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 - Class of 1958

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Text from Pages 1 - 624 of the 1958 volume:

7?fw.w L. F2-PWJ-W 1958 SOONER YEARBOOK STANLEY P. MANN Editor C. H. BRITE General Manager of Publications MRS. LOUISE BEARD MOORE Supervisor of Publications NANCY NORTON, Executive MARIVEE NORVELL Secretaries Printing and Binding ECONOMY ADVERTISING COMPANY Iowa City, Iowa Engraving SOUTHVVESTERN ENGRAVING CO. Tulsa, Oklahoma Cover KINGSKRAFI' Kingsport, Tennessee Class Photographers UNIVERSITY STUDIO Nomtan, Oklahoma Special Beauty Photographer MEL NEWSOM Norman, Oklahoma Photographers FRANK WIRGES, Chief IIM BOATRIGHT, Sports EMIL LEVINE IERRY CORNELIUS BOB BUNCH UNIVERSITY PHOTOGRAPI-IIC SERVICE RAY IACOBY PHOTOGRAPHY Cover Design RALPH HUDGINS o ffl oe 3 Q, oo G' 1 5' 5 Q' W PRESS lg 1958560401 YEARBOOK OF THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA Norman, Oklahoma STANLEY P. MANN Editor Y "" ' W' ' .4 ,iq 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 J 1 1 ox ' f WWKA fff K, nhkvtny X ff Q Giawwx ff 4 4 fo' , f X, mf Wx QIQEEQIS- X N N 5 Yx X sgx :u - Xxsswgn " uw .W :xttf l"' ' 1 1 us: :wi :mf HH. M, T3 gf' 1 fhxfhqlfnif 3:0 lllll' ... ' f' ' "3 fx'V"XJ"3 55'-,,,fn..f'-gv ,nf-V NINETEEN FIFTY EIGHT I ,ll It is midday . . . as strains of music peal - from the Union tower, classes are dismissed x . sending students scurrying in every direction to their dorms, houses and cafeterias. Over lunch and cups of coffee hplansl , are being made for afternoon classes and study, the Saturday game and dates. These glimpses' we have captured ' f ' V s - 1 . 1 on the following pages.fl1'oA themfuzvge will , , I I, add the .sights and sounds, the mingling -. , , of melancholy Q and mirth, of concentration and relaxation which have made the - pattern 'of 1958 . . L your year at the University of Oklahoma. v 1 , , ..M.:11, 4 Q HSSQSQW ' -sw .X M an N Y GW,-1 1. 'i , . MX 1 ' Q - i 7K :if veg,-WK . -.QNX EM, C O -- Xu-gm:r.':A:-ug .' 1?-3-5, :, --.w -gas" 1-rw,-1' -, TF -nm,-Wa.-,.f-M h .,-3g- --J --1:-,fy -,ffm-,W -4-,wg-1,1i4.t,.. V A, R., , ,- ,, . , ,, , ,,,, ,, , ,,,,,X ,., ,,, x ,,,--qi.:--,,1-1-gi-fy.:-,,, ,X ,, f -' mf. ,fp-A 'fy qw , m ,imap -,,,., . g-,eurwfe,.,15-.f---ug5,1-:XM-f -w jggqwg- -gn . . X',?,-X--as-Uliqiimg v-,fx-M w z., , ',-My ,, . , A, " X- - --,W'MmA:.,f,gw?-1:e',,L1:f2f.y51:nw:Q--Q,-gwzax-kkwfdew,-f'W -4 , X -N129-ff C' K-JL'Xf32s?.i5:iT12 ' ,- . - rg-pw X'-Vt,-1Q3."igl'fZ, ' , X' V- --if? X21-'W' EX WJQ A -,-lfsa KSTTE5--'iiiw '-WW-QW-W-QQTEE5 .'f-Q'-fa,-'3,4qv,g,,, . V-19. ' fffifwi x gag 33 -- f.f1E-f'--wz.--'-,- ---4121-1X21.53521223--ifX:f,Mvi-bfi',wal-igifm "Wg-:,f:X'X' ' gt ,.-wi-TF-5-X,"WZ.P'fairyf12ggg2,gggQ5f,1 .5y?5q.fu-,KWQEQWQQMJ H ,- fy 1-,my--ff-f - 2 X X 5 -, 1:4 y 1 ,,-,,-L:vQ f1,--.- m 1 -. - ug "L - Q fm- g X , ' - ' , X 1n.ref-ww '2k'2-' -f2+ffr- Q-Jfii-21531 . 'Viz - 1 ff- f ,K I - :-iw-,-mf N--1. X --xf-.9-iff ffr-fgmyeaf Aw,--f 2' r -2 - A -f gif 5 X 4, ' ' ' ,'1'X-1X,gQ,-fx vi 5, vim, -1, E vwi, J' 1 - X ' , - 'Ez?.-52352 45,5 , ' ' iv- Lf- -ff:.V:,s . j ., .- -gjiwf-,4' :14:1n,ff4-4- X-gf -' V -, , rd 1 ' ' 'K,,X,". -- 'W "-, 1 , mg, 3- Q1 X- ,,-.3 --X X- -,Q , - ,, . . . JQ g Xraw- HY"-mc' ' -K, -, --"I,-,Xin-xg 1- --pk -X ,-Huw.--1. , 1, -., M- ,- - X V+, y,,,-,- 1 , u Q. V A , X X - V Y - K -L' ' . .A .-, 1 M- '- , mm- 4 -fy, Wi - x M 5,q w' X' V' --grimy M'-Mvmw -eq' wi, . . .mag A "f"- 1 .mm,.,4,.,M,,w U K X in . . , f Q., , i- 'wa A Qs? . , ,W ,I l 'L A , ,- v X -Q, -,,lg,Q ,1- Q: , ji , , f ' F3 ,Ma ,, A M M, if - 1 4 1, '- "' ,-,,- 4- MLQMQX- H- ' A Q ,f 1 -, -'.,,. ,iw x - Nye- A , -2 N-1,-1.,,M1M.,e,'X Tfffz- -5 '-QW" 'B NX' Y?'F3v'E' ' -"'X'XX'-wX-ni ' 1- 1 ' , ii, , ,Q 2 f -"hm-A -mg g A f. k . , ff' -,L 5, V., -. k In-vu ,":.'7ii",, fig 'wil H A 6. 1 f-, I ' N - ' 'fha . - -23.51-,fr-f1.' ,.cf .M-f., - f 2 ,, f -A J 4 -- '- - - '- , ., . - f 'X' I 1 , - 5 , if ff, 1..A,'.,, . '- hay, 4, , ' - - 5, fm msgs :vw - X 1 V ff Y ff 'QFWTF' g-f,. .x f,.y'-43. M- ' ., f an -. - -- A -Q ,, , Q xx,- . rf Mm, li ,f,.,,, f,f .gf-3,gy,,,5-4f,!'l1p-W-.,:,:4ee,:w-r,55,.i,.,,gF- .Q ,ff gt-w..h ' , x..-.-Q44-X ggggggg .f ,zu-',gk X ,MLM-,gr w , me : .1. . f---Q:,,1g.--M: -K1-mwq--5Mm.m-1.-' -- . naezqge QS., I gy ,, U -X ' 1 - . 5- A.' - f. Www W ,X -ff: - , .ma ,. 4 X -QSM-'P' A L f5'f.5,,,'.-5.5 "-'- ff- , W 5 V -I ,,'-vu, ,,,Q1,-,-Avfgg Az. Q- ,,--iff, rw , X,-,-,,4 f-My nviw,-. f - Xfiqi-f-'i , A, -- -, Xf ff .QW 119 'iwiiflvimiwi Mgmt WM . ,, , K my ,-1' Hgbx Ly QA - -.1 A f Xe - 4 M50 ffl! ., 4. , in ....-".':-"""-- --' -5-..---"":"' ,,-f'--'......-"5-"- gr. llikllillllllifi i lNEA il 4 V 'll.L.,, 'lf llilah .ili'Ei!l!!' iaaiiiil ll !: in . K ,.n,. 1 ,IQ EMO EIiYi M!.F lllu ,,,, l "" Q ll 3' fl 5 , , l l ll f G9 I S X 1 l Na! s X ' linux I I ,I E imma -l L ii I I as J I 4 4 1 A q ,,,..,,kk k Tlmrongs of sfudenfs fill fhe Union ballroom during seclioning, 'rlme lasf plnase of enrolmenf, Advisers assisf sfuclenfs in plan- ning l'l1eir course of sfudy. Dr. Fayelfe Copeland, direcior of +l1e sclnool of journalism, counsels Pal Walker, senior. a ERHAPS the hottest or rainiest days in the year . . . with more than 11,000 students crammed into two or three designated buildings . . . packets of cards which confuse and amuse . . . advisers who have 100 questions to answer at once . . . the Union ballroom with booths which resemble crowded Paris street shops . . . this is enrolment . . . the hurdle. xi E i 'N-Q Interesting classes captivate students' attention. Dr. Edwin McReynolds, professor of history, +ells an early Oklahoma anecdote. RECISIZ chorus of bells . . . on the hour and ten after . . . teachers, voices rising in volume . . . blackboards screeching under sticks of chalk . . . the grinding of pencil sharpeners . . . blue books, blue books, blue books . . . silence as minds strain for answers . . . the clock rounds the hour . . . another chorus of bells . . . this is classwork . . . the routine. S 52- 13. 5:5 - 664494 - THE RouTlNE lllll..lll ll A X Q V X M HMI X: I x null fl ? ' .P v "X .-ff -, ri his wa l ' 2 'girl 5 xxxx gg? 1 Il H J My , 1 , 4 ln physics lab, Fred Faien and Julio Escobar adiusl llwe prism speclromeler +o measure 'llwe deviafion of colored light N the large chambers of the libraries . . . or the quiet rooms of conscientious students . . . the never ending search for knowledge . . . the struggle of getting tomorrowis lesson . . . books, paper, pencil, eraser, time are the ingredients . . . concentration, sweat, imagina- tion, luck Find the answers . . . grades, knowledge are the goal . . . this is study . . . the inevitable. On week niglwfs, rooms of the university libraries are hushed as studenis indusfriously prepare assignments I Q Q X' - Jw Joe Goodpasha-r, seaied, pores over his class nofes as Harrell Caflwey adds his ideas on fhe subiecf. J i NSC AX, C xxx X 2 :T '..."" " 2 av mm 2 'ff .df A ll-gh 44 35' A 1 MW- 7' dim F 5 Y a t tsi af i l i l i l i l F l A l Newsmen discuss college football wi+l1 the lop man in iliai field-Sooner coach Bud Wilkinson. URGING forward to set new all-time collegiate rec- y ords . . . spurred on by Sooner fans' pep and enthusiasm l . . . taught by diligent, industrious coaches . . . an out- standing team of specialized men . . . continually com- ' manding nationwide attention . . . longest record of y consecutive wins . . . permanent holders of coveted l O,Donnell trophy . . . this is OU football . . . the Big Red. Righi' halfback Dick Carpenier l33l oufruns Kansas players io pick up yardage for the Big Red. Q 4 gg ' ' 8' . i S fix Q? is A IAM ,B mifw . 5 QQ, QW M 1 v X' if ' Q fx 8 as i as V. iii M V xf A M , . X K . ' I Z., K f ' , , z fi-'ff A - w ff ,rf - f ,, fx - L w ' V, Xi W ff. A 5, .K A, ,fm Q, .,- 5 Q , A . Q. f ff 'M BPL 5 Y 5 ,gf Q " f' W X 5 f. ,Q of 5 u A sg W ,V i mf Q 4, -' g J Rf. Qi' me Lf 1' m K 4 . . V -Q " 'Q' -A - ff 'I' ax 21- ' z f ' 1 L , ' ' N - wwf ,wi gm , 55 ,, My EM? . . . , f if A ,Q f , i k C L , ' , W 5 Y-. ,, 4 ,t . . Q' f' S' 7 wif' 1 1: ,M ,J 7- k ,gy f Q ,- A 4 2 K , ' VL, -V ' " W L' Jaw '- -4 ' F4 -' W L, ' W- -f H if v W - , ,,, , , sv R -X t A 'm . 4 A , 5 52 f . , , -wx 4 t aff WMM ,., by 1 A Y A ,f ,tl VV - 4 . X' H V 7 nv - - gf 'ffffgi ' Eli H' ffmfw 5' ' Q ' " 'f fl- if , . f , g ,W , I 3 , f 3- ' , 4 I K '- 4 K ". 'fm ff, K5 f' mf V ff Q Q , -1 K? , , - f Y V, A I in ':,.'f 1, -, , X dv .as , , . , 4 ,Q , 1 ff, H 'Q Q, QW fi 'Q xi I 4 in -Q ff . -5' f 2'4'Va,1 4.1 M,.n i-wi' - X k. f . E flflgqhq W V K .4 "iii V- 1 .. Y 6 k HJR 1 I - ded 'H 1 2. W 'ir ii, X 4 ,f ay: X f 4 ?, 13-w 3,1-1 '3'2,l - -fafffl ii-5Eff' x .. :ft-gaigfg-ffgi.. 2?-'.z?:."-gig -472 f1Q:E'1?2f1S'r5-J FF?-"EE 'ff iIHIi1"IlJ'?' ii ill!! i iii' 'iii ii i. 1, , Ear' ' 'ii' in if' vi ii fi hill' il 1 f X " Sammi, fqwg, x M K ,im X A W' we 3 W: RUM. ' f X ' ,. , A' " ' if o'T"v,:1 Mawr' -. - , Nw Q ' wnwgfv . ' H v Q 1 . Z V, "g,QW.,, :raw , as I J mgige vi -V qu- Viv 1 -f4ff7",j! I ' 1' WL Q W il K - i N . A .4 5 aw , rf .W ,?,2i55Qi,,j'gni',,,,i,,,,g,.Q - fu- . I L q if-v . W M Piedges of Gamma Phi Befe sorcrify and Sigma Nu fra+erni+y ge+ ac- quainied during blind dafes. The ending fo a per'Fec+ evening-fhese iwo Sooners say good nigh? in froni' of ihe quads. DW 1- . 'M .,, -4 f' M' u-1--..,.,,,, , mm, 'rf -4--.bmi fl-2mI'iALl e M., M, A -QM... M, , ,KH 'I M mi. M .W W ,, ...N ,,.,,,,,,m -.-....,2.... .A . N- WM, N W-, M we A M-M.,..W, iymm. st We M44 -.....,....W. -.W .. 1, f jaws. WWW V- ....w.u..t ,,,,, '-f-m.l4.m'...... --0, . .N-,...,,,., .., .... ,.........,,, W..- .M .. W. . h..i.N KMA, , ,....., ,. Y M B-Mrf . V 4t,i...,,,r, M-.. -L W-W Q., .,....,.v... , gt 3 ',,.,L ., Q1?.'.:J...i N..-. M...,,......,.i.,...A., .t..,,w.., -M W. gy ELIEF from study and classes . . . looked-for- ward-to Weekends . . . time for relaxation, fun . . . anxiety and anticipation of blind dates . . . mad whirl of parties, dances, mixers . . . a quick between-class coke rendezvous . . . quiet movie or drive for two . . . the gaiety of costumed events . . . the dignity of 21 formal . . . this is datetime . . . the lighter side. L.....,. I5 , 1, si 31 . J -19 Ti- Si QW F A ' an mf' 'VM is wi Q 4 . . za 5, ,Q 2 2 as a L, V ,f,:1i . - L, :i.?u?f1" if 1? , ss. ,. . . . . . Q ' f M -ff A 1 ffafMvgw'r1,'f'f'f'W'M' ' 1122 ,wig 3' , y- M ' - A , H ,. ' fi d .,... . . ' W P - M ,,,. , . Sf- Q -I M Lf, Eglin-,iw ., .gf,f,5vfgf.3, f f5,.wff-ly wr K ,.., ,V 1 :jg A1 ali: jg nf' V ,,,.w-.37--f ww.-fzfqy----fl-:Lg A- K 1- 1 ' W' if V S vw fijfiiifgfi. . M . Ji ' mg iw WSI K5 ,, '--- A ' J , , W v5 . - I A 3 M 0 - W - Tiiixizifxffwvi '31 5-A V A ,,W.,Q+..W'- A Q A f V' .,.., , I ,fi five M I hi J 1 'V 3, My me , , W ,A Q- A - , 1' , 1 VW L- E j . " 'fly fi: i 1 13? ne? " ' ff? ' , 42 , I f 7 'lm' 4: .5.,f::ag?E - --11: -, VL f - if . ,,,,.-is f- mi- .V A 2:53, gg R 4 L V ' ' fx , ,QM A 1 M ,. H Q zl. , L. x , M ..A.g . x- 4 xy BQ xl.. Q U MW 5, iyygiy 1.5: - 5 K M,,,.wN--A ,- Am , V .2 . -. 4 , . V - I ' ' A 1 " . A " ' .. 5 . , M , gvj aisiii .1 , , - lj I M55 I W -- -L , 'zipwf is mg 1e2?ig'f'54?-'iii H " H ,,,,-M ii T iii: . 1- 1-2 S ze , 'L A ' A W A - ' fn' i' 'W' Q . ? ' fljf 1 W- ' ' , . ' Wm i - , K pg V , A f . S y A 1 i QQZQW f'l'T2f. ,... , 5 ff- C S ' C 0 Q N C7 Izlllvlng X ---f::ia?':'f5'EA ' 'X ,.2'5.l,aeillllll" - fiiiiiiiumesla .ifififiiil E mnuamwxw J ' 'I Q .1-:J-ignllllll ,:': X Campus religious cenfers of all ds-nominaflons offer Enspiralional relreals for sfudenl' medllalion and prayer. S punctual as Big Ben . . . every Tuesday after- noon at 4 . . . march, march, march . . . uniformed men in blue, olive green, blue-gray . . . Hags waving over color guard . . . feet stepping in precision . . . up, down, across the field . . . march, march, march . . . parades, ceremonies, reviews . . . preparation for service . . . for men only . . . this is drill . , the grind 3. Eyes right, as Sooner ROTC students pass in review during a memorial celebration. Roberf B. Jones, kneeling, helps fellow air force cade+ Ed Rice get his uniform in shape for drill. 1 Q 0 20 ,WARN IHX3 Ml - .J ii iilllillllli . if Q . 5 g ...l L+. Col. L. D. McCurry congratulates midshipman Sydney B. Nelson as receives his commission. 1115 long awaited day . . . after years of classes, tests homework . . . days of labs and lectures are over . . memories of school and friends always remain . . . the future lies ahead . . . johs, military. homemaking . . diploma in hand at last . . . culmination of preparation has arrived . . . president, deans bid adieu . . . this is graduation . . . the payoff. Long lines of seniors and graduates file into Owen stadium as commencement exercises begin. 'ay 4? A.. - THE UNIVERSITY Regenfs Deans Ad minis+ra'rion Faculfy Universi+y Services ACTIVITIES Campus Life Beaufies Pu blicafions A+hle+ics Organiza+ions RESIDENCES Housing Program Women's Housing Men's Housing Sorori+ies Fra+erni+ies ACADEMICS Graduaies Classes Law Miiiiary Medicine .--'Agni -H-W ' f J N Qimgd is 5 f C E ix ms ff, J u 1 . 5 6 A F5 3 ' 1 ,, ---- if-- , gg 5: , 1:'si ,f,,a1!'1f . 21 my ia ,lgpu 11 U E mg-:f:,4 E L. U. 2 iw ., i i eff. ff-fg iiiii iiiliiiiai : 5 'fhiiiiiiw THE CAMPUS Holmberg Hall Gradua+e Educafion Buildin .5 swf Q 2, U E Sf- Fha mqikvzi g ,Q .P ls, mr Y ' Qin I U' ' ' Q", 'Vx-af . 4, v 4 'M ' 1' tl , 9 ,li P J .A ig" ,2.-his? ' fi' , ' ' Qi . s , Q 1 , v - - A 1 , W, I 3 VXA SQ. .A Q, , W K ba W .2 K f I ,J ' W' 1 -4955 -.ff . 1' '- . nf.. f , " I 'v '- 15 4 ali? , r ' 0 'alt 6 r ' , Q 4 I gs kv .AE 4 A ,ll L Q' ' :VCV 1 'wt K :QA Q. f ,P . , 1 I ' J . f L 3 1 4? . ,Q .,'S's"s ' 1 Aid 4 J 5 , mv ,v' Ha m .v ,W , A W gf f- . , , aa M, ,V , if uiwv Q' -'J "2 " aw 1' iff D ' ff ' 4 Ang' . 'L N ' U ,fvvf ,f HW ' Q I . Q 1 .I v,: FTP' 4 "J ' ' 'fry '. 1 . 4,- 4-4 .RJ , ' , , , 1, a 111--:f K N .f f 1 g J-, -H .. H ' ' ff fwlf ' , 'bi il ' if fs. .g',fN l.'.,g'jjf:,'J . i 5, 'fd .wg 2. .j 1 - t irf"r",'x 5' .I-M ' 7 . f, M 4,0-4 su i . Q., ,g N 1 ,H ?vu f Q- . ' is L . a ru, IJ 'f 4 Q ' Q .NI ' li 2 5 an 'K nl .L Lf: . . 5 V s vo ' J 4 . f 'S fl' ,r av- vw 1, nf, - Tv MM Kggk m4Y4!'W . I MK 4 W zggvv H ' -1 sf , Ur: s Rx. 4--. , .....g, Adams Hall xx MW! AV fi fn 4 . K Ex QL-L 5-N514 XX AMX, K aw f,.X x : Q' 3 'X 3 ' , ' ' ""'ff1w I 1 5 -p ' -- A K i 1' Wm . il-N X .5 av' ul ,N xxxxxk X A L4 N ' ff' 1.:.f Monnei' Ha ff .1 'Af' wQ ., 1 a Ah. 1' 35555 ,V 2.255 A 'f Y , M 520-I 4 Bizzell Siai-ue ,- 6955 XX .N Wi.-alfa ' .g,,g.-, 'UU LHJUU 2 I ,Yuki 'X x, , l dvr. - 'ruin l A f- 1 3? Q ggi-"g"' l R :firm-Ln.n.n'i. WLLLLL I pu l J- CJ , A '- xx KN ii ' --- . ,WV , i . fix I If Q N-l f Aol 1' i xxx- 41:4 'N X -J, , U XT William BenneH' Bizzell Memorial f V ' ' W--V -r -1-,Arn '-.fy V 4 L, 'S' 4 r f , E g V . -5- swf M, .fx 5 - X ,K g X H .Q , , 5 5 . M M . x A . 4. f ,. ',4,,f1 1 R 4 -g-r " , ie , Q, :1'5"f54i1 .eb-lfgf?fB'f , Q 'il 5 f '- '..-. ' ,K 1 J xv t ff ' 1 M , ff .fx 4. Q . 1 T U, M, V. .154 A wffln , f 4 'I 1 -I W -A-,"' 1. rv H. 1. - . 1 ' 'J 1?-, S" A- .:.. T f , A ,I , , Lk . ' . .' fn A Jw A., W, W ff, 5 W, ' ,lf A V ,X K . " 51 .HM ,eg V, , af I ' 'i AM, ' -.1 N- ff A 1 1,45 , 5 4 I N X.: . ,av ,,g, , . Y if " 5 A .M-:,,,.,mm.,.,.,mk - A . ' -sir, , ,5,., . B , ..-. E 35 1 agggglw lk u gf '39 L f ,Q w f ..., 54. H il 'A 1- he 14 .A .Y V fi' f 4 'Q ' A "fi:-fcqklfi fx V. . ., 'A M" r 1 :L 1.. , v 44 3 'f N1 . I - f 1 'sk : as , .55 ' 15 A v f .W 4, Mx,-, fe! ay - L., - , , f . ,fl ' gi ' M, X Q f ' f A f Awlif ff -puff , gifs. . -W K' , f' I 3 4. H RH? 4, W . wfi'r,'w,. f ..,1 f -.wh-A A Q Y gf " EL ' A , fly. , ,,,"u.5gf W w w Q rim! . ' 314 ' +.i7?'2,' M Y f' Yuki", ,E ' 25' ' 4' n '- "iv V' ' Q ' - 'f A Q,-, f 'Z fy ,:,"k ,rx K V , ,ig .. gif., . 1 V f W -sf, at . wt, -- Q 4 if , I ,, ,4 Q A lf 9 , A E ' 1 .,., t is M U ,, - , 5 fi? ' 'Q , - . arg , Q , 3 t' :Z .I 4 , ggi Y' 25 . ' ' . I f H s A ' ' K 4 IQ' 'fr J x l ' :Wigs J ' - I M. Q- 'fliigw .Hwy -wwf P 1 1? -L Sw- QM , L 4... V, fn., .L 3f',.f' D..-wifb A ...wwf ' - 4 4 5:21 ,K -:J .Hwy + A L. 31 f'i Qi! vm l l X Xxfyxg I N 1 l C l r L F ll -X Y ll Sgwuifxlgxl ' V 5,2 . l j ,,QaQ 4 I WL.: f lf if-D Q" l Felgar Hall Gould Hal guy ' f' wb. ....,,.,..,.i .w.m..A...,, K , v -.4-f.....-5 ...,...Q W. gauuww ' -v.. -... -W., mm, My ,W -4-, ..,, "N ww . W., -UM W, M., , W, WA-Y H., , M N.. , ' 'vw W., , ' W ww- W., ' NM- M M- M. V., L M M ., W, W' M.. H., fvw., w M- M. W 1 L A ff Ara.-W J. x Dr. George L. Cross, presldent board of regents admlmstratlon and faculty . . . combine talents for higher educa- tion at the state's largest school. nf W. ig 5... r K , .-:fe - V raw Milky Q 1- .133 Q WP, 3 1. , 225 ' 'fy . " wif iff' ,H S gg, , ,, ig . Lk fs was sie A as so , . A, Vt,, ,s. ' Mamas., acts is e E his , ,. A .,..,L, L ,. A. . ., ,- ' ,W .. , .,-,M , - . -f 4.2-gms-n-Lgfkfl . me 5329 15, Q , .:-W, ' L' Qlf-57 ..,fw:,y "'-' L' ' W""A"'x V Vjivij '5..LV'Qj,j3'k A , 5 1,N":.' ""':: 3f5x-:H,.' 'fE'51'C.5'iE1fl",. ' 1 K 'Mi":fE5VA:NlM- '25 , W , , if- V 1 .V M Q ,- . zg, , ,,,: VZ, N: lvvv ,,,..: , I ...,,,, ,W . ,, . HZ AL ., , . , .,,. N ., . . ..M J ....m.,.f,..n- Y ,. , , . ' 1-ff: ,J Q zu xfgwfae - -- ' - -,-' ,K - - ' f- ' ,, . -P .,.. , ' - A A' L' W' H' f 'N -- '--' , fgf1,f,,.,k g u m A- ' gwl ggy. vwklg g Kiiglwiiwxs,mfs sw, V - .. W x -'M 'K W ,, gT figi2:., g fl 1 . ,gi , I ,V,,. qrilifh, ..'- ymx: Jacobson Half 11 X "LV V fr I-fr V FL LLU I 1 I 1' K'.l.f arch lns+i+u+e Vigor, good healflw encourage ambilion . . . proper care, freaimenl provided. Sludenls, faculiy come, go . . . build- ings lreep silenl wafclu over campus. Ellison Infirmary Old Science 'exif , oNE- - - -- , K j. uf P! .SE "2 f . ww " . S?-22- .A .. , 2547. if I r'1,F7' fr QMEQ gh ' W Y A ,sv .ik 4 'X .,'f.s.fx--,YJSAW - wx f , Q . , . MMR Q ' X 3 g I .:,z. Q 3 Z 1 , " .Aff In , . 4 .. 1- " ., j um. L. W??fggN si'f W 7 .3 Qi ' xg if .. R W 'f H - r A :- aaa-'fy K JH , , MW Q wr ,xv 9 ,ilu zu? Ain? rg., iafi, Liv., iv WP f-X V- 5 fr .4 14 S 3 Vi wa WYWKVV in d ff 4 0 V gn ll , ff' 1 1 , .A H. -...,.-.f . .. F Y HH W .. - - ' mf gf, nf' 1 smfhigkgq? 6 SNA? J Bw K4 MH W L vi fe 2 Mk, ,,,f,,..X MM 'G 4 3 .nn-.-. ia: 9932232-9-T155-ww!t' "?w'4!!'w-an 1 -naw., W ' L. fl. Ki' A and- 'ww Wx -nw, 'IQ ' tu. I F. I r f L k i 5 n 1 I . I l . , L. Q A . ' g Dear University of Oklahoma Students: ' 4 As our state goes into its second half century, you young men and Women at the University of Oklahoma face a wonderful future. The skills and talents whichqyou are developing now will help Oklahoma continue its amazing growth and progress. I extend a special salute to those who will receive degrees this year and begin professional and business careers. You are fortunate in being able to attend OU, long recognized as one of the major cultural and scientific centers of the southwest. Oklahomans are especially proud of OU, which got its start even be- fore Oklahoma was a state and has continued to develop until it is among the nationis leading universities. Fame of the University of Oklahoma has spread throughout the United States and to the far corners of the earth. All Oklahomans have been glad to Welcome thousands of students from other states who have come to OU. It is a tribute to us that during i957-58 OU attracted 285 students from 45 foreign countries. Oklahomais continued progress depends on its people. Our biggest hope for the future lies in you young men and Women who are now being trained to do the best possible job in your chosen careers. WM GOVERNOR RAYMOND GARY F 4 I . STATE REGENTS EOR HIGHER EDUCATION 'HW'-ur' v- v DR. M. A. NASH, Oklahoma City W. D. LITTLE, Ada ww, CLEE O. TDOGGETT, Cherokee WHARTON MATHIES, Clayton S. A. BRYANT, Cushing GUY HARRIS, Ardmore 'P glujfsl if ETAT 'T i fh ef fl? i ,L 5' IOIIN ROGERS, Tulsa JULIUS JOHNSTON, Lawton DR. CLAUDE CHAMBERS, Seminole ROBERT ALLEE, Hammon Oklahoma State Regents lor Higher Educa- tion prescribe standards of admission and gradua- tion from the various state colleges and universi- ties in Oklahoma. They allocate funds which the state legislature has appropriated for higher edu- cation, and are concerned with the assignment of functions among the various institutions. Iohn Rogers, Tulsa, is chairman of the State Regents, and Clee O. Doggett, Cherokee, is vice chairman. Dr. Mell A. Nash, Oklahoma City, is Chancellor and Wharton Mathies, Clayton, is sec- retary with S. A. Bryant, Cushing, assistant secre- tary. T. G. Sexton, Norman, is administrative assistant. The Regents approve proposed fees, must ap- prove all new courses started at any institution of higher learning, and transfer property from one institution to another. The Regents are the au- thority Which authorizes the use of the revolving funds, and makes reports to the Governor and the legislature on the needs, functions and the prog- ress of the various schools under their authority. State Regents for Higher Education is a su- pervisory and fund allocating board created by a constitutional amendment in 1941. UNIVERSITY BOARD OF REGENTS The Regents are concerned with the ideals and character of the faculty, the quality and in- spiration of the teaching, their adaptation to the current needs of society, and their general effi- ciency, as well as adequate physical facilities. They are especially gratified in the completion of the library addition, which will provide more than twice the reading space, and a reorganization of library facilities and increased efficiency in library services. The journalism classroom building will be completed for occupancy in the fall of 1958. This will be another "dream come truev! A contract has been let for another women,s housing unit to house 200 coeds. The Speech and Hearing Clinic building on the Medical Center campus has been completed. A 5B500,000 addition to the University hospital is under construction. The Regents, whose president this year has been Quintin Little, Ardmore, recognized the in- stitution as the center for the discovery of truth, for the preservation of knowledge, and for the ad- vanced instruction of the youth of the state. In all their thinking and planning, this is their chief concern, and to this end, they give their time and effort unselfishly and with devotion. Ioe McBride, Oklahoma City, served as vice president of the Regents during the year, and Emil Kraettli served as secretary for his 39th consecu- tive year. The Regents, who serve staggered seven year terms, are appointed by the Governor of Okla- homa, with the advice and consent of the State Senate. The board, which elects its own officers, holds regular monthly meetings, usually on the Norman campus. The entire government of the university is vested in the Regents. They enact all rules for the government of the university and its branches. The Regents appoint the President of the uni- versity, and must approve all actions of the uni- versity. They determine and approve the requisite number of professors, officers and employees, and fix the salary and term of office of each. The first Board of Regents was established in l890 under an act of the legislature of Oklahoma Territory. QUINTIN LITTLE, Ardmore IDE W. MCBRIDE, Anadarko W. D. CRISSO, Oklahoma City T. R. BENEDUM, Norman LEONARD SAVAGE, Oklahoma City DAVE MORGAN, Blackwell GLENN NOIQTITCUTT, Willis EMU. R. KRAETTLI, Norman 1 3 5 ff" 4, THE PRESIDENT During the past year, Dr. George Lynn Cross, seventh president of the University of Oklahoma, toured the Middle East on the Olive Branch Tour sponsored by the American Christian Palestine com- mittee, made innumerable speeches throughout Okla- homa, carried out the multitudinous activities of his complex office . . . but the achievement which gave him the most personal pleasure was becoming a grand- father for the first time! CYoung George Lynn Paul, son of Mr. and Mrs. William G. Paul, Normanj. At South Dakota State College, George Cross was not only a good all-round athlete, but proved that athletes can, also, be scholars by earning his Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Chicago in five calendar years after finishing high school! Not only is Dr. Cross a distinguished plant sci- entist, but he knows almost as much about football and wrestling as an All-American or national cham- pion. He pilots a plane over the state and is an accom- plished public speaker. He came to the university in 1934 as an assistant professor of botany, and 10 years later was elected president. In that year, he was only 38 years old. Dr. Cross is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, and is a member of the Board of Presidents of the William Rockhill Nelson Trust, Kansas City, Mo. He is the author of more than 60 technical articles deal- ing with the mechanics of plant growth. Last year. the University of Chicago honored Dr. Cross with itis "Citation for Public Servicev and he received the Human Relations Award from the Southwestern Re- gional Anti-Defamation League of the B,Nai B,Rith Foundation. Dr. and Mrs. George L. Cross greet Maj. Gen. and Mrs. Thomas Gerrity at the President's reception held this fall in the Student Union ballroom. Gerrity is commander of the Oklahoma City Air Materiel Area. I. Lawrence Muir, Enid, president of the Dad's Association, and Dr. Cross present the Dadis day trophies to Steve Beckman and Margaret Losey, best all-round senior man and woman. Seven of Oklahomais outstanding business and professional men comprise the University Board of Regents: left to right, Quintin Little, Ardmoreg Ioe W. McBride, Anadarkog W. D. Grisso, Oklahoma City, T. R. Benedum, Norman, Dr. Crossg Glenn Northcutt, Willisg Dave Morgan, Blackwell. and Leonard Sav- age, Oklahoma City. DEAN OE THE GRADUATE COLLEGE A noted scientist and educator, Dr. Laurence Hasbrouck Snyder has been serving during the past year as president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, which is the most important scientific oliice in the World. Snyder is known around the globe for his skilled research in genetics. He organized the first course in medical genetics required ol medical students in this country, and has written many books and articles ol the subject. New students at the University of Oklahoma find a genuine friend in amiable Dr. Glenn C. Couch. He is dean of the University College, where all students spend their first year. Dr. Couch has a warm and sympathetic understanding of students, needs and problems, as thousands of freshmen of former years can testify. A native Oklahoman, Couch re- ceived his B.S. in Botany and 1Vl.S. at OU and the Ph.D. at Ohio State University. A professor of botany, he has been on the OU faculty since 1932. College of Arts and Sciences dean Dr. William E. Livezey is a talented history professor who has won laurels as a writer. An OU faculty member since 1937, he is author of "Mahan on Sea Power," published in 1947. lt won the John Dunning award, the American Historical Association prize for the best book in American history. Livezey received his Doctor of Philosophy degree at Ohio State. ln 1951 the Fund for the Advancement of Education gave Livezey an award for special study in modern political theory. Dr. Horace Brightberry Brown, Ir., dean of the College of Business Administration, became president in 1957 of the National Council for Professional Education in Business. He formerly was president of the American Association of Col- legiate Schools of Business. A marketing professor, Brown is a native of Mississippi and is an authority on cotton market- ing. He joined the OU faculty in 1949, and has degrees from the University of Mississippi and from Northwestern Uni- versity, where he won his Ph.D. DEANS DEAN GLENN C. COUCH DEAN WILLIAM E. LIVEZEY DEAN HORACE B. BROWN l DEAN JAMES G. I-IARLOW ' Dr. Iames G. Harlow, leader in science education, be- came College of Education dean january l, l958. Harlow returned to OU after a four-year absence as a University of Chicago education faculty member, and more recently as executive vice-president of Fron- tiers of Science Foundation of Oklahoma, Inc. Harlow first joined the OU faculty in l948 as a physics in- structor, and became associate dean of the University College and dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. He won his Ph.D. at Chicago. DEAN W. H. CARSON Head man at OU,s famed College of Engineering is a professor of mechanical engineering, W. H. Carson. A registered professional engineer who joined the faculty in l925, he is a member of many important professional organizations, including the American Society for Engineering Education. The dean was offi- cial representative of engineers of the U.S.A. at the 1947 World Engineering Conference in Egypt. Car- son's skilled leadership has helped the College of En- gineering earn international recognition. DEAN HARRISON KERR College of Eine Arts dean Harrison Kerr is one of America's top-ranking composers. He returned to the campus last fall after a year in Europe, where he did research for an opera he is writing. Also on his Euro- pean schedule were lectures sponsored by the U. S. Information Agency and visits to many universities and musical centers. Kerr studied in Europe in the 19203 and was in Europe, Japan and Korea after World War Il, serving as chief of a government music, art and exhibitions section. A genial native Oklahoman, Earl Sneed, Ir., has been dean of the College of Law since 1950 and an OU faculty member since 1945. In addition to serving as chairman of the OU Athletic Council, Sneed is OU's representative to the Big Eight Conference and to the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Dean Snecd received A.B. and LLB. degrees from OU and an LL.M. from Columbia University. Before he joined the faculty he practiced law in Tulsa, Worked with the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce and was in the Air Force. In addition to serving as dean of the School of Medi- cine, Dr. Mark Reuben Everett is director of the Uni- versity of Oklahoma Medical Center and chairman of the department of biochemistry. He has spent almost 30 years doing active research in chemistry and bio- chemistry and he has written more than 100 papers for national scientific journals. A graduate of Bucknell University, Where he received a B.S. in Chemical En- gineering magna cum laude, he later went to Harvard Where he Won a Ph.D. in Medical Sciences in 1924. Dr. Ralph W. Clark, College of Pharmacy dean, directs the oldest professional college on the campus. The dean has a broad background in industrial and prac- tical phases of pharmacy as well as in education. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin as well as the B.S. and M.S. degrees in pharmacy. He has taught at the Universities of Wisconsin, North Carolina and Kansas, and had several years in retail and hospital pharmacy. He has Written many articles on pharmacy for national publications. DEANS DEAN EARL SNEED, IR. DEAN MARK R. EVERETT DEAN RALPH W. CLARK DR. PETE KYLE MCCARTER DR. l.LoYD E. SWEARINGEN Roscoe CATE DR. I. E. FELLOYVS Vice President Vice President for Research and Vice President and Business Manager Dean of Admissions and Registrar Development ADMINISTRATION An interesting and exacting job is in store for Alberta Pennington, Iohn Anderson and Elizabeth Stublcr as they sort pictures to be sent out by the public relations department. One of the busiest places on campus-the information desk in the ad- missions and records department. Nancy Kurisu and Charlene Lyons assist Ioe Allen and Ohl Presley. DR. CLrFFoRD I. CARVEN DR. 'l1IlURMAN I. Wiirriz Dean of Students Dean ol Extension Division DR. ARTHUR IVI. IVICANALLY Cuoiitzu W. CHURCHILL Director of University Libraries Director of Public Relations .,.... vw S l D. R. Knvmur JOHN H. KUHLMAN Director ol Purchasing Director of Physical Plant ClEORCli P. HALEY Q. M. SPRADLING W That all important step-the paying of university fees-is being done by Gene Steele in the Bursar's otlice as Kay Harrell rings up the amount on the cash register. lirector of Personnel and Placement Controller Hundreds of university students are acquainted with George Haley and the employment service. Here Mr. Haley and Norma McMurry, secre- tary, compile application information. DONALD F. W1I.COX DR. lJORU'1'lIY TRUFX DR. Ioonz C. SMITH Im P. AIQTMAN Co-ordinalor oi' Student Activities Director of Women's Allairs Associate Dean of Students Editor ol University Publications SI ,zfvvw Ianicc Mock, receptionist in the presidcnfs ollice, receives the latcst information on switchboard operations Irom Dud Giexcn- tanncr, assistant business nianagcr. A new section of the University Nluseumhthe display on thc plains Indians-is viewed hy Merrell Arm Haddan, as Dr. Stephen Borhcgyi, museum director, contrasts the hullalo and the horse. ADMINISTRATION at RICHARD N. KUHLMAN Szivona. l.OT'I'1NVILLE University Architect Director ol' University Press bf? ,ax A , I JOHN F. CHANEY JAMES C, MAYFIELD Director of Machine Accounting Manager of Book Exchange 52 Director of Student Health Service DR. JAMES O. Hoon HUGH Mix Director of Educational Broadcasting BOYCIQ D. T1MMoNs RUTH ARNoI,D Director of Registration Director of Admissions k Wm men-.nw 1 munm... . ...M-nm,.,, U,..,, ,. 'W H., .......,., . . 4 -wmv W-M-....i. 1, , t..,.m.mu4,, ,.q,,,,, ,,..,.......-W..,.,m .4fm.m.f..4 Lr-'-w N-im, ff+....,,..-N, 4Q-v., ,Mn ,,,mm..',.v-Mf,,!, .,m.,,..... ,U.,, mimi M,.,.....,,..-W, ,, ,........i,t.L ...qjn ,...n.-. Muq...-v. .qw-u..n..Q.Im4 w...f,-fm.. ,W-mwwu. fq-vuwm,, , . 1 Y q qwfillf W- , . 1 5 1 un ww W. ww-fm'-. M4 1 1 m. bw. yu wx nu un .ns ULTY wr if V i,,l,,: kg? .5 .Si g QQ V is ii? A if m I I X.. Wm Muon Cimiuias II. AIAIZXANI Assixmnt Professor Air Su-iencc DR, ARTIIUR B. ADAMs lbggaints Prof. lfmvr. of Economics Drum Emeritus, Business Adm. V r. gi if 35 Q i . W? in i' V E? f Was. 32 f if 4 -if is if Q, . Z fr . .5 KX ,Q 2 wa is 1 1 1 f 3 Dr. Edwin C. Mcfieynolds carefully adiusis Mrs. McReynolds' iden- MAIGR VVHAHAM ALEXANDER JOHN NA ALLEY fificafion fag as ihey arrive ai' fhe Presiden+'s recepiion. 5 Assmlml professor Agqigmm lnrofpwn. Air Science Modcrn Languziges HERBHU- gg. ALLPHW CARI. T. ALMQUIST EN1Il.If? AMERO DR. RICHARD V. ANnRia1a Aswcmlt, p,.Ofi,W,,. Professor Professor Assoc-irilr' Professor physiml lrdmminn Electrical Engineering Art Mmhgmgtigg 3 152, 2+ ' Kwai J 'zfirfizigiii' .2 . .Q 71 9? mr Ji? V :A gg Biggs. X " "'i iifffiiiiiii f g ms 5- 5 X fx 5 A, 'zfiiigflzi I 'EE in ,ff wifi? i ' In K 1. As wk 5 Miss Miinmgn ANDREWS DR. HIZNRY R. ANGELINO VICDI,ET B. ARCHER DR. FRANK A. BALYEAT P"fPff'550" Associate Professor Assistant Professor Professor Emeritus Music Education Music Education 54 NCR . . Q. .. .Ffa 'T-" lex DR. RUDOLPH C. BAMBAS WTLUAM R. BANDY Professor Professor English Law CLIFFORD M. BAUMBACK EUGENE A, BAVINGER A550Cff1i9 PVUJICSSOV Associate Professor Business Management Art D1cBY BERNARD BELL Assistant Professor Professor Music Anthropology DR. ROBERT E. BELL DR. CARLTON W. BERENDA IOSEPH H. BENTON Professor Professor Music Philosophy Miss KATE C. BARBOUR Professor Emeritus Secondary Education lsT. LT. IOHN F. BEHNEMAN Assistant Professor Military Science and Tactics DR. JOHN F. BENDER David Ross Boyd Prof. Emeritus Education DAVID P. BERGIN Associate Professor journalism 8 -E DEWEY L. BARNES Professor Accounting JAMES E. BELCHER Professor Emeritus Chemistry DR. OLIVER E. BENSON Professor Government DR. ARTHUR F. BERNHART Professor Mathematics 4 4 - 1 1 pf v DR. DONALD I. BERTHRONG DR. RALPH BIENFANG LUTHER D. BISHOP DR. HORACE H- BLISS Assistant Professor Professor Associate Professor ASSOCHUC Professor History Pharmacy Business Management Chemistry A 1. PALLIER Boggs DR. NORMAN H. BOKE C. I. BOLLINGER HAROLD K. BONE Professor Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Arch. and Arch. Engineering Plant Sciences Geography Mechanical Engineering DR. WILLIS H. BOWEN MISS MAURINE BOWLING DR. ARTHUR N. BRAGG DR. CARL C. BRANSON Professor Associate Professor Professor Professor Modern Languages Physical Education Zoology Geology RICHARD BRIGHTWELL DR. PAUL A. BRINKER DR. JOHN C. BRIXEY IOHN F. BROOKES Associate Professor Professor Professor Professor Emeritus Music Education Economics Mathematics Civil Engineering 56 4 , Q ' ' -. s .im Q, f f ,-.' H sisr DR. HARI,EY P. BROWN IIOMER A. BROVVN, IR. Associate Professor Assistant Professor Zoology Accounting i . - s 3 1 , lx' . if -'--' A A - I. S Life 1 'szsiff .aw M' gas . A rss 5 g.I213Lf5i,,fiF'fi5liisi. Q x K ' Q, ' 1 .. . ' . , fLftE'W7?f32,iZi5L1 Z?L:ii5Ei1vi Miss VIVIA JEAN BROVVN Assistant Profvssor Military Science and Tactics Pll21l'ITx2lC'y CART. JAMES T.. BROVVN Assistant Profvssor DR. IOHN B. BRUCE MRS. CE1,1A MAI41 BRYANT MRS. KATHRYN O. BUCHANAN DR. PERCY W. BUCHANAN Associate Professor Assistant Profossor Assistant Profwssor Profvssor Pharmacy Music Education History WILLIAM S. BURGETT DR. HEI.IiN B. BURTON Associate Professor Professor Arch. and Arch. Engineering Home Economics Wwaxaw C. C. Bijsif. IR. FRNES1' EDXYARD BYHN flSSUL'iIlif? Pr'OfCS.KU!' ,'llSS1.SfllI1f Prnfg-gsm' lIi5I0l'y Chemistry Talcing a 'few minutes out +o fall! "shop" at the Presiclenf's reception are E. H. Miles, Quentin M. Spradling and Dr. Lowell Dunham. CHARLEs L. CALDWELL DR. IOHN M. CAMPBELL Assistant Professor Associate Professor Education Petroleum Engineering , WALTER S. CAMPBELL DR. RICHARD G. CANNICOTI' D L B W I k - - r. oren rown, Dr. Gerald Porter and Joe . Kee ey ta e hme Rcsuarch Professor, English Assistant Professor out for a serious discussion ' Iournalism Pgyghglogy DR. CHARLES CONGDEN CARPENTER DR. BENJAMIN A. CARTWRIGHT ICH? H' CASEY DR- CARL B- CASS Assistant Professor Associate Professor mfeslgor Pf0ff3550" Zoology Education Iouma Ism Drama Q Ls FRANCIS R. CELLA ANSEL P. CHALLENNER DR. H. L. CHANCE NORMAN A. CHANCE Professor Professor Professor Assistant Professor Business Statistics Electrical Engineering Plant Sciences Anthropology 58 DR. IOHN B. CHEADLE David Ross Boyd Prof. Emeritus Law si. AK MRS. MILDRED Y. CHISOLM Assistant Professor Education F. DONALD CLARK Associate Professor msg 'tea Drama , A we g . , ,..L: - Liga. I V -Q. 5: .158 I YN . . I f I DR. C. STANLEY CLIFTON Professor Social Work DR. PHILIP A. CHENOWETH MRS. CONSTANCE CHERRY DR, DONALD RAYMOND CHXLDRESS Associate Professor Assistant Professor Professor Geology Home Economics Finance DR. A. K. CHRISTIAN SHERRIL D. CHRISTIAN DR, LEQN S, CIERESZKO Professor Emeritus Assistant Professor Professor History Chemistry Chemistry i i , , DR. IAMES B. CLARK DR. HOWARD P. CLEMENS DR. BEssE A. CLEMENT Associate Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Plant Sciences Zoology Modern Languages WILBUR F. CLOUD DR. STANLEY K. COFFMAN, IR. DR. JAMES C. COLBERT Professor Professor David Ross Boyd Professor ' Petroleum Engineering English Chemistry 59 X FRANK W. COLE Assistant Professor Petroleum Engineering DR. FAYETTE COPELAND Professor Iournalism V IOSEPH E. COULTER Assistant Professor Aviation F Lsfl 1,- 51352125 f ' DENNIS M. CRITES Associate Professor Marketing 60 Ji. DR. ELLSWORTH COLLINGS L. A- COMP DR. IAMES A. CONSTANTIN Professor, Education professor Professor Dean Emeritus, Education Aeronautical Engineering Marketing and Transportation ROGER D. CORSAW WILLIAM L. CORY A. L. COSGROVE Professor Associate Professor Professor Art Theoretical 81 Applied Mechanics Business Communication s DRA N, A. COURT MISS DOROTHY F. CRAM ED FRANKLIN CRIM, IR. Pr0fe550r Emerifug Associate Professor Assistant Professor Mathematics Social Work Business Statistics I I 4 DR. ALBERT I. CROFT DR. KENNETH E. CROOK ORRIN K. CROSSER Associate Professor Professor Assistant Professor Speech Chemistry Chemical Engineering Miss VILONA P. CUTLER DR. PAUL A, CUSHMAN Professor Professor Mechanical Engineering Social Work DR. PAUL R. DAVID WAYNE F. DAVIS Professor Assistant Professor Zoology Civil Engineering DR. CHARLES F. DAILY DR. E. E. DALE Professor Research Professor Emeritus Economics History W. MARVIN DAVIS EUGENE F. DAWSON Assistant Professor Professor Pharmacology Mechanical Engineering DR. CHARLES E. DECKER A. M. DE LA TORRE Research Professor Emeritus Professor Paleontology Modern Languages 'Wm MRS. GAIL B. DESTVVOLINSKI DR. ARTHUR H. DOERR Associate Professor Associate Professor Music Geography Capt. and Mrs. James W. Rowe chat with L+. Col. Meredith L Shumaker after going through the receiving line. DR. i.UCII.F DOIKA DR. T.. A. IDORAN Professor Emeritus Professor Emeritus Modern Languages Government A u ii i fr Q .ff . . . . 1' L. D ', Prof. J. Palmer Boggs, right, 'finds a very attentive audience in Mr. D3 IMAX F OUFJ AS RAYMOVD C' DRACOO Ssoczate Professor Associate Professor and Mrs. Herb Green. . Speech Mathematics BRUCE DRAKE CHARLES C. DRAKIi DR, JOHN PAUL DUNCAN MRS. FRANCES R. DUNHAM Associate Professor Assistant Professor Professor Assistant Professor Physical Education Business Management Government Education LOWELL IJUNHAM DWIGHT DYER DR. ERICH EICHHOLZ DR. VICTOR A. ELCONIN ASSOCICUC Pf0f9SSOV Assistant Professor Associate Professor Professor M0dem IAHUSUHZSCS Music Education Modern Languages English 62 DR. FRANK ELKOURI HERBERT IAY ELLISON BETTY D. EVANS MRS. NELL R. EVANS Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Professor Law History English Home Economics DR. O. F. EVANS WALTER I, EWBANK DR. CORTEZ A. M. EWING DR. IOHN S. EZELL Professor Emeritus Associate Professor Research Professor Associate Professor Geology Mechanical Engineering Government History CLYDE L, FARRAR ' CAPT. VICTOR P. FARRIS ROBERT O. FAY FULTON K. FEARS Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Electrical Engineering Air SCi6I1C6 Geology Civil Engineering DR. I. CLAYTON FEAVER MRS. RUTH D, FELL DR, GILBERT C, Fmg MISS GARNETFE L. FI'l'1'RO Kingfisher Professor Assistant Professor Professor Associate Pr0f95S0f ilosophy of Ethics and Religion Education History Home Economics 1 l " ' " 'iw -- NORMAN FOGEL DR. RICHARD G. FOWLER CHESTER L. FRANCIS GEORGE B. FRASER Assistant Professor Professor Associate Professor Professor Chemistry Physics Music Law DR. E. A. FREDERICKSON LAWRENCE FREEMAN ERNST P. FRIEDLANDER WILLIAM R. FULTON Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Geology Business Communication Music Education DR. F. F. GAITHER CAPT. ALFRED F. GERKEN DR. IOHN B. GIEVER MENDEL GLICKMAN Professor Prof. and Commanding Officer Associate Professor Professor Education Naval Science Mathematics Arch. and Arch. Engineering DR. ALFRED F. GLIXMAN DR. RICHARD A. GOIIF MARTIN E. GONSER DR. GEORGE I. GOODMAN Associate Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Professor Psychology Zoology Industrial Education Plant Sciences DR. CHARLES P. GREEN Professor English Speech DR. BRUCE INGHAM GRANGER Associate Professor MIss LYDIA D. HAAG Assistant Professor English BRANDON H. GRIFFITH Assistant Professor Theoretical 81 Applied Mechanics CHARLES HARP Associate Professor Education Electrical Engineering W. RICHARD HARGROVE Assistant Professor if . STEXVART HARRAL DR. REGINALD W. HARRIS Professor Professor Iournalisrn Geology MISS HELEN GREGORY MISS WILDA P. GRIFFIN Professor Associate Professor Physical Education Music DR. RUEUS G. HALL, IR. DR. ROBERT A. HARDIN Associate Professor Professor Government Industrial Education Mrs. Jack Douglas endorses the punch as Mrs. H. H. Herbert and Dr. Charles E. Decker wait their turn. 5 S 2 T 1 M f 1 as f' 'Q fr,-1, , ,,-.sw ., -,,- -Q -' 4 fir,-g t'4igg,zMx52,iYg , i TSE 3 . t . W ,.,. , ...H .,.,,A.3-ya, 2 3 v. -, 1- , .l . .3 P45 'f' 4- 4 ,G Q ..., i , " t may s it 4' S 4' A gi, if R 9 ,K if s 1 E. E. HATFIELD Associate Professor Secretarial Science Aa:- .'. i .. Q ravi! A - ' .4 -.. f lr g , Pro essor Iournalism Associate Pro essor Zoology VV11.1.1AM FOSTER HARlllS DR, HAIQIZIET HARVEY Dr. and Mrs. William Huiif sfop for a chat' wiih Mr. and Mrs. Theo M155 CARUIAE HA55 DR- O' H-4551-ER King during the Presideni's reception. Assistant Professor Professor Emeritus Physical Education Mathematics and Astronomy LEONARD HAUG RUTH HAUGEN Professor Associate Professor Music Edl1C3.ll0I'l Social Wgfk Row HAYN Assistant Professor Economics ,133 i f 7 -it-, f , ss 4 ' f' ' Z: i 'li -. .f as Rf jg, -K K 2, f " fa ,1 rg: :ig E my 1 :W Vg '- Q, A 13-' ' Q gf iff ,V - 5 -f A 22' 'liz 'if if .2 5' ' . .,., . ,. , , ffl- 7 ' DR. ARTHUR W. HEILMAN JAMES HENKLE H. H. HERBERT DR. BERNARD O. PIESTON Pf0fCS50f Assistant Professor David Ross Boyd Professor Professor EduC2lUOI1 Art Iournalism Chemistry 66 as DR. L. B. HOISINGTON MRS. BILLIE D. HOLCOMB C- JOE HOLLAND Pmiessm' Emeritus Assistant Professor Associate Professor Psychology Secretarial Science Journalism DR. CLUFF E. HOPLA Associate Professor Military Science and Tactics Histo,-y Zoology MA J. WILLIAM E. HOLLAND, IR. Assistant Professor DR. WILLIAM E. HOLLON Professor DR. ROY T. HOUSE DR. BRUCE HOUSTON DR. ROBERT A. HOWARD David Ross Boyd Prof. Emeritus Pf0feSS0f PV0f9SS0f Modern Languages Chemistry Physics LONNIE HUDDLESTON KAREL HULICKA DR. WILLIAM N. HUEF Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Education Government Mathematics SAM C. HOLLAND Associate Professor Engineering Drawing KENNETH B. HORNING Professor Business Communication DR. HARRY E. HOY Professor Geography DR. GEORGE G. HUFFMAN Professor Geology A A ' H I ' kkh' ' ,. 3 T' --M A . W. V 5 . . if .F 'fif I ' - it' Q A gi f ? V i A A . tm K ,Vz,.:. V,VV . -g ft' f 7 23 HUGH E. HUNTER DR. R. L. HUNTINGTON CAPT. EDWARD I. HUSKINSON Associate Professor Research Professor Assistant Professor Geology Chemical Engineering Air Science FLOYD LOWELL IACKSON DR. OSCAR B. IACOBSON RICHARD V. JAMES Assistant Professor Research Professor Emeritus Professor Industrial Education Art Theoretical 81 Applied Mechanics RUPEL I. IONES CHARLES IOSEPH MISS EUGENIA KAUFMAN Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Emeritus Drama Music Modern Languages IOE W. KEELEY PAUL V. KEEN DR. PEARCE C. KELLEY ' 'Pf0fCQ50f Associate Professor Professor CW11 Engineering Physical Education Marketing DR. BEAL BAKER HYDE Assistant Professor Plant Sciences CAPT. GEORGE W. IOHNSTON Assistant Professor Military Science and Tactics MRs. PAULINE KEATON Assistant Professor Education WILLIAM H. KEOWN Professor Business Management .sa-'VA BRUCE V. KETCHAM Du. JOHN W. Kms Miss IIARRLET W. KRITSER DR, VICTOR H. KULP Associate Professor Professor Associate Professor Emeritus David R055 Boyd Pmf. Emeritus Aeronautical Engineering Speech Art Law EUGENE O. KUNTZ IOHN D. LAFLIN EARL IAFON DR. IIowARD W. LARSH Professor Assistant Professor Asxocfatc Professor Professor LHW Accounting Mathernatics Plant Sciences Among fhe faculfy enioying dancing in +l'1e Union ballroom are Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Clark. Miss SUZANNE LASATER MRS. HELEN F. LAUTERER Assistant Professor Associate Professor English and Modern Languages Drama DR. SHERMAN P. LAWTON Du. Ioim H. Lizmc PfOl4CSS07' David Ross Boyd Professor Radio Government IOHN E. LEIBENDERFER Associate Professor Finance ! fi .nr A Miss RosE K. LESKE Associate Professor Secretarial Science Mai. Finley Milsiead charms Mrs. Metticus May, as Col. May, cen- +er, is momentarily sidetracked. Miss EUNICE M. LEWIS CHUN CHIA LIN DR. LEONARD LOGAN Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Professor Education Physics Sociology DR. ELMER L. LUCAS DEWEY LUSTER ARTHUR W. MCCRAY Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor GC0lOgy Physical Education Petroleum Engineering 70 DR. WILLIAM B. LEMMON Professor Psychology GENE LEVY Assistant Professor Mathematics TOM In LovE, IR. Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering T ' as 7 .,,. 4 asset A si. I .i"f: . - i , ' . ., fggfixl R.. c . - gh -gfrsgsssi-.q1. sw- ers, fs:--'-"' :sv-1 LT. CoL. L. D. MCCURRY Associate Professor Naval Science HUGH V. MCDERMOTT Professor Physical Education DR. EDWIN C. MCREYNOLDS Professor History MRS. MARY H. MARABLE Professor Library Science GEORGE R. MAxsoN Professor Engineering Drawing wry- DR. DORA MCFARLAND WILLIAM C. MCGREW LT, COL, FRED H, MCNELLY Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Mathematics Accounting Air Science GABRIEL MAGYAR Miss Em-i-H MAHHER DR. IOHANNES MALTHANER Assistant Professor professor Professor Music Fashion Design Modern Languages WYATT MARRS DR. IOSEPH H. MARSHBURN l- RAY MATT-OCK Professor David Ross Boyd Professor Professor Sociology English Civil Engineering COLONEL M. W. MAY DR. F. A. MELTON IAMES O- MELTON Professor Ed Commanding Officer Professor ASSOCIGCG PffJf9SS0f s Military Science and Tactics Geology Theoretical 81 Applled Mechanlcs 7I . DONALD E. MENZIE DR. MAURICE H. MERRILL DR. CLIFFORD A. MERRIIT IOHN E. MERTES, IR. Associate Professor Research Professor Professor Petroleum Engineering Law Geology Professor Marketing 1ST LT, ALVIN S, MILDER CAPT. WILLIAM C. MILES Miss SUSAN E. MILLIER Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Military Science and Tactics Military Science and Tactics Home Economics DR. V. E- MONNETT DR. CARL A. MOORE MRS. LOUISE B. MOORE David R055 Boyd Professor Professor Assistant Professor G6010gy Geology Iournalisrn FRANK C. MORRIS DR. IOHN W. MORRIS Miss VIRGINIA MORRIS Professor Professor Associate Professor Engineering Drawing Geography Physical Education 72 CAPT. ANDREW H. MONAS Assistant Professor Air Science DR. MAX L. MOORHEAD Professor History A. LAURENCE MORTENSEN Associate Professor Drama FRED R. MoUcK DR. GUs'i'Av MUi5i,1.ER Gpogrgg W, MURPHY Professor Research Professor Aggogigtg Professor Theoretical 81 Applied Mechanics Philosophy Chemistry ARTHUR I. MYERS Room: E. NEBERGALL MAJ. A. A. NELSLJN, IR. Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assislrmt Professor Geology Speech Naval Science Q 'z e , V ' ., -14151511 SJW life .se Wil +V! s wg. 1 4 .Q "':eTi' i'l A - If. 1 . - f. ,z,:' az. ,,:,-five '. V r , '-falsfl' .,, are '- w A Giioizcu I.. NOAH DR. PHILIP Iuizomiz NOLAN Associate Professor Associate Professor Finance Classics DR. IUHN A. Noiznmi Spisxcnn ll. NoizToN Associate Professor Professor Geology Music 1 no IAMES M. MURPHY Assistant Professor Finance DR. I. RUD NIELSEN Research Professor Physics Miss Lila Welch receives her name tag from Mrs. Wayne Sansbury and Mrs. M. L. Warclell. R ERNST ERMLH Noni Profcssor Com pzlrativc I ,ite-ral ure ...if J, Q, 1f " ' . 2-R f f .2 . . .Mai mills- W .QQ . zi'f :' -.S ' . w . -2 1f'w4fv1gss"R,. - if fs, H ' : -.-fi'--I .Q . or 6 XE R . , .-.R i DR. CARL R. OLDRCJYD Associatc Profcssor Psychology Dr. and Mrs. Colin A. Plinf greef Mrs. Richard G. Fowler as she arrives for fhe annual recepfion. IOHN O,NEII. DR. A. I. CJRTENBURGER DR. RALPH E. OLSON rv Smzuo fJKA Assistant Profcsxor Arch. and Arch. Engincoring l.'1'. Col.. FRANCIS X. fjl.NEY Asxociatc Professor Military Science and Tactics MRS. RLJBRRTA D. ORTENBURGER p,,,ff,550f Profcssor Profcxsor Assistant Professor Ggfygraphy Art Zoology Zoology 'f f b A 5 ff D R- 'fl . l Y V ' . f ' ., ' R1 R Q R 552 . 7 2 1- . :P 7 -. rs-SQ: ri ff- . ' DR. ELMIHR I. cjRTMAN BEN G. OWEN DR. IJONNELI. M. fJVVINGS MRS, IJELLA B. OWL PVOfPssor Emeritus Professor Emeritus Associate Professor Axxistunt Profcssor Emcritus ELlllCHUOI'l Physical Education History Modem Languagcs 74 DR. TINC.-KWAN PAN Professor Mathematics ROBERT V. PETERSON Professor Iournalism WILLIAM DANIEL PITT Assistant Professor Geology DR. LAWRENCE POSTON, IR. Professor Modern Languages CAPT. RICHARD M. PAYNE DR. WILLIAM N. PEACH DR- VVILLIAM T. PENFOUND Assistant Professor Professor PVOIFFSSOV Military Science and Tactics Economics Pliillf Sciences CAPT. LENNOX I. PETREE EDWARD C. PETTY DR. ELBRIDGE D- PHELPS Assistant Professor Professor Professor Air Science Economics LHW ERNEST C. PLATH RICHARD B. PooL DR. GERALD A. PORTER Associate Professor Associate Professor Professor Education Civil Engineering Education IAMES C. POWELL LYTLE POWELL DR. REED M. POWELL Professor Professor Associate Professor Business Law Music Sociology 75 'vu i Q il?ii5Z3Wi?iifZT, i ' ",A 7 TQ irss 1 . - , .,.,. , LJ.. .rf ,,m' DR. IOSEPH C. PRAY MRS. DOROTHY KIRK PRESTON WILSON B- PRICKETT Professor Associate Professor Assistant ProfC550V Government Interior Design FIUHYICH I LT. COMDR. P. B. PUCKETT DR. D. Ross PUGMIRE IESSE L. RADEB Assistant Professor Professor Pf0fe550f Emeritus Naval Science Education Library SCICHCC DR. JOHN M. RAINES JOSEPH F. RARICK MISS GRACE E- RAY Professor Professor Pf0fe550f English Law Iournalism DR. CHARLES H. REEVES GEORGE W. REID LAURENCE S. REID Associate Professor Professor Professor Classics Sanitary Sci. 81 Civil Engineering Chemical Engineering 76 DR. IOHN P. PRITCHARD Research Professor English DR. WILLIAM B. RAGAN Professor Education DR. JIM E. REESE Professor Economics ANSEI. HARLAN RESLER Assistant Professor Speech DR. I. I. RHYNE Profcssor Social Work SARAH RoSE RICHARDS Assistant Profcssor Home Economics PoRT G. ROBERTSON Assistant Professor Physical Education ,,.. ffl fr y. ' A " aiiaifwvv in K7 : M5515 A i 11212. S A W 2 , .,.. 'Y - . .Jin , .. j .- - f - . ,Q it ky - Jifi z c ,s:1...z A ..,- ijfiweiiiiii MA,I. WALTER H. RODERICK Assistant Profcrsxor Air Science A A 4 'S-r W' 'RM X A . . . , JS' 94,1 Yi i fig 15' T, QZAWQS: 4 f -rw ani M ' . DR. ELROY L. RICE Associatcr Profcssor Plant Sciences l.IiSLIE RICE DR' AUTH RICHARDS P'0if'550V Profcssor Emeritus Journalism Zoology f DR. CARL D. RIGGS DR. HENRY D. RINSLAND DR. CARL H. RITINIAN Associate Professor Profcssor Profcssor Zoology Education Speech Dr. Richard V. Andree seems 'ro be ielling some in+eres+ing news +0 Mrs. Andree and Dr. T. K. Pan. DR. HENRY S. ROBINSON Profwssor Classics DR. LAURENCE T. ROGERS Profcssor Health Educ. and Sanitary Sci. DR, LAWRENCE M. ROHRBAUGH ROBERT W. ROSS Professor Associate Professor Plant Sciences Music Education f Dr. Erich H. Eichl1oiz's sfory capfivaies 'the inferesf of Dr. and Mrs. C'i'Ii'.IAMES W' BOWE DR' HOVZ,ARD,H' ROWLEY John R- Whiiaker, ssistant Professor rofcssor Military Science and Tactics Ch6ITllSt1'y DR. PAU1. G. RUGGIERS OMER IOHN RUPIPER MAJ. HERMAN B. RUPP CAPT. BILLIE W. RUSSELL Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor EI1g1iSh Education Military Science and Tactics Air Science LEwis S. SALTER Miss STELLA SANDERS DR. ALEXANDER M. SAUNDERS DR. STEPHEN SCATORI PV0fCSS0f, Music Associate Professor Associate Professor Professor Dean Emeritus, Fine Arts Modern Languages English Modern Languages 78 "H " ' ' '2 2--H-H - - --- --1-n Miss HEDWIG SCHAEFER WALTER F. SCHEFFER DR. HANs ADOLF SCHMITI' DR. WILLIAM SCHRIEVER Associate Professor Emeritus Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Professor Home Economics Government History Physics EDITH SCHROEDER ERNEST I. SCHULTZ MORTIMER SCHWARTZ SAMUEL H, Scon- Assistant Professor Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Social Work Music Education Law Music Theory DR. ALFRED B. SEARS Miss FRANCES SEEDS DR. I, TEAGUE SELF KENNON H. SHANK Professor Associate Professor Professor Associate Professor History Home Economics Zoology Speech f DR. GAIL SHANNON DR. ARTHUR C. SHEAD FRED D. SHELLABARGER DR. MUZAFER SHERIE Associate Professor Associate Professor Emeritus Associate Professor PfOfffSSOf Education Chemistry Arch. and Arch. Engineering Psychology MAJ. FRANCIS M. SHERRILL B. CLAUDE SHINN Asslsffmf PV0f9350V Associate Professor Air Science Accounting APEX l- SIMON ROGER T. SIMONDS Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Business Management Philosophy LT. Col.. MEREDITII L. SHUMAKER Associate Professor Military Science and Tactics ELLIS M. SIMS Professor Mechanical Engineering IOSEPH E' SMAY HARRY E. SMITH Assistant Professor Professor Arch. and Arch. Engineering English WILLIAM HAROLD SMITH DR, GLENN R, SNIDER Professor Associate Professor I Aft Education 80 DR. LESLIE F. SMITH Associate Professor History MRS, RUTH G. SNODDY Associate Professor Home Economics DR. RONALD B. SHUMAN Research Professor Business Management DR. CEDOMIR M. SLIEPCEVICH Professor Chemical Engineering ORCENITH SMITH Associate Professor Music I. I. SOLLENBERGER Professor Finance MISS BLANCHE SOMMERS Associate Professor Pharmacy Miss EDITH R. STEANSON DR, ALICE Sowuns Professor Family Life Education IMA IRENE STIEWIQ Assistant Professor Visiting Assistant Professor Education Home Economics W1 ilifipf , . 'Yu K . h gy i .lf i L ,- WV- 'S " li - Q V 755155 K-siz ing' ftisil ' 333 '1 V H ' K . . an 1 i is ,jigs 2-iw ,. . .... X ,, , Hoy N. STONE CoI.oNIaI, BUDDY STROZIER Assigning P,-nfl-Sgor Prof, and Commanding OULiccr Eilucinifm Alf Science CHARLES C. SUGGS Associati' Profcssor Drama .Ai .i if . ,,, . i . M 525. gy N : sr A ,If I' 3 -wil-false: .. PATRICK K. SUTIIIQRLAND Associatc Profcssor Geology Miss RUTH SPALDING DR. C. E. SPRINGER Assistant Professor Professor Library Science Mathematics ROBERT M. ST. IOHN Assistant Profcssor EDWARD C. STOEVER, IR. Assistant Professor Physics Geology Richard L. Disney and Leslie H. Rice survey the faculty during the Presiden+'s reception in Hue Union. DR, Geoizczia M. SUT1'oN Professor Zoology SAMUEL W. SVVENSON Associate Professor Emeritus Government r. and Mrs. Howard W. Larsh give an enthusiastic welcome to Mrs. Elroy L. Rice. JOSEPH R. FYAYLOR MAURICE K. T1zMERI.IN DR. PERCY T. 'FESKA Professor Assistant Professor Professor Art Psychology Special Education and Psychology CAI.VlN G. THAYEIR Ovro H. THEIMER I. HARI'P1R TnoMAs Assistant Professor Acting Associate Professor Associate Professor English Physics Mechanical Engineering 82 DR. KESTER SVENDSEN David Ross Boyd Professor English DR. WIl.l.IAM B. SWINFURD Professor Emeritus Law MARTIN TEUCHER Visiting Associate Professor Physics Lise E. THOMPSON Associate Professor Business Management DR. H. V. THORNTON IRMA TOMBERLIN R. WENDELL TOMBERLIN DR. STUART R. TOMPKINS Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Research Professor Emeritus Government Library Science Art History DR. WII.I.IAM R. TONGUE GERALD TUMA DONALD B. TURKINGTON MISS EVA TURNER Professor Professor Associate Professor Visiting Professor Classics Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Voice VERNON H. UPCHURCH WILLIAM R. UPTHEGROVE MELVIN O. VAN DEN BARR LT. COL. FRANCIS M. VAUGHN Associate Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Accounting Metallurgical Engineering English Military Science and Tactics DR. R. DALE VLIET CAPT. WILLIAM W. WALDROOP LORRAINE D. WALLING E. KEITH XNALLINCQFORD David Ross Boyd Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Law Air Science Social Work MUSIC 83 aw., .fem-Q Assistant Profvssor Music ilclucatitm 'Vllss i,lIA M Wxarcu Dr. Horace H. Bliss and Dr. Masfon Powers are absorbed in conver- A Iswfmgim, 14-gmlritm saiion as fhe camera catches Mrs. Powers' eye. ii fj'I'Hlil. D. W12sTFA1.t, David Ross Boyd Profcssor Accounting Iiomc Economics 'Sk DR, IQHN R. W1111'AK1gR CAIPT. IJANIEI. R. VVHITE Pmfrzggor Assistant Profcssor jouymllgm Military Science and Tactics '- 'gif Q , .F s db , c -2. is if f , A . sg ,Y A " Nigsi if 5 an sis- if . 9:1 A . fa' W j + W 2, .6 , xi, M a 1 V "1-r.. 'M ffg53,QQ if: 'QW ffl' 5 "H MRs, lJOI.I.Y WARD Miss MARY ANN WARREN Associulc Professor Home Economics DR, S. II. WI41NDER R4'sz'm'cf1 Profcssor Chemistry RAYMOND R. VVIIITE Associate Profcssor Secretarial Science . .di , I K . . ' ' Q cf i' A A r -+0 -,1 f -if 2-A, - I S X :gg It '--' 5 .. , f- -'H R-nnziiivwiiifxi , H . V A . BAl.rfoUR S. WHITNIQY DR. CiIZRHARD W1ENs DR. S'1'r2wAR'1' C. WII.CfJX 1311. VIIlKiI,E G, Wu.mTE Associutrv Profcssor Associrzlc Profcssor Profcssor Profcssor Mathematics amd Astronomy Modem i,ElY1gLIi1gQS English Economics 84 Q. K S '.g4 I Q,-,edgy I . A 5 'K -K , ' ii ' -' 1. if CHESTER S. WILI.IAIvIs FRANKLIN EDMUND WILLIAMS Associate Professor Assistant Professor Education Music DR. W. A. WILLIBRAND DR- M- O- VVILSON Professor Pf0fff550V Modern Languages PSYCh0l0gY LT. W. W. WRIGIIT DR. IEWIQI. WURT'ZBAUGIl Assistant Professor Pr0fCSSOr Naval Science EHgliSl1 LIARI. H. YOUNG, IR, DR. IRVING ZINNES Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Psychology Physics 3. . IDR. CIUY VVHAIIIAMS LLOYD VVILLIAMS Prgfpgggr Emi-rffug ASSiSfdVlt Professor Chemistry Education WILLIAM HIX WILSON DR. LEWIS E. WINFREY Associate Professor Professor Arch. and Arch. Engineering Modern Languages Dr. Ronald Shuman apparently iusf told a goocl one 'to Dewey W Luster and Jack Shirley. A x. S,-Q ' Q ON "Ulf 51pTE 'S' X at 'wwf 'o LU X N 'L NN x 1' 1' 4 ' X x 1 K, Y xkkx14,f E "!TI'Ff"' E V2 1 x N, O fly!! CAMPuS wg fb do INEAN TH U R MAN WHITE SITY QE Comma D. FORD UNIVERSITY EXTENSION DIVISION Beginning 65 years ago as a service to the people of Oklahoma Territory, the University of Qklahoma Extension Division today can count its "alumni', and current student body in the hundreds of thousands, located in every county of the state, throughout the nation and in numerous foreign countries. This growth has been attained through adherence to one concept-SERVICE wherever the universityis facilities are in demand. Greatly expanded since that day in 1892 when the university's first president, David Ross Boyd, intro- duced extention to a pioneer people, today's services are based on the needs of a growing community, needs that cover all aspects of Oklahomais social, economic and cultural life. Extension's growing student body is made up of men and women from all walks of life-housewives, ministers, teachers, businessmen, industrialists, profes- sional people, men and women in the armed forces, farmers and others LEARNING A BETTER LIVING, through the efforts of a group that believes a better in- formed people means a happier, more prosperous com- munity. Devotcd to providing an ever-broadening range ,i . ,.....a.,,,,,,-, , I I I 3 .mi t dusfrial Services staff are, seated, Ieff to right: Ruth Edmonds, Dorothy Oschner, Dana McMinn. Standing: Ted Sherman, Hugh Lipscomb, M. L. Powers, direc- Ior, Bill Hartman, Bob Ferguson. Members of the Business and In- FIRST ROW, left lo right: Mary lla Thurston, Loucycle Aynesworlh, Marian Evans, Goldie Ford, Grace Penny, Lucy Tandy, Christine Virgin, Glenna Hays, Bob Miller. SECOND ROW: Lee Hayden, M. L, Powers, Sybil Weaver, John Freeman, Ned Hockman, Hugh Mix, Wayne Rock, Jeff Grif- fin. THIRD ROW: Bill Brown, Dr. Loren Brown, Bill Ridley, Dean Thurman of knowledge are I5 departments, manned by special- ists and outstanding members of the university faculty. Science, mathematics, literature, languages, art and specialized training for the employe and employer are available through short courses and conferences, radio and television, correspondence studies, evening classes, Films, lectures, centers over the state and spe- cial services, all utilizing the teaching abilities of uni- versity faculty members and carefully selected leaders in business, industry and the professions. Extension division operations, directed by Dean Thurman White, are subdivided into Educational lVIa- terials Services, Field Development Services and Gen- eral Services. Educational Materials Services, with Iohn Long as coordinating director, is made up of three depart- ments: Audio-Visual Education, Evaluating and Test- ing and Public Information. These departments handle the university's 3,500- iilm library, train audio-visual personnel and conduct conferences: give tests to 50.000 high school students annually, conduct consultations, and provide source materials for club programs, discussion groups, plays. speeches, etc. Departments under Field Development Services are School and Community Services, Professional Serv- vices, General Education, Oklahoma Science Service, Business and Industrial Services and Family Life Insti- Whiie, R. L. McLean, Bill Boren, Ed Turner, FOURTH ROW: Bill Hartman, John Long, Ted Sherman, David Steen, Russell Myers, Hugh Lipscomb, Bob Ferguson. FIFTH ROW: Leon Thompson, Jess Buckell, James Robin- son, Howell McGee. ILIIC, Hundreds of thousands of people are served each year by Field Development Services, through the media of radio and television, publications, credit and non-credit classes Con and off campusj, conferences and training courses. General Services, directed by Dr. Loren N. Brown, is comprised of six departments: Correspondence Study, Evening Classes, Short Courses and Confer- ences, Educational Broadeasting Services, Lectures and Entertainment and Movie Production. Other tens of thousands in Oklahoma, throughout the nation and in foreign lands benefit by programs ofiered through facilities and know-how of General Services and demands on the department are growing. Extension facilities are available to satisfy the wishes of state citizens. Credit or non-credit classes may be arranged on the campus, or taken to any corner of Oklahoma. For- mal or informal courses, tailored to fit the educational background of prospective students, are available to all Oklahomans. The Extension Division is a portable University of Oklahoma campus. It has proved in 65 years of serv- ice that the Oklahoma adult never tires of learning, that to an ever-growing number of Sooners, education is a continuing process. 87 1 R BOYD GUNNING, Executive Secretary Dislcussing aiurnni business are Neil Stewart, field representative, and Guy Brown, assistant executive secretary. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The University of Oklahoma Alumni Association, organized in 1899 with five charter members, and ex- panded in 1958 to 10,550 members, represents the alumni and former students of the university who wish to be associated with their alma mater after gradua- tion. The charter membership of the association in- cluded C. Ross Hume and Roy P. Stoops, class of 1898, and Iesse L. Hefley, Roscoe S. Helvie and Lawrence W. Cole, class of 1899. Helley and Hume are the only charter members still living. Four men have held the post of executive secretary of the organization. Richard Cloyd, Oklahoma City, was the first and was followed by Frank Clecker, Oklahoma City, the late Ted Beaird, and the present secretary, R. Boyd Gunning. President of the Association for the 1957-58 year is Milt Phillips, Seminole publisher. Chief of the office stall is R. Boyd Gunning, ex- ecutive secretary of the alumni association. Now com- pleting his eighth year in that position, Gunning also serves as executive secretary of the Alumni Develop- ment Fund and the University of Oklahoma Founda- tion. Both the fund and the foundation have head- quarters in the alumni office. In addition to Gunning, the alumni staff consists ol ten full-time employees and several student assistants. Mrs. Shirley Clements, receptionist, welcomes alumni, students and faculty to the alumni oflice and directs them to one of four offices which are located behind her desk in a quarter circle. Guy H. Brown, assistant executive secretary of the t ' - 5 . t,.,:14,g?,-si. -af... - . . -. - ' - f My 'fiiili -fel :ilQ?Z533Qf..l:5 V fsfl-5Qi75l'f7f . 'i' I 3- - 531' .,.. ' If if-if V355 f I 1 Yfx-A.ffffwtetfmeffffliifie' 55114, . , 'S . : 1 , ' f' - f F? '- ., - - ...Q -- ,.- s . s,.sf.f1-iifil Lawns ami: . . - .w s X '- -4 2 'SIL . W -:QS 3:-ibfisfiie 'ajft-':2 1. A - Sf' :f In q.g ..2eiifg.Lv1i'-Ezafwa z : Syggwf v ,Wg " if I - I ' A , . I Kggzf K ' - , . - . I- .V wget,-.f.w,,5m 4912 ' Hfiw -. ,-:.- Q -a - -L A ' '1 f, ff .. ll - -, ' - . . . QQ-QQi,1. ', , ,T Mrs. Charllne Pappan serves as admini- i. .v, i ,55-if " A il I f,-ff ' . "" 5 fi- . I 7 1 Aziz 6 - - X Dy. 9152 , . 3 - i-,giggjgg stratuve secretary for the Sooner alumni ,.,,. . 'Q .A A .gfeif-if . . . A 5 if , association. f- 1 , i 'I' - A f , -H,-l a t ,I Records of graduates and former stu- ff - , . 145. 3 iii b f ,f , dents are kept up-to-date by Mrs, Mary s- ff. " ir, 4 - if - A N. Turnbull. I dn,-A it X if jr? ' ...Q .M . - . T. S 'V ,i55?3.."1J!- . fgiyvi 5-fwfr? - ' ' .i i- V. Yi.. ' 1... Eflfuil we its . Looking through an issue of lhe Sooner alumni magazine are Neil Stewart, advertising manager, Eugenia Donovan, class notes editor, and Bill Fryday, editor. I t an ---W Alumni Association and field director of the Alumni Development Fund, is serving his eighth year in his present capacity. Field representative and assistant to Brown is Neil Stewart. Their duties include organiza- tional and prominent work for both of the university agencies. The Sooner Magazine is the official alumni maga- zine and is published once a month by the association. In his first year as editor of the magazine is Bill Fry- day. Gunning is the Sooner's executive editor. This year Eugenia Donovan serves as class notes editor, Eve Kimbrell is staff writer and Neil Stewart is the adver- tising manager. A past editor of the Sooner magazine, David Burr is editor of University of Oklahoma Foundation pub- lications. Serving her 29th year with the association is Mrs. Mary Turnbull, in charge of alumni records. Mrs. Turnbull keeps addresses and tiles accurate and up-to- date for more than 50,000 graduates and former stu- dents. She has served on the alumni oFlice staff under three executive secretaries-a service record not equalled by any other member of the staff. Mrs. Charline Pappan, administrative secretary to Gunning, has completed six years in that position. Mrs. Nancy Smith is secretary to Brown. Mrs. Marlene Hudson serves as records clcrkg Mrs. Phyllis Wheeler is clerk-typist, and Mrs. Anne Pitts is secretary. In charge of the alumni addressographing service, Mrs. Dell Stephenson has been with the association for two years. ln addition to the duties mentioned, Gunning and Brown serve on several university committees. Gun- ning is also prominent in the American Alumni Coun- cil, national organization for executives in alumni work. He is presently serving as chairman of District VI of the council. ln l957 over 5,l50 alumni contributed more than 869,000 to the Development Fund. The alumni office staff includes: Shirley Clements, Nancy Smith, Anne Pitts, Charline Pappan, Phyllis Wheeler, Mary Turnbull and Marlene Hudson. f-,W . .Mk RK N, "mm 1- 2-vfw Y "If-V Ns , 155+ V fav ff fbi! ' 1 M E, 5045 Two P 3, at f 5 L, ,A xg, f sf-A . W' W 1 L Al - X, .I '5i42'l w M., vc Q1 1 l e wh Nfl , A af ffm gpg 9- Q if f 3 A M" 3 it rf 7 af f egg A 11 H ,H ,iw 'F 3? JF? W - 374 Q Ai 3' A . Jie AM , M U- W f I4 ' :A i I Q, , fx Q' l I-, 2 . ' r ,:, saw :W 2 K , .pw F K H, wgwgf K+ KP 4' , , P. 2'5g-saw Q: -Q, 1 V W5 ff . vi . ,SL A V,,. f, 3 ' QA X s,,f"x 5 if as 7 ,Ki 2 A93 5 6 5. 7 Mya Jin- ,, Www . Lf m y 'gygfwi .qgqwf fe' M6Mwlm.,M4ww -1. i 4 1 fi 5 'P ,ws in:-,. ? FQ Ra - :Y Q. an ' ,Q .W 5 , is Lf 2 GW. .- .gm , -sw- - fw1,,, gnu C -...M E Wh, Sm, Audi.: 'film if j, fi 2 K FM' X mv, E WL 2 . .Q ,..s.u.,.,,.'-PY E , ---. 4' L2 , 3. m 4. N X N W,,, Q ' ,ZTi'iZT'1f T Ziff ' W WW 4 W "" "W M . g gi 5 .11-if mf-' Vblfaix . f Q 'eww ,QV ,K :.- M, H i,,. "I, . if ,Hb ,lump imma-umm. ' N. :w.fAfyea','- pwwess . , ,L.zv,Lss1E45 i' 41' M . N 1 f mas, ' 5 N' Q :11 tum 5 A. X E The thrilling climax of rush week arrives for Judy Cathey, left, as Enioying the celebration at the Dell' victory party are Jed Tri4Del+ members and alumns pin on pledge ribbons and flowers. Johnson, Jr., new fraternity pledge, and date Luanne Bradley. Pledging Climaxes Busy Week of Rush Activities 'fair .te af we iii' F .f 96 Telegrams flood the Pi Phi house when rushees receive their ribbons and begin their college life as sorority pledges. A gala week ol parties, excitement and fun began Sunday, September 8, as students poured into the Womenis Quads and Cross Center for rush. Com- meneing the week's activities was a series of open houses at each sorority and fraternity. Dates were next with skits. entertainment and refreshments. Greek houses were filled with activity as rushees and members became better acquainted. No contact could be made with the "outside world," as rttshees stayed in their dorms when they were not on Greek dates. Bridge games and bull sessions helped pass time. i Time, effort and hard work are rewarded at the Sigma Nu house as rushees pledge af will during dates. 1 T1 .inf , S1 it S Q 'S 1.4.1,- Y faq" 'f' , QM. we tif' .' m? -imbl' . A,.,,,umWV W H UL. 4' hui ii 'M .W One of the most exciting events of rush is a serenade by the fraternities. Here Delta Gamma is being honored. Exciting moments of rush include the serenades by frater- nities. As the week slid by. plans were made for the all- important preferential dates. Tension mounted as the signing of bid cards was kept secret until Friday afternoon. Then, rushees streamed from their dorms to the houses of their choice. Alums and parents were on hand for the joyous oc- casion as pledge ribbons were pinned. Victory parties cttlmi- nated the busy weeles activities. ',.f 3 5 A Relaxing after a busy week of rush, Peggi Dromgold enioys dinner at the Chi Omega house after pledging. 97 Marilyn Land leads the rusbees' exit under a fraternity arch of arms after being serenaded at the college corner. tlll"""""' Q wi A 'ff 1 'Mud 'mf J' 1' fail' T sw -EEWWJ WH,,,,,,N.-mr' 4- W W v im. X - ww W q... ,Msn-osnerffw-wsu--.f,.4- W ., I ,A . ,M W., W' A Q, V .. M4 W 1, V ww ...., W .,. . M W...-v.-.f ...,.,,-...wx - W .W J, ,, .L ,.A,,,, W W kwa ww The Friday night pep rally in downtown Dallas is in full swing as Sooners invade "Big D." For Annual Grid Clash Friday evening Sooner students and alumns congregated in downtown Dallas for the annual pep rally. Oklahomans, hopes and cheers were high as the two state teams met Saturday afternoon in the Cotton Bowl for the annual football clash. By the end of the game, the Big Red smacked Texas 2l-7, for their 43rd straight win. Before and after the game, students toured the Texas state fair and were entertained by the OU alumni club of Dallas. Sat- urday evening the victorious Sooners celebrated with numerous parties throughout Dallas. Clendon Thomas breaks through the grasp ot a Texas end. Other Sooners are Ken Northcutt l62l, Bob Harrison l54l and Dennit Morris l5Il. Jerry Thompson lbbl grabs a Steer ball-carrier as Dick C0rbi++ Oklahoma cheerleaders and Rut-Nelrs loin forces in the giant pep l74l moves in to help bring him down. rally in tront ofthe Balrer hotel. 3: - l Ea.. Getting the contestants in shape for the annual Phi Deli' turtle race is 'Fraternity chairman Bill Aishmen, assisted by Barbara Paton. Homecoming Brings Alums 1 'ng a,L., Alternate quarterback Dave Balmer lcnoclrs down a pass intended for Monte Siiclrles, Notre Dame end. Notre Dame halfbaclt Dicll Lynch and an unidentified official get a quick checlc-up after colliding on the field. and Notre Dame Team Homecoming, November 16, was indeed a day that most Sooners will long remember. The morning began with the Phi Delta Theta turtle race on the south oval. Alpha Epsilon Phi sororityis reptile lum- bered across to Win first place. University residences were decked out in decorations in celebration of the state semi-centennial. Delta Gamma and Phi Kappa Psi won top honors in the sorority and fraternity house displays with their mammoth colorful crepe papier and cardboard replicas. The Student Union building was packed as alumns gathered in the lounges and ballroom. Dennit' Morris charges into a Notre Dame player as Clendon Thomas tries 'ro gel' past Diclt Royer. 4 we Capturing second place in the men's Homecoming decorations division was the Beta s covered wagon and atom display Over 63,000 students and visitors in Owen Stadium and thousands more on national television watched the Big Red- Nolre Dame lootball game. The tilt was played by two out- standing, evenly matched teams as the second quarter ended 0-0. During hall'-time ceremonies Ann Clay was crowned Homecoming queen. The upset ol' the year came in the lourtlt quarter when Notre Dame scored to win the game 7-0. snap- ping OUR plftenomonal 47-game winning streak. "lniuns to Engines" was the Delta Gammas' house display which won First place in the sorority house decorations contest. After her performance with Raymond Massey in the Celebrated Artists "The Rivalry," Agnes Morehead stops to tall: with admiring tans. Top Entertainment Offered Entertainment reached a high point at the university this year as many outstanding celebrities were brought to the campus by the Celebrated Artists series and the Popular Ar- ""'d"" . . , . . tlsts series. Much 'home' talent was made available through it the University Players productions, Engineers' Variety show, George Shearing and his string quintet visited the OU campus as a teature ot the Union Activity Popular Artist series. ODK Talent show. and the ever popular Sooner Scandals production. "Quality Street," a University Players production, was a display ot elegant period costumes and dramatic scenery. +J Beginning her national beauty tame, Nancy was crowned "Miss Oklahoma" when she won the state contest last summer. Coed Wins State Acclaim VVhat began as a quiet summer ended with na' tional honors and state cheers for Nancy Denner. Alter hcing selected to reign as "Miss Oklahoma" last July. Nancy found hersell in a mad whirl of ex- citing events at the Atlantic City "lVliss America" heauty pageant in September, A long, hard week ol' bathing suits. evening gowns and dramatic contests was climaxed when Nancy. surprised and happy. was selected second runner-up for the 6'lVliss Amer- icai' crown. an outstanding national honor lor the pretty university coed. Back on the Sooner campus, Nancy talces out time from studies to relax in the Oklahoma sun with Jalrie Sandefer. l The climax ot the long weelx's judging activities came when Nancy was chosen as second runner-up 'For "Miss America." One ot the souvenirs from her gala weelc at Atlantic City is Nancy's "Miss America" doll, awarded to each ot the contestants. l x Q Sticlrin' to the iob ot bronco bustin' is Jerry Denton as he rides Center ot attention is Molly LeVite atter being named the out- it out during the spring Frontier Days. standing treshman woman at the Mortar Board wallrout. Varied Campus Events Draw Students' Interest In addition to classes and studies, Sooner stu- dents take active part in campus events and "school holidays." During Dads, Day in the fall and Moth- ers, Day in late spring, parents are royally vveleomed with several events held in their honor. Now or Never week during the first semester is a pleasant break for the men, coeds have the task ol' date- getting and financing. In the spring, the routine of college liie is hrightened with Frontier Days eelehra- tion. The wild and Wooly West comes alive again as students and faculty enjoy western attire and entertainment. Attez' tallcing to students, Dr. Niels Bohr, distinguished Danish physicist, visits with Dr. J. Rud Nielsen and Mrs. Bohr. .s,,,,1,,,.s,y,,,4,. ,.. wmam-Y as way A-'iam W' sv' The backbone ot Sooner pep and enthusiasm are the university cheerleaders, headed by Kay Bellrnap. rp-.ii mf in 3 Q fp I f yi - N ? l , W" . In 'Mag fm. f ": K V K , 7 T' 52 -f . G , M 11 Q ' f 3 x K if 5 91? tJ4'l.,, ,::A " b 1, ,V IL . I ,A ' A jx y - i 'W A , 1 " f f Q id f-1 ' 'lg ' - "'W 5 , ,,-f ., 'gi . W '. ', X V A. 6 A 4 Y' AQ5- 'g z I ' Vi-L .. Lg 2 A6 , -5 vw .',e: A..... R MQ, :. KEEEQ I , Q ., K S gvik , , , W is 5? 12 5 ' 5 K VmAA L2 2, fi at Q ' ' ' "A A I K 512, F' 5- .:,. : if' M7 gn Q f Q :W I M iw A W X . ,Wg gfifi . ,gm 325 Proclaiming +l'1e coming of lhe annual DU Feudal dinner are a lrnighl in shining armor and his assislanls. -ue-2: ev 'v--Q ,S has l Parties Receive High Billing Fun is one subject never neglected at OU, Alter the ex- citement ol rush has died down somewhat, independent and Greek houses begin planning the yearns social activities. The lztll agenda is packed with Wiener roasts, western and costume parties. hayrides, informal Saturday night events. house pur- Pinmafes Sydney Grant' and E. T. Laird arrive al lhe Lambda Chi fraiemify-S annual Wwe Rose formal- ties and dinners and impromptu get-togethers. Enioying lhe Phi Dell Christmas parly are Bob Richardson, Barbara McSl1ane, Clark Legale, Belsy Cullen, Donna Saulsberry and Bob McDonald. i 71. we 7 vm- ce mmmwf :i41emmsug.nm.i1 Skis and snow herald the annual Chi Omega ski party, being enioyecl by Jim Drake, Karen Blumhagen, Ann Saunders and Ross Roberts. On OU Students' Agenda The coming of winter brings a host of pre-holi- clay activities. Playing up the seasonal angle are ski parties, snowball parties, tree-trimming parties. Christmas parties. parties. parties and more parties. Many Greek houses entertain with faculty desserts in December. During the spring months, Sooner students are busy with annual house celebrations. colorful formal dances, picnics and outings. No mat- ter what the season. the social calendar is abounding with festive events and merriment-a pleasant break from classes and studies. Space man Doug Hoy, assisted by Darlene Owens, Carolyn Eads, Gayle Huxtable and Jim Taliaterro, get ready tor the Phi Kap campus party. Dressed as two sacks ot flour, Jim Boatright and Gracie Wiezarek attend the Alpha Sigma Phi Halloween party. Among the many students celebrating the winter season are Carol Damon and Mark McElroy at the Kappa Sig Christmas party. J A . 3 Y-.,.-.,,. Scnlbaclc Jalcie Sandefer slices io fhe Dulce fhree-yard line before he is tripped up by Hal McElhaney of ihe Blue Devils. Geiiing fheir share of Miami sun, the Ruf-Nelcs go info acfion under fhe OU goal posfs in iheir pre-game warm-ups. Sooners Flock to Miami for Orange Bowl Game Sooner cheerleaders Tomm and Darlene Owens excifedl cheer as Y Y fhe Big Red squad nears fhe I0-yard line. Every two years the Sooner team, enthusiastic fans and students head for Miami and the long- awaited Orange Bowl game. During Christmas holi- day, Oklahomans relaxed and soaked up the Florida sun as the day of the grid game drew near. Some stopped on the trip south at New Orleans to enjoy the French atmosphere and entertainment. With the arrival of New Year's day, Sooner pep ran high. The Orange Bowl was filled to capacity in anticipa- tion of the OU-Duke clash. Hundreds of bandsmen and exhibition marching groups Hooked the field in colorful pre-game activity. The Orange Bowl playing field is filled with colorful band forma- fions as groups perform before ihousands of specfaiors. Big Red blunclerbusses explode amid cheers as 'the Sooner team emerges on the field before the OU-Dulce game. Television camera men had a busy time following the Big Red and the Blue Devils during the rivalry. Halftirne Don Stiller l89l and Joe Rector l8Ol close in on Dulre quarterback as the Blue Devils complete a pass. brought more spectacular field formations and convertibles adorned with state beauty queens. Sooner cheerleaders need- ed no cues as the excited crowd let loose with spontaneous cheers while the Sooner squad pushed past the Duke line for touchdown after touchdown. The clock ticked out with the Big Red a 48-2l victor. Sooner halfback Clendon Thomas runs into a Dulce-built wall in +he Orange Bowl game enroute to the Big Red's 48-2l victory. ARTHUR BAR'l'OVv' Campus Personalities BETTY BLANToN QM STEviz BECKMAN IUVATA BLACK ARTHUR BARTDW: University Players president, Van Heliin Award 1956, Buffalo Mask, Qmicron Delta Kappa, lda Z. Kirk Awards 1956, 1957, Student Senate, Whois Who in American Colleges and Universities, Dean's Honor Roll, BMQC, Union Activities. STEVE BECKMAN: Student Senate president, Pe-et president, Omicron Delta Kappa president, Mothers' Day chairman 1957, Union Activities Board, Beta Theta Pi fraternity, Phi Eta Sigma, Dads' Day Award, AFRQTC 3-year Honor Cadet, BMOC, DMS. IUVATA BLACK: Student Senate secretary, Orehesis vice-president, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Tassels, Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, US National Student association regional secretary, Wesley Foundation, Student Advisory Iudicial Board. BETTY BLANTON: Panhellenie council, Lottinville Award, Union Activity Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Tassels, Chi Upsilon president, Student Conduct committee, Pi Beta Phi sorority vice-president, Conference on Religion chairman 1958. ' DONALD BRYANT: Pe-et treasurer, Omicron Delta Kappa, Delta Sigma Pi secretary, Cross Center Presidents, Council president, Tri-Council, Student Sen- ate, Beta Gamma Sigma, Finance club, Accounting club, BMOC, President's Honor Roll. KAY BUTTOLPH: Womcnis Quadrangle president, Tri-Council president, Al- pha Delta Kappa president, AWS secretary, ISA Outstanding Coed Independent 1957, BWOC, Canterbury club, YWCA, Student Senate, Homecoming and Ca- reer Conference committees. DONALD BRYANT KAY BUTTOLPH SAIIY CALDWELL ELAINE CIDHEN SALLY CALDWELL: Union Activities Council secretary, Mortar Board. Tas- sels sponsor, Mu Phi Epsilon vice-president, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Zeta Kappa, Men's Clee club accompanist 3 years, Kappa Alpha Theta sorority president. YWCA, Panhellcnic, DSF. ELAINE COHEN: Mortar Board vice-president, Hillel Foundation, Pep Coun- cil secretary, Tassels, Panhellenic, Sigma Delta Tau sorority president, BWOC Deanis Honor Roll, Association of Women Students, Student Conduct committee. UAB. PATRICIA CONNER: Tassels vice-president, Mortar Board president, Student Senate, BWOC, Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, Career Conference secretary, YWCA, Union Activities Council, Pi Zeta Kappa, Westminster Foundation, Inter-Religious Council. SHIRLEY ANN DODSON: Theta Sigma Phi president, Alpha Lambda Delta vice-president, Mortar Board secretary, Oklahoma Daily news editor, Tasscls. Publications Board, Chi Omega sorority, BWOC, Union Activities Board, SOONER Yearbook staff. RONALD ELKINS: Pe-et vice-president, Union Activities Board president, Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity president, Interfraternity Council, Pi Mu Epsilon, AFROTC Drill Team, Phi Eta Sigma, Xi Mu, Engineers club, League of Young Democrats. PATRICIA EVANS: Student Press association treasurer, Theta Sigma Phi presi- dent, Alpha Lambda Delta, Tassels, Entre Nous, University Symphony Orches- tra, Westminster Foundation, Oklahoma Daily managing editor, an Outstanding Independent. SIIIRIEY ANN IJODSON RoNAI.D ELKINS ZA PATRICIA CoNNIeIz 3, Q, ? 'mg Q Q 3 Q fe .- F PATRICIA EVANS . at JERRY FRoNTERHoUsE DAv1D FROST ciAINES GODIfREY Campus Personalities PAT HOSFORD JERRY FRONTERI-IOUSE: Omicron Delta Kappa treasurer, NROTC Battalion Commander, Beta Theta Pi fraternity president, Pe-et, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Epsilon Tau, Interfraternity Council, BMOC, Varsity football, St. Pat's Council. DAVID FROST: Oklahoma Daily 1958 spring editor, Student Press association president, Sigma Delta Chi secretary, Omieron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Newman club vice-president, McMahon Memorial scholarship, 1957 Iournalism Day co-chairman. GAINES GODFREY: Tau Beta Pi president, Student Senate treasurer, Society of Geological Engineers president, Beta Theta Pi fraternity, Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Tau, BMOC. Gamma Tau Kappa, Arnold Air Society, Engineers club, UAB. PAT HOSFORD: Engineers club president, Petroleum Engineers club secretary, Pe-et, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Epsilon Tau, St. Pat's Council, Sigma Nu fraternity, Outstanding junior Engineer award. LEE ANN KENNEDY: Womenis Choral club president, Tassels, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, University Chorus, Alpha Chi Omega sorority, Mu Phi Epsilon treasurer, Newman club, Union Activities Board, Music Educators, National Conference. MARGARET LOSEY: Association of Women Students president, Union Activi- ties Board secretary, Tassels, Mortar Board, Kappa Delta Pi, Delta Gamma soror- ity president, YWCA, Panhellenic, Future Teachers of America, BWOC, Senior Class secretary. LEE ANN KENNEDY MARGARET LOSEY t yity ,,,, , f""Cf PAUL, MCIJANIEI. IDICK MCKNIUHT PAUL MCDANIEL: Union Activities Board president, Phi Eta Sigma secretary, Phi Beta Kappa, Pe-et, Omicron Delta Kappa, Xi Mu, Federation of Young Re- publicans, 1957 Sooner Scandals director, Delta Tau Delta fraternity, Arnold Air Society. DICK MCKNIGHT: Senior Class vice-president, Student Senate president, Xi Mu president, Pe-et, Omicron Delta Kappa, Scabbard and Blade, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Delta Theta fraternity, Distinguished Military Student, Interfraternity Council. CLENDON THOMAS: National Football Coaches All-American. United Press All-American, Consensus All-American, Varsity "O" club, Omicron Delta Kappa, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Sporting News and Football Digest All- American. NITA BETH WAGNER: Alpha Lambda Delta secretary. Matrix Table l957 award, Kappa Phi, Association of Women Students secretary, Outstanding Fresh- man Woman. Tassels, Oikonomia. Alpha Lambda Delta, Wesley Foundation, Independent Student association. BOB WEBBER: Inter-Religious Council president, Pe-et secretary, Phi Eta Sigma president, Interfraterniay Council, Beta Theta Pi fraternity secretary, Omicron Delta Kappa, Conference on Religion, BMOC, one of Ten Top Fresh- man Men, YMCA. BILL WISE: Oklahoma Daily 1957 fall editor, KUVY staff, Alpha Delta Sigma, Kappa Alpha fraternity, SOONER Yearbook stalI, Arnold Air Society, Air Com- mand Squadron, McMahon Memorial scholarship, Union Activities, Dean's Honor Roll. Nrm BETH WAGNER BOB WEBBER CLENDON THOMAS M ,ml ,W . -4? 'ww-4 . t ff., i M, BILL Wxsis l wmxmuzas 5 --., W--...Y Darn-rx Ju .Ian N358 SCONKR YEARBOOK Unmersity of Oklahoma Norman, Okia. To the editors: Congrarulaiious on the hx gxrls on your campus - and this ho lwould ra DEANNA SHEPARD PAT JUSOLA ANN 'CLAY YALANDA. CALAME MARTHA WALLACE MYRA VE-DIDER JUDY BROACH TRUDY SHULKIN Bolt wiskws, JL JON WHITCOMB 4,22 C , 'f' Y ,AEE 2 13, 1' k 1 R Pi Beta Phi paffmd Kirk House Davis House na 'ln K 'fail . 1 5 QA Aga W E 5 ., 351 cw Delta Gamma 1 1.4 ' Alpha Gamma Delta K-iv , X Wa gs xr . W 'W' X4 K f I . f ,H Cfff?5Mf Kappa Kappa Gamma a v 4 Y. 1 , n sg-9:45. , fa, ' A X,gge'fi u ,. MQ Sigma Delta ,Tau 5 4,-. 1' V. 75335 ei., f, ., 'f. 4 I " Q5 vi? f 3 . , k!,M,M ,Q . ,, .33 'QQ J 1 RUNNERS-UP W11.m1A F111.KN141R Della Dc-Ita Della MAHGIQL Bo1.I.1f:s DELL Rucscauas Suu Romsow Logan House Herrick House Mcffurlain House SHIQRRIL KAUFMAN I,15SLI1i 1.U'I"I'RliLI. SUSAN Hoomis Gamma Phi Bc-ta CJLIVIQR HOUSE Parker House W, mmmmu. W. wsvwzw-'wi f RUNNERS-UP i ? AN N ll i-:ssia Pi Beta Phi 'l'm,71JY ALCORN DIANIQ CiRA'I"I'ON JANIS Ficl,K1iL Alpha Della Pi Alpha Phi Lawson House wwe . f Visser, sflii ' f, 7. fissynu, ii f j lVlARY l,OU PPIIORNBURG ROZELLE HOlfFMAN CAROL lVlUI.I.IGAN fm , 1 g f le Aggmzf -,-,. , , ,.,, illsfif ' f ' 1- A Vw 'ln , A ,lap If ,ix Iordan House Sager House Franklin House AW' Wi! ,fi ,el,4 3 331- , M A , m"Mwwm'W"iw"' 'ui Afmmvfmwuwi- PAT T Row is R Sanger House RUNNERS-UP LINDA LEVY KITTY Coma JUDY Discisxuu' Kappa Delta Hamill Housc Hume House Gizokcm HAVINS Newman Hall Io IENSEN Phi Nlu IVX slid CuAR1.oT'ria VVIIITIZ Alpha Chi Omega 'li E xim: i f ell. , 4 , v -' :ia W ei: ' QQ ' ia Y ' A ' , 1 4 1- A 'W I . , v , '- P., - 2 RUNNERS-UP MARILYN LAND Holman House SARAH WALKER MARY ANN LEIBENDERFER CHRIS OAK Neill House Kappa Alpha Theta lVlcSpadderI House BETTY PETERS GLORIA PEPPER ORALENE HACKNEY Forbes House Alpha Epsilon Phi Zeta Tau Alpha 5 I? as NWPX M fi 1 . I f As? 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M, 1 ...tswm ma...s,'.,.maafwf-aww. .wg .M-as v--k- - W..- Q7 'CIP Members of the Publications Board are, FIRST ROW, left lo right: Cecil Tucker. SECOND ROW: John H. Casey, Eve Kimbrell, Shirley Ann Dod- H. Brite, Dr. Ralph Bienfang, Dr. Fayette Copeland, Patty Ball, Charles son, Mrs, Louise B. Moore. PUBLICATIONS BOARD One of the oldest faculty-student groups on the University of Oklahoma campus, the Publications board selects the editors of the two all-school publica- tions: The Oklahoma Daily, student newspaper, and the SOONER, university yearbook. The board also exercises the power of approval of all budgets and expenditures of these publications. In 1915 the board first assumed its present form, although ll years later the membership was increased from five to seven. Since four students and three faculty members hold voting positions on the board, the organization is student-controlled and the weight of student opinion in determining board decisions is emphasized. Because of the student majority, student opinions, plans and ideas form the essence of the policies set up by the board. Three faculty ex-oliicio members also serve on the board. Faculty members are appointed or re-ap- pointed annually, while the students are selected for one-year term. The principal duty of the organization is the selection of the two school publications editors, which is based on the applicants' experience, loyalty and ex- ecutive ability. At least one semester's work in a major stali position on the publication of which he seeks editorship is required. Student members of the board this year were Patty Ball, representing the SOONER yearbookg Eve Kimbrell, Oklahoma Daily representative, with Shirley DR. FAYETTE COPELAND MRS. LOUISE BEARD MOORE Ann Dodson and Charles Tucker as members-at-large. Faculty members who comprise the board include Dr. Fayette Copeland, who has served as director of the school 'of journalism since l947g Dr. Ralph Beinfang, professor of pharmacy, named to the board in 1950, and john H. Casey, a nationally-known authority on community journalism. Casey joined the OU faculty in 1927 and is professor oi journalism. DR. RALPH BIENFANG IOHN H. CASEY Ex-officio members of the board are Mrs. Louise Beard Moore, supervisor of student publications and formerly employed by Scripps-Howard newspapers and as city editor of a Texas daily newspaperg Cecil H. Brite, general manager of all student publications since graduation from the university in l930, and George Churchill, director of the university public relations bureau. '95 . li p gy Q.: ,. , CECIL H. BRITE l JOURNALISM PRESS The Oklahoma Daily student newspaper is printed by the Iournalism Press. The Press assumes the responsibilities and assures the maintenance of the mechanical needs of the university paper. The organization was established June l, l930, by an act of the Publications board, and by authority of the Board of Regents was made an auxiliary of the university in March, 1956. With the approval of the university, the Press makes all purchases and handles financial dealings for the student newspaper, C. H. Brite serves as general manager for the Journalism Press. W. C. Vanderwerth, superintendent, directs the mechanical department of the Oklahoma Daily. "Van,,, as he is fondly called by the students, puts the finishing touches on the journalism students' work and produces the outstanding morning newspaper. Experienced student printers are hired by the Press to Work in the mechanical department of the Daily. The shop crew is made up of students who have gained printing experience on various Oklahoma news- papers, and who are working their way through col- lege. The crew prints five morning papers a week dur- ing the school year, including the summer session. Members of the shop crew are, FIRST ROW, left to right: George Foltz, Byron Hayes, Eddie Crider, Bill Hickman, Don Hirschler, Ronald Hender- son, Ken Lewis. SECOND ROW: James Hedrick, John Anthony, Bob it N is 23, A W"'N. tm mm xW W awn- x ,WY li Mi' " - , ..,- w,,,,,, X 1, W. C. VANDERWERTH Superintendent of Shop Four issues are annually published on green paper in honor ol the Engineers, week celebration. One of the biggest jobs for the men is printing the summer special. a five-section edition which is sent in August to all pre-enrolled university freshmen. Lewellen, Glenn Carter, Robert Shaw, Olen Brown, Jack Jackson, Sam DeLoach, Don Harris, W, C. Vanderwerfh. JU f i rw ., lHE 1958 SOONER The first pictorial coverage of the events, activities and students at the University of Oklahoma was the Mistletoe, published in l905. Four years later the title was changed to the SOONER yearbook. Since the first few leather bound pages of the Mistletoe appeared, the yearbook has enjoyed contin- uous publications and growth. From this small begin- ning, the size has grown to the current six hundred pages of color and print of the SOONER. A project of the junior class, the Mistletoe developed into the SOONER, a publication involving the eHorts of students in every part of university life. The theme of the yearbook this year is campus activity, reflecting the various phases of student en- deavor during the 1957-58 school season. The basic idea for the volume was decided upon in the spring of 1957, and the work began immediately. The pictures seen in the opening section and in four division open- ers were carefully selected and scheduled to show the highlights of student activity. From the beginning of school with the days of en- rollment, through class and study periods and ending with graduation, the SOONER has tried to capture the pulse and excitement of university life. Such extra- curricular activities as football, drill and dates are thrown in to break the routine of school. Une of the more serious sides of student life is emphasized in the academic section as the class features were all taken in classrooms and labs. E135 pw!" The higher echelon of the Sooner oftice includes Cecil Brite, general manager of publications, Nancy Norton, office manager, and Stan Mann, editor. STANLEY P. MANN, Editor Among the changes in picture layout and editorial content in the l958 SOONER, the most noticeable are the bright red endsheets on the inside front and back covers. In years past, the endsheets have been black and white photographs. The red pages carry out the color scheme of the realistic front cover and lead into the 2-page color spread of the south oval. A change in yearbook procedure was made in the selection of the campus personalities. Before, appli- cants have submitted information sheets with their activities, honors, offices and membership in organiza- tions. This fall the personality committee selected the top students on the basis of a list compiled from recom- mendations. These were received from campus leaders and members of the faculty. The committee was composed of Margaret Losey, president of Association of Women Students, Steve Beckman, Student Senate president, Bob Garrett, ln- dependent Students association president, Mrs. Louise B. Moore, supervisor of publications, and Stan Mann, editor of the 1958 SOONER. The staff was proud to have jon Whitcomb, inter- nationally famous artist and magazine illustrator, judge the beauty section. Mr. Whitcomb ranked the top eight coeds according to their beauty, natural and photogenic qualities. The entire SOONER staff has worked hard to pro- duce a complete pictorial record of this year's campus activities. Yearbook representatives strived to present an impartial and thorough glimpse of events. THANKS - - - Editing and publishing a college yearbook is a task of untold magnitude. It requires the cooperation and concentrated efforts of many people. Of these people, some deserve special recognition. Thanks go to the staH, especially to the members of the major staff, who spent a Vast amount of time carrying out their duties. Besides spending many hours getting pictures and information about their individual yearbook divisions, the major staff helped train stu- dents for the 1959 SOONER. A large amount of credit for the success of this book should rightly be given to Nancy Norton, office manager, and Marivee Norvell, secretary. They handled the tedious details and solved many of the countless problems which always seemed to arise. Credit also goes to those students and faculty members who served on the personality selection and beauty committees. ln addition, I would like to thank Steve Beckman, Bill Wise, Margaret Losey, Dave Rambo, Dick McKnight, Bob Garrett, Carolyn Messer, Col. Buddy Strozier, Mrs. Louise Moore and Dr. Iodie Enioying his iob as beauty editor is Miles Anderson, being assisted by Pat Walker, features editor, and Saradelle McDonald, communications editor. Smith for their cooperation and assistance. Special thanks should go to our photographers who have worked at all hours of the day and night taking and processing pictures for use in this yearbook. I particularly appreciate the efforts of Frank Wirges. By his fast work, he has enabled us to meet many of our deadlines and picture dates. Helping us out in the special photography field were Mel Newsom and Ray Iacoby. Very few of the people who pick up a copy of this book will realize the great amount of work which went into it. An editor must be many things. He has to be an impartial observer but yet he must give cover- age to those things which he considers important. He has to be a diplomat but he must make his own deci- sions. Most of all, he must be an organizer. He keeps work going on schedule and coordinates the activities of a large staff. Editing the 1958 SOONER has been an education in itself. This book mirrors your activities, thoughts, and actions. It is now in your hands to enjoy. S.P.M. ze? if i s Q A last minute check on the fraternity and sorority panels is being done by Mickey Edwards, George Stephenson, Marivee Norvell, secretary, and Petty Flood. 56, B , ml' ., . Sooner staff members are, FIRST ROW, left to right: Pat Flood, Pat Olive, ' THIRD ROW: Jerry L. Cornelius, John Carpenter, Willard Y, Thomas, Neil Martha Nelle Chastain, Jane Ford. SECOND ROW: Miles Anderson, Sara- Stanfield, Brad Thompson, delle Meoonaud, Geraldine chemin, wearer whilden, Mickey Edwards. SOONER STAFF MEMBERS STAN MANN . .... Editor MILES ANDERSON . . . . Beauty Editor NEIL STANFIELD . . . Organizations Editor SARADELLE MCDONALD . . Communications Editor IOHN CARPENTER . . Independent Men Editor PATTY FLOOD . . WOHIQHIIS Intramurals Editor PAT OLIVE . . Independent Women Editor JOHN GILLER . . . Ments Intramurals Editor BILL TIFFANY . . . . Fraternity Editor WALTER WHILDEN . . . . Index Editor IO ANN TEMPLEMAN . Sorority Editor EMILY FERRIS . . Copy Editor PAT WALKER . . . Features Editor WILLARD THOMAS . . Army Editor MICKEY EDWARDS . Sports Editor IOE BELL . . . Navy Editor PAT GIBSON . . Editorial Assistant DARRELL BITTLE . Air Force Editor NEIL STANFIELD PAT OLIVE JOHN CARPENTER Organizations Editor Independent Women's Editor Independent Men's Editor n ,1- -i1--l BILL WISE, First Semester Ecliior THE OKLAHO Written and edited by journalism students, the Oklahoma Daily serves as the principal news dissemi- nation medium for the university and the student body. The l957-58 school year marked the paperis 44th year of publication. Among the first semester's top series were: the defeat of the Sooner football team by Notre Dame to end a 47 game win streak, the Asian Hu epidemic which swept the nation and the campus, President Eisen- hower,s visit to Oklahoma City, and a student senate proposal to place ROTC on a voluntary basis. Leading the Daily as editor during the first semes- ter was Bill Wise. He carried on an active editorial campaign aimed at discarding the university's policy of compulsory ROTC in favor of a voluntary program. Writing about education, Wise attacked current atti- tudes toward education, and supported college entrance examinations and higher salaries for professors. He FIRST SEMESTER DAILY STAFF, FIRST ROW, left to right: Eve Kimbrell, Pai Walker, Bill Wise, David Frost, Lillian Morgan, Sue Barlon. SECOND ROW: Alice Lay, Pat Olive, Cacci Miller, Claudia Jondahl, Naomi Uischen, Carol DAVID FROST, Second Semester Editor MA DAILY also wrote a series of columns explaining the operation and goals of student government. David Frost served as Daily editor during the sec- ond scmester. He discussed the deferred pledging proposal for social sororities and fraternities and poked fun at the superficiality of students. Frost was the last student to serve as editor of the Daily in the old Jour- nalism building before the Daily was moved to the new building on the south oval. A member of the Associated Press for many years, the Daily purchased United Press wire service during the first semester giving journalism students Working on the Daily an opportunity to compare coverage of national and international news. One edition of the Daily each year is published with the help of high school students attending the spring meeting of the Oklahoma Inter-scholastic Press association. With the exception of editor, all staff positions Jean Robinson. THIRD ROW: Bill Whiiworih, Sieve Caihey, Mickey Ed- wards, Emil Levine, Jo Ann Templeman, David Smilh. 'vm , .qw , , , is L ,P Maw SECOND SEMESTER DAILY STAFF, FIRST ROW, left +o right: Jimmy Sims, Carol Jean Robinson, David Frost, Mickey Edwards, J, K. Dailey, Alice Lay. SECOND ROW: Jerry Cornelius, Grady King, Bill Bowles, Emil Levine, Steve on the Daily are for a period of eight weeks. Serving as managing editors during the first three periods were David Frost, Pat Walker, and Mickey Edwards. Sports editors were loan Emerson, Steve Cathey and Hugh Morgan. Campus editors were Carol lean Robinson, Claudia londal and Cacci Miller. Serving as news editors were Miss Walker, Miss Robinson, Edwards, Cathey, Eve Kimbrell, Naomi Utschen, Lillian Morgan, Emil Levine, Bill Fitzgerald, Sally West, lerry Bell, Pat Olive, Ann Billingsley and Ben Harrison. Since it was founded in 1913, the lournalism school has had a series of make-shift homes. During the 1957-58 school year both the Iournalism school and the Oklahoma Daily found a permanent home de- signed especially for their needs. Construction on the new 5B600,000 building on the south oval was com- pleted during the second semester. Construction of the building was financed in part by funds contributed by state publishers and was fur- nished entirely by funds donated by newspapermen, alumni, press groups and friends of the school. Included among the articles placed in the corner stone of the new building was an ancient window shade which hung in the office of the Daily editor for many years and is covered with names of former edi- tors and staff members of the Daily, many of whom have since become famous as statesmen, authors and publishers. The Daily is published five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday mornings. Copies are distributed to all houses and to centralized points about the campus. Advising the student editorial staff ol the Daily is Mrs. Louise B. Moore, supervisor ol' student publica- tions. W. C. Vanderwcrth. shop superintendent, directs the student-staffed composing room and press of the Daily. Other than the editor. all stall members ol the Daily are chosen by the faculty of the lournalism school. The editor is selected by the University Pub- lications board. X1 LKM, Calhey, Cacci Miller, David Smith, Ben Harrison, Hugh Morgan, Bill Whit- worth. FIRST SEMESTER ADVERTISING STAFF, left to right: Pal Walker, John Sims, Bill Wise, Byron Hays, Prof. John Casey, Fritz Weltengel. SECOND SEMESTER ADVERTISING STAFF, left to right: John M. Deen, Fred Singleton, Roberl R. Orner, Donald Harris, Prof. Leslie H. Rice, Alice Evans, Kay Lee, Irv Kauffman. Y FIRST ROW, left to right: Harry W. Todd, Wanda J, Little, Bill P, Stauss, Harber, Robert M. Nerem, Ed F. Perry, Harold W. Killenberger, Charles C. Lynn W. Barrett, Lee Dwight Smith. SECOND ROW: Mike Lord, Bill C. Patton, Hal Sims, Ralph W. Jackson. Dwight Smith and Bill Stauss are first and second semester Shamrock editors, respectively. SOONER SHAMROCK The Sooner Shamrock was first published in 1941. Since that time, the self-supporting magazine has given the student enrolled in the college of engineering a journal in which he can publish technical writings and the latest news of the college and of the Held. Anyone interested in working on the Shamrock is welcome to a position on the staff. The editor and business manager are ap- pointed on a leadership and experience basis by the St. Pat's Coun- cil, the governing body of engineering activities. Published four times annually, this year the Shamrock began the use of colored advertisements and colored illustrations. Another new feature of the magazine was the publishing of a thesis on engineering. During the year, Lynn Barrett served as business manager of the Shamrock. Ed Parry was managing editor, Charles Patton, ex- ecutive secretary, Gene Cunningham, copy editorg Bob Nerem, cir- culation managerg Steve Wixon, photography editor, Iohn Bearden, photography assistant, and Al Buckingham, cartoons. Although the staff receives no pay, information acquired by actual Contact with men in the field has proven invaluable. The graduating senior staff members are presented with keys at the annual St. Patis banquet in the spring. In addition to serving the students, the Shamrock helps pro- mote the college of engineering in Oklahoma and other states be- cause it is sent to all high schools throughout Oklahoma. The student magazine is received by hundreds of alumni in all of the 48 states and in several foreign countries. , J gg . X. -. -X -S, - --,X.. X , . E ,X Xa- X X KWH U as X X Ke w we lai X X S RX , W 1 V 9 X F Av t, X V2 X , X Y X X k 'K' X X, P2 X ' fx,. XX. 'f?gr2if-- ' , . 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WILKINSON Direc+or of Athletics Head Football Coach PORT ROBERTSON GOMER JONES KEN FARRIS ATHLETIC COUNCIL AND COACHING STAFF A Sports Illustrated story one week before the Sooner football clash with Notre Dame keyed Oklahoma grid success to a formula. Expanding this theory, and evolving a formula which added to R Ctop recruitingj, P Ctop playersb and S Ctop schedule, a well-experienced blend of C Ctop coachingj, athletic director Bud Wilkinson honed not only his foot- ball team but the entire OU athletic program to polished precision. While sportswriters and grid fans were keeping their eyes on mentors Wilkinson and Gomer Tones, tops in their field, the grid world proper was Watching the Sooner assistants. And at seasonis end, Sam Lyle had impressed the Edmonton Eskimos enough to land a head coaching job, with Ted Youngling going along to assist. Ed Crowder, former OU quarterbacking magician, will remain. In other sports, Doyle Parrack learned the virtues of patience as the Oklahoma roundballers, apparently in the midst of a long-term lease on the Big Eight basketball cellar, bounced and dribbled their way to the best won-lost record for an OU cage team since 1951. In his first two years Par- rack saw the Sooners post 4-19 and 8-15 marks. This season the cagers compiled a 13-10 mark. Paul Geymann served his second season as Parrack's assistant. Matt lV1ann,s mermen, long-time national powerhouses, splashed to an undefeated seasonal record and the highly- ranked grunt and groan matmen of Port Robertson kept a strong half-nelson on Wrestling prestige. Track hall-of-famer Iohn Iacobs and assistant thinclad coach Bill Carroll guided a highly improved set of tracksters through Big Eight competition, while Tack Baer pulled the strings on the Big Red baseball squad. Bob Iames coached the Sooner golfers for the second season and Don Walraven, former net star in his own right, paced the Oklahoma tennis squad. Dean Earl Sneed, Ir., was the Big Eight faculty represen- tative for the university. DEAN EARL SNEED, JR. Chairman of Athletic Council Big Eight Faculty Representative ATHLETIC COUNCIL-FIRST ROW, Ieff fo riqhf: Dr. Joseph H. Marshburn, son. SECOND ROW: Leonard Hauq, Dr. John C. Brixey, Clyde L. Farrar, Maurine Bowling, Dr. W. E. Hollon, Dean Earl Sneed, Jr., Dr. E. A. Frederick- Paul V. Keen, Ken Farris, Dick McKniqh1. DOYLE PARRACK JACK BAER MATT MANN HAROLD KEITH ... Q. K 'T g QM gh K, I if ,V V 2 ' , ,.k:- K V 1 , ' E.. 1 JOHN JACOBS DON WALRAVEN BOB JAMES EDWIN B. CROWDER Q WILLIAM CARROLL SAM LYLE PAUL E. GEYMANN TED YOUNGLING FIRST ROW, left to right: Prentice Gauft, Delmas Thorne, George Talbott, Bill Krisher, Benton Ladd, Don Stiller, Clendon Thomas, Dennil' M OND ROW: Bob Harriso n, Jim Davis, Ben Wells, John Pellow, Brewster Hob- orris. SEC- SEASON'S RECORD Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma . . . 26 Pittsburgh . . . 0 . . . 40 Iowa State . . . 14 . . . 21 Texas .... . . 7 ...47 Kansas . 0 . . . 14 Colorado . . . . 13 . . . 13 Kansas State . . O . . . 39 Missouri . . . . 14 . . . 0 Notre Dame . . 7 . . . 32 Nebraska . . . . 7 . . . 53 Oklahoma State 6 ORANGE BOWI. ...48 Duke.. ..2l I44 by, Dick Evans, Jere Durham, Jared Rowe, Steve Jennings. THIRD ROW: Dale Sherrod, David Rolle, Joe Rector, Gerry Marchbank, Lee Horne, Gary , Baer, Cloyd Shilling, Dick Corbift, Jim Lawrence. l IRISH H-BOMB OU... A Sooner football team which had airily won games it was supposed to lose, and which had stumbled awkwardly ovcr a couple of so-called pushovers, let the Wrath of Soonerland spill onto the Lincoln corn- fields one Saturday afternoon, and, as the newspaper- men said, "ended their longest losing streak in four yearsf, One Saturday previously, with a setting which would have curdled the blood of a Hollywood pro- ducer, Oklahoma stepped onto the Owen stadium turf to make history, and watched dazedly as history made itself. Notre Dame vvasn't flashy, nor experienced, nor powerful. Not even undefeated. But Notre Dame won that day. They won. 7-O. This was a bad year for Oklahoma football, 1957 was. The Sooners did not finish first in the national polls. They did not go undefeated. They did not retire any trophies. No, it was a bad year for the Sooners. FIRST ROW, left to right: Doyle Jennings, Wahoo McDaniel, Benton O'Neal, Dick Carpenter, Buddy Ouiesky, Byron Searcy, David Baker, Jerry Thompson. SECOND ROW: Carl Dodd, Ken Norlhculf, Bobby Boyd, Jackie Holt, Jakie Sandefer, B, W. Scott, Ross Coyle, Bob Morford, Billy Jack Moore, Dick Gwinn, Jim Bowen, student manager. THIRD ROW: Mickey Johnson, Glenn Sears, Bennet? Watts, Jerry Payne, Mickey Jackson, Gilmer Lewis, Lester Bradley, Chuck Bowman, Don Nelson, Bill Levonilis. SOONERS 'FALl0Ul' LAUNCHES HISTORIC ERA A bad year-but not the worst. For the Sooners did more than snap a "losing streakn when they dumped Nebraska, 32-7, on the Cornhusker field. They won their 65th straight conference game, ram- bling over ll years. They won another Big Eight championship, but who still counts them? They were unable to make it three straight national titles. No, they skidded all the way to fourth. As for those seniors who dreamt of graduating and never seeing the Big Red lose. And of seeing the famous OU win string stretch out to the 50 mark. Well, the Sooners were bad this year. They stopped winning after 47 games. All Americans? Oh, sure we had those, too. Why. is that news? Bill Krisher was the most prominent when it came to selecting the gridiron wheels, but Clendon Thomas did okay for himself. too. For the Sooners, it was the tenth straight trip to the winneris circle known as the Associated Press top ten. It was the ninth year out of the last ten that the spot in the AP poll was in the upper half of that select IGH. It was quite a year for the Sooners and Sooner fans. And even for Bud Wilkinson's grey suit and red tie, which had to work overtime once or twice to insure an OU win. Texas, Colorado and Kansas State outdid them- selves in trying to beat the Irish to the knockout punch, but the Sooners had been reading their press clippings and knew they were too good to lose on one of these Saturdays. The Big Red outscored their opponents. 333 to 89. And therein is the story. A victory story. l -wr David Baker Bobby Boyd Dick Carpenter Dick Corbi'H Ross Coyle Jim Davis Carl Dodd Jere Durham Oklahoma 26 - Pittsburgh0 And then there were 4l! Throughout the east, coaches, players and sports writers scoigfed at claims ofyfootball greatness emerging from the midland plains of Oklahoma. On the morning of September 21, as eleven Sooners stood anxiously on a playing field in Pittsburgh, Pa., the skeptics remained unconvinced. Two hours later the skeptics were convinced. One period passed and some of the unfaithful could envision a Sooner downfall, the end of an era. The Pittsburgh Panthers had a tough team, a big line and a determined coach. The Oklahomans had a tradition, a living legend in sports. For one solid quarter the mammoth Pitt line held off the visiting midland marauders. But for only one quarter. In the second stanza the Sooner volcano erupted, and the visitors overllowed like hot lava, sweeping through, around and over their hosts. Iakie Sandefer hit Ioe Rector with a touchdown pass in the second period to open the season's scoring, and before the game ended, Carl Dodd, Don Stiller and Dick Carpenter had crossed the double-stripe, smashing Pitt with a third-quarter two-touchdown outburst. The Sooners had found two new quarterbacks in transplanted halfbacks Carl Dodd and David Baker. When the game started the Sooners were number one. When the game ended the Sooners were number one. There were 41 down-and how many to go? 'rs' J in is ts .. 5, uv 8' , 4 Yi, 5 to 'fr it v- - - fv- Oklahoma 40 Iowa State 14 And then there were 421 Oklahoma, undefeated in conference play in 10 years, spotted two first downs to a high- geared Iowa State Cyclone, outgained the visitors by only 24 yards, but cashed in on the breaks to nab a 40-14 decision for its 60th consecutive Big Eight win. Rolling to an early 19-0 lead, the Soon- ers ignored the statistical closeness of the game, sending Carl Dodd into the end zone twice, with Clendon Thomas, David Baker, Iakie Sandefer and Bobby Boyd all adding touchdowns. Bolstering a sputtering ground attack with accurate hook passes and off-tackle slants by Dwight Nichols and Iim Lary, the Cyclones crossed the Sooner double stripe for the first and second times since 1951. Iowa State picked up 15 first downs to 13 for the Sooners, outgained the Oklaho- mans, 130-128, in the air, and marched to 138 infantry yards to 164 for the Big Red. Oklahoma was still number one in the nation. There were 42 down-and how many to go? lowa State back Jim Lary snares a leg as alternate right half Dick Carpenter breaks across the Cyclone I0-yard line. Okla- homa took win No. 42 with a 40-I4 romp. If 'RN Defending national scoring champion Clendon Thomas cuts through a hole in the Pittsburgh line as co-captain Don Stiller stares in wonder. Dennit Morris is No. 51 tor the Sooners. l Prentice Gauff Dick Gwinn Bob Harrison Brewster Hobby Jackie Holt Mickey Jackson Doyle Jennings Steve Jennings Oklahoma Z1 - Texas7 And then there were 43! Completely reversing the situation faced against the Iowa State Cyclones a week earlier, the Sooners ran circles around Texas in the first downs and rushing yardage departments, but were plagued by a precision-built Longhorn aerial attack as the Steers rolled to a 7-0 first quarter lead. Meeting the Sooners for the first time under the tutoring of former Oklahoma signal- caller Darrell Royal, the Texans assembled a well-built passing game behind Walt Fondren and, as their forefathers at the Alamo had done, buckled down to spring the upset of the century. And just as their forefathers had done, the Steers failed. Clendon Thomas cracked over from the three in the second period to make it 7-7 at the half. The Texans buckled down and held, but Iakie Sandefer slid over from one yard out to give the Sooners a 14-7 lead, with Carl Dodd sneaking the clincher over with 2:02 left in the game. Statistically, the midland marauders of Bud Wilkinson pasted the Steers, 21-11, in the first down department and 303-71 rushing. But the Longhorns outpassed the Sooners, 100- 24, in holding the highly-favored Big Red to a 21-7 verdict, dumping the Oklahomans from the top spot in national polls. Still, there were 43 down-and how many to go? Oklahoma 47 Kansas 0 And then there were 44! Bouncing back from a below-par Week- end in Dallas which saw them drop out of First place in national press ratings, Bud Wil- kinson,s Sooners unleashed a sweeping Pan- zer attack to rock the Kansas Iayhawks of on- the-Way-out coach Chuck Mather, 47-O. Scoring in every quarter, the Sooners sent five backs, Clendon Thomas, Dick Carpenter, Iakie Sandefer, David Baker and David Rolle, over the goal-line. The alternate eleven scored five of the seven touchdowns. Flexing their muscles in an attempt to regain top national billing, the Sooners out- first-downed the Kansans, 27-8, piled up a massive 447-yard rushing total CKU had 107D and out-gained the Iayhawks in the aerial department, 93-64. The hapless Iayhawker offensive punc- tured Wilkinson's usual pre-game burial chants, but the sons of the Kaw sent nine Sooners to the sidelines with injuries before the final whistle sounded. The Iayhawker collapse gave the Sooners a 61-game conference winning streak. There were 44 down-and how many to go? Jakie Sandefer is spilled by a Kansas Jayhawk as 'Four while-clad defenders close in. Oklahoma blanked +he Jays, 47-0, for their four+h win lhis season. .sea ' Dick Carpenfer follows his blockers info the Texas secondary. Bobby Boyd l25l leads the interference while Dave Baker l3ll blocks oul' a Longhorn end. Breaking loose for a possible pass is end Ross Coyle. l l l . W .17-vw --- vw - - - vw- - Bill Krisher Benion Ladd Jim Lawrence Glmer Lewis Edward McDaniel Billy Jack Moore Dennii' Morris K n Norflicuff Oklahoma I4 - Colorado I3 And then there were 45! Back in first place in the national ratings after thumping Kansas, Oklahoma returned to Owen field to face Big Eight arch-rival Colorado, traditionally one of the spiked hurdles on the Big Red schedule. Paced by Boyd Dowler and All-America halfback Bob Stransky, the Buffs jumped from under a 7-0 First period deficit to grab a 13-7 lead with l:ll gone in the final quarter. The Sooners punched across the first score of the afternoon just before the second stanza began, Bobby Boyd sprinting across from the nine. But the Buffs held in the second period, and opened the final half as Stransky inter- cepted a deflected pass and ran 40 yards to score with 1:12 gone in the half. Bill Krisher blocked the Colorado conversion, to hold the Sooner lead, 7-6. Stransky pitched to Dowler at the opening of the fourth period to boost the visitors into a 13-7 lead. The Sooners stormed back with a drive from kickoff with Thomas scoring to snip the Buff dreams with a 14-13 squeaker, but the Coloradoans returned to Boulder with the knowledge that they had unseated the Big Red from national title hopes, leading the Sooners statistically. Colorado out-first-downed OU, 16-14, outpassed the Big Red, 54-0, and ended up With a total yardage edge of 258-250. Oklahoma led in rushing, 250-213. A close call, but- There were now 45 down, and how many to go? l50 1 , Oklahoma 13 Kansas State 0 And then there were 461 Oklahoma ran up against a brick wall and a muddy field at Manhattan, Kan., but the Sooners, aiming for Bud Wilkinsonis 100th win at the OU helm, slowly and de- liberately battered down the K-State wall. Unable to spring a man loose for a long gain on the soggy Wildcat field, the Sooners settled for a slow, through-the-middle, in- fantry attack, outrushing the K-Staters, 232- 120, to grab a 13-0 decision. Many fans were scared away by threat- ening Kansas skies but 15,000 watched the Wildcats ignore Sooner warnings and hold the Big Red cold for one and one-half periods. Clendon Thomas sliced six yards for the first score with 7:42 gone in the second quarter. The next Oklahoma touchdown came with 11:23 gone in the third period, with Bobby Boyd plunging one yard for the 13-0 count. Left end Don Zadnik, a member of the OU all-opponent team, crashed in to block the conversion attempt. The Oklahomans led Kansas State in the first down department, 17-11, and in rushing, but as usual were outplayed in the air, 78-56. Budis 100th win. And 46 down, with how many to go? Clendon Thomas tries the middle of +l1e Kansas Stale llne as Wildcat' defenders make the tackle. Oklahoma won, I3-0 defender. aaa.. - Alternate signal-caller Dave Baker cuts upfield in the Sooner-Colorado game Dave Rolle 1411 blocks oul' a u 5 g A 4 sl Joe Ouieslry Jerry Payne John Pellow Joe Recfor David Rolle Jakie Sandefer B. W. Scoff Byron Searcy Oklahoma 39 - Missouri 14 And then there were 47! Stung sharply by two straight narrow victories, Oklahoma roared into Columbia, Mo., and rudely flattened Tiger upset dreams, clinching a visit to the Orange Bowl, coming one game away from an outright Big Eight title. Passing the Sooners' 64th straight loop game without defeat, the squad Walloped Mizzou for the 12th consecutive year, crushing the Missourians, 39-14. The enraged Oklahoma eleven, pressed to the limit against Colorado and Kansas State, took out its wrath on Missouri newspaper clippings predicting an upset, and an official "Beat Oklahoman week in the show-me state, showing the Tigers with an infantry offensive which rolled to 424 yards. Oklahoma scored once in each of the first three quarters, and then, since three backs hadnft had a chance to score, pushed across three more tallies in the final period. Six backs scored Oklahoma,s six touchdowns-Carpenter going over from the 17, Boyd from the two, Baker from the one, Dodd from the two, Thomas from the two and Gautt from the three. Brewster Hobby, one of the few Sooner backs who hadn,t had a chance to score, ran back an interception 66 yards to the Tiger three on the last play of the game. Oklahoma led in first downs, 28-10, rushing, 424-106, and closed the aerial gap, trailing only 40-56. Missouri scored in the second and fourth periods to avoid a whitewash. Missouri dreamt of an upset! And now it's 47 down, and how many to go? Oklahoma 0 Notre Dame 7 The day that could never come, came. The team that could never lose, lost. Four quarters of play were completed, but the fans sat silent. Four quarters of play were completed, and 62,000 gridiron enthusi- asts, most of them loyal Sooners, sat stunned as though awaiting a fifth quarter. It didn't come! Oklahoma had lost. For the first time since Notre Dame had taken a 28-21 season opening win in 1953, Oklahoma had lost. The score, for those who care what the score was, was 7-0. There was no excuse. No sickness, no bad breaks, no excuse. Okla- homa had just lost. As a plot, it would have been rejected by any movie company. It was Oklahoma's Homecoming. It was the 50th anniversary of Oklahoma statehood. Halfback Dick Lynch went over from the three in the last quarter, on a fourth down play, to end a 20-play, 80-yard drive. The end after 47 straight wins. The end after 123 consecutive games in which the Sooners had scored. Next week-another streak? Sooner speedster Jakie Sandeter is hauled down by an uniden- tified Irish tackler. Notre Dame won, 7-0. Dave Baker sails along the overland route tor a touchdown in the Mis- souri game, on a quarterback keeper. Oklahoma won, 39-I4, for their 47th straight victory. .-, 4, , Glenn Sears Gale Sherrod Cloyd Shilling Clendon Thomas Jerry Thompson Bennett Waits Oklahoma 32 - Nebraska7 Oklahoma took one quick glance backward, turned towards Lincoln, Neb., and began another win string, smothering the Cornhuskers, 32-7. For the Sooners it was the eighth win in nine starts. Nebraska had won only one game While losing nine. The Oklahoma consecutive-games-scored-in mark had been halted, the 47-game win streak had been halted, but the win over Nebraska ran the Big Red conference undefeated skein to 55 games. The Cornhuskers, anxious to get in on the "treat-the-Sooners-rough" bandwagon formed by Colorado, Kansas State and Notre Dame, jumped to an early 7-0 lead in the first quarter as the OU infantry attack sputtered and failed to catch on. But for only one quarter. In the second period Oklahomans Dave Baker, Brewster Hobby and Iakie Sandefer crossed the double-stripe. The conversions failed, but OU held an 18-7 lead at the half. Oklahoma picked up a gift tally on the opening kickoff in the second half, a Nebraskan failing to cover a kick that rolled dead in the end zone. Ioe Rector pounced on the loose pigskin for the six-pointer. Hobby added Oklahomais last tally in the same period, plunging over from the one-yard line. The Big Red led in first downs, 22-10, rushing, 349-117, and for the first time all season, in passing, 70-44. Notre Dame was forgotten. There was one down, and how many to go? Don S'l'iller Ben Wells Oklahoma 53 Oklahoma State 6 And then there were two! For the first time, Oklahoma was meet- ing Oklahoma State. The name was different, but the team was the same, and the Sooners easily romped to their ninth win of the sea- son, 53-6. Oklahoma scored in every period, hold- ing the Cowboys scoreless for three periods. Carl Dodd scored from the one, Clendon Thomas scored from the two and 15, passing to Iakie Sandefer for another score. Sandefer added another tally on a 55-yard pass inter- ception, Dick Carpenter ran 33 yards for a tally, Brewster Hobby scored after a pass from Dave Baker and Iackie Holt tallied on a pass from Dale Sherrod. But the big gun in the Oklahoma attack was Thomas, along with Bill Krisher, an All- America candidate. Thomas scored the 36th touchdown of his career, one more than George Thomas and Billy Vessels had man- aged, he ran his yardage total to 2,120, bet- tering Vessels' mark of 2,085, and he ran his total points record to 216 for three years of action. OU led in first downs, 21-17, rushing, 422-260, and in passing, 120-25. The Sooners were back on the win streak! Oklahoma Sfaie defenders close in on halfback Dick Carpenier as he comes down with a pass. The Sooners won. 53-6. . elsif victory over the Cornhuskers OU's Brewster Hobby scores n the second period of the Olahoma Ne braska game. H was the Frsi' Hobby's two 'touchdowns in the 32 7 THE VARSITY SPRINT MEDLEY RELAY TEAM watches some track workouts before sprinting to a victory in the Texas relays. Left to right are: Jim McSlarrow, Gary Parr, Wilson Wilhite, Phil Frazier and Glenn Chowins. CROSS COUNTRY Scholastic ineligibility, asiatic Hu, kncc bone chips and an often undermanned thinclad unit hampered Oklahomais limping cross country team as it trailed four teams across the conference tourney finish line. The 1957 cross country season opened for the Sooners with the traditional Oklahoma Baptist univer- sity rivalry. Ron Wade and Carl Young trotted across the end stripe second and third, respectively, but OBU held out for a narrow 25-30 win, with the low score winning. The Big Red thinclads led for the first half-mile against Oklahoma State's long-legged Cowpokes from Stillwater, but the Aggies unlimbered to dash to a 20- 37 win. Texas sprinted to a first place finish in a three- way meet on the old golf course, slipping past the Sooners by a single point, 38-39. Arkansasis visiting Ron Wade unlimbers his muscles as he strides over the Sooner track before a cross country meet. Porkers brought up the tail end of the procession with 43 points. Kansas, perennial kingpins of the conference track world, left the Sooners far behind as the Jayhawks dashed to a 15-50 romp. The Iays took a breather in the conference meet, finishing with 26 points and a title. The Sooners piled up 141 points in heading the second division of the loop race. Sooner runners finished 19, 24. 27, 34, 37, and 50th in the 50-man field. Long-limbed freshman ace Gail Hodgson dashed to a state AAU title in the four-mile run, finishing in 20:l5.1. Running on the cross country squad were Ron Wade, Ernst Kleynhans, Dave Shuppert, John Coley, Carl Young, Arvil Ming and Clyde Davidson. THREE MILES WORTH flow score winsb Oklahoma . 30 Oklahoma Baptist U. . 25 Oklahoma . 37 Oklahoma State . . . 20 Oklahoma . 39 Texas.3S Arkansas.43 Oklahoma . 50 Kansas. . . 15 BASKETBALL MENU FOR A YEAR Oklahoma . 64 Arkansas . . . 52 Oklahoma . 70 Southern Cal . 66 Oklahoma . 53 UCLA . . . 65 Oklahoma . 66 SMU . . . . 58 Oklahoma . 64 Ohio State . . 55 Oklahoma . 64 Kansas . . . 62 Oklahoma . 51 Colorado . . . 41 Oklahoma . 54 Nebraska . . 57 Oklahoma . 60 Kansas State . 64 Oklahoma . 59 Missouri . . . 56 Oklahoma . 68 Colorado . . 53 Oklahoma . 66 Nebraska . . 39 Oklahoma . 50 Oklahoma State 70 Oklahoma . 53 Missouri . . . 74 Oklahoma . 56 Iowa State . . 59 Covertimej Oklahoma . 52 Oklahoma State 48 Oklahoma . 51 Kansas State . 68 Oklahoma . 59 Kansas . . . 60 Covertimej Oklahoma . 55 Iowa State . . 66 CHRISTMAS DOUBLEHEADER Oklahoma . .46 Tulsa .... 38 BIG EIGHT TOURNAMENT Oklahoma . . 50 Kansas . . . . Oklahoma . . 53 Colorado . . . Oklahoma . . 80 Missouri . . . 69 68 52 OKLAHOMA'S i957-58 SQUAD-FIRST ROW, lett to right: Denny Price, Jack Haskins, Raymond Lewis, Roger Potts, Gene Hudson, Larry lvan, Joe Jones, Bruce Medley, Max Claiborne. Oklahoma is a lootball school. Sportswriters and lootball coaches say so. Students say so. Perhaps sports history says so. But Doyle Parrack does not say so. And by the end of the 1957-58 cage season, Doyle had his share of listeners. The Kansas Iayhawks listened. So did the K-State Wildcats. And Hank Ibais barn-bred eagers to the north listened. For when the Sooners were good, man, they were good. Oklahoma basketball had as little consistency as a poorly laid gravel bed. But when they were good, they were good. The Sooners were tall. They were tall enough to start live men and not field a starter under 6-5lf2. And they were good to out-rebound a good share of opponents and out-control the ball-control inventors. It was a year for sophomores on the cage team. And they were sophomores like Denny Price, and like Bill Hammond, Roger Potts, Iack Marsh and Ray Lewis. Flavored with a couple of steady seniors like Ioe King and Gene Hudson, and with Bob Stoermer, Larry Ivan, Max Claiborne, Bruce Medley and Monte Simpson rounding out the squad, it was a year for fellows named Parrack. As a matter of fact, it was a 13-10 year. Last year the Sooners opened against Arkansas. They lost and began a losing season. So this year they SECOND ROW: Paul Geymann, assistant coach: Floyd Slrarliy, Don Sehwall, Joe King, Bob Stoermer, Jack Marsh, Bill Ham- mond, Bill Ashcraft, Monte Simpson, Doyle Parraclt, coach. SLA 4 4 Q u villa RMWO My I ,F1,,AHo4 M HQ, y ASH M10 . i. H0 MA H0 113' wh H0 A9110 xt 4 QA H04 5 Q? 5 '5 3' 4? ,pf Q ,ge f 459 H04 get H042 S349 Wi Hag, 5' '94 QA v- -- v-www Bill Ashcraft Max Claiborne Bill Hammond BASKETBALL won. Don Schwall, a sophomore sensation last year, hit 13 points, in the first half and ended up with 17 as the Oklahomans dumped the Hogs,' 64-52 in Norman. Moving from the field house to Los Angeles, the Big Red of the court took on Southern Cal, and with Ioe King, later to bypass Les Laneis all-time Sooner scoring mark, dumping 23 points through the hoops, the boys from the Golden coast fell, 70-66, A Schwall jump shot from the corner tied the clincher to the Trojan downfall. But this was basketball, not football. And the cagers ran into their Notre Dame early, only the Irish went by the title of UCLA. King hit 16 points, but the pre-season Pacific Coast title pick rolled to a 65-63 win. Schwall, who had averaged 13 points through the first three games, signed a Boston Red Sox pitching contract and left the squad before the Southern Meth- odist Mustangs came to Norman. But the Sooners poured a torrid 47 percent through the buckets to dump the visitors, 66-58, with King hitting 23. ' The Sooners met Tu1sa's wildly blowing Hurri- cane in an Oklahoma City "Big Fouru doubleheader before Christmas, and outpuHed the Oiltowners, 46-38. Highly touted Ohio State came into Norman on the tail of a four-game nosedive, and despite Frank Howardis 16 points, the Bucks fell, 64-55, with King scoring 19. Oklahomais first look at conference favorite Kansas came during the Big Eight tourney in Kansas City. And it was a rear view all the way. Unimpressed by Gene Hudsonis 26-point outburst, Wilt Chamberlin calmly, but nonetheless effectively, set a record 41 points spinning through the KC buckets. The final score? KU 68, OU 50. Did we say it was no longer football season? Well, somebody forgot to tell Colorado. The Buffs fell in the grid season, 14-13. And on the court, Ioe King dropped a clutch field goal with eight seconds left to give OU a 53-52 win, after trailing by four points at half-time. Hitting 20 points for the second consecutive night, King and Denny Price, who scored 18, led a hot-shot FQ - J' -- i ' " 'fn f-fff 5' - . MN .I :V . . J Qi, f- if 14 ,V ,Am . .,,,L-, - -ug..-., fy, f, gy. fe:1:.' 5 . .,- 5, 4-1-.w...,1 . 5 4 . . I xx? A TJ, ,. gx wx 3' H---'H'-.1.-., X.. Q vi' iff? 1 wg MW Raymond Lewis Jack Marsh Bruce MedleY . f Roger Potts Dennis Price fx A Monte Simpson Bob Sfoermer BASKETBALL Kansas had left Wilt Chamberlin at home, but K-State forgot to do the same with Bob Boozer and Iack Parr. Leading the nation,s second-ranked team at the half, 32-29, the Sooners couldn't stop fouling. At least not until the Wildcats walked of the court with a 64-60 verdict, gained mostly from the free throw line. Then it was time for Missouri to try again. De- spite Roger Egelhofi's l9 points, backed by Sonny Siebertis 16-point outburst, the Tigers fell short in a last-ditch comeback, with Oklahoma nipping a 59-56 win. For some reason Oklahoma and Colorado could not play a good ball game. When the Buffs reached Norman, the shooting was as shabby as it had been in Boulder. But a featured sidelight had been added to the farce. Fouls. For 40 solid minutes-fouls. Not only did the Sooners outscore the Buffs, but they out- fouled the Coloradoans, 24-23. That wasnit the score, that was the fouls. jumping back to second place in the conference, the Sooners won, 68-53. It was revenge day in Norman when Nebraska came to the Field house. And Bill Hammond took it upon himself to hand out the revenge-19 points worth. Led by Hammond's 17 points in the first half, the Oklahomans went on to spill the Huskers, 66-39. When Oklahoma State came to the Sooner cam- pus under their new title for the first time for a basket- ball game, the annual bedlam series had a new twist. But, unfortunately, not a new Havor. Eddie Sutton hit 7 of ll shots from the floor and the Pokes hit 54 percent of their shots as they casually forgot the Soon- ers were on the court and Went their own merry Way to a 70-50 win. incidentally, although the Cowboys evidently overlooked the fact, the Oklahomans entered the game ranked 20th in the nation. But time was catching up with the Sooners. Mis- souri wanted revenge, and got it. The Big Eight title dreams of Parrack and company went out the window as the cagers caught the worst end of a Mizzou claw- ing, 74-53. King hit 19 points for the Sooners. Iowa State still trailed Oklahoma in the third place race after their game in Ames, but they had one satisfaction. With the Sooners committing 30 fouls, BASKETBALL the Cyclones came hack in overtime to grah a 50-56 decision. Why was the hedlam series called that? For the lourlh time in the history ol' Gallagher hall, the Sooners dumped the Ags in Stillwater. The score was 52-48, and the story lay in the laet that the Pokes were allowed only 34 shots from the field. toe King hit 18 points in his last appearance on an Qklahoma court. And then the roof fell in. Boozer and Parr joined forces for 40 points and dropped anchor on the Sooners. 68-51, in Manhattan, with Denny Priee's ll points leading the attack on Kansas State. Bedlam series number two reopened in Lawrence, Kan.. as the Sooners held Kansas to a 49-49 tie in regular time. A Kansas spurt. including the tail end of Wilt Chamberlin's 32-point spree, pulled out a 60-59 overtime victory. King led the Sooners with 23 points. The season ended on a sour note in Ames, Iowa, as Iohn Crawford and Lyle Frahm smashed OU's third place hopes with a 66-55 win, after the Big Red had maintained a 30-30 deadlock at the halt. The Sooners led the Cyclones in rebounding and shooting. Roy DeWitz, Kansas State guard, tries to break away, but Joe King gains a tie ball. K-State overcame the Sooner lead to nab a 64-60 win as Okla- homa made a bid to upset the nation's top cage team. Sooner torward Joe King loolrs like he is ready to punch the first Who closed the door? Bill Hammond tinds the gate to the Kan- TU player to move in on Larry Ivan f34l, who has iust hauled sas State basket blocked as the scrappy Sooners bowed, 64-60, down a rebound. The Sooners won, 46-38, in a Christmas tourney. to the top-ranked Wildcats 'From Manhattan. L"" " lr -'C'w""' .fy- , tbl SWIMMING Oklahomais water-soaked Big Eight mermcn took pool-side seats and watched the south-end of the Big Ten's north-bound splashers as the Western confer- ence stroked to a run-away with NCAA swim-fest honors. jeff Farrell, swimming his last race under the Sooner banner, drew a fourth place finish in the 100- yard freestyle, as no other Oklahoman reached the championship finals. Matt Mannis swimmers dropped to an eighth place tie with Northwestern's finely-stroked Wildcats, one notch below their seventh place windup in the 1957 NCAA meet. Bolstered by six returning lettermen from the 1957 conference championship swim unit, the Sooner splash- ers drowned seven dual meet opponents enroute to a repeat win in the conference tourney at Ames, Iowa. Four league rivals-Colorado, Kansas, Kansas State and Iowa State-fell in the wake of the Sooner dash to the loop title, while the Air Force academy, and Southern Methodist unsuccessfully tested the Sooner strength in extracurricular meets. Coloradois Golden BuHs wandered throught the Rockies to the CU pool to meet the Oklahomans in the first dual meet of the season, following an OU warmup in the East-West duel at Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The Buffs, stiff Sooner nemesis throughout the Big Red sports schedule, took one huge belly whopper in the opener, the Oklahomans outstroking the Buffs, 70-16. Taking on the water-laden Sooner guests at the Racing the clock, two Sooner splashers churn to the finish line as a timer checks the stop watch. The Sooner swimmers were Big Eight titlists. CU pool in the second half of a double-bill, the Air Force Falcons took the short end of a 73-13 count. Kansas, winners of the conference all-sports title in 1957, failed to include swimming on their winning ledger, dropping a 69-11 decision to the hawk-hunting Sooners in the Lawrence watershed. Next splash unit on the Big Red agenda was the ever-powerful SMU Mustang. The wild horses from "Big D" staged the most powerful offensive to confront the Sooners in the yet-young season, dropping a 55-31 decision, most of their points garnered on the diving boards. Kansas Stateis web-footed Wildcats watched the Sooners totally from the rear view as the Oklahomans took firsts in every event, drowning the Cats, 75-11. Southern Methodist was unable to down the Sooners in Dallas, so the Mustangs decided for a change in swim scenery. The Norman pool proved slightly less friendly, if possible, as the Oklahomans churned to a 60-26 win. Iowa State's Cyclones twisted themselves into a self-destruction whirlpool as the I-Staters blew up just enough of a breeze to puff the Mannmen over the final line with a 68-18 triumph. There are 16 events in the Big Eight title meet. lowa State won but three. The other 16 first place honors went to the OU bench, the Sooners more than doubling the Cyclone's next best score, 1792-SSM. The conference record book got a good working over by the Sooner mermen as the Oklahomans stroked to 10 new league marks. Team captain Dick Thatcher joined Carlyn Shoving off to a flying start, a Sooner splash duet dives into the field house pool in a conference swim meet. The Big Red of the water tool! first place honors in the Big Eight tourney. OU'S CONFERENCE SWIM TITLISTS get together in the tield house for a team picture. The mermen are, FIRST ROW, left to right: Johnnie Williams, Jim Gritifis, Harry Klug. SECOND ROW: Don Jobson, Jeff Farrell, Dick Thatcher, Bob Leonardt, SWIMMING Cruzan and Larry Lermo in a course called "Record Rewriting 2U as the three teamed up to chop down six existing standards. Thatcher splashed to new marks in the 100 and 200-yard butterHy races. Cruzan set the leaguets first record in two new events, the 100 and 200-yard breast- stroke. Freestyler Lermo outdistanced existing marks in the 400-yard and the 1500-meter events. Jeff Farrell set a new mark in the 220-yard free- style, Iohn Ianovy cracked the 160-yard individual medley barrier, and two relay marks fell to the Red and White-trunked Oklahoma waterbuoys. Chuck Lechner, Bob Leonardt, Thatcher and Cruzan teamed up to break the 440-yard medley mark. The 400-yard freestyle record was blasted out of exist- ence shortly after the Big Red unit entered the water. Busting the old standard were Farrell, Leonardt, Don Iobson and Iohn Phillips. Farrell, Cruzan, Lechner, Lermo and Thatcher took first place in two conference championship races. Freshman breaststroker Gordon Collett and Don Dill, frosh freestyler, reinforced the Big Red yearling unit. Collett captured both the 100 and 200-yard breaststroke events in the Southwest conference AAU meet at Dallas. Farrell, Leonardt, 'Thatcher and diver lim Griffis concluded their swim tenure for the Sooners, while Ianovy and Allan Wilcox added additional returnee strength to the Sooner lineup. For the Sooners, who have not dropped a dual meet in three years, it was another conference title- birthday present to Matt Mann-73 years old, and looking not a day over 40. For Mann it was his third title in three years since coming to Soonerland from swim-mad Nliehigan. John Phillips, Matt Mann, coach. THIRD ROW: John Janovy, Bob Connor, Larry Lermo, Ernie Drowatzlcy, Al Wilcox. FOURTH ROW: Bob Atherton, Chuck Lechner, Carlyn Cruzan. WATERPROOF Oklahoma . . 70 Colorado . . 16 Oklahoma . . 73 Air Force . . . 13 Oklahoma . . 69 Kansas .... 1 1 Oklahoma . . 55 SMU .... 31 Oklahoma . . 75 Kansas State . . 11 Oklahoma . . 60 SMU .... 26 Oklahoma . . 68 Iowa State . . . 18 Oklahoma finished first in the Big Eight. Oklahoma finished eighth in the NCAA tourney. Swim team captain Dicli Thatcher set new conference records in the I00- and 200-yard butterfly. WRESTLING Dick Delgado notched a repeat win in the 115- pound class and 137-pounder Paul Aubrey leaped from last year's fourth place finish to a NCAA title as the Sooner matmen, hard-hit by graduation, took third place in the National tourney at Laramie, Wyo., be- hind two other Big Eight teams. Sorely missing Olympian Dan Hodge, since turned pro boxer, who rolled up a winning string to match that of the OU football team, and loop champions Bobby Lyons and Rex Edgar, the Oklahoma wrestlers, NCAA and conference titlists in 1957, failed to regain either crown. Iowa State's upstart grapplers squeaked past dead- locked OU and the Oklahoma State Cowboys in the conference meet at Ames, Iowa. OSU and the Sooners battled to 65-65 draw as the 1-Staters took the title with 67 points. There were other conferences represented at the Laramie showdown, but it didnit matter. OSU forged to the front this time, with the Cyclones nudging Port Robertson's grunt-and-groaners for the runnerup slot. Oklahoma Statets loaded-for-bear Cowpokes handed the Sooners their first loss in three years in the second match of the season, 14-13. Two ties, the same number as the matmen drew two years earlier, placed the only other blemish on the surprisingly strong OU Won-lost record. Kansas State was the first loop team to test the rebuilt Sooners, and the Wildcat tail was cut short as a yet-unsettled Big Red lineup took a 29-3 win. Next on the Oklahoma agenda were Oklahoma Statels highly-improved matmen. The Orange and Gordon "Goose" Roesler, OU heavyweight, grapples with Colo- rado's George Adams in the last match of the season. Oklahoma won, 27-3. Black-clad Pokes shattered the Sooner victory balloon with a 14-13 squeaker before 8,000 hysterical fans in the home of wrestling, Ed Gallagher hall. It was the beginning of the mat end of the annual Bedlam series, but permitted a brief preview of the coming season. A week later the Cowboys were forgotten and it was back to the breathe-easy 29-3 variety for the Sooners as Colorado State's mountain-trained grap- plers duplicated the K-State fall two weeks earlier. Still fascinated by the Cowboyish way of doing things, the Sooners played host to Wyoming in the OU Field house, getting ready for the upcoming return bout with OSU. Robertson's lightweight grapplers had a picnic with the Laramie bronc-busters, stacking up a 9-0 lead for the Oklahomans. But the spread was short-lived as the Cowboys fought back in the heavier weights and drew the knot evenly at 9-9. Weighing down the top-heavy side of the Big Red lineup, Bernard Sullivan and Gordon Roesler snatched the final six points of the match for a 17-9 decision. The Oklahomans were ready to test the Stillwater branch of the Sooner state family again after the Wyoming clash, having taken 22 of 32 matches for an 88-29 point spread. Nine falls had been gained by the Big Red, with no OU grappler having been pinned. With the weight of the world shifting awkwardly on his wide-spread shoulders, Cordon "Goose,' Roesler edged Aggie Earl Lynn, 2-1, on riding time for a 12-12 deadlock after the clock had run out on a 1-1 tie in the heavyweight match, apparently giving the Staters Bernard Sullivan, Sooner 167-pounder, tries to gain a pin on Color-ado's Wayne Anderson. Anderson, a totally blind wrestler, was defeated, 7-0. OU'S BIG EIGHT WRESTLING TEAM poses during mat practice. Williams, Sid Terry, Leonard Shelton. SECOND ROW: Lawrence FIRST ROW, left +o right: Paul Aubrey, Dick Delgado, Freddie WRESTLING a 14-ll decision in the second match of the series. Testing the opposition to be furnished in the NCAA by the Big Ten, the Sooners pinned lowa's Hawkeyes 17-9 in the initial stop on a tour through the state. The second half of the tour was not so easy, how- ever, as Iowa State stunned the Sooners with a show of their conference title-gaining strength, drawing a 12-12 deadlock with the Normanites. Stan Lampe beat Sid Terry in the 157-pound clash to hand the Sooners their only setback in a season-closing tilt with Colorado's Bulis, the Sooners winning, 27-3. The Sooners dropped their first league title in eight years at Ames, as the Cyclones squeezed through a hole between the O U and OSU grapplers. Not since 1949 when Buel Patterson's Nebraska Cornhuskers took the loop crown, had the Sooners yielded the title to another team. Oklahoma gained two firsts, four runnerup slots and two fourth place finishes in the league meet. Paul Aubrey, later to beat Shelby Wilson of OSU, 1 1-9, in the NCAA finals, dropped a decision to Wilson for his first loss of the year in the conference meet. Duane Murty of the Pokes outlasted Bernie Sullivan, while Stan Abel and Freddie Williams took losses in the 137 and 147-pound matches. Roesler took a repeat crown with a win over Iowa Statess Roger Pohlman, third a year before, while Delgado downed Bobby Herald of the Cowboys to take his second straight conference crown. Delgado and Aubrey were the only Sooners to make it through the NCAA competition at the end of March, however, as Roesler fell to Illinois, defend- ing champion Robert Norman. Gregory, Stan Abel, Bernard Sullivan, Gene White, Gordon Roesler. A GRUNTIN' AND A GROANIN' Oklahoma . . 29 Kansas State . . 3 Oklahoma . . 13 Oklahoma State . 14 Oklahoma . . 29 Colorado State . 3 Oklahoma . . 17 Wyoming . . . 9 Oklahoma . . 12 Oklahoma State . 12 Oklahoma . . 17 Iowa . . . 9 Oklahoma . . 12 Iowa State . . . 12 Oklahoma . . 27 Colorado . . . 3 Oklahoma tied for second in the Big Eight. Oklahoma finished third in the NCAA tour- ney. Paul Aubrey, Sooner I37-pounder, applies some pressure fo a Colorado State opponent. The Oklahoma mafmen romped 'io a 29-3 victory. Dick Dudley, Big Red miler, strains for +he wire inches behind a Nebraska's Olympic runner, Keith Gardner, gets a rear view as fleet-'Footed Colorado 'ihinclad during the All-Sports day track Phil Frazier, Sooner hurdler, leaps to a first-place finish in the meet. 220-yard low hurdles. and outdoor track titles one season earlier. ON THE RIGHT TRACK . Indoor track was the beginning, and a pattern of things to come unfolded as the Iays, ever-domlnant Cindoorj in league track circles, swamped the thinly-manned Oklahoma 1 Q 27W Kansas I 1 76W Oklahomans, 762-272 at Allen Field house in Lawr- 1 ence. Osafgoma ' ' 50126 Oli Finish' 53? Returning to the friendly confines of the OU O la Oma ' ' 326 Ne ras a ' 716 home indoor track, the Sooners discovered that, just Oklahoma Finished Sixth in the Big 7 Meet as in years past, they still did not have a track. So it Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Coutdoorj 50 Colorado 70 Nebraska 40 60 2X5 Oklahoma State 70 375 Finished Last in the Big 7 Meet Respect for elders was evidently one lesson left out in the early education of Oklahomais not-so-green 1957 freshman tracksters, as the frosh thinclads jumped on the beat-Oklahoma bandwagon in one of the Soon- ers, most disasterous track seasons in recent decades. The Sooners hit the OU cinders with only slightly more than half of the trackmen who had chased Kansas' fleet-footed Iayhawks to the conference indoor was back to Pneumonia Downs, the track and field area under the stadium. But even that familiar running ground offered no consolation as the upstart freshmen took 7 of l2 first places and slid past the varsity tracksters, 53M-50 2f3. So it was escape again. But the Sooners faced in the Wrong direction, and headed for Lincoln's Corn- husker territory. The Nebraskans went out, and be- tween breakfast and dinner Worked up a meager appetite in drifting past the struggling Sooners, 71M- 325. The Sooners lagged casually toward the end of the pack in the conference title race, crossing the finish line in sixth place. So for relief, the Big Red runners turned their hands to outdoor track, and Finished last. Oklahoma tasted its first track victory in a rather off-beat Way, squeezing between Colorado and Ne- IRACK braska in a triangular outdoor kickoff on All-Sports Day. But, as the saying goes, if thc Sooners can beat the Oklahoma Aggies, the season is successful. The season was not successful, except for the Ags. The Stillwater tracksters outlegged the OU thin- clads, 70 3X5-60 2X5 in Norman. Conference runnersup for six years in succession, the Oklahomans were rudely jolted to the bottom of the pack as Kansas rolled up 160 points for first place. The Sooner thinclads scored only 212, mostly on the second spot finish of the mile relay unit. The Sooners also took sprint medley honors at the Kansas and Texas relays. The Sooner outlook was not completely dismal. Running at the Oklahoma Aggie Previews, the Big Red set a new record in the 2-mile relay and took first place in the mile relay. Dick Dudley, OU miler, raced to a new track record at Nebraska, setting a 4:21 standard. A bit of sunshine poured onto the grey Sooner track picture with the sharpest freshman track team in years tying on the track cleats. On the indoor scene, the frosh raced to a second place finish behind KU in the conference postal meet for freshmen. Dee Givens sprinted the 60-yard dash in 0:06.2 to tie the meet record, while Hi Gernert and Ernst Kleynhans set new marks in the 440 and mile runs. In indoor dual meets, the newcomers dumped Nebraska, 70-34, and Colorado, 75 1X3-27 2f3. Kansas tasted defeat for the first time since Bill Easton took over the coaching reins ll years ago, as STANDING STILL for a change, Olclahoma's frosh-boosted thin- clads watch the birdie. Traclrsters are, FIRST ROW, left to right: A. W. Hammock, Ernst Kleynhans, Ron Wade, Jay Field, Dee Givens, John Coley, Gail Hodgson. SECOND ROW: John Jacobs, coach: George Church, Phil Lee, Clarlr Brunton, Tom .in Y' 4 Bill Pritchett taltes off on the third leg of the mile relay as Jim Denton maltes the handoff during the All-Sports day meet. the OU freshmen posted a 7-point win in the confer- ence meet. Givens tied the conference 100-yard dash record with 9.6g Gail Hodgson set new loop records in the mile and 2-mile races, and Ken Barber captured the league title in the javelin toss with a heave of 209-7, better than the OU varsity record. Key event of the season for the frosh tracksters came during the Aggie Previews when a distance med- ley relay team of Hodgson, Kleynhans, Gernert and Bob Ringo established a new collegiate freshman rec- ord of 10:05. Wenriclr, Larry Neeley, Hi Gernert, Doug Crow, Bill Graves, Owen Hewitt, manager. THIRD ROW: Gary Parr, Jim Gernert, Dave Fagin, Dan Erwin, Glenn Chowins, Jim Denton, Bob Ringo, Bill Carroll, coach. ' x Rf ! -er m , ..,, , . , .,.,, .. . -f .lg . -wfzfaaa , I67 Tony Risinger, Big Red hurler, ialces a peg from first baseman Al Kiddy, Sooner shortstop, legs out a slow roller to 'First as the Don Stiller to nip a Missouri baserunner a+ first in +l'1e'8il1 inning. Missouri first baseman lunges to block the dribbler in the Sth IN THE MIDST OF RAIN Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma . . 2 Texas . . . . 4 Texas . . . . 7 Minnesota . . 1 Minnesota CrainH Kansas . Kansas . Kansas State Kansas State Iowa State Iowa State Iowa State Colorado . Colorado . Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Missouri . Missouri . Missouri . inning. BASEBALL Oklahomais rain-drenched baseballers axed the Tigers of Missouri, 7-2, in the last game of the l957 season, but it was exactly one game too late. One day earlier, with the Sooners holding the key to the Big Seven diamond title, the Bengals belted the OU squad out of contention on an 8th inning homerun off the bat of lack Davis. For the Tigers it was 1-0 win. For the Sooners it was the end of a dreamy attempt to capture a third straight conference title. The Sooners finished the season with a 10-8-I mark, racking up nine wins and six losses in league competition, good for second place. Rain, monotonous and drenching, soaked Haskell field throught the season, washing out more than half of the scheduled baseball practice sessions. The rain did more than wash out games and workouts. It also washed out Sooner batting averages. One season earlier third-sacker Bobby Burr paced Big Seven batsmen. Hampered by the rain, Burris average dipped to meager .l64. Dave Clary's .250 led the hit- less Oklahomans in the batting column. Opening with their usual tour of the Lone Star state, the baseballers came back to down Texas, 4-0, after falling to the Longhorns in a 12-2 rout in the season opener. Minnesota's defending national titlists were next , ............M.., BASEBALL on the Sooner schedule. The Gophers outslugged the Big Eight title-holders, 9-7, and then saw the second game washed down the drain with a l-l deadlock called when the waters began to pour. Moving into conference play, the baseballers split with the Kansas Iayhawks in two pitching duels. The lays took the first game, 2-O, but were blanked, l-O, in the finale. Jack Baer,s batsmen sharpened up their paltry hitting averages off the oiferings of Kansas State's con- ference weaklings, 15-2 and 9-0, shortly before mid- season. The Sooners extended their win streak to four with a 6-4 decision over Iowa State's Cyclones, but the Staters bounced back to slap the Big Red, 3-2 and 7-l. Coloradois Golden Buffaloes allowed the Sooners to unleash their fury with a 2-0 shutout in a series opener, then turned around and gained a verdict by the same count. Next in line for the Baersmen were the Nebras- kans of Lincoln. Moving into the last series before the home windup against Missouri, the Oklahomans jumped on the Huskers, 4-3 and l-0, before the Nebraska bats came to life and pounded out a 7-3 decision. And then came the fatal Missouri finale. In order to garner the conference title, the Sooners had to sweep the Bengal series, with Iowa State losing both ends of a doubleheader to Colorado. The Buffs cooperated. The Cyclones cooperated. Even Missouri cooperated. But the Sooner batsmen did not cooperate. After stunning Mizzou, 4-3, in the series opener, Davis' 340-foot blast over the fence jarred the Big Red title dreams. VARSITY BASEBALL--FIRST ROW, lett to right: Willis Warden, Jimmy Jones, Bill Pinkerton, Allie Reymonds, George Lloyd, Jim Belcher, Charles Hill, Ron Plath. SECOND ROW: Don Schwall, Allen Kiddy, Bob Gregory, Bob Hughes, Jim Leeper, Tony Almost caught napping, AI Kiddy, Sooner shortstop, slides back to tirst base ahead ot the tag as the Missouri first baseman tries to complete a piclrotif. In the finale it was Oklahoma 7, Missouri 2. But then it was too late. - Eddie Fisher rolled up a 7-O mark to pace the Big Red moundsmen. Fisher held opponents to a l.2O earned run average, striking out 25 men in 52 innings, while granting only seven free passes. The other three Sooner baseball wins were hurled by Jim Hammond Cl-OD and Tony Risinger Q2-51. Risinger and Fisher shared workhorse honors with eight appearances each, followed by five each for Ham- mond and Ron Plath. Risinger, Dick Scott, Ken Becker, Steve Owen. THIRD ROW: Jim Bowen, Bill Chambers, Dave Clary, Jim Park, Don Stiller, Eddie Fisher, Keith Lewallen, Allen Rose. dia f Ni WW' SOONER NETTERS pose during a break in a workout session. Cooling off before returning fo practice are, Iefi' fo right: Don tiff fill? Walraven, coach: Don Cross, Dennis Cross, Joe Harris, Barry Walraven, Bob Marltley and Tom Munday. TENNIS Oklahomais free-swinging netters won four of five singles matches and swept both doubles events to waltz off with the Big Seven tennis title last year, outdis- tancing runnerup Colorado by I0 points. In romping to OkIahoma's I6th net title in the last 26 years, Barry Walraven, Joe Harris, Don and Dennis Cross, and doubles duos of Walraven-Harris and Cross-Cross swept through the final round un- defeated. Only Sooner setback in the tourney was Bob lVIarkIey's second round defeat. Don Walravenis netsters reaped a I3-4-2 overall record during the season, dropping matches to Tulane, Lamar Tech of Beaumont, East Texas State and Texas. Trinity and Oklahoma Baptist gained 3-3 draws with the Sooners. Led by Barry Walraven and Harris, both with Tennis fwins Dennis and Don Cross wait for a refurn as they team up in a doubles confesi' on the OU court. LJ.- ,bp J ,, 3 2 I4-5 seasonal marks, the Sooners finished the season ranked I0th in the final NCAA net ratings. Other Big Red individual net marks were the Cross twins, both I3-6, and Marklcy, 9-I. The doubles team of Walraven-Harris finished I6-3, While the Crosses had a I4-5 doubles mark. Rambling along through the years with as little difficulty as Bud WiIkinson's footballers, the netsters have dropped only three of their last 40 conference dual matches. OU's net team jumped over Oklahoma State, Central State, and Southeastern twice during the sea- son, rolling to single wins over Iowa State, TCU, Kansas State, OBU, Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska. Five teams suffered shutouts at the hands of the Sooner netters. THE NET TOTAL Oklahoma . . 6 Southeastern . . 0 Oklahoma . . 5 Southeastern . . I Oklahoma . . 7 Iowa State . . O Oklahoma . . 6 Central State . . . I Oklahoma . . 6 Texas Christian . . O Oklahoma . . 0 Tulane .... 6 Oklahoma . , O Lamar Tech . . 6 Oklahoma . . 0 Texas . . . 6 Oklahoma . . 3 Trinity . . . 3 Oklahoma . . 7 Kansas State . . . 0 Oklahoma . . 6 Oklahoma Baptist . I Oklahoma . . 6 Kansas .... I Oklahoma . . 6 Colorado .... I Oklahoma . . 7 Nebraska .... O Oklahoma . . 2 East Texas State . . 4 Oklahoma . . 5 Oklahoma State . . I Oklahoma . . 3 Oklahoma Baptist . 3 Oklahoma . . 4 Oklahoma State . . 2 Oklahoma . . 6 Central State . . . I The match was called at the end of the first 9 because TEED OFF Oklahoma . 3 lowa State . . 1 Oklahoma . 2 Oklahoma State 16 Oklahoma . 162 Wichita . . . 12 Oklahoma . 62 N. Texas State 112 Oklahoma . 152 Nebraska . . 52 Oklahoma . 102 Wichita. . . 72 Oklahoma . 2 Arkansas . . 4 Oklahoma . 22 N. Texas State 32 Oklahoma . 32 Oklahoma State 142 Big Seven Meet . Oklahoma First Place Jack Moore follows through on a drive in a Sooner golf match. 1 GOLF Nineteen strokes separated runnerup Kansas State from Oklahoma's hot-shot golfers on a wind-swept day in Lincoln, Neb., as the Sooners won the 1957 Big Seven tourney title. Oklahomais cowboy cousins from Stillwater and the Eagles of North Texas State paired up to slap Bob Iames, Sooner duffers four times during a windy, rainy golf season as the Oklahomans ended with a 4-9 record. Playing in the lead-off position for the golfers was Bob Richardson, the team's only returnee. lack Moore, later to nab the Big Seven tourney individual title and win medalist honors in the Trans-Mississippi golf tourney, shot in the second round. Rounding out the squad were Sonny Gorgas, C. Dixon and Howie Hesler. The Sooners opened the season with a 3-1 nine- hole decision over Iowa State on the OU golf course. Sonny Gorgas chips to the green. is of cold weather. Moving to Aggieland, the OU duffers dropped all four matches and both foursomes as the Cowboys rolled to a 16-2 win. Still on the road, the golfers pinned Wichita, 162-12, with Moore and Richardson tying for med- alist honors. Coming home for three matches, the Sooners slapped Nebraska, 152-52, and Wichita, 102-72, after dropping the opener of the series to North Texas Texas State, 112-62. The Oklahomans garnered medalist distinction in all three matches, with Richard- son, Gorgas and Moore leading the pack, respectively. The dual season came to a close on a sour note as the golfers lost to North Texas, 32-22, and Oklahoma State 142-32. Bob Richardson prepares to sinlc a long pu'H'. IOP ATHLEIES BARRY WALRAVEN, fennisp BlLl. KRISHER. foo'fbaIIg DICK DELGADO, wresilingg JACK MOORE, golf: EDDIE FISHER, basebaIIg GARY PARR, Track: JOE KING, baskefballq JEFF FARRELL, swimming. mas I IK M, i INTRAMURAL COUNCIL-Left to right: David Lard, Jim Amend, Dewey Luster, Betty Tuttle, Kent Fleming, Tom Powers, Tom Nelson, Paul Keen. INTRAMURALS "Democracy--sports for all-playing instead of watching" is the main goal of the University of Okla- homa intramural department. Through the depart- ment's program, athletic equipment and facilities are made available to all university men. One objective of the intramural department has been to acquire space and develop fields so that every student in the university would have the opportunity to compete in some form of competitive sports. To teach sportsmanship, fair play and respect lor the will of others is the principal aim of the intramural pro- gram. It is more interested in the men participating than in who wins the games. Through practice, a boy develops a fondness for sports which gives him courage and provides him vvith the physical fitness so vital to his countryis service. He also creates a sports habit which carries over and serves in later life as a Wholesome recreation for his leisure time. The student who takes lull advantage of the op- portunities provided in this program will have, not only a decided health benefit, but will have vital im- provement in his mental well being. Student leadership is encouraged in the adminis- tration of the play. Faculty guidance, rather than faculty dominance, is the rule. "Whatever may be your taste in sportsf, wrote Dr. George L. Cross. president of the university. "I believe that you will find a scheduled activity on the campus in which you can participate. No matter what your skill, you will find on the campus some who are less skilled and some who are more skilled. Thus you will be enabled to participate with enthusiasm and zestf, RESIDENTIAL HALL football team was runner-up-FIRST ROW: LeRoy Eng- land, Gordon Butler, Mah' Sparkman, Rex Hughes, coach. SECOND ROW: Schatze Trevino, DeWayne Carter, Clint Cox. THIRD ROW: Charles E. Payne, Jerry Fetters, Russ Gilmore, Charles Orelup. Handball singles championship was won by Jon Cole. Second place KAPPA SIGMA wreslling team, first place winners, includes, FIRST went fo Henry Johnson. ROW, Ieff lo righf: Jerry Jackson, Phil Hawk, Darrell Vincenl, Michael Fenfriss, SECOND ROW: Jack Mayfield, Jr., DeArmond Wiles, John A. Miller, Cresfon Cufchall. Q., nv NTP'-X 'K PHI KAPPA PSI "B" feam baskelball is composed of, FIRST ROW, left lo righf: Frifz Heinke, Dave Gilmore, Morris Curry. SECOND ROW: Chris Mugler, Alan Paine, Ralph Howell. PHI DELTA THETA swimming leam placed firsf wifh, FIRST ROW, lefl lo righl: Bob Case, Bob Buller, Larry Banks. SECOND ROW: Bob McDonald, Carl Dodd, Don Ridley, Gran? Rifchey. tiff' K. Tennis singles firsi place wenl' lo Warren Kice, a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fralernily. DELTA TAU DELTA l957 boxing champs are, fax, Roberl Alguire, Hal Reed and Bob Tips. lefl' lo righf: Tom Cana- f,,,,,. A. gg ' Q 5 ,51- 2 VL 'A . 'Y an ,V, W fy LWESSF' X I 2 fi f 1:57 INTRAMURALS Director of the university's intramural athletic program is Paul V. Keen, who came to the Sooner campus in 1927 as the coach of the varsity wrestling team and to serve on the intramural staff. Due largely to his untiring efforts, the intra- mural program has become an integral part, an important part. of the university menis education program. Another member of the close-working intramural depart- ment administrative organization is Dewey Luster, or "Snort- erw as he is known to the students. Rounding out the staff of faculty administrators for the intramural department is Mrs. Loyce Lockwood, secretary. She is in charge of all team entries, scoring records, and in short, all book Work involved in the department. Student managers for the intramural athletic program included Lanny Ross, Tom Nelson and lack Bache, Ir., senior managers, with Tom Powers, David Lard and Kent Fleming as junior managers. These appointed students, the director of the intramural athletics and the staff of the department compose the managerial board. The board meets twice a month to discuss policies and possible improvements to be made in the intramural program. Each year the student members of the board are selected from members of the previous year. It is the duty of the senior managers to see that play is run off smoothly in their assigned sport. This system is designed so that all managers will be sufficiently trained to hold the position of senior man- ager, and to fulfill the functions required for tournament and league play in the many sports sponsored by the intramural department. Each organization or house also has an athletic manager elected or appointed by the respective group. This man is the point of contact between the team and the intramural department. If a team is to successfully compete in intra- mural sports, a good manager is necessary. Matters affecting his team are communicated to him and he in turn is respons- ible for passing the information on to his team members. The manager of each organization should use freshman assistants. selecting boys who are interested in intramurals and willing to work. Organizations are invited to have their members try out for the intramural managerial board. Intramural equipment and facilities available for stu- dents use include 12 softball diamonds, 12 touch football fields, 2l tennis courts, six four-wall handball courts, five basketball courts, six horseshoe pits, one track and one swim- ming pool. Also on hand are badminton sets, horseshoes, foot- balls. handball gloves and balls, paddleball sets, table tennis sets, volleyballs, softballs and bats, basketballs, and boxing gloves. These enable university students to participate in a wide variety of athletic activities. Trophies are awarded in all team sports. Individual win- ners receive medals in the individual events. Student junior and senior managers are presented a blanket or sweater with the department emblem inside the block "O", INIRAMURALS The first place winners in the various intramural programs are listed below. They are the champions from the late spring of l957 and from the l957-58 play up to the date of publication. TEAIVI SPORTS Touch football, Class A Touch football, Class B Touch football, Freshman Basketball, Class A . Basketball, Class B . Basketball, Freshman . Wrestling, First place . Wrestling, Second place Volleyball, Class A . Volleyball, Class B . Volleyball, Freshman . Boxing, First place . Boxing, Second place . Softball, Class A . Softball, Class B . Softball Freshman . Track and Field, First place Track and Field, Second place . Swimming, First place . . Sigma Nu . Sigma Chi . Baker House . . Sigma Nu Campus Trotters . Setliff House . Kappa Sigma Sigma Phi Epsilon Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Psi . Naifeh House Delta Tau Delta Phi Delta Theta . . Sigma Nu Phi Delta Theta . Mills House . lleferson House Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta Horseshoe singles championship was won by Bert Pope, a member of Sigma Nu fraternity. INDIVIDUAL BRACKET SPORTS Badminton doubles Charles Payne and Robert Clarke, Residential Hall Badminton singles . Larry Thomas, Vance House Handball doubles Ion Cole and Henry Iohnson, Independents Handball singles . . . Ion Cole, Independent Horseshoe doubles Kent Fleming and Sam Iohnson, Phi Gamma Delta Horseshoe singles . . . Bert Pope, Sigma Nu Golf singles, Championship Flight Bob Weaver, Kappa Alpha Golf singles, Class A Ed Kennedy, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tennis doubles Roy Bell and Charles Payne, Residential Hall Swimming, Second place . Lambda Chi Alpha Tennis singles . Warren Kice, Sigma Alpha Epsilon KINGFISHER HOUSE basketball team was composed of, FIRST ROW, left to right: Jim Sinex, Edward K. James, Bob Walker, Doug Beavers. SECOND ROW: Tom SIGMA NU basketball team includes, FIRST ROW, left fo right: Cecil Gilcrease, Bright, Jim Mitchell, Ed Linderfelt, Phill Coldiron. THlRD ROW: Charles Sparks, Jack DeArmon, Joe Wysong. SECOND ROW: John Helton, Bill Clark, Jack Pat McCarrolI Bob Talley. Grant, Bert Pope, WOMEN'S RECREATION ASSOCIATION The Women's Recreation Association presents each woman student at the University of Oklahoma an opportunity to perfect old sport skills and to learn new ones. WRA members participate in the various clubs, in intramurals and extramural programs. The WRA board is the governing body of WRA. It serves as a co-ordinating unit to the various clubs which together form the association. Membership to the board is obtained by petition and election. In the spring of the year, each club elects two members to represent their respective club, also, two members are accepted by campus petition. Serving as president of the WRA executive board this year was Sunya Sanger. Io Ann Burkes was vice- presidentg Norma Pickett, secretary, Iudy Early, treas- urerg Mary Stuart Iohnstone, intramural chairman, Iohnnie Pennington, assistant intramural chairman, Woo Badger, social and publicity chairman, and Ioan Marshall, historian. Faculty sponsors for WRA are Miss Maurine Bowling and Miss Levon Garrison. The recreational clubs that make up WRA are the Swing club, Racquet club, Seasonal Sports club, Orchesis dance club, Sooner Sashay square dance club, Ducks swimming club, Basketball club and PEM. In the intramural sports department, first semester FIRST ROW, left to right: Miss Levon Garrison, sponsor, Susan Hoover, Judy Early, Norma Pickett, Sunya Sanger, Mary Stuart Johnstone, Johnnie Pennington, Janet Overton, Virginia Sidwell, SECOND ROW: Carolyn Perdue, Jeanine Johnson, Elaine Solow, Patricia Farrar, Sharon Tuttle, winners included: Chi Omega, speedballg Ioan Mar- shall and Iudy Early, Pi Beta Phis, tennis, Mahala Larrison, Alpha Gamma Delta, tennis singles, Kappa Kappa Gamma, volleyball, and Kitty Keith, Kappa Kappa Gamma, bowling. Second semester winners are the Kappas in swimming. Golf, pocket billiards, dance and softball contests were held after yearbook publi- cation. Recepient of the Mrs. Iames Reeves award for 1956-57 was Flo Hughes, past president of Orchesis dance club. The award is given to the outstanding member of WRA. OU is one of I3 member schools of the Oklahoma Athletic and Recreational Federation of College Wo- men. During state sports days sponsored by OAR- ECW, members of WRA participated in hockey, vol- leyball, basketball, softball and individual sports. Susan Hoover is OU's chairman of OARFCW. Through its program, WRA affords women stu- dents interested in learning more about sports the opportunity to play with others of equal ability and interest, thus developing a Wider knowledge of strat- egy, teamwork and improvement of skill. Through the intramural program, a feeling of good fellowship and the highest type of sportsmanship is developed. Shirley Burch, Ann Cammarano, Ruth Walter, Carolyn Gray, Fran Stein. THIRD ROW: Miss Maurine Bowling, sponsor, Patsy Creel, Sondra Foristell, Cora Keller, Jeanne Kasper, Judy Tucker, Caroline Langley, Wauky Chupko, Joy Scott. -N.-.-w?.weme.,.,,,.e.-m,1v-...Mew A-wwe. .,-RW .. ,, FIRST ROW, left to right: Jessie Montgomery, Carol Jones, Marcia Wilson, Marilyn McDowell, Jean Ann Lemler, Oteka Ann Little, Alice Childs. SECOND ROW: Vicki Rowe, Sylvia Reid, Carol Cox, Kay Holsapple, Pat Mason, Sara Wafer, Karen Spurrier, Judy Cathy. THlRD ROW: Rosemary Henry, Betty Oliphant, Mary Ann Miller, Elizabeth Sunbarger, Kay Kaiser, Jackie Cooper, Norma Pickett, Mary Fulton, Penny Wolaver, Margaret Lott. FOURTH ROW: Miss Carole Hass, sponsor, Lucy Keller, Kay Thompson, Mary Anne Stein, Mary Alice Ducker, Sara Bishop, Deanna Ashmore, Nancy Russell. DUCKS CLUB Ducks club, honorary swimming organization for coeds, increases interest in synchronized swimming and improves each member's skill. Mary Ann Miller served this year as Ducks president, with Elizabeth Sunbarger, vice-presidentg Kay Kaiser, secretaryg Iackie Cooper. treasurerg Norma Pickett, historian, and Miss Carole Hass. sponsor. ORCHESIS Orchesis dance club promotes an interest and understanding of modern dance through active partici- pation. Members annually present "The Iugler of Notre Damen Christmas story and the spring dance FIRST ROW, left to right: Patricia Farrar, Miss Carole Eisner, sponsor, Joanne Burkes, Margie Arnoff. SECOND ROW: Sara Bishop, Rosalie recital. Gwen Owens was president this year, with Nancy Mechling, vice-president, Margie Arnoff, secre- tary, and Lynn Houghlin, treasurer. Patterson, Lynn Houghlin, Gwen Owens, Sally Howard, Margaret Gober. K FIRST ROW, left to right: Barbara McShane, Joan Edwards, Janet Ferrill. FIRST ROW, left lo right: Betty Oliphanf, Sharon Tuttle, Jeanine Johnson. SECOND ROW: Dell Ruggles, Judy Early, Dutch Ligon, Joan Marshall, Miss SECOND ROW: Joan Glass, Susan Hoover, Miss Maurine Bowling, sponsor Levon Garrison, sponsor. RACQUET CLUB The Racquet club offers Sooner coeds fun, fellow- ship and a common interest-tennis. Besides playing in matches with other colleges, members learn to offi- ciate during games. This is put into practice when the club sponsors state high school tennis tournaments. Serving as president for the year was Ioan Mar- shall, with Iudy Early as vice-president. Miss Levon E. Garrison is faculty sponsor for the club. Weekly meetings are held each Tuesday afternoon on the varsity courts if the weather permits. On colder days members are given an opportunity to receive their umpire ratings. SOONER SASHAY Sooner Sashay offers students an opportunity to learn and also teach square dancing. Besides the club's regular Wednesday evening meetings in Woodrow Wilson center, the group performs at festivals and school functions. Officers for Sooner Sashay included Carrol Bell, presidentg Charles Fredregill, vice-presidentg lanet lones, secretaryg and Pat Spears, treasurer. A university-sponsored organization, the club in- troduces to its members the satisfying experience of learning different square dances. Membership is open to any interested college student who desires to join the group. Jean Conliff, Jill Kreager. SWING CLUB The Swing club promotes interest and develops skill in golf among university coeds. The club makes a study of golf techniques and practice, sponsors clinics and high school invitational tournaments. jill Kreager was president this year. Serving as other officers were lean Conliff, vice-president: Betty Oliphant, secretary-treasurer, with Miss Maurine Bowling as sponsor. Tryouts are held twice a semester. Membership qualifications are the ability to play nine holes of golf, or to satisfactorily hit a specific number of balls with selected golf clubs. , ,,,, ,. ,. "Eg-1 as FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. Al Mulllkin, Helen Dunn, Myra Alexander, Carrol Bell, Nancy Danner, Anna Lynn Mullikin, Kay Little, Miss Paf Spears. sponsor, Ann Scheefers. SECOND ROW: Al Mullikin, Bud McDougal, Mark Enqleman, Charles Hughes, Lester Holland, Allan Voloshin, Roy Zumwall. I79 lll-1 FIRST ROW, left to right: Lou Horner, Jo McDown, Janet Overton, Carolyn Perdue, Virginia Sidwell, Roselyn Colvard. SECOND ROW: Peggy Eastman, Sally Files, Janie Woolsey, Judy Cathy, Steffeny Dubie, Sue Orr, Miss Jimmie Burnett, sponsor. BASKET The Basketball club provides university coeds an opportunity for activity, recreation and fun. Club membership is open to any woman student interested in playing basketball. Peggy Eastman served as president of the Basket- ball club this year, and Linda Rowell was treasurer. Miss Iimmie Burnett has been the faculty sponsor for the organization. Besides the basketball activity available in the womenis physical education classes, club members play tournaments with coed teams from other state colleges. Included in the list of opponents this season were Phil- FIRST ROW, left to right: Sue Winterringer, Elizabeth Lee Sunbarger, Betsy Cullen, Judy Cathey, Janet Overton, Beverly Drilling. SECOND ROW: Nancy Danner, Sally Files, Susan Hoover, Mary MacKay, Martha Nelle Chastain. THIRD ROW: Peggy Eastman, Linda Rowell, Mary Fulton, Johnnie Pennington. l80 Members ot the basketball class go through some pre-game practice before their morning basketball session begins in the women's gym. Further practice and application of game theory is accomplished during club meetings. BAL L CLUB lips University, Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma College for Women and Oklahoma Baptist University. The club also participated in the stateis annual sports day activities and games. Meetings of the club are held twice a week in the womenis building. At this time members practice basketball maneuvers and keep up-to-date on game rules. Sportsmanship is stressed in all club activities. One of the top events of the year is the annual basketball game with the faculty of the women's physi- cal education department. In addition PEM members challenge the club to ball games. PEM CLUB PEM club was organized to create interest and stimulate study for physical education majors. The organization promotes better relations and understand- ing between faculty and students. Members of PEM play the faculty in team sports -hockey, volleyball, basketball and softball. An an- nual equipment party is held at the end of the spring semester at which time members and faculty prepare the physical education equipment for the next year. Serving as president was Elizabeth Sunbarger, with Peggy Eastman, vice-president: Sue Winterringer, secretary-treasurer: and Dr. Virginia Morris, sponsor. Y 1 , qaff' ' , x K .-ag., www, 'Y "'WWf 4' CRGANI 1., v ,wr X K ,v,,,pSiiiHiw,, i Q1 W 1 Jw K 4 W raw'- . .M 1342 W 4 . , fa: ' f is is M Mx K viii. ' 'Nfl iii? ,fw- .wi ug Q ri ffl? wg 11 rf swf . if ,sa LW - sp. ummuwmww V, .V s ,f .E fl? 5 "VE M fs 255 f We if P X224 ass' Fei? x A UNION ACTIVITIES BOARD, FIRST ROW, left to right: Paul McDaniel, Betty Blanton, SECOND ROW: Sally Caldwell, Jim Hall, Pat Conner, Lida Ron Elkins, Joyce Kirchner, Margaret Losey, Bob Casey, Jerome Hemry, Sue Neil, Steve Beckman, Tom Yarboro, Bill Titfany. UNION ACIIVIIIES PRESENTS SIUDENI PASIIMES Union Activities provides a program of varied and constructive activities for university students throughout the year. The organization is student operated. Miss Charlene Caldwell, Union Activities director, is the staff sponsor. The Union Activities board is the policy-mak- ing body of the program. Fourteen juniors and sen- iors who have qualified for membership by out- standing service on at least two Union Activities committees comprise the board. The Union Activities council is composed of twenty-two students who have also qualified for membership by outstanding service on two commit- tees. They head committees which organize most of the actual recreational activities. The secretary of the board acts as council co-ordinator. Committees which are directed by the board are: Student Trips, Sooner Scandals, Celebrated Artist Series, Popular Artists, University Sing and V.,-4,,,.,' UNION ACTIVITIES COUNCIL, FIRST ROW, left to right: Bob Garrett, Pattie Meadows, Chuck Cossey, Patti Gumerson, Alice Lay, Jean Whybark. Ron Jacobson, Barbara Cheatham, Mike McCafferty, Jim Dolman, Mary THIRD ROW: Allen Evans, Joyce Collins, Myron Silverstein, Carol Engle- Layne Perry, Lanny Trotter. SECOND ROW: Jim White, Carol Grinstead, man, Buzz McDaniel, Lynette Lemon, Betty Griffin, Mike Henderson. 'Z MISS CHAR1-ENE CALDVVELL Union Activities officers include, FIRST ROW, left to right: Patti Gumerson, Lida Sue Neil, Joyce Director Kirchner. SECOND ROW: Ron Elkins, Jim Hall, Jim Dolman, Paul McDaniel, Bob Garrett, Chuck Cossey, Barbara Cheatham. Barbershop Quartet contests, Public Relations, Student Pastimes, Name Band Dances, and Research and De- velopment. Public Relations covers a variety of functions es- sential to the co-ordination of the activities program. All the publicity for Union Activities is handled here, along with the Oklahoma Daily column, Yearbook lay- out, and the general art which supplies posters lor ad- vertising. Christmas decorations, the Activities Festival booth, hospitality, and the new house representative program complete this area. Student pastimes and name band dances provide the recreational side of Union Activities. Bridge les- Agnes Morehead, Martin Gabel and Raymond Massey star in "The Rivalry," a Celebrated Artist series presenta- tion. UNION ACTIVITIES BOARD OFFICERS Fall Spring PAUL MCDANIEL ..,.. c,.. P res. ..... RON ELKINS RON ELKINS .... V.-P. .c.... . IIM HALL IOYCE KIRCHNER . See. .... LIDA SUE NEII. MARGARET LOSEY .. Treas. ,... PAUL IVICIDANIEI. UNION ACTIVITIES COUNCII. OFFICERS Fall Spring BOB GARRETT ...... . Pres. .... CHUCK Cossiw RON IACOBSON .... V.-P. ..... Invi DOLMAN BARBARA CHEA'1'1iAM See. PATT1 GUMIQRSON The Four Freshmen returned Io the OU campus this fall for an encore in the Popular Artist Series. Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity took first place honors in fhe I957 Mothers' Day University Sing. The lravel bureau is kept' busy as Oralene Hackney, Paul Fister, and Allen Evans check rides home, Stopping over in Hamburg, Germany, students enioy a boating excursion during the summer European tour. Winner of the Barbershop Quartet contest during Dads' Day was the Kappa Kappa Gamma group. sons, bridge tournaments, dance lessons, hlms, Now or Never Week, and the Quarterback club provide oppor- tunities for relaxation, no matter what the individual's interests are. Name band dances, Terrace Inn dances. campus band review, and jazz concerts are the organized highlights ol' the pastime program. Sooner Scandals. Popular Artists, and Celebrated Artist Series ol'ler a variety ol renowned performances lor students ol the university and citizens ol the state alike. This season's series brought "The Rivalry," Andres Segovia, the Vienna Choir Boys, Marian An- derson, Drcvv Pearson, the Four Freshmen, Stan Ken' ton, George Shearing, l.ouis Armstrong, the Roger Wagiter Choir, and Bennett Cerf. A special survey committee, headed by the board treasurer, evaluates different phases of activities vvork and makes suggestions for improvements and additions to the functioning of the Union Activities board. Sue Durkee enlers into the spiril of Now or Never Week by frealing Todd Alrnquisr fo a coke in the Union Terrace Room. UNIUN ACTIVITIES SCHEDULE Popular Series Celebrated Artists Program Dave Brubeck Concert Barbershop Quartet Contest House lVlother's Bridge Party Intramural and Intercollegiate T All University Sing Foreign Students Program Research and Development Public Relations Hospitality Survey House Representatives Married and Graduates Program Leadership Conference Alumni Relations Union Christmas Decorations Union Exhibits Bridge and Dance Lessons General Art Committee Travel Bureau Summer Program Planning College of Unionology Sooner Scandals Now or Never Week Friday Night Dances European Tour Spring Trip Quarterback Club Films Frontier Days Campus Band Review Name Band Dances Ol1l"1'18l'l1CI'lt 0 lj , as 6 o o Union -2 1 ctlvtttes . I I ANNOUNCIMH Union Activities took an important step in 1957-55 by hiring me to write a weekly article for the Oklahoma Daily about The State of the Union - partly cause I'm such a fun lovin' termite who writes exceedingly well and works cheap and minly cause all the People were too busy unionizing. Of course the Union Activities did lots of other important things this school year - they told me to say that - but I agreed when I saw the complete list of things they sponsor and deduced shrewdly that every student on this campus takes part in or enjoys the benefit of some phase of Union Activities. If you don't agree, it nay be cause you don't realize the dozens of projects that the UA engineers, and the program is expanding every year. New additions in 1957-58 were: HOUSE REPRESENTATIVES, the middle men for womenl who relay student wishes to the planning Board and Council and take back previews of coming attractions to the students. STUDENT QUARTERBACK CLUB which held a luncheon meeting on Tuesday after every football game for a question and answer session led by Jay 0'Neal and a film of the game. Before the Notre Dame film, free kleenex was handed out to all. POPULAR SERIES, a sell-out in its second season, while the CELEBRATED ARTIST SERIES began its first season under the sponsorship of Union Activities. The first SPRING VACATION TRIP Kthe first one mainly because this is the first year we've had a spring vacationl went South of the Border down Mexico and Acapulco way for 10 days. For the second year, UNIVERSITY SING RECORDS of the songs by the winning groups were lznde and sold. Future plans my include a record of laments and dirges by the losers. The second EUROPEAN TOUR scheduled for this summer will visit ll countries in '12 days and be worth 6 college credit hours with five of the hours being earned in Paris alone. I hope you realize how incomplete this sunmary is cause there was so much to tell that I had to sunimrize the summary. Give my regards to posterity - llelvin ssing Sooner Scandals acfs are Bob Casey, I958 director, Don Clark and Mark The spectacular Chi Omega ballet act won second place honors In the sororrty dlvlsnon ', faculty directors, and Paul McDaniel, I957 director. of the I957 Sooner Scandals production. 7 . ,,.,,rw .wqn -.Vern SYMPHONIC BAND, Professor LEONARD H. HAUG, Conductor. FIRST ROW, left to right: Dale Kennedy, Robert Beasley, Tom Aitken, Shelton Lancaster, T. J. Johnson, Charles Pyle, William Leonard, Lynn Pender- grass, Mahala Larason, Ann Copeland, Edwina Hunter. SECOND ROW: Charles Chapman, John Yager, Charles Schmidt, Walter Lambert, John McCoy, Charles Cook, Richard Ryerson, Sandra Nobles, Howard Atkins, Bruce Evatt, Robert Ringrose, Burton Hardin, Jane Sewell, Elizabeth Hig- ginbotham, Nancy Danner, Mary Frances Miller. THIRD ROW: Gary Copeland, Richard Winter, Myra Alexander, Vernon Maruska, Lyndon Wil- liams, Donald Dumler, Mike McCatferty, David Clemons, Tim McCook, UNIVERSITY OF OK Among the oldest and largest student activities on OUis campus helping to provide many hours of pleasure, fellowship and musical experience are the University Bands. Since its founding in 1904 with l6 members, the personnel has grown rapidly. The 1957- 58 edition of the band boasted a membership of more than 160 student musicians. The "Pride of Oklahoma" Marching Band is made up of the combined Symphonic and Concert Bands and functions only during the football season. October 5 was "Band Dayn on the Sooner campus, and 64 high school bands from the west half of the state were present. For its half-time show the "Pridei' During half-time ceremonies, the "Pride of Oklahoma" forms a series of musical instruments. Here the band depicts a violin to the music of "Play, Fiddle, Play." 'r- n--'wer-gr. -. . . Bill Penn, Thomas Ngar, Gerald Tucker, Artie Palk, John Wall, Edward Glass, Robert Winter, Jay Tidmore, Joe Windes, Gloria Crabtree, Charles Fredregill, Darryl Smith, Marilyn Smith, Rodger Robinson, Larry Odom. FOURTH ROW lseatedjz Johnny Pennington, Kent Kidwell, Tom Massey, Gary Sibley, Royce Swaim, James Looney, Kenneth Russell, Elmer Million, Arthur Hall, George Weber, Gary Easton, Paris York, Neal Lane, Allan Munkres, William Greenshields, Edward Bradford, John Waller, Sally Kirk. FIFTH ROW: Gordon Moore, Doug Sauls, David Miller, John Mitchell, Jerry Hagan, Wes Whittlesey, David Oates, Joe Harsh, Forrest Colston, Barbara Hardin, Mason Murphy, Mikel Neumann, Robert Dixon, Ann Wood. LAHOMA BANDS presented a salute to the ever-popular Irving Berlin. The annual trek to Dallas took place the following weekend, and the band turned out in full array to spur the Sooners onward. The band also told the Cot- ton Bowl crowd about Irving Berlinis music. Leaving the Held, they formed the traditional interlocking OU and marched to the sidlines playing "Boomer Soonern as the Big Red fans showed their approval. At the Kansas University game on October 19, the "Pride of Oklahoma" presented by popular de- mand, a half-time pagent entitled, "Say It With lVlusic.'i Before a packed Dadis Day stadium audience on October 26, the band saluted visiting Dads with a show complete with music ranging from "In the Good Old Summer Timei' to the champagne music of Lawrence Welk, as bubles drifted from the outline of a TV set. The 120-member University of Colorado Band was present at the game. On November 9, a 70-piece pep band and seven cheerleaders made the jaunt to Missouri "Tigerland,,' thanks to the efforts of a group of staunch Sooner sup- porters. On November l3, the band shared in the musical program which took place preceding President Eisen- hower's nationally televised speech from the Oklahoma City Municipal auditorium. Before an enthusiastic Homecoming crowd on November l6, the band provided music as an over- flowing Owen stadium saw Ann Clay crowned Home- coming Queen. The half-time show entitled "Okla- homa Tomorrow" was presented following an official -1--- - 1-wr-r'-' ' --y Y - Y-. -ff' '1 CONCERT BAND, Professor FRANKLIN E. WILLIAMS, Conductor. FIRST ROW, left to right: Donald Dumler. Mike McCafferty, Robert Loving, William Greenshields, Gary Easton, Dorothy Murray, Karl Cocke, Mary Patterson, Janice Grimm, Jacquie Heston. SECOND ROW: James Wilhite, Eugene Beauchamp, Lindasu Osborn, Ann Scheefers, Mason Murphy, Richard Goldwyn, Roger Hughes, Rex Craig, Carol Thompson, Wayne Theus, Howard Atkins, Gwenith Williams, Ann Bingaman, Martha Ann Kirk. THIRD ROW: Helen Webb, Nancy Carpenter, Rozelle Hoffman, Alan Alexander, Jerry Acton, Robert Winter, James Showen, Jon Gray, Dennis "PRIDE OF proclamation of the close of Oklahomals semi-centen- nial year by Governor Raymond Gary. The band pre- sented forrnations which included an arrow and two electrons in recognition of the official theme of thc Oklahoma Semi-Centennial Exposition, "Arrows to Atomsf, To conclude the show the band formed a block formation of the Christian cross, symbolizing the hope for world peace as they played the Chorale from Beethovenis Ninth Symphony. On November 30, Sooners were hosts to rival Oklahoma State. The OU Band half-time presentation was based on the theme "Oklahoma Around the World in Eight Minutesf' In Miami, Fla., on Ianuary 1, 1958, the band presented "Broadway at the Orange Bowli' for an eager Orange Bowl crowd. While in Florida, the band gave a public concert in Hollywood and marched in the mammoth King Orange Parade of floats and bands, singing its glee club arrangements of school songs and playing the ever-stirring i'Boomer Soonerv and "O.K. Oklahomaf, Following this banner football season the band settled down to an active concert season. The Annual Mid-Winter Concert, featuring the two band units, was performed on Ianuary 19. In this concert the Symphonic Band, under the direction of Professor Leonard H. Haug, featured a composition with an Oklahoma setting entitled "Tulsa" Professor Haug completed his twentieth year with the University of Oklahoma Bands, having come to the University as assistant conductor in 1938. This year the band welcomed a former OU drum major, Franklin E. Williams, as assistant conductor. Cook, Gill Gurley, Pat Hunt, Doug Powell, Richard Rosebrook, Pete Wert, John Francis, Edwin Fowler, Carl Ponca, Mikel Neumann, Joe Windes, Allan Munkres, Carolyn Bayless, Rebecca Wade, Marilyn Smith. FOURTH ROW lseatedj: Lynn Schriner, Owen Gibson, James Pritchett, Wes Whit- tlesey, Boyd Fender, Gary Jones, Vernon Hardy, Larry Green, Tommy Brashear, Larry Wade, Robert McGregor, Don Jones, Phillip Jones, Jay Tidmore, Neal Lane, Kathleen Hawkins, Annette Waller, Peggy Cook, Keith Allen. FIFTH ROW: Barbara Hardin, Jay McNemar, Jay Cannon, Charles Tinnemeyer, Doug Cowan, Robert Webb, James Houston, Charles Ingram. OKLAHOMA" Professor Williams received his lVl.S, degree from the University of Illinois. He conducted the Concert Band during the concert season. The second semester was Filled with several con- certs on the campus, a spring tour and performances for spring sports events. On May 4 the band members enjoyed the Band Awards banquet at which time band letters, sweaters and service keys were presented. Band ollicers for 1957-58 are David Clemons, president: Charles Chapman, vice-president, Elizabeth Higginbotham, secretary and Paris York, treasurer. Council members include Iay Cannon, Gloria Crab- tree, Dale Kennedy, Artie Palk, Marilyn Smith and Ann Copeland. Going into another musical instrument formation, the Sooner marching band outlines a trombone, as members play "Lassus Trombone," conducted by Leonard Haug. lAU BETA SIGMA and KAPPA KAPPA PSI FIRST ROW, left to right: Mary Frances Miller, Martha Kirk, Sandra Nobles, Gene Cook, Owen Gibson, George Weber, Gary Sibley, Burton Hardin, Elizabeth Higginbotham, Helen Webb, Mahala Larason, Mary J. Patterson. Rodger Robinson, William Leonard. FOURTH ROW: David Oates, Chuck SECOND ROW: Leonard Haug, Nancy Danner, Annette Waller, Gloria Chapman, Boyd Fender, Rex Craig, Dale Kennedy, T. J. Johnson, Dennis Crabtree, Nancy Carpenter, Franklin Williams, Joe Windes. THIRD ROW: Cook. Honorary Band Organizations Recognize Outstanding Men and Women Who Participate in the University Band Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi are the honorary wo- menis and menis band organizations on the OU campus. Tau Beta Sigma was founded in order to cultivate a Whole- some respect for band activities and achievementsg to honor out- standing women in the band, and to promote a high average of attainment by the performance of good music. The fraternity was founded in 1939 on the Texas Teachers college campus and now has 28 active chapters. Officers are Elizabeth Higginbotham, president, lane Sewell, vice-president, Mary Frances Miller, secretary, Mary Patterson, treasurer, and Leonard Haug, sponsor. Kappa Kappa Psi Was first organized for bandsmen on the campus of OSU in 1919. There are now 96 active chapters. The principal aims of the organization are to honor outstand- ing bandsmen, to provide a service organization for the band pro- gram, and to provide a means of fellowship for bandsmen. Mem- bership is open to all bandsmen who have been in the band at least one semester and have maintained a "CM average academi- cally. Officers are Dale Kennedy, president, Bill Leonard, vice- president, Terry Hagen, secretary, David Oates, treasurer, and Franklin Williams, sponsor. - W- - v -vi-- i - Y W Y Y ,Y Y Conductor-Robert W. Ross, assistant conductor-Samuel Scott, flutes-Edwina Hunter, Franklin Williams, oboes- Lawrence Odom, Rodger Rob- inson, clarinets-Dale Ken- nedy, Shelton Lancaster, bas- soons-Laurence Reid, Re- becca Wade, horns-Burton Hardin, William Robinson, trumpets-David Clemons, Tim McCook, tympani-John Mitchell, violins-Dwight Dyer, Anne Goodwin, con- certmaster, Karl Greenshields, Donald Hatch, Charles Jo- seph, Barbara Messenbaugh, Thomas Mueller, Katherine Scott, principal, violas- Barbara Ducker, Lawrence Poston, Parnell Privette, vio- loncellos-Viola Brown, Vanda Cohen, Ernst Friedlander, contrabass--Roger Simonds. UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Affords Students an Opportunity for Orchestral Experience An educational and receational experience in or- chestral playing is provided students by the University Symphony Orchestra. All university students and fac- ulty are eligible for membership, with personnel deter- mined by auditions which are held each semester. Under the direction of Robert W. Ross, conductor, and Samuel Scott, assistant conductor, the orchestra PHI MU ALPHA SINFUNIA Fosters Brotherhood Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, national music fraternity, was organized to advance the cause of music in Amer- ica, to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music, and to develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members. Officers for the year included Charles Chapman, annually presents three campus concerts. A number of off-campus concerts are also given, some of which are in connection with the musical therapy program at Central State hospital. The orchestra plays the accom- paniment for the College of Fine Arts opera produc- tion. and True Fraternal Spirit among Music Students president, David Clemons, vice-president, Rodger Rob- inson, secretary, Edward Smith, treasurer, and Rich- ard Brightwell, sponsor. The main project of the group is raising funds for music scholarships to be awarded to string instrument players. FIRST ROW, left to right. David Clemons, Laurence Reid, Jr., Robert Webb, Richard Bouchett, Valiean Johns, Richard Briqhtwell. SECOND ROW: Rodger Rob- inson, Jay Smith, Chuck Chapman, Burton Hardin. THIRD ROW: Clyde Hollo- way, B. J. Whitehead, Dale E. Kenedy, Lawrence Posfon, Don Northrip. I89 UNIVERSITY CHORAL GROUPS The vocal music department consists of the Uni- versity Choir, lVlen's Glee club, Womenis Choral club and the Soonerettes. Chester L. Francis is the director- conductor of the department. Tryouts are held at the beginning of each semester for each choral organization. Any student fully en- rolled in the university and meeting tryout qualifica- tions prior to the opening of each semester is eligible for membership in one or more groups. These organizations meet regularly as a part of the university schedule and one credit hour per semes- ter is given to participating students. The principal aim of the groups is to supply academic needs, permit university participation in vocal music and promote university public relations. This year the choral groups performed in over 70 concerts and programs throughout the state and on the university campus. The groups also made appearances at state high schools, numerous civic clubs, churches, conventions and professional organizations. Serving as president of the ments glee club was Iamall Badry. Assisting him were Earnie Wotring, vice-president, Miles Anderson, secretary, and William Broach, treasurer. UNIVERSITY CHOIR. FIRST ROW, left to right: Polly King, Joretta Gerner, Carol Calmes, Barbara Smith, Mary Lou Otto, Linda Jolly, Nancy Leutz, Charlotte Lovelace, Ann Kelley, Rheta Reynolds, Carol Chrisen- berry, Karen Harvey, Bonnie Harrel, Lu Stantield. SECOND ROW: Lauretta Palmeter, Jo Lea McDown, Joyce George, Bobbie Knie, Naomi Steiger, Lawrence Dean, Jack lmel, Carl West, James Houpe, Clark McCoy, Janet Elias, Carol Cook, Eugenia McCall, Karin Kaufman. THIRD SOONERETTES perform with the men's glee club. Left to right: Mary Miller, Karen Crowley, Jan Gibson, Suzanne Smith, Vannie Irvin, Cecille Gray. Charlotte Love was president of the University Choir this year, with Robert Webb as vice-president, Karin Kaufman, secretary, and Iared Rowe, treasurer. Qfticers for the Women's Choral club included Lee Ann Kennedy, president, Nancy Holland, vice- president, Sandra Mahaffey, secretary, and Leta Smith, treasurer. Members of the organizations are honored in the spring at an awards banquet. Those having served four semesters receive a golden key, for six and eight semesters of service, a ruby and diamond respectively are set in the key. This climaxed another successful year for the vocal music department. ROW: Mary Leonard, Merrily Adams, Beth Gambill, Jared Rowe, Farley Richmond, Richard Bouchett, Stacy Schrink, Harold Davidson, Robert Webb, Charles Chapman, B. J. Whitehead, Mary McConnell, Anne Black- burn. FOURTH ROW: Darrell McClure, Billy Rogers, Nelson Myers, Ronald Rayburn, Tom Aitken, Charles Vantine, Paul Braun, Fred Bloch- linger, Keith Allen. he W i 5 gxwffk 215 i 4 V. xg: ff, if 35' if I 'gif xg! 6' gg 1 xg' 'E 2 Q 1. v er, V , rf-fi diff yy rv" " 'K ff 'QW -Q' S 3 3 'Q' ww" We W- f W , V15 H57 'E' Tv wwf fix' W 6 -L ' A, ai 1 W aka W., ,W ,vvirqyww y1M,,5, Q .pr H 1' 'uw .1 , 4 M, 95 V .2 . . 'as I . W X 5 .W N 1 n L x X i 1 an 4 ' WNW' ,J . mm kwvr .ww H ' ' 5 k , A xx -X ,V ., K iv. . I - Q I , I N H 5 4 A V Z? S 'R WESLEY FOUNDATION FIRST ROW, left to right: Virginia Norris, Marilyn Van Meter, Martha Newby, Margaret McMahan, Beverly Yandell, Dan Fullerton, Mary Adams, Nell Hockman, Becky Wade, Gwenith Williams, Patsy Smith, Nita Beth Wagner, Betty Andrews. SECOND ROW: Merrily Adams, Mary Lou McConnell, Jean Yarborough, Nancy Wotring, Jewell Monroe, Marilyn Orr, Pat Whalen, Mary McCaIister, Margie Brooks, Betty McBride, Effie Papaconstantinou, Beth Clark, Lu Ann Massengale, Sue Ragland. THIRD ROW: Howard Kunz, Rilla Harlin, Marilyn Cole, Jerry Fast, Elmer Mil- lion, Lynn Murrell, Larry Lawson, David Kaup, William Merkel, Charles Worship, Study and Social Activities Orelup, George Calvert, Jody McClung, Judi Wynn, Steve Trower, John Crooch, Thelma Taber, Leigh Hill, Rev, Clyde Chesnutt, FOURTH ROW: Tom Pace, Richard McKinne, David Harrison, John Wagner, Joe Ray, Mac Saddoris, Rex Hughes, John Nelson, John M. Carpenter, Michael Atkins, Charles Patton, William Bentley, Robert Richter, Joe Gieck, Gary Nichols, Marilyn Smith. FIFTH ROW: Kent Messamore, Don Crosby, Ted James, David Spore, James Houpe, Lyndon Williams, J. D. Seba, Virgil Jones, Wilbur Jones, Hugh Russell, Dick Boyer, David Glen, Denver Wofford. The Wesley Foundation provides students of Methodist prefer- ence With opportunities for worship, study, social action and fel- Headline Annual Program lovvship. Each student is encouraged to make use of his interests and talents in an enriching program of spiritual growth. At Campus Methodist Student Center Weekday activities usually take place at the Methodist student center. These include noon devotional periods, vesper services on Thursday, Holy Communion on Wednesday morning in Wesley The Wesley collegiate chapel of the Methodist Student Center is located at Elm and Lindsay. Collegiate chapel, Bible study groups, and various other discussion groups. David Glenn served the foundation as president during the year. Assisting him were levvell Monroe, vice-president: Marilyn Smith, secretary: John Crooch, treasurer, and Reverend Clyde Chesnutt, minister-director, Lu Ann Massengale, associate director. Social events for the group include an open house at the be- ginning of the fall semester to Welcome all new students, Friday night dances, parties for the children at the Cerebral Palsy Institute, and a hayride in the early fall. Week-end activities consist of church school classes and a forum on Sunday evenings. The group also holds a freshman forum, week-end Work camps, a retreat for Worship and study, and several week-end seminars on educational subjects. FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. J, Ray Matlock, Nita Beth Wagner, Alice Lay, Car- olyn Williams, Mary Adams, Cathy Williams. SECOND ROW: Bessie Merritt, Marl- lyn Cole, Grace Wiezorek, Janet Cabe, Patti Goldston, Marilyn Smith, Mary Beth Darrough, Lynda Mosley, Jan- ice Woolsey, Nell Hockrnan, Mary McCalister. TH I RD ROW: Lu Ann Massengale, Tressa Ward, Barbara Frali Tressa Ward, Barbara Frazier, Marcia Wilson, Bonnie Har- rel, Judy Engle, Janet Jones, Pat McCombs, Pat Shubert, Marilyn Orr, Sue Ragland, Mary Fenton. F O U RT H ROW: Mrs. Hubert Norris, Mrs. Harold Bone, Donna Luper, Sheridan Brandon, Sar- adelle McDonald, Virginia Phillips, Virginia Norris, Mar- tha Chastain, Sherry McFall, WaukyChupco, Connie Church. FIFTH ROW: Mari- lyn Dorff, Marty Newby, Mari- Van Meter, Betty Sue Mc- Bride, Merrily Adams, Suz- anne Smith, Wilma Felkney, Jan Puckett, Janet' Ferrill, Precious Park, Jane Scott, Phyllis Pickrell. KAPPA PHI Encourages Planning and Participation in Methodist Programs Designed for College Women Kappa Phi, national fraternity for Methodist wo- men, strives to make the work among student women of the Methodist church more effective and sufficient. The organization seeks to form a closer association among Methodist women who are students in univer- sities. The principal aim of Kappa Phi is "every Metho- SIGMA THETA EPSll.0N Develops Close Christian Sigma Theta Epsilon is an organization for men who appreciate the need for a closer Christian fellow- ship among men of Methodist preference in colleges and universities. The organization strives to develop the high moral standards of college men and of future leadership of the church. dist woman in the university world today, a leader of the Church of Tomorrowf, Officers for the year are Carolyn Williams, presi- dent: Alice Lay and Mary Adams, vice-presidents: Cathy Williams and luanita Zinn, secretaries: Nita Beth Wagner, treasurer, and Mrs. Ray Matlock, sponsor. Fellowship among College Men of Methodist Faith Officers are Ted Iames, presidentg lack Floyd, vice- president, Denny Wofford and Charles Patton, secre- tariesg Ierry Fast, treasurer, and Reverend Clyde Ches- nutt, sponsor. Tau Chapter of Sigma Theta Epsilon was organ- ized on the OU campus in 1949. FlRST ROW, left to right. Hugh Russell, Clyde Ches- nutt, Ted James, Don Crosby, Wilbur Jones, George Cal- vert, Dan Fullerton. SECOND ROW: Jerry Fast, Charles Patton, William Meckel, Da- vid Kaup, Elmer Million, Michael Atkins, Charles Ore- lup, Larry Lawson, THIRD ROW: Rex Hughes, Mac Sad- doris, David Glenn, David Spore, Dick Boyer, Kent Mes- samore, John Crooch, Lynn Murrell. I93 The Baptist Student Center, 435 W. Boyd, is a "Home Away from Home" for Baptist students in the university. The function of the building is planned to meet the needs of students with a spiritual ex- perience that will permeate the physical, intellectual and social aspects of life. The building is open 85 hours per week, under the supervision of the BSU director Art Driscoll and the center host- ess, Mrs. W. L. Dillard. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Baptist Student Union, organized on 90 percent of the campuses located in 24 states where Southern Baptists are active, enlists students in the local Baptist churches and provides a week-day program to minister to their spiritual needs. BSU meetings include a morning watch at 7:40 a.m., Monday through Friday, noonday devotional at 12:40 p.m., Monday through Friday, visitation and vesper services held every Tuesday evening, a youth- led "Hour of Decisionn which is an evangelistic service FIRST ROW, left to right: Fran Hargrove, Gloria Odom, Harriett Mason, Janell Baxter, Binny Hawkins, Karen Smith, Linda Cook, Evelyn Hickson, Gloria Robinson, SECOND ROW: Ray Kirkland, Peggy Williams, Beth Halverson, Margaret White, Rosemary Henry, Mary Pierce, Marilyn Milam, Ina Simpson, Judy Downing, Gaylene Bozarth, Kay Erickson, Rev. E. F. Hallouk, Mrs, W, L, Dillard. THIRD ROW: Melvin Fox, Farris Badry, led by students to minister to navy personnel at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, and a fellowship hour at S230 p.m. Saturday. At the beginning of each semester the BSU spon- sors welcome parties and during the year the members enjoy hayrides, Wiener roasts, skating parties and sea- sonal socials to give at least one big social each month. Friday evening is open house at the center. Student hosts and hostesses are appointed to be in charge of the event. There is no planned activity, but all facili- Bryan Dunlap, Karl West, Phil Bryan, Don lnqels, Gerald Hawkins, Bill Selvey, Jack Murphey, Bill Pearce, Dale Willard, Andy Dodson, Arthur Driscoll, Allen Norris. FOURTH ROW: James Carlisle, Thomas Shriver, Jerry Fine, Leland Davis, Bob Allison, Denny Price, Bruce Medley, Tom Seale, Allen Rose, Jim White, Maurice Carson, Bob Wisler, Alva Mc- Guckin, Ron Bruce. A ,al I P f-if ' If A if . I - I I a -f 'z -, assi: I- gr I K . P 4 Nix -if fi ew' 1-V me A 1 l i The First Baptist church, Norman, ministers spiritually to university students through 30 Sunday school classes, and I2 training unions, graded according to age, sex and marital status. Five hundred and titty- nine students are members of the church. 5 Rev. E. F. Hallock has inspired students tor many college generations to deepen their spiritual lives. He has been pastor for 32 years. ties of the center are available to students. The BSU also holds an annual banquet in December and an- other in the spring. Mission projects sponsored by the BSU include Working with the children each Thursday evening at the Cerebral Palsy institute. The students present a program of Christian education involving a song serv- ice, illustrated Bible stories and handwork. The group also visits elderly people at the Norman Nursing home, reading to them and showing a personal interest in them. Other projects undertaken by the students are programs presented at small churches and missions in the area. FIRST ROW, left to right: Pat Cook, Nancy Walls, Lila Alexander, Pauline Williams, Mrs. Ross Anderson, Dorothy McGinley, Mrs. Everett Bobbett, Mrs. Roy Brown. SECOND ROW: Martha Campbell, Mrs. C. R. Parker, Mary Keetons, Janice Poston, Zelma Smith, Nita Robb, Evelyn McKeithan, Sue Orr, Mrs. Lee Von Balzer, Mrs. J. C. Evans. THIRD ROW: Roy BSU PERSONNEL Council President . Enlistment Vice-Pres. . Social Vice-Pres. . Devotional Vice-Pres. Secretary . . . Faculty Advisor Pastor Advisor Director . . IERRY FINE . JOY P. CANNON EVELYN HICKSON ALVA MCGUCKIN MARGARET WHITE . FLOYD CALVERT REV. E. F. HALLOCK . ART DRISCOLL Brown, Jerry Poston, Lee Von Balzer, Richard Lake, Don Geis, W. R. Fulton, Delbert Kennon, Ross Anderson. FOURTH ROW: Jim Warren, Clarence Parker, George Boring, Paul McKeithan, Vel James, Hugh Walls, Monte Campbell, Wayne Smith, Roger Cook, Glenn Robb Engineers Queen Deanna Erwin kneels fo kiss the Blarney stone, held by Maurice Box, Sl. Pat, at the annual Engineers dance. Deanna Erwin takes time out from serving coffee to pin campaign tags on engineers during the Engineers Queen contest. ENGINEERS CLUB The representative voice of all engineers on the OU campus is the Engineers club. This organization exists for the greater unity among engineering students and promotes various school activities during the year. Among these are the Engineers Show in the fall, the Queen race, Engineers Week celebration and open house, annually held in the spring. St. Patis council, a quasi-legislative body, operates within the club to coordinate the engine school activi- ties. Membership in the council is composed of the elected officers of the Engine club and representatives from the various engineering societies and honorary organizations. Also on the council are the editor and business manager of the Sooner Shamrock magazine and the chairmen of the various engineering activities. The Sooner Shamrock is the ofhcial publication of the college of engineering. It is printed four times a year, and has a circulation of approximately 3,000 reaching all engineers on the OU campus and alumni and business men throughout the country. Again the Engineers Show was a sellout. Last fall, l,l00 people enjoyed over two hours of entertain- ment. This show, produced entirely by engineers, is recognized as one of the best campus programs during the year. Signalling the beginning of the Engineers Week celebration was the appearance of beards on the faces ol engineering students. For five weeks, the beards were grown and, at the end of Engine Week, the growths were shaved off, thus ending the celebration for another year. The selection of Deanna Erwin as Engineers, Queen terminated the queen race, and her crowning by the new St. Pat, Maurice Box, highlighted the dance. Fourteen men were knighted by Queen Deanna as Knights of St. Pat at the banquet. Engineers open house, held in the spring, consists of displays from each branch of engineering. The dis- plays are designed to illustrate some phase of work encompassed by the many societies and clubs. Compe- tition is keen among the different groups, as a prize is given for the most outstanding and original exhibit. Open house has gained state-wide recognition which has continued to grow every year. The Loyal Knights of Old Trusty assume the responsibility of seeing that the traditions of the En- gineers club are carried out each year. LKOT members are selected secretly and work without recognition, other than having their names engraved on a plaque when they have completed their service to the engi- neers and to the club. Membership in this organization is the highest honor a senior engineer can receive. Meetings of the Engineers club are scheduled for the second Thursday of each month, and are held in the engineering auditorium. All students who are en- rolled in the college of engineering are members, along with those who are planning to major in engineering. Loyal Knighls of Old Trusfy is one of The highesf honors an engineer can receive. An exclusive secret organizafion, LKOT is composed of Those OFFICERS President . PATRICK HOSFORD Vice-President . . IVIAURICE BOX Secretary . . . RALPH IACKSON Treasurer . . . BOB SCHWARTZ Sponsors . . PROP. lor: W. KIZELEY PROF. HAROLD K. BONE PROP. D. E. MENZIE ST. PAT'S COUNCIL. FIRST ROW, Iefl Io righlz Ralph W. Jackson, Jerry S. Duncan, Cecille Hooven-Roberts, Mrs, Ann Daniel, Patrick Hosford, Roberf H. Schwariz. SECOND ROW: T. K. James, George Carey, Woody Wolverfon, Fred Z. Mills, R. B. Prafl. THIRD ROW: Ken? Wesfbrook, if engineers who have proven lhemselves active in 'rhe advancemenl of Ihe college of engineering. Prof. Harold K. Bone is sociely sponsor. 411 iii' PATRICK HOSFORD Harry W. Todd, Brad Thompson, J. T. Vanhoutfe, Jack Lawrence, LeRoy England. FOURTH ROW: Johnnie B. Buchanan, Henry C. Bonney, Fred W, Kelly, Ed F. Parry, Jerry Fronlerhouse, Maurice D. Box. is vw-- PETROLEUM ENGINEERS CLUB FIRST ROW, leff to right: James E. York, Gerald Brown, Frank Richard- son, Gene Batferson, William Morris, Al Pardoe, Carlos Reis, L. O. Spence, George Sullivan, Jack Hill, Earl West, Paul Newendorp, Mihir Roy, Roy Brown, Jack Schroyer, Roy Bell, Johnny Day. SECOND ROW: James Pauley, Travis Burke, Merlin Field, Guy Beasley, Ralph Reed, William Dawson, Jerry Shebester, Carl Ramsey, Robert Fowler, Ralph Faust, Carle Godard, James Rofhbauer, Keith Lynn, Ed Lelouis, Raymond Salmon, Stuarl' Henderson. THIRD ROW: Wesley Sfroiman, Roy Seymour, Lowell Wooden, Donald McKinnon, Stephen Myers, Bob Hance, Cliff Rauqus-l, Fred Kelly, Ralph Jackson, Dean McNabb, Larry Mclntosh, Roberto Men- dez, Hecior Mayorga, Duane Rehard, Robert Pope, Richard Biggs, Jerry Miles. The Petroleum Engineers club, one of the largest organizations on the OU campus, acquaints students with practical engineers and executives in the industry. The PE club was founded immediately following the organi- zation of the Petroleum engineers school at the University of Okla- homa in 1924. From 1928 until 1933 the club was known as the American Institute of Mining Engineers. Since then it has been afiiliated with the petroleum division of the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers. When the school of petroleum engineering was organized no definite effort was made by the students to become affiliated with a national organization. As a consequence the interest of the petro- leum engineering students was somewhat divided as some students would attend a student branch of one school and other students another. In 1930 some of the leading students of the school of petroleum engineering attempted to bring all students of that school together in a common organization. They were only moderately successful and the attendance at the meeting was limited. A mass meeting was held in 1933 to explain the advantage of having a student organization in which the membership would be drawn exclusively from those enrolled in petroleum engineering. Advances Practical Engineering Knowledge Learned in Classroom FIRST ROW, left fo right: Jerry White, Jack Black, Bob Packer, Bob Golasinski, Johnnie Buchanan, Paul Fronferhouse, J. H. Field, W. F. Cloud, Donald Goodman, Cecille Hooven-Roberts, I957 Engineers' Queen, Kent Westbrook, William Brabits, Bill Glass, James Lunday, Robert Womack, William Merkel, Bonyad Niku, Reza Jahanshahi. SECOND ROW: Jim Williams, Alan George, Patrick Hosford, Dan Riddell, Dave Donohue, Ronald Hill, John Hnatiuk, Lloyd Driscoll, Chuck Jordan, Alvin Simmons, Carl Speight, Elmer Kamphaus, William Tschappaf, Elmo Hubble, Cliff Callis, Don lngels, W. F. Parrish, Dick Kincheloe, Leycel Burger THIRD ROW: Ken? Brooks, Robert Giffen, Freddie Attaya, John Burnside, Leonard Roberson, Riley Needham, Leo O'Rcurke, Rudolph Baier, Leroy England, Johnnie Heck, Ernest Johnson, Richard Klein, Jerry Fetters, Charles Har- mon, Donald Loftis, Robert Waller, Sfanley Garinger, William Long, R. D. Murr, Larry Hamby. Since then the membership and attendance has been good and continued to grow. Bimonthly meetings are held in the Engineering auditorium. Professor W. F. Cloud, the clubis sponsor since 1941, has obtained numerous outstanding men of the oil industry to speak to members on practical application of the knowledge learned in classrooms. The club also provides an opportunity for the student members to meet and become better acquainted with the faculty and fellow members. Donald Goodman served the club as president this year. Other officers were Bill Brabits, vice-presidentg Paul Fronterhouse, secretary, and Kent Westbrook, treasurer. Any petroleum engineering student having average grades in engineering is eligible for membership. The club is open especially to all freshmen and sophomores planning to major in petroleum engineering. The main project of the PE club is the preparation of the engi- neers' open house. The event is held annually in the spring and features unique and interesting exhibits from the various engineer- ing clubs. Members also appeared on television programs to en- courage high school students interest in petroleum engineering. VARSITY "0" CLUB FIRST ROW, left' to right: Dale Sherrod, Johnny Pellow, Paul Battenberg, Jim Belcher, Richard Delgado, Leonard Shelton, B. W, Scott, Paul Aubrey. SECOND ROW: Don Cross, Ron Plath, Jim Denton, Dennis Cross, Jim Any man who has earned a letter in a recognized intercollegiate sport at the University of Oklahoma and has met the requirements and approval of the Athletic council is eligible for membership in the uni- versity's Varsity "Ov club. The principal aim of the club is to foster a closer spirit of loyalty among lettermen in all sports at the university. The club seeks to advance and nourish a special spirit of regard for the "O" and to bring all lettermcn, both graduate and undergraduate, into closer and more intimate relationship. The club fosters a spirit of loyalty in the hearts of those who uphold the athletic prestige of the Red and White, and promotes in every proper and con- structive way the athletic interests of the university Park, Bill Pritchett, Bernard Sullivan, Jay O'Neal. THIRD ROW: Jim Lawrence, Bill Ashcraft, Bob Stoermer, Gary Parr, Don Stiller, Ross Coyle, Gordon Roesler, Steve Jennings. among its students, faculty, alumni and friends throughout the state and nation. The organization also encourages scholarship, de- velops sportsmanship both by example and precept, bolsters social activities, accomodates visiting sports teams, and takes an active interest in campus activities and the orientation of freshman athletes. Through mutual understanding of objectives, the club maintains a more complete relationship with members of the Sooner coaching staff. With these purposes and objectives actively sup- ported, the Varsity "Ou club feels that it is a powerful resource which is utilized for the future Welfare of the university. Membership consists of the following classes: ac- Encourages Closer Spirit of Friendship Among Sooner lettermen ACTIVE MEMBERS OF THE "O" CLUB FOOTBALL ROBERT DERRICK TOM EMERSON BOB HARRISON KEN NORTHCUTT IAY O,NEAL BOB TIMBERLAKE SWIMMING PAUL BATTENBERG PETER DUNCAN IIM GRIFFIS IEFF FARRELL BOB LEONARDT TENNIS DENNIS CROSS DON CRoss BOB MARKLEY TRACK GLEN CHOWINS EDWIN COOK IIM DENTON DICK DUDLEY PHIL FRAZIER JIM MCSLARROW MARION MULLEN GARY PARR BILL PRITCHETT TOM TAYLOR WILLIE WILI-IITE BASEBALL BOB BURR BOB HUGHES GOLF JACK MOORE BASKETBALL ED ABBEY JOHN W. ASHCRAFT MAX CLAIBORNE IOHN DAWKINS GENE HUDSON IOE KING DON SCHWALL BOB STOERMER WRESTLING PAUL AUBREY DICK DELGADO GORDON ROESLER LEONARD SI-IELTON BERNARD SULLIVAN BOXING DICK WALL tive, inactive, alumni and honorary. Active members are those men enrolled in the University of Oklahoma and who participate in all functions of the club. Inac- tive and alumni members do not have the power to vote and hold office, but may attend meetings. People who have rendered exceptional service to to athletes and to the development of the athletic pro- gram at the university are selected as honorary mem- bers. They are chosen by the executive committee of the club. "OH club officers for the 1957-58 school year are lay O,Neal, president, Bob Timberlake, vice-president, Don Stiller, secretary, and Port G. Robertson, faculty sponsor. These officers compose the executive commit- tee which appoints and replaces members of the board of directors. A representative from each sport, for which a let- ter is awarded, is selected for the board of directors. This board acts as a liaison group between the execu- tive committee and the club at large. Meetings of the club are held monthly during the regular school year. The dates are set by the executive committee. Social events for this year included the "O" club banquet, Christmas dance, annual picnic and other social activities for the members. The club presented a special Dad's Day program for visiting fathers and alums of the club. Besides being the site of their meetings, the "Ou club lounge, located in the north end of Owen stadium, is the headquarters of returning Sooner club alumni before and after home football games. The lounge was decorated by Robert D. Harrell and was officially opened in September, 1951. Sandwiches and coffee are available at the snack bar. The lounge serves as a place for past and present wearers of the "O" to meet and talk over old times. The club, composed of lettermen interested in up- holding the athletic prestige of their school, was dis- continued during World War II, but was reorganized in October, 1944. n FIRST ROW, left to right: Charles Tucker, Leon Srago, O. C, Brown, W, F. Sykes, E. A. McCarthy, Bruce An- thony, Michael Weiss. SEC- OND ROW: Leslie H. Rice, Advisor, Fred D. Singleton, Bill Frensley, Irv Kauffman, Robert R. Omer, Howard Rosenberg, Larry Beckerman. THIRD ROW: Larry R. Fer- guson, John S. Tice, John Sims, Bob J. Cortner ALPHA DELTA SIGMA Bridges Gap Between Advertising Theory and Today's Advertising Practice A national advertising fraternity, Alpha Delta Sigma was organized to bridge the gap between adver- tising theory and advertising practice. Founded at the University of Missouri in l9l3, the organization is dedicated to the advancement of advertising ideals and standards. Members must be students with an adver- tising major. ALPHA EPSILON lll'l0 Aids in the Development Alpha Epsilon Rho encourages and recognizes outstanding students in the field of radio and television. The organization aids in the development of radio and television as an educational media. As Alpha Epsilon Rho promotes high scholastic and broadcasting standards, qualifications for member- Bruee Anthony served as president of the group this year, with Larry Bound, vice-president, Charles Tucker, secretary, Mike Weiss, treasurer, and Professor Leslie Rice, sponsor. Outstanding leaders in the advertising field are speakers at the chapter's bimonthly meetings. of Radio and Television as an Educational Media courses. Meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at the radio station, followed by coffee. lo Carol Martyn is president, Bob Wheeler, vice- presidentg Sydney Grant, secretary-treasurer, and Dr. Sherman P. Lawton is the faculty sponsor. Poyner, Joel Max Schroeder ship include a total grade average of 3.0 in all radio 'ESS-' FIRST ROW, left to right: Jinny Moran, Sandra Skillern, Barbara Paton, Sydney Grant, V? Jo Carol Martyn. SECOND ROW: Ansel Resler, Jim Street, Hal Hurst, Bob Cobb, Norvin Allen. 1 202 -w ACCOUNTING CLUB FIRST ROW, left to right: Shirley Kramer, Voncel Kaltwasser, Joseph Hogan, Richard McCormick, Don Criswell, Wilber Bradford, John Lacy, James Daggs, Leta Smith, Ray Fleming, Walter Robinson, Pat Mosshamer, Carol Conley, Laurence Williams, Donald Bryant, Jerry Southerland. FOURTH ROW: Homer Brown, Prof. William McGrew, sponsor, SECOND ROW: Delbert Larry Hawkins, Wilmer Koop, Charles Lewallen, W.lliam Boyle, Donald Ben- Armstrong, Clarence Wiley, Bob Robinson, Glenda Temple, Johnny Corona, son, Monte Campbell, Albert Nation, Howard Shelton, Dave Cody, Frank Paul Braun, Marvin Campbell, Joe Gimlin, George Wall, Gary Cox, Joe Rogers, Tom Harrisbarger. Francis. THIRD ROW: Harold Huffman, Donald Bennett, Kenneth Medford, The Newton Memorial Scholarship Fund ls Sponsored by the Club As Assistance for Accounting Students The Accounting club brings accounting majors closer together so that common ties of working in the same profession may be cemented into friendship. The club was established on the Uni- versity of Oklahoma campus in l930. Membership is made up of students majoring in the Held of accounting. Meetings are held twice a month in the Student Union building. The club introduces organization members to those who have already found success in the field of accounting. Another chief aim of the club is to attempt to help graduates in accounting in obtaining good positions. The Newton Memorial scholarship is sponsored by the club and income from this fund is used to provide a scholarship for an accounting student. Serving as president this year was Walter Robinson, with loc Hogan as vice-president, Leta Kay Smith, secretaryg Ray Fleming, treasurer, and William C. McGrew, sponsor. The greatest honor that the club can confer is the Accounting Key award. To be awarded the key, a student must be a club member, complete 12 hours of advanced accounting, have no ae- counting grade below D and attend most of the club meetings. FIRST ROW, left to right: James Veccia, Dan Coates, Joseph Barton, Raymond Leppla, Robert Miles, Don Degraffenreid, Jim Clayton, Jim Niemeyer, Charles Harp. SECOND ROW: Glenn Crawford, James Cather, Gene Goodall, Carlos Car- rillo, Tom Sellers, Myron Meador, Charles Harrison, Bobby Ross. THIRD ROW: Ronald Barber, Arthur Little- ford, Jack Reynolds, Wil- liam McKeel, Robert Bailey, T. H. Puckett. AIEE-IRE Combines Student Branches to Advance Theory and Practice ot Allied Engineering Fields The American Institute of Electrical Engineers was founded in 1884 for the advancement of the theory and practice of electrical engineering. The Institute of Radio Engineers, organized in 1912, strives toward the advancement of the theory and practice of radio and allied branches of engineering. AIEE-IRE was established for the maintenance of a high professional standing in the field of engineering and to foster the necessary qualities of successful engineers. Students registered in an engineering curriculum accredited by the Engineers' Council for Professional Development, or graduates of an approved college and possessing such a degree, or practicing engineers are eligible for membership in this organization. Oliicers for the year included Iames M. Niemeyer, president, Don Degraffenreid, vice-president, Richard Leppla and Robert Miles, secretaries, Iim Clayton, FIRST ROW, left to right: C. T. Almquist, John Gog- gin, F. R. Clayton, W. L. Allred, Dan W. Lee, Gerald Tuma. SECOND ROW: Dale Furlow, Donald Taylor, Don- ald Kelley, Marshall Neal, George Zirkle, V. H. Hains, R. C. Pricer. THIRD ROW: Sam Lindsey, William Calo- han, Clarence Smith, Jack Jette. Gerald Gassett, Law- rence Lee, J. D. Palmer. 204 treasurer, with Prof. Palmer, and Prof. C. Harp, faculty sponsors. The group entertains a speaker at each of its reg- ular monthly meetings. Social activities include a fall picnic and an annual spring banquet. Student mem- bers who have done outstanding Work receive recog- nition at the banquet. An important project of the joint branches is con- ducting a technical essay contest. A dinner is held at which the best paper is selected to be sent to the na- tional contest and the author is given credit. Although AIEE and IRE are separate groups, the two organizations hold meetings together and partici- pate in social activities and endeavors as one unit. The group sponsors field trips to industrial locations related to electrical engineering. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OE CHEMICAL ENGINEERS .ygpf , ?.,.. f E.. 5 ,fs , . . . FIRST ROW, lefi' to right: Jerry Robinson, Ernest Kelly, Jim Seals, Paul Fleming, Bryan Medlock, Sharaniii S. Dhillonn, John Kuhlman, R. L. Hun- ningion, Patrick Hensy, William Durkee, Charles High. SECOND ROW: Robert Gains, Robert King, George Carey, Jr., Bobby Simmons, Monte D. Professional Development of Members ls the Principal Goal Of Chemical Engineers' Organization Witte, Lynn Rogers, Andrew Marushack, Carrel Smith, John Bowles, Robert Schwartz. THIIRD ROW: Johnny Barnes, Fred Polley, James Kerns, Kenneth Brenton, Burton Ogden, Alan Robertson, Jim Grubb, Bill Brigham, Ray Lohman, Maurice D. Box. The American Institute of Chemical Engineers was founded in 1908. Today there are student chapters in more than 90 uni- versities over the United States and Canada. The chapter at the University of Oklahoma was founded in 1935. The principal aim of the organization is to promote profes- sional development of their members by its programs and contacts with other student chapters. Any student working for a degree in chemical engineering, or any person who has received such a degree is eligible for membership. Ofiicers for the year are Fred Polley, presidentg Bob Schwartz. vice-presidentg Terry Robinson, secretary, Maurice Box, treasurer, and Buddy Carey, St. Pat's representative. Dr. R. L. Hunnington, research professor of chemical engineering, and Dr. O. K. Crosser, assistant professor of chemical engineering, are sponsors. A.I.Ch.E. helps to acquaint students with industry, to provide students with personal contacts in representative industries, and to promote the exchange of technical information through the medium of social contacts. Meetings are held once each month at the Engineering audi- torium, refreshments are served and guest persons are speakers. An annual spring picnic is one of the outstanding social events of the year. FIRST ROW, left to r'qht: Sarah Jones, Sharon Tuttle, Linda Jolly, Carolyn Miller, Lida Sue Nell, Jean Brown, Joan Killingsworth, J e a n Whybark, Betty Poor, Sue Lipman, Martha Lou Eyer. SECOND ROW: Ann Kel- ley, Margery Kronenqold. Patricia Flood, Jane Klock- rnan, Ginger Bonnewell, Pat Shubert, Bobbie Knie, Sandy Cooper, Kaye Finkenbinder, Jacquie McCollum. THIRD ROW: Janice Hann, Bar- Al.l'l'lA LAMBDA DELTA Encourages High Alpha Lambda Delta, a national honorary scho- lastic fraternity for freshmen women, was founded in 1924. Seventy-six chapters now promote intelligent living and a high standard of learning. The fraternity encourages superior scholastic at- tainment among thc freshmen coeds. To become a member of Alpha Lambda Delta a freshman woman bara Bonner, Suzanne Swan, Precious Park, Betty Griffin, Sally Howard. Carol Franks, Margaret Hource, Sandy No- bles, Li! Ryan. FOURTH ROW: Judi Wynn, Dolores Rosenburq, Clarece Dyer, Sharon Butler, Olivette Burt, Johnece Houghlin, Pattie Meadows, Lynette Lemon, Glenda Baundy, Nancy Ruse sell, Scholastic Attainment among University Freshman Coeds must have had a 3.5 grade average with a minimum of I5 semester hours. Officers were: Ioan Killingsworth, president: lean Whybark, vice-presidentg Carolyn Miller, secretary, and Linda lan Iolly, treasurer. Miss lean Brown was the faculty sponsor. Al.Pl'lA l'l'll OMEGA Continues Student Scout Activities and Services at the University Level Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity composed of university men who are or have been aFfiliated with the Boy Scouts. The organization pro- motes service to humanity in four fields: service to the student body and faculty: service to the youth and the communityg service to members of the fraternity, and i 4 service to the nation as participating citizens. Serving as officers were Iames R. Winnie, presi- dentg George Anderson and Donald Cammack, vice- presidentsg Richard Vorheis and Carl Ponca, secretaries, and Iohn Sauer, treasurer. Professor Paul V. Keen was the faculty sponsor. FIRST ROW, left to right: Larry Mozer, J. John Sauer, Robert Loving, Chester Co- 1 wen, Dick Holley, Fred Quenzer, Donald Camrnack. SECOND ROW: Paul V. Keen, J. Hugh Russell, Gor- don A. Cizon, James R. Winnie, James H, LaFon, Paul E. McKeithan, George J. Andersen, Jr. x....r, -...J 206 vi' AMERICAN SOCIETY OE CIVIL ENGINEERS FIRST ROW, left to right: Sam Barrai, Gerald Borgstadt, Royal Cline, Poffenroth. THIRD ROW: Tom Shriver, T. S, Sims, Alfred Smith, Jerome Connie Crust, Donald Douglas, Dick Dudley, Charles Ellet, Pat Grant, Rich- VanHoutte, Jack Williams, Wayne Davis, Dr. F. K. Fears, J. Ray Matlock, ard Gravlin, SECOND ROW: Sandra Kiester, Marlin Krause, Carl Krepper, Richard Pool, George Reid Jim LaFon, John LaFon, Darrell Mach, Bob Martin, Robert Nelson, Paul Student Chapter Provides Opportunity For Well-rounded Studies 0f Technical Knowledge and Experience The American Society of Civil Engineers helps civil engineer- ing students to enrich their college courses by beginning those professional contacts and associaions which are so valuable to the practicing engineer. The society was founded in l852 and aims to provide a back- ground of technical knowledge, experience and skill, to promote loyalty to the profession and an appreciation of the impact of tech- nology on society. Officers for the year are Bob G. Martin, presidentg Richard Gravlin, vice-presidentg Gareld Borgstadt, secretaryg Bruce Powell, treasurer, and Wayne F. Davis, sponsor. Stadia chapter of ASCE at the University of Oklahoma is one of l34 student chapters. The main purpose of the organization is to prepare the student for entry into the profession. Members are responsible for preparing an exhibit representing the profession for the Engineers, open house. Representatives visit section meetings of the parent ASCE and regional conferences. The society meets the first and third Tuesday of each month. Students enrolled or interested in civil engineering are eligible for membership. The chapter endeavors to expose the civil engineer to various other branches of engineering. FIRST ROW, left to right: Prof. A. L. Cosgrove, Carol Crenshaw, Dean H. B. Brown, Prof. K. B. Horning, Dwight Williams, Prof. D. L. Barnes, Prof. O. D. Westfall, Prof. C. F. Daily. SECOND ROW: Jack B. Reeves, Judy Groh, Richard Gaworski, Donald Bennett, John Burzio, Murel Holder, Robert Sommers, Patrick Hallren, Peter Boat- right. Jane Rosson, Marilyn Braymer, Carlene Rowell, Barbara Moore, Orville EI- Iiotr. THIRD ROW: W. R. Howell, David Girard, Ken- neth Brown, Donald Hart, Dale Hammons, Travis Gog- qans, Bill Morrison, E. R. Whitson, P. M. Juvenal, J. D. Yancey. FOURTH ROW: Don Bryant, Dick Blalock. Alan Hirschtield, Ted Mc- Carter, Steve Beckman, Wil- liam Murray. BETA GAMMA SIGMA Encourages High Accomplishments in the Fields of Business and Commerce Beta Gamma Sigma, founded in l907, is a society society requires a 3.5 grade average for junior class which encourages and rewards scholarship and accom- members and a 3.2 grade average for those of the sen- plishment in the Helds of business and commerce. The ior class. society fosters integrity in the conduct of business Dr. Charles F. Daily serves as president, Prof. operations. Augustin L. Cosgrove, vice-president, Prof. George L. The local chapter, Oklahoma Alpha, was estab- Noah, secretaryg Dr. Othel D. Westfall, treasurer, and lished in l933. and is one of 64 national affiliates. The Prof. Dewey L. Barnes, sponsor. CHANCERY CLUB Better Acquaints Pre-Law Students with Future Profession and Fellow Associates The Chancery Club, known by its greek name nity this year. Other oliicers included Dick Raskin, as Xi Mu, is a national fraternity for pre-law students. vice-prcsidentg Norman Landra, secretary, and James The organization was founded in order to better Winnie, treasurer. Dr. lohn Paul Duncan is sponsor. acquaint students with the profession and their fellow The club serves to familiarize pre-law students pre-law students. with the requirements for entrance into law school, lared Hazelton served as president of the frater- and entertains speakers in the legal profession. FIRST ROW, left to right: Charles Fagin, Norman Lan- dra, Jared Hazleton, George Hazelrigg, Dick R a s k i n . SECOND ROW: Jerry Sal- yer, Dick McKnight, John L. Willitord, James R. Winnie, Jerome Hemry. 208 ' .44 AMERICAN SOCIETY OE MECHANICAL ENGINEERS FIRST ROW, left' to right: G. C. Vestal, George Andersen, Paul Nelson, J. T. Doke, Ted James, Chet Byrd, James Hill, Charles Collins, Joe Mor- gan, James Palmer, Richard Determan, Filiberto Vargas. SECOND ROW: Leslie Fitch, Fred Mills, John Grant, Lawrence Vache, J. W, Denton, Paul Battenberg, Jay Zumwalt, Bill Quoss, Earl Walker, Jim Willis, John Rind. THIRD ROW: Gale Stitt, Roy Gullickson, Michael Basaraba, R. B. Pratt, Milton McDermott, Cecil Gibson, Richard Shepheard, Vaughan Rhoades, John Clark, Robert' Bleakley, David Lunifeld. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Mul- lins, E. M. Sims, James Holcomb, Donald Mitchell, Charles Brantley, Loyal Smith, Edmund Root, Rex Ponsor, Bill Howie, Bob Martin, Carl Schonenberg, Vaughn Kaiser, Harry Neal, Gordon McLaren, B. L. Dunham, Kenneth Doke. FIFTH ROW: Floyd Calvert, Tom Love, D, B. Turkington, K. Snethun, Donald Curry, Richard Smith, Thomas Valentine, Marvin Campbell, Ken- neth Ponsor, Henry Diehm, Harold Meyer, Ed Storms, C. L. Strance, James Williams, Jean Miller, Phil Baker, Richard Burt, Charles Stomieroski. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers was founded on February l6, 1880, and now has 219 chapters spread over the United States. The principal aims of the organization are the advancement and dissemination of knowledge of the theory and practice ol mechanical engineering, the presentation of a proper perspective Annual Technical Writing Competition of engineering Work and the chance to become acquainted with the personnel and activities in the field. Develops Members' Interest Further purposes of the society are to encourage original re- searchg to foster engineering education, to advance the standards ln Varied Fields of Original Research of engineering, and, by cooperating vvith other engineering and technical societies, to broaden the usefulness of the engineering pro- fession. Leslie Fitch served as president ol ASME this year. Other ofhcers included Bobby Martin, vice-presidentg R. Earl Walker, secretary, Ted lames, treasurer, I. T. Doke, St. Pat's representa- tive, and Tom I. Love, assistant professor of mechanical engineer- ing, faculty sponsor. Members of the organization participated in the Technical essay contest this year, thus becoming interested in the varied Fields of original research. n. FIRST ROW, left to right: Dan Costley, Wayne Hens- Iey, Jerry Salyer, Douglas S h a r p , SECOND ROW: Dusty Bonner, Elbert Friday, Paul Rempel, Dr. Roger E, Nebergall. THIRD ROW: Lee Nash, Bert Bucher, James R, Winnie, Gary Hig- DEBATE SQUAD Promotes Active Participation in The University Forensic Squad is a local organi- zation and has been active on the Sooner Campus for over 30 years. The only requirement for membership is a true interest in the activities of the group. Members par- ticipate in inter-collegiate forensic activities such as don. Inter-collegiate Debate and Oratory Contests debate, oratory, and extemporaneous speaking. The group meets one evening every week in Kauf- man hall. A spring banquet is held every year for all the members of the organization. Dr. Roger E. Nebergall was chosen to serve as the faculty sponsor. DELTA Pl'll DELTA Recognizes Outstanding Student Ability in All Phases of Art Work and Design Delta Phi Delta, national art fraternity, promotes art in the United States, recognizes scholarship and professional ability and fosters true friendship. Members must be in the upper percent of the class, with superior ability in their major art subject. Activities of the organizaton include a design seminar, an initiation banquet, Mothers, Day art exhibit, and an art school picnic. Officers were: Ralph Hudgins, presidentg Steve Trower, vice-presidentg Marilyn Myers and Marilyn James, secretaries, Ross Hess, treasurerg Roy Blake his- torian, and R. W. Tomberlin, faculty sponsor. FIRST ROW, left to right: Louise McRae, B a r b a r a Cheatham, Linda Hough, Penny Sowers, Norma Oualls, Mary Louise Apple, Marlene Eva ns. SECOND ROW: Tommy Fulton, Pat Daugh- erty, Marilyn James, Jean Kingery, Mary Frances Fen- ton, Ross Hess. T H I R D ROW: B. W, Tomberlin, Ralph Hudgins, John Hol- bird, Don Bradley, Steve Trower, Bill Donley, Roy Blake. 2I0 ..7,,-ee i,v,.,,,,,. ,W W., iv.. . ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN STUDENTS FIRST ROW, left to right: Linda Forrester, Anne Houck, Lida Sue Neil, Hamilton, Gloria Torres, Sally Lively, Nancy Hood, Glenda Schuber, Nita Beth Wagner, Linda Jan Jolly, Margaret Losey, Carol Ann Forsberg, Johnece Houghlin. THIRD ROW: Kay Riddle, Melissa Eppard, Deanna Sunya Sanger, Sarah Jones, Mary Ann Bozalis. SECOND ROW: Maxine Dean, Kay Snell, Inez Eber, Naomi Lochenour, Anne Reaves, Barbara Hario, Pinkerton, Connie Enders, Charlotte Ann Ream, Cathie Crouch, Mary Ann Barbara Cooksey. Organization Formulates Regulations Which Govern All Coeds Residing on the University Campus The principal aim of the Association of Women Students is to afford opportunity for the through-going discussion of all matters affecting university women, and to devise, administer and coordinate programs for their benefit. The organization formulates student regulations which govern women students on the campus of the University of Oklahoma. Comprising the membership of AWS are all undergraduate women students enrolled in the University. Members of the AWS council are elected as representatives to the council by their respective houses. Various issues discussed in council meetings are presented by the individual members of the group to their houses in order to determine general student opin- ion concerning these matters. Serving as president of AWS was Margaret Losey. Other officers were Carol Forsberg, vice-president, Linda Tolly and Nita Beth Wagner, secretaries, and Sunya Sanger, treasurer. Dr. Dor- othy Truex is the organization's sponsor. Accomplishments of AWS include the active support given the coed-counselors, the fall Activities Festival for new students, helping with the Mothers' Day Style Show, and the Christmas gift collection for the patients of Central State Hospital. FIRST ROW left to right: . Janey Wilkinson, Sheila Reil- Betty Stringer, Anne Houck Therese Lorson, J. G. Lorson SECOND ROW: Othman Shaaban, Olin W. Wood Nancy Ann Brown, Helmut Merklein. ENGINE WIVES CLUB Acquaints Members The Engine Wixies Club was founded on the OU campus in 1956 with the idea of promoting friendship among the wives of engineering students and acquaint- ing members with the Held of engineering. Olticers included Mrs. lames York, president, Mrs. Don Mitchell and Mrs. Bob Martin, vice-presidents, Mrs. Bob Cates and Mrs. Leslie Calder. secretaries, ENTRE NOUS Stimulates Greater Student Interest Entre Nous, French club, Was organized to pro- mote a greater interest in the language and people of France. In order for a student to become a member he must have had or be taking a course in French. Meetings are held once a month at which time students are given the opportunity to apply their ee .J C7 Q7 ' FIRST ROW, left to right: Jo Ann Cates, Ruth Carter, Ramona Black, Ann Doke, V e r n a Mitchell, Margaret Calder, Myrna Albright, Jean Schooler, Marilyn Goodman, Jane Strotman. SECOND ROW: Jo Allred, Doris Baker, Colleen Hos- tord, Charlene Bittle, Zelma Smith, Michail Fralier, Mary Thorn, Wenona Gravlin, Maxcine Albright, Marquer- ite Lidia, Maria Reni, Jan- ice Lohman, Mrs. Donald Menzie. THIRD ROW: Mina Bullock, Keitha Morrison, Joyce Lowe, Carolyn Stew- art, Betty Ray, Tommie Gil- Iies, Harriette Wortman, Mary Taylor, Nadine Wol- ever, Christiana Fulton, Al- ice Barnes, Norma Bunch, Le Rue Biggers, Anna Brant- ley, Tina Ingram. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Callis, Gay- la Hubble, Harriett Wo- mack, Betty Thompson, Helen Garinger, Georgia Gogqin, Kathleen Roush, Nola Shaffer, Anne Swain, Patsy Parker, Wanda Meh- qer, Jan Wentworth, Joan Smith, Verna Clayton, Faye Morata. FIFTH ROW: Le- veda Glass, Lanny West- brook, Phyllis Carpenter, Theresa Carrillo, Marilyn Calohan, Betty Cook, Dean Laird, Sheila Dexter, Janice Poston, Pat Reynolds, Fern Willi,s Florence Howarth, Bonnie White, Dolores Cas- well, Joan Bird, Jan Van Shoubrouek, Donna Purcell. of Engineering with the Fundamentals of the Field Mrs. Ed Goodman, treasurer, and Mrs. Wes Stortman, parliamentarian. The sponsors are Mrs. Don Menzie, Mrs. lohn Campbell, and Mrs. R. L. Huntington. Social activities for the year were a membership tea, Christmas party, a family picnic and graduation in the Language, People and Culture of France knowledge of the language and learn about French culture. There is also a coffee hour every Tuesday evening in the Union building for members. Oiticers are Nancy Brown, president, Anne Houck, vice-president, Sheila Reilly, secretary, Olin Wood, treasurer, and lean G. Lorson, sponsor. 23' .. MMM, 4.4-I .Y 7,7 . .v.,.,-,,s was . DELTA SIGMA PI FIRST ROW, left to right: Jesse Sivert, Jr., Leo C. Baca, Thomas Evans, Nation, Harry LaBree, Donald Gleaves, Marshall Gordon, Leroy North. Stewart Myers, Marvin Campbell, Kenneth Hair, Donald Bryant, Gerald Lyon, THIRD ROW: Billy Head, Earl Buchtel, John Bryant, Jr., James Evans, Jack William Howell, Ronald Jaggers, Gary Sibley. SECOND ROW: Edward Moore, Wayne Merritt, William Nassif, Glenn Robberson, Russell Bishop. Murphy, James Cowden, Alex Simon, Marion Johnson, Aaron Gattis, Albert Students Glimpse Commercial World At Business Day Event Sponsored Annually by Fraternity A professional commerce and business administration frater- nity, Delta Sigma Pi, was founded November 7, i907 at New York University. Stimulating interest in the field of business and steer- ing the study of business in the universities is the principal aim of the fraternity. The chapter at OU, one of 9l chapters over the United States, was organized December 4, 1929. The fraternity was founded for the purpose of fostering the study of business in universities. encouraging scholarship and lead- ership and creating a better relationship between schools of com- merce and the business world. Membership is limited to students in the college of business administration. A 2.4 grade average is required. The society en- courages scholarship and leadership combined with social activity. OHicers for the year include Kenneth E. Hair, presidentg Albert L. Nation and Charles Guinn, vice-presidentsg Gerald E. Lyon, secretaryg William R. Howell, treasurer, and Richard Ryerson, his- torian. Dr. Ronald B. Shuman served as faculty sponsor. One of the most important events for Delta Sigma Pi is spon- soring the annual Business day in the spring. During this event the members introduce themselves and other interested students to the practical business world through speeches and conducted tours. ' FIRST ROW, left to right: Lou Lindsey, Ann Patterson, Mrs. Constance Cherry, Ka- tie Elliot, Johnece Hough- Iin. SECOND ROW: Louise Kutsche, Joyce Ann Mick- ella, Kathleen Rider, Jan- nie Houser, Barbara Good- no, Kaye Higbie, Kay Rob- ertson, Norma Hurst, Linda Raibourn. THIRD ROW: Theresa Brown, Ann Stine, Anita Whitaker, Mary Ellen Keeton, Pat Johnson, Jane Hillabolt, Karon Olson, Heidi Ochsner. FOURTH ROW: Gloria Odom, Carol Ruge, Rosalie Roff, Louise Ericson, Gail Lewis, Pat Schaefer, Lanny Westbrook, Sally Howard. FIFTH ROW: Harriett Mason, Jean Sulli- van, Deanna Shepard, Jane Scott, Linda McPike, Clara McCord, Mary Jo Newman, ETA EPSILON ls Composed of Coeds Interested in Homemaliing and in Professional Home Economics Linda Elstner, SIXTH ROW: Marilyn Roether, Lee Russo, Janis Hervey, Mary Layne Perry, Marilyn Peters Carol Baker, Ina Simpson, Carol Blackwood, Marcine Morri- Eta Epsilon was organized to promote friendship and understanding between students and faculty in the home economics school. The fraternity was founded in IQO4 at the University of Illinois. ln order to become a member of Eta Epsilon a student must be currently enrolled in a home eco- ETA KAPPA NU Strives to Effect a Closer Eta Kappa Nu, founded in i904 at the University of Illinois, now totals 64 active chapters. The organization aims to effect a closer union among the electrical engineering profession, recognize outstanding electrical engineering students, and im- prove standards of the electrical engineering profession. FIRST ROW, left to right: C. T. Almquisf, D, L. De- graffenreid, R. G. Corzine, A. C. Liftleford, D. B. Fur- Iow, G. W. Zirkle, D. L. Hill, Gerald Tuma. SEC- OND ROW: B. Hairabed- ian, P. A. Highland, Tom Sellers, Dana Simons, Sam Lindsey, John Swihart, Law- rence Lee, James Clayton. THIRD ROW: Jim Walters, Robert Bailey, Dennie Wal- ker, Frank Kern, Darrell Williams, Robert Miles, My- ron Meador, 2l4 . , , . nomics course and rnust be interested in homemaking and in professional home economics. Officers for the Ann Patterson, vice-presidentg Lou Lindsey, secrctaryg year are Katie Elliott. presidentg lohnece Houghlin. treasurer. and lVlrs. Constance Cherry. sponsor. Union Among the Electrical Engineering Students To become a member one must be in electrical engineering in the upper fourth of the junior class. or the upper third of the senior class scholastically. Officers are Robert Corzine, presidentg Bob Miles, vice-presidentg Arthur Littleford, secretaryg lim Clay- ton. treasurer, and Gerald Tuma, sponsor. Y.. .. .,. YY,V Y . . Y .eww ...,v Y, -- V -YW -- 2 ---- --- DISCIPIES' STUDENT FELLOWSHIP FIRST ROW, left fo right: Margaret Benesh, Judith Richter, Roberta McCoy, perly, Larry Young, Robert Shaw, John Holfzclaw, James LaFon, Paul Chand- Carol Henry, Berne Jo Blakely, Phyllis Chipman, Lee Sfanfield, Barbara Cook- Ier, Don Campbell, Byron LaMun, Bob Barr, Dean Stephen England, Stacy sey, Adele Brown, Carol Holderby, Mrs. Stacy Dolby. SECOND ROW: Hi- Dolby. THIRD ROW: C. W. Fields, Charles Farmer, Jim Morris, Jean Reed, sashi Hirayama, Steve Carson, William Griffin, Robert Griffin, Vernon Ep- Don League, Richard Vorheis, Thomas Ikeda, William Griffith, Jan Hornbeck. The Disciples' Student Fellowship provides opportunities for growth in an understanding and appreciation of the Christian faith for all students, especially those of the Christian Church, and to provide opportunities for the expression of that faith through wor- ship, service and fellowship. Any and all students who wish to participate in the activities Student wgrship and Service Prggrams and desire to pursue the aims of the DSF are considered members. The first Disciple Student Fellowship was founded at Drake Uni- Provide Opportunities versity in 1946. The DSP relates students to the worshipping fellowship of the For Understanding of christian church while in college and provides an opportunity for spiritual growth while growing intellectually. It strives to train leaders for the church of tomorrow and to allow for the full expression of interests and talents within the Christian fellowship. Officers are lim White, presidentg Barbara Cooksey, vice-presi- dentg Carol Holderby, secretaryg Dick Vorheis, treasurer, and Stacy E. Dolby, lr., campus minister. Regular meetings of the DSF are held every Sunday evening at the Christian Student Center. These meetings include a Sunday fellowship supper and a program. Fellowship activities are an in- tegral part of the program of the DSF. FIRST ROW, left to right: David Hansen, Kim Schafer, Robert Osborne, Jim Graves, Lee Coffey, David Fatheree, Glenna Abel, Dr. John Leibenderfer, Ernie Day, Rex Hughes. SECOND ROW: Hank Barnett, Dale Fannon, Larry Round, Rob- ert Jones, Paul Wallace, Jim Sturdivant, Neil Stanfield, Jon Gumerson, Jack Moore, Ted McCarter, Bill Noblet, Bob Tracy, Joe Wysong, Bob Allison, Ronny Hissom, Gray Frederickson. FINANCE CLUB Stimulates Student Interest in Business and Finance through Group Discussions The Finance club which originated on the OU campus in 1947 is open to all students interested in the Held of finance. The organization provides an opportunity for fin- ance majors to know each other on an informal basis and it gives them a chance to become better acquainted with the faculty. The principal aim of thc club is to broaden the student's knowledge of his chosen field. Officers are Bill Noblet, presidentg Bob Tracy, vice-presidcntg David Fatheree, secretary, lack Moore, treasurer, and Dr. Childress, sponsor. Guest speakers are entertained at meetings. GAMMA ALPHA CHI Provides Members with Practical and Theoretical Knowledge of Advertising Gamma Alpha Chi, national advertising frater- nity, was founded in 1920 at the University of Mis- souri. Besides giving members a practical and theoreti- cal knowledge of advertising, the organization aims to promote high ideals and better standards of work in that field. FIRST ROW, left to right: Marlene Evans, Pat Walker. Sally West, Sidney Grant, Pat' Olive, Marilyn Coffey. SECOND ROW: Betty Story, Jo Carol Martyn, Barbara Paton, Alice Evans, Pat C I a r k, Mary Kirkpatrick. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Louise B. Moore, Carol Hoopingar- ner, Kay Lee, Pat Flood, Nancy Chaney, Jo Ann Tem- pleman, Jane Klockman. ZI6 Officers are Pat Walker, presidentg Sally West, vice-presidentg Henri Bea Close, secretary-treasurerg Pat Olive, reporter, and Mrs. Louise Moore, sponsor. The outstanding state woman and the outstand- ing graduating senior in advertising are named at the fraternityis annual spring banquet. FEDERATION OF YOUNG REPUBLICANS l FIRST ROW, left to right: Bill Rodgers, Anne Blackburn, John Rempel, Ben ner, Mary Sparks. THIRD ROW: J. D. Wolfenberger, Eleanor Cline, Peggy Harrison, Sheila Reilly, Lynn Bryant, Margaret Burum, Karl Cocke. SECOND Russell, Carol Schambra, Gretchen Bush, Robert Wriston, Woo Badger, James ROW: Dick Ryerson, Carol Culver, Midge Wasson, Rosemary Henry, Luanne Hoopes, Frank Davis. Perryman, Grace Ann McCormick, Randy Robins, Wanda Quinton, Lois Weg- Prominent National Party Speakers Help Collegiate Group Become Better Informed on Politics The Federation of Young Republicans on the Sooner campus is one of approximately 1500 such organizations. The main pur- pose of the club is to provide a means for young people interested in good government to become better informed citizens. It gives the student concerned with politics and political aspects a chance to express his views. The group also offers opportunities for young Republicans to study the aims and principals of their organization more closely, and it gives them opportunities to aid and render service to the party, both on the campus and throughout the country during elec- tion campaigns, state, national and county. Officers for the year are Lynn Bryant, president, Bill Rodgers, vice-president, Margaret Burum, secretary, Iohn Rempel, treasurer, and Prof. Clyde Smallwood, sponsor. An outstanding event of the year was the Young Republican convention held on the OU campus. The convention was attended by both county and collegiate groups. Several Well known national leaders were also present. The FYR was host to a number of prominent Republican speakers during the year and also participated in debates through- out the state. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bonney, David H. Henry Glenn, Grant Tr i m ble , Ralph W. Disney, Vic Pryor, John Shankle, Harry W. Todd. SECOND ROW: Paul Jeffries, Wilbur Bradley, Lynn Barrett, C. W. Huff, Jr., B. B. Crawford, James Gilchrist, Rex D. Coppedge. THIRD ROW: Richard Street, Keith Barry, Harold Hastings, William Sinclair, Thomas Nelson, William Vandeventer, L. R. Tillman, Jr., Darrell Fowler. GAMMA TAU KAPPA Is a New Society to Stimulate Higher Quality Work in Geological Engineering Gamma Tau Kappa, newly founded local society, has three principal aims: to recognize outstanding geological engineers, to encourage a higher quality of Work in geological engineering, and to enhance and perpetuate the growing interest of industry in geolog- ical engineering. Iuniors or seniors in the upper 25 percent of their l'lll.l.El. FOUNDATION Furthers the Cultural The Binai B'rith Hillel Foundation, founded at the University of Illinois in 1923, encourages the pro- motion of religious, educational and counseling activi- ties among Iewish students at colleges and universities. Hillel holds weekly Sunday breakfasts and sup- pers, dances, mixers, and a weekly worship each Friday lite class with an equal appreciation for both engineering and geology are eligible for membership. Officers are Victor W. Pryor, president, David Glenn, vice-president, Harry Todd, Grant Trimble, secretaries, lohn Shankle, treasurer, and R. W. Disney, sponsor. and Religious Activities among lewish Students night. Religious worship and study, lectures, forums, and public discussions are also part of the activities. Officers for the group include Mel Meyers, presi- dent, Gordon Zuber and Carol Hankin, vice-presi- dentsg Ioan Glass, secretary, Irene Lewkowicz, treas- urer, and Rabbi Victor Eppstein, sponsor. FIRST ROW, left to right: Joan Glass, Doris Bendorf, Maxine Miller, Janice Selig- son, Carol Sue Hankin, Jen- nis Schuman. S E C O N D ROW: Sidney Gorelick, Gordon Zuber, Ronald Brod- key, Beth Gladstein, Sandra W a r off, Rabbi Eppstein, Phil Sureck, Mel Meyers. X He :"'?"'-f 2l8 wvifi---Y.,----VY V -Y -ni--fv----f-v- - -- f- - INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB L. FIRST ROW, left to right: L. E. Dietrich, F. Lowell Jackson, Leeman Stevens, M. E. Gonser. THIRD ROW: Richard White, Jr., Robert Hardin, Charles C. W. Callahan, Jerry Andrews, Kenneth Vice, Billy Autry. SECOND ROW: Hester, Jr., Bob Harryman, George Church, Howard Brading, Robert Mack. Darryl Wilsie, Robert Keck, Don Van Meter, Gerald Stanislav, Bill Sullivan, Scholarship and Citizenship Awards Are Presented Top Members At Club's Annual Spring Celebration The Industrial Arts club was founded at the University of Oklahoma in 1948. It is one of l0 chapters of the Oklahoma In- dustrial Arts association. The principal aim of the organization is to bring about a closer relationship among majors in the field and to promote and main- tain interest in industrial arts. The club also encourages its mem- bers to participate in scholastic and social activites and makes a practice of rewarding outstanding students. Officers for the year included Billy Autry, president, Phil Hines, vice-president, and Bob Mack, secretary-treasurer. F. Lowell Iackson, assistant professor of industrial education, served as the club's sponsor. The club meets once a month in the Union building. Activi- ties during the year include field trips to various industries through- out the state, and an annual spring banquet. Two awards are pre- sented at the banquet. One award is for the student with the best scholarship, the other is a citizenship award, presented to the most qualified student. Another campus event which the club takes an active part in is the annual spring openhouse sponsored by the different Engi- neering organizations. .e INTERNATIONAL CLUB Perpetuates Mutual The International Club was founded on the OU campus in order to further mutual understanding among students from various countries of the world by promoting cultural, educational and social programs. Any person interested in the club and its purposes is eligible for membership. Activities include giving Christmas gifts to needy -T-W-.--.-.v....,..,. . ..,.,.-...,-.,. "T" FIRST ROW, left to right: Sharron Lehmer, Sharon Ball, Estella Garay, Therese Doep- fniez, Sharaniit Dhillonn, Gene Russell, Martha Ren- froe, Diane Dunlap, Nancy Morton, Loyce Brown, Oth- man Shaaban, Tokuko Naka- mura, M, R. Kori, Hiromichi Matsui, Elinor Harris. SEC- OND ROW: Jamal Azar, Mihir Roy, Antonio Leal, Le- onidas Bargeliotes, Nguyen- Sy-Tin, Hoang Duc Tai, Aquiles Sanchez, Enrique Landino, Irene Lewkowicz, Samir Barrai, Fathe Shatila, Ziad Shaaban, Sharron Rid- ings, Effie Papaconstantinou, Betty Wiley, Sistie Black, Kay Wainwright, Ansari Ab- olghassem, Mrs. John Har- ris. THIRD ROW: Marylin Roan, Carlton Chin, Joan Smith, Davcod Nassiri, Hen- ry Emilson, Moor Curpen, Andre Lecordier, L. J. Rummerfield, Eduardo Cas- tro-R, F r e d d y Rodriguez, Mickey Gibson, Muhammad Yagan, Parviz Mehdizadeh, Dattola Rene, Jacquelyn West, lssam Bou-Said, Kal- man Kutszegi, Flores Jorge, Grbic Vicente, Luin Faiardo. FOURTH ROW: Edward EI- der, Ernesto Garassini, Ru- dolph Chang-Yit, Alvaro En- t ciso, Carlos Batlle, Guevara Diego, Ronald Ordakowski, Jaime Roquebert, Oscar l Nunez, David Rogers, John Keramis, Lars Tobisson, Olin Wood, Hashim Dahmash, Saudi Hassouneh. Understanding among Students from Various Countries families, publishing a club newsletter, and an Inter- national banquet honoring American students. Officers are Henry Landino, president, Mickey Gibson, vice-president, Effie Papaconstantinou, secre- tary, Kamalakar Raut, treasurer, and Gene Russell, sponsor. KAPPA DELTA Pl Advances High Professional and Personal Standards in the Educational Field Gamma chapter of Kappa Delta Pi was estab- lished on the OU campus in 1915, four years after its founding at the University of Illinois. There are now 209 active chapters. Kappa Delta Pi's purpose is to encourage high professional, intellectual and personal standards and to recognize outstanding contributions to education. Officers are June Ford, president, Nancy Bridges, vice-president, Anne Houck, secretaryg Dr. Gail Shan- non, treasurer, and Dr. Mary Clare Petty, sponsor. Social activities include three initiation banquets a year and a joint banquet with Phi Delta Kappa. FIRST ROW, left to right: Jean Benson, Kay Sharp, June Ford, Charlyne King, Mary Ellen Keeton, Carol Holderby, Barbara Leonard, Caroline Bosworth, Carrol Bell, Jackie Duncan, Lida Neil, Katherine Kobes. SECOND ROW: Chester Williams, Mary Layne Perry, Thelma Haddan, Mary Petty, Kay Ericson, Benjamin Cart- wright, Ruth Kupiper, Dick Galloway, Helen Smith, Ray Trimble, Nancy Bridges, Geraldine Elam, Jonna Whatley, Mary Patterson, Marsha Houck, Nita Wag- ner, Tommy Fulton, F. C. Snow, Helen Snow, Louise McRae, Richard Hargrove, Kenneth R. Kobes. 220 pb. INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICAI SCIENCES FIRST ROW, left 'lo right: Harold Stewart, James Gamble, Ed Blick, Wayne Lindsay, James Adams, Ron Paara, Larry Mozer, Wanda Little, Walter Yager, Bill Combs, Joe Noyes. SECOND ROW: Robert Loschke, Robert Bethel, Michael Adams, Al Buckingham, Jim Sisson, Robert Drake, David Ripley, Wile liam Reed. THIRD ROW: Charles Singleton, Harry Steffensen, Ken Franklin, Don Bell, Jim Fairchild, Max Duggins, Harold Palm, Don Pate. FOURTH ROW: George C. Calvert, Mike Lord, William Rice, Dale Lewis, C. E. Fair- bank, Robert Beach, Richard Dingmern, Gene Wells. FIFTH ROW: Robert Nerem, Billy Woford, Dan Pulliam, Gene Moniger, Tandy C. Walker, Joe Shannon, William Campbell. SIXTH ROW: Ed Parry, Waller Smith, Elton Thompson, Charles Palachek, Ted Smith, Charles Nixon, L. A. Comp, SEV- ENTH ROW: Denver Mullins, T. E. Rodgers, Terry Ozmer, Sidney Cotner, Nel- son Garner, Lewis Carpenter. The Institute of Aeronautical Sciences helps students to increase the knowledge and interest in aeronauties, sciences and other re- lated fields of the student enrolled in aeronautical engineering. Students are given an opportunity to learn more about the profes- sion and to supplement their classroom instruction. Student branches of the organization can be found on approxi- Outstanding among Group's Projects mately 60 university campuses throughout the United States. The organization is the representative society in America for Are Various Field Trips engineers, designers, and technical specialists in all the sciences related to the design and development of airborne craft. Its basic To State Aircraft Plants and Bases mission is to facilitate by all available means the interchange of technical ideas amon aeronautical en ineers throu hout the world. 3 S S The organization provides students with the opportunity to become better ac uainted with the activites of the IAS, and encoura es fl g professonal consciousness and fellowship. OHicers for the year are Toe Noyes, chairman: George C. Cal- vert, vice-chairman, Wanda T. Little, secretary-treasurer, and I.. A. Comp, faculty sponsor. Activities during the year included formal lectures. panel dis- cussions, movies, and field trips to aircraft manufacturing com- panies and air bases in the state. . ' v- ,fi vga FIRST ROW, left to riqht: Ginny Moran, Sandy Skillern, Barbara Paton, Kay Lock- wood, Sydney Grant, Jo Carol Martyn. SECOND ROW: Maribeth Thomlin- son, Bill Eversman, Wayne Emerson, James Street, Rhoda Grady, Bill Thomp- son. THIRD ROW: Robert Tucker, James Pritchett, Hal Hurst, Bob Cobb, Jerry Bell. me KUVY STAFF Gains Broadcasting and Directing Experience at the University Student Radio Station KUVY is a student operated radio station with studios on the third Hoor of Kaufman hall. The station is completely staffed by university students. The pur- pose of KUVY is to provide practical training for stu- dents studying broadcasting. The faculty sponsor is Ansel Reslcr. Officers in- clude Bob Cobb, station manager, Ginny Moran, as- sistant station managerg Wayne Emerson, chief engi- neer, and Barbara Paton, program director. Each semester those who have done outstanding work on the station receive awards at a banquet spon- sored by KUVY and Alpha Epsilon Rho, radio frater- nitV. Mll Pl'll EPSll.0N Awards Annual Scholarship to First Year Student of Outstanding Music Ability Mu Phi Epsilon, national music fraternity, was founded November 13, 1903, at Cincinnati, Ohio. Chapters are found only at nationally-accredited music schools. Students who are music majors enrolled as can- didates for a degree and have attained second semester freshman standing with an accumulative overall 3.0 grade average are eligible for membership. Officers are Nancy Holland, presidentg Sally Cald- well, vice-president, Bonnie Harrell, secretary, Nancy Stagg, treasurer, and Elizabeth Parham, sponsor. Each year the organization awards a scholarship in the music school to a new music student. FIRST ROW left to right: Helen Moore, Linda Jolly, Carol Cook, Nancy Holland, Frances Worrell, Clarece Dyer, Peggy Hancock. SEC- OND ROW: Mary Ruth Dolre, Jane Sewell, Sally Caldwell, Louann Jones, Frances King, Nancy Stagg, Carol Chrisenberry. THIRD ROW: Charlotte Lovelace, Jo Lowe, Sara Williams, Bon- nie Harrel, Lee Ann Ken- nedy, Elaine George. 222 M.. MORTAR BOARD FIRST ROW, left to right: Mildred Andrews, Fat Evans, Elaine Cohen, Pat Burkes, Betty Blanton, Margaret Losey, Shirley Broome, Elaine George, Lee Conner, Frances King, Joyce Kirchner, Sally Caldwell, Sarah Richards. SEC- Ann Kennedy, Juvata Black. OND ROW: Ruth Eddleman, Gwynne Massenqale, Sandy Gasf, Joanne Ten Freshman Women Receive Honor As Outstanding Coeds During Annual Walkout Celebration Mortar Board, a national honor society for senior and second semester junior Women, was founded in February, 1918, at Syra- cuse, New York. The OU chapter, one of 96 chapters throughout the United States, was installed in 1925. The purpose of the society is to promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among university who- men, to promote and maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership, and to stimulate and develop a finer type of college women. Officers for the year are Pat Conner. president, Elaine Cohen. vice-president, Shirley Dodson, corresponding secretary, Frances King, recording secrctaryg loyce Kirchner. treasurer, and Pat Evans. historian. Serving as faculty sponsors this year are Mildred An- drews. Roberta Ortenhergcr, Sarah Rose Richards, and Dr. Dor- othy Truex. The most important event during the year is the lVlortar Board Wztlkcmut. The ten outstanding freshmen women are honored at this time. Other activities include the Smarty Party, given for all Women students making a 3.0 grade average in the lall semester. ln the spring comes the tapping ceremony. Nlemhers, clad in caps and gowns, go into the classrooms and "tap,' new members. FIRST ROW, left to right: Jane Houchin, Lanny West- brook, Carol Blackwood, Tricia Kelley, Linda Cook, Janis Hervey, Mahala Lara- son, Jo Rappolee, Frances Seeds, Katie Elliott, Lou Lindsey, Joyce Moore, Thea rese McGraw. SECO N D ROW: Suqene Williams, Nancy Wotring, Dorothy Veneek, Ann Stine, Dorothy Cathey, Clara McCord, Di- ane McCall, Pattye Ma- loney, Cacci Miller, Lida Sue Neil, Heidi Ochsner, Mary Beth Webb, Anita Whitaker, Pat Hughes, Lou- ise Ericson, Jane Holbird. THIRD ROW: Marcene Mor- rison, Ann Patterson, Carol Grinstead, Linda Raibourn, Dorothy Ann Murray, Janet Burggraf, Maryle Council, Patsy Smith, Marilyn Smith, Mary Layne Perry, Mary EI- len Keeton, Carolyn Thomp- son, Sally McClelland, Nor- ma Pickett, Rosalie Rott, Ann Jo Samter. 0IKONOMIA Coordinates Relationships Between Home Economics and Related Professional Fields Oikonomia, a home economics club, is a service organization to further relationships between home economics and other organizations. The society also aims to create a working interest in all fields of home economics and a responsibility for its advancement. To become a member a student must be a second semester sophomore majoring in home economics and have a B average in at least 12 hours in that field. Officers for the year include Mahala Larason, president, Ianis Hervey, vice-president, Linda Cook, secretaryg Mary lo Rappolee, treasurer, and Francis Seeds, faculty sponsor. Pl'lYSlClll. THERAPY CLUB Maintains High Scholastic and Professional Ideals among Members The Physical Therapy club was organized on the Sooner campus February 9, l956, in order to promote good fellowship among students pursuing knowledge in the Held of physical therapy, to foster high ideals, and to maintain a high scholastic and professional achievement. Any and all students enrolled in a physical ther- apy course, or those who have expressed an interest in the field are eligible for membership. Officers for the year included Mary Claire Burnite, president, Lynda White, vice-president, Annette Cox, secretary-treasurer, Daniel Hayes, historian, and Thelma Pederson, sponsor. FIRST ROW left to right: Don Holinsworth, Bob But- rum, Joe Wolfenberger, Ed Horne, Bob Rodriguez. SEC- OND ROW: Nan Olney, Edna Schmidt, Daniel Hayes, Lynda White, Mary Claire Burnite, Annette Cox, Thelma Pederson, Conyetta Coff- man, Elaine Bastedo. THIRD ROW: Barbara Roads, Lou Bellman, Jill Pitman, Mary Jo Luthi, Joanne Poe, Wanda Marks, Natalie Williams, Carolyn Smith, Pat Sullivan, Vertis Ingram, Ann Cam- marano, Rae Nell Massan. 224 ver. v-. .,. ,T ,,,,,,, OKLAHOMA suit siunnn NURSE Ass'N ' FIRST ROW, left to right: Becky Cooper, Sharon Smith, Anna Mullikin, Col- lette Keyser, Barbara Laster, Carolyn Smith, Carrie Grantham, Vera Slutzky, Bobette Watson. SECOND ROW: Connie Enders, George Ann Ward, Jeanne ek, Yolanda Calame, Waukomis Chupco, Betty Inman, Edith Hartness, Penny The Norman District of the Oklahoma State Student Nurses Association was organized in 1956, after it had been accepted into the State Student Nurse Association. The functions of this group are to stimulate interest in nurs- ing, to provide a closer bond and a more unified spirit among all state student nurses through group and state organizations, and to encourage participation in meetings and activities. The association also provides opportunity for exchange of ideas and discussion of student problems. It encourages high standards of personal and professional conduct among pre-nursing students. All pre-nursing students enrolled at the University are eligi- ble for membership. After two years at Norman, the students will spend the next twenty-seven months at the University School of Nursing in Oklahoma City, where they will have clinical experi- ence on the Medical Center campus. They graduate from the Uni- versity with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. Officers for the year are Bobette Watson, president, Euphemia Goodlow, vice-presidentg Ieanne Kaspar, secretaryg Becky Cooper, treasurer, and Mrs. Ioanne Clark, sponsor. Social activities include a Christmas dance, held in Oklahoma City, and an annual spring banquet. it ryat, m y sa, r p ,F C id k 2': 5' P ,..,, , , Mfeieiwf 65534 'fs-....,. . .S V N L ...I . Pennington, Janice Hawkins. THIRD ROW: Loretta Sapp, Larry Jean Beckel Velma Teters, Owana Towns, Barbara Hawkins, Dorothy Currie, Mary Pozaro, Barbara Holt, Carolyn Bayless, Karen Foster, Euphemia Goodlow, Teresa McClelland, Fredona Holsonbake, Lois Krause, Carol Simpson, Eileen Krivan- Frederick. Society Provides a Unifying Spirit For University Women Enrolled in the Pre-Nursing School Discussing the latest first aid techniques are OSSNA of ticers Edith Hartness, Bobette Watson, Euphemia Good- low, Joe Ann Clark, and Becky Cooper. FIRST ROW, left to right: Erlene Poston, Pat Horton, Ca rol Robinson, Carolyn Bowman, Norma Williams, Deanna Dean, Mrs. Thelma Haddan, Grace Ann Mc- Cormick, Betty Watkins, Marilyn Richardson, Beverly Drilling. SECOND ROW: Mary Newman, Carole Lee Uetz, Kathleen Rider, Carol Thompson, Barbara Halperin, Carole Gandy, Charlotte Ream, Peggy Russell, Midge Wasson, Anita Dyer, Linda Lowsley, Jacquie McCollum, Kay Holderby, Oteka Little, Loris Spicer. THIRD ROW: Ann Copeland, Judi Burrus, Margaret Gaber, Ja nice BaIdwin,ShirIey Cline, Susan Wesner, Beth Gambill, Mary Pierce, Harriet Gannaway, Margaret White, Charlene Pl OMEGA Assists with Campus Elections and Other Important Service Proiects at the University The principal aim of Pi Omega is to promote the service of college women at the university. The organ- ization was established on the Sooner campus in the spring of 1956. Any coed who is enrolled in the university and desires to offer her services to the diFferent campus ac- tivities is eligible for membership. PI OMEGA PI Unites Outstanding Business Pi Omega Pi was organized to unite into one membership all outstanding students in member col- leges who are preparing for a life of business teaching. The fraternity also promotes professional, honorary and social activities among the business education stu- dents. Qualifications for membership include superior Officers are Grace Ann McCormick, presidentg Deanna Dean, vice-presidentg Sue Bowman, secretaryg Norma Williams treasurer, and Mrs. Thelma Haddan, sponsor. This year the group assisted with campus elections and sang Christmas carols at Central State Hospital. Education Students Preparing fo.r a Life ot Teaching rating in education and business subjeetsg the intention of becoming a teacher of business subjects, and the ap- proval of three-fourths of the active membership. Officers are Marsha Houck, presidentg Palmer Quigley, vice-presidentg Mary Patterson, secretaryg Suzanne Smith, treasurer, and G. A. Porter, sponsor. FIRST ROW, left to right: Suzanne Smith, Ruth Fritz, Carolyn Carlton, Mary Ann Kinkaid, Mary Ann Sefcik, Mary Janet Patterson, Edna Pryor. SECOND ROW: G. A. Porter, Billie Holcomb, Raymond White, Carole Sue S h a r p, Carol Holderby, Barbara Hollis, M a r s h a Houck. THIRD ROW: Charles Irwin, Charles Al- dridge, Palmer S. Quigley, E, E. Hatfield. 226 Lewsaw, Kathleen Hawkins. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA FIRST ROW, Iefl' fo riqhl: Lyndon Williams, Sherwin Snyder Laurance Reid, Everefl' Sanmann, William Tiffany, James Hippen, Donald Geis, Jared Hazle- fon, Benton Clark, John Holfzclaw, Bob Clapp, Sieve Trower, Dick McKnight. SECOND ROW: Donald Bryanf, Joe Ray, Jim Woelfel, Olin Wood, Ronald Jacobson, Robert' Garreff, David Clemons, Bob Casey, Robert Richardson, Gene Bonner, Sfan Befzer, Edward Perry. THIRD ROW: Jim While, David Swank, William Leonard, Dick Quade, Sam Clarke, David Wilson, Roberl Bradshaw, Jerry Salyer, Page Dobson. FOURTH ROW: Jerome Henry, Roy Trimble, Max Berry, Gerald Coplin, Ralph Hudgins, William Chapman. FlFTH ROW: Maurice Box, Robert Schwarfz, Henry Bonney, Jerry Fronter- house, Sieve Beckman, Tommy Fulton, Fred Jones, Lawrence Snyder, Victor Monnefi, P. K. McCarfer, J. Rud Nielsen, Gene Sulfon, George Churchill. Omicron Delta Kappa was organized to recognize junior and senior men who have attained a high standard of efhcieney in col- legiate activitiesg to inspire others to strive for conspicious attain- mentsg to bring together the most outstanding men in all phases ol collegiate life. The fraternity was founded at Washington and Lee Univer- lunior and Senior Universily Men sity. Lexington. Va.. on December 3, 1914. There are now about lUU national chapters of Omicron Delta Kappa. Allain High Slandard To he eligible lor membership one mllsl have achieved special distinction in any one ol the following fields: athletics. scholarship. Of Efficiency in Collegiate Aclivilies student government. social and religious affairs. publications. speech. music or dramatic arts. Prospective members must also maintain an over-all grade average in excess of 2.7. Membership in the lraternity is acquired by a vote ol' the active members ol' a chapter. To be asked to become a member ol this organization is one of the highest national honors that a junior or senior college man can receive. Uflieers are Steve Beckman. presidentg Tom Fulton. vice-presi- dentg George Churchill, secretaryg jerry Fronterhouse, treasurer. and Dr. P, K. lVlcCarter, sponsor. , FIRST ROW, left to right: Earl Walker, Chet Byrd, Mil- ton McDermott, Michael Ba- saraba, F. Z. Mills, John Rind, Leslie Fitch, Edmund Roof, Vaughn Kaiser. SEC- OND ROW: D. B. Turking- ton, T. J, Love, E. M. Sims, R. E. Ponsor, F. K. Nelson, B, L. Dunham, Bob Martin, Ted James, Jerry Mullins, James Hill, Charles Brant- ley. THIRD ROW: Floyd Calvert, Loyal Smith, Bill Howie, John Grant, Charles Stomieroski, Donald Curry, Bill Quoss, Robert Bleakley, Harold Meyer. Pl TAU SIGMA Promotes the Mutual Professional Welfare of Mechanical Engineering Members Pi Tau Sigma was organized with a four-fold pur- pose: to foster the high ideals of the engineering pro- fessiong to stimulate interest in coordinate activitiesg to promote the mutual professional Welfare of its mem- bers, and to develop in students of mechanical engi- neering the attributes necessary for effective leader- ship and the assumption of responsibilities of a citizen in a democracy. Officers are Earl Walker, presidentg William Quoss, vice-president, john Rind, Don Curry, secre- tariesg Rex Ponser, treasurer, and Prof. D. B. Turking- ton, sponsor. Meetings are held once a month in the form of a luncheon at the Union building. SEQl.l0YAl'l INDIAN CLUB Conducts University Indian Programs and Annual Spring State Pow-Wow The Saquoyah Indian Club was founded in 1914 with the idea of promoting Indian culture. tradition and education among its own members and persons of other cultures. Membership is limited to Indian stu- dents and those interested in preserving Indian lore. Officers are Don Ahshapanek. Chief, Carl Ponca, time FIRST ROW, left to right: Waukomis Chupco, Marlene Whitefeather, Anna McKo- sato, Wanda Quinton, Len- ora Reeves. SECOND ROW: David Timmons, Joe Pappio, Jr., Herman Lonestar, Jr., Josh Anuquoe, Don Ahshapa- nek, B. D. Timmons. 228 iaa . .,,,-:: . 'S ' V V, Lb ,fi l Medicine Man, Wanda Quinton, secretaryg Lenora Reeves, treasurer, Herman Lonestar, keeper of the drum, and B. D. Timmons, sponsor. The organization conducted a Homecoming Pow- Wow, programs for university and state groups, and the annual Spring Pow-vvow for the state. 2 Q' 3 .M -1-lr my Y ....,,.,, . PE-El 'W FIRST ROW, left to right: Don Bryant, Bob Webber, Steve Beckman, Ron El- erhouse, Dick McKnight, Pai Hosford. kins, Paul McDaniel. SECOND ROW: Jim Hall, Charles Jobe, Jerry Front- Top Freshman Men Receive Recognition During Annual Pow-Wow Presented in Traditional Indian Style Pe-et, senior men's honor society, was organized on the Uni- versity of Oklahoma campus in 1909. Membership is limited to the 10 top senior men. They are selected on the basis of scholarship, activities, honors and service. For these reasons, to be named to Pe-et is a highly coveted honor. The object of this society is to recognize the highest ability in scholarship, leadership and orginal Work among the men of the university and the banding together of these men for moral, edu- cational and social purposes. Steve Beckman served as president this year. Other officers included Ron Elkins, vice-president, Bob Webber, secretary, Don Bryant, treasurer, and Dean Earl Sneed, faculty sponsor. Pe-et sponsors an annual pow-wow in the fall honoring the ten top freshman men of the previous year. These men are honored by the president of the university during a colorful ceremony con- ducted in Indian style, complete with council fire, peace pipes, and headdress thus perpetuating the principles and culture of the In- dians which symbolize Pe-ct. The society is proud indeed of the rich history and tradition behind it and endeavors constantly to do its share of bearing the burden of the present and showing promise of the future. . FIRST ROW, left to right: Louise Hobbs, Marguerite Zeiqler, Miss Edith Mahier, Ann Castles, Heidi Ochsner, Janis Hervey. S E C O N D ROW: Barbara Miles, Sara Beth Hawk, Phyllis Schwartz, Ellen Shecter, Carol Scham- bra. THIRD ROW: Janey Chatman, Carol Lee Uetz, Anita Dyer. SHADOWBOX Studies the Mechanics of Fashion through Various Research Projects and Style Displays Shadowbox, a local organization founded on the Zeigler, vice-president, lanis Hervey, secretary, Louise Sooner campus in l947, encourages its members to ap- Hobbs treasurer, Susan Hopkins, historian, and Miss preciate the mechanics in fashion and its related fields Edith Mahier, sponsor. and to promote an interest of the fashion world at the Members of Shadowbox participated in such university. things as research projects, style shows, a modeling Officers are Ann Castles, president, Maguerite club and a sketch club throughout the year. SIGMA Al.Pl'lA IOTA Is an International Fraternity for Women Students Interested in the Music Field Sigma Alpha Iota is an international fraternity for urer, and Mary Evelyn West, sponsor. women founded in 1903 at the University School of The group's aim is to give loyalty and service to Music, Ann Arbor, Michigan. the field of music, to encourage interest in music, and This year's officers included Anne Goodwin, presi- to support national projects. dent, Barbara Hardin, vice-president, Karin Kaufman, Members must be women students majoring in Beverly Alspaugh, secretaries, Gayle McDonald, treas- music with a 3.0 grade average in all music subjects. FIRST ROW, left to right: Mary Frances Miller, Bev- Q3- erly Alspaugh, Cheryne Mar- tin, Gayle McDonald. SEC- OND ROW: Katherine Scott, Pattie Boothe, Karin Kauf- man, Anne Goodwin. THIRD ROW: Barbara Ducker, Marilyn Scott, Diane Mark- ham, Meta Murphy, Bobbie Knie, Eff' ,,, sq. ll' 230 PEP COUNCIL FIRST ROW, left to right: Ann LeFlore, Mary Alice Baker, Elizabeth Higgin- botham, Joyce Townsend, Elaine Solow, Betty Poor, Stephanie Brooks, Julia Johnson, Jo Ann Patterson, Heidi Ochsner. SECOND ROW: Ronald Schwed- land, Janice Seligson, Shelly Gardner, Margie Begley, Javonna Sue David, The principal aims of the Pep council are to co-ordinate the activities of all campus organizations concerned with pep functions and to encourage the support of teams representing the University of Oklahoma in intercollegiate competition. The council draws various organizations who sponsor rallies and game demonstrations into closer co-operation. It supports and encourages school spirit in the student body and encourages better sportsmanship. The council was organized by three students, Dot Adler, Fred Cook and lordan Cohen, in the spring of 1953. The Pep council is composed of representatives from the band, the cheerleaders, the Independent Students association, Interfrater- nity council, "Ov club, Oklahoma Daily, Panhellenic council, Ruf-Neks and resident houses. The council organized the stadium stunt card section which performed during halftime ceremonies at home football games. Serving as officers this year are Diane McCall, president, lack Livingston, vice-presidentg Betty Poor, recording secretaryg Ianey Chatman, corresponding secretary, and Don Reis, treasurer. George Churchill, director of public relations, is the councilis fac- ulty sponsor. Pep rallies are the main activities of the council. l Jessie Montgomery, Diane McCall, Pattye Maloney, Janey Chatman. THIRD ROW: Phillip Reid, Boyd Fender, Jr., Arnold Frisinger, David Peirce, Richard Fellrath, Marion Butterfield, Sydney Sullivant, FOURTH ROW: Bob Reis, Robert Longo, Don Reis, Buddy Mitelman, Jack Livingston, Neil Spann. Student Sportsmanship Is Stressed Through Pep Activities Planned for Sooner Athletic Events Making future plans for Sooner ball games are Pep coun- cil officers Jack Livingston, and Diane McCall, first row, and Janey Chatman and Don Reis. i .f 3 it .si . r warm ""A"5rf-" is l 4 Y- -- --- -,,- ,. , . . FIRST ROW, left to right: Jerry L. Nelms, Robert K. Johnson, Sam H, Clarke, William D. LaPorte, Wayne D. Thornton, Tom Browder, Norman R. Gelphman, Ray G-ovett. SECOND R O W : George G, Huffman, Spon- sor, David Skinner, Quentin Broeren, Virgil D. Wiggins, James R. Cox, Harry W. Todd, Connie Mac Krivanek, Darrell L. Fowler. THIRD ROW: W. R. Cronoble, Phil Stark, Cooper Land, Neal Hassinger, Tom H. Warren, Jack M. Hammett, P a ul Clements. FOURTH ROW: Henry Bercutt, Rich- ard Nance, Jim Hansen, Charles Gilbert, Maurice Mazurkewich, Ches Culp, Carl Tucker, Steve Champ- lin. SIGMA GAMMA EPSlL0ll Contributes to the Advancement and Understanding of the Earth Sciences Sigma Gamma Epsilon was founded in order to promote scholastic, scientific and social advancement of its members, and the extension of the relations of friendship and assistance to institutions devoted to the advancement of earth sciences-geology, mining, met- allurgy, and petroleum. Officers are Fred Ward, presidentg Ray Govett, vice-president, Bill Bellis, secretary-treasurer, Sam Clarke, corresponding secretary, and Dr. G. G. Huff- man sponsor. Social activities of the group include the annual spring banquet and fall dinner dance. SIGMA Pl SIGMA Awards Recognition to University Students' Achievements in the Study of Physics Sigma Pi Sigma, honorary physics society, serves as a means of awarding recognition to deserving stu- dents in the field of physics, works to advance student interest in advanced study and research, and strives to heighten public interest in physics. chapters and a total membership of l2,000. Officers are Ward Paxton, presidentg James Rhyne, vice-presidentg Roger Kleen, secretary-treasurer. Dr. Irving Zinnes is faculty sponsor. Meetings are held once each month. Founded in l92l, Sigma Pi Sigma now has 80 FIRST ROW, left to right: G. W, Paxton, Jr., James J. Rhyne, Benton C. Clark, Roger H. Kleen, Bill Tiffany, Richard Bower. SECOND ROW: R. Ramii Rao, D. W. Sifferd, P. C. Kepple, J. L. McGee, L, W. Jones, R. Sims. THIRD ROW: Marv L, Breig, Philip M. Kibby, John W. Holtzclaw, Ronnie R. Hart, Tim Guzzle, Ever- ett E. Sanmann, Howard L. Dyke. PHI ETA SIGMA FIRST ROW, left to right: Scott Morrison, Jim Johnston, Dr. Pete K. Mc- Carter, Bob Casey. SECOND ROW: Bill Holt, Myron Bond, Paul Witt, Thomas Dearmon, Robert Poe, George Wiese, George Hazelrigg, Arnold Williams, William Berry, Sol Schwartz, James Palmer, James Deskins. THIRD ROW: Jerry Smith, John O'Neal, Paul Morris, Gene Bowers, John Lotfinville, Kenneth Ponsor, Jack Porter, Patrick Hensy, John McCoy, Alan Schoesnthal, John Schwartz. FOURTH ROW: Steve LeValley, Roy Adams, Dennis Kele- her, William Masheter, Charles Perkins, Robert Culp, Marquis Murdock, Gar- land Gaines, Jerry Rogers, Donald Grant. FIFTH ROW: William Fulton, Bob Evans, William Nelson, Richard Martin, James Fielder, Mike McCafferty, John Henderson, Maurice Joy, Carroll McCufcheon, Richard Coussons, Gene Cunningham. SIXTH ROW: Lynn Murrell, Jean Reed, Richard Holcomb, Jerry Hames, Ross McConnell, Paul Hinrichs, Howard Clark, Harry Sims, Larry Poston, Bill Marty. SEVENTH ROW: Allen Blancett, Patrick Clingan, Ernest Daffer, Tom Sciance, Shelby Lawson, Bert Reed, Jim Elkouri, Gary Jones. EIGHTH ROW: Richard Vorheis, Robert Middlebrook, Jim Bruce, Walter Lambert, James Stewart, John Bumgardner, Clarke Vickers, Elliott Miller. NINTH ROW: Harold Smith, Jim Hardwick, Donald Duffy, James Sommerfrucht, Neville Edenbrough, Samuel Stoker, Sydney James, Bob Phil- lips. .Phi Eta Sigma was founded at the University of Illinois in 1923. At the present time there are 90 chapters. The University of Oklahoma became the fourth chapter in l927. The primary aim of Phi Eta Sigma is to give recognition to the attainment of high academic standing, or achievement, in freshman year. This is to serve as an incentive for further academic achieve- Society Recognizes High Achievement THCTIIS. The idea which led to the promotion of such an organization In Academics and Activities was that of providing suitable recognition for academically out- standing freshman men. The benefits derived from Phi Eta Sigma During Freshman Men's College Year are many more than those found in recognition of high scholarship. Membership is selected from freshman men. A student who carries l3 hours or more must maintain a grade average of "half the highest and half the next highesti, or better. This means 3.5 or better. A student who carries but l2 hours must attain an "AU average or 4.0. A freshman who transfers more than 20 hours can- not b,e considered for membership. Mike Henderson served as president this year. Assisting him were Bill Holt, vice-president: Roy Adams, secretary: George Wiese, treasurer, and Harry Sims, historian. Dr. P. K. lVlcCarter, vice- president of the university, served as sponsor. FIRST ROW, left to right: Don Wallace, Ina Javellas, Grace Evans, Betsy Miller, Carolyn Burton, Pat Burns, Mary Hodgson, Virginia Henry, Ann Townsend, Dave Schwartz. SECOND ROW: Lora Baily, Evelyn Green- man, Pauline Dobbins, La- homa Goldsmith, Jerry Dav- enport, Mabel Richardson, Dorothy N. Olson, Guilford Breedlone. THIRD ROW: Juanita Patterson, Lily B. Gibbs, Coralie Kuzmic, John P. Jones, Stuart M. Boss, John J. Hoppis, Louis Bowling, Ed Winningham, Norris L. Smith, Hisashi Hi- rayama. SOCIAL WORK CLUB Investigates the Possibilities of Scholarships and Employment Opportunities The Social Work club at the University of Okla- homa is an organization which works to create a feel- ing of unity among students interested in social work. The club conducts projects, forms committees to investigate the possibility of scholarships and employ- ment opportunities, and gives students an opportunity to meet and talk with professional workers in the field of social work. Officers are Donnel Wallace, president, Ina Iavel- las, vice-president, Virginia Henry, secretary, and Mary Hodgson, treasurer. Faculty sponsor for the club is Miss Vilona P. Cutler. SOCIETY FOR 'l'l'lE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT Distributes Information on Industry The Society for the Advancement of Management is an organization dedicated to the promotion and ad- vancement of the art and science of management. Membership is open to students interested in the field of management. Founded in 1912, the society now has lll stu- dent chapters and 7l senior chapters, and serves as a medium for the exchange and distribution of informa- tion concerning industry and management. Officers are: W. R. Howell, president, Frank Koers, vice-president, Brooks Taylor, secretary, Ierry Wilkins, treasurer, Frank McClain, faculty sponsor. FIRST ROW left to right: Dave Meyer, Don Stephens, John Boswell, Frank Koers, William R. Howell, Brooks Taylor, Dellwood Bronskill, Joe Francis, Donald Griffin, Frank McClain. SECOND ROW: Clarence M i I I s, Charles Hills, Duggan Smith, Ronald Jaggers, James Kirk- patrick, J a m e s Feurstein, Laurence Fergus, Joshua White. THIRD ROW: Glenn Robberson, Kenneth Hair, Aaron Gattis, Marion John- son, L. L. Ellzey, Jr., Jim Cordy, Joe Grimlin, Royce Meacham. FOURTH ROW: John Orr, L. B. Graham, Richard Jones, Jim Evans, Leroy North, Don Lee, Max Weaver, John Benson. 234 v. v- e v . 1 PI EPSILON lAU FIRST ROW, left to right: S. J. Black, Charles Schusterman, R. L. Packer, Needham, Richard Clampitt. THIRD ROW: Paul Fronterhouse, Kent West- Reza Jahanshai, Bob Waller, Johnny Day, James Eakin, Kent Brooks, John- brook, Richard Biggs, James York, William Dawson, Merlin Field, Floyd Da- nie Buchanan, D. E. Menzie. SECOND ROW: John Hnatiuk, Don McKinnon, vies, Earl West, David Donohue. James Pauley, Patrick Hosford, Ed Blair, Donald Coplin, Bill Stauss, Riley Closer Understanding Is Established Between Collegiate Members And Phases ofthe Petroleum Industry Pi Epsilon Tau was organized at OU in 1947 to foster a closer bond between the collegiate members and the petroleum industry, to broaden the scope of activities of its members, and to maintain the high ideals and standards of the engineering profession. The organization is an honorary society for petroleum engi- neers. It aims to recognize the outstanding men in the school of petroleum engineering. Officers for the year included john Hnatiuk, presidentg Paul Fronterhouse, executive vice-presidentg lack Black, second vice- presidentg Dwayne Dawson, secretary-treasurerg Bob Packer, cor- responding secretary, and Kent Westbrook, St. Pat's representative. Faculty sponsors for Pi Epsilon Tau are D. E. Menzie, associ- ate professor of petroleum engineering, and Frank W. Cole, assist- ant professor of petroleum engineering. Membership in the society is open to students in the school of petroleum engineering who have completed 85 hours. A junior must be in the upper l7 percent and a senior, in the upper 25 per- cent of the class. One of the projects of the organization during the year is the petroleum engineers student loan fund. The members also enjoy an initiation banquet and a field trip each semester. FIRST ROW, left to right: John Moseley, W i I I i a m Thatcher, M a I o r William Holland, Charles H e n r y . SECOND ROW: Raymond Colline, Ted James, Charles Blackwood, J o e Thurston. THIRD ROW: Jerry Fields, Al Grage, Mike Moody SOCIETY 0E AMERICAN MILITARY ENGINEERS The campus post of the Society of American Mili- tary Engineers was founded on the OU campus in 1935. The Society was organized in the interest of na- tional defense. Principal aims are to advance knowledge of the science of military engineering, and to encourage eo- operation and understanding between military engi- Is for Students in ROTC andfor Engineering neers and other arms of the military service. Members of ROTC or students majoring in engineering are eli- gible to join. This yearis oH1icers include Bill Thatcher, presi- dentg Lewis Mosely, vice-presidentg Tim Cunningham, secretary-treasurer, and Major William Holland, spon- sor. SOCIETY 0F AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS Furthers Practices Connected with Automotive Apparatus The Society of Automotive Engineers was founded in New York City in l904 and now has 53 chapters throughout the country. The principal aim of the society is to promote the arts and sciences and engineering practices connected with the design, construction, and utilization of auto- motive apparatus. Any student who is enrolled in any branch of en- gineering is eligible for membership. Officers are: L. W. Quoss, chairmang C. Clark, vice-chairman, Filiberto Vargas, secretary-treasurerg E. M. Sims, faculty sponsor. FIRST ROW, left to right: R. B. Pratt, F. Z. Mills, Mil- ton J. McDermott, Leslie Fitch, Jay Zumwalt, John T. Rind, James W. Denton, Paul Royl Battenberg, Jr., R. Earl Walker, John C. Clark, David Lunifeld, Charles E, Collins, Filiberto Vargas, Tom Manahan, Harry B. Neal. SECOND ROW: E. M. Sims, Roy Gullickson, George V. Anderson, Jr., James L. Hill, Edmund C. Root, John A. Grant, B. L. Dunham, Bob Martin, Vaughan Rhoades, Jim Wil- lis, Ted James, C. L. Strance, Jerry D. Mullins. THIRD ROW: Gale S. Stitt, K. Snethun, Don Wolever, Gene Shaffer, Kenneth C. Ponsor, Marvin H. Camp- bell, Harold B. Meyer, Charles M. Stomieroski, Thomas Valentine, James D. Williams, Ed D. Storms, James L. Brown, Jean R. Miller, Bill Quoss. 236 ...... ..,....,. -, - --Y ..v PUBLIC HEALTH CLUB FIRST ROW, left to right: Hoang duc Lai, Jose Miller, Nguyen-Sy-Tin, Jake Chung Bai Ro, Charles Lang, Mary Krehbiel, Helen Goldsmith. THIRD Nah, George Reid, Hyung Eldang, Glennita Smith, Bert Mituhell. SECOND ROW: Dan Guyer, Andre Lecordier, Moor Curpen, Joe Cantrell, Leon Myers, ROW: Johnny Sanders, Kazem Shushtari, Edgar Lie Kon Pauw, Bill Graham, Elmer Ninman, Tapeni Faauiaso, Thelma Taber, Organization Contributes Knowledge And Promotes Interest Of the Sanitary Science Department The Public Health club was designed to promote the best interest and .welfare of the department of sanitary science and its students, and to further knowledge and its application in the field of public health. Any student at OU taking a course in sanitary science or public health is eligible for membership in the organization. The club helps to promote a better understanding between American and foreign students, and also furthers professional interest in pub- lic health. The club encourages professional exchange of ideas with mem- bers, graduate students, and graduates who are now in the profes- sional field. ' Bert Mitchell served as president of the Public Health club this year. Assisting him were lake Nah, vice-presidentg and Charles Lang, secretary-treasurer. G. W. Reid and Dan Guyer, both mem- bers of the public health and sanitary science department, are the group's sponsors. The Public Health club is a local organization, founded on the Sooner campus in 1951. Meetings are held once a month in the form of coffee sessions. Social events for the year include a Christ- mas party, spring party, and an annual banquet. FIRST ROW, left to right: Stephen Haines, Brian Aus- burn, Andy Chunta, Roy Bell, Floyd Durham, Ron Bryant, John Tessari, Bob Alexander, Grant Trimble, Jack Lawrence, Victor Pryor. SECOND ROW: Keith Barry, Paul Drew, Alan Shavitz, Jerry Vandel, Warren Sharp, Mason Murphey, James Gil- ' christ, Harry Todd, James Topham. THIRD ROW: Clifton Kees, Charles Black- ' wood, Lowell Leach, John S, Cooper, James McPherson, T Troy Conrad, Walter Staley, t Rex Coppedge, George Pot- ter. FOURTH ROW: John Melcher, Barry Robbins, Da- vid Glenn, Bob Tillman, William Vandeventer, J. C. Price, C, W. Huff, David 4 tb 4 if SOCIETY OE GEOLOGICAL ENGINEERS Brings The Society of Geological Engineers was founded on the Sooner campus in 1948. The organization pro- motes technical interest and fellowship among geolog- ical engineering students. Officers for the year include Keith Barry, presi- dent: Troy Conrad, vice-president: lohn Cooper, sec- Bradshaw. Prominent Speakers from lndustry to Meetings retaryg Victor Pryor, treasurer, and Dr. Carl Moore, faculty sponsor. The society meets twice a month and entertains speakers from industry. They also participate in the annual Engineers openhouse and honor the graduating seniors at a traditional spring banquet. SOCIETY FOR INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT ENGINEERS Familiarizes Members with Future Needs Membership in the Society for Industrial Manage- ment Engineers QSIMED is open to all students en- rolled in the industrial management engineering cur- riculum. The organizationis aim is to promote and publi- cize industrial management engineering on the campus and to bring in representatives from business and in- dustry to familiarize the members with the needs and opportunities to be found in industry. Ohficers are Darrell Bittle, presidentg Dave Canon, vice-president: Brady Stewart, secretary: Kent Fleming, treasurer, and lames O. Melton, sponsor. The group enjoys a dance each semester. Smith, B. B. Crawford, Don FIRST ROW, left to right: Joe King, Robert Frenhel, W. E. Geyer, Conrad Keil, Kent Fleming, Darrell Bittle, Dave Canon, Gerald Frazier, Carl Estes. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Williams, Ray Mc- Minn, Gerald Brown, Wil- liam Wright, Carl Buck, Don Reis, Dick Teel, Page Thurston, Bob Pickens. THIRD ROW: Edmund Par- son, Herman Lonestar, Don Gorman, Charles Walters, Don Robertson, Don Philbin, John Standley, Neil Stan- field. 238 RUF-NEKS FIRST ROW, lefl' fo right: Jimmy Hughes, Janis Felkel, Jim Fawcett. SEC- James Parman, Bill Murphy, Charles Hodge, Jerry Fefiers, David Monroe, OND ROW: Russell Allen, Ron Taylor, Charles Ryland, Merrill Snider, Gary Roberl' Sisson. FOURTH ROW: Thomas Terbush, Richard Kenlay, Tom Rush, Thompson, Daniel Hayes, Frank Blakely, Clifton Driskell. THIRD ROW: Bob Loomis, Lemis Johnson, Rollin Reimer. Adding just the right amount of color to the pigskin parties at Owen stadium are the Ruf-Neks with their spontaneous school spirit. The oldest pep organization on the Sooner campus was started 40 years ago to promote school spirit and to protect the campus in case of inter-school rivalry. But its activities don't end there. Besides bonfires, pep rallies, pledging, dances, banquets and accompanying the Big Red to Timbuktu if necessery, the Ruf-Neks are kept busy promoting the University of Oklahoma. The Ruf-Neks take charge of decorating the goal posts in the usual red and white stripes during the gridiron season. It is also their job to announce each touchdown with a blast from old "blunderbuss", their giant double-barreled shotgun. I. O. Brown is faculty sponsor for the organization. Ofiicers for for the year are Bob Clary, presidentg lim Hughes, vice-presidentg Mat Sparkman, secretary, and lim Fawcett, treasurer. A campus tradition is the annual pledge shave to new pledges on a Saturday morning before a home football game as part of their initiation. The ushavingi' takes place on the campus corner. The Ruf-Neks also hold a formal initiation at the end of each semester. Socially, the group entertains with an annual formal dance in Oklahoma City each year. College Spiril al Alhlelic Conlesls Receives Hardy Boost From Chief Sooner Cheering Squad Trying oul' the Big Red blunderbus are: Janis Felkel, Dave Monroe, Jim Fawcett and Jimmy Hughes. FIRST ROW, left to right: Diego Guevara, Nicholas W. Rokas, Juana Gonzalez, David Smith, Leonidas Bargeliotes. SECOND ROW: Juan Baix- eras, Aguiles Sanchez, Peggy Searle, Frankie Wagner, Joan Smith, Joan Ciruti, Irene Lewkowicz, Diane Dunlap. THIRD ROW: Luis Nino, Manuel Chacin, Luis Santizo, Gustavo Nino, Roberto Bruce, Gustavo Velutini, Carlos Bat- tle, Antonio Leal, Blas Cas- ares, Francisco Almerez, Jack Massakas, Fred Hitzer, Luis Faiardo, Bill Doyle, Jose Milla, Karl Reinhardt, spon- SCF. SPANISH CLUB Strives to Better Relations Between the United States and Latin American Countries The Spanish club is a local organization and was founded on the OU campus in 1946. The main con- cern of the club is developing and encouraging the un- derstanding oi the South and North American contin- ents by learning the Spanish language. Tuan Baixeras served as president of the organiza- tion this year with Aguiles Sarchez, vice-president, Frankie Wagner, secretary, loane Smith, treasurer, and Karl Reinhardt, sponsor. Monthly meetings include a dinner and a special program. Speakers, movies and Latin American music festivals make up these programs. STUDENT BRANCH 0F AMER. PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOC. Advances Public Health 81 Welfare Students enrolled in the college of pharmacy or the university college with the intention of majoring in pharmacy are eligible to join the Student Branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association. The organization was founded on the OU campus on May 18, 1934, in order to encourage the advance- ment of pharmacy and aid in promoting public health and welfare. Officers for the year included Don H. Frantz, presidentg Lents Prendergast, vice-president, Ima Tane Kendall, secretaryg Mike Freeland, treasurer, and Dr. Ralph Bienfang, sponsor. FIRST ROW, left to right: . M. M. Griffin, Tom Glenn, Gene Cox, Kenneth Kanoft, Lents Prendergast, Don Frantz, Ralph Bienfang, Aiia Zalais, Kay Holderby, Sami Kay Muller, Sherwin Snyder, Danny T. Laws. SEC- OND ROW: John Blakely, Gerald Pullin, Anne North- cutt, Mary Winchell, Don- ald Page, Ima Jane Ken- dall, Elaine Upton, Nancy Helen Carpenter, Gloria Crabtree, Don Lester, Ray- mond Simons. THIRD ROW: Charles Lomenick, E r n e st Daffer, Alan Cringle, Mike Freeland, Kenneth Sisson, Keith Freudenthal, Charles Bradley, Al Strentzsch, Tom Gobble, Gilbert Jain. 240 SIGMA GAMMA TAU FIRST ROW, left to right: Jim Fairchild, Ed Blick, Ed Parry. SECOND Max Dugqins, Ray Koestner. FIFTH ROW: William Rice, Richard Albright, ROW: Dennis Cross, Don Cross, David Abel, Bruce Ketcham, Fred Mouck, Gene Wells, John Hatch, Emmett Niblack, Jr., SIXTH ROW: J. E. White, THIRD ROW: L. A. Comp, V. G. Radovich, Joe Noyes, Dave Bullock. M. E. Lord, B. C. Haggard, Robert Nerem, Dale Lewis. FOURTH ROW: Joe Shannon, Ted Garretson, AI Buckingham, Larry Mozer, Society Encourages High Standards In Professional Practices Of Aeronautical Engineering Fields Sigma Gamma Tau, national aeronautical engineering frater- nity, fosters a high standard of ethics and professional practices and creates a spirit of loyalty and fellowship among the members. The purpose of this honorary fraternity is to recognize and honor individuals in the Held of aeronautics who have, through scholarship, integrity and outstanding achievement, been a credit to their profession. Sigma Gamma Tau, formed by combining the two aeronautical engineering societies, Gamma Alpha Rho and Tau Omega, was founded February 28, 1953, on the campus of Purdue University. The chapter at OU is one of 14 active affiliates. ' Officers for the year included Ed Blick, president, Ed Parry, vice-president, lim Fairchild, secretary-treasurer, and Dave Able, St. Pat's representative. Bruce V. Ketcham, associate professor of aeronautical engineering, was the sponsor. In order to be eligible for membership in the fraternity, a stu- dent must have completed one half of his college work and be in the upper one third of his senior, or upper one fourth of his junior class with at least a "Bu average. Social activities include an annual banquet. At this time the pledges are initiated into the society. f - -uv FIRST ROW, left to right: Paula Pat Evans, Peggy O'Rear, Lynn Shaw, Mina McCandless, Mary Francis Reynolds, Martha Williams, Kay Lee, Grace Ray. SEC- OND ROW: Jay Starry, Jean Rahhal, Ann Billings- ley, Jo Ann Templeman, ll'lEl'A SIGMA Pl'll Sponsors Annual Matrix Table Theta Sigma Phi, national honorary fraternity for Women in journalism, was founded in 1901 at the University of Washington. The fraternity aims to raise the standards of jour- nalism, to improve Working conditions for Women in journalism, to inspire the individual to greater effort, and to honor outstanding Women in the field of jour- Naomi Utschen. Honoring University and State Women Journalists nalism. Officers are Paula Evans, president, Ann Wheeler, vice-presidentg Lillian Morgan, secretary, Eve Kim- brell, treasurer, and Grace Ray, sponsor. The main social event is the Matrix Table ban- quet, honoring outstanding campus and state Women. wES'l'MlllSTER l:0llllllA'l'l0N Provides a Student Center for Presbyterian Worship and Fellowship Westminster Foundation, Presbyterian youth group, was founded to bear living witness to the gospel of Iesus Christ, to help the student to know the Bible and to provide a center of worship, fellowship and recreation. Officers included Bob Matthews, president, Charles Gilbert, vice-president, Rosemary Mathis, sec- retary, Bill Leonard, treasurer, and Reverend Iohn Heidbrink and Mrs. Ruth H. Bell, sponsors. The foundation holds weekly study and prayer groups. There are also Sunday evening suppers, fol- lowed by a Worship service and program. FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. Howard Bell, Kathleen Rider, Lois Wegner, Doro- thy Currie, Tokuko Naka- mura, Carolyn Maddry, Nancy Stagg, Pat Evans, Myralin Gallaspy, Sue Dun- ninqton, Jacqueline Cooper, Carol Jones, Helen Merritt. SECOND ROW: David M. Garrison, Nancy Walters, Edith Hartness, Iqbal Ah- med, James Johnston, Mel- vin Marrow, David Byers, Charles Tinnemeyer, Bob Matthews, Darry Carlstone, Jerry Davenport, Donald Cammack, Douglas Feaver. THIRD ROW: Bill Hita, John Turnbull, John Heid- brink, Director, Tye Naka- guma, Joe Early, Brian Aus- burn, Richard Miller, Wil- liam Leonard, Charles Gil- bert, David Oates, Jerry Morrow, John Engleman, Charles Fredregill, M a r k Engleman, James Rhyne, Frank Zinn. 242 SIGMA TAU s . FIRST ROW, left to right: B. Hairabedian, J, M. Niemeyer, D. L. Degraff- John Hnatiuk, Merlin Field, Lloyd Davies. THIRD ROW: Norman Gelphman, enreid, C. L. Smith, J. L. Hill, John Kuhlman, Fulton K. Fears, Riley Need- Donald Coplin, Jake Ecker, Edmund Root, Ted Garretson, Brad Thompson, ham, Grant Trimble, Myron Meador. SECOND ROW: Leslie Calder, Den- Robert Miles. James Y0rk. niel Walker, R. L. Teel, Loyal Smith, William Griffin, Arthur Littleford, Campus Honorary Fraternity Members Aid High School Students ln Selection of Engineering Courses The ideals of Sigma Tau are those of engineering education. The immediate objectives are the recognition of personal attain- ments on the part of engineering students, the provisions for a working organization for the promotion of the interest of the en- gineering college and the engineering profession. Sigma Tau is the oldest honorary engineering fraternity on the OU campus. The chapter here was founded May 13, 1916, and is one of 32 active chapters across the nation. It was originally established February 22, 1904, by a group of upperclassmen at the engineering college of the University of Nebraska. Qualifications for membership are based upon scholarship. Members must have a grade point average of 3.0 with at least 72 hours of college work in an engineering field. Brad Thompson served the organization as president this year. Assisting him were Bob Packer, vice-presidentg Grant Trimble, scc- retaryg lim Eakin, treasurer, and Iohn Hnatiuk, historian. Dr. F. K. Fears is the sponsor. One of the major projects of the organization is the high school program. Members visit different highschools by appointment, and tell students about the engineering courses in college, including college life and pre-requisites required. SOCIETY OE ENGINEERING PHYSICISTS FIRST ROW, left to right: Roger Johnson, Philip Kibby William Thompson, Bob Clapp, James Cafky, Thomas Patten, William Griffin, Frank Buffum, Jr., Gerry East, Jim Bleakley, Richard Coats, Franklin Bradburn, Edward Elder, THIRD ROW: Jon Cole, Robert England, Paul Kepple, Patrick Cllngan, Roy Jack Culvahouse. SECOND ROW: J. H. Wood, Bill Owens, Ronnie Hart, Adams, John Holtzclaw, Robert McCoy, Phillip Milam. The society of Engineering Physicists was organized at the University of Oklahoma on February 25, 1949, by a group of stu- dents Who were interested in the advancement of engineering physics. This was probably the first such organization in the United States. The principal aims of the organization are to promote interest in engineering physics and to give an outlook on future prospects open to those interested in the field. Iohn H. Wood served the society as president this year. Other oflicers included Richard L. Coats, vice-presidentg Franklin Brad- burn, secretary, and Gerry East, treasurer. Dr. lack W. Culvahouse, assistant professor of physics, served as sponsor. Members of this organization strive to cooperate with both the college of engineering and the physics department in all functions. These functions include, among others, the annual Engineeris openhouse and entertaining guest lecturers. SEP sponsors open meetings once a month. Frequently, the members are privileged to hear outstanding scientists and engineers who visit the campus as speakers at the meetings. All students enrolled in the engineering physics curriculum are eligible for membership. Outstanding Scientists and Engineers Often Visit Campus As Speakers at Society's Meetings , ,, SOONER SAMURI FIRST ROW, left to right: Ben Williams, Doug Daniels, Larry Bell, Dr. Percy Forbes, Sonny Roberts, Ron Barber, Ferrin Hoicomb, John Cole, Freddie Buchanan, Bob Willingham, John Mackey, Sieve Brainard, Sam Lackey, Dean Collins. THIRD ROW: Tom Ngar, Scott Florance, Bobby Kelly, Jack Gold- Bradly. SECOND ROW: Kenny Sims, Frank Henderson, Frank Skaggs, Don smith, Gerald Wood, John Mcliee, Errol Phillips, Tom Anderson. Principles of Self-Defense and Judo Are Pracliced by Members For lnler-State Competitive Matches Sooner Samuri,' a judo society, was founded on the campus of Oklahoma University in 1955. It is a local organization, although there are clubs with the same purposes in many other universities throughout the United States. The main purpose of the organization is to teach its members the principles of self-defense and the art of judo. Any male stu- dent enrolled on the OU campus is eligible for membership. Iudo is a Well regulated sport. It is fast becoming more and more popular in the United States. Many hours of practice and study are required in order to become proficient in the art. Mem- bers of the organization give exhibitions on the campus and also participate in competitive matches with clubs at universities in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. The Sooner Samuri is a member of the AAU and also of the Black Belt society. The latter has a method of grading the mem- bers of the organizations belonging to the society. Their grade is designated by the color of belt they wear, with black being the highest grade. Ofiicers are Larry Bell, president, Doug Daniels, vice-presi- dentg Iohn Mackey, secretary, Steve Brainard, treasurer, and Dr. Percy Buchanan, sponsor. STUDENT SENATE FIRST ROW, left to right: Eddie Kern, Alan Schwartz. SECOND ROW: Blanchie Gray. FIFTH ROW: Jack Moore, Dick McKnight, Ted James, Rich Jerry Tubb, Sydney Sullivant, Suzanne Berry, Jed Johnson, Nancy Holtzen- ard Griffith, Ralph Hudgins, Tommy Fulton, Donald Bryant, Richard Harkins dorff. THIRD ROW: Ann Lowe, Mickey Edwards, Fran Wolf, Jared Hazel- SIXTH ROW: Allan Saxe, Dewayne Dofson, Steve Beckman, Jewell Monroe ton, John Raley, Juvala Black, Marilyn Harris. FOURTH ROW: Ted Mc- Prof. E. A, Frederickson, Brad Thompson, Gaines Godfrey, Janis Hervey, Kay Carter, Woo Badger, Don Wills, Jim White, Jim Hippen, Carol Forsberg, Buttolph. The student senate is the legislative body for the students of the University of Oklahoma and has jurisdiction over all non-aca- demic student activities. It is the ofiicial body for making recom- mendations to the president on matters concerning student Welfare and it appoints student members of the policy making committees of the university. Representation is based on the population of the schools and colleges, with one representative from each of the governing bodies: Panhellenic council, Inter-fraternity council and one man and one woman student from the Independent Students Association. Steve Beckman was first semester president, with Dick Mc- Knight, vice-president: Tuvata Black, secretary, and Gaines God- frey, treasurer. Second semester oHicers included Dick McKnight, president, Iared Hazelton, vice-president, Mary Layne Perry, secretary, and Don Bryant, treasurer. Dr. E. A. Frederickson served as the sponsor of the organization. The senate appropriates money to campus organizations and activities, grants charters to new organizations, helps plan freshman orientation, schedules student activities on the university calendar, and makes recommendations to the faculty senate on academic matters. Campus legislative Body Regulates And Coordinates Plans For Non-Academic Student Activities IASSELS -9 M Q X A a A . lt ,i FIRST ROW, left' to right: Carrol Bell, Bessie Ann Merritt, Lida Sue Neil, Kitchen, Patty Ball, Joy Starry, Lynn Biggers, Charlotte Lovelace, Betty Jackie Duncan, Marilyn Richardson, Grace Ann McCormick, Connie Kihne- Crump. THIRD ROW: Dr. Virginia Morris, Sue Dunnington, Jean Rahhal, man, Nancy Stagg, Sharon Dobbs, Janey Wilkinson, Carol Engleman, SEC- Sunya Sanger, Sue Barton, Mary Layne Perry, Carol Jean Robinson, Jane Thomp- OND ROW: Dr. Harriet Harvey, Marianne Leatherock, Patti Gummerson, Carol son, Sally Caldwell, Mary Ann Miller. Junior Coed Organization Encourages High Scholastic Attainment And Participation in School Events Tassels was formed on the University of Oklahoma campus April 2, 1956 to encourage and honor high scholastic attainmentg to encourage and honor participation in campus activities, to render service to the campusg to take an active part in university affairs and to assist in solving campus problems. To be eligible for membership of this organization, one must be a second semester sophomore or a first semester junior Womang maintain a 3.0 over-all grade average, and must have been enrolled in the university at least one semester prior to selection. Applica- tion forms must be submitted by prospective members. lane Thompson served as the Tassels president this year. Assisting her were Marilyn Richardson, vice-prcsidcntg Bessie Mer- ritt, secretary. and Grace Ann McCormick, treasurer. Dr. Harriet Harvey, associate professor of Zoology, Dr. Virginia Morris, associ- ate professor of physical education for Women, and Carole Hass, assistant professor of physical education for women. serve as spon- sors. Meetings are held the First Tuesday of each month, some times in the form of a luncheon. Some projects ol the organization in- clude printing a booklet on scholarships, helping the members of Mortar Board with their vvalkout, and planning the activities and speakers for Womenis recognition night. TAU BETA Pl FIRST ROW, left to right: John Powers, Laurenue Reid, Sr., Joe Smay, Gaines Godfrey, James York, Arthur Littleford. SECOND ROW Edward Parry, Paul Jeffries, Bob Waller, Robert Miles, Myron Meador, Tom Sellers, Donald Degraffenreid, Monte Witte, Laurance Reid, Jr., William Durkee, Henry Bonney. THlRD ROW: Fred Mills, B. Hairabedian, James Pauley, Johnny Barnes, Bob Haggard, Richard Albright, Robert Bleakley, Al Buck- ingham, Norman Gaines, Jerry Fronterhouse, Johnny Day. FOURTH ROW: Dennie Walker, Rex Ponsor, Philip Kibby, George Day, Robert Knoblock, Lloyd Davies, John Hnatiuk, Robert Reid, J. H, Wood, Carl Estes. FIFTH ROW: Norman Krause, Richard Pool, Ray Hamilton, Roger Kleen, Merlin Field, Darrell Fowler, Grant Trimble, Edward Kozdrowick, Thomas Brown, Richard Clampift. Tau Beta Pi, national engineering fraternity, was founded at Lehigh university, Bethleham, Pa., in l885. Today there are 100 active chapters. The principal aim of the organization is to mark in a fitting manner those who have conferred honor upon their school by dis- tinguished scholarship and exemplary character. This can be done by undergraduates in engineering or by their attainments as alumni in the field of engineering. The fraternity fosters a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America. Qualifications for membership stress good character, leadership and breadth of interest and honesty, in addition to scholarship. To be eligible scholastically, one must maintain a standing in the upper fifth of the senior class or Lipper eighth of the junior class in the college of engineering. 0Hicers for the year are Gaines Godfrey, president, Arthur Littleford, vice-president, David Glenn, corresponding secretary, Iames Pauley, recording secretary, Iames York, treasurer, and Bob Reid, St. Patis representative. Faculty members serving as spon- sors are Prof. Ioe W. Keely, Dr. lohn E. Powers, Prof. loey Smay, and Prof. Laurence S. Reid. Pledge smokers and a banquet are held each semester. Fraternity Honors Outstanding Men ln Engineering School And Top Alumni in the Profession Em Tl-EIREE Q U . in 'Q' -I .gum up . n W . f - "tai" 'L ' W"---,..,,4 -+-,wbmu mmmw "Nii- :CJ iw if ll - fm -' M 9.4.1 -- Q Qi! 4 , 4 mem IIN! .k. b i 'L ll 5 lk .. ., ,MA H -w nw. ,yy -4 .. .. 19. PRES mygm wk f-"2'hW'F ,U 3 pm, A me if 'sk -azz i-51 431 + wwf? WWE? 1 WOMEN' Y.- ..,...-ww. .,. .,, w-v-v-.-f,.3H,-.---- THE HOUSING PROGRAM The University of Oklahoma housing is among the finest in the nation from the point of view of stu- dent health, academic, social and physical welfare. Constructed to furnish the maximum incentive and convenience for the students, the new dormitories are designed to each house 52 students of the same age and class. Complete cafeteria and recreation-social centers are located in Cross Center for men and the Womenis Quadrangle. An additional X-shaped unit is being built so that the Quadrangle will have a capacity of 1000 coeds. Each university house has a resident counselor, who is usually a graduate student in counseling, guid- ance or kindred fields. Each house also maintains its own government and has its own oflicers who work out social, academic, spiritual and recreational pro- grams. The entire housing units have officers who work from the over-all picture. The university maintains Cross Center for men, new housing unit which houses the majority of OU's freshman and upperclass men, Woodrow Wilson cen- ter, for freshman and upperclass men, Women's Quadrangle, for freshman and upperclass womeng Franklin house, for upperclass womeng Whitehand hall, Iefferson house and Residential halls for upper- class men, with Parkview apartments, Niemann apart- ments and Sooner City housing units for married students. The Women's Quadrangle sf M. 5. M ff, ,.:.1f fy N' I ! wlq - 353' 'gif' u s. f'i',ff: 1 ,, W- gf X' 'fm 4 . HH f i fr M -.J .f 'lf 'lbm L., . 1 ie? - Q ' C 3 . FIRST ROW, leff lo right: Roberia Ellis, Barbara Pannage, Janell Baxfer, Carolyn Maddry, Carol Forsberg, Miss Doris Miller, Vonda Zoe Miles, Kaye Finkenbinder, Diana Dunlap, Judy Peterson. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Van Meter, Phyllis Leafherman, Sondra Radebaugh, Susan Hoopes, Linda Smith, Carol Reeqe, Sally Scliuessler, Barbara Lasier, Ann Kinnan, Judy Smith, Marilyn Hollis. Looking over iuiure plans for Quad Coeds are council olficers Vonda Miles, Carol Forsberg, Kaye Finkenbinder and Carolyn Maddry. QUAD PRESlDENl'S COUNCIL OFF I C E R S . CAROL FORSBISRG CAROLYN lVlADDRY K1-,YE FINKENBINDIQR . VONDA MILES fliss DORIS l. lVl1I.LiiR The Presidenfs council of the VVemen's Quad- rangle represents and governs the more than 800 girls living in the 16 individual dorms of the Quadrangle. The council was organized six years ago for the purpose ol promoting unity and eo-operation among the coed houses. One ol the main duties ol ihe council is judicial discipline. Composing the judicial board are four presi- dents, the president of the council and the vice presi- dent of the Association of Women Students. Girls charged with excessive campuses or a major lateness are required to appear before the board. Council membership is made up of the elected presidents ol individual dorms, and members must be independcnts with a grade average ol C or better. , WYL,-,W L ,.f,, , Y, , DAVHS Attractive and active girls seem to have taken over Davis house this y'ear. Ann Clay was selected ISA Sweetheart, Homecoming Queen and one of the Year- book beauties, While her dormmate Kay Wallace was a runner-up for the title of ISA Sweetheart. Ann Thole took an enthusiastic part in the Hang- ing of the Greens and Sally Files was vice president of her pledge class, Delta Delta Delta. There were also several girls from the dorm who made up a fighting team for intramural sports com- petition. Recreation-wise. all of the girls had fun at the Dadis Day coffee and skit, exchange dances with the men's dorms, enjoyed Christmas and Halloween parties, and their skit for Residentialis Crphan party. Getting the complete into on Davis house girls is counselor Glenda Ponder, seated, assisted by Nancy Livergood, Andrea Waldman, Vera Slutzlry, Kay Wallace, and Ann Clay. FIRST ROW, left to right: Martha Gassei, Julia Ann Johnson, Carol Thomp- son, Andrea Beth Waldman, Barbara Jean Angrist, Jan Puckett, Jeanie McBride, Sondra Radebauqh, Carol Anne Branson. SECOND ROW: Owana Towns, Suzanne Smith, Carol Wilson, Sue Pettiqrove, Johnnie R, Evans, Ann Clay, Glenda Ponder, Counselor, Helen Louise Williams, Linda Katr, Diana Burnett, Vera Slutzlry, Jane McDannald. THIRD ROW: Donna Russell, Rilla Harlin, Peggy Cook, Geraldine Chastain, Carole Cargill, Billie Lora Chism, Sonia Sullivan, Kay Wallace, Betsy Mook, Rosalind Goltz, Sally Polk, Nancy Livergood, Ann Barrows, Judy Mitchell, Oteka Ann Little, Beverly G-eyman. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Connell, Voncile Wall, Sharon Urbach, Kay Stan- berry, Jo Ackley, Esther Brown, Judith Richter, Sally Files, Judy Tucker, Anne Reaves, Mercedes Peratt, Linda Elstner, Judith Wilson, Anne Thule. n n HOUSE OFFICERS President . . SONDRA RADEBAUGH Vice-President and Social Chairman SALLY FILES Secretary . JUDY lVlITCHl-11.1. Intramurals Chairman . IUDY TUCKER ISA Representative . MERCEDES PERATT nr 1. Ga FORBES OFFICERS President .... JUDY PETERSON Vice-President and Social Chairman NANCY Hoon Secretary . . . SUZANNE YERGISR Intramurals Chairman . SHIRLEY BURCII ISA Representative KAREN BOOTH ,. , FIRST ROW, left to right: Nancy Jones, Ann Brower, Sarah Beth Hawk, Shirley M. Enyarf, Ann Lampe, Rita Morgan, Cynthia Layne, Paffi Gcldsfon, Raylene Buford. SECOND ROW: Rosemary Malhis, Mary F. Berkey, Bobbie Teper, Rita Heston, Dorothy Mayhew, Nancy Tarpley, Pa? Trueblood, Coun- selor, Laura Morrow, Glenda Schuber, Shirley Burch, Carolyn Freedman, Vicki Lynn Rowe. THIRD ROW: Judy Peterson, Nancy Hood, Sharon Kay Brumley, Karen Booth, Mary Frances Ham, Jo Ann Patterson, Susan Davis, Judy Hodson, Mary Ann Leibenderfer, Darlene Ann Owens, Barbara Watson, Betty Peters, Mary Helen Rahhal, Sue Willis. FOURTH ROW: Marcia Crane, Janie Stevens, Barbara Mock, Fran Wolf, Ann Copeland, Kay Amburn, Susan Wesner, Rosalind Baraban, Peggy Wilmans, Sulanne Yerger, Lynda Holman, Paula Stifh, Chiquita Deason, Jo Lea McDown, Jane Gila more, Natalie Blake. Mail always draws a crowd as Sharon Brumley, Laura Morrow, Susan Wes- ner and Mary Patterson flock to the Forbes house letter box. HOUSE Forbes house certainly had its share of parties and coeds active in campus organizations! The girls entertained their fathers royally with a coffee during Dads' day. During the fall, the Coeds staged a Hwalkouti' and Went to Oklahoma City for dinner. They also helped with the Cross Center Christmas party for orphan children. Outstanding Forbes girls include Darlene Owens. freshman cheerleader and a Delta Gamma yearbook beauty candidateg Fran Wolf, a member of the Student Senate, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Iunior Panhellenic, orien- tation committee and Homecoming committeeg Betty Peters. member oi Freshman Y. UAB and engineers show eommitteeg Nancy Hood, president of Junior Pan- hellenic, vice president of Forbes. AVVS representative. member of Homecoming and Dads, Day committees. i r ra' FRANKLIN HOUSE Franklin house was a busy place this year, or so it seemed for the counselor, Betty Bob Angerman, a graduate student at the University, whose job it was to keep tabs on all the girls. After a full day of classes, dates and other extra- curricular activities, the girls of Franklin house still had energy enough for several after-hours parties, shower-dunkings and similar ceremonies for members who were dropped, pinned, or engaged. One of these long to be remembered events was the Franklin house Christmas party-for pajama-clad residents only! There was also plenty of opportunity for fun decorating the house inside and out for different cam-' pus activities such as Homecoming and Dad's Day. lt's into the shower for Carolyn Heltzel, center, as she is being "encour- raged" by Carolyn Graham and Maryle Council at Franklin house. FIRST ROW, left to right: Shirley Newberry, Virginia Leopold, Sue Galtra, Mariellen Duckworth, Gloria Hughens, Margaret Anne Olson, Jacque Wise dom, Louise McRae, Frankie Wagner, Mary Ellen Miller. SECOND ROW: yi OFF I C E R S President . CYNTHIA JANE MFDCALF Vice-President . . JEAN RAHHAL Secretary . . ROSALYN SCHILZ Treasurer . . DELORES ROSLNBERG Intramurals Chairman RUTH SPEIR i s I i I ISA Representative MARY MARTHA MORGAN Carolyn Heltzel, Kay Wainwright, Kayo Mulligan, Penny Cherry, Sandra Nichol, Gayle Porterfield, Diane Dunlap, Carolyn Horvat, Lynda White, Nancy Moseley, Cynthia Jane Medcalf, Ann LeFIore, Larry Jean Beckel, Carolyn L. Graham, Lynne Vandiver. THIRD ROW: Judy Allen, Sherry Barnes, Peggy Harrison, Diane Gratton, Carolyn Muir, Annette Cox, Martha Ann Williams, Bayard Stewart, Diane Eotf, Anne Groves, Jule Minnett, Ann Brandon, Ardith Howard, Bobbi Fender, Julie Ann Norfleet. FOURTH ROW: Deanna Ashmore, Mary Frances Reynolds, Marilyn Sue Stong, Kathy Benson, Barbara Huddleston, Jean Rahhal, Carol Puckett, Linda Green, Kay Lock- wood, Janice Service, Connie Taylor, Dolores Warner, Rosalyn Schilz, Ella Kenyon. FIFTH ROW: Tessie Deanna Savage, Sue Ellen Simpson, Eleanor Cannon, Ruth Speir, Pat Gruber, Virginia Tibbitts, Dolores Rosenberg, Maryle Council, Hemalyn Smith, Kathleen Riley, Mary Martha Morgan, Joy Starry, Glenda Sue Hunt, Janice Livingston, Marie Landriault, Cynthia Bingman. . as .. :gr - A- , 2: 'H -L". wr' - . : V-,,.,,n . ., I . . Y :. " :- siffyfsif A Jls in ttrna A A I I ' i A " fi I I it . . , s H my - ' ,' 7.25 s 3 -on an CLF 4, snag sstts as R silis . ' Q A Q ,.f,W.. K is g -' L. , " ' , f M ag , - g eksippf ' W, , 'Q' Lili? Q , 5 ': ,Q s,s, , s ' A Q. R w e 1 t A M its ' i A f Y - , if - fl? si' I - , ez .. K r. ,, 4- ff ' Q' , Q 5 ' 9 ' - i' ' . .. f ' :ry . " A 2 5 f aa ,tg 4' s 3 'f Y . . - 'let " ca ' f - 4-4 W , ,. , , :,,, - up ,F . y.. , ,, ,ia 1 J s ' it ' I ' J L1 f. ' 1 Y 1 V gi- K. ,ff ., ml . L' 1 'Fel . .. - Q s .s .. if is Q alia? ii if ff, 0 HAMHl OFFICERS President . . . SALLY SCIIUESSLIQR Vice-President and Social Chairman NOVIE Liars BITTIVIAN Secretary . . RAE Niau, lVlASSAD Intramurals Chczirmnn IEANINE IOHNSON ISA Representative , MARCIA TONKIN FIRST ROW, left to right: Jean Ann Lemler, Carol Henry, Judy Sears, Marcia Tonkin, Kitty Jo Gore, Judy Hesler, Mary Alice Johnson, Halene Lipe, Sarah Harrison, Novie Lee Billman. SECOND ROW: Margaret Roberts, Anna Slavinsky, Charlotte Ann Ream, Lynda Lee Lowrey, Chlorica Stephens, Charlotte Faris, Counselor, Leah Pummill, Joyce Margolin, Judy Capifo, Marcia Unell, Doris Miller, Brenda Simms. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Cole, Mary Sue Carlile, Marolyn Hill, Rae Ann Grimes, Linda Ann Foster, Nancy Alice Moore, Ann Hamilton, .lacki Gaumer, Judy Sherer, Kara Lee Luman, Carole Gandy, Rae Nell Massad, Paula Allen, Penny Nowery, Jeanine Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Judy Engle, Barbara Gollub, Virginia Lee, Lu Ann Tupper, Olivia Nixon, Sydney Sullivant, Sally Schuessler, Barbara Jeanne Bassett, Vivian Kay Baker, Suzan McDaniel, Jane Marie Blissil, Margie Loeb, Deanna Shapiro. As that once a week chore comes around, Sulan McDaniel, Nancy Moore, Carolyn Cole and Sydney Sullivan? head for the nearest laundromat. HOUSE Activities at Hamill house were in lull swing this year as the coeds entertained with parties and partici- pated in campus events. Hamill dads were entertained with a coke and cookie party during Dads Day. The girls also co-spon- sored mixers with Vance and Young houses and at Easter time gave a party for underprivileged children, Receiving their share of campus activities were: Sydney Sue Sullivant, president ol the Gamma Phi Beta pledge class, puhlicity chairman lor Quad, member ol' the Student Senate and UABQ Indy Engle. mcmher of Kappa Phi, Freshman Y, VVesley Foundation, UAB, and Charlotte Ann Ream, member ol' AWS, UAB, Homecoming committee. Pi Omega and Wesley Foun- dation. m at." an, ...Y -v, HERRICK HOUSE lane Montgomery found herself the proud winner ol' the traditional Herrick house scholarship lor the school year of 1956-57. This scholarship is given each year to the girl who shows by her activities, grades. and friendships that she is truly thc best dormitory member. Herrick house received its share of good lookin' gals this year. Dell Ruggles was chosen for one of the Yearbook beauties representing the Quad house and Gayna Billue, from Tri-Delt. Girls very active in campus organizations were Charlotte Ester, a member of Wesley Foundation, UAB, and Inter-Religious councilg Betty Batchelor, a mem- ber of Wesley Foundation and Young Democrats Club. and Jackie Mayer, a member of the University Choir, the Choral Club. and the Hillel choir. Booked solid for the next hour or two is the Herrick house iron. Marie Gardner, Nancy Pool and Sandy Zubrin wait as Betty Stephens adds the finishing touches, FIRST ROW, left to right: Pat Hunnicutt, Sue Anderson, Helen Jo Taylor, Claudia Shirley, Mary Alice Ducker, Nancy Childress, Sandy Zubrin, Marilyn McCullough, Dell Ruggles, Cirrelda Barnard, Gayle Stoll. SECOND ROW: Jane Riddlebarger, Marie Gardner, Mary Ann Wells, Charlotte Ester, Jacqueline Mayer, Carolyn Graunke, Counselor, Sharon Smith, Sandy Wing, Patty Franklin, Sally Bewley, Phyllis Leatherman, Priscilla Wait, THIRD ROW: Collette Payne, Pat Hughes, Betty Lane Batchelor, Caroline Langley, Dorothy Ruth Davis, Anne Ford, Nancy Pool, Mary Alice Cowen, Jill Black- burn, Susan Brickman, Sharon Boiles, Sally Hackler, Peggy Hoyt, Merry Ann Marsh, Carole Munday. FOURTH ROW: Beth Lee Board, Judy Lu McClung, Kay Riddle, Judy Hasty, Eliiabeth Stephens, Joan Olshwanger, Harriet Reisel, Carol Schwartz, Heather Llewellyn, Kay Moxley, Irma C. Oser, Gayna Bfllue, Kay Cochran. A 3 OFFICERS President . . PHYLLIS LIQATHERMAN Vice-President and Social Chairman GAYNA BILLUH Secretary . . . CLAUDIA SHIRU-:Y Intramurals Chairman CAROLINE LANGLEY ISA Representative . . IUDY HASTY ,ff . F7 5 f ft: Q 4+ wim- FIRST ROW, left to right: Shereata Sue McDiviH, Joyce Yandell, Joan Hempfling, Judy Moffett, Nancy Newblock, Carole Sue Kaliski, Shelly Gard- ner, Sharon Sobol, Marion Robbins, Pat Horton. SECOND ROW: Barbara Anne Smith, Lynn Reddoch, Barbara Pannage, Helen Sue Dennis, Jonne Barney, Anne Hesse, Gail Halverson, Counselor, Ann Buck, Kay Browning, Mary Beth Darrough, Marilyn Land, Susan Shuptrine, Karen Spurrier. THIRD ROW: Sima Stein, Becky Wade, Sherrill Fuller, Pal Dougherty, Nancy May- field, Gayle Anderson, Nell Marie White, Sharon Brown, Ann Fischer, Gloria Davis, Lynne Glass, Billie Suggs. FOURTH ROW: Kay Thompson, Cora Keller, Diane Runion, Luanne Bradley, Kay Bailey, Carol Simpson, Sara Bishop, Jean Dove, Margaret Hahn, Martha Echart, Rita Newton, Judy Erwin, Barbara Ramey, Katherine Missildine. A lillle girl with a big load is Jonne Barney as she carries in the Holman house mail, assisted by Marilyn Land and Susan Shuptrine, HOLMAN HOUSE OFFICERS President . . . BARBARA PANNAGE Vice-President and Social Chairman KATHERINE MISSILDINR Secretary .... MARILYN LAND Intramurals Chairman . CORA KELLER ISA Representative . SHEREATA lVlCljIVlT'I' If you're looking for beauty, Holman house had its share! Their candidates for queens on the OU cam- pus included Mary Beth Darrough for ISA Sweetheart, Shelly Gardner and Carol Sue Kaliski for Rui-Nek queen, Barbara Pannage for Homecoming queen, Mari- lyn Land lor yearbook beauty, and Lynn Glass for Honorary Cadet Colonel. Holman enjoyed exchange parties with Cross Cen- ter houses, Lincoln house and the "O" club. The girls also entertained with Halloween and Christmas parties. One of the most popular events at the annual Campus Chest carnival was Holmanis "Marriage Boothn. They were one ol the few Quad houses to enter in the campus-Wide competition. HUME HOUSE Hume house girls had many opportunities to dem- onstrate their artistic talents this year as they decorated their dorm lor Homecoming, Mother's Day, football games and Dadis Day. Their eflorts were rewarded as they won the Dad's day plaque for having the largest percentage of Dads registered for the week-end. It seems they also went all out for Yearbook beauties. The girls selected from the dorm and their various sororities are Pegi Drorngold, Martha Wallace, Maxine Pinkerton, Betty Warren, Natalie Dunn, Diana Christian, Fay Ann Hannon, Judy Disosway, Sheril Kaufman, Ramona Robertson, and Iudy Carper. Other attractive members up for campus honors were Maxine Pinkerton, Pegi Dromgold, Diana Chris- tian, and Sheril Kaufman, Air Force Queen, Martha Wallace, Football Queeng Iulia Dorr and Cherrill Ban- ning, Navy Queen. Going through the early morning routine of getting ready for classes are Hume girls Marilyn Milam, Nancy Kennan and Julia Dorr. FIRST ROW, left to right: Virginia Lee Gill, Edith Lee Coats, Betty Ann Warren, Jackie Thompson, Phyllis Eacock, Julia Dorr, Charla Hull, Sandra Mason, Natalie Dunn, Patricia Kay McCombs, Kay C. McKee. SECOND ROW: Linda Adams, Brenda Bottoms, Pinky Kasner, Marilyn Kay Smith, Susan Sparks, Mary McClure, Counselor, Carol Tomlin, Kaye Whitfield, Judy Carper, Brenda Smith, Helen Hurt, Lesley Pitney. THlRD ROW: Erlene Poston, Sandye Weiner, Kathleen Rider, Nancy Kennan, Sandra Harrison, Pegi Dromgold, Pat Hudson, Linda Brand, Cherrill Banning, Anna Lynn Mullikin, Laree Pacaud, Linda Levy. FOURTH ROW: Judy Dososway, Maxine Pinkerton, Patty Osborne, Martha Wallace, Fay Ann Hannon, Sherril Kauf- man, Marianne Murphree, Carolyn Roring, Beth Gambill, Diann Christian, Ramona Robertson, Collette Keyser, Judy Downing, Virginia Ann Scheefers, Marilyn Milam. 1 n lr I9 -an ca ca Q5 264 'N-,Q FIRST ROW, lefl lo right: Mary Lou Thornburg, Ann Duckworth, Stephanie A, Brooks, Charline Glascock, Elaine Cunningham, Sue Mallock, Glenda Brailhwaile, Sally Lively, Kaye Ferguson. SECOND ROW: Sarah Haugen, Belly McCormick, Karon Olson, Pal Head, Phyllis Donovan, Gerri Murphy, Madelyn Kidd, Counselor, Janel Shields, Judy Broach, Kay Ellison, Linda Ray, Carole Sue Thompson. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Marlin, Judilh Sherman, Sybil Hall, Jackie Olive, June Rhodes, Suzanne Berry, Nan Rapfogel, Gloria Rashli, lda Katz, Barbara Dealherage, Mary Ann McAninch, Carolyn Womack, Jo Anne Kimball. FOURTH ROW: Shirley Goddard, Sally Wal- kins, Kay Chealwood, Kalsy Mullendore, Judy Olls, Michel Winlersmilh, Nancy Clabaugh, Belly Jo Braden, Mary Lou McConnell, Fran Slein, Barbara Brillon, Ann Wise, Carol Strong, Barbara Miles, Nancy Miller, Lydia Waner. Proving their housekeeping abilily are Elaine Cunningham, Marilyn Hollis and Nancy Miller as lhey lidy up lheir room al Jordan house. JORDAN HOUSE OFFICERS President . , . MARILYN HOLLIS Vice-President and Social Chairman ANN WISE Secretary . . MARY Lou TIIORNBURG Intramurals Chairman . FRAN STEIN ISA Representative NANCY MILLER lordan house went all out this year to do some- thing really worthwhile. With a helping hand from every girl in the dorm they entered a booth in the Campus Chest Drive. Working especially hard on this project were Sybil Hall, Kaye Ferguson, Sally Lively, Mary Lou Thornburg and Suzanne Berry. Two of the lordan house girls showed special tal- ent by receiving parts in the play "Quality Street". They were Kaye Ferguson and Suzanne Berry. Suz- anne was also an active member ol the Student Sen- ate this year. Yes, there were beauties, too. Some ol the girls that were up for campus honors included Sybil Hall and Sally Lively, Navy Queeng Katsy Mullendore, Year- book beauty and finalist lor Air Force Queen, and Mary Lou Thornburg, candidate for ISA Sweetheart. Y - -- -w-7 Y KIRK HOUSE Kirk house was intent on having parties this year. Some of the more memorable ones were their Hallo- ween costume party and their Christmas party. This last one was easy to enjoy lor the girls helped a needy family by giving them a basket of food and a Christmas tree, to enlighten their holiday. Some of the Kirk house girls up for campus queen honors were Iackie Williams, Homecoming: Pat Iusola, ISA Sweetheart finalist and Yearbook beauty: Barbara Elkins, Ruf-Nek Queen and Air Force Queen candi- date, and Eva Brasel, Navy Queen and Pharmacy Queen candidate. Two girls from this dorm have proven athletic abil- ity. Sharon Wade Was a member of the OU girls volleyball team and Sylvia Reid was a proud member of the Ducks club. Whether he knows it or not, two for one is what the phone caller at Kirk house gets when he calls the room of Catherine Bond and Jane White. FIRST ROW, left to right: Margaret Begley, Carolyn Gray, Carolyn Abernathy, Nicki Chapman, Karen Kendall, Catherine Bond, Patricia Bell, Molly Jones, Beverly Yandell, Diana Dunlap, Pollyana King, Barbara Gildersleeve. SECOND ROW: Karen L. Wilson, Sydney Jo Haslam, Julie Shugart, Karen Hendrex, Melissa Eppard, Sue Stein, Counselor, Joyce Pumphrey, Pat Vaughn, Barbara Hencke, Barbara Elkins, Nancy Benner, Eva Brasel. THIRD ROW: Lindasu Osborn, Nancy Chaddick, Jackie Williams, Pat Jusola, Virginia Phillips, Judy Klepper, Natalie Tarter, Cecile Gray, Jane White, Bitsy Edgerton, Sylvia Reid, Barbara Overton. FOURTH ROW: Janice Diana Grimm, Kay Armstrong, Marilyn Helen Feinberg, Jessie Jane Mesis, Elaine Weston, Marian Matthews, Sharon Wade, Lina Darrough, Phyllis J. Pickrell, Jo Ann Baker, Lindy Hill, Nancy Denton, Shearer Atkinson. 7, ,,,,, W Y C ,, Y, ,, ,, ,7 W , OFFICERS President . . . DIANA DUN LAP Vice-President and Social Chairman NANCY REAIRS Secretary .... KAREN WILSON Intramurals Chairman . CAROLYN GRAY ISA Representative . IACKIE WILLIAMS 1:9 wa.: . i . V ,nan ,..,..:.... 4, ..... ,,,. l FIRST ROW, lef'l' lo riqhl: Charlolle Coe, Ruth Jacobs, Helen Smilh, f Glenda Wagner, Lois Priceman. SECOND ROW: Judy Mitchell, Helen Stover, Pal King, Mary Louise Beall, Vonda Zoe Miles, Meta Murphy, Coun- selor, Fran Wheeler, Linda Parnell, Norma B. Pace, Carol A. Forsberq, Joyce Townsend, Euphemia Goodlow, THlRD ROW: Verdie Zirkle, Ann Southard, Winnifrecl Wilcox, Carolyn Perdue, Helen Cchlinke, Linda Milam S' Jean Doris Mahn, Dorothy Ann Murray, Janice Sue Evans, Roberta Ellis, Virginia Abston. FOURTH ROW: Marilyn Hollis, Janis Felkel, Gaylene Folk, Carole Emery, Nancy Danner, Glenda Turner, Marilyn Peters, Carol Camp, Sue Slronq, Gloria Crabtree, Lee Curry, Alice Price, Donna Salafhiel. Vonda Miles, center, assistant counselor, ai Lawson house, is receiving expert advice on iust which date dress she should wear. Helping her are Charlotte Coe and Winnifred Wilcox. LAWSON HOUSE Carol Forsberg was the most active member of Lawson house during the year. She was elected presi- dent of the Quadrangle, was a member of the Tri- 0 F F I C E Council and the Student Senate. Everyone in the dorm had fun at decorating win- Presidmll "" ROBERTA ELLIS dows and doors lor the various parties and holidays. Vice-President and Social Chairman There were dances galore and, of course, some private IANICE FELKEL after-hours parties, like their favorite, the Pizza party. Secretary I h . FRAN WIIEPZLER Girls who have gone far because of their looks rank high at Lawson house. lanice Felkel stepped out lntmmumls Chairman ' CAROLYN PFRDUE of the role of Rui'-Nek Queen into the role of Yearbook ISA Representcztiz'e . CAROLYN MAIDIDRY beauty. Another Yearbook beauty in Lawson house l was Linda Parnell. Vonda Miles was a candidate for i Air Force Queen and ISA Sweetheart, and Virginia Ab- ston was a candidate for Navy Queen. r l 266 r -1 "r f ,. .,. f - v'?'- McCURlAlN HOUSE Seven McCurtain house girls bestowed honor on the dorm by being chosen as members of Alpha Lamb- da Delta. They included Bonnie Biggs, Diane Craig, Iudy Stevenson, Irene Lewkowicz, Sue Robison, Patty lVlclVlanus, and Joy Biggs. There were also two girls, Sue Robison and Caro- line Wilson, chosen as Yearbook beauties. Besides beauties and brains, lVlcCurtain was full of girls active on the campus. Qludy Stevenson partici- pated in the Southwest- Regional Council of YWCAQ Irene Lewkowicz was president of the Spanish club and an officer of Hillel Foundation, Kay Erickson and Carol Holderby were both members of Kappa Delta Pig Dorothy Venek belonged to Oikonomi and Margie Aronoff, Orchesis. All in all it was quite a year for the ever-busy counselor, Iacquelyn West and the girls of McCurtain house. Proved best by taste test! Taking time out for a snack at McCurtain house are Suzy Strum, Carol Cox, and Barbara Ann Briggs. FIRST ROW, left to right: Mary Lynn Hayes, Patricia McManus, Cecilia Ziemer, Patricia Atlee, Pat Whalen. SECOND ROW: Joy Biggs, Betty Inman, Barbara Ann Briggs, Jo Ann Hughston, Caroline Wilson, Jacquelyn Lee West, Counselor, Saradelle McDonald, Sheridan Brandon, Margie Aronoff, Sandra Waroff, Dorothy Currie, Dorothy Veneck. THIRD ROW: Diane Craig, Clara Louise Kimberlain, Nan Hall, Mario Morrison, Bonnie Biggs, Carol Cox, Rose Marie Holden, Rochelle Guthrie, Waukomis Chupco, Paula Godfrey, Barbara Hario, Ann Streetman. FOURTH ROW: Susie Brasel, Carol Holderby LaNita Hickman, Nancy Helen Carpenter, Mary B. Meador, Karen Dawson, Carol Ruge, Jean Sullivan, Sue Robison, Judy Stev- enson, Sharron Lehmer, Donna Kay Luper, Eileen Kay Krivanek. an ",Mw or M'-f m.N.:..A at34qa,r,:s,1- -A, . it 'Y -5, i N . 3 .. ' 'I' , A f ' r if -in Y- Q' 'ti Q vi -1 - 'i ' i Fm ' 11, f 2 - 'I is .f OFFICERS President .... CAROL Ruse Vice-President and Social Chairman IEAN SULLIVAN Secretary .... SUE ROBISON Intramurals Chairman WAUKOMIS CH U Pco ISA Representative . KAREN DAWSON 9 . - 'L- ' 1"'I K . g. I FIRST ROW, left to right: Jean Kay Dailey, Fran Davidson, Chris Oak, Ruth Vinson, Dorene Meyer, Patly McKinney. SECOND ROW: Paula J. Sills, Jackie McCrighl', Dian Nylander, Barbara Lee Parks, Georgann McAdams, Janel' Jones, Jo Kelley, Charla Hasenmyer, Carrol Bell, Benesta Lee, Janice Hawkins, Marilyn Hughes. THIRD ROW: Pal' Olive, Shirley Farley, Neva Readis, Bobetfa Holland, Marilyn Scott, Janet Burrows, Janet Elins, Mary K. Alberding, Patty Jo Bowden, Roberta McCoy, Gloria Torres, Aiia Zalais, Charlotte Pixley. FOURTH ROW: Cynthia Anne Mitchell, Karen Kay Miller, Jan Elder, Judy Glass, Joyce Argrow, Binny Hawkins, Jean Sims, Annette Waller, Nancy Morton, Gaye Wooster, Mary Margaret Sparks, Shirley Naifeh, Sara Picton, Helen Lee Bump, Mapping out their strategy to make a grand slam are bridqe partners Roberta McCoy, standing, and Shirley Naifeh, Opponents are Sara Picton and Helen Bump. MCSPADDEN HOUSE OFFICERS President . . . BINNY HAWKINS Vice-President and Social Chairman MARILYN SCOTT Secretary . MARY K. ALBERDING Treasurer . . GEORGANNA MCADAMS Intramurals Chairman . GAYE WOOSTER ISA Representative . IANET ELIAS Close lriendship, study, dances, parties, the best of counseling-all were part of the atmosphere permeat- ing lVlcSpadden house during the year. Like most dorms, McSpadden was buzzing with activities keyed to the campus. Starting out the year, the coeds cosponsored mixers with Cross Center houses and Cleveland house. The girls helped Residential hall with its annual Christmas orphans party, and were hostesses at the Hanging of the Greens ceremony. McSpadden house girls entertained their dads with skits and a party during the memorable weekend of Dad's Day. lo Kelley, elementary education student, was coun- selor and friend to the 'ifamilyn of coeds living in Me- Spadden house. ,, ,, NHLL Dances, waterlights, and the 'iwalk outw charac- terizes a happy year at Neill house. The Walk out, taken just belore Christmas, seems to have been a most memorable occasion. All of the girls from the dorm kidnapped the counselor, Kay But- tolph, and boarded a chartered bus lor Oklahoma City. During the yule season, the girls exchanged toys and then delivered them to the Cerebral Palsy Institute. This made the spirit of giving all the more worthwhile and enjoyable. Sara Walker was the dorm's candidate for ISA Sweetheart and one of the finalists in the competition. Gaynal Vick and Penny Pennington represented the dorm athletic-wise as they played in the volleyball tournament at Oklahoma State University. Keeping the iron hot at Neill house are Judy Fleming, and Judy Smith, as they take a few minutes out to get that fresh, crisp look. FIRST ROW: left to right: Myra Jenkins, Penny Pennington, Judy Smith, Pat Beistle. SECOND ROW: Laveta Carole Way, Sarah Walker, Barbara Fraz- ier, Sue McWorkman, Janell Rowse, Kay Buttolph, Counselor, Judy Fleming, Judy Gaines, Marty Heinen, Edna Brown, Mary Ann Jordan, Carol Archer, THIRD ROW: Joretta Jean Gerner, Dedie Joyce Halstied, Suzanne Cheno- weth, Barbara Ann Holt, Janna Lou Parker, Jane McNew, Charl Kaye Krauss, Sandy Stevens, Edith Hartness, Tobi Lynn Thompson, Lois Wegner, Carolyn Sue Smith, Gaynal Vick, Anita Ruth Seabolt. FOURTH ROW: Mary Jack- Iyn Clearman, Georganna Grebe, Carolyn Aleen Bayless, Jerri Mann, Amy Shook, Virginia Louise Horn, Gail Weston, Marilyn Smith, Janet Marshall, Lou Ann Lower, Mary Ann Woodson, Marcia Wilson, Karen Joy Foster. J l .L HOUSE OFFICERS President . . . JUDY SMITH Vice-President and Social Chairman RHONA F1NKE1.sTE1N Secretary .... BARBARA HOLT Intramurals Chairman . GAYNAL VICK ISA Representative . CAROLYN BAYLESS AL 4 .. S Q. Q. 0 OFFICERS President . . . LINDA SUE SMITH Vice-President and Social Chairman l.l-IAH PEARCE Secretary . IVIARCIA YANDRY Intramurals Chairman . JANET OVERTON ISA Representative . Lois Buacess ,Lt. , UVER FIRST ROW, left to right: Ann Brinson, Janet Overton, Nancy Lutz, Ann Bingaman. SECOND ROW: Palricia L. Sims, Brenda Leah Berman, Lois Burgess, Leslie Lutfrell, Lois Rosenberg, Constance Moviiz, Roberta Posey, Counselor, Karen Westerdahl, Lois E. Thompson, Jannie Houser, Linda Crosby, Dixie Ingram, Sue Sloan. THIRD ROW: Ann Williamson, Roselyn Colvard, Lynda Bynum, Marlene Adams, Linda Smith, Janice Heye, Marylin Woody, Martha Jones, Patricia Mason. Sandra De Lashaw, Judith Salmon, Patricia Nancy Long, FOURTH ROW: Marilyn Burns, Marylin Jean Roan, Jane Richardson, Ella Fern Ray, Jeanie Haskell, Nancy Coody, Kaaren Hen- derson, Janice King, Karen Harvey, Leah Pearce, Jeri Rae Dabbs, Barbara Ann Efling, Nancy Kay Pulliam. If's iusl one of those taboos--Marcia Yandry and Leslie Luffrell find out that the fire door is not the way Io enter Oliver house, as they are caught by assistant counselor Jean Haskell. HOUSE Looking for beauties? Try Oliver house. Several girls up for campus beauty honors this year were Lynda Bynum, Rui-Nels Queen finalist and candidate for Air Force Queen: Leslie Luttrell, Yearbook beautyg Ann Williamson, candidate for PiKA Sweetheartg Lois Thompson, Homecoming Queen candidate: and Sally Gormley, who was up lor Navy Queen. Oliver house residents from far away include Son- dra DeLashaw, all the way from Africa, where her father is stationed, and Linda Smith, lrom Lanikai, Hawaii. Social events lor the year were made up of dances with menis dorms and special parties dreamed up by the girls for the sole purpose of entertaining their favorite beaus. The girls ol Oliver house also partici- pated in the annual 'Hanging ol the Greens'. PARKER HOUSE The biggest event ol the year social-wise was the surprise Halloween party given by the counselors for the girls of Parker house. Fun was had by all. . .who ever dreamed that counselors could throw a good party! Come Christmas time there was a tree-decorating party and the exchange of useful gifts which were later delivered to Central State Hospital. Many lassies in this dorm did well for themselves in the various beauty contests through-out the campus. Susan Hoopes and Charlotte McGlumphy were up for ISA Sweetheart and Susan was chosen as a Yearbook beautyg Lenora Reeves was a candidate for Pershing Rifle Queen and Ruf-Nek Queen and was selected as the Sequoyah Indian Princess. Carolyn Cummings, Liz Prince, Mary Anne Stein and Mary Ann Winslovir were also competing for queen honors. Spending a quiet evening studying at Parker house are Lenora Reeves, Jeannette Coury, Susan Hoopes and Carol Schritter, standing. FIRST ROW, Miller, Mary ROW: Hope Coury, Mary Shirley Cline lett to right: Ruth Nelson, Charlotte McGlumphy, Annetta Ann Stein, Nancy Ann Smith, Carolyn Cummings. SECOND McCrary, Sharon Lee Broderson, Marilyn Nan Miller, Jeanette Ann Winslow, Mary Carol Leonard, Counselor, Alice Childs, Bette Ann Watson, Mary Lou Otto, Carol Schritter. THIRD ROW: Lenora Reeves, Sandra Poindexter, Betty McGuire, Cathy Bearden, Shirley Howerton, La Nora Hickman, Bertha E. Wright, Gwendolyn A. Owens, Susanne Ray Bradley, Earlyne Albright, Carolyn Grantham, FOURTH ROW: Susan ins, Shannon Hoopes, Elizabeth Prince, Priscilla Burroughs, Kathleen Hawk- Ricks, Joyce Ruqgles, Kay Snell, Mary Ann Kakish, Gwenith Williams, Sonia Seiboldt, Lynnae Stewart. if I 1 l fl li '5 Y, OFFICERS President .... SUSAN HOOPES Vice-President and Social Chairman MARY ANNE STEIN Secretary . . CAROLYN GRANTHAM Intramurals Chairman . . JOY SCOTT ISA Representative NANCY SMITH any si my 1 - mt r is FIRST ROW, left -lo right: Carolyn Louise Phillips, Patti Medlin, Sharon Ann Ball, Mary Ann Crabb. SECOND ROW: Carol Jane Walters, Marilyn Van Meter, Sarah White, Dolores Ann Hill, Gaylene Bozarth, Counselor, Norma J. Baumgarlner, Carole Lee Uefz, Martha Jo Baldwin, Beverly Kay Walker, Carolyn Owens. THIRD ROW: Suzanne Chasleen, Alpha Smith, Barbara Miller, Jeanne Thomas, Betsy Stengel, Pat Johnson, Phyllis Mills, Jean Yarborough, Alice Parham, Judy Crosse, Nancy Phillips. FOURTH ROW: Linda Hightower, Anita Anderson, Ruth Anne Hunter, Lauretta Palmeter, Teri Ines Eber, Rorelle Hoffman, Barbara Felmley, Jackies Orrell, Fran Blasko, Jackie Hickerson, Barbara Parent. Ruining a perfect dream are Carole Uetz and Marilyn Van Meter as they try to arouse sleepy-head Sarah White in time for her morning classes. SAGER HOUSE OFFICERS President . , MARILYN VAN METER Vice-President and Social Chairman Io ROSE IJIZVY Secretary .... JACKIE ORRELL Intramurals Chairman . lVlILTA GARLAND ISA Representative . JACKIE HICKliIKSON Sager house girls were very active on the campus this year. Alice Parham was a member of UABg Patti Medlin made the Ducks swimming team, and the girls of the house as a Whole published the only newspaper in existence in the Quadrangle. Some of the beauties at Sager house included Roz- elle Hoffman, chosen a Yearbook beautyg Carole Lee Uetz, a finalist for PiKA "Dream Girlng Betsy Stengle, a candidate lor the Air Force Queen. and laekie Hick- erson, candidate for the Navy Queen. The social calendar at Sager house was also quite lull. With the help of their counselor. Gaylene Bozarth, a senior in Zoology, the girls prepared a Christmas bas- liet for a needy family. They also decorated the dorm and planned skits for all the big campus week-ends. SANGER HOUSE Activities at Sanger house were in full swing this year as the eoeds entertained with parties and collees and participated in campus events. An outstanding house project this Winter the coeds, contribtttion to Central State Memorial hospital, Norman. At Christmas time the girls collected and do- nated gilts for the patients. A memorable occasion was the tea and plaque which Chi Omega sorority gave to the house in mem- ory of Winnie Sanger, for whom the dorm is named. Dr. Sanger, a member ol Chi Omega. was selected for the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. With the house activites and much serious study- ing for classes, the Coeds found that this was a very pleasant and profitable year. The postman should feel appreciated when he leaves Sanger house as Myra Alexander, Linda Nelson, RoMyrna Bronstein and Ann England eagerly look for a letter with their name on it. FIRST ROW, left to right: Martha Ann Warren, Barbara Harper, Viriginia Sidwell, Kaye Finkenbinder, Joleen Janice Hobbs, Carolynne Gay Morry. SECOND ROW: Marlene White Feather, Lois West, Jean Beaty, Mary Pat- terson, Myralin Gallaspy, Counselor, Annette Taylor, Berta Roberson, Phyllis Polite, Pat Trower, Jeannie Lochenaur. THIRD ROW: Donna Sue Whitaker, Judy Ann Taft, Bobbie Joan Clayton, Tressa Jane Ward, Martha Ann Ches- nut, Barbara Ann Laster, Gwendolyn Jeanette Jernigan, Lynda Lizbeth Brown, Mary Washburn, Karlyne Tolleson, Gloria Jean Robinson, Myrna Dale Lemmons. FOURTH ROW: Myra Alexander, Nancy Stewart, Judy Atlee, Jo Beryl Henry, Nell Hackman, Linda Ann Nelson, Liz Kirkham, Susan Brown, Ann England, Ann Shelby, Judy Dutcher, Glenda Knight, Lou Ann Wallis. P 5 OFFICERS Presirlent . . BARBARA ANN LASTIQR Vice-President and Social Chairmmz CI.I5NDA KNIGIIT Secretary . . . SUSAN BROWN Intrrzmurals Chairman VIRCSINIA SIIJWLLL ISA Representative . NIELL I-loCKMAN ,- I M., .A .C it Q. ,Q 5, . P F . ,,f na , F,,,'.,,3 YJ? iv ,grit It gg, W, is ir 125 J ' "wr We iff 43 swf. 'ii tt- ,W an ia pi-34-- 823 Chautauqua LOGAN HOUSE Active campus participation, friendly competition and unity symbolize the spirit ol Logan house coeds. The house is a privately owned, university approved dormitory for uppcrclass girls. For three semesters in a row, Logan house won the Association of Women Students scholarship cup and retired the trophy at the end of the fall semester, in 1957. The coeds began Working toward the retirement of a second AWS scholarship cup when they won it again for the spring semester ol last year. With this in mind, the girls are striving hard to keep up the good work. Begun this year at Logan house was the selection of a breakfast queen. This dubious honor is awarded on the basis of unattractive appearance at breakfast. She is selected by the house boys and is ncrownedu at the annual Christmas tree decorating party which the coeds give for the boys. Among the Logan house girls active in campus events were Nancy Wills, a member of the Student Senate, Mademoiselle College Board and the Canterbury club, and secretary of Tasselsg Vickie Hunter, one of the five finalists for Navy ROTC Belle of the Ball, and one of three finalists for Rui-Neks queeng Sandy Kaye Muller, elected Pharmacy queen, and Cacci Miller, campus editor of the Oklahoma Daily and member of Oikonomia. Mrs. Minta Blanton has just completed her First year as Logan house hostess. DEE EH RMAN President OFFICERS President . . . . DEE EHRMAN Vice-President . . . GINY NEII.L Secretary .... MARY PATTERSON Intramurals Chairman PENNY WOLAVER ISA Representative . SUZY ANDERSON af' .A , F A w... .M M,-. f Time out for relaxation! AlI's quiet at Logan house as Sally Bateman, SoRelle Land and Helen Smith find a few minutes to catch up on the latest news and gossip. A Small Dorm ol Friendship and Unity FIRST ROW, lefl' 'lo riqhl: Mrs. J. M. Blanlon, Sally Baleman, Marquella Bolles, Carol Ann Brown, Sandra Ray Chiles, Wanda Lee Countryman. SECOND ROW: Linda Jane Forresfer, Judilh M. Hunl, Vicki Hunler, Janice Keliy, Bobbie Joy Knie, SoRelle Land. THIRD ROW: Judy Link, Befh McWhorler, Joan Canlrell Mason, Cacci Miller, Sami Kay Muller, Janice Rulh Murphy. FOURTH ROW: Louise Needham, Ginny Neill, Bernila Ann Nelson, Mary Janell Pallerson, Gayle Pilfman, Carol Eileen Raizen. FIFTH ROW: Katherine Ann Scoll, Karen Kay Smifh, Helen Smilh, Mary Lou Thompkins, Nancy Volh, Nancy Jane Wills, Penny Wolaver. FIRST ROW: leff to right: Patti Page, Carloyn Hill, Corinne Parks, Gladys Anderson, Louise Carter, Mildred Kane, Karin Kaufman, Martha Kay Ren- froe. SECOND ROW: Peggy Searle, Paula Lomasney, Barbara Benton, Susie Noland, Sandra Black, Lucille Beard, Jo Ann Kerr, Rose Pierce, Kafhe Shaefer, George Havins. THIRD ROW: Diane Sloan, Barbara Ducker, Barbara Masterson, Beverly Brown, Dorothy Willenbring, Lois Krause, Suda Bobbitr, Janice Harbour, Billi Gebhart, Dorothy Landsen. An after-dinner song session seems to be in order at Newman house. Diane Sloan, Barbara Ducker, and Carolyn Hill harmonize with Dorothy Willen- bring and Corinne Parks, sealed. NEWMAN HOUSE OFFICERS President . . MARY IANICE HARBOUR Vice-President and Social Chairman DIANE M. SLOAN Secretary . MARGARET M. SEARL12 ISA Representative MARTHA KAY RRNFROR Newman hall has been on the campus since Febr- uary, l926. The dorm is owned and maintained by the Sisters of Divine Providence and will accommodate 36 girls. Sister Leonissa C. D. P. is the present hostess. Newman hall is open to all women students, re- gardless of their religious affiliations. It is named for lohn Henry Cardinal Newman, a leader of the Oxford movement. Patti Page took the beauty honors for the house as she was a Hnalist in the competition for Navy Queen. Special guests of the Newman hall girls at their annual Christmas dinner were Dr. and Mrs. Cross, Miss Dorothy Truex, and Mr. Gene Russell. Every resident ol the dorm pitched in and spent painstaking hours decorating inside and out for Christ- mas, Homecoming and Dads' Day. ww'-4' 1, , ,Ei f Z .mg 7 'Q AQBVZQEWQ 4: .F 1 KQZEE Q , ii WSH 5 . ,Q H: fi Ae w,f2,,fs' W W,4:sf.,-iw uw af? is '15 N E X -- fa .zziif r if TA si Ax, 5 , AM, i 'Ass W. -4 -F Z5 - V' 1f1i1'r:wifA QM. 7 44 l .. A , ' fv:.'fwv,:"W2' is -A M1 ami- as ,fsimgais 92 W 3 A vw? f'2'W1fa32 1' 1 Y ,f,fe, -, ,faf ,Q2??7I 'N f'ig'1fJ?eE Zs3iSQs,I.f1g1 :-"ffm-fIf.E"faz' gi,fiiziwisiiz'fzfvyildgaig, 'K "Ei 4'Af Qff'3'3 f A N 'V ,, ,, ,, K w..,,:i . A V - ?9mq1sg:gwfs?" 'f ,--- .Aww Q5 2357 Qi-' 1? 3 iq: ,. M, 3555-vm V, ,wsiif-'if wwf - f -W g , . WA ' - wx 5113 mf Exim f-wm,f+w,. l' -f 'E ' .Qsfdsrsxlzs-'wizmsnf f f if- .5 V -2242-59, mf A ,,fw,,. iw QQ K 17 W if 5 i-vseiigmi . f. sgimxlifg-'iS?5E?iifSf 4, 755.555 Q V ' Xiswggg EI ?" eww fy V , L k six? 5. 1 ,.,,1 -if ' wave, - iw ,mn if ,ff A. we ' 'ei V 1 , S L Aa ' K -1, W. 3 'W,I'5El, . M., aw , bw we gym! bm gg, km ' ,LM fi? ef:-W M - f , if . nw my k 6 ' ,, in gg f 52.15, ,, , " 4 r-13, Q' I . ,, Jw W' ,, V gm I 3 " 5 - " QM 1, M xg Q. x J f f Wmm,MW+Wm' ,,,, K mr W , , ,f M nw , ww in rw 'Q ' M M Tig , 1 If W A A 'f 31,9 f g K L , , 5,1 ,gi Q Q H DQRMS L BOB GARRETT President FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. Thelma Haddan, sponsor, Bob Garrett, Sherman Carter, Lou Ann Lower, M. Charles Gilbert, Jim Hippen, Carol Foresberg. SECOND ROW: Vernon S. Archer, Jack S. Trawick, Merle T. Tyler, Gerald Black, Nancy Miller, Nancy Smith, Lois Priceman. THIRD ROW: Dale Lewis, Jackie Williams, Ben Harrison, Kay Little, Richard A. Delgado, Kay Buttolph, Carolyn Bayless, Martha Kay Renfro. FOURTH ROW: Sandye Weiner, Barbara Hario, Karen Dawson, Suzy Anderson, Karen Booth, Marcia Tonkin, Judy Hasty, Mercedes Peratf. FIFTH ROW: Jon L. Blocker, James P. Crutchfield, Charles Hoqins, Joe Dunn, John Waller, Roy E. Gustafson, Paul Vernon, Don Bell, M. DeWayne Carter, Charles Patton, Buddy Tatum, Harry LaBree, Michael Guest, Jerry Kirk, John Wagner. ISA Provides Varied Student Activities OFFICERS President . . Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer . Faculty Sponsors 1 278 . BOB GARRETT . SHERMAN CARTER . . LOU ANN LOWER M. CHARLES GILBERT MRs. THELMA HADDAN and I. GENE RUSSELL One of the largest memberships of any one group on the OU campus is that of the Independent Students association. The group provides all independent stu- dents with opportunities for representation in all forms of college affairs. All students who are not members of a social organization on the OU campus automatically are members of ISA. The organization promotes leadership, fellowship, cooperation and achievement, and its activities include all Fields of collegiate interest-social, cultural, athletic and scholastic. The executive council is the core of the ISA. For every 50 residents, each dorm chooses an ISA repre- sentative and these house representatives comprise the executive council. Meetings are held each Monday eve- ning in Monnet hall, and all students are Welcome to attend. LL A1 if-:FF ui X Sk FIRST ROW, left to right: Charles L. Levendosky, Richard McLaughlin, Billy Bates, Bob Harris, Roy R. Love. SECOND ROW: Richard N. Griffith, Dick Johnson, Nick French, Arnold Fagin, Marion L. Butterfield, Art Mihran, Jack Redeker. THIRD ROW: Dale Fannon, Paul Grosse, Robert L. Shaw, Ralph Reed, Eddie Keffer. Cross Center Presidents' Council officers are Jack Redeker, Dick McLaugh- lin, Dale Fannon, Nick French. CROSS CENTER PRESIDENIS' COUNCIL OFFICERS President .... DICK MCLAUCHLIN Vice President and Treasurer DALE FANNON Secretary . . . . JACK REDEKER Parliamentarian . . NICK FRENCH Advisor . . ARNOLD FAGIN The Cross Center President's council was formed in order to better serve and promote thc welfare of the students living at Cross Center. Each of the 16 dorms has a representative in the council. These representa- tives are the elected presidents from their respective dorms. Among the year's activities of the President's coun- cil, the Christmas party, given for thc orphan children, was by far the most rewarding. The men of the council also enjoyed a party with the girls from the Quad Presidentis council. The two councils often work together serving as supervisory bod- ies for the activities and problems of the Quad and Cross Center residents. The organization transacts its business every Thursday evening in one of the Cross Center lounges. 7' '17 ' ' WOODROW WILSON CENTER PRESIDENlS' COUNCIL The elected presidents of thc six Wilson Center houses and an additional representative from each corn- prise the Woodrow Wilson Center Presidents' council. The council handles judiciary problems through a judicial board and supervises the use of university lacil- 0 F F I C E R S ILICS at the. center. This includes the dlsttrihbutlon of President I U h HAROLD DAVIDSON athletic equipment to the houses and permission to use . Q the Center gym. Vzce President . . . PAUL VERNON Funds to meet the couneil's expenses are derived Secretary . . . KENNETH MILLIGAN from house dues assessed, cveryhscrnester, but the main Treasurer Q , G ' STEVE COX concern of the presidents council IS the Welfare of Wil- D Advisor . . ED LUSK son Center residents. Business meetings of the council are held once a week and any problems which might arise are discussed at that time. Taking time out for a short executive meeting are WWC Presidents' council officers Harold Davidson, Paul Vernon, Ed Lusk and Steve Cox, ,gs 8' 'i FIRST ROW, left to right: Ed Lusk, Steve Cox, Harold Davidson, Paul Vernon. SECOND ROW: Wayne Sampson, Charles L. McMurray, Arthur M. Saddoris, Arthur Gaer, Dick Beauford, Warren F. Hamilton, Kenneth B, Milligan, John Paul O1ar. .ar 'H 3. . 4 rufs ...J-'num ss 'N 4 Oo- FIRST ROW leii fo right: Thomas R. Richardson Davood Nassiri Jack Paiten, Counselor, C. Lawrence Vache, Don Bell, Oiha D. Hill, Warren F. Hamillon, Paul Vernon, Jack S. Trawick, Elmer Cleveland, James Harman, John Allan Granr, Mihir Boran Roy. SECOND ROW: James A, Bouck, John L. Kimbrough, John Hnatiuk, C. James Roihbauer, Andy Chunla, Richard L. Clampiff, Leonard R. Roberson, Douglas S. Daniel, Thomas M. Poieel, Jr., Ronald G. Bryant, Marvin W. Campbell, Ronald Tip Jones, Billy Siurch, W, James Brown, Paul E. Braun. THIRD ROW: Barry Bebb, Jim Morris, Jimmy Sims, Henry B. Emilson, Henry Diehm, Richard Sachen, Sharaniil Singh Dhillonn, Leo Corcoran, Bill Hawkins, Phil Wyani, M. L. Foughf, Lynn Meyer. FOURTH ROW: Michael Basaraba, Lloyd Davies, Tom Booker, Donald Veach, Norman Blacklee, Keith Lynn, Bill Pearce, Dick Afkinson, Eddie Mays, Rudolph Koci, Jr., Robert R. Hawley. FIFTH ROW: Willard G. Trimble, Robert B. Holland, Arthur J. Groisma, Cliff A, Rauqusi, Barry Robbins, James M. Brown, Morris Mazurkewich, M. Charles Gilbert, T, Merrill Neel, Roberl' E. Johnson, Leonard M. Young, Bill Krause, Ryborn Kirby, Leon Moore. SIXTH ROW: Frank Barry, Don McKinnon, Larry War- den, Charlie Way, Phillip W. Jones, Rex Hale, Merlin B. Field, Riley B. Needham, Royce G. Meacham, Dale E. Moore. Getting ready for Ihai imporianf Saiurday nighf date are, lefi Io right, Paul Vernon, Barry Bebb and Phillip Jones. CLEVELAND HOUSE OFFICERS President . . . PAUL P. VERNON Vice-President and Social Chairman WARREN F. HAMILTON Secretary .... OTHA D. HILL Intramurals Chairman SIDNEY TRAWICK ISA Representative . . DON F. BIQLI. Cleveland house had its share of men active in intramurals and campus organizations this year. The men entered all intramural events and won the Wilson center basketball trophy. Some of the outstanding members are: John Hnatiuk, member of Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi and Pi Epsilon Tau, Richard L. Clampitt, member of Pi Ep- silon Tau, Phi Theta Kappa and Tau Beta Pi, and Walter G. Staley, lr., member of the US Olympic team for 1952 and 1956, the Equestrian team and Winner of the Gold Medal in Pan American games in 1955. Cleveland house was the residence oi 18 students from Canada this year. Students from other countries included Mihir Boran Roy and Sharanjit Dhillonn from India and Davood Nassiri from Iran. l l 4 +4 1-v DITMARS HOUSE One of the familiar and friendly faces seen at Dit- mars house is that of the custodian. He is thought of fondly by the men that live in his dorm: "Ditmars takes this opportunity to express appre- ciation to its custodian, Paul Still. for his friendship and service to the whole house." Ditmars men have won many honors during the past two years: second place in Cross Center intra- mural football for l957-58: seventh place in all uni- versity housing scholastic rating for l956-57, and eighth place in the 20 freshman houses in all-round general activities for l956-57. The men are proud of this record and are striving to continue the good work. Vel Dimery, freshman law student, served as coun- selor of Ditmars house. OFFICERS President . . RALPH REED Vice-President IIM LEWELLEN Secretary . . . TOMMY DOBBS Social Chairman . ROBERT HAMERNIK Intramurals Chairman LEON CHICORASKE ISA Representative . . STEVE BAKER Center of attention is Ditmars' counselor Velmer Dimery, center, as he hands out receipts. Left to right, Ted Armould, Stanley Jeary, Martin Tebrinke, and Lyle Deal. FIRST ROW, left to right: John L. Bedwell, Stephen Smith, Tommy Dobbs, Ralph Reed, Velmer J. Dimery, Counselor, Leon Chicoraske, Ronald Jagqers, Martin Tebrinke, Charles Christian, Eddie Keller. SECOND ROW: Phil Fair- child, Bob Marks, George Beyers, Bill Ladd, Jim Jones, Dave Dean, Tom Price. THIRD ROW: Larry Hatfield, Lyle Deal, Bill Hamill, Bill McKay, Jim Wilson, Steve Baker, Gary Hester. FOURTH ROW: Richard Johnson, James Jetton, Marvin Burnett, Bill Stine, Randy Thompson, Robert Lewis, John Love. We FIRST ROW, left to right: Dale E. Sherrod, Benton C. Ladd, Cecil C. Barnett, Jr., Prentice Gantt, Clendon B. Thomas, Charles G. Bowman, Wil- Iiam H. Chambers, James W. Davis, Robert L. Harrison, Benton M. O'Neal, Bennie M. Curry, Jim E. Carpenter, William H. Noble, Robert F. Cornell, Jimmy D. Feagan, Frank T. Swafford, George R. Page, Dean C. Emerson. SECOND ROW: Larry M. Munnerlyn, William W, Levcnitis, Ben D. Wells, Robert B. Morford, Delmas T. Thorne, Glen H. Sears, Max F. Morris, Gerald J. Tillery, William F. Wineblood, Travis H. Columbus, Jakie D. Holt, Phil J. Lohmann, Ronald L. Smith, Leon D. Cross, Joe R. Straw, Gilmer A. Lewis, William I. Krisher. THIRD ROW: Joe D. Rector, John S. Moore, Jakie D. Sandefer, Richard C. Martin, Jared W. Rowe, Richard L. Gwinn, Gary D. Baer, Richard E. Carpenter, David L. Baker, Joseph B. Ouiesky, Charles M. Van Dyne, Billy J. Daniel, William S. Brown, Marshall R. York, Stanley M. Ward, Vernon H. Lang, Edward W. McDaniel, Don A. Nelson. FOURTH ROW: Lester E. Bradley, Billy J. Moore, B. W. Scott, Jerry W. Thompson, Lee E. Horne, Steve T. Jennings, William J. Marchbank, George V. Talbott, Don D. Stiller, Cloyd J. Shilling, Joseph M. Jackson, Ross C. Coyle, Jim H. Lawrence, Mickey R, Johnson, Richard W. Corbitt, Walter C. Metcalfe, Brent E. Morford. Taking time out from practice for a game of bridge are Bill Daniel, Jim Steward, Jerry Tillery, Phil Lohmann and Vernon Lang. JEFFERSON HOUSE OFFICERS President . JOSEPH B. OUJESKY Vice-President LARRY MUNNERLYN Secretary . . . DELBERT LONG Social Chairman . CLENDON B. THOMAS Intramurals Chairman ROBERT TIMBERLAKE ISA Representative . ROBERT lVloRFoRD 284 Gene Calame, a law junior, and Bill Brown, geol- ogy graduate student, spent a busy year as counselors of Iefferson house. Residents entertained with their annual going away party for the seniors, the annual stag party and the 'iPop', Willis dinner dance. The men were unable to enter in the intramural sports competition because they belong to a varsity team. However, they received plenty ol exercise during their daily workouts. Residents participating in campus events included Buddy Oujesky, a Distinguished Military Student and Rifle champ, Robert Derrick, Deanis Honor Roll for two years, and Christian Youth drive representative, and lay O,Neal, a member of Spanish club, Engineers club, and St. Patis council. 4 l KINGFISHER HOUSE Kingfisher house was a busy place during every month of the school year. Activities ranged from a hay- ride and parties held for residents and their dates in the autumn to house participation in various athletic intramurals throughout the fall, winter, and spring. Tom Murphy, graduate student in science educa- tion, was counselor and friend to the men. Kingfisher students were very active in all intra- mural sports and reached the finals in the Wilson cen- ter football tourney. Foreign students at Kingfisher include Abel Ansari from Iran, Carlton Chin from Iamaica, Hashim Dah- mash of Syria, Iamas Han and Chung Yuen Kao, both from Hong Kong. Louder than Stan Kenton! Charles Sparks cringes as roommate Jay Tidmore hits the high notes on his sax and Kingfisher house echoes with "music". FIRST ROW, left to right: Stan Dodds, Dick Beauford, James Rickner, Stephen Sullivan, Chuck Beauchamp, Tom Murphey, Bob Walker, Jarrell Bolton, Doug Beavers, Edward James. SECOND ROW: Walter L. Goodling, Jack Murphey, Roscoe Jennings, Fred Blocklinger, Lee Hester, Dian Thomp- son, Jay Tidmore, Tom Bright, Bill Dunn. THIRD ROW: Jim Sinex, Jim Mitchell, Dick Frech, Burton Klemteld, Morris Orr, Lee Wade, Edward Scribner, Darryl Dixon, Ralph Jones, Ray Teff, FOURTH ROW: Monte Cook, Gene Grubiti, Ed Bates, Don Okeson, Jim Dulaney, Archie Dunham, Bob Engle, Charles Shaw, Jack Glover, Jerry Booth. FIFTH ROW: Edward Linderfelt, Carlton Chin, Larry Wilson, Allan Voloshin, Harry Haefner, Lanny Day, George Roach, Jack McGaugh, David Phan, Verne Toews. OFFICERS President . . CHUCK BEAUCHAMP Vice-President and Social Chairman GARY BEAVERS Secretary . . . STEPHEN SULLIVAN Intramurals Chairman . FRED BOLTEN ISA Representative . ROY GUSTAFSON FIRST ROW, left to right: Richard B. Chandler, Verne E. Griffith, Jr., Lee Nash, Jr., Nick French, John Williams, Vernon Givens, Jerry Neff, Tom Dulaney, Rich Rafcliffe, Jim McMurry. SECOND ROW: Robert Lyon, John J. Coates, Scott Pryse, Bruce Baker, Phil Swartz, Joe Fulton, Bill Young- blood, Stephan Hudkins, Bob Tway, James B. Carter, Reede L. Taylor. THIRD ROW: Robert G. Gray, Jr., Paul D. Newendorp, R. Hartley Seeds, Frank B. Sweeney, John W. Blasingame, John G. Truel, Ronald H. Hicks, John P. Levine, S. Nelson Myers, Frank Andrews, FOURTH ROW: Milton Fore, Hal Sundvahl, Barney Capehari, Hal L. Malone, Joseph W. Caldwell, Kirby Riffey, Fred Swan, John A. Miller, Alfred E. Newman, Charles Booze, Albert E. Upsher. "Come in moon for should if be spufnik?l." Barney Capehart with his radio set, assisted by Joe Fulton and Dick Chandler, prepares fo talk to far away places. KIICHENS HOUSE OFFICERS President .... NICK FRENCH Vice-President and Social Chairman TOM HOWER Secretary .... LEE NASH, IR. Intramurals Chairman . DICK CHANDLER ISA Representative . . FRED SWAN The foreign student living in Kitchens house this year has turned many bull-sessions into a really inter- esting and educational discussion of the dilferences be- tween two countries. He is Blas Casares from Havana, Cuba. It seems the men of Kitchens house had a full year, keeping up with their studies, participating in all of the intramural activities and co-sponsoring mixers with the girls dorms. The counselors, Iohn Williams, a Tulsa senior in business administration, and Gary Nichols, Houston, Tex. junior in arts and sciences, were very helpful to the residents. Kitchens house was named for Gus Kitchens, Ir., who was killed during World War II while on active duty in New Guinea. ...,-7.- 2-Y LINCOLN HOUSE A house of athletes, Lincoln house has members ol championship squads in basketball, baseball, swimming. track, tennis, golf and wrestling. Lincoln house has always had an outstanding rec- ord in intramurals, but this year, due to a ruling of the intramural committee barring all varsity and freshman athletes, no teams were entered from Lincoln. Two well-known members are Dick Delgado and Dale Lewis, members of the US Olympic Wrestling team. Three athletes from foreign countries are Mike Lindsay, track Weightman from England, Gail Hodg- son, and Francois Theron, distance runners from South Africa. Serving as Lincoln house couselor was Leale Slate. senior geology student. lt's relaxation time at Lincoln house as Doug Brown and Paul Bowles get set tor a record session in their room. FIRST ROW, left to right: Kenneth Hallum, George Lloyd, Ron Plath, Dennis Cross, Ron Wellfare, Dante Austeri, Richard A. Delgado, Jerry E. Mayberry, Bill Gilmore, David Marshall, Eddie Truman, Dee Given, Ken Barber. SECOND ROW: Lorre Hale, Jeff Farrell, Don Cross, Jack Saari, Bob Conner, Harry Klug, Jack Walker, Paul Aubrey, Lawrence Gregory, Bob Hembree, Paul Bowles. THIRD ROW: Philip Brougher, Earl Secrist, Larry Lermo, Ron Clark, Dick Ellis, William Dissly, Cecil Snyder, John W. Pryor, Denver Bearden, Dale B. Sullivan, Chuck Lechner, Leale Slate, Coun- selor. FOURTH ROW: Freddie Williams, Regan Wright, Jim Quale, Bill Graves, Doug Brown, Perry Russell, Sam McKenzie, Arvil Mind, Norville D. Rasmussen, Tommy D. Jones, Roberto K, Rickey. FIFTH ROW: David Camp- bell, Charles Lindsay, Jeff Cookson, Floyd Skarky, Hial Gernert, Dan Erwin, Malcom Bridwell, J. D. Martin, Robert B. Ringo, Jim Self, Ray Bob Burden, SIXTH ROW: Royden J. Lucas, Richard Walker, Don Fitzgerald Joe Lee Thompson, Ken Burd, Kenneth P. Leach, Clyde N, Davidson, James H. Clinq man, Mike R. Lindsay, Michael G. Hodgson. OFFICERS President . DALE BERNARD SULLIVAN Vice-President and Social Chairman FLOYD SKARKY Secretary . . . DICK DEI.GAIJO ISA Representatives DALE LEWIS and DICK DELGIXDO sg., yd FIRST ROW, left to right: Robert M. Johnson, Tommy D. Smith, Frank L. Skaggs, Charles Levendosky, J. Clyde Finley, Jr., Counselor, Larry Murphy, Arthur L. Jones, Richard M. Dudley, Floyd L. Rosson, Don W, Lecrone. SECOND ROW: Richmond B. Wells, Robert C. Patterson, Franklin Naifeh, Jerry M. Miller, J. Patrick Linehan, Henry M. Saikin, Richard T. Ebrey, R. Bruce Barnes, C. W. Comer, Don A. Lindmark, Gregory L. Underwood, Kent Williams. THIRD ROW: West Reaves, Alan Leslie, Bruce Magoon, Van Robinson, Robert Lenhardt, Tommy Gray, Lyle Tudor, William Bonney, Bert Lindgren, Jerry McNeely, Howard Schmidt, Bob Gaydos. FOURTH ROW: David N. Richardson, Howard L. Martin, John Turnbull, Bruce Brantley, Larry Bolls, Charles Wesner, Charles Plank, Robert Sayre, Arland R. Dyer, Richard Kelley, Leonard Ball, Gene Arnn. FIFTH ROW: Robert R. Rice, Doug Fleet, Edward H. Hoag, Robert C. Sitz, Leon A. Koziewicz. Proud of their Citizenship trophy are Prentice men, seated, Charles Lev- endosky, Clyde Finley, Frank Skaggs, and standing back, Don Lindmark, Ed Hoag, Tom Smith, L. A. Koziewicz, Robin Rice and Arland Dyer. PRENTICE HOUSE OFFICERS President . . CHARLES LEVENDOSKY Vice-President . LARRY MURPHY Secretary . . ART JONES Social Chairmen FLOYD ROSSON and DICK DUDLEY Intramurals Chairman . TOMMY SMITH ISA Representative . LEON KOZIEWICZ Sports were an important item in thc lives of the residents of Prentice house during the year. The men excelled in football, basketball, volleyball and softball. For the last four years, Prentice house men Won the league race in football. They also Won in basketball and volleyball in l957. On the social side, the men entertained with a hayride, annual stag blast, spring dance and spring picnic. They were hosts for a Christmas tree decorat- ing party for orphan children before winter vacation. Among the outstanding Prentice house men were Charles Levendosky, Prentice president for three se- mesters, ehairman of Cross Center disciplinary board, distinguished military student, president of Cross Cen- ter councilg Tommy Smith, intramural chairman, ISA football team, Pershing Rifles, and Frank Skaggs, ludo club, Dean's Honor Roll. SEILIFF HOUSE Campus activities and social events were on the agenda for Setliff house residents this year. Early in the fall, the men co-sponsored parties with some of the Quad houses. Early in November Setliff house men and dates enjoyed a hayride and in December they entertained with a Christmas party. The men also participated in Cross Center's Christmas party for orphans. Five University Band members live in Setliit house: Terry Acton, Tom Aitkin, Mason Murphy, Lynn Pendergrass and lim Wilhite. Others active in campus organizations are Sherman Carter, ISA vice president, Classics society, Phi Alpha Theta and History club, Ierry Black, Pick and Hammer club, ISA and Classics society, and Mason Murphy, Scabbard and Blade and Society of Geological Engineers. Jaime Roquebert gives helpful hints to his partner during a bridge game at Setlitt house. Seated left to right, Ben Rosenberg, Milton Josephson and Alan Shidler. FIRST ROW, left to right: Gerald Black, Don Sony, Mike Rutherford, Merle Tyler, Johnnie B. Buchanan, Counselor, Marion Butterfield, Jr., Howard Smith, Bill Lourcey. SECOND ROW: Alan Shidler, Mason Murphy, Hal Mattocks, Clark Griffin, Bert Fields, Jerry Acton, Beniamin D. Rosenberg, Jim Henry, Frank Collins, Marcos Maldonado, Chester Cowen, John J. Fleet, Jr. THIRD ROW: Lynn Penderqrass, Jim Wilhite, Larry Evans, Pat Edwards, Milton Josephson, Jaime A. Roquebert, Charles F. Loucks, Sherman P. Car- ter, Alan Reed, Earl Kitchen, Bill Whetstone. FOURTH ROW: Gerald W. Rose, J. Clark Bowling, Tommy McDonald, A. P. Van Meter, Lewis LaMark, Bill McCurdy, Emmett Palmer, Tom Aitken, Stan Conly, Joe Kennedy, Gerald D. Porter, Richard A. Koehler, Norman I. Jacobson. OFFICERS President .... BILL MCCURDY Vice-President and Social Chairman MERLE TYLER Secretary . . . LYNN PENDERGRASS Intramurals Chairman MIKE RUTHERFORD ISA Representative . MERLE TYLER 1. EQ ml 4 - -Xa' 1 .,.. ...,, , ' Neff ' 'W' -if W. ,. if te.. I FIRST ROW, lefl' fo right: C, S. Brunen, Marlin Moriseiie, Tim Curry, Robert L. Shaw, Bus Branson, Counselor, Pai Considine, Phil Reid, Jim Cloar. SECOND ROW: Phil E. Colsfon, William R. Bell, T, Richard Medloclr, Edward W. Moraw, Samuel E. Allison, Tommy Armstrong, Mickey Berkowich, Richard Solar, Keith Allen, Ernest V. Stout, Loren L. Hill. THIRD ROW: Fred H. Merrill, Fred A. Quenler, Jr., Roberl' R, Scoil, Happy Solliday, Darrell Woolwine, Jack Vondra, Phil Pace, Ronnie Aks, Augie Marques, Pat Leathers, Dave Browning. FOURTH ROW: Daniel D. Alfgelf, George E. Kadane, Jimmy G. Smith, John P. Stewart, Ronnie Coffelt, Vernon S. Archer, Robert R. Rawlings, John Tison, Charles S. Goree, Henry Hurd. Keeping up on world affairs are, sealed left to right, Phil Reid, Vernon Archer, Augie Marques, Gerald Goldin, standing, Loren Hill and Jack Vondra, at Vance house. VANCE HOUSE OFFICERS President . . . RORHRT SHAW Vice-President and Social Chairman PAT CONSIDINE Secretary . . . GERALD GOLDIN Intramurals Chairman . . PHIL REID ISA Representative . VERNON ARCHER Vance house, led by Claude "Bus" Branson lr.. junior law counselor, took an active part in Cross Cen- ter intramurals and campus events. Members participated in intramural football and basketball, with Larry Thomas winning the badminton championship. Vance dads were given a warm reception when they visited the house during OU,s annual Dad's Day. Vance had the largest amount oi dads registered for the occasion and won the 32nd annual Dad's Day trophy. Members ol the Vance house family were active in all phases ol campus lile. Tommy Armstrong par- ticipated in Sooner Scandals and a member of IFC and Dad's Day committeeg Phil Pace is a member ol the UAB. Airforce color guard and drill team, and Robert Shaw is a member of Cross Center Presidcnt's council. WHIIEHAND HALL Whitehand hall was noted this year for some very outstanding members in campus activities. Among these are Ierry D. York, who participated in Xi Mu. the National Chancery Club, and the Student Bar As- sociation. Another campus-wise member was Lyndon Wil- liams, a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the OU Marching Band and the OU Sym- phonic Band, Pershing Rilles, ISA executive council, Phi Eta Sigma and ODK. He Was an outstanding fresh- man and sophomore Army ROTC cadet and one of ten top freshmen. Members of Whitehand participated in the major intramurals such as football and basketball. Also sev- eral of the men entered in some of the individual sports. All in all it was a fun packed year for every resident. Western, mystery drama-TV is always a welcome break in the day tor Whitehand men Max Ashley, Thomas Kyle and Don Verhines. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bill Fisher, Barry Walraven, Robert B. Hicks, Dale C. Lowder, Dennis C. Tiger, Kenny Brewer, Rollin D. Reimer, Lyndon Williams, Lonnie Phelps, Gordon Callet. SECOND ROW: Vern O. Wilson, Pai' Turmon, Richard A. Klein, Jesse H. Buchanan, Rex Pierson, Thomas W. Terbush, Eugene D. Shoemaker, Marlin D. Crysler, Allen K. Moore, Leon J. York, Jr., C. H. Thomas, Jr, THIRD ROW: Fred Pannek, Robert Loving, Charles Fredregill, Peter Panek, Bennis L. Pittman, Beniamin Harrison, Scotty Palmer, Dale Stage, Bob Mercer, Lane Talburt, Tom W. Spencer. FOURTH ROW: John B. Keramis, Ronny R. Koch, Harry S. LaBree, Robert Gallagher, Jerry D. Kirk, Ronald Foster, Frank R. Cross, Larry Milam, Don Sebright. FIFTH ROW: Lerence D. Robison, Charles R. Gardner, Jacque L. Rowe, Philip Mated, Jim Maxwell, Robert H. Wright, Billy Sexton, Jerry Lahtinen, William A. Dorsey, William Griffith, Phillip Milam. OFFICERS President .... JERRY KIRK Vice-President and Social Chairman JERRY YORK Secretary .... ROBERT LOVING Intramurals Chairman . CARL GODARD ISA Representative . LYNDON WILLIAMS wi X ? YOUNG OFFICERS President .... EDDIE KEFFER Vice-President and Social Chairman RICHARD LUNEBERG Secretary .... ION ROBERTS Intramurals Chairman . JOHN MCBEE ISA Representative . . ION BLOCKER 292 FIRST ROW, left to right: Edward Blair, Davidl B. Craig, Robert E. Dubos, John O. McBee, Jon L. Blocker, David Blevins, Charles Burkhard, Gary W. Sibley, Michael McDowell, Bob Suloris. SECOND ROW: David R. Miller, Spencer Wong, Bill Watson, Bob McCasland, Roger L. Ryan, Don J. Ham- mond, Leon Haimes, Richard Grassgreen, Eugene Beauchamp, Francis Shafer, Donald Gaddie. THlRD ROW: Richard Lane, Joe H. Crosby, Eddie Keffer, Ronnie Nelson, Charles W. Whitfield, James R. Wilson, Vic Ladd, Jim R. Rubin, Gary Beckerman, Jon Roberts, Jim Dysart. FOURTH ROW: George Smith, Richard Luneberg, Stephen Winder, Larry Farmer, Bill Loch, Ronald Schwadland, Don Carey, Charles Pyle, Luis A. Ayala, Andy N. Stalder. Young house is lively with activity as Charles Burkhard and Gary Sibley get ready to pass the football during a game in the lounge. HOUSE Highlights of the year for the men of Young house were a hayride, the annual Christmas party and mixers with Oliver and Hamill houses. As usual, Young house was very active in intra- mural sports, participating in football and basketball. The team ranked fourth in Cross Center football. Spencer Wong, a student from China, was 1957 intra- mural ping pong champion. Active in campus organizations are Eugene Beau- champ, member of the OU Band: Charlie Burkhard, Cross Center judicial board: Spencer Wong, member of Phi Eta Sigma, freshman honorary scholastic fraternity, and intramural table tennis champ: and jimmy Vllilson, member of the Baptist Student Union. Edward Blair, senior petroleum engineering stu- dent, was Young house counselor this year. .l l l FIRST ROW, left to right: Ted Elam, Counselor, Dale Jannon. SECOND ROW: Jack L. Drake, Bland Pittman, Dudley Patterson, Hugh Jones, Joe Farr, Art Redland, James Parnell, Ronnie Sutherland, Don Boyer, Bill Warner. THlRD ROW: Jerry Tubb, Ed Kern, Owen Hewett, Roger Hughes, Kenneth Early, John F. McCoy, Jake Stockstill, Robert S. Mit- chell, Bob Drake, Joe Eoff, Jimmy Saxon, R. Martin Fry, David Gibbs, Gene L. Weaver. FOURTH ROW: Michel A. Lynch, Bill R. Coffey, John A, Brunk, John Piersiak, Terrence L. Thompson, Roger Chapman, Patrick A. Clingan, Richard B. Bartlett, Daryl Bristow, Kenneth G. Chowins. FIFTH ROW: John Sparks, Luther Tatum, Franklin E. Waldrop, Jan Tupper, Roger Fincher, Artie F. Palk, Phil Porta, Doug Darling, Jack Eddins. ALLEY HOUSE BAKER HOUSE TARTING the 1957-58 school year out with the election of first semester officers, the men in Alley house elected Dale Fannon as president. Assisting Fannon were Artie Palk, vice-president and social chairman, Gene Weaver, secretary, lan Tupper, intramurals chairman, and Buddy Tatum, ISA representative. Alley house men were active in intramurals and for AKER house was active in the major sports this year, with special emphasis on basketball and foot- ball. They were the l957 Cross Center football champs, with only one defeat which occurred in the semi-finals. Art Mihram was elected president for the fall term. Other ofiicers included George McDaniel, vice- presidentg Fred Fredman, secretary, john Strong, intra- the fifth straight year Went to the Cross Center intra- mural football playoffs. Outstanding Alley men include Dale Fannon, vice-president and treasurer of Cross Center Presi- dent's council and member of the Finance club, jan C. Tupper, all-independent and member of the all- star team for three years, and Artie Palk, assistant drum major of the OU Band and member of the Uni- versity Orchestra. murals chairman, and Sam Lembke, ISA representa- tive. Two outstanding members of Baker house include jerry Moffett, a member of Phi Eta Sigma, honorary society for freshmen men, and Sam Lembke, also a member of Phi Eta Sigma and one of the intramural football all-stars. Homer Paul, law school junior, served as coun- selor of Baker house. FIRST ROW, left to right: Markham Connolly, Bob Eddins, John R. Butch Walraven, Larry D, March, Marvin Burge, Kenneth Russell Bob Rozalis, John F. Strong, Homer Paul, Counselor, Art Mihram, Fred Nilson, Norman Clark, Tom Moore, David Smith, Ronnie Reed. FOURTH Fredman, Clee Langley, Thad McLaurin, Danny Wilson. SECOND ROW: ROW: Mike Spradlin, Bill Bridwell, Mossie L. Cappo, Monty Miller Jerry R. Moffett, Will H. Willis, Jr., Joe Fisher, Jack Oxley, Billy Kin- John Roberts, Eddie Frost, Jimmy Jones, Joe Weinberg, Mikel Neumann der, Steve Chazen, Robert Simpson, Tom Graves, Dale Henshaw, Gary Ben Newcomer, Jim Mantooth, Richard Lembcke. Cook, Allen Payne. THIRD ROW: Russell M. Long, Bud H. McDougal, BASS HOUSE FlRST ROW, left to right: Walter Laxscn, Herman Guqig, Bat Shuna tona, Jr., Dave Meacham, Doug Powell, Ed Nelson. SECOND ROW: Frederic Bolton, Jerry Beauchamp, Ed Buchner, Pat Ferry, Jere W Lescher, Creston M. Cutchall, Henry Hawk. THIRD ROW: Gene Steele ASS house members spent a busy year trying to keep up with their scholastic record of 1956-57 when they were the proud winners of the Cross Cen- tcr scholarship award. Besides all the hard work for good grades the men of Bass house took part in the various intramural sports and, of course, the exchange of parties and dances with Quad houses during the year. OYD house had its share of men active in campus organizations this year. Gary Copeland, a member of the band and winner of the band scholarship, Mike Whalen, member of - Bill Hoag, Dean Zervas, Abie Holbert, Walter Coffey, Chris Stamatis, Jerry Jackson. FOURTH ROW: Paul Paulson, Dick Trice, Rod Grimme, Bill West, Richard Goldwyn, Robert Ray, DeArmcnd Wiles. The officers elected for the fall term of 1957-58 included Bob Harris, president, Dave Meacham, vice- president and social chairman, Gene Steele, secretary, and Bill Givens, intramurals chairman. Bat Shunatona, a senior petroleum engineering student from Wewoka, served the Bass house men as counselor during the school year. Boyd housc's more outstanding members. Don Worden, counselor of Boyd house for three consecutive years, helped with the problems that arose for president Harold Davidson and his co-officers, lack Mann, vice-president and social chairman, Wayne WWC judiciary board and Wesley Foundation, Harold Davidson, chairman of WWC Presidentis Council, and member of the University Choir, and Ken Milligan, secretary of WWC President's Council are some of FIRST ROW, left to right: Kenneth Milligan, Don Stout, A. V. Johnson, Wayne Upchurch, Bob Thompson, Charlene Worden, Don R. Worden, Counselor, Harold Davidson, Jack A. Mann, James N. Fancher, Henry Beckett, SECOND ROW: J. R. Reid Don R. Johnson, Roy Zumwalt, Lawrence Ueki, William Surbey, Robert Barr, Richard Henneke, Sam Landers, James Fullerton, Dennis Davison. THIRD ROW: George E. resentatives. McLellan, Kenneth S. Medford, Jr., Larry N. Jeffries, Clifton L. Driskell, Jimmy T. Harmon, Glen R. Westall, Wayne H. Elkins, Ronald W. Jenkins, Charles G. McVey, Bennie D. Racer. FOURTH ROW: Lee M. Holmes, Preston O. Whitson, M. L. Harris, A. Ben Clevenger, J. Robert Trimble, Gary Thrasher, Ralph H. Flagler, Kruse M. Holliday, Howard L. Tollefson, Darrel R. Porter, Gary M. Phillips. gd, ic? nl.: Upchurch, secretary: A. Iohnson, intramural chair- man, and Gene Walker and Clifton Driskell, ISA rep- BOYD HOUSE 294 ll F., 295 l. L ,W .H FIRST ROW, left to right: Rudolph H. Chang-Yit, J. Douglas Howard, Marvin Inman, Dean Truitt, lra Manes, Larry B. Gatlin, Billy Bates, Terry Dunlap, Wade McAlister, Lindsay Hunt, Don Sherwood. SECOND ROW: Robert Swarts, Dan G. Blake, Wayne Theus, Ed Bodenheimer, Les Conner, Don Steely, Al Weeks, Fred Schoenhals, Harold Hoyt, Bill Rockett. THIRD ROW: Donald C. Bernshouse, Don Scott, Gary Bradshaw, David ETTING the school year of 1957-58 off to a good start were the Buchanan house officers Bill Bates, president, Terry K. Dunlap, vice-president and social chairman, Wade McAlister, secretary, Dean Truitt, intramurals chairman, and Ira Manes, ISA representa- tive. Under the guidance of their counselor, Larry B. Catlin, senior from Oklahoma City, the Buchanan house men went all out for intramural sports such as URTON house was a mighty active place during the year of 1957-58. Besides social events they participated in intramural golf, basketball, and loot- ball, in which they finished third in the league. First semester officers were lack De Los Redekar, president, William Winslow, vice-president and social chairman, Iohn Benson, secretary, Thomas Cagle, in- tramurals chairman and Carl Clark, ISA representa- McElroy, Garrell Bottoms, Bill Marty, Bill Jobe, Jon Benedict, Arnold Frisinger, Herb Pitts. FOURTH ROW: William F, Shdeed, Jr., Robert L. Schwartz, Monte M. McClead, Robert McCurdy, Jerry L. Kasparek, Dock Harrell, Bernie Hulme, Joel Carr, Grayodon Laughbaum, Ben Wileman. football and basketball. They entertained high hopes of recapturing their ,57 title as basketball champs. Outstanding members include the president of the Kappa Sigma pledge class, Lindsay Hunt, who is also a member of AROTC advisory council, and Bernie Hulme, vice-president of the Delta Tau Delta Pledge class. From 'far away places' is Tim Chang Yit, a student from Trinidad. Outstanding members of Burton house include lack De Los Redeker, vice-president of the Beta pledge class, secretary of CC President's council and mem- ber of IFC committee, Tim McCook, a member of University Band and Symphony Orchestra, Kenneth Teel, president of Sigma Nu pledge class and a mem- ber of the Homecoming committee, and John Hastie, Alumni scholarship and Lions scholarship. BUCHANAN HOUSE tive. FIRST ROW, left to right: Jerry R. Jaynes, Tim Jack Redeker, Ted Garretson, Counselor, Gordon Lance Woodliff, Darryl Fitzierrell, Gene Johnson. ward E. Kulesar, Tony Loeb, Jon Harle, Freddie Smith, Samir A. Barrai, Wade Lippard, John Engelson, August Malfre- McCook, John Benson, geot, John Bomar. THIRD ROW: Carl W. Clark, Tom G. Whitney, Cagle, Bill Applewhite, Handley B. Shull, Marquis A. Murdock, Jack W. Long, Morton Hawkins, SECOND ROW: Ed- Russell Kelch, Ronald Seidle. FOURTH ROW: S. Foster Yancey, Jr., A. Reynolds, Philip W. Robert W. Watts, Don A. Pierce, Dannie E. Duggan, Bill Morris, Dennis Sharp, Jim B. Patterson, Gerald H. Kursar, John E. Adams, Bob Ruggles. BURTON HOUSE .,... . ,,,,,.,., .,. , 1:22 W awww?- - W . e . . . i r I. .fe t A Q . -if C V, ff! ll T Q1 f in A . f l ,--f 2 :,: . . IR V I N G c 4 N tt: , - ., A , 4 .e - HOUSE gf . . f , "A-, ,, I f x g I I A FIRST ROW, left to right: Max Reno, Wayne Sampson, Alvard Enciso, John Farris, Patrick O'Leary, Kent Patton, Luther Stubblefield, lan Jasper. Carlos Batlle, Denny Durland, Gordy Moore, Jim Kolocotrones. SECOND ROW: Julian Kersey, Richard Cooper, James McFarlane, Jerry Tanen, Antonio Leal, Carlos Rogas, Leo Ferris, Willis Gran, Marvin Chrfstopher- son, Ned Mayer, Bob Stewart, Jim Blue, Counselor. THIRD ROW: Michael Gregory, Carlton Beal, Stanley Hall, Ronald Statts, Darrell Mc- Clure, Stephen Cox, Fred Eakers, Bob Dillard, Ronald Brewer, David Conklin, David Robberson, Michael Guest. FOURTH ROW: Fred Wes- terberg, Samuel McClure, James Nacos, Cliff Schaffer, Walter Harring- ton, Dave Kinney, Jake Hughes, David Weston, Dale Clemons, Alex Kil- bey, Joe Mason, Charles Brown, Louis Monaco. FIFTH ROW: Larry Martin, Larry Lawson, Merron H. Teague, Tom Wamser, David Horst, Eric Emslie, David Kaup, John Skuia, Ronald Rayburn, James Houston. EVERAL students from "alan, made their home at Irving house this year, ranging from Cuba to Westem Australia. They included Carlos Batlle from Santiago Cuba: Carlos Rojas and Antonio Leal lrom Caracas, Venez.g Alvaro Enciso. whose homeland is Bogota. Colombia, and Ian lasper and lohn Skuja, both from Western Australia. lim Kolocotrones headed the list ol first semester officers with the title ol president. Freddie Wcsterberg TARTING the school year ol l957-58 out with the election of First semester officers, the men in Kelly house chose Richard McLaughlin as their president. Other oliicers were: vice-president and social chair- man, Ioe Klingstedtg secretary, Bill Leslie, intramurals chairman, Fred DeWeese, and ISA representative, Sam Mitchell. Residents ol Kelly house were active in intra- servcd as vice-president and Wayne Sampson as sec- retary. The position ol social chairman was filled by loe Di Monico. Max Reno led the intramural activi- ties and also aided Mike Guest as ISA representative. Irving house is by no means dull when it comes to parties. Their Christmas and Valentine parties proved fun lor all, along with regular dances with Quad houses. mural competition with teams participating in both football and basketball. The social calendar at Kelly house was also full of exciting events. Top among these seems to have been their Klub Kelly dance-to which the coeds ol Oliver house were invited. Nelson V. Garner, a junior in aeronautical en- gineering, did the counseling at Kelly house this year. FIRST ROW, left to right: Richard A. McKinne, Freddie DeWeese, Ed- win H. Fitler, Dick McLaughlin, Nelson Garner, Bill Leslie, Joe L. Kling- stedt, W. Samuel Mitchell, Gerald E. Baehler, Ronald R. Scheele. SEC- OND ROW: Allen Terry, Bill Reynolds, John C. Schwartz, Elmer Million, Tom Kingery, John Mee, Larry Derryberry, Richard Allgood, Ronald Nance, Jim Mouser, Bill Newell, Jim Mills, Paul Rupert. THIRD ROW: Danny Hill, John S. Lawrence, Kent Swaim, Clark Andersen, Ken Richter, Jimmy Pliner, Richard C. Streeter, Jr., Gary Easton, Larry Green, Jerry Gaylor, Roy H. Lane, Jim T. Emig. FOURTH ROW: Harrell Kennedy, Orval F. Brannan, Donald Wiesen, Frank Andrews, Alfred E. Newman, Larry Hoskins, Buddy Dobson, Forrest Frueh, Cary Newman, Clark Pool, Bruce M. Rahm, Jim Mehl. KELLY HOUSE 296 M FIRST ROW, left to right: Mahfoux R. Rafidi, Larry Flowers, Robert H. Klamkin, Dale K. Lewis, Roy R. Love, Jerry C. Fields, Joe C. Savage, Don L. Randall, John L. Hall. SECOND ROW: John C. Padgett, Wayne Chesnut, Jack Young, Dennis McMahon, David Pierce, Kenneth L. Chee- ver, Tom Goodall, Don R. Hill, Arthur W. Hall, Thomas E. Seymour, Dean E. Warren, Melvin Rogers, James C. Hoopes. THIRD ROW: Jack E. Kapner, Homer L. Forsythe, Duane Ray, Jerry Armstrong, Peter Coon, Thomas Gormley, Bob Thompson, Larry Crowell, Mike Wolfson, Richard Shulman, Jim Atkins, Ben F. Stegall. FOURTH ROW: Richard North, Don W. Blair, Ernest Love, James A, Weinheimer, Robert Wallace, Carl Hillier, Robert Phillips, James L. Crowson, Norman Stinson, Roy Barsh, Jr., Mike Mahood, Gene lmke, John Mecom. McCAlN HOUSE T was a busy year for McCain house officers, Roy Love, president, Thomas P. Gormley, vice-presidentg David Pierce, secretary, Larry Flowers, social chair- mang Robert Klamkin, intramurals chairman, Richard North, ISA representative, and Ierry Fields, treasurer. Counseling the boys of McCain house this year was Dale K. Lewis, a senior aeronautical engineering student from Stillwell. McCain house was named in memory of Oran OCIAL events ran high at Mills house this year. Considered 'tops' among the different dances and mixers were the Cross Center Christmas party and the Halloween dance. The men of Mills house were spurred on by their counselor Robert Ervi, a senior in physical education, and the house president, Richard Grillith, Ir. The other officers for the fall term were Don Orr, Norris McCain, an OU student, killed during World War ll. Along athletic lines the members of this house entered into all of the intramural sports. They were proud of reaching the semi-finals in football competi- tion. It was also a good year for campus social events at McCain house, including mixers with the girlis dorms. vice-president, Iohn Giller, Ir., social chairmang Leon Langguth, intramurals chairman, and Henry Turner, ISA representative. There are also several men active in campus or- ganizations at Mills house. These include Iohn Giller, outstanding freshman and vice-president of the Sigma Nu pledge class, Allan Saxe and Alan Schwartz, both Student Senators. MILLS HOUSE 297 M FIRST ROW, lett to right: Dave Fleming, Don W. Orr, Richard N. Griffith, Jr., Robert K. Ervi, Counselor, Walter J. Giller, Leon H. Lang- guth, Max Weatherly, Wendel Foushee. SECOND ROW: Mike Moody, Bob Dawling, Lynn Schriner, Anthony R. Lambert, Nicholas Soter, Bob Joyner, Stan Rosenfield, Jon Trudgeon. THIRD ROW: Henry Langston, James Clapp, Robert Kroney, Bob Lhuillier, Jerry Colabelli, Jim Ross, Pete Porritt, Bob Willis. FOURTH ROW: William H. Turner, Phillip A. Clark, William H. Towery, Royce Swaim, Joe Laps, Del Doyle, Charles Durham, Barry Howard. NAIFEH HOUSE FIRST ROW, left to right: Dennis McClure, Robert C. LaMorte, Jim Butterworth, Charles M. Bartlett, Paul Grosse, Arnold Fagin, Counselor, Denver Meacham, John Stevens, Bill Reeburgh, Bob Cady. SECOND ROW: Randy Robins, Clary Lunsford, John Jarrett, Bruce Martin, Chuck Hayden, Rosendo Carbonell, Andy Phillips, Milton H. Berry, William Kingsbury, Royce Freeman, Carl C. Barbour, Jr., Richard Reel. THIRD ROW: Kenneth W. Chaffin, James Thomas Hughes, Pat Hunt, Joe Black- burn, Don Voorhies, Robert Joseph, Jack Adams, Giovanni Olmos, Lexa Acker, James Rushing, Paul Crutchfield. FOURTH ROW: Dale Bode. Kenneth Willy, Jerry Hobbs, John Farr, Douglas McCracken, Clark Mc- Coy, Richard Vance, Anthony T. Edgar, Jack P. Hughes, Thomas H. Murphy, John Draper, Dan N. Pulliam, Terry Connor. AIFEH house residents elected Paul Grosse presi- dent for the fall term. Other officers included Denny Meacham, vice-president and social chairman, Charles Bartlett, secretary, lohn Stevens, intramurals chairman, and Paul Crutchfield, ISA representative. Making people sit up and take notice of Naifeh house are these outstanding students. Randy Robins, Canterbury club, Classics club, UAB committee mem- EQUOYAH house men really proved to be athletic- ally inclined this year as they took third place in heavy weight Wrestling. They Were also runners-up in WWC football competition and worked hard in their games of basketball. Foreign countries represented in Sequoyah were: Venezuela, Lebanon, Austria, Iran, Jordon, and Bo- livia. Officers for the first semester included Charles L. ber, Iunior IFC, Bill Reeburgh, CC ludiciary board, Sooner Scandals committee member, lim Butterworth, junior IFC, Trident Society, Paul Grosse, CC Presi- dentis council, Campus Chest committee, and Clark McCoy, a member of the AFROTC band and the Uni- versity Choir. Dances, picnics, and hayrides highlighted the so- cial calendar at Naifeh house this year. McMurray, president, lack Durrett, vice-president, E. Mark Engleman, secretary and treasurer, Kenneth Sims, intramurals chairman, and loe E. Dunn, ISA representative. Sequoyah members that were outstanding on the campus were Charles L. McMurray, WWC Presidents' council, intramurals chairman for WWC, and a Bap- tist Student Union ofiicer, and E. Mark Engleman, an ofiicer of Westminster foundation. FIRST ROW, left to right: John Hoffman, John Sutlerfield, Jim Mabus, Everett L. Whitney, Thomas O. Parma, Tommy Tucker, Gerald W. Pullin, Charles McMurray. SECOND ROW: Doyle Hardy, Richard Caracio, Bobbie Foote, Gerald G. Eddington, Charles Yarger, Paul Simkowitz, John S. Tice. THIRD ROW: Ed Lusk, Counselor, Joe Gieck, Bill Seibert, Dan Loague, Bing Wines, Dana A. Ewing, Dave Hopkins. FOURTH ROW: Robert P. MacLean, John W. Bell, Errol A. Phillips, Ferrin H. Holcomb, Kenneth Sims, Jr., Robert D. Vinyard, Arthur Free- YTISTI, 3 SEQUOYAH HOUSE 298 1 FIRST ROW, left to right: William E. Greenshields, James L. Adams, Mike McGill, Richard Johnson, Bill Glass, Counselor, Bill Blackburn, Mike Williams, John Wagner, James Jessup, Kent Tucker. SECOND ROW David Merideth, Claude A. Rickets, Joe O. Martin, Allen W. Flenoid, Kent Kidwell, Noel L. Welsh, Jr., Steve Waters, Robert R. Reis, Pat Corbett, Jr., Bill Gamble. THIRD ROW: Joel Schaffer, James ICHARD Iohnson was chosen first semester presi- dent of Smith house by his fellow dormmates. The rest of the officers they elected included Larry Murtha, vice-president and social chairman, Mike Williams, secretary, Bill Blackburn, intramurals chairman, and John Wagner, ISA representative. Counseling the boys of Smith house this year was Bill A. Glass, a senior in petroleum engineering from Okmulgee. RTHUR Gaer presided over Worcester house meet- ings this year. Residents elected Iames R. Durie as vice-president, Tom Y. Rush as secretary and social chairman, Terry W. Hammontree as intramurals chair- man, and Walter P. Neeley as ISA representative. The counselor for Worehester house this year was William K. Reid, a senior in geological engineering. Schutts, John Steffens, Dick Harris, Kent Bogart, Robert L. Haney, Nathaniel H. Duffield, William R. Gurley, David Pitts, Bob Murray. FOURTH ROW: Bob Zimmer, Gary Hestir, Heard Broadrick, John D. Caffey, David A. Lampl, Jay Levine, Ed Glasser, David Jones, Jim Mc- Spadden, Jerry Tobey. FIFTH ROW: Dick Brackeen, Bob Anderson Jerry Van Zante, Larry Murtha, Don Mitchusson. Some of the members that are noted for campus activities are Dick Iohnson, Student Senate committee and member of the AFROTC band, Bob Reis, Sooner Scandals staff and a member of the pep council and Iunior IFC, Mike Williams, the Air Force drill team, and Bill Blackburn, a member of junior IFC judiciary council. who was on the WWC Presidents, council's judiciary board, Wesley Selement, a winner of the Dad's schol- arship, and john Pierson and Duke Finn, both players on the freshman football team. There was only one foreign student living at Worcester house this year. The intriguing stories of another country came from Samir Najd of Abadeih, Lebanon. SMITH HOUSE Active men in the house included Tom Y. Rush, FIRST ROW, left to right: Albert Parsons, Bob Booth, James Taylor, Frank Bryant, James Walraven, Richard Curtis, Thomas Ikeda, Jed Jones, Ron Kosner, James R. Durie. SECOND ROW: Rick Finley, Bruce Van Horn, Jay Clapp, Samir Maid, Curtis Fielder, Bruce L. Evatt, John H. Pierson, Robert L. Wyatt, Paul C. Grantham, Jerry W. Hammontree. THIRD ROW: Charles Hodge, Leo Peck, Everett Wood, Robert Mc- Masters, George L. Horsman, Leon Whitehead, Frank Spooner, Carl Ponca, Gary Nichols. FOURTH ROW: Walter P. Neeley, Tom Y. Rush, David Monroe, Wes Selement, Mark Oliver, Jim Keels, William Kendall, Bill Giles, Pat Reid, Counselor. fn., T 5, woncfsrfn my Housf X Social activities also played a large part in the lives HESTER HALL FIRST ROW, left to right: Joshua White, Lynford Sharp, Don Clifton, Don Pate, Anthony Pennybacker, Gerald Wood, Don Cable, Rex Hughes, Matt Sparkman, Tom Long, Tom Powers, Bill Broaeh, John Rempel. SEC- OND ROW: Robert Maris, Anthony L. Pettiiohn, James Palmer, John Lottinville, Jack Gilmore, Thomas Evans, Kent Pendleton, Ron Mitchell, Dan Coates, Muhammad Kori, Kenneth Kanoff, Richmond Thweatt. THIRD ROW: Jerry Carter, Ernest Hamm, Robert Wriston, Bobby Long, Carl Evans, Clint Cox, Arthur Trevino, Tom Alexander, Kenneth Jones, Ancel Buchanan. FOURTH ROW: Charles Bradley, Charles Patton, Paul Falls, John Gladden, Roger Kleen, David Glenn, John Holtzclaw, Pete Glaser, Robert Bleakley, Walter Henry, Bryan Dunlap, FIFTH ROW: Howard Dyke, Ronnie Hart, Dale Kennedy, Jakie Ecker, Raymond Sanford, Jim Elkouri, Charles Thomas, John Shoemaker, William Leonard, John Crooch, Jr., Jack Querry, Robert King. RESIDENTIAL HALL eading the list of oliicers for Residential Hall this year was Tom Long, president. Assisting him were Charles High, vice-presidentg Rex Hughes, sec- retaryg Mike Phillips, treasurer: Larry Haskins, social chairman, and Roy Adams, Charles Patton, L. E. Moore, DcWayne Carter, and Ron Mitchel, ISA rep- presentativcs. Residential made its usual appearance in the in- tramural sports competition. Their football team won the title of Independent Champions and both their A and B basketball teams took part in a winning streak. Raythel Jones, blind wrestler, was selected the out- standing wrestler in the intramural competition. An- other members of the dorm, Chuck Payne, won second place in the badminton singles. Payne then teamed up with Robert Clark for the doubles, which they won. of the men of Residential this year. A "Water Front" dance opened the fall season and an 89ers Western dance was the main event of the spring. The dorm also participated in the exchange dances with the Quads. Residential men also proved their academic abil- ity by having the second highest grade average among the independent houses. The highlight of the year was the reception given by the members of the dorm for Mrs. Nora Wells. Mrs. Wells has been the hostess of Residential for 28 years and is planning to retire at the end of this school term. Charles Payne, senior law student, Paul Vernon, Sherman P. Carter, and Bill Broach, all history majors, served as counselors for the year. FIRST ROW, left to right: Ted Ragsdale, Dwight Spurlock, Olin Wood Raymond Zimmerman, Gordon Butler, Mike Harding, Bob Middlebrook, John Melton, Mike Phillips, Leslie Howard, Charles Payne, Ted Smith James Houpe, Dansel Hayes, Lee Moore, Joe Ray, Karl West, Jay Lipp man, James Harden. SECOND ROW: Joseph Crunkleton, Hubert Hoehn Robert Clarke, Brian Ausburn, Jerry Williams, Ernest Mach, David Luni feld, Joe Bailey, Ernest Kelly, Don Glover, Bill Mitschrich, Bill Rogers Robert Gardner, Robert Schritter, Pat Painter. THIRD ROW: Charles Nixon, Edward Bradford, Dean Riffe, Jr., Tom Sciance, Robert Griffin, Donald Sveikovsky, William Griffin, Philip Ratliff, Charles Ryland, James Eakin, Don Kane, Jim Bleakley, Harold Wootan. FOURTH ROW: Forrest Colston, Joe Shannon, Roy Adams, Loyal Smith, John Boosa, Charles Orelup, Edmund Root, Russell Floyd, Lewis Johnson, Larry Hawkins, Ronald Hecht, John Reich. ROBERTSON HALL 300 4 l nf wi .- gg gs- 1 . gg mme A' W L 1 . mf -4 - fy, g:feg.,1+,vgif' ifjgil, I. M111 V1 . f wwf II lflw.. ' 3535--sw, ' Ai' ,K p M354 2,3 fm? Y fam W? Q 'Q .sy Q sw K Q L Q kgiggzgx 52 Q " 4592 L , ,, , , A ,ff E Y 1: Y K i 5 Q . A fm. .1 ,JI -. M 4 ,. " M-g,is??2srQigi5i . . 1. 'H 'fi .,,,,s , 5 K H-Us .kg My as . W M YM? isfww' 5 :mai 5: ' " "Z, A- QU 1- ,., .W . ,, Q 55 9, 1 +x,,.fLM-. U 'isvw' mwsvgw H I - snfmfvxw W Sf ,. ' L J, xp? IV yfffwgh, , it QL, ' ,M,l5gS.x4 , ,.,. ,V S11 ' f f Y" ,rw 4 N , X1 Q ww- , J, W, ,yu L: 4 . L, if pi K D, fs W V. wx. iw: - .i'gs. f 1. Wf5f,,.Q , .,, , M M. Aw MFT H. ,AN .., ...--i., IlI5 South College AlPHA CHI OMEGA Building and redecorating activity took place at the Alpha Chi Omega house last spring with the result that 24 more girls can now be accommodated. A new section was added to the house, which includes a spacious patio. The first floor was partially redecorated. the dining room doubled in size, and future plans include remodeling the kitchen. Coming to the OU campus in Iune, 1916, Alpha Chi was founded nationally by seven coeds at DePauw University. The soror- ity colors are scarlet and olive green. Mrs. Bert Meacham has just completed her first year as Psi chapter hostess. Outstanding among Alpha Chi,s members are Lee Ann Kennedy, selected for Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Year- book personality, BWOC and member of Mortar Board, Iane Thomp- son, president of Tassels and Homecoming secretary, Ianice Hann, outstanding freshman woman: and Lynette Lemon, UAB and winner of Lottinville award, The social calendar at the Alpha Chi house was filled with sev- eral date dinners, a brother-son legacy dinner, fall formal, spring for- mal, Christmas party and a Halloween party. The pledges always give a Halloween party for the members, but this year it came as a surprise-at 6:30 in the morning! Second semester officers were Marilyn Dorff, presidentg Martha Pulley, first vice president, Patsy Smith, second vice presidentg Ianice Alden, corresponding secrctaryg Iean Kingery, recording secretary, and Ianice Hann, social chairman. MARGARET MYERS President OFFICERS President . . . lVlARGARET MYERS Ist Vice-President . MARILYN DOREF 2nd Vice-President . . IANE STONE Corresponding Secretary LINDA ROWELL Recording Secretary LEE ANN KENNEDY Social Chairman . IOANNA RUSSELL An open tire and sacks ot marsh- mallows call tor a roast. Alpha Chis enioying the novelty are Mary MacKay and Carolyn Rid- dle, standing: Janice Alden and JoAnna Russell, seated. m 11:ea.r, J ii t House Expansron rs rn Progress FIRST ROW, left to right: Janice Sue Alden, Betty Jane Beard, Mary Louise Bellman, Judith Anne Bright, Sharon Kay Brumley, Olivette Burt, Sharon Butler, Janis Calmes, Judy Carper, Kay Cheatwood, Barbara Joan Clayton, Sandra Gayle Cole. SECOND ROW: Joyce Collins, Nancy Currey, Donna Czeskleba, Marilyn Dorff, Jackie Duncan, Phyllis Ann Eacock, Barbara Efting, Barbara L. Fargo, Patricia Farrar, Anne Foster, Linda Foster, Sally Freel. THIRD ROW: Neoma R, Fulton, Glenna Sue Grubb, Elizabeth Ann Hamilton, Mary Ann Hamilton, Janice Hann, Rita Heston, Janice G. Heye, Carol Jo Hilburn, Marolyn Hill, Jane Hillabolt, Jane Holbird, Judith Ann Hudson, FOURTH ROW: Pat Hudson, Dixie Ingram, Pat Johnson, Mary Ann Kakish, Voncel Kaltwasser, Lee Ann Ken- nedy, Jean Kinqery, Nancy Kirtley, Shirley A. Kramer, Dorothy Jane Lansden, Kay Lee, Lynette Lemon. FIFTH ROW: Sue Lowry, Jeanne McClelland, Patricia Kay McCombs, Betty McGuire, Kay Mannon, Merry Ann Marsh, Bessie Ann Merritt, Joyce Ann Mickella, Phyllis Mills, Marilyn Myers, Ruth Nelson, Martha Newby. SIXTH ROW: Rosalie Vivian Pat- terson, Joanne Phillips, Barbara Jean Ramey, Marilyn Bee Reynolds, Rhetta Reynolds, Carolyn Riddle, Kay Riddle, Sarah Ann Robertson, Linda Sue Rowell, JoAnna Russell, Sondra Sala, Margaret E. Sandlin, SEVENTH ROW: Patricia Schaefer, Anne Louise Smith, Eleanor Smith, Hermalyn A. Smith, Mary Dell Smith, Marilyn Kay Smith, Patsy Sue Smith, Carole Spangler, Lynnae Stewart, Jane Stone, Donna Lee Tainsh. EIGHTH ROW: Annette Taylor, JoAnn Templeman, Jane Thompson, Donna Vandiver, Charlotte Ann White, Elaine White, Sherrill Ann Whitzel, Nancy Lee Wotrinq, Joan Wright, Beverly Yandell, Jean A. Yarborouqh. it '1'- P "fri 3 J VAAZ A 5, l Q 5 wae fzx o1MffveeweiTW1t1fss?s are ra ii i ff. :-- we in 'ie 'W inf- A -' ll'-9 , , its p fi Wt. L5 it bfi, . ,W . V, f , , -gflpm-i,1-,-17 -,.,,g.,? .4 W ' J., ,V , .H me -any .3 "ii ,'as:,a's9N ,. . r - ,f ' g A . 5 ' pr, . ' has -" 5 F1111 mel-ng 4, Mk' if: H Y -, - ..,,, xiimxluzrevaeaimififilw fill, A--A-Q-., .-., , ,, . ,, it --,.. 1 ' -- ' A A ms- i H. ..,-. ..,, .aw 9, , M, k ,hw V we , ,r 1400 South Elm ALPHA DELTA Pl Highlighting the fall activities, the Alpha Delta Pis gave their annual Final Fling, formal party, the last social event on the OU campus before first semester finals commence. Other social events in- cluded a Suppressed Desire costume party, a hayrack ride and the Black Diamond formal, which is a tradition for each chapter of ADPi. One of the highest honors that an OU coed can receive is Out- standing Freshman Woman, won this fall by Molly LeVite. She is also a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, AWS, Panhellenic, YWCA, and President Cross, standing committee. Other ADPis active in campus organizations are Carole Cole, a member of Psi Chi, Panhellenic, UAB and Homecoming committeeg Mary Alice Baker, KUVY, Sigma Delta Epsilon, Pep Council and UAB, and Johnnie Pennington, Intramurals Council, WRA board, UAB and Shadowbox. Alpha Delta Pi Was first organized in May, 1851, at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Ga. Chapters now number 91 with Gamma Zeta chapter coming to OU in 1945. Among the "extra-curricularv activities, ADPi members won first place in sorority intramurals contest in 1957. For their philanthropic projects, the coeds worked at Central State Municipal Hospital, Nor- man, and also gave a scholarship to a foreign student, received this year by Irene Lewkowicz. Work is progressing on the new sorority house, to be located on south Elm. The house is modernistic in design and is scheduled to be completed early next fall. CAROLE ANN COLE President OFFICERS President ..... CAROLE COLE Vice-President . ANN WEINGARTNER Secretary . . . PHYLLIS CHIPMAN Social Chairman , DEANNA BURGER Top inleresl' at the ADPi house is the new house plan for lhe sorority. Ex- amining ihem are Ann Weingarlner, Trudy Alcorn, Barbara Firestone and, seated, Molly LeVile. Hard Work leads to Campus Honors FIRST ROW, leff lo righl: Trudy Alcorn, Judy Allee, Palricia Lynne Aflee, Mary Alice Baker, Cherrill Banning, Nancy Lee Bridges, Deanna Burger, Geraldine F. Chasfain. SECOND ROW: Marlha Nelle Chaslain, Suzane Chasleen, Phyllis Chipman, Carol A. Chrisenberry, Barbara Cooksey, Becky Cooper, Ines Rurh Eber, Shirley Enyarl. THIRD ROW: Barbara Firesione, Beverly Geyman, Jane Gilmore, Rurh E. Hackney, Rilla Joy Harlin, Barbara Harper, Barbara Ann Hawkins, Linda Kay Highlower. FOURTH ROW: Louise Hobbs, Kay Holderby, Jane? Hope, Rose Mary Johnson, Barbara Jones, Molly LeVife, Mary Ann McAninch, Carolyn McClain. FIFTH ROW: Linda McEIwee, Carolyn Montgomery, Rila Newton, Olivia Nixon, Johnnie Penninglon, Donna Lou Rozfocil, JoAnn Rozlocil, Johanna Sue Rozlocil. SIXTH ROW: Peggy Russell, Carolyn Schambra, Virginia Ann Scheefers, Becky Summers, Mildred Wasson, Ann M. Weingarrner, Gail Andrea Wilkins. f f :Q ff 1 f 'iff f . X, .'. " 1 ff P Q 4 wx X . 640 Elm ALPHA EPSll0N PHI Campus activities received full attention from the Alpha Epsilon Phi's this year. The sorority entered an act in the Engineers Show, Sooner Scandals and were runners up in the Campus Chest contest. The sorority enjoyed training its turtle for the annual Phi Delta Theta Homecoming Turtle Race. Their reptile surged forward to win the fraternity's trophy. Outstanding active members are Carol Wittels, chairman of Greek Week, Panhellenic chairman in Oklahoma City, member of Alpha Lambda Delta, and Campus Chest carnival publicity chair- man, Vanda Cohen, a member of Mu Phi Epsilong Fran Wolf, Stu- dent Senateg Vicki Fenberg, vice president of Young Democrats, and Ioan Glass, secretary of the Hillel Foundation. Epsilon Gamma chapter of Alpha Epsilon Phi was founded on the OU campus in September, 1955, and is one of 42 chapters in the United States. The AEPhi colors are green and white. Mrs. Helen Hugill was the hostess at the AEPhi house this year. Members of AEPhi enjoyed a full social season. Among the yearls highlights were the traditional pledge party, a Night Club party and their annual spring formal. It has been a busy year for the members as they are redecorating and getting accustomed to living in their new house located at 640 Elm, just across from the university campus. fm. BETH GLADSTEIN President OFFICERS President .... BETH GLADSTEIN Vice-President . . CAROL WITTELS Corresponding Secretary IANICE SELIGSON Recording Secretary BEVERLY LEVAND Social Chairman . . GLORIA PEPPER fab -get A bird's eye View from the AEPhi PM balcony is being enioyed by Janice M rr Seliqson, Judy Lapin, Joan Glass, Judy Kranfs and Harriet Goldberg, while they wave to friends. 5.99 ' 'Gaye' ' f A ,M v Y .vfne V vv -W Pet Wins Annual lurtle Contest FIRST ROW, lefl lo righf: Rochelle Bachrach, Mary Frances Berkey, Linda Brand, Susan Brickman, RoAMyrna Bronslein, Vanda Cohen, Frances David- son, Adrenne Enqleberg, SECOND ROW: Vicki Fenberg, Susan Fine, Rhona Finkelsfein, Joan Frank, Debra Glass, Joan Glass, Harrie? Gold- berg, Madeline Goldberg, THIRD ROW: Rosalind Gollz, Ida Kafz, Linda Claire Kalz, Judy Kranlz, Judy Sue Lapin, Beverly Levand, Thelma Levin- son, Doris Lee Miller, FOURTH ROW: Larri Rae Minsky, Joan Olsh- wanqer, Gloria Lynn Pepper, Nan Carol Rapfogel, Gloria Rashti, Rita Sue Robins, Marsha Segall. FIFTH ROW: Janice Seligson, Sharon Joann Shannin, Judye Singer, Glenda Sraqo, Fran Wolf, Andrea Belh Waldman, Carol Ellen Willels. rN i 930 Chautauqua ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Campus leaders are not lacking in the Alpha Gamma Delta house. Founded on the OU campus in l9l9, Upsilon chapter has members in all phases of university activities and organizations. Carol lean Robinson is campus and news editor of the Oklahoma Daily, named outstanding sophomore woman in journalism, a mem- ber of Tassels and Theta Sigma Phi. Graee Ann McCormick served as Tassels treasurer. Pi Omega president, and a member of Chi Up- silon and Pick and Hammer club. Marilyn Richardson is vice presi- dent of Tassels, a member ol Pi Omega. COR, Homecoming commit- tee. French club and winner of the l.aVerne Noyes Scholarship. Other active members include Mary Beth Donnell, secretary of Sooner Scandalsg Mahala Larason, president ol Oikonomiag Gayle McDonald, chairman of l957 Campus Chest, and Nancy Holland, president of Mu Phi Epsilon, In the social whirl, the Alpha Gams entertained with a Now or Never week dinner-dance, winter and spring lormals. brother-son banquet and their unique Monte Carlo costume party, held early in the spring. A highlight of campus events is the Alpha Gam spring dessert. The social function is given in honor of the hostesses, faculty, presi- dents and social chairmen of all the university sororites and frater- nities. Mrs. Dorothy Hankla has been hostess and "mother" to the Alpha Gams for the last seven years. She is much beloved by the sorority members and alumnae. GAYLE McDONALD President OFFICERS President . . . GAYLE MCDONALD Vice-President . . lViAHAI.A LARASON Secretary . . . lVlARGARii'1' W1iI'1'E Social Chairman MARY BETH DONN1iI.L All the animal kingdom was there- ""x., .iv x at the stuffed animal birthday party in the Alpha Gam house. Humans present' are Wanda Krivanek, Tish Kelley, Dee Ann Elliott, and Anita Dyer. Spring Dessert ls Campus Event FIRST ROW, lefl lo righl: Gloria Jean Allen, Glenda Boundy, Carolyn Sue Bowman, Judi Burrus, Margarel Burum, Carole R. Calmes, Alice C, Childs, Eleanor Elizabelh Cline, Shirley Anne Cline, Ann Copeland, Pafsy Creel. SECOND ROW: Carol Culver, Deanna Dean, Mary Belh Donnell, Beverly Drilling, Anifa Dyer, Mary L. Edmislon, DeeAnn Elliolf, Joan Evans Emerson, Judy Erwin, Befh Gambill, Carole Gandy. THIRD ROW: Har- riell' M, Gannaway, Marsha Gardner, Jacki Marie Gaumer, Janice R. Gibson, Kay Gilmore, Margaret Ann Gober, Shirley Carol Goddard, Rae Ann Grimes, Fran A. Hargrove, Kalhleen Hawkins, Rosemary Henry. FOURTH ROW: Elizabelh Jean Hiqginbolham, Judy Alice Hodson, Pal C, Horfon, Sammy Jabara, Barbara Kelley, Palricia Kelley, Eve Kimbrell, Wanda Krivanek, Mahala Larason, Virginia Lee, Jean Ann Lemler. FIFTH ROW: Charlene Lewsaw, Oleka Ann Lillle, Naomi Jean Lochenour, Linda Anne Lowsley, Mary Chrisline McClure, Jacquie McCollum, Grace Ann McCormick, Sue McWorkman, Palricia J. Marquardl, Alice Maxson, Helen Marguerife Meinerf. SIXTH ROW: Kay Wren Merrill, Befsy Miller, Nancy Alice Moore, Doris Mounfs, Donna Kay Mullins, Mary Jo Newman, Sandy Nobles, Luanne A. Perryman, Mary Anne Pierce, Erlene Poslon. SEVENTH ROW: Helen Marie Polls, Mary Jo Rappolee, Carolyn Richardson, Marilyn Rulh Richardson, Carolyn Ann Riser, Carol Jean Robinson, Loris Spicer, Freda Sfanislav, Elizabelh Sunbarqer, Johnna Carol Thompson. EIGHTH ROW: LuAnn Tupper, Carole Lee Uelz, Myra Vedder, Linda Vescelius, Sharon Wade, Belly L. Walkins, Kalhy Wendel, Susan Wesner, Margarel' While, Norma Williams, Emory and College ALPHA PHI A new 60-girl house will soon be completed for the Alpha Phis. The house will be located at Emory and College and plans call for a guest room, study hall, a lounge and a laundry on each floor. Alpha Phi members are looking forward to next fall when they will be able to move into their new modified colonial home. A Many campus leaders may be found in Alpha Phi: Ianis Hervey, a member of Student Senate, Panhellenic, Oikonomia, Shadow Box, Eta Epsilon and Mademoiselle College Boardg lean Rahhal, a mem- ber of Alpha Lambda Delta, Tassels, Theta Sigma Phi, Career Con- ference and Public Relations societyg Marilyn Cole, Wesley Founda- tion, Kappa Phi and University choral club, and Mary Ann Norfleet, Panhellenic, Future Teachers of America, and finalist for PiKA dream girl. On the social side, Alpha Phis entertained with a fall party, Christmas dance, Valentine costume party, bride,s dinner and the an- nual spring formal. On October 10, 1872, Alpha Phi had its founding at Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y., as the third women's Greek letter frater- nity. Now numbering 58 chapters, Phi chapter was begun at OU in 1917. Studies also play an important role at the Alpha Phi house. Members are proud of their Panhellenic scholarship improvement award which was won last fall. The chapter is working hard to win the award again this year. MARY ANN NORFLEET President OFFICERS President . . MARY ANN NORFLEET Ist Vice-President . CAROLYN MUIR 2nd Vice-President . LOUISE MCRAE Recording Secretary MARY FRANCES REYNOLDS Corresponding Secretary IANIS HERVEY Social Chairman . SARA LEE RINEY "-:V lights on their Alpha Phi emblem fleet, Peggy Harrison, Sara Lee Riney and Mary Ann Norfleef change the Future House Nears Completion FIRST ROW, lefl 'fo righr: Judilh E. Allen, Anne Boolh, Belly Jo Braden, Theresa Brown, Nancy Eurneff, Marilyn Cole, Mary Ann Crabb, Linda Crosby, Sharon Lee Dicken, SECOND ROW: Mariellen Duckworlh, Diane Dunlap, Jo Aurelia Faulkner, Roberla Fender, Ann Marie Fischer, Diane Grallon, Anne Marie Groves, Holly Dale Harris, Peggy Ann Harrison. THIRD ROW: Sarah Elizabelh Harrison, Janis Marilyn Hervey, Barbara Lou Huddleslon, Gloria Hughens, Pa? Ann Hughes, Ann LeFIore, Halene Lipe, Kay Lockwood, Virginia Luton. FOURTH ROW: Louise McRae, Marie Louise Marice, Mary Sue Marlin, Jule Minnell, Carolyn L. Muir, Julie Ann Norfleel, Peggy Olson, Carol Puckell, Jean Rahhal, FIFTH ROW: Mary Helen Rahhal, Mary Frances Reynolds, Kalhleen Riley, Sara Lee Riney, Delores Rosenberg, Judiih Sherman, Barbara Anne Smilh, Linda Sue Smith. SIXTH ROW: Pal Smiih, Diana Thomas, Virginia Ann Tib- bills, Kay Wainwrighl, Melanee Ann Way, Jacqueline Lee Wesl, Karen Weslerdahl, Marlh Ann Williams. ..,,,v ,,,, ., ,.-,,,,, 820 Chautauqua CHI OMEGA Chi Omega members rated high this year in campus activities and beauty contests. Sorority coeds won the titles of Pharmacy Queen, Pershing RiHes Queen and Homecoming Queen finalist. To prove they were not lacking academically, the chapter was in second place for the sorority scholarship trophy last spring. Members busy with campus organization were Sunya Sanger, WRA president, AWS, Tassels, and Alpha Lambda Delta, Shirley Ann Dodson, Theta Sigma Phi president, Tassels, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, UAC, news editor of Oklahoma Daily, BWOC, and Whois Who, Lida Sue Neal, Alpha Lambda Delta president, Shadowbox, Tassels, UAB, Outstanding Freshman and Sophomore awards, Elaine George, Mortar Board, Mu Phi Epsilon president, Tas- sels, BWOC, and Whois Who, and Cecille Hooven-Roberts, Yearbook beauty, Army Group Commander beauty, and Engineer's Queen. Epsilon Alpha chapter of Chi Omega was established on the OU campus in 1918 and is now one of l20 chapters wearing the colors cardinal and straw. Second semester officers included Sunya Sanger as president, Sally Anderson, vice presidentg Ann RatcliHe, secretary, and Margaret Lot acting as social chairman. The hostess at the Chi Omega house has been Mrs. Carol Widener for the past six years. Favorite parties at the Chi O house this year were the fall formal, an informal Now or Never Week party, the annual Ski party, where the members and dates wear appropriate snow outfits complete with skis and poles, the Christmas party for underprivileged children, and their spring formal. JENNIE ROBERTS President OFFICERS President .... IENNIE ROBERTS Vice-President SHIRLEY ANN DODSON Secretary .... SUNYA SANGER Social Chairman KAREN BLUMHAGEN Down comes "Blue Boy" as the Chi O's rearrange their living room. Work- ing areg left, Cecille Hooven-Roberts, Carolyn Ard, Martha Wallaceg right, Carolyn Cummings, Eleanor Thompson and Dee Ann Dudenhoeffer. Campus Activities Are Spotlighted FIRST ROW, leff fo riqhl: Alice Jo Ackley, Carolyn Ard, Sally Jo Ander- son, JoAnn Baker, Sue Barron, Alice Baylor, Margarel' Becker, Carolyn Belisle, Donna Kaye Benneli, Sally Bewley, Karen Blumhagen, Ellen Boolh. Barbara Boren, Brenda Bolfoms, Mary Jane Breashears, Lynda Brown, Ann Buck, Belfy Buford, Sally Burns, Carolyn Carnes, Edilh Lee Coals, Billie Kay Cochran, Mary Jane Cole, Ann Cowan. THlRD ROW: Anna Lou Craig, Gail Crowder, Carolyn Cummings, Noelene Dalin, Palricia Ann Daugherry, Rurh Ann Davidson, Gloria Davis, Johnna Davis, Pal Dennis, Marqarer Depuly, Shirley Ann Dodson, Paf Dougherty, FOURTH ROW: Peqi Lee Dromgold, DeAnn Dudenhoeffer, Linda Elslner, Charlofle Esler, Marion J. Esler, Monfella Fanl, Kay Frossard, Sarah Frosl, Mary Fulron, Elaine George, Lynne Glass, Merrell Ann Haddan. FlFTH ROW: Sally Hamplon, Nancy Hardy, Barbara Hencke, Barbara A. Hollis, Lynda Holman, Cecille Hooven-Roberls, Marsha Ann Houck, Par Hunnicull, Millie lmel, Mary Ann Jeffrey, Judifh Johns, Mary Alice Johnson. SIXTH ROW: Sherli Joyce Johnslon, Carol Lynn Jones, Connie Lynn Jones, Carolyn Ann Kifchen, Nancy Ann Klass, Helen Rae Kline, Mary Lou Lange, Margarel' Ann Lori, Lynda Lee Lowrey, Kara Lee Luman, Sally McClel- land, Kalhryn McCrary. SEVENTH ROW: Sami Kay Muller, Sue Murrah, Jane? Sue Mussen, Lida Sue Nell, Nancy Newblock, Pally Ruth Osborne, La Vena Park, Sue Paschall, Germaine Pelly, Donna Sue Fhillis, Sandra Piflman, Ann Rafcliffe. EIGHTH ROW: Charlolre Ann Ream, Sondra Reddoch, Zoe Jane Rodgers, Mary Ann Roring, Sunya Sue Sanqer, Ann Saunders, Marqarei Searle, Julie Jean Shugarl, Susan Shuplrine, Susan Simons, Susan Sparks, Nancy Sue Slaqg. NINTH ROW: Sue Dawn Slein, Judy Swartz, Judy Tafr, Eleanor Thomson, Elaine Upfon, Sara Margarel Wagner, Marlha Wallace, Rufh G. Waller, Nancy Ann Ward, Mary Belh Webb, Suzanne Whilley, Par Wi,lams, lvlalfie Sue Winlers. lbll South College DELTA DELTA DELTA Combining their talents, members of Delta Delta Delta won first place honors for their booth in the Campus Chest Carnival, placed second in sorority Homecoming house decorations and the Tri-Delt president, Patty Garber, was selected as a Homecoming attendant. Last years' honors for the sorority included winning first place for their act in Sooner Scandals and in the Mother's Day Sing. They also came out third in the sorority intramural competition. Social events for the year included the Tri-Delt Turkey Trot at Thanksgiving, a Christmas Tree decorating party, their Cell-Block 7 dance, a Pansy breakfast in the spring honoring all senior women, and the Fiance dinner. Members who were outstanding for their campus participation were Gwynne Massengale, BWOC, Mortar Board and Whois Whog Linda Tolley, AWS, YWCA, and Alpha Lambda Deltag Sydney Grant, BWOC, UAC, and a member of Homecoming and Sooner Scandals committeesg Iohnece Houghlin, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Eta Ep- silong Mary Stuart Iohnstone, president of the intramural councilg Ed- Wina Hunter, BWOC, and University Band, and Barbara Cheatham, UAC, Tassels, Sooner Scandals and COR. Theta Gamma, the OU chapter of Tri-Delt, was established in 1910 and is one of 102 chapters Whose colors are silver, gold and blue. The Tri-Delts are proud to have Mona Skiold, a foreign student from Stockholm, Sweden, living at their house. The girls enjoyed hearing her country's customs and teaching her those of this country. PATTY ANN GARBER President OFFICERS President .... PATTY GARBER Vice-President . PAULA RUTH NELSON Secretary .... CAROLINE WEIST Social Chairman . . MILDRED RICE E To each her own! The activity in this Tri-Del? room is widely varied. Congregafed are Elinor Unruh, Gina Kane, Sara Gawin, Joan Widman and Dorothy Jane Divall. Sorority Participation ls High FIRST ROW, left to right: Ann Akard, Loretta Barnes, Nancy Bartleson, Barbara Jeanne Bassett, Barbara Ann Bennett, Barbara Benson, Gayna Billue, Sistie Black, Jill Ann Blackburn, Virginia Cathryn Bonnewell, Joan Elizabeth Boxley, Luanne Bradley, Mariorie Buchner, SECOND ROW: Mary Sue Burleson, Dorothy Cathey, Judy Ellen Cathey, Jane Cato, Barbara Cheatham, Elizabeth Jane Clark, Marilyn Ann Coffey, Dorla Rae Coley, Carol Lynn Conley, Linda Lou Cook, Gail Ann Cooley, Andrea Coston, Virginia Dakin. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Divall, Stetfeny Dubie, Lou Ann Dudley, Alice Evans, Wilma Ellen Felkner, Jane Fellingham, Emily Anne Ferris, Sally Files, Janey Franklin, Barbara Fuller, Sara Garvin, Barbara Ann Gildersleeve, Virginia Lee Gill. FOURTH ROW: Charline Glascock, Patty Goldston, Judith Ann Gramolini, Sydney Ruth Grant, Elaine Griffin, Jo Lynn Guffey, Jean Elizabeth Haley, Peggy Marian Hancock, Sarah Haugen, Sara Beth Hawk, Judy Hesler, Johece Houghlin, Lynn Houghlin, FIFTH ROW: Jannie Houser, Sara Howell, Edwina Hunter, Marilyn lrizarry, Mary-Stuart Johnstone, Linda Jan Jolly, Virginia Kane, Mary Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, Jane Annette Klockman, Sharon Kniseley, Virginia Sue Lafferty, Shirley Ann Lancaster, Carrie Lou Langston, SlXTH ROW: Patsy Jane Lawrence, Marianne Leatherock, Barbara Jean Leonard, Ann McCarthy, Judy Lu McClung, Nancy Dell McMillan, Jackie Sue Manley, Terri Mann, Betty Rae Mapes, Judy Martin Gwynne Massengale, Ann Mathies, Joan Marie Matlock. SEVENTH ROW: Linda Ann Means, Helen Merritt, Barbara Ann Miles, Jane Montgomery, Jessie Montgomery, Ginny Moran, Mariane Morton, Hayden Mugler, Sherry Anne Neill, Margaret Neilson, Paula Ruth Nelson, Maryann Peterson, Gerta Sue Prendergast, EIGHTH ROW: Mildred Rice, Judy Sears, Marilynn Selders, Ann Shelby, Judy Shelby, Junia Marie Sheldon, Janet Shryock, Sharmion Simpson, Mona Skiold, Brenda Lu Smith, Mary Anne Stein, Nettie Elizabeth Stengel, Cvnthia Straight, NINTH ROW: Sonia Sue Sullivan, Glenda Temple, Kay Thompson, Lois Elizabeth Thompson, Elinor Sue Unruh, Sara Jane Wafer, Margaret Ward, Joan Widrrran, Caroline Wiest, Betty Wiley, Judi Wynn, Carolyn Zoeller, .,..w- --A 'Mir' ' ' K f w""" ' .. ' 744 Elm DELTA GAMMA Decorating the Delta Gamma front yard this November was a big red engine, complete with tracks and cars. The display captured first place in the sorority Homecoming decoration contest. The fat little Indian riding on a Hat car carried out their theme "Injuns to En- gines", in celebration of the state's semi-centenial. Several members of DG took campus and national beauty honors. Nancy Denner was second runner-up in the Miss America contest. Ioyce Foster was chosen Delta Upsilon Feudal Princess, Mary Ellen Miller, PiKA Dream Girl, and Norma Pritchard was a finalist for ROTC Cadet Colonel. Annual social activities at the DG house included a Pinafore party, Cell Block party, winter formal and a Christmas party for chil- dren at Little Ax school. Outstanding members of DG are Margaret Losey, AWS president, Dads, Day chairman, Mortar Board, Who's Who, UAB and the Dads' Day award for the outstanding senior woman, Mary Layne Perry, chairman of Homecoming and Career Conference, Student Senate secretary, Tassels and UAB, Carolyn Graunke , BWOC, Mortar Board, AWS, Kappa Delta Pi and Career Conference, and Carolyn Williams, president of Kappa Phi, member of Phi Beta Kappa, Tassels and Alpha Lambda Delta. Delta Gamma founded Alpha Iota chapter on the OU campus in 1918. There are now 85 national chapters of the sorority. Mrs. Wood Hale has just completed her first year as DG hostess. MARGARET LOSEY President OFFICERS President .... MARGARET LosEY Ist Vice-President DOROTHY HACKLEMAN 2nd Vice-President . PAT WooDsoN Recording Secretary . BETTY STRINGER Corresponding Secretary CAROLYN WILLIAMS f""'4 Checking through their Delta Gamma Broome, Susan Hoover, Mrs. Wood Hale hostess Pai' Woods n and Bar- Red Engine Wins Homecoming Prize FIRST ROW, lefr 'lo righf: Paula Dolores Allen, Sally Jo Alslon, Joyce Applelon, Nancy Baer, Ann Barrows, Marilyn Kay Belford, Beverly Beni- diclr, Nancy Benner, Sally Berry, Sarah Bishop, Frances Marion Bohan, Jo Lou Boharl. SECOND ROW: Shirley Ann Broome, Carol Ann Brown, Nancy Ann Brown, Sharon Brown, Marilyn Burns, Carolyn Ann Burton, Janel' Cabe, Yolanda Calame, Carolyn Carllon, Pal' Carroll, Nancy Jeanne Childress, Sally Elizabelh Collier. THIRD ROW: Judy Confer, Carolyn Kay Corn, Callrerine Crouch, Marsden Cunningham, Judy Davis, Nancy Denner, Nancy Jane Denlon, Julia Gaye Dorr, Jackie Lee Douglas, Marlha Nell Duca, Rulh Ann Duffield, Deborah Durham. FOURTH ROW: Mary Carolyn Eads, Sara Lou Easlwood, Marlha V. Echarl, Melissa Kalherine Eppard, Carole Flelcher, Susan Ford, Joyce Louise Fosler, Marlha Fred- erick, Rufh Frifz, Myralin Gallaspy, Sally Ann Ghormley, Sally Jane Good- man. FIFTH ROW: Carolyn Jean Graunke, Margarel Ann Hahn, Marlynn Hamillon, Karen Jean Hendrix, Carol Hoooinqarner, Susan Hoover, Nancy Gail Howard, Charla Hull, Gayle Huxlable, Kaye Johns, Carol Jo Ken- nedy, Kay Sue Kinkaid. SIXTH ROW: Mary Ann Kinkaid, Mariann Kroupis, SoReIle Land, Alice Lay, Nancy Beth Livergood, Sandy Love. Par Lowery, Ann Sharon McPherson, Jean Malcolm, Mary Elizabelh Mann, Jo Carol Marlyn, Sandra June Mason. SEVENTH ROW: Barbara Mock, Rila Morgan, Kay Louise Neuffer, Heidi Elizabeih Ochsner, Chrisliane OIiphanl', Thelma Olivo, Darlene Ann Owens, Sylvia Marie Paschall, Barbara Fallon, Mary Layne Perry, Sandra Pickens, Lesley Ann Pilney, Nancy Lee Pool, EIGHTH ROW: Belly Poor, Norman Jean Pritchard, Norma Oualls, Nancy Sue Reavis, Caroline Ridlinq, Vicki Lynn Rowe, Elydrelh Russo, Amenda Sewell, Joyce Sharbrough, Judy Lee Sherer, Leia Kay Smilh, Joy Slarry, Chlorica Slephens. NINTH ROW: Gayle Marie Sioll, Berry Slringer, Travis Thompson, Karlyn Tolleson, Marcia VanSandf, Jo Anne Waller, Lydia Waner, Belly Ann Warren, Kay Wells, Carolyn Ann Williams, Nancy Jane Winfrey, Michel Winlersmilh, Pal Woodson. Y- - - II05 South College GAMMA PHI BETA Annually Kappa Sigma fraternity presents a trophy to the soror- ity which is tops in activities, scholarship, campus participation and intramurals. The award is presented each spring and Gamma Phi Beta sorority is the proud winner of the 1957 trophy. Included in their list of outstanding members are Ioyce Kirchner, a Yearbook beauty and member of Mortar Board, UAB, and selected as BWOC and a Campus Personality, Carol Grinstead, Tassels, UAB, Omicron Nu, COR, Oikonomia and BWOC, Kay Bradley, Student Senate, UAB. Frontiers Day and candidate for Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. Another Gamma Phi beauty, Annette Marsh has served as Hon- orary ROTC Lt. Colonel. Betty Crump is a member of Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Tassels, UAB and Lambda Tau. Carrying out the social phase of college life, Gamma Phi mem- bers and dates enjoyed an Indian Christmas party and a Candy Cane Christmas formal, ranch party, and the traditional Pink Carnation formal in the spring. One of the campus events of the fall is the famed Glass Slipper Classic, a football game between the Pi Beta Phis and the Gamma Phi Betas. The game is played in Owen stadium and all proceeds go to the Cerebral Palsy Institute, Norman. Psi chapter of Gamma Phi Beta was established on the univer- sity campus in September of 1918. The sorority was founded nation- a11y in 1874 at Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y. Mrs. R. M. Dan- nenberg has served as Gamma Phi hostess for the past two years. CAROL JANE GRINSTEAD President OFFICERS President . . . CAROL GRINSTEAD Vice-President . DOROTHY HOLMES Secretary . . . MARY WINCHELL Social Chairman . MARILYN JAMES if Mother away-from-home, Mrs. R. N. Dannenberg, Gamma Phi Beta hostess, discusses problems and interests with Patsy Ferguson, Phyllis Thompson, Carol Grinstead and Annette Marsh. -1 Chapter Wins lop Sorority Irophy FIRST ROW, lefl lo righl: Anona Adair, Terry Ashley, Carol Marie Baker, Marolyn Ann Barrell, Jan Barfh, Calhy Bearden, Suzanne Berry, Ann Irene Billingsley, Novie Lee Billman, Kay Ardilh Blake, Kay Bradley. SECOND ROW: Suzanne Brock, Margarel Bucy, Belly Buser, Marlha Ann Chesnul, Gayle Chrislensen, Ann Carolyn Clark, Jerelyn W. Claxlon, Sue Cloud, Jean Conliff, Palsy Joan Cooper, Belly Sue Crump. THIRD ROW: Jean Doulhil, Ann Duckworlh, Clarece Dyer, Connie Enders, Jeanne Fay Engle- berl, Pally Farmer, Bobby Marie Ferguson, Sharon Fleelwood, Julia Ford, Jane Ford, Barbara Frazier. FOURTH ROW: Cecile Gray, Carole Anne Green, Sally Lou Hackler, Rosemary Henderson, Dorolhy Holmes, Nancy Jane Hundley, Harriel Ann Jacobs, Marilyn Rulh James, Judith Ann Jan- zen, Judilh Jenninqs, Julia Ann Johnson. FIFTH ROW: Sherril Kaufman, Alberl' Anna Kelley, Joyce Lea Kirchner, Glenda Ann Knighl, Charlolfe Laux, Charlolle Lovelace, Diane McCall, Clara McCord, Suzan McDaniel, Kay Cheryl McKee, Margarel Ann NlcMahan. SIXTH ROW: Pallye Maloney, Anneffe Marsh, Pallie Jane Meadows, Dee Miles, Carolyn Avis Miller, Palricia Ann Morrison, Penny Nowery, Alice Allyne Parham, Ann Pallerson, Jo Ann Pallerson, Mary Pallerson. SEVENTH ROW: Leah Susanne Pearce, Virginia Phillips, Maxine Pinkerlon, Jill Ann Pilman, Liz Prince, Linda Sue Raibourn, Belly Richie, Margaret Elizabelh Roberls, Ramona Roberlson, Lamyra Robinson, Mary Ann Shebesler, Sharon Kay Shipman. EIGHTH ROW: Sandra Skillern, Suzanne Smilh, Gene Nora Slumbough, Billie Suggs, Sydney Sue Sullivanl, Peggy Jean Taylor, Mary- belh Thomlinson, Carole Sue Thompson, Jackie Thompson, Phyllis Thomp- son, Jerry Sue Tolleson, Phyllis Annelfe Warren. NINTH ROW: Donna Sue Whilaker, Caroline Williams, Marlha Williams, Sally Mary Williams, Carol Ann Williamson, Mary Winchell, Sandra Wing, Lynnda Lee Wolford, Carolyn Womack,' Anila Louise Wonn, Virginia Ann Wood, Joyce Yandell. 7 13 5 ,sf . ,fa l 845 Chautauqua KAPPA ALPHA THETA Philanthropic projects were high on the Kappa Alpha Theta agenda this year. The sorority adopted a French orphan, Monique Peel, to whom the girls correspond and send support. At Christmas time members gave a party, complete with gifts and entertainment, for underprivileged children in the Norman area. Also carrying out this theme, Thetas collected clothing which was sent to the Institute of Logopedics in Wichita, Kansas. Theta pledges proved their academic ability by winning the sorority pledge class scholarship award last spring. The sorority won the Dads' Day attendance trophy with 37 percent of the dads present for the campus-wide celebration. Social events at the Theta house this year included their annual Cell Block Seven house party, the Snowball formal, and the spring dinner-dance. Theta members who have been active on the campus include Sally Caldwell, UAB, Mortar Board, Tassels sponsor, Mu Phi Epsilon, Pi Zeta Kappa, and Who's Who, Pat Conner, president of Mortar Board, Student Senate. FTA, and Kappa Delta Pi, and Patty Ball. Publications Board, Homecoming, Ducks Club, Tassels, UAB, Sigma Delta Pi, and Sooner Yearbook staff. Alpha Omieron chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta was founded on the OU campus in l909 with 82 chapters now wearing the black and gold. The hostess, Mrs. Aline Asher, has been with the sorority for a year and a half. Second semester officers were Pattie Gumerson, president, Io Lynn Ansley, vice president, Gail Lewis, secretary, and Karen Crain, social chairman. SALLY SUE CALDWELL President OFFICERS President .... SALLY CALDWELL Vice-President . . . IEAN HORN Secretary .... PENNY SOWERS Social Chairman . . SUZY SIMPSON Margaret Howell discovers that she isn'+ alone with her phone conversa- tion. Theta evesdroppers are Sandy Cooper, Linda Loveall, Donna Sauls- berry and Ann Standeven. Sorority "Adopts" French Orphan FIRST ROW, lefl io righf: Sandra Anderson, Mary Angus, Jo Lynn Ansley, Palricia Jean Ball, Marlha Bass, Palricia Ann Bell, Juvala Black, Cafherine Bond, Beverly Bonham, Glenda Rulh Braiihwaif, Judy Brennan, Lynda Kay Bynum. SECOND ROW: Rachel Cameron, Cynlhia Chapman, Carolyn Elizabelh Cole, Patricia Ann Conner, Sharon Connolly, Sandra Ann Cooper, Mary Alice Cowen, Karen Crain, Befsy Cullen, Carol Ann Damon, Lina Darrough, Dorolhy Ruih Davis. THIRD ROW: Lynn Douglas, Sue Durkee, Suzy Eaqlelon, Biisy Edgerion, Merilyn Kay Eldridge, Marlene Evans, Janis Felkel, Ann Ford, Martha Gallaher, Rhoda Grady, Palli Gumerson, Lucile Virginia Gunler. FOURTH ROW: Marilyn Harris, Lindy Hill, Marian Palricia Hill, Phyllis Holmes, Nancy Holfzendorfi, Nancy Lynn Hood, Joyce Hoolen, Diane Horn, Linda Howard, Margaret Howell, Mary Huffman, Sarah Jones, FIFTH ROW: Laura Linda Kennedy, Carol Lynn Kilchen, Jill Ann Kreager, Cynlhia Marie LeHew, Mary Ann Schwall, Louise Leney, Gail Lewis, Sally Ann Lively, Healher Neill Llewellyn, Linda Lee Loveall, Belly McCormick, Linda Lee McPike. SIXTH ROW: Mary Ann Maihias, Sue Mallack, Carolyn Miller, Mary Ann Miller, Lillian Morgan, Ann Nagel, Nancy Norville, Belly Oliphanl, Karon Chrisline Olson, Mary Overlees, Virginia Drew Priddy, Rosemary Ralls. SEVENTH ROW: Karen Ann Ray, Donna Saulsberry, Sonia Myree Seibroldi, Sudy A. Shugarl, Suzanne Simpson, Jamie Marqarel Singleiary, Penny Anne Sowers, Mary Margarel' Sparks, Jane Slevens, Paula Siilh, Kalherine Ann Sfover, Suzanne Swan, EIGHTH ROW: Maredilh Thomas, Mary Ann Thompson, Barbara Anne Underwood, Juneann Viadsworih, Bobeife Suzanne Warson, Marcia Vlfalson, Jane While, Mary Vilhile, .lean Whybark, Sara Vlilliarns, Ann Williamson, Janis Willis, -47 ...- ..- 848 Elm KAPPA DELTA The Winter season brought a cascade of gala events to the Kappa Delta house. The sorority entertained with its annual Christmas for- mal and members enjoyed a tree trimming party. ln keeping with the holiday spirit, the group carolled residents at the Old Folks Home in Norman. Other top KD social activities included a Paddle party for the pledges, the Hades costume party, and the annual Green and White spring formal. The members also celebrated their Founders Day with an alumni banquet in October. Among the KD members active in campus organizations were Louise Kutsche, selected BWOC, state president of college club sec- tion of Oklahoma Home Economics Association, Panhellenic rush chairman, and a runner up in the tennis intramural competition, and Marilyn Roether, a member ol Omicron Nu, Oikonomia, and Kappa Delta Pi, a national honorary education society. The Gamma Theta chapter of Kappa Delta was founded at the OU campus in April, l955, and is one of 94 active chapters Wearing the national colors green and white. The sorority was first established on the campus of Longwood College in Farmville, Va., on October 23, l897. Mrs. Loree Childers is the hostess at the KD house this year. Alumnae of statewide and national importance include Sybil Iohnson, television starg Pearl Buck, Mrs. Robert Young, Wife of screen and television star, and Ann Trout, editor of Candle Beam, Kappa Phi national magazine. j MARILYN WIENS President OFFICERS President .... MARILYN WIENS Vice-President and Social Chairman Louisiz KUTSCHE Secretary . . NANCY I-IOPPING Center of attention is the golden Per- sian cat adopted by the KD house. Enioying the entertainment are Nancy Hopping, Marilyn Wiens, Louise Kutsche, Catherine Berry and Patsy Mosher. 322 Winter Parties Highlight Season FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. Loree Childers, Gayle Anita Anderson, Catherine Berry, Ann Ayers Cammararro, Julia Ann Haga. SECOD ROW: Martha Holstine, Nancy Kay Hopping, Helen Louise Kutsche, Linda Ann Levy, Glenda Dolores Martin, THIRD ROW: Patsy Ruth Mosher, Peggy Sue O'Rear, Marilyn Peters, Charlotte Ann Pixley, Marilyn Roether, FOURTH ROW: Rita Louise Taylor, Ruth Ann Underwood, Marguerite Zeigler, Jacqueline Helen Ziemian, Juanita Frances Zinn. 700 College KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Active in all phases of college life, the Kappa Kappa Gammas are proud of their scholastic record for the year. Members and pledges won the sorority scholarship cup last spring and were runners-up for the award again this fall. ln others fields of activity, four Kappas won the annual Barber- shop Quartet contest and the group placed second in the Engineers' Variety show this fall. Kappa teams took first place honors in intra- mural volleyball and swimming. Three Kappas were selected as campus queens. Ann Castles was chosen White Rose Queen of Lambda Chi Alphag Iune Alee Cox was crowned the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, and Betty Bowles reigned as Honorary ROTC Cadet Colonel. Among the campus leaders at the Kappa house are Sandy Gast, Miss OU, BWOC, Yearbook beauty, Tassels, Mortar Board and Who's Who, Kay Belknap, head OU checrleadcrg Frances King, Mor- tar Board, BWOC and Who's Whog and Ruth Eddleman, BWOC, Panhellenic, Mortar Board and Who's Who. Top on the list of Kappa social events are the annual Christmas Desserts honoring the faculty, hostesses and ofiicers of the fraternities and sororities, fall house party, legacy dinner and spring formal. Also at Christmas. the Kappas, assisted by Delta Upsilon fraternity, enter- tained children with a holiday dinner and gifts. Founded on the university campus in l9l4, Beta Theta chapter has completed a new parking lot for members and plans to build an addition to the house this spring. RUTH EDDLEMAN President OFFICERS President .... RUTH EDDLEMAN Vice-President. . . FRANCES KING Corresponding Secretary ANN ROODHOUSE Recording Secretary CAROLYN CRUMLEY Social Chairman . . . SUE RIDDLE Clothes always catch a girI's eye. Proving they're no exception, Brenda Chesnut, Frances King, Sue Dunning- ton, Ruth Eddleman and Mary Louise Maddinscan scan the styles in the g paper at the Kappa house, r Activities, Scholarship Rewarded FIRST ROW, lefr io righfz Judy Kay Anderson, Nancy Kay Arnold, Jan Barney, Jonne Barney, Dian Bateman, Kay Belknap, Marilyn Bell, Mary Carherine Bouchard, Berry Bowles, Ann Brewer, Judy Lee Broach, Dorolhy Ann Carler. SECOND ROW: Carol Ann Cashion, Donna Sue Cason, Jane Chambers, Brenda Chesnuf, Carole Sue Crenshaw, Carolyn Crumley, Sally Davis, Nalalie Dunn, Sue Dunninglon, Judy Dulcher, Gina Dyniewicz, Kay Ellison. THIRD ROW: Carol Engleman, Marlha Lou Eyer, Marinell Friday, Cynihia Fry, Nancy Ann Fuller, Julia Claire Fullerlon, Sandy Gasl, Teddy G-asf, Anne Goodwin, Kilfy Jo Gore, Charlene Gulhrie, Sybil Lorraine Hall. FOURTH ROW: Fay Ann Hannon, Mary Kay Hardwick, Judy Jones, Kay Kaiser, Kafhleen Ann Keilh, Nancy Ellen Kennan, Madelyn Kidd. Head, Kay Holsapple, Susan Hopkins, Suze Hunter, Louann Jones, Molly FIFTH ROW: Frances King, Carol Sue Kirby, Elizabelh Kirkham, Lou Ann Koerner, Ann Elizabelh Lampe, Grefchen Ligon, Marjorie McCollum, Marilyn McCullough, Marilyn Marlin, Dorolhy Louise Meyhew, Virginia Lee Merrill, Marilyn Mishler. SIXTH ROW: Kalherine Reid Missildine, Mary Marlha Monsour, Laura Jean Morrow, Virginia Louise Norris, Sally Polk, Sally Ramsey, Judy Ann Rapp, Anne Reaves, Sue Riddle, Jane Ann Riddlebarqer, Clara Roberlson. SEVENTH ROW: Anne Carroll Roodhouse, Nancy Caro- line Russell, Liz Ryan, Anna Jo Samler, Glenda Kay Schuber, Brenda Ann Simms, Helen Kay Smilh, Julie Slephens, Belly Slory, Anne Sloul, Helen Jo Taylor, EIGHTH ROW: Mary Failh Templelon, Jo Ellen Terrill, Mary Lou Tompkins, Carol Ann Turnbull, Rosemary Underwood, Ann Vaughan, Barbara Wald, Calhryn Ann Williams, Peggy Ann Wilson, Margarei Ann Wise, Belry Wifherspoon. I 704 Wes? Lindsay PHI MU Highlighting the fall activities, Phi Mu members and dates were treated with a party given by the pledges. VVith the coming of winter, the Phi Mu house took on a Christmas air in preparation for the Sil- ver Ball, the annual Christmas formal. In the spring, the coeds social calendar was climaxed with their Bermuda party. Outstanding members of Phi Mu include Edna Pryor, member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, YWCA and Pi Omega Pi, Iune Whitaker, a member of Kappa Phi and Wesley Foundation, Io len- sen, a Homecoming queen candidate, Yearbook beauty, member of Pep Council, KUVY staff and League of Young Republicans, Susi Seymour, president of Double KO" club, and Alyce Iones, member of Young Republicans. This year the Phi Mus purchased the remaining lots near their present chapter house on Lindsay. The girls are planning to re- build and enlarge their house in the near future. The sorority was founded in March, 1852, with the colors ol rose and white. Phi Mu is the second oldest secret organization for women in the United States and the youngest on the University of Oklahoma campus, now going into its third year of activity. Mrs. Allen White- side has been hostess since the beginning of Epsilon Beta chapter in Iune of 1955. Some of the famous Phi Mu alumnae include Agnes Morehead, stage, screen and television actress, Marge Champion, dancer, Mary B. Merritt, dean emeritus of Miami University, and Mrs. John Daily, wife of the eminent news commentator. JO ANNE JENSEN President OFFICERS President .... Io ANNE JENSEN Vice-President . LINDA HEADSTREANI Secretary . . . . EDNA PRYOR Social Chairman . . RHETA REED workout. Practicing their do re, mis are Paddy Mason, Lu Penny, Susi Seymour an Janice Hudson as they fune up the piano and their voca I cords for son Bermuda Party Ends Social Whirl FIRST ROW, left lo righl: Phyllis Ann Aharohian, Elaine Beverly Basledc, Jean Reed, Edwina Margarel' Richison, Frances Sue Seymour. FOURTH Carole Rifa Geisf, Jorefla Jean Gerner, Linda G. Headslream. SECOND ROW: Conslance Elaine Soulhern, Sandra Marie Sfevens, Helen L. Webb, ROW: Janice Hurson, Sue Johnson, Alyce Jones, Paddy Meryl Mason, June Whilaker. Luella Vel Penny, THIRD ROW:Alice June Price, Edna Ann Pfyor, Rhela 702 Lahoma PI BETA PHI With a combination of grades and activities, Pi Beta Phi has many campus leaders in its membership. The chapter earned thc campus sorority scholarship cup last fall, and several of its members were selected for Alpha Lambda Delta, honorary organization. Chosen for Whois Who, Ioanne Burkes served as president of Panhellenic and was a member of Mortar Board and AWS council. Chairman of COR, Betty Blanton was president of Chi Upsilon, se- lected for Who's Who and was a member of Mortar Board. Betty Griffin is a member of UAC, Iunior Panhellenie and Alpha Lambda Delta. Ioan Killingsworth was president of Alpha Lambda Delta, and Nancy Meehan is active in UAC and Tassels. The Pi Phi social calendar was filled with events this year. Among the parties were the winter formal, the Scholarship dinner, Founders Day celebrations and the spring formal. The Pi Phis and Sigma Chis co-sponsored a Christmas party for orphans before the holiday vacation. The athletic members of the sorority were given a real chance to prove their ability at the annual "Glass Slipperu, a football game with Gamma Phi Beta sorority. Pi Beta Phi was founded April 28, l867, at Monmouth College in Monmouth, Ill. It was the first national sorority to be established. Oklahoma Alpha, the OU chapter, had its beginning on September l9l0. There are now l03 chapters who wear the colors wine and sil- ver blue. A favorite of members and alums, Mrs. Lewis Quigley has served as the Pi Phi hostess for the past ll years. JOYCE PALMATARY President OFFICERS President . . . IOYCE PALMATARY Vice-President . WANDA ESHELMAN Secretary ...... JUDY GROH Social Chairman . CONNIE KIHNEMAN -its Rounding out the afternoon with a quick game or two of cards are Judy Edwards, Carol Franks, Diane Jackson, Carol Marshall and Liz Wheatley, while they wait for dinner at the Pi Phi house. Chapter Wins Scholarship Trophy FIRST ROW, left to right: Marilyn Aldridqe, Woo Badger, Cirrelda Julia Barnard, Sally Margaret Bateman, Saraiane Bateman, Lynn Biqqers, Ann Bingaman, Wanda Gail Bircket, Anne Blackburn, Betty Blanton, Beth Lee Board, Mary Ann Bozalis. SECOND ROW: Eva Lorraine Brasel, Stephanie Anne Brooks, Kay Ellen Browning, Joanne Elizabeth Burkes, Gretchen Bush, Patricia Ann Butler, Janey Chatman, Martha Carolyn Connell, Nancy Jayne Clabauqh, Jan Davidson, Susan Davis, Fran Dexter. THIRD ROW: Judy Disosway, Sharon Dobbs, Mary Ruth Dobie, Diane Dowling, Judy Early, Joan Mildred Edwards, Judy Edwards, Barbara Elkins, Joan Ellet Katie Elliott, Gaye Ann Ellison, Wanda Eshelman, FOURTH ROW: Barbara Ann Felmley, Kaye Ferguson, Janet Ferrill, Patricia Jean Flood, Sondra Foristell, Karen Joy Foster, Carol Franks, Nancy Sue Fulmer, Pat Gibson, Gretchen Anne Gover, Betty Griffin, Judy Groh. FIFTH ROW: Joan Hampton, Anne Hesse Linda Holmes, Sharon Horton, Jane Houchin, Anne Houck, Sally Kay Howard, Mary Hunter, Diane Louise Jackson, Claudia Anne Jondahl, Janice Joe Kelly, Beverly Kennerly. SIXTH ROW: Connie Kihneman, Joan Killingsworth, Patricia Ann Leonard, Lou Lindsey, Sharon Day McCall, Marilyn Sue McDowell, Sherry McFall, Therese Kathryn McGraw, Barbara McSchane, Carol Mar- shall, Joan Marshall, Marian Matthews, SEVENTH ROW: Nancy Meehan, Judy Marie Mideke, Cacci Miller, Marcene Morrison, Katsy Kaye Mullen- dore, Ginny Neil, Gloria Otey, Precious Park, Diane Adele Perkins, Betty Carole Peters, Linda Ray, Martha Joanna Reeves. EIGHTH ROW: Sheila Anne Reilly, Paula Camille Richardson, Rosalie Louise Roif, Dell Ruqgles, Jane Elizabeth Scott, Ann Seidenqlanz, Deanna Shepard, Sue Shorbe, Pat Ann Shubert, Patsy Ruth Sweeney, Carolyn Elaine Thompson. NINTH ROW: Karen Sue Trower Pat Trower, Patricia Ann Walker, Beverly West- heimer, Elizabeth Wheatley, Ann Wheeler, Teryle Wilder, Anne Wileman, Barbara Wilkonson, Judy Williams, Frances Jean Worrell, l " l I03 West Boyd SIGMA DELTA TAU Campus activities received their share of time and interest from Sigma Delta Tau members. The sorority gave full participation to the Campus Chest drive with the result that Marcia Pinstein was named "Miss Campus Chest". With their Afro-Cuban dance routine the members Won second place honors in the group division of the En- gineers Variety show. Many members have shown their interest in the different phases of college life by becoming active in campus organizations. Elaine Cohen is a member of Tassels, Mortar Board, Pep council and Pan- hellenic. She was chosen for Who's Who and BWOC and was vice chairman of Career Conference. Sue Lipman is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta. Margie Kronengold was selected as an outstanding freshman and is a member of the UAB and Alpha Lambda Delta, and Carol Sue Hankin was an active member of Hillel Foundation, Inter- Religious council, and Alpha Lambda Delta. Social life at the SDT house included the annual fall house party, the pledge party and their spring formal. They also busicd themselves with preparations for Alumnae Day activities and banquets for Mothers' Day and Dads' Day. Xi chapter of Sigma Delta Tau was organized on the campus of OU in l929 and is one of 33 chapters Wearing the cafe au lait and blue. Mrs. Olive Nussbaum has served as hostess for the past four years. The lot has been purchased for a new house and the building program is under way. The future home of the SDTS will be located at Timberland and Chautauqua on Fraternity row. ELAINE MARILYN COHEN President OFFICERS President ..,. ELAINE COHEN Vice-President . . BARBARA Ross Secretary .... FRAN MALCOM Social Chairman . NAOMI KAUFMAN Practicing a skit are SDT nurses, doc- tors and patients: Jennis Schuman, Sandy Loskovitz, Paula Sanders, Helen Louise Williams, Trudy Shulkin and Etta Lea Baier. luxe: . f , azesa Campus Activities Are Emphisized FIRST ROW, lefl 'ro righl: Barbara Jean Angrisl, Ella Lea Baier, Rosalin Sue Baraban, Doris Bendorf, Helen Sandra Bendorf, Harriel Joyce Bernal, Judy Ann Capilo, Marcia Sue Crane, Judy Sandra Fagin. SECOND ROW: Sandy Lee Fiersline, Barbara Leigh Fishman, Carolyn Freedman, Eslelle Ann Friedman, Shelly Nan Gardner, Peggy Gell, Carol Gladslein, Barbara Raye Gollub, lda Ann Golman. THIRD ROW: Barbara Halperin, Carol Sue Hankin, Miriam Hellman, Lynn Frances Kagan, Carole Sue Kaliski, Glenda Sue Kallmeyer, Palricia Elaine Karchmer, Pinky Kasner, Naomi Marla Kaufman. FOURTH ROW: Belle Anne Klein, Pearline Klepak, Judi Ellen Kopman, Marlene Kornblum, Margery Louise Kronengold, Teri Ann Lesser, Jo Rose Levy, Marian Sue Lipman, Margie Belly Loeb. FIFTH ROW: Sandra Louise Loskovilz, Fran Malcom, Joyce Marie Margolin, Jacqueline Ann Mayer, Leah Gail Meyer, Diane Lily Myerson, Irma Cecile Oser, Marcia Ann Pinslein, Hope Raskin, Harrier Reisel. SIXTH ROW: Lois Susan Rosenberg, Barbara Phyllis Ross, Mary Anne Salomon, Paula Rae Sanders, Jennis Rulh Schuman, Carol Lynn Schwarlz, Phyllis Lee Schwarlz, Deanna Sue Shapiro, Ellen Shecler, Trudy Shulkin. SEVENTH ROW: Vera Slulzky, Gayle Barbara Smiley, Sharon Sobol, Diane Sue Solomon, Elaine Solow, Anna May Slavinsky, Sima Leah Slein, Roberla Jane Teper, Helen Louise Williams, Sandy Sue Zubrin. 920 Chautauqua ZETA TAU ALPHA Taking time out from studies and activities, members of Zeta Tau Alpha worked on a wide variety of worthwhile philanthropic proj- ects this year. Some of them were contributions to the Cerebral Palsy division of the National Society for crippled children and adults, gifts and loans to undergraduate and graduate students and the Chinese scholarship fund. Many outstanding events were on thc Zcta social calendar dur- ing the year. Among these were the annual Christmas Swedish smor- gasbord, a spring formal, spring initiation banquet and the annual state day celebration. Zeta Tau Alpha was founded at Longwood College, Farmville, Va., in October, 1898. It was the first sorority to be chartered by the state legislature of Virginia. Now l02 chapters wear the colors of tur- quoise blue and steel gray. In March, 1953, Gamma Upsilon chapter was established at the university. Mrs. Velma Pfeiffer has served as hostess during the past year. Campus leaders to be found at the Zeta house include Donna Bruza, member of Kappa Phi, Sooner Scandals, AWS, Pep Council, and charter member of Pi Omega, Nancy Trout, Yearbook beauty and honorary Cadet Captain of Pershing Riflesg Carol Lynn Russell, chosen as Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity's K'Girl of the Golden Heartf' and Nancy Chadwell, president of Iunior Panhellenic. BARBARA LaVOYCE HAYES President OFFICERS President .... LAVOYCE HAYES Vice-President . . EVALYN ADAMS Secretary ..... GRACE MARKO Social Chairman . SHIRLEY WATSON Pom-poms of crepe paper mean Homecoming! These Zefa's working on decorations are Mary Alice Cupit, Evalyn Adams, Andrianna Klenfos and Jeanne Kasper. .5d ,,,, Philanthropic Program ls Varied FIRST ROW, lefl lo riqhl: Evalyn Adams, Mary Bennie Adams, Claudia Ann Blake, Donna Jean Bruza, Nancy Kay Chadwell, Nicki Jean Chapman, Diann Chrislian. SECOND ROW: Mary Alice Cupil, Carole Culhberl, Phyllis Louise Dalhe, Javonna Sue David, Connie Engle, Judy Engle, Alice June Garriqus. THIRD ROW: Maryann Gibson, Oralene Calherine Hack- ney, Helen Hurf, Jeanne Ann Kasper, Cora Suzanne Keller, Lucy Eslelle Keller, Teresa Ann Lillard, FOURTH ROW: Roberla Ann McCulloch, Mary Elizabelh Mock, Barbara Anne Pelerson, Carol Jeanne Posl, Sharron Sue Ridings, Diane Runion, Mary Lillian Ryan, DeAnne Shirley, Ernesline Kay Snell, Carol Jean Slrong, Nancy Collelie Trouf, Patricia Ann Vaughn, Shirley Walson, Barbara Viola Williams, Joni Sue Williams, FIRST ROW, left to right: LaVoyce Hayes, Janis Hervey, Gina Dyniewicz, Joanne Burkes, Dr. Dorothy Truex, Bobbie Ferguson, Betty Beard, Evalyn Adams. SECOND ROW: Molly LeVite, Elaine Cohen, Jennis Schuman, Myra Vedder, Gayle McDonald, Louise Kufsche, Joyce Palmafary, Patty Garber. THIRD ROW: Patsy Lawrence, Mary Ann Norfleef, Jo Ann Jen- sen, Carole Cole, Margaret' Myers, Sally Caldwell, Marilyn Wiens, Jane Bond, Beth Gladstein, Carol WiHeIs. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Is the Governing Faction The co-ordinating faction among the sororities, the Panhellenic council was organized at the Univer- sity of Oklahoma in 1912. The council is the govern- ing body for all sorority groups and attempts to find solutions for problems common among the sororities and to co-ordinate social functions. Meetings are held twice a month throughout the school year to discuss current and standing business. By working as a unit on the problems of sorority women and charitable campaigns, Panhellenic helps to establish close cooperation among the sororities. The council consists of the president and elected representatives of each of the sororities on the campus. Officers are rotated among every sorority, following the order in which each was established on the campus. Each year the president of Panhellenic is selected by the women in the house scheduled to have the presi- dency. Other officers are those representatives who attend regular council meetings. A pamphlet "Tips to Rusheesv is published in the spring by Panhellenic and explains the rules of wo- menis rush, giving hints for girls who will participate in rush activities. The booklet contains information on each sorority, pledge and initation fees, rush rules, schedule of rush week parties and what to bring and wear to rush. The council supervises and Plans all sorority rush activities on and off the university campus. Panhellenic is divided into different functioning bodies. Some of these are the investigations committee, scholarship, rush, projects, social, judicial, publications and sorority relations committees. Each regular mem- ber of the council takes an active part on one of these committees. In 1944 junior Panhellenic council was organized as a tangent of the Panhellenic organization. The jun- ior group consists of representatives of all the sorority pledge classes on campus. It provides training for fu- ture Panhel members, while acting as a co-ordinator for pledge problems and projects. Each semester Panhellenic awards scholarship cups to the sorority with the highest grade average and to the sorority showing the greatest scholastic im- provement since the preceding semester. The scholar- ship committee, with the assistance of the Office of Student AHairs, computes the group grade averages. Greatly alleviating the work of the council, the investigations and the judicial committees are the fac- tions which draft all disciplinary measures for approval in Panhellenic. Each year as one of its projects, Panhellenic awards two S100 scholarships. They are presented to sorority women to help in the continuation of their college education. The annual Greek week activities, begun by the Inter-fraternity council in 1956, are of paramount im- portance to Panhellenic, which is now one of the co- sponsors of the campus Greek-system event. During OFFICERS President ..... IOANN BURKES Vice-President . . GINA DYNIEWICZ Recording Secretary . . BETTY BEARD Corresponding Secretary . IANIS HERVEY Treasurer . . BOBBIE FERGUSON Sponsor . DR. DOROTHY TRUEX IOANNE BURKES, President For All Campus Sorority Projects and Problems the week, fraternity and sorority groups work out ben- eficial projects, such as helping at Central State Hos- pital. The aim of the Panhellenic council on the Uni- versity of Oklahoma campus is best expressed in the National Panhellenic creed: "We, the fraternity undergraduate members, stand for good scholarship, for the guardians of good health, for wholehearted cooperation with our collegeis ideals, for student life, for the maintenance of fine social standards and the serving to the best of our ability our college community. "Good college citizenship in the larger world of alumnae days is the ideal that shall guide our chapter activities. "We, the fraternity Women of America, stand for preparation for service through character building in- spired in close contact and the deep friendship of fraternity life. To us, fraternity life is not the enjoy- ment of special privileges but an opportunity to pre- pare for wide and wise human servicef, Looking over new Panhellenic pro- posals are officers, left to right, Joanne Burkes and Dr. Dorothy Truex. SECOND ROW: Be11y Beard, Gina Dyniewicz, Janis Hervey, Bob- bie Ferguson. FIRST ROW, left to right: Gary Tesch, Wayne Harris, Blake Berry, Lovell McMillin, Stuart' Reichert, Dave Rambo, Miles Anderson, John Powers, Brook: Taylor, Keith Jackson. SECOND ROW: Darrell Vincent, Dick Quade, Bob McCoy, Carl Buck, Don Wilson, Harold Slewari, John Carl- son, John McKee, Myron Bond, Randy Chance. THIRD ROW: Robert Schwartz, Gene Cunningham Maurice Box, Charles Hills, Larry Bolls, Don Hamilton, Charlie Childs, Jim Dolman, Gib Haslam, Bill Chapman. lNlER-FRAlERNIlY COUNCIL Plans and Supervises The Inter-fraternity council serves as the govern- ing body of all campus social fraternities. The council eo-ordinatcs the policies of the fraternities of the Uni- versity of Oklahoma campus and furthers, to the best of its ability. the purposes and ideals of the Creek sys- IOYTI. The president and one elected representative of each of the 25 campus social fraternities compose the membership of the council. Evening meetings are held twice a month in the Union building. A monthly luncheon is given for the presidents of member frater- nities to inform them of the council's proceedings. By the constitution, the council is empowered to legislate on matters affecting the general interests of the signatory chapters and to enforce its rules and reg- ulations. An executive committee, appointed by the president. serves as a final ruling group on matters which require judicial action. By their elected representatives, the fraternities use the IFC as the sounding board for ideas. and after their adoption, as the administrative body for their execution andy or enforcement. In this way the frater- nities regulate their social, athletic and scholastic activ- ities. A liaison between university administration and fraternity systems, the IFC serves the member frater- nities as needs arise in discipline, assistance in pledg- ing. initiation approval and records of membership. The success of this relationship with the university is . best refiected in the high degree of self-government which the fraternity system is permitted to maintain. Business of the council is handled by twelve com- mittees: athletic, constitution and by-laws, general welfare, judiciary. pledge training, projects, public re- lations, rush, scholarship, social. foreign students, ex- pansion, historian and a special Creek week committee. One of the most outstanding accomplishments of the IFC is the annual Greek week project. In l956 the IFC sponsored the first annual Creek week, which was a week of activities beneficial to the campus com- munity. Now the Panhellenic council, junior Pan- hellenie and junior IFC assist the IFC with the activi- ties. Specific projects are carried out during this period which include special contributions to charitable or- ganizations, a blood typing program and a "help Week" at Central State Hospital in Norman. The week also includes banquets. open houses and is clirnaxed with an all-Greek dance. Along the lines of scholarship. the council gives encouragement by offering three scholarship trophies for attainment in that field. Given twice yearly, the cups are awarded to the chapters with the highest over-all grade averages and to the groups which show the greatest improvement over the past semester. The pledge class with highest over-all grade average is presented an award once a year. The scholarship committee, with the cooperation OFFICERS President ..... DAVID RAMBO Secretary .... RONNIE FIRESTONE Executive Secretary . . BILL CHAPMAN Treasurer . . . HARRY MERSON Sponsor . . . DR. IODIE SMITH Fraternity Participatio of the Office of Student AHairs, computes the grade averages of fraternity members and pledges. The com- mittee also sponsors the awarding of two scholarships for men who are not financially able to attend college. One is for an incoming freshman and the other is available to any upperclassman. In many instances the IFC acts as the go-between for rushees with the fraternities in which they are in- terested. The council helps arrange rush week dates with houses and aids the rushee with any problems he n i DAVE RAMBO, President n Greek Week Events may have pertaining to rush. The IFC's first major project of the fall semester is the supervision of rush week for men desiring to pledge a fraternity. The council carries out this guidance throughout the school year. The influence exerted by the IFC is felt by every fraternity man on the University of Oklahoma campus. It contains an exceptional group of men with foresight and ability. Fraternity success is greatly dependent on the planning and efforts of this governing body. c!1?'l....31..i., , , 'L 4 f V IFC officers Dave Rambo, Ron Fire- stone and Harry Merson keep fra- ternity records up-'lo-date. 7527 41.19 az' .7 i J T' 9? FIRST ROW, left to right: Barbara Effing, Betty Peters, Par Bell, Julie Nor- fleet, Mary Helen Rahhal, Nancy Hood, Marian Matthews, Dorothy Mayhew, Gina Dyniewicz, Lu Penny. SECOND ROW: Kay Riddle, Luanne Bradley, Rhetta Reynolds, Lil Ryan, Brenda Bottoms, Adrienne Engelberg, Bobbie Teper, Barbara Gollub, Sandy Stevens. THIRD ROW: Judy Cathey, Ann Shelby, Carol Strong, Lynda Brown, Fran Wolf, Betsy Mock, Linda McElwee, Carolyn Clark, Sydney Sullivanl, Mrs. Thelma Haddan. Pledge activities are topic of Jr. Panhel officers Dorothy Mayhew, Nancy Hood, Ann Shelby, Marian Matthews. JUNIOR PANHEIIENIC Regulates Sorority Pledges OFFICERS President . NANCY Hoon Vice-President . . ANN SHELBY Secretary . IVIARIAN MATTHEWS Treasurer . . DOROTHY IVIAYHEW Sponsor MRS. THIQLMA HADDAN Created to develop a closer relationship between the sorority pledge classes, Iunior Panhellenic council was established on the campus in 1944. The council is an auxiliary of Panhellenic council and brings the pledge classes together in cooperative planning and guidance. The council is composed of each pledge president and one elected representative from each pledge class. In order to give members of the pledge classes an op- portunity to see the council in action, alternate repre- sentatives usually attend the meetings. The Iunior council is preparation for future Panhellenic work. A scholarship cup is awarded each year by the council. The trophy is presented to the pledge class with the highest scholastic average for the lall semester. The council also awards a tuition scholarship to a deserving pledge. .,,., CNW, JUNIOR IFC Co-ordinates Pledge Class Activities The Iunior Inter-fraternity council was established in 1947 to promote co-operation between pledge classes and to advise the IFC about problems concerning pledge life. The fraternity pledge class presidents and a repre- sentative elected by each pledge class make up the mem- 0 F F I C E R S befship Of the luniof IFC- President . . LARRY BoLLs With the IFC, Panhellenic and Junior Panhellenic, the Iunior IFC participated in the third annual Greek Vlcbpresldent ' DEWAYNE DOTSON week activities. This included a Work day at Central Secretary . . . DICK GRIFFITH State Hospital, Norman. Among the other projects are Treasurer g Q ' JIM IONES the collection for the Oklahoma Medical Research foun- Sponsor . DR. IODIE SMITH dation during the football game on Dads, Day and a scholarship given to an outstanding pledge based on scholastic achievement and need. An all-pledge formal dance was held during the spring semester for all the pledge classes on campus. Discussing proposed Junior IFC plans and rules are officers Jimmy Jones, Larry Bolls, Dewayne Dotson, Allan Saxe, and Dick Griffin. FIRST ROW, left to right: Gene Imke, Lindsay McLaurin Hunt, Jr., Creston Cutchall, John Giller, Dewayne Dotson, Larry Bolls, Dick Griffith, Jimmy Jones, Larry Wilder, Tom Graves, Joel Carr, Jerry McAdams, Bartley Mead- ers. SECOND ROW: Sidney Cotner, David Berry, Allan Saxe, Mack Butler, Gerald Russell, Bill McKay, Don Carey, Don VanMeter, Ted H. Smith, Eddie Kern, Phillip Simon, Albert E. Upsher, Pat Leathers, Jim Hudson. THIRD ROW: Terry Ozmer, Page Thurston, Byron Hall, Jerry Hobbs, Jim Butter- worth, Richard Solar, Gene Arnn, Robert Ray, Robert Reis, Arthur Hall, Frank Sommer. ,k,,,w5.,.,,,.,. Hs . .... s.. . 544 Elm ACACIA One of the most unique social events on the OU campus is the Oriental ball, given by Acacia fraternity. The house is decorated with an Oriental motif. The ball is one of the oldest traditional cos- tume dances at the university. Other social events of the year include a Christmas party, spring formal and annual Christmas serenades to all the sororities on the campus. Among the outstanding members of Acacia are Chuck Chapman, president of Phi Mu Alpha, vice president of the University Band and a member of the Homecoming committecg Charles Sayles, a member of American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Alpha Chi Sigma and Phi Eta Sigma, and Dennie Price, a member of the Sooner Varsity basketball team. Acacia fraternity was founded by a group of students, all Master Masons, at the University of Michigan on May l2, l904. Membership requirements originally included Masonic membership, but this has been changed to include any man recommended by two Masons. The black and old gold colors of Acacia were brought to the OU campus when Oklahoma chapter was founded in May, l92O. Mrs. Charles R. Taylor has served as hostess for the fraternity for the last Five years. Active in campus events. the Acacias won third place in the Homecoming house decorations in Class B menis division this year. Their decoration carried out the theme "Arrows to Atomsn and de- picted the early Oklahoma Indians as compared to modern man. ,ear . Q .P I 1 f fat- ' ,' It 1 W if it N ,Q if 7 9 s - pm i Qt L ft 3 CHARLES W. CHAPMAN Presfdent OFFICERS President . . . CHUCK CHAPMAN Vice-President .... BOB LAFON Secretary . . . KARL COCKE Social Chairman . . BROOKS TAYLOR Tuning up their vocal cords are mem- bers of the Acacia quartet: Robert LaFon and Dick Francis, standing, Dan Edwards and Chuck Chapman, seated. Oriental Ball ls Unique Tradition FIRST ROW, Iefr lo righr: Dan Alcock, Larry Paul Anduss, Max Ashley, Ron Barreff, Larry Bell, Earl Edward Cocke. SECOND ROW: B. J. Cooper, Boyd Fender, Jr., Richard Francis, Alan George, Owen Gibson, Joe Hobbs. THIRD ROW: Robert W, LaFon, Phil Landers, Robert Mc Gregor, Phillip Mann, Thomas Nqar, Dennis Price, FOURTH ROW: Charles W. Sayles, Roberl M. Sayre, Edward Scribner, Brooks Taylor Richmond Thweafr, Richard Winler, Roberl L. Winler. 602 Wes? Boyd ALPHA SIGMA PHI Climaxing the social activities of Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity is the annual Talisman Rose formal. This spring sweetheart formal is highlighted by the crowning of the fraternity's queen. Last year Ioyce Collins, Alpha Chi Omega, reigned during the celebration. Other Alpha Sig social occasions include a Halloween costume party. Christmas formal, Founders Day banquet and the Bayou Bounce, a costume party in the style of old New Orleans. A tradi- tional party of all Alpha Sig chapters is the Sig Bust, which is spon- sored by the Alumni association. Varsity athletes living at the Alpha Sig house are lim Lawrence and Dick Corbitt, footballg Bernard Sullivan, lst place NCAA wrest- ling champion, and Chuck Bowman, football, a member of Sigma Delta Epsilon and Baptist Student Union. All belong to the Varsity "O" club. Included in the Alpha Sig list of campus leaders are Richard Coussons, selected one of l0 outstanding freshman men, top freshman chemistry student, member of Baptist Student Union and Phi Eta Sigmag and lack Welsh, a member of Alpha Delta Sigma, Public Rc- PAU L BRUCE MEYER President OFFICERS lations club and Sooner Yearbook staff. President ---- PAUL B' MEYER Alpha Sigma Phi was founded ll2 years ago at Yale University. Vfcppresident U . JACK WELSH The-fraternity magazinetbegan by the first chapter, is still published, Secretary ' ' t . DAVID T. LARD making it the oldest national magazine in the Greek system, Alpha . . Alpha chapter was established on the OU campus in 1923. Mrs. Social Chairman ' - D' GRADY KING Marshall Massey has been fraternity hostess since 1956. Going to Big D for the weekend are Ed Clayton, Clayton Nichols and Charles Farmer as Bob Carson bids them adieu from the Alpha Sig house. Members Honor Rose Sweetheart FIRST ROW, left to right: George J. Andersen, David L. Berger, James H. Barksdale, Den? Drake Bealmear, Roberf Bird, Jim Boalrighf, Chuck Bowman, SECOND ROW: Roger Brawley, Russal Brawley, Bob Carson, Richard Coussons, William R. Dading, L. L. Ellzey, Charles Farmer. THIRD ROW: John Francis, Roberf Gaydos, Edward Glass, Harold Hanke, Dave Hillier, John Holbircl, Woodrow C, Huffines. FOURTH ROW: James Ingram, Thomas Johnson, George Keyser, George King, Grady King, Adrian LaGrave, Neal Lange. FIFTH ROW: Leonard Laws, Jim Hugh Lawrence, Bill Loch, Daniel Mackey, Gene Moninger, Thomas Nelson. Claylon Nichols. SIXTH ROW: Ronald Paara, Robert Rinqrose, Ted Roberls, Dale B. Sullivan, Jack Welsh, Harold Wesf, Varley E. Wiedeman, Dean Williams. I005 South Jenkins ALPHA TAU OMEGA Fall intramural sports found Alpha Tau Omega teams high in the winners' ranks as the fraternity finished third in intramurals. They had a good start this year by placing third in wrestling and fourth in football. Three of their football players made "All intra- muralf' ATO social life was filled with parties throughout the year. The men entertained with two combo parties, a Christmas party, fall formal, the Luau, spring formal, and the annually favorite, the Bowery ball. Among the outstanding members of ATO are Don Kelly, mem- ber of Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, AIRE- IEE, and winner of the Westinghouse achievement award, Ray Hamilton, Gamma Tau Kappa, Scabbard and Blade, Tau Beta Pi and Distinguished Military studentg Bob Benedict, past president of WWC, a member of the "Y", university standing committee, Sooner Scandals and recipient of Iunior IFC scholarshipg and Bob Burr, Dean's Honor Roll, a Varsity basketball letterman for three years and all "Big Sevenw in baseball for two years. Alpha Tau Omega was the first Greek letter fraternity founded after the Civil War. Three young confederate officers at Virginia Military Institute began the fraternity in l865. Delta Kappa chap- ter was established at the Sooner campus in 1921. Mrs. W. L. Clay- ton has just completed her first year as ATO hostess. A new wing was completed this year at the ATO house, add- ing facilities for a large dining room as well as more individual mem- bers' rooms. Construction will begin in the near future for additional changes and redecoration of the house. TED L. SANDRIDGE President 0 F F ICE RS President .... TED SANDRIDGE Vice-President . . BOB ASKEW Secretary . . . . . JIM OLSEN Social Chairman . . BERT BARNDT Getting set for those cold winter nights are ATOS Dick Dunn, Ronnie Strand, Stan Porch and Colbert Grant- ham, as they bring in more logs for the fire. . t4 ml 'A :si si 2mwX Sports Activities Bring Recognition FIRST ROW, lett to right: Mrs. W. L, Clayton, Robert C. Aqee, Tom E. Agee, Bob F. Askew, Bob Atherton, Paul Aubrey, Rex Baggetl, Bob Bene- dict, Charles Saxon Benson, Max B. Berry. SECOND ROW: Claude L. Branson, Jim Butterworth, William Calohan, Ron Chalfant, Steven Conner, Carlyn Grant Cruzan, Chester Dean, Lionel Dale DePue, Toar Driskill, Rod Duckworth, THIRD ROW: Dick Dunn, John Duffield, Jr., Charles Ellison, Larry Evans, John T. French, Lang Fuqua, Thomas Geis, Larry Glasgow, Glynn Gordon, Paul Grantham. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Hagee, Kenneth Haiqler, Ray Hamilton, Dwayne Harlan, Don Richard Hill, Richard Johns, Donald Kelley, Ralph Ronald Kiper, Spencer Knapp, Richard Lane. FIFTH ROW: Joe Morris Luton, Jack Marshall, Harold Mattocks, James W. Mehl, David Miller, Terry Morrison, Tom Motley, James Olson, Jim Orebough, Turner T. Pope. SIXTH ROW: Stan Porch, Robert Prewitt, George Ray, Richard Sanders, Jerry Smith, Henry Speed, Thomas Stock, Harry Stoner, Ronald Strahan, Larry Swanson, Joel Thomas, SEVENTH ROW: Kent Tucker, A, P. VanMeter, Jim Wagnon, William Watson, Darel Wham, Ben Vtlilliams, Freddie Williams, Kent Williams, Laurence Williams, William Wilson, Lewis Wooiery 800 Chautauqua BETA THETA PI Participation in almost all phases of campus activity was the theme of Beta Theta Pi this year. Fraternity members earned sev- eral of the top scholastic campus honors, with the most important being the Interfraternity scholarship trophy. The Betas have Won this honor for seven consecutive semesters. Six members were chosen for Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, while another six were selected for Omicron Delta Kappa, outstanding junior and senior mens organization. Another feather in the Beta's cap was placing second in men's class A division in the Homecoming house decoration. The frater- nity also did wcll with the Beta group act entered in Sooner Scan- dals. Outstanding campus leaders include Ted lVlcGarter, selected for Who's Who, BMOC, Student Senate, Beta Gamma Sigma, ODK, Finance club, Sooner Yearbook staH and Seabbard and Bladeg Bob Webber, president of IRC and Phi Eta Sigma, co-chairman of CCR. member of YMCA, Pc-et and ODK. Others active in campus events are Steve Beckman, president of Student Senate, Pe-et and ODK, and member of UAB and Beta Gamma Sigma, selected for Whois Who, BMGC and recipient of the Dadis Day awardg Ierry Fronterhouse, member of Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, Pi Epsilon Tau, ODK, Pe-et, BMCG, St. Pat's council and Phi Eta Sigma. Gamma Phi chapter of Beta fraternity celebrated its 50th an- niversary this year. The chapter was founded on the OU campus in 1907. The social calendar also included a barn dance, senior dinner- dance, spring formal and pledge formal. I i ff --4 Scholastic Work Earns IFC Trophy FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. W. P. Vick, Tommy Armstrong, George W. Athey, Ron Clark Bailey, Robert L. Barr, J. Stephen Beckman, Joe L. Bell, Robert G. Berry, Dick L. Boone, Monty L. Bratcher, Don A. Carey. SECOND ROW: Kenneth Carpenter, Bob L. Casey, Stephen Cathey, Robert Clapp, Leslie Lynn Conner, Davis Coppedge, Robert L. Dale, Jimmy Drake, Dave W. Dreisker, William Durkee, Delmar Dykes. THIRD ROW: Tom Emerson, Charles Erwin, Richard Fellrath, Ronald W. Fore, Preston Gaddis, Bryan E. Gillespie, John L. Gibson, Fred Allen Gipson, Gaines L. Godfrey, James L. Gott, Charles C. Green. FOURTH ROW: John F, Griffith, Charles R. Hahn, Joe N. Harsh, Larry G. Hill, David Howard, Robert Hunter, William L. Jobe, E. Gordon King, Philip Kyle, Joe R. Love, William R. Lynn. FIFTH ROW: Wade McAlister, Pat C. McCarrolI, Ted McCarter,- William McDaniel, Douglas McDonald, John Meikle, Hal K. Muldrow, John A. Nance, Bill A. Need- ham, Jerry Lynn Nelms, William H. Noble. SIXTH ROW: Robert P. Osborne, Grover C. Olmun, Sam W. Pangburn, Ernest Plath, William S. Reeburgh, Robert Reid, Robert 8. Ringo, Harold V. Ritcheson, Gordon W. Rockett, Wayne Sansbury, Richard Schwartz. SEVENTH ROW: Fletcher Sharp, Robert E. Slocum, Joe T. Shelton, Don Allen Smith, Jerry L. Smith, Raymond O. Smith, Tom W. Spencer, Neil Stanfield, Frank Sweeney, Randy Thompson. EIGHTH ROW: John Van Aken, Charles Van Dyne, Ralph C. Vandiver, Robert Duff Webber, James W. White, Ronald H. White, Don- ald Lee Wiley, Owen D. Wilson, Sam E, Wilson, Larry L. Witherspoon. Q tm 815 Jenkins DELTA CHI Members and pledges of Delta Chi found a pleasing combina- tion of campus, social and scholastic activities and Worked diligently toward accomplishments in all three of these phases this year. One of the top campus personalities is Phil Martin, a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, Petroleum Engineers club, Pick and Hammer society, Society of Geological Engineers, Student Senate, Arnold Air Society, and selected for Whois Who in American Colleges and Universities and a Yearbook personality. Other members active in organizations include Frederick Ham- mcrt, IPC, Oklahoma Daily staff, League of Young Democrats, Cam- pus Chest, and Pep Council, Dana Simons, Engineers club, AIEE- IRE, St. Pat's Council and Eta Kappa Nu, and Iohn Sauer, Alpha Phi Omega, and Leadership Training council. Social life at the Delta Chi house included a harvest party. Christmas tea, French party and the annual Christmas formal with the selection of the White Carnation Queen. The fraternity was established at Cornell University in October, 1890, and now consists of 44 national chapters. Oklahoma Chapter was founded at the University of Oklahoma in May, 1927. Mrs. George W. Smith has served as hostess for the Delta Chis for the past year. Plans are underway for the remodeling of the present chapter house. Members are looking forward to next fall when the construc- tion and redecorating will begin, Campus leaders Receive Honors FIRST ROW, Ieff fo riqhl: Mrs. George W. Smilh, John M. Bufler, Ken nelh M. Coffelf, Gary Earl Copeland, Jimmy D. Dodson, Ralph W. Grani. SECOND ROW: Terence L. Irons, Joe B. James, Leo V. Legg, Bill Massad Roberf K. Nieburqer, Burlon Ray Ogden. THIRD ROW: Vance T. Peak, Arthur D, Peirce, Isaac William Roe, Gerald E. Russell, Raymond Salmon Jr., J. John Sauer. FOURTH ROW: Dana D. Simons, Frank L. Slegall Waller R. Traxler, Guy C. Wilson, Monle D. Wills, Herberf H. Wood George W. Zirkle. 700 Elm DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Une of the youngest fraternities on campus, Delta Kappa Ep- silon has done much to receive recognition since its founding here in l954. The fraternity has leaders in all phases of campus acitivity. Outstanding Dekes are Sherrill Whitten, a member of Sigma Gamma Tau, Engineers club, Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa and Tau Beta Pig Ierry Duncan, a member of Engineers club, St. Patis council and Petroleum Engineers club, Dcrrill Whitten, partici- pating in Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Gamma Tau, Omicron Delta Kappa and Phi Eta Sigma and selected BMOC, and Rick Kingelin, a mem- ber of the OU baseball team, Sooner Shamrock staH, IFC, Pick and Hammer club and Engineers club. The social calendar at the Deke house was filled with a variety of events including the Founders Day banquet, spring formal and the traditional Prohibition party. Mrs. Earl Harris has served as Deke hostess since the fraternity came on campus. The Dekes have redecorated their new house which they moved into the fall semester of l956. The house is of colonial design and is conveniently located next to the university campus. Among the well-known Deke alums are two presidents of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt and Rutherford B. Hayes, and 32 US Senatorsg also Admiral Peary, discoverer of the North Pole, and financiers, I. P. Morgan, Kingdon Gould, Arthur T. Vanderbuilt, and Winthrop Rockefeller. s MRS. EARL HARRIS Hostess OFFICERS The main ofliccrs are secret Ist Semester Social Chairman IIM DUNLAP 2nd Semester Social Chairman BRUCE SHARPE Having fun mixing their own are Elliott Miller, Ron Holcomb, Rodger Rudkin and Jerry Duncan as they make Achievements Are Many and Varied FIRST ROW, leff to righf: Jerry R. Aclon, Mike Barnes, Roberl Bowles J. Clark Bowling, Paul B. Bradley, Alfred C. Buckingham, John C. Buck ingham, Marion Buflerfield. SECOND ROW: Bob Campbell, Robert C. Copeland, Lawrence Cox, James E, Cullen, Jerry S. Duncan, James L. Dunlap, Millon T. Fore, Herberf Giles. THIRD ROW: Mack Griffin Ronald P. Holcomb, Gene H. Johnson, Frederick W. Kelly, Rick Kingelin Charles F. Loucks, Bob McVay, Tom Marzullo. FOURTH ROW: James E. Maffhews, Jack C. Meleer, Elliol W. Miller, Nobes E, Nicholl, James L. Noyes, Joseph V. Noyes, Alexander Oliphanl, Stephen L. Ozar. FIFTH ROW: Dan Reiler, Randy Robins, Rodger R. Rudkin, William R, Ryan, John Patrick Smifh, Bob A, Suloris, Ronald D. Terry, Presfon Trimble. SIXTH ROW: Dunny Vanice, Larry R. Wade, Roberl S. Ward, Ralph E. Warren, Max Weifzenhoffer, Derrill Gene Whilfen, Sherrill D. Whilfen, James A. Williams, Aubrey D. Wood. SI9 S. University Blvd. DEIIA SIGMA PHI Highlighting the yearas social activities, Delta Sigma Phi frater- nity entertained with the Sailors costume ball, Carnation ball and the annual Sphinx ball. Members were host to state alumni during the Founderis Day banquet and celebration. The newest fraternity at OU, Delta Sigma Phi established Delta Beta chapter on the campus in May, l956. The fraternity now has 98 national chapters with colors of green and white. Mrs. Louise Underwood has been the chapter hostess since it was established here. Members active in campus organizations are John W. Epperson, wing commander of AFROTC and winner of the Lions club award as an outstanding AFROTC cadet, and member of Delta Sigma Pig Larry P. Mozer, named BMOC, a member of Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Gamma Tau, Institute of Aeronautical Science, and Alpha Phi Omega, Pat E. Hensy, Phi Eta Sigma, American Institute of Chem- ical Engineers and American Chemical societyg and Stephen D. Myers, Scabbard and Blade, Engineers club and Petroleum Engineers club. Second semester officers of Delta Sigma Phi included Wayne Harris, presidentg Stephen D. Myers, vice president, Patrick E. Hensy, secretary, and Garland K. Smith, social chairman. Delta Sigma Phi was founded in New York City on December 10, l899. The fraternity was the result of a mutual and cooperative movement of students at the College of the City of New York, Co- lumbia University and New York University. GERALD LEE ALLEN President OFFICERS President .... GERALD ALLEN Vice-President . . . LARRY MozER Secretary ..... DAN TUCKER Social Chairman . . BOBBY RUSSELL A man can't get any sleep around here as Dan Tucker, Sieve Myers and Lee Fischer drag Jim Fenwick out of bed for his 8 o'cIock class. Social Activities Highlight Year FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. Louise Underwood, Clinton B. Allison, Elwood Andersen, Robert H. Andersen, Lawrence J. Brown, Kenneth B. Carter, Don S. Coleman. SECOND ROW: John W. Epperson, James R. Fenwick, Lee Fischer, Clarence H. Fulenwicler, Harry W. Green, Charles W. Harris, Patrick E. Hensy. THIRD ROW: Paul Alan James, Gary G. Jones, Larry Neal Kilbcrn, E. Charles Lewallen, Billy J. Locke, Richard E Morris, Larry P. Mozer. FOURTH ROW: Stephen D. Myers, Bobby R Russell, Harry O. Sims, Ted H. Smith, Royce M. Swaim, Gary Lee Tesch FIFTH ROW: Laurey D. Tucker, Donald Van Meter, Hugh L. Walters Jack T. Wellborn, Lawrence B. Wells, Alvin Lee Wicklfne. we - 630 Elm DELTA TAU DELTA Combining the talents of the individual members, Delta Tau Delta Won first place in the annual Barbershop Quartet contest. They scored third place in University Sing and second place in Sooner Scandals, both last spring. In other fields of activity, the Delts proved their ability by walk- ing OH with honors. The fraternity was rated second in intramural softball and third in football, With men winning first place honors in boxing for l957. Social life is not to be forgotten as the Delts entertained with the Delt Dive, an annual dance for which the fraternity goes all out decorating the inside and outside of the house, the fall formal, Christ- mas party, spring formal, and a Little Guyis party for underprivileged children in the Norman area. Delta Alpha chapter of Delta Tau Delta was established at the university in February, 1922. Mrs. Earl F. Ammons has served as the Delt hostess for five years. Included in the list of Delt campus leaders are lim Hall, a mem- ber of Student Senate, IFC, Phi Eta Sigma, Dmicron Delta Kappa, Pe-et, UAB, university athetic council and named to Who's Who, Paul R. McDaniel, Pe-et, Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa, BMOC, Homecoming committee, Who's Who, director of 1957 Sooner Scandals and winner of the Lottinville Award, and Iim Mc- Sherry, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, Menis Glec club, Sigma Gamma Tau and Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. JAMES LEO HALL, JR. President OFFICERS President . . .. . . JIM HALL Vice-President . . PAUL MCDANIEL Secretary .... HAROLD STEWART Social Chairman . . . BOB GOBLE Daniel. Getting together for a general b II on at the Delt house are Morgan, Ron Murray, J. D. Wo arie i s and Buzz M Member's Talents Win Contests FIRST ROW, left to right: Thomas D. Aitken, Robert T. Alquire, Gene R. Arnn, Charles M. Baker, Johnny O. Bearden, Clyde E. Bodenheimer, Wil- bur C. Bradley, Larry C. Brooks, Charles W. Brown, Charles E. Buchner. SECOND ROW: Chester L. Byrd, Jim W. Case, Charles B. Childs, Jeffrey M. Collar, Dale Crabtree, Bob D. Davis, William R. Denison, Richard E. Dixon, Charles M. Ellet, David J. Erwin. THIRD ROW: Allen D. Evans, Fred Faien, John M, Fish, Robert M. Fry, Tom B. Gobble, Jon F. Gray, Dennis E. Griffin, Ward Griffith, Arthur W. Hall, William C. Hammond. FOURTH ROW: Thomas P. Harrison, Paul W. Hathaway, William B, Hook, Neal M. Horton, Robert E. House, Jr., Bernie Lee Hulme, Jed J. Johnson, Jr., Robert L. Lewis, William F. Long, Paul R. McDaniel. FIFTH ROW: Ronald T. McDaniel, Jim C. McSherry, Robert C. MacMinn, John W. Mee, Jr., Frank W. Moore, James C. Morgan, Ron Murray, William W. Nelson, John M. Noftsger, Paul T. Norwood. SIXTH ROW: Louis H. Pitts, Jerry C. Powell, Robert S. Ray, Harold H. Reed, Jr., Laurence D. Reis, Jr., Robert R. Reis, Edwin E. Rice, Charles R. Rider, Donald N. Robertson, Rick Rountree. SEVENTH ROW: Tom D. Rutland, Richard N. Ryerson, Royal M. Samborn, Thomas C. Schneider, Robert R. Scott, Don R. Sherwood, Larry O. Sfeenrod, Patrick H. Taylor, Dan G. Teed, Donald F. Treps, Steve Trower. EIGHTH ROW: Jerry L. Tubb, George C. Vestal, Benny D. Wagner, Bob E. Wells, Rae B. White, James Alan Wilhite, Charles E. Williams, Robert R. Willis, Steve E. Wixson, J. D. Wolfenberger, Richard B, Worrell. 'TCH-iw K t A -1' 603 W. Brooks DELTA UPSILON One of the highlights of Delta Upsilon fraternity this year was a special trip to Missouri when the Sooners met MU in football in November. Two buses were chartered to carry members, dates, and sponsors to Columbia for a weekend of parties, celebration and the all-important game. The group, complete with streamers and ban- ners, was the most enthusiastic Sooner cheering scction during the football meet. Another anticipated campus event was the annual DU Feudal Dinner. The fraternity bedecked the inside and outside of the chap- ter house with paper stone walls, crests and armor to create the at- mosphere of an ancient Feudal castle. The festive evening was cli- maxed with the crowning of the DU Feudal Princess, Ioyce Foster, a member of Delta Gamma sorority. Also included in the fraternity's social calendar were the Pizza Pie party, Theater party, Easter Egg Hunt in which the sororities participate, spring formal and Senior dinner. Many campus leaders may be found at the DU house. These include Miles Anderson, vice chairman of Homecoming, beauty edi- tor of Sooner Yearbook, BMOC, and lFCg Stan Mann, editor of the Sooner Yearbook, and member of Student Senate committeeg Brad Thompson, president of Sigma Tau, BMOC, and member of Eta Kappa Nu and Student Senate. DU pledges worked hard to win the Interfraternity councilis scholarship trophy last spring. The honor is awarded to the pledge class which has the top scholastic average for the semester. The en- tire fraternity pitched in to win third place in the menis division of Homecoming decorations with their "Schooners to Soonersi' display. JOHN C. POWERS Presidenf OFFICERS President . . . IACK PowERs Vice-President . . . BOB SCHWARTZ Secretary . . . DAVE ARMSTRONG Social Chairman KEITH FREUDENTHAL Polishing the Wassail bowl in prepa- ration for the annual DU Fuedal din- ner are Ted Mefscher, Max Weaver and Joel Gisf. 356 Missouri Trip Highlights Year FIRST ROW, lefl lo riqhl: Miles C. Anderson, David P. Armsfronq, David H. Affaway, John M. Benson, Roy H, Barsh, Bill T. Brunson, Marvin E. Burge, Lee Burke, Gordon Cagle, David P. Chaney. SECOND ROW: Roger A. Chapman, Charles M. Cochran, John H. Cooper, Albert L. Crabfree, David B. Craig, Larry D. Crowell, Roberf Louis Drake, Neville B. Edenborough, John Farr, Donald H. Fielding. THIRD ROW: Keifh E. Freudenfhal, Larry J. Fulfon, James E. Gilchrisf, Joel K. Gisf, William A. Glass, Richard A. Glenn, Tom G. Hawthorn, Richard N. Johannes, James J. Johnslon, Bill Kline. FOURTH ROW: Glynn Lane, Jack Lawrence, Tom D, Ledbefler, Jerry McAdams, Douglas McCracken, Sfan Mann, Paul D. Massad, Frank B. Meaders, Ted Mefscher, H. Ray Moore. FIFTH ROW: John W. Morrison, Thomas J. O'Brian, Bill R. Owens, Emmell A. Palmer, Jim Patterson, David Penn, William Z. Penn, Garland Perry, Charles R. Plank. SIXTH ROW: Jerry L. Posfon, Thomas J. Powers, William Reid, Jack Reulelhuber, Hugh D. Rice, James M. Robinson, Roberf A, Schwarh, Don I. Scoif, Thomas E. Seymour, SEVENTH ROW: Richard Larry Shep- heard, James N. Sommerfruchl, Roger B. Sprague, Peler Slone, Brad Thompson, Roberf W. Thompson, Max E. Weaver, Jr., Waller 8. Whilden, Jack Young. 60I Cruce KAPPA ALPHA Victory belonged to the Kappa Alphas this year as they trampled the Beta Theta Pis 39-0 in the annual campus Beer Bowl. Held in Owen stadium, the football game is a fifty-year-old contest between the two fraternities. This year marked the 34th victory for the KAs. The Beer Bowl game is the second oldest bowl game in the United States, next to the Rose Bowl contest. In other phases of sports activities, thc KAS placed first in last springs' intramural golf tournament. Five members of the fraternity are players on the OU varsity baseball team. Outstanding campus leaders from the KA house are Bill Wise, editor of the Oklahoma Daily. Yearbook personality, and member of Alpha Delta Sigma, KUVY radio staff, Arnold Air society, Union Board of Managers and Sooner Yearbook staff, Bill Carr, selected for Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, BIVIOC, treasurer of Student Senate and member of Omicron Delta Kappa, and lake Wright, member of Trident society, IFC, Society for the Advance- ment of Management and League of Young Republicans. Founded in December, l865, Kappa Alpha established Beta Eta chapter on the OU campus in l905, making KA the oldest fraternity at the university. Preserving the old southern spirit, KA annually entertains with its famous Dixie dance, one of the spring highlights of the campus. Other social activities include the Plantation ball, Suppressed Desire party, Christmas party, Legacy dinner, KA Rose dessert, and Con- vivium, a celebration of Robert E. Lee's birthday. WILLIAM D. CARR President OFFICERS President .... WILLIAM CARR Vice-President . GLENN STEPHENSON Secretary ..... W. H. BAKER Social Chairman RICHARD V. ARMSTRONG mf Enioying a coffee break in the room of Mrs. W. C. Vernon, KA hostess, are Dick Armstrong, Bill Phillips and Gib Neville. Members Triumphant in Bowl Game FIRST ROW, lefl fo righr: Richard G. Allen, Richard V. Armslrong, Wil- liam H. Baker, R. Bruce Barnes, Don Barrefl, Cary Boddeker, Myron Bond, Wall' Bowarf, John Bradshaw, Roberr Brenf, David S. Browning, Charles D. Campbell. SECOND ROW: Joel Carr, James Carroll, James B. Carler, John C. Casper, Roberl Chandler, W. Scort Chickering, Ken Chlouber, Dan K. Clark, David Clary, A. Benlon Cocanougher, Harwin Cook, Harvey D. Cramer. THIRD ROW: David Dean, Slanley D. Dodds, Narhaniel Duf- fiel, James K, Dysarf, Richard C. Elmore, John Fleer, Larry Gallin, Joe Griffilh, Jim Haddock, Roberr Haney, Chuck Handly, Edwin L. Hansen, Jr. FOURTH ROW: Jim Hardwick, Richard Harris, Jim Harrison, James Hayes, Charles F. Hill, Jr., Karl Holder, David M. Hursl, Jimmy M. Jones, Eddie Keller, Edward Keller, Frank Kelly, Kem Kelly. FIFTH ROW: Frank Koers, Sam Lackey, Ralph Lee, Russell Linker, George A. Love, John F. Love, James McAlisfer, James R. McCasland, Bill McCormick, Dennis M. McMahon, Michael Mahood, John Mason. SIXTH ROW: Baynard C. Meador, T. Richard Medley, Joe Mellon, David Meyer, Sam D. Miller, Tom W. Miller, Jack T. Mills, Jim Moore, James P. Morgan, Michael J. Murphy, William E. Nelfle, Jr., Gib Neville. SEVENTH ROW: Ben New- comer, Winlon Noah, Farrell Odom, Donald O'Malley, Sieve Owen, David Pagel, William J. Phillips, Vernon E. Pringle, Roland Powell, Jerry P. Ralzliff, Wesf Reaves. EIGHTH ROW: David M. Richey, Phil D. Roberls, T. Van Roberls, Douglas W. Roberlson, Bill Roufh, Gerry M. Shaffer, Rich- ard J. Sidwell, Douglas W. Smilh, Roberl' C. Spurlock, Gilberl T. Slallinqs, Glenn L. Slephenson, Jr. NINTH ROW: Jerry Tobey, Paul Turnball, Rob- ert Tway, Thomas Valenline, James H. Wall, Frederick M. Warden, Jr., Willis W. Warden, Alberf P. Weeks, Michael D. Whorfon, Bill M. Wise, John J. Wriqhl. IIOO South College KAPPA SIGMA One of the prized awards given each year at the university is the Kappa Sigma fraternity's "Sorority of the Yeari' trophy. The win- ning of the trophy is based on a point system which includes grades, house activities, individual activities and intramural participation. All of the campus sororties are eligible and the proud winner last spring was Gamma Phi Beta. The social calendar of Kappa Sig is filled with a Christmas for- mal, housemothers Christmas party, New Years party, Hellzapoppin, costume party and the annual Rose formal. Participating in intramural sports, Kappa Sig was runner-up in football and placed first in wrestling. Last spring the fraternity was runner-up in intramural softball. Founded on the OU campus in l906, Gamma Kappa chapter is one of l30 national chapters of the fraternity. Kappa Sigma was first established in 1869 at the University ol Virginia. Some of the outstanding members of Kappa Sig are Maurice Box, vice president of the Engineers club, member of Omicron Delta Kappa and American Institute of Chemical Engineersg Ioe Iones, member of Varsity "On club, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma and Scabbard and Bladeg Iohn Hughey, member of Xi Mu, Economics club and League of Young Democratsg and lack Bache, member of Public Relations society, Intramural board and chairman of the lnterfraternity council athletic committee. Mrs. John Smith has served as Kappa Sig hostess for the past three years. JOHN ROBERT HUGHEY President OFFICERS President . . . . IOHN I-IUGHEY Vice-President . . . STAN RUGELEY Secretary .... BOB WANTLAND Social Chairman . . .DICK WRIGHT .qw , aa .La Proud of their championship inlra- mural football lrophy are Kappa Sig members Don Douglas, Claren Mays, Maurice Box and Stan Rugeley. Fraternity Awards Coveted lrophy FIRST ROW, lefl 'ro righl: Charles Acker, John E. Adams, Paul D. Ausiin, Jack Bache, Robert Bader, Richard Barnell, Charles Booze, Maurice D. Box, Horace Brewsler, Harold W. Brown, Jr. SECOND ROW: William L, Bullen, Jr., J. Michael Burke, Jack Cahoon, Jr., Roberl R. Cochrane, Ted Collins, Jr., Gary E. Cox, Ches Culp, Roberl Culp, Jim Culwell, Creslon C. Culchall. THIRD ROW: John R. Dorr, Don Douglas, Howard C. Frank, Freeman Gall, James H, Gamble, John V, Givens, Howie Hesler, Ronald M. Hill, Bob B. Houslon, Gary C. Huckabay. FOURTH ROW: Gene lmke, Joe R. Jones, Roberl O. Joyner, William B. Kennedy, Bill L. Kidd, Lawrence M. Kimrey, Robe-rf Kingsbury, Roberl Kroney, Ray Laminack, David Lampl. FIFTH ROW: Mauri Lampl, Gene Leach, Roberl L. Lhul- lier, Ross McConnell, Milton J. McDermoH, Marcus N. McElroy, George C. McKinnis, Jack H. Mayfield, Jr., Miles C. Mays, William M. Merrill. SIXTH ROW: Thomas Morris, Buddy Neighbors, Joseph Buddy Ouiesky, Charles P. Perkins, Pal' Pugh, Bob Reavis, David Reavis, Sian Rugeley, Jakie Sandifer, Frank H. Seay, Thomas J. Sibley, SEVENTH ROW: Pal Sims, Don Smilh, Howard N, Smifh, Norman Sfandefer, Bill Slephens, John Sfuarl, Keni' Swain, Don Tale, Syl Joe Tesla, Bill R. Tracewell, Roberf G. Tracy. EIGHTH ROW: William F. Turman, Darrell Vincenf, Paul Walker, Roberl L. Wanlland, Ford Lee While, Wes A. Whilllesey, W. DeArmond Wiles, Raymond L. Winslead, Jr., Paul D. Wifi, Richard Wrighl, Tom E. Yates. 904 South College LAMBDA CHI ALPHA A gracious and beloved person at the Lambda Chi Alpha house, Mrs. W. H. O,Connor, hostess, was voted the outstanding Lambda Chi housemother by the national fraternity. On the OU campus, she is president of the Hostesses, club, an organization of sorority and fraternity housemothers. An outstanding year saw Lambda Chi intramural teams take third or better in spring sports while the fall football squad captured a league title. The fraternity placed first in Dads' Day attendance, Mothers' Day attendance and the Engineers show for the second con- secutive year. The house Barbarshop quartet won the annual contest and the fraternity placed second in the University Sing. After the Victory party concluding rush Week, Lambda Chis en- tertained at the White Rose formal, where the chapter's queen was crowned. The Christmas party came next, followed by the Trade Winds costume party. The annual spring formal climaxed the mem- bers' social year. Campus leaders among the Lambda Chis include Ron Elkins, president of UAB, vice president of Pe-et, Whois Who in American Colleges and Universities, BMOC and Omicron Delta Kappa, David Glenn, president of Wesley foundation, a member of Tau Beta Pi, Gamma Tau Kappa and Trident society, and Ierome Hemry, presi- dent of UAC, a member of Omieron Delta Kappa, Xi Mu and Phi Eta Sigma. Other outstanding members are Dwight Smith, editor of Sooner Shamrock and a member of St. Pat's council, and Mike McCafferty, outstanding freshman, a member of UAC, Phi Eta Sigma and the University Band. RONALD C. ELKINS President OFFICERS President ..... RON ELKINS Vice-President . . . DICK QUADII Secretary . . . CHUCK DESHONG Social Chairman . . JOHN WOLLEY and Ron Cutler. Selecting their own hit parade of tune l on the Lambda Chi iuke box are Bill l Harber, Jerry Beveridge, Barr y Hudso Hostess Receives National Honor FIRST ROW, leff fo right: Thomas B. Baines, James C. Bass, John W. Beck, David W. Bell, Roy G. Blake, Thomas Bush, Bill Caldwell, Larry Clark, Sam Clarke, H. L. Criles. SECOND ROW: Gene M. Cunningham, R. L. Culler, James Denlon, Charles DeShong, William Donley, Dannie E. Duggan, Gerald R. Frazier, William Frensley, Finis Gillespie, David H. Glenn. THIRD ROW: Samuel D. Goodwin, Ralph Grounds, Jerry D. Hagan, William C. Harber, Bill Harlan, John Haslie, Jerome Hemry, Mike Henderson, Dick Holcomb, Barry M. Hudson. FOURTH ROW: Thomas L. Hughes, James Jones, Sidney Jones, Maurice Joy, Harold Kallenberger, Carl Krepper, Kalman Kulszegi, Owen Lafferly, E. T. Laird, Chuck Lines. FIFTH ROW: Mike E. Lord, Palrick McCabe, Michael McCafferly, Tom Maher, Allen D. Meese, Loren D. Moses, Roberf Harold R. Paden, David Powell, Olen D. Presley, Reifer. SEVENTH ROW: Stephen Meese, James Mills, Bruce J. Moody, M. Nerem. SIXTH ROW: William Paapanen, M. Pierce, Don A. Pierce, Lynn R. Pinson, Sam Charles R. Quade, Don L. Randall, Pulnam K. Neal Robinson, Melvin V. Rogers, John M, Ryan, Tom P. Sailors, Richard Sandlin, Roger Schultz, Gilbert Scrivner, Mike Seikel, Dennis M, Sharp, Fred Singlelon. EIGHTH ROW: Lee Dwighf Smilh, Bill Slauss, Carl G. Sfephenson, George Talboff, Donald Taylor, Paul A. Tharp, Jr., Pele Werl, Ronald D. Whillen, John L. Wooley. I 400 South College PHI DELTA THETA With a long list of campus activities and honors, Oklahoma Alpha chapter of Phi Delta Theta is proudest of its award as top Phi Delt chapter in in the nation. Members also capped the fraternity all-intramural trophy and won the i957 Sooner Scandals trophy in the fraternity group division. Among the campus leaders are members Page Dobson, vice presi- dent of Student Senate, Whois Who, a Yearbook personality, BMOC, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Alpha Delta, voted outstanding Student Senator, Dick McKnight, president Student Senate, BMOC, president of Xi Mu, vice president of senior class, Whois Who, Pe-et, Omicron Delta Kappa, Scabbard and Blade and DMS, and Richard Harkins, member ol Pe-et, Sigma Delta Pi, BMOC, Whois Who, Seabbard and Blade, Student Senate and Yearbook personality. The social whirl at the Phi Delt house included such fraternity traditionals as the fall formal, Suppressed Desire costume party, Christmas party, Homecoming Finals banquet, Pledge-Member party, Legacy banquet and spring formal. Serving Oklahoma Alpha chapter as second semester officers are Bob Richardson, president, Hugh Driggers, vice president, Dean Rich- ardson, secretary, and Bob McDonald, social chairman. Mrs. Helen Williams is hostess. Two varsity golf lettermen are members of Phi Dell. Bob Rich- ardson is OU Invitiational Golf champion and lack Moore holds the title of Big Seven Coll champion. PAGE DOBSON President OFFICERS President . . . PAG15 DOBSON Vice-President . . IOHN WILLIFORD Secretary .... BRUCE TORBETT Social Chairman . . JOE MusoL1No , sw 5,,.z,,., ,,.., . ,... , . 1-V? fms, ' f sac, ay' si' , ,, if fy' 'fffifi J 7 . X K .fiffwf ... fi' . 3 Being oriented into the ranks of Ph Goodwin and Joh Williford explain national activities Oklahoma Alpha ls lop Chapter FIRST ROW, lefk Io righl: Kennelh T. Anderson, Raymond Baker, Larry Banks, Howard Berkey, Waller Berry, Gary Buren, Don Bradshaw, Robert Brandenburg, William Brown, Roberf B. Buller. SECOND ROW: Gary Clark, John C. Coleman, Ernest F. Collins, Joseph S. Corner, Roberf Cox, Bill Crowell, Bill Dale, Harold Dobson, Hugh Driggers, John Eurron. THIRD ROW: David Fagin, Doug F, Fleer, Charles E. Fosler, Phil Frazier, Dan Fullerlon, Richard W. Gable, Nelson Garner, Dee Edward Givens, William Givens, R. Kinnan Golemon. FOURTH ROW: Charles Goodwin, Charlie I. Gorman, Thomas Gormley, Sam Hamra, Richard Harkins, Phillip Harriss, David Halcher, Ben Haynes, Charles W. Henry, Jr., Simon Hughes. FIFTH ROW: Donald Hyalf, Jimmy Jones, Ronald K. Jones, Michael Kelly, M. G. Lesserr, Thomas Mclndoe, Kennelh N. McKinney, Dick F. McKnighl, Jerry Mandeville, Jerry Miles. SIXTH ROW: Donald Moore, Jack Moore, William B. Moore, Jr., Bill Morris, J. Scolf Morrison, Joseph Musolino, Paul Nave, Larry H. Neeley, Doug Nelson, Morris Orr. SEVENTH ROW: Terry Ozmer, Wallace Pardoe, John C. Pearson, John T. Pellow, William Perkins, Kennerh W. Reagan, Michael Regan, Dean Richardson, Roberr W. Richardson, Donald Ridley, Gran? Rilchey. EIGHTH ROW: James Russell, Nathan Scarrifr, Richard W. Scarrill, Floyd Skarky, G. L. Slanislav, William P. Thompson, Harry Todd, Bruce A. Torbeif, William C. Vandevenler, Jim Warken+in, John L. Williford. i will it is r Masai341:wAffes,,,,,.. ' . . V J ,,, H Y 4 .21-fn"-1,,,,,,,,,.f A f, ..............,-M- , Q, ,Me , ,D j ,,,.,,,,,3,.J, ,, t , V V, Z , ' 'Lf ,fi .rs-ri,L,'Q my f dx, in .M ,pr,:,,.Q-+ I j ,,f jimwfff -,digg ,7fYg5A,,f,5,r,, , V. 13,45 ,-,, ,54::.5,- A . , 'QW ' . . sf' " ,ff . ew , T, - ,:traaef+,2ft2.,wr"'sf-'+.e':1fr ' A ' - f ff A A ,1-A ,Q , L, ' v ww ff .1w+ ' N ' . , TL ff. in A4 1' w,ufeg,f r fini W t Y, tr-'rf V X fe' M A Q: ,vs M1 . V, H4514 , A A , , f L 5. 'avr f'M'A7,.. A 'f'fi3"f:,' , "wr-,,,f-9' ., , A n 596' Law P. 'rgffjft wwe. , ' ff ,Ti -a., j,ifL5g i"'. -, f ' -+ -' -' 4 ' 1' f ttf :rev f W D " Q - wr' H Ii' rt , T 4f'W3:f'f, is A A -5 . ' I ' I 200 South College PHI GAMMA DELTA One of the most gala social events on the campus is the Phi Gamma Delta Fiji Night Club party. The traditional formal dance is complete with night club music and atmosphere. Carrying out the festive theme, Phi Cams entertained with the Black and White party and the annual favorite-the Fiji Island party. Many campus leaders may be found at the Phi Cam house. Among those active in OU organizations are Alan Avery, a member of Pi Epsilon Tau, Arnold Air society, Petroleum Engineers club, Sooner Shamrock staff, Sigma Tau and Engineers clubg Bill Holt, vice president of Phi Eta Sigma, member of Young Democrats club and an honor resident of Cross Center, and Ken Sparks, a mem- ber of Student Senate, Intcrfraternity council and selected BMOC. Other outstanding members include Ben Benedum, editor of the IFC rush manual, a member of Young Democrats club and co- chairman of Greek Week, and Kent Meyer, president of junior IFC, vice chairman of Campus Chest carnival and publicity chairman of Sooner Scandals. Since Nu Omega chapter was established on the OU campus in 1917, Phi Gam members have found a pleasing combination of so- cial, scholastic and campus activities. Mrs. Ralph B. Kramer has just completed her first year as the fraternity's hostess. Four years ago the chapter built a large modern house covering one block on South College. The patio and spacious lawn are the scene of many chapter parties and functions. r JOHN R. CARLSON President 0 F F l C E R S President . . IOHN R. CARLSON Secretary . . KENNETH SPARKS Treasurer . . . JACK E. WHITE Social Chairman . . HANK DOTSON '29i7'si?fs4?f . ,mfrwf 'ue W. W 3 ' ? JE' 5 i 3 A32 X' A- View.. jf ,V ,,, v ru' V -. vi ' The camera catches the eye of Tina, Phi Gam mascot, while Wayne Hut- chinson, Mike Burdick, Marve Pegues, Ben Benedurn and Jack Roberts adjust their crest. Fiji Party ls lop Social Event FIRST ROW, lefl lo righl: Dale Anderson, James C. Alkins, Jr., Alan Avery, Taylor Bassell, Bill Bealon, Ralph D. Bernier, James S. Blackburn, John R. Bozalis, David W. Brown, Buff Burlis. SECOND ROW: J. Edwin Carman, Jan E, Carlwrighl, M. Wayne Chesnul, Mark Connolly, Palrick A. Considine, Jim Cunningham, William Denman, Bill Dudley, Tom Dulaney, Terry Dunlap. THIRD ROW: Jack Durland, Bob Eddins, Ken? Fleming, William Gamble, Al Grage, Dick L. Griffilh, Bob Grimmell, William Gurley, Bob Harris, Richard Horlon. FOURTH ROW: Dick Howard, Larry Hughes, Hugh Jones, D. Wayne Hulchinson, George Kadane, Joe Kennedy, Ray Kinsinger, Rudy J. Koch, Gary LaGere, Richard E. Lamplon. FIFTH ROW: Pal Lealhers, Sleve LeValley, Guy H. Liebmann, Roberl D. Loch- ridge, John Loller, Roberl Loosley, Larry Lulz, Gene W. Mahanay, Jr., James D. Man, D. Kenl Meyers. SIXTH ROW: Jim Moore, Edward Moran, Louis Mosley, Larry Mulkey, Roberl G. Mullendore, Tom F. Myers, Everell Neff, Jerry Neff, William L. Oliver, Jr., Homer Paul. SEVENTH ROW: Marvin Pegues, Don Poulson, Donald Puddy, Rich Ralcliffe, William Rob- inson, William W. Rodgers, Jr., R. Forney Sandlin, James W. Savage, Jr., John O. Sparks, Kennelh Sparks. EIGHTH ROW: Roberl Teague, William Towery, Alberl Upsher, Leeman Jack Wall, Roberl Walls, Noel L. Welsh, Jr., Slanley E. While, Tom 6. Whilney, Ben Wileman, Michael Williams. 720 Elm PHI KAPPA PSI Stretching across the Phi Kappa Psi front yard, the pompom replica of a teepee and enormous powerhouse Won the fraternity first place in the menis housing division of Homecoming decorations. The red and White structure Was approximately I5 feet high and had foot- hall players revolving in and out of it. Social life at the Phi Psi house was not lacking in variety as the fraternity entertained with the fall formal, Poverty costume hall, Roaring Twenty's costume party and the annual spring formal. Active in campus organizations are Paul Ieffrics, a member of Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, Sigma Gamma Epsilon and Gamma Tau Kappag Richard Bower, active in Sigma Pi Sigma. Student Senate, Phi Eta Sigma and Sabre Air Command, Williain B. Nichols, member of So- ciety of Geological Engineers. Scabhard and Blade and Engineers clubg Chris Mugler. memher of UAB. Trident society and Sigma Delta Chi, and Ierry Rogers, active in Phi Eta Sigma. Oklahoma Alpha. one of 60 Phi Psi chapters. was founded at the OU campus in l920. The fraternity is purchasing lots adjacent to the present chapter house and plans are being made to enlarge the Iraternity's quarters. Serving the fraternity as second semester president is William Nichols, assisted hy Clinton Futrell, vice president, Ierry Rogers, sec- retary, and Barry Smith, social chairman. lVlrs. Earnest Ross has heen hostess of Phi Psi for the past three years. PAUL I. JEFFRIES President OFFICERS President ..... PAUL IEFFRIHS Vice-President . VVILLIAM NICHOLS Secretary . , . . MORRIS CURRY Social Chairman . . DAVE SMITH Pictures fell The story! Dave Redman, Jim Norihculf and Bill Nichols show the latest Phi Psi party photos lo Mrs. Ernest Ross, hostess. Powerhouse Wins Homecoming Prize FIRST ROW, lefl lo righl: Jack H. Andrus, William J, Baird, Jr., Dan Beakey, Brooks Bell, Richard Bower, John Brooks, Bill Burgess, Mervin D. Clemenls, Jr, SECOND ROW: Roberi G. Corzine, Richard P. Crowder, Morris S. Curry, Darryl D. Dixon, Kennelh L. Elder, John C. Engelson, Jim D. Flelcher, Charles P. Freeman. THIRD ROW: David R. Furr, Clinlon C, Fufrell, David L. Gilmore, Ed J. Glasser, Frederick W. Heinke, Danny R. Hill, Ralph L. Howell, Dick S, Hunsinger. FOURTH ROW: Frank Ingra- ham, John C. Koch, Gerald H. Kursar, Don Lilchford, James Loving, Larry Lyon, Buddy McMullin, William Maberry. FIFTH ROW: Dick Mason, Dennis Maxey, Fred Merrill, Thomas M. Moore, Chrislopher Mugler, Fred- erick Mugler, Daniel E. Nesom, William B. Nichols, Everelf Nolle. SIXTH ROW: Tommy Owens, David A, Paine, John L. Powell, William Rhoades, Jerry Rogers, Phil Sisney, David Smilh, Palrick B. Smilh, Neilson Spann. SEVENTH ROW: George W. Slubbs, Gerald Tankersley, Don Tillman, James Tiplon, Tony Voorheis, John Welker, John Wesl, La'ry Wilder, J. Hardy Windham. I 736 Elm PHI KAPPA SIGMA Sooner activities and organizations are no strangers to Phi Kappa Sigma members, who participate in all phases ol campus life. Music is one of the top ranking fields of endeavor for several members. Gary Gosdin served as OU band drum major. Dick Bouchett is active in Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, the National Guild of Student Organists and the University Choir, with Bob Roberts a member of the Menis Glee club. Bouchett and Roberts are also members oi Phi Eta Sigma, with Roberts participating in Wesley Foundation, UAC and Sigma Theta Epsilon. Bob McCoy is a member ol Engineers club, Society of En- gineering Physicists, BMOC. ROTC Cadet Colonel, Scabbard and Blade and Society of Military Engineers. Ed Wagner, a BMOC, is active in Phi Eta Sigma, UAC and was named the outstanding stu- dent in government. On the social side of college life, the Phi Kaps entertained with their traditional Black and Gold Christmas formal, the Shipwreck ball costume party, a Pizza party, Hill Billy party and spring formal. The fraternity entered the largest men's group act in the En- gineers, Variety show, with their version of "Iulius Caesar", which won third place. Members went all-out with their house decorations during Homecoming and, also, entered the University Sing contest during the spring Mothers, Day celebration. Founded nationally in 1850, Phi Kappa Sigma established Omi- cron chapter at the university in l929. Mrs. Lydia Honess has served as Phi Kap hostess since l953. GLENN H. CRAWFORD, JR, President OFFICERS President . , GLENN CRAWFORD, IR. Vice-President .... BOB MCCOY Secretary .... PAUL CANNON Social Chairman . GORDON JACKSON Inspecting their outside grill and fire- place are Phi Kappa Sigs George Henley, Chuck Guinn, Emmett Henley and Robert Boufi. Activities Flavor College lile FIRST ROW, lefl lo righl: Jim H. Abernalhy, James L. Allinqham, James R. Allred, Daniel D. Allqell, Ben B. Bealor, Jerry J. Bernardy, Richard T. Bouchelf, Roberl W. Bouiz, Waller Bower. SECOND ROW: Edward L. Boykin, David E. Boylan, Jim W. Bruce, Jr., Carl Buck, Dale Buller, C. Lyne Buzzard, Jay Cannon, Roberi Caslellion, Joe H. Crosby, THIRD ROW: James Early, Joe Eoff, Joe Farr, Sian Forbes, Paul Fronferhouse, William Frye, Terry Gan-elf, Charles Gasaway, Don D. Gorman. FOURTH ROW: Gary Gosdin, Charles Guinn, Byron G. Hall, William Harris, Em- meli Henley, George Henley, Bill Hile, Jerry Hobbs, William Huddlesfon. FIFTH ROW: Gordon Jackson, Bill L, Johnson, Earl Kilchen, Ferenc L. Korompai, Waller Lamberi, Shelby Lawson, John Lillie, Roberi McCoy, James McFarlane, Thomas Matheson. SlXTH ROW: Bufch Merkle, Billy Miller, Paul Mogridqe, Sidney Ohmari, R, G. Parker, Bob Fellow, Carl F, Ponca, L. Weldon Roberfs, James Sleed, Harold Sundvahl, SEVENTH ROW: James J. Taliaferro, Jr., William Thomas, George Thompson, Tom Tolberl, James Toilen, John Toiien, S. Edward Wagner, John C. Ward, Don W. Wesifall, George Woolan. l 300 South Elm Pl KAPPA ALPHA Still getting use to their ,new quarters, the Pi Kappa Alphas moved into their chapter house early in the spring. Construction was begun last spring on the house, which now greatly enlarges the PiKAs facilities. Members are proud of their eommendation from the Oklahoma State Senate which was presented the chapter for the Work done at the Cerebral Palsy Institute at Norman last spring. PiKA pledges worked at the institute as a part of their pre-initiation duties. Since Beta Omicron chapter was established on the university campus in 1920, the fraternity has added many traditional activities to its social calendar. The most popular ones are the Victory party, Pledge Party, Black and White formal, Dream Girl formal, Apache costume party, Dream Girl tea and Housemother tea. Members also entertain underprivileged children in the Norman area with a party at Christmas time. Some of the outstanding PiKA campus leaders are George Spen- eer, a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Xi Mu, Phi Alpha Theta, UAB, History club and YMCA, George C. Wiese, member of Student Sen- ate, Phi Eta Sigma, Freshman orientation committee and national president of the Chancery club, Gary D. Gibson, a Distinguished Military Student, member of Delta Sigma Pi, Arnold Air Society and student conduct committee, and George Hazelrigg, member of Stu- dent Senate, Phi Eta Sigma, IFC, Engineers club, UAB and Xi Mu. Last year Beta Omicron ranked seventh out of the l20 national chapters of PiKA. .. sffilm . It T 'W" MM' Suv! DON E. HAMILTON President OFFICERS President . . . DON E. HAMILTON Vice-President . GEORGE B. SPENCER Secretary . . . CHARLES V. HILLS Social Chairman CHARLES C. PERKINS A dream becoming a reality-the PiKAs check the actual house with the blue print, Here are Bill Rush, Jack Lenertz, Edward Renner and Don Ham- Hon. Members Enjoy New Chapter Home 1' GCR sa V, an-f 'vu gk K' 'MP ,, dflr- 'Q' 46' ...v Ne- FIRST ROW, lefl ro Brensinq, Jr., Francis Richard Cooper. SECOND ROW: Richard Courtney, Robert Dixon, Larry French, Gary Gibson, George Hazelrigg, Gary Hesler, Charles Hills, Paul J. Hockersmilh. THIRD ROW: William Howie, James E. Key, Louis S. Kovash, Jr., Roy Lane, Larry W. Lee, Jack Lenertz, David Lindsey, Lou D. Lindsey. FOURTH ROW: Jack Long, Roger Long, Pele Manos, Allan righl: Mrs. Velma Forck, Leonard Ball, Nelson E. Buck, Ross A. Burnell, Jackie Byram, Dave Cargill, Munkres, Roberl L, Murphy, Richard L. Newlon, Doyle Pallon, Don Peery. FIFTH ROW: Charles C. Perkins, Jerry Planl, Tom Price, Parnell Privelle, Edward F. Renner, Dan Riddell, Joe Savage, Thomas S. Simms. SIXTH ROW: Duggan Smith, George Spencer, Don C. Slephens, Emrneff Sum- mers, Allan Talge, Lovan Thomas, Robert Vinyard, George Wiese, John H. Wood. M, gn, it we ' rr .- 373 l20l South College Pl LAMBDA PHI Pi Lambda Phi fraternity boasts many presidents of campus organizations and leaders in university activities. Among the top campus-wise members is Arnold Fagin, Phi Beta Kappa, selected as top junior law student and Outstanding senior man, named for WhO's Who in American Colleges and Universities and BMOC, a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma and past vice president Of the Student Senate. Others include Charles Schusterman, vice president of Pe-et, member of Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Tau, Engineers club, Pershing Rifles and a Yearbook personality, and Myron Silverstein, winner Of President Cross, Good Citizenship award, outstanding Student Senator and vice president of the Big Eight Student Senate association. Founded on the Sooner campus in 1922, the Pi Lams moved into their new S300,000 chapter house this fall. Located On South College, the modernistic house was designed by Bruce Goff, a former member of the OU faculty. The house is a triangular shaped struc- ture with an exterior construction of aluminum and glass. Among the social activities on the Pi Lam agenda were the tra- ditional Homecoming party, spring house party and the annual fra- ternity iavorite-the Bowery party. Second semester oflicers for the chapter include Gordon Zuber, prcsidentg Charlie Eagin, vice presidentg Larry Beckerman, secretary, and Ierry Zitterman, social chairman. RONALD PAUL JACOBSON President 0 F F I C E R S President . . . RON JACOBSON Vice-President . . , RON FREED Secretary . . . . TOM SITRIN Social Chairman . . SAM ESTERKYN Finding some interesting reading ma- terial in the Pi Lam library are Marvin Goldstein, Paul Gershon, Harry Merson and Max Shafran. Activities Bring Campus Honors FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. Richard C. Levy, Stanley Aaronson, Thomas Abels, Arnold Aberson, Stuart Aks, Jack Baker, Edward Baum, Gary Beck- erman, Larry Beckerman, Mickey Berkowich, Robert Bernstein, Max Berry. SECOND ROW: William Berry, Marc Blumenfeld, Fred Bordman, Fred Braun, Ron Brodkey, Norman Burk, Byron Capito, Lawrence Cohan, Clifton Cohn, Donald Coplin, Gerald Coplin, Darryl Edelman. THIRD ROW: Lary Emmer, Sam Esterkyn, Marshall Estrin, Carl Faqin, Charles Fagin, Ken Feiger, Ronald Freed, Norman Gelphman, Paul Gershon, Michael Goldman, Gary Goldstein, Howard Goldstein. FOURTH ROW: Marvin Goldstein, Marshall Gordon, Coleman Greenberg, Don Greenberg, Leon Haimes, Jerry Harper, Gerald Heller, Bruce Horwich, Barry Howard, Nor- man Jacobson, Steve Janger, Marvin Joseph. FIFTH ROW: Robert Joseph, Phil Klein, Irwin Kornfeld, Victor Ladd, Norman Landa, Emil Levine, Jay Levine, Steve Levy, Jack Livingston, Vernon Lotman, Bruce Magoon. SIXTH ROW: Harry Merson, Bob Merson, Herbert Miller, Jerry Miller, Buddy Mitelman, Gordon Myerson, Arthur Novak, Richard Polansky, Gary Polsky, Henry Raskin, Steven Ritz. SEVENTH ROW: William Rosen, Beniamin Rosenberg, Howard Rosenberg, Stanley Rosenfield, Mark Rubin, Bob Sandi- ten, Allan Saxe, Charles Schusferman, Mal Shafran, Jay Shapiro, Richard Shulman. EIGHTH ROW: Myron Silverstein, Tom Sitrin, Stephen Smith, Richard Solar, Alvin Sorkin, David Suckle, Philip Swartz, Donald Witt, Mike Wolfson, Henry Zapruder, Gordon Zuber. , , -+ar-1 --Y 730 College SIGMA ALPHA EPSIION Intramural sports found Sigma Alpha Epsilon teams high in the winners, spot as they capped second place in the contest for the Ira- ternity intramural trophy last spring. Carrying out that record, the SAEs entered teams in most sports this year. In another phase of campus life, the fraternity members won first place in the men's division of the all University Sing last Mothers' Day. In the field ol' activities and organizations, SAE campus leaders include lim Dolman, member of UAC, IFC and vice chairman of the Popular Series, Lanny Trotter, member ol Pe-et, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Drill Team, Sabre Air Command, IFC and UAC, and Roger Louis, member of Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Delta Phi Alpha, Campus Chest and selected for Who's Who and BIVIOC. Other members active on campus are Dave Rambo, president oi' Interlraternity council, Bill Chapman, member ol ODK, IFC, Seab- bard and Blade and BIVIOC, and Fred Mills, member of ODK, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, Phi Eta Sigma and outstanding mechanical engineering student. Top among the Sig Alpha social events are the annual Christ- mas party, the International ball, the Iungle costume party and the spring formal. Gilbert Haslam served the fraternity as second semester presi- dent, with Robert Amis, vice president, Bill Chapman, secretary, and Bill Lackey, social chairman. MIKE McGOWAN President OFFICERS President .... MIKE MCGOWAN Vice-President . . JIM TIMBuR1,.AK1s Secretary . . . . ROBERT AMIS Social Chairman . . GARY RAY Giving out with some Dixieland music is the SAE combo composed of Tom Guzzle, Don Yeager, Tim Curry, Bill Doyle and Jon Ozmun. Intramural Teams Place Second FIRST ROW, Iefl To righf: Roberl Anderson, Lucius Babcock, William M. Blackburn, Jerry Blankenship, Henry W. Browne, Jr., John Cain, George L. Carey, Jr., William C. Chapman, William Coffey, Tim Curry. SECOND ROW: Ernie Day, Roberl Dense, James Dolman, W. J. Doyle, Gary G. Evans, Ronald W. Fidler, Dennis Foxworlhy, Roberl C. Frazer, Taylor Frence, David Garrison. THIRD ROW: David George, John George, Roberl Gil- berl, Verne E. Griffilh, Jr., Jon Gumerson, Tim Guule, David Hannah, Larry Hannah, Dave Hansen, Henry Harris. FOURTH ROW: Gilberl Has- Iam, William Heath, James Himes, Bob Hudgins, Michael Johnson, James Johnslon, Roberl Jones, Cliflon Kees, Warren Kice, Bill Knowles. FIFTH ROW: Ted Krampf, William Lackey, Cooper Land, Jon H. Landis, Gray- don Laughbaum, Roger Louis, John McKinney, Richard McLaughlin, Jim McSpadden, Mike Maloney. Sixlh row: John Marks, Par Marlin, John Mecom, Jack Mills, Forresl Nelson, George Newlon, Waymon W. Noblel, Jr., Ross Porier, John Prendergasl, David Rambo. SEVENTH ROW: Gary Ray, John Regal, Allie Reynolds, Bill Robberson, Jim Self, John C. Shaw, Roberl Shaw, Wayne Snyder, Fay N. Solliday, Joe Spald'nq. EIGHTH ROW: Jim Timberlake, Don Tooman, Dean Truill, Gary Weeler, Tom Wenrick, Roberl Wheeler, M. E. Wolverlon, Joel Woodburn, Reqan Wrighl, Don Yeager, Ivan Yerger. wwf in W , W ,, I 524 West Brooks SIGMA ALPHA MU One of the largest delegations in the Student Senate is com- posed of Sigma Alpha Mu members. Elected from their various school colleges, five SAM men are active in senate functions. An- other campus honor, president of Hillel foundation, has been held by SAM members for two consecutive years. Eddie Kern, one of the Student Senators, also participated in the Campus Chest drive, Homecoming committee and was chairman of the judicial board of Iunior IFC. Vince Nathan served as house president, and member of Phi Eta Sigma, Hillel Foundation and Campus Chest. Another SAM active in campus organizations was Ioel Carson, member of IFC, Campus Chest and Union Events committee. Favorite social events of the fraternity include the annual Casino party. winter formal and spring house party, plus many informal parties held in the chapter house during the year. Serving his fraternity as president for the second semester was Ioel Carson. Assisting him were Martin Bernard, vice presidentg Irv Kauffman, secretary, and Ierry Kohll, social chairman. One of the longest periods that a hostess has served on the Sooner campus is that of Mrs. Sonia Brown. Having been with the SAMS for 10 years, Mrs. Brown is well acquainted with fraternity policies and is much loved by members and alums. Sigma Alpha chapter was founded at the university in 1920, while the national fraternity was established at City College of New York in 1907. I it E? VINCENT M. NATHAN President 0 F F I C E R S President . . . VINCENT NATHAN Vice-President. . . MIKE WE1ss Secretary . . . . IOEL CARSON Social Chairman . . . MEL LEVINE , E Adding a few things to their iumbo scrap book are Sigma Alpha Mu mem- " bers Ken Levy, Marshall Aronson, David Shusterman and Ken Bernard. Members Prove leadership Ability 4'-F qv- FIRST ROW, leff fo riqhf: Mrs, Sonia Brown, Larry Abels, Joel Allen, Marshall Aronson, William Berg, Kennefh Bernard, Marfin Bernard, Leonard Buchsbaum. SECOND ROW: Joel Carson, Sfeve Chazen, Gordon Cizorr, Irving Cooper, Mickey Edwards, David Enfeld, James Feuersleim, Roberl Finkel, THIRD ROW: Jack Ford, Howard D. Frank, Ben N. Freidberg, Richard Goldwyn, Sidney J. Gorllck, L. W, Heyman, Mischa Kahn, Kenny Karchmer. FOURTH ROW: Irving Kauffman, Eddie Kern, Jarold Kohll, George Kravis, Julius Kruger, Marlin Levine, Melvin Levine, Ken Levy. FIFTH ROW: Anfhony Loeb, Mel Meyers, Ronald Persky, James Pliner, Bruce Plulshok, Theodore Poliskin, Earl M. Schenberg, Howard Schlesinger, Gerald Schuman. SIXTH ROW: Alan Schwarfz, Roberf Schwarfz, Sfanley Schwarlz, Keilh Selinqer, Alan Shavifz, Sfeven Sherman, David Shuslerman, Phillip Simon, Sanford Spero. SEVENTH ROW: Larry Slauber, Phil Sureck, Dave Svidlow, Wade Ufay, Ronald Viner, Donald Webber, Michael Weiss, Milfon Wolff, Simon Zilberberq. 558 South University Blvd. SIGMA CHI Carrying out the spirit of Christmas, Sigma Chi fraternity corn- bined forces with Pi Beta Phi sorority to entertain children from an Qklahoma City orphans home. The highlight of the evening came when Santa Claus, Cecil Carson, appeared bringing presents and candy to the excited children. It was a toss-up to see which enjoyed the party more-the children or the Sigma Chis and Pi Phis! During the year, the fraternity was host to other annual social events including the Harlem ball, Western party, Baby Bawl and the Sweetheart dance. Completed just in time for fall rush week activities, the chap- terls new S500,000 house is located on South University boulevard and houses over l00 men. lVlrs. Chris Williams, hostess is just as proud of the new structure as are the members. She has been with the fraternity for ten years. Campus activities are not neglected by Sigma Chi members, as they take active part in various organizations. Gene Bonner is a member of Omieron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, IFC, Delta Sigma Rho and Xi lVlu. A Student Senator, Stan Betzer is active in Phi Eta Sigma, ODK, Sooner Scandals and Celebrates Artist series. Iohn M. Standley is a member of IFC, UAB, Student Senate and Society of Industrial Management Engineers. Other outstanding members include Harold Stewart, a member of Sooner Shamrock staff, Engineers club, Student Senate, IFC and Institute of Aeronautical Engineersg and Don Bradshaw, a Distin- guished Military Student, BIVIOC, and a member of ODK, Pick and Hammer and Society of Geological Engineers. BUD CU RTIS President OFFICERS President ,.... BUD CUR'fIS Vice-President . . DAVID FATHEREE Secretary .... HAROLD STEWART Social Chairman . . . BOB GOBLE l D -t - -s. .a, uma,--ea.. Santa Claus fCeciI Carsonl and helper Sally Howard, have a busy time hand- ing out presents at the annual Sigma Chi-Pi Phi Christmas orphans party. y 380 Christmas Party Fetes Children nv' if 11 FIRST ROW, lefi' ro righl: James Alexander, Todd Almquisf, Frank An- drews, David Baker, Carl C. Barbour, Jr., Lynn W. Barrefl, Jr., Gary D. Beavers, Millon Berry, Stan Berzer, Jerome Billingsley, Melvin Bingenheimer, Gene Bonner. SECOND ROW: William Bonney, Gene W. Bowers, Roberl D. Bradshaw, Tom Brashear, Daryl Brislow, Kenneih Burke, Cecil H. Carson, Jr., Richard Chancellor, Teddy Coffman, John Cosfello, James Curfis, Thomas Curlis. THIRD ROW: Thomas Davie, Don DeSelms, John Draper, Richard Dudley, Bob Duncan, Thomas Egan, Jeff Farrell, Joel Falheree, Gerald Fosr, Bob Franden, Randy Freeman, Dick Gentry. FOURTH ROW: Bob Goble, Berf Golden, Paul Grosse, Roberl F. Hansen, Jr., John Hardy, Jim Harkness, Max Harmon, J. Dock Harrell, Joe Thomas Harfzog, Gary Higdon, William Hoag, Kennelh Hodge. FIFTH ROW: James Hudson, f 4 ff' . '-- B ' Jim Hun'r, John lmel, Jim lverson, Peler Jackson, Arlhur Jones, Tomas Kuhn, Fred Lankard, Sam Laycock, Lee Alan Leslie, Mike McCurrain, R. Duncan McLain. SIXTH ROW: Frank McPhearson, John Mackey, Jim Mad- dox, lke Mayfield, Mike Meagher, Jon Messamore, Arvil Ming, E. R. Min- shall, Joseph Morford, Larry Murphy, Jody Osirander, Donald Philbin. SEVENTH ROW1 Bob Pomeroy, Charles Pralher, James Rickner, Don Ror- schach, Dennis Seacaf, R. Howard Sears, E. Gayle Sheridan, Jim Sinex, Charles Smilh, David A. Spencer, John Slandley. EIGHTH ROW: Chuck Slanford, Harold Slewarr, Bob Thorpe, Roger Trekell, Richard Trice, John W. Washburn, Jr., Rod Weise, Thomas H. Welch, Richmond B. Wells, Donald E. Wilson, Dean G, Zervas. I 300 South College SIGMA NU Intramurals played a big part in the lives of Sigma Nu mem- bers this year as they entered teams in many events and came out winners. The fraternity Won the university championship in foot- ball, horseshocs and softball. Sigma Nu's "B" team took second place in football. In the Held of all-college sports, Sigma Nu has many players on varsity teams. These men are not allowed to participate in intra- mural activities. Active in Sooner college athletics are David Baker. joe Rector and Dale Sherrod, football, iohn Craig, Billy Io Daniels. Phil Lohman and Clee Langley, freshman football, Iohnny Williams, Chuck Lechner and Larry Lermo, swimming, Don Cross and Dennis Cross, tennis, and lack Haskins, basketball. One of the oldest social traditions on the OU campus is the Sigma Nu Border dance. This strictly western event began 40 years ago and is annually celebrated by the fraternity. Members also en- joy the Victory dance, White Rose formal, Christmas party, Pledge party and the Triad formal, given with Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Phi Gamma Delta fraternities. Members outstanding in campus organizations are Byron Lamun, ODK, president of Inter-Religious council, Who's Who, Men's Glee club and University choir, Pat Hosford. president of Engineers club. Sooner Shamrock staff, member of St. Patis council, Pe-et, ODK. Phi Eta Sigma and a Yearbook personality, and Chuck Cossey, presi- dent of UAC, active in IEC, Campus Chest, Homecoming, Dads Day and Career Conference. s JOHN R. McKEE President OFFICERS President . . . . JOHN MCKEE VicefPresident . . Pmi. EWERT Secretary .... MIKE MCNALLY Social Chairman . . JACK DHARMON All sei for a quiet evening of bridge at the Sigma Nu house are John Mc- Kee, Ed Morton, John Bord, and Mrs, F. Maxey Cooper, hostess. Members Win Intramural Contests FIRST ROW, left to right: Robert Andrews, Billy Bates, Roy Bennett, Dan Blake, Pearce Blake, David Blevins, John Board, Dave Bole, Ralph Boyer, Owen Butler, Virgil Butler, Donald Campbell. SECOND ROW: Mike Car- ney, Bob Carr, Paul Chandler, Rex Chandler, J. Walter Coffey, Jerry Cole, B.ll Comfort, Charles Cossey, James Cossey, James N. Crawford, Dennis Cross, Don Cross. THIRD ROW: Jay Davis, Jack DeArmon, C. Dewayne Dotson, Bob Drake, Jack Duffy, John Randolph, Warren Dunnington, Frank Duperier, John Evans, Phil Ewert, Bryan Ferguson, Richard Garlick. FOURTH ROW: Cecil Gilcrease, Walter Giller, Jim Goss, James Grubb, Jack Haskins, John Helton, Tonnie Hendrickson, Del Hodges, Abie Holbert, James Hoopes, Patrick Hosford, Harold Hoyt, FIFTH ROW: Bob Hudi- burg, Henry R. Hurd, Hal L. Hurst, Bill Huston, Allen Johnson, Robert W. Kilmer, Bill Ladd, Clee Langley, Fritz Lausen, Charles Lechner, Edgar Locke, James Lott. SIXTH ROW: Dick Lowry, William McAlister, Thed McLaurin, Mike McNally, Van McQueen, Ralph McVay, Jim Mantooth, Richard Mays, Dave Meacham, Mike Monroe, Edward Morton, David Oak- ley. SEVENTH ROW: Brad Page, H. L. Parks, Albert Patterson, Andy Phillips, Robert Pope, Jim Powers, Allan Robertson, Keith Robinson, David Rogers, Jack Schroyer, Bill Schulz, Robert Schwartz. EIGHTH ROW: Jim Seals, Nelson Shouse, Don Spradlin, Edwin Stahl, Sonny Standridge, Gene Steele, George Stephenson, James Stephenson, Jim Tanner, Bruce Taylor, Franklin Taylor, Kenny Teel. NINTH ROW: Jon Trudgeon, Thomas Vaughn, Benton Vernon, Joe Walters, Vaughn Watkins, Brents White, Jerry White, Johnnie Williams, Bill Winslow, Martin Young, Warren Young, Don Zach- ritz, Frank B. Zinn. 5I8 South University Blvd. SIGMA PHI EPSIION Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity boasts four BMOCS last year and many members who are outstanding in campus organizations. One of the top leaders, Dan L. Costley was selected BMOC, Yearbook personality and outstanding AFROTC cadet. He was president of the fraternity, chairman of Campus Chest and a member of the Varsity debate team, Arnold Air Society and Delta Sigma Rho. Ron Firestone, another BMOC, served as a Sooner cheerleader, secretary of IFC and selected as a Distinguished AFROTC cadet. A finalist for Rhodes scholarship, Bill Tiffany is a member of ODK, Phi Eta Sigma, Student Senate, IFC and UAB. One of the campus-Wide celebrations is Frontier Days, when the old West comes alive again with Indians, cowboys and fightini. Two Sig Eps reigned over the festivities last year as "peace OfRCGI'S.,, Dennit Morris served as sheriff with lim Morehead as mayor. The Sig Ep social calendar included such fraternity favorites as the Girl of the Golden Heart formal, Christmas dance, Christmas party for orphan children, spring formal and Las Vegas party. Beta chapter was founded at the university in l946, with the national fraternity of Sigma Phi Epsilon being established at Rich- mond College. Va., in l9Ol. Mrs. Iames Belt has just completed her First year as chapter hostess. RON FIRESTONE President 0 F F I C E R S President . . . RON FIRESTONE Vice-President . . ARCHIE SMITH Secretary ...... PHIL LEE Social Chairman . JOHN BRICKMAN Memories that last forever-looking over Sig Ep party picture proofs are Jim Moorehead, Archie Smith, AI Sfrenizsch and Phil Lee. r am m,, Accomplishments Are Recognized 1 ky- rv FIRST ROW, lefl To riqhl: Mrs. James H. Beli, Don Bailey, Jim Barrefl, George Barry, Jody Bates, Randall Blevins, Berl Bucher, Thad Carver, Kennelh Chaffin, Carl W, Clark. SECOND ROW: Roberl Clearwaler, Ray Craig, William Cunningham, John Deen, Roberl Denison, Frank Dicus, Rod Dorr, James Duca, William Dunford, E. Worlh Edwards. THIRD ROW: Jim Evans, Forresf Frueh, John Gaines, Danny Glenn, Thomas Goodner, Curfis Greer, Frank A. Hagan, Jr., Lesfer Hansen, Larry Hill, Gene Hursl. FOURTH ROW: Roberf Jernigan, Jerry Kasparek, K. D, Kennedy, John Lacy, Phillip Lee, William Lee, Loy Lifllefield, Roberl McComb, Richard McCormick, Frederick L. McMillin. FIFTH ROW: Jerry McNeely, Law- rence Marshall, Willis Miller, Jimmie K. Morehead, James Mouser, Thomas Murphy, Millon Nichols, Dee Oliphanl, Don Bruce Oliver, Phillip Pfane schmidl. SIXTH ROW: Mike Quinn, Sluarf Reicherl, Donald Reid, Kirby Riffey, Jerry Shaw, William F. Shdeed, Jr., Archie Smifh, Ronnie Smilh, Terry Smilh, Roy Sliner, Alfred Sfrenfzsch. SEVENTH ROW: Richard Slrinqer, Thomas Swanson, Robert Swarfs, Jack H. Taylor, Jr., Wayne Theus, William Tiffany, Charles W. Van Tine, Jr., Donahue Wail, J. G. Webb, Jr., Leon Whilehead, Gary Williams. 73I Asp IHEIA KAPPA PHI Costume parties seem to have been the main attraction at the Theta Kappa Phi house this year. Going all out for the gala aHairs. the Hrst such event of the season was a Roman Holiday party. The days of Caesar came alive again as the men and their dates were attired in the lull costume of the ancient Romans. The celebration included a dinner, followed by dancing. Another costume party was the Beaux Hearts ball, given just before Lent. Prizes were awarded to the best costumed couple. Theta Kaps active in campus organizations include loe King, Deanis Honor Roll, and Varsity basketball squadg lim Pauley, Sigma Tau, and Tau Beta Pi, and Bill Campbell, also a member oi Sigma Tau. Kappa chapter of Theta Kappa Phi was founded on the QU campus on january 21, l934. It is one of 24 active chapters wear- ing the colors red, gold and silver. Second semester officers at the Theta Kap house were lohn Sappington, presidentg Ralph Wittrock, vice presidentg Bob Longo. secretary, and Ed Fox, social chairman. A long-time hostess and friend of the Theta Kaps, Mrs. Van T. Moon has been with the chapter for ll years. Some ol the important alumni over the state and nation are Cardinal Stritch. Father Flanagan, founder of Boyis Town, the late Bishop Eugene lVlcGuinnes, Bishop of Oklahoma City and Tulsa, and Frank Martin, former mayor ol Oklahoma City. WILLIAM R. McSWAlN President OFFICERS President . . . VVILLIAM MCSWAIN Vice-President . . . TERRY BROWN Secretary . . . . Boa LoNGo Social Chairman . . ED FOX Pounding the ivory at the Theta Kap house is Doug Cowan, with Tom Patten, John Sappington, Jim Autrey and Ken Willy standing by for an encore. 'Ee Costume Parties Highlight Year 1' IU- HY FIRST ROW, Ieff lo right: Richard Abari, Paul Amend, James Aurrey, Roberf Bevin, Andrew Brandenburg, Gerald Brown, James Burns, Roberr Campbell. SECOND ROW: William Campbell, Rosendo Carbonell, James Carroll, Randy Chance, John Corff, Douglas Cowan, William DuBray, James Duffy. THIRD ROW: James Filzgerald, Ed Fox, Ronald Fox, An- drew Gorski, Sfanley Gralla, Larry Hill, Dennis Keldher, David Koelsch. FOURTH ROW: C. A. Kraska, Carl R, Krueger, Edward Lazorchak, Robert Longo, Dennis McKee, Roberl Melan, Donald Meyer, Bob Navin, FIFTH ROW: Thomas Fallen, James Pauley, Larry Round, John Sappingron, Law- rence Seng, John T. Shanahan, David Sibila. SIXTH ROW: Al Slaallen, Frank Sommer, Richard C. Slreeler, Jr., Zsoll Szilagyi, Delano Van Dam, Kennerh H, Willy, Ralph J, Wirfrock. III East Boyd THETA XI The men of Theta Xi are proud of the Interfraternity council Scholarship Improvement trophy which thev won last spring. Theta Xi members were second out of the 25 fraternities on the OU campus. On the social side. Theta Xis entertained with the Unicorn ball, a fall formal, the Nit-Wit costume ball and the "6294,' Founders' Day banquet. Members of the fraternity active in campus organizations in- clude Tom Peak, a member of AIEE-IRE, Sooner Scandals staff, the Campus American Legion and IECg Blake Berry, active in the UAB, IFC and Mathematical Association of America, Carroll Dc- Lisse, managing editor of the Sooner Shamrock and member of AIEE- IRE, and Ioe Thurston, a founder of AUSA, and member of Petrol- eum Engineers club, and Society of Military Engineers. In l864, members of Sigma Delta, local debate society, founded Theta Xi fraternity at Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute. Troy, N. Y. Alpha Rho, one of the fraternityis 53 chapters, was established on the OU campus in 1948. Mrs. E. N. Woodard has been Theta Xi hostess since the chapter was begun here. Second semester fraternity oflicers were H. Blake Berry, presi- dent, John A. Dye, vice president, Robert F. Milam, secretary, and Tony Torres, social chairman. JOE B. THURSTON, JR. President OFFICERS President . . 1015 B. THURSTON. IR. Vice-President . . CARROLL DELISSli Secretary . . . . TOM F. PEAK Social Chairman . . ToNY TORRPIS A prize possession-the Theta Xi schol- arship 'rrophy-is being admired by proud members Blake Berry, Tom Peak, Joe Thurston and Lewie Booth. 388 Scholastic Improvement Rewarded FIRST ROW, lefl lo righlr Mrs. E. N. Woodward, David Berry, H, Blake Donald Z. Laubach, Robert F, Milam, Harold W. Mossberger, Ralph H Berry, Jr., David H. Blagq, Lewis Boolh, Don E. Davis. SECOND ROW: Ochsner, FOURTH ROW: Thomas E. Peak, Charles A. Pegg, Phillip P. Thurs Carroll W. DeLisse, Max Duggins, John Dye, Charles E. Fisher, Edwin H. lon, Antonio Torres, James R. While, Donald H. Wiesen, Filler, James H. Hammond. THIRD ROW: Jack L. Jackson, Craig K, Kyle, L 1 ,e,s,,W,,,.W,WN is s i i i f I 1 V i P S 390 A familiar campus scene during Homecoming week-+he decorafing of house dis plays. Precious Park is doing her parf on The Pi Phi decoraiion. Em Q x FOUR A I S . Q 3546421 w v im Q 5153:- -M ww mmt .... 1. I f-50-' gif , 5. 5 fn. Q 'ZNWZQEN 3 we Q BEEXSQQM 4 A 4 ATES GRADUATES FIRST ROW, leif lo righf: Thomas A. Abels, TTACP, Engr., Ponca Cify, Soc. oi Gool. Enqr.: David A. Baker, -EX, Geol., Olcmulqee, -SPE, THU: Calverl P. Benedicf, AES, Washinglon, D. C.: Marv L. Breig, Physics, Sl. Marys, Mo.: George T. Browder, Geol.. Houslon, Tex., -EVE, Pick and Hammer, O Club: J. Lee Burke, AT, Geol., Jal, N. M.: Jack Cahoon, KE, Enqr., Gadsden, Ala.: James R. Callahan, Chem., Winiield, Kans. SECOND ROW: Joe R. Chrisiopher, English, Barilesville, Enqr. Club, Classic Club: William C. Colbert Engr., Farmiriglon, N. M.: James M. Cole, Geol., Camden, Arlc., IFE: George W. Counfs, Planl' Sciences, Olclahoma Cily, AT, 492: Bobby M. Cummings, Engr., Oklahoma Ciiy, ASME: Raymond E. Curfis, EX, A8fS, Columbia, Mo., Siudenf Senale, UAB: Lillian A. Delly, Journ., Lawion: Lawrence J. Dieferman, Chem., Kalamo- zoo, Mich., EE, 'i'AT. THIRD ROW: Richard G. Dingman, Enqr., Norfolk, Va., lnsi. ol Aero. Sci.: Nafhaniel R. Dorris, Engr., Seminole: Max Duggins, 93, Engr., Terre Hauie, lnd.: Audrey L. Ehrlich, Nai. Sciences, Norman: Ross W. Evans, Malh, McCloud, Tex.: Tapeni T. Faaiu- aso, AHS, Weslern-Samoa, Public Heallh Club, lniernalional Operafing The colorime+er in 'lhe insfrumenial mefhods of biology lab are Roberf RiH'er, Marilyn Rogers, Tommy Redding and Norman Goodman. Club: Tommy G. Fullon, FA, Gainesville, Tex., THE, KAIT, Alf-3, Siudenl Senale, ODK: Theodore D. Gaichel, Hisl., Wash- ingion, D. C. FOURTH ROW: Norman R. Gelphman, HAT, Geol., Kansas Cify, Mo., BFE, ET, TTK: Ghahreman Ghahreman, Engr., Teh- ran, Iran, Public Heallli Club, Asia Club, lniernalional Club: Dale D. Gibson. Bus., Seminole: l. Blanchie Gray, Library Sci., Tulsa, Sludenl Senale, BSU: Jim C. Hansen, Geol., Poplar, Moni., -SPE: Roberf F. Hansen, EX, Geol., Tulsa, Piclc and Hammer: Richard E. Harkins, 41.39, Journ., Norman, ESX, KTA, Sludenl Senale, Public Relalions Soc.: Gilberr E. Haslam, EAR, ARS, Anadarko FIFTH ROW: Conrad J. Haywood, Engr., Philadelphia, Penn.: Lydia H. Jinlrs, Educ., Ouinfon, Aflffg Genell O. Johnson, AHS, Muskogee, TBK, BWOC: Sue Johnson, QM, AXQS, Wichifa, Kans.: Donald N. Jones, Geol., Grandlield: Phil Knisell, Journ., Oklahoma Cily: John Koch, fIPK1I', Engr., Rosslon, lnsl. of Aeron. Sci., American Soc. of Mech. Engr.: Franl: H. Koers, KA, Bus., Fl. Smifh, Ark., SAM. Abels Baker Benedici Breig Browder Burke Cahoon Callahan Chrisfopher Colberf Cole Counis Cummings Curtis Delly Dieferman Dingman Dorris Duggins Ehrlich Evans Faaiuaso Fulfon Gafchel Gelphman Ghahreman Gibson Gray Hansen, J. Hansen, R. Harkins Hasiam Haywood Jinks Johnson, G. Johnson, S. Jones Knisell Koch Koers FIRST ROW, leil io righi: Kappaganiula Lakshmi, Physics, Madras, India, ETIZI, EE: William Leupp, Educ., Oanado, Ariz.: Judy Link, Spanish, Los Angeles, Calif.: Joan C. Mason, Bus., Bay Cily, Tex.: Hiromichi Malsui, Journ., Tokyo, Japan, Asia Club, lniernaiional Club, KUVY. SECOND ROW: Donald P. Meyer, 9K'P, Hisl., Geary, Newman Club, Hisi. Club: John Milchell, Hisl., Mangum, Universily Band: Jean Mohn, Geol., Buckeye Lake, Ohio. XT, Pick and Hammer, Spanish Club, lniernaiional Club: William B. Moore, 'T'-39, Geol., Laiayeile, La.: Palricia Ann Mosshammer, Bus., Howe, BFE, Acccuniing Club. THIRD ROW: Jerry L. Nelms, B911 Oeol., Oklahoma Ciiy, EYE, Pick and Hammer: Edward J. Nesser, Chem., Haskell: Harvey H. Norris, Geol., Oklahoma Ciiy, Pick and Hammer: Bryan H. O'Haver, Oeol., Norman, Pick and Hammer: Ralph H. Ochsner, 93, AHS, Challanooga, i'll'T. FOURTH ROW: Burlon R. Ogden, AE, Enqr., Meno, fl'HE, ET, IIE, American lnsl. of Chem. Engr.: Sidney M. Ohmarf, 'PK-Y, Educ., Enid, E-XX, Public Relaiion Soc.: John R. Porler, Geol., Oklahoma Ciiy: Roberia A. Posey, AES, Wellinglon, Tex.: Jerry C. Powell, ATA, Physics, Oklahoma Ciiy, ETIE, Soc. of Enqr. Physicisls. ElETH ROW: Ada Quinlan, Professional Wriling, Durani: Vladislav G. Radovich, Engr., Topeka, Kans., EFT, Nai'l Assoc. of Aeron. Engit: Pulnam K. Reiler, AXA, Engr., Houslon, Tex., EVE, Sooner Shamrock: Dean W. Rifle, Hisl., Kansas Cify, Mo.: Glenn E. Robberson, Bus., Oklahoma Ciiy. SIXTH: ROW: Gene Sackell, Malh, Oklahoma Ciiy: Nathan S. Scarrili, 'T'-59, Malh, Enid: Joe Shaw, Bus., Elk Ciiy: Dewey H. Sifford, Chem, Marianna: Richard A. Silver, Malh, Mus- fang, UIUC, SEVENTH ROW: Marilyn H. Swanson, Educ., Oklahoma Ciiy, Fulure Teachers of America: Lesler K. Tafe, Enqr., Auslin. Minn.: Roberl E. Thomasson, A8iS, Oklahoma Cily, ITZIA, TPM: Wayne D. Thornlon, Geol., El. Worlh, Tex., BFE, Pick and Hammer: Norman S. Tibbells, Educ., Beihany. ElGHTH ROW: Tom L. Tolberl, 'PKPQ AHS, Mirico, WAT, EE: James B. Urban, Oeol., Rush Springs: John C. Ward. QFKE, Engr., Jacksboro, Tex.: Jack Welsh, A241 Journ., Tulsa, A-5-E, Sooner Yearbook: Sherrill D. Whilfen, .SKI-I, Engr., DeOueen, Ark., fl'llI, EFT, ODK, lnsl. of Aero. Sci., Engr. Club. NINTH ROW: Wes A. Whifllesey, KE, AES, Supulpa, Band, 'PH-S, ESX, KKXP: Varley E. Wiedeman, ABQ, Planl' Sci., Lawlon, TG'-T, Ad'-il: James A. Williams, AKE, Enqr., Alberia, Canada, fI'ET, Sludeni Senaie, Ll-iOT, Engr. Club, Sl. Pal's Council: Marcia Worsham, Educ., Temple, KAH, Euiure Teachers of America: Frank B. Zinn, EN, Hisl., Tulsa, 'DAQ KAH, Lakshmi Leupp Link Mason Mafsui Meyer Mitchell Mohn Moore Mosshammer Nelms Nesser Norris O'Haver Ochsner Ogden Ohmarf Porier Posey Powell Quinlan Radovich Reiter Riffe Robberson Sackeii Scarrift Shaw Sifford Silver Swanson Tafe Thomasson Thornlon Tibbells Tolberf Urban Ward Welsh Whillen Whifflesey Wiedeman Williams Worsham Zinn FlRST ROW, lcll lo riqhl: Glenna L. Abel, Bus., Jones, Finance Club, BSUt Jim H. Abernalhy, 'PK-Y, Bus., Woodward: Charles Acker, K-E, Geol., Ada: Evalyn Adams, ZTA, Educ., Oklahoma Cily, K5-ll, Fulure Teachers ol America, YWCA: Michael J. Adams, Enqr., Sacramenlo, Calil.: Ann Alcard, AAA, Educ., Dal- las,Tex.: Glenn Albrighl, Enor., Wealherlord, ET, SVT, TBU, lnsl. ol Aeron. Sciences: Marilyn Aldridge, HBQJ, Hisl., Wewoka. SECOND ROW: Gerald L. Allen, A241 Geol., Oklahoma Cily: James R. Allen, AES, Granl: Russell F. Allen, AES, Oklahoma Cily, Afllll, AT, NDA, Rul-Neks: Clinlon B. Allison, Allfll, Educ.. Oklahoma Cily, Fulure Teachers ol America: Roberl F. Allison, Bus.,, Enid, Finance Club, Accounlinq Club: Willis L. Allred, Engr., Oklahoma Cily, lnsl. ol Radio Enqr.: Beverly A. Alspaugh, A8cS, Clinlon, French Club, -EAI: George L. Anderson, AES, Gulhrie. THIRD ROW: Gerald A. Andrews, Educ., Norman, lndusl. Arls Club: Mary E. Angus, KA9, AHS, Lawlon, ON: Mary Louise Apple, FA, Oillon, AHA: Joyce Applelon, AF, Educ., Oklahoma Cily: Richard V. Armslrong, KA, ARS, Tulsa, 111112, l. F. C., UAB, SAME: Wendell H. Arnold, Bus., Owensboro, Ky.: David L. Aulry, Educ., Mariella: Donald R. Aull, Bus., Ballimore, Md. FOURTH ROW: Alan Avery, fl'l'A, Enqr., Tulsa, Ill'1'l', ET, PE Finishing a ser of lellers for lyping lab is Dolly Peek, as lellow business sludenl James Baker gives lhe lellers a lasl minule check. Club, Enqr. Club, Arnold Air Sociely: Leo C. Baca, Bus., Albu- querque, N. M., Sociely lor lhe Advan. ol Manq., -3-ill: Jack Bache, KZ, ARS, Oklahoma Cily' Roberl K. Badger, KS, AHS, Houslon, Tex., Scabbard 81 Blade, Pick 81 Hammer, BMS: Woo Badger, lll5'l', Educ., Allus, Fulure Teachers ol America, WRA, UAB, Young Repb., Ducks: Roberl L. Bailey, Enqr., Tribbey, IIKN, IRE-AIEE: Carol M. Baker, l'flfH, ABS, Oklahoma Cily, ON: Charles M. Baker, ATA, ASS, Bixby. FIFTH ROVV: Kennelh J. Balles, ASS, Scollsblull, Neb., lSA, Pick and Hammer, Soc. ol Geol. Enqr.: David L. Barger, A342 Enqr., Longview, Tex., Engr. Club: Charles B. Barlow, Engr., Sl. Gabriel, Calif.: Bobby R. Barnes, Bus., Sanlord, Fla., Markeling Club: Johnny R. Barnes, Enqr,, Pauls Valley, TB'l', Amer. lnsl. ol Chem. Enqr.: Leslie J. Barnelle, AES, Oklahoma Cily: Jack R. Barrell, Enqr., Oklahoma Clly lnsl. ol Aero. Sciences, Enqr. Club: Jim M. Barrell, -E'l'l'l, Bus., Ardmore, Marke-ling Club, IE. SIXTH ROW: Mike R. Barros, AES, Lillie Rock, Ark.: Michael Basaraba, Enqr., Alberla Canada: Elaine B. Basledo, 'l'M, AHS, Chicago, Ill., Physical Thcrapy Club: Dian Baleman, KKF, Bus., Odessa, Tex.: Gene Ballerlon, Enqr., Maysville, PE Club, Engr. Club: Edward S. Baum, IIAIID, Bus., Daylon, Ohio: Bennie R. Beal, ABS, Healdlon: Belly J. Beard, AXU, AHS, Wichila Falls, Tex., Band. Abel Abernalhy Acker Adams, E. Adams, M Akard Albrighl Aldridge Allen, G. Allen, J. Allen, R. Allison, C. Allison, R. Allred Alspaugh Anderson Andrews Angus Apple Applelon Armslrong Arnold Aulry Aull Avery Baca Bache Bader Badger Bailey Baker, C. Baker, C. M. Balles Barger Barlow Barnes, B. Barnes, J. Barnelle Barrell, J. Barrell, J. Ba rros Basa ra ba Basledo Baleman Ballerlon Baum Beall Beard R M FIRST ROW, lell lo righl: Guy N. Beasley, Engr., Madill, PE Club, Enqr. Club, AIME: Bill Bealon, 'l'l'A, ABS, Ard- more: J. Sfephen Beckman, B9ll, Bus., Barllesville, Sludenl Senale, Pe-el, ODK: Marilyn K. Belford, AV, ABS, Wewoka: Kay Belknap, KKIT, ABS, Norman, AT, Cheerleader. SECOND ROW: Don F. Bell, AES, Perrylon, Tex.: Joe L. Bell, 15911, Engr., Mena, Ark., Tridenl Soc.: Larry A. Bell, Acacia, AXIS, Perrylon, Tex., Men's Cvlee Club, Band, I-lisl. Club, Judo Club, Wesley Foundalion: Beverly Benedicl, AF, ABS, Tulsa: Helen S. Bendorf, EAT, ABS, Breckenridge, Tex. THIRD ROW: John E. Bennell, Bus., Oklahoma Cily, Ac- counling Club: Roy F. Bennell, IIN, Enqr., Oklahoma Cily: Charles S. Benson, ATU, Bus., Okemah, TE, Markeling Club: Erna Jean Benson, Educ., Okemah, fI'AK: William S. Berg, EAM, ABS, Arverne, N. Y. FOURTH ROW: Don R. Bergman, AHS, Miami: Roberl' E. Belhel, Engr.. Oklahoma Cily, lnsl. ol Aero. Sciences: Rich- ard L. Biggs, Engr., Trulh or Consequences, N. M., 'T'l'1T, ET, PE Club, Engr. Club: Wanda Gail Birckel, llB'l', Bus., Tulsa, Secrelarial Club: Bill M. Black, Educ., Tulsa. FIFTI-I ROW: Juvala Black, KAO, ABS, Seminole, AAA. Sludenl Senale, Morlar Board. Tassels: Sloan J. Black, Engr., Temple, PE Club, Engr. Club: Sylvia S. Black, ABS, Midwesl Cily, UQ, Fulure Teachers ol America, Spanish Club, New- man Club: Roy G. Blake, AXA, FA, Ada, ODK, ATA, Arnold Air Soc.: James S. Blackburn, fIJI'A, Engr., Cushing. SIXTI-I ROW: Belly Blanlon, l'IBfI1, ABS. Pauls Valley: Rob- erl M. Bleakley, Engr., Belhany, TIT2, 411122, ET, ASME, Engr. Club: Edward F. Blick, Engr., Erlanger, Ky., EFT, lnsl. ol Ae-ron. Sciences, Engr. Club: John D. Board, EN, A81S, Boise Cily: Jim BOa'lrlgl1l', A?-FP, ABS, Tulsa, EAX, KATVI. SEVENTI-l ROW: Kelha Jean Bollinger, Educ., Calvin, TIQH: Tony B. Boolh, Pharm., Miami: John D. Boswell, Bus., Okla- homa Cily, SAM: Mary C. Bouchard, KKl', Educ., Enid, Newman Club, Fulure Teachers ol America: Chuck Bowman, AE'l', Educ., Ponca Cily, BAE, BSU. EIGI-'ITI-l ROW: Maurice D. Box, KE, Engr., Tahlequah, Engr. Club, Chem. E. Club: Joan E. Boxley, AAA, ABS, Okla- homa Cily: Waller R. Boyce, Bus., Lawlon, Markeling Club. TE, Finance Club: H. Franklin Bradburn, Engr., Oklahoma Cily, IIT, TBIT, 'l'H-Y, IDE, Soc. of Enqr. Physicisls: Kayland Z. Bradford, Engr., Anadarko, ET, THE, Soc. ol Engr. Physi- cisls, Engr. Club. NINTI-I ROW: Wilber D. Bradford, Bus., Anadarko, Ac- counling Club: Don R. Bradley, FA, Ada: Holley D. Bradley, ABS, Tulsa: Roberl D. Bradshaw, EX, Engr., Tulsa, ODK, EVE, Scabbard and Blade, Soc. ol Geol. Engr., Engr. Club: Ronald G. Bradshaw, Enqr., Guymon, Amer. lnsl. ol Arch. Beasley Bealon Beckman Bellord Belknap Bell, D. Bell, J. Bell, L. Benedicl Bendorf Bennelf, J. Benneff, R. Benson, C. Benson, E Berg Bergman Belhel Biggs Birckef Black, B. Black, J. Black, S. J, Black, S. S. Blake Blackburn Blanton Bleakley Blick Board Boalrighf Bollinger Booth Boswell Bouchard Bowman Box Boxley Boyce Bradburn Bradford, K. Bradford, W. Bradley, D. Bradley, H. Bradshaw, R. D. Bradshaw, R. G FIRST ROW, lefl lo righl: Charles B. Branlley, Engr., Geary. TITS, ASME, Milfon L. Branrly, Bus., Orlando, Fla., Arch Allen Brashears, Engr., Perrylon, Tex., Paul E. Braun, Bus., Bokoshe, Univ. Choir, Roger H. Brawley, A-YP, Engr., Oklahoma Cily, K. D. Brenfon, Engr., lndiahoma, Nancy Lee Bridges, AAU, Educ., Tulsa, AAA, KAN, Fulure Teachers of America, Ron Brodkey, HA'l', Bus., Omaha, Neb., Markeling Club, TE, Finance Club. SECOND ROW: Kenl' Brooks, Engr., Asher, NET, Arnold Air So- cieiy, AIME, Sludenl Senele, Engr. Club, Margie Brooks, A8cS, Tonkawa, Oikonomia, ON, Wesley Found., Shirley A. Broome, AF, Educ., Amarillo, Tex., Tassels, BWOC, Morlar Board, Fulure Teachers of America, Carol A. Brown, AP, Educ., Tulsa, Fulure Teachers ol America, Gerald E. Brown, 9K'I', Engr., ALVA, PE Club, Engr. Club, Newman Club, Harold W. Brown, KE, AES, Oklahoma Cily, Jerry G. Brown, ABS, Duncan, Glee Club, Univ. Ouarlel, Pick and Hammer, Soc. of Geol. Engr., Lawrence J. Brown, A342 FA, Everlon, Mo. THIRD ROW: Nancy A. Brown, AF, ASQS, Norman, French Club, Newman Club, Thomas B. Brown, Engr., Enid, TBH, Scabbard and Blade, Viola M. Brown, FA, Bakersfield, Calif., Mfpli, Or- cheslra, Henry W. Browne, BAE, Bus., Oklahoma Cily, Roberi E. Browning, Enqr., Checolah, Philip R. Bryan, AES, Tulsa, Don- ald E. Bryanf, Bus., Lawlon, ODK, 91'-ff, A541 Pe-el, Sludenl' Senale, Ronald G. Bryani, Engr., Onlario, Can., Soc. of Geol. Engr. Making a survey of Oklahoma newspapers for fheir journalism reporl are Carolyn Gimpel, Marlha Williams and Berna Jo Blakey. FOURTH ROW: John B. Buchanan, Engr., Grove, GET, ABU, Scabbard and Blade, PE Club, Engr. Club, Earl W. Buchlel, Bus., Oklahoma Cily, A-EH, Amer. Mang. Assoc., Alfred C. Bucking- ham, AKE, Engr., Norman -YT, EFT, 9IIff, THU, Sooner Sham- rock, William L. Bullen, KE, Bus., Memphis, Tenn., Helen L. Bump, Bus., Kingsporl, Tenn., Accounlinq Club, John C. Bunnell, Bus., Oklahoma Cily, Bob J. Burdill, Iinor., Lexinglon, William R. Burdill, Bus., Lexinglon. FIFTH ROW: Leycel A, Burger, Engr., Wilburlon, PE Club, Soc. of Auromoiive Engr,, Joanne E. Burkes, HB9, ABS, Allus, Mor- lar Board, Orchesis, WRA, Panhellenic, Nancy C. BurneH', A+, ABS, Ardmore, James M. Burns, 9K'l', Engr., Aliquippa, Pa., Richard H. Burl, Engr., McAIesler, Engr. Club, ASME, Buff B. Burlis, 'l'l'A, ALS, Clinlon, Weslminsrer Found., Carolyn A. Bur- fon, AF, A2kS, Oklahoma Ciiy, Carol I. Buller, ABS, Oklahoma Cily, Social Work Club. SIXTH ROW: Kay Bu++olph, AHS Barllesville, Ouad Council, AWS, Srudenl Senaie, ISA, Sociology Club, Jackie L. Byram, UKA, Engr., Barcelona, Venez., Chesfer L. Byrd, ATA, Engr., Tulsa, 'PT-f, ASME, Enqr. Club, James H. Byrn, ABS, Lawlon, Geol. Club, Don R. Cable, Bus., Flelcher, Finance Club, John R. Cain, -YAE, ASQS, Amarillo, Tex., Leslie G. Calder, Engr., Apache, ET, Engr. Club, Bill Caldwell, AXA, Bus., Hugo. Brantley Branfly Brashears Braun Brawley Brenion Bridges Brodkey Brooks, K. Brooks, M. Broome Brown, C. Brown, G. Brown, H. Brown, J. Brown, L. Brown, N. Brown, T. Brown, V. Browne Browning Bryan Bryanf, D. Bryant, R. Buchanan Buchfel Buckingham Bullen Bump Bunnell Burdilf, B. Burdiff, W. Burger Burkes Burneff Burns Burr Burris Burton Bufler Buliolph Byram Byrd Byrn Cable Cain Calder Caldwell, B. FIRST ROW Iett to rioht Sally S Caldwell 1XA9 FA Enid Mortar Board Tassels MKTE Cecil W Callahan Educ Mon trry Tenn Carole R Calmes ATA FA Duncan MENC MFE Univ Choir Janis Calmes AX0 ASS Duncan XT Pick and Hammer William C Calohan ATT! Engr Bartles ville AIEE IRE XPK SECOND ROW George C Calvert Engr Charleston Heights S C IAS 591' Marvin H Campbell Engr Nor man Monte C Campbell Bus M sion Tex Accounting Club William W Campbell 9Kl Engr Pittsburgh Pa Chem Engr Club Harry D Cannon Engr Seminole THIRD ROW Armando Careaga Engr LaP z Boll a George L Carey EAE Engr Shawnee Engr Club AICE John R Carlson fIIA AES Oklahoma City Pick and Ham mer J Edwin Carman 'PTA B Bristow Carolyn Carnes XTZ A815 Dalles Tex AAA YT Pick and Hammer FOURTH ROW William D Carr KA ASQ Cushing ODK HRA AYP James F Carroll KA A815 Shreveport La Kim N Carroll Bus Duncan Cec1lH Carson RX ARS Okla homa City Pick and Hammer M DeWayne Carter A815 Oklahoma City 'DIP IUUS ODK IIBK ISA FIFTH ROW Preston E Carter A815 D vis Donna Sue Cason KKP ASQS Vlnita Eduardo Castro Engr Valencia Venz James R Cather Engr Oklahoma City 'PIP IRE Engr. Club' John S. Catlin A345 Oklahoma City. SIXTH ROW: Charles W. Chapman Acacia FA, Wirt KKKP 'PMA Band, Choir- Brenda Chesnut KK1' Bus. Miami' Sandra R. Chiles A845 EI Reno' Donald J. Choice ASS EI Reno, Andy Chunta Engr. Alberta Can. Engr. Club Geol. Engr. Club. SEVENTH ROW: George F. Church Educ. Maysville Ila- Richard L. Clampitt, Engr,, Wichita Falls, Tex., TBH, HRT: Bobby F. Clark, Engr., Oklahoma City, Amer. Inst. ot Elec.. Engr., Engr. Club: John C. Clark, Engr., Oklahoma City, Engr. Club, ASME, Soc. ot Automotive Engng Sam H. CIarke,AXA, AHS, Enid, Arnold Air Soc., EVE, Pick and Hammer, IFC. EIGHTH ROW: David R. Clary, KA, A8fS, Gatesville, Tex., Pick and Hammer, Westminster Fellowship, Rut-Neks, Jere- lyn W. Claxton, 1"l'B, Educ., Norman, Future Teachers ot Amer.: Frank R. Clayton, Engr., Tulsa, AIEEAIRE, Engr. Club: Jack P. Clayton, AES, Mangumi James R. Clayton, Engr.. Norman, HKN, ET, AIEE-IRE. NINTH ROW: Robert L. Clearwater, E'I'E, Engr., Wichita, Kans,, IFC, UAB: C. Price Clevenger, Engr., Altus, AIEE-IRE, Soc. ot Automotive Engr.: Henrie B. Close, X9, A3cS, Okla- homa City, Tassels, FAX, Orchesisg Orville E. Cluck, Bus., Clayton, Marketing Club, TE: Bob D. Cobb, AHS, Galveston, Tex., KUVY, AEP, Caldwell, S. Calvert Careaga Carr Carter, P. Chapman Church Clary Clearwate l' Callahan Campbell, M. H. Carey Carroll, J. Cason Chesnut Clampitt Claxton Clevenger Calmes, C. Campbell, M. C. Carlson Carroll, K. Castro Chiles Clark, Clayto Close B. nl Calmes, J. Campbell, W. Carman Carson Cather Choice Clark, J. Clayton, J. P. Cluck Calohan Cannon Carnes Ca rter, M Catlin Chunta Clarke Clayton, J R Cobb. FIRST ROW, leff lo riqhl: Roberl R. Cochrane, KE, Enqr., Shawnee, Scabbard and Blade, Enqr. Club, ASME: David L. Cody, Bus., Nowaia: Lawrence S. Cohan, HND, Bus., Tulsa, Slalislics Club: Elaine M. Cohen, EAT, ARS, Houslon, Tex., Morlar Board: Carole Ann Cole, AAU, AHS, Albuquerque, N. M., NPX: Don S. Coleman, AECIJ, Enqr., Barflesvilley John C. Coleman, 'PAQ Enqr., Oklahoma Cily, Engr. Club: Forresl L. Colslon, Bus., Wallers, Band. SECOND ROW: Bill Comforl, EN, AXcS, Tulsa: Jaclyn F. Com- ola, FA, Chickasha: Wilson Comola, AHS, Yazoo Cily, Miss., Pick and Hammer: Troy Conrad, Enqr., Headrick, Soc. of Geol. Engr.: Palricia A. Conner, KA9, Educ., Oklahoma Ciiy, Morfar Board, ITZK, Tassels, Sludenf Senaie, UAB: Jacqueline M. Cooper, AHS, Norman, Ducks, Weslminsfer Found., YWCA: Donald H. Coplin, HAT, Engr., Houslon, Tex., HET, PE Club, Engr., Club: Davis A. Coppedge, BQTT, Enqr., Fi, Worlh, Tex., Pick and Hammer, Engr. Club, Soc. of Geol. Engr. THIRD ROW: Rex D. Coppedqe, Enqr., Seminole, TTK, Soc. of Geol. Enqr.: Johnny C. Corona, Bus., Wilson, Accounfing Club: Roberl G. Corzine, fIJKN1', Enqr., Barllesville: Wanda Lee Counfryman, A8kS, Oklahoma Ciry, EAH, HZK, Richard T. Coussons, A242 AXQS, Tulsa: Ann Cowan, XQ, Educ., Miami: Duane R. Cowan, Bus., Oklahoma Cily, Amer. Markeling Assoc.. Compleling an analysis for geology, John Massey checks sedimenfary rock 'fealures of core samples and rock fragmenls. SAM, IIE: Gary E. Cox, KE, Bus., Oklahoma Cify, Accounfing Club, Finance Club, Scabbard and Blade. FOURTH ROW: Hoberl D. Cox, Pharm., Muskogee, Amer. Pharm. Assoc.: James R. Cox, AHS, Hooker, EYE, Pick and Hammer: Gloria Crablree, Pharm., Pauls Valley, TBZ, Amer. Pharm. Assoc.: Billy B. Crawford, Engr., Comanche, FTK, Soc. of Geol. Engr.: Glenn H. Crawford, fl'K2i, Engr., Oklahoma Cify: Carole S. Crenshaw, KKT, Bus., Barllesville, BFE: Alan C. Cringle, Pharm., Oklahoma Cily, Amer. Pharm. Assoc.: Wil- liam R. Cronoble, ALS, Barrlesville, 'PH22 ZTE. FIFTH ROW: Dennis Cross, ZN, Enqr., Tulsa, EFT, ASME, IAS: Don Cross, EN, Engr., Tulsa, EFT, ASME, IAS: Lesfer D. Cross, Pharm., Cheyenne, Kappa Psi: Carolyn Crumley, KKF, AHS, Shreve-porl, La., AAA: James E. Cullen, AKE, Engr., Alberla, Can.: Ches Culp, KE, AES, McAIes'rer, EYE, Arnold Air So- ciely, Pick and Hammer: Neifa W. Culwell, Bus., Norman: Jim L. Cunningham, WTA, Bus., Muskogee. SIXTH ROW: R. L. Cufler, AXA, AXKS, Oklahoma Cily: Jim K. Daggs, Bus., Ninnekah: Pal O. Daily, AHS, Bixby, 413112, AEA: Virgina Dakin, AAA, Educ., Ashland, Kans.: Quinlan L. Darnell, Enqr., Morris, PE Club: Phyllis L. Dalhe, ZTA, Educ., Dallas, Tex., Hflll: Roger Davis, A8fS, Webb Cily, Mo.: Rufh Ann Davidson, XYZ, Bus., Oklahoma Cily. Cochrane Cody Cohan Cohen Cole Coleman, D. Coleman, J. Colsron Comfort Comola, J. Comola, W. Conrad Conner Cooper Coplin Coppedge, D Coppedge, R Corona Corzine Counfryman Coussons Cowan, A. Cowan, D. Cox, G. Cox, H. Cox, J. Crablree Crawford, B. Crawford, G. Crenshaw Cringle Cronoble Cross, D. Cross, D. A. Cross, L. Crumley Cullen Culp Culwell Cunningham Cufler Daggs Daily Dakin Darnell Dafhe Davis, R. Davidson FIRST ROW, lell lo righl: Sally Davis, KKl', Educ., Allus, Fulure Teachers oi America: William D. Dawson, Engr. Wanelle, HET, Scabbard and Blade, PE Club, Engr. Club: Jack DeArmon, EN, AES, Vinila: Dorris M. DeCamp, Educ., Blackwell: Carroll W. DeLisse, 95, Engr., Carlsbad, N. M.. AIEE-IRE, Sooner Shamrock, Young Dem. SECOND ROW: Enrique DeVivero, Engr., Lima, Peru, Amer. Soc. of Civil Engr.: Jack DeWeese, Engr., Tulsa, IRE: Don- ald L. Degraffenreid, Engr., Oklahoma Cify, HKN, ET, AIEE-IRE, Engr. Club: Richard Delgado, Educ., San Diego. Calif.: Donald J. Del Vecchio, AES, Passaic, N, J., Pick and l-lammer. Tl-llRD ROW: Roberl G. Denison, 1ffl'l'f, Engr., Oklahoma Cily, HHS, PE Club Arnold Air Socielvz William R. Den- man, full, AHS, Oklahoma Cily: Mary Nancy Denner, -SV, FA Alva: James W. Denlon, AXA, Engr., Fi, Worlh, Tex.. O Club, ASME, Soc. oi Aulomolive Engr.: Richard E. Defer- man, Engr., Wood River, lll., ASME. FOURTH ROW: Terence G. Dexfer, Engr., Alberla, Can.: Sharaniil S. Dhillonn, Engr., New Delhi, lndia, lnlernalll. Club: Henry W. Diehm, Engr. Oklahoma Cily: Dorolhy J. DiVaIl, A-Xl, Educ., S. Pasadena, Calif.: Richard E. Dixon, -ST-1, AHS Enid. FlFTl-l ROW: Tommy C. Dobbs, Bus., Healdion, Accounling Club: Merlin A. Dobry, ARS, Alberla, Can., Flying Club: Jimmy D. Dodson, AX, Bus., Oklahoma Cily: Shirley Ann Dodson, X-Q, A8lS, Oklahoma Cily, Moriar Board, 9241, Publicaiions Board: J. T. Doke, Engr., Welumka, ASME. Engr. Club, Sl. Pal's Council. SIXTH ROW: William C. Donley, AXA, FA, Arapaho, LW'-5: Don G. Douglas, KE, Engr., Oklahoma Cily, Amer. Soc. oi Civil Engr., Engr. Club: Jean Doulhil, FTB, Bus., Tulsa: Jimmy Drake, BGII, AXKS, Pawnee: Hugh E. Driggers, 'PAQ Engr., Magnolia, Engr. Club, Insl. ol Aero, Sci. SEVENTH ROW: Mariha N. Duca, AF, Educ., Muskogee: Barbara Ducker, FA, Tulsa, EAI, KAU, Band, Univ. Sym- phony: Rod Duckworih, ATU, Bus., Tulsa: DeAnn Dudenhoef- fer, XQ, Bus., Grandiield: Eugenia Duff, AES, Porl Ochard, Wash., 'P-S. ElGl-lTl-l ROW: Berl L. Dunham, Engr., Norman, SAE, ASME: Sue Dunninglon, KKF, AZKS, Denver, Colo., Tassels, Weslmin- sler Fellowship: Deborah Durham, -5-F, FA, Tulsa: Floyd F. Durham, Engr., Wichila Falls, Tex., Soc. oi Geol. Engr.: Wil- liam D. Durkee, BDU, Engr., Norman, 'l'liI'I, 'Nl-E, Amer. lnsl. oi Chem. Engr., 'PAT NlNTl-l ROW:Howard L. Dyke, Engr., Wallers: Delmar S. Dykes, BDU, AES, Enid: Gina Dyniewicz, KKI' AHS, Okla- home Cily, BWOC, UAB: James E. Eakin, Engr., Wiichila Falls, Tex., NET, XT, PE Club, Engr. Club: Duane G. Earles, Educ., Norman. Davis, S. DeVivero Denison Dexfer Dobbs Donley Duca Dunham Dyke Dawson DeWeese Denman Dhillonn Dobry Douglas Ducker Dunninglon Dykes DeArmon Degraffenreid Denner Diehm Dodson, J. Doufhif Duckworfh Durham, D. Dyniewicz DeCamp Delisse Delgado Del Vecchio Denfon Deferman DiVaII Dixon Dodson, S. Doke Drake Driggers Dudenhoeffer Duff Durham, F. Durkee Eakin Earles FIRST ROW, lell lo righl: Judy Early, lll3'l', ASKS, Oklahoma Cily, Pem Club, WRA, Rackel Club: Arl' C. Easily, Engr., Al- berla, Can.: Rulh Eddleman, KKV, ASQS, Norman, Morlar Board, Newman Club, English Club: Miclxey Edwards, SAM, AES. Oklahoma Cily, EAX, Sludenl Senale, Sooner Yearbook, Okla- homa Daily, Hillel Found.: Ronald C. Elkins, AXA, AHS, Ponca Cily: Charles M. Ellel, -3-T-3, Engr., Oklahoma Cily, Engr. Club, Amer. Soc. of Civil Engr., Band: Kalie Ellioll, HB'I', AHS, Alva, Oikonornia, Ela Epsilon, Ducks: Charles D. Ellison, A'I'I2, Educ., Oklahoma Cily. SECOND ROW: Gaye A. Ellison, HWP, Educ., Norman, Secre- larial Club, Shadow Box, lllf, UAB, Oikonomia: L. L. Ellzey, AE'l', Bus., Elk Cily, Soc. For lhe Advanc. ol lvlanq.: John Em- berlon, Engr., Texarkana, Tex.: Joan E. Emerson, AVA, AXcS. Wichila, Kans., Okla. Daily: Tom E. Emerson, 39171, AES, Wilson, Scabbard 81 Blade, Varaily O Club: John W. Epperson, A-:"l'. Bus., ldabel, -lin: Carol L. Ericson, A8:S, Oklahoma Cily, Kill, HE: Wanda Eshelman, lllifb, Bus., Gulhrie, Finance Club. THIRD ROW: Marion J. Esler, Xll, FA, Okmulqee, -Nl-3: Carl B. Esfes, Engr., Moore, Soc. ol lndus. Mgmt Engr., Engr. Club: Marshall S. Eslrin, HA'l', Engr., Kansas Cily, Mo.: John A. Eur- 'lon, 409, Bus., Norman, Sooner Scandels: Janice S. Evans, Educ., Tonkawa, Womens Coral Club, Fulure Teachers oi America, Wesley Found.: Paula P. Evans, A315 Oklahoma Cily, Morlar Board, 93:41 Okla. Daily: Jim Evans, ?l'l'l'i, Bus., Freeporl, III., Alfll: Marlene Evans, K-39, FA, Chickasha, Afifl. Malxing a iinal examinalion of lheir French provincial model house are inferior design sludenls Cecille Hooven-Roberls and John Wooley. FOURTH ROW: Phil B. Ewerl, -YN, AES, Pauls Valley: James C. Fairchild, Engr., Roll, fl'llE, Il"l', IT, Insl. ol Aeron. Sci.: Fred Faien, Xl'-X, AES, Guymon, :ll-:I Clinlon P. Falls, ALS. Adair: Dale R. Fannon, Bus., Pampa, Tex.: Felix J. Farrell, EX, Bus., Wichila, Kans., Varsily O Club: LaVonne D. Farris, Educ., Norfolk: Joel D. Falheree, -EX, Bus., Pampa, Tex. FlFTl-l ROW: Jane E. Fellingham, ill, A8fS, Oklahoma Ciiy, EAN, Young Repb., Spanish Club: Boyd E. Fender, Acacia, A81S, Aransas Pass, Tex., KK'l', Canlerbury Club: Bobby M. Ferguson, l'fl9B, AES, Oklahoma Cily: Ronald W. Fidler, BAE, Engr., Okla- homa Cily: Merlin B. Field, Enqr., Mellorr, Sask., Can., Engr. Club, NET: J. Clyde Finley, Bus., Easl Poinl, Ga., Scabbard and Blade, Soc. lor lhe Advan. of Manq.: Ronnie Fireslone, EFPE, Engr., Wichiia, Kans., IFC, Cheerleader: Eddie G. Fisher, Educ., Allus, O Club. SlXTl-l ROW: Don W. Filzgerald, Bus., Oklahoma Cily, AEII, Marketing Club: Ray K. Fleming, Bus., Pauls Valley, Accounling Club: Carole Flelcher, -SV, Educ., Tulsa, Fuiure Teachers ol: America: Macie D. Folks, Bus., Sallisaw: George W. Follz, FA, Muskogee: Julia R. Ford, IVIHB, Educ., Norman: June Ford, Educ, Norman, KAN, Fulure Teachers ol America, AAA: Roberl' J. Forgie, Engr., Regina, Sask., Can., IIET, PE Club, Enqr. Club. 2 if 'L Early Easlly Eddleman Edwards Elkins Elle? Elliott Ellison, C. Ellison, G. Ellzey Emberlon Emerson, J Emerson, T Epperson Ericson Eshelman Esler Estes Eslrin Eurlon Evans, J. S. Evans, P. Evans, J. Evans, M. Ewerl' Fairchild Faien Falls Fa nnon Farrell Farris Falheree Fellingham Fender Ferguson Fidler Field Finley Firestone Fisher Fifzgerald Fleming Flelcher Folks Folfz Ford, J. R. Ford, J. Forgie Nffiifsigfffaw 5: . 2,592 Sm' T , v'it,,x.f.2,sA3 FIRST ROW, leii lo righi: Linda J. Forresier, Educ., Alfus, AWS, Young Dem., Danny Forson, Bus., Seminole, Slalislics Club, Bureau of Bus. Research, Charles E. Fosfer, 'PA-9, ALS, Enid, EM, Darrell L. Fowler, Engr., Enid, liT,1lTK, EVE, THU, Engr. Club, Roberl G. Fowler, Engr., Mari, Tex., Engr. Club, PE Club. SECOND ROW: Joe H. Francis, Bus., Longview, Tex.. Accounling Club, Soc. for The Advan. of Mang., Richard E. Francis, Acacia, Bus., Oklahoma Cily, ESE, Kennelh E. Franklin, Engr., Enid, Don H. Franlz, Pharm., Ponca Cily, K'l', PX, Amer. Pharm. Assoc., Roberl' C. Frazer, ZAR, Bus., Ama- rillo, Tex., Finance Club, Markeling Club, IE. THIRD ROW: Gerald R. Frazier, AXA. Engr., Sulphur, La., Engr. Club, Sl. Pal's Council, Phil Frazer, fl'-5-9, Bus., Ada, O Club, Markering Club, Sally Freel, AXQ, Educ., Oklahoma Cily, Fulure Teachers oi America, Pep Council, UAB, Randy Freeman, -EX, Bus., Norman, Richard W. Freeman, AES, Okla- homa Cily. FOURTH ROW: John T. French, ATU, Bus., Erick, Scabbard 31 Blade, Accounling Club, Rulh Frilz, AV, Educ., Oklahoma Cily, Jerry W. Fronlerhouse, BPVTT, Engr,, Oklahoma Cily, NET, -YT, THU, ODK, Pe-el, PE Club, Paul Fronlerhouse, 'l'Kf-, Engr., Healdlon, HET, PE Club, Engr. Club, David C. Frosf, AES, Hobarl, SAX, fIrIlE, OAK, Siu. Press Assoc.. Newman Club. FIFTH ROW: Dan Fullerfon, 'T'-39, Educ., Lawfon, Wesley Found., Dale B. Furlow, Engr., Sallisaw, HKN, HME, IRE, Clinlon C. Fulhrell, 'PK'I', Bus., Checolah, Finance Club, John W. Gahn, Bus., Burlinglon, Iowa, John W. Gaines, 1i"l'l'1, Engr., Oklahoma Cily, DMS. SIXTH ROW: Myralin Gallaspy, All, AHS, Oklahoma Cily, Freeman Gall, KE, FA, San Anlonio, Tex., Roberl H. Gard- ner, Bus., Jacksonville, Fla., TE, SAM, Alice J. Garrigus, WPA, Educ., indianapolis, lnd., Raymond J. Gary, Bus., Madill. SEVENTH ROW: Gerald L. Gardner, AHS, Comanche, Ger- ald E. Gassell, Engr., Beihany, Sandy Gasf, KKT, A8fS, Bari- lesvillo, Larry B. Gaflin, KA, A815 Oklahoma Cily, Classics Soc., Canlerbury Club, Hisf. Club, Aaron G. Gallis, Bus., Lawlon, ASH, SAM. EIGHTH ROW: John S. Gavora, Engr., Shaughnessy, Al- borla, Can., Alan George, Acacia, Engr., Easl Norwich, Long Island, N. Y., PE Club, Engr. Club, Elaine George, XQ, FA, Oklahoma Cily, Moriar Board, MTE, HKA, John George, :AH AHS, Holdenville, Bill Geren, Bus., Ponca Ciiy, Markeling Club Soc. for The Advan. of Mang., IE. NINTH ROW: Gary D. Gibson, HKA, Bus., Slillwaier, -Sill, Arnold Air Socieiy, Markelinq Club, Manag, Club, John L. Gibson, BHH, Bus., Dallas, Tex., Joel S. Gilberl, Engr., Tonkawa, THTI, ET, HTE, ASME, Engr. Club: James E. Gil- chrisl, JT, Engr., Walnul, lll., Soc. ol: Geol. Engr., Jack E. Gilliam, Bus., Tulsa, Sludenl Senale, ISA, Forresfer Francis, J. Frazier, G. French Fullerfon Gallaspy Gardner, G. Gavora Gibson, G. Forson Francis, Frazier, Frifz Furlow Gall Gassel? George, Gibson, Fcsfer Fowler, D. Fowler, R. R. Franklin Franfz Frazer P. Freel Freeman, R. F. Freeman, R. W Fronlerhouse, J. Fronlernouse, P. Frosf Fulhrell Gahn Gaines Gardner, R. Garriqus Gary Gas? Gallin Gaflis A, George, E. George, J. Geren J, Gilberl Gilchrisl Gilliam FIRST ROW, lefl lo righl: Joe D. Gimlin, Bus., Barllesville: Carl L. Gipson, Engr., Oklahoma Cily: John Gladden, AES. McAles'rer: Larry Glasgow, ATU, Enqr., Phillips, Tex., Amer. lnsl. of Chem. Engng William A. Glass, AT, Enqr., Olcmulgee. PE Club, Engr. Club: David H. Glenn, Engr,, l-louslon, Tex., TBH, THE, ODK, TT, 595: Gaines L. Godfrey, Will, Engr., Fl. Worlh, Tex., Soc. of Geological Engr.: Roger L. Gael- ler, ALS, Oklahoma Cily. SECOND ROW: Gary L. Goldslein, HNF, Engr., Omaha, Neb., ET, TBH, Amer. lnsl. of Arch.: Roberl E. Golasinslri, Engr., Tulsa, PE Club, Engr. Club, Newman Club: Thomas D. Goodner, ZFPE, Bus., Duncan, Marlceling Club, llf: Anne GOOdWlfI, KKP, FA, CllV1iOr'l, Glynn M, G01-. don, ATQ, Bus., Oklahoma Cily: Tom J. Gordon, Bus., Cedar' vale, Kans.: L. B. Gr aham, Bus., Ada., Flying Club, So c. for lhe Advan. of Mar'g,: Al Grage, 'N'-3, Bus., Shreveporl, La. Tl-llRD ROW: John Allan Granl, Enqr., l-lollisler, IITE, ASME, SAE: Sydney R. Granlf, AAA, FA Barllesville, TAX, AEP, UAB, BWOC: Carolyn J. Graunlre, Ali, AHS, Tulsa, KAH, Morlar Board, Alesler, Engr. Club, lAS: Richard D. Gravlin, Engr., AWS: Marl: T. Graves, Engr., Mc Okla- homa Cily, Amer. lnsl. of Civil Engr.: Thelma D. Green, Educ., Norman, KAH3 Jane Lou Gregg, AES, Perry: Don- ald E. Griffin, Bus., Weleellca, Finance Club, SAM. Ted James, Bob Marquardl, H. R. Cary, Don Barrell, Roberf Worlman and H. C. Fer- guson run a performance lesl on a sfeam driven waler pump. FOURTH ROW: Elaine Griffin, AAA, A8iS, ldabol: William A Griffin, Engr., Yulcon, ET: James L. Griffis, Educ., Exeler, Calif., O Club: Bob P. Grimmell, 'H'-3, Bus., Pauls Valley: Carol J. Grinsfead, l"I'B, AES, Pawhuslca, Tassels, ON, BWOC, UAB: Judy Groh, HB'l', Bus., Oklahoma Cily, Sec. Sci. Club: Hugh F. Grover, Bus., l-loldenville: James Allen Grubb, -EN. Engr., Miami, Amer. lnsl. of Chem, Engr. FIFTH ROW: Charles J. Guinn, 'PK-Y, Bus., Kansas Cify. Kans., A-YH: Myron L. Gulliclxson, Engr., Barons, Alberla, Can., SAE, ASME: Jon G. Gumerson, EAN, Bus., Gulhrie, Finance Club: Lucile V. Gunlher, KA9, ALS, Dallas, Tex., Spanish Club: Tim L. Guzzle, -EAR, AHS, Lawlon: Oralene C. Haclrney, ZTA, A81S, Blackwell: Rufh E. Hackney. AAU. Educ., Ponca Cily, AAA: Roberl' L. Haddican, Engr., Bed- ford, Soc. of lndus. Mang. Engr., League ol Young Dem. SIXTH ROW: Franlr A. Hagan, :'l'E, Enqr., San Anlonio, Tex.: Bobby C. Haggard, Engr., Pulnam, IAS: Kennefh E. Hair, Bus., Norman, A-YU, Soc. for fhe Advan. oi Mang., Economics Club: James L. Hall, ATA, ABS, Guymon, Till-Y, ODK, PE-ET, UAB: Anna Belh Halverson, Educ., Byers, BSU, WRA: Larry E. Hamby, Engr., Barllesville: Don E. Hamilfon, HKA, Bus., Mc- Alosler, IFC: Ray F. Hamillon, ATU, Enqr., Barlrlesville, THU. VTK, Scabbard and Blade, Soc. oi Geol. Engr., Young Repb. Gimlin Gipson Gladden Glasgow Glass Glenn Godfrey Goeller Goldsfein Golasinski Goodner Goodwin Gordon, G. Gordon, T. Graham Grage Granr, J. Granl, S. Graunke Graves Gravlin Green Gregg Griffin, D. Griffin, E. Griffin, W. Griffis Grimmeif Grinslead Groh Grover Grubb Guinn Gullickson Gumerson Gunfer Guzzle Hackney, O. Hackney, R. Haddican Hagan Haggard Hair Hall Halverson Hamby Hamilfon, D Hamilfon, R FIRST ROW, leil lo riqhlz Warren Hamilfon, Bus., Henryella, WWC Pres. Council, Tri-Council: Fredrick Hammerf, AX, AES, Anadarko, IFC, XAX, Okla. Daily, Pep Council, League of Young Demo.: Jack M. Hammelf, ALS, Ardmore, EYE: John B. Hance, Engr., Kress, Tex., PE Club, AIME: Chuck C. Handly, KA, Engr., Memphis, Tenn., PE Club, Engr. Club. SECOND ROW: Carol Sue Hankin, EAT, Educ., Seallle, Wash., Hillel Found., COR, IRC: Jimmy C. Hanks, Engr., Holdenville, IRE: Larry B. Hannah, EAE, Engr., Edmond: Dave Hansen, -SAE, Bus., Oklahoma Cily, Markeling Club, IE: Edwin L. Hansen, KA, Engr,, Pensacola, Fla. THIRD ROW: Burlon E. Hardin, FA, Norman, TMA, KKW, Band, Orcheslra: Harold L. Hardy, Engr., Oklahoma Cily: John N. Hardy, EX, AES, Tulsa: Charles E. Harmon, Engr.. Duslin, PE Club: Marilyn Harris, KA9, Educ., Salem, III. FOURTH ROW: Tom A. Harrisberger, Bus., Ponca Ciiy, Accounring Club: Peggy Ann Harrison, A'I', Educ., El Monle, Calif.: Lawrence D. Harfman, Educ., Oklahoma Cily: Jim M. Harlsuck, ALS, Drumrighl, WAT, AEA, ODK, THE: Herron C. Harvey, Bus., Carlsbad, N. M., Scabbard X1 Blade, Finance Club, AIU. FIFTH ROW: Jerry Harvey, Pharm., Boise Ciry: Binny J. Hawkins, Educ., Carman: William H. Hawkins, Engr., Calgary, Alberla, Can.: Roberf R. Hawley, A8fS, Midwesr Cily, Pick and Hammer: Barbara L. Hayes, ZTA, AHS Roswell, N. M., HE, Oikonomia. SIXTH ROW: Mary Lynn Hayes, FA, Tulsa: Billy W. Head, Bus., Borger, Tex.: Linda G. Headslream, 'I'M, A8cS, Ellis, Kans., KH: Ronald N. Hechf, AHS, Tulsa: Arfhur L. Heggie, Engr., Regina Sask, Can., PE Club, Engr. Club. SEVENTH ROW: Charles W. Henry, FPAG, AHS, Killeen, Tex., Scabbard and Blade, SAME, Air Command Squad.: Danny L. Hern, AZLS, Oklahoma Cily, ATA, CPHZJ: Charles B. Herrin, AES, Duncan, AXE, 'T'T'T: Janis M. Hervey, A41 A8iS, Nor- man, Oikonomia, HE, Shadow Box, Sludeni Senale: Ross C. Hess, FA, Anadarko, ATA, AAS, Newman Club. EIGHTH ROW: Roberf E. Hickman, Engr., Srigler, Amer. Soc. of Civil Engr.: Charles R. High, Engr., Healcllon, Amer. Insf. of Chem. Engr.: Marian P. Hill, KA9, AHS, Oklahoma Cily, Social Work Club, Sociology Club: Olha D. Hill, Bus., Barnsdall, Accounling Club, ABU: Ronald M. Hill, KE, Engr.. Easl' Lansing, Mich., Engr. Club, PE Club. NINTH ROW: Charles V. Hills, IIKA, Bus., Medford, Soc, for Adyan. Oi Mang.: John Hnafiuk, Engr,, Chancellor AI' berla, Can., -YT, HRT, TEH, Engr. Club, PE Club: Louise Hobbs, AAU, A8fS, Oklahoma Cily, UAB, Shadow Box, HE, League oi Young Demo.: Joseph P. Hogan, Bus., Buffalo. Cameron Club: Vernon E. Hohman, AES, Lone Wolf. Hamilfon, W. Hammer? Hammeff Hance Handly Hanklin Hanks Hannah Hansen, D. Hansen, E Hardin Hardy, H. Hardy, J. Harmon Harris Harrisberger Harrison Harfman Harfsuck Harvey, H Harvey, J. Hawkins, B. Hawkins, W. Hawley Hayes, B Hayes, M. Head Headsfream Hechf Heggie Henry Hern Herrin Hervey Hess Hickman High Hill, M, Hill, O. Hill, R. Hills Hnafiuk Hobbs Hogan Hohman FIRST ROW, Iell lo riqhl: John P. Holbird, A-YP, FA, Mid- wesl' Cily, -Yi'-1: Rose M. Holden, Educ., Oklahoma Cily: Ronald P. Holcomb, SKK, Enqr., Wellslon, PE Club, Engr. Club: Bobella R. Holland, Bus., Fl. Worlh, Tex.: Roberl F. Holland, AES, Okemah: Dorolhy Holmes, DVB, AES, Floydada, Tex., WX: Jerry D. Holmes, Enqr., We-Noka, Arnold Air Soc., Soc. ol Geol. Enqr., Engr. Club' Linda Holmes, 1lB'l', AHS Duranl. SECOND ROW: Charles W. Holmslrom, AHS, Holcomb, Kans.: Marlha A, Holsline, Ki, AHS, Kinglisher, Shadow Box: Nancy Hollzendorff, KX9, AHS, Oklahoma Cily, Tasse-ls, A-Xl, Slu- denl Senale: Cecille Hooven-Roberfs, XYZ, AES Norman: Susan E. Hoover, AV, AHS, Oklahoma Cily: Susan Hopkins, KKF, AXfS, Colorado Springs, Colo., ON: Diane Horn, KA9, Bus., Sapulpa: Richard M. Horlon, 'I'I'l, AZLS EI Reno. THIRD ROW: Palrick E. Hosford, EN, Enqr., Norman, TBH, ZIT, IIET, ODK, PE Club: Jane Houchin, HB42 AX1S, Barlles- ville, Oikonomia, Young Reob.: Anne Houck, 1lI3'I', Educ., Lillie Rock, Ark., K5-H, AWS, FTA, Young Repb., Canlerbury Club: Marsha Ann Houck, XXI, Educ., Lone Wolf, K-I-H, HQH, Young Repb., FTA: Lynn Houghlin, -55--N, Educ., Pauls Valley, Orchesis: Roberl' E. House, ATA, AES, Oklahoma Cily: Rob- erl' Houslon, AHS, Norman, AXZT, Air Command Squad.: Leslie R. Howard, Enqr., Ada, IRE. Lab parlners William Bird and Richard Baum measure lhe linear expansion of brass and olher melals in physics lab. FOURTH ROW: Nancy G. Howard, -5-V, Bus., Tulsa: William R. Howell, Bus., Claremore, AEH, BITE, Mang. Club: William A. Howie, HKA, Enqr., Calgary, Alberla, Can., HTE, Engr. Club: Elmo G. Hubble, Engr., Jeff, III., AIME, PE Club: Ralph A. Hud- gins, FA, Grandlield, ODK, NFA, APO Sludenl Senare: Bob Hudiburg, SN, Bus., Prague: C. W. Huff, Error., Norman: Charles E. Hughes, AHS, Graham. Tex. FIFTH ROW: Rex W. Hughes, Bus., Hunler, IDE, Finance Club, Wesley Found.: Thomas L. Hughes, AXA, AES, Salem, Mo., IVE, Pick and Hammer: John R. Hughey, KE, AZQS, Weleelka, EM: Nancy Jane Hundley, TTB, Educ., Calvin, HE, FTA, KT: Donald Hunnicull, Enqr., Elk Cily: Everell' F. Hunl, Bus., Dewey: Judilh M. Hunl, Educ., Grove: Roberl' D. Hun+, A8rS, Ardmore. SIXTH ROW: Edwina L. Hunler, AAA, FA, Ada, M'I'I'I, TB-Y, Band, Choir: Roberl' K. Hunler, BQII, AXQS, Ponca Cily, Slu- denr Senale, Band: Gayle R. Huxlable, AF, AES, Tulsa, Phi- losophy Club: Don M. Ingels, Enqr., Oklahoma Cily, PE Club, BSU: Jim Iverson, EX, Bus., Tulsa: James E. Irvin, Engr., Hari'- shorne, Men's Glee Club, Engr. Club, Soc. of Geol. Engr.: Charles D. Irwin, Educ., Ada: Gordon D. Jackson, 'I'K3, Educ., Manqum, Holbird Holden Holcomb Holland, B. Holland, R. Holmes, D. Holmes, J. Holmes, L. Holmsfrom Holsline Hollzendorff Hooven-Roberls Hoover Hopkins Horn Horlon Hosford Houchin Houck, A. Houck, M. Houghlin House Houslon Howard, L. Howard, N. Howell Howie Hubble Hudgins Hudiburg Huff Hug hes, C. Hughes, R. Hughes, T. Hughey Hundley Hunnicull' Hunl, E. Hunl, J. Hunl, R. Hunler, E. Hunler, R. Huxlable lngels Iverson Irvin Irwin Jackson FIRST ROW, Iefl 'ro righl: Ronald H. Jaggers, Bus., Clare- more, AEIT, Markeling Club, Soc. 'For lhe Advan. ol Mang., Ernesf C. James, Engr., Des Plaines, Iowa, Insl. of Aero. Sci- ences, Joe B. James, AX, Educ., Lawlon, FTA, Indus. Arls Club, Marilyn R. James, FTB, FA, Sulphur, AHA, Ted K. James, Engr., Washinglon, Engr. Club, Sludenl' Senale, 2915, Wesley Found., ISA. SECOND ROW: Sieve A. Janger, HAT, AHS, Oklahoma Cily, Dean's Honor Roll, Paul L. Jeffries, 'I'K'I', Engr., Evans- ville, Ind., ET, TBH, EIDE, FTK, Soc. of Geol. Engr., George R. Jenkins, Engr., Coleman, Alberla, Can., PE Club, Engr. Club, Richard D. Jensen, Engr., Slandard, Albera, Can., Richard B. Johns, ATU, Engr., Abilene, Tex., PE Club, Engr. Club. THIRD ROW: Allen Johnson, EN, Engr., Lawlon, Bill L. John- son, 'PKZL Bus., Barnsdall, IE, Marion E. Johnson, Bus., Man- gum, SAM, Mary Joan Johnson, ARS, Oklahoma Cily, EAU, AAA, James C. Johnsfon, EAE, A81S, Shawnee. FOURTH ROW: James J. Johnslon, AT, AXfS, Lilrle Rock, Ark., Roger L. Johnson, Engr., Pond Creek, Engr. Club, Soc. ol Engr. Physicisls, Sherli J. Johnsfon, Q, AXcS, Guymon, Claudia A. Jondahl, HBQJ, ABQS, Chandler, Barbara Jones AAU, FA, Oklahoma Cily, Yearbook Beauly, Univ. Playhouse FIFTH ROW: Donald G. Jones, FA, Chickasha, Jimmy M. Jones, KA, Educ., Oklahoma Cify, Joe R. Jones, KE, A8fS, Oklahoma Cily, ODK, QHE, Scabbard and Blade, Varsily O Club, BMOC, Louann Jones, KKF, FA, Duranl, Tassels, UKA, MTE, Univ. Orcheslra, Wilbur D. Jones, Engr., Tulsa, IRE. SIXTH ROW: Charles A. Jordan, Engr., Elmhursl, III., AIME, PE Club, Engr. Club, Francis B. Jordan, ALS, Tulsa, Mischa Kahn, EAM, FA, Seminole, Vaughn A. Kaiser, Enqr., Wealherlord, HTE, Engr. Club, ASME, Elmer H. Kamphaus, Engr., Canule, PE Club. SEVENTH ROW: Virginia L. Kane, AAA, Educ., Drumrighl, EAU, Delberl L. Keenon, Engr., Cemenl, IRE, Mary Ellen Keelon, AHS, Wilson, Oikonomia, James E. Keller, Bus., Okla- homa Cily, Donald C. Kelley, ATU, Engr., Oklahoma Cily, amz, ETA, HKN, THU. EIGHTH ROW: Jack Kelley, Bus., McAIesler, Midwesl Cil'y. Accounling Club, Palricia Kelley, APA, A8cS, Oklahoma Cily, Oikonomia, HE, Shadow Box, Bobby J. Kelly, Bus., Duncan, Judo Club, Frederick W. Kelly, AKE, Engr., Calgary, Alberla, Can., Engr. Club, PE Club, Sl. Pal's Council, Kem Kelly, KA, Ass, Elk cify, -PHE. NINTH ROW: K. D. Kennedy, ETB, AHS, Oklahoma Cily, Pick and Hammer, Lee Ann Kennedy, AX52, GA, Norman, Tassels, Morlar Board, Nancy Jo Kennedy, Bus., Oklahoma Cily, William B. Kennedy, KZ, A8cS Oklahoma Cily, Paul C. Kepple, Engr., San Luis Polosi, Mex., Soc. of Engr. Physicisls, ZHPJ, -- - -w- A+---+v-, I I Jaggers James, E. Janger Jeffries Johnson, A. Johnson, B. Johnsfcn, J. J. Johnson, R. Jones, D. Jones, J. M. Jordan, C. Jordan, F. Kane Keenon Kelley, J. Kelley, P. Kennedy, K. Kennedy, L. James, J. James, M. James, T. Jenkins Jenson Johns Johnson, M Johnson, M. J. Johnsfon, J. C. Johnston, S Jondahl Jones, B. Jones, J. R. Jones, L. Jones, W. Kahn Kaiser Kamphaus Keefon Keller Kelley, D. Kelly, B. Kelly, F. Kelly, K. Kennedy, N. Kennedy, W. Kepple FIRST ROW, lell lo righrz James H. Kerns, Engr., Alva, Amer lnsl. ol: Chem. Enqr.: James E. Key, HKA, Bus., Ardmore Charles D. Keyes, A81S, Ada, Canlerbury Club: Madelyn Kidd KKF, Bus., Shawnee, BWOC, Slalislics Club: Connie Kihneman IIBIP, Educ., Shreveporl, La., Tassels, FTA, French Club Larry N. Kilborn, Alflf, Engr., Chickasha: Roberl' W. Kilmer, EN, Bus., Medford: Eve Kimbrell, AFA, AES, Greal Bend Kans., 923lI. SECOND ROW: Lawrence M. Kimrey, KE, Bus., Norman Assoc. lor lhe Advan. ol Mang., Amer. Markeling Assoc. Frances King, KKV, FA, Ada, Morlar Board: Pal E. King Educ., Oluslee: Mary Ann Kinkaid, AF, Educ., Tulsa, IISIII Ryborn R. Kirby, Engr., Gainesville, Tex.: Joyce L. Kirchner, IWIJB, Bus., Oklahoma Cily: Charles P. Kirkland, Pharm., Nor- man: Glenda Kay Kirkland, Educ., Hollis, BSU. THIRD ROW: Richard C. Kirkland, Bus., Bakersfield, Calif. Nancy Kirlley, AXU, Educ., Seminole: Roger H. Kleen, A815 Oklahoma Cily, 'lull-Y, TBH, 2113, FA: Belle Anne Klein EAT, Educ., Tonkawa: Bill Kline, AT, Bus., Pawnee: Kennelh J Knowles, AXcS, Oklahoma Cily: Connie M. Krivanek, A845 Oklahoma Cily: Helen L. Kulsche, KA, A8fS, Avondale Eslales Ga. Reservalions are laken for luncheon served by lhe large quanlify cookery class. Here Lou Lindsey and Dorolhy Hiddleslon prepare for lhe noon meal. FOURTH ROW: Craig K. Kyle, 95, Engr., Norman: Virginia Laliferly, AAA, Bus., Oklahoma Cily, Markeling Club, Sec. Sci. Club: James H. Lafon, Engr., Norman, Afflfl, Amer. Soc. ol Civil Engr., Engr. Club: Mauri B. Lampl, KE, Bus., Shawnee, ISA: Richard E. Lamplon, fl'llA, Bus., Norman, SAME: Shirley Ann Lancasler, AAA, Educ., Duranl: Cooper B. Land, ZIAE, AXfS. I-lol Springs, Ark., EYE, Pick and Hammer: Mahala Larason, AFA, AES, Oklahoma Cily. FIFTH ROW: Jesus Larlilegui, Engr., Caracus, Venez, ASME, SAE, Inlernalional Club: Leonard Lalham, Engr., Georgiaville, R. I.: Jack R. Lawrence, AT, Enqr., Pawnee, Pick and Ham- mer, Soc. ol: Geol. Enqr., Engr. Club, Sludenl Senale: Palsy J. Lawrence, AAA, Bus., Tulsa: Danny T. Laws, Pharm., Fl. Worlh, Tex., KW, Sooner Anlidole: Verlyn Z. Lawlon, Bus., Oklahoma Cily: Gene Leach, KE, ASS, Wichila Falls, Tex., Pick and Ham- mer: Don H. Lee, Engr., Des Moines, Iowa, AIEE-IRE, Soc. lor Advan. of Mang. SIXTH ROW: Lawrence Lee, Engr., Wilson: Phillip A. Lee, Zfblil Bus., Oklahoma Cily, Scabbard and Blade, AUSA: Leo V. Legg, AX, Engr., Sallisaw, AIEE, UAB: Clarence Lehr, Engr., Calgary, Alberla, Can.: Barbara J. Leonard, AAA, Educ., Duranl, Kfb, UAB, FTA, Inlernalional Club, Wesley Found.: Mary Carol Leon- ard, FA, Sulphur, ISA, M"l'E: Dale K. Lewis, Engr., Slillwell, 41112, ET, EFT: Guy H. Liebmann, fI'1'A, Bus., Oklahoma Cily. Kerns Key Keyes Kidd Kihneman Kilborn Kilmer Kimbrell Kimrey King, F. King, P. Kinkaid Kirby Kirchner Kirkland, C. Kirkland, G Kirkland, R. Kirlley Kleen Klein Kline Knowles Krivanek Kulsche Kyle Lafferfy Lafon Lampl La mplon La ncasfer Land La rason Larfifegui Latham Lawrence, Lawrence, Laws Lawlon Leach Lee, D. Lee, L. Lee, P. Legg Lehr J P Leonard, B. Leonard, M. Lewis Liebmann FIRST ROW, lefl' io righli Teresa Ann Lillard, ZTA, Educ., Oklahoma Cily, Oikonomia, HE: Arihur C. LiHleford, Enqr.. Adair, TBTI, HKN, ET, Enqr. Club, AIEE-IRE: Thomas W. Lindsay, Engr., Lawlon, lnsf. of Aero. Sciences: Lou Lindsey, H342 AHS, Pauls Valley, ON: Sammy E. Lindsey, Engr., Mid- wesi Cily, AIEE-IRE, XT, TIKN, TBTI. SECOND ROW: Wanda J. Liffle, Engr., Oklahoma Cily, lnsl. of Aero. Sciences, ASME: Jack Livingslon, UAW, Bus., Tulsa. Pep Council: Roberf D. Lochridge, TFA, Bus., Oklahoma Cify, "O" Club: Billy J. Locke, A2142 A8cS Sayer: Edgar Locke, BN, A815 Housion, Tex., Pick and Hammer, Scabbard and Blade. THIRD ROW: Bobby D. Long, AES, Borger, Tex.: William P. Long, ATA, Engr., Tulsa: Margaref Losey, AF, A8iS, Oklahoma Cily, Morlar Board, KAH, Tassels, AWS, UAB: Roger Louis, BAE, AXQS, Oklahoma Cily, ODK, BMOC: Ann Lowe, Pharm., Ardmore, AAA, Amer. Pharm. Assoc., PX, AEA, Siu. Sen. FOURTH ROW: Norma Jo Lowe, FA, Barnsdall, Mfbii, Wo- men's Coral Club, MENC: Roberf E. Lowe, Engr., Tulsa, Engr. Club, Amer. Soc. of Mech. Engr., Soc. ol: Auio. Engr.: Quell Luce, Engr., Sand Springs, ASME, Engr. Club: David Luni- feld, Engr., Long Island, N. Y., ASME, SAE: Beni+o R. Luon- go, Engr., Caripie, Venez. FIFTH ROW: Joe M. Lufon, ATU, Engr,, Union Cily, Tenn., Clyde W. McAfee, Engr,, lqnacio, Colo., Soc. of Chem. Engr., Soc. of Nalural Gas Engr.: James A. McAIis+er, KA, Engr., Shreveport La.: Noble McBroom, AES, Oklahoma Ciiy, 11915: Sianley D. McCallon, Engr., Wynnewood, ET, Engr. Club, PE Club. SIXTH ROW: Ted McCar+er, BQH, Bus., Tonkawa, ODK, BFZL: Ann McCar+hy, AAA, Educ., Okarche, Dean's Honor Roll: Willard McCasland, AES, Holdenville: Mary C. Mc- Clure, ATA, Educ., Duncan, Fulure Teachers of Amer.: Clara McCord, FTB, AHS, Seminole. SEVENTH ROW: Roberf McCoy, 'i'KE, Engr., Oklahoma Cily, UUE, Engr. Club, Soc. of Engr. Phys.: Jackie L. Mc- Crighr, ASS, Sweeiwaier, Tex.: Jimmy L. McCuisl'ion, Bus.. Wanefle: Ken E. McCulloch, Bus., Edmonfon, Alberia, Can.: Roberfa McCulloch, ZTA, Bus., Perry. EIGHTH ROW: Bob McCu+cheon, AHS, Calgary, Alberia, Can.: Paul R. McDaniel, ATA, A8cS, Oklahoma Cily: William McDaniel, HGH, AHS, Enid: Milfon J. McDermoH, KE, Enqr., Oklahoma Cily, TIT-Y, ASME, Soc. of Aulo. Enqr.: Gayle Mc- Donald, AFA, ALS, Oklahoma Cify, EAI. NINTH ROW: Jack L. McGee, ALS, Alva, :H-E: Therese McGraw, 1-IBGI, AHS, Tulsa: Alva McGuckin, ARS, Norman, Pick and Hammer: Keifh McGuire, Engr., Woodward, PE Club, Enqr. Club: Larry D. Mclnfosh, Engr., Lawion, ET, PE Club, Engr., Club. Y . -vm ., ar-S, Sv Lillard Liifleford Lindsay Lindsey, L. Lindsey, S. Liffle Livingsfon Lochridge Locke, B. Locke, E. Long, B. Long, W. Losey Louis Lowe, A. Lowe, N. Lowe, R. Luce Lunifeld Luonqo Lufon McAfee McAIisfer McBroom McCalIon McCarfer McCarthy McCasland McClure McCord McCoy McCrighf McCuis+ion McCulloch, K. McCulloch, R McCufchen McDaniel, P. McDaniel, W McDermoH McDonald McGee McGraw McGuckin McGuire Mclnfosh FIRST ROW, lofi 'Io righl: John R. McKee, EN, Bus., Lawfon, Scabbard and Blade, William L. McKeel, Engr., Ada, IRE: Kennelh N. McKinney, TAS, AZSQS, Blackwell, Donald J. Mc- Kinnon, Enqr., Calgary, Alberla, Can., HET, PE Club, Enqr. Club, Dick, F. McKnigh+, "PAQ, ARS, Enid, Pe-el, ODK, EM, THE, IPA9, R. Duncan McLain, EX, A8fS, Oklahoma Cily, Gordon C. McLaren, Engr., Calgary, Alberla, Can., ASME: Margaref McMahan, TTQT5, FA, Duncan, ATA, K-Tr, Wesley Found. SECOND ROW: Gerald McManus, Engr., Muskogee, Louise Mc- Rae, Alb, FA, S'I'. Louis, Mo., James A. McPherson, Engr., Coch- rane, Alberla, Can., Soc. of Geol. Engr., Linda Lee McPike, KA9, AES, Joplin, Mo., Jim C. Mcsherry, ATA, Enqr., McAIes- ler, 11112, EFT, EIT, Enqr. Club, William R. McSwain, 9K'l', Bus., Oklahoma Cify, Ralph M. McVay, EN, AES, Oklahoma Cily, Pick and Hammer, William L. Maberry, flfKXIf, Engr,, Dewey, IRE. THIRD ROW: D. D. Mach, Engr., Walonqa, Engr. Club, Amer. Soc. ol: Civil Enqr., Rober+ Mack, Educ., Oklahoma Ciiy, Indus, Arls Club, Daniel Mackey, AEWP, ASQS, Wichila Falls, Tex., Tom R. Maher, FKA, Educ., EI Reno, Richard L. Malone, AHS, Okla- homa Cify, Band, Michael O. Maloney, Engr., Grandfield, Mike Maloney, EAN, Bus., Oklahoma Cily, Finance Club: Jack A. Mann, Bus., Anadarko, Markelinq Club, IE. One 'Iwo +hree . . . counfin how man - I 9 Y revoluiions an engine makes a minufe are Lawrence Penny and Harry B. Neal in engi- neering Ials. FOURTH ROW: Mary E. Mann, AF, A84S, Duncan, AWS, AAA, 1-321111, Sian Mann, AT, ARS, Okmulqee, Sooner Yearbook, Siu. Sen., Roberl H. Maris, Engr., Ponca Cily, Bob G. Marlin, Enqr., Oklahoma Cily, Amer. Soc. of Civil Engr., Pafricia Marquardf, AFA, Educ., Park Ridge, III., HQH, FA, Fulure Teachers of Amer., Curfis W. Marlin, Bus., Ada, Jo Carol Marfyn, AF, AES, Oklahoma Cily, AEP, Pai Mar+in, EAE, Bus., Okemah. FIFTH ROW: Andrew Marushack, Engr., Rock Springs, Wy., Har- rieH D. Mason, A8fS, Oklahoma Cily, John T. Mason, KA, Engr., Barllesville, Soc. ol Geol. Engr., Gwynne Massengale, AAA, AES, Ardmore, AAA, Tassels, Morlar Board, Thomas E. Mafheson, KDKE, AHS, Tulsa, QUE, AEA, Sociology Club, Ann Mafhies, AAA, Educ., Claylon, UQH, Rosemary Ma+his, A8fS, Berger, Tex., Joan M. Maflock, AAA, Educ., Norman, K-AU, K+, Fulure Teach- ers of Amer. SIXTH ROW: Dennis R. Maxey, 'I'KXl', AHS, Tulsa, AAE, Pub. Relalion Soc., Harold T. Mayo, Bus., Ardmore, Markeling Club, IE,Mauri're Mazurkewich, AES, Edmonlon, Alberla, Can., EFE: Royce G. Meacham, Bus., Apache, Markelinq Club, Manage- menl Club, IE, Mary B. Meador, Educ., SI. Joe, Tex., Bruce E. Medley, Educ., Ponca Cify, T. Richard Medley, KA, Bus., Oklahoma Cily, IE, Markeling Club, Finance Club, John V. Melcher, Enqr., EI Campo, Tex. McKee McKeeI McKinney McKinnon McKnighf McLain McLaren McMahan McManus McRae McPherson McPike McSherry McSwain McVay Maberry Mach Mack Mackey Maher Malone Maloney, M. Maloney, M. Mann, J. Mann, M. Mann, S. Maris Marlin, B. Marquardf Marfin, C. Marfyn Marlin, P Marushack Mason, H. Mason, J. Massengale Mafheson Mafhies Mafhis Maflock Maxey Mayo Mazurkewich Meacham Meador Medley, B. Medley, T. Melcher FIRST ROW, leli' lo righl: Allen D. Meese, AXA, AHS, Enid: John P. Mellon, APRS, Jonesboro, Ark.: Francis D. Merld', Bus., Laredo, Tex.: Jack Merrill, Engr., Oklahoma Cily: Paul B. Meyer, AET, Engr., Geary, Amer. lnsl. oi Arch. SECOND ROW: Roberl' F. Milam, 93, Engr., Smackover, Ark.: Jerry Miles, 'PAQ Engr., Pulaski, Tenn., Engr. Club, PE Club, Pick and Hammer, UAB: Roberf J. Miles, Engr., Enid, HKN, ET, TBH, Engr., Club, AIEE-IRE: Herberl' Miller, HAT, Bus., Tulsa, Finance Club, Markeling Club: Sam D. Miller, KA, Bus., Elk Ciiy, Markeiing Club, IE, Finance Club. THIRD ROW: Clarence Mills, Bus., Greensboro, N. C., Soc. for Adv. of Mang., Amer. Rockoi Soc.: Donald E. Miichell, Engr., Wilson, Engr. Club, Amer. Soc. oi Mech. Engr.: Bruce J. Moody, AXA, AHS, Shawnee, Amer. Soc. of Mech. Engr.: Frank W. Moore, ATA, AES, Tulsa: H. Ray Moore, AT, AHS, Oklahoma Cily. FOURTH ROW: Ginny Moran, AAA, FA, Oklahoma Cily, Newman Club, AEP: Elizabelh S. Morgan, AES, Cleveland, ON, Oikonomia: Jerry D. Moore, AHS, Holdenville: Joyce Moore, AES, Anadarko: Jimmie K. Morehead, ETH, Engr., Oklahoma Cily. FIFTH ROW: Joseph K. Morford, -EX, Engr., Los Angeles, Calif., Soc. oi Cveol. Engr.: Lillian Morgan, KA9, ASS, Okla- homa Cily, Tassels, 9243, Okla. Daily: Terry Morrison, ATU, Engr., Mi. Vernon, lnd.: Edward L. Morlon, EN, ARS, Sul- phur: Loren D. Moses, AXA, Bus.. Oklahoma Ciiy, Markeling Club, IE. SIXTH ROW: Palsy Mosher, KA, Educ., Kingfisher: Larry Mozer, A2142 Engr., Clovis, N. M., TEH, EPT: Hayden Mug- ler, AAA, A8iS, Perry: Roberl' G. Mullendore, TTA, Pharm., Tulsa: Denver W. Mullins, Engr., Burmingham, Ala., lnsi. oi Aero. Sciences. SEVENTH ROW: Mary Ann Munn, AES Lawlon: Edward J. Murphy, AIT, Bus., Oklahoma Cily: Dorolhy Ann Murray, AS, Thomas, Oikonomia, Band, Wesley Found.: Margarel' Myers, AXQ, Educ., Ponca Ciiy, Tassels: Marilyn Myers, AX53, FA, Frederick, AAA, ATA. ElGHTH ROW: Ann Nagel, KA9, Educ., Woodward, Kill, Tassels, AAA, Fuiure Teachers of Amer.: Shirley Jean Naifeh, Educ., Tulsa, Fuiure Teachers of Amer.: Vincenl Nalhan, EAM, A8iS, Ardmore. 'PH-E, EM: Alberl Nalion, Bus., Gran- ile, AIT, Accrfl. Club: Paul L. Nave, fi'-A-9, AES, LaGuaira, Venez. NlNTH ROVJ: Harry B. Neal, Engr., Tulsa, ASME, Soc. oi Auio, Engr.: Barbara Needham, Educ., El Reno: Donald E. Needham, Bus., El Reno: Riley B. Needham, Engr., Grove, HET, IT, HHH, PE Club: William Neher, Bus., Norman. - - - V-- .-, Meese Milam Mills Moran Morford Mosher Munn Nagel Neal Mellon Miles, J. Milchell Morgan, E. Morqa n, L. Mozer Murphy Naifeh Needham, B. Merkl Merrifl' Meyer Miles, R. Miller, H. Miller, S. Moody Moore, F. Moore, H. Moore, J. Moore, J. W. Morehead Morrison Morlon Moses Mugler Mullendore Mullins Murray Myers, M. A. Myers, M. E Nalhan Nalion Nave Needham, D. Needham, R. Neher FIRST ROW, Iell ro righl: Margarel Neilson, AAA, A8fS, Enid: Paul K. Nelson, Engr., Oklahoma Cily, HT-2, ASME: Paula R. Nelson, AAA, Educ., Holdenville: Pauline C. Nelson, Educ., Hol- denville, KAIL Thomas K. Nelson, Engr., Fr. Worlh, Tex., Scab- bard and Blade, Soc. of Cveol. Engr., FTK: Kay Neuffer, AF, AHS, Oklahoma Cily, Fulure Teachers ol Amer.: Harold E. New- land, Bus., Blackwell, Dean's Honor Roll: Nobes E. Nicholl, AIKE, Engr., Oklahoma Cily. SECOND ROW: William Nichols, fPKXI', Engr,, Dallas, Tex., Soc ol Geol. Engr., Pick and Hammer, Scabbard and Blade: James M. Niemeyer, Engr., Gulhrie, AIEE-IRE. Engr. Club: Wesley D. Niles, Engr., EI Reno, Amer. Insl. ol Chem. Engr.: Gwendolyn Nix, A8rS, Oklahoma Cily, A'T,A'T'A: Charles R. Nixon, Engr., Oklahoma Cily, Insf. of Aero. Sciences: Winfon Noah, KA, Engr., Denlon, Tex., PE Club, Engr. Club: Mary Ann Norfleel, Aflf, Educ., Fl. Worlh, Tex.: Paul Norwood, ATA, A8rS, Idabel. THIRD ROW: Leroy Norlh, Bus., Idabel, AEH, SAM: Nancy Norville, KA9, AES, Oklahoma Cily: Brian E. O'Brien, AHS, Oklahoma Cily, Pick and Hammer: Farrell Odom, KA, Bus.. Oklahoma Cily: Chrisliane Oliphanl, AF, AXQS, Holdenville: Palricia Ann Olive, A8rS, Poleau, FAX, Okla. Daily: Donald O'MalIey, KA, Engr., Dallas, Tex., Amer. Insl. of Chem. Engr., Engr. Club: Leo M. O'Rouke, Engr,, Calgary, Alberla, Can.. PE Czlub. Drilling for oil is exacling work as Bill Nichols and Johnny George are learning in geology lab. Here 'lhey inspecl core samples. FOURTH ROW: John E. Orr, Bus., Oklahoma Cily, SAM: Joseph Ouiesky, KE, Bus., Fl. Worlh, Tex.: Bill R. Owens, AT, Engr., Walrers: Lindsey Owsley, Bus., Blackwell: Slephen Ozar, AKE, Engr., Bellevue, Alberla, Can., PE Club, AIME, Engr. Club: Ronald Paara, Aid", Engr., Cushing, lnsi: ol: Aero. Sciences. Engr. Club, Amer. Soc. of Mech. Engr,, Air Knockers: Charles Palachek, Engr., Er. Worlh, Tex.: Joyce Palmalary, HB'l', A8fS, Kansas Cily, Mo., Tassels, 9215. FIFTH ROW: Wallace Pardoe, TAG, Engr., Tulsa: La Vena Park. XYZ, ASQS, Enid, Pub. Relalions Soc.: H. L. Parks, EN, Bus., Jones- boro, Ark., Scabbard and Blade, Markeling Club, Manag. Club: Paul W. Parsons, Bus., Lindsay: Sylvia Paschall, AT, A8rS, Ard- more, Oikonomia: Barbara Palon, AF, FA, Kansas Cily, Mo., FAX, AEP: Ann Pafferson, 1"'iJB, AHS, Chandler, Oikonomia, ON, UE: Mary JaneH Paflerson, Educ., Chouleau, H531-I, KA-H, TEE, Band. SIXTH ROW: Charles Pallon, Engr., El More Cily, ET, HET, ZTTE, ISA, Sooner Shamrock: James L. Pauley, 9KfIf, Engr., Aberdine, S. Dak., ET, TBU, AIME, PE Club: H. W. Peace, ALS, Elk Cily, Pick and Hammer: Roberl' Peercy, Pharm., Cush- ing, K'I', Amer. Pharm. Assoc.: Charles Pegg, 95, Engr., Boul- lon, Oni., Can., PE Club: David Penn, AT, AXcS, Wallers, Scab- bard and Blade: Johnnie Penninglon, AAU, AHS, Sulphur, WRA: Lawrence A. Penny, Engr., Kildare. Neilson Nelson, P. K. Nelson, P. R. Nelson, P. C. Nelson, T. Neuifer Newland Nicholl Nichols Niemeyer Niles Nix Nixon Noah Norfleel Norwood North Norville O'Brien Odom Oliphanf Olive O'Malley O'Rourke Orr Ouiesky Owens Owsley Ozar Paara Palachek Palmalary Pardoe Park Parks Parsons Paschall Palon Palferson, A Pallerson, M Fallon Pauley Peace Peercy Pegs Penn Pennington Penny, L. FIRST ROW, Iell 'ro riqhl: Samuel J. Penny, Enqr., Gulhrie, TBTI, ET, 2023, Soc. of Enqr. Phys.: Charles C. Perkins, HKA, Bus., Oklahoma Cily: Luanne Perryman, ATA, Educ., San. Anlonio, Tex., Fulure Teachers ol Amer., German Club: Garland E. Pelly, AT, Pharm., Wallers, KW, Amer. Pharm. Assoc.: Joanne Phillips, AXQ, Educ., Seminole, KAU, Fulure Teacher of Amer. SECOND ROW: Nancy Ann Philpin, Educ., Norman: Sara F. Piclon, Educ., Porl Arlhur, Tex., Sandra Pickens, AT, A8fS, Tulsa, AT: Jimmie J. Pipkin, Educ., Seminole: Paul G. Poflen- rolh, Engr., Calgary, Mo., Amer. Soc. ol Civil Engr. THIRD ROW: Fred Polley, Engr., Hobarl AXE, Engr. Club: Gary Polsky, HAT, AES, Sl. Joseph, Mo.: Roberl A. Pope, EN, Engr., Houslon, Tex., PE Club, Enqr. Club: Sian Porch, ATU, Engr., Oklahoma Cily, Amer. lnsr. ol Arch.: Doug L. Porferlield, Pharm., Wilson. FOURTH ROW: Janice Poslon, AHS, Lawlon, BSU: Jerry L. Posfon, AT, Enqr., Lawlong Thomas M. Poleef, AXQS, Wilbur- lon, EAX, Pub. Relalions Soc.: James F. Powell, AHS, Nor- man: Jon V. Powell, AES, Oklahoma Cily, Pub. Relalions Soc. FIFTH ROW: Bernal Powers, AES, Norman, fbllllg John C. Powers, AT, AHS, Tulsa, EM, IFC: Roberf B. Prall, Engr., N. Lillle Rock, Ark., Soc. of Aulo. Engr., Soc. ol Mech. Engr.: Roberl C. PrewiH', ATS2, AXKS, Allus, Scabbard and Blade: J. C. Price, Engr., McAles+er. SIXTH ROW: Edna Ann Pryor, 'f'M, Educ., Norman, AAA. H9111 Carol Ann Puckelrlr, Afb, AHS, Oklahoma Cily, XE, Pick and Hammerg Jesse Pulliam, Enqr., Oklahoma Cify: Charles R. Quade, AXA, AES, Dallas, Tex., fl'HE, ETX, 'f'MEg Norma Qualls, AF, FA, Pampa, Tex., A'l'A. SEVENTH ROW: Palmer S. Quigley, Bus., Beverly Shores, Ind., H91-Ig Wanda Quinlan, Educ., Locusl Grove, Sequoyah Indian Club, Fulure Teachers of Amer.: Ted Ragsdale, Bus., Muskogee: Elizabefh Sue Ragland, ASS, Oklahoma Cily. Hislory Club, Kflfg David Rambo, SAE, AHS, Norman, Pick and Hammer, IFC. EIGHTH ROW: Carl R. Ramsey, Engr., lv1cAlesl'er: Sally Ramsey, KKV, Bus., Ponca Cilyg John E. Randolph, Engr., McAles+er, Amer. lnsl. ol Chem, Engng Darrell E. Raney, Engr,, Shidler, AIEE: Mary Jo Rappolee, AVA, AHS, Wichila Falls, Tex. NINTH ROVV: Cliff Raugusl, Engr., Craigmyle, Alberla, Can.: Gary G. Ray, BAE, AHS, Guymon, Arnold Air Soc.: George D. Ray, ATS2, AHS, Marshall: Jerry Ray, Engr., Charleslon, W. Va., 'l'llfl, 'l'ATg Shearn G. Raylield, AHS. Blackwell, AEA. Penny, S. Perkins Perryman Pelfy Phillips Philpin Piclon Pickens Pipkin Poffenrclh Polley Polsky Pope Porch Porlerfield Poslon, J. Poslon, J. L. Poleef Powell, J. F. Powell, J. V Powers, B. Powers, J, P1-all Prewill Price Pryor Puckefl Pulliam Quade Qualls Quigley Quinlon Ragsdale Ragland Rambo Ramsey, C. Ramsey, S. Randolph Raney Rappolee Raugusl Ray, G. G. Ray, G. D. Ray, J. Rayfield FIRST ROW, Ieii ro righi: Kennelh Reagan, Ki'-59, AHS, Burk- burneil, Tex., Pick and Hammer, Jerry Ream, Engr., Hobari, Engr. Club, Soc. of Engr. Phys., Bob H. Reavis, KE, Pharm., Ardmore, Amer. Pharm. Assoc., David R. Reavis, KZ, Pharm., Ardmore, KXP, Amos Reed, Engr., Duncan, PE Club, AIME, Rhela Reed, TM, Educ., Norman, Fuiure Teachers of Amer., Marlha Reeves, Hl3'l', Bus., Tulsa, Sec. Sci. Club, UAB, Pep Council, Pedro Regina-NeHo, Engr,, Sao Paulo, Brazil. SECOND ROW: J. Duane Rehard, Engr., Billings, Monr., PE Club, Engr. Club, Donald Reid, STH, AHS, Oklahoma Cily, AEA' 'PH-if Rober+ A. Reid, 13911, Engr., Norman, THU, ET, Arnold Air Soc., William Reid, AT, Enqr., Casionia, N. C., Soc. oi Cveol. Engr,, Engr. Club, Sheila Reilly, lllifll, AHS, Tulsa, Carlos P. Reis, Engr., Rio de Janeirc, Brazil, Luciano Reni, Engr., Barquisi- meio, Venez., Amer. lnsl. of Chem. Engr., Joe D. Reynolds, Engr., Haskell, AIU, AIISZ, Engr, Club, IRE, AXA, THIRD ROW: Mary Frances Reynolds, A'l', AES, Henryeila, 9241, Howard P. Rice, Engr., Lawion, Enqr. Club, Mildred Rice, AAA, Educ., Oklahoma Cily, Jack L. Richardson, Bus., Talihiana, Accn'+. Club, Roberr W. Richardson, fikifi, Pharm., Duncan, KW, Amer. Pharm. Assoc., "O" Club, Carl Richison, Bus., Chickasha, Markeling Club, IE, Dan Riddell, HKA, Engr., Oklahoma Ciiy, Engr. Club, PE Club, Carolyn Riddle, AXSZ, AES, Wichila Falls, Tex. -7- Crealing 'iheir own molds, Mrs. Helen Merri++, Joan Es+er and BeH'y Canron use boH'Ie fops in making plasier casls for bowls in ceramics class. FOURTH ROW: Sue Riddle, KKV, FA, Lawion, M'I'i'i, Newman Club, Charles R. Rider, ATA, FA, Purcell, NI'-3, ASME, SAE: William Riley, Enqr., Lacombe, Alberla, Can., Engr. Club, PE Club, Carolyn Ann Riser, AI'-3, AHS, Oklahoma Cily, Barry C. Risf, Enqr., Tyrone, Paul Roach, ARS, Shawnee, Barry Robbins, Engr., Calgary, Alberla, Can., Jennie Roberfs, Xfl, AHS, Dallas, Tex. FIFTH ROW: Alan Roberison, EN, Enor., Miami, Amer. Insl. of Chem. Engr., Clara Roberfson, KKV, AHS, Oklahoma Cily, Donald N. Roberlson, -YI'-3, Enqr., Lawlon, Douglas Roberison, KA, Engr., Shreveport La., Arnold Air Sociely, PE Club, Engr. Club, Howard Roberlson, Bus., Moore, Rodger Robinson, FA, Shawnee, KK'1', TMA, MENC, Band, Sue Robison, AES, Oklae homa Ciiy,A1i-5, Isaac Roe, AX, Bus., Pond Creek, Mang. Club, League ol Young Demo. SIXTH ROW: Marilyn Roefher, K-3, A81S,Wa+onqa, Rosalie Roff, Hlifb, AHS, Wewoka, ON, Oikonomia, Anne Carroll Roadhouse, KKF, ALS, Ada, Paige Rocker, IIWP, ALS, Allus, Spanish Club, Edmund Roo+, Engr., Oklahoma Cily, NTI, ASME, SAE, William Rosen, lIA:fI', Bus., El Paso, Tex., Markeling Club, Bobby L. Ross, Engr., El Reno, IRE, Engr. Club, C. James Rofhbauer, Engr., Cal- gary, Alberla, Can., Enqr. Club, PE Club. Reagan Ream Reavis, B. Reavis, D. Reed, A. Reed, R. Reeves Regina-Neffo Rehard Reid, D. Reid, R. Reid, W. Reilly Reis Reni Reynolds, J. Reynolds, M. Rice, H. Rice, M. Richardson, J. Richardson, R Richison Riddell Riddle, C. Riddle, S. Rider Riley Riser Risf Roach Robbins Roberis Roberfson, A. Roberison, C. Roberison, D. Roberfson, D. H Roberfson, . Robinson Robison Roe Roefher Roff Roadhouse Rooker Roof Rosen Ross Roihbauer FIRST ROW, lell 'ro righl: Larry Round, 9K'l', Bus., Ponca Cily: Lemois Rowland, AES, Cyril: Mihir B. Roy, Engr., Cal- culla, India, PE Club, Enqr. Club, Asia Club: Joann Rozlocil, AAII, Bus., Oklahoma Cily, Sec. Sci. Club, Markeling Club: S-lan Rugeley, K-Y, Enqr., Wichila Falls, Tex. SECOND ROW: Carol Ann Ruge, AHS, Omaha, Neb,, HE, AWS: James H. Russell, Engr., Norman, EFWT, A'l'Q: Joanna Russell, AXQ, Educ., Miami: John M. Ryan, AXA, AHS, Tulsa: R. J. Sachen, Enqr., Oklahoma Cily, Engr. Club, IRE. THIRD ROW: Raymond Salmon, AX, Engr., Nocoma, Tex., PE Club: Jerry Lee Salyer, AES, Lawlon, ODK, AIP, EM, De- bale Squad: George A. Samara, Engr., Drumrighl' AXE, ET, Engr. Club, Amer. lnsl. of Chem. Engr.: Sam D. Sanborn, Enqr., Midwesl Cily, AIEE: Margarel Sandlin, AXQ, ALS. Seminole. FOURTH ROW: Ted Sandridge, ATS2, Engr., Mansfield, Ohio, Scabbard and Blade, FTK, Soc. ol Geol. Engr.: Wayne Sansbury, BGH, AES. Norman, UAB, AAZI, Pub. Relalions Soc.: Lealon Sargenf, ALS, Norman, Pick and Hammer: J. John Sauer, AX, Bus., Dewey, Afifil: James W. Savage, 'Pl'-3, Bus., Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Howard Schlesinger, ZIAM, Bus., Lillle Rock, Ark.: Thomas Schnerder, ATA, A8rS, Buller, Penn.: Charles Schusferman, HIVP, Engr., Tulsa, TBH, ODK, Pe-el: Roberf Schwarlz, AT, Engr., Blue Island, Ill.: Slanley Schwarlz, EAM, ASQS, Oklahoma Cily, Pub. Relalions Soc. SIXTH ROW: Jerry Sco'l+, Bus., Aloka, Scabbard and Blade. Soc. for The Adv. ol Mang., Bus. Slal. Club: Marilyn Scoff, FA, Woodward, EAT: Jim Seals, EN, Engr., Miami, AXE, Amer. lnsl. of Chem. Engr., Judo Club, Engr. Club: John Seavey, Engr., Oklahoma Cily: Gordon W. Seaward, ALS, Fl. Sill, 'P-49. SEVENTH ROW: A. Lee Segell, Pharm., Oklahoma Cily: Pa- fricia Sellers, Educ., Amarillo, Tex., All, Fulure Teachers ol Amer.: Tom Sellers, Engr., Cushing, TBII, IIKN: Carl Senn- henn, AES, Norman, 'PII-fl, Fulure Teachers of Amer.: Mar- low Severin, Engr., Oklahoma Cily, ASME, SAE. EIGHTH ROW: Gene Shaffer, Engr., Duncan, SAE: Joe Shannon, Engr., Wallers, lnsl. ol Aero. Sciences: Jay Shapiro, HAT, Bus., Kansas Cily, Mo., THE, IIC, UAB, Siu. Sen., Finance Club: Carole Sue Sharp, Bus., Oklahoma Cily, UQH, K'l': Lynford Sharp, AHS, Bokoshe, ESX. NINTH ROW: Warren Sharp, Engr., Tulsa, Soc. of Geol. Engr.: Alan Shavilz, IAM, A8fS, Evansville, Ind.: Howard Shelfon, Bus., Oklahoma Cily, Acc'l. Club: Joe T. Shellon, BHII, Engr., Oklahoma Cily, PE Club: Richard L. Shepheard, AT, Engr., Muskogee, Enqr. Club, ASME. 4I7 -Y f ,,,, I I I Round Rowland Roy Rozfocil Rugeley I Ruge Russell, J. Russell, J. Ryan Sachen I Salmon Salyer Samara Sanborn Sandlin Sandridge Sansbury Sarqenl' Sauer Savage Schlesinger Schnerder Schusferman Schwarlz, R. Schwarh, S. Scoif, J. ScoH, M. Seals Seavey Seaward Seqell Sellers, P. Sellers, T. Sennhenn Severin I Shaffer Shannon Shapiro Sharp, C. Sharp, L. Sharp, W. Shavifz Shelton, H. Shelfon, J. Shepheard FIRST ROW, left to right: Jack M. Short, Law, Duncan, AONFP, Thomas B. Shriver, Engr., Haskell, Amer. Soc. ot Civil Engr., Sudy A. Shugart, KA9, ASS, Ft. Worth, Tex., AAA, EAH7 Alvin C. Simmons, Engr., Seminole, PE Club, Suzanne Simpson, KAH, Bus., Ft. Worth, Tex., Marketing Club, TE, Jean Sims, Educ., Pampa, Tex., Future Teachers of Amer., Bobby G. Sim- mons, Engr., Yale, AXE, Amer. Inst. ot Chem. Enqr., Dana D. Simons, AX, Engr., Laurel, Mont., AIEE-IRE, Engr. Club. SECOND ROW: Sharmion Simpson, AAA, Educ., Euiaula, Gary P. Sims, ASS, Blackwell, AXE, Thomas S. Simms, HKA, Enqr., Lindsay, Amer. Soc. Civil Engr., James M. Sisson, Engr. Genesee, Kans., Tom V. Sitrin, HA'l', Bus., Tulsa, Billy J. Slush- er, AES, Newcastle, Archie Smith, ZWE, Engr., Tulsa, AXE, Amer. Inst. ot Chem. Engr., Carolyn Smith, ASS, Lindsay, Physical Therapy Club. THIRD ROW: Charles R. Smith, Bus., McAIester, EM, EQJE, Accn't. Club, Clarence L. Smith, Engr., Dacorna, AIEE-IRE, HKN, ZIT, Darrel V. Smith, Bus., Welumka, SAM, David H. Smith, Enqr., Ft. Smith, Ark., Soc, of Geol, Engr., David L. Smith, 'l'K'1', Bus., Okmulgee, Fred D. Smith, A8fS, Seminole, Helen K. Smith, KKF, Educ., Bartlesville, Future Teachers of America, Jerry F. Smith, ATU, FA, Hobart. Developing their ideas of salesmanship are John Sims and Bruce Anthony, as they sketch ads during a iournalism advertising class. FOURTH ROW: Lee Dwight Smith, AXA, Engr., Columbus, Tex., Engr. Club, Inst. ol Aero. Sciences, ANU, Sooner Shamrock, Leta K. Smith, AT, Bus., Jet, Accn"r. Club, Univ. Chorus, Women's Choral Club, Lottie M. Smith, Educ., Noble, Loyal C. Smith, Engr., Elk City, IITZ, ET, ASME, Engr. Club, Mary Dell Smith, AX9, APRS, Wewoka, Melvin L. Smith, AHS, Okla- homa City, Pick and Hammer, Norman W. Smith, ASS, Norman, History Club, Norris L. Smith, ASS, Norman. FIFTH ROW: Ronnie W. Smith, Z'l'E, Enqr., Oklahoma City, Suzanne Smith, IMPB, Educ., Norman, KCP, Sooner-ets, 11911, Wayne C. Smith, Engr., Liberal, Kans., Amer. Inst. of Chem. Engr., Kristen Snethun, Engr., Lougheed, Alberta, Can., Sher- win Snyder, Pharm., Wichita, Kans., WHE, Jerry E. Southerland, Bus., Duncan, Accn't. Club, Penny A. Sowers, KA9, FA, Wichita, Kans., AWA, Joe S. Spalding, BAE, Engr., Ft. Worth, Tex. SIXTH ROW: R. Kenneth Sparks, TFA, ASS, Woodward, Robert M. Speers, Pharm., Shawnee, G. L. Stanislav, IPAQ, Educ., Perry, Patricia Steftens, ASS, Girard, Kans., Sue Dawn Stein, XYZ, Educ., Ft. Worth, Tex., Carl G. Stephenson, AXA, ASS, Ada, Glenn L. Stephenson, KA, ASS, Oklahoma City, Mary Helen Steve, FA, Enid, Newman Club. Short Shriver Shugart Simmons, A. Simpson, S. Sims, J. Simmons, B. Simons Simpson, S. Sims, G. Simms Sisson Sitrin Slusher Smith, A. Smith, C, Smith, C. R. Smith, C. L. Smith, D. V: M Smith, D. H. Smith, D. L. Smith, F. Smith, H. Smith, J. Smith, L. D. Smith, L. K. smifh, L. M. smafh, L. c. Smith, M. D. smnh, M. L. Smith, N.W Smith, N. L. Smith, R. Smith, S. Smith, W. Snethun Snyder Southerland Sowers Spalding Sparks Speers Stanislav Steffens Stein Stephenson, Stephenson, Steve C. G. 2' iii' f ez:-: 5 FIRST ROW, lett to riqhl: Ann Stine, ALS, Cisne, Ill., ON: Edward A. Stine, Engr., Flora, III., Scabbard and Blade, Engr. Club, PE Club: Gale S. Stitt, Enqr., Stettler, Alberta, Can., ASME, SAE, Engr. Club: Jane Stone,AXQ,A31S, Tulsa: Helen M. Stover, ASS, Wetumka, Oikonomia. SECOND ROW: Cyntha Straight, AAA, Educ., Bartlesville: Clarence L. Strance, Enqr., Oklahoma City, ASME, SAE: Herman L. Stricklen, Enqr., Bible Grove, Ill., PE Club: Betty L. Stringer, AF, AHS, Tulsa, KAH. Tassels, BSU: Richard S. Stringer, -STE, AXcS, Tulsa, Pick and Hammer. THIRD ROW: Charles Strotman, Enqr., Mattoon, III,, PE Club: Billy Sturch, ASS, Durant: Bill B. Sullivan, Educ., St. Louis: Dale B. Sullivan, AE'l', Educ., Ponca City: N. Jean Sullivan, ARS, Barnsclall, HE. FOURTH ROW: Jerald E. Summers, AHS, Seminole, Pick and Hammer: Neil C. Sumner, Bus., Shawnee: Jerry A. Sundberg, ALS, Del City, 119E: Judy L. Swartz, XQ, Educ, Norman, Future Teachers ot Amer.: Patsy Ruth Sweeney, HWP, Ecluc., C-ladewaler, Tex. FIFTH ROW: John D. Swihart, Enqr., Oklahoma City, ET, HKN: Cecil L. Switzer, Bus., Shawnee, Stat. Club: Thelma Jean Taber, Nursing, Bristow: James J. Tadich, Enqr., Granite, Ill.: George Talbott, AXA, Bus.. Mobile, Ala., Air Knockers Club. SIXTH ROW: Nicholas R. Tanga, Enqr., Elizabeth, N. J., IRE: Brooks Taylor, Acacia, Bus., Wichita, Kans., SAM, Rul-Neks, IFC: Franklin D. Taylor, EN, Bus., EI Dorado, Ark., Scabbard and Blade, Acc'tg. Club: James O. Taylor, Pharm., Haskell: Rita L. Taylor, KA, ASQS, Dallas, Tex. SEVENTH ROW: Thomas D. Taylor, Engr., McAlester, "O" Club, Amer. Inst. ot Chem. Enqr,: Robert A. Teague, 'l'1'A, Engr., Tulsa: Mary Faith Templeton, KKT, AES, Tulsa: Gary Lee Tesch, A3115 AHS, El Reno: Joel Thomas, ATYZ, AHS, Hollis. EIGHTH ROW: Lambert D. Thomas, Bus., Newcastle: Willard Y. Thomas, AXcS, Duncan, Scabbard and Blade, Hllli, AAI, fl'A9, Oklahoma Daily: Brad Thompson, AT, Enqr., Oklahoma City: Morgan E. Thompson, ARS, McAlester: Phyllis L. Thomp- son, lifbli, Bus., Oklahoma City. NINTI-l ROW: Travis Thompson, AF, Bus., Tulsa: Joe B. Thurs- ton, fix, Enqr., Alex, Enqr. Club: H. Vern Thornton, Engr.. Norman, Soc. of Geol. Enqr.: John S.. Tice. Bus., Oklahoma City, AAE: Lawrence R. Tillman, Engr., Calgary, Alberta. Can. 4l'-7 W ,,.,,. , ,,,, Stine, A. Stine, E. Stitt Stone Stover Straight Strance Stricklen Stringer, B. Stringer, R Strotman Sturch Sullivan, B. Sullivan, D. Sullivan, N Summers Sumner Sundberg Swartz Sweeney Swihart Switzer Taber Tadich Talbott Tanga Taylor, B. Taylor, F. Taylor, J. Taylor, R. Taylor, T. Teague Templeton Tesch Thomas, J. Thomas, L. Thomas, W. Thompson, B. Thompson, M. Thompson, P Thompson, T. Thurston Thornton Tice Tillman FIRST ROW, Ieil lo righi: Harry W. Todd, 'l'-AU, Engr., Ardmore, ET, BFE, FTK, Pick and Hammer, Engr, Club: Charles D. Tom- lins, Law, Tulsa: Mary Lou Tompkins, KKV, Bus., Philadelphia, Pa.: Don D. Tooman, BAE, Bus., Ponca Ciiy, Mang. Club, Engr., Club: James F. Tophan, Engr., Togo, Saskarchcwan, Can.: Anlonio Tor- res, 95, Engr., Arecibo, Puerlo Rico, Amer. Insr. oi Arch., Rui- Neks: Gloria Torres, AES, Brownwood, Tex.: James A. Toilen, 'PK-Y, Bus., Norman, Rui-Neks. SECOND ROW: Joyce C. Townsend, AHS, Oklahoma Cily, BSU, Pep Council: Roberl G. Tracy, K-Y, Bus., Oklahoma Cily, Finance Club, Mang. Club: Waller R. Traxler, AX, Engr., Dallas, Tex., PE Club, Engr. Club: Donald Treps, ATA, Engr., Sl, Louis, Mo., Soc. oi Engrs, Phys.: Allen Trimble, Educ., Calgary, Alberfa, Can., 4"AK, K-AH: Willard G. Trimble, Engr., Calgary, Alberla, Can., -YT, FTK, Soc. ci Geol. Engr., Engr, Club: Sieve Trower, ATA, FA, Tulsa, -YPA, ODK: Michael B. Truly, FA, Wichila Falls, Tex. THIRD ROW: Carl Tucker, AHS Duncan, BFE: Laurey Tucker, Aliflf, Engr., El Dorado, Ark., Scabbard and Blade, Amer. Insi. of Chem. Engr., Soc. of Amcr. Mililary Engr,: Jan C. Tupper, A8fS, Tulsa: Donald J. Underwood, A81S, Chickasha, Pick and Hammer: Rosemary Underwood, KKV, Educ., Ardmore: Fulure Teachers of Amer.: Elinor Sue Unruh, AAA, ARS, Oklahoma Cily, Oikono- mia: Naomi B. Ulschen, AXcS, Ardmore, 9342 AAA, Oklahoma Daily: Lawrence Vache, Engr., Temple, ASME, Engr. Club. vac., .aa The home economics show case lakes on a new look as Lucille Beard and Teresa Lillard dis- play clofhes made by advanced clolhing slu- denls. FOURTH ROW: Thomas Valenline, KA, Engr., Oklahoma Cily, ASME., SAE: William C. Vandevenler, 'l'-39, Engr., Midland, Tex., THE, FTK, Pick and Hammer, Engr. Club, Soc. oi Geol. Engr.: Donna L. Vandiver, AXQ, FA, Seminole, K'l', MENC, Choral Club: J. T. Vanhoulle, Engr., Calgary, Alberla, Can., ASCE, SI. Pal's Council: James W. Vaughn, Educ., Aliusg Frederic A. Veal, Educ., Duncan: Don Ray Verhines, Engr., Weafhericrd, TBTI, Amer. Insi. oi Chem. Engr., ET, AXI, Engr. Club: J. A. Vernon, Engr., Sulphur, AIEE-IRE. FIFTH ROW: Paul Vernon, A8cS, Shidler: Ke-nnel'h R. Vice, Educ., Oklahoma Ciiy, Indus. Arls Club: Linda Vowell, KA, Educ., Sul- phur Springs, Tex., Fufure Teachers of Amer., K'l': Ronald G. Wade, Bus., Tulsa: Richard Wackerfuss, Engr., Sr. Paul, Minn.: Frankie Wagner, Bus., Seminole, Spanish Club, EAU: Nila Wag- ner, A8fS, Vivian, La., AAA, Tassels, Oiwonomia: Jim L. Wagnon, ATU, Bus., Norman, Men's Cvlee Club, Men's Ouarfel. SIXTH ROW: Palricia Ann Walker, lll3'l', AHS, Chickasha, Okla- homa Daily, Sooner Yearbook, TAX: R. Earl Walker, Engr., Okla- homa Cily, IITE, ASME, SAE: Tandy C. Walker, Engr., Sasakwa, Insi. of Aero. Sciences, Eagle Chasers: Barry James Walraven, FA, Oklahoma Cily, "O" Club: Joanne Walfer, AF, A8rS, Dun- can, IAN, John L. Waller,A81S, Fl, Lauderdale, Fla.: B. C. Wal- fers, ATA, Engr., Cushing: James E. Walfers, Engr., Oklahoma Cily, GKN, yr, IRE. Todd Tomlins Tompkins Tooman Tophan Torres, A. Torres, G. Tollen Townsend Tracy Traxler Treps Trimble, A. Trimble, W. Trower Truly Tucker, C. Tucker, L. Tupper Underwood, Underwood, Unruh Ulschen Vache Valenline Vandevenfer Vandiver Vanhoufle Vaughn Veal Verhines Vernon, J. Vernon, P. Vice Vowell Wade Wackerfuss Wagner, F. Wagner, N. Wagnon Walker, P. Walker, R. Walker, T. Walraven Waller, J. A Waller, J. L. Walfers, B. Wallers, J. D R FIRST ROW, lell lo riqhl: Roberl L. Wanlland, K-Y, AHS, Seminole, Arnold Air Soc.: Roberl S. Ward, AKT, Educ.. Camargo: Delores Ann Warner, Educ., Lawlon: Phyllis A. Warren, I"l'B, Educ., Eulaula, Fulure Teachers ol Amer., HE: Shirley Walson, ZTA, Educ., Oklahoma Cily. SECOND ROW: Max Weaver, AT, Bus., Okmulgee: Helen Webb, WM, Educ., Hcisinqlon, Kans., Fulure Teachers ol Amer., Univ. Band, TB-Y: Mary Belh Webb, KU, AHS, Nor- man, IIE, Oikonomia, UAB: Roberl D. Webber, BDU, AXcS. Oklahoma Cily: George F. Weber, ALS, l-lenryella, Band, KK'I', 2913, Wesley Found. THIRD ROW: Michael Weiss, EAM, ALS, Cleveland, Ohio: Avrom Weissman, Engr., Brooklyn, N. Y.: Gene R. Wells, Enqr., Arnell, lnsl. ol Aero Sciences: Donna Wesl, Educ., Beaver, Fulure Teachers ol Amer.: Jacquelyn Wesl, A41 Educ., Oklahoma Cily, FTA, lnlernalional Club Band, Spanish Club. FOURTH ROW: Sally Wesl, AAA, AHS, Anllers, Okla. Daily, Sooner Yearbook: W. Kenl Weslbrook, Enqr., Rolan, Tex., Sl. Pal's Council, AlME: Beverly Weslheimer, lIBfl', ALS, Ard- more: Frederick L. Wellengel, APRS, Hinlon: Frank W. We- werka, Bus., El Reno, Markeling Club, IE. FIFTH ROW: Darel A. Wham, ATU, Engr. ,Moorecroll, Wy., PE Club: Elizabelh L. Whealley, lllifll, AES, AAA, Tassels, UAB: Ann Wheeler, HB42 AHS, Tulsa, 9-Yf'l': Anila Whilalrer, AHS, Muskogee, HE, Oikonomia: Mack Whilaker, Bus., Mus- kogee. SIXTH ROW: Ford While, KE, Bus., Anadarko: Jack While, TTA, ABS, Chandler: James E. While, Engr., Oklahoma Cily, EPT, Arnold Air Soc., lnsl. ol Aero. Sciences: Jerry D. While, EN, Engr., Lindsay: Joeshua While, Bus., EI Reno, SAM, BSU. SEVENTH ROW: Leonard While, AHS, McAlesler, ZIAX3 Margarel While, AFA, Educ, Velma, Fulure Teachers ol Amer., BSU, HU, UAB: Mary H. While, KA9, Educ., Chicka- sha: Richard E. While, Educ., Tulsa, lndus. Arls Club: Slan- ley E. While, TPA, Bus., Tulsa, Markeling Club, TE. EIGHTH ROW: Derrill Whillen, SHE, Enqr., DeOueen, Ark.: Bill Whilworlh, AES, Lillie Rock, Ark.: Alvan L. Wiclcline, A541 Enqr., Enid: Marilyn Wiens, Ki, Educ., Pond Creek, Fulure Teachers ol Amer., Kfb: Rod W. Wiese, IX, AES, San Marino, Calil. NlNTH ROW: Caroline Wiesl, AAA, AES, Lawlon: Grace R. Wiezorelc, Educ., Tulsa, K'l', KAN: Dorolhy Ann Willenbring, AHS, Enid, Pick and Hammer, Newman Club: Caroline Wil- liams, l"l'B, Educ., Midland, Tex.: Carolyn Ann Williams, AF, AHS, Oklahoma Cily, THK, KT, French Club. Wanlland Ward Warner Warren Walson Weaver Webb, H. Webb, M. Webber Weber Weiss Weissman Wells Wesl, D. Wesl, J. Wesl, S. Weslbrook Weslheimer Wellengel Wewerka Wham Whealley Wheeler Whilaker, A. Whilaker, M While, F. While, J. While, J. E. While, J. D. While, J. While, L. While, M. While, M. H. While, R. While, S. Whillen Whilworlh Wickline Wiens Wiese Wiesl Wiezorek Willenbrinq Williams, C. Williams, C. A FlRST ROW, leff To righf: Cafhryn Williams, KKF, AXKS, Nor- man, Tassels, KCD, AFA: Charles E. Williams, ATA, AHS, Tulsa: Deane R. Williams, AEfP, Bus., Oklahoma Cily: Gary B. Williams, Engr., Cardsfon, Alberfa, Canada: George P. Williams, Bus., Norman, SAM: James D. Williams, Engr., Henryeffa, ASME, SAE: Laurence T. Williams, ATU, Bus., Oklahoma Cify, Scabbard and Blade, Accn'l' Club: Marfha Ann Williams, AT, AHS, Oklahoma Cify, 9245, Pub, Relafions Soc. SECOND ROW: Marfha K. Williams, 1'fl'B, AXQS, Dallas, Tex., EAU: John L. Williford, fi'A9, AHS, Odessa, EM: Nancy Jane Wills, AGS, Tulsa, Slu. Sen,: Darryl G. Wilsie, Educ., Lexingfon, Indus. Arfs Club: Gary E. Wilson, Engr., LaJun+a, Colo., lnsf. of Aero. Sciences: Henry W. Wilson, A8rS, Norman, Pershing Rif- fles, Scabbard and Blade: Jerry B. Wilson, A81S, Norman: Nancy J. Winfrey, AF, Educ., Caracas, Venez. THIRD ROW: Paul Winkler, ARS, Brisfow: Bill Wise, KA, A8cS. Tecumseh, Oklahoma Daily, Arnold Air Soc., Sooner Yearbook: Monfe Wilfe, AX, Engr., Dallas, Tex., TBH, AXE, KIHHE Engr. Club, Amer. lnsl'. of Chem. Engr.: Ralph Wiffrock, 9K'l', Bus., Okarche, Soc. for lhe Adv. of Mang., Newman Club, Arnold Air Soc.: John Wolever, Engr,, Lansing, Mich., ASME, SAE, Engr. Club: J. D. Wolfenberger, ATA, Bus., Anadarko, Markefing Club, IE: M. E. Wolverfon, EAE, Engr., Lawlon, Soc. of Geol. Engr.. Engr. Club, Sf. P'a'l's Council, Scabbard and Blade: Je Hyung Woo, Engr., Seoul, Korea, Amer. lnsf. of Chem. Engr., Asia Club. FOURTH ROW: John Wood, HKA, Engr., Norman, ETIE, TBH, ET, Soc. of Engr. Phys.: Virginia Wood, FTB, FA, Duranf, MQHEI TBE, KT, Band, Chorus: Lowell Wooden, Engr., Assumpfion, lll., Engr. Club, PE Club: John Wooley, FKA, AHS, Pine Bluff, Ark.: George Woofan, IIJKZ, A8rS, Oklahoma Cify: Don Worden, A8cS, Ninnekah: Richard Worrell, ATA, AES, Oklahoma Cify: William Worrell, Engr., Norfolk, Va. FIFTH ROW: Roberf Worfman, Engr., Omaha, Neb., AIME: Earnie Wofring, AHS, Oklahoma Cify, Men's Glee Club: John Wrighf, KA, Bus., Hobarf, lFC, Tridenf Soc., SAM, EM: Millard Wrighf, Bus., VVeafherford: Richard Wrighf, KE, ARS, Oklahoma Ciiy: Gary Wullenwaber, Engr., Blackwell, Rifle Team, Sooner Shamrock, Enqr. Club, SAE: Walfer S. Yager, Engr., Tulsa, lnsf. of Aero, Sciences, Arnold Air Soc.: Joe Yancey, Bus., Claremore, BFE, SIXTH ROW: lvan Yerger, EAE, Engr., Jackson, Miss.: James York, Enqr., Ada, TBIT, ET, fPE'T', PE Club, Engr. Club: Joseph Young, A8rS, Chandler: Marguerife Zeigler, KA, A84S, Shamrock, Tex., Shadow Box, Fashion Club, HE, UAB: Simon Zilberberg, EAM, AXQS, Valencia, Venez.: George Zirkle, AX, Engr., Gafe, TBII, ET, HKN, Engr, Club, AlEE-lRE: Carolyn Zoeller, AAA, Educ., Ada, UQH, Fufure Teachers of Amer.: J. Gordon Zuber, HA'f', Bus., Housfon, Tex. l Williams, C. Williams, C. E Williams, D. Williams, G. B Williams, G. P Williams, J. Williams, L. Williams, M. A Williams M. K Williford Wills Wilsie Wilson, G. Wilson, H. Wilson, J. Winfrey Winkler Wise Wiffe Wiffrock Wolever Wolfenberger Wolverton Woo Wood, J. Wood, V. Wooden Wooley Woolen Worden Worrell, R. Worrell, W. Worfman Wolring Wrighl, J. Wriqhf, M. Wrighl, R. Wullenwauber Yager Yancey Yerger York Young Zeigler Zilberberg Zirkle Zoeller Zuber Q ies , M . Q- 1 V , A ,ms 1 arf' A - I f- v S '54 iz: - :ORS Mary B. Adams Zela Tau Alpha, A815 All'uS Roberl H. Andersen Della Sigma Phi, Bus. Ponca Cily Paul Aubrey Alpha Tau Omega, UC Tulsa William H. Baker Kappa Alpha A815 Houslon, Tex. James N. Bausch Engr. Wyandolle Mary L. Bellman Alpha Chi Omega, A315 Evansville, Incl. Roberl C. Aqee Alpha Tau Omega, Engr. El Reno Kennelh T. Anderson Phi Della Thcla, ALS Lawlon James L. Aulrey Thela Kappa Phi, Bus. Shawnee Palricia J. Ball Kappa Alpha Theia, ABS Tulsa Dudley J. Bayles Eng r. Tecumseh Marlin L. Bernard Sigma Alpha Mu, AES Highland Park, N J Dan F. Alcock Acacia, Engr. Norman Miles C. Anderson Della Upsilon A815 Glenwood Springs, Colo. John Arnold UC Shawnee C. Vernon Banks Engr. Okla. Cily Dan J. Beakey Phi Kappa Psi Bus. Perry Jerry J. Bernardy Phi Kappa Sigma, Bus. Okla. Cily Trudy Alcorn Alpha Della Pi Educ. Crossell, Ark. Sally Jo Anderson Chi Omega ASKS Tulsa Lucius Babcock Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. El Reno Larry E. Banks Phi Della Thela, A815 Lawion Mary L. Beall Bus. Blueiackel HarriefJ Bernal S'gma Delia Tau, PA Okla. Cily Janice Sue Alden Alpha Chi Omega, Educ Princclon, N.J. Jack H. Andrus Phi Kappa Psi Engr. Dallas, Tex. Rochelle Bachrach Alpha Epsilon Phi, A815 Okla. Cily Edward M. Baraniuk Engr. Spring Coulee, Alberla, Can. Eugene H. Beauchamp Pharm. Grove Max Berry Alpha Tau Omega, A815 Okla. Cily Marilyn A. Aldrich Della Della Della, AHS Wichila, Kans. Jo Lynn Ansley Kappa Alpha Thela, FA Lawlon Rex Baggell Alpha Tau Omega, A815 Okla. Cily Ronald C. Barber Engr. Okla. Cily Roberl L. Beavin Thela Kappa Phi, Engr. Okla. Ciiy Sally A. Berry Della Gamma Educ. Okla. Cily Exploring lhe mysteries of physics are Dick Robinson and James McKee as lhey check lhe linear expansion for differenl lypes of melals. Thomas C. Alexander A815 Okmulg ee Carolyn Ard Chi Omega Educ. Dallas, Tex. Rudolph Baier Engr. New York, N. Y. Lindel L. Barnes Engr. Sl. Louis Barry Bebb A815 Wichila Falls, Tex. Slan l. Belzer Sigma Chi ALS Shidler Roberl T. Alguire Della Tau Della, Engr. Duncan David P. Armslronq Della Upsilon Arch. Beverly Hills, Calif. Don C. Bailey Sigma Phi Epsilon, AES Slroud Don E. Barrefl Kappa Alpha Engr. Barllesville Larry Beckerman Pi Lambda Phi A815 Dallas, Tex. Lynn Biqgers Pi Bcla Phi AHS Wewoka Gloria J. Allen Alpha Gamma Della, Bus. Norman John W. Ashcrafl Engr. Kilgore, Tex. Ron C. Bailey Bela Thela Pi UC Tulsa Lynn W. Barrell Sigma Chi Engr. Tulsa Nelson D. Beckell UC Okla. Cily Ann I Billingsley Gamma Phi Bela, AHS Fl. Srnilh, Ark. Joel H. Allen Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Sl. Louis, Mo. Terry Ashley Gamma Phi Bela, Educ. Pauls Valley Bob D. Baker Engr. Enid V. Sue Barlon Chi Omega ASS Kirkwood, Mo. Carolyn Belisle Chi Omega A8-S Okla. Cily Jerome Billingsley Sigma Chi Bus. Kalonah, N. Y Sally Jo Alslon Della Gamma Educ. Ponca Cily Bob Askew Alpna Tau Omega, Bus. Okla. Cily Jack W. Baker Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Omaha, Nelor. Taylor Bassell Phi Gamma Delia, Engr. Amarillo, Tex. Carrol Ann Bell Educ. Jones Cynlhia L. Bingman Bus. Okmulgee George J. Andersen Alpha Sigma Phi, Engr. Norman George Alhey Bela Thela Pi Bus. Enid Mary Alice Baker Alpha Della Educ. l-lursl, Tex. Sally M. Baleman Pi Bela Phi Bus. Odessa, Tex Jerry M. Bell AXQS Gulhrie Don Bilfle AHS Checolah . Y sac... .,.J..,.. O i fi 1 Gerald Black ABS Tulsa Jerry B. Blankenship Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ALS Frederick Beverly Bonham Kappa Alpha Thela, A815 Okla. Cily Richard T. Bouchell Phi Kappa Sigma, FA. Sweelwaler, Tex. Carolyn Sue Bowman Alpha Gamma Della, Educ. Okla. Cily Paul B. Bradley Della Kappa Epsilon, Engr. Okla. Cily Horace B. Brewsler Kappa Sigma A815 Shreveporl, La Eddie Bryson Bus. Achill Charles R. Burk Engr. Duncan Marqarel Burum Alpha Gamma Della, Educ. Norman Janel Ca be Della A8rS Tulsa Gamma Donald H. Campbell Sigma Nu UC Okla. Cily Luis A. Carrizales Engr. Caracas, Venez. 425 Anne Blackburn Pi sera Phi FA Elk cm Randall P. Blevins Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bus. Ada Gene T. Bonner Sigma Chi A815 Duncan Roberl W. Boulz Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr. Tulsa Ralph Bowyer Sigma Nu FA lvlidwesl Cily Claude L. Branson Alpha Tau Omega, ASS Sayre Barbara A. Briggs A815 Barllesville Berl D. Bucher Sigma Phi Epsilon, A815 Enid Norman Burk Pi Lambda Ph A815 Tulsa Grelchen Bush Pi Bela Phi Bus. Tulsa Willis D. Calicoll Bus. Foreman, Ark. Marvin W. Campbell Bus. Welch Joel L. Carson Sigma Alpha Mu, A815 Healdlon Charles N. Blacklee Engr. Calgary, Alberla, Can. Karen Blumhagen Chi Omega A845 Walonga Dick L. Boone Bela Thela Pi ARS Tonkawa Pally Jo Bowden Bus., Brilish Columbia, Can. David E. Boylan Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr. Balesville, Ark. Tom W. Brashear Sig ma Chi Bus. Maysville Bill F. Brodnax A815 Camden, Ark. Carl R. Buck Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr. Fox Mary Sue Burleson Della Della Della, Educ. Waco, Tex. Gordon F. Buller Eng r. Henryella Rachel Cameron Kappa Alpha Thela, A815 Havana, Cuba Jay P. Cannon Phi Kappa Sigma, ABS Healdlon Dorolhy Ann Carler Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Tulsa David H. Blagg Thela Xi, UC San Anlonio, Tex. Cary A. Boddeker Kappa Alpha A815 l-louslon, Tex. John D. Bossa Engr. Weleelka Richard C. Bower Phi Kappa Psi Engr. Dallas, Tex Mary Ann Bozalis Pi Bela Phi Educ. Okla. Cily Fred V. Braun Pi Lambda Phi A815 l-louslon, Tex. Charles W. Brown Della Tau Della, Enqr. Midwesl Cily Wellon H. Burch Eng r. Grandlield Jerry W. Burnell Engr. Belhany Owen Buller Sig ma Nu UC Grove Ann A. Cammara no Kappa Della UC Olympia, Wash. Byron H. Capilo Pi Lambda Phi Engr. Kan. Cily, Mo. Jerry Carler Engr. Sulphur Claudia A. Blake Zela Tau Alpha, Educ. Okla. Cily Marquella Bolles FA Duncan Perley Anne Boolh Alpha Phi, Engr. Okla. Cily Waller M. Bower Phi Kappa Sigma, A815 Okla. Cily Wilbur C. Bradley Della Tau Della, Engr. Wichila, Kans Mary Jane Breashears Chi Omega A815 Clinlon Theresa L. Brown Alpha Phi A815 Okla. Cily Deanna Burger Alpha Della Pi A8-S Okla. Cily Ross A. Burnell Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Ardmore Donna J. Bruza Zela Tau Alpha, FA Okla. Cily Bob Campbell Della Kappa Epsilon, Engr. Okla. Cily Carolyn Carllon Della Gamma Educ. Seminole Sherman P. Carler ALS Brislow John A. Balkely Pharm. Highland, N. Y. Dan M. Bond A815 Slamps, Ark. Fred A. Bordman Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Kan. Cily, Mo. Kalhleen J. Bowers ALS Tulsa Edward Bradford A815 Lawlon Roberl P. Brenl Kappa Alpha Bus. Amarillo, Tex. Keilh L. Bryanl Educ. Okla. Cily Ja nel L. Burqgraf A815 Arlinglon, Tex. Sally Burns Chi Omega A815 Duncan Pal A. Byrn Educ. Frederick Charles D. Campbell Kappa Alpha Engr. Miami John M. Carpenler UC Fl. Slocklon, Tex. Thad C. Carver Sigma Phi Epsilon, A315 Wichila, Kans. Jim W. Case Della Tau Della, Engr. Tulsa Barbara Chealham Della Della Della, FA Okla. can Kennelh M. Coflell Della Chi Educ. Waurika Wesley G. Cornelison Bus. Norman C. Tom Cross A815 Houslon, Tex. Palricia Ann Daugherly Chi Omega FA Hulchinson, Kans. Bob L. Casey Bela Thela Pi A815 Okla. Cily Carol A. Chrisenberry Alpha Della Pi FA Blackwell William L. Coffey Sigma Alpha Epsilon, AES Aromore Charles W. Cossey Sigma Nu A815 Barllesville Bill B. Crowell Phi Della Thela A815 Shawnee Javonna Sue David Zela Tau Alpha, Educ. Midwasl Cily Carol Ann Cashion Kappa Kappa Gamma, AES Enid Roberl V. Clapp Bela Thela Pi Engr. Okla. Clly Teddy R. Coffman Sigma Chi A818 Ponca Cily James D. Cossey Sigma Nu A8iS Barllesville Belly Sue Crump Gamma Phi Bela, A815 Fl. Worlh, Tex. Jay Davis Sigma Nu Engr. Lawlon fa? John C. Casper Kappa Alpha Engr. Tulsa Palrick H. Clare A815 Tulsa Vanda Cohen Alpha Epsilon Phi, FA Okla. City Joseph S. Colner Phi Della Thela Eng r. Magnolia, Ark. Carol Culver Alpha Gamma Della, Educ. Tulsa Johnna Davis Chi Omega Educ. Norman Dorolhy L. Calhey Della Della Della, A815 Amarillo, Tex. Gary M. Clark Phi Della Thela Bus. Ardmore Marilyn R. Cole Alpha Phi A815 Sligler Maryle Council A815 Heavener Mary.Alice Cupif Zela Tau Alpha FA Midwesl Cily Ernie B, Day Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Muskogee 'O Sleven B. Calhey Bela Thela Pi A815 Norman Larry Clark Lambda Chi Alpha AES Okla. Cily Gary D. Coley ALS Norman Richard W. Courlney Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Woodward Nancy Currey Alpha Chi Omega, FA Seminole Deanna Dean Alpha Gamma Della, Educ. Woodward Steady and exacling fingers are al work as Mary Frances Fenlon, Jo Lynn Ansley and Harriel Bernal work on a clay model in sculp- luring lab. ,N we - i K .125 Qfiilii Jane Chambers Ka ppa Ka ppa Gamma, Educ. Allus D. David Clemons FA Ada Carol Lynn Conley Della Della Della, Bus. Norman Annelle Cox A815 Conway, Ark. Morris S. Curry Phi Kappa Psi A8iS Dallas, Tex. John M. Deen Sigma Phi Epsilon, A815 Tulsa William H. Chambers Educ. Alhens, Ala. Don Cliflon Educ. McAlesler Sharon Connolly Kappa Alpha Thela, AZLS Okla. Cily Roberl D. Cox Phi Della Thela Bus. Ardmore Carole Culhberl Zela Tau Alpha, Nursing Elk Cily Pal M. Dennis Chi Omega ALS Enid 1.' Paul Chandler Sigma Nu Pharm. Broken Bow Eleanor E. Cline Alpha Gamma Della, FA Okla. Cily Monle Cook UC Duslin Ray L. Craig Sigma Phi Epsilon, A815 Blackwell Donna Cleskleba Alpha Chi Omega, AES Tulsa Roberl W. Dense Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. Tulsa Rex Chandler Sigma Nu Pharm. Broken Bow Sue Cloud Gamma Phi Bela, ALS El Reno Gail Ann Cooley Della Della Della, A815 Valparaiso, Fla. Palsy Creel Alpha Gamma Della, Educ. Fox Michael Damlco Engr. Melverne, N. Y. Lionel D, DePue Alpha Tau Omega, Engr. Okla. Cily Cynlhia Chapman Kappa Alpha Thela, Educ. Tishomingo Charles M. Cochran Della Upsilon Engr. Okemah John H. Cooper Della Upsilon Engr. El Dorado, Kans. John H. Crooch A815 Okmulgee Rene Dallola Engr. Heraull, France Glenda W. Depuy Bus. Okla. Cily Janey K. Chalman Pi Bela Phi ALS Norman Karl E Cocke Acacia A815 Tulsa Carolyn K. Corn Della Gamma Bus. Shreveporl, La Donald W. Crosby A815 Relugio, Tex. Harold D. Davidson ALS Hydro Don DeSelms Sigma Chi Bus. Tulsa .,.,- Fran Dexler Pi Bela Phi Educ. Phoenix, Ariz. James E. Dodd Educ. Ardmore Roberl L. Drake Della Upsilon UC Lawlon Rulh Ann Duffield Della Gamma Educ. Shawnee Dick W. Dunn Alpha Tau Omega, Engr. Ardmore Hildegarde Ehrman Della Della Della, A815 Washinglon, D. C. Richard O. Engebrelsen Engr. Cul Bank, Monl. Carl L. Evans AES Slillwaler Charles E. Farmer Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Okla. Cily Emily A. Ferris Della Della Della, APRS Allus Lee F. Fischer Della Sigma Phi, UC La rned, Ka ns. Paul B. Fleming Engr, Shawnee Ed. L. Fox Thela Kappa Phi, Eng r. Sheridan, Wy. 427 Thomas C. Dick Eng r. Calgary, Alberla, Can. Mary Belh Donnell Alpha Gamma Della, Educ. Enid Toar W. Driskill Alpha Tau Omega, Bus. Hollis Jackie Duncan Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. Mangum Warren H. Dunninglon Sigma Nu A815 Denver, Colo. Jan E. Elder A815 Olcla. Cily Carol Engleman Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Clinlon Thomas D. Evans Bus. Ada Jerry N. Fasl A815 Fairview Leo P. Ferris A815 Fl. Worlh, Tex. John M. Fish Della Tau Della, Engr. Tulsa Don C. Forbes Engr. Swifl Currenl, Saslcalchewan, Can. John E. Francis Alpha Sigma Phi, Engr. Kinglisl'-er Frank E. Dicus Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bus. Ada Marilyn Dorff ' Alpha Chi Omega, A8iS El Paso, Tex. William L. DuBray Thela Kappa Phi, UC Muskogee Jerry S. Duncan Della Kappa Epsilon, Engr. Okla. Cily John A. Dye Thela Xi Engr. Tulsa Kennelh L. Elder Phi Kappa Psi Engr. Sulphur Charles Erwin Bela Thela Pi AES McAlesler Carl Fagin Pi Lambda Phi Engr. Okla. Cily Jo Aurelia Faulkner Alpha Phi A815 Ada James D. Feuersleim Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. Highland Park, lll. Johnny D. Fisher UC Elmore, Cily Ronald W. Fore Bela Thela Pi Bus. l-lealdlon Janey Franklin Della Della Della, Educ. Tulsa Sharon M. Dobbs Pi Bela Phi AXQS Allus Rod A. Dorr Sigma Phi Epsilon, Engr. Okla. Cily Mariellen Duckworlh Alpha Phi Bus. Tulsa Noal F. Duncan Engr. Midwesl Cily Sara Lou Easlwood Della Gamma Educ. Ponca Cily Merilyn Kay Eldridge Kappa Alpha Thela, A315 Tulsa Dan Alan Erwin Bus. Chandler Charles L. Fagin Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Okla. Cily James R. Fenwick Della Sigma Phi, A815 Sl. Louis, Mo. Jerald l. Fiqgins Engr. Ardmore Mary Sue Fisher Educ. Maysville Carol Ann Forsberg A815 Prairie Village, Kans. Marlha Frederick Della Gamma A815 Ponca Cily Mary Rulh Dobie Pi Bela Phi FA El Dorado, Ark. Jackie L. Douglas Della Gamma Bus. Dallas, Tex. Lou Ann Dudley Della Della Della, Educ. Hollis John R. Dunkin Sigma Nu Bus. Tulsa Mary L. Edmislon Alpha Gamma Della, Bus. Tulsa Joan Ellel Pi Bela Phi A815 Wichila, Kans. Sam H. Eslerkyn Pi Lambda A815 Sl. Joseph, Mo. Phi Judy S. Fagin Sigma Della Tau, Educ. Olcla. Cily Larry R. Ferguson A815 Pawnee Roger H. Fincher UC l-layesville, Ralph H. Flagler A815 Chickasha Anne Fosler Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. Miami Charles O. Fredregill UC Odessa, Tex. La. David Lee Dodd Engr. Ardmore W. J. Doyle Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. Tulsa John B. Duffield Alpha Tau Omega, Engr. Houslon, Tex. Bryan A. Dunlap A8iS Lawlon Thomas M. Egan Sigma Chi Bus. Evansville, lnd. Larry M. Emmer Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Okla. Cily Alice D. Evans Della Della Della, AES Fl. Worlh, Tex. Monlella Fanl Chi Omega Bus. Duranl Lewis Ferguson Engr. Erie, Kans. Roberl Finkel Sigma Alpha Mu, ALS Broken Arrow Kenl Fleming Phi Gamma Della, Engr. Okla. Cily Joyce L. Fosler Della Gamma A815 A Okla. Cily Ronald Freed Pi Lambda Phi Pharm. Sl. Joseph, Mo. Keilh E. Freudenlhal Della Upsilon Pharm. Beeyille, Tex. Nelson V. Garner Phi Della Thela Engr. Okla. Cily Owen S. Gibson Acacia A815 Okla. Cily Margarel A. Gober Alpha Gamma Della, Educ. Oklahoma Cily Louis F. Goza A815 Camden, Ark. Ralph G. Grounds Lambda Chi Alpha, ALS Hooker Marinell Friday Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Shawnee Roberl D. Garrell AHS Okla. Cily Jesse D. Gilberl Engr. Duncan Bob Goble Sigma Chi Bus. Tulsa Rhoda Grady Kappa Alpha Thela, FA Shawnee Anne M. Groves Alpha Phi FA Okla. Cily Kay Frossard Ch' Omega ABTS Dallas, Tex, David R. Garrison Sigma Alpha Epsilon Engr Cushing Herberl O. Giles Della Kappa Epsilon, Bus. Okla. Cily James L. Goff Bela Thela PI ASS Ponca Cily Janice M. Graham FA Okmulgee Palli Gumerson Kappa Alpha Thela, AXQS Gulhrie Nancy Ann Fuller Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Wichila, Kans. Sara Garvin Della Della Della, Educ. Gilmer, Tex. Bryan E. Gillespie Bela Thela Pi Eng r. Okla. Cily Clinlon C. Gold Bus. Okmulgee Palrick J. Granl Eng r. Calgary, Alberla, Can. Charlene Gulhrie Kappa Kappa Gamma, Bus. Oklahoma Cily Julia C. Fullerlon Kappa Kappa Gamma, AHS Lawlon Charles R. Gasaway Phi Kappa Sig ma, A.8iS Enid Joe T. Gilliland UC lvlidwesl Cily Harriel Goldberg Alpha Epsilon Phi, Bus. Wilburlon Ralph W. Granl Della Chi A8iS Midwesl Cily Rochelle Gulhrie Educ. lvlaysville Nancy Sue Lang J. Fulmer Fuqua Pi Bela Phi Alpha Tau Bus. Omega, Engr. ldabel Dallas, Tex. Charles W. Donald R. Gay Geis Engr. Educ. Tulsa Loyal David L. Kay Gilmore Gilmore Phi Kappa Psi Alpha Gamma Bus. Della, Educ. Okla. Cily Ada Jack Marvin Goldsmilh Goldslein UC Pi Lambda Phi Duncan Engr. Kan. Cily, Mo. Diane Jon F. Grallon Gray Alpha Phi Della Tau Educ. A Della, A315 Okla. Cily Pauls Valley Julia Ann Jim L. Haga Haddock Kappa Della Kappa Alpha AES, Grand Enqr. Rapids, Mich. Norman Marlha Gallaher Kappa Alpha Thela, FA Shawnee Carol R. Geisl Phi Mu Educ. Norfolk, Nob. William C. Gilmore ALS Albuquerque, N.M. Samuel D. Goodwin Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Pauls Valley Carole Anne Green Gamma Phi Bela, AES Shawnee Jerry D. Hagee Alpha Tau Omega, Bus. Okla. Cily James H. Gamble Kappa Sigma Engr. Jellerson, Tex. Dick D. Genlry Sigma Chi UC Barllesyille Belh Gladslein Alpha Epsilon Phi, Bus. Oklahoma Cily Sidney J. Gcrlick Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. Tulsa Harry W. Green Della Sigma Phi, Bus. Lone Wolf Kennelh J. Haigler Alpha Tau Omega, Engr. Canlon Harriell M. Gannaway Alpha Gamma Della, AES Tulsa Paul N. Gershon Pi Lambda Phi Engr. Kansas Cily, lvlo. Bobby J. Glenn ALS Wallers Thomas P. Gormley Phi Della Thela AXS Rapid Cily, S. Dak. Don W. Greenberg Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Omaha, Neb. William H. Hamill A815 Tulsa Pally Ann Garber Della Della Della, AKS Chevy Chase, Maryland Paul B. Gibbs Bus. Norman Richard A. Glenn Della Upsilon Bus. Lawlon Gary A. Gosdin Phi Kappa Sigma, A815 l-lealdlon John F. Griflilh Bela Thela Pi Engr. Hugo Marlynn Hamillon Della Gamma A815 l-louslon, Tex. Juhree C. Gardner Bus. Midwesl Cily Janice R. Gibson Alpha Gamma Della, Educ. Joplin, Mo. John L, Glomsel A815 Oklahoma Cily Grelchen A. Gover Pi Bela Phi Educ. Allus Larry T. Gross A815 San Anlonio, Tex. Mary Ann Hamillon Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. Enid The finished pholo is examined by Bob Bunch in photography lab as lhe prinl rolls off lhe dryer in ils lasl slep of developmenl. . - 4f . l L Sam T. Hamra Phi Delta A815 Lawton Theta Allen E. Harris Engr. Choctaw Jack L Haskins Sigma Nu UC, Port Arthur, Tex. Frederick W. Heinke Phi Kappa Psi Engr. Dallas, Tex. Howie Hesler Kappa Sigma Engr. Kan. City, Mo. Bill W. Hite Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Clinton Carol R. Holderby Educ. Byron Neal M. Horton Delta Tau Delta, Bus. Okla. City Larry J. Hrdlicka A815 Eutaula Pat Ann Hughes Alpha Phi A815 Tulsa Bill Huston Sigma Nu Bus. Okla. City Jack L. Jackson Theta Xi Bus Cotfeyville, Kans. Mary Ellen Johnson Bus. Okemah 429 Glenn G. Hampton UC Dallas, Tex. Charles W. Harris Delta Sigma Phi, Bus. Waurika Janice A. Hawkins Nursing Tonkawa Gerald Heller Pi Lambda Phi Pharm. Joplin, Mo. Anne Hesse Pi Beta Phi A815 Ba rtlesyil le Paul J. Hockersmith Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Memphis, Tenn. Barbara A. Hollis Chi Omega Educ. Okla. City Bob B. Houston Kappa Sigma Bus. Bartlesville Barry M. Hudson Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Ada Fred O. Hughey Engr. Okla. City D. Wayne Hutchinson Phi Gamma Delta, Bus. Pauls Valley Ronald P. Jacobson Pi Lambda Phi Bus Okla. City Virginia A. Johnson Educ. Guthrie Harold W. Hanke Alpha Sigma Phi, Engr. Mt, Morris, lll William H. Harris Phi Kappa Sigma, Bus. Cushiricl Daniel H. Hayes ALS Aanadarko Miriam Hellman Sigma Delta Tau, ABS Chandler Elizabeth J. Higginbotham Alpha Gamma Delta, A8-S Okla. City Del H. Hodges Sigma Nu Engr. El Dorado Cecil D. Homer Engr. l-lealdton Dick Howard Phi Gamma Delta, Bus. Muskogee Janice B. Hudson Phi Mu Bus. Broken Arrow Dick S. Hunsinger Phi Kappa Eng r. Dallas, Tex. Psi Betty Ruth Inman Nursing Olcla. City Mary Ann Jeffrey Chi Omega Educ. El Reno Mary Stuart Johnstone Delta Delta Delta, A815 Chappaqua N, Y. --xv -- Bill L. Harlan Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Amarillo, Tex. Emil B. Harrison ABS Tulsa James W. Hayes Kappa Alpha A815 Okla. City John R. Helton Sigma Nu UC Grandfield Charles F. Hill Kappa Alpha Engr. Dallas, Tex. Jane Holbird Alpha Chi Omega ALS Midwest City Carol Hoopingarner Delta Gamma A815 Dallas, Tex. Jerry G. Howard Engr. Ada Mary N. Huffman Kappa Alpha Theta, A815 Shawnee Jim Hunt Sigma Chi Bus. Kingfisher Millie lmel Chi Omega Educ. Tulsa Joanne Jensen Phi Mu ASS Lincoln, Neb. Alyce Jones Phi Mu Bus. Kan. City, Mo W "'YY'T' 'T 7 Vernon E. Hardy Engr. Okla. City Joe T. Hartzog Sigma Chi A815 Midwest City Jay Hayhurst A815 Dipple Jerome L. Hemry Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Okla. City Leigh B. Hil' Engr. Okla. City James R. Holcomb Engr. Altus Nancy K. Hopping Kappa Delta FA Okla. City Ralph L. Howell Phi Kappa Psi Bus. Bartlesville Dale S. Hughes A815 Nevada, Iowa Mary V. Hunter Pi Beta Phi Educ. Tulsa Marilyn lrizarry Delta Delta Delta, Educ. Tulsa Donald D. Johnson Engr. Ardmore Connie L. Jones Chi Omega Educ. A Oklahoma City Barbara Hario A815 Fairfax Charla D. Hasenmyer ABS Grandtield Perry F. Haynes Engr. Okla. City Rosemary Henry Alpha Gamma Delta, Educ. Okla. City Jim Hippen A815 Okla. City James N. Holdcraft Bus. Okla. City Louana M. Horner A815 Fairview Sara F. Howell Delta Delta Delta, Educ. l-loldenville Marilyn Hughes Bus. Marlow David M. Hurst Kappa Alpha ALS l-lealdton Norman L. l1ard Bus. Duncan Gene H. Johnson Delta Kappa Epsilon, Engr. Vinita Donald K. Jones A815 Lamar, Colo. Ronald K. Jones Phi Delta Theta, Bus. Lawton Ima Jane Kendal Pharm. Atwood Carolyn A. Kitchen Chi Omega Educ. Tulsa Ted K. Krampf Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. Nowata Screlle Land Delta Gamma Educ. Robstown, Tex. Patricia Ann Leonard Pi Beta Phi A815 Duncan Ronald T. Jones Eng r. Marlow Dale E. Kennedy FA Chiclcasha Nancy A. Klass Chi Omega A815 Lawton Judy Krantz Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Omaha, Neb. Enrique Landino Engr. Caracas, Venez. John M, Lennon Pharm. Tulsa Sidney F. Jones Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Okla. City George N. Keyser Alpha Sigma Phi, Engr. Okla. City Richard A. Klein Engr. Walters C. A. Kraska Theta Kappa Phi, Bus. Clifton, N.J. Carrie L. Langston Delta Delta Delta, ALS Guymon Louise Leney Kappa Alpha Theta, A815 Okla. City Kay Kaiser Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Clinton Warren B. Kice Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. Ada Michael D. Knierirn Engr. Casey, lll. Carl P. Krepper Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Muskogee Betty Latshaw Bus. Hobart Cynthia M. LeHew Kappa Alpha Theta, A815 Guthrie Voncel Kaltwasser Alpha Chi Omega, Bus. Duncan Gordon King Beta Theta Pi, A815 Duncan Ronney R. Koch Eng r., Ca pe Girardeau, Mo. Howard E. Kunz A815 Dallas, Tex. Harvey M. Lewis Bus. Geronimo Ann LeFlore Alpha Phi Educ. Okla. City lrving M. Kauffman Sigma Alpha Mu, A815 Tulsa George Allen King Alpha Sigma Phi, Bus. Okla. City David T. Koelsch Theta Kappa Phi, Bus. Okla, City Harry S. LaBree Bus. Alexandria, Va. Gail Lewis Kappa Alpha Theta, AES Dallas, Tex. Ralph A. Lee Kappa Alpha A815 Okla. City Busy at work are engineers Buddy Babcock and Ruddy Baier, who are measuring mol percent of acid that boils over from a mixture of acid and water. William 6. Kaufman A815 Bartlesyille Robert E. King Engr. Wise, Va. Lou Ann Koerner Kappa Kappa Gamma, FA Park Ridge, lll. Sam A. Lackey Kappa Alpha A815 Tulsa E. Charles Lewallen Bus. Okla. City Kay Lee Alpha Chi Omega, AHS Norman Kathleen A. Keith Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Norman Rick Kingelin Delta Kappa Epsilon, Engr. Houston, Tex. Jarold L. Kohll Sigma Alpha Mu, Pharm. Omaha, Neb. John E. Lacy Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bus. Wichita, Kans. Emil H. Levine Pi Lambda Ph A815 Ardmore Don W. LeCrone Bus. Tulsa Lucy E. Keller Zeta Tau Alpha, A815 Houston, Tex. Jean Kingery Alpha clll Omega, EA Okla. clly Irwin H. Kornfeld Pi Lambda Phi A815 Wichita, Kans. Owen W. Lafferty Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Okla. City Patricia Lester A815 Rush Springs Marianne Leatherock Delta Delta Delta, AHS Perry Josephine M. Kelley Educ. Houston, Tex. Kay Sue Kinkaid Delta Gamma Educ. Tulsa Ferenc L. Korompai Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Hungary John W. LaFon Engr. Norman Donald L. Lester Pharm. Rush Springs Alice Lay Delta Gamma ALS Okla. City Janice J. Kelly Pi Beta Phi Educ. Elk City Carol Sue Kirby Ka ppa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Enid Clark L. Kotrous Bus. Okla. City Robert W, LaFon Acacia Enqr. Amarillo, Tex. Virginia R. Leopole FA Okla. City Jim Hugh Lawrence Bus. Sayer Michael E. Kelly Phi Delta Theta, BUS. Muskogee Carol Lynn Kitchen Kappa Alpha Theta, Educ. Cushing Ruth L. Kraemer A815 Okla City Ray Laminack Kappa Sigma A815 Verona, N. J. William L. Leonard A581 Beaver Charlotte R. Laux Gamma Phi Beta, A815 Okla. City l Nmm: J., James Lewis ALS Ardmore Lonny G. Long A815 Pauls Valley George A. Love Kappa Alpha Educ. Muskogee Georqann M. McAdams A815 Kan. Cily, Mo. Mariorie McCollum Kappa Kappa Gamma, Bus. Tulsa Marcus N. McElroy Kappa Sigma AXIS Chickasha Nancy D. McMillan Della Della Della, Educ. Vinila Pallye A. Maloney Gamma Phi Bela, A815 Okla. Cily Janel' K. Marshall Nursing Seminole Jack H. Mayfield Ka ppa Sigma A815 Houslon, Tex. Nancy C. Meehan Pi Bela Phi ALS Wichita, Kans Harold B. Meyer Engr. Okla. Cily Mary Ann Miller Kappa Alpha Thela, Educ. Ada 43l ,wr v -.. ., Grelchen Ligon Ka ppa Kappa Gamma, Bu X. Tulsa Paul V. Long Bus. Okla. Cily Sandy Love Della Gamma A815 Wichila, Kans. Diane McCall Gamma Phi Bela, A815 El. Worlh, Tex. Roberl C. McConnell Bus. Greensboro, N. C, Thomas W. Mclndoe Phi Della Thela, A815 Houslor., Tex. Mike McNally Sigma Nu A815 Tulsa James D. Man Phi Gamma Della, Bus. Amarillo, Tex. Joan Marshall Pi Bela Phi Educ. Ponca Cily Eddie L. Mays Engr Corpus Chrisli, Tex. William M. Merrill Karlpa Sigma A815 Shawnee Jerry W. Meyer Engr. Fairfax Maxine E. Miller FA Hol Springs, Ark. Lyndon L. Lindsey UC Lindsay Roger M. Long Pi Kappa Alpha, Engr. Muskogee Charlolle B. Lovelace Gamma Phi Bela, FA Tulsa Crockell N. McClanahan FA l-lealdlon Jerry L. McCorkle Engr. Okla. Cily Donald J. McKee Engr. Rycroil, Alberla, Can. Belh McWhorfer Pi Bela Phi ALS Blair Kay Mannon Alpha chi Omega, Educ. Tulsa Vernon J. Maruska Engr. Moore Richard H. Mays Sigma Nu UC El Dorado Ark, Bessie Ann Merrill Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Lindsay Judy M. Mideke Pi Bela Phi FA ous, cny Tom W. Miller Kappa Alpha Bus. Amarillo, Tex. Kay Lil-lle A815 Norman Roberl F. Longo Thela Kappa Phi, ALS Cliflon, N.J. Gerald F. Lucas ALS Wilson Jeanne McClelland Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Okla. Cily Bill McCormick Kappa Alpha Enqr. Chickasha George C. McKinnis Kappa Sig ma A815 Shawnee John E. Mackey Sfgma Chi Engr. Tulsa Belly R. Mapes Della Della Della, Bus. Memphis, Tenn. Paul D. Massad Della Upsilon A815 Lawlon Sam Rodney Mays UC Okla. Cily Kay W. Merrill Alpha Gamma Della, Educ. Maysville Vonda Z. Miles Educ. Gage Mike Milvain Bus. Fl. McCloud, Alberla, Can. George J. Lloyd Bus. Denver, Colo. Mike E. Lord Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Fl. Worlh. Tex. Glen Luchau Engr. Wealherford Sally Ann McClelland Chi Omega A815 Okla. Cily Grace Ann McCormick Alpha Gamma Della, ALS Perry Paul E. McKeilhan Engr. Vandalia, lll. Roberl C. MacMinn Della Tau Della, Bus. Arlinglon, Va. John H. Marks Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Odessa, Tex. Mary Ann Malhias Kappa Alpha Thela, Educ. Okla. Cily Mike B. Meagher Sigma Chi Bus. Ardmore Harry Merson Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Okla. Cily Belsy Miller Alpha Gamma Della, A815 Ada Thomas N. Minelle Engr. Cul Bank, Monl. Charles Lomenick Pharm. Midwesl Cily James E. Loll Sigma Nu A815 Okla. Cily Larry G. Lyon Phi Kappa Psi Bus. Okla. Cily Darrell L. McClure A815 Anada rko Roberla McCoy Educ. Gainesville, Tex, Jim M. McLemore Bus. Okla.Cily Jean Malcolm Della Gamma A815 Wayland, N. Y. Carol Marshall Pi Bela Phi Educ. Okla. Cily Frank Mauldin A815 Okla. Cily Kennelh S. Medford BUS. Okmulqee David G. Meyer Kappa Alpha Bus. Chickasha Cacci Miller Pi Bela Phi A815 Dallas, Tex. Larri Rae Minsky Alpha Epsilon Phi, A813 Memphis, Tenn. in ,- an in 11' T. A. Minion UC Okla. Cily Mariana Morlon Della Della Della, Educ. Lawlon Sue Murrah Chi Omega A815 Okla. Cily Doug R. Nelson Phi Della Thela, Bus. Minneapolis, Minn. Sarah E. Oden A815 Allus David A. Paine Phi Kappa Psi Bus. Okla. Cily is ,L Ron V. Milchell Engr. Harrisburg, lll, Louis Moseley Phi Gamma Della, Engr. Okla. City Joseph R. Musolino Phi Della Thela, Engr. Quincy, Ill. Roberl Y. Nelson Engr. Benlon, La. Don B. Oliver Sigma Phi Epsilon, Engr. Tulsa Harold E. Palm Engr. Miami Paul E. Mogridge Phi Kappa Sigma, ASS Okla. Cily Tom H. Molley Alpha Tau Omega, Bus. Hollis Slephen D. Myers Della Sigma Phi, Engr. Lima, Ohio Roberl M. Nerem Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Glenview, lll. James D. Olson Alpha Tau Omega, Engr. Houslon, Tex. Effie Z. Pa pacoasla n- linou A815 Alher1s,GreeC 6 Gene F. Moninger Alpha Sigma Phi, Engr. Okla. Cily Doris Mounls Alpha Gamma Della, A815 Okla. City Bob Navin Thela Kappa Phi, AES Shawnee Gib Neville Kappa Alpha A815 Okla. Cily Peggy Sue O'Rear Kappa Della ARS Allus Tommy R. Park UC Maysville Jewell F. Monroe ASS Norman H. Christopher Mugler Phi Kappa Psi AES, Lake Charles, La. Bill A. Needham Bela Thela Pi UC Tulsa Paul D. Newendorp Engr. LeMars, lowa Roberl P. Osborne Bela Thela Pi Bus. Woodward Gary K. Parr Bus. Tulsa Jack R. Moore Phi Della Thela, Bus. Duncan Carolyn L. Muir Alpha Phi A818 Enid Louise Needham Educ. Logan, Ulah George W. Newlon Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ALS Perry Jody Oslrander Sigma Chi Pharm. Okmulgee Don Pale Engr. Slullgarl, Ark. Rehearsing her lines for lhe lead in the Sludio Produclion "The Swan" is Merrell Ann Haddan, as John Carpenler slands by fo cue her. Jim Moore Kappa Alpha Ass ous. can Glenda M. Mullen FA Okla. Cilv Merrill T. Neel Bus. Elgin Gary L. Nichols A8-S Lillle Rock Ark. Gloria Oley Pi Bela Phi Educ. Norman Herberl L. Payne Eng r. Challanoo Q5 James P. Morgan Kappa Alpha AES Okla. Cily Sami Kay Muller Chi Omega Pharm. Muskogee Everell R. Neff Phi Gamma Della, A815 Okla. Cily Waymon W, Noblel Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Clarendon, Tex. Steve Owen Ka ppa Alpha A815 Conroe, Tex. Vance T. Peak Della Chi UC Enid James C. Morgan Della Tau Della, Bus. Woosler, Ohio Claud A. Mullins Engr. Temple Buddy C. Neighbors Kappa Sigma Eng r. El. Worlh, Tex Julie Ann Norfleel Alpha Phi A815 Wichila, Kans. Terry F. Ozmer Phi Della Thela, Engr. Magnolia, Ark Bill Pearce A815 Cleveland J. Scoll Morrison Phi Della Thela, ASS Prague James O. Munson Bus. Nowala Lida Sue Neil Chi Omega A815 . Mangum Glen R. Norris Engr. Elk Cily Grover C. Ozmun Bela Thela Pi Bus. Okla. Cily John T. Pellow Phi Della Thela, A815 Enid Marcene Morrison Pi Bela Phi A815 Norman Warren M. Murphy Engr. Russelville, Ark. Ginny Neill Pi Bela Phi AXQS Clinlon Joseph V. Noyes Della Kappa Epsilon, Engr. Wesl Hyalls- ville, Md. William Paapanen Lambda Chi Alpha, A815 Tulsa Mary L. Perry Della Gamma A815 Tulsa Don B. Morron Eng r. Guymon David E. Murrie Educ. Tulsa Bernila Ann Nelson A815 Duncan Heidi E. Ochsner Della Gamma AHS, Hales Corners, Wis. Donald M. Page Pharm. Shawnee Marilyn A. Pelers Kappa Della Educ. Alex Phillip Pfanschmidl Sigma Phi Epsilon, Engr. Wichila, Kans. Sandra G. Pillman Chi Omega Pharm. Barllesville G. Gayle Porlerfield FA Ardmore Jim S. Powers Sigma Nu UC Lawlon Norma Prilchard Della Gamma Bus. Okla. Cily Jean Rahhal Alpha Phi A815 Duncan Harold H. Reed Della Tau Della, A815 Ardmore James J. Rhyne A815 Norman Rila Sue Robins Alpha Epsilon Phi, A815 Houslon, Tex. William W, Rodgers Phi Gamma Della, A815 Blackwell Rick Rounlree Della Tau Della, UC Hugo Richard N. Ryerson Della Tau Della, Bus. Alva John M. Sappinglon Thela Kappa Phi, Engr. Wesl Branch, Mich. 433 Donald R. Philbin Sigma Chi Engr. Granile Charlolle Ann Pixley Kappa Della Educ. Tulsa Helen M. Polls Alpha Gamma Della, A815 Grancllalls, Tex. Thomas J. Powers Della Upsilon A8iS, Lillle Rock, Ark. Richard C. Pruell Enqr. Okla. Cily Linda Sue Raibourn Gamma Phi Bela, ARS Lawlon Laurence D. Reis Della Tau Della, Engr. Tulsa Marilyn R. Richardson Alpha Gamma Della, AES Okla. Cily Carol J. Robinson Alpha Gamma Della, A815 Blackwell Zoe Jane Rodgers Chi Omega Educ. Tulsa Linda Rowell Alpha Chi Omega, AES Ponca Cily Anna Jo Samler Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Tulsa Charles W. Sayles Acacia Engr. Miami William J. Phillips Kappa Alpha A815 Chickasha Bruce H. Plulchok Sigma Alpha Mu, Pharm. Passaic, N. J. Don C. Poulson Phi Gamma Della, Engr. Waynesboro, Va. John L. Prendergasl Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pharm. Hobarl Donald R. Puddy Phi Gamma Della, Engr. Ponca Cily Ann Ralcliffe Chi Omega FA Weatherford Dan Reiter Della Kappa Epsilon, UC Senlinel Paula C. Richardson Pi Bela Phi A815 Shreveporl, La. E. Neal Robinson Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Allegheny, N. Y. Billy D. Rogers A815 Okla. Cily Bobby R. Russell Della Sigma Phi, Educ. Albany, Tex. Jakie Sandefer Kappa Sigma Bus. Breckenridge Tex. Palricia Schaefer Alpha Chi Omega, AES Alva Donna Sue Phillis Chi Omega A818 Okla. Cily Ross U. Porler Sigma Alpha Epsilon, AHS Shawnee Carolyn B. Powell A815 Norman Owen D. Presley Lambda Chi Alpha, A815 Okla. Cily Dan N. Pulliam Engr. Tahlequah Jerry P. Ralzllff Kappa Alpha Eng r. Norman John H. Rempel A815 Enid Harold W. Riggs Bus. Ponca Cily Lamyra Robinson Gamma Phi Bela, A815 Tulsa David G. Rogers Sigma Nu ALS Okla. Cily Gerald E. Russell Della Chi Bus. Needham, Mass. Bob Sandilen Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Tulsa Carolyn Schambra Alpha Della Pi AES Freeporl, Tex. Mary Anne Pierce Alpha Gamma Della, APRS Clarksville, Ark. Raymond D. Poirier Engr. Valley Falls, R.l. John L. Powell Phi Kappa Psi Bus. Okla. Cily James L. Prilchell uc ons. ciry Leah Pummill A815 Okla, Cily Joe C. Ray A8rS Okla. Cily Allie D. Reynolds Sigma Alpha Epsilon,-ALS Okla. Cily Sara Lee Riney Alpha Phi A815 Ponca Cily Roberl P. Robinson Bus. Tonkawa Mary Ann Roring Chi Omega A815 Okla. Cily Elydrelh A. Russo Della Gamma A815 Okla. Cily Sunya Sue Sanger Chi Omega A815 lvlangum Rosalyn S. Schilz A818 Duranl Jill A. Pilman Gamma Phi Bela, A815 Caracas, Venez. Turner T. Pope Alpha Tau Omega, Engr. Houslon, Tex. Roland R. Powell Kappa Alpha Bus. Sweelwaler, Tex. Vernon D. Pringle Kappa Alpha Engr. Shreveporl, La. Joyce A. Pumphrey ALS Maysville Max Ray FA Tulsa William Rhoades Phi Kappa Psi Engr. Okmulgee Bruce D. Risinger ALS Okla. Cily Sleve Robinson Eng r. Walong a Gary E. Rolh Engr. Tyrone William R. Ryan Della Kappa Epsilon, A815 Thomas Everell E. Sanmann A815 Geronimo John Schroyer Sigma Nu Engr., Manlou Springs, Colo. ll 4 in V - Bill Schulz Sigma Nu A815 Tulsa Terry R. Sharp UC Asher James Dewighl Sims A815 Gray Richa rd Larry Smilh Engr. Barllesville Roger B. Sprague Della Upsilon UC, El Dorado, Ark. James E. Slephenson Sigma Nu Bus. Madill C. J. Scoll Engr. Cedarville, Ark. Junia Marie Shelden Della Della Della, Bus. Edmond Charles David Sinqlelon Enqr. Okla. Cily Ted W. Smilh Engr. Knowles Roberl C. Spurlock Kappa Alpha Engr. Fl. Worlh, Tex. Dan F. Slewarl Eng r. Okmulgee Richard A. Scoll Bus. Allanla, Ga. John Leonard Shellon Educ. Perry Fred D. Singlelon Lambda Chi Alpha, AAS EI Reno Terry L. Smilh Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bus. Okla. Cily Nancy Sue Slagg Chi Omega FA Barllesville Roberl R. Sloermer Educ., Rock Porl, Ind. Margarel Mary Searle Chi Omega A815 Tulsa Jack Shilling Bus. Sweelwaler, Tex. Sandra Skillern Gamma Phi Bela, A8iS Tulsa Wayne John Snyder Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. New Hamplon, Iowa John Marlin Slandley Sigma Chi Engr. Norman Belly Slory Kappa Kappa Gamma, A815 Duranl R. Howard Sears Sigma Chi Bus. Okla. Cily James G. Shockley UC Ada Mona C. Skiold Della Della Della, A815 Slockholm, Sweden Alvin B. Sorkin Pi Lambda Phi Engr. Dallas, Tex. Neil Slanfield Bela Thela Pi Engr. Seminole Allred l. Slrenlzsch Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pharm. Allon, Mo. Marsha Segell Alpha Epsilon Phi, Bus. Okla. Cily Nelson Shouse Sigma Nu Bus. Miami David J. Smilh A815 Ml. View Consla nce E. Soulhern Phi M u ALS Ardmore Larry Slauber Sigma Alpha Mu, ALS New York Cily, N. Y. Harold M. Slewarl Sigma Chi Engr. Tulsa Vocalion or avocalion, Deanna Dean, Mariane Morlon and Francia Parman enioy painlinq lheir papier-mache animals in arl class. Ann Seidenglanz Pi Bela Phi ALS Dallas, Tex. Janel Shyrock Della Della Della, AES Adams Edward Leon Smilh Enqr, Willow Lloyd B. Spangle Engr. Okla. Cily Bill Slauss Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Tahlequah Thomas L. Slock Alpha Tau Omega, Pharm. Lincoln, Nelo. Mike Seikel Lambda Chi Alpha, Educ. El Reno Thomas J. Sibley Kappa Sigma AX1S, Shreve- pcrl, La. John Palrick Smilh Della Kappa Epsilon, Bus Okla. Cily Neilson Spann Phi Kappa Psi Bus. Ada Rose Slavinsky Bus. Tulsa Harry M. Sloner Alpha Tau Omega, Bus. Allus Janice Seligson Alpha Epsilon Phi, Ass Okla. Cily Richard J. Sidwell Kappa Alpha Engr. Tulsa Palricia R. Smilh Alpha Phi Bus. Dallas, Tex. James M. Sparkman Enqr. Lindsay Roy Don Steely A8-S Duncan Kalherine Ann Slover Kappa Alpha Thela, Educ. Tulsa Amanda Jane Sewell Della Gamma FA Okla. Cily Raymond E. Simons Pharm. Braman Palrick Barry Smilh Phi Kappa Psi Engr. Dallas, Tex. Mary Margarel Sparks Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Okla, Cily Larry O. Sleenrod Della Tau Della, Bus. Wichila, Kan. John David Slrilzinqer Phi Della Thela, A815 Fl. Smilh, Ark. Gerry Millon Shaller Kappa Alpha Eng r. Amarillo, Tex. Susan Bland Simons Chi Omega Educ. Dallas, Tex, Palsy Sue Smilh Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Wichila Falls Tex. Henry Kirven Speed Alpha Tau Omega, A815 Sayre Don C. Slephens Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Slephens, Ark. Gene Nora Slumbough Gamma Phi Bela, A815 Cascade, Colo. Sharon Joann Shannin Alpha Epsilonl Phi, Educ, l Sl. Joseph, Mo. Sue Ellen Simpson Educ, Evansville, Inc Philip Warren Smilh Eng r. Okla. Cily W. Frank Spooner A815 i Slephens, Ark. Julie Slephens Kappa Ka ppa Gamma, Educ Tulsa Elizabelh Sunbarger Alpha Gamma Della, A815 Houslon, Tex. 35 we Q F5 -Q If Emmett S. Larry C. Summers Swanson 'E Kappa Alpha Tau Alpha, Bus. Omega Tulsa Pharm. Lincoln, Neb. John Frank Patrick Taylor Howard Taylor Bus. Della Tau Amarillo, Tex. Della, Engr. Tulsa Charles Ross Maredith Thomas Thomas engr. Kappa Alpha Ada Theta, Bus. Lawton Robert L. Marion Lee Thompson Thornhill Engr. Educ. Tulsa Moore John K. Jack Sidney Totten Trawick Dhi Kappa ALS t Sigma, Engr. Carnegie Amarillo, Tex. lbertus Paul Wayne upamahu Turnbull ngr. Kappa Alpha iakarla, Bus. I 'ndonesia Elk City Robert Lamar Thomas A- Iaughan Va'-'9l1f" Sus. Sigma Nu Nlorrnan UC Atlanta, Tex. Juneann James H. Nadsworth Wall Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Theta, A815 A815 Chickasha Anadarko Nancy Ann Willis Wayne Ward Warden Chi Omega Kappa Alpha 98:5 Eng r. A ulsa Okla. City Robert Leonard Swanson Eng r. Tulsa Martin Tebrinke, Jr. Engr. Okla. City William L. Thomas Phi Kappa Sigma, AES Lafayette, La. Bob C. Thorpe Sigma Chi Bus. Enid Lannv F. Trotter Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A815 Okla. City Carol Ann Turnbull Kappa Kappa Gamma, ASS Ardmore Donald Wayne Veach Engr. Walters C. Patrick Wallace Engr. Duncan Jim Warkentin Phi Delta Theta, A815 Lawton Terry B. Swift UC Miami Glenda Temple Della Della Della, Bus. Chandler Carolyn Elaine Thompson Pi Bela Phi ARTS Okla. City Don O'Niels Thur Engr. Hobart Nancy Collette Trout Zeta Tau Alpha, Educ. Okla. City Ruth Ann Underwood Kappa Delta A815 Southard Benton R. Vernon Sid ma Nu UC Shreveport, La. John Hyden Waller Enq r. Lawton Mildred Wasson Alpha Della Pi A8-S Wilson Nancy Tarpley A815 Sayre Joann Templeman Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Enid George David Thompson Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr. Wewoka William B. Tiffany Sigma Phi Epsilon, AES Shawnee Morris Gerald Tucker Engr. Norman Jerry D. Vandel Eng r. Scottsbluff, Neb. George C. Vestal Della Tau Della, Engr. Guymon Ruth G. Wa ter Chi Omega A815 Canton, Ohio Marcia M. Watson Kappa Alpha Theta, A815 Okla. City Annell Taylor Bus. Amarillo, Tex. Ronald B. Terhune Engr. Tulsa Jane Thompson Alpha Chi Omega, ALS Okla. City Jim Owen Timberlake Sig ma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Tulsa Kathryn Marie Tullius Bus. Norman Donald E. Van Meter Delta Sigma Phi, Educ. Bowlegs Nancy Voth Pi Beta Phi A815 Olnla. City Hugh L. Walters Della Sigma Phi, Educ. Sayre Donald Watts Engr. Slratloid Building, padding and upholstering a sectional'no easy iob, as Leeman Stevans and Dick Corbitt discover in Industrial education class. William D, Campbell, William Reed and Gene Moninger are en grossed in their inspection of a iet-aircraft engine in the aero nautical engineering lab. Charles E. Way Engr. Cody, Wyo. Ann M. Weinqarlner Alpha Della Pi A818 Tulsa Harold Dean Wesl Alpha Sigma Phi, Engr. Collinsville, Ill. Ronald H. While Bela Thela Pi ABS Seminole K. Donald Wilk Pi Lambda P Bus. New York Ciiy, N. Y. Carol Ann Williamson Gamma Phi Bela, A815 Tulsa William R. Wilson Alpha Tau Omega, Bus. Allus Jim W. Woellel A818 Ponca Cily Joan Eliza belh Woodward A815 Lawlon William V. Wrighl, Jr, Engr. hi Jimmy E. Weaver A815 Okla. Cily Thomas H. Welch Sigma Chi ARS, Tulsa Roberl Leylon Wheeler Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Tiplon Suzanne Whilley Chi Omega Bus. Elk Cily Barbara Wilkonson Pi Bela Phi Bus. Sapulpa B. Janis Willis Kappa Alpha Theta, Educ. Snyder Mary Winchell Gamma Phi Bela, Pharm. Okla. Cily Penny Wolaver Della Della Della, Ed uc. Tulsa Lewis Robinson Wollery Alpha Tau Omega, Bus. Okla. Cily Roberl S. Wrlslon Engr. Ballimore, Md, Tulsa Phillip Webb Engr. Slelvhens, Ark. Bob E. Wells Della Tau Della, Bus. Wichila, Kan. June E. Whilaker Phi Mu A815 Norman Sherrill Ann Whiliel Alpha cha Omega ABS Kiowa, Kan. Jerry Don Williams Bus. Wiiburlon Owen Duncan Wilson Bela Thela Pi A815 Enid James R. Winnie Bus. Wyandolle Millon Wolff Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. Cushing Pal Woodson Della Gamma ALS Tulsa Nelson Wuolila Engr. Lelhbridge Alberla, Can. Donald E. Webber Sigma Alpha Mu, A815 Tulsa Kay Wells Della Gamma A815 Terrell, Tex. James Roberl While Thela Xi A815 l-loisinglon, Kan. Michael Don Whorlon Kappa Alpha Engr, Sweelwaler. Tex. Lyndon Dean Williams Engr. Zoe Peggy Ann Wilson Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ, Gainesville Tex. Malfie Sue Winlers Chi Omega Bus. Anllers Bruce Wood A813 Slrong Cily, Kan. Nancy Lee Wolring Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Okla. Cily Marlin G. Young Sigma Nu Engr. Okla. Cily Sharon Weeks Chi Omega Educ. Okla. Cily Kalhy Wendel Alpha Gamma Della,A81S Houslon, Tex. James Wilden While Bela lhela Pi A815 Norman Joan Louise Widman Della Della Della, AES Memphis, Tenn. Norma Williams Alpha Gamma Della, AHS Okla. Clly Sam E. Wilson Bela Thela Pi Bus. Muskogee Carol Ellen Willels Alpha Epsilon Phi, ASS Okla. Cily Huberl Hinson Wood Della Chi ASS Enid Joan Wrighl Alpha Chi Omega, ALS Dallas, Tex. Tom Lee Young A815 Halslead, Kan. Gary King Weeler Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr. Des Moines, lowa Earl Ray Wesl Engr. Muleshoe, Tex Rae B. While Della Tau Della, Engr. Ardmore Anne Wileman Pi Bela Phi ASIS Okla. Cily Roberl Dale Williams Bus. Cyril Vern O. C. Wilson Engr. Calgary, Alberla, Can. Sieve Earl Wixson Della Tau Della, Engr. Tulsa Joel W, Woodburn Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ABS Muskogee Thomas P. Wrighl Engr. Okmulg ee Don Thomas Zachrilz Sigma Nu Bus. Okla. Cily Carefully giving a final check lo each of lheir drafling delails in aircrall dralling lab are Roberl Nerem and James Hugh Gamble ,, A Q W M ' , m P 7 54? ',,. f lz' gi X iQ+ffdSge1-5 W A Var . , X I V Sf .,A'f fWg5fZ,W,,., 1 B 'H ' n Qi '52 C'-ASSMEN .,,,. 4,-..- 7' Richard G. Abali Thela Kappa Phi, UC Vineland, N, J. Dale Anderson Phi Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily Palricia Lynne Allee Alpha Della Pi, ABS Okla. Cily Jean Louise Barnhill Educ. Norman Johnny O. Bearden Della Tau Della, UC l-louslon, Tex. John T. Benson UC Tulsa Arnold Aberson Phi Lambda P' UC Cordell Jerry Anderson UC El Paso, Tex. David Henry Allaway Della Upsilcn ABS Lawlon Marilyn Ann Barrell Gamma Phi Bela, ABS Ardmore Ga ry Douglas Beavers Sigma Chi UC Pomona, Calif. Barbara Mary Benlon UC Tulsa James L. Adams Engr. Buffalo Judy Kay Anderson Kappa Kappa Gamma, ABS Olcla. C'ly Mariorie Baade FA Okla. Cily George N. Barry Sigma Phi Epsilon ABS Olcla.Cf1y John W, Beck Lambda Chi Alpha, A815 Sand Springs Howard Leland Berkey Phi Della Thela, Engr. Tulsa A ! Roy Bernard Adams Eng r. Wewoka Sandra Anderson Kappa Alpha Thela, ABS Fl. Supply Gerald Eugene Baehler UC Tulsa Jan Barlh Gamma Phi Bela, Bus. Maplewood, La. Larry J:-an Beckel Nursing Durham Kennelh N. Bernard Sigma Alpha lvlu, FA Highland Park, N. J. Tom E. Agee Alpha Tau Omega, Bus. Wyncole, Penn. Roberl B. Andrews Sigma Nu UC Tulsa Ella Lea Baier Sigma Della Tau, Bus. Kansas Cily. Mo. Nancy Darlene Barlleson Della Della Della, ABS Muskogee Marga rel Becker Chi Omega Bus. Allus Roberl A. Bernslein Pi Lambda Phi UC Kan. Cily, Mo. Engrossed in lheir work, Carolyn Clark and John Dorman dissecl lhe muscular syslem of a cal during lheir zoology lab, Phyllis Ann Aharonian Phi Mu Bus., New York, N. Y, Larry Paul Anduss Acacia, UC Perry Thomas Benlley Baines Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Tulsa Richard Boyd Barllell' UC Charleslon, W. Va. Brooks Bell Phi Kappa Psi ABS Dallas, Tex. Calherine O Berry Kappa Della ABS Hominy Mary K. Alberding Educ. Kenilworlh, lll. Elie George Anid Eng r. Beirul, Lebanon Bill Gene Baker Pharm. Blackwell James Carler Bass Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. El Reno David William Bell Lembda Chi Alpha, UC Okla. Cily H. Blake Berry, Jr. Thela Xi ABS Ponca Cily Judith E. Allen Alpha Phi ABS, Park Ridge, lll. Nancy Kay Arnold Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Norman James Harold Barksdale Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Fabens, Tex. Marlha L. Bass Kappa Alpha Thela, Educ. Kilgore, Tex. Marilyn Bell Ka ppa Kappa Gamma, Educ Enid Waller Sluarl Berry Phi Della Thela Bus. Tulsa 63' James Lewis Allingham Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Las Vegas, N. M. Margie Ann Aronoff Educ. Dallas, Tex. Lorella Jean Barnes Della Della Della, Eruc. Hugo Saraiane Baleman Pi Bela Phi Bus. Barllesville Doris Bendorl Sigma Della Tau, ABS Okla. Cily William R. Berry Pi Lambda Phi Engr. Tulsa James Ray Allred Ph! Kappa Sigma, Engr. Vernal, Ulah Slanley David Aronson Pi Lambda Phi UC Tulsa Richard L. Barnell Kappa Sigma AXiS Shawnee Marilyn Margarel Bauer Educ. Norman Bob Charles Benedicl Alpha Tau Omega, Engr. Tulsa Donald R. Billingsley UC Mariella Richard R. Allred UC Odessa, Tex. Bob W. Alherlon Alpha Tau Omega, ABS Wichila, Kan, Jan Barney Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Anadarko Alice E. Baylor Chi Omega Bus. Okla. Cily Barbara Ann Bennell Della Della Della, A8iS Dallas, Tex. Melvin Bing- enheimer, Jr. Sigma Chi Erigr. Beaver, Penn. Paul J. Amend Thela Kappa Phi, Bus. Okla. Cily Howard Alkins Bus. Norman Jonne L. Barney Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Anadarko Kenl Drake Bealmear Alpha Sigma Phi, ABS Chiclcasha Barbara Benson Della Della Della, A815 Memphis, Tenn. Roberl' A. Bird Alpha Sigma Phi, Bus. Okla. Cily Sislie Black Della Della Della, FA Norman Frances M. Bohan Della Gamma ASS Alexis, lll. Lewie Ea rnesl Boolh Thela Xi UC Yukon Belly Bowles Kappa Kappa Gamma, A8rS Okla. Cily Sheridan Brandon Educ. Lawlon Suzanne Brock Gamma Phi Bela, AES Okla. Cily Ancel L. Buchanan Engr. Okla. Cily Richard L. Bullock Eng r. Lawlon Olivelle Burl Alpha Chi Omega, FA Okla. Cily Sharon Buller Alpha Chi Omega, Engr. Okla. Cily Donald D. Cammack uc ous. ciiy Pal Carroll Della Gamma Bus. Tulsa Nancy K Chadweliiy Zela Tau Alpha, A815 Okla. Cily 439 v Jill Ann Blackburn Della Della Della, UC Checolah Jo Lou Boharl Della Gamma FA Tahlequah Barbara J. Boren Chi Omega A815 Norman Roberl P. Bowles Della Kappa Epsilon, Bus. Tulsa Monly L. Bralcher Bela Thela Pi A815 Salina, Kan. John Richard Brooks Phi Kappa Psi ABS Okla. Cily Marjorie lrene Buchner Della Della Della, Bus. Sand Springs John Thomas Burdge UC Hooker Belly Buser Ga mma Phi Bela, Bus. Okla. Cily Virgil H. Buller Sigma Nu Bus. Okla. Cily Eleanor M. Cannon A813 Pillsburgh, Pa. Bob Carson Alpha Sigma Phi, A815 Okla. Cily Ron Kenl Chalfanl Alpha Tau Omega, Bus. Marshalllown, lowa Cora Dell Blackkeller Educ. Okia. Cily Dave L. Bole Sigma Nu UC Barllesville Gary K. Boren Phi Della Thela, Bus. Elk Cily Edward L. Boykin Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Claylon Judy Brennan Kappa Alpha Thela, Bus. Sapulpa George Branl Broome UC Sanla Fe, N. M. Leonard L. Buchsbaum Sigma Alpha Mu, A815 Ml. Vernon, N. Y. J. Michael Burke Kappa Sigma Bus. Houslon, Tex. Thomas O. Bush Lambda Chi Alpha, ABS Ada Roberl G. Bulrum UC Dewey Mike J. Carney Sigma Nu UC El Dorado, Ark. Kennelh B. Carler Della Sigma Phi, Bus. Okla. Cily Randy J. Chance Thela Kappa Phi, Bus. Poughkeepsie N. Y. Kay Ardilh Blake Gamma Phi Bela, FA Okla. Cily Myron H. Bond Kappa Alpha Engr. Chickasha Glenda Boundy Alpha Gamma Della, AES Okla. Cily Kay Bradley Gamma Phi Bela, FA Okla. Cily Nelson E. Brensing, Jr. Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Skeedee David W. Brown Phi Gamma Della, A815 Barllesyille Francis M. Buck Pi Kappa Alpha, Engr. Okla. Cily Kennelh D. Burke Sigma Chi Engr. Okla, Cily John Mack Buller Della Chi UC Warner C. Lyne Buzzard Phi Kappa Sig ma, A815 Skialook Kennelh E. Carpenfer Bela Thela Pi Engr. Okla. Cily Phillip Keilh Carler UC Anadarko Richard Sluarl Chancellor Sigma Chi UC Midland, Tex. Pearce Blake Sigma Nu Bus. Pauls Valley Virginia C. Bonnewell Della Della Della, FA Cushing lssam Bou-Said Engr. Beirul Lebanon Slephen G. Brainard UC Okla. Cily Kennelh B. Brewer Bus. Norman Jim W. Bruce, Jr. Phi Kappa Sigma, A815 Ardmore Margarel' Bucy Gamma Phi Bela, Bus. Okla. Cily Charles R. Burkhard Bus. Claremore Palricia Ann Buller Pi Bela Phi Educ. Okmulgee John D. Caffey Bus. lvlangum Nancy Hellen Carpcnler Pharm. Granl Jan Eric Carlwriqhl Phi Gamma Della, A8rS Wewoka Roberl Gra nl' Chandler Kappa Alpha UC Okla. Cily ""'Y. ' Allan L. Blancelnl A815 Norman Ellen Boolh Chi Omega ABS Okla. Cily Gene W. Bowers Sigma Chi ABS Norman Roberl F. Brandenburg Phi Della Thela, ABS Norman Judilh Anne Brighl Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. Alva Bill T. Brunson Della Upsilon Engr. Okla. Cily Belly Buford Chi Omega ABS Jackson, Miss. Judi Burrus Alpha Gamma Della, A815 Sand Springs Roberl B. Buller Phi Della Thela, UC Ardmore Perry H. Cain UC Midwesl Cily James H. Carroll Thela Kappa Phi, UC Dilley, Tex. Jane Carolyn Calo Della Della Della, Educ. Wichila Falls, Tex. James E. Chapul Bus. Calgary, Alberla, Can. 1' .rf ,- Martha Nelle Chastain Alpha Delta Pi A815 Midland, Tex. James H. Clingman UC Okla. City Steven Edward Conner Alpha Tau Omega, Engr. Guthrie Sandra Ann Cooper Kappa Alpha Theta, A815 Ft. Worth, Tex. James Neil Crawford Sigma Nu Engr. Lindsay William T. Cunninqham Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Hollis W. Scott Chickering Kappa Alpha Engr. Dallas, Tex. Louis William Coblentz A815 Quinton Charles E. Cook ABS El Reno John C. Corff Theta Kappa Phi, UC Okla. City H. L. Crites Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Enid Dorothy Leigh Currie Nursing Salisaw Leon Edward Chicoraske UC Choctah A. Benton Cocanouqher Kappa Alpha Engr. Wichita Falls, Tex, Dennis Lee Cook UC LaVerne Robert C. Copeland Delta Kappa Epsilon, UC Lawton Catherine E. Crouch Delta Gamma FA Burmingham, Mich. Lee Curry UC Lawton Charles B. Childs Delta Tau Delta, Engr. Duncan Marilyn Ann Coffey Delta Delta Delta, A815 Okarche Harwin Thomas Cook Kappa Alpha Engr. Dallas, Tex. Jerry L. Cornelius A815 Tulsa Gail Crowder Chi Omeg a Bus. Guymon William R. Dading Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Metairie, La. Phyllis Chipman Alpha Delta Pi Educ. Norman Clifton R. Cohn Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Kansas City, Mo. Linda Lou Cook Delta Delta Delta, UC Okla. City M. Andrea Coston Delta Delta Delta, UC Okla. City Richard Perry Crowder Phi Kappa Psi Educ. Tulsa Bill Dale Phi Delta Theta, UC Okla. City Gayle Christensen Gamma Phi Beta, Bus. Tulsa Jerry Jay Cole Sigma Nu UC Tulsa Mary Jane Cook UC LaVerne J. Douglas Cowan Theta Kappa Phi, FA Swift Current, Sask., Canada Carlyn Grant Cruzan Alpha Tau Omega, Engr. Bartlesyille Robert Levers Dale Beta Theta Pi A815 Roswell, N. M. From fantasy to reality comes this unique tree being decorated for the display class by Nancy Bartleson, Carolyn Messer, Jo Faulkner and Barbara Bennett. Marvin Gene Christopherson Bus, Tulsa Sally Elizabeth Collier Delta Gamma Bus. San Gabriel, Calit. Patricia Ann Cook Bus. Duncan Dale Crabtree Delta Tau Delta, AHS Okla. City Betsy Cullen Kappa Alpha Theta, A815 Tulsa Carol Ann Damon Kappa Alpha Theta, Educ. Duncan Waukomis L. Chupco UC Okmulgee Ernest F. Collins Phi Delta Theta A815 Ft. Worth, Tex. Roger Kent Cook UC Casper, Wyo. Anna Lou Craig Chi Omega Bus. Pauls Valley Raymond Culp A815 Chickasha Nancy Ann Danner A815 Evansville, lnd. 1? P2151 .Ev mia? ,. . reset .ie y ,, . . W Gordon Alan Cizon Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Amarillo, Tex. Joyce Collins Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. Tulsa Ba rba ra Cooksey Alpha Delta Pi Educ. Guthrie Carol Diane Craig Bus. Wayne Robert Dudley Culp Kappa Sigma Engr. McAlester Noelene Datin Chi Omega Bus. Guthrie Ann Carolyn Clark Gamma Phi Beta, ASS Bartlesville Ted Collins, Jr. Kappa Sigma Engr. Ft. Worth, Tex Becky Cooper Alpha Delta Pi A815 Lindsay Hetty Faye Craig Educ. Poteau Jim Bob Culwell Kappa Sigma Bus. Okla. City Jan Davidson Pi Beta Phi A8iS Wichita Falls, Tex. Patricia A. Clark UC Chickasha Judy A. Confer Delta Gamma A815 Okla. City Irving Stanley Cooper Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. Memphis, Tenn. Karen Crain Kappa Alpha Theta, AHS Dallas, Tex. Gene M. Cunningham Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Muskogee Thomas Earl Davie, Jr. Sigma Chi UC Tulsa Mervin Dwight Clements, Jr. Phi Kappa Psi UC Tulsa Jean Conliff Gamma Phi Beta, Bus. Okla. City Patsy Joan Cooper Gamma Phi Beta, A8rS Bartlesyille Harvey D. Cramer Kappa Alpha UC Okla. City Marsden Cunningham Delta Gamma Bus. Claremore Bob D. Davis Delta Tau Delta, UC Okla. City z'-.f m11m.e-.2 .af me L a E as 5 5 1 2 1 Don E. Davis Theta Engr. Okla. City Xi Robert Wayne Denton Engr. Norman Ernest Robert Datfer ABS Wilson Ernest Milton Drcwatzky Educ. Wichita, Kan. Bob Duncan Sigma Chi UC Tulsa Jack R. Durland, Jr. Phi Gamma Delta, Bus. Okla. City Neville B. Edenborough Delta Upsilon Engr. Okmulgee Richard E. Elliott Bus. Okla. City David W. Enfeld Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Bell Harbor, N. Y. Bob R. Evans UC M uskogee Shirley Ruth Farley Educ. Devol Vicki Sandra Fenberg Alpha Epsilon Phi, FA Amarillo, Tex. Barbara Firestone Alpha Delta Pi Bus. Wichita, Kan. 44l Judy Davis Delta Gamma UC Tulsa Margaret L. Deputy Chi Omega A815 Clinton James B. Dolman Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Ardmore Dave Wayne Dreisker Beta Theta Pi UC Bartlesville William H, Dunford Sigma Phi Epsilon, Engr. Okla. City Anita Dyer Alpha Gamma Delta, FA Okla. City E. Worth Edwards Sigma Phi E silon En r P i Q - Ft, Worth, Tex. Roberta Ann Ellis A815 l-lominy Connie A. Engle Zeta Tau Alpha, Educ. Wewoka Gary G. Evans Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ABS Perry Patty Farmer Gamma Phi Beta, Bus. Okla. City Bryan Ferguson Sigma Nu UC Okla. City Charles E. Fisher Theta Xi Bus. Denver, Colo. Sally Lynn Davis Educ. Kinsley, Kan. Charles DeSong Lambda Alpha, A815 Tulsa Chi John E. Dorman A813 Springdale, Ark. Beverly Drilling Alpha Gamma Delta, A815 Okla. City Archie W. Dunham Engr. Durant Clarence Byrd Dyer Gamma Phi Beta, FA Durant Joan Mildred Edwards Pi Beta Phi A815 Tulsa Haskell Bryan Emerson A815 Okla. City Adrienne Engleberg Alpha Epsilon Phi, A315 Dallas, Tex. John C. Evans Sigma Nu UC Okla. City Patricia Farrar Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Norman Janet Ferrill Pi Beta Phi Educ. Wichita, Kan. James H. Fitzgerald Theta Kappa Phi, Engr. Okla. City James Robert Deal Engr. Pauls Valley Jim Deskins Bus. Chickasha John R. Dorr Kappa Sigma Engr. Pecos, Tex. Steffeny Dubie Delta Delta Delta, Bus. Sand Springs Diane Dunlap Alpha Phi A815 Okla. City Mary Carolyn Eads Delta Gamma Bus. Tulsa Judy Edwards Pi Beta Phi A815 Tulsa Henry Bertil Emilson FA Clinton Jeanne Fay Englebert Gamma Phi Beta, UC Wichita, Kan. Martha Lou Eyer Kappa Kappa Gamma, AXKS Wichita Falls, Tex. Ken Feiger Pi Lambda Bus. Okla. City Phi Jerry K. Fetters Eng r. Temple Darryl G. Fitzierrell UC Tulsa Chester F. Dean Alpha Tau Omega, Engr. Bartlesville Walter Dee Dewitt UC Hominy Lynn Douglas Kappa Alpha Theta, Bus. Tulsa Jack Duffy Sigma Nu Engr. Butte, Mont. James Lapham Dunlap Delta Kappa Epsilon, UC New Canaan Conn. Suzy Eagleton Kappa Alpha Theta, Bus. Okla. City Jim R. Elkouri A815 Okla. City Connie Enders Gamma Phi Beta, AHS Okla. City Carol Diane Eoft A815 Barnesville, Ga. David Kyle Fagin Phi Delta Theta, Engr. Dallas, Tex. Kathryn J. Felkel Kappa Alpha Theta, Educ Tulsa James Curtis Fielder UC Wayne Sharon Fleetwood Gamma Phi Beta, Bus. Bartlesville Kermit Andrew Denton Bus. Okla. City Robert N. Dixon Pi Kappa Alpha, ABS Ponca City Diane Dowling Pi Beta Phi UC El Dorado, Ark. Gaylon D. Duke UC Rush Springs Bill W. Dunn ALS Odessa, Tex. Darryl B. Edelman Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Tulsa Deeann Elliott Alpha Gamma Delta, Perry Educ. Alvara Enciso Engr. Bogota, Colombia Allen David Evans Delta Tau Delta, ALS Okla. City Barbara L. Fargo Alpha Chi Omega, A815 San Francisco, Calit. Richard F. Fellrath Beta Theta Pi ABS Blackwell Donald H. Fielding Delta Upsilon UC Midwest City Jim D. Fletcher Phi Kappa Psi Bus. Tulsa Patricia Jean Flood Pi Beta Phi A815 Ardmore Norman L. Freeman UC Duncan Preston G. Gaddis Beta Theta Pi A8-S Bartlesville Cecil Ralph Gilcrease Sigma Nu UC Shreveport, La. Michael R. Goldman Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Kansas City, Mo. Andrew Gorski Theta Kappa Phi, UC Evanston, Ill. Gaylene Folk UC Yukon William F. Frensley Lambda Chi Alpha, A815 Okla. City Garland N. Gaines Educ. Altus Finis Gillespie Lambda Chi Alpha, AHS Hobart Howard D. Goldstein Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Omaha, Neb. Jim D. Goss Sigma Nu ARS Stonewall Stan D. Forbes Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Skiatook Arnold J. Frisinger A815 Bartlesville Marsha Gardner Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Eugene, Ore. Jack F. Gilmore UC Hugo R. Kinnan Golemon Phi Delta Theta Engr. Kerrville, Tex. Bill J. Gough UC Roswell, N. M. Susan Ford Della Gamma Educ. Duncan Allen R. Froese UC Reddley, Jo Anne Garrison A815 Okla. City Tom Freeman Gilmore Engr. Okla, City Ida Ann Golman Sigma Delta Tau, UC Dallas, Tex. Judith Ann Gramolini Delta Delta Delta, FA Lawton Calif. Sondra Foristell Pi Beta Phi A815 Tulsa Sarah E. Frost Chi Omega Educ. Geary Tom Roy Garvin UC Duncan Joel Keith Gist Delta Upsilon ALS Hennessey Sue Goltra Bus. Collinsville Bill D, Graves FA Okla. City lndustriously studying botany slides under the microsope are sopho- more students Jimmy Harmon and John Paul Johnson. Mike L. Fought UC Bartlesville Cynthia Fry Kappa Kappa Gamma, ASS Shreveport, La. Teddy F. Gast Kappa Kappa Gamma, ASS Bartlesville Dee Edward Givens Phi Delta Theta Educ. Lawton Euphemia E. Goodlow A815 Okla, City Herman H. Greenhaw, Jr. Engr. San Antonio, Tex. Wendel Foushee UC Princeton, lll. Clarence H. Fulenwider Delta Sigma Phi, uc Okla. City Theodore L. Gatchel Engr. Norman Carol Gladstein Sigma Delta Tau, FA McAlester Sally Jane Goodman Delta Gamma AHS Cary, Miss. William E. Greenshields UC Ponca City Frederick R. Fowler Educ. Norman Barbara Fuller Delta Delta Delta, Educ. Norman David H. George Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A815 Holdenville Pete Glaser Bus. Dallas, Tex. Barbara Ellen Goodno A815 Norman Lawrence M. Gregory, Jr. Educ. Ponca City Dennis Foxworthy Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Newkirk Mary Fulton Chi Omega A8iS Tulsa Hail Burrows Gernert Bus. Casper, Wyo. Edward L. Glass Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Kingfisher Charles Liftell Goodwin Phi Delta Theta UC Clinton Betty Griffin Pi Beta Phi A815 Tulsa Haward C. Frank Kappa Sigma A815 Poleau Neoma R, Fulton Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Chickasha Maryann Gibson Zeta Tau Alpha, AES Shawnee Joan Glass Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Amarillo, Tex Marshall lrwin Gordon Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Kansas City, Mo. Dennis E. Griffin Delta Tau Della, UC St. Louis, MO. Howard David Frank Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Graham, Tex. William Ray Fulton, Jr. ALS Norman Pat Gibson Pi Beta Phi A8rS Okmulgee Tom B. Gobble Delta Tau Delta, UC Liberal, Kan. Charlie Irwin Gorman Phi Delta Theta Bus. Bartlesville Mack M. Griffin Delta Ka ppa Epsilon, Pharm. Maysville Carol Franks Beta Phi N. M. Richard W. Gable Phi Deliai Engr. Tulsa Robert R. Gilbert Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr Dallas, Tex. Bert Golden Sigma Chi UC Tulsa Don Dawson Gorman Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr. Okla. City Robert Leroy Griffin A815 Yukon s s 3 i Louis R. Griffis ALS Ariadarko Merrell Ann Haddan Chi Omega Educ. Norman Byron George Hall Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr. Healdlon James H. Hammond Thela Xi Engr. Diablo, Calil. Janice Hann Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. Dallas, Tex. Fran A. Hargrove Alpha Gamma Della, ASS Prague Jim B. Harrison Kappa Alpha Engr. Tulsa George W. Halfield Bus. Calgary, Alberla, Can. George Hazelrigg Pi Kappa Alpha, Engr. Norman Emmell H. Henley Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr. Okla. Cily James M. Hill UC Houslon, Tex. Kennelh R. Hodge slams Cm uc ous. ciiy Joyce Hoolen Kappa Alpha Thela, Bus. Muskogee 443 Ward Griffilh Della Tau Della, UC Hugo Jerry Dean Hagan Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Okla. Cily Jane W. Hall Educ. Fairfax, Va. William C. Hammond Della Tau Della, UC Okla. Cily Lesler Hansen Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC El Paso, Tex. Dwayne Harlan Alpha Tau Omega, Engr. Okla. Cily Thomas Perry Harrison Della Tau Della, UC Tulsa Paul W. Halhaway Della Tau Della, A815 Allus Judy Head Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Tulsa George M. Henley Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr. Okla. Cily Larry G. Hill Bela Thela Pi Engr. Duncan Dick B. Holcomb Lambda Chi Alpha, AHS Okla. Cily Janel Hope Alpha Della Pi FA Okla. Cily Furman D. Grisson UC Tulsa Charles R. Hahn Bela Thela Pi ABS Blackwell John H. Hall A815 Fairlax, Va. Jim D. Hammons Bus. Muskogee William C. Harber Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Seminole Jim J. Harkness Sigma Chi UC l-louslon, Tex. Phillip L. Harriss Phi Della Thela Bus. Okla. Cily Barbara Ann Hawkins Alpha Della Pi UC Anderson, Ind. William John Healh Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Tulsa Patrick E. Hensy Della Sigma Phi, Engr. Tulsa Larry Wayne Hill Sigma Phi Epsilon, AHS Okla. Cily Kay Holderby Alpha Della Pi Pharm. Cherokee Sharon Horlon Pi Bela Phi Educ. Borger, Tex. Franklin D. Grover Engr. Noble Leon l. Haimes Pi Lambda Phi Engr. New York, N. Y. Slanley Lynn Hall Bus. Anadarko Joan Hamplon Pi Bela Phi ALS Ponca Cily Jim Hardwick Kappa Alpha Engr. Ba rllesville Max Barry Harmon Sigma Chi UC Tulsa Joe N. Harsh Bela Thela Pi UC Ponca Cily Morlon Hawkins UC Marionyille, Mo. . James Doyal Hedrick UC Norman Owen Merrill Hewell A815 Dobbs Ferry, N. J. Jane Hillaboll Alpha Chi Omega, A818 Alva Phyllis Holmes Kappa Alpha Thela, A815 Tyler, Tex. Bruce Horwich Pi Lambda Phi UC Omaha, Neb. Glenna Sue Grubb Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Miami Rex Hale UC Texhoma Jerry Eugene Hames UC Norman Sally Louise Hamplon Chi Omega Educ. Dallas, Tex. Mary Kay Hardwick Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Okla. Cily Henry W. Harris Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A815 Okla. Cily Jean Haskell A815 Dallas, Tex. Tom G. Hawlhorn Della Upsilon UC Tulsa Mike Henderson Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Okla. Cily Gary Higdon Sigma Chi A815 Neosho, Mo. David E. Hillier Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Sl. Louis, Mo. Kay Holesapple Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Chickasha Johnece Houghlin Della Della Della, A8iS Pauls Valley Jo Lynn Guffey Della Della Della, Bus. Dallas, Tex. Jean Elizabelh Haley Della Della Della, AES Tulsa Allen W. Hammock, Jr. A815 Midland, Tex. Peggy Marian Hancock Della Della Della, FA Cushing Nancy Hardy Chi Omega A8iS Ardmore Beniamin Harrison A818 Pawhuska David Oscar Halcher Phi Della Thela Eng r. Tulsa Ben O. Haynes Phi Della Thela Eng r. Sandpoinl, Idaho Rosemary Henderson Gamma Phi Bela, Educ. El Campo, Tex. Carol Jo Hilburn Alpha Chi Omega, Bus. Madill Joe Dean Hobbs Acacia FA Frederick William Bruce Hook Della Tau Della, A815 Texhoma David G. Howard Bela Thela Pi Bus. Pawhuska James Douglas Howard Engr, Lawton Simon P. Hughes Phi Delta Theta Bus. Okla. City Jerry Russell Jaynes Bus. Lawton Gary G. Jones Delta Sigma Phi, UC Thomas Naomi Marla Kaufman Sigma Delta Tau, A315 Lincoln, Neb. Bill L. Kidd Kappa Sigma A81S Poteau Linda Howard Kappa Alpha Theta, AES M uskogee Suze Hunter Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Tulsa Judith Jennings Gamma Phi Beta, FA Pauls Valley Janet Jones UC Washington D. C. Jeanne Ann Kasper Zeta Tau Alpha, ALS Okla. City Joan Killingsworth Pi Beta Phi FA Duncan Sally Kay Howard Pi Beta Phi A8-S Tulsa Hal L. Hurst Sigma Nu A8-S Tulsa Robert M. Jernigan Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Enid Robert B. Jones Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. El Paso, Tex. David James Kaup Engr. Marionville. tvlo. Grady King Alpha Sigma Phi, ABS Enid Margaret Howell Kappa Alpha Theta, AES Bartlesville Donald Adams Hyatt Phi Delta Theta uc ous. ciiy Judith Johns Chi Omega Bus. Okmulgee Sarah Jane Jones Kappa Alpha Theta, Educ. Okla, City Clifton Kees Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engr, New Orleans, La. Robert A. Kingsbury Ka ppa Sigma Eng r. Bartlesville Gary Clayton Huckabay Kappa Sigma Engr. Snyder Frank lngraham Phi Kappa Psi UC Dallas, Tex. Kaye Louise Johns Delta Gamma Bus. Okla. City Marvin Lee Joseph Pi Lambda Phi UC Omaha, Neb. Dennis Keleher Theta Kappa Phi, Engr. Princeton, Ill. Ralph Ronald Kiper Alpha Tau Omega, UC Bartlesville Barbara Lou Huddleston Educ. Brownstown, I ll. James H, lngran Alpha Sigma Phi, Engr. Okla. City Lewis Allen Johnson Engr. Okla. City Maurice Joy Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Olcla. City Albert Anna Kelley Gamma Phi Beta, A8iS Ol-Qmulgee Donald C. Kirkpatrick UC Okla. City Anyone for a game of tennis? Betty Wiley checks her racket in the women's gym before trying her skill outside on the court. James Arthur Hudson Sigma Chi UC Pawhuska Marvin Earl Inman A815 Lawton Michael C. Johnson Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Edmond Lynn Frances Kagan Sigma Delta Tau, Educ. Houston, Tex. Barbara Kelley Alpha Gamma Delta, AES Okla. City Mary Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Delta Delta Delta, AHS Okla. City Judith Ann Hudson Alpha Chi Omega, AES Ponca City Sammy Jabara Alpha Gamma Delta, FA Okla. Citi' Richard Rex Johnson Bus. Broken Bow Harold W. Kallenberger Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Bartlesville Frank G. Kelly Kappa Alpha A815 Okla. City Phil B. Klein Pi Lambda Phi FA Pawhuska Woodrow C. Huffines, Jr. Alpha Sigma Phi, Engr. Okla. City Harriet Ann Jacobs Gamma Phi Beta, ALS Okla. City Rose Mary Johnson Alpha Delta Pi FA Ponca City Glenda Sue Kallmeyer Sigma Delta Tau, UC Tulsa Carol Jo Kennedy Delta Gamma Educ. Okla. City Stan E. Klein Eng r. Edmond James R, Hughes Bus. Okla. City Diane Louise Jackson Pi Beta Phi FA Tulsa Thomas Joseph Johnson Alpha Sigma Phi, Engr. Okla. City Jackie Jane Kalman A815 Norman Laura Linda Kennedy Kappa Alpha Theta, A815 Okla. City Helen Rae Kline Chi Omega Bus. Pawnee Jim Tom Hughes EA l'lObart Paul Allan James Delta Sigma Phi, Engr. Okla. City Linda Jan Jolly Delta Delta Delta, EA McAlester Kenneth R. Kanoff Pharm. Passaic, N, J. Beverly Kennerly Pi Beta Phi A815 hloldcnyille Jane Annette Klockmann Delta Delta Delta, A815 Bartlesville Larry T. Hughes Phi Gamma Delta, Bus. Ponca City Judith Ann Janzen Gamma Phi Beta, UC Tulsa Don Paul Jones UC Andrews, Tex Pinky Kasner Sigma Delta Tau, FA Okla. City Joann Kerr ALS Okla. City Harry Klug UC Brooklyn, N. Y. amlaesaas s.:-M...- Bobbie Joy Knie FA Cordell George R. Kravis Sigma Alpha Mu, A815 Tulsa Carl Roberl Krueger Thela Kappa Phi, UC Allus E. T. Laird Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Kilgore, Tex. Marie Annelle Landriaull UC Leag ue Cily, Tex. Judy Sue Lapin Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Kansas Cilv. Mo. Leonard Allen Laws Alpha Sigma Phi, A815 Midwesl Cily Charles W. Lechner Sigma Nu Bus. make Forresl M. G. Lesserl Phi Della Thela, UC Ponca Cily Molly LeVile Alpha Della A815 Apache Pi Marian Sue Lipman Sigma Della Tau, Educ. Dallas, Tex. Kay Lockwood Alpha Phi FA Kansas Cily, Mo. Joe R. Love Bela Thela Pi Bus. Dallas, Tex. 445 Sharon Kniseley Della Della Della, A815 Norman Jill Ann Kreager Kappa Alpha Thela, Bus. Tulsa Julius Kruger Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Wichila Falls, Tex. Waller Kay Lamberl Phi Kappa Sigma, AHS Okla. Cily Glynn Q. Lane Della Upsilon Engr. Fl. Smilh, Ark. Parke E. Larqenl UC Tiplon Larry D. Lawson Educ. Knowles Tom D. Ledbeller Della Upsilon UC Midwesl Cily Sfeve Allen LeValley Phi Gamma Della, A815 Blackwell Sleve Levy Pi Lambda Phi A815 Lincoln, Neb. Jay lrwin Lippmann A815 Goosebav, Laborador John l-l. Loller Phi Gamma Della, A815 Okla. Cily Linda Lee Loveall Kappa Alpha Thela, PA MCAlesler Judi Ellen Kopman Sigma Della Tau, Bus. Los Angeles Calif. Eileen Kay Krivanek Nursing Musla ng Kalman Kulslegi Lambda Chi Alpha, Engr. Budapesl, Hungary Roberl C, LaMorle UC Bloomingdale N.J. Neal F. Lane Alpha Sigma Phi, A815 Okla. Cily Donald Z. Laubach Thela Xi UC Okeene Shelby Daylon Lawson Phi Kappa Sigma, Engr. Barllesville Larry Winslon Lee Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Vicksburg, Miss. Beverly Levand Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Wichila, Kan. Charlene Lewsaw Alpha Gamma Della, Educ. Krebs Don D. Lilchford Phi Kappa Psi Engr. Tulsa Russell Morris Long ALS Ada James W. Loving Phi Kappa Psi Engr. Ponca Cily Louis S. Kovash, Jr. Pi Kappa Alpha, A815 McAlesler Wanda Krivanek Alpha Gamma Della AES Okla. Cily Philip W. Kyle Bela Thela Pi Bus. Topeka, Kan. Norman Landa Pi Lambda Phi A815 Tulsa Mary Lou Lange Chi Omega A815 Garden Cily, Kan. Frilz Lausen Sigma Nu A815 Gainesville, Tex. Billy Eugene Lay Engr. Nowala Sharron E. Lehmer UC Okla. Cily Marlin Ronald Levine Sigma Alpha Mu, Pharm, Passaic, N. J. lrene Lewkowicz A815 Lima, Peru John W. Lillle Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Minco Roberl A. Loosley Phi Gamma Della, Engr. Ponca Cily Lou Ann Lower Nursing Okla. Cily Shirley A. Kramer Alpha Chi Omega, Bus. Okla. Cily Margery Louise Kronengold Sigma Della Tau, FA New Rochelle, N. Y. William G. Lackey Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Tulsa Phil Mel Landers Acacia Bus. Nowala Bill Ed Lanier Bus. Chickasha Isaac Jess Lawless A818 Walonga Edward D. Lazorchak Thela Kappa Phi, UC Cliflon, N. J. D. Lynelle Lemon Alpha Chi Omega, A8iS Okla. Cily Melvin Levine Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. Sealy, Tex. Lou Dale Lindsey Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Odessa, Tex. Loy Deane Lilllefield Sigma Phi Epsilon, A815 Barllesville Sandra Louise Loskovilz Sigma Della Tau, ABS Memphis, Tenn. Pal Lowery Della Gamma UC Okla. Cily Lois Ann Krause Nursing Enid Ma riann Kroupis Della Gamma Educ. McAlesler Gary Carl LaGere Phi Gamma Della, UC Chandler John Howard Landis Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A815 Okla. Cily Dorolhy Jane Landsen Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Enid John S. Lawrence UC Shreveporl, La Donald Leon Leavill UC Tulsa Larry James Lermo A815 Bend, Ore. Thelma Levinson Alpha Epsilon Phi, A815 Dallas, Tex. Chuck Lines Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Fl. Worlh, Tex. Linda Lockell Bus. Norman Marqarel Ann Loll Chi Omega Bus. Memphis, Tenn. Dick Lowry Sigma Nu Bus. Miami V?-- --W ---- - --- - l i l 10' Ll V -2 Q alex , ini Qii: f Royden Jerry Lucas UC Elmer Richard Neil McCormick Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bus. Wichila, Kan. Roberl Ellis McGregor Acacia UC Barllesyille Tom Manahan UC Okla. Cily Miles Clarence Mays Kappa Sigma A815 Chickasha Mel P. Meyers Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Elizabelh, N.J. Donna Kay Luper UC Wayne John McCoy AHS l-lealdlon John M. McKinney Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Okemah Jackie Sue Manley Della Della Della, Educ. Carnegie Frank Barlley Meaders Della Upsilon UC Ada Joyce Arin Mickella Alpha Chi Omega, A815 Krabs Larry Gene Lulz Phi Gamma Della, UC Edmond Mike E. McCurlain Sigma Chi ALS Lexinglon Palricia Elaine McManus A8iS San Anlonio, Tex. Terri Mann Della Della Della, UC Okla. Cily Pallie Jane Meadows Gamma Phi Bela, AHS Okla. Cily Linda Jean Milam A815 Ardmore Carl Dean Lyons Pharm. Norman Ronald T. McDaniel Della Tau Della, A815 Olcla. Cily Buddy McMullin Phi Kappa Psi UC Dallas, Tex. Annelle Marsh Gamma Phi Bela, Educ. Okla. Cily Linda Ann Means Della Della Della, ABQS Okla, Cily Phillip Way Milam Eng r. l-leayener D9 47' William C. McAlesler Sigma Nu Engr. Okla. Cily Douglas lan McDonald Bela Thela Pi A815 Roswell, N. M. Ann Sharon McPherson Della Gamma Educ. Ada Fred Calvin Marshall AES, Lillle Rock, Ark. Helen M. Meinerl Alpha Gamma Della, Bus. Tulsa Billy Dan Miller Phi Kappa Sigma, A815 Okla. Cily 63' M. Palrick McCabe Lambda Chi Alpha, UC El Reno Saradelle McDonald Educ. Dallas, Tex. Frank M. McPherson Sigma Chi Engr. Tulsa Jack Marshall Alpha Tau Omega, UC Ml. Pieasanl Tex. Roberl Louis Melan Thela Kappa Phi, Enqf. Rockford, lll. Carolyn Miller Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Mariella A fundamenlal experimenl of physics-delermining lhe specific heal of a melal-is being run by Richard Coussons and Lynn Rogers. Sharon Day McCall Pi Bela Phi ALS Okla. Cily Marilyn Sue McDowell Pi Bela Phi Bus. Okla. Cily Barbara A. McShane Pi Bela Phi Pharm. Monell, Mo. Judy Marlin Della Della Della, Educ. l-louslon, Tex Bulch Merkle Phi Kappa Sigma, UC oua. ciiy Carolyn Avis Miller Gamma Phi Bela, A813 Tulsa Michael G. McCafferly Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Poleau Linda McElwee Alpha Della Pi, A815 Shreyeporl, La. Roberla McVay UC Okmulgee Dick Bradford Mason Phi Kappa Psi UC Fl. Worlh, Tex. Virginia Lee Merrill Kappa Kappa Gamma, Bus. Enid David B. Miller Alpha Tau Omega, A815 Enid Carolyn McClain Alpha Della Pi UC Okla. Cily Sherry McFall Pi Bela Phi A815 Okla. Cily Jim R. Maddox Sigma Chi UC Lawlon Paddy Meryl Mason Phi Mu UC Ada Bob M. Merson Pi Lambda Ph UC Okla. Cily Ellioll W. Miller Della Kappa Epsilon, AHS Websler Groves, Mo. Jacquie McCollum Alpha Gamma Della, FA Hawaii Jim W. McGaughey UC Okla. Cily Carolyn Sue Maddry Educ. ldabel Bill Massed Della Chi A815 Okla. Cily Ted A. Melscher Della Upsilon ABS Enid William John Miller FA Chickasha Q as I . t Roberl D. McComb Sigma Phi Epsilon, FA Norman Henry C. McGee UC El Reno Gene W. Mahanay, Jr. Phi Gamma Della, Bus. Clinlon Eugene L. Malhews FA Camplon, Minn. Leah Gail Meyer Sigma Della Tau, AXIS Sl. Louis, Mo. Willis Miller Sigma Phi Epsilon, Engr. Okla.Cily Ross McConnell Kappa Sigma Engr. Minco Gary P, McGinn Bus, Elk Cily Fran B. Malcom Sigma Della Tau, Educ. Omaha, Neb. Alice Maxson Alpha Gamma Della, Educ. i Okla, Cily D. Kenl Meyers Phi Gamma Della, Bus. Okla. Cily Dee Miles Gamma Phi Bela, UC Norman Q..-'S' 'aes' ini Jack Mills Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Stanford, Tex. Judy Mitchell Bus. Marlow Jane Montgomery Delta Della Della, Bus. Muskogee Mary Martha Morgan A815 Joplin, Mo. Nancy Rose Morton Bus. Maracaibo, Venezuela Janice Ruth Murphy A815 Okla. Cily Diane Lily Myerson Sigma Delta Tau, Bus. Kansas City, Mo. Daniel E. Nesom Phi Kappa Psi UC Okmulgee Clayton Ralph Nichols Alpha Sigma Phi, Engr, Okla. Cily David W. Oakley Sigma Nu UC Cherokee Belly Oliphant Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Norman Mary Overlees Kappa Alpha Thela, Educ. Barllesville Artie Palk Engr. Denison, Tex. 447 Jack Thomas Mills Kappa Alpha UC Okla. City William S. Mitchell A815 Okla. City Jessie Montgomery Della Della Delta, Bus. Muskogee Richard E. Morris Della Sigma Phi, A815 Woodward Harold W. Mossberger Theta Xi UC Tulsa Robert Lee Murphy Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Hobbs, N. M. John Nalley UC Okla. City Martha Newby Alpha Chi Omega, UC Alva Milton Nichols Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Okla. City Ca rl David Oates UC Clinton William Lloyd Oliver Phi Gamma Delta, Bus. Roswell, N. M. Gwendolyn A. Owens A815 Des Moines, Iowa James Eugene Palmer Engr. Tulsa Arvil D. Ming Sigma Chi UC Erick Buddy Mitelman Pi Lambda,Phi FA Houston, Tex. Allen Karl Moore Engr. Titfin, Ohio. Thomas A. Morris Kappa Sigma A815 Denver, Colo. Larry Austin Mulkey Phi Gamma Della, Bus. Shreveport, La, Bob Murray UC ldabel John A. Nance Bela Thela Pi UC Houston, Tex. James Cary Newman UC Winnsboro, Tex. Sandy Nobles Alpha Gamma Della, A815 Woodward Thomas J. O'Brian Della Upsilon A815 Appleton, Wis. Thelma Olivo Della Gamma Bus. Okla. City Tommy D. Owens Phi Ka ppa Engr. Tulsa Psi Precious Park Pi Bela Phi A818 DeOueen, Ark, Henryetta June Minnett Alpha Phi UC Chickasha Mike Monroe Sigma Nu UC Enid Donald Lee Moore Phi Della Thela, UC Ft. Worth, Tex. John Wayne Morrison Della Upsilon Bus. Boise City Carol Mullagan A815 Hollywood, Calif. Ron Murray Delta Tau Della, Bus. Okla, City Larry H. Neeley Phi Della Thela Bus. Dighton, Kan. Mary Jo Newman Alpha Gamma Della, UC Ada John M. Nottsger Delta Tau Della, Engr. Okla. City Fred Oden Bus, Perry Margaret A. Olson Alpha Phi UC Shreveport, La. Larry G. Padget Engr. Lovinglon, N. M. James Frank Parman UC Cordell E. R. Minshall Sigma Chi Bus. Tulsa Mary Martha Monsour Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Ponca City Lee E. Moore AXKS Tulsa Mario Alice Morrison UC Okla. City Donna Kay Mullins Alpha Gamma Della, Bus. Okla. City Lynn A. Murrell Engr. Norman Sherry Anne Neill Delta Della Della, A815 Austin, Tex. Thomas Jung Ngar Acacia UC Dumas, Ark. Everett R. Nolte Phi Kappa Psi UC Muskogee Gloria Lynn Odom Bus. Okla. City Nancy Ann Olney A815 Allarila, Ga. Brad Scott Page Sigma Nu UC Jet Linda Kay Parnell Educ. Cleveland Marilyn Mishler Kappa Kappa Gamma, AHS Tulsa Carolyn ' Montgomery Alpha Bela Pi AHS, Green River, Wyo. Edna Mae Morgan FA Okla. City Patricia Ann Morrison Gamma Phi Beta, Educ. Okla. City Marquis Alvin Murdock ABS Ada Janet Sue Mussen Chi Omega Educ. Lawton William W. Nelson Delta Tau Della, Engr. Okla. City Sandra Delle Nichols UC Okla. City Arthur l. Novak Pi Lambda Phi UC Omaha, Neb. David W. Ogden FA Grants, N. M. Don W. Orr UC Cushing David Pagel Kappa Alpha UC Houston, Tex, Sue Paschall Chi Omega Educ, Fl. Worth, Tex me Thomas Carl Patten Theta Kappa Phi, Engr. Okla. City William Perkins Phi Delta Theta, Engr. Hope, Ark. Carl F. Ponca Phi Kappa Sig ma, A815 Fairfax Carol Eileen Railen ALS Okla. City Del W. Rentzel UC Okla. City Caroline F. Ridling Delta Gamma Educ. Ada Albert M. Patterson Sigma Nu UC Okla. City Ronald L. Persky Sigma Aplha Mu, UC independence, Kan. Betty L. Poor Delta Gamma A815 McAlester Rosemary Ralls Ka ppa Alpha Theta, ARS Duncan Jack C. Reutelhuber Delta Upsilon Engr. Little Rock Ark. Kathleen Riley Alpha Phi AXTS Olcla. City Rosalie Vivian Patterson Alpha Chi Omega, Bus. Ponca City Barbara Anne Petersen Zeta Tau Alph A815 Okla. City Carol Jeanne Post Zeta Tau Alpha, A815 Midland, Tex. Judy Ann Rapp Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Okla. City Marilyn B. Reynolds Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. Norman Robert B. Ringo Beta Theta Pi, Engr. Bartlesville 5 Ronald Kent Patton UC Anadarko Maryann Peterson Delta Delta Delta, Bus. Kansas City, Mo. Sam R. Powell Lambda Chi Alpha, A815 Muskogee Henry R. Raskin Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Omaha, Neb. Edwin E. Rice Delta Tau Delta, A815 Amarillo, Tex. Robert E. Ringrose Alpha Sigma Phi, A815 Guthrie Thomas E. Peak Theta Xi Engr. Okla. City Sandy Peterson Bus. Ardmore Charles Prather Sig ma Chi A815 Tulsa Merlyn Rath UC Tulsa Carolyn A. Richardson Alpha Gamma Delta, Educ. Okla. City Harold V. Ritcheson Beta Theta Pi, Bus. Maysyille lil 163' Marvin R. Pegues Phi Gamma Delta, A815 Tulsa Germaine Petty Chi Omega ALS Guthrie Gerta Sue Prendelgast Delta Delta Delta, Educ. Hobart Philip Ryan Ratlitf Bus. El Reno Dean Charles Richardson Phi Delta Theta, Engr. Ardmore Grant Ritchey Phi Delta Theta, Eng r. Bartlesville New furniture from old! Ann Aldrich is applying the techniques she learned in furniture renovation class to her early American chair. Richard Kent Pendleton Engr. Altus Larry L. Piatt A815 Okla. City Dennis Price Acacia Bus. Norman Karen Ann Ray Kappa Alpha Theta, A815 Frederick Thomas Ray Richardson UC Maysyille Steven E. Ritz Pi Lambda Phi, Bus. Kansas City. Mo. Luetta Vel Penny Phi Mu UC Ardmore Phyllis Jane Pickrell Educ. Tipton Lois Roberta Priceman Educ. Wichita, Kan. Jean Douglas Reed A815 Norman David M. Richey Kappa Alpha UC Atlanta, Tex. Bill B. Robberson Sigma Alpha Epsilon, AES Okla. City Anthony Leroy Pennybaker UC Seminole Marcia Ann Pinstein Sigma Delta Tau, Bus. Memphis, Tenn. Parnell Privette Pi Kappa Alpha, Engr. Okla. City Gloria Lynn Pepper Alpha Epsilon Phi, Bus. l-louston, Tex. Jerry Wayne Plant Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Midwest City Virginia Drew Priddy Kappa Alpha Theta, AHS McAlester Charles P, Perkins Kappa Sigma Enqr. Okla. City Richard F. Polansky Pi Lambda Phi UC Milwaukee, Wisc. Pat Pugh Kappa Sigma UC Okla. City John Edward Michael Owen Stuart L. Regal Regan Reichert Sigma Alpha Phi Delta Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bus. Theta, ASS Epsilon, Engr. Amarillo, Tex. Shawnee Et. Worth, Tex. Betty Frances Edwina M. Farley Poe Richie Richison Richmond Gamma Phi Phi Mu FA Beta, AHS Bus. Liberal, Kan. Heidelberg, Norman Germany L. Weldon T. Van Sarah Ann Roberts Roberts Robertson Phi Kappa Kappa Alpha Alpha Chi Sigma, FA AES Omega, A815 Blair Okla. City Okla. City Diane Adele Perkins Pi Beta Phi UC Midland, Tex Bob Pomeroy Sigma Chi UC Okla. City Mike Quinn Sigma Phi Epsilon, A815 Tulsa Martha Kay Rentroe FA Okla. City Donald Bruce Ridley Phi Delta Theta, UC Duncan Keith C. Robinson Sigma Nu UC Bartlcsyille William F. Roeper UC V Midwest City La vern Ross UC Okla. City Tom Y. Rush UC Decater, Tex. Mary Lillian Ryan Zeta Tau Alpha, Bus. Olcla. City Paula Rae Sanders Sigma Delta Tau, Educ. Bismarck, N. D. Ronald R. Scheele UC Okla. City Richard H. Schwartz Beta Theta Pi, UC Colo. Springs, Colo. Marilynn l. Selders Delta Delta Delta, A815 Kansas City, Mo. Fletcher Sharp Beta Theta Pi, UC Okla. City Steven A. Sherman Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. Little Rock, Ark. Trudy C. Shulkin Sigma Delta Tau, ABS Sioux City, lowa Jamie M. Singletary Kappa Alpha Theta, A815 Tulsa Anne Louise Smith Alpha Chi Omega, Educ. San Francisco, Cain. 449 ,nada Jerry Mack Rogers Phi Kappa Psi, Engr. Ponca City Bill Routh Kappa Alpha Engr. Shawnee James A. Russell Phi Delta Theta, Engr. Dallas, Tex. Charles M. Ryland E . Onkla. City Richard G. Sanders Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. City Helen A. Schlinke UC Okla. City Jane Eliza beth Scott Pi Beta Phi A8rS Ripley,Tenn. Lawrance Seng Theta Kappa Phi, UC San Antonio, Tex. Mary A. Shebester Gamma Phi Beta, A815 Pauls Valley Sharon Kay Shipman Gamma Phi Beta, Educ. Okla. City Gary Waide Sibley A8rS Claremore Phil L. Sisney Phi Kappa Psi UC Tulsa Charles K. Smith Sigma Chi A815 Tulsa Lynn C. Rogers Engr. Maysyille W. Jared Rowe UC Ponca City Nancy C. Russell Kappa Kappa Gamma, AES Muskogee Artnur M. Saddoris UC Cleveland Richard M. Sandlin Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Houston, Tex. Roger Schultz Lam bda Chi Alpha, Engr. Watonga Katherine A. Scott FA Okla. City Frances Sue Seymour Phi Mu A815 Bartlesyille Ellen Shecter Sigma Delta Tau, Educ. El Paso, Tex. Deanne Shirley Zeta Tau Alpha, FA Pampa, Tex. Myron Silverstein Pi Lambda Phi, Bus. Kansas City, Mo. Floyd E. Skarky Phi Delta Theta, Engr. Enid Don A. Smith Kappa Sigma ALS Wewoka Dolores Rosenberg Alpha Phi ALS Dallas, Tex. Donna Lou Roztocil Alpha Delta Pi, Bus. Okla, City Peqev Russell Alpha Delta Pi, A815 Eglin Base, Fla. Sondra Sala Alpha Chi Omega, Bus. Okla. City Raymond L. Sanford FA Okla. City Jennis Ruth Schuman Sigma Delta Tau, Educ. Tulsa Dennis Seacat Sigma Chi UC Tulsa Othman Shaaban Engr. Tripoli, Lebanon Judy H. Shelby Delta Delta Delta, Bus. Houston, Tex. John Daniel Shoemaker A315 Lawton Ina G. Simpson AXIS Norman Al Slaatten Theta Kappa Phi, UC Okla. City Eleanor Smith Alpha Chi Omega, Bus. San Francisco, Calit. Howard A. Rosenberg Pi Lambda Phi, A818 Kansas City, Mo. Johnna Sue Roztocil Alpha Delta Pi, Bus. Okla. City Eddie Wayne Rutledge UC McCloud Donna S. Salathiel UC Okla. City Donna Saulsberry Kappa Alpha Theta, Bus. Okla. City John C. Schwartz A815 Weatherford Frank Howell Seay Kappa Sigma UC Seminole Mal A. Shafran Pi Lambda Phi, UC Kansas City, Mo. Deanna Shepard Pi Beta Phi A815 Midwest City Sue Shorbe Pi Beta Phi Educ. Okla. City Harry O. Sims Delta Sigma Phi, A8rS Okla. City Robert E. Slocum Beta Theta Pi, UC Okla. City F. Duggan Smith Pi Kappa Alpha, Bus. Pampa, Tex. Barbara P. Ross Sigma Delta Tau, Bus. Kansas City, Mo. Mark N. Rubin Pi Lambda Phi, Bus. Dallas, Tex. Liz M. Ryan Kappa Kappa Gamma, ABS Ft, Sill Mary Anne Salomon Sigma Delta Tau, UC Okla. City Richard Winn Scarritt Phi Delta Theta, A815 Enid Phyllis Lee Schwartz Sigma Delta Tau, Educ. Dallas, Tex. Lewis E. Seiter UC Norman Joyce A. Sharbrough Delta Gamma Educ. McAlester E. Gayle Sheridan Sjigma Chi Nowata Pat Ann Shubert Pi Beta Phi Bus. Okla. City Pat Sims Kappa Sigma UC Dallas, Tex. Mervyn D. Smiley Bus. Madill Hermalyn A. Smith Alpha Chi Omega, Educ Amarillo, Tex. Jerry L. Smilh Bela Thela Pi, A815 Tulsa Glenda Srago Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Okla. Cily Bill A. Slephens Ka ppa Sig ma UC Okla. Cily George W. Slubbs Phi Kappa Psi Engr. Muskogee Don Tale Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Cily Paul A. Tharp, Jr. Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Ponca Cily Bruce Arnold Torbell Phi Della Thela A815 Enid Dunny Vanice Della Kappa Epsilon, Bus. Kansas Cily, Mo Karen Kay Smilh Bus. Okmulgee John Talley Spradling UC Sulphur Slephen Dua ne Slephens UC Okmulgee David G. Suckle Pi Lambda Phi UC Sherman, Tex. Allan F. Talge Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Norman Lovan Barlon Thomas Pi Kappa Alpha, Engr. Crowley, La. Vernon Lee Townley Engr. Norman Marcia Van Sand? Della Gamma UC Houslon, Tex. Raymond O. Smilh Bela Thela Pi ASS l-lominy Edwin John Slahl Sigma Nu Engr. Okla. Cily George B. Slephenson Sigma Nu FA Gainesville, Tex. Bob L Sullivan UC Muskogee Connie lrene Taylor AES Alexandria, Va. Maribelh Thomlinson Gamma Phi Bela, A815 Okla. Cily Bill R. Tracewell Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Cily Charles Wilson Van Tine, Jr. Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Barllesville Diane Sue Solomon Sigma Della Tau Educ. Fl, Worlh, Tex. Norman R. Slandefer Ka ppa Sig ma Engr. Wich. Falls, Tex. Barbara B. Slewarl UC Lake Charles, La. Becky Summers Alpha Della Pi Educ. Tulsa James D. Taylor Bus. Okla. Cily Mary Ann Thompson Kappa Alpha Thola A815 Okla. Cily Roger Trekell Sigma Chi Engr. Okla. Cily Ann Vaughan Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Fl. Worlh, Tex. Elaine Solow Sigma Della Tau, Bus. Tulsa Sonny Slandridge Sigma Nu UC Pauls Valley Nancy Ray Slewarl ALS Duncan Phil N. Sureck Sigma Alpha Mu, A815 Okla. Cily Peggy Jean Taylor Gamma Phi Bela, Educ. Tulsa William P. Thompson Phi Della Thela, UC Marked Tree, Ark. Karen Sue Trower Pi Bela Phi A815 Tulsa Myra Vedder Alpha Gamma Della, ASS Okla. Cily Frank L. Sommer Thela Kappa Phi, UC Sand Springs Lucy Lee Slanfield A815 Norman Roy Edgar Sliner Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Tulsa Dave D. Svidlow Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. Dallas, Tex. William J. Taylor Engr. Pine Blufl, Ark. Phillip Page Thurslon Thela Xi UC Ninekah Roberl' Irving Tucker UC Noble Linda Vescelius Alpha Gamma Della, Educ. Grosse Poinle Woods, Mich. James N. Sommerfruchl Della Upsilon Engr. Siloam Springs, Ark. Chuck Waller Stanford Sigma Chi UC Okla. Cily Anne Sloul Kappa Kappa Gamma, A8rS El. Worlh, Tex. Suzanne Swan Kappa Alpha Thola, A8iS Dallas, Tex. Dan G. Teed Della Della Della, A815 Pampa, Tex. Virginia Ann Tibbills FA Spiro William Ford Turman Kappa Sigma UC Fl. Worlh, Tex. Darrell L. Vincenl Kappa Sigma Eng r. Okla. Cily Carole Spangler Alpha Chi Omega, FA Wichila Falls, Tex. Freda Slaninlav Alpha Gamma Della, Educ. Perry Donald R. Sloul A8iS Shalluck Richard F, Tackell UC Lillle, Rock, Ark. Jo Ellen Terrill Kappa Kappa Gamma, Educ. Wich. Falls, Tex. Don L. Tillman Phi Kappa Psi UC Ponca Clly Roberl Henry Turner Engr. Okla. Cily Ronald Viner Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Tulsa Slan Spano UC Fresno, Calif. Joy M. Slarry Della Gamma AES Okla. Cily Ronald W. Slrahan Alpha Tau Omega, AES Canlon Donna Lee Tainsh Alpha Chi Omega, ALS Chula Visla, Calif Ronald D. Terry Della Kappa Epsilon, Bus. Tulsa Charles W. Tinnemeyer Pi Kappa Alpha, Engr. Okla Cily Sharon Tullle A815 Norman Tony Voorheis Phi Ka ppa Psi Engr. Muskogee Tom W. Spencer Bela Thela Pi Bus. Ponca Cily Frank Larry Slegall Della Chi A8iS Alhens, Tex. Samuel O. Slrong Engr. Norman James J. Taliaferro Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Tulsa Sidney C. Terry UC Edmond James C. Tiplon Phi Kappa Psi UC lflugo Elaine Uplon Chi Omega Pharm. Brownsville, Tex. Sara Jane Wafer Della Della Della, UC Lillle Rock, Ark. Sanford J. Spero Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus. Waukegan, Ill, Anlhony F. Sleinkruger Engr. San Anlonio, Tex. Sue Slrong A815 Amarillo, Tex. Truman L. Talley UC Okla. Cily Syl Joe Tesla Kappa Sigma ASS McAlosler Darla Jean Todd FA Ardmore Wade Lance Ulay Sigma Alpha Mu, A8iS Dallas,Tex. Benny D. Wagner Della Tau Della, Engr. Duncan Loris Spicer Alpha Gamma Della, ASS Melbourne, Auslralia Joycelyn Slephens Alpha Gamma Della, UC Lindsay John B. Sluarl Kappa Sigma Bus. Okla. Cily Gerald H. Tankersley Phi Kappa Psi, Bus. McAllen, Tex. Velma Faye Telers UC Slroud Jerry Sue Tolleson Gamma Phi Bela, A81S McAlesler Charles M. Van Dyne Bela Thela Pi A815 Sedalia, Mo. Glenda M. Wagner Bus. Yukon i 3 f Sara Margarel Wagner Chi Omega Bus. McAlesler D. Annelle Waller Educ. Temple Ralph Eugene Warren Della Kappa Epsilon, UC Minneapolis, Minn. Jack T. Wellborn Della Sigma Phi, UC Okla. Cily Frances Jane Wheeler A815 Wichila,Kan. Everell L. Whilney UC Gardiner Maine Gail Andrea Wilkins Alpha Della Pi A815 Fl. Sill Jamea Allrice Williams Engr. Okla. Cily Sally Mary Williams Gamma Phi Bela, A815 Dallas, Tex. Marilyn Wilson A815 Norman Donald James Will Pi Lambda Phi UC Columbus, Ga. Gerald Lloyd Wood FA Seminole La rry Ivan Young AKQS Ada 45l Barbara Waid Kappa Kappa Gamma, ALS Lawlon Lydia Waner Della Gamma Bus. Okla. Cily Ray G. Warlhen UC Ringling Lawrence B. Wells Della Sigma Phi, Engr. Okla. Cily Brenls Rex While Sigma Nu UC Lillle Rock, Ark. Jean Whyba-sk Kapp Alpha Thela, A815 Dallas, Tex, Barbara Viola Williams Zela Tau Alpha, A815 Okla. Cily Johnnie C. Williams Sigma Nu Engr. Jackson, Miss Sara Wallace Williams Kappa Alpha Thela, FA Chickasha Joe R. Windes UC Okla. Cily Paul D. Will Kappa Sigma Engr. Denlon, Tex. Harold G. Woolan UC Marlow Warren F. Young Sigma Nu Engr. Thelma Kay Wainwrighl Alpha Phi A815 Marshall, Tex. Richard H. Wannemacher A815 Philadelphia, Penn. Belly L. Walkins Alpha Gamma Della, ALS Okla. Cily Tom D. Wenrick Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Welumka Charlolle Ann While Alpha Chi Omega, Bus. Midwesl Cily George C. Wiese Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Milwaukee, Wisc. Ben T. Williams Alpha Tau Omega, FA Okla. Cily Joni Sue Williams Zela Tau Alpha, A815 Okla. Cily George Allan Williford UC Houslon, Tex. J. Hardy Windham Phi Kappa Psi UC Muskogee Lyn nda Lee Wolford Gamma Phi Bela, FA Okla. Cily Fra nces Jean Worrell Pi Bela Phi FA Chickasha Alia V. Zalais Pharm. Tulsa David L. Walker UC He wryella John Roberl Ward Educ. Kansas Cily, Mo. Vaughn Walkins Sig ma Nu ALS Jackson, Miss. Pele Werl Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Fl. Worlh, Tex. Elaine While Alpha Chi Omega, ABS Enid Teryle A. Wilder Pi Bela Phi UC Racine, Wisc. Dorald A. Williams Bus. Calgary, Alberla, Can. Judy Williams Pi Bela Phi UC Allus Donald E. Wilson Sigma Chi Engr. Okla. Cily Raymond L. Winslead, Jr. Kappa Sigma UC Wichila Falls, Tex. Edmund B. Wong UC Olds, Alberla Canada Judi Wynn Della Della Della, A815 Barllesville Henry George Zapruder Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Dallas, Tex. Paul Walker Kappa Sigma Engr. Shreveporl, La. Margarel Ward Della Della Della, UC Norman Bobelle S. Walson Kappa Alpha Thela, Nursing Okla. Cily John M. Wesl Phi Kappa Psi UC Tulsa Lynda Lee While Kappa Alpha Thela, A815 Chickasha Belly Bruce Wiley Della Della Della, A815 Norman Freddie Williams Alpha Tau Omega, UC Tulsa Pal Williams Chi Omega A815 Okla. Cily Guy Crawford Wilson Della Chi UC Lawlon Roberl Leroy Winier Acacia A815 Tulsa Anila Louise Wonn Gamma Phi Bela, Educ. Okla. Cily Tom E. Yales Kappa Sigma UC Norman Raymond L. Zimmerman Pharm. Miami Richard R. Walker UC Allus Kendall B. Warren UC Norman J. G. Webb, Jr. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Engr. Okla. Cily Glen R. Weslall UC Ruidoso, N. M Nelson While A815 Tulsa Donald Lee Wiley Bela Thela Pi ALS Norman Jack Williams Engr. Lexinglon Roberl R. Williams UC Tulsa Lucy Jane Wilson FA Purcell Belly Wilherspoon Kappa Kappa Gamma, Bus. Amarillo, Tex. Aubrey D. Wood Engr. Maysville Don M. Yeager Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Ardmore Juanila F. Zinn Kappa Della UC Okla. Cily Samuel J. Abel UC Hico, Tex. James W. Alexander S'gma Chi UC Duncan Kay Armslrong UC Anadarko Joann Baker Chi Omega UC Woodward Mike Barnes Della Kappa Epsilon UC El Dorado, Ark. Carolyn A. Bayless UC Lindsay Larry J. Abels Sigma Alpha lvlu, UC Okla. Cily Paula Dolores Allen Della Gamma UC Ardmore Tommy H. Armslrong Bela Thela Pi UC Duncan Raymond W. Baker Phi Della Thela, UC Wynnewood R. Bruce Barnes Kappa Alpha UC Fl. Smilh, Ark. Carllon Beal, Jr. UC Midland, Tex. Carolyn Sue Abernalhy UC Okla. Cily Richard Gary Allen Kappa Alpha UC Okla. Cily Gene R. Arm Della Tau Della, UC Okla. Cily Vivian Kay Baker UC McAlesler Roberl L. Barr Bela Thela Pi UC l-lennessey Ben Bruce Bealor Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Norman Lexa M. Acker UC Posl, Tcx. Todd F. Almquisl Sigma Chi UC Norman Dan C. Arnold UC Nowala Nancy C. Baer Della Gamma UC Norman Ron Day Barrell' Acacia UC McCloud Calhy Allen Bearden Gamma Phi Bela, UC Houslon, Te X. Alice Joe Ackley Chi Omega UC Cushing Daniel D. Allgell' Phi Kappa Sigma, UC San Anlonio, Tex. Marshall S. Aronson Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Newlonville, Mass. Kay Vicloria Bailey UC Vinila Ann Barrows Della Gamma UC Tulsa James Denver Bearden UC Wrighl Cily Learning the lay of lhe land are John Harlow and Diana Dunlap as lhey decipher conlour maps in geology lab. Jerry R. Aclon Della Kappa Epsilon, UC Enid Elwood Clark Andersen Della Sigma Phi, UC Barnsdall Max Ashley Acacia UC Allus Larry Murl Ball UC Rocky Roy Harold Barsh Della Upsilon UC Joplin, Mo. Roberl L. Beasley UC Midwesl Cily Anona Adair Gamma Phi Bela, UC Norman Gayle Anila Anderson UC Alex James C. Alkins, Jr. Phi Gamma Della, UC Shreyeporl, La. Leonard F. Ball Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Olcla. Cily Charles M. Barllell UC Olcla. Cily Richard E. Beauford UC Sanla Rosa, N. M. John E. Adams Kappa Sigma UC Olcla. Cily Kay Lynne Anderson UC Okla. Cily Shearer F. Alkinson UC Amarillo, Tex. Cherrill Banning Alpha Della Pi, UC Duncan Barbara J. Bassell Della Della Della, UC Ardmore Gary Slanley Beckerman Pi Lambda Phi UC Fl, Wayne, ind. Thomas Dean Ailken Della Tau Della, UC Alva RoberlW. Anderson Sigma Alpha Eosilon, UC l-louslon, Tex Judy Allee Alpha Della Pi, UC Olrla. Cily Harry L. Bannisler uc ous. ciiy Billy Bales Sigma Nu UC Jackson, Miss. John Lewis Bedwell UC Sunray, Tex. Sluarl R. Aks Pi Lambda Phi UC Kansas Cily, Mo. Frank Andrews Sigma Chi UC Tulsa Paul Douglas Auslin Kappa Sigma UC Seminole Rosalind Sue Baraban Sigma Della Tau, UC Kansas Cily, Mo. Jody K. Bales Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Olcla. Cily Margarel Ann Begley UC Pauls Valley Mildred E. Albrighl UC Okla. Cily Barbara Jean Anqrisl Sigma Della Tau, UC Dallas, Tex William J. Baird, Jr. Phi Kappa Psi, UC Omaha, Neb. Carl Curlis Barbour, Jr. Sigma Chi UC l-louslon, Tex. Norma Jean Baumgarlner UC Leominsler, Mass. Palricia Ann Beislle UC Cannondale, Conn. 5 ,. Dean Alexander UC Duncan Med William Applewhile UC Tulsa Bruce W. Baker UC Okla. Cily Cirrelda Julia Barnard Pi Bela Phi UC Newporl Beacl Calii. Jerry Oliver Baxler UC Ninnekah Palricia Ann Bell Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Woodward Q. l rea. . Jon Truman Benedicl UC Carlhage, Mo. Murray N. Berkowic Pi Lambda Phi UC Kansas Cily, Mo. Sally Jacobus Bewley Chi Omega UC Tulsa Carl Joe Blackburn UC Claremore David C. Blevins Sigma Nu UC Midwesl Cily Dale Bode UC Walerloo, Ill. Harley Lee Bonds UC Sulphur Wall Bowarl Kappa Alpha UC Enid Luanne Bradley Della Della Della, UC Barllesville Andrew L. Brandenburg Thela Kappa Phi, UC Tulsa Roberl E. Bridges UC Tulsa Larry Charles Brooks Della Tau Della, UC Lillie Rock, Ark. Eslher Faye Brown UC Cushing 453 Mike Eugene Benefield UC Ponca Cily Ralph Dell Bernier Phi Gamma Della, UC Norman George L. Beyers UC Okla. Cily William M. Blackburn Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Slanford, Tex. Jane Marie Blissil UC Broken Arrow Clyde E. Bodenheimer Della Tau Della, UC Okla. Cily William C. Bonney Sigma Chi UC Okla. Cily Wilbur Gra nl Bowersox UC Okla. Cily Susanne Ray Bradley UC Midwesl Cily Bruce M. Branlley UC Mexico Cily, Mexico Tommy H. Brighl UC Eunice, N. M. Slephanie A. Brooks Pi Bela Phi UC Hulchinson, Kan. Fred Brown UC Chickasha Nancy Carolyn Benner Della Gamma UC Tulsa David R. Berry Thela Xi UC Purcell Gayna Billue Della Della Della, UC Wichila Falls, Tex. Dan George Blake Sigma Nu UC Lancasler, Tex. Jon Leslie Blocker UC Claremore F. Jarrell Bollon UC Midland, Tex. Charles Fred Booze Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Cily J. Clark Bowling Della Kappa Epsilon, UC Okla. Cily Don D. Bradshaw Phi Della Thela, UC Okla. Cily Eva Lorraine Brasel Pi Bela Phi UC Tulsa Daryl Brislow Sigma Chi UC Midwesl Cilv John Philip Brougher UC Okla. Cily Lynda E. Brown Chi Omega UC Alexandria, La. Donna Kaye Bennelf Chi Omega UC Norman Millon Berry Sigma Chi UC Tulsa Ann Bingaman Pi Bela Phi UC Purcell Jerry D. Blanche UC Broken Bow Fred Hans Blocklinger UC Healdlon Fredric Bollon UC Newark, N.J. Brenda Bryan Bolloms Chi Omega UC Fl. Worlh, Tex. John Russell Bozalis Phi Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily John Gary Bradshaw Kappa Alpha UC Barllesville Russell B. Brawley Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Okla. Cily Judy Lee Broach Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Okla. Cily Billy J. Brown UC Sand Springs M. Adele Brown UC Byron John Manning Benson Della Upsilon UC Tulsa Roberl G. Berry Bela Thela Pi UC Pawnee Sara E. Bishop Della Gamma UC Dumas, Tex. Richard A. Bland UC Granile Marc Blumenfeld Pi Lambda Ph UC Milwaukee, Wis. Roberl J. Bomholf UC Okarche Richard W. Bovee UC Dallas, Tex. Dick E. Brackeen UC Pauls Valley Glenda Rulh Brailhwail' Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Enid Ann Brewer Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Barllesville Larry Don Brocaw UC Okla.Cily Douglas B. Brown UC Shillinglon, Penn. Sharon L. Brown Della Gamma UC Wichila, Kan. Mary Frances Berkey Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Okla. Cily Suzanne Berry Gamma Phi Bela, UC Norman Novie Lee Billman Gamma Phi Bela, UC Perry Fran Jane Blasko UC Maple Hls. Ohio Belh Lee Boa rd Pi Bela Phi UC Boise Cily Calherine W. Bond Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Chickasha Paul B. Bowles, Jr. UC Hulchinson, Kan. Belly Jo Braden Alpha Phi UC Norman Linda Brand Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Laredo, Tex. Susan Brickman Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Claylon, Mo. Ro-Myrna Bronslein Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Denver, Colo. Edna Dell Brown UC Enid David S. Browning Kappa Alpha UC Amarillo, Tex. K 6'- sp- William S. Brown Phi Delta Theta, UC Frederick Marilyn Burns Delta Gamma UC Sherman, Tex. Judy Ann Capito Sigma Delta Tau, UC Kansas City, Mo. Blas R. Casares UC Havana, Cuba Kay Chealwood Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla. City Carl W. Clark Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Madill Kay Ellen Sharon Kay Browning Bru'nley Pi Beta Phi Alpha Chi UC Omega, UC Baftlesifille Okla. City Sandra Lea Dale R. Burr Butler UC Phi Kappa Pauls Valley Sigma, UC Norman Richard L. Rosendo Caracio Carbonell UC Theta Kappa Banger, Penn. Phi, UC Victoria De Las Tunas, Cuba Robert F. Judy Ellen Caslellion Cathey Phi Kappa Delta Della Sigma, UC Delta UC N. Tonawanga, Norman N. Y. Suzanne Jean Penny D. Chenoweth Cherry UC UC Milwaukee, Okla. City Wisc. Dan Kent Elizabeth Jane Clark Clark Kappa Alpha Delta Delta UC Delta, UC Holdenville Houston, Tex. John Alan Brunk UC Frederick Marion Butterfield Delta Kappa Epsilon, UC Okla. City Don A. Carey Beta Theta Pi UC Enid Nancy Lee Chaddick UC Pauls Valley M. Wayne Chesnut Phi Gamma Delta, UC Shreveport, La. Joan Harris Clark UC Okla. City Charles E. Buchner Delta Tau Delta, UC Sand Springs Jim Butterworth Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. City Dave K. Cargill Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Edmond Kenneth W. Chaffin Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Ardmore Marlha Ann Chesnul Gamma Phi Beta, UC Bartlesville John M. Clark UC Okla. City Ann M. Buck Chi Omega UC Okla. City Lynda Kay Bynum Kappa Alpna Theta, UC Blackwell Mary Sue Carlile UC Texhoma David Poe Chaney Delta Upsilon UC Tulsa Nancy Jeanne Childress Delta Gamma UC, Wichita Falls, Tex. Ronald L. Clark UC. Ann Arbor, Mich. Carefully scrutinizing his final balance sheet, Walter Whilden com- pletes his practice set for an examination in accounting lab. Shirley Mae Burch UC Duncan L. Gordon Cagle Delta Upsilon UC El Dorado, Ark. Melvin R. Carnes UC Claremore Paul R. Chaney UC Okla. City Alice C. Childs Alpha Gamma Della, UC l-lxighland Park. ll . Barbara Joan Clayton Alpha Cin Omega, UC Columbus, Ohio -f S Terry Lerue Burch UC Pauls Valley Yolanda Calame Delta Gamma UC Norman Judy Carper Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla. City Nicki Jean Chapman Zeia Tau Alpna UC Pauls Valley Darvin Lee Chisum UC l-loldenville Mary Jacklyn Clearman uc ous. cny Ken R. Burd UC Pawhuska David Lee Campbell UC Morgan Ci'y, La. Bob O. Carr Sigma Nu UC Tulsa Roger A. Chapman Delta Upsilan UC El Reno Ken Chlouber Kappa Alpha UC Shawnee A. Ben Clevenger UC Altus Marvin E. Burge Delta Upsilon UC El Reno Robert Leo Campbell Theta Kappa Phi, UC Pittsburgh, Penn. Joel Lee Carr Kappa Alpha UC Cushing Geraldine F. Chastain Alpha Delta Pi UC Midland, Tex. Diann Christian Zeta Tau Alpha, UC Ganado, Tex. Shirley Anne Cline Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Okla. City Bill H. Burgess Phi Kappa Psi UC Tulsa Donald E, Cannon UC Atoka Joyce A. Carter UC Walla Walla, Wash. Suza ne Chasteen Alpha Delta Pi UC Marietta Connie L, Church UC Norman Edith Lee Coats Chi Omega UC Okla. City Lois Ann Burgess UC Jellerson, low Barney Lee Capehart UC Tulsa James B. Carter Kappa Alpha UC Dallas, Tex. Steve Chazen Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Chattanooga, Tenn. Nancy Jayne Clabaugh Pi Beta Phi UC Okla. Cily Billie Kay Cochran Ch! Omega UC Atlanta, Tex. 5 Robert Wayne Cockerham UC Norman Dorla Rae Coley Delta Delta Delta, UC Norman Stanley Conly UC Ringgold, La. Peggy Jane Cook UC Okla. City i Jeannette Coury UC Wanoka Marcia Sue Crane Sigma Delta Tau, UC University City, Mo. Marlin D. Crysler UC Ft. Smith, Ark. Thomas L. Curtis Sigma Chi UC Columbia, Mo, Dorothy Ruth Davis Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Muskogee Barbara L. Deatheraqe UC Okla. City Larry D. Derryberry UC Altus Darryl David Dixon Phi Kappa Psi UC Claremore William A. Dorsey UC Johnson Kan, 455 Charlotte Coe uc ores. ciiy Jeffrey M. Collar Delta Tau Delta, UC Tulsa Martha C. Connell Pi Beta Phi UC, Miami Billy Joe Cooper uc oua, city Marv Alice Cowen Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Shawnee Joe Harold Crosby Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Lawton Carolyn Cummings Chi Omega UC Shreveport, La. Creston Court Cutchall Kappa Sigma UC Okla. City Gloria Davis Chi Omega UC, Memphis, Tenn. Hugh Albert Dempsey UC Seminole Freddy Eugene DeWeese UC Barnsdall Harold P. Dobson Phi Delta Theta, UC Okla. City C. Dewayne Dotson Sigma Nu UC Okla. City J. Walter Coffey Sigma Nu UC Shawnee Raymond E. Colline UC, Rochester, N. Y. Leslie Lynn Conner Beta Theta Pi UC Okla. City Richard Ralph Cooper Pi Kappa Al ha UC P . Kan. City, Mo. Lawrence Cox Delta Kappa Epsilon, UC Redwood Falls, Minn. Linda Crosby Alpha Phi UC, Colorado Springs, Colo. Elaine Cunningham UC Wichita Falls Tex. Rodney Grimme UC Vernal, Utah Susan Davis Pi Beta Phi UC Okmulgee William B. Denison Delta Tau Delta, UC Ponca City Sharon Lee Dicken Alpha Phi UC Okla. City Gilbert S. Dobbs UC Okla. City Pat Dougherty Chi Omega UC Okla. City Carolyn E. Cole Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Lawton Arlie A. Collins, Jr. UC Konawa Mark Connolly Phi Gamma Delta, UC Okla. City Ann Copeland Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Kingfisher Mary Ann Crabb Alpha Phi UC Miami, Fla, Raymond Franklin Cross UC Okla, City Mooroogassen Curpen UC Mauritius Lina B. Darrough Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Okla. City Lyle G. Deal UC Midland, Tex, Jimmy Don Denman UC Okie. City Donald H, Dill UC Erick Stanley Dale Dobbs Kappa Alpha UC Alamagordo, N. M. Robert Gene Dowling UC Okla, City Mary Jane Cole Chi Omega UC Norman C. W. Comer UC Middleburg Va. Patrick A. Considine Phi Gamma Delta, UC Wichita Falls, Tex. Ga ry Ea rl Copeland Delta Chi UC Maud Albert L. Crabtree Delta Upsilon UC Okla. City Larry Douglas Crowell Delta Upsilon UC Tulsa Tim C, Curry Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Ft. Worth, Tex. Mary Beth Darrough UC Vinita David Dean Kappa Alpha UC Amarillo, Tex. Helen Sue Dennis UC Guthrie Bobby L, Dillard UC Carnegie Andy Dodson UC Norman Hardy Doyle UC Stillwater Sandra Gayle Cole Alpha Chi Omega, UC Norman David Lee Conklin UC Battle Creek, Mich. Nancy Jane Coody UC Breckenridge, Tex. Bill N. Cornwell UC Hobart David B. Craig Delta Ups'lon UC Ft. Sill Joan Lois Crown UC tvtarnaroneck, N. Y. James B. Curtis Sigma Chi UC Columbia, Mo Frances Davidson Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Omaha, Neb. Chiquita Deason UC Ardmore Fay Nancy Jane Denton Delta Gamma UC Lubbock, Tex. Judy Disosway Pi Beta Phi UC Shreveport, La Julia Gaye Dorr Delta Gamma UC Okla, City Norma Lillian Dragoo UC Norman 01425 Joe Bob Drake Sigma Nu UC Davis Dannie Earl Duggan Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Enid Sue Durkee Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Norman Bitsy Edgerton Kappa Alpha Theta, UC San Antonio, Tex. Judy Engle Zeta Tau Alpha UC Wewoka Barbara Ann Felmley Pi Beta Phi UC Bloomington, Ill. John Milton Draper Sigma Chi UC Okla. City Gary Don Duke UC Chickasha James D. Durland UC Okla. City Barbara Efting Alpha Chi Omega, UC Park Ridge, lll. Joe Thomas Eoff Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Woodward Roberta Fender Alpha Phi uc Western Springs, Ill. Clifton Leroy Driskell UC Hennesscy James Terry Dulaney UC Athens, Tek. Judy Dutcher Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Anadarko Barbara Elkins Pi Beta Phi UC Tulsa Shirley Enyart Alpha Delta Pi UC Pawhuska Kaye Ferguson Pi Beta Phi UC Okla. City Pegi Lee Dromgold Chi Omeg a UC Okla. City Tom Dulaney Phi Gamma Delta, UC Okla. City James K. Dysart Kappa Alpha UC Amarillo, Tex. Howard Wayne Elkins UC Waurika Melissa K. Eppard Delta Gamma UC Duncan Ralph L. Ferguson UC Tulsa Robert Edward Dubos UC Bridgeport, Conn. Donald Wayne Dumler UC Okeene Phyllis Ann Eacock Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla. City Charles Allen Ellis UC Horniny Judy Erwin Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Memphis, Tenn. Bert Fields UC Dallas, Tex. Chemistry lab is full of surprises as Barbara Parent and Joe Marshall carefully select chemicals to use in their experiments. Mary Alice Ducker UC Montclair, N. J. Diana Ruth Dunlap UC Duncan Doyle Dale Earles UC Argonia, Kan. Frederick R, Ellis UC Ann Arbor, Mich. Charlotte L. Ester Chi Omega UC Okmulgee Jerry C. Fields UC Okla. City Ann Harriette Duckworth Gamma Ph Beta, UC Wichita, Kan. Terry Knight Dunlap Phi Gamma Deita, UC Okla. City James K. Early Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Okla. City Kay Ellison Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Okla. City Larry Wayne Evans Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. City Sally Files Delta Delta Delta, UC Casper, Wy. 9 is be ,,,. . M.. 9 iq gg as X 'ff 1 James F. Duca Sigma Ph' Epsilon, UC Tulsa Natalie Park Dunn Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Memphis, Tenn. Gary Neal Easton UC Enid Richard Calvin Elmore Kappa Alpha UC Dallas, Tex. Luis Miguel Faiardo UC San Juan Morros, Ven. Sandy Lee Fierstine Sigma Delta Tau, UC St. Louis, Mo. Bill D. Dudley Phi Gamma Delta, UC Hollis Frank D. Duperier Sigma Nu UC Jackson, Miss. Ines Ruth Eber Alpha Delta Pi, UC Alamagordo N. M, Linda Elstner Chi Omega UC Tulsa Joe P. Farr Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Davis Susan Fine Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Denver, Colo. Richard M. Dudlay Sigma Chi UC Wilmelte, lll, Charles Alber Durham UC, Corpus Christi, Tex. Martha V. Echert Delta Gamma UC Dallas, Tex. Eric Bruce Emslie UC Kearny, N. J. John B. Farr Delta Upsilon UC Okla. City Rhona Finkelstine Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Pampa, Tex. t Nathaniel H. Duffield Kappa Alpha UC Pauls Valley Weldon Bruce Durham UC Tyrone Ted Eckstein UC Okla. City John Clark Engleson Phi Kappa Psi UC Tulsa Wilma Ella Felkner Delta Delta Delta, UC Norman Charles R. Finn UC Denver, Colo. James E. Duffy Theta Ka Phi, UC Enid James Rober Durie UC, Little Rock, Ark. Bob F. Eddins Phi Gamma Delta, UC Muskogee Ann England UC Beverly Hills, Calit. Robert J. Fa rquhar UC Okla. City Ann Marie Fischer Alpha Phi UC Memphis, Tenn. DDB Donald Joe Fisher UC Elmore Cily Larry Gene Flowers UC Okla. Cily Bob A. Fradon Sigma Chi UC Wilmelle, lll. Jane Ford Gamma Phi Bela, UC Norman Barbara Frazier Gamma Phi Bela, UC Tulsa Forresl Frueh Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Perry Arlhur Gaer UC Teaneck, N. J. Milla Jean Garland UC Richmond, Va. Thomas L. Gels Alpha Tau Omega. UC Okla. Cily Barbara Ann Gildersleeve Della Della Della, UC Dallas, Tex. William G. Givens Phi Della Thela UC Ardmore Shirley Carol Goddard Alpha Gamma Della, UC Corpus Chrisli, Tex. Anila Faye Goode uc ous. oily 457 -.C Barbara Leigh Fishman Sigma Della Tau, UC Memphis, Tenn. David Lee Floyd UC. Kalamazoo, Mich. Pafly A. Franklin UC Dallas, Tex. Millon Tracy Fore Della Kappa Epsilon, UC Tulsa Carolyn Freedman Sigma Della Tau, UC Houslon, Tex. William Walie Frye Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Wagoner Belh Gambill Alpha Gamma Della, UC Tulsa Richard E. Garlick Sigma Nu UC Wichila Falls, Tex. Peggy Gell Sigma Della Tau, UC Denver, Colo. Virqinia Lee Gill Della Della Della, UC Okla. Cily Charlene Glascock Della Della Della, UC Memphis, Tenn. Madeline Goldberg Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Sl. Louis, Mo. Roberl Jay Gordon UC Barllesville Edwin Henry Filler Thela Xi UC Wynnewood. Penn. Bobbie L. Foole UC Spavinaw Eddie Frost UC Hobarl Gerald Wayne Frost Sigma Chi UC Okla. Cily Charles Pace Freeman Phi Kappa Psi UC Dallas, Tex. Sherrill Fuller UC Moorcroll, Wyo. William O, Gamble Phi Gamma Della, UC Beverly Hills, Calif. Terry L. Garrell Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Okla. Cily Jorella Jean Gerner Phi Mu UC Clinlon Waller John Giller Sigma Nu UC El Dorado,Ark. Debra Glass Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Denver, Colo. Pally Lynn Goldslon Della Della Delia, UC Houslon, Tex. Killy Jo Gore Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Kansas Cily Mo. Doug Franklin Fleel Phi Della Thela UC Ada Dennis Fosler UC Okla.Cily Roberl Marlin Fry Della Tau Della, UC Hugo Karen Joy Fosler Pi Bela Phi UC Ponca Cily Ben N. Freidberg Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Barllesville Larry Joe Fullon Della Upsilon UC Okmulgee Carole Ga ndy Alpha Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily Jacki Marie Gaumer Alpha Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily Beverly Geyman Alpha Della Pi UC Wichila Falls, Tex. Ja ne Gilmore Alpha Della Pi UC Okla. Cily Lynne Glass Chi Omega UC Memphis, Tenn. Ricnard H. Goldwyn Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Tulsa Charles S. Gorre UC Okla. Cily John J. Fleel Kappa Alpha UC Dallas, Tex. Ronald James Fox Thela Kappa Phi, UC Yonkers, N. Y. Ann Ford Kappa Al pha Thela, UC Shawnee Linda Fosler Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla. Cily Larry Lee French Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Shreveporl, La. Bobby Jack Furr Phi Kappa Psi UC Muskogee Charles Rex Gardner UC Paoli Roberl Michael Gaydos UC Hammond, Ind. Sally Ann Ghormiey Della Gamma UC Blackwell Carol June Gilslrap uc ous. Cily Ed J. Glasser Phi Kappa Psi UC Okla. Cily Barbara Raye Gollub Sigma Della Tau, UC Tulsa Melvin Dean Gower UC Okla. Cily David Fleming UC Sapulpa Taylor N. French Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Memphis, Tenn. Jack H. Ford Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Wichila, Kan. Joan Frank Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Sl. Louis, Mo. Eslelle Ann Friedman Sigma Della Tau, UC Houslon, Tex. David R. Furr UC Muskogee Shelly Gardner Sigma Della Tau, UC Okla. Cily Jerry Lon Gaylor UC Panhandle, Tex. Joe H. Gieck UC AlluS John Vernon Givens Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Cily Danny E. Glenn Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Shawnee Rosalind Gollz Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC l-lol Springs, Ark. Sfanley W. Gralla Thela Kappa Phi, UC Housalonic, Mass. --i,--e -- Carolyn Ruth Grantham UC MCAlester Janice Diana Grimm Alpha Gamma Della, UC Pauls Valley Elizabeth Ann Hamilton Alpha Chi Omega, UC Madison, Wis Bob J. Harris Phi Gamma Della, UC Muskogee Sarah l. Haugen Della Della Della, UC Ada John D. Hervey UC Norman Paul Colbert Grantham Alpha Tau Omega UC McAlester Pau. E. Grosse Sigma Chi UC Houston, Tex Jerry Wayne Hammonlree UC Clayton, N. M. Holly Dale Harris Alpha Phi uc Tyler, Tex. Sara Beth Hawk Delta Delta Delta, UC Bartlesville Judy Hesler Delta Della Delta, UC Kansas City, Mo, Jana Carolyn Gray UC Pauls Valley Gene Grubitz UC Elk City Robert L. Haney Kappa Alpha UC l-loldenville Richard G. Harris Kappa Alpha UC Ba rtlesville Gary Lee Hawkins UC Texahoma Gary B. Hester Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Ponca City Cecile Gray Gamma Phi Beta, UC Duncan Perry L. Guest UC Purcell David G. Hannah Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Sherman, Tex. John Arthur Harrison UC Vinita Kathleen Hawkins Al ha Gamma P Delta, UC Marionville, Mo. Ursi Lee Hester UC Midwest City Larry Green UC Enid William R. Gurley Phi Gamma Delta, UC Bristow Fay Ann Hannon Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC l-louston, Tex. Sandra Ann Harrison UC El Reno Joan J. Hempfling UC Perry Rita Heston Alpha Chi Ome a UC 9 . Shreveport, La. Coleman M, Greenberg Pi Lambda Phi UC Omaha, Neb Sally Lou Hackler Gamma Phi Bela, UC Muskogee Donna Jo Hardesty UC Okla. City Sarah E. Harrison Alpha Phi uc Sta ntord, Tex. Barbara Hencke Chi Omega UC Tulsa Janice G. Heye Alpha Chi Omega, UC Fresno, Calif. Bake 'til crisp. Nancy Denton and Kaaren Henderson remove their hand made and decorated pottery from the Home Economics kiln. Judith Natalie Greenberg UC Dallas, Tex. Harry G. Haefner UC Perry Jon B. Harle UC Durant Susan Harrison UC Van Nuys, Calif. Kaaren M. Henderson UC Des Moines, Iowa L. W. Heyman Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Tulsa Curtis L. Greer Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC McAlester Margaret Ann Hahn Delta Gamma UC Okla. City Rilla Joy Harlin Alpha Delta P UC Okla. City Edith Gayle Hartness UC Tulsa Karen J. Hendrix Della Gamma UC Tulsa Linda Kay Hightower Al ha Della P' uf ' Alamogordo. N. M, Dick L. Griflith Phi Gamma Delta, UC Okla. City Jeanie Hais UC St. Louis, Mo. Barbara Harper Alpha Delta Pi UC Tulsa Karen Jeanne Harvey UC Challanooqa Tonnie Hendrickson Sigma Nu UC Tulsa Danny R. Hill Phi Kappa Psi UC Muskogee Joe C. Griffith Kappa Alpha UC Norman Arthur William Hall Della Tau Delta, UC Alva Jerry Harper Pi Lambda Phi UC Kansas City, Mo. Sydney Jo Haslam UC Tulsa Richard C. Henneke UC Hennessey Don Richard Hill Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. City Verne Emerson Griffith Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Okmulgee Sybil Lorraine Hall Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Nowata J. Dock Harrell Sigma Chi UC Jackson, Miss. John Douglas Hastie Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Sand Springs Carol Louise Henry UC Blackwell Larry D. Hill Theta Kappa Phi, UC Midwest City Rae Ann Grimes Alpha Gam Delta, UC Okla. City Barbara Halperin Sigma Del Tau, UC San Anton Tex. Walter Ge Harringto UC Anadarko Judy Kay Hasty UC Tulsa Dale Arno Henshaw UC Duncan Lindy Hill Kappa Theta, Dallas, 5 . 5. r ,. ..l.,, Marolyn Hill Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla. Cily Judy Alice Hodson Alpha Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily Karl W. Holder Kappa Alpha UC Dallas, Tex. Nancy Lynn Hood Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Gulhrie Jannie Houser Della Della Della, UC H ugo Bob Hudgins Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Jackson, Miss. Bernie Lee Hulme Della Tau Della, UC Chickasha Thomas Teruo Ikeda UC Hilo, Hawaii Norman l. Jacobson Pi Lambda Phi UC Amarillo, Tex. Donald F, Johnson UC Lansing, Mich. Richard F. Johnson UC Okla. Cily James Jones Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Muskogee Palricia Bella Jusola UC Tulsa 459 James Loel Hines Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Kansas Cily, Mo. Huberl H. Hoehn UC Dallas, Tex. Richard H. Holley UC Fl. Sill James Carl Hoopes Sigma Nu UC Bossier Cily, La. James Edward Houslon UC Okla. Cily Thomas E. Hudgins UC Grandlield Pal Hunnicull Chi Omega UC Shawnee Gene R. lmke Kappa Sigma UC Okla. Cily Gilberl Allan Jain UC Flelcher Jed J. Johnson, Jr. Della Tau Della, UC Chickasha Roberl M. Johnson UC .. Okla. Cily Jimmy Jones Phi Della Thela UC Duncan George E. Kadane Phi Gamma Della, UC Wichila Fails, Tex. William J. Hoag Sigma Chi UC Barllesville John Roberl Hoffman UC independence Kans. Marilyn Hollis UC Muskogee Susan A. Hoops UC Las Vegas, Nev. Barry Allen Howard Pi Lambda Phi UC Culver Cily, Calif. Pal Hudson Alpha Chi Omega, UC Pawhuska Palrick Wayne Hunl UC Claremore Charles W. Ingram UC Chickasha Myra Elaine Jenkins UC Okla. Cily Julia Ann Johnson Gamma Phi Bela, UC Fox Arlhur L. Jones Sigma Chi UC Granlield Molly Jones Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Jackson, Miss. Mary Ann Kakish Alpha Chi Omega, UC Harlshorne Charles D. Hodge UC Slroud Rozelle M. Hoffman UC Mounlain View Lynda Holman Chi Omega UC Geary David A. Hopkins UC Armonk, N. Y. Thomas Howensline, UC Clinlon Gloria Hughens Alpha Phi UC Tulsa Rulh Anne Hunler UC l-loba rl Dixie Ingram Alpha Chi Omega, UC Belhany Gwendolyn Jernigan UC Lillle Rock, Ark. Mary Alice Johnson Chi Omega UC Allus Ernesl Bruce Jones UC Calgary, Al berla, Can. Roberl D. Jones UC Midwesl Cily Carole Sue Kaliski Sigma Della Tau, UC Houslon, Tex. Jr. Jerry M. Hobbs Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Okla. Cily Abie J. Holberl Siqma Nu UC Barllesville Lee Marks Holmes UC Edmond David Loren Horsl UC Okla. Cily Harold B. Hoyl Sigma Nu UC h Okla. Cily Roger Howell Hughes UC l-lealdlon Henry R. Hurd Sigma Nu UC Jacksboro, Tex. Terence L. Irons Della Chi UC Okla. Cily William L. Jobe Bela Thela Pi UC Okla. Cily Pal Johnson Alpha Chi Omega, UC Lancasler, Calil. Carol Lynn Jones Chi Omega UC Norman Roberl S. Joseph Pi Lambda Phi UC Omaha, Neb. Mildred Ann Kane UC Barllesville Nell Hockman UC Carnegie Ferrin H. Holcomb UC Blanchard David Edward Hood UC Okla. Cily Pal C. Horlon Alpha Gamma Della, UC Lawlon Peggy Lou Hoyl UC Muskogee Charla Hull Della Gamma UC Midwesl Cily Helen Hurl Zela Tau Alpha, UC Tulsa Peler E. Jackson Sigma Chi UC Wilmelle, Ill. Richard N. Johannes Della Upsilon UC Norman Richard Ellis Johnson UC Madill Hugh R. Jones Phi Gamma Della, UC Woodward Roberl O. Joyner Kappa Sigma UC Magnolia, Ark Kenny Karchmer Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Memphis, Tenn. 5 5 3 Patricia Elayne Karchmer Sigma Della Tau, UC Albeguerque, N. M. Joe R. Kennedy Phi Gamma Della, UC Muskogee Roberl' Allan Kirkpalrick UC Okla. Cily Tomas Edward Kuhn Sigma Chi UC Chicago, lll. Caroline Langley UC Muskogee Mary Ann Leibenderfer Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Norman Jerry L. Kasparek Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Barllesville John Basil Keramis UC New York, N. Y. Earl William Kilchen Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Okla. Cily Eddie Marlin Kura UC Blairmore, Alberla, Can. Clee Alan Langley Sigma Nu UC, El Monle, Calif. Jean Ann Lemler Clee Alan Alpha Gamma Della, UC Perry Ida Kalz Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Dallas, Tex. Eddie A. Kern Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Tulsa Pearlene Klepak Sigma Della Tau, UC Dallas, Tex. Gerald H. Kursar Pi Kappa Psi UC Konawa Fred W. Lanka rd Sigma Chi UC Kingfisher Myrna Dale Lemmons UC Graham, Tex. Linda Claire Kalz Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Slaiford, Tex. Julian D. Kersey UC Perry, Go. Judilh Ann Klepper UC San Anlonio, Tex. Bill G. Ladd Sigma Nu UC Okla. Cily Barbara Ann Lasler UC Okla. Cily Jack A. Lenerlz Phi Kappa Alpha, UC Riverside, Calif. Sherril J. Roberl Dale Kaufman Keadle Gamma Phi UC Bela, UC Slinnell, Tex. Okla. Cily Alex N. David Michael Kilby Kill UC UC Oden, Ark. Norman Joe Lars Spencer Ludvik Klingsledl Knapp UC Alpha Tau Slillwaler Omega, UC Okla. Cily Viclor Lewis E. Adrian Ladd LaGrave Pi Lambda Phi Alpha Sigma UC Phi, UC Amarillo, Tex. Culver Cily, Calif. Cynlhia Marie Graydon H. Layne Laughbaum, Jr. Della Della Sigma Alpha Della, UC Epsilon, UC l-louslon, Tex. Dallas, Tex. Roberl E. Lee Alan Lenhardl Leslie UC Sigma Chi Okla. Cily UC Midwesl Cily Holmberg Hall audilorium echoes wilh noles and bars of music as Beverly Yandell puls in some praclice lime on lhe organ. Eddie E. Keffer Kappa Alpha UC Okla. Cily Janice K. King UC Pheonix, Ariz. Glenda Ann Knighl Gamma Phi Bela, UC Anadarko Lewis Thomas La Ma rk UC Housfon, Tex. Sam Michael Laycock Sigma Chi UC Tulsa Teri Ann Lesser Sigma Della Tau, UC Beverly Hills, Calif. Cora Suzanne Keller Zela Tau Alpha, UC Houslon, Tex. Ann Carol Kinnan UC Okla. Cily James Carlos Knillel UC Amarillo, Tex. Ann Elizabelh Lampe Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Madill Kennelh Paul Leach UC Maysville Perry B. Levine UC Ard more Edward F. Keller Kappa Alpha UC Okla. Cily Ray Kinsinger Phi Gamma Della, UC Blackwell Bill H. Knowles Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Tulsa David Allan Lampl Kappa Sigma UC Shawnee Pal Lealhers Phi Gamma Della, UC Muskogee Roberl L. Lewis Della Tau Della, UC Okla. Cily Erskine R. Kelly UC Washinglon D. C. Sally Sue Kirk UC Norman Rudy J. Koch Phi Gamma Della, UC Checolah Richard J. Lane Alpha Tau Omega, UC Dallas, Tex. Andre Lecordier UC Maurilius Jay Lewis Levine Pi Lambda Phi UC Kansas Cily, Mo. Nancy Ellen Kennan Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Websler Groves, Mo. Elizabeth Kirkham Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC l-louslon, Tex. Marlene Kornblum Sigma Della Tau, UC Sl. Louis, Mo. Roy H, Lane UC Panhandle, Tex. Virginia Lee Alpha Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily Jo Rose Levy Sigma Della Tau, UC Memphis, Tenn. Harrell C. Kennedy UC Sl. Louis John B. Kirkpalrick UC San Maleo, Calif. Roberl Kroney Kappa Sigma- UC Dallas, Tex. Roy L. Lane Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Seminole William H. Lee Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Okla. Cily Ken H. Levy Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Greenville, Miss. Linda Ann Levy Kappa Della UC Okla. City Oleka Ann Lillie Alpha Gamma Della, UC Madill Naomi Jean Lochenour Alpha Gamm Della, UC Toms River, l N. J. l James F. Looney UC Okla. Cily Lynda Lee Lowrey Chi Omega UC Poleau Virginia Lulon Alpha Phi UC Okla. Cily Mary Ann McAninch B Alpha Della Pi UC Tulsa Dennis Merril McClure UC Tyler, Tex. Kalhryn Hope McCrary Chi Omega UC Memphis, Tenn, Bud H. McDougal UC McCall, ldah Dennis F. McKee Thela Kappa Phi, UC Kokomo, lnd. Dennis M. McMahon Kappa Alpha UC l-louslon, Tex. James Lesli McWilliams UC Moose Jaw, Sask.,Canada 46l lm O Roberl Lee Lhuillier Ka ppa Sigma UC Barllesville Tom Lilllelon UC Okla. Cily Anlhony J. Loeb Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Beverly Hills, Calif. Vernon Phillip Lolman Pi Lambda Phi UC Lincoln, Nebr. Sue Lowry Alpha Chi Omega UC Miami Nancy Kay Lulz UC Ponca Cily Jean Alice McBride UC Shawnee Palricia Kay McCombs Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla. Cily Marilyn McCullough Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Wichila Falls, Tex. Jo Lea McDown UC Arapaho Kay Cheryl McKee Gamma Phi Bela, UC Fl. Worlh, Tex. Roberl E. McMaslers UC Okla. Cily Sue McWorkman Alpha Gamma Della, UC Tulsa Charles G. Lindsay UC Ponca Cily Sally Ann Lively Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Okla. Cily Margie Belly Loeb Sigma Della Tau, UC New Orleans, La. Ann Lollridqe UC San Jose, Calif. Linda Anne Lowsley Alpha Gamma Della, UC Norman Michel Allan Lynch UC Okla. Cily David Leroy McCann UC Okla. Cily Tim Alloway McCook UC Enid Roberl McCurdy UC Caracas, Venz. James M. McFarlane Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Okla. Cily Sam Andrew McKenzie UC Elk Cily Jerry W. McNeely Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Ardmore James D. Mabus UC Overland Park, Kan. David S. Lindsey P' Kappa Alpha, UC Odessa, Tex. Nancy Belh Livergood Della Gamma UC Tulsa Jack William Long Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Ml. Pleasanl, Mich. John F. Love K Al h UEPPB P 6 Okla. Cily Leroy H. Luckey UC Dallas, Tex. William Ralph Lynn Bela Thela Pi UC Tulsa Pal Clinlon McCarroll Bela Thela Pl UC Tulsa Belly McCormick Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Ccickasha Suzan McDaniel Gamma Phi Bela, UC Tulsa Charlolle Kay McGlumphy UC Clarksbu rg, W. Va. Richard David McLaughlin Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Prairie Village, Kan. Van L. McQueen Siqma Nu UC Broken Bow Bruce Raymond Maqoon Pi Lambda Phi UC Tulsa Elmer B. Liner UC Norman Healher Neill Llewellyn Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Dallas, Tex. Nancy Ann Long UC Borger, Tex. Roberl Guy Loving UC Dewey Kara Lee Luman Chi Omega UC Okla. Cily Jerry Lee McAdams Della Upsilon UC Okla. Cily James Roberl McCasIand Kappa Alpha UC Amarillo, Tex. Thomas M . McCoy UC Okla. Cily Shereala Sue McDivill UC Tecumseh Peler Spea rin McGregor UC Calgary, Alberla, Can. Thed McLaurin Sigma Nu UC Jackson, Miss Jim W. McSpadden Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Tahlequah Phillip L. Mann Acacia UC Alva Halene Lipe Alpha Phi UC Slanlord, Tex. Bill Y. Loch Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Okla. Cily Charles F. Loucks Della Kappa Epsilon, UC Yardley, Penn. Dale Curlis Lowder UC Tulsa William Lunsford UC Hughes, Ark. Clary Wade S. McAlisler Bela Thela Pi UC Okla. Cily Judy Lu McClung Della Della Della, UC Allanla, Tex. Douglas E. McCracken Della Upsilon UC Okla. Cily Tommy Edwin McDonald UC Wilson Belly McGuire Alpha Chi UC Omega, Shreveporl, La George E. McLellan UC Frederick Bob McVay Della Kappa Epsilon, UC McLoud Larry Kenl Mansur UC l-ledr'ck e. Jim Mantooth Sigma Nu UC Lindsey Mary Sue Martin Alpha Phi UC Norman Jim L. Maxwell UC Sioux City, lowa Joe Carroll Melton Kappa Alpha UC Okla.City Jerry M, Miller Pi Lambda Ph UC Tulsa Judy Jerry Moffett UC Wichita, Kan. Jerri L. Mann UC Oilton Richard Craig Martin UC Arcacia, Calif. Jacqueline Ann Mayer Sigma Delta Tau, UC St. Louis, Mo. David Merideth uc Okla City Marilyn Nan Miller UC St. Louis, Mo. Roger Wayne Moody UC Perry P. P. Manos Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Dallas, Tex. Richard Bell Mason UC Okla. City Ike Mayfield Sig ma Chi UC Bethany Fred H. Merrill Phi Kappa PsE UC Dallas, Tex. Kenneth Milligan UC Lexington Mary Eli1a beth Mook Zeta Tau Alpha UC Tulsa Michael C. Mahood Kappa Alpha UC Houston, Tex. Philip F. Mateo UC New York, N, Y, Nancy Kay Mayfield UC Okla. City Helen lya Merritt Della Delta Delta, UC Norman Elmer Z. Million UC Weatherford Jim Moore Phi Gamma Delta, UC Dallas, Tex. Joyce Marie Margolin Sigma Delta Tau, UC Kansas City, Mo. Marilyn Martin Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Seminole Dorothy L. Mayhew Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Tulsa Jessie Jane Mesis UC Hennessey James E. Mills Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Bartlesyille Nancy Alice Moore Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Okla. City Marie Louise Marice Alpha Phi uc Mobile, Ala. Marian Matthews Pi Beta Phi UC Okla. City Dave Meacham SigrnaNu UC El Dorado, Ark, Jon Kent Messamore Sigma Chi UC Norman Phyllis Mills Alpha Chi Omega, UC Midwest City Thomas Martin Moore Phi Kappa Psi UC Dallas, Tex. Making good use of the practice studios at Holmberq Hall are Gerald Tucker, Keith Allen and Lauretta Palmeter, as Lauretta re- views her piano solo. Merry Ann Marsh Alpha Chi Omega, UC Tulsa Tom O. Marzullo Delta Kappa Epsilon, UC Chicago, Ill. Baynard C. Meador Kappa Alpha UC Enid Jack C. Meteer Delta Kappa Epsilon, UC Okla. City Katherine Reid Mlssildine Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Wichita, Kan. Reba Faye Moore UC Norman Lawrence J. Marshall Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Wynnewood Rae Nell Massad UC Duncan John H. Mecom Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Houston, Tex. George Arthur Mihram UC Duncan James Wilson Mitchell UC Dallas, Tex. Edward W. Moran Phi Gamma Delta, UC Wichita Falls, Tex. Glenda D. Martin Kappa Delta UC Norman Sandra June Mason Delta Gamma UC Okla. City John W, Mee, Jr. Delta Tau Delta, UC Okla. City Barbara Ann Miles Delta Delta, Memphis, Tenn. Delta UC Judy Patricia Mitchell UC Okla. City Rita Voye Morgan Delta Gamma UC Ada Howard Lee Martin UC Davis Sue Matlack Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Enid Stephen H. Meese Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Enid Annetta L. Miller UC Norman Robert Jeffrey Mitchell UC Fredrick Bill Clifton Morris Phi Delta Theta, UC Russell, Kan. Joe Owen Martin UC Marietta Harold L. Mattocks Alpha Tau Omega, UC Lawton James William Mehl Alpha Tau Omega UC Dallas, Tex. Barbara J. Miller UC Okla. City Gerald Don Mitchusson UC Plainview, Tex. Jimmie H. Morrison UC Norman El E l 2 2 John David Martin UC Erick Clarence O. Maxey UC Okla. City John W. Meikle Beta Theta Pi UC Norman Doris Lee Miller Alpha Ep' Phi, UC Cincinnat Ohio Barbara Mock Delta Gar UC Ponca City Laura Jean Morrow Kappa Gamma, Amarillo, ..-0' Lynda Jo Mosley UC Norman Kalsy Kay Mullendore Pi Bela Phi UC Pawhuska Larry Lee Murphy Sigma Chi UC Sl. Pelersburg, Fla. Jerry Neff Phi Gamma Della, UC Okla. Cily Mikel Neumann UC Ballle Creek, Mich. Nanelle Nichols Alpha Epsilon Phi, uc Tulsa Virginia L. Norris Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Norman Jacqueline L. Olive UC Okla. Cily Morris Lee Orr Phi Della Thela UC Dallas, Tex. Janel May Overlon UC Pond Cfeek Ervin Scoll Palmer UC Midwesl Cily R. G. Parker Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Okla. Cily Mary Pallerson Gamma Phi Bela, UC Okla. Cily 463 James Mouser Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Perry Allan Ray Munkres Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Enid Michael J. Murphy Kappa Alpha UC Okla. Cily Forresl David Nelson Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Norman Nancy Newblock Chi Omega UC Okla. Cily Roberl' Kimball Nieburqer Della Chi UC Chicago, lll. Penny Nowery Gamma Phi Bela, UC Shreveporl, La. Larry Joe Oliver UC Norman lrma Cecile Oser Sigma Della Tau, UC Memphis, Tenn. Jasper Nay Overlon UC Pond Creek Sam W. Pangburn Bela Thela Pi UC Alva Thomas O. Parma UC Dallas, Tex Paul 6. Paulson UC Okla. Cily Conslance Movilz UC Sl. Louis, Mo. Larry Mazon Munnerlyn UC Breckenridge, Tex. Thomas Hardy Murphy Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Ardmore John Monroe Nelson UC Amber Ben Newcomer Eeeppa Alpha Hobarl R. E. Nilson UC El Reno James L. Noyes Della Kappa Epsilon, UC W. Heighls- ville, Md. Joan Olshwanger Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Sl. Louis, Mo. Lindasu Osborn UC Hennessey Darlene Ann Owens Della Gamma UC Tulsa Barbara Joan Pannage UC Greal Falls, Monl. James Oliver Parnell UC Hugo J. Allen Payne UC McAlesler Ned W. Moyer UC Gage Clifford Murdock UC Okla. Cily Tom Franklin Myers Phi Gamma Della, UC Kansas Cily, Mo. Linda Ann Nelson UC El Paso, Tex. Richard L. Newlon Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Okla. Cily Olivia Nixon Alpha Della Pi UC Okla. Cily Chris Oak UC Okla. Cily Karon Chrisline Olson Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Topeka, Kan. Paffy Rulh Osborne Chi Omega UC Okla. Cily Laree Pacaud UC Sapulpa Barbara Louise Parenl UC Wewoka Dudley Pallerson UC Hugo Leah Susanne Pearce Gamma Phi UC Mariella Frederick D. Mugler Kappa Psi La ke Charles, La. Bill S. Murphy UC Okla. Cily Gordon N. Myerson Pi Lambda Phi UC Kansas Cily, Mo. Rulh Nelson Alpha Chi Omega, UC LaGrange, Ill. Rila Newlon Alpha Della UC Okla. Cily Pi William H. Noble Bela Thela Pi UC Wichila, Kan. Alexander Oliphanl Della Kappa Epsilon, UC Seminole Jim L. Orebough Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. Cily Mary Lou Olfo UC Braman Harold R. Paden Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Sand Springs Alice Allyne Parham Gamma Phi Bela, UC Dallas Tex. Jo Ann Pallerson Gamma Phi Bela, UC Norman John Cannon Pearson Phi Della Thela UC Ardmore Hal Kennedy Muldrow Bela Thela Pi UC Brownsville, Tex. Jack W. Murphy UC Okla. Cily Franklin K. Naifeh UC Okla. Cily William E. Nellle, Jr. KaDDa Alpha UC Dallas, Tex. Jack A, Nichols UC Okla. Cily Joe William Nock UC Allus L. Dee Oliphanl Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Norman Marilyn Kay Orr UC Norman Judilh Ann Olls UC Cabinas, Venz. Emmell Arlhur Palmer Della Upsilorl, UC Grand Junclion, Colo. Janna Lou Parker UC Jenks Jim B. Pallerson Della Upsilon UC Elk Cily Don Edward Peery Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Okla. Cily ,,.,, Arthur David Peirce Delta Chi UC Delaplane, Va. Virginia Phillips Gamma Phi Beta, UC Okla. City James M. Pliner Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Dallas, Tex. Liz Prince Gamma Phi Beta, UC Stiqler Hope Raskin Sigma Delta Tau, UC Scottsdale, Ariz. Alan Reed UC Houston, Tex. Bob Harris Pellow Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Enid David M. Pierce Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Velma J. D. Plumlee UC Okla. City Jan Puckett UC Ringling Rich K. Ratcliffe Phi Gamma Delta, UC Weatherford Ronnie D. Reed UC Chickasha Lynn R. Pendergrass UC Ardmore Don A. Pierce Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Enid Theodore F. Poliskin Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Passaic, N. J. Gerald W. Pullin UC Minco Robert R. Rawlings UC Stuttgart, Ark. David Anthony Reel UC Midland, Tex. William Zed Penn Delta Upsilon UC Walters Rex Frank Pierson UC Pawhuska Sa nd ra Beth Poindexter UC Pierre, S. D. Charles Edwin Pyle UC Enid Linda Ray Pi Beta Phi UC Okla. City Lenora Janice Reeves UC Dallas, Tex. Mercedes Peratt UC Stig ler Maxine Pinkerton Gamma Phi Beta, UC Memphis, Tenn. Sally Polk Kappa KapDa Gamma, UC Pawhuska Fred August Quenzer, Jr. UC Okla. City Robert S. Ray Delta Tau Delta, UC Sand Springs Phillip N. Reid UC Dumas, Tex. Betty Carole Peters Pi Beta Phi UC Midwest City Lynn Royce Pinson Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Tipton Nancy Lee Pool Delta Gamma UC Shawnee Rav Quillin UC El Paso, Tex. Ronald Gene Rayburn UC Duncan Sylvia Sue Reid UC Tulsa References, references and more references are what Dorene Meyer and Mary Gettle are looking for in the business library, while they work on class reports. Judith Ann Peterson UC Guthrie Robert C. Piper UC Bartlesville Phil Porta UC EI Reno Sondra Jane Radeba ugh UC l-lenryetta Charlotte Ann Ream Chi Omega UC Perry Rollin Dewayne Reimer UC Cheyenne Andy Dorman Phillips Sigma Nu UC Jacksonville, Tex. Lesley Ann Pitney Delta Gamma uc Okla. city Gerald D. Porter UC Wilson Mary Helen Rahhl Alpha Phi UC Duncan Anne Noble Reaves Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Little Rock, Ark. Robert Richard Reis Delta Tau Delta, UC Tulsa Carolyn Louise Phillips UC Okla. City Bennie Lee Pittman UC McLoud Erlene Poston Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Lawton Barbara Jean Rahhal Alpha Chi Omega, UC Lawton West Reaves Kappa Alpha UC Houston, Tex. Harriet Reisel Sigma Delta Tau, UC El Paso, Tex. Donald M. Phillips UC Tulsa Louis Herbert Pitts Delta Tau Delta, UC Chickasha Dorothy Lee Powell UC Okla. City Don L. Randall Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Ponca City Nancy Sue Reavis Delta Gamma UC Pauls Valley Edward Francis Renner Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Andale, Kan. Errol A. Phillips UC Dallas, Tex. Charles Robert Plank Delta Upsilon UC Fairview Alice June Price Phi Mu UC Okla. City Nan Carol Rapfogel Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Ft. Worth, Tex. Sondra Lynn Reddoch Chi Omega UC Memphis, Tenn. Weldon Max Reno UC Groom, Tex. Gary Mann Phillips UC Waurika Ernest D. Plath Beta Theta Pi UC Norman Jerry T. Price Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Ponca City Gloria Rashti Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Ft. Worth, Tex William S. Reeburgh Beta Theta Pi UC Port Arthur, Tex. Rhetta Reynolds Alpha Chi Omega, UC Norman wua.isWsmafPi.a.tawwwf..r. asa eine.. - Hugh David Rice Delta Upsilon UC Okla. City Kathleen Lois Rider UC Duncan Ted Roberts Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Los Angeles, Calif. Van Dyke Robinson UC Claremore Don Jack Rorschach Sigma Chi UC Vinita Janell E. Rowse UC Correction- -- ville, Iowa Paul R. Rupert UC Hollywood. Calit. Tom Perry Sailors Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Enid Allan A. Saxe Pi Lambda Phi UC Okla. City Howard I. Schmidt UC Austin, Tex. Robert M. Schwartz Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Kansas City, Mo. Edward Leon Scribner Acacia UC Alva Jim Self Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Tulsa a 465 David N. Richardson UC Okla. City Sharron Sue Ridings Zeta Tau Alpha UC Midwest City Romona Robertson Gamma Phi Beta, UC Okla. City William A. Robinson Phi Gamma Delta, UC Shreveport, La. Gerald Wayne Rose UC Okla. City Barbara Ann Rubin UC Milwaukee, Wisc. James Franklin Rushing UC Okla. City Judith Ann Salmon UC Muskogee Robert M. Sayre Acacia UC Ft. Worth, Tex. Laurane Carol Schnorbus UC Painesville, Ohio Seymour Alan Schwartz Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Memphis, Tenn. Gilbert C. Scrivner Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Heavener Keith A Selinger Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Tulsa Claude Arthur Rickets UC Marietta Kirby Lee Riffey Sigma Phi Epsilon. UC Washington, lnd. William D, Roberson UC Lawton Lerence Dale Robinson UC Midwest City Beniamin D. Rosenberg Pi Lambda Phi UC Joplin, Mo. Jim Richard Rubin UC Sioux City, iowa Donna Lois Russell UC Okla. City Royal Martin Samborn Delta Tau Delta, UC Abilene, Kan. Murray H. Schafer UC Moose Jaw, Sask., Canada Lynn Allen Schriner UC Ponca City Ronald Paul Schwedlond UC Okla. City Judy Sears Delta Delta Delta, UC Kansas Citv, Mo. Thomas Evans Seymour Delta Upsilon UC Joplin, Mo. James E. Rickner Sjigma Chi Yardley, Penn. John Dennis Roberts UC Duncan Randy Robins Delta Kappa Epsilon, UC Okla. City Gordon W. Rockett Beta Theta Pi UC Drumrig ht Lois Susan Rosenberg Sigma Delta Tau, UC St. Louis, Mo. Dell S. Ruggles Pi Beta Phi UC Wichita Falls, Tex. Kenneth R. Russell UC Lindsay Ann Saunders Chi Omega UC Norman Virginia Ann Scheefers Alpha Delta Pi UC Duncan Glenda Kay Schuber Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Dewey Don lngal Scott Delta Upsilon UC Ada Don W Sebright UC Borger, Tex. B. R. Sexton UC Wagner Kay Riddle Alpha Chi Omega, UC Wichita Fells, Tex. Margaret E. Roberts GammaPhi Beta, UC Shreveport, La. Gloria Jea n Robinson UC Okla. City Leroy George Rogers UC Topeka, Kan. Stanley W. Rosenfield Pi Lambda Phi UC Okla. City Joyce J. Ruggles UC Okla. City Perry W. Russell, Jr. UC Ardmore J. Sidney Saunders UC Norman Earl Martin Schenberg Sigma Alpha Mu, UC St. Louis, Mo. Carol Lynn Schwartz Sigma Delta Tau, UC Dallas, Tex. Joyce Ann Scott UC Claremore David Earl Secrist UC - Tulsa Suzanne Shainberg UC Memphis, Tenn. Jane Ann Riddlebarger Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Bartlesville Phil David Roberts Kappa Alpha UC Okla. City James M. Robinson Delta Upsilon UC Norman Melvin Vernon Rogers Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Ponca City Vicki Lynn Rowe Delta Gamma UC Ponca City Diane Runion Zeta Tau Alpha UC Austin, Tex. Tom Dean Rutland Delta Tau Delta, uC Port Arthur, Tex. Joe C. Savage Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Paducah, Ky. Gail Norma Schenberg Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC St. Louis, MO. Robert L. Schwartz Sigma Nu UC Westbury, N. Y. Robert Rayner Scott Delta Tau Delta, UC Tulsa Sonia Myree Seibroldt Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Cushing John T. Shanahan Theta Kappa Phi, UC Okla. City Deanna Sue Shapiro Sigma Delta Tau, UC Kansas City, Mo. Ann Shelby Delta Delta Delta, UC Anadarko Brenda Ann Simms Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Lindsay Brenda Lu Smith Delta Delta Delta, UC Okla. City Suzanne Smith UC Henryetta Karen Ann Spurrier UC Wichita, Kan, Stephen Shapiro UC Jersey City, N.J. Judy Lee Sherer Delta Gamma UC Okla. City Phillip Simon Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Elgin, Tex. Carolyn Sue Smith uc Elk city Ted H. Smith Delta Sigma Phi, UC Tulsa Gilbert T. Stallings Kappa Alpha UC Waynoka Dennis M. Sharp Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Beaver Judith Leona Sherman Alpha Phi UC Okla. City Edythe Carol Simpson UC Hobart Darryl D. Smith UC Okla. City Winton L, Smith UC Esperance N. Y. Kay Lynne Sta nberry UC Edmonton Alberta, Can. Douglas Sharp UC Wewoka Don Robert Sherwood Delta Tau Delta, UC Okla. City Kenneth Sims, Jr. UC Wakita Douglas W. Smith, Jr, Ka ppa Alpha UC Shreveport, La. Ernestine Kay Snell Zeta Tau Alpha UC Littleton, Colo. Charles C. Stanford UC Holdenville Phillip King Sharp UC Okla. City Eldon Ray Sherwood UC Edmonton, Alberta, Can. Jim A. Sinex Sigma Chi UC Longview, Tex. Howard Norris Smith Kappa Sigma UC Okla. City Sharon Sobol Sigma Delta Tau, UC Okla. City Dennis L. Statham UC Bartlesville Charles Terrell Shaw UC Tallahassee, Fla. Douglas Joel Shockley UC Okla. City UC Judye Shane Singer Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Tulsa Linda Sue Smith Alpha Phi UC Honolulu, Hawaii Richard S, Solar Pi Lambda Phi UC Lynn, Mass. Anna May Stavinsky Sigma Delta Tau, UC Tulsa An extra-curricular activity in chem lab, Phil Porta trys his hand at the art of blowing glass, while Fred Quenzer watches the progress. Jerry Martin Shaw Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Tulsa Amy Shook UC Las Cruces, N. M. Robert C. Sitz UC Austin, Minn. Marilyn Kay Smith Alpha Chi Omega, UC Okla. City Fay Neely Solliday Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Tulsa James Burgess Steed Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Ada John Curtis Shaw Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC El Reno Julie Jean Shugart Chi Omega UC Tulsa Sue Katherine Sloan UC Norman Marilyn Nell Smith UC Okeene John O. Sparks Phi Gamma Delta, UC Woodward Gene M. Steele Sigma Nu UC Bartlesville Robert L. Shaw Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Weatherford Richard Allen Shulman Pi Lambda Phi UC Iowa City, lowa Vera Slutzky Sigma Delta Tau, UC Okla. City Nancy Ann Smith UC McAlester Susan Sparks Chi Omega UC Okla. City Jo Anne Steely UC Norman William F. Shdeed, Jr. Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Okla. City Susan Shuptrine Chi Omega UC Memphis, Tenn. Gayle Barbara Smiley Sigma Delta Tau, UC Houston, Tex. Ronald E. Smith UC Kiefer David Alan Spencer Eigma Chi Tulsa Fra nces Rae Stein UC St. Louis, Mo. Donald L. Shedrow UC Michigan City, lnd. David E. Shusterman Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Baltimore, Md. Alpha Smith uc Elk city Sharon C. Smith UC Ada Don M. Spradlin Sigma Nu UC Lindsay Mary Anne Stein Delta Delta Delta, UC Amarilio, Tex. Paul Charles Sheffert UC Eng lewood N.J. Dav Sibi id Vincent la Theta Kappa Phi, Dall UC as, Tex Barbara Anne Smith Alp UC ha Phi Okla. City Stephen Je Pi L UC Smith ambda Wharton Tex Jerr Spri yF nger UC Okla. City Sima Leah Stei fl Sigma Delta Tau, Law UC ton Nellie E. Slengel Della Della Della, UC Nashville, Tenn. Paula Slilh Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Independence, Kan. Sonia Sue Sulllvan Della Della Della, UC Duncan Royce Marshall Swaim Della Sigma Phi, UC I Ponca Cily Eddie C. Tacker UC Okla. Cily Annelle Taylor Alpha Chi Omega, UC Carnegie Ron Taylor UC Okla. Cily Diana De Thomas Alpha Phi UC l-lealdlon Lynn Sharon Thompson UC Fl. Worlh, Tex. Mary Lou Thorn burgh UC Okmulgee Marcia Marie Tonkin UC Tulsa James Roberl Trimble UC Harper, Kan. Judy Camille Tucker UC l-louslon, Tex. 467 Chlodica V. Slephens Della Gamma UC Lawlon Gayle Marie Sloll Della Gamma UC Barllesville Sydney Sue Sullivanl Gamma Phi Bela, UC Okla. Cily Thomas L. Swanson Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Okla. Cily Judy A. Tall Chi Omega UC Enid Bruce Taylor Sigma Nu, UC Okla. Cily Susan Jane Taylor UC Norman Jeanne Ellen Thomas UC Elk Cily Kay Thompson Della Della Della, UC El Campo, Tex. Richmond F. Thweall Acacia UC Norman William H. Towery Phi Gamma Della, UC Shreve porl, La. Roberl Brian Trimble UC Calgary, Alberla, Can. Kenl Morgan Tucker Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. Cily Jane Slevens Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Po ica Cily Peler Anlhony Slone Della Upsilon UC Norlhfield, Ill. Harold Richard Sundlahl Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Tulsa Philip Alan Swarlz Pi Lambda Phi UC Des Moines, lowa Jim Tanner UC Tulsa Donald R. Taylor Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Okla. Cily Merron Henry Teague UC Tall Tommy Thomas UC Shawnee Randy Thompson Bela Thela Pi UC Fl. Worlh, Tex. Jess C. Tidmore UC Lillle Rock, Ark. Owa na Jeanne Towns UC Keolo Pal Trower Pi Bela Phi UC Tulsa George Lyle Tudor UC Muskogee Sandra Marie Slevens Phi Mu UC Palos Verdes, Calif. Richard C. Slreeler, Jr. Thela Kappa Phi, UC Wilmelle, Ill. William Wade Surbey UC Pryor Roberl- F. Swarls Sigma Phi Epsilon., UC Carnegie Ronald F. Tanner UC Tulsa Helen Jo Taylor Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Wichila Falls, Tex. Kenny L. Teel Sioma Nu UC Okla. Cily Ca role Sue Thompson Gamma Phi Bela, UC Okla. Cily Jackie Thompson Gamma Phi Bela, UC Okla. Cily Jerry L. Tobey Kappa Alpha UC Holdenville George L. Tracy UC Moore Jon H. Trudgeon Sigma Nu UC lvliami Donald Pal Turmon UC l-lobarl Lynnae Slewarl Alpha Chi Omega, UC La Grange, Ill. Carol Jean Slrong Zela Tau Alpha UC Okla. Cily Bob Alfred Suloris Della KaDDa Epsilon, UC Kansas Cily, Mo. Frank B. Sweeney Bela Thela Pi UC Dallas, Tex. Nalalie Tarler UC Dallas, Tex. Jack Howard Taylor, Jr. Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Okla. Cily Roberla Jane Teper Sigma Della Tau, UC Ladue, Mo. Johnna Carol Thompson Alpha Gamma Della, UC Fox Roberl W. Thompson Della Upsilon UC Tulsa Verne Toews UC Saskaloon, Sask,, Canada Arlhur S. Trevino UC Eulaula Dean Bryan Truill Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Carnegie John Ryan Turnbull UC Frederick Na ncy Lee Slewarl UC lv1idweslCily Billie Suggs Gamma Phi Bela, UC Lawlon Kenl Swaim Kappa Sigma UC Okmulgee Zsoll Szilagyi Thela Kappa Ph i, UC Norman Lulher lrvy Talum, Jr. UC Dennison, Tex. Reede L. Taylor, Jr. UC Memphis, Tenn. Wayne Harlley Theus Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Okla. Cily Lois Eliza belh Thompson Della Della Della, UC Okla Cily Eleanor W. Thomson Chi Omega UC Houslon, Tex. Karlyn Tolleson Della Gamma UC Okemah Richard E. Trice Sigma Chi Duncan UC Jerry L. Tubb Della Tau Della, UC Midwesl Cily Luann Tupper Alpha Gamma Della, UC Tulsa no Glenda Kaye Robert R. Bob Ray Turner Tway Tyler UC Kappa Alpha UC Okla. City UC Enid Okla. C'ty Larry Dale Ralph Cecil A. P. Vandel Vandiver Van Meter UC Beta Theta Pi Alpha Tau Scottsblutt, UC Omega, UC Nelo. Seminole Okla. City Pat John H. Donahue D. Waganer Wagner Wait UC UC Sigma Phi Norman Vivian, La. Epsilon, UC Tulsa Tressa Jane Frederick M- Bill Joe Ward Warden. JF- Warner UC Kappa Alpha UC Norman UC Okla. City Tulsa Lois Hester James Albert A. Max Wegner Weimheimer Weitzenhofter UC V UC Delta Kappa Guthrie Groom, Tex. Epsilon, UC Okla. City Donna Sue Bertha E. Jane Whitaker White White Gamma Phi UC Kappa Alpha Beta, UC Seminole Theta, UC Okmulgee Chickasha 10 hr G' ,rs le Lawrence K. Ueki UC Wailuku, Hawaii Peter Elmer Van Voorhis UC Erskine Lakes, N. J. Andrea Beth Waldman Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Dallas, Tex. Betty Ann Warren Delta Gamma UC Okla. City John C. Welker Phi Kappa Psi, UC Lawton Nell Marie White UC Duncan Carole Lee Uetz Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Des Moines, lowa Helen Kay Vaughn UC Altus Franklin E. Waldrop UC Dennison, Tex. John W. Washburn, Jr. Sigma Chi UC Lexington Richmond V. Wells Sigma Chi UC Fallbrook, Calif. Ma rlene Whitefeather UC Red Rock Barbara Anne Underwood Kappa Alpha Theta, UC l-louston, Tex Patricia Ann Vaughn Zeta Tau Alpha UC Dallas, Tex. Leeman Jack Wall Phi Gamma Delta, UC Enid Mary L. Washburn UC Bartlesyille Noel L. Welsh, Jr. Phi Gamma Delta, uc Tulsa Leon Whitehead Siq ma Phi Epsilon, UC Tulsa Making an attractive twosome are Lynn Reddoch and Sally Schuessler as they team up for a piano duet during music practice. Marcia Deena Unell UC Kansas City, Mo. Edwin Cecil Verity UC Moose Jaw, Sask., Canada Voncile Denise Wall UC l-lenryetta Sally Ladon Watkins UC Lafayette, La. Susan Wesner Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Tulsa Kaye Whitfield UC Okla. City Albert E. Upsher Phi Gamma Delta, UC Okla. City Ruth Vinson UC Nowata Martha E. Wallace Chi Omega UC Okla. City Bette Ann Watson UC Okla. City Lois Carol West UC Tulsa Tom G. Whitney Phi Gamma Delta, UC Elk City Sharon Jane Urbach UC Snyder Robert D. Vinyard UC Farmington, N. M. James Wallis UC Broken Bow William Hugh Watson Alpha Tau Omega, UC Houston, Tex. Karen Westerdahl Alpha Phi UC Shreveport, La. Robert Chris Whitson UC Seminole John C. Van Aken Beta Theta P' UC Bartlesville Larry R. Wade Delta Kappa Epsilon, UC Elk City Clyde W. Walls UC Marlow Robert Wendyl Watts Phi Gamma Delta, UC Madill Don Walter Westfall Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Norman Jimmy Wayne Whittington UC Shawnee Richard G Vance UC Mt. Vernon Ind. Rebecca Wade UC Duncan Ca rol Ja ne Walters UC Joplin, Mo. Melanee Ann Way Alpha Phi UC Prague Dawn Elaine Weston UC Chickasha John Anthony Wiens UC Norman 1 i as , . I V. N is , ., . Wy' ri 5 Hg ii i. w , 2,2 is ,diss . -.m i ' .: Swag.- Delano Vandam Theta Kappa Phi, UC Fairlawn, N.J. Sharon Wade Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Okla. City Joe Marshall Walters Si ma N ug U Duncan Albert P. Weeks Kappa Alpha UC Bartlesville Walter B. Whilden Delta Upsilon UC Dallas, Tex. Donald H. Wiesen Theta Xi UC Lubbock, Tex. Winifred May Larry M. Wilcox Wilder UC Phi Kappa Psi Kingfisher UC Muskogee Helen Louise Jackie Nell Williams Williams Sigma Della UC Tau, UC Tulsa Sl. Louis, Mo. Kennelh H. Margarel Willy Wilmans Thela Kappa UC Phi UC Dallas, Tex. Fl. Worlh, Tex. Larry Warren Marcia Rulh Wilson Wilson UC UC Okla.Cily Russell, Kan. Michel Jacqueline Winlersmilh Wisdom Della Gamma UC UC Purcell Ada Mike S. Carolyn Wolfson Womack Pi Lambda Chi Gamma Phi UC Bela, UC Dallas, Tex. Okla. Cily Regan R. Roberl Leon Wrighl Wyall Sigma Alpha UC Epsilon, UC Poleau Tulsa Suzanne Jack Yerger Young UC Della Upsilon Shreveporl, La. UC Duncan Ben Wileman Phi Gamma Della, UC Olcla. Cily Kenl Williams Alpha Tau Omega, UC Ardmore Dan Manard Wilson UC Norman Gary Bing Wines UC Tulsa Margarel Ann Wise Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Okmulgee Everell Arnold Wood UC Endicoll, N. Y. Beverly Yandell Alpha Chi Omega, UC Duncan Jacqueline H. Ziemian Kappa Della UC Soulh River N. J. One of fhe modern conveniences for secrelaries is lhe diclaling machine, which Judy Flem- ing is learning lo use for her lyping class. W. Dearmond Wiles Kappa Sigma UC Newkirlc Michael Ray Williams Phi Gamma Della, UC Fl. Worlh, Tex. George G. Wilson UC Tilar, Ark. Sandra C. Wing Gamma Phi Bela, UC Tulsa Larry L. Wilherspoon Bela Thela Pi UC Wichila, Kan. Jerry Dale Wood UC Sl. Louis Joyce Yandell Gamma Phi Bela, UC Perry Roy H. Zumwall UC Frederick James Alan Wilhile Della Tau Della UC Alva J. Ann Williamson Kappa Alpha Thela, UC Flora, lll. Judilh Carole Wilson UC Vernon, Tex. Bill Winslow Sigma Nu UC Tulsa Roberl H. Willrock UC Okla. Cily Mary Ann Woodson UC Okla. Cfly Marcia Lee Yandry UC Plano, Tex. Dean G. Zervas Sigma Chi UC Barllesville Gwinilh Elaine Williams UC Zoe Roberl Ross Willis Della Tau Dalla, UC Wichila, Kan. Ka ren Louise Wilson UC Billings, lvlonl. Richard G. Winler Acacia UC Tulsa Fran Wolf Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Shreveporl, La Palricia lone Woody UC Duncan Jean A. Yarborough Alpha Chi Omega, UC Enid Sandy Sue Zubrin Sigma Della Tau, UC Kansas Cily, Mo. FlRST ROW, lefl lo righl: Michael W. Alkins, Sr., Tulsa: Max Berry, IIA"f', Fr., Tulsa, ODK, IIEA, EM, Hillel Found.: Harry Edwinn Brown, Jr., Jr., Oklahoma Cily, A941 Young Demo.: John C. Buckingham, AKE, Sr., Norman, IPAA: David T. Burle- son, Sr., Aloka, 'PA'-IJ, Law Review: John P. Buzbee, Fr., Lindsay: William C. Chapman, EAR, Fr., Ardmore, ODK: Howard C. Collier, Fr., Newporl News, Va., WX: B. J. Cooper, Acacia, Jr., Tecumseh: Gerald R. Coplin, UAW, Fr., Fl. Worlh, Tex,, AEII, ODK, Hillel Found. SECOND ROW: Pal Corbell, Fr., Wichila, Kans.: John Cos- lello, ZX, Fr., Lindsay, Scabbard and Blade, UAB, SAME, Fi- nance Club: Frank W. Davis, Jr., Francis: Velmer John Dimery. Fr., Waurika: F. Page Dobson, fl'A9, Jr., Oklahoma Cily, fI1'AA, ODK, HBA: David J. Erwin, ATA, Sr., Chandler, 'l'AA: Charles W. Falkenslein, Fr., Hennessey: William O. Fields, Fr., Minco, League ol Young Demo.: Fred A. Gipson, BGJIT, Fr., Seminole, Scabloard and Blade: Charles C. Green' BGII, Sr., Oklahoma Cily, KTYAA. THIRD ROW: Charles E. Halley, Sr., Oklahoma Cily, '1'AA: James A, Hill, Jr., Lawlon, Okla. Sociology Club: Harold L. Houser, Sr., Newkirk, A9'l': William T. Huddleslon, 'l'KE, Fr., Konawa: Orville Gene Hursf, f-WE, Fr., Slillwaler: John M. lmel, ZX, Jr., Cushing: Jerry D. Kirk, Fr., Wesflake, La., ISA: Roberf H. Klamkin, Fr., Neponsil, N. Y.: Charles E. Lane, Sr., Norman, 'l'A'l', 'PBKZ Dean Linder, Fr., Waynoka, Slud. Bar Assoc. i Alkins Berry Brown Buckingham Burleson Corbelf Coslello Davis Dimery Dobson Halley Hill Houser Huddleslon Hursl Linker McGowan McLane McMillin Maley Procler Raley Reed Rudkin Russell Smilh, F. Spencer Sullivan Summerlin Wagner --2 A- ---..,..-..-- FOURTH RO'W: Russell R. Linker, KA, Sr., Tulsa, QJAA: Mike McGowan, BAE, Fr., Edmond: C. Larry McLane, Sr., Brislow, fPA'l', Oklahoma Law Review: Frederick L. McMillin, EKDE, Fr.. Oklahoma Cily: John D. Maley, Jr., Okmulgee, '1'AA: Jerry A. Mandeville, CPA9, Fr., Oklahoma Cily: Thomas R. Nelson, AZT, Fr., LaGrange Park, Ill., lnlramural Board: David L. Norvell, Sr., Barllesville, A942 ff'-YE, Law Bullelin: Doyle L. Paflon, ITKA, Fr., Coalgale: Homer Paul, WTA, Jr., Oklahoma Cily. FIFTH ROW: Richard A. Procler, Sr., Chickasha, qJAA: John W. Raley, Jr., Jr., Shawnee, 'f'AA: Berl' R. Reed, Jr., Sr., Okla- homa Cily, TAA: Rodger R. Rudkin, AKE, Fr., Oklahoma Cily: Leeolin V. Russell, Sr., Shawnee, TAT: R. Forney Sandlin, WTA, Sr., Muskogee, fIJAAg Bobby R. Scarbrough, Fr., Allus: Gerald Shuman, EAM, Jr., Tulsa: Charles O. Smilh, Fr., Canadian: Don A. Smilh, B911 Fr., Seminole, AEH, EM, Soc. lor lhe Advnc. of lvlang. SIXTH ROW: Frank P. Smilh, Sr., Norman, A9"l': George B. Spencer, IIKA, Fr., Oklahoma Cily, fiflll, 'l'A9, IFC, EM: Edward D. Sullivan, Sr., Bridgeporl, Conn., fPAAg James W. Summerlin, Sr., lnola, A9'l': S. Edward Wagner, 'l,KE, Fr., Okla- homa Cily 451123, BMOC: Preslon Trimble, AKE, Fr., Lawlon, ODK, ADS: Grover E. Wamsley, Sr., Minco, A9'P: Ronald D. Whillenl AXA, Fr., Duncan: Gary W. Williams, ZFPE, Sr., Nor- man, TAA: Frederic H. Wrighl, fDI'A, Fr., El Reno. Bulbee Chapman Collier Erwin Falkenslein Fields lmel Kirk Klamkin Mandeville Nelson Norvell Sandlin Scarbrough Shuman Trimble Wamsley Whillen Cooper Coplin Gipson freen Lane Linder Paflon Pau Smilh, C. Smith D Williams Wrighl Y-..,,-,-f V -- . f -----ve FIRST YEAR LAW CLASS FIRST ROW, Iefl lo right: Jim Chandler, Ralph Newcombe, C. W. Falken- slein, William W. Keas, David Hudson, Dale Kite, Velmer J. Dimery, SEC- OND ROW: Robert Tips, Jack Thomas, James Gill, Marvin Mixon, John Pal- lerson, Glenn Carler, F. H. Wright, Roberl Buchanan. THIRD ROW: Joe Young, Jim LeGrande, David Reynolds, Edward Wagner, John Costello, Tom Canafax, Fred Tillman, John Burzio, Don Smith. FOURTH ROW: O. G. Hurst, W. A. Sexton, Glenn Prichard, James Pinkerton, Fred Gipson, Preston Trimble. FIFTH ROW: Ronald D. Whitten, E. W. Keller, Charles Smith, Gerald Coplin, Jerry Mandeville, Edward Adwon, Leon York, Howard Col- lier. SIXTH ROW: James Dembre, Robert Duncan, William Chapman, Mar- vin York, Richard Pallen, Chris Yelter. SEVENTH ROW: Bob Scarbrough, Roger Rudkin, Slanley Pierce, Mike Harding, John Dean. EIGHTH ROW: Lawrence Holland, Lovell McMiIlin, William Huddleston, David Kendrick. NINTH ROW: A. R. Mallhews, Dean Linder, Bill Fields, Pal Corbell. TENTH ROW: Ed Sampson, Jerry Kirk, C. A. Rhoads, C. W. Britton, Max Berry. ELEVENTH ROW: W. B. Blew, B. R. Davis, Doyle Patton, Pele Boatright. TWELFTH ROW: Julia Walker, Paul Davis, Andrew Moore, Jim Hamillon. The fall of 1957 marked the beginning of the freshman law student's long climb toward an LLB. Hard study, the forming of new friendships, and various social events highlighted the yearis Work. The University of Oklahomais law school consists of three years, which have always been referred to as the freshman, junior, and senior years. This fall, however, the law student's classifica- tion has been changed to first, second and third years. Prominent National Speakers Visit Sooner Campus For lectures and law Banquet The first year law class began their journey by selecting offi- cers, who have done their best to serve the class. lim Chandler was elected president, with Bob Scarbrough, vice-president, Ioyce Volts, secretary-treasurer, and Iohn Burzio and Larry Holland, Honor council. Supplementing their knowledge of the law gained by the class- room lectures, the first year studentis were given an even better insight into the field of law by visiting speakers. Visits from such distinguished figures as Dean Roscoe Pound, dean emeritus of the Harvard law school, and Harry S. Truman, were beneficial to every law student. The freshman class also had time for entertainment, as they shared in the activity of the annual law school banquet and the dances sponsored by the Law Wives club. SECOND YEAR LAW CLASS FIRST ROW, left to right: J. B. Browne, Ted Elam, J. L. Lively, Page Dobson, ROW: Tom Preston, B. J. Cooper, Dick Miller, Bert Jones, Ray Sturm, Don Sam Daniel, Jr., Claude Woody, Harry Brown, Jr., Virgil Upchurch. SECOND Cooper, Dan Gibbens. THIRD ROW: Wilburn Williamson, David Swank, Jay Baker, Sam Fullerton, Bob Markley, Grant Miller, Donald Stevenson. FOURTH ROW: Gary Fuller, Jim Connor, Jerald Schuman, Grey Satterfield, The second year law class makes up a part of the school that had its origin in 1909 at' the University of Oklahoma. The faculty during that year consisted of Dean lulien C. Monnet and john B. Cheadle. The first classes were held in what then was the museum room on the third floor of the old Science hall. In the spring of 1910 they were moved to the basement of the old library, and in the fall of 1913 the present law building was ready for occupancy. The building was dedicated in 1914 and by unanimous petition of the student body was named lVlonnet hall. This yearis second year class has distinguished itself in many fields of endeavor. Besides scholastic achievement the members of the class were hosts for the annual law school banquet in Decem- ber. The juniors had charge of the student skit composed of satiri- cal sketches of a law convention. The men also proved themselves as athletes by Winning the traditional junior-senior football game. The picnic which followed was far more enjoyable for the juniors since the losing seniors had to furnish the refreshments. Officers for the year were Claude Woody, jr., presidentg Don Cooper, vice presidentg jack Lively, secretaryg Dan Gibbens, treas- urer, and Dean Earl Snead, sponsor. Jim Winterringer, Frank Davis, B. E. Morrison. FIFTH ROW: John Moore John Raley, Robert Butler, Charles Casey, Bill Hamilton, Jerry Gregg, Charles Hirlinger. SIXTH ROW: John lmel, John Maley, Bill Sellers, Don Cihak Barry Simms, Alan Couch, Robert Goetzinqer. SEVENTH ROW: Homer Paul Bill Fisher, Gerald Stamper. Class Members Annually Sponsor Banquet and Entertainment For All Law Students and Faculty FIRST ROW, left to right: Charles E. Lane, Maurice H. DeFord, Jr., Jack F. Miles, Frank H. Jacques, Jack M. Short, Arnold Fagin, Yvonne Cravens, Robert Anderson, Tom E. Smith, Charles C. Green, Grover E. Wamsley, Harry M. Nelson. SECOND ROW: Russell R. Linker, Bob E. Bennett, C. Larry McLane, Thomas J. Kenan, John C. Buckingham, Michael W. At- kins, Frank P. Smith, Richard A. Procter, John Dee Roper. THIRD ROW: Gary W. Wil- liams, Tom Champion, Don Hammer, Bill Welch, Erwin A. Cook, Charles E. Payne, Da- vid J. Erwin. FOURTH ROW: Bruno J. Todesco, David L. Norvell, Fred E. White, Char- les Halley, Howard K. Berry, Jr., Bert Reed, Jr., Loy Simp- kins. FIFTH ROW: Charles D. Tomlins, Nancy McCall, Bill C. Pyle, James W. Sum- merlin, Paul Johanninq, Lyn- dell Buck, Ernest Williams, Tom Klentos. SIXTH ROW: Dolph Bridgewater, Jack Giv- ens, Harold Houser, Robert C. Bailey, Stanley B. Catletf. Jr., Leeolin Russell. SEVENTH ROW: Dwight Griggs, Philip L. Wettengel, Joe Minter, Pepper Meacham. EIGHTH ROW: Kent A. Polley, Al Pugh, Donald G. Hopkins, Joe Harvey, Herb Smith. NINTH ROW: Larry A. John- son, David T. Burleson, Forney Sandlin, Tom Stroud, Bill Mat- tingly. Y . Y a,f . .Y ieWi,,.. w -. Q11 THIRD YEAR LAW CLASS Senior lawyers near the end of their search for legal knowledge amid a round of concentrated studies, banquets, parties and other activities. Through the course in Practice Court, the senior law student was given a chance to exercise his know- ledge of the law. Each student prepared two cases Model Cou The pride of the law school is Monnet hall's new 350,000 model courtroom. The 52 by 52 foot court- room on the second floor of the law building was built, in part, by contributions of law alumni, students, Oklahoma attorneys, banks, firms, and friends of the law college. Additional funds were contributed by the which were argued in live courtroom trials. Social activities included a spring dinner-dance and banquet held in Oklahoma City. Officers were Arnold Fagin, president, Bob Ander- son, vice presidentg Charles Green, secretary, and Frank Jaques, treasurer. rt Room university. The courtroom will seat over 100 persons. The new room was dedicated on May l, during the Law Day activities. Since early November, it has been the setting for legal arguments of the moot court competition and practice court classes. In the future it is planned to be the scene of actual court sessions. Monnet haIl's new model courtroom has been the scene of student practice trials since early November. 473 Officers for the year are Arnold Fagin, president: , A 42 . :f -i 1 1 rv large' 13.11 if FIRST ROWZ, left to right: C. D. Tomlins, Tom Champi- on, Prof. W. R. Bandy, spon- sor, Harold Houser, Harry Brown. SECOND ROW: Joe 5? Minter, Ernest Williams, Jim Summerlin, Bob Bennett, Joe fs Mountford, Grant Miller, Ray Sturm. THIRD ROW: Bill Fish- er, Harry Nelson, Dave Nor- vell, Paul Ferguson, Dwight , Griggs, Jack Short, Ralph Wampler, Jack Miles, Fred .- White. lx K4 X, kc 1 Delta lheta Phi Delta Theta Phi, legal fraternity was organized to unite congenial students of the law, to surround them with an environment such that the traditions of the law and of the profession may descend upon them. Other aims of the fraternity, founded in 1913 in Chicago, Ill., are to lead law students to high scholar- Phi Alpha Delta, legal fraternity, was founded to further legal education and to develop the qualities in young lawyers that will result in their becoming out- standing members of the bar and their communities. ship and legal learning, to promote justice, and to ad- vance interest in the college of law. I10I', Officers included Paul Ferguson, dean, lim Con- vice dean, Ioe Mountford, secretaryg Ray Sturm, treasurer, Bill Fisher, tribune, and Ralph Wampler, baliff. Prof. William R. Bandy is sponsor. Phi Alpha Delta May, 1916. There are now 85 active chapters through- out the United States. Dave Erwin, vice president, Dan Gibbens, secretary: Wilburn Williamson, treasurer, and Prof. Eugene Kuntz, sponsor. The fraternity was organized at the University of Illinois in 1898, and was brought to this campus in FIRST ROW, left to right: J. B. Browne, Dan Gibbens, Jack Lively, John Raley, Wil- burn Williamson, Arnold ragin, David Erwin, Jerald Schuman, Charles Payne. SE- ' COND ROW: B. J, Cooper, Bert Jones, Dick Miller, Tom Preston, Maurice DeFord, Ri- chard Procter, Bert Reed, Barry Mock, Charles Green. THIRD ROW: Don Cihak, John Maley, Robert Bailey, Edward Sullivan, Donald Hop- kins, Robert Anderson, Steph- en Zeligson, Fenton Ramey, Gary Williams. FOURTH ROW: Ray Sturm, H. K. Ber- ry, Tom Smith, Tom Kenan, Forney Sandlin, Bob Markley, Richard Kunkel, William Mat- toon. FIFTH ROW: Claude Woody, Harry Evans, John Roper, Russell Linker, Bruno Todesco, Gary Fuller, Ted Elam. SIXTH ROW: John Im- el, Bill Hamilton, Sam Daniel, Jay Baker, Don Cooper, Page Dobson. SEVENTH ROW: Bill Mattingly, Frank Jacques, Gerald Stamper, Lawrence Johnson, Greg Satterfield. EIGHTH ROW: John Moore, Bill Beebe, Sam Fullerton. 474 WW 'W , iw AIR Colonel BUDDY A. STROZIER Professor of Air Science DEPARTMENT OF AIR SCIENCE The Air Force ROTC program at the University of Oklahoma has had a proud and successful history. The youngest ROTC branch on the OU campus, the Air Force ROTC has had a fantastic growth and is presently the largest of the three service units. Air Force ROTC cadets are trained to be leaders, not only in the realm of military affairs, but in their every-day life as well. The AFROTC program strives to prepare cadets to assume their share of responsi- bility in the struggle to preserve freedom in a tension- bound world. The program is designed for the selection, motiva- tion and education of potential reserve and regular officers of the United States Air Force, but more than this, it is designed to enable the cadet to understand the problems of a shrinking world in an age of H- bombs, missiles and clashing ideologies. Every effort is made to better equip AFROTC cadets to cope with life in the coming space age. Entrance into the advanced program is highly selective and is reserved only for those cadets who have demonstrated a high degree of leadership poten- tial during their two years as basic cadets, and who are highly motivated toward a commission in the United States Air Force. The program for basic cadets is designed primarily as an education into the air age and a preparation for the unknown future in space. The entire program of the Air Force ROTC is designed to augment and complement the education of the college man. Lt Colonel FRED W McNELLY Maior WALTER H. RODERICK Maior FRANCIS M. SHERRILL Maior WILLIAM J. ALEXANDER Assistant Professor of Air Science Assistant Professor of Air Science Assistant Professor of Air Science Assistant Professor of Air Science Masfer Sergeanf WILSON THOMPSON Masfer Serqeanf DONALD O. BACON Staff Serqeanf J. D. HALL THE STAFF Mas-fer Sergeanf WILLIAM S. COKER Masfer Sergeant GLENN A. MOSS Sfaff Sergeanf ROY W. VANDERHOOK Masfer Sergeani VERNON E. WARD Technical Serqea nf ELMER L. HOWE Airman llc J. L. BROWN Maior CHARLES H. ALEXANDER Maier WILLIAM W. WALDROOP Asst Prof. of Air Science Asst Prof. of Air Science Capiain PRENTICE A. ABLES Capfain ANDREW H. MONAS Asst Prof. of Air Science Asst Prof. of Air Science Capiain VICTOR P. FARRIS Captain LENNOX I. PETREE Asst Prof. of Air Science Asst Prof. of Air Science Captain EDWARD J. HUSKINSON Capfain BILLIE W. RUSSELL Asst Prof. of Air Science Asst Prof. of Air Science Capfain JAMES L. BEATTY Asst Prof. of Air Science 477 E Q 2 5 4 6 2 1 3- 2 Q s Q I -a 1 QUIUQ 4' .f jg, Cadet Colonel DONALD FRANKS Wing Commander 2nd Semester '4ll"P"m""'f-1-f-vw , 'S' FRANK W. MOORE ROBERT A. REID JAMES R. FIRESTONE WING STAFF Cadet Lt. Colonel FRANK W. MOORE Information Service Officer Cadet Lt. Colonel ROBERT A. REID Director ol Personnel Cadet Lt. Colonel IAIVIES R. FIRESTONE VVing Operations OEICGY Cadet Lt. Colonel PAUL R. MCDANIEL Deputy VVing Commander Cadet Lt. Colonel GARY G. RAY Wing Adjutant 1 Cadet Lt. Colonel i I. STEPHEN BECKMAN Wing Comptroller PAUL R. M DANIEL C Cadet Lt. Colonel DONALD F. TREPS Wing Inspector GARY G. RAY J. STEPHEN BECKMAN DONALD F. TREPS Cade? Capf. HARRISON E. BLACK Cade? Capf. PAUL T. NORWOOD Cadef Lf. Colonel SAMUEL H. CLARKE, JR. Operafions Officer Adiufanf Personnel Officer Commander GROUP ONE Squadron Cadet Isf Ll. RALPH J. WHITTROCK Adminislrafion and Personnel Officer Cade? Maior ROBERT W. HUGHES Commander Squadron Cadef ls? Lf. WALTER R. BOYCE Adminisfrafion and Personnel Officer Cadet Maior DONALD R. FRANKS Commander l l 48l 4 l 1 1 44 1 , . , . . "sf 'ar W W 2' Me' W 'S' W WM TV. M , K cw Wwgnnn g K 'Q ' xv' , . 1 F 5 M Q ,Q4 . 55 :Hs M EQ 5, df if i ' I - . if, snugly i I Q be 1 J f .W ., . . ag x .. .. JN I nz I i g .aww-wv" i f Y ff q 1' gf' 35, tgp, 1 1 1' - 15' 1 1 "5'1 Q SS'-f Q 3 w iv H' 3 h , . W ix , , - , . r - X2 A? ' . U K r xv Q W if wi vt Y W V7 vig, n f 5 ' f Q ' ' I ' - W ' . X 1 5 gg: is xg: 3 ii Q T 5 E Q bi Q . - . - .. .. g . .. , , . 4 WML , 3 , E 2 :MQ .Q 2.3, M15 y . D Q s 1 4 ' N Q 1 f igry ' - . 0 A Q . , ' i"5 'S Q 5 ' Q if g -5 -5 -f I+ . 3 QQ , . , MMA e h 3 ,- ,gl 1 Q ' ' ' ' 1 40 QW L 4 Q1 Q WC' A I ,S ,M ww vii? Q7 Q4 af, .M Q g i' ' 'KY 1 , tw, gm Q? iv! . , . an at 945 a nf B BQ gk 5 KX bu fif tw Q I 1 fl 5 , ,,,,,......- , 4 , W, E FIRST ROW, left to right: Joe S. Shannon, W. M. Merrill, Capt. Billie W. Coleman, R. G. Blake, B. M. Wise, J. R. Firestone, J. C. Fairchild. THIRD Russell, B. D. Risinger, J. S. Beckman. SECOND ROW: D. R. Franks, D. S. ROW: D. R. Abel, R. J. Wittrock, W. R. Broach, Ches Culp, K. J. Davis. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY The Arnold Air Society is a professional honorary service organization of advanced AFROTC cadets. The University of Oklahoma unit, thc Waddy Young Squadron, was organized in l95l and is named after a Sooner All-American football player who was killed in action in World War II. To be eligible for membership, cadets must have a 3.0 grade average in air science and a 2.4 overall average. Objectives of the society are to promote American citizenship in an air ageg to advance the support of airpowcrg to further the pur- pose. mission. tradition and concept of the US Air Force. and to create a more efficient relationship Within the AFROTC. Cadet Colonel ROBERT L. WANTLAND JERRY HOLMES Executive Officer Commanding Officer Cadet Captain SABRE AIR COMMAND The Sabre Air Command is a national honorary AFRCTC organization for basic cadets who express an outstanding interest in the air force and have a better than average academic record. To be eligible for membership in Sabre Air Command, a basic cadet must have a 3.0 average for his first two semesters of air science. Among the activities carried out by the organization are Hights to air force bases throughout the nation. Members also act as an honor guard for the elected Honorary Wing and Group Commanders during commissioning and coronation ceremonies at the Air Force Ball. - ' - Q - c"dEAR'l1lmEEE 'fc ciliflffl-.iill""+'lE'a The Goodhart trophy is presented to the organization s outstanding cadet each year. Commander Execume Omj FIRST ROW, left to right: Chester Francis Dean, Albert Ray Zabel, J. J. Cox. SECOND ROW: Morgan F. Buck, William E. Greenshields, Lee E. Taliferro, Jr., Larry W. Lee, Edward H. Hoag, Woodrow C, Huffines, Jr., Clint Moore, Robert R. Rice, Robert J. Huskey, James R. Maddox, John D. Caffey. Cadel' Capf. RICHARD F. DUDLEY Cadel Capf. GLYNN M. GORDON Operafions Officer Adiufanf Personnel Officer Squadron One GROUP TWO Cadet Lf. Colonel BOBBY G. KIBBY Commander 2 Cadef Isl' Lf. GERALD E. LYON Adminisfrafion and Personnel Officer Cadet Maior HARRISON E. BLACK Commander Cade? Isl' Lf. JAMES C. McSHERRY Adminisfraflon and Personnel Officer Cadef Maior GARY D, GIBSON Commander Squadron Iwo 485 ll E 1 ,ivy vw Yu x ga' - ' - ,f ' 4 - . .X ,U ' ' ' ,QQ V51 Q Q5,.xaf wQ, 5 , jk . Q W ' A . ' WW - 3 V A M W , 4 J ll , 0 5 0 ' V ' o , . u W' v , 1 ' . -,A l W -ui , Q 3' Q' fe vim? 5 1 0 . 4 . . 4 Q o , 1 4 ' ' ' k ' ' v . 1 25' 0 u Q 5445 figs ' ,ga 934.2 ' jjiii fi 'A ' 3 Q ? L ' 2 1 x 5 i I Q-f ' 4 ' 1 Q 2 , Q 5 ' . 2 .A K 'Y H ' VY Y " .. 1 . .. , ,-1 U, V 5, KQf'wg,5 si. Q: , lg, . YQ, .gf ,'an. k,.sQ1 i' 'Q . ' . 4 . a ' A , xy , n . G X N , 'V If 1 I x 1 . . . , K , ,, , , W . . , - Q , K , 4 . . ,Y . . I , . , . , Af ' - . Q ' . X , A , ar 6 . I 6 4 ' v . ' 'Q ' 4 1 . K ' f Q, .Q 6, gf' xg , -ii Q Q 4 v , Q K . Q - , o " v Q -9 Q , . , . . 9 ' Q , , - t . , . ' 0 sv , ' Q f ' Q I Q . f if fic wig 4 f Pa gh ll! ' E I an 1 I P lf I 57 I ,A.v k,,, ,As,, Q .:,v ., W " """l" A HF 2 'ff- if fyekrf aw Q 5 is twlfw 'Q 'gfwei 's',!v 4 f M , , - . . A Q g. ,, , Q -A v s I . . , ' x Q M M51 Q bs, h Q mga My 1 1 - 3 5 I ,4 "' 4 A ll Q -i ag H S ., Y? 1 Q V 5' -h- ll 4 V 5 'fri 'Q 9 f3' 7 fi Q? 9?."' " i V W Q' 5 ?' '5'5 '9 'Q I , Q .H 6.'8'Q19' W1iC!1:nQF5MI QM 'hiwibg Q R il i . n ll A 1 'Ig . X an ,G 1 ,V , . W 5, . . as . i I D 0 9- I O Q W Q W ga ,X M, 71 Q Q, , IM, . .1 ,, , . u Xng. 1 F 'M W ? - 1 Q, Q rg' ' 'V' Y' 'G Q .1 , .i,,.f v iliby N 1 Y, v . 4 , ,Q . A 4 EN Q 4 f V 1-f X ' QA- ef 1 D ,W 1. 3 3 C. 7 ffl Q 'Q 1' -A -Q Q , W , ,,,,,..- 'ffffff X 6 Vmviiifgi sf. ga L , hmmm, cadef Capf. KENT BROOKS cadef Capf. PAUL T. NORWOOD Cadef Lf. Colonel GAINES L. GODFREY Operalions Officer Adiufanf Personnel Officer Ccmmifldef GROUP THREE Squadron Cade? Isf Lf. DOUGLAS W. ROBERTSON Adminisfrafion and Personnel Officer Cadef Maior ROY G. BLAKE Commander -W Squadron Cadei' lsl' Lf. JOHN N. HARDY Adminisfrafion and Personnel Office- Cadef Maior GERALD L. GARDNER Commander 489 W , . .., . , M an t , Y D A 5 l ml I K ? L ,Ugg T I 2 f ' 1 I X r W uvzu , . ' ' r - . ' - E ,,,.,., Q x W ,YY Q 5 Eff .fi w : q if 1 f H ' T H 12' N' W'1 g?1 i 3 435 Q5 'vf '5' 5 Q -A f ,. ,, .. xv ., , .. A ' -- Q 0 115 Ek ag 151 0 ax m f QE A ' s 2 S I I i 5 Q M N K -' fvlwf wr' M'-'vm Mmm mu 1 - f 215 2 f IVNif"Q is EE E5 X . V T, , ,v,, , ,, A ,, .. , .h .M .4 f .L 'll f-f 5W'+ M , ' 1 2 'I 2 95 3'a'3'1 W1 Egg 3 Y' 7 ' if PQ' ' RS' 9' vw t f ,r r . ' ' 4 3' 5Q Q' 't in Q 2 1 1 . WWW 9 M S gh Q Q3 it ff? sa is si in 'R I ii . mise: S , mg W- , 3 QQW ' l gvw Wx-rvyggfww 2'2i-skew-Q"g. 1 .g."Y' ia 1 2' '3'1'3' '21 if 'sa' H ks gm 1 fx S FIRST ROW, left to right: Howard N. Smith, Don G. Morgan, Robert I Tucker, Gerald L. Wood, Anthony L. Pennybaker, Michael R. Williams James M. Pliner. SECOND ROW: Raymond O, Smith, Robert D. Vin yard, Howard C. Frank, Ted Collins, C-1-ary C. Huckabay, Ron G. Taylor, Floyd W. Hendrickson, David P. Hays. THIRD ROW: Roger R. Camp bell, Paul R. Rupert, Creston C. Cutchall, Paul D. Austin, Robert D. Nash, Tom O. Marzullo, Jack Mateer, Arlen Widen, Rex Hale. FOURTH ROW: Bob H. Burton, Phil C. Pace, Charles R. Cleveland, Edwin J. Stahl, H. V. Ritcheson, Preston G. Gaddis, Phil Klein, Bill West, Patrick C. McCarrolI, Randy Thompson. DRILL TEAM Organized in l953 to promote interest in military discipline and to augment the ROTC leadership program, the Air Force ROTC Drill Team consists of 26 basic cadets and an advanced cadet who serves as Drill Team captain. Members of the team are selected because of their proficiency in the execution of drill and ceremonies. The team has presented fancy drill performances in parades and at various public func- tions, including the Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Washington, D. C., Armed Forces Day, Cadet Wing reviews and during half-time at the OU-Notre Dame football game. Cadet First Lieutenant Cadet Airman Ifc DONALD L. COLEMAN DAVID HOWARD Drill Team Commander Drill I-taster RIFLE TEAM Organized as a separate team in l950, the Air Force ROTC Rilie Team was estab- lished to promote interest and leadership within the Corps of Cadets and to inspire individuals to work together as a group in competition. The OU Air Force ROTC team has ranked among the top ten Air Force ROTC riHe teams in the nation for the past three years and in 1957-58 won first place in the national AFROTC riHe competition, and was awarded the William Randolph Hearst Air Force trophy. James L. Hanner, captain of the 1957-58 team, won top individual honors in national competition. The team is coached by T-Sgt. Elmer L. Howe. Cadet Second Lieutenant JAMES L. HANNER Team Captain FIRST ROW, left to right: Logan L. Urban, Clint Cox, Elmer L. Howe, SECOND ROW: Jim H. Morrison, John O. McBee, David S. Bauman, Don E. Davis, Carl C. Abston. Robert E. Dubos. Cadef Capf. GERALD L. GARDNER Cade? Capf. ROBERT G. TRACY Cade? L+. Colonel WAYNE C. SMITH Operafions Officer Adiuianf Personnel Officer Commander GROUPFOUR Squadron Cade? Is? L+. TOM E. SPEAR Adminisfrafion and Personnel Officer Cade? Maier KENNETH R. REAGAN Commander Squadron iwo Cadef Is? Lf. JOE B. JAMES Adminisfraiion and Personnel Officer Cade? Maior JOHN F. CHEATHAM Commander 493 was 1 , 1 , . .IV ' ,f?,f 1 W ' . 4 , - v . . 4 , . , X . A , , N . .7335 .- ' R,-1 I C Q - 3 s ' - ' - ' 2 8 A 4 . Y , - Q ' r , 0 Q ' , ' ' , 1 ' 4 . 4 Q c A: A ii 5553 W5 f X 3, . A Q U , W 5, X Q I - V ,.., b .- . ' 2-2-5 . F QE F 37 U A 5' ff FN f 3 ' N Q EEF Q W .... ' li .....5............. L ' ? ? g L 1 4 ,.1?., X V Rm 'W +G -V . J 'A 41 5 . 1 -11' 5 , A A x . K ' - m f 29 - .. 55,-: 4, , . ' K M I . . . " I , , , W Qi' 5 g x r! 5 ' F Q 9 9 xv: X ' 21,3 Q? Q? W R if ,, i-ww , 4,5 A . , .ia-up f Y l'1'f . i !'f 2 7 l'i 'r i 19' i.w.Wy,3-1.r7'. Yi. gy. Q ' 1 1 Q , s gif if I f L. 41. 4 : D 1 'i f! . - . ., , A A , is , fi? 5 s 5 i , Q, W1 ' ' .' -Fl Y' W ye V W. Q , , ,ww K ' g 'af' . f. if , if mg Q? G .. 4 V' I ' VK, A., f Q ,, ...f,.,, 2,wWv 1 2 5 i Q . in H . , 9 - v 1 " 1, ' 1 ' ' 'fx Q ' - 1 , , f f' Q 4 . ' ' .A , L 7 vw 'v' B 'gl 'QV 'Q' xg, Q if ,Q , , ,Q Qi tg i f A . '.'v' .-. . .' ' 1 , - . ..Y1'.x , livin ., tg 'Q kart? Q S'-, . ? K, i 4 f'k3 x! 4'4 gh it M 91 Us Ma me in X S41 B51 'fix ?3 i f A 4' z ,ff 5 S a , A Q v , + , v 1 - f . . 4 f w 1 ' . V 1 Q . . 5 A . f . , E 5 A W G A f 53 Q, 2 0 X A FIRST ROW, left io right: Robert L. Wantland, J. R. Firestone. SECOND ROW: R. N. McCormick, Robert H. Gardner. OPERATIONS OFFICERS The Wing Operations section determines training requirements by analyzing the mis- sion and directives from higher headquarters, and observes and evaluates the eFfectiveness of the training programs, submitting recommendations lor improvements to higher head- quarters. The operations section Works closely with the professor of air science in planning train- ing schedules. Another important function of the operations section is the scheduling and implementation ol inspections, including establishing inspection procedure and standard Cade? Captain Cadet Captain evdluatlon forms' ROBERT L ROBERT H. WANTLAND GARDNER Chief Chief, Operations Division Plans Division AIR POLICE Established during the fall semester ol 1956, the AFROTC Air Police section was organized for the purpose of promoting leadership and maintaining discipline within the cadet corps. The A.P. is responsible lor directing traffic in the area of the drill Held during and after drill, giving inspections ol the cadet corps and acting as an honor guard for various ceremonies. A prerequisite for service with the Air Police is sophomore standing and demon- strated high leadership potential. Approximately 25 basic cadets are selected for the Air Police section each year with an advanced cadet serving as commander of the section. Cade? Captain RYVERS G. REEDER Wing Provost Marshal FIRST ROW, Ieff to right: D. D. Svidlow, R. G. Sanders, A. M. Patterson, Zabel, K. P. Johnson, F. R. Lausen, R. E. Clark, R. R. Rice, R. A. D. G. Fihierrell, L. R. Wollery, W. R. Brcach, W. C. Huffines, L. M. Boersma, M, R. Levine, C. K. Smith, J. C. Kirkpatrick, J. R. Reid. Weatherford, J. J. Taliaferro SECOND ROW: V. H. VanHorn, A. R. Cadef Capf. ROBERT G. DENISON Cade? Capf, WAYNE E. SANSBURY Cadef Lf. Colonel CHESLEY K, CULP Operafions Officer Adiufanf Personnel Officer Commander GROUP HVE Squadron One Cadef lsf Lf. TOM R. MAHER Adminisirafion and Personnel Officer Cade? Maior WILLIAM J. LEEPER Commander Squadron Two Cade? Isf Lf. DANNY T. LAWS Adminisfrafion and Personnel Officer Cadet Major JAMES M. BLUE Commander 497 A if v YY ' Y' K y I 1' x x " V K I 7 :B . . 4 4 K iv , 1 r- N ' 9 A Q f . 5 1 , u . ' . V K ' e ' - , n V ' - a , J . , s , ' , A v ' v 5 1 v v ' 51" 'WMF Q I t 's 1 Q ' ' .U ' .Q ig W V 7 F V W X 1 , 1 ,, - , A . N . N ' ' v " ' A . , 4 ' ' no ' 1 ' . V . s Q , , , f , - 4 1 , Y . A . , I K V U V Q ,M . 3fp.Jp,!'. ' ig. p Y .gyt 9 Q',ii W ,y 5, 'Y W vi . 0 P K . I ,,. ,. f. . o . 4 K I K U I 'I f mi. ' , . I z E A ,ww N E I M, .:,i,.. , 1 Q Q J' if ' "' I H Y K 4 ffm W v- ,V Q ', ' . b E Q M., Q . A iw, 'Q . A mg'-, 5- A' 5 Z E y G 5' . 2 ' : I i ' we 'rr' ' ' 7 llvwi mf ' Y' . f . A .y 1 ' v Aw ' 1 f 3?'iQ .x 4 . Y I . ' ' V I ' ' 11 ' I Daz f 5 I Q I f ' n . if 1 A 1 Q W W 'z ' V ' L ' I - , , . W i -' ' a ' . Q - . u ' ' Q ' . an o ' - Q ' ' ' , in E 5 1 F Q : ' Q A in 2 A A 4, 1 M ,EZEL ' 3 W AYff-Vv aw ww-M mf XMA. QV:-:fi M- ',,,,,, , ' . .7 , U .,.V M., i vgfffffgq A 44 L N . g lf ins, WM hr V , K :.? -1 ,WS mwnmnm Q s ' X Unusual! ,,' iv. S YW Q M M 5' Wi ki M. gl if fi i 4 Q QQ I 11' mrs X i W W iii Qs W M KW EP S? QR 2 3 S as gf 3 1 N . 5, E2 a s fi ni S55 31 2 2 3 Q4 31 xi 9? W sv wig 95 5? lx Win 11 4-Q 4 vi gm, .Q EN ,4 3 5 5 Q l FIRST ROW, left to right: Jerry L. Cornelius, Frank W. Moore, Bill Wise, SECOND ROW: Paul W. Hathaway, Edwin E. Rice, John O. Bearden. INFORMATION SERVICE OFFICE In the second year of its existence, the Information Services section is responsible for all news releases concerning the activities of the AFROTC cadet corps and for corps public relations. During the l957-58 school year the section worked through a variety of media includ- ing newspapers, radio, television, motion pictures, magazines, public lectures and direct mail. Highlights of the year for the ISO section was promotion of the Air Force Ball, the election of honorary cadet colonels and the annual federal inspection. Ronald T. McDaniel. Cadet Captain Cadet First Lieutenant FRANK W. MOORE BILL M. WISE Information Service Public Information Officer Officer PERSONNEL SECTION The Wing Personnel section is responsible for the assignment, attendance and pro- motion of all cadets. An administrative function, the personnel section maintains at- , tendance reports and records for the cadet wing, distributes and collects reports on elli- cieney and performs other duties assigned by the wing commander. Members of the personnel section evaluate reports from lower echelons and deter- mine cadet promotions, submitting accurate reports on the proficiency of cadets to the wing commander and the professor of air science. Cadet Maior Cadet Capt ROBERT A. REID LUCIEN K Director of Personnel SANDEFU Deputy Dire of Personn John D. Catfey, Tom E. Agee, Lucien Keith Sandefur, Kenneth P. Johnson. FLYING PROGRAM Making a flighl' check during the flying program are Bob Wanl- Iand and Don Franks. Using lraffic lights fo signal planes preparing fo lake-off are Don Franks and Roy Blake. Roy Blake is busy propping the plane for a fakeoff al Max Wesllweimer Bob Wanfland, Roy Blake and Don Franks check The wing of fhe plane Field. before faking off. ADW SUMMER CAMP A favorife paslime af summer camp-chow Time. Cadefs adhere lo slricl' discipline, siffing on firsl four inches of lheir chairs. Cadefs arfend class Ieciure on radarg insirucfor is airmen who is regular AF inslruclor. Leclure gives cadefs a chance fo res? feel. Cadeis wail, hals in hand, for lheir fum fo 'fry our The election seat Cadefs are briefed for their simulaled flighf fo 30,000 feel' in fhe alfifude Cadefs cool off in base swimming pool during a few minutes of lheir chamber al' summer camp. rare free fime. 2 A Ks' k 5 i I f NA 'Nm CAPT. ALFRED F. GERKIN Professor of Naval Science NROTC records are broughi up to date by secretaries, Mrs. Lura Hudqins and Elizabefh B. Sharp. UNIT STAFF-FIRST ROW, :eff fo righf: Lf. rigi H. P. Cammeif, Li. W. W. Wright, Mai. A. A. Nelson, Jr., Lf. Col. L. D. McCurry, LCDR Paul B. Puckett, Li. J. F. Foster. OKLAHOMA The Naval Reserve Oliicers Training Corps at the University of Oklahoma trains college students for careers as officers in the United States Navy. This program was established in 1940 with 100 midshipmen and two officers. During the war, the NROTC was obsorbed by the "Vu programs but emerged intact when these programs were terminated in 1946. Today the unit exceeds 250 midship- men, and the staff includes seven officers and six enlisted men. Since the time when the unit was founded, the navy has undergone changes that encompass the atomic age. A navy of atomic submarines and guided missiles is replacing the steam ship and heavy gun. Now targets are measured in distances of hundreds of miles rather than hundreds of yards. Ships can circumvent the globe non-stop. Sub- marines are exploring the waters beneath the ice caps and are remaining submerged for indefinite periods of time. The NROTC unit of Oklahoma recognizes the new role of the modern navy and is training accordingly. New emphasis is placed on nuclear propulsion and super weap- ons. The new navy is a three dimensional navy with forces above, below and on the water. New weapon systems al- low guided missiles to be fired from the depths of the sea and to soar through limitless space. Only through inten- sive training can the navy develop the kind of officers and men it needs to operate the future navy. The NROTC has a great training responsibility, and the Oklahoma unit is carrying on its part. Classroom instruction given to NROTC students as fourth classmcn includes information on organization, ad- ministration, and policy of the navy along with a resume of naval history. An advanced gunnery course is taught to the third classmcn with emphasis on new and improved weapons which have now become operational in the fleet. The second classmcn learn the problems involved in en- gineering, propulsion, damage control, and navigation. Operations are the curricula for first classmen and the final semester introduces the many administrative problems. These instructions provide the technical training for a na- val officer. SECOND ROW: FTC William P, Morris, GMI G. D. Lorentzen, OMC L. A. Wilkinson, Isl Sgt. D. L. Johnson, YNI Dean R. Shuff, SKC B. E. Herrin. NR0lC UNll The navy applies practical application of class- vvork with summer training programs. During the sum- mer of l957 midshipmen from Oklahoma visited ports in North and South America. The ports of call includ- ed Montreal, Canadag Valparaiso, Chile, Balboa and Panama City in the Republic of Panama and the Ca- nal Zone, and Cuba. Summer encampments were held in Corpus Christi, Texas, and Little Creek, Virginia, The marines went to Quantico, Virginia. Cruises pro- vide midshipmcn with the chance to actually partici- pate in the national defense effort, and also to see other countries and learn of the Ways and customs of their people. Land locked Oklahoma midshipmen had the op- portunity to become "salts', on weekends in the spring. The navy sponsored a river cruise out ol New Orleans. Midshipmen were harracked in the BOQ and spent the days at sea. The nights were spent in the traditional manner common to New Orleans. The French Quart- er was a second home and dixieland jazz completed the picture. For the mids interested in naval aviation, a trip was provided to Pensacola, Florida. The men had the opportunity to fly in the latest navy trainers. New Hight safety devices were shown and midshipmen were checked out on the ejection scat trainers. The tour proved the merits ol naval aviation and the expanded roll of the carrier navy. In addition to concentrated academic activity, the NROTC also sponsors a rifle team, pistol team, radio cluh, unit newspaper, informal smokers, and the Navy Ball. This year the navy elected its first queen. As a result, Miss Vickie Hunter of Tulsa, was presented as the NROTC Queen of 1958 at the annual Navy Ball. The four company representatives were Miss Teddy Cast, of Bartlesville, representing Company Ag Miss Sally Lively of Oklahoma City, Company B, Miss Patti Page of Oklahoma City, Company C, and Miss Mar- garet Hahn, also of Oklahoma City, Drill Company. RIFLE TEAM-FIRST ROW, left 'ro right: S. W. Stoker, F. E, Waldrop, C. A. Tucker, E. S. Florence, J. R. Porter, O. D. Presley. PISTOL TEAM-SEC- TRIDENT OFFICERS-lei? to right: David H. Glenn, Jim D. Cossey, Joe L, Bell, Bill W. Rhoades. ap. FLAGHOIST STAFF-Leff to right: Fred Fafen, Gene Cunningham, Jared Hazleton, Emil Levine. OND ROW: R. L. Lhuillier, J. H. Alexander, T. L. Galchel, R. R. Hari, D. J. O'NeilI, T. J. Powers, L. A, Murrell, E. L. Carter, A, Greenberg. Q ..,, Br. B.. ,,,. sv- ,V .L fm' I iv f . Q 3? gi ,. 3 ...ALJ mr--'ffm f n ff' ..s , z. .f ', fs.,- K . "Mi 335. 'I I K -rv i. I at . "EST 2 y I 'ii I -, -at 1 I - MIDSHIPMEN FIRST CLASS 5l0 Midshipmen F. Z. Mills, P. R. Balfenburg and J. H. Kuhlman solve Iaclical problems in CIC drill. The bafileship Wisconsin experiences a Iighl squeeze in fhe Galum Locks of the Panama Canal. FIRST ROW, Iefl Io righi: J. H. Baker, P. R. Balfenburg, Jr., J. C. Bell, J. C. Biggers, J. R. Brace, W. D. Brewer. SECOND ROW: H. W. Browne, Jr., J. C. Code, J. R. Carl- son, K. N. Carroll, M. D. Carfer, D. R. Coales. THIRD ROW: R. L. Coals, D. A. Coppedge, J. M. Cralle, C. C. Dougherly, Jr., R. K. Ervi, P. B. Ewerf. FOURTH ROW: F. E. Faien, F. J. Farrell, G. W. Fronfer- house, C. L. Gipson, D. H. Glenn, R. E. Good. FIFTH ROW: J. A. Grubb, S. W. Haines, Jr., J. L. Hall, Jr., M. D. Jenness, J. J. Johnson, K. D. Kennedy. SIXTH ROW: P. C. Kepple, Jr., J. E. Konlrlin, J. H. Kuhlman, S. P. Mann, D. R. Maxey, J. P. Mellon. SEVENTH ROW: F. Z. Mills, L. P. Mozer, N. E. Nicholl, Jr. H. L. Parlcs, L. A. Penny, G. L. Polslry, R. C. Prewill. EIGHTH ROW: J. R. Ream, A. R. Reed, J. H. Russell, R. B Slagg, A. M. Sleadly, Jr., J. O. Slepp, F. D. Taylor. NINTH ROW: L. R. Tillman, Jr., R. W. Timberlake, C. A Tuclcer, J. C. Tupper, G. L. Vinez, R. L. Wall, F. W. Wewerlxa TENTH ROW: D. G. Whilfen, S. D. Whlflen, S. L. Wilhife Jr., L. T. Williams, M. E. Wahl, J. H. Wood, J. J. Wrighl. FIRST ROW, Ieff +o righf: D. F. Alcoclr, J. H. Alexander, J. B. Bleallley, C. R. Burk, R. L. Clarlr. SECOND ROW: W. S. Clark, J. D. Cossey, J. R. Fenwick, G K. Fleming, E. S. Florace. THIRD ROW: R. H. Floyd, W. A. Griffin, J. F. Griffith, R. A Herr, J. E. HazeI+on. FOURTH ROW: W. B. Henry, W. E. Hensley, H. C. HewiH Jr., J. C. Hippen, R. B. Houston. FIFTH ROW: J. C. Johnson, S. F. Jones, Jr., J. L. KeI+ner, G. N. Keyser, R. W. La Fon. SIXTH ROW: W. P. Law, E. H. Levine, R. C. McConnell, W B. McCormick, J. L. McFarland, A. J. McNemar, Jr. SEVENTH ROW: H. C. Mugler, J. R. Musolino, C. Neigh- bors, D. B. Oliver, W. H. Paapanen, T. J. Powers. EIGHTH ROW: O. D. Presley, V. E. Pringle, Jr., W. W. Rhoades, H. P. Riley, W. W. Rodgers, Jr., C. R. Sawyer, Jr. NINTH ROW: K. P. Schafer, T. M. Seikel, Jr., L. O. Sfeen- rod, J. M. Sfurdivanf, W. S. Thompson, J. K. Toifen. 1 ,N s We ,,,.. ,. .I YM? 'QV 1 Q MIDSHIPMEN SECOND CLASS Midshipmen become shellbacks in ceremonies conducted while crossing fhe equator. The USS Pawfucker pulls alongside To prepare for re-fueling at sea operaiions. MIDSHIPMEN THIRD CLASS The USS Wisconsin is Iowed through the Panama Canal during the midship- man cruise Bravo. Midshipmen fire The 40 mm. guns during gun firing exercises off fhe coasr of Cuba. rt? 'S 4: '-aim W-qw' I g if ...fe Q27 with 1 A FIRST ROW, Ieff Io righf: J. L. Adams, J. L. AIIingham, J D. Beveridge, M. H. Bond, G. W. Bowers, R. W. Brandenburg SECOND ROW: J. R. Brandon, C. G. Brown, J. W. Bruce W. T. Brunson, L. L. Buchsbaum, J. M. Burke. THIRD ROW: T. C. Bush, H. A. Cahoon, K. E. Carpen+er, E. K. Carfer, W. W. Choa+e, S. E. Conner. FOURTH ROW: H. T. Cook, G. M. Cunningham, D. W. Dale, S. C. Davies, S. T. DeKinder, R. W. Denfon. FIFTH ROW: J. E. DuFfy, A. W. Dunham, J. L. Dunlap, T. L. Gafchel, R. R. Gilbert R. K. Goleman. SIXTH ROW: D. P. Grant A. Greenberg, P. L. Harriss, J. W Hayes, B. O. Haynes, G. H. Hazeirigg. SEVENTH ROW: L. G. HiII, H. W. Kallenberger, Jr., D. J. Kaup, D. H. Kees, Jr., G. C. LaGere, G. Lane, Jr., H. L Luschen. EIGHTH ROW: L. G. Luiz, M. G. McCaFferI'y, D. B. Mc Guffin, R. E. MinshaII, L. A. MurreII, D. W. OaIcIey, W. J Perkins. NINTH ROW: J. R. Porfer, J. C. Reufelhuber, R. P. Rollins E. R. Sfiner, S. W. Sfoker, B. A. Torbefi, D. L. Vinceni. TENTH ROW: B. D. Wagner, P. K. Wer+, B. R. Whi+e, J. R. Windes, A. D. Wood, H. H. Wood, C. D. Zinn. fi, FIRST ROW, leff fo righfz J. W. Alexander, J. K. Bafes, R. W. Bovee, L. C. Brooks, G. F. Busche, J. D. BuHerwor+l1, J. P. Calverl, B. L. Capeharf. SECOND ROW: S. G. Carson, R. L. Carler, D. L. ClampiH, J. M. Clark, J. A. Cloar, D. A. Cox, S. F. Cox, R. F. Cross. THIRD ROW: J. B. Davis, Jr., T. E. Dixon, C. L. Drislrel, D. E. Duggan, J. E. Emery, W. E. Ervin, R. L. Fosfer, R. E. Garliclc. FOURTH ROW: D. E. Glenn, T. J. Goodall, C. L. Greer, V. E. Griffilh, Jr., J. D. Harrell, G. D. Hesfir, C. D. Hodge, W. R. Hudgins. FIFTH ROW: J. D. Jaclrson, J. R. Je'l'ron, Jr., R. W. Jo- hannes, R. F. Johnson, H. R. Jones, R. A. Kelley, J. B. Kirlr- pairiclx, L. H. Langgulh. SIXTH ROW: R. L. Lhuillier, R. l. Lynn, A. D. Malfrego+, L. .J Marshall, H. L. Malloclxs, J. L. Maxwell, D. E. McCracken, W. M. McDowell. SEVENTH ROW: D. A. Milford, J. W. Milchell, G. D. Mirchusson, A. R. Munlcres, R. E. Nilson, H. S. Nalrayama, J. C. O'Conner, L. J. Oliver. EIGHTH ROW: D. J. O'Neill, J. L. Orebaugh, M. L. Orr, E. D. Plafh, B. M. Rahm, J. E. Riclrner, J. M. Robinson, J. A. Russell, F. R. Schoenhals. NINTH ROW: T. E. Seymour, F. L. Shafer, Jr., C. T. Shaw, G. B. Smirh, D. R. Sony, W. K. Swaim, J. L. Tanner, L. l. Tafum, Jr., D. R. Taylor. TENTH ROW: T. C. Terrell, J. G. Truel, H. H. Underwoolr, J. A. Vesler, Jr., F. E. Waldrop, D. R. Warren, G. L. Weaver, R. H. Wrighlr, W. W. Youngblood. MIDSHIPMEN FOURTH CLASS Destroyer comes along side lhe USS Wisconsin for fueling during NROTC summer cruise. Midshipmen relax under a mofor whale boat during leisure hours. 5 as .3521 ggseqg-tag Swv A w ,5,.g.mi5i 'W ,. wggeffes, z .: 1' a t 1-12 viii , :,aafa5"f2f' N5 Q , 1542 A :WEE J .-Kf,- ,S .J 553 , 4' 6 44, A ' ,if g A'k:., lf: . -If .K . V " fxizl' :el 3, L. ...w , v AR YOU'RE IN THE ARMORY NOW--- "Don't forget the gloves," Charles Powers reminds Dwight Berglan, left, as the freshman checks out a tew items of his un,torm. The Armory is more than a building. For over 1,400 OU men students, it is a way of life. A life strange to some, irritable to others, but rewarding to most. To a freshman, the long building of red brick may seem like any other building on campus. But it isn't. Every cadet feels the difference. The pictures on the wall are not of men laboring over a test tube or dictating a poem. They are pictures of men fighting and dying. What this and the uniformed men around him signify is not immediately apparent. He may think they are going to show him a quick way to suicide, but he's wrong. The building encompasses a challenge. A M!Sgt. Phillips tells Charles Ingram, left, the same old story: "That rifle ain't clean." challenge to live, to preserve the knowledge of life he will find presented to him in the other buildings on campus. The first thing a freshman does in the Armory is draw his uniform, the clothes he will wear to tell the world he is an army cadet. The first time he dons his military apparel, it will signify that he is only a fresh- man. It will be weeks before he has the uniform look- ing as if it belongs to a soldier. It will be years before he can put it on neatly, correctly and proudly without double checking to make sure everything is just right. In the years of pressing, brushing and shining, he will come to realize that the uniform does not make the soldier. The soldier makes the uniform. Doug Darling gets the word from Henry Wilson at his first inspection. Dwight Berglan is next in line. Freshman classwork begins with the organization of the army. He learns his status and his relationship to all others in the army. It isnit all out of a book, and on the drill field the first Tuesday afternoon he comes face to face with it as part of a squad. Drill, class work and the uniform aren't all the cadet meets in the Armory during the first two weeks of college. He is given a rifle. After a brief course in military history this weapon will be with him con- stantly while he is in the Armory. First he learns how to clean and keep it operating, then how to use it and finally how it functions. When his freshman year is over he knows the M-l much bet- ter than he knows his girl friend. He knows he can depend on it as long as he takes care of it. "No, it's over here," William Hood, left informs Doug Darling. All soldiers have weapons, but weapons alone do not make soldiers as the freshman learned in military history. They must know how to use them. The army cadetis sophomore year begins with map reading, but in a few weeks he is studying wea- pons again. When a person reads, he sees more than words. Thoughts, ideas and explanations are conveyed through the black letters. Military maps are more than road maps. When a cadet learns how to read one, he can see more than lines on the flat piece of paper. He can see hills, streams, roads, vegetation and installations. He can tell how high and steep the hill is and the condition of the terrain around it. Besides learning whatis there, he learns to find out where he is when he is there. This knowledge of map reading is a prerequisite for terrain analysis, an essential part of tactics. Now back to weapons, after the short course in map reading the study of the basic tools of the military trade continues. The weapons get larger, more de- structive, and more complicated as he progresses. As a freshman he covered the rifles, carbine and sub-machine gun. Now he takes up the automatic rifle, machine gun, and mortars. He learns to dis- assemble and assemble each, then how they function and the method of firing. The mortars present the toughest problem. The gunner can see his target when firing the smaller wea- pons, but the mortars fire from postions behind hills. The mortar gunner must have someone tell him where to aim. This complicated procedure becomes second nature as the sophomore practices and repeats each step. Weeks are spent on practical application. He acts first as the observer, then in the fire direction center, David Gibbs, right, checks the sights as George Horsman drops a round during mortar drill. and as the gunner. He begins to see just how essential the teamwork he has been practicing on the drill field really is. lf one man fails, the fire doesn"t get to the right target. The teamwork needed to get the mortar round to the target and to do almost every other task in the army is developed on the drill field. The sophomore not only learns how to work with other members of his squad, but he begins, also, to practice leadership. The primary goal of the ROTC is to train good officers. An officer is a leader, a supervisor, a coordi- nator and a decision maker. Sophomores are squad leaders. They are responsible for training their fresh- men riHemen. On Mondays the sophomore is given advanced in- struction in drill. He must also plan and give a lesson to his classmates. He makes mistake after mistake, and he is usually corrected. The road to good leadership is The sophomore giving his class lecture is William Hood, far right. The interested students include Doug Darling, Mac McGuckin, Dennis Berglan, and Charles Ingram. , eiletsr' , ,"",g-4.73. , , -r' F -- ' V Mgt I . . , A .- 4 W. 1' , fx . ., t , , . .A , + -- . .4 1 , J . fffivrf -1n'f'fr. f' . Y- . ' .nn . ' -- ,1"""' W t' ... .- S' -' M 1 ',.,,..,aggff . , ,cj ' .new . 1 . an Q "' L 5 if ir '??i'p'1,, paved with mistakes, but each error and correction has to be taken as a lesson and not as an insult. The spirit in the Armory, the gigantic challenge presented to him when he walked in the door must be taken or turned down at the end of the second year. If it is taken, the cadet applies for admittance into the advanced course and continues his military education. Tom George demonstrates the army technique to bandage a "headache" with Mason Murphy as the subiect. Each year about 150 cadets are accepted for the ad- vanced program. Iunior cadets get a new uniform, but new respon- sibilities come with the splendor of the green cloth and golden chevrons. Classwork and drill get harder. His primary worry is not himself, but others. He must get them to drill and work together. In keeping with his new responsibilities and prob- lems the first classroom course is leadership. Leader- ship is individual. Like battles, no two people are alike, but certain good principles are constant. A large part of leading is teaching. About half an ofticeris time is spent giving instruction, the other half Leadership is applied on the drill field by iunior cadet Eulin Stephens as he drills a squad. he is learning. The course in military teaching meth- ods shows how the army teaches. Instruction is con- tinuous in the American army as most soldiers quit as soon as their obligation is up. For practice the junior cadet plans and delivers a short lesson using the meth- ods he has learned. Next comes organization and branches of the army. Now the teamwork picture grows from fighting arms to the branches which service them and keep them fighting. The entire second semester, the junior learns small unit tactics, the movement of troops on the bat- tlefield: Tactics are the tricks of the military game. He knows he should get there "fustest with the most- est," and now he learns how to do it with l2 men or l2,000. Little things that don't seem important are stressed over and over. He is made to repeat facts again and again until he is sure he will never forget them. Historical examples are examined and similar problems are solved and discussed in class. During the .war .MW Q V .-if George McKinnis explains why and where he put the machine gun during blackboard practice. v - The iunior year ends with communications instruction. Warren Dunnington connects Jim Powers with the man around the next tree. summer he will find out Why there was so much repe- tition. Tactics is the movement of troops on the battle- field. Each enemy advance must be met, and each Weakness exploited. The speed of modern battles dic- tates that these movements must be fast and well co- ordinated. The last phase of tactical instruction covers com- munications. The junior learns how to talk on the phone the army way. One of the most interesting things about communications is the procedure used in talking. He learns that Roger, Wilco, Cver and Out mean four different things and are never used to- gether. It sounds good, but only movies can waste time with unnecessary Words while a battle is roaring. The work with radios and phones is the first practical training after 12 Weeks of theoretical tactics. Bob Smay, cadet company commander, is discussing tired feet with two of his own troopers. During the summer cadet training moves from Armory classrooms and the drill field to Fort Hood. This military post, third largest in the country, is lo- cated in the hot scrubby plains of central Texas. Waco is only 50 miles north east, but to a cadet getting his first taste of army life it seems like a million miles. After a couple of weeks in Fort Hood, life outside the post seems strange and foreign. There is a big difference between cadet summer camp and the regular army though. The cadet can quit any time he wants. If he doesn't like getting up at 4 a.m., going to class, hiking all day and turning in around l0 p.m., he can check out. Most of the time he is too busy worrying, Working and griping to think about quitting. Summer camp is OU cadets from E and F companies test a section of a pontoon bridge. The test had to be made on landg there is very little water at Fort Hood, no easy time for a guy who's not sure he wants to be an officer. The scorching Texas sun rises early during the summer, but the cadets have been working for an hour or more before it comes up. When in the field, the beds are rolled, the tents folded and the packs packed. In the barracks the floor is already mopped and the beds made. During the day the cadet goes to open-air classes, leads patrols and sees in massive demonstration how each branch of the army fights. At night he practices night fighting and compass work. All around him in the field the cadet can see the things he learned in tactics class being used over and over. He realizes now why the little things he memorized in class are so im- portant. V 1- 7,7 .-,. 1 if . - ' a .if XX -4 sa' , T3 f .., ' 3 -:fr .iii as ... ff f,, r-ff Q " 'Batt - n':'f'2TfTff' i."'ElfxikS"'f5 Ken Baltes hits the ground and prepares to deliver tire during a small unit tactics problem. For two of the six weeks the cadet is at Fort Hood, he is a leader. He gets to practice and develop his leadership principles in a military environment. The toughness of the position is compounded by the fact that the men he is leading are also cadets who have had the same training he has. When he goofs, they know it, but he is a follower for four weeks, and he can laugh and learn from the mistakes of others too. Tactical training and instruction are as realistic as possible. The cadet may have thought it was easy to lead a patrol when he saw the technique on a train- ing film in the classroom, but the real thing presents problems that never occur in a studio. Men getting lost, snipers and ambushes, and lack of time to think are all problems he never ran into on the Armory blackboard. At camp he shoots all the weapons he learned to operate and repair as a freshman and sophomore. Two days are spent on the rifie range and the cadet must hit the target enough times to stay in the ROTC. "Why didn't you clean your rifle?" Robert McCoy, trial counsel, left, asks the defendant Charles Ingram as members of the court, Willard Thomas, Henry Wilson and Warren Dunnington listen in a moot court-martial. -rv James Totten points to his position on a map during a patrol problem in the wilds of Fort Hood. The eerie screaming screech of an iron monster, the M-48 tank, is something you must hear to believe. This and many other things about each branch of the army the senior cadet discovers at camp. The pain of a three-mile hike up a long hill and staying up all night to plan an attack are experiences that can't be learned from a manual. Each branch of the service gives one or more dem- onstrations to the cadets during camp time. In his senior year he will select one of these branches in which to serve. He doesnit alway get his choice, but the army tries to put him in a job for which he is best suited. After six weeks of camp he has an understanding of the army that can only come from having lived with it. He finds that marching is only a small part of the army, but that the lessons the drill field teaches must be ingrained if a person is to be happy in the army. On return from camp the cadet becomes a leader on the drill field. For the first time he is an oiiicer, even if just a cadet officer. But again problems and work come with prestige and silver ornaments. He is responsible for what happens in his unit. He has the job of trying to make freshmen grow up on the drill field. He has to teach sophomores to lead. He has to make the juniors fight with the army and not against it. Now he has a confidence that comes with knowledge and a patience that comes from experience. It is impossible to tell people exactly what sum- mer camp is and how to prepare for it. Each crop of juniors has a big surprise coming, but no amount of explanation by the seniors will prepare them. You have to live it to believe it. In class his senior year subjects are more advanced 520 The three honorary officers and their escorts form for the commissioning exer- cises af the Military Ball: Sara Jones, Robert McCoy, Betty Bowles, Rex Woods, Phillip Lee, Annette Marsh. A - 55.5. , Seniors receiving DMS badges at drill field ceremonies are Robert Smay, Willard Thomas, and Chesfer Byrd. and technical. He is introduced to logistics and oper- ations. These are the fine arts of keeping the army moving, and making those moves decisive. He is taught what is expected of the officer on and off duty. Traditions, social life, personal problems and pay are all discussed. These are the basic things he must know when he steps through the gates of a mili- tary post for the first time with his gold bar on. Military justice and administration teach him the things he has to know when he steps in front of his first group of real soldiers. The army has started reorganizing to meet atomic battlefield conditions. During the second semester the seniors studied this new Pentomic concept of oper- ations. of long range operations. communications and fire power. Alter summer camp. drill field responsibilities and advanced studies, things begin to fit together. As he realizes what he has learned and what there is to nn.. learn, he smiles. He remembers the spirit he felt the first time he Walked into the Armory. The challenge is getting bigger all the time, but now he is confident rather than confused. . If the cadet is a Distinguished Military Student, he may be offered the opportunity to accept a regular army rather than a reserve commission. The regular commission is the same award West Point graduates receive. Few boys accept the added year of active duty and increased obligations that go with a regular commis- sion. They are citizen soldiers who want to return to civilian life as soon as they have finished their obliga- tion. To all the gold bar of a second lieutenant is a big honor. Of an average 600 freshmen who start each year, only 135 become officers four years later. Now he is glad he accepted the challenge he has been training four years to meet. He realizes now that neither he nor the country can get more out of the army than they put into it. 6 l 0 tr 5 ' J,-we The future looks bright to Johnny Dahl as his wife pins on his gold bar. Mink l lHE SlAFF Military instructors at the University of Oklahoma have a great re- sponsibility. Under the supervision and direction of Col. Metticus W. May, professor of military science and tactics, these men teach a vital course. The final goal ol all military training is combat effectiveness. Failure in combat is at times more expensive than a loss of money or prestige. It's diHicult to teach a man what combat is and what is expected of him with- out simulated battlefield situations. Nevertheless, that is the responsibility of our military instructors. COLONEL METTICUS W. MAY in N. ll. coronal Lf. Colonel ll. Colonel Maier Moivr Meier' Captain Francis X. Olney Meredith L. Shumaker Francis M. Vaughn Herman B. Rupp William E. Holland, JY. Finley E' M'l5'e"d Rldmfd M4 Captain Captain Captain Captain Captain ls! Li. lst Lt. George W. Johnston William C. Miles James L. Brown Daniel R. White James W. Rows John F. Behneman Alvin S. cwo-we Mscr Msar .visor MSGT MSGT MSGT Fred A. Aldridge Isaac E. cheek l. Y. aan Jesse R. Brazil Michael J. Corp Gvllvwvr Monk Ralph C- MSGT MSGT SFC SFC SFC SFC Ty Moms Newell L. Phillips Russell D. Golden Francis A. Haber Richard J. Reed AH99l0 G- Tlf0CChl Jolm H- QQ' " ' 1 .l -we ' . .rii ri fl lb R , W I Military Property Custodian Secretary Secretory SCCFGVUVY Secrefdfy 5eC'9'Gl'Y Charles Power Ann Forrest Lee Huffman Betty Ross Donna Schroeder Sharon Simpson Jaci V Charles C. Bush, professor of history, a relired army lieutenant colonel, presents the charler to Richard Teel, company commander. Mai. Gen. Thomas DeShazo, commandanf of the artillery school al Fort Sill addresses the company at charlerinq ceremonies. ASSOCIATION OF IHIE U. S. ARMY The Sooner company of the Association of the U.S. Army was oflicially chartered in formal ceremo- nies Ianuary 14. Maj. Gen. Thomas DeSha2o was the principal speaker, and C. C. Bush, associate professor of history. presented the charter to the company. The AUSA is a professional organization of per- sons interested in the armyis role in national security. ASSOCIATION OF U.S. ARMY COMPANY, FIRST ROW, left to right: Capf. James L. Brown, Charles W. Henry, Jr., E. Beniamin Harrison, Jr., C. L. Byrd, R. K. Bader, H. W. Wilson, J. L. Williford, William C. Hamil- lon, Lf. Col. Meredith L. Shumaker. SECOND ROW. Stephen D. Meyers, The Sooner company is the first cadet organization of the AUSA in Oklahoma. It was formed and organized by a group of senior cadets who realized the need for an organization to help prepare them for their roles as future officers, and give them an overall mission View of the army. Jonathan G. Hankins, Jim E. Barnes, Richard L. Teel, J. K. Smilh, W. Y. Thomas, Lyndon D. Williams, John L. Walter. THIRD ROW: William F. Sin- clair, William C. Vandeventer, Warren H. Dunningfon, Phillip A. Lee, John W. Gaines, Dallas C. Palfon, Darrell L. Fowler, James S. Powers, Larry A. Bell. -ou 5 1 ,Af V, :X Y f'Vs 6 .fi'1Q 5? Qfiv-Q. 2 1-1 ff S an QC H I .... if ... -- -3' , L 4:4 ' 0 ' ,Qi , - if 1 ' , in t L Q Q Q I 'E o c . . YR 5 " ,, ns s U 'Q U 'Q . . , 0 A 1 4 I S9 Jinx -an i 4 ,,, o u. Q O 9 5 O ' v 4 nl Q 0 s n 9 8 A A ei up I Q 0 Q lv A . -an aft L1 Q 1 .L . . ii f" 4 c Q cn- an U Q Q Wm yi M , -'S 2 A 'T' - ., 'Q EP' 5 2 ik Q '35 0 O O O I D O S : Un 9, x 5 1 Q, ..- A- - . - , ' ' ' un- 1, 09' n an' ? 0 4 ' Q 4 0 n Q 0 . . , , f V ww li fi Q Q l - COMPANY A FIRST ROW, lefl' fo righf: L. D. Williams, B. R. Delp, N. W. McElderry, J. C. Chandler, E. R. Locke, R. R. Cochrane, R. L. Teel, W, F. Sinclair J. E. Barnes, R. K. James, L. R Howard, J. D. Hagee. SECOND ROW M. M. Griffin, D. W. Orr, L. B. Mitchell, G. Brubif-1, J. T. Benedicf, M R. Goldman, N. E. Brensing, N. L. Freeman, D. H. Boyer, G. M. Phillips J. T. Eoff, J. M. McFarlane, R. A. Suforis. THIRD ROW: S. F. Rilz, D 9 1 M. Pierce, D. J. Wilf, A. E. Upsher, R. R. Pierson, M. E. Burge, H. A Dempsey, R. P. MacLean, W. F. Parrish, J. R. Brooks, A. K. Moore, L. A Ayala, D. D. Waif, J. Schaffer. FOURTH ROW: P. G. Price, R. G. Berry C. J. Clapp, J. W. Liffle, J. B. Clark, A. D. Peirce, B. R. Sexfon, F. N Solliday, L. A. Johnson, J. D. Reed, W. H. Lee, G. K. Dolson, J. C Sleffens, W. S. Berry, E. L. Frosf. .. 9 A l CDMPANY B FIRST ROW, leff lo righf: J. E. Gilmore, J. R. Halhaway, E, E. Sanmann, L. G. Calder, R. E. Dixon, S. D. Sanborn, G. E. Cox, G. E. Schaefer, R C. Hess, H. S. LaBree, E. L Ervin, P. B. Smifh, J. K. Floyd. SECOND ROW: B. E. Lanier, P. D. Roberfs, K. W. Ray, R. H. Zumwalf, R. L. Win- slead, W. G. Lackey, P. A. James, D. B. Truiff, L. E. Williams, T. V Scalzo, N. B. Edenborcugh, C. W. Walls, H. A. Doyle, R. D. Reed, M. C. Fouqhf. THIRD ROW: L. R. Foreman, S. J. Smifh, T. D. Rulland, W. G. Leiiner, R. L. Griffifh, S. G. Braniard, R. L. Thompson, J. C. Kniflel, T. P Sailors, R. P. Ferry, H. L. Hursf, S. B. Gofllieb, J. l. Lippman, E. F. Fifz- gerald, R. V. Cole. FOURTH ROW: H. C. Terhune, J. W. McNeely, L W. Coblenlz, T. W. Spencer, B. A. Howard, L. N. Ogle, J. S. Trawick, G A. Williford, R. F. Eddins, J. C. Fields, L. J. Haskins, J. R, Allred, H. L. Forsylhe, W. C. Bonney, J. H. Barksdale. COMPANY C FIRST ROW, leff fo riqhl: C. C. Payne, F. K. Williams, G. R. Donehew, S H. W. Meason, D. H. Franfz, D. E. Sfephens, T. B. Brown, J. S. Evans, D. Miller, J. L. Posfon, C. B. Herrin, R. N. Ryerson. SECOND ROW: J D. Seba, D. E. Gibbs, J. S. Lawrence, H. R. Sundvahl, G. L. Link, B. L Foofe, J. L. Blocker, R. D. McLaughlin, G. W. Sibley, J. C. Schwarfz, H H. Grenhaw, Jr., M. P. Blake, W. A. Rafliff. THIRD ROW: R. H. Pellow Jr., R. H. Milchell, M. J. Paffon, D. E. Henderson, J. G. Bufler, D. B Holcomb, M. C. Johnson, H. K. Muldrow, T. L. Blevins, M. E. Inman, R R. Johnson, J. S. Jones, R. B. Agnew. FOURTH ROW: J. C. Mabry, R L. Bullock, P. R. Harman, L. E. Chicoraske, M. G. Dixon, D. F. Fleef, E D. Lazorchak, C. M. Van Dyne, W. G. Harrington, D. L. McDonald, J. D Plumlee, C. C. Sparks, W. A. Hood. .. L A Q Q COMPANY D FIRST ROW, left fo righl: E. A. Nelson, J. L. Hemry, R. R. Hamilfon, W. W. Thalcher, R. C. Frazer, C. T. McCarler, J. H. Byrn, F. A. Gipson, J. D. Falheree, C. E, Ward, S. L. Beckerman, J. L. Salver. SECOND ROW: J. T. Benson, D. I. McDonald, J. M. Buller, C. R. Cowen, M. R. Pegues, C. A. Gorski, P. M. Landers, J. E. Kennedy, F. P. Richmond, D. D, Van Winkle, J. L. Ice. THIRD ROW: H. G. Woolen, H. H. Taylor, J. Durrell, J. M. McKinney, J. L. Schuffs, R. C. Whilson, F, B. Sweeny, G V. Goodnighl, F. R. Mitchell, D. M. Adamson, R. C. Adair, C. H. Prokesh FOURTH ROW: M. L. Joseph, R. A. Miller, R. A. Bird, N. R. Slanderfer J. A. Graham, K. L. Shaw, M. A. Moody, G. H. Laughbaum, D. M Cunningham, J. O. Sparks, D. S. Browning, W. M. Blackburn, J. M. Draper COMPANY E FIRST ROW, leff lo right: R. P. Jacobson, R. D. Garrell, L, D. Tucker, H. S. Trower, T. K. Nelson, H. W. Wilson, F. Smith, J. M. Schwarh, R. B. Hicks, S. l. Beher, W. M. Murphy SECOND ROW: C. J. Blackburn, W. C. Harber, R. H. Wallon, H. R. Paden, J. C. Bass, T. G. Ngar, C. G. Griffin, R. T. Helm, H, V. Perry, H. R. Raskin, H. B. Hoyf, A. I. Novak, C. W. Comer. THIRD ROW: J. D. Gross, C. V. Arfopoeus, W. H. Mc- Collum, M. C. Slewarl, J. G. Anquoe, F. J. Bollon, J. W. Lescher, R. T Rogers, W. C. McAIisler, R. E. Duncan, C. B. Pool, C. P. Perkins FOURTH ROW: S. H. Ahlschlager, C. Beal, Jr., L. R. Seng, A. F. Talge R. G. Dowling, J. E. Adams, R. W. Baker, C. E. Love, R. G. Vance, G C. DePriesl, F. D. Nelson, A. F. Sleinkruger, G. B. Wines. COMPANY F FIRST ROW, Iefl lo righl: J. P. Morgan, J. K. Smilh, V. E. Hardy, E. Bell, W. Laxson, R. J. Sfolls, 8. D. Cole, E. L. Johnson, J. R, Dunkin, G W. Keller, F. A. Tillman, R. E. Lamplon, P. A. Lee, C. E. Gunler, C. L. S, Burney, J. P. Farr, J. L. Noyes, D. R. Hill, J. H. Harvey. FOURTH Levendosky, H. J. Miller, D. E. Kennedy, J. M. Kerr. SECOND ROW: L. ROW: M. O. Jacobs, J. F. Looney, J. T. Harmon, W. C. Egermeier, J C, Peferson, R. A. Shulman, R. E. Colline, L. T. Dulany, J. G. King, B. G. L. Gaylor, D. Darling, W. H. Harris, J. M. Eddins, C. E. Farmer, D. L Marlin, D. N. Dugan, W. L. Gooding, W. M. Lourcey, T. H. Smilh, M. O. Harlan, S. H. Meese, J, W. Morrison. Hicks, M. A. Cook, C. D. Dolson. THIRD ROW: D. G. Richard, J. W. COMPANY G FIRST ROW, leff fo righf: J. E. Plamer, T. H. Armsfrong, J, W. Whife, J. M. Kauffman, W. L. Coffey, C. C. Sfephenson, R. M. Boyer, J. C. Powers, R. K. Bader, C. D. Nixon, J. M. Gross, T. C. Schneider, J. D. Harris, N. B. Hamblefon, W. W. Keas. SECOND ROW: W. H. Duffield, C. R. Krueger, W. K. Lamberf, L. I. Young, D. L, Wiley, J, C. Melton, R. M. Swaim, L. R. Bolls, R. B. Barnes, L. W. Smifhee, E. H. Fifler, G. I. Clark, T. D. Keefon, J. E. Carroll, A. A. Saxe. THIRD ROW: M. S. Aronson, T. B. Gobble, G. B. Broome, G. W. Pybas, K. A, Denfon, J. M. Norfhcuff, G. C. Boffoms, D. E. Wilson, J. M. Noffsger, G. D. Womack, R. M. Long, D. L. Sveikovsky, F. L. Skaggs, D. W, Enfeld, J. R. Elkouri, R. C. Slagle. FOURTH ROW: R. R. Reynolds, M. G. Chrisfopherson, R. F. Swarfs, J. C. Afkins, R. P. Schwedland, E. E. Keffer, L. R. Taylor, F. A. Brown, R. L. Lewis, G. W. Fosf, J W. Long, D. S. Carlsfone, J. H. Rice, C. O. Maxey, D. F. Collins, J. H. Weinberg. COMPANY H FIRST ROW, lefl' fo righf: B, Bell, W. J. Mashefer, L. Lyon, C. A. Bodde- ker, J. P. Hunf, H. E. Riley, R. J. Smay. C. U. Byrd, J. R. McKee, J. H. Cunningham, L. B. Manning, S, P. Rugeley, G. L. Brown, J. T. Warkenfin. SECOND ROW: P. Priveffe, J. P. Edgar, M. Gregory, R. S. Chancellor, H. D. Dobson, F. Andrews, J. M. Henderson, E. L. Mafhews, J. C. Pearson, G. A. Mihram, K. R. Cook, E. F. Collins, D. M. Dank, J. R. Dorr, C. R. Boydsfon. THIRD ROW: R. D. Sullivan, J. N. Crawford, J. Nichols, B. .-na .4 - 4 il M. Pickard, J. W. Erwin, R. H. Klamkin, T. D. Jones, O. L. Brannan, D. L. Randall, R. D. Lenhardf, J. L. Self, R. D. Curtis, G. C. Shoberf, J. D. Hasfie, C. W. Tinnemeyer, R. L. Sanford. FOURTH ROW: D. Hafcher, S. Sickel, D. Pickard, T. Dunlap, D. Jones, R. Powell, D. Bole, R. H. Roberfs, C. G. Cruzan, T. D. Smifh, W. S. McAlisfer, G. R. Kerr, R. A. McKinne, H. L. Berkey, H. L. Bannisfer. COMPANY I FIRST ROW, leff fo righf: K W. Downey, G. C. McKinnis, B. R. Rhynes K. J. Balfes, L. W. Plemmons, W. Y. Thomas, J, R. Perry, W. C. Vande venfer, H. C. Bonney, R. D. Thafcher, P. B. Bradley, L. W. Taylor, M. E Weaver. SECOND ROW: J. V. Givens, B, D. Rosenberg, P. A. Tharp, J H. Marshall, J. E. Reece, E. W. Lippard, S. A. Sherman, J. M. Mabry, A V. Robinson, J. B. Roberts, D. B. Feaver, J. H, Sfrain, D. M. Garrison, A S. Dela Cruz. THIRD ROW: A. S. Henry, R. H. Kroney, J. R. lmel, J, D Shoemaker, J. B. Dolman, R. G. Rayburn, S. A. Sullivan, P. W. Hunf, C M. Barfleff, D. G. Zimmerman, R. C, Pafferson, M. N. Hensley, M. R Wafson, W. L. Kidd. FOURTH ROW: F. D. Carroll, V. O. Sfewarf, F. D Mugler, T. A. Reichardf, J. H. Crosby, D. D. Gorman, L. D. Rose, T. H Sfover, A. J. Mills, D. B. Craig, D. E. Hix, L. D. March, E. W. Kifchen J. M. Horfon. 5 ..... l EB .. - - A .4 4. COMPANY K FIRST ROW, Iefl' fo righf: H. E. Kunz, D. E. Trapnell, J. R. Baker, J. E. McSlarrow, C. F. Blackwood, J. N. Pillman, G. W. Seaward, W. B. Nichols, G. D. Pasquella, T. P. George, N. M. Horlon, E. B. Harrison. SECOND ROW: J. F. Sharp, R. A. Johnson, J. C. Fielder, C. F. Ball, J. D. Higgins, W. W. Nelson, U. L. Hesfer, W. R. Dading, C. E. Pralher, Brumley, G. C. Kelley, B. T. Reed, W. C. Morris, R. Joseph, C. A. Schwarfz, R. C. Hooper, W. R. Denison, W. W. Romine, W. C. Hood, C. M. Srephenson, J, B. Drake, G. K. Washburn, 8. W. Rabon. FOURTH ROW: J. A. Weinheimer, G. L. Higdon, D. C. Richardson, C. K. Hogins, R. M. Ruggles, T. F. Gilmore, S. C, Hudkins, N. I. Jacobson, C. R. Hahn, C. T. Sciance, R. P. Schulfz, J. R. Love, R. H. Reid. THIRD ROW: T. M. J. C. Saari, L. G. Coffey, L. L. Bledsoe, C. E. Tilson, M. Josephson. 1 l l - Q COMPANY L FIRST ROW, Iefl lo righl: J. L. Moseley, J. D. Edinger, W. C. Hamilfon, T, Ganafax, J. A. Tolfen, R. E. Slong, C. W. Henry, Jr., E. A. Luke, J. D. Scoh, W. H. Dunningfon, T. M. Berry, SECOND ROW: J, K. Gisl, A. B. Shidler, S. L. Hall, M. E. Guesl, B. D. Davis, J. C. McKenzie, J. K. Townley, D. C. Bernshouse, C. E. Buchner, M. R, Murphy, J. W. Murphy, F. M. Warden, Jr., G. M. Shaffer, T. G. Graves, R. W. Daniels, THIRD ROW: B. F. Wilburn, J. R. McCasIand, P. N. Fowler, D. B. Mason, D. E. Peery, K. L. Teel, L. R. Spitz, K. D. Feiger, S. T. Beesley, G. P, Edwards, T. L. lrons, J. T. Enrig, K. R. DeBerry, R. R. Willis, R. C. Vandiver. FOURTH ROW: W. B. Moore, L. W. Wilson, H. D. Rice, J. A. Liehke, M. R. McGuckin, T. E. McDonald, D. L. Tillman, R. L. Phillips, J. M. Carney, J. Venoolie, W. D. Leslie, D. M, McClure, C. L. Snyder, H. W. Elkins, R. K. Cook. COMPANY M FIRST ROW, leff lo riqhf: K. T. Anderson, G. C. Olmun, D. T. Zachrifl, L. A. Bell, J. O. Timberlake, D. E. Bennelf, R. D. McLain, B. J, Slusher, W. D, Carr, C. D. Ellison, J. W. Case. SECOND ROW: D. Hood, P. Huffman, R. A. Walls, G. L. Colabelli, E, S. Palmer. FOURTH ROW: E. Williams, C. G. McVey, D. Furr, M. C. Bross, D. L. Keleher, K. H. Jones, D. G. Massey, L, G. Rogers, P. L. Wrighl, W. P. Thompson, J. A. Sinex, L. R. Griffis, W. E. Hvolley, L. J. Fulion. THIRD ROW: R. E. Trice, K. J. M. Harvey, D. R. Nipp, G. P, Porler, R. B, Nicar, M. L. Talburl. L. Woodliff, J. Coafes, L. A. Schriner, J. E. Mills, J. E, Hames, G, A. Dodson, W. M. Reno, R. K. Rickey, C. C. Barbour, N. L. Welsh, A. O. M. Drowalzky, I. S. Cooper, R. O. McDonald, M. Connally, D. L. Allen, A. L. Blanceff, H. L. Cooper, R. W. Foushee, P. E, Grosse, G. L. Horsman, COMPANY N FIRST ROW, lett to right: R. L. Craig, J. M. Fish, J. D. Cies, D. H Penn, G. E. Petty, J. M. Fullerton, J. L. Walter, H. C. Harvey, D. N Robertson, J. S. Powers, D. A. Paine, D. J. Beakey. SECOND ROW: J M. Benson, D. D. Hart, J. F. Menzer, J. T. Wellborn, J. D. Jacobs, F. K , Naifeh, L. D. Littlefield, L. B. Wells, T. E. Johnson, L. L. Piatt, J. H lngram, J. H. Hammond, J. D. Durland, R. L. Potthoff. THIRD ROW: A L. Buchanan, C. T. Corbett, B. G. Harzell, F. D. Duperier, J. E. Ross, R - C5 A. Durant, P. D. Berglan, C. A. Guess, R. J. Seidle, C. W. Fields, G. G Thomas, L. J. Wall, W. R. Berry, R. B. Butler, D. J. Fisher. FOURTH ROW: H, J. Tripp, E. B. Emslie, C. A. Durham, R. B. Andrews, L. A Leslie, J. D. Honeycutt, G. H. McElroy, D. A. Lindmark, B. R. Hamilton L. L. Whitehead, R. M. Radford, S. A. Le Valley, T. L. Powell, L. D . Crowell, R. W. Thompson. 4. , Q COMPANY O FIRST ROW, left to right: C. R. Gasaway, J. P. Cannon, M. D. Witte A. D. Meese, J. S. Catlin, G. K. West, J. B. Nowery, G, A. Samara, J. G Gumerson, R. M. Hill, R. V. Clapp. SECOND ROW: C. F, Booze, D. F. Dean, A. D. Fleming, T. F. Almquist, D. E. Shusterman, W. O. Gamble, R. G. Martin, R. E. Middlebrook, R. F. Tanner, D, I. Scott, E. R. Clayton R. O. Wimer, A, W. Hall, S. D. Stephens. THIRD ROW: J. T. Land, H M. Wheaterly, R. Reimer, D. K. Williams, I. E. Harrison, R. S. Ray, D. A - Lampl, J. A. Trumbly, B. M. Hudson, V. H. Butler, J. W. Washburn, K. R Fredqren, R. W. McVay, R. C. Conner, A. Green, H. V. Watkins FOURTH ROW: L. W. Hill, P. A. Swartz, C. R. Gardner, G. M. Steele J. W. Beck, J. E. Robertson, C. M. Hawkins, R, C. Piper, J. L. Kasparek T. W. West, D. L. Statham, F. L. Stegall, P. P. Thurston, G. T. Stallings P. D. Witt. .. ... E3 .- COMPANY 0 FIRST ROW, left to right: G. W. Newton, R. T. Smith, R. F. Hamilton, J. H. Abernathy, E. A. Blair, R. D. McCoy, M. D. Weiss, J. R. Clark, B. T, Benedum. SECOND ROW: C. E. Fisher, L. K. Veki, D. M. Richey, S L. Reichert, M. E. Silverstein, R. C. Hembree, B. E. Mauldin, T. C. Patten J. R. BISIIIY19, N. L. Stanley, E, R, Mach, B. C. THIRD ROW: R. C. Stengele, C. R. Burkhard, P. R. Simkowitz, K. R Martin, C. R. Gilcrease. Kanoti, D. G. Blake, J. H. Landis, W. E. McKay, W. H, Holt, S. A Rothstein, R. D. Loazue, J. T. Stevens, D. O. Reiter, D. J. Messer. FOURTH ROW: J. W. McGaughey, P. Pugh, L. P, Hansen, C. D. Reese, B. G Baker, T. M. Powers, J. D. Chance, D. A. Pierce, R. K. Douglass, C. W Lechner, J. W. Reich, J. W. McSpadden, C, E. Foreman, E. A. LaGrave COMPANY R FIRST ROW, leff fo righf: C. I. Gorman, C. R. Messer, D. T. Lard, E. L Sfevens, R. H. Schwarfz, J. L. Williford, W. C. Donley, R. L. McKnighf, J. B. Thursfon, T. M. Cafe, L. H. Norfh, R. T. Alguire, M, M. Wolff, R O. Zerbe. SECOND ROW: S. D. Aaronson, D. D. Wilmolh, N, R. Sfinson H. W. Harris, B. G. Hall, T. G. Hawfhorn, J. B. Morey, V, L. Ladd, C M. Ryland, R. Viner, W. L. Ufay, C. C. Price, R. L. Persky, L. E, Kelley P. L, Mann, P. W. Rockmore. THIRD ROW: R L. Murphy, A. E. Williams R, B. Adams, M. M. Miller, J. W. Mehl, B. D. Bridwell, J. W. Woods, J Madole, L. G. Padqel, P. R. Rafliff, P N. Sureck, C. P. Sfamafis, J. D Johnson, R. L. Rosson, D. B. Okeson. FOURTH ROW: D. R. O'Neal, W G. Sharp, J. H. Carroll, F. E. Oufhier, D. G. Teed, W. H. Towery, H. N Whife, J. C. Wilson, A. D. Evans, J. B. Pappio, G. H. Wilburn, M. I Gordon, R. E, Mackey, J. L. Crowson, D. W. Meacham, H. T. Holmes. COMPANY S FIRST ROW, leff fo righl: K. E. Null, S. W. Rosenfield, J. C. Williams H. M. Lewis, T. T. Pope, S. D. Myers, P. G. Meade, M. E. Wolverton, J W. Gaines, D. C, Paffon, D. H. Coplin, R. P. Osborne, D. L. Fowler, K L. Bryanf, A. P. Grage, J. D. Moon. SECOND ROW: J. D. Mabus, D. J McKay, D. Ray, T. P. Harrison, F. H. Blocklinger, J. W. Mouser, P. A Clark, R. B. Reel, S. W. Winder, J. S. Davis, F. Gillespie, N. W. Moyer A. N. Kilby, F. M. McPherson, C. W. VanTine, J M. Wesl. THIRD ROW l B. A, Price, J. B, Miles, D. L. Berqlan, R. L. Boafwrighl, O. E. Fowler, D H, Appelbaum, A. P. Aberson, R. L. Ouillin, E. J. Worsley, F. D. Smifh B. L. Pafferson, E. H. Hoqgard, D. O. Wood, H. W. Choafe, D. K. Meyers D. D. Wesfon. FOURTH ROW: L. L, Murphy, D. H. Wiesen, P. A Clingan, D. M. Yeager, L. A. Marfin, H. O. Sims, B. N. Branfley, 6. W Mahanay, J. R. Dunn, D. M. Kill, D. D. Bradshaw, E. A. Wood, R. L. Lane J. R. Murray, M. J. Carpenfer, L. K. Mansur. COMPANY T FIRST ROW, leff fo righf: S. E. Wixson, G. J. Lloyd, G. M. Bell, J. D. Linehan, R. J. Krivanek, W. A. Schulz, L. L. French, J. H. Lamb, D. R Swiharf, F. D. Merkf, J. G. Hankins, H. W. Caldwell, R. J. Woods, T. J. Berry, R. M. Schwarh, W. H. Theus, B. E. Coffman, R. E, Wesf, P. C Semrod, G. D. McPhail, K. N. McKinney, C. W. Hamberg, R. A, Glenn. Coldiron, L. W. Prosser, B. F. Shdeed, B, P. Piffman. FOURTH ROW: S SECOND ROW: T. A. Burge, D. C. Noll, J. C. Shaw, W. B, Whilden, R. W. Pangburn, 8. A. Lindgren, Jr., K. B. Warren, R. L, Clark, J. R. Mosley G. Grassgreen, R. C. Benedicf, J. R. Jones, T. C. Neese, W, R. Marly, B. J. C. Welker, D. H. Affaway, T. J. Pluhar, L. W. Chesnuf, C. R. Nichols G. Malone, L. V. Brown, T. K. Poulakidas, W J. Brown, M. W. Chesnuf, W. G. Bowersox, D. W. Wesffall, F. R. Ellis, F. F, Fredman, L, E. Davis J. B. Waldrip. THIRD ROW: E. N. Linderfelf, W. A, Robinson, J. P COMPANY U FIRST ROW, left to right: D. E. Secrist, K. D. Calvert, P. L. Lee, D. A. Erwin, G. K. Parr, D. E. Morris, J. R. Jones, M. R. Claiborne, G. F. Church, B. li. Searcy, M. S. Simpson, J. Janovy, J. A. Coley. SECOND ROW: J. E. Mayberry, C. G. Lindsay, D. J. Shuppert, D. A. Austeri, T. Littleton, K. E. Ambrose, K. R. Barber, B. B. Knight, J. G. Pinson, C. D. Miller, J. A. Claiborne, D. R. Marshall, D. F. McKee. THIRD ROW: D. F. Boyer, P. E. Aubrey, T. J. Butler, J. F. Edgar, H. B. Gernert, P. J. Meade, T. D. Wenrick, L. H. Neeley, H. Gugig, A. D. Ming, K. E. Mann, L. M. Gregory, N. M. Locke. FOURTH ROW: J. W. Pryor, R. B. Ringo, R. C. Poe, J. R. Ward, M. E. Bridwell, J. W. Whittington, G. H. Tankersley, D. J. Marsh, W. C. Hammond, F. E. Skarky, D. K. Fagin, R. S. Potts, T. R. Stough. COMPANY V FIRST ROW, left to right: J. D. Holt, D. T. Thorne, E. D. Salmon, B. M. Van Horn, B. B. Hobby, C. R. Dodd, J. B. Ouiesky, D. A. Nelson, J. C. Shilling, D. O. Sherrod, M. R. Johnson, R. L. Harrison, J. L. Lawrence, R. W. Corbitt, D. L. Baker, J. W. Thompson, B. M. Curry, B. J. Moore. SEC- OND ROW: W. C. Metcalfe, E. W. McDaniel, J. W. Davis, W. Johnson, D. L, Cross, C. A. Langley, G. R. Page, M. F. Morris, F. B. Watts, G. D. Baer, J. E. Steward, J. R. Straw, R. G. Scholl, P. Gautt, R. D. Keadle, J. D. Feagan, W. E. Vaden. THIRD ROW: B. D. Boyd, J. S. Moore, J. C. Durham, R. G. Johnson, R. L. Smith, G. H. Sears, R. B. Morford, D. Emerson, B. Winblood, B. Wells, F. Swafford, B, Noble, B. Bradley, B. Yingling, B. Cornell, B. Daniel, U. Horne, J. Carpenter, D. Miller, C. Finn. FOURTH ROW: J. Hensley, J. Rowe, E. B. Morford, T. H. Colum- bus, W. S. Brown, R. C. Martin, W. F. Watts, J. C. Craig, W. J. March- bank, P. J. Lohmann, R. G. Hartline, G. A. Lewis, M. R. York, J. J. Tillery, J. M. Jackson, V. H. Lang, C. C. Barnett, G. G. Payne, S. M. Ward. ROTC BAND FIRST ROW, left to right: D. Dumler, L. R. Wade, G. D. Abbott, J. P Burns, J. C. Savage, D. P. Jones, J. H. Wagner, F. L. Colston, C. W Ingram, R. F. Fellrath, R. L. Alcorn, J. L. Bomar, J. W. Chapman, G. E Copeland. SECOND ROW: T. A. McCook, J. T. Wall, P. H. Largent, T. N. Tucker, G. C. Wilson, G. E. Rickey, J. H. Allen, C. L. Whitehead R. R. Reis, K. C. Brian, E. C. Anderson, L. M. Acker, J. R. Sawyer, R. A Koehler, R, G. Winter, R. E. McGregor. THIRD ROW: C. O. Fredregill H. W. Thurston, J. E. Bates, D. R. Stout, J. D. Van Zante, G. Luchau, J. D. Hagan, T. A. Metscher, D. L. Horst, J. R. Turnbull, F. B. Swan, J. L. Carr, R. L. McEwen, R. H. Brady, H. L. Martin, J. Evans, E. Fowler. FOURTH ROW: R. L. Winter, R. Hughes, C. E. Cook, S. Cunningham, J. C. Tid- more, D. L. Cook, S. L. Lancaster, A. F. Palk, D. B. Miller, J. E. Houston, G. Garrett, J. E. Bradford, E. Z. Million, L. R. Pendergrass, M. Neumann, R. E. Ringrose, J. Acton. is l X 2 55,1132-:, j f:f' -V : , z. f5!"7?ffS . ,. my ' :wr A1 Q 3 -in , Q Honorary Cade? Lleulenanf Colonel MISS SARAH JONES N Gamma Phi Bela Kappa Alpha Theta HONORARY CADIET COLONELS Honorary Cade? Lieulenanf Colonel MISS ANNETTE MARSH . , S, ,QVI 1 SARAH JONES and ROBERT McCOY BETTY BOWLES and REX WOODS ANNETTE MARSH and PHILLIP LEE f V --- - -- Y -' fe:f-.,'.e4--if - i ,.. ,,k. Q A-.- Q. Lights on in the Armory on Tuesday night, what is this? On Tuesday evening after drill most of the corps dash home, shed their uniforms and dive unhesi- tatingly back into civilian life. It would seem that the Armory would be a dead place after drill. But itis not. Scabbard and Blade meets on Tuesday night. Scabbard and Blade is a national honorary military society. Its members are men who realize that military service is an obligation of citizenship and they want to learn how to do a better than average job. How are they going about it? Programs are planned which extend regular classroom instruction. SENIORS MEMBERS, FIRST ROW, left to right: Dan Tucker, Bob Bader, Gary Cox, Phillip Lee, Donald Bennett, Henry Wilson, Willard Thomas. SECOND ROW: Tom Brown, David Penn, Richard Teel, William Nichols, 5 L Sponsors are Lt. Col. Meredith Shumaker, Mai. A. A. Nelson, and Capt. James Rowe. Officers are: seated, Don Pasquella, treasurerg Phillip Lee, commanderg standing, Willard Thomas, first sergeant Robert Prewitt, executive officer, and Ted Sandridge, second lieutenant. Scabbard and Blade The men are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skill by practice and discussion. Its membership is composed only of advanced corps cadets. These men have already decided to become oiiicers, so all the instruction, practice and discussion is designed to help them realize the immensity of their job, and how they can best do it. The pledge training program is designed not only to prepare the men for a later job, but to prepare them to be good members of Scabbard and Blade. Only out- standing military students are given bids. The last week of pledging is concluded with a tac- Fred Gipson, Robert Smay, Herron Harvey. THIRD ROW: Charles Henry, George Pasquella, Thomas Nelson, Robert Cochrane, Ted McCarter, James Timberlake, John McKee, Ray Hamilton. Scabbard and Blade tical problem which starts Friday and lasts until Satur- day night. At this time pledges are under simulated combat conditions. They run patrols, a compass course, an attack and defense problem and a leaders reaction course which parallels the one they will meet at summer camp. Scabbard and Blade is also a service organization. Army ROTC classroom and drill field problems are discussed, and recommendations for change are given to the cadet. The military ball is a project of the group. They do all the planning, decorating and make the arrangements for the social event. This year Scabbard and Blade assisted the junior instructors in preparing the junior cadets for summer camp. Tactical problems and patrol situations were set up by Scabbard and Blade to familiarize the juniors with the problems they will meet at Fort Hood this summer. Scabbard and Blade members all have a common strong, but not necessarily a primary, interest in the military. Company officers for l957-58 are Phillip A. Lee, company commander, Robert C. Prewitt, executive oH'i- cer and pledge trainer, Ted Sandridge, second lieuten- ant, Don Pasquella, second lieutenant, and Willard Thomas, first sergeant. Company commander Lee was the company's representative to the National conven- tion in St. Louis. PLEDGE COMMITTEE, FIRST ROW, left to right: Dan Tucker, William B. Nichols, Robert C. Prewitt, Charles W. Henry, Jr. PLEDGES, SECOND ROW: H. L. Parks, J. D. Hagee, C. W. Hamberg, J. W. White, W, M. "Are there any questions," the platoon leader asks as he finishes his brief- ing. Left to right are Chad Payne, Ralph Reed, H. L. Parks, John French. "Hit it!" yells Stephen Myers. The three riflemen in various stages of hitting the dirt and firing are, left to right, Don Zachritz, Grover Ozmun, Mason Murphy. Murphy, G. C. Ozmun, C. C. Payne. THIRD ROW: J. T. French, J. S. Powers, S. D. Myers, W. H. Dunnington, D. A. Payne, T. P. George. CAPT. RICHARD PAYNE CAPT. WILLIAM MILES CAPT, DANIEL WHITE CO. COMD. HENRY WILSON HON. CAPT. ANN SAUNDERS Pershing Rifles Pershing Rifles at the University of Oklahoma is a tri-service organization composed of men from the army, navy, and air force ROTC. Membership comes from interested students in ROTC who wish to broaden their military education. Officers are in the advanced program and are elected by the basic mem- bers. ROTC cadets in Pershing Rifles develop indivi- dual drill proficiency and learn aspects of the military program that are not taught in class. The spirit of friendship among men who have a common interest in military is the greatest intangible benefit of the PR company. What do PR,s do at their meetings? The meeting is divided into two parts, one to develop drill pro- ficiency of the members. The second develops military knowledge by classes which are conducted by students and sponsors. Drill proficiency and classes are an ex- tension of military knowledge. FIRST ROW, left to right: Robert Alguire, Henry Wilson, L. D. Williams, Robert Smith. SECOND ROW: N. L. Freeman, C. W. Ingram, L. W. Lee, L. F. Bally, D. L. Berglan, M. M. Griffin, E. R. Mach, K. H. Jones, J. H. Spenler, T. T. Ireda. THIRD ROW: G L. Horsman, G. E. Rickey, A. W. The exhibition drill team commanded only by a whistle-no oral commands-reflects the training and leadership of the organization. In Seventh Regiment competition last spring, OU's Company H won first place in drill team competition. The machine gun team placed second. Pershing Rifles has a rich, colorful history. Persh- ing organized the first PR company as a 2nd Lt. at the University of Nebraska in 1891. Pershing demon- strated the type of leadership in forming Company A, as he called the group, that would distinguish him in later years as a great commander. Officers of PR are Capt. Henry W. Wilson, com- manderg lst Lt. Lyndon D. Williams, executive officerg 2nd Lt. Robert Alguire, training ollicerg 2nd Lt. Robert T. Smith, supply oflicerg 2nd Lt. David Gibbs, lst Sgt. Sponsors of Pershing Rifles are Capt. Richard M. Payne and Capt. William C. Miles. Flenoid, J. W. McNeeIy, R. P. Privetfe, P. D. Berglan, R. C. Piper, W. E. Greenshields, W. C. Hood, M. F. Buck. FOURTH ROW: C, E. Wilson, J. C. Wilson, E. W. Lippard, D. Darling, J. D. Reed, J. H. Murphy, J. H. Pierson, M. R. McGuckin, A. L. Blancett, W. G. Bowersow. FIRST ROW, Iefl' to right: Willard Thomas, Robert Bader, Fred Tillman, Richard Teel, Phillip Lee, Jfm Barnes, Clarke Harvey, John Walter, Charles Henry. SECOND ROW: Robert Smay, Gary Cox, Donald Bennett, Robert Distinguished Mil Distinguished Military Students are men who ex- cel in military and scholastic work, They are ap- pointed hy the PlVlS8zT and President George L. Cross. Men designated DlVlSs are given an opportunity of ap- plying for a regular commision. DlVlSs not pictured l , z F f 1-of .pw Stong, David Penn, Henry Wilson, Richard McKnight, John Gaines, Thomas Brown. THIRD ROW: Cher Byrd, Ted James, Charles Levendosky, Fred Gipson, Morton Wolverton, Robert McCoy, Ray Hamilton, Robert Schwartz. itary Students are Max Claiborne, loe Tones, Toe Simrod, Dale Sher- rod, Fred Smith, Rex Wocads, Henry Bonney. lames Byrn, lames Chandler, Darrell Fowler, Charles Herrin, Charles lVlcCarter, and Clifford Nixon. Army Rille leam The Army rille team gives interested students an opportunity for marltsmanship practice and compe- tition. The 12-man team is composed of the top marksmen in the corps. This year the team fired in the 4th Army and Hearst trophy matches as well as a TOP: David Timmons, Thorne Stallings, Doug Meese, Ken Belles. BOTTOM: Practicing their prone position are Frank Andrews, Kendall Warren, Larry shoulder to shoulder match at Fort Sill. lonathan Hankins, senior, won the national ROTC high- povyered rifle championship in the summer. lVl,f'Sgt. Michael Carp is the team coach. Thomas, Forest Carroll, Larry Hill. I m nor abou? lo fall our Sleve Trower fells Billy Slusher bul' lhe para chule IS adlusled anyway The four-man senior color guard, par? of each pre-game ceremony when The Sooners are home, includes Herron C. Harvey, Willard Y. Thomas, Roberl J Smay, Henry W. Wilson. Members of the yearbook committee discussing 'Q , af' ilk.. Aviafion sfudenfs sludy every angle of flying. Phillip Lee supervises as Don Pasquella fills 'er up. piclure ediling are Ben Harrison, Jerry Bell, Wil- lard Thomas, George McKinnis. The acfivilies commillee: sealed, James While, James Timberlake, Larry Bell, John Moseley, sland- ing, James Dolman, Lon W, Yeager, Norman Jacobson, Dewayne Dolson. V7 me Q , U fw A ' N. Allman 1- --ww - W,,y,,f.,fA.,, W A v fm., H 'W 5 4 . gf,QgWvmWWwwWw.MMMW W K- - - .MW ,V ,, , A , ,W w' wk'e',.www'h'a'14'NbcW-fjw4vg,pf,.w .,, , .. , i 5 ' af' ' Q 9, KPQQ Wh- . iff, iffffff' .. Lin lf, 1 ' A S, I K, , . W, . i A I . f L gag , f 2 R lu U5 " ' X if yy A, fa -as r' A 5' ,ggi at f if e 55 4 , ff'Qf3'f'9fif?!16'fE'?'W5'9'Q??5f""S2QEfS-' m m m ' X K iii? vi wvxm 'L'?g'v?f5"f'wF'5E5fwg3?34:qmi1'fa2'if '5' .. 'S .5 " My , 5 - ' xrfm 53 gf .21 wfwisgigzyl' W . f . . Q., Q 5 nf. A- , if v z 9 V A . ,af nl A -.,.'-'Q' -R f,. ww K ' Ffvf J . fl -5, f, ws- , f ,. A, 5' Wwgi K RWM ICIN 1-iff f H Ms, was iz' 'L,,L,LWf- www , 'TW f-we lr Crippled Chiidren's Hospifal Veferan's Adminisfrafion Hospital School of Nursing ' f , ,, m.,M.s,,X ,ww ,. ,.,.h,.. ,. W.W,,,.m. , WW-mv. ffmffwww -Q -www wwmww ww .Q.,w-MN wwmw Xu W M lliil m H V 1 f Q 1 , i mal-- ,f f 2' 11 , 2 4 Q k,,,Sk,, i, School of Medicine Universify Hospifal ,.. '.,. iw DR. MARK R. EVERETT Dr. Everett, as Director of the Medical Center, Dean oi the School of Medicine, and professor and chairman of the Department of Biochemistry. is per- forming a service of considerable merit. In l920 Dr. Everett received his BS. degree from Bucknell Univer- sity, and Ph.D. in Medical Science from Harvard Medi- cal School in l924. Among his many awards are mem- bership in Oklahoma Hall of Fame in recognition of his Work in medical education, honorary Sc.D. from Bucknell University, and selection as one of 30 out- standing native sons by the State of Pennsylvania in l948. This past year he received the additional honor of being appointed a member of the Executive Council of the Association of American Medical Colleges. ASSOCIATE DEANS AND DIRECTORS Respected by students, laculty, and clinicians, Dr. Taylor has in six years as associate dean established an enviable record as a mediator, counselor, administrator and personal friend to all connected with the medical school. Ur. Taylor, who received his lVl.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Texas, is also the chairman ol' the Department ol' Physiology. After graduation lrom the Minnesota School of Medicine. Dr. l.owe had wide experience in private practice and teaching before coming to this institution in lil-16. ln l9-i9 he became medical director ol' University Hospitals and in l957 he was appointed superintendent ol' University Hospitals. He has lul- lilled this position vtith much ability and understanding. He is renowned as a clinician. educator and administrator. A. N. 'llAYI.0R, Ph.D. Associate Dean - Student Allairs '1- ROBERT C. Lowe, NLD. Superintendent of the University Hospitals ...J Dr. Stone received his M.D. lrom the University ol Penn- sylvania, and his M.S. in surgery lrom the Minnesota Graduate School ol Medicine. In addition to the duties of associate dean. he is active as assistant professor in the Department ol' Surgery. His presence is a great credit to the school and his inlluence will be long lelt in his clinical classes. As a teacher, Dr. Smith has been greatly respected, and in his present position as associate dean of the graduate college. he has done much to further the interest in graduate training in the medical sciences. He received his M.S. from the Uni- versity ol Illinois and his D.Sc. from Iohns Hopkins, and is now associate professor in the Department of Public llealth and Preventive Medicine. S. N. STONE, M.lJ. Associate Dean - Clinical Instruction PHILIP E. SMITH, Ph.D. Associate Dean of the Graduate College 1- Lisiz, r P? .r :E . R ,Q A ,.. .... 'Sa ., . . rx.. -wr 4, Y A. if if ' A 11 ' Q A 1 DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY-Left to right: Kenneth K. Faulkner, John Allan A. Katzberg, Garmon H. Daron, Kenneth M. Richter, Laurence G E. Allison, Alice M, Brues, John F. Lhotka, Ernest Lachman, chairman, THE FACULTY The men and women on the following pages are the faculty of the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine. They have given the students the benefit of their experience and knowledge and, through their example, young men and women are learning not only the science but also the art of medicine. They have forewarded the progress of medicine by their efforts as teachers and by original research in all branches of medical science. The faculty is not only responsible for instruction in both the basic sciences and clinical phases ol medi- cine but assumes the task of integrating these two broad aspects of medical education into an unified whole. It is through their efforts that the high stand- ards of the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine are maintained. Most of the pre-clinical and clinical members of the faculty are pictured on the following three pages, and on the fourth is a list of those doctors not present when the pictures were taken. Gumbreck. DEPARTMENT OF MICROBIOLOGY-FIRST ROW, left to right: Hal H Ramsey, Ill, L. Vernon Scott, Florence C. Kelly, chairmang John M. Hale SECOND ROW: Paul W. Goaz, Ted Wilson, Gerbert Rebell, Raymond K Bower. -. af luggg e g . sf if ft - 11255: I , - ' iszgsetjaffegg, pr' . ' 2,2 If f1sfwf?I'5?i5 r' ' , .-f.-:.f.,eg,e,.,ym,. , f- f' . ' .f 7 "iIf'Wif' w 2' HZ' i . . :Wiki-:L , f 5 fx 3 T 392 e 4 , ,. mg, 2 21555 J ik? N , a 3 T 1 " 12 if " fe , .4,ggfege1c - K' ng -fufmr , -w .fax-mf: .. ,, f if DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY-FIRST ROW, left to right: Fay Shep- vice-chairman. SECOND ROW: Leonard N. Norcia. Ranwel Capputo pard, Lawrence E. McClure, Mark R. Everett, chairman, Alton C. Kurtz, Marvin R, Shetlar, Earl G. Larsen, Arley T. Bever. DEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGY-FIRST ROW, lefl lo righl: W. Jeanne Green, James P. Dewar, William E. Jaques, chairman, Waller Joel, Rudolph E. Eyerer. SECOND ROW: Merlin R. Robinson, James N. Owens, Rex E. Kenyon, C. Donovan Tool, Hugh A. Slouf, James H. Rollins. ' DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY-FIRST ROW, leff lo righf: Michael T. Lalegola, A. N. Taylor, chairman, M. Jack Keyl, J. W. H. Smifh, vice-chairman. SECOND ROW: A. J. Slanley, C. G. Gunn, Roberf M. Bird, Paul B. McCay. DEPARTMENT OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE AND PUBLIC HEALTH FIRST Philip E Smllh Harold G Muchmore Wllllam W Scholfslaedl' Theodore ROW, lefl 'ro righl: Roberl' C. Lowe, Marqarel F. Shackleford Margaref R Pfundl THlRD ROW Odis A Cook John W Shackleford Maurice L E, Gwinn, Richard G. Hahn. SECOND ROW: Kirk T. Mosley chairman Peler Joseph B Goldsmith Thomas H Haighl Fi is , wr ' ' DEPARTMENT OF ANESTHESIOLOGY-FIRST ROW, Ieff to riqhlz Irvin Slream. SECOND ROW: Leficia Espaldon, Joseph T. Herbelin, Howard Hamburger, Waller H. Massion. Joseph M. While, chairman, Lawrence Keilh, Jon Hannesen, Mario Alcanlara, Ray E. Curle, Leonard T. Higgins. DEPARTMENT OF DERMATOLOGY AND SYPHILOLOGY -FIRST ROW, leff lo righl: John Penrod, Herman D. Alsfon, John H. Lamb, chairman, Phyllis E. Jones, Dwane B. Minor. SECOND ROW: Roberl J. Morgan, Lloyd A, Owens, Hervey A. Foersler, vice-chairman: William G. McCreighl, Mark A. Everell. pw DEPARTMENT OF GYNECOLOGY-FIRST ROW, left lo rlqhl: Henry G. Crawford, John J. Coyle, W. Gerald Rogers, vice-chairman, John F. Kuhn, Bennefi', Joseph W. Kelso, chairman, George Jennings, James B. Piffs, Jr., W. K. Harfford. Joseph W. Funnell. SECOND ROW: Farris W. Coggins, Sferling T. glflfi W. "' PM ff-aw' .Ns . :au ,W- 5.1 DEPARTMENT OF OPHTHALMOLOGY-FIRST ROW, Ieff Io righl: George Samuel B. Leslie. THIRD ROW: Richard Wyrick, Edwin N. Roberlson, A. Wiley, James J. Caviness, Robert W. King, James R. Reed, chairman, Roberl' I. Trenf, Roberf W. Spencer. FOURTH ROW: Robert L. Kramer, Richard A. Clay, Coye W. McClure. SECOND ROW: Clifford J. Blair, Roy W. Teed. William H. Garnier, Tullos O. Coslon, vice-chairman, Charles A. Royer, DEPARTMENT OF OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY-FIRST ROW, left Io righf: Lee K. Emenhiser, vice-chairman, Jose R. Riqual, Joseph C. MacDonald, Alvaro J. Espi- nosa, O. Allon Walson, chairman. SECOND ROW: Jenner G. Coil, Jack Van Doren Hough, Robert F. Loughmiller, Theodore G. Wails, THIRD ROW: Syl- vesler R. Shaver, Efhan A. Walker, Jr., John C. Pickard. DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE-FIRST ROW, leff to right: Roberf M. Bird, Cacriel J. Fishman, Jean S. Felfon, R. Palmer Howard, Sfewarf G. Wolf, chairman. SECOND ROW: William W. Rucks, Jr., George N. Berry. Herman Fagan, Philip M. McNeill, Leonard P. Eliel. THIRD ROW: Vernon D. Cushing, J. W. Morledge, Roberf C. Lawson, John J. Donnell, Roberf Heaney. FOURTH ROW: Berf F. Kellz, Robert H. Furman, James R. Ricks, Jr., John P. Colmore, George L. Winn. FIFTH ROW: Arthur E. Schmidlq Loyal L. Conrad, Byron L. Bailey, Richard F. Hahn. SIXTH ROW: Philip C. Johnson, James F. Hammersfen, Byron F. Smifh, Roberl A. Schneider. SEVENTH ROW: Clair Liebrand, Ted Clemens, Jr., W. F. Denny, Mark R. Johnson. EIGHTH ROW: Harold G. Muchmore, Charles W. Cafhey. DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY-FIRST ROW, lefl' fo righf: Merlin K. DuVal, John A. Schilling, chairman, James R. Riqgall. SECOND ROW: Thomas O. Hodges, Fred A. Quenzer, Irwin H. Brown. THIRD ROW: Don W. Bran- ham, Vance A. Bradford, J. Samuel Binkley, Ausfin H. Bell. FOURTH ROW: John H. Clymer, John M. Carey, J. Moore Campbell, L, Harold Brown. FIFTH ROW: Ancel Earp, Harrell C. Dodson, J. A. Cunningham, Everetfe E. Cooke. SIXTH ROW: Frank H, McGregor, J. D, lngle, Roberf B. Howard, Allen E. Greer. SEV- ENTH ROW: Evereff B. Neff, Raymond L. Murdoch, Edward R. Munnell, J. F. Messenbaugh. EIGHTH ROW: John P. Wolff, Charles H. Wilson, Charles A. Tolleff, Charles M. O'Leary. NINTH ROW: Paul M. Vickers, Gilbert L. Lyroop, Harry Wilkins. ,A DEPARTMENT OF PEDIATRICS FIRST ROW leff fo rlghf Kennefh E Lysaughl' Harry F. Singlefon. THIRD ROW: Berfha M. Levy, Samuel Bohan Jerome D Schaffer H Wallace Vandever George I Lyfhcoff Sepkowlfz Theodore R. Pfundf, Eric B. Meador, Jr. FOURTH ROW: James SECOND ROW Harris D Riley chairman Harold W Buckner James B Snow Herberf V. L. Sapper, Roberf E. Herndon, Lillian M. Hoke. DEPARTMENT OF UROLOGY-FIRST ROW, leff fo righf: Meredith M. Appleron, vice-chairman, Jim M. Taylor, Donald W. Branham, chairman: Willard H. Smifh. SEC- OND ROW: John H. Dunn, Clarence B. Dawson, James S. Boyle, Jess E, Miller, Donald D. Albers, Angel Luis Beifaglio. Dr. Alton B. Abshier, Assoc. Professor Dr. George T. Allen, Assoc. Professor Dr. Iames C. Amspacher, Asst. Professor Dr. Hubert M. Anderson, Asst. Professor Dr. Ruth V. Annadown, Instructor Dr. Robert D. Anspaugh, Assoc. Professor Dr. Harry T. Avey, Ir., Asst. Professor Dr. Ray M. Balyeat, Assoc. Professor Dr. Marcus S. Barker, Instructor Dr. Nasry F. Vander Barkett, Assoc. Professor Dr. George Barnes, Instmctor Dr. Robert H. Bayley, Professor Dr. Iames M. Behrman, Instructor Dr. Howard A. Bennett, Clinical Professor Dr. Paul C. Benton, Asst. Professor Dr. Stanley E. Berger, Clinical Assistant Dr. Charles M. Bielstein, Asst. Professor Dr. Harold I. Binder, Assoc. Professor Dr. Iames G. Binkley, Professor Emeritus Dr. Iohnny A. Blue, Asst. Professor Dr. Charles D. Bodine, Asst. Professor Dr. Iames T. Boggs, Instmctor Dr. Karl A. Bolten, Assoc. in Research Dr. William L. Bond, Instmctor Dr. William L. Bonham, Clinical Professor Dr. George S. Bozalis, Instructor Dr. Charles M. Brake, Clinical Assistant Dr. C. Alton Broum, Asst. Professor Dr. Claude H. B. Brown, Instructor Dr. David R. Brown, Instructor Dr. Nello Brown, Instmctor Dr. Richard M. Burke, Asst. Professor Dr. Iohn F. Burton, Professor Dr. Merwin T. Buxton, Instructor Dr. William T. Bynum, Asst. Professor Dr. Leo F. Cailey, Assoc. Professor Dr. Richard E. Carpenter, Asst. Professor Dr. Robert L. Casebeer, Instructor Dr. Louis H. Chamey, Assoc. Professor Dr. Mervin L. Clark, Asst. Professor Dr. Cyril E. Clymer, Professor Emeritus Dr. Carl G. Coin, Instmctor , Dr. William O. Coleman, Clinical Assistant Dr. Ioe H. Coley, Instmctor Dr. Iames R. Culvert, Asst. Professor Dr. Vernon W. Corder, Instmctor Dr. Raymond D. Crews, Asst. Professor Dr. Marion I. Crosthwait, Clinical Assistant Dr. Earl R. Cunningham, Asst. Professor Dr. Harry A. Daniels, Assoc. Professor Dr. Iohn R. Danstrom, Asst. Professor Dr. Frank E. Darrow, Instructor Dr. Charles E. Delhotal, Asst. Professor Dr. Walter H. Dersch, Asst. Professor Dr. Harry L. Deupree, Assoc. Professor Dr. Iames K. Devore, Clinical Assistant Dr. Iohn W. DeVore, Instructor Dr. Carl R. Doering, Professor Dr. Roy W. Donaghe, Instmctor Dr. Hayden H. Donahue, Consultant Asst. Professor Dr. Hubert E. Doudna, Professor Dr. William I. Dowling, Instructor Dr. Albert R. Drescher, Assoc. Professor Dr. Mary Loretta Duffy, Clinical Assistant Dr. William E. Eastland, Professor Dr. Rheba H. Edwards, Instructor Dr. Norphleete P. Eley, Assoc. Professor Dr. Arthur F. Elliott, Instructor Dr. Robert S. Ellis, Clinical Assistant Dr. Paul D. Erwin, Instmctor Dr. Iames B. Eskridge, Ir., Professor Dr. Iames B. Eskridge III, Instmctor Dr. Winfield W. Evans, Instmctor Dr. William F. Ewing, Clinical Assistant Dr. Ellis E. Fair, Asst. Professor Dr. Edward M. Farris, Asst. Professor Dr. Emil P. Farris, Instructor Dr. Edmund G. Ferguson, Professor Dr. Thomas C. Finn, Clinical Assistant Dr. Marion A. Flesher, Asst. Professor Dr. William N. Flesher, Asst. Professor Dr. Eugene R. Flock, Instructor Dr. Iohn Florence, Asst. Professor Dr. Virgil R. Forester, Instmctor Dr. Louis S. Frank, Asst. Professor Dr. Leon C. Freed, Instmctor Dr. Charles L. Freede, Asst. Professor Dr. Charles W. Freeman, Asst. Professor Dr. Guy W. Fuller, Clinical Assistant Dr. Iames I. Gable, Ir., Asst. Professor Dr. William C. Galegar, Instructor Dr. Shelby G. Gamble, Professor Dr. George H. Garrison, Clinical Professor Dr. David I. Geigerman, Asst. Professor Dr. Ella M. George, Assoc. Professor Dr. Samuel M. Glasser, Asst. Professor Dr. Marvin B. Glissman, Instructor Dr. David Gold, Clinical Assistant Dr. Ephriam Goldfain, Asst. Professor Dr. Rufus Q. Goodwin, Professor Dr, Donald C. Greaves, Assoc. Professor k THE FACULTY George H. Guthrey, Asst. Professor Harold W. Hackler, Asst. Professor Iames A. Hagans, Asst. Professor Clark H. Hall, Professor Russell D. Harris, Instructor William N. Harsha, Clinical Assistant Charles M. Harvey, Instructor Grace C. Hassler, Assoc. Professor Basil A. Hayes, Professor Emeritus Alfred A. Hellams, Asst. Professor Walter S. Hendren, Asst. Professor Ioseph R. Henke, Clinical Assistant Iess D. Hermiann, Clinical Professor Harry G. Hightower, Instmctor Robert G. Hirschi, Asst. Professor Emest F. Hiser, Asst. Professor Iames F. Hohl, Clinical Assistant Robert P. Holt, Asst. Professor Frederick R. Hood, Assoc. Professor Robert M. Howard, Professor Emeritus Fred G. Hudson, Instructor Katherine K. Hudson, Instructor Dick H. Huff, Instructor Davis T. Hunt, Clinical Assistant Muriel H. Hyroop, Asst. Professor William K. Ishmael, Asst. Professor Minard F. Iacobs, Assoc. Professor Hugh Ieter, Consultant Assoc. Professor Robert W. Kahn, Asst. Professor Edmond H. Kalmon, Ir., Asst. Professor Wilbur F. Keller, Clinical Professor Herbert Kent, Assoc. Professor Dr. Iohn W. Keys, Consulting Audiologist George H. Kimball, Clinical Professor Neil B. Kimerer, Asst. Professor David I. Kraft, Clinical Assistant Carl Krieger, Ir., Assoc. Professor Everett S. Lain, Professor Emeritus George A. LaMotte, Professor Emeritus Wann Langston, Professor Emeritus Charles E. Leonard, Clinical Professor Iohn E. Lewis, Instmctor Dave D. Lhevine, Visiting Lecturer Richard B. Lincoln, Instructor Forrest M. Lingenfelter, Professor Achilles C. Lisle, Asst. Professor Leroy D. Long, Clinical Professor Iames R. Lowell, Clinical Assistant David C. Lowry, Asst. Professor Dick M. Lowry, Asst. Professor Iames P. Luton, Clinical Professor Walter A. Lybrand, Assoc. Professor Emeritus Roy C. Lytle, Assoc. Professor Earl D. McBride, Clinical Professor Dr. Wiley T. McCollum, Instructor Lawrence C. McHenry, Professor Robert D. McKee, Asst. Professor Robert A. McLaughlin, Clinical Assistant Haven W. Mankin, Instructor Marvin K. Margo, Instmctor Dr. Frank I. Martin, Clinical Assistant Maude M. Masterson, Asst. Professor Grady F. Mathews, Professor Newman S. Matthews, Asst. Professor Robert C. Mayfield, Instructor Robert D. Mercer, Instructor Robert P. Messinger, Instmctor Thomas H. Miley, Instructor William A. Miller, Instructor David C. Mock, Instructor Iohn F. Montroy, Instructor Samuel T. Moore, Asst. Professor Iames F. Moorman, Assoc. Professor Bert E. Mulvey, Assoc. Professor Stan N. Musallam. Instructor Elmer R. Musick, Clinical Professor William M. Mussill, Asst. Professor Roy L. Neel, Instructor Ben H. Nicholson, Clinical Professor Robert L. Noell, Clinical Professor Charles F. Obermann, Assoc. Professor Don H. O,Donoghue, Professor Don L. Oesterreicher, Asst. Professor Hugh B. O'Neil, Asst. Professor Ioe M. Parker, Asst. Professor Iohn M. Parrish, Ir., Asst. Professor Pamela P. Parrish, Clinical Assistant R. Gibson Parrish, Asst. Professor William R. Paschal, Instructor David D. Paulus, Assoc. Professor Emeritus Thelma Pedersen, Assoc. Professor Dale W. Peters, Asst. Professor Venn I. Peters, Asst. Professor Thomas C. Points, Assoc. Professor Harold R. Pollock, Instructor Ira O. Pollock, Instructor Carroll M. Pounders, Professor George T. Price, Asst. Professor Moorman P. Prosser, Clinical Professor William S. Pugsley, Instructor Iohn W. Records, Assoc. Professor Robert F. Redmond, Instructor Dr. Francis I. Reichmann, Clinical Professor Dr. William H. Reiff, Instructor Dr. William B. Renfrow, Instructor Dr. George E. Reynolds, Ir., Asst. Professor Dr. Gus R. Ridings, Professor Dr. Ioseph A. Rieger, Clinical Professor Dr. Leander A. Riely, Professor Emeritus Dr. Iack L. Riggall, Clinical Assistant Dr. Robert A. Rix, Ir., Asst. Professor Dr. Dean Robertson, Asst. Professor Dr. Iohn H. Robinson, Clinical Professor Dr. Ioe O. Rogers, Instructor Dr. Charles R. Rountree, Clinical Professor Dr. Sumner Russman, Asst. Professor Dr. Peter E. Russo, Professor Dr. Bob I. Rutledge, Instructor Dr. Abel I. Sands, Clinical Assistant Dr. Fenton A. Sanger, Asst. Professor Dr. Welborn W. Sanger, Asst. Professor Dr. Sidney E. Schnitz, Clinical Assistant Dr. Mary F. Schottstaedt, Instructor Dr. Carl E. Schow, Asst. Professor Dr. William Seeman, Assoc. Professor Dr. Milton I. Serwer, Professor Dr. Ward L. SchaH'er, Assoc. Professor Dr. Mary V. S. Sheppard, Asst. Professor Dr. Muzafer Sherif, Consultant Professor Dr. Richard G. Shifrin, Instructor Dr. Edward E. Shirclilf, Ir., Instructor Dr. Howard B. Shorbe, Clinical Professor Dr. Iay T. Shurley, Professor Dr. Oren T. Skouge, Asst. Professor Dr. Harold G. Sleeper, Asst. Professor Dr. Charles A. Smith, Clinical Professor Dr. Delbert G. Smith, Clinical Professor Dr. Phillip B. Smith, Clinic-al Assistant Dr. Ralph A. Smith, Asst. Professor Dr. William O. Smith, Asst. Professor Dr. William T. Snoddy, Instmctor Dr. Laurence H. Snyder, Professor Dr. Harlan K. Sowell, Asst. Professor Dr. Iohn R. Stacy, Asst. Professor Dr. Gregory E. Stanbro, Clinical Professor Dr. Leo I. Starry, Professor Dr. Carl T. Steen, Instmctor Dr. Frank W. Stewart, Instmctor Dr. Samuel N. Stone, Asst. Professor Dr. William E. Strecker, Instructor Dr. Robert T. Sturm, Asst. Professor Dr. Robert Sukman, Instructor Dr. Charles B. Taylor, Professor Emeritus Dr. Lewis C. Taylor, Assoc. Professor Dr. William B. Thompson, Instructor Dr. Lal D. Threlkeld, Asst. Professor Dr. Albert C. Tipton, Ir., Instmctor Dr. S. Fulton Tompkins, Asst. Professor Dr. Henry H. Turner, Clinical Professor Dr. Rolf I. Ullestad, Instructor Dr. William L. Waldrop, Asst. Professor Dr. Iames R. Walker, Assoc. Professor Dr. McWilson Warren, Asst. Professor Dr. Lois L. Wells, Professor Emeritus Dr. Shirley L. Wells, Assoc. Professor Dr. Kelly M. West, Instructor Dr. Louis I. West, Professor Dr. Willis K. West, Professor Dr. Walter H. Whitcomb, Clinical Assistant Dr. Oscar R. White, Clinical Professor Dr. Carryl W. Wiggins, Instmctor Dr. A. Ray Wiley, Visiting Lecturer Dr. Harold Whitten, Assoc. Professor Dr. Neil W. Woodward, Assoc. Professor Dr. Leroy D. Wright, Asst. Professor Dr. Ioe Yamamoto, Asst. Professor Dr. Douglas A. Yeager, Asst. Professor Dr. C. Iack Young, Instructor Dr. Mary C. Zahasky, Assoc. Professor Preceptors, School of Medicine Dr. C. A. Traverse, Alva Dr. Edward T. Cook, Ir., Anadarko Dr. E. A. McGrew, Beaver Dr. Iames S. Petty, Guthrie Dr. Carlton E. Smith, Henryetta Dr. H. V. Schaff, Holdenville Dr. Tom L. Wainwright, Mangum Dr. Lynn C, Barnes, Nowata Dr. Kenneth E. Godfrey, Okeene Dr. Ray E. Spence, Pauls Valley Dr. Cody Ray, Pawhuska Dr. M. A. Connell, Picher Dr. Robert B. Gibson, Ponca City Dr. W. C. McCurdy, Ir., Purcell Dr. Aubrey E. Stowers, Sentinel Dr. Walter H. Dersch, Ir., Shattuck Dr. Iohn M. Carson, Shawnee Dr. George B. Gathers, Stillwater Dr. Ralph C. Emmott, Stilwell Dr. Carl H. Bailey, Stroud Dr. Ioe L. Duer, Woodward Dr. Edward T. Shirley, Wynnewood Associate Preceptors, School of Medicine ALVA Dr. T. D. Benjergerdes Dr. D. B. Ensor Dr. A. B. Hinkle Dr. Iohn F. Simon Dr. I. F. Stephenson ANADARKO Dr. Gilbert E. I-Iaslam Dr. Iohn B. Miles Dr. Everett L. Wiggins BEAVER Dr. Ed L. Calhoon Dr. Iohn W. Marks GUTHRIE Dr. Phillips R. Fife Dr. Elton W. Lehew Dr. I. L. Lehew, Ir. Dr. R. F. Ringrose HENRYETTA Dr. Bob G. Mitchell HOLDENVILLE Dr. D. H. Cramblet Dr. L. A. S. Iohnston Dr. Royce C. McDougal Dr. T. A. Trow MANGUM Dr. Dwight E. Pierson Dr. Fred S. Sellers McALESTER Dr. C. K. Holland NOWATA Dr. Iames H. Elliott Dr. O. L. Grigsby Dr. S. A, Lang Dr. H. M. Prentiss Dr. Denton Thomas OKEENE Dr. Thomas H. Henley Dr. Claude H. Williams OKEMAH Dr. Daton M. Rose OKLA. CITY Dr. Charles N. Atkins PAULS VALLEY Dr. I. Nash Byrd Dr. I. A. Graham Dr. Ray H. Lindsey Dr. Hugh H. Monroe Dr. Iohn M. Moore PAWHUSKA Dr. Rex W. Daugherty Dr. Richard W. Loy Dr. William A. Loy Dr. Wesley T. Manning PICI-IER Dr. Norton R. Ritter Dr. Glenn W. Cosby Dr. H. W. Wendelken PONCA CITY Dr. Robert W. Gibson PURCELL Dr. W. G. Long Dr. W. Tex Stone SENTINEL Dr. Ralson R. Hannas, Ir. Dr. L. G. Livingston SHATIUCK Dr. Richard H. Burgtorf Dr. Wilbur G. Lawson Dr. Floyd S. Newman Dr. M. Haskell Newman Dr. I. I. Smith SHAWNEE Dr. August C. Gauchat Dr. Horton E. Hughes Dr. Iames D. Loudon STILLWATER Dr. Powell E. Fry Dr. Leon C. Freed Dr. Robert E. Roberts Dr. Harold R. Sanders Dr. Haskell Smith STILWELL Dr. Burdge F. Green WOODWARD Dr. Myron C. England Dr. I. D. Fetzer Dr. R. G. Obermiller Dr. C. W. Tedrowe WYNNEWOOD Dr. D. E. Eggenberg Dr. M. E. Robberson 549 FIRST ROW, leil lo righlz John Roberl' Alexander, Tulsa, Univ. of Okla.: Roberl' Lin Alexander, Jr., Okmulgee, Univ. of Okla.: Edward Wayne Allensworlh, Brislow, Cenlral Slale College: Lanny Gordon Anderson, Wewoka, Univ, ol Okla.: John Drew Alkin, Grainola, Okla. Slale Univ.: Paul Arlhur Barre'H', Wayne, Easl' Cenlral Slale College: John Juslice Balchelor, Jr., Okla. Cily, Univ. ol Okla.: Gerald Lee Beck- Iolif, Okeene, Univ. oi Kans. SECOND ROW: Roberl' Frank Bell, Seminole, Univ. of Okla.: Norman Frank Berry, Jr., Venlor, N. J., Penn. Univ.: Roberl' Neil Blackburn, Cushing, Univ. ol Okla.: Waller Lewis Bowlan, Okla. Cily, Cenlral Siale College: Melvyn Leon Brill, Lawlon, Univ. oi Okla.: Michael Ned Burleson, Prague, Univ, ol Okla.: Delmar Ray Caldwell, Shalluck, Univ. oi Okla.: Carl D. Camp, Cleo Springs, Univ. ol Okla. THIRD ROW: William Finley Carlile, Tulsa, Tulsa Univ.: Frank Deuel Chapman, Cleveland, Okla. Slale Univ.: Ronald David Clark, Tulsa, Tulsa Univ.: Berl Nelson Corley, Sallisaw, Norlheaslern Slale College: William Anders Crockell, Okla. Cily, Cenlral Slale College: Rolaerf Edwin Curry, Tulsa, Norlheaslern Slale College: Joe Randolph Danel, Red Oak, Norlheaslern Slale College: Charles Edward Dean, Tulsa, Univ. of Okla. FOURTH ROW: Ollie Wayne Deharl, Heavener, Univ. of Okla.: Preslcn Warren Deshan, Tulsa, Tulsa Univ.: Lamar Donald Desmuke, Muskogee, Wayne Slale Univ.: Rolaerl Allen Dix, Enid, Phillips Univ.: Clyde Hudson Dorr, Okla. Cily, Univ. of Okla.: David Sprouse Dycus, Elk Cily, Univ. of Okla.: William Roberl' Easf, Okla. Cily, Univ. of Okla.: Paul Bryan Edmonds, Belhany, Belhany College. FIFTH ROW: Charles Henry Farr, Okla. Cily, Univ. of Okla.: Dean Turner Filzgerald, Jr., Tulsa, Tulsa Univ.: Ed- mund Anlhony Franken, Shawnee, Sl. Louis Univ.: Mildred Ann Franklin, Okla. Cily, Univ. of Okla.: Roger Abie Franz. Enid, Phillips Univ.: Alen Munson Fuller, Lawlon, Univ. oi Okla.: Harvey Lee Gaspar, Okla. Cily, Univ. of Okla.: Adan Luis Gorena, Jr., Brownsville, Tex., Texas Univ. SIXTH ROW: John Louis Hackney, Wakila, Okla. Slale Univ.: Charles Harrison Hale, Ponca Cily, Univ. of Okla.: Lynn William Hale, Minco, Univ. of Okla.: Charles Dennis Haunschild, Jel, Norlhweslern Slale College: Harrison Fren- sley Hayes, Okla. Cily, Univ. of Okla.: Roberl James Houge, Jr., Cherokee, Norlhweslern Slale College: George William lngels, Norman, Univ. ol Okla.: Joe Bob Jarman, Tulsa, Univ. ol Okla.: George Roberl Jay, Okla. Cily, Okla. Slale Univ. Alexander, J Alexander, Allensworlh Anderson Alkin Barrel? Balchelor Beckloff Bell Berry Blackburn Bowlan Brill Burleson Caldwell Camp Carlile Chapman Clark Corley Crockelf Curry Danel Dean Deharl Deshan Desmuke Dix Dorr Dycus Easl Edmonds Farr Fitzgerald Franken Franklin Franz Fuller Gasper Gorena Hackney Hale, C. Hale, L. Haunschild Hayes Hogue lngels Jarman Jay R Freshman class Officers include Charles Jobe, vice-president: Dale Sherrod, presidenf, and Ann Franklin, secrelary. FIRST ROW, lei? ro righl: Charles Louis Jobe, Jr., Okla. Cily, Univ. of Okla.: Charles Dwayne Kelley, Clinfon, Soulh- wesiern Siale College: Thomas Sylvesier Llewellyn, Tulsa, Tulsa Univ.: Billy Paul Loughridge, Ardmore, Univ. of Okla.: Billy Rex Lynch, Okla. Cify, Cenlral Sfale College. L-.--..., ., ,N SECOND ROW: Richard Elwood Mansfield, Manhallan, Karas., Kans. Sfale College: June Carolynn May, Owasso, Norfheasfern Sfafe College: John Edwards McAIisler, Mus- kogee, Norlheaslern Slale College: Lawrence Sfevens Mer- riH', Norman, Univ. of Okla.: Leonard Barre'H' Meyer, Man- gum, Soulhweslern Slale College. THIRD ROW: Griffiih C. Miller, Sapulpa, Univ. of Okla.: George Clifford Moore, S+illwa+er, Okla. Siale Univ.: James Davis Moore, Tahlequah, Norlheaslern Sfale College: Wil- lard Brown Moran, Jr., Shawnee, Okla. Baplisl Univ.: James Dayle Morgan, Ponca Cily, Univ. of Okla. FOURTH ROW: Crockefl' Henry Page, Okla. Ciiy, Univ. ol Okla.: Jack Dean Powell, Cleveland, Univ. oi Okla.: Jerry Lee Puls, Tulsa, Indiana Univ.: Jerome Ellon Rasmussen, Enid, Univ. of Okla.: David George Reigel, Jennings, Okla. Siale Univ. FIFTH ROW: Roberl Max Richard, Harmon, Okla. Siale Univ.: Vicfor Lycurgus Robards, Jr., Tahlequah, Norfheas+ern Siafe College: Kennelh Alfred Rogers, Jr., Okla. Cify, Okla. Cily Univ.: Moniy Leray Rolhenberger, Chesfer, Okla. Siale Univ.: Fred Joseph Saab, Jr., Haskell, Norlheasiern Slaie College. SIXTH ROW: David Moore Selby, Enid, Univ. of Okla.: Jane Self, Tulsa, Norlheaslern Siafe College: Roberl Paul Shaver, Okla. Cily, Okla. Slale Univ.: Charles Joseph Shaw, Burbank, Okla. Slale Univ.: Dale Byars Sherrod, Okla. Cily, Univ. of Okla. SEVENTH ROW: John Rigby Slighi, Barllesville, Weslmin- sler College: David Alberl Smifh, Siroud, Univ. of Okla.: Henry Percy Smilh, Frederick, Tulsa Univ.: John Irving Smilh, Tulsa, Tulsa Univ.: Roberf Marchand Smiih, Okla. Cily, Univ. of Okla. EIGHTI-l ROW: Rober Lee Smilhpeler, Geary, Univ. oi Okla.: Danny Lee Sfehr, Clinlon, Souihweslern Slale College: Luiher Jearl Sirickland, Okla. Cify, Calif. Univ.: Lowell Nel- son Templer, Mangurn, Univ. of Okla.: Harold Dean Thiessen, Golebo, Soulhweslern Slaie College. NINTH ROW: Willie Wade, Jr., Boswell, Soulheasiern Slale College: Sfan'l'on Lee WiHier, Slillwaler, Okla. Slaie Univ.: Ted Wallace Wolfe, Cushing, Univ. ol Okla.: Milion Rice Workman, Tulsa, Okla. Slaie Univ.: Phillip Jay Wrighl, Cor- dell, Univ. oi Okla. ... ,,,., Jobe Mansfield Miller Page Richard Selby Sliqhf Smifhpeler Wade Kelley May Moore, G. Powell Robards Self Smiih, D. Sfehr Wiffer Llewellyn McAlis1er Moore, J. Puls Rogers Shaver Smifh, H. Sfrickland Wolfe Lougl-:ridge Merrill Moran Rasmussen Rofhenberger Shaw Smith, J. Templer Workman Lynch Meyer Morgan Reigel Saab Sherrod Smith, R Thiessen Wrighf FIRST ROW, lell' lo righl: Lona Lou Alcins, Snyder, Okla. Bapfisl' Univ.: Ray Franklin Allen, Anadarko, Univ. ol Okla.: William Leroy Balter, Broken Arrow, Okla. Slale Univ.: Low- ell Evans Basr, Edmond, Cenlral Slale College: Samuel Charles Bernhardl, Jr., Omega, Soulhweslern Slale College: Slephen Elliol' Blackwelder, Hobarl, Weslminsler College: Billy Eugene Blevins, Enid, Okla. Slale Univ. SECOND ROW: John T. Boaz, Tiplon, Okla. Slale Univ.: William Charles Bosworlh, Norman, Univ. of Okla.: Edward Newman Brandl', Jr., Mariefla, Univ. of Okla.: Loy Donna Bridal, Cashion, Cenlral Slale College: Bloyce Hill Briflon, Jr., Ames, Univ. ol Okla.: John D. Bush, Tulsa, Tulsa Univ.: Philip Judson Campbell, Okla. Cily, Univ. ol Okla. THlRD ROW: Peler Lee Cason, Norman, Univ. ol Okla.: Timolhy Hardin Dennehy, Tulsa, Tulsa Univ.: Dean Henry Dimenl, Okla. Cily, Cenlral Slale College: Herschel Lewis Douglas, Okla. Cily, Okla. Cify Univ.: Richard Brooks Du- lany, Kingfisher, Univ. ol Okla.: Carl Richard Earnesl, Shaw- nee, Okla. Baplisl Univ.: Bobby Gene Ealon, Wealherlord, Soulhweslern Slale College. FOURTH ROW: Eldon Eugene Fifch, Newkirk, Univ. of Okla.: James Dean Funnell, San Diego, Calil., San Diego Slale College: Edgar Allen Gedosh, Poleau, Norlheaslern Slale College: Ronald Wallace Gilchrisl, Jr., Tulsa, Univ. of Okla.: Donald Carroll Gilliland, Okla. Cily, Cenlral Slale College: Thomas Gerald Goodwin, Choclaw, Univ. ol Okla.: Glen Dale Hallum, Ada, Okla. Slale Univ.: Roberl' Harold Hayes, McLoud, Okla. Baplisl' Univ. HFTH ROW: Henry Ealon Helvie, Tulsa, Okla. Slale Univ.: Roberl' Sfuarl' Herrick, Farminglon, N. M., Belhany College: Tommy Gordon Hodge, Brislow, Norlheaslern Slale College: Thomas Jean Honea, Muskogee, Univ, ol Okla.: Quellen Monroe Hughes, Allus. Soulhweslern Slale College: William Moll' Johnson, Okla. Cily, Univ. of Okla.: William lrwin Jones, Tryon, Cenfral Sfale College: Paul Edwin Kaldahl, Oaks, Dana College, Neb. Akins Allen Baker Basf Bernhardl' Blackwelder Blevins Boaz Bosworfh Brandt Bridal Brillon Bush Campbell Cason Dennehy Dimenf Douglas Dulany Earnesl' Ealon Fitch Funnell Gedosh Gilchrisf Gilliland Goodwin Hallum Hayes Helvie Herrick Hodge Honea Hughes Johnson Jones Kaldahl Leading the sophomore class are Paul Leap, secretary: Buck Wagnon, president, and Bob Eaton, vice-president. FIRST ROW, lelt to right: Donald Clark Karns, Watonga, Southwestern State College: William Ransom Kilgore, Jr., Idabel, Univ. ol Okla.: William Richard Kirkham, Stillwater, Univ. ol Mo.: Laura Jane Koehn, Westville, Northeastern State College: Edward Leroy Koger, Miami, Okla. Stale Univ. SECOND ROW: George Howard Ladd, Muskogee, North- eastern State College: Floyd Johnson Lashley, Jr., Tulsa, Tulsa Univ.: Paul Albert Leap, Okla. City, Univ, ol Okla.: Herbert Harold Lenaburg, Shawnee, Okla. Baptist Univ.: Philip James Maguire, Okla. City, Okla. Slate Univ, THIRD ROW: George Conrad Marlrert, Wewoka, Okla. Baptist Univ.: Charles Edward Marshall, Okla. City, Univ. ol Okla.: Hubert Lavon McClure, Big Canyon, Okla. Baptist Univ.: Leo Meece, Frederick, Southwestern State College: Franlr Rosback Michener, Cushing, Okla. State Univ. FOURTH ROW: Duane Calhey Miller, Lawton, Univ. ol Okla.: William Stanley Muenzler, Okla. City, Univ. ol Okla.: Jerry Raymond Nida, Mukogee, Univ. ot' Okla.: Bernie Par- sons, ldabel, Okla. State Univ.: Alvin William Patrick, Sunny- sides, Wash., Phillips Univ. FIFTH ROW: Paul Dean Patzlrowslcy, Fairview, Southwestern Slate College: Phillip James Plessinger, Guthrie, Central Slate College: Dayne Warren Ramey, Muskogee, Northeast- ern Slate College: Donald Ray Resler, Cherokee, Univ. ol Okla.: Warren Fredric Ricchetti, Bolivar, Mo., Univ. ol Okla. SIXTH ROW: Paul Edmond Roberts, Sand Springs, North! eastern Slate College: Julius Lindsey Scales, Woodward, Central Slate College: Norma Lee Sneed, Checotah, North- eastern State College: Robert McCarrel Souda, Norman, Univ. of Okla.: Wayman Rutherford Spence, Tulsa, Okla. Slale Univ. SEVENTH ROW: Robert Edward Stobaugh, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla.: Harold Stout, Waurika, Westminster College: How- ard William Taylor, Sand Springs, Univ. ot Okla.: Carol Ruth Tillotson, Norman, Univ. ol Okla.: Helen Jo Toma, Snyder, Okla. Slate Univ. EIIGHTH ROW: William Edward Van Buren, Morrison, Cen- tral State College: Marion Carol Wagnon, Tipton, South- western State College: Darrell Richard Warren, Norman. Univ. of Okla.: Robert Arlen Yeakley, Muskogee, Northeast- ern Stale College: James Wilson Zeiders, Midwest City, Okla. State Univ. ffffff Karns Ladd Markert Miller Patzkowsky Roberts Slobaugh Van Buren Kilgore Lashley Marshall Muenzler Plessinger Scales Stout Wagnon Kirkham Koehn Koger Leap Lenaburq Maguire McClure Meece Michener Nida Parsons Patrick Ramey Resler Ricchetti Sneed Souda Spence Taylor Tillotson Toma Warren Yeakley Zeiders JUNIORS FIRST ROW, Ieil lo righl: Marcus Webb Adams, Jr., Okla. Ciiy, Presbylerian College, S. C.: Richard Kenl Alexander, Muskogee, Norlheaslern Slale College: Roy Dixie Baines, Jr., l-Iennessey, Univ. ol Okla.: John Willis Barnhill, Okla. Cily, Univ. ol Okla.: James Eason Berry, Okla. Cily, Univ. of Okla.: Joe Thomas Bledsoe, Tulrle, Okla. Slale Univ.: Roberf Kennelh Borron, Belhany, Belhany College: Horace J. Brown, Norman, Univ. of Okla. SECOND ROW: Jim Roberl' Carroll, Tulsa, Okla. Slale Univ.: Merle Dean Carler, Tulsa, Norlheaslern Slale College: Charles Kempe Casleel, Aloka, Univ. of Okla.: Clinl' Edwin Chambers, Chickasl-ia, Univ. of Okla.: William Slephen Chambless, Chickasha, Univ. of Okla.: Roberl Sidney Cloud, Okla. Cily, Okla. Slale Univ.: Charles Alherlon Clough, Norman, Univ. ol Okla.: Rosser Ryan Cole, Norman, Va. Mililary Inslilule. THIRD ROW: Donald Dee Collins, Vinila, Norlheaslern Slale College: Richard Alberl' Conley, Kingfisher, Wash. Univ.: Jerry Bob Colner, Harlshorne, Norlheaslern Slale College: John Charles Day, Heavener, Okla. Slale Univ.: Max Allard Deardorlif, Tulsa, Okla. Slale Univ.: Billy Dale Dollar, Alva, Norlhweslern Slale College: James William Dyer, Miami, Univ. of Okla. FOURTH ROW: William Oron Ellifril, Ponca Cily, Cenlral Slale College: Edward Esparza, Slillwaler, Okla. Slale Univ.: Emme-H' Bonlore Ferguson, Jr., I-Iinlon, Univ. ol Okla.: Rob- erl' George Franz, Enid, Phillips Univ.: John Howard Gard- ner, Gull-irie, Univ. of Okla.: Nalhan Alvin Geurkinlr, Ard- more, Okla. Slale Univ.: Damon Donald Gregg, Beaver, Sourhweslern Slale College: Viclor Eugene Hanson, Pond Creek, Okla. Slale Univ. FIFTH ROW: Jess Hensley, Chelsea, Arkansas Univ.: Rob- err Ray Hillis, Lawlon, Univ. of Okla.: Paul Cullison Houk, Fairview, Univ. of Okla.: George Hoebing lshler, Chickasha, Univ. of Okla.: Doyle Eugene Johnson, Muskogee, Norlh- easlern Slale College: Felix Ross Kay, Big Cabin, Cenlral Slale College: Charles Ray Key, Okla. Cily, Okla. Slale Univ.: Kennelh Dwighl Kiesler, Jr., Duncan, Weslminsler College. Adams Alexander Baines Barnhill Berry Bledsoe Borron Brown Carroll Carfer Casfeel Chambers Chambless Cloud Clough Cole Collins Conley Colner Day Deardorff Dolfer, B. Doffer, R. Dyer Ellifrif Esparza Ferguson Franz Gardner Geurkink Gregg Hanson Hensley Hlllis Houk lshler Johnson Kay Key Kiesler Junior class Officers are John Barnhill, vice-president: Bill Doller, presidenl, and Nancy Rabon, secrelary. FIRST ROW, lell lo righl: Jerry Edd King, Barnsdall, Norfh- easlern Slale College: Richard D. King, Duncan, Univ. of Okla.: Irving Klein, Highslown, N. J., Univ. ol Okla.: James Alberl- Kunkel, Okla. Cily, Weslminsler College: Jo Ellen Lalla, Tulsa, Okla. Baplisl Univ. SECOND ROW: Lycurgus Orrin Laughlin, Slillwaler, Okla. Slale Univ.: Billie Lewis, El Reno, Univ. ol Okla.: Vivian Moon Lewis, Okla. Cily, Univ. of Okla.: Jesse Samuel Lillle, Minco, Univ. ol Okla.: James Downing Long, Enid, Phillips Univ. THIRD ROW: Frederick Donald Mannerberg, Okla. Cily, Okla. Slale Univ.: Billy Joe Maller, Hooker, Univ. ol Okla.: Bonnie Gibson Miller, Hardesly, Okla. Baplisl' Univ.: Noel Eugene Miller, Yale, Okla. Slale Univ.: Leroy M. Millon, Shawnee, Okla. Slale Univ. FOURTH ROW: Eugene Morkin, Okla. Cily, Okla. Cily Univ.: Wiley Henry Mosley, Okla. Cily, Soulhweslern Slale College, Memphis, Tenn.: Ray Franklin Mofley, Okla. Cily, Okla. Cily Univ.: Lynn Leroy Myers, Okla. Cily, Okla. Slale Univ.: Donald Richard Pfeifer, Tulsa, Univ. of Okla. FIFTH ROW: Nancy Ann Rabon, Copan, Okla. Baplisl' Univ.: Lloyd Edwin Rader, Jr., Binger, Okla. Slale Univ.: Donald Lee Randall, Pryor, Norlheaslern Slale College: Charles Leroy Rilchey, Jr., Alva, Norlhweslern Slale College: David Dean Rose, Okla. Cily, Univ. of Okla. 'SIXTH ROW: Richard Henry Runser, Okla. Cily, Cenlral Slale College: Ralph Guerrero Sablan, Sinaiana, Guam, Okla. Slale Univ.: Phillip Leighlon Shepherd, Wewoka, Univ. of Okla.: Charles William Simcoe, Slillwaler, Okla. Slale Univ.: Carl Roy Smilh, Tulsa, Tulsa Univ.: Edward Eugene Smilh, Okla. Cily, Univ. of Okla. SEVENTH ROW: Richard Alvin Slorls, Norman, Univ. of Okla.: Tom McNeil Slory, Edmond, Cenlral Slale College: Jimmy Ray Slrange, Mcfxlesler, Univ. of Okla.: Richard Frank Tenney, Tulsa, Tulsa Univ.: Horace Dean Townsend, Tulsa, Tulsa Univ.: John Lionel Townsend, Okla. Cily, Fisk Univ. EIGHTH ROW: John Raymond Trammell, Hollis, Univ. of Okla.: Don Ray Vesley, Tahlequah, Norlheaslern Slale Col- lege: Joan Liebenheim Webb, Pawhuska, Okla. Slale Univ.: Belly Lou Whilener, Tulsa, Abilene Chrislian College: Doug- las Cliflon Wilkerson, Jr., Okeene, Okla. Slale Univ.: Harold Dean Wilkins, Elk Cily, Soulhweslern Slale College. King, J. King, R. Klein Kunkel Lalla Laughlin Lewis, B. Lewis, V. Lillie Long Mannerberg Maller Miller, B. Miller, N. Nlillon Morkin Mosley Mofley Myers Pfeifer Rabon Radar Randall Rifchey Rose Runser Sablan Shepherd Simcoe Smilh, C. Smifh, E. Slorls Slory Strange Tenney Townsend, H. Townsend, J Trammell Vesley Webb Whilener Wilkerson Wilkins FIRST ROW, leil io righl: Jerome Harrison Arndl, Shawnee, Minn. Univ.: Donald Charles Barney, Vici, Univ, oi Olcla.: Clyde Wheeler Barlon, Mangum, Soulhweslern Siale Col- lege: William Gene Bernhardf, Kingfisher, Soulhwesiern Siale College: David William Bishop, Barllesville, Olcla. Siale Univ.: William Dean Bolene, Enid, Olcla. Siaie Univ.: Richard Harold Bo'Homley, Tulsa, Univ. oi Olcla.: Eddie Alvin Brashear, Tulsa, Tulsa Univ. SECOND ROW: Jerry Lee Bressie, Miami, Univ. of Okla.: Dale Edward Breil, Tulsa, Univ. ol Olcla.: Roberf Golfra Bridges. Olcla. Ciiy, Univ. oi Olcla.: Roberi Ogle Broome, Poleau, Univ. oi Olcla.: Roberf Ernesi BurgeH', Olcla. Cily, Yale Univ.: Harold Eugene Buiiram, Welch, Univ. of Olcla.: Ronald Edward Cagle, Lawlon, Univ. oi Olcla.: Harold Wayne Calhoon, Beaver, Norlhweslern Siaie College. THlRD ROW: William R. Cleaver, Wefumlca, Univ. ol Okla.: Clinlon Maurice Coliiey, Sweeiwaier, Univ. oi Okla.: Franlr Harry Cooper, Miami, Univ. of Olcla.: Norman Andrew Colner, Guihrie, Olcla. Slale Univ.: Kenneih Burfon Craig, Tulsa, Tulsa Univ.: William Alfred Cunningham, Okla. Cily, Univ. of Okla.: Thomas Gerald Daniel, Enid, Phillips Univ.: Gerald Rugh Dixon, Wewolca, Weslminsler College. FOURTH ROW: Roberl' Thomas Dooley, Duncan, Univ. of Okla.: Roy Josepy Doly, Miami, Univ. oi Olcla.: Palriclr Wil- liam Dudley, Okla. Cily, Univ. of Olcla.: Arfhur George Evans, Okla. Cily, Univ. oi OkIa.: David William Foersier, Olcla. Ciiy, Yale Univ.: l. Ernesl Gonzalez, Olcla. Ciiy, Univ. oi Olcla.: Glenn Warren Gordon, Lawlon, Univ. of Olcla. FIFTH ROW: Gregory Alberl' Green, Seminole, Univ. oi Olcla.: John Edward Griffin, Ardmore, Univ. of Olcla.: Richard S+. Clair Grisham, Purcell, Univ. oi Okla.: William Leroy Heinrichs, Corn, Souihweslern Sfaie College: John Morrie Hill, Jr., Midwesl Cily, Univ. oi Okla.: William Edward Hoff- meisler, Tulsa, Wesiminsler College: Bob Holre, Okla, Cify, Mich. Siaie College: Harry Charles Holloway, Jr., Belhany, Sl. Louis Univ. Arndf Barney Barton Bernhard? Bishop Bolene Boffomley Brashear Bressie Breil' Bridges Broome Burgeff Buifram Cagle Calhoon Clever Coffey Cooper Cofner Craig Cunningham Daniel Dixon Dooley Dofy Dudley Evans Foersfer Gonzalez Gordon, G. Gordon, W. Green Griffin Grisham Heinrichs Hill Hoffmeisler Hoke Holloway Officers for fhe senior class are Bob Hoke, scerefaryg John Huser, presidenf, and Joe Messenbaugh, vice-president FIRST ROW, leli io righl: John Marshall Huser, Jr., We- wolca, Univ. of Olcla.: Marshall Hubbard Ingram, Binger, Okla. Slale Univ.: Paul Courrland Kemmerly, Tulsa, Univ. of Olcla.: John Alben' Kienzle, Shawnee, Olcla. Bapiisr Univ.: James Harold Krause, Enid, Phillips Univ. SECOND ROW: Douglas Doyne Lea+herman, Enid, Phillips Univ.: Clyde Arihur Lynn, Lawlon, Olcla. Cily Univ.: Billy Lee McCoIlough, Okla. Cily, Cenlral Slale College: Charles Louis Maimbourg, Okla. Cily, Olcla. Cily Univ.: Wilford E. Maldonado, Tulsa, Univ. of Olcla. THIRD ROW: Donald Wayne Marsh, Walfers, Cenlral Sfale College: Joseph Fife Messenbaugh, Okla. Cily, Univ. of Olcla.: Dan Mifchell, Jr., Enid, Ceniral Sfale College: Wil- liam Richard Morgan, Jr., Olcla. Cily, Univ. of Olcla.: Wesley Roberlf Mole, Ardmore, Univ. of Olcla. FOURTH ROW: John Pafriclc Naughlon, Jr., Lawlon, Sl. Louis Univ.: Richard Randall Nave, McAles+er, Soulhweslern Slale College: John Roy Owen, Tulsa, Univ. ol Olcla.: lra Tom Parlcer, Jr., Tulsa, Univ. ol Olcla.: Hugh Perry, Jr., Tulsa, Univ. of Olcla. FIFTH ROW: Don Forresr Rhineharl, Tulsa, Tulsa Univ.: Jesse Floyd Richardson, Eldorado, Univ. of Okla.: Orville Lee Riclrey, Jr., Olcla. Cily, Univ. of Olcla.: Roberl' Lee Roclr, Beaver, Olcla. Slale Univ.: George Viclor Rohrer, Selman, Olcla. Slaie Univ. SIXTH ROW: Roberr Dayion Royse, Wealherlord, Soulh- weslern Slare College: Judilh Harcourf Ryder, Norman, Univ. ol Olcla.: Roy Dean Seeman, Woodward, Okla. Slale Univ.: Virgil Jerry Shepherd, Noble, Univ. of Okla.: .Howard Smorherman, Olcla. Ciiy, Univ. of Okla. SEVENTH ROW: Sylvia Slalcle, Siillwaler, Olfla. Siale Univ.: Jodie Adams Sfarlc, Olcla. Cily, Univ. of Okla.: Philip Logan Slephenson, Alva, Univ. of Olcla.: John Henry Tafom, David- son, Univ. ol Olcla.: John Vernon While, Tulsa, Univ. ol Olcla. EIGHTH ROW: James Ward Wilson, Slillwaler, Okla. Slale Univ.: Larkin Monroe Wilson, Jr., Olcla. Cily, Univ. of Olcla.: Bill Eugene Woodruff, Anllers, Easl Cenlral Slaie College: French Lazelle Worfhen, Lawlon, Univ. ol Olsla.: Donald Leslie Yales, Enid, Kansas Cily Univ. Houser Ingram Kemmerly Kienzle Leatherman Lynn McCoIIough Maimbourq Marsh Messenbaugh Mifchell Morgan Naughfon Nave Owen Parker Rhineharf Richardson Rickey Rock Royse Ryder Seeman Shepherd Sfakle Sfark Siephenson Tafom Wilson, J. Wilson, L. Woodruff Worfhen Krause Maldonado Mofe Perry Rohrer Smofherman While Yates FIRST ROW, leff lo right: John R. Alexander, Richard K. Alexander Roberl L. Alexander, Jr., Ray F. Allen, Jerome H. Arndl, Donald C Barney, William G. Bernhardf, William D. Bolene, Edward N. Brandi, Jr SECOND ROW: Eddie A. Brashear, Harold E. Buffram, Merle D. Carter Roberl' S. Cloud, Norman A, Cofner, Kennelh B. Craig, Roberf A. Dix, Arthur G. Evans, Thomas G. Goodwin. THIRD ROW: Jess Henseley, Harry C. Holloway, Jr., George R. Jay, Doyle E. Johnson, Paul C, Kem merly, Jerry E. King, James H. Krause, Clyde A. Lynn, Wilfred E. Maldonaldo. FOURTH ROW: Leonard B. Meyer, Dan Milchell, Jr., John P. Nauqhlon, Jr., CrockeH H. Page, Donald R. Pfeifer, Jack D. Powell, Jerry L. Puls, Don F. Rhineharlr, Charles L. Ritchey, Jr. FIFTH ROW: Jerome E. Rosmussen, Juluis Scales, Virgil J. Sheperd, Philip Slephenson, Dowell Templer, Richard Tenney, Horace Townsend, Don Vesley, James Wilson. PHI CHI OFFICERS Presiding Senior . IOHN P. NAUGHTON, IR. Presiding junior ,.... IESS HENSLEY Presiding Sophomore . . . BILL MORRIS Secretary ...... EDWARD BRANDT Treasurer . . CHARLES L. RITCHEY, IR. Phi Chi officers, FIRST ROW, left fo right: Sidney Cloud, Merle Carter, John Naugh- ton. SECOND ROW: Bill Morris, Don Rinehart, Jess Hensley. Omicron Kappa chapter of Phi Chi was estab- lished at the University of Oklahoma in 1922. Today there are a total of 700 alumni of this chapter, and 50 active members. Highlights during the past year have included the establishment of a lectureship program in combina- tion with the gr0up's business meetings. Speakers dur- ing the year have included Dr. M. Crosthwaite, Dr. Ernst Lachman, Dr. M. K. DuVal, Dr. C. D. Bodine, Dr. H. V. Sapper and Dr. Ioseph White. The chapter's social activities have included the Bedlam Ball, the annual Christmas dance and the an- nual Founders' Day celebration. A picnic and swim- ming party were held for the chapter by Harold and Virginia Buttram, August 3. The annual Eben Livey Memorial award in anatomy was won by Thomas Goodwin. New chapter projects this year have been the ini- tial steps in establishing an active alumni association, and the presentation of awards to the outstanding Phi Chi alumns and outstanding chapter member. "Now, Ritchey, +eIl us about Albuquerque." , 2' 1 limi 'TY FIRST ROW, lefl lo righl: Lanny G. Anderson, John W. Barnhill, Robert F. Bell, Norman F. Berry, Jr., Richard H. Boflomley, Jerry L. Bressie, Dale E. Brelf, Horace J. Brown, Michael N. Burleson, Delmar R. Caldwell. SECOND ROW: James R. Carroll, William S. Chambless, Charles A. Clough, Richard A. Conley, John C. Day, Charles E. Dean, Dean H. Dimenf, Clyde H. Dorr, Jr., Herschel L. Douglas, Richard B. Dulany. THIRD ROW: James W. Dyer, William R. Easl, Bobby G. Eafon, Charles Farr, David W. Foersier, John H. Gardner, Ronald W. Gilchrisf, Jr., Glenn W. Gordon, William T. Gordon, John E. Griffin. FOURTH ROW: Richard Grisham, Charles H. Hale, Harrison F. Hayes, William E. Hoff- meisler, Bob Hoke, Paul C. Houk, John M. Huser, Jr., George H. Ishler, Joe B. Jarman, Charles L. Jobe, Jr. FIFTH ROW: William M. Johnson, Kennefh D. Kiesler, Jr., James A. Kunkel, Billy P. Loughridge, Charles L. Maimbourg, Frederick D. Mannerberg, Billy J. Maller, Joseph F. Messen- baugh, James D. Morgan, William R. Morgan, Jr. SIXTH ROW: Wesley R. Mole, Ira T, Parker, Jr., Paul D. Palzkowsky, Pugh Perry, Jr., Philip J. Plessinger, Orville L. Rickey, Jr., David D. Rose, David M. Selby, Roberf P. Shaver, Dale B. Sherrod, John R. Slighl. SEVENTH ROW: Edward E. Smifh, Roberl M. Smiih, Howard Smolherman, Jodie A. Sfark, Roberf E. Slobough, Harold Sloul, John H. Talom, John R. Trammell, Larkin M. Wilson, Jr., Bill E. Woodruff, French L. Worfhen. PHI BETA Pl 0 F F I C E RS Archon ...... DAVID Roslz Vice-Archon . . . JOHN BARNHILL Treasurer . . BILL MATTER Secretary . . . . IIM DYER Alumni Chairman . . HUGH PERRY Phi Beta Pi, national medical fraternity, was founded March 10, 1891, at the Western Pennsylvania Medical College, now the University of Pittsburg School of Medicine. The Alpha Lambda chapter Was founded at the University of Oklahoma, May 24, 1912. Present active membership of the chapter includes 122 men. Rush, climaxed by the pledging of 34 men, in- cluded a rip-roaring stag party. The Thanksgiving and Christmas dances at the Beacon club completed the first semester's social activities. And 'lhere was a time . . . Despite the Herculeon load of the pre-clinicals and the 40 hour week of the clinicals, the syndrome so pathognomonic of medical school parties was mani- fest on every occasion. Stressing scholarship and brotherhood, Alpha Lambda moves with propriety to further the standards it has set for the betterment of Phi Beta Pi and the oldest, select fraternity-medicine. The quality of freshmen pledged each year and the interest of the alumni assures continued success. Phi Beta Pi officers include, leff fo right, Jack Brown, Jim Dyer, David Rose, Bill Matter, Byron Bailey. FIRST ROW, left 10 right: Dale Sherrod, Richard Tenny, Clyde Lynn, David Dotter, Gerald Daniel, Bill Cunningham, John Huser, Bill Johnson, Bill Rose, Buck Wagnon, Joe Jarman. SECOND ROW: David Selby, Bill Kirkham. lHE STUDENT COUNCIL UFFICERS President .... BILL CUNNINGHAM Secretary . . . . . . DAVID Ross Faculty Advisor . . DR. A. N. TAYLOR Faculty Advisor DR. W. W. SCHOTTSTAEDT BILL CUNNINGHAM Presidenf Class presidents, two representatives from each class, a gradu- ate student representative, a faculty representative and Dean Tay- lor comprise the Student Council, which is the only organized, duly elected body serving the needs of the entire student body of the Medical School. At the closing meeting of the preceeding school year, Bill Cunningham, Oklahoma City, was elected president to serve throughout the current year, and David Rose, Oklahoma City, was elected secretary at the opening meeting of this school year. Other members of the council were each appointed to serve on the various Student Council committees. Primarily through the efforts of those making up the respec- tive committees, the student body enjoyed another outstanding All-School Dance on February 8, a night of frivolity when the Gridiron was presented on March 22, an intramural sports pro- gram, and various improvements of student facilities as undertaken by the projects committee. Also, the Council again sponsored the publication of the SOONER MEDIC. NUR SA E Q,A1 Q, Mmm. Lwniawmwmamwy I University of Oklahoma School of Nursing SCHOOL OF NURSING The University of Oklahoma School of Nursing has grown from one small house to the modern four- story dormitory which houses classroom and living quarters for those enrolled in its curriculum. Not only growing in size, but also in numbers, the school now consists of two accredited programs: a diploma program and a degree program. This fall in September along with the class of freshmen diploma students, the third group of degree students began their clinical experience. These degree students are begin- ning the two years and three months at University Hospital after completing two years of academic prepa- ration at Norman. When the program was begun, the degree in nursing was given through the college of Arts and Science. But now, we can proudly point to our own little college of nursing, from which we obtain our degree. The horizons of nursing are ever broadening and shall continue to do so as long as there exists a need for graduate, registered nurses. Through nursing, young women can obtain a well rounded source of knowledge and thus fulfill their chosen place in society. ADA HAWKINS, R.N., S.M. Professor of Nursing Director, School of Nursing FACULTY AND DIRECTORS ELAINE MCMINN, R.N., M.S. IENELL HUBBARD, R.N. LENORE CLOUD, B.A. Assistant Director in Nursing Associate Director of Institutional Residence Director Nursing, Director of Nursing Service .32 X rw . k"i 5 EMMA K. FLINNER, R.N., M.Lit. NELLIE FARMER, R.N. LELA BROCK, R.N., B.S.N. DoRorIIY HOI.I,IS, R.N., B.S.N. sistant Professor in Medical-Surgical Instructor in Pediatrics Instructor in General Nursing Teaching Assistant in General Nursing Nursing DOROTHY STANDISH, R.N. MARIE C. MINK, R.N., M.S. VERA PETERS, M.H.Ec. TERESA STACY, R.N. Teaching Assistant in Pediatrics Assistant Professor in Obstetrics Assistant Professor in Nutrition Teaching Assistant in Pediatrics MARY JANE GALLASPY, RN- IESSCELIA WILSON, R.N., B.S.N. IOE ANN CLARK, R.N., B.S.N. IUDY RYDER, B.A. Instructor in Operating Room Instructor in Medical Nursing Instructor in General Nursing Freshman Advisor 565 . , wiiweisv, R CLASS OF 1958 Paula Coleman, senior class president, even manages a smile over her stack of diapers. YNANCY BYARS, Bartlesville 'LYNN CARPENTER, Lawton MARLENE CLINE, Enid Lois FISHER, Okemah :IQPAT GARRISON, Maysville "'LARUE GRAHAM, Oklahoma City 'MARGARET I-IANsEN, Norman IDELLA IACKSON, Oklahoma City MARILYN KOPACKA, Oklahoma City LOU ANN IEFFRIES, Loyal SHIRLEY MILLER, Krebs tLORETTA MORRIS, Norman YPATRICA MULVEY, Oklahoma City "'IUDY SANDERS, Garland, Texas SHIRLEY SMITI-I, Enid IANICE SPRADLING, Muskogee BARBARA STARR, Oklahoma City BARBARA VAN LEEUWEN, Clinton " Indicates Degree Students --ya-yfrv "'T"' ' CLASS OF 1959 First row, left to right: ELIZABETH BALDWIN, Bethany, SHIRLEY BARTON, Cushing, OLETA BEAM, Arnett, JEAN BROWN, Wichita, Kansas, MARY SUE BURTON, Flagstaff, Ariz., 'JANE CAREY, Enid, PAT CLARK, Healdton, BARBARA Cox, Okmulgee, FBARBARA DIEHM, Oklahoma City. Second row: SARA DUEEY, Oklahoma City, 'CARA NELL FEIGHNY, Watokag FSUSAN FREEMAN, Tulsa, CAROLYN GENTNER, Ponca City, PNANCY HARRIS, Bartlesville, CINDY HAYES, Okla- homa City, NORMA IONES, Bartlesville, KATHY KENDRICK, Okla- homa City, LOU JEAN KENNEDY, Duncan. Third row: BETTY KINSEY, Oklahoma City, DE ANN LAMB, Napa, Calif., RAYE LAMBERT, Vivian, La., JANE LEFAVOUR, Cushing, XIRMA IEAN LOWRY, Guymon, DONITA LOYD, Nicoma Park, MARY LUNSFORD, Carlsbad, N. M., MARILYN MAGEE, Dewey, "Lois JUNE MATTER, Hooker. Fourth row: TARINTHA FERN MERRELL, Norman, LAVENA MILLS, Wellstong PAT MOORE, Bethany, ALZADA OLIVER, Cushing, LILLIE RECIER, Enid, IANE RICHARDSON, Snyder, PAT RICHARDSON, El Dorado, DIXIE ROBINSON, Pampa, Tex., VIRGINIA SLATE, El Reno. Fifth row: SHIRLEY SMITH, Tulsa, HEI,EN TARVER, Muskogee, ALICE TAYLOR, Duncan, TALLIE TOWNE, Cushing, SUE TUCKER, Finley, DONNA URDAHL, Norman, PENNY VANDERI-IOOK, Okla- homa City, 'DONNA WALLS, Bartlesvilleg DONNA WILSON, Law- ton. 'Indicates Degree Students Three A.M.-and iunior class presidenf, Lugene Kennedy, sure shows her approval. - W-'W----wpw --v W- I---w-qw-YW.. W., CLASS OF 1960 Cornelia Quoeione, freshman class president, proves that practice makes perfect in making a mifered corner. First row, left to right: LINDA ARFSTROM, Durant, LAzET'1'E BEVERS, Blair, PATSIE CLARK, Levelon, Tex., Io CRINKLAW, Pampa, Tex., DOROTHY DAILEY, Lawton, IEAN D1cIcERsoN, Okla- homa City, IANET EARNHARDT, Bristow, MARTHA GAFFORD, Hayworth. Second row: CAROLYN GRIFFY, Oklahoma City, ANN HECK, Weatherford, VERNITA HELMS, Lawton, ARLYS HODGSON, Beth- any, LARUZETYE HOGGANS, Okmulgee, ALEEN KING, Oklahoma City, SUZETTE LALANNE, North Platte, Neb., MARY MARX, Oklahoma City. Third row: PAT MEEKS, Ponca City, SHARON MELTON, Okla- homa City, CHARLA MILLS, Nash, CAROL ANN MULDER, Okla- homa City, PAULA PAULSON, Oklahoma City, CORNELIA QUOE- TONE, Lawton, KATHRYN RUDD, Muskogee, MARLINE SENNHENN, Norman. Fourth row: IUDY SMITH, Canton, SONDRA SNYDER, Duncan, NANCY TAUBE, Midwest City, PATSY TUNE, Fargo, BARBARA TURNER, Stilwell, GAII, VANDAVEER, Oklahoma City, GEORGIA WALLACE, Ponca City, IEANETTE WOOD, Burkburnett, Tex. Three unsuspecling freshmen climb lhe sfeps fo fhe unknown! Hidden lalenls and suppressed desires come for+h from our cosfume parfy winners 153. r W mio er Clark, Nursing Arfs ins+ruc'ror, shows Jean ihe Donifa poinfs smilingly io Thanksgiving even fhough Four seniors, frying hard lo decide on whaf correcl' procedure abou? an iniecfion. her furkey will be eafen in The cafeleria. carols +o sing. Carolyn, and her li++le sisfer Pal, seem fo be looking Class Chrislmas parries sure come up wifh some odd bo+loms! eagerly forward +o Chrisfmas vacafion. Asia. ,,na EE 1 Qw- wrl fig Finals!!! Loolrs lille Lenore has her hands 'Full wilh Carol Ann. Penny, our Miss Valenfine, poinfs 'ro her favorile hearf. 183 it if 5. "" .Ii tx Ell sg. K ii-ii 3 2 any in -X 'R S Q . ,s Spring! And even we falre 'rime +o sun in our Bridge! Whaf beaufiesl Perfedr evening in rhe dorm. Lillie and Bill are shown irying ouf lhe swing lunch hour. ar our spring formal. Talify has finally reached ihe firsl goal of 'rraining-her cap! Sfudious seniors??7 Hope so! Sfafe boards are ius+ around fhe corner. ADVER The Universily Book Exchange Ex+encls Congra+ulal'ions +o Gracluafing Seniors and Besl' Wishes +o all for a happy Summer We are Represenfalives 'For 'l'he Official Universily of Oklahoma Class Ring. It Has Been Our Pleasure To Serve You J. C. MAYFIELD, Direclor UNIVERSITY BOOK EXCHANGE CJ U's Favorite For 28 Years DAIRIES WAKE H5417 ND 1-1-xi There IS ICHN ZINK equrpment for every heatmq 6: power need JOHN ZINK COMPANY 4401 So. Peoria Tulsa, Oklahom 3 ., f Z . M1 Ktlhfr is f A iffii f ...Qi , - 355. fi 1 1 ' ' an ff' :Jn Your Air Conditioned Cafeteria- The Will Rogers Room Designed To Serve You BeH'er The Oklahoma Memorial Union is operaTed To serve The inTeresT oT STudenTs. Make iT The cenTer oT your acTiviTies. VisiT The CaTeTeria, Barbershop, Game Room, FounTain Room, AudiTorium, Ming Room, Lounges, Union MarT and The Ballrooms. Also locaTed in The Union are Radio STaTion WNAD, The UniversiTy oT Oklahoma AssociaTion, The Universilry Book Exchange, Union AcTiviTies olllice and FaculTy Club. Managed by Board of TrusTees LEE B. THOMPSON, Presidenf JACK LUTTRELL, Vice-President D. H. GRISSO, Treasurer HILLYER FREELAND, Secrefary and Manager The OKLAHOMA MEMORIAL UNION Inc. iring the l958 Sooner cover are yearboolr beauties Carolyn esser, Anne Hesse, Sherrill Whitzel and Saraiane Bateman. In The Skirvin Tower Hotel with a young viewpoint Smart Clothes YS Q33 -' I rw ' . t ti lt fl : it ' a ,L ili tll"Htfll ' lt ' tr ' .'l' 1, tt tn ' elm'- '1 t CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SEN IORS Our thanks to all ot our student customers and an open invitation to continue to use this bank as your bank for as long as you remain in Norman. Adequate Facilities to Accommodate Friendly Employees to Serve 41" 4 4 ' 4 'iii et- lg -1 fa, 5 0 -S ts 5 Y AN9 0 Drive In Window 0 Free Parking 0 24 Hour Depository F ' . - K .1 ,,r,, ' r t r skim, I lilllll'itll'f'lllillttlrllilllllllltlllliilliilllliilllil Ei E1 irfi?322i2N , I! W . X W tj !V Sweaters lwlllll R. W. HUTTO 1. BRUCE WILEY 1, +9 , ,t IOHN MCPARLAND r lllll Gay Cottons 'l Date Dresses It A . ",. l gl Fa' f Form -l. r secunrr ANK if ' Visit l "" I , Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatio Oklahoma' s Finest Shop LI J . sf-151' NEW: flew' W ....-w:'f.'3.a-:S'.'I.vms,' e we M.. :J--'f t . ... ,W .uv-"-""l Q,-53" we ---sv eww s.-3""' . tty, ,Z gifts! .425 .even s sf"- a'f2r'-'i'sf"s5'- 2.3 Aerial view of Hughes plant. . . world's largest and most modernly equipped rock bit manufacturing plant. Also located within the 70-acre area is the block-long Hughes Research and Engineering Laboratory. What Hughes offers Drilling Industry Complete stock of bits . . .in required sizes and types . . .manufactured in sufficient quan- tities to meet the needs of the entire industry. Bit recommendation service: Hughes can make available to you a recommended bit pro- gram for any area-based on the industry's greatest rock bit experience. And you can get information which will enable you to correlate bit types with formations, with your drilling practice and hydraulic capacity of your equipment. Also, Hughes has two copyrighted hydraulic bulletins that can aid you in getting the most out of your present equipment and in the selection of new equipment. Continuous drilling research . . . carried on in the laboratory and field for nearly a half century. Facts obtained in the laboratory and field are used in developing new and improved rock bit designs and in anticipating the problems created by changing drilling techniques. Industrywide organization and system for gathering information and forecasting bit re- quirements for each drilling area. This assures you that no matter where you drill, Hughes bits of the right sizes and types will be available to meet your particular drilling requirements. ' Q43 is-sri w 1'f"j.I 'i3'?1 JYQZW M? ' . W e ave smmess.-s-.s. ., it TIJUL GIJMPANY nuvsrunnrus s I Q I 5 womn STANDARD .53 WHEN YOU RELY ON HUGHES YOU TAKE THE GUESSWORK OUT OF BIT SELECTION ' OF THE INDUSTRY Y , 1 ! I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I e I , HUGHES , , I I I I I I I I I I I I I L ............... J TESTED BY THE HOURGLASS OF TIME to qrve you quallty servxce- that 1S the VGTSITY Book Shop lt 1S a 'fradltlon on the un1vers1ty campus for students to V1S1t the shop on the corner when they have books to buy or sell Its a custom based on sound reason that always bnnqs 'chem to The Varslty shop the book sellers to the Sooners for needed books and supphes N. ll ll on the Corner A perk, mammofh worm is sfrefched ouf on 'rhe Pi Be+a Phu fron+ lawn during Homecoming celebrafion +1 :T 1 , X X X X y VARSITY BOOK SHOP If on ve tarted to make 1 2:91 'l 'i""h'5 PM 'fbi .ff ul, ni ...Q . ...,:3,..:-,- 1' lp, I- -, . ----.ap 2'Eega1. 5 H -9 53?f4'.'F. -1332- E-I-E-5514-f' k' :-Jie. -2' ' ::f.::5gj is ' -- 1.2 -4- .2-wi... :r-,,, 9 f e iii' ,we 'i X + 1 I l 1, U09 'J i 4 . 9' X ' 4 Es. N we ' i 'vw 5' "f4Li4f" up our ll t of X i :mul . N 92575 , , Ia, , . , .E 2 ,I , S qi H if 4: iii is 0 o o c I Rel in 'fzzwi 4 f' , , L :gn 1" Q fi , e. :I-,1,, ..'.. .15.1,,,5..,U ' "' -'21 "-52:5:5::zs:5::2V. ' ' ""'fi5?:EfffEif-, zi .-- 'ix-1' ,. ,e -v.:.q s X I deer .-:f. ar:':.3'f-f ,..,., -,..., - ,,1. ...,.,., . . ..., A We're unpacking some wonderful new formals and dayfime dresses here ai' Brown's on ihe campus. Come see our excifing collecfion of casual charmers and accessories from your favorife New York and California designers . fhey're gay, colorful and as individual as you are! And so righf for a happy holiday ahead! COLLEGE CORN ER -..vq:C5:5E-.:.:'.::5 N X rgical Supports, Style Garments and Foundation Garments, Elastic Hose, Braces, Etc. I'j Prescription Shop, Inc. "WHERE PHARMACY IS A PROFESSION" 1209 No. Walker - - - RE 9-2401 2507 N.W. 23 SI. - - - WI3-4406 525 N.W. 11 SI. - - - RE 9-2409 1111 No. Lee ---- RE 9-2406 CITY WIDE DELIVERY DRIVE-IN WINDOW SERVICE J. A. IConnIeI MASTERSON, President Chuck Bowman and Jim Davis Iead The Sooner sq c.I FI at OU-Colorado I'uaI'Hime. Courteous ENJOY BANKING WITH CITY NATIONAL BANK NORMAN S MAIN STREET MOTOR BANK Effic:ien+ Sa e J R SYMCOX H O M SPADDEN C h ELMER COFFEY A C In DON R SYMCOX A C h PHIL SYMCOX A +C h . . P 'a IN NQRMAN T. R. BENEDUM v' -P . I . Refreshment to You Through the Years h5"' ' xf HAVE A COKE : 1 5 X X Adams Bell A Aaronson, Stanley David, 375, 438, 530 Abati, Richard Guido, Ir., 386, 438 Abbott, George Bates, 531 Abel, David Roy, 241, 484, 490 el, Glenna Lee, 216, 398 Samuel Ioseph, 452 Ab Abel, Abel, Stanley, Iay, 165 Abels, Larry I-, 379, 452, 488 Abels, Capt. Prentice A., 477 Abels, Thomas Allen, 375, 396 Abemathy, Carolyn Sue, 265, 452 Abemathy, Iames Alan, 494 Abemathy, Iim Harold, 371, 398, 527 Aberson, Amold Phillip, 375, 438, 530 Abston, Carl Cicero, 492 Abston, Virginia Ann, 266 Acker, Charles Kenneth, 361, 398 Acker, Lexa Morris, 298, 452, 531 Ackley, Alice Ioe, 257, 313, 452 Acton, Ierry Reed, 187, 289, 351, 452, 531 Adair, Anona Lou, 319, 452 Adair, Raymond C., 526 Dr. Arthur B., 54 Adams, Adams, B. Evalyn, 332, 333, 334, 398 Adams, Iames Lee, 221, 299, 438, 512 Adsgigis, Iohn Edward, 295, 361, 452, Adams, Iohn Edward, Ir., 298 Adams, Linda Catherine, 263 Adams, L. L., 254 Adams, Marlene Laverne, 270 Arllrzirzis, Mary Bennie, 192, 193, 333, , Merrily Deann, 190, 192, 193 Adams, Michael Iames, 221, 398 Roy Bernard, 233, 244, 300, Adams 438, 530 Adamson, David Mack, 526 Admire, Iames Harold, 499 Adwon, Edward Ruedea, 471 Agee, Robert Charlesworth, 345, 424 Agee, Thomas Edmund, 345, 438, 504 Alglnew, R. B., 525 A aronian, Phyllis Ann, 327, 438 Ahlschlager, Sidney H., 526 Ahmed, Iqbal, 242 Ahshapanek, Don Colesto, 228 Aishman, Billy Lawrence, 100 Aitken, Tom Dean, 186, 190, 289, 355, 452, 488 Akard, Ann, 315, 398 Aks, Stuart Ronald, 290, 375, 452, 499 Alberding, Mary Katharine, 268, 438 Albright, Glenn Richard, 241, 248. 398 Albri ht, Mildred Earlyne, 271, 452 Alcoclr, Daniel Frank, 341, 424, 511 Align, Gertrude C., 124, 304, 305, Alcom, Robert L., 531 Alden, Ianice Sue, 302, 303, 424 Aldrich, Marilyn Ann, 424, 448 Aldridge, Charles William, 26 Aldridge, CWO Fred A., 522 Aldridge, Marilyn, 329, 398 Alexander, Alan Gary, 187, 488 Bobby Gene, 238 Alexander, Alexander, Maj. Charles H., 54, 477 Alexander, David Dean, 452 Algirgnder, Iames William, 381, 452, Alexander, Ian Howard, 509, 511 Lila, 195 Alexander, Alexander, Myra Lois, 179, 186, 273 Alexander, Thomas C., 300, 424 Alexander, Maj. William I., 54, 476 Alguiregggobert Thomton, 355, 424, 530, Allee, Robert, 42 Allen, Donald Lee, 528 Allen, Gloria Iean, 309, 424 Allen, Iames Ray, 398 Allen, Ierry Lee, 352, 398 Ioe Haskell, 50, 531 Allen, Allen, Ioel H,, 379, 424, 531 Allen, Iudith Esther, 259, 311, 438 Allen, Keith Marlin, 187, 190, 290, 462, 488 Allen, Norvin Hall, 202 Allen, Paula Dolores, 260, 317, 452 Richard Gar , 359, 452 Allen, Allen, Russell Floycll 234, 398 Alley, Iohn N., 54 Allgood, Richard Iene, 296, 482 Allingham, Iames Lewis, 371, 438, 512 Allison, Clinton Boyd, 353, 398 Algggn, Robert Frederick, 194, 216, Allison, Samuel Eldon, 290, 490 Maurice Ralston, 483 Allman, Allphin, Herbert G., 54 Allred, Iames Ray, 371, 438, 525 Allred, Richard Reaves, 438, 482 Allred, Willis Louis, 204, 398 Almerez, Francisco, 240 Almquist, C. T., 54, 204, 214 Almquist, Todd Francis, 184, 381, 452, 529 Alspaugh, Beverly Ann, 230, 398 Alston, Sally Io, 317, 424 Altgelt, Daniel Dane, Ir., 290, 371, 452 Ambrose, Kenneth E., 531 Ambum, Katherine G., 258 Amend, Paul I., 386, 387, 438 Amero, Emilio, 54 582 ' ww- W' INDIVIDUAL IN Andersen, Elwood Clark, 296, 353, 452 Andersen, George Iohn, Ir., 206, 209, 236, 424 Andersen, Robert Henry, 353, 424 Anderson, Anita Carol, 272 Anderson, Dale, 367, 438 Anderson E. C. 531 Andersonz GaylelAnita, 262, 323, 452, 469 Anderson, George L., Ir., 343, 398 Anderson, Gladys Vienne, 276 Anderson, Ierry, 438 Anderson, Iohn, 50 Anderson, Iudy, 325, 438 Anderson, Kay Lynne, 452 Anggrson, Kenneth Terry, 365, 424, 5 Anderson, Miles Casper, 90, 101, 136, 137, 191, 336, 357, 424 Anderson, Robert Dale, 487 Anderson, Robert Hughey, 473, 474 Arlggrson, Robert W., 299, 377, 452, Anderson, Ross, 195 Anderson, Mrs. Ross, 195 Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson Sally Io, 313, 424 Sandra, 321, 438 Sue Frances, 261, 278 Thomas Warren 245 Andree, of. Richard v., 541 77 Andree, Mrs. Richard V., 77 Andrews, Elizabeth, 192 Andrews, Frank, Edwin, 286, 296, 381, 452, 527, 537 Andrews, Ieroald Adron, 219, 398 Andrews, Miss Mildred, 54, 223 Andrews, Robert Bayless, 383, 438, 529 Andrus, Iack Howe, 369, 424 Anduss, Larry Paul, 341, 438, 491 Angelino, Dr. Henry R., 54 Angrist, Barbara Iean, 257, 331, 452 Angus, Mary Elizabeth, 321, 398 Anid, Elie George, 438 Ancquo, Iosh Given, 228, 526 Ans ey, Io Lfm, 321, 424, 426 Anthony, Io n Shaw, 134 Anthony, Robert Edward, 494 Anthony, William B., 202, 419, 571 Appelbaum, Donald Herbert. 530 Apple, Mari Louise, 210, 398 Applegate, oyce Dwayne, 487 Appleton, Ioyce Louise, 317, 398 Applewhite, Med William, 295, 452, 486 Archer, Carol Elizabeth. 269 Archer, Vernon Shelby, 278, 290, 487 Archer, Violet B., 54 Ard, Carolyn Anne, 127, 312, 313, 424 Argrow, Ioyce Eileen, 191, 268 Armould, Ted R., 283, 499 Armstrong, Barbara Kay, 265. 452 Armstrong, David Phillip, 357, 424 Armstrong, Delbert Ray, 203 Armstrong ,Ierry Clay, 297, 486 Armstrong, Richard V., 358, 359, 398 Armstrong, Tommy Harper, 290, 347, 452, 527 Ailrgr, Gene Ray, 288, 339, 355, 452, o Amold, Dan C., 452 Amold, Ighn Paulk, Ir.. 424 Amold, ancy Kay, 325, 438 Amold, Ruth, 52 Arnold Wendell H., 398 Aronoff, Margie Ann, 178. 267, 438 Aronson, Marshall, 378, 379, 452, 527 Artman, Iim P., 51 Artopoeus, Carl Victor, 526 Ashcraft, Iohn William. 158, 200, 424 Ashford, Connall Ray, 499 Ashley, Eleanor Terrance, 319, 424 Ashley, Max Weldon. 291. 341, 452 Ashmore, Deanna, 178. 259 Askew, Robert Floyd, 345, 424 Atllifgton, Robert Warren, 163, 345, Athey, George William, 347, 424 Atkins, Iames Calvin, Ir., 297, 367, 452, 527 Atkins, Michael Wilson, 192, 193, 470, 473 Atkins, Ronald West, 483 Atkins, William Howard, 186, 187, 438, 488 Atkinson, Arthur Richard, 282 Atkinson, Shearer Faye, 265, 452 Atlee, Iudith Marie, 273. 305. 452 Atlee, Patricia Lynne, 267. 395. 438 Attaway. David Henry, 357, 438, 530 Attaya, Freddie Alvin, 199 Aubrey, Paul Elmo, 165, 200, 287, 345, 424, 531 Ault, Donald Raymond. 398 Aushurn, Brian Edwin, 238, 242, 300 Austeri, Dante Alegro, 287, 531 Austin, Daniel, 494 Austin, Paul Douglas, 361, 452, 492 Autrey, Iames Lyall, 387, 424 Autry, Billy Lee, 219 Autry, David L., 398 Avery, Alan, 367, 398, 482 Ayala, Luis Arthur, 292. 525 Aynesworth. Loucyle, 87 B Baade, Marjorie A., 438 Babcock, Lucius, 377, 424 Babcock, Robert Earl, 430 Baca, Leo C., 213, 398 Bache, Iack, Ir,, 361, 398 Baehler, Gerald Eugene, 296, 438 Bachrach, Rochelle Patg, 307, 424 Bacon, M!Sgt. Donald ., 477 Bader, Robert Konrad, 361, 398, 523, 524, 527, 534, 537 Badger, Beverly Kathryn, 217, 246, 329, 398 Badry, Farris, 194 Badry, Iamall, 191 Baehler, Gerald Eugene, 296, 438 Baer, Gary Dee, 144, 284, 531 Baer, Iack, 143 Baer, Nancy Cameron, 317, 452 Baggett, Rex Tippens, 345, 424 Bai Ro, Chung, 237 Baier, Etta Lea, 330, 331, 438 Baier, Rudolph Charles, Ir., 199, 424, , Donald Claude, 385, 424 Bailey, Ioe Milton, 300 Bailey, Kay Victoria, 2162, 452 Ro ert Clark, 473, 474 430 Bailey Bailey, Bailey, Robert Loyes, 204, 214, 398 Bailey, Ronald Clark, 347, 424 Baily, Lora, 234 Baines, Thomas Bentley, 363, 438 Baird, William Iames, Ir., 369, 452 Baixeras, Iuan, 240 Baker, Bil Gene, 438 , Billy Ioe, 529 Baker, Bob D., 424 Baker, Bruce W., 286, 452, 491 Baker, Carol Marie, 214, 319, 398 Baker, Charles Mitchell, 355, 398 Baker, David Alan, 381, 396 Baker, David Lee, 100, 145, 146, 149, 151, 153, 284, 531 Baker, Iack William, 357, 424 Baker, Iames Hershel, 399, 510 Baker, Iames Rowland, 528 Baker, Iay C., 472, 474 Baker, Io Ann, 265, 313, 452 Baker, Mary Alice, 231, 305, 424 Baker, Philip Calder, 209, 490 Baker, Raymond Wilson, 365, 452, 526 Steven Arthur 283 Baker Baker, , Baker, Vivian Kay, 260, 452 Baker, William Hines, 359, 424 Baldwin, Ianice Lee, 26 Baldwin, Martha Io, 272 Ball, C. F., 528 Ball, Larry Murl, 452 Btall, Leonard Frank, 288, 373, 452 Ball, Patricia Iean, 132, 247, 321, 424 Ball, Sharon Ann, 272 Bally, L. F., 536 Bagaezs, Kenneth Iohn, 398, 520, 527, Balyeat, Dr. Frank, 54 Bambas, Dr., Rudolph C., 55 Bandy, William R., 55, 474 Banks, Clyde Vemon, 424 Banks, Lawrence E., Ir., 365, 424 Banning, Cherrill Dean, 263, 305, 452 Bannister, Harry Leroy, Ir., 452, 527 Baraban, Rosalind Sue, 258, 331, 452 Baraniuk, Edward Michael, 424 Barber, Kenneth Robert. 287, 531 Barber, Ronald Clyde, 204, 242, 424 Barbour, Carl Curtis, Ir,, 298, 381, 452, 528 Barbour, Miss Kate C., 55 , Brargeliotes, Leonidas C., 240 Barger, David Lee, 343, 398 Barksdale, Iames H., Ir., 343, 438, 525 Barlow, Charles Buford, Ir., 398 Bamard, Cirrelda Iulia. 261, 329, 452 Barnes, Bobby Ray, 398 Barnes, D. L., 55, 208 Barnes, Iames Michael, 351, 452, 491 Barnes, Iim E., 523, 525, 537 Barnes, Iohnny Rray, 205, 248, 398 Barnes, Ioseph Alden, 483 Barnes, Lindel Lee, 424 Bames, Loretta Iean, 315, 438 Beggars, Robert Bruce, 288, 359, 452, Bames, Sherry Kay, 259 Barnett, Cecil Clyde, Ir., 284, 531 Barnett, Henry Lee, 216 Barnett, Richard Lee, 361. 438, 490 Barnette, Leslie I., Ir., 398 Barney, Ian, 325, 438 Barney, Ionne Louise, 262, 325, 438 Barnhill, Iean Louise. 438 Barr, MfSgt, I. Y. 522 Brig? Robert Lincoln, 215, 294, 347, Barr, Thomas Patrick. 498 Barraj, Samir Ali, 207, 295 Barrett, Don Eugene, 359, 407, 424 Barrett, Iack Ray, 398 Barrett, Iim Marvin, 385, 398 Barrett, Lynn Wandell, Ir., 140, 218, 381, 424 Barrett, Marolyn Ann, 319, 438 Barrett, Ronald Day, 341, 452 Barros, Michael Rodney, 398 Barrows, Ann, 257, 317, 452 Barry, Frank, 282 Barry, George Newton, Ir., 385, 438 Barra, Larry Keith, 218, 238 Bars , Roy Harold, 297, 357, 452 Barth, Ian L., 319, 438 " s!Z?'7"f" "" Bartleson, Nancy Darlene, 315, 438, 440 Bartlett, Charles Michael, 298, 452, 527 Bartlett, Richard Boyd, 293, 438 Barton, Ioseph Leonard, 204 Bttggn, Virginia Sue, 138, 247, 313, Bartow, Arthur Corliss, 110 Basaraba, Michael, 209, 28, 282, 398 Bass, Iames Carter, 363, 438, 526 Bass, Martha Lurene, 321, 438 Bassett, Barbara Ieanne, 260, 315, 452 Bassett, Ioseph R., 424 Bastedo, Elaine Beverly, 24, 327, 398 Batchelor, Betty Lane, 261 Batchelor, Robert Amold, 487 Bateman, Monetta Dian, 325, 398 Bateman, Sally Margaret, 274, 275, 329, 424 Bateman, Sarajane, 329, 438, 576, 597 Bates, Iames Edward, 285, 531 Bates, Iose h Kenneth, 385, 452, 513 Bates, Vililllam Ellison, 280, 295, 383, 452, 498 Batlle, Carlos, 240, 296 Battenberg, Paul Royl, Ir., 200, 209, 236, 510 Batterton, Irvin Gene, 198, 398 Bauer, Marylin Margaret, 438 Baum, Edward S., 375, 398 Baum, Richard Eldon, 409 Bauman, David Stanley, 490, 492 Baumback, Clifford M., 55 Baumgartner, Norman Iean, 272, 452 Baundy, Glenda, 206 Bausch, Iames Norbert, 424 Bavinger, Eugene A., 55 Baxter, Ianell Frances, 194, 256, 490 Baxter, Ierr Oliver, 452, 490 Bayles, Dutlle Iack, 424 Bayless, Carollyn Aleen, 187, 225, 269, 278, 452 Baylor, Alice Elizabeth, 313, 438 Beach, Robert Glenn, 221 Beakey, Danny Ioe, 369, 424, 529 Beal, Carlton, H., 296, 452, 526 Beall, Bennie ., 398 Beall, Mary Louise, 266, 424 Bealmear, Kent Drake, 343, 438, 487 Bealor, Benjamin Bruce, 371, 452, 488 Beard, Betty Iane, 303, 334, 335, 398 Beard, Laura Lucille, 276, 421 Belirggen, Catherine Allen, 271, 319, Bearden, Iames Denver, 287, 452 Bell, Roy Iames, 198, 238 Bell, William Randolph, 290 Bellman, Mary Louise, 224, 303, 424, Belt, Mrs. Iames H., 385 Bender, Dr. Iohn F., 55 Bendorf, Doris, 218, 331, 438 Bendorf, Helen Sandra, 331, 399 Benedict, Beverly C., 317, 399 Benedict, Calvert Potter, 396 Benedict, Ion Truman, 295, 453, 525 Benedict, Robert Charles, 345, 438, 530 Benedum, Ben'amin Thomas, 366, 529 Benedum, T. R., 43, 45 Benefield, Michael Eugene, 453, 490 Benesh, Margaret, 215 Benner, Nancy Carolyn, 265, 317, 453 Bennett, Barbara Ann, 315, 438, 440 Bennett, Bob Eugene, 473, 474 Bennett, Donald Edward, 203, 208, 524, 528, 534, 537 Bennett, Donna Kaye, 191, 313, 453 Bennett, Iohn E., 399 Bennett, Roy Francis, Ir., 383, 399 Benson, Bar ara Lea, 315, 438 Benson, Charles Saxon, 345, 399 Benson, Donald Lee, 203 Benson, Ernla Iean, 220, 399 Benson, Iohn Manning, 234, 295, 357, 453, 527 Benson, Iohn Thurston, 234, 438, 526 Benson, Mary Katherine, 259 Benson, Dr. Oliver E., 55 Bentley, Merlin Elwood, 192 Benton, Barbara Mary, 276, 438 Benton, Ioseph H., 55 Bercutt, Henry, 232 Berenda, Dr. Carlton W., 55 Berg, William Steven, 379, 399 Bergin, David P., 55 Berglan, Dennis Lo al, 517, 530, 536 Berglan, Paul Dwight, 516, 529, 536 Ber man, Donald Raymond, 399 Beriey, Howard Leland, 365, 438, 527 Berkey, Mary Frances, 258, 307, 453 Bellggwich, Murray N., 290, 375, 453, Berman, Brenda Leah, 270 Beinard, Kenneth Norman, 378, 379, 38 Bernard, Martin Leslie, 379, 424 Bernardy, Ierry Ioe, 371, 424 Bernat, Harriet Ioyce, 331, 424, 426 Bernhart, Dr. Arthur F., 55 Bernier, Ralph Dell, 367, 453, 494 Bernshouse, Donald C., 295, 528 Bernstein, Robert Alvin, 375, 438 Bearden, Iohn O., Ir., 355, 438, 486, 504 Beasley, Guy, Nicholas, 198, 399 Beasley, Ro ert Leslie, 186, 452, 488 Beaton, William Noble, 367, 399 Beatty, Capt. Iames L., 477 Beaty, Iean Elaine, 273 Beauchamp, Charles Edward, 285, 487 Bezxfhamp, Eugene Hurst, 187, 292, Beauchamp, Ierry Wallace, 294 Belitgord, Richard Elliott, 281, 285, D Beings, Gary Douglas, 285, 381, 438, Beavin, Robert Louis, 387, 424 Bebb, Herbert Barrington, 282, 424 Beck, Billy Bob, 498 Beck, Iohn Wesley, 363, 438, 529 Beckel, Larry Iean, 225, 259, 438 Becker, Ken, 169 Becker, Margaret Ann, 191, 313, 438 Beckerman, Gary Stanley, 292, 375, 452, 486 Begggrman, Stanley L., 202, 375, 424, Beckett, Henry Vernon, Ir., 294 Beckett, Nelson Dale, 424 Beckman, Iohn Stephen, 45, 110, 182, 208, 227, 229, 246, 347, 399, 480, 484, 488 Bedwell, Iohn Lewis, 283, 452, 486 Bebbe, Billy Thad, 474 Beesley, Scott Tyler, 528 Begllcy, Margaret Anne, 231, 265, 452 Be neman, st Lt. Iohn F., 55, 522 Beistle, Patricia Anne, 191, 269, 452 Bejcek, Dean Riley, 499 Belcher, Iames E., 55 Belcher, Iames I., 169, 200 Belford, Marilyn Kay, 317, 399 Belisle, Carolyn E,, 313, 424 Belknap, Kay Virginia, 104, 325, 399 Bell, Bobb Ioe, 498 Bell, Brookls, 369, 438, 527 BeAlL11Carrol Ann, 179, 220, 247, 268, Bell, David William, 363, 438, 498 Bell, Digby Bernard, 55 Don Frank, 278, 282, 399 Bell, Bell, Donald Ryan, 221 Bell, Gerald Mayall, 424, 530 Berry, Catherine Olive, 32, 323, 438 Berry, David Roy, 339, 453, 530 Begg, Helen Suzane, 246, 264, 319, Berry, Horace Blake, Ir., 336, 387, 389 438 Berry, Howard Kennethzg., 473, 474 Berry, Max Bri ht, Ir., 4 Belry, Max Nasian, 27, 345, 375, 70, Berry, Milton Homer, 298,381,453 Berry, Robert Gale, Ir., 286, 347, 453 525 Berry Sally Ann, 317, 424 Berry, Ted Marion, 528 Berry, Walter S., 365, 438, 525 Berry, William Randolph, 233,375, 438, 529 Berthrong, Donald I., 56 Bethel, Robert E., 21, 399 Betzer, Stanley Irvin, Ir., 227, 381 424, 526 Beveridge, Ierry Donald, 362, 512 Bewley, Sarah Iacobus, 261, 313, 453 Beyers, George L., 283, 453, 488 Bienlang, Dr. Ralph, 55, 132, 133, 240 Biggers, Emmy Lynn, 247, 329, 424 Biggers, Iames Colin, 510 Biggs, Bonnie Louise, 267 Biggs, Pauline Ioy, 267 Bi gs, Richard Lee, 198, 235, 399 Billeg, Robert P., Ir., 487 Billingsley, Ann Irene, 242, 319, 424 Billingsley, Donald Ralph, 438 Billingsley, Ierome L., 381, 424 Billue, Gayna Iohnice, 128, 261, 315, 453 Bingaman, Frances Ann, 187, 270, 329, 453 Bingenheimer, Melvin, Ir., 381, 438 Bingman, Cynthia Lou, 424, 529 Bircket, Wanda Gail, 329, 399 Bird, Robert Allen, 343, 438, 526 Bird, William Iohn, 409 Bir e, Iack Paul, 482 Bisliop, Luther D., 56 Bishop, Russell, 213 Bishop, Sara Elizabeth, 178, 262, 317, 453 Bistline, Ioseph Richard, 529 Bittle, Darrell Gene, 238 Bittle, Donald Ray, 424 Bell, Mrs. Howard, 242 Bell Ierry, 22, 538 Bell I. Lewis, 510 Bell, Ioe Latimer, 347, 399, 509 Bell, Iohn VVoodward, 298, 526 Larry Afton, 245, 341, 399, 523, Bittmlan, Novie Lee, 130, 260, 319, 453 528, 538 Bell, Marilyn, 325, 438 Bell, Patricia Ann, 265, 321, 338, 452 Bell, Dr. Robert E., 55 Black, Donald Bruce, 486, 490 Black, Gerald Iohn, 278, 289, 425 Black, Harrison Evertt, 481, 485 Blgglg, Iuvata Io, 110, 223, 246, 321, Black, Sloan Iackson, 199, 235, 399 Black, Sylvia Sandra, 276, 399 Black, William Meredith, 399 Black Wynnefred Ann, 315, 439 ZS G0 53 lf LQ , fifx cfs ANY WAY YOU LOOK AT IT 5l years as a leader ln a highly compehhve business like cons+ruc'rlon means ManhaH'an has whai' ur 'fakes Io be a leader m+egrv+y know how and expern N HATTAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Muslcooes oKLAHoMA ULSA -K OKLAHOMA CITY +I FT SMITH -K HOUSTON Builders of Ihe Women s uadrangle Ihe Men s uad rangle Ihe Biological Scrence Bulldmg Ihe Busmess Admlnusfrahon Buuldlng and Ihe Sfudenl' Unuon remodel and addshons on +he Oklahoma Unlverslfy campus xx X If 'Q ' x81 SYICG. . I - - I I X X T . ' ' O . ' Q - Blackbum, Anne, 190, 217, 329, 425 Blackburn, Carl Joe, 298, 453, 526 Blackbum, James Sexton, 367, 399 Blackburn, Jill Ann, 261, 315,439 Blackbum, William M., Jr., 299, 377, 453, 526 Blackketter, Cora Dell, 439 400, 5 Bryant, Ronald George, 238, 282, 400 Blacklee, Charles Norman, 282, 425 Blackwood, Carol Ann, 214, 24 Blackwood, Charles F., 236, 238, 528 Blagg, David Hiram, 389, 425 Blair, Don Wiley, 297, 488 Blair, Edward Arden, 235, 292, 529 Blake, Claudia Ann, 333, 425 Blake, Dan Georgie, 295, 383, 453, 529 Blake, Kay Ardit , 319, 439 Blake, Milton Pearce, 383, 439, 525 Blake, Natalie, 258 Blake, Roy Gene, 210, 363, 399, 484 453 Bottoms, Garrell Chester, 295, 527 Bouchard, Mary Catherine, 325, 399 Bouchett, Richard Travis, 188, 191, 371, 425 Bouck, James Albin, 282 Boules, John Allen, 482 Boundy, Glenda Lee, 309, 439 BouSaid, Issam, 439 Boutz, Robert VVilliam, 370, 371, 425 Bovee, Richard Warren, 453, 513 Bowart, Walt Howard, Jr., 359, 453 Bowden, Patty Jo, 268, 425 Bowen, Jimmie Wayne, 145, 169 Bowen, Dr. Willis H., 56 Bower, Richard Crawford, 232, 359,425 Bower, Walter Murray, 371, 425 Bowers, Gene Weldon, 233, 381, 488, 505 Blakely, Frank Warren, 239 Blakely, John Ames, 240, 425 Blakey, Bema Jo, 215, 401 Bltancett, Allen Leroy, 233, 439, 528, 536 Blanche, Jerry Don, 453 Bland, Richard Allen, 453, 491 Blankenship, Jerry Ben, 377, 425 Blanton, Betty Jane, 110, 182, 223, 329, 399 Blanton, Mrs. M., 275 Blasingame, Jo n Wayne, 286 Blasko, Frances Jane, 272, 453 Bleakley, krmes Brian, 244, 300, 511 Bleakley, obert Maxwell, 209, 228, 248,300,399 Bledsoe, Larry Lane, 528 Bledsoe, Larry Wayne, 490 Blevins, David Coker, 292, 383, 453, 499 Blevins, Randall Paul, 385, 425 Blevins, Tommy Lee, 525 Blew, William Bryan, Jr., 471 Blick, Edward Forrest, 221, 241, 399 Bliss, Dr. Horace H., 56, 84 Blissit, Jane Marie, 260, 453 Blgglger, Jon Leslie, 278, 292, 453, 439, 512 Bowers, Kathleen J., 425 Bowersox, Wilbur Grant, 453, 530, 536 Bowles, Elizabeth A., 130, 325, 439, 521, 532, 533 Bowles, John Wesley, Jr., 205 B owles Paul Benedict, 287, 453, 483 Bowles: Robert Owen, 349 Bowles, Robert Paul, 439 Bowles, Bowling, William Worley, 139 J. Clark, 289, 351, 453, 486 Bowling, Jasper Louis, 234 Brewer, Kenneth Billy, 291, 439, 494 Brewer, Ronald Frederic, 296 Brewer, William Dixon, 510 Brewster, Horace Bill, 361, 425 Brian, Kenneth Charles, Jr., 531 Brickman, Susan Hope, 261, 307,453 Bridges, Nancy Lee, 20, 305, 400 Bridges, Robert Edgar, 453 Bridgewater, Bernard A., Jr., 473 Bridwell, Bill Duane, 293, 530 Bridwell, Malcolm Edward, 287, 531 Brig s, Barbara Ann, 267, 425 Brigiam, William Everett, 205 Bright, Judith Anne, 303, 439 Bright, Thomas Henry, Jr., 285, 453 Bri htwell, Richard, 56, 189 Briles, Owen Melvin, 482 Brinker, Dr. Paul A., 56 Brinson, Grace Ann, 270 Bristow, Byron Daryl, 293, 381, 453, 487 Brite, Cecil H., 132, 133, 135 Britton, Barbara R., 264 Britton, Charles Wayne, 471 Brixey, Dr. John C., 56, 143 Broach, Jud Lee, 121, 264 325, 453 Brggch, William Roy, 191, 300, 484, 6 Broadrick, William Heard, 299 Brocaw, Larry Don, 453, 491 Brock, Suzanne, 319, 439 Brockert, Ronnie Gene, 488 Broderson, Sharon Lee, 271 Brodkey, Morris Ronald, 218, 375, 400 Bryan, Philip Ray, 194, 400 Bryant, Mrs. Celia Mae, 57 Bryant, Donald Eugene, 110, 203, 208, Butolph, Carla Kay, 110, 246, 269, 278, 400 213, 27, 29, 246, 400 Bryant, Frank Jarboe, 299, 495 Bryant, John D., Jr., 213 Bryant, Keith Lynn, 217, 425, 530 Bryant, S. A., 42 Bryson, Eddie, 425 Buchanan, Ancel Lee, 300, 439, 529 Buchan an, Jessie Hibbert, 291 Buchanan, John Butler, 197, 199, 235, 289, 400 Buchanan, Mrs. Kathryn O., 57 Buchanan, Dr. Percy W., 57, 245 Buchanan, Robert Orien, 471 Bucher, Bert David, 210, 385, 425 Buzbee, John Paul, 470 Buzzard, Charles Lynn, 371, 439, 488 Byers, David LaMont, 242 Bynum, Lynda Kay, 270, 321, 454 -ackie Lewis, 373, 400 Byram, Byrd, Chester Lamar, 209, 28, 355, 21, 523, 527, 537 Boylan, David Eugene, 371, 425 494 Bozalis, Mary Ann, 211, 329, 425 Burgett Blocklinger, Fred Hins, 190, 285, 453, 530 Bloom, Kenneth Leroy, 491 Blue, James, Andrew, 296 Blue, James Morgan, 497 Blumenfeld, Marc, 375, 453 Blumhagen, Karen Jean, 107, 313, 425 Board, Beth Lee, 261, 329, 453 Board, John Dooley, 382, 383, 399 Boatright, James Virgil, 107, 343, 399 Boatright, Peter Lewis, 208, 471 Boatwright, Ronald Lewis, 530 Bobbett, Mrs. Everett, 195 Bobbitt ud eanon 76 Bowling, Miss Maurine, 56, 143, 177, 179 Bowman, Carolyn Sue, 26, 309, 425 Bowman, Charles Gilbert, 145, 284, 343, 399, 580 Bowyer, Ralph Gordon, 383, 425 Box, Maurice Dale, 196, 197, 205, 227, 336, 360, 361, 399 Boxley, Joan Elizabeth, 315, 399 Boyce, Walter Roy, 399, 481 H Boyd, Bobby D., 145, 146, 149, 531 Boydston, Curtis Ray, 527 Boyer, David Henry, 525 Boyer, Donald Floyd, 293, 531 Boyer, Richard Merle, 192, 193, 527 Bolggn, Edward Lorrence, 371, 439, Boyle, William, 203 Bozalis, John Russell, 293, 367, 453, Bozarth, Patsy Gaylene, 194, 272 Brabits, William Charles, 199 Brace, James Richard, 510 Brackeen, Richard Ennis, 299, 453, 494 Bradburn, H. Franklin, 244, 399 Braden, Betty Jo, 264, 311, 453 Bradford, Joseph Edward, 186, 300, 425, 531 Bradford, Kayland Zane, 399 Brodnax, William F., 425 Broeren, Quentin Roy, 232 Bronskill, Dellwood, 234 Brgggtein, RoMyma Bee, 273, 307, Brookes, John F., 56 Brooks, John Richard, 369, 439, 525 Brooks, Kent, 199, 235, 400, 489 Brooks, Larry Charles, 355, 453, 513 Brooks, Margie Rose, 192, 400 Brooks, Step anie Anne, 231, 264, 329, 453 Broome, George Brent, 439, 527 Broome, Shirley Ann, 23, 316, 317, 400 Bross, Michael Grantham, 528 Brougher, John Philip, 287, 453 Browder, George Thomas, 232, 396 Buchner, Charles E., 294, 355, 454, 528 Buchner, Marjorie Irene, 315, 439 Bucltsbaum, Leonard L., 379, 439, 512 Buchtel, Earl William, 213, 400 Buck, Ann Marie, 262, 313, 454 Buck, Carl Ronald, 238, 336, 371, 425 Buck, Francis Morgan, 373, 439, 484, 495, 536 Buck, Lyndell Garl, 473 Buckett, Jess, 87 Buckholtz, Charles L., 499 Buckingham, Allred C., 221, 241, 248, 351, 400 Buckingham, John C., 351, 470 Buay, Margaret Ann, 319, 439 Bu um, Frank Gustavius, Jr,, 244 Buford, Elizabeth A., 313, 439 Buford, Raylene, 258 Bullen, William Lyall, Jr., 361, 400 Bullock, David Everett, 241, 439 Bullock, Richard Lee, 525 Bumgardner, John Temple, 233 Bum , Helen Lee, 268, 400 Buncli, Robert Willis, 428 Bunnell, John Clarence, 400 Burch, Shirley Mae, 177, 28, 454 Burch, Terry LaRue, 454, 491 Burch, Welton Harris, 425 Burd, Kenneth Riley, 287, 454 Burden, Ray Bob, 287 Burdge, John Thomas, 439, 498 Burdick, Glen Michael, 366 Burditt, Bobby Joe, 400 Bym, Eamest Edward, 57 Bym, James Harry, 400, 526 Byrn, Patricia Anne, 425 C Cabe, Janet Sue, 193, 317, 425 Cable, Don Ray, 300, 400 Cade, John Cassius, 510 Cady, Robert Leroy, 298, 486 Carrey, John Davis, 299, 437, 483, 484, 504 Cafky, James Wright, 244 Craig, Thomas Gordon, 295, 357, 454, Cahoon, Harold Arthur, Jr., 512 Cahoon, Jack, Jr., 361, 396 Cailloux, John Ferdinand, 499 Cain, John Robert, 377, 400 Cain, Perry H., 439 Cgsltme, Yolanda M., 118, E, 317, Calder, Leslie Glen, 243, 400, 525 Caldwell, Charles L., 58 Cgdowell, Haskell W., Jr., 363, 400, Caldwell, James Eugene, 486 Caldwell, Joseph W., Jr., 286 Caldwell, Sally Sue, 111, 182, 222, 223, 247, 320, 334, 401 Calicott, Willis Day, 425 Callahan, Cecil Warren, 219, 401 Callahan, Francis Michael, 486 Callahan, James Roger, 396 Callet, Gordon, 291 Callis, George Clifford, 199 Calmes, Carole Rose, 191, 309, 401 Calmes, Janice Ellen, 303, 401 Calohan, William Clay, 204, 345, 401 Boker Bradley, ' , S a J , 2 Boddeker, Cary Armstrong, 359, 425, 527 Bode, Dale, 28, 453, 490 Boalsnhzgmer, Clyde Edward, 295, 355, 3, 5 Boersma, Reemer Alden, 496 Bogart, Kent Adrian, 299, 498 Bo gs, J. Palmer, 56, 62 BoBan, Frances Marion, 317, 439 Bohart, Jo Lou, 317, 439 Boiles, Sharon Elaine, 261 Dr. Norman H., 56 Bole, David Leland, 383, 439, 527 Bolles, Marquetta Faye, 123, 275, 425 Bollinger, C. L., 56 Bollinger, Ket a Jean, 399 Bolls, Larry Ross, 288, 336, 339, 527 Bolton, Fred Jarrell, 285, 453, 526 Bolton, Fredric, 294, 453, 495 Bomar, John Lloyd, 295, 531 Bomhofl, Robert Joseph, 453 Bond, Catherine Ware, 265, 321, 453 Bond, Dan Murra , 425 Bond, line Ella, 334 Bond, gron Humphrey, 233, 336, 359, 43 , 512 Bonds, Harley Lee, 453, 482 Bone, Harold K., 56 Bone, Mrs. Harold K., 193 Bonham, Beverly, 321, 425 Bonner, Barbara Louise, 206 Boggger, Gene Travis, 210, 227, 381, Bradford, Wilber Delano, 203, 399 Brading, Howard William, 219 Bradley, B., 531 Bradley, Charles Eldwyn, 240, 300 Bradley, Dean, 245 Bradley, Donald Ray, 210, 399 Bradley, Holley Dean, 399 Bradley, Kay Ellen, 319, 439 Bradley, Lester Eugene, 145, 284 Brigliey, Luanne, 96, 262, 315, 338, Bradley, Paul Bennett, 351, 425, 527 Susanne Ray, 271, 453 Brgggey, Wilbur Crampton, 218, 355, Bradshaw, Donald Dean, 238, 365, 453, 530 Bradshaw, John Gary, 295, 359, 453, 487 Bradshaw, Robert Don, 277, 381, 399 Bradshaw, Ronald Glen, 399 Brady, Robert Hume, 531 Bragg, Dr. Arthur N., 56 Brainard, Stephen Gage, 191, 245, 439, 525 Braithwaite, Glenda Ruth, 264, 321, Brantley Carlisle, James Harriss, 194, 490 Bonnewell. Virginia C., 206, 315, 439 Bonney, Henry Clifton, 197, 218, 227, 248, 524, 527 Bogtznsey, William C., 288, 381, 453, Booker, Thomas Johnson, 282 Boone, Richard Lee, 346, 347, 425 Boosa, John David, 300, 425 Booth, Ellen, 313, 439 Booth, Jerry R., 285 Booth, Karen Sue 258 27 453 Brand, Linda Gail, 263, 307, 453 Brandenburg, Andrew Louis, 387, 453, 512 Brandenburg, Robert F., Jr., 365, 439 Brandon, John Raymond, 512 Brandon, Martha Ann, 259 Brandon, Sheridan Ann, 193. 267, 439 Brannan, Orval Franklin, 296 Brannan, O. L., 527 Branson, Dr. Carl C., 56 Branson, Carol Anne, 257 Branson, Claude L., 290, 345, 425, 491 Brantley, Bruce M., 453 Brantley, Bruce Norton, 288, 530 Brantley, Charles Buddy, 209, 28, 400 Milton Louis, 400 Burditt Burge, 525 Burge, Burger, Burger, , William R. Jr., 400 Marvin Earl, 293, 357, 454, Thomas Alphonso, 530 Deanna, 305, 425 Leycel Allen, 199, 400 Burgess, Lois Ann, 270, 454 Burgess, William Henry, 369, 454 , William S., 57 Burggraf, Janet Lynne, 24, 425 Burk, Charles Ray, 425, 511 Burk, Norman, 375, 425 Burke, Jenie Lee, 357, 396 Burke, Lohn Michael, 361, 439, 512 Burke, enneth Donald, 381, 439, 499 Burke, Travis Dale, 198 Burkes, Joanne Elizabeth, 178, 23, 329, 334, 335, 400 Burkhard, Charles Rudolph, 292, 439, 529 Burleson, David Tumer, 473 Burleson, Mary Sue, 315, 425 Calvert, Floyd O., 209, 228 Cafgfrt, George Cecil, 192, 193, 221, Calvert, Jgseph Paul, 513 Calvert, Calvin, ing David, 531 Dontald Wayne, 487 Cameron, Rachel B., 130, 321, 425 Cairggnack, Donald David, 206, 242, Cammarano, Ann Ayers, 177, 24, 323, 425 Cammett, Lt. fjgj H. P., 508 Camp, Carol Louise, 266 Camp, Lawrence Bradley, 487 Brown, Ann, 258 Brown, Beverly Ann, 276 Brown, Bill, 87 Brown, Billy J., 453 Brown, Carol A.nn, 275, 317, 400 Brown, Charles Ragean, 296, 490 Brown, Charles Wilson, 355, 425 Brown, Clinton George, Jr., 512 Brown, David William, 367, 439 Brown, Douglas Bollman, 286, 453 Brown, Edna Dell, 269, 453 Brown, Esther Faye, 257, 453 Brown, Fred Allen, 453, 527 Brown, Gaylon Leonard, 527 Brovtm, Gerald Eugene, 198, 387, 400 Brown, Gerald Pascal, 198, 238 Brown, Guy, 88 Brown, Dr. Harley P., 57 Brgivn, Harold Wilbur, Jr., 361, 400, 0 Brown, Harrie Gilbert, 499 Brgygin, Harry Edwinn, Jr., 470, 472, Brown, Homer, 57, 203 Brown Dean Horace B., 47, 208 Brown Am. 1fcJ. L., 477 Brown Capt. James L., 55, 522, 523 Brown, James Lee, 236 Brown, James Maurice, 282 Brown, Jeanne Elizabeth, 206 Brown, Jerry Gene. 400 Brown Lawrence John, 353, 400 Brown, Dr. Loren, 58, 87 Bumett Diana Jo, 257 Bumett: Lelrry Windsor,, 425 Bumett, iss Jimmie, 180 Bumett, Marvin Dean, 282 Bumett, Nancy Carolyn, 311, 400 Bumett, Ross Arlen, 373, 425 Bumey, Gerald Scott, 526 Bumite, Mary Claire, 24 Bums, James Manning, 387, 400 Bums, Lolhn Phillip, 531 Bums, arilyn Kay, 270, 317, 454 Bums, Patricia Go , 234 Bums, Sally Britt, 313, 425 Bumside, John CliFford, 199 Campbell, Charles David, 359, 425 Campbell, David Lee, 287, 454 Calrgtspbell, Donald Harvey, 215, 383, Campbell, Dr. John Milton, 58 Campbell, Jzhn Robert, 351 Campbell, artha, 195 Calgilpbell, Marvin Henry, 209, 236, Campbell, Marvin Wayne, 203, 213, 282, 425 Cairgilpbell, Monte Carroll, 195, 203, Campbell, Robert David, 425 Campbell, Robert Leo, 387, 454, 487 Campbell, Roger Rice, 492 Campbell, Walter S., 58 Campbell, William Doyle, 21, 435 Campbe ll William Walter, 387, 401 Canafax, Tom, 471 Cannicott, Dr. Richard G., 58 Cannon, Donald Edward, 454, 486 Cannon, Eleanor Marion, 259, 439 Cannon, Harrly D., 401 Cannon Jay aul 187, 371 425, 529 Cannon: David Bdowning, 238 Burr, Orville Aaron, 495 Burr, Sandra Lea. 454 Burroughs, Priscilla Ann, 271 Burrows, Janet Sue, 268 Burrus, lJudyth Dee, 226, 309, 439 Burt, O ivette Lurleen, 206, 303, 439 Burt, Richard Henry, 209, 400 Canton, Betty, 417 Cantrell, Joe Marion, 237 Capehart, Bamey Lee, 286, 454, 513 Capito, Byron H., 375, 425 Capito, Judith Ann, 260, 331, 454 Cappo, Mossie Louis, 293, 490 Caracio, Richard Louis, 298, 454 Brian, Lynda Lizbeth, 273, 313, 338 Brown, Lynn Voyn, 530 Brown, Mary Adele, 215, 453 Brown, Nancy Ann, 212, 317, 400 Brown, Olen Ray, 134, 202 Brown, Roy Lee, 195, 198 Brown, Sharon Lynn, 262, 317, 453 Brown Mrs. Sonia, 379 Brown Sue, 195 Brovm, Susan, 273 BYZZVEYI Theresa Greenhaw, 214, 311, Brown, Thomas Ballard, 248, 400, 524, 525, 534, 537 Brown Viola Marie, 400 Brown Vivia Jean, 57 Brown, William James, 282, 365, 530 Brown William S. 284 454 531 Burtis, Buff Bonheur, Jr., 367, 400 Burton, Carolyn Ann, 234, 317, 400 Burton, Dr. Helen B., 57 Burton, Robert Harry, 492 Burum, Margaret Ann, 217, 309, 425 Burzio, Busche, John Martin, 208, 471 George Francis, 513 Buser, Betty Jean,, 319, 439 Bush, Charles C., 57, 523 Browning, David Stuart, 290, 359, Butler, , , 8 Booth, Lewie Eamest, Jr., 387, 389, 487 Brasel, Eva Lorraine, 265, 329, 453 Brasel, Lora Mae, 267 Browne, Henry Williani, 377, 400 Browne, James Broach, 472 Bush, Gretchen, 129, 217, 329, 425 Bush, Thomas Oliver, 363, 439, 512 Perley Anne, 311. 425 Carlstone, Darry Scott, 242, 527 439, Booth, Brashear, Tommy Wayne, 187, 381, 425 Brashears, Arch Allen, 400 453, 526 Browning, Kay Ellen, 262, 329, 454 Booth, Robert Arthur, 299, 495 Booth, Tony Buster, 399 Boothe, Pattie Jean, 230 Booze, Charles Fred, Jr., 286, 361, 453, 529 Bordman, Fred Alan, 375, 425 Boren, Barbara Jeannine, 313, 439 Boren, Bill, 87 Boren, Gary Kent, 365, 439 Borgstadt, Gareld Lee, 207 Bor egyi, Dr. Stephen, 52 Boring, George, 195 Boss, Stuart Mitchell, 234 Boswell, John Davis, 234, 399 Bosworth, Caroline Mason, 220 Bottoms, Brenda Bryan, 263, 313, 338, 584 Bratcher. Monty LaRex. 347. 439 Braun, Fred Victor, 375, 425, 482 Braun, Paul Edward, 191, 203, 282, 401 Brawley, Roger Hattan. Jr., 343, 400 Brawley, Russal Blair, 343, 453, 495 Braymer, Marilyn Ann, 208 Brazil, MfSgt. Jesse R., 522 Breashears, Mary Jane. 313, 425 Breckenridge, Roger Allen, 191, 499 Breedlove, Guilford Lyle, 234 Breig, Marvin L., 232, 396 Brennan, Judith Elizabeth. 321. 439 Brensing, Nelson E., Ir., 373, 439, 525 Brent, Robert Price, 359, 425 Brenton, Kenneth Don, 205, 400 Brewer, Ann, 325, 453 Browning, Robert Edward, 400 Brubitz, G., 525 Bruce, James Walton, Jr., 191, 233, 371, 439, 512 Bruce, Dr. John B., 57 Bruce, Roberto, 240 Bruce, Ronald Gayle, 194 Brumley, Sharon Kay, 130, 258, 303, 454 Brumley, Tony Mike, 528 Brunen, Calvin Stanley, 290 Brunk, John Alan, 293, 454 Brgitrson, William Thomas, 357, 439, Brunton, Clark. 167 Bruza, Donna Jean, 333, 425 Butler, Butler, Butler, Bob Burnett, 365, 439 Carol Irene, 400 Dale Ralph, 371, 454, 488 Gordon Fredrick, 300, 425 Butler, Jerry Glenn, 525 Butler, John Mack, 339, 349, 439, 526 Butler, Marjorie, 191 Butler, Owen Lyle, Jr.. 383, 425 Butler, Patricia Ann, 191, 329, 439 Butler, R. B., 529 Butler, Robert Morris, 472 Butler, Sharon L nn, 206, 303, 439 Butler Timothy J., 531 Butler: Virgil Hudson, 383, 439, 529 Butrum, Robert George, 224, 439 Butterfield, Marion L. Jr., 231, 280, 289, 351, 454, 482 Butterworth, James D., 298, 339, 345, 454, 513 Carbonell, Rosendo C., 298, 387, 454 Garea ga , Armando, 401 Catigegf, Don Albert, 292, 339, 347, 454, Calgff, George Lee, Jr., 197, 205, 377, Cargill, Carole Sue, 257 Cargill, David Keet, 373, 454, 487 Car ile, Mary Sue, 260, 454 Carlile, Robert Edwin, 495 Cagidgon, John Russell, 336, 366, 401, Carlton, Carolyn Jane, 226, 317, 425 Carman, John Edwin, 367, 401 Carnes, Carolyn, 313, 401 Carnes, Melvin Roy, 454 Carney, Mike J., 439 Carney, John Michael, 383, 425, 528 Carp, MfSgt. Michael J., 522 Carpenter, Dr. Charles Congden, 58 Carpenter, Dick Eugene, 13, 145, 146, 147, 149, 155 Carpenter, Ernest James, 24 Cgrgtienter, John Mac, 137, 192, 432, Cgtgenter, Kenneth Edson, 347, 439, Carpenter, Lewis Richard, 221 ia A . If ' "I'.,u . 1 wg.. 9 . rr " ll 'gif 31 I 'I ig ' ill II - I H 1 in, :shy lil I :lf Ilfisihiiul if lg In lirlillsllu ' I I : ni .IIE in in in :ai 'li ji' 2 3m33NIl!i1iiiI. . I Ill 2 IEIIIIIJIIIIRIA 'gg .l I 5 522 iiillifiiiiirb WW 351 5 5 Ei if '-Rza .,.,.s5E.EEE:N.g'5Ii,7'E2iw X fi- 4 To the Grads of 58 X S S 3 ' Fellow +eamma+e's wlfe, Joan Emerson, BSSISIS Bill Krislwer before S K Ihe fcoiball i'eam's fIigh+ +0 Missouri. 4 Q -I-Ulm., DMM , . voko MEMBER FEDERAL INSURANCE DEPOSIT wow? CORPORATION F RST O ALB II 'lia i-I PHIL C. KIDD . . GEORGE W. NOLAN E. H. STUBBEMAN W. D. LAMAR . T. IACK FOSTER . PHIL C. KIDD, IR. E. V. KUWITZKY . W. M. CROWNOVER ELODA WHEELER . President Vice-President Vice-President Vice-President Vice-President Vice-President . Cashier Asst. Cashier Asst. Cashier NORMAN, OKLAHOMA DIRECTORS E. H. STUEBEMAN Chairman PHIL C. KIDD W. D. LAMAR GEORGE W. NOLAN JOHN E. LUTTRELL T. JACK FOSTER B. D. DRACE IOHN M. LUTTRELL DR. CURTIS BERRY FRANK FOREMAN TED R. LAMAR PHIL C. KIDD. IR. Chesnut, Martha Ann, 273, 319, 454 Carpenter, Marble, J. Jr., 530 Carpenter, Nancy Helen, 187, 188, 240, 267, 439 Carpenter, Richard E., 284 garpeii, Judig1gtlAnn, 128, 263, 303, 454 arr, . ., Carr, knel, 295, 339, 359, 454 Carr, obert Owen, 383, 454, 482 Carr, William David, 358, 401, 524, 528 Carrillo, Carlos, Jr., 204 Carrizales, Luis Alberto, 425 Carter, Copeland, Robert Coleman, 351, 440 Carroll Forest Dwight, 527, 537 Carroll? James Edward, 527 Carroll, James Franklin, 359, 401 Carroll, Jgmes Henry, 387, 439, 530 Carroll, im Neely, 401, 510 Carroll, Patricia Joan, 127, 317, 439 Carroll, William, 143, 167 Carson, Cecil Hubert, Jr., 380, 381, 401 Carson, Joel Louis, 379, 425 Carson, Maurice Alan, 194 Carson, Robert Wayne, 342, 439, 482 Carson, Steve Glenn, 215, 513 Carson, Dean W. H., 48 Carter, Carter, Dora Louise, 276 Dorothy Ann, 325, 425 Carter, Edward Lawrence, 509, 512 Carter, Glenn Dale, 134, 471 Cagier, James Blair, 286, 359, 454, Carter, Jerry, 300, 425 Carter, Carter, Joyce Ann, 454 Kenneth Baird, 353, 439, 487 Cairfsr, Melvan DeWayne, 278, 401, Carter, Phillip Keith, 439 Carter, Preston Eugene, 401 Carter, Robert Lyndolph, 513 Sherman Paul, 278, 289, 425 Cole, Cartwright, Dr. Benjamin A., 58 Cartwright, Jan Eric, 367, 439 Cartwright, Lyle Benjamin, 220 Carver, Thad C., 385, 425 Cary, Homer Robert, Jr., 407 Casares, Blas Ramon, 240, 454 Case, kimes Worth, 355 426, 528 Case, obert Byers, 487 Casey, Charles Wendtall, 472 Casey, kuhn H., 58, 132, 133, 139 Casey, obert Louis, 182, 185, 227, 233, 347, 426 Cashion, Carol Ann, 325, 426 Cason, Donna Sue, 325, 401 Casper, John Clarence, Jr., 359, 426 Cass, Dr. Carl B., 58 Castellion, Robert Floyd, 371, 454 Castles, Beverly Ann, 230 Castro, R. Eduardo, 401 Cate, Roscoe, 50 Cate, Thomas Mitchell, 530 Cather, James R., 204, 401 Cathey, Dorothy Linda, 224, 315, 426 Cathey, Harrell J., 10 Cathey, Judith Ellen, 96, 178, 180, 315, 338, 454 Cathey, Steve Burl, 138, 139, 347, 426 Catlett, Stanley Boulware, 473 Catlin, John Stanley, 401, 529 Cato, Jane Carolyn, 128, 315, 439 Cella, Francis R., 58 Chacin, Manuel, 240 Chaddick, Nancy Lee, 265, 454 Chadwell, Nancy Kay, 333, 439 Chaffm, Kenneth Wendyl, 298, 385, 454, 499 Chalfant, Ronald Kent, 345, 439 Challenner, Ansel P., 58 Chambers, Dr. Claude, 42 Chambers, Jane, 325, 426 Cllazgtbers, William Howell, 169, 284, Champion, Thomas R., 473, 474 Champlin, Stephen Curtis, 232 Chance, Dr. H. L., 58 Chance, Jimmy Dale, 529 Chance, John Randolph, 336, 386, 387, 439, 490 Cheever, Kenneth Lee, 297, 483 Chenoweth, Dr. Philip A., 59 Chenoweth, Suzanne Jean, 269, 454 Cherry, Benny M., 284 Cheigry, Mrs. Constance Payne, 59, 2 Cherry, Penelope Dianne, 259, 454 Chesnut, Brenda, 324, 325, 401 Chesnut, Lewis Wilbur, 530 Clggsnut, M. Wayne, 297, 367, 454, 0 Chessnutt, Rev. Clyde, 192, 193 Chickering, W. Scott, 359, 440 Chicoraske, Leon Edward, 283, 440, 525 Childers, Mrs. Loree, 323 Childress, Dr. Donald Raymond, 59 Childress, Nancy Jeanne, 261, 317, 454 Clghls, Alice Catherine, 178, 270, 309, Childs, Charles Brenton, 336, 354, 355, 440 Chiles, Sandra Rae, 275, 401 Chin, Carlton Aloysius, 285 Chipman, Phyllis June, 215, 305, 440 Chism, Billie Lora, 257 Chisolm, Mrs. Mildred Y., 59 Chisum, Darvin Lee, 454 Chlouber, Kenneth Wayne, 359, 454, 491 Choate, Henry Willis, 530 Choate, William Wesley, 512 Choice, Donald Joe, 401 Chowing, Glenn Rowe, 156 Chowins, Glenn, 167 Chowins, Kenneth Gene, 293, 494 Chrisenberry, Carol Ann, 191, 222, 305, 426 Christensen, Gayle, 319, 440 Christian, Alix Diann, 263, 333, 454 Christian, Dr. A. K., 59 Christian, Charles David,.283 Christian, Sherril D., 59 Christopher, Joe Randell, 396 Christopherson, Marvin G., 296, 440, 527 Chunta, Andrew, 238, 282, 401 Chupco, Waukomis Louise, 177, 193, 225, 28, 267, 440 Church, Constance Laile, 193, 454 Church, George Frank, 167, 219, 401, 531 Churchill, George W., 50, 227 Ciereszko, Dr. Leon S., 59 Cies, John Dondore, 529 Cihak, Don W., 472, 474 Ciruti, Joan, 240 Cizon, Gordon Alan, 206, 379, 440 Clabaugh, Nancy Jayne, 264, 329, 454 Claibome, Joseph Allen, 531 Claibome, Max Ray, 158, 531 Clampitt, Doyle Lemuel, 513 Clampitt, Richard Lee, 235, 248, 282, 401 CIBPP, Carl Jay, 299, 525 James Berton, 297 Claim, Cbgzp, Robert Vinton, 227, 244, 347, Clevenger, Crossen Price, 401 Clifton, Dr. C. Stanley, 59 Clifton, Donald Gene, 300, 426 Cline, Eleanor Elizabeth, 217, 309, 426 Cline, Royal R., 207 Cligj, Shirley Anne, 226, 270, 309, Clgggan, Patrick Allen, 233, 244, 293, 0 Clingman, James Hepler, 287, 440 Cloar, James Allen, 290, 513 Close, Henrie Bea, 401 Cloud, Sue Jane, 246, 319 Cloud, Wilbur F., 59, 199 Cluck, Orville Edward, 401 Coates, Dannie Richard, 204, 300 510 Coates, John Joseph, 286, 528 Coats, Edith Lee, 263, 313, 454 Coats, Richard Lee, 244, 510 Cobb, Robert Dunham, 202, 222, 401 Coblents, Louis William, 440, 525 Cocanougher, Arthur B., 359, 440 491 Cochran, Billie Kay, 261, 313, 454 Cochran, Charles Mayo, 357, 426 Cochrane, Robert Roebuck, 361, 402, 525, 534 Colglge, Karl Edward, 187, 217, 341, Cockerham, Robert Wayne, 455, 490 Cody, David LeRoy, 203, 402 Coe, Charlotte Elizabeth, 266, 455 Colielt, Kenneth Merle, 348, 349, 426 Coflielt William Donald, 290, 499 Coffeyi Bill Ray, 293,490 Collgey, John Walter, 294, 383, 455, 0 Coffey, Larry Gene, 528 Coffey, Marilyn Ann, 216, 315, 440 Ccgggy, William Lee, 216, 377, 426, Coffman, Bobby Edward, 530 Colfman, Conyetta, 224 Coffman, Dr. Stanley K., 59 Coffman, Teddy Ray, 381, 426 Cohan, Lawrance Seth, 375, 402 Cohen, Elaine Marilyn, 111, 223, 330, 334, 402 Cohen, Vanda Lee, 307, 426 Cohn, Clifton Richard, 375, 440 Coker, MfSgt. William Sidney, 477 Colabelli, Gerald L., 297, 528 Colbert, Dr. James C., 59 Colbert, William Charles, 326 Cook, Charles Eugene, 186, 188, 440, 531 Cook, Dennis Lee, 187, 188, 440, 531 Cook, Erwin Alfred, 473 Cook, Gary Lee, 293, 490 Cook, Harwin Thomas, 359, 440, 512 Cook, Kenneth Ralph, 527 Cook, Linda Lou, 315, 440 Cook Linda Ruth, 194, 224 Cook, Mar Jane, 440 Cook, Micllael Allan, 526 Cook, Monte, 285, 426 Cook, Patricia Ann, 195, 440 Cook, Peggy Jane, 187, 257, 455 Cook, Priscilla Haigh, 191 Cook Roger Kent 195 440 528 Cooksey, Barb.ara Ann,,211,,2l5, 305, 440 Cookso n, Carroll Jeff, 287 Cooley, Gail Ann, 315 Coon, Peter Monell, 297, 499 Cooper, Becky, 225 Cooper Cooper , Bill Joe, 455 , Boblly nm, 341, 410, 472,474 Cooper, Donald Lew, 472, 474 Cooper, Mrs. F. Maxey, 382 Cooper H. L., 528 Cooperj Irving Stanley, 379, 440, 528 Coope Cooper r, Jacqueline M., 178, 242, 402 , John Harrison, 238, 357, 426 Cooper, Patsy Joan, 319, 440 Cooper, Rebecca Ann, 305, 440 Cooper, Richard Ralph, 296, 373, 455 Coataer, Sandra Ann, 206, 320, 321, Copeland, Ann, 186, 226, 258, 309, 455 Copeland Dr. Fayette, 6, 60, 132 crggT1.rnal Gary Earl, 186, 349, 455, Coplin, Donald Herbert, 235, 243, 375 402, 530 Coggin, Gerald Ray, 227, 375, 470, Coxspgedge, Davis Atwood, 347, 402, Coppedge, Rex Dean, 218, 238, 402 Corbet Corbet t, Charles Taylor, 529 t, Pat, Jr., 299, 470, 471 Corbitt, Richard W., 99, 144, 146, 284, 435, 531 Corcoran, Leo Francis, 282 Cramer, Harvey David, 359, 440, 482 Crane, Marcia Sue, 258, 331, 455 Craven, Dr. Clilford J., 50 Cravens, Audre Yvonne, 473 Crawford, Bill Bob, 218, 238, 402 Cijvgford, Glenn Hill, Jr., 204, 370, Crawford, James Neal, 383, 440, 527 Creel, Patsy Jane, 177, 309, 426 Creighton, Warren Gary, 499 Crenshaw, Carole Sue, 208, 325, 402 Crider, Eddie Earl, 134, 486 Crim, Franklin, 60 Cringle, Alan Carter, 240, 402 Criswell, Donald Eugene, 203 Crites, Dennis M., 60 Crites, H. L., 363, 440, 482 Craft, Dr. Albert J., 60 Cronoble, William Ralph, 232, 402 Crooch, John Henry, Jr., 192, 193, 300, 426 Crook, Dr. Kenneth E., 60 Crook, Stuart Edwin, 488 Crosby, Donald Wynn, 192, 193, 426 Crosby, Joe Harold, 292, 371, 455, 527 Crosby, Linda, 270, 311, 455 Cross, Cross, Charles Thomas, 426 Delbert Leon, 284, 531 Cross, Dennis Arthur, 170, 200, 241, 287, 383, 402 Cross, Donald Arthur, 170, 200, 241, 383, 402, 494 Cross, Dr. George L., 44, 45, 90 Cross, Mrs. George L., 45 Cross Lester Dean 402 Cross, Raymond Frank, 291, 455, 513 Crosse, Judith Kay, 272 Crosser, Orin K., 60 Crouch, Catharine E., 211, 317, 440 Crow, Doug, 167 Crowder, Edwin B., 143 Coldiron, Phill Carson, 530 Cole, Bill D., 526 Cole, Carole Anne, 304, 334, 402 Cole, Carolyn Elizabeth, 260, 321, 455 Cole, Frank W., 60 Cole, James Morgan, 396 Cole, Jerry Jay, 383, 440, 494 Cole, Jon Keith, 244 Cole, Jsihn, 245 Cole, arilyn Rose, 192, 193, 311, 426 Cole, Mary Jane, 313, 455 Cole, Max Lee, 490 Cole, Robert Clay, 491 Roy Verlin, 525 Chance, Norman A., 58 Chancellor, Richard S., 381, 439, 527 Chandler, James Clifton, 471, 525 Chandler, Rex William, 383, 426 Chandler, Richard Bruce, 286, 486, 490 Chandler, Robert Grant, 359, 439, 486 Chandler, Robert Raul, 215, 383, 426 Chaney, David Poe, 357, 454, 491 Daffer, Emest Robert, 233, 240, 441 Chaney, John F., 52 Chaney, Nancy Leee, 216 Chaney, Paul Raymond, 454, 490 .L Chang Yi Chapman Rudolph H., 295 Charles Wayne, 186, 188, 189, 191, 340, 401 Chapman, Cynthia, 321, 426 Chapman, John William, 531 Chapman, Nicki Jean, 265, 333, 454 Chapman Roger Allen 293 357 454 chapmarrf William cai1y1e,'227,'336, 529 Patrick Henr 426 Clare, y, Clzk, Ann Carolyn, 319, 338, 438, 0 Clark, Bent Clyde, 227, 232, 494 Clark, Bobby Franklin, 401 Clark, Carl Wayne, 295, 385, 454, 486 Clark, Dan Kent, 359, 454, 499 Clark, F. Donald, 59, 185 Clark, Elizabeth Jane, 192, 315, 454 Clark, Garland Ray, 527 Clark, Gary Madison, 365, 426 Clark, Howard Charles, Jr., 233 Clark, Dr. James B., 59 Clark, James Benton, 525 Clark, James Russell, 529 Clark, Joan Marie, 454 Clark, Joe Ann, 225 Clark, John Carlisle, 209, 236, 401 Clark, John Merideth, 454, 513 Clark, Norman Ray, 293, 483 Clark, Patricia Ann, 216, 440, 530 Clark, Phillip Allen, 297 Clark, Dean Rialplh W., 49, 69 Clark, Mrs. Ralp W., 69 Clark, Robert Edward, 496 Clark, Robert Larry, 363, 426, 530 Clark, Ronald Linden, 287, 454, 511 Clark, Wahnne Cooper, 491 Clark, William Sinclair, 511 Clarke, Robert Travis, 300 Clarke, Samuel Hiarvey, Jr., 227, 232, 363, 401, 481 Clary, David Robert, 169, 359, 401 Clawson, Stewart Haynes, 499 Claxton, Jerelyn Woodene, 319, 401 Clay, Dolores Ann, 101, 117, 257 Clayton, Barbara kan, 273, 303, 454 Clayton, Edward omfh, 342, 529 Clayton, Frank Rod ers, Jr., 204, 401 ackre P ul 1 3 , 02 Conner, Steven Edward, 345, 440, 512 377, 470, 471 Chaput, James Edgar, 439 Chizgsfain, Geraldine F., 137, 257, 305, Chasain, Martha Nelle, 137, 180, 193, 305, 440 Chasteen, Suzanne, 272, 305, 454 Chatman, Janey Kathryn, 230, 231, 329, 426 Clggzlen, Stephen Mark, 293, 379, 454, Cheadle, Dr. John B., 59 Cheatham, Barbara, 182, 183, 210, 315, 426 Cheatham, John F., Jr., 493 Cheatwood, Kay Barry, 264, 303, 454 Cheek, MfSgt. Isaac E., 522 586 Clayton, J ' a , 40 Clayton, James Rodgers, 204, 214, 401 Clayton, Mrs. W. L., 345 Clearman, Mary Jacklyn, 269, 454 Clearwater, Robert L nn, 385, 401 Clemens, Dr. Howard, P., 59 Clement, Dr. Besse A., 59 Clements, Kenneth Paul, 232 Ckgrgents, Mervin D., Jr., 369, 440, Clements, Shirley, 89 Clemons, Dale E., 296, 486 Clemons, Donald David, 186, 189, 27, 426 Cleveland, Charles Roy, 492 Cleveland, Elmer Glynn, 282 Clevenger, Alva Ben, 294, 454, 482 Cole, Sandra Gayle, 214, 303, 455 Coleman, Donald Sidney, 353, 402, 484, 492 Coleman, John Cranston, 365, 402 Coley, Dorla Rae, 315, 455 Coley, Gary Dee, 426 Coley, John Ross, Jr., 167, 531 Collar, Jeffrey Morgan, 355, 455, 494 Collet, Lyle Gordon, 491 Collier, Howard Curtis, 470, 471 Collier, Sally Elizabeth, 317, 440 Ccgggne, Raymond Emmett, 236, 455 Collings, Dr. Ellsworth, 60 Collins, Arlie Alonzo, Jr., 455, 498 Collins, Charles Edwin, 209, 236 David Fnank, 289, 527 Collins, Collins, Ernest Frederick, 245, 365, 440, 527 Collins, Jroyce Elizabeth, 182, 303, 440 Collins, ed, Jr., 361, 440, 492 Collums, Garner, 254 Colston, Forrest Lynn, 186, 300, 402, 531 Colston, Phil Evans, 290 Columbus, Travis Henry, 284, 531 Colvard, Roselyn June, 180, 270 Combs, Bill Goldsborough, 221 Comer, Charles William, 288, 455, 526 Comfort, William T., Jr., 383, 402 Comola, Jaclyn Freda, 402 Comola, Wilson, Jr., 402 Comp, LaVerne A., 60, 221, 241 Confer, Judith Ann, 317, 440 Conklin, David Lee, 296, 455, 488 Conleg, Carol Lynn, 203, 315, 426 Conli , Carol Jean, 179, 319, 440 Conly, Stanley Etoyle, 289, 455, 494 Colrggell, Martha Carolyn, 257, 329, Colnner, Leslie Lynn, Jr., 295, 347, 455 86 Coriieili Patricia Ann, 111, 182, 223, Connolly, Markham, 293, 367, 455, 528 Connolly, Sharon, 321, 426 Connor, James Terry, 298 Connor, James William, 472 Connor, Robert Charles, 163, 287, 529 Conrad, Troy Laveme, 238, 402 Colrgsidine, Patrick A., 290, 367, 455, 0 Constantin, Dr. James A., 60 Coody, Nancy Jane, 270, 455 Cook, Carol Ann, 190, 222 Cordy, James Leroy, 234 Corff, John Carl, 387, 440 Corn, Carolyn Kay, 317, 426 Cornelison, Wesley Gene, 426 Comelius, Jerry Lon, 139, 440, 504 Cornell, Frederick Robert, 284, 531 Comwell, William Newton, 455, 499 Corona, Jfxhnny Charles, 203, 402 Corsaw, oger D., 60 Cortner, Bo J., 202 Cory, William L,, 60 Corzine, Robert George, 214, 369, 402 Cosgrove, A. L., 60, 208 Cossey, Charles William, 182, 183, 383, 426 Cgsffy, James Donald, 383, 426, 509, Cogiello, John Francis, Jr., 381, 470, Costley, Dan Lanier, 210 Coston, Molly Alexandrea, 315, 440 Cotner, Joseph Sidney, 221, 339, 365 426 Couch, Alan Jay, 472 Couch, Dean Glenn C., 47 Coulter, Joseph E., 60 Council, Maryle, 224, 259, 426 Countryman, Wanda Lee, 275, 402 Counts, George Washington, 396 Court, Dr. N. A., 60 Courtney, Richard Wayne, 373, 426 Coury, Jeanette, 271, 55 Cclltassons, Richard T., 233, 343, 402, 6, 491 Cowan, Ann Beverly, 313, 402 Cowan, Duane R., 402 Cowan, Joseph Douglas, 187, 387, 440 Cowden, James C., 213 Cowen, Chester Richard, 206, 289, 526 Cowen, Mary Alice, 261, 321, 455 Cox, Carol Annette, 224, 259, 426 Crowder, Lois Gail, 313, 440 Crowder, Richard Perry, 369, 440 Crowell, Bill Bruce, 365. 426 Crowell, Larry Douglas, 297, 357, 455 529 Crowley, Karen L., 190 Crown, Joan Lois, 455 Crowson, James Lawrence, 297, 530 Crumley, Carolyn, 325, 402 Crump, Betty Sue, 247, 319, 426 Crunkleton, Joseph Donald, 300 Crust, Conrad Charles, 207 Crutchfield, James Paul, 278, 298 Cgxzan, Car yn Grant, 163, 345, 440 27 Chr ler, Marlin Duane, 291, 455 Cullrgn, Betsy, 106, 180, 321, 440 Cullen, Jlames Evendon, 351, 402 Ctagpz, C esley Key, 232, 361, 402, 484, Culp, Raymond Mayo, 440, 498 Ctalgg, Robert Dudley, 233, 361, 440 Culvahouse, Jack, 244 Culver, Carol Ann, 217, 309, 426 Culwell, Jim Bob, 361, 440 Cullwell, Neita Williams, 402 Cummings, Bobb Mark, 396 Cummings, Carofyn Maxine, 271, 312, 313, 455 Cunningham, Don Morris, 526 Cunningham, Edward Allen, 486 Cunningham, Gene M., 233, 336, 363, 440, 509, 512 Cunningham, J. Elaine, 264, 455 Cunningham, James Lee, 367, 402 Cunningham, Mary Marsden, 317, 440 Cunningham, Stanley Lloyd, 531 Cunningham, Willi-am T., 385, 440 Cupit, Mary Alice, 332, 333, 426 Curpen, Mooroossen, 237, 455 Currey, Nanci, 191, 303, 426 Currie, Dorot y Leight, 225, 267, 440 Curry, Bennie Michael, 531 Curry, Donald Morgan, 209, 228, 242 Curry, Morris Sheppard, Jr., 369, 426 Curry, Norma Lee, 266, 440 Curry, Timothy Cullen, 290, 376, 377, 455, 486 Curtis, James B., 381, 455 Curtis, Raymond Ernest, 380, 396 Curtis, Richard Dean, 299, 527 Curtis, Thomas Lee, 381, 455, 498 UI Cox, Carol Lynn, 267 Cox, Clint, 300, 484, 487, 492 Cox, Dale Austin, 513 Cox, Gary Edward, 203, 361, 402, 524, 525, 531, 537 Cox, Gene Samuel, 240 Cox, Hobert Dorsey, Jr., 402 Cox, James Richard, 232, 402 Cox, Lawrence Allen, 351, 455 Cox, Mike Stanley, 482 Cox, Robert Dale, 365, 426 Cox, Stephen Francis, 281, 296, 513 Coyle, Charles Ross, 98, 145, 146, 200, Cush an, Dr. Paul A., 61 Cutchall, Creston Court, 294, 339, 361, 455 49 284 Crabb, Mar Ann, 272, 311, 455 Crabtree, Albert Lee, 357, 455, 486 Crabtree, Dale, 355, 440 Ciztbtree, Gloria, 186, 188, 240, 266, 02 Craig, Anne, 313, 440 Craig, Carol Diane, 267, 440 Crgagg, David Bouldin, 292, 357, 455, Craig, Hetty Faye, 440 Craig, John Calvin, 531 Craig, Max Wayne, 490 Craig, Ray Lynn, 385, 426, 529 Craig, Rex Edward, 187, 188 Crain, Karen, 321, 440 Crall e, James Michael, 510 Cram, Miss Dorothy F., 60 , 2 Cuthbert, Carole Kay, 333, 426 Cutler, Rodney Loy, 362, 363, 402 Cutler, Vilona P., 61 Czeskleba, Donna Lee, 303, 426 D Dabbs, Jeri Rae, 270 Dgdgng, William Russell, 343, 440, 2 Da gs, James Keith, 203, 402 Dali , Johnny, 521 Dailey, Jean Kay, 139, 268 Daily, Dr. Charles F., 61, 208 Daily, Pat Osborn, 402 Dakin, Virginia, 315, 402 Dale, Dr. E. E., 61 Dale, Robert Levers, 347, 365, 440, 49l Dale, Don William, 440, 512 Damico, Michael, 426 Damon, Carol Ann, 107, 321, 440 Daniel, Mrs. Ann, 197 Daniel, Billy Joe, 284, 531 Daniel, Doub as Stephen, 245, 282 Daniel, Samuel P., Jr., 472, 474 Daniels, Larry Hunter, 487 Daniels, Robert Wesley, 528 Tlfmeisab llfilyay qvllfl wish comefiuel PERMANENCE and SPLENDOR in Buildings Are Begotten Only By EXPERIENCED BUILDERS We count it a privilege to have had a part in the physical growth and expansion oi the Uni- versity oi Olclanorna. We are pleased to be the builder oi the tol- lowing buildings. Addition to University Hospital Music Practice Building Education Building Addition to Central Air Conditioning Bldg. Addition to Bizzell Memorial Library Iournalism Building Addition to Women's Quadrangle GE ER4 sf ZCQL at 1 5 s. OFAM EQQXG. Builders onstruction ompany 1304 Republic Building OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA RSLEY H. R. I ENSEN EARL TANKE WM, E. TANKERSLEY WALTER W. KRAFT DAN A. TANKERSLEY Dunn 529 Durant, Robert Allen, 529 Elmore, Faust, J ig ,..-Y-..-v..,, ..., ,L , , Dank, David Michael, 527 Dannenberg, Mrs. R. N., 318 Danner, Nancy Ann, 179, 186, 188, 266, 440 Darling, Douglas, 293, 516, 517, 526, 536 Darnell. Quinton Lee, 402 Darrough, Lina Burford, 265, 321, 455 Darrough, Mary Beth, 193, 262, 455 Dathe, Phyllis Louise, 333, 402 Datin, Mary Noelene, 313, 440 Datola, Rene, 426 Daugherty, Patricia Ann, 127, 210, 313, 426 Davenport, James L., 491 Davenport, Jerry Bowman, 234, 242 David, Javonna Sue, 231, 333, 426 David, Dr. Paul R., 61 Davidson, Clyde Nathan, Jr., 287 Davidson, Frances Rosalie, 307, 455 Davidson, Harold Dean, 191, 281, 294. 426 Davidson, Jan, 329, 440 Davidson, Ruth Ann, 313, 402 Davie, Thomas Earl, Jr., 381, 440 Davies, Lloyd Gordon, 235, 243, 248, -vu-ev--Y Derryberry, Larry Dale, NG, 455 Deskins, James Wesley, 191, 233, 441, 488 Desory, Charles, 441 Determan, Richard Edward, 209, 403 Dewitt, Walter Dee, 441 Dexter, Frances Ruth, 329, 427 Dexter, Terence George, 403 Dhillonn, Sharanjit, Singh, 205, 282, 403 DiVall, Dorothy Jane, 314, 315, 403 Dick, Thomas Charles, 427 Dicken, Sharon Lee, 311, 455 Dicus, Frank Edward, 385, 427 Dfhm, Henry William, 209, 282, 03 Dieterman, Lawrence John, 396 Dietrich, Lavoys E., 219 Dill, Donald Henry, 455 Dillard, Bobby Lee, 296, 455, 495 Dillard, Mrs. XV. L., 194 Dimery, Velmer John, 283, 470, 471 Dingman, Richard Gerry, 221, 396 Dirks, Ronald Benjamin, 486 Disney, Ralph W., 218 Disney, Richard L., 81 Disosway, Judith, 125, 263, 329, 455 282 Davies, S. C., 512 Davis, Davis, Davis Davis 494 Davis Davis, Billy Ray, 471 Bob Dwain, 355, 440, 528 David Leland, 194 Don Eugene, 389, 441, 492, Dorothy Ruth, 261, 321, 455 Earl Lee, 495 Davis Frank Wayne, 217, 470, 474 Davis, Gloria Cecile, 262, 313, 455 Davis, ay 426 Davis, 531, Davis, Jarries Warren, 144, 146, 284, 580 Jerry Samuel, 530 Davis, Jess Burdette, Jr., 513 Davis, Johnna Myrle, 313, 426 Davis, Judith Elaine, 317, 441 Davis, Kenneth Jay, 383, 484, 490 Davis Lonnie E don, 530 Davis Davis Davis, Paul Wayne, 471 Ro er Scott, 402 Sa8y Jane, 325, 403 Dissly, Charles William, 287 Dizlcgiu, Darryl David, 285, 369, 455, Dixon, Merle Gene, 525 Dixon, Richard Edward, 355, 403, 525 Diiccgn, Robert Neal, 186, 373, 441, 8 Dixon, Dobbin Thomas Earl, 513 5, Pauline Sieg, 234 Dobbs, Gilbert S., 455 Dobbs, Sharon Monette, 247, 329, 427 Dobbs, Stanley Dale, 455 Dobbs, Tommy Clark, 283, 403 Davis, Sally Lynn, 441 Davis, Susan, 258, 329, 455 Davis, W. Marvin, 61 Davis, Wayne F., 61, 207 Davison, Dennis Wayne, 294, 495 Dawes, Edmund Klotz, Jr., 482 Dawling, Bob, 297 Dawson, Eugene F., 61 Dawson, Karen Jane, 267, 278 Dawson, William Dwayne, 198, 235, 403 Day, Ernest Balfour, Jr., 216, 377, 426 Day, George Edward, Jr., 248 Day, Johnny Joe, 198, 235, 248 Day, Lanny Stewart, 282, 494 DeArmon, Jack, 383. 403 DeBarry, Kenneth Ralph, 528 DeFord, Maurice Henry, Jr., 473, 474 DeKinder, Samuel Trent, 512 DeLaCruz, Aurora Santos, 527 De la Torre, A. M., 61 DeLashaw, Sandra Sue, 270 DeLisse, Carroll XVynn, 389, 403 DeLoach, Sam, Jr., 134 DePriest, Gary Conrad, 526 DePue, Lionel Dale, 345, 426 DeSelms, Don Baker, 381, 426 DeShazo, Maj. Gen Thomas, 523 DeShong, Charles Thomas, 363, 441 DeStowlinski, Mrs. Gail B., 61 DeVivero, Enrique Jose, 403 Doble, Mary Ruth, 191, 329, 427 Dobry, Merlin Austin, 403 Dobson, Frederick Page, 227, 364, 470, 472, 474 Dobson, Harold Porter, 296, 365, 455, 527 Dodd, Carl, 145, 146, 531 Dodd, David Lee, 427 Dodd, James Edward, 427 Dodds, Stanley Dale, 285, 359 Dodson, George Andrew,919:1l, 5155, 528 , 0 Dodson, Jimmy Dale, 34 Dodson, Shirley Ann, 111, 127, 132, 313, 403 Doerr, Dr. Arthur H., 61 Doggett, Clee O., 42 Doke, J. T., 209, 403 Doke, Kenneth, 209 Dolby, Rev. Stacy, 215 Dolby, Mrs. Stacy, 215 Dolman, James Brewster, 182, 183, 336, 377, 441, 527. 538 Dolre, Mary Ruth, Z Donahoe, John Michael, 487 Donehew, Gerald Ray, 525 Dgsliell, Clifton LeRoy, 239, 294, 456, Driskill, Terrell W., 345, 427, 498 Dromgold, Pegi Lee, 97, 128, 263, 313, 456 Drowatzky, Ernest Milton, 441, 528 DuBray, William Lee, 387, 427 Dubie, Steffeny, 180, 191, 315, 441 Dubler, Robert Revard, 482 Dubos, Robert Edward, 292, 456, 491, 492 Duc Lai, Hoang, 237 Duca, James Frank, 385, 456 Duca, Martha Nell, 317, 403 Ducker, Barbara Gene, 230, 276, 403 Ducker, Mary Alice, 178, 261, 456 Duckworth, Harriet Ann, 264, 319, 456 Duckworth, Rodney, 345, 403 Duckworth, Mariellen, 259, 311, 427 Dudenhoeffer, DeAnn, 312, 313, 403 Dudley, Lou Ann, 315, 427 Dudley, Richard Franklin, 166, 456, 485, 498 Dudley, Richard Michael, 166, 207, 288, 381, 498 Dudley, William David, 367, 456, 490 Duff, Eugenia S., 403 Dullield, John Burton, Jr., 345, 427 Dufiield, Nathaniel Henry, 299, 359, 456 DuHield, Ruth Ann, 317, 427 Duffield, W. H., 527 Duffy, Donald D., 233 Duffy, Jack Edwin, 383, 441 ' Dully, James Everett, 387, 456, 512 Dugan, Don N., 526 Duggan, Dannie Earl, 295, 363, 456, 513 Duggins, Max, 21, 241, 396, 389 Duke, Gary Don, 456, 488, 495 Duke, Gaylon Dean, 441, 487 Dulaney, James Terry, 285, 456, 482 Dulaney, Luther Thomas, Jr., 286, 367, 456, 526 Dumler. Donald Wayne, 186, 187, 456, 531 Dunbar, James Vaughn, 491 Duncan, Ben David, 488 Duncan, Jacquelyn Ruth, 20, 247, 303, 427 Eakers, Fred Dou lass, 296 Eakin, James Earl, Jr., 235, 300, 403 Earles, Doyle Dale, 456, 490 Earles, Duane Gale, 403 Egg, James Kenneth, 293, 371, 456, Early, Joseph David, 242 Eqfly, Judith Elaine, 177, 179, 329, East, Gerry Grant, 244 Eastly, Arthur Clayton, 404 Eastman, Peggy, 180 Eafggn, Gary Neal, 186, 187, 296, 456, Eastwood, Sara Lou, 317, 427 Eber, Ines Ruth, 211, 272, 305, 456 Ebrey, Richard Talbot, 288, 498 Echart, Martha Virginia, 262, 317, 456 Ecker, Jakie E., 243, 300 Eckstein, George T., Jr., 456 Eddington. Gerald Gwen, 298, 488 Eddins, John Martin, 293, 526 Eddins, Robert Fast, 293, 367, 436, 525 Eddleman, Ruth Ellie, 23, 324, 404 Entriken, Louise, 191 Enlyiegrt, Shirley Marlene, 258, 305, EOH, Carol Diane, 259, 441 Eofl, Joe Thomas, 293, 371, 456, 525 Eppard, Katherine Melissa, 211, 265, 317, 456 Epperly, Vernon Lee, 215 Epperson, John Wesley, Jr., 353 404 Eppstein, Rabbi Victor, 218 Epton, Bill Lee, 346 Erickson, Kay Christine, 194, 220 Ericson, Carol L., 214, 224, 404 Ervi, Robert Keith, 297, 510 Ervin, Charles Marvin, 347, 427 Ervin, Edward Lynn, 525 Ervin, William Edward, 513 Erwin, Dan Alan, 167, 287, 427, 531 Eraigii, David James, 255, 470, 473, Erwin, Deanna Sue, 196 Erwin James Walter, Jr., 527 Erwin: Judith Mae, 262, 309,456 Escobar, Julio, 9 Eshelman, Wanda Louise, 329, 404 Edelman, Darryl Bemard, 375, 441 Edenborough, Neville B., 233, 357, Ester, Charlotte Lucile, 261, 313, 456 Ester, Marion Joan, 313, 404, 417 Duncan, Jerry Sharpe, 197, 350, 351, 427 Duncan, Dr. John Paul, 62 Duncan, Noal Franklin, 427 Duncan, Robert Eugene, 381, 441, 526 Duncan, Robert Walter, 471 Dunford, William Harold, 385, 441, 499 Dunham, Archie Wallace, 285, 441, 512 Dulggtam, Bert Leroy, 209, 228, 236, Dunham, Mrs. Frances, 62 Dunham, Lowell, 57, 62 Dunkin, John Randolph, 427, 526 Donley, William Charles, 210, 363, 403, 530 Dzgnell, Mary Elizabeth, 130, 309, 7 Donohue, David Arthur, 199, 235 Donovan, Eugenia, 89 Dunlap, Bryan Allen, 194, 300, 427 Dulnlap, Diana Ruth, 256, 265, 452, 56 Dunlap, Diane Katherine, 240, 259, 311, 441 Dunlap, James Lapham, 351, 441, 512 DeWeese, Freddie Eugene, 296, 455, 488 DeWeese, Jack Marion, 403 Deal, James Robert, 488, 490 Deal, L le Gordon, 283, 455, 482 Dean, Clihester Francis, 345, 441, 483, 484 Dean, David, 283, 359, 455 Dean, Deanna, 211, 26, 309, 426, 434 Dean, D. F., 529 Dean, Johnny Orvin, 471 Dean, Laurence Darwin, 191 Dearmon, Thomas, 233 Deason, Chiquita Fay, 258, 455 Deatherage, Barbara L., 264, 455 Decker, Dr. Charles E., 61, 65 Deengohn Malcolm, 139, 385, 426 Degra enreid, Donald Lee, 204, 214, 243, 248, 403 Deitrick, Aubrey Hugh, 487 DelVecchio, Donald J., 403 Delgado, Richard A., 165, 172, 200, 278, 286, 403 Delly, Lillian Anna, 396 Delp, Billy Ray, 525 Dembre, James. 471 Dempsey, Hugh Albert, 455, 525 Denison, Bill Bob, 355, 455 Denison, Robert Gail, 385, 403, 497 Denison, W. R., 528 Denman, Jimmy Don, 455 Denman, William Rowland, 365, 403 Denner, Mary Nancy, 103, 317, 403, Donovan, Phyllis Lea, 264 Dora, Dr. Lucile, 62 Doran, Dr. L. A., 62 Dorli, Marilyn, 193, 303, 427 Dorman, John Emest, 438, 441, 487 Dorr, John Robert, 361, 441, 527 Dorr, ktlia Gaye, 263, 317, 455 Dorr, oderick Akin, 385, 427 Dorris, Nathaniel R., 396 Dorsey, William Anthony, 291, 455 Dotson, Chester Dewayne, 246, 339, 383, 455, 526, 538 Dotson, Gar Kent, 525 Dougherty, Clifford Clark, 510 Doitggherty, Ratricia Alica, 262, 313, Dcgtgglaibgionald Garner, 207, 360, Douglas, Dr. Jack E., 62 Douglas, Mrs. Jack, 65 Douglas, Jackie Lee, 317, 427 Douglas, Mary Lynn, 321, 441 Dou lass, Robert Karl, 529 Dou81it, Jean, 319, 403 Dove, Jean M., 262 Dowling, Mary Diane, 127, 329, 441 Dowling, Robert Gene, 455, 526 Downey, Kenneth Wayme, 527 Downing, Judith Ann, 194, 263 Doye, Del Bartley, 297 Doyle, Howard Hardeman, 455, 525 Dcayi? William Joseph, 240, 376, 377, Dtgggap, Terry Knight, 295, 367, 456, Dunn Dunn Dunn Billy Wesson, 285, 441, 482 Dick W., 344, 345, 427 Helen Marie 179 Dunn: James Rutheiford, 530 Dunn, Joe Edwin, 278, 491 Digg, Natalie Park, 128, 263, 325, Rodney Franklin 494 441, 525 Edgar, Antony Taylor, 298 Edgar, James Franklin, 531 Edgar, James Patrick, 527 Edgerton, Anne Lou, 265, 321, 456 Edinger, Jerry Dow, 528 Edmiston, Mary Louise, 309, 427 Edmonds, Ruth, 86 Edmondson, Bruce Hilton, 487 Edwards, Edwin Worth, 385. 441, 498 Edwards, Gerald Patrick, 289, 528 Etzgggrds, Halbert Daniel, 191, 340, , Joan Mildred, 179, 329, 441 Edwards, Judith Anne, 328, 329. 441 Edwards, Marvin Henry, 136, 137, 138, 139, 246, 379, 404 Eftggg, Barbara Ann, 270, 303, 338, Edwa rds Egan, Thomas Martin, Jr., 381, 427 Egermeier, William C., 526 Ehrlich, Audrey L., 396 Ehrman, Hildegarde, 274, 427 Eicholg, Dr. Erich, 62, 78 Eisner, Carole, 178 Elam, Geraldine Hogan, 220 Elia, Theodore Marinus, 293, 472, Elconin, Dr. Victor A., 62 Eldang, Hyung, 237 Elder, Edward George, 244 Elder, Fred Ellis, 482 Elder, Jan Elizabeth, 268, 427 Elder. Kenneth Lee. 369. 427 Eldridge, Merilyn Kay, 321, 427 Elias, Janet Maria, 191, 268, 597 Elkins, Barbara Lee, 265, 329, 456 Elkins, Howard Wayne, 294, 456, 528 Elkins, Ronald Charles, 111, 182, 183, 229, 362, 404 Elkouri, Dr. Frank, 63 Elkouri, Jim Ray, 233, 300, 441, 527 Ellet, Charles Monier, 207, 355, 404 Ellet, Joan, 329. 427 Elliott, C. Orville, 208 Elliott, DeeAnn Lee, 308, 309, 441 Elliott, Jerome K., 491 Elliott, Kathryn Chiarlese, 214, 224, 329, 404 Elliott, Richard Edward, 441, 487 Ellis, Charles Allen, 456, 482 Frederick Richard, 287, 456, Esterkyn, Samuel Harry, 375, 427 Estes, Carl Bryan, 238, 248, 404 Estrin, Marshall Sanford, 375, 404 Eurton John Au istine 365 404 ,lance Dellene, 139, 216, 315, Evans 427 Ev:3r5s, Allen David, 182, 184, 355, 441 5 Evans, Miss Bett D., 63 Evans, Bob Ralph, 233, 441 Evans, Carl Lee, 300, 427 Evans, Gary Gene, 377, 441 Evans, Grace Evan eline, 234 Evans, Harry Charlis, 474 Evans, Mrs. J. C., 195 Evans, James Stephen, 213, 234, 385, 404, 525 Evans, Janice Sue, 191, 266, 404 Evans, Jerry Wayne, 531 Evans, John Clement, 383, 441, 499 Evans, Johnnie Ruth, 257 Ev4ans, Larry Wayne, 289, 345, 456, 86 Evans, Marian, 87 Evans, Marlene, 210, 216, 321, 404 Evans, Mrs. Nell, 63 Evans, Dr. O. F., 63 Eggs, Paula Patricia, 111, 223, 242, Evans, Richard D., 144 Evans, Ross Wayne, 396 Exlltbnts, Thomas Don, 213, 300, 427, Evatt, Bruce Lee, 186, 299, 488 Everett, Dean Mark R., 49 Eversman, William F. 222 Ewbank, Walter J., 63 Ewert, Phillip Benton, 383, 404, 510 Ewing, Dr. Cortez, A. M., 63 Ewing, Dana Allen, 298 Eyer, Martha Lou, 206, 325, 441 Ezell, Dr. John S., 63 F Faaiuaso, Tapeni T., 237 396 Fagiri, Amold David, 280, 298, 473, 7 Fagin, Carl, 375, 427 Fagin, Charles Leonard, 208, 375, 427 Fagiiit, David Kyle, 167, 36, 441, 3 Eagin Judy Sandra, 331, 427 Fairbrlnk, Charles E., 221 Dragoo, Norma Lillian, 455 Dragoo, Raymond C., 62 Drake, Bobb Allcn, 427 Drake, Charlies G., 62 Drake ack Lane, 293, 490 Drake: Jimmy Frank, 107, 347, 403 Drake, ,ke Bob, 293, 456, 528 Daaylge, obert Louis, 221, 357, 383, Dunnington, Marjorie Sue, 242, 247, 324, 325, 403 Dunnington, Warren Harvey, 383, 427, 519, 520, 523, 528, 535 Duperiar, Frank Dauterive, 383, 456, Duren, Quenton Terry, 494 Duglaam, Charles Albert, Jr., 297, 456, o Durham, Deborah LaRue, 317, 403 Durham, Floyd G., 238, 403 Durham, Jere Carleton, 144, 146, 531 Durham, Weldon Bruce, 456 Durie, James Robert, 299, 456 Duliglgee, Cordelia Sue, 129, 184, 321, Dtiakaee, William D., 205, 248, 347, Dtiggnd, Jack Raymond, Jr., 367, 441, Dtgggnd, James Dennison, 296, 456, Durrett, Jack, 526 Dutcher, Judith Ann, 273, 325, 456 Dye, John Arthur, 389, 427 Dyer, Anita Louise, 130, 226, 230, 308, 309, 441 Dyer, Arland Raye, 288 Dyer, Clarece Byrd, 191, 206, 222, 319, 441 Dyer, Dwight E., 62 Dyke, Howard Loy, 232, 300, 403 Ellis, Roberta Ann, 256, 266, 441 Elggsn, Charles Don, Jr., 345, 404, Ellison, Gae Ann, 32, 404 Ellison, Herbert Jay, 63 Ellison, Klara Kay, 264. 325, 456 Ellzey, Lucien L., Jr., 234, 343, 404 Richard Calvin, 359, 456, 483 589 . Dennis, Helen Sue, 262, 455 Dennis, Patricia Marie, 313, 426 Dense, Robert William, 377, 426 Denton, James William, 167, 200, 209, 236, 363, 403 Denton, Kermit Andrew, Jr., 441, 527 Denton, Nancy Jane, 265, 317, 455, 458 Denton, Robert Wayne, 411, 512 Deputy, Margaret Louise, 313, 441 Depuy, Glenda Wylene, 426 588 Draper, John Milton, 298, 381, 456, 526 Drawatzky, Emie, 163 Dreisker, David Wayne, 347, 441, 488, 498 Drew, Paul Arthur, 238 Driggers, Hugh Edward, Jr., 365, 403 Digging, Beverly Ann, 180, 226, 309, Driscoll, Arthur, 194 Driscoll, Lloyd David, 199 Dykes, Delmar Spencer, 347, 403 Dyrigviicz, Virginia, 325, 334, 335, 3 Elrod, Everett Cecil, 488 Elsltgrzser, Linda'Ann, 214, 257, 313, Emberton, John Reed, 404 Emerson, Clarence Dean, 284, 531 Emerson, Haskell Bryan, 441, 499 oan Mae, 309, 404, 585 Emerson, JT Emerson, om Ed. 347, 404 Emerson, Wayne Allen, 222 Emery, Carol Darlene, 266 Emery, Jimmis Eugene, 513 Emig, Jim Tyrone, 296 Emilson, Henry Bertil, 282, 441 Emmer, Larry Martin, 375, 427 Emr , Carl Alton, Jr., 482 Emslle, Eric Bruce, 296, 456, 527 Encisco, Alvaro, 296, 441 Enders, Constance Yvonne, 211, 225, 319, 441 Enfeld, David Wells, 379, 441, 527 Engebretsen, Richard O., 427 Engelberg, Adrienne, 307, 338, 441 Enlygegson, John Clarke, 295, 369, 456, England, Ann Elizabeth, 273, 456 England, Leroy Robert, 197, 199 England, Robert Edward. 244 Engle, Alice Constance, 333, 441 Engle, Bobb Gerald, 285, 491 Fairchild, James Crumley, 221, 241, 404, 484, 490 Fairchild, Phil Norman, 283,. 491 Fajardo, Luis Miguel, 240, 456 Faien, Fredrick Earl, 9, 355, 404, 509, 510 Falkenstein, Charles W., 470, 471 Falls, Clinton Paul, 300, 404 Fambrough, James Warren, 364 Fancher, James Nash, 294 Fannon, Dale Ray, 216, 280, 293, 404 Fant, Montella, 313, 427 Fargo, Barbara Louise, 303, 441 Faris, Charlotte Louise, 260 Farley, Shirle Ruth, 268, 441 Farmer, Charles Everette, 215, 342, 343, 427, 526 Farmer, Larry Lynn, 292, 486 Farmer, Patricia Ann, 319, 441 Farquhar, Robert John, 456, 495 Farr, Joe Pike, 293, 371, 456, 526 Farr, John B., NS, 357, 456, 490 Farrar, Clyde L., 63, 143 Faglar, Patricia Ann, 177, 178, 303, Farrell, Felix Jeffrey, 163, 172, 287, 381, Farris, 404, 510 John Randel, 296 Farris, Ken, 142, 143 Farris, LaVonne Harlene, 404 Farris, Capt. Victor P., 63, 477 Fast, J erry Neal, 192, 193, 427 Fatheree, Joel David, 216, 381, 404 526 Faulkner, Jo Aurelia, 311, 427, 440 Ralph Robert, 198 3 , 0 Dysart, James Ki1lough,, 292, 359, E Eacock, Phyllis Ann, 263, 303, 456 Eads, Mary Carolyn, 107, 317, 441 Eagleton, Suzanne, 321 441 456, 499 Engle, Juditlii Kay, 193, 260, 333, 456 Englebert, Jeanne Fay, 319, 441 Engleman Carol Ann, 130, 182, 247, Engleman, Emil Mark, 179, 242 325, 427, Engleman, Cristobal, 486 Engleman, John, 242 Enrig, T., 528 Fawcett, James Keith, 239 Fay, Robert O., 63 Feagan, Jimmy Don, 284, 531 Fears, Fulton K., 63, 207, 243 Feaver, Douglas Bruce, 242, 527 Feaver, Dr. J. Clayton, 63 Feiger, Kenneth David, 375, 441, 528 Feinberg, Marilyn Helen, 265 WE SALUTE THE STUDENTS OF O. U. AND CONGRATULATE YOU FOR YOUR DETERMINATION TO MAKE THESE UNITED STATES EVEN BETTER THROUGH YOUR SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE. Wa. W Steel Co ,ff jyrxf ,f,,,f 2 Ji, ff Lf X ff! ' m4 fhe baffleship USS Wisconsin gives Nancy Denner a personally guided four of +he ship. Complefe Commercial Priniing Service 0 Office Supplies 8: Equipmeni' Our New Home, 2I5 Easi' Comanche Sfreel' SOONERLANITS FAVORITE NEWSPAPER Firsi' Choice for Norman, Universify, Sfale and World News - Sporfs and Feafures THE NORMAN TRANSCRIPT Member of Audil Bureau of Circulaiions and ihe Associaied Press Published in "The University City" Since July 13, 1889 Fuqua, Lang james, 345, 428 Felkel, Kathryn janis, 124, 239, 26, 321, 441 Felkner, Wilma Ellen, 123, 193, 315, 456 Fell, Mrs. Ruth D., 63 Fellingham, jane E., 315, 404 Fellows, Dr. j. E., 50 Fellrath, Richard F., 231, 347, 441, 531 Felmley, Barbara Ann, 272, 329, 456 Feugggrei Gamble, William Olivar, 299, 367, Fenberg, Vicki Sandra, 307, 441 Fender, Boyd E., jr., 187, 188, 231, 341, 404 Fender, Roberta Mae, 259, 311, 456 Fenton, Mary Frances, 193, 210, 426 Fentriss, Michael K., 486 Fegriafick, james Richard, 352, 353, 427, Fergus, Lawrence j., 234 Ferguson, Bob, 86, 87 Fezgrlxson, Bobbie M., 319, 334, 335, Ferguson Dave Bryan, 383, 441 , Ferguson, Edward Paul, 474 Ferguson, Harley C., jr., 407 Ferguson, jack Freemon, 483 Ferguson Ferguson Ferguson Ferguson Ferguson , Kaye, 264, 329, 456 , Larry Ross, 202, 427 , Lewis Arthur, 427 Patsy Ann, 318 I Ralph L., 456 Ferrill, Mary janet, 179, 193, 329, 441 Ferris, Leo Patrick, 296, 427 Ferris, E mily Anne, 315, 427 Ferris, Maurice, 482 Ferry, Ralph Patrick, 294, 525 Fetters, jerry Keith, 199, 239, 441 n, james David, 234, 379, 427 Fidler, Ronald Wayne, 377, 404 Field, y. H., 167, 199 Field, Merlin Bernard, 198, 235, 243, 248, 282, 404 Figgcger, james Curtis, 233, 29, 441, Fielding, Donald Howerton, 357, 441, 482 Fields, Bert, jr., 289, 456, 483 Fields, Charles Walter, 215, 529 Fields, jerry Carl, 236, 297, 456, 525 Fields, William Owen, 470, 471 Fierstine, Sandra Lee, 331, 456 Figgins, ijerald Irving, 427 Fi es, Sa ly, 180, 257, 315, 456 Fincher, Roger Harold, jr., 23, 427 Fine, jerry Allen, 194 Fine, Susan jean, 307, 456 Finkel, Robert Edward, 379, 427, 498 Finkelstein, Rhona N., 307, 456 Finkenbinder, Kaye, 191, 206, 256, 273 Finley, kmes Clyde, jr., 288, 404 Finley, ick, 299 Finn, Charles Robert, 456, 531 Finney, james Harry, 494 Firestone, Barbara jane, 304, 305, 441 Firestone, james Ronnie, 337, 384, 404, 480, 484 Fischer, Ann Marie, 262, 311, 456 Fischer, lee Frederick, 352, 353, 427 Fish, john Mancil, jr., 355, 427, 529 Fisher, Billie Eugene, 472, 474 Fisher Charles Elston 389 441 52 Fisheri Donald joe, 293, 457. 5253 Fisher, Eddie Gene, 169, 172, 404 Fisher, khnny Dwain, 427 Fisher, ar Sue, 427 Fisher, William Gale, 21 Fishman, Barbara Leigh, 331, 457 Fister, Paul Michael, 184 Fitch, jon Leslie, 209, 28, 236 Fite, Dr. Gilbert C., 63 Fits? Edwin Henry, 296, 389, 457, Fittro, Miss Gamette, 63 Fitzgerald, Don Wallace, 287, 404 Fitzgerald, Edward F., 525 Fitimeraigg, james Herbert, 386, 387, Fitzierrell, Darryl Glen, 295, 441, 496 Flagler, Ralph Hunter, 294, 427 F1255 Douglas Franklin, 288, 365, 457 5 Fleet, john james, 289, 359, 457 Fleetwood, Sharon, 319, 441 Fleming, Aubrey David, 297, 457, 529 Fleming, Garvin Kent, 238, 367, 427, 511 Fleming, judy, 129, 269, 469 Fleming, Paul Bruce, 205, 427 Fleming, Ray Keith, 203, 404 Flenoid, Allen W., 299, 494, 536 Fletcher, Carole Sue, 317, 404 Fletcher, David jim, 369, 441, 499 Flood, Patricia jean, 136, 137, 206, 216, 329, 442 Florance, Earle Scott, 245, 509, 511 Flowers, Larry Gene, 27, 457, 499 Floyd, David Lee, 457, 490 Floyd, Rack K., 191, 525 Floyd, ussell Howard, 300, 511 Fo el, Norman, 64 Folk, Gaylene, 266, 442 Folks, Macie Duke, 404 Foltz, George William, 134, 404 Foote, Bobbie Leon, 298, 457, 525 Forbes, Donald Clifford, 245, 427 Forbes, Stanford Dewain, 371, 442 Forck, Mrs. Velma, 373 Ford, Edith Anne, 261, 321, 457 Ford, Goldie D., 86, 87 Ford, jack Harris, 379, 457, 486 Ford, julia Rebecca, 319, 404 june, 220, 404 Ford, Ford, Opal jane, 319, 457 Ford, Susan Maude, 317, 442 Fore, Milton Tracy, 286, 351, 457 Fore, Ronald Wilson, 347, 427 590 Foreman, Carl E., 529 Foreman, joe Gaines, 491 Foreman, Lyle Ronald, 525 Forgie, Robert john, 404 Foristell, Sondra Ann, 177, 32, 442 Forrest, Ann, 522 Forrester, Linda jane, 211, 275, 405 Forsberg, Carol Ann, 211, 246, 256, 266, 278, 427 Forson, Danny, 405 Forsythe, Homer LeRoy, jr., 27, 525 Forsythe, jerry Wilton, 486 Fost, Gerald Wayne, 381, 457, 527 Foster, Anne Virginia, 303, 427 Foster, Charles E., 365, 405 Foster, Dennis Calvin, 457, 495 Foster, Lt. j. F., 508 Foster, jack O'Bryant, 488 Foster, joyce Louise, 317, 427 Foster, Karen joy, 225, 268, 329, 457 Foster, Linda Ann, 260, 303, 457 Foster, Ralph Lynn, 513 Foster, Ronald james, 291, 490 Fought, Michae Lyle, 282, 442, 525 Foushee, Robert Wendel, 297, 442, 528 Fowler, Darrell Leon, 218, 232, 248, 405, 523, 530 Fowler, Edwin Ray, 187, 531 Frederick Roger, 442 Fowler, Fowler, Orville Elton, jr., 530 Fowler, Phillip Nolan, 528 Fowler, Dr. Richard G., 64 Mrs. Richard, 74 Fowler, Fowler, Robert Glen, 198, 405 Fox, Edward Lee, 387, 427 Fox, Melvin Eugene, 194 Fox, Ronald james, 387, 457 Foxworthy, Lyle Dennis, 377, 442 Francis, Chester, 64, 191 Francis, joe H., 203, 234, 405 Francis, kahn Elbert, 187, 343, 427 Francis, ichard Elliott, 340, 341, 405 Franden, Robert Andrew, 381, 457 Frank, Howard Carr, 361, 442, 492 Frank, Howard David, 379, 442, 488 Frank, joan Zelda, 307, 457 Franklin, jane, 315, 427 Franklin, Kenneth Earl, 221, 405 Franklin, Patricia Anne, 261, 457 Frzagcs, Carol Marie, 206, 328, 329, Franks, Donald Ray, 479, 481, 484, 505 Frantz, Don Henry, 240, 405, 525 Fraser, George B., 64 Frazer, Robert Clark, 377, 405, 52.6 Frazier, Barbara, 193, 269, 319, 457 Frazier, Gerald Ray, 238, 363, 405 Frazier, Phil, 156, 166, 365, 405 Frech, Richard Eugene, 285 Frederick, Martha, 317, 427 Frederick, Teresa june, 25 Frederickson, Dr. E. A., 64, 143, 246 Frederickson, Harry G., jr., 216 Fredgren, Kenneth Roy, 529 Fredman, Fred Louis, 293, 530 Fredregill, Charles O., 186, 242, 291, 427, 531 Freed, Ronald Lee, 375, 427 Freedman, Carolyn, 258, 331, 457 Freel, Sally joanne, 303, 405 Freeland, Arthur Michael, 240 Freeman, Arthur Robert, 298 Freeman, Charles Pace, jr,, 369, 457 Freeman, john, 87 Freeman, Lawrence, 64 Frgignan, Norman L., jr., 442, 525, Freeman, Randolsh F., 381, 405 Freeman, Richar Weldon, 405 Royce Lee, 298 Freeman, Freidberg, Ben Nicholis, 379, 457, 490 Freidlander, Emst P., 64 French, Curtis Raybum, 191 French, john Thomas, 345, 405, 535 French, Larry Lee, 373, 457, 530 French, Taylor Nickles, 280, 286, 377, 457, 482 Frensley, William F., 202, 363, 442, 488 Frentzel, Robert, 238 Freudenthal, Keith Edwin, 240, 357, 428 Friday, Elbert Walter, jr., 210, 483 Friday, Marinell, 325, 428 Friedman, Estelle Ann, 331, 457 Frisinger, Amold j., 231, 295, 442, 487 Fritz, Ruth Elizabeth, 26, 317, 405 Froese, Allen R., 442 Fronterhouse, jerry Wayne, 112, 197, 27, 229, 248, 346, 405, 510 Fronterhouse, Paul john, 199, 235, 371, 405 Frossard, Kay, 313, 428 Frost, David Clarence, jr., 112, 138, 139, 405 Frost, Eddie Lee, 293, 457, 525 Frost, Sarah Ellen, 313, 442 Frueh, Forrest Lee, 296, 385, 457, 482 Fry, Cynthia, 325, 442 Fry, Robert Martin, 293, 355, 457, 487 Fryday, Bill, 89 Frye, William Watie, 371, 457, 495 Fulenwider, Clarence H., jr., 353, 442, 488 Fuller, Barbara joan, 191, 315, 442 Fuller, Dorothy Sherrill, 262, 457 Fuller, Gary Frank, 472, 474 Fuller, Nancy Ann, 325, 428 Fulggrton, Emile Dan, 192, 193, 365, Fullerton, james Mason, 24, 529 Fullerton, julia Claire, 325, 428 Fullerton, Samuel C., 472, 474 Fulmer, Nancy Sue, 329, 428 Fulton, Larry joe, 286, 357, 457, 528 Fulton, Mary Alfred, 178, 180, 313, 442 Fulton, Neoma Ruth, 303, 442 Fulton, Tommy Gene, 210, 220, 227, 246, 396 Fulton, William R., 64 Fulltign, William Ray, jr., 195, 233, Furlow, Dale Bowden, 204, 214, 405 Furr, Bobby jack, 457 Furr, David Richard, 369, 457, 528 Futrell, Clinton Clarence, 369, 405 G Gable, Richard Warren, 365, 442 Gaddie, Donald Kent, 292, 488 Gaddis, Preston Gilbert, 347, 442, 492 Gaer, Arthur, 281, 457 Gahn, john Walter, 405 Gaines, Garland Norris, 233, 442 Gaines, john William, 385, 405, 523, 524, 530, 537 Gaines, julia, 269 Gaines, Norman Wayne, 248 Gaither, Dr. F. F., 64 Gallagher, Robert Clayton, 291 Gallaher, Martha Ellen, 321, 428 Gallaspy, Myrialin, 242, 273, 317, 405 Galloway, james R., 20 Galt, Freeman Pleasant, jr., 361, 405 Gambill, Beth Anne, 191, 226, 263, 309, 457 Galrgrsble, james Hugh, 221, 361, 428, 457, 529 Ganafax, T., 528 Galgdy, Carole jeanne, 26, 260, 309, Gannaway, Harriett M., 26, 309, 428 Garber, Patty Ann, 314, 334, 428 Gardner, Charles Rex, 291, 457, 529 Gardner, Gerald Laveral, 405, 489, 493 Gardner, juhree Cecille, 428 Gardner, Marie, 261 Gardner, Marsha Lee, 309, 442 Gardner, Robert Hoyle, 300, 405, 496 Ga1rg17ner, Shelly Nan, 231, 262, 331 Garinger, Stanley Arthur, 199 Garland, Milta jean, 457 Garlick, Richard E., 383, 457, 513 Gagger, Nelson V., jr., 21, 296, 365, Garretson, Ted De Royce, 241, 243, 295 Garrett, G., 531 Garrett, Robert Dale, 182, 183, 191, 227, 278, 428, 526 Garrett, Terry Lane, 371, 457 Garrigus, Alice june, 333, 405 Garrison, David Ray, 377, 428 Garrison, jo Ann, 1142 Garrison, Miss Levon, 177, 179 Garvin, Sara, 314, 315, 428 Garvin, Tommy Roy, 442 Gary, Gov. Raymond, 41 Gary, Ramond jerdy, 405 Gasaway, Charles Robert, 371, 428, 529 Gassei, Martha Ruth, 257 Gassett, Gerald Eugene, 204, 405 Gast, Sandra Burlingame, 23, 325, 405 Gast, Teddi Frances, 325, 442 Gatchel, T eodore Dodge, 396 Gatchel, Theodore Lewis, 509, 512, 442 Gatlin, Larry Benton, 25, 359, 405 Gattis, Aaron Glenn, 213, 234, 405 Gaumer, jacqueline Marie, 130, 260, 309, 457 Gautt, Prentice, 144, 148, 284, 531 Gavora, john, 405 Gay, Charles Wilford, jr., 428 Gaydos, Robert Michael, 288, 343, 457 Gaylor, jerry Lon, 296, 457, 526 Gear, Harry Compton, jr., 495 Gebhart, Billie Faye, 276 Geis, Donald Ray, 195, 27, 428 Geis, Thomas LaWayne, 345, 457, 482 Geist, Carole Rita, 327, 428 Gelphman, Norman Ray, 232, 243, 375 396 Gelt, Margaret Helen, 331, 457 Gentry, Richard Evans, 381, 428 George, David H., 377, 442 George, Frederic Alan, 199, 341, 405 George, Gwendolyn Elaine, 22, 223, 313, 405 George, john Herbert, 377, 405, 415 George, Tom P., 518, 528, 535 George, Wanda j0V:c, 191 Geren, Bill joe, 405 Gerken, Capt. Alfred F., 64, 508 Gigr, joretta jean, 191, 269, 327, Gernert, Hial Burrows, jr., 167, 287, 442, 531 Gernert, jim, 167 Gershon, Paul Norman, 374, 375, 428 Gettle, Mary Alice, 464 Geyer, William Eugene, 238 Geyman, Beverly jean, 257, 305, 457 Geymann, Paul E., 143 Ghahreman, Ghahreman, 396 Ghormley, Sally Ann, 317, 457 Gibbens, Daniel George, 472, 474 Gibbs, David Edward, 293, 517, 525 Gibbs, Lily Buie, 234 Gibbs, Paul B., 428 Gibson, Cecil Reggie, 209 Gibson, Dale Dewayne, 396 - Gibson, Gary Dean, 373, 405, 485, 488 Gibson, janice Roberta, 190, 309, 428 Gibson, john Lycurgus, 346, 347, 405 Gibson Mary Ann, 333 442 Gibson? owen, 187, 1as,' 341, 428 Gibson, Patricia Sue, 32, 442 Gibson William Neil 499 Gieck, ine Howard, 192, 298, 457 Giever, Dr. john B., 64 Giegentanner, Dud, 52 Giffen, Robert Edward, 199 Gilbert, jesse Donald, 428 Gilbert, joel Sterling, 405 Gggsrt, M. Charles, 232, 242, 278, Gilbert, Robert R., 377, 442, 512 Gijiglgrist, james Evan, 218, 238, 357, Gilcrease, Cecil Ralph, 383, 442, 529 Gildersleeve, Barbara Ann, 265, 315, 457 Giles, Bill W., 491 Giles, Charles William, 299 Giles, Herbert Oliver, 351, 428 Gill, james