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xx NX gr Y X i H ,w X 2 MIX fa? 9 f 0 C 'TxWf 5 RW as X 4 X, A ffwvx. k 9' a f .x,ffA N ,f -' 4 R K , M53 j, LVAVA f:..:.. If f Z X 1 vw NN W CTLQ BQQN ,mn miswmw 1937 SOONER YEARBOOK Published by THE STUDENT ASSOCIATION University of Oklahoma Norman, Oklahoma WILLIAM M. SELVIDGE Editor IULIUS M, BANKOFF Business Manager Photography by CLARENCE IRELAND STUDIO Norman, Oklahoma Engraved and Designed by IOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING COMPANY Tulsa, Oklahoma Printed by ECONOMY ADVERTISING COMPANY Iowa City, Iowa Covers by THE S. K. SMITH COMPANY Chicago, Illinois Q , F l 1 Bbq 324 Bic, 324 3-24, DSA EQ. 324 bk 354, DM 524. :fif 211 211 277 211 271 :ii :sf :ii 211 2-11 :I A9 pvesenlceg Eg Julie- IQ57 goomev and Jeglcalceg fo Dean Comgovf X-3-My W :bg U BBQ, 33-QL , W 324 3-BQ B!xLd 324. -M 334. M ' 217 217 wwf 2-11 211 :ii 217 217 :ii 211' 277: I 1 I I 1 5 l I NIVERSITY 'gmw ' 'H FROM THE LIFE OE THIS UNIVERSITY H E manner in which men learn changes little with time, the place in which they learn is ever the same. "For a university," Wrote Cardinal Newman, "is a school of knowledge of every kind consisting of teachers and learners from every quarter: it is a place to which a thousand schools make contributionp in which the intellect may safely range and speculate, sure to find its equal in some antagonist activity and its judge in the tribunal of truth. The general principles of any study you may learn at home but the color, the tone, the :ry ,.,: l air, the life which makes it live fr-you must catch all this from those in whom it lives." This statement, having timelessness, applies in like manner to our University of Oklahoma as it did to the centers of learnf ing of an earlier day, the culture and the accumulated knowl- edge ot over two thousand years have come down to us through successive schools of Athens, Paris, Oxford, and Cambridge to Harvard and our modern state universities. Yet the "living man and the living voice" still embody the greatest fount of wisdom. As late as the beginning of the l9th century only the schol- arlyfminded sought a college course. Today's university aff fords a student entry into any area of study and equips him to travel far along the intellectual avenue of his choice. Psychologists tell us that the highest success a man ever achieves is no greater than the dreams of his youth. Thus you may read into this record the faintly sketched outline of future mountain-top accomplishments: for the l937 SOONEH brings you life on a western campus-a life of longings and ambif tions, raptures and regrets, disappointments and ecstasies that fill the hours spent in youthful pursuit of university experience. lt is a cross section of student life in all its fleeting moods and manners, tastes and opinionsf-a sort of moving picture, cape turing moments of l936f37 and reducing them to the printed but unexpurgated page. To that end the book is designed to be a plain and simple story, lighted here and there by information for readers who wish to know, imagination for those who wish to dream, and pleasure for all who wish to cherish the moments in which life found its strangely subtle beginnings. Zigi ,if WITHIN THESE WALLS echo and re-echo the voices ot those who en- ter as college boys and girls, but leave as uni- versity men and wom- en. Here about this campus live the pleas- ant scenes ot that strange change - that magic transformation in which adolescence is outgrown, maturity fore- shadowed, and adult character formed. f!! g!4 kfvivcivad 7 WL NATURE SMILES ond young tove often hos its doty, the beouf ties ot ort ond ttteroture ore thereby enhonood. George Gtssinq sotot ot Henry Rye-Croft, "Ho had ever been much inf tluenced by the mood ot the sky ond the prof oession ot the year." And the borrd ot Avon found HTOUQUQS in trees, books in running brooks, sermons in stones, ond good in everything." K , .Q ,K I Vg as 4 Y, iff: . ,vg- if . .QM-, , 464: ' A U- dzgaa A V My-K 'J- e ..,,,1 A ,M .1 ,,..s- Qu. ,4 .. In XM . N + 3, I :Q ,, Q. 5 ' W VM' " 'Fi 'fi J fi , , L . 3, 5 V- . ,i .a KM , . S Y 2 5: 5 s ... ...V ' . x , ? 5.x ...vga ' ,...4- f F Qing? T519 mm. , ,rv , 1, fA' -wig.-1 L Egret, . . -I' I' . Qin., 1 1555 P 4 nw ' i'f'GW'J' 13313. .hxzif an -r 2 iam- r gig? .px .xi,J,s- ,. .An , . , , 5-' W, H Iris' .-' nw v.'?',,. .lv , Ima: Q SEEKDUS DEVELOPMENT of Plaids revolutionary idea that rnan Could, it lie would, Control and improve liurnan Conditions, We dedicate great laboratories to the doing ot exact and painstaking labor. Here is today's training ground for tornorrow's contribution to the scientitic age. 'fig' 'Y 'Qs 'Q f 'S 'O wh 'ir wo'-5 ,--4.1 .699 wx !!'Qh.u.u... N X ,f '1 X F H, N! IVIANIFOLD ACTIVITIES that oiter the student the opportunity to deveiop a baianced personaiity yet at the same time carry the seeds ot its destruc- tion through his tendency to overparticipate. But their exist- ence is more than justified it his primary objective is kept in mind and the Iimitation ot his energy reaiizedg tor activities touching the varied interests ot the day attord a constant occa- sion tor the study ot human nature, a subject which sometimes transcends ciassroom instruction and which always adds vitaiiy to the compiete scholar. "In every man there is some- thing I may Iearn," says Emerson, "and in that I am his pupiif' I. D1 x yy 1 A gsm g gms gas yur ?..... L , ,2 i.,.... ,., X 1 3 i , ii-..-.3 and listed among the youngest of the forty-four state supported universities in the United States, the Uni- versity ot Oklahoma has given authentic proof ot its value in the remarkable progress made since it opened its doors in l892. Changing economic and political conditions have reacted from time to time upon the institution, but little vitality has been lost in such changes. The people who support it hold firmly to the conviction that the University of Oklahoma consistently tultills its educational obligations to the state. And GOV. E. W. MARLAND insists that ade- quate provision be made for this-the state's cardi- nal instrument ot higher education. THE GOOD OE THE STATE under the stimulating leadership of a great Christian teacher and scholar whose academic influence is felt throughout the midwest, PRESIDENT WILLIAM BENNETT BIZZELL is accorded the gratitude and devotion due him. His stature in the state has stead- ily grown during his twelve years with the Univer- sity of Oklahoma. His first editions and old manu- scripts, his collection of rare copies of the Bible, his engrossed interest in the world of art---all these throw light upon the life and character of a man who seriously desires for every student that "transforma- tion of character attainable only through culture." M SYM? PJYHETXC CONCERN tor students ond instructors ottke DEAN UXMES Y. YXNDLPDI Works upon the prtnctpte thot out personot. contacts shott be upon o ptone most conductve to the promotion ot educottonot votues. To thts end he shores the enthustosm ot the men ond wtsety otds them in the torqetttnq ot youthtut stnortcomtnqs and pretudtces which expertence nos not yet nod ttme to remove. To understond comrotdesxntp, to know the ttmttottons ot dtsct- pttne, and yet to emptoy both tn mcxture wtsdomfthese ore choroctertsttcs ot the one who doty occuptes the otttce ot Deon ot Men. THE NEEDS OE THE XNDNXDU AL qiri whose experience in meetiriq piiobiems oi Coiieqe iite is oiten inadequate, DEAN EDNA MCD PJNXEL is a steadyihq torce. 'Yhrouqh the years such a couriseior has iriiiuericed the thouqht, the teeiihq, and the character ot the sociai iiie on the Campus. Friendship is no idie word to her, and throuqh icihdhj eye and sympathetic tone she enqeriaers into activities an icieaifa hiqh ihterpretatiohfot iite that is an exceiiertt quaii- ticatiori tor ati those who attain a deqree in the "iinest ot ati time arts fthe art oi iiviriq Why Wait tor to-morrow? Live today. Eternity is in the present and stretches its arms to the past and the tuture. Reality is in this rnornent and overtlows into that which has been and is to be. To live is the only Way to prepare tor lite. Being is the exclusive qateway to the heart's desire. lt is the uniurled sail oi this instant that tills with God's winds oi destiny. You are not qoina to liveg you are livinal Open every pore ot your heina to the tides ot liteg revel in its joysg thrill with its ecstasiesg soar on its Wings oi iaithg sail on its imaqinative tliahtsq suiter its pain: grapple with its prohlernsg put your shoulders under its heavy loadsp share in its creativenessy Catch its perspectivef throb with its urqe. For you the universe tocuses on this instant. So tar as you are Concerned Gods plans pivot on this moment. Make the rnost oi the present. Live! NICK COMFORT :as sr-Q. :rs :es nas bm, bbq :bs :-as aes :rs am. P77 211 211 P71 wif :ii P5 211 21? 217 211 2 Left to right-Ledbetter, Rosser, Noble, Bowman, Hatchett, Bizzell, Kraettli, Kerr, Looney. BOARD OF REGENTS OFFICERS MAIOB EUGENE KERR . . . . . President IUDGE l. C. LOONEY . . Vice-President MB. EMIL R. KRAETTLI . . . . . Secretary MEMBERS MR. CLAUDE C. HATCHETT, Durant MR. EUGENE P. LEDBETTER, Oklahoma City ME. IOE McBRlDE, Walters MAIOB EUGENE KEBB, Muskogee IUDGE l. C. LOONEY, Wewoka MR. LLOYD NOBLE, Ardmore MR. MALCOLM E. BOSSEB, IR., Muskogee The Board ot Begents is the governing body ot the University of Oklahoma. This board, which was organized in l9l9, is composed ot seven members who are appointed by the Governor with the approval ot the Senate and who serve terms ot from one to seven years. At least three ot the members must be alumni ot the University. The appointment ot Toe McBride, Walters, made in March by Governor E. W. Mar- land, increased the number of tormer uni- versity students on the Board to tive. McBride replaced George E. Bowman, Mus- kogee. Page 17 The President of the University is respon- sible to the Board and meets with them periodically to discuss University affairs and policies. The Board chooses the Presi- dent, and appointments of other adminis- trative otficials and of members ot the faculty must have its approval. All acts of the University administration are sub- ject to the review ot the Board, which may countermand them it it sees tit. The Be- gents are responsible only to the Legisla- ture and may be removed through im- peachment or by legislative act changing the law by which the Board was created. 2 Left to right KRAFT, WADSACK, LINDSAY, BOBO ADMINISTRATIVE WALTER W. KRAFT'fSuperintendent of University Utilities. GEORGE E. WADSACKfHegistrar of the University. I. L. LINDSAY-Financial Clerk of the University. DH. C. S. BOBOfDirector of Student Health Service and Infirmary. DR. ROY GlTTlNGERfeDr. Cfittinger has served as Dean of Administration since l926. He received his B. A. here in l902. He also holds an M. A. from the University of Chicago and a Ph. D. from the University of California. DR. ROY GITTINGER ln any university of considerable size many functions other than those of a directly curricular nature become a necessary part of the institution. Independently these men carry on their respective administrative duties, which increase the comfort, add to the pleasure, and at times curb the impulses of the individual. The student body is fortunate in having in these positions men of such scholarly attitudes, executive abilities, and genial personalities. One of them buys your second hand books . . . one prints professors' pamphlets for your convenient use . . . one will keep up your school spirit if and when you graduate . . . one keeps the home town paper informed when you join Y. W. C. A. or become vice- president of something . . . one keeps the bells buzzing that let you out Page 18 I 3 1 Left to right-VMILES. BRANDT, BEAIRD, I-IARREL PERSONNEL . CHARLES C. MlLES-Y -Manager, University Boolc Exchange. ICSEPH A. BRANDT--Director ot the University Press. T. M. BEAlRDfAlumni secretary and manager ot the Cklahoma Union. STEWART HARRAL--Director ot Press Relations and instructor in lournalism. DB. E. D. MEACHAMf -Dr. Meacham has been Assistant Dean ot the Arts and Sciences College since l925. He received his B. A. here in l9l4, his M. A. from Harvard in l9l7, and his Ph. D. trom the University ot Chicago in l922. He is the taculty representative to the Big Six Conference. DR. E. D. MEACHAM of class . . . one may ask you to leave the Union Lobby when you try to enroll early on the pretense ot peddling Covered Wagons . . . one may politely but tirmly call to your attention a bouncing check . . . one sews up a cut or bandages a sprained ankle painlessly . . . one may have told you that general languages in junior high doesnt make up tor college Latin . . . one may smile and say, "Does License No. 380-U38 mean anything to you and who was that lady l saw you with last night?" Though too otten We try to work them rather than Work with them, our interests, our aims, and our problems are shared by them. They contri- bute a vital element toward our accomplishments. Page l9 MEN'S COUNCIL RALPH KENYON First Row, lett to right-Dobyns, White, Kantor, Cates. Second Row-Chenauit, Mathis, Lucas, Craig. OFFICERS NATHAN CHEN AULT . WILLIAM CATES HAROLD MATHIS AL NAIFEH IOHN HUNTER RALPH KENYON NATHAN CHEN AULT MEMBERS WILLIAM CATES WIP ROBINSON HAROLD WHITE IOHN BOLER DONALD DOBYNS . . President . Vice-President . Secretary FRANK HUGHES IOE KANTOR CHARLES CRAIG NORMAN LUCAS BILLIE BURKE RALPH KENYON The Men's Council is the selt-government association lor men on the univer- sity campus. Membership in it includes an executive branch made up oi the three oiticers oi the Council, tour representatives trom the College oi Arts and Science, three each irom the Business and Engineering Colleges, two apiece representing the Lawyers and Graduate students, and one man each irom the Pharmacy and Fine Arts College. The Council iunctions both independently and in cooperation with the Women's Sell Government Association according to the nature and scope of the problem. Its chief aims are to present the student side oi questions to the administration, aiiord a closer and more harmonious relationship between stu- dents and iaculty, and assist clubs and organizations wherever needed. Page 2U W. S. G. A COUNCIL . .M L, J First Row, left to right--MacKenzie, Anderson, Minnick, Clark, Bryan, Allender, Pet-ers. Second Row---Bohn, Dietrich, Armstrong, Babcock, O'Reilly, Lindstrom, Brown, Ash, Thornton. RUTH CLARK . HELEN ANDERSON EXEL ALLENDER . PLORENE DIETRICH ELOISE BRYAN . MURIEL MINNICK FRANCES PETERS ALICE CARTER . . President . Vice-President . Secretary . . . Treasurer Y. W. C. A. Council President Mortar Board . President W. A. A. . House Council LUCTLLE MacKENZlE . . Women's Editor NINA BOHN .... Freshman Chairman PEGGY O'REILLY President Alpha Lambda Delta BETTY COE ARMSTRONG . . . Scholarship WYEMA ADAMS . . . . Vocational DEMETRTCE THORNTON . . Health ELPREDA BABCOCK . . Activity FRANCES LINDSTROM . Social The Women's Self-Government Association is charged with the responsibility of the regulation of student women's problems at the University. Its functions parallel those of the Men's Council. The two groups often meet together when action affecting the entire student body is necessary. The two bodies together form the Student Association. Tmpetus for high scholastic attainment by nonesorority women is afforded by the annual presentation by the W. S. G. A. of a loving cup to the dormitory with the highest grade average. A like award is given to the highest organized house average. These prizes are a feature of their annual scholarship banquet. The Executive Board of the W. S. G. A. is composed of the four officers selected in an open election. Directly under the Executive Board are representatives from the womens organizations, the ludicial Board selected by the Executive Board and the representatives and tive members-at-large, also selected by the Executive Board and the representatives. Page Zl RUTH CLARK Left to right Gittinger, Reaves, Salter, Tappan, Findlay, McDaniel, Bizzell, Kraettli, Wadsaclc, Dodge, Collings, Adams, lohnssn, Monnett. THE ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL The Administrative Council is made up ot the President ot the University, the Deans ot the various schools and colleges, the Dean ot Men and the Dean of Women, the Registrar, and the Assistant to the President. lt adopted its present name in l9l3, hav- ing been previously known as the Senate, The Council performs administrative, legislative, and executive acts in regards to the University generally, and serves the President in an advisory capacity. lt serves in a judiciary capacity on stu- dent problems such as eligibility, discipline and admission. The student body may petition the Coun- cil ior redress ot any grievances through either the Men's Council, Womens Selt Government Associa- tion, or a combined action ot both. The primary iunction ot this group, however, is the co-ordination ot general University policies, rules and regulations. MEMBERS DH. W. B. BIZZELL, President. P. G. TAPPAN, Acting Dean oi the College of Engineering. LEWIS SALTEE, Acting Dean ot the College ot Eine Arts. IULIEN C. MONNETT, Dean ot the School oi Law. HQY GITTINGER, Dean ot Administration. DR. ROBERT U. PATTERSON, Dean ot the School ot Medicine. D. B. E. IOHNSON, Dean ot the School ot Pharmacy. S. W. REAVES, Dean ot the College ot Arts and Sciences. ARTHUR B. ADAMS, Dean ot the College ot Business Administration. HOMEPL L. DCDGE, Dean ot the Graduate School ELLSWORTH COLUNGS, Dean of the College ot Education. MlSS EDNA E. McDANlEL, Dean ot 'Women I. F. PINDLAY, Dean ot Men. GEQRGE E. WADSACK, Registrar. EMIL R, KRAETTL1 EMlL P. KRAETTLI, Assistant to the President. Page 7 BBQ bm nm :ii P71 Mom SCMOQLS DEANS EACH LTY WI I UTAVQY 'B kg gl 'I r M- guns iw A-A xgrf 'DV 'S Y if il 'lf l One out of an enrollment of six thousand . . . a warm, sunshiny afternoon and a lab in accounting . . . you didn't flunk that quiz after all . . . a malt at the corner and then to bed, or stay up and get those advertising layouts . . . Saturday morning eight o'clocks . . . a cut . . . more clay and another try but that chin just won't smooth out . . . a word of encouragement from the instructor . . . briefs that freeze your hand and questions that set your head spinning , . . caps, masks, instrumentseeand you Wish , 5 N 5 M , - " v- .. ,air , ' , it at .ifwmyw sf, ,-...mmv,,.-, -.M .. 3e.r 'Wh l you'd listened more attentively during that last lecture . . . only ten minutes to shower and reach class . . . won the hockey match . . . sixteen of Shalcespeare's plays to read-Nelson Eddy at the theater . . . drill and you draw the nag again . . . eleven- thirty and medieval history-then you notice the professor glanc- ing at the clock . . . put on grease paint, take off grease paint- you still get the rnaid's part . . . the professor tells a new joke . . . coffee and exams . . . a cap and gown. S5625 E115 ARTS cmd SCIENCE KW xv W fi. -Y Leif, top to bottom DR. PAUL B. SEARS, heod of boicmy, PROP. L. N. MORGAN, English, DR. N. A. COURT, mcrthemdticsy DR. HELEN B. BURTON, head of home EC., DR, E. E. DALE, he-od of history, A. MCCANN, secretary. Center, top to botlom DR. CORTEZ A. M. EWTNG, government, T. H. BREVVER, hedd of English, DR, I. VV. STURGTS, Lortihy IEROME DOWD, Sociology. Right, top to bottom' CHAS, P, GREEN, speech, DR. L. B. HOISINGTON, pSycho1OQY7 DR. R. T. HOUSE, he-od of modem Tonqudqe. Page 25 'Q I ' - Y if in. Ref s it E Q -5 wie--sw, sw , Q is DR. S. W. REAVES. Dean likes to take a try at growing roses trom slips . . . enjoys the radio . . . the Ford and General Motors programs on Sunday evening . . . political addresses by national tig- ures . . . no plays . . . spends as much time as possible on the golf course . . . on rainy Saturdays tunes in on the opera. EVELYN ESTELLE HUTCHINSON . Omicron Nu. PAUL H. IAMISON ...... PAULINE HEFFLER ...... HELEN MARIE IENNINGS, Delta Gamma Y. W. C. A.: Tyre. IAMES T. MCCLELLAN, Sigma Nu . . . SENIORS , Oklahoma City . Dallas, Tex. . Tyler, Tex. . . Oklahoma City . . . . Claremore "Y" Council: University Band: Phi Sigma: Alpha Sigma Delta. CHARLES VV. MCCLELLAN, Sigma Nu . . . . . . Claremore Alpha Sigma Delta: Phi Sigma: University Band. SARA K. GARNETT, Alpha Chi Omega . BETTY SUE CLARK, Kappa Kappa Gamma Psi Chi: Social Work Club: Y. W. C. A. MARY ALICE LARSON ..... Oklahoma City . . Muskogee . . . Oklahoma City Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Lambda Delta: Mortar Board: Y. W. C. A. OSCAR S. ANDERSON, Acacia . . . Kappa Kappa Psi: Band. IOAN MCKOWEN, Pi Beta Phi . Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. WINIFRED GREEN, Alpha Phi . MABELLE MILLER, Pi Beta Phi ....... . . . . . Oilton . Oklahoma City . Blanchard . . Tulsa English Club: Advertising Club: Y. W. C. A. KATHLEEN ANN KEEFE, Pi Beta Phi . . LEMUEL D. GROOM ...... Oklahoma Daily, Advertising Manager: BURT W. SPERRY, Beta Theta Pi . . ELAINE DAVIS, Pi Beta Phi .... . Askansas City, Kans. . . . . . Bristow Advertising Club. . . . . Monroe, La. . . . . Holdenville Y. W. C. A.: English Club: French Club: High Hat: Advertising Club. ELOISE V. BRYAN, Gamma Phi Beta . . . . . Oklahoma City Gamma Phi Beta, President: Mortar Board Honor Class: Panhellenic. BETTIE HAYDEN, Kappa Alpha Theta . . SUNELL BETI-IELL, Pi Beta Phi . . Y. W. C. A.: High Hat. POLLY ATKINSON, Delta Gamma . . . . . . McAlester . Tulsa . . . . . El Reno Delta Gamma, President: Panhellenic: Advertising Club, Secretary. CLIFTON L. BELL ............ GraY WILLIAM E. CUNNINGHAM, IR. . BETTY GIBBENS ....... . . . . Norman . . . Oklahoma City Pi Zeta Kappa: Kappa Gamma Epsilon: Spanish Club: French Club. BRIGHT LARKIN ....... WILLIAM O. FELKNER ...... . . , . . Guthrie . . . . . Tuttle Presidents Honor Class: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Rui Neks. EDWARD W. BANK ...... . . . . . . Enid Phi Sigma: Alpha Epsilon Delta: O. U. Von Baer Zoological So- ciety: Y. M. C. A. ROSEDA P. KOELLING . ......... Tonkawa Pi Zeta Kappa: English Club: Educational Fraternity. ABNER FAYE BOND, Delta Tau Delta . Congress. DORIS LUCILLE HANKS, Alpha Xi Delta . ANSLEY LUES SPALDING, Chi Omega . Oklias, Vice-President: House President: Riding Club. NELL SIMMONS, Delta Delta Delta . MAURINE MARSHALL, Gamma Phi Beta . . . Norman . . . Oklahoma City . Ft. Sam Houston, Tex. Racquet Club: Polo and . Tyler, Tex. Oklahoma City Panhellenic: Hestia: W. S. G. A.: Pi Zeta Kappa: French Club: Ducks Club. ELIZABETH IANE HEDLUND, Pi Beta Phi . . . Elk City Psi Chi: Social Work Club: Polo and Riding Association: Y. W. C. A. ANNA MAY FELLOWS, Delta Delta Delta Hestia: French Club. ELIZABETH MISH ....... . . . Tulsa Oklahoma City Ki 'Q K . 45 K! was Qi fs .QP f J' .fx . A , .. ' ww MG? 'SI' . S Ie ,Q . 3 if file QP' :QC 1937 ELIZABETH M. CRAWFORD . Olclias. DARWIN C. SMITH, Delta Upsilon . . MARY BILLINGSLEY ....... . H MARY V. GRAI-IAM, Alpha Chi Omega . . lk Y. W. C. A.: Indian Club: Zoological Society. I . F f IAMES F. MICHAEL . . Sigma Gamma Epsilon. WANDA IARRETT ...... . NINA BOHN ......... Honor Class. GLENN E. POTTZ ......,.. ' Phi Theta Kappa: Assistant in Zoology. luv W ll' "V RUTH POTTS, Kappa Alpha Theta . ELOISE B. GAMBLE, Delta Gamma f LOYD DORSETT ......... gi 'Wk if gr -6' Q REBEKAH SELVIDGE, Alpha Phi .... . Tonkawa . Tulsa . Wayne . Tulsa . El Reno . Wetumka Houston, Tex. Alpha Lambda Delta: Mortar Board: Chi Upsilon: Women's RUTH DARLING, Kappa Alpha Theta .... . Walters . Shawnee . . Moore Oklahoma City . . Norman Alpha Sigma Delta: A. I. E. E.: Fencing Club: Engineers' Club. P. I. MALONEY, Phi Kappa Psi . . . Hutchinson, Kans. . . Ardmore Panhellenic: Alpha Phi, President: Y. W. C. A., Finance Chairman. MARY MARGARET ROBERTS, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . Newlcirlc IANET MARTIN . . .......... Wewoka Mortar Board Placgue, '36: Orchesis: Choral Club: W. S. G. A. A ' HAROLD A. WHITE, Phi Kappa Sigma ...... . Tulsa TU k f " M ' 1' Alpha Epsilon Delta, President: Men's Council: Skeleton Key: an 5 ' - I 7 Y Phi Sigma. . , ,,. : 1 PAULINE LOUGHMILLER . . Oklahoma city 1: .:2..' ' , .,A' 2 '- ..,, I . IAIVIES B. PERIVIENTER . , . Okmulgee , GU f DoNALD E. BRIM . . Goidrhwqiie, Tex. WJ' Y :ig LAWRENCE R. BOLEN, Phi Kappa Sigma . MILDRED LOUISE HAVVKINS ,... Phi Sigma, Secretary. IAMES A. LONG ........ IOHN HARMS ......... DORIS HOVVE, Gamma Phi Beta . . . CHARLES A. BELL, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . IDAI-I MAXINE ABERSON, Sigma Delta Tau . Psi Chi: Y. W. C. A.: Social Work Club. MAURICE L. CLANCY, Delta Tau Delta . . qw r, in Gamma Epsilon. RUl'I-I ELEANOR GRIMES, Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Alpha Theta, President. DOROTHY KELLY, Delta Gamma . . . Oikonomia: Hestia, President. MARTYNA GARRISON, Delta Delta Delta . TQ 6 NORMAN G. SHAWVER, Phi Kappa Psi . . ,559 ty,-.- GENEVA E. IUESCHKE .... Rostoruni. .:--:' Q KATHERINE RICE . . . . . Presidents Honor Class, '36: Pe-et: Phi Et Phi Beta Kappa: Rhodes Scholarship Candidate. a Sig Pi Zeta Kappa: Chi Upsilon: Pi Epsilon Alpha. Oklahoma City Wichita, Kans. Roanoke, Va. . Cordell Denver, Colo. . Shawnee . Okemah . . Carter ma: Kappa Oklahoma City Ft. Worth, Tex. . Rusk, Tex. Wichita, Kans. . Tonkawa Thalian, President: Kappa Delta Pi: Newman Club: . Ponca City I :i':- ' I chomi Club: English omg, Hestia: Y. W. C. A.. A ' 1 Spanish Club. CULA L. ROOK ...... , Deport, Tex. Hestia: Baptist Student Union. it- . I - P M kwa I ." w t. me S ' "TMA . Y . M e . ,mg A I. KELLER HENDERSON, Pi Kappa Alpha . Oklahoma City SENIORS LYLE HAMMOND, Pi Kappa Phi ..... Band, '33-'34, English Club, Philosophy Club, man Club. . . Ponca City Congress, Ger- MARYON WOLEE ........... Ardmore Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board Iunior Honor Class, Y. W. C. A. FLORENCE H. BURDITT ....... . . . Beaver Spanish Club, VV. S. G. A., Vice-President ot Residential Hall. NANCY B. TRAMMELL .....,. DAVID E. REED, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . PINLEY HOLBROOK, Kappa Alpha . ELLIOTT DAVIS, Phi Beta Delta ..... . Oklahoma City . . Tulsa . . Perkins . Oklahoma City Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Bombardiers, Pe-et, Presidents Class, HORACE CALVERT, Beta Theta Pi .... Beta Theta Pi, President, Rui Neks, Skeleton and Blade. . Saginaw, Mich, Key, Scabbarcl ELOISE L. WYATT, Alpha Phi ......,. St. Louis I. HARTWELI. DUNN .......,.. Heavener Alpha Pi Mu, Bombardiers, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Kappa Tau Pi. CHARLES W, GROOMS, Phi Delta Theta . . . . . Norman Kappa Kappa Psi, Bombardiers, R. O. T. C. Major. RUTH S. MORRIS ......... Entre Nous. HELEN L, MONTGOMERY, Phi Mu .... KATHRYN KIRKPATRICK, Alpha Phi . . . . Oklahoma City . . Borger, Tex. . . . Ardmore Timber Cruisers, Y. W. C. A., House Council, Panhellenic, Treasurer, BILL BREEDEN, Pi Kappa Alpha . . Football, Track. SAM RUBENSTEIN, Sigma Alpha Mu . IUNE GREENSHIELDS ....... YVONNE E, IACOBSON, Delta Delta Delta . . , Oklahoma City . New York City, N. Y. Blackwell . . . Norman Kappa Gamma Epsilon, President, Orchesis, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. WILLIAM H. WYLIE, Sigma Nu ...., LEWIS S. IOHNSON, Pi Kappa Alpha . PAULINE NAIFEH ....... Oikonomia, Omicron Nu, Hestia. V, BROWN MONNETT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon , Scabbarcl and Blade, Sigma Gamma Epsilon. REX A. BARTLETT, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . . Oklahoma City . . El Reno . Norman . . Norman . Oklahoma Ciiy Varsity Wrestling Manager, Iota, Chapter Officer, Chairman Social Committee. BILLY PRICKETT ........, Tennis. ED L, HAMILTON, Sigma Chi .,.. EARL WESTMORELAND, IR., Kappa Sigma . Rui Neks. IAMES L. POWELL, IR., Beta Theta Pi . . . . HELEN NINA TAPPAN, Phi Mu . . . . . Alpha Lambda Delta, Chi Upsilon, Secretary Mortar Board Honor Class. MARY EDNA TRAMMELL BOB E. RAPP, Delta Upsilon . . . HOLLAND MEACHAM, Kappa Sigma . GAIL C. ALDRIDGE, Kappa Alpha . RAYMOND W. REED, Delta Upsilon EVELYN B. I-IAYDEN, Pi Beta Phi MARY E. MILAM, Kappa Alpha Theta .... . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma Cify . . Antlers . . Muskogee . , . Norman and Treasurer, . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City . . Muskogee . Manchester Wewoka . Tulsa Chelsea Rifle Club, Choral Club, Choral Union, Pi Epsilon Alpha. IOHN H. HUNTER, Alpha Tau Omega . . Springlield, Ill. Men's Governing Council, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Varsity Baseball, Intra-Murals. tiki' .1 it si. G my .1 . V.. f i g , 1 '5- V. A Y X.. 5251 53 4' it 1 H H2 f. .tt A' , : I " I: ' ' Qj f ' fl ' .- - .' , . ,. " I 1' 5 ' ' A fi Afi- QJ' A . . I .J I A 5552-I l ff mn-1'-sd xi 1 9 3 7 IOHN A. MCREYNOLDS ..... IMA, Organizer: German Club: French Club: Y. M. C. A. LUCILE MEDBERY, Delta Gamma . BEN L. BURDICK, Sigma Chi . . VIRGEAN BOARMAN .... Oilconomia: Y. W. C. A.: Hestia. MARY HELEN SPICKARD, Gamma Phi Beta . RUTH MOZELLE BENNETT .... DORRIS MILLER, Alpha Xi Delta . MARY BELLE RILEY . . . GLEE MILLER, Delta Delta Delta . . MORRIS B. TUCKER ...... MARGARET C. BLACK, Kappa Kappa Gamma MARETA NELLE WEST, Kappa Kappa Gamma . ROBERT E. COUCH . IEEE MASON BOND . RUTH L. MILLER ..,,. English Club, MARY ALICE BLAK Chi Omega . . . . . Norman Spanish Club: . . . Clinton . Oklahoma City . . Shawnee . . Okemah . Oklahoma City . McAllen, Tex. . Mustang . Skiatook . . Miami , . Blackwell . Oklahoma City . . Wayne . Pauls Valley . Mutual . . Tyler, Tex. E, . . International Relations Club: Y. W. C. A.: Young Democrats. DOROTHY LINDSAY ..... Oikonomia: Newman Club: Hestia. MARY LEE COOPER, Alpha Chi Omega ZETTA BROWN, Kappa Kappa Gamma . ELMER A. GEARHART, Acacia . . . Y. M. C. A. ELLEN FLEMING, Kappa Alpha Theta . PAT ANN DOYLE, Kappa Alpha Theta . MARY DAVIS, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . Lindsay . Dallas, Tex. . Oklahoma City . . . Kaw . . Enid . . Wewoka . . McAlester Chi Delta Phi, President '36: Mortar Board Honor Class: Y. W. C. A. ROBERT T. MITCHELL, Kappa Alpha . . Polo. MARY IANE BASS, Kappa Alpha Theta . BE ANN BROWN, Kappa Kappa Gamma . Panhellenic, President: WL S. G. A.: Mo LUCILE WHEELER, Delta Gamma . . . Y. W. C. A. BERYL TAYLOR, Kappa Kappa Gamma . IAMES I. STANSELL . Thalian: Spanish Club. EDWARD R. E. WAGNER .... PEGGY LOU STEIN, Kappa Kappa Gamma Y. W. C. A. BETTY BOWLBY, Kappa Alpha Theta . EXEL MARCELLA ALLENDER . . . Muskogee . . Durant . . McAlester rtar Board. . . . Clinton . Oklahoma City . Ardmore . Hope, N. I. . . Miami . Shawnee . . . . . Elk City Oilconomia: Hestia: Omicrori Nu, Treasurer: Pi Zeta Kappa: W. S. G. A. Secretary. MARYA WELCH, Delta Gamma ..... Guthrie W. A. A.: Rifle Club: Ducks Club: Racquet Club: ' Dusty Travelers: Newman Club. ROSA LEE LEWIS, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . Muskogee Social Work Club: Y. W. Cabinet. RUSSELL LEE MORGAN ..... Oklahoma City Pi Sigma Alpha: Marshall Bar. I SENIORS FRANCES G. PETERS ........,. Norman Alpha Lambda Delta, Iunior Honor Class, W. A. A., President '36-'37. FLORENCE R. BRODERSON ......... Okarche W. A. A. MARY PARKS, Kappa Alpha Theta ...... Muskogee LORRAINE IAMESON ........... Cache Las Dos Americas, Vice-President, Kappa Gamma Epsilon, Secretary. IULIA A. KENNEDY, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . . . Pawhuska Panhellenic, President '33, Y, W. C. A. House Council '32, W. S. G. A. '33. IOI-IN B. FLYNN, Theta Kappa Phi tDeceasedJ . Wichita Falls, Tex. Theta Kappa Phi, President, Newman Club, Rut Neks. FLORENCE NELLE SAINT, Alpha Xi Delta Hestia, Pi Epsilon Alpha. DOROTHY ANN PERKINS, Pi Beta Phi Thalian Reading Clulo, Y. W. C. A. M. L. HOLLAND, Phi Kappa Psi . . . HARRY L. COLLINSON, Phi Gamma Delta IOHN T. SHERRILL, Pi Kappa Phi . . KENNETH CRAIG, Kappa Alpha . Iazz Hounds. . . . . . Norman , Midland, Tex, . . Hutchinson, Kans. . Arkansas City, Kans. . . Broken Bow . Oklahoma City ALINE D. MASSEY ..... . Norman Thalian Reading Club, Y. W. C. A. EVELYN E. HENRY ..... , Altus WILDA CRAVEY . . Norman ETHELENE KIRK . . Marlow BERTHA A. HUNT . . . . Norman Pi Zeta Kappa, Kappa Phi. ALICE C. KNIGHT ....... . . . Wewolca ALFRED NAIFEH ....... . .... Norman Men's Council, President, Presidents Class, Phi Eta Sigma, President. CHARLES R. HABERLEIN, Phi Delta Theta ..... McAlester Alpha Epsilon Delta, Intramural Manager, Von Baer Zoological Society, Director. GLADYS RUTH MEECE . . D. S. HARRIS, Delta Upsilon . GERALDINE STEELE ...... Oilconomia. ARCH M. PARMENTER, IR., Beta Theta Pi Scabloarcl and Blade. OWEN TOWNSEND, Alpha Sigma Phi WALTER DEAN HART, Beta Theta Pi HENRY O. EASTERVVOOD, Acacia . LAMBERT ROOT, Beta Theta Pi L. RAY DAWSON, Beta Theta Pi . IOHN SHIRK, Phi Delta Theta . . THELMA GOFF, Kappa Kappa Gamma . SHIRLEY DANDRIDGE .... ERLENE LASLEY, Alpha Phi . . BILL NEWTON, Alpha Tau Omega . I. T. LUCKETT, Acacia .... CHARLES R. KERR . . . Tonkawa . Drummond . Marlow . . Lawton . . Marietta . Oklahoma City . . . Ardmore . Los Angeles, Cal. . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City . . Norman . Norman Oklahoma City . . Norman . Duncan . Pawnee "Of f I l 'X A FP nhl. ..,- .gf 'SH 6 at 'QZ71 gm... k-I, I . if V 2- F A ik x an 15" . 9,3 A 2' ff 1 ft' .M S , QPF " .1 U- 1, Q, A, ' I lm T ll ,,. . A 9' .gt Ri .., . ill, 5 , I B . gl "Q, 4 ' 1 IP f ,, , . N . . g x,.Q W v i p- ' . ..,.. gg l -bg I ..:2 ' 'U I 1- , . nv .rs Q x sa I , in , y . .Z 1',. 5 3, E - W - 'X ' .hir -. V.. I lvl, 'VU if yin- I 55" EQ is 0,1 T' UNDERCLASSMEN IAMES E. BAGGETT, Sigma Nu . WILLIAM R. MILLER, Kappa Alpha . NANCY M. ANDERSON . . , ANNA RUTH TURNER . . ALFRED L. DEATON ..... VVILLIAM ECKES, Alpha Tau Omega . RAY VV. HOLBROOK, Kappa Alpha . ERWIN ALPERN, Phi Beta Delta . MARY IESSAMINE THOMPSON, Pi Beta Phi DOOLEY MALLORY, Alpha Sigma Phi . IOHN ARCH ROLLOW, Sigma Chi . . FRANK F. PINNEY, Phi Gamma Delta . HARRY L. HUMPHREYS, Delta Upsilon . RALPH E. KEEHN, Sigma Chi . . . IOHN W. BYER, Kappa Alpha . . IUNE CAIN DURLAND, Delta Gamma . IOHN P. MCNAUGHTON, Sigma Nu . . PAUL DODSON SULLIVAN, Delta Tau Delta IACK BAER, Kappa Sigma .... RAMSEY de MEULES, Phi Kappa Psi . CALVIN GRANT, Kappa Alpha . . . CHARLES G. FULLENVVIDER, Phi Gamma D CHARLES D. HILLE, Sigma Chi . . . VIRGINIA ELLEN SUTHERLAND . . . BEN LANGDON, Phi Gamma Delta . IOHN R. CRAIN, Pi Kappa Phi . ROBERT BERTON, Phi Kappa Psi . IAMES R. BROOKS, Beta Theta Pi . L. HART WRIGHT, Phi Delta Theta MARGARET BELL, Pi Beta Phi . WALTER S. MARTZ, Pi Kappa Phi . DAVID DELANA, Beta Theta Pi . IOHN A. ATKINSON, Delta Upsilon GLENN LANE, Pi Kappa Alpha . . IIMMIE OLSON, Acacia ..... IACK CURTIS PAYNE, Pi Kappa Alpha WYCKLIPFE HEBERT, Alpha Tau Omega . BELL D. HART, Phi Kappa Psi .... O. T. MCCALL, Kappa Sigma . . . TOM P. GABLE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . LUCY ELLEN FELLERS, Kappa Alpha Theta PRED B. AURIN, Phi Gamma Delta . . DONALD GOLDBERG, Sigma Alpha Mu MOZELLE TROUT, Delta Gamma . ROWLAND YOUNG, Sigma Chi Oklahoma City . . Norman . Tipton . Frederick . Sapulpa . . Tulsa . . Perkins Oklahoma City . Muskogee . H eavener . Wynnewood . Bartlesville . . Tulsa Valparaiso, Ind. . . Perkins Oklahoma City . Miami . Duncan . Shawnee . Tulsa Oklahoma City. . Muskogee . Collinsville . Hominy Oklahoma City . . Carmen . . Cushing . Muskogee . Blackwell . Lindsay . Watonga . El Reno . . Tulsa . Bartlesville . . Ada . Tulsa Oklahoma City . Pawhuska . Norman . Norman Oklahoma City . Ponca City . . Tulsa . Terral . Ponca City I. H. TED IOHNSON, Phi Kappa Psi .... Mangum IOI-IN H. CUNNINGHAM, Phi Kappa Sigma . Oklahoma City DONALD W. MCCAULEY, Kappa Sigma . . . Okmulgee UN DERCLASSMEN IOHN H. HALLEY, Phi Kappa Psi . LAWRENCE W. VARVEL ..... HELEN K. ANDERSON, Delta Delta Delta . DOUGLASS BAKER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . BETTY IANE KIRKBRIDE, Chi Omega . GERALDINE RENEGAR, Chi Omega . VICTOR I. SPIELMAN, Kappa Alpha . MARVIN T. IOHNSON, Phi Kappa Psi . RICHARD L. HARRIS, Delta Upsilon . . WILLIAM ARMSTRONG, Sigma Chi . . DORIS ALAINE COOK, Gamma Phi Beta . IAMES S. STAUFFER, Sigma Nu . . . IERRY IAMES, Kappa Sigma . . . RAYMOND A. FICKEL, Phi Kappa Sigma . WALTER D. CALDWELL, Kappa Alpha . ROBERT TRIPPET, Phi Gamma Delta . . E. CHILTON SWANK, Kappa Sigma . BERT H. LEWIS, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . RICHARD C. LOVELACE, Kappa Alpha . ELEANOR C. FRITZ, Delta Gamma . . BETTE LOU CLARK, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . MARY ANN PAXTON, Pi Beta Phi . . . PAUL G. SIPES, Phi Delta Theta . ELIZABETH STEWART, Phi Mu . NORMAN I. SANDUSKY, Acacia . IACK W. MYERS, Delta Upsilon . . . IACK W. ERWIN, Sigma Chi ..... NADINE SIBYL BLACKBURN, Alpha Xi Delta . HERBERT MEETING, Beta Theta Pi .... MARTHA IANE KINNEY, Kappa Kappa Gamma FRANK R. REESE, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . IACK L. HUFF, Phi Delta Theta , . ROBERT K. MILBURN, Beta Theta Pi . PHILIP STOLPER, Phi Beta Delta . . SIDNEY SELINGER, Phi Beta Delta . HELEN M. CORDELL, Pi Beta Phi . MARTHA I. TROSPER, Delta Delta Delta . FRANCES FISHER, Delta Delta Delta . BEDFORD MCKENZIE, Phi Kappa Psi . TOM WATTS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . CHARLES A. SHAW, Kappa Alpha . . LA VONA HONEYCUTT, Delta Delta Delta . RUTH HAZEL IEMISON ..... ELAINE ROZELL, Delta Delta Delta . OLIN W. IONES, Sigma Nu ...,.. KENNETH LOWE, Delta Tau Delta .... MARIORIE C. REPLOGLE, Kappa Kappa Gamma Oklahoma City . Bartlesville . . Norman Stamtord, Tex. . . . Tulsa Oklahoma City Oklahoma City . . Tulsa Oklahoma City Oklahoma City . . Tulsa . Shawnee . Miami . . . Tulsa Amarillo, Tex. . Bartlesville . Stillwater . Shawnee . Vlfaco, Tex. . . Tulsa . Ponca City . Okmulqee . . Tulsa . Norman . . Tulsa . . El Reno Oklahoma City . Stonewall . Anadarko . . Norman Houston, Tex. . . . Enid Oklahoma City . Muskogee . . Tulsa . Holdenville Oklahoma City . . . Enid . . Mangum Oklahoma City . . Ada . Norman . Tipton . Tulsa . Norman . Ardmore Oklahoma City IAMES KENDALL BOYD, Sigma Chi . . . Tulsa I t . T 5. We .V - I gi' if I I 'fbt in EW 'Q YK at I . vgr, Q M I ,vw ' s .M fiimm T., 'i"""'1 L. 2 . ,K T. 9 145 if .mv p ......: W A M.. Q ' A ft .'i: . ,R 'W Q ,ii URM - . In ,wr , t L, tt. K a g ....L 5 J. tit ,..., . .ft- I . ,fp G- as-f we . 'T' A A I it I4 S ,JSM g , g at 3 K 3,5 ' . I v ti g,,g 5 J J, 1 ,,..-- ' -., X3 xxx .'i- :':-- t , . . ii t - 4 -..s:'-.. Q is H' ,V KKLAL V .. L L. MS.. ,.. . .V ' :,,"- is H 'L all LJ J' H' 1 aff' IIE? L. ,Pvf ....,. 7 W ' l VQHQ, 'l' A R4-14. i I in ,kgs .un-.. ,y Q5 f .xW . 'I ith lm I ..A- t L. I 2' iaui I ,auf dj, 'n'L N . Q37 n, H it . Hia! Lf. ma 0 ., f I in ' I , I Ah IP' I . . 'QSY1 I. :g. ,. V. E r 1 E : . if :. . L f .:::: H' ....f 1-EI' ::'::Q Ai 7"'f"i" i . 'I .,,- if ks r .t rri I I tl.. .3 . . , .E .3 . kil A fv, I "" ..,.. E ' ' 'Q x " f Q ., Q- ' 'I e?? ww 'if S ::.: b H .. .- r 4 -as 3 psf W of Ah 'F 36, Q1 is -7'k A ' if ' 2 ef ty ,i' f M., I I rsii A p A... - -, 1937 ARTHUR CAVANAGH, Sigma Alpha Epsilon , LEONARD C. GOODE, Alpha Tau Omega . EDITH A. WINER, Sigma Delta Tau . . MAURICE S. BAILEY, Sigma Nu . CHRISTINE V. THOMPSON, Alpha Xi Delta . HAZEL A. BRADSTREET, Gamma Phi Beta . . WALLACE R. MCARTHUR, Phi Kappa Sigma . PENROD HARRIS, Sigma Nu ,,.,. IOHN I. MITCHELL, Phi Kappa Psi . . . CHARLES I. HARDISTER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon GLENN D. BRITT, Sigma Nu ..... VERNON K. RUST, Phi Kappa Psi . CHARLES E. NEILL, Alpha Tau Omega . DAN KNIGHT, Alpha Tau Omega . . CLAIRE IACOBSON, Sigma Delta Tau . IOYCE HAMLEY, Phi Mu . . . ROBERT G. PISCHEL, Phi Gamma Delta . PAUL BUCKHOLTS, Pi Kappa Phi . . NANCY MARSH, Pi Beta Phi . , DENVER B. DAVISON, Sigma Nu . ANDY CROSBY, Delta Tau Delta . . IOHN B. REEVES, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . I. W. ZADIK, Kappa Alpha . . . IAMES H. CAIN, Theta Kappa Phi . . RICHARD D. IONES, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . EUGENIA IOHNSON, Chi Omega . . EARLE R. WRIGHT, Sigma Chi . . . BETTE BARBARA NANCE, Pi Beta Phi . IACK R. DURLAND, Phi Gamma Delta . DICK L. GILLEY, Alpha Tau Omega . H. H. HOLMAN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon STUART MCCOLLOM, Beta Theta Pi . KENNETH HARRIS, Delta Tau Delta . . , KATHRYN HAYDEN, Pi Beta Phi ..,. IUNE DOLORES MCMICHAEL, Delta Delta Delta PHYLLIS FISHER, Chi Omega . . DICK PAYNE, Sigma Chi . PATTY PHELPS, Chi Omega . . . ELIZABETH ADAMS, Alpha Gamma Delta . I-'AYE BATEMAN, Pi Beta Phi .... CLIFTON GOVAN, Phi Gamma Delta . DOYLE E. WHITE, Kappa Alpha . . PETE HOWARD, Phi Gamma Delta . , DICK HOLLAND, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . HELEN BERNARD, Gamma Phi Beta WYNEMA BURNS, Chi Omega . . IACK H. RIDDLE, Kappa Sigma . . IOE BEN CHAMPION, Beta Theta Pi " .ki . 'L 4 . . . Lawton . Oklahoma City . . Pueblo, Colo. . Neodesha, Karts. , . Alliance, Ohio . Grand Island, Neb. . . Bicknell, Ind. . . Tulsa . , Pawhuska . Bartlesville . . Miami . Pawhuska . . . Welch . , Wynnewood , Scranton, Penn. . Anadarko . . Tulsa . . Okmulgee . Oklahoma City , . . Ada . . , Lawton . Oklahoma City . Dallas, Tex. . . Tulsa . Oklahoma City . . Fairfax . Okmulgee . Purcell Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City . . . Norman . Ardmore . Ardmore . . Tulsa . . . Tulsa . Bartlesville . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City . . Guthrie . Oklahoma City . . Oklahoma City Arkansas City, Kans. . . . El Reno . Norman New Orleans, La. . . . Cordell . Coweta . Ardmore UNDERCLASSMEN LEE ALBERT IACOBSON, Alpha Tau Omega . BERYL L. CLARK, Pi Kappa Phi .... E. L. EVANS, Delta Tau Delta . ELAINE HORNE .... DOUGLAS N. IONES, IR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . DICK LEE SOPER, Kappa Sigma ..l. PRED PALMER FINERTY, Kappa Alpha . OLEN CHARLES IEFPRIES . . . MARY P. CARPENTER, Gamma Phi Beta . LOUIS C. ROARK, Phi Gamma Delta , . IAMES A. CHEEK, Sigma Nu . . WILLIAM CLOYD PLOTT, Sigma Nu . EARL W. ROBINSON, Delta Upsilon . A. LEO DAVIS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . LURLINE KRAFT, Delta Delta Delta . IOSEPH L. HULL, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . DAVID M. COOK, Phi Gamma Delta . SAM T. GREEN, Alpha Tau Omega . HAROLD VAN HORN, Kappa Sigma . IIMMIE ADAMS, Delia Tau Delta . 'NILLIAM A. REYNOLDS, Phi Delta Theta . IACK GABLE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . I. BRINKER IVY ...... ELEANOR APPELGET, Delta Gamma . HOWARD G. BAYLIS, Phi Gamma Delta . OTIS R. ROGERS, Sigma Nu .... DAVID LINEBAUGH, Delta Upsilon . C. D. PLUMMER, Phi Kappa Sigma . WALTER M. HARRISON, IR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon IOHN E. LYBRAND, Phi Delta Theta . . . MELVA COLLINS, Pi Beta Phi .... FRANCES B. PHELPS, Kappa Alpha Theta IVOR GOUGH, IR., Phi Delta Theta . . ALICE E. DOUGLASS, Kappa Alpha Theta . NANCY IANE WILLIAMS, Alpha Phi . . . VIRGINIA ANN BRISCOE, Kappa Alpha Theta IAMES W. SHEPHERD, Phi Delta Theta . BOB E. SHIPLEY, Phi Gamma Delta . CHARLOTTE SHEPHERD, Pi Beta Phi . THOMAS E. MATSON, Phi Gamma Delta HORACE D. CHANDLER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon MILTON I. MARKUS, Sigma Alpha Mu . . MARTHA LOU COTHRAN, Alpha Chi Omega . EVORENE MORGAN, Gamma Phi Beta . . Oklahoma City . . Cherokee . . Ardmore . Hobbs, N. M. Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City . . . Tuttle Oklahoma City . . Tulsa Oklahoma City . Chickasha . Nash . Cushing . Norman . Tulsa Oklahoma City . . Poteau Oklahoma City Oklahoma City . . Enid . . Norman , . Duncan Oklahoma City . Arkansas City, Kans. . . . . Oilton . Muskogee . Louise, Tex. Oklahoma City Oklahoma City . Claremore Oklahoma City . McAlester . Okmulqee Oklahoma City Oklahoma City . . Norman Oklahoma City . . Norman . . Tulsa Oklahoma City . . Cushing . Marietta . Norman WILLIAM R. BARRY, Kappa Alpha . . Oklahoma City BOBBY ECTON, Phi Gamma Delta . . Oklahoma City IAY PHILLIP ROUSEK, Kappa Alpha . . . Muskogee DON I. NIEMANN, Phi Gamma Delta . Ponca City ' , A ' Q .s.i it mf I 225 .... ' I I Q 1- " lii A ' nil- .fwfiesi t, . A '- in ge I I Q Q. w i' r 1' Q ilzl L: gl x V :Q . lg N A Th 1 4' J . . 1' kVVV,k ix K l a -,I, 5 51' ,L - K 'vl' A . J I ..,. I . if bb Q... Y .. X gg , Ie .S J. in . pw file '52 wr- . W 5 'Q ,Q L LT? I at h . Vg I . L' .. in 'uf as x Q- we Ea, -sys n W Q- ft 3 - I V ...k 'xx W 1 f i , . 4 t 7? Q ue Q! t' Y xt m an fi . 1. 1 4 .-- ,y 1 K H- if f .I it Q 1 2 13 -nf Al gm 5- , Wir-. A sv I sw . . LT K my Ui'f: All stew lt: ..V' 5 -Q L -. Q VL f . as 9 i f ' it ' 'A' I imma? fm .ee wh LT. . 5 , 5 ' at 'tt . S' ,-" , I Q I ' , 1937 ANN ADELAIDE ANDERSON, Gamma Phi Beta EETSY ROSS GREEN, Gamma Phi Beta . . BETTY SUE ELEMING, Kappa Kappa Gamma A. LEON HOCKSTEIN, Phi Beta Delta . . BETTY IO GRAHAM, Kappa Kappa Gamma . SUSAN MCGINTY, Kappa Kappa Gamma IACK W. BAXTER .,..,. CHARLOTTE LEE EFFRON . I-l. PAUL FLIPPIN ....,... IANE BYARS DUDLEY, Kappa Kappa Gamma GEORGIANA ASPLEY ...... DOROTHY NELL PENNER, Delta Delta Delta . HELEN ARNOLD, Alpha Phi .... CAROLYN BORING, Kappa Kappa Gamma . BETTY LOVE IONES, Delta Gamma . . MARIAN TROSPER .... CLARA B. MCNAUGHTON, Gamma Phi Beta . IOSEPHINE SLACK, Delta Gamma . . . WILLIAM NEAL BASSETT, Beta Theta Pi . ELFREDA BABCOCK, Chi Omega . . LOIS ARLENE OAKES, Alpha Chi Omega . OPAL IANE MCWILLIAMS, Delta Gamma . . ROBERT BERNARD TODD ...... MARY MAYGINNES CROUCH, Kappa Kappa Ga WILLIAM B. LOWRY, Phi Gamma Delta . IACK LUTTRELL, Beta Theta Pi . . BETTY LEE ANTHONY, Delta Delta Delta . . MILDRED L. LOOMIS, Kappa Kappa Gamma MILDRED HESS, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . ELIZABETH IANE BOWYER, Delta Delta Delta BETTY IAMES, Chi Omega ...... GRANVILLE W. DUTTON . BETTY lO CHITWOOD .... HELEN PAYNE, Delta Delta Delta . . . CATHERINE GORDON, Kappa Kappa Gamma . MARGARET KING, Delta Delta Delta . . NELL IANE RANCK, Kappa Kappa Gamma . MARIORIE HALLUM, Kappa Alpha Theta . LANELLE SAMPSON, Delta Delta Delta . . MARY ELEANOR GUTI-IRIE, Delta Delta Delta . DOROTHY HOLTZENDOREE, Kappa Kappa Gam ITIITICI IIICI WILLIAM ESTIL DOUGI-IERTY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . IUNE MYERS, Delta Gamma ..... IOHN DELL HADSELL, Beta Theta Pi . IOHN W. GITTINGER, Kappa Sigma , . Oilton . Haileyville . Tulsa . Henryetta . Tyler, Tex. . Terrell, Tex. . . Shawnee Brooklyn, N. Y. . . Okmuiqee Oklahoma City . Denison, Tex. . . Norman Oklahoma City Oklahoma City . . Norman Oklahoma City . . . Miami Kansas City, Mo. . . . Tulsa . El Reno . . Ponca City Oklahoma City . . Tahlequah . . . Tulsa . . Clinton . . Norman Oklahoma City . . . Enid . . Durant . . . Tulsa . Amarillo, Tex. . . . Morris . Norman . McAlester . Bartlesville . Muskogee . Sapulpa . Muskogee . . Tyler, Tex. Oklahoma City . Claremore . . Shawnee . . Tulsa . Norman . . Norman IOSEPHINE SULLIVAN, Pi Beta Phi . W'ichita Falls, Tex. ELEANOR M. BURTON, Kappa Alpha Theta . Oklahoma City FRANCES LINDSTROM, Delta Gamma . . Oklahoma City UNDERCLASSMEN ROBERT C. NICHOLS . . MARGARET S. NICHOLS ...... WILLIAM W. WALLACE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon IAMES H. RICHARDS, Delta Tau Delta . . MARY MONIMA ANDREWS . MARGARET F. PRICE .... SYBIL LESLIE ....... MARGARET PAY BEAM, Delta Delta Delta . BETTY LOU HORNE, Kappa Alpha Theta . DORIS E. PORTER ...., E. LOUISE HILL, Delta Gamma . W. IACK MORTER, Acacia . IAMES MCNATT, Phi Delta Theta . RUPUS C. GOODWIN, Phi Delta Theta HERBERT M. IONES, Delta Upsilon . CATHERINE L. ENSMINGER GEORGE T. MONTGOMERY, Phi Delta Theta . lOl-IN H. TIPPIT, Beta Theta Pi . SILVA CAMPBELL, Alpha Phi . MARGARET M. BEARD . MARY VIRGINIA LINDSAY, Delta Delta Delta . CAROLYN K. HENDRIX, Delta Delta Delta . DON DOW, Phi Gamma Delta . ' . . MILDRED WINER, Sigma Delta Tau , IOE EDWARD ELLIOTT, Alpha Tau Omega . MARY INGRAM AMOS,' Kappa Kappa Gamma PAULINE IEAN ANNADOWN, Phi Mu . . EARL APPLETON BROWN, Beta Theta Pi . DOROTHY IANE ROGERS, Pi Beta Phi . RICHARD H. SWESNIK, Sigma Alpha Mu HELEN LAMPRICI-I ..... WILLIAM H. THAMS . CHARLES NELSON BERRY, Beta Theta Pi . MARY IANE BURTON, Delta Delta Delta . MARYBELLE LARGENT, Kappa Kappa Gamma IUNE RUSSELL, Alpha Phi ..,.. . Euiaula . Anthony . I-Ioldenville . . Norman . McAlester . Addington . Blackwell . Tyler, Tex . McAlester . Seminole . Marlow . Ardmore . . Norman Oklahoma City . . . Tulsa . Billings . Chickasha . . Marietta Oklahoma City . . , Tulsa . . Norman . Vernon, Tex. Oklahoma City . Pueblo, Colo. . . Hobart . Denton, Tex. . . S ul ph ur . Ardmore . . Tulsa . Chicago, Ill. . . . Tulsa Plymouth, Mich. Oklahoma City . Odessa, Tex. . Dallas, Tex, . . Tulsa CHARLES MICHAEL CASSIDY, Phi Delta Theta . Hartshorne BETTY BRANDEN, Delta Gamma .... . McAlester MARIAN E. WRIGHT, Alpha Chi Omega . . Norman VIRGINIA LOU SWIFT, Gamma Phi Beta . . Claremore EUGENE PAUL LEDBETTER, Kappa Sigma Oklahoma City I. MYRON KATZ, Sigma Alpha Mu . . . . . Pawnee MARY IEAN CLARK, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . Enid BARBARA HUTCHCRAPT, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . Tulsa DORIS COOKE ........ Ft. Worth, Tex. CHARLOTTE KILLINGSWORTH, Alpha Phi . . . Seminole DOROTHY IAYNE DUSTIN, Pi Beta Phi. . . . Norman FRANCES ORR NORTHCUTT, Delta Gamma . Oklahoma City 3--.f M 1.., uj, It 9: ,'.- te tt ht. Fez., 5 L32 'N P , 1. E t X , t wi V 1 fb x gg .... ....,... , W' . -tt.. if tt l.iL. i i A gzfegzi f 1 , N rg Q P of t. ts. L at 1. . .,,.. 5 Q l P ,Q 1. .Q ' -'-T 5 it . , . .3 , - ..,, , H. A, , - 555 . ..t. . gg '.,.,. I ,"- . . I I fffisliil ".. - , i 3 '.. . i,',t ' 'A U JS fi -i'i" :.' rr--' I fl? y.. ik Ml. :-: g - I I a a, er n,L 155+ M 3 . ' MI.. T., A fate Ami ,:.-- 5 kt ! ' H llg i f iii -i E -- Q ff 5 ,:" 'Y , g I wig -,- A' 5 l if ' ,. .. , 5 X E iii G Q2 'V , mt ' .5 Q L fwifkl 'P' I . K . twat i?-s L L .--' f it T H ' ,-,. . 'W' t S '7:' Q Si'-it A M , if ..,.,...3 wi fi-it .ff im: ii Zmirz b::::'E . . 4 .. . sw. ln is . . .,.., .. . bf ml as S. lea A 3 1937 G. I. WALKER, Phi Gamma Delta , MARY HELEN PIERCE, Chi Omega . MIDGE PYLE, Delta Gamma . . MARY TERRELL, Pi Beta Phi . VA RUE LINDSAY, Gamma Phi Beta . IEAN ALLEN ,...... ETHEL M. GOTTLIEB, Sigma Delta Tau . BETTY LOU COLE, Alpha Chi Omega . DOUGLAS C. MCKEEVER, Phi Delta Theta . IO ANN SUTTON, Delta Gamma . . . IANE ANN KRAPT, Delta Delta Delta . . IUNE STINNETT, Kappa Kappa Gamma . LEON DAVIS, Phi Beta Delta . . FLORA DEEN FINLEY, Pi Beta Phi . ALEX W. MCCOY, Phi Delta Theta . HELEN L. LEWIS, Delta Gamma . RUTH A. LITTLE, Chi Omega . . . IOSEPHINE KILPATRICK, Pi Beta Phi . . . ALLIE LOU CONNER, Pi Beta Phi . . MARRIAN GRACE HARDIE, Kappa Alpha Theta LILLIAN HARRIS, Kappa Kappa Gamma MARILYNN L. LACK ...... ELNA RUTH BECKER, Kappa Alpha Theta NINA BROWN, Kappa Kappa Gamma . LESTER H. CAMPBELL ...... BETTY BARBOUR, Kappa Kappa Gamma . GEORGE WADSACK, Phi Delta Theta . . GEORGE S. FARHA .... BETTE LOU O'SULLIVAN, Delta Delta Delta . PRED PELLER, Sigma Alpha Mu . . . SELMA LEE HULL, Kappa Kappa Gamma . IOHNNIE LEE INGLE, Pi Beta Phi . . . ANNE MCGRAW, Delta Gamma .,.. A. R. MALEY ......... MARGARET HELEN NORTH, Alpha Chi Omega PHIL SALKELD, Delta Tau Delta . BOB HENRY ROSENSTEIN, Phi Beta Delta . IAMES P. MUSSER, Sigma Chi .... ELVIRA VERNETTA CROOKS . MARGARET S. FLEMING . ANCEL IAMES HARNED . . . MAXINE MARLIN, Delta Gamma . . WILLIAM HENRY REIFF, Phi Delta Theta . EDGAR WITHERSPOON, Phi Delta Theta . . I-lominy . Okmulgee , Pauls Valley Navasota, Tenn. . . Norman Oklahoma City . . . Perry Oklahoma City , . . Enid Oklahoma City . . Norman Oklahoma City Oklahoma City . Pampa, Tex. . Ponca City . , Tulsa . . Ramona Oklahoma City . . . Tulsa . Purcell . . Helena Mountain View . . Shawnee Oklahoma City . Norman . . Shawnee . . Norman Oklahoma City Oklahoma City . Okmulgee . . Seminole Oklahoma City . N ewkirk . Elk City . Wewoka . Sa p ul pa . Tulsa . . Calyin . Bartlesville Bogalusa, La. . , Maramec Oklahoma City Oklahoma City , . . Ada GENEVIEVE WILLIAMS, Delta Delta Delta . Bartlesville MARY BARBARA CLARK, Delta Delta Delta . . Cherokee MARIORIE ANNE GARNETT, Kappa Kappa Gamma . Altus SAMUEL M. ANDERSON, Beta Theta Pi . . Wichita, Kaus. I t t UNDERCLASSMEN GEORGE DAN ALMEN, Phi Gamma Delta IAKEITA STRICKLER ...... KATHLEEN WELCH, Delta Gamma . . ROBERT E. KLABZUBA, Phi Delta Theta . IANE ANN STEWART . . REBA NORRIS, Alpha Phi . NELLE DARK . . . DARLENE MOORE , CARL CHANDLER WHITE . IEAN COLLINS, Chi Omega . EVELYN BRADEN, Pi Beta Phi MARGARET C. WOOTEN . PATIENCE SEWELL, Pi Beta Phi . IUNE EVANS, Kappa Alpha Theta . . CHARLES M. GRIMSHAW, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . . . . Tulsa , Oklahoma City . . . Guthrie . Prague . . Duncan . . Bartlesville . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City . . . Adair . Oklahoma City . Nashville, Tenn. . . . ldahel . Oklahoma City . . . . Norman . . Shawnee EVELYN MARY BOWLEN, Gamma Phi Beta . . Toronto, Canada DOROTHY N. AMERINGER .... DREWSILLA W. BEAMS, Gamma Phi Beta . IOE E. GRANT, Kappa Alpha .... KAY I-IIGGINBOTHAM, Gamma Phi Beta . NAN MCFALL . INEZ BRISCOE . . . E. ELIZABETH GARDNER . BARBARA BROOKS . LORALU DEAN . . LEOTA M. DAVIS . . . H. MARGUERITE BURNS .... IO ANN TEMPLEMAN, Delta Gamma HARRIET IANE BECK, Kappa Alpha Theta EARL FOSTER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . HELEN D. PHILLIPS, Gamma Phi Beta . CUSTER YATES, Kappa Alpha Theta . EUGENE L. MITCHAM, Acacia . DORIS E. WINSTON .... EDNA EARL KING, Pi Beta Phi . . SALLIE LANDT, Kappa Alpha Theta . FLOREINE I. DIETRICH, Gamma Phi Beta . SHIRLEY YOUNG, Delta Gamma . . . MARGARET ANNE HAMILTON, Kappa Kapp SHIRLEY BLACK, Delta Delta Delta . . O'RHAITIA CUNNINGHAM, Gamma Phi Beta . MONA IEAN RUSSELL, Chi Omega . . DOROTHY DALIOUS, Chi Omega . . CHARLES GOTWALS, IR., Beta Theta Pi MARIORIE HAYDEN, Kappa Alpha Theta DOROTHY E. SIMS, Delta Gamma . . . ADEIAL BINGMAN, Kappa Alpha Theta . MABLE L, SWIGERT, Kappa Kappa Gamma . Oklahoma City . Abilene, Tex. . Oklahoma City . Dallas, Tex. . Duncan . Pawhuska . Marshall . Tuttle . Cushing . Norman . Stratford . Tulsa . , Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City . . . Norman . Brownsville, Tex. . Lehigh . Madill . Ada . Norman . . Oklahoma City . . , Canadian, Tex. a Gamma . . . Enid . . . . Norman . Norman . Picher . . Tulsa . Muskogee . . McAlester . Mangum . , Olcmulgee . . . Enid -yew 1 .eg tw l G? x g i rl, , -..Tl QF' Q wr' . X ' fl rr sag ,I g ye is-P J 4 :T i'l r lf, . tl P V I' . I Q ,. l g V.: K V K .. A b K K , if is QS I ' V gig gg ,,,. , V f 5 ,. 'Q ..1' I I , " i'Ef I - "i:" 4 tr - I- p T . 5' va -me , L' ' I Nfl .S 5' k r 'srl .i., if 'Q Ett 1" ' li .P ,,,,. fa Y 1 N , Si 7: 2 I . fee .4 I .M-is '- ,. ' .. -.,i in V, ,va qi tif R .v, 5 ' . , 1 . .P W g g .. K ,,,- is . El I . V V . E III: "-E -i:' .t.. Q H ' V ,,li,, ' 1. ' x - ' Al ei, iiil . l l BQ 63. ' ll' , in ,brai n .f if ' f N .. ' -f . 1 - .- . ttf - 1937 BETTY ROWLAND, Kappa Alpha Theta . GEORGE H. NEWTON, IR., Kappa Alpha . ROY FRYE, IR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . GEORGE VOSS STEIN, Sigma Nu . DOROTHY I. DUSTIN, Pi Beta Phi . ELIZABETH WEST, Phi Mu . . ANITA FRASER . BERNARD L. BROWN ROY K. SANFORD, Kappa Sigma , BARBARA B. WARR, Kappa Kappa Gamma ROBERT MILTON POE, Phi Gamma Delta . GERALD H. GALBREATH, Beta Theta Pi . VANCE LUCAS, Delta Upsilon . . TOMMY TROWER, Phi Gamma Delta W. O. SMYTHE, Delta Upsilon . . IANE NEWMAN . BEN MOBLEY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . IACK W. BARBOUR, Alpha Tau Omega . BILLIE RHUE WILEY ROSE ELEANOR TROSPER, Delta Delta Delta GEORGE SHARP TURNER, Phi Kappa Psi . IOHN R. RICHARDS H. D, WOLFE, Phi Kappa Psi . . IOHN ELMO SCRIVNER, Sigma Nu RICHARD T, WYCHE, Sigma Chi . IVA MARIE MEHEW, Delta Delta Delta . ROSCOE WALKER, Beta Theta Pi . BETTY ARD RUNYAN, Alpha Chi Omega . IRA CHARLES SPRAGUE, Alpha Sigma Phi . FLOYD ALBERT SOOY, Phi Kappa Psi HAROLD GEORGE DEXTER, Beta Theta Pi . NINA ALLEN . . FRANCES G. DUNCAN, Alpha Chi Omega . VICTOR H. SAVIN, Sigma Alpha Mu . D. HADEN LINEBAUGH, Delta Upsilon THOMAS I. HUFF . ROSE FISHER, Sigma CHARLES A. ASTON, FRED E. CRADDOCK, HARRY A. ROBERTS, Delta Tau . Sigma Chi . Beta Theta Pi Beta Theta Pi t M as A A A W- an 3' 'F' 1 4 '57 , 223 F ...,..... .J I ..' '..... . it . Q' , .1 ,, gtg , . . l -f if 'if if 4 L 'F T? f . T 5 tttif . I , 'I' qw' it 1 .. ,T Xt.. L.,. X Q I . iiti I I3 Q ' a t ...A i 11: Q . 1- .J sf d ,.v- L , ,i., I 'W' i..., I . I ta .ittisikt wil l " " A at A . an S, 4 an R ,f ig an it .,. - " fi-Q0-f , t ime . . ::': , ... T. 2 ... W J' . in I Agiif.. W , RALPH PELLOW, Alpha Tau Omega . MARY L. BIARD, Alpha Chi Omega . ELAINE BUCK, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . RUTH ANN MCSPADDEN, Kappa Alpha Theta IANE LOMAX, Pi Beta Phi . . IERRY B. BECKETT, Phi Kappa Psi ELIZABETH CROSBIE, Delta Delta Delta . ROSE AHRENS, Delta Delta Delta . . Enid . MCAlester . Sallisaw Miami . . Norman Oklahoma City . . Ardmore . Dallas, Tex. . Perryton, Tex. Oklahoma City . . Tulsa . Tulsa . . . Tulsa . . Bartlesville Oklahoma City South Coifeyville . Ardmore . . Norman . . Frederick Oklahoma City . Holdenville . . Tulsa . . . Hugo Oklahoma City . Norman . . . Enid . Pawhuska . Norman . ldabel . Mangum . Ardmore . Dewey . Bellville, Tex. Bridgeport, Conn. . . Muskogee . Walters Oklahoma City Oklahoma City . . Hominy Oklahoma City . Granite . . Hugo . Shawnee . Nowata . Norman . Euiaula . . . Tulsa Oklahoma City ' -f CHI DELTA PHI First Row, left to right-Davis, Trosper, McKenzie, Hosea, Hinshaw, Miss Goldie Cooksey, Riddell. Second ROW---Newman, Sewell, Armstrong, Chanault, Harris, Douglas, Beck, Stith. OFFICERS MARY DAVIS ,..,. . . President CARMEN BELLAMY . . Vice-President LUCILLE HINSHAW . . . Secretary MARNA RUTH RIDDELL . . Treasurer MISS GOLDIA COOKSEY . . Sponsor MEMBERS CARMEN BELLAMY MRS. W. B. BIZZELL MRS. W. S. CAMPBELL MISS GOLDIA COOKSEY MARY DAVIS MRS. VINITA DAVIS DR. LUCILE DORA MRS. S. R. HADSELL LUCILLE HINSHAW MRS. HELEN M. HOUSER MAURINE HUSBAND MISS ELIZABETH IORDAN LUCILLE MacKENZIE MISS EDNA E. MCDANIEL MARNA RUTH RIDDELL MARY ELIZABETH SCOTT PATIENCE SEWELL MISS EDITH SHEPHERD MARY STITH NORMAN ANN STOVALL FLORENCE WHITELOCK MRS. ELIZABETH WHITNEY Chi Delta Phi, honorary literary frater- nity for Women, Was established nation- ally in l9l9, brought to the campus of the university in IQSU. Membership in Chi Delta Phi is limited to English majors or minors who have suc- cessfully maintained a 2.5 grade average in English courses, a 2 point average in their other subjects. Applicants also must have shown excellence in creative literary Work. The organization meets once a month. Chi Delta Phi sponsors annually two con- tests for University of Oklahoma students. They have a prose and poetry competition in which the winner is presented a gold medal. Another medal is given to the state high school student who produces, in the opinion of the active members, the finest poetry. Pfiqs 40 'ETWQ-2 fri' , 'ff' - Pia, , A ., .4 ,. ALPHA DELTA Front Row, left to right-Salkeld, Schneider, Peller, Huff, Robinson, Flood, T. McClellan, Aurin, Bank, Farris, Shepherd, Brow, Dr. A. Richards. r Second Row--N-E. Butler, B. McClelland, Barbour, Denyer, Shaw, Miller, Turnbull, Gittinger, Grimshaw, Davis, B. Butler, t Fullenwider, Brandt, Bender. OFFICERS HAROLD A. WHITE .... . President BILL FLOOD . . . IOI-IN W. GITTINGER . . Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer DR. AUTE RICHARDS . . . . . . Sponsor EPSILON IAMES AMSPACHER IACK BARBOUR HERMAN BRANDT A. M. BRIXEY HAROLD BOYER ROBERT BUTLER WILLIAM E. BUTLER CLIFFORD COLE ROBERT COLLINS WESLEY DAVIS MEMBERS LOWELL DICKSON IAMES IOHNSON HARTWELL DUNN MYLES IOHNSON HULON EDWARDS PHILIP IOSEPH EDWIN FAIR IOSEPH LEAVITT EDWARD FARRIS FELIX LEVY BILL FLOOD HAROLD MAYES IOI-IN GITTINGER THOMAS MCCLELLAN LAWRENCE GOULD WILLIAM MCCLELLAND SYLVAN HERTZ COYE MCCLURE THOMAS l. HUFF RICHEY MILLER PI-IIL SALKELD ROY SANFORD THOMAS SCOTT RENE SCHNOEBELEN MILTON SEBRING FRED SHADID DON SHUMAKER WILLIAM SMITH WILLIAM WALDROP HAROLD WHITE LEO ZEFF Alpha Epsilon Delta is a national honor- ary fraternity for pre-medical students. Oklahoma Alpha Chapter Was established last year on April I3 when Alpha Pi Mu, a local honorary order was granted a charter by the national Alpha Epsilon Delta. A combination of high character and scholarship are the prime reguisites for membership. Its aims are two-fold: first, to aid those in the group in preparation for Page 41 future work in the School of Medicine, and, second, to develop a spirit of fellowship among themselves. Alpha Epsilon Delta, sponsored by Dr. Aute Richard, head of the Zoology depart- ment, promote talks by men prominent in the field of science and medicine and insti- tute trips to the State Hospital in Oklahoma City, both valuable as the objectifications of their ideals. . Q Front Row, left to right' Sager, Wyatl, Lampbell, Kirk, Lac, Loller, Allender, Iennins, Wolf, Lites. nwgiudl' 'I if - -f Second Row---Newman, Minor, Naifeh, Wilcoxson, Beams, Bowlyn, Marshall, Sleele, Easlerlinq, Lee. Third ROW-Green, Rook, Hiqqenbottharn, Long, VVilson, Kuhlman, Gibson, Scruggs, Owens, Ward, Blackburn, Gordon. FLOREINE DIETRICH HANNAH RUTH WOLF EXEL ALLENDER IEANETTE ALEXANDER HELEN ARMSTRONG NORMA BLACK NADINE BLACKBURN IEAN BLOCH EVELYN BOWLEN FLOREINE DIETRICH EDNA M. EVANS FRANCES FISCHER MARGARET IENNINGS PAULINE NAIFEH . MARY STUBBS PAULINE NAIFEH LOUISE WARD EVELYN HUTCHINSON RUTH OWEN . . EVELYN BOWLEN . EXEL ALLENDER LUCILLE AKERS VIRGEAN BOARMAN Fourth Row' Saint, Lomax, Caldwell, Thornton, Trout, Randalph, Alexander, Lawerance, Dietrich, Kelly, Boarrnan. OFFICERS . . . President EVELYN BOWLEN . . . Vice-President NORMA BLACK . MISS HELEN H. HAMILL .,... Sponsor ANNA MAY FELLOWS CATHERINE GORDON KAY HIGGINBOTHAM CHRISTINE HOLLAND MARGARET IENNINGS MARYE ANN IUDY IOYCE KASBAUM DOROTHY KELLY EDNA E. KING FRANCES LINDSTROM EULALEE LONG MEMBERS IEWELL LONG IANE LOMAX IONNIE LOLLAR DORIS MINOR FLORA BELLE METCALF NINA MQALENE MEREDITH MYATH PAULINE NAIFEH CULA ROOK LARETTIA K. SAGER REBECCA SCRUGGS OMICRON NU OFFICERS . President EXEL ALLENDER . . Secretary MRS. NELL EVANS . ELIZABETH MARSH MARGARET IENNINGS MISS LAURA MILLER MEMBERS EXEL ALLENDER LOUISE KUHLMAN FLOREINE DIETRICH MRS. NELL EVANS IEAN BLOCH OFFICERS . . . President MARY STUBBS . . . . Vice-President PAULINE NAIFEH . MISS SUSAN MILLER ...... Sponsor MEMBERS EVELYN BOWLEN DOROTHY HESS DOROTHY KELLY MEREDITH MYATT MARGARET JONES IENNINGS PAULINE NAIFEH LOUISE NEER . Secretary . Treasurer MARY STUBBS DEMETRICE THORNTON EXA TOMA MOZELLE TROUT MRS. IOY BEACH WARREN ELIZABETH WEST KATHLEEN WILCOXON HARRIET WHITE RUTH WILSON HANNAH RUTH 'WOLF . Treasurer . Sponsor DR. HELEN BURTON MISS HELEN HAMILL MRS, FRANCES PENDLETON MISS HEDWIG SCHAEFFER . Secrelary . Treasurer RUTH OWEN GERALDINE STUBBS HANNAH RUTH WOLF Rage 42 M Qffp nw m if - ll H gm 2 'gt gil IOURNALISM y 21 v 21. r KV mi Top, left to right-'STEWART HARRAL, instructorg IOHN H. CASEY, professor, A, C. SMITH, assistant professor Center--GRACE E. RAY, assistant professorg CECIL H. BRITE, general rnanaqer. Bottom-CHARLES H. BROWN, assistant: FRANCES K. HUNT, editor university news service. f w Page 45 l PROFESSOR H. H. HERBERT, Director chief outside interest tor the past year has been the new Norman Forum . . . is partic- ularly interested in those na- tional and local affairs ot a social nature . . . Worked with the University YMCA this year as head ot its board ot directors . . . peace is one ot his special hobbies. N. SENIORS COULTER C. RAY . . . . . . . . . Guthrie I. R. MCKINLEY ......,..... St. Louis Sigma Delta Chi, Presidentg Oklahoma Daily Editor, Second Semester '37. RICHARD L. DISNEY, IR., Delta Tau Delta . . . Washington, D. C. Sigma Delta Chip Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa, Pe-et: Presidents Class, BS. ELIZABETH HOGUE, Gamma Phi Beta ...... Carnegie Theta Sigma Phi, Presidentq Y. W. C. A.: SOONER Staff. DEXTER MOSS, Sigma Chi ........,. Tulsa Rui Neks. IOE HOLLAND . . Sigma Delta Chi. . Blackwell HARLAN MENDENHALL .......... Mutual Thaliany University Players, Rostrump WNAD Players: The Round Up. BOB VOLLMER ......... Oklahoma Daily Editor, First Semester '36-'37. MYER O. DRITCH ........ Congress. LUCILLE MacKENZIE, Pi Beta Phi ...I . . . Tulsa . Ponca City . . . Carter Theta Sigma Phi, Presidenty Chi Delta Phip Womens Editor, Oklahoma Daily. MAXINE WALLACE, Pi Beta Phi .... Theta Sigma Phi: Polo and Riding Association. BILL HARRIES, Kappa Alpha ..... A. CHARLES ADAMS, Sigma Nu ..... . Holdenville . McAlester . . . Crescent Sigma Delta Chip Oklahoma Daily Staiig Camera Club. MILLARD S. PURDY, Sigma Nu ..... . Oklahoma City Sigma Delta Chiq Scabbard and Bladeg Oklahoma Daily Statt, LAWRENCE H. ROBINSON ......... Eldorado Iournalism Press Boardy Publications Boardg Norman Forum, Ad Club. IACK K. CHANDLER, Phi Gamma Delta . FRED COOMBS, IR., Phi Gamma Delta . IOHN B. CHAMPLIN, Phi Delta Theta . MARGIE HOOD, Alpha Chi Omega . SAM COBEAN, Kappa Sigma . . LUNSFORD IOE CLINE, Acacia WILLIAM M. SELVIDGE, Sigma Chi . . ROBERT E. NELSON, Alpha Tau Omega . HERBERT VAN ZANT . . . . ELAINE WILLIAMS, Chi Omega . MARION SHUMARD . . . RHODA MENDENHALL . . . Norman . Oklahoma City . . Lawton . Oklahoma City . . . Tulsa . Oklahoma City . Ardmore . . . Clinton Duncan Ardmore Sapulpa Mutual UNDERCLASSMEN LOIS IUNE ADAMS, Chi Omega . BETTY ANNE POWELL ...., MABEL BROIIVN, Kappa Alpha Theta . IOHN I-I. STEWART, Sigma Nu . DONALD MCVAY, Alpha Tau Omega . IACK M. SMITH ..... IOHN KAYSER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . WILLARD T. RUSSELL, Pi Kappa Alpha . wiLLiAM W. PRYE, sigma Alpha Epsilon DALE SIMPSON ,..... IOE ALLEN LOVE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon BETTY LARIMORE, Kappa Alpha Theta SUE ADDINGTON .....,. KATHRYN I-IOSEA, Kappa Kappa Gamma ROBERTA LEE SHAYS, Alpha Chi Omega Pl-IEBE IANE BOLIN, Gamma Phi Beta . BETTY BAUGHMAN ..... IOI-IN R. CALLAWAY, Sigma Nu . IOHN D. BRADLEY, Acacia . . ALVIN H. SMITH . . . . MARIAN BECK, Kappa Alpha Theta . MARY M. WOODRUFF, Alpha Phi . BILL INGLISH .... ETLL PITCHFORD, Sigma Chi ELOISE MOTE .,.. SALLIE SEAMAN, Delta Gamma MARIORIE K. RATTAN . . LORRAINE MILLER, Delta Delta Delta . . . Norman Wichita, Kans. . Blackwell Oklahoma City . . Altus . Elk City . Chickasha . . Tulsa . Waioriga Oklahoma City . . Purcell Oklahoma City . . Hammon . . Tulsa Oklahoma City . . Forgan . Tishomingo Pauls Valley . Kingfisher . Newkirk . Miami . Sapulpa . Okmulgee . Okm ulgee . Dallas, Tex, . . Tulsa . Dallas, Tex. . Skiatook Left to right--McKenzie, Runyan, Dean lohnson, Prof. Herbert, Robinson, Prof. Casey, lones. PUBLICATION BOARD MEMBERS For the Students For the Faculty LUCILLE McKENZlE DEAN D. B. R. IOHNSON LARRY ROBINSON PROFESSOR H. H. HERBERT DOUGLAS IONES PROFESSOR l. H. CASEY l OHN RUNYAN Supervising the official publications of the University is the Publication Board, members with very limited authority. Beside Board members from five to seven, the most was the right to select the editors and business managers of the various news organs of the University, which was granted solely to them. This body of four students and three faculty members has proven highly satisfactory, and the change will probably be permanent unless growth of the University necessitates the crea- tion of a new publication, which will automati- cally increase the Board membership by one member. The duties of the Board are to select the Edi- tors of the different publications from the appli- cants eligible for the posts. Under the Publica- tion Board constitution, eligibility for all appli- cants is determined on a merit basis, judging experience, scholarship and leadership ability. The Business Managers of the SOONER and Covered Wagon are selected by the General Manager of Stu- dent Publications, subject to approval by the Board of Publications, while the business affairs of the Oklahoma Daily are handled by the General Manager under whose supervision are advertising managers. DEAN lOHNSON composed of one member each from the SOONER, The Covered Wagon, The Oklahoma Daily, Publications-at-large, and three faculty members. The Board was created in l9l5, and until l926, was composed of only five the change in the number of significant alteration in power PROFESSOR CASEY Page 48 IOURNALISM PRESS OFFICERS i H. HERBERT ..... . . President T. M. BEAlBD . . Vice-President 'if IOHN H. CASEY . . . . Secretary MEMBERS PBQE. H. H. HERBERT IOSEPH A. BBANDT PBQE. H. CASEY RUTH CLARK T. M. BEAIRD RALPH KENYON t CECIL H. BRITE LAUBENCE BOBINSCN By an act ot the Board ot Publications on Tune l, l93O, the lournalism Press, lncorporated, was termed tor the purpose ot operating the me- chanical department ot the publication. The CHARLES TANT principal Work of the organization is the print- ing ot "The Oklahoma Daily," "The Covered Wagon," and the Student Direc- tory. There are seven members ot the lournalism Press, tour ot them faculty members, and the other three, a representative ot the Publication Board, the Men's Council, and W. S. G. A. The Publication Board has complete control over the lournalism Press, the directorates of the two interlocking. The group employs students to work in the University print shop on the printing ot the publications mentioned above. Mr. Cecil Brite, General Manager of Student Publications, supervises most ot the administrative Work ot the Board. The supervision of the operation oi the mechanical department is in charge ot Mr. Charles Tant. Professor lohn H. Casey assumes the duties ot secretary of both this body and the Publication Board and must be given credit for the large share of Work which he naturally must undertake. 54-0. Lett to right' Clark, Kenyon, Beaird, Herbert, Casey, Brandt, Robinson. Page 49 THE 1937 SOONER EXW BILL SELVIDGE Iulius M Bankoff Business Manager has made an outstanding record in cam- pus activities. He served as organization manager of the l936 SOONER7 President of his Sophomore Classy Treasurer of Ruf- Neks. Activities include: League of Young Democrats, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, and Ad Club. He is a member of Sigma Alpha Mu. The l937 SOONER is the thirty-third official year- book of the University of Oklahoma. ln l904 the first yearbook was published under the title of Mistletoe. ln 1909 it became the SOONER and has appeared annually since that date. The publication and management of the book is under the supervision of the Editor and Manager, Who, with the approval of the publication board, select their staffs on a basis of ability, amount of work, interest shown, and fraternal and political affiliations and activities. Work on the minor staff WILLIAM MAYHEW SELVIDGE Editor Sigma Chi -32 IULIUS BANKOFF gives one the opportunity to qualify for a major staff appointment. Seven months in a major staff position is necessary for election as Editor or Busi- ness Manager. ln this volume of the SOONER the theme has been the contention that life really begins during one's years of university experience. An attempt has been made to include a little philosophy, a little humor, and a record of numerous incidents and achieve- ments that occurred during the year l936-37. A change in organization of the features and the addi- Page 50 tion of the eight important events has been made, which we hope Will add interest. Faculty features have been presented at the beginning of each school. All the faculty members have been in- cluded in the smaller schools, but this was impos- sible in some of the larger colleges. In these are pictured some department heads and other profes- sors. Discrimination was made only on the grounds of availability-fthis section was provided for by an extra appropriation late in the semester and the time element played an important part in its com- pilation. Time and effort have been expended by the staff in the hope that the l937 SOONER will be a book that recalls many happy memories. BUSINESS STAFF IACK CHANDLER . . . Circulation Manager BOB TRIPPET .... Organization Manager EDITORIAL . STAFF . Managing Editor . Associate Editor . . Associate Editor . . Organizations Photography Adviser . . Assistant Editor MARIAN TROSPER . . . EARL BROWN . . DEWEY HARRISON . LEONARD GOODE . . HAROLD TACKER . . FRED PELLER . . . ELIZABETH HOGUE . . . . Desk MORT LOOMIS . . . . Desk PAT SEWELL . . . Features FRED COOMBS . . . . Razz GLENN BAYLESS . . Sports Editor SAM COBEAN . . . Cartoons IIM HEWGLEY . . . . Military MARION HENNESSY . ANNA RUTH TURNER . . . . Military . . . Class Editor HANES DAWSON . . ' Assistant Class Editor . . . Fraternities . . Assistant Military ED HALBACH .... MARVIN IOHNSON . . ALFRED SLANER . . Assistant Business Manager BH-LY CARR ---- Assistfmt SDOTIS Ediwf BEN BURDICK . . Assistant Business Manager EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS IOHN CHAMPLIN Assistant Circulation Manager BETTE LOU O'SULLIVAN ANNE FORD DORTHY DALIOUS Assistant Circulation Manager MARY WIRT HEAD HARRY ROBERTS DON PILKINGTON . . . Advertising Manager BETTE NANCE ESTHER IOSEPHSON ANNA NELL ROBERTS Ass't Organization Manager MARGIE HOOD MARGARET NORTH BAXTER HAMMONS ..... Collections BUSINESS ASSISTANTS DAVID BRADLEY BARBRA CAMPBELL ADVERTISING ASSISTANTS RALPH KEEHN ISABEL ARNOLD ERNEST HOUSSIERE BILL FELDMAN DWIGHT DUNLAP PAUL BOWLEN DENNY FITZGERALD KENNETH HARRIS CARYL ROSE CORP IOHNNIE LEE ENGLE F. M. REYNOLDS DICK DAVIS MARY M. CROUCH MARY TERRELL .WW .W . First Row, lei! to right Dalious, Corp, Roberts, O'Sullivan, Ingle, Campbell, Turner, I-Iogue, Sewell, Trosper, Hood, losephson. Second Row-v-Bankoff, Keehn, Carr, Iohnson, Hammons, Halbach, Pilkington, Houssi-ere, Burdick, Harrison, Chandler. Third RowAGood, Roberts, Selvidge, I-Iewgley, Bradley, Dunlap, Fitzgerald, Davis, Brown, Champlain. Page Sl THE OKLAHOMA DAILY First Row, left to right-Purdy, Groves, MacKenzie, Vollmer, Robinson, Wilson. Second Row-McKinley, Van Zant, Spence, Rice, Smith, Adams. "The Oklahoma Daily" is a student newspaper published by the journalism department with the help of students in the school of journalism. lt has every feature of an actual newspaper and is sup- ported financially through subscriptions and adver- tising from local and national business concerns. The editor, who is selected by the Publication Board on the basis of ability and experience, names the members of his staff. The business staff is se- lected and is under the direction of the general man- ager of publications. The "Daily," which covers local, state, and na- tional news, with journalism students reporting cam- pus and downtown' events, is affiliated with the As- sociated Press for other events. lt is a morning newspaper and is published daily except on Mon- days and holidaysfthroughout the school year. In the summer the "Daily" is issued in tabloid form. The "Daily" offers to future reporters their first op- portunity in actual newspaper experiences. lt is written and published by students, and profits are used in maintaining and keeping up to date the equipment in the mechanical department. Editorials for the "Daily" are written by students in the school, and contributions from faculty members and students are often printed. Thus the editorial page contains daily interest because it offers oppor- tunity for expression of student ideas. The university publication ranks high among the other student newspapers in the country. Many for- mer students and graduates who have worked on the "Daily" are now holding important positions on metropolitan newspapers and many own their own publications. H. H. Herbert, director of the school, and other journalism faculty members assist students in their work, which is carried on in the journalism Class and laboratories. Through the "Daily," alumni subscribers, parents, and campus readers are given an opportunity to keep up with university happenings. Page 52 STAFF EDITORIAL BOB VOLLMER . . Editor, First Semester MILLARD PURDY . . Managing Editor CHARLES ADAMS ALVIN SMITH I. RICE I I. FLINCHUM I Page 53 . City Editors I. R. MCKINLEY . . HOWARD WILSON . WALTER GOODSTEIN . FRED GROVES . . LUCILLE MacKENZIE DICK CLARKE . Assistant . Editor, Second Semester . . . . News Editor City Editor . . . . Sports Editor . . Society Editor . Staff Writers FRED CQOMBS . . Columnists BUSINESS MANAGERS IOHN RUNYAN SELWYN IONES W. I. HARGROVES IOY FLOURNOY ROBERT WOODERSON LEMUEL GROOM EDITORS Lettf I. R. MCKINLEY President ot Sigma Delta Chi I. R. MCKINLEY BOB VOLLMER Top, lett to right IOHN RUNYAN LEM GROOM Below, leit to right IOY FLOURNOY SELWYN IONES BOB VOLLMER Sigma Delta Chi Carl W. Smith, lr., Oklahoma City, has been in charge of the business affairs of the Covered Wagon for the past year. He is a student in the journalism school, president of Ruf-Neks, president of Camera Club, Ad Club and was Circulation Man- ager of the Covered Wagon 1935-'36. Sam Cobean, Tulsa, has served as Editor of the Covered Wagon for the past year. The previous year he Was Busi- ness Manager. Other activities include Ruf-Neks, SOONER Staff and the Ad Club. For the past two years he has done the art work for the Covered Wagon and the SOONER Yearbook, also Work for the Bandwagon, an Oklahoma City publica- tion. Cobean is also a member of Kappa Sigma, social fraternity. COVERED WAGON STAFF SAM COBEAN ......... Editor DOC SMITH .... . Business Manager Managing Editors Sports Editor Assistants WAYNE ALLEN BILLY CARR GARVIN ROSS Associate Editors if CAL MANNEN IAUNITA SMITH HARRY ROBERTS Exchange MARIAN TROSPER BOB SPRADLING FRED COOMBS ELEANOR LAIN BETTY LARRIMORE HERBERT VANZANT Art DICK DISNEY RALPH STUART JOHN CHENOWCORTH MILDRED STEARLEY JANE ELLEN REEVES ANNA NELL ROBERTS Page 54 COVERED WAGON The Covered Wagon is the official humor maga- zine of the University of Oklahoma and is published monthly during the school year. Historically, the first issue, then the Whirlwind, was issued May, l92l, when it was published pri- vately. The next year it was adopted by the Publi- cation Board and became a part of the student publications. During the second semester of the l925 school year, the magazine was suspended by the school authorities because of censorable material contained in the lanuary issue. Publication was resumed the next fall and in 1935 the name was changed to the Covered Wagon, under new managers. As are all student publications, the Covered Wagon is under the general supervision of the Publication Board. The Editor is selected from the eligible candidates by the Board and the Business Manager is selected by the General Manager of Student Publications, subject to approval by the Board. Requirements for Editor and Business Man- ager of the magazine are similar to those of other publications. Candidates must have served for a period of at least seven months in a major staff position and must have the recommendation of the present Editor and Business Manager. The editorial and business staffs are chosen solely by the Editors and Business Manager from members of previous staffs and applicants for positions on basis of past work and future promise. During the past year the Covered Wagon has sponsored several new features which have proved popular with the student body. The principal one was the inaugurating of a free bus trip to Lawrence, Kansas, for the Sooner-layhawlc game. The win- ners were those selling the most subscriptions to the Covered Wagon. They also conducted a popu- lar poll to select the best dressed boy and girl on the O.U. campus. Wynema Burns, Chi Omega, and Carol Bains, Delta Tau Delta were winners. Another feature was the selection of the most beauti- ful Sooner co-ed. The winner Katherine Bretch, re- ceived a free trip to Hollywood, California. The Covered Wagon is, and has been for some time, a contributor to College Humor, along with similar humor magazines, and in turn uses material appearing in College Humor. Beprints from other magazines, such as the Missouri Privolg the Carnegie Tech Puppet, the Alabama Bammer-jammer and others are included in the Covered W'agon. Nearly all colleges sponsor a humor magazine and the Covered Wagon compares favorably with the exchanges from other schools which are received here. The magazine is financed through the sale of subscriptions and the sale of advertising by the business staff. Front Row, left to right-f-Smith, Larrimore, Carr, Cobean, Clarke, Roberts, Dark. Back Bow Manning, Cline, Smith, Van Zant, Spradlina, Coombs, Nelson, Campbell, Allen. Page 55 THETA SIGMA PHI First Row, left to right--Ray, Brown, McKenzie, Riddell, Fluornoy. t Second Row--Anderson, Hogue, Wallace, Chitwood, Hunt, Hood. OFFICERS ELIZABETH HOGUE . . . . . President MARNA RUTH RIDDELL . Vice-President NANCY ANDERSON . ., Treasurer MARY IO CHITWOOD . . . Secretary MEMBERS NANCY ANDERSON ELIZABETH HOGUE MAXINE WALLACE BETTY IO CI-IITWOOD MARIORIE HOOD MABEL BROWN LUCILLE MCKENZIE MARNA RUTH RIDDELL IOY PLOURNOY KATHRYN OWENS VIRGINIA POWERS IENNY IO SPAULDING SPONSORS GRACE E. RAY FRANCES HUNT PLEDGES IUANITA SMITH LOIS IUNE ADAMS MARIAN BECK PHEBE IANE BOLIN RUTH FARRAR Theta Sigma Phi, national honorary journalism fraternity for Women, was estalo- lished on the University of Oklahoma cam- pus in 1915. Membership in Theta Sigma Phi is limited to those women who have maintained a "B" average in Iournalism School and a "C" average in all other courses. Aspirants also must have shown proficiency and a higher than average interest in newspaper Work. The fraternity aims to promote Worthy LOUISE GOODMAN LORETTA GROOTHOUSE KATHRYN I-IOSEA ESTER IANICE IOSEPHSON LORRAINE MILLER BETTE LOU O'SULLlVAN ADDIE LEE PICKARD SALLIE SEAMAN MARGARET TOMBERLIN ANNA IIM HOLMAN journalistic activity and ideals at the Uni- versity and to encourage Women to enter their profession. Meetings are held fort- nightly. Theta Sigma Phi sponsors annually three awards, one each for their opinion of the outstanding Woman in the state, the most outstanding girl in the University and the most prominent Woman faculty member. Sponsors of the group are Miss Grace Ray and Miss Frances Hunt, assistant pro- fessors in the lournalism School. Page 56 SIGMA DELTA CHI First Row, left to right-Goodstein, Holland, Hollingsworth, Grinnell, Purdy. Second Row-Groves, Disney, McKinley, Smith, Adams, Baker. OFFICERS j. R. MCKINLEY . . . . . President DICK DISNEY . . Vice-President FRED GROVES . . .... Treasurer CHARLES ADAMS . . . Recording Secretary HOWARD WILSON . . Corresponding Secretary MEMBERS I. R. MCKINLEY CHARLES ADAMS DALE SIMPSON DICK DISNEY HOWARD WILSON WALTER GOODSTEIN FRED GROVES HAROLD BAKER ROY HOLLINGSWORTH IOE HOLLAND - PLEDGES IRA RICE MILLARD PURDY EMORY GRINNELL ALVIN SMITH Sigma Delta Chi is a professional organi- zation for men in journalism. The fraternity was installed on this campus, April 28, l9l3. H. I-l. Herbert, director of the school of jour- nalism, is the chapter adviser. There is no scholarship requirement con- nected With membership in the order. Only students who give promise of being success- ful in the field of journalism become mem- Page 57 bers. Stress is placed by the group on preparation for and activity in the editorial branch of journalism. Majors in advertis- ing are not eligible for membership. Sigma Delta Chi annually gives an award to the man in beginning journalism classes who promises to be outstanding in journalistic Work. SOON ER MAGAZINE "The Sooner Magazine", month- ly publication of the University of Oklahoma Association, has been substantially enlarged during the last year and the amount of mate- rial about alumni activities has been greatly increased. The magazine goes to 3,000 alumni and former students of the University, most of them in Okla- ROSCOE CATE Edt homa but many of them scattered all over the United States and in many foreign countries. Numerous letters received by the alumni office are proof that the alumni appreciate a publication that keeps them in touch with friends of their college days, and informs them about what is hap- pening in the University World. Roscoe Cate, l926 graduate of the University and former city editor of "The Norman Transcript," became editor and manager of the magazine in October, l936. For a time he was also employed part- time in the University public rela- tions department, but since April l when the Executive Board of the Alumni Association decided to sever its salary budget from that of the University, Alumni Secretary In Memoriam IAMES F. HEWES, Manager Died March 31, 1937 Ted Beaird and Magazine Editor Cate have devoted full time to the alumni association Work. The late lames l-lawes, honor student in the University and editor of the l035 "Sooner Yearbook," began the school year as business manager of the Mag- azine, but became seriously ill in lanu- ary and tuberculosis caused his death a few months later. 5-ia'-4 Cossnnlf-N.o PHARMACY mf K Ki A X. i??i:I55EgEZ I 1 5 3 H2 Upper How, left to right-E. G. BULLARD, dispensing cIe-rkg DR. A. RICHARDS, zooIOqY: DR. ALMA NEILI., physiology. Second Row-DEAN IOHNSON cmd subject MISS INA GRIFFITH, insiructory DR. LOYD E. HARRIS, professor. Third Row---RALPH A. BEEGLE, commercial pharmacy: DR. RALPH BIENFANG, ossisiomt professorp MRS, LEENA MCARTHUR, Ioccterioloqy. Qi .E Page 61 DR. D. B. R. IOHNSON. Dean was business manager ot his college yearbook and helps the Sooner in its advertising campaign . . . plays the pi- ano . . . owns a farm that oc- cupies much oi his spare timefedoes lots ot work on it himself . . . keeps a watchful eye on all pharmaceutical legislation . . . enjoys a good bull session. SENIORS I. B. DIXON ............. Marlow Phi Delta Chi: Glee Club: Sooner Quartet: O. U. Ph. A. B. E. MASSEY, Pi Kappa Alpha .... . . . . Comanche Phi Delta Chi: O. U. Ph. A. ALICE GRINNELL .....,..... Boise City Lambda Kappa Sigma: Galen: O. U. Ph.A.: Polo and Riding Association. IERRY B. GWIN, Phi Delta Theta ......... Ada Rho Chi, President: Phi Delta Chi: Galen: Skeleton Key: Check- mate: Toga. WILLIAM A. PACEY ...... Galen: Kappa Psi: Band: O. U. Ph. A. FRANK W. OZMENT, IR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Oklahoma City . . . Talihina Phi Delta Chi: Galen: Scabbard and Blade: Bomhardiers: O. U. Ph. A. MILO PAGE SMITH . LAWRENCE C. FORBIS . O. U. Ph. A. MARY ELIZABETH STIGLER, Alpha Xi Delta . . . Oklahoma City . . Pawnee . San fuan, Tex. Galen, Secretary '36: Lambda Kappa Sigma: O.U.Ph.A., Secretary '36. HOWARD L. TRINKLE ........... Ralston Galen. DAVID L. CONNELL, Phi Delta Theta ..... Raton, N. M. WILLIAM A. CATES ............ Atoka Kappa Psi: Galen: O. U. Ph. A.: Men's Council, Secretary. BILLIE ALENE WILLIAMS ...... . . . El Reno Galen: Lambda Kappa Sigma: O. U. Ph. A.: Newman Club. Cl-IIYOKO ADACHI ....... O. U. Ph. A. WILLIAM C. STEPHENSON . . Phi Delta Chi: O. U. Ph. A. I. PAT HENRY, Phi Delta Theta . . . . Tulsa . Cheyenne . . . Ringling Phi Delta Chi: Galen, President: Toqa, President: Rui-Neks: O. U. Ph. A. I-IOMER T. CLARKSON . Phi Delta Chi. EDWIN B. KNOLLHOFF ..... Kappa Psi: Kappa Kappa Psi: Band. H. A. DECK ........ I. PI-ILEAT BOYD, Pi Kappa Alpha . WALTER PHILLIP SCHEFFE, Acacia . BILL KAY ELIAS ..... NEWTON O. GUTHRIE . A. S, SPANGLER . . HENRY HUGH KIDD, Acacia . S. ANDY KRAKER . . . DAVID S. I-IARNED . . . MAY ALEDA DOUGLASS . DEVERT M. RYMER . . TROY T. OOUINN . . . RUTH R. RIGG, Alpha Phi . WILLIAM M. CI-IRISTIE . SUSANN DINKLER .... ROBERT G. EVATT, IR., Acacia . . Liberal, Kans. . Okmulgee . . let . Ardmore . Enid . . Bristow . Countyline . Pauls Valley . Amarillo, Tex. . Drumright . . Walters . Anadarl-co . . Cheyenne . . . Marlow . Taloga . Arnett Hennessey . Byers 2. .- , U 2 A fav 41 "IT" . "',, it .L , .P Q , .it . 5. uv i...i: ff, til EIIE mg , it l 3 g A Q .i.- 1' I ' 'Pi' E.. A ' ..1: . A- I I 1' I K -l xy fa "'- f :" . .I ff .., - 5,1 :,: 5 , . V Y ff rtit I fist , First How, left to right---Prather, Hull, Dixon, Ozment, Gwin, Massey, W. Cates, Stigler, Stephenson. Second Row-Bullard, Williams, Trinkle, Grinnell, Davis, Pacey, loseph, Knolhoff. Third Row-Ambrister, Clarkson, McEvoy, Smith, Goff, Phipps, Tidmore, Forbis, Guthrie, Snodgrass, B. Brasel. Fourth Row-Dilleshaw, Baker, Moreland, McGill, Connell, Deskins, R. Cates, Bernard, Shelton, Chalfant, Craker. Filth Row-Kirklen, Whitlock, Craighead, Parrish, Hopkins, Zimmerman, Fortson, Bailey. Sixth Row---Coughlin, Schette, Evatt, Rigg, Keller, Riley, Blackmer, Dean lohnson, Laughlin, Horned, Daugherty. Seventh Row-Boyd, Professor Bientang, Albright, Lemmons, Spangler, Shivers, Montgomery, Oxley, Dinkler, Christie. Eighth Row--Professor Beagle, Bell, L. Brasel, O'Quinn, Mouser, Elias, Burba, Henry, Professor Harris, Griffith, Loeser Higgins, Huff, Adachi. OFFICERS BURNEY BRASEL . VAL ADAMS . RAYMOND RICE . . ESTHER BLACKMER . RAY SHAW . . lESS TIDMORE . IESS TIDMORE . . OPHARD BAKER . The O. U. Ph. A. is the general student organization of the Pharmacy School, and every student is automatically a member. lt's purpose is to acquaint the students with the practical problems and opportunities ahead. Every Friday morning at ten o'clock a meeting is held, Where outside speakers Page G3 . . . President . Honorary President . Vice-President . Secretary . . . . . . Treasurer . Chairman of Committee on Programs Chairman of Committee on Sports Chairman of Committee on Public Relations are invited in to talk on some phase of pharmacy, or, occasionally, on some other topic of immediate interest to the student. The Association sponsors the practice convention of the O. U. Ph. A. held each year. The fourth annual convention was held December ll, l936. The fifth is scheduled for February 25, l938. O. U. Ph A CH PHI DELTA I First Row, left zo right--Purcell, Henry, Stephenson, Rice, Ozment, Gwin. Second Row-Scheff-e, Boyd, McGill, Hopkins, Guthrie, Dr. Harris. I l OFFICERS RAYMOND RICE .... . . President GLENN HOPKINS . . Vice-President BOB EVATT . . . . . Treasurer I-IOMER CLARKSON . . Secretary MEMBERS RAYMOND RICE HOMER CLARKSON GLENN HOPKINS BOB EVATT PAT HENRY PLEDGES WALTER SCI-IEFFE NEWTON GUTHREY IOHN ALBRIGHT EARL HURD Phi Delta Chi is an honorary pharmacy and chemistry fraternity whose purpose is to perpetuate a better understanding be- tween pharmacy students and the profes- sion. The national organization was founded at the University of Michigan, November 2, l883y Rho chapter was established on the University of Oklahoma Campus in l9l3. The requirements include leadership, ser- vice, and character, but scholarship is par- ticularly stressed. The fraternity holds meetings every two weeks, where products and ideas recently introduced are reviewed. Whenever pos- sible well known speakers are invited to appear on the program. At other times the group occupies itself with research, with most of the actual work being done by the pledges. And while the chief purpose of the organization is study and practice, the recreational side is not entirely neglected. Page 64 First Row, Ieit to right-Deskins, Cates, Rice, Baker, Knoloif, Kraker. Second Row-Fortson, Phipps, Zimmerman, Prather, Tidmore, Montgomery, Ioseph, Huff, Chalfant. Third Row-Christie, Bell, Dr. Bientang, B. Brasel, Loeser, Lernmons, Dean lohnson. OFFICERS EARLE IOSEPH . ANDY KRAKEP1 . RAY SHAW . . . DR. RALPH BIENFANG . CLYDE KELTER . . STUART PARRISH . IOE PHIPPS . . Gamma Omicron chapter ot Kappa Psi, national pharmaceutical fraternity, was installed at the University ot Oklahoma in 1923. lts purpose is to encourage an all round development with scholarship being emphasized, but not to the exclusion ot Page 65 . . President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . . Chaplain . Sergeant-at-Arms . . Historian other activities and abilities. The chapter has regular Weekly business meetings at which outside speakers give lectures on subjects of professional interest. A protes- sional library is being built by the chapter for the use oi its members. KAPPA PSI GALEN First Row, left to right-Williams, Ozrnent, Gwin, Hopkins. Second Row-W. Cates, Stigier, Griffith, Henry. Third Row-Grinnell, Bienfang, Harris, Iones. OFFICERS I. PAT HENRY ..... . President BRUNEY BRASEL . MARY E. STIGLER . . . . Vice-President . . . . Secretary DR. RALPH BIENFANG . . Treasurer and Custodian MEMBERS RALPH A. BEEGLE ALIC H. GRINNELL FRANK W. OZMENT DR. RALPH BIENFANG IERRY B. GWIN AMBROSE PACEY BURNEY BRASEL DR. LOYD E. HARRIS MARY ELIZABETH STIGLER BILL CATES I. PAT HENRY HOWARD TRINKLE INA L. GRIFFITH . GLENN HOPKINS BILLIE WILLIAMS EMMETTE IONES Galen, honorary pharmacy fraternity at the university, is limited to junior and senior students in the pharmacy school. Applicants are required to maintain a one- point scholastic average with no failures and must be outstanding in the qualities of leadership and the ability to cooperate. New members are elected each year dur- ing the month of March by the old mem- bers of the society. Two members are selected from each professional organiza- tion, two from independent men, and two from independent women, providing these groups have members who guaiify. Galen encourages individuality and con- structive thinking among its members, thereby creating a valuable incentive to underclassmen who aspire to membership in it. The organization works in cooperation with the faculty in supporting worthwhile pharmacy projects and guiding students in their particular branch of education. Page 66 01' 'W We 01 236 -Wait Fzrst Row, left to right- Griffith, K RHO CHI rob, Gwin, Neill. Second Row-f-Hopkins, Bienfang, Harris, loseph. I OFFICERS IERRY GWIN . .... . President LESLIE KROB . . Vice-President INA GRIFEITI-I . . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS DR. RALPH BIENFANG IERRY GWIN LESLIE KROB INA GRIEFITI-I DR. L. E. HARRIS DR. ALMA I. NEILL DEAN D. B. R. IOI-INSON Rho Chi is the national honorary phar- maceutical society on the University ot Cklahoma campus. Gamma chapter here was formed over iiiteen years ago and its position ot prestige at Cklahoma and nationally is great. Its members are known as "the Phi Beta Kappas ot the Pharmacy College." Page 67 Membership pre-reguisites are rigorous. Candidates must have completed seventy- iive hours ot college workg they must have shown proficiency in leadership, scholar- ship, personality and characterp they must he voted in loy the active chapter and passed hy the dean ot the school oi phar- macy. 7 -r DEAN MILLIGAN PATTERSON PURYEAR CASEY HUNT OKLAHOMA STATE BOARD OF PHARMACY OFFICERS W. D. PATTERSON .... . President T. I. DEAN . . . . Vice-President EDWARD MILLIGAN . . . Secretary THOMAS CASEY . . . . . Treasurer MAYBLE HUNT . . . . Assistant Secretary MEMBERS W. D. PATTERSON . . El Reno EDWARD MILLIGAN . Oklahoma City AL PURYEAR . . . Pawhuska THOMAS CASEY . . Tishomingo T. I. DEAN . . Okmulgee MAYBLE HUNT . . Oklahoma City The Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy demands the highest standard of Pharmacy in the state, and sees that all Pharmacy laws of Oklahoma are rigidly enforced. The Board feels that the future for Pharmacy in Oklahoma is very bright and young men and Women of high standards are encouraged to enroll in the School of Pharmacy and make this profession their life's Work. No one can legally practice Pharmacy in Oklahoma unless he is registered by this Board. The group meets regularly, at stated periods, to examine candidates who desire to obtain license to practice in this state. The successful applicant must show evidence of graduation from a "recognized" or approved school of Pharmacy, as well as evidence of experience in a drug store. The Board is a friend of the School and co-operates With it in every way possible. Page 68 7 W- - LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA Left to right--Dinkler, Williams, Blackmer, Carpenter, Wehrenberg, Griffith, Grinnell, Siigler, lones. OFFICERS ESTER BLACKMER .... . President OEIS CARPENTER . . . . Vice-President HILDA ANN WEHRENBERG . . Secretary-Treasurer INA GRIFFITH ..... . . . Sponsor MEMBERS SUSANN DINKLER QRIS CARPENTER INA GRIFFITH BILLIE WILLIAMS HILDA ANN WEHRENBERG ALICE H. GRINNELL ESTER BLACKMEPL Iota Chapter of Lambda Kappa Sigma is a part of the national pharmaceutical tra- ternity for Women. Lambda Kappa Sigma was founded at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in l9l2. A grade average of Page 69 MARY STIGLER C with no failures is required for member- ship. The purpose is to promote good fel- lowship and professional interest among Women students. l l 1 2 ,QQ !4 AQ J-44 !4 !4 !Q g!4 I!! fl t WQC, R'-if KG! Ki, Wai! RQ! Vai, Wei! 'Wi 5:4 fi l "He should neither buy, sell nor use sub- standard drugs tor uses which are in any l l way conected with medicinal purposes . . . The pharmacist should consider the knowl- edge which he gains ot the ailments of his patrons and their confidence regarding these matters, as entrusted to his honor, and he should never divulge such tacts unless com- pelled to do so by law." 5?-5 FINE ARTS S 3 Top Row, Ieit to right- LEONARD GOOD, Grip MERVIN ELVVEIL, drumoiics. Second Row R. H. RICHARDS, music, IDA Z. KIRK, drcimoticsz IOE TAYLOR, uri, WILLIAIXXI WEHREND, bond director. Center C. F. GIARD, piomo. Third Row' HARRIET KRITSER, cxrtp RUPEL IONES, director of dromcrtics, DOROTHY KIRK, art. Fourth Row f -OSCAR B. IACOBSON, director of school of cxrty W. H. SMITH, ort. Page 73 a ? o ll so DR. LEWIS SALTER. Dean tavorite broadcast is the Sun- day afternoon Philharmonic Orchestra hour . . . tunes out jazzfexcept polite jazz . . . believes that properly treated it has possibilities . . . has hopes that America will be made opera conscious in tirne with education . . . does some tlower gardening. SENIORS MORENE WARREN, Alpha Chi Omega . . Lone Wolf El Modjii: Y. W. C. A. MARY ADELINE WILSON, Kappa Alpha Theta . . Shawnee KATHRYN MAE ADAMS ..... . Woodward Mu Phi Epsilon. VIRGINIA M. SMITH .... . Erick Thalian Reading Club: Playhouse. AGNES HENDERSON, Alpha Chi Omega . . . Fort Cobb Sigma Alpha Iota: Choral Club. IRENE GARRETT ...... . Texas City, Tex. El Modjii: Y.W. C. A. IANEY LOU IOHNSON, Pi Beta Phi ....... El Reno Orchesis: University Players: Phantom Mask: Y.W'. C. A. MILDRED STEARLEY, Chi Omega ...... Oklahoma City R.O. T. C. Honorary Colonel, '35-'36: Thalian: University Play- house: Orchesis, LOUISE IOHNSON .......... Vernon, Tex. VALERIA PINNEY, Gamma Phi Beta ....... Braman Sigma Alpha Iota: Choral Union: Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. A. LUCILLE TURNER ............ Britton RUTH LUCILLE OSBORNE ...... . Norman Mu Phi Epsilon: Women's Choral Club. DAVID W. GISH, IR. ........... Frederick Kappa Kappa Psi: Phi Delta Kappa: Sooner Quartet: Soloist with Glee Club. CHARLES LEONHARD . ......... Anadarko Phi Eta Sigma: French Club: Men's Glee Club. ROBERT H. MONROE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Lawton Delta Phi Delta: El Modjii. GRACE MARIE WALKER ......,... Medford Pianist with WNAD Orchestra: Pianist with University Trio. DAISY C. FULTON . . San Antonio, Tex. El Modjii. GLADYS R. BAGWELL . . . . . . . . Erick El Modjii. GRACE MARIE PITCI-IFORD, Gamma Phi Beta . . Oklahoma City Orchesis: Choral Club '35-B65 Carmen '35: Big Sister Com- mittee ot Y. W. HARLANFRED D. BURCH, Beta Theta Pi . Pueblo, Colo. El Modjii: Bombardiers. HANNAH V. STEINBERG, Sigma Delta Tau .... Houston, Tex. Alpha Lambda Delta: Glee Club: Choral Union. JEAN M. SCHWARTZ ........... Norman Playhouse, '36-'37: Choral Club, '34, '35, '36, '37. MILDRED ANDREWS ........... Skiatook Mu Phi Epsilon, President: Mortar Board: Iunior Honor Class: House Council. W. EARL COX ...... . . . . Enid DOROTHY E, CHESNUT, Delta Gamma . Oklahoma City Playhouse. MURIEL M. HAMILTON .... . . Ringling El Mooljii. ARCHIE C. GRAHAM, Delta Chi ....... Tahlequah Phi Mu Alpha: Kappa Kappa Psi: Head Drum Major, Univer- sity Band. WILLABEL B. MARTIN, Alpha Chi Omega . . El Reno Y. W. C. A. MARY IO MANGOLD ........... Granite Rifle Team: Y. W. C. A.: El Modiii: Dusty Travelers: Ducks Club. LENA BETH HANSHAW, Delta Delta Delta .... Weatherford Playhouse: Choral Club: Phantom Mask: Ad Club. PEGGY LOUISE MILLER, Alpha Xi Delta .... Oklahoma City Y. W. C. A.: El Modiii. DOROTHY L. STEWART .... . . Weleetka Pi Zeta Kappa: Glee Club. AILEEN SIMMS, Pi Beta Phi ..... Oklahoma City IACK COLLIER, Alpha Tau Omega ..... Norman Kappa Kappa Psi: Band: Symphony. RUTH LOUISE CLARK, Pi Beta Phi ..... Tulsa Mortar Board: W.S.G.A., President: Pi Beta Phi, Presi- dent, First Semester: Dad's Day Cup, KATHLEEN EADY ....... . . Norman Sigma Alpha Iota: Girls' Glee Club: Sooner Quartet Accompanist: Girls' Quartet. Q' K. ,QE Rm get if swim ,Ji .. 'fr , Q fe-i ' - "" ., S- Q 1 mv- mf' ' 3 1 lil em sg A so A . f fi. Y. .,. .J WK fi. Ki A X Hr Y l . K if -7 A 1937 MAXINE MCADAMS .......... Tishomingo University Symphony Orchestra: Y.W. C. A. String Choir. SARA MARIE BATTEN, Gamma Phi Beta ,... Oklahoma City Y. W. C. A.g Orchesisg El Modjii. IOE IACKSON SUMMERS ......... Woodward Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band, Men's Glee Club: WNAD Symphony. FRANK C. HUGHES, Delta Tau Delta ........ Ada Ramblers: Phi Mu Alphag Phi Eta Sigma: Scabbard and Blade. GENEVIEVE P. STOUT ........... Norman Sigma Alpha Iota: O. U. Choral Club: Choral Union: Opera Chorus t"Lakme"l, NELMARIE ANDERSON, Delta Gamma . . . . Sand Springs Y. W. C. A.g Orchesisg W. S. G. A4 Players. EDDIE SHARP .......... Kansas City, Mo. El Modjiig Swingstersg University Artist Series, Assistant Manager. RALPH I. WESSON .... . . . . Stiqler ROSEMARY SPEARS . Oklahoma City INEZ ESTHER CROTTO ..... . . . Tulsa MARY E. MCFERRON, Alpha Chi Omega . Oklahoma City DOROTHY FOSTER ...... . Blanchard MARY FRANCES THOMAS .... . Ringling VELVA G. IOHNSTON, Gamma Phi Beta . . Durant MARY FRANCES FLOYD, Chi Omega . . . Haskell IANEY PRICE, Kappa Alpha Theta . . Tulsa IOHNNIE L. HIGGINS, Alpha Chi Omega . . Lone Wolf MILDRED LUCILE WHITE, Alpha Chi Omega . . Cashion WILLIAM F. HUBBELL, Alpha Tau Omega . Oklahoma City A. N. HARLEY, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . . Comanche BILLYE MARYE HADLEY, Alpha Xi Delta . Oklahoma City BETTY E. HERNDON ...... . . . Tulsa BETTY COE ARMSTRONG, Chi Omega . . Ponca City HARLEY M. PRICE, Pi Kappa Phi . . . Sulphur IAMES A. HUSER, Alpha Tau Omega . Oklahoma City MARY IANE ARNOLD, Chi Omega . . . Nowata CECILE E. BOMASI-I, Sigma Delta Tau . DOROTHY GRAYCE LEE .... LORENE BURT, Chi Omega .... PEGGY LAMB OZMUN, Kappa Alpha Theta HAROLD TACKER ...... EMMA BETH AMBRISTER, Alpha Xi Delta . MARION L. BABCOCK, Alpha Xi Delta . MILDRED PATTERSON, Chi Omega . EVERETT W. MORRIS .... 'WYEMA E. ADAMS PHYLLIS IEANNE BLANCHARD, Pi Beta Phi BETTYE WELLS ..... IACK ERNEST MORGAN . LUCILE IACKSON, Pi Beta Phi . . DONNA SUE DAY, Delta Gamma ROBERT F. REVARD, Alpha Sigma Phi . . Denver, Colo. . Ponca City . Bartlesville Oklahoma City . . Shawnee . Norman Scottsbluff, Neb. . . Norman . Norman . Norman . Snyder . . Sentinel . Cooper, Tex. . Muskogee . Dallas, Tex. . Pawhuska UN DERCLASSMEN IOHN CHENOWETH, Kappa Sigma . . THEIDA MAE DRENNAN, Gamma Phi Beta . IULIA BOARDMAN, Kappa Alpha Theta . NEDRA OCHENRIDER, Alpha Phi . . . ISABELLE ARNOLD, Delta Gamma . . . DOROTHY MAE IAMES, Delta Gamma . LEOTA NORINE BRUSH, Alpha Gamma Delta IULIA IANE ARGUE ....... IANE ABBOTT, Gamma Phi Beta . . MARGUERITE PATCHIN, Delta Gamma . SYLVIA LINDENBAUM, Sigma Delta Tau BILLY B. DAY, Delta Delta Delta . . BARBARA ANN DORR, Chi Omega . HELEN G. HUMES, Alpha Chi Omega KATHRINE BRETCH, Pi Beta Phi . . MARY E. HUDDLESTON, Chi Omega . ELAINE M. CARSON, Gamma Phi Beta . AUDREY RUSSELL, Alpha Xi Delta . . MARY ELIZABETH ESTES, Delta Delta Delta GERALDINE I-IUDDLESTON, Chi Omega . . MAXINE I. GRAY, Gamma Phi Beta . . . MARIORIE HOENSCHEIDT, Delta Delta Delta RUTH VERNE DAVIS, Alpha Phi . . . ELNORA DAVIS, Alpha Phi . . GENE ELIZABETH CI-IANNELL, Alpha Chi Omega . CARTER LUTES, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . ALICE LOUISE ALLEN, Alpha Phi . . . MARTHA ANN MOSES, Kappa Alpha Theta ELIZABETH L. MacDONALD, Kappa Alpha Theta . BETTY BEE FESLER, Gamma Phi Beta . . . NADINE BOWLES, Delta Delta Delta . KATHRYN FORD, Kappa Alpha Theta . SARA E. WALLACE, Delta Delta Delta . RUTH DAVENPORT, Alpha Chi Omega . HELEN E. TURNBULL ..... MILDRED MILLER . KATHRYNE POLK . . . . PEARL LOUISE ALBRITTON . . . DOROTHY LOU CULVER, Chi Omega . lv O. VVALKER, Alpha Sigma Phi . THEDA RHEA MILLS ...... CLYDE K. HARRIS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . ANNA LOUISE MEPFERT, Alpha Chi Omega MARGARET IACKMAN, Kappa Alpha Theta ELIZABETH PI-IILLIPS, Pi Beta Phi . . . ELIZABETH PATTON, Alpha Chi Omega . WYNONA NORTHCUTT, Alpha Chi Omega ANNA IO CARD, Gamma Phi Beta . . . . Woodward Little Rock, Ark. . Oklahoma City Fort Stockton, Tex, . . . Tulsa . Oklahoma City . . Sapulpa . Tulsa . . . Atoka . . Pawhuska El Dorado, Kans. . . Pawhuska Grand Falls, Tex. . . Ponca City . Oklahoma City . . Konawa . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City . Pawhuska . Konawa . . . Norman . Oklahoma City . Seminole . Seminole . . Binger . . . Durant . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City . . Pawh uska , Norman . Tyler, Tex. . Shawnee . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City . . Hobart . Tulsa . . . Houston VVichita Falls, Tex. . Oklahoma City . Vfewoka . Wilson . . Maud . . . Hugo . Oklahoma City Norman . Perry Wayne Medford ., . x i i. ' t If -f-' I I I I . T .x .pl I llll U :-' I " - ' . ft 'ti f ffrf If . I 2. . L My I lrlllll A I I ' "-:tt I "W t .. I it 'Z I : 'lt r rt llll IK 1.' t.-t , '53 Sq g , W VZW. . ..., L. . 7 H l ,.1!,, G 'ii tiil 1 . -L ,. :. g .,,i Q D All Q '55 6 A N 1 1 w-9 +wi BBW? aft mf -, EI? me ' zeal 9 In f if , i ,, V,.W, . ,, yikl In 'Y . ,, .. xr . ,, f if R i f xo, 11 J- M.. if a- H '- 'ig . 'll -::: I f . ' .WE in . - .. Q .. , .,:, ,,,.f - .V1 . , . . gg i" , 5 . . +' -may ,env . M., 4: try' 2' ., -ir? iii V , : ..,. 4 K. 'E fgWLtTCfl wi. zz- ii BT' SNL , "B " I - V , f uma wma 3 s +V? t 3,e' A.-2 X, 3.1 It A 'Y hat .wQ, he . .me, tv-mutt e ati? 53V,gi3 , x he-,A A.A. Wa ?" ,W 'ziuul I , if 'F' 1 3 in m wp'Ai the f- , , , avf Q ee, , . , kk . .., ,, . L L K A ' Liga .NA ig.- ,.. .,iLQ- :,: :., Zgl I 5256533 .tw g,t I m,Q, 1545? 3 'Manx ,iWr, 332, 5 EQBQWTBT mv " tl f ,., f .rktt , I . - Av 5. -A 2 .. . , +--V' it 1937 MARY LOUISE STONE, Kappa Alpha Theta . HELEN G. HILL, Delta Delta Delta . . . CAROLINE G. HALE, Delta Delta Delta . . EDITH LAWSON ...... IANICE LEE HUSTON, Gamma Phi Beta . MARIORIE TALBOT, Delta Delta Delta . FRANCES LEE KENNEDY, Gamma Phi Beta . ELIZABETH C. RICKETTS, Delta Delta Delta . MARY WIRT HEAD, Pi Beta Phi . . NAOMI LEVINSON, Sigma Delta Tau . . MARY ELLIS TACK, Pi Beta Phi .... RUBY IANE DOUGLASS, Kappa Alpha Theta . PHOEBE JANE CHENAULT, Pi Beta Phi . . . ANNETTE BUREORD, Kappa Kappa Gamma . ELSIE LOUISE BOWERS, Pi Beta Phi . . EMMA MOODY, Pi Beta Phi . . DELL PERKINS, Pi Beta Phi . IUANITA IULIA COOPER . MARY VIRGINIA GUTHRIE . . RUTH C. SCHREFFLER, Alpha Phi MABEL RUTH STAHL, Chi Omega ELIZABETH COE, Pi Beta Phi , . BETTY IANE GALT, Pi Beta Phi . . LOUISE CARTER, Kappa Alpha Theta , PEGGY PENNER, Delta Delta Delta . WANDA MAYE PARRIS, Alpha Phi . IEAN MITCHELL, Pi Beta Phi . . HELEN BOGGS, Gamma Phi Beta . PEGGY WILLIAMS, Chi Omega . , BESSIE IANE GRAY, Delta Gamma . BEVERLY BARTON, Delta Gamma . . . BERTILLE MCMAHAN, Kappa Kappa Gamma . KATHRYN DEE SMITH . PAUL PHILLIPS ........ DOROTHY GAYLE ROBB, Alpha Chi Omega . ELEONORE ADERHOLD, Kappa Kappa Gamma . MARY G. FIETZ, Gamma Phi Beta . CORNELIA IRENE WEBSTER . . . IO WADE THORNTON, Delta Gamma . ANNA NELL ROBERTS, Chi Omega , MARGARET IANE SWIFT, Gamma Phi Beta . IOE NELL WATTERS, Gamma Phi Beta . . LUCILLE ELAINE HINSHAW, Alpha Xi Delta . IULIANA HESS, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . RUTH IANE GIBSON, Gamma Phi Beta . BARBARA TUNE CAMPBELL, Pi Beta Phi DELORES SWAIN, Gamma Phi Beta . ELOISE E. MCCOON, Alpha Chi Omega . Muskogee . Cherokee . Pawhuska . Clayton . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City , . . Norman . Oklahoma City . . Ardmore Long View, Tex. . . . Tulsa . Oklahoma City Wichita Falls, Tex. . Oklahoma City . . Tulsa . Shawnee . Midland, Tex. . Wewoka . . . Lawton . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City . Ardmore . Ardmore . Pawhuska . Norman . . Eutaula , Houston, Tex. . Oklahoma City Port Arthur, Tex. . . Bartlesville . Oklahoma City Altus . Norman . Lawton . Norman . El Reno . . . Lawton Fort Worth, Tex. . Oklahoma City . . Duncan . Claremore . Norman . Butler . Durant . Oklahoma City . . Tulsa . Norman . Anadarko CHORAL CLUB gift Wt, . Bottom Row, left to riqhtffwalclrep, Hudson, Henderson, Osborne, Robb, Gilstrap, Burtord, Card, Schwartz, Stewart, Arnold, N. Watters, Morrison, Adams, Salazar, Ballinger, M. Watters. Second Row-Milam, Meadors, Stout, Porter, Springer, Ioseph, Baker, Cook, Iarrell, Harnley, Babcock, Gish, Meffert, Higgins, Richards, Erwin Rice. Top Row-Larimore, Hallock, Hanshaw, Hoe-nscheidt, S. Mills, Ritchie, Case, T. Mills, Obert, Conner, Loomis, E. Davis, Sullivan, R. Davis, Brooks, Collins, Gibson, Martin. Not in the PicturefRuth Virginia Davis, Dorothy Douglas, Ruby lane Douglas, Lucille Kenney, Ruth Ann McSpadden, Hannah Steinberg, Nina Beth Stapp, Elizabeth Thomas, Angela Yates, Geraldine Balbin, Zilpho Gilstrap. QUARTET Lett: RUTH VERNE DAVIS Right: MARTHA RUTH IARRELL Top: CHRISTINE GILSTRAP Below: ELNQRA DAVIS Page 78 SIGMA OFFICERS FRANCES LINDLOFF . . . . President NONA B. WILEY . . . Vice-President GENEVIEVE STOUT . . . Secretary WYEMA ADAMS . . Treasurer CHRISTELLE KERN . . . Chaplain BERNITA MCCORD . . . . . Editor MAY FRANCES FLOYD .... Sergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS WYEMA ADAMS CHRISTELLE KERN ANNA NELL ROBERTS HELEN BOGGS GENEVIEVE KERN PATIENCE SEWELL ANNETTE BURFORD FRANCES A. LINDLOFF ROSEMARY SPEARS ANNA IO CARD BERNITA MCCORD GENEVIEVE STOUT IESSIE LON CLARKSON VALERIA PINNEY IO NELL WATTERS MARY FRANCES FLOYD ROSE RICHARDS MARY ANN WATTERS AGNES HENDERSON MARGARET RITTER NONA B. WILEY PLEDGES MARY ELIZABETH WILSON THEIDA MAE DRENNAN MARY IANE ARNOLD DELL PERKINS MARTHA RUTH IARRELL ELIZABETH RICKETTS PEARL STOUT GENEVIVE HILL A chapter ot Sigma Alpha Iota was established in l929. After the first nine Weeks first year students may be pledged on the basis of scholarship, musicianship, and faculty members. The purpose of the chapter is to promote scholarship, musical ability and social harmony among fine arts Women students. Each month one business meeting is held and one musical tea is given. Page 79 FRANCES LINDLOFF CONCERT THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA BANDS WILLIAM R. WEI-IREND ..... Director HENRI MINSKY . . . Assistant Director OFFICERS MARION CRONKHITE . . . . . President DAVID GISH . . OTTO NORMAN . I. O. ASHER . . . IOHN W. GITTINGER . . . Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer . Student Manager . Assistant Manager THE BOARD OF CONTROL MARION CRONKHITE DAVID GISI-I IACK COLLIER CHARLES WESTGATE NEIL SHIRLEY IOHN GITTINGER WILLIAM SIMPSON The University of Oklahoma Bands are the Marching Band, the Concert Band, the Military Band, the Varsity Band and the Peewee Band.. The Marching Band ap- pears at all home football games and in parades over the state. This year the Marching Band has made trips to Dallas, Guthrie, Oklahoma City, and Altus and has appeared in the Engineers Parade, the Homecoming Parade, and at all pep meetings, basketball games, and polo games. The Concert Band has presented concerts in Altus, Denton, Texas, the Texas Centennial, Oklahoma City at Lincoln Park and at Central l-Iigh School, and over the Texas Quality Network and the Na- tional Broadcasting Company for Pontiac Motors. Also a home concert was played which many have said was the finest con- cert in the history of the university. The combined enrollment of the bands reached l84 this year, one of the largest enrollments in history. The Military Band has appeared at all functions of the Department of Mili- tary Science and Tactics and is one of the high rating R. O. T. C. bands in the country. Page 80 KAPPA KAPPA PSI OFFICERS CHARLES VVESTGATE . . . . . President NEIL SHIRLEY . . Vice-President DONALD DOBYNS . . Secretary GENE THOMAS . . Treasurer IOHN W. GITTINGER . . Ediior WILLIAM SIMPSON ....... Sentinel . W W' 5 sr r U 1 "'-2 we First How, left to riqhi- Sanders, Mclntyre, Cvuinn, Moore, Blanton, Hubbell, Cotter, Lee, Elliot. Second How-Asher, McCown, Sears, Rubins, Huser, Siroman, Rice, Cunningham, Carroll, Browder. Third ROWiW'esiqale, Denyer, Hiqbee, Douqhiy, Douglass, Summers, Brown, Davis, Hendrix, Dobyns, Morris, Thomas Hott. Top Row-Salkeld, Anderson, Mitchell, Vxfeach, Graham, lones, Collier, Tippii, Simpson, Van Dolsen, Lewis, Leake, Hooker, Romine, Wehrend. Page 81 BAND OSCAR ANDERSON I. O. ASHER NICOLO AUSTIN L. G. BAYLESS, IR. BAKER BILLINGSLEY NATHAN H. BLANTON LE ROY BOLING DONALD BRANYAN ROBERT BRAVO EUGENE BRITTIAN RICHARD BROWDER RUSSEL BROWN EUGENE BUSBY ROBERT CRAIN L. W. CALAHAN ROBERT CALAHAN DALE CARROLL BOB CASON CHARLES M. CASSIDY ARTHUR CAVANHEH WENDELL CHANTRY MARY BARBARA CLARK DONALD CLEMENT IACK COLLIER TOM T. COTTER MARION CRONKHITE GENE CUNNIGHAM RECTOR DAVIS LLOYD E. DEAN H. A. DECK HILLARD DENYER DONALD BOBYNS NELSON DOUGHTY DONALD DOUGLAS IOHN DUKE IOHN DURHAM IOHN ECKENBERGER GEO. RICHARDSON IOE EDDINGS IOE ELLIOTT MERRILL ELLIS ALBERT ELMORE HEASLEY ENTZ MARCHIN G BAND HIAWATHA ESTES I. P. EVERETT OLAF FEELY HOWARD FIELDEN IOHN E. FLOOD ROBERT FLORENCE FREDERICK GAYE ALBERT GEIGER DAVID GISH IOI-IN GITTINGER RUFUS GOODWIN ARCHIE GRAHAM BILLY GREGORY BOB GROUP ROBERT GUINN ED HALBACH A. N. HARLEY CLYDE HARRIS KENNETH HARRIS NEAL HARRIS NORMAN HASSLER IRVING HIGBEE WILLIAM HIGHLAND RALPH HOCKER EUGENE HOPKINS OLIVER HOLT ALFRED HOTT BOB HOWARD BILLY HUBBELL DON HUGHART JIM HUSER GLENN HUGHES CONWAY IOHN EDWARD IOHNSON ANDERSON BAIRD IONES, IR. ED IONES BOB KAHN PETE KHOURY WESLEY KITCHENS FREDERICK KLUCK ROY KOPISCI-I TEX KOSOFSKY ROBERT LARSON BILL LASSITER CHARLES LAVERY IIMMIE LEAKE NATHAN LEE TERRY LEWIS LA RUE LINDSAY BOB LINDSEY SAM LLOYD EDWARD H. LUMPKIN DONALD MCCAULEY BILL MCCLELLAN TOM MCCLELLAN BUDD MCCOWN BOOKER MCDEARMON MERT MCDONALD IACK MCGAUGHEY EARNEST MCINTYRE IOHN MCNEW DOOLEY MALLORY RICHARD MEDLOCK SIDNEY MILLER STANLEY MILNER BOB MITCHELL E. B. MOORE IOHN LLOYD MORGAN CRAIG MOON HARRY MORRIS OTTO NORMAN IIMMY OLSON ARLEY OUTLAND LAWRENCE OPEL WILLIAM PACEY I. L. PATMAN WELDON PHILLIPS CHARLES POTTER HARLEY PRICE HAROLD OUIGG IOE REDDING BILLY REIFF FLOYD RICE IOHN RICHARDS ORVILLE ROGERS WM. ROMINE PHILLIP RUBINS GARETH RUGGLES PHIL SALKELD I. B. SANDERS MEREDITI-I MOZART SAXER HARTZELL SCI-IAFF EDWIN SCHILDE IOE SEARS HAROLD SHANK RAY SHAW ROBERT SHEPARD NEIL SHIRLEY KENNETH SHROYER MARION SHUMARD DALE SIMMS BILL SIMPSON AUREL SMITH DALE SMITH ORVILLE SMITH IOE STAEDLIN BILL STARNS ELMER STROMAN IACK SUMMERS RICHARD SWESNIK LOU SWIFT CLARENCE TAYLOR GENE THOMAS IOSH TILLINGHAST IOHN TIPPIT HERBERT TURK LAWRENCE VARVEL HAROLD VAN DOLSEN G. I. WALKER GEO. WM. WEACH HARRY WELCH MARY LYNN WESTERVELT RALPH WESSON CHAS. WESTGATE DOYLE WHITE GEORGIE MERLE WILLSON IEROME WOLF IACK WOODSON WALLACE ZIRKLE Page 82 MEDICINE p 11 r Q xr 'M "C 4 Fx A few snapshots of the medics in cmd out of class. Lower right hcmd comer-the four class presidenis: Andy Young, seniorg Bob Hull, Juniorg Coyle McClure, sophomoreg Icy McCormick, freshman. Page 85 DR. ROBERT URIE PATTERSON, Dean once spent much time horses back riding but on injury forced him to give it up . . . now young medics totik goit V-meetings, sometimes ciotss- es, the Deon puts gside tor his iorvorite pgstime . . . most ot his regding is oi or scien- N titic ngture . . . listens regu- igriy to Bogke Cgrter. N N- Il SENIORS THOMAS P. CONNERS, Pi Kappa Phi . . Waurika Class Vice-President. OTTO EARL LAYTON ........, Broken Arrow Phi Sigma Epsilon: Phi Beta Pig Kappa Mu Epsilon. CHARLES H. WILSON, Sigma Chi ...... Oklahoma City Phi Beta Pig Alpha Pi Mug Football: Intra Mural Baseball l93U-3l. IONATHAN HOYT .... WILLIAM C. ALSTON, Acacia . Phi Delta Chi. MORRIS McKAY RAINES .... . Pawhuska . Checotah . . . . Hinton Alpha Kappa Kappa: Alpha Pi Mug Lambda Nu. IACK CARROLL HALDEMAN . . PHILLIP I. SMITH ..... Alpha Kappa Kappag Alpha Pi Mu. CLYDE KERNEK ...... Alpha Kappa Kappa. HUGH ALBERT STOUT . Alpha Kappa Kappa. FRANCIS W. GROSS .... Phi Beta Pi. PERRY E. HEWITT, Pi Kappa Alpha . ROBERT S. HOLLINGSWORTH . Phi Delta Chi. HOWARD C. HOPPS . . Alpha Kappa Kappa. RALPH O. CLARK . ' Phi Beta Pi. RUGIE R. COATES . . Phi Delta Chi. CLAUDE M. BLOSS, Acacia . Phi Delta Chi. SYLVESTER R. SHAVER . WILLIAM F. LA PON . ALICE PENDLETON ..... TILDEN H. PHIPPS, IR. . . . . Alpha Pi Mug Alpha Kappa Kappa. CALMES P. BISHOP . . Alpha Pi Mu. ROBERT K. MCINTOSH, IR. . Phi Beta Pi. WILLIAM A. LOY, Kappa Sigma . . . . Enid . Lookeho . Holdenville . Shawnee . Lindsay . Muskogee . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City . Rott . Norman . . Okem ah . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City . Cleveland, Ohio . . . Hollis . Guthrie . Tahlequah . . . . Guthrie Phi Beta Pig Band: Orchestray WNAD Symphony. DOSS O. LYNN . . . Alpha Kappa Kappa. IOSEPH REID HENKE . . . Phi Delta Chi. ROBERT A. TIDWELL, Kappa Sigma . Phi Beta Pi. FORNEY LONG MURRAY . . HENRY M. HAMRA .... Alpha Phi Mug Phi Delta Chi. . . Ciemscot . Hydro . Miami . Thomas . H enryetta . Si 31,3 .4-, W I f at Q Q . X in QS ?-11.55 ., 523 im if w pm, W. 'F . it I I 1!b.. it S! .al 3 E' 'lp 'lla . Q. V Q F W its W I ,nov-Q H H lift .M 'zsfse W.. ge 14' 4-5 . K 15: 9 f ., . gig . if . ... wp. 1937 ROBERT O. RYAN . BERT H. COTTON . . . Phi Beta Pi. WILLIAM W. MEAD, Delta Chi Phi Beta Pi. OLLIE MCBRIDE ....... CHARLES G. STUART, IR., Kappa Sigma . CARSON L. OGLESBEE ...,. Psi Chi. IOHN CURTIS BERRY, Alpha Sigma Phi . Phi Beta Pig Varsity football, 1937 CLARENCE A. GALLAGI-IER, Beta Theta Pi . Kappa Kappa Psi: Phi Beta Pi. WILLIAM B. MULLINS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Phi Beta Pi. THOMAS T. BEELER, IR., Sigma Chi .... . . Norman . Sallisaw . Guthrie . . Ada . Waurika . Dewey . Norman . Stillwater . Shawnee . , Norm an Psi Chip President oi Freshman Class, Medical School, l932-33. ROBERT F. LOUGHMILLER, Phi Kappa Psi . . . Phi Beta Pip Alpha Pi Mu. DAISY G. VAN HOESEN . . Alpha Epsilon Iota. EARL I. MULMED, Phi Beta Delta ...... Phi Beta Pig Togay Phi Eta Sigma, Class, Secretary a IACK F. MOREHEAD ......... WILLIAM R. CHEATWOOD . . Psi Chi. N. SANFORD MATTHEWS .... Alpha Kappa Kappa. W. L. PICKHARDT, Lambda Chi Alpha . Psi Chi: Phi Eta Sigma: Eta Eta Eta. ANDREW M. YOUNG, IR., Kappa Alpha . . . . Alpha Kappa Kappa: Senior Class, President, IOHN Y. BATTENFIELD .... AILEEN IACK PETWAY, Chi Omega . . Alpha Epsilon Iota. MILDRED I. ROBINSON . . Alpha Epsilon Iota. Oklahoma City . Shawnee Oklahoma City nd Treasurer. . Washington Oklahoma City Oklahoma City . Seminole Oklahoma City . . Granite Oklahoma City Oklahoma City IAMES H. HAMMOND, Sigma Chi . . Chickasha Psi Chi. IAMES T. MCINNIS ......... Oklahoma City Alpha Kappa Kappag Alpha Pi Mu: Phi Sigma. PERDINAND R. HASSLER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Stillwater Psi Chip Scahbard and Blade. HERBERT B. SHIELDS . . . . . Enid Alpha Kappa Kappa, WILLIAM A. MORRIS ......... Oklahoma City GERTRUDE H. WILBUR, Delta Gamma .... Norman Sigma Epsilon Iota: Iota Sigma Pip Alp Iotap Sigma Xi. WINSTON I-I. IRWIN . . IOHN EAST .... Alpha Kappa Kappa. WILBUR F. BOHLMAN . . Alpha Kappa Kappa. ha Epsilon Oklahoma City . . . let . Okarche First Row, Iett to riqht--Knight, Kern, Xflfarren, Williams, Michelson, Messinger, Cook, Smith. Second ROW Vlfilliarns, Biederwell, Henderson, Neel, Southworth, Miller, Bradford, Wheeler, Huslcins. Third Row Hall, McArthur, Blair, Cawley, Cooper, Sanford, Hudson, Moore, Ley, Pearson. Fourth Row -Cunningham, Hutt, Ricks, Miniq, Sturm, Rice, Fifth Rowe-Knotts, Choice, Srnilh, Mills, Seba, Pratt, Tracy, Culwell. Sixth ROW--Taylor, Duewall, DeMeules. Seventh Row -Northrip, Angus, Hellams, Lowenthol, Nisbet, Sturqell. ROBERT A. KNIGHT CLYDE V. KERN EARL W. WARREN RAYMOND A. WILLIAMS LEON I. MICHELSON ROBERT P. MESSINGER EDWARD T. COOK R. GLENN SMITH THEODORE S. WILLIAMS PAUL L. BIEDERWELL ERNEST HENDERSON ROY L. NEEL LARRY I. SOUTHWORTH CECIL E. MILLER VANCE A. BRADFORD HOMER WHEELER IAMES D. HUSKINS THE IUNIOR CLASS MEMBERS ROBERT M. HALL CHARLES E. MCARTHUR IENNINGS C. BLAIR IOHN CAWLEY ALICE C. COOPER HERBERT M. SANFORD KENNETH E. HUDSON SAMUEL T. MOORE GENE B. LEY MURBLE H. PEARSON DONALD C. CUNNINGHAM REBA L. HUFF I. R. RICKS DON I. MINIG ROBERT T. STURM PAUL B. RICE LOUIS F. KNOTTS ROBERT W. CHOICE I. B. SMITH VICTOR D. MILLS CHESTER R. SEBA TONY W. PRATT GILBERT W. TRACY WILLIAM B. CULWELL LEWIS C. TAYLOR RUDOLPI-I H. DUEWALL EDGAR A. DE MEULES RAY NORTHRIP HOWARD ANGUS ALFRED A. HELLAMS PHILLIP LOWENTHAL ALFRED A. NISBET IOE C. STURGELL Page 83 Page 89 First Row, left to riqhtf- Duff, Harms, Ledbetter, Tackett, Barclceti, Kennedy, Yeary, Bush, Mahone, Clark, Bowers Second Row-McGuire, Connon, Binkley, Kernek, Swan, Foster, Farnarn, Bunqardt, Abernathy, Layton. Third Row-Brawner, Iohnson, Anderson, Mansur, Baxter, Martin, Buell, Roys. Fourth ROW-'McCormick, T. Paul, Burks, Cavener, Darrow, Harrison, Highland, Huff. Fifth ROW-Phelan, G. Paul, Kahn, Krause, Davis, Mengel, Ballard, Lewis. Sixth Row-Rippy, Anderson, Miller, Benward, Lyons, Campbell, Morton. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS MEMBERS ""'! FRATIS DUFF FRANK HARMS HARRY LEDBETTER ORVILLE TACKETT VAN BARCKETT MARSHALL KENNEDY CURTIS Y EARY MORGAN BUSH WILSON MAHONE VINCENT CLARK NEVILLE BOWERS IVON MCGUIRE LEO CANNON FRANK BINKLEY PAUL KERNEK IOE SWAN NORMAN FOSTER LARRY FARNAM ALFRED BUNGARDT HAROLD ABERNATHY REX LAYTON LUTHER BRAWNER MAX IOHNSON IRENE ANDERSON VIRGIL BAXTER I. D. MARTIN LEWIS BUELL DICK ROYS IAY MCCORMICK THOMAS PAUL LYNN BURKS IESSIE CAVENER BOB DARROW VALE HARRISON GENE HIGHLAND DICK HUFF RALPH PHELAN GORDON PAUL ROBERT KAHN MAX KRAUSE GEORGE DAVIS CHESTER MENGEL RAY BALLARD WILBURT LEWIS ORVILLE RIPPY ROY ANDERSON IACK MILLER IOHN BENWARD MASON LYONS BILL CAMPBELL RALPH MORTON First Row, left to right Richard, Culmer, Vlfilson, Dixon, Fair, Ellison, Iohnson, Dowdy, Mench, Earley. Second ROW--Padlarerq, McCollum, Aycock, M. Crowder, Schnoebelen, Cantrell, Shofstall, Winklernan, Davie. Third Row-Nelson, W. Crowder, Polinq, Ioseph, Threlkeld, Palmer, L. Harrison, P. Iones, Georqe. Fourth Row-Mayes, Henry, Shryoclc, Smith, Roberts, Koones, Winninqham. Fitth How-Williams, Gilliland, Chambers, Maril, Bedner, Shadid, McCreiqhi. Sixth ROW-Faust, M. Iones, Sisler, Sebring, Lehmann, Lester. Seventh ROW---Cash, Freid, Dodson, Dennis, Godfrey, Meador, L. Pillar, McClure, Kendall, R. Pillar, Ridge- way, Garrison. THE FRESHMAN CLASS BYRON W. AYCOCK GERALD BEDNAR WILLIAM H, CANTRELL G. SHELTON CASH E. EVANS CHAMBERS AUSMON E. CULMER WILLIAM O. DAVIS EUGENE N. DAVIE IAMES L. DENNIS I. LOWELL DIXON GEORGE E. DODSON KEMP DOWDY LE ROY WM. EARLEY GAYFREE ELLISON HUGH H. FAUST DAVID FREID DALE A. GARRISON LLOYD N. GILLILAND MEMBERS I. T. GODFREY LYNN H. HARRISON STEARLEY P. HARRISON WALTER K. HARTFORD RUSSELL COLE HENRY H. MYLES IOHNSON MARY ELIZABETH IONES PHYLLIS E. IONES PHILLIP G. IOSEPH ROBERT L. KENDALL HAROLD T. LEHMANN WILLIAM D. MARIL ROBERT H. MAYES COYE W. MCCLURE WILEY T. MCCOLLUM WM. G. MCCREIGHT GEORGE E. MEADOR ROBERT M. MENCH IRON H. NELSON ELDER D. PADBERG CLARA FRANCIS PALMER WILLARD PHILLIPS FOWLER B. POLING 'WARREN E. RICHARD ELMER RIDGEWAY KENNETH N. ROBERTS RENE SCHNOEBELEN MILTON SEBRING FRED V. SHADID LELAND F. SHRYOCK FRANK H. SISLER WILLARD H. SMITH L. DUNCAN THRELKELD CLAUDE WILLIAMS R. H. WILSON GEORGE W. WINKELMAN Page 90 Page 91 THE SCHOOL OF NURSING The School of Nursing, organized in 1911, is under the direction of the School of Medicine of the University of Oklahoma and supplies the nursing service to the University Hospital, Crippled Childrens I-Iospital, and the Out-Patient Department. The members of the clinical staff of the hospital are selected from the faculty of the School of Medicine, with the result that the instruction of each department is under expert direction. Lectures and classes are conducted by the faculty of the School of Medicine. The theory and practice of nursing courses are given by especially prepared instructors of nursing. The student also receives in- struction and experience in the dietetic de- partments. The library of the School of Medicine is open to the students of the School of Nursing. The aim of the School of Nursing is to l provide scientific instruction and experi- ence in the care of the sick: and to furnish a good administration, teaching, and pub- lic health. STUDENTS IN THE SCHOOL OF NURSING FRANCES HUFF . . . Norman IEWELL VERA MOUCK . B. ELIZABETH IRWIN , Meeker MAY BELLE MOORE . HAZEL A. BATES . . . Norman MARGARET L. POUNDS EMMA I. BRANSCOME . . Ada MARY IANE SPENCER . MARY FRANCES CLARK . . Oilton LOMETA OZELL SHELTON MARIORY LELIA CAHILL . Guthrie LORA MAE SULLENBERGER THELMA B. FORBES . . , . Custer City BLANCHE B. BRUNS . . WINNIE ESTELLE WALTON . . Poteau MARIA VOGEL . . . . IANICE WARD .... . Lexington MODINE VELDA WEEMS MABLE MARIE IACKSON . . Hitchcock OLETA WARD . . . MILDRED R. GOWIN . . . Muskogee LOIS BLAND HOLT . GRACE OWENE TURNER IENNA VEE ANDERSON . CHARLETTE MAY TUNNISSEN Oklahoma City Magna, Utah Oklahoma City NINA LOU HOLT , LESSIE HOLT . . . HELAINE K. HAILBROOK . HELEN E. ROWLEY . . . . Pawhuska NAOMI RUTH GOODSON . ANNA E. RAMSEY . . . . Davis IOSEPHINE E. ELLIS . CLARENCE K. MUSICK . . . Elk City BERNICE MAE DUNN . DOROTHEE BEACH PRENTICE . . . Norman ALBERTA R. CRABTREE . EVA EMILY NORDSTROM . Hancock, Mich. PAULA IANICE CULWELL ZELA FAY MARTIN . , . . . Sulphur FLORIENE BRIDGES . . WYNONA LUCILLE LITTLE . . . Pawnee ROSE LEE BRYAN . GERTRUDE BOYD . . . . Bristow EDNA NAOMI IONES . IOHNNIE LUCILLE BUSBY . Oklahoma City EITHEL IACKSON . . T. OLETA LASITER . . . Lexington LELA F. HENSLEY . . . MILDRED F. MCMANUS . Frederick MILDRED HOUSTON . IENNIE ROSE MCILVOY . Wellston MILDRED ETHEL HAYWARD WINIFRED L. MARSH . . El Reno L. RUTH HAUG . . . CANDICE MONTFORT LEE, R. N, Director, School of Nursing, Superintendent oi Nurses . Miami . Norman . Norman . El Reno . Temple . Reydon . Lawton . Marshall . Apache . Lexington . St. Louis . . St. Louis , . . St. Louis Willow Springs, Mo. . . Okmulgee . Yukon . Knowles . Tishomingo . Warner . Stigler . Thomas . Lexington . Wilburton . Tulsa . Edmond . Wilson . Norman SENIORS FRANCES HUFF ..... Delta Alphap Cooperative Club, Treasurer. B. ELIZABETH IRWIN . Delta Alphag Cooperative Club. HAZEL A. BATES . . Cooperative Club. EMMA I. BRANSCOME . Cooperative Club. MARY FRANCES CLARK .... Cooperative Club: Delta Alpha. MARIORY LELIA CAHILL .... Cooperative Club, Delta Alpha. THELMA B. FORBES ..... Cooperative Club. WINNIE ESTELLE WALTON . . . Norman . Meeker . Norman . Ada . Oilfon . Guthrie . Custer City . . . Poteau Delta Alpha, President: University News Stattg Class President: Biq Sister Club. IANICE WARD .... Cooperative Club. MABLE MARIE IACKSON . Cooperative Club. MILDRED R. GOWIN . Cooperative Club. GRACE OWENE TURNER . Cooperative Club. lENNA VEE ANDERSON . . Delta Alpha, Cooperative Club. CHARLETTE MAY TUNNISSEN . Lexington . Hitchcock . Muskogee . Oklahoma City . Magna, Utah , Oklahoma City Delta Alpha, Cooperative Clubp University New's Staff. HELEN E. ROWLEY ........ Delta Alpha: Cooperative Club. ANNA E. RAMSEY ..... Delta Alpha, Cooperative Club. CLARENCE K. MUSICK .... Cooperative Club, Delta Alpha, DOROTHEE BEACH PRENTICE . . . Pawhuska . Davis , Elk City . . . Norman Student Council, Presidentp Cooperative Clubg Delta Alpha, University News Editor. EVA EMILY NORDSTROM . . . Delta Alpha: Cooperative Club. ZELA FAY MARTIN . . . Hancock, Mich. . . . Sulphur Delta Alphag Copy Editor, University News: Cooperative Club. WYNONA LUCILLE LITTLE . . . Cooperative Club. GERTRUDE BOYD . . . IOHNNIE LUCILLE BUSBY . T. OLETA LASITER . . MILDRED F. MCMANUS . IENNIE ROSE MCILVOY . WINIFRED L. MARSH . IEWELL VERA MOUCK MAY BELLE MOORE . . MARGARET L. POUNDS . MARY IANE SPENCER . LOMETA OZELL SHELTON . LORA MAE SULLENBERGER . BLANCHE B. BRUNS . . MARIA VOGEL . . . MODINE VELDA WEEMS . OLETA WARD . . . LOIS BLAND HOLT . NINA LOU HOLT . LESSIE HOLT .... . I-IELAINE K. HALBROOK . NAOMI RUTH GOODSON . IOSEPHINE E. ELLIS . BERNICE MAE DUNN . ALBERTA R. CRABTREE . PAULA IANICE CULWELL . FLORIENE BRIDGES ........ Delta Alpha, Cooperative Club, Editorial Staff. ROSE LEE BRYAN ........ EDNA NAOMI IONES ....... EITI-IEL IACKSON . LELA F. I-IENSLEY . . . . MILDRED HOUSTON . . . . MILDRED ETHEL I-IAYWARD L. RUTH HAUG .... . . Pawnee . . Bristow . Oklahoma City . . Lexington . Frederick . Wellston . El Reno . Miami . Norman . Norman . El Reno . Temple . Reydon . Lawton . Marshall . Apache . Lexington . St. Louis St. Louis St. Louis Vfillow Springs, Mo. . . Okmulqee . Yukon . . Knowles . Tishominqo . Warner . Stigler . Thomas . Lexington . Wilburton . Tulsa Edmond . Wilson Norman -A Aww TE. V . F F -J tw, . 5 QF' .2 01' xi I If pf- . . 1 gy. N as J... J' A 2 -' T if l ,5 ,,': E.: I. he V J if Ya rs Q-1 ,tn .M . Qx .M is was t F X it 'I I I 7 'R sr 5' J 1 -..' Q . ,-.."! - . 'hi K 9 .4 st.. I, XM!! U t 9 5-.3-5 ff "K 5' 5391 ,f wx-if j H S3 7' . , j ' ' XQQ, 'af-ww I:- ENGINEERING Wm, K, , 'T"k15,,Q2 2? Sm K WL ,A Twp Row, lull lo rlqlzl CHURCH: R. MJXXSON, Lililwllllgj DH. V. P. TNXIONNETT, qQgnlQqvy H. V. If'xIv'ES, lzmfwfllrmicgs. Se-fr'::1vf1 How DR. GUY V. W H.I.I.QMS, ':?xi'miCUl VI1CUI'lS9I1ilf'!T DF. I. V. HHOOKHF clvi, "I1QlIQ7f'I1Vli1, Hctficwii ROI-.' F. G, T'r.PP,51N, f'f'f'Cll'1CGL -IlCji119Slk1I1IjI DR YY. fl. CA-3ARZ3ON, fD:il'Il'Ll!f1 uw 1 .E.CCE1l'11lif"1f' TOSFPH E. SINIAY l Page 95 IA. DR. I. H. FELGAR. Dean an inveterate reader . . . gets interested in one thing and anotherfinternational rela- tions for awhile . . . always includes joke books . . . plays a little bridge . . . wishes he were more oi a golf fan . . . listens regularly to Amos 'n' Andy . . . doesn't care for tragedy or slapstick. SENIORS D. MCNEAL BEST ....... . Houston, Tex. Sigma Tau. THOMAS C. REYNOLDS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Tau Omega: Iazz Hounds. OAKLEY M. WOODWARD . .,.... Oklahoma City Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Tau: Alpha Sigma Delta. ALBERT I. HEAD .......... Oklahoma City Sigma Tau: Tau Omega: A. S. M, E. . . Valliant W. GERALD PRINCE ..... , . . . Guthrie STEPHEN H. KING, Alpha Sigma Phi . . . South Milbrook, N. Y, Rui Neks: Engineers' Club: St. Pat's Council: A. I. M. M. E.: Newman Club. WILLIAM I-I. BARNES, Sigma Alpha Epsilon ..,, Bartlesville Alpha Chi Sigma: Sigma Tau: Pe-et: Toga: Skeleton Key: Tau Beta Pi. MAX R. LENTS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon ....... Duncan Tau Beta Pi, President: Sigma Tau: Skeleton Key: St, Pat's Council: Rui Neks. MAURICE R. DEAN ....... . Oklahoma City A. I. Ch. E,: Alpha Chi Sigma, President. W. P. SALAS .......... Mexico City, Mexico A. I. M. M. E.: Geological Engineers' Club: Petroleum Engineers' Club. PAUL D, BOWLEN, Pi Kappa Alpha . . , Toronto, Ontario Track Team. EMANUEL G. BOLENE, Acacia . Band: A, I. Ch. E. . Enid CARL E. BAIRD, Pi Kappa Alpha ...... Oklahoma City IOE A, CAVIEZEL, Delta Tau Delta ...... Mobile, Ala, Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Tau: Iazz Hounds: Men's Council: Check- mate: Skeleton Key. IAMES M. MARTIN . . . Waxahachie, Tex. PAUL GOODWIN REEVE . . . Oklahoma City Tau Omega: Sigma Tau. K, DENZIL BOYD, Alpha Tau Omega ....... Tulsa Tau Omega: Sigma Delta Psi: A. S. M. E.: Track: Cross Coun- try: Engineers' Club. CRAIG LAWSON MOON . A. I. E. E.: Band. ROBERT L. ROARK ......... Oklahoma City Phi Eta Sigma: Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Tau Omega. W. CLYDE SI-IELTON ..... ..... L awton . . Tulsa . Anadarko RAY V. WOODWARD . Alpha Sigma Delta. WILLIAM P. HILDEBRAND ,........ Anadarko Sigma Tau, Treasurer: Tau Omega: A. I. E. E., President: St. Pat's Council. IVVM, RICHARD COOK, Beta Theta Pi . . , ..., Guthrie WALLACE LEE MATIASIC, Pi Kappa Alpha .... Dallas, TeX. A. I, M. E.: Petroleum Engineers' Club: Engineers' Club, I. IAMES HARRISON, Sigma Nu ..... . Lindsay Scabbard and Blade: A. S. C. E., President. IAMES L. KINCAID ..........., Tulsa Bombardiers: Scabbard and Blade: Skeleton Key: Engineers' Club. I. C. GILES ...,.......,. Norman 'IOM B. CAMPBELL ......... Oklahoma City Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Tau: Pe-et: Toga: Skeleton Key: A. I. M. M. E, A. D. ARNOLD .... . . . Wirt A, S. C. E., Vice-President. RICHARD STEINHORST, IR. ......... Sapulpa Engineers' Club: A. I. M. M. E.: Petroleum Engineers' Club. HAROLD K. BONE ........... Temple Sigma Tau: Tau Omega: A. S. M. E.: Engineers' Club. I-'RANK L, BEST .......... Oklahoma City Sigma Tau: A. S. C. E. LEANDER MCALISTER, Acacia . . . Big Springs, Tex. Kappa Kappa Psi: Petroleum Engineers' Club: Engineers' Club. LIONEL E. EDWARDS, Phi Kappa Sigma . . Ponca City PHILIP A. MEACHAM, Phi Delta Theta Port Alleghany, Penn, Engineers' Club: Iazz Hounds: A. I. M. M. E.: Petroleum Engineers' Club. GORDON R. STEINHOPF, Phi Kappa Sigma . Dallas, Tex. A. S. C, E.: University Symphony Orchestra: Tau Beta Pi: The Ramblers. ,QW s 15:2 uv-""1r Q05 wg, I9 'Que it .lik , r: pr: , . 'D 5 fi r .,..t P I "li" ,M . ,.r ..r I H . ,.. V nlzn i gl tt E' K' , ' S it Q Q . Y ti T W tt x ' Q, 5' . 6? I ' '-:. Q '-M1 " XE ' . gy s I Y' 'ft G- T 1937 BART LEE IONES, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Petroleum Club. . Houston, Tex. MARVIN E. OWENS, Sigma Nu ........ Miami Scabbarcl and Blade, A. I. M. E., Engineers' Club. FRANKLIN P. ROBINSON, IR., Delta Upsilon . . . . . Nash A. I. E. E., Scabbard and Blade, Engineers' Club, St. Pat's Council. IARVIS PIERCE, Kappa Sigma ........ Okmulgee Sigma Tau, Tau Omega, Scabbard and Blade, A. S. M. E., Engineers' Club. THOMAS H. WIANCKO, ,..,...... Guthrie Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, St. Pat's Council. LIONEL E. EDWARDS, Phi Kappa Sigma ..... Ponca City HAROLD W. KEEI-IN, Delta Tau Delta . . . . Valparaiso, Ind. Sigma Tau, A. I. M. M. E., Engineers' Club, Vice-President, St. Pat's Council. ROBERT P. MILLER . A. I. E. E. . Oklahoma City NEALE V. LAMB . . .......... Garber Alpha Chi Sigma, A. I. Ch, E., Bombardiers, Sigma Tau. DENNY C. IVEY ......... . Big Spring, Tex. A. I. Ch. E., A. I. M. M. E., Petroleum Engineers' Club. ALLAN B. COLE ......... A. I. M. M. E. Ancon, Canal Zone CLYDE R. I-IOAGLAND ........ Oklahoma City Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Geological Engineers' Club. MAC O. BORING, IR., Phi Delta Theta . . A. I. M. E., Phi Delta Theta, President. . Fort Worth, Tex. BILLIE B. BURKE, Delta Upsilon .... . . . Hobbs, N. M. Alpha Chi Sigma, Sigma Tau, Men's Council, A. I. Ch. E., Engi- neers' Club. HAROLD T. OUIGG .........., Dewey Kappa Kappa Psi, Alpha Chi Sigma, A. I. Ch. E., Band. ANTON K, KORN ......... . . Dallas, Tex. Tau Omega, Sigma Tau, Engineers' Club, Petroleum Engineers' Club. AMBROSE L. HARRINGTON, Theta Kappa Phi . . Cotteyville, Kans. A. I. M. E., Engineers' Club, Rui Neks, Newman Club, Intramurals. IOE M. MILLS, Phi Kappa Psi ,........ Norman A. I. Ch. E., St. Pat's Council, Bombardiers, Checlcmate, Scab- bard and Blade. IOE IOI-IN URI, Sigma Chi ......... Okmulgee CHARLES R. HOUSSIERE, Ir., Delta Tau Delta . P. E. Club, Engineers' Club, St. Pat's Council. . . Iennings, La. ELLIS L. BROWN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon ...... Duncan FELIX BERNARD GORDON, Phi Beta Delta . . . Oklahoma City Iazz Hounds, A. I. M. M. E., Engineers' Club, Petroleum Engi- neers' Club. IOE TUCKER, Delta Upsilon . . . Petroleum Engineers' Club. ARNOLD M. HEGWER . . Alpha Chi Sigma, Iazz Hounds, Engineers' Engineers' Club. HUBERT DAUBENI-IEYER, Delta Upsilon . A. I. E. E., Sigma Tau. MORRISON STEPHENS, Phi Kappa Sigma . Iazz I-Iounds, Delta Beta Chi. LOUIS N. YOUNG, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . American Society of Mechanical Engineers. IACK P. ROBBINS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Petroleum Engineers' Club, A. I. M. M. E. HARRY I. GIBBONS, Theta Kappa Phi . . . Oklahoma City . . . . Maud Club, Petroleum . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City . . Muskogee San Antonio, Tex. . Ft. Worth, Tex. Petroleum Engineers' Club, A. I. M. M. E., Engineers' Club, Newman Club. MEDPORD CASHION, Sigma Nu ...... Oklahoma City Tau Omega, A. S. M. E., Engineers' Club, Society ot Automo- tive Engineers. SHELTON E. LOLLIS .......... Holdenville Engineers' Club, Rut Neks, A. I. E. E. WOODROW W. BLACK ..... A. S. M. E., Engineers' Club. . Cyril CHARLES E. PETERSON, Delta Upsilon . 'Wichita Falls, Tex. NATI-IAN B. CHENAULT, Delta Upsilon Wichita Falls, Tex. Men's Council, Vice-President, A. I. M. M. E., St. Pat's Council, Sigma Tau. GEORGE W. IENKINS ...... Oklahoma City Alpha Sigma Delta, A. I. E. E.: WNAD Engineer '34-'37. MALCOLM O'HAVER ........ Norman A. I. M. M. E., President, Petroleum Engineers' Club, President, Rui-Neks. UNDERCLASSMEN CARROL E. RAINES, Delta Tau Delta . ROBERT M. DECKER, Alpha Tau Omega . . ROBERT W. LARSON, Pi Kappa Phi . MORGAN BELL, Sigma Nu . . . GEORGE I. MCLERNON, IR., Phi Kappa Sigma . . . . Ardmore Parkersburg, W. Va. . . . . Lawton . Tip Tampico, Tama ulipas, Mexico HERBERT WOODARD, Delta Upsilori . . . GAIL R. PALMER, Alpha Tau Omega . MORRIS RUSSAK, Phi Beta Delta . ROBERT R. TWAY, IR., Phi Gamma Delta . . VERNON YOUNG, IR., Phi Kappa Psi . . . IOSEPH T. PRENDERGAST, Phi Kappa Sigma . WILBUR E. MCMURTRY, Phi Delta Theta . . WILLIAM G. MIDGLEY, Phi Kappa Psi . IOHN S. SHIELDS, Kappa Alpha . . IOHN E. IOHNSTON, Sigma Nu . IAMES L. CHEW, Sigma Nu . . . FRANK BINCKLEY ..... EDWARD E. SANDS, Phi Kappa Psi . DAVID K. CRAIG, Delta Tau Delta . GLENN E. HESS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . HARRY M. STAHL, Phi Kappa Sigma . IOE M. SEARS, Sigma Chi ..... LUTHER H. PROCTOR, Phi Kappa Sigma . HARRY M. IORDAN, Pi Kappa Phi . . PETER PAUL SAVAGE, Theta Kappa Phi . RICHARD E. SACKETT, Alpha Sigma Phi . GORDON WILBUR, Phi Kappa Sigma . OSCAR I. IACOBI, Theta Kappa Phi . DICK WEGENER, Phi Delta Theta . ORAN V. BUCK, Theta Kappa Phi . . . . CHARLES M. MARTIN, Phi Gamma Delta . . . . . . Tulsa . Oklahoma City . . Muskogee . Oklahoma City . . Holdenville . Oklahoma City . Wichita, Kans. . Newkirk . , . Tulsa . . Oklahoma City Baxter Springs, Karts. , Bartlesville . , Nornzan . . . Fort Sill . Oklahoma City . , Bartlesville . Oklahoma City . . Stonewall . Ft. Worth, Tex. . Hartsliorne . Monroe, La. . Ponca City . Sterling . . . Walters . . Oklahoma City . . . Ponca City CLYDE E. DAVIS, Phi Delta Theta . . . Wichita, Kans. GEO. DONALD KUHN, Phi Kappa Psi . KERBY LEO BERRY, Alpha Sigma Phi . ROBERT WELLS, Sigma Chi . . . Rock Island Ili Norman Weleetka 4? an K , Z Q Y 's it T x , 1- fi, 1 , 'Wi 5' li QT? ,L H L :cf . I , wi , I+ 1. 1 ,Q I 'I .W , 4 A W 'il Q f, Si Vrrkk I I.: Y lt . M 5 tk'k K , ., ve Y l is , lil' A f 4 A ',.QL..ff 9 ' f Q w.ieew 5 me . svn PM f f genie! y i it-QF gg ' '5 6' ,T A M Xv., I . -Q. 4 ji A ' --nl , l 1 I A A A Eiri, xi L R 1937 MURPHY K. LENTS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . NED V. BROOKES, Phi Delta Theta . . IACK C. OWENS, Sigma Nu . . . LAWRENCE G. OPEL, Phi Kappa Sigma . IULES DUBOIS, IR., Sigma Chi . WILLIAM MAY, Pi Kappa Alpha . I. P. EVERETT, Alpha Sigma Phi . . MERT MCDONALD, Alpha Tau Omega . HAROLD I. MATHIS . . . IACK HOMER BYRD, Sigma Nu . M. C, FOSTER, Alpha Tau Omega . IOSEPH S. REID, Alpha Tau Omega . DAVID A. VANDAVEER, Delta Tau Delta . W. O. WEBBER, Delta Tau Delta . . . FRANK S. BELL, Sigma Nu ,..... CHARLES R. TAGGART, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . DONALD S. WILL, Phi Gamma Delta . EDDIE ARN, Alpha Tau Omega . I. ERNEST BATSON, Kappa Alpha . REYNOLDS REVARD, Pi Kappa Phi . WILLIAM DAY DAVIS, Phi Gamma Delta . FRANK HELLER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . KEITH I. HIBNER, Pi Kappa Alpha . LOUIS BARNETT, Alpha Sigma Phi . I. MORT LOOMIS, IR. .,... . CHARLES A. HENDERSON, Phi Delta Theta . VVILLIAM C. THOMAS, Phi Kappa Sigma . WALDO L. GROSSMAN, Delta Upsilon . ROBERT E. STEPHENS, Sigma Nu . . OTIS DANIELSON, Phi Gamma Delta . CLARK A. GRUVER, Delta Upsilon . IACK W. LUCAS ...... FRANCES G. CASPER, Theta Kappa Phi . . . Duncan . . Norman . . . Miami . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City . , Dallas, Tex. . . . Fairfax Colleyville, Kans. . . Manitou . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City . Dublin, Tex. . . Tulsa . Bartlesville . . . . Tip . Ft. Worth, Tex. . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City . Amarillo, Tex. . Ponca City . Bartlesville . Bartlesville . Bartlesville . Watonga . . Norman . Wichita, Kans. Lake Charles, La. . Augusta, Kans. . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City . Augusta, Kans. . . Wetumka . Campo, Colo. CHARLES R. HETHERINGTON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Norman CHARLES W. STROTHER ......... Wynnewood RALPH T. ASBURY, Phi Gamma Delta . . Oklahoma City UVM. ASHTON CASLER, Theta Kappa Phi .... Chicago, Ill. er VVILFRED G. COLEMAN, Theta Kappa Phi Corn ROBERT R. MASON, Phi Delta Theta . . . GEORGE M. THOMPSON, Alpha Tau Omega . M, B. HANEY, Sigma Nu ..... HERBERT VV. LADD, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . DAVID B. HUTCHCRAFT, Delta Upsilon . . KENNETH E, HAWKINS, Phi Kappa Sigma . IEROME M. WOLF, Sigma Alpha Mu GERALD M. HECI-ITER, Phi Beta Delta WILLIAM I. FELDMAN, Sigma Alpha Brook, Newioundland . . , Tulsa . Oklahoma City . Ada . Tulsa . . Tulsa . Blackwell . . . Davis Winnipeg, Canada Mu . . Chicago, lll. BOB V. BARKER, Alpha Tau Omega . . St. Marys, W. Va. UN DERCLASSMEN IULIAN VAHLBERG, Pi Kappa Alpha . IAMES L. FARMER, Acacia . . . EARL B. SCHUMAN, Phi Beta Delta . RUSSEL SIGLER, Phi Kappa Sigma . WORDEN W. PARRISH, Alpha Tau Omega DOYLE C. ALEXANDER, Phi Gamma Delta . CHARLES P. WANTLAND, Kappa Sigma . ERNEST M. HASKELL, Delta Tau Delta CARL A. HEFFNER ,..... O. LIN TRUEBLOOD, Phi Delta Theta . . KENNETH K. CARPENTER, Phi Delta Theta VICTOR W. LANGE, Acacia . . . BYRON B. IONES, Phi Delta Theta . FRED M. MARKS ..... ANGUS IACKS . HARRY G. FAIR LINDSEY L. LONG, Acacia . B. P. WALTS, Sigma Chi ..... BURTON E. HULL, IR., Beta Theta Pi . . ROBERT M. SWESNIK, Sigma Alpha Mu . BENSON W. CAMPBELL, IR., Beta Theta Pi CARL B, ZIMMERMAN, Acacia .... THOMAS l. REDD .... KENNETH W. IEREMIAH, Acacia . H. ORVILLE DIXON, Delta Tau Delta . RAYMOND A. LARGENT .... IOHN THORPE SNYDER, Acacia . IOSH TILLINGHAST . . . RAY W. WINTERS . . . CHARLES C. CLARK .... STANLEY E. WILLIAMS, Acacia . GUS BEALMEAR, Phi Delta Theta . DUANE I. BUCKLEY, Beta Theta Pi . KENNETH G. WEINBERGER . . C. ANDY REID, Kappa Sigma . . IIM BOYD BEACH, Delta Tau Delta . IN. F. FORD . . FRED D. RATCLIFP . IOHN VV. SPRINGER . . IACK E. MOORE, Acacia . STAN THOMASON, Beta Theta Pi . BENIAMIN COHEN, Sigma Alpha Mu HARRY ALLSMAN, Acacia .... PAUL O. VVAGGONER, Phi Kappa Sigma . BILL WRIGHT, Sigma Chi ....... EDWARD ARTHUR IONES, Phi Kappa Sigma IACK E. CALDWELL, Kappa Sigma . . . HAROLD R. WEHRENBERG . . . Oklahoma City . . McAlester . Barnsdall . Nowata . . Madill . Borger, Tex. . . . Edmond . Wichita, Kans. . Clinton . . . Tonkawa . . , Ponca City . San Antonio, Tex. . Oklahoma City . . Okmulgee . Macomb . Okmulgee . . . . Beaver Independence, Kans. . . Houston, Tex. . Chicago, lll. . . Marietta . Liberal, Kans. . . . Tulsa . Tulsa . . Bartlesville . McKinney, Tex. . . . Enid . Ardmore . Monahans, Tex. . Shreveport, La. . Oklahoma City . . Blackwell . Wichita, Kans. . . , Tulsa . Oklahoma City . . Watonga . . . Bristow . Smackaver, Ark. . . . Duncan . Enid . Gainesville, Tex. . . . Tulsa . Tyler, Tex. . Ponca City Okmulgee Ponca City Chicago, Ill. . Dover Z " fi-A 1 X H k v V1 'tm it .. V -,. 'X if in f. l l vw- il , -.. , , I '. P G .r 1557 L .L A il , 'H V: if I :I K EI: ' , .,.. 3, A "'f, i . Y i I' . A V ' :J "' ii' ..' fi , ,g2 gg T ,. :FW fi r- ' V ,'i .f!: ' i ff! ' -: .251 . A y 6 0 i f '- L A 3 5 , 3 fa.. :E H mu- .... NW' Kamp f. " 9' I if will it Q Q QP ilk 1 Y is Q ,gift :N r 3 5+ Q 5 tw. ff-A I N., , , A,.,:. g W 4lVAi A. li, Vhfglgy I A if' ,.Lq y LI! 'Q 'I 9 it nh ..., . my in T A'-f -.,..: T I P ii . .y , X Q 5 Q , :, .- fs . .. ,: my T EL si' lg IF sl fl K' 1937 GEORGE SATRAPA, Acacia . . . RICHARD C. LE PEVRE, Pi Kappa Phi . BILLY HALL, Kappa Alpha . . . LEONARD KRATZER, Phi Beta Delta . NATHAN W. ANDERSON, Sigma Nu . BUNN D, HALE, Delta Tau Delta . . ROBERT KAHN, Phi Beta Delta . HAROLD BISHKIN, Phi Beta Delta . HARRY A. WELSH, Phi Kappa Psi TOMMIE HOLDEN, Pi Kappa Phi .... WM. DALTON MOREHOUSE, Delta Upsilon . . . BEN ROBERT RAGLAND, Sigma Alpha Epsilon B. D. MCCAMPBELL, Kappa Alpha . LYLE NICHOLS, Kappa Sigma . ORVILLE SMITH, Alpha Tau Omega . BOB BEAMS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . ARTHUR KING, Beta Theta Pi .... EDWARD P. MARSHALL, Phi Delta Theta . GLEN WEST, Sigma Nu ..,.. ERNEST G. HOTZE, IR., Pi Kappa Alpha . IOE W. ROBINETT, Phi Kappa Sigma, . I. K. WRIGHT, Alpha Tau Omega . MARK BOXELL, Phi Kappa Sigma . ROBERT S. STAFFORD, Sigma Nu . IOHN OVERTON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . FRED MOTT, Phi Gamma Delta . . . CHRISTIAN L. SHEEDY, Pi Kappa Alpha . PAUL GEER, Pi Kappa Phi .... IIM C. BRADY, Pi Kappa Alpha . THOMAS WHELAN, IR., Sigma Nu . PAUL H. HARRIS, Acacia . . . MAX A. MINNIG, Phi Gamma Delta . ISSAC I. PIERCE, Alpha Sigma Phi . BEN S. HILL, Delta Upsilon . . . LEONARD BATTLE, Delta Tau Delia . IAMES R. STEWART, Phi Delta Theta . ZAY KIMBERLIN, Pi Kappa Phi . S. P. ROWAN, Phi Delta Theta . . . IEROME M. DILLING, Alpha Tau Omega . E. D. MCCAMPBELL, Kappa Alpha . . JOHN D. PRENDERGAST, Phi Kappa Sigma . R. D. CLARK, Phi Gamma Delta . . . WOODROW HUDDLESTON, Kappa Sigma . NORMAN E. SCHULTZ, Alpha Sigma Phi . ED KARNS III, Alpha Tau Omega . IIM B. ROGERS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon ARTHUR GLENN HOGE, IR., Phi Gamm LENDOL LEACH, Sigma Nu . . . . . . Yukon Big Spring, Tex. . Oklahoma City . . . Tulsa . El Reno . Hominy . . Muskogee . El Campo, Tex. . . Marietta Cross Plains, Tex. . . . Tulsa . Konawa . Oklahoma City Ft. Worth, Tex. . . . Tulsa . Abilene, Tex. . Oklahoma City . . . Tulsa . . . . Ada . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City . . . Norman . Miami Nashville, Tenn. . . . Tulsa . Wichita, Kans. . . . Foss . . . Norman . Oklahoma City . . . Stilwell . Bartlesville . Agra . Duncan , Bartlesville . Brewen, Ohio San Angelo, Tex. . Wharton, Tex. . . . Fletcher . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City . . Dallas, Tex. . . Seminole Washington, D. C. Colleyville, Kans. . . Greenville, Ala. a Delta Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City A. S. C. E. Bottom Row, left to right-Houston, Fry, Dow, Shelton, Schultz, Ware, Berry Second ROW-Stephens, Nance, Nunn, Mclnerney, Roqers, Beard, Professor Mills. Third RoWfWehDenberq, Professor Wolfard, Freeny, Ziese, Professor Brookes, Professor Sandifer, Brookes, Trueblood. Fourth ROW---Best, Arnold, Mills, Silvey, Estes, Thompson, Professor Matlock. Top Row-Munde, Sieinhoff, Harrison, Wesner. I. IAMES HARRISON . President A. D. ARNOLD . . . Vice-President HAROLD WEHRENBERG .... Secretory-Treasurer FRANK W. HALL . . Representative on St. Pat's Council An. Il El E. FLOYD HILDEBRAND ..... . . . President ANTON ERIOKSON . Secretary-Treasurer GORDON TAYLOR .......... Reporter Bottorn Row, left to right--Moon, Oooksey, Roe, Hildebrand, Redd, Robinson, Karns, Mothers, Ericson. Second Row- Taylor, lemison, Spear, Colenran, Viloodward, Dorsett, Dauloenheyer, Professor Alrnquisf. Top Row--lenkins, Anderson, Mosey, McCabe, Nikolson, Miller, Anderson. Page IOZ First Row, left to right Nowery, Horn, Kald-enbach, Huntington, Mendoza, O'Haver, Huddleston, Cluck. Second How--Stewart, Chenault, Campbell, Owens, Peterson, Newcoinet, Noble, Loomis. Third Row-Matjasic, Vinyard, Camp, Gordon, Cochran, Holden, Keehn, Salas, Ivey. Fourth Row-Best, Gibbons, Gallivan, Houssiere, King, Camp, Larson. OFFICERS MARION DORNEY .... . President PAUL REEVE . Vice-President WILLIAM ALLEN . . . . . Secretary Ao Io MQ Mo El OFFICERS MALCOLM O'HAVER . . . . President CHARLES HOUSSIERE ...... Secretary First How, leit to right---Nothstein, Satrapi, Pellow, Flournoy, Sebastian, Hutchcrafl, Ward, Stewart, Harrington. Second Row-Storm, Proiie, Sareille, Woodward, Gorman, Giles, Ward. Third RowfMcKinney, Berlcaw, Shirlc, Catron, Polk, Black, lacobi, Crowther. Fourth Row-Bone, Busby, Prof. Carson, Arn, Morrow, Clarlc, Knapp, Walsh, Vaugh, Freeland, Motsenbocker. Fifth Row-Reynolds, Barton, Malloy, Kuternan, Allen, Mannus, Holden, Herald, Goodioin, larreti. Sixth Row-Rornine, Head, Roark, Neilson, Grant, Crowe, Peterson Reeve, Mason. Seventh Row--MCAleste1', Rothrock, Gordon, Iackson, Henderson, Gossett, Prof. Liston, Dorney, Proifer, Prof. Arnbrosius, Billings, Christenson. Page lU3 A. S. M. E Mmfif 1:2254- BHH K T ww .M W an .,,, zqt. TAU BETA PI Bottom Row, left to right --Redd, Roark, Hill, Chenault, Wianclco, Pickering, Cluclc, Richards. Top Row-Caviezel, Lindsay, Woodwa1'd, Pearce, Campbell, 'Wint, Horn. OFFICERS NATHAN CHENAULT . . . . President IOE CAVIEZEL . . . Treasurer BILL PEARCE . . . Secretary LOGAN R. ROARK . .... Cataloger THOMAS REDD .... Corresponding Secretary MEMBERS BILL BARNES GARMAN KIMMELL THOMAS CAMPBELL MAX LENTS IOE CAVIEZEL ISAAC LOVELADY NATHAN CHENAULT IAMES MCCORD FRANK DLOUHY WILLIAM MOYER GEORGE GODDARD WILERED PEARCE One ot the oldest ot national honorary college organizations is Tau Beta Pi, established in i885 at Lehigh University. Its scope broadened rapidly and in 1926, a charter was granted trom the national to Tau Pi, a local. There are now over sixty branches ot Tau Beta Pi with a total enrollment ot over 2U,UUU. Membership is limited to engineering students in the upper one-iourth of the senior class or the upper oneveighth oi the junior class who have maintained a B average. Aims ot Tau Beta Pi are principally the dissemination among its members ot culture and ideals and the coordination and organization ot students in the schools ot engineering over the country. Membership provides appropriate recognition tor scholastic proficiency in their lives. Page ICE THOMAS REDD LOGAN ROARK GORDON STEINI-IOEE ALDEN SUDERMAN FRANK WHITE THOMAS WIENCKO r r NATHAN CHENAULT SIGMA TAU Bottom Row, left to right--Hildebrand, Mathis, Hill, Woodard, Lamb. Second Row-Daubenheyer, Chenault, Woodward, Ericson, Bone, Cluck. Third Row-Stevens, Clifford, Campbell, Keehn, Reeve. Top Row-4Roark, Pearce, Witt, Iackson, Head, Pierce, Peterson C. T. ALMOUIST BILL BARNES I. C. BROOKES BILLIE BURKE TOM CAMPBELL W. H. CARSON IOSEPH A. CAVIEZEL NATHAN CHENAULT L. A. COMP I. C. DAVIS OFFICERS CHARLES PETERSON . . . . . President DAN IACKSON . . . . Vice-President FLOYD HILDEBRAND . .... Treasurer CLIFFORD McCALL . . . Recording Secretary NEAL LAMB . . . . Corresponding Secretary ANTON KORN ........ Historian MEMBERS F. S. DLOUHY DR. I. H. GELGAR GEORGE GODDARD NORMAN HASSLER FLOYD HILDEBRAND R. V. IAMES ANTON KORN NEAL LAMB MAX LENTZ IOSEPH LISTON HAROLD MATHIS I. B. MATLOCK G. R. MAXON CLIFFORD MCCALL MORRIS MCDANNALD M. E. MILLS DR. V. E. MONNETT FRANK MORRIS BILL PEARCE EDWARD I. PIERCE Attainment in scholarship in the field of engineering is recognized by mem- bership in Sigma Tau, a national society founded in IQUS at Nebraska University. Brotherhood in Sigma Tau is limited to those junior and senior students who in the opinion of its members have attained distinction in scholarship and mani- fested sociability. The order also admits to honorary membership those men who have distinguished themselves in the practice of engineering. Scholastic attainment among freshmen in the engineering school is stimu- lated by the annual presentation by Sigma Tau of a medal to the top-ranking first-year man. The Pyramid is the national voice of Sigma Tau. Published quarterly, the magazine keeps its nineteen nation-wide chapters in co-ordination and contains information and articles on related subjects to engineering. CHARLES PETERSON ROBERT ROARK CARLSTON SHEAD OTHO SPARKS ROBERT STEPHENS I. E. SMAY F. G. TAPPAN FRANK WHITE N. E. WOLFARD ED PETERSON Page lU6 ST. PAT'S COUNCIL Bottom Row, left to right-Nowery, Hildebrand, Ward, Byrd, Robinson, Owen, Redd. Second Row--Caviezel, Campbell, Houssiere, Pickering, Chenault, Bell, Hall. Top Row---Wallace, Keehn, Peterson, King, Pearce, Reeve, Cochran. MEMBERS B. M. NOWERY S. W. HALL IOE CAVIEZEL IACK BYRD LOUIS WALLACE FLOYD HILDEBRAND TOM CAMPBELL CHARLES HOUSSIERE LLOYD PICKERING THOMAS REDD NATHAN CHENAULT HAROLD KEEHN CHARLES PETERSON BRUCE OWEN One of the oldest and most popular of the University's traditional functions is the Engineers' celebration on March l7th of every year. The organization and presentation of this fete is the most important job of St. Pat's Council, membership in which is composed of the officers of the Engineer's Club, repre- sentatives of the eleven different schools in the College of Engineering, and the chairman of the different committees for preparation of the annual celebra- tion and open house. Perpetual aims of its members are toward a closer co-operation of the schools in the college. St. Pat's Council is the most important student engineers organization on the campus, and membership in it is granted in recognition of the most outstanding attainment in that field. Page IO7 STEPHEN KING FRANK BELL CHARLES COCHRAN BILL PEARCE PAUL REEVE FRANK ROBINSON EUAL WARD TOM CAMPBELL President IO WADE THORNTON, St. Pc:1t's Oue-en FLOYD HILDEBRAND, St. Put ,mb J A P f X g fg' ,X . . , Q X53 I' ff RU? A ,ww fm if , 12 a :VV W 2: f v 'I 3 C3'1k,,pfm .. 1. xx ' df , T, 5" 'J 7 . + 3' ,EE :-: ".: C Q0 i A Lkwkzh 6 Q ,CQW K W I "'AS -Q 'Wx ' ,f X f A WE G X J Q Q 'v A'-,A J ylil ,L1,. .-.A zz: - AQ-..:'.1 -I A- - .014vA W I,-f IX . QQOBBAN LAW 'f . N. u X! sur R - sf zgfi -nw ,wa-f' ,gy ...- Top Row, left IO Iifyht--VA, H. HUGGINS, low 1MlIkC,I1LiifI1'lf DR. VV. B. SWYNFOPD: DH WCTOR U. KULP. Center DR, IOHN B. CHEFXDLE Bottom Row- DR. MAURICE H MERRILL DR. FLOYD A, VZRIGHT. D Page l ll DR. IULIAN CHARLES MONNETT, Dean shoots consistently in the high seventies . . . says he beats Walter Emery only be- fore finals . . . he is thor- oughly sold on the value of sports . . . used to be a salty handball player . . . inde- pendent . . . keen sense of humor . . . can rightfully be called the father ot Oklaho- ma lawyers, legislators, and even judges. ll SENIORS WILLIAM W. WI-IITEMAN, IR., Phi Gamma Delta . . Oklahoma City Skeleton Key: Interfraternity Council, President: Delta Sigma Rho: Checkmate. T. HALL COLLINSON, Phi Gamma Delta . . Arkansas City, Kans. RAYMON D. CLEMENT, Kappa Alpha . . . . Muskogee 'WILLIAM E. GRUBER ..... . Alva MAX G. MORGAN .... . Walters R. ROBERT ROSS .... . . . . Laverne BOB NEPTUNE, Pi Kappa Alpha ..... . Bartlesville Rui-Neks: Scalobard and Blade: Skeleton Key. I. FRANK MARTIN, Phi Gamma Delta . . . . Oklahoma City Inter Bar Council. GEORGE L. VERITY, Acacia ....... . Mcl.oud Intertraternity Council: RutfNeks: Bomhardiers. WM. I. KOENIGSDORF, Phi Beta Delta . . . Kansas City, Mo. IOHN B. WILSON, IR., Kappa Alpha . . . . . Frederick Scabbard and Blade: Intertraternity Council: Kappa Alpha, President. IAMES R. AKRIGHT, Beta Theta Pi . . Nowata CHARLES R. FELLOWS, Kappa Alpha . . . . Tulsa Phi Delta Phi. BEN FRANKLIN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Oklahoma City Phi Delta Phi. WARREN A. CLINE, Phi Kappa Psi . . . Newkirk TY R. WILLIAMS ..... IOSEPH SURECK ..... Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma. ALBERT S. GILLES ......... . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City . . . Norman Intramural, Secretary: Track Letterman: Captain Track Team, 1934. BERNARD L. GORDON, Phi Beta Delta .... Oklahoma City Rui-Neks: Psi Chi: Intra-Murals Manager, l935-36. PRED W. DUNLEVY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . f Oklahoma City Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Delta Phi: Presidents Honor Class. IOE KONRAD TRIPPLEHORN, Alpha Tau Omega .... Tulsa Skeleton Key: Rui-Nieks: Intertraternity Council: Monnet Bar. RAYMOND C. SANDLER, Sigma Alpha Mu . . . Tulsa Interfraternity Council: Varsity Wrestling: "O" Club: Menorah Society. CARL OTIS WHITSON ...... Phi Delta Phi: Senior Class President. CHARLES L. COBB, Acacia ..... WM. C. TIPPIT, Kappa Sigma ..... MAURICE HANKINSON, Sigma Chi .... . Chickasha . Atoka Mc!-Ilester Detroit, Mich. Phi Delta Phi: Golt Team: Preside-nt's Class, l934. NEAL B. MARRIOTT ...,.... Senior Law Class, Secretary and Treasurer. BETH DALE ......... Kappa Beta Pi. PAUL DUNCAN . , . GLENN HARLAND STALEY ..... IAMES C. MCWILLIAMS, Phi Gamma Delta . . . Elk City . Guyrnon . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City Phi Delta Phi: Scablaard and Blade: Bornbardiers. ALAN B. MCPI-IERON ........ Durant RALPH H. CLINE, Delta Tau Delta . . Lawton GENE CHAPPELL, Sigma Chi . . . Newkirk RICHARD I. TURNER, Phi Kappa Psi . Holdenville E. Q I fm' .fflina y . .::.! I X I . , w ., Q M VQQ. K ,.V K K 8 . tl W. A S. 1937 IAMES F. HAWES ideceasedl . . . Norman FRANCIS B. MILLS, Alpha Sigma Phi . . Wewoka FRANK R. CLARK, IR., Sigma Chi . . Tulsa IAMES H. TABOR, Delta Tau Delta . . Checotah AARON T. MESIROW, Phi Beta Delta . . . Tulsa STANLEY D, WIENSHIENK, Phi Beta Delta . St. loseph, Mo. HARLAN D. IOHNSON, Acacia . . . . . Fairfax NOLAN G. METHVIN, Kappa Sigma . . Chickasha ROBERT N. SHUTLER, Acacia . . . . Kingfisher WALTER KLEINMAN, Sigma Alpha Mu . . Dallas, Tex. HAROLD C. HARPER, Delta Tau Delta . . Tulsa BURDETTE C. SMITH, Delta Tau Delta . . . . Tulsa ROBERT L. GRADY, Phi Gamma Delta . Oklahoma City MARSHALL I. STEWART .... . . . Tulsa WILSON H. GIBSON, Beta Theta Pi . , Tulsa FRANK M. REYNOLDS, Delta Upsilon . . . Tulsa MARK G. MEISTER, Sigma Chi . Oklahoma City ERNEST WEST SMITH, Sigma Chi . . . Henryetta R. DALE VLIET, Pi Kappa Alpha . Oklahoma City RALPH R. KENYON .... . . Norman IOHN FRANCIS CHEADLE, Delta Tau Delta . . Cherokee WESLEY M. LANGDON, Delta Upsilon . . . . Tulsa WALTER H. CUNNINGHAM .... . . McAlester SYLVANUS G. FELIX . . Oklahoma City DONALD I. OUIGG ..... . . Dewey RAY C. SNODGRASS, Kappa Sigma . . . . Norman SAM T. COLEMAN, Beta Theta Pi .... . Pauls Valley TRIMBLE B. LATTING, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Chickasha SIDNEY MASSIE, Sigma Alpha Mu . . . . Okmulgee IOHN WHEELER, Pi Kappa Alpha . . Tulsa IAMES B. SIMMS, Sigma Chi .... . . . Tulsa IOHN R. BROWN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . WILLIAM P. MORRISON, IR., Delta Upsilon IAMES R. WILLIAMS, Theta Kappa Phi ROBERT LEE COOPER, Delta Tau Delta . , V A CLYDE T. PATRICK, Pi Kappa Alpha . in . , M Q! 9 CARL HELM, Phi Delta Theta . . f ss 5, xg RICHARD H. COWAN, Delta UpSIIpn . I, itii ' i i Qz- I GEORGE R. BIXLER, sigma Nu . , ' ' I IAMES A. EMBRY, Delta Upsilon . . A MAURICE E. STUART, Pi Kappa Alpha K 5 R I 'Q THOMAS L. BLAKEMORE, Sigma Chi . . Q A . 5 STEWARTY MARK, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . l A - .,.. L kv, K' BYRON VV. IONES, Sigma Nu . . . Ag 1 P. W. NESBITT, sigma Nu . . I-IUBERT GIBSON, Pi Kappa Alpha . A LOUIS O. WHITE, Phi Gamma Delta . A -W " MAX A. PISCHEL, Phi Gamma Delta . 0' L- Q , 2 M. C. SHIBLEY, Delta Upsilon . . 9' 5 ' A ITIIAMER I. TUTIIILL, Kappa sqm . A it I IGIIN A. SWARTZ, Kappa Sigma . .- NED HOLMAN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . FRANK O, HAMILTON, Sigma Nu . .Q if FRED A. IONES, Delta Tau Delta . G gp , kg my! M Q., DWIGHT G. DAVIS, Beta Thptp Pi . . . . , A my V E uzqu . . E . ,Q .gif I 55 IOHN A, MCMAHAN, Alpha Tau ompqt-I y ' LOUIS C. ROSS, Phi Gamma Delta . A 1' V WATT H. MCBRAYER, Phi Gamma Delta ' I I H. R. CAMPBELL, Phi Kappa Psi . . I . 75 Q- RIIYS EVANS, siqmt-I Chi . .. . ,gg .I I 3 V b Q, , I WILLIAM I. PORTER, Phi Kappa Psi . . .Z t .-.. 'E I , N I Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City . Pond Creek . . Sapulpa La Grande, Ore. . . Muskogee Oklahoma City . . Chandler Oklahoma City . . Sapulpa Oklahoma City Oklahoma City . . Miami . . . Grove Oklahoma City . . . Tulsa . Tulsa . Miami . . . Miami . . Guthrie Oklahoma City . Dallas, Tex. . Holdenville . . Boise City . . Tulsa . Tulsa . Hugo . Ardmore . Lawton I 4 L5 7, H, it First Row, left to right--George R. Inglish, Charles M. Carder, Iohn W, Caudill, Kenneth M. Robinson, Henry O. Boat- right, Bland West, Glenn R. Watson, Ralph R. Kenyon, Carl O. 'Whitson, Dwight Tolle, Frank O. Hamilton, Second Row-Fred W. Dunlevy, Ioe M. Culp, Ben Franklin, Phil C. Bennett, Wesley McClanahan, Sylyanus G. Felix, I. Merle Lansden, Richard M. Huff, George R. Bixler, George L. Sneecl. Third Row-Iohn F. Taylor, Wesley M. Langdon, Gene Truscott, Iohn C. Caldwell, Granville Tomerlin, Charles A. Kothe, R. Dale Vliet, Millard Neptune, Maynard Williams, Frank W. Nesbitt. Fourth Row-Earl Sneed, Wallace C, Thomas, Stewart W. Mark, Iohn A. Iohnson, Dean Iulien C. Monnet, George Mill-er, George M. England, Professor Maurice H. Merrill, I. Frank Martin, Fifth Row-Herbert L. Branan, Professor Victor H. Kulp, Burdette C. Smith, Mr. A. H. Huggins, Iohn F. Cheadle, Harry H. Alley, Iarnes H. Tabor, William W. Whiteman. Sixth Row-Maurice E. Stuart, I. Donald Wright, Iames C. McWilliams, Robert I. Stanton, Iohn M. Wheeler, Ruel S. Harris. Seventh RoWfCoburn B. Kidd, Maurice Hankinson, Edward R. Bowlby. THE INTERNATIONAL LEGAL FRATERNITY OF PHI DELTA PHI Members and Pledges 1937 OFFICERS BLAND WEST . . .... . Magister EARL SNEED, IR. . . Exchequer ROBERT I, STANTON .... . . Clerk FRED W. DUNLEVY ...... Historian PHIL C. BENNETT THOMAS LESTER BLAKEMORE IOSEPH MARVIN CULP IOHN W. CAUDILL VICTOR EUGENE CHAPPELL CHARLES ROY FELLOWS BEN FRANKLIN MAURICE W. HANKINSON RUEL S. HARRIS GEORGE R. INGLISH CHARLES A. KOTHE GEORGE RUSSELL BIXLER EDWARD R. BOWLBY CHARLES MAX CARDER IOHN FRANCIS CHEADLE GEORGE MILLER ENGLAND SYLVANUS GEORGE FELIX FRANK O. HAMILTON MEMBERS IAMES C. MCWILLIAMS GEORGE MILLER, IR. MILLARD K. NEPTUNE WALLACE CRAWFORD THOMAS MAX PISCHEL GENE TRUSCOTT R. DALE VLIET WILLIAM WORTHY WHITEMAN CARL OTIS WHITSON RHYS EVANS RALPH KENYON PLEDGES RICHARD MAURICE HUFF IOHN ALLAN IOHNSON IOSEPI-I MERLE LANSDEN STEWART W. MARK I. FRANK MARTIN WESLEY R. MCCLANAHAN FRANK W. NESBITT HARRY H. ALLEY HENRY O. BOATRIGHT HERBERT L. BRANNON IOHN CLARK CALDWELL COBURN BYRON KIDD WESLEY M. LANGDON KENNETH M. ROBINSON BURDETTE CONNOR SMITH MAURICE E. STUART IOHN FRANK TAYLOR GRANVILLE TOMERLIN GEORGE L. SNEED IAMES H. TABOR C. DWIGHT TOLLE GLENN R. WATSON IOHN M. WHEELER, IR. MAYNARD WILLIAMS I. DONALD WRIGHT PHI DELTA PHI The International Legal Fraternity of Phi Delta Phi was founded December l3, l869, at the University ot Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was the tirst ot all legal traternities. Since its inception it has grown steadily until it embraces within its international organization some sixty undergraduate Inns and forty Barristers Inns, or clubs ot practising attorneys. Page I I4 i O : '6 2+ Q 'ff 44' We r ,JN gg EDUCATION if fi ! fi. X! 'YA is Q i fi Top Row, left to right-Dr. Elmer I. Ornnan, Dr. john F, Bender, Benjamin A. Cartwright. '52 iii , 1 5 ' gl E, Vg. - Serond Rowe Dr. Frank A. Bcilyeui, F. F. Gcxiiher, Dr. Chester O. Newiun, Dr. Henry D. Rinsicrnd. Third Row- E. E. Edmondson, Cherries L. Ccridweii, Lonnie D. Huddieston. gel DR. ELLSWORTH COLLINGS, Dean has abandoned most of his other hobbies for the ranch in the Arbuckles . . . attend- ant duties there are his favor- ite diversions . . . has a bird doa named "Peggy" that he is particularly fond of . . . is the author ot several books 5. for aspirant teachers . . . ta- vors briqht colors. N GEORGE A. CI-IAMPLIN, Phi Delta Theta . Scabbard and Blade. HELEN VISTA SMITH, Alpha Gamma Delta Y. W. C. A. BILLIE ANITA IOSEPI-I ...... SENIORS . Lawton . Chandler . . Elk City Choral Club, W. S. G. A., Iudiciary Board, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Music. IRENE VVALKER ....... OLGA IANE PROCTOR ..... , Alva . . . , McAlester Y.W, C. A., Pi Zeta Kappa, President, Y. W. Cabinet, DONALD DOBYNS ..........., Stiqler Kappa Kappa Psi, Men's Council, Forum, League of Young Democrats. W. ALBERT BRENT . , . . . Tulsa Kappa Delta Pi, Eta Sigma Phi, Las Dos Americas, Baptist Stu- dent Union. ELOISE COATS EOFF . . DOROTHY L. IONES . HELEN LOUISE WILSON, Chl Omega . Y. W. C, A., Pi Zeta Kappa. ROSA MCCLAIN BRINK ..... MARY FRANCES REID, Kappa Kappa Gam French Club, English Club. IEROME RAY NEEDY MARIORIE CORBIN, Kappa Alpha Theta Y. W. C. A. GEORGE LONG, IR. . Phi Delta Kappa. MARTI-IENA MCCONNEL ..... Y. W. C. A., Pi Zeta Kappa, Kappa Beta, GLADYS M. EVANS ...... Pi Zeta Kappa. CLEO PATRICIA BAILEY . NANCY SAUNDERS, Delta Delta Delta . I-IANNAH FOREMAN, Sigma Delta Tau . Y. W. C. A. POLLY ANNA MCBRIDE, Pi Beta Phi . Y. VV. C. A. THC! W. A. A. . . Norman Oklahoma City . Chickasha Oklahoma City . . . Seminole Columbia, Mo. . Chickasha . Norman . . Crescent Sand Springs . Alva . . Tulsa . Vernon, Tex. Oklahoma City RENA BERYL KORB ........... Davenport Kappa Kappa Phi, Y. W. C. A., Chamber ot Commerce. PAYE HARTMAN ............ Carnegie FRANCES L. MASCHAL, Alpha Xi Delta ..... Collinsville Alpha Xi Delta, President, Women's Rifle Team, Captain, Pan- hellenic. SARAH BILLUPS, Pi Beta Phi . . Oklahoma City N. LEROY WHITE . . . Oklahoma City Rostrum, Thalian. HELEN G. HAUG . . . Norman Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. IAMES M. WILLSON .... . Frederick VARDRENE ARNTZEN, Pi Beta Phi . . Ponca City Advertising Club, Y. W. C. A. CHARLINE LOIS SMITI-I, Phi Mu . . Norman .I I, ,R 3 . . 'ii fyai.. Jw ,Q F ik Q1 Y Q' S YQ? W if A PIR 'QP' it I Y me UNDERCLASSMEN WILLIAM H. LARUE, Kappa Sigma . . HELEN IOHNSON, Kappa Alpha Theta . EDWIN W. TORIBIO, Phi Gamma Delta . LEO KOSOFSKY, Sigma Alpha Mu . FRANCES F. AUSTIN, Alpha Xi Delta . . ALTON COPPAGE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon PEGGY ANN PLUMLEE, Chi Omega . LUCIA IANE CLARK, Alpha Phi . BILLIE RANDALL, Kappa Alpha Theta . CAROLINE BONFOEY, Delta Delta Delta . PAULINE W. GILLES ,.... MIGNON LINDSAY, Phi Mu . VIVIAN VANDERPOOL . , . SHIRLEY ROSE, Gamma Phi Beta . . NINA DE VINNA, Kappa Alpha Theta . DOROTHY GREGG .,... REBA F. DICKERSON . . . . . ELMETA F. PARR, Alpha Phi .... MILDRED ANN COOPER, Kappa Alpha Thet BEATRICE V. BRAY, Phi Mu .... BETTY ANDERSON, Chi Omega . RAPHAEL F, IEFFRIES ..... ELINOR E. HOPKINS, Gamma Phi Beta . HELEN MARIE FAST, Delta Delta Delta . IANE GALLOWAY, Kappa Kappa Gamma IRIS MCINTIRE ....... OBERA WHORTON ...... GERALDINE EBERLE, Delta Delta Delta . URSULA MAE RAPP, Delta Gamma . DOROTHY LONDON, Chi Omega . MARIE DAVENPORT . . . DOROTHY ELLEN GISH, Alpha Chi Omega MARNELL TURNER ...... WINIFRED KNUDSEN, Gamma Phi Beta . ROBERTA FRIEDMAN, Sigma Delta Tau . DOROTHY IANE PARKS, Pi Beta Phi . HELEN E. RIBEYRE, Pi Beta Phi . . . Tulsa . . Newlcirk New Orleans, La. . Bryan, Tex, . Pauls Valley . . Hollis . Poteau . Tulsa . . Blackwell . Oklahoma City . . Norman . Tulsa . , Norman . Oklahoma City . . Okmulqee . Oklahoma City . Sulphur . Norman . Muskogee . Norman . Oklahoma City . . Lexington . Oklahoma City . . El Reno . Oklahoma City . . Geary . Lexington . Moore . . Ponca City . Oklahoma City . . Duncan . Frederick . . Frederick . Oklahoma City . Tulsa . Norman . Tulsa K ,!4 gg!! f!! LAS ,!4 554 f!-Q ,Lf ,EQ f!! f!! 1 KikQkiitifQCk'i'kGW:ikQkQf:CkQ "Studies, sir, for delight, for ornarnent, and for ability . . . tor natural abilities are like natural plants, they need pruning by study . . . Read not to contradict and contuseg not l to believe and take tor granted, nor to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and con- sider . . . Some books are to be tasted, some swallowed, and sorne chewed and dif qested."eFrancis Bacon. gs?-'5 BUJINEII ADMINUTIRATIGN W o vo o og 'FLOOR COCRTAIL ani? .. ..... . ........ 48 z.faRARv.... .... .... I6 GRAND enu. Room ............. av Jozfmzum .. ....., ........ 76 ofmv AAAMLV mfeofvf Room. .... 25' fox AUOITORIUAA lVO.23 . .... ...... . - I -I '.,, Q. . ...L H I I 3 Cn- I WI W BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION fi I fi +I 9 9 N -3 li f' H Q af, - ' ' dan! N f ,., .I Left Lane, top to bottom--A. E, Chandler, Dr. Frederick L. Ryan, Dr. Floyd L. Vaughan, H, Grady Sloan, Dr. Karl D. Reyer Center Lane----Virqle G. Wilhite, Dr. Ronald B. Shuman, Edward C, Petty, l. I. Sollenhurqer. Right Lane' W. K. Newton, W. H. Butterfield, Thomas Z. Wright, Dewey L. Barnes. Page 123 DR. ARTHUR B. ADAMS, Dean has an energy surplus but a time shortage . . . plans to shoot pool one evening a Week but seldom gets around to it . . . likes qoli . . . is a popular speaker on pres- ent clay economic problems . . . also a prolific Writer in that field-most recent book, "Analyses of Business Cy- cles." SENIORS R. B. GENTRY, Delta Tau Delta . . Lawton Boomers: RutANeks. WILLIAM E. CRUMP, Beta Theta Pi ...... Wynriewood MURIEL A. MINNICK, Alpha Chi Omega ...... Norman Mortar Board, President: W. S. G. A. Executive Board: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. FRANCES SUE CECIL, Chi Omega ....... Valliant Pi Epsilon Alpha: Business Girls' Club: Accounting Club: Timber Cruisers. RUTH NEWBY, Delta Delta Delta . . . Oklahoma City Y. W. C. A.: Business Girls' Club. MARTHA CRAIG ............. ldabel Polo and Riding Association: Timber Cruisers, Captain. KENNETH LITTLE, Kappa Alpha ....... . Altus Football. D. C. RUSSELL, Phi Delta Theta .....,.. Watonga President ot Senior Class: Rui-Nelcs: Chairman Senior Dance Committee. DONALD W. BROWN, Phi Kappa Sigma ...... Tulsa Bombardiers: Secretary, Phi Kappa Sigma: Accounting Club. RAYMOND E. DUNCAN ......., Oklahoma City S. R. GRIMES ......... . . . Bristow Delta Sigma Pi: Business Management Club. HOWARD LODGE, Sigma Nu .... . Miami Ruf-Neks. EDWIN O. SHAW, Phi Gamma Delta ..... . Sapulpa TIM CALANVAY, Theta Kappa Phi .....,.. Lawton Rut-Nelcs: Accounting Club: Newman Club, President. RICHARD DAVIS ............ Marietta Accounting Club, Vice-President: SOONER Yearbook: League ot Young Democrats. SIEGPRIED WEINTRAUB ........... Atolca IAMES I. DONNELLY ..... . Carnegie ROWLAND R. MARTIN ..... . Maud Accounting Club: R. O. T. C., Captain. GEORGE ALBERT GRACE .... . I-Iartsliorne Delta Sigma Pi: Football. HORACE H. DOUGHTY . . . Martha Accounting Club. GARLAND H. HOPE ...... . . Maysville EDWARD W. SMITH, Alpha Sigma Phi .... Oklahoma City GROVER OZMUN, Beta Theta Pi ........ Lawton Bombardiers: Who's Who in American Colleges: Scabbard and Blade. IULIUS M. BANKOFP, Sigma Alpha Mu . ...., Tulsa Business Manager ot l937 SOONER: Sophomore Class President: Men's Council: Student Loan Fund Committee: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. IACK A. DALIOUS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon ...... Tulsa I. T. THOMAS, Pi Kappa Alpha ........ Seminole Scabbard and Blade: Iazz Hounds: R. O. T. C., Captain: Basket- ball: Track. ANDREW C. WILLIAMS, Kappa Sigma . . McAlester ROBERT H. CARD, Phi Delta Theta . . Medford Kappa Kappa Psi. DOYLE WATSON, Pi Kappa Alpha ....... Oil City Toga: Skeleton Key: Rui-Neks: Bombardiers: Who's Who, '36-'37. CHARLES W. SIZEMORE, Sigma Chi ....., Henryetta PAUL GEORGE RAPFERTY, Theta Kappa Phi . . . Chicago, Ill. Intertraternity Council: Rut-Neks: Track Team. CHARLES G. SHULL, Sigma Nu . . . . . . Hugo IAMES L. McDONAI.D, IR., Delta Tau Delta . . Norman Rui-Neks. LESLIE A. FORD, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Shawnee Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-President. LOUISE O. HILL, Kappa Alpha Theta . . Harlingen, Tex. Beta Gamma Sigma: Alpha Lambda Delta: Pi Epsilon Alpha: Mortar Board. DAVID B. SALMON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Durant Ei 1937 BEECHER SNIPES, Pi Kappa Phi . . Rui-Neks: Intertraternity Council. . Waurika MILDRED C. MORRISON ......,,.. Waurika Alpha Lambda Delta: Beta Gamma Sigma: Pi Epsilon Alpha: Mortar Board Honor Class. R. GLADSON TURNBULL .......... Hobart Congress Club: Bombardiers: Accounting Club: Business Man- agement and Marketing Club. IOEL C. STAFFORD .,......... Lawton Delta Sigma Pi: Business Management and Marketing Club. BRYAN DAVIS ...... GLEN A. ARMSTRONG .... Delta Sigma Pi: Accounting Club. FRITZ P. STERR ,.... Accounting Club: Iazz Hounds. HARRIS HUGH GATLIN . . . IOSEPH S. KANTOR, Phi Beta Delta . . Norman . Vian . Lindsay . Marlow . . . . . . . Tulsa Phi Eta Sigma: Bombardiers: Scabbard and Blade: Rui-Neks: Men's Council. GEORGE WINCHEL BARBER, Beta Theta Pi . MARY IANE BRICKELL .... Business Girls' Club. L. MCCURTAIN SCOTT, Sigma Chi . HARRY E. MORRIS ..... . Lawton . Sayre . Stigler . . . . Ada Kappa Kappa Psi: Concert Band: Accounting Club. GLENN HARLAN BROWN ......,.. Blackwell Delta Sigma Pi: Business Management and Marketing Club. CARYL ROSE CORP, Chi Omega ..,...... Tulsa Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Thalian: SOONER Staff: Business Girls' Club. MURVEL BLAKE, Alpha Tau Omega . . Shattuck Phi Mu Alpha. ERED E. TIDEMANN, Alpha Tau Omega . . . Galveston, Tex. Alpha Tau Omega, President: Rui-Neks. LOUIS V. STUART, Beta Theta Pi ....... Okmulgee Beta Theta Pi, President: Interfraternity Council: Skeleton Key: Rui-Neks. KATHRYN E. BLAIR, Alpha Chi Omega .... Oklahoma City Business Girls' Club: Y. W. C. A.: Business Management and Marketing Club. GEORGE F. ALLEN, Alpha Tau Omega Rui-Neks: Y. M. C. A. W. KENNETH SWANN, Acacia . BEN W. NICHOLAS, Delta Upsilon . ED N. CARPENTER ...... Tennis Team: Little Symphony Orchestra. DOROTHY ELLEN POUNDER . . . W. S. G. A. Executive Board, '35-'36: Y. W. C. A.: Club. CONNIE AHRENS, Sigma Nu . . . Scabbard and Blade: Football Team. ED POWELL HORNER .... SOONER Staff, '34-'35. FRANK W. LAMIRAND . . . EDWARD W. CORN, Beta Theta Pi . E. SIMS WILSON, Kappa Alpha . . The Ramblers. VINCENT E. SMITH, Phi Kappa Sigma NATHAN N. RAVITZ, Sigma Alpha Mu CHARLES W. MINTON, Beta Theta Pi Tennis. ELLA ZAK, Sigma Delta Tau Business Girls' Club. IAMES F. AMBERG, Phi Kappa Skeleton Key. WILLIAM C. BELL, IR., Kappa Alpha . TOM B. LYNE .... . Oklahoma City . . Blackwell Kansas City, Mo. . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City Business Girls' . Oklahoma City . Davis . . . Noble Tucumcari, N. M. . Frederick . Houston, Tex. . . . Tulsa . Maysville . . Lawton . Hickman,Ky. . Oklahoma City . . Boynton SENIORS KENNETH M. AXELROD, Sigma Alpha Mu .... Bartlesville Interfraternity Council: Polo and Riding Association. CHARLES C. ROSE . . . .... , Oklahoma City SAM PRICE DOUGLAS . . . . Erick Accounting Club. VIRGINIA HOWE . . . Weatlierlord Accounting Club. RICHARD H. GILLILAND, Beta Theta Pi . . Clinton Bombardiers: Iazz Hounds. H. IUDD ALLISON, Sigma Nu .... . . . Atton FLORENCE ALMA FULLER, Gamma Phi Beta . , Oklahoma City Y. W. C, A.: Business Girls' Club. MARGARET ANNE LONG, Gamma Phi Beta , . Oklahoma City Timber Cruisers: Panhellenic: Y.'W.C.A. BILL I. SIMPSON, Beta Theta Pi ,....... Nowata Phi Mu Alpha: Kappa Kappa Psi: Bornbardiers: Scabbard and 'tw Blade: Golf Team. 1 is X IANE BOONE, Gamma Phi Beta . . . . . Clinton ' Y. W. C, A.: Business Girls' Club. MARY ALICE MURRAY, Delta Delta Delta . . . Hobbs, N. M. Timber Cruisers: Business Girls' Club: Ducks Club, President ,KU Q I. 4 '35-'Se . MERLE W. WILKERSON . . . . , . Altus , . . ,F ROY LESTER DRUM . . . . . let S Band: Accounting Club. VIRGIL C. BENNETT ........,. Drummond Delta Sigma Pi: Business Management and Marketing Club. HOMER G. WILSON, Phi Kappa Psi ....... Bokchito HAROLD L. VAN DOLSEN ...... . Okniulgee Kappa Kappa Psi: Band: WNAD Orchestra. an MCLAIN D. WITHERS . . . . Enid Rui-Neks: Accounting Club. CHARLES IOHN PICEK ..... . Lawton Phi Eta Sigma. MILTON IAY GORDON, Phi Beta Delta ....... Tulsa Delta Beta Chi: Bombarcliers: Rui-Neks: Menorah Society: Con- gress Literary Society. IRWIN ROSS OZMUN, Beta Theta Pi ....... Lawton Scabbard and Blade: Business Management and Marketing Club, President. L. DONALD PILKINGTON, IR., Delta Tau Delta .,... Tulsa Phi Eta Sigma: Beta Gamma Sigma: Advertising Manager, l937 SOONER: Interfraternity Council. GEORGE SI-IAFPER, Phi Kappa Psi . . . .... Tulsa SAM GLENN BILLINGS, Phi Kappa Psi . . . . Enid ROBERT E. SHAW, Delta Tau Delta . . Pratt, Kans. SAM M. MATTHEWS, Sigma Chi . . . . Ardmore IIIVI M. HEVVGLEY, Phi Kappa Psi . . Oklahoma City CARL W. ELICK, Sigma Nu . . . . . Wewoka ROBERT W. KLINE, Kappa Alpha . . Oklahoma City STUART M. PORTER, Kappa Alpha . . . . Muskogee SHELDON CROCKER, Pi Kappa Alpha . . Dallas, Tex. BOYD L. BARNETT, Sigma Chi .... . . Ponca City GEORGE S. CORBYN, Phi Gamma Delta . . . Oklahoma City IACK G. MORGAN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Walters IACK MAIORS, Sigma Nu ..... Little Rock, Ark DONALD r. BAILEY, Delta Tau Delta . . . Bartlesville CLYDE L. Asioaw, Beta Theta Pi . . . . Muskogee . . -, '::: uf' 5, ww 'HV .5 -, . llll I L . Al . ii .:.i l ll I lili D I I of I UN DERCLASSMEN WALTER E. CURRY, Kappa Alpha . EILEEN CARTER, Phi Mu . . . RALPH D. BOWEN, Dolta UDSNOI1 VERNON MULLEN, Kappa Sigma BEN LANGDON, Phi Gamma Delta . EEN KERR, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . REX M, PAINTER, Sigma Nu . . . l. R. MCBRAYER, Alpha Tau Omega . BEN P. HUTCHINS, Phi Delta Theta . TOM PERRY EW'ING, Pi Kappa Phi . CLAYTON NICHOLSON, Sigma Chi . MAURICE EASTER, Pi Kappa Phi . THOMAS R. PRENSLEY, Alpha Tau Omega B. G. DAVENPORT, Acacia .... IACK POWELL, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . E. WILSON EVERTS, Alpha Tau Omega . GENE ROOP, Phi Gamma Delta . HARRY L. ENDICOTT, Kappa Sigma . BILL BROSSEAU, Phi Gamma Delta . . IAMES A, SKINNER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . ALFRED P. SLANER, Sigma Alpha Mu . IAMES R. MALTBY, IR., Pi Kappa Alpha . GEORGE PRICE, Delta Tau Delta . . . HARRY LEE BLACKSTOCK, Phi Gamma Delta FRANK E. ELLIOTT, Acacia . . . FRANK D. TURNER, Pi Kappa Alpha . IOE W. COLE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . ROBERT L. MALTBY, Pi Kappa Alpha . HOMER SMITH, Sigma Nu .... IACK EWING WILSON, Beta Theta Pi . . EDNVARD XNAYNE WILSON, Beta Theta Pi Oklahoma City Oklahoma City . . Tulsa . Seminole Olclahonia City . McAlester . . . Alton Olilalsoma City . . Walters Olclahoina City . . Shattiicl: . .Siilphtir . Ardmore . . Ardmore . . El Reno Onawa, Iowa . . . Tulsa Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Kansas City, Mo. . . Hobart . Bartlesville . . Addington Oklahoma City . Blanchard . Comanche . . Atolca . Bartlesville Oklahoma City . . Norman Enid ELMER THOMAS STEPHENS, Phi Kappa Sigma Oklahoma City WILLIAM H, BRADSHAW, Phi Delta Theta . . . Tulsa ALFRED BENSINGER, Phi Beta Delta . , Memphis, Tenn. DENNY I.. FITZGERALD, Beta Theta Pi . . . Ardmore UNDERCLASSMEN MILDRED M. MCDANNALD, Chi Omega . IULIAN L. DAWSON, Delta Upsilon . GERALD L. RIFFE, Pi Kappa Alpha . LAWRENCE D. WOODROOF . . IACK BRITAIN, Kappa Sigma . IAMES E. BODDY, Beta Theta Pi . ROSALIE G, CARSON .... CHARLES I. RICHARD, Sigma Nu . IOHN I. KING, Sigma Nu . ROBERT H, MITCHELL . MASSIE PAULINE MCCALL . . V. V. LONG, Sigma Chi . ARTHUR H. MAYGINNES . . I-IANES M. DAWSON, Sigma Chi . . L. G. GRIFFIN, Sigma Chi ..... MARVIN KAY SNODGRASS, Kappa Sigma DAN STUART, Phi Kappa Psi . VILLARD MARTIN, Delta Upsilon . ALEX S. SINGER, Phi Beta Delta . . MARGERY FENDLEY, Alpha Xi Delta , RAYMOND M. SCRUGGS, Phi Kappa Sigma OTTO O. HESS, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . GERALD G. LIEPPMAN, Phi Beta Delta . IACK H. MITCHELL ..... MARVIN C. MESCI-I, Alpha Tau Omega . LUCILLE M. COX ...... MARVIN BERT TROPE, Sigma Alpha Mu . I. O. GIVENS, Alpha Tau Omega . . . C. M. BECKETT, Phi Kappa Psi . . WM. LYNN MENEFEE, Sigma Chi . IOHN F. ROBINSON, Sigma Nu . TOM TENNERY, Phi Kappa Psi IOE D. REDDING, Phi Kappa Sigma . . RAY W. BROADFOOT, Sigma Chi . . IAMES C, SELMAN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon RAYMOND GABEY, Sigma Nu . . . OSCAR STEGALL, IR., Sigma Nu . . I. FRANK GRAHAM, Kappa Sigma . . VIRGINIA DORSEY, Delta Delta Delta . HUGH W. MCCULLOUGH, Pi Kappa Alpha . Houston . Tulsa . Tyrone . ldahel . Shawnee . . Tulsa Oxtord, Kans. Oklahoma City Oklahoma City . Wynnewood . Kingfisher Oklahoma City . Tulsa . Ardmore . Vinita . Norman Oklahoma City . . Tulsa Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City . . . El Reno St. loseph, Mo. Wynnewood . Bartlesville . Boise City . . Lawton Oklahoma City Marshall, Tex. Pauls Valley . . Miami Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City . Seminole . Tyler, Tex. Oklahoma City Oklahoma City ROBERT GREGG FRANK, Phi Kappa Sigma . Oklahoma City A. V. PEOPLES, Phi Kappa Psi .... Oklahoma City EARL F. CROWDER, Pi Kappa Phi . . . Cherokee BILL L. NEiLL, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . oifighoma city ..... if rrr ' it t tt S Q... I A li" I I 'li' 3 ff My A-It . ... . Y ff .'.. 1 me f .- I X I I V '-V' :" ' I +,.q if .-v. ivll: . : I -, '..,: ig I ' g..-FW: .K A' , . .. . V. V 535. . f .. .. . . 5-sf B J. H 11 . . T T tttx l ff- ., K ,K K . . ip ig. lgg ,rf 1 L .JP ..s9"l A ll 'or I3 I 3' 3, dw? 7. ,L -M it gg-.. 'Q' X, ' ' wk' A4 KK . K .N Q . :nl I Q Q .. li -.2 ' Ya W? X it 3: I We 3 , sl?lEa.." - . -1 i -.. w ho " ' 5. . I , , S v Q TT I v T A ASTA sihltii ..,, ,3 5, "-Zi! I " ' ',f...L 1- -,ww .1 W-if V K .t. s t W Sei I I 'sf u.. Kahn 3 K. 5 .1 I. in 5, Qf K x 1937 MARION I. HENNESSY, Phi Kappa Psi . WILLIAM E. BEATY, IR., Phi Delta Theta . MARVIN BERT TROPE, Sigma Alpha Mu . FRANK E. ELLIOTT, Acacia . . . ELIZABETH EDGINGTON, Delta Gamma . IACK WILLIAM BURNS, Phi Delta Theta . MARY SUE WATSON, Gamma Phi Beta . VIRGINIA ENLOE, Kappa Kappa Gamma . IULIA BOWERSOCK, Delta Delta Delta . LUCILLE HODGSON, Delta Gamma . . . VICTOR H. WALLACE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon MARY GIBSON, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . ROBERT D. BOWERSOCK, Beta Theta Pi . GUY I-I. UNDERWOOD, Sigma Chi . . IAMES MARION UPDIKE, Beta Theta P1 . C. B. CAMPBELL, IR. . . . . BYRON CHURCH ....... HARRY L. HARTLEY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon ROSEMARY ALLEN, Delta Delta Delta . . BEVERLY R. BUTTERFIELD, Alpha Chi Omega MARGARET ANN FADLER . . ORLAN E. LYDAY, Pi Kappa Phi . DONALD S. DOUGLAS, Delta Chi . GENE B. FEENBERG, Phi Beta Delta . ROSALINE A. GOLDENSTERN, Sigma Delta Tau MAXINE IUNE SILL ........ THOMAS K. THOMAS .... NATHAN S. LEE, Phi Beta Delta . . Sioux City, lowa . . McAlester . Lawton . Blanchard . Ponca City . Ponca City . Oklahoma City . . Ardmore . . Clinton . Wichita, Kans. . . Shawnee . Oklahoma City . . . Clinton Wichita Falls, TeX. . . . Sapulpa . Tulsa . . let . . Grove . . . Lawton . Oklahoma City . Blackwell . . Konawa . Westfield, N. Y. . Oklahoma City . Ponca City . Midland, Tex. . Denver, Colo. . Ponca City :. . ,E f" 1 as 4 F' :'. . ,,, K Lg RoBERT W. cAsoN, Phi Delta Theta . . . . Ada . I ' to I ioEL P. KETONEN ...., . Brooklyn, N. Y. - ii? H A I DORIS PICKERILL ..... Southwest City, Mo. 's LUELLA F. CRISWELL, Alpha Xi Delta . . Oklahoma City 5' 4, A A K iv- KATHRYN CAMPBELL, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . Welch K K -, my KK'--K K 1:1 NORMAN CLARKE NASH, Phi Delta Theta . . Chickaslia "'h A A NM" IOAN EAST, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . . Muskogee K A MARY SUE DAVIS, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . Marietta ....., , K CARL SHERMAN, Sigma Alpha Mu . . . Hugo ff . gf., KATHRYN amoos ....... . Mortioofof g .KKK fy NATALIE RUTH RASH, Kappa Kappa Gamma . Terrell, Tex. f V. K M HELEN LOUISE AVERY, Kappa Kappa Gamma . Tulsa I :- s .V f u' T mea 'mt K DOROTHY M. LUCAS, Delta Delta Delta . . Anadarko K .K ERMA PAIN, Gamma Phi Beta . . . . Carnegie " . it Q 3 istu-xEL coHEN, siqmo Aioito Mu . . . . Torso '-f' ., -. vt: J , - 6 'V 3- Q. f o. ., ESTHER E. BLACKMER, Delta Delta Delta . . Hooker .. It . ' .M k-'- I o5"'.'.Iw . ' A Q HERMAN F. RUSCH, Kappa Sigma . . Oklahoma City K PAULINE D. STEWART .... . . Duncan . I .K 6 K .- K HOUSTON L. CRABB ..... . . Clinton Q KK ' KK '33 KKKK K I BETTE LARINNE CURTIS, Delta Gamma . . Pauls Valley tie . ,. I 'Q-3 ' it , Zaf"'..."lf'pKK K. KKK K I 'I ehwm' ' it 0 UN DERCLASSMEN RICHARD TUOHY, Theta Kappa Phi . PAULINE McDOWELL . . . FRANCES L. ADAMS . CHARLES E. CRAIG . JAMES LOGAN .... MARGUERITE L. MALTHAN . . . RAY MAYHALL, Kappa Alpha . . . IOHN DWIGHT MILLS, Alpha Tau Omega BERNARD I. KARCHMER, Sigma Alpha Mu . TOE I. WRIGHT, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . GUS BAKER, IR., Beta Theta Pi . . . MERCER LAMB, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . IACK ROBERTS, Sigma Nu . . ARTHUR L. MORRISON, Sigma Nu . . . DORELLA KINNEBREW, Kappa Alpha Theta LEE WARREN STONE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon MARTHA KLEIN, Phi Mu .... CHARLES S. STOLPER, Phi Beta Delta . RAYMOND G. MOSS, Delta Tau Delta . BEN L. ROBERTSON, Beta Theta Pi . ED RUDOLPH HALBACH, Sigma Chi . TOM F. CAREY, IR., Sigma Nu . . . IOHN SHAHAN DRAKE, Beta Theta Pi . . DEAN B. CUTCHALL, Kappa Sigma . . M. B, SCHOFIELD, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . ALBERT C. BAILEY, Beta Theta Pi . IOHN W. RAFFETY, Phi Delta Theta . MILTON BEIDLEMAN, Phi Kappa Sigma . VVALTER L. CALLAHAN, Pi Kappa Phi . CARROLL H. DAULTON, Sigma Chi . TOHN CARY, Phi Kappa Sigma . . EDWARD F. HUBBARD, Kappa Alpha . BILLY LEE CLAYTON, Sigma Chi . IEANNE MURRAY, Chi Omega . C. M. KILGORE, Alpha Sigma Phi . GEORGE D. RIFEE, Pi Kappa Alpha . CHAS. PRICE ATCHINSON, Sigma Nu . GUY COBB PORT, Beta Theta Pi . . . VVILLIAM H. SHIPLEY, Phi Gamma Delta . DAN B. STUART, Phi Kappa Psi . . . LESLIE PAUL WILSON, Delta Tau Delta , MACK BRADLEY, Sigma Nu . . . DON KERR, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Oklahoma City . . Loyal . Norman . Muskogee . Norman . . Bokoshe Oklahoma City . . Norman . . . Tulsa Oklahoma City . . . Tulsa . Wagoner Little Rock, Ark. Neodesha, Kans. Oklahoma City . Bartlesville Oklahoma City . Muskogee . Duncan . Nowata . . Ardmore Oklahoma City . . . Tulsa Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City . . Blackwell . Okmulgee . Broken Bow . . Norman Oklahoma City . Frederick . Calvin . Norman . ldabel . Tyrone . Afton . . Ardmore Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Prague Tulsa MCAlGSf91 '5 .sv . '.:: V, ji I. H j 7? . ' 3 4, Q 'YR fini. , if . .. R. . Q' I ii' 'iii' , ' -xx 3 J ' ,Q .X ' is 'T ' , f ill T' ,. V... 'F . X , 'F' ts: ti- i if . , . lk . .,., , Lac.. .I Fi ..,. ..,. I ff 1' A-I we 1 I -if ' S- . g 4, -t'-' we S '-'t , -l .1 .N if my .9 -bg, 'ti- Q we c 1- l s t W W li"'? ., . ki. , L k fig . A --- .., A YJ .:..., 5 , LV gl. ,Lk .t il E50 il- It 'GR 6 rj. 1 4 1- ". . Q .,.,, . QP L if Q .""' l lf i ' . ' z. 'V . . , ' eff' , - lg A 1 it .,..:,- -. ' ,, T. 5' tg ..., ,rg-if t f la , - . A- it ..V: 3 . 1 . - . . V. Yi. I my Q S F L i A A t.. it 1937 FRANK H. SCHALLER, Beta Theta Pi . MARSHALL W. PIPKIN, Pi Kappa Alpha . BILL F. MARTIN, Phi Delta Theta . . ARCHIE T. WHEELER, Phi Gamma Delta . MONT B. STEWART, Sigma Chi . STEPHEN W. BOWEN, Beta Theta Pi . ORION M. WILBANKS, Beta Theta Pi . LUCILLE MAY COX ..... ESTELLE BRAGG ...... C. HENRY WILBANKS, Beta The-ta Pi . WILLIAM N. BOBB, Delta Upsilon . . COLLIE FITCH IAMES, Pi Kappa Phi . MILDRED SEYMOUR, Alpha Xl Delta . IOHN LLOYD MORGAN, Acacia . . MARY BELL SPENCER . . ED KELLY, Beta Theta Pi . KATHRYNE DAGWELL, Delta Gamma . IAMES LAWRENCE HULL, Beta Theta Pi . BILLIE GAITHI, Kappa Alpha Theta . . AVA MCWILLIAMS, Delta Gamma . LUCINDA MAE FURREY, Gamma Phi Beta IUANITA CASH, Chi Omega .... WILLIAM A. STUBBS, Sigma Chi . CARL F. KREPLIN, Acacia . . VICTOR W. IOHNSON, IR., Beta Theta Pi IOE DAVIS, Phi Delta Theta .... WILLIAM E. WILSON ..... WARREN H. EINLEY, Phi Gamma Delta . IAMES C. GAMBLE, Kappa Sigma . . ELDON R. KOERNER, Sigma Chi . . . WALTER V. MARTIN, IR., Phi Gamma Del 'WILLIAM G. BOKE, Alpha Tau Omega . IAMES I. KING, Beta Theta Pi . IIM E. ROSS, Sigma Chi . . IOHN W. KINCAID .... ROBERT BRAVO, Phi Beta Delta . HELEN M. KIRKBRIDE, Chi Omega . WAYNE M. ALLEN, Delta Tau Delta . . E. W. SMARTT, Beta Theta Pi . . . ta VINCENT R. STEPHENS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . BAXTER HAMMONS, Sigma Chi WILLIAM R, AINSWORTH, Phi Kappa Psi NORMA M. TREDWAY . . . ODITH K. SPURRIER, Kappa Sigma . Muskogee . Seminole . Blackwell . Clinton . Oklahoma City Tucumcari, N. M. . . Holdenville . Boise City . Norman . Holdenville . Ioplin, Mo. . Sulphur . Pauls Valley . . . Enid . Earlsboro . Norman . Oklahoma City Vfichita Falls, Tex. . . . Enid . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City . . Shawnee . Collinsville . . Enid . Pueblo, Colo. . Medford . Okmulgee . Pampa, Tex. . Kilgore, Tex. . Oklahoma City . . Muskogee . Faith, S. D. . . Muskogee Coiieyville, Kans. . . Bartlesville . Oklahoma City . Tulsa . . Erick . . Muskogee . Oklahoma City . . Seminole . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City . Oklahoma City -- - DELTA SIGMA PI DR. KARL D. REYER I. C. STAFFORD BONAR DAVAULT GLENN ARMSTRONG VIRGIL BENNETT SHIRLEY GRIMES GLENN H. BROWN SHIRLEY GRIMES FACULTY MEMBERS PROF. W. K. NEWTON OFFICERS SHIRLEY GRIMES .... . . President O. A. STRANGE . Vice-President IRVING HIGBEE . . . Treasurer I. D. McCOID . . . Chapter Adviser GLENN H. BROWN .... . . . Scribe MEMBERS HAROLD VAN DOLSEN HAROLD DOUGHTY MARTIN D. PALM HARRY HARMES O. A. STRANGE IRVING HIGBEE KENNETH HOLBROOK FLOYD PRATT HARRY MORRIS LEON GILLUM HAROLD FREEMAN I. D. McCOID The International Eraternity ot Delta Sigma Pi was founded in the New York University School ot Commerce, Accounts and Finance, November 7, IQU7, tor the purpose ot fostering the study ot business in universitiesg to encourage scholarship and the association ot students tor their mutual advancement by research and practice, to promote closer attiliation between the commercial world and students ot commerce and to turther a higher standard ot commer- cial welfare ot the community. Chapters are established in 54 schools in lead- ing universities through the United States and Canada. The Beta Epsilon chap- ter ot the University ot Oklahoma was installed November 4, l929. The Central Ottice ot the traternity, located in Chicago, maintains an employ- ment agency tor members, and an endowment tund available to student members. The Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key is presented at every chapter annually to that senior, whether or not a member ot the fraternity, who upon graduation ranks highest in scholarship tor the entire course in Commerce. Page l32 '5 Q, GRADUATE F fi J? fi P , A. 4' ,gy-? ' ' , diff! Top Row, left to riqlit Dr. S, R. Tompkins, history, Dr, S. R. Hadsell, English, Dr. Bruce Houslon, chemistry. Second Row- -lohn Alley, head of government department, Dr. Ralph Records, hisiory. Third How--Kenneth C. Kaufman, modern languages, Dr. Leonard Logan, economics, Gladys A. Barnes, Spanish. Bottom Row-I. L. Rader, librarian, Dr. A. K. Christian, history. Page 135 DR. HOMER L. DODGE. Dean grew up on the St. Lawrence river . . . can't remember when he started boating . . . traded this hobby for auto camping when he came to Oklahoma . . . keenly inter- ested in anthrapoloqy . . . has Visited most of the sites of prehistoric cliff dwellers of the Southwest . . . one-time secretary of the Iowa City Art Association. GRADUATES ELEANOR KYLE .... . FRANCES LINDLOFF ..... Sigma Alpha Iota, President. ERNEST HOUSSIERE, Delta Tau Delta .... Iazz Hounds: Sooner Staff '37: Polo G Riding Ass Club: Accounting Club. WILLIS ROSENTHAL, Pi Kappa Phi . . Phi Beta Kappa: Blue Key, DOROTHY IEANNE MORRIS . . . Hestia: Pi Epsilon Alpha. MAURICIA DALE CROOKS, Alpha Phi .... Oklahoma City . . Norman lennings, La. 'n: Newman Clearwater, Fla. . . Norman . Bartlesville Pi Sigma Alpha: International Relations Club: Y. W. C. A. I. PHILIP BOHART, Kappa Sigma . . . Y. M. C. A.: Graduate Club. . Tahleguah WILLIAM CLAUD HENRY, Alpha Tau Omega ..... Altus Phi Beta Kappa: English Club: Alpha Tau Omega, IAMES D. MCCOID, Alpha Sigma Phi .... Delta Sigma Pi. B. M. NOWERY, Pi Kappa Alpha ...... President. . . Norman Houston, Tex. Bombardiers: A. I. M. M. E.: St. Pat's Council: Engineers' Club: Newman Club. IESS L. BEASLEY, Sigma Chi . Sigma Pi Sigma. PAUL Tl-IURSTON POWELL . . . Phi Sigma: Y. M. C. A., Cabinet. MARY ALICE LITTLE, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . IAMES P. I-IOCKER, Phi Delta Theta ..... Sigma Pi Sigma: Graduate Assistant in Physics. IULIA MELBA ALLEY, Alpha Xi Delta ..... I-IUBERT I. SMRCKA, Acacia . NELL SHOUSE, Delta Gamma . LUCILLE AKERS . . . Oilconomia. VIRGINIA HUDSON, Kappa Alpha Theta .... . Enid . Bristow Denver, Colo. . . . Enid Petersburg, Va. . . Yukon . Muskogee . Norman Enid Social Work Club: Y. W. C. A.: Polo and Riding As- sociation. SAM E. MOORE, Sigma Chi ...... Okmulgee 'S it . vaf . :I , ll 'T' f rw, f L, fx "'N...f' J kv Xwvv' .Miva f. U,,,,k - N- ,ifi "!5ilQigwL:fsLwfW" Cobnzmvmo MILITARY LT. COL. REESE M. HOWELL, Commandant ' finds the most recreation in riding . . . enjoys polo either as a spectator or a partici- pant . . . was at one time the proud holder of a four qoal rankinq in the sport . . . in l922 went to Hong-Kong as a member of the United States l N Polo Team . . . interested in Page 139 fraternal organizations . . . x. N STAFF AND MAIOH D. E. ICNES MAIOP1 I-IENPIY C. DEMUTI-I CAPTAIN IAMES G. ANDING CAPTAIN LESLIE L. I-IITTLE CAPTAIN I. G. SUCI-IEE CAPTAIN GEORGE P. PRIVETT UQ CADET COLON ELS CAPTAIN V. F. BURGER CAPTAIN ARTHUR L. SHREVE LIEUTENANT I. P. HOLLAND MAIOR BIEE IONES COLONEL FRANK G. WHITE COLONEL DAVID LINDSAY RALPH S. HOCKER . . . Colonel PAUL G. REEVE .... Captain NEALE V. LAMB . First Lieutenant RAY V. WOODWARD First Lieutenant GROVER C. OZMUN . . . Colonel LOYD DORSETT . . First Lieutenant THOMAS C. REYNOLDS First Lieutenant IAMES L. FARMER . First Lieutenant I. K. SPROWLES . . Captain SILAS GASSETT . . Captain WALTER BLEVINS . . Captain CLIFFORD MCCALL . . Major WILLIAM O. BREEDLOVE First Lieutenant THOMAS IOSEPH MURPHY . Major ALEXANDER B. WELCHER . Captain EDWARD W. SMITH . . . Captain IOHN BANKER .... Captain ROBERT M. SWESNIK . . Captain IAMES R. WILLIAMS First Lieutenant LESLIE L. THOMASON Lieutenant Colonel KENNETH I. SCHWOERKE . Captain A. D. ARNOLD .... Captain rl H5 .. + - if . 6' ES' 'Qi 9 Y-it 9 C tv A fx , ,, .- JS ,I i": ' I X I 3 Iluz 5 " P IT "t I 2 t Av K,-K .tm- '. Z."-slit ' --A553-Y., ' ' av .spa ' R 'Q up I M "' lf- ! Y we-16 3 J' rn l g.. I ms ' 1 as 4 x iw- ima . 'W f. Ru ,y 4 S v' ' f f -4 9 . S ..,. ,. , nm. TX 4 1 gy ' I .-. 2 v,, sw le tu kt., Y 1 1: Y S ,- I - 74 5 M I Vw, 3 jf! at 4 -" HW 'SJ gf-rl . .. -1-' .,, 33 M.. A at - 5 gs 'cr t -sr' Vg S? A iw ,R " if n 4 4 Q Q' f 'X 2-it x ' I ' HEADQUARTERS BATTERIES, FIRST AND SECOND EATTALTONS, FIRST FIELD ARTTLLERY I ...i ...St ,. ,. we .W it A-L , .,, ......, -I var? 'Agut..., iq t -A an 9, Q Q, t Q t N x ,A 4. . GAIL C. ALDRIDGE . First Lieutenant an -- 45, MARK G. MEISTER .... Mtiiei bv . te .N A' S R CHARLES W. MCCLELLAN Zz' b,Z,A t At,A A iw, First Lieutenant . HAROLD R. WERRENRERC, . Captain T if . I 4, V, N' 1 I g 5 PHILLIP C. CLARKE Lieutenant Coionei Lg. ' ROWLAND MARTIN . . . Cetntetin gr GECRGE SINNING . . Captain . ,S ALBERT I. HEAD . . Captain I Q V my .3 4 mm 5, x g X. , I. W. ZADIK . . First Lieutenant A ,gv .K Vi g RALPH BERRY . . . . Captain lzbl I , I IAIVIES R. IVICBRAYER Second Lieutenant it I Atui . x g. ... W. CLIFFORD RITTMAN . . Captain ii A V' 'f EDWARD CORN . . Eiiet Lieutenant - ,A I A new A MARVIN F. OWENS . . . Captain A fl IOI-IN FERGUSON . . Captain 551' ii? X3 . - . . I ., U H ..t I. HARTWELL DUNN . . Lieutenant A E' Q I ICQ, Y ' Mi 3 x fx T , . IOI-IN WILLIAM HENDERSON V - I . J First Lieutenant ' q ' FRANK o. RAMILTCN . . . Meiei .,.. -' L T. THOMAS . . . Captain ag if fit. ' . . ' . a P VERN R. JAMES .... Captain 9 i '... I ' "" D if I NED V. ERooKES . . Eiiet Lieutenant A A . W. A. PACEY . . . First Lieutenant I Q' X1 S IAMES S. COOPER . Eiiet Lieutenant BATTERIES FIRST AND SECOND BATTALIONS, FIRST FIELD ARTILLERY EDWARD HUBBARD Lieutenant Colonel IOSEPH S. KANTOR . First Lieutenant W. W. HARRIS .... Captain HAROLD K. BONE . . . Captain IARVIS PIERCE . Lieutenant Colonel GLEN ARMSTRONG . . . Major CONNIE AHRENS ..,. Colonel WILLIAM I. SIMPSON . . Mmm H. E. . IAMES A. EMBHY . . Colonel .5 -Q Q Q, STEPHEN H. KING . . Captain if IEI I I IA- FRANK HUGHES .... Major v ' I IIIII f . STEWART W. MARK . Lieutenant Colonel I YQ A LAWRENCE WARE . V. BROWN MONNETT MORGAN BELL . . IAMES L. MCDONALD ED CARPENTER . . CARLETON G. SHEAD RALPH HOCK . . . IAMES T. MCCLELLAN RALPH HUGHES . . EDWARD R. WAGNER R. GLADSON TURNBULL NATHAN W. ANDERSON Captain Captain Captain Captain Captain Captain Captain Captain Major Captain Colonel Second Lieutenant AW A x Q 'i A W A Q A T , A. Y I , - .1 Q S. . t 9 ' xp 1 A cu, ' , u mfs' W I. a . x7 f . 'i . ' 9, .ff BATTERIES FIRST AND SECOND BATTALIONS, SECOND FIELD ARTILLERY -IW 32-A 5 ma. P: .. W 1 . ,:, m i is ft UH , . Qu X. Z- gin' Ba as 9' v' 9' ,. I , g:S::"'f' if if 1 2' W 'I Y. T V f mx 9 8? J, in X wif-if P I.. if its gui.. gL,, 4 va- ,f 'Q , M. , .s, 4 ! I K f gk, HW.,-f 2 ,.. 1 ' 'X V ' f.f--fffifftf. 1 sf ii.. fm Q 'r .Q ma is "" I? :mi - I 5 we 0 f ,ps-. I -.. 'ff :.':.5-1 ff: ' 5513, f- 2 'J -f it ti 1 by Q ,iw el 'ft-t! I ,- H 4 I 5 , .... V ,, . M u ri.: ,f 8. - if Iwi? 'W I 'ti . ,jx seq. .-Q 'I . F. f 5 V., M 1 , :wi I VR f K puffy 6 K ight t, W . 3 WALTER L. CALLAHAM . First Lieutenant CHARLES W. GROOMS PAUL REEVE . . . CLYDE E. HESTER . SAM T. COLEMAN . . RALPH O. BROWN . MILTON IAY GORDON PHILLIP D. HARRIS . RICHARD MARRIOTT . . Major . . Captain . Captain . . Mai or First Lieutenant First Lieutenant . . Captain . . Captain NATHAN B. CHENAULT, IR. . Major WALTER CUN N IN GHAM EDWARD STURGEON F. W. NESBITT . . . OLLIE I. BLANKENSHIP LOUIS O. WHITE . . . . Captain . . Captain . . Major . . Captain First Lieutenant HARRY F. SUFFIELD . . . Captain IAKE EASTON, IR. . Lieutenant Colonel BILLY PRICKETT . Lieutenant Colonel LAWRENCE R. BOLEN . . Captain FRANK W. LAMIRAND . x -:-f iff! P JV .. . f I 1,:: ouss ZELDICH . . I I H. oLivER Hom . . . JOHN A. LiviNGsToN ff A' RoBERT LEE COOPER BATTERIES FIRST AND SECOND BATTALIONS, FIRST FIELD ARTILLERY First Lieutenant . Captain . Captain . . Captain . . Colonel .1f WILLIAM G. NELSON GEORGE W. PUCKETT . DONALD W. BROWN SI-IELTON E. LOLLIS . ROBERT W. KARNS . LAWRENCE C. FORBIS . DEXTER MOSS . . IAMES L. KINCAID . HOWARD LEON TRINKLE H. A. WHITE .... IOSEPI-I SURECK . REX A. BARTLETT . FRANK S. BELL . . WILLIAM A. ALLEN . I-IARLAN D. IOI-INSON . RAYMOND S. MORSE . WILLIAM W. O'NEILL . Captain Captain Captain Captain Major Captain Captain Major Captain Captain Major Major Captain Major Captain Captain Captain ALFRED BENSINGER Second Lieutenant RI-IYS EVANS ..... Major LESLIE L. HITTLE . . Captain ELLIOTT DAVIS . . . . Major RUSSELL LEE MORGAN . . Captain ROBERT LOGAN ROARK . . Major ff BURTON E. I-IULL, IR .... Major 12 '-. A my 'KJ Qi, ....,A f - . L7 . ng ,W A f ' 1 .Ll ' M N" . .L I.,,., . 1, 1 A-- V' f f "'j , I I 'bf - - :- if gr- , 'rv .. . ...iff- b r . . K' Q ' T 1 3 f Q 1 IJ. . x"'f t .- . . -... v .af ' HM? ' f-r::i'. -2i:1-.. ' A sf I rrr . eg I . x j A, ij, jf: get if -it I t3i..iS'5 5:11 " . L5 -U Ili j A .S I - BATTERIES FIRST AND SECOND BATTALIONS, SECOND FIELD ARTILLERY nn. ' M, W.. ir.. ....... .. -g IOHN FRANCIS CHEADLE . Colonel ARCH PARMENTER . First Lieutenant IOHN PAUL REMY . First Lieutenant LEO L. BAKER .... Captain EUGENE F. CULP . . First Lieutenant MORGAN BELL .... Captain GEORGE CHAMPLIN . First Lieutenant HAROLD BONE .... Captain WILLIAM I. SIMPSON . . . Major IARVIS PIERCE . Lieutenant CoIoneI LIONEL EDWARDS . . . Captain IOSEPH KANTOR . First Lieutenant CHARLES LEONHARD . . Captain FRANK HUGHES .... Major IRWIN OZMUN . . First Lieutenant FELIX GORDON . . First Lieutenant IAMES MCCLELLAN . . . Captain EDWARD FRANCIS HUBBARD IOHN I-IALLEY . IACK D. CRUCE . IOHN R. BROWNE V. MONNETT . . STEPHEN H. KING WM. H. WYLIE . RALPH HOCK . EDWIN R. PAGE, IR. . IOI-IN OVERTON . EDWARD WAGNER WILSON GIBSON CHARLES GRAVES BATTERIES C FIRST AND SECOND BATTALIONS, FIRST FIELD ARTILLERY .i S' t I ls- Lieutenant CoIoneI First Lieutenant . . Captain First Lieutenant . . Captain . . Captain First Lieutenant . . Captain First Lieutenant First Lieutenant . . Captain . . Captain First Lieutenant 45. . .ip mw- E Front Row, left to Iiqhif'--Schultz, I. T. Prenderqcxst, Troutmcm, Culp, Kuhn, Ward, Briclqes, Slcidek, Scoqgiri, Silvey Back ROW-f-Prenclerqcsi, Getty, Williams, Small, Peterson, Wiii, Clifford, Brcxiiori, Tumcl, Lci Boon, Pcrqe, Sigler. I U N I O R S NORMAN E. SCI-IULTZ ARLA SCOGGIN ROBERT E. WITT I. T. PRENDERGAST R. MAXEY SILVEY W. HARRY CLIFFORD EUGENE F. CULP I. D. PRENDERGAST BART BRATTON GEORGE D. KUI-IN IOI-IN A. GETTY GERALD TUNE NEIL WARD ANDREW WILLIAMS FRED LA BOON IOI-IN D. BRIDGES G. MILTON SMALL WOODROW PAGE PAUL L. SLADEK ED PETERSON RUSSEL L. SIGLER BATTERIES FIRST AND SECOND BATTALIONS, SECOND FIELD ARTILLERY Front Row, left lo IightfIohr1son, Fry, Butler, Stephens, Bassett, Byrd, Boddy. Rear ROW--Clapham, Icrmes, White, Tippet, IVIC1Itky, Sheedy, Hurt, Bensinqer. IUNIORS IACK BYRD IAMES E. BODDY DUANE I. CLAPHAM ROY ORVAL IAMES FRED F. WHITE IAMES PAUL IOHNSON EDMUND MORTIMER FRY ROBERT WM. BUTLER VINCENT RALPH STEPHENS WILLIAM NEAL BASSETT IOHN H. TIPPIT IACK R. MALTBY CHRISTIAN L. SHEEDY WALTER DEAN HART ALFRED BENSINGER BATTERIES FIRST BATTALIONS, FIRST AND SECOND FIELD ARTILLERY mu, .. , gy. L. has Em Front ROW, left to righi- eChadwel1, Pearson, Leonard, Ainsworth, Lancey, Kayser, Ross, Stafford, Inglis, Ball. Second RoWfBrook-es, Billingsley, Burdiii, Webb, Lowry, Grant, Givens, Snuia, Mathers. Third Row--Stewart, Urie, Conrad, Shayler, Wylie, O'I-Iaver, Newkurnet, Mihram, Boqle. IUNIORS GEORGE CHADWELL FRED SAMUEL BALL MONT B. STEWART D. B. PEARSON NED V. BROOKS ROBERT MARVIN URIE IOHN REEVES LEONARD MAX E. BILLINGSLEY DOYLE E. CONRAD I. L. AINSWORTI-I MARVIN R. BURDITT WARREN TI-IURMAN SI-IAYLER WILLIAM S. LANCEY BYRON BENNIE WEBB WILLIAM HARRY WYLIE IOHN KAYSER WILLIAM B. LOWRY MALCOLM B. O'I-IAVER LOUIS C. ROSS IESSE M. GRANT FRANK I. NEWKUMET WILBUR LELAND STAFFORD I. O. GIVENS G. R. MII-IRAM GEORGE ALLEN INGLIS P. A. SMITH MAX C. BOGLE HERBERT MATHERS coMMUTEE's BATTERY AND SOPHOMORE MOUNTED BATTERY Front Row, left to right--Epperson, Emerson, Me-dqley, Stubbs, Huff, Gleeson, McWheeter, Purdy, Barnett. Second Row---Van Zcxnt, Rowan, Overton, Dawson, Drum, Lindsay, Mason, McBride, Brown, Brasel, Campbell Third Row-'Howe-ll, Halley, Sommers, Mitcham, Mitchell, Sands, Autry, Feincher, Lale, Kraettli, I UNIORS DIMPSTER E. EPPERSON IOHN OVERTON IOHN H. HALLEY, IR. WILLIAM G. MIDGLEY IULIAN L. DAWSON NORVAL I. SOMMERS WILLIAM A. STUBBS CLIFTON KEITH DRUM GENE L. MITCHAM THEATUS E. GREESON DAVID L. LINDSAY ROBERT H. MITCHELL IOSEPI-I D. MCWHERTER, IR. ROBERT IULIAN MASON EDWARD E. SANDS MILLARD S. PURDY ESTIL OWEN MCBRIDE VAN AUTRY LOUIS ORVILLE BARNETT R. WILLIAM BROWN THOMAS D. FANCHER HERBERT VAN ZANT LESLIE BRASEL MAX SIMS LALE SPENCER FORD ROWAN BENSON W. CAMPBELL HAROLD TACK KRAETTLI W. T. HOWELL SOPHOMORE MOUNTED BATTERY AND SOPHOMORE MOTORIZED BATTERY I I ixgffzig .srr E ,,1.y:.e'Szf2i .. , A , 'ff - M'v'..ff,.Q' .Q '- wa ,f,"'f'- , qc, 'Q 1 Qf?!.Q,Lf'rif f 1' ' ' ' A ' ' ' . -' . w w.. Y, K , , f - AK. FJ. A Av Jn- V ' if, Front Row, left to right-Hendrickson, G. Anderson, Lcrmirond, Owen, Wilson, E. Brown, Hope, Ndnoe, Flood, Newion Second Row-Rice, Nute, Beoird, Page, Norris, Pollmor, Meeting, N. Anderson, Newion, Hormes. Third Row-Loomis, Shopord, I. Browne, Aurin, Sebastian, Ridley, Nothstein, King, D. N. Iones, Hugo, Meyer. W. M. HENDRICKSON GARRETT I. ANDERSON EDWARD LAMIRAND BRUCE DEE OWEN SAM A. WILSON ELLIS LANGHAN BROWN HERBERT THOMAS HOPE RUBY R. NANCE I UN IORS WILLIAM R. FLOOD GEORGE H. NEWTON HERBERT MEETING N. ANDERSON GEORGE NEWTON HARRY E. HARMS DAVID CONGER SHAPARD I. BROWNE FRED B. AURIN IUNIOR MOTORIZED BATTERIES CHARLES ANDREW SEBASTIAN IAKIE L. RIDLEY CHARLES LEWIS NOTHSTEIN IOHN I. KING D. N . IONES HOWARD FRANCIS HUGOS MILTON N. MEYER ., ...M .wh ir., I . , . L'11w,-mfr, ' I I . Effaf mia- Hu fi-ix?-W ' lwlifl' fa . ..... ,.,., . ,,,,.-, of fl 'YYY' Front Row,1ett to right-Ianuary, Robertson, Romerman, Huii, Pierce, Duckwail, Brafford, Carpenter, B. B. Ione G Ia r Center Row-Cockriil, Metccllt, Cutcheil, Vahiberq, Blankenship, Sparks, Danforth, W'eqner, D. B. Iones, eezen Rear Row--Kerr, Ewing, McBrayer, Morris, Van Horn, Evans, Wirz, Howard, Iohnston, Bolinq, Hamilton. EDWARD BRUCE IANUARY GEORGE T. METCALF BEN LOVELL ROBERTSON DEAN BRINT CUTCHALL IACK ROMERMAN C. IULIAN VAHLBERG LAWRENCE HULL RANKIN M. BLANKENSHIP ISAAC PIERCE, IR. MARKLE HUBERT SPARKS DICK L. DUCKWALL ELDON G. DANFORTH TILDEN DIXON BRAPFORD DICK WEGENER, IR. KENNETH KHALE CARPENTER D. B. IONES B. B. IONES DUDLEY GEEZENTANNER SID E. COCKRELL DONALD KERR IUNIOR MOUNTED BATTERY TOM P. EWING IAMES ROY MCBRAYER EVERETT W. R. MORRIS HAROLD VAN HORN IOSH IOI-INSON EVANS ALLAN O. WIRZ ROBERT E. HOWARD ABRAHAM R. IOHNSTON VICTOR LE ROY BOLING EDWARD L. HAMILTON 4 as-mr, . if S. BOMBARDIERS First Row, left to right-Marshall, Bravo, Witherspoon, Wilson, Burger, Lee, Rogers, Bealmear. Second Row-Dawson, Stubbs, Allsmom, Ault, McInnich, Wilbanlcs, Wadscrck, Ivy, Meyers. Third ROW-Olsen, Grimshaw, Kratzer, Morgan, Foster, Brown, Martin, Cook. OFFICERS HUGH STUBBS . . . . . . President EARL BROWN . . Vice-President BOB TRIPPET . . Secretary CRAN WILBANKS . . Treasurer IACK MORGAN . . . . First Sergeant ' MEMBERS RALPH ASBURY DAN ALMAN CHARLES BERRY C. M. BECKETT ART CAVANAUGH GENE CUNNINGHAM DAVID COOK FRANK COWELL LEON DAVIS BOB DAWSON ROY FRYE HARRY GILBERT JACK GABLE RUFUS GOODWIN CHARLES HETHERINGTON IOE HULL ED HALLBACK TED HESS IOE DIXON HARRY HUMPHRIES DAN STUART DICK HARRIS HERB IONES MARVIN IOHNSON BOB KAHN KENNETH LOWE DAVE LINEBAUGH MAX MINNIG WILBUR MCMURTRY CLAYTON NICHOLSON A. V, PEOPLES BOB TRIPPET HART WRIGHT GEORGE WADSACK CRAN WILBANKS IACK MARSHALL ALBERT BAILTEY IIM RICHARDS HERMAN RUSCH VICTOR SAVIN BOB STAFFORD MARVIN SNODGRASS CARL SHERMAN BILL SHIPLEY FRANK SCI-IALLER IRWIN ALPERN C, B. CAMPBELL DAVID CRAIG FRANK AULT GUS BEALMER EARL FOSTER GLEN HOGE FRANK HOWARD BILL THOMS CLYDE HARRIS STAN THOMASON LEONARD KRATZER BOB TWAY NATHAN LEE IOHN TRAILER TOM MATSON TOM WATTS VILLARD MARTIN WAYNE WILSON HERB MEETING DON WILLS IACK MORGAN G. I. WALKER IIM ROGERS ROSCOE WALKER HUGH STUBBS BEN COHAN BOB SHIPLEY TOMMY TROWER ELMER STEVENS On February 22, 1928, a group of basic military students in R. O. T. C. at the university finished organization plans tor Bombardiers. At the present time the order is only local, but through correspond- ence and the appointment ot a travelling represen- tative from their members, it bids tair to become national in scope. Bombardier members are selected trom the ranks oi basic military students and must have a two-point average. The aims of the traternity are the education oi its members in all phases ot military tactics and pro- cedure. Military discipline, command and leader- ship are stressed, and outside authorities in army science are oiten brought to the regular meetings tor instruction in this purpose. Page l54 , -c First Row, left to right-Purdy, King, White, M. Bell, F. BelI, Kantor, Nesbitt, Pierce, Cooper, Iones, Harris, Leonard, Calvert, Kincaid. Second Row-Stubbs Hull, Byrd, Lindsay, Chenault, Cheadliey, Ferguson, Ahrens, Boddy, Overton, Robertson, Embry, Owens, Ross. Third Row-Banker, Kerr, Easton, Blevins, White, Hubbard, G. Ozmun, White, I. Ozmun, Champlin, Cutchall, Suffield. FRANK WHITE DAVID LINDSAY IAMES EMBRY CONNIE AHRENS GROVER OZMUN IOHN CHEADLE ROBERT COOPER IAKE EASTON STEWART MARK IARVIS PIERCE MEMBERS E. F. HUBBARD MARVIN OWENS FRANK HUGHES HARRY SUFFIELD IIMMIE KINCAID I. T. THOMAS BILL NESBITT HAROLD WHITE BURTON DULL I. I. BANKER BILL SIMPSON MORGAN BELL FRANK BELL GEORGE CI-IAMPLIN WALTER BLEVINS CHARLES GRAVES I-IORACE CALVERT IOHN OVERTON IOHN FERGUSON IRWIN OZMUN N. B. CHENAULT PHIL HARRIS MILLARD PURDY K BROWN MONNETT LOUIS WHITE PLEDGES RAYMOND MORSE KENNETH CARPENTER IOHN KAYSER ARCHIE PARMENTER IULIAN DAWSON BILL LOWRY FRED AURIN GERALD GALBREATH IACK MALTBY GEORGE BARBER IOHN W. GITTINGER BILL MIDGELY ALFRED BENSINGER I. O. GIVENS GEORGE NEWTON BERT BRATTON W. D. HART E. R. PAGE ELLIS BROWN IIMMY HULL ED PETERSON BENSON CAMPBELL BYRON IONES GEORGE ROBIE IOE KANTOR IOHN HALLEY EDDY BODDY DEAN CUTCHALL DOUGLAS IONES DON KERR IOHN KING IACK LUTTRELL BEN ROBERTSON LOUIS ROSS BILL STUBBS SPENCER ROWEN ED SANDS VINCENT STEPHENS IOI-IN STEWART I. VAHLBERG HAROLD VAN HORN DICK WEGENER Scabbard and Blade is a national military iraternity ior advanced students in R. O. T. C. Active members in the organization hold elections twice yearly for new members, who must be enrolled in an advanced course. The national order was established in 1904 at the University oi Wisconsin by a group oi oiiicers in the cadet corps there, The local chapter is designated as "D" company oi the third regiment. Scabbard and Blade sponsors annuaily or Military Bali, Dinner-Dance, and Founders' Day Banquet. Page 155 SCABBARD AND BLADE 'L N MILITARY BAND NICOLO AUSTIN L. G. BAYLESS BAKER BILLINGSLEY DONALD BRANYAN EUGENE BRITTIAN ROBERT CALAHAN VINCENT D. CARROLL ROBERT W. CASON CHAS. M. CASSIDY ARTHUR CAVANAGH DONALD CLEMENT TOM F. COTTER ROBERT N. CRAIN GENE CUNNINGHAM LLOYD E. DEAN H. A. DECK HILLARD DENYER IOHN DUKE IOI-IN ECKENBERGER IOE D. EDDINGS MERRILL ELLIS IOE E. ELLIOTT I. P. EVERETTE ROBERT FLORENCE FREDERICK GAYE RUFUS GOODWIN IOHN W. GREGORY MEMBERS ROBERT GROUP ROBERT GUINN ED RUDOLPH HALBACH A. N. HARLEY, IR. CLYDE E. HARRIS NEAL W. HARRIS LARMAN HEASLEY WM. .HIGHLAND ROBERT E. HOWARD SABERT A. HOTT IRVING HIGBEE ED JONES IOHN CONWAY KENNETH HARRIS ROR IQAHN PETE C. KHOURY CHARLES LAVERY IIMMY LEAKE TERRY LEWIS SAM LLOYD EDWARD H. LIIMPKIN DOOLEY MALLORY WALTER R. MCCOWN MERT MCDONALD ERNEST MCINTYRE SIDNEY MILLER STANLEY MILNER LAWRENCE OPEL WM. A. PACEY I. L. PATMAN WELDON PHILLIPS IOE D. REDDING BILLY REIFF FLOYD RICE IOHN RICHARDS ORVILLE ROGERS PHILLIP M. RUBINS GARETH RUGGLES PHIL L. SALKELD IABEZ B. SANDERS HARTZELL SCHAFF IOE SEARS ROBERT SHEPARD KENNETH SHROYER DALE SIMMS ORVILLE SMITH RICHARD SWESNIK IOSH TILLINGHAST HERBERT TURK LAURENCE VARVEL GRANVILLE WALKER IRVING WILLIAMS WALLACE ZIRKLE JACK WOODSON Page 156 PISTOL TEAM Left to right-Captain Hittle, Edwards, Binkley, Sharpe, Brasel, Schilliriger, Williams, Motsenbocker, Kelly. MEMBERS IOHN EDWARDS LESLIE BRASEL THOMAS C. KELLY IOHN F. BINKLEY BERNARD SCI-IILLINGER PHILLIP HARRIS THOMAS I. SHARPE STANLEY E. WILLIAMS BILL FOSTER The Pistol Team ot the University of Gklahoma is composed ot members ot the R. C. T. C. who become adept with the pistol and prove their worth in competition. The team throughout the year enters a wide variety ot matches including intercol- legiate outdoor and indoor competition and contests between members ot the team. The group is well-known at matches throughout the southwest where it has at Page IS7 one time or another held most ot the im- portant trophies. Maintained by the Department of Mili- tary Science, the O. U. Pistol Team has been coached this year by Captain Leslie L. I-little, who replaced Major Henry De- Muth. Besides the excellent coaching which is furnished without charge, the R. O. T. C. provides both guns and ammunition and bears all the expenses of the team. POLO TEAM Left to right4Lieut. I. P. Holland, Duke, Hart, Stubbs, Hermes. I SQUAD IACK HART GERALD GALBREATH IEFF WATTS HM HESTER IOSH EVANS BILL AYCOCK RONALD HERMES ALEX CHEEK RAY MAYHALL BILL STUBBS The University ot Oklahoma's polo team, so tar as Winning games was concerned, enjoyed a happy season. The season was marred with many injuries and closed with the death of Hal Nieman, the greatest polo player to Wear O. U. colors. The stellar playing ot Hal Nieman, Ronald Hermes, Stratford Duke, lack Hart and lim Hester formed a brand oi polo that CD. U. has not seen in many years. Each game was marked with exhibitions of great horsemanship, and excellent polo, but above all each player displayed the spirit ot polo by being a gentleman and sports- man. Page l5E ' + wp POLO AND RIDING ASSOCIATION TIMBER CRUISERS MARTHA CRAIG and MARGARET CRAIG . . . Co-Captains MRS. WILLIAS HETHERINGTON, . . . Secretary-Treasurer The Polo and Riding Association at the University was formed for the purpose of giving instruction in riding and jumping to those interested in equitation. Membership in the Associ- ation also gives one an opportunity to ride more often. Major G. R. Hayman, group sponsor, has charge of classes. An important by-product of the Polo and Riding Association is Timber Cruisers, an organi- zation for girls interested in horsemanship. Applicants for membership must ride to the satis- faction of the instructors and be able to take a jump of three and one-half feet. Timber Cruisers award a cup every year to the best jumper, the most proficient at school- ing a horse, and the best all around horsewoman in the group. Timber Cruisers sponsor a Polo Tea after several home games at which time members of the Association and riding enthusiasts meet the University polo team. Page 159 TIMBER CRUISERS E i I I I x 1 9'- L 7,7 BETTY HARGETT Honorary Colonel -' ur-'Y-f -sf - HAL NIEMANN ng ,pe ,Ae ,gg ,ze ,gg ,Le ,gg ,pg ,Ac ,ze WQWQCWQCWQPAQWCXCV-QCKQWCWQCECKG IN MEMORIAM HAL N IEMANN The only student ever killed in 0. U. com- petitive sports. Killed November 26, l936, in the qclme with New Mexico Military Institute. 3-X Dk Bk P77 if wbw EEATUVQES WMC? WMC WDQVQTANT EVENTS CDIQQANlZATNGNS ATM LETNCS 1' Q. M J' ref!-1 .Ziff if . x. MF? ,V ,ff fu. . . n 23,3 Xu ff g , wi llfiyytg Q fff 'gh M-5 44 Q- r-,, , Vglfxfx '. .X xiy ,1 "V, li 4 '-....f:..:,,i fx: S 'CQKAW 'S A ' 3 lv 'leaflet -ff' -Y I ' A Aj U i argl-L, FY it i.- reieree says oft sides . . . Winning the Dad's Day Cupebut you heard just about enough oi it the next rush . . . got your O in football-now basketball season and she's thrown you over . . . had to sit through all those conterencesfbut you're on the cabinet now . . . pledged three new orders-egrades fell off halt a point . . . entered the oratorical contest-the judge said it was a ditti- cult decision . . . red and white ribbons-another ten dollars' shot . . . but how those keys jingle, how those pins shine. L 5 E a E I 3 I 2 5 x I 1 1 The power ot suggestion wins again and Dr. Maurice Halperin joins his class in its daily a. m. pastime Margaret Faye "Social Climber" Beam turns the dial tor a few setting up exercises . . . note position ot shadow . . . note that jump is a bit early even tor Maxine Richardson, number one W. A. Afr . . . Emma steals an extra snoozefwhats another cuteor maybe Kilpatrick was waker . . . Sam "joiner" Matthews lathers up and looks hopefully for a second whislcer . . . General Morris should get to drill on time today-even it he isn't so thrilled over it all . . . and then there was that morning that Doris Dial got to work on time Charlotte Killingsworth in the arms ot Morpheus . . . center edon't worry about it, lim, you can always go to your nine o'clock. CPd. I-Xdvt.lfEUSH NOTE-NO SHEETS. Sigivlc gary .M ,wk 'fa-sg Q S 3 Jr W . fr af My ,vt 'IL .. Q Fr 1. f nigh 't H a it ti r J ...wx L A ,. g S Y' Dahl Duff, Times Reporter, interviews the new crop of rushees. BOYCE TIMMONS-Executive Secretary ot Inde- pendent Men's Association, President oi the Indian Club, President oi Oklahoma Federation of College lndian.Clubs, Scabbard and Blade, Pres. Inter-bar Council, Assoc. Editor of Roundup, Mgr. Student Cooperative. ' NINA BOHN-President of Alpha Lambda Delta, Scholarship Chairman of WSGA, President of Chi Upsilon, Women's Honor Class, Mortar Board, WSGA Freshman Chairman, Phi Beta Kappa, Asso- ciate Member of Oklahoma Academy of Science. YVONNE IACOBSON-Phi Beta Kappa, President of Kappa Gamma Epsilon, Orchesis, Mortar Board lunior Honor Class, Town Council of YWCA, Span- ish Club, WSGA-Big Sister Committee, YWCA Cabinet, President of French Club, El Modjii, Play- house Productions, Allianze Francaise Medal, Delta Delta Delta. TOM CAMPBELL-Engineers Club, President of St. Pat's Council, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, Pe-et, Toga, Secretary-treasurer, Skeleton Key, Petroleum Engi- neers Club, A.l.M.M.E., Cutstanding senior in Tac- tics, BOTC, in l936, Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities. lomes Musser bends to his work with or skill equolled only by his enthusicrsm . . . offer the eggs crnd before the fldg pole episode the Engineers rnonoge to shoke off the lowyers long enough for Queen Thornton to be crowned ond kiss the Blorney Stone before the lorgest crowd in yeors . . . journcrlism clgss during the lecture hour . . . Eorl Brown, Sooner Party Heod, totlces time off for o bit of bowling while Lcrrnbert Root writes down the score . . . introducing one of the pledges of the new ond better lozz Hound Ted Club . . . Bort Word hos the most cgpdble hotnds occording to severol ort professors gnd one or two sororities . . . Morryon Wolf buys her senior ring frorn sdlesrndn Sid Cockrell Cthe groft is so good this yeor thot Shove is hiring orssistontsl . . . lock Durlond before he took the step . . . Centerfwe knew you Could do it, lirnrnyg now wgtch thot grdde overoge soor. ,, Floyd Lochner broke the Owen Field two mile track record with a 922516. MARY DAVIS-Pres. Chi Delta Phi, Mortar Board Sophomore Honor Plaque, Mortar Board Honor Class, History Club, Y.W.C.A., VP. lunior Class, Social Chairman Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Beta Kappa. AL NAIFEH--Sec. Bomhardiers, Phi Eta Sigma CPres. 35, Sen. Sponsor 373, Congress, Debate, Pres. Men's Council, l935-36, Ch. Student Emergency Loan Fund Committee, State Ch. Roosevelt lst Voter's League, Pres. O.U. League of Young Democrats, Activities Trust Fund Committee, Pres. Southern Federation of College Students, Rut-Neks, Presidents Class, Phi Beta Kappa. DOYLE WATSON-Phi Eta Sigma, Bombardiers, Rut- Neks, Toga, Skeleton Key, Sports Announcer WNAD, Vice President Pi Kappa Alpha. FRANK HAMlLTONfRanking lunior Phi Beta Kappa, Secretary ot Pe-et, Checkmate, Skeleton Key, Phi Eta Sigma, President's Class, Sigma Nu. E? wt. Roy Stephenson looks at the pictures and waits tor the Wheatie Hour when the tunnies will be read . . . Willard Axley must have located his name in the home town gossip columne-or is it hers . . . come, come, lsabel, your friends aren't quite that dull . . . Maxine Marlin and lulian Vahlberg don't need a translator for those caressing glances . . . theres nothing like trying, Pat . . . Dallas gave Bunyan, Vollmer, and Lane a chance to show how three journalists look on their week-end oft Cthe jobl . . . with l-larvey's help Marya Welch takes over another iield once thought purely masculine . . . Marian Grace Hardie shows how the well tinessed young woman will smile . . . Betty l-largett swings a big stick with that smile Ctor turther details see Mr. Watt McGaltl . . . Chandler and Coombs sit down to provide "About the Campus" with a few choice bits, and lonnie Lee breaks into print again tpoor lodie tried so hard, tool . . . center elim, you've still got six weeks ot schoolfshed probably have broken the date for the dance anyway-it you'd had a dance-atter all the social side isn't the only side ot lite-mor is it? vvnif wa l"""" 133225 'x iw ? A 4 ' A Homecoming-with Phi Kappa Psi Winning first in the decoration competition. MABTYNA GABBlSONeePresident ot Pi Epsilon Alpha, Chi Epsilon, Pi Zeta Kappa, Phi Sigma. PAT HENRY--President of Toga and Phi Delta Chi, and Galen, Member of O. U. Ph. A., But-Neks, Phi Delta Theta. LUCILLE MacKENZIE-Society Editor of the Okla- homa Daily, W. S. G.A. Council, Theta Sigma Phi President, Editor of Chi Delta Phi, Y. W. C. A., Iunior Women's Honor Class, Editor oi 1937 Freshman Handbook, Publication Board, Pi Beta Phi. IOHN RUNYAN-Advertising Manager of Oklahoma Daily, Editor ot Covered Wagon i935-36, State editor of Oklahoma Daily in summer of l935, Varsity Cheer Leader, Publication Board, President of But-Neks, President ot Ad Club, Feature Editor of 1935 SOONEB, Editorial Board oi College Humor, Presi- dent of Alpha Sigma Phi. Lunch in the famous student union dining room where the best thirty cent meals in the state are served for only fifty cents Cwithout taxi . . . why work yourself to death on those potatoes, QuongAjust heap some more peas on the plate and send 'er infnow that you're initiated they can't fire you-you know too much . . . Mesdames Updegraff and Kee pause for a shot . . . Nadine Bowles stops one of the symphonic pups for a chat . . . Pi Phi scores again-Queen Nance and house feed the orderffwith a few pledges pushed out on the porch with the dog and Smith CSmith on the right? . . . Mrs. Lomax believes in limited working hours for everyone except Mrs. Lomax . . . Exel can really cook CPd. Advtj . . . another touching scene in the union . . . Ruth's got him eating out of her hand . . . centereflileanor doesn't seem to have gotten the best results from the gigolo service today. umuw 'KP' W 7 QQ? 'Wi 52 'Y it xi . ii, 5956 if-r 1 lf w-tl! , wk 'K 'if-as -'T my-7 lack Wilson, as Parnell, faces an angry Irish Party. ALICE CABTEBfChoral Club, German Club, Mor- tar Board I-Ionor Class, House Council, Pres. ot I-Iouse Council '36, W.S.G.A. Executive Board, '36 I. B. McKINLEYfPresident Sigma Delta Chi, Sports Editor Daily, Managing Editor Oklahoma Daily, and Editor Oklahoma Daily. WYEMA ADAMS4Alpha Lambda Delta, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, W.S.G.A. Council, Pi Zeta Kappa, Sigma Alpha Iota Treasurer, Choral Club, Indian Club Queen, Mortar Board I-Ionor Class. MAUBICE I-IANKlNSONfPhi Delta Phi, Presidents Class, State Amateur Golt Championship Finalists, Second Banking Oklahoma Amateur Golfer, Pi Sig- ma Alpha, Intertraternity Council, I-Iouse Manager Sigma Chi. Boyce Timmons and Lorene Criswell laugh it over . . . Frank does his bit . . . this army fights on its stomach too . . . FLASH: Barbara Campbell, No. l Pi Phi rusher, puts the heat on Nina DeVinna CNote-Nina pledged Theta? . . . Ruth Ann reaches for her smashing serve--that Sewell almost hits . . . typical shot of Dick Wyche -in the rough . . . nothing is quite so exciting as a Friday afternoon Phy's. Ed. class . . . Katherine Bretch, whose "dimples can't be matched in Hollywood" according to Tommy Grant, does a hit of "line" work . . . Bertille "l was suspended" McMahan drags her willingC'?D date to the library-some seminar work, perhaps . . . Dorothy Holtzendorff poses for the "ironing shot" made famous by Sooner photographers . . . Bette and her faithful troopers Chow faithful you can learn from the regretful Bunyanl . . . center-Tony, Aileen, lake, and George hold court in the union. "" I 'l ilffif 1 i l i l i i St. Pat, Eloyd Hildebrand, crowns queen lo Wade Thcrnton Engineers Day. MARY ELIZABETH LOCKETT--Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Beta Kappa Ciuniorl, Mortar Board lunior Honor Class, Mortar Board, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, State President oi Y. W. C. A., Pres. Social Work Club, National intercollegiate Christian Council. NATHAN B. CHENAULT, lr.---Pres. Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, Scabbard ci Blade, Men's Council, St. Pat's Council, Engineer's Club, P. E. Club, A.l.M.M.E., Cadet Colonel, Congress Club, Editor of Engineer- ing Edition of SOONEB Magazine, Delta Upsilon. IAMES H. TABOB-Pres. Pe-et, Sec. Y.M.C.A., Con- gress, President's Honor Class, Varsity Debator, Rhodes Scholar Candidate, Oratorical Council, Phil- osophy Club, lntertraternity Council, Phi Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Tau Delta. MABY ALICE LABSON-Alpha Lambda Delta, Mor- tar Board lunior Honor Class, Pi Epsilon Alpha, Mor- tar Board, Vice Pres. Y.W.C.A., Iunior Phi Beta Kappa. Must be Charlie on the phonefflournoy is one up on Elnoraebut cheer up, Davis, you've always got Minne- sota . . . specially requested picture oi Miss Rigg and horne town heartthrob trequested by Miss Riqql . . . but where's that operaegoer, Ruth . . . Ahrens did study that French once . . . Well, lo, we're waiting . . . thanks, Kirby, you can turn the book around and read it now . . . David Crockett, lead in Solitaire Man, bro't to O, U. dramatics a new and distinct personality . . . Cordell almost looks angelic . . . lt's Becker night at the Theta house, so Betty consoles herself with music while lack slips through her chubby Ccopyright Covered Wagon? fingers . . . Becket and bookf what's wrong with the picture . . . centerfsuccess at lastfBrooks got invited to a dance. M Wow... '- - Y- Sewell, Gilley, Anderson, English, Addington, and Luttrell Knot in picture-frankinq member? are chosen as the six lunior Phi Beta Kappas. LOUISE HlLLff--Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, Pi Epsilon Alpha, Vice-President Business Girl's Club, Accounting Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, W.S.G.A. Big Sister, Women's Honor Class, Pi Zeta Kappa, Beta Gamma Sigma, Mortar Board, Mortar Board Sophomore Grade Plaque, Vice-President ot Kappa Alpha Theta. BOB STANTCN-Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi Vice- President, lnteriraternity Council, lazz Hounds, Toqa, Skeleton Key, Checkmate, Treasurer ot lunior Law Class, Phi Gamma Delta. FRANCES PETERS4Alpha Lambda Delta, lunior Honor Class, Member House Council, Secretary Women's Athletic Association, President Dusty Trav- elers, Recorder oi lntra-mural Council, two years Varsity Hockey Team, Soccer Team, Tennis Team, Ping-Ponq Team, Y.W.C.A. IERRY GWIN-President ot Rho Chi, Vice-President of Phi Delta Chi, Treasurer O.U.Ph.A., Toqa, Check- mate, Skeleton Key, Galen, President ot Phi Delta Theta. You say the name is Iackson? -does she always act like that . . . Ruth Potts detinitely enjoys Blynk Cooper's rendition . . . Skippy Tompson in eight ball position and dress . . . Beatrice l-lathorn indulges in her favorite indoor sport Cthis picture wasn't posed, he hung up on herl . . . Kay and Gaye look over newly acquired wedding gitts . . . Marian Trosper iinds a great deal ot time for the library since her last Covered Wagon article was published . . . Mort Loomis studies with limmy's forgotten woman tor inspiration . . . judging from the grip displayed Barbara plans to hold on to Bobbie this time . . . Fullenwider plays the best game, but the girls like 'l'rippet's lorm Cspecial Trippet panell . . . don't be impatient, limmy, the girls will bear up under the wait. ' B... The Photography short course, directed by Prof. A. Clarence Smith, proved highly successful and is to be an annual affair. LUCILLE HINSHAVV-fPres. Alpha Xi Delta, Y.W.C.A. Iunior Class Chairman, University Players, Thalian, Sec. Chi Delta Phi, Pi Epsilon Alpha, Phantom Mask, Pan-Hellenic, President-elect Y.W.C.A. ICE KANTOB -Phi Eta Sigma, Pres. Bornbardiers, Scabbard ci Blade, Mens Council 36-37, But-Neks, Advance B. C. T. C., Phi Beta Delta. MABYCN WOLPmAlpha Lambda Delta, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, Mortar Board Iunior Honor Class, President Presbyterian Young Peoples Group, Pi Sigma Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa. IOHN P. CHEADLE' -Bornbardiers, Phi Eta Sigma, Iunior Phi Beta Kappa, V. P. Pe-et, V. P. Pi Sigma Alpha, Cadet Colonel B. O. T.C,, Delta Tau Delta, Scabbarol CS Blade, Chief lustice Blackstone Bar, Phi Delta Phi. Hale, Allen, and Fast sneak in a few extra calories . . . what an odd hour to be lipsticking, Sue Nell . . . Goodnight, Pinky-it's a piece of orange, not her thumb . . . Stubbs and Paxton, before and after but not quite, and it was such a fond farewell . . . and this brings us back to the old question, do "the Tri Delts pull their shades down"-ask the Phi Psis . . . lackman sneaks into the private stock at the Theta house . . . Gary on long distance again-what would Mclieavor say, or Simms, or Lutes . . . Ed Sands, Phi Psi playboy, picks up the phone to converse with the most recent Pi Phi success story, who hasn't changed a bit-not her line any- way-and listens to "l know you don't like me as well as l like you, how can l know you're serious: you told Pat the same thingy just a minute, l've got to answer that other phone" . . . center-we knew you could do it, boygand when you get a bid next year you'll probably arrive by the second intermission. -A A lack Roche came to town to prepare the Pontiac Program. IOHN HUNTER-"O" Club, Baseball, Men's Council, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, Vice-President A.T.O., Treas. A. T. O. BILL SIMPSON-Bombardiers, Scabbard of Blade, Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi, Glee Club 4 years, Board oi Control of Band, Golf Team, Finalists in State Amateur Golf, Runner-up in State Intercol- legiate Golf. HAROLD A. WHITE-Pres. Phi Kappa Sigma, Pres. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Scabbard of Blade, Bombar- diers, Men's Council, lntertraternity Council, Phi Sigma, Skeleton Key, But-Nek. JULIUS M. BANKOFP--Advertising Club, Congress, Treas. But-Neks, Sigma Alpha Mu, Pres. Sophomore Class, '34, lntramural Medal Winner, Tulsa World and N. C. I. C. Correspondent, Business Manager 1937 SOONEB. ,Q v 'rv vw-r W. . A . r SKELETON KEY . .vt 4. ,,.wf Bottom Row, left to right-Morrison, Caviezal, Haney, Cowan, Arnberg, Edwards, Grant, Kincaid, White, Shaffer. Top Row--Gentry, Marks, White, Lentz, Stuart, Tripplehorn, Rothrock, Gwin, Barnes, Ewert. K OFFICERS STEWART MARK .... MCCOY EWERT HARRY ALLEY IAMES AMBERG WILLIAM BARNES HORACE CALVERT TOM CAMPBELL IOSEPH CAVIEZEL GENE CHAPPELL RICHARD COWAN FRED DUNLEVY LIONEL EDWARDS WALTER EMERY RHYS EVANS MCCOY EWERT MEMBERS RUPERT FOGG R. B. GENTRY IOE GRANT ROBERT GUNNING IERRY GWIN FRANK HAMILTON IAMES HANING IAMES HAWES IAMES KINCAID MAX LENTS STEWART MARK BILL MORRISON . President Vice-President BOB NEPTUNE RENN ROTHROCK GEORGE SHAFFER ROBERT SLOVER EARL SNEED BOB STANTON LOUIS STUART IOE TRIPPLEHORN TOM WALSH DOYLE WATSON IOI-IN WHEELER HAROLD WHITE LOUIS WHITE Service, leadership, scholarship and character are essential attributes for membership in Skeleton Key. New members are elected by the fraternity on Senior Day every. year, and they continue as active members until their I graduat ion. Skeleton Key meets regularly at luncheon to discuss with taoulty members current problems ot student activity on the University campus. The order was tormed here in February, l933, atter their progenitor, Blue Key, national leadership traternity, had taken away their charter because ot , local dissension. Skeleton Key has remained unaitiliated nationally. Page l79 STEWART MARK MORTAR BOARD K First Row, left to riqhtiMiller, Bohn, Minnick, Hill. Second Row---Lockett, Larson, Andrews, Clark, Brown. OFFICERS MURIEL MINNICK .... . . President MILDRED ANDREWS . . Vice-President MARY ALICE LARSON . . Secretary GLEE MILLER . . . . Treasurer MEMBERS MILDRED ANDREWS RUTH CLARK MARY ELIZABETH LOCKETT NINA BOI-IN LOUISE HILL GLEE MILLER BE ANN BROWN MARY ALICE LARSON MURIEL MINNICK MURIEL MINNICK Mortar Board, a national honorary society for women, is represented on the Oklahoma University campus by the Owl and Triangle Chapter, established in l925. Membership in Mortar Board requires not less than a "B" average in college, and a manifestation of qualities of leadership and participation in campus activities. Pledging takes place in conjunction with the annual Senior Day activities. A selection is made each year by the Board of outstanding junior women to participate in discussions of cultural subjects with women prominent in various fields and professions. The national society was formed at Syracuse, New York, in l9l8 by repre- sentatives from local honorary organizations in Swarthmore College, Cornell University, Ohio State University, and the University of Michigan. Page 180 First Row, left to right-Mark, Hamilton, Davis, Cheadle. Second RoWfTabo1', Clancy, Long, Disney. PE-ET OFFICERS IAMES H. TABOR .... . President IOHN F. CHEADLE . . Vice-President FRANK HAMILTON . . Secretary STEWART MARK . . Treasurer MEMBERS IOI-IN F. CI-IEADLE ELLIOTT DAVIS IAMES LONG MAURICE CLANCY DICK DISNEY STEWART MARK TOM CAMPBELL FRANK HAMILTON IAMES I-I. TABOR The oldest honorary organization on the Oklahoma University campus is Pe-et, established in IQIU. Founders of the order at the time of its inception decided on ten men as the minimum and maximum membership needed for handling student problems with efficiency and speed. The name is taken from the Indian term meaning "the ten best men," and both "Pe-et" and the roll limitation have remained intact. A complete new membership is established each year from the ranks of senior men with an aggregate "B" average and a record for leadership in extra-curricular activities. The group functions in a regulatory manner, and activity and action are largely limited to matters pertaining to student government. Page 181 IAMES TABOR ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA First How, left to right-Larimore, Anderson, K. Miller, Little, Stapp, Carson, Evans, Turner. Second Row- -Butterbaugh, Moore, L. Miller, Evatt, Burns, Blackmier, Armstrong, Culp, Clark. Third Row--Alexander, Rowell, O'Keeie, O'Reilly, Hughes. ' OFFICERS PEGGY O'RElLLY .... . . President LORRAINE MILLER . . Vice-President MADELYN O'KEEPE . . Secretary KATHRYN MILLER . . Treasurer MARIAN SULLIVAN . . . . . Historian HELEN ANDERSON . . . Senior Adviser DR. IEWEL WURTZBAUGH I MISS DELLA I. BRUNSTETER , . . Advisers MISS MARY ELIZABETH SIMPSON l MEMBERS DA LORRIS ALKIRE IUNE EVANS KATHRYN MILLER MARY FRANCES SETTLE BETTY COE ARMSTRONG RUTH GOODSON LORRAINE MILLER NINA BETH STAPP HELEN BILES DORIS HOLCOMBE CHRISTINE MOORE MARIAN SULLIVAN LUCY EDITH BURNS MARY LEE HUGHES MADELYN O'KEEPE ETHEL TURNER LOUISE CARTER DORELLA KINNEBREW PEGGY O'REILLY BETTY WEST LUCIA IANE CLARK BETTY LARIMORE HELEN REUTEPOHLER GENEVIEVE WILLIAMS NELLE CULL INEZ MILLER HELEN ROANE GENEVABELLE WYLIE fix DR. JEWEL WURTZBAUGH Alpha Lambda Delta is an honorary scholarship iraternity for women. lt is a nation Wide organization lounded at the University ot Illinois and established on the Oklahoma University campus in l929. ln spite of its recent installation, the local chapter has progressed remarkably, one ot its members having served in the past as national treasurer. New members in Alpha Lambda Delta are chosen at the close oi each semester. A grade average oi 2,5 is necessary, but may be attained either on tirst semester or total year's grades. Active membership in the organization is maintained until the end ot the sophomore year, after which they are regarded as inactive or collegiate members ot the chapter. Page 182 PHI ETA SIGMA First Row, left to right-Green, Fletcher, Swanson, Waldbry, Breaker, Bryan, Berry, Beckman, Alfern, Brock, Worrell, Hanks, Horris, Simon, Drake. Second Row4Roop, Hurley, Gable, Frye, Evans, Klabzuba, Scott, Lowe, Dow, Iones, Lago, Wynn, Davis, Wilson, Updike. Third Rowfl-Iolman, Walker, Lorette, Fitzgerald, Kennedy, McMillan, Dennis, Cunningham, Calloway, Erickson, Craig, Gossett, Buckley, Brown, Anderson, Mackey. ERWIN ALPERN HUBERT ANDERSON ROBERT BECKMAN CHARLES BERRY FRANK BINCKLEY IOHN BREAKER ROYAL BROCK CHARLES BROWN THOMAS BRYAN BEN BURDICK IOI-IN CALLOWAY WILLIAM CRAIG MEMBERS GENE CUNNINGI-IAM S. S. GREEN IOHN DENNIS IOE DAVIS CHARLES DOW IOHN DRAKE I-IORRELL ERICKSON GERALD EVANS DENNY FITZGERALD IOSEPI-I FLETCHER ROY FRYE IAMES GABLE IOHN GOSSETT WILLIAM HICKS CLYDE HARRIS H. H. HOLMAN ED HURLEY BERNARD IONES IULIAN KENNEDY TOM KENNEDY ROBERT KLABZUBA GLADWYN LAGO STANFORD LORETTE RAYMOND LOWE Phi Eta Sigma, National Honorary scholastic fraternity for freshman men, was founded at the University of Illinois in l923, the purpose being to encour- age scholarship attainment among men in their first college year. The local chapter was installed on this campus in l927. The requirements for membership are an average of 2.5 which may be satis- fied either in the first semester of the students enrollment in school or over the entire first year. The Oklahoma chapter has initiated over 350 men and almost every Phi Eta Sigma has finished school here with the same high grade average that gave him the key to this honorary organization. The fraternity conducts each year, besides their initiation banquet, a smoker, open to those freshmen who have made a B average the first nine weeks. Page IBS DONALD MACKIE FRED MCMILLAN GENE ROOP PHALOS SCOTT FLOYD SIMON I. RUSSELL SWANSON IAMES UPDIKE H. ODELL WALDBRY ROSCOE WALKER EDWARD WILSON IAMES WORRELL NOBLE WYNN DR. M. L. WARDELL CHECKMATE First Row, left to right---Caviezel, Gentry, Hamilton. Second Row-Mark, White, Mills, Gwin. I OFFICERS R. B. GENTRY . . . . . . President STEWART MARK . . Vice-President TOE CAVIEZEL . . Secretary MEMBERS TOE CAVHEZEL FRANK HAMILTON TOE MlLLS R. B. GENTRY STEWART MARK TERRY GWIN LOUIS WHITE Checkmate is a secret honorary organi- zation limited to eight senior men. The secrecy ot proceedings at Checkmate meet- ings is traditional and the only records pre- served by them are the constitution and the initiation ritual. A new set oi eight men are chosen each year from the lunior Class by the eight ac- tive senior members. Pledging ceremony ot the order is a feature ot Senior Day. The principal aims ot Checkmate are not announced, but it is known that members seek to coordinate the diiterent schools and back Worthy proposals and objects with their influence. Page 184 TOGA First Row, left to right-Hooker, Watson, Henry. Second Row---White, Dr. Bienfang, Gwin, Campbell. OFFICERS PAT HENRY . . TOM CAMPBELL . . President . Secretary MEMBERS LUTHER BRAWNEY PAT HENRY DOYLE WATSON TOM CAMPBELL RALPH HOCKER BLAND WEST IERRY GWIN MAX KRAUSE FRANK WHITE BOB STANTON Toga, honor society for seniors, was or- ganized at the University in l922. lt ranks as one of the finest honorary organizations on the campus. Reguisites for membership are not specif- ically outlined, but Toga accepts only those few who have attained prominence in scholarship, fellowship, and participation in extra-curricular activities. New mem- Page 185 bers are chosen from each professional school on the campus. At the regular meet- ings of Toga, views on current problems in each of the schools are aired and action taken. On Senior Day of every year, Toga con- ducts its pledging ceremony which serves to introduce the new members to the stu- dent body. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION MEN'S Front Row, left to right-Greeson, McReynolds, Shockley, Dean Findlay, Gisi, Timmons, Dawson. Back RoWfShirk, Carroll, Flood, Maroof, Roselius, Smith, Gibson, Bible, Terry. OFFICERS DEAN I. F. FINDLAY ....... Adviser BOYCE D. TIMMONS . . . Executive Secretary MEMBERS DICK CLARKE IOHN A. MCREYNOLDS THOMAS SHOCKLEY HAROLD GIST THEATUS GREESON ELDRED SWINT STEVE ELAN BOYCE TIMMON S MARSHALL WORD I. C. HOLMES IACK RYAN BOB DAWSON ORGANIZERS Flying U Bar Lo Semen Up Half Circle Hat THEATUS GREESON RAY CARROLL BILL FLOOD MULFORD TERRY IACK RYAN HAROLD BIBLE THOMAS SHOCKLEY CHARLES SMITH STEVE ELAM MARSHALL WORD HARLEY SHIRK Round-Up FLOYD GIBSON I. C. HOLMES IOHN A. MCREYNOLDS DICK CLARKE, Chain C Spur Editor FARRIS MAROOF ELDRED SWINT THEATUS GREESON HAROLD GIST BOB DAWSON Associate Editor The Independent Men's Association was organized on its present basis on October l, 1934. It seeks to include in its organization every independent man on the campus. In order to do this six districts ad- jacent to the campus are operating, with approxi' mately the same number of men in each. Every district carries on its yearly program under the management of an organizer, two assistant or- ganizers, and a board of directors. In keeping with the southwestern tradition, these districts are named with some of the best-known cattle brands of the plains country. Each district has its headquarters at which place smokers, parties, and forums are held. Socially, since the start of the organization, there have been 42 dances, 00 house parties, 20 picnics, 20 mixers, 30 smokers, I5 discussion groups, and 4 carnivals. In addition there have been table games every Friday night in the Union Building and free dance instruction to those desiring such. Intramurally, the I. M. A. has entered every one of the 23 sports during the past year and has at the present, I0 championship trophies, put on its own interedistrict debate tournament, and published its own newspaper every two weeks. The I. M. A. also started the first student cooperative at the university, by sponsoring a cooperative dining hall under the stadium and feeding 60 men at a cost of Sll.00 per month. Scholastically, the I. M. A. awards two trophies, one is a silver cup to the district having the highest average and the other is a cash award of S5000 for the I. M. A. freshmen who make the freshman honor- ary fraternity, Phi Eta Sigma. The association also has its own free tutoring system. Page l86 Page 187 AD CLUB First Row, left to right--Chandler, Larrimore, losephson, Bowlyn, Turner, Van Zant. Second Row-McVay, Williams, Alkire, Dunn. Third RowfBankoff, Fry, Hoops, Powell, Trosper, Casey. Fourth ROW--fMcWilliams, Thomas, McClelland, Campbell. Fifth Row-Selvidge, Robinson. OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester IOHN RUNYAN ..... . President DON MCVAY . . . . President IOHN KAYSER ..... Vice-President BOB WOODERSON . . Vice-President MARY MARGARET WOODRUFF . . Secretary BETTY IO CHTTWOOD . . Secretary MARGIE HOOD . Treasurer HERBERT VAN ZANT . . Treasurer The Advertising club was founded in the fall of l935 by a group of students interested in advertising. The first officers were Harry Bullen, president: Bob Lee Kidd, vice-presidentg Polly Atkinson, secretary: Dick Chaney, treasurerg and Bill Borglund, sergeant at arms. The purpose of the organization is to promote a better understanding and a more thorough knowl- edge of the various fields of advertising. Meetings are held every other Tuesday and prominent men engaged in the different brancches of advertising are brought in as speakers. Among the forms of adver- tising spoken on before the club have been radio, newspaper, furniture store, corporation, national, clothing store, restaurant, department store and magazine, in addition to talks on window displays, research departments of newspapers and the place a business manager of a newspaper can play in advertising. All students enrolled in the university who are in- terested in advertising, are eligible for membership. THALIAN Kneeling, lett to right-Spangler, Grimes, Howell, Luttrell, Black. First Row-Phillips, Lambert, Smith, Patton, Iueschke, Trosper, Swift, Rudell, Fietz, Webster, Friedman, Blackmer. Second RowfDandridge, Armstrong, Stewart, Bailey, Vanderpool, Eckes, Cockrell, Davis, Stansell, Mr. Green CSponsorl. OFFICERS MARIAN TROSPER .... . . President ELIZABETH STEWART . . . . Vice-President BETTE LAMBERT ..... . Secretary CORNELIA WEBSTER ...... Treasurer FACULTY ADVISERS CHARLES PRICE GREEN PERILL MUNCH BROWN IACK DOUGLAS MEMBERS ALICE ALLEN BILL ECKES RUTH KINDER IACK ROMERMAN ERWIN ALPERN MARY FIETZ HELEN KIRKBRIDGE VIRGINIA SMITH BETTY COE ARMSTRONG ROBERTA PRIEDMAN BETTE LAMBERT ARTHUR SPANGLER REBECCA BAILEY I. C. GRIMES IACK LUTTRELL ANTOINETTE STANLEY ALVALYN BAUCUM FRANCES GRANTHAM GERALDINE MEEK IAMES STANSELL IO ELIZABETH BERG HELEN HADLEY HARLAN MENDENHALL MILDRED STEARLEY RUSSELL BLACK VIRGINIA HAWK RHODA MENDENHALL ELIZABETH STEWART ESTER BLACKMER LUCILLE HINSHAW ARTHUR MORRIS MARGARET SWIFT SID COCKRELL BETTY HERNDON HELEN NORTH MARIAN TROSPER LEOTA DAVIS W. T. HOWELL ELIZABETH PATTON VIVIAN RUTH VANDERPOOL IACK DOUGLAS IOHN I-IORWITZ ELIZABETH PHILLIPS CORNELIA WEBSTER SHIRLEY DANDRIDGE GENEVA IUESCHKE MARGARET RITTER LEROY WHITE Thalian is an organization formed by the Department ot Speech tor the purpose ot fostering and developing the interest of the students ot the University in the art ot read- ing aloud. It hopes, through the programs it sponsors, to stimulate a broader and more general appreciation ot oral reading, both as a means of culture development and as a torm ot entertainment. Meetings are held every Tuesday eve- ning at seven-thirty o'cloclc in the Speech Studio in the Union Building. Try-outs are held at the first meeting of each month. Each year Thalian presents a number of programs open to the public. In past years presentations have included lohn Mase- tield's "The Tale ot Troy," Stephen Benet's "Iohn Brown's Body," and Robert Brown- ing's "Pippa Passes." This spring Thalian presented a choral arrangement of Carl Sandburg's "The People Yes." Page 188 s '35 i CLUB Front Row, left to right--lones, pianog Norman, second saxophone: Staedelin, third saxophone: Harris, first saxophone: Smith, fourth saxophone. Back row f Lutes, drumsg Lindsay, hassg Price, trombone, Cunningham, first cornetg Blake, second comet MURVEL G. BLAKE . . Manager MEMBERS BAlRD IONES KENNETH HARRIS HARLEY PRICE OTTO B. NORMAN ORVILLE SMITH GENE CUNNlNGHAM IOE STAEDELIN CARTER LUTES MURVEL G. BLAKE OREL LINDSAY ln the short space of two years, the Var- sity Club Orchestra, under the leadership of Murvel Blake, has amassed a sensational following both on and off the campus. This new band has played for and delighted dancers at the weekly All-University and Student Council functions in the Union Ball- room. The Varsity club Orchestra has furnished music for Saturday afternoon dansants in Page 189 the Union. These dansants, free to any university student, have proved to be one of the most popular features of the campus social calendar. They are heard over WNAD twice a week on a fifteen minute program of popular melodies. Vacations find this orchestra in demand all over the state by people who enjoy their unique arrangements and entertainment features. VARSITY ORCHESTRA BOOMERS Back Row, left to riglitn Gentry, third saxophoney May, bass violg Roberts, first sax, Williams, second sax, Meador, first saxg Axley, second trumpet: Luper, trombone, Eddins, trap drums, Maiors, piano, Owings, trumpet. IACK MAIORS . . Manager MEMBERS R. B. GENTRY lRVlNG WILLIAMS lACK MAIORS BILL MAY GUS MEADOR BOB OWINGS IACK ROBERTS WlLLARD AXLEY CHARLES EDDIN S LAWRENCE LUPER The oldest dance band on the campus of the University of Oklahoma is the Boomers, organized in l92l. lt is one of three student orchestras available for social functions given by local fraternities and organiza- tions. 'The membership of the band changes each year, with several of their popular instrumentalists graduating, but the Boom- ers have compensated for these losses through the introduction of new talent so that the quality and popularity of their music has increased from year to year. Arrangements by them of such campus hits as "Ragtime Cowboy foe", "Curbstone Cutie," and "Boomer-Sooner," have be- come traditional here. Many former boomers are now featured in "big-name" bands and entertainment productions, namely, Claude Kennedy, pianist with Herbie Kay's Orchestra and the famous "Pinky" Tomlin, who has achieved sustained popularity through the regular issue by him of his popular songs. Page l9O fs , X rv' I it I if I l gf 1 tfrwf if . A .L L'Ai f 'W' I. I I I . K V 1 f -N . Us I ..,. Front Row, Ie!! to right--Askew, third sax: Wilson, first sax, Baker, second sax, Iaclcsori, guiiarg F. Hughes, piano. Back How'-G. Hughes, first trombone: Steinhoff, second trombone: Cronkhite, first trumpet, Kennedy, second trumpet: Hubbell, trap drums: I-Iuser, bass viol, DOUGLAS BAKER . . Manager MEMBERS FRANK HUGHES GORDON STEINHOFF DOUGLAS BAKER SIMS WILSON GLENN HUGHES CLYDE ASKEW MARION CRONKHITE RANDY KENNEDY BILLY HUBBELL. BILL IACKSON HM I-IUSER The Ramblers, college dance band, have been an integral part of the Oklahoma University social set-up for thirteen years. The popularity of the band is due to its versatility as a unit or as individuals. Irresistable rhythm and skillful musical effects are achieved by the Ramblers either in solo "breaks" or intricate arrangements involving the complete organization. Present members of the group point with pride at members of former Ramblers who Page I9l are at the apex in their field, including: Larry Cotton, featured vocalist with Iimmie Grier's Orchestra, George Leeman, chief of staff arrangers with the Paramount Studios in New York, and I-Ierchel Graham, first trombonist with Isham lones and his orchestra. Sooner swing addicts will not soon forget the part played by the Ramblers in the hap- piness of their college days. RAMBLERS Y M. C. A. l First Row, left to rightfHunter, Disney, Long, Tabor, S. Cockreli, Brown, Semke, Gilley, Black. s Second Row-L. Cockriil, Selvidge, Bankoff, Feltner, Sooy, McArthur, Keehn, Horn, Reift. OFFICERS BILL SELVIDGE ..... . . President IACK LUTTRELL . . . Vice-President IAMES TABOR . . . . . . Secretary LUMAN T. COCKRILL . . . Executive Secretary BOARD OF DIRECTORS DR. W. B. BIZZELL PROF. H. H. HERBERT DEAN I. H. FELGAR DR. S. R. HADSELL O. M. MURRAY DEAN E. COLLINGS REV. MARIUS LINDLOFF DR. I. D. HASSLER DEAN I. F. FINDLAY DR. C. E. DECKER CABINET PAUL POWELL DICK DISNEY IOHN HUNTER HAROLD VAN HORN IACK CHANDLER IULIUS BANKOFF BILL REIPF ED BANK RALPH KEEHN EARL BROWN IOE MacARTHUR RUSSEL BLACK BILL FELKNER IAMES LONG FOREST SEMKE FLOYD SOOY DICK GILLY The Student Christian Associations on this campus are a part ot an international movement which today embraces students from some 3,000 universities and schools on every Continent. In this country there are approximately 700 such Associations, each ot Which participates in this greatest ot all American student movements. The early records ot student Christian societies go hack to l825 in some ot the east- ern universities, but the iirst intercollegiate movement came into loeing in l877 when student representatives requested the Y. M. C. A. to organize a Student Department. Nine years later a Student Y. W. C. A. was formed. The history ot the local Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. dates back almost as tar, tor they were organized soon after the tor- mation of the University, and have contin- ued since without interruption. In close harmony with the purpose oi the national movement, the campus Associa- tions seek to discover God, especially as he is expressed in the lite oi lesus Christ. To- ward that high aim the Student Christian Associations have this year directed their energy and attention. Page 192 Y.W.C Front Row, left to right-Hill, Roberts, Corp, Maschal, Selvidge, Ioseph, Anderson, Minnick, Patton, Wolfe. Back RowfLarson, Lockett, Miller, Holbrook, Lewis, Hinshaw, Bryan, Vanderpool, Hauq, Proctor, Adams, Stewart. OFFICERS ELOISE BRYAN . . . . . President MARY ALICE LARSON . . Vice-President GLEE MILLER . . . Secretary BETTY ANDERSON . . Treasurer MEMBERS WYEMA ADAMS BETTY ANDERSON ELOISE BRYAN RUTH CLARK ROSA LEE LEWIS CARYL ROSE CORP MARY LOCKETT HELEN HAUG FRANCES MASCHAL LOUISE HILL LUCILLE HINSHAW BILLIE IOSEPH MARY ALICE LARSON GLEE MILLER ELIZABETH PATTON OLGA IANE PROCTOR ANNA NELL ROBERTS REBECCA SELVIDGE VIVIAN RUTH VANDERPOOL MARY ANN WATTERS MARYON WOLFE MURIEL MINNICK Co-operation has been the keynote of the program of the Christian Associations at the University of Oklahoma this past year. Co-operation of the men and Women in a united program of meetings and projects conducted primarily through class groups. A variety of problems has been presented by students, faculty, and national and world leaders. Co-operation with many other campus organizations in making the religious festi- vals of Christmas and Easter significant. This year was the Fifth Annual presenta- Page ISIS tion of the Christmas program, featuring the Iuggler of Notre Dame, and the Easter Sun- rise Service presented in the Sunken Gar- dens of the University. Co-operation with the local and state Church leaders in promoting the first Stu- dent Christian Conference for all colleges in Oklahoma. As a result of this co-operation program religion has become increasingly a part of the thinking and life of students and fac- ulty. I AZZ HOUN DS Top Row, left to right-Goebel, Iones, McBrayer, White, Perry, Mathewson, B. Smith, I. Smith, Rownn, Billingsley, Kleinman, Gutusky, Swersky, Crouch, Pipkin. Second Row'-Holden, Delvleules, Welcher, Beckett, Gordon, Robinson, Permenter, Long, Howard, Robertson, Murphy, McConville, Buford. Bottom Roww Iones, Hull, Iones, Corbyn, Farmer, Strong, Morter, Houssiere, Barnett, Kilgore. BOB SMITH BOB NELSON . LOUIS BARNETT MILTON BEIDLEMEN MAX BILLINGSLEY IACK BRITTAIN BOB BUFORD IACK CAMPBELL IOHN COOPER STEVE CROUCI-I LIONEL EDWARDS IIM EMBRY I. L. FARMER MCFERRON GITTINGER PELIX GORDON CLARK GRUVER IOHN HARPER G. BURTON HULL DON KERR C. M. KILGORE BOB SMITH OFFICERS . President IOHN COOPER . Treasurer . Vice-President G. BURTON HULL . Secretary MEMBERS WALTER KLEINMAN IIM ADAM TOM MATSON VICTOR LANGE IIM AXTON TOMMY MCCONNVILLE RALPH MATHEWSON BOB NELSON HAROLD MATHIS VVATT MCBRAYER FRANK REESE T. C. REYNOLDS E. P. ROBINSON SPENCER ROWEN BILL SELVIDGE BOB SMITH FRITZ STERR BOB SWESNIK I. T. THOMAS ALEX WELCHER KENNETH WHITTET LEWIS WHITE IIMMY WILLIAMS IERRY BECKETT HAROLD BOYER BUD CORBYN DICK DAVIS RAMSEY DeMEULES KYLE DONNELL DON DOUGLAS BUD ELLIOTT TOMMY GOEBEL SAM GREEN ARNOLD HEGWER TOM HOLDEN ERNEST HOUSSIERE IAMES HULL BYRON IONES DOUGLAS IONES GEORGE INGLES TACK MORTON HAMILTON MURPHY IOHN OVERTON IIM PERMENTER ARCHIE PERRY MARSHALL PIPKIN BEN ROBERTSON EARL ROBINSON KENNETH SHUERKE NORMAN SHAVER ESCO SIMS IAY SMITH OTIS SPURIER MORRISON STEPHENS 'WILLIAM STRANG BOB WITT AARON YOUNGHEIM jazz Hounds, a campus pep organization, was formed at the University in l9l7 with the original objective of bolstering team loyalty and enthusiasm abroad as well as in Soonerland. Need of this kind of order was felt by the students in l929 when they were forced to disband by University authorities, and a few months later they were encouraged by the administration to re- organize. Aspirants must receive the approval of the entire active chapter and are required to have junior status in the University. Tradition demands that there be only two active Iazz Hounds in any fraternity. Members must sell twenty-five programs at each home football game. Pro- ceeds from the sale of these programs are used to finance the free trip to out- of-town games. The Iazz Hounds uniform is a red and White vertically striped cloth jacket. Page 194 Top Row, left to right-Harrington, Guthrie, Cobean, Iones, Hoddy, Hille, Neal, R. Stevens, Lodge, Larson, Selman, U. Stevens, Nance, Fritts, Runyan, Felkner, Mills, Westmoreland, Riddle, Danielson, Hale, Schlaner, Prather, Doc Smith, Russell, Cline, Hollingsworth. Bottom Row-Galvan, Sebastian, Blankenship, Butler, Nayfa, Garman, Lollis, Bankoff, Tuffy, Rutledge, Mitcham, Altman, Duckwall, Salinger, Rafferty, Lewis. IOHN RUNYAN CHARLES ALTMAN IULIUS M. BANKOFF OLLIE BLANKENSHIP BOB BUTLER KAY CAUDILL DUANE CLAPHAM DICK COWAN FRANK ELLIOTT IACK FRITZ IOE GRANT DON GUTHRIE HERBERT HORE IOE KANTOR BOB LARSON BILL LEWIS HOWARD LODGE SHELTON LOLLIS OFFICERS . . . President IULIUS M. BANKOFF DON GUTHRIE ........ Secretary BILL LUCAS IOHN MCFARLANE IACK MALTBY FRANCIS MILLS ALFRED NAIFEH MALCOLM O'HAVER GROVER OZMUN ED PETERSON DON RALLS SID REIMAN IACK RIDDLE IOHN RUNYAN PAUL RUTLEDGE KENNETH SCOTT GEORGE SHAFFER DOC SMITH MEMBERS BOB STEPHENS LOUIS STUART EARL WESTMORELAND KENNETH WHITE GORDON WILBUR WARREN BROKAW ELLIS BROWN DON BUTLER IOE CLINE SAM COBEAN OTIS DANIELSON DICK DUCKWALL HARRY DUCKWALL IACK GALLIVAN LOUIS GORMAN MACK HARRINGTON Years ago, a group of football lettermen were huddled together at a univer- sity basketball game attempting to generate enthusiasm in a silent crowd. They were branded as "rough-necks", but left the game determined to organize for the purpose of promoting pep at local athletic contests. That was in 1915 and the order exists in force today as the Ruf-Neks, one of two pep organiza- tions on the campus. Members of Ruf-Neks are taken from the ranks of both fraternity and inde- pendent men of junior standing. Pledging is held twice annually for two mem- bers from each fraternity and eighteen non-fraternity men. Ruf-Neks, in uniform shirts of red flannel, strive to keep Sooner traditions alive and encourage attendance at game and campus events. Page I95 . Treasurer MARION HENNESSEY ROY HOLLINGSWORTH IOHN LEIGH STUART MERWIN GENE MITCHAM KAY NAYFA CHARLES NEIL PINKEY PRATHER PAUL RAFFERTY WALTER REED GEORGE RIFFE AL SCHLANER CHARLES SEBASTIAN SID SELLINGER CLARK STILLMAN EARL WRIGHT JOHN RUNYAN RUF-NEKS PI ZETA KAPPA me x'1gm-r,,. First Row, left to rightfSWitt, Marshall, Evans, Brickel, Yates, Allender, Proctor, Hinshaw, Curnutt, Hunt. Second ROW-Koelly, Hughes, Hill, Mclntire, Gibbons, Dandridge, Adams, Chitwood, Roane, McCc1nnel, Guild. OFFICERS IANE PROCTOR . . . . . . President ZELMA CURNUTT . . Vice-President IEAN HILL .... . . Secretary BETTY IO CHITWOOD . . Treasurer SENATE The Senate Club had its traditional beginning many years ago, but the present organization was only recently rechartered on the University ot Okla- homa campus by a group ot twenty-one interested men. These men Were, for the most part, outstand- ing high school orators and debaters who wanted to continue with these activities during their college days. Membership is open to any male student who has had some previous speech training and manifests an interest in the ideals ot the organization. The objects ot the club are to develop a student's potentialities in public speaking, to master the prin- ciples ot debate, to consider caretully the Robert's Rules ot parliamentary procedure, and to study a new movements in the torensic tieldg namely, the OX- tord discussion mthods. New members before they are admitted are required to give a tenminute speech on a subject ot national importance. The activities ot the club include intramural debates, radio broad- casts, extemporaneous speaking contests, and cer- tain social tunctions. OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester EARL BROWN, IR. .... . President ROBERT TRIPPET ...... President GEORGE MONTGOMERY . . Vice-President DlCK GILLEY . . Vice-President DOUGLAS IONES . . . Secretary EARL FOSTER . . . Secretary EARL FOSTER . . . . Treasurer HART WRIGHT . . . . Treasurer DICK GILLEY . . Parliamentarian ARCH WHEELER . . Parliamentarian Page l96 First Row, left to right Hadsell, Gilley, Tripp-ett, Dr. B CLASS izzell, Ellsworth, Prckard, Iacobson. Second Row-Wilson, Harris, Sanford, English, Gittinger, Luttrell, Brown, Flood. MEMBERS IOHN DELL HADSELL LEE ALBERT IACOBSON SPOFFARD ENGLISH RICHARD L. GILLEY BILL FLOOD JOHN W. GITTINGER WILLIAM LESTER TIPPETT HOWARD WILSON IACK LUTTRELL PRESIDENT BIZZELL VERNIE HARRIS EARL A. BROWN ARTHUR ELLSW'ORTH ROY K. SANFORD HOWARD PICKARD The Presidents Honor Class ot l937 is composed ot the sixteen outstanding men in the junior class of the College ot Arts and Science selected on the gualitications ot scholarship, personality, campus activities, and interest in culture and in social prob- lems. Every student with a B average and the recommendation ot his department head is eligible. A committee appointed by Dr. Bizzell interviews each applicant and selects the membership ot the class. The class meets Weekly during the sec- Page 197 ond semester in the home of President Biz- zell. ln an informal manner they discuss cultural subjects and endeavor to build up a deeper appreciation ot the Arts. Oues- tions ot a social nature are discussed, and interest is developed in the struggle to bet- ter human conditions and standards. The close association with such a man as Dr. Bizzell is a highly coveted experience in University lite. And too membership in this class is a distinct honor which but tew attain. PRESIDENT S - W 1 f!4 fi! fi! fi! f!! f!! f!! fg lg f!Q 55-1 Vai Wai Ki WQQ 5:6 RQ RC RQ Wai Vai 5:4 WS "We will never bring disqrace on this, our city, hy an act oi dishonesty or cowardice. Vie will iiqht for the ideals and Sacred Things of the city both alone and with many. We will revere and obey the City's laws, and will do our hest to incite a like revorsnce and respect in those above us who are prone to annul thern or set them aside as nauqht. We will strive increasingly to quicken the puh- 4 lies sensi Qi civic duty. Thus in all these ways we will transmit this city, not only not less, but greater, hetter, angi more beautiful than it. was transmitted to us." Oath at the Athenian Youth x X awk A mf 9 0 '1 .'f 'wa ggaennsfw o ATHLETICS N I GRIDIRON H HLIGHT By EN ROBERT BAYL S lust before the S oner-Oklahoma Ag e football game la fall, word was r ceived from Washi gton that Maj. La - rence "Biff" lon was to be transferr d to the army trai g school at Fort avenworth, Kans., t become effective i the fall of l937. lt was a b w to Oklahoma sp rts fans and offici s, who had grown to admire the stea y, business-like m nner in which lones had set up the ath department coached the Sooner gridders. Tom Stidham, giant native Oklahoman, was upon to take over his first job as head coach and c r of athletics. Stidham has been groomed under two of he outstanding in the coun- Dic l- nrthv mentor, and I Playing under ley at l-l kell in as Institute tid came one o tl out- r tackles in nation and was ic pl with the West ontingent in the nual New Y ar's East-West c ssic at San Fran sco in l927. The 31-year o d Indian and I shman then oved to North estern to develo I-lanley's line on what result to be the finest even in the Big conference for from l928 to l 4 under Hanley b core coming to to Iones line. Shortly af Stidham had elected to fill ,or ol place, the ,Wi mom, that lones i retired from army and take over the aching duties th Dana X. Bible l at the Univer of Nebraska, Big Six title older. So next Stidham will his old boys ' a league contest also Bible, w is a new mentor the University exas, in the a ed classic. Stid m strengthened coaching staff ich lones had w with by Dewey ll and one of th most successful school coaches this uced. Luster' Norman Tigers thru all drop- ping only one decision 'e the mythical s te high ' at lones had combined in his ar as grid me or, an of footballers who were expected to be one of the iost ' ab elevens in the and Big conference. With veterans at guards, in Connie Ahrens and Fred Ball 7 and Ferd Ellsworth 7 at center with Big Six William "Bed" Conkrightg with Balph Page ZOO with lack Baer Bill Breeden, Al Corrotto, Elmo "Bo" Hewes, Web- ber Merrell, and Woody Huddle- ston-the Sooner gridders started ractice with their eyes on the loop p nant. At the beginning of the season, the Sooners met the Hurricane of Tulsa Unive ity at Owen HQE. in a torrent of rd-driving rain w left the f' d in a mucky, slip conditio . Both teams, b the best in the state, slashed and slid thru the mire for four quarters, never crossing the goal line or marking up a point-leaving the water spectators at the the game, with the score U to O. Big Bill Breeden, whose driving line had gained in his big right foo hree times during Hurricane battle to ry for field goals. I ONES STIDHAM the water and ud-saturated failed to rise a and thru the 11 Tulsa's onl threat came when little Morris Hurricane scam- pered 32 y ds up the west before being l in by Sooner The O hornans' first victory came a inst the Kansas when Conkr' ht and Merrell long dashes for touc owns to salt the l4 to 0. Conk- rig snagged cr l pass from his b cking position and the ball e field over 5U y for the score. came back in the ext period and sli ered for 39 yards an across the double arker for six points. ' + Built up as he barometer of season's final standi s, the Nebraska football game w staged here on Dads' Day Saturda . Wm Acro s the northwest Lincoln came a horde of ponies war-horses , t - 1 L , is , J hc not been in years. brought to t n that Saturday, not only t finest team in but of the great balan ed teams of the nation. The act Sam F and Lloyd u squared off i he first quarter and tallied on a pass from Francis into hands of his te mate who was swishing across the field over goal. The repeated coring feat later hen substitute pony Harris Andrews scurried 66 to the Sooner T t was not all that Dana Bible's men did, they every that the lonesm could offer. Oklahoma almost stood Page 201 Q l V X ' 1 a N n CAPT. CONNIE AHRENS WILLIAM "RED" CONKRIGHT RALPH BROWN BILL BREEDEN Page 202 glorious in defeat that day, for it had been vanquished by one of the finest. Although not making as many first downs, and being a little weak on pass de- fense, the Sooners went in the Cotton Bowl at Dallas before 30,000 people and out- played the Longhorns of the University of Texas. Outfought them, outcharged them and outsmarted them-but, a flukey pass in the last quarter bounded out of the hands of two Sooner defense men who had come in to ground it, and the ball landed in the outstretched arms of a Texas receiver who sped across the goal-that and only that cost the game. lt was in the Colorado game at Boulder that "Bo" l-lewes showed his "twinkle-toes" to opposing tacklers. With the score only 2 to 0 late in the last period, l-lewes scampered over the marker for the only touchdown. On the line, Ralph Brown and Ferd Ells- worth, the senior tackles, charged and blocked openings for the pounding Breeden and l-lewes. Appearing again on the home field for a position in second place in the conference standings, the Sooners met Maurice Elder of Kansas State in a battle that turned into a 6-to-6 deadlock, one of the three they reg- istered during their campaign. Waiting only five minutes after the open- ing gun, "Red" Elder smashed through the right side of the Iones' line, cut to the left and jockeyed 74 yards over the goal to put the Wildcats into the lead, which they held till the fourth quarter. But in the fourth, the Sooners staged a hard-driving and ruthless defensive battle that finally brought them in position to score from a blocked punt. Boland "Waddy" Young threw care to the winds and ran smack into the punted ball, knocking it over the Kansas State goal line where "Bed" Conkright, ever alert, covered it for his second touchdown of the season. When an extra point would have brought victory, Breeden's kick was blocked and the game was deadlocked. lourneying to Ames, lowa, to meet the lowa State gridders, the lonesmen were ex- pected to run up an impressive victory over the mediocre Cyclones. But they didn't and had to fight hard in the third quarter to ring up a victory that evened a six-point deficit that lowa State had registered in the first canto on an intricate forward-lateral pass. The play netted the lowans 31 yards and six points. Breeden crashed into the enemy forward wall in the third, straight- ened up and scurried 45 yards to even the count. Another victory-making placement was thwarted and the game ended even. FRED BALL AL CORROTTO VERNON MULLEN ROLAND YOUNG IACK BAER TOM SHORT Page 203 S ln what was termed the most exciting and perfectly played contest of the home schedule, a rejuvenated squad of Missouri Tigers came to Owen field and scored twice on unexpected for- tune, once on tricky passing, and surpassed the Sooners 2l to l4. Matching two touchdowns on sustained drives to the l4 points that Missouri made on a lolocked punt and a fumble, Oklahoma was on par with the Tigers until an aerial attack in the last quarter clicked for the winning points. Breeden scored first from the six-inch line and l-lewes cantered eight yards for the second marker. Merrell was running beautifully that day, eating up the yardage from single-wing formation. But the Tigers weren't to be stopped and a last-minute forward gave them the victory. ln the last game of the season, before their state rivals, the Oklahoma Aggies, the Sooners gave Coach lones a 35-to-l3 tri- 1' if A I .E ,5 . v , . f mlm- :Q ' if M ff L - I i 4, ' QM I' QQV " sg 75' . ,,, h K ., ',-. -fvw.-4-,-w.-W.-L-.H-.- ?,,,gf-Q-',',.-"f'!.:.. ,,,, ...,,,,. g 1?S:"s:,,l,.v s f 5' f'-V v :Wir-ya--Y w fy 61.1 vu" "vL1!'.ii" 'rib' 'W ' B' i . 2 .fp !5v, v 'f j i? . q,,'..l',,',5f,,' 'J-I, :lvl iv-1,11'i T our ,f 8 i 'H' ' Yt" W"-'A'-'VT " 'I' 'J -Q. 'N My lgiydyjgfzgf nubuiha. ' , '- ,a"' ft" ' " ' ' H fn J , -Y.,-p....., ' ' .- gl 1 ?, N 1 ,K 4 xx ' 5 Q if V "1 'iff-'--W ippuarz-nv E ' fear' I' if l ,Anf.v",liz?.'? 3' :il 23111 Lum- 5 ', v i ' ' wi :fi use f-me L'-ze"-".e.-.s-:.-.'-rf-f'Ifff' 'M'-I-' . ff' 'Q 5' r Aff '.'3'fpff-!.f1.'- Ji ........,..-f.'f.':.w 4. - Y x 1 .h Q -1.,'- ,W 5 ' ., ..-S1 -Q. n , - . '. 1 - V, 1 . f- 0 .l ,-1 ,. f ,,. "JSP-f-?"".2' 'ga -- f -"V f -. m"'4gg,.: , ' - ffzp- ',v1i'i, af, i:s":in'f-'11 ' :Z Q 4 ' i xii:-at x l 41,4-svf xlr X. f,ihl,-,ifyzl Eiffnf 59.1 9 51' Y 6 " ""-'I' 1."zJ,'i2 V ' .','f1-tc'uf'g,Qft ., i','w'Ppyff fu' ugvsfl.-'44 - 2 tfizsfs' ' !g331,,'Y".f.y'?"aL.?'5 Qagliis ls'L' ffl: ai, ' ,. , ' g A 'Ag l , j', I A 1 . 4 L 4 .,,.--ug-'F fa.-f.1rff1:g,I',"-A A '53 .!'!'.J,-ki? 3-'vp '5-,A 'S R4 :ix "E g .V- vcwi gn fl .qusrig in ig.5i,.4 lily, xg':.!NI,,",2! i,,',,. 4: vii 1: fill? 4 S 3 1 ' ,""p?. ,fi N vp V'P'fi7y,,lJn5!'73, .s hp gf- J 'atv 2 ay' 1s"...,4 Ts nf' . . 1' 's,1g-- +,'Q.'ipx'2 "o"f"1?s 1f,I'?"2,'fr'fHQ 3 QQ ,'r"i?l"SX - n.w..'3f' 1.4123 ii 'QW' iv 'fi s12wfk3fZfs1',f',:13f ev :i"1ZW 25: 4 Q l , I 1' A "5,gQ,.i 1,1 J' SF'1iq'.! iff? ,','.4" , D 5 ,fp g., ez, ilsalhg who ,JJ ,S ,quad ,U I... tx. 1-.Ps ,Luis ' l iq N I' ' . 1 I' 5- . , I . 1 . 3 , ' 355315 7 'P vu. 'v5,9fff!,Qr'1'i5!"5 'l 4 iff 'Aw mn ft., . 1 - 'i .g'tx': L wslff QW' i . 1, G: 1.39, H 5, I. A. 9 si A is H I gy? 5 SJ, - 3ggfs.v,.-sy ' - Q 6 I 5. 0 it Q ,g,-in gnJm.3E?,...l as z X A . ,gg G 3 ,. 1 Wilgikst if rife! t . Y - 'fit' .. "M ' " A ' ' ' 5 ' 1 ,. - Lk k A K lr-in ' I f K I 'L . r', it K , . A . an M1551 in l t A ws... 1 is A ,n "H" 1 W L. A f ,r,r A ' 'ig f Q ",, , ff i,., . ' L G . 'Ibm A4 . , VEAVA , , V , Vs , K , 4 FERD ELLSWORTH CLAY CASEY EARL CROWDER IIGGS WALKER GENE CORROTTO WOODROW I-IUDDLESTC Page 204 umph in his last farewell as mentor. lack Baer, who was "jinXed" all season, had his day and led a five-touchdown mas- sacre that didn't stop until the final gun. The Aggies never had a chance. After Aggie Chesbro had been ejected from the game for roughness, the Cowboy forward wall was easily penetrated and Okla- homa took advantage of both the line and air for yardage. Baer ran as he ran in high school-he passed with unerr- in gaccuracy-he was master that day. The Sooners scored eight min- utes after the starter's gun had boomed and during the first quarter marked l5 points. lones filled his lineup with re- serves, running linemen and backs into the fray. O. U. fans who had accompanied the team showed a spontaneous enthusi- asm that is ofttimes lacking. lt was the Sooners' day and they won gallantly. 'W-M JIM THoMAs GEORGE GRACE WEBBER MERRELL NORVEL LocKE ELMo "Ro" HEWES oris ROGERS Page 205 HASKELL Mcnmamorr WHERE CREDIT IS DUE . . . rl f 1 a tigw il .nk 1 s S .5 V ,Mp-A,,.aa71:s'Y"L . . W, X. x ,.:?,': if 1 A HILL LITTLE By GLEN ROBERT BAYLESS Lawrence "lap" Haskell, assistant coach, Hugh V. McDermott, basketball coachp Harry "Dutch" Hill, assistant freshman coach, Ken Little, assistant freshman coach. To Lawrence "lap" Haskell, who has coached baseball and the freshman grid- ders since l927, comes the step up as assis- tant mentor to Stidham. During his playing days as a Sooner, Haskell was one of the best catchers in baseball ever developed here and an end on Bennie Owen's eleven, captaining the team in l92l. Hugh V. McDermott, another Sooner graduate, when not directing the Okla- homa guintet, aids the football staff and scouts opposing teams. He has coached here since l922, coming from Shawnee high school. As court mentor, McDermott has produced two undefeated aggrega- tions and won the Big Six flag in l928. A fast-running, side-stepping halfback was Harry "Dutch" Hill when he was a Sooner back in l92U and '2l. Hill, who worked with the freshman squad last fall, won a Missouri Valley flag for Oklahoma with an 80-yard run against Drake in l92O. Ken Little, the youngest man on the Sooner coaching staff, spent three years on the Sooner line and his last under lones, in l935. A fast, charging guard, Little is teach- ing frosh linemen his own tactics. Coming back for his second position on the Oklahoma staff, Dewey "Snorter" Lus- ter forsook a job at Norman high school where he had directed Norman to a mythi- cal state championship team in l936, and has been consistently successful for years. Luster will be in charge of the Sooner backfield. He was captain of the Okla- homa eleven in l92O, the year the Sooners took the Missouri Valley title. Page 206 it .Q ., , st. ,M ., ROBERT "DOC" ERSKINE . Robert "Doc" Erskine, the genial bachelor who came in with .U like FRANK sPEc" Moons End Coach After completing a most brilliant career on the basketball court, the gridiron, and the track in l929, Bruce Drake took over physical education duties and later was made a "jack-of-all-trades" varsity coach. He introduced a new system of physical education wherein less emphasis is laid on routine exercise for the sake of building specific muscles and the student is encouraged to take an interest in some sport, learn its fundamentals, and carry on with it as a recreation and desirable way to keep fit. Drake has taken on the added job of sports announcing, and his enthu- siasm and keen perception have made him a favorite with the fans. During the past two years he has spent much time with his golf squad, and Sooner teams have won the Big Six championship. Page 207 the lones regime, has been transferred from the position of assistant coach to freshman mentor. l-le was varsity trainer and pep coach at New Mexico Military institute from l92l to l923 and assistant trainer at Louisiana State in l923-24. l-le became head coach of football, basketball, and track at lesuit l-ligh School in New Orleans. After serving as trainer and minor-sports coach at Loyola Uni- versity of the South, and later becoming head football coach it there for two years, Erskine was brought here by lones. Frank "Spec" Moore played blocking end under lones while the former Sooner coach was at Louisiana State univer- sity. l-le took his first coach- ing job here in l935, working with the ends. I-le has pro- duced for next season, six fast- stepping and pass-catching wingmen. Paul V. Keen is a successful wrestling coach who also di- rects intramural athletics-a field that has made great strides in the past year. BRUCE DRAKE Golf I BASKETBALL t a 9,1 'NW' 1-livin... TEE CONNELLEY I-IERMAN "RED" NELSON IOHN REMY CAPT. DON GUNNING Building his team from a group of seven seniors and a veteran sophomore, Coach I-Iugh V. McDermott produced the most polished quintet Soonerland has seen since the days when Bruce Drake, Vic l-lolt, and Boy LeCrone rode the midwestern plains leading the Sooners to their heights on the court. The Sooner club rose to its peak twice during the season, which showed Okla- homa winning 12 games and dropping four. Early in the campaign, after Bill Martin, Blackwell guard, had dropped in 22 points to lead McDermott's five to a 47- to-41 victory over Kansas State in the Big Six season opener, the Iayhawkers of Kansas ambled onto the Fieldhouse court for an expected preview showing the 1937 champions. The Sooners and the defend- ing Big Six titleholder were picked to finish in the one-two spot at the season's close. The contest was heated-so much that thrill-crazed fans howled and stomped for 40 minutes of the most exciting basketball IEROME "SI-IOCKYH NEEDY IAY THOMAS V :ck 1 :l i , ,. A . J - , - W A It i 0. ityy X 'f' '- .- I BILL MARTIN EDWIN OTTE the home schedule produced. At the end, when the blazing flames of the game sim- mered into glowing coals, the scoreboard showed Dr. Allen's crew on top, 28 to 26. It was the first Sooner defeat of the season. The second peak came when a highly touted group of Oklahoma A. and M. court- men took the floor here to stamp their 'bas- ketball supremacy upon the doubting minds of Sooner fans. Working from an intricate revolving, slow-breaking offense, the Aggies depended on their midget for- wards to slip through the Oklahoma de- fense for setup buckets. But those tiny Cowboys never came close. McDermott's switching and checking defense was so tight that the Aggie shooters met an im- pregnable wall, far away from the basket. The only man who could hit was Merle Bousey, Cowboy guard, who connected with shots from long range. Mixing a fast- breaking offense which climaxed in a se- ries of set plays the Sooners took the game, 30 to 24, before 3,700 spectators. Paq Page When a victory over Nebraska would have put the Sooners into a tie with Kansas for the conference leadership, Blackwell Bill Martin, who had been the scoring pis- ton all season, became ill and entered the Fieldhouse fracas in a weakened condi- tion. l-lis condition and a sluggish perform- ance on the part of the entire team, en- abled Nebraska to even the count for the season with a 33-to-29 triumph. This game was the first of a series in which McDer- mott's men were suffering from a slump, and it was in this form that they made their last stab for first place against the Kansas quintet at Lawrence and fell before a lay- hawk onslaught, l9 to 39. After the Kansas defeat, Gklahoma fin- ished its campaign undefeated, swamping Missouri and lowa State, to finish behind Nebraska and Kansas, joint holders of the league pennant. The Sooners have the distinction of stop-' ping the Cornhuskers on the Lincoln court -the only team to beat Nebraska at Lin- coln all season. A last-period drive gave Qklahoma the contest. For his superb defensive work and his scoring on road trips, Tee Connelley, sen- ior workhorse, was placed on the Associ- ated Press all-conference five. Martin also gained distinction in the league by break- ing the standing scoring records for guards, with 9.7 points a game. His mark was beaten one-tenth of a second by Bob Parsons, Nebraska defense-man. To lerome "Shocky" Needy, loquacious senior forward, goes the crowd's choice for the most entertaining McDermottrnan. l-lis tricky, showy passing and floor antics put an added color into the team. To Don Gun- ning goes the honorary captaincy of the 1937 team. Gunning, handicapped by his height deficit against the towering centers of the Big Six, scrapped and fought every inch to become one of the tightest defensive players on the team. 209 1937 I BASEBALL Kfkf' Top Row, left to right-Dillard Iackson, lay Thomas: lack Baer, Gordon Clarke, Delmar Steinbock, Iohn Hunter. Bottom How-Verlon Zoth, George Twyrnan, Hobart "Red" Hardwick, Gene Truscott, lra Munroe. Winning 18 out of 21 games, Coach Law- rence "lap" 1-laskell's Sooner diamond club annexed the state collegiate baseball title and successfully defended its Big Six co- championship with lowa State for the sec- ond year. After dropping two games to Baylor on a Texas road trip-the first contests of the season- the Sooners went undefeated un- til the tail-end of their campaign where they lost a hectic hitting duel with Okla- homa City university. Leading up to the ninth inning, an error complex on the part of the Sooners and a Golbug hitting rally spelled defeat. Verlon Zoth and Dillard lackson, two sophomore righthanders, upheld the hurl- ing burden all season, winning 16 of the 18 triumphs. Tee Connelly, brawny twirler, annexed the other two games, one a bril- liant pitching duel against Nebraska. Delmar Steinbock, co-captain of the nine with Gordon Clarke, southpaw first base- man, was relieved of his backstopping du- ties when Sophomore George Twyman came through ,and strengthened the infield with hitting and fielding the shortstop posi- tion. With Clarke, "Red" 1-lardwick and lra Munroe on the base-positions, Steinbock completed one of the strongest fielding chains in the southwest. 1-laske1l's outfield was also powerful and it returned intact for the 1937 team. lack Baer, lay Thomas and lohn 1-lunter made up the outfield, which had over a .SOO per cent batting average for the season. The 1937 season looks bright for the Sooners, with only the infield needing new players. The pitching staff should be strengthened by sophomore material and the young players should have the experi- ence needed for a faster team. Page U After sweeping the conference for the Big Six crown in l935, Coach lohn Iacobs' Sooner trackmen were stopped in their quest for a successful defense and dropped to fourth place away behind Nebraska, the winning team. Floyd Lochner was the only Sooner to win an individual title. l-le won the two-mile run. Taking advantage of the longer hurdle race-the 400 meter low hurdles-Herman "Bed" Nelson annexed the Kansas relays trophy for the event and won second in the National Collegiate games, earning a trip to the Olympic final tryouts. Nelson also Won the 440-yard hurdles at the Drake re- lays. ln dual meets, the Sooners overwhelmed the Oklahoma Aggies here 92 to 38, and dropped a 71M-to-595 decision to Ne- braska at Owen field, with Lochner on the ailing list. The Sooners lost Lochner, Den- zil Boyd, and Loris Moody by graduation and Granville Barrett and Francis Best by ineligibility for the l937 track club. Loris Moody-middle distance runner. Floyd Lochner-two-miler. Lawson Burke-broad jumper and dash man. Nathan Anderson-javelin thrower. Burton Corn-broad jumper. Granville Barrett-quarter and half - miler. Francis Best-pole vaulter. Herman "Bed" Nelson-low and high hurdler. Top How, left to right-Moody, Lochner, Burke, Anderson. Bottom Row-Corn, Barrett, Best, Nelson. Page 211 TRACK CROSS COUNTRY HOMEIL,GHBERLSEGO,BOYD,MOODY,LOCHNER TEAM VV. H. "SPEEDY" HOWELL LEON GILBERT PRESLEY SEGO Although Floyd Lochner, brilliant Sooner harrier for three years, finished in front of the pack in the Big Six cross-country meet at Manhattan, Kans., in 9 minutes 45 sec- onds, the Oklahoma harriers dropped from the second rung they held in l935 down to fourth place. The team, made up of Lochner, Denzil Boyd, Loris Moody, W. T. "Speedy" Howell and Presley Sego, only placed two men in DENZIL BOPD LORIS MOODY FLOYD LOCHNEB the upper ten finishers-Lochner and Moody, who ranked tenth. Howell, a promising two-miler, is the only man on the quintet who will he loaclc next fall for lacobs' l937 crew. Lochner went to the Olympic tryout finals in the 5,000 meter run, after winning the event at the Milwau- kee games. He finished second to Don Lash, world's two-mile record-holder, in the l0,000 meter jaunt. Page Handicapped by injuries at the start of the l937 season, Coach Paul V. Keen's Na- tional Champion Oklahoma wrestlers dropped two state matches betore hitting the triumphant trail with a lil-to-lil tie with the Oklahoma Aggies here. Victories by Billy Carr, D. C. Matthews, Bill Keas and Port Robertson gave the Sooners a lead of tive points when the Fred Ball-Lloyd Ricks heavyweight duel began. Winning under the same conditions in l932, the Sooners lost their lead when Ball tailed to hold his Cowboy apponent to a decision, which would have given Okla- homa the bout. But only aiter 9 minutes and l4 seconds oi desperate grappling did Ricks finally clamp Ball's shoulders to the mat to tie the contest. Oklahoma tailed to recapture the Na- tional pennant the team won in l936, placing second to the Aggies. Bill Keas, senior l55-pounder, annexed a national title. Keen's men also dropped to third place in the Big Six meet, a crown they had held for two seasons. To Port Robertson, the most pertectly bal- anced and schooled wrestler Soonerland has produced, went the team captainship. Robertson, never a national titleholder be- cause of an injury that kept him out two years, was the best l65-pounder in the country. 1937 TEAM . BILLY CARR . D. C. MATTHEWS . . CHARLIE ROSS ll8 pounds . . . l26 pounds . l35 pounds l45 pounds . . BUSTER ANDERSON l55 pounds . . . . BlLL KEAS l65 pounds . PORT ROBERTSON l75 pounds . . MARSHALL WORD Heavyweight .... F RED BALL Utility . . . CHARLES CARSON l tt R lph Brown, Bill Keas, Port Robertson, Wayne Martin, Marshall Word, D. C. Matthews, Harry Broadbent, Billy Carr, Ioe Kalpin, Billy Morris, C h P l K ge 213 WRESTLING I GOLF iw , lusiwwwuv lack Robertson, Al St. Iohn, Billy Simpson, Iimmy Amspacher, Bill Briggs Led by Art. St. lohn, Who captured medal honors at both the State Collegiate and Big Six links tournaments, Coach Bruce Drake's Oklahoma golfers Went undefeated in dual-match competition, Won the state crown and became co-holders of the con- ference title With Nebraska. In taking the state links title the Sooners kept the crown which they have Won every year for five years, when the meet was organized. Billy Simpson, considered the ranking golfer for the 1937 campaign and finalist in the State Amateur in 1933, finished second in low scores to St. Iohn in both tourna- ments in which the team entered. Com- bined with Billy Briggs and Iimmy Ams- pacher, another returning letterman, Drake had one of the strongest foursomes the school has had since the Sooners tied for second place in the National lnterco1legi- ate tourney in 1933. Simpson and Amspacher Wi11 form the nucleus of the 1937 club, aided by Dave Connell, first-year swinger, and Billy Lee Craig. Pag 4 an .I S. 1 Page 215 IN M E M O R I A M HARRY GANDY Died October 27, 1936 First came into prominence by Winning the Western Iunior at Colorado. '35 Big Six Champi- on, State Intercollegiate Cham- pion: Was playing his third year of golf for O. U. WALTER EMERY A member of the winning 1936 American Walker Cup Teamp Finalist National Amateur, '35, State Amateur Champion, '36, '35 Okla- homa open and medal play tournament win- ner: '33 National Intercollegiate Champion. Walter was Captain of the O. U. Team and Was its No. l player for three years. He is Ok- lahoma's foremost golfer, and perhaps its na- tionally best known athlete. L' K+ x. I TENNIS ' lt. Bryce Harlow, Ray Clement, Ed Carpenter, Bill Martin, CCoach Leslie Hewes not in picturel TENNIS TEAM ED CARPENTER IACK EDWARDS OVIDE WEBBER RAYMOND KLAFFKE EARL BROWN LAMBERT ROOT RAYMON CLEMENT BILLY PRICKETT IOE ROBINETT BILL F. MARTIN CHARLES MINTON BRYCE HARLOW BILL KYLE By LESLIE HEWES. Coach Although Without the services of a single letterman, the l936 tennis team Won nine of the eleven dual matches played and domi- nated the Big Six tournament. Ed Carpen- ter and Bryce l-Iarlow, numbers one and two on the team, were on the l935 squad but for Raymon Clement and Bill Martin, l936 was their first season of intercollegiate tennis. The fact that the team Was Well balanced is shown by the lopsided results of most of the dual matches. Ed Carpenter and Bill Martin Were se- lected to represent Oklahoma in the singles and doubles play in the Big Six tournament at Lincoln. ln the finals of the tournament Martin and Carpenter came from behind to Win the doubles championship from the University of Kansas in five hotly contested sets. In an all-Oklahoma singles final, Martin nosed out Carpenter in a best two out of three set match. With Raymond Klaffke ready to step into the gap left by the loss of Bryce I-Iarlow, the only graduating letterman, the prospects are good for a Winning team in l937. Pag 216 FRANCES PETERS ...... President W. A. A. The Women's Athletic Association exists on the campus tor the primary purpose of encouraging women to keep physically tit in order that they may more efficiently do their routine work. The associa- tion provides a chance tor the girl to test her skill in games already known and otters opportunity tor her to learn new games that she may use as recrea- tional activity atter college. In addition, the program sponsored by the associ- ation otiers perhaps the best opportunity tor social adjustment ot any organization on the campus and through it we hope the girl will develop a keener sense ot values and learn to spend her leisure time more wisely on the college campus. Sincerely, IMA IAMES W. A. A. OFFICERS FRANCES CUMMINGS . . Vice-President ELLEN ASH .... . Secretary FLORENCE BRODERSON .... Treasurer MARY LOUISE MCELWEE . Intramural Manager LURLINE KRAFT . . . Social Chairman FRANCES PETERS President W. A. A, Page 217 IMA IAMES Director Physical Education SPORTS MANAGERS PHYLIS SHORTS ..... Health Week LA MERNE MOORMAN . Hockey RAMILDA HURST .... . Basketball DOROTHY NELL PENNER . . Volleyball MAXINE RICHARDSON Handball ELEANOR OBERT . . Baseball MISS IAMES . . Archery RUTH POTTS . . . Tennis DOROTHY FOSTER . Swimminq BETTY ROWLAND . Badminton ADDIE MAY PORTER . Pinq Ponq DORIS ARMSTRONG . . . Horseshoes The desire tor competition is met through our intra- mural program. Individual and group competition are arranged tor in both Independent and Sorority groups. Standings in the intramural brackets when year book went to press were: INDEPENDENTS District V ..... 740 points District III 445 points District IV . . . . 295 points SORORITY Kappa Alpha Theta . . . . 595 points Delta Gamma . . 480 points Delta Delta Delta . 385 points Dorothy Foster has you "sighted"-she's a crack shot captain ot the Rifle Team , , . Varsity Hockey Team . , . Martha Moses-golf enthusiast . . . Pat Sewell stands back While Elfreda Babcock pitches to win the sorority horseshoe championship . . . Mary Gibson goes out for archery in a big way . . . The Rifle Team-READY!! AIM!!! . . , luanita Cash, co-winner in the sorority horseshoe cham- pionship . . . Dusty Travelers Hiking Club and Miss Bowling . . . Varsity Soccer Team . . , Mary Stone-V-keep your eye on the ball- not on the photographer . . . Ruth Ann McSpaddenfsorority tennis champ . . , Orchesis Dance Group . . . Maxine Richardson-K G A or lndepenclent Tennis Champ . . . Mary Frances Reeddput that arrow down, youre a Kappa--not a Pi Phi. ' , '. X ,. - 4' 'Z' If f!!?5'uI', fb 'Ali T, .1 ,T T - of ,f 525.4 - jf z lg -' r g V-1,4 me 1,1 2 . . I T I Q as , . . , . fi : :Lf f. .fi rig. ,sf 5' E , Q 'iv ' T of 2 Q fr C W .31 . . T gli lgfmd fn., me 1 iam Q I se, T T T ., K 7 : :Y Z , H N -.Tir 1 ! refs' -. M ,x,r,N,1 Zz .V at my lv K K A ills kk I -...M ,Q ' 1 . .nw QU Rose Ahrens and Christine Holland amusing themselves at shuftleelooard after horseback riding . . . Winners in the posture contest of Health Week-Genevieve Williams, Maxine Gray, Margaret Faye Beam, and Marian Grace Hardie . , . Miss Gregorys Recital was an outstanding event of the year . . . Betty Rowland plays a good ping-pong game as well as tennis , . . The W. A. A. float in the Engi- neering Parade . , . "Katie" Culloert enjoys a game of ping-pong in the Womens Gym Annex . . . Evelyn Braden pitched and pitched - but still the Pi Pl'1i's lost . . . Helen Anderson- one of the most enthusiastic equestriennes on the campus. INTRAMURALS Back Row, left to right-Keehn, Sch-eer, Trope, Haberlein, Gilles, Owen. Front Rowe-Alley, Williams, Rifle, Mills, Armstrong. BEN G. OWEN . PAUL KEEHN . . Director of Athletics . Assistant Director INTRAMURAL MANAGERS BRADLEY SCI-IEER AL GILLES GEORGE RIEFE MARVIN TROPE HARRY ALLEY IOHN MILLS CHARLES HABERLEIN MAYNARD WILLIAMS OTIS ARMSTRONG The intramural sport system was inaugu- rated on the Oklahoma campus in l925, when it attracted 256 participants. ln sev- enteen years their program has continued to expand, and the list of men and women entering this year will exceed three thou- sand. The intramural headquarters in the field house carries equipment for every imaginable sport, and at least one tourna- ment a year is conducted in each of them. Intramurals at the University of Okla- homa give every man, whether proficient in a sport or not, a chance to exercise and enter a competitive tournament. Since in- dependent men have organized into small groups for this purpose, intramurals spon- sor and foster sports competition and co- operation between fraternities and inde- pendent men and do much to unite the two groups. Equipment and tournaments are man- aged by a corps of student sports leaders. Paul V. Keen, University of Oklahoma wrestling coach, is the faculty sponsor. Page 220 A 'K '5 WW A INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS Top Row, left to rlghtaMedford Cushion, Boyd Bdrnett, Otis Armstrong, Bob Seymour, Hurry O. Bryon. Second How-Buddy Corbyn ond Tommy Trower Chain CfUniv'e-rsity Champions, left to right, front row: Ioe Elliot, Iohn Grayson, Hdrold Gist: buck row: Clarence Benton, Red I-ldrris, Ted Deskins. Extreme riqhtfwoodrow McConnell and second. Third How-Chas Burkett. Chain C-Wrestlrers: Buster Anderson, I. W. Smith, Hcrrry Broadbent, Ralph Merkle, Hoy Stone. Extreme right: Howard Broadbent. J KM, KM Hee if ,r dw w mm .- ws 2 Y , 'ww X wi Qi? 3 E, :ug my 52? .1 1. if ,L 215 4 ik W E2 y Im ,gy 1 5 'giw' 'K 5 fi, A w f BM. DDQ BM :vi 211 wb BEAUTY SCDCWETY QUEENS SQVQQVQITIES EVQATEVQNWIES v Qs ' Q' ZQIS ' , ,Q 'wifi ' ' 9' '?' C 1 if A 4 x Jai-5-, M 'f " iw s . 9 2 A fig? :ff5f125' 'f-E553 . M kg.: ' A' si? pn 5' V R N . 'X it A 3 if A -an E fn M Q Fin-K Q Q 4 X Q Q ' - 'nw-1' uh Q Q4 4- 1, me if X - .1 I .ilgr , .,.., v A, e A ' , ,K v .-,-., ,Z K x ,es - ,.-. 4 y . 1 1 , f L Q? Q -1, , 5:--f' . ,' nf - ' 'Qk h 1. .. :"t.41-- f Mg. Y ein.- wil l A ' . -- ,,. 4 w. In N fag. v J, ,15,,.u ' 1. ' Sf! , ,, , .V . ,f 1 14 f ., . i ' f -iii'-fv ' 7 I f " ' -fiQ'U9f: -'f ' - H '.-:Q W "xv: fa'-1 ix- .. -, ' ' 35:25 ww' 513591 -- -N 1-GM .L , , .- ,',E7iw:4.51:e?'g:f,wi:ef5f V vn, V? -":f',y'h"'1'.':1-' 1' Y " i'1L!f'?'15,!5fGK,L. ' N ' f ,ggi n-giisfs-+'f:.J J 'V , 'Teil-.f.-,.f , L::.j,,.a.,- ". . .e run. -1.9, Q-. - 'rig W mrs -, :,xi,,-fc' 'f 'f-2wF."'+' 1:f'?3Ff-Mage' 1 ,,.. ,.. .. ,. - . duty? . :,. 1 r' 1' y?f,?T5?f".,,??Y:'W 3',':'Z' 1-- ,. - ' V ,V . "5 r,"f'-ww-:iff Lg,-,f.1if i.- A 5x',-,xi-..,5,,i jx fliff5.,,-5, ,1 ' , 7 A .-ygvqil .1 -5 .f- 3-, ,wi-,. ffl f::2,vgMg.5v, . ,,. --fa :ww-.U xi f- ., ,-. -A ,, . v 1 , f, ., fur-.1 -ww:-U4 Q.: -' .1- , .ffw',-Qs.-Mvmv .bm 2, . P' -ffqi'-.' - 1-:fi , ' '- -V ,lk-?5,L1Q-:ff:.'i '- Wfwtlg'-' M ' ,, , '-fygr.-H1412'a,.f..1-g,, if -'pig f i'a,i95?if.. -qififv-'rw 1f'.?'f' 1 f'," V- ,L ' ,-'14-gi,-fA..,s,," .. g f.fA2Qx,.',ffi-'5-'f?:fgg',f-bf' 1 gf-,If , ,, , . ' rff'wwf-w:'1?1if1wap'if--' x' 1 A-42? ,gr-f:V+?"'H1t wf1f1"w,w-'-"'.-'ifL' r- Q 'b Y'icvgy'-'bfi'+:,Tg'.55'.--., 1' - . if-. S-'z' ,ff ing:-nys . A-, ,- . .' '. 1 . f . Lx- Mm. ,-'M,fZ,a.i,,.1 x mul-.,.f ,- f-Af, ,V k ' ' ,NT x,JQ1ff,", , -Vg, rf., 51.fg..aqi?ffrQ" W.. v2-5-vKung-v-1-1?iX:"- 'Uv-,,: 'L V- .r-fgf.-,SJ .'g,v'i?',f.1'."1'rwt'-e'- f " 4 . V ,I H,-, '. fl- A , 3. 1 Q-A-pw., , 5 f K-U. NT.. Y k V . :?J,v.Fv: ,, ,.5g"'I.J fr- - - :eg-. ' ' 5,34 X . ui. A. f-.jzfrzb 4 X . ,- 'L 'A-,',A,1 wma- ,- Zig., " 1 xg - v 4: ' ,' - -f V t 'RA' " ' ' 'I A' ' v ,f,1, TT .' g' . 5, 5 v' 3' we A ef ' Q ' , uf ,W we 9 MSN' W ' W ffgw-wie ' f ,F fs , if 1 win L "" ff J' I xc If , A .ww --- .,:. urgqg-LT-A 4. ,- , -1- - . f Mx- .-. V.. .f- if X ,.,,. , ,f ,A V 1 V , , 1 -4' , I ,w r 45 1 4 QL? .Y ,gtg , fi-ig pw' , .51 gf,-1! JZ: wg MK, '12,-,.:', 25 2.5 BJ' J 1 ' 3 ,x z QE- , 1 M. 2?-1 Mx 'Y- ' + if 1 x " x 'H z"Q5L'5fi' QQ"?5if1f"l L' .gag ..,.5'fu .Qfgfl K if s 'R was H3 1 a f.. 4 I ,911 Q. -fi ff ,ig . fi if ,. f-1 -'ii ,. Qi BEAUTY uf 11. f Q f 4 M Las f 040525 fi P fi P fi. F fi. Y fi. P 1 f 4 f YH. Qifif- - iii +62 cgczafiaf Dafa 15,7ZOgcL'Zf P E. F fi. 15 fi. Y fi Y fi. Y fi. F K. P vl- VV . . :Ma Wm Q C-qfffleu mi gsnzinoffz P fi. P fi. Y fi. P K F fi. F E. Y fi we ,, Y 1 :Ruta Eafzfing UQLPPLL Ufgafu Dgfagoma Cify P li. Y 11. v 11. xv N! Q. v 1 if E. H5 Jmcvzff qfwmf cglaacf LW Bam S1351 5411111015 1: li. 52 fi. ! fi. F! fi. Y fi. Y fi. Y fi. E 1 I 69,2 -all I.,-3, v ., 0' x 4 . ' "9!3'ff ZSZEK5-Lil Olylumai cqffzga. Qvfnafia fponca fling 2 fi. F fi. F ii. 3? fi. if fi F fi. F fi. Y - - " "'fQf'. .ii 5? N x G '- 4 i . Sr in . 11.4 , ' 3'5- ji, iff L,'f,j'- sig .1 f ? i.1.. 1 , 1 'X . Q . EQ- ' 7.1 5-,n sf ' if .+V as '1 754-' ' . pill, .. Fly " , f' S 1 A Z- fi? J A-E r ., -.:.1,' . fr.. an jr, F Riff! H 7 , 535-.. . - If i rp: y E: n Q35-A ' 314 E F R4 , Q, . ga.. X 55- Ji, n , 1-.1 . axilzs gm amma Baia JVC: 'zman ga 'ZCZKJUQE E65 'zfa mafia. mafia baffu :Hobie P fi. P ii. 35 fi. ! S 11. as fs. xv l . V - -v - f 'NT if, Y' rf ' xg , "az, . , a. 1 -f -, Wo. wa. fi i, h iw MH? "'4 u.. ELEANCB CBBELL KATHERINE BBETCH MUBIEL SPIBC Pi Beta Phi Sigma Deita Tau PATTY PHELPS MARY ALICE BLAKE Chi Omega Chi Cmeaa MIGNCN LINDSAY BETTY BBCWN EBANCES MASCI-IAL Phi Mu Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Xi Deiia 2, L 'Uh K -,LW K K ARLENE OAKES Alpha Chi Omeaa MARNELL TURNER LUCILE WHEELER Delta Gamma RETTE CURTIS Delta Gamma CAROLINE I-IALE Delta Delta Delta -IM, fl f we EUZABETH COE Pi Bela Phi RETTE LOU CLARK Kappa Kappa Gamma BERTILLE MCMAHAN Kappa Kappa Gamma ...E FRANCES ADAMS MARGUERVFE MALTHAN WlNlERED KNUDSEN Gamma Phi Beta INEZ CROTTO PAT KENNEDY Kappa Alpha Theta MCRENE WARREN MARGUERITE PATCI-HN MARGERY EENDLEY Alpha Chi Omega Delta Gamma Alpha Xi Delta jf Y Q' Anya DOROTHY CULVER ROSEMARY ALLEN Chi Omeaa Delta Delta Delta PAULTNE STEWART POLLY l-TEFLER MARY TUOKER tv 'Q' MARY LOCKE Kappa Alpha Theta DOROTHY LONDON Chi Omeqa NINA BROWN Kappa Kappa Gamma -' -p '-' Ya PCDLLY ATKINSON BETTE NANCE Football Queen Rui-Nek Queen ORHAITIA CUNNINGHAM RUTH RIGG Bernd Queen Freshman Queen 'TWT f if f f f X PE'l'l,'4 , , H zboq cox ua .xwcwueCmCA60 X f f 533311 5, lam. ! X jr. Um. T. Sclvidge, Editor 1257 Saoner, Univeysitg of GKlah0ma, Qoyfan, Fhlaxcma. Zeer Yr. 3elvidie: Herewith is our selection in order, of the beeutiQs of Lklehona U, and we are matting it mildly when we say it was a difficult Eask, and many decisions were of Q Lair line variety. First - Demetrice Thornton, Second N .achel Cater, Third - Ruth Verne Davis, Fourth - iuth Darling, Fifth - Katy Tift Yead, Sixth - Helen Hmnes, Seventh - Kaxine Gray, Eighth - Gereluine Eberle. Assuring ycu it has been a wleasure, and with every good wiah for a successful 1937 Sooner, I an Ybura sincerely, gV, wf , , vw 5 ,miwiigg Rf 555 J , V , rf . wb Mm pg L LA 5 N Jn? -RTEBCIQQG Jw. FGZTZQ' . e E gig 3 1 ..l U QL, K SORORITIES cmd FRATERNITIES ff 1. f 4 y 1 ALPHA CHI CJMEGA , b 3,- , '- V' :Qi ,1 25 MURIEL MINNICK Alpha Chi Omega was founded at De- Pauw University on October 15, 1885. The sorority has, since its founding, had an un- usual interest in the fine arts. The purpose of the order was the advancements of the intellectual, social and moral culture of the members and in addition to these aims, in- cluded the furtherance of, and cultivation of the fine arts. Since the establishment of the second chapter, the supreme power of the organi- zation has been vested in the convention. Until 1898, the DePauw chapter acted as the governing body. ln 1911, Alpha Chi Omega erected the Star Studio at the McDowell Memorial As- sociation, Petersborough, New l-lampshire, and its use is awarded by the association to a creative worker in literature, music or art, whether the recipient is a member of the sorority or not. Awards to members were made in 1916, 1929 and 1922. Psi chapter of Alpha Chi Omega was in- stalled at this University on lanuary 14, 1918. There were sixteen charter members of the group. Alpha Chi Omega moved to its present home at 103 West Boyd in 1928. 1,54 ,EQ f!! g!! f!! gi , AROUND THE HOUSE The final whistle blows and two minutes later Muriel slips in minus a coat sleeve . . . two more sisters mentioned in "Around the Campus" and North gets an extra session of study hall . . . ll o'c1ock and things aren't quiet yet so Mother Weir gets after "Noisy" Gish and then the peace and quiet follow . . . the phone rings and loy hangs on Se- bastian's every word . . . everybody stays out of Martha Lou's way-she had a fuss with Dalton . . . l-lumie and Betty Lou come in beaming from dates with Bud and Fred . . . Morene draws a big audience by telling all about Gordon . . . Eloise tries to stand on her head, and Lillian gets out to show her the proper technique . . . Katie, Mary V., and Roberta Lee have already started down for their nightly hot tea and cake . . . Billie Martin and Marylee are waiting for Whitey to get off the phone so that their re- spective boy friends can call . . . Dunc, who hails from Texas, has another story to tell about her school down there, and Pat and Lil have even bigger ones to follow it up . . . Agnes and Beverly, better known as "Butterfly," are standing in the hall in their pajamas discussing this and that, and Katie Blair shuts her eyes and giggles as she goes by . . . Wynonna turns on the ra- dio and sings bass, and lohnnie 1-liggins sticks a surprised head in the door to see what's going on . . . some zealous and hard hearted member rings the buzzer while Ar- lene is still on the phone, and won't let her talk to anyone else tonight-the brutes. Page 248 R V . I 'N' , V V V-.A -I -Q if , V M ,,VA, Qi! I ' I A - A rr I if V A b V Q , L,i , , QI 5, Q V i ,,,' .. +- 2,,: . N gi... L ,Q , ii H A , . Q., 'WI' I. A It A PS1 , '- , ,K.. :'- I el I I 'A f' i , I A L I 91 ,,-i ' fm? A' A , I ,.,,, zylyv , ! , K W ,:,,, I I xr I .. V .f . 1 7 W1 si - I I ' F 7 I V ' gz, ' I ., ,A "' I ,i I t V' V W vrvllv V V H, 1 , - I 5' I '.,..: i-: A V V f k -Cixi? "" ' I Fig! Top Row, left to right-Mrs. Weir, Graham, Biard, Sharp, Hood, Flournoy, Channel, Gish, Humes. Second Row- --Cooper, Wright, Oak-es, Butterfield, McCoWn, Robb, Garnett, Cole, North. Third Row-Minnick, Martin, Henderson, Warren, Cothran, White, Mclferron, Higgins, Patton. Bottom ROW-Runyan, Duncan, Babcock, Blair, Northcutt, Meffert, Davenport, Rice. OFFICERS MURIEL MINNICK . . . President MARGIE HOOD . . Vice-President MARIAN BABCOCK . . . Secretary IOY FLOURNOY . . Treasurer ALPHA CHI ROLL CALL LILLIAN BIARD MARY ELIZABETH MCFERRON DOROTHY HAMMONDS KATHRYN BLAIR HELEN HUMES BETTY LOU COLE MILDRED WHITE AGNES HENDERSON BEVERLY BUTTERFIELD MARY VIRGINIA GRAHAM MARIAN WRIGHT MARGARET HELEN NORTH KATHRYN RICE DOROTHY ROBB RUTH DAVENPORT WILLABELLE MARTIN MORENE WARREN ARLETA PRESTON MARGIE HOOD IO ELIZABETH GHERKIN IOHNNIE HIGGINS LOUISE MEPPERT MARIAN BABCOCK ARLENE OAKES WYNONNA NORTHCUTT MARY LEE COOPER ROBERTA LEE SHARP MURIEL MINNICK VIRGINIA BEELER FRANCES DUNCAN IOY FLOURNOY IEAN CHANNEL DOROTHY GISH ELOISE MCCOWN SARA GARNETT MARTHA LOU COCHRAN ELIZABETH PATTON SARABETH STUBLEMAN BETTY RUNYAN ROWENA KIMBLE Page 249 ALPHA PHI REBEKAH SELVIDGE Alpha Phi was organized at the Univer- sity ot Syracuse on Gctober lU, l872, by ll charter members. This was called the Al- pha chapter but it was nine years before a second chapter was established. No charter has ever been withdrawn from a chapter, the Barnard chapter be- coming inactive with the abolishment ot sororities from the college. Government ot the group is vested in the convention, the General Board and the Board of Governors. A chapter house and student loan tund, administered by a special committee, is known as the Founders' Loan Fund in mem- ory ot the founders ot Alpha Phi. Most ot the older chapters maintain their own stu- dent loan tunds. Each semester, a scholar- ship committee receives trom an alumnae advisor of each chapter, a report of the scholarship standing ot the chapter and the standing ot initiates. Phi chapter ot Alpha Phi was founded on this campus in l9l7. At present there are 3l active chapters oi the national organization with a total membership ot approximately 9,000. 2 !-Q fl f!Q !4 AQ 'RCI WUC! 5:4 VGC 'fail Vi! Hr-:G - -----,-W - a+---i AROUND THE HOUSE Gee, Charlotte was surprised when she was locked out while she told her date good-night . . . Elnora gets so excited every- time one ot those strange looking airmail specials from Minnesota arrives tor her . . . Elmeta is the calmest one in the house and she is the one that is to be married this spring . . . Wanda really slays 'em with that southern accent . . . Lucia was so mad the time she tell out other chair when the room was tull ot guests . . . Mary Margaret lives hard, being the only journalist in the house . . . Alice Louise has more man-trouble than any one else . . . but Nedra is having a hard time deciding which b. t. she likes best . . . no matter what happened Katy "just about died" . . . Becky insists that she is not going to be married but she still collects things tor a house . . . Nancy and Fritz CWinitredD have decided that they might enjoy living in a tent . . . l-lelen was certainly surprised when she went to the jewelry store to get her pins and found her pin chained to the wrong kind . . . ludy and june had some fun but they contributed nothing to the scholastic stand ot the house . . . Buthy is most un- happy when she is campused and can't get but six calls in one evening . . . Silva gets another room tull ot roses and another pro- posal ot marriageg it's old stutt now . . . it you enjoy seeing a lovely display ot the lat- est shades ot red, casually ask Buth Verne about her intermission at a dansant . . . Page 250 OPT I W Pa ,,,., an .4 kr PHI Top Row, lett to right--Mrs. Craiq, Killinqsworth, Campbell, Russell, Arnold, R. V. Davis, Norris, Parris. Second ROVffSCl'l1'9IIlGf, Green, Lasley, Rigg, Clark, Williams, Kirkpatrick, Allen. Bottom Row-Selviclqe, Wyatt, Creeks, Parr, E. Davis, Woodruff, Ochenrider, Hollaway. OFFICERS REBEKAH SELVIDGE . . . . . President KATHERINE KIRKPATRICK . . . Vice-President ELNORA DAVIS . . . . Secretary HELEN ARNOLD . . Treasurer ALPHA PHI ROLL CALL HELEN ARNOLD LUCIA IANE CLARK IUNE RUSSELL RUTH C, SCHREFFLER CHARLOTTE KILLINGSWORTH MARY MARGARET WOODRUFF NANCY I. WILLIAMS ELNORA DAVIS ALICE SHUMARD SILVA CAMPBELL CHARLOTTE METINGS ELMETA PARR LORRAINE WOODRUPF ELOISE WYATT ALICE ALLEN IRENE ALEXANDER RUTH RIGG IUDY HOLLOWAY CARMEN MAYES REBA NORRIS WANDA MAYE PARRIS ERLENE LASLEY MARICA DALE CROOKS WINIFRED GREEN NEDRA OCHENRIDER KATHERINE KIRKPATRICK MARY ELIZABETH IONES qe 251 REBEKAH SELVIDGE -- ALPHA XI DELTA AHWHM. LUCILLE HINSHAW Alpha Xi Delta was founded at Lombard College on April l7, l893. There were ll charter members of the founding organiza- tion. The government is through a convention held biennially and a national chapter made up of the national council, compris- ing the national officers and representa- tives of each chapter. ln September, l927, the first edition of the Alpha Xi Delta Manual of Fraternity Edu- cation appeared, a book of 60 pages, pre- pared by Mrs. Anna Miller Knote. - The badge is a golden quill on the feath- ers of which are the Greek letters of the or- ganization in burnished gold. The local petitioning body was known as Xi Delta and was organized in l9l9. With the help of Belle Vickery, a member of the Fine Arts faculty, the local group succeed- ed in getting a charter as Alpha Zeta chap- ter of Alpha Xi Delta in l92l. The present home of Alpha Xi Delta at 920 Chautauqua was first occupied by them in the fall of l932. ,LQ EQ Q!! it !4 ! :Q ki Ki RQ!!! 'Pail WC! ws! AROUND THE HOUSE Billye Marye has learned to "rowe" her own boat or is it "tuh be"-C'l'ubbyD-or not "tuh be" . . . Lucille, styled by an admirer as Hpossessor of the most beautiful eyes in Soonerland", is still romancing with the one and only Paul Powell . . . "Emmie" and lohnny are Sweethearts and everything is rosy-especially Emmie's face . . . Louella, the little trucker, only likes the boys that can swing a wicked foot on a dance floor . . . the telephone rings-somebody yells "l hope, l hope, l hope, l hope,"-Milly just grins and walks nonchalantly to the phone . . . Chris is getting her track work-out this season by trying to get in before the whistle blows . . . Mary Liz knows lots of interesting things about pharmacy-did she learn from Earle? . . . the love bug bit Peggy and what with that Sigma Nu pin-there'll be a wedding in lune . . . Audrey has fond recol- lections of the sunny South and a certain b. f .... Dorris is looking forward to moon- light nights on the Rio Grande . . . Frances is uncertain what to do about someone who is waiting anxiously for her school day to be over.. .there must be a reason why Margery went south for the winter and came back within a few weeks-could it be Dick? . . . Florence has one of the few genu- ine southern accents on the campus-she hails from down Carolina way . . . Frances M. is taking in the sunshine on the U. of Arizona campus but is coming back for her O. U. degree in lune. Page 252 nj, YEL' ALPHA ZETA ffl as Q 95' , F I QQQ- ' 3' 1, Q ll .rj'+v"" gf n .. Top Row, left to right-Mrs. Duncan, Alley, Russell, Criswell, Hinshaw, Hanks. Second Row-Seymour, Stiqler, Miller, Blackburn, Fendley, Thompson. Third Row-Saint, Ausiin, Ambrister, Hadley, Miller, Maschal. OFFICERS LUCILLE HINSHAW .... . President FRANCES AUSTIN . . Vice-President DORRIS MILLER . . . Secretary I MILDRED SEYMOUR . . Treasurer ALPHA XI ROLL CALL IULIA ALLEY LUCILLE HINSHAW FLORENCE SAINT EMMA BETH AMBRISTER FRANCES MASCHAL MILDRED SEYMOUR FRANCES AUSTIN DORRIS MILLER CHRISTINE THOMPSON NADINE BLACKBURN PEGGY MILLER LUELLA CRISWELL MARGERY FENDLEY AUDREY RUSSELL BILLYE MARYE HADLEY DORIS HANKS MARY ELIZABETH STIGLER Page 253 CHI OMEGA A V ,rs EBF Q , 45 . '31 -.rf ' . ' Y .H seg. gr" MARY FRANCES FLOYD Chi Omega was organized at the Uni- versity of Arkansas, April 5, l895, by lna May Boles, Iobelle Holcomb, Alice Simonds, and leanne Marie Vincenheller. The open declaration of Chi Omega is "Hellenic Culture and Christian ideals." Included in the Chi Omega program is a service fund, the income of which is used to publish special research studies in edu- cational, social, scientific or civic lines. Each active chapter awards annually a prize, generally 325, to the woman student in its college who excels in the work of the department of economics, sociology, politi- cal science or psychology. Since l9lO na- tional committees of Chi Omega have sup- plied data for colleges and alumnae chap- ters on education, vocation, personnel and civic interests. By virtue of these construc- tive efforts, Chi Omega has been admitted as a member of the Personnel Research Federation and of the American Associa- tion for Adult Education. Epsilon Alpha, the local chapter, was in- stalled on the Oklahoma campus in l9l9, having previously been known as Gamma Alpha Theta. it !4 5.52 gli ,AQ wc' Vai Rf RQ 'wi RC ff AROUND THE HOUSE The ChiO's are famous for their splendif- erous bull sessions-admission fee is one new joke . . . they have been practicing the methods of "politiking" for years-results: Wynema Burns sports the title "best dressed gal on local soil" . . . Fred Hoyt locked a bracelet on Aileen Twyford's arm -so she could find her way home after her evening out . . . Geraldine Renegar has stooped to hinting-her dress at their dan- sant resembled a bride's . . . could the pur- pose of the white benches on the front lawn have been to prevent a game of hide-and- seek on dark nights? . . . l-loward Wilson may have to resort to putting his pin out if Lois lune Adams refuses to come forth with another . . . Mary Francis Floyd has an an- swer to a Kappa Sig's question, "now, coach?"-'tis "not to-night, losephine, let's get acquainted" . . . Lady lo is indispen- sable to the girls and helps make the ChiO house "home" . . . Anna Nell Roberts asked l2 Betas to be her Easter bunnies- before that it was to be her valentine-just any old holiday will do, say Annie . . . Mona lean Russell has spent a year on one Sigman-only to learn that her year's work totaled his opinion as being "one swell kid" . . . Pat Patterson and her "hubby" trust only telegraph service to patch up their differences-they often get their "party lines" crossed . . . Mildred McDannald is a strong supporter of the theory "two can live as cheaply as one"-but she isn't ready to experiment. Page 254 , Fl :MEI - '- - . ,f Q, xii ar . ls Ffh Y? 3 4 IRB ' I ".,f :, ' . , ,L I A I U X yy i rrr ' 'H 5' y if M S EPSILON ALPHA in bl I , Q zqr ' " I' ..-'.. S..- Top Row, left to right-Mrs. Iosephine Heyward, Siearley, Burns, Renegar, Kirlcbride, Thompson, Patierson, Burt, Arnold. Second Row-Armstrong, Floyd, Huddleston, Murray, Corp, Adams, Stahl, Roberts, Williams. Third Row-Collins, Dalious, Russell, Blake, London, Babcock, Anderson, Wilson, Dorr. Fourth RoW+Spaldinq, Liiile, Pierce, Cecil, Cash, Lowry, Kirkbride, McDannald. Bottom Row-Fisher, Iohnson, Gilluly, Phelps, Iarrell, White, Toclce, Brady. OFFICERS MARY FRANCES FLOYD . . ELFREDA BABCOCK . IUANITA CASH . . . MILDRED MCDANNALD . CARYL ROSE CORP . LORENE BURT CARYL ROSE CORP IUANITA CASH ANNIE BETH SATTERFIELD HARRIET WHITE MILDRED MCDANNALD ANNA NELL ROBERTS ELIZABETH ANDERSON MARY FRANCES FLOYD MILDRED STEARLY NINA GILLULY BETTE KIRKBRIDE KATHLEEN BRADY MARGARET ANN PLUMLEE AILEEN TYDFORD GAYLE RITCHEY Page 255 CHI-O ROLL CALL ELFREDA BABCOCK LOIS IUNE ADAMS HELEN KIRKBRIDE BARBARA ANN DORR PEGGY WILLIAMS MONA IEAN RUSSELL HELEN WILSON RUTH STAHL SUE CECIL GERALDINE RENEGAR RUTH LITTLE VIVIA LOCKE MARY IUNE ARNOLD BETTY COE ARMSTRONG MARTHA RUTH IARRELL President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer , Correspondent MARY ELIZABETH HUDDLESTON GERALDINE HUDDLESTON DOROTHY LONDON IUANITA SMITH WYNEMA BURNS PHYLLIS FISHER EUGENIA IOHNSON PATTY PHELPS MARY ALICE BLAKE DOROTHY CULVER DOROTHY DALIOUS MARY HELEN PIERCE MILDRED PATTERSON IEAN COLLINS MARY IEAN MURRAY MARGARET HEIDBRINK CLEM WURTZBAUGH DELTA DELTA DELTA CHRISTINE HOLLAND Delta Delta Delta was founded on Thanksgiving eve at Boston University, in the year l888 by four members of the class of '89, They associated with them seven- teen members of the lower classes. Wearers of the star and crescent have had a turbulent history as no less than a half dozen of their chapters have been killed by anti-fraternity laws, but all have been revived by the absorption of local chapters at the universities where the orig- inal chapters were located. Government of the organization is vested in a national council, composed of nine of- ficers. The president, secretary, and trea- surer constitute the executive committee. There are three provinces divided into sec- tions of four to eight chapters, and each sec- tion is supervised by a deputy. Delta Delta Delta was the second nation- al sorority to install a chapter at the univer- sity, the local order being accepted as Theta Gamma of the national organization in l9l0. Previous to that time the local group had been a literary society, Theta Delta Rho. ,ze ,za L4 ze Ae g.!4l RC RQ ki, RQ! W:-if RC R42 --L AROUND THE HOUSE "And still l win, for some day my son will be king of England!"-l-lanshaw is practic- ing "Mary, Queen of Scots" again . . . study hall is out-Bowyer immediately shrieks, "does anyone want to order?" . . . more flowers and candy-l-lathorn has put on lohn Arthur's pin-Blackmer, taking her ex- ercises in the hall, groans, "l'll never lose weight if people don't stop putting on pins" . . . Nadine strolls dreamily up the stairs after bidding lack a fond goodnight . . . Hol- land screams, "quiet hour!" and the noise continues . . . Ford goes into the phone booth for another long-distance session with Curry . . .afrom the area of the bathtubs comes the sweet harmony that Allen and Meyhew are making of "lt's Love l'm After" . . . Bowersock and Fisher are practicing tennis in the hall . . . Estes writes her nightly letter . . . Lorraine and Burton are "hacked" about something . . . Guthrie solemnly pro- claims to no one in particular that life is fu- tile . . . Ruth and Annie knit silently . . . and Billy anxiously inquires of the house at large if there is someone who will get her up at 7:00 a. m .... Glee stamps down the stairs after her nightly brawl with George, and catches Bonfoey and Payne sneaking from the sleeping porch to hear "Lights Out" . . . from the porch comes a shrill whistle that is echoed from the direction of the S. A. E. house-Mehew and Prank whistling goodnight to each other . . . then l-lale's sleepy voice pleading, "come on, kids, let's go to sleep!" Page 256 . w S. m BL A Xa? I H -. Mi r 1 EE xi: .I E .. ....,,.., A , , , -Q . . ff , v THETA B2 g li, .II I I GAMMA I I -::v lun A- :A,', x I A "' Y 'I I .fy if : .I ..:,-:- 1,- F. X A.: - .V . 1 J L. gz' J ,K - fix' -4" . -15' W"' .Y .-V.,, Q . , ,,- "::"' fif i ,n "' if . -. -sf". If. I' ' 'I' Top Row, left to right-Mrs. Taqqe, Anderson, Lindsay, Krall, Dorsey, Eberle, Saunders, Fast, Beam, L. Kraft, D. Penner. I Second Row-Simmons, Clark, O'SuIlivan, Fellows, Ricketts, Talbot, Hale, Hill, P. Pennier, Hendrix, Allen. Third Row-Day, Burton, Lucas, Blackmer, ---, Bowersock, R. Trosper, Williams, Newby, Murray, Hlenshaw. Fourth Row-Ahrens, Mehew, Estes, Hoenscheidt, Fisher, Bowyer, Anthony, King, Payne, Sampson. Filth RowfG. Miller, L. Miller, Bonfoey, Wallace, Bowles, McMichael, Rozell, I-Ioneycutl, M. Trosper, Iacobson. OFFICERS CHRISTINE HOLLAND . . . . . President LENA BETH HANSHAW . . Vice-President MARY ALICE MURRAY . . . Secretary VIRGINIA DORSEY . . . Treasurer TRI DELT ROLL CALL Page MARY ALICE MURRAY YVONNE IACOBSON GLEE MILLER RUTH NEWBY HELEN ANDERSON LA VONA HONEYCUTT CHRISTINE HOLLAND LENA BETH HANSHAW ANNIE YOUNGBLOOD LURLINE KRAFT ANNA MAY FELLOWS MARY ELEANOR GUTHRIE VIRGINIA DORSEY ESTHER BLACKMER ROSE AHRENS BEATRICE HAWTHORN 257 DOROTHY NELL PENNER MARY BARBARA CLARK BETTE LOU O'SULLIVAN NELL SIMMONS GERALDINE EBERLE SHIRLEY BLACK GENEVIEVE HILL ELIZABETH RICKETTS MARY IANE BURTON MARY ELIZABETH ESTES ELAINE ROZELL LORRAINE MILLER BETTY CINGLESMITI-I MARIORIE TALBOT FRANCES FISHER MARGARET KING PEGGY PENNER BETTY LEE ANTHONY HELEN FAST ANNE FORD IANE BOWYER IANE ANN KRAFT BILLIE DAY LA NELL SAMSON DOROTHY LUCAS IULIA BOWERSOCK CAROLINE HALE CAROLINE BONFOEY HELEN PAYNE NAYDENE BOWLES ROSEMARY ALLEN IVA MARIE MEHEW MARY VIRGINIA LINDSAY 5,52 DELTA GAMMA L+ - 'Zn' POLLY ATKINSON Delta Gamma was founded at the Lewis school for girls, which later became the OX- ford lnstitute, at Oxford, Mississippi. The founders were Anna Boyd, Eva Webb and Mary Comfort. The idea of the society came to them as they spent the Christmas holidays of 1873 at the school. They organ- ized as soon as Work was resumed and dur- ing the year 1874 admitted four more mem- bers to what they called the Delta Gamma Society. Without consulting anyone they chose their name and badge and wrote their constitution and ritual. The greater part of this first ritual is still used. The first badge was a gold letter with the Greek letters, Delta Gamma, on the cross bar. When the first charter was granted to Wal- ter Valley Seminary, the mother chapter took the name of Psi chapter. The local chapter, Alpha lota, was admit- ted to the national organization in 1918 . Some of us who love our sleep th't We would recuperate after St. Pat's Day, but it seems that some of the engineers forgot to pl! g!! f!! f!! pl AROUND THE HOUSE stop taking care of lo Wade Thornton . . . and speaking of engineers one Delta Tau calls every morning at 6:30 asking for Lu- cille "Wheelah" . . . a Sig Alph started a bridge craze over here and almost every afternoon Ellis Brown and little lzzy beat Polly and Bart lones-even though he gives signals with his feet . . . another Delta Tau has finally settled one of the D. G.'s and Molten McDonald and Dorothy Simms are doing another 1-lerb Ladd-Shirley Young Act . . . Ody McWilliams caused one Pi K A to break a promise of never giving a girl a second chance to stand him up . . . Betty Curtis and Beta Crump are among those who have been hit by this spring Weather . . . P. G. Shouse and Bachelor Mee have been having difficulties and Ne11's four Weeks are just about up.. .Little Sallie Seaman is Worried because she is afraid she's falling out of love . . . and lune Myers is afraid the fortune teller was right about Bamsey's Walking out of her life . . . A Well- known Phi Gamm told Ursula that she could "Bapp" him around her finger if she wanted to . . . y'knoW it is really hard to keep up with Nelmarie Anderson's love life but it is beginning to look as if she's going athletic . . . lo Ann Templeman and Dorothy Chesnut still have their loves as does Midge Pyle . . . this does not include all the Delta Gamms but this much ought to get me into enough trouble to last until schoo1's out . . . one does have to be a bit conservative now, doesn't one? . . . YC'PiC'k'iKQW'C'NS wie Page 258 S- ALPHA IOTA Top Row, left to riql'1tgMrs. Gray Van Dell, Northcutt, Kelly, Fritz, Gamble, W'elsh, Arnold, Sirnrns, Anderson, Templenian, Gray. Second ROW-Jennings, Sutton, Trout, Lewis, Pyle, Marlin, McGraw, McWilliams, Daqwell, Chestnut, Hodgson. Third Row-Appelqet, Barton, Myers, Welch, Wheeler, Rapp, Patchin, Iarnes, Seaman, Shouse. Bottom Row-Durland, Medbury, Hill, Braden, McWilliams, Slack, Tones, Curtis, Youna, Edqinqton. OFFICERS POLLY ATKINSON . . DOROTHY KELLY . . . . HELEN MARIE IENNINCS . NELL SHOUSE ...... POLLY ATKINSON AVA MCWILLIAMS NELL SHOUSE ISABELLE ARNOLD SHIRLEY YOUNG DOROTHY CHESNUT MARY IO BROCKMAN DOROTHY SIMMS IUNE MYERS LUCILLE MEDBURY SALLIE SEAMAN ANNE MCGRAW FRANCES ORR NORTHCUTT Page 259 D. G. ROLL CALL LUCILLE WHEELER NELMARIE ANDERSON MARY ALICE WELCH IO ANN TEMPLEMAN ELEANOR ERITZ HELEN MARIE IENNINGS ELOISE BRAND GAMBLE IO WADE THORNTON LOUISE HILL VIRGINIA WALKER IOSEPHINE SLACK OPAL IANE MCWILLIAMS LUCILLE HODGSON . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer BETTY EDGINGTON HELEN LEWIS BETTE CURTIS URSULA RAPP MOZELLE TROUT KATHRYN DAGWELL MAXINE MARLIN MARGUERITE PATCHIN BETTY BRADEN KATHLEEN WELCH MARY IRENE PYLE IUNE CAIN DURLAND CORINNE DURAN MARTIN w GAMMA PHI BETA x J :X ELOISE BRYAN Gamma Phi Beta was founded Novem- ber ll, l874, at Syracuse University. There were four founders of the original chapter and the founding of the order is appropri- ately celebrated at this date by all chap- ters of the national sorority. Government is vested in a grand council of seven alumnae officials, elected by the convention. For administrative purposes, chapters are grouped geographically in seven provinces. Each province has a director and each holds a conference in alternate years between the biennial con- vention. There is a scholarship requirement for initiation and an annual award is given the chapter of the national group with the highest scholarship rank. The local fraternity, Kappa Lambda, was organized in l9l7 for the purpose of peti- tioning Gamma Phi Beta. The group was successful in their endeavors and became Psi chapter of Gqmma Phi Beta in Septem- ber, l9l8. , Gamma Phi Betas have become adept the last few weeks at dodging pieces of plaster and huge drops of paint . . . scaling Ae ,Ae ,ze ,Ae ,Ae ,Ae Ri we 5:6 Wai 'ki Wi WGS AROUND THE HOUSE ladders and stacks of white sheeted furni- ture and rugs could be included in the list of acquired accomplishments . . . sunny dis- positions were relegated to the shelf during that era until the newly redecorated chap- ter house restored smiles. . . news from New York, where Mary Martineau has been spending the winter, has it that the dramatic art student has not only let down her hair but has had it cut off-we'll let those with super-active imaginations pic- ture the sleek Martineau with flying curly locks . . . Sally Batten wondered all during the Acacia Oriental dance just why she seemed so pale-the morning after she dis- covered that what she had thought was a very special kind of liquid powder was really the commonest variety of white shoe polish . . . a little dark-headed delegate to the Gamma Phi Beta convention held re- cently in Norman, thoroughly appreciated the Sig Alph who spent an evening unfold- ing the wonders of school at O. U., but she was downright bewildered when the afore- mentioned frat man called after the whistle had blown, with plans for the rest of the evening . . . Mary Feitz positively is not gul- lible, but she dressed four times for the last Sigma Chi buffet supper-she progressed from date dress to evening dress, to date dress again and finally back to evening dress simply because a couple of loyal sis- ters wanted to have fun . . . Was lan, limmy Peters' small white dog, named for the month of lanuary or for lanice Lee l-luston. Page 230 'whims gl I -4 'U' Kr A , ,, 4. W ,Y Y' V, ' . 3 5 J ,. 5 ' - - ,y ,. 1, ' K, V. f -auf'-ifr.. '45, Q A V wa. wry- S 'Y gqsgzgrswlayir- K. if,..Ifff" - . I E- we I. Q. H emrrs ive em: s-" lei?-' 'X 31252 " . '- ' .. It 2-Fi r,-, , 33,1 tr. ' - -f - -is 5, ,L " . .gs Y A I. 18,1 -'-- , ,ui . If Q Q GAMMA PHI ROLL CALL LORENE FORD I L ' - I ELLLLL I f 1 Ps: , S if F W wi, fi if 11- .f V . , C I ,r S .E . , Q, Q E' , V -i Fw V. E ,!, :AV ',E.. .L V:'V.A. , 3, Q N . V, h , bw , A fr . N N- H. it ..:.,. ' g , 'f'L" i' ii i Y ,,,, .L ' , " ' V , - ' ," zfgflriz s , - ' I g-Q1 f LL , , , , li ,, , I b Z ' .2 :':' ':" ' Q y N- 9 . Q . if :,. ,'E, , ,F , up , :,, ,,,,.,, , , , .tw - ,fi few' A Q, iw i- G KL Top Row, left to riqhtfMrs. Nuitinq, Gardiner, Watson, Bryan, Fuller, Anderson, Fietz, Vifatters, Gibson, Phillips. Second Row-Iohnston, Abbott, Carson, Knuds-en, Bolin, Spickard, Bradstreet, Cook. Third Row-Gray, Morgan, Drennan, Hopkins, McNauqhton, Kennedy, Swain, Lindsey, L. Swift, Beams. Fourth Row-Dietrich, M. I. Swith, Cunningham, Hoque, Pitchiord, Boone, Marshall, Lonq, Batten, Bernard. Bottom Row-Howe, Furrey, Pinney, Pain, Rose, Bowien, Boqqs, Huston. OFFICERS ELOISE BRYAN ........ President ELIZABETH HOGUE . . . . Vice-President MAURINE MARSHALL . . . Recordinq Secretary DREWSILLA BEAMS . . Corresponding Secretary MARY HELEN SPICKARD ..... Treasurer ELOISE BRYAN FLOREIN E DIETRICH MARGARET IANE SWIFT IANE BOLIN MAURINE MARSHALL ANNA IO CARD IANE BOONE EVELYN BOWLEN DREWSILLA BEAMS MARGARET ANN LONG FLORENCE FULLER SARA MARIE BATTEN HELEN PHILLIPS ELIZABETH HOGUE MARY ANN WATTERS Page 251 IO NELL WATTERS MARY HELEN SPICKARD LUCINDA MAE FURREY HELEN BOGGS GRACE MARIE PITCHFORD RUTH IANE GIBSON O'RHAITIA CUNNINGHAM THEIDA MAE DRENNAN IANICE LEE HUSTON MELBA HUDSON VA RUE LINDSAY LOU SWIFT DELORES SWAIN MAXINE GRAY SHIRLEY ROSE ERMA PAIN ANN ANDERSON EVORENE MORGAN DORIS COOKE BETTY LEE FESLER CLARA BERNICE MCNAUGHTON MARY GRANT FIETZ VALERIA PENNEY HELEN BERNARD BETSY ROSS GREEN ELAINE CARSON LILLIAN KNOX HAZEL BRADSTREET MARTHA IOHNSON BETTY GARDNER KAPPA ALPHA THETA RUTH ELEANOR GRIMES Kappa Alpha Theta was organized at lndiana Asbury University Know DePauwD on lanuary 27, 1870. The moving spirit was Bettie Locke, '71, with whom were associated Alice Allen, '71, Betty Tipton, '71, and Hanna Fitch, '78, lt was the first Greek letter society of women, organized with principles and methods akin to those of men's fraternities. These founders wrote a simple initiation ceremony the principles of which are the basis of Kappa Alpha Theta's present ritual. Until 1888 the government was in the hands of the Alpha chapter as were many other fraternity governments. At this time it was changed and is now vested in a grand Council composed of the national officers of the sorority. A biennial conven- tion is held by the order, in which all the legislative and judicial powers are vested. A loan and fellowship fund assists worthy undergraduates to complete their college work, and awards a graduate fel- lowship every third year. The local chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta was the first chapter of a woman's national fraternity to be installed on this campus. !Q fl fl f!Q ,AQ g!! Yi ki ki Wai Wei Wai V14 4 AROUND THE HOUSE The law widows say there's nothing like the Theta house to find something to do with their spare time . . . Alice Douglass gives select parties in the phone booth on third-"it's small but cozier", says Miss Douglass . . . Buth Eleanor Grimes enter- tains both herself and some of her more for- tunate sisters by reading selections from Noel Coward's plays and acting out, with gestures of course, anywhere from eight to ten parts at once . . . Mary Clovelyl Locke gives herself whole-heartedly to the age-old pastime of solitaire while Custer Yates reads every available piece of written mat- ter in the house . . . Harriett Beck looked all over for the sophomore meeting and failing to find same, took care of all the business, elected herself president by acclamation and adjourned to the wash room where she and Buth Ann McSpadden sat until 2:00 o'clock in the morning trying to learn to spit through their teeth down the drain . . . the essence of beauty and sophistication, Har- gett, gives a skit on two idiots-Elizabeth McDonald knows one about some little skunks . . . Sue Nelle is always wanted on all three phones at once and her roommate, Buth Potts, has had the pleasure of dating all but about two of the present Beta chap- ter-the inseparable Hardie, lackman and de Vinna sleep three in a bed so they won't be separated . . . two SOONEB beauties, Darling and Roberts, give after dinner imitations of the way some of the smoother Norman lads dance. Page 262 THETA ROLL CALL W N- I I T: ,I . K Q Q ll. ,ul I gl I 5 T w ig 'T' 'sl L L L I tt' I 'J -4- A , va L 3 Fl as 4 as an ss. -in 0 7' .,. il? , . It q P I 1' V P. I :4,:.,. K, , if I n I lm, ALPHA 1 L A I ' ,.a LfLL I A f QMICRQN - i l I LV, 1 ' I .. . jg- ,,fk H 2 f Q Zig .I ' Z ' mga f Q I - D I I ffl I 'H T in W' ' 53" I ,, f I - T ' 1 iw .1 'I K"': . .Lgg I I I I , l l iff' S 'I I. Q. I yig Z' I ":: i 5 , f l Qi iyfk 1 VLV., -.' ' ww ig , 'A 1, I I ' 1 I ' A, S I ' 3 A.. 4 g gjk . . I . ::: I A at Top Row, Iett to right-Miss Wilson, Horne, Hill, Hayden, Hardie, Yates, Douglass, R, I. Douglass, Hallum, Doyle, Fleming, Evans. Second Row --Pellers, Ford, Boardman, Gary, Grimes, Bowleby, Brown, Buck, Burton, Cooper, Weiss, Corbin. Third Row- Ruth Darling, de Vinna, WiIson, Stone, Roberts, Rowland, Randall, Potts, Price, Parks, Phelps, Harqett. Fourth Row Helen Iolinson, Berry, Stewart, Iarrnon, Hayden, Alexander, Locke, Delcrna, Nesbitt, Binqrnan, Beck, Briscoe, H. Beck. Bottom Row-V -Hudson, Bass, Iackrnan, Kennedy, Kinnebrew, Ozrriun, Landt, Larriniore, Becker, McSpadden, McDonald, Milam, Moses. OFFICERS RUTH ELEANOR GRIMES . . . . President LOUISE HILL ..... . Vice-President SUE NELLE NESBITT . . . . Secretary MARY MARGARET ROBERTS . . . Treasurer VIRGINIA AMBROSE MARY IANE BASS IULIA BOARDMAN BETTY BOWLBY MABEL BROWN ELAINE BUCK ELEANOR BURTON IEWEL CORBIN RUTH DARLING LA RUE DE LANA ALICE DOUGLASS RUBY IANE DOUGLASS PATRICIA DOYLE IUNE EVANS LUCY ELLEN FELLERS ELLEN PLEMING BETTY HAYDEN LOUISE HILL VIRGINIA HUDSON DORELLA KINNEBREW SALLY LANDT Page 263 BETTY LARIMORE MARY LOCKE RUTH ANN MCSPADDEN MARY MILAM SUE NELLE NESBITT MARY PARKS FRANCES PHELPS RUTH POTTS MARY MARGARET ROBERTS BETTY ROWLAND MARY ADELINE WILSON CUSTER YATES IANEY PRICE DORIS WHITE TYDFIL BRINGHURST ELEANOR PEERY HELEN MAE ALEXANDER HARRIET BECK MARIAN BECK ELNA RUTH BECKER ADELE BINGMAN VIRGINIA BRISCOE MILDRED ANN COOPER NINA DE VINNA PHYLLIS FLEMING KATI-IRYN FORD BILLY GARY MARIORIE HALLUM MARIAN GRACE HARDIE BETTY HARGETT MARIORIE HAYDEN DONNA HEASLEY BETTY LOU HORNE MARGARET IACKMAN IANE IARMAN BETTY LININGER ELIZABETH MACDONALD MARTHA MOSES NELL PHILLIPS BILLIE RANDALL MARY LOUISE STONE MATILDA THOMPSON KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA BETTY BROWN Kappa Kappa Gamma was organized at Monmouth College in lllinois as early as March of l87U but did not make its public appearance until October 13, l87O, the an- niversary of which date is observed as Founder's Day. The four founders were anxious to establish a Greek letter frater- nity "like the men's" as there were three na- tional men's fraternities on the Monmouth campus. The four had not at that time learned of any women's orders being es- tablished to that time. During the years from l87U to l876, the Alpha chapter acted as the grand chapter. This was finally supplanted and Kappa be- came the pioneer in the establishment of the grand council form of fraternity govern- ment among women's organizations. There is at present an executive secretary who carries on much of the work of the national chapter. Kappa Kappa Gamma called the first na- tional Pan-l-lellenic convention, representa- tives of seven women's organizations meet- ing at Boston, April l6 and l7, l89l. The local chapter of Kappa Kappa Gam- ma on this campus was organized at the AROUND THE HOUSE old DeBarr l-louse on Boulevard and be- came Beta Theta chapter of the national organization, being installed in l9l4. All the graduation members, especially Be Ann and Bosalie Lewis, are spending a great deal of time bemoaning the fact that after all these years they won't get to live in the new house-l-lull and Banck are pray- ing that said house will have private phones so their hour long conversations will go uninterrupted . . . Mary Frances will be able to furnish a fancy trousseau with the money she collects from Mareta Nell West and others who buy those "clever" candid camera pictures . . . lovely Boring and Barbour cause more envy for their poise and charm than any other two girls in the house . . . lane Galloway's unfailing wit is always an antidote to the blues brought on by the thought that our presi- dent Betty Brown and Balbin will not be in school next year. . .we might add how proud we are of lerry for her success in the opera, "Lakme" . . . beautiful Nina Brown severely breaks hearts while Betty Lou con- tinues to break dates . . . Never a day passes but what we are thankful that Mac- Mahan, "our Bubinofff' confines her prac- tice to the Fine Arts building . . . Katherine l-losea, our ambitious journalist, very neatly got herself in trouble by her comments in the gossip column . . . we could not close this bit of news without at least mentioning three of our lovliest Kappas, Mary Gibson, lulianna l-less and Mable Louise Swigert. t Page 264 ml' f 1.4.1 .. EE I . I , I' fi el- f 2- L'-ff' THETA ',-- - " if sl? . fiinf 7 ' if Ev , .I my A H VT . NV ,ng-vw. V. T,,. kky. 1 ' .,:. g r A V Nur' . y Iris., H and b:,,V: m,hA '5 5 ...NZ '5 '-:.' I I ' . . iff, " : .,. "' I I .::' I I . ' "A: N, I 3 L,. , .3 Vkkk, K H.. E . . 1' J' I :'1 ' ' Q . Q:,' ' " I 'P . "'l K I - .1,-.b L , I 1 Q -. I , , W K A 7 A If A -W -' , . J.,..L-Ziff? Top Row, leit io right--Mrs. McAdams, Stein, Reid, B. A. Brown, M. S. Davis, Avery, Ranck, Gorden, M. I. Clark, M. Hess. Second Row-N. Brown, Taylor, West, Wan, B. L. Clark, Galloway, Rash, Miller, Reploqle, I. Hess. Third How--Harris, Garnett, MacMahan, Campbell, Kinney, Stinnett, Swigert, Barbour, Hull, Lewis. Fourth RoWfZ. Brown, Fast, Burforcl, B. S. Clark, Aclerhold, Hutchcraft, Enloe, Black, Loomis, M. Davis, Bottom Row-Amos, Crouch, Boring, Dudley, McGiniy, Graham, Hamilton, Hosea, Fleming, Gibson. OFFICERS BETTY BROWN . . . . . President VIRGINIA ENLOW . . . . Treasurer MARY DAVIS ...... Social Chairman KAPPA ROLL CALL ELEANOR ADERHOLD MARY AMOS HELEN AVERY BETTY BARBOUR CAROLYN BORING BE AN BROWN BETTY BROWN NINA BROWN ZETTA BROWN BETTY LOU CLARK MARY IEAN CLARK IOAN EAST IANE GALLOWAY MARIORIE GARNETT CATHERINE GORDON IULIANA HESS MILDRED HESS SELMA LEE HULL P ge 265 BARBARA HUTCHCRAFT KATHERINE HOSEA LILLIAN HARRIS ROSA LEE LEWIS MILDRED LOOMIS MARY MAYGINNES MARY FRANCES REID PEGGY LOU STEIN BERYL TAYLOR VIRGINIA ENLOE MARY DAVIS MARGARET BLACK MARGARET BRADY BETTY SUE CLARK MARY GIBSON MARETA NELL WEST ANNETTE BUREORD KATHRYN CAMPBELL MARY SUE DAVIS IANE DUDLEY BETTY IO GRAHAM MARGARET ANNE HAMILTON MARTHA IANE KINNEY MARYBELLE LARGENT SUSAN MCGINTY BERTILLE MCMAHAN NELLE IANE RANCK NATALIE RASH MARIORIE REPLOGLE IUNE STINNETT MABLE LOUISE SWIGERT BARBARA WARR DOROTHY HOLTZENDORFE BETTY SUE ELEMING NELL MONTGOMERY PHI MU ? -OX s , ' 11 Y ' a td' -xg 6 i' ELIZABETH STEWART Phi Mu was an outgrowth of a local soci- ety called the Philomathean, which was or- ganized at Wesleyan College, Macon, Ge- orgia, on March 4, l852. On Tune 24, l9U4, the name was changed to Phi Mu and a na- tional expansion policy was adopted. The local chapter, Epsilon Beta, was in- stalled in l923 as a result of being granted a charter from the national group. The lo- cal, Phi Zeta, was organized that same year and holds the distinction of being granted a charter in only eleven months. The most daring experiment-just to show everyone that altho they are both business sophomores, both tall and blonde, both from the city, that they CAN be differ- ent, Martha and Eileen are taking the same courses but at different hours-they each have a crush in ec., and not on the same fellow-which is somewhat more conven- ient than last semester . . . dangerous com- plication-pledge Mignon, pronounced a number of various and assorted ways, stole away a b. f. from a certain member-and Ae ,ee AQ ,gg ,Ae :ff F4 WC! W:-if Vai! 'EQ VCC W4 vig AROUND THE HOUSE was she glad when she was initiated-but Charline didn't seem to care, not as long as the engineers hold true, because she knows some tricks of the trade herself . . . greatest problem of the year-to rouse E. Stewart out of her deep sleeps to answer the mid- dle-of-the-night calls from Texas-what makes it hard is that it sometimes has to be done by physical means, and after all, she lS the president . . . the trickiest formal-the dark blue and rick-rack one of loyce's worn with a black cross and gardenias in her hair.. .and speaking of colors, Brown seems to be the one of the year for E. West, and not only for most all of her clothes . . . disguises worth noting-Pauline and Bea- trice as fisher lads, even to the cardboard fish on the end of their line fand that wasn't meant anyway except literally? . . . confes- sion of the semester-Helen Montgomery's that a very important someone has told her she looks like Ann Harding . . . most para- doxical l-lallowe'en costume-Phi Beta l-lelen T. as an Egyptian dancer . . . current mystery-who locked whom in the end-of- the-hall closet after study hall one night, and why-could it have been affection for the strawberry ice cream just ordered . . . model pledge-Evalee, what with one hour of "B" and l6 of "A", and fun too-the pi- rate pantomine, for example . . . relieved distress-to Mrs. Stewart and the house- boy when the pledges gave up their exer- cising program for relaxation after study hall, thereby saving plaster and nerves. Page 266 LV 1 Top Row, left to right-Mrs. Stewart, Smith, Homley, Montgomery, Klein, Shultz. Bottom Row-Tappan, Lindsay, Broy, Anncrdown, Carter, Stewart. ELIZABETH STEWART . . President MARTHA KLEIN . . Vice-President MIGNON LINDSAY . . Secretary ALEREDA CHAPMAN . . Treasurer ELIZABETH WEST CHARLINE SMITH HELEN MONTGOMERY MARTHA KLEIN HELEN TAPPAN 267 ALFREDA CHAPMAN EVALEE SHULTZ BEATRICE BRAY PAULINE ANNADOWN IOYCE HAMLEY EPSILON BETA ,-,- - - PI BETA PHI fra. ....., .-if - T RUTH CLARK Pi Beta Phi was founded at Monmouth College on April 28, l867, by twelve women and was the first organization of college women to be recognized as a national col- lege fraternity. The organization was ori- ginally called the l. C. Sororis Club but in l888, feeling that a Greek letter name would be an advantage, the name of Pi Beta Phi was adopted. The government of Pi Phi is vested in con- vention which is held biennially. The chapters are grouped in geographical provinces, with a province head who handles the main part of the administra- tive work of her province. The local chapter of Pi Beta Phi was in- stalled on this campus in l9lO as Okla- homa Alpha. The present home of the sorority at 702 Lahoma was first occupied by them in l932. The time is anytime-the place is any- where-the scene opens or the scene closes-the dialogue has a familiar swing -lody "Honey" Kilpatrick sings the title role "lt's You CPlurall l'm After" . . .and gg ge ,pe ,ice ze A4 l vwq vac! ki 'PS Vi! Vai! W-:Q AROUND THE HOUSE there's no one with guite the touch that lackson gives "Goodnight, My Love" under a streetlight . . . the stage revolves and we find Katherine "lnvalid" Cpronounced ei- ther wayb Bretch retiring to her specially imported bed with air cooled mattress and no draft Ventilating springs . . . sophomoritis Bibeyre screams for a pledge . . . a fairly attractive brunet awaits a call from a certain News reporter . . . Bobby lune Campbell hangs on limmy Brook's every word and then turns around to call Bob Trippet for a session . . . Pat Sewell, activity ace, dashes out to another meeting-and with a no week-night date rule too . . . and then along come Evelyn Haden and Charlie Fellows who contend that two can walk as closely as one . . . 7:30-chapter meeting-the grand salaam-"Gladys, Gladys, there is no law but Gladys" . . . phone on third for Bob Campbell, but he's not allowed be- yond second . . . everybody up-a lazz Hound invasion-man-on-second-''Hoo- ray" er, "l-lrrmphh" . . . didn't get the queen, but a good time was had by all . . . Evelyn Braden, sweetheart of the orchid bearer, fares forth on her afternoon date ade- quately bedecked . . . then Phyllis got the Wright idea . . . Elizabeth Phillips with her south sea haircut but northern tendencies . . . and Billups never knew that her room- mate wrote that article about her for Wag- gin-Tung . . . the time is anytime-the place is anywhere-the scene opens on a group of men-"Speed thee my error". Page 268 s 4 -f. Q- - 5 , - fl , H 'I . -. 4 U , A fbi I if , . M, W I I X is , 6 M, I is , ,r Q i 15 I M ,AAK , OKLAHOMA ' K ggi? "'A I I -f ,,.- f ' I ' Q-I ALPHA -:k:'A:: - -iyi Y I . lzal , A I .fic K I Leu , ik , Q A '-.? I P: at AV + ':Vf, , -L .. f , weft G rig.: f Top Row, left io right-Miss Gladys Scivally, Nance, Shepard, Bell, Clark, Bethel, Iohnson, Bateman, Davis, Miller, Keefe, McKowen. Second Row--Finley, Conner, Campbell, Terrell, Simms, Paxton, D. Perkins, Collins, Phillips, Thompson, K. Hayden, Hedlund. Third Row-Arntzen, Rogers, Gait, Coe, Moody, Dell Perkins, Bowers, Chenault, Blanchard, Head, Ingle, Bretch. Fourth RoW+CordeIl, McKenzie, Parks, Ribeyre, Vtfallace, Iackson, McBride, Billups, Dustin, Sullivan, Brad-en, Sewell. Boiiorn ROW-Niernann, McEldoWney, Lambert, Kilpatrick, Marsh, E. Hayden, Lomax, Mitchell, King, Tack, Higgin- botham. OFFICERS RUTH CLARK ........ President EVELYN HAYDEN ...... Vice-President BETTE LAMBERT . . . Corresponding Secretary LUCILLE IVIacKENZIE . . . Recording Secretary PATIENCE SEWELL ..,.... Treasurer VARDRENE ARNTZEN SUE NELL BETHEL BARBARA CAMPBELL NORMA CAYLOR PHOEBE IANE CHENAULT RUTH CLARK HELEN MARIE CORDELL ELAINE DAVIS BETTY IANE GALT EVELYN HAYDEN ELIZABETH HEDLUND KATHLEEN KEEFE EDNA EARL KING IUDITH KNAPPENBERGER BETTE LAMBERT IANE LOMAX LUCILLE MacKENZIE POLLY MCBRIDE CAROLINE MCELDOWNEY IOAN MCKOWEN Page 269 PI PHI ROLL CALL MABELLE MILLER IEAN MITCHELL LOUISE NIEMANN DOROTHY ANN PERKINS ELIZABETH PHILLIPS DOROTHY IANE ROGERS PATIENCE SEWELL AILEEN SIMMS MAXINE WALLACE ELSIE BOWERS HELEN RIBEYRE CHARLOTTE SHEPERD KATHERINE HIGGINBOTHAM IANEY LOU IOHNSON PAYE BATEMAN PHYLLIS IEAN BLANCHARD EVELYN BRADEN KATHERINE BRETCH ELIZABETH COE MELVA COLLINS ALLIE LOU CONNOR DOROTHY IANE DUSTIN FLORA DEEN FINLEY KATHERYN HAYDEN MART WIRT HEAD IONNIE LEE INGLE LUCILE IACKSON IOSEPHINE KILPATRICK NANCY MARSH EMMA MOODY BETTE NANCE DOROTHY IANE PARKS MARY ANN PAXTON DELL PERKINS IOSEPHINE SULLIVAN MARY ELLIS TACK MARY TERRELL MARY IESSAMINE THOMPSON MARGARET BELL CAROL TAYLOR 'w" W' tx 1 1 5 1 I SIGMA DELTA TAU A x ' - ,. ' , ' wig!!-W ,,, IDAH MAXINE ABERSON Sigma Delta Tau was founded at Cornell University on March 17, l9l7. The six charter members were assisted by Nathan House who was their ritualist and honorary member of the order. Today, he is known as "Brother Nat" and as a tribute to him, no other man is permitted to wear the "Torch." At first the plan was to keep the society a local one but favorable reports regarding similar groups led to a policy of expansion. There are at present thirteen chapters of the national group with a membership of approximately fifteen hundred. The national government of the sorority is vested in an executive council, elected by the convention held biennially. lts members visit the chapters. Each active chapter undertakes some worthy charitable activity within the city of its establishment. An endowment fund aids worthy girls in maintaining themselves in college. A scholarship cup is annually awarded the chapter having the highest average. The badge is a torch of gold with a dia- mond tlame. Across the center of the torch 3i3?,3XH avi? 277 211 277 277 :if L AROUND THE HOUSE are the Greek letters of the order and be- low the letters are five pearls. ln the end of the torch handle is the sixth pearl. The local sorority became a member of the national organization on September 14, 1929. 7:55 a. m., SDT freshmen blaze the trail to higher education, 8:95, sophs, juniors, and seniors start to class, 8:lOV2, ldah Maxine reads the morning paper en route to h. e. Chigher educationl . . . Ethel Maurice plays guardian angel to Edythe as her publicity agent-what for?-well, never mind . . . for latest results on the eternal triangle, consult Rosaline, she should know . . . Friedman is disappointed-the only thing she failed to join is the Varsity Rowing Crew Cthere isn't onel . . . Claire and Sylvia are ideal room- mates, what with Claire's four quizzes and five reports due the following day, to say nothing of the midnight oil Sylvia burns to complete eleven art plates . . . Bomash is seriously considering adding an annex to her room in order to display her pictures . . . Mildred CBlonde Venusb Winer's portrayal of Popeye is flawless . . . Cupid has been kind to the SDT's, just ask Ella and the two Hannahs . . . Muriel chooses to remain si- lent on her associations with the li'l teller- how does she do it? . . . it seems that the cli- mate doesn't agree with Naomi or maybe it's the flowers she gets when in the infirm- ary . . . Fisher continues to lose weight-is it love or that twelve o'clock class? Page 279 ,L NMFS? Q 2--i 5 .A 5 541L1'3EIH3 LLLL 591 ,-L. - A ini fl EEE? "' F 5 mmm.' f LL -L E, L :E ,...-- KK-k L Li mm-. . 1 - , 2 i ' LL V- - E L f L M Top Row, left to righifMrs. Sadie Lyons, Icrcobsori, Bomash, E. Winer, Fi Second Row'--Aberson, Zak, Steinberg, Lindenbaum, Foreman. Bottom Row--Friedman, M. Winer, Goidenstern, Levinson, Gotilieb. Q' in A M si 'M ie' Sher. OFFICERS IDAH MAXINE ABERSON . . . President MILDRED WINER . . . Pledge Mistress MURIEL SPIRO . . . Secretary EDYTHE WINER . . Treasurer SIGMA DELT ROLL CALL IDAH MAXINE ABERSON EDYTHE WINER CECILE BOMASH HANNAH FOREMAN CLAIRE IACOBSON SYLVIA LINDENBAUM ELLA ZAK ROSE FISHER RGBERTA FRIEDMAN HANNAH STEINBERG ROSALINE GOLDENSTERN NAOMI LEVINSON MURIEL SPIRO MILDRED WINER ETHEL MAURICE GOTTLIEB Page 271 i i Q N tl PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Top Row, left to rightfDarlinq, Maschal, Selvidqe, Floyd, Cash, Bryan, Long, Be Ann Brown, Betty Brown, West. Bottom ROW--Grimes, Minnick, Hinshaw, Kirkpatrick, Aberson, Iacobson, Babcock. OFFICERS BE ANN BROWN ..... . President MURIEL IVIINNICK .... . Secretary KATHERINE KIRKPATRICK . . . Treasurer ' MEMBERS Alpha Chi Omega Delta Delta Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma MURIEL MINNICK CHRISTINE HOLLAND BE ANN BROWN MARIAN BABCOCK ESTHER BLACHMER BETTY BROWN Alpha Phi Delta Gamma Phi Mu REBEKAH SELVIDGE POLLY ATKINSON ELIZABETH STEWART KATHERINE KIRKPATRICK AVA MCWILLIAMS ELIZABETH WEST Alpha Xi Delta Gamma Phi Beta Pi Beta Phi FRANCES MASCHALL MARGARET LONG PAT SEWELL LUCILLE HINSI-IAW ELOISE BRYON POLLY ANNA MCBRIDE Chi Omega Kappa Alpha Theta Sigma Delta Tau MARY FRANCES FLOYD RUTH ELEANOR GRIMES IDAH MAXINE ABERSON IUANITA CASH RUTH DARLING CLAIRE IACOBSON BE ANN BROVVN The Pan-Hellenic Council is the organ of seli-government ot the sororities of Oklahoma University. Each sorority is represented on the Council by two members. Regular meetings are held at which time the difficulties oi both individual houses and those aiiectina sororities as a whole are discussed and acted upon. The Council seeks to establish a closer bond and relationship between sorority and non-sorority women. It was established on the O. U. campus in l9l2. Page 272 1' mr sr ct' First Row, left to right-Wright, Grant, Wilson, Nesbit, Whiteman, Stanton, White, Stolper, Axelrod. ll: Second How-Gibson, Stein, Cowan, Patrick, Meister, He-wgley, Morrison, Larson, Stuart, Gordon, Sandler. Third Row-Pilkington, Gentry, Burns, Iohnson, Smith, Tripplehorn, Rothrock, Barnes, Luttrell, Methvin. Phi Gamma Delta BILL WHITEMAN BOB STANTON Phi Delta Theta IACK BURNS HART WRIGHT Alpha Tau Omega IOE TRIPPLEHORN ARTHUR ELLSVVORTI-I Pi Kappa Alpha HUBERT GIBSON CLYDE PATRICK Phi Kappa Psi IIM HEWGLEY IERRY BECKETT Delta Tau Delta R. B. GENTRY DON PILKINGTON Alpha Sigma Phi FRANCIS MILLS LOUIS BARNETT Beta Theta Pi LOUIS V. STUART IACK LUTTRELL Sigma Alpha Epsilon FRED DUNLEVY BILL BARNES Acacia NORMAN SHUTLER GEORGE VERITY Delta Upsilon DICK COWAN BILLY MORRISON Kappa Alpha IOI-IN WILSON IOE GRANT Kappa Sigma NOLAN METHVIN RAY SNODGRASS Sigma Nu BILLY NESBITT GEORGE STEIN Sigma Chi MARK MEISTER MAURICE HANKINSON The student regulatory body for the social fraternities of the university is the Inter-Fraternity Council. Membership is made up of two representatives from each of the twenty-one member fraternities. Duration of office and qualifi- cation are left up to the individual houses. The Inter-Fraternity Council acts in cooperation with the Dean of Men and the administration in discussion and action on such problems as rush, pledg- inq, pledge life and initiation. The Council sponsors annually two cups for scholarship, one for large and one for small houses. Outstanding in the year's list of accomplishments is the abolishment by the Inter-Fraternity Council of concentrated fraternity hazing known as "Hell Week." Page 273 Pi Kappa Phi ROBERT LARSON PAUL IOHNSON Delta Chi BOB BUTLER DON DOUGLAS Phi Kappa Sigma HAROLD WHITE RENN ROTHROCK Phi Beta Delia MILTON GORDON CHARLES STOLPER Sigma Alpha Mu RAY SANDLER KENNETH AXELROD Theta Kappa Phi PAUL RAFFERTY BOB SMITH BILL WHITEMAN INTER- FRATERNITY COUNCIL ACACIA NORMAN Sl-IUTLER Acacia was established at the University of Michigan in 1904 by a group of mem- bers of a Masonic Club in the University which had started in l895. When interest in its work seemed to be lessening, some of the more active members began to plan for a national college Masonic organiza- tion. On April 30, the decision was reached to establish a fraternity to be known as Acacia and the next month officers were elected and the new fraternity was incor- porated under the laws of the state of Michigan. At the present time there are thirty-three active chapters of the organization with a membership total of approximately l0,00U. F or a few years members of other frater- nities were admitted to membership in Acacia, but dual membership is now pro- hibited and the chapters everywhere are classified with the Greek letter fraternity chapters in the institutions in which they are located. The government of the fraternity is vested ff! 1.54 f!! f!4 5.55 2 'Ri K4 RC ki 'RC we AROUND THE HOUSE in a grand conclave composed of delegates from the several chapters and meeting bi- ennially. The supreme executive body, the grand council, is composed of five mem- bers. The Oklahoma chapter was chartered into the national organization on May l, l92O. The local was known as the Okla- homa Masonic Club and was organized in l9l4 as a petitioning body of Acacia. Acacia's contribution to the hall of Shame is lack Morter because he has been places and has seen lots of things, if you don't be- lieve it just ask him . . . the ever blunder- ing and stammering Moore who takes life as a passing fancy . . . lohn L. Cas in lilyl Morgan, and "Casanova" Cfearhart are what make mothers keep their daughters out of universities . . . Elliott gives first- hand instruction in the grape vine swing while Harlan mopes subtly in the corner over futile love . . . with heads reminding one of the "wide open spaces," Cobb and Elliott look to the future in disgust . . . but maybe Shuiler will restore hopes to the "thin hairs" for he is on the lookout for such a restorer . . . and all honors are handed without question to Anderson and Scheffe for being the most destructive brutes of mankind . . . and mention must be made of loe Cline, No. l playboy, tap dancer and Romeo with a vengeance. Page 274 Top Row, left to riqhtfMrs, Rood, Cobb, Morter, Mitcham, Moore, Kueplin, Sandusky, I-Iarris, E. Elliott, Bolene. Second ROW--Iohnson, McAlister, Bradley, Cline, Allsman, Anderson, Lang, Snyder, Lange, Evatt. Third Row-Kidd, Ieremiah, Zimmerman, Luckett, Olson, G. Elliott, Verity, Swann, Davenport. Bottom ROWfShut1er, Easterwood, Scheffe, Smrcka, Satrapa, Gearhart, Morgan, Farmer, Williams. Page OFFICERS NORMAN SHUTLER . . . President IACK W. MORTER . . . Vice-President LINDSAY L. LONG . . . Secretary GEORGE VERITY . . Treasurer ACACIA ROLL CALL NORMAN SHUTLER I. L. FARMER HARRY ALLSMAN FRANK ELLIOTT ABE GEARHART IACK MOORE LINDSAY LONG IACK MORTER PAUL HARRIS HENRY EASTERWOOD DAVE BRADLEY KENNETH SWANN HARLAN IOHNSON IOHN L. MORGAN VICTOR LANGE EMANUEL BOLENE IIMMIE OLSON KENNETH IEREMIAH LEANDER MCALISTER 275 CHARLES COBB GENE MITCHAM WALTER SCHEFI-'E GEORGE SATRAPA HUBERT SMRCKA OSCAR ANDERSON CARL ZIMMERMAN HARRY LAMBERT ROGER PAYNTER IIMMY RAY IOHN V. MORGAN DON GILKISON GEORGE VERITY I. L. LUCKETT STANLEY WILLIAMS IOHN SNYDER CARL KREPLIN NORMAN SANDUSKY I OE CLINE GUY ELIOTT HUGH KIDD B. G. DAVENPORT BOB EVATT KENNETH HALL LE ROY BOLING HAROLD BONE TOM ED ROGERS OKLAHOMA ALPHA SIGMA PHI ,W , i ED SMITH Alpha Sigma Phi was founded at Yale College on December 6, l845, by Louis Manigault with whom were associated Stephen Crmsby Rhea and Horace Spang- ler Weiser, as a sophomore society and the founders announced their first elections and completed their initiations in l846. ln l8B3, it was discovered at the time of the elections that Alpha Delta Phi and Psi Upsilon had taken two men each from Alpha Sigma Phi and that Delta Kappa Epsilon had taken thirty-four. All of these senior societies held meetings of their mem- bership in Alpha Sigma Phi and expelled the opposing group. As a result, the faculty of the college stepped in and abolished Alpha Sigma Phi. Before the faculty could step in, however, the members of the order had done away with the records, rituals and paraphernalia of the fraternity and continued to have meetings, elect men and initiate them, al- though all of these proceedings were ex- tremely sub rosa, because of the faculty edict. ln l864, the faculty relented, but for- bade the resuming of the name, Alpha Sig- ma Phi, and Delta Beta Xi was organized gg gm 3-M Dk bm SM ,Emu :if 211 P71 771 2'2" AROUND THE HOUSE with a very thin veneer over the older or- ganization. Townsend, the ex-high mogul of the Schnozzle Club, went the way of all flesh and put out his pin last summer . . . and he's been faithful, tra-la-tra-la . . . Mills has been "waiting at the gate for Katie" a long time, but the rumor is assuming per- sistent proportions that he has gotten the gate from Katie . . . "ldabel" Sprague didn't get the shotgun salute his brothers promised him when they sent him snipe- hunting, but Charlie swears he learned his lesson . . . "Morpheus-man" Conroy has more hours of A in Sleep Science than any one in the University . . . Philbert Kilgore just will not use tobacco in any form for fear it will stunt his growth . . . that lady- killer Ed Smith has been lying to girls so long he is going sappy over his own slush . . . there goes Carr riding high between Norman and the City on his two-cylinder romance . . . Steve King, radical Bepubli- can from New York, has given up women and gone in for smoking his staggering array of dirty pipes, with research work in the geology school as a sideline . . . the good brothers are calling Barnett "mother" as a tribute to his skill as a nursemaid . . . That must be old Saclcett across the hall singing "You Turned the Tables on Me" . . . the girl from the deep South just re- turned his ring . . . 4 Page 276 18- I Top How, Ieit to right--Mrs. Irene Bcttclile CI-Iostessl, Walker, Evereit, Kilgore, Mallory, Mi S, II Pierce. 4 Middle Row-Sockett, Schultz, Sprunqe, McCoid, Smith, King, Church. Bottom ROWfBerry, Revcrrd, Townsend, Runycm, Burnett, Conrey, Carr. OFFICERS EDWARD SMITH . . . . . . President FRANCIS MILLS . . Vice-President IOHN LEIGH . . . Secretary EDWARD SMITH . Treasurer ALPHA SIG ROLL CALL Page 277 LOUIS BARNETT LEO BERRY WILLIAM CARR THURMAN CONREY GLYNN DE I-IASS NORMAN HASSLER C. M. KILGORE STEPHEN KING IOI-IN LEIGI-I LESLIE MCGEE FRANCIS MILLS WILLIAM NATION ISAAC PIERCE, IR. IOE SMALLEY EDWARD SMITH THOMAS WOOD HARRY FRYE CLYDE GRIFFEN SIDNEY PATTERSON ROBERT REVARD NORMAN SHULTZ CHARLES SPRAGUE IOI-IN RUNYAN ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA TAU OMEGA are GEORGE ALLEN Alpha Tau Omega was founded at Bich- mond, Virginia, on the eleventh day of September, l865, by Otis Allan Glazebrook, Alfred Marshall, and Erskine Mayo Boss. lt was the first fraternity to be established after the Civil War and was projected as a national organization. The Alpha or "Mother Society" was placed at the Vir- ginia Military lnstitute at Lexington, Vir- ginia, and the Beta at Washington and Lee University in the same town. The first twenty chapters were in the South. ln l88l the first Northern chapter was chartered. As this was the first fraternity of Southern origin which was successful in maintaining chapters in the North, it is interesting to note that this was accomplished through mem- bers of other fraternities. Dr. Edgar P. Smith, Phi Kappa Psi, later Provost of the University of Pennsylvania, who deplored the sectional prejudice which had balked Alpha Tau Omega in its purpose to become national, generously offerred to pledge a suitable Northern nucleus. N. Wiley Thomas, as student at Pennsylvania, was initiated and within two years established six northern chapters. A sudden expansion f!! Q!! ,LS 555 555 AROUND THE HOUSE of the fraternity resulted, fifteen chapters being chartered in l88l-82. Well, at last Givens has developed his high school romance into an engagement -and Nelson, Mills, and Trindle have all followed his example with pins in the same house, OhiOwbut Thompson takes the cake -he married the girl-Arthur Ellsworth, who had a head start, hasn't put his pin out yet-and after six years of college, Denzil Boyd, Sooner track star, hasn't been fast enough to do it either-on the other hand, the tables were turned on McVay, Green and l-luser-but l can't let this spring weather make me too romantic . . . We had lots of other fun last year-Parrish claims first entrance into the swimming pool, dat- ing back to last September . . . Goode vis- ited the Kappa house in his pyjammies late one night . . . Big Charlie Neill won a bed- room suite onalottery ticket . . . Hunter is batting l.UOO this year . . . Prince Albert achieved the nickname "Slugger" . . . will l ever forget Knight singing "Wahoo", or when l. B. went to Dallas to see the football game, or Triplehorn as the loan shark, or Gilley always trying to "pull a deal", Ca pol- itical phrasel, or George Allen, the only ATO with tails Ci. e., on his tuxedol, or when Peewee let the love bug bite him, or Henry, who thinks that an "A" average is fairly good, or Dilling who remains true to the girl back home after two years, or every- thing else. ie!!! WC Q wi we ki KC EC Page 278 4 . . 'I Q, H,-'nu ,q,,. ,mms rf figs. an - Y' I . r if 5 in rw i ' . ' ov: 1 Q y 6,1 5 fr . . . .gs , 1 A X' I L , Top Row, left to riqhl-'Mrs. Appleby, Hubbell, Iacobson, Palmer, Decker, Dilling, Arn, Ellsworth, Barker, Henry. Second Row-Foster, I. Reed, McDonald, Karns, Thompson, Eckes, I-Iuser, Hebert, Green, Collier. Third RowfNewton, Mesch, Boyd, Elliot, Parrish, Everts, Frensley, Barbour, Wriqht, Pellow. Fourth Row--Boke, Givens, Gilly, Knight, Neill Goode, W. Reed, McMahan, Nelson. Bottom RoWfTripplehorn, Mills, Blake, Tidemann, McVay, Hunter, Allen, MoBrayer, Smith. Page OFFICERS GEORGE ALLEN ..... IOE TRIPPLEHORN . IOI-IN HUNTER . . LEE IACOBSON ...... GEORGE P. ALLEN R. E. ARN IACK BARBOUR ROBERT BARKER MURVEL BLAKE WILLIAM GLEN BOKE DENZIL BOYD MARSHALL BROWN IACK COLLIER IEROME DILLING CHARLES EDDINS ARTHUR ELLSWORTI-I CLARENCE FOSTER RICHARD GILLEY I. O. GIVENS LEONARD C. GOODE WILLIAM CLAUD HENRY WILLIAM HUBBELL 279 A T O ROLL CALL IOI-IN HUNTER LEE IACoBsoN DAN W. KNIGHT I. R. MCBRAYER I. A. MCMAHAN DONALD MCVAY MARVIN MESCH IOI-IN MILLS CHARLES E. NEILL ROBERT NELSON OTTO NORMAN GAIL PALMER GEORGE THOMPSON FRED E. TIDEMANN IOE K. TRIPPLEHORN WALTER REED HOWARD WESTON BEN SHELBY MARK HANSON President . Vice-President . . Treasurer . Secretary PAUL LITTLE SAM HILL IOE REID ROY NUNN HARRY N UNN TOMMY FRENSLEY IOE STAEDLIN I. K. WRIGHT IOE ELLIOTT BILL ECKES ORVILLE SMITH BILL NEWTON WILSON EVERTS WORDEN PARRISH IIM I-IUSER ED KARNS MERT MCDONALD HERBERT WYCLIFFE ---'- - --1 - BETA THETA PI LOU STUART Beta Theta Pi was founded at Miami Uni- versity at Cxford, Ohio, its first formal meet- ing being held August 8, l839. lt is the oldest member of the Miami Triad. The moving spirit of the fraternity was lohn Reily Knox, '39. He is designated within the fraternity as "Pater" Knox. Due to the unpopular attitude toward secret societies by both students and pro- fessors at that time, the existence of Beta was kept in absolute secrecy. Member- ship was restricted to those who could be absolutely trusted. At one time in order to maintain the secrecy of the order it was necessary to hold a mock initiation for an undesirable student Who had found out about the secret fraternity at Miami. Gamma Phi chapter of the national frater- nity located at this University was granted a charter in l9U7, being the third national fraternity to establish a fraternity on this campus. gg gm bk tm 3-N BN. l ai? :ii 773 211 217 P14 2 AROUND THE HOUSE lt's dinner time again, and We just must have Roberts mess up one of our trickier songs. . .We haven't had a good laugh since this afternoon When Dean Hart let us in on why President Roosevelt Wants to pack the Court . . . there goes Brown main- taining the higher things in life for us . . . Earl takes the books guite seriously, but the dust that exists in books over here hasn't made him drab . . . ask Pi Phi Galt . . for the sake of chapter social prestige, We Wish Boddy would forget the Theta house . . . the marrying Betas seem to be doing all right . . . observe Czmun and Sneedy both get in the family cooking and their own studying with ease . . . hope we don't lose Tony to Aileen Simms . . . he has to handle our gavel next year . . . Guy Cobb gets the felt-lined bathtub for the best all-around in- cident of the year . . . funny what somnam- bulism will do to one, isn't it, Guy? . . . be quiet, Coburn, We don't care about Scot- land any more . . . "Truckin' " Gus Baker seems to have out-maneuvered seven-year man lack Hart . . . too bad Mary Wirt has no appreciation for polo, lack . . . with Ak- right moving out of the house We now have more annexes than we can handle . . . We regard De Lana's "Debutantes Delight" as a masterpiece of nomenclature . . . this Writeup Wouldn't be complete Without a serious and sincere Word of praise for Mrs. Miller, who has been a mother to us all . . . Page 288 f 4 I 'l , I I r I .Q 4 iff? ,, Vvzlb 4 gf A'if' ii W KAAVVAVVVVX V W -fe l 1 I I ' ., I f . - I Q 3 Q -I if Ii I Ld -"E:g' K my lv , Efzz " 1 Q I . qnl . ' A Y I' I 'fi-if 't'lii L' ll ' 1 , - A we . s t - 'A K bA.-2 z AVHVI kk.. V .14 51 L L. 2711- My 3 Aga.. . an f ,H X '53 . nf .na ,. . v 3, ,. , HV I I I 'mWI, V T 3' A T 'Q 'L "' P, A L25 I 1 A A An.. a Nu Top Row, left to right-Mrs. Miller, Dexter, Craddock, Buck, Roberts, C. Willbanks, Kelley, I. Hull, Gilliland, Minton, B dd C b ll o y, amp e . Second Row-Iohnson, Simpson, Crump, Hull, Sperry, Cook, Brown, Buckley, Brooks, A. King, De Lana, Champion. Third Row-McCullom, Askew, I. King, Gibson, Coleman, Snartt, S. Thomason, Wydike, Bouerrork, Gotwals, Bassard, Hadsell. Fourth Row-O. Wilbanks, Tippet, Barry, Luttrell, Bailey, Meeting, Milburn, Boren, Powell, Anderson, Barker, Robertson. Fifth Row-D. Davis, Baker, Akright, Drake, Stewart, G. Ozmun, Fort, S. Davis, Sykes, Ferguson, Knapp, Bartlett. Bottom ROW--Hart, Schaller, Galbreath, Calvert, Com, Walker, U. Wilson, I. Wilson, Parmenter, Root, Dawson, I. Ozmun, Fitzgerald. OFFICERS LOUIS V. STUART .... . . President EDWARD W. CORN . . Vice-President IAMES L. HULL ...... . Secretary RICHARD H. GILLILAND ..... Treasurer BETA ROLL CALL IAMES AKRIGHT RAYMOND DAWSON MICKEY ANDERSON DAVID DELANA ALBERT BAILEY IAKE EASTON GEORGE BARBER IOHN FERGUSON BILL BASSETT EDDIE BODDY GUY COBB FORT BILL GIBSON PAT BOWEN DICK GILLILAND DAVID BOWERSOCK IOI-IN DELL HADSELL EARL BROWN PHIL HARRIS DUANE BUCKLEY IACK HART HARLAN FRED BURCH DEAN HART KENNETH BURNS IAMES HULL HORACE CALVERT MELVIN IAOUIER BENSON CAMPBELL VICTOR IOHNSON SAM COLEMAN EDWARD CORN BILL CRUMP DWIGHT DAVIS ROGER DAVIS SIDNEY DAVIS Page 281 EDWARD KELLY COBURN KIDD ARTHUR KING GEORGE KNAPP BILL KN APPENBERGER IACK LUTTRELL BOB MCCRACKEN IACK McKAY CHARLES MINTON GROVER OZMUN IAMES POWELL BEN ROBERTSON LAMBERT ROOT BILL SIMPSON EARL SNEED LOUIS STUART SUTHERLAND SYKES CLYDE ASKEW GUS BAKER CHARLES BERRY IOE BEN CHAMPION RICHARD COOK FRED CRADDOCK HAROLD DEXTER SHAHAN DRAKE DENNY FITZGERALD IERRY GALBREATH CHARLES GOTWALS IAMES KING STUART MCCOLLOM HERBERT MEETING KENNETH MILBURN HARRY ROBERTS FRANK SCHALLER BERT SPERRY DUB SNARTT STAN THOMASON IOHN TIPPITT IAMES UPDIKE ROSCOE WALKER CRAN WILBANKS ORION WILBANKS IACK WILSON WAYNE WILSON CHARLES BARTLET ARCH PARMENTER DELTA TAU DELTA R. B. GENTRY Delta Tau Delta was informally organized at Bethany College, Virginia Clater West Virginial, in the spring of l858, but the for- mal organization was not effected until early in l859. The first distinctively Southern fraternity, the Rainbow or W. W. W. society, united with Delta Tau Delta in l886, after lengthy negotiations. The Rainbow fraternity was founded in l848 at the University of Mis- sissippi. ln February, l922, Delta Sigma Delta, the local petitioning body, became Delta Alpha chapter of the national fraternity, after an extended period of petitioning. Prominent alumni of this early group include such men as: loseph Brandt, director of the University Press, Tully Nettleton, assistant editor of the Christian Science Monitor, Lowell Bidings, South American geolo- gical authority 5 Dr. Elgin Groseclose, University faculty. gg 2 ,AQ ,AQ A4 AQ 'kg mc! Vai Vai A ki I fi, ki AROUND THE HOUSE Thirty years from now, sit back in your easy chair, light your pipe, and while your grandchildren sit on your knee, think back on the days in '37 when: Sutton got the Tri Delt and Chi O fingers in two months and then tried to break into the Alley-Fleming affair with little success . . . l-laskell lost the DeeGee and rebounded to the prexy of the Tri D's . . . Baines straightened up after the Kappa romance and became the B. D. M. C. C .... Gilbert remembered the numbers "l4" and "35" . . . lvy-Roberts-Allen triangle turned into a wrecktangle . . . Caudill fi- nally married the girl . . . Harris and Tabor became political big-shots . . . Cline, Mc- Donald, Clancy and Charlie l-loussiere re- ally had the "bots" . . . Caviezel was com- muting from Tulsa . . . Webber inherited the Truman complex . . . lunior Wilson re- ceived mail frorn a girl in Mississippi-and she thought his name was Parks . . . "Bing" Crosby ended the"Armistice" . . . Pilking- ton had two dates with the same girl . . . Price won a bet by telling the truth once . . . the Peek-a-boo-rah-rah girl from Enid was too popular to suit "l-lorizontal Champ" l-lale . . . "Slats" Garnett finally graduated . . . Craig was wondering about Eberle-or vice versa . . . the love bugs got Bailey . . . with Keehn, things just got Verser and Verser . . . Evans lost "Susie" and tried to run under Creasy . . . Gentry still thought "you can't do this to ME" . . . and there were more just plain old bull-sessions than Lucas and Ernie l-loussiere had girls. Page 282 '35 . V,,.:f I A R - .. if I 5. 4 Q . r " . 11, H -'A: if r""t I , .,:V, i .A X r - I M skin rf rrlr ':MQ " Y g . G. .'Ai ,V . DELTA rg-2 -. z k-hh ,.I ,I :.1- E K z I an K gy I 4 .. A l i ,.::: f ' 5 If WT. ' ' , A f 4 I A x 1 "9 1' A 5 I ' K I , I ali' J R if H . Q II Al ' I A Q .A. . ., , 1 sf , ' I Q I . .- - -'.: . 4. - fr". "f::.: in S 'Q ff' ' . ff - , 1 ' :M H "' l + - F' ... t l . X , W W W in 1 , L X r Top Row, left to right'-Mrs, Allen, E. Houssiere, Allen, Price, Shaw, Cheadle, Cooper, Moss, Wilson, Iones, Cline. Second Row---McDonald, Haskell, Caviezel, Clancy, Sallceld, Bond, C. Houssiere, Dixon, Beach, Ivy, Garnett. Third Row--Sook, Proctor, Sutton, Caudill, Dooley, Pitts, Eads, Robie, Gilbert, Pilkington, Bailey. Fourth Row -Harper, Smith, Tabor, Gentry, Hale, Disney, Battle, Webber, Vandaveer, Craig. Bottom Row-Raines, Adams, Evans, Keehn, Hughes, Sullivan, Low-e, Crosby, Harris, Richards. OFFICERS R. B. GENTRY ..... . . President IAMES H. TABOR . . . . . Vice-President HARRY ALLEY ........ Secretary L. DONALD PILKINGTON . Corresponding Secretary DONALD P. BAILEY ....... Treasurer DELT ROLL CALL rf . IAMES E. ADAMS BILL LUCAS HARRY SUFFIELD IOHN CHEADLE WAYNE M. ALLEN LOGAN MCDONALD IAMES H. TABOR NORBERT PROCTOR RALPH CLINE E. L. EVANS DAVID VANDAVEER BRINKER IVY MAURICE CLANCY DONALD BAILEY ANDY CROSBY MAX COOK KAY CAUDILL DAVID K. CRAIG RICHARD DISNEY KAY GARNETT R. B. GEN TRY ERNEST HOUSSIERE CHARLES HOUSSIERE FRED IONES KENNETH HARRIS Page 283 IOHN MCCLELLAND HAROLD KEEHN DON PILKINGTON CARROL RAINES GEORGE ROBIE ROBERT E. SHAW BILL SUTTON W, O. WEBBER HARRY ALLEY ROBERT COOPER FRANK HUGHES I OE CAVIEZEL TOM ENSCH IIM PETERS BUNN HALE ERNEST HASKELL GEORGE PRICE KENNETH LOWE BURDETTE SMITH HAROLD HARPER HARRY GILBERT IIM BEACH PAUL SULLIVAN PHIL SALKELD HERBERT BRANAN ABNER BOND IIM RICHARDS IIM EADS ORVILLE DIXON IAMES MURPHY HOWARD FITTS GENE MOSS W. KYLE DONNELL LEONARD BATTLE LESLIE WILSON IOE HARGIS EARL MORRIS DALE DOOLEY PLATHO P. SCOTT CHARLES DOW DELTA UPSILON BILL MORRISON Delta Upsilon was founded as an organ- ized protest against the domination in col- lege affairs of the small groups forming the secret societies. The parent chapter was formed at Williams College on November 4, 1834, and was variously known as the Social Fraternity, The Equitable Fraternity, and Ouden Adelon. This last was the chapter to adopt the name of Delta Upsilon and the present badge. ln 1917 the constitution of the fraternity was amended so as to state legally what has always been morally true, that a man becoming a member of the fraternity by initiation, remained such to the time of his death. Delta Upsilon has the distinction of being the oldest national fraternity on the campus of the University of Oklahoma. The local, Delta Pi, was organized in 1921 and made a scholastic name as a petitioning body before the charter was received in 1927. A D. U. in everything and every D. U. in something is a slogan the boys have lived up to-consult "About the Campus" for fur- ther details . . . folks are still wondering ,Q gg 3:4 ,gag :gag :QQ P71 pil 217 F7 P7 P7 F AROUND THE HOUSE where "Grumbling" Grooms and "Horrible" Holden managed to pick up the feather . . . things did happen at the picnic even if it did rain-two pins went out that day and it is rumored that the young ladies claim the congratulatory kisses weren't alto- gether brotherly . . . Embry's love for Mont- gomery-better known as "Monty the Pup" -is a mystery to all of the fellows . . . to show their humble appreciation to Brother Ohenault for his efforts in their behalf the pledges unloaded him on a sorority porch in rather informal sleeping attire . . . Pete Peterson turned out to be a super high pres- sure salesman when he talked "Marble Head" Dunnett into paying his engine club dues for the first time in five years . . . Otho Smythe almost had something when he kidded Theta l-lonnold into wearing his pin but the fun wore off and Otho is look- ing for someone who will be serious about it . . . Morrison has managed to maintain his dancing prestige . . . Raymond Reed doesn't hold out any etchings to entice sus- ceptible senoritas, but he has been doing some interpretive, futuristic, and definitely suggestive candid cameraing while AWOL from the Kappy house . . . who can for- get McOoy's ludicrous attempt to be unob- trusive on his journey from the Sig Alph to the D. U. house in tails and accessories that Saturday afternoon at three . . . Bill Hen- thorne, self-styled triple threat man of intra- mural fame, talks -the best football game we've heard . . . I Page 284 I .rig ies' Iilligiiii Top Row, left to right-Mrs, Iarrell, Richards, Cloudman, Harris, Woodard, Reed, Robinson, --, Nicholas, Myers. Second RoWfEmbry, Peterson, Gruver, Morrison, Chenault, Hill, Burke ,Tucl-ter, Daubenheyer, Linebauqh. Third Row-Langdon, Morehouse, Grossman, Robinson, Rapp, Cowan, Smythe, Hutchcraft, Atkinson, Reynolds. Bottom Row-Dawson, Lucas, Linebaugh, Martin, Shibly, Humphreys, Iones, Harris, Smith, Bowen. Page OFFICERS W. P. MORRISON, IR .... IAMES A. EMBRY . . RICHARD H. COWAN . BEN W. NICHOLAS ..... IOI-IN A. ATKINSON B. B. BURKE NATHAN B. CHENAULT RICHARD H. COWAN H. W. DAUBENI-IEYER IULIAN L. DAWSON DAN R. DUNNETT IAMES A. EMBRY I. EWERT MCCAUGHEY WALDO L. CROSSMAN CLARK A. GRUVER IAMES HANING DAVID B. I-IUTCHCRAFT WESLEY LANGDON ROBERT OWINGS 285 D. U. ROLL CALL BILL MOREHOUSE W. P. MORRISON, IR. IACK W. MYERS D. S. HARRIS BEN W. NICHOLAS N CHARLES E. PEIERSo RoR RAPP RAYMOND REED E. M. REYNOLDS, IR. SIDNEY RICHARDS WILLIAM o. SMYTHE IOE TUCKER HERBERT WOODARD F. P. ROBINSON, IR. . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary . Treasurer D. HADEN LINEBAUGH RALPH BOWEN HARRY CLOUDMAN FRANK C. GRIESE RICHARD L. HARRIS BEN S. HILL I. R. HOLDEN HARRY T. HUMPHREYS HERBERT IONES DAVID LINEBAUGH VANCE LUCAS VILLARD MARTIN, IR. EARL ROBINSON M. C. SHIBLEY, IR. DARWIN C. SMITH OKLAHOMA ALPHA 1 KAPPA ALPHA ,L .Q 'ffm ' if f .z fa A 19,1 .A - Ax-I IOHN WILSON Kappa Alpha was founded at Washing- ton College, now Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia, on Decem- ber 2l, 1865. The fraternity was established with the idea of creating an organization to foster and maintain the manners, customs, and ideals of character and achievement of the Southern people. Washington and Lee University, under the presidency of Kappa Alpha's Bobert E. Lee, was considered the appropriate place for the inauguration of the fraternity. lt has confined itself to the South with the exception of planting three chapters in California. For more than twenty years there has been no convention considera- tion of extension beyond the "cchosen limits" and the policy is declared to be fixed. After several months' existence as a local fraternity the petitioning body was granted a charter as Beta Eta chapter of Kappa Alpha in l9U5, being the first national social fraternity on the campus of the University of Oklahoma. e4f'we!4we'gem4"g4w4!4w4'!4w:'! AROUND THE HOUSE K, A.'s to the right of us, K. A.'s to the left of us, and not a drop to drink-except for educational uplift . . . the Texas Club, or- ganized for the benefit of those boys who find solace in a week-end of retreat from the strife of everyday life, is now in full swing, under the inspired leadership of "Pinhead" Batson, and his chief Lieutenant, "Stinky" Caldwell . . . with the coming of spring, tra la, and the turning of young rnen's fancies toward thoughts of love, oh Agnes, two Southern Gents have gone and done it-"Bosie" Bell finally gained top position, roped and pinned Ma Belle Miller, Pi Phi siren, and established himself there- by as a top hand-"Odds" Grant and Fellers just couldn't stand it any longer either, so now Lucy Ellen is wearing loe's pin, and loe is giving 2 to l odds it will be everlasting . . . What kind of birds do not fly, besides Chickens-Holbrook . . . Also, Swanson wants to know who is kissing her now . . . "Pappy" Kline has been dis- graced-he has been refused, and utterly turned down by the "Women's Auxiliary" of the Texas Club . . . Shaw is very non- committal when asked where he got his nickname, although he swears it isn't the truth-and he isn't the pure, unadulterated, sweet boy who came up from Ada, last fall, ignorant of the pitfalls of life . . . "T-Bone" Grant doesn't know, half of the time, which side the fence he is on-just ask Bretch . . . Fellows would like to get on the loose, but Evie won't allow it. Page 286 s if -, - I - 'i w Ls.. '95 I S., . Z i YI' D iug, QQ? z ,JW ' ' ' zg' I ' I A--v I ,Z,,. . A y ' A x YQ. . .. I A BETA Ii, .f 1 . A I 1 ETA Qs , I' Q KIAIIA I 4 f f-:li , ' I f . '1 I r . . . I :'1 . 2, 4 x 5 N A W .I . . In IA "-, ' :..: " '- x 3 - J. . T Ia' Q1 ff-gy-:M ,-" ri, 'F ig' , ,- J I fr . w .,, . N, I f R E, if N I " ' VA I I -,g4n,.g1', , . . ,AV .V R ,k,.n , I " . m ' I I f - -5 I1 I Q A f. H I J I T' -3 . '.,'2' 2.: . 'I r S rss 9, 1' . + I I' iv ' V I ' A . 5 - I ""1- f . '1:-: I . - . I ggz' , I , 'P Sf I +1 ff f Y ' af' ' . Top Row, left to right-Mother Long, Rolls, Hubbcrrcl, Curry, McCompbeII, R. Holbrook, F. Holbrook, Horries, I. Grant, Hall. Second Row-Finerty, Fellows, Croiq, McCampbeIl, Coldwell, Bell, Bcxtson, Bcrrry, Kline, Miller. Third Row-Zodik, I. Wilson, White, S. Wilson, Shields, Show, Porter, Mitchell, Lovelace, Mayhull. Bottom HOW-A-Liitle, Newion, Clement, Alridqe, Rousek, Byer, Spieimon, T. Grcrnt, Starrett. OFFICERS IOHN B. WILSON, IR. . . . President CHARLES R. FELLOWS . . Vice-President KENNETH CRAIG . . . Secretory KENNETH LITTLE . . . . Purser WILLIAM C. BELL . . Sociori Chorirrncrn I. ERNEST BATSON WILLIAM C. BELL GENE CURRY RAYMOND CLEMENTS KENNETH CRAIG CHARLES PELLOWS BURDETTE C. GRAHAM IOE GRANT TOM GRANT TOM GREEN PINLEY HOLBROOK FRANCIS HUBBARD KENNETH LITTLE RAYMOND MAYHALL Page 287 K. A. ROLL CALL BUDDY MARTIN ROBERT T. MITCHELL RICHIE MILLER IAMES MCCALL DAN RALLS IOHN STERRETT IOHN B. WILSON, IR. SIMS WILSON DOYLE WHITE I. W. ZADIK GAIL ALDRIDGE BILL BARRY IOHN BYARS WALTER CALDWELL PRED P. FINERTY BILLY HALL RAY HOLBROOK ROBERT KLINE RICHARD LOVELACE B. D. MCCAMPBELL GEORGE NEWTON STUART PORTER THELBERT PORTER IAY ROUSEK CHARLES A. SHAW IOHN SHIELDS VICTOR G. SPIELMAN LOUIS SWANSON IAMES STEVENSON KAPPA SIGMA . Q Qftfrg-,K Kfij' l X. T' NOLAN METHVIN Kappa Sigma was established at the University of Virginia on December lO, l869. The founders were not denied the oppor- tunity to become associated with some of the dozen fraternities of the time at the University but three of them, William Grigsby McCormick, Edmund Law Rogers, lr., and Frank Courtney Nicodemus, had been close friends as young men in Balti- more. They desired to form their own asso- ciation under their own leadership, which resulted in the formation of Kappa Sigma. The relations of these three and the other two founders were so close that in the litera- ture and tradition of the fraternity they are known as the "five friends and brothers." Kappa Sigma has leased the room, No. 46 East Lawn, University of Virginia, where the fraternity was founded, as a memorial. During the fraternity's semi-centennial cele- bration in l9l9, a tablet was placed in the room commemorating the founders and the founding. BN 3-lx Emi 3-N 3-'M 211 271 P77 vii 211 :WCM 2 AROUND THE HOUSE Sandford and Gittinger both made the presidents class-the house of Gittinger scores again . . . Andy Reid can follow better than most girls on the dance floor- Wantland also has rhythm in his feet . . . Endicott and Soper haven't missed a week- end in treking off to the fair City . . . it must be his beautiful CPD recreation room that attracts King to the City . . . lack Caldwell, Tennebaum's friend, hails from the over-grown village of Chicago . . . lack Cstay-combl Baer, of double-C fame, is the Big all-round athlete around here, so he thinks . . . l-lerman Ctown-halll Bush keeps the humor developing around the house . . . E rank Graham and Chilton are doing their best to pay off the mortgage on the old homestead . . . the Tulsa flash, Bill LaBue, can not decide which one of the beautiful girls on the campus he wishes to be seen with . . . Lyle Cl-lotel Blackl Nichols hails from Texas, but he seems to know the City fairly well . . . Methvin appears as a rather calm person most of the time, but you should have been in his vicinity Easter . . . Bay Cno-datel Snodgrass and Marvin Cbody-beautifull Snodgrass aren't in the least alike to be brothers, but each hopes to pass the state bar someday . . . Eugene Csonnyl Ledbetter is like his dad in more ways than one--take heed senior. . . Bohart runs his scout troop on a fraternity basis . . . Westmoreland is better known as the Antlers hill-billy." l Page 288 1 Top Row, lelt Io right-Mrs. Nifonq, Gittinger, Ledbetter, Methvin, Tippit, Iones, Sanford, Caldwell, Wantland, Spurrier. Second ROW-Reid, Rusch, Westmoreland, Meacham, Williams, Endicott, Mullen, Cutchall, Tuthill, Swartz. Third RoWfCobean, Gamble, Britain, R. Snodgrass, M. Snodgrass, McCall, MacCauIey, Riddle, Baer, Iames. Bottom Row-Pierce, Swank, Soper, Van Horn, La Rue, Chenoweth, Bohart, Huddlesion, Nichols, Graham. OFFICERS Page NOLAN METHVIN .... ROY SANFORD . . . IARVIS PIERCE . . ANDREW WILLIAMS . NOLAN METHVIN IARVIS PIERCE WOODROW HUDDLESTON EARL WESTMORELAND FRANK GRAHAM ANDREW WILLIAMS IACK RIDDLE EARL HURD ROY SANFORD IACK BRITAIN HARRY ENDICOTT IOHN CHENOWETH VERNON MULLEN HOLLAND MEACHAM IACK BAER IACK MURRAY IACK LENERTZ ROY GILL 289 KAPPA SIG ROLL CALL ITHMER TUTHILL IIMMIE GAMBLE CHILTON SWANK W. C. TIPPIT SAM COBEAN RUPERT FOGG SELWYN IONES DEAN CUTCHALL HERALD VAN HORN PHILIP BOHART IOHN SWARTZ GENE LEDBETTER BILL LA RUE RAY SNODGRASS MARVIN SNODGRASS ANDY REID IERRY IAMES KING SPURRIER . President Vice-President . Treasurer . Secretary IACK CALDWELL HERMAN RUSCH O. T. MCCALL CHARLES WAN TLAND LYNN BURKES . IOHN GITTINGER BOB FREELAND CLIFTON MCCOWAN MORRIS MCDANNALD LYLE NICHOLS DON MCCAULEY DICK SOPER EARL TAYLOR BILL IOHN SON BOB SLOAN CLAYTON DIAL BURNETT BAKER WALTER MCCOWAN GAMMA KAPPA PHI BETA DELTA MILTON GORDON Phi Beta Delta was founded at Columbia University on April 5, l9l2. lts purpose is to inculcate among its membership a finer spirit of loyalty, activity and scholarship toward their Alma Mater, to develop the highest ideals of conduct and to promote a close fraternal bond through means of carefully selected associates. The policy of expansion is conservative and new chapters are admitted as they can be absorbed and only upon the fulfillment of definite entrance requirements including faculty endorsement. Sigma Beta Tau was organized as a peti- tioning body in l-921 and was installed as lota Chapter of Phi Beta Delta in 1922. Throttle wide open, big feet off the brake, Phi Beta Delta came into its silver anniver- sary year-but it was a gift of stone, in a retaining wall and not silver that contractor Phil Stolper and the pledges gave to keep the old-homestead at home . . . Gordon, now in his sixth year in that five year ,pe ,pe ze ,Ae ,ze ,Ae AROUND THE HOUSE course, expects to graduate, soon-in l94O . . . "it's not thin," says loe Kantor, of his hair, "l'm just taking those treatments be- cause my scalp is dry" . . . a letter from Memphis says that Al Bensinger is fondly called there, "Budder-nose" . . . to those who called Elliott "pea-brain," he's got a Phi Beta Kappa Key now . . . notice, Leo Marks, with his eye on Buffalo Mask, has made himself known to play-goers . . . Leon Davis, "Tuff Mugg" prexy, was more than frightened during the taxi strike, they say . . . Selinger, cheer leader, started something when he organized cheering at the basketball games-PBAlSE BE! . . . Stanley Paul's spook-party decorations made sensitive female flesh crawl at the spring house party . . . they tell me that Bishkin plans to live in the chapter room, it's so roomy . . . our library is growing, but Bosenstein says, "l've read a book" . . . strange the results King gets from his unique method of studying the law-or is it? . . . remember initiation when Captain Privett told Kahn, Singer, and Alpern that if he were invited he could be conditioned not to mind their Sweet Adolining . . . l couldn't say that Good Gordon is the tightest treasurer in the world, because l ain't been to China . . . that strange noise you hear is l-lechter, the Canuck, talking to Schuman, who won't talk . . . oh, yes, Bussak and Lieppman were ribboned be- tween semesters, thank God! Lluq wc RQ' wc Ti wc Qi ' Page 290 'gi Ha . 'Q' . A .L' :iii ' ' A 'llu D ,M E' 1 I, f i,II I , - 1 , Q ., A' i Q. v . K :-- 1 I- 1 I . V y m"S -': - I R L52 W H Page IOTA Top Row, left to TIQhffMTS. Levine, Marks, Singer, Alpern, Davis, Hechter, Kahn, Liepprnan, Second Row--Russak, P. Stolper, Schuman, Rosenstein, E. Davis, Koeniqsdori, Kratzer, Hockstein. Third Row-Paul, Wienshienk, F. Gordon, Kanior, M. Gordon, Bishkin, Feenberg. Bottom Row--Lee, Bravo, Mesirow, C. Siolper, B. Gordon, Bensinqer, Selinqer. OFFICERS MILTON I. GORDON . . President AARON T. MESIROW . . Vice-President A. LEON HOCKSTEIN . . . Secreiary EELIX B. GORDON . . Treasurer PHI B. D. ROLL CALL MILTON I. GORDON NATHAN LEE LEON DAVIS BERNARD L. GORDON WILLIAM KOENIGSDORF AARON T. MESIROW LEO MARKS IOSEPH MEYERS EARL SCI-IUMAN IOSEPH KANTOR FELIX GORDON STANLEY WIENSHIENK ALFRED BENSINGER 291 CHARLES STOLPER LEONARD LIEBERMAN ROBERT BRAVO ROBERT ROSENSTEIN A. LEON I-IOCKSTEIN ELLIOTT DAVIS SIDNEY SELINGER LEONARD KRATZER STANLEY PAUL EUGENE PEENBERG HAROLD BISHKIN NOAH BUTKIN ERWIN ALPERN ALEX SINGER BOB KAHN GERALD LIEPPMAN GERALD HECHTER MORRIS RUSSAK PHIL STOLPER PHI DELTA THETA f ff lERRY GWIN Phi Delta Theta, the second member of the Miami Triad, was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, on December 26, 1848. There were six charter members. ln the year following organization, one of the first initiates was Benjamin l-larrison, later to become President of the United States. During its first years, the fraternity was strictly sub rosa and it was not until 1852 that the badges of the order were worn openly. By that time the parent chapter had installed four chapters in the middle west, the first of these being at lndiana in 1849. These chapters have been in contin- uous existence since the days of their founding. During the first thirty-five years of the fra- ternity, anti-fraternity laws caused a por- tion of the chapters either to suspend oper- ations or to become sub rosa. Almost with- out exception, these chapters have been re- vived, the last being Lawrence College in Wisconsin. This was done only last year. General fraternity headquarters are maintained at Oxford, Ohio, where the ex- ecutive secretary is in charge. ,eq 3-as an DBA bk BND :if :vi 211 P71 21" :if - AROUND THE HOUSE Oklahoma Alpha was established on this campus on lanuary 2, 1918, and was found- ed from the old local of Delta Theta. Bill "Bubbles" Baffety made his grades . . . for the first time in four years Mac Boring didn't let his pin wander . . . Bill Martin fi- nally kissed a girl, and then asked her to marry him to make an honest woman of her . . . Tee Connelley started bringing his dates in the front door instead of the base- ment entrance . . . the boys woke up to the dirty double-crossing ways of those peren- nial heels, the Tri Delts . . . Shag Champ- lin's star rushee pledged Beta through the combined efforts of the entire Beta Chapter and Shag . . . Bob Prince hit school at mid- semester and all the brothers started look- ing for low bridges and culverts, to get out of the wind storm . . . Ken Carpenter, our es- teemed social chairman, took a drink on September 25, and from the looks of some of the rushee dates he's been getting the freshmen, he's been drunk ever since . . . Norman Nash wishes to thank the Pi Phi's publicly for the swell bid to their dansant . . . Ben l-lutchins plans to throw a beer bust for the boys as soon as a certain Tri Delt keeps just one of the dates he has with her . . . members of our S. A. club: Pres., Bey- noldsg Vice Pres., Beynoldsg Sec. and Treas., Beynoldsp Member, Beynoldsp Pledge, Beynolds . . . God's gift to Phi Delta Theta, that's right, the freshman class of 36-37 . . . COUOTE-The Phi Delt Preshmanl Page 292 3 , 3' I 19' A QR - AQ! Q in ' 'ffllt K" I Q A 6 1 Q s ' 'ff " .1 I ,x ' ' I iv If 4 A - A ' ,L t I 1 , I . 3 1 g OKLAHOMA I 'I' If! f 3 ". I3 Q A gs . ALPHA I A 4 Vgni ' ' V 5 I W I L I I lb 'f I I 'f 2,3 S E wa-,ali 12 if 5 II.I LEU I in f I 5 PEI V K Nv ,,:Vik , I SF, . k if .. . A A 1 V 7 K Q, A .vg F 6 Q, w g A 'Z yt' gh' ic. if A Q MI:-r his ii. ' SS :Q J 7.3, .. , if. u I T Yr Hx f-2 Av gg mg ' . A A LKAPI. An 1? If AIX 3 QS 1, Vasu' Us A a gg. I I mf . f ' :,'f: fl A f' iff" 'I'- 'i AV' I I ..S " f QU T - E OFFICERS IERRY GWIN ...... . President GEORGE MONTGOMERY . . Secretary IACK BURNS ........ Treasurer B. B. BAREFOOT GUS BEALMEAR MAC O. BORING NED BROOKS BUD BROWNING IACK BURNS KENNETH CARPENTER BILL CARROLL GEORGE CHAMPLIN DAVE CONNELL TEE CONNELLY IOE DAVIS HERSCHEL FRENCH IVOR GOUGH CHARLES GROOMS IERRY GWIN CHARLES HABERLEIN CARL HELM PAT HENRY IAMES HOCKER IACK HUFF P ge 293 PHI DELT ROLL CALL IIMMY KINCAID BILL MARTIN PHIL MEACHAM STUART MERWIN GEORGE MONTGOMERY MAX MORGAN BILL REIPF BILL REYNOLDS SPENCER ROWAN RUSSELL STEWART IOHN TAYLOR HART WRIGHT WILSON MOORE BOB PRINCE BOB CARD BILL BEATTY ED BEAVERS BOB CASON CHARLES CASSIDY IOHN CHAMPLIN RUPUS GOODWIN CHARLES HENDERSON BYRON IONES BOB KLABZUBA IOHN LYBRAND ALEX MCCOY DOUGLAS MCKEEVER WILBUR MCMURTRY IIMMY MCNATT ED MARSHALL BOB MASON NORMAN NASH BILL RAPFETY DONALD RUSSEL PAUL SIPES LIN TRUEBLOOD GEORGE WADSACK DICK WEGENER ED WITHERSPOON BEN HUTCHINS IIM SHEPHERD IOHN SHIRK CLYDE DAVIS PHI GAMMA DELTA ' E,, BILL WHITEMAN Phi Gamma Delta was founded in the room of lohn Templeton McCarty in "Fort Armstrong," a dormitory of lefferson Col- lege, Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania, on the night of April 22, l848. Constitution was adopted on May l, l848, which is recog- nized by the fraternity as founders day. The first meeting of the fraternity pro- vided for the establishment of "foreign chapters." The patronage of lefferson Col- lege being largely from southern states, it was natural that expansion should be in the South, and eleven of the first sixteen chapters organized prior to the Civil War were located in southern states. The McMillan Log Cabin, the first leffer- son College building at Cannonsburg, is in the perpetual care of the fraternity and bears a bronze tablet in honor of the found- ers. ln l909 all the graves of the founders were marked with suitable memorials. After petitioning four years the local fra- ternity called Phi Kappa Pi Was granted a charter as Nu Cmega chapter of the na- tional fraternity on March 4, l9l7. !4 !4 2 !Q 5,54 I!! mi' Wei! ki, WQQI ki Vai VCC AROUND THE HOUSE Typical spirit of the cannibal land pre- vailing throughout the Fiji house . . . With rush over the older members have hopes of the country club closing down-still later- country club atmosphere still at hand . . . McWilliams declaring that the grade aver- age Will be so low that We all might as Well quit school . . . "Gamers Men's Store" Cook doing his best to beat the brothers and pledge-brothers out of their dates . . . "Toar" Martin, Freddie Aurin's boy, declared to be the outstanding, at least the biggest, fresh- man in the class . . . Hall Collinson, the Ar- kansas City flash, has at last given up the "lkey" deal in Tulsa for some Ardmore flash-While "little" brother Harry still con- tinues to drag up the proverbial end of all of his "deals" . . . rumors are circulating to the effect that William Worthy Whiteman has put out another pin for the S.A.E. lodge . . . Trippet continues to tell everyone about his activities, and they still continue to be- lieve them . . . crowded front room-it must be Bill Davis of Dartmouth fame reiterating his skiing experiences, no, Wrong again, lunior "Chopin" Walker is plucking tender strains from the piano . . . Eddie Torribo, the Sooner one man track team still modestly declares that he has Won only three-fourths of the meets this year . . . Lobo Von Strong Heart, the self adopted police dog is sick, and there must be absolute silence-some- thing, is this the Fiji house or Pete Howard's hospital for sick-Well, let it gol . . . Page 294 .fr . . li Y. x At? -A V K xi 7. . in I , - I , . I 5- I 'F l 'U' 1. P' F A """59i 'Q . W.. - I . is 1 I I . s . if - nr . NI . I 1 all V:". '- 2 . 0 - M 9 A F at mil, K it 6 3 -,,,.,gh.z- Q- wx an an r as Y ,.:,v .vu L 3 "in ,,, 7' A . ' 4, . . V 4,4 rw , er M A fs OMEGA ' W' , -+., f:: ' .V f 1 h L I - F 1 K a r , vb 'Wg ap ' lm .7 .3 il .lay 'QQ W- ' E. I b 'W l i 75" I 5, 5 ...,.- 4- L 5 .ar g , F 53, My . 4-1 I l mn . usual 6 S ,Dba M I ri -:Q V C S. gp K gp R V .PQ . gi.. .-2. . X., A Vi 1, 4- . it rf jf 1' by ,iff . ,,ii is . A 3 .is Y Q K h bu - 'N A 3 .. ya Top Row, left to right-Mrs. Aultman, Stanton, Tait, Chandler, Grady, Lowery, Collinson, Harry Collinson, Alman, Walker, Dow, Mott. Second Row -,-- Hoque, Clark, Minniq, Will, Danielson, Davis, Tway, Asbury, C. Martin, Toribio, Finney, Roark. Third ROW--Cook, R. Shipley, Matson, Nieman, Ecton, Trippet, Govan, Howard, Fullenweider, Aurin, White, Bayliss. Fourth Row-Alexander, Poe, Trower, Ross, Roop, Shaw, Corbyn, Brosseau, Blackstock, Findley, R, Pischel, Wheeler. Fifth Row-Durland, W. Martin, Langdon, W. Shipley, McBrayer, McWilliams, F. Martin, M. Pischel, Coombs, Whiteman Page Ward. OFFICERS W. W. WHITEMAN .... . President BOB GRADY . . . ..... Treasurer HALL COLLINSON . . Corresponding Secretary FRANK MARTIN ........ Historian PHI GAM ROLL CALL BOB GRADY IOE MARTIN PETE HOWARD IIMMY MCWILLIAMS BILL WHITEMAN BOB STANTON MAX PISCHEL T. HALL COLLINSON LOUIS WHITE ED. SHAW FRANK MARTIN ROSWELL CLARKE WARREN FINLEY WATT MCBRAYER FRED OURIN OTIS DANIELSON BOB TRIPPETT TOM MATSON CHARLES FULLENWIDER IACK CHANDLER HARRY COLLINSON HAROLD TAFT 295 BOB PISCHEL EDDIE TORIBIO BILL LOWRY BOB SHIPLEY WALLACE THOMAS BILL BULLIS BOB LOY IACK KESSLER DOYLE ALEXANDER DAN ALMAN RALPH ASBURY GLEN BAYLISS BILL BROSSEAU DAVID COOK BUDDIE CORBYN GENE CUNNINGHAM DON DOW BOBBY ECTON FRANK FINNEY GLEN HOGUE LUCIUS HUBBELL BEN LANGDON CHARLES MARTIN WALTER MARTIN MAX MINNIG BUDDIE MOTT DON NEIMANN BOB POE CLAUDE ROARK BILL SHIPLEY TOMMY TROWER BOB TWAY GRANVILLE WALKER DONALD WILL GENE ROOP ARCH WHEELER BILL DAVIS HARRY BLACKSTOCK CLIFTON GOVAN PHI KAPPA PSI T if PAT HOLLAND Phi Kappa Psi was founded at lefferson College, February 19, 1852, by Charles P. T. Moore and William H. Letterman. At the time of its foundation there was an epi- demic of typhoid fever in the college and day after day those who were not pros- trated by the disease, sat at the bedsides of their afflicted friends, ministering to them. The warm friendships formed in such try- ing times ripened into the fraternal senti- ment which led to the foundation of the fraternity. Moore entered the senior class at Union College in 1853, with the view of founding a chapter there. Finding it impossible, he afterward entered the law school of the University of Virginia, and there estab- lished the first branch of the fraternity, to be Virginia Alpha. To his efforts, and those of Tom Campbell, the fraternity owes its wide extension during its early years. Chapters are named on the state system. The local, Kappa Psi at Oklahoma, be- came Oklahoma Alpha of Phi Kappa Psi, October 9, 1920. BMBMFA ,NDN AROUND THE HOUSE The Phi Kappa Psi Matrimonial Bureau did a rushing business this year. Sambo Billings, Graves, and Turner have been whisked from our very doors by three comely lasses . . . looks as if Wamsey deMeules will be next, that is, if the muzzle he gave luney-Wuney Myers functions properly . . . seems also that "Slick" Shawver is mooning for Susie Somebody up at Northwestern, ah, Bliss . . . the Wednesday night "Lights Out" club has been meeting regularly with Beckett pre- siding, but Sands had to desist because it prompted somnambulistic activity . . . Society note: A. V., Dan, and lim spent the week-end in Norman, their sojourn occupy- ing all of Saturday and Sunday . . . VV' ee Willie Midgley still protests that his office is neither a postoffice nor a bank, all this with the familiar moonish look besmearing his countenance . . . wonder where "lron Horse" Hennessy is these days? . . . may- be the hogs et him . . . Patrick CA bit of all rightl Holland gave it up as a bad deal aft- er seven strenuous years of academic pur- suits . . . lames Hewgley, the Deerslayer, in the future intends to confine his hunting exploits to the chicken-yard so that we can all have something to eat . . . X. B. Camp- bell, the boy with the bouncing pin, know ye all men by these presents . . . "Shot- gun" Maloney, erstwhile Kansas lrishman, has DEFinitely run under the Prince of Wales . . . W P7 37 r:",M:1'f P71 Pifpm P Page 296 - ZF-- new OKLAHOMA ALPHA First Row, left to right-Mrs. E. E. Sands, G. Turner, Mills, deMeules, Welsh, Berten, Holland, Stuart, Hewqley, Sooy. Second Row-Young, Wolfe, Wilson, Tennery, Sands, Rust, Peoples, Miclgley, Mitchell, M. Iohnson. Third Row-H. H. Iohnson, Hart, Halley, C. M. Beckett, Shawver, McKenzie, Maloney, Ainsworth, I. Beckett, Cline. Fourth Row-Kuhn, Hennessy, Campbell, R. Turner, Billings, Porter, Shaffer, McPheeters, Greer, Parkham. SAM BILLINGS CHARLES CRAVES GEORGE TURNER DICK TURNER RAMSEY de NIEULES FLOYD SCCY ICIIN HALLEY RISK THOMPSON IIM HEWGLEY TOM TENNERY A. V. PECPLES DON STUART WARREN CLINE WILLIAM I. PORTER Page 297 OFFICERS MARION HOLLAND . . . President DICK TURNER . . . . Vice President RAMSEY DE MEULES . . Secretary BILL MIDGELY . . . Treasurer PHI PSI ROLL CALL CLARENCE GREER ALLYN HALE OWEN HILL DON KUHN GEORGE SI-IAEEER BILL MIDGLEY BEDFORD MCKENZIE IERRY BECKETT I. H. IOI-INSON P. I. MALONEY ROBERT BERTON EDWARD SANDS MARVIN IOHNSON HOMER WILSON HARRY WELSH X. R. CAMPBELL MARION I. HENNESSY NORMAN SHAWVER CHARLES STOCKTON C. M. BECKETT CHESTER MCPHEETERS IOHN MITCHELL BILL HART VERNON RUST VERNON YOUNG H. D. WOLEE BILL AINSWORTH MELVIN PARHAM In Memoriam Q CHARLES IANEWAY Died Iuly 7, 1936 PHI KAPPA SIGMA HAROLD WHITE Phi Kappa Sigma was founded at the University of Pennsylvania on the nine- teenth day of Cctober, 1859. lt is the only national fraternity founded at Penn. The original constitution of the parent chapter provided for branch societies but it was not for over two years that the Beta chapter of the organization was established at Princeton. ln 1888 it established at the University of Pennsylvania a prize in honor of the foun- der of the fraternity, Samuel Brown 'Wylie Mitchell, to be given to that member of the sophomore class who attains the highest mark in English literature. This was prob- ably the first scholastic prize offered by a fraternity in any American college. Until 1856 new chapters were created by the action of Alpha chapter alone and for thirteen years the fraternity's affairs were in its hands. At the present time the con- vention of the fraternity is the governing board and during the time when it is not in session, an executive board appointed by the fraternity in convention, governs from headquarters in Philadelphia. ,ll f!Q fi! f!! ffl y f!! VCC K'-Z 5:6 Wai Wai Vai 'vii AROUND THE HOUSE Kappa Epsilon was organized in Septem- ber, l923, for the purpose of petitioning Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity and became an active chapter of the national organization on February 22, 1929. ln answer to the many inquiries from "Skulls" who were members of Brother "Bar trocks" Bothrock's pledge class '99 we wish to announce that he is still in the engin' school . . . all the big "skulls" and the little "skulls" hereby offer their con- dolences to Vincent Smith who not only is going to be married this lune Cof his own free will?D but also is to become attached to a milk route . . . my, my, Brother "Beech" Bartlett has again refused to speak to that jovial heckler "Clab" Edwards . . . that loving southern gentleman, Thomas, has at last been convinced that he can't go on a three day "bender" in the middle of his finals . . . 'tis said that if loe Beidle- man continues to date his cousin Bob's future wife there is going to be a death in the family . . . Tap graduated Christmas . . . "Butch" Mclsernon has gone domestic, he now has a lovely UD black cat sleeping with him . . . the disbelieving brothers still refuse to believe that Chat Steinoff actually drinks coffee every night at the stroke of twelve on the Beta l-louse . . . warning to all alumni!-Brown's crap- shooting ability has improved . . . why are all the Phi Kaps sincere in hoping that White is successful in his medical career? Page 298 I .: s 4 aw ,1Li, . , . , - . I I ' T252 "': QE i A I 1 , V 'III' in If ,.,, "" I I' K K g L I .,f. , ,, , .V E .w k 1.2 -:---- my , gg .ikk X,L, Q K, H 5 N, . W. f I I 1 X v X - 4 ' - I .. Q, A . - , , f f 1 Jw q' 1:k5'A H' , ALPHA tl? :N G-' . 9 6 9 ig . In 9 AI V fl 1' - , ,1 A T A First Row, left to riqhl-Mrs. Mae Clark, S. Plummer, K. White, V. Smith, Brown, Robinett, Boxell, I. Prendergast, Opel, Hawkins, Second Row-Thomas, Stahl, Procter, T. Pendergast, McLernon, Wilbur, M. Stephens, Rothrock, C. Plummer, Edwards. Third Row-Fickel, Cunningham, MacArthur, Redding, Frank, Scruggs, Beidle-man, Cary, Arnherg. Last Row--Bolen, H. White, Reese, Tones, Sigler, Stienhoff, Wagner, E. Stephens, Bartlett. OFFICERS HAROLD A. WHITE . . . President R. RENN ROTHROCK . . Vice-President ROBERT G. FRANK . . . Secretary G. MILTON BEIDLEMAN ..... Treasurer MRS. CLARENCE CLARK, Ho R. RENN ROTHROCK ROBERT R. BEIDLEMAN WALDRON WISDOM HAROLD AUGUSTUS WHITE C. MORRISON STEPHENS LAURENCE R. BOLES LIONEL E. EDWARDS REX A. BARTLETT IOSEPH E. BEIDLEMAN ROBERT C. SMITH VINCENT E. SMITH IAMES FORTUNE AMBERG FRANCIS R. REESE DONALD W. BROWN GORDON WILBUR Page 299 stess PHI KAPP ROLL CALL KENNETH T. WHITE IOSEPI-I W. ROBINETT GORDON STEINHOFF IOSEPH PRENDERGAST IACK PRENDERGAST SIDNEY PLUMMER ROBERT G. FRANK G. MILTON BEIDLEMAN ELMER T. STEPHENS WALLACE R. MacARTHUR RUSSEL L. SIGLER MARK BOXELL GARMEN KIMMELL FRED MCDANIELS RAYMOND M. SCRUGGS, IR. EDWARD A. IONES RAYMOND A. FICKEL IOHN H. CUNNINGHAM IOSEPH D. REDDING LUTHER H. PROCTOR IOHN WALTER CARY IOHN F. CALHOUN KENNETH E. HAWKINS GEORGE I. MCLERNON, PAUL O. WAGNER HARRIS G. OLMSTEAD C. D. PLUMMER LAWRENCE G. OPEL F. WILLIAM KERSHINER HARRY A. STAHL W. C. THOMAS, IR. EUGENE CORROTTO ALBERT CORROTTO H OKLAHOMA PI KAPPA ALPHA HUBERT GIBSON Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the University of Virginia on the night of March 1, 1868, by five men who, on that date, met in room No. 31, West Range. Tradition says that the actual conception of the fra- ternity took place at Virginia Military lnsti- tute shortly after the battle of New Market, in which the cadets of the institution took such a memorable part. The five, finding themselves at Virginia after the war, wished to perpetuate their friendship. Room 31, West Range, University of Vir- ginia, where the fraternity was established, was later occupied by Woodrow Wilson when a student at that University. The room is now used as a memorial hall and two bronze plaques mark the walls, one commemorating the founding of Pi Kappa Alpha and the other a memorial to Wood- row Wilson. Pi Kappa Omicron, the local fraternity, petitioned the national order, was granted a charter on this campus September 24, 1920. Bill CBeech-Nutl Breedcn-'vlaved football somewhere once, and 'tis rumored he even 514 MQ f!! f!! f!! f!! 'mc ki Wai ? 'ki bc? va-.1 AROUND THE HOUSE had a girl-how l'd like to be as good as he says he is . . . they used to call Gibson "Laughing Boy", but he's "Moody" now, and her first name is Emma. . . "The Major" Malone skyrocketed to fame and fortune overnight because of his imitation of "Larrimore" Ccorrection, Barrymorel and his ability to mix a neat Singapore Sling . . . Neptune, the male in that touching play, "the Whining Sweeties" with Annie Youngblood as the feminine attraction . . . Patrick has one eye on his law books and the other on the Anthony Chain Stores -a blonde Tri-Delt is mixed up in the cold cases somewhere . . . lack Payne has only been in love with 1-lelen Payne, Doro- thy London, Billie Randall, Kay Higgen- botham and lnez Briscoe-but give him time, and he'll do all right by himself . . . "Pete" Smith, lr., is a big rough end on the football team, but the girls all call him Petey Pie . . . Dale Vliet . . . mothers point to him and say, "Now why don't you try to be like Dale?"-fondly referred to by his fraternity brothers as "Tiger", "Double Dip", and "Drop Center" . . . Doyle Wat- son is slated to outlive anyone you know --he's called "The Century Plant" because he watches his diet like a dowager, and spends all his spare time in the bathroom admiring his hair . . . the girls think he has quit school but lohnny Wheeler was after the 2.7 he turned up with when the grades were passed around-he ain't got rhythm. Page 300 W 4 .I ,. , , t Q I A 0,5 1 5 bf sf I N A vb -11 , I . N .gi I 'E me ,J ' . ,... x Q ,., :Q ,,,w .. img . . Q ,..., .,.,,,, ff N- X Q 1 1 ' an . ss' V ,ga-H 'lar Top Row, left to right--Mother Pershing, Hibrier, Brady, Massey, Harley, Young, Lewis, Crocker, Gibson, McCullough. Second Row-Geo. Riff-e, Watson, Vahlberq, Thomas, Iohnston, G. Riffe, Lane, Neil, Patrick, Viiei. Th'rdRow H B I T St rtN i IMIUJ P HR HH d Hi 1 - ess, ow en, urner, ua , ep une, . a y, owe , usse , en ersori, oze. Bottom ROW--Baird, Shee-dy, Pipkin, Wright, Wheeler, Boyd, Maye, Payne, Breederi, Nowery, R. Maitby. Page 3UI HUBERT GIBSON OFFICERS LOUIS IOHNSON . IACK MALTBY . . CARL BAIRD PAUL BOWLEN BILL BREEDEN BILL BREEDLOVE SHELDON CROCKER HUBERT GIBSON KELLER HENDERSON ERNEST HOTZE IOHN IOHNSON LOUIS IOHNSON I. F. MALONE IACK MALTBY ROBERT MALTBY B. E. MASSEY EMIL MEIS ROBERT NEPTUNE MILLARD NEPTUNE ST. CLAIR NEWBERN BILL NEIL PI K. A. ROLL CALL B. M. NOWERY CLYDE T. PATRICK TACK PAYNE ARCHIE PERRY IACK POWELL MARSHALL PIPKIN GEORGE RIPFE GERALD RIFFE KEITH HIBNER MARK MILLER CLAUD PERRY C. L. SHEEDY ARTHUR SMITH KENNETH ROBINSON CHARLES SELBY I. T. THOMAS IULIAN VAHLBERG DALE VLIET . President . Secretary . Treasurer DOYLE WATSON IOHN WHEELER IESSE WRIGHT IOE WRIGHT NIXON YOUNG MAURICE STUART ERVYL BROSS BOB FORGAN GLENN LANE HOWARD COLLETT OTTO HESS HUGH MCCULLOUGH PAUL BAKER PHLEAT BOYD HM BRADY FRANK PLATER ELLIOTT SCHUGERT FRANK TURNER A. N. HARLEY OKLAHOMA ALPHA PI KAPPA PHI EARL CROWDER Pi Kappa Phi was founded at the College of Charleston in South Carolina on Decem- ber l0, 1904, by Andrew Alexander Kroeg, Ir., Simpson Fogarty, lr., and Lawrence l-larry Mixon. The purpose of the fraternity, as stated in the constitution, is to "promote friend- ship and mutual trust among its members, to uphold traditions and ideals of the col- leges where its chapters are located, to encourage excellence in scholarship, and to inculcate in its members the highest ideals of Christian manhood and good citizenship." Membership may be con- ferred only by initiation. There are no honorary members. The Pi Kapps, who plans to erect a four- story frat house on the present site of the student union when brother Bob Larson pays his back-house bill, were fortunate in having as their leader this year versatile Earl Crowder, ace footballer and the lodge's lone entrant in the "chaw derby"- his most palpitating heart throb from the golden arrow house has at present been partially subdued and little future trouble ga, 3:4 bk 3-lx 3-N bk. j PM :if 211 P11 211 :if 21" ' AROUND THE HOUSE is anticipated from that source . . . Beryl "Timothy" Clark, poignant example of the non-stinking athlete, who is looking for- ward in eager anticipation to slaying the campus femmes when he makes the var- sity next year, says he believes he could love any girl who spelled his first name correctly. . .Lyle 'Tm on the Tri-Delt black list" Hammond is finding that it re- guires more than a lovable personality, an entertaining line of chatter, and a pair of yaller shoes to win the heart of a certain sorrel-thatched Pi Phi from Nashville who incites his will to build a home . . . "By the grace of God, a fast infield, and the omission of brothers Kimberlain, Lel:'evre, and Leydey's names from the dean's grade list, Pi Kappa Phi will retain her social privileges," says fraternity tutor, Willie "Rosie to you" Rosenthal . . . Dick Win- ters, handsome social flash from Texas, has a knack for attracting women which he promises to invoke on Iohn Crain who, de- spite his amiableness and capabilities, lacks that certain something . . . Reynolds "Don't call me lndian" Revard is reputedly envious of brother l-larry Iordan who has up a sugary romance with the guiding hand of Alpha Phi . . . in closing Pi Kappa Phi wishes to officially notify the public that there are no grounds for the rumor now rampant on the campus that the chapter packs Paul "Bookworm" Buckholtz a lunch and sends him fishing on days on which social functions are held. Page 302 5 Q5 Top Row, Ielt to right f-Mrs. Lawion, Cal lahan, Ewing, Lydey, Clark, Price, Lelfevre. Second Rowelarnes, lordan, Revard, Geer, Kimberlain, Martz, Buckholtz, Crain. Botfom Row-Hammond, Easter, Crowder, Holden, Sherill, Snipes, Rosenthal, Winters. OFFICERS EARL CROWDER . . President COLLIE IAMES . . Secretary TOM EWING . . . . Treasurer WILLIS ROSENTHAL . . Residential Adviser WALTER CALLAHAN TOM EWING PETE LYDE BERYL CLARK HARLEY PRICE ROBERT LARSON DICK LeFEVRE COLLIE IAMES HARRY IORDAN Page 303 PI KAPP ROLL CALL REYNOLDS REVARD PAUL GEER ZAY KIMBERLAIN WALTER MARTZ PAUL BUCKHOLTZ IOHN CRAIN LYLE HAMMOND MAURICE EASTER EARL CROWDER TOMMIE HOLDEN IOHN SHERILL BEECHER SNIPES WILLIS ROSENTHAL RAY WIN TERS GEORGE CLARK, IR. TACK HORNER MALCOLM MCKENZIE BOB COLVERT OKLAHOMA ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Af 1 f. , I an Y BILL BARNES Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the University of Alabama on March 9, l856, by eight students who had become hard and fast friends. Chief of these founders was Noble Leslie De Votie who had written the ritual, devised the grip and chosen the name. The fraternity was designed to be national in extent and had seven chapters before the end of the year l857. When the Civil War came, Sigma Alpha Epsilon had between four and five hun- dred members. Three hundred and seventy-six of them went to war, including every member of the chapters at Hampden- Sydney, the Georgia Military lnstitute, the Kentucky Military lnstitute and Ogle- thorpe University. More than sixty mem- bers of the fraternity lost their lives in the war. One of the incidents in the fraternity his- tory is the story of a woman member. When the members of the Kentucky Mili- tary lnstitute chapter went to war, they left their ritual and other secret papers in the possession of a young Kentucky girl, Miss Lucie Pattie. She kept the papers carefully AQ id pe ,Ae ,za ,A-1 uc vac! wait 'vac we W:-1 WS AROUND THE HOUSE and when the chapter was reformed at the close of the war, delivered them to the proper party. For this, she was made a member of the fraternity. Older Sig Alphs remember their pack- jammed roost across the tracks and revel in a new home on College . . . brown and buff couches and lemon leather lounge chairs, coin machines for pop, candy, and cigarettes, and nickels to fit are as scarce as ten-dollar bills there . . . Schofield still dateless for the dance tomorrow night . . . Big-deal lones looks at watch and just has time to make that meeting . . . Two Bill Wallaces in the freshman class complicate things . . . There goes lack Morgan with his lantern looking for a gullible man . . . Holman checks out of a session at twelve- thirty, bars the door and curls up with the latest edition of Western Tales . . . why doesn't Keggy install a direct-wire phone to the Brown Owl? . . . Sunday night- cheese sandwiches, clumsy waiters, and perfect ladies initiation . . . l-leller says it's O. K. for Ben Kerr and Harrison to go to the library if they'll come back right after the newsreel . . . Nishioka orders twice as much bread, and cooks chop suey . . . Chandler can't understand why he didn't rate the Beta dance-he's not going to have their social chairman over for Wed- nesday dinner any more this year . . . Lutes' daily siestas are as inevitable as Overton's snore and Stephens' phone calls. i Page 304 zfyy :1 A I A or I . v I . in ykhk it 5 I I . . . .,v2, I xikx t . M - . K A It IA A ' A . , , t I .,.,,-. .:.!i rc 0 ' i" In , H H ,".b. 5 I K , . ff L, IT it H I ' All , I . in X x I . A IAVIIQ ,,,. .A,. q .. . I I Top Row, left to right-Mrs. Rene Stone, Franklin, Baker, Hardister, T. Gable, D. Iones, Reeves, H. Holman, Foste Monroe, Mobley, Frye. T, Second Row---Love, Dalious, Skinner, Cole, Beams, Ragland, E. Brown, Lutes, B. Iones, Chandler, Holland, M. Lents. Third Row-Watts, Overton, Rogers, Taggart, Heller, Hetherinqton, Ladd, Hess, Coppaqe, Cavanauqh, I. Gable, Davis. Fourth Row-Hull, Doug Iones, Robbins, Harris, Harrison, Browne, Ozrnent, Dougherty, W. W. Wallace, V. Wallace, Hartley, Grimshaw. BILL BARNES CHARLES BELL IOI-IN BROWNE CARTER LUTES I IM SKINNER BILL WALLACE Fifth Row-Bell, Barnes, Stephens, Lattinq, Mark, Dunlevy, E. Holman, Lamb, Stone, Schofield, D. Kerr, B. Kerr. Bottom Row-Wilcoxson, Ford, Kayser, Frye, Monnett, Reed. Salmon, M. Lents, Selman, Sullivan, Morqan. OFFICERS BILL BARNES . . . . . . President BEN FRANKLIN . . Vice-President FRANK OZMENT . . . Secretary FRED DUNLEVY ........ Treasurer STEWART MARK ..... House Manager SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON ROLL CALL IOHN OVERTON BLAND WEST FRANK OZMENT KARL WILCOXSON DAVID REED BILL FRYE IIM ROGERS FRANCIS MENGE DOUGLAS BAKER HORACE CHANDLER IACK DALIOUS FRED DUNLEVY LESTER DUNLEVY BEN FRANKLIN EARL FOSTER CHARLES GRIMSHAW HARRY HARTLY FRANK HELLER NED HOLMAN IOHN KAYSER DOUG IONES DON KERR MAX LENTS HERB LADD STEWART MARK ROBERT MONROE Page 305 DAVID SALMON CLARKE SELMAN M. B. SCHOFIELD LEE WARREN STONE ALTON SULLIVAN RICHARD TAGGART IAMES BEARLY ELLIS BROWN ALTON COPPAGE IACK G. MORGAN VINCENT STEPHENS LESLIE FORD CHARLES KOTHE TRIMBLE LATTING BEN MOBLEY BROWN MONNETT HOWARD BORN BEN RAGLAND I OHN REEVES GRANVILLE TOMERLIN ARTHUR CAVANAUGH IOE COLE LEO DAVIS BILL DAUGHERTY BYRLE DUNN CHARLES HARDISTER GLENN E. HESS IOE HULL DICK IONES BEN KERR MERCER LAMB MURPHY LENTS BILL WALLACE VICTOR WALLACE TOM WATTS TOM GABLE IACK GABLE H. H. HOLMAN CHAS. HETHERINGTON DICK HOLLAND ROY FRYE W. M. HARRISON, IR. IOE LOVE BART IONES TOM MURRAY BOB BEAMS IACK ROBBINS CLYDE HARRIS IACK HAMMONDS EDWARD H. PARKS SIGMA ALPHA MU fi A lf 'ffm' RAY SANDLER Sigma Alpha Mu was founded at the Col lege of the City of New York on Thanksgiv- ing Eve, November 20, l909. As written in the preamble of the fraternity's constitution, the object of the founders was "to form a close social and fraternal union of lewish students of various universities, colleges and professional schools in America 5 to fos- ter and maintain among its sons a spirit of fraternity, a spirit of mutual moral aid and support g to instill and maintain in the hearts of its sons love for and loyalty to Alma Ma- ter and its ideals, to inculcate among its sons such ideals as will result in action worthy of the highest precepts of true man- hood, democracy, and humanity." There are at present thirty-nine active chapters in the national organization with a membership of approximately 5000. The fraternity has an effective endow- ment fund plan, the purpose of which is to establish scholarships and to provide finan- cial assistance to fratres and to chapters. Under a program of purposeful endeavor the chapters and members are urged to participate in all worthy civic and commu- nity activities. gg :Je ze pe we 2 ig! we Q RC' vii! RQ Wei AROUND THE HOUSE Eight members of the Alpha Club of the University of Cklahoma were initiated into Sigma Alpha Mu on May 22, l920, as Sigma Alpha chapter. The year l936-37 will be remembered by the men of Sigma Alpha Mu as the year that . . . the chapter actually received a scholarship cup . . . Bay Sandler, chapter dictator, was somewhat pacifled by that daily letter from San Antonio . . . Bichard Swesnik, Victor Savin, and several others practiced handball daily after Scholarship Chairman Bill Feldman offered to excuse anyone from study-hall who could beat him at the pastime. . . Walter Kleinman and Bob Swesnik made their weekly excursions to Oklahoma City, except, of course, when Helen and Lillian occasionally came to Norman . . . nearly half of the men were go- ing "steady" and Kenneth Axelrod, Sam Bubinstein, and Milton Markus were work- ing up to that stage . . . Lewis Browne, fa- mous author, was an enlightening house- guest of the chapter for a couple of days, and the air was filled with intellectual dis- cussions for months afterwards . . . Al Sla- ner began following Bankoff's footsteps in campus politics by being elected to the vice-presidency of Buf-Neks . . . Marvin Trope went to the Homecoming Formal with tuxedo and cowboy boots . . . Don Goldberg prepared himself for the grue- some Buf-Nek initiation and became ill upon learning that the pep order was forced to abolish all forms of hazing. Page 306 SIGMA ALPHA be an 4 an -at S A . rA,.. A w S vel , x K 'V I M Top Row, left to right-Mrs. Kahn, Markus, Goldberg, Wolf, Bankoff, Savin, Kleinman, Kasofosky. Second Row-Swesnik, Sherman, Trope, Swesnilc, Axelrod, Cohen, Feldman, Slaner. Boiiom ROW-Peller, Mass1e, Rubenslein, Sandler, Ravitz, Katz, Cohen, K r h OFFICERS RAYMOND C. SANDLER WALTER KLEINMAN NATHAN RAVITZ . IULIUS M. BANKOFF RAYMOND C. SANDLER WILLIAM FELDMAN ISRAEL COHEN WALTER KLEINMAN KENNETH AXELROD SAM RUBENSTEIN MILTON MARKUS Pg 307 SAMMY ROLL CAL IEROME WOLF ALRED SLANER FRED I. PELLER MARVIN TROPE SIDNEY MASSIE ROBERT SWESNIK DONALD GOLDBERG L President Treasurer Secretary NATHAN RAVITZ BERNARD KARCHMER CARL SHERMAN DICK SWESNIK LEO KASOFOSKY BENIAMIN COHEN VICTOR SAVIN MYRON KATZ SIGMA CHI if P MARK MEISTER ERNEST SMITH Sigma Chi is one of the Miami Triad. lt was established lune 28, l855, by six men who had been members of the Kappa chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon. A dis- agreement arose in the chapter with refer- ence to the election of one of its members to a literary society. The above mentioned six refused to vote for the proposed brother, giving as reasons the superior qualities of another man. As the chapter was evenly divided there could be no decision and the six men withdrew from Deke and formed another society under the name of Sigma Phi. The new society was not cordially wel- comed and some of its rivals entered into a plan to steal its ritual, which was success- fully done. Accordingly a new constitu- tion and ritual were prepared and the new name of Sigma Chi adopted. Beta Kappa chapter was installed on this campus in l9l2 under the sponsorship of Dr. T. H. Brewer, present head of the English Department. an an an 52 354 bk mm. wif 211 211 211 :if ai? 2 AROUND THE HOUSE Walker Cup Emery is practicing up on his drive-his next shot has to carry him thru finals and across the bar . . . "Sing- ing Master" Bay Broadfoot predicts a great glee club within the next few weeks . . . if "Whiskey Tenor" Clayton is taken out . . . Sam Mathews and Charlie "l fought in the intramurals" Sizemore left a little Polish girl's house here lately in quite a hurry-why didn't they stay and talk it over with those five brothers . . . flashes "l-lank" l-lankinson still pulling the old shell game and golfing the boys out of enough to take lane to the show . . . Verne Long still on the subject of his polo ponies on that forty-acre bottom-land tract of his in Kansas . . . l-lonest Iohn "An Orchid to You" Wyche still keeping the florist wire hot on Theta orders . . . Bill and Earl Wright, in their oil field vernacular, selling stock in the Okmulgee Chamber of Com- merce . . . Clayton Nicholson worrying himself over his 2.4 average . . . "Scoop" Wilson wondering around with that Wilson look on his face. . .Charles "Esquire" Aston raving about his next new car . . . Walts says Anne Ford sure is a swell girl . . . will Armstrong keep on with London or will Daulton cut under again . . . lunior Smith, who had 'a date his freshman year, wondering if he should call up Pe-try 475, Smitty . . . what happened to the Black- more-Kilpatrick romance . . . 6:15 and dinner-burnt potatoes and pie on the salad plate-lelly's drunk again. Page 303 W N ov , uq b ,Q .' 3 1 Q I 6 gt I ci if nginl 3 , ,. A . V...:?':. E :15 ,,.: d .fgfz Y V1L . , M , Q , I t I U. i ,,,. , I g. I . , biizb Ai:..,: , I 7 , V :A,A. ft . V. ,,.' . . i3:.,. 2 A .?, 5. ,,11. ew, F In xf V 'I I I' i ' . A i M K 6 1:-,: ,,::N :::- 0 :AWV , .:.. . . S 2 - A ' ' 1 W t my ':5.., , L,LJL,Lh: l td . Al g g Top Row, left to right-eMrs. W. L. Perkins, Stevenson, Moore, Beasley, Holbaok, Moss, Ross Second Row-Erwin, B. Pitchford, Clark, Burdick, Unclerwo od, Wright, Nicholson, Hammons f 1 - Third Row-Aston, Wyche, Stewart, Keene, Stubbs, Musser, Walts, Hamilton, Scott, Sizemore. Fourth ROWfBarnett, Clayton, Daulton, Blakemore, Koerner, Simms, Mathews, Meister, Smith Bottom ROW-Dubois, Sears, Armstrong, Hille, Wright, Payne, Menefee, Broadfoot, Long, Griffin, Dawson. OFFICERS MARK MEISTER .... President, First Semester ERNEST SMITH . . . President, Second Semester M. S. DOUGLASS . . . MAURICE HANKINSON . . EARL WRIGHT .... . . . . Secretary . . . . Treasurer . . Sergeant-at-Arms SIGMA CHI ROLL CALL MARK MEISTER ERNEST SMITH, IR. M. S. DOUGLASS MAURICE HANKINSON V. V. LONG SAM MATHEWS DEXTER MOSS IERRY MORAZ EARL WRIGHT SAM MOORE BILL ARMSTRONG DUVAL PITCHFORD AL BARROW BILL SELVIDGE TOM BLAKEMORE I. B. SIMMS GENE CHAPPELL ROY STEVEN SON FRANK CLARK MONTGOMERY B. STEWART BILL CLAYTON DICK STITI-I IOE EDGINGTON IOE URI WALTER EMERY BOB WELLS RHYS EVANS HOWARD WILSON HILLYER FREELAND CHARLES ASTON MCEERRON GITTINGER DICK WYCHE ED I-IAMILTON IESS BEASLEY RONNIE HERMES RAY BROADFOOT FLOYD HINTON FRED HOYT RALPH KEEI-IN BEN BURDICK CARROLL DAULTON HANES DAWSON IULES DUBOIS Page 309 IACK ERWIN L. C. GRIFFIN ED HALBACH BAXTER HAMMONS CHARLES HILLE BILL MENEFEE IAMES MUSSER CLAYTON NICI-IOLSON BILL PITCHFORD CHARLES SIZEMORE BILL STUBBS GUY UNDERWOOD BUD WALTS BILL WRIGHT RONALD YOUNG IIM ROSS BOYD BARNETT GEORGE NOBLE HAL BURNETT ELDON KOERNER IOI-IN ROLLOW , Evans, Young, Selvidge. Uri Rollow , Hankinson, Wells. In Memoriam VICTOR EUGENE CHAPPELL Consul l936 Died Feb. 17, 1937 SIGMA NU :QS CONNE AHRENS Sigma Nu originated from the Legion of Honor, a secret society organized in l8G8 at Virginia Military lnstitute. The Legion of Honor was an association of students drawn together around lames F. Hopkins, the leader of the movement which opposed the overbearing control of another secret society. The Greek letter designation and other characteristics of college fraternities were adopted lanuary l, l869, regarded as the founding of Sigma Nu. The real and permanent growth of Sigma Nu began early in its second decade with the establishment of chapters at North Georgia College and Washington and Lee. The local fraternity, Delta Alpha, was given its charter as Delta Epsilon of Sigma Nu on lanuary l, l909. A more specialized version of the Engi- neer-Lawyer feud is waged day by day be- tween the Sigma Nu greenshirts, led by Marvin Owens, and the Blackstones, led by ludge Buel Harris . . . they even have separate tables in the dining-room . . . ,gg ,gg ,gg ,gg ,454 ,AQ 4 v:,4! mc! kg 'ki WQC Vai AROUND THE HOUSE Byron lones almost became a radio star when he tried his tenor voice for a place on the NBC Varsity Night broadcast and in re- ply received an engraved invitation to lis- ten to the program on his favorite radio . . . a derbly that has lasted most of the school year is the letter-writing triangles which Gabey is constantly creating for him- self . . . and when he isn't studying Law, Bixler, the sound mind in a sound body, is leading a chapter reform movement . . . "Chief" Scrivener can't deduce how he can be chairman of the social committee and still not receive bids to other dances . . . Hamilton and Leaming spend their nights studying together and their days hurling reciprocal investives . . . the Stillwater faction of transfer brothers is gradually but positively dwindling in number and pres- tige . . . Nesbitt has lost one of his loves to a Minervaman and is well started toward the same direction with another of his choice . . . Carey the joyboy discovered something in Norman which keeps him, fortunately, out of the City, and that some- thing isn't a college, for sure . . . two sets of twins in the house was too much for the majority of the brothers, so Frank and Mor- gan Bell are the Bell Boys and Bill and Tom McClellan are the Mac Boys . . . King the prexy made unforgettable history one win- ter's night when he stirred from serene slumber, said in unmistakable syllables, "l sure am a social man. l rate all the dances!" l Y Page 310 - ii t . A I xi Q ri L I "'V Ch V' .. ,,, M of Q, DELTA T35 Nz. ts . l " f ,L 1 K V. EPSILON lil L MIK 1231 A i I I rt 9' 1' I .4 ul .Um 'W - ", 3 'F' 'FW -' ca. Gif ,y . , ' -.A. . ., .,1.. I I ,,,: F Z L ,I we ..n. E F Linn t LAM rf .F iti . i Kina M... ,, .ME 3 is 1. -- 7 A 1 Hikflffxtt ,S ' Q' . , Z: if ,li bk V.Lr - I 3. :"'. I "2" ' ,.,' I ,,'g, 1. ' ii' ,- :il5flQI:'i'3E 'I' . K , K . . ,M ,,. l A - A A Top Row, left to right-Mrs. Bowden, Iohnston, King, Richards, Bixler, B. Iones, Robinson, P. Harris, Britt, Cheek Baqgett, Smith. Second Row-M. Bell, Chew, Stephens, F. Bell, Byrd, Leach, 'Whelan, Stafford, West, Plott, Rogers, Hamilton. Third Row---Flick, Steqall, Roberts, Gabey, O. Iones, Davison, Stauffer, Haney, I. Owens, McNauqhton, Morrison Nesbitt. Fourth Rowe-Childress, Painter, Stewart, Adams, Calloway, M. Owens, Ahrens, Lodge, Stein, Anderson, Scrivner B. McClellan. Bottom RoweT. McClellan, Allison, Cashion, Wylie, Shull, Purdy, Bradley, Atchison. Carey, Roberts, Harrison 1 CHARLES ADAMS CONNIE AHRENS IUDD ALLISON NATHAN ANDERSON FRANK BELL MORGAN BELL WALTER BLEVINS IOHN BANKER MAURICE BAILEY GEORGE BIXLER IACK BYRD IOHN BUSBY TOM CAREY CARL FLICK RAYMOND GABEY TOM GOEBEL EMORY GRINNEL Page 311 OFFICERS CONNIE AHRENS .... . . President RUEL HARRIS . . . Vice-President ELMO SCRIVNER . . Secretary HOWARD LODGE ....... Treasurer SIGMA NU ROLL CALL FRANK HAMILTON SAM HAMMONDS PENROD HARRIS RUEL HARRIS IAMES HARRISON BYRON IONES IOHN KING HAL LEAMING HOWARD LODGE IACK MAIOR BILL McCLELLAN TOM MCCLELLAN BILLY NESBITT MARVIN OWENS BILL PLOTT IIM FATE MILLARD PURDY IACK ROBERTS ELMO SCRIVNER CHARLES SCHULL BOB STEPHENS GEORGE STEIN TOM WHELAN BILL WYLIE CHARLES ATCHISON GLENN BRITT MEDFORD CASI-IION ALEX CHEEK IAMES CHEW GAYLE CHILDRESS DENVER DAVISON CUB HANEY THERON IOHNSEY IOHNNY IOHNSTON LENDOL LEACH CHARLES LONG IACK MCNAUGHTON BOB MCWILLIAMS ARTHUR MORRISON IACK OWENS REX PAINTER IOE REYNOLDS CHARLES RICHARDS IOI-IN ROBINSON OTIS ROGERS HOMER SMITH BOB STAFFORD IAMES STAUFFER IOI-IN STEWART GLENN WEST THETA KAPPA PHI 90 . A x . , ' 1. 's30Kdlf l 'QW "ln Memoriam" lOHN FLYNN Died February 28, 1937 Theta Kappa Phi was founded at Lehigh University on October l, 1919. lts purpose is primarily to bring the students into brotherly relationship, to promote the spirit of good fellowship 5 to encourage the attain- ment of a high scholarship standing, and to offer each and every member the training and environment which characterizes the university or college man. The local fraternity, Delta Phi Epsilon, was founded at the University of Oklahoma in September, 1930. lt was an outgrowth of the Columbia Club, organized in 1927, and was, at the time of its inception, the only local fraternity on the campus. The purpose of the order was stated to be an organization of Catholic men chartered "to promote social and intellectual intercourse among its members, to identify students and alumni more closely with their college and to cultivate a spirit of loyalty to their Alma Mater." Delta Phi Epsilon received a charter from Theta Kappa Phi national fraternity in the spring of 1934. gag 3:4 DBA 3-M, PM Dlx. ggi pil P71 P11 21" 214 2 AROUND THE HOUSE Coming back to a completely remodeled house dazed the boys but a few of them seem to be improving . . . the senior en- gineer "Mac" Harrington rules them with an iron hand when he is not taking his afternoon nap . . . by identifying the creditors, Gibbons, the treasurer, keeps them from being pledged . . . the inimit- able Paul Rafferty, will-power expert, swears off smoking at least three times a week . . . Coleman, Tau Beta Pi pledge and future electrical magnate C-etl, is a predatory bull-session, stalking from room to room . . . super-student Casler pursues his studies to the almost complete exclu- sion of wine, women and song Cbeer?- well-J . . . Pete Savage can usually be found yearning for his "chick" in Chicka- sha . . . Williams may be heard pound- ing his way through law school as the mid- night oil burns low . . . social note: lacobi recently went through the terrifying ordeal of the pink-tea Ruf-Nek initiation . . . Cala- way, second only to Coleman in "bull- slinging" has the upper hand at Newman Club meetings . . . Oran iBring-em-back- alivel Buck is the great hunter who supplies the house with rabbits in season . . . Tuohy, golfing menace, finds a cer- tain young lady in the city very interesting . . . Cain is going nutty trying to cheat the candy vending machines in the hall-his credits are to be transferred to the other state institution in Norman. Page 312 w ' .v'21-Wivi if , I . n,A,, Top Row, left to right-Mrs. Lovell, Casier, Iacobi, Rafferty, Gibbons. Second Row--Buck, Caiaway, Coleman, Cain, Savage. Bottom Row-Tuohy, Flynn, Harrington, Williams, Caspei. OFFICERS IOHN B. FLYNN Deceased? . . President AMBROSE L. HARRINGTON . . Vice-President PAUL G. RAFFERTY . . . Secretary HARRY I. GIBBONS . . Treasurer THETA KAPPA PHI ROLL CALL IOHN B. FLYNN WILFRED G. COLEMAN RICHARD TUOHY TIM CALAWAY IAMES CAIN BILL CASLER PAUL RAFFERTY OSCAR IACOBI FRANCIS CASPER AMBROSE HERRINGTON PETE SAVAGE ORVILLE CALLAHAN IAMES R. WILLIAMS GRAN BUCK IAMES A. DOUGHERTY Page 313 'apr i F P i , ffwkf? fn. pu L. A X. . s A i 1 E 3 x X ,M g C f N X W S 2 1 ff? f X. 7 5 X Q-5' X' ff' gd I MHON Y-f azz ana! Gqcfuafzfiaing A LJ L- 5 E INDEPENDENCE H A plot of ground on which to raise fruits, berries, vegetables, a few pigs and some poultry. Some sparkling KEER glass fruit jars - equipped with the KEHE goid lacquered, two-piece caps -in which to can the products raised. That's INDEPENDENCE so tar as food is concerned and that is one of 1ife's biggest problems. Write today for complete information on canning bythe Pressure Cooker, Hot Water Bath, Oven and Open Kettle Methods. KERR GLASS MF G. CORP.' SAND SPRINGS, OKLAHOMA Wmffiw Sw fittii T AMERICAS PAVoRiTE ilffivfllt i A Jiflgprfli, 1937 RAZZ Dear Ed:- You said to make the razz this year as nasty as possible, knife 'em in the back, thumb our elongated noses at them, in fact, make the blood drip. lt's a tough assign- ment, and you don't know it. You've got an easy job 'cause no one reads what you write. All you have to do is take pictures. But when you start kicking your best friends in the pants Cnot to speak of your enerniesl it's another story. Anyhow, we've thumbed through all the ,AAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA old joke books we could find and all the in- decent stories have already been used in the so-called humor mag her on the cam- pus. And you can't get laughs with clean jokes, you know as well as we do. So we tried a little original stuff, and frankly, it smells. So does the rest of your book. Yours, DON PILKINGTON FRED COOMBS April 17, 1937. 4 I l l 1 P , 4 ' 4 ' 4 ' - 4 t Prestige . . . 4 D weight, influence-to force or derive from 4 D past success. 4 r Years of successful merchandising and un- 4 b tiring service to its thousands of customers, 4 , has given to Rothschild's a prestige that 4 , sets it apart. 4 I For years Rothschild's has clothed smart 4 P Oklahornans Cmen, women, and childrenj 4 P in authentic fashion, the finest quality, at 4 I reasonable prices. Today Rothchild's is 4 I the fashion criterion to people throughout 4 P the Southwest. 1 t 4 ' 9 4 5 , 4 v M 1 r OKLAHOMA CITY 1 5 4 V777VVVVVVVV777VVVVVV'YVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV V Page 3l7 THE KNIFE BEGINS College mode Where ore the wives qreot future men their of cmd Americot IMPLIED HEREWITH BY THE 1937 SOONER RAZZ SECTION and dedicated to RALPH KEEHN GEORGE ALLEN MARVIN TROPE DENNY FITZGERALD MILTON GORDON MAX COOK IOE KANTOR IAMES EMBRY WALTER GOODSTEIN TOMMY GRANT BOB SPRADLING HAROLD TAFT EARL WESTMORLAND PAT HOLLAND IOE CLINE RONNIE HERMES BILLY CLAYTON CHARLIE SEBASTIAN Honorable Mention WATT MCBRAYER VERNE LONG R A Z Z FRED COOMBS .... Editor .... DON PILKINGTON SAM COBEAN . . . Cortoons IACK CHANDLER . . Censor Contributors HARRY ROBERTS ELEANOR LANE IULIUS BANKOFF AND TRUST CUMPANY 0F TUl 18 Mlllron Dollars Growth In 2 Years 42 Years of Service To Dklahoma FIRST NATIONAl BANK SA N f"x fix 9 L V5 5 '93 ff.: TO OUR FRIENDS THE STUDENTS AND THE FACULTY OF THE UNIVERSITY OE OKLAHOMA BEST WISHES KINNEBREW MOTOR CO. NASH AND LA FAYETTE OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA X QA, 122' x9 N Top BowABob Nelson, Hall Collinson, McCoy Ewert. Bottom Row-Phil Harris, Bill Smythe, lim Hewgley. Top BowfBette Lou O'Sullivan, O'Bhatia Cunningham, Mildred Stearley. Bottom BowfElsie Bowers, Marie Anderson, Virginia Briscoe. I CHOOSE ME CLUB A group of seli-respected individuals from various orders who voluntarily hand- ed in their names and pictures to this sec- tion. Accompanying their pictures were pages and pages of typewritten sheets tell- ing why each thought he or she was most suited tor membership in this smug and self-important organization. Excerpts from the letters iollow: "It Caroline were here, she'd tell you how good I am."-Phil I-Iarris. "Among my many capabilities and attributes are dancing, good-looks, dancing and good looks."-Bill Smythe. "I'm not so short as you think!"--I-Iall Collinson. "l'll be man enough to admit it's between I-Iewgley and me tor presidency of this club. I don't pay much tor my shirts but nobody can tell it, Page 321 so well do I wear them."-Bob Nelson. "This club should be the easiest thing I ever made."-McCoy Ewert. "I still get a thrill every time I look in the mirror."-Nell Marie Anderson. And we presume to say that anyone who can take the ribbing that Virginia Briscoe does on that Prince oi Wales gag-certainly should be in some section-so here she is. "Per- sonally, l don't think I've broken the ia- mous O'Sullivan Line ot Charm. Even it a lot oi people do."-Bette Lou Q'Sullivan. "There are so many things to say in my favor l really don't know where to begin. lust ask some of my masculine admirers." -Elsie Bowers. "Everyone knows how I have obtained my popularity."-C'Bhatia Cunningham. We really HAD to censor Mildred Stearley's letter. lt was something like I-lewgley's.-Editor. COMPLIMENTS OF Commander Mills, Inc. SAND SPRINGS, OKLAHOMA "Commander" Wide Sheetings. Sheets, Pfiliowy Cases y Oklahoma Transportation Company Covers ALL of Oklahoma DEI-INER'S The country-wide reputation of Dehner Products is your assurance of guality and style. CUSTOM MADE MILITARY DRESS AND FIELD BOOTS BOOT TREES SAM BROWNE BELTS POLISH - SPURS CHAINS AND OTHER ACCESSORIES THE DEHNER CO.. Inc. OMAHA. NEBR. 41 1 THE LOWDOWN Men's Council-Opposes such virtuous and innocuous rules as the No-'Week-Night Date rule, and is a thorn in the posterior anatomy of the Regents. Ralph Kenyon, Dean Findlay's Ambassador-At-Large, has put this once all-powerful organization on a Chamber of Commerce basis. The Council now consists of a group of rabid boarding house lobbyists. Interfraternity Council--Better known as the Scholarship Commission. The Council is now making plans for another super- colossal battle in the heavyweight scholar- ship cup championship between the de- fending champs, Phi Gamma Delta, and the victors, Delta Tau Delta. The latter frat lost a closely cribbed battle this year. Last year's champions charged that the battle was framed in that the Phi Cams used more than three yards of crib notes folded in their hands. Engineers Club-The green-shirted war- rior club of Dictator Felgar which is pre- paring for another drive against General lVlonnett's Communists in the near future. Pe-et-Senior honor organization com- posed of the ten best men in the senior class. We iind that Pe-et is an Indian word for Ten-Best, and consequently the Indian language is used in this order because if the English language were used someone would call them the Ten-Best Liars. SOONERS :- One of the first steps on the ladder of success is to know intimately some good banker. I We wish that we knew every student of Oklahoma University -for many of the future leaders of our state are now in your student body. LIBERTY NATIONAL BANK NED HOLMAN. President OKLAHOMA CITY. OKLAHOMA Page 322 W1-1 Y Y IT QU To PAY Q 1 1' I1 4115? GTS, -,J T AR ern Process! I ' 0 'E-COSONNf i , . .bglcaggg QYXQTOQRXNT dmimaxes Xocxfoo and we-Xleeceadq . . . obvxaxcs we sxecesdsw YOY 2'1'?m5WQ wks . . . and emma coXoi can 'oc produced ai SQMXX COSK. SY?-'6Df t . . .xkixs axoavjmq ovoeess- szwei X109 YBWBWC fm ee oreomaimoqx Soc such work can be 6000 QHSYQY - - - Ima aewm ps ess ofooocixoo Xe soeedsev. XI PXAE-'N f MR t . , , by X515 mexkxoo you can feoioouec c311w4Xxxqs,XxaXYf PROFE: yoga., Qyqgawves, woe or wocvixkkteo eooq . . .oslmg SSOR: meunpexxiwe page: Soc sgieodxd xesmxs. NR. Oscot NX. 'Sedo om ?kxokoQiK.oK Dkioo- 'X COCA QQ goo 39 t . . . coqvgiekeo VYXOYYOVQXNT XOVS N0 BXWQYS Oi We okoxew be-at qoakw 'and eogogmmo amenixoxy . . . QNXKXQ, X100 We Qjseaxesx aqoouoi oi QQXXXYXQ pow CY ai Xow csx cost. Xoi, 'NA pete-on ot Kqmoe wax by 1009. O?-'NI corxceiowq oi AN D W e O ffel. You 1 O65 kocxximes 'Coe Ykxokopikxixoq 5-ioooks ox Xdo- . I . . CQMPLET E your do ww niorxooks. oso PHO fggt TO.I-'IT INGHHUQ IXEIIOGRA Co SER Osi PHY OHPY WXICE Moder and L 9 R , IT - H E ETH Um. ING ART XA?51ipmelER PRE ' - . R nt! SS and SPC? CQO Lgf?5iiViEiAV1CE LCR A UT t DEERHS, ' . C . olors N U1 BUY YQU R PRINTING I N o HQM A U SEM PHOT OPRIN1-ER S ' PHOT O o-L1THoG1E'PH:i S xiii. P GQ? 323 I 414 4 ' 0 - 16 N . W U . 0 ' 488 O O A c ITY Phi Beta Kappa-These lads and lassies can thumb through crib notes with super- human agility. They also miss a lot ot fun. Frankly l didn't make it again, so that's another beer on rne. Scabbard and Blade-Organization com- posed of troop leaders from Local 246. This club is outstanding because of the tact that Connie Ahrens, Eagle Scout, has more merit badges than any other scout in the state. The insignia oi this lodge is a ring, colors are brown and tan. Skeleton Key-Formerly the Blue Key, this order has dwindled until it is but a mere skeleton oi its former self. l-lence, the new name. Mystery writers always tind Iazz Hounds and Rui-Neks-Two gay social orders which blushingly give dainty tea-parties in the Women's Building. Re- cently Doc Smith got into an argument with the Iazz Hound Prexy when he insisted that the centerpiece for the next bridge party should be blue snapdragons. The greatest surprise was registered on the faces of members in both societies when it was discovered-guite by accident-that one of the members could actually throw a baseball. l "Our Reputation" this club handy, since they can always tind l HYOUI Satisfqctionu . the skeleton in the closet. l ESTABLISHED 1910 l Best wishes To The . . . l Rosm HEL D's S O O N E R S l' ' Pure White Dairy Products TULSA, OKLA- OKLAHOMA CITY. CKLAHOMA I t l FOR ALL DRUGGISTS All lines distributed by us are highest quality. and by their names you have the "B1ue Book" These lines plus our service in- spire and hold the confidence oi both customers and sales 1 list to build lasting business. people. THE FCX-VLIET DRUG CC. n T Wholesale Druqqists l l t OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA - Page 324 C. L. FRATES , LESLIE R. ASH E. H. GILBERT l pf' N L Y comwixnv f t llesealofsecurify Campus barber shop business suftereda C L relapse when the Sig Alphs gave the pledges their penitentiary haircuts. Pie, l OKLAHOMA CITY tie, and for shame! I good liuag, cq.s12io'z1f You have your diplomas . . . and next come the marriage licenses. You are leaving the Halls of Learning to become established in the little bungalow out on Mortgage Avenue. Your intellects have been developed. Continued development depends on activity, ambition and the exercise of sound judgment. In other words BE PRAG TICAL . . . and follow along the trail of modern living. Employ practical, modern methods both at work and at home . . . and at home, it means to let electricity be your slave . . . your servant which answers at the Flick of a Switch. Electric appli- ances are inexpensive to buy and inexpensive to operate. It is poor economy to be without them . . . so let the first purchases for the new home . . . BE ELECTRICAL. YOUR NORMAN ELECTRICAL DEALERS Page 325 U1 I f f f 1, 1, i, fy X X fxfx Around the corner f h ff rom anyw ere A e i I ,,e yy. .. li i f Millions of people every day enjoy the re- , freshment of ice-cold Coca-Cola . . . the ? J U My h t th t' 1 h f b' ':..,f'E. W7 A xii 523122 ipssrifgzuzurciiyxii energy that gets you off to a fresh start. Coca-Cola is pure, wholesome, energy-giving refreshment N X 3' Q ,. --0 ,,. 1. 1,.,v -- 1 , - , .Xb :7KIr.-,-.- .2 Us .-,. - .- ..- .,- I. -.u.4'tq,- 1. We '9'vf'-- -,.f -1F.f'h-1-w Q... vf-I -.1-1.-I. - -fx --,. ,-- ff-A -fm-,.Z...,.,.a.z3'.i.3 1 f.,1Ef':f,r...:x-fat'-'fm -,-?4'?-,'f,uM-.- .-M -h y- -n ' ' ' 1615-.Ty-1 i,j'Irf-i-4.1 ' 1" --I-a-1 vAf.S':'-In-I-I" ' 3 " 4' V " "' YUEQ-1.w"1f.1 ' 45'-j3Ja?,w,'ac-TW ed-2-'WL-'za41,32-26-.Zag-5.g:.-' rff32xar.,4:..L,w.MvQ1a4, wa. 5 I far, Uffi' Huff? 1if'+?fif?a"i?2sM"E4,i2'Q'f"f ""E'27EYi"5' f "1 . Z. Y ii: ..x..3ng4, p1,gg1,,-'Q,,..f . 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'54 5.v.1"!'-g!'1i4.',f5' :'2-2i5K'x'IiE't ' ' 4-0-VH-5 lu". tl. 2253 .FI gm. r ft 1-C. 3,41-' :Q 4f2.we.i A - 1 I EL ...mfched 1230 4.1. .- ,. iiillf ---I :hal ----... --um ,,..9 nn in .fn , E27 ...muy nv-nn 413:37 ff -In .. u Il Ill lv I u L . "TPS r' I .. u I u Inn In .n lv up i., i his . V - -. .V -Illia :II-P . . . I mn' AfQs4,.gh Wi," I . B ,A - .- . , MQ! , LES: I-L iiifv ,315- if Q51 40 62's if 'Tv 11 N AP" s?'1'x fer , .igfng A :ll llll, ::5iE. Illini? Q .:. -:- .Er if LL. fa-6 Q,-lu 'Vx Ill . 'I f C X 7 lp - s I A ' ' +I-" W 6? mzcmmx U , Z-IRIX S '2' ',nv. WZW 5 G I 4 M I X M S f 1 ll. 'QA Q Q 'va V in-fra.-L"-.AU I: .11 f3vv,'l2L'Vf 'f -. :Q 7 .- Ts T:- ' .ew 1' I , ,- 'sf 'EFL ,Z . . U' F - L.. J v. f qi. .'-.-11 iii If . V 'xfquv-sf. . an V ' Qemcs fy 6? I L. L. BRDLDEN . footbal coach , IE' J , I7 .. 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' I H' - ' - ' L i' gif! hr Qiggwkif WILL BE. oooaa ffxy I -as ",eVI'Lrligfq'i' Q Nz Wgimigirg-is 5: I "3 agfgkfdf' I' 55,11 apr flak' 'mf Y r A f ltfwzh-'fg,,r sb, ,r vk ,c-fgf-HQ.-ffrw an YM1,.5,wag I w Q e- , r.. ,, "'.'L, ,, M 5... .U .. ., ,ru ,.,,,Q.. - -2',.HEm,.', .....f5n'..f1a"ixmiSi,fQf:ffif'. 54411-Q--1-wr.zf5"Mu?g??f1?fT5:w?ff:ffx::iHia-fff:.ey:ffff,eT2f??f4MGf?I'I'. ,a,..a...,s. .-I 1599? To have congratula- tions from all these famous people? Well you needn't be. Be- cause in Tulsa and over halt ot Oklahoma Tribune readers know these people intimately. They read their valued comments daily. Tribune readers know that the "stars come out in the eve- ning." The best writers are found in Tulsa's only evening newspaper- THE TULSA TRIBUNE So Mr. and Miss Graduate CONGRATULATIONS FROM " RICHARD LLOYD IONES - Publisher Editor " WALTER WINCHELL - Stage and Gossip " BOAKE CARTER ---- Pithy Commentator " BOB BURNS ---- Humor and Philosophy "' WESTBROOK PEGLER - Hard Hitting Sage " DAVID LAWRENCE - Washington Forecast " THE RAMBLER - Oklahoma Commentator ' IOSEPHINE LOWMAN - - - Health Advice "' FLORENCE LEE NICHOLS - Home Institute ' B. C. FORBES ---- Business and Markets 'k GAL WOOD ---- ----- S ports Editor ' HENRY M'LEMORE ----- Sports Review " L. M. LADET ----- ----- O il Page "' MARION PLANCK ------ Society Editor And a galaxy of others among the "Stars that come out in the evening." Uhr H1158 Efrihnnr RUMINATIONS OF A CAMPUS GUN By HARRY ROBERTS Oscar threw a leg over the door of his snappy little roadster and ruminated. He liked to ruminate. He hadn't always been a sophisticated college senior and a mem- ber ot practically every club on the cam- pus and he often recalled these other days with more or less ot a shudder. Yes, Oscar had seen other days. Well did he remember the day he entered col- legeg how a determined gang of Zeta Tau's had halt-dragged, halt-carried him to their chapter house and talked fast talk of brotherhood and campus prestige. Why if he would but pledge their fraternity, he was a cinch for every honor on the campus. He pledged. Months passed and still he hadn't been showered with laurels as per promise. He had dreamed sweet dreams ot flashy jackets and snappy boots like other campus big shots owned. Then one day the irat's satellite ap- proached him. "Howdia like to be a Ruf- Nek, huh?" he queried. Page 328 Oscar was a gentleman born, a gentle- man bred as he was quick to inform the f. s. But finally the necessary, the inevitable couple of bucks was extracted from jeans that were destined to be touched similarly many times hence-many times. Long whiskers and sharp paddles were not just exactly what Oscar had thought that a college pep club might be like, "but, oh, well," Oscar had said. He was des- tined to say "oh, well" lots of times because lots of clubs had got wind that here was easy prey, that here was the makings of another swell beer party. And so Oscar became a joiner. l-le joined everything. Big clubs, little clubs, business clubs, pep clubs-Oscar joined them all. I-le, who thought "present arms" was an anatomical term, was bidded into the mili- tant realms of Bombardiers. The advertising club boasted a new member when Oscar heard that advertis- ing increased sales. Wasn't he a sailboat enthusiast? Altho firmly convinced that a ledger is the rim of a building, he was taken into the accounting club, while Alpha Sigma Delta, national radio fraternity, overlooked the fact that Oscar thought ether waves were chloroformed undulations and pledged him-for, er, a small consideration of five sinkers. Uninformed that debate was not stuff with which you catch fish, he enhanced his joiner complex by talking his way into Delta Sigma Rho, national honorary frat. All this was happy stuff, all right, Oscar thought, withdrawing his leg from the car door, but he had other matters that de- manded his attention right now. Yessiree, Oscar had heavy worries . . . "Let's see now," he mused, "four rocks to join the Phi Mu Alpha music frat. That'd leave me two bucks for the rest of the month . . . "Hot ziggety-l can make it." P 329 Stundent and i Alumni i HEADQUAR TERS PRIVATE DINING ROOMS FOR BANQUETS, MEETINGS. TEAS. RUSH PARTIES. , AND ALL SOCIAL OCCASIONS O OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. lil Valeteria Pr ocess :-: Speedy Service 48 cLARK's CLEANERS 48 f ROACH DRUG CO. "Meet Me At Roach's" First National Bank Building OKLAHOMA CITY Make A Good Start in Lite By Becomlng a Penney Customer 303 W Main Oklahoma C1ty Okla I. PENNEY CO. More Than 30 Years oi Service to Sooner Students NORMAN STEAM LAUNDRY "WE MANUFACTURE CLEANLINESS" - Phone 71 - AW HECK PUBLIC! By 1. R. MCKINLEY Well folks, since Bob Vollmer has gone to the big city and left me with this job to hold down l guess l might as well tell you how bad a columnist l am. I guess the best thing for me to do is to tell you that you don't have to read this column unless you want to, because it won't make me feel so bad, because l know that l am not a very good writer. l really don't have much to say, but other than to tell you how poor a columnist l am, l suppose l should take time to tell you that l am going to follow in the foot-steps of Bob Vollmer, editorially speaking. -lqhink that the ROTC unit is the finest thing in the world, and l believe that every student should be forced to take at least six semesters. Oh, l just can't write one of these columns, but l guess you know it by now. I really believe that this newspaper should be faculty censored. This really is a fine thing, since it gives a student such a chance to develop individuality. But heck, l can't be individual because l can't even write one of these columns. CAMPUS FOR OKLAHOMA AN EVENING OF fflgight by the PLEASANT CGMPUSD ENTERTAINMENT THEATRE "The Best in First and Second Run F eatures, ' Pg 330 V Civ! Q ' film? --1 - - . N x-Lis-Nj p ff-.2 , K :sc ' K ' IT z rv N- , . - N x - 1 V l - u 1 C-fu - ,, , . - s -s .1 1 1 I - nn I N s s . . . if 1 n wg X, :u N I 'fi t ,N n ct 1 V ...Ag E -. ,I i Q ' QRS I nwqmun ,N lug I ? 3 D-V-x1 wry li R' N? W' ,X ix :- . S ,N Xl I N all 1 5 X I l. N ix -- ,I Q, , 2-ll X M I wjewz c gig xc! Page 331 There's a world of heal+h in every Home Package of S+eIfen's Ice Cream in your favori+e flavor. Hollywood movie slars rec- ognize +he value of ice cream in 'lheir die+ +o keep fi+-prac+i- cally all of +he larger sfudios mainlain +heir own ice cream foun+ains for film sfars whose main business in life is +o keep well and look well. S+effen's Ice Cream is easily digesfed and provides quick en- ergy. l+ con+ains imporlanl vifamins necessary 'lo good heallh and clear complexions. Nulrifion experls and die+i+ians recom- mend ice cream for heal+h-S+effen's Ice Cream-a smoolh, silken skin, sparkling eyes, a flashing smile which means a healfhy body. S+effen's Ice Cream is a pleasant delicious way +o keep 'fi+. HUME P CKAGE ff '---. .. ...- a 11523 PRESS BOTTOM 5 a Z urr PAcnAGf I+ g ig , 'J N R A .. ' ICE cnenm P i V afome you tim ttte woztlct of ttuainam, of icizncs, anct of fzauonutl uottiaaemant. Uociuyla young :nan anct woman ttuua some fyzatty ctafnita notions of wnat ttteylzs going to ctemanctfiom ttta woztlct in tits may ofco- oflszution, io tttut tttsiz tnlaofzisi can ctaaatlop into zzutlitisi. . iijoultjtl often finct tnat a ibunz- Patntstio Emi u an irnfzoztant faotoz in ciatszmining ttta .extant ofyoufz auccsm. fifVs,ct to fzfcogzan atlong wittt you. you can give ua a tyot of tatfinko ui gow tttia gang can amos youu nsacti, anti we can co-ofzazuta witn rnodazn pzactiosi tttut fit youz ctzmancta and tgoaa of tnz community. flflfe nope gout? get acquainted. MEMBER FEDERAL IIEPUSIT INSURANCE UURPIIRATIUN Betty C.-"Listen boy friend, don't tell me l-le: "Do you believe in love at first anything about petting." l-le: "Oh, l suppose you know it all." B. C.: "No, l Want to be shown." Billy Bell told MaBelle of his love The color left her cheeks But on the shoulder oi his coat lt showed for several weeks. sight?" Dalious: "lt all depends who is in sight." lim Tabor Clooking at the Water on the Seashore, getting sentimentalbz "Boll on thou deep blue ocean, roll on." Louise l-lill Clooking at him with dumb- iounded admirationl: "Look lim darling, it's really doing it." Page 332 IT'S IN THE DAILY EDITORIALS The horrors and ubiquitous shames of modern college life are blatantly exempli- fied by the insidious tentacles of our greedy politicians, Campbell, Wright, Whiteman, and others. Down with them! Down with the prevalent graft and flagrant corruption and artifice in publications as in the cases of Bunyan, Cobean, Chandler, and others. Graft, how l hate that word! Do you think I got to be such a big shot on the Daily tless than a student newspaperl by indulging in petty graft? No, I hardly think so. But graft, down with it! Down . . . down . . . down! -By HOWARD WILSON. Norman, April 15.-The Delta Tau Delta Pansy Pluckers, under the direction of lames C. tBiff Bakerl Peters were adjudged victorious in the annual lnterfraternity Sing held Sunday night, April l8, in the Sunken Gardens. Phi Delta tflart Wrightl Theta showed, and Sigma Chi placed. The jury was out eight minutes Csmelling salts finally were administered to revive theml. Moving pictures were taken on the finish. The victors won by the length of Bob Cooper's nose. The night was beautiful. The moonlight was soft. The stars were starry. The breezes were warm. The crowd was color- ful. The music stunk. With crescendos, diminuendos, fortes, sharps, flats Cveryl, respirations, obligatos, perfectos, and notus sourus, the glee clubs' voices rose and fell to the plaudets of the crowd of 3472 in attendance. Contrary to general expectations, the jury was not "fixed" This is hard to be- lieve since lim "Fixer" Tabor was in charge of the program. But the contest was on the up and up. We know it. lim said it was. A loud shout went up from the Delts when they were announced winners. They had another cup to drink from. Page 333 . . . . Great N W paper The Tulsa World fulfills the first obligation of a great newspaper-to gather the news-by maintaining Asso- ciated Press complete trunk wire service. In addition The World has a Universal Service trunk wire, an A. P. state wire, complete daily market wire service, special teletype service from its state capitol bureau, A. P. and Central Press daily features and illustrated news, l00 special correspondents in Oklahoma, 30 special report- ers outside the state and a large staff of active report- ers for gathering local news. Each day Tulsa World editors select from enough news to more than fill three full length books. News of special interest to the petroleum industry, agriculture, finance, sports, society, schools and colleges, etc., is thoroughly covered by experts in each field. Happen- ings in Oklahoma, the United States and foreign coun- tries are covered up to a late hour each night and pub- lished in time for delivery to subscribers over the entire Magic Empire early the next morning. A long list of the most popular and worthwhile fea- tures is published by The World daily. O. O. Mclntyre, Dorothy Dix, Emily Post, Drew Pearson and Robert S. Allen, Elsie Robinson, George Matthew Adams, Damon Runyon and many others-all top-liners-appear in The Vforld. Fiction includes twelve book length novels a year, with many short stories. There are departments for home makers, for boys and girls, for aviation and radio enthusiasts and those interested in many other activities. Editorially The World has for three decades worked energetically and fearlessly for the things it has be- lieved to be good. The Tulsa World is a part of more than 75,000 homes in the Magic Empire because it is a great newspaper -a daily source of education, information, entertain- ment and amusement for every member of the family. The Tulsa Daily World Ok1ahoma's Greatest Newspaper This Page Is Dedicated To Students From BARTLESVILLE Who Are Attending The University oi Oklahoma GLENN E. ALEXANDER HELEN MAE ALEXANDER KENNETH M. AXELROD DONALD FRANCIS BAILEY PAUL BAKER WILLIAM I-I. BARNES LEONARD BATTLE FRANK BINCKLEY GRACE EVANGELINE BROOKS LORENE BURT KATHERINE ANN BUTTS ELVIRA VERNETTA CROOKS MAURICIA DALE CROOKS WILLIAM DAY DAVIS H. ORVILLE DIXON TOM B. ENSCH FRANK FINNEY PHYLLIS L. FISHER ROBERT P. FISHER HOWARD LEE FITTS PAUL ROBERT GAMINO GRAY GAMMONS PEARL GAREN K 7? CATHERINE GORDON BESSIE IANE GRAY MELVIN E. HAMILTON CHARLES IOHN I-IARDISTER FRANK IOI-IN HELLER IAMES WOOD HENDERSON KEITH I. HIBNER LUCIUS WILLIAM HUBBELL IOHN A. IOHNSON BILL IONES KOBURN KIDD IOHN WILLIAM KINCAID, IR. LOUIS A. KIRTON A. GLENN LANE IACK LENERTZ MURIEL H. LEVERETT JAMES ROCKWOOD MALTBY ROBERT MALTBY E. HANLEY MARSHALL IAY E. MCCORMICK WILLIAM STEEL MCCREADY MARVIN CHILDRESS MESCH DON I. MINNIG MAX ANDREW MINNIG RAY CLEMENT MORRIS W. HOWARD MORRIS HOWARD STANLEY MORRISON ROBERT HERDON NEPTUNE REBA NORRIS DONALD HENRY OLSON ELMO OLSON CLAUDE I. PERRY MARTHA LEWIS PERRY IAMES R. RADCLIFFE HARRY MCGOVERN STAHL LEE WARREN STONE IOHN PAUL TORREY RICHARD WARREN TOWNSEND ROBERT S. TRIPPET TOM TROWER LAWRENCE WILSON VARVEL DONALD IOHN WALSH W. OUIDE WEBBER MARY ELLEN HAINES WEST GENEVIEVE WILLIAMS These Men In BARTLESVILLE Boost The University and Its Activities REDA PUMP OO. WARREN STONE S. N. Vcm We-rt I R. L, GQRDQN MAY BROTHERS In L. OVERLEES I' A' MW H. A. TROWER O. E. EURLINOAME H. H. MCCUNTOCK NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE DICK ALDEN INSURANCE OO. HOME SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION Curl B- Wood, Agent H. W. TRIPPETT : A. W. HUBBELL Page 334 I w 2s,ooo WATTS o 1140 KILO- Serving Faithiully Since The Year 1904 VANDEVERS Q Tulsa. Oklahoma Pg 335 ADVICE TO THE LOVELORN Dear Miss Hix: E l'm not a had looking guy, don't have B. O. or pink tooth brush, and l've been around. But l can't seem to keep a girl. lust for example, this year alone a Tri Delt and a Chi Omega gave me the well known finger. What shall l do? BILL SUTTON. Dear Bill: Try a Theta. They won't give anyone anything. H. Those Who l-lave: MARY MAYGINNES PEGGY LOU STEIN MARY NELL PATTERSON BERYL TAYLOR? 'P ? Dear Miss Hix: l took your advice and put my pin out. The whole plan worked: but now she wants to get married. Please tell me what to do. Apprehensively, DOYLE ALEXANDER. Dear Doyle: You're in one h-uva shape, aren't you? lf you find out the answer let me know. H. VARSITY BOOK SHOP BOOK SELLERS TO THE SOON ERS "On the Corner" l B g Q li z Measure Your Light In Terms Of Sight If your light is not sufficient to read Without eyestrain, you are risking the only pair of eyes you will ever havel LIGHT is CHEAP PUBLIC SERVICE CO. of Oklahoma AN ARTIST SPEAKS Dear F red:- It's with pleasure that I tender, along with my cartoons, this small contribution to your razz section. I'm not just sure of what you Want. If it's original humor, you've come to the right man. The Covered Wag- on has one of the best exchanges of any student publication. But since you didn't specify I'm going to take advantage of this opportunity a bit selfishly. This gives me a chance to express the gratitude I feel to- ward my staff, to express it publicly-be yond the 170 sorority freshmen who sub- scribe to my magazine. To Betty Larimore I Want to say: You've been a dependable if not a clever writer. And what your pen has ofttimes failed to express, your lips so adequately convey. You have been the inspiration of my feeble attempts to picture Women of dignity and poise. To produce a woman completely al- luring. To make her graceful, to make her elegant, to make her-oh, it's so much harder to express in a letter than in an etching. But you could have made that major staff, you know. And also to you, Freddie, to Wayne, to I-larry, to Bob, to Anna Nell, and to Marian I say, thank you too. SWGTGIY' SAM coBEAN MCROBERTS DRUG TULSA l A I "No! No! 1 tell I , in yyou Q BEAUTY. l REST is Nor Q four I l year University ed- ! ' ' ucation. It's the N y ff ff world's most fa- ' , mous luxurious mat- ' l ,A , 1 tressf' , E S 1, DOC 6 BILL l I X QQ, f FURNITURE l CO- JIM l oKLAHoMA I 5Ei5i5Q5QiQii22Eii? . ,A l CITY, l Li H oKLA. I Page 336 Dear Miss I-Iix: Shall I??? Perturhly, SALLY. Dear Miss L.: N ol H. Dear Miss I-lix: I am not a forward woman. I make what advances convention permits. I call my man up at the Sooner office each night. When I'm with lack I have reason to be- lieve that he loves me: but then he neglects me for long spells. Please advise. I ODIE. Dear Iodie: Let me suqaest that you study the tech- nique of Miss Inqle and that of Miss Becker. Perhaps results would be more satisfactory. H. When In Oklahoma City I The "Gang" Meets at ll Herman's 1 I 110 N. w. lst 1 COMPLIMENTS OF CARPENTER PAPER COMPANY OF OKLAHOMA WHOLESALE PAPER OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. f .F TRY n I, fl N: mtg.. WILSON 'S Tender Made Ham In Tin For Suppers and Banquets The Wilson Label Protects Your Table - n i . TYLER AND SIMPSON CO. WHOLESALE GROCERS NORMAN. OKLAHOMA Ask for HUNT'S California Canned F ruits-You Will Be Deliqhted with the Quality l Established 1879 PRINCIPAL OFFICE-GAINESVILLE, TEXAS Incorporated 1902 BRANCH HOUSES-ARDMORE, OKLA.: PAULS VALLEY, OKLA.: NORMAN, OKLA.: DUNCAN, OKLA.: FT. WORTH. TEXAS Page 337 --, 1: '.A 6 ff S 5 ? 'Eff Q 2 ll l ll Everyone Reads the Dally The om g any 5 I I Page 338 -4: "F or Fresh Flowers Stylishly Arranged" WH1STLER'S SOUTHERN FLORAL SHOP 317 WEST BOYD Norman's Largest Grocery Oongratulates "THE CLASS OF 1937" Good Food or Good Meat When You Desire lt Phone 1414 UNDERWOOD ELLIOTT FISHER CO. Typewriters, Accounting Machines, Adding Mach Carbon Paper, Ribbons and Other Supplies 342 MADISON AVENUE, NEW YORK, N. Y. Sales and Service Everywhere Serving O. U. Men For 17 Years VARSITY CLOTHING STORE PHONE 1000 Advice to the Lovelorn Dear Miss l-lixz lt's spring again and the grass is green, etc .... But l can't seem to find a boy Who'll fall in love with me-even tho l mur- mer sweet nothings in French to him in soft tones. The other sisters here at the D. G. house do all right. Why can't l. Earnestly, BETTY LOVE IONES. Dear Love: Forget the French and talk turkey. H. Dear Miss l-lixz lf you run into any difficulties please don't hesitate to call on me. l had a date for the opera. RUTH RIGG. Herb: Iust one short kiss and l'll be off. Margaret: l'll say you must be if that's all you Want. Daily Reporter: Were you surprised when you got nominated? Dick Gilley: l'll say l Was. My accep- tance speech nearly fell out of my hand. , vEAzEY's 'oldest clothing store on the campus' y . . . invites you to meet your friends, l 1 and feel at home here when in , Oklahoma City. Q l l 1 ' I 775 Asp p1-1QNE 1111 1 YOURS FOR BIGGER AND BETTER , HOME INSTITUTIONS , - l ..., -L nr. .. L. non..- ,L ge 339 I Uniforms and Equipment Regular Army. National Guard. Officers' Reserve. R. O. T. C., Military Schools i and Organizations WOLFSON TRADING CO. 1 637 Broadway NEW YORK. N. Y. A CHI OMEGA Lies in the shade of the Beta barn. Claim to fame durina the past year lies in the number of pin-bearers temporarily stop- ping over on the Way to the altar. Also noted for iickleness. DELTA UPSILON Well known on the campus for a ten- dency to follow Esquire-three years late. Home of loud checks tand probably rubber ones tool. Chief breeding around for The three-dollar flunk fee Ctax on morons? caused such a row that it was taken to the state legislature. Undoubtedly it would have been over-ruled had it not been for pressinq business before the body, such as reprimandinq an Cklahoma City theatre for not future D. U.'s located in Tulsa. issuing passes to state salons. Fgg' in EI Iwi 1 . . SECURITY . T l I E J' will I Nlyw llf til IQ 1 Ill El m r " fy l y I l fee es y NORMAN. OKLA. WSUR4 , , j g Complete Banking Service i f For Sooners I v ,Q l .MEMB69 OFFICERS R. W. HUTTO, President BERT BACCETT, Cashier W. E. GRISSO, Vice-President VERNON KUWITZKY, Asst Cashier W. H. PATTEN, Vice-President DIRECTORS MRS. C. H. BESSENT W. E. GRISSO W. H. PATTEN D. H. GRISSO R. W. HUTTO C. W. WILEY Page 340 f 'Q THE OKLAHOMA UNION Center of Student Activities WHEN YOU RETURN AS AN ALUMNUS- You'll enjoy Visiting the Union again because of the important part it played in your years at the University. You'll remember the crowds pushing through the foyer . . . cokes . . . coitee . . . late breakfast . . . time spent in the recreation hall . . . the lounge . . . newspaper tiles . . . the home town paper . . . exciting meetings . . . dances in the ballroom . . . glamour . . . latest magazines on the news-stand . . . latest Volumes in the book exchange . . . the classics . . . everything that makes university lite a great experience. . "The Most Popular Place on the Campus" Page 341 ' ' A LETTERS FROM THE FRAT FILES l fEditor's Note: Naturallylthe writer in all of these letters has . been subiected to censorshipj N LETTER O. I ' Members of Alpha Tau Omega University of Oklahoma -l-if , Dear Brothers: lt is my understanding that nothing is being done by the active chapter to up- hold our social prestige of previous years. JACK BOWERsTOWner 4 l have been in correspondence with M- George Allan, who is attempting to be both an excellent president and also fulfill some SUMMER RUG STORAGE of the more motherly duties of the house. I-le informs me that none of the brothers TULSA CAV151ZDEglKg LEANING can see past the Chi Omega house, at least Estsbiished 1907 to the extent that no other sororities send 825 East First TULSA COMPLIMENTS For F B FIRST NATIONAL BANK 827 OLDEST - STRONGEST KD? New Accounts Appreciated NORMAN, OKLAHOMA bids to their dansants. We were always at the top both socially and academically when l was active in the chapter, Why not try to follow the advice of your dynamic men. Again I say, let us reach the door of more sororities. BROTHER. LETTER NO. 2 President of Kappa Alpha Theta University of Oklahoma Dear Girls: Please do not think me overstepping my bounds by offering the active chapter a bit of advice. Oueens are excellent rush material. This statement might seem a bit foolish, but it really carries more Weight than might be imagined. We have had excellent material for many of the queen- ships, for instance, Virginia Briscoe, Betty Larimore, Elenore Burton, lvo Wilson, and Mary Milam. l might also make this letter serve a dou- ble purpose by offering my condolences to you actives who have attempted with such endurance and patience to eradicate that fatal clause in our sacred but outmoded national constitution which deals with suc- cession of officers. No matter what any- body says, l feel you are going to have a good year. My daughter is going to Texas A' and M' Sincerely yours, M. W. Page 342 qv 4Q?i wkix iii, YV. f'r,,ffY I f M eeting the emands of oday TIIE IIKLIIIIIIMII PUBLISHING G0. THE OKLIIHOMAN AND TIMES THE FARMER-STOCKMIIII MISTLETOE EXPRESS RADIO STATION WKY Page 343 NDERGRADUATES as well as modern business men iind their demand for mod- ern news- and farm- papers answered in The Oklahoman. The Times and The Farmer- Stockman. Wirephoto - fast, accurate world news by Associated Press and special correspondents- ieatures that breathe ot 1937-comics with cr modern slant-farm news that keeps pace with the kaleidoscopic developments in Washington -have put these three publications at the top of the list in the Southwest. And in 285 Oklahoma cities and towns, Mistle- toe Express sees to it that neither rain nor snow. lloods nor tomado keep Oklahoman and Times readers from getting their papers on schedule. COPPER KETTLE FOR FIEYEAFOCD MONTERREY "Where Alumni ' FRIENDLY ' "N orman' s Finest M t,, ATMOSPHERE ' D . I ,, ee "Hartwell Hill operated" 1 yd 'we' nn I LETTER NO. 3 FINE SHOES The Bed Wing Shoe Com- pany, makers of fine boots, work shoes and dress shoes, wishes to congratulate Sooners. You will find your work easier if you wear fine shoes such as Red Wing makes. lf you have worn them you are convinced. lf you have not worn them you have a new treat in the form of foot comfort in store for you. RED WING SHOE CO. RED WIN G. MINNESOTA My roommate made some inguiries About my sweetheart, Bess. He asked me, "ls she a nice girl?" l answered, "Moralless." Members of Sigma Nu University of Oklahoma Say Ahrens, what in the devil has hap- pened to the old zim and zest of the chap- ter. I have authentic information that we pledged only one athlete this year, while the Phi Delts and the Pi K. Afs pledged the entire freshman football sguad. This has never happened before, and there is no reason why it should ever have happened. The only cause for this dilemma, as far as we alumni have been able to determine, is this person Byron lones. lones, from all that l can learn, is a fine fellow in his way, but for Lord's sake keep him away from the better type of boys. l-lis clothing, of European make, is outlandish. Alpine hats are fine, in Switzerland, but not in the Sig- ma Nu house. And in conclusion Connie, please let me remind you that some frater- nities find success in scholarship, why can't we be outstanding in the field of personal hygiene. This statement is a bit pointed but try to live down that talcum powder bath deal. ln the bonds, -' lil. COMPLIMENTS OF HIRSCH. WEINTRAUB 6. COMPANY V UNIFORMS FOR EVERY PURPOSE 1321 NOBLE STREET PHILADELPHIA M, .iw .fl , .. Page 344 STOCK MARKET REPORTS Amalgamated Teething Ring-up one point-large number of fresh Freshmen. Doug Iones Unlimited -a hard stock to beatg gains ten points daily. Obn-oxious Odors tNot Preferredl - l'm not a friend of the Sigma Nus. Girls Dorm lPreferredl-drops two points -speculators meet reverses. 'Wrong time to buy. Associated Crab-takes sudden drop. Local syndicate corners kerosene market. "After all it all started from scratch." Accommodating Nurses - down two points-forced to work nights. Guernsey Milk-down three points- Creason censoredl. Repulsive Fraternity Brothers. Inc. - per- sonally l'd sell out for a two cent stamp. Hickory Paddles tCommonl-jumps l5 points as pledges take walloping in market. He: What d'ya say that we get married next week? She: No kidding? He: Barring accidents. Sad Sam says he took his girl to a "barn dance" recently and she gave him the same old stall. COMPLIMENTS or I LUB D - X L M. F. FISCHER ci SON l l l Plumbing and Heating K. A. Con phonelz l-low are you this eve- ning? Tri-Delt: All right-but lonely. K. A.: Good and lonely. Tri-Delt: No, just lonely. K. A.: l'll be right over. Victim: l need a glass of water after that shave. lvan: What's the matter? Victim: l want to see if my face will still hold water. Students' Downtown Headquarters . LINDSAY DRUG STORE A Pangburn's Candy for All Occasions Prescriptions Our Specialty y JAMES s. DOWNING-The Druggist A PHONE 362 NORMAN l Q -As Year Alter Year Rolls By-We Always I Like to Say- We have appreciated know- - ing and serving you with the I I best productions obtainable in I y you the best for the future! I l Come back anytime! I SOONER and UNIVERSITY y Contractors l l l THEATRES 116 No. Peters Ave. Phone 73 NORMAN, OKLAHOMA I NORMAN, OKLAHOMA yl I Page 345 the movie industry and wish I WM. PENN DRUG STORE CAL ARNOLD 408 S. Boston BROOKSIDE DRUG STORE PETE FOWLER GUY SCROGG 3422 S. Peoria MEDICAL ARTS PRESCRIPTION SHOP O. L. PRATHER Medical Arts Bldg. BOB EVANS DRUG CO. BOB EVANS 501 S. Boston C480 U I k he Apoth I ld p I I th I p I I and co p t t d t t t th d I Il k' d. T th I th S hool OI Ph y t th U - ve ty I Oki h ll th h pp t th II I d I CI I I I th b tt kmq k the state t 630 ROY GETMAN DRUG STORE ROY GETMAN 526 S. Main OZARK PHARMACY I. L. REYNOLDS 1920 S. Quannah CENTRAL REXALL DRUG STORE 25 West Third W. U. CURTIN MENKEMELLER'S PRESCRIPTION SHOP W. MENKEMELLER. IR. Daniels Bldg. YOUR DRUGGIST SERVES YOU TULSA Q T if BYH5s55.if3iQ2C5LiiH1' ll T ' ' ' People Graduation Gifts 0' C7 i III? Rhine 81 C' rms , , rfzkzlzzoncfclfrorclzanzfsf Cfewelerf l 1 L iz V A i X ELGlN Semi Baguette ELGlN' With bracelet to match Graduation Special Jgjta l O X 7 SOLID GOLD DIAMOND pendant drop Amethyst all solid gold Sapphire Acquamarine N l bow O'er Your Credit at- c .- .-.- f.z!i,',ffc2ff4Q ' :gr-i"' "'2':1' .1M.M!e?fE Y MAIN' A YOUR OWN TERMS 'QR' ,. , H5 AT McENTEE's ' HE'S IN AGAIN! l'm not a fortune teller and l'm not an actor. l'm not a gangster and l'm not go- ing to change my name. This is not an advertisement about old clothes business. This would be good news for the Oklahoma Daily. l made 87,000 round trips of the O. U. Campus to protect college men. lt's a good thing that fresh- men broke my shoes in for me. And the reason l'm a good fraternity man is be- cause l got initiated trying to make an honest living for the past Zl years. l appreciate the privilege to express my honest opinion in the l937 SOONER Year- book of Oklahoma University. That my best pleasure would be to tell the ex-college man of yesterday "hello" and the future college man "goodbye and good luck" for a good many reasons. l refuse to explain why. Page 347 Anyway, when l look in the past and the future that l was raised as a slave under the Russian Czar of Russia-Poland l give myself credit for making so many friends in many thousands of people happy and smiling. lt won't be long now that l spend a guar- ter of a century in Oklahoma City, in Nor- man. This is my first time in l937 that l Want to say to the good honest American Society People "much obliged for giving me my naturalization papers and having the privilege to belong to any church, and having the pleasure of being a member of the Masonic lodge and a member of the American Legion." My liberty and honesty is not for sale or trade for all the oil or gasoline in Okla- homa. Optimistically, MORRIS TENENBAUM. , LETTERS FROM FRAT FILES LETTER No. 4 President of Pi Beta Phi University of Oklahoma Dear Miss Sewell: l am writing in behalf of the alumni group of Oklahoma City, in an effort to obtain results in regard to the question of the agreement between Betty Nance and the Officers council. lt is possible to grant if wk Q -k wk -k X if 'A' ir i' 'A' 'k i' ET X an ,wj,fQ3,L,h, if,ll Y ll' +1 fl ftii A . T , , lx , at 1 ally-5' Friendly 'Ill ' K r NEI: I 'AJ if ' .K .AX X , A, ,- Columbla up .k i , Piss X ' Station ll' 4:2519 PY? A ws- f Zlffij' i tis ' i A IEITEQSS1 -."!: S W ik 'K g, ' w Talent I+ ,, fri. ,, ,Q 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 l l concessions to obtain good material, but it is not the habit of the sorority to enter into political agreements. The fact, as it is ru- mored, that an agreement was made to the effect that all members and pledges would devote at least a portion of their time to campaigning and soliciting of votes for Miss Nance's father. ln conclusion l wish to add that there are several other girls on our list of active members whose relatives compose the opposition to Mr. Nance's political machine. Therefore, if it is necessary for us to remove a pin or two in order for the Nance colors to fly over the Ad building, then let it be done. Sincerely, B. B. 'l2. "Mmmmmm, but that popcorn has a heavenly smell," exclaimed the Tri Delt. "Hasn't it," said the D. U., 'Tll drive a little closer." BUSINESS! The Oklahoma Natural Gas Company and its more than BOO employees are a source of business, important to everyone in Okla- homa. 1 Bach year the company spends well over a X million dollars in Oklahoma for purchases, l salaries and taxes. This great sum enters 'I the trading channels here at home to swell the business of local merchants. The Oklahoma Natural Gas Company 1 spends thousands of dollars on the mainten- l ance of its gas lines, to insure you of lUUf7O ll service all year round. OKLAHOMA NATURAL t GAS COMPANY Page 348 "F or Fresh Flowers Stylishly Arranged" WHISTLER'S SOUTHERN FLORAL SHOP 317 WEST BOYD PHONE 1000 SIGMA DELTA TAU Losing their "Rose" the first of the year took a lot ot color out of this qroup and as Dedicqfed To hard as they tried, a substitute could not help it regain any of its lost bloom. K O M A D E A N. , S Radio Station - Oklahoma City V CASH GRocERY A me A ,,Greek House Suppliersu In appreciation of the time given to the University and its enterprises S 310 EAST MAIN PHONE 288 he cover for this annual i I was created by I The DAVID J. MOLLOY CO. L 2857 N. Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois i 6 t 5z255'Z4i?i2?sfif'f2 X backlid. L P 349 1 3 A"Norman Merchant" stirred up things no end the first semester by writing a sizzling letter to Mr. Wal- ter Harrison of the Oklahoma Publishing Co., and describing to him the rampant lechery on O. U.'s fair campi. A little investigation showed, however, that the de-- bauchery had been created by a bunch of drunken WANT ADS' Muriel S.-Come back, all is forgiven. Bring your new car. KENNETH. Dear Ramsey-please come home. l UNE. WANTED TO HIRE Girl-l8-20. Preferably white, to do light work around fraternity house. No previous experience or reference needed. Apply to Stewart Mark, steward, S. A. E. house. Three waiters. Must be tall, dark and handsome and well experienced. Apply by appointment to ldah Maxine A. Care Sigma Delta Tau sorority. Sig Alph's. A Printers for Sooners ...COMPLIMENTS... t Since .89 l We have furnished the engraved ME Commencement Invitations to Senior R Classes for the last 5 years. DAIRY pnonuc-rs l THE TRANSCRIPT PRESS It Printing and Office Supplies III South Peters NORMAN, OKLA. t I O -.....l.....l1, cAvINRss ,I STERLING MILK co. I SURGICAL COMPANY l I OKLAHOMA CITY' OK'-A . PHYSICIAN, HOSPITAL i I AND 7 LABORATORY SUPPLIES 2 BEATRICE CREAMERY p OKLAHOMA CITY OKLA TULSA t ' ' J Phone 3-7481 Page 350 GY' , VX' ,,,,,..-, i -tlig Lf 'H AAj' 2 G5 :Q :KO 'FOV' 9 What does it mean . . . exactly what it says. . . more for your money- in quality-in authentic fashions in apparel for women, men and children, fabrics, home furnish- ings and shoes . . . and more effi- cient service in all of the following stores. CUSHING, OKLA. CHICKASHA, OKLA. PAWHUSKA, OKLA. HOMINY, OKLA. DALHART, TEXAS ANADARKO, OKLA. ADA, OKLA. DRUMRIGHT, OKLA. WINFIELD, KANSAS AMARILLO, TEXAS LIBERAL, KANSAS ARKANSAS CITY, KANS. PONCA CITY, OKLA. BLACKWELL, OKLA. MIAMI, OKLA. PAMPA, TEXAS ARDMORE, OKLA. DUNCAN, OKLA. TONKAWA, OKLA. BORGER, TEXAS GARDEN CITY, KANSAS OKMULGEE, OKLA. STILLWATER, OKLA. ANTHONY DEPT. STORE, SEMINOLE, OKLA. SALINA, KANSAS BARTLESVILLE, OKLA. CHANDLER, OKLA. SHAWNEE, OKLA. BRISTOW, OKLA. WEWOKA, OKLA. GUTHRIE, OKLA. SEMINOLE, OKLA. HUTCHINSON, KANSAS HOLDENVILLE, OKLA. WEATHERFORD OKLA. ELK CITY, OKLA. WOODWARD, OKLA. CORDELL, OKLA. CLINTON, OKLA. FAIRFAX, OKLA. LAWTON, OKLA. NORMAN, OKLA. ALTUS, OKLA. HOLLIS, OKLA. MCPHERSON, KANSAS SAYRE, OKLA. EL RENO, OKLA. CLEVELAND, OKLA. HOBART, OKLA. FREDERICK, OKLA. MANGUM, OKLA. C. R. ANTHONY CO. P 351 A nude gentleman attired only in a top hat enrolled in school this fall, majoring in archery. His name is Dan Cupid, and here is his score, which totals bull's eyes: PIN-HANGING BOX SCORE Bee Hathorne . Maxine Wallace . Helen Bibeyre . Ruth Iane Gibsch . Custer Yates . Winifred Green . Patty Phelps . . Lucy Ellen Fellers Annie Youngblood Helen Arnold . Libby Pyeatt . Betty Hargett . Mary Locke . Maxine Marlin . Shirley Young . Sally Landt . . Iane Lomax . . Lucille MacKenzie Iune Myers . . . Ruth Clarke . Elmeta Tarr . Pat Doyle . Doris White . Ruth Newby Nelle Dark . . Anna Mae Fellows . Blynk Cooper . . Caryl Rose Corp . Lucinda Mae Furrey Evelyn Hayden . Betty Rowland . Geraldine Benegar Martha Ruth Iarrell Mildred McDonald Aileen Twyford . Iewell Corbin . Alice Douglas . Billie Martin . . Mary Alice Blake . Kathleen Brady . Lucille Wheeler . Evorene Morgan . Eloise Bryan . Bobby Long . Iohn Atkinson . Charles Minton . . Bob Grady . Victor Williams . Lewis White Iim Williams . I. O. Givens . Ioe Grant Bob Neptune . Mark Boxell . Roger Davis Bob Allen Street . Bob Stanton . Iulian Vahlberg . . Herb Ladd . Duval Pitchford Maurace Hankinson . Maurice Clancy Ramsey de Mueles Sutherland Sykes Norman l-Iassier . Dick Askew . . Chub Bell . Louis Iohnston . Fred Coombs . Ruel Harris . Dewey Harrison . . Ioe Caveizel Iohn Margan . Charles Fellows . . Ioe Davis . Iohn Mills . Frances Trendle . . Iack Dalious . . Fred Hoyt Phil Meacham . Sam Coleman . I. I. Pearce . Bob Nelson . Carl Baird Charles l-loussiere . B. M. Nowry . Warren Welch . . Lex Ford This Paqe Is Dedicated To Students From . . . P O N C A C I T Y . . . Who Are Attending the University of Oklahoma BETTY COLE ARMSTRONG CATHERINE A. ARMSTRONG VARDRENE ARNTZEN FRED B. AURIN BOYD LOWELL BARNETT IOE H. BISHOP IACK WILLIAM BURNS O'NEAL CALLAHAN KENNETH K. CARPENTER EVERET LEROY CATRON BETTY LOU CLARK REX V. DESMOND LOWELL DOGGETT MYER O. DRITCH ELIZABETH EDGINGTON IOE R. EDGINGTON LIONEL E. EDWARDS GEORGE MILLER ENGLAND IOY FLOURNOY ANNETTE R. GOLDENSTERN EUGENE HAGGARD LESTER F. HALL PAUL FERGUSON HAWKINS GRAY BURTON HULL HELEN GEORGENA HUMES IAMES PAUL IOHNSON EDWARD ARTHUR IONES DUANE REED LANCE DOROTHY GRAYCE LEE NATHAN SAM LEE ROY WEST LONSINGER CHARLES FRANCIS MARTIN ALEXANDER WATTS MCCOY, III STEVE FRANCIS NATHMAN DAN IOSEPH NIEMANN LOUISE SOPHIA NIEMANN HAL T. NIEMANN fDeceasedI LOIS ARLENE OAKES RAYMOND CARROLL PALMER URSULA MAE RAPP REYNOLDS REVARD KATHERINE RICE IAMES SKINNER ROBERT C. SMITH ROY E. STEPHENSON, IR. RALPH LEE STEPHENSON ROBERT LANE SULLIVAN BYRON VORHEIS PAUL WAGGONER GORDON WILBUR MARY LOUISE WITTER These Men In Ponca City Are Supporters of the University and Its Activities G. C. CLARK NEIMANN-NORTI-ICUTT CLINIC . Dr. G. I-I. Neiman I. GOLDENSTERN . Golaenstern Pipe and Supply MR. LEIGH TALIAFERRO O O SAM LEE LEW H. WEATTZ O O F. L. AURIN PONCA CITY MILLING CO. Southland Royalty Co. D. I. Donahoe Ir., mar. Page 352 Dan Cupid-Continued And in conclusion . . . Nancy Saunders . . . Dexter Moss Any skoit .... Bob Spradling No one . . Bill Whiteman Che's senall Guy Cobb Port I-Iis wife in Oklahoma City Any high school girl . lack Chandler They tell me that Patchin is not so hot, but she sure puts up a big front. About five in the morning, one of the pledges was very rudely awakened, and upon answering the door, he was met by one of the carousers. "Is thish the A. T. O. house?" The pledge replied: "It is. What can I do for you?" "Well," replied the carouser, "will you come out here and pick up Mert, the rest of us want to go home." 1100143 l PIPES I CARDS l CANDY TUl5ACCUSl Slll'I'IlES l SERVICES Page 353 Letters from the Greek F iles-Continued LETTER.NO. 5 Bush Committee of Phi Gamma Delta University of Oklahoma Brothers: The matter which I shall attempt to place before you is one of great importance to me and should be of value to the frater- nity. I know it is a policy of the fraternity to pledge nothing but men of the highest scholastic rating. This, of course, is a very admirable trait, but according to the old sage, "Variety is the spice of life." To make a long story short, gentlemen, I have a brother who is entering the University of Oklahoma this year. I-Ie is an outstanding athlete and also has maintained an A minus average. I will admit his grades are a bit low, but I sincerely believe that his athletic ability will balance this defeat. Brothers, this boy has been raised in a Piji atmosphere, his father, grandfather, two other brothers, and five cousins being brothers in the bond. Of course I am not trying to influence you in any way, since I have been very strongly instructed that politics plays no part in the life of the frater- nity. But please try and overlook the defi- ciency in grades and let my brother go through the portals of dear old Phi Gamma Delta. In the bonds, I - 32. Would God that I could meet a Theta VV ho spoke to everyone, Cr a Kappa who believed and thought Of something more than "mon." Can you name an Alpha Chi VV' ho doesn't put on airs? Is there any Barb Who never says her prayers? Last of all, is there a Tri Delt Who is not fond of prying But do you know of one Gamma Phi Who isn't worth the trying? l M- A Cl i PHOTO SUPPLIES I Everything for the Photographer l l Eastman Kodaks, Films, Chemicals, Leica A Miniature Cameras, Argus Candid, Univex and Eastman Amateur Movies, Camera i y Repairs, Photographic Books. , OKLAHOMA , , PHOTO SUPPLY CO. , I sos N. Broadway OKLAHOMA CITY. OKLA. I l , THE I PLUMBERS SUPPLY co. i I or TULSA l Consult Us When You Want the Best in Plumbing Fixtures i 313 WEST IST PHONE 2-9151 I DELTA TAU DELTA With the scholarship cup safely tucked away ior tour semesters, the fellows Went social and forgot to go to class. Central headquarters tor the tickle iinger order. General trouble makers for the lniirmary across the street. THETA I-las a peculiar knack tor booking rich little girls. Beauty is no objective, except in the line of 12 cylinder cars. Competition is so bloody that a campus shop has named a certain tomato concoction "Theta Sauce." I-lere's to the love that lies in a wornan's eyes-and lies and lies and lies. Delta Tau: l hear that girl's a virtuoso. Sig Alph: Yeh? I hear She's been going around With Tom Grant. She: Are you going to stop? I-le: l sure as hell will it you don't shut up. THIS IS THE SEVENTH YEAR WE HAVE HAD CHARGE OF THE TRANSPORTATION OF YOUR "SOONER" FROM IOWA CITY, IOWA, WITHOUT DAMAGE TO A SINGLE VOLUME ' T H O M P S O N ' S TRANSFER AND STORAGE co. Bonded and Insured Transportation l I Oiiice 217 East Gray St., Norman. Okla. Established 1904 I "WE KNOW HOW" "Pioneers in Inter-City Moving" PHONE 225 "Not a Scratch in a Truck Load" l I Page 354 OF CONTINUED SERVICE TO THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA 75 Student Book Exchange Employees have been graduated from the University during this period. TEXT BooKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES BooKS OF GENERAL INTEREST 16 YEARS UNIVERSITY BOOK EXCHANGE ,1l..,-,T-,ii AND MUSIC BY BUDDY ROGERS Sooner Office, O. U. -CSpecialD-Early last September Adolph Zukor, lr., reached dead end at Norman on his hitchhiker's 8 8 0 0 3 4 l 1 l excursion to Sapulpa and points. Being broke he decided to write home for chips. l-le went into the postoffice to mail his letter -and he didn't come out for days. CYou guessed it. The dumb guy went into the Beta house by mistake? Adolph was a successful hitchhiker, and he didn't intend to go to college. But he was only human, and the best of us fib. When the boys asked Adolph his pedigree, he said, "You know my dad, Zukor, don't you? Ever hear of Hollywood?" That night at meeting a member sitting in the balcony took the floor and pointed out that if the Betas pledged Zukor they might get free passes to the movies. Zukor there- upon became the Beta's four-star rushee. That is, until he rushed out of Norman-his coat tails on fire from the pursuing flame tongues of too many hot checks. Advice to the Lovelorn Dear Miss Hix: I am torn between two loves. One is an old high school sweetheart and the other is a sap too. The main trouble is that they are both Delta Taus. Shall l string 'em or sling 'em. Expectantly, ANNA NELL ROBERTS. Dear Nell: Take the high school boy if his initials are I. B. l. l-le's lasted this long and he'll be a chump for years to come. H. l TOL DICKENSON Official Representative L. G. BALFOUR co. , "Known Wherever There are Schools and C olleges' ' MANUFACTURERS OF FRATERNITY SCHOOL IEWELRY Tel. 577 NORMAN, OKLA. 327 W. Boyd Page 356 THINGS WE'D LIKE TO KNOW By DON PILKINGTON Why Bungan doesn't quit school . . . Why Aileen Sims hesitated so long be- fore donning Tony Calvert's pin . . . Why Ann Ford goes to the City so often . . . Who was the drunk that mistook Ernie Houssiere for the Prince ot Wales in the City one night . . . ls Don Brown dodging the Pi Phis or a certain Pi Phi . . . Why the Sooner Party doesn't give up . . I-Iow many pictures Demetrice Thornton has out in various frat houses . . . How many rumpi the Daily has stirred up per month . . . What Bill Breeden's picture was doing in the desk of a female faculty member . . . I-low many sub-rosa orders Csuch as Quo Vadb Bob Nelson belongs to . . . House of Hospitality . . . BANQUETS, DANCES. RECEPTIONS TEAS, PROMS, DANSANTS IN THE ROOF GARDEN BOOK t NOW WE INVITE YOU Page 357 ' Where does Bill Lucas pack his power with Betty Curtis . . . I-low many petitions have been circu- lated this year . . . Why Andy Crosby guit the girl from Lawton who is in school this year . . . What the total Ad Party graft amounts to -and how much Campbell cmd Wright get . . . Does Dorothy Dalious know just whose pin or pins she has on . . . What happened to the old Brookes- Phillips romance . . . IT'S IN THE DAILY fContinuedP Norman, April l5.-Plans for a picnic at 6:30 Friday evening on the Canadian river were made by Kappa Psi, national honor- ary pharmacy and medical fraternity, at a meeting Wednesday night. Dr. F. C. Bui- tington, Norman physician spoke to the group on "Contraceptives." fEditor's note: This news item appeared in the Oklahoma Daily as above datedl A taxi strike precipitated by a hiking in taxi fares fares proved a boomerang to both studes and drivers when the former wore out two-bits worth of shoe leather saving a nickel and cab drivers sat idly by. Anyway, rates went down, in spite of the Ad party. PHUTUS in the . . v Beauty Section v Class Section and 0 Military Section of the SOONER YEARBOOK WEREMADEBY Clarence Ireland 769 ASP NORMAN S-tudlo l 9 3 7 OK STUDIO LOCATED AT ENT STORE PGOL S Military Men Throughout the Nation MADE ONLY BY POOL MANUFACTURING CO I SHERMAN TEXASV I Shirts, Slacks and Breeches Are Worn by KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA The girls are moving in from the country next year Cthey hopel. The only drawbacks to the new location are the Betas, D. U.'s, and Sig Alphs. However, they're leaving the Sigma Nu's, so maybe it's a draw. LAWRENCE AUSTIN SUITS lntuitiong "Horse sense," says Ann, "is what tells a girl to say neighf' l'll take you home again, Kathleen, The moon has nearly sunky Although I really hadn't ought to- lt wasn't I who got you drunk. Little Bo Peep Is losing sleep Since she came to college. She's never in class, This innocent lass, But by night She gains her knowledge. I . , GAMMA PHI BETA Mob on VV est Boyd-subsidized by ' , Brown Owl. For last two years has been l S i guided by the two iisted sock 'em and OKLAHOMA CITY T roclden Y. W. C. Afr. Pledged another out .... -- ' oi Norman girl-brings the total up to tive. Dedicated to the Class of '37 1 . How sweet and gracious even in common speech l ls that fine sense which men call courtesy. A U Wholesome as air,-Genial as life, . Welcome in every clime as breath of flowers. lt transmutes aliens into trusty friends Y And give its owner passport around the globe. OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAQ 5 l Service Wholesalers 5 Page 359 The following have been the cause of Things We'd Like to Know-Continued many serious and fatal accidents during WhYD. U'ISdOnItbuYCOmp1ete Suits u I l past Years: How Eberle celebrates after finals . . . 1- SUPDSTY HOOTS- What certain Theta it was that gave 2. Empty bottles. George Verity the proverbial finger . . . 3. Loose or broken stairs. l-las Nell Marie Anderson made the base- 4, Empty bangs. ball team through Tee Connelly yet . . . 5, GUS leaks. l-low Lucy Ellen Eellers pinned loe Grant I 5, Empty bottles, l-low that smile of Pat Sewell's gets her 7. Use of gasoline and other fluids. picture in the paper SO Often ' ' ' 8. Empty bottles. Why Ruth Stahl and Sidney Davis bank their money together . . . Does Earl Morris know Barbara Ann Dorr has the "Pinkies" on him . . . ls Mildred Stearley throwing away her 12' Empw bottles' future career for wedding bells . . . 13' PiC1'liCS dOWTl bY H19 river. Why we ever had to write this . . . l4. Empty bottles. 9. Automobile engines left running. lO. Empty bottles. ll. Country roads. DELTA DELTA DELTA An unusually successful rush sorta put l shot my arrow in the air, A It fell Clown I know not Where' the girls back on their feet. They even had I pledge TDOTS dflm Pi Phis 'fl'1CfT WHY- a good dansant-thanks to the gal with the GLADYS cellophane slip. GILT-EDGE DAIRY PRCJDUCTS "All That the Name Implies" y..L1 The Seniors Are . 'L "'l i iief Moving Along to New , ', ' 'D 1 amz-if 1 ' 'Hifi '.'. EEE l ll - - I-OCGUOIIS and 50 Have - T . ezfuff C. E. Cwner Phone 130 Phone 130 Page 368 ELM STREET GROCERY AND MARKET , V N14 Years in Business and Still Goingv Tel. 4 H. L. HARRIS and STONE TAYLOR 415 Elm l m ..,. nm,,,, ,ini fr nf, ,n--,,, W- ,,..-..,, i, W- Y wif l l S l i MOUNTAIN The Phi Psi scholastic endeavors hit a new low average ot 295. This may just be a camoutlaged attempt at economy, tor l dances do Cost mcney Phone ssa ' llzl W. Main sf. I PHI KAPPA SIGMA 1. R. NEWKUMET, P1-op. DOQSUT let H19 fact that they are next tO , CBacteria count by State Law is SODOU. Our the puritanical D. Gfs stop them in their milk is less than 25.0009 efforts to take the K. Afs reputation away. T They have the "White" flag leading their 1-l -p -1 h h' , b h d ' T Soliieoltizfi Ciliiiit ut t at OSS ln no Way 'i We invite you to visit our interesting Okla- Y Y' y homa City shop, to witness the making. P1 KAPPA PHI - here in Oklahoma. of Broke into the headlines once this year l when Larson settled the Iunior elections HIGHEST QUALITY WELDED by getting the presidency. They had their BUBBLE TOWERS' SEPARATORS eye out on the job all year, because it was AND TANKS t th ' h d th ' ' l T . onriiucij. eir men w o cause e origina Black, Slvalls G Bryson' Alpha Chi fatter being picked upbz "l-lave- Inc' n't l met you somewhere before?" 1 Zippy: "l don't know, but your faith is familiar." You shouldn't date a girl so completely and then drop her all ot a sudden. lt's better not to be so enthusiastic than to leave her expecting . . . Page 361 When In Oklahoma City Visit The Q nnmsufyndmbmnicruns XTATE Little Miss Muffet Sat on a tuffet Guzzling loeer with An eye on the Dean. She was caught in the act, But the Dean with rare tact Helped her kill it without being seen. SIGMA ALPHA MU This is the house that finally got enough pull to get itself voted a scholarship cup after having won the scholarship award for many years. Sandler is one of their reasons for claiming campus fame, but Peller and Slaner are giving him a race for the position. In the merrie month of May When the Delts go out to play Near the South Canadian River ln their old tin stripdown flivver, Little flowers on soil once virgin l-lang their heads in honest shame. H A R T W E L L ' S 37 YEARS A QUALITY STORE We have been privileged to serve as jewelry counsel to the finest families in this state. Let us help you in choosing from our stock a suitable graduation gift. 134 W. Main OKLAHOMA CITY Pu III IP' 'SU 3 DH O P4 O L-' DH cn cn O '-ri :TS CD NJ ED CLARK Extends Greeting to the And Welcomes Them Into the l Competitive Field of Pharmacy COMPLIMENTS or A FRIEND YEAH WE RE ALL GOOD INDIANS' LUMBER CO THE HOME OF HOMES Complete Wall Paper and Paint Department NORMAN. OKLAHOMA LEE LEVERING - Tqiiofs l . FINE TAILORING t For Men and Women 319 South Boston TULSA i MORRIS TENNEBAUM l i An Oklahoma Indian l IOUIMJ For Oklahoma CHICKASAW Page 362 inn lnfn ' EXPERIENCE HEHEITU IIN R nl I ' Q Eh g ' L' W -:P E ' kia lg. 'I ' 4' ' f' ,,E. -' iyfg IDEAS, born in the minds of yearbook staff members, can become REALITIES within the pages of a finished book only through the com- petent guidance of those who have EXPERIENCE in the field of year- book production. Realizing this fact, editors and managers of college and high school annuals have been, for more than a quarter of a cen- tury, employing, and profiting by, the experienced service, distinctive art creations and "PRINT TESTED PLATES" offered by SOUTHWEST- ERN ENGRAVING COMPANY. SWECO EXPERIENCE assures your IDEAS of becoming REALITIES even greater than anticipated. IHHWEHEHHEHGMWI CUQQMW Egg 1-v-n-f-15-,qw-m-- ' ' an Q ,P 2 ,H -rv-v vv 'vvv rx vv bawdy Q .zvv Jx.,.A, vu Jw vu Q J uvdv x. yd .JL uv JL x., J JXJJL uv EXEEEKEEEEEEKEEZEEEEEEKKBEEEEEEKEEEQ 1 9:40 Z-X9 Q? S O4 FA Q13 CX! LQ sfo.-p-Q..-1: :1 : 1:1 1:1..-1:1 1:- 1:1 -:- 1:. .:1 1:. 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1 1: 1:1 1:1 1:- 1: 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1 :wp Og U i L75 U f DJ H 1 VB 1 3 M ! 243 - 4.55 ' Q44... : N N . Amo , 1 CYD M 3 Q11 EKU 1, 1 Q-IIT: N , 9 gba 94 H ! EQ ' Q C052 cxo H Q Q75 5 H , I FQ cha va H ' d b h 1 243 U was prlnte y t o , U 0 W Cin? U ii Q15 5 5 CYD . Q Q15 FQ? yi M Q15 V U VX? U u 242 15 ig USD ig U Q13 E52 6 ' 6 ?Q CYD Q U GZX5 M go U U We t - noon PUBLISHING mvlslow of U . lx I , 5-Q9 U The Economy AdVBI'llSll1g Co. .o ww U Iowa City, Iowa M M H .,.1:11:11:1, i i-:11:11:1:11:.12-211, j 1:1111 151,121 i 111:11 1:1 1: 1:12144 ZTX9 QI? 1,52 ,,e "Nf"'N fK"NfK fN"Nfx"N F fN"N "N "Xf"Kf' F F f"'NfN"Nf"'X P5 'N "N 'XF gg? YEYYYYYYYYYYYY ADVERTISING INDEX Balfour, L. G. . Bartlesville . . Coca-Cola . . . Clark, Ed .... Commander Mills, lnc. . Dehner Co., Inc., The . . Economy Advertising Co. . Hirsch-Weintraub G Co. . Kerr Glass Mfg. Corp. . Molloy, David I., CS: Co. . Ponca City . . . Poo1's Mfg. Co. . . . . Red Wing Shoe Co. . . Southwestern Engraving Co. . Underwood Elliott Fisher Co. . Wolfson Trading Company . NORMAN Acme Cleaners ...... Campus and Oklahoma Theatres, The Chickasaw Lumber Co ..... Clark Cleaners . . Copper Kettle . Deans Cash Gro. . Dickenson, Tol . . Elm Street Gro. . . First National Bank . Fisher, M. F. G Sons . . 1re'and, Clarence Studio . Lindsay Drug Co. . . Monterrey ...... Norman Electric Dealers . . Norman Milk and Ice Cream Co. . Norman Steam Laundry . . Norman Transcript, The . . Oklahoma Daily, The . Oklahoma Union, The . Safeway Gro. . . . . Security National Bank . . Sooner and University Theatres . TeePee Book Store ..... Tenenbaum, Morris ..... Thompson's Transfer and Storage Co. . Town Tavern ....... Tyler and Simpson Co. . Whistler's Southern Floral . Varsity Book Shop . Varsity Clothing Store . White Mountain Dairy . Page 365 356 334 326 362 322 322 364 344 316 349 352 359 344 3363 339 340 342 330 362 330 344 349 356 361 342 345 358 345 344 325 360 330 350 338 341 339 340 345 353 362 354 356 337 349 336 339 361 OKLAHOMA CITY Alexander Drug Co ..... Anthony, C. R. Co. . . . Biltmore Hotel .... Black, Sivalls ci Bryson, Inc. . Carpenter Paper Co. . . Caviness Surgical Co. . . Doc and Bill Furniture Co. . Fox-Vliet Drug Co., The . Frates, C. L. CS Co. . . 1-1artwell's lewelry Co. . I-lerman's Restaurant . Kinnebrew Motor Co. . KOMA Radio Station . . Liberty National Bank .. . Meadow Gold Dairy Products . McEntee, I. M. CS Sons . . . Newbills ..... New State Ice Cream Co. . Oklahoma Photo Supply Co. . Oklahoma Publishing Co. . . Oklahoma Transportation Co. . Penney, I. C. Co. . . . Rosenfields lewelry Co. . Rothchild's B ci M . . Semco Color Press ..... Skirvin Hotel ...... Southwest Utility Dairy Products Co.A State Theatre ...... Veazey Drug Co. . . Wilson Packing Co. . . TULSA First National Bank and Trust Co. . KTUL Radio Station . . . KVOO Radio Station . Lee Levering, Tailor . . McRoberts Drug Co. . . Mid-Continent Petroleum Co. . Meadow Gold Dairy Products . National Bank of Tulsa . . National Tank Co. . . . Oklahoma Natural Gas Co. . Oklahoma Tire and Supply Co. . Plumbers Supply Co. . . . . Public Service Company of Oklahoma Pure White Dairy Products . . Tulsa Carpet Cleaning Works . Tulsa Daily World .... Tulsa Retail Druggist . Tulsa Tribune . . . Vandever's . . . Steffens 359 351 329 361 337 350 336 324 325 362 337 320 349 322 350 347 359 362 354 343 322 330 324 317 323 357 331 361 339 337 319 348 335 362 336 345 350 332 348 348 342 354 336 324 342 333 346 328 335 A Acacial 274 Adams, Dean A. B., 123 Ad Club, 187 Advertising, 315 Administration, 17 Administrative Council, 22 Alpha Chi Omega, 248 Alpha Lambda Delta, 182 A. 1. M. M. E., 103 Alpha Epsilon Delta, 41 Alpha Phi, 250 Alpha Sigma Phi, 278 Alpha Tau Omega, 278 Alpha Xi Delta, 252 A. S. C. E., 102 Arts and Sciences, 23 Athletes, 199 B Band, Concert, 80 Band, Marching, 80 Bankoit, lulius, 50 Baseball, 210 Basketball, 208 Beaird, Ted, 19 Beta Theta Pi, 280 Bombardiers, 154 Bizzell, Dr. W. B., 13 Bobo, Dr. C. S., 18 Boomers, The, 190 Brandt, loseph A., 18 Be Ann Brown, 272 Brite, Cecil H., 49 Business Administration, C C Casey, lohn H., 48 Cate, Roscoe, 58 Checkmate, 184 Chi Delta Phi, 40 Chi Omega, 254 Clark, Ruth, 21 Coaches, The, 187 Cobean, Sam, 54 GENERAL INDEX ollege ot, 123 Collings, Dean Ellsworth, 117 Covered Wagon, The, 55 Cross Country, 212 D Delta Delta Delta, 258 Delta Gamma, 258 Delta Sigma Pi, 132 Delta Tau Delta, 282 Delta Upsilon, 284 Dodge, Dean H. L., 135 E Education, College ot, 115 Engineering, College ot, 95 F Features, 183 Felgar, Dean, 95 Findlay, Dean 1. F., 15 Fine Arts, College ot, 73 Flournoy, loy, 53 Football, 201 Fraternities, 315 Freshman Class, 90 G Galen, 88 Gamma Phi Beta, 280 Gittinger, Dean Boy, 18 Golf, 214 Graduate School, 133 H Harral, Stewart, 19 Hawes, lames, 58 Herbert, H. H., 45 Hildebrand, Floyd, 108 Hill, Ernie, 72 Holmberg, Fredrik, 78 Howell, Major Beese M., 139 I lndependent Men's Associa lnterfraternity Council, 273 lntramurals, 220 I lazz Hounds, 194 lohnson, Dean D. B. B., 48, lournalism Press, 49 lournalisrn, School ot, 45 lunior Class, 88 K Kappa Alpha, 288 Kappa Alpha Theta, 282 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 284 Kappa Kappa Psi, 82 Kappa Psi, 85 Kappa Sigma, 288 Kenyon, Ralph, 20 Kraft, Walter W., 18 Kraettli, E. B., 22 L Lambda Kappa Sigma, 89 Law, School oi, 109 Lee, Mrs. C. M., 91 Lindsay, 1. L., 18 L. K. O. T., 104 tion, 188 81 Page 388 M Mark, Stewart, 179 Marland, Governor E. W., 12 Meacham, Dr. E. D., 19 Men's Council, 20 Miles, Charles C., 19 Military, 158 Military Band, 156 Minnick, Muriel, 80 Monnett, Dean lulien C., 111 Mortar Board, 180 Mc McDaniel, Dean Edna, 15 N Niemann, Hal, 162 Nursing, School ot, 91 O Cikonomia, 42 Oklahoma Daily, The, 52 Cmicron Nu, 42 O. U. Ph. A., 63 P Pan-Hellenic, 272 Patterson, Dean Robert U., 85 Pe-et, 181 Pharmacy, State Board ot, 68 Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Beta Delta, 290 Delta Chi, 64 Delta Theta, 292 Eta Sigma, 345 Delta Phi, 114 Gamma Delta, 294 Phi Kappa Psi, 296 Phi Kappa Sigma, 298 Phi Mu, 266 Pi Beta Phi, 268 Pi Kappa Alpha, 300 Pi Kappa Phi, 302 Pi Zeta Kappa, 196 Pistol Team, 157 Polo and Riding Association, Polo Team, 159 President's Class, The, 197 Publication Board, 48 Q Quartet, Gir1s', 78 R Ramblers, The, 191 Razz, 315 Reaves, Dean S. W., 25 Regents, Board ot, 17 Rho Chi, 67 Roosevelt, President, 138 Rut Neks, 195 Runyan, Iohn, 53, 195 Page 367 150 S Scabbard and Blade, 155 Salter, Dean Lewis, 73 Senate, 197 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 304 Sigma Alpha lota, 79 Sigma Alpha Mu, 306 Sigma Chi, 308 Sigma Delta Chi, 57 Sigma Delta Tau, 270 Sigma Nu, 310 Sigma Tau, 106 Skeleton Key, 179 Smith, Bob, 194 Smith, Carl, 54 Society, 223 Sooner Magazine, The, 58 Sooner Statt, 51 Sororities, 244 St. Pat's Council, 107 St. Pat's Queen, 108 T Tant, Charles, 49 Tau Beta Pi, 105 Tau Omega, 104 Tennis, 216 Theta Kappa Phi, 312 Theta Sigma Phi, 56 Toga, 185 Tabor, Iames, 81 Thalian, 188 Track, 211 V Varsity Club, 189 W Wadsack, George V., 18 Wardell, M. L., 183 Wooderson, Robert, 53 Women's Athletics, 217 Wrestling, 213 W. S. G. A., 21 Wurtzbaugh, Iewel, 182 Y Yearbook, 1937 Sooner, 50 Y. M. C. A., 192 Y. W. C. A., 193 -K C 1: x A Abbott, lane, 76 Aberson, ldah Maxine, 27 Adachi, Chiyoko, 62 Adams, A. Charles, 46 Adams, Elizabeth, 33 Adams, Frances L., 130 Adams, Iimmie, 34 Adams, Kathryn Mae, 74 Adams, Lois lune, 47 Adams, Wyema E., 75 PERSONAL INDEX Atkinson, lohn Arthur, 31 Atkinson, Polly, 26 Aurin, Fred P., 31 Austin, Frances F., 119 Avery, Helen L., 129 Axelrod, Kenneth M., 126 B . Babcock, Elfreda, 35 Babcock, Marion L., 75 Baer, lack, 31 Baggett, lames E., 31 Aderhold, Eleanore, 77 Addington, Sue, 47 Ahrens, Connie, 125 Ahnens, Rose, 39 Ainsworth, William R. Akers, Lucille, 136 Akright, lames R., 112 Alexander, Doyle Caryle, 100 Bagwell, Gladys R., 74 Bailey Albert C., 130 Bailey, Cleo Particia, 118 Bailey, Donald F., 126 Bailey, Maurice S., 33 Baird, Carl E., 96 Baker, Douglas, 32 Baker, Gus, lr., 130 Brookes, Ned V., 99 Aldridge, Gail C., 28 Allbritton, Pearl Louise, 76 Claude M., 86 Allen, Alice Louise, 76 Allen, George F., 125 Allen, lean, 38 Allen, Nina, 39 Allen, Rosemary, 129 Allen, Wayne M., 131 Battenlield, lohn Y., 87 Bolenel Emanuel GH 95 Allender, Exel Marcella, 29 Alley, lulia Melba, 136 Allison, H. ludd, 126 Allsman, 1-larry, 100 Almen, George, 38 Alpern, Erwin, 31 Alston, William C., lr., 86 Amberg, Iames Fortune, 125 Ambrister, Emma Beth, 75 Ameringer, Dorothy Norah, 38 Amos, Mary Ingram, 36 Burton, Eleanor, 35 Anderson, Ann Adelaide, 35 Anderson, Betty Adele, 119 Anderson Helen Kristine, 32 Anderson Ienna Vee, 92 Anderson Nancy M., 31 Anderson Nathan VV., 101 Anderson Nelmarie, 75 Anderson Oscar S., 26 Anderson, Samuel M., 37 Andrews, Mary Monima, 36 Andrews, Mildred, 74 Annadown, Pauline Iena, 36 Anthony, Betty Lee, 35 Bell Appelget, Eleanor, 34 Argue, lulia lane, 76 Armstrong, Betty Coe, 75 Armstrong, Glen A., 125 Armstrong, William, 32 Arn, Eddie, 99 Arnold, A. D., 96 Arnold, Helen, 35 Arnold, Isabelle, 76 Arnold, Mary lane, 75 Arntzen, Vardrene, 118 Asbury, Ralph T., 99 Bank, Edward W., 26 Bankoil, lulius M., 124 Barber, George W., 125 Barbour, Betty, 37 Barbour, lack W., 39 Barker, Bob V., 99 Barnes, William H. 96 Barnett, Boyd L., 126 Barnett, Louis 99 Barry, William R., 34 Bartlett, Rex A., 28 Barton, Beverly, 77 Bass, Mary lane, 29 Bassett, William Neal, 35 Bateman, Faye, 33 Bates, Hazel A., 92 Batson, 1. Ernest, 99 Batten, Sara Marie, 75 Battle, Leonard, 101 Baughman, Betty, 47 Baxter, lack Wilson, 35 Baylis, Howard Glenn, 34 Beach, lim Boyd, 100 Bealmear, Gus, 100 Beams, Bob, 101 Beams, Drewsilla, 38 Beams, Margaret Fay, 36 Beard, Margaret Mary, 36 Beasley, less L., 136 Beaty, William E. lr., 129 Becker, Eleanor Ruth, 37 Beck, Harriet lane, 38 Beck, Marian, 47 Beckett lerry B., 39 Beckett, C. M., 128 Be-eler, Thomas T., lr., 87 Berry, Charles Nelson, 36 Berry, lohn Curtis, 87 Berry, Kerby Leo, 98 Berton, Robert, 31 Best, D. McNeal, 96 Best, Frank L., 96 Bethell SuNell, 26 Biard, Mary Lillian, 39 Billingsley, Mary, 27 Billups, Sarah, 118 Billings, Sam Glenn, 126 Binckley, Frank, 98 Bingman, Adeial, 38 Bishkin, Harold, 101 Bishop, Calmes P., 86 Bixler, George R., 113 Black, Margaret C., 29 Black, Shirley, 38 Black, Woodrow W., 97 Blackburn, Nadine Sibyl, 32 Blackmer, Esther E., 129 Blackstock, Harry Lee, 127 Bradstreet, Hazel, A., 33 Brady, lim C., 101 Bragg, Estelle, 131 Branscome, Emma I., 92 Bravo, Robert, 131 Bray, Beatrice V., 110 Breeden, Bill, 28 Brent, W. Albert, 118 Bretch, Kathrine, 76 Brickell, Mary lane, 125 Bridges, Floriene, 92 Brim, Donald, E., 27 Brink, Rosa McClain, 118 Britt, Glenn D., 33 Briscoe, lnez, 38 Briscoe, Virginia, 34 Britain, lack, 128 Broadfoot, Ray Wallace, 128 Borderson, Florence, R., 30 Brooks, Barbara, 38 Blair, Kathryn E., 125 Blakemore, Thomas L., 113 Blake, Blake, Blanch Bloss, Mary Alice, 29 Murvel, 125 ard, Phyllis leanne, 75 Brook, Iames R., 31 Brosseau, Bill, 127 Brown, Be Ann, 29 Brown, Bernard, L., 39 Brown, Donald W., 124 Brown, Earl A., 36 Brown, Ellis L., 97 Boardman, lulia, 76 Boarman, Virgean, 29 Bobb, William N., 131 Boddy, lames Edgar, 128 Bohn, Nina, 27 Boggs, Helen, 77 Bohart, 1. Philip,136 Bohlman, Wilbur F., 87 Boke, William Glenn, 131 Bolen, Lawrence, 27 Bolin, Phebe lane, 47 Bomash, Cecile E., 75 Bone, Harold K., 96 Bond, left Mason, 29 Bond, Alner Faye, 26 Bonfoey, Caroline B., 119 Boone, lane, 126 Boring, Carolyn, 35 Boring, Mac O., lr., 97 Bowen, Ralph D., 127 Bowen, Stephen W., 131 Bowersock, lulia, 129 Bowersock, Robert D., 129 Brown, Glenn Harlan, 125 Brown, Mabel, 47 Brown, Nina, 37 Brown, Zetta, 29 Brown, lohn R., 113 Bruns, Blanche B., 92 Brush, Leota Norine, 76 Bryan, Eloise V., 26 Bryan, Rose Lee, 92 Buck, Elaine, 39 Buck, Oran V., 98 Bowers, Elsie Louise, 77 Bowlby, Betty, 29 Bowlen Evelyn Mary, 38 Bowlen Paul Dennis, 96 Bowles, Naydene, 76 Buckholtz, Paul, 33 Buckley, Duane l., 100 Burch, Harlanfred D., 74 Burdick, Ben L., 29 Burditt, Florence H., 28 Burford, Annette, 77 Burke, Billie B., 97 Burns, Wynema, 33 Busby, lohnnie Lucille, 92 Burns, lack W., 129 Burns, H. Marguerite, 38 Burt, Lorene, 75 Burton, Mary lane, 36 Butterfield, Beverly R., 129 Eyer, lohn W., 31 Byrd, lack Homer, 99 C Beidleman, Milton, 130 Bell Clifton L., 26 Bell Charles A., 27 Bell Frank S,, 99 Bell Margaret, 31 Bell Morgan, 98 William C., lr., 125 Braden, Evelyn, 38 Askew, Clyde L., 126 Aspley, Gorgiana, 35 Aston, Charles A., 39 Atchinson, Charles P., 130 Bennett, Ruth Mozelle, 29 Bennett, Virgil C., 126 Bensinger, Allred, 127 Bernard, Helen, 33 Bowyer, Elizabeth lane, 35 Boxell, Mark, 101 Boyd, Gertrude, 92 Boyd, lames K., 32 Boyd, 1. Phleat 62 Boyd, K. Denzil, 96 Braden, Betty, 36 Bradley, lohn David, 47 Bradley, Mack, 130 Bradshaw, William H., 127 Cahill, Marjory Lelia, 92 Cain, lames H., 33 Calaway, Tim, 124 Caldwell, lack E., 100 Caldwell, Walter Dean, 32 Calaham, Walter L., 130 Callaway, lohn R., 47 Calvert, Horace, 28 Campbell, Barbara lune, 77 Campbell, Benson, W., lr., 100 Page 368 A Y Y 4 .ta - -Campbell, C. B., Ir., 129 XCampbell, Kathryn, 129 Campbell, Lester H., 37 Campbell, Silva, 36 Campbell, Tom B., 96 Campbell, X. R., 113 Card, Anna lo, 76 Card, Robert H., 124 Carpenter, Ed. N., 125 Carpenter, Kenneth K., 100 Carpenter, Mary Frances, 34 Carson, Elaine Marie, 76 Carson, Rosalie G., 128 Carter, Eileen, 127 Garter, Louise, 77 Carey, Tom F., 130 Cary, Iohn W., 130 Cash, Iuanita Helen, 131 Cashion, Medford, 97 Casler, William A., 99 Cason, Robert W., 129 Cassidy, Charles M., 36 Casper, Frances G., 99 Cates, William A., 62 Cavanagh, Arthur, 33 Caviezel, Ioe A., 96 Cecil, Frances Sue, 124 Champion, Ioe Ben, 33 Champlin, George A., 118 Champlin, Iohn B., 46 Chandler, Horace D., 34 Chandler, Iack Kidd, 46 Channell, Gene E., 76 Cole, Allan B., 97 Cole, Betty Lou, 37 Cole, Ioe W., 127 Coleman, Sam T., 113 Coleman, Wilfred G., 99 Collier, Iack 74 Collins, Iean, 38 Collins, Melva, 34 Collinson, Harry L., 30 Collinson, T. Hall, 112 Connell, David LeRoy, 62 Conner, Allie Lou, 37 Conn-ers, Thomas P., 86 Cook, David M., 34 Cook, Doris Alaine, 32 Cook, William R., 96 Cooke, Louise, 36 Combs, Fred, Ir., 46 Cooper, Iuanita I., 77 Cooper, Mary Lee, 29 Cooper, Mildred Ann, 119 Cooper, Robert Lee, 113 Coppage, Alton, 119 Corbin, Marjorie I., 118 Corbyn, George S., 126 Cord-ell, Helen Marie, 32 Corn, Edward W., 125 Corp, Caryl Rose, 125 Cathran, Martha Lou, 34 Cotton, Bert H., 87 Couch, Robert E., 29 Cowan, Richard H., 113 Cox, Lucille M., 128 Cox, Lucille May, 131 Danielson, Otis, 99 Darling, Ruth, 27 Dark, Nelle, 38 Daubenheyer, Hubert W., 97 Davenport, B. G., 127 Davenport, Marie, 119 Davenport, Ruth, 76 Davis, A. Leo, 34 Davis, Bryan, 125 Davis, Clyde E., 98 Davis, Dwight E., 113 Davis, Elaine, 26 Davis, Elliott, 28 Davis, Elnora, 76 Davis, Ioe, 131 Davis, Leota M., 38 Davis, Leon, 37 Davis Mary, 29 Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Mary Sure, 129 Richard W., 124 Ruth Verne, 76 William Day, 99 Davison, Denver B., 33 Dawson, Hanes M., 128 Dawson, L. Ray, 30 Dawson, Iulian L., 128 Dunn, I. Hartwell, 28 Durland, Iack Raymond, 33 Durland, Iune Cain, 31 Dustin, Dorothy I., 39 Dustin, Dorothy Iayne, 36 Dutton, Granville W., 35 E Eady, Kathleen, 74 East, Iohn, 87 Easter, Maurice, 127 Easterwood, Henry O., 30 Eberle, Gearldine, 119 Eckes, William, 31 Ecton, Bobby, 34 Edgington Elizabeth, 129 Edwards, Lionel, 97 Effron, Charlotte Lee, 35 Elias, Bill Kay, 62 Elliott, Ty E., 127 Elliott, Frank E., 129 Elliott, Ioe Edward, 36 Ellis, Iosephine E., 92 Eotf, Eloise Coats, 118 Embry, Iames A., 113 Endicott, Harry L., 127 Chappell, Gene, 112 Cheadle, Iohn Francis, 113 Cheatwood, William R., 87 Cheek, Iames Alex, 34 Chenault, Nathan B., 97 Chenault, Phoebe lane, 77 Cenoweth, Iohn 76 Chesnut, Dorothy E., 74 Chew, Iames L., 98 Chitwood, Betty Io, 35 Christie, William M., 62 Church, Byron, 129 Clancy, Maurice L., 27 Cox, W. Earl, 74 Crabb, Houston L., 129 Crabtree, Alberta R., 92 Craddock, Fred E., 39 Craig, Charles E., Ir., 130 Craig, David K., 98 Craig, Kenneth, 30 Craig, Martha, 124 Crain, Iohn R., 31 Cravy, Wilda, 30 Crawford, Elizabeth M., 27 Criswell, Luella F., 129 Clark, Beryl, 34 Clark, Bette Lou, 32 Clark, Betty Sue, 26 Clark, Charles C., 100 Clark, Frank R., Ir., 113 Crocker, Sheldon, 126 Crooks, Elvira Vernetta, 37 Crooks, Mauricia Dale, 136 Crosbie, Elizabeth, 39 Crosby, Andy, 33 Coates, Rugie R., 86 Clark, Lucia Iane, 119 Clark, Mary Barbara, 37 Clark, Mary Iean, 36 Clark, Ralph O., 86 Clark, R. D., 101 Clark, Ruth Louise, 74 Clark-e, Mary Frances, 92 Clarkson, Homer T., 62 Clayton, Billy Lee, 130 Clement, Raymon D., 112 Cline, Lundsford Ioe, 46 Cline, Ralph H., 112 Cline, Warren A., 112 Cobb, Charles F., 112 Cobean, Sam, 46 Coe, Elizabeth, 77 Cohen, Benjamin, 100 X'Cohen, Israel, 129 Page 369 Crotto, Inez Esther, 75 Crowder, Earl F., 128 Crump, William E., 124 Culver, Dorothy Lou, 76 Culwell, Paula Ianice, 92 Cunningham, Iohn Henry, 31 Cunnin Cunnin Cunnin gham, O'Rhaitia, 38 gham, Walter H., 113 gham, William E., Ir., 26 Curry, Walter E., 127 Curtis, Betty Larinne, 129 Cutchall, Dean B., 130 D Dalton, Carroll H., 130 Day, Billy B., 76 Day, Donna Sue, 75 Dean, Loralu, 38 Dean, Maurice R., 96 Deaton Alfred L., 31 Deck, H. A., 62 Decker, Robert M., 98 De Lana, David, 31 de Meules, Ramsey, 31 de Vinna, Nina Elizabeth, 119 Dexter, Harold G., 39 Dickerson, Reba Frances, 119 Dietrich, Floreine I., 38 Dilling, Ierome M., 101 Dinkler, Susann, 62 Disney, Richard L., 46 Dixon, H. Orville, 100 Dixon, I. B., 62 Dobyns, Donald, 118 Door, Barbara Ann, 76 Dorsett, Loyd, 27 Dorsey, Virginia, 128 Dougherty, William E., 35 Doughty, Horace H., 124 Douglas, Donald S., 129 Douglas, Sam Price, 126 Douglass, Alice E., 34 Douglass, May Aleda, 62 Dauglass, Ruby Iane, 77 Donnelly, Iames I., 124 Dow, Don, 36 Doyle, Pat Ann, 29 Drake, Iohn Shahan, 130 Drennan, Theida Mae, 76 Dritch, Myer O., 46 Drum, Roy Lester, 126 Duboise, Iules, Ir., 99 Dudley, Iane Byars, 35 Enloe, Virginia, 129 Ensminger, Catherine L., 36 Erwin, Iack W., 32 Estes, Mary Elizabeth, 76 Evans, E. L., 34 Evans, Gladys M., 118 Evans, Iune, 38 Evans, Rhys, 113 Dagwell, Kathryne, 131 Dalious, Dorothy, 38 Dalious, Iack A., 124 Dale, Beth, 112 Dandridge, Shirley V., 30 in Duncan, Frances G., 39 Duncan, Duncan, Raymond E., 124 Dunlevy, Fred W., 112 Dunn, Bernice Mae, 92 Paul Crockett, 112 Evatt, Robert G., Ir., Everett, I. P., 99 Everts, F. Wilson, 127 Ewing, Tom Perry, 127 F Fadler, Margaret Ann, 129 Fair, Harry G., 100 Farha, George S., 37 Farmer, Iames L., 100 Fast, Helen Marie, 119 Fast, Ioan, 129 Feenberg, Gene B., 129 Feldman, William Ioel, 99 Felix, Sylvanus G., 113 Felkner, William O., 26 Fellers, Lucy Ellen, 31 Fellows, Anna May, 26 Fellows, Charles Ray, 112 Fendley, Margery, 128 Fesler, Betty Bee, 76 Fickel, Raymond A., 32 Fietz, Mary G., 77 Finerty, Fred. Palmer, 34 Finley, Flora Deen, 37 Finley, Warren H., 131 Finney, Frank F., 31 Fisher, Frances, 32 Fisher, Phyllis, 33 Fisher, Rose, 39 Fitzgerald, Denny L., 127 Fleming, Betty Sue, 35 Fleming, Ellen, 29 Fleming, Margaret S., 37 Flick, Carl William, 126 Flippin, H. Paul, 35 i -1 l 1 4 I Kathryn Ethel, 92 Humphreys, Harry L., 31 Huston, Ianice Lee, 77 Gibson, Vtlilson Harold, 113 Hutchcraft, Barbara, 36 l?f5'ilii , Floyd, Mary Frances, 75 Flynn, lohn B., 30 Forbes, Forbis, Thelma B., 92 Lawrence C., 62 Ford, Kathryn, 76 Ford, Leslie A., 124 Ford, W. F., 100 Foreman, Hannah, 118 Fort, Guy Cobb, 130 Foster, Dorothy, 75 Foster, Earl, 38 Foster, M. C., 99 Frank, Robert G., 128 Franklin, Ben, 112 Fraser, Anita, 39 Frensley, Thomas R., 127 Friedman, Roberta M., 119 Fritz, Elanor C., 32 Frye, Roy, Ir., 39 Frye, William W., 47 Fullenwider, Charles G., 31 Fuller, Florence Alma, 126 Fulton, Daisy C., 74 Furrey, Lucinda Mae, 131 G Gabey, Raymond, 128 Gable, lack, 34 Gable, Torn P., 31 Galheath, Gerald H., 39 Gallaher, Clarence A. 87 Galloway, lane, 119 Galt, Betty lane, 77 Gamble, Eloise Brand, 27 Gamble, lames C., 131 Gardner E. Elizabeth, 38 Garnett, Marjorie Anne 37 Garnett, Sara K., 26 Garrett, Irene, 74 Garrison, Martyna, 27 Gary, Billie, 131 Gearhart, Elmer Abraham 2 Geer, Paul, 101 Gentry, R. B., 124 Gibbons, Betty, 26 Gibbons, Harry I., 97 Gibson, Gibson, Gibson, Hubert, 1 13 Mary, 129 Ruth lane, 77 Giles, I. C., 96 Gilles, Albert S., 112 Gilles, Pauline W., 119 Gilley, Dick L., 33 Gilliland, Richard H., 126 Gish, David W. lr., 74 Gish, Dorothy Ellen, 119 Gittinger, lohn W., 35 Givens, 1. O., 128 Goff, Thelma, 30 Goldberg, Donald, 31 9 Gottlieb, Ethel Maurice, 37 Gotlin, Harris, 125 Gotwals, Charles Place, lr., 38 Gough, lvor, lr., 34 Gowin, Mildred R., 92 Grace, George Albert, 124 Grady, Robert L., 113 Graham, Archie C., 74 Graham Graham , Betty lo, 35 , 1. Frank, 128 Graham, Mary V., 27 Grant, lore F., 38 Grant, Tom Calvin, 31 Gray, Bessie lane, 77 Harrington, Ambrose L., 97 Harris, Clyde K., 76 Harris, D. S., 30 Harris, Kenneth, 33 Harris, Lillian, 37 Harris, Richard L., 32 Harris, Paul H., 101 Harris, Penrod, 33 Harrison, I. Iames, 96 Harrison, Walter M., lr., 34 Hart, Bill D., 31 Hartley, Harry L., 129 Hartman, Faye, 118 Haskell, Ernest M., 100 Gray, Maxine l., 76 Green, Betsy Ross, 35 Green, Sam, 34 Green, Winifred, 26 Greenshields, lune, 28 Gregg, Dorothy, 119 Griffin, L. G., 128 Griggs, Kathryn, 129 Grinnell, Alice, 62 Grimes, Ruth Eleanor, 27 Grimes, S. R., 124 Grimshaw, Charles M., 38 Hassler, Ferdinand R., 87 Haug, Helen G., 118 Haug, L. Ruth, 92 Hawes, Hawkin Hawkin limmie, 113 s, Kenneth E., 99 s, Mildred L., 27 Hayden, Bettie, 26 Hayden, Evelyn B., 28 Hayden, Hayden , Marjorie, 38 Hayward, Mildred Ethel, 92 Head, Albert I., 96 Grooms, Charles W., 28 Groom, Lemuel Downing, 26 Gross, Francis W., 86 Grossman, Waldo, 99 Gruher, William Edward, 112 Gruver, Clark A., 99 Guthrie, Mary Eleanor, 35 Guthrie, Mary Virginia, 77 Guthrie, Newton O., 63 Gwin, lerry Roman, 62 H Haberlein, Charles R., 30 Hadley, Billye Marye, 75 Hadsell, Iohn Dell, 35 Halbach, Ed R., 130 Halbrook, Helaine K., 92 Haldeman, lack Carroll, 88 Hale, Bunn D., 101 Hale, Caroline G., 77 Hall, Billy, 101 Halley, lohn H., 32 Hallum, Marjorie, 35 Hamilton, Ed L., 28 Head, Mary Wirt, 77 Hechter, Gerald M., 99 Hedlund, Elizabeth lane, 26 Heffler, Pauline, 26 Heffner, Carl A., 100 Heller, Frank, 99 Helm, Carl, 113 Henderson, Agnes, 74 Henderson, Charles A., 99 Henderson, 1. Keller, 27 Hendrix, Carolyn K., 30 Hennessy, Marion I., 129 Henry, Evelyn E., 30 Henry, 1. Pat, 62 Henry, William C., 136 Hensley, Lela F., 92 Herndon, Betty E., 75 Hegwer, Arnold M., 97 Henke, Ioseph Reid, 86 Hess, Glenn Edward, 93 Hess, luliana, 77 Hess, Mildred, 35 Hess, Otto O., 128 Hetherington, Charles R., 99 Hamilton, Frank O., 113 Hamilton, Margaret Anne, 38 Hamilton, Muriel M., 74 Hewgley, lim M., 126 Hewitt, Perry Edwin, 86 Hibner, Keith l., 99 Goldenstern, Rosaline A., 129 Goode, Leonard C., 33 Goodson, Naomi Ruth, 92 Goodwin, Rufus C., 36 Gowan Gordon . Clifton, 33 , Bernard L., 112 Gordon, Catherine, 35 Godron Gordon , Felix Bernard, 97 , Milton lay, 126 l-lamley, Ioyce, 33 Hammond, lames H., 87 Hammond, Lyle, 28 Hammons, Baxter, 131 Hamra, Henry, H., 83 Haney, N. B., 99 Hankinson, Maurice, 112 Hanks, Doris L., 26 Hanshaw, Lena Beth, 74 Hardie, Marrian Grace, 37 Hardister, Charles Iohn, 33 Harley, A. N., 75 Higginbotham, Kay, 38 Higgins, lohnnie L., 75 Hildebrand, William F., 93 Hill, Ben S., 101 Hill, E. Louise, 36 Hill, Helen G., 77 Hill, Louise O., 124 Hille, Charles D., 31 Hinshaw, Lucille E., 77 Hoagland, Clyde R., 97 Hocker, Hockste lames P., 136 in, A. Leon, 35 Harms, lohn, 27 Harned, Ancel lames, 37 Harned, Davis S., 62 Harper, Harold Carl, 113 1-larries, Bill, 46 Hodgson, Lucille, 129 Hoenscheidt, Marjorie F., 76 Holbrook, Finley, 28 Holland, Dick, 33 Holland, M. L., 30 Hollingsworth, Robert S., 86 Holman, H. H., 33 Holtzendorff, Dorothy, 35 Honeycutt, LaVona, 32 Holbrook, L. Winfrey, 31 Holden, Tommie, 101 Holland, Ioe, 46 Holt, Lessie, 92 Holt, Lois Bland, 92 Holt, Nina Lou, 92 Hoge, Arthur G., lr., 101 Hogue, Elizabeth, 46 Holman, Ned, 113 Hood, Margie L., 46 Hope, Garland H., 124 Hopkins, Elinor E., 119 Hopps, Howard C., 86 Horne, Betty Lou, 36 Horne, Elaine, 34 Horner, Ed Powell, 125 Hosea, D. Kathryn, 47 Hotze, Ernest G., Ir., 101 Houssiere, Charles R., lr., 97 Houssiere, Ernie, 136 Houston, Mildred, 92 Howard, Pete, 33 Howe, Doris, 27 Howe, Virginia, 126 Hoyt, Ionathan, 86 Hubbard, Edward, 130 Hubbell, William F., 75 Herbert, Wyckliffe, 31 Huddleston, Geraldine, 76 Huddleston, Mary E., 76 Huddleston, Woodrow, 101 Hudson, Virginia, 136 Huff, Frances, 92 Huff, lack Leaman, 32 Huff, Thomas I., 39 Hughes, Frank C., 75 Hull, Burton E., lr., 100 Hull, lames L., 131 Hull, loseph L., 34 Hull, Selma Lee, 37 l-lumes, Helen G., 76 Hunt, Bertha A., 30 Hunter, lohn H., 28 Huser, lames A., 75 Hutchins, Ben F., 127 Hutichinson, Evelyn E., 26 Hutchcraft, David B., 99 I lngle, Iohnnie Lee, 37 lnglish, Bill, 47 lrwin, B. Elizabeth, 92 lrwin, Winston H., 87 lvey, Denny C., 97 lvy, I. Brinker, 34 I lackman, Margaret, 78 lacks, Angus, 100 laskson, Eithel, 92 lackson, Lucile, 75 lackson, Mable, M., 92 lacobi, Oscar, 98 Page 370 ,N 0 f. no 1 4 .V .AL lacobson, Claire, 33 lacobson, Lee Albert, 34 lacobson, Yvonne, 28 Iames, Betty, 35 Iames, Collie Fitch, 131 lames, Dorothy Mae, 76 Iames, Ierry, 32 Iameson, Lorraine, 30 lamison, Paul H., 26 larett, Wanda, 27 leffries, Alen C., 34 lelfries, Raphael, F., 119 Iemison, Ruth H., 32 Ienkins, George W., 97 lennings, Helen Marie, 26 leremiah, Kenneth W., 100 King, King King, King King King Arthur, 101 Edna Earl, 38 lames l., 131 lohn 1., 128 Margaret, 35 Stephen H., 96 Kinnebrew Dorella, 130 Kinney, Martha lane, 32 Kirk Ethelene, 30 Kirkbride, Betty lane, 32 Kirkbride, Helen M., 131 Kirkpatrick, Kathryn, 28 Klabzuba, Robert E., 38 Klein, Martha, 130 Kleinman, Walter, 113 Kline, Robert W., 126 Iohnson, Eugenia, 33 lohnson, Harlan D., 113 lohnson, Helen, 119 Iohnson, Ianey Lou, 74 Iohnson, 1. H., 31 lohnson, Lewis S., 28 Iohnson, Louise, 74 Iohnson, Marvin T., 32 Iohnson, Victor W., lr., 131 Iohnston, Iohn E., 98 lohnston, Velva G., 75 lones, Bart Lee, 97 Iones, Betty Love, 35 lon-es, Byron B., 100 Iones Byron W., 113 lones, Dorothy L., 118 lones, Douglas N., lr., 34 lones, Edna Naomi, 92 Iones Edward A., 100 lones, Fred A., 113 lones, Herbert M., 36 lones Olin W., 32 Iones Richard D., 33 lordan, Harry M., 98 loseph, Billie A., 118 Lents, Max Richey, 96 lueschke, Geneva E., 27 K Kahn, Bob, 101 Kantor, loseph S., 125 Karchmer, Bernard 1., 130 Karns, Ed 111, 101 Katz, 1. Myron, 36 Kayser, lohn, 47 Keele, Kathleen Ann, 26 Keehn, Harold W., 97 Keehn, Ralph E., 31 Kelly, Dorothy, 27 Kelly, Ed, 131 Kennedy, Frances Lee, 77 Kennedy, lulia A., 30 Kenyon, Ralph R., 113 Kernek, Clyde, 86 Keer, Ben, 127 Keer, Don, 130 Keer, Charles R., 30 Ketonen, loel P., 129 Kidd, Henry Hugh, 62 Kilgore, C. M., 130 Kimberlin, Zay, 101 Kincaid, lames L., 96 Kincaid, lohn W., 131 Killingsworth, Charlotte, 36 Kilpatrick, Iosephine, 37 Page 371 Knight, Alice C., 30 Knight, Dan, 33 Knollhoff, Edwin B., 62 Kundsen, Winifred F., 119 Koenigsdorff, Wm. 1., 112 Koelling, Roseda P., 26 Koerner, Eldon R., 131 Korn, Anton K., 97 Kosofsky, Leo, 119 Korb, Rena Beryl, 118 Kraft, lane Ann, 37 Kraft, Lurline, 34 Kraker, S, Andy, 62 Kratzer, Leonard, 101 Kreplin, Carl T., 131 Kuhn, George D., 98 Kyle, Eleanor, 136 L Lack, Marilynn Lucille, 37 Ladd, Herbert Warren, 99 La Fon, William F., 86 Lamb, Mercer, 130 Lamb, Neale V., 91 Lamirand, Frank W., 125 Lamprich, Hel-en, 36 Landt, Sallie, 38 Lane, Glenn, 31 Langdon, Ben, 127 Langdon, Wesley Moore, 113 Lange, Victor W., 100 Larkin, Bright, 26 Largent, Marybelle, 36 Largent Raymond A., 100 Larimore, Betty Paxton, 47 Lewis, Helen Louise, 37 Lewis, Rosa Lee, 29 Lindenbaum, Sylvia, 96 Lindloit, Frances, 136 Lindsay, Dorothy, 29 Lindsay , Mignon, 119 Lindsay, Va Rue, 37 Lindsey, Mary Virginia, 36 Lindstrom, Frances, 35 Lieppman, Gerald G., 128 Little, Kenneth, 124 Little, Mary Alice, 136 Little, Ruth Alayne, 37 Little, Wynona Lucille, 92 Linebaugh, D. Haden, 39 Linebaugh, David, 34 Lodge, Howard, 124 Logan, lames, 130 Lollis, Shelton E., 97 Lomax, lane, 34 London, Dorothy Virginia, 119 Long, George, Ir., 118 Long, Iames, 27 Long, Lindsey L., 100 Long, Margaret Anne, 126 Long, V. V., 128 Loomis, 1. Mort, lr., 99 Loomis, Mildred Louise, 35 Loughmiller, Pauline Mary, 27 Loughmiller, Robert Farris, 82 Love, loe Allen, 47 Lovelace, Richard Carl, 32 Lowe, Kenneth, 32 Lowry Wm. B., 35 Loy, William A., 36 Lucas, Dorothy M., 129 Lucas, lack W., 99 Lucas, Vance, 39 Luckett, 1. I., 30 Lutes, Carter, 76 Luttrell, lack, 35 Lybrand, lohn Evans, 34 Lyday, Orlan E., 129 Lynn, Doss O., 86 Lyne, Tom B., 125 M Martin, Rowland, 124 Martin, Villard, 128 Martin, Willabel Burke, 74 Martin, Walter Vincent, lr., 131 Martin, Zela Fay, 92 Martz, Walter Scott, 31 Maschal, Frances Lucile, 118 Mason, Robert Ray, 99 Massie, Sidney, 113 Massey, Aline D., 30 Massey, B. E., 62 Mate, Eloise, 47 Mathis, Harold lack, 99 Matjasic, Wallace Lee, 96 Matson, Thomas Edwards, 34 Matthews, N. Sanford, 87 Matthews, Sam M., 126 May, William, 99 Mayginnes, Arthur, 128 Mayhall, Ray, 130 Meacham, Holland, 28 Meacham, Philip A., 96 Mead, William Wesley, 87 Medbury, Lucile, 29 Meece, Gladys Ruth, 30 Meeting, Herbert, 32 Mellert, Anna Louise, 76 Mehew, Iva Marie, 39 Meister, Mark G., 113 Mendenhall, Harlan Harry, 46 Mendenhall, Rhoda Spruce, 46 Menefee, Wm. Lynn, 128 Mesch, Marvin C., 128 Mesirow, Aaron T., 113 Methvin, Nolan G., 113 Michael, lames F., 27 Midgley, William George, 98 Musser, Iames F., 37 Milam, Mary E., 28 Milburn, Robert Kenneth, 32 Miller, Dorris, 29 La Rue, William H., 119 Lasiter, Larson, Mary Alice, 26 Larson, Robert Woodrow, 98 Lasley, Erlene, 30 Latting, Trimble B., 113 Tempie Oleta, 92 , Macdonald, Elizabeth Louise, 76 MacKenzie, Eleanor Lucille, 46 Major, lack, 126 Maley, A. R., 37 Mallory, Dooley, 31 Maloney, P. 1., 27 Maltby, Robert L., 127 Maltby, Iames Rockwood, lr., 127 Mangold, Mary Io, 74 Marlin, Maxine, 37 Miller, Glee, 29 Miller, Lorraine, 47 Miller, MaBelle, 26 Miller, Mildred Miller, Peggy Louise, 74 Miller, Robert P., 97 Miller, Ruth L., 29 Miller, William Richey, 31 Mills, loe M., 97 Mills, Francis, 113 Mills, lohn Dwight, 130 Mills, Theda Rhea, 76 Minnick, Muriel Adelaide, 124 Minning, Max, 101 Minton, Charles, 125 Mitcham, Eugene Lewis, 38 Lawson, Edith, 77 Layton, Otto Earl, 86 Leach Lendol, 101 Ledbetter, Eugene Paul, 36 Lee, Dorothy Grayce, 75 Lee, Nathan S., 129 Le Fevre, Richard C., 101 Lents, Murphy Kennedy, 99 Leonhard, Charles, 74 Leslie, Sybil, 36 Levinson, Naomi, 77 Lewis, Bert H., 32 Mark, Stewart W., 113 Marks, Fred M., 100 Markers, Milton I., 34 Marriott, Neal B., 112 Marsh, Nancy, 33 Marsh, Winifred Lillian, 92 Marshall, Edward Peyton, 101 Marshall, Maurine, 26 Martin, Bill F., 131 Martin, Charles, 98 Martin, Iames Milton, 96 Martin, Ianet, 27 Martin, 1. Frank, lax Mitchell, lean, 77 Mitchell, lack, 128 Mitchell, lohn lacob, 33 Mitchell, Robert 1-1., 128 Mitchell, Robert Thurston, 29 Mish, Elizabeth, 36 Mobley, Ben, 39 Molthan, Marguerite Louise, 130 Monnett, V. Brown, 28 Monroe, Robert H., 74 Montgomery, George, 36 Montgomery, Helen Louise, 28 Moody, Emma, 77 za I 5 .fl l 4 1 l l Mildred F., 92 Pendet Moon, Craig Lawson, 96 Moore, Darlene, 38 Moore, Moore, Moore, Iack, 100 MayBelle, 92 Sam E., 136 Morehead, Iack F., 87 Morehouse, Wm. Dalton, 101 Morgan, Evorene, 34 Morgan, Iack Ernest, 75 Morgan, Iack G., 126 Morgan, Iohn Lloyd, 131 Morgan, Max, 112 Morgan, Russell Lee, 29 Morris, Morris, Dorothy Ieanne, 136 Everett, 75 McKeever Douglas, 37 McKenzie, Bedford, 32 McKinley, I. R., 46 McKoWan, Ioan, 26 McPheron Alan, 112 McMahon Bertille, 77 McMahon, Iohn Alber, 113 McManus, Parr, Elmeta F., 119 Parris, Wanda Maye, 77 Parrish, Worden W., 100 Palmer, Gail R., 98 Parmenter, Arch M., Ir, 30 Patchin, Marguerite, 76 Patrick, Clyde T., 113 Patterson, Mildred, 75 Morris, Harry Edward Ir., 125 Morris, Ruth S., 28 Morris, William A., 87 Morrison, Arthur L., 130 Morrison, Mildred Claire, 125 Morrison, Wm. P., Ir., 113 Morter, W. Iack, 36 Moses, Martha Ann, 76 Moss, Dexter, 46 Moss, Raymond Gene, 130 Mott, Fred, 101 Mouck, Iewell Vera, 92 Mullen, Vernon, 127 Mullins, Wm. B., 87 Mulmed, Earl l., 87 Murray, Forney Long, 86 Murray, Ieanne, 130 Murray, Mary Alice, 126 Musick, Clarenne Kathryn, 92 Myers, Iack, 32 Myers, Iune, 35 Mc McAdams, Maxine, 75 McAlister, Leander, 96 McArthur, Wallace Riley, 33 McBrayer, I. R., 127 McBrayer, Watt H., 113 McBride, Ollie, 87 McBride, Polly Anna, 118 McCauley, Donald W., 31 McClellan, Iames Thomas, 26 McCall, O. T., 31 McCall, Massie Pauline, 128 McCampbell B. D., 101 McClellan, Charles William, 26 McCoid, Iames Dallas, 136 McCollom, Stuart, 33 McConnel, Marthena, 118 McCown, Eloise, 77 McCoy, Alex, 37 McCullaugh, Hugh Warner, 128 McDonald, Iames L., Ir., 124 McDonald, Mert, 99 McDonald, Mildred, 128 McDowell, Pauline, 130 McFall, Nan, 38 McFenson, Mary Elizabeth, 75 McGraw, Anne, 37 McGinty, Susan, 35 Mcllvoy, Iennie Rose, 92 Mclnnis, Iames Therman, 87 Mclntire, lris Alberta, 119 Mclntosh, Robert K., Ir., 86 McLernon, George I., Ir., 98 McMichael, Iune D., 33 McMurtry, Wilbur E., 98 McNatt, Iames 36 McNaughton, Clara B., 35 McNaughton, Iohn P., 31 McReynolds, Iohn A., 29 McSpadden, Ruth Ann, 39 McVay, Donald, 47 McWilliams, Ava, 131 McWilliams, Iames, 112 McWilliams, Opal Iane, 35 N Naifeh, Alfred, 30 Nail-eh, Pauline, 28 Nance, Bette B., 33 Nash, Norman C., 129 Needy, Ierome R., 118 Neill, Bill L., 128 Neill, Charles E., 33 Nelson, Robert E., 46 Neptune, Bob, 112 Nesbitt, F. W., 113 Newby, Ruth, 124 Newman, Iane, 39 N-ewton, Bill, 30 Newton, George H., Ir., 39 Nicholas, Ben W., 125 Nicholson, Clayton M., 127 Nichols, Lyle, 101 Nichols, Margaret S., 36 Nichols, Robert C., 36 Niemann, Don I., 34 Nordstrom, Eva E., 92 Norris, Reba, 38 North, Margaret Helen, 37 Northcutt, Frances Orr, 36 Northcutt, Wynonna, 76 Nowery, B. M., 136 O Oakes, Lois Arlene, 35 Ochenrider, Nedra E., 76 Oglesbee, Carson, 87 Olson, Iimmie, 31 O'Haver, Malcolm, 97 Opel, Lawrence G., 99 O'Quinn, Tray T., 62 Osborne, Ruth Lucille, '74 O'Sullivan, Bette Lou, 37 Owens, Iack C., 99 Overton, Iohn, 101 Owens, Marvin F., 97 Ozznent, Frank W., Ir., 62 Ozmun, Grover, 124 Ozmun, lrwin Ross, 126 Ozmun, Peggy Lamb, 75 P Pacey, William A., 62 Pain, Erma, 129 Painter, Rex M., 127 Patton, Elizabeth A., 76 Payne, Dick, 33 Payne, Helen, 35 Payn-e, Iack C., 31 Paxton, Mary Ann, 32 Prendergast, Iohn D., 101 on, Alice A., 86 Penner, Dorothy, Nell, 35 Penner, Peggy, 77 Peoples, A. V., 128 Perkins, Dorothy Ann, 30 Perkins, Dell, 77 Permenter, Iames B., 27 Pellow, Ralph, 39 Peller, Fred, 37 Peters, Frances G., 30 Peterson, Charles E., 97 Petway, Aileen Iack, 87 Phelps, Frances B., 34 Phelps, Patty, 33 Phillips, Paul, 77 Phillips, Sarah E., 76 Phillips, Helen, 38 Phipps, Tilden H., Ir., 86 Picek, Charles Iohn, 126 Pickerill, Doris, 129 Pickhardt, W. L., 87 Pierce, lsaac I., 101 Pierce, Iarvis, 97 Pierce, Mary Helen, 37 Pilkington, L. Donald Ir., 126 Pinney, Valeria, 74 Pipkin, Marshall W., 131 Prendergast, Ioseph T., 98 Pischel, Max A., 113 Pischel, Robert G., 33 Pitchford, Bill, 47 Pitchiord, Grace Marie, 74 Plummer, C. D., 34 Plott, William C., 34 Plumlee, Peggy Ann, 119 Poe, Robert Milton, 39 Porter, Doris E., 36 Porter, Stuart M., 126 Porter, William I., 113 Polk, Kathryne, 76 Pottz, Glenn E., 27 Potts, Ruth, 27 Pounder, Dorothy Ellen, 125 Pounds, Margaret L., 92 Powell, Betty Anne, 47 Powell, Iack, 127 Powell, Paul T., 136 Prentice, Dorthee B., 92 Price, George, 127 Price, Harley M., 75 Price, Ianey, 75 Price, Margaret F., 36 Prickett, Billy, 28 Prince, W. Gerald, 96 Proctor, Luther H., 98 Proctor, Olga Iane, 118 Purdy, Millard S., 46 Pow-ell, Iames L., Ir., 28 Pyle, Midge, 37 Parks, Mary,-, 30 Parks, Dorothy Iane, 119 Q Ouiqqr Donald I., 113 Quigg, Harold T., 97 R Raffety, Iohn W., 130 Rafferty, Paul G., 124 Ragland, Ben Robert, 101 Raines, Carrol E., 98 Ranes, Morris M., 86 Ramsey, Anna E., 92 Ranck, Nell Iane, 35 Randel, Billie, 119 Rapp, Bob E., 28 Rapp, Ursula Mae, 119 Rash, Natalie Ruth, 129 Ratcliff, Fred D., 100 Rattan, Marjorie K., 47 Ravitz, Nathan N., 125 Ray, Coulter C., 46 Redd, Thomas I., 100 Redding, Poe D., 128 Reed, David E., 28 Reed, Raymond W., 28 Reese, Frank R., 32 Reeve, Paul G., 96 R-eeves, Iohn Bretch, 33 Reid, C. Andy, 100 Reid, Ioseph S., 99 Reid, Mary Frances, 118 Reitt, William H., 37 Renegar, Geraldine, 32 Replogle, Marjorie, 32 Revard, Reynolds, 99 Revard, Robert T., 75 Reynolds, Frank M., 113 Reynolds, Thomas C., 96 Reynolds, William A., 34 Ribeyre, Helen E., 119 Rice, Katherine, 27 Richard, Charles I., 128 Richards, Iames H., 36 Richards, Iohn R., 39 Ricketts, Elizabeth C., 77 Riddle, Iack H., 33 Rifle, George D., 130 Riffe, Geerald L., 128 Rigg, Ruth Rosalee, 62 Riley, Mary Belle, 29 Roark, Louis Claud, 34 Roark, Robert L., 96 Robb, Dorothy Gayle, 77 Robbins, Iack P., 97 Roberts, Anna Nell, 77 Roberts, Harry A., 39 Roberts, Mary Margaret, 27 Roberts, Iack, 130 Robertson, Ben L., 130 Robinett, Ioe Warren, 101 Robinson, Earl W., 34 Robinson, Franklin P., Ir., 97 Robinson, Iohn F., 128 Robinson, Lawrence H., 46 Robinson, Mildred lrene, 87 Page 372 -'lil - -e at resin 'f Rogers, Dorothy Iane, 36 Rogers, Otis R., 34 Rogert, Iim B., 101 Rollow, Iohn Arch, 31 Rook, Cula L., 27 Roop, Gene, 127 Root, Lambert, 30 Rose, Charles C., 126 Rose, Shirley A., 119 Tuohy, Richard Dennis, 130 Rosenstein, Bob H., 37 Rosenthal, Willis, 136 Ross, Iim E., 131 Ross, Louis C., 113 Ross, R. Herbert, 112 Rousek, Iay P., 34 Rowan, S. F.,l0l Rowland, Betty, 39 Rowley, Helen E., 92 Rozell, Elaine, 32 Rubenstein, Sam, 28 Runyan, Betty Ard, 39 Rusch, Herman F., 129 Russak, Morris 98 Russell, Audrey, 76 Russell, D. C., 124 Russell, Iune, 36 Russell Mona lean, 38 Russell, Willard T., 47 Rust, Vernon K., 33 Smyth-e, W. O., 39 Schwartz, Iean M., 74 Ryan, Robert O., 87 Rymer, Devert M., 62 S Sackett, Richard Earl, 98 Saint, Florence Nelle, 30 Salas, W. P., 96 Salkeld, Phil, 37 Salmon, David B., 124 Sampson, Lanelle, 35 Sandler, Raymond, 112 Sands, Edward, 98 Sandusky, Norman, 32 Sanford, Roy, 39 Satrapa, George, 101 Saunders, Nancy, 118 Savage, Peter, 98 Savin, Victor, 39 Schalle, Frank, 131 Scheffe, Walter, 62 Schofield, M. B., 130 Schreffler, Ruth, 77 Schultz, Norman, 101 Schuman, Earl B., 100 Scott, L. M., 125 Scrivner, Iohn, 39 Scruggs, Raymond, 128 Seaman, Sallie, 47 Sears, Ioe, 98 Selinger, Sidney, 32 Selman, Iarnes Clark, ' 128 Selvidge, Rebekah, 27 Selvidge, William, 46 Sewell, Patience, 38 Seymour, Mildred, 131 Shaffer, George, 126 Sharp, Eddie, 75 Shouse, Nell, 136 Shaver, Sylvester, 86 Shaw, Charles, 32 Page 373 Shaw, Edwin, 124 Shaw, Robert, 126 Shaurier, Norman G., 27 Sharp, Roberta, 47 Sheedy, Christian, 101 Shelton, Lometa, 92 Shelton, Clyde, 96 Shepherd, Charlotte, 34 Shepherd, Iames W., 34 Sherman, Earl, 129 Shenice, Iohn, 36 Shibley, M. C., 113 Shields, Herbert, 87 Shields, Iohn Samuel, 98 Shipley, Bob, 34 Shipley, William, 130 Shirk, Iohn, 30 Shull, Chas., 124 Shumard, Marvin, 46 Shutler, Robert, 113 Sigler, Russel, 100 Sill, Maxine Iune, 129 Simmons, Nell, 26 Simms, Aileen, 74 Simms, Iames B., 113 Simpson, Bill I., 126 Simpson, Dale, 47 Sims, Dorothy E., 38 Singer, Alex S., 138 Sipes, Paul G., 32 Sizemore, Charles W., 124 Skinner, Iames A., 127 Slack, Iosephine, 35 Slaner, Alfred P., 127 Smartt, E. W., 131 Smrcka, Hubert I., 136 Smith, Alvin H., 47 Stafford, Robert S., 101 Stahl, Harry M., 98 Stahl, Mable Ruth, 77 Staley, Glenn H., 112 Stansell, Iames I., 29 Stauff-er, Iames S., 32 Stearley, Mildred, 74 Steele, Geraldine, 30 Stegall, Oscar, Ir., 128 Stein, George Voss, 39 Stein, Peggy Lou, 29 Steinhoff, Gordon R., 96 Steinhorst, Richard, Ir., 96 Stephens , Elmer T., 127 Stephens, Morrison, 97 Stephens, Robert E., 99 Stephens, Vincent R., 131 Stephenson, William C., 62 Sterr, Fritz P., 125 Stewart, Dorothy L., 74 Stewart, Elizabeth, 32 Setwart, Iames R., 101 Stewart, Iane Ann, 38 Stewart, Iohn H., 47 Stewart, Marshall, 1., 113 Stewart, Mont B., 131 Stewart, Pauline D., 129 Smith Burdette C., 113 Smith, Charline Lois, 118 Smith Darwin C., 27 Smith, Edward W., 124 Smith, Ernest W., 113 Smith Helen Vista, 118 Smith Horner, 127 Smith, Iack M., 47 Smith Kathryn Dee, 77 Smith, Milo Page, 62 Smith, Orville, 101 Smith, Philip I., 86 Smith, Vincent E., 125 Smith, Virginia M., 74 Snipes, Beecher, 125 Snodgrass, Marvin Kay, 128 Snodgrass, Ray C., 113 Snyder, Iohn Thorpe, 100 Sooy, Floyd Albert, 39 Soper, Dick Lee, 34 Spalding, Ansley Lues, 26 Sangler, A. S., 62 Spears, Rosemary, 75 Spencer, Mary Bell, 131 Spencer, Mary Iane, 92 Sperry, Burt Weldon, 26 Spickard, Mary Helen, 29 Spielman, Victor G., 32 Sprague, Ira Charles, 39 Springer, Iohn W., 100 Spurrier, Odith King, 131 Stafford, Ioel C., 125 gn, AF' Steinberg, Hannah V., 74 Stigler, Mary E., 62 Sinnett, Iune, 37 Stolper, Charles S., 130 Stolper, Phil, 32 Stout, Genevieve P., 75 Stone, Mary Louise, 77 Stone, Lee Warren, 130 Stout, Hugh Albert, 86 Stout, Mary Mayginnes, 35 Strickler, Iakeita Iune, 38 Strother, Charles W., 99 Stuard, Charles G., Ir, 87 Stuart, Dan, 128 Sullenberger, Lora Mae, 92 Sureck, Ioseph, 112 Sutton, Io Ann, 37 Swain, Delores, 77 Swesnik, Robert M., 100 Swesnik, Richard H., 36 Swift, Margaret Iane, 77 Swift, Virginia Lou, 36 Swigert, Mabel Louise, 38 T Tabor, Iames H., 113 Tack, Mary Ellis, 77 Tacker, Harold, 75 Taggart, Charles R., 99 Talbot, Marjorie, 77 Tappan, Helen Nina, 28 Taylor, Beryl, 29 Templeman, Io Ann, 38 Tennery, Tom, 128 Terrell, Mary, 37 Thams, William H., 36 Thomas, I. T., 124 Thomas, Mary Frances, 75 Thomas, Thomas K., 129 Thomas, William E., 99 Thomason, Stan, 100 Thompson, Chistine V., 33 Thompson, George M., 99 Thompson, Mary I., 31 '1'hornton, Io Wade, 77 Tideman, Fred E., 125 Tidwell, Robert A., 86 Tillinghast, Iosh, 100 Tippit, Iohn H, 36 Tippit, William C., 112 Todd, Robert B., 35 Toribio, Edwin W., 119 Townsend, Owen, 30 Trammell, Mary Edna, 28 Trammel, Nancy B., 28 Tredway, Norman M., 131 Trinkle, Howard L., 62 Trippet, Robert, 32 Tripplehorn, Ioe Konrad, 112 Trope, Marvin Bert, 129 Trosper, Marian, 35 Trosper, Martha l., 32 Trosper, Rose Eleanor, 39 Trout, Mozelle, 31 Trower, Tommy, 39 Trueblood, A. Lin, 100 Tucker, Ioe, 97 Tucker, Morris B., 29 Tunnissen, Charlotte Mae, 92 Turnbull, Helen E., 76 Turnbull, R. Gladson, 125 Turner, Turner, Turner, Anna Ruth, 31 Frank D., 127 George Sharp, 39 Turner, Grace O., 92 Turner, Lucille, 74 Turner, Richard I., 112 Turner, R. Marnell, 119 Tuthill, lthamer, 113 Tway, Robert R., Ir., 98 U Uri, Ioe Iohn, 97 Updike, Iames Marion, 129 Underwood, Guy Herring, 129 V Vahlberg, Iulian, 100 Vandavteer, David A, 99 Vanderpool, Vivian Ruth, 119 Van Dolsen, Harold L., 126 Van Hoesen, Daisy G., 87 Van Horn, Harold, 34 Van Zant, Herbert, 46 Varvel, Laurence W., 32 Verity, George L., 112 Vliet, R. Dale, 113 Vogel, Maria, 92 Vollmer, Bob, 46 W . Wadsack, George, 27 Waggoner, Paul O., 100 Wagner, Edward, 29 Wallace, Maxine, 46 Wallace, Sara E., 76 Wallace, Victor H., 129 Wallace, William W., 36 Walker, Irene, 118 Walker, G. l., 37 Walker, Grace Marie, 74 Walker I. O., 76 E- ' .gp i E' . f ..t wx 1 ,gs ,SM Walker, Roscoe, 39 Walton, Winnie E., 92 Walts, B. P., 100 Wantland, Charles P., 100 Ward, Ianice, 92 Ward, Oleta, 92 Warr, Barbara B., 39 Warren, Morene, 74 Watson, Doyle, 124 Watson, Mary Sue, 129 Watts, Tom, 32 Watters, Ice Nell, 77 Webber, W. O., 99 Webster, Cornelia I., 77 Weems, Modine Velda, 92 Wehrenberg, Harold R., 100 Wegener, Dick, 98 Weinberger, Kenneth G., 100 Welch, Marya, 29 Welch, Kathleen, 38 Welsh, Harry A., 101 Wells, Bettye, 75 Wells, Robert, 98 Weintraub, Siegfried Wesson, Ralph I., 75 West, Elizabeth, 39 West, Glen, 101 West, Mareta Nell, 29 Westmoreland, Earl, Ir., 28 Wheeler, Archie T., 131 Wheeler, Lucile, 29 Wheeler, Iohn, 113 Whelan, Thomas, lr., 101 White, Carl C., 38 White, Doyle E., 33 White, Harold A., 27 White, Louis O., 113 White, Whit-e, Mildred Lucile, 75 N. LeRoy, 118 Whiteman, William W., 112 Wliitson, Carl O., 112 Whorton, Obera, 119 Wiancko, Thomas H., 97 Wienshienk, Stanley D., 113 Winer, Mildred, 36 Winston, Doris Elizabeth, 38 Winters, Ray W., 100 Witherspoon, Edgar, 37 Wilbanks, Cran Henry, 131 Wilbauk, Orion Milton, 131 Wilber, Gertrude Helen, 87 Wilbur, Gordon, 98 Wiley, Billie Rhue, 39 'Wi1l, Donald Stuart, 99 l1Villiams Andrew C., 124 Williams Billie Alene, 62 William, Iames M., 118 Williams Genevieve, 37 Williams Nancy lane, 34 Williams Rose Elaine, 46 Williams, Stanley E., 100 Williams Ty R., 112 Williams Iames M., 118 Williams Peggy, 77 Wilkerson, Merle W., 126 Wilson, Charles H., 86 Wilson, E. Sims, 125 Wilson, Edward VV.. 127 Wilson, Helen Louise, 118 Wilson, Homer G., 126 Vlfilson, lack Ewing, 129 Wilson, Iohn B., 112 Wilson, William Edward, 131 Winer, Edith A., 33 Wilson, Leslie P., 130 Wilson, Mary Adeline. 74 is me .-.v 'T . V, . Woodroof, Lawrence, 128 Vtfoodrufi, Mary Margaret, 47 Woodward, Oakley, 96 Woodward, Ray V., 96 Wooten, Margaret C., 38 Wright , Bill, 100 Wright, Ice I., 130 Wright, I. K., 101 Vfzight, L. Hart, 31 Wright, Marian Elizabeth, 36 Wright, R. Earl, 33 W'ithers, McLain D., 126 Wolf, Ierome M., 99 Wolfe, Maryon, 28 Wolfe, H. D., 39 Woodard, Herbert, 98 Wyatt, Eloise La R-eau, 23 Wyclfte, Richard T., 39 Wylie, William Harry, 28 Y Yates, Custer, 38 Young, Andrew M., 87 Young, Louis Nixon, 97 Young, Roland, 31 Young, Shirley, 38 Young, Vernon, 98 Z Zimmerman, Carl Bryant, 100 Zadik, 1. W., 33 Zak, Ella, 125 4-12-i:'1:+:1'1 9:1 :: 1:9 9-9 9:: 9:9 9: :9 9:9 9:9 : ::: 9:9 :-9 9-9 9:9 9:9 9:99:- 9:9 9:9 9:9 9:9 9:9 9:9 9:9 9:9 9: 9:9 9:9 9:9 9:9 9:9 -:A : + 1 t IN APPRECIATION I To Iulius Bankoff and the business staff for so capably administering the I it financial end of this book-which made possible padded covers and the Q H faculty feature section. I To lack Chandler, who set a new mark in circulation and at the same l time spent many hours in an editorial capacity. E M To Marian Trosper for the responsibility she accepted in assembling the H various parts of the book. 11 To Dewey Harrison for, among other things, winding up the work in li 1 Norman while publication was being started in Iowa City. U To Earl Brown, Leonard Goode, Mort Loomis, Elizabeth Hogue, Anna Ruth Turner, Pat Sewell, and others of the staff for their untiring efforts and t Q unusual patience. li To Mr. Harold Tacker, Miss Frances Hunt, and Prof. A. C. Smith for their lg ll advice and assistance in times of photographic difficulty. 1 To Mr. Cecil H. Brite, who after these many months still has a sense of 1' humor. i. To Mr. E. K. Burns and Mr. R. C. Walker of the Southwestern Engraving Company for laying out the book, making good half-tones from some indiffer- Q gl ent prints, and advising on editorial problems. li To Mr. W. W. Mercer of the Economy Advertising Company for extra U considerations in printing, and for taking this book-in spite of late copy- ll and putting it out on time. U To my professors for their CONSIDERATION in the face of too numerous lt cuts and periodic neglect of studies-I HOPE. Q ll To my mother and Mrs. 1. I. Arnold, Ardmore, for writing the OPENING ll ll SECTION. BILL SELVIDGE, Editor U ll I ll 'I'121'Cf-fCv-2- '12 40--ov .21 :9 :: 9:: 9:. ::: -:- -:c ::- ':- ':: ::: ::: ::1-an-1:1 .:. ::A 1:1 111-.Q--.:. :' 1:1 .zz ::: ::: .:g .:. ::: .:. .:. .:1'f' Page 37 4 CLASS PICTURE INDEX If you're a sophomore engineer and can't locate your picture, then ask yourself the question: "Did I have it taken?" If the reply to this is in the affirmative, check the Senior Panels. Try the Business Administration panels. As a last resort, refer to the personal index. lf your name begins with a why look under the "B's" but don't waste too much time. lt may be in with the "P's." Next try the Advertiser's lndex. After you've found the page number, thumb through the book-sorta generally at first. Several page numbers are noticeable by their absence, not over twenty or thirty in a row, however. Find the Dean's page nearest to your number. Grasp firmly in the left hand. Turn sheets slowly with the right, adding two numbers for each turn Ctwo numbers to that number on the Dean's page-we've got hisl. When you've reached what you believe to be the proper page, release the Dean from the left hand. Take the book firmly in both hands. Open wide, then shut briskly, shake well 5 and call a fresh- man to search out your likeness. Y , R.-adv V: ' y . , TRACK 5 9 , ,Q 0 u ,- , f. ' -1' A S Q -. SHPE. ' VV" 2 Zg'atg!e:Am:3?q'o'Q 'N ,g,y.2ge:4:e:e.1.gnn0,', I zaihiiiii 9o'Oo'30:9," 5 wfbalf ' 5' Os ow K9 I' F?1Gl2'2:::e. 6' Q X-P M 1fiFf:?Hr+'v"3f'?3YNu rs 5 :i5eiQ?55'3VvZ+I4W V 5 :aa:::.i:??M'v'0,f 'MX 4 1, 'Ayagfgsffialiigqotoys 1 'gy 1:4 fy g:o:QQa'W g U , f K s 'v s 4 ' -f 'QNWQQ 4' 'WINM W W 'Nw . NYYWQNJ 4, wwsweg -' 4 A Q9SbQQQ5Q ,.,,. A 'szdmsf uf- - NEW YORIQ CPPY 4 i -,,,..," --. ,, - -, --...?,? T- i f 1, Vip L 'M 5 X NW f v I X ,X X ?ffff'i?i -'zu wk! gb X .N v N X xv' ' , ' Q , K 'fx My Q Q XX

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