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Text from Pages 1 - 552 of the 1953 volume:

a UNI VE RJ, Ty oF oK lA HO MA 1953 SOONER YEARBOOK WARREN K. JORDAN Editor C. H. BRITE General Manager of Publications MRS. LOUISE BEARD MOORE Supervisor of Publications JEAN POPE Secretary Printing and Binding ECONOMY ADVERTISING COMPANY Iowa City, Iowa Engraving SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING CO. Tulsa, Oklahoma Cover KINGSKRAFT Kingsport, Tennessee Class Photographers UNIVERSITY STUDIOS Norman, Oklahoma Special Beauty Photographer JOE PRICE Beauty Photographers RAMON GRIFFIN Oklahoma City, Oklahoma CARLOS PHOTOS Evanston, Illinois GUILLET STUDIO Natchitoches, Louisiana GITTINGS Dallas, Texas CURTIS STUDIOS Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Feature Photographers MELVIN NEWSOM M ARCUS PRICE BILL FORRESTER TOM FORD UNIVERSITY PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE OONER YEARBOOK Published by the Student Body University of Oklahoma Warren K. Jordan, Editor Vv - MI ' .-- Xr THE AMER O O N E R Education the American Way is more than books and buildings and the bare shell of knowledge. It is training of young people for good citizenship, based on a founda- tion of freedom for the inquiring mind. Our 1953 SOONER seeks to bring to you a fuller understanding of the influences at the University of Okla- homa which steadily mold student into citizen. The ways of spiritual, mental and physical training that you have followed in the American tradition of freedom will be set forth in this volume. Here, you may savor the rich, familiar flavor of Southwestern culture in the heart of America, and perpetuate for your future the happenings of 1953 at the University — in the American Way. DOM IS THE KEYNOTE Churches are full each Sunday as University students attend the church of their denomination. Almost anywhere can be found University students demonstrating the old American tradition — the bull session. Freshmen students freely choose their choice of course, under the expert direction of counselors. Adult education classes prepare these women for secretarial work. " The way to a man ' s heart is through his stomach " , and girls of the Home Economics school quickly acquire skill in culinary art. • T OCIAL STABILITY Dick Elms and Gayla Velvin pause for a coke before plunging Into OU s social life. " Just wear a sweater and skirt, " he tells her, and paves the way for one of the Sooners ' favorite type of dances. Y- H% " III meet ycu al the Union, " and once more the traditional coffee hour gets underway. Each fall, students return to renew old friendships and practice the art of living together. ' YSICAL SOUNDNESS , k m Members of the Oklahoma mile relay team take a breather after winning five relay championships. Dana Champion learns the fundamentals of golf through the physical education departments training program. Men of the crack military drill team are reviewed by the visiting officer at the annual spring inspection. The tennis courts near Owen Stadium provide a place for students to practice and enjoy the sport. Billy Vessels, flashy OU halfback takes a welcome break during th OU-Texas game. APPLIED MOCRACY The executive commiHoe of the UAB directs all activities centering in the Union. Hero they prepare a publicity poster. r Harmonious living and precision perform- ances characterize the varsity band — the " Pride of Oklahoma " . Budding campus politicians learn to express themselves freely in such organizations as the Student Senate, the University ' s student law-making body. tP 4fc m .st , -rW THE HEART OF Rich, mellow music — provided by the strings of the Oil Symphony Orchestra. Miss Eleanor Steber, of the Metropolitan Opera, brought beautiful music to the campus ai her concert. Young hopefuls, Reba Webster and Maggie Kezer, anxiously await their entrance in the drama " A Phoenix Too Frequent " . Interpretation of emotion through the dancing of Orchesis gives a backbone to cultural development at the University. ' THE AMERICAN WAY KNO WLEDGE Administration Classes Law Medicine PREPARATION FOR LEADERSHIP Leaders Campus Personalities Publications Organizations PHYSICAL TRAINING Varsity Athletics Intramurals Women ' s Recreation Army Air Force Navy SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT I Features Beauties Greeks Dorms Quad Advertising LlfN .■ ' R • ' " - 4 i« S . ... - ' X» Old Education Building 1 ' omen ' s Building The Armory Home Economics Building Field II his Sixty Years of Progress The University of Oklahoma was founded upon authority of, an act nf the first Legislature of the Terri tory nt ' Oklahoma, December 19, L890, and the firsl degrees were conferred in L896. n January 1, L944, Dr. George Lynn Cross be- came the seventh presideni of the University. The succeeding decade lias witnessed the steady growth of the studenf body, of the faculty and staff, and of the physical facilities of the University. .1 " a i nalism Hiuhlnui ( ' hemistry Building , %ik Pll mi !!■ in w f ( n,i ; otogy Building I ' aWfi I ' hllil Campus Scene . lil in i it isl i nt inn l! ii il ih ii il I ' ll suli nl ' s 1 1 " ii " Fine Art Building Monnet Ball Biology Building Womt a ' .-■ Quadrangle I, nil, in Apartments Biszell Memorial Sixty Years of Progress " This is our heritage: the tradi tional Sooner spirit, born at the crossroads of frontier migration, with its faith in the common man, its optimism for the morrow, it re- sped for the open mind, ami reliance upon Divine leadership To it the faculty and staff of the University of Oklahoma rededicate themselves n the sixtieth anniver sary of the founding of the institu- tion. " —Dp, E. E. Dale Campu s Si ene Ilnhuh, rq Ihlll Engineering Laboi Pharmacy Huildni i k 4 11 F i K HV jHL V Nw Wk L.tIB ' ' . J Near Chemical Engineering Business Administration Jiml limi Max Westheimer Field ( II, la in, a, i .1 1 nmi ' iiil I limn VV . r =Jg - H In • • A A ■ » • • •• 4 V% ,«V vwv AvvV -• fl 1 s- Liberal Arts Building Niemann Apartments Press ' " ' nl SI ml nun i ' ross ' nil ii It ' ll ' at Administration Building THE AMERICAN WAY O W LEDGE On the University of Oklahoma campus, the vigor and spirit of youth are combined with the wisdom that comes with maturity and the con- stant search for knowledge. Alan Melton and Kay Adams, two of the outstanding freshmen for 1952, exemplify the spirit of knowledge on the University campus. Peggy Wilson, outstanding freshman girl of 1952, and ether outstanding freshmen, receive awards at annual Mortar Board Walkout. Trained librarians assist students in their studies by helping to locate reference volumes for study. Administration Classes Law Medicine GREETINGS TO THE STUDENTS AND FACULTY of the University of Oklahoma For more than two years now, I have been privi- leged t be your Governor. During thai time, i have ■ iii - in look on the state a one large unit, its potentialities are tremendous, providing our leaders do their work u iselj and well. You who are now students here al the university will soon be members of this leadership group. The opportunity for a superb education is made avail able to you, in the hope you will become outstanding Oil i ollv For mj part, I ' m convinced one of the wisesl in- vestments we make is in your education. Our state and nation will be jusl as strong, or weak, as the individuals graduating from our colleges and uni- versities. When you leave this campus, it will be in the role of leader. I hope you will devote as much of your abilities as possible to community and state affairs. Time will inevitably run mil on those of us who now linlil important state positions. We cannot for long maintain our presenl peak of effort. The strain and demands of public service will one day become tun heavy. When that time comes, the reins will be passed to your hands. The Eonorable Johnston Mubbai Governor of the state of Iklahoma Oklahoma is Par more than jusl the colored sp on a map. Above all else, it is | pie of all colors, creeds, and descriptions, These people have an vestmenl in you. Their money buill this fine uni- versity. They are depending on you to repaj investment by furnishing enlightened leadership in i he days ahead. If our state is to live up to its full promise, we must have cooperation from those of you who will in 1 the most learned among us. It is never wise to leave public responsibilities to a few. As Governor, 1 ran do little by myself. The oper- ation of Oklahoma ' s government is too big for any one man. I must depend on hundreds of others for help. If our state and our people are to prosper, wc must have a ready supply of such helpers. Those who come from the college ranks arc especially use ful. They arc capable and conscientious, with a real understanding of the citizen ' s obligations in a democracy. For my pari. I have no qualms about passing tin- torch of leadership to your bands. 1 know you will carry it high. Page 37 Dr. M. A. Nash, Oklahoma City Dial Currin, Shawnee I). Little, Ada Guy H. James, okl.iln.iiKi City Wharton Mathies, Clayton Clee O. I iogoe it. ( tierokee STATE REGENTS for HIGHER EDUCATION Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education is a nine-man hoard thai coordinates operations of all institutions supported by the State of Oklahoma. The State Regents Board was adopted by constitutional amendment in 1941. The University of Oklahoma is, of course, one of the colleges and universi- ties in the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education. All institutions of higher education supported wholly or in part by direct legislative appropria- tions are integral parts of the State System of Higher Education. Private. denominational and other dependent institutions may become coordinated with the system under regulations set forth by the governing boards. Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education are concerned primarily with allocating funds which the State Legislature appropriates for higher education, and with assignment of functions among the various institutions in the system. Dial Currin, Shawnee, is the 1952-53 chairman and W. D. Little, Ada. is vice-chairman. Guy II. James, Oklahoma City, is secretary and Wharton .Mathies, Clayton, is assistant secretary. Dr. Mel] Nash is Chancellor and Thomas (i. Sexton i.s administrative assistant. State Regents also «re authorized to prescribe standards of admission to and graduation from Oklahoma institutions, grant degrees and other forms of academic recognition, recommend proposed fees, transfer property From one institution to another, authorize the use of revolving funds and make reports to the Governor and the Legislature n schools ' needs, functions and progress. li m Vrdmori Fran k Bi t tram, Oklahoma ' it v .i(in Rogers, Tulsa .1 1 ins Johnston, Lawton Page 38 I K. OSI AK WHITE, I Ikla. t ' itV T. U. BENEDUU, . .iiii.iii Geoeoe I ' . Shobt, i Iklal o Stj wy Morgan. Blackwell UNIVERSITY BOARD of REGENTS Officers of the Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma for 1952-53 have been Dr. Oscar White, presidenl : T. K. Benedum, vice-president, and Emi] K. Kraettli, secretary of tin 1 University, serving as secretary of the Krauts. The University of Oklahoma has been very for- tunate in having on its Board of Regents men ami women of the highesl caliber whose chief aims have been fin- welfare of the institution. The government of the University from its estab- lishment en December 1! ' . 1890, by the Territorial Legislature was vested in a Board of Regents con- sisting if five members ami the Governor of the Territory of Oklahoma, who served as a member ex-officio. After statehood, on December 21, 1007, the Legislature increased the Dumber of appointive members to nine. In Hill the government of the institution was vested in the newly created State Board of Education consisting of the state Super- tendenl of Public Instruction and six rubers ap- pointed by the Governor. In 1919 the Legislature liasscil an act vesting the government of the Univer- sity again in a separate Hoard of Regents of seven members. The act provided that at least two men. hers of the Board must he alumni of the University. A constitutional amendment, adopted .Inly 11, 1!I44, made the Hoard a constitutional governing body, the members removable only as provided for the removal of elective officers not liable to impeach- ment. This gave stability to the Hoard and removed the University from the dangers of po litical inter- ference. The [resident of the University, who is the prin- cipal executive officer of the Regents of the Univer- sity, submits his recommendations for the appoint- ments of members of the faculty and non-academic employees to the Hoard. All contracts for the eon st ruction of new buildings, additions to the campus, and other major changes are submitted by the Presi- denl to the Regents for approval. The President, with the other administrative officers of the Univer- sity, is charged with the responsibility of adminis- tering the affairs of the institution under the poli- cies adopteil by the Regents. K. L. Foster, Bartlesville (,ii is tin Little, a rd Joi W, M. I ' .i: i.i . nadarko Kmii. B. Kraettli, Secretary Page 39 4 TKeteaye friotti The 1953 Sooner Yearbook is crowded with countless mem- ories of the year that has just passed. You and your friends and your University will see and enjoy these memories and each of us will see great hope for the future as a result of the promise that is recorded within the pages of this book. It is always true that the future is the most important of all. What is ahead is the challenge. Not for too long a time can any of us ride on the accomplishments of what has already passed into memory. Knowing the well rounded and full experiences of each student recorded within these pages gives me great confidence for the days and years ahead. Those who will now leave our campus know that you take with you the confidence and the best wishes and the endorsement of your Alma Mater. We will always have your interest at heart . . . for more than buildings . . . you are The University of Oklahoma! Those of us who stay here from year to year can only be judged by your accomplishments and your records and your goals. Your accomplishments and your records are also our accomplish- ments and our records. To those students recorded within this book and who will return, this yearbook is, I am sure, a great challenge. Look at the records of these Seniors! They have set a high mark for you to equal or excel, but this you will do . . . because you are alert and intelligent and curious and industrious. Please be assured of this: The very best wishes of the faculty, the administration, the staff, and myself will be with each one of you always. You are our own and we are yours. Nothing can change this nor would we . . . even if we could!! We are proud of the great accomplishments of the graduates of past years and we know that this high record will be exceeded when you have the chance to demonstrate your worth. Dr. Laurence II. Sny- der, dean of the rraduate ( iollege, is a world aul tor ity in the field of human genel ics and developed and presented the first con rs ■ to be required in a U. S. medical school. Dr. Snyder was instru- mental in developing the modern statistical methods for the study of human in- heritance and is the au- thor of four texts includ- ing world-used " The Prin- ciples of Heredity " ' . DEAN of the GRADUATE COLLEGE The Graduate Mean. Dr. Laurence II. Snyder, is a special advisor to the Surgeon General of the Public Health Service and Experl Consultant to the Surgeon General of the United States Army. He has served or is serving as President or Board member of Genetics Society of America ; American Society of Human Genetics; Council of Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies and chairman of its committee on Medical Problems; American Society of Zoologists; American Soci etj of Naturalists; Human Relations Area Piles; Conference of Deans of Southern Graduate Schools and International Committee of Human Heredity and others, since coming to Oklahoma in 1!H7. Dr. Snyder has lectured a1 dozens of Leading r. S. colleges and universities and several outside the United states. Ili research projects include the inheritance and racial distribution of the blood groups, the hereditj of taste deficiencies, the inheritance of various human anomalies and diseases and the linkage of human genes. He is the author of more than one hundred articles on various phases of human inheritance. Page 42 DEANS During the lasl war, Dean James «i. Harlow served as a Lieutenanl Commander in the LI. S. X R. bul has also Found time to earn a place as one of the na tion ' s outstanding young men of Beience, He has published more than 30 papers and has served as Director of OU ' s High School Science Service and Instructor in Physics. After serving as Assistanl Dean of the University College, he was appointed Interim Dean of Arts and Sciences upon the tragic and sudden death of beloved Dr. Ed Meacham. i.knx ( ' . Couch, University College An authority in the field of marketing, Dr. Horace 11. Brown is a familiar figure ami consultant at man} Southwestern business L r n n| s. He was Dean of the School of Business al Ole .M i -- before coming to Nor- man in 1949. A former secretarj of the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business, he is tin ' author of many articles in tin ' fields of marketing ami financing. Football, golf ami quail hunting are his favorite bobbies. in James G. Harlow, College of Arts and Sciences One id ' the country ' s leading counselors of new University freshmen, Dr. Glenn ( ' . Couch is soon found by new students lie " one of the friendliest ami kindesl men " in their acquaint- ance. II ' - worked his way through OU washing laboratory equipment ami received his Ph.D. degree from Ohio State mi a University fellow- ship. Hi ' is tin- author of many scientific pam- phlets Imtli in guidance ami in his original field of plant sciences. Dean Horace R. Brown, Jr., College of liiisim ' s-. Administration Page 43 DEANS Chosen this year as one of the 15 mosl out- standing American engineers by the Pan-Ameri- can Union of Engineering Associations, Dean W. II. Carson is known throughout the world for his outstanding accomplishments in the fields of engineering and engineering education. For the past four years, he has been chairman of the Interstate Oil Compad Commission. Sev- eral nf the schools in the Engineering College enjoy ;i world-wide reputation. Carson repre- sented the United states at the International Technical Congress of World Engineering in Cairn in 1949. Dean W. 11. Carson, College of Engineering One of the vital forces in the field of education. Dr. John H. Rackley earned liis Doctor of Philosophy de- gree at George Peabody College with a dissertation on " The Relationship of the study of History to Student Attitudes " . He is an official visitor for the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Edu- cation and the Oklahoma State Commission on Teacher Education and has mobilization designation as Pentagon Assistant Chief of Staff 6-1, Depart- ment of the Army. Dean Harrison Kerr, College of Pine Arts •m l H Jon R. R m k i.i if Education An American composer of rank. Dean Harri- son Kerr ' s music is as frequently heard abroad as in this country. His " First Symphony " was performed four times each in Tokyo ami Seoul, Korea, ami twice in Europe. Audiences in Eu rope are familiar with Kerr ' s string quartet, clarinel trio and second piano sonata works. One of the founders of the America .Music Cen ter, Inc.. ami American Composers Alliance. Kerr is a graduate of Fontainebleau Conserva ions. Paris, 1 ' ranee, ami a member of the Music Advisory Committee for UNESCO, Page 44 Dean Earl Sneed, Jr., College of I..i « A wide background in industrial, practical and educational phases of pharmacy is the record Dean Ralph W. Clark, College of Pharmacy, ran boast. Coming to OU in 1949 from the University of Kan sas, Dean Clark holds a 1 ' h I . degree from the Uni- versity of Wisconsin. Active in professional organi- zations, lir lias been editor of two pharmacy journals ami contributor to many others. He lias served as national president of the National Association of I lolleges nf Pharmacy. Di w Mark R. Everett, University of Oklah a Scl 1 of Medicine X t DEANS One of the nation ' s youngest deans is Dean Earl Sneed, Jr., College of Law. An i grad nair. In ' became acting dean in 1949, and Mean in 1950. lir served as a colonel in the I nited stairs Air Force during World War II. Dean Sneed has been president nf the Cleveland Count Bar Association ami among other activi tirs is sponsor for Pe-et, senior nun ' s honorary society. He holds an LL.M. degree from Colum Ina University. In Ralph " . Clare, College " t Pharmacy A member of the OU facultj since 1924, Dean .Mark K. Everett, head of the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine, received his Ph.D. degree al Harvard University. Dr Everett, who is als, i superintended of Universitj Hospitals, received an honorary Sc.D. degree from Buck nell ami was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in 1946. He is a member of numerous scienl ifie ami medical sociel ies. Page 45 clU pi hum Laurenci II. Snyder and Glenn C. Couch buy « ticket for Hi faou ty dinner in honor of Gov. awl Mr.-,. Murray. Dr. and Mrs. Harry E. Ilmi and Hun- guests leavt tht Faculty dub after a faculty dinnt r. ADMINISTRATION Carl M. Franklin Executive Vice Presidenl e» -«s» r : Koscoi Cat) Dr. J. E. Fellows Vice-Presiden1 and Business Manager Dean of Admissions and Registrar I ' m i. L, MacM Dei C Stud W ' m ' iii. V. K Diri i f Physical l ' lanl Dr. i. i in i; i. Mi m i. I lirector of Univerail j Libi aries Page 46 Q. M. i Spradling ' (imp lull ■r. A sting Director of Vi terans All : i is 2 » " Jk 9Tj t ' 1 1 Dr. Wi I.I w M. Shan eb Direi tor if R sean h [ustitute V . i n ! U. - riinl.lin, presiding it tin " Faculty Tea registration, provides Mrs. Emit . ' . Kraettli with i nanu tag. Or, si, Hurt i ' . Wilcox leads thi discussion ni a faculty coffei how in " - ( „,,.„ ,nfi I, riii. ADMINISTRATION Hi:. ' I ' m km w .1. White Director of Extension I i is Prank A. Ivks Director of Employment George W. Churchill Director of Press Relations l . R. KiMKi: 1 (irector of Pun Rll 11 u;l . K i III.M IN I nivei -it i hitecl S A VOI I I II. I. K Directoi of I ' 1 1 i v ■ i - i t P .lin I ' . CHANE1 ■ -mi of Stn( isl ical Service I.iIimi atory .1 vmes i ' . Mai ni ld Manage! of Book Exchange Page 47 Harry Lyh and Troy Caswell engagt in litth sport over n snooker hrhh in he Union. ADMINISTRATION The punch Km becomes longer and longer us Mrs. Say Matlock serves tit Fatuity Tea. Dorothy Trues Counselor of Women i ir. Jodie i !. smith Counselor of -Men Dr. James O. Hood Director of Student Health Sei i ice 1 )U. Willi M E, i I M Acting I (irector of Iklahoma i reologicu l Survey John w ' . in s Director of Radio Station W 1 1 Page 48 Barbecue, firelight, and hay mi Hit ground, providt atmosphert for Sarah Kersey and Bill Welch ui tlu Sigma Chi ' s hi .ill rn party. Richard (ruin leads tin discussion ui mi ' of thosi informal Kappa Sig gatherings. GRADUATES The University of Oklahoma offered graduate in- struction as early as 1899. The Graduate School was first organized separately in 1909. The first master ' s degree was conferred in 1900. The first degree of Doctor of Philosophy was granted in 1929. In this school advanced courses and opportunities for research are provided in nearly all departments. The faculty of the Graduate College is composed of the president, the dean, chairmen of the depart- ments offering courses for graduate credit, and mem- bers of the university faculty who teach courses cred- ited toward higher degrees. The administrative work of the Graduate College is conducted by the Graduate Council, elected by the graduate faculty, and the dean, who is ex officio chairman of the Graduate Council. Anderson Arkle Armstrong Auld Babb Berson Billison Bird Bishop Bolton Burdette Cary Caylor Clements Coggins Collins Deal Dolan Dwigans FauceHe Finch Flanagan Flock Fulton Galegar Gallaway Gunter Halbeclc Handler Hanson Harris, F. Harris, H. ffr O f " « O C: f. £ 4 r tJ-.M Hatcher Hutchison Havard Jackson Heinielmann Jennings Hise Johnson First panel, first row: Rosemarie Anderson, Gr., Okla. City, Graduate Club, Newman Club; John P. Arkle, Jr., t , Gr., Okla. City, A H. H2, Pick Ham- mer; Ray R. Armstrong, Gr., Okla. City, X II I ' M, A ' I ' L ' BMOC, Pershing Rifles. American Marketing Assoc; V. L. Auld, Gr., Tishomingo, Accounting Club; Patricia A. Babb, Gr., Poteau, HZK, YWCA, AWS. BSU; Elaine S. Berson, A S, Newark, N. J.. Social Work Club, American Association of Social Workers; Samuel W. Bllllson, Gr., St. Michaels, Ariz., Newman Club. Sequoyah Club: Billy J. Bird, Gr., Dewey; Second row: Georgene Bishop, Gr., Wewoka, II1WI, AAUW; Boyce B. Bolton. ' I K — , Gr., Huntsville, Tex., Engine Club, P. E. Club, Trident, II KT: Maj. James F. Burdette, Gr.. East Stone Gap, Va., ' I ' AK KAII Lions Club: Logan W. Cary, K A Gr., Okla. City, Pick Hammer; James W. Caylor, 2AE, Gr., Hugo, -I ' lv Joseph H. Clements, Gr., Owensboro, Ky., lli. ' ll AIIK KAII •I ' AK A1II OTM; Paul E. Coggins, ' I-K + , Gr., Hugo, AEP, Congress Club; Russell L. Collins, Gr., Tulsa, AXA. i 2112; Third row: R. B. Deal, Gr., Okla. City 1 1111 1IMK; Claude J. Dolan, Gr., Okla. City; Joe L. Dwigans, Gr.. Knoxville. Iowa, A1II Accounting Club: James R. Faucette, Gr., Shawnee; William A. Finch, Jr., Gr., Smithfield, N. Car., r©T; Virginia M. Flanagan, Gr., Okla. City; Donald L. Flock, Gr., Calgary. Alberta, Canada; Robert Fulton, Jr., Kl Gr., Chickasha; William C. Galegar, Gr., Avant; James R. Gallaway, Ed. Norman: Addye L. Gunter, Gr., Muldrow, Social Work Club, Maude Calbert Medical Social Work Scholarship: Ingeborg Halbeck, Gr., Glen Head, N. Y., I1T; Shirley W. Handler, Gr., Marshall. Tex., ' I 1 ; Dewey I. Hanson, Ed., Paw- huska ' I ' AK Franklin W. Harris, Sr., Gr., Norman, —II — ; Hugh E. Harris, Jr., 1 ' 1 ' K Gr., Stroud. Second panel, first row: Nolan C. Hatcher, Lt. Col., USAF, Gr., Norman, KK + , Air Knockers; Bernard V. Havard, Gr., Norman, " I ' AK; Jerry M. Heiniel- mann, Kl Gr., Snyder, Tex., Pick Hammer, IFC; Bill R. Hise, Gr., Abilene, Tex., THII 11 KT, Sooner Shamrock, P. E. Club, Engine Club; Norman W. Houghton, Gr., Goodwell; Second row: Joe F. Hutchison, Gr., Bartlesville, l ' " i Edwin L Jackson, Gr.. Cisco. Tex., A.I.E.E., BSU, BMOC, Knight of St. Pat, Cam- pus Personality; Jerald L Jennings, Gr., Lookeba, —II—; Hamilton M. Johnson, AXA Gr., Ardmore; T. C. Johnson, Gr., Healdton, ' I ' AK. Third panel, first row: Virginia R. Kendall, A S, Okla. City; Helen J. Ken- nedy, Gr., Okla. City, Newman Club: Charles P. Kern, ATA, Gr„ Anadarko, Tlill 11 II KT Bruce M. Kilgore, Gr., Glendale, Calif., Cleveland County Bird Club, Oklahoma Daily; Second row: Samuel D. Killian, Jr., Gr., Lawton: Marvin R. laubach, Gr.. Okeene; Charles H. Liner, K2, Gr., Tulsa H2 A ' l ' l. ' ; Eula K. Long, Gr., Roanoke, Va.; Third row: Frank M. Long, A S, Roanoke, Va.. YMCA; Nathan M. Lubin, Gr., Bloomfield, N. J.; Mitsuyoshi Maeda, Gr., Hiroshima Japan ' Marion E. Mattocks, Gr., Port Washington, N. Y.; Fourth row: Geane E. McCormick, Gr., Dewey: Eloise E. McCurtain, Gr., Lexington William A. McMa- hon, Gr., Great Falls, Mont.. P. E. Club. 2Tj Robert P. McMurtry, Gr., Burk- burnett, Tex.; Fifth row: Wesley C. Meacham, Gr., Mangum. BSU; Charles C. Miles, Gr., Okla. City: Frank L. Miller, Gr., Tulsa; Masahiko Mltiugaki, Gr., Ashiya City, Japan, International Club; Sixth row: Joseph J. Mogab. II KA Gr., Enid: Stanley L. Moore, Jr., Gr., Norman. TO; Burke G. Mordy, H 1 1 Law, El Reno: Melvin N. Moroney, Gr., Norman, Soc. for Advancement of Manage- ment; Seventh row: Georgia B. Morris, Gr., Midwest City; Clifford W. Murphey, Gr., Olustee; Mina H. A. Namaiie, Gr., Karachi, Pakistan; Herbert C. Oven, A6 Gr., Enid; Eighth row: Riley W. Park, A S, Lawton, H2 AT Robert E. Parrish, Gr., Ponca City; W. G. Paulsell, Gr., Olney III. TIMI Max E. Parks, AX, Gr., Norman, AA1; S.A.M., Sequoyah Club. a o p i £-- t i ' t V Jki Kendall Kennedy Kern Kilgore Killian Laubach Liner Long, E. Long, F. Lubin Maeda Mattocks McCormick McCurtain McMahon McMurtry Meacham Miles Miller Mizugaici Mogab Moore Mordy Moroney Morris Murphey Namaiie Oven Park Parrish Paulsell Parks NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Page 51 f ' reil ii Illinium doesn ' t seem tm worried as sister Theta ' s prepart to s ' lmil her in oil " at n rush skit. Dink McEathern and Mary Aim Durr admin Huh Bradthaw ' s inn- pi n ni Hi, Alpha Tau Omega fall formal. GRADUATES First panel, first row: Michael Piemonte, Jr., Gr., Yonkers, N. Y.; Charles D. Pierce, Gr., Hugo, Pick Hammer, Scabbard Blade, " O " Club; Joel W. Potts, Gr., Poteau; Everett L. Pound, Gr., Shawnee: E. Ray Price, Gr., Okla. City, Accounting Club; Maxine E. Propp, Gr., Muskogee, USA; Frank A. Reilly, Gr., Howard Beach, N. Y., Pick Hammer; Paul Robarts, Jr., —X Gr., Okla. City, A2H; Second row: Harold A. Rotter, Gr., Des Plaines, III., Pick Hammer; Seymour Rubin, Gr., New York, N. Y., Soc. for Advancement of Management American Marketing Assoc; Hilel Rudavsky, Gr., Brooklyn, N. Y. Director, Hillel Foundation; Dearl T. Russell, K , Gr., Holdenville, -I ' K Scabbard Blade, Pick Hammer; H. T. Russell, Jr., Gr., Okla. City, 2, Assoc, member 2 AKA Margetta A. Sanders, Gr., Port Arthur, Tex.; William L Savage, Acacia, Gr., Okla. City, AXi: Lis lotte Schroeder, Gr., Frankfurt, Germany, Drama Club, Social Work Club; Third row: Patrick J. Shannon, Gr., Ft. Worth, Tex., Pick Hammer; Kenneth L. Shewmaker, Gr., Okla. City, German Club; Elaine H. Shut- tee, Gr., Okla. City; Ronald G. Skaggs, Gr., Pernell; Kurt Strahlberg. IIA ' I ' Gr., New York, N. Y., HKN, TJ2; James D. Thrasher, 2 E, Gr., Clinton; J. L. Tramel, Gr., Salina; Dorothy P. Trostle, Gr., Tecumseh, Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society; Fourth row: Donald L Wallace, Gr., Hobbs, N. Mex.; William Y. West, Bus., Duke, Ac- counting Club, Men ' s Glee Club; Robert H. Wilk3rson, Gr., riAX KA.M; Hal H. Wolfe, ' I ' l ' A, Gr., Okla. City; Newell E. Wright, Ed., Norman; Mitsuo Yamagata, Gr., Tokyo, Japan, AA2 Exchange Stu- dent, International Club; Frank B. Zinn, — N, Gr., Tulsa, KA1I; Jerome J. Zumwalt, Gr., Frederick. Piemonte Pierce Potts Pound Price Propp Reilly Robarts Rotter Rubin Rudavsky Russell, D. Russell, H. Sanders Savage Schroeder Shannon Shewmaker Shuttee Skaggs Strahlberg Thrasher Tramel Trostle Wallace West Wilkerson Wolfe Wright Yamagata Zinn Zumwalt All tin world loves « clown,! Tin V All oalliopi plays mi mill tin clowns make with tht funny stuff. First panel, first row: John K. Abbott, SAE, A S, Cushing; Mary I.Abbott, A S, Altus. AEA, Mortar Board: Tom J. Abbott, " KA Phm., Muskogee, KM ' l ' American Pharmaceutical Assoc Melvin D. Abels, IIA ' l ' , A S, El Dorado, Kans.; Joann Abernathy, A S, Okla. City, -AU, Spanish Cub; Wayne B. Abernathy, - ' I ' l ' -, Eng., Dallas, Tex., Soc. Geol. Eng.; Robert C. Abrahamsen, Eng., Queens, L. I.. A.I.Ch.E.; Vito A. Acciarito, Eng., New York, N. Y.; Second row: Jane Acker, Bus., Lawton, Marketing Club, BWOC; Maxine Adair, T ' l ' li, A S, Ama- rillo, Tex., YWCA, Spanish Club, French Club, FTA: Dorothy A. A ler. A S, Ft. Worth. Tex., 62 , KA. I Ivh Editor of Oklahoma Daily, AWS, Who ' s Who; James R. Adams, Eng., Bartlesville, Engine Club, A.I.E.E., S.A.M.E.; Richard C. Alden, A2 , Eng., Bartlesville, HI- iiT, Tfi, Soc. Auto. Eng., A.S.M.E., St. Pats Council; Gene C. Aldridge, SAE, A S, Wewoka, Pick Hammer. UAC, Reli- gious Emphasis Week: Janice Alexander, AX!!, FA, Little Rock, Ark., -AI, Uni- versity Choir; Yvonne Allen, A S, Little Rock, Ark., TAX, Ducks Club, Hockey Team; Third row: Edmund G. Ambrister, -AK Bus., Norman, Marketing Club; Bobby G. Amos, A S, Norris City, III.; David P. Anderson, Ed., Okla. City. Indus- trial Arts Club; Pollye L. Andersen, A S, Harrah; John S. Andrews, Bus., El Reno, Accounting Club; Richard J. Andrewski, AXA, Bus., Okla. City; Duane L. Archer, A2 t , Eng., Bartlesville, AXS, S0E, A.I.Ch.E., Engine Club; Jasper V. Arcilesi, FA, St. Louis. Mo., A ' I ' A; Fourth row: Charles R. Armour, WA, A S, Pauls Val- THE SENIOR CLASS Abbott, J. K. Abbott, M. Abbott. T. Abels Abernathy, J. Abernathy, W. Abrahamsen Acciarito Acker Adair Adler Adams Alden Aldridge Alexander Allen Ambrister Amos Anderson Andersen Andrews Andrewslci Archer Arcilesi Armour Asher Atlcins Aubrey Avery Babb Babcock Bader Bagley Baker Ballard Bane Banks Barber Barge Bark?ly Barnett Barnharte Barrow Barton, R. Barton. W. Bartrug Baxter Baskins OTi Jem . anmng ley: Forrest D. Asher, AT 1 .! Bus., Great Bend, Kans., Marketing Club; Arthur C. Atkins. Eng., Ft. Stockton. Tex., TIUI, ST, 1 1 M K. IIKT, Pe-el Engine Club, St. Pat ' s Council. P. E. Club, A.I.M.E.; Monte K. Aubrey, Ed.. Hugo; Anne Avery, IIB ' I ' A S. Kingfisher. UAB, + X Maryanne Babb, AT Ed., Okla .City; Dearsley R. Babcock, A S. Okla. City, TUT; Gretchen Bader, FA, Okla. City, M+E; Fifth James W. Bagley, Eng.. Okla. City, TV., P. E. Club. Engine Club; John L. Baker. II KA Eng., Okla. City, A.S.M.E.; Carrol C. Ballard, ' M ' A. Bus., Pauls Val- ley, Accounting Club; Gene M. Bane, Eng., Knoxville, Iowa, — T, TH11 A.S.C.E., Club: Douglas T. Banks, B6II, Ed.. Hobart; Don R. Barker, ' I ' I ' A. A S. Muskogee: James S. Barge, A S, Perry, Y Cabinet, Letters Club; George H. Berkley, Eng., Calgary, Alberta. Canada, P. E. Club, Engine Club; Sixth row: Lela L. Barnett, A S. Norman: Wretha L. Barnharte, AAII, Bus., Lawton, TAX Marketing Club, Shadow Box, YWCA. Women ' s Retailing Club: James R. Barrow, SN Bus.. Chevy Chase, Md.. UAC, Marketing Club; Ronald F. Barton, AX A S, Okla. City AT; W. Clyde Barton, Jr., S E, Eng., Healdton, IIKT, SrE, P. E. Club: Clay B. Bartrug, Bus., Moore; Wendell E. Baxter, K A S. Okla. City; Merrill D. Baskins. AT, Eng.. Watonga, Engine Club. A.S.M.E.. Jr. A.I.A. Second panel, first rov. : Charles L. Beach, ATI Eng., Altus, Soc. Geol. Engr.; Alvin R. Beasley, A S, Okla. City, Pick Hammer; Winnie J. Beasley, Ed., Okla. City Beth Becker, 1M-K. A S, Lawton, AT, YWCA: Marjorie E. Bell, HH ' t Ed., McAlester; Second row: Martha A. Benning, XI. ' , FA, Norman, — Al, M.E.N.C., Choral Club. Choir; G. H. Benson, Bus., Duncan. Accounting Club; A. C. Robert Berger. K2, Eng., Atchison, Kans., TBJJ, ST, IIKT, Engine Club, P. E. Club; James R. Biddick, ATA, A S. Ardmore: Frances M. Biles, A S, Okla. City. TAX Sooner Sashay. Oklahoma Daily. Third panel, first row: Billy L. Billups, Bus., Hutchinson, Kans., Accounting Club: James E. Blnkley, A S, Hennessey; Don G. Birchum, ' I ' AH FA. Norman Air Knockers; Dan Bjeletich, Bus.. Butte. Mont., Hl ' l HS Aill Arnold Air Soci- ety, Accounting Club; Second row: Jean Black. Illi ' l ' , A S, Muskogee, Spanish Club: Don Blair, " KA, Bus., Okla. City, AAS; Joel H. Blake, AT, Bus., Okla. City; Thornton Blanchard, Jr., - ' I K, Eng., Amarillo, Tex., IAS, St. Pat ' s Council, Engine Club, TU : Third row: Charles L. Blankenship, " KA A S, Wewoka; John D. Bolen, Eng., Healdton: James R. Bond, ' I ' K ' I ' , Bus., Dallas, Tex., Arnold Air Soci- ety, Canterbury Club, P. E. Club; Betty J. Boone, A S. Okla. City, -All, Spanish Club: Fourth row: Billy B. Bowen, Eng., Guymon; Garold M. Bowlby, Bus., Law- ton, Accounting Club: William D. Boyd, Eng., Odessa, Tex., HS, ST, Tl ' .ll Student AIA, Scabbard Blade. Wesley Foundation. S8E; Lou A. Boyle, A S. Enid. 8S+; Fifth row: Luann J. Branch, AI ' A FA. Bristow. M.E.N.C; Floyd J. Braziie, A S. Norman, Arnold Air Society; Joe J. Breithaupt, Eng., Corsicana. VI.E.E.: Nina J. Breithaupt, AT Ed., Okla. City; Sixth row: Mary J. Brett, KAh A S. Okla. City: Helen C. Brewer, Ed.. Picher Ili.MI Gerald E. Bridges, A S Garbor; Melvyn L. Brill, Phm., New York. N. Y., K + : Seventh row: Shirley L. Brink, A ' l , Bus.. Tulsa, Marketing Club, Ducks Club, Pan Hellenic: Charles T. Brooks, SAM, Bus., Brooklyn, N. Y., Ruf Neks. American Marketing Assoc, Society of Advancement of Management, Student for Democratic Action, Hillel; Jack D. Brooks. KX A S. Guthrie, -AX, UAB: Vaughn W. Brower, A S. Okla. City. AA- Oklahoma Daily. BSU; Eighth row: Mary S. Brown, A S, Okla. City: Melvin R. Brown, AXA Ed.. Denison, Tex.. " O " Club, Varsity Football: Robert O. Bruton, KA Eng.. Norman. A.S.C.E., S.A.M.E.: A. Dewey Buck, Jr., A S, Ton kawa. Band KK ' I ' . Billups Binkley Birchum Bjeletich Black Blair Blake Blanchard Blankenshi P Bolen Bond Boone Bowen Bowlby Boyd Boyle Branch Braziie Breithaupt, J. Breithaupt, N Brett Brewer Bridges Brill Brink Brooks, c. Brooks, J. Brower Brown, M, S. Brown. M. R. Bruton Buck NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Page 55 First panel, first row: Joann Buckstaff, KA6, A S, Houston, Tex.; Arthur R. Burch, Eng., Aurora, III., Soc. of Engr. Physics; William B. Burger, Phm.. Blackwell, I ' N; Eddie B. Burke, A S, Hobbs, N. Mex., AT; Frances A. Burke, A S, Dallas, Tex., YWCA, Newman Club, Spanish Club; J. Lee Burke, AT, A S, Jal, N. Mex. Westminster Fellowship, KK ' I ' , Pick Hammer; Joe E. Burke, AXA, Ed., Okla. City. Varsity Baseball. " O " Club Jane E. Burr, AXO, A S. Houston. Tex.. Span- ish Club, French Club; YWCA; Second row: William E. Burr, Ed., McAlester, Spanish Club: Marvin Bush, Eng., New York, N. Y., H2, TBII IIKN ZT ; Sue Butler, Xi; A S, Norman, Sooner Yearbook; Diane Butler, Xl A S, Norman. Sooner Yearbook; George T. Butts, A S, Okla. City, AX2 ' I ' lli Anthropology Society, Okla. Museum Assoc, A.C.S.; Barbara Buxton, [IB A S. Okla. City, Young Republicans, Religious Emphasis Week, YWCA; Howard W. Byars, PA, Bus., Hot Springs, Ark.; Chester L. Bynum, A S, Okla. City; " O " Club, Football; Third row: Kyla M. Bynum, FA, Bartlesville, University Symph ony Orchestra, Span- ish Club, French Club, International Club; Bill B. Cagle, Eng., Hollis, TBI] IIKX 2T, HS, A.I.E.E., Engine Club; Charleen Caldwell, 1 " ' I ' H, Ed., Norman, KAI1 YWCA, League of Young Democrats, FTA, A.C.E.; Jeanne M. Camp, ATA, A S, Okla. City. Orchesis, YWCA; Margaret E. Camp, A S, Okla. City; Mary K. Campbell, l ' l ' H, A S, Miami; Billie J. Cape, ATA, FA, Bristow, 2AI, University Choir; Jack E. Capehart, A S. Norman; Fourth row: Robert L. Carder, Eng.. A coupU of ! il, old-fashioned, honest-to-gosh hands . . . Boh Loeffler and date. Buckstaff Burch Burger Burke. E. Burke, F. Burke, J. Burke, J. E. Burr. J. Burr. W. Bush Butler. S. Butler, D. Butts Buxton Byars Bynum, C. Bynum, K. Cagle Caldwell Camp, J. Camp, M. Campbell, Cape Capehart Carder Carley Carnahan Carter Casey Casteel Caton Cesario Childress Chrismer Clark, D. Clark, R. D. Clark, R. C. Clarke Clay Cloos Clute Coffin Cohen Cohlmia Coker Cole Colby Coldwell THE SENIOR CLASS kiw mm jO o 1 t » o r, n p ft ■Ms : -fix M Collier Conrad Norman, A.S.M.E., S.A.E.. Scabbard Blade; Gene A. Carley, Eng., Medicine Park, Sooner Shamrock Staff, A.S.M.E., S.A.E., Engine Club; George G. Carnahan, Ae Eng.. Wichita, Kans., P. E. Club, Engine Club. THI1. 2T, +H2, SrE, Scab- bard Blade; James C. Carter, AS , A S, Richmond, Mo.. AX2; Daniel B. Casey. Phm., Claremore; Billy G. Casteel. Eng., Okla. City, ST, Tl ' ,11 AX2 MMK OU Band. St. Pat ' s Council. OU Honorary Chemical Society, AlChE; R. J. Caton, A S. Enid. Fed. of Young Republicans, History Club, II I ' M; Phil R. Cesario, AXA A S, Hoboken, New Jersey; Fifth row: Joann Childress, AT, A S. Wichita Falls, Tex.; Jack A .Chrismer, Eng., Okla. City. A.I.E.E.. S.A.E.: Donald O. Clark, AT A S, Norman. l ' HT, Scabbard Blade. Pick Hammer. Ruf Neks; Robert D. Clark. A2 Bus.. Okla. City; Roger C. Clark, Bus., Tulsa, " O " Club, Tennis: Caroline K. Clarke, KA9 FA. Okla. City, TAX A-I ' A UAB; Roger B. Clay. A2 , Bus., Okla. City; Jmmy D. Cloos, A S, Bethany, Pick and Hammer; Siith row: Merrill W. Clute, A S, Stockton. N. Y„ Oklahoma Daily. Publications Board 1AX A fl; Doug Coffin, £ E, A S, Dallas, Tex., Ruf Neks, Trident, Air Knockers ' Sherman J. Cohen, IIA ' I ' Bus.. Kansas City. Kans.; Don D. Cohlmia. Acacia. A S. Wayncka- Clifford O. Coker, Phm.. Noble; John A. Cole. ATA, Eng.. Okla. City! Robert L Colby, A S, Okla. City. Pick Hammer; Alan J. Coldwell. n K ' l» Bus., Sand Springs, A2II, Trident, Newman Club. Second panel, first row: F. Thomas Collier, Bus., San Antonio, Tex., Account- ing Club: Laura E. Collins, HB ' I , Ed., Okla. City; Robert N. Collins, Eng., Okla. City. IITi:. S.A.E. A.S.M.E.; Myrna L Compton, Ed„ Fairview, Choral Club Annette Conklin, AT FA, Kaw. TAX; Second row: J. Frank Conrad, II KA A S. Norman, Pick Hammer, H— , Vice-president of IIK.V Laura N. Conrad, A S. Elmore City; N. S. Cook, Jr., A S, Laurel. Miss., Pick Hammer; William C. Cooley. Jr., ATA, A S, Buffalo: Margaret M. Cooper, 17B A S, Okla. City, HE, Ducks Club. Third panel, first rov. : Glen M. Copeland, A2 , Bus., Kingfisher, ' I ' ll — ; George R. Cornelius. A S. Cherokee, Football, " O " Club- Ruben C. Cornelius, Bus.. Wellington, Tex., Accounting Club; John E. Cousland, — AE, Bus., El Dorado, Kans.; Second row: Jack V. Cowan, K , Eng., Blanchard, Soc. Geol. Engr.; Chauncey B. Cowles, 2X, Bus., Edmond; Ann J. Cox, AAA, Ed., Pauls Valley: James A. Crabtree, A S. Cordell; Third row: Richard A. Cranford, 9K , Bus. Okla. City, A £2, Marketing Club, Band. Newman Club: Sherman A. Creson. Jr., II KA Eng., Seminole, A.I.E.E., ' I ' ll- -T Tl ' ,11 BKN; Lindsey H. Crow, ' I ' Kl Bus., Springfield. Mo., A l !;, Accounting Club, YMCA; Eddie B. Crowder, ' I ' l ' A, A S, Muskogee, Football. " O " Club; Fourth row: Talmadge L. Crowe, KAI ' Eng.. Laurel, Miss. IIET, 2TE, Scabbard Blade. P. E. Club. Soc. of Military Engrs.: Phyllis J. Curnutt, Xfl Ed., Hugo: James D. Currin. M«MI Eng., Norman, -T A.I.E.E., Engine Club; Neal A. Curtis, Bus., Tulsa; Fifth row: Ralph E. Daly. Eng., Sweeny, Tex.- Gene F. Daniel, Eng., Russellville. Ark., P. E. Club; Patricia A. Darnold. AAA Ed.. Bartlesville: Charles H. Davis, Phm., Lawton. AX; Sixth row: Donald D. Davis, Eng.. Amarillo. Tex.. University Band, KK 1 1 ET; Knox E. Davis, Eng.. Fox, I1KT, P. E. Club. Engine Club ; Milton F. Davis. AXA, Bus., Okla. City. Finance Club: Vernon K. Davis, Eng., Okla. City, University Band, KK ' I ' S.A.M.E.: Seventh row: Virginia J. Davis, AAII Ed., Norman, Ducks Club. BSU. FTA; Mary J. Dean, AAA Ed.. Idabel; Melvin E. Deatherage, A S. Okla. City S—V Speech Activities Club. French Club, Spanish Club; Betty L. Deere, Ed., Hobart, FTA; Eighth row: Dorothy M. Delaplain, FA, Hardin City. Orches- K ' l ' Wesley Foundation, Choral Club: Carlos E. Delius, Eng.. La Paz, Bolivia Engine Club. P. E. Club. International Club, Spanish Club. A.I.M.E.: Clarence E. Denham, Bus.. Ada. Society for Advancement of Menageme ' Everett J. Dewees, Jr., AX A S. Bartlesville. A U. Pick Hammer. M M ft r» o SEE £?i£ Copeland Cornelius, G. Cornelius, R. Cousland Cowan Cowles Cox Crabtree Cranford Creson Crow Crowder Crowe Curnutt Currin Curtis Daly Daniel Darnold Davis, C. Da is, D. Davis, K. Davis. M. Davis, V. Davis, V.J. Dean Deatherage Deere Delaplain Delius Denham Dewees NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Page 57 First panel, first row: Donald D. Dhonau, K — , Eng., Little Rock, Ark., Engine Club, Soc. Geol. Engr.; LeRoy J. Dickes, Phm.. Newark, N. J., K ; Patricia A. Dicrker, XS2, A S, Okla. City. HE, Newman Club, UAB; Dixie J. Dillingham, 1 1 HI ' . A S, Ardmore: Albert E. Dismukes, Bus., Okla. City, Soc. for Advancement of Management; Clinton R. Dobson, Eng., Chestnut, La.; Ronnie N. Dobson, Ed., Los Angeles, Calif., Track, " O " Club; Bruce J. Drummond, A S, Tulsa, Cross Country, Track, " O " Club; Second row: James A. Duck, ' I ' K , Eng., Tulsa, SrE, THII, ST; Patrick W. Dudley, 2 E, A S, Okla. City; Thomas F. W. Dudley, 2 t E, A S, Okla. City; John M. Duffle, KS, Eng., Hope. Ark., IIKT, Scabbard Blade; Lathel F. Duffield, A S, Tulsa, Sequoyah Club, Badminton Club; Rhea W. Dugan, Bus., Holdenville; Willard E. Durkee, Eng., Norman, Engine Club, P. E. Club, Sooner Shamrock Staff; Mary A. Durr, T ' l ' l ' . A S, Okla. City; Third row: Sue Dutton, AI ' A, Ed., Ponca City; Jack R. Dyer, ' I ' l ' A, A S. El Reno; Charles E. Eads, Eng., KA, Okla. City; James M. Ealum, A S, Norman, BK, ' I ' ll-, Trident; Jim R. Earnest, KHII, Bus., Shawnee: Evelyn L. Edgar, Ed., Perry, lli. ' ll, TBS; Shelby M. Eddington, A S, Odessa. Tex.; Charles R. Edgerton, HHII A S. Bartlesville, League of Young Republicans; Fourth row: Marilyn R. Eitzen, A ' l ' FA, Ponca City, Mortar Board, TAX A ' l ' A, Y Cabinet, Wesley Foundation, Sooner Year- book; Jim Ellis, A S, Little Rock, Ark.; Richard A. Elms, 2X, Eng., Erick, ' Mil II. ME. ST, TKII, IFC; Yvonne Elsea, AXfl Ed.. Okla. City. Pick Hammer. Everyone had i « » " tinu at tin Sui Alph-Kappa For null ! Dhonau Dickes Dierker Dillingham Dismukes Dobson, C. Dobson, R. Drummond Duck Dudley. P. Dudley, T. Duffle Duffield Dugan Durkee Durr Dutton Dyer Eads Ealum Earnest Edgar Eddington Edgerton Eitzen Ellis Elms Elsea Elston Emery Endicott Englund Erbe Erickson Eastman Esslinqer Evers Ewbank Fair Farmer Feiock Feil Foil Fender Ferguson Fischer Fincher Fisher THE SENIOR CLASS X CF ' P o r fTi 4ll • 1 5 .. 4C Fisher, M. Flynn Fisher, S. Foglesong Flip pin Ford Flippen Forston Floyd Fowler YWCA- Glenn D. Elston, S E, Eng, Okla. City, ST, TBIl, A.S.C.E.; William D. Emery, ' I ' AO A S, Okla. City; Kenneth E. Endicott, FA, Cushing, AAS; Marshall J. England, Eng.. Billings, Mont., THII, ST, HKT, p. E. Club, Engine Club; Fifth row: Charles B. Erbe, Eng., Tulsa, HKT, 2:T, P. E. Club, Engine Club; Joan M. Erickson, AX!. Ed.. Benton, Ark., FTA, Social Work Club, Newman Club; Elinor Eastman, KKT Bus.. Okla. City, S.A.M., I.B.M.- Jack H. Esslinger, A S. Okla. City, S, AT, Band; Verlon J. Evers, A S, Breckenridge; Bob L. Ewbank, UKA A S, Norman, Football; Festus D. Fair, B6JI, Eng., Okla. City, P. E. Club, S.A.E., S.A.M.E.; H. Bill Farmer, AX, FA, Okla. City, A ' I A; Sixth row: Ray D. Feiock, KS A S, Okla. City, Ruf Neks, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard Blade; Adolph Feil, Ed.. Okla. City, I.A.A.: Margaret D. Fell, HIM.. A S, Norman, WRA, PEM Club. YWCA, Intramural Council. Badminton Club, Seasonal Sports Club;Ralph H. Fender, ATA. Eng., Randalett, A.I.Ch.E. AXS; Martha A. Ferguson, KA6, A S, Dallas. Tex.. History Club, German Club; JoAnn Fischer, AAII A S. Norman; Wayne C. Fincher, Eng. Stephens. Ark., IIKT TBIl; Elwood E. Fisher, A S, Lamont. Second panel, first row: Marilyn B. Fisher, KAH A S, Edmond, Racket Club, WRA Steve Fisher, Eng., Cordell, 2T Soc. Eng. Physicists; Carl B. Flippin, Jr., A S, Norman- Lois J. Flippen, AAII, A S. El Reno; Curtis N. Floyd, A S, Pan- ama. AEI ' , BSU. Sports Director, WNAD; Second row: Maureen Flynn, A S. Bartlesville: Jimmy L. Foglesong, AT!. ' , FA, Brownwood, Tex., A ' I ' A, YMCA, IFC, BMOC: Roberta A. Ford, Ed„ Lawton, BWOC, Quad Pres.; George R. Forston, AX. Eng., Norman, A.S.C.E.; Mary Fowler, A , Ed., Okla. City. Third panel, first row: Claude E. Franklin, Eng., Shreveport, La.; Wallace H. Franklin, KA, Bus., Hugo; Kay L. Francisco, IIB ' I ' , A S. Enid; E. Whitson Free- man, SAE, Bus., Enid; Second row: Monte L. Frierson, Bus., Bristow, Soc. for Advancement of Management, Student Mgrs. Celebrity Series; Joe Friou, AS , Eng.. Okla. City. ST, TBIl, AXS, A.I.Ch.E., Engine Club, Trident, OU Honorary Chemical Soc; Donald L. Fritrler, Eng., Hooker; C. Carolyn Frosch, —AT, Ed., Houston, Tex.. UAB; Third row: Wilma N. Fulks, Bus., Okla. City, YWCA, S.A.M.; William W. Fuller, A S, Chickasha- Joe B. Fulmer, Bus., Idabel, S.A.M.; Rabey J. Funk, 8K , Eng., Amarillo. Tex, Scabbard Blade. HKT. St. Pat ' s Council, P. E. Club, Engine Club; Fourth row: Marjorie A. Gamman, T ' l ' li A S, Miami, Orchesis, Swing Club, PEM Club, YWCA, American Assoc, of Health. Physical Education and Recreation; Charles B. Gannaway, III, S E, Eng., Tulsa. A.I. A.; Ruth M. Gardner, Bus, Chandler; Harold E. Garner, Phm, Musko- gee, +AX; Fifth row: Louis G. Garner, A S, Panola, AA1 RAM; Richard R. Gibbs, Ai: t , Eng, Tulsa, IIT , 2T, TBIl, A.S.M.E, S.A.M.E., S.A.E.; Marshall S. Gilbert, Bus, New York, N. Y, League of Young Democrats, Marketing Club, Covered Wagon staff; Ervin W. Gilmore, Jr., Bus, Ft. Worth, Tex, BrS, MarkeT ing Club; Sixth row: Edward J. Glendening, Eng, Okla. City, A.S.C.E.; Dwayne E. Godsey, Bull Eng, Tulsa, +H2 ST; John A. Godfrey, S E, A S, Clinton, Pick Hammer; Jim G. Gonders, KA, Bus, Okla. City; Seventh row: William T. Gordon, AS , A S, Tulsa. AEA, [ISA, S9E; Arthur P. Gorman, A6, Eng, Bartlesville: James E. Graalman, AT!. ' A S, Dayton, Ohio; Charlotte G. Graham, I ' l ' B Ed, Okla. City; Eighth row: Mary K. Graham, KAH Ed, Blackwell, Worn- en ' s Choral Club: Paul B. Graves, Eng, Norman, A.S.C.E.; James E. Green, ' I ' l ' A A S. Ponca City, Harry H. Brown Memorial Scholarship, Trident; Richard D. Green, Bus, Guthrie, Scabbard Blade, Soc. for Advancement of Management. I ' - ll IB own Franklin, C. Franklin, w. Francisco Freeman Frierson Friou Fritzler Frosch Fulks Fuller Fulmer Funk Gammon Gannawa y Gardner Garner Garner, L. Gibbs Gilbert Gilmore Glendening Godsey Godfrey Gonders Gordon Gorman Graalman Graham, C Graham, M. Graves Green, J. Green, R. NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Page 59 First panel, first row: Lynn A. Greenwalt, A S, Cache; LeRoy E. Greer, A S. Chickasha; John R. Gregg, AXA, A S. Kelley, Iowa, Pick Hammer; Bert L. Griffith, Enq„ Winfield Kans.; William P. Gruman, A S. Billings, Mont., SrE; Myra B. Gungoll, IIB+ A S, Enid; Don F. Hadwiger, 8K t , A S, Alva, Newman Club; Forrest L. Haley, Bus., Okla. City; Second row: Jack D. Haley. A S. Roosevelt; Richard L Hall, A S, Chickasha KK+, A t !2, Band; John M. Hallren, Ill-ill Bus., Fairview; Charles W. Hammond, A S. Enid, Pick Hammer; George H. Hammonds, -X, Bus., Okla. City: Roger A. Hansen, A S, Dallas, Tex.; Ronald J. Hanska, Acacia, Bus., Yukon, Marketing Club; Joseph E. Hanson, ATS2, A S, Okla. City. AA2], Oklahoma Daily: Third row: Ernie J. Harber, Phm., Cushing, ' I ' A.V K. Dan Hardin, Eng., Clinton, T ' :!!. IT IIKX HS, Student Senate; Jack O. Harmon. AT, Eng.. Bradford, Pa., P. E. Club, Engine Club; Edwin R. Harris, A S, Lawton, Band, OU Honorary Chemical Society; Frank R. Harris, A S, Cushing; Helen L. Harrod, Al ' , A S, Okla. City, UK, Oikonomia, Wesley Foundation, YWCA; James M. Hart, ' I ' l ' A, A S, Pauls Valley: James S. Hart, Eng., High River, Alberta, Canada, MET, P. E. Club, Engine Club; Fourth row: Tommy E. Hartman, K2, Eng., Okla. City, Scabbard Blade, IFC, Pershing Rifles: Gene Harrill, Bull, Eng., Okla. City, A.I.A.; Marvin D. Hartz, Bus., Tulsa, Accounting Club; Joseph E. Hathaway, Acacia, A S, Okla. City; George B. AT, Bus., Tulsa, YMCA, Finance Club. Scabbard Blade: Alvin I. Haxel. Hau auger Wes Whitlock and Jan Lulcins try a new danc tin ir own origination. st, , „ Greenwalt Greer Gregg Griffith Gruman Gungoll Hadwiger Haley, F. Haley, J. Hall Hallren Hammond Hammonds Hansen Hanska Hanson Harber Hardin Harmon Harris, E. Harris, F. Harrod Hart, J. M. Hart. J. S. Hartman Harrill Hartz Hathaway Hauger Haxel Haynes Head Heard Heath Hedges Hedley Heine Helper Hendriclt Hendricltson Henry Herrin Hewett Hicltey Hicks. C. Hicks, M. Hildebrand Hintze THE SENIOR CLASS pi a » ftMJk Hodges Holley Hogan Holmes Holden Holt Phm., Washington, Vice-president of Senior Pharmacy Class, OU Pharmaceutical Assoc. Dick Haynes, B6tII, A S. Ada, Senior Advisor, 4 H2, Who ' s Who, Career Conference: Walter D. Head, +K2, A S, Miami, H2, Los Dos Americos. Uni- versity Celebrity Series, BMOC, Open Door Series, Director of Sooner Scandals; Fifth row: Charles L. Heard, KA Bus., Tulsa. Finance Club, Air Knockers: Marilyn L Heath, A S, Okla. City, AAA, BSU; Glenn N. Hedges, Eng„ Olds, Alberta, Canada, P. E. Club: ' Helen E. Hedley, AT A S. Houston, Texas, Pres. AT WRA, AWS, BWOC. Pan Hellenic; Mary J. Heine, [IB , Ed., Bartlesville, FTA, YWCA; Ralph E. Helper, -X, Eng., Mangum. Executive Secretary IFC; James W. Hendrick, -I ' Ah Bus., Amarillo. Tex., ' I H1; Jack R. Hendrickson, Eng., Ouinton, P. E. Club, Engine Club: Sixth row: R. D. Henry, A2 , Phm., Tulsa. KH ' American Pharmaceutical Assoc: Charles R. Herrin, Bus., Shawnee, Soc. for Advancement of Management; Horace E. Hewett, A S. Ada; Mel J. Hickey, Eng., Calgary, Alberta, Canada, P. E. Club; Carolyn Hicks, FA, El Reno, -M ' Hv Marilyn Hicks. A S, Holdenville, HZK, Spanish Club, YWCA: Jerald J. Hilde- brand, Ed.. Alfalfa: Nancy C. Hintie, A S, Bartlesville, Mortar Board, Sooner Sashay. Second panel, first row: Julie Hodges, AAA A S, Wichita Falls, Tex.. YWCA. Air Knockers. Oikonomia; Robert V. Hoelker, 24 E, Eng., Clinton. S.I.M.E.. Newman Club: Joy Hogan, AT A S, Marlow; William R. Holden, Eng., Okla. City, 1111 -I ' ll! IT Tlill II.MK; Carol Holderby, AAA, Ed.. Okla. City. Pan Hellenic. YWCA; Second row: Donald L. Holley, Acacia, FA, Mangum, ' Mil University Players, French Club; Nancy L Holloway, KA8, A S, Okla. City, German Club. Spanish Club, YWCA; Claude B. Holmes, Bus., Harrison, Ark., Accounting Club- Margaret Holt, AAA FA, Wheeler, Tex., Basketball Club, Badminton Club, YWCA; Louise Hoodenpyl, FA, Okla. City, TAX, University Chorus, Shadow Box. Third panel, first row: Helen M. Hooper, A1 ' A, A S, Okla. City, AT. AWS Committees; Neil W. House, Bus., Sayre. Scabbard Blade: William F. Howard, BOD Eng.. McAlester, IT, Tlill; Don R. Hoy, A! ' l A S, l ' BT, Scabbard Blade; Second row: Hal D. Hudson, Eng., Martha, THIT; John R. Hudson, Bus.. Okla. City; William T. Hudson, Eng., Levanon, Ind., HET, Engine Club, P. E. Club; Robert L. Humphreys, IX, A S. Norman; Third row: William C. Hum- phreys, FA, Okla. City, •I ' ll!, University Choir, M.E.N.C; James D. Huneke, 1AK Bus., Amarillo. Tex., Marketing Club; Horace B. Hunter, Bus., Okla City; David P. Huntington, Ed., Norman, Speech Club; Fourth row: Frederic S. Hunt- ington, ATI! Eng., Tulsa, IT, 1 1 KT Engine Club, P. E. Club; Marilyn D. Hunt- ress, K. h Ed., Okla. City, AWS, YWCA Jane Hurst, ATA FA, Okla. City, A ' I ' A AAA UAB, Soonerettes- Sue Huser, A A S, Wewoka. 624 TAX Stu- dent Press Assoc: Fifth row: Victor T. Hvolboll, Eng., Perry. TM1I IT P e -et P. E. Club, Engine Club. S.A.M.E., A.I.M.E.; Marilyn L. Idema, XL ' FA, Norman, Choral Club: Robert E. Imel, Acacia, Bus., Pampa, Tex.; Thomas A. Ingram, Ed., Lawton; Sixth row: Reuben E. Inman, Eng., Memphis, Tenn.; David T. lola, 1A.M Eng., Tulsa. A.S.C.E.; H. Cliff Ivester, Kl, Bus., Sayre, Glee Club, YMCA; Thurmon E. Jacks, Eng., Purcell; Seventh row: Claude S. Jackson, Bus., Okla. City; Clayton W. Jackson, Eng., Enid, A. I.E., A.S.C.E.; Phyllis V. Jarvis, Ed., Sayre. FTA. ISA, Sooner Sashay, Women ' s Choral Club, Disciple Student Fellow- ship; J. Peyton Jenness, ' I ' TA Bus., Muskogee, A2JI, Arnold Air Society. Sooner Yearbook, Young Republicans: Eighth row: Clifton C. Jennings, AXA. Eng., Okmulgee, A.I.Ch.E.- Warren M. Jesperson, Phm.. Okla. City, American Pharma- ceutical Assoc: Pat Jimerson, AT Ed.. Miami KAII Fred F. Johnson, A S Tulsa. IRC. Campus Chest Fund Committee. Freshman Orientation Comn YMCA. Holderby Hoodenpyl ... JfcA -J Its ftr ' £SQ£ Ml £ 1m Hooper House Howard Hoy Hudson. H. Hudson, J Hudson, W. Humphreys, R. Humphreys, W. Huneke Hunter Huntington, D Huntington, F. Huntress Hurst Huser Hvolboll Idema Imel Ingram Inman lola Ivester Jacks Jackson, C. S. Jackson, C. W. Jarvis Jenness Jennings Jesperson Jimerson Johnson NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Page 61 Firs panel, first row: Jean L. Johnson, lIK ' h A S, Norman; Dr. Jesse John son, Jr., A S, Sasakwa, 8K, L ' lM ' ; Roderick H. Johnson, Jr., Eng., Olcla. City Tllll SrE +H2; Ruth V. Johnson, A S. Okla. City, AAA, German Club, Uni versity Choir Alva V. Jones, Ki;, A S, Albany, Tex.: Betty P. Jones, A FA Alamo, Tex., University Playhouse; J. Clark Jones, 4 K2, A S, Mangum, Men ' Glee Club; John F. Jones, Bus., Ardmore; Second row: Richard A. Jones, Aca cia, A S, Lakewood, Ohio, " O " Club; Richard L Jones, Eng., Drumright, P. E Club, Engine Club; Robert F. Jones, Eng., Windyville, Mo„ H2, IIKT, IT TBII, P. E. Club, Engine Club, Homecoming Decorations and Open House, Man aging Editor of Sooner Shamrock, St. Pat ' s Council; William L. Jones, Bus., Okla City, Marketing Club; Abner B. Jordan, K , Bus., Hugo. Glee Club; Betty A Jordan, Ed., Moore. IIZK, University Choir; Warren K. Jordan, Bell, A S Healdton, AA , Editor of Sooner Yearbook; Henry P. Joyner, Eng., McAlester P. E. Club; Third row: William E. Kakish, Bus., Hartshorne; Richard H. Kamp II KA, A S, Okla. City; Milton F. Keck, Eng., Dayton, Ohio, IITi: T , A.S.M.E. Engine Club; Eddie A. Keegan, OTA, Bus., Chandler, ASH; Harry C. Keeton AT, Bus., Okla. City, YMCA, Canterbury Club; Carl W. Kemp, Eng., Talihina A.S.C.E.; Truman R. Kemper, Bus., Amarillo, Tex.; Richard C. Kennedy, Phm. Vinita, K ! ' , American Pharmaceutical Assoc; Fourth row: Thomas E. Kenney AXA, Bus., Okla. City. Finance Club; Carole Kerr, KKP, Ed., Ada, Pres. of KKI ' Am ' t lovi a wonderful thing? .Iitntci Kerr and Ken Orr kavt a wonderful timt at tin Tri lhit dance. THE SENIOR CLASS Johnson, J. Johnson, J. Johnson, R. Johnson ( R. Jones, A. Jones, B. Jones, J. C. Jones, J. F. Jones, R. A. Jones, R. L Jones, R. F. Jones, W. Jordan, A. Jordan, B. Jordan, W. Joyner Kakish Kamp Keck Keegan Keeton Kemp Kemper Kennedy Kenney Kerr Kerley Kilik Kimbrough Kindig King, J. King, K. King, R. Kirk Kisling Kline Kopp Krapf Kuboi Lackey Laidlaw Laird Lambert Land, G. Land, J. Lane Lange Langenkamp t ) cy jm O (% f Langston Lea Larason Leake Laws Lee Lawson, L. Lawson, P. Lees Levine Troy L. Kerley, Phm., Okla. City " MX; Morris E. Kilik, Eng.. Olds, Alberta, Can- ada: Neely W. Kimbrough, ' I ' KM ' , Eng. ( Hereford, Tex., Soc. Geol. Engr.; David A. Kindig, AX A Eng., Bartlesville, A.I.E.E.. S.A.M.E., Editor Sooner Shamrock. Trident. Navy Rifle Team, Radio Club (ROTC), Engine Club, St. Pat ' s Council; Joe D. King, DKA, Bus.. McAlester; Kaye J. King, A , A S, Okla. City, Pan Hellenic; AWS Council. Social Work Club, Newman Club: Fifth row: Rita King. AX1J, Bus., Okla. City, Marketing Club, Shadow Box; Leo K. Kirk, Eng.. Shawnee, A.S.M.E.: Peter D. Kisling, AT A S, Tulsa; Mary M. Kline, M B, A S. Muskogee, Mortar Board. University Choir, YWCA. Religious Emphasis Week, Letters Club; Charles S. Kopp, SAM, Bus., Okla. City; Joe L. Krapf, Phm., Purcell: Arthur N. Kuboi, Eng., Honolulu, T. H.. A.S.C.E.: Ann Lackey, KA8, Bus., Tulsa; Sixth row: Bob W. Laldlaw, AT Eng.. Calgary. Alberta, Canada. Engine Club, P. E. Club: R. Milton Laird, Acacia, Bus.. Okla. City. A II, |FC, Accounting Club: Ray O. Lambert, Phm.. Lexington. K ' i American Pharmaceutical Assoc: Glenn Land, KS, Eng., Tulsa, Varsity " O " Club, P. E. Club. Engine Club, S.A.E.; James D. Land, -N, Bus.. Tulsa AiMI Arnold Air Society, Student Senate; George R. Lane, AS , Bus.. Okla. City; George R. Lange, ATI ' , Bus., Kansas City, Mo. Marketing Club; Jerr y R. Langenkamp, Acacia, FA, Sand Springs, Men ' s Glee Club, ' I ' ll- MA. Second panel, first row: Norma J. Langston, Ed., Norman; Roosrt C. Lara- son, Acacia. Eng., Okla. City, S.A.M.E.; Douglas R. Laws, S E, Bus., Okla. City, Scabbard Blade, Soc. for Advancement of Management; Lola B. Lawson, Phm., Hobbs. N. Mex. AKS; Patricia A. Lawson, A S, Marietta, II-K, AEA; Second row: Jim D. Lea, MCA, A S. Okla. City; Nancy E. Leake, Ed., Enid Mary L. Lee, r B A S. Norman, AAA [ISA; Curtis M. Lees, Eng., Austin, Minn., IITIS, A.S.M.E.. S.A.E.. " O " Club; Ann Levine, Ed.. Chickasha. Third panel, first row: Harold F. Levine, IIA ' h Eng., El Dorado, Kans.; Bob J. Lewis, Bus., Norman: George B. Lewis, Eng., Shamrock, Tex., Chairman of Dads ' Day: Edward J. Lichtenstein, AX Bus., Ponca City, A— II, Marketing Club, S.A.M.E.; Second row: William W. Liddell, Jr., Eng., Tulsa, P. E. Club; Charles S. Liegerot, Acacia, FA, Tonkawa, KKM ' Band, Men ' s Glee Club; Cecil O. Ligon, Bus., Okla. City; Jacqueline Lillard, QB A S, Honolulu, T. H., YWCA; Third row: Ernest L Lippert, Jr., AT A S, Okla. City, HS, AX2 HAT II.MIv Jimmy L. Litton, AX A. Bus., Okla. City, Scabbard Blade, Soc. for Advancement of Management; Bill E. Lockhart, Bus., Okla. City, Accounting Club; Robert I. Loeffler. 2X, Eng., Okla. City, HS, THII, ST, Varsity Wrestling; Fourth row: Bob L. Loftis, Bus., Holdenville, HI ' —: Donald E. Logsdon, Eng., Fillmore, Calif., THII. Soc. Geol. Engr.- Margaret A. Long, KA6, A S, Okla. City. UAB, Student Senate: Jim A. Loomer, AXA Eng.. Okla. City, -T. Student Senate, Sooner Shamrock. A.I.Ch.E., Engine Club; Fifth row: Gerald A. Mack, A S. Springfield, Mo. AAS CAM, Oklahoma Daily, Covered Wagon; Marion N. Mackey, K¥ Bus.. Enid. A«MJ, Young Republicans. Marching Band: Norma G. Macleod, AXfl A S. Okla. City. Shadow Box. Choir; Charles H. Mahone. +K¥, A S, Hobart. HS; Sixth row: Elizabeth E. Markland, KA8, A S. Tulsa; Frank M. Marks, A S, Edmond. Wrestling. BSU; Jerry D. Marshall, Phm., Shawnee, American Pharma- ceutical Assoc. BSU: Jerry G. Marshall, FA, Okla. City, KK I ' ' I ' .MA Band. rchestra; Seventh row: Carolyn S. Martin, Ed., Altus. Illill- Fred R. Martin, A S. Mangum; Jim G. Martin, AS , Phm., Tulsa, K¥. OU Pharmaceutical Assoc Thomas G. Maskaleris, A S, Okla. City. Chess Club, Philosophy Club: Eighth row: Samuel V. Maxwell, Eng.. Wichita, Kans.: Donal R. May. ' I ' KM ' Bus., Okla. City; Hector Mayorga, Eng.. Bogota, Colombia. S. A., P. E. Club, Newman Club; Reed L. McAlister, B8H Eng.. Okla. City. 6 mfc Levine, H. Lewis, B. Lewis, S. Lichtenstein Liddell Li?gerott Ligon Lillard Lippert Litton Lockhart Loeffler Loftis Logsdon Lonq Loomer Mack Mackey Macleod Mahone Marlclar d Marks Marshall. J. D. Marshall, J. G. Martin, C. Martin, F. Martin, J. Maskaleris Maxwel May Mayorga McAlister NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Page 63 First panel, first row: Sam K. McCall, — AK, Bus., Norman; Ted L. McCol- lough. SAE, A S. Tulsa; Neill M. McCown, A6, Bus., Okla. City; Annie L. McCoy, Ed., Newcastle; Chandler J. McCoy, SAE, Eng., Okla. City, A.S.C.E.; Robert G. McCue, B6HI, Bus., Eureka, Kans.; Geree McCurdy, Xfi, A S, Lawton, HE Oikonomia, UAC; Gary A. McDaniel, ' I ' k ' M ' A S, Enid, - ' K; Second row: John W. McDermott, ' I ' AH Erg., Norman, Young Republicans, S.A.E., A.S.M.E.; Jeanette McDonald, A S, Duncan, Speech Activities Club, Debate, YWCA, Wes- ley Foundation; Rita F. McDowell, AX!!, A S, Okla. City, Ducks Club; Thomas F. McDuffie, Eng., Lawton, [ITS, S.A.E., A.S.M.E., S.C.C.A. James M. McGee, S+E, Eng., Dallas, Tex.; Michael L. McGee, ATA, Bus., Ardmore, ASH, Arnold Air Society, IFC, Accounting Club; Robert B. McGill, KS, Eng., Tulsa; Jack O. McGinnis, Eng., Okla. City, P. E. Club, Engine Club; Third row: Barbara L. McGrew, KA6, A S, Beaver; Merle D. McGuire, AT , Bus.. Lubbock, Tex.; Sherman E. McGuire, Bus., Mountain View; Charles L. McKiniie, Phm., Muskogee; Marvin A. McNatt, AXA, Eng., Okla. City, Engine Club, Scabbard Blade; Frank D. McSherry, FA, McAlester; Mary McSherry, AAII Ed., McAlester; Richard B. McWhirt, A S, Arlington, Va.; Fourth row: Enrigue R. Medina, Eng., Progreso, Honduras, A.S.C.E., International Club; Mary E. Meek, A S, Marietta, I1ZK, Oikonomia; Ernie C. Mehlhorn, Eng., Tulsa, " O " Club, Tricon; Border R. Merritt, Bus., Vinson, Management Club Donald P. Meyer, UK ' ! ' A S, Sunny Minis entertains with a reading f dictionary. Webster ' s THE SENIOR CLASS McG McCollough McCown McCoy, A. McCoy, C. McCue McCurdy McDaniel McDermott McDonald McDowe McDuffie McGee, J. McGee, M McGill McGinnie McGrew McGuire, McGuire, McKinzie McNatt McSherry McSherry McWhirt Medina Meelc Mehlhorn Merritt Meyer, D. Meyer, E. Meyer, R Miles Miller. Miller, Miller, Mills Ming Mitche Mitche Mitche Mitchell, S. Mitchell, W, Moan Mohri Monk Montgomery Montgomery Moore s ■ f Moore, J Morton Gear MI ' M Newman Club, Men ' s Glee Club: Eileen L. Meyer, A Xi A S, Shawnee, YWCA; Robert D. Meyer, Enq., Okla. City, Tfl, I.A.S.; Jerome E. Miles, AS , Eng„ Okla. City. Arnold Air Society, A.S.M.E., S.A.E.: Fifth row: Edward L. Miller, A S. Long Beach. Calif.. Pick Hammer; Louis R. Miller. Acacia. FA, Okla. City, University Players, UAC; Thomas N. Miller, Eng., Savan- nah. Ga., Ruf Neks, A fi, P. E. Club; Ethelyn Mills, KA6 A S. Okla. City, Inter- national Club, LYD; Charles G. Ming, ATS. ' Bus.. Okmulgee. Scabbard Blade, Air Knockers; Lovick B. Mitchell, Bus., St. Paul, Minn., -A— II. Accounting Club: Richard L. Mitchell, 1 ' t ' K Bus., Clinton, Soc. for Advancement of Managemen t, Marketing Club: Robert L. Mitchell, KA, Bus., Okla. City, ASII, Finance Club; Eighth row: Stanley R. Mitchell, Eng., Walters, A.I.E.E.: William G. Mitchell, — X A S, Chicago, III., Swimming Team; Recil E. Moan, Phm., Tulsa Takenobu Mohri, Eng., Tokyo, Japan, International Club, A. I. A., Wesley Foundation; Wilfred J. Monk, A S, Anaconda. Mont., SrE, Pick Hammer; Mary H. Mont- gomery, A S, Okla. City. IIZK PAX, Oklahoma Daily. YWCA, AWS, ISA; Robert S. Montgomery, KA, A S, Kansas City, Mo.; E. Paul Moore, Eng., Perry, Trider- IIK.N TBI! ST. Second panel, first row: Jeanene Moore, Ed.. Hollis, AWS. University Choir; Marlene Moore, Ed., Hollis, YWCA, University Choir; Paul A. Moore, Acacia, onkawa, University Choir, Wesley Foundation; D. D. Morgan, B6J] A S, Tulsa; James L Morgan, A S, Irving, Tex., STK, Pick Hammer; Second row: Raymond T. Morton, Eng., Okmulgee. Engine Club, A.I.E.E.; Nelva R. Mosley, A S Enid, TAX, Oikonomia; Leonard J. Moss, SAM, A S, Patterson, N. J„ +HS BMOC. OU Choir: Joseph S. Muglia, Phm., South Plainfield, N. J.. PX Scabbard Blade. American Pharmaceutical Assoc. Newman Club: Mary L. Mulky, KKT. Ed.. Okla. City, UAB, League of Young Republicans, AAA KAII. Third panel, first row: R. Maxine Mullins, A S, Shawnee; John M. Murphy, A S Okla. City; Paul J. Murphy, Eng.. Pratt, Kans., UTS, A.S.M.E.: Howard L. Nash, A S, Chickasha, KK S9E A M2, Band; Second row: Dewey W. Neal, ♦A8 Bus., Okla. City. Air Knockers; Nancy A. Neil, A S, Mangum, AAA HE; Charles S. Nelson, 1IKA Bus.. Guthrie, Men ' s Glee Club, American Marketing Assoc, Arnold Air Society; Joe M. Nelson, Eng., Claude, Tex,, A ' K. ' AX1 Engine Club, Sooner Shamrock Staff, American Chemical Soc; Third row: Joe 4. fed S. Nelson. Jr.. ATA A S, Okla. City h: Men ' s Glee Club; L. M. Newman, AS A S, Evansville, Ind.; Robert L. Newton, ATO, Bus., Norman, Marketing Club: William M. Newton, Phm., Norman, Student American Pharmaceutical Assoc: Fourth row: Wilbert M. R. Nielsen, Eng., Calgary. Alberta. Canada, P. E. Club. Engine Club: Alice Nichols, A S. Okla. City. BS ; Mark O. Nord- berg, AXA, Eng.. Glenwood Springs, Colo. ' I ' ll! TUN Ili) Trident, Engine Club, Ruf Neks, Soc. Engr. Physicists; Charbs E. Norman. AXA Low, Borger, ♦HS I ' AA Fifth row: James J. Northcutt, +K , Eng.. Ponca City. P. E. Club, Engine Club: Sherman H. Norton, AT ' .. ' Eng., Lubbock, Tex.. Basketball. ) " Club: Marilyn Nott. A , Ed.. Okla. City, Soonerettes. YWCA, Student Rela- Committee, Sooner Yearbook: Ivan A. Oden, AS f , A S, Lake Jackson, AKI ' : Sixth row: Thomas C. Oden, A S. Altus ' I ' ll- Pe-et, Student Senate vice-president Religious Emphasis Week, YMCA, League of Young Democrats, Wesley Foundation; George T. Odom. Jr., Bus., Ryan All! I H2 A. ou Club Student Senate UAB. ISA; Burton R. Ogden, AX Eng. Meno. +H2 AJ.Ch.E.; George E. Orr, AXA, Eng.. Okla. City, St. Pat ' s Council. S.I.M.E.; Seventh ro. William C. Osburn, Eng., Lefors, Te. TI:M ST 1 1 KT Engine Club, P. E. Club: Steven R. Osgyan, Bus., Passaic, N. J.; Charles H. Ostrander, SX Bus., Okmulgee Aill John W. Owonsby, Eng., Springfield. III.; Eighth row: Tom E. Pafford. AXA Eng.. Sand Springs A.S.M.E. S.A.E.; Gordon R. Page, Bus., Hazelton, Kans.. Accounting Club- Sanford N. Page, Eng.. Okla. City. I.E.S.. Engine Club Martha S. Palmer. K KT A S Okla. City KIT. r . v tp Mullins Murphy, J. Murphy, P. Nash Neal Neil Nelson, C. Nelson, J. Nelson, J. S. Newman Newton, R. Newton, W, Nielsen Nichols Nordberg Norman Northcutt Not Oden, 1. Oden, T. Odom Ogden Orr Osburn Osgyan Ostrander Owensby Pafford Page, G. Page, S. Palmer NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Page 65 ) can ' t tell thi students from tin VAB members without i name-tag — nl iht Collegt f Vtdonology. First panel, first row: Patsy L. Pannell, FA, Norman, TBS, Band; Doris E. Pappas, A S, Okla. City; Barney M. Paris, A2 , Bus. Pauls Valley; Finley T. Parbr, A S, Altus; Andrew C. Parsons, Jr., A S, Okla. City; Joseph M. Part- ridge, Bus., Okla. City, A«l !!, Ruf Neks, Accounting Club, Marketing Club, Cross Center Council; Ronald T. Paschall, ' I ' TA Bus., Ardmore; Charles W. Patchen, Bus., Bartlesville, Ramblers; Second row: Charles W. Pate, Phm., Nashville, Ark., K ' l ' , American Pharmaceutical Assoc; George E. Patey, Eng., Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Robert S. Patterson, —X Eng., Wewoka; Tommie W. Patterson, A S, Frederick, Scabbard Blade, Pershing Rifles; Patti Patton, [IB , A S, Duncan, UAB, Mortar Board; Walter S. Patton, 2AE, A S, Amarillo, Tex.; Minton M. Payne, Jr., Eng., Henryetta, M KT, P. E. Club: Hugh Perry, SAE, A S, Tulsa: Third row: Diane M. Peschl, A S, Okla. City, TUT; William H. Peters, K , Bus., Chandler, Ariz.; Mary Phillips, KKX, A S, New York, N. Y.; John H. Pinkerton, Phm., Texarkana, Ark., K PX, American Pharmaceutical Assoc; Keith E. Pinson, Bus., Tipton; Harold G. Plato, Eng., Okla. City; Richard A. Playter, i:X A S, Houston, Tex., 2TE; Joe A. Plemons, Phm., Catoosa; Fourth row: Charles W. Pogue, Phm., Huntville, Ala., American Pharmaceutical Assoc: Mary S. Postelle, Al ' , Ed., Odessa, Tex.: Dan S. Potter, 6S, A S, Tuttle, -AX, UAC, Young Republicans; James M. Poynor, Jr., A S, Wewoka, AA2:, Oklahoma Daily, Sooner Yearbook; Terry Prather, FA, Okla. City, -Al ; Gail L Preuss, Ed., Shaw- THE SENIOR CLASS Pannell Pappas Paris Parker Parsons Partridge Paschall Patchen Pate Patey Patterson, R. Patterson, T. Patton, P. Patton, W. Payne, M. Perry Peschl Peters Phillips Pinkerton Pinson Plato Playter Plemons Pogue Postelle Potter Poynor Prather Preuss Price, D. Price, J. Prickett Price, M. Propst Rabb Rahe Ramey Rambo, B. Rambo, C. Randall, P. Randall, T. Raupe Raymond Reece, B. Reece, H. Reece, J. Reed Regan Rennel nee. History Club, FTA. AWS; David D. Price. Jr., ' t ' AH Bus., Olcla. City Joe D. Price, ' l-K . Eng., Bartlesville, KAM H2, Covered Wagon. Sooner Yearbook. Photographer of the Year; Fifth row: Joe L Pricketr, A S. Dell City, BSU: Marcus D. Price. A S, Lawton, KAM AA1 Oklahoma Daily; Margaret E. Propst. Ed.. Anadarko, KAII : Janet V. Rabb, AT, Ed., Marlow, FTA: William H. Rahe, B6I1 Bus., Tulsa, ' Mil, Accounting Club, Newman Club; Darol K. Ramey. ATH Eng., Redwood Falls, Minn., P. E. Club; Betty L. Rambo, A S, Norman, YWCA, IRC: Charles E. Rambo, 2AE, Eng., Okla. City. Soc. Engr. Physicists; .-: Peggy Randall, XO, A S, Okla. City; Tommy T. Randall, ' I ' AH, Bus., Amarillo, Tex.; Dave Raupe. AT!. ' Bus., Okla. City; W. Mike Raymond. UKA A S. Wichita. Kans.; Betty J. Reece, Bus.. Okla. City, TAX, Marketing Club; Harold M. Reece, Bus., Tulsa, Wrestling Team, " O " Club. Soc. for Advancement of Management: Jimmy L. Reece, ATA Phm., Temple, K ! ' ; Ocella Reed, K K I ' Ed., Muskogee. Second panel, first row: Mary A. Regan, KAH FA, Shawnee, Jl ' I ' K; John W. Reid, ATI; Bus.. Muskogee. Basketball Manager. " O " Club; Walter B. Reif, AX Bus.. Balboa, Canal Zone, Marketing Club, Scabbard Blade; Edward G. Reigle. KAI ' Eng. Midland, Tex.. Engine Club, P. E. Club; William D. Reneau, AX A S. Mountain View; Second row: Josephine O. Rennels, FA, Duncan, Wesley Foundation. AWS, K«t ; Vernon E. Rew, Phm., Boynton, I ' X; Dorothy V. Rhees, KKI ' A S. Tulsa. YWCA, Canterbury Club; Raymond M. Rhodes, A S, Valley Stream, N. Y.. Pershing Rifles. HMK 1111; Ann Richards, KAH A S, Tulsa. Third panel, first row: Ferdinand D. Richardson, FA, Okla. City; Thelma I. Richardson, Ed., Norman, II ' .MI; Walter L. Richardson, Eng., Wichita, Kans.. Intramural Manager; Norman H. Ricker. Jr., ATI. ' Ed., Tulsa; Second row: Sallie L. Ricker. KKI ' , A S, Tulsa, -I ' l; Gerald C. Ritchie, Bus., Okla. City; Myra V. Robberson, IIH ' I ' A S, Okla. City; Billy G. Robertson, A S, Grove, H ' K, Pick Hammer; Third row: George E. Robertson KA Bus., Lawton: Bernie M. Roberts. 1AM Bus.. Nowata. Arnold Air Society; Robert R. Robinson, Bus., Dun- can. Accounting Club: N. Charles Roe, 1AK A S, Dallas, Tex.; Fourth row: Robert E. Rodewald, Eng., Detroit, Mich.; John W. Rogers, F ' . 1 1 1 Eng., Tulsa, P. E. Club. Engine Club. TKH Jose L. Roman, Eng., Caracas, Venezuela, Interna- tional Club: Sam B. Rosenburg, II.VI ' . A S, Ft. Worth, Tex.; Fifth row: Dwight M. Ross. Kl Bus., Wichita Falls. Tex.; Mary C. Rucker, AAA A S, Okla. City HE Oikonomia: Peggy Rowley, AAA. A S, Tulsa, YWCA, A1 ' A : Donal E. Rumi- ner, A S, Okla. City. Pick Hammer; Sixth row: Virginia L Ruprecht, AAA A S, Tulsa. YWCA. Social Work Club: Ralph H. Russell, A6, Eng., Houston. Te „ Student Senate Tl ' .ll IT MIT; David R. Rutherford, A S, Altus, H2, BMOC: Judith H. Ryder, Al ' A A S, Okla. City. Mortar Board; Seventh row: Harry San, Bus.. Salina; Thomas D. Sandefur, Eng., Garden City, Kans.; Laura A. Sanders, A S. Norman TAX, YWCA. Oklahoma Daily, UAC; Dean G. Sanditen. MA ' I ' , Bus., Tulsa; Eighth row: Charles R. Saner, AT! ' Bus.. Kerrville. Tex.; Jack H. Santee, ATA Ed.. Skiatook, Football, " O " Club; Dorothy J. Sartin, A S. Okla. City TAX IIZK, Oklahoma Daily; Jackson S. Saunders, UKA A S. Nor- man, I ' l IT III ' M History Club. Richardson F. Richardson, T. Richardson, W. Ricker. N. Ricker, S. Ritchie Robberson Robertson, Robertson, G. Roberts Robinson Roe Rodewald Rogers Roman Rosenburg Ross Rucker Rowley Ruminer Ruprecht Russell Rutherford Ryder San Sandefur Sanders Sanditen Saner Santee Sartin Saunders NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Page 67 Tvonnt Elsea and .1. T. Stair lead tin newest campus dance — Tin Bunny " ' . First panel, first row: Howard H. Savage, Br9H Ertg., McAlester, ' I ' ll — Scabbard Blade, A.I.Ch.E., Distinguished Military Student; Tom K. Sawyer, Kii A S, Lindsay; Tib Scallon, Jr., A6, Bus., Blackwell, " O " Club, Tennis Charles C. Scheirman, AXA, Eng., Olda. City AX2, Engine Club, A.I.Ch.E.; Sylvia Schendel, Bus., Tulsa, Sooner Sashay, Soc. for Advancement of Management; Horace H. Schlittler, Ed., Duncan, Industrial Arts Club; William E. Schroeder, A S, Okla. City, K1 " E, Entre Nous, Las Das Americas, International Club; Leroy D. Scovill, Eng., Ponca City, A.I.Ch.E.; Second row: George L. Scott, PA, A S, Cheyenne; Martin R. Scott, Ed., Tulsa, " O " Club, Industrial Education Club; O. V. Scott, Jr., OS, Eng., Wichita Falls. Tex., P. E. Club, Ruf Neks, Golf team: Donald D. Self, Phm., Okla. City, t A. ; Gene H. Sharp, A2 , Law, Forgan, ' I ' AA IFC; Robert L. Short, KA, A S. Midland, Tex.; Joe W. Shaw, Bus.. Elk City, Men ' s Glee Club, A Cappella Chcir; Margaret E. Shaw, 1 " ' I ' B FA, Shawnee, League of Young Democrats; Third row: Eugene D. Shelton, Eng., Okla. City, A.I.E.E.: Donald L. Shemwell, Ed., Okla. City, Industrial Arts Club: Robert J. Shorney, A S, Okla. City; Bennie Shultz, Jr., Eng., Norman, TB1I, 2T, IITi: TO, Engine Club, Sooner Shamrock. A.S.M.E., S.A.E.- Bob R. Sigrest, Bus.. Flora. Miss.; Richard I. Silberg, IIA ' I ' Phm., Kansas City, Mo., K+, American Pharma- ceutical Assoc: Robert M. Silberg, IIA ' 1 Bus., Kansas City, Mo.; Jimmie D. Simmons, ' — Ed., Apache; Fourth row: Harold L. Simonson, Bus., Okla. City, THE SENIOR CLASS Savage Sawyer Scallon Scheirman Schendel Schlittler Schroeder Scovill Scott, Scott. Scott, Self Sharp Short Shaw, Shaw, G. M. O. J. M. Shelton Shemwell Shorney Shulfct Sigrest Silberg, I Silberg, Simmons Simonson Simpson Smalley Smelser Smiley Smith, D. Smith, E. Smith, H. Smith, L. R. Smith, L F. Smith, L. F. Smith, M. Smith, O. Smith, T. D. Smith T. G. Smith, W. Snow Snyder, J. Snyder, W. Sorey, P. Sorey, C. Sparks Spati Spohrer Sportswood Stamps Stanley Stark, J. Stark, R Starkey Stephenson Stevens Steward Stewart ' Mil BrS, Accounting Club: William J. Simpson, Eng., Wichita, Kans., P. E. Club. Engine Club; Kenneth L. Smalley, 1 ' 1 ' K Eng., Clinton; Carl A. Smelser, -X Bus., Roosevelt, Men ' s Glee Club, Finance Club; William H. Smiley, Jr., A S. Kemp, T ex.; Did B. Smith, 2AE, Bus., Okla. City, H2, UAB, Choir; Earl W. Smith, A S, North Stratford, N. Hamp., STE, H2; Hayden N. Smith, Eng., Tulsa: Fifth row: Lee R. Smith, A S. Seneca, Mo.- Lawrence F. Smith, Bus.. Garber. Accounting Club; Lawrence F. Smith, Eng., Tulsa, TS2, I.A.S.- Mary C. Smith, AAII A S, Pauls Valley HE; Owen J. Smith, Eng., Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Engine Club. P. E. Club; Terry D. Smith, AT A S Shattuck, AT, Amer- ican Chemical Society, OU Honorary Chemical Society; Thomas G. Smith, — AK Law, Purcell, AA BK H2; William C. Smith, A S, El Paso, Tex., 2H2; Sixth row: Owen P. Snow, Jr., AT!! Eng., Wichita, Kans., P. E. Club, S.A.M.E.. Engine Our- James F. Snyder, Eng., Okla. City, Soc. Engr. Physicists: Wi liam O. Snyder, ' I ' K Eng., Findlay, Ohio, P. E. Club; Peggy P. Sorey, FA, Okla. City, M ' I ' K Women ' s Choral Club; C. Stewart Sorey, Eng., Okla. City; Hazel R. Sparks. Ed., Hanna; Karl E. Spatz. B6II, A S, Okla. City; Bill F. Spohrer, AXA, A S, Drummond, Pe-et, Oklahoma Daily editor. Second panel, first row: Robert L. Spottswood, Eng., Okla. City, — T, Tllll, Tfl Engine Club, P. E. Club, S.A.M.E.; L. Paul Stamps, A S, Wynnewood, 2AX, BSU, Oklahoma Daily Vernon F. Stanley, Bus., Norman; Jodie A. Stark, Phm., Okla. City, I ' X K +H2, American Pharmaceutical Assoc; Roy H. Stark, Eng., Appleton, Wis., TBI], IT, Jr. A.I.A., St. Pat ' s Council: Second row: Carolyne B. Starkey, FA, Altus, 2AI, M.E.N.C, BSU; Omer G. Stephenson, Bus.. Blair, Ac- counting Club: F. Marchetta Stevens, Ed., Marietta, AK2, 1IZK BSU, Co-ed Counselor; Betty A. Steward, P B, Ed., San Angelo, Tex., KAII AAA AWS; Easton Stewart, Eng., Morris. A.S.C.E. Third panel, first row: Ruth C. Stewart, Ed.. Okmulgee. AAA, ll!!ll. BWOC, H ; James P. Stillwell, AT, Phm., Waurika, K Scabbard Blade. American Pharmaceutical Assoc. Robert L. Stillwell, Jr., AT, Eng., Waurika, 2T, S.I.M.E., Engine Club. IFC; Lee C. Stoldt, AT, Eng., Okla. City, A.S.C.E.; Second row: Cecil R. Sullivan, Bus., Moore, Arnold Air Society; Thomas E. Summerlin, Eng., Magnolia, Ark., Till! 1 1 KT P. E. Club, Engine Club; William C. Summers, Eng., Duncan; Robert J. Sumner, Eng., Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Sooner Shamrock, P. E. Club: Third row: Albert J. Sussman, Bus., Brooklyn, Marketing Club, Soc. for Advancement of Management- Bernard Susman, 1AM Bus., Muskogee; Bill W. Sutherland, - ' ' A S. Healdton; James E. Swain, Acacia, Bus., Okla. City, KK v k Arnold Air Society, OU Band; Fourth row: Hanan S. Swiskay, Eng., New York, N. Y., Engine Club. A.S.C.E.; Seth D. Taylor, Phm.. Little Rock, Ark.: Nelva R. Templeton, FA. Hollis -Al ; Philip O. Teter. Jr., Eng., Bartlesville. A.I.E.E. S.A.M.E: Fifth ro : Tom W. Thurston. K2, A S. Norman. KK+ A KA Band Robert P. Tharpe, AS , Bus., Ponca City; Robert J. Thatcher, Acacia, Bus., Austin, Minn., Finance Club, " O " Club; Don Thoes, Bus.. Norman, Scabbard Blade. Alll Z+E, Trident- Sixth row: Elmer K. Thomas, +A9 A S, Lawton, lll ' .M ZM UAB, Young Democrats: G. Richard Thomas, Eng. Okla. City. Student A.I.A.; Lee B. Thompson. B8I1 Bus., Okla. City. Martha A. Thompson, XQ, Bus., Kansas City, Mo.. Marketing Club, Management Club, Pan Hellenic; Seventh row: Frank G. Thrower, Eng., Hartshorne, S.A.M.E.. Jr. A. I. A. Carol R. Tillotson, A S. Norman. ' I ' -: Kathryn I. Tilly, Ed.. Okla. City; John M. Tinsley, AX Eng., Lawton —T A.ICh.E.. Sooner Shamrock; Eighth row: Carolyn Tolbert, II I • " I ■ A S, Okla. City, Young Republicans: Steven D. Tomlinson, AXA, Bus., Okla. City; David R. Tompkins, Eng., Lawton Bernadine H. Toyebo, Ed., Ponca City, Sequoyah Club. i£) it. r r K m f If!) ft p Stewart Sti llwell, J. Stillwell, R. Stoldt Sullivan Summerlin Summers Sumner Sussman Susman Sutherland Swain Swiskay Taylor Templeton Teter Thurston Tharpe Thatcher Thoes Thomas, E. Thomas, G. Thompson, L. Thompson Thrower Tillotson Tilly Tinsley Tolbert Tomlinson Tompkins Toyebo M. NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Page 69 -■ Ih,l. Smith, om of tht favoriU Mi ' s ai tht University, presides over a gathering ut tin Union. First panel, first row: Patricia A. Trent, A S, Shawnee; Betty J. Truitt, Phm., Selman City, Te . PX, American Pharmaceutical Assoc; Lawana H. Trout, Ed., Hastings, tlZK; Jack B. Turmon, Bus., Hobart; Gilbert L Turner, Bus., Cache, Accounting Club; Margaret J. Turner, FA, Lawton. .M ' hK Ruth A. Tyler. K K I ' A S. Shawnee; Jane A. Varga, Eng., Norman, Engine Club, A.I.E.E. IIK.X IIMK, TBII; Second row: Donnie Vaughn, KKP, Ed., Tulsa, KAII Glede W. Vaughn, 2X, A S Cushing; Tony P. Vaughn, KAI ' , Eng.. Bartlesville, P. E. Club. S.A.E.: Richard A. Venna, A.X, A S, Quincy, Mass., Scabbard Blade; Perry M. Vestal, Bus., Lawton; Rama F. Vester, A S, Seminole, Spanish Club, Graduate Education Wives Club; Teresa M. Umner, Ed.. Shawnee; William T. Waggoner, Bus., Okla. City; Third row: Harry A. Wahl, Jr., AX Eng.. Olcla. City. P. E. Club, S.A.M.E.; Charles L. Waite, AX, A S, Okla. City; Elviretta Walker, A S. Okla. City, 62 ; Ronald D. Walker, 63, A S, Grandfield; Clifford H. Wall, K2, Bus., Anadarko, Scabbard Blade, Pershing Rifles; Robert L. Walling, Ed., Okla. City, Industrial Arts Club; Jack M. Walls, Eng.. McAlester; Donald L. Walters, A S, Keyes; Fourth row: David G. Wantland, Ki A S, Edmond; Edwin R. Ward, Eng., Blum, Tex., P. E. Club. Engine Club; Lew Ward, ATfi Eng., Norman, P. E. Club, Engine Club; Melissa A. Wardell, IIB ' t ' , A S, Norman, I1ZK, Orchesis, Westminster Foundation; Dale R. Warner, A S, Geary; Anne J. Warren, XV. Eng., Shreve- port, La., TKII, II BT, Pres. of XS2, Sec. of Student Senate, Engine Club. Pan THE SENIOR CLASS Trent Truitt Trout Turmon Turner, G. Turner. M. Tyler Varga Vaughn, D. Vaughn, G. Vaughn, T. Venna Vestal Vester Unzner Waggoner Wahl Waite Walker, Walker, Wall Walling Walls Walter Wantland Ward E. Ward. L. Wardell Warner Warren Wass Weaver. A. Weaver, R. Webb, C. Webb. E. F. Webb, E. M. Webster Weckel Weeks Weiss Welch Welsh Wells Wenner Whitaker White. M. White, T. Whiting r. £F( i ft jLi m ' 1 fc J Whitlock Williamson Whitney Williams Wiest Wilkins Wiley Wilkinson Wilkinson Willis c. P. E. Club, BWOC. Sooner Shamrock Jerry J. Wass. KA, Eng., Cyril, ST ROTC Rifle Team; Addie L. Weaver, Phm., Stillwater, AKZ; Fifth row: Roy T. Weaver, ♦!£ , Eng., Okla. City, Engine Club, I. M.E.I Calvin E. Webb, Bus., Okla. City, Accounting Club: Edward F. Webb, ♦K2, Ed., Elk City: Edward M. Webb, Bus., Norman, Soc. for Advancement of Management; Jim H. Webster, ATA Eng., Norman, A.I.A.: Carolyn F. Weckel, AT A S, Wichita, Kans., AWS, WRA, Orchesls. Young Republicans, 62 , BWOC, American College Student Leader. Oklahoma Daily: Lila J. Weeks, A S. Okla. City. AEP, KUVY, University Players. League of Young Democrats: Charles M. Weiss, IIA ' I ' Bus., Gotebo, Accounting Club: Sixth row : Virgil P. Welch, Bus., Lawton, Finance Club: Albert L Welsh, l:t til A S. Okla. City ■ i ' ii: KTA AA2, Sooner Yearbook Staff; Virgil C. Wells, A S. Say: SAX Faye M. Wenner, Bus., Norman, BT2, 1IZK AAA BSU ISA; Mary L Whitaker, A S, Belva ATM H-A; Martha S. While, I ' l ' li Bus., Chandler. TAX Marketing Club: Terry A. White, Bus.. Tonkawe; Wayne E. Whiting, Bus., Lawton. First row, left I right: H. Wesley Whitlock, ATI. ' , A S, Okla. City, AA2; Edwin J. Whitney, +K , Bus., Tulsa, BTS, H2, Tennis, Air Knockers; Harry J. Wiest, ' I ' AH A S, Lawton. Commercial Director of KUVY- Herbert E. Wiley, Eng., Duncan, P. E. Club; Thomas A. Wilkinson, A S, Wichita Falls, Tex.; Second row: Lois Williamson, Bus. Norman, AAA BTS BSU; Bobby J. Williams, A S, Okla. City. Trident; Jean B. Wilkins, A S. Okla. City. PEM Club; James A. Wilkinson, A S. Ada; Francis R. Willis, Ed., Valliant. FTA, K . Third panel, first row: Paul D. Willis, A S. Okla. City; Dwight L. Wilson, A S, Amarillo, Tex.; John R. Wilson, A S. Okla. City, American Sociological Socie . Mary N. Wilson, A S Norman, German Club: Second row: Milly T. Wilson, KK1 ' A S Ardmore: Nancy Wilson, AT, Ed., Wichita, Kans.: Rov Wilson, Jr., IIKA Bus., Purcell: Janis M. Wimberly, tlB . A S. Altus; Third row: Damon D. Wingfield, A S Midwest City, AT; James K. Witthaus, A S, Shelley, Idaho. -MIX HME, Trident- Oren Wolfe, Ed.. Purcell, History Club, Scabbard Blade, Distinguished Military Student; Louis B. Wolfenson, Eng., Chicago, III., TO; Fourth row: James E. Work, SN, Law Sr„ Okla. City. ' I ' AA Tom E. Workman, KA, Eng., Okla. City; Jane A. Worley, ATA, A S, Shreveport. La.: Thomas J. Worley, A S. Commerce; Fifth row: Gay Worrell, AX!!, FA, Hoba- ' SAI; James A. Worrell, -X Bus., Lamont, Calif.: Jerry L. Wright, A S. :nid: O. Charlene Wright, KKT A S, Chandler; Sixth row: Shirley C. Wright, ♦KS Bus., Bethany. S.A.M.; James V. Yarberry. -X Bus., Houston, Tex., Scab- bard Blade, Society for Advancement of Management Katherine M. York. A S, Bartlesville XT, Pick Hammer Joanne Youngblood, AT, FA St. Louis, Mo.. Dramatics; Seventh Row: William C. Zeigler. Eng., Okla. City; Sybil J. Zeligson. A S. Tulsa +X Hillel; Donald L Zink, A S, Tulsa A fi, MH- IHWI Arnold Air Society. Varsity " O " Club, Wrestling: Robert H. Zlotky, IIA ' I ' Eng., Omaha, Neb. HET Tfl Scabbard Blade. P. E. Clul Willis Wilson, D. Wilson, J. Wilson. M. N Wilson, M. T. Wilson, N. Wilson, R. Wimberly Wingfield Witthaus Wolfe Wolfenson Work Workman Worley, J. Worley. T. Worrall Worrell Wright, J. Wright, O. Wright, S. Yarberry York Youngblood Zeigler Zelgison Zink Zlotky NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Page 71 , Krogstad and Stors Brigham givt out with i westeri a ao or two, plus a UttU yodeling I ' m- » l measure. JUNIOR CLASS of 1953 THOMAS A. ABELS P! Lambda Phi Enq. Robinson. III. ROBERT S. ALDRIDGE Phi Kappa Sigma. Bus. Okla. City EVALYN A. ANDERSON Chi Omega Bus. Tulsa DIAN ADAIR Kappa Kappa Gamma. ASS Enid CHARLES B ALLEN Sigma Phi Epsilon, Eng. Arapaho JEANNINE ANDERSON FA Okla. City A WARREN ADAM Phi Kappa Psi ASS Ponca City CAROLYN ALTHOUSE Gamma Phi Beta. Bus. Bartlesville THOMAS L. ANDERSON Alpha Sigma Phi. ASS Chickasha ROBERT L ADAMS Eng. Norman SUSAN AMERINGER Alpha Phi Bus. Okla. City JAMES C. ANDREE Theta XI UC, Wichita Falls, Tex. MARY N. CODYC. JEAN C. JOHN M. APPLEGATE ARMSTRONG ARNOLD ARNOLD Alpha Delta Pi Bus. Kappa Kappa Beta Theta Pi Eng.. Sao Tulsa Gamma, ASS Eng. Paulo. Brazil Muskogee Nowata BERNARD F. ADLER Sigma Alpha Mu. Bus. Okla. City JERRY AMUNDSEN Phi Gamma Delta. ASS Okla. City JERALD A ANDREWS ASS Norman ARTHUR L. ATCHISON Bus. Okla. City r f ' e M JANE ATKINSON Alpha Phi ASS Okla. City ANN L. BAILEY ASS Okla. City ROBERT W. BAKER Beta Theta Pi ASS Tulsa DELLA P. BABCOCK Ed. El Reno RICHARD R BAILEY Phi Delta Theta ASS Okla. City MARY ELLEN BALCH Alpha Phi Ed. Holdenville JANE BABCOCK Alpha Chi Omega, Bus. Norman DOROTHY J. BAINBRIDGE Delta Delta Delta, Bus. Okla. City R. A. BALDWIN, JR. Eng. Texarkana , Tex. LOUIS BABOVICH Iheta Kappa Phi. Bus. Leadville. Colo. ROBERT L. BAINBRIDGE Kappa Sigma Bus. Okla. City BILLY W BALLARD Sigma Nu ASS El Dorado, Ark, BARBARA J BACHMANN Bus Miami DAVID A. BAKER Sigma Chi Eng. Okmulgee EVERETT G. BALLMER Eng. Fresno, Calif. JOHN S. BADGER, IV Beta Theta Pi Bus Altus JOYCE BAKER Pi Beta Phi ASS Okmulgee EDDIE L. BARBRE Eng. Sasakwa ERNEST J. BARNES ASS Garber JOE B BARRETT Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Mangum KAY E. BARNETT Delta Delta Delta, Ed. Hollis JAMES T. BARRETT Phi Kappa Sigma. ASS Ardmore JAMES D. BARTELL Kappa Sigma Eng. Guthrie ROBERT L. BARTHELD Beta Theta Pi ASS McAlester JOYCE BAR- THOLOMEW Alpha Phi FA Ark. City, Kan. ALBERT E. BASINGER Alpha Tau Omega, Eng. Bartlesville MARSHALL D. BATEMAN Alpha Tau Omega, Bus. Okla. City DAVID S BAUGH Phi Delta Theta, ASS Wichita. Kan. JAN BAYLESS Kappa Kappa Gamma ASS Ada RUTH ANN BEARD Kappa Kappa Gamma, ASS Ponca City CHARLES P. BEATH Alpha Tau Omega, Eng. La Grange, III. JAMES 0. E. BECK Siqma Chi UC Memphis. Tenn. DANNY J BECKER Kappa Sig ma ASS Cardin BOBBY L BEENE Pi Kappa Alpha. Bus. Stigler BETTY C. BENTON FA Nocona, Tex. HENRY BERCUTT Pi Lambda Ph ASS Owasso BURTON W BERGER Eng. New York, NY. ROBERT M. BEVERLEY Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Bus. Amarillo, Tex RODGER C BILLINGSLEY Beta Theta Pi ASS Okla. City JESSED BIRD Alpha Sigma Phi. Bus. Okla City CHARLES V. BLAIR Phi Kappa Sigma, Phm. Okla. City CLIFTON D BLANKS Delta Tau Delta. Law McAlester Page 72 MARY BETSY JEANNINE SHIRLEY J DOROTHY L PHILIP H. J R LEE R ROBERT E MAXIE B ROBERTA J. BLANTON BLATT BLUE BODDIE BOECHER BOHART JR BOND BONDURANT BORDERS BOREN BOSLEY Kdppd Alphd Deltd Deltd Alphd Deltd Pi Chi Omoqd Alphd Ph. Siqn: Kdppd Alphd KdPPd S.qm.i Ldmbdd Ch. Bui. A S Thetd A S Delt,. FA Ed Bui ASS Epiilon A S A S But. Alphd A S Okld City Norman Pjwhuika Okld City Mdrietta Okld City Kinqfiiher Tulsd Chickdiha Muikoqee Sdnd Sprinqi RICHARD H BILL R JACK P. BARTH W POBBY D CHARLES R JERRY M PAT HALL M. BROWNIE M DONNIE R BOTTOMLEY BOULION BOWLES BRACKEN BRADSHAW BRAMMELL BRANDON BRAUCHT BREWER BROWNE BROWN A S Ihetd Xi Siqm.i Alphj Siqm.i Alphd Alphd I.iu K.ipp.t Alpha Ed Alphd Gamma Thetd Xi Siqm.i Phi Bui Tulid Bui Epsilon, A S Epiilon, A S Omoqd. Ed. A S W.m.i . Doltd. A S LdW Epsilon. Bui. Okld. City Ldwton Okld City Okmulqee Shorm,. 1 ■ Tylor. Tex. Okld. City Wewokd Clinton ETHEL M. HOMER L DALE E. SCOTT MARY L ROBERT G. JOE M PHILIP H. SUZANNE H ROBERT O GENE BROWN BREM. JR BRETT BRICE BRICKNER BRIDGES BRAFFETT BRAMMELL BROADUS BROOME BROWN Phm Enq. A S KdPPd Kdppd PI Bctd Phi AlpSd Tdu Kdppd Siqm.i Kdppd Alphd Dolt,, Delta A S Kdppd Siqm,. Cuthinq San Antonio, Tulti Gdmntd. A S Ed. Omoqd, A S A S Enq. Deltd. Ed. Potedu Enq. Tex Tulsd Clinton Okl„ City Clinton Tyler, Tex. Okld. City Louiiville, Ky. ffTOfltf " ■ f ST - 1 fy p f " e p ft ft I ] ct o p p p rs r LINDA J ROBERT W TOM W. WILLIAM R JASPER A HENRY E. ROD O. RAY PEYTON M. DON B. M. JANE BROWN BROWN BROWN 6ROWN BRUNDEGE BRUNER BUCKLES 6UCKLEY BUCY BULLER BURTIS PI Beta Phi Kappa Alpha Delta Upiilon Phi Delta Theta Enq. Enq. Siqma Phi A S Pi Kappa Siqma Chi Pi Beta Phi A S A S Bui. Enq . Sprinq- Okla. City Delta. Colo. Epsilon, A S Beqqs Alpha, Bus. Enq. Clinton Lindldy Tulsa Norman field. Mo. Tulsa Okla City Newton. Kan. ARCHIE J. CHARLES F. CHESTER E RONALD E. A ROWLAND PATRICIA S. MARGARET S DONALD V JAMES R DAVID H EDWIN BUTLER BUTLER CADIEUX CAGLE CALDER CALLAHAN CALLAWAY CAMP CAMPBELL CARLSON CARMAN Alphd Siqmd Bui Phi Deltd Thetd Delta Upsilon Bus. Alpha Chi Kappa Kappa Bus. Siama Nu Phi Kappa Psi Phi Gdmmd Phi. Enq Tonkawa Bus. A S Tulsa Omcqa. Ed. Gamma, A S Fox A S A S Deltd. A S Okld City Tulsa Lawton Lindsay Sentinel Miami Tulia Briltow CANDY PAT A ROBERT G. HUBERT F. O JACK ELAINE E PATRICIA THOMAS E. ROBERT L. EMMA V SAM J CARNES CARNEY CARR CARSON CARTER CARTWRIGHT CASEY CASS CATHEY CAVIN CERNY Delta Delta Delta Delta Bui Delta Tau Deltd Bus. Chi Omeqa Pi Beta Phi Delta Chi Beta Theta Pi Chi Omeqa UC Delta, Ed Delta. Bus. Okla. City Enq. Sallisdw A S FA Bus. Bus. A S Enid Okld. City Tulia Wilmete, III. Norman Tonkawa Tulsa Ardmore Amarillo, To HELEN ROSALYN G HAROLD S ROBERT L. ALAN CLYDE W. CHARLES O DAVID E. ANITA C. JUDY D WILLIAM M CHANDLER CHANNER CHAPMAN CHAPMAN CHASE CHESNUTT JR CHILDRESS CHOATE CHRISTIAN CLARKE. Kap- CLOUD JR Delta Delta Alphd Deltd Pi Enq. Alpha Siqma Alpha Tau Beta Theta Pi Enq. Bus. Ed. pa Alphd Theta Bui. Delta FA Bui. Calqary Al- Phi, Enq Omeqa, A S A S Elmore City Lawton Hartshorne A S, New Norman Sdnd Sprinqi Okld. City berta. Canada Norman Okld. City Holdenville Haven, Conn. Page 73 yocf n pooc RAY E COWMAN Theta Xi ASS Sapulpa MARY CRITES Pi Beta Phi ASS Tulsa ANITA J CURRIN Alpha Phi Ed. Norman AVIS A. COX Kappa Kappa Gamma, ASS Chandler MARY C. CROSBY SHIRLEY A. CURTIS Delta Delta Delta. Bus. Pauls Valley DONALD E COX Eng. Wilson WALTER CROW Beta Theta Pi UC Chattanooga JOEL M. CUTLER Sigma Alpha My Eng. Evansville. Ind. LEOC. COX Delta Tau Delta Bus. Okla. City EDGAR CRUZ ASS Tulua, Colombia, S. A. LEONARD A. DALOUEST Acacia ASS Vinita EDITH A, CRABTREE Gamma Phi Beta. ASS Miami JOHN L. CULBERTSON Beta Theta Pi Eng. Okla. City RICHARD E DANNER Ed. Okla. City BILL D CRAWFORD Sigma Phi Epsilon, ASS Grandfield WILLIS C. CUNNINGHAM Eng. Miami ROBERT W. DAVIDSON Eng. Tulsa Tin chorus lint at tin Copa? Wrong again it ' s only Alpha tin ' s preparing for u torch song. JUNIOR CLASS of 1953 PAUL M COATES JR Acacia, ASS Broken Arrow JOHN C COLEMAN Phi Delta Theta Eng. Okla. City LESLIE W. CONTWAY, JR, Delta Upsilon PATTY CORDONNIER Kappa Kappa Gamma, Ed. Enid CORYDON COCHRAN ASS Okla. City GENEC. CONLEY Kappa Sigma Eng. Okla. City FRED I COOK ASS Holdenville GEORGE F COTTEN Phi Delta Theta Eng Duncan JIMMIE S. COFFMAN Bus. Mangum MARY L. CONNER Pi Beta Phi ASS Okla. City NORMA L COOK Ed. Wagoner JANIE A. COTTON Chi Omega Ed. Okla. City SANDRA COHEN Sigma Delta Tau, ASS Duncan ELS A. CONRAD ASS Duncan ROBERTA F. COOK ASS Tulsa DON A COULTER Bus. St. Louis JACK H. COLEMAN Phi Delta Theta Bus. Okla. City J. W. CONRAD Bus. Duncan JERRY L COOPER ASS Marlow CLARENCE S COUNTRYMAN Phm. Hooker Ak i k DIANE JOE W. JOHN M. RUTH B. WILLIAM A HARRY W. DAVIS DAVIS DAVIS DAVIS DAVIS DAY Pi Beta Phi Alpha Sigma Sigma Alpha ASS Kappa Sigma FA Ed. Phi. Bus. Epsilon, Eng. Okla. City Eng. North Little Okmulgee Okla. City Altus Okla. City Rock. Ark. GERARD LINDA 1 TIM E. MILTON VELMER J. JAMES L. DE JONG DELAPLAIN DENISON DICKSON DIMERY DIXON Alpha Sigma Phi ASS Kappa Alpha Sigma Phi UC Phm. Bus., Brooklyn, Harden City ASS Epsilon, ASS Addington Clovis, N. Mex Pretoria, S, Afr, Tulsa Healdton BERNARD J. JAMES R HUBERT HELEN L JIMMIE ANNE DOI.ENZ DOUGHERTY DOUGLASS DOUTHIT DOUTHIT DUCA ASS K-inoa Sigma Sigma Chi Delta Delta Phi Kappa Delta Gamma South ASS Bus. Delta. Bus. Sigma. Bus. Ed. Coffeyville Okla. City Okla. City Konawa Konawa Muskogee CHARLES D. MARY A M NADINE VINITA M ROBERT H. JOE B DUDLEY DUGAN DUKE DUKE DUNN DUTCHER Theta Xi Pi Beta Pni ASS Ed. Siqma Chi Kappa Sigma ASS Bus. Crawford Crawford ASS Bus. Okla. City !■! 1 " Duncan Lawton Page 74 EDWARD J EAGLETON Sigma Chi Bui. Tulsa PATRICIA L EMMONS ASS Oki.i City IRIS L FERGUSON But Newark JOE D EARLY Siqm.i Alpha Epvilon. ASS Okla City PHILLIP D ENGLE Phi Dolt., Big Spring WAY NE B FESSENDEN Bus. Norman ALTON ECHOLS Phm Okla Cily PHYLLIS A. ENGLE Delta Delta Delta. Bui Tulsa DOUGLAS R FICKESS ASS Seminole DAVID J. EDWARDS Sigma Nu Eng Kan City. Mo. ALLAN M. EPHRAIM Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus Okla. City MARJORIE A FITE Gamma Phi Beta. ASS Natchez, Miss OLVIS L EDWARDS Eng Leiington JOHN R. EVANS Sigma Phi Epiilon, UC Ft. Worth. To JOAN E. FLICKINGER ASS Mountain View SUE EDWARDS Alpha Gamma Delta ASS Norman SALLY EVANS Alpha Thota, Bui Enid REALESS L FLOWERS, JR. Eng Henderson, Tea. SYLVIA H EGELSTON Alpha Gamma Bus. Guthrie WYMAN F. EWING Phi Kappa Pli ASS Purcell MARGARET G ELLIS Ed Seminole JOHN A. FAGIN Phi Dolt a Hi. • Eng., Lot Angeles, Calil LARRY E DONALD A FOLEY FOSTER Theta Kappa Eng, Phi . Bus. Mountain Viow Wellington, Kan ROBERT K ELLIS ASS El PaSO To. RICHARD G. FAGIN Phi Delta Theta Eng. Dallas, Ten. LUCILE H. FOSTER Dolta Gamma Ed. Dallas, Tex. JAMES R. ELLMORE Sigma Chi UC Winnotka. III. JAMES A FARLEY CI aramort BILL G FOWLER ASS Anadarko JUNE ELMBORG Chi Omega Bus . El Dorado. Kan. BARBARA FERGUSON Kappa Alpha Theta, Ed. Lawton JOHN N. FOX Alpha Sigma Phi. Eng. Kingfisher .- t i yJ.utk -kit. r ft m p (gQ p» o ■ O fh o atWkaiV.W Mr. JIMMY R. GORDON BARBARA L L. KEITH BARBARA ELAINE BRUCE DAVID M. LEE R D. OTIS HILTON FRANCE FRANK FRUIT FRYER FULLERTON FULTON FURLOW GALERSTON GALLAGHER GALLAS GALLION Bus. Sigma Alpha Delta Delta Alpha Sigma Kappa Kappa Kappa Alpha Theta Xi Sigma Alpha ASS Eng Sigma Alpha Lawton Mu, ASS Delta. ASS Phi. Eng. Gamma, Special Theta. FA ASS Mu. Eng. Ponca City Kermit. Tex. Epsilon. ASS Paterson, N. J. Okla. City Yale Miami Norman Tulsa Okla. City Okla. City CHARLES T P. K. JOE P ERNEST F. NORMAN R VERLA E. SAMUEL ROBERT E. JULIE GEORGE H. JACK L. GANN GARDNER GARRETT GAYLORD GELPHMAN GEORGE GILBERT GILLAND GILLUM GILMOUR GING Phi Kappa Ed. ASS Alpha Sigma Pi Lambda Phi ASS Pi Lambda Phi Alpha Sigma Chi Omega ASS Phi Kappa Sigma, Bus Caddo Okla. City Phi. ASS Eng. Sand Creek Eng,. Fort Phi. Eng ASS. Hering- Tulsa Sigma. Bus. Woodward Okla City lola. Kan. Worth, Tex. Houston. Tex. lon. Kan. Alva GERALD L EDWIN E. JAMES E. PAUL M CHARLES M GLENN W GENE A WAYNE N. LYNN RUTH A. NOVALYN GLAHN GLENN GOETZINGER GOODE GOODMILLER GORDON GOSS GOSS GOODWIN GOODWIN GRAHAM Theta Kappa Eng. Bus. Phi Kappa Psi Eng Phi Delta ASS Bus. Delta Delta Ed. Pi Beta Phi Phi, Eng. Lawton Beaver Bus. Norman Theta, ASS Okla. City Chickasha Delta. ASS Blackwell FA, Frederick- Bartlesville Mangum Okla City El Dorado, Ark. town. Mo. R ROBERT MERILL L. MICHAEL L. BUDDY 1. BONNIE L ELIZABETH KELLY WILLIAM R. ROBERT W. EDWARD D ANN P. GRANT GREEN GREEN GREEN6ERG GRISSO D K, GRISSO GRISSO GUFFEY HADDAD HALEY HAMMOND Sigma Nu UC Beta Theta Pi Pi Lambda Sigma Alpha ASS Kappa Kappa Kapoa Alpha Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Kappa Sigma Kappa Alpha Bus. Phi, Bus. Mu. Bus. Seminole Gamma, ASS Theta, ASS Eng Alpha, Bus. Bus. Theta. ASS Tulsa Bethany Tulsa Wichita. Kan. Okla City Norman Dallas. Tex Sand Springs Norman Philadelphia, Pa Page 75 oj (host famous " 10 o ' clock coffet breaks " which haw i-i achi d campus-widt proportions. JUNIOR CLASS of 1953 LARRY K. HAMILTON Beta Theta Pi Bus. Wichita. Kan. BOB D HAMMONS Bus. Claremore MALCOLM P. HANSON Enq., Chevy Chase, Md. GAYLE HARDWICK Alpha Phi ASS Norman CARL D. HARE Delta Tau Delta Bus. Amarillo. Tex. GLENN F HARGIS ASS Tulsa CONITA A. HARGRAVES Bus Lawton RICHARD E. HARKINS Phi Delta Theta. A S Norman ANNA K. HARRIS Chi Omega FA Tulsa KNOX L. HARRIS A S Headrick MARGARET E. HARRIS Alpha Delta Pi Bus. Holdenville NANCY HARRIS Delta Gamma Ed. Wilburton TOMMY M. HARRIS Sigma Phi Epsilon, Ed. Stroud BEVERLEY S. HARRISON Eng.. Calgary, Alberta. Canada ROBERT G. HARSTON Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bus. Okla. City MARGARET L. HAWKINS ASS Boynton MARGEE A. HAWKS Gamma Phi Beta, Ed. Norman WILLIAM H. HAWORTH ASS Ft. Gibson HAROLD K. HAXTON UC Gotebo BARBARA J. HEISLER Delta Gamma A S Atlanta. Ga. AM+vM PAUL W. HENDERSON Alpha Sigma Phi, Eng. Okmulgee CHARLES L HILL Eng. Dallas. Tex. VIRGINIA J, HOFFMAN Alpha Gamm Delta, Ed. Woodward ROBERT A. HENTZEN A S Tulsa W KENNETH HILL Theta Xi Eng. Okla. City JACOUE J. HOLLMAN ROBERT A HERRING UC Chelsea MICKEY E. HILL Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bus. Okla. City CHARLES F. HOLMES Phi Kappa Psi ASS Enid N KEITH HICKOX Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Okla. City CORINNA J. HILLERY Chi Omega FA Waurika MANFORD C HOLLY Beta Theta Pi Bus. Wichita, Kan. SAM B. HICKS, JR. Sigma Nu A S Shreveport, La. JOHN R. HINKLE Phi Delta Theta Eng , White Plains, NY. C BERENICE HOMER Pi Beta Phi Bus. Pampa, Tex. DOUGLAS W. HILCHIE Eng., Calgary, Alberta, Can. LEON S. HIRSH Sigma Alpha Mu, Bus Okla. City LOYD L. HOOFARD Theta Xi Ed. Lexington p " ■ r £, r p ■ V i: . ROBERT M. HOOVER Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Lawton MAYNARD L. HOWARD Phi Kappa Psi GAIL M. HUGHES Pi Beta Phi A S Okla City MYRA L. HUTCHINS Ed. Marlow JOHN C HOPE, JR. Sigma Chi Eng. Okla. City BILL F HOWELL Kappa Alpha A S Holdenville RUSSELL C. HUNTER Delta Upsilon Bus. Tulsa JAN L. HUTCHINS Gamma Phi Beta, A S Lawton BARBARA HOPPER Delta Delta Delta, A S Bartlesvilie E M HUBBARD Eng. Monohans, Tex POLLY J. HUNT Delta Gamma Ed. Grove JOHN M. IMEL Sigma Chi ASS Cushing DONNA M. HOPPER Alpha Delta PI A S Okla. City VIRGINIA A HUCKABAY Chi Omega A S Snyder DARRELL C. HUSTED Alpha Sigma Phi, A S Pampa. Tex. JAMES B ISBILL, JR. Ed. Okla. City WILLIAM C. HORNE, JR. Bus. Holdenville WILLIAM T HUDDLESTON Phi Kappa Sigma, A S Konawa JOHN M HUTTO Sigma Phi Epsilon, ASS Pauls Valley STEPHEN H. HORTON Eng. Ft. Pierce. Fla. CAROLYN S HUDSON ASS Holdenville DOROTHY E HUTCHISON FA, Tyngs- boro, Mass. THEODORE N. JUDITH A. ISHIBASHI ISPOCOGEE Eng., Waikulu, ASS Maui, T.H. Tulsa Page 76 AVROM F JABEN Pi Lambda Phi, ASS Kan City. Mo JESS A JACKSON Eng. Ldwton PHIL L JAMES Siqm.i Chi But Ruth Spring! JAMES R JAMIESON But Pueblo, Colo. MEREDITH JEARY ASS Okl.i City ROBERT A JEFFRIES Phi Dl Thetd, Eng, D,, Te«. ROBERT C JEFFRIES Phi Kappa Pti Eng. Evdntville. Ind. BEVERLY D. JELSMA Alph.i Chi Omogd, But. Okla City DORIS A JENKINS FA Gary, Ind. TOM P JETER ASS Okld. City JAMES P JOHNSON But Okld Cily JOHN W JOHNSON Phi Kappa Pvi ASS Okla City A E JONES AIS Holdonville CARL W JOHNSTON ASS KondWd BERT M. JONES Delta Tau Delta. ASS Tultu MARY ANNE JONES FA Botwell JOHN F KAMP K.ipp.i Siqm.i Eng Okl., City FRANK KALANA K.ipp.i Sigmu ASS Lawton BEN E KAPP Ih.-t.i K.ipp.i Phi But. Tultd HENRY M KATZ Pi L.imbd.i Phi. But. Add BETTY L KATZMAN Sigm.i Delta Tau, ASS Omdhd, Neb, BARBARA J KEESLAR Chi Omogd But. Okld City HOWARD B KEITH Phi Delta Thtta. AIS Enid 1 ANGFORD G KEITH Betd Theta Pi But Rotwell. N. M.i BOBBY J KELLY ASS Duncdn JOANNE KELLY PI Betd Phi ASS Amdrillo, Toi. KAY KELLY Chi Omegd ASS Elk City JAMES E KELM Eng Okld Cily MONTE L HENDRICK Eng. Okld City WILLARD C KENNEDY Sigmd Chi ASS Okld City JANICE KERR Deltd Deltd Deltd. ASS Hooker JOEL C KIESTER Eng Duncan NELLIE R KINDER ASS Ch.tttjnooq j f i : -MSI Jsll £±X Ik ' dtk rw? is? r r e £ ill mJfL H L PATRICK MELVIN E, SKIPPER E W. JOY F. JERRY B. ARDIS M. BEBE A. LE NEIL T. SAM H. ROSEMARY T. DOROTHY J KING KING KING KIRK KIRKPATRICK KLUCAS KOBS KOBS KOURI KOZEL KRAMER Lambda Chi Ing. Lambda Chi ASS Acacia Bus., Howard Delta Gamma Phi Kappa Sigma Nu Alpha Phi FA Alpha, Ed. Bartletvllle Alpha. Eng. Altus Eng. Lake. Minn. ASS Sigmd, ASS ASS ASS Okla. City El Reno El Reno Tulta Mountain View Elk City Watonga Ft. Smith. Ark. JOANN M THEODORE D KENT F. ROSEMARY BILL CARL R CAROL L. BILLY F. NANCY E. FRED H GEORGANN KREFT KUJAWSKI KYGER KYLER LACKEY LAND LANE LATSON LE HEW LEONARD LE VITE ASS Minne- Eng , South Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Alpha Tau Sigma Nu ASS Alphd Tau Pi Beta Phi Delta Tau Alpha Delta Pi apolis, Minn. Bend. Ind. Alpha. Phm. ASS Omega. ASS ASS Okla. City Omega. ASS ASS Delta. ASS ASS Monett, Mo Enid McAlester Okla. City F.. Worth, Tex Guthrie Pawhuska Apache JAMES C. ROBERT E CAROLYN A JOE J JACK K ROBERT D. SUZANNE DONALD O. LINDA L. LYDA L LYNN E. LEWIS LEWIS LIMING LINDSEY LOEWEN LOMAX LOOPER I ONG LONG LONG LOTT Phi Delta Theta. Eng. Tulta ASS ASS Ed. Pi Kappa Beta Theta Pi Kappa Kappa Dnlta Upsilon Chi Omega ASS Delta Upsilon Blackwell Enid Grandfiold Alpha, Eng. ASS Gamma, ASS UC Ed. Okla. City Eng. Okld. City Muskogee Enid Seiling Pauls Valley Memphis. Tenn ROY V LYNN LAVERTA MAE SAUL OPAL M YVONNE E. GERALD A. ROBERT B. ROBERT A JAMES P. GEORGE S. LULOW, JR. LUNDGAARD LYNN MADVINE MAGEE MAHONEY MANDEVILLE MANKE MANNIX MARRS MASON Lambda Chi Gamma Phi Bet. i Ed. Pi Lambda Phi ASS Alpha Gamma Phi Delta Thetd Theta Xi Theta Kappa Sigr- a Chi Beta Theta Pi Alpha, Eng. Tulta Ed. St. Louit ASS Norman Delta. ASS Bus. Bus. Phi, Bus ASS But. Ada Tulta Seminole Okla, City Spiro Okla. City Norman Shattuck Page 77 .1 behind-lhi scenes run- f tin cameraman who recorded tlu football Un ills of ili il ' I ' ll t garni . JUNIOR CLASS of 1953 BILL MASSAD Delta Upsilon Bus. Lawton ROBERT G. McBRIDE Delta Tau Delta Bus. Ponca City M. JEAN McCOY Ed. Tulsa CHARLES W McELREATH Eng. Chickasha DOROTHY M. MATHIS Ed. El Reno THOMAS R McCALLA A S Amber WILLIAM C McCOY Delta Upsilon A S Edmond FRANK P. McGEE ROLLO S. MAXWELL Phi Gamma Delta. Bus. Ponca City CHARLES L. McCollum Eng. Ardmo re william c. Mcdonald Kappa Alpha A S Tulsa MARILYN McGEHEE Delta Tau Delta Pi Beta Phi A S Okla. City A S Bristow ROBERT MAYFIELD Kappa Alpha Bus. Bartlesville ROBERT G. McCOLLUM Acacia Eng. Ada HAROLD F. MacDOWELL Kappa Alpha Bus. Tulsa DONALD G. Mclaughlin Bus. Okla. City SUNNY S. MAYS Gamma Phi Beta, Ed. Cushing JAMES M. G. McCONATHY A S McAlester MAXINE McDUFF Alpha Chi Omega, FA Chickasha ROY E. MEADOWS Theta Xi Bus. Tipton p. p p MARY ANN MENEFEE Pi Beta Phi A S Pauls Valley MARLENE E. MILLER Chi Omega A S Okla. City FRANK M. MITCHELL Sigma Chi Bus. Okla. City EDWARD A MERRITT A S Crowley, La. MAXINE E. MILLER A S McAlester HENRIANNA MERRIOTT Alpha Chi Omega, Ed. Antlers M. CLINTON MILLER. Ill A S Claremore ROMA L. MONTGOMERY Delta Gamma A S Lawton MYRA J. MOON A S Drumright BETTY JEAN MILLER Alpha Delta Pi A S St. Louis ROBERTA L. MINDELL Sigma Delta Tau, A S SI. Joseph, Mo. PAT L. MORELAND Alpha Delta Pi Bus. Okla. City JAMES V. MILLER Alpha Tau Omega, A S Okla. City HAROLD H MINGS A S Leflore SAM W MOREY Phi Kappa Sigma, Eng. Woodward JOYCE MILLER FA Okla. City JACK T. MISKELL Kappa Alpha Eng. Okla. City THOMAS A. MORRIS A S Norman ,.M iMmfk JAMES H. MORRISON R. CLARKE MULLEN FA Tonkawa MARTHA A. NEAL Kappa Kappa Gama, A S Barllesville JO ANN NEWMAN Delta Delta Delta, Ed Shattuck ALPHA J LEWIS G. MORSE MOSBURG Eng., Hutton Sigma Chi Valley. Mo. A S Tulsa W GEORGE MUNCH Eng.. Calaary, Alberta, Can. RICHARD S NEAL Beta Theta Pi Enq Honca City JAMES F NEWCOMB Acacia A S Tulsa JAMES L. MUNKRES Phi Kappa Psi Bus. Enid ANN NELMS Bus. Okla. City JOAN NEWTON Kappa Alpha Iheta. Ed. Miami GARY R MOTE Eng. Shawnee GEORGE B MURRAY Phi Gamma Dolta, A S Okla. City AWILDA L. NEAS Kappa Aloha Theta. A S Biiby HARRY E. NICHOLLS Siqma Chi UC. San Antonio, Ten SAMUEL I. MOUNTS UC Lookeba ANN MURRELL Delta Delta Delta. A S Tulsa JOSEPH J. NEUNER Sigma Chi Bus., Kansas City. Kans. WANDA L. NICHOLS Alpha Phi Bus Okla. City VIVIAN R MUIR Alpha Phi A S Enid REAVES F NAHWOOKSY Ed. Walters MARVIN J. NEWBERG Pi Lambda Phi Bus- Omaha, Neb. JAMES W. NILES Bus. Shawnee NATHAN A NOVAK Pi Lambda Phi Bus Omaha. Neb. BOB NOEVER Phi Gjmm,i D.-H.i ASS Muikoqet EDDIE NOWLIN Enq Si hi I N M BRUCE E OAKLEY Siqma Nu Bus Cherokee PAUL R O BAR Phi Kappa Pii ASS PHILLIP C OSBORN Bui Okl.i Cily ZACK OSBORNE Delta T.iu Dolt.. Enq. Pomp.!, Ttx. CYNTHIA OWEN. Alpha G.imm.i Delta A S. Downen Grove, III HARTLEY C OWENS Alph.i Siqm.t Mi.imi ROBERT K PACE Pi K.ipp.i Alpha Bui Norman SHIRLEY A PADGETT PI Brtt., Phi ASS Ldwton A J PADRON ASS Cartaqena, Colombia. S A HOMER PAUL Phi Gjmmd Oaltd. ASS Paull Vjll.y BETTY L PALMER ASS Natchitochei. JERRY R PAYNE ASS Ctaremore MACK R PALMER ASS Fort Gibion JOHNNA PAYNE Gamma Phi Beta, Bui Edmond JANICE PALMQUIST K.tppj Kappa Gamma ASS Ponca City MARY J PAYTON ASS Vermillion, S. D ,k ANDREW R PANNELL FA Norman PHILLIP L PENNARTZ Thotj Kappa Phi. ASS Poteau THOMAS M. PARKER Phi Doltd Thetd ASS Topekd. K.ini S KEITH PENNY Enq Okla Cily ROBERT D PARKS Rodeo, N. Mei JAMES W PERDUE Phm. Okl.i Cily JOSEPHINE PARRISH Chi Omoqd FA Okld. Cily KENNETH W PERRY Phi Delta Thetd Enq. Odena. Tex. E. A PASCHAL Siqma Phi Epiilon, ASS Am.irillo, Tex. AL N PETTIGROVE Phi Delta Thetd ASS Cldromore JAMES L PATb Siqni,. Phi Epiilon, ASS Mddill BILL D PHELPS Siqmd Phi Epiilon, Bui. Little Rock, Ark. RAY B PATTON Lambda Chi Alphd. ASS Clinton DON M PHILLIPS Beta Thetd Pi ASS Fdirview o c k i - FTP L-t rzi r;j TEDG TED M. RONALD A. D. KEITH A. PHILLIPS PHILLIPS PITTS PLANK Siqmd Phi Phi Deltd Thetd Alphd Tdu Delta Gamma Epiilon ASS ASS Omeqa. FA ASS Okla. City Seminole Okld. City Fairview MARTHA NATHALEEA. ELEANOR DOUGLAS L. EARL L. ALVIN R. J. L. PLUMMER POFF POLK PORTERFIELD POOL POWELL. JR. POYER Kappa Alpha Alpha Chi Kappa Kappa Delta Upsilon Phi Gamma Siqma Alpha Acacia Theta, ASS Omeqa, Ed Gamma. Bui. Phm. Delta, Bui. Epiilon, Bui. ASS Bixby Ft Worth, Tex. Coalqate Wilson Springfield, Mo. Guthrie Tulsa DON R PRECURE Enq. Okld. City PAULA R PURYEAR Delta Delta Delta, Ed. Pawhuika MARGERY J REYNOLDS ASS Ldwton DON A PRICE Be ' d Theta Pi Enq Shawnee FRED P QUINN Siqma Alpha Epiilon. Enq Amarillo, Tex. CHRIS L RHODES Delta Upsilon Bus Tulsa KING G. PRICE Kappa Siqma ASS Norman EMILY OUILTER Ed. Okla. City LAVONA PRICE Kappa Alpha Thetd, FA Okla. City SALLY RAMSEY Kappa Kappa Gamma, ASS Okla. City VIRGINIA R PRICE Ed. McAlester REUBEN E. RANDLE Enq. Hiqh. Riv-r Alberta. Can. DOT D PRIMEAU Alpha Phi ASS St. Louis, Mo. CHARLES T. RAY Bus Madlll DICK PROCTER Kappa Siqma Bus Chickasha BILLY K. REED Beta Theta Pi ASS Altus HARRY L PRUETT Delta Tau Delta, Bus. Okla. City JAMES D REEDER Ed. Foss SAM W MARSHALL H. TOM E PRUYNE PUCKETT PURCELL Bus. Enq. Enq Ponca City Amarillo, Tex. Wichita Falls. TIMOTHY A REIMAN Phi Delta Theta Bus., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. ROBERT E BUDDY FREDERIC L SHIRLEY LEE H KATHLEEN J JOHN L. RHYNE RIESEN RICE. JR. RIDDLE RILEY RINE RISINGER Delta Tau Deltd Siqma Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Chi Beta Theta Pi Alphd Chi Ed. Enq Epsilon. ASS Enq. Omeqa ASS ASS Omeqa Ed. Elmer Ft Smith Ark. Ardmore Bdrtlesvllle Wichita Falls, T, Okla City Norman NORMA PUTNAM K. RENEGAR REITER Gdmma Phi Beta Enq Ed. Houston, Tex Miami LAWRENCE G. MARION G ROARK ROBB Enq ASS Mountdin View Clinton Page 79 JUNIOR CLASS of 1953 SYDNEY M. SHAFFER Kappa Kappa Gamma. ASS Okla. City IVAN D SIDDONS ASS Fay SCHUYLER SHARP Sigma Chi A S Leonia, N.J. JOAN C SILVERBERG Sigma Delta Tau. ASS Florence, Ala. STEVE F SHAW Pi Kappa Alpha Bus. Midland, Tex. WILLIAM M. SHAW Delta Upsilon Eng. Okla. City HARVEY L. BOBBY J. SILVERMAN SIMMONS Siqma Alpha Mu FA A S Okla. City Fitchburg.Mass. MEREDITH R. SHEETS Delta Chi Eng. Lawton JERRY B. SIMMONS Delta Tau Delta. Bus. Tulsa DOROTHY J. SHELLEY Alpha Delta Pi Ed. Erick MARTHA L SIMMONS Delta Delta Delta. ASS Enid CAROL S. ROBERTS Alpha Phi, ASS Arkansas City. Kans. L. W. ROBERTS Alpha Tau Omega, Bus. Okla. City JUAN V. ANITA R. ROGER ROGERS Eng Caru- Chi Omega pano Venelucla ASS Okla. City MARGERY K. ROSS Alpha Chi Omega. ASS Chickasha JIMMIE L. RUPP Okla. City BILLY J. SANDERS Bus. Tishomingo KATHIE SCANLAN Kappa Alpha Theta, ASS Bartlesville WARREN D. ROUSE Phi Delta Theta Eng. Newkirk DONNA J. RUSTIN Alpha Chi Omega, Bus. Seminole NORMA A. SANDERS Alpha Gamma Delta. Ed. Okla City RICHARD A. SCHAEFER Theta Xi Eng. Tulsa RAMON D. ROBERTSON Eng. Putnam City BOBBY C. ROGERS Bus. Okla. City ROSEMARY P ROWLEY Chi Omega ASS Norman SANDRA L. SACHER Alpha Gamma Delta, ASS Okla. City PAUL D SANGER Acacia Eng. Mangum PATSY L. SCHROCK ASS Marlow DONNA R. ROBINSON Pi Beta Phi ASS Springfield, Mo. PEGGY J. ROGERS Alpha Delta Pi ASS Norman JAMES P. ROWSEY Phi Gamma Delta, Bus. Muskogee W JACK SADLER Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Eng. Okla. City WILLIAM S. SANGER Al pha Tau Omega, Bus. Okla. City MARILYN A. SCHUELKE Pi Beta Phi ASS Okla City JAMES D. ROBINSON Phi Delta Theta Eng. Tulsa MARVIN ROSENBLUM Newark, N.J SANDRA M. VIRGINIA ERNESTINE JAYNE R. JOAN KATHLEEN M. SLAVIK SLOAN SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH Delta Delta Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Kappa FA Pi Beta Phi Kappa Kappa Delta. Bus. Bus. Gamma, Ed. Bartlesville ASS Gamma, Ed. Sulphur Norman Guthrie Norman Clinton JACKIE G. RUCKER ASS Fletcher RAYMOND SALMON, JR Delta Chi Eng. Nocona, Tex. WELDON W. SAYLOR Sigma Chi Eng. Norman M. JEANNE ROBERT E. VILLA R. LARRY W. JERRY J. W. FRED SMITH SMITH SMITH SPILLMAN SOLOW SPONSLER Pi Beta Phi ASS Ed. Kappa Alpha Pi Lambda Phi Sigma Chi ASS Okla. City Chickasha Bus. ASS Bus. Poteau Tulsa Tulsa Norman MILTON T 1 JAMES D. DANIEL J ROBERT P. CELIA A. DELORES A. SPIVEY SPRAGUE SPREHE SPRIGGS STANFIELD STANFIELD Phi Kappa ASS ASS Alpha Tau Kappa Alpha Pi Beta Phi Sigma, ASS Forgan Okla. City Omega. Eng. Theta. Bus. ASS Okla. City Muskogee Seminole Ada STAN E VERAN BEN D CONSTANCE BILL B ELAINE STAUFFER STECKEL STEEN STEPHENS STEPHENSON STIGLER ASS. Olds. Delta Delta Phm. Kappa Kappa Delta Upsilon Kappa Alpha Alberta, Canada Delta. ASS Ada Gamma. ASS Bus. Theta. Ed. Pawhuska Okla. City Okla. Cily Stigler BETTY M JUDY PHOEBE A Elk City MAXINE GENE STEVENSON STINNETT STORM CLARENCE L. STUFFLEBEAN STUNKLE FA Delta Delta Pi Bet., Phi STRANCE Ed. Phi Delta Theta Tocumseh Delta. Ed ASS Eng. Noble ASS Okla. City Okla. City Enid Page 80 MARY D SUDDERTH Kappa Alphj Theta Bus Monahans. Tei PAT TAYLOR Alpha D.ll.i PI Ed Okla City PATRICIA L TUDOR Chi Omega AtS Tulsa JEROME C SULLIVAN JR Delta Tau Dtlta AtS Duncan J. 8 THOMPSON Sigma Nu Enq. Okla. City FRED G TURNER Beta Thota Pi AtS McAlester O JANE LERRY M SUMNER SWANSON Gamma Phi Beta Delta Upsilon AtS Enq Rush Springs Okla. City JERE JOHN D THOMPSON THOMAS Bus. Alpha Tau Omega. AtS Okla. City ROBERT W VATER Sigma Chi Bus Enid JAMES L. VINEYARD Phi Kappa Sigma. Bus Cushing PHYLLIS A. SWART2 AtS Ardmore WILLIAM H THOMPSON Eng. Randlett NATHA J VINSON AtS Cushing ROBERT E SWATEK Kappa Alpha Eng. Okla. City JOE R TILLEY Kappa Alpha Bus Frederick JUDY WADE Delta Gamma Ed. Houston. Ten. ARNOLD F. JOHN P SWITOW SYMCOX Sigma Alpha Mu Kappa Alpha AtS Bus Louisville. Ky. Cordell HELEN J TODD AtS Elmore City BURLEY WALKER Delta Chi Bus Okla. City CHARLES D TOMLINS Bus Tulsa EDWARD L WALKER Eng. Calgary. Alberta, Can. HENRY B TAL IAFERRO JR Sigma Alpha Epsilon. AtS Okla. City JOANNE TRAPPE Alpha Delta Pi AtS Okla City WILMA J WALKER AtS Ada DONALD F TANDY Eng. Gary, Ind. CARLENE TRAUB Chi On Ed. Okla. City ELAINE TAUTFEST Gamma Phi Beta. FA Weatherford CHARLES H TRUOGEON Sigma Nu AtS Miami HAROLD R RALPH A WALL WALL Pi Kappa Alpha Bus. Bus. Ardmore Mtdford r. n A Jt Jrk m ££££ s, RALPH A WALSH Kappa Alpha AtS. Little Rock. Ark BUSTER WALTERS Eng Cushing GEORGE E. WARD Sigma Nu AtS. Rossvell, N. Mei. MARY E. WARD AiS Pauls Valley FAITH WARREN Chi Omega Ed. Tulsa SALLY WEAVER Chi Omega AtS Tulsa GEORGE N. WEBB Eng. Miami THALIA WELBORN Gamma Phi Beta. AtS Okla. City BILL WELLS Sigha Alpha Epsilon. Eng. Okla. City BILLYE L. WELLS Bus Cheyenne GRETCHEN L WESNER Delta Gamma AiS Cordell DON A WEST Bus. Okla City BILL J. WHEATLEY Sigma Alpha Epsilon. AtS Lawton ROBERT E WHIDDON Eng. Amarillo, Tex. KATHRYN WHITEHURST Pi Beta Phi AtS Ponca City JOHN M WHITE JR Kappa Alpha AtS Enid NEIL C. WHITTLE Lambda Chi Alpha, Bus. Poetau LYNN WILKINS Alpha Chi Omega, Bus. Okla City JANE WILKINSON Kappa Alpha Theta AtS Ponca City CHARLES E WILLIAMS AtS Tulsa DON A WILLIAMS Lambda Chi Alpha. Eng. Okla. City PHYLLIS WILLIAMS Kappa Alpha Theta, Bus Chickasha TOM L WILLIAMS Theta Kappa Phi. 8us. El Reno WAYNE K. WILLIAMS Delta Tau Delta Eng. Frederick DAVID B WILSON Sigma Alpha Epsilon. AtS Okla. City JACKIE W. WILSON Bus. Norman J. LAUCHIE WILSON Eng. Innisfail Alberta. Can. SUZANNE WILSON Kappa Alpha Theta, Bus. Cleveland DON D WINN Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Bus. Amarillo, Tei. JON R WITHROW Sigma Nu Eng. Seminole LAVON WITHAM Pi 8eta Phi Bus Ponca City JOE H FREDA L. WOLFENBERGERWOOD Beta Theta Pi Alpha Chi AiS Omega, FA McAlester Henryetta MYRON W WOODS FA Okla City CLARIDE WOODWARD Pi Beta Phi AtS Alva RIKE D WOOTTEN Lambda Chi Alpha. Bus. Chickasha BOB L WORKMAN Bus Edmond H VON WORTEN Beta Theta Pi AtS Pawhuska EUGENE C. WRIGHT Bus Norman HARRY A. WRIGHT Lambda Chi Alpha. FA Okla. City REIDA C WRIGHTS Delta Gamma Bus Broken Bow JANE J. WYATT FA Okla. City C. TAYLOR YOAKAM Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Bus. Okla. City MINNETTE ZAK AiS Lawton Page 81 Thesi Kappas provt to b very versattti girls in otu of their famed rush skits. SOPHOMORE CLASS of 1953 C. KAY ADAMS Alpha Delta Pi ASS Amarillo, Tei. CAROLYN M, ALLEN Alpha Phi Eng. Okla. City BARBARA H, ANDERSON Pi Beta Phi ASS Waukomis TOMMY ATKINS ASS Tishomingo GWEN ADAMS Kappa Alpha Theta. Bus. Cleveland DELORES A ALLEN Alpha Phi ASS Okla. City MANLY R. ANDERSON Delta Chi Eng.. Highland Park. III. JANE E AURELL Delta Gamma Bus. Lawton JOE D. ADAMS Bus. Seminole AL J. ALSCHULER Pi Lambda Phi ASS Lubbock, Tex. NANCY P. ANDERSON ASS Booneville, Miss. MARJORIE J. AUTREY FA Shawnee THOMAS W. ADAMS Sigma Chi Eng. Pittsburgh, Pa. JERRY H. AMMERMAN Acacia UC Woodward EDWARD L. APPLE Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Tulsa MARY C. AVANZINI Bus. Coalgate EDWARD R. ADWON ASS Okla. City JOHN B. AMMONS UC Frederick TOMMY F. ASKEW Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Eng. Tulsa FRED H. BABET Eng. Calgary, Alberta, Can. 2£?S! rm« " P fs J02£ a BYRON J. BAILEY Lambda Chi Alpha, ASS Ada DORY BAREFOOT Delta Delta Delta. ASS Lindsay ROBINA D. BATCHELOR ASS Okla. City MARTHA R BAILEY ASS White Castle, La. JAMES C. BARNARD Phi Delta Theta Eng. St. Louis, Mo. ELDRED D. BATES, JR. Delta Tau Delta Eng. Norman HELENE K. BAIM UC Pine Bluff Ark. I OUIS H BARNARD Eng. Okla. City FALLIS A. BEALL Beta Theta Pi Eng. Tulsa BEVERLY L. BALDWIN Alpha Gamma Delta. ASS Madlll KENNETH H. BARNES Eng. Chickasha BARBARA K. BALE Alpha Phi ASS Dallas. Tex. DOLORES A, BARNETT Delta Gamma ASS Ponca City JEAN AUSTIN H. BECKER BELL Gamma Phi Beta Lambda Chi Ed. Alpha. UC Lawton Okla. City PEGGY BALLARD DON E. BARRETT Kappa Alpha UC Bartlesville LEON BELL UC Perryton. Tex. m Mh Jf iA to Ml A %— 1 Ak.1 r ROBERT J BELL ASS Purcell JERRY R. BERGESON Eng. Calgary, Alberta, Can. BARBARA J. BERRIER Alpha Gamma Delta. ASS Okla. City BILL L. BERRY Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Tulsa CHARLES E. 6ILLINGSLEY Delta Tau Delta Bus. Norman DONALD R BILLINGSLEY Sigma Nu UC Marietta DOROTHY E BIRD Alpha Phi FA Okla. City PATTI J. BLACK FA Okla. City PAUL E. BLACK Pi Lambda Phi Eng. Dallas. Tex. SARAH J. BLACK8URN ASS Brinkman RICHARD C. BLACKWELL ASS Okla. City BEV BLACKWOOD Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Eng. Norman DAN BLANKENSHIP Beta Theta Pi Eng Tulsa JEAN BLUMENTHAL Sigma Delta Tau Bus. Prague MARTHA A. BOATMAN Delta Gamma ASS Okmulgee CAROL A. BOGGS Gamma Phi Beta. ASS Amarillo, Tex. WILLIAM H. BOIES Beta Theta Pi Bus. Muskogee KAY BOLLAR FA Okla. City CARLTON L. BOREN UC Elk City BETTY J. BOSTON Bus. Watonga DONALD G. BOULTON Kappa Delta Rhc Enq. Lawton JAMES L. BOX Eng. El Dorado, Ark. GEORGE M BRADFIELD UC Okla City MARY L. BRADFORD Bus Lawton Page 82 RICHARD G. BRANDOM Deltd Uptilon Eng. Okld City OON L BRANHAM Phi Kappa Siqrrtd, Bui Oki.i City DOUGLAS BRAYMER Doltd Upiilon AJS Okld Cily JERRY I BRESSIE Siqm.i Nu ASS Miami BILL D BREWER Kappa Alpha Bui Tulta PAT L. ARGYE I. BRICE BRIGGS ASS ASS G.iinetville TtX, Bartlctvillc STORRS 7 BRIGHAM Phi G Dolla. But Okla Cily JO B BRININSTOOL Theta Kapp.i Phi UC J..I, N M. BASIL BRISTOW But Okla Cily SAMUEL L BRITTEN Enq JOEH BROOME Lambda Chi Alpha UC Pottdu CAROLE B BROWN Sigma Delta Tdu ASS Kant Cily, Mo. JOHN M BROWN Siqm.t Nu UC El Dorddo. MARILU BROWN K.tpp.i Alpha Theta But Shawnee MELTON L BROWN ASS Ninnckdh SIDNEY L BRUNER UC Foil e c BRUNNER UC, Calgary, Albcrt,i Can. BARBARA J BRUSH Alphd Chi Omcqd, Ed, El Reno DONNA J BRYANT Alphu Gdmmd D ilia, But Okld, City ANN E BUCHANAN K.ippt Kappa Gamma, ASS Normdn JERRY L. BULLARD Pi Kdppd Alphd But. Norrrtdn BETTY L BURROW Alphd Phi ASS Odlldt, Te« RICHARD T BUSER But. Okld. Cily E 1 INOR BYNUM D ltd Gjmmj ASS Honryetta ANNE L. CAMPBELL ASS Henryettd ROY A CAMPBELL Thotd Xi Enq. Tuttle BILLY R CANTWELL Enq. Kondwd SUE A CARMAN Doltd Delld Dtlld. FA Britlow CAROL A CARMEN Doltd Delld Deltd. ASS Bartlesville PEYTON S CARNES, JR. Kdppu Siqm.t Enq. Ft Worth, Te NORINE CASTLE Kdppd Alphd Thetd, But. Lot Anqelet. C. PANSY CASTLE K.ipp.i Alphj Thetd. Ed. Mdnqum fJaf »£ em tf ' Mi: UkA I d ' i H BILL W CASTLES Oeltd Tdu Delta ASS Tultd GLORIA R CHAMBERS Alpha Chi Omega, Ed. Okld Cily DANA CHAMPION Kappa Kappa Gdmmd , UC Ardmore DAVID C. CHANCE ACdcid ASS Norman DOLORES A CHAPMAN FA Okla. City PAUL L. CHARVOZ Eng. Okld. Cily NEVA R CHESNUTT Gammd Phi Beta. ASS Okla. City MARIAN S. CHILDERS ASS Okmulgee MARVIN S. CHUPACK Pi Ldmbdd Phi But. Okla. City ROBERT A. BOBBY F CHURCHWELL CLARK. UC UC Norman Okld. City LAURA F CLARKE Kappa Alphd Theta UC Okla Cily FLOYD L CLAWSON UC Edmond MARY K CLEAVER UC Pdult Vdliey DOROTHY A. CLINE KdPPd Alphd Thetd, Bus. Tultd NORMA CLINE Delld Gdmmd But. Newkirk RUTH W COATES Alpha Gdmmd Delld. But. Broken Arrow B. SHERMAN COFFMAN Siqmd Chi ASS Poncd Cily JIM E. COHLMIA ASS Fairview JANE COKfcK Kappd Alphd Thetd. Ed. Edmond GERREE COLEY UC Hollit JAMES M COLEY Alphd Tau Omega. UC Hollit BRUCE M COMBEST UC Tultd JAMES T. COMFORT UC Tulta KATHARINE J CONNELLY UC Webbert Falls CAROL COOK Kappa Alpha Thetd. FA Ind p ' nd ' ce, Kdn. HAROLD R. COOK UC Okld City PHIL COOK Alphd Sigmd Phi. UC Yale JOHN T COPP But Manqum RONALD J. CORDELL ASS Okla. City ANN CORRY Deltd Delld Delta. ASS Enid JANIS COWAN Deltd Gamma ASS Blanchard WILLIAM J. COWAN UC Sayre ANN COX Kdppd Alphd Thetd. FA Okld. Cily CHARLOTTE CRABTREE Gdmmd Phi Betd Ed Okla City MARY CRABTREE Gamma Phi B ' ld. ASS Miami NORMA O CRABTREE But. Pault Vdliey RICHARD M CRAUGH Sigma Phi Eosilon, Bui. Okld. Cily CHARLES A. CREWS Theta Xi UC Enid WILLIAM H. CRISP UC luitle CAROL CULL Chi Omega ASS Frederick CAROLYN J CUMMINGS FA Barlletvllle RICHARD P CURRAN Delta Uptilon Eng. Pratt. Kdnt. MARTHA J. DAMERON Delld Gdmmd FA Wichita. Kdnt, Page 83 C. PAULINE ORANE Alpha Chi Omega, Bus. Yukon LOU A. DUKE Delta Gan A S . Park. Te Ft. Morgan, Col. Sand Springs JOANNE DUMAS UC El Dorado, Ark. THOMAS L. PAT DYER ECHOLS Pi Kappa Alpha Delta Gamma Bus. A S Blanchard LUCILLE L. ENG ASS Bartlesville JEANNE DUNCAN Chi Omega Bus. Bartlesville DARLA D. EDWARDS Chi Omega Bus. Sapulpa JAN E. ENGLISH Chi Omega Bus. Altus MORRIS L. DUNLAP Rho Lambda Bus. Okla. City JAMES O. EDWARDS Delta Tau Delta, Bus. Hobart YVONNE ENGLUND ASS Norman JOANNE DURKEE Kappa Kappa Gamma, ASS Norman JAMES T. EDWARDS III Delta Upsilon UC Okla. City G. STANLEY EPHRAIM Sigma Alpha Mu UC Okla. City , good tiana deserves a break mnt this " break " looks Hkt ii ' $ In tii i than tin danet . SOPHOMORE CLASS of 1953 VERNELLE G. VELMA S. RICHARD D ANN JAMES A. DANIELS DANNER DARNOLD DAVENPORT DAVIS Alpha Phi Ed. Beta Theta Pi Delta Gamma Kappa Sigma FA Okla. City Bartlesville ASS UC Okla. City Okla. City Ft. Worth, Te WILLIAM M. DOROTHY D. BOBBYE J. JOHN O JACK DANE DAWSON DEAN DEAN DE ARMON Eng. FA UC Sigma Alpha Siama Nu Madlll Lav ton Okla. City Epsilon, Bus. Sapulpa UC Vinita CHARLES T. LOULA CHARLES P. DINWIDDIE JERRY V. DENNER DEWEES DIAL Alpha Gamma DIXON Delta Tau Delta Kappa Kappa Sigma Nu ANN Acacia ASS Gamma, Bus. ASS Delta. Bus. Bus. Alva Tulsa Tulsa Okla. City Vinita MAX W. BOB MATT M MARILYN E. WILLIAM C. DIXON DOOLEY DOWLING DOWNING DOWNING Phi Kappa Psi Beta Theta Pi Alpha Tau Alpha Gamma Alpha Tau UC Eng. Omega, Bus. Delta, ASS Omega, Bus Enid Duncan Okla. City Guthrie Norman 9 f ■k 4 t A iL M m ■ t DIANE MADGE E. LARRY L. ARNOLD 0. EDMUND E. SHERRY H. ESTES EVANS EWING FAGIN FAHRENKAMP FAIN Ed. Ed. Phi Kappa Psi Pi Lambda Phi Kappa Sigma Kappa Kappa Okla. City Wichita, aKns. Bus. ASS Eng. Gamma, UC Purcell Okla. City Ft. Worth. Te«. Okla. City DOTTIE MYRON S. MARLENE M CLYDE R. EMMETT B. M. CHARLES FAJEN FALES FAULKNER FERGUSON FERGUSON FERREE Chi Omega Lambda Chi FA Phi Gamma ASS Beta Theta Pi ASS Alpha, Eng Walters Delta, UC Hinton Bus. Guymon Okla. City Marlow Ft. Worth, Ten. BILLY E. ANITA STONA J. FLOYD F. LARRY B GEORGE R. FERRELL FISHER FITCH FLIPPEN FLOOD FLUKE UC ASS Ed. Theta Xi Acacia Sigma Alpha Okla City Sullivan, Ohio Wetumka Eng ASS Epsilon, ASS El Reno Norman Ponca City SUE E JOYRENE THOMAS C. LYNN D DONALD R DAN J FOLEY FOLK FORD FOREMAN FORRESTER FOWLER Pi Beta Phi Bus. Phi Delta Lambda Chi Kappa Sigma Phi Delta Theta Bus. Yukon Thota. ASS Alpha, Bus. Bus Eng Eufaula Lawton Norman Altus Okla. City Page 84 FRANCES 1 S. BOB G DOUG SUE KONALIENE WARREN L CLIFFORD T VIRGINIA SHIRLEY A LARRY W MARCUS J FOWLER FOWLER FOX FOX IRANCE FREDERICK FREEMAN FRISBIE FROST FRY FUHRER ASS Eng, Stqm.i Phi Kjppj Alpha AiS Bui. Eng Pi Beta Phi Pi Beta Ph. Alpha Sigma Pi Lambda Phi Okla City Epsilon Bus Theta FA Lawton Oil.. City Norman ASS ASS Phi UC ASS Okla Cily Ldwton Amarillo, Tex. Okla City Hugo Kans City, Mo C JERRY WILLIAM L LOYAL W BARRY J FREEMAN P RICHARD E, LAWDIS L. JOAN J FRANKLIN MARVIN D. PAUL B FULLER FUNK, JR FURY GALT GALT GAMBLE GANDY GENTRY GERBER GERSON GIBBS UC Ljmbdj Chi Eng Phi Delta Kappa Sigma Sigma Chi UC UC Phi Bet.. Phi Theta Kappa Pi Lambda Phi UC Okl.i City Alpha. ASS Cushing Theta. Bui FA An.idarko UC Phi. UC ASS Norman Okl.i City Ardmort San Anton.. Tex. Chicago, III Enid Ei Reno Okla City RICHARD B R L JIM R JANE E. JANET M. WILLIAM G CAROLYN G HENRY VELVA E flYE J RILEY G GIFFORD GILBERT GILLEY GIVEN GLASGOW GLITSCH GLOMSET GOLD GOLDEN GOLDFIELD GOLDSMITH UC ASS Phm Alpha Phi Delta Delta Acacia Gamma Phi Bui Sigma Delta ASS UC Ollj Cily Winfield Kans. Poncd City ASS Bartlosville Delta, ASS Edmond UC Woodward Beta. ASS Okla City Lawton Tau. ASS Odessa. Tex. Atoka Duncan f 1 £gQE5 » £. r ; M Ml ± ' $m$zt QR NANCY B. GREGORY A JAMES W. JOHN W MARVIN N. E MALKA JACK H RICHARD S. C. DAVID C. LARRY A JOANNE GOUDELOCK GREEN GREEN GREEN GREENBERG GREENVALD GREER GRISHAM GUILD GUTWILL HACKLER Alpha Delta Pi Siqma Chi Delta Upsilon Sigma Phi Sigmd Alpha Mu ASS Beta Theta Pi Sigma Alpha Beta Theta Pi Sigma Alpha Mu Alpha Gammd But. ASS ASS Eosilon, Bus. Bus. Dennis UC Epsilon, ASS ASS Eng. Delta. ASS Okla City Seminole Ada Okla. City Okla, City Davis Purcell Okla. City Patterson. N.J. Norman BARBARA G BENSON L. JOHN C. MARTHA MARILYN W PETER BARBARA BETTY B ROBERT R. PATRICIA L. BARBARA HAINES HALE HAMMER HAMNER HAMMETT HANF HANLY HANN HARAWAY HARDY HARMAN Kappa Alpha UC Sigma Chi Aloha Phi Ed. UC Alpha Phi Ed. Lambda Chi Gamma Phi Kappa Alpha Theta, ASS Comanche ASS ASS Okla City Tulsa ASS Cordell Alpha Bus. B- ' tj Bus Theta, ASS Muskogee San Anton.. Tex. Norman Okla, City Atoka Ardmore Okla City LEON T JOANNE MARTI JAMES A. ALLEN E HELLEN S, KATHRYN A. M LYNN JANETTA J. ROBERT L SAMUEL R, HARNEY HARPER HARRELD HARRELL HARRIS HARRIS HARRISON HART HARVEY HAUGHT HAWKINS UC Kappa Alpha Alpha Phi Kappa Sigma Eng Delta Delta Alpha Chi UC Phm. ASS ASS Ponca City Theta ASS Okla, City Ed. Okla. City UC Ada Stafford. Tex. Delta. Ed. Hugo Omega, ASS Sand Springs Gruver. Tex. Wilmington. III. Norman Texhoma SARA J CAROLYN JANET L. JOHN H WILLIAM G. CHARLES S CHARLES F HAROLD N. VIRGINIA L. JERRY M ANITA J. HAWKINS HAYES HAYES HAYNES HEAD HEDDLESON HEFFNER HELLER HENDRICK HENDRICKS HENRY UC Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Beta Theta Pi ASS Ldmbda Chi UC Alpha Sigma Delta Gamma Phi Delta Theta Alpha Gammd Okla. City Theta. ASS Theta ASS Eng Stigler Alpha. Bus. Ark. City. Kans Phi. ASS ASS UC Delta. FA Holdenville Okla. City Ada Okla. City Denver, Colo. Lawton Manitou Ada Page 85 KOLEETA J. DONALD E JAMES H. JOHN V. HENRINEL JOHN S HOPPS HOSTICK HOUPE HOWARD HOYT HUBBELL ASS uc UC Eng. Alpha Gamma UC Frederick Okla. City Okla. City Atlanta, Ga. Delta. ASS Altus Pawhuska BEnY F. PAT A. SHIRLEY J. RICK HERB A TOM J. HUDDLESTON HUDSON HUDSON HUFFINE HUFFMAN HUGHES Alpha Chi ASS UC Sigma Chi UC Sigma Alpha Omega, ASS Okla. City Okla. City ASS Ardmore Epsilon, Bus. Poteau Okla. City Cushing HOMER H. JAMES C. DAN F CAROLE CLIFFORD J. LOUIS B. HULME HUNT HURLEY INGRAM INGRAM ISAACSON, JR Bus. Sigma Alpha Delta Tau Kappa Kappa UC Delta Chi Chickasha Epsilon, Eng. Delta, Bus. Gamma, UC Tulsa Bus. Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Holdenville Scholarship seems to b flu watch word at » Sigma Chi ht ,i f ilnsi days as h books it i a thorough going-over. SOPHOMORE CLASS of 1953 VIRGINIA M. DON R HENRY HERRING Alpha Delta Pi Phi Kappa ASS Sigma. UC Okla. City Norman JAMES R. HILL Sigma Alpha Epslion, Bus. Ardmore ELISE HODGES Gamma Phi Beta, Bus. Bartlesvllle PATRICIA J. HILL Alpha Chi Omega, Bus. Duncan DAN HOGAN Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Bus. Okla. City RALPH E. LINDA E. HOLMES HOLLIS UC ASS Walnut Cr, Cal. Holdenville BILL M. HEWES Kappa Alpha Bus. Okla. Cily TOMMY Y. HILL Delta Upsilon ASS Dallas. Tex. D ' ARLINE E HOLCOMB Pi Beta Phi ASS Okla. City NORMAN G. HOOVER Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Eng, Shawnee HEMAN L. JOE HICKMAN, JR. HICKMAN Phi Kappa Delta Delta Sigma. UC Delta, Eng. Healdton Wichita, Kans. W. BRYCE HILL Acacia UC Alva JAMES A HOLCOMB Phm. Altus JEAN HOPKINS Gama Phi Beta, Bus. Okla. City OLIVE L. HIRSH Sigma Delta Tau. Bus. Houston, Tex. BILL H. HOLMBERG Delta Upsilon UC Anadarko P MARGUERITE HOPKINS FA. Calgary, Alberta, Can. m ■ « m K z (fair - ' , " o J t HOWARD H. RICHARD D. BILL J. PHILLIP LEE SUE V. CHARLES H. JACKS JACOBI JENNINGS JEROME JIRIK JOHNSON ASS ASS Eng. UC UC Phi Delta Theta Wynnewood Marietta Norman Okla. City Cashion ASS Bartlesville EDWIN G. JOANNE JOHN B NITA PAULA P. WILLARD E. JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON ASS FA Phi Gamma Kappa Kappa ASS Sigma Chi Sunray, Tex. Shawnee Delta, Bus. Gamma, ASS Duncan ASS Okla. City Arnarillo, Tex, Okla. City GRAHAM M. JERRY L. BOB L DOUGLAS EDDY L EDWARD F. JOHNSTON JOHNSTON JONES JONES JONES JONES Alpha Sigma Eng UC Sigma Alpha Phi Delta Theta Delta Upsilon Phi, Bus., Bloom- Harrell, Ark. Blair Epsilon, ASS Bus. UC fontein, S, Africa Kingfisher Lawton Tulsa JUDY M. JUNE KENNETH M MARIANN S ORLAN L. PHILIP M JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES Kappa Kappa Bus. Kappa Sigma Delta Gamma FA Delta Chi Gamma, ASS Okla. City Bus ASS Hugo Eng. Norman Okla. City Okla City Cody, Wyo. Page 86 TOMMY JONES Phi Delta Theta UC Duncan LEROY J KEELY Lambda Chi Alpha. UC Okla Cily CHARLES T KEEN. II Kappa Alpha Bui Denver. Colo. DAN F KELLER Kappa Sigma ASS Okl.i Cily MARJORIE M KELSAY UC, K.ini.n City, Mo. NANCY K KENNEDY Pi Bola Phi ASS Purcell LINDA KENNEMER Chi Omega Bui Wichil.i Falli, Tt». HARVEY G KEMP, JR Siqma Chi ASS Okla Cily NANCY KEY Kappa Alpha Thota, Bui T u 1 1 a NANCY E KIDD Kappa Kappa Gamma, ASS Shawnee TOMMIE J KIESTER Phi Kappa Siqma, Eng. Duncan CAROLYN A KILBURN UC Ardmort N SUE KILLION Alpha Chi Omega, Bui Braman GEORGETTA KILLINGS- WORTH Ed Seminole REX M KIMMEL Sigma Nu Enq Miami JOHN C KINARD UC El Dorado. Ark BILL D KING UC Chickalha BARABARA L KIRBY Delta Gamma ASS Eufaula DONALD J KISER UC Sherman, Tex. DAVID C KISLING Delta Upiilon ASS Tulia LEROY E KISSINGER Enq. Eckert, Colo. JEAN A. KNAPP UC Anadarko JAN KNAUER PI Bala Phi Bui Springfield. Mo. BRUCE L. KOLLING UC Calgary. Alberta. Can. DAN S KUBIK Beta Thota PI Wichita. Kam. PHILLIP R KUEPKER Thota Xi ASS Chattanooga WILLIAM W LAFORCE Sigma Alpha Epiilon, Eng. Midland, Tex. ROBERT R LAM R. ■ .! I S.-l.i Pi ASS Pauli Valley GEORGE H LAMPTON Beta Thota Pi Bui Mc Aloiter ROBERT L LANDES Pi Kappa Alpha Bui Billinqi SONYA M LASSITER Gamma Phi Bola, Ed. McAlelter REX G LAWSON UC Marietta GEORGE D 1 EADBETTER Sigma Nu ASS Norman 3KK e T flTip ' © ft " Jfi r. " ?£ ' £ f 2 ■ « GLENN P. HARRY C. MARY J. JEAN M JOHN P. ROBERT W. HENRY E. CHARLES O. JOEG LARRY J. NITA M. LEE JR LEE LEE LEFEBVRE LEFTWICH LE GATE 1 EONHARDT LESCHER LESSERT LEVIEUX LEVY ASS Phi Kappa Pi Beta Phi ASS Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Phi Phi Kappa ASS Phi Delta Thela Kappa Sigma Siqma Delta Tau Marlow Siqma. ASS UC Okmulgee Bui. UC Sigma, 8ui. Muikoqee Bui. ASS Ed Okla. City Ponca City Cuihinq El Reno Okla, City Ponca City Okemah Ponca City HENRY T. DONNA J. HOYL EARLENE C MARY A. JOHN R. ROBERT R IRIS GENE BARBARA L. ELLA L. LIPPERT LIVELY LOCKETT LOFTIS LOHMEYER LONG LONG LORCH LOTT LOVE LUCE Delta Upiilon Delta Delta Siqma Alpha Ed, PI Beta Phi Lambda Chi ASS Gamma Phi Siqma Chi Delta Gamma Moha Gamma ASS Delta ASS Epiilon. Enq. Holdonville Bui. Alpha, UC Norman Beta, Ed. ASS ASS Delta. Bui. Okla Cily McAlelter Norman Springfield, Mo. Okla. Cily Shrevoporl, La. Granite Okla. Cily Sand Sprinqi GEORGE M SARAH L. THOMAS C LETITIA A. JAMES L. SARAH C. JOER NYLA J. ANNA M. ROSEMARY WALTER B LUHN LUND LYNN MacROBERT MADDIN MADDOX MAGILL MAINORD MAHONE MAJOR MALONE Phi Kappa Alpha Delta PI Kappa Siqma Bui. Phi Gamma Pi Bola Phi UC Ed. Delta Delta ASS Lambda Chi Siqma. UC Bui. UC Ada Delia. ASS ASS Okla Cily Purcell Delta. Bui. Okla Cily Alpha. UC San Antonio. Te« . Lawton Okla. City Muikoqee Okla. City Lindiay Fletcher AMY L. JOAN JEFF KENNETH M. WALLACE ROGENE B TOM A LAWRENCE A PAUL A. VIRGINIA R R PHIL MALOY MANESS MANN MANN MANN MANVITZ MARNANE MARSH Kappa MARSH MARTIN MASON Delia Delta PI Beta Phi Siqma Chi Phi Kappa Pii Siqma Alpha Siama Delta Tau D lta Upiilon Siqma. Enq. Beta Theta Pi FA Alpha Tau Delta. ASS Bui. Enq. Bui. Mu. UC ASS UC Palembanq, Bui Tulia Omeqa, ASS Dallai. Tei. Sapulpa Memphil, Tenn. Okmulqee Dallai Ten. Omaha. Nebr. Tulia Sumatra, Indon. Muikoqee Okla. City Page 87 CAROLYN S McLEAN Ed. Midwest City JIM F. METZER Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bus. Tulsa CARL H. MEAD Theta Xi Bus. Chicago. Ill ALICE M. MILLER uc Houston, Te JESS D. MILLS Alpha Tau Omega. UC Norman DOROTHY J. MEEKS Alpha Gamma Delta. Bus Purcell JACK A. MILLER Acacia UC Woodward BILLIE MITCHELL FA Enid EARLA A. MELOTT Alpha Delta Pi Bus. Okla. City MARILYN MILLER Pi Beta Phi ASS Ponca City JOHN B. MITCHELL FA Mangum C ALAN MELTON Kappa Alpha ASS Okla. City EDWIN B MILLION Beta Theta Bus. McAlester JOYCE A. MITCHELL Alpha Phi ASS Bartlesville JOE F. MESSENBAUGH Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ASS Okla. City DON D. MILLIRON ASS Lone Wolf KOVA L. MOBLEY Alpha Gamma Delta, Bus. Sand Springs .1 fell nun, I ' nl tu mi, i,f Si in II I I II II il ' S full , ' ini ll I rl s lillims tin team ' s attention to tin field. SOPHOMORE ClASS of 1953 DEWEY L. MATHEWS. JR. Beta Theta Pi ASS Tonkawa CARA J McClelland Chi Omega ASS Okla. City MARY E. McDANIEL Alpha Phi Bus. Norman MARY A. McKENNON FA Holdenville DAVID R. MATUSZAK Delta Chi Eng. Bartlesville SONDRA McCORMICK Dslta Delta Delta, UC Wichita, Kans. JOHN E. Mcdowell Acacia Bus. Okla. City MARY L. McKINNEY D?lta Gamm UC Marlow JEAN M MAYHEW Kappa Kappa Gamma, Bus. Tulsa JAMES N McCOY Eng Seminole BILLY B. McFALL Bus. Neosho. Mo. KENNETH F. McKINZEY Phi Kappa Psi Bus. Okla. City CAROLYN H McARTHUR Delta Delta Delta, Bus Tulsa ROBERT W. McCROSKEY Sigma Nu Bus. Midwest City HOWARD V McGEE UC McAlester JACK E, McKISSICK Sigma Chi UC Tulsa TOM H. McCASLAND Beta Theta Pi UC Duncan JANE A. McCULLOUGH Chi Omega ASS Tulsa JIM C McGEE UC Okla City BOB McKOWN Alpha Tau Omega, Bus. Okla. City Page 88 8EJB9 DWIGHT R. M. KATHRYN MARILYN PAT ROGER W SHARON L. MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE Lambda Chi K.i ppa Alpha Bus. Pi Beta Phi ASS Bus. Alpha, ASS Theta. Bus. Midwest City ASS Seminole Vinita Atoka Muskogee Chandler W, R CLIFFORD O. JOHN C. WALTER M JEWELL L CURTIS W. MORGAN MORRIS MORRIS MORRISON. JR MOSELEY MOSES Lambda Chi ASS Phm. Phi Delta Theta Alpha Phi Lambda Chi Alpha. ASS Seminole Duncan Eng Bus. Alpha, Eng Okla. City Prague Pampa. Tex. Okla. City W ROBERT RAY F. ROBERT P. SALLY JERALD P. EUGENE H, MOTE MOTLEY MOYERS MUGLER NAIFEH NARON Sigma Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Chi Delta Delta Theta Xi Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ASS ASS Bus. Delta. FA Bus. Mu, FA Ardmore Okla. City Tulsa Perry Sapulpa Tulsa SAVERY L. KATHLEEN JOANN ABBOTT O. MARY L. JERRY D NASH NEELEY NELMS NELSON NEWBERRY NEWMAN Kappa Sigma ASS Alpha Gamma ASS ASS Bus. UC Fi. Worth, To«. Delta. FA Amber Pawhuska Winfield. Kan Antlers McAlester o ALBERTA A RUTHANN DELMAS L GRANDVILLE C FRANK K RITA I RICHARD M DON DIXIE L JACQUE NEWSOM NOBLES NORET NORTHCUTT NORTHERN OGDEN OLESKER OLIPHANT OLSEN O NEAL ORR Sigmd Alph.i Ed. But Sigm.i Phi Alphd Tdu Doltd Chi Sigmd Doltd Alphd Sigmd K .ipp.l UC Chi Omaqa Epsilon. Eng Sapulpa Okl.. City Epiilon ASS Omaqa. UC Bl.inchdfd Eng. Tdu. ASS Phi. Eng. Phi, Eng. Okld Cily Ed Norman Willis Enid Om.ih.i Nob Bartlesville Tulld Okla City CHARLES R BARBARA DARLENE J JOHN R PATTYE KATHRYN E BOB J DIANE NORMA JERRY R. BETTE J OSTER OURSLER OVERLY OWEN OWEN OWNBY PALMER PARKHURST PARKHURST PARKS PATE Ljmbdi) Chi Chi Omeqj ASS L.imbd.t Chi Kdppd K.ipp.l Chi Omaqa Phm. Bui Alphd Gommd Alph.i T.iu Bui Alpha, Bui. ASS Duncdn Alphd. ASS Gdmmd UC AtS Okld. City Okld City Doltd. Ed. Omcq.i UC Ada Normdn Tuli t Tulu Okla City El Reno Colo. City. Tea. Columbia, Tonn. CARL G ANN MARY J O L. BRUCE A T. C. ESTHER S ANNABELLE BILLY D MARJORIE R JOHN W PATTERSON PEARSON PEARSON PECK. JR PENNINGTON PERKINS PERLMAN PERRY PERRY PETERSON PETTIT Eng. k.i pp.i Alphd ASS Sigmd Nu UC UC Kdppd Sigmd Sigmd Doltd K.ipp.l KdPPd Phi Kdppd Pii Alphd Chi Botd Thetd P Add Thetd ASS Okld City Iddbcl Eng. Tau. ASS Gdmmd FA ASS Omaqa. ASS Phm. OU., City Duncan Okl., Clly Kansas City. Mo. Brydn. Tex. Purcell Poncd City Hominy u. m? ww2i w± Aim. m . I Mm. aafcat. t -ah JjalatY ' aAaaaiaf f A ai - afca. 11 A3 PATSY D BILL A. PIERCE PIPKIN Kappa Kappa Pi Kappa Gamma. ASS Alpha. Bus. Muikogee Seminole RAE RADER Delta Gamma UC Ardmore CHARLES G RICHMOND Bui Allen ALAN S ROSENBLUTH Pi Lambda Phi. Phm. McAlelter JIM H. RAINES Kappd Sigmd UC Muikogee CAROLE H. RING Sigma Delta Tau. ASS Ddlldl, Tea. LAWRENCE P POLLACK Pi Ldmbdd Phi Bui. Omahd, Neb. MARLENE B. RASKIN Sigma Delta Tdu, ASS Okld. City HAROLD RING Pi Ldmbdd Phi. ASS Dune jo MARTIN C. PORTER Phi Gdmmd Delta. ASS Wichitd, Kan. WILLIAM V. RATHBONE. JR Phi Kappa Pli Eng,. Parkers- burg, W V MARVIN B, PORTER UC Holdenville RONALD C REED ASS Mulvane, Kan. AUDREY F. POSEY ASS Amarillo, Tea NANCY E. REEVES Chi Omeqd GRADY P. POWERS UC Grandfield LOETA L. POWERS UC Chattanooga MARIO RIVERO JIM G. HERNANDEZ RIVKIN Eng. Ld Pdi, Boli Kappd Alpha Fhm.. Wichita Fdlli, Tea. BOBBY L. PEITE ROSS ROSS Eng. Bui. El Reno Okla City BARBARA M ROTTER UC Wdukegan. III. ROYC ROWLAND, JR Ldmbdd Chi Alphd. ASS Iddbol Tulsa DONALD M ROBERTS Delta Upiilon ASS Okla. City CHARLES I. RUBIN Pi Lambda Phi. Bus. Kansas City, Mo. JOE G. SUEH. REMAKLUS RENNIE Sigma Phi Epsilon Pi Beta Phi FA UC Pauls Valley Casper. Wyo. HELEN S. ROBERTS Sigma Delta Tau, Bus. Nowata ESTHER L. RUDY Sigma Delta Tau, Bus. Houston, Tea, ROBERT B ROBERTSON Kappa Alpha UC Okla. City JOHN B RUSHING Phi Gamma Delta. ASS Chandler GEORGE E PRATT Beta Theta Pi Bus. Tulsa DONALD W REYNOLDS Phi Gamma Delta. ASS Okla. City JAMES L ROBINSON Beta Theta Pi UC Muskogee JOE L. RUSSELL UC Frederick BILL O. PRICE ASS Cloud Chief MARY E REYNOLDS Gamma Phi Beta, ASS Ada WANDA L. ROGERS ASS Okla. City DICK SAMPLES Sigma Alpha Epsilon UC Waruika PATTIE PRICE Delta Gamma UC Lubbock. Tea. CHARLES E RHODIUS Kappa Alpha Eng. Barttesville MARY L ROLLOW Pi Beta Phi Bui. Wynnewood LOIS M SANDLIN UC Henryetta Page 89 i ,i heart rending rendition of ' ' Mammy, ' ' tJiest i i uhi fin ' s hnt u i ,it flu punch bowl for a iitttt refreshment. SOPHOMORE CLASS of 1953 JACK L. SANDUSKY Lambda Chi Alpha. UC Kingfisher DON M. SANFORD Kappa Alpha AiS Tulsa JERRY SANS Theta Kappa Phi, Eng. Norman JOHN D. SAPP Bus. Okla. City GREY W. SATTERFIELD Sigma Alpha Epsilon. UC Okla. City ORVIL E. SAWYERS AiS Glencoe JOHN E. CHICKRAM Bus. Tulsa BOB J. SCHOELEN Lambda Chi Alpha. ASS Kingfisher RONALD J. SCHOENBERG Pi Lambda Phi ASS Okla. City JIM A. SCHROEDER Kappa Sigma ASS Okla. City KAY D SCHULTZ Gamma Phi Beta. FA Ponca City MARY L. SCHWAB Alpha Chi 0 ega, Ed. El Reno JOHN F SCOLES ASS Okla. City CAROLYN S SCOTT Bus. Okla. City DALE E SCOTT Sigma Nu Eng., East Lansing, Mich EUGENIA SCOTT Alpha Delta Pi ASS Amarillo, Tex. HELEN A. scon Pi Beta Phi Ed. Okla. City ROBERTA J. SCOTT UC Cheyenne ROBERT H. SCOTT Phi Delta Theta. Bus. Lawton DARRELL SEARS Bus. Anadarko JJft p ft ft ML d K Mtmi m SYLVIA MAXINE M. ROBERT T. JANETS. ROGER C. WILLIAM B. SEAY SELLERS SELLARS SEXTON SHANK SHARP Pi Beta Phi FA UC Kappa Alpha UC. Idaho Phi Gamma ASS Okla. City Decatur, Tex. Theta. Bus. Falls, Idaho Delta. Bus. Sapulpa Ponca City Chelsea BERTRAM S. NANCY A. BARBARA A. HAL C. CLARILEE GERALD D. SHELBY SHELTON SHEPHERD SHERROD SHIELDS SHOFNER ASS Alpha Gamma Chi Omega Delta Tau Ed. Alpha Tau Okla. City Delta, FA UC Delta, Bus. Seminole Omega, Bus. Okla. City Tulsa Okla. City Wellington, Kan CAROLYN L. SHIRLEY R. MITCHELL J. ANN MILTON B. ALICE A. SHORES SHORTES SHURGOT SIDWELL SILVER, JR. SILVERTHORN Bus. ASS Eng. Pi Beta Phi Phi Kappa Alpha Phi Clovis, N.M. Ryan Rochester, N.Y. Ed. Sigma, Bus. ASS Pampa, Tex. Okla. City Victoria, Tex. M ■ WW ' ■ " - w . WtWWlikx li MVM HAROLD J. WILLIAM H. L. CLAY LOU A DON C. BEVERLE S. SINGER SINGER SISK SKINNER SLACK SMALLEY Pi Lambda Pi Lambda Phm. Gamma Phi Lambda Chi Bus. Phi, ASS Phi, Bus. Walters Beta, FA Alpha. UC Norman Enid Chickasha Okla. City Crescent SONYA A A. JANEANNE CARL G. CAROLYN S. CLARENCE G. GORDON H SMILEY SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH Gamma Phi Bus. Siqma Nu Alpha Gamma Bus. Kappa Alpha Beta. Bus. Tulsa UC Delta, ASS Okla. City ASS Bartlesville Cherokee Ada Tulsa JERE 8 L. K. LLOYD M VIRGINIA M BEVERLY L. CECIL M. SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMOCK SNELL Kappa Sigma Sigma Nu Phi Kappa Kappa Kappa UC Sigma Nu Bus. AS ' Siqma, Eng. Gamma. Bus. Okla City ASS Ponca City Jay Okla. City Norman Okla. City CHARLES H. JOSEPH N LEQUITA F. MALCOLM R. JOHN D. DAVID SNOWDEN SNYDER SOMERVILLE SONDOCK SOUTHWOOD SOUKUP Phi Delta Theta ASS AiS Sigma Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Tau UC Okla. City Wewoka Mu, Bus. UC Omega. ASS Dallas, Texas Houston. Tex. Amarillo, Tex. Snyder Page 90 J LAVEN SOWELL FA Oki.i City BARBARA A SPENCER Chi Omogd But Okla City NANCY M SPENCER Okl.i Cily VIRGINIA ANN SPIELMAN KdPPd Kapp.t G.imm.i ASS F. Worth. T.i. JACKIE SPIVEY Alphd Gdmmit D.llo. ASS Ardmort RICHARD G. SPRAGUE Siqmd Nu Eng. El Oorjdo. Ark. JOSEPHINE STALEY UC Normdn SIGNE S STAMETS Pi Bold Phi ASS S.illwdt.r DIANA ANN STANBRO Deltd Deltd D-ll.i ASS Okld Cily MELODY STARKS KdpPd KdPPd Gdmmd, Ed. Amdrillo, Tex. CAROLE J. STAUBUS Bui PATRICIA STEELE Ed Woodsboro. T. JERALD E SUMMERS Pi KdPPd Alphd UC Seminole SYLVIA J. STEEN Kdppd KdPPd Gdmmd. Bui TuIm JO ANN SUMMERS ASS Okld City FRANCES LOUISE STEENGRAFE ASS Okld City WARREN L SUMMERS UC Normdn PHILLIP L STEPHENSON Alphd Tdu Omogd. ASS Alvd NORMAN R SUNDERLAND UC Lone Wolf RONALD A JOE STERNICKI STEVENS Phi Kdppd Psi K.ippa Siqmd ASS UC Clevoland, Ohio Okld City SANDRA JEAN SWAN Alphd Deltd Pi ASS Poncd City JAY D SWANSON Bctd Thotd Pi ASS Wichitd. Kdn. BETTY JO STEWART Bui Hdrrisburg, P.i JUEL G. SWEATTE Ed. Georgetown, S Carolina BILL G. STINE Bui. Okld. City SAM J TALBOT Kdppd Siqm.t ASS Shroveport, Ld. CARLENE STOODARD Gdmmd Phi Beta. FA Muskogeo ANDY P TALTON Phi Kdppd Siqmd Eng. Cdmdon. Ark. DARREL E. STRICKLIN Sigmj Alphd Epsilon Bus Normdn JOON HOCK TAN Eng. Bdtu CdV«l, Mdldyd TOM C STURDIVANT Siqmd Alphd Epsilon, ASS Okld. City STANLEY K. TAN O Phm Honolulu W B a p OCT© LOUISE SAM H GLEN D. JOHN H, KENNETH D. KNEELON E. CVA MAY WILLIAM J. BU VON SUE ROBERT E. TANDY TANNEBAUM TARPLEY TATOM TAYLOR TEAGUE TEEGARDIN TESTA TE.TLETON THOMAS THOMASSON Alphd Phi Pi Lambda Phi Phi Kappa ASS Siqma Chi Siqma Nu Kdppa Kdppd ASS Alpha Siqma Gama Phi Bold ASS ASS Bus. Sigma. Bus. Ddvidson UC UC Gamma, t en. McAlester Phi. ASS ASS O.ij City Gdry. Ind. Okla. City Pampa, Tex. Ardmore El Dorado, Ark. Norman Hcaldton Ada H MORTON JANIS K RALPH L SAM D. BOB R TOM LYLE JOHN E JOHN R DAN BRUCE MIKE JIM L THOMPSON THOMPSON THOMPSON THOMPSON. JR . THWEATT TOLBERT TORBETT TRAMMELL TREECE TREPS TROMBLA KdPPd Siqmd Chi Omega ASS Bus. Siqma Nu Phi Kappd Phi Deltd Thetd Phm. Alphd Tau Alphd Tdu Deltd Tdu Eng. ASS Okla. City Okld. City ASS Sinma, ASS Bus. Hollis Omcqd, UC Omega, ASS Deltd, Eng. Tyler, Tex. Okla. City Duncan El Reno Enid Alva Tulsa Okla. City GARY A JANET MARTHA A. ROBERT N CHARLES ROBERT ROWENA M. VRGINIA A, MARY ELLA S JIM L. TUCK TUCKER TUCKER TURK CURTIS DUANE UNGERMAN VANCIL JOYCETTE VAN METER WALKER ASS Bus. Bus. Sigmd Phi TURNER TURNER Bus Pi Betd Phi VANDIVER Alpha Phi B ■la Theta Pi Okld. City Norman Tulsa Eisilon, UC ASS ASS Tulsd EJ. Ed Ed. ASS El Reno Okla. City Okld. City Durdnt Seminole Okla. City Atoka CATHERINE N JOYCE A CHARLES W. JACK E. JEAN C. JOHN R. CHARLES A PAUL D RICHARD S. LAVANDA F BOB E WALTERS WALTON WARD, JR WARKENTIN WARREN WARTERFIELD WATKINS WATKINS WATTS WEATHERLY WEB8 FA Ed. Kappa Alpha Phi Delta Theta Kappa Alpha Siqmd Chi UC ASS Acacia Ed. UC Webbers Falls Tulsa UC. Wichitd Fdlls, Tex. UC Lawton Theta. FA Tulsa Enq. Ddllds. Tex. Codlqdte Pduls Valley Midwest City Fleetwood UC Qartlesville Page 91 til cheerleaders demonstraU how it ' s dom to stati high- school students t University clinic. SOPHOMORE CLASS of 1953 " Man of tin World " McCalla condescends in allow Neva Ray t hestnuti servt him it cup of Java. DON F. WELLS Lambda Chi Alpha, Ed. Okla. City CARL A. WHITE Phi Gamma Delta, Bus. Chandler JOY M WILKIE Alpha Phi Ed. Bartlesville STANLEY W WELLS Lambda Chi Alpha, Eng, Tulsa JIM F WHITE Fhi Kappa Sigma. UC Guthrie BETTY A. WILLEY Pi Beta Phi uc Okla. City ANN WEST Delta Del ' a Delta, ASS Antlers RICHARD H. WHITE Sigma Chi ASS Mangum HARRY L. WILLIAMS uc Holdenville HUGH A WESTON Eng. Washington, D. C. BILL E WHITTEN Delta Tau Delta UC Okla. City JEAN C. WILLIAMS Alpha Phi DICK L. WHEATLEY Phi Gamma Delta. UC Vinita RONALD D. WHITTEN Lambda Chi Alpha. Bus. Duncan ROBERT E WILLIAMS A S Tulsa BARBARA L. WHITE UC Earlsboro JANE C. WICKHAM Alpha Chi Omega, Ed. Okla. City BARBARA WILLIAMSON Chi Omega Bus. Okla. City ft GEORGE WILLIAMSON Ed. Maysville JOHN W WILLIAMSON Eng. Okla. City MARGARET H. M. KATHY WILSON WILSON Kappa Kappa Alpha Chi Gamma, A S Omega, A S Ardmore Tulsa JERRY D. WOOD Rho Lambda UC Lawton BARBARA J WROBBEL Delta Delta Delta, Ed. Kingfisher Bll L P WILLIS Delta Tau Delta Enq. Shawnee RICHARD L. WILSON Theta Xi A S Tonkawa LOWELL G. YADON Phi Kappa Sigma, A S Liberal. Kans. ARDEN E. WILSON Alpha Delta Pi UC Lawton ROBERT H. WINDLE Bus. Sayre ROBERT N. YAFFE Pi Lambda Phi Bus. Muskogee A J DON C. WILSON WILSON Eng. UC fcl Dorado, Ark. Chandler LOIS J. WINNINGHAM A S Norman THOMAS S. WINTON Lambda Chi Alpha. UC Chickasha MARY J. YARBROUGH A S Pawhuska EDWIN G ZELLNER UC Ardmore Page 92 0 - w ' 4- U If in doubt as to ir int to do on your next date, go to tin I a Km — t in it ' always something going on ! FRESHMAN CLASS of 1958 TERRY A. AARONSON Sigma Delta Tau UC Tulsa ILENE ABBOTT UC Burley Idaho W. R. ABBOTT Pi Kappa Alpha UC Okla. City JACK H. ABERNATHY Kappa Sigma UC Okla. City MARTHA ADAIR Gama Phi Beta UC Okla. City DON P. ADKINS UC Okla. City EDWIN ADAMS Alpha Tau Omega, UC Altus E. JEANINE ADAMS UC. Santa Fe, N.Mex. LAOUITA A. ADAMS UC Guymon SHIRLEY L. ADAMS UC Cheyenne DIANE AFFLECK UC Okla. City ALAN W AGEE Sigma Nu UC Pauls Valley BETH A. ALBERDING Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Kenilworth, III. KARIN ALBERTSON Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Norman TIM F. ALCOX UC Columbus, Ohio LOUIS ALEXANDER UC Asher ROBERT H ALEXANDER Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Okla. City STAN ALEXANDER Alpha Tau Omega, UC Phillips, Tex. DANIEL B. ALLARD Siqma Nu UC Norman RUTH C. ALLEN UC Norman MARY S. ALLGOOD Alpha Phi UC Mangum ARTHUR J. ARMSTRONG UC Grandfield JOHN D ARNOLD Kappa Sigma UC Durant WILLIAM J. ALSTON, III Delta Upsilon UC Ada ROBERT E. ARMSTRONG Sigma Chi UC Bartlesville JOHN P. ARNOLD, JR. Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Shawnee MARTHA E. ANDERSON UC Idabel BILL ARRINGTON Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Canadian, Tex. CHARLES M. ASFAHL Phi Delta Theta UC Okla. City PHYLLIS M. ANDERSON UC Okla. City GEORGE ARRINGTON Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Canadian, Tex LESLIE A. AUSTIN UC Altus GLENNA R ANDREWS UC Stratford EUGENE E, ARNOLD Sigma Phi Eosilon, UC Chickasha NATHAN AVERY JR Pi Lambda Phi UC Tulsa BEVERLY J ARMOR Delta Gamma UC Southard JAMES K. ARNOLD UC Okla. City MARGARET R BABCOCK Pi Beta Phi UC Duncan SffS a p- e? £ PHYLLIS A. BABIONE UC Clinton MARVEL J. BAILEY UC Okla. City R DIXIE BAINES, JR. Siqma Chi UC Hennessey BEVERLY S. BAKER Delta Delta Delta, UC Cherokee CONSTANCE L. BAKER UC Harvey, III. GILBERT L. BAKER Phi Kappa Psi UC Okmulgee RONNIE G. BAKER UC Okla. City JERRY H BALLENGER UC Sulphur GERALD BANK Pi Lambda Phi UC Wichita, Kan. DOLORES A. BARKER UC Okla. City CHARLES B. BARRETT Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. City JOHN W BARNHILL Delta Tau D?lta, UC Okla. City RUSSELL W. BARNHILL UC Lookeba JERRY D. BARRETT UC Okla. City JAMES L. BARROW UC Okla. City BARBARA J. BARTHELD Delta Delta Delta, UC McAlester Gl ENN BARTON Alpha Tau Omega, UC Memphis, Tenn. BARBARA BAUMBERGER Alpha Delta Pi Ed. Hobart CHARLES G. BASSETT Siqma Nu UC Shawnoo FRED E BASSETT Kappa Sigma UC Chickasha RUTH D. M. BAUER UC Norman JOHN P BAXTER UC Trumbull , Conn. TOMMY E BEACH Alpha Tau Omega. UC Altus OTIS H. BEALMEAR Phi Gamma Dolta. UC Okla. City Page 94 JOHN G BEDNAR Sigma Phi Epiilon. UC Edmond LISBETH BIRDSEYE Delta Gamma UC Okla. City JANICE R BOOTHE Delta Delta Delta. UC Hobart MARY H 8EHNKE Pi Beta Phi UC Tulsa ROBERT G BISSELL UC. Siou Falls. S Dak PAT BOULTON UC ld«b l RICHARD A BEINDORF Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Okla. City JAMES R BIZZELL UC Mldweit City ANN BOYLE Gamma Phi Beta. UC Okla City HAL R BELKNAP Kappa Sigma UC Norman JOHN W BLACK Kappa Alpha UC Seminole MARTHA S BELL Alpha Phi uc Hobart STEVE E BLACKWELDER Beta Theta Pi UC Hobart HOWARD R SUE A, BRADER BRADFORD Beta Theta Pi Pi Bot.i Phi UC UC F.. Worth. Ten. Woodward JACQUE J BENNETT Alph,i Dolta Pi UC Wagoner CAROL G. BLACKWOOD Kappa Alpha Th.-t,, UC Norman CARL R BRADLEY. J UC Houston, Te ROBERT I BENNY Kappa Alpha UC Cushing RUTH B BLEYBERG UC Okla. City GENIE BRADLEY Gamma Phi Beta. UC Indep ' d ' ce, Mo. ROGER M BENTON UC Wirt PAT L BOATMAN Alpha Gamma Delta. UC Woodward BARBARA KATHRYN BENZ BERRY Kappa Kappa UC UC Norman B.irtleiville BILL B. BOGART Sigma Chi UC Ardmore GARLAN D LARRY G BRAITHWAITE BRANDLY Sigma Nu UC UC Purcell Enid ANN K BOIES UC Muikogee GEORGIA BRANHAM Dolta Delta D.-lta. UC Okla City ORUS T BINGMAN Sigma Alpha Epiilon. UC Okmulgee FOSTER C BOOP Kappa Alpha UC Nowata JUERETTA S. BRANNON Alpha Chi Omega. UC Walten AF ' S J drk Jh mk tk Lk h PHYLLIS A. BRASWELL Delta Delta Delta. UC Tulu GERALD L. BREEDING Delta Upsilon UC Okla City EARL M. BREWER UC Norman LARRY S. BRIGGS UC Maysville JOHN L. BRINKLEY UC Norman OUINN BRISBEN UC Enid BLOYCE H, BRITTON, JR. Sigma Chi uc Ames JOE R BROADY UC Okeene AVROM D. BRODSKY Pi Lambda Phi UC Tulsa GERALD BROSS Kappa Sigma UC Okla. City BILLY J. BROWN UC Crescent JERRY G BROWN UC Duncan H. JACK BROWN Beta Theta Pi UC Norman TRAVIS W. BROWN Delta Delta Delta, UC Okla. City CAROLINE M. BRUNOZZI Alpha Gamma Delta. UC. La- h ' na, M ., Hawa ii JOHN B BUCHANAN UC Grove DEE 6ULKLEY UC. San Antonio. Ten. DAVID H. BURLESON Phi Delta Thota, UC Prague MARY E. BURLESON UC Okla. City IRENE E. BULLARD UC Noble BEVERLY J. BURNS UC Okla. City PAUL C. BURNS UC Okla. City GARY C BURRIS UC Broken Bow GLORIA G BEESON Alpha Gdnimd Delta. UC Bristow ANN W BUSSEY UC Altus A. JOE BUTCHER UC Carnegie VICTOR R CAIN UC Norman SHIRLEY L. CAMP UC Fo« ELIZABETH A. CAMPBELL Delta Gamma UC Okla. City WALTER J. CAMPBELL UC Henryetta VALTA R. CANNING UC Okla City BOB W. CANNON UC Coalgate MARY S CAPE Alpha Gamma Delta. UC Bristow BOB CAREY Sigma Alpha Epsilon. UC Shawnee GEORGE L. CAREY Sigma Alpha Epsilon. UC Shawnee JAMES E CAREY UC Eufaula ALC. CARNES Alpha Tau Omega, UC Dallas. Tex. CAROLYN CARNEY Alpha Gamma Delta. UC Atoka DONNIE R CARPENTER UC Granite VALDIE M. CARR Alpha Tau Omega. UC Okla. City CHARLES B CARSTEN Phi Kappa Psi UC Tulsa CHARLES R CARTER Sigma Alpha Epsilon UC Amarillo. Tex. DON R CARTER Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Poteau METTIE B. CARTER UC Norman °age 95 KA rush goes slow and easy, with lots of talk and moii scrapbooks. FRESHMAN CLASS of 1958 R. DUANE CARTER UC Chickasha CHARLES K. CASTEEL UC Atoka JOHN K. CHESNUT Phi Delta Theta. UC Duncan JUDY A. CLARK Chi Omega UC Okla. City SANDRA CARTER Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Norman DALLAS M. CASEY Kappa Sigma UC Lynwood, Calif. WENDELL R. LARRY J. CASEY CASON UC UC Okla. City Vinita PEGGY C. CHAMBERLAIN UC Ringling MARILYN CHATMAN Pi Beta Phi UC Norman KENTON CHICKERING Kappa Alpha UC Dallas, Tex. LOY J. CLAWSON UC Norman MARY L. CHILDS UC Norman CARLENE CLAXTON UC Norman CHARLES W. CHENOWETH Acacia UC Broken Arrow THEANA CHISENHALL Delta Delta Delta. UC Ardmore ELAINE G. CHERRY Alpha Chi Omega. UC Okla. City ANNE CLARK Chi Omega UC Norman MARY L. CLAYTON UC Okla. City JOHN M. CLINTON Theta Kappa Phi UC Concord. N.H. sru» MARY H. COACHMAN Chi Omega UC Okla. City RONALD L. COLEMAN UC Okla. City WILLIAM M. COMBS Alpha Tau Omega, UC Dallas. Tex. STEVEN K. COCHRAN Phi Gamma Delta, UC Shreveport, La. BARBARA J COLLIER UC Hennessey JAMES E. CONDREAY Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Oakland, Calif. MARIAN COFFEY Kappa Kappa Gamma. UC Ardmore ELEANOR J. COLLIER Alpha Delta Pi UC Atoka WILLARD D CONKLIN Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Guymon PHYLLIS A. BARBARA COHEN COHN Sigma Delta UC Tau, UC Tulsa Kansas City, Mo JOANNE COLBY Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Madill TERRY W COLLIER Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Okla. City JOHN B CONNERY Theta Kappa Phi uc Broken Arrow JESSE E COLLINS Alpha Sigma Phi UC Okla. City JOSEPH M. COMAN UC Tulsa CAROLYN CONRAD Chi Omega UC Midwest City ANN J. COOK Delta Delta Delta, UC Wewoka o ft wen ,: ft ft Ul HL 11 r. n m. ERWIN A. COOK Beta Theta Pi UC Guthrie PEGGY J. CORNWELL Gamma Phi Beta. UC Okla. City LEONARD M CRAGHEAD UC Ponca City GENE A. CUMMINGS UC Okla Cify JOSEPH A. COOK Lambda Chi Alpha. UC Chickashaw GORDON D COSGROVE Phi Gamma Delta, UC Okla. City RICHARD M CRAWFORD Phi Delta Theta UC Norman ELDON L. CUNNINGHAM UC Pryor RALONDA J. Cook Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Holdenville OTIS D COSTON UC Bessemer, Ala. CHARLES D. CRESAP Phi Gamma Delta, UC Vinita FRANCISCO P. CUPELLO UC Maracaibo, Veneiuela, S.A. MICHAEL COPELAND UC Tulsa FRED A COUNTRYMAN UC Okla. City SUZANNE CREW Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Tahlequah BUD CURTIS Siqma Chi UC Norman GLENDA S COPPAGE UC Velma JUANITA D. COVINGTON Delta Delta Delta. UC Bartlesville ANN M CULLEN Kappa Alpha Thefa, UC Tulsa JOYCE L. DAVIDSON UC Clovis N M R. ELLEN CORNELIUS UC Cherokee TOMMY A. COX Kappa Sigma UC Ft. Smith. Ark. BURT L. CULP Pi Kappa Alpha UC Billings CHERIE DAVENPORT Kappa Alpha Theta. UC Norman Page 96 DAN A MERRILL A WILLIAM T JOHNNY J ALLEN D HAROLD R JOHN M CHARLES F PHIL L CEDRIC E. DANNA E DAVIS DAVIS DAVIS DAY DAYTON DEAN DEEN DENSFORD DEVANNEY DEVIN DE WEESE UC UC Phi K.ipp.t UC Delta Upsilon UC Sigma Phi Alphd T.iu Bold Thetd Phi Siqmd Phi UC Hugo Alius Siqma, UC Ardmore UC Tulsa Epiilon. UC Omegd. UC UC Epiilon. UC Huqo Okla City Ldwton Tulid Norman Sayre Clinton DAVID F JANET M ROBERT L THELMA A. CAROLYN L TOM G CHARLES F. ROGER M ELEANOR J WILLIAM P LAWRENCE D DICKERSON DILL DILLON DOCHEN DOERNER DONNELL DOORNBOS DOUGHERTY DOUTHITT DOWLING DOZIER Kappa Alph.i UC Alphd Tdu Siqma Delta T.tu Alphj Chi Siqm.i Alphd Phi Deltd Theta Deltd T m Deltd Pi Bet.j Phi Phi G.imm.i UC UC Okla City Omiqj, UC UC Omegd. UC Epiilon. UC UC UC UC Deltd. UC Heavener Ardmore Enid Austin, TtJi. Tulsd Arrtdrillo, Tei. Bartlesville Bartlesville Duncan Poncd City GWEN G BOB H CHARLES R RICHARD R GERALD P GEORGE C DAVID S JIM B RONALD W. MARGARET BILL DRENNAN DREWRY DUDLEY DUFFY DULANEY DUNCAN DYCUS DYER DYKE DYKES EASLEY UC Siqma Alpha UC Kdppd Siqma Phi Kjppd Psi UC Phi K.ipp.i Siqmd Nu UC Deltd Gamma Phi Gdmmd Okl.. City Epsilon. UC Par.igould, Ark. UC UC Mdysville Siqmd, UC UC Ceilinq UC Deltd. UC Ldwton Hop . Ark. Okld. City Elk City Midmi Okld. City Okld. City 4» m. . n$F ' rRZES ZSQ? §S f SPSS. ! ? £ . OSCAR D EDMISTON UC Okld City DAVID J ERWIN Deltd Tdu Deltd UC Chandler KAY A FENTEM Alphd Gdmmd Deltd. UC Ada JIM R FLOW Kdppd Alphd UC Normdn JOAN M. EDGERTON UC Okld. City WILLIAM G. ERWIN Kdppd Siqmd UC Chlckdshd JIM F FENTRISS Kappa Siqmd UC Okld. City RONALD D EDMONSON Alphd Tdu Omega, UC Hollis JOHN D. EDWARDS Kdppd Alpha UC Tulsa JOHN H. BOBV ETHINGTON ETHRIDGE UC UC Grants Pass. Ore. Norman LEWIS L. FERGUSON UC Ponca City V ALTER B FIELDING UC Wilminqton, Del. PHILIP ELKINS UC El Dorado. Ark. MARY P ETRICK UC Garden City, Kans. CLARENCE A. FIESTER UC Pdrddise. Pd. MIGNON K. ELLISON Pi Betd Phi UC Norman JOHNNY R EUBANKS Beta Theta Pi UC Duncan JO N. ELLISTON Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Ada DENNIS L. EVANS Phi Kappa Psi UC Wichita. Kans. JOAN FINKENBINDER UC Clinton R YMOND E FINT UC Pdwhuskd JAY F. ELSEA UC Okld. City RAYLENE EVERSOLE Chi Omega UC Grandfield ORVIL ' .E W. FISHER Kappa Alpha UC. Wichita Falls, Te DON E ELY UC Amarillo. Tex. JAMES A. FANT Beta Thetd Pi UC Sherman, Te«. WILLIAM L. FLAGLER Lambda Chi Alpha. UC Chickasha BUD ENGLAND Alpha Tau Omega, UC Dallas. To. JAMES FARMER UC Guthrie HARRIET M. FLEER UC Normdn EMILY ENGLISH Pi Betd Phi UC Shdwnee DONALD C. FARR UC Ddvis PAUL B FLEMING UC Shdwnee CAROL JOHN H JOHN L. JOHN T DICK H. DONALD W JAN J ROBERT TOM H. MILDRED A. FOLSOM FORD FOREE FORSYTHE FOSTER FOSTER FOSTER FOSTER FRALEY FRANKLIN UC Kdppd Sigma UC D ' lta Deltd Tdu Phi Delta Thetd D ' ltd Upsilon Deltd Delta UC Beta Theta Pi UC Ardmore UC Okla. City UC UC UC Delta. UC Okld. City UC Norman Norman Tulsa Norman Norman Okla. City Hominy Page 97 «S ff ri T i ' i ELEANOR A. GARTNER Sigma Delta Tau, UC Topeka, Kans. RICHARD E. GEORGE UC Okmulgee CAROLYN A. GIBLET Alpha Phi UC Okla. City R. W. GILCHRIST Phi Delta Theta UC Dallas, Tex. GORDON GILLEY Phi Delta Theta UC Shawnee WARREN W. GLASPEY Sigma Chi UC Okmulgee Everyone went to Dallas, » most of Hum continued tin jawnt I,, ih, Cotton Bowl to set Big , ' d slaughter thi Longhorns. FRESHMAN CLASS of 1953 JAMES A. FRIEDERICH Delta Chi UC Lawton BILLY R FULKERSON Sigma Nu UC Sapulpa KATHRYN GAINES Alpha Phi UC Okla. City ELEANOR GARDNER UC Anadarko ALBERT L. FRONKO UC Okla. City RUSSELL W. FULLER Phi Gamma Delta. UC Muskogee PATRICIA J. GALLERY Kappa Kappa Gamma. UC Bartlesville BEN E. GARNER Phi Gamma Delta, UC Enid MARTHA J. FROST Chi Omega UC Geary BOB R. FUSON Kappa Alpha UC Ft. Worth, Tex. PAUL V. GALLOWAY Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Tulsa STEVE GARNER Kappa Sigma UC Shawnee STERLING N. FROST UC Okla. City LARRY FUTERFAS Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Dallas. Tex. DONALD E. GAMMON Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Cherokee GUY D. GARRETT Sigma Nu UC Lindsay JIM M. FRYE Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Durant MARTIN L. GABLE Sigma Chi UC, Scotts- bluff. Neb. DUKE E. GARDNER UC McAlester CHARLES P. GARRISON Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Okla. City mwr i ' ' ■ £ . warn fF - a CAMILLE A. GLASIER Pi Beta Phi UC Ponca City WILLIAM F GOODWIN Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Anadarko ROBERT H. GOETZINGER UC Beaver JERRY G GORE UC Ringiing THEBA J GOLD Sigma Delta Tau. UC Houston, Tex. GERSA J GOLDSTEIN Sigma Delta Tau, UC Dallas, Tex. M CAROLYN GOOD Pi Beta Phi UC Okla. City WARREN D ELEONORE N, MAXIE L. GOTTSHALL GRACE GRACE UC UC UC Norman Frankfurt, Ger. Ringiing EDWIN W. GOODMAN UC Okla. City GRETCHEN L. GRAENING Delta Delta Delta, UC Okla. City SHIRLEY GRAGG Chi Omega UC Henryetta I ROBERTA GREEN UC Norman JOE W GRIFFIN Phi Gamma Delta, UC Okla. City J. R. GRAHAM UC Washington PATSY GRAHAM UC Las Vegas. Nov ISABEL A. GREENBERG Sigma Delta Tau UC Ardmore JOE GREEN UC Okla. City KITTY L. GRANT Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Davis RONALD E GREEN Alpha Sigma Phi, UC Tulsa EDWIN R. GRAY UC Smackover WANDA GREEN UC Seminole MONA L. GRIFFIN Alpha Gamn Delta. UC Maysville CLAIRE R DAN A. GRUBER GUNN Siqma Delta Tau Kappa Alpha UC uc Memphis, Tenn. Amarillo Tex BARRY L. GRIFFING UC Sulphur MARGARET HADLEY UC Okmulgee ANN HENRY O. GRISSO GROOMS Kappa Alpha Delta Tau Delta Theta. UC UC Norman Bartlesville ANN K HAIRFIELD UC Okla. City NANCY S HALL Alpha Phi UC Enid CHARLES C. GREEN Beta Theta Pi UC Okla City JERRY K GREER Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Tulsa WILLIAM S. GRUBB Sigma Nu UC Miami JANE A, HAMILTON Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Wichita, Kans. Page 98 BEVERLY A HAMLIN UC Oku. City DOROTHY E HAND Alphd Phi UC OkU. City GWYN E HANN Pi Bot.i Phi UC Ardmore ZAKARIA H HANNA Delia T.iu D. ' lt.i UC Cairo. Egypt MARTHA J. HANSEN G. ' mmj Phi Bet... UC D.1II.11, Tt . CLAIR R HARD UC Madill ROBERT D HARDEN Siqmd Alphd Epiilon, UC Add TOM A HARMON Phi Gdmmd Oelt... UC Okla City NANCY J HARPl A lr hi Gdmmd Delta UC R ' CHARO G HARPER P hi Gommd UC Muskoqee VFKLAN W 1 ELL UC Gdge JOHN G. HARRIS UC Enid WILLIE L. HARROD UC Alius WILLIS E HARROD UC Alius ELIZABETH B HARSH Pi Bit.. Phi UC Poncd City DON L. HAR1 1. ipp.i Siqm.i UC OH« City GARY P. HART ' JC Bojumont, Tei. JO E. rsART Alph.i D.-ll.i Pi UC Okld. City ROBERT N HART UC Tulld IEILA J HASELTINE UC Seminole BETTE J HATCHETT D. It i D . 1 1 , , Deltd. UC P.i whuske J E HATFIELD Alphd T.iu Omeg,i, UC Normjn BOBC HATHAWAY Siqmd Chi UC Barllesvitle DARALENE HAWK Alpha Chi Omoqd. UC Bdrtlesville FRED HAXEL Alph.i T.iu Omiq.1, UC Norman HARRISON F HAYES Dflt.i Upsilon UC Okla City WARREN H. HAYNES UC Rinqling CAROLYN S HAYS UC Muskoqee EDWARD F HEASLEY UC Ft Lvnwth. Kans. CHARLES K. HEATLY UC Reed LESLIE E. HEILBRON UC. Sdn Jose, Costd RiCd ROBERT J HENDERSON UC Okld. City BOB P. HENDRICK Phi Doltd Th.ld UC Ldwton " V i ♦ k ' JACK A HENRY UC Del City EDWARD G HESLER Deltd Upsilon UC Ldwton RONALD P HOLCOMB UC Kdns. City. Mo. DONALD D HORNE Siqmd Alpha Epiilon. UC Ardmore JUANITA BOBV. LAWRENCE A. BUDDY BARBARA J BETTIE S HENRY HENSLEY HERRON HESSE HILL HILL Lambda Chi UC Sigma Phi Delta Delta Alpha Delta Pi Devol Alpha. UC Norman Epsilon, UC Delta. UC UC Altus Purcell Tulsa Okla. City MARILYN M HIGH Pi Beta Phi UC Kingfisher JIM R. HIGGINS Lambda Chi Alpha. UC Tulsa GEORGE R. HICKS Phi Gamma Delta, UC Kans. City. Mo. RICHARD W HI ATT Delta Tau Delta UC Okla. City DIANA G HILL UC Clinton FRED D. HILL UC Mulhall ROBERT R. PATSY D. BEVERLY A. MARY E. PHILIP R. ROGER L. SUE A VERNON E HILLIS HINES HINKLE HIPP HITE HOBBS HODGES HOHMAN Phi Delta Theta Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Chi KappaKappa Delta Upsilon UC Delta Delta UC UC UC Omega. UC Gamma. UC UC Norman Delta UC Lone Wolf Lawton Okla. City Lindsay Bartlesville Kans. City. Mo. Norman EVERETT W LARRY H. HOLLAND HOLLANDER UC Sigma Alpha Findley. Ohio Mu. UC Okld. City WILLIAM A. PAUL C HOTMANN HOUK Kappa Sigma Betd Thctd Pi UC UC Okla. City Fdirview HELEN HOLLIS UC Hollis ELLEN HOUSTON Delta Deltd Deltd. UC Normdn ROGER M HOLLOWAY Phi Kappa Sigmd. UC Mdriettd ANITA M. HOWARD UC Wdurika DON E HOLMES UC Okla. City CAROLYN HOWARD Delta Gamma UC Tulsa JOHN P. PHILIP I. HOLMES HOLMES Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Sign UC UC Waskom, Tex. Okla Ci ' .y JAMES H HOWARD UC Ringling JAMES R HOWE UC Sulphur MAXINE A. HOLT UC Walters KENNA HUDSON Pi Beta Phi UC Ardmore JOHN W HOLTZCLAW Phi Gamma Delta, UC Norman BEN A. HUEY Beta Theta Pi UC Norman WILLIAM R HOOD Kappa Sigma ASS Okla City RICHARD M HUFF Alpha Tdu Omega, UC Dallas Tci Page 99 Jacl VcDermotl, Margaret slum-, Pat Lindsay, and John Coleman nil just had n wonderful timi t tin Phi Hill formal. FRESHMAN CLASS of 1953 E. JAYNE HUFFMAN Alpha Chi Omega. UC Elk Cily ERA W HUGHES UC Konawa GARY P. HUGHES Alpha Sigma Phi UC Bartlesville HARRY W. HUGHES. JR. UC Okla. City HARLEYG. JANE HUME HUMPHREY Kappa Sigma UC UC Norman Bartlesville JIM L. CARMEN C HURLEY HURT Sigma Alpha UC Epsilon. UC Okla. City Tulsa DON W RICHARD V. IRBY IRONS Phi Gamma Delta UC UC Okla. City Okla. City LUELLA M. HUMPHREYS UC Chicago, III. GLENDA S HUSTED Alpha Phi UC Pampa. Tex. JIM E. IRVIN UC Hartshorne BETTY J. HUNNICUTT UC Muskogee PAT H. HYDE Kappa Sigma UC Okla. City GEORGE H. ISHLER UC Chickasha M. SHIRLEY HUGHES Kappa Kappa Gamma. UC Norman PAULANITA J. HUNT UC Okla. City ALAN E. IRBY UC Pa whuska SHIRLEY A. ISKE Delta Delta Delta. UC Norman " ££P CHARLOTTE JACK L. FRANCES H. DAVID W. ARLINE FRANK H. ISOM JACKSON JACOBSON JACOBUS JANES JAOUES Delta Delta UC UC Sigma Alpha UC Lambda Chi Delta, UC Cordell Muskogee Epsilon. UC Elk City Alpha, UC Norman Ponca City Ada INA J. DAVIS H JOHN P. BILLIE L DAVID E LILLIAN L. JAVELLAS JENKINS JETT JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON UC Siqma Chi Alpha Sigma UC Delta Upsilon UC Pawhuska UC Phi, UC Okmulgee UC El Reno Okla. City Tulsa Lawton M. JOYCE RICHARD J. VIRGIL L. VALERA A. BENNY A. ERNESTINE JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSTON JONES JONES UC Delta Tau Delta UC UC Phi Kappa Chi Omega Wagoner UC Madill Shidler Sigma, UC UC Okla. City Ft. Worth. Tex. Okla. City If »£;i! ! fi 1 J£ i f:y m p trs r " » n DALE E JORDAN UC Norman GENE D. KANALY Phi Kappa Psi UC Okla. City JANICE D. KANE Alphd Phi UC Rockford, III. EMILY S. KARNES Gamma Phi Beta, UC Ponca City PAULINE KATZMAN Sigmd Delta Tau UC Omaha, Nebr. KONRAD K. KEESEE Beta Theta P UC Okld. City PHYLLIS M. KELTNER UC Add PEGGY J. KEMP UC Norman PHIL E. KENDALL Beta Thetd Pi UC Norman E. LEE KENNEDY Deltd Tdu Deltd UC Okla, City KENT B. KENNEDY Kappa Sigma UC Okemah ROBERTA 1 KERKSIECK UC Ponca City JOHN S. KERR Alpha Tau Omega, UC Alius SANDRA KESSLER Chi Omega UC Okla. City ROY F KETCHUM UC Okla. City CHERI A KIEBEL UC Noble RICHARD D. KING Phi Delta Theta UC Duncan CELIA E KIRSH UC Tulsa BRENDA S. KISBER Siqma Deltd Tdu UC Memphis, Tenn, DONALD S. KLEIN Pi Lambda Phi UC Pawhuska EDWARD S. KNEZEK. JR. Alpha Sigma Phi UC Okld. City ALTON W KNIFFIN Deltd Upsilon UC Lawton JOE A. KNOWLES. Ill Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Tulsa HARRY J. KOURI, JR. Sigma Nu UC Watonga Page 100 HOWARD t LIJA CHARLES H IRETA J BARBARA J BOB M SANDRA S JOHN W JOAN C RAE P PAT J KRANTZ KRESLINS KRUGER KUBIK KUHN KUHNE KYLE KUNAU LACHANCE LACHANCE LACKEY PI L.imbd.i Phi UC Delta Tau Delta UC Alpha Phi Kappa Alpha Dolta Delta t ambda Chi Alpha Gamma Alph.i Gamma UC uc Okla Cily UC Duncan UC UC Dolta UC Alpha UC Dolta, UC Dolta. UC Okla. City Omaha. Nvbr Okla City Okla City McKinnoy, Ton. Tulla ChicV Norman Norman JOHN C ELLEN ELIZABETH PHILIP A MARY N BARBARA A DENIS J LYNN N WILLIAM H JAMES E MARM.YNN J LADD LANDSAW LANE LANE LANHAM LASINE I.ASSEK LAURITANO LEA LEDBETTER LEFEVRE UC Pi B.-f . Ph K.ipp.t Alpha UC UC Siqma Dolta Dolta Tau Dolta UC Sigma Chi UC UC Kappa Alpha Muloshoo. Tm. UC i uc Ponca City Garber r au, UC UC Okla City M arlow uc Norman Okl.i City Maywood. HI Midwest City Okla City Bartlosville BARBARA J JAMES W TOM JEAN J A ANN NOWETA A JIM H RICHARD R ROBERT H TOSS L JIMMY IEFKOWITZ LEGGITT LEKAS LEMON LENOIR LEWIS I INDSEY LINDSLY LINGENFELTER LINN LISTER UC UC Phi Gamma UC UC Alpha Chi UC Phi Gamma Phi Gamma UC UC Okla Cily Tul$a Dolt.. UC Hobart Pawhuska Omoga, UC Wichita, Kans. Pauls Valley Delta, UC Delta, UC Edmond Lovington N.M Okla City Bartlosville Okla City JESSES JACK D JOSE D. LORETTA L. SHARON K MARIE T BARBARA L. SUE JAMES P. BRUCE G. I ITTLE LIVELY LOAYZA LOKEY LOOKABAUGH LOTTINVILLE LOVE LOVELESS LUTON LYNCH Phi Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi UC. La Pal, UC UC Dolta Dolta Kappa Alpha Chi Omoga Alpha Sigma UC UC Alpha. UC Bolivia Clinton Okla. City Delta, UC Theta. UC UC Phi, UC Casper. Wyo Minco El R?ro Norman Tulsa Tulsa Okla City JOE R LYNCH Alpha Tau Omeq. UC Ft. Smith. Ark. TOM H MARILYN NANCY C. CAROL J PATTIE. CLYDE D GERAIDR DOUG JAMES D. TOM R. DONALD R MAHAFFEY MAIDT MAINS MANNSCHRECK MARKEL MARSAU MARSHALL I1ARTIN MARTIN MASON MASSAD Kappa Sigma Kappa Kappa Ohi Omoga UC Wichita Sigma Delta Sigma Alpha Delta Tau PSi Gamma UC Phi Delta Delta Chi UC Gamma, UC UC Falls. TeK. Tau, UC Epsilon UC Delta. UC D-lta. UC Norman Theta, UC UC Marlowe Okla. Cily Altus Omaha. Neb Tulsa Okla. City Tulsa Duncan Okla City RONNY W. MASSEY Kappa Alpha UC Okla. City HARRY S. MATLES Pi Lambda Phi. UC Tulsa BILLY J MATTER Lambda Chi Alpha. UC Hooker TOM W. MAUS Siqma Phi Epsilon. UC Putnam City WANDA L. MAY UC Okla. City JOYCE M MAYFIELD Chi Omeaa UC Cartlesville TERRY MAYS Alpha Tau Omega, UC Columbia, Ton. DELIA S McBRIDE Mph.i Chi Omoqa. UC Ponca City FRED D McCONNELL Kappa Alpha UC Tul . WALLACE O McDANIEL UC Okla. City EDWARD H. McDonald Lambda Chi Alpha, UC Ada KE ' TH C. Mcdonald Phi Delta Theta. UC Tulsa kenneth g Mcdowell uc Norman MARTIN E McELREATH Phi Gamma Delta. UC Muskogee JOHN B McELYEA Sinma Chi UC Hobart CORAIETTEC McGILVRAY Chi Omoga UC. K . City. Mo. LORAN W McGINNIS UC Choctaw BETTE L. McGUGIN UC Enid MARILYN MclNTYRE UC Guthrie WILLIAM H McKENNY Kappa Sigma UC Okmulgoe MARK H. McKINSEY Beta Theta Pi UC Midland, Tex RICHARD J. McKOWN Alpha Tau Omega, UC Okla. City Page 101 Oru of ih ' ' Tu Blind Mia " — Marilyn orris — confers trith tin postman in a seem from iii pl ii . FRESHMAN CLASS of 1953 glen caro! a. Mclaughlin McMahon Sigma Alpha UC Epsilon, UC Newkirk Shawnee HOWARD L. McMILLIAN Rho Lambda UC El Dorado, Ark. WARY K. McSHANE Pi Beta Phi UC Monett, Mo. STEWART E. MEYERS Phi Gamma Delta. UC Okla. City MARY E. MILLER Delta Delta Delta. UC Okla. City S RICHARD PILL R. McSWAIN McVEY Kappa Sigma UC UC Verden Plainview, Tex. HOWARD H. MICK UC Casper, Wyo. THERON K. MILLER. JR. Phi Kappa Psi UC Enid JANICE MILBURN Delta Gamma UC Okla. City RUBIN B. MILLERBORG. JR.. Pi Kappa Alpha. UC Okla. City KATHRYN J. McMURPHY Alpha Delta Pi UC Okla. City VAI. D. MEDLIN UC Hobari MARY M MILHOAN UC, Parkers- burg, W. V. JOE L. MILLS Phi Gamma Delta, UC Muskogee GAYE L, McREYNOLDS Gamma Phi Beta, UC Muskogee MARY A. ME1Z UC Okla. City SALLY C MILLER Gamma Phi Beta, UC Norman GEORGE MISKOVSKY Kappa Alpha UC Okla. City " I AnfA it a o t JIM MISKOVSKY Sigma Nu UC Okla City BETTE MOORE Gamma Phi Beta, UC Norman CAROL A MORGAN Pi Beta Phi UC Guthrie FRANK G. MITCHELL Beta Theta Pi UC Seminole BOB S MOORE Kappa Sigma UC Enid DON C MORGAN Phi Kappa Sigma, UC Miami JULES MITCHELL UC Vivian, La. DON R MOORE UC Okla. City EARLINE F. MORGAN UC Tulsa SANDRA J. MITCHELL UC Artesia. N M JIM MOORE Phi Gamma Delta. UC Okla. City BETTY MORRIS UC Fl. Smith Ark ROBERT P. RUTH A. MONTGOMERY MONTGOMERY Kappa Alpha Delta Delta UC Delta. UC Hobart Tulsa RAY B MOORE Phi Gamma Delta, UC Norman DONNA L, MORRIS UC Okla, City BARBARA L. MORGAN Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Ada DOROTHY M. MORRIS Alpha Phi UC Tulsa HELEN MORRIS UC Duncan W STANLEY MUENZLER Delta Tau Delta. UC Odessa. Ten. RUSSELL A NEELY UC Okla. City KENNETH M NEWMAN UC Frederick RUSSELL A. MORRIS UC Norman ROBERT L. MUIR UC Enid ELEANOR NEFSKY Sigma Delta Tau, UC Lincoln, Neb. DAN N NICHOLS UC Houston, Tex, LEO C. MORRISON Sigma Chi UC Okla. City L. G. MURRELL, JR. Alpha Tau Omega, UC Tulsa LAWRENCE NEILl UC Enid MAX J NICHOLS Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Okla. City THOMAS H MOSES Sigma Nu UC Berea, Ohio TOM J NANCE Beta Theta Pi UC Houston, Tex. FRANKLIN D NELSON UC Tulsa M SCOTT NICKSON, JR. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Tulsa GEORGE E, MOUNTS UC Lookeba PAUL L, NAVE Phi Delta Theta UC Enid MARIANNE NELSON Chi Omega UC Park Ridge, III. FRANKLIN E. NILES UC Shawnee JERRY G. MRAZEK UC Denver, Colo. TED B. NEPTUNE Phi Gamma Delta. UC Bartlesville VIRGINIA D. NELSON UC Okla. City KENDALL L. NOAH UC Enid CAROLYN ALAN K TOM G JULIAN D BARBARA L TOM F MICHAEL E RALPH H MICHAEL C IRA B 1ED R NOELL NOGG NORRIS NORTHCUTT NOWLIN OAKES O ' BRIEN OCHSNER O ' CONNOR OLDHAM OPLINGER Pi Beta Phi Pi Lambda Beta Theta Pi Delta Tau UC. Santa Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha UC UC Sigma Chi UC UC UC Phi UC UC. Los Delta. UC Fe, N Me. UC Epsilon. UC Chattanooga Sc.irsdale, N Y Macomb Okla City Omaha, Neb. Angeles, Calif Leiington Cushinq Guthrie Muskogee KENNETH B JEAN RONALD D CHARLOTTE 1 MARY E BERNIE JOANN BILLS. DONALD F JERRY S JERRY T. ORR OTTO PAARA PACE PANNELL PAPIN PARISH PARKER PARKER PARKER PARKER Lambda Chi Delta Delta Alpha Sigma UC UC Pi Lambda Phi Alpha Phi Sigma Chi UC UC Delta Tau Di Ita Alpha Law Delta. UC Phi. UC Lubbock. Tei. Norman UC UC uc Drumright Davis UC Kingfisher Edmond Cushing Kansas City, Mo Norman Tulsa Okla. City SHIRLEY A ROBERT A MARY H EMYLU BETTY L. JACK L. DON R WILLIAM G P LYN CARL M JOHN C. PASTERNAK PATCHETT PATRICK PATTEE PATTERSON PAUP PEARSON PEARSON PEBBLES PEDERSON PEDRICK UC Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Beta Phi Pi Beta Phi UC UC UC Phi Kappa Psi Pi Beta Phi UC Alph. Tau Dallas, Tei. UC UC UC Norman Enid Ardmore UC UC Okla City Cinega. UC Tulsa Houston Tulsa Okla. City Ardmore Okla. City A a n p Mr rrp ' V iiii % ? gm BBSS £® ISM BETTY R. PEEK UC De Queen, Ark CAROLYN G PEEK Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Okla City MURRAL W PELL UC Tulsa BETH PELLOW Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Enid THEODORA PENDLETON UC Wdtonqa HECTOR PENSD UC, Caracas, Venezuela CARLOS 1. PEREZ UC, Caracas. Venezuela JOYCE PRITCHARD Chi Omega UC U ia. City ALFRED W PUGH Beta Theta Pi UC Okla. City ROBERT G PUGH UC Yukon MALCOLM D PUTTY. JR. Kappa Alpha UC. Wichita 1 Tax. MONA J. PYBAS UC Pauls Valley JANE QUAID Alpha Phi UC Norman PENN V. RABB UC Marlow PATRICIA A, RATCLIFF Gamma Phi Beta. UC Norman AL A. RAND Sigma Alpha Mu. UC Passaic, N.J. JERRY D. RANDOLPH UC Okla. City ROBERT M. RANDOLPH Delta Tau Delta UC Tulsa NANCY L. RARDIN Chi Omega UC Okla. City JACK D RAWDON Delta Upsilon UC Midland. Tex. HELEN M. RAYBURN Chi Omega UC Little Rock. Ark. PATSY A RAYMER Pi Betd Phi UC Shawnee FREDA E RECORD UC Phillips. Tei. GENA J REDMAN UC Okla. City ALICE M. PERSHALL Alpha Delta Pi UC Snyder EUGENE L. PETERMAN UC Lyndhurst. N.J. ROBERT M. PETERSON Sigma Phi Epsilon. UC Tulsa DONALD R PFEIFER Theta Kdppa Phi. UC Tulsa M ANN PHILLIPS UC Anadarko RUTH PHILLIPS UC Ale. SUZANNE PHILLIPS Pi Beta Phi UC Bartlesville DONALD K. PICKENS UC Okla. City PAT PICKRELL UC Tipton RICHARD S. PIRSON Alpha Tau Omega. UC Tulsa CELIA PITNEY Delta Gamma UC Okla. City KELSEY J POKORNY Alpha Phi UC Okla City MARILYN POLK Kappa Kappa Gamma, UC Coalgate KENT A. POLLEY Sigma Alpha Epsilon. UC Okmulgee JAMES E. PORCH Delta Upsllon UC Okla City THERON C. POTTER UC Okemah WILLIAM L. POWELL Acacia UC Norman S MARSHA POZEZ Siama Delta Tau. UC Tope. a Kan. RONALD R. PRATER Phi Delta Theta. UC Wichita. Kan. JOHN W. PRIBYL Delta Tau Delta. UC Yukon Page 103 SUZANNE H RILEY Pi Beta Phi UC Okla. City JOHN C R08ERTS Kappa Sigma UC Norman MARILYN V, ROGERS UC Tulsa WILL AM RINGER Siqma Chi UC Ardmore GARY D. ROBINSON UC Maysville WILLIAM B ROGERS Sigma Nu Law Roswell, N. Mex BARBARA R WILLIAM F. RINGLE RINGLE Siqma Delta Tau UC UC Phoenii, Ariz. Omaha, Neb. ALLAN W. ROCK Kappa Alpha UC Oglesby, III. JAMES L. ROPER Delta Upsilon UC Norman BASCOM H. ROGERS Sigma Nu UC Okla. City DAVID D ROSE Kappa Sigma UC Okla. City MARILYN F. RISON UC, Gaines- ville, Tex. BILL B ROGERS UC Maysville LOUIS A. ROSE Delta Tau Delta, UC Okla. City JO-ANN ROBERTS UC Wilson DORIS Y ROGERS UC Okla. City J, KEITH ROWLAND UC Odessa, Tex. ill cliecl befort joining all tlieir dates, the: Sig dlphs prepan to " wow " tin girls. FRESHMAN CLASS of 1953 BETTY M. BERT R DONALD C. VIRGINIA JEANNE E. REECE REED. JR REED REED REEDER UC UC uc Chi Omega Alpha Gamma Anadarko Okla. City Mulvane, Kan UC Amarillo, Tex. Delta, UC Okla. City DONALD L PAUL L. SUZANNE J. JO A. JANIS L. RENEAU RENNE REWERTS REYNOLDS RHOADES Delta Chi UC Kappa Kappa UC UC UC Tulsa Gamma. UC Carnegie Dayton, Ohio Mt. View Bartlesville MARILYN S. JAMES K. VIRGINIA D. PATTY S. G. MAX RHODES RICE RICE RICH RICHARDS Alpha Delta Pi Lambda Chi Delta Gamma UC Beta Theta Pi UC, Wicken- Alpha, UC UC Shawnee UC burg. Aril. Chickasha Wichita, Kan. Ada RALPH J W. DON t. J B. PHILLIP T, RICHTERJR. R ' DDLE RIDGEWAY RIDGEWAY RILEY UC UC UC Kappa Sigma Sigma Nu Bartlesville Tulsa Wewoka UC Lawton UC Lindsay MAM k Xtmdr.kjbM 1 " « Jk ix V dk ■ m m 4 p p M £££ PETE W. ROWLAND Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Sherman, Tex. 1 INDA L. ROUSE UC. Arkansas City, Kan. RONALD A. RUCKS Siqma Chi UC Okla. City A CATHERINE RUSSELL D?lta Delta Delta, UC McAlester GEORGE G RUSSELL Sigma Nu uc Miami JOEG. RUSSELL UC Davis BRUCE J RUSTER UC Okla. Cily BILL RUTTERFORD Phi Gamma Delta, UC Anadarko WILLIAM R. RYAN, II UC Thomas NANCY SALLEE Chi Omega UC Okmulgee PAT SAMTER Kappa Alpha UC Tulsa ROBERT F. SANDLIN Phi Gamma Delta. UC Muskoqee FREEMAN W. SCARLETT Siqrna Alpha Epsilon, UC Shaw nee ANNA M SCHAAK UC Comanche ROBERT D. SCHICK Phi Delta Theta. UC Duncan DANIEL N. SCHMOKER UC Okla. City STANLEY R SCHWARTZ Sigma Alpha Mu, UC Okla, Cily BARNEY A. SCOFIELD B ' ta Theta Pi UC. San Anlonio, Tex DONALD SCOTT UC Fresno, Calif. F MORTON SCOTT UC Seminole G. GERALDINE SCOTT UC Apache BOB L. SCRUGGS K ,pp.. Sigma uc Okla. City RICHARD D SEBA Siqma Chi UC Tulsa DEAN E SEEBER Phi Delta Theta, UC, El Dorado, Kan. Page 104 ERNEST E DICK A BILL E WILLIAM R C EILEEN JAMES E EDWARD J SUSAN TOM B C RICHARD SHIRLEY A. SELLARS SE ' .LARS SEXTON SHADID SHADRICK SHARBER SHELDON JR SHIELDS SHOEBOTHAM SIVALLS SILVER UC UC UC UC UC UC Delta Tau Kappa Alpha UC Siqma Chi Alpha Delta Pi Orumright Okla City Anadarko Dallas, Te Snyder Delta. UC Ponca City UC Okla. Cily Okla Cily uc Okla. City UC Tulsa MARY L DON 8 DOROTHY D ROSEMARY SHIRLEY JAMES B CHARLES R DON ETHEL D. GAYLEN E. HARRY L. SIMMONS SINGER SKINNER SKINNER SLATEN SMILEY SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH UC Pi Lambda Phi Alpha Gamma Gamma Phi Chi Omega Kappa Sigma UC Sigma Phi UC UC Ldmbdd Chi Pratt, Kan. UC Delta. UC Beta. UC UC UC McAloster Epsilon. UC Norman Liberal, Kan Alpha, UC Chickash.i Okla. City Okla. City Okla. City Chick, i sh . , Okla. City Okla. City JAMES I. JOSEPH C. RUTH M. THOMAS J JACK R. ROBERT E. REGINA A DICK N. FRANCISCO BILL C. PHILLIP G. SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMOCK SNEED SODERSTROM SORENSON SOTO- SPANN SPRANKLE UC UC. Port Kappa Kappa Phi Kappa Theta Xi UC D.-lta Delta D.-lt.i Tau GONZALES Phi Kappa Alpha Siqrra Okla C.ty .. ih ' gton. NY. Gamma, UC Sigma, UC UC Maysville Dolta, UC Delta, UC UC. Puerto Rico Pli, UC Phi. UC Okla City Guymon Tulsa Pawhuska Okld. City Add Okla. Cily L £ £ r, «£©r. a it MARGARET S SPELMAN Alpha Phi UC Smith- Wile. Mo. JACK STEVENS Sigma Nu UC Tulsa SHIRLEY K. STONE Chi Omega UC Frederick MARILYN J. SWIFT Delta Gamma uc Marietta, Ga. SUE SPARKS Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Woodward L. R. SPEARS UC Cement EDWINAL. CHARLOTTE A. STANDINGBULL STANDLEY UC Delta Delta Clinton Doltd, UC Okemah PHIL STEVENS Kappa Sigma UC Shawnee SANDRA STEVENS Alpha Phi UC Okla. City HARRY M. STONER Alpha Tau Omega, UC Altus RICHARD A STORTS Phi Gamma Delta, UC Muskogee BOBBY J SYKES Alpha Tau Omega, UC Ft Smith. Ark. DYAN SYMONDS Delta Delta Delta, UC Okla, City BRADY W. STEWART UC Mdyporf, Pa. SHIRLEY STOVALL Delta Delta Delta. UC Lawton MARSHALL E. TABOLSKY Pi Lambda Phi UC Kansas City. Mo. LOWELL W, STEWART Delta Upsilon UC Okla. City ANNETTE STRANAHAN Gdmmd Phi Beta. UC Wichita. Kdn. J. FLOYD TALLEY UC Shawnee VIRGINIA A. STANLEY Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Norman MARY J. STEWART UC Woodward JIMMY R STRANGE UC McAlester ROBERT E TALLEY Theta Xi UC Mangum FRANKIE M. STEDMAN UC Davis MARTA STEPHEN UC Ldwton MARY F. STEPHENS UC Elmore City W T STEPHENS Sigmd Chi UC Tulsa NEILR. SHIRLEY A. STEWART STIDHAM Alphd Sigma Delta Delta Phi, UC Delta, UC Okla. Cily Bartlesville SANDRA W. STIPPICH Alpha Phi UC Kansas City. Mo. JESSE D. STOKES UC Tulsa CAROLINE A. STERNICKI Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Cleveland, Ohio SUE STOKES Pi Beta Phi UC Tulsa ROBERT L. STRAW UC Wapanucka DAVID D. TARPENNING Siqma Chi UC Enid ROSIE A. STRETESKY UC Tipton 80B J. TAYLOR UC Clinton TOMMY D STROUD UC Anadarko RONALD D TAYLOR UC Okla. City FLORENCE A. GEORGE R. SUMRALL SUTTON UC UC Holdenville Meeker EARLINE THOMAS Alpha Phi UC Sand Springs PATRICIA J. SPEER UC Okla. City Page 105 RALPH G THOMPSON Beta Theta Pi UC Okla. City CHARLES B. THOMSEN Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Spr gf ' ld, Mo. GARY W. TIBBITS Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UC Duncan ROBBIE C. TINNEY Pi Beta Phi UC Altus ANN P TIPTON UC Okla. City CAROLYN J. TODD UC Freeport, III. LUCY J. TOLBERT Alpha Phi UC Ponca City ROY H TORREY. JR. UC Ponca City JORGE TORRICO UC La Pai. Bolivia BRUCE E. TOWNSEND Kappa Sigma UC Sapulpa DON G TRENT UC Chandler ANN TRIMBLE Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Tulsa PRESTON A TRIMBLE UC Afton LEE R TROIANI uc McAlester JENA V TUCK Alpha Gamma Delta, UC Ardmore LEE TUCK UC Okla. City PAUL A. TUCKER Phi Kappa Sigma. UC Duncan MICHAEL S TURNER UC Tulsa Just it saniph of Hi, inn I, Hi, girls in thi Quad put forth I,, limit their Homecoming decorations u hit with all. 4 4 K?P $ Cs £ FRESHMAN CLASS £ 4 A of 1958 4 6 Mm Urn Hall shows Mary Vayton and Jeannt Thornton what In i blind ' lull loots like— (then ' s always mu good lis, ,,, yom So ineb). JfcMJzh ' ; h : . l P " i l JAMES C. TURPIN UC Holdenville RAYMOND N VANNOY Acacia UC Tulsa J LYNN VOWELL Al pha Sigma Phi. UC. Wich- ita Falls. Tei JERRY E. UPP Sigma Phi Epsilon, UC Tulsa J F. VANRYDER UC Okla. City JACK M. WAGNER Phi Kappa Psi UC Enid JOHN R. VAN BUSKIRK Betd Theta Pi UC Midland, Tex. JON VAN WORMER Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Wichita, Kan. BARBARA A V ALKER UC Wewoka SANFORD O VANCE UC Okla. City JACK N VARNER uc Frederick JENONNE R WALKER Pi Beta Phi UC Purcell DAVIS R. VANDIVIER Phi Delta Thetd UC Chickasha GAYLA J VELVIN Pi Beta Phi UC Erich TOMMY L. WALKER Deltd Upsilon uc Okld. City CHARLES T. VAN METER UC Henryettd CHARLES D VITTITOW UC Pine Bluff. Ark. MARGARET A. WALLACE Alphd Phi UC Okla. City Page 106 RICHARD A WALLACH Sigm.i Alphd Mu UC. Foreit Hilli. N Y BASCOM WALLIS UC Broken Bow JOHN E WALLIS Siqmd Alphd Epiilon. UC Tulla RICHARD M WALTER Th.t.i Xi UC Okld City BILL C WANTLAND Kdppd Siqmd UC Seminole CHARLES T WARD Siqmd Nu UC Okld City JAMES WARD Kdppd Alphd UC, Wichita Falli, T.i JOHN C WARD JR Phi Kdppd Siqmd, UC Jdckiboro, Te STANLEY L WARMBRODT K.ipp.i Delta Rho, UC Borqer, Tei MARGARET WARNICK Pi B-t.. Ph UC Okie City BILLY B WARREN Delta Upiilon UC Norman PHIL WARREN Pi Kappa Alpha UC Okla City IEE A WATTS UC Clinton CARROLL G. PAULA LOUISE J ROY T BILL J JACK P JERRY N ROBERTS SARA L WEBB WEBER WEISSER WELLBORN WELCH WELCH WELCH WELLS WELLS Siqma Phi Deltd Tdu Deltd UC UC Siqmd Chi UC Kappa Siqmd UC Alphd Delta Epiilon. UC UC. Siou Okla City Okld City UC Okla, City UC Jet Pi.UC Weatherlord Falli S Dak Tulla Antlen Enid RALPH E WERTZ Kappa Siqma UC Amarillo. Tei. RICHARD C WEST UC Poncd City VIRGINIA N WESTBROOK UC Mc Aleiler MARILYN E WHITE Alphd Deltd Pi UC Okla, City NANCY WHITE UC Beqqi BARBARA WHITEFORD UC Okla, City ORION W WHITNEY UC Tulsa DONALD O WHITTEN UC. Red Sprinqi. Te ' . GEORGE W WILKERSON UC Stroud P GRACE WILKIE UC Purcell GORDON G WILLARD Siqma Alpha Epiilon. UC Norman ALLEN M. WILLIAMS Alpha Tdu Omeqa. UC SdllildW BENJAMIN E WILLIAMS UC El Reno ERNEST H. WILLIAMS Beta Theta Pi UC Ardmore SHIRLEY WILLIAMS Alpha Chi Omeqa, UC El Reno SHIRLEY R. WILLIAMS UC Okla. City C. L. WILMOTT Alphd Tdu Omeqa, UC Okld. City B4RBARA J WILSON UC Hinton CECIL R WILSON UC Ponca City CLAUDIA WILSON UC Wilion FAITH WILSON Chi Omeqa UC Okla City GLADYS K WILSON UC Wardville JERRY C WILSON Kappa Siqma UC Okla City MARGARET E WILSON UC Norman FRANKLIN J. WIRGES UC Bartleiville MARIAN R WITHAM Pi Betd Phi UC Ponca City SHIRLEY J. WOLFEN BERGER UC Anadarko LORETTA S WOLFF Siqma Delta Tau, UC Houiton, Tex. FRANK E. WOOD Pi Kappd Alpha UC Tulsa LAVETA M. WOOD UC Norman MAC H. WOOD JR Pj Kappa Alpha. UC Hominy SANDRA J WOODRUFF UC Norman CHARLES J WOODS UC Dallai. Tei. LEWIS R WOOLERY Alpha Tau Omeqa. UC Okla City PAT WORRELL Delta Gamma UC Duncan JOLINE WOOTEN Alpha Delta PI UC Okla. City SHIRLEY K WRIGHT UC Tulla CHARLES E WYSONG Pi Kappa Alpha, UC Okld. City ELEANOR 1 YAFFE Siqma Delta Tau, UC Muikoqee VICKI J YARBERRY Alphd Chi Omeqd, UC Mdnqum RICHARD J YEAGER Alpha Siqma Phi. UC Okld City JIM D YORK UC Okla. City STANA H YOUNG Pi Beta Phi UC Tulla W LEE YOUNG Siqma Alpha Epiilon. Enq. Tulla Page 107 Page 108 1 ( f Law professors Hk i ' discuss llu day ' s activities over a cup Of COfft i . tin ' I . . . Faculty and Special Lecturers The president, the dean, and the professors of law constitute the faculty of the College of Law. A program of lectures is presented each year in co-operation with ;i committee of the Oklahoma Bar Association. A prominent mem- ber of tlic Bench or Bar lectures each week in order to supplement the regular course of instruction. Special series of lectures on sub- jects especially important to Oklahoma practice are presented by attorneys who specialize in the particular field. The trial ami appel- late judges of the state visit the school to hear moot court arguments ami to preside at practice court trials. Each year the college, in co- operation with the State Bar Association, sponsors a legal institute known as " Law Day. " Attorneys throughout the state attend Law Day to hear the prominent speakers brought here for the c asion and to join in discussion of matters of interest to the Bar. LAWYERS of 1953 First panel, first row: William J. Alley, 4 K2, Jr., Tulsa; G. William Armor, Ban, Fr., Blackwell; Kent R. Blaine, K2, Sr., Enid; George T. Blankenship, 2N, Jr. Olcla. City; Bruce M. Birrell, Acacia, Fr., Okla. City; Gordon F. Brown, Kl, Fr. Oltla. City; Robert M. Butler, K ( Fr., Bartlesville; Irvin C. Corder, Sr., Elwood, Neb.; John P. Crawford, AT, Fr., Muskogee; William D. Curlee, S E, Jr.. Olcla. City; Second row: Charles E. Daniel, Sr., Drumrlght; John W. Dierlter, 8K ! , Sr., Okla. City; R. William Dozier, Jr., OTA, Sr., Okla. City; W. Samuel Dykeman, Sr., Okla. City; Jamie L. Edwards, KAB, Fr., Okla. City; Maurice F. Ellison, Jr., IIKA, Fr., Tulsa; Marvin C. Emerson, Sr., Coalgate; John L Finegan, AT12, Sr., Pawhuska; Denny D. Garrison, HHTI, Sr., Norman; Sam L. Grimes, 2 3ME, Fr., McAlester; Third row: Robert G. Grove, Fr., Holdenville; James G. Hamill, Fr., Okla. City; William E. Hammett, Sr., Claremore; Charles R. Hoover, KA, Fr., Tulsa; Charles G. Huddle- ston, Sr., Ames; H. M. Jarrett, — AK Fr., Chandler; Jean R. Johnson, Sr., Norman; Markham P. Johnson, Jr., Jr., Catoosa; Dwaln E. Kays, K , Jr., Wichita, Kans.; Donald E. Lambdin, Jr., Wellington, Kans. Alley Armor Blaine Blankenship Birrell Brown Butler Corder Crawford Curlee Daniel Dierker Dozier Dykeman Edwards Ellison Emerson Finegan Garrison Grimes Grove Hamill Hammett Hoover Huddleston Jarrett Johnson, J. R. Johnson, M. P. Kays Lambdin CS .O f it i Ju 0M Page 110 Oklahoma Law Review The Oklahoma Law Review, a quarterly periodical, is published u i nli ' i - tin- auspices of the t ' ollege of Law in order to give expression to legal scholarship and to serve the profession and the public by timely discussion of legal problems. A faculty adviser, who super is. ' s the Review, is assisted by student editors chosen from the sec ond and third year classes on the liasiv of scholarhip ami of aptitude for editorial work. Student editors receive valuable training in the use of source materials, in the marshaling and analyzing of authori- ties, in critical and independent thoughl concerning legal problems, ami in accurate and concise expression. Bach issue is divided into three main sections: leading articles mi importanl and interesting legal subjects, notes and comments on current and significant topics, and book reviews of interest to law vers. l.tnr si tiili nl. also hi. in discuss ii " day ' s activities i n cup of ■ " !} ' i . First panel, first ro : Don R. Lane, Jr., Pampa, Tex.; Louis Levy, ll. ' l» Fr., nca City; Paul B. L ' ndsey, K i Fr.. Okla. City: Richard W. Lock, AXA, Fr., Okla. Clarence L. Maher, — N, Fr., Ada; Jacob F. May. Jr.. Sr., Bartlesville; Max E. McDaniel. K+ Sr., Norman; William G. Odell, 2AE, Jr., Sapulpa; Joe S. Owens, AXA Fr., Crane, Mo.; Charles E. Payne, AXA, Fr.. Okla. City; Second row: George L. Peters, Sr., Shawnee: W. DeVier Pierson, ' H ' A Fr.. Okla. City; Carroll F. Pope, -AK Sr.. Stillwater- Walter M. Powell, N Sr., Okla. City; James W. Raburn, Sr., Normar William J. Robinson, ' I ' l ' A, Fr., Okla. City; J. Hugh Roff, Jr.. B6H, Fr. Wewoka: William J. Ross, B8I1 Jr., Okla. City; Charles W. Royer, ZN, Fr., Okla. City; Archie J. Rubbo. Sr., Norman; Third row: Byron H. Schaff, HUM, Fr., Shreve- port, La. Ace H. Slemp, Sr., Tulsa; Murray B. Stewart, ' I ' A ' -i Fr., Muskogee; Sam E. Taylor, Jr., Tulsa: Harley E. Venters, Sr., Norman; William J. Whistler, " MCE, Fr. Norman; Harold K. Wilson, AT, Fr., Ranshaw, Pa.; Joe G. Wolfe, ATA, Jr., Okla. City; Thomas L. Wolfe, 2+E Sr., Okla. City John F. Yarbrough, Sr. Pawhuska. LAWYERS of 1953 Lindsey Pope Stewart Lock Powell Taylor Mahei Rabur Venter May Robinson Whistler McDaniel Roff Wilson Odell Rubbo Yarbrough ( " ; ' ( » p ,D 9 1 a ,C3- M m l k Page I I I SENIOR LAW CLASS JUNIOR LAW CLASS Page I 12 Mir (ion I Is Reached FFICERS The organization of the Scl I of Law was provided for bj a reso lution of the Board ol Regents on April • " •. 1909. A committee of the Board of Regents was appointed " to gel a dean and faculty to organ ize the Scl I. " Aided bj representatives from the State Bar, the committee selected Professor Julien C. Mi e1 of the George Wash ington University Lav School as dean. The first facultj sisted of 1 Monnel and Dr John B. Cheadle. Through the years the Uni- versity of Oklal is Lav School has taken it-- place .- 1 1 1 1 n i l the top- ranking law schools, with ;i faculty thai stands sec I to nunc, headed President . . . James Peabod by Dean Earl Sn I. Jr. _ Vl ,,. |)res iden1 . . Morris Grai The Law School has ;i record of high achievement. This is due to the close cooperation between administration, faculty, and studenl oecretarj body. An honor system was established in L946. This system builds a Treasurer Archie Ri bbo sense of mutual confidence between faculty and students. In 1HI7 the Oklahoma Law Review was established providing opportunity for the students to perform extended research and writing on legal problems. The ultimate goal of the Lav School has been, and will remain, that of equipping the lawyer with the tools of his profession in order that he may better protect the rights of the individual. ght: Arthur II. Huggins, Dr. Elbridge D. Phelps, Dr. OHn L. Browder, Dean Ear) S I, Jr., Jim Peabody, Dr. II Merrill, Prof. William R. Bandy, Prof. George B. Fraser, Prof. Ear] T. Warren, Prof. Eugene Kuntz. S rid William Hammett, Charles Huddleston, Jack Freeman, Bob Rennie, R. W. Dozier, Jr., Marvin C. Emerson, Walter Powell, J. W. Neal. Third row: Jimmy R. Sales, Toi j Smith, William Laden, Morris Gray, Carroll F. Pope, Ben Lampkins, Jim Laughlin, Denny Garrison, Archie Rubbo. Fourth row: Bob Scott, Mas McDaniel, Mike Tapp, James Schooler, Gene Sharp, G ge !.. Peters, Barley Venters, John Pinnegan, Ji s Fisk. Fifth row: John Seoul, Bill Reardou, Charles E. Norman; Robert Pasque, Ji is Daud herty, Ace Slcmp Sixth row: Ronald Wesner, Sam Dykeman, John Dierker, John Yarbrough, C. II. Mullendore. Seventh row: Charlie Wynne, Les Younger, Warren Crane, Don Welsh, Charlie Daniel. Eighth row: Burford Monnet, Johnnj Cooper, James Rayburn, Joe Boatman, R. T. McLain. Ninth row: Jim Work, Jack May, Harry McMillan, trvin Corder, William Metcalf, Ralph Moore, Robert I per. Holds Many Offices In Law School A major pari of the success of the Law School can be attributed to the adaptation of the Harvard case system of teaching. This method of instruction is based upon the development of legal principles through the studj and discussion of leading cases, supplemented by Bideration of statutory and other materials, by exercise in legal draftsmanship and l v a practice court to give training in courtroom nppirrD o technique. UHJflLllKb Another factor contributing to the continued success of the School is the Law Library. This library, under the supervision of Librarian Presidenl . . John Lee Smith A. II. Huggins, in istantly growing and contains thousands of vol- ]r|1 n residen1 li n h umcs. These books have been carefully selected ami for the greater part are all essential books to the students using the library for study Secreta ry . . . Peggi Heflin and research. Treasurer . A. Wayne Breeland This year ' s Junior class has been a memorable one. I hider the steadj leadership of president, John Smith, the Junior class has distin- guished itself in all fields of endeavor. Together, class members hold some nine offices in the College of Law. l ' .iit more than honor- or awards the Junior class will be long remembered because of the genu me friendliness ami spirit of camaraderie exhibited by its members. First row, left ■• right: William ;. Odcll, G. ' I ' . Blankenship, l;. K. Arnold, Jr., A. Wayne Breeland, John M. Mee, Peggy Heflin, John I.. Smith, Paul II. Mindemann. Sei -ontl row: Gene M. Gardner, Ranel W. Hanson, Bill J. Uley, Don R. Lane, Denne E M Cormick, i; " Hutchins, Charles V. Crenshaw, Jr., William II. Haworth, Jr., Cecil P. W I, Jr. Tlm.i row: Thornton w W. II. McConnell , I.. A. White, Sam E, Taylor, Victoi Giventer, Robert Colombe, Joel Siler, Stuart Strasner, Markham Johnson, " row: Dennis J. Downing, C. R. Everest, William . Gallagher, Ralph B. Hodges, P. M. Williams, R. T. McLain, Parker M 1 D. Blanks, Ji is I ' . Lane, John W. Donley, William D. Curlee. S i A ow: William J Ross, William L Peterson, Jr., Bill D. Borders, Fred R Harris, Dwain E. Kays. S throw; Russell Swart: ' Vblard.. Page I 13 FRESHMAN LAW CLASS PHI ALPHA DELTA Page I 14 Hopes For Continued Success The Law School baa a record of high achievement. It maintains standards higher than those sel as a minimum bj the Association of American Law Schools of li n-li il is a member. Ii is Gn the lisl of law schools approved bj the American Bar Association. In addition to the courses in pleading and practice, and the practical suggestions given throughout the courses by the regular instructors and the special lee turers, a practice court is maintained in order to afford the student an opportunity of acquainting himself with the regular sequence of steps Or r I (, K K S in litigation and of learning by actual experience whal actions or pro- ceedings should be brought, how to bring them, and In to handle a Presidei t fii ■ n Barton case until its close. To this year ' s freshman class, it soon became apparenl thai Black- Vice-president . . Bill Roger stone, Cardoza, ll " lt and Holmes meanl more than mere passive names Secretarv . . Jamie Edwards in be looked up in a biographical dictionary. By the end, it was reco ,., _ _ ,,,,, ' .1 , ,• ,i , ' i " i i .- treasurer .... Imi Brett iii ril that law was tnr study the accepted and unaccepted practices thai mold everyday lives instead of thai monstrous word of confusion. All Freshmen made new friends, unforgettable acquaintances, and joyous memories. Heads are turned forward to the day when all will stand before the eminenl body and be affirmed defenders of justice. To the Deans and professors, the class extends gratitude and appre- ciation; tu fellow classmates goes mutual respect and hope For con- tinued success First row, left to right: C. W. Royer, J. M. Robertson, T. .1. Kenan, Sam Grimes, Byron Schaff, DeVier Pierson, W. E. Menu. ( ' . Har- rington, Bill Robinson, Hill Beavers. Second row: Bill Whistler, Tom Brett, Gerald Barton, Bob Ghee, Duke Logan, E. C. Nelson, Richard Lock, Bob Butler. Third row: Roger Brooner, Kent Blaine, Charles Johnson, Paul Lindsay, Gordon Brown, J. I.. Leeds, E. It. Lee, C. E. Payne, li. I.. Kelly, Ken Orr. Fourth row: David Fist, Jim Gassaway, Bruce Birrell, Maurice Ellison, Jo Clough Barton, Hugh Roff, Quay Williams, Norman Smith. Fifth row: Bill Courtley, J. G. Hamill, Murray It. Stewart, Bill Armor, John Pierson, togers. - H row: Hurl Harris, II. M. Jarrett, Paul Nieto, W. E. Wnndke, B. J. Baker, W. D. Calloway, Jr., 11. K. Wilson, Ted Dye. Seventh rov . G. O. Patterson, C II. Spearman, Robert Grove, Harold Charney, Louis Levy, Ralph Brady. John Marshall Harlan Chapter OFFICERS I ' lii Alpha Delta law fraternity had it-- inception at tin- University of Illinois in 1898, when a group of students banded together to pro- led certain rights which they felt were being denied them. Prom this local, but purposeful, beginning grew o E the largest legal frater- 1 1 it ii- in tlic world, comprising over 7ii chapters and representing practically every " class A " law school in the United States. Its pri- -Justice . . . Jacob F. May, Jr. mary purposes are to promote and foster a close bond of friendship .... between its members, and to inculcate them with those principles which vice-justice . . james . work tend tn form a higher type of manhood. One of Phi Alpha Delta ' s Clerk C. 1 . Blanks strongest chapters is John Marshal] Harlan, inaugurated at the Uni- Treasurer Robert Pasque versify of Oklahoma on .May 20, 1916, and which presently consists of over Tn members, each possessing in a high degree the requisites for .Marshal . ( . 11. Mullendore membership : scholarship, personality, and the qualities of leadership. Sponsor . . Dr. Olin Browder Faculty members are Dr. Olin Browder and Mr. Eugene Kuntz. The Districl Justice is Judge Alfred P. Murrah, Judge of the United states Courl of Appeals, lot h Circuit. ». ' : Mas E. McDaniel, Gene A. Roe, Archie J. Rubbo, Charles Huddlesl T Wolfe, Robert P. Pasque, Jack I " . May, Hi. O. L. Browder, James W. Work, C. II. Mull, ndore, C. D. Blanks. Second rov . Harry M. McMillan, William 11. Laydi n, M. Tapp, Deane E. McCormick, Jack L. Freeman, Marvin C. Emerson, Denny Garrison, I. ' . W. Dozier, Jr., Wnlter Powell. Third .liiiiiu i;. Sales, Gene II. Sharp, James K. Scl ler, William E. Reardon, Charles E. Norman, Carroll F. Pope, Robert T. Rennie, John W. Dierker, J. W. Neal. Foui tl i . John I ley, William A. Gallagher, Thomas ;. Smith, Don R. Li William J. Donai I C. Welch, Ace Slemp, George I.. Peters. Fifth row: G. T. Blankenship, i ' . R, Everest, Bill J. Alley, John M. Mee, Harley E. Venters, James II- Laughlin. 8ixth row: William G. Odell, W. II. McConnell, 1 . K. Arnold, Jr., Robert B. Looper, trvin C. Corder. Seventh row: William L. Peterson, Jr., Sam E. Taj lor. Eighth roti . Dennis Downing, Ramel Hans R. T. McLain, John L. Smith. Xinth row: Fred R. Harris, Ralph B. Hodges, Russell Swarts, Charles Ablard. Tenth row: Gene Gardner, Rose Hutchins, Stuart Strasner. Eleventh row: Sum Dykeman, Ronald L. Wesner, James A. Peabody. Page 115 First row, left to right: Fred Harris, Mrs. Robert Col be, Dean Earl Sneed, Jr., Harley Venters, James Peabody. Second row: John i.. Smith, Walter Powell, Jacob F. May, R. J. Seott, Gerald Barton, Carroll F. Pope. Tin " Singing M. C. ' s " ' . ' . Blanks and Hun Lant — intrt duct each number on ih program with n short song. Prof. 1: inn if Kuntt entertains with his zither, assisted by " straight mini ' ' . Prof. Georgt Fraser. STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION The Board of Governors of the Student Bar Association is composed of officers or former officers of each class, law fraternity, the Law Review, and the Law Wives club, and the Dean of the College of Law who represents the faculty. Officers for the first semester were: Harley Venters, president; -lames Peabody, vice-president; Fred Harris. secretary; and Gerald Barton, treasurer. Officers for the si id semester were: Fred Harris, pies ident ; James Peabody, vice-president; Jacob F. .May. sec- retary; and Gerald Barton, treasurer. si a a ri si i Usui r. John I in n 1 1 ii, a n,l .In i in imh ih nimisi ruii I In ir inti rpri tation of a day in tht School £ji a skit at Hn I. mi ' banqm I. . v. m t • f Tff o- Crippled Children ' s Hospital Nurses ' Residence ' W I niversity Hospital School of Medicine jflfll ||||!!!1IIINI if- if ii!i «» 4tt41 =» . •s. Dr. Mark R. Everett, Dean of the University School of Medi- cine, Superintendent of the Uni- versity Hospitals, and Professor ami Chairman of the Depart- ment of Biochemistry. DEAN of the UNIVERSITY ' S SCHOOL of MEDICINE Dr. Everett, who has expertl} guided the in- stitution through its presenl period of great expan- sion, received his B. S. from Bucknell University in 1920 and a Ph.D. in medical science from Harvard Medical Scl I in 1924. In 1946, Dr. Everetl was elected a member of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in recognition of ln work m medical education and re eeived an h irary Sc.D. from Bucknell University in l!il s for similar achievements. Dr. Everett, who in 1111 s was named one of the 30 outstanding " native suns " of the state of Pennsylvania by thai state, is a member of Sigma Xi. the Oklahoma Academy of Medicine, and numerous scientific and medical sociel ies. Page 120 A. . Tw LOR, Ph.D. Associate Dean of Students s. x. Stone, m.i i. 3801 inte I ' ' . ' in of linic -a I I ri-t i 1 1 - T i • 1 1 Dr. Taylor, a graduate of Texas Tech college, re- ceived hi .M.A. and Ph.D. degrees From Texas Uni- versity. He served as chairman of the physiology department before assuming the duties of Dean of Students in 1952. si tu-f becoming dean his relations with t!i ' students have been characterized by fairness and co-operation. Dr. Stone received his M.I), from the University of Pennsylvania, and an M.S. from the Minnesota Graduate School f .Medicine I ' pun discharge from the .Medical Corps. U. S. Navy, in 1946, he came to 0. U. Before assuming the duties of associate dean he more than amply proved his capabilities in the positions of clinical assistant in Surgery and In- structor in Surgery. His presence is a greal eredil to the school and his influence will be long fell in the clinical classes. DEANS and DIRECTORS Dr. llellliaum. who received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin and his M. I . from Chicago University, is a national authorit} on endocrinology. In addition to his duties as Director of Graduate Studies and chairman of the Department of Phar macology he is an ardent research worker anil prolific writer for scientific periodicals. Arthur A. i. Ph.D., M.l . liate Dean of ' rraduate Studies and Research After graduating from the .Minnesota Schoool of Medicine, Dr. Lowe hail wide experience in private practice and teaching before coming to this institu- tion in l!»4ii. In 1949, he became Medical Director of the University Hospitals, and has fulfilled this position with much ability and understanding. Robert i ' . Lm e, m . I . Medical Director of the University Hospitals - g 3 I ' THE FACULTY Below and on the following page are pictured the men who have I n selected as chairmen of their respective de- partments. The faculty board, lias the duty of directing and co-ordinating the work of the medical student in his pre-clinical and clinical years. )n the next three pages arc pictured must of the pre clinical and clinical faculty members of the School of Medicine. »n the fourth page are listed the names of ihose doctors who were not present at the time that the pictures were taken. All of these doctors give freely of their time in instructing the medical student on the wards and in the clinics, and give guidance and advice learned through many years of experience. No expression of gratitude or monetary return could fully repay these doctors more for their con- tinued interest and work with the medical student than the satisfaction in seeing the fruits of their labors making better doctors for our state and nation. These men make possible the high standards of medical education adhered to at the School of Medicine. Surgeons and Friends? Don II. O ' DO 0GH1 i . M.H. Chairman of Hi ' - Facultj Board, i Irthopedics lln u ki. A. Bennett, M.l . A nesthesiology ( ' . I ' . BONDURANT, M.D. Dermatology and Syphilology i u i II. Campbell, M.D. Psychiatry and Neurology M fik If. K BRETT, I ' 1 I ' Biochemist rj i II. II ml. M.D. Pedial rics Basil a. II u es, M.D. Urology Aim nil; . Ill ' i.i.n.u M. I ' ll. P.. M.D. I ' harmacology How VRD C. HOPPS, Ml ' . Patholog] Plorbne Kelly, Ph.D. Bacteriology and Immunology Joseph W. Kelso, M.D. i rynecolog} Ernest Lai ii i n, M.l i. Anatomy 1 r !■ ' . M. l.iN ' ii mm in:. M.D. Surgery Kibe T. Moslet, I ' h. It. Preventive Medicine and Public Health auks li. Reed, M.D i Ophthalmology Peteh E. Ri sso, .M.n. Radiolog] The Microbt ' B.unters and Frit ml. ' .1. B. Eskbidoi . Jr., M.D. Obstetrics .. Wat . M.D. 1 Itorhinolaryng Page 123 vet G. Woi i . M.D. Medicine O ft D O O Cl p D jj Q ft jrv d C •-- ft ft ft I AiHflB ' - it, ICj „ - C- Cj CT ' ««i i o r n ft P P c ft r c ; o ft i First row: Dk. A. Brooks Abshier, Asst. Prof, of Derma- tology and Syphilology; Dr. Donald ] . Albebs, Inst rue-tor in Urology; Die. John M. Alford, Assoc. Prof. Emeritus of Medicine; Db. RnTB V. A nnadown, Clinical Asst. in Medi cine; l u. Meredith M. Appleton, Asst. Prof, of Urology; Kit. W. c. Autbey, Instructor in Medicine. Second row: Db. Nasby F. V. Barkett, Asst. Prof, of Sur- gery; Dr. George X. Barry, Assoc. Prof, of Medicine; Dk. Austin II. Bell, Ass,.,-. Prof, of Surgery; Db, Robert M. Bird, Assoc. Prof, of Medicine; Db. Johnny a. Bli i ■, [nstruc tor in Medicine; Db. Clifford J. Blair, Asst. in Opbthal I ogy. Third row: 1 h. Charles D. B me, Instructor in Obstetrics; Db. Vance A. Bradford, [nstructor a Surgery; Dr. Doi ild W. Branham, Assoc. Prof, of Urology; Db. .1. Samuel Brink- ley, [nstructor in Medicine; hit. Bbuce H. Brown, Instructoi in X-ray; Db. C. Alton Brown, [nstructor in Medicine. Fourth row: I k. P. Nello Brown, Clinical Asst. in Medicine; Hit. Alice M. Brues, Asst. Prof, of Anatomy; Db. Harold V. Buchner, instructor in Pediatrics; Dr. Richard M. Burke, Asst. Prof, of Medicine; Dr. John F. Burton, Prof, of Sur- gery; Dr. Turner Bynum, Asst. Prof, of Medicine. Fifth row: Dr. Wallace Byrd, Preceptor, Coalgate; I)k. J. .Moore Campbell, Asst. Prof, of Surgery; Dr. John M. Cairns, Asst. Prof, of Histology and Embryology; Dk. James .1. c.wixess. Clinical Prof, of Ophthalmology; I k. Louis H. I ' m vrney, Assoc. Prof, of Medicine; Dk. Dale A. Clabk, Asst. Prof, of Biochemistry. Sixth run-: Dk. Richabd A. Clay, [nstructor in Ophthalmol- ogy; Db. Cyril E. Clvmer, Prof. Emeritus of Surgery; Dr. Elias Cohen, Instructor in Pathology; Dr. John P. Colmore, Asst. Prof, of Medicine; Dr. James R. Colvert, Instructor in Medicine; Dr. M. A. Connell, Preceptor, Picher. Seventh row: Dr. Loyal L. Conrad, Instructoi- in Medicine; Db. P. Maxey C " BR, Clinical Prof, of Ophthalmology; Dr. Tullos O. Coston, Assoc. Prof, of Ophthalmology; Db. Daisy c. Cotten, [nstructor in Obstetrics; Db. John J. Coyle, In stiuctor in Gynecology; Db. William s. Cboom, Clinical Asst. in Medicine. Eighth row: I u. Karl R. CUNNINGHAM, Instructor in Dental Surgery; Db. Vernon D. Cushing, Asst. Prof, of Medicine; Dr. Habby A. Daniels, Assoc. Prof, of Medicine; Dk. JOH3 R. Danstbom, Instructoi- in Radiology; Dr. Garman 11. Dabon, Assoc. Prof, of Anatomy; Db. Clabenci B Dawson, I n-t ructor in Urology. Vinth row: Dr. Walter II. Dersch, Instructor in Medicine; Dr. James P. Di ■« ml Assoc. Prof, of Surgery; Dk. Hakkell C. DODSON, JR., Assoc. I ' rut ' , of Kurgorv; |)|j. SlMON DoI.IN. --t. Prof, of Radiology; Db. Albert It. Drescher, Asst. Prof, of Dental Surgery; Dk. Alberta W. Dudley, [nstructor in Medicine. Tenth row: Dr. John F. Dunkel, [nstructor in Pathology; Dr. William E. Eastland, Prof, of Radiology; Dk. Leonard P. Kliil, Assoc. Prof, of Research, Medicine; Dr. Arthi r F Elliott, Clinical " t. in Medicine; Db Mark R Everett, Dean of the School of Medicine, Prof, of Biochemistry; Db, IIeum F IGIN, s ,„-. Prof, I nstructor in Surgery. if Medicine ; Dn. Fi « F wb, l D, nth row: Dk. Edwabd M. Fabris, [nstructor in Surg Dr. E. Gordo Ferguson, Clinical Prof, of Ophthalmology; Db. .i. William Pinch, inline Lecturer in Medicine; Dk. CASBIEL J. FlSHMAN, Prof, Klneritus of Medicine; Dll. WIL- LIAM P. Fni. Visiting Lecturer in Surgery; Dr. John Fi.ok i ,i. [nstructor in Orthopedics; Db, Clifford C. Fulto . Vssoc, Prof, of Surgi Page 124 I ii. 1, ' iifh i. ll Pubma . Vssoc. Prof, of Reseurch, Medirinc; Dr. ;| ' ■ Qjbbs, Vsst, Prof . of Medicine; Dr. l George, Vsst. Prof, of Physical Medicine; Dr. Charles 1- ' . DeGaris, Prof, of Vnal y; Db. Samuel M. Glasses, Instruct 01 tn Radiologj ; Dr, Joseph B, Goldsmith, ,.i Pn . hi ive Mi dii ine rind Public Health, I row: v. Jeanxi G Instructor in Pathology; I k. John M. II mi. Vssoc. Prof, ol Bacteriology; Dh Rus i i. Harris, Instrnctor in Orthopedii and Fracture Sur Dr. Walter K. Hartford, Instructor in Gynecology; Pi,_ osis G. Hasel, Vssoc. I ' m. i. of Dermatology and Syphi . Dr. Jess D. Hermann, Assoc. Prof, of Surgery. Third row: Dr. Robert G. Hirscbi, Instructor in Dental Sui Dr r Ri c Hood, Vssoc. Prof, of Medicine; Dr. R. Palmer Howard, AsSdfc. Prof, of Research, Medicine; Dr. .Luis l . Ingle, Clinical aat. in Surgery; Dr. William K. [bhmael, Vsst. Prof, of Medicine; Dr. Minard 1 ' . Jacobs, A ■.»... . Prof, of Medicine. i, row: Dr. Walter Joel, Assoc, Prof, of Pathology; I k. Mark K. Johnson, Instructor in Medicine; Dr. Phyllis K. Jones, Instructor in Dermatology and Syphilology; Dr. ind II. Kalmon, Instructor in Radiology; Dr. Allan A. Instructor in Histology and Embryology; Dr. W. , Keller, Clinical Prof, of Pathology. Fifth row: I u. Bert P. Keltz, Clinical Prof, of Medicine; 1 k. Gborgi ll. Kimball, Assoc. Prof, of Surgery; l u. Charles P. Kochakian, Prof, of Research Biochemistry; Dr. John P. Kins. A .u ' . Prof, of Gynecology; Db. John II. Lamb, Assoc. Prof, of Dermatology n imI Syphilology; Dr. Kv- erktt S. Lane, Instrnctor in Dermatology. row: Dr. Wans Langston, Prof. Emeritus of Medicine ; Du. Robert J. Loughmiller, Instructor in Otorhinolaryngol ogy; l u. Robert C. Lawson, Instructor in Medicine; Dr. Ed- ward I.. Leonard, Instructor in Medicine; Dr. John F. Lhotka, Asst. Prof, of Anatomy; Dr. Rai II. Lindset, Visit- ing Lecturer in Surgery. • . ;• " »•; Dr. A. C. Lisle, Instructor in Surgery; Dr LeBov Long, Clinical Prof . of Surgery ; Dr. .1 mi E. Loi i ks. Clinical A-st. in Gynecology; l u. Leo Lowbeer, Visiting Lec- turer in Pathology; I k. Robert C. Lowe, Assoc. Prof, of Medicine, Medical Director of University Hospitals; Dr. David C Lowbt, Instructor in Radiology. Eighth row: I k. Joseph C. MacDonald, Prof, of Otorhino laryngology; Dr. Joseph T. Martin, Prof. Emeritus of Medi sine; Dr. Maude M. Masterson, Instructor in Medicine; Hit. Earl D. M I I linical Prof, of Orthopedic and Fracture Surgery; Dr. Coyi W. Mi Cli re, Instructor in Ophthalmology : lm. William C McClure, Asst. Prof, of Medicine. Ninth rou : I k. Wiley T. McColli i. Instructor in Medicine; I k. William G. McCbeioht, Instructor in Dermatology and Syphilology; l n. E. A. McGrew, Precepl r, Beaver; Dr. r D. McKee, Instructor in Obstetrics; Db. Melam J. McKinney, Asst. Prof, of Medicine; 1 k. Philip M. McNeill, Prof, of Medicine. Tenth row: Db. Roberi P. Messinoer, Clinical Asst. in Medi cine; Dr. Jambs P. Moorman, Assoc. Prof, of Medicine; Dr. it J. Moroan, In-tin t ' , i of Dermatology and Syphilol Dr. Raymond I.. Mur Prof, of Surgery; Dr. Ei mxr R. Mi si. k. « ' iini,-:ii Prof, of Medicine; Dr. William M. Mussill, Vsst. Prof, of Otorhinolaryngology; Db. Patrice S. N iole, Asst. Prof, of Burgery. • • : I m. E erei i B. Nei y. Asst. Prof, oi l n. William T. Newsom, Asst. Prof, oi Pediatrics; Dr. Bi B. Nicholson, Clinical Prof, of Pediatrics ; Dr. Rai r. thbip, Visiting Lecturei in Pathology; Dr. Charles P. Vsst. Prof. ..i " Psychiatry and Mi urologj ; Dr. P u . Instructor in Pathology ; Dr. Joi M. Parker, Instruc tur in Surgery. Page 125 P P £ O A HO :s r u O o cs mm » (JpfiPC p Cs A O C O C5 f? " 1 ■tflT ' l fib Q D O Li 1% 1 iN £ T V r o o c? Fir«i ■ " « ■: Dr. Van s. Parmley, Preceptor, Mangum; Dr. William B. Paschal, Clinical Asst. in Medicine; Dr. David i ' . Paulus, Assoc. Prof . of Medicine ; Dr. William II. Pen.n- inger, [nstructor in Orthopedics; Dr. James Petty, Precep- tor, Guthrie; Dr. In i ). Pollock, Clinical Asst. in Surgery. Second row: Dr. Carroll M. I ' m ciders, Prof, of Pediatrics; Dr. G. Townlk.y Price, Instructor in Pathology; l u. Moor- m w P. Prosser, Assoc. Prof, of Psychiatry and Neurology; Dr. Carl Puckett, Visiting Lecturer in Medicine; I k. Hal II. Ramsey, Instructor in Bacteriology; Dr. John W. Rec nun.-.. Assl - I ' mi ' , of »b8tetrics. Third row: Dk. Francis J, Reichmann, Clinical Prof, of Dental Surgery; Dk. Edward G. Reifenstein, Jr., Prof, of Research, Medicine; Dr. George E. Reynolds, Jr., Instructor in Dental Surgery; Dr. KENNETH l. Richter, Assoc. Prof, of Histology and Embryology; Dr. Arthur S. Kisser, Visiting Lecturer in Surgery; Dr. Kix, Jr., Instructor in Sur- gery. Fourth row: Dr. E. Xorris Robertson, [nstructor in Oph thalmology; Dr. John H. Robinson, Clinical Prof, of Surgery; Dr. Gerald Rogers, Clinical Prof, of Gynecology; Dr. A. Royer, Instructor in Ophthalmology; Dr. Wei. born W. Sanger, Instructor in Ophthalmology; Dr. Herbert V. L. Sapper, Instructor in Pediatrics. Fifth row: Dr. Henry L. Schmidt, Jr.. Instructor in Medi- cine; Dr. Robert A. Schneider, Asst. Prof, of Medicine; Dr. L. Vernon Scott, Asst. Prof, of Bacteriology; Dk. .1. Milton Serwer, Clinical Prof, of Obstetrics; Dr. Jerome D. Shakier, Instructor in Pediatries; Dr. S. Robert Shaver, Asst. Prof. of Otorhinolaryngology. Sixth row: Dr. Edward E. Shircliff, Jr.. Instructor in Medi- cine; Dr. Harold A. Shoemaker, Prof, of Pharmacology; Dr. Howard B. Shorbe, Assoc. Prof, of Orthopedic and Frac- ture Surgery; Dr. Harold G. Sleeper, Instructor in Psychi- atry and Nerology; Dr. Byron F. Smith, Clinical Asst. in Medicine: Dr. Delbert G. smith, Assoc. Prof, of obstetrics. Seventh row: Dr. James W. II. Smith, Asst. Prof, of Physi ology; Dr. Philip E. Smith, Asst. Prof, of Preventive Medi cine and Public Health; Dr. Sam C. smith, Asst. Prof, of Biochemistry; Dr. R. B. Srigley, Preceptor, Mollis; Dk. Ai .1. Stanley, Assoc. Prof, of Physiology; Dk. Carl T. Steex, Visiting Lecturer in Psychiatry and Neurology. Eighth row: Dk. Samuel X. Stone, Instructor in Surgery, Assoc. Dean of Clinical Instruction: Dr. William K. Strei mi.-. Instructor in Surgery; Dr. Henry U. Strenge, As 3oc. Prof, of Pediatrics; Dr. Robert T. Sturm, Instructor in Surgery; Dk. Charles B. Taylor, Prof. Emeritus of Hrologj ; Dr. James M. Taylor, Asst. Prof, of Hrology; Dr. John R. T n lor, I ' receptor, Kingfisher, Ninth nnr: Dr. William M. Taylor, Prof. Emeritus of Pedi atrics; Dr. I.. Di si in Threlkeld, [nstructor in Obstetrics; Dr. S. Fl i. ' i ' on Tompkins. Instructor in Orthopedic and Frae lure Surgerj ; Dk. Charles I . Tool.. Asst. Prof, of Pathology; Dr. C. a. Traverse, Preceptor, Alva; Dr. Lot is A. Tt Prof. Emeritus of Pathologj ; Dr. Henri II. Turner, clinical Prof, of Medicine, Tenth row: Dr. Paul M. Vickers, Vsst. Prof, of Surgery; Dr. William I.. Waldrop, [nstructor in Orthopedic and Frac ture Surgery; Dr. Paul Webb, Asst. Prof, of Physiology; Dr. siiiki.i I.. Wells, Assoc. Prof, of Research, Nutrition; Dr. Ki i.i.n M. West, Clinical --c in Medicine; Dr. Willis K. West, Prof, of Orthopedic and Fracture Surgery; Dk. George . Wiley, [nstructor in Ophthalmology. Eleventh row: Dr. Ros W. Williams, [nstructor in Biochem- Dk. Charles H. Wilson, Instructor in Surgery; Dk. L. Winn, [nstructor in Medicine; Dr. John p. Woi n. Clinical Prof, of Surgery; Dr. L. D. Wright, [nstructor in Surgery; Dr. D i is A. Zeaoer, [nstructor in Dental Sur- gery; Dr. Fred . Zii nc. [nstructor in Medicine. Page 126 THE FACULTY Dr. Robert H km .t Professor Dr George T Allen, Assoc Proffcssor Dr. Jemes C Amapacher, Instructor Dr Httberl M Anderson, Instructor l»r Robert 1 Anspaugh, Asst Pro l r Homer iih.-T- Instructor l r lt.ur i . ej i Professor l r Raj M Balyeat, Issoi Professor Dr. Betty J Bamforth, Asst. Professor Dr. Harry F. Barnes, Clinical Asst Dr Clarence E Bates, Issoc Professor l»r K.»l« ' r( I! Bayley, Professor l r. Clove Beller, Instrui t r Henry i Bennett Ji Profe tsor l r Frank P, Bertram, Asst. Professor l»r. Charles M. Bielstein, Instructor Dr, Harold ' Binder, A i Professor Dr. .Ihmh ' s t; Binkley, Professor |tr Lucile S. Blacbiy, Asst Professor Knn ritns 1 r Kenneth E Bohan, Instructor Bister Marj Bonaventure, Instructor Dr. William I. Bond, Clinical a«i Dr. Charles P. Bondurant, Professor Dr. William L. Bonham, Clinical Prof. Dr George S. Bozalis, Instructor l r Irwin H. Brown, Instructor Dr. Leo F, Cailey, Avm- Prof. Dr. John M Cairns, Asst. Prof. l r t ' .. ne H i !ampbell, Professor Dr Richard E. Carpenter, Instn i Dr. Ralph F Chase, Instructor Dr. Beverly C. Chatham, Visiting Lecturer Dr Ralph t ' lark. Instructor Dr. John II Clymer, Clinical Asst Dr. ' !harles R i lot hrane, Enstrui toi Dr. Joe II !olej Instructor Dr. Norma ■ ' Collins, Asst. Prof. Dr Everett F Cooke, Clinical Asst. Dr. Sterling! 1 . Crawford, Instructor Dr. Karl R. Cunningham, Instructor Dr. John A. Cunningham, Instructor Dr. John F Daniel, Instructor Dr. Charles P DeGaris, Professor Dr. Charles E. Delhotal, Instructor Dr Harrj I. Deupree, Asst Prof. Dr i !ar] R, Doering, t lonsultant Pi ' ol Dr John . ' Donnell, Instructor Dr. Hubert F. Doudna, Professor Dr. John 11 Dunn, Instructor Dr Rheba I. H. Edw ards, Insti Dr. Norphleete P. Eley, Ass,,,. Prof. Dr. Lee K Emenhiser, Ass,,,-. Prof. Dr -la s iv, Eskridge, Instructor Dr. Brunei D Paris, Ass,,, Professor Dr. Marion A Flesher, Instructor Dr. William N. Plesher, Instructor l r. Hi n rster, Asst. Professor I r Louis S. Frank, Instn Dr. Vir_-ii R Forester, Clinit al Dr. Charles I. Fr I.-. Instructor Dr. Charles W. Freeman, Instructor Athol I. Frew, Jr., Instrit .latin ' s .1 Gable, Jr., Instructor Dr, Tom S. Gafford, Jr., imhh. ' Lecturer Dr. Hugh M Galbraith, Asst. Prof Dr. George B Garrison cal Professor Dr. Donald ■ ' Geigerman, Instructor Dr. Man in B Gliamann, Insti Dr Bphriam Goldfain, A-.i Professor Dr. Unfits t i, Iwin, Professor Dr. t ' lmrl. ' s E. Green, Visiting Lecturer Dr. Allen E. Greer, Clinical Asst Dr David W. tiriflin. Professor Emeritus Dr. George II Gnthrey, Instructor Dr. Harold W. Hackler, Instructor Dr. dark II. Hall. Professor Dr. H.nri W, Harris. Instructor Dr. Rit hard 1. Harris. Instructor l r. ; r;. , As.t Professor Dr. Dr Dr Basil 1 1 i i lor I •( i. -i.r, i i [eal lej Profe ■■ En I »r, Alfred A Hellai El I ructor I tt Arthur A. Hellba Professor Dr Scotl Hendron, I nstructor Dr. Ernest I Hisei I I Pro Dr. Robert I ' Holt, Instructor Dr. How ar.l c. Hopps, Professor I ' r Jack V I lough, I nslru Dr Robert B Howard, Asst l ' r..f. ' ss,,r Dr, Robert M Howard, Proft Emeritus Dr Arthur W Ho ing Lecturer Dr Katherine K. Hudson, Asst. Dr. Dick II Huff, Instn i ' i Thomas J. Huff, Jr., Clinical Asst Dr Max V Huffman, Professor I »i James R. Huggins, I nsl ructor i ' i II ugh Jeter, I lonsultant ss,.r Prof, Dr. Robert W. Kahn, Instructor r Ellen C. Keaty, Research Associate My Florene C. Kelly, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Joseph W. Kelso, Professor Dr. John W Keys, Consulting Audiologist Dr. Neil B. Kimerer, Clinical r t ' arl Kreiger, Jr., Instructor l»r Alt, hi Kurt , Assoc. Professor Dr Ernest Lachman, Professor hi Everett S. Lam, Professor Emeritus Dr George A LaMotte, Professor Dr, Dave IV Lhevine, Visiting Lecturer Hr Bertha M. Levy, Asst Professor Dr. Forrest M. Lingenfelter, Clinical Professor Dr, Di,k M, Lowry, Instructor Dr Robert 1.. Loy, Instructor Dr. -lames P. Luton, Ass,,, Prof. Dr. Walter A. Lybrand, Assoc. Prof. Dr. .latn. ' s N. Lysaught, Instructor I " Roj i ' Lytle, Asst Professor Dr John E. McDonald, Visiting Lecturer Dr. .latin ' s M. McGee, Professor Dr Lawrence C. McHenry, Clinical Professor Dr Joseph T. Martin, Professor Emeritus Dr. Edward C. Mason, Professor Dr. F. Mathews, Assoc Prof. Dr. Newman s. Matthews, Instructor Dr Joseph F. Messenbaugh, Asst. Prof. Dr. Walter II. Miles, Asst Professor Dr James R. Miller, Asst. Professor Dr Nesbitt I.. Miller, Asst Professor Dr. Samuel T. Moore, Instructor I r. Lew is J, Moorman . Professor Emeritus in John B. Morey, Visiting Lecturer. Dr John v. Morledge, Clinical Professor Dr. Kirk ' I ' . Mosley, Professor 1 r 1 larold i. Muchmore, Instrui toi in Bert E Mulvey, Asst Professor Dr. Robert I. Noell, Ass,,, Professor Dr. Dot Donoghue t linical Prof. Dr. Charles M i I ' Learj . Usl Professor Dr. .latn. ' s N. Owens, lr.. Visiting Lecturer i ' 1 Vera I Parman, Asst, Professor Dr John M. Parrish, Jr Vssoc Prof. Dr. ii till. s. .1, Pan ish Ini tor in Ri. I. anl W. Payne, Clinical I Hi John i ' . Pickard, Asst. Profes tot Dr. ' I ' I. as C. Points, Asst Professor Di i,i Quenzer, Asst. Professor Di Robert I [nstructor Dr. .Ian..-- R, R i. Clinical Professor Dr. w iiliam II Rein " , [nstructor Dr Jt s R Ricks, Jr., Instr r Dr Jo , |,i, I. ' i, . Professor Dr. Leandei R or I ' i I lean Robert on Insti Dr John M Robertson, Professor III (hail.,- I, ' Ro r,i.-al Prof. In iiliam W. Rucl Ii o. Prof. Ill S Ii, I , : ,..,,, I , Peter it. i 1 " i sn Sanger I I Profe i » ' John W Shat i le i I Profi Hi Margaret i Shackleford, i,, , I ' - W ard I.. Shaffer, Asst Profe Sheppard, [nstructor far) Sheppard, . i Prof. I ' r Marvin R Sln-tlar I , I ' u or Dr. Charle Smith, i ,,, Professor ii ' Paul w Smith, ri,,f. ' ss., r Dr. Ralph A, Smith, s,i Professor I ' i lam.- i; Snov Profe oi i n i, mm. ii Sn ,i, ' Instructor Dr. Laurence II Snyder, Professor Dr Harlan K Sowell, [nstructor Dr. John R. Stacy, [nstructor i ' i Gi egoi | lv Stanbro, Ass,,,-, i " r ..f . Dr I .f Starry, Professor In- Frank W. Stewart, Clinical Asst. Dr. Hugh A, si, ,nt, [nstructor Dr. Ardell N, Taylor, A ,,, Professor Dr. Lewis C. Taylor, Asst. Professor Dr William It, Thompson, Clinical Dr. Robert I, Trent, Asst, Professor i ' i Reber M. Van Metre, [nstructor l ' I n lore i; Wails, Professor Dr. James R. Walker, Asst. Professor Dr. Ethan A. Walker, Clinical Asst Dr, Alton Watson, Ass,,, Professor Dr, Lois I.. Wells, Asst Professor Dr. Leslie M. Westfall, Prof. Km, ' runs Dr Oscar R. Whit,., Clinical Professor Dr. Ray A. Wiley, Visiting Lecturer Dr. Harry Wilkins, Proft In- i., -..iv,, w. Winkleman, Clinical Assl Dr. Stewart t; Wolf, Professor Dr. Neil W. w Iward, Asst. Professor Dr. Leroy D. Wright, [nstructor i ' i Rit hard Wyrick, Clinit al I Dr. Andrew M. Xoung, [nstructor Hi Edgar w Xoung, [nstructor Dr. .Maty i ' Zahasky, A Prof I ' i. ' ' eptors, Scl I .if Medicine Dr. C. A. Traverse, Aha Dr. E. A McGrew, Beaver Dr. Walla... Byrd, Coalgate I ' i John A. Mclntyre, Enid I n . latn. ' s s Petty, Guthrie Dr .1. William Finch, II.. I, art in Robert S Si iglej I Dr. Hem it w olfe, ' .. Dr. John l; Taj lor, Kingfisher Dr. .1. F York, Madill Dr Van S. Parmley, Mangum Dr. Hay 11 Lindsey, Pauls Valley Dr. I. ' . Freed, Perkins Dr. M. A i ' ii. Picher Dr. Ned Burleson, Prague Dr. w. C. McCurdy, Jr., Purcell Dr. Aubrey F. Stowers, Sentinel Dr. ti C. New man. Shattuck Dr. John M ' ;,,,,!,, Shawnee Dr. tail II l:, y, Stroud I ' I Joe L. I iiur. Woodward ot iate Pret - ptors, St hool of Uedit ine M.VA Dr. I) B. I in- w F LaFon I ' i John Sii i I.. I F si. ,|,ii,,, Bl IVEB Dr. ' I ' , D ll I ENID Dr It I Cordonnier Dr. F ans i-: Talley Hi Phillip t: in- in.,,, LeHew n. i I. LeHew Dr R I I. ' ,,, i,, , II. ik MM Hr W iiliam Bernell Hi i P Braun 1 on Mali " Ii.- Dr Ralph s Phelan Dr. Jack B. Tolberl HI ' .ti Dr. Henrj C W Dr. rhoma Ho ard Dr. .lulu. I..,. Dr. Tin .ma E Rhea Dr. Floyd I. w ■ KINGFISHER Dr. ( l Hodgson III ' Frank C. I.alln Dr. Milt.. n A Neumann Dr. Paul Joseph finis Dr iolel Sturgeon MAUN. I. Dr. ti Cool MAM, I M Dr. .1. W, Ambrister Dr, David Fried in Dwighl i; I ' i Dr. Fred S. s.-llcrs Dr. Tom L. Wainwrighl I ' M I.- U.I.FI Dr. J. A. liraham Dr. Hugh H. Monroe Dr. Kay K Spence Dr. D onald l Wilson I ' FIJKI MS Dr. Powell Fry Dr. Robert B. Roberts Dr liar. .1.1 R. Sanders Dr. Haskell Smith Dr. 1 H. Wilhite PICHER I i len n I Dr. Gene II ighland Dr Walter C. H. Kerr Dr. Norton K. Ritter PR Mil ' F I ' . Linda Galloway PURCELL i- Glenn I. Berkenbile SENTINEL Dr. I. • l.i iiiL-ston Dr. .latn. ' s F. M, Mnrry i » ' Richard H. Burgtorf Dr. Walter H Derst I Dr. Floyd s Newman Hr. M llask. ' ll Newman I»r. Roy E. New man In ,t .1 Smith SHAWNE1 ■ si ROUD Dr. Ross lv Den WiiuDU ARD Dr Ka-. I I it M , i i tigland I Ii Frank E Flack Dr l; i; Obermiller Dr C. « Page 127 First row, left to right: -lack McCabe, President; Charles Cathey, Vice-President. Second row: Car] Smith, Stu ilcni Council; Bob Overstreet, Student Council; Bob Power, Secretary-Treasurer. THE SENIOR For the Senior Class of ' ■ ' ■ ' . the four years of medical school have been years of anticipation. Even on that brisk, rainy morning in September, 1II4M when they assembled for the first time as the Largest class of students during the peace time history of the school, there was seen in each face, that look of anticipation and of eagerness in begin studying for tin chosen profession. In the years that have followed, that look of eagerness lias persisted (to varying degrees) as we have endured the pounding noise of the con- struction going on outside while the intsructors ' I ' d be scared, too! " • ' Brain " and Trust Schneider contemplati s tht soil — by W. II . I). Eagi r B ami r Shefft ' CLASS of 1953 pounded n with facts in the overly crowded classrooms inside, still undaunted, we donned the white coats, picked up " our little black bags, " and faced our first patient. Shortly after writing voluminous negative histories, we were to the point of inviting our confreres to the couch tn work through these " doubts, fears and anxieties. " We have winced and cried aloud. Now as «!■ foresee the new life, we emerge from " uuilcr the bludgeonings of change " our beads are bloody, " l ui unbowed. " Politician Colveri and Nunnery cavort. Listening to thosi " n u mont its blues " . " An hour Int. and a dollar short. ' ■ ' 1 id m ng watch ' ' Sri,- idi i .m hulling around. THE SENIOR CLASS OF First panel, first row: Jerome Adams, Corn, Univ. of Okla.. 4 X; Rol lie E. Allen, Lawton, Univ. of Okla., BH; Robert L. Allison, Woodward, ' North- western State College, 40C; Robert Amdall, Carnegie, Univ. of Okla. X; Ray Athey, Muskogee, Univ. of Ark.. «1»KII ; Harry K. Bailey, Shawnee, Univ. of Okla., I BII; Irwin Ballinger, Ada, East Central College. 4»X ; Second row: Gerald Beasley, Jr., Tulsa, Univ. of Tulsa; W. E. Bennett, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla.; Robert D. Boles, Cushing, Okla. A M, X; Earl M. Bricker, Jr., Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., X; Quentin T. Brooks, Pauls Valley, Univ. of Okla., X; Claude H. B. Brown, Sasakwa, Univ. of Okla., BIIj Phillip O. Carey, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla.. BII; Third row: Eugene A. Castle, McAlester, Austin College, X; Charles W. Cathey, Ardmore, Univ. of Okla., BH; William R. Collins, Vinita, Northeastern State College, BII; Walter M. Cox, Lawton, Little Rock Jr. College, Univ. of Okla., X; Perry F. Crawford, Okla. City, Adams Allen Allison Amdall Athey Bailey Ballinger Beasley Bennett Boles Bricker Brooks Brown Carey Castle Cathey Collins Cox Crawford Davenport Denny Devine Dietrich Dowdy Duffy Eddington Engles Ewing Finn Floyd Harris Harrison Harvey Honaker Honick Jacobs Jeter Lair Lively Lowell Lumpkin Mahan A X !- £ ft O Cs O jP-tl 5 .M ■ .- ft? I rs rs r Q oj o © I LJ k r t Page 130 NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Univ. of Okla BI1 C. D. Davenport, Okla. City. Central State College; W. F. Denny, Guthrie, Central State College. Okla. A M, " WC; Fourth row: J. C. Devine, Bixby. Northeastern State College ♦BJI; Bailey L. Dietrich, Carnegie. Phillips Univ. Gerald S. Dowdy, Jr., Shawnee. Central State Col- lege. +X; Mary Duffy, Okla. City, St. Mary ' s College: A. B. Eddington, Tulsa, Univ. of Tulsa; Raymond L. Engles, Durant. Southeastern State College; Wil- liam F. Ewing, Norman, Univ. of Okla., ' I ' HII; Fifth row: Thomas Finn, Tulsa. Northeastern State College, MC; John H. Floyd, Bethany, Bethany-Peniel Col- lege: Jack A. Harris, Bartlesville. Central State College: William S. Harrison, Sand Springs, Univ. of M h. BTJ; William G. Harvey, Jr., Okla. City, Okla. Baptist Univ.: Jack Honaker, Tulsa, Univ. of Okla.. BII; Gerald L. Honick, Newkirk, Okla. A M. •tOC; Sixth row: Luster Jacobs. Jr., Hanna, Okla. City Univ.; Wiley Jeter, Ada. East Central State College, " KC; Burke Lair, Norman, Univ. of O M$I] Gerald Lively, Muskogee. Northeastern State College, ' I ' lHI; James R. Lowell, Muskogee. Phillips Univ.; Lee Lumpkin, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla.. ' I ' X; Frank L. Mahan, Panama. Univ. of Okla., BT1 Second panel, first row: Paul Masters, Ponca City, Univ. of Okla., ' I ' X- Howard Mauldin, Shawnee, Okla. Baptist Univ., ' I ' KII; Jack McCabe, Okla. City. Univ. of Okla., X; William R. McCabe, McAlester. Northeastern State College. Univ. of Okla., ' I ' X; Second row: James R. McFarland, Stroud, Cen- tral State College. X; Joseph D. McGovern, Wewoka, Okla. A M. Univ. of Okla., Univ. of Colo.; B. H. Moore, Jr., Okla. City. Univ. of Okla., BII; Robert Moore, Hobart, Southwestern State College, +BII; Third row: Rich- ard Moore, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., ' I ' KII; Robert Morgan, Seminole, Univ. of Ok a " Mill; William Morgan, Tulsa, Univ. of Tulsa, ' I ' KII; James Morse, Calvin. Texas A M- Fourth row: Gene Morton, Okla. City. Univ. of Okla., I ' KII Jack Moseley, Muskogee, Northeastern State College, ' I ' KII; Arthur W. Nunnery, Chickasha, Univ. of Okla. ' I ' X; Robert J. Overstreet, Durant, Univ. of Okla ■I ' KII Fifth row: Jack W. Parrish, Ponca City, Okla. A M, ' I ' X; Dale Peffly, Amorita Northwestern State College. ' I ' X; Robert B. Petrie, Okla. City, Okla. City Univ., ' I ' X; C. B. Pinkerton, Wayne, Northeastern State Col- lege. +1511; Sixth row: Robert E. Power, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., BII; Lindberg J. Rahhal, Weleetka, Univ. of Okla., ' I ' KII; John R. Rhine, Tulsa, Univ. of Tulsa. ' I ' KII Darrell A. Seelig, Tryon. Okla. A M; Seventh row: Donald J. Sheffel, Tulsa, Univ. of Okla. ' I ' KII Carl W. Smith, Jr., Enid, Univ. of Okla.. ' Mill J. J. Standifer, Elk City, Univ. of. Okla.. ' I ' X Robert M. Stover, Miami Univ. of Okla.. +X : Eighth row: Catherine A. Svoboda, Bar- tlesville, Okla. A M; Thomas W. Taylor, Enid. Northwestern State College. ' I ' X Henry L. Wall, Britton, Univ. of N. Mex., Central State College ' I ' X- James A. Webb, Ponca City, Northern Okla. Jr. College, Univ. of Okla IX Ninth row: Walter H. Whitcomb, Woodward. Univ. of Okla. ' I ' X; Richard G. Williams. Shawnee, Univ. of Okla., Okla. Baptist Univ., ' KX; Tenth row: Rich- ard L. Winters, Stringtown, Southeastern State College ' I ' X Robert Zumwalt, Vinita, Okla. Baptist Univ., +X. ft o n ft ft a i ft o ft O ft ft ft ft ft o c p O O ft rft ft ft Masters Mauldin McCabe J. McCabe. W McFarlar d McGovern Moore, B Moore. R. Moore Morgan Morgan, W. Morse Morton Moseley Nunnery Overstreet Parrish Peffly Petrie Pinkerton Power Rahhal Rhine Seelig Sheffel Smith Standifer Stover Svoboda Taylor Wall Webb Whitcom b Williams Winters Zumwalt L % Z Sir Clini Osli r m tin i , dsidi " Arvii ' ' tickling patient att s now! Front row, left right: Charles Simmons, President; Robert Ellzey, Vice-president. Second row: Bob Engles, Secretary -treasurer ; Billy Brock, Student Council. THE JUNIOR Without basic science tomes safely tnckeil away on the shelf for future reference, the class of ' 54 set out on a new experience. Complete with white coats, black bags, and a pen, we inspected, palpated percussed and ausculated like veterans. The mighty pen worked overtime and writer ' s cramp became an occupational dis- ease. There was a new world of hospitals, pa- tients and nurses to become acquainted with. We were faced with the prospect of the negative history, lab work, ease presentations and other minor hurdles in the pursuance of our profes- sion. Gradually the little " red bible " became ingrained in our minds and we could spoul frequency, urgency, oliguria, straining and drib- bling without missing a one. The histories be- cai asier and we examined every orifice free of charge. Those differentials never did gel any easier though. We felt like doctors and were Space Patrol ' Pant hi.- ,• puppy tlu Doctor mill l , hen in a minutt . ' ' CLASS of 1953 only mildly disconcerted when a nurse would amble up and say " sorry but this man has to _ ' i in X-ray " just when we were aboul to find nut why he had t irct u| so many times al night. The year wasn ' t all writing however. We all gained the heights of the operating room and learned the correct tension to be put on retractors and how short to cut the sutures. We soothed the expectant mothers and delivered their babies. At childrens we became proficient a1 treating the small ones and doing their CBC ' s and QA ' s. Questions were asked and asked of ih. We wondered at the knowledge of the staff men and searched our preclinical past for answers. In the afternoons there were the lectures ami everj body took notes and wondered where they would be when finals rolled around. Everything con- sidered it was a tint- year ami going into the senior year we fell our tread was a little stronger in the stamping ou1 of disease. ■ • By Hi dawn ' early light " I ' m in on ' ' Ft malt H iinn m Orthopedic version of tlu " Man on tlu Flying Trapt ■ JfO — mi n i till nmr. Eoyci I till I in Slllisl ll llli THE JUNIOR CLASS OF First panel, ' first row; John R. Adair, Holdenville. East Central State Col- lege, ' I ' MI! Bronson R. Alexander, Antlers. Univ. of Michigan. Chico State College. X; Melvin R. Arthurs, Binger, Okla. A M, X; W. Julien Bahr. Olcla. City, US Coast Guard Academy, Univ. of Okla., BII; Robert N. Barnes, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla.. BII; Shelby D. Barnes, McAlester. Eastern Okla. A M, Univ. of Olcla., BffI ; Billy L. Brock, Miami. Univ. of Okla., BII; John H. Brown, Okemah, Univ. of Okla., ' t ' BII; Second row: Leonard E. Burton, Bethany, Okla. A M, Bethany Peniel College. Univ. of Geneva; Rob- ert E. Campbell, Miami, Univ. of Okla., BII; James G. Casey, Vian, North- eastern State College; Kenneth L. Classen, Beaver, Univ. of Okla., •t ' BII ; M. Jeannine Classen, Bethany, Okla. City Univ.. AHl; William F. Crittcndon, Shawnee, Okla. Baptist Univ., Univ. of Okla., Michigan State, Fresno State, ♦BII; Rex W. Daugherty, Chelsea, Coffey Kansas Jr. College. Central State College; Robert S. Davis, Jr., Davis, Univ. of Okla., US Airforce Institute; Third row: Jay L Dickerson, Tulsa, Univ. of Tulsa, Univ. of Texas; Jack W. Donald, Edmond, Central State College, X; William H. Doughtery, Bartles- Adair Alexander Arthurs Bahr Barnes, R. Barnes, S. Brock Brown Burton Campbell Casey Classen, K. Classen, J. Crittendon Daugherty Davis Dickerson Donald Dougherty Douthit Draughon Elkouri Ellzey Engles. R. Ennis Frankle Frieze Gibson Grimes Gunn Hamburger Hathaway, S. Hathaway, W. Hennessey Herbelin Hill Holland Honska Hughes Hull Jennings Johnson. D. Johnson, J. Johnson, R. Johnson, W. Jones p O O O ,P .C P o If. P ? C ?■ (? n F h z iM M O D P P £S CS i p C ft ft f ■ - Fagc 134 NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Lln; . of Olla. ♦X; Thomas E. Douthit, Konewe. East Central State Col- lege: Clyde W. Draughon, Muskogee, Northeastern State College; Harvey D. Ellouri, Anadarko. Univ. of Okie.. ' Mill Robert F. Ellzey, Norman. Univ. of Okla.. ' Mill- Robert E. Engles, Durant. Southeastern State College. +BH Fourth row: John H. Ennis, Okla. City, Okla. City Univ.. Univ. of Okla. +BJ1; Jerome J. Frankel, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla BH Harold W. Frieze, Tulsa. Baker Univ.. Tulsa Univ.: Samuel W. Gibson, Grove. Northeastern Okla. A M ?■{ Okla.. Univ. of N M . " W5 I. Ross Grimes, Enid Okla. A M Phil- lips Univ. ' I ' X; Marvin R. Gunn. Tulsa. Okla. A M ' I ' X Irvin G. Hamburger, Weetherford, Southwestern State Colleat- Helen S. Hathaway, Shawnee, Okla. Baptist Univ.; Fifth row: William E. Hathaway, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla.. Okla. City Univ. ' I ' X; Howard L Hennessey, Okla. City. Okla. City Univ.; Joseph T. Herbelin, Tulsa Univ. of Tulsa. ' Mill; Riley A. Hill, Holdenville, Univ. of OHv Charles D. Holland, Muskcgee. Northeastern State College, ' Mill W. Lee Honska, Tulsa, Univ. of Tulsa, Northeastern State College, OBII; Richard L. Hughes, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla.; Sixth row: Ivan W. Hull, Drumright, Univ. of Okla.: John D. Jennings, Wynnewood. Univ. of Okla.. Biarritz Amer. Univ. I X ■ Donald E. Johnson, Carter. Okla. A M, Univ. of Okla. ' I ' X; John W. Johnson. Jr., Shawnee, Univ. of Okla. I ' HII; Roger G. Johnson, Frederick. Baylor Univ., Univ. of Okla.. ' Mill William T. Johnson, Jr., Okla. City, Okla. City Univ., Central State College, ' I ' X; Jake Jones, Jr., Shawnee. Univ. of Okla., ' hHII. Second panel, first row: Donald D. Layton, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., Oberlin College, +BI1; Boyd K. Lester, Rush Springs, Okla. A M, -I ' MII; Lawrence Mann, Tonkawa, Okla. A M, ' I ' X; John W. Marks, Edmond, Central State College, Okla. Baptist Univ.; Second row: Charles E. Marsh, Tonkawa. Northern Okla. Jr. College. Phillips Univ., X; John B. Massey, Okla. City, Virginia Military Institute. Central State College, Univ. of Okla., ' I ' BTI; Robert McCarver, Wister, Univ. of Okla., B1I; Gerald W. McCullough, Bartlesville, Bartlesville Jr. College. Univ. of Tulsa, Univ. of Okla., t X; Third row: Duane B. Minor, Cushing, Okla. A M, Univ. of N. Mex., Univ. of Okla., ' Mill Ernest D. Mitchell, Okla. City. Ouachita College. Okla. City Univ., X; Lester L. Moline, Cyril, Okla. Baptist Univ., Southwestern Theological Semi- nary, Baylor Univ. ' I ' X- Tom D. Moore, Cleveland. Okla. A M, I ' X ; Fourth row: Johnny J. Morgan, Tahlequah, Northeastern State College, ' I ' HIl ; Royce H. Morgan, Shawnee, Univ. of Okla.; Joella Campbell Pyeatte, Sallisew, Univ. of OUa. AKI; Theodore P. Read, Jr., Wapanucka. Univ. of Okla.. U.S. Air- force Institute . +1511; Fifth row: Arvin C. Roberson, Muskogee, Muskogee Jr. College. Northeastern State College, ' Mill Marvin T. Roberts, Oilton, Okla. A M ' t ' X: Roscoe R. Robinson, Enid. Central State College ' I ' X; J. B. Satter- field. Bristow. Northeastern State College. +1511; Sixth row: N. Earl Scott, Maysville. Univ. of Okla ' I ' X Charles E. Simmons, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., ■M ' ll William H. Simon, Alva. Northwestern State College ' I ' X Charles E. Smith, Shawnee. Okla. City Univ.. I X; Seventh row: Earl E. Smith, Hominy. Univ. of Okla.. Memphis State College. Okla. City Univ.; Mary Smith Engles, Tahlequah, Northeastern State College AKI; Jack D. Spencer, Okla. City. Univ. of Okla. ' Mill Joseph W. Stafford, Clinton, Southwestern State College, •I ' HIl : Eighth row: Harlow L. Steffen, Pond Creek, Northwestern State Col- lege, -t ' X; William T. Stone, Tulsa. Okla. A M, ' I ' X; Lee Vinyard, Enid Northern Okla. Jr. College. Phillips Univ.. ' I ' X : William S. Wamack, Tahle- quah. Northeastern State College, ' I ' X; Ninth row: Joseph D. Weedn, Elk City, Southwestern State College, X; James E. White, Beggs, Okmu ' gee Junior College. Univ. of Tulsa, Univ. of Okla. ' I ' X; Everett L. Wiggins, Dewey, Texas A M, Northeastern State College. " Mill; Billy J. Youngblood, Wood- ward Woodward Junior College, Northwestern State College, Univ. of Okla.. •I ' X Page 135 £p o o Layton Lester Mann Marks Marsh Massey McCarver McCullough Minor Mitchell Moline Moore Morgan Morgan, R. Pyeatte Read Roberson Roberts Robinson Satterfield Scott Simmons Simons Smith, C. Smith. E. Engles, E. Spencer Stafford Steffen Stone Vineyard Womaclt Weedn White Wiggins Youngblood ■ But " " ' ■ could I hair a positivt st rology? " A hot recording session Front row, left to right: Charles Carmack, President; Bob Dean, Vice president. Secondrow: Warren Fulton, Studenl Council; Bill Hall, Studeni Council; Royee Me 1 tougal, Secretary-treasurer. THE SOPHOMORE Returning from ;i summer ' s vacation was pleasant in seeing old classmates hut before all the tales were told the pop quiz plague descended upon us. Pathology and bacteriology depart- ments, not considering eye-tiring mieroscope work enough, shattered our nerves with pop quizzes timed on just the Hay we knew they wouldn ' t. In the one lab they threw those little bugs at us and in the next they showed us what a wreck they made of the human body. Prevent- ative medicine ignored pop quizzes to afford more time for action packed musical comedies. An Oscar was voted to Ernest Livingstone Trudeii ' s performance in " Little Red. " Phar- macology was administered in over doses twice weekly and although we tried feebly we still haven ' t recovered from the toxic effects. Strnji- gling through the first semester we had only time to catch a short breath before the infamous " second Semester schedule " took all our day- light hours. Attending class all day. we had only Saturday afternoon ami Sunday begrudgingly Pick a slid — nut slidt ! ' McCCVlt If picks Hf Q ft If jmiitl.s CLASS of 1953 left for free time. This year will be remembered by many as our true introduction to medicine fur here we received our tirst patient in Physical Diagnosis after examining and reexamining our classmates. After congratulating ourselves on graduating from the 4th Boor, we found the sec ond semester forced us to make the trek again to the freshman floor for X-ray Anatomy. This proved mure than anything else thai we were getting older as we puffingly leaned on each ot er for support for thai last flighl of stairs. Thankfully the rush schedule left us numb fur the Slate Board Of Exams and did speed the coming vacation. This was best broughl nut by the tinaN which seemed to arrive about mid- semester. As we looked back we remembered that l ' ii of our classmates soughl the opiate of matrimony to drown the pain of the freshman year but we knew we eouldn ' t afford so many bachelors this year due to the curtailing ot ' social functions by our strict academic schedule. Chrt i s to Chrei st( i a ! " lamination anu t ' In sia • ' .v rijii . U ' g pick • . ' ' ' In I Inn — ' VI (mi ml it! " Irjffl|fcniii« 1 First panel, first row: A. M. Arky, Tulsa, Tulsa Univ.: Robert E. Ashley, Healdton, Univ. of Okla., X; Loren V. Baker, Elk City, Univ. of Okla., X; A. Stanley Bailey, Holdenville, Univ. of Okla., t»X; James C. Beavers, Garber, Okla. City Univ.; Don Bernimonti, Jr., Claremore, Northeastern State College, ' I ' HII; John nie R. Betson, Fittstown, East Central State College, $X; James G. Billingsley, Norman, Univ. of Okla., I X ; Second row: Jeanne Blair, Tulsa, Park College, Univ. of Tulsa; William G. Blanchard, Tulsa, Univ. of Okla., BI1; James W. Blevins, III, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla.: Don W. Bobek, Tulsa, Okla. A M ' I ' X John F. Bolene, Enid, Okla. A M, Univ. of Okla., ' I ' X; William E. Bowers, Vinita, Univ. of Okla., Southern Methodist Univ., X; Calvin A. Bradford, Watonga, Univ. of Okla., ' I ' lill; John P. Brauchi, Erick. Kemper Military Acad., Phillips Univ., Tulsa Univ.: Third row: Eugene T. Burgess, Idabel. Univ. of Okla.; Otis F. Burris, Ponca City, Univ. of Okal. ' I ' X; Orby L. Butcher, Jr., Shawnee, Okla. Bap- tist Univ.: Roy B. Carl, Enid, Phillips Univ., ' I ' X; Charles A. Carmack, Guthrie, East Central State College, ' I ' X; Cecil R. Chamberlin, Jr., Frederick, Univ. of Okla., BH; Curtis N. Clifton, Okla. City, Univ. of Nebr., BH; John A. Coates, Geary, Okla. A M, ' I ' X. Fourth row: James G. Coldwell, Sand Springs, Univ. of Okla.; William Z. Cook, Cushing, Okla. Baptist Univ., t ' HIl; Marion J. Cros- thwait, Okla. City, Okla. City Univ., Central State College, ' I ' X; James L. Crump, Tulsa, Tulsa Univ., Texas A M, ' I ' lill; Robert W. Dean, Tulsa, Tulsa Univ., Univ. of Okla., BII; William J. Dickerson, Shawnee. U. S. Naval Academy, DePauw Univ., I BII; James R. Dickson, Tulsa, Tulsa Univ., ' I ' lill; Jim G. Duckett, Konowa, Univ. of Okla.. East Central State College: Fifth row: Kenneth C. Duncan, Muskogee, Okla. A M, Univ. of Okla., I ' BII ; Harold E. Dunlap, Haskell, Tulsa Univ.; Jodie L. Edge, Heavener, Univ. of Okla., ' I ' lill; James R. Egelston, Guth- rie, Phillips Univ., Univ. of Okla., ' I ' HII; David M. Eggenberg, Mansville, Murray State College, East Central College, ' I ' HII- Samuel F. Flynn, Bethany, Univ. of Okla.; William J. Forrest, Bartlesville, Univ. of Okla., ' Mill; Guy W. Fuller, Okla. II HI, mi fur lln hn ill . ' ' ' THE SOPHOMORE CLASS of NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Arky Ashley Baker Bailey Beavers Bernimonti Betson Billingsley Blair Blanchard Blevins Bobek Bolene Bowers Bradford Brauchi Burgess Burris Butcher Carl Carmack Chamberlin Clifton Coates Coldwell Cook Crosthwait Crump Dean Dickerson Dickson Duckett Duncan Dunlap Edge Egelston Eggenberg Flynn Forrest Fuller Fulton Gasper Gatti Gibson Guenther Hall Hassler Herndon Herrin Page 138 ft ft. ft ft ft ft ft ft, ft. O ft V ft ft ft ft | r , £ 4 fa ft ft ft ft ! ft. ft ft ft _, f -; dfoMkdtkJk Cj C ) CTi CH u ) CD c-j r i CT a l rs o ft o O D I. ft ft ft ft g a ft ft 4 i Hood Jack Lee. R. Hooker Jones LeHew Houk Kantor Lewis Howard Karnes Limes Hudson Lee, D. Lowe City, Okla. City Univ.. ♦BIT; Sixth row: Warren C. Fulton, Ada, East Central College, X; Harold E. Gasper, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., Okla. City Univ. •Hill: Robert R. Gatti, Moo-eland. Univ. of Okla., X; Charles R. Gibson Ponca City, Vanderbilt, Central State College. fMC; Bernard E. Guenther, Col linsville, Univ. of Okla., t X ; William E. Hall, Duncan, Univ. of Okla., BH Ferdinand R. Hassler, Jr., Okla. City, Okla. City Univ., Okla. A M, X; Noel E Horndon, Buffalo, Univ. of N. Mex., Univ. of Okla.; Bob J. Herrin, Fletcher, Un of Okla. Second panel, first row : William E. Hood, Erick, Univ. of Okla., BU; John W. Hooker, Dewey, Univ. of Okla., X; Harold W. Houk, Shidler, Univ. of Okla.; Wan H. Howard, Altus, Okla. Baptist Univ., Baylor Univ., X; William F. Hudson, Univ. of Okla.. Xj Second row: Samuel C. Jack, Duncan, Univ. of Okla., t ' HII ; Harry B. Jones, Okla. City. Okla. A M X; Norman Kantor, Idabel, New York Univ. I ' BII : William E. Karnes, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., + BII; Daniel W. Lee, Okla. City, Langston Univ.; Third row: Robert R. Lee, Fort Supply, Southwe ' .tern State College. ♦BII; John L. LeHew, Guthrie, Univ. of Okla., Baker Univ., " Mill- Wilbur C. Lewis, Okmulgee, Okla. Baptist Univ.; Barney J. Limes, Maud, Univ. of Okla.; Kenneth G. Lowe, Atoka. Southeastern State College, X. Third panel, first r C »v : Thomas N. Lynn, Jr., Okla. City, Univ. of Okla -ll ' -II Richard A. Marshall, Davidson, Univ. of Okla., ' Mill; Glenn McArthur, Mangum, Bethany Peniel College, Okla. Univ. Med. Grad. Sch.; Joe W. McCauley, Krebs, Univ. of Okla.. •t ' BFI ; Second row: Edward A. McCune, Muskogee, Westminster iollege, Mo. Northeastern State College, ' I ' HII; Royce C. McDougal, Sapulpa, Okla. A M X; Lawrence McHenry, Okla. City. Pomona College. ♦BH; Robert D. McKerracher, Tulsa, Tulsa Univ.: Third row: William D. Meyer, Mooreland, Univ. of Okla., Xj William N. Moore, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., ' I ' HII; Troy C. Morgan, Jr., Okla. City. Univ. of Okla.. •Mill Herman J. Moyer, Gage, North- western State College, +X; Fourth row: Charles L. Nicholls, Jr., Stillwater. Okla. A M; Louis G. Neurnberger, Chickasha, Univ. of Okla., ' t ' HII; Oliver H. Patter- son, Ada, Northern Okla. Jr. College, East Central State College, " Mill; David D. Paulus, Okla. City. Okla. Univ., Col. Univ.. BIIj Fifth row: Russell M. Preston, Fay, Univ. of Okla.: Charles H. Price, McAlester, Northeastern State College. ' I ' HII; Jesse E. Pyeatte, Jr., Tahlequah, Northeastern State College, Univ. Okla., ' I ' HII Robert L. Reddin, Seminole, Seminole Jr. College, Tulsa Univ. Northeastern State College. East Central State College, ' I ' HII; Sixth row: Rich- ard Reid. Okla. City. Univ. of Okla., " t ' HII; Merrell D. Reiss, Okla. City. Univ. of Okla. ' I ' HII; Norman J. Schultz, Shattuck. LeCierra College, Okla. A M X; Jack M. Sexton, Stillwater, Okla. A M. X; Seventh row: Ernest G. Shadid, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla. ' I ' HII; James V. Simmering, Garber. Northwestern State College, Okla. A M +X; Bobby G. Smith, Ardmore, Univ. of Okla.: Neldagae Smith, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla.; Eighth row: John R. Smithson, Nowata. Westminster, Coffeyville Jr. College. Univ. of Okla.. Central Christian College. " t ' HII Robert R. Sullivan, Carnegie, Phillips Univ. ' I ' X; John M. Tyler, Shawnee. Univ. of Okla., ' I ' HII; Daniel L. Vaughn, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., ' I ' HII; Ninth row: Kenneth E. Whinery, Carter, Okla. Baptist Univ.; Benjamin T. Williams, Jr., Bartlesville, Washington Univ., St. Louis, Univ. of Okla., X; Cranfill K. Wisdom, Loco, Cameron College, Southern Methodist Univ., Central State College. " I ' BII : Kenneth D. Zimmerman, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla. ' Hill ft ft ft ft mk fk m h h n a o ft art i m ft ft ft. a « k+tl , ' + h }■= ■ -V- ft ft ft Jfk Jh r r •• m:k+?ki k - ' M 9 ft D - :k4:k ;M es ft ft l ■Hrf M ]| lifer l IS ft ft , rmrk O ft ft ft Jh A n k .M Lynn Marshall McArthur McCauley McCune McDougal McHenry McKerracher Meyer Moore Morgan Moyer Nicholls Neurnberger Patterson Paulus Preston Price Pyeatte Reddin Reid Reiss Schulti Sexton Shadid Simmering Smith, B. Smith. N. Smithson Sullivan Tyler Vaughn Whinery Williams Wisdom Zimmerman Page 139 Front row, left in right: Kenneth Neugebauer, President; Ralph Payne, Vice-president. Second row: Sam Rich- ardson, si miIc nt Council ; Marilyn Porter, Secretary ; Ken neth Cooper, Student Council. THE FRESHMAN Charley gives poor students ih key in tht courst ! Physiology — Perpetual Motion Machim . ' 1 on tah II lla, I ' 11 tafa II lie, wi ' 11 dry lab the rest! ' ()ii a certain day in September. 1952, I for- get just which one, ninety-nine men and one young woman gathered in the fourth floor lecture room of the School of .Medicine for their first Anatomy lecture with Dr. Lachman emceeing. We were briefly ushered into the Anatomy laboratory with the remark " get acquainted " and they didn ' t mean with each other. We got acquainted so well that the most intimate part of the cadaver became our life. Dr. Degaris pointed his flashlight at a slide of the inguinal canal one day and said. " That is the inguinal canal. I suggest that you read Morri- son. Good aftern i. " Speaking of slides, have you ever been to an all-night movie. ' If you have, you know what the freshman ' s typical first semester day is like, except there is no adventure story or tropical romance to keep you awake. There is just the droning voice of a professor a thousand miles away, the room is dark and he can ' t see yon. and you were up until one A. M. the night before trying to cover Shearer. This is what the Physi- ologist might call the " law of fatigue. " Neurological scavenger hunt ' Richtt r mm hi n ' i givt us an Embryo CLASS of 1953 I say the Physiologisl because then ' seems to be only one, Houssay. Now in Anatomy there was a whole pantheon including Gray, Cunning- bam, Morrison, Grant, and Dr. Lachman. We learned one basic formula during the sec.- llllil semester, i.e.: student I iincliemist ry studenl ■ Biochemistry ' . The two are insoluble. The law of mass action does not apply in the equation because even though you can increase the amount of Biochemistry you can ' t increase the combining power of the student. Physiology, aside from being our major course the second semester, also offered us a pastime. There is nothing quite like settling down on a Tuesday evening with paste, pen, and kymo- graph records to fill ou1 a workbook— our " busy ' ' work. To next year ' s freshmen we have this to say. " Ymt may gripe like h— when it (meaning the freshman year) happens to you, but when it has passed you wouldn ' t trade it for the world. " And to next year, our sophomore year, we say, • ■ Excelsior ! " • ■ Whal ' li ' l lir. Lhotl a say a ' erud ' n II was? .• ■? Zumwalt goes psyclw aft r physiology quiz. Haddad l monstrates BMJR. Paynt fhows I " ■ inli ri • ' in atiatom u sit m fi om mon t)uin mil n a! curiosii u . ' ' But, Dr. Richter, I didn ' t touch tin fim adjustment! " First panel, first row: Lynn W. Abshire, Fort Cobb, Univ. of Okla., ' I ' HII; James Kerley Arnold, Cordell, Univ. of Okla.: C. Camak Baker, Hobart, West- minster College. ' I ' HII : Dick Reece Baker, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., BII; Jack A. Barney, Guthrie, Univ. of Okla., ' I ' HII : Louis C. Belter, Byron, Northwestern State College, X; Ralph L. Buller, Meno, Phillips Univ., X; Jim H. Calhoon, Beaver, Northwestern State College. ' I ' X; Second row: Alan C. Calkin, Guthrie, Univ. of Okla.. ' I ' X ; John H. Carney, Holdenville. Univ. of Okla., X; Jerry T. Clifton, Blanchard, Univ. of Okla.; Frank A. Clingan, Seminole, Seminole Junior College, Last Central State College: Kenneth H. Cooper, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla.; Samuel M. Davis, Okla. City, Okla. City Univ., I ' HII : V. Henry Dugan, Enid, Phillips Univ.; Stan Lee Edwards, Alva, Northwestern State College, 4 X; Third row: James William Egan, Tulsa, Tulsa Univ., ' I ' HII; George B. Garrison, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., + BII; Bill R. Goehinger, Enid, Phillips Univ., X; George N. Grant, Hugo, Okla. Baptist Univ., ' I ' HII; Arthur Grayson, Okla. City, Okla. A M; Phillip Green, Seminole, Seminole Junior College, Univ. of Okla., •I ' HII ■ Fred Groves, Hollis, Univ. of Okla., ' t ' BII; George N. Haddad, Sand Springs, Univ. of Okla.. ' I ' HII; Fourth row: Jerry D. Hall, Talihina, Univ. of Okla., ' I ' - ' V James W. Hampton, Durant, Southeastern State College. Univ. of Okla. ' I ' -V Richard F. Harper, Stigler, Northeastern State College; Richard Harrison, Musko- gee. Univ. of Wichita, ' I ' HII; Joe Harroi, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., ' I ' HII; Bill D. Heath, Shawnee, Univ. of Okla.; Paul J. Hicks, Elk City, Okla. A M; William M. Holcomb, Woodward, Okla. A M, +BII; Fifth row: Robert A. Honea, Mus- kogee, Northeastern State College; Frank H. Howard, Holdenville, Univ. of Okla.; Don Inbody, Tulsa. Okla. A M. Univ. of Tulsa, BII; Robsrt Adair Johnson, Lawton, Altus Junior College, Schoffeld Junior College. Cameron College, Univ. of Okla., +BII; Edward F. Jones, Lawton. Cameron College, Univ. of Okla., " WC; David Kalbfleisch, Lawton, Austin College, 1 BII; Keith Klopfenstein, Arapaho, THE FRESHMAN CLASS of NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Abshere Arnold Baiter, C. Baiter. D. Barney Belter Buller Calhoon Calkin Carney Clifton Clingan Cooper Davis Dugan Edwards Egan Garrison Goetzinger Grant Grayson Green Groves Haddad Hall Hampton Harper Harrison Harroz Heath Hicks Holcomb Honea Howard Inbody Johnson Jones Kalbfleisch Klopfenstein Kramer Lambtotte Langford Ledbetter Lowery Lynn Lyon McBride McCann McDoniel Page 142 Q O O D P C jf » £kd • M i P D ft D O P D i ik k O TS ( " " fi f r . £ D iff l i llkr +, ' ■ mi ; ik y A O £V Markland Masters Mitchell Monnet Morgan Neugebauer Newton Parker Payne Penrod Pierce Pointer Porter Reid Olcla. A M Robert L Kramer, Tulsa, Westminster College. Univ. of Okla., ' Prill; Sixth row: Benjamin J. Lambiotte, Jr., Henryetta, St. Louis Univ., East Central State College. Stanford Univ.: Orville L. Langford, Dewey. Univ. of Okla., Univ. of Colo., ' I ' Hll ' Edgar O. Ledbetter, Ponca City, Northern Okla. Junior College, Univ. of Okla.; Larry Lowery, Blackwell. Univ. of Okla.- Tony Lynn, Burbank. Okla. A M ' Mill James B. Lyon, Edmond. Central State College, Univ. of Okla., ' I ' BII; David L. McBride, Ponca City. Okla. Military Academy, Univ. of Okla., ' I ' HII- Beryl R. McCann, Okla. City, McPherson College: J. W. McDoniel, Seminole. Tulane Univ.. Univ. of Okla. Second panel, first row: Ralph Richard Markland, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla.. ' I ' HII- Harold A. Masters, Picher, Northeastern State College, Univ. of Okla.; Floyd F. Miller, Skiatook, Univ. of Okla., ' I ' HII : Bob G. Mitchell, Sallisaw, North- eastern State College. Okla. A M. ' I ' HII- Charles Monnet, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla.. ■mil: Second row: Charles T. Morgan, Tahlequah, Okla. A M, North eastern State College- M. Kenneth Neugebauer, Fairview, Univ. of Okla., 4 X; N. L Newton, Norman. Univ. of Okla., X; William L. Parker, Stillwater, Okla. A M- Ralph Edward Payne, Jr., Edmond, Central State College. 4 X; Third r ow: John Norman Penrod, Okmulgee. Univ. of Okla., ' I ' l ' .ll: Gerald G. Pierce, Okla. ity. Northwestern State College, " feX; Edwin L. Pointer, Tahlequah, Northeastern State College; Marilyn Gregory Porter, Okla. City, Western College for Women, Univ. of Okla.: John R. Reid, Altus. Univ. of Okla., ' Mill. Third panel, first row: Edwin R. Reinschmidt, Clinton, Southwestern State College: Everett Ronald Rhoades, Elgin, Lafayette College; Samuel M. Richard- son. Tulsa. Langston Univ.; Clarence R. Roberts, Norman, Univ. of Okla.. Okla. City Univ.. ♦BII; Second row: Charles A. Rockwood, Jr., Okla. City, Okla. City Univ.. Univ. of Okla. ' I ' X Robert Ray Rupp, Webbers Falls, Connors State Agri. College, Univ. of Okla.; Wallace R. Sanders, Keyes, Univ. of Okla.; Roy Lee Sharpe. Durant. Southeastern State College, 4 X; Third row: Jack David Shirley, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla. +X; Robert H. Smiley, Bartlesville. Univ. of Okla., ♦BD John H. Smith, Tulsa, Univ. of Okla., X; Robert C. Smith, Muskogee, Kans. State Teachers College. Boston Univ.; Fourth row: Ronald C. Smith, Mannford, Okla. A M ' Will William Robert Smith, Guymon, Univ. of Okla.. ' I ' HII; James Rhodes Snider, Perkins. Univ. of Okla. ' Mill; David Lee Sockler, Garber. Univ. of Okla.. X; Fifth row: Robert A. Stauber, Walters, Okla. City Univ.: Robert G. Steed, Enid. Abilene Christian College, t Hll; William J. Stock- ton, Okla. City. Univ. of Okla.. +X; Daniel Ray Storts, Tulsa, Tulsa Univ. ' I ' HII - Sixth row: Robert G. Swyden, Clinton Univ. of Okla., ' I ' HII- Leo Dexter Thomas, Norman, Okla. A M: Bill Tipps, Okla. City Univ. of Okla. , ' I ' HII; Wayne A. Viers, Okla. City. Montana State. Phillips Univ.. 4 X; Seventh row: Theodore W. Violatt, Bowlegs. Okla. Baptist Univ.; Milton Wayne Vogt, Hillsboro, Kans., Tabor College. Univ. of Okla. Bill D. Waddell. Okla. City, Univ. of Okla: Tom Walker. Wewoka. Phillips Univ. ' I ' HII Eighth row: John Williams Ward, Tulsa, Tulsa Univ. ' I ' HII Orville Lynn Webb, Stillwater. Okla. A M; Raymond Wheeler, Man- gum, Southwestern State College: Robert G. White, Jr., Tulsa, Tulsa Univ., ' I ' HII Ninth row: Robert M. Wiencke, Tulsa. Univ. of Rochester, ' t X; Leon Perry Woods, Jr., Tahlequah, Northeastern State College. t ' HII Neil Whitney Wood- ward, Jr., Okla. City. Univ. of Okla., ' I ' HII: Gerald C. Zumwalt, Vinita, Okla. Bap- tist Univ., Univ. of Okla. Reinschmiedt Rhoades Richardson Roberts Rockwood Rupp Sanders Sharpe Shirley Smiley Smith, J. Smith, Rob Smith, Ron. Smith, W. Snider Sockler Stauber Steed Stockton Storts Swyden Thomas Tipps Viers Violett Vogt Waddell Walker Ward Webb Wheeler White Wienecke Woods Woodward Zumwalt Page 143 PHI CHI J micron J appa Chapter Fus rnir, left ' ■ right: Tom Moore, Treasurer; Bill Foungbl I. Presiding Junior. Second row: Jin Crosthwait, Social Chairman; James Billingsley, Rush Chairman; R. li. Robinson, Secretary. Earl Brickeh, Presiding Senior Alpha of I ' lii Chi was founded at the University of Vermont in 1889. In 1894, the southern order was organized at Louisville .Medical College. In 1897, these two groups united to form Phi Chi medical fraternity, which has grown to tin ' present largest international medical fraternity with 71 chapters in the United States and on foreign soil. In 1952-53, Omicron Kappa of Phi Chi celebrated its 30th year at the University of Oklahoma School of .Medicine. Since 1922, the chapter has been proud of its part in initiating and directing many extra-curricular professional and social activities on the campus, and also proud of the lifetime membership of more than 600 . V . alumni. The year opened with Phi Chi dances and rush parties, business meetings, and special lecture forums. In March. Phi Chi alumni from over the state were invited to attend the annual Founders ' Day Banquel and Dance, the highlight of the Phi Chi academic year. OFFICERS President . . . Earl Brickee Presiding Jr. . Bill Youngblood Treasurer .... Tom Moore Social Chairman Joe Crosthwait Push t ' hm. . James Billingsi Secretary . . . R. K Robinson Ueds brawl ovi r cards at . V. ' s " LittU Hi mi. r c?!! n ° ° a r fvp © p pap o,op £ o a a a a a a a 11 !k«air •»• % -T a cs o a p p a a a o a v a IB a a o a a a o a a 2 . JU A 1 k ; ! ■ ' ■■ ' dodo c o s o a a 1 P p O p p flQ First row, left to right: J. M. Adams, B. B. Alexander, B. 1.. Allison, B. 0. Amdall, M. R, Arthurs, B. E. Ashley, A. 8. Bailey, T. 1 Ballinger, I.. C. Belter, .1. !, ' . Betson, J. G. Billingsley, J. W. Blevins. Second row: D. W. Bobek, J. F. Bolene, B. D. Boles, W. E. Bowers, E.M. Bricker, Q. T. B ks, B .1.. Buller, 0. I ' , hums. .1. II Calhoom, It. B. Carl, C. A, Carraack, E. A. Castle. Third row: .1. A. Coates, W. M. Cox, M. J. Crothwait, W. I ' . Denny, .1. W. Donald, W. II. I gherty, G. S. Dowdy, 8. I.. Edwards T. C. Finn. W. ' . Pulton, B. B. Gatti, C. B. Gibson. Fourth row: S. W. Gibson, B. If. Goetziuger, I. B. Grimes, M. B. Gunn, B. E. Gunther, J. D. Flail, J. W. Hampton, I ' . B. Basslei W. E. Hathaway, B. A. Hill. G. L. Honick, J. D. Jennings. ,.,„■: . ! ' . Jeter, D. E. Johnson, W. T. Johnson, E. F. Jones, II. B. Jones, K. G. Lowe, 1.. B. Lumpkin, P. L. Masters, II. I ' Mauldin, J. M. McCabe, W. B. McCabe, G. W. McCullough. . rotr: J. I» ' . McFarland, B. C. McDougal, B. D. McKerracher, W. I . Meyer, E. D. Mitchell, T. I . Moore, L. L. Molim B. II. Morgan, T. 0. Morgan, II. .1. Moyer, A. W. Nunneiy, J. W. Pnrrish. Seventh row: B. E. Payne, E. D. Peffly, B. B. Petrie, G. G. Pierce, T. P. Read, C. A. Rocku I, M. T. Roberts, B. B. Robinson, N E. Scott, .1. M. Sexton, N. .1. Schultz, R. L. Sharpe. Eighth row: J. D. Shirley, J. V. Simmering, W. II. Si n, J. II. Smith, l . L. So kli r, J. J. Stnndifer, W. .1. Stockton, l;. M, Stovei R. R. Sullivan, T. W " , Taylor, I.. D. Tl as, W. A. iei II. I.. Wall, J. E. Webb, O. L. Webb, J. D. Wp dn, W. II. Whitcomb, J. E. White, R. M. Wienecke, B. T. Williams, l;. ' Williams, R. L. Wint rs, B. J. Youngbl I. Picturi omitted: M. K. Ncugebauer. Fage 145 PHI BETA PI Ck pter ipt S " ,,,11. left to right: Guy Fuller, Vice Arehou; Bob Reddin, Rush Chairman. Standing: Olivei Patterson, Treasurer; John Massey, Secretary; Cecil Chamberlin, Corresponding Secretary; Charles Simmons, Social Chairman. Johns ' s J. Morgan, President Phi Beta Pi. national medical fraternity, was founded March 10, 1891, at the Western Pennsylvania Medical College, now the University of Pittsburgh School of -Medicine. The Alpha Lambda Chapter was founded at the University of Oklahoma on May 24, 1912. The present active membership of this chapter consists of 57 students. Bush, with its parties, was completed with a new pledge class of . 1 men. The first semester ' s social activities in- cluded a fall dance and a stag party. This year marked the Thirtieth National Convention, held at Birmingham. Alabama, to which our chapter sent a delegate. The LeRoy Long Lecture- ship, held each year, is indeed a highlight in the medical training of the students. Phi Beta Pi. through its many activities, continues to build a united fraternal spirit in medicine. OFFICERS President JOHNNY -I. MORGAN Vice-Archon . . . (irv Fuller Hush Chairman . . Bon Bbddin Treasurer . . (liver Patterson Secretary . . . John Mass] ( lorresponding Secretary Cecil Chamberlin Social ( ' Inn. . Charles Simmons I ' ll, B( I, short coursi . j t j j J « fMgMSr Firsl row, ' . ' to D. ,. ,■: i.. w ' . Abshere, J. Adair, R. E. Allen, C. If. Athey, II. K. Bailey, W. J. Bahr, C. C. Baker, D. If. Baker, I.. V. Baker, E. N. Barnes, J. A. Barney, D. Beraamonti, A. C. Bradford, B. L. Brock. Seoond row: J. II. Brown, A. C. Calkin, If. E. Campbell, P. . Carey, .1. II. Carney, C. W. Cathey, C. If. Chamberlin, C. N. Clifton, J. G. Coldwell, W. If. Collins, W. 7.. ' " ik. P. F. Crawford, W . P. Crittendon, .1. L. Crump. r ird row: 8. M. Davis, If. W. Dean, W. J. Dickerson, J. C. Devine, J. I.. Dickerson, J. If. Dickson, T. E. Douthit, K. C. Duncan, J. I.. Edge, J. W. Egi I. If. Egelston, D. M. Eggenberg, II. D. Elkouri, If. F. Ellzey. Fourth row: If. E. Engles, J. II. Funis. v. J. Forrest, J. J. Prankel, ' . W. Puller, ti. B. Garrison, II. E. Gasper, •. N. Grant, P. K. (ir P. B. Groves, G. N. Haddad, W. E. Ball, If. E. Harrison, v. s. Harrison. Fifth row: J. Barroz, W. E, Hood, W. M. Holcomb, J. I . Honaker, D. U. [nbody, 8. C. Jack, J. W. Johnson, If. A. Johnson, If. G. John son, J.Jones, F. D. Kalbfleisch, . Kantor,W. E. Karnes, If. I.. Kramer. - tiA row: li. Lair, O. I.. Langford, D, D. Layton, If. If. Lee, J. I.. Lehew, B. K. Lester, G. A. Lively, B. . Lynn, T. N. Lynn, J. If. Lj P. L. Mahan, If. K. Markland, If. A. Marshall, J. B. Massey. Seventh row: D. L. McBride, If. If. McCarver, J. W. McCauley, E. A. McCune, L. C. McHenry, P. P. Miller, D. B. Minor, B. G. Mitchell, I ' .. II. Moore, It. Moore, W. M. Moore, W. If. Moore, J. C. Monnett, J. J. Morgan, If. P. Morgan. Eighth row: W. L. Morgan, D. G. Morton, J. E. Mosely, L. G, Nuernberger, R. J. Overstreet, D. D. Paulus, O. II. Patterson, J. N.Pen rod, C. B. Pinkerton, B. E. Power, O. 11. Price, J. E. Pyeatte, L. J. Rahhal, If. L. Reddin, J. if. Reid. Vint row: J. H. Rhine, A. C. Roberson, C. If. Roberts, J. B Satterfield, B. G. Shadid, C. E. 8immons, B. ■. Smith, C. E. Smith, E. F. Smith, R. C. Smith, W. If. Smith. .1. If. Bmithson, If. II. Smiley, J. If. Snider, J. D. Spencer. Tenth row: .r. W. Stafford, If. ;. 8teed, D. If. Storts, If. ;. Swyden, B. Tipps, J. M. Tyler, l . V. Vaughn, T. A. Walker, J. W. Ward, If. G. White, E. I.. Wiggins, C. K. Wisdom, L. P. W Is, N. W. W Iward, K. ' l . Zimmerman. Page 147 STUDENT COUNCIL First row: McCabe, Brock, Overstreet, Simmons. Second row: Cooper, Fulton, Hall, Jones, Carinack, Neugebauer. OFFICERS Presidenl . . . Bob (verstreet Secretary-Treasurer Bill Brock The Student Council was organized in 1944. It ' s purpose is the regulation and conduction of all phases of Student Government; to promote the highest interest of the University of Oklahoma and to cultivate loyalty to the University; to conserve and propagate the ideals and traditions of the .Medic profession; and to serve as agency for the maintenance of cordial and cooperative relationship among the students, faculty, administration, and alumni. Top among this year ' s business was the completion of a new student lounge, in the west wing of the basement, It is complete with new drapes, furniture, and Television. Earl Howard runs the new " snack bar " . The all-school dance was held between semesters in the Mirror Room of the .Municipal Auditorium. Good music by Joe Cross ' band and the large turn nut made it a memorable success. The annual grid iron was held May 2 in the Civic Room of the Biltmore Hotel. Clever class skits and a bullet dinner combined made this event one of the highlights of tlie year ' s activities, Page 148 II s N Miss Sarah Kraybill, a senior studenl in curs- ing from Miami, Oklahoma steps oul into the world of nursing in July. As Presidenl of the studenl body of the School of Nursing, Sarah has contributed much to studenl government and so cial life al " 850 " « ith the capable help of studenl incil, Delta Alpha (honorary), the various classes and the many committees. Along with eight other students, Sarah was named " BWOC, " proving thai nurses do things besides work nighl duty. Among the many activities featured by the scl I during ih ' year, there was tin- Christmas formal a1 the Zebra Room, the spring formal ;it Cedar Terrace, and, of course, striping and cap- ping. Banquets, monthly dances, chili suppers, pajama parties, and picnics also appeared n the social calendar. The more notable of the monthly dances ;ii the Residence were the Freshman ' s Suck Hop, the l». Halloween dance, and the Jun- ior ' s attempt al " High Noon. " The basketball team competed in the All-City League, and fin- nished in a moderate position, aboul half way, to I xact. By various and sundrj means, enough money «.i raised by the students to purchase a TV se1 for tin ' Lounge. Fage 1 49 J , 4 Mildred Dorffeld, R.N., B.S. Assistant Director l ' K I ' .l MGAHNER, B.A. Residence I Erector I ' . Elaine Bierbauer, R.N., B.S. [nstruetor in Nursing (Surgery) Ada 11 su kins. R.N., B.S., M.S. Directoi . Scl 1 of ursing Professor of N ursing DIRECTORS and FACULTY The students of the University of Oklahoma School of Nursing are especially proud of their fine director and staff. .Miss Ada Hawkins has returned to her Alma .Mater in full measure and beyond what she received as a student. The newest addition to the faculty, Miss .Mildred Dorffeld, comes to us from Colorado Springs., Colorado, where she served as Director of Nurses. Miss Dorffeld has her R.N. from Research hospital in Kansas City, .Mis- souri, and an .M.S. in Nursing from Colorado College. As Educational Director, she is largely res] silile for schedules and rotations on services. The School of Nursing received full accreditation from the accrediting service of the National League for Nursing in De- cember of 1952. This accreditation is for only those schools that meet the League ' s high standards. The degree program was also added to the School of Nursing curriculum in the fall and ten students were enrolled in the 4 l L .-year program on the campus at Norman. Mom. a K ' i SSE1 L, R.N., B.S. [nstruetor in Nursing (Pedial ri - I IOR01 I! I C. rR T. K.X., B.S. Assistant Professor of Nursing Vera Parman, B.s., M.H.Ec. Assistant Professor of Nutrition M kn J. Woi.k, K.X.. U.S. Inst i uctor in Nursing Arts Nioh, R.N., B.8. Instructor in Nursing (Medical) Payri i B. i . es, R.N., B.A. l us) i uctor in ursing (Orthopei Jessie Ruth Bickford, R.N., B.S. I nst ructor in Nursing I Surgerj l l:i. kkt Wolpi . R.N., l ' . . 1 ns; ructor in Nursing Arts Page 150 SUPERVISORS and HEAD NURSES - ' to i " iht : Evelyn Hamil, As si-i.-iiit Director of Nursing Service; Billie Kino, Supervisor Surgery; Ethel Garrett, iiI ' Ii Supervisor; - 1 1 v x Peiebe, Supervisor of I ry; Nn.i Farmer, Medicine Supervisor; Marilyn McCreary, Supervisor Surgery, Chi] dren ' s. Second row: [mogene Parson, Pre-mature Nursery; [rene Dittemore, Supervisor; Pa- tricia Charvoz, Head Nurse, 3E; Michelina Sharek, Bead Nurse, Nursery; Virginia SToii f.i. i.. Head Nurse, IK: Mart Wilson, Head Nurse, OPD. r iii d row : II v.ssii. I ' i ' mil. . Head Nurse, . " » V; Anna BlERBERLE, Head Nurse, Plastic Sur gery; Faydelle Rowe, Head Nurse, 2B; 81 n K i i.i,m mi, Head Nurse, 3C; Aim Mahi Head Nurse, 3A; Pat M :i. Head Nurse, 2A; Mildre o Han Supsrvisoi . ■ Main Hospital : Jeaneli Hubbard, Assistanl Director, Nursing Service ; Opal Filson, Nursii ■ Office Supervisor; Edith Brewer, Eve g Nurse Supervisor; Artellia Stiff, Night Supervisor; Clairi James, Reliel Supervisor; Thirza Powell, OB Supervisor; Laveda Link, Head Nurse, OB; Opaline Wai kins. Colored Supervisoi : Dora Chondor, Supi rvisor CSR; .h M Head Nurse, 3B; Cheryl i ii K, Head Nurse, 2A; A. Oliver, Head Nurse, E rgency ; I ' m uni Qi inn, Head Nurse, OPD; Vivian Boyd, Head Nurse, Ground South; [ris Johnson, Head Nurse, Ground South; Marilyn Hort, Relief Head Nurse, IA, Children ' s Hospital; Nina Burrus, Supervisor; Lucille Vrooman, Supervisor OPD; Anna Walker, Supervisoi ; J Vnn Hammer, Supervisor; Naomi ( Ioston, Head Nuise, 2E; Betts Brown, Head Nurse, 1W; Elyss Head Nurse, Pn matun Nursery; M i; Menefee, Head Nurse, CSR, Helen Pattersi h, R.N., B. .. M.A. I director of urging Si ■ ■ Btanl Professor of S Page 151 OFFICERS li ' s good for what ails you and U oomi s in two con i ' nient sizt Serving rhrii class as officers for the senior year are: Pat cm. i. I ' m, President; Edna Huntington, Vice-President; Barbara Boles, Si tary; Joe Ester Lewis, Social Chair- man; and Zola Mae Hagin, Treasurer. The class of July, 1953, entered the School of Nursing on July 5, 1950, received their raps on January (i. 1952, and their stripes on June 29, 1952. This was the first class to move from old Freshman Hall into the new Residence at " 850. " These girls helped t formulate the rules ami regu- lations which now govern the student body. ( (ne- third of the class is married. These girls have com- bined preparation for a career with marriage. The president of the student body is from the senior cdass. as is .lime Richardson, who is president of Delta Alpha, the school honor sorority. Four mem- bers of the class belong to Delta Alpha. SENIOR NURSES First row, !i ft i unlit : Bertha Wilson Boden, Ta toga; Dorothy Dixon Barrett, Pampa, Tex.; Bar bara Bulks. Blackwell; Thelma Branford, Pauls Valley; Dorthea Burchardt, Marshall. Second rov : Jovi e Bain Carter, Pampa, Tex.; Pat Collum, Guyn ; Lucille Fairless, Tonkawa; i ii.i i: Olives Gastineau, Tulsa; Eileen Gunning, Waynoka. I , ' ,, i row: Z ola l « 11 ' .in. Cordell ; Ei gi i Hopkins, Poteau; Edna Snow Huntington, Nor- man; l.i i ii Johnson, El r; Sara Kraybill, Miami. I ' : i. ' i i i Lacy, ( »kla. i Stj ; -I " Esther Lewis, Newberg, Oregon; Mona McGraw, Midland, Tex.; Joretta Nugi i. Tustin, Calif.; I; i i i ii i i vd, Frederick. ...» .1 il i i i i. in. Okla. tlAl I SlMPSI W I. lilt n. KaH8, ; I Ii I LORES ii.H , Huadi ick ; M vri h m , I Ikla. i lity. rZ l Page 152 .11 MORS - PEBR1 AKY 1954 . ft In i iglil : tl i ii. M u- . sm.i, Eisenbeck, San Angclo, Tex.; Viol Hn ks, Lavei ne; Betm VIcLe: don, In dependence, Knus. ; Juni Malone, Okla. City; Akzki.i Moori . i Ikla. City. Second row: Maxim Smith, Okln. City; Donna Stephens, Levelland, Tex.; Sue Taii (copper, Lawton; Ella Gbovi Teders, Milburn; Kw WARREN, Alius; JOYE JOHNSON, Okla. City. JUNIOR NURSES rW ,; ■ r $ m3ff, T $? f O ?«? «• v v 77c chrisi nfi. i,i, mat ,i ,1 orati I this ii, a, ' JINIORS-AIGIST 1954 First row, left to right : Beverly Ji Okla. City; Betty Loi Barton, Sand Springs; Thelma Jean Beall, Okla. City ; Yvo B ner, El Reno; Mary Black, Cushing; Elaine Itit tNSON smith. I lurant. Second row: Karol Burton, Tahlequali; iiii; Chambers, Sayre; Gekaldine Doty, Frederick; Mary Gimlin, Bartlesville ; Cor.-i Ji Green, Stillwell; Linda Loi Harois, Okla. City. Third row: Patricia Heinzig, Prague; Jo Hill, Okla. City; Rosi M vrie Husmai . ' alu met; Aubrey Jacobson, Bartlesville; Jane Johnson, McAlester; Joi Ann Keeley, .i. Fourth row: Gloria Lord, Okla. City; McBride, Sbawi ; Mart Pat Markham, Lo eusl ve; Marie Mason, okln. City; Bi Miller, Okla. City; .1 inet Moody, Okla. City. Fifth row: M io Joan Moore, Okla. City; Mary . i Muskrat, Joplin, Mo. ; Anna Mai l. ' n i.i i:n. i lold Springs ; Hi i i I ' s Rn i -,,1.1 Springs : Jimmii Ropi 8, Shafl oee ; BAR m ki i . i tail igo, III. No ella s Hardest} ; Ro i i i; i . Smith, Okla. City; Elizabeth Smyth, IM ' l.v : lii nni mi ' I ' m i . Elgin ; DOI OR1 - Tl ■■ i it. Shaw nee ; I n irloi 1 i. Tr m . Sa th rou : li ' i ba Nl r, Stihvell ; Doris H uid, I Ikla. Citj ; Ili e Widi land; .lux Wiley, Chickasha; Edith Wilson, i ik. ene ; Blaine Wu sot . Ikmulgee. Page 153 P- 1 i - y lit 1 I y A IT I P i FRESHMAN NURSES W goodness, what a lot of er talent then is In this year ' s crop of fn sh na n. First row, left to right: Nancy Adcock, Okla. City; Betty Amos, Hope, Ark.; Ann Arfstrom, Durant; Mary I,. Baity, Chickasha; Pat Boyles, Tonka wa; Donna Bond, Enid; Gwendolyn Boudreau, Shattuck; Verna Lei Brammiir, Lawton; Joyce Brown, Bethany; Tat Carlisle, Okla. City. Second row: Rose M. Cellan, Okla. City; Vivian Cherry, Sayre; Cook, Midwest City; June Cosby, Okla. City; Ann Dodd, Seminole; Nancy Di Enid; Joan Ei ledge, Norman; Marilyn Every, Piedmont; Dixie Gastineau, Lcnora; Bonnie Gifford, Guymon. ThircFroiv: [rene Gehrt, Custer; Pern Gilpen, McCurtain; May: Etta Griffin, Okla. City; Caroli Gri i qer, Starkweather; i. ' i mi Harris, Buffalo ; Lila Har- rold, Edmond; Jo Aw Henry, Okla. City; Coralie Hicks, Perry; Dolor) Hoi mi i ' . Bristcn ; Vern Holtzj . Enid. Fourth row: Virginia ii i mphrey, Blackwell ; Zons Jedziniak, Okla. City ; Ji - ette Johnson, Vitus; Laura Kibbe, Sand Springs; Ruth Cramer, Loyal; June Merrick, V.da; Carsand Mitchell, 1 1 . . i i i ; Barbara Montgomery, Boise City; Marie Morgan, Ninneknh; Ann Mortiz, Blackwelder. Fifth row: Carroll Morris, Norman; Virginia Mowles, Walters ; An-, Murb Boise City; Billie Parker, Alva; Theola Reim, Sulphur; Wanda Robi Camargo; Lois Rohrer, Buffalo; Dorothi Smith, Okla, City; Dolli Stewart, Alius; Emili Studdert, Midland, Texas; Jessii Sober, Fay. Sixtl .- Carolyn Taylor, Perkins; ■!( Elles Thompson, Coweta; Geraldine i i i iin-; Ann Van Horn, Okla. City; Anna Ruth Walden, Bethany; Lela IS ,ii ii.. Durant; Mildred Wallace, Okmulgee; Betti J. Ware, Okla. City; i i Wiim; Okeene; Jo V.NN Wii.m. I ' :a City; Mar ' s SToder, Shattuck. Page 154 ousemothers, Hr , Bockoven, Mrs. Cunningham and Mrs. McDona d. je that phont calls hoy friends, and mail comi through. i wound » ' i " i " i placi to go but tht It talces two to play a tango when you )l ». not ' ' a ' ( top of l.iiijiiu standings hui nt s just scon d again . ' I, ah a dub dub! Threi girls " " ' » " lull ' . i mill lin anything to get tomi pretty nurses to look at him until ht can get to b called " Doctor " . A bunch of i In girls wen stirring it » ' ' " tht bast " • nt of old 01 8N. ■ Huh h tin coach gives out with tht wordon winning. Tht Saints are i in i , points ulii ad. Si Vi u ill i II fight S 111 urn I) ill bowl. Christmas riinu S lull imri it Hi at Video makes n housi into a home. Di, Hi, housemothers knou about this? Or w Y just on bed rest and liquids. Hi came to collegt forknowledgt but how abstract rim on abstract m i THE AMERICAN WAY REPARATION FOR LEADERSHIP The University of Oklahoma is reflected in its students and they are its best diplomats. Under- graduate life is rich in its opportunities, making the graduate a better all-round person with a broader background. Book exchange clerk, Milly Wilson, practices the " earn while you learn " theory so popular among University students. University midshipmen prepare for future naval careers during the annual Armed Forces Day parade. The new officers of the National Independent Students Association get acquainted at the national convention on the University campus. The time when college leadership ends and life begins — graduation ceremonies in the spring. The Loyal Knignts of Old Trusty, secret society for engineering leaders, helps coordinate activities of the annual Engineers Week. Leaders Campus Personalities Publications Organizations ««a«K ' H -, STUDENT SENATE ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS Page 162 Co-Ordinates Campus Government The Student Senate, guided bj Walter Powell, bas bad a verj busj and successful year. Among the many and varied duties of the Senate is the preparation of the University Calendar and a brochure on cam pus organizal ions. The Senate also organized a Preshman council and planned the orientation week. Orientation week introduces the freshmen to ' I. LJ. and belps them i_ r et acquainted with each other, upperclassmen, and i he campus, A Senate forum was also planned, the Campus Chesl was estab- lished, the President ' s class was established, and recoi adations were made for improvement in freshman pre-enrollment. The Senate also plat 1 and maintained the Senior class elections. ( ne nf the largesl responsibilities of the Senate is the appropriation of funds i " various campus organizations. This year some $7,316.50 was appropriated. The Senate ' s purpose is to perform the administrative, Legislative, and judicial duties of the studenl governing body of the University of Oklahoma and the Senate of the school year 1952-53 bas conscientious- ly attempted to fulfill its purpose. OFFICERS President Vice-president Secretary . . Treasurer . WALTER I ' uw Mi . . Bill Armor Betsi Bi Ronald Withers Sponsor Mr, Ralph W. Disnei left to right: Tom Oden, Mr. Disney, K. " is Taliaferro, Betsj Blatt, Walter Powell, Bill Armor, Margaret I g, Louis Levy, Georgann LeVite. Second row: Jennalie Cook, Prank Mitchell, .litn Land, Garlan Braitliwaite, George T. Odom, Jim Fork, Clark, Don Morse, Teresa [Tnzner. Third row: Crl Helms, Jenonne Walker, Rosemary Skinner, Carl A. Smith, Sue Sparks, Paul Stillwell, Ralph Russell, Jim Loomer, Anne Warren, K. Dan Hardin, Doris LePage, Bob Be irley. . . Prepares Women For Community Leadership The A. W. S. Executive Council is composed of five officers, elected in a campus-wide election of all coeds, the ehairmen of ten standing committees, the presidents of women ' s organizal ions, and a representa- tive from cadi organized bouse, Greek and Independent. The Council acts as coordinating body for all women ' s activities. The purpose of the Associated Women Students is to afford ade quate opportunity for a thorough discussion of all matters affecting university women, and to devise, administer and coordinate programs for their benefit. It is also to maintain bigh cultural, educational and social standards for university women, and prepare them for community leadership after college. Another purpose is to render service to campus, community, and state through the program and projects of the organization. Tin- Committees are res] sible for working with the Administra- tion in effecting the progress of the University. The Public Relations committee has coeds in each area in tklahoma who interest students m choosing ». I ' .: the orientation committee with its counselor-counselee program assists new women students in adjusting to campus life. The scholarship and leadership commit tee chairmen Strive to help the 0. U. c 1 become a more intelligent ami capable woman. OFFICERS President . . Vice president Secretary . . Treasurer . Sponsor . . Charlene I i i . Judy Kim s . Ruth Davis . Martha Ball I (OROTHl TR1 I First row, left ' •• right : Carolyn Scott, Martha Plummer, Iris Lorch, Helen Hedley, Ruth Davis, i larolyn Althouse, lharlene Dale, Judy Ryder, Georgann LeVite, Marilyn Huntress, Connie Weckel. Second row: Jeanene Moore, Rosemary Skinner, Ruth Ann Tyler, JoClougu, l ' :it Babb, Andrea l; l.v Mugler, Ernestine Owenby, Jean Lambert, I ok, Joline Wooten, Kaj Idams, Anita Kin " ;. Tin r4 row: Gail Preuss, Emily Quilter, l:. in Ann Stewari I ine Smith, Elizabeth Lane, Marilu Brown, Elinor Bynum, Lou Tandy, Noweta Lewis, Virginia Westbrook, Marj Peterson. Page 163 (?ateei T y HELPS DECIDE FUTURE Dr. i. I.. Cross contributes to ' In ' Community Cliesl at the shine I tli of the .ill University Community Chesl Carnival. Walter Powell, Studenl Senate president, 1 " , 1 1 1 » Hi ' ' Senate office, f he home of studenl urn ernmenl :it •. I " . Hick Haynes and .I " Clougli Barton, co-chairman of the 1953 Career lonferene work out plans with Miss Dorothy Truex. .In Clough Barton and Ruth Ai ' ler descend the steps behii the library during tin ' Mortar Board Walkout. ' Die Bxecul ive toi il tee of A i pli:i Lambda Delta, honorary freshman women ' s organization, ■ eh tin ough reeoi ds for prospective m mbers. President Cross awards the Dad ' s l :iy Trophy foi mosl outstanding senioi sin. I. nis in Hill Spohrer and Dorothy , i " iujij;. Fred Cook and Pal Sessions, Independent Students ' Vs siiii.-itinii nliiri ' i ' s. slum trupliii ' s I " I B iley, Homecoming Qu W. DEVIEB PIERSON: President of Pe-et; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta a; Delta Sigma Rho; League of Young Democrats; Honor Council resentative, Freshman Law Class; Scholarship chairman, Rush chairman, Historian, Parliamentarian of Phi Gamma Delta; Robert Dean Bass Memo- rial Scholarship; Distinguished Military student; Varsity Debate Team; Oklahoma Speech Association Scholarship, 1949-50. PATTI PATTON: DAB; A.W.S. Public Relations Chairman; I ' lcsiili ' iit of Pi Beta Phi; Mortar Board; Service Scholarship, 1950-51; B. V. (). C; Matrix Table; one of ten outstanding freshman women, 1950-51; Student Senate; University Choir; Secretary of Homecoming Variety Show; Scholarship chairman of Pan-Hellenic; Co-ed Counselor; Chairman of College of Union ology. : H 0m 0m ■ w , 5 p mt ■ » i k 1 t J§ • 1 " rk IV SUE KURILKO: I:. W. 0. • ' .; Mcria. I: I; Oiko nomia; Omicron Nu si Eta Ep ilon treasurer; l.S.A. V.W.S. freshm: rientation chairman; Newman Club vice-president; Careei Conference committee chairman; l ' i rector f Quadrangle " Hanging of the Greens " ceremony; Girl Seoul nator of Home Ec activities •• ' depart nt; Membership chairman of Mot hei ' a Dai WILLIAM l . BOYD: Phi Eta si ma; Sigma Lai; Tan Beta l ' i: Scab bard Blade; University Men ' s Glee Club; University A Cappella Choir; B. M. o. C.; Distinguished Military student; McFarlin Church Choir; Weslej Foundation president; Sigma Theta Epsilon president ami president; [ntei Religious Council; Alumni Development Fund Scholarship, 1949 50. RICHARDS: Publicity Chairman, 1952 Career Conference; Kappn Alpha Theta; Student Senate; Theta Sigma Phi; B. W. . O; Mortar irer of Student Press Association; Religious Emphasis Week e ittee; Now or Never Week publicity committee; Oklahoma Daily staff; Letzeiser Awards committee. l, " l ' liri; CLINTON ATKINS: Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; I ' i Epsilon Tau; 1 ' i Mu Epsilon; Peet; 1 ' .. M. ( ). ( ' . ; Magnolia Petroleum ' " . scholarship, 1952; St. Pat ' s Council; Sooner Shamrock; Engii is ' riul. | i csiidiit ; ivtml.-un Engineers ' Club; Intramural football; Scholarship chairman for Boyd II. mis,., L950; A.I.M.E. LOUIS LEVY: President oi Student Senate; fici chairman ot Religious Emphasis Week; Who ' s Who it American Colleges and Universities, 1 :»■ " ■ l. - : Inter-Religious Council; I ' .. M, 0. ' . ; Distin ■■I Military Student; freshman representative to La« School Honor Council; Journalism Press, Inc.; Men ' s Glee Club; Stu dent representative, Oklahoma Memorial Union Board " ( ' Mann gi rs ; Hillel; Junior [.P.C., 1949-51. RUTH ANN TYLER: President of Mortar Board; Letzeiser Award I medal; Knppa Kappa Gi la; Alpha Lambda Delta; I ' .. W. 0. ' ' .: I ' .-i Matrix Table; Chairman 9 ' I rence; Secretarj ol dent Senate Constitutional revision committee; A.W.S. Executive council; Pan-Hellenic Council; W.R.A. Executive council; L T AB; Manager of I nt r:i mural Baski tball tournament. Page 167 BILLY VESSELS: Winner of Football ' s highest award, The Heisman Memorial Trophy, and the Cleveland Touchdown Club Award; named A; ' back-of-the-year; DP player : of-the-year ; chosen AHA rican by Lool magazine, Associated Press, United Press, NEA Service, Central Press, Players All-Ameriean, Tin Quarterback, All-Ameriean Board, Sporting Yews, tnternational News Service, Movietone News. Athletic Publications, I in-., and Boston Daily Paper. JAMES E. SWAIN: Acacia treasurer, 1951-52; Kappa Kappa Psi president; Drum Major, The Pride of Oklahoma; Arnold Air Society; 15. M. ). ' .; Activities Chairman of Acacia; Marketing Club; Oklahoma City Symphony; University Band and Univer sity Symphony; Promotion manager and engineer, KUVY; offi cer in charge of A.F.R.O.T.C. Band, 1951-52; University Com- mittee i ii Scl I Relations, 1951 52. RIl HARD . ELMS: Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pau Beta Pi; Outstanding iROTC electrical engineering ir, l!i " i ; Sigma ' hi Pledge Scholarship Award, 1950; B, M. ' i C Pri li hi of Inter fraternity C Pre idenl of Sigma Football squad, 1951; Letzeiser Award committei . ersity Council ni Planning and Development; League of rata. EDBITA POKORNl ODEN: Presidenl of University Players; Mortal Board; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; selected as na tional representative fr . U. t " appear on Phillip Morris ' s New York radio show, co-starring with David Niven, C.B.S.; Wesley foundation Ex ecutive committee; B. W. O. ' . ; chosen by the Methodisl 1 m i ■ 1 to toui I. countries i " Europe in a world peace effort. DOROTHY ' AW ADLER: Editor, Oklahoma Daily; A.W.S. Executive council; Theta Sigma Phi secretary; Kappa Alpha M n ; Student Press Association; I ' . ' - ' l University iiif; Committee; LaVerne Noyes Scholarship; Delta i ' lii award for outstanding sophomore woman reporter; B. VV. O. C. j 1951 Homecoming C nittee; Co-ed C iselor; member of Student i ionduct committi e : Kappa Phi. GEORGE T. ODOM: President of Delta Sigma Pi; vice-presi dent, Accounting Club; treasurer, Union Activities Board; Chaii man of Dean ' s Committee to lill vacancies in Student Senate; Student Senate; German Club; Dean ' s Honoi Roll; I ' .. M. O. ' ,; Phi Eta Sigma; [ Pharmaceutical Association; I.S.A.; mem ber of Business Day Planning Committee; l ' niv?rsity Honor Roll. AWE WARREN: Tau Beta Pi Nat al Engineering Fratei nity Woman ' s Award, 1952; Sooner Shamroct Award, 1952; I ' .. W. O. C; Pi Epsilon Tau; president of Clii Omega; Student retary; Petroleum Engii rs ' Club secretary 1951; rWCA; Pick and Han t, 1951; Baptist Student I 1951; Sooi - staff; vice-chairman of Student Wei 1 mittee of Student Senate; A.I.M.E.; Engii rs Club. GERALD G. BARTON: Pe-et president; Delta Sigma Rho; Pi Sigma Alphn; Pi Gnmma Mu; Phi Eta Sigma; Summer Scholarship for European study at the I • of Oxford; B. M. O. C. ; I S.A. Finan ■ committee and Execute mil; Xi Vlu; Spaech Activities Club; president of I ' mail i.;i I ' !:iss : treasurer of Student Bai Association; Student Sei History Club; Economics ' ' lub. Page 169 Li WALTER M. POWELL: President of Sigma Nu; Phi Alpha Delta; listed in " American College Student Leaders " ; Student Union Board of Trus- tees; Student Bar Association, Board of Governors; president of Student Senate; University Athletic council; Y.M.i ' .A. Executive council; Inter- fraternity council; [ntramural track, football, basketball and swimming; Cliairman of Oklahoma [nter-Collegiate Student Senate Convention, L952. JUDY RYDER: Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Mortar Board; Outstanding Freshman, 1949-50; Matrix Table; A.W.S. secretary; president of Alpha Gamma Delta, 1952-53; Chairman, Quadrangle Judicial Board, 1952-53; Cocil Counselor; Constitutional Revision Committee, 1950-51; Pan-Hellenic |mi licity committee; Alumni Development Scholarship, 1950-51, 1951- 52; Letzeiser Award bronze medal. RICHARD D. HAYNES: Careei Conference co-chairman ; UAB V.M.C.A.; candidate foi Rhodes Scholarship, 1951; vice-president of Pi et, 1952-53; B. M, 0. C; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Theta Pi -Hi. 1952-53; Junioi I.F.C.; Students foi Eisenhowei itive committee; membei ol Letzeiser Awards committee; Outstanding Pledge Award, Beta Theta I ' i; II coming Vai Show • • ■ i 1 1 1 1 1 t t . - . i-liaii i DOROTHY YOUNG: Mortal Board; Mn Phi Epsilon; American Guild if Organists; Orchesis; »ii r of Dad ' s Day Award; vice-president of Newman Hall; B. W. 0. C. j Music director for ftiiversity-produced radio show on KOCY, sponsored by Treasury Department; danced role of " Jug gler " in " Juggli i of Notre Dame " ; ii t - 1 place in Young Composers Rad • n ard conl ist ; Univei sitj Sj inphony. MARILYN EITZEN: li. W. ( . C; Mortal Board; Sooner Fear) k t:ilT; Delta Phi Delta; Gamma Alpha ' lii; A.W.S.; Wesley Foundation; VWCA Cabinet; Alpha Phi Activities Chairman; Alpha Phi Executive council; Delegate to Nation al Y vc. convention; Matrix Table; Delegate to Delta I ' lii Delta National convention; Poster chairman for Religious Emphasis Wei k ; UAB « hristmas Decorations Committee. ■ JAMES A. PEABODY: Student Bar Association, Board of Gov- ernors vice-president; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Rol Dean Bass Memorial Scholarship; li. M. O. C. ; Distinguished Military Student; Oklahoma Law Review; Co-Chairman, Faculty Committee Career Conference; Dean ' s Honor Roll; State Depart incut Seminar on Foreign Affairs, 1952; Debate Award of Din tinction, 1950; Phi Alpha Delta; President of Senior Law Class. BILL 8POHBER: Editoi of Oklahoma Daily, 1952; Soi Vcnrl k Bports editor, 1952; President of Student Press Asso on; Sigma Delta Chi; Represented O. U. corps of cadet nest Point Sesquicentennial, 1952; MacMahon Foundation Mi rial Scholarship in Journalism; Let eisei V.ward bronze m Li:mbda ' lii Alpha; Peet; columni . Phi - _ Si bbard Bladi ; Kappa Alpha Mu. PAT PARKER: Dad ' s Daj p; Lew Went2 I on Award; Future Teachers of An a; Independent Students t rice-presi .!. ni ; Wesley Foundation; A.W.S.; chairman of UAB Travel Bureau; vice president of National Independent Students Association; aiembei of Dei ions committee foi Orphans ' Christmas Party; Candidate foi Student Body; inembei of Student Faculty committee; publi it} chairman for i lampus Bl i I irive. ••■ ■■■ mi:- Page 172 v W N v :c u«» SEfej PUBLICATION BOARD DB. P IYETT1 I lOPEL n The Publications Board of the University of Okla- homa has become one of the oldesl student groups cm the campus. It first assumed its presenl form in 1915, although 11 years later the membership was in- creased from five to seven. The principal duty of the board is the selection of editors for the two all-school publications: the Okla- homa Daily, student newspaper and the SOONER, university yearbook. In addition to choosing these editors, the Board exercises the power of approval of all budgets and expenditures of the publications. Selection of student editors for the two publica- tions is made after careful consideration of ex- perience, loyalty and executive ability of each ap- plicant. Doth experience and scholarship play an important part, and no candidate is considered who is not carrying a regular schedule of class work. An additional requirement is at least one semester ' s work in a major stall ' position on the publication of which lie seeks editorship. At the presenl time, the hoard membership in- cludes a chairman, an appointed faculty representa- tive, the senior member of the journalism advertising faculty, a student representative of the publications- at-large, a student representative from each of the two student publications, and three ex-officio repre- sentatives. Dr. Fayette Copeland is director of the Universi- ty ' s school of journalism. He was appointed to this post in 1H47. lie received his BA in journalism from the University in 1919 and his MA and PhD from Louisiana State I ' niversity. John II. Casey, professor of journalism, joined the 0. U. faculty in IHL ' 7 and is a national ly-known authority on community journalism. He is a gradu- ate of both the University of .Missouri and Stanford I ' niversity. Dr. Ralph Bienfang, who became a member id ' the Publications Board in 1950, studied at the University of Wisconsin where he received a BS degree in 1926, an MS degree in 1927 and the I ' hD degree in 1929. Cecil II. Brite has tilled the position of general manager of all student publications since 1930, when II B Mrs. Lot tsi Bi vkii Moore Page 174 First i " » ' . left to right: Prof John B.Casey, Mary Sue Butler, Dr. Payette Copeland, Mrs. Louise Bea rd Moore. Second row: Cecil II. Brite, Dr. Ralpli Bienfang, George Churchill, Merrill Clute, Bill Crawford. In- was graduated from the University with a degree in law after completing requirements for a degree in the college of business administration with a major in accounting. Mrs. Louise Beard Moore, supervisor of student publications, serves on the board as an ex- officio member. Mrs. Moore received her BA degree al 0. U. in li ' i ' i; ami a bachelor of journalism degree at the University of Missouri the nrxt year. Before coming to the University in September of 1952, she served as reporter, feature writer, and city editor of the Brovmsville, Texas, Herald. She joined the Publica- t ions Board in 1952. Mr. George Churchill is also an ex-officio member nt ' the board. He represents the University Public Relal imis office. Student members of the board this year were Mary Sue Butler, from the SOONER yearbook, Merrill Clute, from the Oklahoma Daily, and Bill Crawford, representative of publications-at-large J Job 11. ' wi •H l: Page 175 M w;y Sue Bi ' tlkr. Associate Editor I ' .i 1,1 i Walker, Military Editor Rll II I!I H KKIXS I irga nizations Editor THE 1953 SOONER Today ' s SOONER yearbook had its unheralded origin back in 1905 when the firsl yearbook, the M istletoe, appeared. In 1909 the name of the publi- cation was changed to the SOONER yearbook, and the firsl of a long line of SOONERS came forth. When the fall enrollment of l!t- " 2 had ceased, the old members of the staff found -V2 new faces to help them produce the forty-ninth volume of the year- hook. Throughout the year, the entire staff had as their goal producing a yearbook that would accurate- ly record each individual student ' s year at ). 1 ' ., hut at the same time to ehonse with care tin- pictures. headings, and general themes of the publication. Warren K. Jordan, Editor V The basic idea for the volume was decided upon ill the spring of 1952, and the work began immediate- ly. The theme, " Education the American Way. " was designed to bring forth the idea that the Uni- versity of Oklahoma holds a true feeling of " Ameri- canism " — that our school contains all the cultural, scholastic and social elements of any other university in the nation. The pictures seen in the Opening section and in the four division openers were care- fully selected and scheduled to bring about this impression. Perhaps one thing characterizes the ' . " • ' } SOONER more than any other — the many chances in layout and design throughout the volume. The first notice- able difference is found on the flysheets of the year- book. The silhouetted pictures of over 250 students have been prepared to replace the usual flysheet picture. The change that the entire staff is most proud of is in the SOONER beauty section. One of the most artistic layouts ever attempted in the yearbook has been successfully accomplished, principally by Joe Price, photographer par excellence. Through his visualization of the idea, he has prepared some of the most excellent beauty shots ever shown in the S( )( ). - ER. The beauties were given personal attention by the judges when they were ranked by Miss Janet- Blair and Webb Tilton, stars of the musical " South Pacific " at their appearance in Oklahoma City. The layout of various sections through the book was prepared with the idea of relieving the boredom of countless following pages with the same layout. Tl rganizations section has a new variety with rearranged pictures and headlines explaining the purpose of the various organization. From pictures of the 1952 .Mothers ' weekend, enough pictures were gathered to incorporate the Dads ' and .Moms ' Day feat are sed ion. The stall ' has hecn keenly aware of its responsibili- ty in covering the year ' s activities 1o each student ' s satisfaction. We regret that there arc no pictures of 1953 ' s late spring events, hut the S( ( N KK must go to press. A special effort has l q made to fairly represent everyone and everything in our protrayal of a car at t he univcrsit v. Page 176 ' ' !. filft First row, left to right: Nancy Kennedy, Marilyn Eitzen, Ann Clark, Marilyn Nott, Mignon Ellison, Marj Lyle Childs, Pal Sessions, Jayne Smith, Janice Kerr, Gayle Miller, Sue Sparks. Second row: Jo Ann Nelms, Beverly Barton, Bob McCue, Peyton Jenness, Burley Walker, Richard Harkins, A I Welsh, Don Reneau, Bill Crawford, Fred Cook, Martha Plummer, Joyce Baker. WARREN K. .IiiI!|i n i k Si e Butler Burley Walkeb . Ri ii arii Harkins Ga i.k Miller . A i. Welsh . I. ' i DNER Pat Sessions . Fred Cook Beverli Barton . Bob McCi i . Martha Pli u u i r Peyton Jenness . Marili n Bitzen Nancy Kenxedi Ed Associate Ed Associate Ed Associate Ed Society Ed Sports Ed Assistant Sports Ed 1 adependent i !o ed I adependent I I Greek !o ed Greek I !o ed Campus Personalities Ed Intramurala Ed Feature Co-ed Feature Co-ed E S T A F F tor SPECIAL STAFF ASSISTANTS tor Ji m Farmer Don Reni m Marilyn Non toi Mari I.n i.k Childs Janice Kerr Dot ni Fajen tor Bill Cr » h rd Jo i e Baker Mignon Ellison tor Jayne Smh ii Si e Sparks A N N 1 1. vi;k tor Sherri Davenport tor tor tor tor PHOTOGBAPHE RS tor Joe Price Special Beauty Photographer tor Melvin Newsom Staff Photographer tor Staff Photographer tor Photographer ' hotographers til! University Photographic Servii e Staff Major staff has luncheon to make final plans for the Sooner. I n.|. pendent Editor Page 177 Bili Spohrer, First Semester Editor First Semester Advertising Staff: Left u, right: Jerry MeGrew, Vaughn Brower, Doris Pappas, Vvonne Allen, Peggy Rowley, Ann Murrah, Jerry Mack, Francis Bile, Mary II. Montgomery, Virgil Wells. THE OKLAHOMA DAILY As the m ' I I year began again in the Call of 1952, many nt ' the old faces around the journalism department appeared in help gel the Oklahoma Daily off to ;i g ! start. Bill Spohrer was at the helm as editor, with Dot Adler as man aging editor for the first eight weeks. The Daily opened the year with mixed stories, ranging from accounts of sectioning and enrolling to those of ili - already warm presidential campaigning. " The Editor ' s Soapbox " , personal column by Bill Spohrer, brought ; w stmli ' iit interest to the editorial page with its pertinent com- ments On the campus and national news of the day. Worth- al. ( ). I ' . ' s favorite, was again back in the cartoon, Little .Man on Campus, and occasionally a political or local cartoon appeared on the editorial page. The presidential campaign received full coverage in the Daily, and the columns were often devoted to the stories of the forthcoming election. Large headlines were devoted to the expense account controversy of Richard Nixon, and to the acceptance of his explanation by Eisenhower. State Democrats read of the forthcoming visit by Adlai Steven- son, and the campus was urged to register and vole in the election. Temporary breathers in the election news were devoted to Big Red ' s weekly fall conflicts on the gridiron. The an- nual migration of Sooners to Dallas for the " big weekend " received a five column banner headline. The campaign to send the Pride of Oklahoma to South Bend to the OU- Notre Dame game was waged and on October 29, the Daily proclaimed the fund ' s being large enough to definitely per- mit the band to accompany the team. The largest headline of the year appeared November 5, proclaiming. " EISENHOWER WINS " . Practically the entire front page was devoted to outcomes of the elections, both state and nationwide. The editorial page, too, carried election news, with large pictures of a dejected Stevenson and the typical long voting line across the nation. The next campus activity to catch the attention of the Daily was Homecoming. For the tirst time in recent years, a queen was selected for the festivities. .Miss Ann Bailey was chosen in a second election bv the student bodv. First Semestei Editorial Staff: First row, left right: Dorothy Sartin, Martha Plummer, Jane Worley, Hill Spohrer, Dot Adler, Carolyn Weckel, I ra Saunders. Second row: Richard Roberts, Bill Crawford, Fred Cook, Huh Lomax, Joe Hanson, Merrill Clute, Rossi [ner, Jerry McCrew, Marcus I ' rice. N A HI IBS A ak..l9 Second Semester Editorial Staff: First row, left to right: Mary II. Montgomery, JoAnn Wagner, Hill Crawford, Dol Adler, Laura Saunders, Martha Plummer. Second row: Finley Parker, Ed Carter, Connie Wcckel, Jim Campbell, Clay Lewis, Al Alschuler, Tom Ford, Richard Harkins. Headlines also featured the discussions of action on the promised Orange bowl bid and the resulting rebuke by the North Central Association. The University didn ' t accept tlir bid, and later, when the University Board of Regents planned to send the footballers and their wives, the trip was called off because of a Liu Seven ruling forbidding it. ( Ither major events of the first semester were Billy Vessels award of the Heisman Trophv, and Religious Emphasis Week. The managing editor for the second eighl weeks was Merrill Clute. Familiar t; s and workers around the Dail y office were Ross Goodner, Jerry McGrew, Bill Sampson, Mary Helen Montgomery, Laura Saunders, Martha Plum- mer, Connie Weckel. Richard Roberts and .lane Wbrley. ' " The Dotted Line " announced a change in editors for the studenl newspaper. Do1 Adler, managing editor in 1952, became the new editor and in her personal column on the editorial page, discussed campus news and views. Bill ( ' raw ford was named t he managing editor for the firsl eighl weeks, and the Daily moved righl along in its usual pattern. In the het w een semester editions was the story of the dona- tion nt ' Mr. and .Mrs. Fred Jones of Oklahoma City. They proposed a new chapel, to be built on the smith oval, and dedicated to their son. Pred Jones, Jr. As the Daily progressed into the second semester, the paper and the campus alike celebrated the 60th anniversary nt ' the University of Oklahoma and the 1 (It li year of I r. ;. I. ( Jross 1 presidency. The ( ' areer ( lonference and the Sooner Scandals provided the campus with news, and the names of the 1 - • 1 I J i lt .Men and Women n Campus occupied a prominent position on the fronl page. The traditional green pages of the Enginering editions, in honor of Engineering Week, again descended upon the campus, and the doings of St. Pat and the Engine Queen were featured. Later in the semester the journalists held their J-Day, with an open house and outstanding news papermen as guests. The year was a long one and one thai was packed full of news and events to find their way into the voice of the . U. student. Tin Oklahoma Daily. The staff has continually tried to presenl a paper that would bring honor to them and •_ ' I journalism to the campus. Second Semester Advertising st;ii) ' : Left to right: Bob Lee, Don It • . Richard Peebles, Gene Baxter, Doc Jordan, Ted Phillips, Al Riesen, Pal Delaney. I icn A in i r, Second Semestei Editoi Page 179 THE JOURNALISM PRESS, INC THE SOONER SHAMROCK Page 180 Provides For Campus Publications The Journalism Press, [nc., was established June 1. 1930, bj .in .i ' -t " i ih. ' Publications Board, It-- pur pose was i " fulfill the need for an organization i " assume the responsibilities and assure the mante nance of the mechanical needs of the Oklahoma Daily. Since il was first incorporated, the organiza- tion has iii ssfullj and efficiently carried mil its duties. Since Augusl of 1945, W. ( ' . Vanderwerth has served as the mechanical superintendent for Journal- ism Press, In ' -. To him falls the job of shaping raw materials into the finished product of a high-quality morning paper. The Journalism Press, Inc., is one of the self- supporting nuns mi tin ' campus. Profits from stu- denl publications have offset expenses and expendi- tures i " make this possible. Tim printing equipment, valued a1 $40,000.00 has been financed by the Jour- nalism Press and by the efforts contributed by 1 Ik h i -- amis ni ' ambit ious students. Members of tin- Board pictured mi the opposite page are, left to right: Prof. John II. Casey, secre- tary-treasurer; Savoie Lottinville, The University Press; Charlene Dale, president of Associated Wo- men Students; Bill Crawford, representing the Pub- Licat ions Board; Boyd 1 1111111111 ' . A 1 1 mini Association; Dr. Payette Copeland, Director of the School of Journalism ; and Cecil II. Brite, General Manager of Student Publications. Not pictured is Walter Powell, president of the Student Senate. V. 1 ' . Vanderwerth, Superintendent of the Shop Expresses Engineering View Points Tin ' Sooner Shamrock is the Voice of the Engin- eers. Ii serve as a publisher of technical ami non- technical engineering student papers; a communica- tion medium I ' m ' the various engi ring societies in the College of Engineering ; and an outlel for studenl humor in connection with Engineers. Published four times each year, the Sooner Shamrock during iis l. " , years at Oklah a University lias grown from a 12 page magazine with a staff of four to an 80 page magazine with more than 50 people mi the staff. The covers have won several national recognitions ami iis articles are frequently reprinted in other engineering magazines across the nation, h helps to promote the College of Engi) ring in Oklahoma and other states because it is sent no1 only to all engineering and architechure siiiilmits in the college, but also to all high schools in Oklahoma and many practicing en- gineers in all 18 stains ami several foreign countries. Pictured mi the opposite page air members of the staff. First row, lefl in right: Bennie Schultz, Kill His.-, Roy Ilann. Bob Jones, Dave ECindig, Al Thorn son, George Orr, Gene Durkee, Don Williams. Sec ond row : Hill lagle, Art 1 ( ' Toole, Vic Hvolboll, Bill Kennedy, Gene Carley, Bob Sumner, Joe Nelson, Bob Laidlaw, Bill Casteel, Gar} Shoemaker, Wallace Wright, •! " ' • Broome, Walter Wright, l nu Warren. SJ J A ■- 1£- -s Dave Kindig, editor, nnd staff member, I Williams, pn pare m put out another issue of il " ' Engineers ' Somu r Sim mrpcl . Page 181 THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The University of Oklahoma Alumni Association, organized in 1899 with 5 charter members and ex- panded in } ' ■ ■ ■ ' : to nearly 10,000, represents the alum- ni and former students of the University who wish to be associated actively with their alma mater after gradual ion. The purpose of founding an Alumni Association was phrased by the charter members in a preamble to their constitution : " We. the alumni of the University of Oklahoma, desiring to promote through union the interests of our Alma .Mate]-, to create an d perpetuate good fel- lowship among ourselves, and to renew our past pleasant relations do hereby ordain and establish the following constitution. " The purpose ;is stated by the charter members lias remained the aim of the Association for the past . " 4 years. The charter membership included C. Ross Hume and Roy I ' . Stoops, ( ' lass of 1898, and .lesse I, lletley. Roscoe S. Ilelvie and Lawrence W. Cole. Class of 1899. Hefley and Hume are the only char- ier members still living. A brief history of the Association should also in- clude the names of the past Executive Secretaries id ' the organization. Four men have held the post. Mrs. Helen Mote, Receptionist Richard Cloyd, Oklahoma City, was the first and was followed by Prank Cleckler, Oklahoma City, the late Ted Beaird, and the present secretary. R. Boyd Gunning. With the completion of the expansion of the kla- hnma .Memorial Union in 1951, the Association has permanent quarters for its middle age. Home offices for the Association are located on the mezzanine Hour id ' the Oklahoma .Memorial Union. At extreme left is Mrs. Mary Turn hull, chief ' Ink and office manager " t the Alumni Office. At right are Mis. i ' li;i rline I ' :i ppan, Rdniiuisl i ;ii ive sec i -i.ii% to i tunning, and Blaine I Is 1 1 vvright, studenl assistant. Mrs. Turn- bull has served under three Associat ion execut ive secretnrii s. Page 182 Mrs. Helen Mote, receptionist, visiting students, faculty and alumni. Extending behind her desk in a quarter circle are offices of the Sooner Magazine, of the Association ' s executive secretary, of the secretaries and clerks, and of the assistanl executive secretary. K Boj I Gunning, executive secretary, is ending his third yeai as the chief " hired-hand " of the Association. Actually his duties are threefold. He is also executive secretarj of the . Minimi Development Fund and of the University of Oklahoma Foundal Both the Fund and the Foundation are headquartered in the Alumni Office. President of the Association for 1952-53 is Dudley Culp, Wewoka attorney. Mrs. Kitty Shanklin Rountree, Okla homa ( !ity, is vice-presidenl . Assisting Gunning in the work of the Alumni Office is a staff of six full-time employees and seven studenl assistants Guy II. Brown is assistanl executive secretary of the Asso- ciation and field director of the Alumni Development Fund and oi the (Jniversitj of Oklahoma Foundation. Brown ' s duties include organizational work for .-ill three agencies. David A. Burre is serving his fifth year as editor of the Sooner Magazine, alumni publication. The magazine lias received national recognition during his editor-ship. Bill Goodner, graduate journalism student from .Miami is the magazine ' s assistant editor for the second year. .Mrs. Mary Turnlmll. chief clerk and office manager, is in charge of the alumni files. Mure than 4(1.000 alumni names are recorded. Mrs. Turnbull keeps the addresses and file in- formation accurate and up-to-date, she has served on the Alumni staff under three executive secretaries — a service record that is no1 topped by any other staff member. Mrs. Charline Pappan, administrative secretary to Gunn- ing, has just completed her firsl year id ' work in the Alumni Office. Mrs. Helen Mute, receptionist, assm | her duties lasl December. All of the stall ' members of the Alumni Office realize that theirs is a sen ice organization. Not only is that service avail- able tn alumni lint it is also available to students and facultj members. t fe%. V !. ' . Iin 1. 1, r mning, Executive Secretary GUY II. BROWN, Assistant Executive Secret.-uy Bill Goodner, assistant ' ' liter, and David . Burr, editor, discuss ,-i layout idea for bTi ' l lui i lias served ;i editoi for ii " ' past five yea i -. ' Inei has I n witli the publication for two yi :ns. I!.. ili are graduates of 1 lie I u • Sel I nf Journalism. Page 183 EXTENSION DIVISION K Through the Extension Division tin ' University gives its alumni an opportu- — nity ti continue learning. Vm: are invited to eontacl the Extension Division and continue to receive the bene- fits of your University i trough Extension acl i it ie . With its founding, the University began doing its part tn meel the educal ional ii Is of all Oklahomans. OU ' s first president, David Ross Boyd, had the vision of state-wide service as long ago as 1892. Hi ' ami the members of tin ' first faculty taught evening adult classes ami accepted every invitation to speak, the first extension of the I rniversity tn the people. Through whatever changes of administration and organization, tin- purpose of the Extension Division has remained steadfasl : to make the educational and cultural leadership of the University, the advantages of specialized training, information ami general re- ins. Tiukm n .1. White I lean of Extension sources of the campus available to every individual ill the slate. The Extension Division is. and always has been, the unit t Iii-oi mil which the University discovers exist- ing needs, and the agency loi ' co-ordinating all its resources to meet them. The Extension program lias always been highly flexible, readily conforming to the changing pattern of educational needs in Oklahoma. Where the mail service goes, where the radio broadcasts are received, Oil serves Oklahoma. On the highway and in the air. the faculty of the State University come to the people of Oklahoma in cities, towns, villages, and country schoolhouses. A variety of services are offered to those who want to " LEARN A BETTER LIVING. " Through par- ticipation in University Extension activities, it is possible to improve your Home and community life. skills in reading, writing, and speaking Appreciation of science and the world of nature Enjoyment of art. music, drama, and literature Health and leisure time pleasure Vocational ami financial position Si ait ■ . i: ft t,, i " iht : John Dunn, R. I.. McLean, Brunette Shariklin, I r. ( . W. Davison, John Freeman. Standing: Dr. Loren V Brown, Hugh Mix, Marion Phillips, Jesse Burkett, Remy Perot, W. P.. Priekett, William I. ' . Brown, Not pic tured: Dr. Alice Sowers, Dr. W. M. Sha r, franklin S. Williams, M. I.. Powers, Carroll K. Pope, Mary [la Thurston, Oliver Knight. Lifelong Learning Seated, eftte ght: Ned Hockman, Lucy Tandy, Maud Kitchens, Marjorie Gramlieh, Christine Virgin, Grace Penney, Layton Mabi Standing: John Nesom, Russell Myers, W. B. Fulton, John Long, Howell McGee, Dr. Kul.rn de Kieffer, James Bragg, Lee Sayden. If you are a businessman ;i professional person an executive a worker a Immomaker ■ a comunity leader a government emploj ee in military service The I rniversity offers you evening classes correspondence stud} shorl course-, films radio programs lectures reading materials special services " Life in Oklahoma, like everywhere else, has be- come more and more complex. Science no longer i ognizes the bounds of earth; i lern industry demands new skills. In order to adjust successfully, all of us are Fori I to keep on Learning all of our lives. " Tour state I hniversitj is trying to help Oklahoma citizens to meet their needs by providing many op- portunities for learning. The campus extends to the boundaries of the state. -,n i everj business, indus- try, profession, and private individual is welcome to the educational and cultural opportunities it pro vides. Thus, to you. the alumni, the University of Oklahoma provides for continuing your education all through life. " I i:. i L. ( la »SS " All across American life hundreds of thousands of leaders are concerned about the canyon bet ween the demands being made on the American people and their performance. Tens of millions of adults feel dissatisfaction with the ways they are using the ir reversible hours and days which flj by. " The most urgenl problem Facing the American people a1 this time i-, hOW to eel the entire adult population engaged in educational programs for the improvement of themselves, which is their birthright, and the improx emeiit of their citizenship, which is both their privilege and their duty. On this all else depends. Whether we know it or not. adult educa tion has become the most momentous activity with w Inch a free man can concern himself. ' i; .i Hi ucei Page I 85 A i s ' " n ' ' v " , 7 - ' " ' „ ■ • " ' " . Page 186 A BAPTIST STUDENT UNION B. S. U. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL row, left i " right: Art Driscoll, Lois Williamson, Myra Hutchins, Paul Stamps, Marchetta Stevens, Vanita Duke, Wayne Oekei man, Virginia Price, Pat Hudson. i row: Glenn Lee, Curtis Floyd, Prank Morrison, Kent Braden, Don Staton, Tom Morris, Prank Marks. Monday through Friday, these students and others meet at the Baptist Student Center for a twenty-minute devotional service thej call NOONDAY. Average attendance was 122 during the firsl Eour months of tins year. Nearly six hundred Baptist students are enlisted in the B.S.U. as members of a local Baptist church, Sunday school, training union, YW ' A. ami brotherhood. This is sixty percent of the resident and boarding Baptist stu dents on campus. Page 188 A Spiritual Force In College Community The Baptisl Student I ' nion Movemenl was born in prayer immediately after World War I and continues to be a spiritual force as ii magnifies rlirM and the Baptisl Churches in the college community. The Baptist student Union, in its verj broadest meaning, is the volun- tary religious activities of the Baptisl students on a college campus. Many activities are provided .ii the University of Oklahoma. BIBLE STUDY is led by " Preacher " Halloek each Tuesdaj and Thursday morning, ' ' to 8:00, at the Baptisl Student Center. One hundred four enrolled during first semester. MORNING WATCH is observed Monday, Wednesday .■mil Friday, 7:30 to 8:00, in the Baptisl student Center and a1 the Women ' s Quadrangle. Students find strength ;in I .•(hum-. ' as thej starl the day with the Lord. NOONDAY SERVICE gives a spiritual life in the middle of the day. This devotional period of testimonies, songs, prayer ami message is held Monday through Friday, 12 I " i " 1 :00 p.m. Average attendance was 122 during firsl four months of this year. DORM PRAYEE GROUPS inert in ten dormitories with an average of seventy-five studying the Bible ami praying together each evening. FELLOWSHIP is held each Sunday night alter tin- evening worship service. The aim is to make the play life as clean as the prayer life and the prayer life as sincere as the play life. HOUB i »F DECI- SION is an evangelistic service led by students each Saturday night at the First Baptist Church. It is planned to reach students and service men for Christ. There were twenty-three conversions during first semes- ter. SUNDAY SCHOOL is a Bible study period held at each Baptisl church mi Sunday morning. First Baptist Church provides twenty-two classes in three departments for college students. WORSHIP SEE VICES are attended by several hundred students both morning and evening each Sunday. The Baptist student Union encourages students to attend these services. MID WEEK PRAYEE SERVICE is the most important service of the church. Baptisl students are faithful in attend- ance at this prayer i ting each week. RECREATION FACILITIES are available at tie ' center at all times. We have an adequate lounge, library and recreation equipment Tor the enjoymenl of students. The Baptisl Student Center is a " Home Away From Home. " SPECIAL EMPHASES during the year include: Join the Church, Stewardship, .Missions. Vocational Guidance ami Revivals. CONVENTIONS AM) RETREATS provide opportunity to meet students from other campuses. Thirty-three from OU attended the Soulhwise Shidont Retreat at Ridge crest, North Carolina, last June. Ninety seven attended the state B. S. U. convention at Tulsa in November. OFFICERS Presidenl I ' m l Stamp Enlistment Vice-president Frank Morrison Social Vice-president Luis Williamson I )evot ional Vice-president Frank Marks Secretary . . Myra Hutciiins Director of B.S.U. Arthur Driscoi i Baptist student work .-it the tJni versity has had :i meaningful history which baa been enriched with the desire to provide an adequate Baptist Student tcr. The new center is under construction and " ill I " pleted before Bchool opens in September, 1953. The building will .-est approximately - I. occlusive of air condi tioning, Furnishing, and land - ■ .- ij . 1 1 1 1 .in. I will provide space for :i lounge, i nday assi room, prayer room, libra rj . and many other facilities. Page 189 ENGINEERS CLUB OFFICERS Presidenl Vice-president Secretarj . . . Treasurer . . Sponsor . Sponsor Sponsor . . . Clint Atkins . . Gene Hani: Bob Lamm aw . . Bill ( Iagle . . L. A. Comp . . L. s. Kkii. . J. V. Keeley The Engii rs Club is one of the largest clubs on the campus. Every studenl who is regularly enrolled in the lollege of Engineering is a tnembei of the club. Within the club, ;i quasi-legislative body ex- ists, which is known as the St. Pat ' s Council. The purpose of the Council is to coordinate all activities within the College of Engineer- ing. Membership of the council is as broad as the territory embraced by the club; there is a member of the council from each of the engi- neering organizations. Other members are the editor and business manager of the Sooner Shamrock magazine, and the chairmen in charge of the celebration activities. The official publication of the College of Engineering is the Sooner Shamrock, published four times a year. Drive and aggressiveness of the editor, business and circulation managers this year have resulted in an increase in circulation which approached the order of 50 percent over previous years. Circulation this year is expected to hit a peak of 2500 copies. The principal activities sponsored by the Engineers Club are spring and fall picnics and the annual celebration each spring in honor of St. Patrick. St. Patrick, of course, is the patron saint of all engineers. Traditionally, the celebration consists of a week ' s activities highlight- ed by the student newspaper appearing on shamrock green paper, a banquet, variety stage show and the all-important dance. At the dance, the Queen is crowned and the identity of the student " St. Pat - ' is revealed. First row, h ft to right: Hill B. Cagle, Gene Bane, Art O ' Toole, A. C. Atkins, R. W. A. Laidlaw. Second row: Dwayne Godsey, Richard C. Alden, Robert I . Meyer, Bill Casteel, Rabey Funk, I.. Griffith. Third row: Jim Loonier, Tom McDuffie, Sherman Creson, Paul Moore, Charles Bare. f Page 190 I Neva Raye Chesnutt, Queen of the Engii ENGINEERS WEEK Engii ring Queen, Neva Raye Chesnutt, with St. Pat, Robert Laidlaw 1 audidates, Donna Rae Robinson, Neva Raye Chesnutt, Melody Starks, Donna Bryant, and s.-illv Muele ,- W ' First row, left to right: Don Lane, Jack Brooks, Mary Lou Stubbeman, Margaret Long, Aon Avery, George Odom, Dick Smit Second row: Bill Crawford, Sandra Cohen, •!.- Hoist, Patti Patton, Maxine McDuff, Koehler Thomas, Caroline Clark. UNION ACTIVITIES BOARD Like the similar service presented by the familiar tower timepiece, the Union offers a ' round the clock, ' round the year program of activities for the stu- dents nf Soonerland. The UAB, ably administered l Mary Lou Stubbeman, Union Activities Director, ignited the ' 52- ' 53 university year with the second annual College of Unionology — clowns and all. Anno Averj presided over the Board, assisted by Margarel I. hum, vice-president; Dick Smith, secre- tary; and George Odom, treasurer. Then came Homecoming and the Barber Shop Quartel contests, with the hustle and hustle of Christmas decorating si stags and Stubby! Hard working I ' AIi members take tint foi ;, eoke-and-coffee break In the Union fountain room. eiimine ' to greet the winter season. Dance lessons. style shows, and mixers and coffee hours filled in the gaps. Over the winter vacations stalwart Sooners packed up their gear and picked up their earmuffs For the I ' AIi ski trip to Aspen, Colorado. When the snow had finally subsided and the fearful finals of January had slipped up on the campus, OU under- grads took advantage of the early-morning coffee bracers and study-conducive lounges. Margarel Long took over the UAB reins at mid- semester, ( ' lose at hand were vice-president Patti Patton, secretary George Odom, and treasurer Jack Brooks. Tournaments, bridge and billiards, lined up participants in the game room and pine room. For- eign and American film classics packed .Mcachani auditorium for the famous flickers. And Sooner Scandals and Now or Never Week caught the cam- pus ' collective eye as .March was ushered in. .More dances and parties, too. Finally, organized Ionises sprayed their ihroats for the traditional I ' AII I ' m versity Sing. And then " Stubby " and activities secretary. Margarel Ann Rankin, breathed a sigh as the clock completed its circumnavigation readied I liemselves for I he next round. on none .lust f :ill those I r. dances throughoul the year. This one, .-i Wednesday night Sooner Shag in the fountain room. The Soonerettes . . . One of the main events :it the " Sooner Si a ndals. With " oohs " and " ahs " admiring the shiny University Sing trophy are Pat Delaney, Pritzie Sloan, Bettj I lahlgren, and I laroline i !lai Ice. Nope, in ' i a gambling room on .-i Mississippi steamboat. It ' s a from the Intercollegiate Bridge Tournamenl preliminaries. ( ' ciol .-is cucumbers, forty sis Sooncrs pause for a picture during tin- Aspen ski trip. fefi - r v-t I c c A l-irsi row, left to right: Larry B. Flood, Jerry G. Mrazek, James D. Martin, A. Richard King, Noda A. Bettis, Donald 1 . Davis, Jack H.Esslinger, Tom W. Thurston, Tom J. Mahone, Vern J. Th pson, James W. Heston, John F. Williams, Mary ;. Pox, William I.. Powell, Jr., Joann M. Edgerton, Mary (i. LaFon, Frances A. Fish, Benjamin F. Williams. Second row: I nard A. Dalquest, Dick Cranford, Wanda I.. May, David F. Haskins, Paye .1. Goldfield, Stacy Hall, Mary .1. Hair, Bob Howard Rieheson, Qarilee Shields, Edwin Zellner, Kay Schultz, Joan Finkenbinder, Pal Wilson, Mary F. Pannell, « Jarlton Borei Nash, I ' at A. Hudson, Mary A. McKennon, Jim Swain. Third row: Doyle Hastings, Ed Harris, Sara Hawkins, Mary .1. Van. liver, Lequita F. Somerville, Evelyn L. Edgar, Nancy F. F Mary A. Walton, Raymond C. Howery, Kenneth F. McKinzey, Richard Jacobi, Leon Bell, James II. Haupe, Rex Lawson, K. Davis, Peggy Rogers, James R. McGirt, L. Howard .lacks, Wayne L. Parker, Joan Woodruff, Franklin Dorman, Gary (iarv I. level. Hill Holberg, (Jenrjre Thomas. UNIVERSITY BANDS .... ranklin, Vernon Hughes, From 16 men in 1903, to its present size of 150, the " Pride of Oklahoma " has grown to be one of the outstanding college bands in the nation. The Oklahoma University Bands arc composed of two basic units — the Concert Band, which maintains a well-balanced instrumentation of selected per- formers, and the Varsity Band, which serves as a training group Eor inexperienced players and as a feeder unit for the Concerl Band. Both hands func- tion as concerl organizations, each performing pub- licly in the interests of musical culture and enter- tainment. The Concerl Band annually presents a Mid-Winter concert on the OU campus, several con- certs " ii spring tour, ami shares with the Varsity in The Pride of Oklahoma forms a " Trumpet ' Y O e • • • presenting a series of outdoor twilight concerts in the spring. All regularly enrolled students in the university arc eligible for membership in the University Bands. The " Pride of Oklahoma " Marching Band is made up of the combined Concerl and Varsity Bands. It functions only during ' football season, performing at all home games and accompanying the team on some out-of-town trips. This band has won high acclaim for its display of precision and beauty in gridiron pageantry. Outstanding of the lSf)! ' home game shows for half-time ceremonies were " Say li With Music " and " Movietime, U.S.A. " " Say ll With .Music " was presented during the Oklahoma-Kansas State game. This was our annual Band Day, and the show was dedicated to the visit- ing llighsehool Hands of Oklahoma. In this show, the band formed the outline of I he musical instru- ments: a trombone, a violin, a piano, and a trumpet. Music for these formal ions was " LasSUS Trombone. " " Play Kiddle Play, " excerpts from the " Warsaw Concerto, " and " Sugar Blues. " for the Oklahoma-Nebraska game, the OU band presented " Movietime, U.S.A. " in keeping with the homecoming theme, This show was a salute to the movie industry and featured the band in an uni brella formal ion playing " Singing in the Rain " ; a formation of the shield of Quo Vadis playing ex cerpts from the movie production of thai name: a piiiiikin which turned into a coach recalled Wall Page 194 }r m is ■ U 1 4 » i ii 1 1 i " V Ma Fourth row: Leonard Craghead, David Peixotto, Doth Dozier, Lawdis Gandy, Maurice Jones, Ronald Coleman, Ji ■ l, Strange, Richard S. Watts, Phillip T. Riley, Forney Sandlin, W.Jack Alder, F. Lloyd Rawley, Paul A. Goddard, Jim Snavely, John Mitchell, Jerry Dixon, Don Gammon, Myra J. M , Dick A. Sellers, Ray nd I Carter, Richard li. White, J. Larry Smith, Harry Day, Max Edgar, Richard Peltier, Dewey Buck, James A. Ronald Dyke. Fifth row: Leacil L. Wilfong, Richard E. Miley, Paul Houk, Mary L. Childs, Bryce Hill, Jim Ledbetter, Monta Smi Joe Remaklus, Bob A. Churchwell, I Watts, Larry Maddin, Bill N. Scott, Edward Gregory, Don Coe, Joe I.. Veal, Charles Liegerot, Ji s R. Jamieson Joe I ' . Lowe, Patsy Pannell, Bill Pair, Robert Benny, Joyclee Gallagher, Carl McGee, Richard Andes, Jacque Hollman. Sixth row: Stan Warmbrodt, Jim Raines, Shirley Wolfenberger, James smith. - E. fare} . .1 immy Slate 1, Chi ill,- D. ,. Roi Iff rs, ! ,,» If. . Pari ey, V i - ( :i ill, nli. M ill ' , B . Short, . Rusa ■II II arry K. Davi ,1s, Ml. 1 R. The Pride of Oklahoma Disney ' s " Cinderella " ; a formation of the Eiffel Tower, with music from George Gershwin ' s " An American in Paris. " Highlight of tli« ' 1952 football season I ' m- the band. u;is the trip in Smith Bend, Indiana, for the Okla homa-Notre Dame game. The band traveled to South Bend by special train, staying overnight in Chicagi after tin 1 game. Funds Tor this trip were raised through the efforts of Kappa Kappa Psi, national honorary band fraternity. Football fans throughout the Southwest area were generous in their contribu- tions to tin ' " On to Notre 1 ; " club, ami enough mi y was raised to provide the University Kami with this wonderful trip. The annual Band Ball ami Kami Banquel were the outstanding social oven is of the year for i he Oil Kami. Each year at the Kami Kail, a girl is chosen who will reign as Band Queen for a year. Peggj Rogers, Alpha Delia Pi sorority member ami member of the OU Kami was chosen as queen for the calendar year 1952. .Mary Ann Walton, a Nor- man resident ami a member of t In ' ( " Concert Kami was chosen 1953 Band Queen. At the annual Band Banquet, band letters ami sweaters are awarded to Bandsmen for participation in all band act i it ies. Leonard II. Haug, conductor, Albert H. Fitzgerrel, assistant conductor, ami Jim Swain, drum major w.-i-c responsible for the planning ami production oi the 1952 half tune shows. Swain. Oklahoma Crh senior, deserves much of the creilit I ' m- producing the half-time pageants, lie is past president of Kappa Kappa I ' si. ami is a I ' mi cert Kami bassoonist. This was Swain ' s third year as drum-major of the " Pride of Oklahoma " . Kami officers for the year were Vernon Davis, president; Lawdis Gandy, vice-president; Peggj Rogers, secretary; ami Howard Nash, treasurer. Members of the Kami executive council were Tom Thurston, senior councilman ; Richard Andes, junioi councilman; Larry Flood, sophomore councilman; •loan Pinkenbinder, freshman councilman, all repre- senting the Concert Kami. Alary Ann Walton ami Sue De Priest represented the Varsity Band. and then s " T ibone " for " Say It with Musi, ' Page 195 vj • UNIVERSITY CHORAL GROUPS n Deserve Their Reputation For Quality MEN ' S GLEE CLUB Fir at " " •. left to right: Carolyn Starkey, Accompanist, Clin r lea Liegerot, l :i i.| Dickenson, Charles Nelson, Lionel Turner, Roj T. Bogan, Roj II. Britton, Charles Trudgeon, Jim McMntl), Louis B. Isaacson, Jr., Maynard I.. Howard, Dennis Leadbetter, Clark Jones, Jiniell Badry, •! " •■ Nelson, Second row: Chester Francis, Director, Don Camp, Keith Reid, Roberl K. Lewis, Jerrj l;. Langenkamp, Jim Harmon, Jim Oreenshields, Buryle Shafer, Jr., I inn Mnssnd, .1: s II (loupe, Jerrj R iners, Jim Newc b, Charles Asfahl, I n rou ' .- Harold Hnxton, Joe Gill Lessert, Jerrj Bulla rd, Wnltei Malone, King Price, Lynn Vowell, Marvin It. Porter, Tom Morris, I.. K. Smith, Stan Muenzler, David Hemphill, George Gil Rodnej LaRenn. Fourth " » ■ : Don Carter, Philip II Jack Close, Hnrrj Wright, Ni il Vaughn, Lnwrence Smith, Jacque Hollmnn, I »;i i l Peixotto, Jack Shaw, Donald Meyer, I ■■ ■ Blackwood. The Men ' s Glee Club, under the direction of Ches ter It. Francis, is without a doubl one of the mosl popular musical organizations in the state of Okla- homa. Requests for their performances reach the University a1 8 rate of one to five each week. ( i r two quartets are selected from this men ' s organization, and like the Men ' s filer Club, these groups are likewise in popular demand. They are often performing Eor meetings ln-l I throughout the state. Often they travel many miles to appear at Mich meetings. The quartets also presenl special numbers during the performances of the .Men ' s Glee ( ' lull as they appeal ' throughoul the state. ' These groups deserve the reputation they have Imilt. Long hours of practice ami rehearsal have horn the fruit of quality. Y MEN ' S CHORAL CLUB row, left ' " right: Billie Mitchell, La uretta Brannon, Janis Brothe, Marilyn Cdema, Marjorie utrey, Bettj Stevenson, Carolyn Traugh, Paula Kennedy, Peggy Sorey, Erlene MacClain, Harriet Fleer. Second row: Novalyn Graham, Beverly Armor, Doris Jenkins, Myrna I.. Compton, Mettie I!. Carter, Mary I.. Rimmer, Georgetta Killingsworth, LaDonna Edwards, Jo: Johnson, Theresa McCall, Ruth Allen. Dorothy Davis. Third row: Mary .lime Goins, Maxie Grace, Gladys K. Wilson, Louise Hoodenpyl, Sue Ana Carman, Blaine Tautfest, Dorothy Delaplain, Jamae I ' .ullis. Ann Bowman, Pat Echols, Joan Weber, Anna K. Harris, Nancy VanDyne. Fourth row: Nadine Walters, PhylUs Jarvis, Myra I.. Hutchins, JoAnn Roberts, Marjorye McVicker, Carolynne Howell, Martha Ann Benning, Lou Ann Duke, Wilda Kiel. I. Nancy Shelton, Mary K. Graham, Barbara Lee White, Corinna .1. Hillery. The Women ' s Choral (lull is open to any young lady in the University of Oklahoma who desires to try out. ' This club sings in ami about Norman. Bach year an annual tour by this group covers a portion of the state. The Women ' s Choral Club presents two concerts on the I ' inversity campus as part of the j ear ' s musical activities. From tlie Women ' s Choral ( ' lull six young ladies are selected to appear in separate programs ami separate performances. During the annual state tour in the spring these six p-irls sing a special group of songs on t he program. The University of Oklahoma is proud, and justly so. of the young ladies who put forth their time and effort that this group, The Women ' s Choral ( ' luh. migbl sine-. UNIVERSITY CHOIR ■ ' , ft to right : Noweta Lewis, Carlene Claxton, Helenc Harris, Helen Hyde Harding, Elsie Porter, Jerry Langenkamp, Glenn Kezer, Bettj Dahlgren, Helen Chandler, Elaine Fulton, Margaret Wilson, Martha A. Benning. Second row: Mary Kline, Ann i ' . Cox, lint. Baxter, Don Finch, Garj Shoemaker, Jerry Brown, Ipollo Schierling, Bill Howell, Sam Hemphill, James II. Houpe, Lucj Tolbert, Jane Quaid. Thirdrow: Mary E. Burleson, Joyce G ge, Mario Rivero, John Long, Norman S lerland, Patrick Dolley, Dick Smith, Joe Shaw, Leonard J. Moi II. Naron, Bob Webb, Carol Bar( Erlene McClain, Mary E. McDaniel, Petty Jordan. Fourth rou : Dean A. Mason, Margaret Babcock, Margaret S. Thomas, Marj S. Cape, LaVeta Wood, Dan Davis, David Tarpenning, Jim Linde man, Bill Humphreys, Tom Mason, Bill Lea, I laud Kezer, Luella Humphreys, Luann Branch, Irene Bullard, Billie J. Cape, Sandra Swan, Janis Rho The University Choir is composed of young men ami women, on the campus, who like to sing. Bach year the choir presents concerts during the holiday seasons, Christmas and Master, and other special occasions held during i he j ear. This year the Choir represented the University when it appeared on a program over the .Mutual Broadcasting System. Further recognition was ac- corded the Choir when the group sane ' with the Oklahoma City Symphony, under the direction of tiu Frazier I larrison. Page 197 AIR KNOCKERS ALPHA PHI OMEGA ft » ° - a r n ft » Page 198 Maintain 0. 1, s Aeronautical Skills OKKICKKS I ader the sponsorship of Mr Joe Coulter, the Air Knockers Club was organized in H ' lT. for the purposes of maintaining proficiencj and increasing the aeronautical knowledge of the aviation students al the University of Oklahoma. The club now includes nol only students in the pilot training program, Imt those interested in aviation in general. The club meets two nights a month at Max Westheimer Field to plan Presidenl . . . Howard Keith trips iiinl picnics, to enjoj films and guest speakers, and to make plans ice-presidenl . Don Bibchi u Eor yearly air meets with other schools Secretary . Jodi Newman This year a Tri-Club air meel was held in Norman, with competition Treasurer Jodi Newman among the Flying Aggies of A M, the Plying Progs of T. C. U. and Sponsor Joi Coulter the Air Knockers. The club was represented at the National fnter-collegiate Air Meet, held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in May. row, left ' " right: Barbara Wrobbel, Bob Loeffler, Peggy Rowley, Jodj Newman, Rike Wootten, Bill Singer, Tom Hughes, Jerry Henrietta, ( limli. Hurd. row: Bob Gilland, Howard Keith, Sandra Slavik, Dawson Ward, Conky Fisher, Dewey Neal, Cliarlie Ming, Johnny Badger, (mii. Inn Brown, Mary Sue Butler. Third row: Ed Whitney, Leo Cox, Bill Whitten, Charles Carter, Dan Gunn, Bobby Raupe, Sam Countryman, Howard Jones, I harlie Snowden. OFFICERS President .... Kent K gi r Promotes College Scouting Ideals In ] ' J4 ' 2 a group of service minded former scouts organized on the OU campus the Delta Beta chapter of national Alpha l ' hi (mega. The purpose »as. and still is. to " promote scouting ideals on the college level. " It stands todaj as the only fraternity on the campus devoted entirelj to service. Serving the community, APO lias assisted Local scoul activities, collected food, clothing, and other donations Eor needy people, and assisted in the Norman Zouth Drive. Serving the Univer- sity, APO has conducted many campus wide .■lections (UGOC), Stu- Vice-president . 0. A. Thomas dmt Senate, Senior class ISA. and Homecoming Queen), assisted in Secretary . . Dan Blankenship the Dad ' s Day and Band Day activities, guided campus tours Eor vis- Treasurer . Scottv Coffman iting groups, and operated the Inst and Eound office. Sponsor Dr -l T Self Service, however, is nol only aspect of APO. In order to promote fellowship among its members, the organization holds an annual Kickanic and other seasonal social events. Membership in APO is open tn men who have Keen Boy Scouts, no matter what rank. First row, U ft to right: Harold Long, C. L. Strance, P. D. Cavanaugh, Dan Blankenship, 0. . Thomas, Kent Kyger, Buddj Ferguson, Douglas Jones, Th lore tshibashi, Tl as Winton, hen Main, Donald I., ink. Second row: Eddie Nowlin, Roberl Black, Russell Pfeely, Dan Davis, Jim Jordan, Don Wells, Geral Mongol, Harold Dean, Mat II. W I, Jr., Nick Fox, John Arm. 1. 1, Jr., Joseph M. Partridge, Richard Hall, Bill C. Spann, Howard L. Nash, Harrell F. Followell, Jim Arnold, Mickej B Frank C. Miller. Richard Harkins, Richard Seba, James Condreay, Austin Bell. Fourth row: Roberl Cavins, Ji - Kelm, Ralph Wall, Bldon Budnick, Gary Williams, Jerry Turner, Roberl L. Chapman, W. Thomas Stephens, John R Borden, Josi ph . Beveridge, Buddy Lollar, Tex Reiter. Phil I i as rio Page 199 JUNIOR INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL . . JUNIOR PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL . . . . Page 200 . Molds Greek Pledges Into Unity Great strides were made in expanding the scope and activities of the Junior Inter-Fraternity Council during 1953. The Council was organ ized in 1947 For tl xpressed purpose of prim mi ing cooperal ion among the pledge classes and advising the Inter Fraternitj Council about () ] " y ( ]•] |{ s; problems of pledge life. During the past year the council under the able directii f Sher- President Sherman Coi i man Coffman formulated a positive program to promote friendly rela- Viae President l)w li ri tions among .ill students on • .■ 1 1 n | 1 1 . The organizal ion also sought new methods of encouraging graduating high school seniors in attend the University. Plans were made I ' m ' a team of speakers in tour the state and provide helpful information for students planning to attend the Sponsor Dr. Jodie Smith University. Pledge scholarship was also a major concern of the organ ization and tin ' animal scholarship cup «as presented in the pledge, das-, claiming tin 1 highest grade average. Secretary . . . . Don Si ngi r Treasurer .... John Deen First rote, left to right: Phillip Kuepker, Howard Krantz, Pepper Haraway, Paul Coates, Neil Stewart, Bob Mackay, Jerry Sans, Don Treece, George E. Ward. Second . ' " »■: Loren Jorgensen, John Tinsleyj John Connery, John Deen, Don Singer, Sherman Coff man, Dan McNatt, Clarence ■. Smith, Jr., Larry Futerfas, ■ ' ge Arrington, Conrad Keesee. Third How: Joe Cook, Harrison Hayes, Raymond Hutchinson, John Barnhill, Hill Arrington, Dan Leininger, Forney Sandlin, Jim Miskovsky, Terry Collier, Grand villr c. Northern, Burl Lewis Culp, Eugene li. Cheatham, John Edwards, Hill Massad, Bob Schick, Bob Schwartz. . . . . Solves Many Problems of Pledging The Junior Pan-Hellenic Association was founded on the OTJ cam- pus in 1944. Tin ' purpose of the organization is to serve as a forum for the discussion of matters common in the various pledge classes and in make recommendations to Pan Hellenic Council concerning these matters, it also promotes friendliness ami cooperation among the OFFICER S pledge classes. Voting members of the association ennsisi of each sorority pledge President . . . Mari S. Capi president, a regular representative, and an alternating delegate for Vice-President Jacque Orr each meeting. The offices of president, vice-president, secretary, ami „ ., .. 1 ' Secretary . . Pauline K vtzman treasurer arc served by the pledge presidents of all the sororities m .i i c e l- .1 ' i- ■ ■• , ,i i i Treasurer . Jacqueline Bennett the order ot founding on the I niversity ot Oklahoma campus. This year the group has conducted a survej among pledges on Sponsor . Miss Dorothi Iruex improvements in rushing procedures, open-houses for pledges, campus for finals ami pledge training. A donation of $40.00 was made to the Campus Chesl and a plaque was awarded to the pledge class with the highest grades each semester. . ' hi: Jacque Bennett, Paulim ECatzman, Miss Dorothy Truex, Sponsor, Mary S. Cape, Jacque Orr, Seoond row: Barbara Kulin, Elizabeth Harsh, Marilyn Rhodes, Charlotte Csom, Neva R. l liesnutt, Norma Renegar. Third row : Mary II. Patrick, Gretchen Graening, JoAnni Bernarde, Loretta Wolff, l aroline Sternickj. Page 201 The Accounting Club first row, left to right: Robert II. Vanderburg, G. II. Benson, c. B. Bolmes, B. I.. Billups, Dsuj Bjeletieh, Marilyn Gardner, V, I.. Anl.l. George T. Odom, W. C. McGrew, Sponsor, Lovick B. Mitchell, II ei L. Wiggs, Bill Lockhart, William V. West. Omer ;. Stephenson, Allan Ephraim. Secoiid row: Joseph M. Partridge, Bob Hami s, Garold M. Bowlby, Bill McFall, I.iiiilsrv Crow, E. Bay Price, Robert Parks, Rhea W. Dugan, Charles T. Ray, CaJvin E. Webb, Lawrence F. Smith, Gordon w Page, Eugene ' . Wright, Michael I.. McGee, James E. Goetzinger, John Eagleton. Third row: J. If. Jamieson, Billy Sanders, J. W. Conrad, Ruben ' . Cornelius, Jimmy Prance, Gilbert 1.. Turner, David E. Choate, Charles M. W.iss. Sam Tannenbaum, M. Dale ll.-ntz. Harold E. Renner, Murray M. Holcomb, Harold I.. Simonson, Joe I.. Dwigans. ( fficers were : V. L. Auld, president ; teorge Idom, vice-president; Marilyn Gardner, secret ary; Dan Bjeletieh, treasurer; and Prof. William ;. McGrew, sponsor. The Accounting Club was organized on the campus in 1930 to bring about closer relationships of accounting majors and to promote high standards of integrity and proficiency in accounting. " n ft Q n Alpha Delta Sigma First row, left to right: .1. M. Poynor, Jim Pate, Pred Cook, B Rii Jerrj McGrew, Marshall Bateman, Ray Hu.-k ley, Wes Whitlock. Spco kI row: Donald Reece, Gary MeCalla, Gem Garner, Bob Cortner, Bob Newton, Robert Herring, Larry Spillman, Joe Remaklus, Bob Harston, Mitch famagata. Mil ii- Price, Jerrj Mack, Richard Queebles, Dale Colbert, Albert L. Welsh, Warren Jordan, Jim Poglesong, Ted Phillips, Dick James, Jim Graalman, Don Birchum. Iffieers for t he lirst semest if Alpha D. ' lta Siema were: J. M. Poynor, president; James Pate, vice- president; Pred Cook, secretary; Jerry McGrew, treasurer; Hay Buckley, corresponding secretary; Marshall Bateman. alumni secretary; Bob Harston, parliamentarian, and Leslie II. Rice, sponsor. Alpha Delia Sigma, national professional advertising frater- nity for men. brings together men of a common inter- est to contribute to the advancement of advertising ideals and standards. Each semester an outstanding service key is awarded for service to the fraternity. .1. .Al. Povnor won the award for the first semester. Page 202 Alpha Epsilon Rho ,,„■. left ' right: Bherman P. Lawton, Alice A. Silvei thorn, . ' t ' .iii Weeks, Mik ' - Treps, Harry M. Lyle. S row: :ml Madviae, Harrj J. Wiest, Jr., [van Odea, Sandr.i Cohen, Dennis Brown, Vernon Enlow. Officers of Alpha Epsilon Rho were: Dennis Brown, president ; Lila Weeks, vice presidenl ; Jim Randolph, serivt, n ; . 1 1 1 I Dr. siicriiui n P, Lawton, Sponsor. Alpha Epsilon Rho is the national honorary fraternitj for outstanding students and members of the radio miuI television industry. Tl (standing members of the industrj are members of the fraternity, and t;ik ' - .-in active interesl in its activities. The Norman chap- ter, one nt the leading in the country, takes the lead in studenl activities in the radio and television field. Alpha Lambda Delta ,.,;,-, itft in right: Margaret Shoemaker, Carole Brown, Lou Taudy, Janel Baird, Kay Schultz, Peggy C. Devonshire, Sponsor. Second row: Ann Dinwiddie, Janet Glasgow, Vir ginia Vancil, Mary W. Whitaker, Jane Given, Marlene Raskin, Alice Ann Silverthorn. ZTitrd row: Betty Dolman, Sandra Swan, Sylvia Egelston, Darlene Overly, Marie E. Hill, Kay Conner, Kaj Vdams. Fourth row: Marj Peterson, Sue Thorn Bon, Marilyn Miller, Marj C. Morris, Nancy Kennedy, Audrey Posej . Officers were: -I ;i n.-t Baird, president: Kay Schulz, vice-president; Louise Tandy, secretary; Margaret E. Wilson, treasurer; and .Mrs. Peggy Devonshire, Sponsor. The purpose of this society sluill be to promote in- telligent living and a high standard of learning, and tn encourage superior scholastic attainment among the freshman women in our institution of higher leai n iii " :. Alpha Lambda Delta takes part in Mortar Board walkouts and also in pledging and initiating freshman women who have reached the scholastic standards oi Alpha Lambda Delta. Page 203 L. R. 0. T. n i 330.131 U 3 3i-: ' 31 315 320 322 r 323 321 % $ MORTARBOARD Page 204 Guides Engineers Through Secrecy The Loyal Knights of Old Trusty was Founded in 1920 on the cam pus of Oklahoma University. Tl ganization had ten charter mem- bers who banded together thai year to form this secrel society. Since thai time it-- membership has grown to over 300. The organization has ih in purpose the promotion of all engineering activities here on the campus and is proud of the pari it has played in helping to make them ;i success. Active membership ends in this organization after a period of two years. Names of the officers and members are kepi secrel while they are on active duty, and then public announcemenl is made by a name plate on the LKOT plaque in the hall of the Engineering Building. The members of LKOT are selected on the all around basis of leader- ship in the School of Engineering, and willing active interesl in en- gineering activities. The mosl familiar tradition of the organization is the firing of " l l Trusty " on the morning of March seventeenth. This activity serves as a salute to Sainl Patrick, the patron saint of all engineers, and ;tls i helps to starl the engineering celebration each spring. Promotes Scholarship, Leadership The fourteen members of Mortar Board, I orary organization for senior women, spent an active year. September marked the occasion ■ it ' the annual walkoul for all University w n. The traditional lantern lit parade ended with the presentation of scholarship awards tn the organized houses and the announcemenl of the ten ut- standing freshman women of last year. The high point of the evening was awarded to Peggy Wilson as last year ' s must outstanding fresh- man woman. wl ami Triangle Chapter ' s nexl project was to conduct an activi- ties panel iii the dorms for freshmen women. In November the annual alumnae breakfast was held on the morning of Homecoming with Mortar Board alums from 1915 to 1952 present. In December three actives and .Miss Trues attended the area conference in Stillwater along with members from Arkansas. Tulsa, and Oklahoma A. M. With the help ol the University and AAI ' W chapters, Mortar Board mem bers traveled over the state encouraging high school girls to attend college and presenting certificates to those with high scholarship. I n keeping with its goals of scholarship, leadership, and service. Owl and Triangle Chapter rounded ou1 the year ' s activities with the tap ping and initiating ceremonies for the new members whu will wear next ear ' s cap and gOW i is. OFFICERS Presidenl . Ruth A. Tyli r Vice-presidenl Mar ' s Secretary .... Grace Brett Treasurer . . Nam 1 1 1 - Sponsor .Miss Dorothy Truex Sponsor Mrs. A. I. Ortenburger Sponsor Miss I !i n E ins Sponsor . Miss Mar ' s A. Warren row, left loright: Xancy Hintze, Gi - Brett, Ruth A. Tyler, Mary Kline, Marilyn Eitzcn, Ann Richni Second row: Charlene Da P. Oden, .Tudj Ryder, Patti Patton, Jo Clough, Bettj Kurilko, Marj Vbbott. Misa B n li. Evans, Mrs. Roberta Ortenburger, Miss Marj A. Warren, Miss | thy Truex. Page 205 NEWMAN CLUB 5 I PE-ET Page 206 Deepens Catholic Spiritual Life Officers for the second semester were: Don Hawiger, president; Janet Hufeisen, Religious Chairman; Don Meyer, [ntellectual Chair ni.iii : Rudj Theisen, Social Chairman; Barbara Hanly, Secretary; I )on I, oil ner, Treasurer. This organizal named after the great I -!L 1 1 ;_;• 1 i - 1 1 educator ami con vert, John Henrj Cardinal Newman, was organized in deepen the spiritual and enrich the temporal lives of its members through a balanced program of ri-l ilt hm i- . intellectual, and social activities. Tin ' Newman Club of the University of Oklahoma is a member club df i he South Cenl ral Piw ince ami the national Federal inn of Newman Chilis. Membership is open to all Catholic Students ami all who are interested arc welcome to the meetings. The meetings are held mi alternate Thursdays a1 7:l " p.m., in the Newman Club House, 717 W. Boyd. Daily .Mass, nightly Rosary, ami a three day Retreat sponsored by the club arc held in .Mater Admirabilis, the Catholic students ' Chapel. .Masses Sunday are a1 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 ami 12:00. Coffee hour after 8:00 ami lii:iin Mass is held every Sunday. o i ik; i; r s Pn sidenl Secretary Treasu rer Sponsor M km s Meyer Marjorie A I I R] . . Don Meyer Miss Helen K i e Chaplain Father G. Alvin Hayes ow, left to right: Mike True. Donald Meyer. Marjorie Autrey, Marilyn Meyer, Philly Pennartz, Joan Fischer, Marie Newman, Janet Hufeisen, Don Leitner, JoAnne Loeffelholz. Second row: Jane J. Wyatt, Barbara Hanly, Teresa tJnzner, Marion Carter, Rita Kubik, Max Nichols, Rudj Theisen, Bob Williams, Jerry Glahn, Sue .lirik. Bob Schoelen. rote: Shirley Williams, Patricia Dierker, Mary E. Burleson, William E. Burr, Robert A. Stizza, I ' .ill J. Testa, A. D. Padron, Jo I ' .. Brininstool, Don P. Hadwiger, Mai Hanson. Provides Leadership Of The Future lV-et is the senior men s honor society. Chosen the preceding spring, its membership is limited to the ten top senior men on the basis of scholarship, activities, athletics, and university honors. IV-ct was founded in 1910, which makes it the oldest honorary organization on campus. The annual l ' e-ei Pow-wow is one of the highlights of freshman orientation week each fall. The meeting serves the dual purpose of acquainting freshman with tl rganization and perpetuating the principles ami culture of the Indian which symbolize Pe-et. Another service is the awarding oi certificates of merit to tl it standing highschool seniors in scholarship each year. Membership is one of the highest honors that can come to an OC student ami IV et members diligently work to remain worthy of the ideals ami dig-nil of t he society. OFFICERS President . W. 1 eVier Pierson Vice-president . Gerald Barton Secretary . . Richard Haynes Treasurer .... TOM DEN Sponsor Dean E i;i Snei d, Jr. First row, It ft to righi : Tom Oden, Eai I S id, Jr., S] sor, W. DeViei Pierson, Gerald Barton, Char] Second row: .1 " .- Youngbl I, Hugh Roff, Vietoi T. Hvolboll, A. C. Atkins, Dick Haynes Page 207 A. I. Chem. E. First row. left to right: Charlie Scheirman, John I. Tinsley, Joe Priou, Bill Casteel, I.. F. Albright, Jim I in, B. I.. Huntington, I.. S. Beid, 1. A. Eldils, Muheen Abdullah. Sec oiul rmi : John I ' . Class, Jr., Clifton C. Jennings, fioberl Kirk- land, A. J. Butler, Balph II. Pender, Gerald L. Glahn, Donald Poster, Bill Bichards, Bill Threadgill, Bob MeCollum. Third row: Buster Walters, Joe Merl ISfelson, Leroy D. Scovill, Al- pha J. Morse, Meredith B. Sheets, Jasper A. Brundege. Officers of A.I.Ch.E. were Jim Loomer, president; Joe Friou, vice-president; John .M. Tinsley, treasurer; Charlie Scheirman and Bob MeCollum, Openhouse chairmen; and Bill Casteel, St. Pat ' s representative. The student chapter of A.I.Ch.E. affords the members personal contacl with industry and its representatives. Interest in technical advances related to Chemical En- gineering is encouraged by guesl speakers prominenl in the engineering field. The objects of the Institute are the advancement of Chemical Engii ring in theory and practice and the maintenance of ;i high professional standard among its members. O C k4? . ■ y i d Ji A. I. E. E. ' row, left to right: Clyde Farrar, Mar) V Applegate, Richard Sch efei Bill Nailon, John Bolen, Owen Garriott, Sherman ' re on, Jane Varga, Paul Moore, J, Bruce Wiley, Kurt Strahlberg S rov Jose L. Roman, Justin NT, Bj ers, K. Dan Hardin, rthui R, Brune, Arthur E, Williams, Billy E. Mills, R03 V. Lulow, Marvin Bush, Kermil VanLeu I roa : Harrj E. Stovall, Lial Eddy, Robert Hart, Tin. in. 1 1 Billj R. Louder, James P. Lipp, Joe J. R i.iim , i;i 1 h n a. ( ' .-iIiIit. Foiti Hi row : I aid B. Daniel, Allan P. Bigley, Charlie B. Ball, Bill Cagle, Stanley R, Mitchell, An I D. Cosman, David A, Cindig, James E. Adams, Philip 0. Teter, Jr., Bill E. Dulaney. Officers were: 0. K . Garriott, Chairman; Sherman A. Creson, Vice-Chairman; Jane Varga, Secretary; Richard Schaefer, Treasurer; and J. B. Wiley. Sponsor. The purpose of the studenl branch of the A IKK.. iv to function ;is an organization auspices of the In stitute for aiding in the development of the latent abilities of students by affording opportunities for them tn carry on such activities ;is holding meetings, presenting and discussing papers, and participating in inspection trips to places of engineering interesl Page 208 A. S. Civil E. First row, Ii fi i,, right: Edward .1. Glendening, Pulton K Pears, Floyd « ' . Larson, Clayton W. Jackson, Walter T. Rith ardson, Dillard S. Hnmmett, David F. tola, Enrique R Mi dine, Ccsni N. Delgado. Second row: James Mnssey, I R. Forston, Gene M. Bane, Gary R. Mote, Louis B. Wolfenson, Robert G Gregory, Robert O. Bruton, Paul B. Graves. r«t ' r i roic: Ed Harber, Harrj Dinsmore, A. ( ' . Little, R03 Hnnn, Hanan Swiskay, Glenn D. ElBton, Carl W. Kemp, Arthui B Benson, John W. 1 twensb] . Officers were: Edward J. Glendening, president; Dillard S Hammett, vice-president; George R. Fors ton, secretary ; John W. Owensby, treasurer; and -I Raj Mai lock, Sponsor. The purpose of this chapter is i " afford an oppor iiiniiv for the members of the Civil Engineering classes in become acquainted, to promote a spinl of congeniality among them, to acquainl them with topics of interesl to Engineering students through the 1 Ii urn nf addresses by competenl speakers, and to Poster the developmenl of a professional spirit. 9 1- } o o r, h f: n « -v Q An A. S. M. E. First row, left to right: W. .1. Ewbank, D. Ii. Turkington Robert L. Carder, B anie Shultz, Jr., John II. Sorensen, Don aid J. Smith, Bill Ken ly, Richard C. Alden, John L. Baker, E. M. Sims, .1. II. Thomas, E. P. Dawson. Second row: Carl M. Pederson, Robert N Collins, Harry L. Smith, Joe Besl r, II .1. 11 v. ibrams, Ralph B. McClintock, David T. Geddi . Milton P. Keck, Jerrj A. Hale, Jim Murphy, Ri hard R. Gibb . K. Williams, II. L. Smith, L. K. Kirk. Third row: Jack Webb, Robert Bodner, D. E. Cox, Bobbj Roupe, 1 ' . M. Lees, ( rge W. Woods, John R. Borden, Thornton Blnnchard, Jr., ' I ' ll as P. MeDuffie, J. W. McDermott, D. Patrick Whelon, Harold 1 . 1 Donald A. Eichel. Officers were: John II. Sorensen, presidenl ; William J. Kennedy, vice-president; Donald J. Smith, secre tary; Bennie Schultz, Jr., treasurer; and l . B. Turk- ington, Sponsor. Membership in the Studenl Branch of the American Societj of Mechanic! Engineers is open in all students enrolled under approved engin eering curriculum. The objectives of this organiza- tion include broadening the students acquaintance with the practical side of engineering, keeping the studenl informed through the societj periodicals aboul engineering progress, developmenl of initiative, and i in in n ling professional contact. Page 209 J PETROLEUM ENGINEERS CLUB PHI DELTA CHI Page 210 Fosters Student-Engineer Relations (I FFICE Its The Petroleum Engineers Club, an organization boasting the largest active membership of any similar group on the OU campus, was or gamzed for the prime purpose of fostering a closer relationship be- tween the students and the men of the petroleum Industry, The club was iirsi formed in the fall of 1928 as the studenl chapter of the A.I.M.M.E. and fuuctio I as such until the fall of 1933. Dunn- thai term members, desiring greater freedom in pursue various extra- curricular activities, dissolved the chapter and reorganized as the President . . . Edwin B, Prier Petroleum Engineers Club. Vice-president Roberi I - ' . Joni - Throughout the school term regularly scheduled meetings are I n ■ 1 I Secretary Ralph II R --ii.i. and leading professional men of the petroleum industry are engaged Treasurer William c. Osbi rn in presenl lectures, tiling, etc., relative to the latest practical and tech nical developments of the petroleum industry. Professor Wilbur I- ' . Cloud has 1 □ sponsor ol the P. E. Club for twelve years. Ii is largely through his greal interesl and continued efforts in behalf of the I ' . E. students thai this organization lias become so well known and respected throughout the petroleum industry. First row, left to right: Bob Laidlaw, Talmadge Crowe, M. Hickey, Stanley Wong, G. Sedges, Victor Hvolboll. Second row: Otis Dallas, Charles Bare, R. Randle, Bill Liddell, Jim Bagley, T. Kujawski, Owen Smith, Wilberl Nielsen, Et. Sumner, J. Baxter, E. Ballmer. Third row: Ed Prier, Wilbur F. Cloud, Amu,- Warren, R. Mendez, II. Wiley, Clint Atkins, I ' .. Harrison, W. Hudson, George Cherry, eth I. vie. T. Sum merl in, Howard W. Benischek. Fourth row: Angelo Gross, I. ' . Fox, Ralph Russell, Freddy Levine, Charles Erbe. Bill Hardy, Carlos Melius, Bob Spottsw I. .1. Hendrix, Kirk Snouffer, K. Kleppinger, II. Joyner, Prank Lander, B. Drummond, M. Edgar, Wayne Fincher. Fifth row: Bill Hise, Jack McGinnis, Bert Griffith, li li Jones, O. Snow, Knox Davis, Alex Thomson, M. Kilik, .1. Hart, G. Daniel, K. Flowers, Russell Tidwell. Start row : .1. Northcutt, W. Snyder, J. McGee, C. Barton, John Rogers, Bill 08bnrn, Hectoi Mayorga, Jim Evans, W. Munch, J. Day, W. McMahon, Art ' Toole, Jo Brininstool, Rabey Funk. W. Wright. Sponsor . Wilbur I - ' . Iloud Advances The Science Of Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi is a national profesionaJ pharmacy fraternity, the olijeet of which is to advance the science of pharmacy and to foster and promote fraternal feelings and earnest cooperation among the members. In order to l ligible for pledgeship a studenl must be enrolled in the School of Pharmacy and maintain a satisfactory grade average. The fraternity was established at Ann Arbor, Michigan, in O F F I f ' F R K 1883, and now has 28 active chapters. The chapter was chartered at the University of Oklahoma in 1913, making it one of the oldesl profession- al fraternities on the can s. The chapter became inactive in 1942 President Earnest J. Harbeh because of the war. along with many other fraternities. The Kho Vice-presided Dan A. McKinnon chapter was reactivated in May, 1!I47. Phi Delta Chi fraternity limits Secretary . . Charles II. Davis its chapters to Colleges of Pharmacy holding membership in the Treasurer . . . -Inns Morris American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. Sponsor -I E Belcher Officers for the second semester were: Harold E. Garner, president ; Charles II. Davis, vice-president; .lames Dixon, secretary; Dan A. McKinnon, treasurer: James Holcomb, prelate: Kent Kyger, master at arms: ami Walter Sussman, inner guard. The new members initialed for the fall semester were: William Crisp, -lames E. Harrison. John L. Scheidemantel, and Walter Sussman. ■ row, left to right: Dan McKinnon, Harold Garner, J. E. Belcher, Ernie Harber, John Martin. Second row: Walter Sussman, Dean Baker, Grandrille Northern, Ronald Cook, John C. Morris, James E. Harrison, .Limes I.. Dixon. Page 211 PHI ETA SIGMA siijiiii RUF-NEKS n r o q Lp Page 212 _- Announces Leaders In Scholarship Phi Eta Sigma, the freshman men ' s scholastic fraternitj was organ i i ' il ,-ii the University of Illinois on May 22, 1923. The chapter a1 i l established in 1927 was the fourth of the 77 active chapters now mi college campuses throughoul the United States, To become a mem ber of Phi Eta Sigma, a freshman must carry al leasl 12 semester hours in which he makes a 1.0 average or 13 or more hours in which he makes a 3.5 or better. Eligibility covers, it ' essary, the entire freshman year. Those eligible for membership in Phi Eta Sigma average 3 to 5 percenl of t he freshman men. .Many outstanding upperclassmen had their beginning as members of l ' lii Eta Sigma and the mem bers are usually quite active in various other activities. Dr. M. L. Wardell is faculty advisor and also nation al historian. O I liC i : K s Presidenl . . Arnold K .i Vice-presideni . Don Roberts Secretary . . George Prj ntici Treasurer . . . Myron Pales Sponsor . . Dr. M. I. W vrdell l- ' r.- t row, U ft to right : Bob Mote, Don Kllis, Orvil Sawyer, Kenneth Starr, Mike Pybas, Bev Blackvi I. Prof. Lloyd Stow, James Box, Arnold Pagin, Charlie Jester, Jim Green, Dan Roberts. Second row: Larry LeVieux, Granl Fraaikenberg, Jim Williams, Myron Pales, Noel Williams, Jack Jennings, Phillip . Ronald Sternicki, Bill Rathbone, George Prentiss, Sam Tannebaum, John Rushing, Robert Weisbord, Harry McWilliams. Third r ni : Charlie Elder, T Adams, Harvey Kemp, Richard Botl ley, John Owen, David Cliance, Hardy Sumi s, Jack Dennis, Max Post, Dan Keller Allen Melton, Reed Nelson. Heighten Students ' School Spirit o k f i c: E R s Phyllis K Ruf Ni k u. ■. • 1 1 Presidenl Jim Ki i u Vice-president 1 " ri Si-ivf.y Secretary .... Jim Doutdit Treasurer .... Ki Nowlin Sponsor . Mr. Daniei C irdi n - The purpose of the Ruf-Nek pep club is to Eoster school spirit. In furthering this pur- pose the Ruf-Neks are instrumental in the planning and execution of pep rallies. The traditional " snake dance " leads the loyal students to the rally site. At each game the archway fori I by Ruf-Neks paddles wel comes t he team nn i he field. In the fall, Sooner spirit was spread, via the Ruf-Neks and their f;n in H is gun, t 1 Dallas, Notre Dame, and to Oklahoma A M. The Ruf- N ' . ' k president, with the gun, «as kidnaped bj Aggies for the A M game, bul revenge was partlj gained when the A M pep club presidenl losl his hair to Kelm in the traditional wager after the game ,hi: Chuck Bagley, Edward Penska, I Pearson, Pal Cavanaugh, Raj Feiock, Jim Kelm, Nanej Reeves, I Cook, Don Clark, I g Coffin, Hill Stine, Joe Partridge, Bill Mason. | row: Don West, Larrj Jackson, Raj Varner, Ed Nowlin, John Pox, John Duncan, Tom Miller, Kenneth Hill, Bob Vater, Gei aid Hendricks, Ted tshibashi, Buddj Hesse, Jessi Swift, Uau Sadler. Third row: Joe Snyder, Henrj Leonhardt, Abbott Nelson, Orlan Jones, Vance Ward, Dallas Laird, Walter Campb I ! Williams, Delmas Northcutt, Ted Phillips, Young Powell, Ed West. Page 213 Cross Center Council First row, left to right: Ed Wood, Counselor; Cecil Wilson, Robert E. I.. Talley, Edward J. Sheldon, Jr., Jerry G. Brown, James I. Miller, Jr., Counselor; Charles K. Dudley. Second row: James Roper, Harry illi.-mis, Denny Cresap, Raymond Pint, Dick McKown, Dick Sorenson, Dan R I, Jack Clinton, Officers were: Ed Sheldon, president ; Jerry Brown, vice-president ; Roberl E. L. Talley, secretary-treas- urer; and .lames I. Miller, Sponsor. The Cross Center Presidents Council was set up at the start of this year in serve as a representative and legislative body for residents of the new Cross Center. Made up of the president of the 16 houses, the Council during the first semester elected officers, obtained ratification of its const it nt ion and established laison with school officials to handle programs for Cross ( ' enter. The Council sponsored a dance during the dedication ceremonies at ( Iross ( ' enter. Delta Phi Delta First row, left to right: Marilyn Eitzen, Jane Hurst, R. W. Tomberlin, Jim Foglesong, J. Vincent Areilesi, Bill Parmer. Se cond row: Dorothj Kramer, Joyce Miller. Maxino McDuff, Ted Loliman, Caroline Clarke, Josephine Parrish, Ji .1 . Wyatt. Third rou ; Pat Casey, Phyl Lester, Andrea Rosaaen, Gen Jinimie Peschl, Barbara Spottswood, Sara W I. Officers were: Jim Foglesong, president; -lane I lurst. vice president; Marilyn Eitzen, secretary ; Jas- per Areilesi, treasurer; and K. V. Tomherlin. sponsor. Omega chapter of Delta Phi Delta was established in May, 1936, to become the 24th of II active chapters in the United states. Basic membership requirements are exceptional ability in art ami high scholastic average. Its aims are to promote, create, and stimulate art in- terests, to foster higher scholarship, to develop and recognize professional art interests and ability through the I ' nllilh magazine, exhibits, and personal contacts. Page 214 Delta Sigma Pi First " »■. left to n,il t : C. V. Glines, Dnle Hartz, Sam I.. Grimes, .hum ' - l. Murphy, rge T. Od rohn Eagleton. Peyton Jenness, Bob Aldridge, E. Raj Price. 8econd row: Joe L. Dwigans, Don Bjeletieh, Charles T. Ray, Robert I.. Mitchell, Calvin E. Webb, Billj I.. Billups, R. Donald Thoes, Robert P. Baughman, Third row: James E, Goetzinger, Dean li. Grew ell, John Bland, Alan J. Coldwell, Michael L. McGee, Sam Ganu. II. in i Leonhardt, .1 " .- Whistler. Officers were: George T. Odom, [lead Master ; James I . Land, Senior Warden ; Roberl A I Beverley, Scribe ; Dun I). Winn. Treasurer; and James M. Murphy, S| sur. Delta Sigma Pi is ;i professional business administration fraternity, It was founded for the purpose of fostering the study of business in universi tics, encouraging scholarship and leadership, and pro- [noting a closer affiliation between the business world and students of ci immerce, Disciple Student Fellowship First row, left to right: Kenneth McDowell, John Bohannon, Hill Duff, Mary W. Whitaker, Jerry Eirkpatrick, Lee Poyer, Hames, I.. II. Hames. Second rov : I Tuck, Opal Ma gee, Mary E. Pannell, Mary i. LaFon, Roberta Green, Ethel Smith, Otis Pox, Carol Lane, Charles Barnes. Third row: Fred Countryman, Bobbye Dean, Ferae Main, Joyce Miller, Dale Rosemarj Vinson, Wendell Harris, Phil Shaw, Ralph Goldberg, Rev. Raj Walla e, Cecil W I, Jr., Gary Williams Fourth row: Myron W Is, Arnold Black, Theron Potter, Man I.. Childs, I :m Davis, Harriet! Rutledge, Jim Barge, Betty I.. Rambo, Loretta Loki 3 . Joe Lowe. Officers of Disciple Student Fellowship are Lee Poyer, president; Jerry Kirkpatrick, vice-president; Marj W. Whitaker, secretary; Bill Duff, treasurer; and Leslie II. Hames, Jr., director of studenl work. Students al the University of Oklahoma who prefer the Christian Church have formed the Disciple stn- ili ' ni Fellowship. Such activities as discussion, Bible Study, crafts, music interesl groups, and a Sunday evening program are held in the nev Christian Stu- dent lenter, 51 I Elm. Page 215 SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON . . • • SIGMA TAU Page 216 Furthers Interest In Earth Sciences Gamma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, national Earth Sciences fraternity, was organized in 1915, shortly after Alpha Chapter al the Universitj of Kansas. There are now thirty-eighl active chapters. Members are chosen from the Schools of I leology, Geological Engin- O F F I ( K K S eering, and Petroleum Engineering on the basis of a scholarship, character, leadership, and breadth of interesl outside the classroom. The scholastic requirements are a 2.0 average in all courses taken in Presidenl Edward L. McCollough the two semesters prior to pledging. A minimum of fourteen I rs of Vice presidenl II vmilton Johnson geolog} i » i ii — . t have been completed. Lifetime honorary sponsor is Dr, ( ' . E. Decker, Research Professor Emeritus of Paleontology. Dr. K. Arbenz is the present active sponsor. The purpose of the fraternity is to further the scholastic, social and Corresponding Secretarj scientific interests of its members, and to make possible a national Eugene Bowman college society devoted i " the advancement of the Earth Sciences. Tin Compass, national magazine of the fraternity, is published quarterly during each University year and contains scientific as well as general information of all the chapters. Secretarj -Treasurer Morris Blumenthal Sponsor .... I r. K . Arbenz rote, left to right: Vernon It. McLamore, James I.. Morgan, Neely W. Kimbrough, George S. Woolley, Eugene Bowman, ilt. .ii U.Johnson, Ted McCollough, Richard A. Playter, Morris Blumenthal, Dearl T. Russell, William P. Gruman. Second row: M. Harold Patterson, W. Clyde Barton, Talmadge I.. Crowe, George L. Scott, I aid i. McCubbin, Hubert C. Skinner, George P. Dana, James W. Caylor, Billy G. Roberton, Pleas Stringer, Raj P. Dietrich, Gary A. McDaniel. Third row: Frank Conrad, Edwyn Riley, Dexter Brown, Wilfred J. Monk, Mitchell Bryski, David Vosburg, William Ventress, Ear] Smith, .lini Duck, Albert Allen. ' Rewards Attainments Of Engineers Sigma ' l ' au is starting its forty-ninth year furthering engineering education by encouraging practicality, sociability, and scholarship. The organization was founded February i ' i ' . 1904, by students of the Engi ring college of the University of Nebraska. The motives thai guided the founders sprang from a general desire to be of service to OFFICERS engineering education. The immediate objectives are the recognition and reward of personal attainments on the pari of engineering sin dents and the encouragement of fellowship among those in training for Presidenl Robert L. Spottswood tin- engineering profession. Qualifications for membership are based Vice-president . . Robert Jo upon scholarship, upper twenty per cenl of the senior class and upper , . tei r cenl of junior class, practicality, and sociability. The OU Secretary .... Jim loomer chapter was founded Maj 13, 1916, and is the oldest honorary engin- Treasurer . . Vic Hvolboll eering fraternity on the campus. There are now twentj eigbl active Sponsor -l Bruce Wi i chapters over the nation which have elected approximately 20,000 members. Officers for the spring semester are: Richard Alden; presi dent; Vic Hvolboll, vice-president; Bill Casteel, secretarj ; Joe Priou, treasurer, and Gerald Glahn, historian. Dwayne Godsey is St. Pat ' s Representative. First row, left to right : Victor Hvolboll, Dwayne E. G idsey, Robert P. Jones, Jim Loomer, Robert I.. Spottsw I, Wm. I.. Cary, Merl p. Cr :h, Paul A. Cushman, G. R. Maxson, Harold K. Bone. Second row: Ralph II. Russell, Marshall J. England, Richard R. Gibbs, Billj B. Bowen, Bill Osburn, . C. Vtkins, Bill Richards, Marvin Bush, Ralph B. McClintock. Third row: P. C. Morris, J. P. Brookes, lit ' ' . Bridwell, W. 8. Durham, Richard Elms, Wm. C. Hardy, C. B. Erbe, A. Robert Berger, George Carnahan, W. . M cMahon. Fourth Robert McCollum, Gerald L. Glahn, Bill Casteel, Richard C. Alden, Bill It. Cagle, Sherman A. Creson, E. Paul M Bennie Shultz, William R. Davis, If. V. James Page 217 TAl BETA PI YMCA-YWCA Page 218 Maintains High Engineering Scholarship Tan Beta Pi was founded ;it Lehigh University in 1885 and has grown to It the oldest and foremost scholastic organization for tech nical schools in the nation. Members of Tau Beta Pi are selected from the upper fifth of the Senior Class or the upper ■ i s - 1 1 1 1 1 of the Junior Class. Oklahoma Alpha, organized in P ' L ' ii. had the honor to be hosl chapter in the 47th National Convention of Tan Beta Pi, in October, 1952. This convention broughl over 150 delegates and visitors from 92 chapters to the campus for a four day conclave. Convention Co-Chair- men were Bill Hise and Edwin Jackson. Committee chairmen were Clint Atkins, Rudolph Buchwald, Dan Hardin, Joe Friou, Bob J s, Neil Haynes, Owen Garriott, and Charles Townsend. Officers for the Spring semester are: Han Hardin, president ; Ralph Russell, vice-president; Charles Bare, treasurer; E. P. Moore, record in- secretarj ; Gerald Glahn, corresponding secretary ; and Jon With- roM . i Jatalogeur. O F I ICER S Presidenl V ice president Secretary Treasure r . Sponsor . Bill I ' .. ' vgi i ( Ilint Atkins Neil Haynes Dan Hardin Prop. L. S. R ■ ' n-.vf row, !• ft to right : " harles L. Bare, .1. II. Tl as, A. X. Haynes, I.. S. Reid, Bill B. i lagle, Jane Varga, Ann. ' Warren, ( ' lint Atkins, Sherman Creson, Robert I " . Jones, F. C. Morris, K. I :m Hardin, Bill Richards. I row: John K. Borden, Bill Hise, Bill) B. Casteel, Marvin Bush, Wm. C. Osburn, Robert Kirkland, John P. Klass, Jr., Edison Summerlin, Wayne C. Fincher, Robert L. Spottswood, George Carnahan, Robert O. Black, Richard R. Gibbs, Marshall J. England, Victor T. Hvolboll. Third row: R. C. Bates, D. E. Logsdo i, W. E. Dole, Gerald I.. Glahn, Donald B. Daniel, Bennie Shultz, Jr., E. Paul Moore, Richard A. Elms, William R. Holden, Bill Montgomery, Glenn l . Elston, Ralph II. Russell, Owen K. Garriott, Jim Duck, Robert McCollum. Brings Unity To Christian Ideals " We unite in the desire to realize a full and creative life through a growing knowledge it ' God. We determine to have a part in making this life possible for all people. " In this task we seek to understand Jesus and follow Him. We welcome persons of all faiths and creeds who wanl to work for mutual understanding. " With Harry Keeton and .Marilyn McGehee leading, the Y.MCA- 5TWCA spent the past year learning to make the statement of purpose a living thing. In the traditional pattern of " worship, study, action " the V helped with Girl Scouts and Campfire Girls, worked at the Cerebral Palsy Institute, held worship programs, presented weekly radio programs, had two Freshman Clubs and an LJpperclass Club, part ieipati ' d in Religious Emphasis Week, initiated Help Week Proj- ects, and attended many retreats and conferen ces, .Martha Newell, Y W ' t A executive, was joined by a former OC student. Orion six. who became Y. I» ' A secretary in September. The YMt ' A YWCA is open to all students ;it the University of Oklahoma, and is the largest voluntarily-joined all student organization on campus, OFFICERS ) MCA IIakkn Keeton President George Haugeb Vice-presidenl David Guild Secretary l, lik MADDIN Treasurer ( Irion Six Sponsor YWCA Marili McGehi i President Marilyn Huntrj ss Vice-president Ruth Da i Secretary I ' .i ity L. Rambo Treasurer l m; riiA Newi i i Sponsor row, left to right: George Hauger, Marilyn Huntress, Bettj Lou Rambo, Orion Six, Harrj Keeton, Marilyn McGeliee, Martha Newell, Ruth Davis, David Guild. Second row: A I Alschuler, Jody Kelly, Pat M ■•. Marlene Miller. Marilyn Bitzen, Jim Poglesoug, Jaue Atkinson, Ji Given, Vivian Mnir. D:, i.| A. McPherren, Harrell Husted. Third row: Jim McClendon, Marilu Brown, Marilyn Miller. Mary Brickner, Sylvia Seay, Vita M. Levy, King . Price, Jeanette Mi Donald, Hartley Owens, Mary Kline. Jesse Bird. Page 219 Eta Epsilon row, left to right: Mary D. Smith, Pal Dierker, Jeanne Smith, Marialice .1 ■-. Marie Hill, Linda Delaplane, Mary Caudil. Second row: Betty Miller, Betty Kurilko, Rita Grunl nii ' ir, Nancy LeHew, ZenElIen Edmiaston, Helen Harrod, Vvonna Bnglund, Bonnie I e officers were Jeanne Smith, president; Marialice Jones, vice-presidenl ; Marie Hill, secretary-treasurer; and Mrs. Blaine Reynolds, sponsor. The purpose of Eta Epsilon is to provide experiences in effective • roup work, to interpret home economies to each oilier and to the public, and to understand and better pre- pare lor oil!- responsibility as homeniakers and citizens of the world today ami tomorrow. « i i . v: Eta Kappa Nu row, left i " right: Hill I ' .. Cagle, Owen K. Garriott, E Paul M e. Jane Varga, Sherman A. Creson, Marvin Bush, K. Dan Hardin. Secondrow: Kurt Strahlberg, Charles Towns ' ■. Eddie Jackson, .1. Bruce Wiley, Clyde I.. Parrar, Charles E. Harp. Officers of Eta Kappa ' u were Paul M ' e, presi- dent; Sherman ( ' reson. vice-president; Owen Oar riolt. secretary: Hill Cagle, treasurer; and Prof. Clyde I,. Parrar, sponsor. Eta Kappa ii Associa- tion was founded to bring together into closer union. wherebj mutual benefil may he derived, those in tin 1 profession of Electrical Engineering, who. by their attainments in college or in practice, have manifested a deep interest and marked ability in t heir chosen life work. Page 220 Gamma Alpha Chi First row, left to right: Mary II. Montgomery, Louise II leu pyl, Pal Sessions, Prof, John II. Casey, Dorothj Kramer, Mai tli.i Plummer, Sue Huser. Second row: Bonnie Allen, Marilyn Bitten, Dorothj Sartin, Maxine McDuff, Caroline Clarke, Vim Murrali, Dixie Onenl. Third row: Annette Conklin, Susan Am eringer, Bettj J. Recce, Rebecca Donovan, Laura Sanders, Officers t ' " i ' Gamma Alpha Chi were Pal Sessions, president; Martha Plummer, vice-president; Louise lloodenpyl, secretary; Dorothy Kramer, treasurer; ami Prof, John Casey, sponsor. Gamma Alpha ' lii i - ,-i national professional advertising fraternity for women, Ik major purpose is to acquaint its members with ;i working knowledge of advertising in the prac- tical field ;m l to provide contacts after graduation. ? £AA Industrial Arts Club First row, left to right: Lloyd E. Hight, Robert A. Hardin, L. E. Dietrich, Gi ne Scott, George C. West, David P. Anderson, Ronald Scott, Horace Schlittler. Si coiui row: Ed Rowland, R. C. McKenzie, C. R. Loper, F. .1. Wirges, Bill Norton, E. B. Vaughan, Fred Maerteus, P. Lowell Jackson. Industrial Arts is a phase of general education thai concerns itself with the materials, processes, and products of manufacture and with the contribution of those engaged in industry. The members of the ln- ilnsiriiil Arts Club strive to promote the interests of students in industrial arts al OU, to ass and main- tain an active leadership in industrial ;irts, and to strengthen the Oklahoma Industrial Arts Association. Officers this year were : Gene Scott, presidenl ; I lorace Schlittler, secretary-treasurer; and I.. E. Dietrich, Facultj sponsor. Page 221 Aeronautical Science First row, left to right: Hugh Weston, Robert I». Meyer, Law- rence P. Smith, Thornton Blanchard, B. ( ' . Lam. Second row: Ernest Anderson, Robert E. Bodner, Jack Loewen, HerbeTl Herndon, Jack Webb. Third row: Del deathman, Don Boul ton, Roy A. Campbell, AJdridge Hunter. Officers of the Institute of Aeronautical Science were: Fred Smith, president; Thornton Blanchard, Jr., vice-president; Bob Meyer, secretary-treasurer; and L. A. Comp, sponsor. The Institute of Aeronau- tical Science was established for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge of the theory ;md practice of the aeronautical sciences, the provision to students of the opportunity to become acquainted with the per- sonnel and activities of IAS. and for the encouraging lit ' professional consciousness and fellowship. The membership is open to ;ill students enrolled in aero- nautical engineering courses. Wesley Foundation row, left to right: Howard Nash, Bill Armor, Paul Wat kins, Joon Hock Tan, Darrell Strickland, Second row: Monn Jean Pybas, Virginia Martin, Bill Boyd, Rev. B. C. Goodwin, Charlene Wright, Polly Anderson. Third row: Meredith Jeary, Barbara Berrier, Knox Harris, Jim Comfort, Ronald 1 1 • w I i t ■ . I. cm Bell, Jay trby, Bettj Stevens, Joy Kirk. Officers of Wesley Foundation were: Bill Boyd, president; Charlene Wright, vice-president; Carolyn Martin, secretary; Bill Armor, treasurer; and B. C. Goodwin, Jr., sponsor. The Wesley Foundation pro- vides university students of .Methodist preference with opportunities Eor worship, fellowship, discussion, so- cial action ami religious education. Bach student is encouraged to make use of his interests and talents in enriching program of spiritual growth. The local point for Week-day activities is the .Methodist Student Center. Sunday services are held at Mcl- ' arlin Memo- rial Methodist Church. Page 222 Kappa Kappa Psi u;i II. Mm Sponsor First row, left to right: Charles Liegerot, James . Parley, Leonard DalqueBt, Richard Hall, Donald D, Davis, Bill Holm Second ro w: Lawdia Gandy, Jacque Hollman, Jim Swain, Albert II. Pitzgerrel, Tom Thurston, L, Howard JackB, Jim Raines. hird row : ' Hen Plitsch, Dewej Buck, Max Edg ir, n Davi . Richard 8. Watts, John C. Overbeck, How :nil I.. Nash, Richard Peltier. Officers of Kappa Kappa Psi were Richard I. Hall, president; L lard Dalquest, vice-president; Donald i . Davis, secretary ; James Parley, treasurer; and Leonard II. Haug, sponsor. Delta chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi, national honorary Eraternity Eor college bandsmen, was organized on Maj 21, 1921 ,. The objed of the fraternity is to afford em ragemenl and assistance to band members, to encourage musical ability, fellowship, and to honor outstanding bandsmen. Kappa Psi First row, left to right: Dick Bilberg, Tom Abbott, Dr. Ralph V. Clark, Dr. Ralph Bienfang, Dr. Cecil B. Headley, l " ii Henry, Lit. iv Dickes, Melvin Brill. Second row: Bud Boswell, Charles Pate, John Pinkerton, Jody Stark, Jim Martin, Paul Stillwell, John Martin, Richard Kennedy, Jerrj Cochran. Officers of Kappa Psi were Jim Martin, president; Melvin Brill, vice-president; Don Henry, secretarj . Richard Kennedy, treasurer; and Dr. Cecil P. Head- Lee, sponsor. Kappa Psi is a professional Pharma- ceutical fraternity. Students, before eligible for mem bership in Kappa Psi, must be sincere in their efforts to promote pharmacy to its highesl levels, while in school and upon graduation. The fraternity was founded at the Medical College of Virginia, on De- cember 15, 1879. There are chapters of Kappa Psi in 58 Colleges of Pharmacy. Page 223 Marketing Club First row, I ' d to right: Bill Jones, Bice R. Pierce, Susan Am eringer, Carolyn Aithouse, Bettye Miller, Dennis Crites, Shirley Brink, Bob McBride, Danny White, Glenn Wood. Second row: Bob Newton, Veran Steckel, Charlene Wrights, Grace Harkins, Berenice Homer, Barla Ann Melott, Pat Moreland, Jim Hill, Eddie Ambrister, Carroll Teague, Dick Cranford, Charles Nel son. Third row: Robert E. Nelson, Dean Asher, George Lunge. Bustei Cloud, Keith Hickox, Henry Ciffeen, Robert Hoover, Jr., Bob Lucy. Tlic ). I ' . student Chapter of the American Mar- keting Association was organized on February 7, 1949, under the direction of Professor John E. Mertes. This chapter is only one of several student chapters in universities throughout the United states which are affiliated with the American Marketing As- sociation, which is a national professional organiza- tion with the purpose of advancing science in market- ing. Members are selected on the hasis of interest and active participation in marketing activities. The 0. U. chapter meets twice a month to heat- and participate in programs on subjects of interest to marketing majors. M. E. N. C. row, left to right: Marjorye McVieker, Elaine Tautfest, i White, Nadine Walters, Mrs. Dolrj C ally, Luann Branch, Nancy Shelton, Martha Mead, Harriet Fleer. Second Peggy Sorey, Carolyne Starkey, Betty Stevenson, Helen Chandler, Ann ' n , Carol A. Ruyle, Eh Full Dean A. Mason, Corinna J. Hillery. Third row: Carolyn Trough, Jo anne Johnson, hnvi.l Hemphill, Harrj Day, Joyce L. 1 .- 1 ' idson, l eiis A. Jenkins. Officers of .Music Educator ' s National Conference are: .Ma rjorye McVieker, president: Liianna Branch, vice-president; Ann ( ' in. secretary-treasurer; and Mrs, Dully Connally, sponsor. Membership in the stu dent chapter of M.E.N.C. is open in ad music educa linn majors. The aim of student membership is to af- ford students opportunity for professional develop luetil w liile s( ill in school. Page 224 Mu Phi Epsilon ..»■. left .. right: Corinna Hillery, M Bryant, Anna K. Harris, I " ■_ Bets] B Second row: Blaine Pulton, Sue A. Carman, Ann Cox, Mnrj W. Whitaker, K:u Schultx. Tim, I row: Joanne Johnson, Kaj Conner, Mar; A. McKennon, Helene Harris, Ann Gulliki Officers of Mu l ' ln Epsilon are; Arm Cox, presi- dent; Marj A. McKennon, vice-president; Kay Con- ner, secretarj . Betsj Blatt, treasurer; and Mrs, Celia Bryant, | sor. Mu Phi Epsilon is a national pro- fessional music sorority for women. The purpose of .Mu Phi Epsilon is to promote musicianship, scholar- ship, and friendship among women students and graduates of American -« 1 1 -ir« ' - and schools ' music throughout the country. Membership is open to ;ill women with an overall B average, al least, and fac- ulty recommendations. Pi Epsilon Tau to right: 0. E. Menzie, Charles B. Erbe, Rabe) J. Funk, Ralph Russell, Wayne Fine! ger, Paul S. Johnston. Second row: Bill Osburn, Wilbert M. R. Nielsen, Owen J. E. Smith, Marshall J. England, Robert P. LeBlanc, Rudolph W. Buehwald, Ingelo C. Gross, Berl L. ;riiiith. Le jeune Wilson. Third row: Robert P. Jones, D. M. I Larry Shannon, Walter G. Wright, Charli e, W. Kirk. Snouffer, Edward M. Evans, -lr.. Roj P. Cummei Hart. Fourth row: Kn.. E Di is, Russell V. Tidwell, E. R. T. I.. Crowe, Gene C. Cates, Dexter Brown, E. A. Riley, T. E. Summerlin, J. W. Bagley, Jr. Fifth row: Richard I.. Jones, Win. C. Hardy, Realess L. Flowers, Alexander N. Thom a Victor T. Hvolboll, Clyde B 1 Hudson, Anne War- ren, B Officers of Pi Epsilon Tau are: A. Robert Berger, president; C. Erbe, vice-president; Ralph Russell, secretary-tre - 1 1. E. Menzie, sponsor. Pi Epsilon Tau i an honorary - ised of in. - hnol of Petroleum Engim and its is to form ;i closer bond between it- members and the petroleum industry and to maintain the idea - standards of the engineering profess Page 225 Pi Tau Sigma First row, left to right: D. B. Turkington, W. .1. Ewbank, Rob erl N. Collins, Be Shultz, Jr., P. MeDuffie, Richard c. Al.l.n. Richard R. Gibbs, E. M. Sims, J. II. Thomas, E. P. Dawson. Second row: . W, Wood, Jack Webb, Robert Bod n. r. Curtis Lees, Donald .1. Smith, Harold ( ' . Bridwell, Herbert V. Abrams, David ' I ' . Geddis, Milton K. Keck, James Murphy. I ' i Tan Sigma, national honorary mechanical engi- neering fraternity, was founded a1 the (Jniversitj of Illinois in L915. The purpose of the organization i to promote a closer bond of fellowship amony those who. by their academic achievements and activities, have demonstrated a real interest in mechanical engineer- ing. Officers for the first semester were: Dick Alden. president; R. N. Collins, vice-president; Benny Shultz. sec retary: Richard Et. (iihlis, treasurer; and •I. Harper Thomas, faculty sponsor. Officers for the second semester were: David Geddis, president; liar- old ( ' . Bridwell, vice-president; Robert Bodner, secre tarv : and l . Hull, treasurer. 8fk a ° Pi Zeta Kappa ■■: rou», left to right: Lucille Eng, Vinita Duke, Barbarn Mealey, Nancy Spradling, Carol Lane, Mary Helen Montgomery, Roberta Bosley. Second row: Melissa Alice Wardell, Jayne R Smith, Vivian Muir, Marchetta Stevens, Ellen Joy, Ella Sue Van Meter, Myra Lucile Hutching, Noda Bettis, Janice Jacob Betty Jordan. I ' i Zeta Kappa is a national honorary i nten lenoini national fraternity for women. Its purpose is to en able girls of like ideals and interests to associate with each other and to support all religious activities re lated to student life. Alpha Chapter was established on the University of Oklahoma campus in 1920. Offi- cers for the year were: Barbara .Mealey. president; Vinita Duke, vice-president; Nancy Spradling, re- cording secretary: .Mary Helen Montgomery, second vice-president; and Carol Lane, chaplain. Page 226 Rho Chi First row, left to right: John II. Pinkerton, Jean Brown, Tom Vbbott, Jodie Stark, William B, Burger. S i Bettj Jean Truitt, Ben D. Steen, Casey Robinson, Ralph Bienfang, Ed Corson, Dale II. Cronk, Cecil P. Headlee. Third row: Kent Chns, Davis, John B. Bruce, Vernon K. Rew, Ralph V. i Hark, Joseph 8. Muglin. Officers of Rho Chi are: William B Burger, presi dent; John II. Pinkerton, vice-president; Jodie A. Stark, secretary; Jodie A. Stark, treasurer; .Iran Brown, sponsor. Rho Chi is a pharmaceutical honor- ary society, and its purpose is to promote scholastic achievement in the field of pharmacy. Sigma Alpha Iota First row, left to right: Janice Alexander, Gay Worrall, Martha Benning, Billie Jean Cape, Barbara Gregg. Second row: Nancy Smith, Marjorye McVicker, Nelva Templeton, Carolyne Starrey. Officers of Sigma Alpha Iota are: Martha Ann Benning, president; Gay Worrall, vice-president; Billie -lean Cape, secretary; Janice Alexander, corre- sponding secretary; Marjory McVicker, treasurer: Cornelia Odom, sponsor. The objects of Sigma Alpha Iota are to form chapters to uphold the highest ideals of a musical education, to raise the standards of pro- ductive musical work among women, to give inspira- tion and material aid to its members, to organize the social life of its members, to cooperate with the ideals and aims of the Alma Mate]-, and to adhere to the highest standards id ' American citizenship and democ- racy. To he eligible for membership a woman must be a music major or minor, have 12 faculty recommenda- tions, have a three point grade average, unani us chapter approval, and show musical accomplishments. Page 227 Sigma Delta Chi First row, left to right: Jim Campbell, Bill Mertena, Richard Roberts, Bill Evans, Bill Crawford, Virgil Wells, Ed Carter. Second row: Robert Waldrop, Jack D. Brooks, Ross G Iner, Lemuel D. Walker, I.. Paul Stamps, Richard Earkins, Daii Potter. Officers of Sigma Delta Chi are: Bill Evans, presi- dent; Paul Stamps, vice-president; liill Crawford. secretary: Ross Goodner, treasurer; and II. II. Her- bert, sponsor. The Oklahoma chapter of Si iua Delta ( ' hi. professional journalism fraternity for men. was installed on the eainpus in 1913. II. II. Herbert. David Ross Boyd professor of journalism, has been sponsor of the group since its inception. Activities during the past year included hosting several active newspapermen speakers and promoting journalism as a profession. Bill .Mertena attended as delegate to tin national convention in Denver last November. Sigma Pi Sigma First " » ' . U " to right: Charles C. Grimes, John Jerrj McClure, William l. Holden, R. .1. Bessey, William « ' . Smith. Second row: William R. Davis, Raymond Rhodes, Whit Marks, Frank In, W. Harris, Sr. Third row: Prank Wilhelm Bloss, Charles l I ' m!, it..,,. Wade E. Selph, Ben Goldbeck, Phillip M. Kit pat r i k . Officers of Sigma Pi Sigma are: Bill Holden, presi- d. hi : A. T. Stair, vice-president ; .Mike Grimes, secre tary : Richard Bland, treasurer; Dr. K. .1. Bessey, sponsor. Sigma Pi Sigma, physics honor society, was rounded til Davidson College in 1921, the purpose be- ing to promote the advancemenl and diffusion of knowledge and interesl in physics. The local chapter, the leutli in the United states, was installed on this campus in 1930. Membership in the society affords the members personal contad with physics professors ami industrial physicists. The local n tings feature lectures by professional scientists, technical movies, tin, I scienl ilie demons! rat ions. Page 228 Sigma Theta Epsilon First row, left ' • right: Basoom Wallis, Billj Cook, Morton Scott, i Love, Jaj Irby, Homei Brom, Knox Harris, .Tuel Sweatte, B. C. Goodwin, Jr. Second row: Darrell Drake, How 9I1, Peter Hanf, Paul Watkina, Mack Palmer, I;.. ■ Smith, Verlan Harrell, Clyde Ckesnutt, Buford L. Mien. Third row: Jack 1 . Burton, BUI Crisp, Burlye II. Shafer, Jr., Bob E Wells, Lawrence Ball, Bob Bradley, J. R. Hughes, I n Bell, Ronald Howland. Fourth row: Van N, Nichols, Lee Band Smith, liill Council, Loring King, Don Newsom, Darrell Strirklin. Officers of Sigma Theta Epsilon are: Clyde Ches nun. president; Paul Watkins, vice-president; J l ' Hughes, secretary ; Jack Burton, treasurer; Rev. B C. Goodwin, sponsor ; Leon Bell, chaplain ; Buford Allen, pledgeraaster, i»i I ' the purposes of Sigma Theta Epsilon, national religious fraternity for college men, is in create a more intimate Christian fellowship among men of Methodisl preference and to organize life around Jesus Christ as the Master of Life. Pri- marilj a service group, the motto is: " We are work- ers toerether with !o l ihrouirh t In- church. " Automotive Engineers Fust row, left ' ■ right: Ronald Paara, Bill Bogart, Robert I.. Carder, .1. W. McDermott, Bennie Shultz, Jr., Herbert Mjrams. Thomas F. McDuffie, E. M. Sims, J. II. Thomas. Second row: Richard C. Alden, .li lie J. Renfro, Lawrence II. Sluder, Rich ard R. Oibbs, Jerome E. Miles, John II. Sorensen, Thornton Blanchard, Gene A. Carley. Third rou . Gerald Mongold, John l; Borden, Dewey C. Thomas, John I.. Baker, Curtis 1 9, Jerrj A. Hale. Officers of the Society of Automotive Engineers are: T. K. McDuffie, chairman; II. V. Abrams, vice chairman; J. W. McDermott, secretary -treasurer ; K. L. Carder, program chairman; and E. M. Sims. sponsor. Aims of the Society are to promote the arts and sciences and engineering practices connected with the design, construction and utilization of automo tive apparatus. It is through student enrollment thai the Society brings engineering students into contact with outstanding engineers and their accomplishments in the automotive industry. Page 229 S. I. M. E. First ■ " " ' . efi to right: Robert Hoeker, Earl M. Brewer, Jim Keltner, Hill Durham, Lowell Jackson, Jim Arnold, Dwayne Godsey, George Orr, Larry Swanson. Second row: John Saynes, Bob Wroblewski, Tom Thornhill, Dan Blankenship, M. ' . Parris, Henry Rieger, John Culbertson, Bob Stillwell, Tom Marnane, R03 Weaver. Officers of the Society of Industrial Management Engineers were : sid Durham, president ; Jim Arnold, vice-president; Tom Thornhill, secretary-treasurer; Dwayne Godsey, public relations; and Lowell Jack- son, Sponsor. The purpose Of tin ' Society of Indus- trial Management Engineers is to acquaint the stu- dents in the curriculum with each other and to ad- vance their knowledge in the field by speakers, tilms. and projects of common interest. Since the course is young ai 0. I ' .. S.I.M.E. takes great pride in its grow- ing organization. Tau Beta Sigma ght: Sara Hawkins, Pal Wilson, Miss Carole Bass, Myra .1 " Moon, Evelyn Edgar. Second row: Marj Joy cette Vandiver, Lequita Prances Somerville, Peggy • ' " Rogei . Mary Blanche Short, Payi Jane Goldfield. Tau Beta Sigma is the national honorary musical fraternity for bandswomen. One of its main projects is the publication of Tin Bandsman, a newspaper for the band. This paper is also sent mil to all state high schools. Officers for the year were ; Pat Wilson, presi dent: .Myra Jo .Moon, vice president ; Sara Hawkins, secretary; and .Miss Carole Mass, sponsor. Page 230 Tau Omega left to right: R, D. Meyer, Km! Strahlbcrg, Thorn tou Blnnchard, Jr., Bruce V, Ketcham, L. A. Comp. Second row: R. A, Winneburger, N. E. w I. Louis B. Wolfenson, Bennie ShulU, Jr., Ralph B. McClintock. Third row: B. C, Lam, U. E, Bodner, Lawrence Fred Smith, Jack Webb. Officers of Tau Omega are: Thornton Blanchard, Jr., president; Bennj Shultz, vice-president; Kurl Strahlbert, treasurer; Bruce V, Ketcham, sponsor. The purpose of Tau tmega is to foster the advance of the field of aeronautics among all schools of engineer in;:. Membership is restricted to all junior and senior engi rs with an interesl in aeronautics and with ;i L ' .ii grade point average or better. The fraternitj was founded in 1927 on the campus of the University o f Oklahoma. V? V Theta Sigma Phi row, left to right: Sue Huser, Vnn Richards, Grace E. Ray, I » • • t A. Hit. Alice Nichols. Second rou : Pal Di laney, Mai tha Plummer, Peggj Rowley, I Campbell, Pal Sessions, Bai bara Wunsch. Tim, I row: Janetl Banger, Lou A. Boyle, Elvi retts Walker, Carolyn Weckel, Mima Smethers. Officers of Theta Sigma I ' lii are: Ann Richards, president ; Sue Carter, vice-president ; Dorothy Adler, secretarj ; Alice Nichols, treasurer; and .Miss Grace E. Ray. s| snr. Theta Sigma Phi, tl nly honorary journalism organization for women on the campus, has ;is its | 1 1 1- j ■ --. - service to the campus as well as the profession. During the year, Theta Sigs sponsor a tea for all women journalism majors, at which time the new pledges are announced. This year ' s speaker was Juanita Mahaffey, editor of the Oklahoma Pish and Game Department magazine. Each spring the Matrix Table is held and the outstanding senior woman, cam- pus woman and state woman are selected. Page 231 Page 232 THE AMERICAN WAY HYSICAL TRAINING From the crisp days of fall until the warm, sleepy days of spring, a succession of physical training events combines to satisfy every taste and temperament. And through these events, the students are united in the single thought, " Go, O. U. " Excellent physical condition is assured each student by services and examinations at Ellison Infirmary. Sooner baseballer, John Reddell » safe dur- ing one of the many spring baseball games a OU. Gene Stafford teaches Berny Susman the finer arts of marksmanship at the Quartermaster Army ROTC summer camp. Sooner cheerleaders practice a few yells in the stadium before cheering Big Red on to more victories. Varsity Athletics Intramurals Women ' s Recreation Army Air Force Navy ALL SPORTS Oklahoma continues its record of producing top teams in every sport. During 1952 and early 1953, Sooner teams won one national championship ;m l five conference crowns. They also finished second t wice, four! li once and fifth twice. In the space of two seasons, Oklahoma has won four national titles in three differenl sports and lias produced eighl Olympic athletes and several Ail- Americans. Football— Oklahoma won eight, lust one and tied i in moving to its fifth straight undisputed title and i a No. 5 National rating. Basketball — Coach Bruce Drake guided a team short mi heigbl and experience to fourth place over a tough schedule. Baseball The Sooners finished the campaign with seven wins and 14 hisses in a rebuilding year after winning the NCAA crown. Indoor Track — Again plagued by injuries to key performers, the OU thinclads finished fifth in the loop. Outdoor Track — Coach John Jacobs ' harriers ran second in the conference meet and their mile relay team was the sensation of the spring season. Wrestling — Oklahoma ' s grapplers won their sec- ond CAA title and extended their unbeaten string to 25. .1. W. Mashburn, Quanah ' i. , George McCormick and Harry Leo pause . p i moment from their famous mile relay. Swimming — Coach Prank Withrow led his charges to a smashing win of the conference title in his first year at the helm. Tennis — The Sooner netmen won their fifth loop championship in the last six years. (ross Country — Oklahoma again ran second to a powerful Kansas team in the conference meet. Golf — The Sooners again won the Big Seven title. Jimmy Vickers went on to win the national collegi- ate championship. - N I MOk Tom Evans .1 1 i McVn KERS lin.i. Borders ,i. W, Mashburn (lie ll l .loll N ' STON i.i i Sheets Page 238 First row, ' eft to right: Gomer Jones, Earl Sneed, Jr., Walter W. Kraft, Ronald B. Shuman, Roscoe Cate. Second row: Col. Morgan G [hart, W. Eugene Hollon, Col. li. L. Denig, Charles li. Coe, Jr., Norman Gelphman, Tom MeCasland. ATHLETIC COUNCIL The Athletic Counei] governs intercollegiate ath- letics at the University of Oklahoma. It makes rec- ommendations to the president concerning policies, is responsible for the eligibility of athletes, recom- mends action and advises the athletic director ill matters pertaining to intercollegiate athletic man- agement. In fact, no team could hope to tinish a suc- cessful year without the support of the council. together with the athletic and coaching stall ' s. The Athletic Council, which figures so prominent- ly in the successes of Oklahoma ' s athletic teams, is composed of eight faculty members, three alumni members and four student members, who are ap- pointed annually by the president. The faculty rep resentatives usually are elected from various schools and departments of the institution. Representatives from the military departments are included in this group. The Alumni Association nominates six of lis members, alld the president selects three of these nominees to serve as the alumni representatives on the council. The president also selects the four stu- dent members from nominations submitted by the Student Senate ami the " 0 " ' lub. Walter V. Kraft, council chairman, is also the Big Seven conference representative. Harold Keith has served as sports publicist since 1930. William .1. Cross, one of the greatest quarterbacks in Sooner history, is athletic department auditor. Business Manager Ken Farris handles the headache of ticket sales. Prominent universit) men who have served on the council in the past include the late Dr. E. D. Meach- am. Dean of the college or arts and sciences; Dr. V. E. Monnet, director of the school of geologj ; L. . Morgan, professor of English. Walter W. Kraft, Chairman of Athletic Council Seven Faculty Representative Page 239 « BUD WILKINSON (above) has built an outstanding record of 54 victories, 7 losses, and 2 ties at Big Red ' s helm in six years. In his undergraduate days, at Min- nesota, he played guard and quarterback on Coach Bernie Bierman ' s national championship teams in l!t: J 4, ' 35, and ' 36. He was named Coach of the Year in 1950. UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA COACHING STAFF HAROLD KEITH has been the sports publicity director at the University since 1930. lie is a graduate and former track star of OU. BILL CROSS, auditor for the athletic department, was a Sooner quarterback from 1904 to 1907. He served as busi- ness manager of athletics from 1929 until 1949. BRUCE DRAKE, former Ail-American basketball play- er at OU, lias been basketball coach since 1933. His teams have won or tied for the conference lead six times. JACK BAER coached the Sooner baseball team to its first NCAA championship in 1951. In eight years at the University, he lias won the Big- Seven crown three times. FRANK " POP " IVY, end coach, was an All-American with OU in 1939. He played with the Chicago Cardinals as late as 1947. BILL JENNINGS, backfield coach and one of the Soon- ers ' greatest pass-catchers, played wingback for OU ' s Big Six champions of 1938. PETE ELLIOTT, former Michigan quarterback, is in his second season at OF as assistant coach and scout. DEE AXDROS was OU ' s great blocking guard of 1946- 49. He is now assistant coach at OU. PORT ROBERTSON has an outstanding record as wres- tling coach. His teams have won Big Seven championships and in 1951 they copped the XCAA first place. JOE GLANDER. former swimming coach at OU, was named one of the nine trainers to the 1952 American Olympic team. He coached OU to its first Big Seven swim- ming championship. JOHN JACOBS, star trackman at OU in 1911-15, has been track coach for 32 years and has produced many out- standing track teams and conference winners. TED OWEN has been trainer at the University for 27 years. WALTER MEAD, former Sooner tennis star, has brought his team into first place in Big Seven tennis con- tests in 1947, ' 48, ' 50, ' 51 and ' 52. SHERMAN NORTON, star forward on the 1952 Sooner basketball team, serves as student assistant basketball coach. JAMES " SARGE " DEMPSEY has been a Sooner equipment manager since 1935. GOMER JONES I left i, Eoi Miir All American and cap tain at liin Slate, is line coach. He also played pro Cess al ball with the • ' lew land Rams. K E E T I! FARMS i right I, OTJ alum, i business manager t ' nth letics, He won three Big Si i in In n. ' nl jump crow as and set two indoor rdi in track. Ph k •• Pop ' ' Ivy Bill Jennings Pete Elliott Imi MDROS I ' iikt Rl BER1 SON .hip Glandi b .1 i HI s Ted Owen Walter Mi id Sherman N James " Saroe " i i 1952 UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA Bottom row, left to right: Merrill Green, Bu k McPhail, Ed di - Crowder, Huston Ingram, Billy Vessels, Jennings Mel sun, Dick Ellis, John Keddell, J rry lugram, Juel Sweat! Gem Calame, Buddy Leake, Gene Mears. .■ ' roti Chel Bynum, Unss Ausburn, Merle ( « ins, Carl Allison, Don Brown, Raymond Powell, Jack Ging, Ed Rowland, Bob Gaut, George Cornelius, t T • j_r « ■ i Nelson, Sam Allen. II, rrf row; Mickey [mel, John Washington, Maurie Delhotal. Bob Herndon, Ron Thompson, Steve Champlin, Kurt Uur Page 242 BIG SEVEN CHAMPIONS ris, Dot Henron, .1. D. Roberto, Dave Shelton, T Catlin, Jim Davia, Melvin Broun. Fourth row: Max Boydst Jerry Donaghey, Bob Berendzen, Chuck Baker, Bob Santee, Dale Lawyer, Lester Lane, J, W. Mashburn, Milton Simmons, Von Worten, Wray Littlejohn, Jack Van Pool, Jerry Wilkes. T»i row: Ki-iii Braden (student manager), Bob Pyle, Gene Cook, Bob Ewbank, Bill Coffman, B ■•• McGee, Jerrj i ' lii-.-. Tom Carroll, Kaj Keller, Jack Santee, Dick Bow- man, Don Kllis. .liin Acree. Page 243 o I r. " ! « Saw Allen Carl Allison Oklahoma 21 - Colorado 21 Fumbles and the inability to deliver a knockout punch plagued the Sooners as they scrambled to a 21-121 tie in their 1952 opener against the Colorado Buffaloes at Boulder. The Big Red scored first, moving 48 yards in eight plays near the end of the first period. Billy Vessels went over for the score and Buddy Leake kicked the first of three field goals. The two teams traded touchdowns in the second quarter. Colorado moved 68 yards for the tying counter, then the Sooners came back to seme after a 79-yard march. Leake went over from three yards out, then converted to make the score 14-7. Just before half-time. Vessels passed to -John Heddell for a touchdown, but the play was called back because Vessels was past the line of scrimmage. Two plays later, Leake passed to Vessels in the end zone, but tl fficials ruled Billy had trapped the ball. The Sooners almost scored in the third period with a 61-yard drive to the Buffs ' eight. Colorado then marched to two scores in six minutes to take a 21-14 lead midway in the final period. The fighting Sooners came hack in the closing minutes to score the tying marker. Vessels going over from the one. Leake calmly hooted the crucial extra point to earn the tie. Dick Bowman Max BOYDSTON Behind :i crushing block by Buck MePhail, Billy Vessels scores OTJ ' s first touchdown against Colorado on an end sweep. |i(i Brcw n Page 244 Tom Catlin, Oklahoma center, horeecollars a Pittsburgh runner after a Bhort gain. Oklahoma won, 19 20. Oklahoma 49 -Pittsburgh 20 The Sooners came back strong after the tie with Colorado to blast Pittsburgh, 49-20, in the home opener. The Big Red started fast with three touchdowns before the Panthers were able to score. Buddy Leake scored the first on a haudoff from Eddie Crowder. He also added the point to make the score 7-0. I. cake scored again later in the period on another handoff. His conversion was good, and the score was 14-0 at the qnarter. Early in the second period Leake passed to Carl Allison in the end one for the third touchdown. His kick was again good to make the score 21-0. At this point it looked as though the Sooners would turn the game into a rout, hut the Panthers came back with a strong bid of their own and the Sooners were holding only a slim 21-14 lead at halftime. The Pitt scores came on marches of 63 ami 4f yards. Epps and Neft went over for the markers. The Sooners outseored the Panthers four touch- downs to one in the second half. Buck McPhail went 14 yards for the first tally, and Crowder scored the second on a keeper. Both kicks were good and the Big Red led, :r -14. at the third quarter. In the final quarter Ed Rowland blocked a Pan- ther kick. Dick Ellis caught the hall and went 15 yards to score. .Merrill Green scored the last talh on a pitchout. Melvik Brown Kurt Bi rris Chet B mm Page 245 GENE I ' M Tom Catlin GEORGE Ciiunki.ii s Oklahoma 49 - Texas 20 The Sooners took a commanding lead in t he first quarter and were never headed as they blasted the Texas Longhorns, 49-20, before 75,000 in the Dallas Cotton Bowl. The win was the mos l decisive ever turned in by Oklahoma against its age-old rival! The Big Red scored four limes in less than 11 minutes to completely stun the Longhorns. Texas fumbled on the first play of the game and the Sooners recovered on the steers ' 26. Billy Vessels scored the touchdown six plaj s later. Buddy Leake kicked his first of seven goals. Later, Texas was forced to kick to the Sooners, who scored again in four plays. Eddie Crowder passed to Leake for ( • " yards and the score. Texas again fum- bled and l ' recovered on their 29. Vessels took a handoff and lateraled tn Buck McPhail, who went all the way for the third score. Two minutes later Crowder passed to John ReddeD 29 yards for the fourth score. The Sooners scored three more times in the final period to complete the rout. Leake. Vessels and McPhail each scored again to finish the game n it h two touchdowns apiece. Fullback Buck McPluiil takes a lat- eral from Vessels around Texan Ed Kelley in the Sooners ' 19 20 defeat of i In CiOnghorns. Jim Datis Page 246 Oklahoma 42 -Kans. 20 The Sooners came through when the chips were down i " defeal the Kansas Jayhawkers, 12 10, on the Jaj s ' home field al Lav rence. The win was the Sooners ' third in a ro and kepi them high in the nat ional rankings. Kansas started the fireworks bj recovering a Eum ble on the Sooner eight. Pour plays Later, Charlie Hoag went over t " n- the score. John Konek converl ed i " make i he score 7—0. The Sooners came back to midfield, punted to Kansas and recovered their fumble on the firsl play. Three plays later Buddy Leake scored on a pitch-ou1 from tin ' ten. He kicked the extra point to tie the score al 7—7. Kansas came hack fast, but Larry Grigg inter cepted a pass ni the OU 42 to end the threat. On the firsl play. Eddie Crowder faked beautifully to Buck McPhail, then passed to Max Boydston " s yards for the touchdown. Leake again converted to make the score 11-7 al the end of the firsl period. At the beginning of the second quarter, the Soon- ers climaxed a 64-yard drive when Billy Vessels scored from the one. Leake suffered a sprained ankle during the drive and was replaced by .Men-ill Green. McPhail kicked the poinl to make it " _M-7. Kansas quickly retaliated by marching 61 yards in 12 plays to score their second tally. Jerry Robertson went over for the score, hut the kick was uo good. The half ended with the Sooners ahead. 21—13. The Sooners opened the second half with a bang, moving to the -lays ' 24 on one play after the kickoff. However, »r fumbled and Kansas recovered on their 19. They struck quickly, moving 7- ' ! yards on two passes. Two plays later Brandeberry scored. Konek converted to make it 21-20. Immediately alter the next kickoff, Konek inter- cepted a Crowder pass on the OU 40. In three plays the .la s were down t the Sooner six. Then Tom Max Boydston, Oklahoma end, goes u high to snag Budd} Leake ' s pass against Kansas. Oklahoma won, 12—20. Catlin dropped Robertson fur a 5-yard loss, and on the next play knocked down a pass to give the Soon ers possession. Prom that point the course of the game changed. The next three times OU go1 the ball, thej scored on marches of 90, 73, and 55 yards. Green scored the lirst tally from the two, Vessels added the second from six yards away, and Green scored again for the final marker. McPhail hit all three extra points to make the final score read 42-211. Jkrky Domaohei Dick Ellis Hen EWBANK Page 247 Bob Gaut Jack Ging Merrill Green Oklahoma 49 - Kansas State 6 Oklahoma scored 2] points in each of the second and third periods to completely rout the Kansas State Wildcats, 49-6, at Owen field. The vic- tory was the Sooners ' 32nd straight Bi ; Seven game without a loss. l ' .illy Vessels scored the first touchdown just at the end of the first quarter. Buddy Leake again kicked seven straight conversions to run his string for the season to 2. " without a miss. The Sooners broke the game wide open in the second period. Larry Grigg started the scoring by returning a punt :{!! yards for the score. Minutes later. .Merrill Green passed to Max Boydston for another coun- ter. Vessels scored again just before the half to make the score 28-0. Grigg returned another punt 88 yards for his second touchdown to open the second half. However the play was called back because of a pen- alty. OU got the score anyway when Eddie Crowder passed to Boydston for the tally. Grigg got his sec I touchdown that counted when he scored on a handoff late in the third period. Jack Santee added the last score in the final quarter. Larry Grigg Skirting the right end, Hilly Vessels chalks u| re yardage toward :i touchdown. Oklahoma won, 49-6. Darlon Hearon Page 248 Fullback Buck McPhail goes over from 9 yards oul tor :i Sooner score al Ames, Iowa Oklahoma 41 - Iowa State Oklahoma notched its fifth straight victory by de- feating the undermanned but willing Iowa State ( lyclones, 41-0. al Ames. The Sooners moved into a 21-0 lead at the end of the first period and were never threatened as they recorded their first shutout of the season. The first time the Big Red got hold of the ball it scored, moving 82 yards in seven plays for the tally. Vessels made a beautiful 50-yard run through the middle of the Cyclone line for the score. Leake con- verted to make it 7-0. Catlin intercepted a pass to set up the next touch- down. Pour plays later. .Merrill Green scored and I. cake kicked goal to give the Sooners a 14— o margin. The third marker came after Jack Ging ran back a punt to the Cyclone 11. OU was penalized hack to the . ' ST. hut scored in two plays anyway. Buck Mc- Phail went over from the nine and Leake again con- verted to make the score 21—0 at the quarter. McPhail scored again in the second period to make the score L ' 7-0. Leake missed his first kick of the year after bitting 28 straight. The Sooners made two more touchdowns in the third quarter to end the day ' s scoring. John Reddell went 40 yards with an Eddie Crowder pass for the first, and Vessels had to go two sards for the second. Leake and McPhail each kicked extra points to push the Sooners ' margin to 41-0. s [NQRAM Jim: I I K K Page 249 HrnDv Leake Vli. Y LlTTll Notre Dame 27 - Oklahoma 21 The Sooner met a highly-keyed Notre Dame team at South Bend ami. although showing flashes of brilliance, they were unable to defeat the hard-charging Irish. Notre Dame scored two quick touchdowns at the beginning of the fourth period to move into the lead and stay there the rest of the way. finally winning, 27—21. Oklahoma scored first near the end of the opening quarter as Eddie Crowder faked a handoff to Buck McPhail, then passed to Billy Vessels, who went ' 21 yards for the touchdown. Midway in the second quarter the Irish took the hall and marched (ill yards in nine plays to score the tying touchdown. However, the Sooners retaliated two minutes later when Vessels bolted through the Notre Dame line to go 62 yards for the score. Leake converted to make the score 14-7 at halftime. In the third period Notre Dame ' s Johnny Lattner intercepted a Crowder pass and returned it to the OU 7. Here Worden went over to tie the score. Again Vessels came through, going around end 44 yards to put the Sooners hack in front. 21-14. However, the Irish came hack to capitalize mi Sooner fumbles to score twice in quick succession. ' I he sec- ond score was set up by the now- fa mi ms " sucker shift . " OU made three determined drives in the final period, hut all of them fell short. Buck m. I ' u.ui On a pitchout from Quarterback Crowder, Hilly Vessels circles right end for a score in the Notre Dame game. i.i i Mi u;s Page 250 Jack Ging, Sooner safety, threads liis way for ;i 65 yard punt runback to score in the Missouri game. Oklahoma 47 - Missouri 7 Oklahoma extended its string of unbeaten confer- ence games to 34 by trouncing the Missouri Tigers, 47-7. at Norman. The one-sided score was of added significance because it showed the Sooners ' ability to come back after losing to Notre Dame. The .Missouri spread attack caused or no small amounl t ' trouble, bu1 wasn ' t enough to bring about an upset. Sam Allen blocked a Tiger punt tn set up the firsl Sooner score. Seconds later Eddie Crowder went over from the one ami Buck McPhail converted in make tic- score 7-0. Pour plays later OU scored again, -lack Ging returned a punl ( • " yards I ' m- the score behind terrific blocking. The Tigers made their only touchdown at this point with Jim Honk doing the scoring. Hook ' s passing from the spread formation set up the tally. A had pass From center gave the Sooners possession mi the Missouri - ' in. Seven plays later Merrill Green scored to give the Big Red a 121-7 halftime advan tage. Oklahoma opened the second half by scoring three touchdowns without losing the hall after intercep- tions by Tom Catlin, Billy Vessels and Jerry In- gram. McPhail scored the firsl hut missed his firsl kick in ten tries to make the score 27-7. Vessels passed to Green I ' m ' the second and Green also scored the third from one yard nut. -lack Van Pool scored the last marker mi a quarterback sneak in the closing minutes of t he game. ! l; i John Ri d Page 251 .1. I . UOKKKTs Ed Rowland Jai k s lntei Oklahoma 34 - Nebraska IB Oklahoma won its 7th straight Big Seven conference title in defeating the Nebraska Cornhuskers, 34-13, in the last home game of the season. The win stretched the Sooners ' string of unbeaten conference games to 35. The Big Red took command early in the game and moved to a 20-0 lead at the end of the first period. Billy Vessels scored the first touch- down on a handoff. and Merrill Green scored the second on a similar play. Vessels plunged one yard for the third tally. Buck McPhail hit two of the three placement tries, making the score 20-0. Nebraska scored the only touchdown in the second quarter, Bob Smith scoring from 7 yards out to climax a 70-yard march. The score at halftime was 20-6. Oklahoma wound up its scoring with marches of HO and 71 yards in the third quarter. Vessels lateraled to McPhail who went over from the eight to make the score 27-6. A few minutes later. Vessels took a pitch- out from Eddie Crowder on the 26, and went all the way for his third tally. McPhail kicked his fourth point to make it :i4-(i. Nebraska came back in tin ' fourth period to score on another 70-yard drive Milton Simmons Fullback Buck Mil ' hafl spills .-, Ne- braska tackier as lie picks up yardage iu the l!i. " " L Homecoming thriller. .1 i l l SWEATTI Page 252 Oklahoma 54 Oklahoma A M 7 The S lers hit their highest point total of the season in defeating the Oklahoma Aggies, 54—7, in tin- final game of the year at Stillwater. The Aggies scored first on a sensational 98-yard return of the opening kickoff l y Bill Bredde. Bobbj Green added tl xtra point to give the Pokes a 7-0 lead in the first minute of plaj . The Sooners ' first score was set up when Doc Elearon blocked a punt on the Aggie 21. Three plays later Buck McPhail scored from four yards out. The kick was mi good and O.U. t ill trailed 7-(i. Oklahoma scored once more in the opening period, moving 72 yards in Id plays. Eddie Crowder passed to Billy Vessels for the tally and McPhail kicked the point. Larry Grigg recovered an Aggie fumbl i their 24 to i i ■ the Sooners their only chance to score in the second quarter. .Merrill Green went over on a pitchout but McPhail ' s kick was no good. The I ' . i lt Red opened the second halt ' by Scoring three times in tour minutes. Vessels scored twice and .Max Boydston mice to make the score 411-7. The quarter ended with the score unchanged. In the final period Roger Nelson and Gene Calame scored the last two touchdowns. Nelson, who had nc er before scored a touchdo n, went l ' ii yards with an intercepted pass. Calame ' s tally came on a keep- er. McPhail hit both kicks to make the final score read . " 4— 7. " rt -.. Jack Santee, Oklahoma halfback, go yards against Oklahoma A M. down after gaining 8 .1 ( K V POOl I ' .i i i n Vessels Wilkes Page 253 BASKETBALL Coach Bruce Drake ' s Sooner roundballers finished Eoruth in the Big Seven conference standings with a 5-7 record. Their over-all season record was 8-13. The Sooners started East, and had a 3-] mark going into the annual conference tournament a1 Kansas City. However, the llu bug hil the team and. with sevral regulars seeing only limited action, OU Limped home after three straight setbacks. At this point the Sooners were being consigned to the loop cellar by mosl observers, bu1 they bounced back winning their first three conference games. After winning six in a row at home, the Sooners dropped a deci- sion to Iowa State but still kept the Lead in the conference. However, a nan- of Losses on the road to Kansas and Kansas State dropped them to third. They fell before Nebraska at Norman and Lowa State at Ames before snapping the Losing streak with victories at Colorado and Nebraska. Setbacks at the hands of .Missouri and Kansas State gave the tram its final fourth place berth. The Sooners ' biggest handicap was lack of height. They were out- rebounded .m almosl every occasion as everyone else in the conference seemed to be blessed with at least one giant. A Little more altitude would have meant the difference for OU in more than one game. Another hand, ra P was lack of experience. Tom Churchill, 6-6 reserve center, was the only senior on the team. Oklahoma opened the season against the Iowa Hawkeyes at Norman. The game was close all the way with the Sooners coming out on top as Sterling Jones hit a free throw with only 24 seconds remaining. The final score was 63-62. Bob Waller Led both teams in scoring with 18 points, followed by Deacon Davis of the Hawkeyes with 16. The Sooners lost their first road game 4S-47. to the Texas Longhorns at Vustin Although their defense held up well, the offense didn ' t keep pace as the shots failed to drop. The Sooners could sink only 22 per cent f,,„n the floor in what turned out to he their coldest night of the cam- Ro Blue Max BOTDSTON Coach Bruce Drake explains a feu intricate points to tlie team during tin- Colorado Oklahoma game. TOW ' ' Ml Rl 1111.1. kfcflF row, left to right: Coach Bruce Drake, l ink McEacheru, Sterling .1 is, Lynn Hart, Tom Churchill, Studenl Manager Hong Reid (in froul I, Bob Waller, Eton Blue, Norman Fleshman, Freshman Coach Sherman Norton. S ' ■ row: Preshman Coach Bill Cummins, Dub Jones, Sam Thompson, J. T. Copp, Walter Morrison, Joe Owens, Jerry Newman, Freshman Coach Sanford Borofsky. rmr: Phil Stevenson, John Brown, Gene Brown, George Fluke, Ron Dwyer, Larry Hamilton, Walter Eoff. paign. However, they evened the shite with South- wesl Conference teams by trimming the Southern Methodist Mustangs, 59—54, at Norman. Ahead, A ' l- ' 1 . late in third period, the Sooners had to put down ;i strong SMU rally to win their sec:. ml straight home court decision. Ron Blue topped the scorers wit li 14 points. Oklahoma made it three straighl on the home maples by blasting Texas. 72-51, to avenge their earlier defeat at A ust in. .M this point, the Big Seven tournament and the iln epidemic came at the same time. With Bob Sterling . tones dribbles around Aggie player Roark in a basketball thriller. AiM defeated the Sooners, 70 59. Ron Ii»hk Page 255 BASKETBALL Waller seeing little action because of the flu, the Sooners were swamped by the Kansas State Wild- cats, 93-69. Ron Dwyer hit ' _ ' :! points for the Sooners, who were unable to compete with the gigantic Wildcats on the boards. In the second round of the tournament, OU was victimized by the terrific one-two scoring punch of the Colorado Buffs. With Birdie Haldorson going wild for 3] points and Art Bunte adding 23, the Buffaloes won, 76—61. Waller and Blue played mosl iif the game despite high temperatures. The Sooners made it a clean sweep by falling to the Iowa State Cyclones. 79-76, in a battle for last place in the tourney. Although hitting a very good percentage of their shots, the 01) roundballers drop- ped another touch decision. Delmar Diercks tossed in 25 points for the Cyclones, while Chuck Duncan pitched in 17 more. Dink McEachern scored 12 points for ( )l r. The Oklahomans surprised many by opening the conference season with a victory over the Kansas •layhawkers at Norman. In fact, it wasn ' t even close as the Sooners, playing inspired ball, won handily. 76-61. The Jays came out with a pressing defense which had been very effective in earlier contests. But the Sooners, using a special offense devised by Drake especially for Kansas, had little difficulty in scoring. Phog Allen ' s charges finally went hack to a set de- fense late in the game. At that early stage in the season, Kansas gave little indication that they would again become the class Sooner Larry Hamilton tosses a scoring basket in Oil ' s 72-H3 defeat of Colorado University. of the conference by the time the season was over. The Sooners made 2—0 in conference play by trim- ming the Missouri Tigers, 64—61, for their fifth straight home-court victory. OU had a good lead early in the final period hut saw it melt as the Tigers began to find the range. Finally Larry Hamilton put the Sooners back into the lead by sinking a free toss with :)7 seconds left, lie increased the margin to three points by driving in for a lay-up just as the Dink MiK.-ii lu ' i ii goes down with the ball with K;iiis:ni Larry Davenport holding by. Oklahoma w:is victor by a score of 76 iil . I I M -■ Page 256 Ron Dwyer, speedy Sooner forward, is caught driving aroum Gil Reich : : the l :rns;is game; Oklahoma won, 76—61. Medford Park of Missouri keeps :i Hart in Oklal ia ' s game, 64-61. se g u:i nl " ii Sooner Lynn gun sounded. Bob Waller led the scoring with 20 points. Coach Drake ' s amazing band of opportunists con- tinued in roll by easily beating Colorado, 72—63, to make it 3-0 in loop play. Waller and Lester Lane paced the OU attack with is and 15 points, respec- tively. Art Bunte hit 15 points to lead the Luffs, who were able to liit only lit per cent of their shots. The Sooners ' home court string was snapped with the invasion of Hank Ilia ' s Oklahoma Aggies. After six straighl wins at home 01) bowed to the Cowboys, VO-59, in a game which marked the beginning of tin Sooners 1 mysterious third-quarter jinx. On this oc- casion the locals were leading, 30—29, at halftime, hut immediately lost the advantage when the second half began. Bob Mattick hit three quick baskets to start the Sooners ' downfall. .Mattick captured the game ' s scoring honors with is points. Next came the Iowa State Cyclones, and the OU quintet fell again, this time by a 73-69 count. For the second game in row, the Sooners were mi tup at the half, only to Stumble in the third period. Delmar Diercks, Iowa State, and Bob Waller shared scoring honors with 20 points each. The defeat was the Sooners ' first in conference play, and left them only a jump ahead of runner-up Kansas in the league l. . N N II U I ., .In I , I J sin: l.wi Page 257 BASKETBALL At this point the Si er fortunes reached a low ebb as they lost to Kansas and Kansas state by wide margins to run their losing streak to four games. The two road losses dropped OU ou1 of first place in the standings. The Jayhawkers blasted the Sooners, 87-59, to avenge an earlier defeal in Norman. Allen Kelley hit 25 points and B. II. Born added -1 as the Jays w recked the klahomans with a withering East break. Kansas state poured it on at Manhattan, winning, s-!-(i4. Dick Knostman shot the Sooners out of the fieldhouse with a terrific 42-point onslaught. Ron I ' .lne led the Sooners with 17 points against Kansas and Hi against the Wildcats. Oklahoma returned home but found no solaee as the invading Nebraska Cornhuskers hung a 59-53 setback on them. The Sooners were tied with the Hiiskers, 30-30, at halftime, but the third period jinx caughl them for the fifth game in a row. Hack on the road again, Oklahoma made it six straight by losing a 70-59 decision to the Iowa State Cyclones. The lowans outscored the Sooners, 18-8, in the first quarter and were never threatened the rest of the way. The loss was the Oklahomans ' 17th in a row away from home. ( U broke the slump by defeating Colorado, 83-81, .it Boulder despite :!! points by Ail Bunte. Bunte hit 77 points in three games against the Sooners, who finished with a 2-1 edge over the Buffs. Waller and nine meshed 19 and 18, respectively for Oklahoma. The Drakemen made it two in a row by smacking Nebraska, 7, c -7( . at Lincoln. Waller and Blue Joe G I and I. ester Lane do a fast step during the OU Nebraska, game. scorched the nets with ' 2-1 and 21 points respectively. The win pulled the Sooners into a third-place tie in the conference standings with Missouri. Each team had a 5-5 record. However. Oklahoma was unable to take over full possession of third as Bob Reiter led the Tigers to a 77-7M overtime win at Columbia. Lester Lane hit 120 points for the Sooners, but the Missouri star poured in . ' !. ' ! points to insure the victory. La i ri I [iimilton grabs •■! loose ball dur ing the Sooner victory over the Texas I tonghorns, 72 ' 1 . Dink Mi E m hi u Page 258 Lynn Hart, Oklah a forward, dribbling in the Kansas State game OSt . •- in. Bob Waller jumps to shoot a basket while Larry Wetter of In v:i st.-itr and Lester Lane awail rebound. Iowa State won the ball gam i, 7:: 69. Oklahoma wound up its home season by bowing to the Kansas State Wildcats, 76-60. 6rea1 outside shooting and superior height were responsible for the Wildcats ' win. Bob Waller and Tom Churchill Mill a greal job guarding Knostman, although the Wild- cat All- American tossed in 14 points. Knostman liit eight of h i - II points in the closing minutes after Waller and Churchill had fouled out. Dink Mc- Ivn-li tii topped both trams in scoring with l(i points. Churchill hit U) points and led the team in rebounds as he played a fine game in closing mil his careei in Norman. The Sooners closed the season with a trip to Still- water for the Kith renewal of their bitter rivalry with the Oklahoma Aggies. The Aggies won, i . " -r 7. Bob Waller led the Sooners in scoring throughout the season, while Lester Lane and Eton Blue battled for runner-up honors. However, the most accurate shot on the team was Lynn Hart, who topped the squad in both field goal and free throw percentages. It was only the second time in Coach Drake ' s career that his team failed to win half of its loop games. He came a long way with a team that had little heighl and even less experience. .1 ' i i t BNS swi Thompson Bob w Pago 25? BASEBALL Oklahoma ' s 1952 baseball tram underwenl a rebuilding year after winning the NCAA championship the previous season. Coach .hick Baer ' s inexperienced nine finished the season with a 7-14 record. The Sooners opened the campaign with four straight losses on a tour of the Southwest Conference before returning home to defeal Minnesota in a double-header. Oklahoma losi to TCU by a 17—3 score, then dropped a free-scoring 26—14 decision to Baylor. Following that came 13—4 and 15 — I setbacks at the hand of the Texas Longhorns to complete the winless tour of the soul hwesl . Oklahoma had a successful debut at Norman, however, defeating Dick Diebert ' s .Minnesota Golden Gophers, 14—9 and 14— 6. The Sooners then split a 2-game series with Colorado, losing 4— 2 and winning 7-( . They followed ii|i by trimming the Oklahoma Aggies, 11—5, to make it four wins in five sanies. The Sooners continued to play ,500 had. They lost 15—10 and 11-fi decisions to Nebraska, lint came hack to sweep a 2-game set from Kansas State. 18-12 and 24-11. At this point the Sooners hit a slump and lost seven straight contests before ending the drouth with a 4—3 victory over Iowa State in the final game of the season. The losing streak began at Kansas, where the Jayhawkers came off with an 8-6 victory. The ( ' troubles increased when catcher John Red- dell was injured in the Kansas game and was forced to miss the remainder of the season. The Sooners then dropped two games to the Missouri Tigers, 7-4. and JlM Antonio John Reddell . " )-4. After losing three close ones they were humbled by the Oklahoma A ries. 11-2 and 23-8 before drop- ping a 2-1 thriller to the Aggies for the sixth straight loss. They completed the season by splitting a 2-game series with Iowa State. The Sooners lost the first contest. 9—2, but won the wind-up by a 4— :i count. Oklahoma finished the season with a 4-7 record against conference competition. They split with Col- orado and Iowa State and defeated Kansas State twice while losing one to Kansas and two to Nebras- ka and Missouri. Keddell was the team ' s leading hitter with a .433 mark through two thirds of the season. However, Gene Sheets hit .375 to top the regulars who played the entire schedule. .Mac Sanders, Floyd Murphy and Lary Foley each won two games while George Loving won to account for the team ' s seven wins. .Murphy was the only returning moundsman from the 1 951 team. rst " r, left to right: Joe Burke, Gene Stafford, Joe Straka, Orville Rickey, Jerry Simmons, Gene Torbet, Leland Forrester, Leon Shiononet, Jay Walton. Seoond row: Ken Stonecipher, Jim Antonio, Gene Sheets, John Reddell, Buddy Leake, Hill Knox, Roger Wich, Bill II. in-ill. John Risinger, Jack Van Pool. Thirdrow: Lee A. Smith, Carl Allison, Geo. Pratt, Jim Crabb, Bug Bergthold, Mac San ders, Floyd Murphy,Larry Foley, Sterling Jones, Hick Welch, Buster Cloud, Geo. Loving, Teddy Owen, Jack Baer. 4 %. w v V 1 " ? CY£ ' rf!fr - v " - - 1 « I l!l KKK I.Man BlLl 1 1 l;i; i! FU I Mac Sinukks Gene shifts Joi Straka UxiKK Wicn O. U. BASEBALL RECORD ahoma boma homa homa homa liiuiiii boma boma boma boma boma homa homa homa homa homa homa homa boma boma homa 3 14 4 4 14 14 Id (i 18 24 6 4 4 • 8 1 Texas Christian Baylor Texas Texas .Minnesota . Minnesota Colorado Colorado Oklahoma A . l Nebraska . Nebraska Kansas Stair Kansas State Kansas . Missouri Missouri Oklahoma A. M Oklahoma A ] Oklahoma A M I i.n a Slati ' . I 0 a Slate . 17 •2C) 13 i: !l 6 4 11 11 John l; Soonci Ural an k r, Btrcti hi • foi a ivilrl throw i pre garni pnicl ice. Page 261 m. Wl Jones and P li ' •ivniiik. Crabtree and Wilkerson ivorli out. Wm Ai- 2 t T% V 1 The Mile Relay Tea TRACK Oklahoma began its l!). " ) ' - ' track season in convinc- ing fashion by crushing North Texas State, 90—32, in a dual inert ;it . ormau. and edging Nebraska, 55—49, al Lincoln. Prior i i the opening of their dual season, the Sooners had entered the 1,600 meter relay and the -liio meter dash at the Sugar Bowl ' I ' rack and Field .Meet at New Orleans. The relay team eame in first with a - ' 1:14.1 clocking for its second straight victorj at New Orleans. -I. W. Mashburn and Harry Lee ran second and third in the 400. Next on the Sooner schedule eame the Michigan state [ndoor Belays. Oklahoma set a new record of 3:19.7 in the mile relay, wnii the sprint medley relay in 3 : ' X- A, and captured the broad jump as Smith African Neville Price leaped l ' 4 feet, - ' ij g inches. The Sooners were hampered by injuries at the conference indoor meet, and were able to finish only fifth. Price was injured in the preliminaries and didn ' t compete in the finals. The mile relay team concluded the indoor season by winning at the Chicago Belays in 3:22.1. Coach John Jacobs ' thinclads began the outdoor campaign by defeating Kansas state. 77- " ) (i to . " . ' )-l 6, Imt Inst their next match by a 68-63 count to the ( Iklahnma Aggies. At the Texas Relays the Sooners won three firsts and would have had another but fur an official ruling. The Sooner mile relay team won its events in the great time of 3:13.1, but an official ruled thai J. W. Mashburn cut in front of his man too soon after pass- ing. Jacobs made the first protest of his :!1 years as a coach, lint the decision stood. Oklahoma went on to win the 2-mile relay in the record time of 7:41.8. That also won the sprint medlej relay and broad jump. Neville Price made a tremendous leap of 25 feet. ' _ " s inches in winning the broad jump. Al the Kansas Relays the Sooners again won the mile and 2-mile relays. The mile relay crew set a new record of 3:14.8. The time for the 2-mile »;i- 7:11, " ). Oklahoma grabbed firsi in the broad jump and hop, step and .jump at the ] rake Belays. The Sooners finished Second to the powerful Kan sas Jayhawkers in the Big Seven Outdoor □ t at Norman, fiespectable limes were recorded despite the muddy track, h rained throughoul the afternoon, and li the time Ihe meet was finished everyone was covered with mini. Kansas State defeated the favored Sooner mile relay team as Thane Baker, the Wildcats ' ereat dash man. outran Mashburn on the anchor lee. However, Mashburn won the 140, while Baker captured the 100 Page 262 row. It ft to right: Don Crabtre . I ' ; Beeler, Mickej Hubbard, Bru e Di mond, Warren Rouse, Jim tt ilkinson, Charles Coleman. Second row: Harry Lee, Terry, Quanah ' n . Ronnie Dobsou, Dearald Smith, Dick Jones, Nate Graham, Maury Delhotal, Neilly Kimbrough. Third row: Coai h John Jacobs, Ken Cooper, Ron Reed, Sam Gilbert, George VIcCormick, 1 ' ■ i 1 1 Whiddon, Larrj Marsh, Steve Champlain, J. W, Mashburn, Jern Meades. and 220. Warren Rouse, Sooner sophomore distance man from Newkirk, pulled t In- day ' s biggest upset by beating Herb Semper of Kansas in the 2-mile. Semper was the defending champion. Following the regular season, Mashburn and Price went to the Olympics at Helsinki, although on dif- ferent team-. Price represented his native South Africa, while Mashburn was a member of the United St; es team. Price did well in the preliminaries of the broad jump, luit was unable to place in the finals. On the other hand. Ma8hburn didn ' t see any action in the Olympics, although he turned in some greal tine ' s in post-( Hympic races. Following the Olympics, Mashburn twice defeated Oeorge Ethoden, world record holder a1 WO meters. On another occasion he was a member of the team which set a new world record of 3:08.8 in the mile relay. This race was run in London with a Pick- up team. Later, Mashburn was to the Track and Field Ail- American team. o . u. TRACK RECORD llllHJf • Oklahoma 90 North ' 1 exas . :V2 Okli homa .). " Xehrask a 49 Mic ligan St a c III oor Relaj s -Ok ahoma wo i mile relay i Hew ret ord of 3:19 7 print medley re ay in • ' ' , : " ■■ ' ■ 1 .ne 1 broad jump. Big Sc CM he oor — l iklahoma fifth. Chit a ' jo i; clay- i Iklahoma n HI mile relay in • ' ! :20.1. Outdoor Okli homa i 7 :, i; : Kansas State Oklahoma A M 53 1 6 . 68 Oklj homa Texas Relays Okla iniiia won 2-mile relax i new record of 7 :41.8 i . s irint 1 ley re ay iml broad jum] Kai sas R, lax - Ok] ahoma won mile relay - new record of 3 : 1 s . llll 2-mile relax ill 7 :41.5. Dra te lid IX s Okla homa woi broad jump and hop. step and jum] J. I ; i -_ r Seven i lutdoor- Oklahoma second. Warren Roi si Page 263 | nk W L WRESTLING w KESTLING RECORD Old; homa . 25 Kansas stale . 3 Okli limna . 19 ( Iklahoma A M . 10 Okla luiiiia . 23 Okh liiona 16 Oklahoma A M . 14 Okla homa . 19 [owa State . 10 Okla homa . L ' l ( !olorado o o Okla homa . 21 Colorado A M . 8 Coach Port Robertson ' s Sooner wrestlers contin- ued their unbeaten pace in 1953, winning seven matches to run their string to -• " straight dual victories. Oklahoma opened the season by defeating Kansas state. 25-3, at .Manhattan. Tommy Evans, NCAA champion and Olympic runner-up at 147-pounds, in- jured his knee in workouts before the Kansas State match and was lost to the team for the rest of the season. However, Bryan Rayburn moved into Evans ' spot and did a good job. The Sooners made their first home appearance a winning one as they soundly trounced their ancient ? s Prank Marks, Oklal a L67-pound grappler, has Wayne Meyer of [llinois tied in knots. Marks won the match by virtue of a full. rivals, the Oklahoma Aggies, by a 19-10 score. The ( Iklahomans continued to crush all opposition as they blasted Illinois ' Big Ten Champions, 23-4 at Norman. The Sooners went to Stillwater for a return match with tin- Cowboys, and were pushed to the limit be- fore winning a 16-14 decision. Following the Aggie win came victories over Iowa State, Colorado and Colorado A M to close out the dual schedule. As Oklahoma prepared to defend its conference and NCAA titles, Harold Recce was the only un- defeated and untied wrestler on the team. Don Reece had suffered one loss and Frank Marks had been beaten once and tied once. ; ( P. I ' ■ ' ' ' Ight: Ed Blubaugh, Ed Corn, Lee Young, Harold Reece, Don Reece, Ronald Todd, Tommy Evans, Billj Boi Second rov . Donald ink. Junior Corn, Lawrence Bolding, Phil Pierce, John Eagleton, Ronald Scott, Bryan Skalenda, Jesse Stokes, Thirdrow: Doc Henron, Keith Kelley, Kenneth Willets, Gene White, Jerrj Bress, John nin(;li rge L. Cross, Frank Marks, Page 264 5 ' •- Clarke Mitchell, captain of the Bwimming team, pushes away !.. start Ms back stroke. SWIMMING SWIMMING RECORD .r, -.• •■•■. ■ 1 5 3 Oklahoma 55 Kansas .... 36 Oklahoma . . 62 Nebraska . . . :!1 ' ' i V Oklahoma till 1 em er .... 18 ( )klahoma . 60 lolorado . . . 33 y HB L, ' Oklahoma . . 50 Baylor .... 24 ( )klahoma 54 Texas ... 31 Oklahoma . . 47 SMU 36 Big Seven Meet: Oklahoma, firsl Oklahoma ' s swimmers climaxed the 1953 season by winning their second straight Big Seven title, easily outdistancing the field in the conference meel at Norman. Tin Sooners finished the meel with 145 points, while runner-up Iowa State had 104. The rest of the field was far behind with Colorado scoring 34 points, Kansas, 31, and Nebraska, 28. Swimming for the first season under Coach Frank Withrow, the Sooners won nine of the 14 events with Graham Johnston capturing three. Johnston won the 220, 44(i and 1,500 meter freestyle races for the second straight year. Other winners were Ear] llallnni, one ami three meter diving; Gerard DeJong 50-yard free style; Bob Leonardt, 100-yard free style, and team captain Clarke Mitchell, 200-yard back-stroke. In dual meets Oklahoma was unbeaten in seven matches. They opened the campaign by easily trim- ming Kansas, 55—36, at Norman. Then came a road trip which included victorious stops at Nebraska, Denver and Colorado. The Sooners then defeated Baylor, there, and the following weekend blasted Texas and Southern .Methodist, also away from home. Oklahoma was scheduled to compete in the NCAA swimming meet, March 27 and 2S at Columbus, ()hio. i ' ' ( oach Withrow. o ghi : T. I T. Adams, G Jul, ii. ' . Lees, B. I nliardt, J. Hudack, C. Mitchell, J. McKinney, I. nston, E. Hall I. DeJong, D. Baugh, D. Banks, 8, Morey, Vssisl i ireen in i on M. Minicli ell K. Raw Secon Page 265 TENNIS TENNIS RKCORD Okl: i University 6 Southeastern II Okli llMIII. ' l University 6 Northeastern o Okli llfllll- University 6 Central State . ii Okl; lll ' lll.l Universit ) 2 Denver 4 Okli homa Universitj ii llciustnll . . . 6 Okh llDMIil University :( Texas A. M . . l Okli homa University 2 Texas .... 4 Oklj i L.I University . 4 Bice .... 2 Okl; homa University 6 Colorado . ii Okl! horn i University (i Tulane 7 Okli homa University D Loyola . . . .i Okli homa University 1 Okli University . " i Okl:.. A. M . . 1 Okli Okh University University 6 4 Missouri . Northwestern 1 3 1 a Okh homa University {• A i kiinsiis . (I Okli homa University 3 okl;,. A. M . . . 3 Okli 1 ia University :; Southeastern 3 BIG SEVEN MEET OKLAHOMA 1st The University of Oklahoma tennis team again captured the Big Seven crown in 1!C 2. It v;is the Sooners ' fifth title in the six years since Walt Mead became coach. The Sooners ' 1952 record was ID wins, six hisses and two ties in dual meets. They climaxed the season by winning the conference tournament at Norman. Oklahoma played only two dual matches against conferenc e op] ents. They defeated Colorado and Missouri by identical 6-1 scores. In two matches with Oklahoma A. M the Sooners won a 5-1 decision and gained a . ' !-:! draw. The only serious defeats suffered by the Sooner netters came at the hands of Tulane and Houston. The Cougars humbled Oklahoma 6-0, while Tulane coasted to a 7-0 victory. in the other hand, the Sooners scored four shutouts during the season, all by a 6-0 score. The whitewash victims were Central State. Southeastern, Northeastern, and Arkansas. Members of the tennis team included Olenn Land, Ken Tavlor, Roger Clark, Jim Metzer, Jim Arnold. Tom Thixton, Bill Talbot, and Tib Scallon. Land and Taylor played the No. 1 and No. 2 singles matches in the conference meet then combined to form the top doubles team. First ghi: Glen Land, Ken Taylor, Roger Clark, Jim Metzer, Walter Mead, Coach ri rou : John Martin, Til. Scallon, T Thixton, Bill Talbot. Page 266 Rl4l CROSS COUNTRY CROSS COUNTRY H EC OR I) Oklahoma . . 16 Texas A M . . 20 Oklahoma . . 12 Texas .... 26 Iklahoma . . 19 Oklal a A M . 17 Oklahoma . ' Jti Kansas .... 1l ' BIG SEVEN MEET OKLAHOMA 2nd Bruce " Bulldog " Drummond, Oklahoma cross-countn ace, leads bj ' ; " yards in the dual meel againsl Texas A. M. Oklal ia University ' s cross country team «• I i - maxed its season by finishing second in the confer- ence meel at Lawrence. Kansas, the perennial champion, won again with a total of L ' m points. ;| S compared to -!4 points by the So -rs. Colorado finished third with 4:! points. The Sooners opened the campaign with a 16—20 victory over Texas A M. Bruce " Bulldog " Drum- mond was the winner. In their second dual race of the season the Sooners again won, this time soundly trouncing Texas, r_ ' - " _ ' ii. with Drummond again the u inner. Oklahoma dropped a close 19—17 decision to the Oklahoma A M Cowboys in their third outing of tin ' year. This time Drummond ran second to Fred Eckhofl nl ' tlir A ti i ' s. In their final dual the Sooners journeyed to Law- rence and lust tn powerful Kansas in a preview nl the conference meet. The final score was 26—12. The nrxt week tin- Sooners again wenl to Lawrence and ran second to tlic days in the Big Seven meet. Oklahoma ' s final season record showed two wins. two losses and a second plan ' finish among tin ' limp schools. Ronald Reed, Warren Rouse, Georg, Giln ■. Derald Smith, Bruce I i inond. Page 267 Top row, left to right : Johnny Johnson, Jim Lewis, Don Mathison, lint i am rmc: Bob Mi ' ok, Bob Noever, Jim Vickers. GOLF (; Okla OLF homa REC OKI)- 1952 Texas Tech . . i 2 Okla lii )ii.i 5 1 ._, okla. A M . . 12i 2 Okla homa 111 2 Tulsa 6y 2 Okla Okla homa boma lll o 26y 2 M issouri ... 6 ■■ Gusta us Adolphus ' .. ( »kla Okla Okla homa boma boma 2% 5 2i .. TCU 1 Texas 3y 2 Okla boma • ' •j Okla. A M . . V. ] 2 Okla homa 11)1 n Tulsa 7L. BIG s EVEN rOl ■|; . . IK T OKLAHOMA lsl Oklahoma ' s golfers again won the Big Seven title to make Ted (iwin ' s lirsi year as coach a successful one. The 1952 conference tournament was held on the university ' s South Base course, and the Sooners came through with a team score of 934, 10 strokes ln ' i ter i han runner-up Nebraska. Bob .Meek tied the Huskers ' Joe Gifford for medal- ist honors with a 54-hole total of 229. Jim Vickers placed third with 233, Bob Nbever was fifth with 12 : ? . " . and Johnny Johnson finished seventh with 237 as the Sooners completely dominated the held. The Sooners won six dual matches and Inst four during the season. They finished second in the Colo- rado Invitational at Colorado Springs. The team defeated Tulsa twice. Texas Tech, Missouri, Gustavus Adolphus and TCU, while losing in Texas, SMU, and Oklahoma A M t w ice. Vickers climaxed the season by winning the NCAA title a1 Lafayette, Indiana on the Purdue University course in June, lie became the second Sooner ever to win i he National Collegiate crown. Walter Emerj was tin ' lirst in 1933. Page 268 1 I IROLD Rl I I I Oklahoma ' s matman looks for an openinj Keith i sees daylight l i K ' n i i . . . and upends his oppi at. Ron m.i Todd Ince you t. r " t ' em dov u RON M.n Scott . von have ! " lioiii ' em there Bin i K ' w m i; . . . Iik this. • A " 0 " CLUB n- o n p P P o Ki J - I n n a o cl o s fe oi • ' , ■. nor. !e ' " right: John Green, Max Boydston, Harold Brighton, Kent Braden, Johnny Risinger, Joe Straka, Johnny Johnson, .lini MeKinney, Bill Tolbert, Ken Taylor, Jim Metzer, Robert Thatcher. Second row: Eddie Crowder, dark Hudack, Ken Edwards, Dick Bowman, Tom Catlin, Kill Harrah, Jim Davis, Melvin Brown, Kurt Burris, Jack Ging, Larry Grigg, Jack Santee, Roger Nelson. Third row: Don Zink, Graham Johnston, Earl Hallum, Dave Glander, Bill Holders. Hon Reece, Harold Eteece, Ernie Melhorn, Ronald Scott, John Eagleton, Tib s, alien, Carl Allison. Bob Gaut, Gene starter. 1, Tom Adams, .1. I). Roberts, Kay Keller. n ftftRia ft:fi 7 o re v 1 1 V PH ' ift I a • . A a r Q o°io o ° I jsLpO ' c J.teiJj I rote, • ' ' ■• right: Joe Burke, Warren Rouse, Prank Marks, Orville Rickey, Toi y Evans, Glen Land, Bob Whiddon, Sterling Ji i i -. Bill Cummins, Ron Blue, Floyd Murphy. Second row: Merrill Green, Mac Sanders, Kenneth Stonecipher, Jim Crabapple, J. W, Mashburn, Tom Churchill, Harrj I John Martin, Norman Fleshman, John Reid, Lester Lane, Buck McPhail. Third row: Dick . ( " lark Mitchell, Ronald H I, Bill Slogi r, Quannah Cox, Ronnie Dobson, Bruce Drummond, George McCormick, Curtis Lee, Larrj Foley, Jack Cloud, Lynn Bart, George Gil ur, Roger Clark, Jerry Simmons, Ed Rowland, Larry Cotton. Kill Knox, Page 270 Fosters Friendship Among Lettermen Any man " lin has won the " O " through cotnpeti linn In intercollegiate athletics and has mel the ap proval of the University Athletic Council is eligible for membership in the Varsity " O " Club. The organization is made up of active undergrad uate lettermen and .-1111111111 members as well. Besides serving these members the cluh takes an active pari in all ITniversity of Oklahoma functions Buch as Dad ' s Daj and ll " i ling. The purposes and objectives of this Club arc to advance and nourish a special -— 1 i » ■ i 1 of regard for the " 0 " ; i " bring all lettermen, both graduate ami undergraduate, into closer relationship; to foster a spirit i ' t ' loyalty in the hearts of those w I phold tin ' athletic prestige of the Crimson and Cream; to promote in every proper ami constructive way the athletic interests of the University of Oklahoma among its students, faculty, alumni ami friends; to encourage scholarship; to develop sportsmanship; to foster social activities; i maintain through mutual understanding of objectives a mure complete rela- tionship with members of the coaching staff; to pro- mote relations between freshmen ami varsity ath- letics, mikI in promote good will between the athletic teams ni ' tin- University of Oklahoma and other uni- versities. Meetings are held twice a month at the " 0 " Club Lounge in the northwest corner of Owen stadium. The meetings consist of routine business matters ami a program presented by some special guests. During the past year some outstanding campus talent per- formed at the numerous club meetings. The 1952-53 school year is the second for the beau- tiful club lounge. It is part of the new addition to the spacious Oklahoma football stadium. The lounge is decorated with new furniture, showcases and ap- pliances which were lioiiirht at the ODening of the new addition. A kitchen, fully furnished, and an office are also part of the entire " Ml " club nlant. Tin ' walls of the 1 ting room are adorned with pic- tures of All-Americans from the eighl intercollegiate sports since the opening of the University. Additions to the ! L r,. furnishings during the past year include a television set. complete owner- ship of the " monster " juke box. ami a Multiples picture holder which will contain pictures of univer- sity athletic teams. Among the projects of this year ' s membership has been the mailing of Coach 1 ' . B, Wilkinson ' s foot ha 1 1 letter to all active members. Also, the " 0 " Club News was sent several times during the school year. Projects such as this help to form a closer associa tion between the lettermen who have graduated and those still on the campus. These publications are sent without charge to the hundreds of Oklahoma alumni lettermen in every state in the union. The " () " Club Mail ' s Daj program this year was the biggesl yet. Over a hundred .Moms and Dads turned out for the big day of events which cluh members annually plan for their parents. Included in the day ' s events were a luncheon, a coffee for the mothers, special recognition at the Dads Association 1 ting for ••(» " Club dads, a special scat on the field for all parents and refresl UN and gel to gethers between sons ami dads in the ••() " ( ' lull lounge after the game. Also, tin- cluh donated the prizes to the Mad ' s . s I lie E R S Presidenl ice presidenl Secretary . Treasurer Job Burke Eddie ' now ra r Shi km w Norton Bri ' 1. Drum mond Athletic Council Representative Prank Marks Athletic Council Representative . Tom Catlin Faculty Advisor .... Pori Robertson Financial Advisor . . . W. J. (Bill) Cross sociation for the fathers with the most sons, most daughters ami most offsprings in school. Homecoming found the •• " Club playing hosts to another record-breaking throng. All the alumni lettermen were invited to he luncheon guests of the undergraduate members. Over three hundred alum- ni athletes visited the liiuii ' _! ' c that day. Some of them had participated at the University of Oklahoma in 1902 and it gave them a chance to see teammates of lifty years ago. This program will he celebrated every year in the future. (In the social side, the members of the cluh had a gala Christmas dance in the lounge with music fur- nished by some Dixielanders from Oklahoma City. Before the dance the hoys went out to the country and cut a huge tree which they later decorated. The biggest ami tinal activity of the scl I year is the annual " () " dub banquet. It is the biggesl ban- quet put 011 by any campus organization and takes place each year in .May. The banquet this year was May 17 in the Union Ballroom. Over 500 people were crowded in the beautiful Union facilities and all enjoyed the good meal and entertainment Mosl of the entertainment was furnished by the cluh members who gave a resume of the goings on of the past school year in athletics, A senior from each of the eighl varsity sports gave a talk on the past sea sonal record of his sport. Big Strides were made 111 the alumni field during the past year by the hoys on the alumni committee. I ' ort : Robertson, 0U wrestling coach, contributed hours of tedious work in helping to make up a new alumni file. The alumni membership rolls expanded due to the new Homecoming program and to corre- spondence which was sent during the year. The cluh has over a thousand alumni lettermen 011 tile and each year a few more of them are finding their wa, hack 011 the act ive list The on-campus members enjoy the life-long obli ' j at ion to serve the alumni members by assisting them in purchasing all types of athletic tickets. |, help- ing them find old teammates scattered hither and you. by helping them find graduating seniors to till job vacancies and by entertaining them in anj way when they come hack to visit the campus. The members of the Varsity " O " cluh are proud of the many contributions they made last year to the entire university program and to the student hoil The number of under-graduate members now to tals over one hundred and thirty. Page 271 liink McEacheni and Joe Burke serve cokes and coffee to Gene si ts and Merrill Green :it the snack counter of the " O " Club lounge. Joe Burke, president of the ' ' O ' ' C ub, conducts an in forma meeting in the lounge. K 1 [gnace, Bruce Drumxnond, Jerry Simmons, and John ECagleton engage in a little spoil over the card table. George Gilmour and Bruce Dru lond kibitz as Jack Snnl ip plays :i popular tune from the juke l i x. T CLUB LOUNGE The " 0 " ' luli iv proud of their beautiful and spacious lounge. In the lounge, the Cluh conducts its meetings, en- tertains alumni lettermen, holds open house for relatives and friends, and holds social events throughout the year. The walk of the meeting room are adorned with pictures of All Americans from the eighl intercollegiate spm-is par- ticipated in by the University of Oklahoma. Page 272 Intramural Board : First row, h i to right : Dewey " Snorter " Luster, Mrs. Loyce Wats Paul V. Keen. Second row: Harold Smith, Charles Rosenberger, Richard Roberts, ' :ili r Richardson, Bob Roop. INTRAMURALS Back when Ben i. Owen was Athletic Director and Football Coach, a few dollars were set aside for interclass athletics. In those days, the senior class would play the sophomore class, the junior class would play the freshman class anil even the faculty bad a team. Thai was the beginning of Lntramurals at OU. Intramural records show that L!. f students com- peted in Lntramurals in l!i2l . Paul V. Keen came to id ' as wrestling coach and director of intramurals. He held the latter position until 1 H: 14. when Mr. I Iwcn stepped down as athletic director and took over intramurals. with Mr. Keen as his assistant. Today, the department is headed by Paul V. Keen. chairman of [ntri " al Athletics, ami Dewej " Snorter " Luster, since Mr. Keen has been bere, the program has steadily progressed as an important phase in the students educational training. Mr. Luster has been another important factor lending to tic sii s of the program, lie served as varsitj football coach for the Universitj five years before taking up his presenl position, lie is coach of the s ier boxing team, which is sponsored by the Intramural program. The team, year alter year. produces outstanding men u the Oklahoma Oolden Gloves tournaments. The member of the intramural stall ' who is responsible lor all the bookwork, team entering, and records is Mrs. Loyce Watson. She rounds out the stall ' of faculty administration lor i he program. The function of the Department of Intramural Athletics is to extend to each male student the bene- fits of organized athletic competition. It is the pur- pose, also, to encourage participation in wholesome. active recreations. Wherever possible the depart- ment provides facilities for such compel il ion and recreation, and lusters a spirit of fair play and sportsmanship among participants ami spectators. li- Loyce Watson and Charlie Rosenberger, Intramural man ager, ord 1953 team cha - Peyton Jeness smd Page 273 INTRAMURALS The regulatory body of the departmenl is the Manager ' s Board, li is composed of senior, junior and sophomore studenl managers, the director of [ntramural Athletics and the staff. The student managers meet twice monthly to study possible changes for improvemenl of intra- mural athletics a1 the University. Junior man- agers arc selected from the sophomore managers, bouse managers, and district managers who bave served in that capacity for at least one year. All bouse and district managers arc encouraged to make application for junior manager. The senior managers are selected from the junior managers, and it is the duty of senior manager in charge of an assigned sport to sec that the play is run off smoothly with as few conflicts and delays as possible. It is designed that the senior managers train the junior managers to handle the func- tions required for tournaments and league play of team sports. The senior managers for this year were: Dick Roberts, Bob Roop, Charles Bosenberger, and Bill Massey. Junior managers were David Engle, Keith Reid. John Russell and Millard Ingrain. To the winners of all team sports go a beauti- ful trophy, and medals are given to the winners in the individual sports. The medals have small replicas of the intramural emblem, a small cover- ed wagon, on them. The following are the intramural champions for either the late spring of 1952 or the season of 1952-53: Softball, first— Class A. Pi Lambda Phi; sec- ond Alpha ' I ' au (»mega. Class li. Residential; second Kappa Sigma B. Tennis i singles i. first — John Hudson. Phi Gamma Delta; second John Buser, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Tennis (doubles), firsl — lolm Russell and Dick Baker, Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; second- Jim llinkefent and Robert SpriggS, Alpha ' I ' au (mega. Sextathhm. first Tom Coleman, Phi Gamma Delta, 1,388 points; second Lester Kane, Alpha Tan Imega. Swimming, firsl Alpha Tan Omega; second Blackfeet. Track and Field, first Sigma Nu; second tie: I ' hi Gamma Delta ami Kappa Sigma. Archery, first Richard II. Davis, Cleveland; second Richard Stauffer, lleveland. Touch Football ilass A Sigma I ' hi ; Class I ' . Sigma Chi; Freshman division Bass House ( ' ross ' lenter Horses] - (singles), first Jerry Amund- sen, Phi Camma Delta; s id Jim Bradley, Phi Gamma Delta. Horseshoes (doubles), first Bill Knox, John ny Johnson. I ' hi Gamma Delta; second Jerrj Amundsen, Ed Carman, Phi Gamma Delta. K Ws The Sigma Chi football team — winners of intramural and interfraternity football crowns. [ntramural basketball champions, Jefferson Souse, won both [ndependenfl league and over .-ill erovi a. The I ' i Lambda Phis happily display their trophy for intramural baseball championship. Jl It; ft t; (V » i Jefl Mann helps lead the OTJ intramural ch ' lii ' a in icton over i he A M • us the Sigma The Sigma Chi I! team — »i ire of the crown in their li ague Beta basketballers won the interfratemity lea were runners up for the mural I ii le. jue i rophy ai Dave Trapnell and Homer Paul congratulate each other after emerg- ing victors in the Badminton murals. Delta Tau Delta copped the Intramural boxing title with these seven participants. The men of A.TO a1 the University | I aftei winning the mural group svn imming championship. Beta Digger Morgan watches as Gordon Prather putts in, winning the wit ' doubles muraJ crown. INTRAMURALS Golf, (singles), Championship, first — (). V. Scott, Residential Halls; second — Foe Butler, Lincoln. ( ' hiss A. first — Pat Spivey, I ' hi Gamma Delta; sec- ond -Dmi Maxwell. Lambda Chi Alpha. Class B, first — Henry Coffeen, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon; second George Dana, Theta Xi. Golf (doubles), Championship — Digger Morgan and Gordon Prather, Beta Theta Pi; Class A — Glenn Gordon and Bill Emery, Phi Delta Theta; Class B— Carl Patterson and Bill Freeman, Irving House. Handball (singles), first — Ernie Mehlhorn, Lin- coln; second— Charles T. Crawford. Phi Gamma Delta. The i(. ' Eps display the trophy they received as winners of tin ' wrestling mural crown. Handball (doubles), first Ernie Mehlhorn and Tom Evans, Lincoln; second Donald Eteeee and Dick l ' ulliain. Lincoln. Badminton (singles), first Sam Pruyne, Apache; second— Charles T. Crawford. I ' hi Gamma Delta. Badminton ( doubles) , first — Hal Wolfe and Dave Trapnell, Phi Gamma Delta; second — Marshall Bate- man and Jim Graalman, Alpha Tan Omega. Basketball, Class A Jefferson House; Class B,- Beaver Boys; Freshman Division —Vance House. ( ' ross ( ' enter. Handball champion Ernie Mehlhorn and runner-up Charlie Crawford prepare for :i ipiii-k game. Bill Knox .Mhl Johnny Johnson demonstrate their first place horseshoe pitching. Wrestling, firsl Sigma I ' hi Epsilon ; second I ' hi I lelta Theta. Volleyball, Class A Sigma Alpha Epsilon; (lass B Alpha Tau i imr i ; Freshman Division Kitch- ens I louse, i ' ross lenter. Table Tennis, firsl Alpha Tau Omega; second Beta Theta Pi. Table Tennis (doubles), firsl A. T. Stair and Lloyd -I. Waner, Delta Tan Delia; second Jim Plunketl and .lltn llinkel ' enl. Alpha Tau Omega, Table Tennis (single), firsl Jim Plunkett, Alpha Tau Omega; second Doyle Fair, Beta Theta Pi, WOMEN ' S RECREATIONAL ASS ' N Ever; woman studenl is automatically a member of the Women ' s Recreational Association, lis pur- pose is to promote a higher physical efficiency and broader recreational interest. All women students are classified under the general membership of WKA recreational activity. Active membership consists of those women who belong i " our of the nine WKA dubs. These clubs include Archery, Badminton, Ducks. Orchesis, Rac- quet, Swing, Sooner Sashay and seasonal Sports. All active members are eligible to vote in tl lection for tlic executive officers, and only active members ma hold an office on the executive board. The executive board is composed of the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, social chairman, assistant social chairman, intramural manager, as- sisiant intramural manager, presidents of the WKA cliilis, and the faculty advisor. WKA proposes the opportunity to those girls in- terested in learning more aboul sports to play with others with equal interest and ability; thus develops a wider knowledge of strategy, teamwork, and im- provement of skill. Through the club ' s programs a feeling of lt 1 fellowship and the highest type of sportsmanship is developed. The Seasonal Sports Club functions with the four major seasonal sports programs. Its purpose is to develop a greater degree of skill in hockey, volleyball, W ' i.t b gam ■ hi ' tennis, these girls relax on the ourl . . . ample of physical activities offered by the Women ' s Recn Associat ion. basketball and softball. Prom this club the besl play- ers in these four club are selected to play on teams which represent the University at the sports Day held at various schools thrOUghoul the State. This organization serves the University by taking indi- viduals with talent and interest and developing them into a varsity team. This program is a student organization and its activities are planned for their recreation and enjoy- ment, as long as they are students at the University. The Officers for the Association for 1952-53 were: Helen lledlev, president ; Helen liarr. vice-president ; .Marlene .Miller, secretary; Margaret Fell, treasurer; Keith Plank, intramural manager; and Carolyn Weckel. social chairman. n n . - row, left i " right: Keith A. Plank, Margaret Fell, Helm Hedley, Helen Barr, Marlene Miller. Edith Crabtree. Second row Lucille Eng, Freda V I. Kevajean Porter, Carolyn Weckel. Dorothy Kramer, Margaret Martin, Lillian Castner, Sponsor. W.R.A. CLUBS RACQUET CLUB The purpose of the Etacquel Club is to encourage and promote interesl and a higher degree of skill in tennis activitj among women students. Membership is obtained through tryouts held early in the fall and spring. Meetings are held once ;i week on the tennis courts and matches are played if the weather permits. Members serve as umpires for the [nterscholastic Tennis Tournament in t lie spring. Pictured at ii};lit : First row, left to right: Lucille Eng, Dixie O ' Neal, Karen Hatfield, Ernestine Ownby, Grace Mel I. June Elmborg, Earline Morgan, Margaret Pell. Second row: Sara Lund, Carol McMahon, Aim Campbell, Carolyn Hayes, Marilyn Fisher, Janet Sanger, Jean Seibol. Third row: Mar lene Miller, Margaret Martin, Phyllis Williams, Madge Evans, Mary Snyder, Ann Peebles. SWING CLUB The Swing Club was organized for the promotion of golf among the women students. This year its members have participated in monthly play days as well as conducting weekly practices. An all college women ' s tournament was sponsored by the club in the spring. Membership in the club is open to any university woman who can scon ' 12 or less for nine holes. BADMINTON CLUB The Badminton Club is open to any student in- terested in playinir the •riime. This year there were about 2(1 active members attending the meetings on Thursday evenings at the Field House. The rackets are furnished by the University and the University furnishes transportation to the tournaments. Mem- bers may participate in the state and regional tournaments. Pictured below : First row, left to right: Dixie O ' Neal, Freda W 1. Second row: Maurins Bowling, Sponsor; Dorothy Biddick, Helen Barr, Margaret Martin. Pictured below: First row, left to right: Elizabeth Harsh, Boh Moyers, Carolyn Howard, Arden Wilson, Carolyn Hayes. Second row: Lillian Castner, Sponsor; Marlene Miller, Carol McMahon, Virginia Henry, Sara Lund, Jim Raibourn, Mar garet Martin. Page 278 DICKS CLUB The main purpose of Ducks is to promote aquatics on the campus and give those who enjoy swimming some organized activity. Members arc selected upon their degi of swimming ability, and any girl is eligible to attend the semester tryouts. The bi- monthly meetings are primarily concerned with plan- ning and producing the annual spring water show. Clockwise from center front: P. Rogers, V. Henry, M. Evans, E. Richardson, C. Way, .1. Baird, A. Wilson, S. Hudson, • ' . Ste rens, •!. Spiclman, S. Davis, A. Maloy, . Duca, A. Clark, S. Hughes, C. .1. Blackw I. A. Grisso, S. Kyle, E. Harsh, I. Kui.ii. M.J. I , J. Smith, J. Kelly, 111. Cooper. Upper right: Martha Hall, President. Upper left: Miss Carole Hiss. Sponsor. SOONER SASHAY Tin ' Sooner Sashay ' luh is a co-recreational square (lance club. Membership is open to anj college stu den! wlui is interested in square dancing and desires to become a member of the group. Under the sponsorship of .Miss Virginia Morris, the group meets cadi Wednesday evening Uw a program of square dancing and folk dancing. A sel from tin- club ■_: ive an exhibition for tin- Graduate Education Building open house, ami many members attended the annual siatc Square Dance Festival in Oklahoma City. Be- sides those pictured the group lias aluiiit 20 other members. Pictured above: First row, left to right: Phyllis Jarvis, NTs dine Walters, Dorothy Kramer, Joyce Miller, Sylvia Schi Bobbye Dean. Second row : Peter Hanf, Jeaj Winningham, Jayne Smith, Frances Biles, Charles Woods, rfttrd row: Bruce Combest, Lonnie Britton, Jim McDonald. ORCHESIS DANCE CLIB Orchesis is the organization which is interested in promoting modern dance. The name comes from the Greek word meaning " in , lance " . At presenl Orchesis has a membership of some 25 girls. Everj Christmas the group presents the " Juggler of T otre Dame " , a traditional French story, which tells of a poor juggler ' s greatest gifl to the Madonna. Orches is members presenl an annual spring recital. Miss Helen Gregory is the chili ' s sponsor ami choreo- grapher. rii tin,-, I ii left: First row, left .. right: Revajean I I ' .n Pentem, Mar} J. Hair, Monta Smith, Martha DenAdel, I i " t Primeau, Gaye I.. McReynolds. Second row: Me Wardell, Carolyn Giblet, Elaine Richardson, Virginia Davis, lii- i.i.n i, , Barbara Bale, Tomi Wortham. Third row: Sandra Kyle, Connie Weckel, Jane Wilkinson, Marge Gammon, Carolyn Way. Page 279 INTRAMURAL COUNCIL The University Women ' s Intramural program pro- vides every rirl an opportunity to participate in a wide field of competitive sports. The first aim of the program is to foster good sportsmanship and to pro- vide mental and physical deviation from the routine of classwork. The council consists of a faculty ad- visor and students who represent each of the com- petitive units on the campus. This council serves as the governing body for the intramural program and in that capacity determines and enforces its policies. Pictured above: First row, left in right: Hetty .1. Needs. Jerry Bouse, .lean Reynolds, Kathleen Scanlin, Hazel Steiner, Carol Ring. Second row: Freda W 1, Maurine Bowling, Sponsor; Margaret Pell, Pal Lindsay, Becky Donovan, Carol .1. Drake, Reva J. Porter. Third row: Eleanor Polk, Keith A. Plank. Fourth row: Grace McLeod, June Elmborg, Mary K. McShane. ARCHERY CLUB The Archery Club is a co-educational club com- posed of interested University students. Throughout the year members meet on the shooting range, weather permitting, or in the Women ' s Building where demonstrations and movies concerning archery are shown. Other activities inside club tournaments and the making of equipment. Pictured above: First row, left to right: Marcia A. Davis, Jeanne Smith. Jane Burtis, Shirley Padgett. Second row: Don Woolery, David Cathey, Richard 11. Davis, Kenneth E. Davis, Bob Parrish, Richard Nivalis. SEASONAL SPORTS CLUB Seasonal Sports ( ' lub is an organization for volun- tary participation in team sports. Hockey, Volley- ball, Basketball, and Softball teams el players from colleges and universities throughout the stale in friendly competition. These games are interschool field a ml s|,nrt days. I a1 right: First row, left to right: Jane Sehell, Bob i.i Dean, Theba (loll, Shirley Pasternak. Second row: Lois Sandlin, Margaret Martin, Miss Carole Mass, S] sor; Dor othy Mathis, Hazel Steiner, Margarel Fell. ' Iln,,i ,,.„ .- • ' are: i, Blaine Richardson, Shirlej Brogan, Roberta Scott, Eva J. Si Page 280 ■m§ DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE Col. Hi pert Ingram, Artillery " A Nation like the United States, subjected to the envy and jealousy of ;i hostile and insuffi- ciently civilized world, should constantly be able in defend itself against any outbreak of this hostility into a treacherous attack such as oc- curred al Pearl Harbor on December 7. 1941. A democratic nation hesitates to establish a large standing Army, and the only effective alternate is a competent citizen reserve of trained men. None of all the people in America wants war but some have had the patriotism to prepare for the emergency of war and the vision to realize that war might again be forced upon us un- expectedly. " Col. Rupert Ingram PMS T THE STAFF dt litiAiLft tub t r. O i. Cantey I.t. (in,. Goetz I.t. Col. Locke Lt. Col. Stoves Major Birch Major Colei tfi aMAA j M VJOH « hi c ii i.., I i rdi M UOH GAME! CaPT. MILLS I ' IPT, N I X 1 1 N C ' WO GlLMORi Page 282 ■ K E S E R V 1 () I I I C E K S TRA1NIN ; C () K P S Cadet Colonel Cadet Colonei Cadet Colonel Cadet Colonel Cadet C DEB Ml I ' ll Ml Morrison Pierso II m; i i tfr ih4 i ' idet Coloni A. [XGRAM i ! i ' i i i Hi ONI i. .1. [NGRAW ( Iadet Colonel ( IaDET I lOLONI i I .M i i Wolfe i ' MM- r Colo ei Wall CADET COLONELS BRIGADE STAFF NON-COMMISSI O E D O F F I C E K STAFF Page 283 FIRST REGIMENT A Gk £ A Mr- - Ml Kffl : : ] • First row : Warren K. Jordan. Second iwr : Joe Burke, Milton Laird, Raoul Brown, Wesley Whitloi k. STAFF, FIRST REGIMENT First .■ William W. Evans. Second n.H.- Doyle Pair, John Rogers, Rich :n.| Smith, Robert Bi -t. STAFF, FIRST BATTALION FIRST REGIMENT First row: Clifford II. Wall. Second row: Mi-Kin Brill, William Sloger, ( lei aid Bai ton, Louis Levy. S T A I I . S E C O I) It A 1 I A M O FIRST REGIMENT Page 284 -i I -i 1 I n R o o . . . i • ! ° J E All " ' - M fmtmmtk ■S4 HI 1 (a | m 1 1 COMPANY OFFICERS FIRST BATTALION, FIRST REGIMENT P » A ft i ft COMPA.N V A . FIRST REGIMENT COMPANY B . V 1 K S T REGIMENT «, P £ A . . . . ... . ▼ . ■ o o « c « o » «» COMPANY OFFICERS SECOND BATTALION, FIRST REGIMENT 5 COMPANY C, FIRST REGIMENT COMPANY D, FIRST REGIMENT " ) Hi rt P- A t I . I SECOND REGIMENT • » : Norman Ricker. Second row: Clarke Mitchell, J) - P. Stil well, Robert Roberts, Jininij Robi STAFF, SECOND REGIMENT STAFF, FIRST BATTALION SECOND REGIMENT First rmi ■ ; Charles Fullerton. Second row: Joseph Andrash, Robert Greg ory, I.. .1. Marshall. first row : Joseph Wilson. Second mu : Charles Kopp, John Kamp, Murray B. Stewart, Edward Webb. STAFF, SECOND BATTALION SECOND REGIMENT Page 287 COMPANY OFFICERS FIRST BATTALION, SECOND REGIMENT « V COMPANY A, SECOND REGIMENT COMPANY B, SECOND REGIMENT N £ COMPANY OFFICERS SECOND BATTALION, SECOND REGIMENT COMPANY C, SECOND REGIMENT COMPANY D, SECOND REGIMENT ft ft ft ft ft ft THIRD REGIMENT " First vow: Tommy Hartman, Second rote: Jerry Jones, Dwight Wilson, .1 ames Binkley. STAFF, THIRD REGIMENT First row : Jim Galbraith. Second run; Jack Saunders, Richard Pa1 ton, Richard Venna. STAFF, FIRST BATTALION THIRD REGIMENT First • ■; Robert S. Montgomery, Second row: Jack Cowan, Ray M. Eight- lingei - STAFF, SECOND BATTALION THIRD REGIMENT Page 290 o llrA x ' ftlir H IT 1 . . V O 1 " " I ■ia V ft i I J V Q • VI 1 F V - COMPANY OFFICERS FIRST BATTALION, THIRD REGIMENT COMPANY A, THIRD REGIMENT COMPANY B, THIRD REGIMENT 6 ft A f) A " jt-w COMPANY OFFICERS SECOND BATTALION, THIRD REGIMENT COMPANY C, THIRD REGIMENT COMPANY D. THIRD REGIMENT Page 292 COMPANY A, LEADERSHIP BATTALION COMPANY B, LEADERSHIP BATTALION ROTC BAM) Page 293 STAFF SENIOR RIFLE COMPANY SENIOR RIFLE COMPANY R I I L E TEAM Page 294 MSS ' Load i ' i- up. • Pipi .Inn n. ' ' Mf , Li ■- Jl -- k — 1_ iflf M ™ ■ " ■ 1 ' -W- ARTILLERY Bitter experience gained from World War I showed the people of this country tin- necessity of training educated youth in become officers in order to meet tin ' problems posed by a rapidly expanding Army. It was obvious that the Military Academy at Wesl Poinl «,-h nowhere large enough to handle this situation. Tin ' decision to place ROTC unit-, al selected colleges and universities was made ami thousands of these reserve officers made outstanding records during World War II. The nation ' s artillery center welcomed the ROTC students to Fori sill. Oklahoma ami provided equip- ment ami training facilities to pursue the field training which supplements the academic instruction the stu dents hail received at their various institutions prior to arrival at summer camp. ' Do vnii think we ' re in the right count] ' Sense it. man. " Gentlemen, this is a radio. ' Bachelor Quarters ' ' We iliiln ' t live in tin w Is .-HI tin 1 time. ' ENGINEERS The response of the engineering BOTC students at Fort Belvoir, Virginia was indeed gratifying. Since it was the lirst taste of army life for must and actually constitutes almost half of the total ROTC instruction, realism in field training was stressed. It is hoped that tl xperience gained during the summer camp will provide a basis for military knowledge and a pleasant tour as a reserve officer in the United states Army. • • See it you ••.•m hit the :ill, son. ' This doesn ' t l nk like tin- mini ' s we have in Oklahoma, " ■ Let ' s take a m minute break. Will it si t an atom ORDNANCE ROTC students arrived at the Aberdeen Proving Ground to engage in a compact six weeks of practical ii ina i t raining. ' I " lie enthusiasm, interest, and vigor nf these students made the job of the instructors both simple ami pleasant. Ii is difficull to estimate the con- tributions made by ROTC graduates in the pasl and it is equally impossible to predicl what contributions these present students will make to any military efforl in the future. However, with the enthusiasm for self- improvemenl thai was evidenl in the 1952 ordnance summer ramp, any future national emergencies will more easily be provided with the necessary competent officers. • ' What, mi steam Ileal ' Saturday exercise ' This is tire capping mat. rial. Does it mnk . This is n carburetor. QUARTERMASTER The 1952 quartermaster summer camp placed great- er emphasis on weapon training than in any previous year. Throughout the entire camp the basic training subjects were stressed in every way possible. Schoo] of tlie soldier, military courtesy, and uniform disci- pline were (-(instantly emphasized. Because the six weeks of summer camp was conceived as a supplement to the four year EtOTC program — and not a complete in itself — the pacing was much taster than would be the ease it ' the cadets had no previous quartermaster training. The objective of summer camp was to compensate for the lack of field work which is prevalent during the school scar at the college. •A trip i " ii ginia Beach ' " Which way did be gi " So this is the Quartermaster Artillery! I; 3SKI I.. Boosa i lommanding COMPANY H SEVENTH REGIMENT PERSHING RIFLES ' • % Iiiill Team of Pershing Rifles In 1894 ;i new idea in ROTC organization was born when Lt. -Iiiliii J. Pershing, an instructor in military science on the University of Nebraska campus, formed a Nin;iM crack drill squad from the regimen! of cadets under Inn command. This group known as the " Var- sity Rifles " was a driving success from the outsel and even after the transfer of l.i. Pershing to higher du- ties they continued to win honors in national march- ing competition under the present title of Pershing Rifles. Company II. Seventh Regiment was installed at the University of Oklahoma on October 20, 1948 and from that date it lias furnished an ever-increasing corps of cadet leaders I ' m- the advanced ROTC program. Drill performance, scholastic standing, military ap pearance, initiative, Leadership and a will to serve are just a few standards by which men are chosen Eor membership in Pershing Rifles. Besides a marching contingent in the annual Home coming Parade, and act ing as a guard of honor for t he 1 [onorary Cadel Colonel at t he Military Hall, the com- pany holds its own dance at which they present their Honorary Cadel Captain. This year. Shirley Frosl was selected liy the corps for the hiiimr. So it is easy to see why the men of the liluc nm white cords walk with pride the sign of a Pershing Rifleman. OFFICERS ( Iaptain R. L. Boosa . 1st hi-. .1. E, Bowers . 2nd Lt. I). A. West . . 2nd Lt. M. E. Hill . . ' 2nd Lt. -I. L. Vineyard . WO Don Wilson . 1st Sgt. Ronnie Nott . M Sgt. Clax Sisk . Sgt. P. ( ' . Ralph Thompson Sgt. F. ( ' . Ralph Ischsner ( lommanding (fficer Executive • Ifficer Rifle Officer Personnel ( (fficer Adjutant Drill Officer First Sergeanl Assistant Adjutant Pinance Sergeanl Supply Sergeanl s ( ;t. F. c. Jack Welch . Public Information Sergeanl Pershinj ; Rifles — — — — _____ ' ' 4 t nrkSi Lm F JJ _ " _K- ' _3 J John M. I M pi n OFFICERS Captain John M. Duffie . President 1st Lt. Richard Green . Vice-presidenl 2nd Lt. Robert LeBlanc . Treasurer 1st Sot. Donald 0. Clark . Secretary lommander of Scabbard and Blade -I I j 11 M. Iiiiili- escorts Honorary Cadet Colonel Sunny Mays. SCABBARD BLADE Scabbard and Blade, National honorary military Eraternity, was founded at the University of Wisconsin in the fall of 1904 by the senior cadet officers at that institution. The University of Oklahoma Chapter was organized in 1 ! 121 and designated as " I) " Company, Third Regiment. It was in- active during World War II. I u1 was reactivated in 1 !»47. Since then. Scabbard and Blade has taken an active interest and lias participated in numerous campus activities. The selection of members is made on the basis of scholarship and leadership ability. To be eligible for selection cadets must be Air ROTC, ROTO or NROTC, and must have a high scholastic standing in all subjects as well as a very high standing in mili- tary courses. The objective of Scabbard and Blade is to improve the stand- aids of proficiency among the ROTC students in American col- leges and universities. It encourages closer relationships among the various military branches and departments and is intended to stimulate the soldierly qualities of the individual member. Scabbard and Blade members arc trained in military as well as everyday fields. The organization strives to attain a better understanding of the military affairs of our country and to keep abreast of current, military issues. The men of Scabbard and Blade pride themselves on the high scholastic and personal ratings of each of their members. Campus activities were sponsorship of the annual .Military Ball, the choosing of the honorary cadet colonel, the spring pic- nic, regular smokers and the homecoming parade. Officers for tin ' second semester were: ( ' apt. John .M. Duffie. president; 1st Lt. Thomas i. Ingram, vice-president; 2nd Lt. Kay 1). Fi ' iock. treasurer: and 1st Sgt. Donald I . ( ' lark, secre tarv. A A w A I fet£ft tA fiAtJIftil! M E 1 B E R S hi .■ 1 ge G. i larnahan, Donald i . Clark, Raj D. Feiock, RabeyJ. Punk, Richard D.Green. Second row. Thomas E. Hartman, Georgi B. Hauger, Neil W, House, Dor R. Hoy, Douglas R. Laws. Third rou Robert I ' . LeBlanc, Jiramie L. Litton, Lynn E. Lott, Charles G. Ming, Josep ia. Fourth row: Toi y W. Patterson, Walter B, l;. it, T. Russell, Howard II. Savag Ji is P. Stillwell. I . -ow: Richard A. Veuna, Clifford II. Wall, Richard S. Warner, Wayne E. Whiting, Oren Wolfe, James B. Varberry, Page 30! Miss Sunn? Mays, Bonorary ( ' add Colonel. Page 302 ( ' OLONEL MoRHAX (idliDlIAKT DEPARTMENT OF AIR SCIENCE ' I ' d the ladel lorps : ' I ' ll,, objectives of the Air Force ROTC training program may lie very simply stated: 1. We seek through education to help pre- pare our Cadets to better equip themselves to assume their respective places in society. 2. We seek through education to better equip them to assume the obligations of citi- zenship. Our primary interest is in the building of a strong America. Our nation can only he strong when it is composed of able, strong and sincere individuals. While by the nature of the AFROTC program we are producing po- tentional Air Force officers — we. as you. stead- fastly cherish the hope that world conflict is not inevitable. We wholeheartedly subscribed to the philosophy that a peaceful America, can only he achieved when America ' s defense is strong ' . Sincerely. Morgan Goodhart Colonel. CSAF Professor of Air Science and Tactics AIR FORCE STAFF I I. 01 Nolan i ' . Hatches for ird V. II MCli I.r. Col. Charles W. i.ikkin I U ' TAIN I i-n i i ' . Kraker Major Carroll V. Glixes M U0H William P. Carlyon Major [.nits F. BtJRDETTE JCaffcr Capi FrANi i I. JO Capi Raymo i ' R. 1 ' i ' iPTAIN Richard Po Page 304 AIR FORCE R. 0. T. C. NON-CO M M I S S I O N E I) () I I I C E K S S T A I I . left to right: M Sgt. Dewey 1. Hanson, M Sgt. Wilson Thompson, M Sgt. Henry E. Holder, M Sgt. Carlos J. Bonewell, M Sgt. John B. Mills. T Sgt. Charles R. Owen. Second row: T Sgt. William R. Estes, l Sgt. Rex Grozier, M Sgt. Thomas R. Griffies, M Sgt. Hugh ' . Coleman, T Sgt. Doyle W. Peagins RIFLE TEAM Left to right: .1. B. Henry, P. B. Decker, P. If. Martin, R, V. hens. W. I.. Summners, D. It. Precure, M Sgt. C. J. Bonewell, J. J. Jett, .1. B. Urban, D. li. I ' .-istur. W. .1. T.-st:i. J. I . B:irt ruy. SENIOR CADET OFFICERS " L!l AM First row, left to right: J. E. Swain, D, G. Wantland, I ' . J. Bi R. I.. Mitchell, B. J. Alley, K. B. ,,. D. R, Barber, W. II. Peters, D. M. White. Second rov : J, I.. Glasgow, .1. P. Oakley, J. E. Penney, .1. D. Land, W. G. Williams, R. V Jeffries, C. R. Edgerton, D. Bjele tich, G. T. Blankenship, D. D. Anderson. ' ' ,,. row: D. M. Ross, Jr., II. K. Berry, C. I Ballard, J. R. Hill, M. I.. McGee, B. J. Lindsey, T. R. James, B. B. Stockman, R, E. Gilliland, J. S. Webb, E. L. Poole. X Il J W Sana, 7C uecf Alpha Chi Omega First Honorary Wing Commander A I K I O R ( I. R O I C II N O K A K Y C O M M A N I) E K S ■■■nil iiiMi Honorary Wing Commander Sara Kersey is shown with her four II rary Group C manders, from left to right: Joan Parish, Paulanita Hunt, Betty McGugin, and Jo Aim Bernarde. Kersey and Wing Commandei Billy J. Alley re past tin- Honor Guard during tin ' ( toronal ion ' teremony. Cadets Mickey McGee, Billy J. Alley, and Ja - D. Curri n extend to Governoi Murray an invitation to the tii " s t annual Air Force BOTC lt;ill. SECOND YEAR ADVANCED CADETS SECTION 1 — FLIGHT OPERATIONS m 1 a First row, left to right: J. P. Oakley, G. T. Blankenship, T. A. Catlin, G. R. Lange, G. W. Vaughn, V. H. Peters. Second row: B. B. Ray- burn, C. B. Spradlin, C. C. Ballard, E. L. Pool, I . G. Wantland, J. H. Coleman, li. F. Brown. Third row: C. L. Heard, .7. If. Woolslayer, B. R. Ilise, T. R. James, II. K. Berry, Jr., W. C. Burton, J. T. Evans. SECTION 2 — F LIGHT OPERATIONS First row, left to right: J. D. Antonio, Jr., R. II. Roberts, D. R. Barber, C. D. Hixon, J. S. Muglia, J. D. Currin, .I. I . Cloos. Second row: R. C. Howery, B. I.. Smith, C. E. Lane, B. J. Oare, D. R. Hoskins, R. D. Bei eridge, R. I. Loeffler. Third row: J. R. Bon. I, 1(. L. Bohnsack, M. II. Puckett, M. A. McNatt, J. W. Branson. ( ' . L. Blankenship. l.i. Col. Hatcher on the finer points of drill, The Chaplain si ' i ' iik- Ms piece : i i 1 we Listen. Page 308 SECOND YEAR ADVANCED CADETS s i: ( : i i o 1 — co m p t k o i. L E R S First row, left u right: D. M. Rosa, K. 1.. Short, W. D. Pali I. ' . P. Lee, M. I.. McGee, I.. W. Fowler, A. R. Powell, Jr. Seeond row: W. (). Elliott, Jr., K. B. Orr, C. S. Nelson, R. Pulton, ' . K. Sullivan, s. .1. Cohen, .1. I». Land, .1. E. Penny. Tim, I row: li. M. Roberts, -I. I. Glasgow, li. .1. Hanska, I.. P.. Thompson, C. R. Edgerton, R. B. (l.-.v. SECTION 2 — COMPTROLLERS nut: hft l„ rinlit: li. .1. Allev. K. .1. Deuces, Jr., 15. R. Merritt, R. K. Pace, D. D. An. Ins,,,,. Second row: A. B. Jorddn, J. R. Bill, .1. E. Swain, A. L. Welsh, G. K. McGhee, J. D. Trigg, J. D. King. Third row: B. R. Gardner, R. B. Looper, C. M. Weiss. D. Bjeletich, J. L. VanDyck, D. L. Garrett. I ' - r— %+J " Like Father, Like s, ( i ,,i,t Peters. Cadel Pranklin read} for n fast ride. Page 309 SECOND YEAR ADVANCED CADETS MAINTENANCE First row, left to right: G. O. Smith, .1. S. Webb, li. G. Fagin, A. E. Basinger, II. D. Hudson. Second row: -l. W. Rogers, T. E. Pafford, II. I ' . Levine, R. A. Jeffries, A. If. Dysart, C. S. Sorey. Third row: l D. Wilson, .1. s. Fisher, L. C., .1. E. Miles, R. Buchwald, W. I;. Guffey. ADMINISTRATION AND LOGISTICS First row, ;. ' .. right: 8. Madvine, l . ;. Sanditen, ' . R. Everest, C. E. Payne, W. C. Cooley, I. ' . W. Lock, D. I.. Zink. Second row: E. E. Fisher, G. W. Armor, W. II. Rahe, G. . Patters L. Keith, J. I ' . Jenness, C. If. Armour, II. II. Sehlittler. Third row: .T. I.. Givens, II. E. Wiley, W. .1. Robinson, I), G. Birchum, II. Cunningham, S. E. Taylor, c. K. Reid. COMMUNICATIONS ■ . ' : R. Leal, . .1. Hooper, r .1 Brazile, B B kman, D. M. White. Second row: .1 D, Bolen, T. K. Boehme, I ' .. .1. Page 310 Lindsey, II. A, Rieger, I ' . W. Brown, ' I ' . W. Thurston, .1. S. Bertram, . 1 V- ..i .ill of Summer C SUMMER CAMP Plenty of i xercise, too. B 36 Heavj l: ber. Titin Catlin fill of one uniform into another. FIRST YEAR ADVANCED CADETS SECTION 1 — FLIGHT OPERATIONS First row, left to right: J. A. Andrews, V. K. Williams, W. J. Sadler, E. i ' . Keefe, B. 1 ' . Latson, B. J. Kelly. Second row: J. E. Cunningham, G. M. Beauchamp, A. Riesen, G. B. Murray, .1. X. Fox. Tlnnl row: L. i ' . Shannon, .1. K. Lowen, R. M. Hoover, ;. M. close, L. ' . ( ' ox. _ Cadet Payne hears how it is done. A class session in landing gears. SECTION 2 — FLIGHT OPERATIONS ght: .1. f. Carter, A. D. Echols, J, R. Tilley; R, E. ■ . I ' . II. Moorehi ad, II. II. Ilul R. A. Proctor. Second rov : P. ii ' . 8, i VtcGill, I ' . M. Vestal, W. .1. Sadler, I ' . II. Wright. Third row: S. II. Horton, I ' .. I ' . Phelps, W. V. c. E. Williams, A. G. franklin, E. W, Dittman. Saylor, FIRST YEAR ADVANCED CADETS SECTION 1 — COMPTROLLERS M « H 4» H € ' eft to right: E. J. Whitney, 1.. V. Clieaves, II. I.. Pruett, IJ. C. Strickland, B. A. Baggett, R T. Weaver, .1. I.. Culbertson, R. I ' . Maples, J. P. Johnson. Second row: K. C. Hunter, 1!. E. Oakley, B. P. Adler, J. E. Bowers, M. C. Holly, W. D. Moses, M. M. Holcomb, K. M. Mitchell, .1. I . Bradley. Third row: B. I.. Beene, R. K. Hutchison, .1. P. Symcox, C. T. Ray, R. W. Vater, D. L. Pajen, C. W. Patchen, .1. A. Farley, I.. S. Hirsh. HEAIMIIAHTEHS ■ AFROTC I I ii i he shade of a je1 pod of a B IS UNITEDi TfS AIR FORC Winy Commander Billy J. AI!«- al Summer Camp. SECTION 2 — COMPTROLLERS i m m m m tht: C. E. Cadieux, R. W. Haddad, R. B. Aldridge, R. D. Lomax, J. J. Hildcbrand, C. D. Hare. Second row: N. V. Novak, .1. V. Whistler, 8. K. Shaw, W. L. Coil, II. K. Wilson, D. P. Maxwell, I.. . Swanson. Third row: J. C. Bachmann, R. C. Ramsey, M. K. In gri R. I.. Cathey, S. D. Caldwell, R G. McBride, R. D. Lochridge. FIRST YEAR ADVANCED CADETS MAINTENANCE row, !e i fo right: W. D. Rouse, J. R. Linger, W. « ' . Williams, R. E. Gillilaud, B. ; . Lam. Second row: J. C Coleman, A. ' . Berger, (,. E. Soter, I. ' . E. Bodner, R. II. Herndon, J. J. Neimer. Third row: D. E Brown, W. A. Pardue, R. L. Flowers, Jr., J. C. Eurtig, R. A. ( Jampbell. ADMINISTRATION AND LOGISTICS First row, left to right: .1. Vincent, G. P. Morrell, D. W. Reynolds, M. R. Scott, W. .1. Kennedy, B. P. Scarbrough, R. G. Bridges, E. X. Brandt, Jr., C. R. Anderson. Second row: II. E. Wallace, J. W. Davis, E. I . Long, C. C. Estes, M. G. Helfin, J. Amundsen, M. Dickson, A. L. Cullins, I ' .. Lattimore, I. ' . D. Haynes. Thirdrow: II. A. Thompson, .1. ( ' . Harrington, Jr.. S. I ' . Baugh, R. V. Waldrop, R. E. Borders, K. G, Price, n. Maddry, X. K. Kickox, .1. M. Mee. COMMUNICATIONS .. ' .1. E. Phillips, M. T. Spivi l; 1 1 Louder,C. A 1 I ridge, R. E. Gib oj E, s. Wells, S. B. Robertson, I.. ■. Ro irk, G. Page 314 SECOND YEAR BASIC CADETS SECTION 1 % ft? ?,!; . f.t: f f f ow, lift lit right: I.. I.. Ewing, A. .I. Stuart, C. is. Athey, I ' . D. Watkins, I ' .. B. Tettleton, It. I ' . Mason, D. Jones, I ' .. E. Ferrell, D. E. Hostick, I. G, Ruby, B. I ' . McCurdy. Second row: R. n. Brandon, C. i). Lescher, K. E. Holmes, S. W. Bernet, J. If. Campbell, J. T. Edwards, R. S. C. Grisham, F. K. Ogden, .I. R. Long, .I. I-:. Boghosian, .I. W. Petit, I.. .I. Warer. Third row: -I. I;. Ellmore, D. G. Poe, I.. . Gul " ill. I ' . W. Poster, II. Katz, .I. T. Teska, .I. J. Bavenstrite, K. I ' . I. nil. D. Blankenship, .I. O. Edwards, K. II. White, -l. E. Carman. An honorary organization of Basic Cadets i formed. Cadets in tin- work clothes of :i .j, ' i jockey. « m SECTION 2 a to right: ' . E. Jester, J. Snyder, II. . Heller, E. R. Adwon, W. W. Means, II. T. McWilliams, B. W. Castles, l;. . Stizza, 1 ' . -I. Puller. Second row: .1. ' . Morris, I. ' . D. Howerton, l». C. Guild, • I. li. Urban, G. D. Pox, D. I;. Herring, W. .1. Testa, I ' . A. Kipski, J. I ' .. Brininstool. Third row: .1. P. I G. Hei B. G. Kraybill, T. S. W ' ini, mi. W. p. Huskey, R. A. Walsh, l . E. Barrett, M, C. Porter, R. G. I. .1 Us. ,||. SECOND YEAR BASIC CADETS SECTION 3 rsi row, left to right: F. Nickolos, Jr., R. E. Miley, J. L. Maxwel ( ' . W. Gorgas, G. V Webb, II. J. Wiest, R. G. Lott, S. I.. Nash, l;. D. Cast. Second ran-: II. Smotherman, G. D. Leadbetter, A. II. Bell, T. J. Jones, .1. J. Dickman, .1. L. Box, If. s. Urenda, W. C. Giles, l . R, I ' .il lingsley. Third nnr : V. ;. Miller, .1. II. Br ne, .1. S. Williams, -I. S. Broome, II. F. s,-,,tt. I.. B. Isaacson, Jr.. I . (). Newsom, .1. I ' . Tidwell. SECTION 4 « m a a row, left to right: P. E. Parham, S. A. Rosenbluth, .1. L. Scheide mantel, I, ' . G. Samples, .1. i.. Walker, I). I.. Ridley, T. E. McDonald, W. A. 1 1 • ■ r 1 1 1 .- ■ 1 1 1 1 . .1. E. Harvey, l . P. Wells, R. F. Motley. Second row: i.. E. Pratt, R. II. Smith, D. R. Grewell, ' . Snell, I.. ' W. Pry, l;. X. Ya.Se, W. ;. Head, D. ( ' . Slack, C. Tuggle, E. E. Penska, .1. V, Powell. Third row: II. 0. Brown, -I. M. Brown, S. !•:. Blackwelder, l . .1. K.I wards, l . P. Hurley, • ' . P. Holmes, A. I ' . Talton, .1. P. Scoles, R. 1.. Donalds T. II. Head, W. P. Knox, T. E. Ballinger. SECTION 5 ; , ' : II. A. Huffman, J. E Schick R. P. Moyers, II. P. Warren, J. R, Hugl i D. Ward, B. D Blnckw I, C. I. Boren, .1. W. Michael, V McCoy. Second ...«.- I;. .1. Prost, II. D. Braj r, .1. ' . Thorp, If. M. Oliphant, l . I. ' . Woolery, .1. Travis, D. A. Stuart, 0. I.. Jones, I ' . I ' . Bross. Third ,,„■: R, Pulkelson, II. I.. Hickn Jr., .1. P. Davis, E. II. Si iers, I ' . S. Ca s, I ' . C. Davis, C. .1. h gram, S. If. Fowler. SECOND YEAR BASIC CADETS SECTION (» first row, left to right: J. S. Roles, E. I ' . .1 9, Jr., J. E. Col A. ' . Carnes, Jr., J. 11. Greer, P. R. S. Hanf, ' I ' . J. Kiester, R. G. M 1; C Rowland, Jr., J. II. Close, D. I.. Dickinson. Second row: J. J. Keltner, 1 ' . ! ' . Oster, P. I.. Jerome, F. C. Lynn, J. L. Sandusky, C. C. Reese, F. C. Lander, P. Y. Daun, B. L. Jones, W. L. Summers, T. Y. Hill, Jr., R. A. Beindorf. Third row: R. W. Riehter, S. II. Tnnnebaum, A. !■ ' . Jaben, M. .1. Burke, U . E. Westenhiser, T. I ' . -k.-«. J. 1 . Bar! rug, V. IS. Cotton, M. s. Pales, Jr., L. A. Bell, E. R. Norman. SECTION 7 » 4 m m First row, left to right: K. B. Gifford, J. F. Gerber, V. Mann, D. S. Bobzien, P. L. Stephenson, V. R. Morgan, Jr., G. P. I Jr., G. D. Bhofner. Second row: C. C. Turner, R. D. Huffine, J. L. Russell, P. A. Hudson, R. D. Jacobi, E. Naron, L. L. Gandy, K. W, Beck, . II. Singer. Third row: R. A. Churchwell, K. F. McKinzey, B. I. ' . Thweatl A. D. Sears, L. K. Smith, W. E. Whitten, C. 0. Childress, E. I!. Pel guson, B. ' I ' . Hill. ir borne Page 317 « SECOND YEAR BASIC CADETS SECTION 8 P W fW Fust row, lefi to right: J. D. Bonner, .1. Stevens, E. D. Ligon, B. J. Schoelen, B K. Reed, R. V. Schmidt, II. C. Snowden. Second row: A. I . Fagin, l». (i. Castor, E. :. Zellner, B. M. Kimmel, R. L. Payne, G. Prank, M. S. Treps, T. C. Acers. Third row: J. D. Swanson, A. J. Alschuler, .1. ;. Liebniann, l . Hogan, W. R. Mote, C. A. Clough, I. ' . M. i Jraugh. SECTION 9 « a $ (FS t f roio, ' ' fo . i . ' V. B. Powell, .1. G. Remaklus, It. R. Reed, M. .J. Braun, M. Cliupaek, D. Blumenthal, J. S. Badger, G. Webb, C. D. sk:ij;y . Ii. s. Kul.ik. Second row: C. Watkins, J. II. Gardner, K. II. Soard, B. S. Coffman, G. K. Stanley, R. J. Sehoenberg, A. I.. Smith, I.. D. Foreman, W. . Newman, Ii. Holmberg, B. I.. Berry. Third r»ic: D. [.. Hr.-inli.iiii, (l. M. I.iilni. B. Andrews, l . I.. Mathews, Ii. I ' . Walker, (i. Ii. Tarpley, W. R. Eddington, I ' . I.. Wilson, R. S. Watts, C. E. W Iring, M. ' .l. Puhrer. The Band playf I ' m l.i. Gen. Wliitrlicacl. USAF, retired. Page 318 FIRST YEAR BASIC CADETS SUCTION I M M ♦ H Hr P l % ■ . pM.- T. 1.. Kobs, E. S. Knezek, .1. P. McBride, II. B. Jenkins, II. S. Matles, E. G. Casteel, D. I,. Heathman, J. B. McElyea. Second row: .1. E. Carey, D. W. Clantoii, B. B. McVey, P. II. Hyde, D. B. Pearson, C. Krauter, D. E. King, B. I.. Russell, P. 0. Plante, P. G. Sprankle, J. B. Brillhart, A. D. Decker. Third row: J. G II ■ 1: I Dodson, B. D. Schick, B. I.. Scruggs, V. I.. Bittmann, Jr., M. B. Aiuiis, D. D. Alexander, B. T. Buswell, Q. M. Spradling, T. E. Beach, R. F. Allen, s. J. Cerny, C. E. Strebel. SKCTION 2 «» « -. M ♦♦ M ft tvfU - T ■ Tf •V. row, 1, ft to right: J. W. Williamson, B, Baker, (J. Miskousky, Jr., K. K. Keesee, R. G. Thompa D. C. Day, G. R. Marshall, J. C. Harris, G. McLaughlin, R. P. Saunders, J. R. Broady, I . I.. Miller, II. G. Second row: II. J. Snavely, R. Hensley, J. M. Chambers, J. S. 1, C. R. Wuss J. P. Lindeman, B. B. Henners, L. W. McGinnis, D. Resler, F. s. Labowitz, W. E. Thomas, II. Kouri. Third rov D. E. Gammon, II. Gordon, D. E. Bidgeway, T. W. Brown, B. D. McCarthy, D. L. Jorgensen, D. W. Moberley, E. E. Graham, J. C. Venable, I., i.. Crawford, Jr., D. II. Shafer, Jr., J. B. Orendorff, E. P. Baker. % SECTION 3 » 0 M + W I ow, left to right: l. II. Shafter, G. R. Spillman, E. I.. Ke ly, Jr., W. 8. Parker, J. B. Howard, C. B. Carter, B. M. Kuhne, E. B. Bright, .1. Li. Holden, R. C. Harber. Second row: J. P. Grabill, J. F. Allison, I ' . D. Davis, J. F. Pentriss, J. F. Wolfe, R, A. Jansson, T. G. Morris, C. P. Garrison, If. D. Davis, F. G. Mitchell, J. I.. Mason. .1. T. Parker, E. W. G Iman, B. I. Benny, Jr., G D. Braitli unite, C. II. Trudgeon, T. J. Mahons, B. M. Crawford, B. II. I .1. E. Sharvi r, W. F. Haxel, A. 1; Kogg, J. R. Strange. FIRST YEAR BASIC CADETS SECTION 4 row, left to right: C. I.. Wilmott, J. W. Hare, J. G. Pafford, W. K. Abbott, V. M. Can-, Jr., II. I. ' . Belknap, .1. I ' . Lister, s. E. Meyers, Jr., .1. i ' . Henry, I ' . .1. Martin, M. Abies, I. ' . G. Albright. Second row: R. II. Mitchell, G. I.. Fowler, G. B. Ratterree, E. II. Kralik, II. Warner, B. M. Ray, -I. W. Griffin, C. S. Teague, I.. P. York. R. B. Johnson, G. D. Cosgrove, T. A. Lekas. Third row: I.. R. Woolery, J. Jett, .1. C. Evans, -I. Sides, .1. W. Holtzclaw, K. W. Puller, .1. C. Wilson, F. E. W I, ;. I ' . Barnes, E. R. Gray, R. I.. Cobb, A. A. Ingram. SECTION 5 ZL i JL r » t f. =» f t« 4« ? I rote, fp i ' ■■ . ' - »: I.. M. Craghead, R. A. Storts, II. E. Krantz, A. E. Irl.y. G. K. Mainard, J. I». McNally, «). V. Stanford, ' . W. Moses, I!. I.. Mason, .1. G. R. s. Pirson, .1. C. McDowell, R. I.. Hobbs. Second row: W. D. Taylor, .1. II. Ethington, B. 11. Bogart, P. E. Bassett, R. I.. Mitchell, S. P. Millington, E. S. Myers, T. I). Badgewell, II. X. Knight, A. I . Dayton. R. s. Livingston, .1. X. McCoy, .1. 1 ' . Sampter. Third row: A. I . Brodsky, I . H. Leininger, K. s. Wheeler, ;. R. Ball, .T. W. Eunau, E. I.. Th pson, .1. K. Rice, T. H. Fortmann, .1. P. Lawson, S. P. Barton, E. E. Sellars, .1. E. Porch, .1. S. Primrose. SECTION 6 i i: f t i t ghi ■ I;. C. Hathaway, .1. I. ' . Graham, C. E. Russell, I ' . I.. Evans, .1 ' ■ Mrazek, C. B. Carsten, C. r. Gann, II. .1. Brown, G. . Cummings, l;. I ' . Jesse, W. I ' .. Stephenson, Jr. Second row: I.. W. Wilder, .1. W. Nickson, II. ' I ' . Lobdill, A. II. D. Sowurds, I. 1!. Oldham, II. W, Dwyer, R. I.. Tl as, M. E. Tabolsky, J. II. Dorman, J. II. Ford, .1. i ' . Snyder, rftird row: It. II. Hanan, ;. D. Newcomb, W. I-:. Rohr, II. I.. Heiple, T. A. Bar I;. I . Harden, .1. P. Klar, Jr., .1. II. Mer chant, P. I . Liner, T. .1. Huffman. " FIRST YEAR BASIC CADETS SECTION 7 % t :f ri»!tt » t § 4| »« . Jl J rote, (p 1 (o riffM: G. E. Milner, L. V. Stewart, I. ' . B, Moore, .1 T. House, .1. Prye, E. I.. Cunningham, J. D. Roper, A. I.. Fronko, R. W Crane, B. II. Britton, Jr., G. P. Michael, J. G. Gore, G. A. Lewis nl row: C. F. 1 1, ...I ill. ms. |;. K. George, G. L. Breeding, B. I.. Nale J. E. Jones, R. II. Alexander, G. Gilley, G. I.. Carey, Jr., P. Stevens ft ♦ m ? " J J. D. G Iner, C. ' I ' . Van Meter, C. P. Dorman. ZTiird row: I . J. Baker, 1.. D. Neill, T. J. Nance, P. E. Durkee, D. Edmiaston, I.. V Rose, R. J. Palmer, G. D. Lloyd, II. D. Schroeder, W. I.. Park r, C. M. Klabzuba, B. A. Pipkin, R. A. Rucks, i. M. Scott. SECTION 9 row, left to right: M. E. Boler, J. E. Hatfield, J. K. Greer, A Butcher, R. D. Carey, E. T. Dunlap, D. D. Awtrey, D. M. Boren, I.. I.. Wilfong, ( ' . D. Kezer, l. s. Nickson, Jr., W. I.. " " . ■ i j i . — I roic: T. B. Shoebotham, .1. W. Smith, O. W. Fisher, N. Peak, F. K. Thomp son, D. A. Gunn, .1. I.. Harper, .. R. Sutton, l . L. K n, M. D. Mc Gown, R, L. Coleman, W. R. Shadid, J. C. 1! I. Th row: ii. I . tt, P. D. Nelson, G. L, Baker, J. D. Connery, . Wcry, Jr., B I Rogers, R. D. Edwards, W. J. Welch, D. C. Morgan, R. C. Eddleman R. I Blockwell, R. II. Poster, J. D. Lively. FIRST YEAR BASIC CADETS S E C T I O N 1 m » »2«J« m » .W t :-:». " f :: ' ■ t;-.t t =f :f : ' • • • : • ■ : : • • ■ : V : • ' rsi row, left to right: R. A. Morris, R. F. Sandlin, G. G. Willard, J. L . Arnold. L. S. Briggs, C. C. Green, J. V. Pribyl, T. M. Parker, P. G. Barkett, S. W. Alexander, R. E. Plath, C. E. Gregg. Second row: P. B. Fleming, P. M. Rodke, D. I.. West, ■!. 1». Wingo, T. F. Oakes, B. Papin, .1. Q. Brisben, R. G. Rader, I.. M. Raff, I.. C. Messick, B. II. Malone, F. W. Scarlett, D. B. Singer. Third row: R. D. Paara, Is. I.. Ken- worthy, D. M. Smith, .1. II. Lindsey, C. W. Clayton, I.. ' . Munis R. A. Patehett, B. G. Erwin, M. M. Sondock, .1. W. Black, T. . Ross, W. o. Whitney, .1. X. Welch. SECTION 11 «► s First row, left to right: J. A. Lovell, l». A. Davis, D. R. Middleton, W. (,. Long, W. G. Pearson, C. A. Wagner, Jr., R. I). Seba, F. II. Jaques, R. I., [vie, T. E. Smith. Second row: I. ' . E. Green, A. W. Pugh, W. R. Bowen, R, G. Hutchinson, L. C. Scott, l . C. Foster, W. II. McKenny, R. W. Hiatt, R. E. Wertz, P. I. Ilul s, D. I, ' . Carter. Third row: .1. .V Varner, R. M. Huff, N. I!. Stewart, R. A. Brandt, II. I!. Greaves, 11. I.. Ruark, R. I.. Howland, W. 11. Lea, P. V. Wupper feld, J. E. Collins, E. M. Lesch, C. II. Kruger. SECTION 12 l; I . ' i II i 1 i;,i nobis, R. J. 1 slev, W. E. Ronrk, D. F. Dickers . W. Agee, II. R. Braderi R. V. Irons, R. ( ' . Ritter, R. M. Gould, J D Henslej S I row: D E. Martin, G. P. Hughes P I Blair, V Mchiils, R. .1 Mi I F. P. Gait, II. O. Grooms, E. E. Day, I 1 D. Darr, K. E. Davis, J. I Smock, E. E. Arnold. Third row: W. E, Horton, J. E. Condreay, I. I Jack C. W. Saner, K. I.. Lane, J. D. Y,,,k. P. D. McKee, l . I Gardner, S. R. Stafford, D. R. M R. W. Gilchrist, D. D. Rose. « FIRST YEAR RAS IC CADETS SECTION I.J m «♦ « « «, « 1 lit f if. :f : :f: • »■ »« now, left to right: B. J. Rhodes, W. T. Mays, R. . Turk, R. J. Veager, P. E. Hensy, W. V. Glaspy, T. K. Miller, J. D. Thompson, R. E. tsmael, B. E. Jones. Second row: R. E. Webb, W. I. ' . Ryan, T, R, Cobb, J. E. Coffey, ' ,. w. Wilkerson, D. M. Mathews, C. G. Webb, C, J. W Is, .1. E. Hall, R. E. Wells, J. E. Meloy, K. W. Cosgrove, L. II. Hollander. Third row: K. Chickering, 111. .i. D. Ward, C. S. Zinn, B. .1. Ruster, R. .1. Johnson, G, J. Morrow, J. Biddie, G. E. Baker, L. D. Dozier, L. J. Cason, T. R. Oplinger, W. B. Fielding. SECTION 14 m to « row, left to right: R. W. Spears, E. II. Williams, F. I.. W; n, II. I.. Smith, K. M. Newman, .1. M. Johns W. E. McCarty, B. J. Taylor, I. ' . A. Mannix, D. R. Massad, W. J. Brown, Jr. Second row: D. ' h. Home, J. P. Williams, J. D. Moore, B. A. Easley, R. D. Baines, Jr., I.. G. Brandly, C. R. Muni-.. R. R. Hillis, B. C. Montague, J. S. Parker, li. I.. Boyd. Third row: T. J. Traynor, P. D. Mo Bride, J. R. Howe, B. E. Williams, R. T. Lewis, G. Dulaney, J. B. Forbes, M. S. Turner, G. D. Kanah , G. D. Robins in. Mirkey MeGee in the cockpil of n Jel trainer. oil for Los Angeles t attend the Conclave. Page 323 ARNOID AIR SOCIETY THE WALTER " WADDY " YOUNG SQIADRON » a m m «► « a ♦ First row, left to right: R. I . Beveridge, E. I.. Pool, J. E. Miles, I, ' . A. Jeffries, W. G. Williams, l . K. Barber, M. L. McGee, D. Bjeletieh, .1. D. Land, B. B. Stockman, 1 . I . Anderson, J. E. Swain. Second row: D. G. Wantland, C. S. Nelson, II. J. Hopper. P. V. Henderson, A. E. Ba singer, C. G. llix D. W. Brown, F. .1. Brazile, L. S. Ilirsli. B. E. Gilliland, D. M. White, A. R. Powell. Third row: B. M. Roberts, C. E. Cadieux, S. II. Horton, II. K. Wilson. II. ].. Cullins, Jr., J. R. Tilley, R. ( ' . Ray, W. V. Saylor, C. R. Sullivan, I.. W. Fouler, M. M. Holcomb, W. .1. Kennedy, J. E. Phillips. Fin St hi ' stt ' 1 1 1 Bji i-i ' Mil Kl: McGEE Jim Swain LRD STOl K MAN . Ol RSOK Dannv White . Jim Land . OFFICERS St riiiut Si mi sh i Commanding Officer Mickey McGee Commanding Officer Executive Officer Danny White Executive Officer Operations Officer Jim Swain Operations Officer A.I jut.-int Recorder Charles Ray Adjutant Recorder Treasurer Lloyd Fowler Treasurer Publications Officer David Wantland Publications Officer Public Relations Don Reynolds Public Relations The Walter " Waddy " Young Squadron of the Arnold Air Societj was established on the University of Oklahoma cam- pus in November of 1951, and ih numbers Eorty-one active members. The Arnold Air Society is a National honorary organization of Advanced Air Force ROTC Cadets. Its pur- pose is td further the mission of the United States Air Force at college and university level by encouraging greater team work, technical knowledge, ami cooperation among the stu- dents enrolled in the Air Force H TC program. i ' adets M icke I nd 1 lanny Whiti Johnny Mercer :it the tonclai L-hattin ii, Los ;■ w it h l ' .;i nil I ,eader ageles. Four members of the Arnold Air Society at Summer Camp, row, •■ ft to i iii hi : Lt. William L. Graham, I.t. Laurence E. Gaston, Major B. W. Miller, Col. K. .1. Denig, Jr., Comdr. II. B. Sanders, l.t. Evans I ' . K. King. rote: Lt. Robert B. Kitt. M Sgt. Jacob Kaiser, GMC Valerio S. Rodriquez, ETC Ernest P. McCorkle, Jr., I.t. Prank W. Rogers. Thirdrow: QM1 Lester V. Thomas, FTI Benjamin H. Michael, SKC Clint P.Stewart. N. R. 0. T. C. The mission of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps of tin- University of Oklahoma is to operate within tin- framework of the University to provide by a permanent system of training and instruction in essentia] naval subjects, a source from which qual- ified officers may he obtained for the Navy, the Ma- rine Corps, the Naval Reserve, and .Marine Corps Reserve. This is accomplished by a program of in- struction in naval science conducted by officers and men of the regular Navy and .Marine Corps during the students ' normal college career. Practical experi- ence is gained through summer training periods on board ships of the licet, at naval shore stations and at a Marine Corps training base. Enrollmenl in the NROTC program is limited by quotas established by the Chief of Naval Personnel lor both regular ami contract students. The Univer- sity of Oklahoma NROTC started the fall semester ■ ' imil run- : Dick Elms. First row, left to right: J. M. Ealum, E. P. Moore U. C. Wells. Sec row: II. I . Winfree, Jr., C. E. Kami..,, p. I,. Miller, .1. M. Duffie. 1952-53 with 358 students. Four graduates were commissioned ensigns in the I - . S. Navy in January, 1953, and five were commissioned second lieutenants in the I " . S. Marine ( lorps. Murine. ' the summer of 1952 seventy-one NROTC midshipmen of the OU unit cruised in the Atlantic. visiting such ports as Bergen, Norway; Greenock, Scotland: Bangor, Scotland; Brest, France: he Havre, France; Guantanamo Hay. Cuba; and Colon. Panama ( ' anal Zone. Thirty midshipmen attended a combined amphib- ious and aviation training cruise at Little ( ' reek. Virginia, and the Naval Air station. Corpus Christi, Texas. Ten attended .Marine ( dips training camp at Quantico, Virginia. Present plans call for the commissioning of 29 midshipmen as Ensigns, I ' SX and USNR, and 15 midshipmen as second lieutenants. 1 ' SMC and USMCR, iu the spring and summer of 1953. NROTC COLOR GUARD— K. E. Harkins, I. ' . I ' . Coffin, A. .1. Coldwell, B. I.. Richards. Y Hi; I ' M AND BUGLE CORPS: First row, It ft to right: J. R. Friou, B. J. Williams, T. G. Phillips, J. M. Arnold, R. J. Schwartz, .1. D. Early, I.. II. Jacks, T. D. McKi a, R. I . Thoes. Second row: II. K. Tajslor, P, A. Marsh, J. S. Coffman, M. E. Bradford, J. I.. Burke, W.E Baxti . P. T. Eslick ■„. A STAFF: First row, left to right: Dillard S. Hnmmett, J. K. Witthaus. Second row: R. K. Helper, T. K. Satvyer. Co. B STAFF: .. ft to right: J. E. Green, G. I.. Hauger, P. B. Lindsey, Co. c STAFF: Firs rote, left to right: W. s. Durham, E. L. Jackson. Second ; B. B. Bolton, .1. II. Blake. NROTC l. ' l r ' l.K TEAM: First row, left to right: J. Kaiser, J. Watson, B. D. Wootten, J. I.. Rupe, D. A. Williams, D. . Kindig, I. ' . II. Paapanen. Second row: A.J. Berthe, C. B. Gilmore, B. E. Townsend, T. I.. Poppelbai C. A. Clay, C. E. Devin. COMPANY A " , - = ww A A « 1st PLATOON ' i ( row, left to right: .1. B. Duteher, If. L. Chapman, K. E. Fahreukamp, M. T. Rupp, C. D. Vittitow, D. D. Davis, K. M. Valentine, P. II. J s, G. P. Haley, T. L. Perkins. Second row: I. ' . I . Hanley, D. A. Slater, R. E. Richardson, B. G. Lynch, .1. E. Seott, J. D. Pope, W. R. Mnln, T. I.. Hill. Gary P. Hart, L. B. Flood. Third row: W. E. Selph, K. R. Starr, I.. P. Pollack, .1. V. Howard, S. K. Cochran, II. W. Powell, J. I.. Barrett, C. G. Bassett, D. C. Lawson, Carl Fletcher. 2nd PLATOON First row, left to right: M. O. Kordberg, R. B. Pat- ton, II. Paul, C. W. Chenoweth, J. E. Sawyers, J. R. Bizzell, D. P. Ad- kins, W. R. M. M i. G. II. Smith. C. A. Melton. Second row: I. ' . I.. -. .1. W. II. -tun. c. I:. Tetrick, If. E. Rhyne, M. A. Noak, E. I). limes, B. I . Skalenda, J. 0. Stokes, William L. Barrett, C. S. Heddle- son. Third row: D. W. Sifferd, J. A. Davis, P. M. Belisle, W. S. Mann, W. P. Ventress, C. McDcrmitt, J. (J. Xewbv, T. L. Poppelbaum, C. J. Berthe, J. J. Hollman. I f f! PL VTOON First rou . ' eft to i ghl G. McDaniel, I.. R. Mc I). I.. Jeter, K. W R T. Ellzey, P. K. Reiter, M I unor, T. T. Love, L. T. Ingels, C. W. Murphey. Sea J. P. in I, .1. L. Mimki -. .1. II ii in : J, i, Iwin, P S. Elkins, I. I.. Gable, II. A. Weston, D. J. Lassek, S. D. Gardner, E. I.. Corr. Third row: .1. M. i ' .iii. L. K. Turner, J. (i. Duncan, D. E. Ely, J. P. Raibourn, . R, Si hui I. in. E. G. Corr, W. B. Wallace, Si lei T. Pi ii e. Page 328 co MP AM i: 1st PLATOON First rot a right: T. G. Kenan, W. G. Garner, .1. R. Borden, T. A. Marnnne, R, II. Paapanen, P. I.. Nave, J. K. Chesl nut. Keith McDonald, D. C. Kisling. Second row: W. A. Davis, G. R. Dnrnold, M. W. Dixon, W. V. Rathbone, R. W. McKay, J. B. Rushing, .1. M. Wagner, S. R. Mires, W. E. Stephens, .1. P. Duvall. Third row: .1. N. Ellis, G. A. Mandeville, R. A. Capshaw, C. W. Winslow, D. N. Schmoker, R. B. Millerborg, Jr., I.. W. Smith, P. A. Tucker, R. W. Schleiff, W. M. Combs. «l v i l ' ' % ■ ' ' ' % ■ ' ' • • ' It: • ■ 2nd PLATOON— Firs! rote, Fe f to -„ , .- R, L. McAlister, G. R. Elli son, II. F. Mi ' in. I. hi. T. R. McCalla, P. II. Bohart, Jr., J. R. Van Bus kirk, P. E. Kendall, J. L. Roper, R. G. Sprague, M. II. McKinsey, II. G. Hughes. Second row: W. Crow, R. D. Hart, R. R. Champion, W. M. Hewes, J. I.. Bullard, J. E. Torbett, li. A. Huey, I.. E. Matthews, Deryl K. Finney, M. G. Turner, C. II. Faulkner. Third row: W. F. Mundt, 1). A. Williams, C. E. Devin, J. M. Deen, J. E. Upp, B. J. Gait, J. Dean, A. B.Gilbert, F. C. Boop, O. O. Fox, J. B. Isbill. fr (c A £ -=- 3rd PLATOON ght: 0. A. Kindig, J. L. Rupp, J. Wataon, .1. W. W I. T. C. Sturdivant, G. II. Patterson, A. S Davis, J. W. Compton, T. . Collier, J. R. McG id row: R. I . Wool ten, R, 9 Greeson, J. M. Strader, .1 i Stafford, Jr., D, E. Stricklin, .1 R. Flow, .1. I.. Baumnn, If. E. DeKinder, W. P. Dowling, J. II. Cook. ,..».• .1. M. Hart, L. O. Erwin, W. C. King, J. L. MacFarh c. If. Hard, B. G. Mel aid, R. L. Muir, L. M. Smith, S. W. Wells, D. I.. Northcutt. Page 329 COMPANY C 1st PLATOON- First row, left to right: S. I.. Grimes, II. L. Schuster, II. I.. P. King, M. I ' .. Sail J. F. Washington, S. X. Frost, L. J. Tauer, .1. P. Holmes, .1. W. Hoffman. Second row: C. I!. Gilmore, R. I. ' . Lam. P. R. Hit,-, W. s. Grubb, J. M. Bohannon, A. E. Black, R. W. McCroskey, I . W. Felder. Third row: E. W. King, J. P. Hughes, J. J. Kingen, C. A. clay, M. II. Post, I. ' . S. McKown, G. L. GJahn, J. P. Sanders, J. F. Newcomb. 2nd PLATOON First row, left to right: C. II. Ostrander, .1. ' . Hope D. . Baker, R. M. Randolph, G. R. Shoemaker, C. M. Brooks, C. T. Denner, L. G. Wright, R. L. Marlar, It. K. Armstrong, 1). M. Reed. Second row: .1. M. Davis, I ' .. D. King, .1. I.. Vowell, R. If. Long, D. A. Main, L. .1. DeAr , R. V. Lulow, Jr., S. R. MeSwaiu, 1 ' . A. Weber, F. M. Wewerka. Third row: C. D. Tomlins, T. U. Mc-Caslaml, -I. B. Smiley, J. I.. Robinson, R. B. Albright, B. E. Townseml, R. s. Moore, T. A. Cox, X. Ii. Schoenhals, G. II. Prentiss, C. S. Jackson. PLATOON First ,,„■. left t,, right: R. I- ' . Baker, A. I.. O ' Toole, W. h. Head, D. H. Crei I, J C. Hammer, .1. ■. Harlow, R. Cain, C. D. Idard, . W, Rock, K. I.. Moah. Second row: F. .1. Attnway, -l. E. Irvin. Pallia A. Beall, R. T. I ley, I: I ' . Mills, G. A. Thomas, D. D. Tarpenning, Ralph Richter, Jr., K. I . Duncan, B. Simmons. T) row: B. I ' . Tilley, I. ' . T. Robison, Dale E. Scott, Grej W. Satterfield, .1. F. Doak, K. E, Teague, R. I.. Dillon, W. A. Ringer, G. E. Smith, R. i Hunter, .1. A. Loi r. Page 330 I PISTOL TEAM First row, ght: R. D. Hanley, J. P. Holmes, C. R. Gilmore, W. R. McMahon, C. V. Berthe. Second row: J. I.. Ropi r, J. D, i . D. Wittitow, G. P. Hart, R. E. Dekinder. TRIDENT row, left ' right : Lionel Turner, Buster Bates, Don Thoes, Paul Moore, R03 Lulow. Secondrow: Rike Wootten, Joe Cook, Paul Oberbeck, Joe Saunders, I.t. E. P. King, Arnold Black. Third row: John Haynes, Charles Chenoweth, Richard Harkins, Phil Kendall, Victor Cain, Maurice Ealum. Fourth row: Robert deKinder, John McFarlane, Darrell Strickland, Otis Pox, Ted Kujawski, Charles Barnes, John Duncan, Lee Smith. Fifth row: Jim Newcomb, Larry Flood, James l i ' :ik. TRIDENT OFFICERS: Left to right: Don Tl g, Paul M e, Buster Bates, I ; • ■ Lulow. Barbara Brite, Norman resident, smilingly accents the crown of the Naval ROTC from Jim Newcomb, as their Belle of the Ball. NAVY Till-: KAVY AT LITTLE i REEK: First row, left to right: Maynard Howard, Jim Hart. Ray Patton, Don Davis, Robert Swartz, Ted Kujawski, Richard McCalla, Jack Isbill, Jim Newc b. d row: William Casseberry, John Watson, Johnny Arnold, Art O ' Toole, David Jeter, Howard Shuster, Odell Erwin, Dannj Sif ferd, Joe Early, W. R. Mundt, Bud McCann. Third row: Tom Ryan, Wade Selph, John Cousland, Jim Ellis, Homer King, William Garner, Lee Burke, Richard Harkins, I ' .ill Richards. till ' ' " X§ 7 r V f.i 5 F mWM THE AMERICAN WAY OCIAL DEVELOPMENT It takes all kinds of men and women to make a University. Such differences in taste and opin- ion contribute a great deal toward making up the tolerance and understanding that are part of harmonious living. w — " and an- Jack and Carol Linn prove that marriage doesn ' t prevent active participation in University social Another girl wears the ribbons after the end of one of OU ' s outstanding social functions — rush! Mrs. George L. Cross entertains University women at the A.W.S. tea. ' In the cool of the evening " at one of those informal fall house parties, this time the " Boulevard Street Dance " V «• ( Features Beauties Greeks Dorms Quad Advertising r i T-Ai " , TO k ■ f ' v- H r 9 1 k ft if J5W INITIATES FALL SEASON ' Smiling " Bob Jeffries gives out it i i tlie glad hand ai rush talk thai does justice to the best traditions of Phi Delta T Phoebe Storm charms away nil the doubts these rushees ' minds with the Pi Phi ' s political party skit. The Gamma Phi ' s show their rushees :i little Southern hospitality with an old-fashioned minstrel show. The Kapp between c and Suzie with " Ab as wenl native and in oconuts, Sally Ricker I per wooed rushees :i Daba Honeymoon. " ' Rushweek an eight letter word meaning seven days of smoking cigarettes and talking; here, the Acacias demonstrate their profl cieney . ' it flu ' task. The IM Delts gave :i lawn party, and turned on ;ill their famous charm for the rushees. The thrill of a lifetime! Joan Wakefield makes Carolyn Howard ' s pledging official as she pins n the ribl of Delta Gamma. " C PV } iz. VaMtu - GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN A perfect day for the game! Thousands pour into the i Cotton Bowl to wati h Big Red slaughter the Texas I ghorns. eoTT© mi Hnajnll iiiinn liiiiii STATE FAIR AUDITORIUM 0CT4 19 " MARTINA LEWIS Rita King and Harvey Roper discuss the p] for a big evening in " Big D " with Jim Duckett and Helen Douthit. Every loyal Sooner keeps a close check on every activity of the game even during halftime. Kin Taylor and Ann Corry gi out with tlmsi ' tired -but hap| grma after the big game. • ■ Norman was never likr this! Sooner fans make preparatio for the giant downtown pep-ral Friday night. The only bad thing about Dallas — those long lines necessary to obtain one of thosi precious Dallas ducats. Bud Wilkinson greets Ed Price, Texas Longhorn coach, :i in i 1 the post game surge of people mi the field. l ' - ' ,p war • •• ; • fix - IHn. td Wu. GO TO COLLEGE ippiesl tii t the day for .-ill concerned — Mik. ' and Marilyn Hallren give Mitchie his bath. Dennis and Paula Brown cheek the pantry against the grocery list before storing up on the week ' s £ I. stuart .ni ' l Hope strasiuT .join Jim and Pal Miller in a game of bridge — but it looks like the women are teaming up against their husbands. believes in teaching husband Tom the proper attitude toward an apron, a cookl k, and dishwater hands. Edrita Oil, -ii t.-ik. ' s ti out from hi i -i udying to listen to Tom strum :i little ditty on the guitar. .Inst a chip ..ii the old bloi It! " Mr, and Mi Reddell start their " n toward being u Sooner athlete jus! like his dad. The " fatal Btep " completed, Jim and Betty Reece leave the church after their tveddin; ' I t ' Ul ' MI V Clyde and I ' mis Barton get little Debbie dressed in her List dress for a Sunday altera i stroll ' Z MecomUy SEES GRADS RETURN Ann Bailey, Newman Hall, is so-o-o excited after being crowned Horn ng Queen by Dick Smith, coronal i " ii chairman. - " Ferdinand the Bull " won a place in the hearts of everyone who saw him, especially the ramma Phi Betas ' A huge telephone and an erroneous memo pad brought third place to the Kappa Alpha Theta ' s " Sorry, Wrong Number. " .-.— This happy little house of the Al- pha I ' lii ' s proclaimed " Room For ( in.- More ' ' " ii Big Red ' s • • clothesline ' ' of ( ictories. ■■■I WJ5: Thousands oi pii re of en pi papei thai ' » » hal makes a successful house decoration, and the girls of the quad prepare more paper I " decorate il " ' second place winner, " Snow White. " The • ' Red Ball Express " bowled over Nebraska in the ADPi ' s homecoming decorations. NEBRA5KAW " Dragon Seed Big Red and Runned " — pardon the pun. Inn the Pi Phi master piece -• • | • j •« ■• i tii st place honors for house decorations. l ' :itti Price, Homecoming Queen finalist, and In i discuss the coronation ai il " - II ' oming Dance in the Union. ' pvimdU HEAD SOCIAL EVENTS Dick Locke, Lambda ' lii Alpha prexy, prepares to crown Hi " Mary Blanton the nev Lambda Clii White Rose Queei as Patsy Bross, last year ' s queen, assists. W. H H Jim Cull ins and sijrn,- Stainets — all smiles and mist v eyes dance on and on .-it the Pi Phi fall formal. Sunnv Mays beams ;is Don Hoy leads her forward to be crowned Honorary Cadel Colonel at the Military Ball. Jo nn Durkee and Millard In yi am are in a little world all thei own as tln ' v dance at the Kaj pi fall formal. The punch line yts thai ' ' intei •i i ush ' ' as Kappa sin and their dates enjoy their winter formal. tsher helps Jeai Camp select a cookie, wl at the ATi) formal. ili ' M rs. Letts serves punch The Alpha Phis had a dance —but Dot Primeau and T.nn Dennei decided to rest awhil the Union steps. Mom td ZW ARE HONORED an event-packed day .luiiii}. ' Mothers ' weekend, Judy Wade settles down to tell her best buddy, ' Mrs. II. It. Wade, all the latest news. Susan Shields proves to her father that one of the Theta ' s j; 1 " " ! meals is a real treat during Dads ' Day. Part iif what makes Mothers ' Day :i real occasion is the All-University Sing here the DU ' s bring forth their sung. W L :- 1 I i { Victorious Delta carry smi leadcr Joe Wolfe off the stage after re- ceiving ti 1st place trophy al the University itig. These fathers have jusl been awakened for :i midnight snack by their Delta Gamma daugl b rs, .•mil they love it ! Tri Delta Carney, Bngle, Simons, Frail and Rankin t.-ikr time from talking to their dada to lo,,k at the camera. Phi Gam Bill Robinson gives Mom a pal on the back and a corsage to celebrate Mothers ' Day. Parities BRIGHTEN OUR EDUCATION Kon Ki Barbai a Ft nit 1 1. .it hei eosl mm thing for the Beta Barn I lani i Louis XVI, alias Verne Thompson, and 1 1 i -. side kick, Marie Antoinette, make with the royal airs ;it the Phi I ' si Halloween party. All the 1 1 ' pinmates pitched in to produce this hilarious skit for their Halloween Party. .1 mi Rowsey and Sandy I irnes gamble (or Inyli -t:ikr- with their play money :it 1 he I ' In in in Nighl i Hub party. Thiny- are liable to get all tan- gled up at tliis Phi Kappa sij; party, unless the leader o£ the dance line know - where he ' s going! Left to Htflit. there ' s— well, there ' s a lol t ' them. The Pi Lam steps are packed ;it intermission time :it their house party. his Ferguson serves Jean Todd a doughnut a) the quadrangle ' s After Sour party in McCurtain Bouse, (fyititmeu Pontic ANNOUNCE HOLIDAYS : though it was ••! ski Party, the smiles of these Chi O ' s and their dates would melt even the coldest snowdrift. Karen Dickenson slips some folding stuff into " Bobin II I " Poglesong ' s pocket, while Ann Murrah plays Santa Claus at the Alpha Chi ' s yuletide party. Carol King and Alan Golden cut a " formal rug " at the Sigma Delta T:m Christmas shindig. ' SOUTH PACIFIC " STARS . . Choose 1953 SOONER Beauties In a departure from the usual methods of judging the beauties of the University of Oklahoma, the staff fell thai ;i persona] touch was required to give the beauty pictures full attention. The services of Miss Janel Blair and Webb Tilton, musical comedy stars, were secured to do the difficull task. The talented duo judged the Queens of Soonerland while in Okla- horaa City in then- appearance with the popular mu- sical " South Pacific. " To Joe Price, student glamor photographer, be longs the major portion of credil for the final ap- pearance of these pages in the society section. Start- ing with the basic idea Eor the layout, Joe ' s untiring efforts bave given you one of the finest and mosl artistic beauty sections ever attempted in the Sooner. .Miss Gayle Miller, society editor, was also indispensable in ber work of collecting the many ure.s " i beauty nominees. The eight most beautiful " iris ;it OU, as ranked by .Miss Blair and Mr. Tilton, are, in order: Aliss Beverly Smock, Logan House .Miss Nita Johnson, Kappa Kappa Gamma .Miss Joyce Pritchard, ' hi Omega .Miss Betty Palmer, McSpadden House Miss Janel Ford, Gamma I ' lii Beta Miss Man Blanton, Kappa Alpha Theta .Miss Signe Stamets, Pi Beta Phi Miss Mary Snr Cape, Alpha Gamma Delta THite Seventy Smoc Logan House Page 354 4- IP " V. " " " " " .,. I 1 ' ,5 1 SYLVIA GRIFFIN Pi Beta Phi PAT BABCOCK Logan House JOAN COLBY I);i i-. House ELAINE STIGLBR Kappa Alpha Theta l ' ATTl PRICE Delta Gamma SARA KERSEY ll;iinill House VIRGINIA RUPRECHT Delta Delta Delta MARY ELLEN BALCH Alpha Phi MAXINE ADAIR Gamma Phi Beta SHIRLEY WILKEY Kirk House CAROL INGRAM Kappa Kappa Gamma JOAN GENTRY Pi Beta Phi ■pp cf v IN 2 4 fcrfc (? 4 t uw Kappa Kappa Gamma MARY Li il ' MOORE ( ' hi ( Iruesra [,. Vi . PRICE Kappa Alpha Theta PATT1 MARKEL Sigma Delta Tan SUE POSTELLE Delta Gamma BILLYE JOHNSON Sager House JOAN BERNARDE Holmall IIoIIm ' JEANNE CAMP Alpha Gamma Delta OLIVE JIIRSII Huiiii ' House MARY ETRICK Forbes House PHYLLIS ENGLE Delta Delta Delta MARILYN CHATMAN Pi Beta Phi DELORES CHAPMAN Sager House ms n « V ' : : " ■:. 1 86 ' !y " r ••. " Wc X - % A ■ V ' ■w TKiAt tyoyce ' Piitcfand Chi Omega MARILYN McINTYRE Forbes House LOIS A XX DUKE Delta Gamma BEVERLY ARMOR Delta Gamma HELEN ROBERTS Sigma Delta Tau MARY BRADFORD i lliver House RUTH AXX GOODWIN Parker House BEVERLY JELSMA .IOYCK BARTHOLOMEW HELEN KENNEDY Alpha Chi Imega ANN CORRY Delta Delta Delta Alpha Phi NANCY SALLEE Dolman House Xeill House NEVA RAE CHESNUTT Gamma I ' lii Beta . ■■feJI V wSJ Hw!vnS?w . m | (to v ■ - . 7Md4 ' Betty PcUm t ' • ' ' ' ' ■■ ' it ' f McSpadden House I ' AT BOATMAN Alpha Gamma Delta CLAUDETTE TRKiO Sanger House iDELINE BULLARD JOSEPHINE PARRlslI WANDA LEE MAY appa Kappa lamma IARY BRICKNER Pi Beta Phi Chi t imega SHIRLEY STONE Hamill House Sanger House MARJORYE McVICKER Alpha Delta Pi .MARILYN HIGH Pi Beta Phi SARA WOODS Newman Hall LYNN LAURITANO Kirk House IRIS LORCH ( lamma Phi Beta JHite p« tet ' pond Gamma Phi Beta j juv n 1 V ■S B ; • nn 1 v iiw vffi¥t W ' M PwMfeSl 111 rJffir ' vKft ' ' ?Wf M0$WM{ mm MARY CLAYTON Sanger I [ouse KK.WA HUDSON Pi Beta Phi ELAINE CHERRY Hume House I KAN " EDDINGTON Alpha i ' lii Imega JO ELLEN HART Alpha Delta Pi CAROL AXX RUYLE Lawson House ANN HENRY Kappa Kappa Gamma BARBARA WROBBEL Delta Delta Delta JOANNE HARPER Kappa Alpha Theta -JANE HURST Alpha Gamma Delta KOLEETA HOPPS McCurtain House JANE HARVEY (liver House LV. O CSI .:. in Tlk i • 0 S ■ ICINDA BOONE Kappa Alpha Tlictn MARTHA II A. MILL Alpha Phi BARBARA OURSLER Chi mega ' ATRICIA GENTRY Kappa Kappa iamma PAULA KENNEDY Alplia Chi I toi ga KAY BARNETT Delta Delta Delta PEGGY MILHOAN Herrick House DEE BULKLEY Herrick House MARGARET HARRIS Alpha Delta Pi PEGGY McKEEL MeCurtain House RosE.MARY VINSON llaniill House (AROLYX PEEK Kappa Alpha Theta DOROTHY HAND Alplia Phi ■ IK ' I THite, Styte Stamefo Pi Beta Phi p ,Mttft j Mm AtalKfet... ... T " " " Sf 9 ■ an fc " » fe % . : .. : J: Alpha Gamma Delta w tift s 7 9 v PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL s Rosemary Rowley, Pan-Hellenic President The Pan-Hellenic Council of the University of Oklahoma dates back in l!ilL ' . It serves ;is m governing body for all inter-sorority activities and is made up of representatives from t he thirteen sororities on cam- pus. l y working ;in ;i unit m the problems of fraternity women and charitable campaigns, Pan-Hellenic helps to establish ;i close coopera limi among the sororil ies. The Council meets twice ;i month throughout the year to take care of standing problems and current business. During these meetings plans are made for the annual Spring Pan-Hellenic retreat which lasts one entire day. Following the retreat when definite rush rules for the next year are explained, final work is completed on the Pan-Hellenic Rush Booklet which explains the University of Oklahoma and sorority - Joan Silvt 1 bt i ' i. ( it ' Pan ll H nic ojjtct r, In m n in Tau Alpha offict rs, It ' U n Parks, Margu f ' roivh y and Stu U Shoup, with fin ir chapit r. tn all ;_ ' irls who are listed for rush. Guiding the organization this year were Miss Dor- othy Truex, counselor of women, as sponsor; Rose marj Rowley, Chi Omega, as president ; Joan Silver- berg, Si L .ina Delta Tan. as vice-president; Nancj Goudelock, Alpha Delta Pi, secretary; Marilyn Huntress, Kappa Alpha Tlieta, as treasurer; and Shirlej Curtis, Delta Delta Delta, as corresponding secretary. Each year tl fficers are rotated among the vari- ous sororities following the order in which each was established mi tin ' campus. The president of Pan- Hellenic is selected by the girls in the house sched- uled In have a president ; the Other officers are those representatives that attend regular council meetings. Pan-Hellenic is divided into different functioning bodies. Bach regular member of Pan-Hellenic takes an active part mi one of these committees. Some of Page 370 PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL these committees are the investigations committee, scholarship, rush, projects, social, publications and public relations committees. The investigations com tnittee is the disciplinary one and draws up all disci plinary measures for approval in Pan-Hellenic, The careful work of these committees greatly alleviates tlu work nf the council, As in the pasl years, Pan-Hellenic has supported the charitable groups on campus, Thej were active in the forming of the Campus Chesl Fund this year mikI gave financial support to the Red Cross Blood I n e mi campus. I ' u " one-hundred dollar scholarships were given by Pan-Hellenic this year. These scholarships were presented to worthy girls on the University of Okla- homa campus to help in the continuation of their education. The Junior Pan-Hellenic Association was formed in 1 ! ' 44. It lias proved to be valuable training in Pan-Hellenic work and has given the pledges an opportunity to learn about sororities as a whole The Pan-Hellenic Council by its various works seeks to establish a closer cooperation among the thir- teen sororities on the campus. The admittance of nine Zeta Tau Alpha transfers from Oklahoma A. M to the University of Oklahoma Formally established the Gamma Upsilon colonj " t ' this sorority on the Norman campus. Dub to the fad thai Oil is .1 very highly accredited universitj aca demically and an importanl campus in the South west, the sorority considered it a desirable place for expansion, " We, the fraternity undergraduate members stand for good scholarship, for the guardians of good health, for whole-hearted cooperation with our college ' s ideals, for studenl life, for the maintenance of fine sdci;il standards and the serving to the besl of our ability, our college community. Good college citizenship in the larger world of alumnae days as the ideal thai shall guide our chapter activities. " " We, the fraternity women of America, stand for preparation for service through character building inspired in close contacl and the deep friendship of fraternity life. To us. fraternity life is uol the en- joymenl of special privileges bul an opportunity to prepare for wide and wise human service. " This is the National Pan-Hellenic Creed, and as such is the aim of the Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Asso ciation of tin- Universitv of Oklahoma. si row, left to right: Carole Kerr, Shirley Hi ink. Mi-- Dorothj Truex, Joan Silverberg, Rosemary Rowley, Xancy G lelock, Maxine McDuff, Patti Patton, Helen Hedley. ' 1 row: Jeanne Camp, Judy Ryder, Sandra Saeher, Marlene Raskin, Jean Hopkins, Carolyn A it l Be, Anne Warren, Shirley Curtis, Judy Stinnett, Martha Neal. ' , ' ■, rote: Delores Allen, Joyce Mitchell, Betty Dahlgren, Frances Ann Pish, Shirley McCall, Zilda T. Montgomery, Carole Brown, Mary McSherry, Georgann LeVite, D ' Arline Holcomb, JoAnne Durkee. i i t ALPHA CHI OMEGA Pounded DePauu University, Greencastle ln.l.. October 15, 1885 Established ;it University of Oklahoma June It. 1916 77 Chapters Scarlet and Olive Green ! m - ' | " " " H A W ' - -1 ' JmWU J ? - • • |i -» » »• 1 !| £; .; ;.• «• •••• • » « » • ' »» Maxine McDuff, President The beginning of Alpha Chi Omega was at DePauw Univer- sity, Greencastle, Indiana, October 15, 1885. The pin of Alpha ( ' hi was designed from the golden lyre of the Greek gods. The colors scarlet and olive green were decided upon in remembrance of the time of the year it was horn. The girls of the gulden lyre chose the red carnation as the flower, JohneU Preston was an OU cheerleader. .Maxine McDntV was social chairman of Pan-Hellenic. Gave Worral served as vice- president of Sigma Alpha Iota. Beverly Jelsma reigned as Sigma ( ' hi sweetheart. l ' si chapter participated in the Homecoming house decora- tions, the Christmas serenade, and Sooner Scandals. The pledge- member Halloween pally, the fireside party, and the formal dances were also highlights of l ' si ' s thirty-seventh year. OFFICERS President . . .Maxim McDuff Vice-President (i.wi. WORRAL Secretary .... JANE BURB Treasurer . Margery. Kk Ki Social I ' h;i irman . Rita King Tin Alpha ( lii ' s ponder that ever-serious question — " What shall w play? ' 1 Mrs. Vie McCoy, tlllllMlitnl lli ' l .1 mice Alexnndei Jo nu Bernardo Juerctta Brni n Jane Brining Barbnm Brush Patricia Callahan Gloria ' lian Elaine G. Clierrj Janet Collison Betti Dnhlgren K:n. ii I ' i, kerson Carolvn Doerncr Pauline Dram 1 |i iin Bdrington V ' TOUlie KIm :i Joan Erickaon Wil,| : , 1.. Field i - Pish Barbara Frceso Gay Worrall Helen II. Harding Kathryn Hai nr Hawk Patricia Hill Beverly A. Hinkle Bettv Huddle8ton Jayne Huffman Bevel ly Jelsma .1 ais i ' . Jones Dorothj Camp Beverly A. Kempf Paula Kennedy Sarah L. Kersey Sllr Killillll Rita King Noweta Lewi9 e Macleod Dean A. Mason Suzy McBride Rita McDowell Maxinc McDufl Hank Merrioti Eileen I.. Meyei Marilyn Miller v Oakley Marjorie Peterson Nathalee Pofl l Preston Pal .1. Raffety Shirlej Riddle Kathleen Rine Margery K. Ross Donna Rustin Janet! Sanger Mar] I.. Schwab Janet Smith Nancy Si rong Jane Wickl I. vim Wilkins Shirley Williams . Wilson - W I Betty Wright Vicki i ' arbei n f- ii L L HPa PrW 1 cwmm apier ip L Page 373 AlPHA DELTA PI Pounded Wesleyan College, Maeon, Georgia, 1851 Established at University of Oklalioma, 1947 81 Chapters Blue and White m i jitttff Geoegann LeVite, President It ' s convention time again for the girls who wear the black diamond pin. The 102nd year will be celebrated in the Canadian Rockies at Banff Springs Hotel, and a number of the Gamma Zeta girls are planning to join the festivities. Members from all of the 81 chapters will attend. The Alpha Delta I ' i ' s are happy to have as their new house- mother this year. Mrs. Charles Taylor, who is also an Alpha Delta Pi. The year started off with a bang when it was an- nounced that Kay Adams had received the Rita and Savoie Lot- tinville prize for the outstanding freshman women of 195] 52. Nancy Goudelock served as secretary of Pan-Hellenic. Arden Wilson was chosen to help the Porpoise Club in their water show. Georgann LeVite and Kay Adams were listed among the " Student Leaders of American Colleges and Universities. " Pal Moreland was elected treasurer of Marketing Club. OFFICERS President . . Georgann LeVite Vice-president K.W ADAMS Secretary . Wretha Barnhart Treasurer LOIS JEAN FlIPPEN Social Chairman .Mauv I). Smith ADPi ' s Sandra Swain, limnm Hoppe) and Arden Wilson prepan for n long winter ' s evening befort " roaring tin. M ' - hai lea l i lor, Housemother i ' as " iv M K Vdains Mnrj V Vpplegnte Wretha I Bnrnharl queliue J. Bennett n. Itlin ' Beverlj J. Basolo Rosnh ri i i Elennoi i ' oilier r l row novel Virginia J. I )a i M. Jonu Pis liei Lois .1. Fl il ' i ' i ' ii N:in, Goudeloch E. Hnrkens Jo Ellen Margaret E. Han - ■ ia M. II. tim Bi ttieS. Hill Patsj D, Hine Donna M. Ho Louise Hoyle ' i garni LeV i ' l " ' i Joyce J. M. Daniel K.Ttln in McMurphy Mary G. McSuerry Marjorye McVicker Earla Ann Melott BettyeJ. Miller Alice M. Pershall Marilyn Rhodes Peggj Rogers Eugi nia Scott Dorotlrj J. Shelley Shirley Silver Man D. Smith Sandra J. Swan Pal Taylor Joanne Trappe Sara Lou Wi lis Marilyn White i den Wilson P. Joline W Ljawiwia ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Founded Syracuse [University, May 20, 1904 Established :it University of Oklalioma, May 2, 1919 62 Chapters Red, Buff and Green .1 1 i Ryder, President On May 30, 1 !)()4. Alpha Gamma Delta fraternity was founded by Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York. 11 has grown into an international group of (ii ' chapters in the United States and Canada. The Alpha Gams received the Pan-Hellenic Scholarship Tro- phy and the Scholarship Improvement Cup at the Annual .Mor- tar Board Walkout this fall. Individual activities: Anita Henry and Sylvia Egleston, Out- standing Freshmen Women: Beverly Barton, OU Cheerleader; •lane Hurst, member of the Union Activities Board; Jane Hurst and Judy Ryder, Who ' s Who Among students: Judy Ryder, vice-president of Association of Women Students, and tapped by .Mortal ' Board; Ginger Hoffman, student senator from the School of Education. OFFICERS President .... -Irnv Ryder Vice-president Jane Ann Worley Secretary . I ' ui.i.u: Jean Cape Treasurer . Pat Braucht Social ( ' hairman . Jam: 1 1 i rsi .1 tin Alpha Gam ' s trail patiently for Jeanne Camp to ll personally " tin ui tt fiirt of her birthday cake. Mrs. I tin Hankla, House ther Knrin Albertson Beverlj I Baldwin Bevel Ij . Barton i Hoi i:i i . r„ eson ra B Pati icia Bontinan l.ii:nii |: nncli Pal Brnucht i ' aroline M. Brunossi 1 11.1111.1 .1 . Hi mp BillieJ. Cnpe M.h S Capi !arolyn 1 ' arney Martha . ' lifton . iin Dinwiddie M.i 1 ilj n I • " aiug Sue I button 1 ■:. Sue Edwji rds S3 1:1 Egelston Jo V Elliston ! :i . Pentem Mona L.Gi iffin Joanne Hackles Nancj J, Harpe Anita J. Henrj Virginia Hoffman I Icli 11 II ooper I Inn in,- 1 I l,, I Jane Hursl Joan ' . La ' ' hnnee O. Rae LaChance Ella I.11,, V onna E. Mahone ' 8 r: 1 McA naw Dorothy J. Meeks Eva Miller Kova I.. Mobley .In Ann Wlnis I ' vntlii.i ( Ini ' ii Jes nn, Reeder Judy Rydei Sandra Sachei Norma Sandei a Nancy A. Shelton I (oi ol by Skinner s. ( laroline Smil L Jai b ie Spivey Mm tha . Spradling lim . Sternicke Jena V. Tuck Jo nii Wood Jani W01 JJ)elta Mpiilon L n r aDier ip L Page 377 ALPHA PHI Pounded Syracuse University, Syracuse, X. V., 1872 Established .-it University of Oklahoma, 1!U7 19 Chapters Silver and Bourdeaux Shirley Brink, President Alpha I ' lii, one of the three oldest Greek letter fraternities known to women, was founded at Syracuse University, Syracuse, X. V.. in 1872. Phi chapter was established at OU in PUT with its colors of silver and bourdeaux and its flower, the forget-me- not. The Alpha Phis won their share of awards with .Marilyn Eitzen tapped for Mortar Board ami Alice Ann Silverthorn selected as one of the ten outstanding freshman women. Jane Given. Alice Ann Silverthorn, and Louise Tandy brought more scholastic hon- ors when they were initiated into Alpha Lambda Delta. Vivian Ainu- served as president of Kappa I ' hi and Dorothy Primeau was elected president of Orchesis. .Jane Atkinson was chairman of the Upperclass " V. " ' The Alpha Phis were the winners of Sooner Scandals last spring with " The Sacrifice. " This year they won the KA-Beta Beer Bowd Relay and the hockey intramurals. Add to this the spring and fall formals and the pledge parties and the result is a successful year for the Alpha Phis. OFFICERS I ' resiilent . Vice-president . Secretary . . Treasurer Social Chairman Siiiki.f.y Brink Marilyn Eitzen Marilyn Xott Wanda Nichols . Dorothy Bird ii ho said teU vision interferes with simlfi .1 Alpha Phi ' s managi ' " keep ont eyt on TV and thi other on their hunts. I lelorea Allen l:n S, Alia I ingi i .1 mi K kiiiM.n Man i Batch Barbara K. Bale Joyci Bartholomew Martha I :.-l l Dorothy Bird I I . viler Shirley L. Brink Burrow V ' ernelle Daniels Marilyn Eitien Mnrj A. Fow ler K.itln n Gaiuea t ' arolj 11 i iiblel Jane E. iiven mi j S. II:. II Martha V, Hamner Dorothy Hand Barbara B. Hanly Gayle L. Hardwick Marti Harreld Sue II. Carter Glenda Busted I ' . Jones Janice Kane Kaye I Rosemarj Kozel i.l. Kiilin Rosema ry K yler Mary E. McDaniel Joyce Mitchell Dorothy M. Mnrris Jewell Moseley Vivi.ui I;. Muir Wanda Nichols Ma i il vii N ' nit Joa ii Pariah Kelsey .1. Pokornj Dol Priuieau Loia -l. Quaid Carol S. Roberta Alice Silverthorn Margarate Spelman Sandra S. Stevens Sandra W. Stippich Louise Tandy Eai liii ' Thomas Lncj -l. Tolbert Margaret Wallace Joy Wilkic r:i I i«- Williams a apter Page 379 CHI OMEGA Founded University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark., April 5, 1895 Established al University of Oklahoma, 1918 i It Chapters Cardinal and Straw Anne Warren, President Chi Omega, founded April 5, 1895, at the University of Arkan- sas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, established Epsilou Alpha chapter mi this campus in 1918. It is one of the largest national frater- nities with 114 chapters. In honors this past year, Chi Omega received its share. Five girls were selected as BWOC ' s. Rosemary Rowley was chosen for Wlio ' s Who. and Rosemary and Anne Warren were selected as American College Student Leaders. In the Student Senate. Anne Warren served as secretary and Judy Clark was a repre- sentative. Rosemary Rowley served as president of Pan-Hel- lenic. Ernestine Jones was elected vice-president of Thursday " Y " and Nancy Rardin served as secretary. Nancy Reeves reigned as Hut ' Nek queen. The social life of Chi Omega was highlighted by the fall formal ami annual Chi Ski party. June Elmborg was chosen Kappa Alpha Rose. OFFICERS President . Axxi: WARREN Vice-president Shirley Boddie Secretary Mart Jane Shaffer Treasurer . . . CarLENI Th 11 B Social Chairman BARBARA OuRSl ER .11 tlu end of a long day, tin ChiO ' slala tn, n mil from their studies in catch i r on ii " ' " ' s i " ws. Mrs. I ' .Mul Widenei , I [ouaemother Pat A Louise Boddie Shirlej Boddie i Butlei Sue Butli i Elaine E, Cnrl « . I ,l Ml Mao ' ' ,lll,ls Ann. K, i lark Judj I larli M.i i II tanchmun I llirolj nl.l ' uiir. ' lil Jiuiie . Pol inn Carol E. Cull Phyllis J. I ui nun ( larolyn S. Dan Pati icia Dierker Jeanne . I luncan Darla I ' . Edwards .1 urn ' I.. Elml Jan E. English l;.i lene Eversole Dottie I.. Fajen .1. In l, I ' Shirley Gragg Cbrinn Hillery Elizabeth A. Home ■ ginin Huckabay Marilyn I., tdenia Ernesl ine Jones Barbai n Keeslar Linda Kennemer Sandra Kessler Linda L. Long Sue Loveless Nancy i ' . Mains McClelland I- McCurdy . n McGilvras Marj L. Moore Marlen. E. MUler Marianne I. Nelson Jacque ri r. rbara Oui sler K.itln ii E. ( )« nliv Josephine R. Pari isli Peggj . Randal] Nancy L. Rarden 1 1 ■ l« ■ 1 1 M. Rayburn Virginia N. Reed i ■ E. Reeves Anita R. Rogers Rosemary Row ley Nancy C. Sallee Shirley Slaten Barbara A. Spencer Barbara Shepherd Shirley K. Stone Janis K. Thompson Mi 1 1 ho Tl |isun i ' .ii lene Traub Pal i i ' i.i L. Tudor Anne Warren sully Weaver Barbs i ;i w illiamson I ' , ill, Wilson T i Wortham L napt apier Page 381 DELTA DELTA DELTA Founded Boston University, Thanksgiving Eve, Isss Established al University of Oklahoma, ll ' ln 94 Chapters Silver, Gold and Bine Carol Holderby, Presidenl Delta Delta Delta was founded Thanksgiving Eve, 1888, al Boston University near the l l Park Street Church on Boston Common. Today the sorority has more members than any other women ' s fraternity, numbering over 90 chapters, including three in Canada. Theta Gamma chapter of Delia Delta Delta was founded at the University of Oklahoma in 1910, the second sorority on campus. OU Tri Delts were the proud owners of the tirsi organized soror- ity house at the University. In the activity department. Delta Delta Delta won first place in the annual University Sing; Dorothy Bainbridge was one of the finalists for Honorary Cadet Colonel: Jan Foster was a can- didate for Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl; and Janice Kerr was a finalist in the Lambda ( ' hi Alpha White Rose Queen contest. (iretchen Craening and Barbara Bartheld were president of their YWCA groups; while Georgia Branham and Katherine Russell were treasurers of their YWCA groups. Theta Gamma chapter won second place in the March of Dimes carnival. OFFICERS President . . CAEOL HoLDERBY Vice-president . Siiii;i.i:y CURTIS Secretary .... Janice Kerr Treasurer . Mary Jam: Dean Social Chairman . Path Darnold Path Darnold conducts n„ J , , Delt l. nit 1 1, hi class ' " another lesson on " How t knit .1 rgylt s. ' ' Mi- I.. I ' . Tngge, 1 louaemother I . • i . t 1 1 Bninbi Bevi rly S Bakei Barefoot Kaj Bai 111 " Barbara .1. Barthelil Betsj Blatl Janis R. Boothe Geoi gia Brantham Phyllis Braswell Suxaune II. Broadus i ' ii . i larman Sue ' : 1 1 1 1 1 : i ii Caad] i !arnes Pal tarnej Helen Chandlei Theana Ihisenhall Ann .1. ' ink Ann Oorrj Juanita D. )o ingtou e Cox Shi] I. i ii rt is Pal A. Daroold Man J. Dean II. li n I. Doi Phyllis A I gli .Inn Poatei Barbara Fruit Janet M. I llasgow Mary I., i ' • I« in Gretchen I., i Iraening Shirley II. Harris Bette ' lii-it Joe H ickman Barbara J. Hill Julia P. Hodges Sue O. Hoi Carol I.. Holderby Margaret A. Holt i .1 I topper Monti Hopper Joan Hutchison Shirlej lake Charlotte tsom Janice M. Ken Sandra S. Kj le Donna B. Lively Marie F. Lottinville Anns M. Mahone Amy Carolyn McArthur MaryE. Miller Hnth A. Montgomery Sally Mugler Ann Murrell .InAnii Newman Jean I (tto Paula It. Puryea i Peggy I- Ro« lej MaryC. Rucker Virginia Ruprecht Alice C. Russell Martha I.. Simons S:, Slavik Begina A. Soderst i |). Ann Stanbro Charlotte A. Standley ' .i on L. Steckel Shirley A. Stidhan Judy Stinnett Shirley Stovall I ' Sj i I- Ann Weal Barbs ra u obbel Jketa yja ' awiwia a i P L aDLer Page 382 DELTA GAMMA Pounded Oxford, Miss., 1873 Established at University of Oklahoma, 1918 77 Chapters Bronze, Pink and Blue 1 1 1 i.i •. Hi- President Inspired by the citation received by the Delta Gammas from the National Society for Prevention of Blindness, the D G ' s at OU have done everything from baby-sitting to selling football pictures and scrap paper to raise money for the national sorority project. The girls of the golden anchor have also been occupied with many campus activities during the year. Helen Hedley. DG president, was also president of YVRA and standards chairman of AWS; JoAnn Childress was a finalist for Honorary Cadet Colonel; Patti Price was an attendant to the Homecoming Queen; Carolyn Weckel was selected as an " American College Leader, " and news editor of the Oklahoma Daily; Marilene Hedrick was vice-president of Future Teachers of America. Several DCs joined the ranks of the honoraries: Ann Gul- likson and Mary Whitaker, JIu Phi Epsilon, music: Pat Jimer- son, Kappa Delta Pi, education: Carolyn Weckel, Theta Sigma Phi, journalism: and Annette Conklin, Gamma Alpha Chi, ad- vertising. Delta Gammas claimed seven BWOC ' s and two Alpha Lambda Deltas. OFFICERS President . . . Hki.kx Hi:i i.i:y Vice-presidenl Keith Aw I ' i.wk Secretary . . VERNODENE RaBB Treasurer .... Judi Wade Social Chairman Joann Childress Tin Iff- ' s (mill ' r ' round tin piano mnl ■ ' s ' liil nul With ' ' Iti ' ll ' i II In ni nfi . ' ' Mrs. J. J. McNeill I [ouaemother Jane Aurell M:iia.iiiii. Hi!. I. Dolores Barnetl M :t 1 1 Im A. Boat man Nina J, Breitlinupl Elinor l nuni Joann ' ' hildreas Norma i line 1 1, Annette i ' onklin J. Cowan Martha I Ian Davenport Jovre I ln idaon i ' . ' ii. il Jean Drake Anne I., i in:i I Ann Duke .. rel I ' v k.- PatL. E hols Luetic II. Postei Ami Gullikson Nam II Helen L. Harrod Helen E. Hedley Mai ilena Hedrick Barbara Heisler Virginia Hendrick Joy II. ..mii • larolyii Howard Kathleen Howe Pollj J. Hunt Pal • ' in " reon Ma rion Jo - Barbara K Lrby Bebe . Kobs Barbara Lowe Marylon McKinney I.. Montgomery Zelda Montgomery Jennifer Partridge Mary K. Phelps . Plank Sue Portelle Patricia A. Price Janet V. Rabb Aim Rule Wade Wakefield mi P. Weckel Mar} Wnitaker i;. Charlene Wright Joanne Foungblood :ir EH rota CA i P L apier Page 385 GAMMA PHI BETA Pounded Syracuse University, Syracuse, X. V. November II, I s 7 I Established al University of Oklahoma, Septembei L3, L918 7n Chapters Mode and Brown Caboltn Althouse, President Gamma Phi Beta boasted of its winner of the Gold Letzeiser Award, and outstanding Fine Arts senior, among six BWOC ' s. Winning the Women ' s Intramural eup and second place in the University Sing added to chapter spirit. Individual honors were recognized for Iris Lorch and Mary Crabtree as outstanding freshman women, Kay Schultz as vice-president of Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Rosemary Skinner as historian of the Student Senate, Sally Miller as vice-president of Freshmen " V, " -lean Hopkins and Gaye L. McReynolds as OU cheerleaders, Mary Kline as vice-president of Mortar Hoard and chairman of REW, -lean Hopkins as Delta 1 ' psilon Feudal Princess, and Sunny Mayes as Honorary Cadet Colonel. Group achievements were the " school- house project, " Bomecoming, a surprise Halloween parly. Un- derwater Ball, Christmas caroling, a mid-year pre-final fling, pink carnation formal, and legacy weekend with the traditional ranch party. ■■■■ H •J " %v OFFICERS President !arolyn Althoi a Y. -president CHARLEEN CALDWELL Secretary .... Carol Boggs Treasurer .... Mary Ki ink Social ( ' hairnian . I Kis LORCH ■■ 1 .. : ' ' Will,, gives a hill, a, liir, I, ' some " i tlti girls n « highly-contested i ' in i in ii. Mrs Earlo Miller, I [ouBemothcr Maxine Q. Adair Carol} ii Altkouse B Beth Be ker Jean J Beekei Ann Boyle Genie Bradley l.i . i ' ainpbell Charlotte Crabtree Edith Vabtree Mary I ' rabtree Dixie I leupree Marj Ann Dm i Marjorie A. Fite Jan. I B. I i ' arolyn (•. Glonisel Charlotte G. Graham Manlia Hansen Pat 1.. Margee Haw ks Elise Hodges T 1 1 Howenstine Mary Kline Sonya M. Lassitei Marj I.. Lee Pat Lindsay Iris Lorch l.nin Lundgaard Sunny Mays (aye L. McRej nolds I:, it. c Moore Beverly J. n Donna J. tttinger Johnna M. Payne Norma J. Renegar Marj E. Reynolds Kay D. Sehultz Margaret Shaw Lou A. ski. Rosi mary M. Skinner Virginia I . Sloan Bettj V. Steward Charlene Stoddard A It.- Slranalian ( ). .Iran Sun ■! ' Elaine Taul Gloria S. Thomas Thalia Welbora Martha 8. White L kapter Page 387 KAPPA ALPHA THETA ded DePauw University, Greeneastle, ind., 1870 Established .-it University of Oklahoma, 1909 7. " » ' haptei s Black and Gold .In lii ckst iff, President Kappa Alpha Theta, firsl Greek Letter fraternity known among women, was founded in 1870, at DePauw University, Greeneastle, Indiana. The first national sorority to go on the OU campus, it appeared in 1909. Thetas do their share of work on the campus. Margaret Long , president of the TAB, is also secretary of the Senior class. Ann Richards holds down the presidency of Theta Sigma Phi, was elected to " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, " and is a member of .Mortar Hoard. Marilyn Huntress was elected vice-president of I ' pperclass YWCA and is treasurer of Pan-Hel- lenic Council. This year the Thetas place third in Homecoming decorations with the movie title, " Sorry. Wrong Number. " Theta cutie. Mary Blanton, was elected Lambda Chi White Hose Queen and .lo Cook was a finalist for Ruf-Nek Queen. OFFICERS President . . Joann Buckstapf Vice president . . Pat DELANE1 Secretary Mart Kay Graham Treasurer . Hatha Cl u. ' Ki Social Chairman Joan Wetzei Vary Blantoi demonstrates to her Theta sisters f n latest form of exereisi . . . and it must ' " hilarious. Housemother ' ■vicii Idnnia i larol G. Blai h Mary ( ' . Blnnton I ' i • i ugll Marilu Brown Joiinn .. Buckstufl S I irtei N ' orine i ' (isl le Pans] ' astle i i l lurke Judj l . Laura i ' lai k. ' I lorotlrj . i lii Mai v Jane ' ' " kei Caiol E Ralondn i ' ook Ann C. " uh Cullen Chei ie P. Davenport Nannette De Vinnn Jamie I.. Bdwni da Si v Evans Barban Pel gusoi Martha A. Ferguson Medrn K. Pink leu Jean K. Pislier Marilyn li. Pislier Sue Pox Blaine Pulton Morj K. Graham K el hj 1 i v,» Marga ret ( irisso Barbara ii. Baines Jane Hamilton Ann P, Hammond Barbara Harman Joanne Harper ' larolyn Hayes Janet I.. Hayes ' V L. I lollOM :i Martha K. Huffman Marilyn D. Huntress nrolyn Jones Nancy A. Kej Ann W. Lackey Bilzabeth Lane Ma 1 ilvnn J. LeFei re I " ' n as Teichgraeber Margaret A. Long Barbara L. Love Mary Lynde Elizabeth Markland Ethelyn Mills K.iiliv Moore Bai bars L. McGrev Awilda L. Neas Ji .1 11 Newton Carol] 11 1 .. Peek Martha Plummer LaVona B. Prk Mary A. Regan A n Richards Rathie Scanlan Janet S. Sexton Susan Shields Marty Spilman Celia A. Stnnfield Virginia A. Stanle Blaine Stigler Mary D. Suddertli A mi Trimble Jeannie ' . Warren Joan Wetzel Jam Whitl k Jene . Wilkinsoi Phyllis Williams Suzni Wilson ' micron Page 389 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Pounded Monmouth College, October 13, 1870 Established .-it University of OklaJ a, 1914 82 Chapters Light Blur and Dark Blue Carole Kerr, President Kappa Kappa Gamma, founded at Monmouth College in Mon- mouth. Illinois, on October 13, 1S70. has 82 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Beta Theta chapter, active on the campus since 1H14, received this year National ' s highest award, the Standards Cup, symbolizing their recognition as the outstanding chapter in the country. " With a successful rush the Kappas started on another wonder- ful year with a full social schedule, highlighted by the tradi- tional Christmas Desserts for faculty and alumnae. Kappas were busy again this year in campus activities. Jo Clough and Ruth Ann Tyler were chosen to .Mortar Board and Who ' s Who, Jo serving as Co-Chairman of Career Conference and Hut h Ann as president of Mortar Board. At the Mortar Board Walkout Peggy Wilson was chosen as the most outstand- ing freshman and Judy Jones as one of the ten outstanding freshmen of last year. Urging the politically minded was Made- line Bullard, vice-president of the League of Young Republi- cans. The Pi Kappa Alpha ' s chose Liz (irisso as their Dream Girl and Ernie Smith reigned as Engineers ' Queen. OFFICERS President .... Carole Kerb Vice-president Sallte Bicker Secretary . ELEANOR EASTMAN Treasurer. Janice Palmquist Social Chairman KATHLEEN Smith l well-kept bulletin board is i Kappa must! Barbara Fullerton, Ocella Reed, Patsy I ' n ret iiinl Martha Neal add finish urn him In s in i hi tr board. li v Elizabeth ' :nii| belli Housemother .|:iir Beth A. Albending l!;i less Ruth Bi Barb I i Beni i ' ii I lui liannii M . , . 1 1 1 . ■ i . ■ Bullard M. Sue I ' :ill:iu:i Mnrilou i liesnul Jo ' Hough Marian I ulTi ' v JO Ann I nll.v Patty i ' ■ ■ i • 1 ii ii i - 1 A i- Ann I .. Suzanne i ' rew Lou De Wees Anna N. I • : 1 1 1 1 1 ' iiinlvii Drake -l.i A nil I ' in k. ■. ' Elinor Eastman I n Pullerton in J. Gallery Kitty ' Ji am Elizabeth Gri — Mary E. Hipp Shirley Hughes ii. •!. I ngram Nita Johnson Judy .linn ' s C.-inili ' K ri Nancy K i . 1 . 1 Suzanne I per Jean Mayhew Angelena McK i l Is i kii ,i I.. Morgan ClareBu Mueller Mary I.. Mulky Martha Neal Pattye Owen Palmquisl Beth Pello« Annabelle I Phyllis Perry Mary Phillips Patsj Pierce Eleanor I ' ..Ik Marilyn Polk Sally Ramsey Dorothy R Ocella J. Seed ne Rewei ts Sallie Rieker Sydney Shaffer Ei ii. -i ine Smith Kathleen Smith Kuril M. Smith Virginia A. Spielman Melody Starks Sylvia Steen Eva M. Teegardin VnnTvliT I ii-niiie Vaughn ■ i i ii i Williams Margaret Wilson Mildred Wilson Charlene Wright Judith Foungmeyer Jketa CkapU Page 391 FI BETA PHI Pounded Monmouth College, Monmouth, III.. pnl 28, 1867 Established at University of Oklahoma, 1910 98 Chapters W ' iiii ' and Silver I ' . 1 1 1 ■ Pi Beta l ' lii, firsl national fraternity for women, was founded April 28, 1867, at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, and Oklahoma Alpha was founded in 1910. There are ninety-eight chapters in the United States and Canada. Wearers of the Golden Arrow make their home at 7()2 Lahoma, where .Mrs. Lewis Quigley presides as hostess. Many campus activities, plus social events, combined 1 " make this year one of the best for Oklahoma Alpha Chapter. I ' ATTI I ' ATTON ' , Pre si ' li ' llt OFFICERS Presidenl . . . Patti Patton Vice-president . Anne Avery Secretary Myra Robberson Treasurer . . LiAVON Wit i i am Social Chairman Barbara Buxton Tin Pi Phi second-story girls .. . Iai Bell, Sarah Maddox, Sigm Stamets, and Marilyn McGehei . . . bid i final f tnir,n to tin ir dates. Mis I I [ouaei her ■ Joj i «• Un r JJan M Uehnke Marjorie Bel] I. ,M ' . i Brtcknei Linda ■llttlf Bi I larbara H irlon i ■ i asm Marilyn ( ' haUnan I ollma i.i t i . i onnar Margarel i ' oopor I i ilea Diane I lavia I im. Dillingham Uett) I tohnan or Doit th it I Mm l higan i | Eniili Ei - Kin Pranciaco irVin ia Prisbie Shirlej Joan Gi L . ( M i arolyn Good itiitm s Ivia ■ riffin M ra Gi Gwyn K. Hann 1 ■ i li Mary . ' Heine Maril) M 1 1 iL-ii D ' Arline Holcomb Berenice f lomer i H 1 1 f I UL ' lus Joanne Kelly Kennedy Janith K nauer Ellen I ■ La nd u Mar} Jean l E, l.flli ' U Jacqueline Lillard , r, Lohnieyer If an ess Sjirii M i ■ Maril) n Mc tehee Kaj M Shane Mar A Menefee Miller Ma rilj n Miller Pal Moore larol Morgan I ' ._-.;. n.i .v. ander I N.i. ' II Shirlej A i Mary H Patrick Patti Patton i ' Lynn Pebbles I ■ ■ I- ips Suzanne Phillips i ' . Raj mer Sue R« Suzanne K i l«- M ra Robberson Man Rollow - ■ H. !. i, h in- ScOtt S 1 v i j ■ - Jeanne Smith Smith Sit ' iir Slain. )tfl Man Held N Sue si.,k. ' s ..■ I innej I ia A Van. il taj la V. !vin ne Walker i Warnick Kiitlii-x n w li i! I i., u iinberl) Lavon w ' il I ■ ■ odw ar«l MelisHa Word ell Stan a Vi Jklak owia Ckapter Page 393 SIGMA DELTA TAU Founded Cornell University, March I ' . ' K Established al University of Oklahoma, September I I. L929 28 Chapters fe7 L I Betty Katzman, President Sigma Delta Tau Chapter Xi was established on the Univer- sity of Oklahoma campus September 14. 1929, twelve years after the first chapter was founded at Cornell University, March 25, 1 !M 7. It became inactive a few years later but was reactivated in 1942 and since that time has made greal strides capped off this year with national recognition. At Sigma Delta Tau ' s bi-yearly convention at Quebec City, Canada, this year the University of Oklahoma chapter was awarded the Improvement cup. This is given to the Chapter showing the greatest improvement in schol- arship, activities and general Leadership and Xi chapter was best of the 28 chapters in the Nation. After our president, Betty Katzman, left us to be married in October, .loan Silverberg was elected to complete the term. Along the line of activities Sigma Delta Tau had two girls who are Alpha Lambda Deltas, Rfarlene Raskin and Carol Brown. .Jean Blumenthal was chosen one of the ten outstanding freshman women and was chairman of the CAD Homecoming decorations committee, OFFICERS I resident . . Betty K VIZ MAX ice-president Sandra Cohen s scretary . I )OROTHVB C x T reasurer . ( ' llAKI.K.VK Cohen s icial Chairman . Vblva rOl i ' i {,,,,,, , Churchill, director of University publio relations, chats with the Sigma Delta Tau girls lit fori " aiirst dinner. M i s, Pi eida Markets, Qouseinot aer Terrj aronson Mnrlem Boekei Jean Blumenthal Carol) n P. Breitfeld ( !arole Brow n i Zharleue ' ohen I ' . Sandra ' ' ohen 1 I. i ' ohen Phyllis i ' ohen I ta rbam ' ohn Thelnin I lochen in ( ' . Frosch Eleanor inrtuer Thelia J. Gold Veli .1 E. i (olden Gersa J. Goldstein [sabel Greenberg Haire Gruber Olive II irsh Bett) I.. I : 1 1 x 1 1 1 : 1 1 1 Pauline Katzmnii Brenda S. Kisber Ethyle I ' . Landa Bobbie Lasine Nits M. Levj Rogi ne Mam itz Patti K. Markel Roberta I.. Mindell Eleanor Nefsky Rita hi. 8 ker Ester I ' - ' i Iman s. Marcia Pozez Marlene Raskin 1 1 . i ; 1 1 1 g Barbara R, B Helen Robei ta Esther Rudy Deana I.. Sanditc Joan Silvei berg Ma 1 1 i w arsaski Loretta 8. Wolff nor! " i affe Xi CL ciDLer ip it Page 395 Rich vrd Elms, President INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL The tnterfraternity Council, governing body of the 25 campus so- cial fraternities, has as its aim the perpetuation of the besl interests of the University of Oklahoma, fraternity relations in general, and the inspiration of higher idealism and tolerance of mind and spirit. The year liili ' marked the founding of the Council. At thai time fraternity development was in its infancy bu1 leaders early saw the advantages of a co-operative liaison group which could work t ' u- the bettermenl of the fraternity system as well as of the University. The Council lias met the challenge and lias grown vastly in Imth achieve- ment and authority. The Council is composed of two representatives from each national social fraternity and petitioning group represented on the campus. By the constitu- tion, the Council is empowered t i legislate on mai- lers affecting the general interests of the signatory chapters and to enforce its rules and regulations by the inflicting of penalties for violations. The officers include a president, Richard A. Elms; secretary, Michael I.. McGee; treasurer, Milton Laird; and ex cent ive secretary, Ralph E. I lei per. A n office is maintained in the Union Building and is open all day under the supervision id ' the Execu- tive Secretary. .Mrs. Dorothj l)i is m, the verj effi cient private secretary, completed her third year with the Council this Spring. Her knowledge " l office routine has proved mosl beneficial as personnel has changed from t tme to t ime. This year tin 1 Council continued its Graham B. Johnson, Jr. Memorial Fraternity Community Chest Fund in memory of one of its must outstanding fra- ternity leaders. Member chapters make one united charity drive within their individual houses and the money is then allocated to the various charities through the Community Chest Fund. One of the more important functions of the Coun- cil is the administration of Rush Week. The Uni- versity nf Oklahoma has always been proud of its rush program, designed to benefit the individual rnshee, and the Council continually strives to im- prove it. Changes in the rush rides this past year Page 396 INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL will. i! is felt, add greatlj to the success of this coming rush season. The Third Interfraternitj Workshop was held this year for the purpose of training future chapter offi- cers and promoting the co-operative spiril between the member fraternities. The Council was fortunate in having Mr. Charles Pledger, of Washington, 1 1 i ' .. i ' hairman of the National I nterfraternity Con- ference, as the principal Workshop speaker. Many other national officers and leaders were n hand to add their ideas and inspiration to this mosl success ful program. Discussion groups covering varied i " i ' ics featured these fraternity experts while an all- fraternity banquel marked the close of the week-long activities. A challenge was presented the Council during this pasl year with ;ill freshmen pledges 1 i i 1 1 _; for the first time in Cross Center, new University dormitory. .Many problems had to l " ' worked oul between pledge trainers and dormitory counselors and it was found that joinl meetings of the two groups helped meas- urably tn make the transition smoothly. Dr. Jodie Smith, new Counselor of Men, was very helpful in arranging these meel ings. Reactivation of the University of Oklahoma Alum- ni Inter fraternity Council was a major accomplish- ment this year. The group is composed of interested alumni from over the State who assist members of the local Council in improving the overall fraternity program. These experienced men have 1 n tireless in their efforts to promote the University of Okla- homa and i he fraternity sj stem. Km- a number of years the Council has encouraged outstanding scholarship among fraternitj men bj of- fering three scholarship trophies for attainments in i hat field. Two cups, Mm- ni the highesl total grade average ami second given in thai group 1 1 h- h has shown the greatesl improvement over the pasl semes ter, air awarded twice yearly. A third award is made to the pledge rlass with the highesl cumulative average ami is presented oni ach year. Another service offered bj the Council is thai of mimeographing. The machine is owned by the Coun- cil ami offers s| ily ami inexpensive service tn mem ber fraternities as well as tn the general public. Profits are used tn offsel the major portion of office expense. This year the membership r the Council was in creased with tin ' founding of a new social group, Kim Lambda, which is petitioning Delta Kappa Bp- sihm National Fraternity. Tim members of Him Lambda have made greal strides in developing their organization ami all fraternity men on the campus look forward tn the time when they will welcome the twenty tilth national fraternity tn the University of Oklahoma. The influence exerted by the Council is fell by every fraternity man. Everyone recognizes that the Council has done more than any other organization to bring admit the success which the fraternity, as an insi ii hi ion, enjoys. row, h ft to right: Howard L. McMillan, I ' ...I. McKown, Don Boulton, Chris Rhodes, Ralph Helper, Dr. Jodie Smith, Counselor of Men; Richard A. Kims. Michael I.. McGee, II. B. Taliaferro, Leon S. Hirsh, Walter M. Powell, Wadell Findley. d •«.■ Harry A. Wahl, Howard T. Martin, Doug Pox, Don Reynolds, Richard Harkins, George Carnahan, Joe Alexander, Harold J. Singer, Bruce Furlow, Kenneth Mann, Howard Byars, Rudj Theisen. Third row: Pat Kimberlin, Russell Moore, Wayne Smith, Alan J. Coldwell, Bob Beverley, Jeff Mann, Alan Davis, Fred I.. . ' ml, Sterling True, Jim Ballard, Charles T. Brooks, Bill Rogers. ACACIA Founded University of Michigan] 1904 l stablished University of Oklahoma, 1920 12 Chapters Black and Old Gold Hox Hou.k.y, President The national fraternity of Acacia was founded by a group of Ma sons a1 the University of Michigan in 1!HI4. The Oklahoma Chapter was organized in 1920 by the late Dr. Edwin I). DeBarr, vice-president of the University. Acacia progressed from a club for Masons to a fraternity vir- tually no different in membership requirements than any other social fraternity. Instead of meaningless Greek letters. Acacia is ;i Greek word meaning everlasting Life or friendship, which is one of the prin- ciples on which the fraternity is founded. The Oriental Ball, oldest annual costume dance on the Univer- sity campus, was again the highpoint in the social season for members and pledges of Acacia. OFFICERS President . . . . Don HOLl i:v Vice-president . PAUL MOORE Secretary . JOHN E. McDoWELL Treasurer .... Jim Swain Social Chairman Dux Cohlmia ii, i, ,i, ios i " " • ' " v diligi ntly ' " gi i the .. • i ruml effect on mil of their famed ,!,I,S. .Iii i ) 1 1 l ■ t j • - 1 r 1 1 : 1 ■ i l. Hii t, II David C. CI I " li;i I lefl W, ' ' lirniui t li Paul M. I bates, .h . Don 1 1, i ' ohlniia O f ' F Leonard . I lalquesl .Iri r V. I i un Larrj B. I ' l I William G. Glitsch Ronald J. Hanska Joseph E, Hal haway W. Bryce Hill . L. Hollej Robert E. Inn I 1 A. J om - Jen j B. btirkpal rich R. Milton Laird Jerry It. Langenkamp Robert ' . Larason i Ibarlea S. Liegerol Robert G. McCollum .Ii.lin E. McDowell Jack A. Miller I ouia R. Miller Paul A. Moi .1. mi - V . Newcoml Willi.-, in I.. Powell .1. 1.. Poyei Paul I . Sillier! ' 1 ' W - J -,+ f « ' William L, Savage .1 III:. S K. SW. ' lill Robert J. Thatcher Raymond N. VanNoy Ri l s. Watta Page 399 ALPHA SIGMA PHI jfc S -fe. Pounded Vale University, December 6, 1845 Established at University of Oklahoma, M.i 19, L923 |Bk tf- 55 Chapters a L- 1 i» i .1 rdinal and Stone ml Mm i Via . ) ■apnlF il,Te r " ' TmriTmrnrrr I .i orge Lane. President Alpha Alpha of Alpha Sigma Phi was established as a na- tional fraternity on t he campus of the I Ihiversity of Oklahoma in 1923, coming on the campus as the local Delta Kappa Rho in 1921. It is one of 55 active chapters which was originally found- ed at Yale University on December 6, 1845. Alpha Sigma Phi boasts the oldest national magazine, Thi Tomahawk, a quarterly publication sent to all alumni and active members. Alpha Sigma Phi is the tenth oldest fraternity in the nation. Among its distinguished alumni Alpha Nigs rank such notables as Kay Eliot, head football coach. University of Illinois: Ralph G. Follis. president, Standard Oil of California; Herbert V. Goodrich, Judge, U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals; .lames Morril, president, University of .Minnesota; and Bennie Oosterbaan, head football coach. University of Michigan. OFFICERS President .... George Lam: Vice-president . . JOHN MARTIN Secretary .... Roger Clay Treasurer . Rice ird Gibbs Social Chairman Darrell Husted Alpha Sigs -living testimonials of the toothpasti ads % ■ 3gt I ' blind ' hii g. Richard C. Aldeu Thonias I . i ' 1 ' i son I (uane L, Ac. hei Jesse D Bird Archie J. Butler James ' . i ' nrter Robei i I., i ' hnpmnn D. Clark Rogei I!, i l.-iv Jesse E. olline Phil Cook i lien M. t ' o]ielnii(] Joe W, Davis i ierard tli Jong John N, l ' " Joe Friou I. .ill v V7. I ' rv I,. Keith Fi Ei in isl i- ' . i (aj loi ' I Richard R. Gibbs Robert E. ' .in, i, i I William T. Gordon Ronald E. Green Harold V Heller Paul V. Henderson R. I). Henrj Don R. Hoj iiar I ' . Hughes Darrell C. Husted John P. Carl W, Johnston Graham M. Johnston Edward B. Knezek, Ji feoi ge R. Lane James P. Luton .1 in i ;. Martin Jerome E. M ilea [.. l. .h man [van A. ( ).|. n Richard M. Olip Hartley C. (wens 1 1 Paara Bo rnej l. Paris Gei II- Sharp Phillip G. Sprankh Neil R. Sti Bill w . Sutherland Bur ' ini Tettleton Robert P. Tharpi .1. I. vim Vowell 1 r a w L aDier Page 401 ALPHA TAU OMEGA Pounded Virginia Military institute, Septembe: I I . I B65 Established al University of Oklal a, 192] 116 Ihaptei s Azure and Gold Jim Foglbsong, President Alpha Tan Omega, founded September 11. 1865, at Virginia Military Institute, was the first fraternity founded after the Civil War. ATO was founded to unite fraternally the young men it ' the North and South and to foster a Christian brotherhood dedi eated to achieving permanent peace. In 1921, Zeta Tan. a local fraternity, petitioned Alpha Tan Omega; thus. Delta Kappa chapter was begjin as the 7- " ith of ll(i active chapters of ATO in the United States and Canada. Outstanding ATO alumni in- clude the Compton brothers and Vannevar Bush, leading atomic scientists; Joe McBride, state newspaperman and member of the University ' s Board of Regents; Rev. Bill Alexander, minister of the First Christian Church in Oklahoma City; John W. Snyder. Secretary of the Treasury; and Verne Schnee, director of the University Research Institute. The fraternity was founded by three men headed by Otis A. Glazebrook, an Episcopalian minister, whose high ideals ATO attempts to instill in every member. On these principles are based the expectations for the future. OFFICERS President . . Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Social t lhairman Jim Poglesong John Finegan A i. an Chase John Thomas Dean Ashi r Candlelight and good food thi perfect combination for guest meals at Hie ATO houst . Mrs. M, P. Letts, 1 [onsemol hei Eil win Adams Stan Alexander Poi real I ' . Asher ( Diaries It Barret) Glenn Barton Ibi Mm shs II D. Batcnmi Charles l l Tommy E. Bearh - IV Beath Bobby D. Brndshaw Robi mi. Bridges AM. irnes Valdie M. Carr Alan Dmse Jaiues M. Ci William M. !ombs Charles F. Densford Robert I.. Dillon Matl M, I William ' . I low Ding Id D. Edn Bud England John I.. Finegan .1 immy I.. Fogli James E, Graalman Joseph E. Hanson J. K. Hatfield Haxel Richard M. Hull Frederic Huntington John S. Kerr Hill Lackej George K. Lange Joe I. ' . 1.1 Mrll B Phil Mason Terry Mays Mi rle I ' . McGuire Bob M.Ki.u ii Ri inl .1. McKown James V. Miller Jess I ' . Mills i Diaries i ' •. -Mine L.G. Murrell, Jr. Robert I.. Newton Grandville Northern Sherman II. Norton Jei ii R. Parks John i ' . I v.lrirk Richard 8. Pirson Id A. Pitts Darol K. Ramey Raupe John W. Reid Norman Ricker, Jr. I.. W. Roberts Charles l;. Saner William S. Sanger Id I ' . Shofner (wen I ' . Snow, .1 r. David Soukup Robert I ' . Spriggs Philip I.. Stephi Bobby J. Sy kes John I . Thomas Dan B. Tre M ike Treps Lew Ward II. Weslej Whitlock Allen M. Williams i ' . I.. W ih Lew is R. Woi m kd,M k , k r r r. t r n l .. Akll . f - Jjelta J a aooa w a ID L aDier Page 403 BETA THETA PI Founded Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, iugusi B, L839 Established a1 University of Oklal a, L907 96 Cliapters Tink :m l Blue Ri i n Mi ' ikk, President The origin of Beta Theta Pi may be traced back to Pater Knox, who made public his fraternal intentions at Miami Uni- versity in 1839. This founding was the first of the three frater- nities known as the " Miami Triad. " Beta ' s Oklahoma chapter was founded in 1! ()7 through the efforts of David Ross Boyd, first president of the University, Dr. J. II. Pelgar, first dean of the College of Engineering, and Dr. J. S. Buchanan, later presi- dent of the University. Beta continued its outstanding record in 1952-53. Hugh Roff was named as the top junior Phi Beta Kappa, and he and Dick Haynes were named to Pe-et. organization of outstanding senior men. Bringing gridiron laurels to the fraternity were Merrill Green and Jim Davis, members of the varsity football team. Among the outstanding social events of the year were the Barn Dance, the Senior Dinner, the Pledge Formal, and the Spring Formal. The homey atmosphere of the Beta house is largely due io the efforts of Mrs. L. I . Douglass, revered Beta housemother. OFFICERS President . . REED RIcALISTER Vice-presidenl . . Dick Haynes Secretary .... P.l l.l. R ,m - , Sr Treasurer George Prentiss umw gait man Mm Social Chairman . Bon McCue I in Beta Barn danci is » rootin ' tootin ' party nini- gqvart dancing rules fm lit • i, ning. Un I. I. I .,ll,;lll,,. M. -ii„. in,. lh,. r W ilhiiin G Armor lohn S Badger tt Baker r Banks Roberl I. Bartheld Fallls Brail Rodger C Billingsle) Steve E Bin kwelder Dan Blankenahtp v iN nun II l; Howard R Bradi i M i.i. i. Brow ii Roberl I. I nthi j Clyde W Cheanutl Krwin V Cook MhIIi-1 Jobn I. Culbertson James I ■ i Richard Darnold I ' llll I. DeVanne) Boh Do JilD IC Kuril,., | Churl,., R I I,, In, in U Kiiluiiik, Festu n i ' „i r James A Kiim M Charles I I Pennj D, Garrison 1 ' E.I Charles i ' Green Morrill I., i,. Jack 11 Greer l n i.| C Guild John l iinilriMi Lurry K. Hamilton Gene llnrrill Dick lliiyn,., John II Haynes Manford C. Hollj Paul C II,., ,k William F Howard Ben A Hue) Wnrr. ' ii K. .Ionian Konrad K Keesee .i.i G Keith I ' lul E Kendall l «ii 8 Kni, ik Roberl R Lam H. Lampton Roberl D. Lomax Paul A. Marsh S Mason Dewe) 1. Mathews Jr Reed I. Mi Uister Tom II McCasland rt G l, Cue Mark II Mi I, B Mi Frank (. Mitchell linrk,. (. Mi I). I Mi Tom .i v. -.1 Seal Tom G Morris VN Petlil Don M Phillips e E Pratt Don A, Price Alfn .1 W Pugh William II Rahe Bill) K Reed G Ma Lee II Rilej • I Hugh Rod lohr, u Ro Willian i Ro Howard II • Byron C Scl Srofteld Kurl E Bpau ' -. - B Thompson Ralph (. Thompson Fred G. Turner John l( mi H. i, kirk ■Inn I. Walker Albert I, Welsh Ernest II Williams Joe II Wolfenberger II on Worten iV 1$ n »- wfklk P ft n a r, c. r f c r jb o r « amma Pk a ID L ciDLer Page 405 DELTA CHI Pounded Cornell University, I h tober 13, L890 Established ;it University of Oklahoma, L927 11 Chapters Red and Buff I tkWM Established on the campus in 1927, Delta ' hi has consistently maintained the highesl standards in scholarship as well as social and athletic activities. Locally, as well as nationally, Delia Chi has emphasized an outstanding program of character building. Benjamin Harrison. William Jennings Bryan, Robert Todd Lin- coln. Louis Johnson and John W. Brickerarea few names among a long list of well-known men who are Delta Chis. Prom its start fciere, Delta Chi has cherished a traditional concept of fraternity life — a mutual feeling of brotherhood, a unity of purpose, work- ing ' together for fraternal achievements. II i:uv Wain., President ' • ' OFFICERS President . . Harry A. Wahl V.-pres. . Cleveland M. Welsh Secretary . Louis B. Isaacson Treasurer .... Eddie ( ' ass Social Chairman Marian Salmon Tin world ' s greatest problems an set tli . ovi r a coffi ■ ■ " ' " " " ' " " ' ' " ' ntittsli tin femalt shortagt at ' i . Mi- . i ' v crnon, Housemother M .nil Anderson Ronald F. Barton Thomas i I Everett J. Dewees, J i o r? a JrCTrfrMfc II Bill Farmei i leorge R, Forston Janies . Friedrich Louis B. Isaacson, ■ ' r. Philip M.Jones r Edw. J. Lichtensteiu Donald R. Massad Da id R. Matuszak M1111..1, R. i Igden Flunk K. ( Igden Max E. Parks Walter B. Reif Donald I.. Reneau William D. Reneau Ray ml Salmon, Jr. Meredith R. Shi I :i nl R. Tompkins John M. Tinslev Richard A. Vennn Harry A. Wahl, Jr. Charles L. Waitc Burli-v Walker £ -ft M Jklak oma a ID L aDLer Page 407 DELTA TAU DELTA Founded Bethany College, Virginia, 1859 Established at University of Iklahonia, February 22, 1922 84 Chapters Purple, White and Gold I ' m i Mindem n, President Delta Tau Delta was founded in 1859 at Bethany College in Virginia. In 1HL!L!, a local petitioning group, Delta Sigma Delta, was granted a charter by the national fraternity as Delta Alpha of Delta Tau Delta, since its beginning, the ehapter has con- stantly upheld and furthered the ideals established by its found- ers. Chapter alumni at the head of their fields attest to the out- standing scholastic record of Delta Alpha. Among them are J. A. Brandt, former OTJ president; Savoie Lottinville, University Press director; Ken Harris, executive chairman of the Oklahoma State Bar Association, and many more. Aside from ranking high in scholarship, Delts lake part in campus activities. .Michael McGee served as secretary of the 1FC and is president of Arnold Air Society. Carl Smith represents the house in the Student Senate along with Dan McNatt, who also is vice-president of .Junior [PC. Ed Shelton is president of Cross Center. Although Delta Alpha is justly proud of its intra- mural activities, our outstanding achievement is the completion of the new addit ion to the house. OFFICERS President . Paul Mindem w V.-pres. . Ferome Sullivan, Jr. Secretary . . Wai m: Williams Treasurer . . . Bob McBrjde Social ' liainnaii . BlLL Willi I i N Tin Dills start in awe aX the amazing n produt tion of BUI ' ' oolt y. Johu W. Bnrnhill Eldred D. Bates, Jr. Clifton D. Blanks James R. Biddick i li.ii lis E. Billingslc; Tro i- W. Brow n llni ' 1 1 r i ' arson Bill W. Castles John . Cole Willi. ' . Cooley, Ji Cox Charles T. Denner Rogei M . I lougherty .l.-iiiii a ( ). Edwards Bill I!. Elliott l :i ill .1. Krwin Ralph II. K.ii ' l. i .lnlill T. I ' " l -ivtllr Henry ( ). Irooms Carl i . Hare Richard W. Hiatl Dan P. 1 1 iirl.v Richard • ' . Johnson Bert M. Jones E. I . ' ■ ' Kennedy Charles I ' . Kern Charles II. Ki tiger Denis J. Lassi K Fred II. Leonard lii raid R. Marshall Robert G. McBrid e Frank I ' . Mi .. Michael I.. McGee Stanley M uenzler Joe S. Nelson, Jr. Julian D. Northcutt Zack ( tsborne Jerry T. Parker John W. Pribyl 1 1 :i p i I.. Pruett Robi ' i M. Randolph Jiiiimy I.. I; Robert E. Rhyne Jack W. Robbins Louis A. Rose Jack II. Santee Hal i). Sherrod .I ' l iv B. Sinilli " - I )iik . Sorenson •I ' i Sullivan, .1 r. .lim I.. Trombla Miki h. True Paul A. Weber .1 iin II, Webster William E. Whitten Wayne K. Williams Hill IV Willis Joe i.. Wolfe f a JLMmM , i mm o ft. ts r r ' c D cUJeua vip ia L n r ip L apier Page 409 DELTA UPSILON Pounded Williams College, L834 Established at Universitj of Oklahoma, L92 7°. Chapters Old Gold and Sapphire Blue Bi s S ii i.i.« i ii,. President Delta Upsilon is the oldesl national social fraternity on the campus, the parent chapter having been formed at Williams College in 1834 as an organized protest against the secret soci- eties that were then dominating college affairs. In 1881 Delta Upsilon changed its policy from anti-secrecy, thereby establish- ing a friendly relationship with the existing secret societies and with non-fraternity students. The Oklahoma Chapter of DU originated as Delta Pi, a local organization formed in 1921 for the express purpose of gaining admittance into Delta Upsilon. In 1927, Delta Pi received its charter from Delta I ' psilon after maintaining the highest schol- arship average on the campus for nine consecutive semesters. The excellent reputation, scholastically and otherwise, estab- lished during the six years of petitioning lias been upheld and improved upon by succeeding generations of DU ' s. KF1CERS President BOB StILLWELI Jb Vice-presideni . George Bauoer Secretary . . . Tom .Maun ( i: Treasurer . John BIalbfleisch Social ' hairman II auky Kii : i IN Please, boys, watch thost jokes. Chris is bashful. Mrs. J. R. .1. II, I lousemi ' William .1. Vis ton l. rrill I ' . Bnskius I II. Blake ml Douglot Gerald 1 Bn piling Tom W, Bro n .1. I.,. B • d 0. Clark lW.1 Mnt way, .1 1 John I irtl I ' , i in -i-.-in Allen l . Dnvton Jnmea T, Edwards, 1 1 1 Donald W. Foster .hums W. t Ireeii Jack ii. Harmon ge B. I Inug II.H i is, ,ii l- ' . Hnvi a Edward G. Hesfer Tommy Y. Hill pB. Hit,, B : II. Holmberg Russell G. Hun i, i I i.ivi.l I-:. Johnson Edward I- ' . Joni - il.,i n i . hteeton BfC l r% fv I :n id • ' . Kisling I ' ,i,i I ' . Kisliny Alton Kiiiitn Bob W. Laidlau Ei nest I.. Lippert, Jr. T. Lippei I I lonaJd O. Li g Lynn E. Lot) " ■ Uarniine Bill Massad William C. Mel James E. Porch I glas L. Portei field Jack D. Rawdon I Donald M. R James I.. Ropei William M - i K Smith Bill ii. Step Lou-ell W. si, uini •i - P. NtiiiuHi Robert I.. Stillwell, .Ii Lee ' ' . Stoldl I . Swanson my L, Walker Billj B. Warren ll,i,, I, I K. Wilson i anoma a ID L apier Page 411 KAPPA ALPHA Pounded Washington College, Lexington, Va. December, I860 Established at University of Oklahoma, 1905 7ti liapters Crimson and il.l Gold Robi rt Short, President The Kappa Alpha Order was founded in December, 1865, by a group of students at Washington College, Lexington, Virginia, who took as their ideal the example set by the great Southerner, General Robert E. Lee. Many men who had their early training in Kappa Alpha have become well known in many fields. Amonir these greal leaders are former Secretary of State George ( ' . .Marshall. Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Marine Corps Commandant Lemuel C. Shep- ard, FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover, motion picture star Randolph Scott, and Reford Bond. Chairman of the Oklahoma Corporation ( Commission. Beta Eta chapter of Kappa Alpha was the first chapter of a national fraternity in Oklahoma, having been founded on the OU campus in 1905. since thai time the chapter has participated ably in all the University ' s activities. Its Dixie Dance and the Plantation Ball are highlights of the social season every year, while it has become well known for its part in the annual Beer Bowl, the second oldest howl game in the Nation. OFFICERS President . Robert Short Vice-president . Tom Workman Recording Secretary I in 1. McDonald Treasurer . . Bud Franklin Socia I l ' ha inunii 1 I AROLD .M Ac I )ii 1:1 I Pledges Pat Sampler and Malcolm Putty, Jr., .sin in up In It ' tiln 1 1 !■ ' .. l.i 1 . Mrs. A. .1. Riddle, I lousemother I ion E. Barrett I I , Benin John w . Black J, K. Bi i .-1,1 ( ' . Boop lea R. Brniiiinell Phillip II. Bn i Brewei Robert W, Brown Logan I Kenton i liickering (in- H. Coston 1 I Vni-uii I i;i id I- ' - I liekei son ( ' knl.- E, Ends John D. Edwards ' ' ■ » die W. Fisher .1 Mil li ' . PloW Wallace II. Prankliu Bob R Puson J mi i ;. i loaders I ' :iii A. I iunn Charles I., n Bill M. Hewea Bill P. Howell Charles R. Hoover Charles T. Keen, 1 1 Bob M. Kni qi John P. Leftwich Romiy W. m,i sse j Rob rl Mayfield Fred l . McConnell William C. McDonald Harold P. MacDowell C. Alan Melton Jack T. Miskell irge Miskm -k Robt. P. Montg iv Robt. S. Montgomery Tom P. ( ).-ikr- Malcolm D. Putty, Ji liarles E. Rhodius Frederic I.. Rice, Jr. Jim I ' . Itivkln | leoi ge E. Robertson Robert B. Robertson W. Rock I ' at Sampter Don M. Sanford Robert I.. Short Gordon II. Smith John l . Souths I Lai rj W, Spillraan Robert E. Swatek Jol ' P. Symcox Joe R. Tilley . Walsh Charles W. Ward, .1 1 James D, Ward Jerry J. Wass John M. White, Jr. Tom E. Workmu n t y eia kto r at JI j Am L kapter Page 413 KAPPA DELTA RHO Pounded Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vt 1905 Established at University of Oklahoma, 1949 22 Chapters Orange and Blur Phi Chapter was established on the campus of Oklahoma Uni- versity in 1949 by ;i group of OU men who wanted and felt the need of fellowship. If its founders could have foreseen the manj problems faced by a new group they probably would have fal- tered, but as each came along they were taken in stride and over- come. It has been this ability to face the future with firm confi- dence that has contributed to the success and continuation of Phi chapter of Kappa Delta Rho on the campus of the University of ( klahoma. Earl Dittman, President OFFICERS President . . . Earl Dittman Vice-president . Werner Mundt Secretary . . AUSTIN SlEGFRTJ D Treasurer . . . Ed Kirki vnd Social Chairman . Tony Vaughn tin h,i :p,i Delta Rho barbei thop quai til — Fred Waring was neve) Wet this. rioi Bei gei l Boulton TnJmudge Irowe K.I R, Kirklaud .1 imiii v Lontos Ted V. Lungw it !• P. Mundl Ed i;. .lini E. Robinson Ton; Vauguan Stanley Warmbrodt pl a apier ip L Page 415 KAPPA SIGMA Founded University of Virginia, Dec. I " , L869 Established :it University of Oklahoma, June, 1906 115 Chapters Scarlet, Green and White Jerry Heinzelw inn, President Kappa Sigma is the greal embodiment of the fraternal ideal. It recalls with pride the history of achievement beginning with the European founding in the 15th century and it confidently looks to a future of continued service and accomplishment. Kappa Sigma ' s American founding ' was at the University of Virginia on December 10, lS(il). by five friends desiring to per- manently secure the bonds of fellowship. The vital principles of fraternalism as exemplified in Kappa Sigma were carried for- ward in a great program of expansion until Kappa Sigma was firmly established as a great international fraternity numbering 115 active chapters in the United States and Canada. Gamma Kappa chapter was established at the University of Oklahoma in June, 1906, the second national fraternity to be recognized on the campus. The fraternity stresses a balanced program of scholarship, athletics and social activity designed to produce a better student and a better citizen. OFFICERS President . Jerri Heinzelmann Vice-president . . Don DUFFIE Secretary . . . George Ellison Treasurer . . Jim Doughertx Social Chairman . Joi Dutcher Vever unrierestimcrtt ' " powt r f u woman! Fur their Hotel Party, Kappa Sigs clear out- bag " baggagt — to mil. i room for ' in " ' ? ' s. Jack II. tbernathj John l». Arnold Robert I.. Boinbi Ji - l . Bartell Fred E. Basset! Danny J. Beckei Hal B. Belknap V.l Robert Bei Lee R. Bomluranl Joe M Braffetl Jai k D Brooks i., -i Jd Bross Brown I ' Brown Pej ton S, i .11 ii. ' . .1 1 . Dallas M. ' Qene i ' . i ' ■ • 1 1 1 Tom in j A. « ' ox James A. I :i i- William A. Davis Donald D. Dhonau .i.iin. - i;, I lougherty John M. I ' nin. Richard R. Duffle Joe B. I iu.1 1 i Willinm ' •. V ' - « in Edmund Fnhrenkamp .1 in F. I ' . ■ John II. Ford Donald I. ' . Forrester Freeman I ' . :ilt Steve ' ..II net William R. Guffey Edward D. Haley James A. Harrell Don I.. Hart Jerry Heinzelmann Philip I. Holmes Willinm R. II I William A. Hotmann Harley . I lume Pal H. Hyde II. Cliff [vestei Alv.-i V . Jones Kenneth M. Jones Frank Kalana John F. Kamp Dan F. Heller Kent B. Kennedy Larry J. LeVieux Paul li. Lindsej Thomas ' ' . Lynn Tom II. Mahaffey Law i.i.i . A. Marsh Robert B. McGill William II. McKenny Richard S. McSwain Bob S. Moore Savery L. Mash T. C. Perkins William II. Peters K ing .. Price Dick Procter Jim A. Rains .1 B. Ridgeway John i ' . Roberts David l . Rose Dwight M. Ross Tom K. Sawyer Jim A. Schroeder Bob I.. Scruggs James B. Smiley Jere B. Smith Joe Stevens Phil Stevi Sam .1. Talbot II. Morton ' rin.nij.soii Bi ui e E. Tom nsend Kill C. Wantland David «;. Wantland Jerrj . Welch Jerry i ' . Wilson yja Cj f.i p C C n f c ;i - 1 t$® r ri C! A ik.M £:? f C " J (T M I ' M 1 . I . £Sf ft , iamma JC aooa ipp apter Page 4I7 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Pounded Boston University, 1909 Established .-it University of OklaJ a, October 6, 1926 144 Chapters Purple, Green and Gold lin ' K Lock, President Founded a1 Boston [Jniversity in 1909, Lambda Chi Alpha has developed into one of t he leading fraternities in the nation with 141 chapters, 6 colonies, and more than 45,000 members, including such men as Harry S. Truman. Frankie Lane, Chester Gould, and Jimmy Doolittle. Outstanding among the personalities at Gamma Rho this year was Bill Spohrer who was editor of the Oklahoma Daily and chosen " Best Ail-Around -Man Student " by the Dad ' s Day Association. Highlighting the fall social season at Gamma Rho was the annual White Hose Formal at which .Miss Mary Blanton, Kappa Alpha Theta, was crowned White Rose Queen. Following this event were many other social activities as the Christmas party, Trade Winds dance, and Spring Formal. Again this year Mrs. W. II. O ' Connor, our charming hostess, has proven herself to he the perfect housemother by her guiding influence and inspiration. OFFICERS President .... Dick Lock V.-pres. . William L. Kink. -Ik. Secretary Charles S. Heddleson Treasurer Jack L. Sandusky. Social -hairman William R, Morgan, Jr. 1 hi i a It i (In ' s pay tributi with a serenadi to tin candidates for their Whitt Host Qui i it, 1i,. w II O ' Connor, Housemother Robert II Uexnndei Richard .1- Vndrewski John I ' . Arnold, •! r. Byron J. Bailej Austin II. Bell Robert E. Borders Joe II Broome Meh in R. Ilmv.ii Joe E. Iinrkc Phil R. Oesnrio James E, « ' oudreny JOSI | ' li - I» Milton P. Davis ] r..n S. Pales William 1.. Flngler I. vim D, Foi William L. Funk, Jr. .Ion K. Ghan John R. Gn gg Robert W. Maddad Robert R. Haraway Charles S. Heddleson Bob V, Hcnslej Jim R. Higgins Prank II. Jaques Clifton C. Jennings I.,- Roj .1. Keely Thomas E. Kenney l :i i.l A. Kindig Elmer W. King II. I.. Patrick King John Kunau Kent P. Kj _ Jimmj I.. Litton Jack i . Lively Richard W. Lock John R. Long Jim A. Loomer Roj . Lulow, Jr. Walter B. Mai • Hillv.I. Matter Edward H. McDonald Marvin A. McNatt Dwight R. Moore W. R. Muryjiii ( urtis Moses M:irk (). Nordberg Charles E. Norman ge E. Orr Kenneth B. Orr Charles R, Oster John 1!. Owen .1,,. s. ( iwens Tom E. Pafford Raj B. Patton Charles E. Payne James K. Rice Roj C. Rowland, Jr. Jack L. Sandusky i Tiarles • ' . Scheirman Bob J. Schoi li it Don C. Slack Hai iv L. Smitli Bill P. Spohrer Steven D. Tomlinsoii I F. Wells Stanley W. Wells Ronald D. Whitten Neil C. Whittle Don A. Williams Thomas S. Winton Rike D. Wootten Harry A. Wright r») f f 4 ft TJ If p C dizm m t I amma o t eta Page 419 PHI DELTA THETA Pounded Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, December 26, 1848 Established at University of Oklahoma, 1918 115 Chapters Blue and White Murray Stewart, President Phi Belts continued their leadership on the OU campus with representatives in every phase of campus life. This past year saw members in such honorary organizations as Phi Beta Kappa, Tan Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, Scabbard and Blade, Phi Eta Sigma. Phi Delts were leaders in other campus activities as Union Ac- tivities Board, Sooner Yearbook, Oklahoma Daily, Campus Com- munity Chest, Career Conference and the Student Senate. Dur- ing the past year, the Phi Delts participated in various universi- ty events including the University Sing, Sooner Scandals and Campus Chest Carnival. Phi Delts reached the play-offs in near- ly all intramural sports, thereby maintaining their leadership after permanently retiring the now extinct All-Intramural trophy following three successive years of intramural supremacy. Members of Phi Delta Theta lead all other Greek letter fraterni- ties in Phi Beta Kappa memberships. Rhodes Scholars, and Ail- American football placements. OFFICERS President . . Murray. Stewart Vice-president . . . BlLL Xl ' .Al; Secretary . . Tommy RANDALL Treasurer .... Ken Perry Social Chairman . Bon Jeffries Members of tin Phi Delt Senior Council discuss fraternity business i " for present mil a in iln ChapU r. Charles M. Asfahl Richard B, Bailey James ( ' . i ' .:i run i ' 1 I : 8, Bough Don O. Birchuui William R, Brow n l a i.l II. Km IcBOIl ge i. ( urnahan rohn K, i ' hesuut Jack II. ' ' oleniun John i ' . i " I. in.iii P. I nil, ' II Richard M I ' raw Ford i Iharles !• ' . I loornbos .la.k P. Duvall William l . E i v PhilUp D. Eugle rd G. Pugin John A. Pagin Thomas ' . Pord Dick II. Postei Dan J. Powler Barry J. Gait R. Vf. Gilchrist Gordon i ■ illey Glenn W. Gordon Arthur P. Gorman Richard E. Hnrkins Bob P. Hendrick James . Hendrick Jerrj M. I Eenricks Robert R. Ilillis John R. Hinkle Robert A. Jeffries Charles II. Johnson Eddy I.. Jones Tommy Jones Howard B. Keith Richard D. King Joe i ' k Lessei I James 1 1. Lev is Id A. Mandeville Tom R. Mas. hi v iii M. McCown John W. Mil .• tt Keith C. McDonald Walter Morrison, Jr. Paul I.. Nave Dewe; W. Meal Herbert C. Oven Thomas M. Parker Ke th W. Perry A I . Pettigrove Ted M. Phillips Ronald R. Prater David D. Price, Jr. Tommy T. Randal] Timothj A. Reiman ■ i.i mes I ' . Robinson R a 1 1 en I . Rouse Ralph II. Russell Til. Scnllon, Jr. Robert l . Schick ' II, Scott I lean E. Seeber i les 11. sunn den Murray li. Stewart I !ene St unkle Elmer K. Tl as John E. Toi I " it I I l; Vandn ier Jack E. w.ii kentin Ham J. Lest e a © ?. a a r. n p a c 6 c J: p f c- t! £$ Attain . ii 4 i L Lykiah oma CL apier ip l Page 421 PHI GAMMA DELTA Pounded Washington and Jefferson College Canonsburg, Pa., 1S4S Established .-it University of (klahoma, March 24, 1917 m ( liapters Royal Purple and White Hal Wolfe, Presidenl Phi Gamma Delta, rated the top national fraternity in 1950 by independent survey, was founded in 1848 at Jefferson College in Pennsylvania. In PUT a Local petitioning fraternity. Phi Kappa Pi, was granted a charter as Nu Omega of Phi Gamma Delta. Since its beginning Xn Omega has been five times winner of the fraternity ' s outstanding chapter award, the Chevney Cup. Nu Omega has always been proud of her fine all-round campus rec- ord. Scholastically the Phi Gams have been second over a period of 14 years with Clyde Ferguson, John Caldwell, and DeVier Pierson maintaining 4.0 grade averages. Athletically, the Pijis point to All-American quarterback Eddie Crowder; Bob Waller, basketball; Bill Knox, baseball, John Hudack, swimming; Jim Arnold, tennis: and Bob Noever and Johnny Johnson, golf. I ' hi Gam is represented in other campus activities by DeVier Pierson. president of Pe-et; Bill Robinson, treasurer of the DAB; and Larry Maddin, treasurer of the " Y. " OFFICERS President . . . . II i. Treasurer .... Ed Keecan Recording Sec. . George Murrav ( ' orres. Sec. Bill Robinson Social ' hairman Predric II. Wright Members admin Mrs. Hale, ih perennial queen of f ii Phi Gam Fiji Island. Jerrj Amundsen ( ' Imrlea R. I (ii Bn Don R, Bnrbi i Otis II. Benlmi in Storra r i Ii ighiim i heater E. i ' adieux Edw in i ' in man Stei eii K. i ' ochi nn M I i I ,,-_■ i Tiai lea I ' . ' resnp Eddii B I rowdei mi P. I tow ling R. Wi D ier.Jr. Jm k R Dyei Kill Easier I Russi II V. Fullm Ben E. i ' .i i net .1.1 9 E, I ill ! II Joe W . Griffin Tom A. Harmon Richard G. H •In - l. Harl ._ ' R. II icka .Inliii W. Holtzclau .1 . I ' eyton Jenness ii I ' .. Job nson Eddie A. Keegau Tom Lekas Richard R. Lindsly Robt. II. Lingenfeltei James I.. Maddin RolIo« S. Maxwell Murtiii E. McElreath Stewai i E. Meyers Joe I.. Mills James I K Moore Ray B. Moore Jack Morrow i ' . Murraj i i B, Neptune Bob Xoi Ronald T. Paschal! Paul W. hi ' Vi..| I Earl L. Pool Martin C. Portei Dan A. Pow hatan I ' . Pugh Donald W. Reynolds William J. Rob J i ' ! ; ford ■ Sandlin m B. Sharp rd A. si.. ris •. n Taj loi Dick L. VVheatley Carl A. White Hal II. Wolfe nn £fcftV W Ift k „ h lift KthAL.. w,j ? M f f .r i 5 £ u a meaa f a ID h apier Page 423 PHI KAPPA PSI Founded Washington and Jefferson College, Canonsburg, Pa., February 19, 1852 Established al University of Oklahoma, 1920 57 Chapters John Goode, President Phi Kappa l ' si was founded on February 19, 1852 at Wash- ington and Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, by William II. Letterman and Charles P. T. Moore. Phi Psi was originally established without any idea of extension after an epidemic of typhoid fever struck the parent college. Since ls. " 2. Phi Psi has grown from a small local organization into a great national fraternity of fifty-seven chapters. Such famous national figures as the late President Woodrow Wilson. Genera] Billy Mitehel, actors Frank Morgan, Buddy Rogers, and Edward Everett Horton, and baseball commissioner Ford Frick have proudly worn the shield of Phi Kappa Psi. Oklahoma Alpha was established in 1920 and boasts such state notables as .1. Part Aldridge, National President of Phi Kappa Psi, and political leaders Clarence M. Warren. Mayor of Tulsa, and William 0. Coe. In the past year, the pledge class and the overall house was rated first in scholarship out of the twenty-four fraternities on the campus and is a recognized Leader in campus activities. OFFICERS President . . Vice-president Secretary Treasurer . . .1(11 IN GOODE 1 1 1 ■ i ■ k Russell ( Iharles Hoi mes .Iimmv Bond Social Chairman . Roger Warren Ont of ill, brothers from Huh chaptei barges into tin Phi Psi h " us for tht Hal linn i n lull ill. .11 1 . ti ,|;uii Oilberl I.. Bakei Wendell E. Baxter James B. It I David II. ' orison i Diaries B. i m sten Paul E. ( ' oggins Jack . i ' ownn Max W. Dixon James A. Duck i lerald P. Dulanej Dennis I.. I James J. Northeutl Paul R. O ' Bar William G. Pearson Billj D. Perry Joe D. Price ' Wm. V. Rathbone, Jr. Dearl T. Russell William ). Snyder Bill C N|..ii,i, Ronald A. St, i in. k. Jack M. Wag Boy T. Weaver Edwin .1. Whitney Mi-. Win, Vsher, I tousemotlier I ., rrj L. Swing Wj in.iii P. Ew ing Paul M. le Charles P. Holmes Maynard I.. Howard Robert ( ' . Jeffries kmt, ■» ' ifk John W. Johnson Alnirr B. Jordan lene I ' . KanaJy I twain E. Kays Neely W. Kimbrougli M;,i ion . Mackev m grM Kenneth M. Mann DonaJ B. May Gory A. McDaniel Max E. McDaniel Kenneth K. McKinzey Theron K. Miller, Jr. James I.. Munkres «. ■ 4 W M fcs. T 1 „ 6 ma a Page 425 PHI KAPPA SIGMA founded University of Pennsylvania, L850 Established at University of Oklahoma, 1929 43 Chapters Black and Gold Ti m my I] vri m x. President l ' hi Kappa Sigma fraternity, founded ;it the University of Pennsylvania in 1850, with its steady, conservative growth has become a Leader in fraternity circles in the United States and ( tanada. The members of Phi Kappa Sigma have always taken an active pari in extra-curricular activities besides maintaining an out- standing scholarship average. .Members have held offices in Delta Sigma l ' i. Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles, Arnold Air So- ciety. Hut ' -Neks, Union Activities Board and .Men ' s Glee Club. Southern hospitality is carried throughout the Omicron Chap- ter organization — from the architecture of the house to its monthly socials. Officers For the second semester were Don H. Lane, president: Lindsay Crow, vice-president: Milton Silver, secretary; Sam Gann, treasurer: and YV. T. Huddleston, social chairman. OFFICERS Presidenl . . Vice presidenl Secretary . Treasurer Social ( ' ha irman Tom II aim i w Francis Grubb Lloyd Smith Bob Aldridge Don EIead Tommy Bart man kibitzes wliih ■umi " shows th si Phi Kaps how bridg slmlllil III pi, I Hi it. l i - Tho8. II. Conner, Housemother Robert S. lldridge in .1. Ulej James T Bni retl Jim E. Baxl i rcl A. Beiudorf Kent If. Blnine Charles V. Blnir i: Bolton Don I.. Hi nnliam l D. Conklii Lindse 1 1 . ' row William T. Davis Jimmip Douthil Dnviil S. Dyi us Raj D. Feioi k Clinrles T. Gann Jack l.i. William K. i ioodn in Tommy E. Hartmnn D. Head Don R. I I ' - ll. 111:111 Hickman, .1 1 . Roger M . Hollowaj William T. Huddleston Benny A. .1 Clark .1 . Jones T n 1 -l K 1 ster I.. N ' eil T. Kobs Glenn Land Don R. Lane Harry C. Lee Henry E. Leonhardt Charles II. Liner .1 s. Little ge M. I.iilm Don 1 ' . Morgan W . Morej Milton I ' .. Silver, Jr Lloyd M. Smith Thomas J. Smith Milton T. Spivey Andy P. Talton • ilea 1 1. Tarpley Tom W. ' I ' ll . Tom L. Tolbert Paul A. Tucker James L. Vinevard Clifford II. Wall Edward l Webb William J. Whistlei Jim I ' . White Shirley C. Wright Lowell G. " i 0, ppft .0 kA c ft ft r-. .4 • micron a ciDier w h Page 427 PI KAPPA ALPHA Pounded I ' niversity of Virginia, March I, L868 Established at University of Oklaliouia, September 24, 1920 ins Chapters Game! and iul l Sherman A. (. ' kesox, Jr., President Pounded March 1, 1868, at the University of Virginia, 1 ' i Kappa Alpha has grown to over 50,000 members and 108 chap- ters. Few people will remember tomorrow that this chapter was chartered in 11120, lint they will note the progress made since. It hasn ' t been an easy job turning out alumni like Lynn Biggs, author of the stage play on which " Oklahoma " was based; Joe Kenton, internationally famous opera star: Tom Benedum, mem- ber of the Hoard of Regents. Looking back on 1952—53 most people will remember the Pikes ' lovely Dream Girl, Miss Elizabeth Grisso of Kappa Kappa Gam- ma, and the roaring Apache Party. The 1 ' iKA ' s will also remem- ber the intramural play, the parties, the grades, and the men who left for the Armed Services. These will be the memories of 1952- 53, a truly memorable year for PiKA. Officers for the second semester were: Roy Wilson. Jr., Presi- dent: John L. Baker, Vice-president; J. ( ' . Drennan, Secretary: Peyton Buey, Treasurer; and doe 1). King, Social Chairman. OFFICERS Pres. . Sherman A. Creson, Jr, Vice-president . Prank Conrad Secretary Charles S. Nelson Ti easurer ' eyton Buck Social ( ' Inn. . jERRTf L. BuLLARD Coach Jot King cliecks tht form of Larry Shannon in preparation for tht annual pin ball ii-mntti of PiKA and Sigma hi. Miv I .1 ll.ilnilh 1 1. mis. ' in, it her Tom J. Abbott . R, Abbot) Joint I.. Baker Bobbj L. Beene Don Blair !has. L. Blankensli i p h jrtou M. Bucj Jerr) I.. Bullnrd .1. Prank ' onrnd Sherman " reaon, .1 r. Hurt I.. Culp Thomas L. Dyer Maurice Ellison, .1 1 . Bob L. Ewbank John P. Holmes Bichard 11. Kamp Joe D. King Robert I.. Landes Jim D. Lea Jack K. Loewen Bubin Millerborg, J i Raj P. Motley ( lharles S. Nelson Robert K. Pace Robert A. Patchetl Bill A. Pipkin W. Mike Raymond Jackson S. Saunders Steve P. Shaw Jerald E, Summers Jon Van Wor d R. Wall Phil U a rren Roy w ii ,Jr. Prank E. I Mac II. W I, Jr. lharlea E. Wysong t eta Page 429 PI LAMBDA PHI Pounded i ' ale University, March, 1895 Established a1 University of Oklahoma, L922 36 Cliapters Blue and Gold Robert Zi.otky, President Iota of Pi Lambda I ' lii has been active on the OU campus since chartered in 1922, with stress equally measured by scholar- ship, leadership and athletic recognition. Fall semester last year the house grade average ranked third among the fraternities on campus; during the spring Pi Lambda Phi was edged out of second place by .0001 of a point. Also, for both semesters, the pledge class ranked second in scholarship. Individual Pilams reach well out into all branches of extra-curricular activities on the campus. Two served in the Student Senate, with one acting as president last year. A I ' ilam was selected one of the out- standing freshmen men last year: another serves as cheerleader; others are active in the [FC, Hillel. CAB, Oklahoma Daily, jun- ior IF ' ' ind YMCA. The chapter is represented in ten national honorary scholastic and professional fraternities on the campus. Officers for the second semester were: Nathan Novak, presi- dent: Henry Bercutt, vice-president; Al Alschuler, secretary; Marvin Newberg, treasurer; and Michael Green, social chairman. OFFICERS President . . . Robert Zi.otky Vice-president Robert Silberg Secretary . Sail Madvine Treasurer . . . Charles Weiss Social Chin. . Sam TaNNEBAUW And another l ' i Lam lost Ins mi. ' Tin brothers oelebratt slttinmn Cohen ' s pin imiii h if it dunk in tin pond. v l i s. i in mr Lev) , Hulls, Mint liei Melvyu D, tbels rhomng A. In u l.l U, liulei Nathan Avei y, Ji Gernld Bonk Hem v Bercutl Kill L. Berrj Paul E. Black 1 1 oni 1 1. Brodaky 11 S. hupack Sherman J. • ' olien Arnold l . Fagin is J, Full rer Howard E. Krantz Harold F. Li i im Lou is Levy Saul Madvine Han v s. Matles Marvin J. New b i g Nathan A. Novak AlanK. Nogg I mi ri i,- [ ' ;| pin Harold Ring Alan s. Rosenbluth Sam B. Rosenburg i lharles I. Rubin Dean (.. Sanditen Kurt Strahlberg Marshall E, Tabolskj i I . ' I ' .i nnebaum ( !harlea M. Weiss Robi ii V i ' aflfi Robi it II. Zlotky A i oia C5 ftf$ fri ft a o e Noi iii.ii, R, i telphmau rin D. I lerson Samuel Gilbert i i ireen i Mm F. Jaben Henry M. Katz Id s. Klein tf id ft 4 Mitt Mil O ft ; p iiiiii Rons Id -i . Schoi nberg Richard I . Silberg Robert M. SiJberg I Ion I . Singer i - William ||. Singer Jerry J. Solon Pago 431 RHO LAMBDA Pounded University of Oklahoma Established :it University of Oklahoma, November 8, 1952 1 Chapter Light Blue, Crimson and Gold ill ' s newest fraternity discuss plans for the forthcoming year in i I ' nmit mi if mi room. Rho Lambda was founded on the University t ' Oklahoma cam- pus for the purpose of securing a charter from Delta Kappa Epsilon, frequently called Dekes. Although Rho Lambda is the baby of the fraternities, it has taken its share of the awards, and kept its diapers dry all the way. Rho Lambda continues to carry on the goals set by their founders, which are fun. laughter, a variety of good times, ami brother companionship. With Deke in mind, Rho Lambda marches toward securing its charter and thinking ' of famous Deke alumni as President Theo- dore Roosevelt, Justice Harold Burton. Admiral Peary. Arthur T. Yanderhilt. financier J. P. Morgan, Cole Porter, Actor Gary Merrill and many others. Ilou ki Byars, President OFFICERS President . Vice-pres. Secretary . Treasurer . . . Social ( ' hairman Howard Byars Howard McMillan Roger Hansen Morris Dunlap George Scott I ' n suit nt Howard Byars and other mem tuis nt ' Htm Lambda discuss their objec tins over a tup of coffee in tin Union. Howard . Bj nrs M " i ris L. Dun In p Rile] 0. Goldsmith Roger A. Hansen Jerry I.. Johnston Howard I.. M.- M ill., J? P Miki- Sandlin G orge I.. Scott .1. P. Van Byder Jei ry D. Wood howia Kiauter !0i Page 433 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Founded March 9, 1856 Established University of okl.-il a, October 23, 1909 129 Chapters Royal Purple and Old Gold Bl I ' vr K i i BERLIN, President ( n March 9, 1856, Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the University of Alabama by a group of eight students. Today SAE is the largest national social fraternity, with 129 chapters, which include 83,000 members. Oklahoma Kappa of SAE was established as one of the first national fraternities on this campus on October 23, 1909. Stressing scholarship, athletics, and good-will toward their fellow-men, SAE prepares its members for an active role in at- taining life ' s goals. The fraternity feels a well-roiiiiih ' il person- ality is a necessity in promoting a world of peace. Therefore, it encourages and aids its members in their program to develop t hemselves. The year 1952-53 was dotted with many activities and achi !ve- ments as the Sig Alphs placed high in intramurals and enter- tained at several social functions. O F F I C E R S President . . . PAT KlMBERLIN Vice-presidenl Charles Rambo Secretary .... Jim Collins Treasurer .... Don Winn Social Chm. 1I. kky McWilliams Sig .V i ' li members i U pledgt Jim Fry about tht Fred Jones Memorial ili at ' s room. i i Don Cw linm. Housemother Gene i ' Aid ridge Edmund ' ■ Imbrialor i I. Apple r. ill Arrington i n (ft on Tom in) F Aski ' M, i Iteverlej ( I rill! T, KlIiL ' UlHM l .. Blackwood Philip ll Roharl Jr lack I ' Howies HhnIi V Urn. ken Bob l Care; ' . I. I arler Don R Carter James W, Caylor John K i ou»land John l Dai Is folia Dean nell I... i. 11 Drewrj loi i ■ R Fluke E, w nltson i .Inn M I . Hilton Galli I ' huI I rallow a lea P Garrison Jerrj K Greer ■ rd 8. ) G rishani Roberi l Harden Keith Hickox lam. . i; inn I nii 1 logan Norman ' • l Eoover M Hoover i l l lorne Tom .1 ll aches James 1 . Hun eke raines C, ll nut L Hurley H M Jarretl I ».i id Jacobus I » m l. las Jones Joe Kth.u1.-v, 1 1 1 William V. LaForci Hoy] Locketl Clyde I) Maraati K McCall Chandler J Ted I- Mi Co Glen McLaughlin Joe F. Messen baugh i . ,b. ii Mote 1 1 t New Max .1 Nichols M Si otl Nick son, Jr. Michael K O ' Brien William i I Ii Waller S. Pat ton 11 ugh Perry Kenl A Polley Alvin Ii l ' ..u ell, Jr Fred P Qu in n Charles K Rambo Riesen ' ' harles Roe Pete W Rowland w Jack Sadler Dick Samples (.rr W Sattei field lan W. Scarlel Dick B. Smith b - G. Smith Darrell I Si Tom ' ' Stimhviint Henrj B Taliaferro, Jr Charles B 1 1 Gai Fohn E Wallia Bill Wells Bill .1 Wheatlej ' . illar.l : B u ilson Don D or ' oak am w. Lee Young II rf ' S c d e n (n « ■p TOa a n r o r r • g ,p f I ait I v r t aUt n£ O .ft " ft ft O ft) i afe«vA ftatifctto atf:fik4 at. m a J yykiak oma a ID L aDLer Page 435 SIGMA ALPHA MU Pounded ' i t _ t ' ollege of New i ' oi k, November 26, 1909 Established al University of Oklaliomi May 22, 1920 |s Chapters Purple and White Hi urn Greenberg, President Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity was founded on November l! . 1909, a1 City College of New York. Since then it has grown t include chapters from coast to coast. Sigma Alpha was installed at Oklahoma in May. 1920. The big " Sammy " house at 524 West Brooks stands as a sym- bol of friendliness and true fraternalism to it ' s members. It is dome not only to the fraters now attending OU but to visitiiif? alumni from all over the nation. Sigma Alpha Mu presents a diversified program for members and pledges alike. In addition to participating in intramural athletic games, the Sammies compete among themselves in many activities such as tennis, golf and bowling. Socially Sigina Alpha Mu provides fun for everyone at its parties and formal affairs. OFFICERS President Secretary Treasurer . Social Chm. Elton Greenberg I (AVID I rALERSTON Leon Hirsh I [arvey Silveru a i; mill for an orchestra for these boys! Summits entertain t)u brothers with mu s ' from f In ir coin bo. l I S. ' — . ► 1 1 ■ : • Blt)H ll. Housemother Bernard P. Adlei i Diaries T. Brooks Joel M. Cutler Allan M. Ephi aim ii. Stanley Ephraim Gordon Prank I .M i Futei fas D.u i.l M. Galers on I. Greenberg Man in N. i Ireenberg Leon 8. II irsh Larrj II. Hollander David T. I,.!;, • ' Ii.ii les S. Kopp Wallace Mi Lei b i -I J. Mci. Eugene II. Narou l A. Rand Bernie M. Robei ts Stanley R. Schwartz Han ej I.. Silverman Malcolm R. Sondock Bei n.M. I Susman Ai n. .1.1 F. S« ilnu Richard A. Walla ch a apter m A Page 437 SIGMA CHI Founded Miami LTniversity, Oxford, Ohio, June 28, L800 Established a1 University of Oklahoma, 1912 122 Chapters Blue .-in. I Old Gold Bill Evans, President With true brot herhood and freedom of thought as its founda- tion, Sipina Chi was founded on June 28, 1855, at Miami Univer- sity, Oxford, Ohio. Sigma Chi, one of the oldest national frater- nities with a membership of 72,000 and 122 chapters in 4:! states and Canada, is a member of the famed Miami Triad. Beta Kappa Chapter, chartered on March 1:2. lull!, has initi- ated over 800 men and graduated many of Oklahoma ' s promi- nent alumni. In 1952-53 the chapter laid definite plans for its house build- ing program; copped A and I intramural football champion- ships; won the " Wishbowl " football game; entertained at the " Sweetheart " formal dance and other social functions. Mrs. Chris Williams served as housemother and hostess again this year. OFFICERS President .... 1 1 1 1 . 1 . EVANS Vice-president . . i:u. VAUGHN Secretary . . . Carl Smelseb Treasurer . . . ( ' . 1!. COWLES Social Chairman Charles Etosi nbi r i r Wrong again thesi Sigma Chi ' s an checking i set who has tin most ' ' " n lit! s ' ' III his Stl III. Thomas u d Robei i E, Vr nisi i; Dixie B tines, Ji David . Bakei 0. E. Be k Hill 1!. It,. g ill Bloyce II. Britton, .1 Don It. Buller je M. Close li. Shei man ' offmnii I " li :i ll : i . ■ - It. ( ' ,,» les tirtis Hubert Douglass Robci i II Dunn Edward J. Engleton Ji s R, I Richard A. Elms Martin L. Gable Richard E. Gamble Warren W. Glaspey Gregory . Green 1 1 iiniiM-r Bob C. Hathawa) Ralph E. Helper John C. Hope, Jr. Rick Huffine Robert I.. Humphreys John M. linel Phil L. James Davis II. Jenkins WiHard E. Johnson Havrey ( ;. Kemp, Jr. Willard C. Kenned; William II. Lea Robert I. Loefflei I Mil Jeff Mann James I ' . Marrs John B. Mi Elye .lark E. McKissick Prank M. Mitchell William G. Mitchell Leo i ' . Morrison Lew isG. Mosburg Robert P. Moyers Joseph .1. Neuner Harry E. Nicholla li i B.Oldham ■ les i ki randei BUI s. Parker Robert S. Patterson Richard A. Playtei William A. Ring, i Paul Robarts, Jr. Ronald A. Rucks Weldon W. Sayloi rd D. Seba Schuyler Sharp C. Richard Sivalls Carl A. Smelser W. Fred Sponslei W. T, Stephens David D. Tarpi i i Kenneth D. Taylor Robert W. atei Glede W. Vi John l, Wartei Bill J. Welch Richard II. White James A. Worrell • la s V. Yaibrri v t ' eta . m r m (Tj ■ i mYU ' rmiim At V L- ' P A d K mm i Ml ri ft r --:-« c:l. o r r n © T5 m ■ . ipp aooa a apier tp L Page 439 SIGMA NU Pounded Virginia Military [nstitute, January 1. 1869 Established al University of Oklahoma, 1909 1 15 Chapters Black, White and Gold Y i ' i Kit I ' • i i 1. 1., President Sigma Xu fraternity, since its founding as the Legion t ' I [onor at Virginia Military Institute Jan. 1, 1869, has spread its prin- ciples of brotherhood and honor into 46 states and Canada with 1 15 chapters. Now, as bandleader Johnny Long ' s theme song declares, thou- sands wear and hear the White Star of Sigma Xu. One of the pioneer national fraternities on this campus, Delta Epsilon was established here in 1909. Prom that beginning, over 800 men have been initiated into the chapter. Besides the national goal of scholarship for the undergradu- ate, Sigma Xu cherishes its annual parties such as the Border Dance and has been a consistently strong competitor in the intra- mural athletic programs. This year the chapter won the plaque for the largest contribution to the Campus Chest Drive. OFFICERS President . . Vice-president Secretary . Treasurer . . . Social ' hairnian Walter Powell Jim Burton Jim Land Jim Barrow Bob Bllzey ■■ What ' II I wear? " Bill Rogers, Jim Richardson, »» ( harlu Dial prefan for a big night on Hi town ! M ri, I ' i ' k I row i . 1 lousemot her Alan W. Agee Daniel B. Ulard Billy W. Ballard James I. ' . Barron ( ' li.i i Irs { ;. Basset i R, Billingsle Geo. ' I ' . Blankenaliip Carl 1 1 Brait hwaite Jei 11 I.. Breasie John M. Brow n James R, ( ' ampbell Jack De i inon Charles P. Dial Jim B. Dyei l :i id J. Edwards R. T. Elliej Billy R. Pulkerson Guy D. Garretl K. Roberl Grant lr m S. Grubb Georgi mi [ami nls Bam B. Hicks, Jr. Rex M. l imiiii i Barry Eouri, .1 r. S;ini II. Kouri Carl R, Land James I . Land ge D. Leadbetter Clarence L. Maker Robert W. McCroskej .1 in. Miskovsky Thomas II. Moses Brace E. Oakley O. I.. Peck, Jr. ' Walter M. Powell Phillip T. Riley Bascom II. Rogers William B, Rogei a Charles W. Royer George G. Russi II Dale E. Scott Carl G. Smith L. K. Smith Cecil M. Snell Richard ■. Sprague Jack Stevens btneelon E, Teague J. B. Thompson Bob R. Thweatt Charles II. rrudgi Charles T. u ard i E. Ward Job R, W it James K. Woi k Prank B. Zinn =JJ)elL c? n r ,e p f -, 3 r a Sit on a ID L apier Page 441 SIGMA PHI EPSILON Pounded Richmond, Virginia, November I, 1901 Established . ' it University of Oklahoma, June 1. 1946 lin Chapters Purple and Red 1 1 1 i;ii Harris, President Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity was founded November 1. 1901, at Richmond, Virginia. Since its foundation Si - Bp has grown tn include 119 chapters and over 40,01)0 brothers from coasl to coast. Sigma I ' hi Epsilon is known on the campus for its friendliness and its outstanding social events. At the Golden Heart Dance each February, the Sig Ep Girl of the Golden Heart is presented. Other annual events are Halloween and Christmas house parties and the Sig Ep Saloon Dance. Highlighting the intramural program this year was the win- nine ' of the wrestling championship trophy two years in succes- sion. Wrestlers were Mickey Hill, Tom .Mans, John Bodner. Ray Evans, Irvin Gallaspv and E. J. Bonner. Sig Eps were also active in many campus organizations and activities this year. OFFICERS President . . Hugh 1 [arris, -Ik. Vice-president . Bill Crawford Secretary . . . Dick MITCHELL Treasurer . . . Mickey Hill Social Chairman . BOB HARSTON At hist . ' ; I m l. gets thoS( ribbons from Hugh limns. ivhiU BUI Crawford and Dick Mitchell beam in approval. Lindo N. Boil, Housemother e B, Vbei n:iili Charles B. Allen Eugene E, Arnold w i lyde Burton, Jr. John ■. Bednar I ' ll. ' i nil .11 I, Jr. Brow nil ' M. Km " in Rod Buckles Doug • ' offin Terry ' oilier Richard M I Bill D. Crawford William I " . Curlee OWE O CS ff .luiiii M. Deen i v.hi. ' E. Devin Milt. in Dickson Patrick W. Dudley Tl as i W . Dudley John !» ' . E bus I .. I . . 1 1 i_r Pox Charles B. iannaway, III John A. i lodfrey John W. Green Sam I.. Grimes Hugh E. Harris, J r. T my M. Ilni i is ert G Hi ' stun Mickey E. Hill Robert V. Hoelker John M. linttn Tom . M :i us Do f»las R. I. .His Joe G. Remaklus Delmas I. Northcutl n ft rs ' James M. M Richard I.. Mitchell E. A. Pasi lial, Jr. James I.. Pate Robert M. Peti Bill l . Phelps Ted ii. Phillips Kenneth L. Smalley Don Smith .l.iiu. ' s 1 1. Thrasher I V Turk Jerry E. Upp Carroll G. Webb Thomas I.. Wolfi l f " y r f " k fci mi t ' Mmi fc — ™ ii A Lyman oma t ' eta a ciDier ip L Page 443 THETA KAPPA PHI Pounded Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pa., March 22, 1914 Established :it University of Oklahoma, January 4. 1934 22 Chapters Red, Silver and Gold II f0 $ 11 1 J I l. ' i i. Theisi (J, President Theta Kappa l ' hi is comparatively young among national so- cial fraternities. The parent chapter was founded on March 22, 1914, at Lehigh University. The fraternity has grown rapidly since its founding and now includes chapters and colonies at Leading universities and colleges throughout the country. Kappa Chapter was chartered at the University of Oklahoma on Janu- ary 4, 1!K)4. Many prominent Oklahoma men are included among Kappa ' s alumni. The year 1952-53 was highlighted with activities for the Theta Kaps; a few of which were the Fall Formal and the annual Ro- man Holiday dinner dance. Theta Kaps placed high in intra- mural sports and maintained their position among the top 10 fraternities scholastically. .Many members and pledges held posi- tions in honorary and campus organizations. OFFICERS President . . Rudv E. Theisen Vice-president . . Leon Hecht Secretary . . . Phil Penn ht . Treasurer . . Dick Cranford Social I ' hairman Lou BABOVICH ' llit brothers say, " n hen i« Home, do as Romans do, " as they prepan for their an " ual Roman Holiday. Mrs. in T. M.i. ii, Housemother Louis Babo ich .In Kill lii ininstool John M. cinit. hi Alan J. Coldwell John B. i i ii in- 1 % ; i ,,r..,, i John W. Dierfc Larry K. Folej Iv ' .ilnv .1. Funk Gerald L. Glahn Don P. Hadwiger i lei E. K.i|i|i Roberl W. LeGate Robert A. Mannix Donald I ' . Meyei Phillip L. Pennartz Donald I;. Pi II. my A. R : Sana Tiii, i L. Wil Page 445 THETA XI Pounded Polytechnic Institute, Troy, X. Y. April 29, 1864 Established a1 University of Oklahoma, March 31, 1949 58 Chapters Blue and White Bri i i- Furlow, Presidenl Theta Xi was founded as a fraternity on April ' _ ' !). ls( 4. at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy. New York. Following a program of select expansion, Theta Xi nationally is composed of 58 chapters and " _ ' colonies. Alpha Rlio at OU, the 41st chapter, was established March 31, 1949. During its first year, the chapter finished the scholastic com- pe tition in second place. Two Sooner Scandals trophies have been captured by Theta Xi along with several firsts in 1FC league bowling. This year Theta Xi gained prominence with its " Club !)20 " party, the fall formal with guest April Stevens, and is inaugurating its annual costume ball this spring. Theta Xi. which is often referred to as the " friendliest frater- nity at OU, " owes much to the guidance of Dr. 11. V. Thornton, Prof. Joseph Smay and I). R. Kimrey. But much of Theta Xi ' s inspiration comes from " Mom " Woodard whose services and aid arc invaluable. O FFICER S Presidenl . . Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Social ( ' hairuian Bruce Furrow Bob Manke Charles Richard Wilson Dan Potter Mother Woodard demonstrates a huh piano artistry for tht boys. tin I u lord, Housemother James t !. Andreo John P, iki, ,.ii. Hill i; Boultoii Hall M. Brewei Roj 1 Raj E. 1 ow mail Cliarlea A. 1 ' rewa Charh E. Druitl I harlea I ' . Dudley Floyd !■ ' . Flippen Bruce Furlow W. Kenneth Hill Loyd I.. Hoofard Phillip U. Kuepker Cmi-i II. Mi ad Boy K. Meadows Robert 1:. Manke Jerald I ' . Naifeh Dan S. Pottei Richard A. Schaefer (). V. Scott, Jr. .1 immie I . si mis Jack 1;. Smock Robert E. I.. Tallei K. J. Thomas Ronald l». Walker Richard M. Walter Bichard I.. Wilson 1 f C T j 4HKL | li A . A Ly klah owia a apier ip h Page 447 Page 448 -• N S 1 STfc. D INDEPENDENT STUDENTS ASSOCIATION The Independent Students ' Association was formed in May, 1950, by merging the Independent .Men ' s and Independent Women ' s Association. Through tliis merger an organization was formed to represent the lies! interests of OU and Independent Students those nut affiliated with any Greek social fraternity. Through an active program of intra- mural athletics, social activities, stimulation of scholastic interests and the promotion of projects affecting the students ' welfare, the Inde- pendent Students Association serves as a connecting link between 5,112 independent students. The governing body of the ISA is the executive council composed Fred Cook, I ' resident ii Sessions I righl | and Fred ' ,„,k (center) serve tea to James P. Finlay, former Dean of Men at the University, and founder of the CSA group .it (). r. of 45 representatives from organized houses and districts. This council formulates the policies and plans all the activities, and then reports to the respect i e bouses. Marvin Emerson, who had served as ISA president the past year, resigned in the Tall. Usually the officers are elected by popular vote of the fndepend- oii t student body in the spring bu1 due to Emerson ' resignation a special election was called. Fred Cook w ;is elected to succeed Emerson. With a new president, the executive council again i " ii busy planning activities and policies for the In dependents. Weekly dance hours were held a1 the women ' s quadrangle lounge to supplement the In- dependent ' s social life and proved very successful. A special Dad ' s Day cotl ' ee was given by the ISA to honor Dad ' s of Independent s1 udents who were on the campus for Dad ' s Day. This proved successful so the ISA held a ISA Homecoming for fromer In- dependent students and their families. This cotl ' ee was also held in honor of Dr. Findlay former dean Of students ;it OU and founder of the Independent move nt. and Ann Bailey, Independent, who was I loi ioming Queen. In February the ISA Mardi Gras costume ball took the spot lighl with costumes ranging from clowns tn K ' nlioi .Men. dim Comforl and Virginia Martin won til ' s! prize lor the Lest COStumeS with their ISA Page 450 United Independent Students For Service To O.U. Space Cadel outfits, Davis House • 1 1 the ISA window display contesl sponsored to create interesl in the Mardi ( Iras dance. Sue I )i ' Priesl was elected ISA sweethearl in a whirl-wind campaign thai brought approximately 1,000 independent studenl voters to the poll. Sue was crowned by Fred Cook, ISA president, a1 the Mardi Gras costume ball. Her attendants were .lane Harvey, Jan Smith; Freda Scott, and Delores Chap- man, she represented the OU independents in the National |s. Sweetheart contest a1 Purdue Qniver sity in April. National Independent Week was celebrated the last week of March with all activities stemmed to I r Independents. Eileen Weathers served as chairman and made the celebration one of the out- standing activities of the year. In April, l ' ii OU delegates beaded for the National conventional Purdue. Over 400 delegates represent- ing member schools throughout the United States were present. OU made quite a mark on the conven- tion and brought Inline some of the tup honors. ( leorge Lew is served as OU convention chairman and Pal Parker was national vice-president. Thi Sooner Independent, a monthly tabloid news- paper, made its appearance on the OU campus in I 1 mlier and was published monthly thereafter. Tin Independent carried news and feature stories about outstanding Independents who had won some honor ami included Dorothy Adler, Editor of the Oklahoma Daily; Ann Bailey, Homecoming Queen; Sue De Priest, ISA Sweetheart; Charles Lain ' , win uer of the gold Letzieser award ; .Merrill ' lute, man aging editor of the Oklahoma Daily; Fred Harris, president of the Student Bar Association, ami iuaii other outstanding Independents. Phyllis Jarv- vis ami Ahliott Nelson served as co-editors of the I mli pi mli ill . Independents gol all questions or gripes answered in a hurry with the ISA Gripe Committee in action. This committee received the complaints of nil in dependent students and worked them out with Mr. George L. ( ' mss. Through this special committee many questions which usually bother students were quickly explained and understood. Chester Home, Jr., served as chairman with members representing housing units. Thej were Paul Flemming, Cross Center; Bob Warded. Woodrow Wilson ( ' enter: Clifford .Morris. Whitehand Hall: Jack Dennis, pri vate housing; Jayne Smith, women ' s quadrangle; ami Fred ( look. Officers for the first semester were: Marvin Emer son. president: I ' at Sessions, vice-president : -lane Harvey, recording secretary; Jayne Smith, corre sponding secretary: Chester Home, dr.. treasurer. Appointive officers were: I rl Helms and Tereza I ' lizer, student senators: Kay liaim and dim Howard, co-social chairmen: and Charles Lane, parliamentarian. Second semester officers were the same except Fred Cook was president until regular ISA election was held the latter part of May. eft i " i nil, i : Teresa In ., i. i liarlea Lane, Pat Parker, I liester II cm. Boyce Tim us, Fred Cook, Jan? Harvey, Jayne Sm ' .tli, .liin Howard, Kay Bairn, [rl Helms. Second row: Harold Dean, Jan Smith, Mel Kin;. ' . Hunter Williams, Rita Kubik, Shirley Willi:, as, Marvel Bailey, Bob Loomis, Jean Winningham, Jack Dennis, Joyce Hankins, Marvin Porter. Third row: Bob Hart, Charles Watkins, Patsy Grahi Phyllis Phillips, Paul Fleming, Darlene Overly, Ralph I-:. Holmes, Nancy Shelby, Quinn Brisbin, Lynn Lauritano, Ji Lowe, J. Jules Mitchell, Frank Morrison. Richard Stringer, Bob Gibson, J. B. Forbes and Lloyd Fink impatiently await their turn .-it the phone booth. OFFICERS Presidenl Vice-president . Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Charles I. McKinzie M. Clint Miller III Ray C. Jarrett Kay C. .Jarrett M. Clint Miller III CLEVELAND HOUSE Cleveland Bouse is Located in Wilson Center. It occupies ;m advantageous position in its nearness to the classrooms, its view of tlic football practice field, anil its excellent view of the Women ' s Quadrangle. This house opened in the fall of 1952 with (i4 men as- signed, most of whom were residents the proceeding year. It is unique among university dormitories in that each man has a private room. The men of Cleveland House have always maintained a high scholastic average besides participating in most of the intramural spoils. Morris Gray, better known as " Mother Gray " , was house master this year as he has been the two previous years. The day ' s relaxation for the Cleveland residents was the nightly trek to the Women ' s (Quadrangle for coffee. All of the v.reat hinders of ( ' level a ml House make this trek. First row, left to right : Jerrj I.. Mil In. Ray I Cecil Jarrett, Charles L. McKinzie, Millage Clinton Miller 111. Hal Dean Hudson, Morris G. Gray, Neil I. ' . Mooney. Second row: Clyde W. Carpenter, Jerry l . Marshall, Robert D. Parks, Carl McGee, Dillard S. Ham Glen i ' . Seay, Richard S. Stringer, Richard Davis, James I ' . Raibourn, Herbert Wiley. Third row. Fred Martin, James V Ellis, Joe 8. Muglia, Claude Berry Holmes, Reagan II. Bradford, Juan Roger, Frank Zinn, Robert Davidson, Frank Whittaker, Donald Wal Fourth row: Lloyd i ' ink, Harold Dean Bishop, Tommie Redding, Alton Echols, Garj Turk. Roger Br r, John C. Kinard, Leroy Anderson, Miil:Ii Weston, Robert Gibson. Page 452 KINGFISHER HOUSE First row, left to i ight : Bill Cox, Don Bullad, Ron Withers, W. C. Merit, Howard McMillan, Mike Snndlin, Paul Busko. Ni. ■•mil row: Joe Clements, Bill McVey, Jim Kimery, Fred Babet, Hurrj Lyle, Jin Walker, John Rushing, Jim Garner, John W Ken Sewell. Third row: John Van Wormer, Don Poag. Fourth row: A I Hunter, Eddie Barbre, Don Clinl Ronald Holcomb, Arthur Joslin, Bill Priedlander, Perry Hanan, Mashiko Mizugaki, Charles Heffner, Bill Dam . Mel Smith. Kingfisher House residents were an easy going, serious minded bunch of boys thai go1 along well together. The house basketball team faired well in the intramural tourna- ment, going into the semi-finals, but lust by forfeit. King- fisher ' s grade poinl average remained high in spite of tele- vision, bull sessions, women, and all-nighl card games. Kingfisher Bouse was also represented with several foreign students. We had among us students from Japan, India, Arabia, and Canada. There were quite a few veterans in the house representing almosl every branch of the sen Our candidate for Ugly .Man On Campus in the Campus ( !hes1 Fund drive was .Mike Sandlin. The former counselor, Ron Withers, who was treasurer for the Studenl Senate, was commissioned a second iieutenanl in March. Bouse governmenl for the firsl semester was administered under the able Leadership of Boward McMillan. Unfortunately, Boward resigned his position as president at the close of the firsl semester. In the second semester, Kingfisher Bouse competed in the volley-ball, softball, and horse-shoe throw ing tournaments. OFFICERS Page 4B3 President . Secretary Vice-presideni Treasurer Social Chairman Mike Sandlin John Woody. Bill Cox John Woodi Bill Cox Robert Welland, Paul P. Busko and Al Hunter have the best pin-up collection in Kingfisher House. Hall ' s Christmas party seems tn be a big success with flii — ■ young lady! OFFICERS President Vice-presideni . Secretary . Treasurer . Social Chairman Ace Harvey Slemp John Soeegel Habold D. Harden Harold D. Harden George B. Lewis RESIDENTIAL HALLS .Men moved into Residential Halls four years ago when the B.O.Q. on the South Campus burned to the ground. Residential Halls is one of the largest mens ' dormitories on llic campus, 120 strong. It is one of the mosl active [nde- pendent dormitories n the campus. Residential Halls par- ticipates in all of the campus activities. This year, the dorm wiiii first place in the mens ' division of the home- coming decorations, with the theme; " I ' ll See You In .M Dreams. " The dorm also won the independent division of intramural touch football. Each year the members of the dorm bold their annual orphan ' s party, at which time they entertain orphan ' s from the Baptist Orphan ' s Hume in Oklahoma City, with a Christmas party. En the school year 1951-52 the dormitory hail the highest grade point average, for the whole year, of any Independent mens ' dormitories on the campus. In the spring one of the most important activities of the dorm is the " 89 ' ers Party " . It is an annual function. All of the members of the dorm are required to grow bean Is. This party is to celebrate the run into Okla- homa on April 22. 1898. The dormitory has a dance every Thursday evening for one hour for different houses on the Campus. Last Spring- the dormitory won the class 15 intra- mural softball championship of the entire campus. iht: Earl Hughes, E. G. Johnson, A. .1. Wilson, Walter B. Wit , Ace Slemp, George B. Lewis, Thomas X. .Miller, Je .1. Zumwalt, Donald Deane Davis, Jack Shaw, Dewey Buck, Ray N. Varner. d row: I ' " ii Hostick, James McConathy, Joe Lindsey, Hill Testa, Roberl Thomasson, i ' :i 1 1 Camp, Max Edgar, Harry Spooner, Jr., Tom Purcell, Marvin I ' .. Porti r, Harold K. Haxton, Harris J. Papahronis. Third row: Edward Spragins, Jr., Donald .1. Kerr, Rolf Engleman, Jr., I Royce Gallagher, Charles I.. McCollum, Ji 3 A. Parley, Victor I .Charles .. Lane, Leon T. Harvey, Carroll S. Teague, Joe I.. Russell, George E, Mounts, Jack Varner. Page 454 SEQUOYAH HOUSE our, hit i,. i ighl : Donald Bridges, Charlej Butler. Ronald ■ togle, Tommj Atkins, D. 8 Gardner, Bob Webb, Stun Mm nzler, Rich ard Gifford, Robert D. Meyer. x Mel King, Warren Frederick, Jess . Jackson, B. ' ' . Lam, Willi. -it Nielsen, 1 1 1 Helms, Raj Armstrong, Everett Ballmei r tollier, Marvin Rosenblum, Bill Rugeley, Mario Rivero. Tl v: Owen Smith, Tom McDonald, Weslej Pox, Bob Kelly, Bill Marcum, Bruce Brunner, John Griffin, Jim Rutherford, Edward Evans, Philip O. Tetcr, Prank Fedor. Ted Bolshouser, J. Lauchie Wilson, Richard Elkouri, Jr., Von Brower, Mi rle I rldington, Mitch Bryski III. Fourth Jin I in I ' .-till Lomnn, Dale I i , Ed Han R Stephens, Don Precure, Mel Thompson, Stan Simpson, Jaspei Brundege, James Adanu, Howard, Winston Eddington, Leo Joe Proctor, Luis Freile, Sequoyah House, with itN two fine counselors, hi Helms and Ray Armstrong, completed another year parched with social and recreational activities, along with the necessary scholastic work. The social season go1 off i a fine start with ;i big dance October 4. A listening party for the Kansas-OU football game and a watching party for the Notre Dame game, added more fun for Sequoyah house members and their dates. We did well, as usual, in intramural sports this year, under the leadership of Merle Eddington, who pulled us through to several victories. All in all, Sequoyah House had a fine year, with the help of our officers, headed by Everl Ballmer, and our counsel- ors. Many of our boys r ived various personal honors which added a i irit of pride to the house. Scholastic efforts on our pari proved well worth while, ami we showed to good advantage in the all-campus averages report. Recreational activities were no1 neglected, however, and the boys of Sequoyah House worked hard and played hard i make thi one of our besl ears. OFFICERS Page 455 Presidenl Vice-presidenl Secretary Treasurer Social ( Chairman Everi Ballmeb Thomas Coli n B Marvin Rosenbi dm Al i: in Rosenbi uw Thom is Colld r In the spring .-i young man ' s thoughts turn ti (? i i» F i(Piii their expressions, it looks us if Dan McKinnon, lien Coulter and Cari Fletcher must have gotten those first-of-the-month liills. OFFICERS President . Vice-president . Secretary Treasurer . Social Chairman Elbert E. Harris, Jr. David Choate Joe Booner R. L. Flowers Bill Andrews WHITEHAND HALL Whitehand II;ill still retains its integrity, individualism, ;iinl independence. The buys take pride in ii Location. Convenient to bnth the campus and the Corner, the men wild reside there ar iually taken up by tin 1 toils of the campus, ami the delights of the Corner. Despite the fact that the boys chipped in and boughl a new television set Eor Whitehand, they still maintain a Liigh-grade-poinl average among the independent houses mi the campus. Some nights the buys pulled themselves away from the television set Long enough to seranade various sorority houses on the campus. These were the nights there weren ' t any good programs on, anyway! Although the boys at Whitehand Hall are nut inclined to lie athletes, they diil compete in intramural football games, providing competition for the winners. With plenty of cooperation from the boys at Whitehand. counselor Jack Balentine says he has the easiest job of any independent counselor mi the campus. row, efi t,, right : Jerrj Wright, Don Turner, R03 Stark, E. E. Harris, Jr., Jack Balentine, Mis. Jack Balentine, ; ge Scott, Emi rson, Buddy FerguB Harold Long, William Brock. Second - " « ■: Paul A. Slater, Archie Gilbert, Randolph D. Glenn, Willi-. I-:. Harrod, John P. J s, Apollo R. Schierling, I Wils Vernon E. Rew, Beverly S. Harrison, Raymond Rhodes, Robert K. i His, Stanley K. Tanaka. Third rott Philip R. Pist i, Jimmj Harvey, Benson I.. Hale, Don A. Coulter, Jim Howard, Donald C. i , ,n, Tim Poole, Jim Arnold, V. C. Little, Jr.. R03 l- Gilbert, B. Dolenz, William E. Burr, Robert A. Stizza. Fourth row: Don Ulie J. Majors, Dave Choate, George N. Webb, Bobbj G. Kraybill, Bob W roblewski, R, L. Flowers, Ray Albright, Bob Coil ii.T, Clifford Morris, 1 - Brein, Robert 81 liars, Paul Watkins. Pago 456 WORCESTER HOUSE ' row, U ft i " right: Waltei Brinton Fielding, William R. Shndid, T W. Barry, Wendell MeCarty, J. D. Dunlap, Jr., 1 1. i, M Williams, Doyne V Blount, D, I.. McNatt, Joe E, Rearing, KUh Lee Thomas. Second row: Donald McAdams, Jim Leggitt, W ii. I. Richard C. West, Thei ' . Potter, Louis G. Edwards, Van V Nichols, Otis O. Pox, .1 r., Lynn A. Peake, John Bhankle DeShazo, B. II. Britton, Jr. Third row: Ralph 8, Goldberg, Carrol McDermitt, I ' M Laging, Richard Spies, Dick Waddell, -Ink W I:, i Bradli ) . Billj .1 ' " - Matter, Jerrj Bergeson, Arnold E. Black, Fred Bagley, Roberl Keitli Blowers, Charles Posti i I rnbos, ' ! R. Unit. Fourth row: Wesley Barrow, Ronnie Baker, Kcnnth Davis, Kenneth Valentine, William Culpepper, Richard D. St suffer, Jim J. Gardner. Chuck Woods. Dick Wallach, Jack W. Enlow, Pranklin C. Jones, Tom J. Huffman ft ft ft ft g n n v ft OFFICERS In the men ' s dormitories this year. Worcester Bouse, a freshman dormitory, boasted a widely varied program of athletic, recreational, and social activities. Among its resi- dents, men from all sections of the United States, Worcester House men early showed a tendency toward cooperation. Intramural spurts found Worcester participation in foot- ball, tennis, horseshoes, basketball, and golf. They boasl of one Studenl Senate Member, Man .McNatt. A hayride and spring dance highlighted tin- social events fur t he j ear. If t lie men of Worcester aren ' 1 wrestling with their irvN. thru a card game, IhiII session, or a cup of coffee at the quad rangle is usuall] in order. Worcester House boys had a very successful year socially and academically. President . Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Louis Enw lhds Edwin Grai Jim Leggitt Jim Leggitt Edwin Grai Knights lit ' Worcester Bob Blowers, Tex Sanders, Bill Shadid and John Shankle pledge themselves to protect the Worcestei rooster. Page 457 A x Don Smith starts another day .-it Cross Center with .•! r ].l:isli . . . :it tlir hands of Bill Horton and Larry Futerfas. OFFICERS President . Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Social lhairman Dan Reed Bob McCall Feed Minton Frank Minton I ' .nl: . Ic( ' Al.l. BASS HOUSE Bass House, known as " ( ' " House the firsl semester, be- gan the activities of the 1952-53 school year with a " get- acquainted " party with the girls of Forbes House. The fall activities, however, were dominated by the traditional fall sport football. Under the able supervision of the athletic chairman, John Connery, the " C " House football team was organized with Warren Haynes as captain. After a series of spectacular wins over other Cross Center teams, our team was acclaimed champion of the Cross Center league. In a spirited battle for the Independent League Championship, Hester Hall defeated us by a hair — on pene- trations. Our pride in the team was not diminished by this one defeat; rather it was strengthened by their fighting spirit and their sportsmanlike conduct. n February (i. the big Cross Center Dance found us dressed in our Esquire best showing our favorite girls a whale of a good time and pointing out to them the window where we fix so many stares when we should be studying. (We showed them the window from the outside, of course, i The dance brought to an end the ceremonies dedicating Cross Center and giving our house its new name. Bass House, in honor of Robert B. Bass of Enid, one of Okla- homa University ' s distinguished war heroes who died in World War II. ow, left to right: Martin E, MoElreath, Tom A. Harmon, Jack Morrow, Herb Costner, Dan Reed, Ke) y Sole, John Wheat. Frank G. Phillips. row: Prank Minton, Jay Graham [II, Bob McCall, Bob Richeson, Charles Green, Don Smith, Jim Porch, Berl Reed, Carl Claj ton, Leon Spears, David Peixotto, Bob Cai , John Connery, Doug Davidge, Chuck Asfahl. Third rov : Bill Horton, Jim Olesen, John T. House, Jerry Gore, Phillip Sprankle, Travis W. Brown, Charles Kruger, Bill Bogart, Ed ECnezele, Charles Ray Peters, Ronnie Chamness, Warren Haynes, Pred Minton Page 458 BUCHANAN HOUSE First row, red Oplingor, George Gray, Tom Donnell, Bill Erwin, Pal Hyde, Frank Mitchell, Fred Count] n Second row : l(en:i Id Paara, Don Morse, Dick McKown, Harold Lowrey, Fred Bassett, John Forsj the, Jim Ledbetter. Robert Page, Butch McQuidly, Stewart Meyers, Jr., Don Irby, I ' .ill Arrington, Richard T. Buswell, Eddie Bright, Fred Hill, John Wollis, Joel Bagby, Chuck Adkins. Fourth row: Wayne I.. Parker, Lawrence Colwell, David Rose, John Barnhill, G ' ge Arrington, Wendell Casey, Nathan Avery, Charles Witt, John Thompson, Joe Green. Buchanan house residents participated in many activities during the 1952—53 school year. Among those participating were Frank .Mitchell and Don Morse, members t ' the Stu- denl Senate; Bill Arrington, President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon pledge class ; John Barnhill, Presidenl of Delta Tan Delta pledge class; Stewart .Meyer. Presidenl of the Phi Gamma Delta pledge class; Bill 1 1 « 1 1 i - and John Barnhill, members of the Freshman council. Buchanan House has had an extensive social program with open house on Dad ' s Day, an informal coke party the Homecoming week-end, and ;i party with residents of Mer- rick Unlike The athletic activities have included must of the residents of Buchanan House in both Freshman sports and intra- mural competition. The intramural basketball and football teams both reached the plaj offs in competition with other houses. Military activities are represented by Charles Win and Fred Hill, members of Pershing Rifles, and Bill Wantland, member of the Air Command Squadron. Buchanan I louse also lias two residents who are members of the OU Debate Squad. They are Bill Wantland and Frank Mitchell, Ms M III w s , ml- f N Jfcj Um mtM OFFICERS Presidenl Kk ii ui .1. M( Kiwx Vice presidenl . . . I»n Morsi Secretary Jack Stray ; Treasurer Jack Strathorn Social ' In ii ' inan . . . DON Mors] Brushing those earl} morning blues awaj are Vera Thompson, Jim Ledbettei and Don Morse. Page 459 [ntramural sports are an important part of Cro?s Center activities with George Munch, Ted N ' i. ' liols Mini Ed W 1 getting in some volleyball practice after classes. OFFICERS 1 ' resilient Joe Partridge Vice-president . . . John MacCready Secretary Fred Cook DITMARS HOUSE Ditmars House, originally known as " F " house, is of two upperclass bouses in Cross ( ' enter, and the men who live there live up to their Independent status with vigor and enthusiasm. In this house we have a fine " roup of hoys, who cooperate splendidly together. Their athletic program for the school year 1952-53 in- cluded [ntramural football, basketball, baseball, and volley- hall. Although they were no1 always the winners, they were good sports, and enjoyed the games, win or lose. Socially they were winners. Last fall they had a hayridc Each of the hoys brought dates, and it turned out to he a big success. During the Christmas season the hoys went to various houses on the campus and caroled. Their caroling was rece ived with great enthusiasm by the houses, and the hoys confessed that they spent an enjoyable evening also. Ditmars house, named in honor of Sidney Ditmars of Muskogee, Oklahoma, was dedicated on February ti. 1953. Following the dedication Counselor Ed Wood, and Presi- dent -Joe Partridge were hosts to an open house at Cross Center. « . rs T ' £ 4 J !o right: Jack Duvall, Wick Duvall, John 6. Duncan, Doyle Siddons, Jerrj Sildebrand, Abbott . Nelson, John M. MacCready. See ' row: Joseph V Snyder, John Boghosian, Harold E. Renncr, Joey Massad, Edwin W I, Joseph Partridge, Rich Euffine, John s. Hubbell, George Munch, Th lore M. [shibashi, Billy Sanders, Charles C. Turner, Doyle Bastings. Page 460 KELLY HOUSE First row, U ft ' ■■ right: Dan Dudley, W. D. (Dub) Taj lor, John Cooper, Robert K. !.. Talley, Don Carter, Jim Colilmia, Don Adkins, Larry [ngels, Richard D, li.m . s, ,,■ ,! rou . Bill I g. Marry rlouri, Jr., Barrj L. Grifflng, Ji s Rae Howe, John ( ' aldwell, Michael s. Turner, Rity Ji a Lollar, Jr., Jimmy Lister, Third row: Bob Hathaway, Richard Lindsey, Lowell Stewart, Jon Howard, l . J. I » : i i — . ii ' ge Duncan, Ted Neptune, Harold Dean, David Dycus, Jack (Rand) Smock, Russell Chambers, J. R, Graham, Pete rXubik, Charles Dean, Fourth row: Dean Seeber, Mac Wood, Fred Stewart, Jim Condreay, Don King, Buddy Taaffe, Jack Paup, Larrj Brandly, Jim Prye, Charles Miller, Paul Nave, Garn Tibbits, Ronny Gilchrist, Joe Tauer. OFFICERS During the year, Kelly douse, formerly " 6 " House, run ducted ;i number of activities including parties and other socials. Kelly House participated in intramural athletics and developed the only member-courl system in Cross ( !en1 it for maintaining order and the ln " 4 study conditions. Officers elected to serve during the second semester were: Roberl Talley, re-elected President; Buddj Taaffe, vice presidenl and social chairman; George Duncan, secretary treasurer, and I ' uli Taylor, intramural chairman. Harold Dean acted ;is ISA representative the firsl semester. Kelly House, named in honor of Samuel E. Kelly, Jr. of Alius, Oklahoma, was dedicated on February 6, 1953. Following the dedication Johnnie Cooper, counselor, and Roberl Talley, presidenl were hosts to an open house at ( ' ross ( tenter. Presidenl Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Social !hairman . I ni ramural ' hairman Robert E. L. Tallei Don ( Iartek Dux Adkins Don Adkins Don ( ' ai:i i i: I.ahky [nGI i - Back to Cross Center for dinner begins the evening for John Caldwell, Michael S. Turner, Harold Dean and Dudley Darr :is they wait for the ■ ' chofl ' ' line to begin. Page 461 After dinner, Jerry Bauman, Sid Cypert, Paul llm.k and Howard Gillin inspect the TV set . . . of order for Finals! OFFICERS President . Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Rrsn Brader Robert Baldwin Howard Gillin Howard Gillin Robert Baldwin - KITCHENS HOUSE Kitchens House, named in honor of Gus Kitchens, Jr., of Purcell, was called " H " bouse the first semester. In the dedication ceremonies held February (i. 1953, the house was officially named Kitchens House. At the dedication cere- monies the bnys entertained at an Open House at which the counselor, Bill Courtley, and president. Rush Brader, aeted as hosts. Kitchens House hoys had a very successful and interest- ing year. Enthusiasm ran high in the intramural athletic events . . . particularly in volleyball, at which Kitchens House boys were champions. Kitchens House also partici- pated in intramural football and basketball. The Cross ( ' cuter dances were enjoyed by everyone and were considered highlights of the social season. Kitchens House also had a Christmas party which was a huge suc- cess. Homecoming and Dad ' s Day were also r events at Kitchens House and enjoyed by everyone. George Coalson was counselor for the first .semester but resigned to work on his l ' h. D. He was succeeded the sec- ond semester by Bill Courtley. Both Coalson and Courtley did much to hrinjr about the successful year which Kitchens House enjoyed. ft to i g) i : I ' .ill Rog rs, Bob ( liainpion, Paul Houk, John C. Ward, Jr., Russell Barnhill, Leonard C iugham. ■ I row: S. J. Metlitz, Robi n Poster, Lee Watts, Miekej raig, George Coalson, Howard Gillin, Bill Brown, Robert Baldwin, Dar roll fopeland. Rush Brader, Ji - Smith, Russell Puller, Terry Mays, Jerrj Pafford, Albert Pronko, I nard Weehunt, Gib Baker, Bob Tayloi . Harry Greaves, Ron Steigman, Ed Gregory, Morris Shatter, Milton McKee, Allen Dayton. ' Webb, Sid Cypi rt, Marshall Tabolsky, Bernie Pnpin, Paul II. Galloway, Bob Wilhite, Jim Mishovsky, Leo C. Moi on, Bennie Johnson R03 W Hanu, John M. Wagner, Fage 462 McCain house • ' ir.vf row, left i " right; Avroni Brodsky, Wayne Ininnaee, Ira I ' . Brown, Russell . Nccly, James Edward Scott, John E. Sawyers, Jimmy Strange, Aaron Decker, Jim Edge, Charles P. Walker. Second row: Don Schultz, Phillip Belisle, Hany Mattes, Joe ctnowles, Edward Sheldon, Richard Bailey, Bradj Stewart, Scott Nickson, Howard Krnntz, Alan Nogg. Z7»t ' rd ••■ • ; Jim Miller, Dan Davis, Bob Behm, Dan Powhatan, Bill Ensley, Preston Trimble, Jimm] Murphy, Bill Stroud, Billy Wolfe, Carlos Perez, Hector Penso, Lowell K. Wade, Fourth row: Lewis Hunt, Harold Eichelbaum, Jerrj Murphy, John Bowers, Gerald Breeding, Jim Pope, D. T. Neill, Ronald Owens, •! " •■ Burgess, Tommy I.. Walker, llu li A. Walls. Vol in picture: Tommj Beach, Otis Bealmear, James Fen tries, Dick Huff, Quillen Hughes, Dan Leiniger, Don Matthews, Jerr} Mrazek, OFFICERS The residents of McCain House, Cross Center, have been active in a large number of the campus activities. The President of our bouse, Ed Sheldon, was presidenl of the Cross Center Council for the firsl semester. The house has competed actively in intramural sports. There are mem bers nt ' the house in the varsity bands, tl horal groups, the orchestras, tin ' i i --t • 1 teams, and several other organi- zations. A Christmas party was the highlight of the social activ- ities of the house. It was a stag affair with entertainmenl and refreshments. The house strongly supported the ser- vice fraternity, Alpha I ' lii Omega, by donating a large cash contribution. McCain House, nai I in honor of Oren M McCain of Nowata, Oklahoma, was dedicated on Februarj i . 1953 Following the dedication Jim Miller, counselor, and Bd Sheldon, president, were hosts to an open house al Cross ( lenter. Jim Miller has been an able and competenl counselor and through liis efforts McCain House lias had a very s ;ess ful vear. Presidenl Vice-president . Secretary Treasurer Social ( lhairman Bd Sheldon Scot Nickson Jim Pope Jim Pope Scot Nickson The counselor ' s wife, " Pat " , j ts all the attention around McCain House. Charles Walker, Hector Penso and T Walker can always find time to talk over problems n ii li Inc. Page 463 Popular hangout at Cross Center is the fountain room where Chuck Carsten and Bob Randolph relax after some heavy studying. OFFICERS Presidenl Vice-president . Secretary .... Treasurer Social Ihainnan Fluor Representative . I ' l ■ Representative . Floor Representative Jerry Gene Brown Robert DeKindek David King David King Robert DeKindee Phillip Riley Elbert Lesch Chuck Carston MILLS HOUSE .Mills House members represent nine states: Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas. .Minnesota. Ohio, New Jersey, and New York. .Mills House has participated in intramural sports such as football, basketball, and base- ball; lint their favorite sport is Indian hand wrest line ' . It is tl nly individual house in Cross Center that was deco- rated for Dad ' s Day. Counselor Bob Parrish and President Jerry Brown made the first move in obtaining a television set I ' or the main lounge at Cross Center. These two also started the idea of having a ( ' ross Center dance, for all houses, to honor the parents of the alumni for whom the houses are named. The house members through an execu- tive council arc comparatively self governing. Mills House, named in honor of Roger Lewis Mills of Norman, was dedicated on February ( . 111. " ). ' !. Following the dedication Robert Parrish, counselor, and Jerry Brown, student president, were hosts to an open house at Cross ( ' enter. i I row, left to milii: Joe Cook, Joe Griffin, Jim Moore, Peter Dowing, Dean i ' h muc, Marvin Baron, Fred Monsour, Second row: i ' l It. Duffi i, ' liarli - B. Carsten, .1. - W. C pton, Jerry (.. Grown, Robert E. Parrish, David E. King, Bob DeKinder, Jim Rice. Wall:,,,- Wilson, Ben Huckaby, Paul Blair, Malcolm Putty, Jr., Phillip Riley, Paul Burns II. Mas Annis, Howard Hatlelid, Philip si l verm. -oi. Herman H. Headrick, David II. Burleson, ' I ' i thj Alcox, James Ben lieu man. Bill i ' . mi I is, Edwin Camp, Ken Chick ering, Wall Bowen, Dan .1. Baker, Paul A. Tucker, Don Pfeifer. Fourth rou : Robert Taylor, Al Ringer, David P. Dickerson, William T. Stephens, Sherman Ray Cundiff, John Dee Roper, Elberl Lesi li, I ard Craghcad, Ronald Coleman, Steward Muir, Robert M. Ran- dolph, Guj i ' Page 464 NAIFEH HOUSE left to right : Bill Hickman, Bill Jacobus, Dow Dozier, Harrj Williams, Harrj Allison, Glen McLaughlin, Phi] Martin Gerald Bunk. I -.•» ' .■ James Farmer, Quinn Brisbin, Miekoj O ' Brien, Robert Muir, Jim Bill Dyer, Lee R Troiani, Tommy Rowland, Charon, Lewis Ferguson, Jack Harris, Jim Henry, Don Holmes, Leslie Heilbron, Lawn nee Neill. Third row: Lewis T. Brigman, Fred Mel tell, John Edwards, Duke Gardner, Bill MeGinois, John Kunau, Jerrj Gilchrist, Pal Vitti tow, James Doak, Charles Bassett, Ken Cosgrove, Bill Grubb. Naifeb House, with Harry Allison as counselor, boasted this year of a wide range of activities. The first activity was the setting up of bouse government. Elected to be presidenl was Harry Williams. Serving ;i- vice-president and social chairman was Glen McLaughlin and as secretary-treasurer, James Parmer. Elected to lill the other positions were: Quinn Brisbin as LS.A. repre- sentative and Lawrence Neil as Freshman Senate represent- ative. Naifeb social activities included informal dancing and coke parties with Holman, Davis, and Forbes Houses. Also Naifeb took an active pari in the Cross Center Dance and the Open House for Cross Center ' s dedication. The Huns. ' succeeded in winning iun of three intramural basketball games, Imi won only one of their football games. Entries were also made in other intramural sports includ- ing wrestling, ping pong, and baseball. Philip Martin s.t ed as athletic manager. Naifeb House was named for Capt. L. Alfred Naifeb of Norman and al the dedication ceremonies February n. 1953 an Open Urn ' s. ' u;is held a1 whicb the counselor, Harrj Allison, and president, Harry L. Williams, acini as hosts, OFFICERS Page 465 Presidenl Vice-presideni Secretary I reasurer Social i ' hairman Harry L. Williams Glen McLaughlin Jim Farmer Jim Farmed Glen McLaughlin Freshmen love water-fights . . . Ronald Deak finds tl suits rathei wel after being dunked bj of his schoolmati -. i rosa Center residents do study . . . anyway, Prank Jaques, Willard Conklin and Tommy Smith posed for tliis " study ' ' picture. OFFICERS Presidenl Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Joe Sw dee Alan Jkiiy •Ilkky S. Parkeb .Jekky s. Parker Tommy Smith PRENTICE HOUSE Prentice House, aai I in honor of RAF 1 i I i Thomas W. Prentice, Jr., of Ponca City, had a very successful year. The dedication ceremonies for the Cross Center houses, which were held February (i. 1953, officially changed Pren- tice House from " M " House as. it was known the firsl semester. An Open House was held a1 which the boys were hosts along with Charles Liner, counselor, ami Joe Snyder, president. Despite card games, parties, intramural sports and fre- quent bull sessions the Prentice House managed to main- tain a high grade average. A great deal of credit should lie given to Chuck Liner who has guided the fifty freshman boys in the house for tin ' past two semesters. The boys have set a good example for newcomers in the following years. Prentice House was active in intramural sports and en- thusiasm ran high. The boys placed third in intramural basketball in the ( ' ross Center league. They were also in the play-offs of the Cross ( ' enter intramural football league. Parties with some of the Quad houses and the Cross Cen- ter dances helped make the social season a memorable one. Parties with Jordan House and Hamill House were partic- ularly enjoyed. Homecoming and Dad ' s Day were big so- cial events and enjoyed by everyone. left t.. right: Ed McDonald, Jerry S. Parker, Willard Conklin, Joe Snyder, liuck Liner, Gerald Banks, Don Klein, Garj Km ris, Ronald iic. I, Second row: Glen Lee, Bascom Wallis, John Dillon, John Van Husk irk. .lose Loayza, Rafael Marcia, I in mis [ . .• i ; i k . Richard Seba, Gar] Burris, Mike Copi land, Joe Russell, Kon Keesee, Charles Garrison. ZTitrd " «: Phillip Elkins, Bill Parker, Bill Welch, Gary Jones, Pete Klintos, Don Tarr, Tommj J. Smith, Jerry Randolph, Gerald Mainard, Jerry G Iner, Randle Basely. Page 466 SETLIFF HOUSE Firai row, left ' ■• right: Julca Mil. lull, Morton Scott, Stnnlej Alexander, Alan gec, John R. Mchols, D. Loren Jorgensen, ' h Raymond Smith. Second ro I l Wilmott, Ira B, Oldham, Kent Kennedy, Roj Wellborn, David Tarpenning, Clarence Foistei . Dave Hansen, Ralph Tl pson, Richard Sivnlls, Jim Montgomery. Third row: Jerrj Bookout, Keith McDonald, Donald Raj Resler, D Pearson, Bob Dillon, Pell Mum I, Clinrles Cnrluse, Louis Rose, J. « ' . Evans, Danii 1 Schnu ki r, Tom Shoebothnm. I I h rou C Spillman, Kenny Knsha, Harry Hughes, Burlyle Shafer, Bob Scruggs, Phillip Bi it. Lewis Woolery, Jerrj Randolph, Joe Smith, Richard McSwaiu, Don v i iger. The residents of " N " House, novi named Setliff House, rapidlj became acquainted with themselves and their coun- selors, 6rs1 Joe Clements and later John Rudolph Nichols. Boys from ;ill corners of the nation became fused together into one unified bouse. At the tirst meeting Alan Agee was elected president; Stan Alexander, vice-president and so- cial chairman, and Dwighl Jorgenson, secretary-treasurer. Floor representatives were Phil Barkett, Morton Scott, Charles Smith, and Don Resler. Clarence Peister was elect- ed to the Preshman council, and advising group for the student Senate. Harold Heysle was his non-voting alter nate. Setliff House finished first in its intramural basketball league, losing only one game and that to Mills House. 24 28, the first game of the year. Bouncing hack from this d- teat Setliff House slipped by Kelly House. 21 20; then walloped Smith House 39 ' -. ' - ' I. and defeated Baker House on a forfeit. Members of the team included Alan Agee, Hon Singer, Kent Kennedy. Bob Dillon, Richard McSwain, 1 ' hil Barkett, George Spillman, -I. P . Bidgeway, and Jim Smiley. Setliff House, named In honor of Edward B. Setliff of Mailill. Oklahoma, was dedicated February 6, 1953. Fol- lowing the dedication John Nichols, counselor, ami Alan Agee, president, were hosts to ;IM open house at ( ' loss ( ' enter. OFFICERS President . Vice-president Secretary-Treasurer Social Chairman Aoi i Stan Ai i xandi r I yii;iit Jorgenson Stan Ai bxandeb Routine house business is discussed by Charles 5 Don Resler, Keith McDonald, John Nichols and Men, .ii Scott at an executive council meeting. Page 467 Card sharks: Lloyd Bolding, Keith Rowland, I Ridgeway, John Pugh and Claude Rutterford wind up .-i fast game before hitting the sack. OFFICERS President Vice-president Secretary . l.s.A. Representative Athletic ( Ihairman Jack ( Ilinton John Deen •Ikrrv Upp Bob Hart Virgil Kephart VANCE HOUSE At tin ' beginning of tin ' year. Vance House residents started out with a new home nml new acquaintat s t be made. To gel things organized, the bouse elected officers as follows: Jack Clinton, president; John Deen, vice-presi- dent; Jerry Upp, secretary ; Bob Hart, ISA representative; ami Virgil Kephart, athletic chairman. As the year progressed, tin ' men of Vance House engaged in a well-rounded program. In addition to the many hours spent iii studying, Vance House was runner-up in the foot- hall tournament and winner of the basketball tournament at Cross Center. The social life at Vance House has ranged from card playing in the lounge to bouse-sponsored parties ( ' orwin Reid was counselor for Vance House and his ef- forts helped make 1952-53 a successful year for the boys at Vance House. Many new friendships were formed, and the parties and sports activities will lonjr be remembered. At Vance House the boys have the friendly, cooperative spirit that makes a residence a home. Vance House, named in honor of Leon II. Vance, Jr., Enid. Oklahoma, was dedicated on February (i. 1953. Pol- lowing the dedication. ( ' orwin Reid. counselor, and .lack Clinton, president, were hosts to an open house at Cross ( ' cuter. first f i. left i " right: B. Ric Richardson, Ronald W. S tners, Robert Pierce, Lloyd Balding, Bobby -l. Hill. Virgil Kephart, . ' : Charles K. Heatly, John Bruce McElyea, John Deen, John M. Clinton, Corwin Keith Reid, Jerry E. Cpp, Joseph C. Smith, Warren ' I laspey, I rov : I ' . " I ' Kul Paul Crawford, Fred Miller, Charles K. Casteel, Bob I hut. Forney Sandlin, Jay Dee Win. In. P.ill Rutterford, Dale Badgwell, Pal Samti r, Mike O ' Con Keith Rowland. Russell, Harold Dwyer, Burl Lesley Montague, Johnny Eubnnke, Bill Lea, Larry Smith, Bob Schick, Bob Thomas, Joe Mills i i i Fran! Nelson, Bob Mont g ' i ■ Page 468 YOUNG HOUSE • n « ' . 1 1 ft to right : William Goodwin, Don Pitts, Oar] Hughes, Stuarl Strasner, Jim Roper, Chuck Th son. I l I ' ll. Myers, I hue. 1. 1 Sel ngold, Roger Holloway, Rii lianl Pirson, Ja a Mitchell, Bob Hite, Ed Heasli 3 Third row: John M. Bohanuou, John P. Holmes, Fred B. Holland, Niels Peak, John Klar, Pete Kiplinger, Ion McMillan, G lli idricks, For orientation to campus life, the boys at Young House started the year off righl by collahorating with the co-eds mi Jordan House in a " gel acquainted party " ; this helped the boys realize thai they weren ' t going to miss home as much as they had thought. After such pleasant orienta- tion to O.U., the boys settled down to the business of organ- izing the dormitory. To acl as steersmen for house activi- ties, the boys chose Jim Roper for president, Ed Day for vice-president, Don Pitts for treasurer, and Jimmie Harper for secretary. .Many diverse talents were represented by this first group of Young House boys. -I 1 1 1 1 Klar from Washington, D. ( ' .. played on the frosh basketball team. Bill Goodwin of Ana darko wenl oul for spring football, while .lack Holmes of Waskora, Texas and Jim Roper of Arlington, Virginia represented the group on the Navy pistol team. Jim Roper aUi. demonstrated his ability in student governmenl as president of the i ' ross ( ' enter Council. Jimmie Harper of Atlanta. Georgia, took the scholastic honors with a grade average of 3.88. It was dapper Chuck Thom- sen of Springfield, Missouri, that kept the house repre sen ted in the social whirl ; Chuck won distinct ion by ha ing dates with sixteen different " iris in one week. It was the house counselor, Stuarl Strasner or Boise City, who " legal- ized " the activities of the group. Being a student of the law. he was in n position to give legal advice to the boys whenever the} felt tin- 1 1 of such counsel. The counsel- or ' s wife, an English teacher at Norman High, assisted the boys by correcting themes and explaining the subtleties of grammar. OFFICERS Presidenl . Vice president Secretary . Treasurer . Jim Roper Ed Day Jimmy Harper l»u Pitts ' li:it night would be complete without a pillow fight) Jim Roper seems to !»■ ganged up on bj mmati Chuck T l isen and Dennis I Page 469 If Baker House ow, left to Hght : Larry Howard Mick, Jim I. in.! sey, Dick Sorenson, Joe Beshoofy, Wayne Goodman, Jerry Du lauey, John Kerr. Second row: Bill Council, Jim Lewellen, Ben Garner, ge Grigsby, Tom Lekas, Jay Grabill, Paul McBridi Ralpli Ochsner, Edwin Adams. Third row: Verlan Harrell, Richard V. [rons, Gene Cummings, l :i i l W I. Bob Lingen- I Iter, Charles Brooks, John Pedrick, Alfred Pugh, Norval Schoenhals, Tommy Cox, 1 ' llin l . Daris, Lee Kennedy. Fourth row: Ronnie Maples, Joe Lynch, .1. ' . Tipton, Jr., Raymond Gene Hutchinson, Sandy Vance, Bruce Lynch, Seth Millington, .lini Robinson, David Erwin, Donald Dean Awtrey. Officers at Baker House were: Dick Sorenson, president; Dick Day. vice-president; Howard Mick, secretary-treasurer; and Dick Day. social chairman. The pride of Baker House was its fine basketball team, which at this writing is the champion of its league in intramurals. The hoys are hoping tor the best in store in the play-offs. Baker House was named in honor of W. Douglas Baker. Tulsa. Oklahoma. Burton House First row, left to right: Richard Buser, Charles R. Dudley, Joe D. Adams, Eugene L. Peterman, Louis Alexander, Pal I. ' . Pa renti, Stona Pitch, Roger Moore, John Walters, Wallace Shrout. Second row: Bill Borders, Duam Boyette, James McCoy, Jim Keltncr, Kenneth Ferguson, Duane Oliver, Richard Corkum, Wayne Coil, Gcorgo Williamson, Edwin West, Leroy Poplin, Wayne Posey, John Travis, James O. Taylor. Third rou : Rob erl Broome, Henrj Kirk Laughbau h., Ralph Daley, Douglas . Leland Henderson, Jerry Cooper, Walter Campbell, Dean Hightower, Thomas Wilkinson, Wayne McDaniels, Gen Welsh, Wallace McDaniels. Burton House, named in honor of Lit. John Flack Burton of Oklahoma City, was occupied by fifteen war veterans and thirty five upper-classmen. Their enthusiasm for everything collegiate, tempered with maturity, contributed to a wonderful house spirit. Officers of Burton I louse w ere : Charles Dudley, pres iilent ; William West, vice-president : Eugene Peter- man, secretary; Joe Adams, treasurer; and Wallace Shrout, social chairman. Page 470 NEWMAN HALL Firs! row, left in right : Man .1 " Hair, reresii I uznor, Marion I art er, Josephine Rennels, Vnn Bailey, Dorothy Ann Logan, Sara W Is, Lorraine Peissner, Joyce Uankiu, Si find row: Mnxine Mullins, Marilyn Meyer, Joyci Thurmau, Theresa Cowden, Murj Louise ' owdi n, Martn Stephen, Dolores Barker, Mary Ellen Burleson, Velma II. Viann, Norvelln Sandaeta, Margie Autrey. OFFICERS Newman Hall, established in February of l!H?ii. is owned and maintained by the Sisters of Divine Providence. The hall accommodated thirty-six girls and is open to ;ill women students, without distinction as to their religious affiliation. Sister Mary Cecilia of Our Lady of the Lake ( lollege is the presenl hostess. Burning lights .it midnighl do imt n ssarily mean the residents a1 Newman Hall arc studying, for chances are a bridge r " snack " party is being held. Some of the outstanding events of the year were a picnic. i Dad ' s Daj Dinner, a Dinner-Dance a1 Christmas time, a Mother ' s May Dinner, ami a Spring Formal. The reallj big event of the season for Newman Hall girls was when Ann Bailey was chosen Homecoming Queen. The hall held a celebration dance and coffee in her bonor. Socially ami academically this was a successful year Eor the p-irls at Newman Hall. President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Social I lia irman Josephine Rennels Marion Carter Marjorie Autrey M . i i: Mullins Marian Iarter VVInm Vi:in;i entertains her Newman II.-ill friends with a cuatro and some Venezuelan " iil:v Page 47! LOGAN HOUSE Pat Poster, President By mid-September Logan House began to take on a completely new atmosphere reflecting the personalities and interests of its thirty-four residents. The t; iris sunn got acquainted and all agreed that the hall, which was opened t girls in 1H40. by Mrs. Prances Logan, is a wonderful place to live. Social activities began with a dinner for Dad ' s Day and ended the l!t. " )L ' season with a Christmas dinner party in the Union. They took time out to build a " Cat and Canary " for the Ilome- coming decorations. The girls discovered they had beauty as well as brains among them when Jerry Brandon was chosen as one of the finalists for honorary cadet colonel. Beverly Smock added further proof by being chosen Beauty Queen of the Soonkr Yearbook. These are lint a few of the many activities which Loganites enjoyed this year. OFFICERS President .... I ' .vr Poster Vice-president Marilyn Christ? Sec.-Treas. . . Carolyn Liming Social Chairman Marilyn Christy Santa inns (LaYontu Deck) linns things " ' as Pat Bab cock, Vancy Leakt and Marilyn ' liristy practiei a skit for Logan ' Ch i isi mas party. Pollye I.. Vnderaon es Burke ' .i Brandon Delia P. Babrock Patricia A. Babb i r Cook Martha J. I . ,,,,, Ruth B, Davis Beck} Donovan Marilyn Hicks Linda Eollis Louise II lenpy] Carolyn A. Kilbum Nancy E. Leake Carolyn A. Liming ■ ' ■ mi tb Mi Donald Alice Nichols Peggy Randall I L. Smoi k BillyeL. Wells o23 L kautauqua Page 473 Page 474 Garner G. Column L. Li. Adams THE HOUSING PROGRAM The 10-year alumnus lias to rub his eyes when he sees today ' s student- homes. The Women ' s Quadrangle is recognized as one of the nation ' s tiiicst living centers for college girls. University officials from all over the country come to admire it and pick up ideas to use in their own schools. Completion of the University ' s beautifully modern nfw men ' s dormi- tories — officially named Cross ( ' enter in honor of President George L. Cross - marks fulfillment of OU ' s current housing program. On February 6th, dedication of Cross ( ' enter was held, closing a week- long program marking the completion of 60 years of service by the l ' ni- versity and the 10th year of the presidency of Dr. George Lynn Cross. Cross Center units were named for each of the following Oklahoma war heroes: Lit. Robert Dean Bass and Lt. Col. L K. Vance, Jr., both from Enid; Lt. John Flack Burton, Jr., and Lt. Harrison .M. Smith. Jr., both from Oklahoma City; Lt. Samuel B. Kelly, Jr., Altus; ( ' apt. Oran X. .McCain, Nowata; ( ' apt. Roger Lewis Mills, I,. Alfred Naifeh and Ma.j. Harry II. Alley, all from Norman; Lt. (ins Kitchens. Jr.. Purcell; RAF Pilot officer Thomas W. Prentice. Jr.. and ( ' apt. Walter R. Young, both from I ' onca City; Lt. Edward B. Setliff, Madill; Capt. Douglas Baker, Tulsa, and Pfc. Sidney Ditmars and Maj. James Calloway Buchanan, Jr., both from Muskogee. In addition, the Cross Center Lounge was named in honor of three students who lost i heir lives in the bachelor officers ' quarters fire in 1949. A plaque in the lounge bears the names of Sammy LaRue, Clinton; Price starks. Oklahoma City, and Maurice Ahearn, Jr., Killing-worth. Conn. Officiating at the naming of the dormitories was Brig. Gen. Hal Mul- drow, Norman, commanding general of the 4 . " 1 1 1 Oklahoma National Guard division, past president of the H alumni association, and a win- ner of the OF Distinguished Service Citation. Garner J. Collums, Director of Housing, and his staff, through able administration, have provided ( ). I " , with a very successful housing pro- gram. Mrs. Myrtle I ' .. Ki . . i rson Houst Page 476 tfg00» II , ' . Mi ntial Halls Tin Wonu a ' Quadrangh Whitekand Hall Cross ' i nil r n inn n n .1 mil mi nl • Lool a1 these plutocrats! Davis is the only one in the Quad with its own TV set. OFFICERS President . Vice-president Secretary [ " reasurer Social Chairman . ' .u. Dene Medlin Barbara Ringle Carol Williams Deana Saxih : en B lrbara Ringle DAVIS HOUSE Among the many activities ;ii Davis House this year were the party with Naifeh House in Cross Center, tin 1 party with Lincoln House, the Christmas party, the " Come As Yon Ait " parly, the Halloween hayrack party, the victory parly after the Dallas football game, and television parties. Davis House is particularly proud of its own television set which they bought. .Mrs. Thacker, the counselor, makes peanut butter ami jelly sandwiches in order to help pay For the set. Davis House also had a " Blind Date " bureau, a food and eniertaimnent committee tor fund raising, and a clean-up committee. Besides the parties and good times. Davis House also found time for studies and participation in campus organi- zations. Davis House was named for Alice Drown Davis, the only woman ever to he elected chief of one of the five civilized tribes. It is ably supervised by LaNelle Thacker who helped Davis House have one id ' its most successful years. left to iiiihi: Barbara Wilson, Shirley Brogan, Prances Jacobson, Mary A. Metz, Barbara Ringle, Carol Williams, Barbara Nowlin, Deana Sanditen, Val Medlin, Nowcta Lewis. Second row: Carolyn Breitfeld, Bettj R Vrline Jones, Ruth Montg :ry, l mi Warsaski, LaNelle Thacker, Counseloi : Jeanne Reeder, Jo Anne Colby, Cna Javellas, Virginia Reed. Third row: Martha ' . I ' m sicker, Pat Speer, Joyci Johnson, Mildred Roberts, Isabel Greenberg, Sue sink. " -, Stana Voung, Louella M. Hart, Eleanor Gardner, Shirley Wolfenbergei Irgye Briggs. Fourth row: Virginia McCroskey, Maxie Grnce, Carolyn Conrad, Genie Bradley, Maxinc Hull. Mary Bchnke, Jan Kane, Claire Chenault, Pattj Rich, Mary I.. Simmons, Bennye Westbrook. Page 478 FORBES HOUSE row, left i " right : Nancy Shelby, • ' " Reyuolds, Carol Morgan, Juanita Covington, Daralem Hawk, Cccilei Phillips, Shirley Paster Carmen Hurt, I ' anna DeWeese. Second row: Mi rii I .. Morgan, Marilyns Le Febrc, Shirley Stidham, Barbara Benz, Minnie M. .. Mary K. Stephens, Jennetti Weisser, Mary P. Etrick, Kitty Grant, Shirley Stovall, Suzanne Rewerts. Third rott : Martha Pa len, Doris Rogers, Janie Schell, Marilyn Rogers, Tasea Stavros, Phyllis Babi Paulanita Hunt. Juanita Henry, EMwina Standingbull, Ann LeNoir, Shirley M. Bishop. Fourth row: Jeaninc Vdams Beryl Hardin, Loretta Wolff, Patricia Gallery, Mary E. Hipp, Suzanne Phillips, Joyce Mayfield, Annette St rnnahan, Ann Phillips, Elei i Nefsky, Claire Gruber, JoEllen Hart. ftilo Since the firsl week of school, when everyone tried in vain to remember oames and faces and to gel used to this new life, the girls of Forbes House have conic a Long way. The better they gol to knew each other, the more fun they had together. Their interests ranged from diamond rings to fourth-floor gardens, from singing to playing bridge, and especially centered around men. The girls will nol forgel the exchange dances with (Toss ( ' enter, imr the big and little sister party with Parker House when all fifty-two L ' irls dill the bunny-hop across the quad. They will also remember the long, hard preparation for the Dad ' s Day program when everyone " shed a little tear for the girls in the rear who tried to make the front-row chorus. " Then there was the ( ' h rist mas party with presents tinder the tree for the orphans ami ham sandwiches with all the trim- mings lot- everybody. Thai was the nighl a nose was almost broken in a stampede to the windows . . . hoys were carol ing outside! To brighten the dull routine of studying, prac- tical jokers slaved to discover new and more horrible pranks. They tried everything from cold cream and lip- stick smeared all over the dorm to itching powder in the beds. OFFICERS Page 479 President . Vice-president Secretary Treasurer . Social I ' hairnian Marilyn McIni n.i Juanita Iovington Pasternak ( ' audi. Morgan Juanita !o ington Paulanita Hunt is getting able assistance from Joyce Mayfield, -In Reynolds .-111.1 Shirley Stidham. Wonder it ' her date ' s « ait ins I % 1 m of tin- girls help Nancy White open ;i packa from home, and in the process, help themselves. OFFICERS President . V ice presideul Secretary . Treasurer Ann Peebles Patti Markel Rosemary Vinson Shirley Stone A. Y. s. Representative . Jennalie Cook HAMILL HOUSE Here al Hamill House live a group of girls who Like O.U. and like each other. .Must of them, including counselor Barbara Mealey, are native Oklahomans, lmt a few have come all the way from Monett, Missouri. Las Vegas, Ne- vada, and hualia. Nebraska. Although they arc only freshmen, " Hamillites " have re ceived honorable mention in a number of ways, such as: llamill House beauties include Rosemary Vinson, Barbara Love, Shirley Stone, Juretta Brannon, and Sara Kersey, who was chosen Honorary Wing Commander for the Air R. o. T. ( ' . Hamill House boasts leaders in the student Senate. Pres- ident ' s Council, and Baptist Student Union. Their talented members include pledges to Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Soonerettes. musicians, ar tists, debaters, and actresses. But college life for these girls also means fun. A1 their Hamill Home they have kicked up their heels at a Christ- mas party, a pajama party, a walkout, and innumerable after-hour get togethers. Hamill House does not lack for entertainment when party time rolls around. The girls are noted for their versatility. If the house is to be decorated for a special occasion. Kathryn Gaines can be recruited to wield her skillful brush. Hamill House won third prize on the window decoration for the .Mardi Gras. k ' to right: Ruth Smith, Charlotte Standley, Nancy Oakley, Ann Cullen, Betty Morris, Sandra Stevens, Carolyn Doerner, Sarah Kersi B rbai i Love Second row: Pauline Katzman, Marcia Pozez, Barbara Colin, Terry Aaronson, Phyllis Cohen, Barbara Mealey, Ann Peebles, Patti Markel, Rosemary Vinson, Shirlej Stone, Kaj McShane. Third row: Jueretta Brannon, Jayne Buffman, Bi erlj Hinkle, Jo Vnn Roberts, Barbara Gallagher, Ann Marie Sehaak, Uiee Melinda Pershall, Valera Ann Johnston, Amu Bussey, Helen Rayburn, Ann Austin, Sharon I kabaugh. Fourth row: Claudia Wilson, Jane frost, Nancj White, Patsy Graham, Jennalie Cook, Mil. ' m.i n-. n Marilyn Rhodi -. Vnitii Howard, Lucy Tolbert, Kathryn Gaines, Frankie Stedman. Page 480 Ill L ' liM K HOUSE First row, t ft ' " right: Ann Campbell, Sue Loveless, Lisbeth Birdseye, Shirlej Gragg, Marilyn Swift, Phyllis Braswell, •! " Nell Elli .1,. Ann Dumas, Katie I I hi II. Second row: Bettj Wright, Theba Gold, ■• rsa Goldstein, Poggj Milhoan, Jnnel Dill, Barbara Morgan, Hutching, Virginia l :i i , Susan Shields, Margaret Wallace. Third row: Thelnia Doehen, Carol Greniger, Ann Beiderwell, Faith Wilson, Carolyn Hayes, Carolyn Giblet, Nancy Wagner, Roberta Kirksieck, Carolyn Howard, Helen ll " iiis. Barbara Hill. Fourthrow: Valerie Hruskc, Bcverli Burns, Merrill Ann I :i is. VI in Pitney, Ni 3 Mains, Eleanor Douthitt, Marj Hughstou Patrick, Emylu Pattee, Sandra Kyle, Carol McMahnn, Constance Baker, Eleanor Gartner, ft I OIlLLoo onn n rv 4 ' jioi ; iifA i L , ¥ Herrick House, our " Home away from dome, " has meanl a greal deal to the forty-eighl new freshman girls who moved in [asl September. Social life has Bourished in the form of open house for tin- boys in Cross Center, a Christmas party, with Janel Dill, our president, playing the pari of a jovial Santa, and a w a Ik-ni 1 1 to Oklahoma City which proved to be one of our must successful parties. We had members of the house participating in the " Hanging of the Greens, " Orchesis, Ducks, Sooner Scan ihils anil Intramural Sports. Rosemary Skinner and Elea- nor Douthitt even worked in a four point average along with extra curricular activities. Herrick received recogni- tion as we cai u1 firsl place winners in the dance festival. These activities plus the invaluable friendships that have l n made here have all combined to make Herrick to ns 1 -h more t han just one of 1 he Quads. Officers of Herrick House for the second semester were: Janel Dill. President; Sue Loveless, Vice-President; RIer rill Ann Davis, Secretarj ; and Elizabeth Birdseye, Treas urer. OFFICERS President . Vice-presideiil Secretary . Treasurer Janet Dill Susan Shiei ds Virginia Davis Barbara Morgan Herrick House girls are busy getting each other beautiful for the weekend. Page 481 I. unks like these Holmanites aren ' t needing the " Don ' t open ' til Christmas " warnings! OFFICERS President Vice-president Secretary . Preasurer . Lucy Mahlstedt Dyan Symonds Margaret Hadley Dorothy Skinner HOLMAN HOUSE When Holman House girls arrived at their " home away from home " this fall they considered themselves very lucky to find that liss Betty Kurilko would be their - n 1 1 1 - selor. It was soon evident, too, that the house was the most conveniently located one in the Quad — very handy when it was class time, and even handier at meal time. The coeds id ' Holman linusc are " all I ' m- nne. and one for all. " The girls who belonged to campus organizations, joined activities, and worked on committees, were proud to call this section of the Quad their campus home. The year started off with a bane with open house for two houses at f ' ross Center. Later, there was a big sister Hal- loween party with McCurtain House and a Halloween Ban- quet at the Quad Cafeteria. One of the hie ' events of the year was the Christmas party, at which time gifts were sent to the Central State Hospital and also to an old ladies home. Holman House girls also worked hard to keep a high scholarship record and with studies added to all the fun. the girls feel that this has trulv been a wonderful year. row, U ft to i ' ii hi : Bettj Peek, Joann Edgerton, Marilyn Rison, Joyce I.. Davidson, Carolyn t larney, JoAnn W 1. Cheri A. Kiebel. i row: Shirley K. Williams, Carol Mannschrick, Jo A nne Bem rde, LaQuita Adams, Betty Kurilko, Counselor; Dyan Symonds, Dorothy Skinner, Ernestim Jones, Margaret Hadley, Georgia Branham. Pat Boulton, Martha ' .. Anderson, Jean Pence, Cletha Moss, Martha Kobler, Suzy McBride, Emirj Earns, Camille Glasier, mil Witham, Nancy Snilee. Carol E, Pols Suzie Riley, Carolyn Peek, Marian !offey, Gwyn Sann, Lyn Pebbles, Senna Hudson, Gretchen Graeuing, Marilou Chesnut, Shirley L. Adams, Prankie Wade, Sue Bradford. Page 482 HUME HOUSE hirst row, left in right: Mnry II. Coachman, Celin Kirsh, Jacqueline Bennett, Vim Mnirfield, Janit Rhoades, Sue Myers, Marvel .1 .. Mar} J. Stewart, Pal Leslie, Nita Garrison, Mona Griffin. Second row: Elaine Cherry, Janet Collisson, Coraletti McGilbray, M argil r el I tykes, Dorothj Eland, Barbara ECuhn, Barbara Errei ie, mi Tipl Gloria Schlesinger, Minta Rigney, Earlim Tl at Th rd 11 Pitts, 1 arolyn Neil, Patsy D, Bines, Vicki Sfarberry, Nancj Strong, Theresa McCall, Virginia Nelson, Rowenn L T ngerman, Marlene Becker, (Mix.- Ilirsh, Mary K ' . Stephenson, Shirley Slaten. Fourth row: Mary Lnnham, Carolyn Flays, 8ue Allgood, Theana Cliisenhall, Bethann Alberding, Elizabeth Harsh, Margaret Warnick, Elizabeth Lane, Carolyn G I, Carolyn Noell, Jan Poster, Mai gnrel Spellmnn, ft fir d 00 At the beginning of the year Hume House gave a tea for the professors of the girls in this dorm. On Dad ' s Day. Hume House girls entertained their fathers a1 an informal party after the football game. At a Christmas party, the Hume girls exchanged toys which were, al a later date, taken to the Cerebral Palsy Home. Hume is where the heart is fur the girls who lived in the homelike atmosphere of Hume House. Noted for its friend- liness toward everyone and for the courtesies extended to all visitors. Hume is a favoril the campus. Many resi- dents, through their outstanding achievements, have broughl recognition to Hume House. Hi ' s varied program included several parties, late hour snacks, and gabfests which added i the gaieties which provided welcome intermissions from study. It is evident thai Humites have a well rounded schedule of work, rest I . ' I ami play. Much of the credil for Hume ' s succes sful year should go tn .Miss Mary Ruth Stephenson, counselor OFFICERS President Vice presidenl Secretary Treasurer Social ( Ihairma □ Virginia Nei son Mari II. Coach man Xii a Garrison Elizabeth Harsh Mary II. ( Ioach man Early to bed and early to rise makes Virginia Nelson and Sue Sparks liappy, anyway. Page 483 Jordan House is the headquarters for one of the more unusual sports — i :nks ! OFFICERS President . Vice-presii ! ' - iit Secretary Treasurer Social ( ' hairman Ann Campbell .Jo ( !ook Ellen ( Iornelius Judy ( ' i.ark Jo Cook JORDAN HOUSE Variety has been the spire of Jordan House ' s life ii! l!i " -!. Among the activities participated in by Jordanites were the " Banging of the treens " ceremony at Christmas time, along with ;i Christmas party at which the j iris gave toys which were Later presented to the Cerebral Palsy Hos- pital. Everyone came in costume and everyone agreed that il was a wonderful parly. Jordan House also participated ill Open House festivi- ties with Cross ( ' enter and also held open house for Ale- Cain House in November. Another exciting evenl was Dad ' s Day, at which time the Jordanites decorated their dorm and entertained their fathers. Jordan House had a runner-up for Homecoming Queen and one for the Lambda Chi Alpha White Hose Queen. Jordan House jrirls enjoyed the big sister party held at Lawson House during the fall semester. Counselor at Jordan House was Miss Virginia Flanagan who helped the " .iris with their many activities which made 1952 an interesting and exciting year. left to right: Carolyn I ' . u , Beverly Hamlin, Pat Lackey, Glenna Andrews, Meredith de ' Lores, Freda Record, Carolyn Todd, Kay Smith, [lem Ibbott. Second row: Pi ggj Cornwell, Jo Cook, treta Kubic, Loretta Murray, Earlene Morgan, Barbara La sine, Ruth Phillips, Snndj Stippick, Ann Campbell. Thirdrow: Judj Clark, Janel Smith, Barbara Bartheld, Carol Zwick, Mary Mill.: ' , Ellen i orneliu . Catherine Russell, Freda Scott, Brenda Kisber, Ruth Blcyberg, Mary Rimmer, Virginia Flanagan, Counselor. Foil Lillian Johnson, Patsy Rayiner, Mimi English, Beverlj Baker, Marj Cape, Gloria Beeson, Marj Snyder, Arm L. Campbell, Kelsey Pokorny, Beverlj i Kaj Fenti in. Page 484 KIRK HOUSE to right: Luelln Humphreys, Miirgnrol SI maker, Xmicj Hull, Jol Wooten, Leiln Hnscltine, Donna Morris, W a, Diane Affleck. Second row: Lynn Lnuritano, Carrie Sternicki, Junis Bootlie, Paula K. l . N ' nnej R Helen H. Hut Shirley Williams, Raylene Eversole, Sandra Cessler, Earlyn Miller, Jum High r i rl row: Martini Bell, Jeunean Lemon I irlenc us. Ann Bowman, Barbara .1. Collier, Cliarlotte Pace, Marj Phelps, June Drum Ann Orisso, Ellen Lnndsaw, J m Walker, Shirley Hughes. Fourth row: Phyllis Phillips, Counseloi ; Crystal Cnrpenter, Shirlcj Silver, Pei ne Main, ( ..•! . i Scott, l Wort Ni y Harpe, Martha Custer, Margaret Babcock, Beth Pellow, Pal Worrell, Barbara Baumbergei Glendn Husted. Kirk House started the firsl semester with a get-acquaint- ed party with Worcester Hall, and other social functions at I ad ' s I ;i y and I [omecoming. Kirk was well represented in the " Hanging of the Greens " with girls in the chorus and Tomi Wortham chosen " Queen of Misrule. " Also to gel in the Christmas spirit Kirk went caroling in t ' mss Center and the .Men ' s Dunns in Wilson Center. Jennone Walker was chosen to Studenl Senate ami Kirk chose Madeline Lauritano and Shirley Wilkey to run For Beauty Queens. Kirk was active in intramural sports, choral chili, ami numerous queen contests. Whether it was pranks played or finals week, there was never a lull moment at Kirk I louse. All activities were participated in with the usual Kirk House spirit, ami a good time was had by all. Counselor of Kirk House was .Miss Phyllis Ann Phillips, who helped to keep things running smoothly and whose work was greatly appreciated by all the girls. OFFICERS President Vice-president . Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Jerri Scott Carrie Sternicki Ann Bow max Margaret Babi 01 k Carrie Sternicki Wanda Green finds it helps to gel c Portable while struggling itli a freshman English theme. Page 485 [rAU A M V, .| nibt this will be :i grand shun with K:iv I»:iini ' s help! OFFICERS Presidenl Jamae B. Sti: aim Vice-presii lenl Jean Beveridge Secretary Ann Xi lms Treasurer Marilyn Afflei k Social ( ' In irmau . Jean Beveridge IAWS0N HOUSE The campus spotlight was focused on Lawson House in 1952-53 as Lawson girls built up an imposing list of hon- ors. Jamae Bullis was Spirit of Christmas at the Hanging dl ' tin- (in mm is ceremony ami was secretary of the Glee Club; Phyllis Jarvis was presidenl of FTA ami was co-editor of the Sooner Independent; Kay Bairn was social chairman of tin- ISA: Hut Adler was editor of the Oklahoma Daily; • lean Beveridge was runner-up in intramural tennis sin- gles; .Mary Lou Whitaker was secretary of Pi Gamma Mu; Faye Goldfield was social chairman of Tan Beta Sigma; Ann Hasten won a Dads ' Day scholarship; Carol Ann Ruyle directed the choir of Hanging of the Greens, and Nancy Anderson was accompanist, and Sophia Gilstrap took part both on-stage and behind the scenes in several major drama productions. Gay Ellis and Delores Whittern were candidates for honorary cadet colonel, and Carol Ann Ruyle and Rosemary .Major were yearbook beauty queen candidates. Lawson had football listening parties with several men ' s houses, entertained freshman girls with a Big-Little Sister party, feted fathers on Dads ' Day and sang carols at a Christmas party forced indoors because of rain. " First row, left ' ■ right : Anna Coleman, Joan Flickinger, Jean LeFebvre, Kay Bairn, Jerry House, Jamae Hull is. Lois Pearson, An; Nclms, Bernadine Toycbo, Gay Ellis, Jeanene M e. Second ron : l ..t Adler, Mary I.. Whitaker, Rosemarj Major, Lou Dewees, Carol Ann Ruyle, Lyda Lone, Pat Emmons, Sharon Moore, Sally II.. H. Mar} Meek, Marlene M Nellie I;. Kin. In. Minnette Zak. Phyllis .1. rvis, Be tj J. Stewart, Susie Tewele, Lucille Eliasoff, nn Hasten, Alice Miller, alberta ibles, Sarah J. Black burn, Maureen Flvnn, Gerree Coley, Paye Goldfield, Jean Mayhew. Page 486 Mccurtain house Fir»l row, ' ft to right : Koleeta Hopps, Emy Mayo, 1 1 r | i guson, Jo -m Summers, Lois Snndlin, Jane -I Wyatt, Dixie O ' Neal, Max ■ tic Sellers, Pal Lust, Patsy Schrock, Bettj Powers. rov Martha Tucker, Peggy MeKeel, Beverly Orr, M.n Catherine Morris, Lavertn Lynn, Shirlej Shortes, Barb ; Counselor; Evelyn Copeland, Jan Smith, Betty Stevenson, Pal Sessions, Pal Brice. Third row: Shirley McKinney, Mar) S i owden, Katharine Connelly, Joyce Walton, Joyn ne Folk, Sara Hawkins, Noda Bettes, Mai A. Davis, Myra J. Moon, June Kirkliuff, Myrna L. Comptou, Katherine M. York, Emily Quilter, Ann Zwick. Holidays were celebrated in style al McCurtain House! For Halloween, ;i " song title " party was held for the little sister house, I lolman. Christmas, complete with Santa and lots of presents, came, by way of McCurtain House, to thirty little children from Jefferson school. In other campus activities, such as Religious Emphasis Week, Homecoming, Dads ' Day. Hang- ing of the Greens, the house was an active participant. Honors seemed to swamp McCurtain residents. Joyce Gregory, as presidenl of the Quadrangle, presided over all the Quad activities. She was selected as one of the ten out- standing freshman women, and also received the freshman Home Economics Award. Vice-presideni of the ISA was Pal Sessions. Beauty reigned here, too, as can be seen in the various queen candidates, Natha Vinson, Ann Zwick, Dixie O ' Neal, Peggj MeKeel, and Koleeta Hopps. Much of the success of the year l!i-V_ ' was due to the work of tin 1 McCurtain House counselor, .Miss Barbara Cotton. OFFICERS President Vice-presiden1 Secretary . Treasurer Social Chairman Myra Hutchins Natha Vinson Evelyn Copeland LaVerta Ln nn Natha Vim -on Joyce Gregory, Jo nn Wagner, Prances Steengrafe and Myra Hutchins dei tstrate how McCurtain I [ouso girls keep those trim figui es. Page 487 Jeanne Thornton, Martha Hall, Thalia Welborn and l.n Payton recollect fond memories from .-in old Soon i r. OFFICERS President . Vice-presidenl Secretary Treasurer . Si. ,-ial ( Chairman !aroltn Stewart Maggie Martin Sue Hudson Mary Payton Maggie Martin McSPADDEN HOUSE McSpadden, one of the mosl congenial bouses on campus, is well-known for its friendly " Hi There " spirit and for the accomplishments of the McSpaddenites as a team as well as individually. The house won the A.WS scholarship cup for the second semester, 1952. Janel Baird was selected as one of the + en outstanding freshman women by Mortar Board and served as president of Alpha Lambda Delta, bonorarj scholarship sorority for freshman and sophomore women. Studying is a major item on the agenda, bu1 it can ' t eclipse the lighter side of life. The girls tossed a costume Halloween party for Ilamill and Hume houses, little sister dorms across the way. A Christmas party was held featur- ing caricatures by Avila. a .Mexican artist. Martha Hall was vice-presidenl of the Quad, Lila J. Weeks was the first woman station manager of KI ' VV. and was a BWOC in the spring of 1952. House president Caro- lyn Stewart was another BWOC, and JoAnn Davis worked as co-chairman on the Red Cross Blood Drive in November. Mary Ann McKennon played with the Oklahoma State Symphony all year and with " South Pacific " when it came to Oklahoma. Carolyn Way danced a part in the Juggler, Orchesis ' annual Christmas production. ' " right: Lequita S rville, Mar} J. Vandiver, Clarilee Shields, Marlene Dykstra, Betty Palmer, Jean McCoy, June .in ii.--. Marilyn Hammett, 1 ' .. 1 1 1 Deere, Lawana H. Trout. B rbara Gragg, Thalia Welborn, M.n Crosby, Lila J. Weeks, Francis Ruth Willis, Marguerite Hopkins, tvalee Bolei [a I . Carolyn S. Hudson I arolyn Stewart, Andrea Rosnnen, Jean Pearson, Wanda Rogers. ■ Diane Peschl, I tin Hamriek, Georgetta Killingsworth, Mary E. Ward, Sybil J. Zeligson, Marilyn Fisher, Jere Thompson, Doni Edwards, Virginia Ferrell, Verla George, Mar} Lnging,Jane1 Murray, Claj Lewis, Jeanne Thornton. Page 488 NEILL HOUSE : " ic. If fi i " right: Liselotte Schr ler, Shirley Hsinng Ju Weil, Helen Kennedy, Carolyn Hicks, Shirley Handler, Pauliw I Roiiemaj uum, Marion Mattocks, Joan Ciruti. I ,.. i : Esther M. Henke, I! mary Callin, Mnyl si Main, Jimniyc Dobkins, Merelyn Hnrdgrave, Elizabeth Wingo, Teresa Hen derson, Celin McElroy, Barbara Wunsch, Ida West, Peggy Moss, Neil] House ' s mosl memorable party iliis year was the Halloween party. Rose Mary Callin made an excellenl for- tune teller. Kyla Bynum sang folk songs and Mairon Ma1 tocks told vrln ' -t Mnric-.. No nnc yel identified the witch who swooped through on a broomstick. Neil! is a 1 1 1 1 i ] 1 1 • house in that it i-- I ' m- graduate stu- dents. .Must iif its 29 residents have at leasl a year. Two students from Germany, Ingeborg Halbeck ami Liselotte Schroeder, and one student from China, Shirley Wen, lend an international flavor to the predominantly mid-western residence. Helen Kennedy is Neil] House ' s yearbook beauty candi- date. Audrey Ellsworth is campus religious coordinator, s| sored by the Danforth Foundation. Jean Ciruti is vice-presidenl of Kappa Gamma Epsilon, honorary modern language fraternity. Will ' s house manager is .Miss Shirle) Handler of Marshall, Texas. Neil! House residents have brought many honors to their dorm, ami have all been active in campus organizations. Visitors find a friendly atmosphere at Neil] ll " ii- ' Neil] House is named in honor of Mr. Alma Will. OFFICERS Page 489 Presidenl Vice-presidenl Secretary . Treasurer Pauline Korges Hose Marie Anderson [ngeborg II l Bl ' is Lucerne Mitchell Paulim Korges chuckles ;it Marilyn Hardgravea joki about " men " , Mit Carolyn Mirks isn ' t impre er Bouse rocks while Dorothy Young beats out " The (il. I Piano Roll Blues " . OFFICERS Presideni Vice-president Secretary . Treasurer Social ( ' hairinan Dorothy Yoi ng Barbara Whiteford Donnie Brown Donnie Brown Barbara Whiteford SAGER HOUSE Sager House residents started their social activities for the year by holding a Listening party on the afternoon i ' the OU-Colorado game. The boys from Sequoyah house were their guests ;is they ate refreshments and cheered the team. A weiner roast at the river early in October found the Liirls and their dates huddled around a campfire singing and talking. Halloween was celebrated by entertaining girls from two freshman dorms, Davis and Sanger houses, at tin- traditional little sister party. Halloween candy and hot chocolate were served to the girls and their guests while uhosts and awful ogres roamed through the lounge. A " party for no good reason " was substituted for a scheduled house meeting in November. Written invitations were issued requesting each girl to wear a costume. Gifts, such as toy horns and piggy hanks, were exchanged at the pre-Christmas party. After the indoor festivities were over the girls went out to sing Christmas carols to other houses in the quadrangle. ' efi to right: June Reynolds, Sandra McCormiek, Theodora Pendleton, Gladys Wilson, Shirley Wright, Pearl [ribble, Glendn S. Coppage, Nun Hammond, Ellen VanLaaneii, Loretta I.. Lokey, I ie Brown. Betty Jordan, Re Corn, Jean Basden, Marilyn Moore, Sur .link, Anita Christian, Blaine Richardson, Mono .1. Pybas, Billii 1 - Barbara Whiteford, Ruthann Narot, Dolores Chapman, Louise French, Amelia Ramon. rine Edwards, Wilma Walker, Faith Warren, Evalyn Anderson, Kathie Scanlan, Marilyn Huntress, Martha Fergi i arolin j Clarke, Jan l Cullough, Kay Kelly, Margaret A. Murphy, Shirley Camp, Carolyn S ott. Page 490 SANGER HOUSE ..! ■. [, ft to right : Wanda I.. May, Robbie Tinney, Gayln Velvin, Irene Billiard, Beth Allen, l thj Davis, Marianne Davis, Bi I Hal ' hett, I ' ■ l: 1 1 1 : Sodcrstrom, Gaye I .. Me Reynolds. Second rou : Rosic . Stretesky, Doris Gray, Shirlej Hudson, June Moose, Malkn Grecnvnld, Jean l ley, Marilyn White, Florence Sumrall, Eileen Shadrick, Arline Beutler, Phyllis Keltner, Carol Berry, iara Mattocks, Cleo Saunders, Carol Dutton, Marilyn Polk, Suzanne Cr «. Coi i Broi iugh, Mildred Burditt, Joan Pinkenbinder, .-iiii Hollowny, Janaceh Jones, Ethelyu Mills. Martha .1. Bolton, Jud} Regan. Fourth row: I thj Cole, alta Canning, Claudettc Trigg, Mary Clayton, Sara MeGaha, Jean Huunieutt, Elei t Vaffe, Dec A. Day, Virginia Westbropk, Jena V, Tuck, Janice Goodwin, Teri Howenstine, Bette McGugiu, Phylis Anderson. If you ' re looking for jam sessions, blind dates, or vaude- ville acts, Sanger House is the hangoul for you. All that, and classes, too! School activities found xv i 1 1 ■ 1 1 «_r- partici- pants in Sanger Bouse, which provided ;i el rleader, beauty, Homecoming, and fraternity sweetheart candidates, Ruf-Nek queen finalist, members of the Glee Club, Choir, Band and participants in the " Hanging of the Greens. ' The lounge was the stage for a Sanger-Irving house party, a Christmas party with gifts for the Cerebral Palsj Institute, a Dad ' s Day open house, and innumerable ses- sions of music, dancing, and actual studying. The initial year fur . " :_ ' LJniversitj of Oklal ta coeds lias I ii made ;i memorable one by their life in Sanger House. Sanger llmis mselor was Miss Jean Moody who li l i -h in make this, year a successful one ' iv Sanger House The residents of Sanger cooperate with .Miss Moodj bj working together ti make their parties and activities a suc- cess. Their willingness to participate in ;ill dorm and cam inis activities makes their college life interesting and re warding. OFFICERS President Vice-presideni Secretary Treasurer . Social ( ' hairman Joan Pinkenbinder Janacele Jones Wanda .May Robbd Tinney Janacele Joni - Th bunny Imp ' s the latest thing, so these ; House girls practice up. Page 491 OLIVER HOUSE First row, left to right: Jane Acker, Peggy Ballard, Patti J. Black, Mary 1.. Bradford, Margaret E. Camp, Norma 0. Crabtree, Carolyn .1. Cummings, Dorothy Dawson. Second row: M. Nadine Duke, Vinita M. Duke, Lucille L. Eng, Marlene M. Faulkner, Conita A. Hargraves, Jan etta .1. Harvey, Margaret I.. Hawkins, Nancy C. Hintze. i row: Meredith Jeary, Mary A. .limes, Joy F. Kirk, Dorothy J. Kramer, Joyce Miller, Maxine E. Miller, I .- 1 1 1 ■ 1 1 ■ J. ( verly, I liane Pa rkhurst. Fourth row: Bette J. Pate, Audrey F. Posey, Virginia R. Price, Maxine E. Propp, Sylvia Schendel, Jayne R. Smith, Carolyne li. Starkey, row: Carole J. Staubus, Patricia Steele, Phyllis A. Swartz, Nelva li. Templeton, Catherine V Walters, La Vanda F. Weatherly, I. " is .1. Winningham. Officers of Oliver House were: Joy Kirk, pr " si- dent; Jane Harvey, vice-presidenl and social chair- man; Nadean Duke, secretary; ami Maxine Miller, treasurer. Among the many successful parlies held at Oliver this year were the annual ski party, a hayride, kid- dies party, ami the Mad ' s Day ami Homecoming coffees. Oliver udrls held manj offices on campus. Lucille Eng se rved as president of the Racquel Club; Jayne Smith ami .lane Harvey served as corresponding secretary and recording secretary, respectively, of ISA: Vinita Duke was vice-president of Pi Zeta Kappa: Nancy Hintze was treasurer of Mortar Hoard: Dorothy Kramer was treasurer of Gamma Alpha ( ' hi: Sylvia Schendel, secretary id ' S.A.M. ; Phyllis Swart ., secretary of Lambda Tau: Jayne Smith, secretary of Westminster Foundation: Lu- cille Eng, historian of W.R.A. ; and Xadean Duke. corresponding secretary of Pi Zeta Kappa. Nelva TempletOIl was chosen to sing the lead in the opera. " The Magic Flute " , and Anne Jones was selected to play a part in the drama production of " Cradle Song " . Oliver House was second in upperclass indepen- dent scholarship and continued its reign as the friendliest and most active house on campus. PARKER HOUSE Officers nf Parker House were Nelva Rhue Mosley, president; Diane Estes, vice-presidenl and social chairman; Joann Kreft, secretary; and Lou Ann Boyle, treasurer. Parker House had a " big sister " party for Forbes freshman dorm. The girls were fed cakes, ice cream, ami cookies and entertained by the guitar playing nf Dorothy Mathis and singing of Diane Estes. The •• « • 1 1 i n i_r ended with everyone participating in the singing. On Friday, the 14th of December, Parker House bad its Christmas parly. The girls came with or without dates. Refreshments were served and the evening «;h spent playing ranis, listening to rec ords and dancing, Joann Kreft was a bearer of the greens in the Quad ' ' I langing of the Greens " ceremony. All in all, it was a very successful year and the residents of Parker House will remember it with fondesl memories during their college days. First " » ' . left ' ■■ right: Joann Abernnthy, Yvonne Allen, Jeannine Anderson, Betty C. Benton, Frances M. Biles, K.ix Bollar, Bettj J. Boone. Second row: Helen C. Brewer, Laura X. Conrad, Bobbye J. Dean, Diane Estes, Anita Fisher, VVilma V Fulks, Ruth A. Goodwin. ■ ;■ " »•; Judith A. [spoeogee, Doris . Jenkins, Ardis M. Klucas, Joann M. Kraft, m Levine, Carolyn S. McLean, ' arobj a S. Martin. Ih row: Dorothj M. Mathis, Nelva R. Mosley, Gail I.. Preuss, Dorotln J. Sartin, Kathryn I. Tilly, Betty J. Truitt, Addie I.. Weaver. Page 493 Page 494 »■ % ■ 29 Th University Book Exchange Extends Congratulations to Graduating Seniors and Best Wishes to all for a happy Summer It Has Been Our Pleasure To Serve You J. C. MAYFIELD, Manager UNIVERSITY BOOK EXCHANGE in the Union Building Page 496 -WaMJtc OF OKLAHOMA MARILYN HUNTRESS, ' 53, Kappa Alpha Theta from Oklahoma City. Marilyn is wearing one of the imported Gash- meres for which Halliburton ' s Southwest Sport Shop is famous. BAMA PIES. FRESH DAILY • When You have Tried them all For Bama You Will Call BAMA PIE SHOP 220 S.W. 29th Phone ME 8-6172 OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA SINCE 1895 MONRONEY ' S DOC BILL FURNITURE COMPANY 10 W. GRAND OKLAHOMA CITY Patty Cordonnier and Raoul Brown lm k very happy. Musi be love! CONGRATULATIONS! GRADUATING SENIORS You have reached a most important milestone in your life. Opportunity and responsibility await you. The career you choose and the success you attain will be only as great as you make them. Consider, well, your choice of life ' s work. There are wonderful opportunities in the field of Life Underwriting, many in our organization in the State of Oklahoma. We invite you to visit our Home Office for professional counsel. MID-CONTINENT LIFE INSURANCE CO OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA R. T. STUART President I. D. ANDERSON Agency Vice President Page 498 UJoiir A ( Sest wi i wimmuu rorm... There ' s a magic form engineered into these remarkable revolutionary swimsuits by the nation ' s most famous designers . . . COLLEGE CORNER Page 499 COMMANDER MILLS, INC. SAND SPRINGS, OKLA. For Health ' s BrSoM ' i Sake iL- L-Jl Use Protected by the SILVER SEAL Dwayne Godsey t.-ikcs time out from the serious job of earvine a turkey .-it the Beta Senior dii r. s y Ivania Salutes O.U. On Its 60th Anniversar y • Sylvania is happy to extend greetings to the U on its sixtieth birthday. niversity of Ok ahoma May we say, " Well Done " to these six decades Oklahoma in the field of higher education. of service rende ;red to In recognition of this accomplishment in such a Sylvania Salutes You! commendable r manner • SYLVANIA ELECTRIC PRODUCTS INC. SHAWNEE PLANT Page 500 Syllogism: Deductive Reasoning consisting of a major premise, minor premise, and conclusion. Major Premise — Smart People Shop at Anthony ' s Minor Premise Conclusion Sooners Are Smart People Sooners Shop at Anthony ' s 120 Stores to Serve You in Eight States: OKLAHOMA, TEXAS, NEW MEXICO, KANSAS, NEBRASKA, ARKANSAS. CALIFORNIA, AND MISSISSIPPI General Office 701 North Broadway Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Page 501 Elsie Says fe y CONGRATULATIONS % CLASS OF ' 53! % ; TSorden ' s FINE DAIRY PRODUCTS CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES EMPLOYMENT 815 SERVICE Hales Bldg. CEntral 2-9511 Let your personal needs be our responsibility Tliis nil goes to show that the Pi Lnnis go a long way to entertain. It was even funnier when Sam Gilbert came down. I209 N. Walker Opposite Osier Bldg. RE 9-2401 PRESCRIPTION SHOPS 2507 NW 23 St. Villa and 23rd Wl 3-4406 " WHERE PHARMACY IS A PROFESSION " C. J. " Connie " Masterson, F.A.C.A., President I I I I North Lee Pasteur Medical Bldg. RE -2406 Page 502 Your Air Conditioned Cafeteria — The Will Rogers Room Designed to Serve You Better Your completely New and Redecorated Union is operated to serve the interest of Students. Make it the center of your activities. Visit the Cafeteria, Game Room, Fountain Room, Auditorium, Ming Room, Lounges, Book Exchange, Union Mart and the Ballrooms. Also located in the Union are Radio Station WNAD, The University of Oklahoma Associ ation, Union Activities office and Faculty Club. Managed by Board of Trustees LEE B. THOMPSON, President HAROLD BELKNAP, Vice-President D. H. SRISSO, Treasurer HILLYER FREELAND, Secretary and Manager The OKLAHOMA MEMORIAL UNION Inc. Page 503 PLUMBING, HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING CONTRACTORS I 1 6 1 2 North Peters Avenue NORMAN, OKLAHOMA Phone 819 L D. 15 Better Portrait Photography " Serving Norman for 24 Years " RUSSELL SMITH STUDIO 127 ' 4 East Main Phone 413 Mary Jean Dean bestows her affections on Harry Phil- lips :is Nanette Oliphanl looks on. Dehydration Units Distillate Recovery Plant Equipment Gasoline Plant Equipment Heaters for Oil, Gas and Water Pressure Vessels Oil, Gas Separators Oil, Gas and Water Separators Welded, Bolted and Wood Tanks Emulsion Treating Equipment Armco Casing Low Temperature Extraction - LTX - Units NATIONAL TANK COMPANY TULSA, OKLAHOMA Page 504 Rod Buckles and Jo Nell Hart came to the Sig Ep Mas querade as a couple of kids »itli teddy bears. Compliments of DITMARS- DICKMANN-PICKENS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY MUSKOGEE, OKLAHOMA JOHN W. BOND LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS JOHN J. DICKMANN JACK PICKENS to the GRADS of ' 53 Tulsa ' s Dominant Department Store 4th and Main • Sth and Cincinnati Page 505 W. T. JAMESON J. L. SAYRE da meson Cv Square COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE 125 S. Crawford Phone 30 NORMAN Boomer -Sooner Varsity - University Rancho Drive-In Boh Lockridg; and Jim Eowsey assure Shirley Curtis that her stilts are very becoming at the Phi Gam Christmas party. l Uko S ald Jkere J Arnutkina { leaner Jkan Afn yvu tomatic Ljai r c anae r ? EVERYBODY knows that parts of an automatic Gas range lift out for quick and easy dish-pan sudsing — keeps pots and pans shiny bright and kitchens cleaner, too. For finest cooking re- sults on the Gas range you buy, look for the " CP " seal — ■ an unbiased guide to cooking perfection. OKLPHOmn nflTURfiL Page 506 U. HIGH FASHION The most exciting Parisian couturier is nothing without his staff of fine seamstresses . . . the most talented architects are bound to their drawing boards without a good contrac- tor. Styles change but craftsmanship and building know-how are constant values. Man- hattan has a marvelous record of almost 50 years of turning plans into buildings, transfer- ring dreams into concrete and steel. Manhat- tan consistently builds the Southwest ' s finest buildings, industrial and military installations. MANHATTAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY enera t Contractors MUSKOGEE, OKLAHOMA TULSA • OKLAHOMA CITY FT. SMITH HOUSTON Page 507 C. L. FRATES CO 1101 First National Bldg. OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. EVERY INSURANCE FACILITY EVERY INSURANCE FACILITY CLIFFORD FRATES CO. 2316 East 15th St. TULSA. OKLA. Phyllis Engle, the girl with the " tapping toes " enter- tains visitors .-it the UAB ' s college of LTnionology. COMPLIMENTS OF Builders Construction Company 402 Kerr-McGee Building OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA EARL TANKERSLEY WM. E. TANKERSLEY H. R. JENSEN DAN A. TANKERSLEY Page 508 JOHN ZINK HEAT MAKERS a Unit Heaters For: Garages Warehouses Stores Bowling Alleys Lodge Halls Central Heaters Floor Furnaces For: Old or New Homes Gas Burners For: Heating Boilers Industrial Boilers Power Boilers Gasoline Plant Boilers Refinery Stills and Furnaces Treating Furnaces Domestic Furnaces JOHN ZINK FIELD FLARE FOR— OIL REFINERIES CHEMICAL PLANTS STEEL MILLS GASOLINE PLANTS SEWAGE DISPOSAL PLANTS or any industrial facility where substantial volumes of com- bustible gases must be dissi- pated. JOHN ZINK JOHN ZINK COMPANY Plant and Office 4401 South Peoria TULSA, OKLAHOMA Page 509 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Mud-Control Laboratories Drilling Mud Service 1832 W.Reno FOrest 5-0336 OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. Joe Wolfenberger and Erwin I ' unk, co-captains of the victorious Beta Bulldogs, display the trophy from the 1952 Beta KA Beer Bowl classic. Congra tu la tions Graduates Drilling Production KERR-McGEE OIL INDUSTRIES INC. KERR-McGEE BUILDING OKLAHOMA CITY OKLAHOMA Exploration Refining Page 510 -0 DEPENDABLE STEEL FABRICATION FOR THE GREAT SOUTHWEST SINCE 1909 INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS BRIDGES AND HIGHWAYS CHURCHES, SCHOOLS OFFICE BUILDINGS OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA Page 511 Established Since 1915 (j l sdjL jacAd lX, IMPORTANT FASHIONS FOR CLASSROOM, CAMPUS, SPORTS EVENTS, DANCE OR DATE — all moderately priced Blythe Carney and Pa1 Babcoek agree that somehow food just tastes better when you ' re wearing blue jeans and a straw hat. ORGANIZATION PRINTING • PROGRAMS • RUSH YEARBOOKS • PUBLICATIONS SOONERLAND ' S PIONEER PRINTERS " Good Printing — Best Service " • n 1953, as during the past 64 years, The Transcript is known for the best in printing and publication service. For quality and service at low cost — phone 1800. T H E TRANSCRIPT COMPANY AND NOW . . . Multigraphing and Duplicating service to make our service complete. PRINTING • STATIONERY • OFFICE SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT Page 512 L ' UIMM ... The Plant Behind the Product WE INVITE YOU TO TRY OUR CLEAN, WHOLESOME AND DELICIOUS Pasteurized Milk Homogenized Milk Buttermilk Cottage Cheese Mayfair Ice Cream Gilt Edge Ice Cream Whipping Cream Coffee Cream Gilt Edge Butter (jtft £c%e DAIRIES N orman Oklahoma City Page 513 F.H.A., CONVENTIONAL LOANS Anywhere in Oklahoma W. R. JOHNSTON CO. Oklahoma City and Tulsa Jay Bond and J:ick Montgomery, dressed up for a kiddie party, look real cute, don ' t theyl Guarding the Health Welfare through generations of SOONERS SWIFTS ICE CREAM Page 514 ■ C I S I 1 ■( 1 1 isitl WEl R I v DS We ' ve never made a rock bit that completely satisfied us . . . and we never will, although we have made millions of bits. One improvement has invariably led to others, opening new frontiers for research and progress. As a result, record breaking bits of not too many years ago have become today ' s museum pieces. Through the years Hughes Tool Company ' s expenditures in research and engineering to improve the performance of its bits and advance rotary drilling have run into millions of dollars. Currently, these expenditures are at a rate of more than $ 1 ,500,000 per year. This continuing research enables Hughes to keep pace with the constantly changing needs of a fast moving drilling industry. Progress dictates that we can never be satisfied with any improvement of the moment. HUGHES TOOL COMPANY WOKID STANDARD DPTHI INDUSTRl Page 515 toM IM . . . for 42 years OKLAHOMA CITY ' S FAVORITE FASHION APPAREL STORE Homecoming Queen Ann Bailey looks proud ami happy as Ruf Neks form an archway for Her Highness. - At ALLIED its the lab man who " calls the play! " Every winning football team is sparked by a good quarterback. He is the man who, time after time, calls the right plays. A company, to be successful, must be directed by an able quarterback, too! At Allied, the laboratory technician— " lab man " — calls the play, sets the standards and checks the work. He ' s a year round industrial quarterback. He maintains the constant flow of nigh quality, uniform asphalt products for which Allied has become famous all over the country. A LLIED MATERIALS CORP. PRODUCERS, REFINERS AND COMPOUNDERS OF SPECIAL ASPHALT PRODUCTS GEN OFF— BRAN FF BIDG., OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. PLANTS— STROUD, OKIA • DETROTT, MICH. NEW MARKET, N J • LOS ANGELES, CALIF. Page 516 Everybody likes to go to the soda fountain — and does. As a result, the fountain is always the outstanding traffic builder for the store that operates one. Take drug stores, for instance. Every day 21 of every 100 people in the United States visit a drug store ... and 18 of those 21 choose stores that have soda fountains. So, if you like to have people in your store, keep your fountain attractive and inviting ...and it will keep bringing people in. The Coca-Cola salesman can help you get the most r eturn from your foun- tain. He ' s a good man to listen to on the subject of people and profit. The soda fountain is the TRAFFIC LEADER of your store and " COCA-COLA " IS A REGISTERED Tl (m$ ADE MARK. is the PROFIT LEADER at your fountain. Page 517 In the Skirvin Tower Hotel $ —where the College Girls — love to shop $ Clothes for every occasion Campus Classroom Dates Dancing and All Sports Visit Oklahoma ' s Finest Shop You ' ve got us :is to tin ' interpretation of these costumes, but Jerry Heinzlenian and Sydney Shaffer seem to be enjoying tin ' K;t|i|i;i sijr 1 1 -lz:i ] ] j i n il.unr. Anderson - Prichard Oil Corporation Independent Producers and Refiners General Offices: Liberty National Bank Bldg. f Oklahoma City, Okla. CHALLENGE GASOLINE CHALLENGE XS MOTOR OIL Products Sold Thr ough Independent Jobbers and Distributors Throughout Oklahoma LOOK FOR THE SIGNS Page 518 Page 519 Operating in Oklahoma Since 1913 v a :$ RESTAURANTS I 13 N. Broadway Oklahoma City and 5 I 2 S. Main Tulsa The " Old Santa " of the Phi Gam house brings out a few unexpected gifts at the Fiji Christmas party. First NaodnAl Bank MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION OFFICERS PHIL C. KIDD President E. H. STUBBEMAN Vice-President CHARLES S. SMITH Vice-President W. D. LAMAR Vice-President T. JACK FOSTER Vice-President GEORGE W. NOLAN Cashier VERNON KUWITZKY .... Assistant Cashier W. M. CROWNOVER .... Assistant Cashier E. WHEELER Assistant Cashier NORMAN, OKLAHOMA DIRECTORS Charles S. Smith Phil C. Kidd W. D. Lamar George W. Nolan John E. Luttrell T. Jack Foster E. H. Stubbkman John M. LUTTRI i i Dr. Curtis Berry Frank Fori man Teh R. Lamar Page 520 Page 521 Courts Gri Opposite Norman Courts on Highway 77 You will be pleased with our fine food and courteous service. Try — ii »i • Chicken in the Basket " Special Reservations may be made for parties and dinners in private dining room. CALL PHONE 3130 Open 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. H. H. HILLERY, Owner This picture just proves that even men are forgotten when Ann Murrah and Karen Dickenson get started with their gossip. ICE CREAM The Ultimate In Good Taste Treat Yourself, JUMBO SUNDAE made with . i DICED CREAM CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE 1953 GRADUATES OF THE O.U. SCHOOL OF PHARMACY Let us work together to keep pharmacy up to the higest ethical standards at all times McKESSON R0BBINS, INCORPORATED ALEXANDER DRUG DIVISION 11 N. E. 11th STREET OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA Page 522 Specializing in Portraiture Commercial and Portrait Photography " OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS 1953 SOONER YEARBOOK " University Studios 217 West Boyd Phone 2602 Page 523 Facilities To Accommodate Your Banking Needs Employees That Are Happy to Serve You SECURITY NATIONAL BANK OFFICERS W. H. Patten .... President D. H. Grisso . . . Vice-President John McFarland Assistant Vice -Pres. Bert Bagget Cashier Dale S. Wood . . Assistant Cashier Josie Haun . . . Assistant Cashier J. H. Patten . . . Assistant Cashier DIRECTORS V. C. Bratton W. H. Patten D. H. Grisso I H. Patten R. W. Hutto J. Bruce Wiley (era Deposit Insurance Corporation A little " 1.1 fashioned barbershop quartet music from the ADPi ' s always seems to please their guests. For Sale ai Leading Grocers I I 12 N. W. 5th Phone CE 2-3620 OKLAHOMA CITY Page 524 The Oklahoma Daily Published Daily Except Sundays and Mondays Complete Coverage of . . . • Campus News and Pictures • State and National News • Sports News • The Official University Gazette fr Serving a Community of More Than 30 ,000 8,000 Students 1,500 Student Families 1,700 Faculty Members, Employees Families Member Associated Press Oklahoma ' s First College Daily Across From The Memorial Union Page 525 WETHERBEE ELECTRIC CO. 1899 Ij 1953 YEARS Serving the Electrical Needs in Oklahoma OKLAHOMA CITY. OKLA. c Congratulations COKER - BUTLER PONTIAC Your Pontiac Dealer Re 9-1381 800 N. W. 4 Used Car Lot 625 S. Robinson OKLAHOMA CITY Martha Sim White and Eddie Keegan glimpse the world through rose colored glasses; now they ' re Mr. and Mrs. THE WORLD ' S SAFEST TIRE! rDayftonr Thorobred DISTRIBUTOR Venn 7? TttcUeknuitt, $nc. Tuls Oklahoma City Amarillo Page 526 S $ ( « ccti f . TfaxKufcutuxOu} . ' pUicC SerwteiHf WELDfD TANKS •OLIID TANKS SEPARATORS PETROLEUM , PRODUCTION j - EOUIPMENT ff : Pi- W SEPARATORS Backed by pioneer experience, each product is built with the aim of being best in its class, in service, performance and dependability. The most up-to-date methods and equipment are used to man- ufacture uniformly superior products. And, experienced, thoroughly trained Field Service personnel is available at all times. 1 . . ' ,,,- fftocJt " " ' " inl null ii i. .i ■ r . ■ , ,,hii in nearest i iillr Illinium CONTINENTAL TANK COMPANY CHr. Okl.h.m. ■ Dancing can I " ' so much fun — " test ify Bob Shorl and ' Knobby ' ' r : 1 1 1 : i n :is tlii-y t:ike an intermission break. COMPLIMENTS OF JOHNSON DAIRY West Main Road Phone 2882 " OUR BEST WISHES GO WITH THE MEN AND WOMEN PREPARING FOR A CAREER IN PHARMACY " The FOX VLIET DRUG Co WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS WICHITA OKLAHOMA CITY PUEBLO ALBUOUEROUE Page 527 Prescriptions . . . Our Specialty The Lindsay Drug Store has always stood for the best in quality and service LINDSAY DRUG STORE JAS. S. DOWNING, Owner 114 E. MAIN PHONE 362 You Ought to be in Pictures ' Liberty Bank Bldg. OKLA. CITY 103 N. Peters NORMAN New Post Office Bldg. MIDWEST CITY Wayne A.bernathy and Nina Breithaupt, OU ' s answer to the " Flaming Youth " era, smile prettily at the Sig Ep costume party. Congratulations O. U. We Are Glad to Have Had a Part In Your Expansion Program STEEL FOR BUILDINGS W W STEEL CO. Oklahoma City Page 528 OKLAHOMA ' S MOST DISTINCTIVE FURNITURE STORE Home of Nationally-Known Furni- ture of Quality, Charm and Value 200-206 W. MAIN NORMAN COMPLIMENTS OF TYLER SIMPSON CO. Wholesale Grocers NORMAN. ARDMORE PAULS VALLEY, OKLAHOMA GAINESVILLE and FORT WORTH, TEXAS Mary Ann Menefee assists Lavon Withom and Mrs, Witham with their plates a1 the Pi Phi ' s Mother ' s Daj w eekend celebrat ion, Congratulations O. U. On Your 60th Anniversary CHICKASHA COTTON OIL COMPANY CHICKASHA, OKLAHOMA POWER TO YOU O. U. We are proud to have par- ticipated in O.U. ' s expansion program by our active role in the construction of the new- Power Plant. Its completion inspires us to say, " Power to You " ever. MURPHY BOILER PIPING CO. SHAWNEE OKLAHOMA Page 529 Competition is solely a con- test to develop the most val- uable service for the benefit of those served. SHERMAN J. SEXTON A service keyed to the particular needs of those who feed many peo- ple each day — resulting from 69 years of continuous and specialized effort in the interest of this great market. CHICAGO - LONG ISLAND CITY - BOSTON PHILADELPHIA ■ DETROIT -- PITTSBURGH ATLANTA -- DALLAS - SAN FRANCISCO The weather outside was frightful, but Louise Boddy, David Guild, Barbara Oursler and Dewey Mathews didn ' t seem to mind ! HARMON CONSTRUCTION CO. General Contractors of New Power Plant Memorial Stadium Geology Geological Bldg. Chemistry Bldg. • 100 South Indiana Phone CE 2-6471 OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA Page 530 EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTORS I ( IR SOUTH BEND (p zxxuAicm LATHES FOR METAL WORKING fiSU Wi " » Engine Lathes Toolroom Lathes Quick Change m-ju- Lathea Precision Bench Lathes Collet Lathes Tur- ret Lathes Lathe Tools and Attachments. Sizes: 9 in., 10 in.. 1 in.. 1 4 ' •_• in. and I • in miiiil ' ' -, with bed lengths from :t ft, to 12 ft. YATES-AMERICAN WOODWORKING MACHINES WALKER-TURNER MACHINES DE WALT SAWS Hart Industrial Supply Co. GRAND SHARTEL OKLAHOMA CITY GOIN ' TO TOWN . . . The University of Oklahoma is " going to town " in a big way through growth and service . . . so is Semco! B. L. SEMTNER. President SEMCO Color Press, Inc. LITHOGRAPHERS, PRINTERS, DESIGNERS 129 NW 3rd St. Phone FOrest 5-4487 OKLAHOMA CITY I, OKLAHOMA Page 531 euer c_v r v (euer Funeral Directors PHONE 67 Still Serving 1952-53 Established 1900 ' A Better Service — the Cost No Higher " BOSS LINDSAY — GEO. JANSING EARL WILLARD — — DAY AND NIGHT AMBULANCE SERVICE WE MANUFACTURE CLEANLINESS NORMAN STEAM LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS 121 E.Gray and 575 Buchanan PHONE 71 Cover for the . . . 1953 SOONER Designed and Produced By KINGSPORT PRESS INC. KINGSPORT, TENN. A sample of :i typical University " hen party " — ;it the Herrick House after-hour party. TESTED BY THE HOURGLASS OF TIME ... to give you quality service — tha ' : is the Varsity Book Shop. It is a tradition on the university campus for students to visit the shop " on the corner " when they have books to buy or sell. It ' s a custom based on sound reasons that always brings them to the Varsity shop — the book sellers to the Sooners — for needed books and supplies. VARSITY BOOK SHOP " On the Corner " Page 532 In Norman . . . Stop at The Lockett • 76 Guest Rooms • Coffee Shop Seats 115 • Ballroom Accommodates 350 • Private Dining Room . . . New Hotel Accommodations Norman, the University City, )ui long realized the need for ii modern hold. Wow we are open and invite alumni, friends and guests o (be University to use tbe ample facil ities awaiting von here. The LOCKETT HOTEL Coffee Shop NORMAN, OKLAHOMA Page 533 " 53 " ItimiLlbetti n National Bank and Trust Company ol Oklahoma Cily The Bank Thais friendly Karen Dickenson and Jim Foglesong — all spruced up to a party — help themselves to some coffee before the Alpha Chi formal. Appetizing FOOD IN NORMAN Corner Boyd Classen Phone 2237 CAFES A Real Touch of Old Mexico Original Mexican Dishes STEAKS . . . CHICKEN And Other American Dishes IN SHAWNEE N.E. On Highway 18 Phone 2277 - GOOD FOOD GOOD HEALTH Page 534 Congratulations to The University of Oklahoma on 60 years of Service to the State of Oklahoma Oklahoma Publishing Company - s» »» 1903 - 1953 ««« - THE DAILY OKLAHOMAN OKLAHOMA CITY TIMES Stations WKY and WKY-TV Mistletoe Express The Farmer Stockman Congratulations: • to the School of Geology on its growth and best wishes for its continued success A merada Petroleum Corpo ration BOX 2040, TULSA 2, OKLAHOMA and 120 BROADWAY, NEW YORK 5, NEW YORK Page 535 NORMAN McCALL ' S SUPER FOOD MARKET Norman ' s Leading Independent Grocers 301 West Main Street Oscar McCall O. T. McCall DEE ' S Phone 1953 333 W. Boyd 120 CHICKEN SHACK Serving Beverly ' s Chicken in the Rough Sandwiches — Steaks — Seafood E. Main Norman Phone 727 HILL SHIPE SHOE STORE 122 E. Main NORMAN COURTS HOTEL 65 Rooms — Air Conditioned — 65 Baths Thermostatically Controlled Heat Radios and Telephones 1131 N.Porter Phone 3000 North on Hwy. 77 CITY PLUMBING COMPANY ROBERT L. WEST, Owner 116 West Main Phone 18 " Get Our Prices Be ore You Buy " Norman, Oklahoma Nationally Known Merchandise At Popular Prices WACKER ' S Department Store Phone 432 116 S. Crawford GREENLEAF MARKET 310 S. Porter Phone 663 Norman Prompt — Dependable ALLARD CLEANERS Cleaning — Pressing Ph. 230 305 E. Main JOHN ' S TEXACO Wash Lubrication Road Service Firestone Accessories Phone 1645 Highway 77 Lindsay Norman UNIVERSITY GROCERY Groceries and Meats Frozen and Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Serving Sooner City and Niemann Apts. N. W. Corner of Prefab Area Phone 2552 JAKE GIBSON, Mgr. RITE WAY I. G. A. FOODLINER 315 E. Eufaula John Morrison CARL H. CHASTAIN Phillips Distributor Patronize Your Nearest Phillips Dealer Phone 709 Norman, Okla. CULP MUSIC COMPANY Pianos — Radios — Records 109 E. Main Ph. 191 T. G. Y. 5 to $1.00 STORES AN OKLAHOMA INSTITUTION Campus Store Downtown Store 773 Asp N orman 229 E. Main Purity ' s Fine Bread and Bakery Products We Specialize in Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes and All Party Cakes PURITY BAKERY Phone 718 211 E. Main Page 536 GREETS O. U. KING G. PRICE AGENCY " Where Insurance Is Not A Sideline " 118 N.Peters Phone 945 Norman, Okla. jfiBafc. Phone 48 750 Asp Norman " lust 40 Steps from the Corner " THE SOONER DRUG Conrad Marr, Owners HERMAN BURKS PHILLIPS SERVICE STATION 24 Hour Service 401 South Porter — Phone 4166 O. K. STAMP SEAL CO. 108 W. Grand Okla. City Aldy Gers, Owner B M CONSTRUCTION CO. Pipeline Construction Petroleum Bldg. Okla. City Earl A. Benson Wm. V. Montin WESTERN NEWSPAPER UNION Everything For the Printer 2nd at Harvey Oklahoma City CHARLES MORRIS State Examiner and Inspector FRED JONES Ford Dealer 200 S. Harvey Oklahoma City HOTEL PARK-O-TELL America ' s Finest Tourist and Commercial Hotel Coffee Shop and Grill — Free Garage 2 Blocks North of State Capitol Hwys. 66 and 77 STEELMAN CONST. CO. PAVING ASPHALTS OKLAHOMA CITY ROBERTS HOTEL 15 N. Broadway Phone FO 5-5421 Oklahoma City ACME OIL TOOL COMPANY 1001 S. E. 29th ME 8-1556 VICKERS PETROLEUM CO. Liberty Nat ' l Bank Bldg. Oklahoma City RAYMOND A. TOLBERT Oklahoma City GRIFFIN GROCERY COMPANY Better Perk Up With Griffin Coffee It ' s Better Per Cup 1716 NW. 6th Oklahoma City Page 537 GEOLOGRAPH CO.. INC. 27 N.E. 27th Oklahoma City OKLAHOMA FURNITURE MANUFACTURING CO. OKLAHOMA CITY WM. G. JOHNSTON Oil Producer 2409 1st Natl. Bldg. Oklahoma City CITIES SERVICE OIL CO. Dealers and Distributors CITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS fimt . Gasoline ' — Oils — Greases _ - Acme Tires BEVERLY OSBORNE Invites You to Beverly ' s Drive Inn — 2429 N. Lincoln Beverly ' s Grill — 209 W. Grand Beverly ' s Grid Iron — 1207 N. Walker GUY H. JAMES CONST. CO. First Natl. Bldg. RE 9-1484 Oklahoma City DICKERSON DE WEES SUPER SERVICE PHILLIPS 66 PRODUCTS 10th and Harvey FO 5-9527 OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA DeCOURSEY CREAM CO. 23rd Kelly J A 8-2124 Oklahoma City HIRSCH-SWAN CORP. Carrier Air Conditioning OKLAHOMA CITY SEISMOGRAPH SERVICE CORP. Kennedy Building Tulsa OKLAHOMA ACOUSTICAL COMPANY 36 N. E. 30th JA 8-631 1 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma OKLAHOMA ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO. Since 1909 1 17 West First St. FO 5-3465 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma SCOVIL SUBLETT Building Specialties 20 N. E. 27 JA 8-6365 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma FIDELITY NATIONAL BANK Oklahoma City SOONER SELECT FOODS Ozmun Co. Oklahoma City LEO MAXWELL CO., INC. Wholesale Furniture 309 N. Olie RE 9-1451 Oklahoma City Page 538 Train For A Great Era Education is essential to American leadership today, possibly more than ever before. The University of Oklahoma, along with other great American institutions offer you the finest training available. REFORD BOND. CHAIRMAN Corporation Commission McCLURE ' S CONCESSION. INC. J. E. McClure J. E. Laughlin Oklahoma City OKLAHOMA VENDING MACHINE CO. Cigarette and Candy Machines 2039 N.W. 30th Oklahoma City KRAFT FOODS CO. Oklahoma City HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 1101 Perrine Bldg. Okla. City HENRY O. DAVIS MOTION PICTURE SUPPLIES 522 N. Bdwy. CE 2-0608 Oklahoma City CHILDREN ' S TOGGERY SHOP McClennan and Heeg 121 N. Robinson Oklahoma Citv GOVENAIR CORP. 513 Blackwelder Oklahoma City CRANE CO. Valves — Fittings — Pipes Plumbing — Heating — Pumps 705 W. Main Oklahoma City ARDIE OIL and GAS CO. First National Bldg. Oklahoma City NATIONAL CASH REGISTER CO. Sales - Service - Supplies 100 N.W. 10th FO 5-9441 Oklahoma City CAPITOL OUTDOOR ADVERTISING SERVICE DR. W. FLOYD KELLER Med. Arts Laboratory Oklahoma City ED DEUPREE. Oklahoma City EXPLOSIVES JA 8-6740 BAPTIST BOOK STORE 208 N.W. 11th CE 2-2555 Oklahoma City 7Ae o tei Ga., One. 431 N.W. 7th FO 5-1549 OKLAHOMA PAPER CO. Established 1900 301 East California Oklahoma City DR. A. R. JACKSON 2519V2 S. Robinson Oklahoma City DR. WM. VERNON DAVIS Oklahoma City SMITH KERNKE Funeral Directors Ambulance Service Oklahoma City Phone JA 8-7342 CROWN HEIGHTS DRUG STORE 36th at N. Shartel JA 8-6334 Oklahoma City LEWINSOHN ' S — THE HUB 108 West Main CE 2-7131 Oklahoma City PAUL BERRY. INC. 25 N.W. 41 JA 5-0409 Oklahoma City OKLAHOMA CITY CASKET COMPANY Oklahoma City UNIVERSAL BLUE PRINT SUPPLY CO. 130 N.W. 2nd FO 5-8465 CHAPMAN PIPE and SUPPLY CO. 1 129 S.E. 29th ME 8-1567 Oklahoma City SAFEWAY CLEANERS Service That Counts 2801 N. W. 12th WI 3-0422 DENNIS DONUT SHOP 2710 N. W. 10th Oklahoma City CAPITOL HILL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 1 13 W. Commerce RE 9-2695 Oklahoma City HOLLIS RUSSELL BOOKSELLER 319 N. Robinson Ave. CE 2-8159 Oklahoma City L. G. BALFOUR Fraternity and Sorority Jewelers Leonhardt Bldg. Oklahoma City Page 539 niHKi ni; HISTORY... ■ FOR HIORE THfln R QUARTER OF R CERTURY ■ n 1 t S uihwesienn e n gr n v i n g co m p n n y TULSA, OKLAHOMA ADVERTISING INDEX Acme Gold Leaf Potato Chip Company • " ' - ' I Allied Materials ' orporat ton 516 Amerada Petroleum Corporation 535 Anderson Pritchard nl Corporation • " l , Anthony ' s, ( ' . R., ( ' ompany 501 B Balliet ' s 518 Bama Pie Shop 198 Big Red Ware House 521 Bishop ' s Restaurants 520 Borden ' s 502 Brown-Dunkin, Tnls;i 505 Brown, John A., I ' ompanj • ' ■ ' • l Builders Construction Company 508 Chickasha Cotton il Company ( !oca I " i I .- 1 Bottling ( ' ompany Coker-Butler Pontiac Company. Commander .Mills, [nc Commercial Employmenl Service 529 517 526 .Mm 502 Connie ' s Prescription Shop, Inc. 502 Continental Tank Company 527 Courts Grill 522 Curtis Studios 528 Lhli Isaj I »nt ' _: Sinn Locketl Hotel M 52H 507 500 532 198 198 534 510 529 526 519 Manhal tan ( ' onsl rucl ion lompanj Meadow Gold Milk Mej er Meyer A I id ' mil inenl Life I usurai i ' o. Monroney ' s Furnil ure • !o. Monterrey Mud nut rol Laboratories Murphy Boiler Piping Co. McDermott, Tom P., !o. McDuff, Fred McKesson Robbins, Inc. 522 N National Tank Company " |(| t Norman Steam Laundry 532 O Oklahoma Daily 525 Oklahoma Memorial Union 503 Oklahoma Natural Gas 506 Oklahoma Publishing Company 535 Pevton-Marcus .,_ ' , Ditmars-Dickmann-Pickens Const. Co.. 505 Economy Advertising Company 544 FirM National Bank Fischer ' s Engineering Company Fnx-Vlirt Drug Company Prates, C. I... Company .V_ () .504 527 508 Gilt-Edge Dairies G H 513 Halliburton ' s - 197 Harmon Construction Company ..530 Hart Industrial Supply Company 531 Mucin ' s Tool Company 515 J Jameson Sayre Lumber Company .IiiIiiimiii Dairy Johnston, W. K. Company. K Kiit .. Harry, Inc. Ki ' ir-Alrt lee il Industries K ingsporl Press, I nc 506 527 51 1 516 :,1ti 532 Landsaw Furniture ' ompany Liberty National Bank 529 534 Robberson Steel Company - ' 11 Rosenthal ' s, Al 512 Security National Bank SemCO Color Press, Inc. Sexton, Quality Foods Skirvin Hotel Smith, Russell Studio Southwestern Engraving Company. Steffen ' s Ece ( ' ream Swift ' s Ice ( !ream Svlvania Electric 524 ;.: ' . 1 530 531 .Mil 540 522 .514 500 Transcript I ' ompany Tvler-Simpson 512 529 U University Book Exchange 196 University Studio 523 V Varsity Book Simp 532 Video Theatres 506 w V. W. Steel ' ompany Wetherbee Electric ' " . Zink, John, Company 528 526 509 Page 541 Acacia, 398, 399 Accounting ( Hub, 202 Administration, 16 18 Air Force Section, 303-324 Airknockcrs. 198, 199 All Sports, 238 Alpha Chi Omega, 372, 373 Alpha Delta I ' i. 374, 375 Alpha Delta Sigma, 202 Alpha Epsilon Rho, 203 Alpha Gamma Delta, 376, 377 Alpha Lambda Delta, 203 A. I. Ch. E.. 208 A. I. E. E.. 208 Alpha Phi, 378, 379 Alpha Phi Omega, 198, 199 A. s. ( ' . E.. 209 Alpha Sigma Phi, 400. 401 A. s. M. E., -209 Alpha Tan Omega, 402, 403 Army Section, 281-302 Association of Women Students, 162, 163 Athletic Council, 239 Athletic Section, 237-280 B Baker Bouse, 470 Baptist Student Union, 188, 189 Bii.SS I lolls, ' , |. " l Beauty Letter. 354 Beauty Section, 353-368 Benedum, T. R., University Re- gent, 39 Beta Theta I ' i. 404, 405 Board of Regents, 39 Be I T. R. Foster, K. L. Kraettli, Bmil R. Little, Quintin McBride, Joe W. Morgan, Dave Short, George F. White. ( (scar Brown, I [on B., Jr., Dean of the i ollege of Business Ad ministration. J:: Buchanan I louse, 459 Burton House, 470 Buttram, Prank, state Regent, 38 C 1 is I ' ersonalil ies, 1 6H-171 n. W. 1 1.. | ean of the !ol lege of Engineering, 1 1 Page 542 GENERAL INDEX Cate, Roscoe, Vice-presidenl and Business Ma iiager, 46 Chaney, John P., Director of Statistical Service. 47 Chi Omega, 380, 381 choral Organizations, 196, 197 Churchill, George W., Director of Press Relations, 47 Clark. Ralph W., Dean of the ( iollege of Pharmacy, 45 Cleveland House. 152 Couch, Glenn C, Dean of Uni- versity College, 43 Cross, Dr. George L.. President of the University, 40. 41 Cross Center Council, 214 Currin, Dial, state Regent, 38 D Davis House, 478 Deans, 42-4. " Delta Chi. 406, 407 Delta Delta Delta. 382, 383 Delta Gamma. 384, 385 Delta Phi Delta, 214 Delta Sio-ma Pi. 21.1 Delta Tau Delta, Ids. 409 Delta Upsilon, 410, 411 Disciple Student Fellowship, 21. " ) Ditmars House, 460 Doggett, Clee O., State Regent, 38 Dunn, John W., Director of Ra- dio Station WXAD, 48 E Engineers Club, 190, 191 Eta Epsilon, 220 Eta Kappa Nu, 220 Everett. Mark K.. Dean of the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine, I ' i Extension Division, 184, is. " F Feature Section, 337-352 Fellows, Dr. .1. E., Dean of d missions ami Regisl par, 4(1 Forbes House. I7 ' .i Foster, R. L., University lie -cut, 39 Franklin, Carl .M.. Executive Vice president . Hi Freshman Class, 93-108 Freshma □ Paw i lass. ill. 115 G Gamma Alpha Chi. 221 i lamina Phi Beta, 386, 387 Governor of the state of i )kla- homa. the Honorable Johnston Murray, 37 l Graduate class, . " (), 52 Gunning, R. Boyd, Executive Secretary, Alumni Associa- tion. Is:; H Ham. Dr. William E„ Director of Oklahoma Geological Sur- vey, 48 Ha m ill House, 480 Harlow. -lames (i.. Dean of the School of Arts Sciences. 43 Harris. Guy, state Regent, 38 Herrick House, 481 Holman House, 4s2 Honorary Cadet Colonel, 302 Hood. Dr. James .. Director of Student Health Service, 48 Housing ' Section. 476, 477 Hume House, 483 I Independent Students Associa- tion. 450, 451 Industrial Arts Club, 221 Institute of Aeronautical Sci- ence, 222 Inter-Fraternity Council. 396, 397 Intramurals Section. 272. 273 Ives, Frank A., Director of Em- ployment, 17 J James, Guy IP. State Regent, 38 Johnston, Julius. State Recent, 38 Jordan House, 484 Journalism Press, Inc., ISO. 18] Junior Class, 72-81 Junior [nter-Fraternity Coun- cil. 200. 201 Junior Pan-Hellenic Council, i ' i id. 201 K Kappa Alpha, 112. 413 Kappa Alpha Theta. 388, 389 Kappa Delta Rho. II I. IK " . Kappa Kappa ( lanima. 390, 391 Kappa Kappa Psi, 223 Kappa Psi. 223 Kappa Sigma, 116. 117 Kelly House. 163 Kerr. I larrison. I ean of the Col- lege of Fine Arts, I 1 K imrej . I • R . I (irector of Piir chasing, 17 K ingfisher I [ouse, 153 Kirk I I. •Use, 185 Kitchens House, 162 Kraettli, Emil i; . Secretary, University Regents, 19 Kraft, Walter W., Director of Physical Plant, 16 Kuhlman, Richard X.. Univer- sitj Architect, 17 L Lambda Chi Alpha, 204, 205 Lav School, 109-116 Lawson House, 186 !.. K. 0. ' I ' .. 204, 205 Little, Quinton, University Re- gent, 39 Logan House, 472. 47- ' i Little, W. ! .. siatc Regent, 38 Lottinville, Savoie, Director of I rniversity Press, 47 M Ma. -.Minn. Paul I... Dean of Stu- dents, 4(i Marketing Club, 224 Mathies, Wharton, state Regent, 38 Mayfield, .lames c. Manager of Book Exchange, 47 Medical Section, 117-1 18 Mills House, If, I Morgan, I ave, I rniversity Re- gent, 39 Mortar Hoard. 204, 205 Mu Phi Bpsilon, 225 Murray, Johnston H., Governor of the Stat,- of Iklahoma, 37 Mc McAnally, Dr. Arthur M., Di- rector of University Libraries, 4li McBride, Joe W., University Regent, 38 McCain II,, use. 163 McCurtain House, 187 McSpadden House, t ss N Naifeh House, 165 Nash, M. A., State Regent, 38 Navj Section, ::2o-:;:;:J Neil! House, 189 Newman Club, 206, 207 Newman Hall, 171 Nurses Scl I. 1 I ' . 1 -! " ,!; • ■• Club, 270, 271 l O " i Iiil, I nge, 272 • Iklab a 1 ailj ,178, 1 T ' . » Oliver II,, Use, 192 p Pan Hellenic Council, 370, 371 Parker 1 1,, use. 193 P. E3. Club, 210, I ' ll I ' e el. 206, ' - ' 117 Pershing Rifles, 299 Phi Alpha Delta. 11 l. 115 Phi Delia rin. 210, 21] Phi Delta Theta, 120, 12] Phi Eta Sigma, 212, 213 Phi Gamma Delta. 122, 123 Phi Ki a I ' si. 124, 125 Phi Kappa Sigma, 126, 427 Pi Beta Phi, 392, 393 Pi Bpsilon Tau, 225 Pi Kappa Alpha, 428, 429 Pi Lambda Phi, [30, 43] I ' i Tau Sigma, 226 Pi Zeta Kappa. 226 Prentice Ho use. 166 I ' resideut of the I rniversity, Dr. George L. !ross, 40, 41 President ' s Message, 11 I ' ulilieai ions Board, 174. 17. R Rackley, John R., Dean of the lollege " f Education, 44 Residential Halls, 454 Rho Chi, 227 Rogers, John, state Regent, 38 Rho Lambda, 432, 133 Ruf Neks. l ' Il ' . 213 Sager 11,, use. CM) Sanger I [ouse, 491 School of Medicine, 1 17—148 Sequoyah House, 155 Senior ( ' lass. 53—71 Senior haw Class. 112. 113 Setliff House, 167 Shanner, Dr. William M.. Direc- tor of Research I ostitute, 46 Short, George P., I faiversitj ! ,■ gent, 39 Sigma Alpha Bpsilon, I ' i I. 135 Sigma Alpha Iota. 227 Sigma Alpha Mu, 136, 137 Sigma Chi, 138, 139 Sigma Delta Chi, 228 Sigma Delta Tau, 394, 395 Sigma Gamma Bpsilon, 216, 217 s. I. M. !•:.. 230 Sigma Xii. 140, 111 Sigma Phi Epsilon, 442, 143 Sigma I ' i Sigma, 228 Sigma Tau, 216, 217 Sigma Theta Bpsilon, 229 Smith. Jodie C, Counselor of .Men. 18 Sneed, Earl, Jr., Dean of the i ollege of . I " , Sn der, Laurance II. I (ei E the Graduate lollege, 12 Society of Automotive I neers, 229 Society Section, 355 368 s ier Shamrock, 180, 18] Sonne]- yearbook, 1 7n. 1 77 Sophomore ' lass, 82 92 Spradling, Q. M., Comptroller, 16 state Regents Eor Higher Edu eat ion. 38 Buttram, Prank Currin, Dial Doggett, ( ' lee ( ». Harris, ( luj •lain,-. Guj II. Johnston, -I alius Little, W. D. Mathies. Wharton Nash. M. A. Rogers, John student Bar Association, 116 Student M. E. X. » ' .. 22 1 Student Senate, 1112, HI:; T Theta Kappa Phi, 444, 44. " Theta Sigma Phi. 231 Theta Xi. llii. 447 Tan Beta I ' i. 218, 219 Tau Beta Sigma, 230 Tau Omega, 231 Truex. I )orothy. t lounselor ( Women, 18 U Union Activities Board, 192, 193 University Bands, in I. l!i. " rniversity Extension, 184, 185 University of t Oklahoma Alumni Association, 182, 183 V Vance House, pis W Wesley K, ,11 1 1, la I ioll. 222 White. (scar, I hniversitj Re ,-ent. 39 White. Dr. Thurman J., Dean of Extension, 17. 1 s I Whitehand Hall, 156 Women ' s Recreational Associa- tion, 2 77- 280 Worcester I [ouse, 157 Y Yollllu I louse. 169 OICA-YWCA, 218, 219 Fage 543 Z)L 1953 Sc ooner Printed and Bound by The Clio Press Year Book Division of the Economy Advertising Co. IOWA CITY, IOWA Page 544 MMM

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