news, as Carol Henschel, Betsy Birenbaum, Denny McWherter and Yvonne Trub enjoy a break. OFFICERS President . . ..... LILLIE Cluss WEBB Vice President . . CAROLYN STEPHENS Secretary . . . MARY BETH OPITZ Treasurer ...... . NANCY LEVICK Intranfurals Chairman . . . LYNDA TAMBLYN ISA Representative . . . YVONNE TRUE 539 Adjusting their colored TV set, the only one in the quads, are Oliver house gals Marlene Schwartz, Nancy Cobb, Linda Young, and Carol Cytron. OFFICERS President . . .... MARJORIE THURSTON Vice President . . . . MISSY SNELL Secretary . . . . DENA PROBST Social Chairman . . . M1ssY SNELL Intramurals Chairman . . BABE SWANSON ISA Representative . . CONNIE BURKE First row: Mary S. Thompson, Nancy Cobb, Karen Dittelmier, Barbara Sue Creenroyd, Sharon Mezer, Christine Matthews, Marian Slater, Iudy Van Wie, Sandra Hall, Babe Swanson, Anne Lynch. Second row: Barbara Levitt, Linda R. Young, Connie Burke, Eleanor Tolbert, Rosie Schilz, counselor, Mary Ann Winslow, Shirley I. Mendel, Beverly Tzinberg, Frances E. Slein, Io Shani Wadler, Ieanne Y. Smith, Virginia L. Parnell. Third 0lIVER HUUSIE Oliver house has many girls of whom they are proud this year. Shirley Mendel has been a Student Senate representative, working on many committees for the UAB, secretary ol the Student Welfare Committee, NSA co-ordinator, a member of Phi Omega, nominee for Yearbook Beauty, AWS representative, and a mem- ber of Hillel. Babe Swanson is a member of Racket Club, the University Band, W.R.A. representative, and one of the cast in the "Teahouse of the August Moonf, Another dorm member, Sandra Hall, was a nominee for Yearbook Beauty, Campus Chest Queen, and Homecoming Queen. On Halloween Oliver house had a talent show fea- turing the girls in the dorm. When Christmas rolled around a Yuletide party was given. Besides being very active in campus activities and parties the girls enjoyed playing soccer, volleyball, and tennis for intramural sports. Oliver house was named for Jennie Harris Oliver, a well known writer on Oklahoma themes, particularly stories for children. Miss Rosalyn Schilz, a senior majoring in public re- lations in the school of journalism, is counselor of Oliver this year. row: Nancy Bartlett, Gurney Wilkes, Sally Berry, Cleo I. Ayers, Pamela Leavens, Linda McCrary, Deloris Hale, Roseleen Rogers, Mary I. Pendergraft, Ramona Pochard. Barbara Allen, Wildena Probst, Iune L. Compton, Marge Thurston. Fourth row: Linda Doremus, Irene Hayden, Missy Snell, Sherrian Robinson, Mar- lene Schwartz, Carol Cytron, Ieane Young, Georgeanne Rade- baugh, Kathy Kiker, Iudy Vogel, Linda Lindsay, Iudy McClain. Q ! ,. .. V A ,ai ,. C7 First row: Karen Langford, Susan Elizabeth Bishop, Susan Poythress, Io Ann Williams, Michelle Sharpe, Linda Damberg, Marian Barraco, Charlotte Ann Brown, Linda I. Allen, Anita L. Barvais, Irene Klafl, Babette Cohen. Second row: Brenda L. Reingold, Barbara E. Rosen, Barbara I. Locke, Del.ores Maddux, Ioan Killingsworth, Mary Ann Ieffrey, counselor, Carolyn Ann Torregrossa, Iudy Ann I-Iunkins, Ieanne Gerber, Sue Jennings, Io Ann Rogers, Katie Ward, Daisy Fujimoto. Third row: P RKER H0 SE Parker house was lucky this year to have its share of congenial girls. Three of the girls in the dorm, Marion Ikeda, Daisy Eujimoto, and Ingrid Baltruseh, come to OU all the way from Hawaii. Mary Ann Ieffrey, a senior majoring in education, served as counselor of Parker house this year. She helped the girls to have many successful parties held with men's houses. To add to the fun of the mixers the girls in the dorm worked up skits which they pre- sented for entertainment at the parties. Parker house had good participation in intramural sports such as speedball and volleyball. Many of the girls worked hard on committees for Dadis Day, Now or Never Week, and Homecoming. Parker house was named for Cynthia Ann Parker, the wife of Peta Noeona, and the mother of Quanah Parker, Comanche Chief. The residents of Parker house Worked together to make their successful parties and activities a well known fact around the quadrangle. Their willingness to participate in all dorm and campus activities makes their college life interesting, rewarding, and a year they will remember with fondest memories during their remaining school years. Many of the girls in the dorm held ofiices in their various sorority pledge classes. Sue Lambiote, Arlene Iohnson, Marian Ikeda, Karin Baltrusch, Nancy DeVilliers, Carol Elam, Ingrid Baltruseh, Marilyn Booth, Sue Crawford, Bea Petrell, Evelyn Y. Iones, Suzanne Iackson. Fourth row: Iudie Collier, Linda Kaye Cooper, Alison Steen, Mary I. Enlows, Rosalind Lacy, Martha Sudderth, Ieanne Hur- witz, Annette Pazoureck, Ioyce Ellen McGee, Carole Milton, Becky Kiles, Karen Kinsler, Sue Reynolds. fr. W W5 gi, at f Ioan Killinksworth, assistant counselor of Parker house, shows Sue Lambiotte, Linda Allen and Fran Reeves the procedure for signing out. OFFICERS President . . ...... KAREN KINSLER Vice President . . REBECCA KILES Secretary . . . . ROSALIND LACY Social Chairman . . . REBECCA KILES Intramurals Chairman . . IUDY HUNKINS ISA Representative . . FRANCES REEVES Putting on those last minute touches for their Saturday night dates are Linda Willett, Nancy Davis and Ieanne Freudenberger. OFFICERS President . . . . SHERRILYN COLCLASURE Vice President . . . . CAROL UNDERBERG Secretary . . . . . . SHEILA EDWARDS ISA Representative . . IEANNE FREUDENBERGER First row: Sandra Lacey, Sally Luper, Carolyn Seabolt, Iudy Fisher, Gloria Graalman, Helen Morgan, Io Ellen Crow, Linda Stone, Carol Underberg, Ianie Kaiman, Marcia Spielberg. Second row: Bev Price, Karen Carder, Marla Mitchell, Ieanne Freudenberger, Ann Clay, Carol Forsberg, counselor, Beth Gilles- pie, Linda Willett, Barbara Grinnell, Cyndy Cooper, Sheila Edwards. Third row: Carolyn Sue Smith, Nerena I. Thomas, Nancy P. Cook, La Donna Kinnebrew, Wanda Shelton, Nancy S GER HUUSE Sager, the dorm brimming over with friendliness, had a most eventful year. They have had an original decoration for Homecoming, Dadis Day, Christmas, and Easter. During Now or Never Week all the girls dressed up for their Sadie Hawkins dance "Patches and Bowsv which was a big success. At Christmas time the residents of Sager went around caroling in Norman, then they all returned to the dorm to continue their singing at the piano in the lounge. They also had a Christmas party where gifts were exchanged among each other and after the fun the presents were taken to an orphans home. All during the year dances were exchanged between Sager and many of the menis dorms. An outstanding member of the dorm is Ann Clay who was ISA Sweetheart in l956 and in l957-'58 Homecoming Queen and Yearbook Beauty. Carol McLemore was 1958 finalist for Homecoming Queen. Sager house was named for Meta Chesnutt Sager, who was a teacher and founder of El Meta Bond College. Carol Forsberg, a senior majoring in geology, served as counselor at Sager this year. Through her careful guidance and with the cooperation of the girls in the dorm, it was a happy and eventful year. Davis, Iuanita Hutchens, Dorothy Houk, Louise Woodruff, Natalie Friedman, Trudy Menachof, Ieanne Cooper, SuAn King, Lu Ann Cobb. Fourth row: Erma Boyd, Sherrilyn Colclasure, Lowana Martin, Linda Swanson, Shirley Shritter, Lana P. Fauver, Harriet Friend, Iudy Claborn, Doyne Goyer, Iudy Huff, Carol McLemore, Brenda Englehart, Eleanor Cohen, Elinor Leon, Marlys Ann Watson. .1 . 5-ft ir 2... N First row: Iudy Peurye, Marcia Sclar, Beverly Woodruff, Beverly Kaufman, Barbara Merrill, Suzanne King, Elaine Murphy, Linda Murphy, Linda Scott. Second row: Pat Holley, Iudy Albert, Carolyn Baldwin, Peggy Gordon, Mary L. Essman, Cherie Olson, counselor, Hermalyn Smith, Iulie Grant, Ieannie Gillespie, Gail Raibourn, Arlene Davidson, Sug King. Third row: Iudi Hirsch- ANGIER HUUSE Sanger house has two student senators. They are Carmen Betzer and Gloria Gannaway. Helen Maur- een Murphy was the dorm representative to AWS and Barbara White was WRA representative. The girls took an active part in the quadrangle Christmas ceremony, "Hanging of the Greenf' and also in the fonnal dance held in the spring. Sanger house is named for Dr. Winnie M. Sanger, who served at the University of Oklahoma Medical School and the University Health Service from l923- 27. Miss Cherie Clson, who is a first year graduate stu- dent in social work, served as counselor of Sanger house. Variety is the spice of life and one would find this true on a visit to Sanger house. Along with being a scholastically-minded group, they also enjoyed taking part in the varied program of activities on the campus and having parties for themselves and others. Some of their lesser celebrations were the surprise parties the girls gave in their rooms after closing hours. The showers had their share of activity whenever a coed became pinned or engaged. Perhaps all activities were not of campus-wide im- portance, but the friendships, parties, and, oi course, not forgetting the reason for being brought together- classes, all will stand out in memories of a very pleas- ant year at Sanger house. field, Carole S. Lowe, Vera Paisley, Lynn E. Brown, Maureen Murphy, Lillian Griswold, Karen Thomasson, Brucie Fetterolf, Oletha Teague, Annette Miller, Carmen Betzer. Fourth row: Elise Frankel, Io Ann Rozen, Carlene Crow, Alice Suojanen, Iudy McMorris, Susan Dewey, Nitza Santiago, Mary Alice Car- ter, Pat Burnside, Barbara White, Ienny Mayfield, Carole Simon. 5 l The Sanger TV-hi-li set gets a workout with jenny Mayfield, Iulie Grant, Suzanne King, Iudy Albert and Elise Frankel select- ing hours of music. OFFICERS President. . . . . . . PAT HOLLEY Vice President. . . . SUG KING Secretary . . . . NITZA SANTIAGA Social Chairman . . . . . SUG KXNG Intramurals Chairman . . BARBARA WHITE ISA Representative . . GAIL RAIBOURN 9 543 First row: Mrs. Ruth C. Cope, Sharon Kay Aboussie, Mary K. Alberding, Susan Bartlett, Mary Ann Brand. Second row: Gail Crowder, Iane DeKinder, Donna Kay Dow, Iudith Ann Downing, Hildegarde Ehrman. Third row: Patricia Ann Francis, Glenda Gower, Gay Hammond, Pat Head, Kay I-Iigginbotham. Fourth row: Vicki Hunter, Helen Kline, Norma Kay K r o u t i l , Cheryne Martin, Mary Lou McConnell. Fifth row: Cacci Miller, Sue Paschall, Eileen Raizeri, Betty Iane Reed, Ann Synos. Sixth row: Anita Watkins, Kaye Whitfield, Marcia Wil- son, Edith Wolaver. Mary Ann Brand, Louise Needham and Ginny Neill have an easy time when it comes to selecting the favorite record at Logan house Aitis Iohnny Mathis. SARA IAC BARLOW President 823 Chautauqua LUGAN HUUSE One of the liveliest and most enthusiastic dormitories on the Sooner campus is Logan house. It is a privately-owned, university-approved dormitory for upperclass girls. The residents are active in all phases of campus activity and events. Mrs. Ruth Cope has served as hostess of Logan for the past year. Scholarship is a serious word at Logan house. The girls are proud of the AWS scholarship trophy they received last spring for having the highest grades of an independent dorm. Individual members of Logan participate actively in campus organizations. Ginny Neill is a member of Theta Sigma Phi. Cacci Miller has served as a member of the Oklahoma Daily staff and is affiliated with Oikonomia and Omicron Nu. Penny Wolaver is historian of Womenfs Recreation associationg Bobbie Knie served as vice president of Sigma Alpha Iota, and Katherine Scott, as treasurer of Sigma Alpha Iota. A member of the University Girls, Quartet, Cheryne Martin was also secre- tary of MENC and of Sigma Alpha Iota, and sings with the University Choral club. Last year Vicki Hunter was selected as Honorary Battalion Commander of the NROTC and was crowned at the Navy ball. She was also president of FDLA. One of the "special" highlights of the year at Logan house is the house boys, selection of the Breakfast Queen. The title is given on the basis of the most attractive appearance at breakfast. In addition to informal parties at the house on Weekends, the residents of Logan house entertained this Winter with a Christmas party before vacation. OFFICERS I President . . ..... SARA IAC BARLOW Vice President . . PENNY WOLAVER Secretary . . . . ANN SYNOS Late evening snacks mean raiding Newman house refrigerator, as done by Carolyn Hill, Rose Pierce, Shirley Farley and Alice Davis. OFFICERS President ........ RosE ANNA PIERCE Vice President and Social Chairman CARRIE GRANTHAM EWIVIA HALL The Sisters of Divine Providence own and maintain Newman hall. The hall was established in February, 1926, and accommodates 36 girls. Each girl has a pri- vate room with an adjoining bath. Sister M. Leonissa serves as hostess to the girls residing at Newman. Newman hall is open to women students of all denom- inations. Residing in the hall this year were two girls from other countries. Dynkie Ramirez comes to the univer- sity lrom Venezuela. lldiko Karikas, a pharmacy ma- jor, is from Hungary. Two outstanding girls at Newman were Pat lusola and Susan Hoopes. Pat reigned as Homecoming Queen for 1958-59 and a yearbook beauty for 1957-58. Susan was ISA Sweetheart and a yearbook beauty. Un the social side the residents ol Newman had a Halloween party. They dressed in costume and had great fun playing games. On Valentines a dance was held in the lounge of the dorm. This was a semi-for- mal alTair and couples danced to records played on a hi-fl. The annual spring dance was given towards the end of the school year. At the end of the spring semester of 1958 the girls Secretary ---- - MARGARET STAFFORD at Newman maintained a 2.88 grade average. This ISA Representative , , , , SUSAN HOOPES year the good work has continued and the dorm rates high in scholarship. First row: Katherine Shaefer, Carrie Grantham, Helen Burns, Shirley Farley. Third row: Carolyn Hill, Luetta Vel Penney, Waukomis Chupeo. Second row: Margaret Stafford, Alice Loyee Marie Brown, Barbara Chandler, Louise Carter. Davis, Mildred Ann Kane, Rose Pierce, Martha Kay Renfroe, eI1,S C1OI'I'I1S Busy at work planning Independent Students association projects are Carolyn Perdue, Richard Miller and Lyndon Williams. OFFICERS President . . . . LYNDON WILLIAMS Vice President . . . ROY ADAMS Secretary . . . EDITH HARTNESS Treasurer . . . . RICHARD MILLER Faculty Sponsors MRS. THELMA HADDAN and GENE RUSSELL First row: lim Hippen, Mrs. Thelma Haddan, sponsor, Edith Hartness, Roy Adams, Ianet K. Theus, Lyndon Williams, Susan Hoopes, Sherman P. Carter, Richard Miller, Gene Russell, spon- sor, Robert D. Garrett. Second row: Suzy Iane Blair, Lois Weg- ner, Brenda Coffman, Kay Higginbotham, Sandra DeLashaw, Carolyn DeLaughter, Eleanor Tolbert, Barbara Pierse, Kathy Kelley. Third row: Lynne Fowler, Ieanne Freudenberger, Mari- lyn Turner, Yvonne Trub, Gail Raibourne, Iudy Kimball, Caro- lyn Perdue, Rose Ann Schackle. Fourth row: Ierry Miller, Michael Koziewicz, Leslie Howard, Harry Carey, lim Mabus, THE IS Believing that each university student should be provided with an opportunity of group aFfiliation, the Independent Students association is organized by and functions lor students not pledging Greek social fra- ternities. The group provides all independent stu- dents with representation in college affairs. One oi the largest groups on the OU campus, the ISA promotes leadership and fellowship, assists the independent scholastically, socially and governmen- tally. It keeps independents informed of their role in campus activities and provides recognition of their achievements. The executive council is composed of the oflicers, committee chairmen, representatives from each dormi- tory and university housing units. Meetings of the ISA are held every Monday evening in Monnet hall. On the social side, the ISA sponsors the Orientation mixer, all-campus Christmas dance, Dadis Day coffee, ISA Sweetheart dance, Independent Awards banquet and the Mother's Day tea. Representatives from the ISA serve on many univer- sity committees, thus enabling and encouraging inde- pendents to become active in campus functions. Fred DeWesse, Kent Patton, Ted W. Smith, Clyde Walls. Fifth row: Bob Connor, Ron Mitchell, Gordon Butler, Robert McEl- roy, Willard McCasland, Robert H. Klamkin, Calvin McLain, Kenneth Bloom. Sixth row: Myron Cox, Ray Warren, Skip Hawkins, Dwayne Howard, Mike Ruby, Danny R. Chandler, David Lambert, Iames D. Hood. Seventh row: Iohn Waller, Iim Nevvlon, Ed Chmel, W. Marsh Bishop, Rudolph Koci Ir., David A. McPheren, Douglas Sharp, Robert D. Iseman, Steve Holaday. SlwUw'V31wolo, ISA Sweetheart ' I D Lim- M V D -,ei , ...eager ' fart- A fa . sis. it Busy as bees are Doris Henke, E. H. Miles, and Ada Mae Geyer as they assist Darrly Fitzjerrell and take care ol' the men's hous- ing problems. Dean of Students .... DR. CLIFFORD I. CRAVEN Associate Dean of Students . . DR. IODIE C. SMITH Director of University Housing GARNER G. COLLUMS Assistant Counselor of Men in Charge of Housing E. H. MILES First row: E. H. Miles, Dave L. Blakeburn, Bill Glass, Barry Walraven, Charles Levendosky, Arthur Freeman, Bus Branson, Harry Merson. Second row: Frank H. Robertson, Gerald I. Black, Robert Thompson, Mike Harding, George McCaffrey, Elmer G. Cleveland, Iohn C. Caldwell, Bob Walker, Charles Counselors Council Oklahoma University is one of the few universities to have a student counseling program. Under this program the counselor has a dual responsibility to the Office of Student Affairs and the Housing Ofhce. The counselor's responsibility to the Office of Stu- dent Affairs is concerned with the student in personal and administrative matters. Counselors for rnen's housing are selected by appli- cation. Interviews are scheduled with E. H. Miles, assistant counselor of men in charge of housing, who selects the student counselors. The main counselor of each house may in turn choose his assistant counsel- or. Each applicant must first serve as an assistant counselor before taking complete charge of the stu- dents in his dorm. At the beginning of each school year the university conducts a short course of instruction in counseling procedures, techniques, and the university services that are available to them and the students in their houses. In addition to the beginning instruction the counsel- ors meet once a month to discuss current problems . At present the counseling system directs and admin- isters all of the university's mens housing. Mr. Miles supervises the counseling program. Fagin. Third row: W. R. Broach, Sherman P. Carter, Gary L. Nichols, Ierry York, Robert Hicks, Vel Dimery, Bill Lanier, Paul Vernon, lim Blue. Fourth row: Mark McElroy, Don A. Smith, Bill Fisher, Bob Byrn, Iack Dawson, Ted Garretson, Ted Met- scher, Tom Powers, Dale Moore. 550 l Q First row: Curtis Phillips, Arthur Iones, Ken Lanyon, Sherman l Morton Hawkins, Luther I. Tatum, Carl Hillier, Ron Hale, P. Carter, Jay C, Smith, Ken Fletcher, Ierry D. Bailey. Second Vernon V. Sisney. row: Gerald D. Porter, Iack Vondra, Iohn Gray, Dick Iohnson, Cross Center Presidents Council The Cross Center President's council Was estab- lished for the purpose of representing and governing the 8l6 men housed in Cross Center. One of the aims of the organization is for the boys in the dorms to have voice through their dorm president in the administra- tion of Cross Center. To be a member of the Presidenfs council. a man must be elected as president of one of the 16 units in Cross Center. Every Thursday night at l0:3O the council meets in either the lounge or various units. The council has many varying activities. One of its main activities this year was sponsoring a Christmas party for orphans. All the dorms in Cross Center took part in this event. Also many of the houses in the VVomen's Quadrangle helped with the party. Money was collected and gifts were purchased for the chil- dren. Another project Which was undertaken by the Presi- dentis council in l958-59 was securing a new parking lot for Cross Center residents. Activities such as these mentioned have proved the importance and helpful- ness of the council to the men's housing program. It has served and promoted the Welfare oi the students living at Cross Center. Sherman P. Carter has been a great aid to the coun- cil as their sponsor. He was ably assisted by the organ- izational oflicers, Iay C. Smith, Art jones and Ken Lanyon. There's plenty of business at hand for Cross Center President's council oflicers Ken Lanyon, vice president, Art Iones, secretary, Sherman P. Carter, advising counselor, Ken Fletcher, parlia- mentarian, and lay C. Smith, president. OFFICERS President . . ..... . JAY C. SMITH Vice President . . . KEN LANYON Secretary . . ART JONES Treasurer . . . . . . KEN LANYON Advising Counselor . . SHERMAN P. CARTER ,1 Samir Barraj adjusts the stereophonic record player in his Burton house room while Russ Long and Ed Hallett wait for the effect. OFFICERS President . . . ..... MORTEN HAWKINS Vice President . . . FRED GESIN Secretary ..... . BILL TOWNSEND Intramurals Chairman . . MIKE ADVOCATE ISA Representative . . EDWARD HALI.ETT First row: Edward Kulcsar, Bill Townsend, Fred Gesin, Morton Hawkins, Ted Garretson, Ed Hallett, Mike Advocate, Darryl Fitzjerrell, Morris Hart, Pat Murphy. Second row: Kent Kid- well, Tim McCook, William Youngblood, jim Farris, Tom Goodwin, Gilbert Cockreharn, Charles Bieber, Andy johnson, Bill Comroe, jay janzen, Ed Knight. Third row: Robert Owen, B R10 H0 SE One of the most interesting boys in Burton house, Semir Barraj, is from Beirut, Lebanon. Semir is major- ing in civil engineering. He speaks excellent English, is a good student, and is liked by all the students in the dorm. Not long ago the Daily Oklahoman did an article on this outstanding OU student. Mort Hawkins is another active member of the house. Mort is a senior in chemistry, is a UAB mem- ber, and is high in scholarship. President of the Kap- pa Alpha pledge class, Bert Hayes, is also a resident of Burton. Bob Ruggles, a sophomore in the dorm, is a Phi Eta Sigma, president of Cross Center judicial board, and a journalism student. Burton house was named in honor of the late john Flack Burton jr., of Oklahoma City, who gave his life for his country in Korea on October 21, 1952, He was the son of Dr. and Mrs. john.F. Burton, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 1 N H Burton house, although a Cross Centerlvdorm, primarily an upperclass dorm thistpast lts 50 residents were quite active in basketball, sdftball, vol- leyball, and football intramurals. During the 1957-58 school term Burton house residents took fourth place for the Donaldson trophy. 4 H , ' On the social side, the boys participated in the Cross Center Christmas party. They also held dances with several of the dorms in the Womenis Quadrangle. Ira Kuznick, Chuck Van Sant, Samir Barraj, Bill Dudley, Gilbert F. Hayes, Charles Pyle, Sparky Culp, jim Evans. Fourth row: Bob Ruggles, Handley Shull, john Turnbull, Patrick McLaugh- lin, Richard Gosey, jim Carney, Chuck Orth, Don Herrold, Mac Moore, Bud Allen, Don Willis. Q First row.' Dwight E. Langston, Allen Terry, Mike Ruby, Lynn Pendergrass,'Sherman P. Carter, counselor, Gerald Porter, David Frank Collins, Bill Whetstone, Chester Cowen. Second row: Cecil Sanford, Mike Arkin, Alan B. Shidler, Kelly Clark, David Leffel, Kenn Ferguson, Clinton Risner, Fred Groves, lack Pool, Perry Ramsey, Wesley Ratlifif, Major Park, Bill Corr. Third KELLY H0 SE Boxes from home really got a working-over the min- ute they arrived at Kelly house during the year. Resi- dents proved in a big way they believed in practicing the "share and share alikei' philosophy. Kelly house played football, basketball, volleyball, softball, and track as part of the university intramural program. Competition in sports was arranged by the house intramurals chairman, Frank Collins. Well-rounded in all aspects of campus life, Kelly house residents took part in almost everything in oper- ation on the campus. One house member who is quite outstanding was Iim Hippen. His campus activities in- clude Pe-et, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Theta Upsilon, History Club, one of the Top Ten Freshmen, former ISA treasurer, student senator, Outstanding Independent for three years, the Outstanding Independent Man of 1958, BMOC, Whois Who in American Colleges in 1958, Yearbook Personality for ,58-,59, Top NROTC stu- dent in scholarship. Kelly house has taken part in many successful social events this past year. In the spring thc boys had their annual hayride. A few days before Christmas vacation they carolcd the Women's Quadrangle. Miss Sharron Brook, one of the finalists in the ISA sweetheart con- test, was the Kelly house nominee. Besides being active in a social and scholastic way Kelly was declared as one of the neatest men's dorms. row: Iohn Spiker, Nolan R. Rains, Iimmy Chance, Dan Spence Dick Bates, Iim Hippen, Clark Pool, Leslie Sparks, Richard Park- er, Gregory Stevens. Fourth row.' Bill Wheeling, Buddy Gabe- rino, Iim Deskins, Larry Hoskins, Iim Loveless, Stan Conly Emmett Palmer, Iim Sanders, Alan Reed, Steven Mizel. Clinton Risner concentrates on a government quiz while Kelly friends Gerald Porter, Emmett Palmer and Nolan Rains take it easy. OFFICERS President .......... GERALD PORTER Vice President and Social Chairman LYNN PENDERGRASS Secretary ..... . BILL WHETSTONE Intramurals Chairman . . FRANK COLLINS ISA Representative . . MIKE RUBY Zx Lady Luck has four suitors at Mills house as Max Weatherly, Lynn Schriner, Royce Swaim and Bill Milford vie for her favor during a poker game. OFFICERS President . . ...... VERNON SISNEY Vice President . . . JAMES PROVINES Social Chairman . . . . . IAMES PROVINES Intramurals Chairman . . MARTIN GARTHWAITE ISA Representatives . . ROBERT KLAMKIN First row: Chuck Embach, Elmer Cleveland, counselor, Martin Garthwaite, Iames Provines, Robert H. Klamkin, Vernon Sisney, Dale Muehlenbrock. Second row: Iohn R. Holmes, Gordon A. Bocox, Anthony R. Lambert, Ronald L. Sheffield, David Bur- rough, Keith Drum, Iames C. Lewis, Marshall Pearlstein, Iohn B. Iarboe. Third row: Iames Smith, Mickey James, S. D. Turn- er, Robert R. Willis, George Howard, Bob Reid, Iohnny Cain, 1,44 .sl .. x if i MILLS H0 SE Elmer G. Cleveland, senior in geological engineer- ing from Velma, Oklahoma, served as counselor for the year. He was ably assisted by the dorm officers which consisted of president, Vernon Sisney of Okla- homa Cityg vice president, Iames Provines, also of Oklahoma City, intramurals chairman, Martin Garth- waite from Charles City, Iowa, and ISA representa- tive, Robert Klamkin, all the way from Neponsit, N. Y. Mills house was named in honor of the late Roger L. Mills who died serving in World War II in Bel- gium. Mr. Mills was a resident of Norman, Okla- homa. Members of Mills house entered football, basketball, volleyball, and softball intramurals. While perhaps not taking home all the trophies, the residents of Mills had a lot of spirit and gave the other teams a tough time. Iames L. Provines and Vernon Sisney are both out for the varsity tennis team. Vernon besides being pres- ident of the house is also social chairman for the Cross Center,s President council. Other outstanding sports- men in the dorm are Richard Hall, Keith Drum, and Robert Klamkin. These three boys went out for OU's freshman football team. Harry L. james is a member of the OU freshman wrestling team. Iohn I. Ienkins, Tony Neal Hobgood. Fourth row: Iames A. Walton, Kenneth L. Lawrence, Bill Asbury, Lonnie Schmitt, Larry Angus, Ronny Steele, Roy Woods, George H. Morse, Stan- ley Salpeter. Fifth row: Louis Iensen, Bill Milford, Hugh M. Weatherly, Lynn A. Schriner, Royce M. Swaim, Robert Dowling, Iohn Drake, Dick Hall, Lavelle Gibson, Dennis Johnston, Ival Goldstein, Larry Bernat, Iim Lackey. I i First row: Ierry Glasgow, Richard Smith, lack Vondra, Augie Marques, George McCaffrey, counselor, Walter Dean Hartwig, Richard I. Caplin, Kenneth Roy Caplin. Second row: Mike Howard, Iohn H. Richardson, Mike Keeran, Byron Beaver, Abdulla Ali, Grant Iackson, Bob LaMorte, Bob Carpenter, Robert Ricci, Stuart Scoggin, Robert Ross. Third row: Mike Fowler, NAIFEH H0 SIE Naifeh house was a busy place during every month of the school year. Activities ranged from a Hallow- een dance which was decorated with drawings, to house participation in various athletic intramurals throughout the fall, winter, and spring. Residents at Naifeh are well organized in their dorm activities. The boys won the award as the cleanest dorm in Cross Center first semester. A university student from the middle east made his home at Naifeh house. His name is Abdulla M. Ali. During Christmas vacation Ali made a 20,000-mile trip home. He visited London, Paris, Rome, Cairo and his own family in the country of Kuwait. Ali has made many friends while he has been at O.U. and he is indeed an interesting person to talk to. Naifeh residents proved their leadership abilities by their active participation in many campus organiza- tions. Charles Goree has a 3.0 grade average. He is house treasurer, a member of the German Club, and active in intramurals. Vernon Archer has maintained a 3.8 grade average, is ISA representative, and a mem- ber of the German Club. Howard Tollefson is a mem- ber of Delta Phi Delta honorary art fraternity, and also received the Roger Doughtry Art award. Naifeh house is also the home of a recording artist, David Spradling. David is active in theatrical productions. George "Mick', McCaffrey is counselor this year. Fred Koontz, Iames D. Vondra, jerry Booth, Howard Tollefson, Iames Gallagher, Gary Dockery, Harvey McCroskey, Fred Ward- en, Preston Chaney. Fourth row: Henry Langston, Tom Iames, Bob Dubos, Charles Goree, Doug Brown, Don Peery, Dave Spradling, Frank W. Worley, Iohn W. Carnes. Planning their stategy for the coming football game, Naifeh players Bob Sympson, Vernon Archer, George McCaffrey, coun- selor, and lack Vondra go into a huddle. OFFICERS President . . ..... . JACK VONDRA Vice President . . . AUGIE MARQUES Secretary . . . . . DICK SMITH Social Chairman . . . AUGIE MARQUES Intramurals Chairman . . ROBERT LAMORTE ISA Representative . . . VERNON ARCHER lbs, With vacation time drawing near, Art Jones, Tommy Smith, Robin Rice and Rick Wells begin packing and getting ready for the long but happy trip home. OFFICERS President . ..... . ART IONES Vice President . . MIKE BARKETT Secretary . . . . . ROBIN RICE Social Chairman . . . FRANKLIN TQAIFEH Intramurals Chairman . . TOMMY D. SMITH ISA Representative . . MIKIZ KOZIEWICZ First row: Robert Seago, Richmond B. Wells, Robert S. Checor- ski, Arthur L. Iones, Dave I.. Blakeburn, counselor, lack Dawson. Franklin Naifeh, Doug Linebaugh, Haskell L. Evans, Robert R. Rice. Second row: R. Douglas Harcourt, Barry Miller, Cye Wilson, Dean Hertenstein, Dash Golf, George Bennett, Bob Austin, Mike Kozievvicz. Third row: Tommy D. Smith, Richard PRE IICE H0 SIE Social events for Prentice house residents included many dances this year. Some of the parties held were the annual Prentice house Casino party, the western hayridc and dance, a Thanksgiving dance, Halloween party and Beethovenis birthday party. All of the dances were successes due to the good planning by the dorm social chairman, Franklin Naifeh, and the co- operation of the boys. In addition to their parties Prentice residents tied with another dorm for the Cross Center Citizenship Award. They also were the winners in independent housing for having the most dads present on Dadis Day. Ianet Theus was sponsored by Prentice house as a candidate for ISA sweetheart. She was a finalist in the competition. Pat Stillwell, a ventriloquist and master of ceremo- nies of Dadis Day program, is one of the outstanding boys in the dorm. Supplying "fatherly', advice for the Prentice house residents was the job of the house counselor, Jack Dawson, a junior majoring in plant sciences. Prentice house was named in honor of the late Thomas W. Prentice, Ir., from Ponca City who gave his life in Egypt during World Y1Var II. He is the son ol Mr. and Mrs. Thomas VV. Prentice, Ponca City. I.. Deeds, Bruce Hilton, Howard Martin, C. Pat Stillwell, David K. Lee, Thomas I. Brobyn, Peter D. Adams, Bill Morris. Fourth row: Roger I.. Teigen, Chris Kauffman, Ivan Meek, Stan- ley E. Cowan, Iohn L. Musgrove, Kent Potts, Paul Huckins III, Tim Crowley, Dick Cies, Ion Anderson. First row: Richard Davis, Daniel Mayfield, john D. Caffey, Mike McGill, Dick Johnson, Bill A. Glass, counselor, Skip All- man, Allen Flenoid, Wayne Withers, Dale Rorick. Second row: Torn Parker, Iohn Hamlin, Ray Warren, Ioel Schaffer, Mike D. Webber Ir., Iohn Lisk, Larry Douglas, Bob Kadane. Pat Brooks, Dee Shults, Mike Drea. Third row: Rick Moer- SMITH H0llSE A very active year both socially and athletically was enjoyed by men of Smith house, named for Harrison M. Smith, Ir., of Oklahoma City, who lost his life dur- ing the war in Ianuary, l944, in the Southwest Pacific. Social events of the year included several coke parties held in the house lounge with different dorms of the Women's Quadrangle. During the Christmas party for orphans, given by the Cross Center dorms, members of Smith house took some of the children to their house lounge to help decorate the Christmas tree. Among the outstanding Smith house men were Richard Iohnson, president of the dorm, member of Dad's Day committee, Mike McGill held the oH'ices of vice president and social chairman for two semesters in the house, Allen Flenoid, secretary, Mike McGill, so- cial chairmang Skip Allman, intramurals chairmang and David Maysfield, ISA representative. Bill A. Glass served as counselor for the lf-358-59 year. Bill is a senior majoring in petroleum engineer- ing. The men in the dorm came to OU from many parts of Oklahoma and the United States but here at school they consider Smith house their "home away from homef' When they are not studying, sleeping. attend- ing classes, or eating, much of their spare time is spent in conversations, listening to records, and playing bridge or poker. These associations have brought the residents many memories which won't be soon for- gotten. l 1 3 Q 5 I 5 schell, David Colston, Carry L. Smith, Don Vest, George Schwaner, Iohn Brannan Ir., Iay E. Chapple, Bob McNaughton, Iohn Cavras. Fourth row: jimmy Crofford, Buddy Egan, Iohn Sweeney, Artie Caer, Russal Brawley, Mike Shane, Everett Hay- more, Mont Muldrow, Merritt Chastain, George Pyles. I K f gurl., Mail call is one of the best times of day agree Smith house men lack Sweeney, Don Vest and Mike Shane. Today proved very rewarding. OFFICERS President . . ..... RICHARD JOHNSON Vice President . . MIKE MCGILL Secretary . . . . ALLEN FLENOID Social Chairman . . MIKE MCGILL Intramurals Chairman . . . SKIP ALLMAN ISA Representative . . DAVID NIAYSFIELD 557 L-we !"""f 44923 .I 1 , ' X K . , 'X - V xx rw W V .41 Father-away-from-home, Vance house counselor Bus Branson shows Richard Solar, Perry Pringle, Rowland Carter and Tex McBee how to type reports. OFFICERS President .......... lAY C. SMITH Vice President and Social Chairman lor1N HATCHETT Secretary .......... LLOYD MOXLEY Scholarship Chairman . . MIKE BALLENGER Intramurals Chairman . . lOHN MCBEE ISA Representative . . . lAMEs NEWLAND First row: Lloyd Moxley, Bob McAlpine, lames Newlon, lay C. Smith, Claude Branson, counselor, lohn McBee, Richard S. Solar, lohn Hatchett, George Bialac. Second row: Bud Hayden, Bob Lake Grove, Peter Wright, Efrain Silva, Carl Wheeler, Allen Levy, Dick Baker, Dan Edwards, Dick Kellers, Ron Thompson, Nash Clark, Gary Graham, Rodney Newland. Third row: Bobby McDonald, George B. Taylor, Buddy Gilbert Lane, VANCE H0 SE lohn McBee has done a superior job of organizing Vance house teams this past year. Residents of Vance won the Cross Center football championship and the independent students football championship. lay C. Smith, president of Vance house, also has the honor of being president ol Cross Center President's council. Vance house was named lor Leon R. Vance lr., from Enid, Oklahoma. Leon was killed at sea during Wrrrld War ll on luly 26, l944. Some uextran activities carried on at Vance house during the year included late night record sessions, "bull sessionsf, and book sessions. The year really passed quickly, busy Vance house residents agreed. Well-qualified house officers for the year kept the organization of Vance house running smoothly. House president was lay C. Smith of Helena, Okla- homa. Vice president lohn Hatchett hailed from Paw- huskag and secretary Lloyd Moxley came to OU from Wynnewood. Other ollicers were Mike Ballenger, scholarship chairman, lohn McBee, intramurals chair- man, and ISA representative, lames Newland. Claude "Bus', Branson from Sayre is serving as counselor of Vance house during 1958-59. Mickey McAdoo, Perry Pringle, Mark C. Roberts, Mike Belanger, David Elmore, Edward Mercincavage, lim Carlson, Raymond Linde, Roger Lee. Fourth row: William Fontaine, Ryan Morris, lerry Evans, Bruce Warden, Bill Hodge, Donald Shnell, Ed Chmel, lames Emery, Frank L. Benson, Ronald Hamrick, Doug Marcom, Tommy Burt. First row: Spencer Wong, Ierry Wilson, Robin Fletcher, Alan Christie, john Nienhueser, Iohn Gray, Harry Merson, counselor, Paul R. Kasishkc, Alton Lynn Austin, Vann Norwood, Ronald Iacobs, Marty Kestenbaurn. Second row: Barnett Serio, Coy Campbell, Bobby Ioe Bryant, Ron Taylor, Iack Lanier, Bill Green, john McClure, Charles R. Burkhard, Gary W. Sibley, Sandy Cook, Bob Marshall, Paul Toltz, Ronald L. Weissman, YUUNG HUUSE One of the high points of the year at Young house was when the boys won the ping pong championship. The dorm participated in many of the other intra- murals such as football, basketball, softball, volleyball, and track. Alton Lynn Austin, intramurals chairman, did a fine job of organizing the teams and setting up the games. Young house had one foreign student. Spencer Wong, a sophomore in the school of education, came to thc Sooner campus from Hong Kong, China. Young house was named for Walter R. Waddy Young of Ponca City who died during World War H on Ianuary l0, 1946. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Young, Coeur d,Alene, Idaho. Hourly house parties were held once a week on Wednesday nights with different Womcn,s dorms. These parties were a success and the boys looked for- ward to them each week. On December l7 thc resi- dents of Young Went to Oklahoma City for a Christ- mas dinner. After the dinner the boys attended a show downtown. It is parties like these that thc students who lived in Young will remember long after they are out of school. Harry Merson served as counselor for the l958-59 school term. Harry is from Oklahoma City and a sen- Ior. it if Q .Q 5 I Mickey Berkowich. Third row: Iim Zongker, Chris Bosecker, Al Buschhorn, Robert Rosen, Gordon Clouser, Allen C. Melton, Thomas H. Murphy, Dick Kelley, Bill Barrow, Rogers Barton, Bud Daugherty, Stan Rosenfield. Fourth row: Tommy Rains, Larry Blankenship, Bing Wines, Harvey Crouch, Alan Walker, Russell Harrison, Bill Bonnell, Ronny Alex, Mike Baker, Dave Troxel, Bob Iennings, Bill Iacobs. I-1-In-fm, V mia: A mix ii Jwssw Qfjf Qfif fi 4' 'wi' K i... asa. - .di ' Early morning "handsome" treatments top the agenda at Young house for Iames M. Baker, Gary Sibley and I. Vann Norwood as they prepare for classes. OFFICERS President . . . . IOHN WILLIAM GRAY Vice President . . . PAUL RUSII KASISIIKE Secretary . . . . JOHN EDWARD NIENHUESER Social Chairman . . . . PAUL RUSH KASISIIKE Intramurals Chairman . . ALTON LYNN AUSTIN ISA Representative . . ALAN MILTON CHRISTIE 559 First row: Cal Sharpe Ir., Paul Chichi, Garry Mitchelmore, George B. Smith, Ierry Katz, Iimmie Walker, james A. McComas, Tom Powers, counselor, Bob Yates, Iames O. Parnell, Waymon L. Harris, Burl D. Ragland, Scott Briggs, David E. Gibbs, Iohn F. McCoy. Second row: Dick Eskridge, Roger H. Hughes, Willi- am M. Bishop, Richard Barnes, Ioseph Kirk, Guy Burrous, Ronald W. Nye, Kenneth H. Smith, Kenneth G. Chowins, ALLEY H0 SE One of the high points of the year at Alley house was when they took third place in Cross Center foot- ball this year with a record of 5 wins and 2 losses. Alley house was named in honor of the late Harry H. Alley, Norman, who was killed in Belgium in 1944. The dorm was dedicated on February 6, 1953. Some of the outstanding boys in the dorm were David Gibbs and Charles Stanford who were members BAKER H0 SE This year the residents of Baker house were proud of their accomplishments. They were given the Cross Center Citizenship Award and the Capt. Iohn F. Don- elson Intramural trophy. Norman Clark, intramurals chairman, kept the residents busy with long afternoon workouts. The practice paid off as the men were vol- leyball and softball champions. Parties seemed to be the order of the day this past year at Baker. Parties were planned with Davis house, First row: Richard Nordell Millspaugh, T. William Bechtol, David I. Smith, Bill Eisenkramer, Bruce D. Rider, Curtis Phil- lips, Roger Branson, Ed Fox, counselor, Phil Black, Rick Colton, Art Redland, Norman R. Clark, Fred Champlin, Mike Crosslin, Harold Logsdon. Second row: William Walker, Tom McCraw, Fred Fenton, Vincent Boggs, Iim Iohnson, Dick Adams, Iohn Moody, Larry Hornbeek, Ronnie Reed, Clyde Walls, Glen A. Philip W. Smith, Donald Gangemi. Third row.' Harris Miller, Kenneth Bentz, lay Rhodes, Harry Widdifield, Iames L. Nash, Charles E. Humphrey, Phil Porta, Ronnie Sutherland, Robert Hughes, Iames R. Deal, Fred H. Suhre. Fourth row.' Michael Dunaway, Richard F. Worsena, Iohn Piersiak, Ierry Pass, Iim Sharp, Bob Totten, Buddy Tatum, Charles C. Stanford, Ioe Kay Ir., Mike Lynch, Bob Nilson, Byron Niebruegge. of the student intramural board. The dorm also housed the drum major of OU's "Pride of Oklahomaf' Bob Hughes. Luther Tatum served as house president. He was also a member of Phi Eta Sigma and very ae- tive on the President's council. Other ofhcers include Roger Hughes, vice president, Bob Deal, secretary- treasurerg David Gibbs, intramurals chairman, and Bill Bishop, ISA representative. Hume house, Herrick house, Holman house, jordan house, and the Nurses' home. Starting the school year of 1958-59 out with the election of first semester oflicers, the men in Baker house elected as president, Curtis Phillips. Other offi- cers include vice president, Bill Walker, secretary, Kent Miller, intramurals chairman, Norman Clark, and ISA representative, Cloyde Walls. Rabun. Third row: lim Teegerstrom, Charles M. Evans, Dwight E. Silver, Tommy C. Vincent, William Iackman, Mel Iames, Fred Moyer, Ronald Kent Howell, Bud McDougal, Kent Miller, Iimmie Austin. Fourth row: Jerome M. Westheimer Ir., Ion Trauer, Don Clark, Louis McCarter, Richard L. Holden, Benny Neer, Martin Stringer, Allen Payne, Charles Mayfield, Ierry Hammett, Hank Blackstock. O 1 First row: Claude Williams, Kent Moore, Fred DeWeese, Dennis Cubbage, Don Hassebroek, Mike Harding, counselor, David Nelson, Marshall L. Beard, Ronnie Wynne, Don Randall, Bill Fulton. Second row: Iames R. Sharpe, Earl Webb, Robert Lee Kinzer, Abram Rosenberg, Barry Davis, Mario Uzcategui, Stan- ford M. Ianger, Larry C. Bresnick, Ierry Springer, George D. Allen, Iames W. Howard. Third rout Luther Elliott, Iames BASS H0 SE Bass house had a very active year socially and ath- letically. Among their activities, residents of Bass house took part in football and basketball intramurals. Bass house was named in memory of Robert Dean Bass who lost his life in Germany for his country. Doing their part to keep the dorm "tops,' were the officers of the year. Don Hassebroek was elected presi- dent, David Nelson, vice president, Marshall Beard. BUCHANAN H0 SE Social events at Buchanan house were outstanding this year mainly because ol the organized house combo consisting of David Gutes' guitar and the drums and trumpet of Bob Moses. The dorm had entertaining house parties with a high percentage of attendance. Buchanan house had more than its share of musi- cally-inclined residents during the l958-59 term. Be- sides the combo, members of the OU band were well First row: Iim Clark, Iohn Wells, Bob E. Moses, Ioe Antinoro, Bill Riddle, Douglas Oden, Bryan Gillespie, counselor, Ben Botnick, Mike Tack, Earl Lafon, Iohn Roberts, Donald C. Bernshouse, Ierry Bailey. Second row: Mac Owen, Ed Gage. Paul Washecheck, Iohn R. Anderson, Iames I. Hawkins, Roland Tague, I. B. Saunders, Bill Stewart, Kent Childs, Hal Balyeat, Iohn Trogdon, Bruce Boughner, Dave Woodward. Third row: Mundis, Gary Foster, Bob Cutchall, Phil Kirk, Iohn Iennings, Hubert Bivins, Iim Tinney, Bob Bradshaw, Ben McDermott, Bill Petter. Fourth row: W. Kyle Tisdalc, Scott Cochran, Bill Vesely, Iim Holland, Hal Markowitz, Iames Thomas, Robert D. Garrett, Hugh I. Barrett, Iames S. Welch, Tom Forney, Dan- ny Devine, Ray McLaury. secretary, and Dennis Cubbage, intramurals chairman. Talk at Bass house covered everything from ties to dates to razor blades when residents had time to get together. Taking an active part in house gab fests was the house counselor, Iohn R. Hughey, a freshman in the law school. Iohn supplied "fatherly', advice for the men in the dorm. represented in the dorm. Ierry Bailey was chosen president of the dorm. Other oflicers assisting him were Iohn Wells, vice president, Iim Conner, secretary, Curtis Culver, social chairman, Robert McCurdy, intramurals chairman, and Iames Hawkins, ISA representative. The dorm was named in honor of the late Iames Buchanan. Charles Martin, George Weaber, Terrell Dixon, Philip H. Brown, Paul Byers, Arnold Frisinger, Steve McKeever, Charles Lewis, Terry Witt, Curtis Culver, Phil Clark. Fourth row: Paul Van Wagoner, Gardner H. Randall, Ints Abolins, Vance Burton, Bruce Darnes, William L. Whitaker, Gene Schweitzer, Iim Conner, Bob Custer, Doug Howard, Bernard Ehrler. First row: Ierome Short, jim Cray, Bill Nelson, Bob Williams, Barry Walraven, counselor, Ken Lanyon, Iohn Cobb, Thomas Tucker, Ray Hughes, Mike L. Finley. Second row: Andres Rolando, Iohn Bedwell, Pat Hunt, Haden Cowdrey, Goodwin White, Harry Nielsen, joe Allen, Iohn Allen, Iohn Levine, Mark Bernstein, Edward Ervin, Sidney joseph Diamond. Third DITM RS H0 SE Outstanding students living at Ditmars house are Ken Lanyon and Bob Williams. Ken presided as pres- ident of the dorm and vice president of Cross Center Presidentis council. Bob was vice president of Ditmars house, a member of the navy drill team, and a student senator. Ditmars house was very active in all intramural sports, not taking any titles but being a contender in every sport they entered. KITCHE S H0 SE Talents of Kitchens house range from wrestling to scholarship. Every dorm has one or more boys of whom they are especially proud. Bruce Evatt, a sophomore, is a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Kappa Psi and Sigma Theta Epsilon. He was i957 ROTC Outstand- ing Bandsman, Honor Sophomore ROTC Student, Outstanding Chemical I Student of 1957, KUVY chief engineer, and has maintained a 3.8 grade average at the university. Curtis Fielder, a junior, has a 3.67 First row: David Barber, Robert Lipton, Mike Merrill, Ronnie Hale, Paul Weinstein, Travis Henderson, Clark Hyde, Cary L. Nichols, counselor, Bruce E. Wilt, Buddy Byars, Joel C. Duttera, Curtis Fielder. Second row: Tim Leonard, Speed El- liott, Wilson Baptist, Bruce L. Evatt, Ray Wise, Nathan Craig, Richard Russell, Ioseph Bielski, Norman F. Dritch, William D. Norileet, Gordon A. Speed, Iames Houston. Third row: Richard row: Nels Olander, Bob Buck, Thomas Smith, Charles Neel, Robert McElroy, Terry Winebrenner, Ioe Cannon, Phillip Ram- sey, Chris Ellis, Iohn P. Georgacopoulos. Fourth row: Mike Mitchell, Rex Spivey, Paul Iohnson, Richard Johnson, Robert Rusch, lack Hooks, William Rahhal, lim Wilson, Buzzy Rhodes, Leon Chicoraske, Ron Rupert. Out-of-states students living in the dorm include Marcus Maldonado from Valencia, Venezuela, and Andres Rolando of Los Caracas, Venezuela. Early in the year the boys in the dorm elected Ken Lanyon to serve as president of the house. Bob Wil- liams was vice president and social chairman. Barry Walraven, a graduate student in drama, served as dorm counselor. grade average. He is a member of Phi Eta Sigma and received the beginning Physics Achievement award. Officers for the first semister were president, Ron Haleg vice president, Paul Weinstein, secretary, Travis Henderson, social chairman, Paul Weinsteing Ray Wise, intramurals chairman, and Ioel Duttera, ISA representative. Serving as counselor at Kitchens house during the year was senior Gary Nichols. Howell, Ralph B. Bendorf, Cary S. Way, Bill Mott, Allen Casa- way, Gary Leek, Brad Akins, jerry Klinock, William Moses, Iohn A. Davis, Robert E. Flexner, Tommy Padgham. Fourth row: Dick McWilliams, Iohn Schaefer, Ierry Burr, Lyn Ables, Dwayne Howard, Gene Rogers, Roger Collins, Iohn Blasingarne. Nick Soter, Phillip B. Hart, Clark Hayes Boyles, Ken Kiser. ww Q.. r - -W First row: Alton Lawrence, Kenny Leonard, Irwin Levine, Robert Covington, Don Smith, Bill Hunter, William R. Marty, Nick French, James E. Pohl. Second row: Curtis Tcrhune, Chris Woessner, Ike Footlick, Ed Fowler, Iohn Maxson, Howard Bizzell, Ronald Wilk, Rob Luke, lim Dolph, Glen W. Hall, Elis Ronchini. Third row: Iohn D. Coleman, lim Baker, Clif- Mc0AI HUUSE Sports were an important part in the lives of the residents of McCain house during the year. The dorm was full of boys with a lot of spirit and ability. Co- intramural chairmen Holey Kanard and Carl Hillier had the sports program well organized as was proved by the scores of the games in which they participated. Serving as dorm ofliccrs first semester are Carl Hillier. president, Larry Flowers, vice president, lorry SEILIFF H0 SE Residents oi Sctlifi house were iar from lazy as they were active in many activities during every day of every month. The dorm placed first in Cross Center for having the least number of bad grade hours first semester. They also won second place for inspections at Cross. Setliii was active in Cross Center intramurals this year. The boys placed second in the football competi- tion with six wins and only one loss. First row: Bruce Swaine, Bennett Clabberstein, Chuck Wise, Gene Deal, Vernon Merritt, Bob Walker, Ken Fletcher, Gilbert Carlson, Carl Stover, Iohn E. Robertson. Second row: Mike Shrier, Bob Shaffer, Ardell Higginbotham, Dave Goldstein, Sam Reyes, jim Thomas, Don Bristow, David Schreiber, Frank Gib- bard, Robert Maier, David Downing, Herb D. Pond, Robert Arnold, Ioe R. Foster. Third row: Albert Fuller, Dale Clark, lord R. Ramsey, Ion Harle, Bobo Hale, Indun Kanard, Herman Gatter, Dick Falkensten, Iirnmy Nix, Roger Iames, Iames L. Crowson, Ioe Bell, Ierry Freidberg. Fourth row: Martin Green- berg, C. E. Love, Robert Wallace, Donald Murrell, Carl Hillier, Larry Flowers, Dan Dimoek, Gerald F. Bailey, Charles Hurwitz, Thomas Van Syckel, Gerald Cummins, I. Dale Duncan. Balentine, secretary, Larry Flowers and Carl Hillier, social chairmen, Holey Kanard and Carl Hillier, intra- murals chairmen, and Icrry Balentine, ISA representa- tive. Social events of the year included several dances, each one being an outstanding event. Don Smith. counselor first semester, along with Larry Flowers had a well planned social program for the dorm. The dorm was named in honor of the late Edward B. Setliff who lost his life during World War II in Japan. An outstanding house resident was Ken Fletcher who served as house president and vice president of the Presidents, council. Serving as vice president of the dorm was Vernon Merritt and secretary was Gilbert Carlson, social chairman, Vernon Merritt, and intra- murals chairman, Gene Deal. Bob Montgomery, Robert I. Pellow, Fred Evans Hammer, Lindell Ball, Iohn Hughes, Troy Reed, Steve Braucht, Pat O'Reilly, Tommy Chesnutt, Larry Myers. Fourth row: Charles Trimble, Chuck Woodson, Ioe Kent Powell, Mike Mitchell, Chop Cathey, Iohn Elias, Bob Bliss, Roger H. Fincher, Charles Palmer, Ray Collins, Hillord H. Hinson, Phil Washburn. Wrapped up in their work, Wilson center ollieers Norman Kangun, Douglas Sharp. Norman Stanley. Fred Westerberg and David Lznnbert prepare gilts lor an orphans home. President. . Vice President Secretary . Treasurer . Sponsors . First row: Bill E. David Lambert. OFFICERS . NORNILXN ST,xNLEY . FRED Wi4:s'rizRBERG . S'l'1iVi-I HOLIDAY , . . . IOHN DORMAN , Im BLUE and BILL l.ANIliR Lanier. Norman I.. Stanley, Fred Westerberg. Woodrow Wilson Center Prosidont's Council VVoodrow Wilson Center President's council is made up oi the presidents oi the six dorms in the center. The councils aims are to control the central govern- ment of Woodrow Wilson Center. The council has accomplished many things during the past year. A speaker Was put in the cafeteria for the purpose of having music and announcements at meal times. The council planned the WWC Christ- mas party where all the dorms took part in the activi- ties. One of the biggest accomplishments and projects of the year was the carnival held second semester. All the houses in the center had booths and the money taken in was put to a good use. The council also supervised the election oi a WWC Sweetheart. Meetings of the WWC Presidents council are held each week on Wednesday night from 10 to ll p.m. in the center lounge. Mark Collins served as parlia- mentarian at the meetings. Qther ofhcers Were Ken Sims. athletic chairmang Dave Lamber and Dan Chandler, ISA representatives. and Norman Kangun. cafeteria representative. Fred Westerberg, vice presi- dent of the council, also served as head of the WWC Judicial Board. The council is also in charge of granting people not housed in WWC permission to use their gym. Second row: Mark Collins, Mike Crouch, Carrick Bailey, Nor- man Kangun, Iohn Dorman, Ken Milligan, Douglas Sharp. haf 'V First row.' Leroy Peterson, Alan Ginsburg, Don Hickman, George Floratos, Fred Westerberg, Iacki Gaumer, Iohn Skuja, I. Willis Gran, Bill Lanier, Iim Blue, counselor, Quentin Mich- ael Fulton, Loren Kelley. Second row: Roger Troub, Sam Rogers, john Bowie, Iody LaChance, Mike Sussman, Dean Hunt, Lionel Garrett, Harold Kern, R. Kent Patton, Harold Dicker, Gerald Nelson Livingston, Courtney R. Bayer, Denny Durland, Iim Freese. Third row: Iohnnie R. Hohenshelt, Allan C. Hart- man, Harvey N. Plaut, Phil Green, Iohn R. Dodd, Frankie D. Welch, Robert I. Fair, Eddie W. Mitchell, Chuck Page, Norman L. Hobbs, Ioe Yancey, Gary Serafini, Dick Dodson, Bob Dillard, Alex Kilby, William Plumlee, Mike Stoll, German Alverez. IRVI GHO SIE Residents of Irving house have been quite active this year. The dorm is composed of 126 students of which about half are freshman and half are upper- classmen. Fourteen of the residents in the dorm are students from other countries. Bolivia, Columbia, Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina, Australia, and Canada are the countries represented in the house. John Skuja of Australia has maintained a 4.0 grade average in the petroleum engineering graduate school, and is an ofii- cer of the Chess Club. Ian jasper, another graduate in petroleum engineering from Australia, has a 3.8 grade average. The boys at Irving house are very lucky in that they have a house combo made up of five residents. All the men in the house contributed in purchasing a piano for the dorm lounge this year. Irving house is also the only dorm which has a house operated can- teen. This canteen is open every night from 7 to ll p.m. and serves coiiee and donuts. Larry Lawson and Ron McDaniels have been canteen directors for this year. Irving is also one of the few men's dorms which have a washing machine and dryer for the student use. One of the outstanding social events of the year was an all day open house on Dadis Day. Fourth row: Iose Silva, Ian Iasper, Wayne M. Sampson, Bill Lumpkin Ir., Iohn Welker, Harold Sanford, Ronald McDaniel, Charles Clement, Ralph Moore, Theodore Greene, Dwaine Meskimen, Carl Artopoeus, Henry R. Harrison, Carl Brady, Ted W. Smith, Perry Assenheimer, Gordon K. Iimerson, Charles Heinen. Fifth row: Stanley Beard, Francisco Lopez, Terry I. Barham, Richard M. Landriault, Pat Ferrys, Mike Steinberg, Charles Hughes, William O. Brower, Don D. Weston, Mike Mc- Closkey, lay Ieffries, Marvin Burnett, Bob Ietton, Philip Martin, Larry Lawson, Charles Wray, Herbert Bryant, Iimmy Cole, Judson B. Grubbs. In preparation for the big event, Kent Patton, Ioe Yancey, Frank Welch and Dennis Rappaport decorate Irving house for the party with Forbes house gals. 0 F F I C E RS President ......... FRED WESTERBERG Vice President . . . . IOHN SKUJA Secretary . . . GEORGE FLORATOES Social Chairman . . . . . DON HICKMAN Intramurals Chairman ....... PETER LEE ISA Representatives . . TED SMITH, KENT PATTON sv-3159-M5 Elvis never received such attention-Tommy Keeton entertains Garrick Bailey, Hal Mattocks, Tim Harrow, Fred Brown, Ken- neth Owen and Hal Williams. OFFICERS President . . . . MARK COLLINS Vice President . . SCOTT MAILHES Secretary . . . . GARY BAILEY Social Chairman . . . . JACK PARKER Intramurals Chairman .... BILL ZIMMERMAN ISA Representatives , . JERRY MILLER, BEN WALKER First row: Iohn R. Hughey, Iorge Altamirano, Russo San- chez, David Marshall, Thomas A. Lewis, L. Scott Mailhes, Bill Meder, Van A. Osborne Ir., Max H. Beasley, Steven R. Weisberg, Paul H. Wiehe, Lynn C. McGlothin, Frank Bilotta, Iames R. Waren, Mike Buford, David Dwyer, Mark Collins, lack Parker. Second row: Allen Nance, Bill Broach, Tommy Keeton, Art Green, Ierry Miller, Garrick Bailey, Roger Dye, Charles Choate, Holland Ford, Gene Ryan, Bill Murphy, Rod- ney Opitz, Olin Karch, Larry Haggard, Charles Parker, Roy L. Q 1... .... KI GFISHER HUUSE Kingfisher house was named as a memorial to King- fisher College. South America was well represented in Kingfisher this past year. Russo Sanchez of Caracas, Venezuela, Carlos Royuela and Raul Encinas from La Paz, Bo- livia, and Iorge Altamirano from Lima, Peru, were four freshmen in university college who came to the OU campus from quite a distance. The other men in the dorm enjoyed talking for long hours with these students about their native homelands. These four students have convinced many Oklahoma residents that South America would be a beautiful vacationing spot. Serving as counselor in Kingfisher house this year was Bill Broach, senior majoring in history. Through his careful guidance the men in the dorm have had a happy and successful year. Intramurals chairman, Bill Zimmerman did a fine job of outlining the sports activities for the dorm this past year. The residents of Kingfisher had several dances with different dorms of the Women's Quadrangle. Also, early in the year a semi-formal dance was held at the Lockett hotel for the members of the dorm and their dates. lack Parker served as the dorm social chairman. Brannon. Third row: Carlos Royuela, Don Scheh, Tim Harrow, R. C. Slagle, Charles Shaw, Tommy Gray, Mickey Bottoms, Dan Webber. Bill Walker, Roy Lane, Larry Ward, Al Holland, Robert Cockrell. Fourth row: David E. Hochanadel, Dave Fal- coner, Don Brandt, Fred Brown, Don Lawrence, Gerald Borelli, Ronnie Sunshine, joe Albaum, Bill Zimmerman, Ike Preston, Robert F. Iacobs, Glenn N. Iones, Iohn A. Vigh, Ben W. Wof- ford, Ed Morton, Larry W. Wilson. 1 566 1 First row: Gordon Roesler, Bob Reese, Ron Hosner, Iay Field, Iohnnie Day, Iohnnie Williams, Richard Delgado, Dante Aus- teri, Tom Littleton, Iohn Coley, lim Seamans, Ioe Bratcher, Bob Hembree, A. W. Hammock, Kenneth Hallum, counselor. Sec- ond row.' Phil Beck, Mike Lindsay, Ioe Gieck, Bobby Iayroe, Phil Cordon, Phil Brougher, Regan Wright, Doug Crow, Bob Ryan, Ierry Lucas, Larry Lermo, Bob Knight. Third row: ll C0l H0 SE Lincoln house had more than its share of athleti- cally inclined residents during the l958-59 term. No one lives in Lincoln house unless they participate in varsity or freshman athletics and no other house can boast of so many champions and all-Americans in a variety of sports. Lincoln house has three boys from different coun- tries. They include Gail Hodgson and Ralph Young- worth, both from Iohannesburg, South Africa. Mike Lindsay hails from London, England. Gail is the Big Eight cross country champion and record holder, the Big Eight mile champion, and the anchor on the world record sprint medley. Other outstanding members of Lincoln are Dick Delgado, two year national wrestling champion, three year AAU champion, and NCAA Outstanding wrest- ler, Dee Given, the 60-yard dash co-world record holder, Paul Aubrey, NCAA national wrestling cham- pion, Bob Conners, Larry Lerno, and Gordon Collet. All-American swimmers. The dorm was named for President Abraham Lincoln. Counselors, Ken Hallum, a Seminole senior major- ing in electrical engineering, and Gordon Roesler, a senior in the education school were very helpful to the residents of Lincoln house. Duane Hunt, Iohn Hollingsworth, Ray Iohnson, Paul LaMar, Doug Brown, Bob Connor, George Lloyd, Ron Plath, Arvil Ming, Richard Sinclair, Dori Warrick, Ray Bob Burden. Fourth row: Steve Skold, Ioe Melton, Dick Lambertz, Barron Housel, Ioe Lee Thompson, Iack Saari, William Dissly, Floyd Skarky, Gail Hodgson, Ralph Youngworth, Dan Erwin, Gordon Collet. Ioe Melton, Iim Seomons and Bobby Iayroe make sure that Lincoln house men know there has been a change in plans for the dance with Sanger house gals. OFFICERS President . . ....... FLOYD SKARKY Vice President . . . . DON NIPP Social Chairman . . ...... TOM IONES ISA Representatives . . Boa CONNERS, IACK MARSH First row: Raymon Richardson, George Lasky, Blair Winters- gill, Iames R. Reid, Lawrence Uclci, Everett I. Walker, Michael I. Whalen, Terrence T. McCaffery, Loy H. Sinor, Ken Milligan, Charles Levcndosky, Bob Thompson, counselor. Second row: Larry Ieffries, Don Kelly, Bobby I. Kelly, Kenneth Medford, Pat Hurley, Bennie Racer, Richard Allgood, Earl Myers, Edward Iames, Neil K. Gunderson, George E. McLellan, Iames L. Brooks. Third row: Ioe Reid, Iames Bright, Tanel Rashid, BUYD HUUSE Boyd house won third place among men's housing for the best grade point average in the spring semester of l958. Richard Allgood, Larry Derryberry, Wayne Winget and Don Stout were four residents whose very high grade averages are helping to keep up the good work for this semester. During December Boyd house residents gave a Christmas party for 16 children from the Oklahoma CLEVELA D H0 SE Many residents at Cleveland house came from dif- ferent countries all over the world. These foreign stu- dents are majoring in everything from engineering to business management. Cleveland house has competed in many intramural sports. Some of these sports are volleyball, basketball, football and softball. Although not always being the winning team they have placed near the top in nearly First row: Dale Moore, Iohn E. Dorman, Rudolph Koci Ir., Gerald A. Luton, Kenneth L. Cheever, Marvin W. Campbell, Henry Emilson, Dick Kent, Iim Orrell, Roger Phares, Don Reese, Bill Fisher, counselor. Second row: Gordon Bomar, Howard Nathan, Allen Bolinski, Everett Whitney, Robert Gappa, Iames A. Williams, Roy Zumwalt, Myron Cox, Lyndon Williams. Third row: Ryborn Kirby, Tommy H. Armstrong, l 2, 1. , ,.. f ,gt if? R 4 P5 ii-'Y 4 , ...X fe-i W . U, I ,. -unix 'W' Arthur M. Saddoris, Iohn G. Maples, Philip S. Houser, Iackie Moore, Larry Derryberry, Randy Wilson, David Trent, Ralph Jones, Vernon Racer, Terry Brown. Fourth row: Wayne Winget, Lynn Pinson, David Ripley, Darrell G. Merrell, Gary Thrasher, Tom Burdge, Bob Trimble, Arland R. Dyer, Roger Norman, Andy Stalder, Clifton L. Driskell, Meredith E. Aker, Charles K. Hogins, Steve Holaday. City Baptist Home. Boyd house was named after David Ross Boyd, the First President of the University. Boyd house had an active year under the counseling of Bob Thompson. First semester officers were presi- dent, Kenneth Milligang vice president, Bob Reidg treasurer, Wayne Upchurch, social chairman, Bob Reid, and intramurals chairman, Bob Trimble. all events. The boys in the dorm selected Iohn Dorman to serve as house president, Norman Kangun, vice presi- dent and social chairman, Marvin Campbell, secretary, Iimmy Sims, intramurals chairman, and Rudolph Koci and Myron Cox, ISA representatives. Bill Fisher was dorm Counselor. Cleveland house was named for Grover Cleveland. lay Clapp, Iohn lmei, Collin Dang, john Kimbrough, Gerald E. Baehler, Iames Bard, Curtis Shiflett, Leonard Young, Allen R. Butler. Fourth row: Stephen Franz, Earl L. Bledsoe, Phil Pace, Bill Pearce, Dale Willard, Ed Bates, Ronald Statum, Donald W. Veach, Herb Stonehocker, Lynn Myer, Thomas Neel, Ralph Flagler, Roger Tate. l L I .. .ti - I - - -- - - -- - - - .Y . .. Ya. ., . .wqsaykkw if ' in - .ma l AL - A First row: Arthur Freeman, Iohn Youngmeyer, C. S. Williams, Thomas, Iim Desherow, Ierry Lacy, Iim Robertson, Max W. Tom Caves, Virgil Wayne Tate, David M. Harris, Ron Sauls. Kennedy, Richard Worden, john Lewis, Ronald Funk. Third jim Mabus, Burton Ito, Bob Shaw, Iohn C. Caldwell. Second row: Bill Brickman, Ioe Main, Ken Fielder, Garland Pender- row: Forrest Miller, Robert B. Salem, Carl Groschick, Bill graf, Kenneth Sims Ir., Arlyn C. Prestholt, Ioe D. Gibson, Chastain, Bill Hollister, Harold Vanhook, Mel Bingenheimer, Thomas I. Pluhar, Chuck Wyckoff, Virgil I. Spencer Ir., Dennis Lendol Davis, Iohn Hoffman, Arthur Trujillo, Third row: lay Parks, William S. Smallwood, Roland I. Simmons. Wiedeman, Bruce W. Baker, Bobbie Foote, Bob Vinyard, Benny Sequoyah house residents elected Kenneth Sims most unique education contributions of all times. president for the fall semester. Other officers chosen Sequoyah residents include three students from oth- include Virgil I. Spencer, vice president, Joe Gibson, er countries. Enrique A. Costas and Adrian Bustillo secretary, Jim Desherow, social chairman, Kenny come from Bolivia. Robert Salem is a sophomore from Mann, intramurals chairman, and Jim Mabus, ISA Lebanon. representative. The boys in the dorm are active in all aspects of The dorm was named for Sequoyah whose contribu- campus life from university debate teams to athletic tion to the Five Civilized Tribes remains one of the directors to outstanding ROTC men. Worcester house was named for the Reverend Sam- ward Page, intramurals chairman, Robert Iseman, and uel Worcester, the first missionary and educator, and ISA representative. Douglas Sharp. the first publisher in Oklahoma. Worcester house had three boys from other coun- Outstanding social events this year included house tries. They were Ioseph Baakline of Lebanon, Ed- danees with several of the girls, dorms. Also the an- uardo Arze from South America, and Hashemi Mehdi nual hayride was held at Little River Ranch. of Iran. Officers of the first semester were: president, Nor- Velmer Dimery served as the dorm counselor this man Stanley, vice president, Charles Finn, social year. chairman, Charles Finn, secretary and treasurer, Ed- First row: Robert Kyker, Earl E. Silvers Ir., Donald Ludlow, Grinpas. Third row: Ted Metscher, Ed Page, Pete Kahn, Rich- Bill Dudley, Charles Oakley, Charles Ellis, Norman L. Stanley. ard Wares, Kim Iackson, Bob Steele, Walter Laxson, Charles E. Eduardo Arze, Raymond E. Colline, Bernard Ginden, Richard Schmidt, Ierry English, Robert Wyatt, Wayne Stalnaker, john Stephens, Archie W. Dunham, Charles W. Ingram, Iames P. Mack, lack DeLisle. Gene Phelps, Gary Burrus. Fourth row: Harrelson, William K. Osmun. Second row: Velmer I. Dimery, Lloyd W. Taggard, Douglas Sharp, Iohn Dillard, Marquis A. counselor, C. Wade Anderson, Howard Bridges, David M. Wil- Murdock, David Horst, Francis Haas, lim Abbott, Bill Giles, son, Harvey Price, Steve Swaflord, Steve Miller, Doug Lyle, Ierry Hammontree, Mike Moody, Edmund Steines, William Bruce Brown, Ray Hensley, Charles Finn, Robert Iseman, Glenn Borgstadt, William Lee, Kenneth W. Chaflin, Steve W. Kendall, Van Coevering, Iim Hackler, Ray Freeze, Tom Watkins, Dave Owen Lee Robinson. First row: Gerald Black, Iohn Burns, Billy Rogers, Iim McCaf- frey, Matt Sparkman, Otha D. Hill, Sam Najd, Eddie Lockhart, Larry B. Warren, Amir M. Iahromi, Dan Coates, Hardy Doyle, Gerald Pullin, Fred Schumacher, Max Milner, David Reel, Thomas D. Evans. Second row: Paul Vernon, Frank Robert- son, Walter B. Henry, Robert S. Wriston, Frank L. Skaggs, Patrick L. Shehan, Clint Cox, Roscoe Cook, Roy Barker, Ed Reynolds, Ronnie R. Hart, Scott Florance, Wilbur Bowersox, Kent Pendleton, Iim Emery, Gerald Wood. Third row: lack RESIDENTIAL H ll Parties and sports seem to be the main events on the Residential house agenda. The dorm football team placed second in independent championship and they also tied for wrestling championship. Other intramu- rals in which they participated were basketball, soft- ball, boxing, and ping pong. Hester hall, which is part of Residential, was named after Elizabeth lane Hester, who came to the Indian Territory as a missionary to the Choctaw and Chicka- saw Indians. Robertson hall is named in honor of Ann Worcester Robertson, a missionary sent to labor among the Cherokee Indians. She translated the en- tire New Testament, and a portion of the Old Testa- ment, into the Creek language. Both Hester and Rob- ertson halls were formerly girls' dorms, but after the BOQ fire men were moved in them. Residential offices were filled by Leon Smith, presi- dent, I. Matt Sparkman, vice president, Otha Hill, First row: Paul Vernon, David McElroy, Leon Smith, Dallas Blachly, Leslie Howard, Johnnie Yager, Ronnie Mitchell, W. A. Norman, Gordon Butler, William Gilmore, Bob Carter, Ray- mond Zimmerman, Ion Blocker, Claude R. Thorpe, Iim Stringer. Second row: Allen E. Cornelium, jerry E. Haston, Tom Long III, Ernest Iohnson Ir., Ernest Kelly, Iames L. Adams, Robert L. Griffin, Iay I. Lippmann, Richard Sakoda, Ioe S. Shannon, Grant Emrick, Roy Adams, Ernest R. Mach, Harry Carey. 7 -' 5, i Smith, Luiz Meth, Kenneth H. Iones, Brian Bleakley, Owen Briles, Lawrence Snider, Thomas Wood, David Harrison, Bill Newton, Blair Campbell, Neal Paisley, Robert Alvis, Forrest Cunningham. Fourth row: DeWayne Carter, Iohnny Christian- sen, Wimp Lambrecht, Randy Richison, Nelson Rogers, Bill Collard, Paul Rempel, William Leonard, Richard McKinne, Dale E. Kennedy, Roger Brown, Bryan Emerson, Iack Querry. Bob Merrett, Iames Holcomb, Anthony Pennybaker, Darrell Wood. secretary, Tom Long, social chairman, Larry Warden, intramurals chairman, Gordon Butler, Willard Mc- Casland, and Ron Mitchell, ISA representatives. Serving as counselors at Residential this year were Paul Vernon, a graduate in the law school, Mark McElroy, a senior majoring in geology, Ierry Black, another geology major, and Frank Robertson, a senior studying engineering. One of the high points of the year at Residential was when they held their Bowery Brawl. Two other dances given this year which turned out to be out- standing were the Frontier Dance and the spring for- mal. At Christmas time the annual orphans, Christ- mas party was held. At this party the children were given gifts donated by house members. E. E. Sanmann was a very outstanding member in the dorm. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma. Third row: Lloyd Firman, Homer Forsythe, jerry Fetters, Sam Landers, Claud Mullins, Ernest D. Hamm, Brian Ausburn, Ken- neth D. Young, Iimmy Knittel, Tommy McDonald, Donald Svejkovsky, Paul Rupert, W. S. Thompson. Fourth row: Law- rie Gray, Iames Baker, Willard McCasland, Larry Warden Dietrich Wood, William A. Griffin, Pat Clare, Philip Ratliff, Martin Levine, Morris A. Lively Ir., Ronald Hecht, Dale Moore, Mark McElroy. lwlrL' l Il' . ! First row: Jack Shilling, Jimmy Carpenter, Jerry Pettibone, Don Brewington, Fred Staff, Jim Byerly, Brian Copple, Bob Scholl, Bill Noble, Phil Lohmann. Second row: Ronny Payne, Bob Yingling, Jim Feagan, Johnny French, Billy White, Henry Wells, Joe Murray, Dan Hamric, Ron Dombek, Dale Wallace, Harold Smith, Gene Borks, Larry Munnerlyn, Dick Carpenter. Third row: Charles Bailey, Jack Johnson, Jared Rowe, Ronald Smith, JIEFFERSO H0 SIE The house of the red Wreckcrs, Jefferson house, has long boasted of its champions and all-American foot- ball players. This year is certainly no exception. Six men placed on the All Big Eight Conference team. They were Bob Harrison, Ross Coyle, Steve Jennings, Gilmer Lewis, Dick Corbitt, and Prentice Gautt. Besides being excellent in sports many of the boys at Jeff house excel in scholarship as well. Ross Coyle made the First All-American Academic team, Jim Law- rence made the second All-American Academic team. and Prentice Gautt Was on the third team. Prentice also was elected to the third All-American team. Center Bob Harrison was given special national rec- ognition. He was a member of the All-American team and acclaimed Lineman ol the Year by the United Press International. Uther members of Jefferson house Who excelled in sports and studies were elected to the All Big Eight Conference Academic team. They were Jerry Payne. Ross Coyle, Jim Lawrence. and Prentice Gautt. Jay O,Neal, a senior in petroleum engineering, was counselor at Jefferson house first semester. Jay gradu- ated from OU in January. Clendon Thomas and Bill Krisher were counselors for the second semester. Jefferson house was constructed under the NYA pro- gram and Was named after Thomas Jefferson. This l958-59 school year was certainly successful for the dorm. Johnny Pellow, Paul Benien, Max Morris, Bob Morford, Sam Davis, William Levonitis, Dale Perini, Paul Vaughan, Glenn Cunningham, Jim McCoy. Fourth row: Karl D. Milstead, Leon Cross, Don Salmon, Jere Durham, Bill Winblood, Leroy Corn, Walt Metcalfe, Mike McClellan, Eddie Wood, E. Brent Mor- ford, Travis Columbus, Manshall Yonk, Bob Page, Frank Smith. , wi. TEXQSQGQSQSF' .c Athletes residing at Jeil' house include Ctirst rowj Tim Haws. Bob Cornell, Dale Keadelg Qsecond rowj Dennis Ward, Bill Chambers, Stan Ward. COUNSELORS First Semester ......... JAY O,NEAL Second Semester BILL KRISHER and CLENDON THOMAS Catching up on the news around them are four Whitehand residents who are relaxing before attempting their homework. OFFICERS President ........... REX CRAIG Vice President and Social Chairman , KEITH SM1TH Secretary and Treasurer ..... ROBERT BELL Intramurals Chairman . . . BOB POLLOCK ISA Representative . . SAM MCLAIN First row: Hugh F. Beamon, Max Pierson, Rex Pierson, Richard Klein, Rex Craig, Charles Fagin, Ierry York, Robert Hicks, Rob- ert Pollock, Edgar F. Pacheco, Russell Currie, Farhad Hakimi- pour, Charles H. Thomas. Second row: Harry G. Haefner, Bill Sherer, Ioseph A. Wideman, Don Young, Neil Crawford, Roy Cole, Kenneth Bloom, Calvin McLain, Frederick Hansen, Dan Hamilton, Clayton Kerr, William N. Clayton, Ioseph Sefa, Douglas F. Wyman, ,Pat Corbett Ir. Third row: Sammy Hines, ..l Alif .tl l lil! WHITIEHA ll HALL "One World Our Vxforldw was thc theme of White- hand Homecoming decoration which brought them first place in class B competition. The men in the dorm also Won third place in the mcn's division in the Dad's Day Quartet contest. There Were l7O men living at Whitehand hall this year of whom 50 were freshmen. Many of the rcsi- dents were active on the school campus. Keith Smith was alternate school cheerleader and state president of FFA. Besides being president of the dorm, Rex Craig is a member of the OU band, active in the Baptist Student Union, and sings with the lVlen's Glee Club. loc Sefa from Goodrich, Michigan, was on the fresh- man football squad. Parties with the residents of Franklin house seemed to be the main events on the house agenda. A Christ- mas dance was held before the holidays in the Frank- lin house lounge. Whitehand and Franklin residents collected clothes for a needy family. Whitehand hall was formerly an old Masonic dor- mitory. It Was named after Robert VVhitehand, who was on the faculty and killed in action during World War I. Bob Hicks, a senior in electrical engineering, served as counselor the First semester. Don Hyatt, Tony Shoemaker, Billy Sexton, Donald Whitis, Le- roy Rogers, Carl H. Heberle, Charles R. Gorham, Vernon Lot- man, Claude F. Nelson, Ronald R. Sukenis, Marvin Christopher- son, Thomas Crofford, Roberto B. Peraza. Fourth row: Bill West, Clark McCoy, Gary Shoemaker, Raymond F. Cross, Rex Gardner, Bob Bell, Alan Fink, Harold G. Wootan, Iames A. Dunn, Iames C. Newman, Sol Wolchansky, David Glass, jim Coffman, Iohn Everett. advertising V , The Universily Book Exchange Exfends Congralulalions +o Gradualing Seniors and Besl' Wishes 'l'o all for a happy Summer We are Represen+al'ives for +he Official Universi+y of Oklahoma Class Ring. It Has Been Our Pleasure To Serve You J. C. MAYFIELD, Direclor UNIVERSITY BOGK EXCHANGE 0 U, S F 290V 0 . Yeggs F or I ,Hx '64 'c chem Nw' Guns! nmunzw uonoawm VIIMINK7 n'lF..A,g - . D A 'R IES C5 M Y The Newly Remodeled Will Rogers Room Designed 'ro Serve You BeH'er The Oklahoma Memorial Union is operaled +o serve lhe inferesr of Sludenls. Make il' lhe cenler ol your aclivilies. Visil lhe Caleleria, Barbershop, Game Room, Founlain Room, Audilorium, Ming Room, Lounges, Union Marr and Jrhe Ballrooms. Also localed in lhe Union are Radio Slalion WNAD, 'rhe Universily ol Oklahoma Associalion, lhe Universily Book Exchange, Union Aclivilies ollice and Facully Club. Managed by Board of Truslees LEE B. THOMPSON, Presidenl' JACK LUTTRELL, Vice-Presidenl' D. H. GRISSO, Treasurer HILLYER FREELAND, Secrelary and Manager The OKLAHOMA MEMORIAL UNION Inc. DRIILLERS TD THE INDUSTRY DEPENDABLE 4. C. EXPERIENCED Q, 4. EEEJICIENT 4, 4, 4, -k FLEET DRHLLHNXG CUMPANY ' Ador,Oklc1homc1 0 Dc111cxs,Texcls "OUR BEST WISHES GO WITH THE MEN AND WOMEN PREPARING FOR A CAREER IN PHARMACY" Congratulations to Graduates in 1959 The FIIX IILIET DRUG Co. WIIULESHLE nnunulsrs wlci-HTA - OKLAHOMA CITY - PUEBLO I ALBUQUERQUE Kim Schafer and Roger Louis Fmd that bicycles are the answer to the ur1iversity's trafhe problem. SECURIT ' NK W. H. PATTEN - President D. H. GRISSO - Senior Vice-Presidenf J. H. PATTEN - Vice-President JOHN MCFARLAND - Vice-President OFFICERS T. J. CREGER - Ass'I Cashier AL J. LOEFFELHOLZ - Ass'I Cashier DALE S. WOOD - Ass'+ Cashier JOSIE HAUN - Ass"I' Cashier BERT BAC-BGETT - Cashier DIRECTORS R. E. BARBOUR JOHN McFARLAND V. C. BRATTON F. E. McINTIRE D. H. GRISSO . JOHN L. MORRISON R. W. HUTTO J. H. PATTEN O. T. McCALL, JR. W. H. PATTEN 578 QQ fx, 5 x "Z -ii if G67 N--Z We're licensed fo do business in all +hese s+a'I'es! Several fimes we've had jobs a'building in as many as five s+a+es ai' once in our 53 year hisfory. Jobs ranging from luxurious resori' clubs on 'rhe gulf coasi' +o SAC missile launching pads on fhe wesi' coast Wherever you go afrer graduarion, you can poim' +o a Manhaffan sign on a new proiecf and be able 'l'o say "Oh, I know 'ihose folks -- 'they buili' a number of fhe buildings a+ my alma marer . . . 'rhey really lrnow how i+'s clone." N HATTAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY MUSKOGEE, OKLAHOMA TULSA -K OKLAHOMA CITY -k FT. SMITH -K HOUSTON builders of rhe Women's Quadrangle, +he Men's Quadrangle, fhe Biological Science Building, rhe Business Adminisfrafion Building, and +he Sfudeni' Union remodeling and addirions on +he Oklahoma Universify campus. Autry, A Aaronson, Stanley David, 140, 508 Abati, Richard Guido jr., 140, 404, 469, 504 Abbott, Caroline Dell, 166, 373, 450, 527 Abbott, james Wellington, 166, 217, 488, 569 Abel, David Roy, 116, 229, 230, 234, 421 Abel, Samuel joseph, 152 Abel, Stanley jay, 383 Abels, joan, 140 Abels, Larry j., 152, 512 Anderson, Fred Harris, 187 Bellls, William Henry, 347, 416 Abend, Mel N., 152, 237, 508 N Abernathy, Carolyn Sue, 152, .138 Abernathy, james Alan, 116 Aberson, Arnold Phillip, 140, 400, 508 Ables, Ables, Lyn Edward, 219, 562 Capt. Prentice A., 76, 227 Abolins, Ints, 166, 217, 561 Aboussie, Sharon Kay, 140, 373, 544 Abram, jess Travis jr., 241 Ackley, Alice joe, 526, 529 Adair, Anona Lou, 152, 364, 365, 450 Adair, Cletur Levon, 213, 219 Adair, Cretha jean, 370 Adams, Dr. Arthur B., 76 Adams, Givens Lee, 187 Adams, james Lee, 140, 197, 390, 397, 570 Adams 218, john Edward, 152, 206, 492 Adams, Laddie Mac, 166, 222 Adams, Linda, 152, 452 H Adams, Linda Calthgeggne, 152, 456 Adams, L. L., 52 , Adams, Mary Bennie, 116, 350, 464 Adams, Mary Sue Curry, Q50 Adams, Merrily Deann, 152, 370, 372, Baker, Charles Mitchell, 116, 486 375' 31-61 113451, 1 408 A , , Adlelxii, P6l1!:D11nl6an, 166, 178, 218, 516, 556 Adams, Richard Martin jr., 166, 213, 514, 560 Adams, Roy Bernard, 116, 211, 407, 413, 420, 548, 570 Adcock, Ruth Gwen, 152, 393, 536 Adkins, Linda Lee, 166, 456 Adler, R. Kennis, 166, 217, 514 Advocate, Michael, 232, 552 Adwon, Edward113uEdeg6133, 190 A115 run , Haro -1 Agesi Rgbert Charlesworth, 140, 476 Agee, Thomas Edmund, 140, 232, 418, 476 A new, Brad, 217 Afirend, Thomas Ross, 249 Ahshapanek, Don Colesto, 419 Ahsmuhs, Geor e Richard, 116 Aikman, janiceiynn, 140, 350, 452 Airoldi, Gail Margaret, 166, 442, 530 Aitlzen, Tom Dean, 152, 238, 368, 372, 413, 486 Aitken, William Ernest jr., 380, 402 Aivano, Furio D. Marta, 402 Aker, Meredith Eugene, 568 Akers, Chloie Paulette, 166, 408, 419, 440, 441, 527 Akins, james Bradfield, 166, 490, 562 Akins. Royal Berton, 166, 241 Aks, Stuart Ronald, 152, 508 Albaum, joseph Dennis, 237, 566 Alberding, Mary Katharine, 140, 544 A1bert,, Barry, 40 Albert, judy Kay, 543 Alberta, Theresa Marie, 166, 373, 528 Alberts, jack Braddock, 233 Albri ht, La Crecia Ann, 166, 530 Alcoci, Daniel Frank, 116, 196, 472 Alden, janice Sue, 116, 434 Aldrich, Marilyn Ann, 116, 414, 446 Aldrige, joyce Elaine, 152, 529 Alex, Rona d Marshall,, 166, 217, 559 Alexander, Bobby Gene, 116, 425 Alexander, Maj. Charles H., 76, 26 Alexander, Elsa Lynora, 385, 530 Alexander, james William, 152, 198, 226, 514 Alexander jan Howard, 116, 482 Alexander, Maj. William j., 76 369, Berry Allen: john, 562 Alger Ronald Edd, 166, 219 Alguire, Robert Thomton, 140, 210, 216, 219, 486 Ali, Abdulla M., 555 Allee, Robert, 59 Allen, Barbara jean, 540 Allen, Don F. jr., 166, 478, 552 Allen, George David, 166, 237, 362, 494, Allen 561 joe Haskell, 23, 562 Allen, Keith Marlin, 152, 238, 369, 372 Allen, Allen, Allen Linda jane, 541 Paula Dolores, 152 Sandra Sue 166 373 444 535 A11ey,' john N., 16 ' ' ' Allgood, Richard jene, 152, 413, 568 Allison, Lonnie Dean, 249 580 INDIVIDUAL INDEX Allison, Samuel Eldon, 140, 233, 510 Allman, Schuyler Shroyer, 232, 557 Allphin, Herbert G., 76 Allred, james Ray, 140, 498, 502 Allred, Richard Reaves, 140, 494 Almquist, Carl T., 76 Almquist, Tod Francis, 152, 395, 514 Alspaugh, Beverly Ann, 414 Alston, Vicki A.nn, 166, 448, 527 Altamirano, jorge, 166, 565 Altgelt, Daniel Dane jr., 152, 241, 502 Alvarez, German Enrique, 565 Alvis, Robert Lawrence, 391, 570 Ambrister, Lavina Ruth, 454 Amerman, Linda, 166, 438, 527 Amero, Emilio, 76 Amis, Robert W., 187 Amspacher, judith Ann,, 166 Ande Robert V., 166, 221, 348, 476 Andersen, George john jr., 116, 391, 418, 474 Andersen, Robert Henry, 116, 482 Anderson, Anita Carol, 152, 223, 402, 538 Anderson, Carol Leta, 140 Anderson, Clarence Wade, 166, 199, 484, 564 Anderson, Dorman C. jr., 400, 425, 428 Anderson, Gayle Anita, 152, 352, 394, 454, 455, 470 Anderson, Imozelle Freda, 116 Anderson, james Edward, 219 Anderson, john Ross, 166, 218, 561 Anderson, jon Edward, 166, 494, 556 Arliltggrson, judy, 140, 360, 361, 398, Anderson, Kay Lynne, 152 Anderson, Kenneth Terry, 116, 210, 216, 220, 496 Anderson, Manly Redfield, 400, 423, 425, 428 Anderson, Miles Casper, 30, 39, 116, 355, 373, 488 Anderson, Neal Dean, 240, 417 Anderson, Richard T., 116 Robert Dale, 140, 404, 498 Anderson, Argdgrson, Robert W., 152, 244, 420, Anderson, Sallie jane, 116, 376, 529 Sally jo, 166, 404, 406, 444 Anderson, Anderson, Sandra jane, 166, 440, 535 Anderton, Frank Alvis, 166, 236, 518 Andree, Dr. Richard V., 76 Andrews, Bob, 116, 387, 516 Andrews, Mildred, 76, 401 Andres, Robert Bayless, 140 Andrus, jack Howe, 116, 231, 498 Angelino, Dr. Henry R., 76 Angelino, Lilette, 390 Angerman, Betty Bob, 70. 81, 526 Angus, Larry, 166, 220, 478, 544 Anid, Elie George, 140, 391 Anquoe, josh Given, 218, 419 Ansari, Abolghassem, 402 Ansley, jo Lynn, 116, 392, 452 Anthony, Karyn june, 166. 527 Anthony, William B., 384 Aggitoro, joseph jr., 166, 223, 375, Appelbaum, Donald Herbert, 399 Applewhite, Med William, 240 Archer, Sylvia jo, 533 Archer, Vemon Shelby, 240, 413, 555 Archer, Violet B., 76 Argo, Kenneth Ray, 233 Argrow, joylce Eileen, 373, 529 Arkin, Mic ael Barry, 166, 236, 512, 553 A2433 Marilyn Ruth, 166, 408, 438, Armstrong, Margaret Ruth, 351 Armstrong, Melody Hall, 528 Armstrong, Tommy Harper, 152, 219, 568 Arnn, Gene Ray, 152, 238, 241, 413, 486 Arnoff, Mar ie, 400 Arnold, Bobiy Gene, 140 Arnold, john Paul jr., 116 Arnold, Robert Carlton jr., 166, 178, 241, 516, 563 Arnold, Ruth, 74 Aronoff, Margie Ann, 533 Aronson, Marshall, 152, 219, 512 Artman, jim P., 72, 112 Artopoeus, Carl Victor, 218, 565 Arze. Eduardo jose, 166, 402, 569 Asbury, Donald William, 166, 544 Ashby, Linda Kay, 152, 446 Ashcraft, john William, 383 Askew, Robert Floyd, 396 Assenheimer, Perry james, 236, 565 Assenzo, Robert, 412 Atherton, Robert Warren, 140, 476 Atkins, james Calvin jr, 152, 219, 498 Atkins, William Howard, 140, 502 Atkinson, Arthur Richard, 380 Atlee, judith Marie, 152, 436, 437 Atlee, Patricia Lynne, 140, 436 Attaway, David Henry, 140, 488 Attaya, Mar Margaret, 403 Aubrey, Paul'Elmo, 116, 336, 337, 344. 476 Ausburn, Brian Edwin, 116, 400, 416, 425, 428, 570 Austeri , Dante Aliegnj, 223, 567 Austin, Alton Lynn, 166, 217, 559 Austin, Billy Bob, 166, 244, 480, 556 Austin, jimmie Lynn, 166, 244, 492, 560 Austin, Paul Douglas, 152, 233, 385, 492 Autrey, james Lyall, 116, 504 Billy Lee, 402 Barber, David De Witt, 166, 249, 516, 562 Barber Kenneth Robert, 338 Barbour, Kate, C., 77 Barbour, Paul Francis, 116 Bard, james Richard, 568 Bare, Lora janinne, 152, 372, 434 Baren, Bill, 109 Bar er, David Lee, 420 Barfiam, Terry joe, 368, 373, 565 Barker, Linda jane, 531 Barker, Roy David, 233, 570 Barkett, Vander Michael, 166, 236, 494 Barkley, Anne, 152, 408, 464 B-arksdale, james H. jr., 140, 420, 474 Beavers, Gary Douglas, 140, 237, 514, 515 Beavin, Robert Louis, 117, 504 Bebb, Herbert Barrington, 117, 416 Bechtel, Robert Warren, 186, 187 Bechtol, T. William jr., 167, 560 Beck, Bill Bob, 239 Beck, Phillip Edward, 567 Beck, Sandra Lee, 167, 374, 539 Beckerman, Andrea Tannye, 167, 303, Avans, Andrew Bryan, 369 Avery, Alan, 426 Avery, William Frederick, 140, 506 Avra, Glenn Ervin, 380 Avsharian, Michael jr., 76, 370 Ayala, Luis Arthur, 140, 217, 520 Ayers, Cleo jane, 166, 540 Aynesworth, Laucyle, 109 Azar, jamal joseph, 164, 402 Baade, Marjorie A., 140, 392 Baaklini, joseph Milhem, 402 Babcock, Robert Earl, 116, 346, 516 Baca, Leo C., 116, 395, 418 Bachman, Valera Lois, 166, 534 Bader, Karen Marlene, 152, 450 Baehler, Gerald Eugene, 140, 568 Baer, Gary Dee, 140, 478 Baer, jack, 314 Baer, julie Frances, 166, 462, 470, 530 Baer, Nancy Cameron, 152, 448 Bagley, Myrna Carol, 373, 535 Baier, Rudolph Charles jr., 116 Barlow, Sara, jac, 140, 545 Barnard, Cirrelda julia, 152, 460 Barnes, Barbara jean, 167, 528 Bames, Dewe L 77 , Donalltl If, 167,232 Barnes Barnes, jean, 138, 446, 447 Barnes, joseph Alden, 236 Barnes, Lindel Lee, 116 Barnes, Loretta jean, 140 Barnes, Richard Lloyd, 476, 560 Barnes , Richard Lee, 167 Barnes, Robert Clayton, 167, 241, 486 Barnes, Thomas R., 219 Bames, William Edwin, 152, 222, 510 Bamett, Cecil Clyde jr., 152, 219, 498 Barney, jan, 140, 373, 456 Barney, jonne Louise, 152, 393, 456 Bamhill, jean Louise, 350, 403 Bagg Robert Lincoln, 152, 236, 413, Barr, Sharon Louise, 167, 350, 446 Barr, Thomas Patrick, 234, 237 Barraco, Marian Teresa, 165, 167, 352, 541 Barraj, Samir Ali, 116, 402. 552 462, 527 - Beckgrman, Gary Stanley, 153, 240, 50 Beckerman, Stanley L., 117, 218, 361, 384, 508 Bedwell, john Lewis, 153, 232, 562 Beegle, Carol, 108 Bee le, Morris T., 385 Behling, Mary, 349, 352 Beisel, Suzanne Elizabeth, 167, 303, 456, 535 Belanger, jon Michael, 167, 518, 558 Belcher, jim, 77, 340 Beldon, Nancy jane, 167, 462 Bell, Bobby joe, 572 Bell, D. A., 241 Bell, Gerald Mayall, 216, 222 Bell, Mrs. Howard, 402 Bell, jarrett Wilson, 167, 223, 478 Bell, joe Latimer, 563 Bell, joe Nicholas, 167, 241 Bell, julia, 352 Bell, Marilyn, 305 Bell, Martha, 390 Bell, Patricia Ann, 153, 452 Bell, Paul, 390 Bell, Richard Allen, 167, 478 Bell, Dr. Robert E., 77 Bell, Robert joe, 372 Bell, Robert Louis, 372 Bell Vivian 390 Barrett, Hugh jackson, 167, 237, 514. 561 Bailey, Carol Ellen, 116, 448 Bailey Charles jr., 223, 570 Baggzyi Garrick Alan, 165, 22, 564, Bailey, Gerald Frank, 166, 490, 563 Bailey, jerry David, 223, 375, 551, 561 Bailey, Kay Victoria, 152, 456 Bailey Lindel Dillard, 221 Baanesl, Tnnfnas Bentley, 140, 232. 494 Baixeras, juan, 402 Baixeras, Lyne, 402 Baker, Bill Gene, 140 Baker, Bob D., 116, 187 Baker, Bruce W., 152, 569 Baker, David Lee, 223, 319, 324 Baker, jack William, 116, 508 Baker, james Gould, 152, 217, 563 Baker, james Michael, 559 Baker, james Ward, 570 Baker, ja C., 189, 191 Baker, john Kerry, 152, 514 Baker, Linda, 377 Baker, Mary Alice, 116, 436 Baker, Mary Beth, 152, 452 Baker, Nancy jane, 166, 527, 460 Baker, Philip Calder, 116, 231, 518 Baker, Ralph Andrew, 166, 220 Barrett, Lynn Wandell jr., 468, 469 Barrett, Marolyn Ann, 140, 450 Barros, Michael Rodney, 116, 416 Barrow, William Kendall, 217, 559 Barrows, Ann, 152, 448 Barr , George Newton jr., 140, 518 Barth, jan L., 140, 450 Bartleson, Nancy Darlene, 140, 406, 446, 539 Bartlett, Charles Michael, 152, 219 Bartlett, Nancy Marie, 167 Bartlett, Susan Dale, 152, 374, 375, 540, 544 Barton, joseph Leonard, 387 Barton, Neil Kermit jr., 140, 518 Barton, Rogers Ivan, 217, 559 Barton, Virginia Sue, 116, 355, 360, 422, 444 Bender, Dr. john F.. 77 Bendorf, Clariette, 167, 350, 462, 527 Bendorf, Doris, 140, 462 Bendorf, Ralph Benjamin, 167, 221, 562 Benedict, jon Truman, 153, 217, 482 Benedict, Robert Charles, 140, 222, 420, 476 Benedum, Benlamin Thomas, 117, 221, 469, 499 Benedum, T. R., 58, 60 Benham, Vanelle Dollar, 424 Benien, Paul Frederick jr., 223, 571 Benner, Frank Sammie, 153 Benner, Nancy Carolyn, 153, 448 Barvais, Anita Louise, 167, 541 Basaraba, Michael, 391, 410, 418 Bass, james Carter, 140, 218, 494 Bassett, joseph R. T., 117, 498 Bassham, Dorothy Sue, 140, 412 Batchelor, james Dan, 186, 187, 375 Bateman, Sally Margaret, 117, 460 Bennett, Barbara Ann, 140, 446 Bennett, Bettie jane, 140, 464, 465 Bennett, Darla jean, 167, 535 Bennett Donna Kaye, 153, 444 Bennett George Elmer, DO, 556 Bennett Bennett Bennett Benson, Benson, john Overton, 347 Mary Modesta, 167 I Roy Francis yn, 117,516 Donald Lee, 187 Frank Lane, 167, 346, 558 Bates, james Edward, 223, 568 Bates, Kenneth Rayburn, 391, 410 Baker, Raymond Wilson, 152, 218, 496 Bagtgg, Richard Dennis, 166, 199, 498, Baker, William Arthur, 116, 510 Baker, William Hines, 116, 490 Baldwin, Carolyn Emily, 166, 414, 434, 543 Baldwin, janice Lee, 116, 440 Baldwin, Martha jo, 152, 436 Baldwin, Nancy jo, 166, 456, 531 Balenseifen, jack William, 166, 217 Baigsrjitine, jerry Duwayne, 166, 238, Ball Fred S., 152, 217 Ball, Leonard Frank, 152, 220, 506 Ball, Lindell Lester, 223, 368, 563 Ball, Patricia jean, 116, 357, 452 Ball, Serene Lois, 166, 462, 535 Ball Sharon Ann 377 Ballew, David wiyne, 211 Ballinger, Roberta, 390 Baltes, Kenneth john, 116 Bags? Richard Irving, 167, 240, 488 Bates, William Ellison, 152, 254, 413, 516 Batson, La Wana joan, 167 Bauer, Vivian Elyse, 167 Baughman, jon aymond, 385 Baughman, Linda, 152, 456 Baumback, Clifford M., 77 Baumert, Leroy Enloe, 189, 190 Baunwool, Dorothy, 370 Bavinger, Eugene A., 77 Baxter, james Elvan, 404 Baxter, janell Frances W., 406, 538 Bayer, Courtney Robert, 232, 565 Bayles, Dudley jack, 117 Bayless, Carolyn Aleen, 152, 369, 375, 405, 536 Beach, Robert Glenn, 117 Beakey, Danny joe, 210, 221 Beakey, Novielee, 108 Beakey, Ted F., 167, 220, 498 Bealor, Benjamin Bruce, 240 Benson, john Manning, 153, 221, 357, 404, 411, 488 Benson, Kenneth Edward jr., 167, 241 Benson, Dr. Oliver E., 77 Bentley, Susan Ruth, 167, 533 Benton, Bruce Laurence, 117 Benton, joseph H., 77 Benton, Pat E., 167 W Bentz, Kenneth jr., 167, 22, 476, 560 Berck, judith Suzanne, 167, 351, 438 Berenda, Dr. Carlton W., 78 Berg, Linda Rae, 167, 176, 462, 527 Bergin, Dr. David P., 78 Bergman, Derald Eugene, 217 Bergschneider, Paul V., 221 Berkey, Howard Leland, 140, 219, 496 Berkey, Mary Frances, 153, 438 Berkowich, Murray N., 153, 240, 559 Bernard, Martin Leslie, 117, 406, 512 Bernat, Larry Lawrence G., 167, 217, 512, 554 Bernhart, Dr. Arthur F., 78 Bernier, Ralph Dell. 153, 232, 498 Bernshouse, Donald C., 220, 561 Bernstein, Marvin joseph, 167, 236. Baltrusch, Ingrid Lani, 166, 541 Baltrusch, Karin L., 166, 541 Balyeat, Frank A., 76 Balyeat, Hal Davison, 166, 498, 561 Balzer, Abe Levon, 116 Balzer, Alice Evon, 152 Bambas, Rudolph C., 76 Bamberl, Lewis joseph jr., 152, 472 Bandy, William R., 77, 189 Banks, Clyde Vernon, 116 Banning, Cherrill, Dean, 152, 351, 408, 436 Bannister, Harry Leroy jr., 152, 220, 502 Baptist, Nathaniel W., 166, 237, 514, 562 Baraban, Rosalind Sue, 400 Barbee, Charles Walker, 152 Beam n, Hugh Fayne, 572 Beard? Ann Marie, 167, 377, 532 Beard, judith Ann, 167, 200, 414, 456, 531 Beard, Marshall Lyman, 167, 245, 490, 561 Beard, Stanle Sherman, 167, 249, 565 Bearden, Catherine Allen, 152, 450 Bearden, john O. jr., 140, 486 Beasley, Max Hartwell jr., 167, 199. 565 512, 562 Bemstein, Robert Alvin, 140, 508 Berry, Carol jane, 117, 402, 448 Berry, Genevieve jean, 167, 374, 532 Berry, Helen Suzanne, 153, 450 Berry, Max Bright jr., 117, 476 Berry, Max Nathan, 188 Beiryg, Robert Gale jr., 153, 217, 413, 7 Berry, Sally Ann, 117, 448, 540 Berry, Sarah Alice, 167, 464 , Ted Marion, 117, 498 Beasley, Robert Leslie, 238, 368 Beatly, Capt. james L., 77, 227 Beaty, Betty Lou Cosgrove, 412 Beauchamp, Beverly Beth, 140, 361, 398 Beauchamp, Eugene Hurst, 117 Beaver, Byron Gene, 167, 496, 555 Berry, William Randolph, 140, 221, 508 Berryhill, john Pat, 167, 237 5 Berryhill, Richard Arlen, 410, 416, 426 Bertels, V. Marie, 504 Berthrong, Dr. Donald j., 78 Best, Mar aret Elizabeth, 167, 373, 408, 4341 532 cleaning cones mounted on offset bearing pins. 1935-First bits "tailor-made" for specific formations. 1938-First "Flash-Weld" tool ioini. 1940 -First bits hardfacing in depth. type gage structure. Introduced a more versatile, faster-drilling, long-toothed bit. - Developed first rupted teeth. - First tool ioint 1942 First use of interrupted web- Hughes Tool Company's contributions to the progress of rotary drilling have been continuous over a period of 50 years. - First rotary rock bit. - First drilling research laboratory. - First reaming cone bit. 1911-First field engineering service. - First heat-treated alloy steel tool joint. - First to intro- duce rock bit field service. 1924-First self-cleaning cone bit. -First application of hardfacing to cutting structure of bit cones. -First bit record service. 1931-First unit-type bit. First use of cone cutters having uniform pitch and depth of teeth. -First unit-type three-cone rock bit. First welding of booked-on iooi ioints to pipe. 1935-First self-' with inter- rock bits for air and gas drilling. - First use of sin- tered tungsten carbide cutting teeth on rock bits. - Pioneered rock bits for use in high velocity jet drilling. 1958-Developed heat-treating process that more than doubles tension-impact strength of "Flash-Weld" con- nections. 1959-Expansion of research carried on continuously for the past 50 years. rogre s HUGHES TOOL COMPANY ' ' o - Q ' -5 it s 58I 535 Bonney, William C., 153, 514 557 Bray, Richard Harrison, 219 305, Betuel, Robert E., 397 Betzer, Carmen, 167, 408, 444, 543 Betzer, Stanley Irvin Jr., 117, 209, 210, 'f 216, 218, 309, 407, 409,514 Beutelschies, Carl Edward, D3 Beveridge, Jerry Donald, 197, 495 Beveridge, Lloyd Charles, 187 Bewley, Sarah Ecobus, 153 Bialac, Geor e avid, 167, 248, 558 Biggsr, Chades Philip, 167, 245, 494, Biederman, Charles Edward, 189 Bielski, Joseph Frank, 562 Bienfang, Dr. Ralph, 78, 354, 355 Biggers, Emmy Lynn, 117, 406, 460, 530 Biggs, Bonnie Louise, 140, 537 Biggs, Pauline Joy, 117 Bi lingsley, Dona d Ralph, 385 Billue, Gayna Johrrice, 153, 308, 446 Billue, Sylva Belle, 167, 446 Billups, Sandra Lee, 308 Bilotta, Frank Anthony, 220, 565 Bingaman, Frances Ann, 153, 460 Bingenheimer, Melvin Jr., 569 Bin man, Cynthia Lou, 117, 533 BinEley, Emma Louise, 167, 369, 535 Birdwell, M. E., 223 Birdwell, R. L., 223 Birenbaum, Betsy Elaine, 167, 438, 539 Bishop, Luther D., 78 Bishop, Susan Elizabeth, 167, 462, 540 Bishop, William Marsh, 167, 249, 369, 548, 560 Bittle, Darrell Gene, 231, 420, 428 Bivins, Hubert Elliott, 167, 233, 486, 561 Bizub, Carol Ann, 167 Bizzell, Howard Wayne, 153, 219, 488, 563 Blachly, Dallas McKee Jr., 570 Black, Bettyelean, 167, 373 Donal Bruce, 236 Black, Black, Gerald John, 117, 550, 570 Harold Norman, 114, 380, 415 Black, Black, giadiith Lorene, 167, 251, 306, 448, Black, Phillip Ronald, 167, 496, 560 Sharon Kaye, 167, 444 Black, Black, Thomas Edward, 343, 344 Black, William Edward, 343 Wynnefred Ann 402 Black, , Blackbum, Anne, 117, 372, 460 Blackbum, Jill Ann, 153, 446 Blackbum, Walter W. Jr., 167, 219, 482, 483 Blacklee, Charles Norman, 117 Blgglgstock, Harry L., 167, 199, 492, Blackwood, Charles F., 400, 428 Blair, Howard Vance, 117 Blair, Suz Jane, 167, 532, 548 Bill L. 167 Blake, , Blake, Claudia Ann, 117, 464 Blake, Dan George, 153, 221, 516 Janice Leota, 167, 450, 532 Blake, Blake, Ka Ardith, 140, 360, 361 Blake, Millon Pearce, 140, 212, 213, 217, 516 Blakeburn, Dave Lowr , 189, 550, 556 Blakely, John Ames, 1,17 Blancett, Allen Leroy, 211, 214, 220 Blanche, Jerry Don, 153, 238 Bland, Richard Allen, 153, 240, 375 Blankenship, Cheryl Sue, 140, 305, 460 Blankenship, James L., 242, 559 Blasingame, John Wayne, 153, 220, 562 Blasinger, Phoebe, 390 Blasko, Frances Jane, 538 Blazenko, Eugene Joseph, 167 Bleakley, James Brian, 196, 420, 570 Bledsoe, Earl Leon, 153, 244, 568 Bledsoe, Larry Wayne, 233 Blenkinsop, Marguerita, 370 Blevins, David Coker, 153, 516, 517 Blew, William Bryan Jr., 188 Bliss, Dr. Horace H., 78, 109 Blggi Robert Harms, 167, 237, 516, Blocker, Jon Leslie, 153, 217, 570 Blgglslinger, Fred Hans, 153, 222, 484, Bloom, kick Maurice, 187 Bloom, arol Sue, 167, 438, 535 Blggin, Kenneth Leroy, 153, 232, 548, Bloomston, lda Gene, 167, 462, 532 Bloyd, G. J., 223 Blue, James Andrew, 550, 56 Board, Beth Lee, 22, 153, 386, 460, 461 Boatright, Peter Lewis, 188 Boatwright, Ronald Lewis, 402 Bogcgrzr, Gordon Arthur, 167, 232, 494, Boddeker, Cary Armstrong, 117, 219, 490 Bogart, Kent Adrian, 241 Boggs, James Palmer, 78, 237 Boggs, Jlghn Vincent, 167, 223, 560 BOEES, ichard E., 361 Bohan, Barbara Ann, 167, 369, 528 Bohan, Elizabeth Ann, 167, 528 Bohan, Frances Marion, 140, 448 Bohannon, John Ronald, 153, 217 Bogizlgrnan, Curtis Owen, 167, 245, 514, Bohnenblust, Rosemary, 529 582 Boke, Dr. Norman H., 78 Bole, David Leland, 219 Boler, Milton Earl, 416 Bolinski, Allen, 117, 425, 568 Bollinger, C. J., 78 Bollman, Henry Clyde, 167 Bolls, Larrly Ross, 153, 219, 506 Bolt, Mari yn Sue, 140, 352, 454 Brady, Carl Owen, 167, 565 Brady, Mark Edward, 167, 223 Brady, Stanley Jerome, 153, 221, 490 Brady, William Nelson, 118, 211, 221 Bragg, Dr. Arthur N., 78 Bragg, Mary Sue, 141 Brainard, Lawrence King, 118, 223, 480 Bolton, Fredric, 399, 400 Bomar, Gordon Douglas, 153, 568 Bonavi ta, Salvatore, 249 Bond, Catherine Ware, 364, 386 Bond, Jay Rosser, 189 Bond, Judith Jo Anne, 167, 527 Bond, lxgbron Humphrey, 140, 197, 380, Bonds, 531 Martha Frances, 48, 167, 460, Brainard, Stephen Gage, 217 Brand, Mary Ann, 153, 352, 544, 545 Brandenburg, Andrew Louis, 141, 504 Brzgglenburg, Robert F. Jr., 141, 197, Brandon, John Raymond, 197, 422 Brandon, Martha Ann, 141, 460 Brandon, Sheridan Ann, 141, 537 Brandt, Donald Paul, 167, 241, 566 Brannan, John Claude Jr., 167, 217, Bone, Harold K., 78, 423 Bonebrake, Lula, 390 Bonham, Beverly, 117, 452 W Bo5i'i5r6e1l, William Frederic, 167, 496, Bonner, Barbara Louise, 23, 141, 448 Bonner, Gene Travis, 187 Bonnewell, Virginia C., 141, 446 Bonney, Henry Clifton, 187 Bonney, Jean, 167, 351, 426, 460, 470, 492, Branno 557 n, Roy Lee, 566 Branson, Bus, 346 Branson, Dr. Carl C., 78 Branson, Carol Anne, 153, 436 Branson, Claude L., 187, 231, 550, 558 Branson, Roger Wayne, 153, 240, 560 Brant, Amanda Sue, 167, 450 Brantley, Bruce Norton, 153, 22, 516 Brasel, 379, Brasel, Eva Lorraine, 153, 209, 364, 386, 460, 461 Lora Mae, 141 Boone Brenda Jo, 141, 460 Boone, Harold William, 117, 119 Boone, Richard Lee, 117, 478, 479 Boosa, Jxolhn David, 117 Bog? argaret Ann, 167, 374, 375, Booth, James Russell, 391 Booth, Jerry R., 555 Booth, Marglaret Ellen, 25, 141, 444 Booth, Mari yn Ann, 167, 541 Booth, Perley Anne, 117, 443 Booth, Robert Arthur, 237 Booze, Charles Fred Jr., 153, 221, 492. Bordman, Fred Alan, 117, 508. Borelli, Gerald Edward, 167, 237, 514, 566 Boren, Gary Kent, 141, 496. Borgstadt, Gareld Lee, 389 Bogfggtadt, William Robert, 153, 217, Borks, Gene, 571 Bosecker, Chris F., 559 Boston, William C. Jr., 187 Botnick, Benjamin Samuel, 167, 219, 561 Bottoms, Brenda Bryan, 153 Bottoms, Mickey Charles, 167, 222, 417, 566 Botts, Vance Russel, 153 Bou, Said Issam, 402 Boudle 506 r, John Edward D., 167, 220, Bou hner, Bruce Robert, 219, 561 BouFes, John Allen, 240 Boultinghouse, Richard S., 167, 218, 506 Boundy, Glenda Lee, 141, 440 Bowen, Trish, 153, 456 Bowen, Walter Ronald, 117 Bowen, Dr. Willis H., 78 Bower, Cynthia Ann C., 117, 403, 434 Bower, Richard Crawford, 117, 407, 469, 498 Bower, Walter Murray, 186, 187, 502 Bogifeirs, Gene Weldon, 48, 141, 147, Bowers, Jane Anne, 153, 357, 452 Bowersox, Wilbur Grant, 153, 211, 213, 214, 222, 570 Bowie, John Lee, 245, 565 Bowles, Betty Elizabeth A., 141, 207, 456 Bowles, Robert Paul, 141, 482 Bowling, Miss Maurine, 78, 349 Bowman, Carolyn Sue, 117, 440 Bowman, Roger Braxten, 141, 478 Boxell, John David, 117 Boyce, Dona M., 405, 537 Boyd, Bobby D., 50, 317, 319, 320, 322 Boyd, Erma Jane, 167, 414, 434, 542 Boyd, Grant Allen, 167, 220 Boydston, Curtis Ray, 219 Boyer, Donald Floyd, 153, 516 Boylan, David Eugene, 117, 397, 502 Boyle, William, 117, 494 Boyles, Clark Hayes, 167, 498, 562 Bozalis, John Russell, 153, 241, 498 Bozarth, Patsy Gaylene, 117, 376, 538 Brabits, Jack Doyle, 153, 233, 498 Braden, Betty Jo, 153, 442 Braden, Sharon Leigh, 167, 530 Bradford, IJames Robert, 342 Bradford, oseph Edward, 117, 368 Brading, Howard William, 402 Brashear, Tommy Wayne, 44, 118, 514 Bratcher, Danny Joe, 567 Brauch, Linda, 527 Bragight, Stephen Barth, 167, 217, 488, o Braun, Fred Victor, 118, 235, 508 Brigin, Paul Edward, 118, 372, 396, 0 Brawley, Roger Hattan Jr., 118, 474 Brawley, Russal Blair, 168, 245, 474, Breashears, Mary Jane, 118, 444 Breckenridge, Roger Allen, 153, 233 Breeding, Gail Jean, 168, 442, 533 Brence, Judith Lavada, 168, 442, 527 Brenner, Alan Marvin, 153, 512 Brensing, Nelson E. F. Jr., 141, 506 Brent, kuseph Phillip, 168, 490 Brent, obert Price, 141, 396, 490 Brggnick, Lawrence C., 168, 240, 508, Brewer, Ann, 153, 357, 360, 386 Brewer, Kenneth Billy, 241 Brewington, Don Jay, 23, 571 Brewster, Horace Bill, 132, 492 Brickman, Susan Hope, 153, 438, 439 Brickman, William Metz, 199, 569 Bridges, Howard Ray, 223, 569 Bridwell, Malcolm Edward, 153, 494 Briggs, Barbara Ann, 537 Brggigys, William Scott, 168, 221, 516, Bright, James Luther, 153, 238, 369, 5 8 Bright, Thomas Henry Jr., 153, 240, 514 Brightwell, Richard, 78, 108, 109, 370 Brightwell, Ruth, 370 Bri es, Owen Melvin, 153, 233, 570 Brining, William Conrad, 153, 217, 496 Brinker, Dr. Paul A., 79 Brisco, Julian, 153, 369, 374, 434 Briscoe, Walton Lee, 238, 244 Bristow, Byron Daryl, 153, 469, 514 Bristow, Donald Gene, 238, 368, 563 Brite, Cecil H., 255, 259 Britton, Tommy Wayne, 141 Brixey, Dr. John C., 79, 317 Broach, Judy Lee, 153, 456 Broach, Suzanne, 168, 174, 373, 374, 532 Broach, William Roy, 550, 566 Broadrick, William Heard, 153, 494 Broady, lee Roy, 118, 474 Brggwgfn, Thomas James, 168, 236, 510, Brocaw, Larry Don, 244 Brock, Suzanne, 141, 450 Brodnax, William F., 118, 496 Brody, Phyllis Ann, 168, 438, 534 Broeren, Mrs. Henry, 256 Broeren, Quentin Roy, 118, 230, 246, 256 Brogdon, Lenord Clifford, 114, 418 Broody, gloe, 361 Brown, Brown, Charles Wilson, 118, 486 Charlotte Ann, 541 Bramgvyan, David William, 141, 249, 498, Brown, Mrs. Doris, 74 Brown, Douglas Bollman, 153, 516 Brown, Douglas Welborn, 168, 334, 555, 567 Brown, Duane, 153, 506 Brown, Edna Dell, 153 Brown, Esther Faye, 153, 538 Brown, Frances Leach, 385 Brown, Fred Allen, 153, 219, 566 Brown, Brown, Gaylon Leonard, 118, 219, 514 Gerald Pascal, 118, 420 Brown, Gwendolyn Marie, 168, 373, 456, 530 Brown, Guy H., lll Brown, Dr. Hiarley P., 79 Brown, Brown, Harry Edwinn Jr,, 189, 191 Herbert Lloyd Jr., 118 Brown, Homer O. Jr., 79 Brown, Dean Horace B., 64, 392 Brown, J. Lee, 420 Brown, Capt. James L., 79, 205 Brown, James Lee, 210, 227 Brown, ames Logan, 210, D7 Brown, Jean, 386 Brown, Larry, 118 Brown, Lawrence Roger, 570 Brown, Loren N., 109 Brown, Loyce Marie, 402, 546 Brown, Lynn Elliott, 543 Brown, Patrick Eu ene, 187 Brown, Philip Harley, 153, 478, 561 Brown, Roy Lee, 118 Brown, Sharlee Robena, 527 Brown, Sharon Eloise, 152, 460 Brown, Brown, B rown Sharon Lynn, 153, 448 Mrs. Sonia, 512 Susan 536 Brown: Terry Lee, 16s, 245, 569 Burkhard, Charles Rudolph, 141, 221, 559 Burks, Nancy I., 534 Burleson, Mary Sue, 118, 446 Bumett, Jslrry Windsor, 118 Burnett, arvin Dean, 118, 565 Bujngzftt, Sharon Faye, 168, 400, 438, Burnite, Mary Claire, 424 Burns, Helen Marie, 153, 546 Bums, John Philli , 141, 570 Bums, Kay Dee, 1681, 351, 452, 535 Burns, Robert D., 80 Burns, Robert Lester, 219 Burns Sally Britt 118 444, 467 Burnsl Thomas Blitt Jlf., 168, 220, 498 Burnside, John Clifford, 118, 380 Burnside, Pat Diane, 168, 543 Burr, David, 51, 111 Burr, Jerry Allen, 233, 562 Burrel , Marshall Lee, 168, 214 Btisgugh, Charles David, 168, 244, Buqggus, Guy Howard, 168, 246, 494, Bdrrus, Gary Lee, 168, 242, 570 Burt, Olivette Lurleen, 141, 427, 434 Thomas Anthony, 168, 237, 490, Brown, Victor Franklin, 168 Brown, Viola Marie, 370 Brown, Viva Jean, 79, 81 Brown, Wallace Earl, 118 William S. 223 316 Brown, , , Browne, James Broach, 189 Browning, Kay Ellen, 153, 460, 461 Bruce, James Walton Jr., 141, 197, 373, 502, 503 Bruce, Dr. John B., 79 Bruch, Linda Kay, 168, 434 Brumley, Sharon Kray, 153 Bruner, Leon, 389 Brunk, John Alan, 153, 498 Briiggon, William Thomas, 141, 197, Brunton, Clarke Anthony, 338, 382 Burton, George Vance, 168, 244, 561 Burton, Dr. Helen B., 80 Burum, Margaret Ann, 118, 440 Burzio, John Martin, 188 Busche, Geor e Francis, 198 Buschhom, All Leroy, 168, 223, 476, 559 Burschke,gon Philip, 218 Bush, C. ., 80 Bush, Gretchen, 118, 306, 414, 460 Bush, Thomas Oliver, 141, 197, 494, 495 Bushem, Pat, 417 Bushman, Billie Jan, 168, 349, 460, 531 Butler, Allen Ray, 118, 385, 568 Butler, Bob Bumett, 141, 496 Butler, Dale Ralph, 153, 502 Butler, Gordon Fredrick, 118, 548, 570 Butler, Jerry Glenn, 153, 217, 486 Butler, Owen Lyle Jr., 118, 516 Butler, Patricia Ann, 141, 373, 460 Butler, Robert Morris, 189 Butler, Sharon Lynn, 141, 434 Butler, Timothy J. 153, 217, 476 Butler Virgil Hudson, 141, 213, 516 arrrrrrrlr, Robert George, 141, 408 Butterfield, Marion L. Jr., 153, 246, 482 Butterfield, Victoria, 537 Brxgva, Donna Jean, 118, 392, 426, 465, Bryan, Bryant Bryant Louisa Jane, 141, 374, 434 , Bobby Joe, 168, 236, 559 , Mrs. Celia Mae, 79 Bryant, Culleen, 168, 350, 414, 446 Bryant, Donald Eugene, 114, 396, 413 Bryant Frank Jarboe, 233 Bryantl Herbert Victor, 153, 565 Bryant, Keith Lynn, 118, 222, 406 Bryant, S. A., 59 Bryson Eddie, 1 18 Bucharlan, Ancel Lee, 141 Buchanan esse Hibbert, 118 Brmerranf John Butler, 118, 380, 407, Buchanan, Mrs. Kathryn O., 79 Buchanan, Dr. Percy W., 79, 422 Buchanan, Robert Graham, 186, 498 Bucher, Bert David, 186, 187, 518 Buchholz, Arnold F., 141 Buchner, Charles E., 153, 220, 364, 365, 377, 413, 486 Buchner, Marjorie Irene, 141, 364, 377 427, 446 Buchsbaum, Leonard L., 141, 512 Buck, Ann Marie, 153, 444 Buiki Carl Ronald, 118, 410, 420, 4159, Buggcj Robert Taylor, 168, 218, 516, Biitcggngham, Alfred C., 114, 362, 421, Buckles, Rodney Gail, 188 Buckman, Sondra Ann, 168, 532 Buckwalter, Betty Lee, 168, 531 Bucy, Margaret Ann, 141, 450 Buford, Michael William, 565 r Bradley, Charles Eldwyn, 117, 388 Bradley, Donald Ray, 392 Bradley, Johnny Roy, 140 Bradley, Lester Eu ene, 319 Bradley, Luanne, 1153, 446 Bradley, Paul Bennett, 117, 210, 216, 220, 482 Bradshaw, Donald Dean, 141, 213, 222, 223, 426, 496, 515 Bradshaw, John Gary, 153, 413, 494 Bradshaw, Robert Dale, 426 Bradshaw, Robert Don, 114, 416, 469 Bradshaw Ronald Gle , n, 118 Bradshaw, Samuel Kent, 167, 220, 514, 561 Brook, S arron Darlene, 168, 305, 533, 549 Brookes, John F., 79 Brooks, James L., 568 Brooks, James Robert, 168, 238 Brooks, John L., 141, 498 Brooks, John Richard, 217 Brooks, Kenneth Wayne, 388 Brooks, Larry Charles, 153, 198, 486 Brooks, Patton Wright, 168, 220, 496, 557 Brooks, Tweed, 168, 530 Brougher, John Philip, 153, 334, 567 Browder, Tom, 347 Bugbee, John Paul, 188 Bunch, Robert Willis, 118, 397, 421 Bungardt, Barbara Elaine, 168, 306, 446, 531 Burch, Welton Harris, 118, 380, 415 Burden, Ray Bob, 153, 567 Brggvser, William Oliver, 168, 199, 494, Brown, Arcille Doakes, 424 Brown, Bill, 109 Brown, Bruce Taylor, 168, 221, 369, 569 Brown, Carol Jane, 168, 456 Brown, Carole Oneita, 168, 442, 527 Burdett, Jimmy Melboume, 168, 23, 482 Burdge, John Thomas, 141, 568 Burge, Marvin Earl, 153, 217, 406, 413, 488 Burge, Thomas Alphonso, 222 Burger, Deanna, 186, 187, 437, 467 Burgett, William S,, 79 Burggraf, Janet Lynne, 118, 526, 536 Bur , Charles Ray, 118, 196, 504, 505 Burke, Connie Patricia, 540 Burke, kuhn Michael, 141, 197, 492 Burke, enneth Donald, 141, 514 Burke, Nancy Ilene, 168, 414, 450 Burkett, Jess E., 109 Butterworth, James D., 153, 198, 469, 476 Butts, Donald Terry, 141 Buzzard, Charles Lynn, 141, 502 Buzzard, Marion Carrel, 153 Byars, Roy William, 168, 492, 562 Byerly, James Aden, 223, 571 Byers, Paul Sherman, 223, 561 Bynes, Lillie Pearl, 408, 529 Bynum, Turner Edward, 153, 232, 486 Byram, Lames Wray, 168, 241 Byrd, C ester Lamar, 391, 410, 428 Byrn, Ernest Edward, 80 Bym, Patricia Anne, 118 Bym, Robert Binkley Jr., 550 Byrom, Juanita Anne, 168, 374, 534 Byron, Joseph Rice, 114 C Cabbiness, Guy Louis, 153 Cabe, Janet Sue, 118, 448 Cabrera, for e, 402 Cagy, Biil ie Jean, 169, 529 H Ca ey, John Davis, 141, 395, 557 Calky, James Wright, 211, 217, 420 Cain, John Charles, 169, 498 Cain, John Robert, 187, 544 Calame, Lillian Lorraine, 169 Caldwell, Charlene, 364 Caldwell, Charles Richard, 80, 218 Caldwell, Haskell W. Jr., 118, 494 Caldwell, James Eugene, 244 Caldwell, John Clar , 186, 187, 498, 550, 569 Caldwell, Joseph W. Jr., 153, 232, 492 Caldwell, Rosalie, 108 Calhoun, Carl E., 169, 214, 218 Calhoun, Harold, 343 Callaway, Jimmy Dale, 141 Callegaro, Pedro, 169 Callis, George Clillord, 380 Calvert, Floyd O., 391, 410 Calvert, Joseph Paul, 153, 198, 498 Calvert, King David, 218 Cameron, Rachel B., 112, 118, 452 Cammarano, Ann Ayers, 118, 352, 454 Cammett, Hauen P., 194 Camp, Carol Louise, 118, 536 Campbell, Barbara Helen, 169, 446 Campbell, Blaire, 570 Campbell, Carolyne, 34, 169, 446, 534 Campbell, Charles David, 118, 234, 236, 380, 415, 423, 490 Campbell, Constance Xerma, 538 Campbell, David Lee, 336 Cagriqgabell, Donald Harvey, 132, 377, Campbell, Gary Lee, 152 lf Uou've tartefl to make if 'FEEQWWHHE' vacation need i' ,, '. -f.'.f4f?5:2:f3S:i'f.Qf?5, ,:.Q',.gsfg35: O' . 4 .,f IIIIPQQISIE i9!,..,..., .,,, , ' .enS:3u:'b1:es2.5.::- .umregafw--Q or yggw L f ' , , H f. 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A-:mr Campbell, Iennine Kay, 26, 169, 408, 446, 532 Campbell, Iohn Milton, 80, 218 Campbell, Linda Lou, 169, 529 Campbell, Marvin Wayne, 119, 385, 395, 568 Campbell, Mila Mae, 528 Campbell, Milton Coy Ir., 169, 222, 559 Campbell, Ronald Arthur, 233 Campbell, Ruth Ann, 169, 414, 446, 534 Campbell, William Doyle, 397, 421 Canafax, Tom, 188, 190 Cannicott, Dr. Richard G., 80 Canzlion, Donald Edward, 153, 240, 51 Cannon, Forrest Wayne, 220 Cannon, Iay Paul, 119, 213, 221, 502 Cannon, Ioe Berry, 186, 187, 478, 562 Cape, R. Randall, 114 Capehart, Don W., 141 Capito, Byron H., 119, 388, 508 Caplin, Kenneth Roy, 166, 169, 219, 508, 555 Caplin, Richard, 166, 169, 210, 508, 555 Caipixjtto, Maria Del Carmen, 169, 402, Caracio, Richard Louis, 240 Caraflol, Sheila Arleen, 169, 531 Carder, P. Karen, 169, 303, 542 Carey, Don Albert, 153, 237, 478 Carey, Harry Iames, 153, 548, 570 Car ill, David Keet, 154, 245, 506 Car13le, Lt. Col. Norman A. H., 80, 390, 402 Carlile, Thomas Richard, 169, 210, 214, 219 Carlisle, Iames Harriss, 240, 376 Carlson, Gilbert Leon, 563 Carlson, Iames Wilfred, 241, 346, 558 Carlson, Steve O., 210, 221 Carlstone, Darry Scott, 219, 277, 413 Carlton, Stanley Lynn, 119, 474 Carmack, William R., 80 Carman, Iohn Edwin, 186, 187, 498 Carnahan, Bette Kaye, 169, 414, 533 Cagrges, Iohn Wilcox, 169, 237, 492, 5 Carnes, Iohnny Wayne, 119, 237 Carnes, Iuanita Christine, 373, 376, 419, 539 Carnes, Shirley Ieannc H., 154 Carney, Iames Albert, 119 Carney, Iames Franklin, 169, 220, 389, 496, 552 Carney, Iohn Michael, 141, 220, 391, 418, 469, 516 Carp, M. I., 211 Carpenter, Dr. Charles Congden, 80 Carpenter, Dick Eugene, 316, 318, 319, 340, 382, 570 Caigiienter, Ernest Iames, 223, 317, 319, D Carpenter, Kenneth Edson, 141, 197, 478 Caggenter, Marble I. Ir., 154, 211, 320, Carpenter, Nancy Helen, 141, 369, 537 Carpenter, Robert Bruce, 219, 555 Carper, Iudith Ann, 154, 308, 434 Carrizales, Luis Alberto, 119, 391 Carroll, Carolyn V., 154, 456 Carroll, Forest Dwight, 210, 22 Carroll, William, 314, 328, 338 Carso, Searitha, 350 Carson, Ioel Louis, 187, 247 Carson, Merrill Leonard, 169, 199 Patsy Metta, 531 Carson, Carson, Robert Wayne, 141, 474, 475 Carson, Steve Glenn, 198 Carson, Dean William H., 66 Carter, Barbara Ioline, 141, 436, 470 Carter, Billy Wayne, 570 Carter, Dora Louise, 546 Carter, Dorothy Ann, 119, 456 Carter, Edward Lawrence, 197 Carter, Glenn Dale, 186, 356 Carter, Gloria Marie, 408, 529 Carter, Holland Lana, 169, 532 Carter, Ierry, 119 Calgr, Kenneth Baird, 141, 376, 395, Carter, Mary Alice, 543 Ctngr, Mary Lou, 26, 169, 349, 374, Carter, Melvan De Wa ne, 114 Carter, Robert Lyndolph, 154, 198, 570 Carter, Rowland Frank, 169, 219, 346, 490, 558 Carter, Sherman Paul, 37, 119, 406, 407, 548, 550, 551, 553 Cartwright, Dr. Benjamin A., 80 Cartwright, Ian Eric, 141, 498 Cartwright, Lyle Benjamin, 396 Carver, Thad C., 119, 518, 519 Casares, Blas Ramon, 154, 504 Case, Iames Worth, 141, 220, 486 Casey, Charles Wendall, 189, 190 Cacey, Iohn H., 80, 354, 355, 361, 398 Casey, Robert Louis, 119, 121, 309, 409, 478 Cash, Mary Alice, 169 Cfgiion, Carol Ann, ID, 119, 456, 466, 7 Cassidy, Martin M., 410 Cassie, Gordon, 413 Castelli, Helen Sims, 114 584 Castelli, Ioseph Roy, 114 Castelli, Tomi, 360 Castellion, Robert Floyd, 154, 240 Castles, Beverly Ann, 457, 467 Caswell, Mary Katherine, 169, 368, 377, 405, 539 Cate, Roscoe, 70, 392 Cate, Thomas Mitchell, 119, 502 Cates, Carolyn Sue, 168, 532 Cates, Dr, E. T., 108, 109 Cathey, Dorothy Linda, 119, 446 Cajggey, George Alan, 168, 249, 510, Cathey, George Wendell, 154, 221, 490 Cathey, Iudith Ellen, 154, 349, 350, 352, 386, 446 Cathey, Steve Burl, 119, 309, 355, 359, 360, 406, 478 Caves, Thomas Courtney, 123, 375, 569 Cella, Francis R., 80 - Chacin, Manuel lose, 119, 506 Chadd, Ioyce He en, 406 Chaffee, Fred Haskins, 168 Chaflin, Kenneth Wendyl, 154, 237, 459, 518 Clmalfant, Ronald Kent, 141, 476 Challenner, Ansel P., 80 Dr. Claude, 59 Chambers, Chambers, Iames Edward, 119, 392 Chambers, Iane, 119, 456, 457 Chambers, Richard Kenneth, 380, 415 Chambers, William Howell, 141, 338, 571 Champlin, Frederic C., 168, 219, 495, 560 Champlin, Richard Herbert, 186, 187, 496 Champlin, Stephen Curtis, 416 Chance, Bobby Claud, 119, 387 Chance, Dr. H. L., 80 Chance, Iimmy Dale, 553 Chance, Iohn Randolph, 141, 404, 505 Chance, Marilyn Ruth, 154, 448 Norman Allee, 81 Chance, Chandler, Barbara Lea, 369, 546 Chandler, Carolyn Sue, 168, 532 Chandler, Charles Richard, 247 Chandler, Danny Ross, 119, 548 Chandler, Iames Clifton, 188, 190, 202 C121-irgdler, Rex William, 119, 377, 388, Chandler, Robert Paul, 119, 388, 516 Chandler, Sharon Kay, 168, 532 Chaney, David Poe, 154, 488 Chaney, Paul Raymond, 154, 245, 388 Chaney, Preston Earl Ir., 236, 555 Chang, Hyun Kwang, 114, 402, 412 Chao, Shan Hsing, 390, 402 H Chapman, Dewey Iames, 119, 518 Chapman, Ianie, 406 Chapman, Dixie Iean, 154, 350 Roger Allen 154 246, 488 Chapman, . , Chapman, William Carlyle, 186, 188, 190, 377, 469, 511 Chapple, Iay Edward, 168, 233, 496, 557 Chase, Sandra Lynn, 168 Chastain, Bill Hampton, 168, 233, 486, 569 Chastain, Martha Nelle, 141, 349. 357, 436 Chastain, Merritt B. Ir., 168, 219, 498, 557 Chasteen, Suzanne, 154, 419, 436 Chatman, Ianet Kathryn, 414 Chavez, David E., 187 Chazen, Stephen Mark, 218, 469 Cheadle, Dr. Iohn B., 81 Cheatham, Barbara, 119, 309, 392, 401, 426, 446 Cheatum, Billye, 351 Cheatwood, Kay Barry, 154, 434 Clggcorski, Robert Stanley, 236, 422, 6 Cheever, Kenneth Lee, 154, 241, 254, 568 Chen, Tse Chang, 390 Chenoweth, Dr. Philip A., 81, 410 Chenoweth, Ray Allen, 397 Cherry, Charles Walter, 168, 237 Cherry, Mrs. Constance, 81, 394 Chesnut, M. Wayne, 154, 222, 498 Chesnut, Martha Ann, 154, 450 Chesnutt, Rev. Clyde, 374, 375 Clgesnutt, Tommy Ray, 168, 244, 498, 63 Chichi, Paul William, 237, 560 Chickering, W. Scott, 141, 490, 491 Chicoraske, Leon Edward, 141, 211, 217, 387, 562 Childress, Dr. Donald R., 81, 392, 396 Childress, Nancy Ieanne, 154, 386, 448 Childress, Russell C., 194 Childs, Charles Brenton, 141, 218, 469, 486 Chsgtils, Kent Grantham, 168, 219, 498, Chin, Carlton Aloysius, 422, 390 Chipman, Phyllis Iune, 141, 436 Chism, Billie Lora, 154, 403, 537 Chism, Tommy Don, 232 Chisolm, Mrs. Mildred Y., 81 Chmel, Edward Henry, 346, 548, 558 Choate, David Charles, 168, 233, 565 Choo, Chong Yoo, 114, 402, 412 Chowins, Glenn Rowe, 119, 223, 382 Chowins, Kenneth Gene, 560 Chowins, Sydney Loraine, 119 Choy, Iohn Cho Hong, 390 Chrisenberry, Carol Ann, 370, 372 Christensen, Gayle, 141, 450 Christian, Dr. A. K., 81 Christian, Sherrie D., 81 Christiansen, Henry I. Ir., 168, 199, 214, 484 Christiansen, Iohnny R., 141, 570 Christie, Alan Milton, 217, 559 Christopherson, Marvin G., 141, 572 Chupco, Waukomis Louise, 419, 546 Church, Geor e, 338 Churchill, Baflyara, 191 Churchlill, George W., 70 Ciereszks, Dr. Leon S., 81 Cies, Iohn Dondore, 210, 216 Cies, Richard Emerson, 169, 219, 494, 556 Cihak, Don W., 189, 190 Cislo, Alexander Robert, 221 Clabaugh, Nancy Iayne, 154, 460 Clabberstein, Bennett, 563 Claborn, Iudith Marie, 169, 351, 434, 452 Claibome, Mrs. S. V., 224 Clampitt, Richard Lee, 428 Clapp, Carl Iay, 568 Clapp, Iohn Christopher, 169 Clapp, Robert Vinton, 119, 206, 209, 210, 216, 218, 478 Clegg, Patrick Henry, 119, 410, 416, Clark, Ann Carolyn, 141, 450, 451 Clark, Avery, 210 Clark, Benton Clyde, 230, 246, 416 Clark, Bruce C., 211 Clgglf, Charles Phillip, 169, 22, 510, Clark, Dale Rene, 236, 563 Clark, Dan Kent, 141, 490 Clark, David Gibbs, 169 Clark, Donald L., 169, 498, 560 Clark, Elizabeth Iane, 154, 446 Clark, F. Donald, 81 Clark, Dr. Iames B., 81 Claglf, Iames Carroll, 169, 218, 478, 5 Clark, Iames Ray Ir., 221 Clark, Iennifer Ann, 200, 306, 539 Clark, Iudith Ellen, 169, 450, 528 Clark, Kelly Michael, 553 Clark, Norman Ray, 237, 560 Clark, Patricia Ann, 141, 361, 538 Clark, Phillip Allen, 154, 222, 494 Clark, Dean Ralph W., 68, 412 Clark, Robert Larry, 119, 375. 494 Clark, Robert Richard, 119, 196, 388 Clark, Stanley Aubrey Ir., 119 Clark, Wahnne Cooper, 141 Clark, William Sinclair, 119, 196, 516 Clarke, Robert Travis, 416 Clarke, Sidney Ross, 187 Clary, Dave, 340 Clary, Kenneth Iohn, 404 Clawson, Stewart Haynes, 248 Clay, Dolores Ann, 43, 357, 542 Clayton, William Norris, 154 Clearwater, Robert Lynn, 119, 518 Clement, Dr. Besse A., 82 Clement, Charles P., 180, 21, 565 Clements, Donald Gene, 385 Clements, Mervin D. Ir., 141, 244, 498 Clsornlons, Donald David, 119, 368, 370, Clemons, Dr. Howard P., 81 Cleveland, Elmer Glynn, 141, 425, 480, 550. 554 Clifton, Alton E., 82 Clifton, Dr. C. Stanley, 82 Clifton, Iohn Lillard, 187 Cline, E eanor Elizabeth, 119, 392, 440 Cline, Shirley Anne, 154, 440 Clingan, Patrick Allen, 211, 214, 22 Clingman, Iames Hepler, 223 Clint, Robert I., 119 Cloar, Iames Allen, 154, 198, 345, 485 Cloud, Danny Lynn, 237 Cloud, Sue Iane, 451 Cloud, Wilbur F., 82, 380 Clouser, Gordon Lee, 169, 476, 559 Coates, Dannie Richard, 570 Coates, Iohn Ioseph, 154, 510 Coats, Edith Lee, 46, 154, 444 Cobb, Iohn Philli , 169, 217, 496, 562 Cobb, Lu Ann Hellen, 169, 452, 542 Cobb, Nancy Catherine, 169, 434, 549 Cochran, Billie Kay, 154, 444 Cochran, Charles Mayo, 141, 488, 489 Cocliran, Scott Priestley, 169, 223, 510, 56 Cochrane, Robert Roebuck, 119, 492 Cocke, Karl Edward, 119, 368, 369, 406, 472, 473 Cockreham, Lee Gilbert, 169, 368, 552 Cockrell, Robert Gifford, 154, S66 Code, Frederic Thomas, 389 Colfelt, Kenneth Merle, 119, 345, 403, 481 Coffelt, William Ronald, 237 Coffey, Marilyn Ann, 141, 446 Coffey, William Lee, 119, 219, 510 Coffman, Brenda Carole, 26, 535, 548 Coffman, Iimmy Landon, 572 Coffman, Klo Ann, 375, 538 Coffman, Dr. Stanley K., 82 Cohen, Eleanor Ann, 169, 414, 462, 542 Cohen, Maurine Babette, 169, 400, 541 Cohen, Richard Sheldon, 154, 248, 508 Cohen, Sharon Marie, 169, 533 Cohen, Vanda Lee, 370 Cohn, Clifton Richard, 141, 396, 508 Cohn, Linda Gayle, 169, 438, 532 Colbert, Dr. Blames C., 82 Colclasure, S errilyn P., 169, 526, 542 Coldiron, Phill Carson, 222 Cole, Carolyn Elizabeth, 154, 414, 452 Frank W., 82, 415 Cole, Cole, Iimmy Miller, 565 Cole, Ioe Don, 223 Cole, Ion Kieth, 348 Marilyn Rose, 119, 375, 442 Cole, Cole, Mar Iane, 154, 444 Mildffed Vivian 405 C 1 , , C612 Roy Verlin, 154, 204, 217, 572 Cole, Sandra Gayle, 154, 386, 392, 434 Wayne Henry, 114 C 1 , Cglgman, Donald Sidney, 235 .- Ctdggnan, Donna Lea, 169, 369, 405, Ctieman, Griffin Gerald, 169, 241 Coleman, Iohn Cranston, 389 Coleman, Iohn Douglass, 169, 245, 478, 563 Coley, Dorla Rrae, 154, 350, 446 Coley, Gary Dee, 119 Coley, Harry Mead Ir., 169, 476 Coley, Iohn Ross Ir., 328, 338, 383, 567 Collar, Iellre Morgan, 154, 241, 486 Collard, William David, 114, 369, 570 I Collet, Lyle Gordon, 154, 344, 516, 567 Collier, Iudie, 169, 452, 541 Collier, Lanny Roy, 154, 241, 514 Colline, Raymond Emmett, 154, 204, 214, 218, 569 Collings, Dr. Ellsworth, 82 Collins, Charles Edwin, 119, 391, 418 Collins, David Frank, 154, 219, 553 Collins, Elizabeth A., 169 Ernest Frederick, 141, 496 Collins, Collins, Mark Eugene, 169, 221, 476, 564, 566 Collins, Ray G., 169, 245, 510, 563 Collins, Roger Barrett, 169, 218, 562 Collins, Susan Vileta, 154, 434 Collums, Gamer G., 524, 525 A Colston, Charles David, 169, 217, 476, 557 Colston, Phil Evans, 119, 506 Colton, Richard Ivan, 169, 238, 560 Columbus, Travis Henry, 223, 316, 571 Colvard, Roselyn Iune, 154, 536 Comer, Charles William, 154, 204, 218 Comfort, Annabelle Tip, 154, 529 Comfort, William T. Ir., 187 Comp, L. A., 82, 397 Compton, Iune Lea, 540 A Comroe, William Stuart, 169, 236, 512, 552 Confer, Iudith Ann, 141, 307, 448 Conklin, Linda May, 169, 350, 357, 359, 446 Conley, Carol Lynn, 120, 384, 385, 396, 446 Conley, Iudy Sue, 169, 374, 446 Conley, Mary Anna, 154, 442 Conly, Stanley Etoyle, 154, 241, 553 Connell, Martha Carolyn, 154, 460 Conner, Iames Perry, 169, 237, 561 Conner, Leslie Lynn Ir., 154, 478 Conner, R. C., 223 Conner, Steven Edward, 141, 197, 476 Connolly, Markham, 154, 220, 469, 498, 499 Connor, Iames William, 189, 190, 191 Connor, Robert Charles, 141, 334, 382. 548, 567 Considine, Patrick A., 154, 241, 498 Constantin, Dr. Iames A., 82 Coody, Nancy Iane, 154, 442 Cook, Betty M., 349 Cook, Carol Ann, 370, 372 Cook, Casey Lee, 221 Cook, Charles Eugene, 371 Cook, Dennis Lee, 369 Cook, Gary Lee, 241 Cook, Harwin Thomas, 141, 197, 490 Cook, Iames Roscoe, 141, 570 Cook, Ierry Alan, 154, 240 Cook, Kenneth Ralph, 219 Cook, Linda Lou, 141, 305, 446 Cook, Linda Ruth, 376, 406, 537 Cook, Mira Beth, 169, 450 Cook, Nancy Patricia, 370, 434, 527, 542 Cook, Patricia K., 154 Cooper, Irving Stanley, 141, 395, 418, 512 Cotcgtger, Iohn Harrison, 120, 400, 425, Cooper, Linda Kaye, 169, 442, 541 Cooper, Orvella Ieanne, 542 Cooper, Patsy Ioan, 141, 386, 450 Cooper Richard Lee 120 Coots, Karen Gail, 539 Cope, Mrs. Ruth C., 544 Copeland, Ann, 154, 368, 371, 440 Copeland, Dr. Fayette, 7, 82, 354, 355 Cotpgeland, Gary Earl, 155, 368, 480, Copeland, Robert Coleman, 141, 482 Copeland Rodney Ross, 169, 219 Coplin, Donald Herbert, 120, 428, 508 Copple, Brian Ward, 169, 223, 571 Corbett, Iudith Rae, 169, 440, 534 Corbett, Pat Ir., 187, 572 Corbin, Bertha B., 390 Corbin, Ouida, 390 Corbitt, Richard W., 120, 316, 319, 402, 474 Corcoran, Bobby Neal, 120 - Cordon, Phillip Douglas, 169, 1167 Corff, Iohn Carl, 155, 504 Corfl, Elizabeth Mary, 349, 351 Com, Leroy Herbert, 223, 571 Corneli Corneli Corneli son, Wesley Gene, 120 us, Allen Ernest, 141, 376, 570 us, Ierry Lon, 141, 360, 361 Cornell, Frederick Robert, 223, 316, 319, 571 1 Corns, Robert Isaac, 141, 516 Corr, William Reade, 159, 217, 553 Craig-gngton, Viva Louise, 169, 444, Cdrsau, Roger D., 82 Corvin, Gwendolyn Ioye, 169, 534 Cory, William L., 82 Cosgrove, A. L., 82, 392 Cosgrove, Ianlice, 169, 394, 414, 448, 533 Cossey, Charles William, 120, 309, 358, 364, 516 Cossey, Iames Donald, 120, 195, 196, 469, 516, 517 Coston, Molly Alexandrea, 141, 374, 446 Cotner, Ioseph Sidney, 120, 496 Crmer, Everett Edwin, 241 Cotton, Hugh Ierome, 120 Cottrell, Kenneth M., 233 Cotulla, Carolyn Clay, 169, 535 Coush, Dean Glenn C., 64 Coulter, Ioseph E., 82 Coulter, Thomas Criss5Ir., 169, 232 Council, Maryle, 120, 31 Court, Dr. N. A., 82 Courtney, Richard Wayne, 120, 469. 506 Coussons, Richard T., 141, 474 Covington, Robert Neil, 169, 236, 563 Cowan, Nona M., 529 Cowan, Stanley Elmer, 199, 556 Cowdrey, Ioel Haden Ir., 169, 244, 496, 562 Cowen, Chester Richard, 218, 372, 375, 553 Cowen, Mary Alice, 155, 452 Cox Carol Annette, 350, 408 Cox, Carol Lynn, 141, 350, 444 ' Cox, Clint, 141, 232, 242, 348, 488, 570 Cox, Doris Ann, 169, 405, 527 Cox, Iames Daryl, 245 Cox, Iimmy Lee, 391 Cox, Lonnie Ray, 169, 237 Cox, Mike Stanley, 120, 243 Cox, Myron Fred, 155, 548, 568 Cox, Robert Dale, 120, 496 Cox, Stephen Francis, 155, 198, 518 Cox, Tom S., 23 Ctgygge, Charles Ross, 316, 319, 326, Coyle, Norma Delight P., 120 Crabtree, Albert Lee, 155, 246, 364, 373, 488 Crabtree, Dale, 141, 486 Crabtree, Iames Myron, 141, 476 Craig, Anne, 142, 444 Craig, Hetty Faye, 142, 403 Craig, Max Wayne, 45, 155, 232, 510, 511 Craig, Nathan Lee Ir., 217, 420, 562 Craig, Ray Lynn, 186, 187, 222, 518 Craig, Rex Edward, 369, 372, 373, 572 Craig, Wayne Ewin, 120 Cram, Dorothy F., 83 Cramer, Benjamin Lawrence, 232 Cramp, Eulis Earl, 397 Cook, Peggy Iane, 154, 398, 434 Cook, Priscilla Haigh, 373 , Sanford Lee, 399, 559 Cooksey, Barbara Ann, 141, 377, 427, 436 Cook Cooksey, Betty Lou, 169, 436, 528 Cooley, Cynthia Ann, 169, 448, 527 Cooley, Gail Ann, 120, 406, 446 Cooambs, Betty Carol, 169, 372, 450, 5 2 Cooper, Bobby Iim, 189, 190 Cooper, Carl Harold Ir., 154, 217, 488 Cooper, Cynthia Kay, 169, 414, 434, 542 Cooper, Dale Leon, 222 Cooper, Donald Lew, 189, 190, 222 Cooper, Edgar Eugene, 169, 494 Crane, Catharine Ann, 169, 350, 534 Crank, Susan Elaine, 169, 531 Craven, Dr. Clifford 1., 70 Cravens, Audre Yvonne, 189, 191 Crawford, Iames Neal, 219 Crawford, Neil Iohn, 169, 572 Crawford, Susan Newell, 541 Creasman, D. La Mar, 169, 219, 518 Creed, Donna Kay, 373, 376 Creel, Linda Lu, 169, 535 Creel, Patsy Iane, 403 Cifmer, Charles Clifford, 120, 416, 20 Crim, Ed Franklin Ir., 83 Criswell, Donald Eugene, 142, 385, 395 Crites, Dennis M., 83 Crites, H. L., 142, 347, 494 A ming her duties, Lois Hammond assists Dick Holley into the car during Now or Never Week activities. POTATO CHIPS For Sale a+ Leading Grocers 9I6 N. Pennsylvania Phone CE 2 6348 OKLAHOMA CITY Courieous Efficieni Sa e ENJOY BANKING WITH CITY NATIONAL BANK IN NORMAN NORMAN S MAIN STREET MOTOR BANK J R SYMCOX P d I T R BENEDUM V PHIL SYMCOX V P H O M SPADDEN C h ELMER COFFEY A C I1 . . , resi en . . , ice-Pres. DON R. SYMCOX, Vice-Pre I , ice- res. . . c , as ie . ss'+ as 572 Croft, Dr. Albert I., 83 Ronald Gene, 170, 248, 380 561 Deakins, Kenneth L., 238 Cutchall, Creston Court, 155, 241, 492 Enlows, Mar Io, 171 446, 541 Darby, Ion David, 170, 476 Crofford, Iames Wesley Ir., 169, 233, 492, 557 Crolford, Thomas Elijah, 233, 417, Cromwell, Iohn, 356 Cronoble, William Ralph, 416 Crooch, Iohn Henr Ir., 120, 375 Crook, Dr. Kenneth E., 83 Crosby, Donald Wynn, 120, 374, 484 Crosby, Ioe Harold, 155, 219, 502 Crosby, Linda, 155, 442 Cross, Charles Thomas, 120 Cross, Delbert Leon, 223 Cigafg, Dennis Arthur, 120, 342, 383, Cross, lgiugtald Arthur, 120, 230, 254, 342, Cross, Dr. George L., 40, 60, 61, 77 Cross, Mrs. George L., 61 Cross, Raymond Frank, 155, 572 Crosser, Orrin K., 83 Crossland, Kenn , 120 Crosslin, Michael, Paul, 169, 369, 560 Crosslin, Wilma Lee, 374, 539 Crouch, Catharine E., 142, 448 Ciglstbch, Harvey Francis Ir., 169, 237, Crouch, Iohn Michael Ir., 169, 564 Crow, Dou las Wiley, 338, 567 Crow, Io Elllen, 169, 542 Crow, Maril n Carlene, 169, 374, 543 Crowder, Edldie, 314 Crowder, Lois Gail, 142, 444, 544 Cgmggell, Larry Douglas, 35, 155, 221, Crowley, Tim I., 169, 222. 516, 556 Crownover, Carl Franklin, 388 Croggson, Iames Lawrence, 142, 222, 0 Crum, Ianet Ga le, 169, 452, 530 Crust, Conrad Charles, 389 Cwgan, Carlyn Grant, 142, 334, 382, Cubbage, Dennis O. Ir., 169, 245, 514, 561 Cullen, Betsy, 142, 452 Cullins, Henry Long Ir., 416, 426 Cullison, Stephen Ioseph, 142 Culp, Chesley Key, 383, 407 Culp, Ra mond Mayo, 142, 552 Culp, Robert Dudley, 142, 397, 421, 426, 428, 492 Culver, Curtis Leon, 169, 219, 411, 514, 561 Culwell, Iim Bob, 142, 492 Cummings, Carol Iean, 170 Curggmins, Gerald William, 170, 217, 5 CundiH, Ellsworth Ir., 217 Cunningham, Don Morris, 221 Forrest T. r. 570 Cunningham, A , Ctlrggingtiam, Gene M., 1 2, 197, 362, Cunningham, Glenn Ross, 375, 571 Cuirsgingham, Iames Lee, 186, 187, Cunningham, gerry Edward, 237 tanleg Lloyd, 142, 506 Cunninghram, Cupit, Mary Allice, 1 0, 464 Currey, Nancly, 120, 373, 434 Currie, Russel Edgar, 221, 572 Curry, Morris Sheppard Ir., 120, 498, 501 Curtis, Doroth Eunice, 408 Curtis, Richar19,Dean, 23, 374 Cushman, Dr. Paul A., 83 Ctggfr, Robert Leonard, 170, 218, 506, Ctggtall, Robert Dean, 170, 237, 492, Cutler, Miss Vilona P., 83 Cytrin, Minna Rae, 155, 438 Cytron, Carol Ioan, 170, 540 Czeskleba, Donna Lee, 120, 434, 534 D Dading, William Russell, 142, 474 Daily, Barbara Sue, 170, 448, 531 Daily, Dr. Charles F., 83, 392 Daily, Charles F. Ir., 170, 219, 377 Daily, Patty Marlene M., 406 Dale, Dr. E. E., 83 Dale, Robert Levers, 142, 478 Damberg, Linda Lee, 170, 444, 541 Damico, Michael, 120 Dang, Chung Leong, 390, 568 Daniel, Samuel P. Ir., 189, 190 Daniels, Dianne Susan, 170, 351, 450 Daniels, Raymond, 83 Dannehl, Karen Ioyce, 531 Danner, Nancy Ann, 142, 349, 368, 37 Dgigies, Bruce Robert, 170, 238, 369, Darrough, Carolyn, 351 Darrough, Lina Burford, 155, 452 Darsey, William Gray, 416 Datin, Mary Noelene, 142, 427, 444 Daugherty, Clarence E., 170, 221, 559 Daugherty, lV1stg. Iack, 227 Daugherty, Patricia Ann, 120, 392, 444 Davohe, Mara, 390 Davenport, Miss Blanche, 454 David, Iavonnra Sue, 120, 464 David, Dr. Paul R., 83 586 Davidson, Arlene Lois, 170, 438, 543 Davidson, Ian, 142, 149, 350, 406, 460 Davie, Thomas Earl Ir., 120, 236, 514 Davies, Steven Charles, 155, 492 Davis, Alice Ellen, 546 Davas, Barry Milton, 170, 219, 508, 56 Davis, Becky I., 170, 408, 440 Davis, Dorothy Ruth, 155, 386, 452 Davis, Elizabeth Susan, 22, 155, 460 Davis, Frances Marshall, 170, 464, 527 Davis, Frank Wayne, 186, 189 Davis, Iames Warren, 316, 321, 322, 383 Davis, Iane Ellen, 170, 456, 531 Davis, Iess Burdette Ir., 155, 198, 474 Davis, Ioe Berius, 170 Dasxgiis, Iohn Andrews, 170, 217, 498, . 2 Davis, Iohn Kent, 170 Davis, Iohnna M rle, 120, 444 Davis, Ioseph A16lert, 494 Davis, Iudith Lynn, 170, 394, 446, 532 Davis, Karen Kay, 467 Davis, Kenneth Iay, 120, 235, 428, 516 Davis, Lendol Lee, 170, 22, 569 Digg, Michael Charles, 170, 217, 356, Davis, Nancy Alene, 170, 542 Davis, Richard Allen, 380, 557 Davis, Richard William, 380 Davis, Samuel Adam, 223, 571 Davis, W. Marvin, 84, 412 Davis, Wayne F., 389 Dawes, Edmund Klotz Ir., 233 Dawson, Eugene F., 84, 391 W Dawson, Wendell Iack, 410, 550, 556 Day, Donnie Dee, 170, 529 Day, Ernest Balfour Ir., 120, 347, 510 Day, Glen Andrew, 170, 488 Day, Iohnnie Charles, 170 Day, Iohnny Ioe, 380, 567 Day Lanny Stewart, 237 Dayl Dewey, Susan Kay, 405, 543 Dewitt, Walter Dee, 142, 418 Dexter, Frances Ruth, 121, 460 Dhillonn, Sharanjit Singh, 390, 402 Diamond, Sidney I., 170, 22, 562 Dickenson, Larry Gayle, 351 Dicker, Dickins 1 kins Harold, 155, 565 on, Ierry Dean, 395 on ohn Alvin 114 Db , Ig , Dicus, Fran Edward, 121, 518 Dietrich, L. E., 402 Digby, Bernard Bell, 77 Dill, Glenn Estes Ir., 114 A Dillard, Bobby Lee, 155, 236, 565 Dillard, Iames Houston, 187 Dillard, Ixzhn William, 241 Dillard, rs. W. L., 276 D Dillingham, Larry Max, 170, 238, 368, '06 Dillman, Donald D., 121, 506 Dimery, Ve1merIohn, 188, 550, 569 Dimick, Mary Iane, 142, 448 Dimock, Dan Akin, 237, 563 Dinda, Eva Etelka, 402 Disosway, Iudith, 155, 460 Dissly, Charles William, 155, 328, 338, 518, 567 - Dittelmier, Karen Kay, 170, 464, D40 Dix, Bobby Dale, 142 H Dixon, Bobby Lou, 345 Dixon, Iimmie Marie, 142 Dixon Kermit Edward, 223 Darorrl Terrell Francis, 170, 220, 47s, 561 Dixon, Dobbs Thomas Earl, 198 Sharon Monette, 121, 460 Day, Wynona Gunter, 114, 419, 424 Dayton, Allen Dean, 114, 421, 488 DeArmon, Iack, 187 DeBus, Suzanne Iane, 170, 448, 533 DeHart C1 de Martin r. 384 , 1 , DeKinder, Ilane Elizabeth, 155, 373, 544 1Torre Nelson 114 De a , , DeLashaw, Sandra Sue, 155, 388, 536, 548 DeLaughter, Carolyn A., 170, 530, 548 DeLis1e, Iack Leland, 232 DeMarta, Furio, 120, 389 DePue, Lionel Dale, 380 Q DeSi1via, CraigoIl55, 222, 516 de Stwolinski, rs. Gail B., 84, 3711 DeVi1liers, Nancy Ann, 170, 442, 541 De1Vge, Richard Franklin, 155, 218, 7 DeWeese, F. W., 246 DeWeese, Freddie Eugene, 155, 548, Doble: Mary Ruth, 121, 313, 460 Dobley, Tom, 249 Dobson, Frederick Page, 189, 190 Dockery, Gary Franklin, 170, 217, 506, 555 Dodd, Carl, 28 Dodd, David Lee, 121, 380 F Dodd, Iohn Robert, 170, 474, 565 Dodds, Stanley Dale, 155, 490 Dodson, Dennis Ioe, 142, 348, 493 Dodson, George Andrew, 204, 220 Dodson, Richard Wayne, 170, 232, 555 Doeplner, Therese, 32 Doggett, Charles Everett, 376 Do gett, Clee O., 59, 219 Do5e, Kenneth, 121, 391 Dolby, Mrs. Stacy, 377 Dolby, Stacy E., 377 Dolezal, Io Ellyn, 170, 530 Dollar, Donley Austin, 121, 410 Dolmranglames Brewster, 142, 211, 219, 3 , 377, 510, 511 Dolph, Iames Allen, 563 Dombek, Ronnie Lee, 223, 571 Donahoe, Iohn Michael, 245 Donaldson, Robert Milton, 121, 389 Donehew, Gerald Ray, 121, 211, 217 Donley, William Charles, 121, 392, 494 Donnell, Patricia Lou, 170, 377, 402, 434, 532 Driskill, Terrell W., 121, 476 Dritch, Norman Frank, 51, 170, 240, 512, 562 Dromgold, Pegi Lee, 155, 444 Drowatzky, Ernest Milton, 220, 334, 335 Drum, Clifton Keith Ir., 554 Dry, Charles Hobson, 142, 506 Dryden, Mary Patricia, 142, 446 DuBray, Wil iam Lee, 142, 504 Duble, Stelfeny, 42, 142, 349, 446 Dubos, Robert Edward, 242, 555 Ducker, Mary Alice, 155, 350, 386, 446 Duckworth, Bruce Alan, 404, 418 Duckworth, Harriette Ann, 155, 450 Duckworth, Mariellen, 121, 442 Durlenhoelfer, De Ann, 301 Dudley, Lou Ann, 121, 446 Dudley, William David, 240, 376, 552 Dudley, William Orville, 171, 222, 376, 569 Duflleld, Iohn Burton Ir., 121, 476 Dullield, Nathaniel Henry, 155, 219, Duily, ack Edwin, 142, 197, 391,516 Duffy, ames Everett, 155, 504 Duffy, Ioe, 142, 502 Du gan, Dannie Earl, 155, 198 Dulge, Gary Don, 155, 518 Dulaney, Luther Thomas Ir., 155, 498 Dulaney, Patrick Leroy, 223 Dulin, Iames Walker, 248 Dull, Sherry Iacklyn, 171, 369, 377, 408, 532 Dumler, Donald Wayne, 155 Dunaway, Michael Wicks, 220, 560 Dunbar, Iames Vaughn, 232 Duncan, Iacquelyn Ruth, 121, 434 Duncan, Ierry Sharpe, 121, 482 Digiggan, Iimmie Dale, 171, 248, 486, Duncan, Dr. Iohn Paul, 84 Duncan, Paul Crockett Ir., 171, 236, 506 Duncan, Robert Eugene, 142, 218, 514 Duncan, Robert Walter, 188 Duncan Vernon Claude, 422 Drrrrforri, William Harold, 518, 519 Dunford, William Wayne, 142 Dunham, Archie Wallace, 142, 197, 425, 569 Dunham, Mrs. Frances R., 84 Dunham, Dr. Lowell, 84, 112 Dunkin, Iohn Randolph, 121, 404, 516 Dunlap, Bryan Allen, 121, 376 Dunlap, Diana Ruth, 155, 370, 373, 376, 402, 434 Dunlap, Diane Katherine, 142, 442 Dtaggap, Terry Knight, 155, 219, 420, Dunn, Alice Iolene, 171, 529 Dunn, Darie le Ann, 171, 460, 535 Dunn, Dick W., 121, 476 Easterling, Carolyn E., 142, 146, 307, 373, 414, 434 Eastham, Robert Louis, 186, 187 Eastman, Peggy, 349, 351, 352 Eastup, Norma Iean, 402 Eaves, Charles Alred, 171, 490 Eby, Frank Kent, 121 Echart, Martha Virginia, 155, 448 Echols, Gail Margaret, 142 Ecker, Iakie E., 374, 388, 428 Eddins, Rohn Martin, 155, 218, 498 Eddins, obert Fast, 155, 217, 498 Edelman, Darryl Bernard, 38, 142, 396, 469, 508 Edleggborough, Neville B., 142, 217, Edgar, ames Franklin, 223, 336 Edgar, ocelia Ann, 155, 376, 434 Edgar, ommy Lee, 171, 223 Edgerton, Anne Lou, 453 Edinger, Ierry Dow, 207, 211, 219 Edmondson, Bruce Hilton, 404 Edmondson, I. Howard, 57 Edwards, Caroline, 171, 450 Edwards, Halbert Daniel, 242, 373, 558 Edwards, Helen Meredith, 171, 351, 452, 534 Edwards, Ioan Mildred, 142, 149, 460 Edwards, Sheila Harriet, 171, 542 Efron, Ioanne, 171, 462, 530 Efting, Barbara Ann, 155, 398, 434 Egan, Thomas Martin Ir., 121, 514 Egan, William Hunter Ir., 171, 245, 492, 557 Ehrler, Bernard Iohn, 171, 218, 561 Ehrman, Hildegarde, 121, 406, 545 Eichholz, Dr. Erich H., 84 Eichor, Ann Gadberry, 121, 406 Eisenkramer, William H., 171, 512, 560 Elam, Carol Iune, 541 Elam, Theodore Marinus, 189, 190 Elconin, Dr. Victor A., 84 Elder, Kenneth Lee, 121, 498 Eldrid e, Merilyn Kay, 121, 452 Elias, Ianet Maria, 142, 373, 526, 538 Elias, Iohn Walter, 171, 223, 510, 563 Elkins, Barbara Lee, 155, 460 Elkins, Lida Sue N., 309, 401 Elkins, Patsy Kay, 143, 372, 450 Elkouri, Dr, Frank, 85 Ellet, Charles Monier, 389 Ellet, Ioan, 121, 460 Elliott, Dee Ann Lee, 143, 307, 440 Elliott, Goldie, 109 Elliott, Iames Douglass, 121, 498 Elliott, erome K., 245 Elliott, udith Kay, 171, 434, 470, 533 Elliott, uther W. Ir., 171, 368, 561 Elliott, Speed Aaron, 171, 21, 562 Ellis, Charles Allen, 155, 569 Ellis, Chris Peter, 171, 562 Dunn, I Dunn, Dunn, Dunn, ames Allen, 240, 384, 572 ames Rutherford, 222, 384 I-doe Edwin, 249 azelle L., 84 Deal, 563 Deal, Deal, Gene Richard, 170, 199, 502, Iames Robert, 142, 560 Lyle Gordon, 155, 502 Dean, Chester Francis, 142, 221, 476, 477 Dean, David, 155, 490 Dean, Deanna, 120, 403, 440 Dean, Dwain Lee, 120 Dean, Gary Iohnston, 170, 220 Dean, Iohnny Orvin, 188 Dean, Lawrence Darwin, 142, 372 Dean, Marilyn, 72 Dean, Thelma Dolores, 114 Dearmon, Thomas Alfred Ir., 155, 219, 492 Deason, Chiquita Fay, 155, 458 Deathrage, David Eugene, 170, 221, 506 Deaton, Robert Dawe, 199 Deaver, Patricia Ann, 414, 531 Deeds, Richard Lee, 170. 222, 556 Deen, Iohn Malcolm, 142, 384, 518 Deen, Marland, 155 Dees, Barbara Io Ann, 170 de la Torre, A. M., 84, 412 Delgado, Richard A., 120, 383, 567 Delp, Billy Ray, 120, 207, 209, 211, 222 Denison, Bill Bob, 155, 486 Denison, Harvey Clark, 142, 510 Denner, Paul Nicholas, 170, 242, 486 Donohue, David Arthur T., 121, 380, 415 Donovan, Eugenia, 110 Dora, Dr. Lucile, 84 Doran, Dr. L. A., 84 1nda Carol 170 540 Doremus, L' , , DorB', Marilyn, 121, 435, 467 Dorman, Ierry Sims, 170, 241 Dorman, Iohn Ernest, 142, 564, 568 Dorr, Iohn Robert, 142, 492 Dorr, ktlia Gaye, 155, 448, 470 Dorr, oderick Akin, 121, 244, 518 Dotson, Chester Dewayne, 155, 218, 516 Dotson, Gary Kent, 217 , Dotson, Iames Isaac, 155 Dotson, Iohn Edward, 219 Dotson, Karen Kay, 170, 374, 446, 535 Dennis, Patricia Marie, 120, 361, 444 Denny, Mary Kate, 170, 350, 444, 527 Dense, Robert William, Dougherty, Patricia Alica, 155, 444 Douglas, Dr. Iack E., 84 Douglas, Iackie Lee, 48, 121, 448 Douglas, Larry Frank, 557 Douglas, Wilber Morris, 155 Dove, William Taylor, 142 Dow, Charles Leach, 155 Dow, Donna Kay, 142, 544 Dowling, Mary Diane, 297 Dowling, Robert Gene, 218, 544 Downey, Kerlggeth Wayne, 121, 210, 219, 389, Downey, Roger Nelson, 170, 488 Downing, David Allen, 170, 232, 498, 563 Downing, Iudith Ann, 22, 155, 544 Downs, Charles Patrick, 142, 518 120, 510 Dent, Dorthlynn Anita, 170 337 351 452, 535 Denton, Iames William, 120, 383, 494 Denton, Nancy Iane, 155, 448 Denton, Robert Wayne, 142, 197 Depuy, Glenda Wylene, 120 Derryberry, Larry Dale, 155, 568 Desherow, Iames Dartmouth, 237, 569 Desggins, Iames Wesley, 142, 373, 385, rt,-r Deupree, William Leslie, 155, 222, 510 Deutch, Marcia Sue, 170. 462, 535 Deutsch, Karen Iane, 170, 438 Devine, Iohn Daniel, 170, 561 Devine, Richard Louis, 237 Dcwbre, Iames Kenneth, 188 Doyle, Howard Hardeman, 155, 217, 384, 484, 570 Doyle, William Ioseph, 121, 510 Dragoo, Rraymond C., 84 Dra oo, R. C. Ir., 72 Drafe, Iack Lane, 142, 474 Drake, Iim, 347 Drake, Ioe Bob, 155, 220, 516 Draper, Iohn Milton, 155, 218, 411, 514, 554 Drea, Michael A., 170, 223, 514, 557 Dreisker David Wa ne 142, 498 1 Y r Dreisker, Ieanine Marie, 170, 414, 450, 531 Drew, Patricia Ellen, 170, 526, 531 Drew, Paul Arthur, 121, 400, 425 Driskcll, Clifton Leroy, 198, 417, 568 Dunn, Natalie Park, 155, 209, 306, 456 Dunn, Sherrill D., 171, 398 Dunnington, Glenn Walter, 221 Dunnington, Marjorie Sue, 536 Dunnington, Warren Harvey, 121, 209, 210, 211, 213, 216, 219, 517 Duperier, Frank Dauterive, 155, 221, 516 Dupree, Bill, 48 Dupuich, Robert William, 403 Durant, kames Buchanan, 187 Durant, obert Allen, 171, 221, 518 Dulrham, Charles Albert Ir., 155, 221, 92 Durham, Iere Carlton, 317, 321, 383, 571 Durkee, Cordelia Sue, 155, 452 Durkee, Gary Rhea, 171, 219 Durland, ack Raymond Ir., 142, 498 Durland, ames Dennison, 155, 221, 502, 565 Durrett, Iack, 155, 218, 492 Dutcher, Iudith Ann, 155, 456 Duttera, Ioel Cleve, 171, 242, 562 Dwyer, David Robert, 566 Dyason, Lynda Frances, 406 Dye, Billy Donald, 171, 237, 518 Dye, Iohn Arthur, 121, 520 Dye, Ro er Allen, 222, 566 Dyer, Ailland Raye, 425, 568 Dyer, Clarece Byrd, 370, 373 Dyer, Dwight E., 84, 370 Dyer, Emi y, 370 Dykes, Diane, 171, 448, 470, 533 Dysart, Iames Killougb, 155, 241, 490 E Eacock, Phyllis Ann, 155 Eads, Mary Carolyn, 142, 426, 427, 448, 449 Eads, Paul Patrick, 413, 420 Eagleton, Suzanne, 142, 452 Eagan, Iames Earl Ir., 121, 415, 423, Eakin, William L. Ir., 186, 187, 478 Earles, Doyle Dale, 155, 232 Early, Iames Kenneth, 155, 233, 502 Earnest, Donald Ralph, 387 East, Gerry Grant, 121, 428, 506 Eastep, Norma Iean, 142, 390 Easterling, Bennett T., 121, 516 Ellis, Di Ann Patricia, 533 Lora Iane, 171, 368, 374, 375, Ellis, Roberta Ann, 143, 536 Ellison, Charles Don Ir., 221 Ellison, Herbert Iay, 85 Ellison, Klara Kay, 155, 456 Ells, Harrylg Arthur Ir., 187 Ellzey, Ro ert Theron Ir., 114, 516 Elmore, Carl David, 171, 238, 516, 558 Elstner, Linda Ann, 155, 349, 444 Enggfch, Charles William, 177, 199, Emerson, Clarence Dean, 23, 317 Emerson, Haskell Bryan,-570 Emerson, Neal Webster, 155, 232, 498 Emerson, Tommy Dean, 242 Emery,5Iames Stephen, 177, 233, 492, 558, 70 Emery, Iimmis Eugene, 155, 195, 198 Emge, Norman Eugene, 385 Emilson, Henry Bertil, 143, 568 Emrick, Grant Alfred, 143, 570 Emrick, Martha Iane, 155, 446 Encinas, Raul Gerardo, 402 Endicott, Dorothy Ann, 155, 456 Engel, Ruth Ann, 412 Engelberg, Adrienne, 143, 307 Engelson, Iohn Clarke, 155, 498 England, Leroy Robert, 121 Engleberg, Adrienne, 438 Englehart, Brenda Louise, 171, 542 Engleman, Cristobal, 143, 510 Engleman, Geraldine H. E., 403 English, erry Wesley, 569 Engleman, Iohn Henry, 377 English, llatricia Ann, 171, 414, 434, 535 Engart, Shirlley Marlene, 538 Eo , Carol Diane, 529 Eotf, Ioe Thomas, 155, 217, 502 EPP, Edgar Kermit, 121 Epps, Iames Edward, 171, 506 Eppste Epton, Ervin, in, Rabbi Victor, 400 Mary Elizabeth, 155, 446 Edward Lynn, 217, 562 Ervin, William Edward, 143, 195, 198, 474 Erwin, Dan Alan, 121, 223, 383, 567 Erwin, Deanna Sue, 27, 143, 440 Erwin, Iudith May, 155, 440 Erwin, Louis Odell, 338 Esgggdge, Lynn Richard, 171, 218, 482, Espy, Burtis Lynn, 143 CHASTAIN OIL CO. PHILLIPS DISTRIBUTOR PATRONIZE YOUR 1 , NEAREST PHILLIPS 1 I DEALER V PHONE JE 4-I709 NORMAN, OKLA l C pl 1' Commercial Prinfing S ice 0 OFF' S ppl' 8: Eq ip 1' Our Modern Plan+, 2l5 Eas+ Comanche S'I'ree+ SOONERLAND'S FAVORITE NEWSPAPER Firsf Choice for Norman, Universi+y, Slafe and World News - Sporls and Fealures THE NORMAN TRANSCRIPT Member o'FAudi1' Bureau of Circulaiions and 'the Associa+ed Press Published in "The University City" since July 13, 1889 - Our 70th Year -I .,. ,,,,,, Estrin, Marshall Sanford, 121, 508 Gallo Essman, Mary Louise, 171, 452, 543 Esggg Charlotte Lucile, 155, 364, 374, Esterkyn, Samuel Harry, 27, 39, 121, 508 Ethridge, Bob Bryan, 171 Eurton, John Augustine, 404 Eurton, Thomas Forbes, 155, 496 Evangelista, Francisco E., 114 Evanoff, Jim E., 241 Fergus, Lawrence John, 122, 504 Ferguson, Edward Paul, 189, 190 Ferguson, Kenneth Andrew, 171, 240, 502, 553 Ferguson, Larry Ross, 122, 206, 218 Foster, John F., 194 Foster, Joe Reeves, 171, 242, 484, 563 Foster, Joyce Louise, 122, 129, 448, 527 Fought, Michael Lyle, 143 Fouts, Hulett Warren, 223 Galerston, Elinor Minna, 156, 538 Gallagher, E. Ann, 171, 303, 460, 531 Gallagher, James Patrick, 171, 555 Gallagher, Nora Ann, 171 Gallemore, Betty Faye, 171, 448, 527 Wa neE 189 191 Evans 361, Evans y , Alice Dellene, 122, 357, 360, 398, 446 Allen David, 143, 364, 486, 487 Evans Dr. Betty D., 85, 401 Evans Bob Ralph, 143 Evans, Carl Lee, 122, 375 Evans, Charles Cameron, 217, 369 Evans Charles Mack, 369, 560 Evans, Fran, 533 Evans, Harry Charles, 189 Evsaggs Haskell Lee Jr., 171, 199, 502, Evans Jay Thomas, 218 Evans Jerry Stephen, 171, 346, 558 Evans, Jerry Wa ne, 417 Evans Jim Donalld, 155, 496, 552 Evans Evans Evans Evans John Clement, 143, 516 Judy Carole, 171, 393, 434, 534 Larry Wayne, 155, 476 Marian, 109 avansj Mrs. Nell R., ss Evans, Dr. O. F., 85 Evans Richard D., 316 Ferree, Dale Mason, D0 Feggigl, Mary Janet, 143, 393, 427, 460, Ferris, Barbara J., 28, 256, 358 Ferris, Emily Anne, 122, 131, 360, 398, 42, 446 Ferris, Leo Patrick, 186, 187, 406 Ferris, Maurice, 28, 234, 243, 256 Ferry, Ralph Patrick, 565 Fetterolf, Brucidean, 171, 543 Fetters, Jerry Keith, 143, 417, 570 Feuerstein, James David, 122, 418, 512 Fidler, Ronald Wayne, 122, 510 Field, Jay Walker, 188, 383, 567 Fielden, Robert Dan, 220 Fielder, James Curtis, 562 Fielder, Kenneth Frank, 569 Fields, Bert Jr., 241 Fields, Char es Walter, 377 Fields, Jerry Carl, 156, 217 Fields, William Owen, 186, 190 Fierstine, Sandra Lee, 156, 462 Files, Sally, 156, 446 Fincher, Roger Haroldgr., 122, 563 Fine, Susan Jean, 156, 38, 439 Fink, Allan, 572 Fink, Garvie Stephen, 143 Finkel, Carol, 171, 351, 462, 539 Finkel, Robert Edward, 131, 243, 360 Finkelstein, Rhona N., 156, 400, 438, Fowler, Darrell Leon, 114, 412 Fowler, Fowler, Fowler Fowler Fowler Edwin R.ay, 369, 563 Frank Weldon, 392 Lynne Carol, 548 I orviiie Elton Jr., 222 , Dr. Richard G., 86 Fi sherz Evans, Thomas Don, 12, 317, 395, 570 Evatt, Bruce Lee, 238, 368, 371, 562 Everett, John Raymond, 171, 218, 572 Everett, Dean Mark R., 68 Everley, Tommy Allen, 171, 236, 498 Ewbank, Walter J., 85 Ewing, Dr. Cortez A, M., 85 Ewing, David Evans, 223 Ewing, Elizabeth Louise, 419 Ezell, Dr. John S., 85 F Fagan, Milton P. Jr., 171 Fagin, Berenice Sandra, 171, 408, 462, 530 Fa in g , Carl, 122, 508 Eagin, Charles Leonard, 122, 187, 508, 550, 572 Fagin, David Kyle, 143, 380, 415, 496 Fagin, Judy Sandra, 122, 462 Failin , Barbara Mae, 155, 444 Fair, Robert John, 171, 504, 565 Fairbank, Charles E., 390, 397 Fairchild, James Crumley, 122, 228, 234, 255, 421 Fairchild, Phil Norman, 236 Falconer, David Lee, 566 Falkenstein, Charles W., 190 Falkensten, Richard G., 171, 233, 490, 563 Fant, Montella, 122, 402, 444 Faris, Marjorie Mae, 171, 534 Farley, Shirley Ruth, 143, 546 Fagagerkgiharles Everette, 143, 218, Farmer, Donald Crawford, 143, 518 Farmer, Louise, 375 Farr, oe Pike, 155, 218, 516 Farr, ohn B. K., 155, 246, 488 Farrar, Clyde L., 85, 314, 396 Farrar, Patricia Ann, 143, 350, 434 Farrell, Brook, 171, 456 Farrell, Patsy Lee, 155, 446 Farrier, Arthur William, 122, 402 Farris, James Walter, 552 Farris, Lohn Randel Farris, en, 314, 315 Fast, Jerry Neal, 122, 374, 375 Faulkner, Wahleah Jen Ann, 171, 448, 535 Fauver, Lana Pauline, 171, 542 Fawcett, James Keith, 417 Fay, Robert O., 85 Feagan, Jimmy Don, 317, 321, 571 Fears, Fulton K., 85 Feaver, Douglas Bruce, 219 Feaver, E. Kenneth, 402 Feaver, Dr. J. Clayton, 85 Feiler, Seymour, 86 Fegrigerg, Marilyn Helen, 155, 405, Feldhake, Herbert Joseph, 402 Feltlggl, glgghryn Janis, 143, 200, 305, Felkel, Patricia Anne, 171, 452, 535 Felkner, Joanne Susan, 143, 394, 446 Felkner, Wilma Ellen, 155, 298, 375, 394, 446 Fell, Dan, 99 Fell, Mrs. Ruth D., 86 Fellman, Roudy, 314 Iliellows, gen EEne?6 223 e ows, r. . ., Fellrath, Riclliard F., 143, 478 llielmlegfg Bal?'bariil?1nr:i,l556, 460 eng, u un, , Fenton, Fred Howard, 223, 560 Fegilgn, Mary Frances, 26, 122, 375, Fentress, William Lyle, 395 Fentriss, Michael K., 143, 469, 492 Feggsgick, James Richard, 122, 196, 484 588 467 Finkenbinder, Kaye, 427, 528 Finley, Michael La Rue, 562 Finn, Charles Robert, 156, 569 Finney, James Harry, 12, 478 Firman, Lloyd Arthur, 570 Fischer, Anita Ruth, 442 Fischer, Ann Marie, 156 Fischer, Lee Frederick, 122, 484 Fish, John Mancil Jr., 122, 221,486 Fisher, Billie Eugene, 550 Fisher, Donald Joe, 156, 221 Fisher, Eddie, 340, 344 Fisher, Johnny Dwain, 12 Fisher, Judith Ann, 542 Fisher, Larry David, 223 Fisher Sue S., 122 Fisher, Ted Lance, 111, 233,484 William Gale, 189, 568 Fowler, Stephen Michael, 220, 555 Fox, Donald James, 156, 488 Fox, Edward Lee, 391, 410, 560 Fox, Elaine Frances, 171, 349, 438, 539 Fox, Jerry Baugh, 156, 241 Fox, Melvin Eugene, 376 Fox, Sandra Lu, 171, 452, 531 Foxworthy, Lyle Dennis, 143, 510 Fraley, Robert Leonard, 389 Frame, Bill George, 111, 482 Frame, Webber Norman, 222 Francis, Chester L., 86, 372, 373 Francis, John Elbert, 122, 474 Francis, Patricia Ann, 143, 544 - Francis, Sherron Lourdes, 171, 351, 436, 470 - Frank, Howard Carr, 143, 492, 513 Frank, Howard David, 143, 512 Frank, Ioniece, 392 Frankel, Elise, 171, 543 Frankfother, Arlen Bryan, 248 Frankfurt, Edgar Allen, 233 Frankfurt, Janet Clair, 122, 187 - Franklin, Patricia Ann, 171, 440, 539 Frantkowski, Eugene R., 114 Frantz, Linda Gail, 171, 448 x Franz, Janice Gail, 171, 444, 528 Franz, Stephen Joseph, 568 Fraser, George B., 86 Frazer, Robert Clark, 346, 402 Frazier, Gerald Ray, 420 Frech, Richard Eugene, 410 Frederick, Jerry Don, 217- Fregerick, Teresa June, 156, 350, 405, 5 Frederickson, Dr. E. A., 86, 314 Fredman, Fred Louis, 222 Fredregill, Charles O., 122, 368 Freed, Ronald Lee, 122, 508 Freedman, Carolyn, 156, 306, 462 W Freeman, Arthur Robert, 244, 550, 569 on Lee 232 Freeman, D , Freeman, James Edward, 241 Fitch, Carla Annette M., 122, 406 Fite, Dr. Gilbert, 86 Fittro, Miss Garnette L., 86 Fitzgerald, David Ramsey, 218, 550 Fitzjerrell, Darryl Glen, 552 Flagler, Ralph Hunter, 122, 568 Flana an, Kathleen, 171, 450, 528 Flaug5er, Sue Lynn, 530 Fleet, Douglas Franklin, 217 Fleming, Aubrey David, 156, 221, 510 Fleming, Garwin Kent, 122, 196, 345, 348, 498 Flenoid, Allen W., 156, 246, 557 Fletcher, David Jim, 143, 498 Fletcher, John Robin, 171, 218, 559 Fletcher, Kenneth Michael, 238, 249, Freeman, Lawrence, 86 Freeman, Norman L. Jr., 143, 217 Freese, Jtames King, 565 Freeze, Ray Arnold, 171, 248, 375, 494, 569 Freidberg, Ben Nicholis, 156, 512 Freidberg, Jerry, 171, 241, 512, 563 H Freiden, Lenore Patricia, 171, 438, 533 French, Curtis Rayburn, 340 French, Johnny Boone, 171, 223, 571 French, Larry Lee, 156, 222, 506 French, Nick, 563 French, Taylor Nickles, 232 Frensley, William F., 143, 361, 384, 494 Frentzel, Robert, 122 P, Y -, , Galt, Barry Jack, 188 Galyean, Robert Lewis, 245 Gambill, Beth Anne, 156, 370, 372, 440 Gamble, Justin Wayne, 221 Gamble, William Olivar, 156, 221, 498 Gamel, Cynthia Ann, 171, 207, 306, 530 Gangemi, Donald Paul, 221, 560 Gann, Jimmy Dale, 171, 221 Gannaway, Gloria Jane, 172, 200, 302, 350, 426, 448 - Gappa, Robert Anthony, 156, 220, 568 Garassini, Ernesto Luis, 402 Garber, Patty Ann, 123, 447 Gardner, Charles Rex, 156, 572 Gardner, G1 nn Ray, 237 Gardner, Judith Gayle, 172, 375, 531 Garlick, Richard E., 156, 198, 516 Garner, George Curtis, 248 Garner, Nelson V. Jr., 123, 496 Gaigstson, Ted De Royce, 423, 550, 5. Garrett, Douglas William, 232 Garrett, Joe Harold, 156, 502 Garrett, Lionel Hugh, 238, 369, 565 Garrett, Robert Dale, 123, 210, 216, 218, 310, 364, 365, 373, 409, 426, 548, 561 Garrett, Robert Joseph, 156, 221, 498 Gsgigson, David Merle, 143, 212, 213, Garrison, Jo Ann, 123 Garrison, Margaret P., 172, 456, 531 Garthwaite, Martin Miles, 172, 207, 214, 222, 506 Gasaway, Allen Leroy, 223, 562 Gasaway, Charles Ro ert, 123, 210, 216, 221, 502 Gaskins, James Conrad Jr., 123, 396, 486 Gasser, Erwin, 172 Gatchel, Theodore Dodge, 400 Gatchel, Theodore Lewis, 143, 195, 197, 488 1 Gates, David Ashworth, 172, 241, 486 Gatter, Herman, 563 Gattis, Aaron Glenn, 395 ' Gault, Glenna Jean, 45, 172, 305, 377, 452, 535 Gaumer, Jacqueline Marie, 156, 304, 440, 565 Gaut, Jimmy Lee, 220 Gautt, Prentice, 50, 223, 316, 320, 321, 344, 382 Gavras, John Chris, 248, 557 Gay, Charles Wilford Jr., 236 Gayle, Ivan Bruce, 412 Gaylor, Jerry Lon, 156 Geis, Donald Ray, 143, 391, 407, 410, 418 Gelphman, Norman Ray, 400 Gentry, Phyllis Jean, 156, 414, 440, 551, 563 Flexner, Robert Edward, 171, 199, 508, 562 Flood, Patricia Jean, 143, 355, 357, 358, 398, 422, 427, 460 Florance, Earle Scott, 122, 194, 195, 422, 570 Floratos, Geor e Peter, 156, 565 Flow, Jimmy Ray, 12, 490 Flow, Judfith Carrol, 171, 374, 434 Flowers, Larry Gene, 156, 237, 563 Floyd, David Lee, 234, 236 Floyd, llkack Kia, 373 Floyd, Fogel, ussell Howard, 122, 196 Norman, 86 Folk, Gaylene, 143, 536 Followell, Harrell F., 189, 190 Fogijgine, William B., 171, 199, 510, Fooie, Bobbie Leon, 217, 374, 413, 569 Footlick, Isaac Morton, 171, 508, 563 Forbes, Donald Clifford, 143, 380 Forbes, Edward Eugene, 122, 387 Forbes, Eugene Earl, 122 Forbes, Stanford Dewain, 143, 502 Forbes, Willard Lee, 171, 369, 502 Forck, Ford, Ford, Ford, Mrs. Velma, 506 Edith Anne, 21, 156, 452 Edsel William, 424 Goldie D., 109 Ford, Helen Maurine, 171, 446, 533 Ford, Holland Cole, 217, 375, 565 Ford, Ford, Ford, Ford, James Martin, 122, 391, 410 Mary Michael, 143, 450 Opal Jane, 156, 450 Susan Maude, 143, 448 Forgie, Robert John, 114, 380, 415 Foristell, Sondra Ann, 143, 460 Forney, Thomas Green, 45, 171, 220, 373, 426, 516, 561 Forsberg, Carol Ann, 122, 310, 377, 542 Forsythe, Homer LeRoy Jr., 217, 570 Fortune, Raymond Alton, 396 Foshee, William Charles, 237 Foster, Anne Virginia, 122, 434 Foster, Benny Eugene, 122, 217, 506 Foster, Gary Ted, 171, 492, 561 Foster, Jack O. Bryant, 171, 238, 372 Freudenber er, Jeanne, 171, 542, 548 Freudenthall, Keith Edwin, 122, 488 Freytez, Guiomar, 171, 539 Friday, Elbert Walter Jr., 244, 413 Friedman, Jahrea, 143, 436 Friedman, Natalie Ruth, 171, 438, 542 Friedman, Patricia M., 171, 438, 539 Friend, Harriet Io, 171, 438, 542 Frisinger, Amold J., 561 Fronterhouse, Jerry, 40 Fronterhouse, Pau John, 122, 380, 412, 415, 423, 502 Floratos, G. P., 249 Frossard, Kay, 122, 349, 444 Frost, Eddie Lee, 217 Fmeh, Forrest Lee, 156, 241, 469, 518 Fry, Dorothy Ann, 408 Fu'imoto, Daisy Shinoby, 171, 541 Fuller, Albert Clinton, 143, 242, 369, 563 Fuller, Barbara Joan, 143, 414, 446 Fuller, Fa Lu, 143, 464 Fuller, Gary Frank, 186, 189, 190, 492 Fullerton, Julia Claire, 122, 456 Fullerton, Samuel C., 189 Fulton, Fitzhugh Lee Jr., 143 Fulton, Larry Joe, 156, 220, 469, 488 Quentin Michael, 565 Fulton, Fulton, Willi-am Lee, 171, 245, 561 Fulton, William R. Sr., 86 Fulton, William Ray Jr., 218 Funk, Charles Montgomery, 218 Funk, Ronald Clement, 171, 484, 569 Furrar, Clyde L., 387 G Gaberino, Louis Joseph Ir., 171, 242, 553 Gable, Richard Warren, 143, 496 Gadberry, Ronnie Leslie, 143 Gaddis, Preston Gilbert, 143, 478 Gaer, Arthur, 156, 557 Gage, Edwin L., 171, 221, 496, 561 Gagin, Bemice, 51 Gaines, Garland Norris, 123, 406 Gaines, John William, 123, 518 Gaither, Dr. F. F., 86 Gale, Helen Loene, 171, 374, 532 537 Georgacopoulos, John P., 562 George, Albert Darrell, 473 George, Frederic Alan, 123, 380, 472 George, James Edward, 387, 396, 423, 428 Gejcirge, John Herbert, 114, 347, 410, 0 George, Tom P., 123, 213, 216, 502 George, William Peyton Jr., 143 Gerber, Jeanne Carol, 172, 541 Gerken, Capt. Allred E., 86 Gernert, Hial Burrows Jr., 143, 223, 338, 383, 496 Gemert, James Mason, 338 Gershon, Paul Norman, 123, 508 Gerson, Barbara Edith, 156, 462 Gesin, Fredrick Hugh, 238, 368, 552 Geyer, Ada Mae, 550 Geyer, William Eugene, 420 Geymann, Paul, 314 Ghormley, Sally Ann, 156, 448 Gibbard, Frank, 172, 221, 563 Gibbens, Daniel George, 189, 190, 191 Gibbs, David Edward, 143, 345, 560 Gibbs, Paul B., 123, 418 Gibson, Arrell M., 106 Gibson, Carl L., 397 Gibson, Jianice Roberta, 123, 373, 440 Gibson, Joe Durden, 221, 569 Gibson, Lavelle Roger, 172, 242, 554 Gibson, Mary Ann, 143, 303, 464 Gibson, Owen S., 123, 369, 472 Gibson, 460 Patricia Sue, 156, 357, 358, Gieck, Joe Howard, 156, 375, 567 Giever, Dr. John B., 86 Gilbert, Mary Carol, 372, 377 Gilbert, M. Charles, 377, 416 Gilbert, Robert R., 143, 197,510 Gilchrist, James Evan, 123, 488 Ggigease, Cecil Ralph, 45, 143, 221, Giles, Charles William, 156, 569 Gill, James Stanley, 188 Gillespie, Bryan Edward, 123, 220, 478, 561 Gillespie, Finis, 143, 362, 494 Gillespie, Florence E., 172, 542 Gillespie, Jean Ellen, 172, 405, 434, 543 Gilliam, Janice A. S., 172 Gilliam, Keith Barton, 156 Gilliland, Robert E., 123 Gilmore, Russell Norman, 123 Gilmore, Shirley E. S., 123 Gilmore, Tom Freeman, 362, 388 Gilmore, William Charles, 123, 570 Ginden, Bernard Hurst, 569 Ginsburg, Alan Gerald, 237, 565 Giovacco, David Dennis, 172, 233, 504 Gipson, Carl Lambert, 123 Gipson, Fred Allen, 186, 188, 190, 478 Gipson, Janellen, 44, 534 Gist, Joel Keith, 143, 373, 488 Givens, Dee Edward, 248, 338, 344 Givens, John Vernon, 219 Givens, William Guy, 156, 364, 496 Gladish, Elmore H., 123, 389 Gladstein, Beth Hannah, 123, 404, 438 Gladstein, Carol Sue, 143, 462 Gliascock, Charline, 156, 398, 446 Glaser, Peter, 143, 399 Glasgow, Jerry Neuman, 172, 199, 494, 555 Glasgow, Sylvia Jo, 156, 460 Glass, Billy Ray, 380, 550 Glass, David Robert, 172, 220, 572 Glass, Hedra Mae, 172, 438, 532 Glas? William Arthur, 123, 380, 488, 5 Glasser, Sheila Hollia, 172, 462, 530 Gleason, Jewel Monroe, 406 Glenn, David Hendrix, 123, 400, 407, 425, 428, 494 Glenn, Richard Allen, 123, 210, 222, 395, 404, 488, 489 Glenn, Tommy Neil, 114, 474 Glickman, Mendel, 86 Glixman, Dr. Alfred F., 86 Gluck, Ronald Stanley, 218, 399 Gobble, Tom Brady, 143, 219, 486 Gober, Margaret Ann, 123, 440 Goble, Wayne Robert Jr., 132, 396, 514, 515 Godard, Gary Albert, 172, 241, 420 Goddard, Shirley Carol, 156, 440 Godfrey, Paula Jean, 143, 526, 537 Goebel, Alice Marie, 172, 305, 444 Goetzin er, Robert H., 189, 190 Golf, Allie Dorthea, 529 Goff, DeWitt Clinton, 172, 222, 516 Goff, Jiames Larry, 123, 219, 478 Golf, Dr. Richard A., 87 Goforth, Lawrence Darrel, 172 Goins, Sara Jan, 156, 456, 470 Golasinski, Mary Lou, 172, 450, 534 Goldberg, Alice Zillah, 400, 539 Goldberg, Harriet Louise, 123, 438 Goldberg, Robert Saul, 123, 512 Golden, Albert C., 156, 514 Golden, Georgia Anne, 408, 534 Goldin, Edward Irving, 123, 508 Goldman, Michael Ray, 143, 508 Goldsby, Ray Franklin, 249 GoSg?tein, Allan David, 172, 222, 508, Goldstein, Howard David, 143, 508 Goldstein, Ival Jerome, 172, 237, 426, 512, 554 Goldstein, Jean Linda, 172, 438, 532 Goldstein, Marvin, 117, 123, 508, 509 Goldstein, Roberta Pearl, 172, 438, 539 Goldwyn, Richard Hugh, 156, 413, 512 Goiggnon, Ronald Kinnan, 143, 197, Gollub, Barbara Raye, 156, 462 Goltra, Sylvia Sue, 143, 442 Gommengenger, Commander J. A., 87, 89, 194 Gommengenger, Mrs, J. A., 89 Gonders, Jeanne, 172, 305, 460, 533 Good, Patricia Grace, 418 Goodall, Marcia Ann, 172, 448, 530 Goodman, Dr. George J., 87 Goodman, Marilyn Jane, 172, 462 Goodman, Sammy Ray, 389, 428 Goodman, Sarah Jane, 143, 448 Goodner, George Allen, 336 Goigigwin, Charles Littell, 143, 373, Goodwin, Elizabeth Jo, 539 Goodwin, Georald Julian, 172, 220, 368, 474 Goodwin, Samuel David, 123, 494 Grgrggwin, Thomas Jelierson, 172, 217, Gordon, Judy Lynn, 533 Gordon, Peggy Jo, 172, 438, 543 Gore, Kitty Jo, 156, 456 Goree, Charles Stroder, 156, 237, 555 Gorelick, Anna May S., 156, 462 Gorelick, Sidney Joel, 186, 187, 512 Gorham, Charles Robert, 156, 572 Golggan, Charlie Invin, 143, 222, 395, Gorski, Cornelius Andrew, 143, 218, 504 Gosdin, Gary Alwyn, 239 Gosey, Richard Carl, 172, 199, 552 Goss, Marjorie, 143, 446 Gossom, K. D., 519 - Gough, Billy Joe, 143, 244 Gough, Cleta Fem, 172 Gower, Glenda Adeline, 123, 544 Goyer, Doyne Marie, 172, 542 Goza, Louis Franklin, 143, 520, 521 Graalman, Gloria, 542 Grace, Richard Earl, 241 Grady, Kenneth Gene, 156, 238, 496 Congratulations On The 55th Sooner Yearbook I cHlcKAsHA conou on 3 COMPANY CHICKASHA, OKLAHOMA l Try Our "5-D Twins" Super 5-D Gcrsolene And Cm H mm 5-D Koolmotor Oil At This Familiar Sign CITIES SERVICE Dealers cmd Distributors lies ' Produ s l df.uC1P Ili .,,4,. 12'-'.H'-20...U C l S Ct Halloween ghouls gather at the Kappa Alpha house to obs '1 Gqsclegeu-A Ol ZAGIQGSQS - Tues the "funeral" of former friend Cary Boddcker. Congraiulaiions, '59 Grads 9 I p Serving Central Oklahoma YOUR OFFICIAL O.U. DAIRY NORMAN OKLAHOMA CITY JE 4-2882 CE 2-426I 371 Hau en Ruth B. 88 Grady, Rhoda Iean, 123, 452 GragQg, Clem D., 123, 391, 410, 418 Gra am, Carolyn Lee, 373, 375 Gr:5a5l'gam, Gary Andrew, 172, 238, 417, Gralla, Stanley William, 156, 242, 504, 505 Gran, Iohn Willis, 565 Granger, Dr. Bruce Ingham, 87 Grant, Donald Pete, 97 Grant, kulie Anne, 543 Grant, alph William, 123, 480 Grant, Thomas David, 172, 199, 484 Grantham, Carolyn Routh, 156, 546 Grantham, Mar Ann, 123, 302, 436 Q Grantham, Paullflolbert, 156, 241, 471, GraQl5bart, Donald Marshall, 156, 221, 5 Graves, Bill D., 338, 382 Q Graves, Iames Eldon Ir., 28, 396 Graves, Mark Tennyson lr., 397 Graves, Thomas Grenville, 156, 220, 413, 510 Gravlin, Dick, 389 Gumerson, Patti Ruth, 38, 124, 310, 364, 365, 401, 453, 467 Gunderson, Neil Kreamer, 245, 568 Gunning, Donald Thomas, 172, 220, 502 Gunning, R. Boyd, 110 Gurley, William Raymond, 157, 236, 413, 498 Guthrie, Helen Pochelle, 124, 537 Guyer, Dan, 412 Gwartney, Robert Lee, 124 GtQ1ZgQnQn, Richard Lee, 317, 321, 336, H Haag, Miss Lydia D., 87 Haas, Francis Dwayne, 218, 569 Hiabber, W. C., 218 Hachmuth, Clare Ann, 157, 538 Hackler, Iames Alan, 172, 242, 569 Hackler, Sally Lou, 157, 450, 466, 467 Haddan, Merrell Ann, 373, 427 Hadden, Thelma, 408 Gray, Cecile Marie, 156, 373, 450 Gray, Henry Lawrie, 143, 570 Gray, Iames Houston, 172, 248, 506 Gray, Iim, 562 Gray, Iohn William, 172, 478, 551, 559 Gray, Ion Franklin, 123, 369, 486 Gray, Karl Robert, E21 Gray, Michael Kent, 172, 241, 492 Gray, 417, Tommy Leon, 172, 245, 380, 566 Green, Arthur, 566 Green, Carole Anne, 123, 307, 450 Green, Dr. Charles P., 87 Green, Geary Ray, 217 Green, Gene, 87 GTS, Harry William, 123, 376, 418, Green , John Phiinp, 221, ses Green, Larr Dennison, 157, 238 Green, Lindla Lee, 529 Green, Margaret Iane, 123 Green, Margaret Iane S., 370, 450 Green, Mrs. Norissa, 436 Ggeggt, William Oliver, 172, 223, 472, Greenberg, Abe, 197, 143 Greenberg, Don Wolf, 123, 508 Greenberg, Martin Irving, 172, 237, 512, 563 Q Greene, Theodore Abraham, 565 Gmgihaw, Herman H. Ir., 212, 213, Green royd, Barbara Sue, 172, 540 Greenshields, Marsha Lea, 372 Greenshields, T. Karl, 172, 238, 370 Greenwood, Connie Sue, 172, 528 Greer, Curtis Lavell, 157 Gregg, Iay O, Dell, 172 Gregory, Amzi, 249 Grego Grego ry, Frank Arthur, 186, 187 ry, Miss Helen, 87 Gregory, Lawrence M. QlQr., 383 Grewe, Edmund Iosep , 421 Gre , Alberta, 406, 407 Grifhn, Betty Lou, 143, 364, 365, 427, 460 GriHin, Clark Garland, 218 Griflln, Eula Floyanne, 172, 436, 527 Griffin, Mack M., 143, 217 Griffin, Robert Leroy, 570 GriHin, Miss Wilda P., 87 Griffin, William Alva, 123, 196, 377, 416, 420, 423, 428, 570 Griflis, Louis Reginald, 143, 211, 220 Grilliith, Brandon H., 87 Griffith, Carol Ann, 124 Grilfith, Ioe Chastain, 237 Grillith, Iohn Francis, 124, 138, 196 Griffith, a mond Carl, 245 Grilllith, kahn M., 478 1 GriRith Ric ard L., 157, 498 Hadding, Lawrence Martin, 222 Hadley, Robert O., 389 Hadley, Wayne Franklin, 199 Heatggviger, William August, 214, 223, Haefner, Harry Glenn, 572 Haga, Iulia Ann, 124, 454 Hagan, Ierry Dean, 143, 211, 218, 494 Hagar, Nancy Carroll, 173 Hagee, Ierry Dwight, 124, 216, 217, 404, 476 Hager, Robert Taylor Ir., 124 Haggard, Larry Cole, 173, 237, 565 Ha n, Charles Raymond, 143, 478 Haigler, Kenneth I., 124, 476 Haimes, Leon Irwin, 143, 148 Haines, Steve, 29 Hains, Vilas Hedges, 386 Higgs, Fred Wallace Ir., 124, 397, 424, Hakimipour, Farhad, 173, 572 Halbert, Capt. B. G., 87, D7 Hale, Deloris Iane, 173, 390, 540 Hale, Georgene Adiline F., 424 Hale, Iames Lome, 375 Hale, Phil Leary, 157, 492 Hale, Phillip Edward, 173, 223, 563 H2EjRona1 Dean, 173, 238, 494, 551, Haley, George P., 72 Haley, Iean Elizabeth, 143, 446 Haley, aura Frances, 143, 377 Hall, Arthur William, 157, 223, 486 Hall, Glen Waddell, 173, 248, 506, 563 Hall, Iianice La Marna, 373 oel Thomas, 249 ohn Howland, 143, 241,413 amon C., 486 Hall, Hall, Hall, Hall, Ray Cowan, 173, 238, 446 Hall, Richard Allan, 173, 199, 510, 554 Hall, Dr. Rufus G., 87 Hall, Sandra, 173, 303, 452, 540 Stanley Lynn 211, 220, 385, 395 Hall, , Hallett, Edward Thomas, 552 Hallman, William Donald, 143, 514 Hallmark, William Thomas, 143, 494 Hallock, Dorothy Roberta, 402 Hallum, Eldon Glen, 413 Hallum, Kenneth A., 567 Hggaberg, Charles Walter, 212, 216, Hzaiirbbleton, Neal Bradford, 124, 216, Hamemik, Robert Edward, 389, 428 Hames, Ierry Eugene, 211, 212, 213 Hamill, Iames Patrick, 244 Hamilton, Daniel Lee, 572 Hamilton, Donald Earl, 469 11-tgrglton, Glenda Lynn, 173, 373, 444, Hamilton, I Hamilton, ohn Stewart, 124 Hamilton, Marlynn, 124, 448 Hamilton, Mary Ann, 124, 434 ames Elliott, 188 Griffith, Veme E. Ir., 45, 157, 198, 413, 510 Grignon, Eleanor Rose, 143, 538 Grimes, Gaye Ann, 414 Grimm, Ianice Diana, 157, 372, 536 Grimwood, Alcidene, 70 Grinnell, Barbara Iane, 172, 542 Grinpas, David Alexander, 245, 569 Grisham, Kathleen, 172, 374, 456 Grisso, W. D., 58, 60 Grissom, Ramona Sue, 172, 377 Gigitgfold, Lillian Sereina, 172, 405, Groendes, Lonnie Dale, 172, 222 Groenwold, Bemard Cyrus, 124 Groh, Susan Patricia, 172, 460, 528 Groschick, H. Carl, 244, 375, 569 Grotts, Barbara Kay, 172 Grounds, Ralph George, 124, 494 Grove, Robert Lake, 172, 504, 558 Grover, Paul, 318 Groves, Anne Marie, 124, 373, 442 Groves, Iohn Frederick, 172, 514, 553 Grubb, Alan Stewart, 237 Grubb, Glenna Sue, 143, 406, 434 Grubbs, Iudson Busit, 218, 565 Grabraugh, Mary, 412 Guess, Clifford Allen, 21 Guest, Freda Ann, 172, 359 Gugig, Herman, 223, 338 Guinn, Charles Iames, 239 590 Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton Hamlin, Richard, 187 Robert Richard, 186, 219 William Douglas, 124 Hamlin, Qiohn Robert, 557 udith Claire, 173, 442 Hamm, Emest Duane, 570 Hammer, Frederick Evans, 157, 245, 476, 563 Hasgrornett, Ierry Edward, 173, 241, 494, Hammock, Allen Welcome Ir., 338, 567 Hammond, Donald Ray, 173, 249, 492 Hzg:Qn4mond, Grace lone, 143, 350, 377, Hammond, Iack, 124, 387 Hammond, Iames Harold, 143, 211, 221, 340, 520 Hammond, Lois Edelle, 393, 536 Hammond, William Claud, 143, 223, 329, 331, 486, 487 Hammontree, Ierry Wayne, 237, 569 Hampton, Ioan, 143, 460 Hamra, Sam T., 124, 469, 496, 497 Hamric, Ramon Dan, 571 Hamrick, Ronald Charles, 222, 232. 558 Hancock, Barbara Io, 157 HZ:Qtcock, Peggy Marian, 143, 370, 408, 6 gandlyi C6tar5ge0Caldwel1, 124, 490 anes, . ., Haney, BeliQChftQ?IQes, 418, 419, 395 aney, . ., Haney, Robert L., 157, 237, 490, 491 ganiey, Roliizrt italian 124, 502 an in, . ., Hann, Ianice Kimbrough, 143, 306, 427, 434, 466, 467 Hannah, Larry Bart, 124, 510 Hansen, Frederick Iacob, 187, 572 Hansen, Iames Carl, 336, 416 Hansen, Lester Phillip, 143, 221, 518 Hanson, Donald Halvor, 157, 469, 520 Harber, William Charles, 144, 494 Harbour, Iohn W. W. Ir., 356 HaQ5c4our2 Richard Douglas, 173, 199, , 5. 6 Hardage, Shelby Lee, 173, 249, 447 Hardaway, Robbie Iean, 144 Harden, George Buster, 114 Hardin, Robert Allen, 87, 402 Hardin, Sharon, 173, 527 Harding, Earl Michael, 188, 550, 561 Hardwick, Iim Charles T., 144, 490 Hardwick, Mary Kay, 144, 454 Hardy, Iames Sayers, 124 Hardy, Sidney Iohn, 144, 211, 212, 213, 218, 387 Hardy, Vernon Ernest, 124, 218, 369, 396, 428 Hargrove, W. Richard, 88 Harkins, Carol Ann, 173, 446, 527 Harkness, Iames Ioseph, 144, 514 Harlan, Billy L., 124, 337, 494 Harlan, Dwayne Lloyd, 144, 476 Harle, Ion Berry, 236 Harlin, Rilla Ioy, 157, 393, 408, 436 Harlow, Dan Rae, 221 Harlow, Dean Iames G., 66 llgrlrgion, Grace Elizabeth, 173, 434, Harmonilimmy Trent, 144, 474 Hagits, ary Iune, 173, 360, 361, 398, Harp, Charles E., 88, 387, 396 Harper, Barbara Louise, 157, 394, 536 Harper, George Edward, 249 Harper, Paul Edward, 144, 514 Harper, Ronald Eugene, 124, 368 Harral, Stewart, 88 Harrel, Bonnie Iean, 124, 372 Harrell, Iames Dock, 157, 198, 514 Harrell, Iim S., 26, 144, 218, 496, 497 Harrell, Linda Faye, 173, 448 Harrell, Verlan Wayne, 124 Harrelson, QIames Patrick, 240, 569 Harris, Bil y Carr, 187 Harris, Charles Wayne, 124, 469, 485 Claude Milner 114 Harris, , Harris, David Michael, 173, 242, 569 Harris, Donald O. Brien, 356, 384 Harris, Donald Paul, 356 Harris, Elinor Ann, 390, 402 Guy, 59 Harris, Harris, Henry W. Ir., 144. 20, 510 Harris, Holly Dale, 157, 442 ack 424 Harris, I , Harris, Ioe Donald, 218, 342, 382 Mrs. Iohn, 402 Harris, Harris, Lyda Louise, 373 Harris, Margaret Ann, 173, 351 Harris, Margaret Nell, 351, 527 Reggie Wilson, 88 Harris, Higgs, Richard Goodrich, 157, 249, Harris, Robert Ioe, 157, 221, 498 Harris, Tanya Alice, 173, 408, 462, 470, 527 Hajggs, Waymon Leon, 173, 20, 426, Harris, William Foster, 88 Harris, William Harold. 124. 502 Harrison, Bennie Iack, 206. 211 Harrison, David Ierome. 144, 375. 570 Harrison, Emil B. Ir., 124. 210, 218 Harrison, Henry Routon, 565 Harrison, lvie Eugene, 221 Harrison, Iohn Arthur, 157 Harrison, Robert Lucius. 40, 205, 223, 310, 316. 321, 324, 344 Harrison, Russell Leon, 173, 237, 559 HZZIESOH, Sarah Elizabeth, 157, 442, Harrison, Susan Allan, 157, 537 Harrison, Thomas Perry, 144, 222, 486 Harrison, Wendell Hobson, 242 Harriss, Phillip, Laile, 144, 496 Harrow, Tim Wilson. 566 Harsh, Ioe Nathan, 144. 478 Hart, Ioe Lynn, 144, 510 Hart. Morris Eugene, 173, 199, 498, 552 Hart, Philip Donnell, 188 H223 Phillip Bertrand, 173, 222, 510, Hart. Ronnie Ray, 195, 196, 416, 420, 428, 570 Hartline, Ronnie Gene, 223, 317. 321 Hartman, Allan Chester, 173, 180, 565 Hartman, Bill, 109 Hartman, Dudley Miles, 124 Hgagtess, Edith Gayle, 377, 405, 536, Hartwig, Walter Dean, 173, 248, 486, 555 Harvey, Dr. Harriet, 88 Harvey, Ierry William, 173, 249 Harvour, I. W., 219 Hasenmyer, Charla Deen, 124 Haskins, Iack Lee, 124, 516Q Haslam, Sydney Io, 157, 405, 536 Hass, Miss Carole, 88, 350, 427 Hass, Francis D., 173 Hassebroek, Donald W., 173, 478, 561 Hassenmeyer, Charla, 393 Hassinger, Russell Neal, 114, 410, 416 Hassler, Dr. I. O., 88 Hastings, Harold Iohn, 400 Haston, Ierry Edd, 124, 410, 570 Hatch, Donald Iames, 370 Hatch, Iohn T., 421 Q Hatcher, David Oscar, 144, 219, 496 Hatchett, Iohn Gamer, 173, 242, 478. 558 Hatfield, E. E., 88 Q Hathaway, Iames Roger, 187, 210, 216, 217 Hathaway, Paul Walter, 144, 375, 486 Haug, Leonard H., 88, 107, 314, 368, Hawlr, Phil Mtchiei, 157, 348, 492 Hawk, Sara Beth, 157, 446 Hawkins, A. Kathleen, 157, 307, 414, 440 Hawkins, Candler M. Ir., 144, 551, 5'2 Hagvkins, Elizabeth Marie, 539 Hawkins Gary Lee, 237 Hawkinsj Iames joseph, 238, 369, 375, 561 Hawkins, Haworth, Major Howard N., 88, 226 Haworth, Margaret Edna, 114 Haws, Timothy Edward, 571 Haxton, Harold Kenton, 187, 377 Hay, Dr. Harry, 93 Hayden, Charles W., 232 Hayden, Elizabeth Irene, 173, 540 Hayden, Leo Morvin Ir., 109, 245, 558 Hayden, Sue, 536 Hayes, Ann Francis, 144 Hayes, Gilbert Franklin, 173, 199, 490, 552 Hayes, Hurley Daniel, 373 Eu ene 397 421 Hayes, Iames g , , 1- Hayes, Iames Wayne, 124, 197, 490 Hays, Marguerite Anne, 173 QQ Haymore, Everett D. Ir., 199, 557 Hayn, Rolf, 88 Hays, Byron Richard, 384 Hays, David Patrick, 240 Hays, Glenna, 109 Q Hays, Mary Sue R., 406 Hays, Robert Wesley Ir., 157. 492 Q Hazelrigg, George Harold, 144, 306, 400, 4 6, 469 Hazleton, Iiared Earl, 124, 195, 196, 310, 409, 426, 478 Head, Iudith Ann, 144, 454 Head, Patricia Ann, 157, 544 Head, William Wade Ir., 236 Heard, Charles Langford, 187 ts Lou 173 405,538 Heard, Pa y , , 1-leam, Hose Hugh, 114 Heavin, Sandia Kay, 157, 434 Heberle, Carl Harrison, 572 Hecht, Ronald Neal, 399, 400, 570 Heck, Iohnnie Bruce, 243 Heckendorn, Dale, 398 Heffernan, Virginia Lee, 173, 350, 408, 446, 530 Hefley, Iustus Woody, 187 Helley, Norma lone, 173, 533 Hefty, Coleen Rae, 173, 405, 532 Heidebrecht, Delbert K., 331 Heilman, Dr. Arthur W., 88 Hein, Phillip Ra mond, 400 Heinen, Charles Richard, 566 Heinen, Martha Rose, 373, 529 Heinke, Frederic William, 39, 213, 216, 220 Heinrichs, Norman Dale, 157, 373 Heller, Gerald, 124, 508 Hellman, Miriam N., 124, 462 Helton, Iohn R., 124, 516 Helvey, Iudy Mae, 173, 450 Hembree, Robert C., 157, 223, 567 Hemplling, Ioan Iuanita, 157, 440 Hemry, Ierome Louis, 186, 187, 218, 494 Hencke, Barbara Irene, 157, 307, 444 Henderson, Charles Travis, 218, 562 Donald Summers, 408 Henderson, Henderson, Iohn Michael, 144, 211, 219, 364, 365, 413, 494 Henderson, Kaaren Merle, 157, 442 Henderson, Lester Dale, 187 Stuart Wesley 380, 415 Henderson, , Hendrickson, Floyd W., 157 Hendrickson, Tonnie, 242, 516 Henke, Doris, 550 Henkle, Iames, 88 Henley, Emmett Henry, 144, 420, 502 Henley, George Mial, 144, 502 Henneke, Richard Clyde, 157, 238 Hennessee, Carolyn Kay, 157, 350, 448 Charles Thomas, 187 Henry, Henry, Iames Gifford, 157, 219, 498 Henry, Io Beryl Grace, 419, 536 Henry, Virginia May, 424 Von Earl, 223 Henry, Henry, Walter Bruce, 196, 570 Henschel, Carol Ann, 173, 539 Henshaw, Dale Arno, 157 Hensleu, O. R., 245 Hensley, Billy Ioe, 189 Hensley, im Bob, 223 Hensley, Raymond Ir., 569 Hegiggley, Richard Calvin, 173, 248, Henson, Floyd Lovell, 187 Henson, Iohn Wallace, 173, 217, 376 Hensy, Patrick, 144, 484 Herbert, H. H., 88 Herrold, Donald Erwin, 173, 232, 552 Herron, Lawrence Anson, 124 Hersh, Cynthia Ioan, 35, 157, 462 Herskowitz, Murray, 399 Hertenstein, Dean Irvin, 173, 244, 373 506, 556 Hervey, Iohn Douglas, 157, 241, 364, 365 Hesler, Arthur Howe, 124, 492 Hesler, Iudith Ann, 157, 446 Hesser, Kristin Bemice, 173, 529 Hester, Charles Wesley Ir., 125 Hester, Thomas Patrick, 157, 476 Hestetler, Iean, 402 William Lawrence, 124, 385 Heston, Dr. Bernard O., 89 Heston, Iacquie Louise, 157, 368, 369, 371, 440 Heston, Marguerite, 157, 434 Hewett, Owen Merritt, 144, 338, 382 Hewitt, Hudy Creel Ir., 125, 196, 340, 391, 410, 423 Hickman, Don Kay, 565 Hickman, Stall Sgt. William, 227 Hicks, Marilyn Iean, 530 Hicks, Robert Bruce, 550, 572 Higbie, Leah Ka e, 125, 440 Higdon, Gary, 1414, 20, 514 Hggginbotham, Ardell G., 173, 245, Higginbotham, Kay Diane, 157, 544, 548 Higgins, Frank Wayne, 223 Higgins, Iohn David, 157, 218 Hig ins, Patrick T., 157, 222, 486 Higliie, Kaye, 406 Q Hightower, Linda Ka , 157, 436 Hi'azi, Yunes Al, 402, 412 Hi bum, Carol Io, 144, 434 Carolyn Ann, 144, 546 H'll, Hlll, Charles Franklin Ir., 125, 490 Dan Robert, 157 H'll, Hill, DannQy, 500 Hill, Don ichard, 157, 219, 476 Donnie Ra 248 Hill, Qy, , Hill, Iack Edwar , 125, 380, 415 Iames Avon, 423 Hill, Hill, Iames Lafe, 391, 410, 418, 510 Hill, Iames Maylield, 144 Hill, Ighn Dixon, 173, 486 erwin Maurice, 376 Hill, Hill, Larry Dean, 233 Hill, Larry Glenn, 197 Larry Wayne 144, 518 H'll, , Hlll, Loren Leroy, 157, 232, 334 Hill, Orlene Lindsey, 21, 157, 452, 453 Hill, Otha Darrell, 395, 570 Hill, Robert Carlos, 241 Hill, Ronald Melvin, 125, 210, 216, DI, 492 Hill, Sara Inger, 173, 351, 528 Hill, Terry Michael, 222, 420 Hillabolt, Mary Iane, 144, 394, 434 Hillier, Carl Peter, 232, 551, 563 Hillier, David Edward, 144, 474 Hilton, Emest Bruce, 173, 244, 556 Hines, Frank F. T. C., 194 Hines, Iames Loel, 157, 510 Hines, Iames Samuel, 572 Hines, Ierry Donald, 232 Hinkle, Ianet Ruth, 157, 450 Hinson, Hillord Hensley, 173, 390, 494, 563 Hippen, Iames Campbell, 125, 196, 310, 377, 406, 407, 409, 548, 552 Hirayama, Hisashi, 114 Hirayama, Kasumi K., 114, 424 Hirlinger, Charles Louis, 186, 189 Hirschfield, Iudith H., 173, 438, 543 Hirschler, Don, 27 Hirst, Wayne E., 223 Hoag, Edward Hallack Ir., 144, 506 Hoa , William Iames, 57, 514 Hob8s, Ierry Marlin, 157, 234, 240, 502 Hobbs, Ioe Dean, 392 Hobbs, Ioleen Ianice, 349, 538 Hobbs, Norman Lyles, 244, 565 Hobby, Brewster Burton, 23, 316, 321 Hobgood, Anthony Neal, 173, 238, 244, 506, 554 Hob , Iack B., 406 Hocl5anadel, David Eugene, 566 Hockersmith, Paul I. Ir., 144, 506 Hockman, Ned, 105, 109 , Hodge, Kenneth Rayburn, 406 Hodge, Williiam Harold, 173, 558 Hodges, Del Houston, 125, 232, 404, 516 Hodges, Mary Elizabeth, 157, 460 Hodges, Philip Lee, 47, 173, 249, 490 Hodges, T. Eugene Ir., 173 Hodgson, Michael Gail, 144, 328, 338, 339, 344, 382, 567 Hoehn, Hubert Henry, 219, 413 Hoffman, kuhn Robert, 157, 245, 569 llgfggnan, ozelle Margaret, 157, 369, Hogins, Charles Kenneth, 220, 568 Specializing in Por'rrai+s For Your Home to Commercial and Por'rrai+ Phoirography "OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS I959 SOONER YEARBOOIC' University Studios 2l7 Wesf Boyd Phone JE 4-2602 Hu hston, Jo Ann, 125, 537 Horton, wanda Lee, 369 Hunter, Hohenshelt, Johnnie R., 173, 245, 380, 565 Hohmann, Darrell Richard, 223 Hoisington, Dr. L. B., 89 Hoklotubbe, Nancy, 114, 520 Holaday, Stephen Barton, 237, 548, 568 Holbert, Able Jay, 157, 516 Holbert, Rosanne, 157, 350, 448 Holbird, Jane, 406 Holcomb, Mrs. Billie D., 89 Holcomb, Ferrin H. Jr., 157, 249, 375, 486 Holcomb, James Robert, 125, 391, 418. 570 Holcomb, Mary Ann, 144, 414, 440 Holcomb, 217, 426 Holcomb, Ronald Paul, 125, 482 Holdcraft, Forrest Edward, 125, 387 Holdcraft, James N., 125, 404, 420, 484 Holden, Richard L., 173, 219, 560 Holderby, Carol Ruth, 125, 537 Holderby, Kay Frances, 144, 436 Holkan, Donald Eugene, 214, 219 Holland, Alwin George Jr., 199, 566 Holland, Barbara Jo, 173, 440, 531 Holland, C. Joe, 89 Holland, Czarina May, 173, 369, 411, Richard Bruce, 144, 206, 532 Holland, Ford, 210 Holland, Rm Terry, 218, 561 ancy Jean, 370, 373 Holland, Holland, Robert Belvin Jr., 173, 219, 510 Holland, HtgJJ3ey, Patricia Anne, 173, 414, 526, Holley, Richard Hedge, 157, 395, 413, Sam C., 89 520 Holliday, Margaret Ann, 534 Hollingsworth, Charles R., 236 Hollingsworth, John Wayne, 223, 567 Hollis, Dale Eugene, 144, 516 Hollis, Marilyn Faye, 157, 529 Hollis, Oscar Nelson, 144 Htgggster, William C., 173, 199, 486, Hollon, Dr. William E., 89 Holloway, Clyde B., 114 Holmboe, James Andrew, 178, 232 Charles Everett, 187 Holmes, Holmes, David Fritch, 219 Hglsrges, Gilbert Bruce Jr., 125, 247, Howard Thomas 222 Holmes, , Holmes, John Ray, 173, 238, 498, 554 Lee Mar s 157 245 Holmes, , , Holmes, Ph llis, 144, 308, 452 Holsapple, Reland Kay, 125, 350, 352. 454 Holt, Jackie D., 317, 323 Holt, Sally Ann, 173, 454, 527 Holt, William Howard, 413 Holtzclaw, John Watson, 125, 377, 420, 428 Homer, Cecil David Jr., 125, 388 Hood, David Edward, 157, 249, 506 Dayna Sue, 173, 446 Hood, Hood, Dr. James O., 74 Hood, James O. Leary, 173, 240, 488, 548 , Mary Judith. 157, 537 Hood, Nancy Lynn, 157, 386, 452 Hood Hoo land, Robert Bert, 397 Hoo , William Bruce, 240 Hooks, Jack Douglas, 173, 199, 562 Hooper, Robert Charles, 20 Hoopes, James Carl, 157, 245, 516 Hoopes, Susan Antoinette, 300, 548 Hoopingamer, Carol Jane, 125, 360, 361, 398, 42, 448 Hope, Michael Clint, 233 Hopkins, Marilyn, 144, 444 Higgins, Robert Maurice, 157, 219, Hopla, Dr. Cluff E., 89 Hom, David Christopher, 157, 496 Hornbeek, Larry Ray, 173, 232, 560 Horne, Evan Lee, 317 Homer, Louana M., 349, 351, 352, 537 1-Iorning, Kenneth B., 89 Hornstein, Bennett Gene, 173, 221, 508 Hgrlslinan, George Leslie, 211, 214, 20, Horst, David Loren, 157, 223, 569 Horton, Neal Moreu, 39, 125, 220, 486 Horton, Pat Carol, 157, 376, 440 Htlggm, Sharon Dola. 44, 144, 357, Horwitz, Judith Claire, 173, 537 Hoskins, Larry Joe, 144, 553 Hosner, Rona d Lee, 334, 567 Hoster, Jeffrey Vernon, 173, 237, 492 Houglin, Nancy Baotleson, 406 Hou hlin, Johnece Ellen, 144, 393, 394, 427, 446 Houghton, Janet Carol, 375 Hou , Dorothy June, 173, 542 Houpe, James Harvey, 375 House, Dr. Roy T., 89 Housel, Barron C. Jr., 173, 496, 567 Houser, Jannie Lee, 157, 394, 446 Houser, Philip Stuart, 568 Houston, Dr. Bruce, 89 Houston, Rimes Edward, 368, 562 Houston, obert Bruce, 125, 196, 338, 404, 492, 493 592 Howard, David George, 144, 396, 478 Howard, Frank W., 384 George, 173, 554 Howard, Howard, James Douglas, 144, 375, 561 Howard, James Willoughby, 173, 245, 516, 561