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Text from Pages 1 - 426 of the 1936 volume:

p I ' Ji ' i MAN I nCH ! I TPE " P ' 4 fj ' ' np ' iP - . .. . - ( 1 iX ° " ' ' ' - ' 1 - l i; ■ , J 1 m " ' ! BMoffvwoed.. S .Tf ' ' W ' ' - Mi y ' Af £S!- -m F l 7 ' . ' J . i " T h. PAWNejfc T ' f •c«V j 1 ■ifiS ' iSK K v. , vviSTOHSf " iSMLIJ . . ®kp(» ' X ' ' ' 4 fc-i dfa vl b SiJ H K- F ' ' " ' " IGFE . kU HOiJA C TY, gf i . J; ' !5il JXINCAW r : w . (rcarbookP ' r-r-r. M Member) 1936 SOONER YEARBOOK PRINTING ECONOMY ADVERTISING CO. Iowa City. Iowa ENGRAVING SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING CO. Tulsa, Oklahoma COVER THE DAVID J. MOLLOY CO. Chicago, Illinois PHOTOGRAPHS CLARENCE IRELAND STUDIO Norman, OMahoma THE Trologue SOONER 1936 Being Our Reasons for this | Edition of the Sooner The rambling streams, rolling prairies and rugged mountains of Oklahoma are endowments rich in beauty and romance bestown upon her by Nature, unrecognized by many and seldom called to the attention of we who live among them. Vagabonding along highways which crisscross the state; treading across plains into an un- fathomable horizon; struggling along vine bordered streams; wandering beneath trees old at the time of La Salle, Choteau, Du Tisne and Mallett causes one to realize the indifference with which we reside in the land of the Indian. If our ideal could be actuated, we would take our readers into each valley, on top of each mountain, through every wooded area; we would let them wander aimlessly along paths tread by the founders of our State; we would cause them to absorb the magnitude of Na- ture ' s gift and revere forever God ' s artistry, and listen to praises which would be forihcoming. But, since our ideal is impossible, we have chosen this means of bringing to you, in pictures and words, a meas- ure of the beauty that is ours in the hope that more will be known by all of the magnificence of the " Land of the Mistletoe. " • Copyright 1936 CHARLES FOLLANSBEE Editor ALLAN ENGLEMAN Manager UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA Norman NATIVE OKLA ' i i HOMA Born of mountain springs annid the rugged crags of the Arbuckle and Wichita Mountains, located in southwestern Oklahoma, clear streams tumble and wind their tortuous way through primitive wildness glorious in the beauty which attracts to such play- grounds as Turner Falls, above, and Medicine Creek, on the opposite page The byway of early French and Spanish explorers, the Arkansas River, serves as the guide for its twentieth cen- tury companion, the nnodern highway, as seen in this view of Oklahoma Highway 33 a few miles west of Tulsa As if reluctant to leave the virgin forests along its banks, the lazy Kiamichi River meanders slowly through Pushmataha County, on past the site of old Fort Towson, to empty itself into the tur- bulent waters of the Red River it rt. IXNr.iVW« » »lAH ' «A(iIMVV ' 1 .v»ijvi. .-v fcn.« iwia» « » ft fv « ' « I " " " 7 ' ..JiKll .:. Sweeping In fronn the Rocky Mountain region, Old Man Winter strikes at Oklahoma with all his tury, momentum and force to transfigure the Sooner state into a realm of gray beauty as only winter can do. At this time of year scenes like those shown on this page become familiar in contrast with their summer ' s brightness As if in mortal combat mountain crests in southeastern Oklahoma struggle with snow clouds rolling majes- tically overhead Reminiscent of the 17th century, when the first white settlemeni in Oklahoma was es- tablished on its banks, Cherokee Rock Hol- low, six miles north of Salina, patiently awaits the shade of a coming spring Fringed with white and guarded by a maze of gro- tesque trees, Lake Lawtonka sleeps peacefully at the foot of Mt. Scott ; gH » « fye i - - r. DEniCATION To the memory of Hamilton de Meules, Law ' 36, this volume of the 1936 Sooner Yearbook is respectfully dedicated. Hamilton was a loyal son of the University; an idealist . . . yet intensely practical, devoted to the interests of his classmates and friends; possessed both of knowledge of men and the ability to lead them. His charm, gentlemanly qualities, and true scholastic nature have given him a place in our hearts that makes us feel his loss more than our words here enable us to describe. His death on the morning of March 19th, on his twenty-fourth birthday, cast a blanket of sorrow over the entire campus Like a huge serpent, the new scenic drive girdling M+. Scott re- treats into the distant Wichita National Forest carrying with it un- forgetable awe at the scenery behind " wwowF M a tf ' f iiy ti aiaaiRtfiy tg ' — =.. K% if to vie with the honors of nature, pri- vate gardens of untold beauty dot the state in crazy quilt pattern. Above is seen the famous Japanese Flower House built by " Pawnee Bill " (Major Gordon Lillie) on his estate at Pawnee; and below is shown a view of the gardens on " The Home- stead, " the Buell estate located in Muskogee If av-coao zeainct d EvereH Dale especially for the 1936 SOONER. I sing a song of the dreamers Who builded a Western state Toiling and moiling and dreaming They labored early and late Making the village a city The cabin a mansion grand They builded better far than they knew Here in the Mistletoe Land. They builded homes for their children Their sons and daughters fair Stores and shops and highways broad Where once was a prairie bare Towers that rise to meet the skies Wells that are deep in the sand Bringing up oil, the fruit of their toil To gladden the Mistletoe Land. I sing a song of the dreamers Who builded a Western state Toiling and moiling and dreaming They labored early and late Theirs is a wonderful story But who can the tale relate. Man made canyons tower above avenues of commerce in Okla- homa City as Tulsa ' s lights twinkle in fan- tastic array I? 3 S S5 ' " " i S ' ' ■ ' . A i-M M ' h. veiiiiiCj The western sky is tinged with red and gold The hills show purple in the waning light Slowly the fiery sun has sunk fronn sight The evening air grows dannp and slightly cold, The shepherd drives his flock into the fold, Above the hill-top wheels the hawk in flight While from their lairs come creatures of the night So timid ' neath the sun but now so bold. Above the trees peeps out the first bright star The whippoorwill sends forth his mournful cry, We hear his mate give answer from afar. The night wind sings a dreamy lullaby, From distant west fades out each crimson bar And soon all earth in slumber wrapped shall lie. from The Prairie Schooner and Other Poems by Edward Evereft Dale (I The eastern sky is tinged with red The darkness siowiy fades away, O ' er wooded hills the clouds hang gray, The pall of night that over earth was spread Is lifted, while with stealthy tread Aurora comes, fair goddess of the day To ope the bars that Sol may on his way With foaming steeds and glowing car be sped. The quails are calling in the field and brake The stars have slowly faded one by one The loon cries harshly from the distant lake. Steals forth the hunter with his dog and gun Within the grove the birds begin to wake And greet with songs of joy the rising sun. — from The Prairie Schooner and Other Poems by Edward Everett Dale Photographs made of Laite Spavinaw near Tulsa ■j ' J ' ' ' ■Si ' SmkfW JitaEffi msi .-i - , ceiiLC ( auctii K ' ldalioina The pine tree country with its buttes, pine trees, clear streams and fine vistas, is the natural scenic region of Oklahoma. This beautiful hill country holds many surprises for the visitor in the way of natural beauties. Its native wild life may still be seen in abundance. Many of these places are still difficult to reach by road, so the thrill of discovery attends the reali- zation of the stranger that he has at last found a perfect vacationing spot. These pictures, made in 1935, depict the unspoiled loveliness of this area. tut at ' ClLLvtli Erosion and the action of the elements have worn down portions of the table lands into wonderful shapes of natural sculpture. We see nnajestic cliffs, pinnacles, and buttes, shifting waves of sand, and sandstone shaped like the unfinished works of a master sculptor. George Washington Rock, near Thomas, Oklahoma. Salt Creek Canyon (pure salt) near Hitchcock, Oklahoma. . ' mm -f-- ' ■■■■rtr,: : i ■ it- r? ' S . ' W:t h ' («K Ml . Wj WM i i il JW , iii U i CJ)| - iS , - i I Administration m Left to right: Bowman. Bizzell, Kraettli. Kerr. Looney. Noble, Ledbetter. Hatchett, Rosser. BOARD OF REGENTS OFFICERS Mr. George L. Bowman President Mr. Claude C. Hatchett .... Vice-President Mr. Emil R. Kraettli Secretary MEMBERS Mr. George L. Bowman, Kingfisher Major Eugene Kerr, Muskogee Mr. Claude C. Hatchett, Durant Judge J. C. Looney, Wewoka Mr. Eugene P. Ledbetter, Oklahoma City Mr. Lloyd Noble, Ardmore Mr. Malcolm E. Rosser, Jr., Muskogee The Board of Regents is the governing body of the University of Oklahoma. This board, which was organized in 1919, is composed of seven members who are appointed by the Governor with the approval of the Senate and who serve definite terms of from one to seven years. At least three of the members must be alumni of the University. The President of the University is responsible to the Board and meets with them periodically to discuss University affairs and policies. The Board chooses the President, and appointments of other administrative officials and of members of the faculty must have its approval. All acts of the University administration are subject to the review of the Board, which may countermand them if it sees fit. The Regents are responsible only to the Legislature and may be removed only through impeach- ment or by legislative act changing the law by which the Board was created. Page 21 PRESIDENT W. B. BIZZELL GREETINGS FROM THE PRESIDENT I wish to extend my hearty congratulations to the Editor, Business Manager and others who have assisted in bring- ing out the Sooner for the current year. I reahze that it is a difficult task to produce a book of this kind. Those who are responsible for the current issue are entitled to the praise of all of us who are connected with the Univer- sity. The Sooner covers a field of interest not otherwise sur- veyed by any publication of the University. It reflects the varied student activities in which members of the Univer- sity community have participated during the current year. It becomes, therefore, a record of important aspects of student life and serves to give us all a picture of the nu- merous student activities. I am sure that our students will value this year book very highly. It will become increasingly important through the years, as a reminder of the interesting days that all of us have enjoyed while connected in one way or another with the University. College life is rich in human experiences and friendly association and it is a wonderful privilege to be identified with a great educational community. It is my earnest hope and wish that every student in the University may get in- creasing satisfaction and joy in turning the pages of this volume as the years come and go. Sincerely yours, W. B. BlZZELL Dr. Bizzell acts as host to Emil Ludivig. noted biographer GREETINGS FROM THE GOVERNOR I extend to the faculty and students of tfie University of Oklahoma my greetings and my most sincere good wishes. I also desire to congratulate the students of this great educational institution because of the age in which you live. This may seem strange in the face of the extreme and unusual turmoil now existing in domestic and world af- fairs. The greatest opportunity for service, however, al- ways presents itself at the time of greatest need. The baffling social, political, and economic questions now de- manding attention will require a generation to solve. The opportunity is yours, to be of service in achieving a sane but progressive solution of these vital problems. I am confident that you will rise to the monumental oppor- tunity thus presented to you and that the present personnel of this great student body will have an important part in working out a new, more humane order that will enable mankind to be more prosperous, happier, and better. While I am sure that your greatest ambition is for ser- vice to your fellow man, I am not unmindful of the desire of every individual to make a success in a material way. May I also wish you success in all laudable efforts for your personal welfare. Sincerely, E. W. Marland GOVERNOR E. W. MARLAND Governor Marland, an enthusiastic [an. watches the Sooners trounce the Aggies DEAN OF MEN The office of Dean of Men is held by Mr. J. F. Findlay. Mr. Findlay attended Tobin College, preparatory school, at Fort Dodge, Iowa. He received his B.A. degree from Grinnell College in 1922 and in 1923 received his Mas- ter ' s Degree from the University of Chicago. Later he attended New York University. He is a member of Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Delta Chi, and Delta Theta Chi. Before coming to the University of Oklahoma, he served as Dean of Men at Grinnell Col- lege. He is one of the youngest University deans in the country. GiTTINGER PROMINENT Dr. Roy Gittinger Dean Gittinger has served as Dean of Administration since 1926. He received his B. A. here in 1902. He also holds an M. A. from the University of Chicago and a Ph. D. from the University of California. Frank S. Cleckler Secretary, University of Oklahoma Alumni Association Walter W. Kraft Superintendent of University Utilities Fayette Copeland Director University Publicity Bureau Dr. C. S. Bobo Director of Student Health Service and Infirmary Cleckler Kraft COPEL. ND Bobo Page 24 DEAN OF WOMEN The office of Dean of Women is filled by Miss Edna E. McDaniel. Miss McDaniel holds the B. A. and M. A. degrees, having received the B. A. in 1923 from Baylor College, Belton, Texas, and the M. A. in 1924 from the University of Texas at Austin. She was Freshman Dean of Women at the University of Texas for four years; Dean of Women at Baylor University at Waco for two years, and she has been Dean of Women at the Univer- sity of Oklahoma for the past nine years. Her office is the center for all activities for women. McDaniel ADMINISTRATORS Dr. E. D. Meacham Dr. Meacham has been Assistant Dean of the Arts and Sciences College since 1926. He received his B. A. here in 1914, his M. A. from Harvard in 1917, and his Ph. D. from the University of Chicago in 1922. He is the fac- ulty representative to the Big Six Conference. George E. Wadsack Registrar of the University Charles C. Miles Manager. University Book Exchange Joseph A. Brandt Director of the University Press J. L. Lindsay Financial Clerk of the University Page 25 Back roil ' , left to right: Brandt, Luper, boLLANSBKK, Hughes. Strange, Wai.drop. Front row, left to right: Harlow, Slover, Davis, Barnes, Stinson, Caviezal. MEN ' S COUNCIL Bob Slover, President OFFICERS Alfred Naifeh, Vice-President Glenn Stinson, Secretary and Treasurer Arts and Sciences Charles Follansbee Bryce Harlow Alfred Naifeh Bill Waldrop Business W. G. Davis Oral Luper Douglas Meyers MEMBERS Fine Arts Frank Hughes Law Joe Fred Gibson JiMMiE Hawes Engineering Joe Caviezal Bill Barnes Booth Strange Pharmacy Glenn Stinson Education Albert Brent Graduate Bob Slover Ed McCurtain The Men ' s Council in conjunction with the W. S. G. A. has charge of the government of the affairs of the students of the University. Besides presenting the student side of questions to the administration, the other functions of the Council are to assist worthy clubs and organizations in their efforts to promote the interests of the University. This year, after a period of inactivity, the old Constitution of the Stu- dent Association, adopted in 1930, was shelved and a new constitution written by members of Pe-et was instituted. This constitution made numerous changes in the organization of student government. The principle new feature which it placed in force was the selection of the members of the Council on a merit basis instead of election by the students. Applicants for a position are graded by the Dean of Men on a point basis in which scholarship and extra-curricular activities are stressed. 7,7 ' ' " " " ■■ Hmjkowman, Brow., I ' ' ' i , Si m v. Rader, Freema " . Second cow: ANDERSON, POUNUEK, ClARK, StAHL, DiETRICH, Tow NSENU. Bottom row HuRST. Mai HEWS, Hume, Parris, Bohn. WOMEN ' S SELF GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Betty Hume . Katherine Rader Betty Hume President OFFICERS President Lillian Rose Secretary Vice-President Virginia Parris Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES Helen Mathews President Y. W. C. A. Helen Stacy . President House Council Sara Margaret Freem«lN . . . Pauline Trindle . Women ' s Editor President Mortar Board Frances Stahl . Big Sister Chairman Ruth Clark . President Pan-Hellenic Helen Anderson Elizabeth Barrowman .... President Alpha Lambda Delta President W. A. A. MEMBERS-AT-LARGE Nina Bohn . Scholarship Chairman Floreine Dietrich . Health Chairman Helen Stacy . Vocational Chairman Margaret Hurst . Actii ' ity Chairman BeAnn Brown . . Social Chairman The Women ' s Self Government Association is the student governing body for all women students in the University. With the Men ' s Council, it makes up the Students Association. Although joined for matters relat- ing to both men and women students, the two groups are entirely inde- pendent of each other in their respective fields. The membership of the group includes the Executive Board made up of the four officers, who are selected in an open election. Representatives from a number of girls ' organizations, five Members-at-Large selected by the Executive Board and the Representatives, and a Judicial Board selected by the Executive Board, the Representatives and the Members-at-Large. Each semester the Association gives a scholarship banquet for non- sorority women, at which time two loving cups are awarded, one to the organized house with the highest average, and one to the dormitory with the highest average. Page 27 Left to right: Gittinger, Reaves, Salter, Tappan Collings, Adams, Johnson, Monnett. McDaniel, Bizzell, Kraettli, W.. Dodge, THE ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL The President of the University, the Deans of the various schools and colleges, the Dean of Men and the Dean of Women, the Registrar, and the Assist- ant to the President make up the Administrative Council. The Council was formerly known as the Senate, but it assumed its present name in 1913. Besides serving the President in an advisory capacity, the Council performs administrative, legis- lative and executive acts in regard to the University generally. At times it serves in a judiciary capacity on student problems such as eligibility, discipline and admission. The student body through the Men ' s Council or the Women ' s Self Government Associ- ation or a combined action of both may petition the Council for the redress of any grievances. The primary function of this group, however, is the co-ordination of general University policies, rules and regulations. MEMBERS Dr. W. B. Bizzell, President F. G. Tappan, Acting Dean of the College of Engineering Lewis Salter, Acting Dean of the College of Fine Arts JuLiEN C, Monnett, Dean of the School of Law Roy Gittinger, Dean of Administration Dr. Robert U. Patterson, Dean of the School of Medicine D. B. R. Johnson, Dean of the School of Pharmacy S. W. Reaves, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Arthur B. Adams, Dean of the College of Business Administration Homer L. Dodge, Dean of the Graduate School Ellsworth Collings, Dean of the College of Education Miss Edna E. McDaniel, Dean of Women J. F. Findlay, Dean of Men George E. Wadsack, Registrar Emil R. Kraettli, Assistant to the President li.MiL R. Krai nil Page 28 aok -2 The Schools I I i L The College of Arts and Sciences •■ iri ' il«l This view of the Liberal Arts Building shows the 1935 Senior Class memorial in the foreground -ii ? T miMik . S. W. Reaves Dean S. W. Reaves grad- uated at the Citadel Col- lege in 1895 and holds the following degrees: B. S., University of North Caro- lina. 1899; A. B.. Cornell University. 1900; M. A., University of Chicago, 1912; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1915. He has been Professor of Mathe- matics at the University of Oklahoma since 1905, and Dean since 1925. Member Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, American Mathematics Society, and Mathematical Association of America. Mary HiiLex Corwin Oklahoma City PHI MU Spanish Club. Pi Sigma Alpha. Jane Owen Norman KAPPA ALPHA THETA Secretary of Kappa Alpha Theta, English Club. Polo and Riding Association, Timbercruisers, Y. W. Cab- inet, ' 34. Ann Morrow Enid CHI OMEGA Glee Club. WNAD Orches- tra. Symphony Orchestra, Y. W. C. A. Henry Martin Kilian Norman N I Ruth Eileen Winn Emporia, Kansas PI beta PHI Psychology Club, Y. W. C. A.. Hestia. English Club. William Ernest Butler Woodward Intra-Mural Fancy Diving Winner. Carmen Opera, ' 35, Alpha Pi Mu. Julian A. Howard Marloit ' WNAD Announcer, Phi Sigma, Phantom Mask. Jamie Eitzsimons San Antonio, Texas CHI omega Club. Kathryn V. Hales Norman PHI MU Spanish Club. French Club, Y. W. C. A. Frank Lynn KiLLlNGSWORTH Seminole PHI kappa SIGMA Second Lieutenant, F. A. R.. President of Phi Kappa Sig- ma. Jazz Hounds. Gertrude K. Pillars Oklahoma City Mary Christine Simpson Oklahoma City Y. W. C. A. Council ' . Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Mu Epsi- lon, Kappa Delta Pi. Ruth Grove Hugo delta delta delta Joe Paul Martin Wcivoka Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma. Sara Margaret Freeman Oklahoma City PI BETA PHI President. Alpha Lambda Delta. ' iZ-i-i. Rig Sister Chairman, ' i-i- ' i ' i. Activity Fund. •34- ' 35, W. S. G. A., Sooner Staff, Mor- tar Board President, ■35- ' 36. Phi Beta Kappa. Richard J. Yuacer Oklahoma City PHI delta thkta Ruf Neks. Robert L. Lancaster Guymon SIGMA NU Skeleton Key. Senate, Scab- bard and Blade. Betty Lou Westfall Oklahoma City kappa alpha theta Martha Frances Levy Oklahoma City SIGMA delta TAU Sociology Club, Y. W. C. A. Elaine Fendley Oklahoma City ALPHA XI delta W. C. A.. English Club. Alice Quigley Fort Worth, Texas PI BETA PHI Marice Vaughan Oklahoma City GAM L PHI BETA William P. Priestley Bartlesi-illc lambda CHI ALPHA Intcrfraternity Council. Ruf Neks. Derby Club. Presi- dent of Lambda Chi Alpha. Joan Elizabeth Johnson Mangiim kappa alpha theta u N R Page 36 N I R Robert Lewis Cox Dot Ford Ada Shreveport, La. PHI KAPPA PSI PI BETA PHI Advertising Manager of Covered Wagon. Doris Margaret Casemore Alma Brock Ponca City Wewoka ALPHA CHI omega DELTA GAMMA Hestia, Y.W.C.A., Eng- lish Club. Hestia, Oik onomia. Jane Gibson Mary Pearl Bashara Oklahoma City Norman Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Gamma Epsilon. W. A. A., Dusty Travelers, Rifle, Independent Women ' s Asso., Indian Club. William Lucas Jack J. Christian Norman Temple, Texas delta upsilon Elma Brock Wewoka Hestia, Oikonomia. JuANiTA Bruce Miller Oklahoma City Girls ' Choral Club, Y. W. C. A., Vice-Pres., French Club, Pi Zeta Kappa. Pi Epsilon Alpha. Helen Ferry Purcell Annie Beth Satterfield HoldenviUe CHi omega Clifton L. Bell Gray Band, Kappa Kappa Psi. Raymond P. Wells Bristow PHI delta theta Pi Sigma Alpha. Frances M. Krauss Wichita Falls, Texas ALPHA CHI OMEGA Orchesis, Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., English Club. Katherine Rader Norman delta delta delta Phi Beta Kappa, President, Panhellenic, S-l- ' SS, Eta Sigma Phi, Mortar Board, Duck ' s Club, W. S. G. A., Vice-President, Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Y. W. C. A. A m i! !ll» fmm L- Hi F i 1 11 Iflllilil ■::z:: ' K H M Page 37 Billy Bob Culwell Ardmore PI beta PHI William G. Riddle McAlestec Band, Congress. Eugene ' V. Purgson Shawnee SIGMA MU SIGMA Mathematics Club, Dra- matics. Jo Wollard Perry Pi Zeta Kappa, Thalian, Glee Club, Y. W. C. A. David Clinton Winslow Alton Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Fi- nance, World Education, League of Young Demo- crats, Young Preacher ' s Club, International Rela- tions, Club Radio Reporter, Congress Literary Society, Thalian, ' Vice-Pre.sidcnt, G. E.O. Jack Douglas Norman Glee Club, Debate, Oratory, Thalian, Playhouse, Kappa Tau Pi. Mauricia Dale Crooks Bartlesville alpha PHI Y.W. C. A., History Club. ' Virginia Klein Norman alpha CHI omega Y. W. C. A.. Kappa Beta, Orchesis, English Club. R J i J 1 ■ ; : .; J T: i J i n ; i s ; y Mary Leigh Taliaferro Ponca City PI BETA PHI French Club, Polo and Rid ing Association. Ada Laleene Baugh Norman Charles L. Follansbee Eufaula PHI kappa psi Interfraternity Council, Jazz Hounds, Skeleton Key, Sen- ate, Mens Council, Pres., Phi Kappa Psi, Pres,, Phi Eta Sigma, Pe-et, Dads Day Cup, Phi Beta Kappa and Editor 1936 Sooner. Mary Ann Wentroth Oklahoma City Wera Ellen Christian Oklahoma City alpha phi Spanish Club, French Club, House Council of Y. W. C. A., Corresponding Secretary of Alpha Phi, Sigma Alpha Iota, Cardinal Key. Lucy Jane Garee Noble Choral Club, Hestia, Omi- cron Nu, Oikonomia. John Wesley Kitchens Cheyenne Presidents Class, ' 34, Pe-et, University Band, German Club, Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma. D. S. Harris Drummond DELTA UPSILON Edgar Edward Warren Bo nfon Basketball, O Club. Helen Lee Lorice Foster Seminole DELTA GAMMA Lucile Hess Bartlesville ALPHA CHI omega Y. W. C. A., Kappa Phi, Pi Zeta Kappa, English Club. Leo J. Zeff Kenosha, Wisconsin Alpha Pi Mu. President of Psychology Club. John R. Browne Oklahoma City SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Ruf Neks. John Oliver Hall Noirata Kappa Kappa Psi, Bombard- Merle Christina Williams Norman Patrick J. Maloney Hutchinson. Kansas PHI kappa PSI Earl Eugene Ridgwav Hunter Psychology Club. Janie Brown Ft. Worth. Texas kappa kappa gamma Spanish Club. H. Brooks Gotcher Muskogee kappa SIGMA Covered Wagon Staff, So- ciology Club, Geraldine Balbin Enid kappa kappa GAMMA Bertha Lent Galveston, Texas Iris Benthal Roper Norman R Kay Burton Johnson Oklahoma City Betty Verne Anadarko alpha CHI o.viega Pres., W, S. G. A., Oiko- nomia, Hestia, Dads Day Award, Prc.s. State Home Economics Clubs, Pres. of Omicron Nu. Mortar Board. I ' hi Beta Kappa. Page 38 mmummmm N I George Wayne Alge Eloise Herring Nash Dallas. Texas DELTA CHI KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Ruf Neks. Rebekah Janet Selvidge Ellen Fullenwider Ardmore Muskogee alpha phi delta gamma Y. W.C. A. Treasurer, Y. W.C. A. Cabinet. M- S, Secretary of Alpha Phi. Bayard Jack Seagraves Henry G. Lewis Hugoton, Kansas Guthrie phi delta theta BETA THETA PI Congress, Sooner Staff. George H. McLean Lucerne Lee Washbon Muskogee Ponca City PHI KAPPA PSI KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Glee Club. Sooner Quartet. John Andy Stroud Frank Gordon Ratliff Altus Oklahoma City Phi Eta Sigma. Pi Sigma Alpha. Frances Pauline Gossett Glenn Byron Hess Norman Oklahoma City Y, W. C. A.. W. A. A., French Club. Eta Sigma Phi, Orchesis. Ducks Club. Assistant in Chemistry. H. Oliver Holt Margaret I. Eikner Oklahoma City Altus Band. Phi Mu Alpha. Chi Delta Phi. Francis A. Trindle Norman ALPHA TAU omega Jim Brennan Eufaala phi KAPPA PSI K R H M A i Page 39 Nelson N. Clabaugh Mangum PHI KAPPA PSI Ruf Neks, Senate. Helen Hand Tulsa KAPPA KAPPA gamma Y. W. Club. C. A.. Sociology Joseph Marcus Leavitt Tulsa SIGMA ALPHA MU Ruf Neks, Phi Sigma, Alpha Pi Mu. Sidney Maurice Massey Okmulgee SIGMA ALPHA MU T. Joy Hester Norman Spanish Club. Kappa Gam- ma Epsilon. L. Katheryn Baird Coffcyi ' illc, Kansas Hestia, Choral Club. Evelyn A. Gray Ponca City KAPPA alpha theta W.A.A.. Ducks Club, Tim- ber Cruisers. Y. W. C. A., Mortar Board. Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Phi Beta Kappa. Helen Jean Mathews Oklahoma City ALPHA PHI President of Alpha Phi. ' 35, Treasurer of Mortar Board, President of Y. W. C. A.. W. S. G. A. Council. :lHfiMiHliH; E. Paige Mullins Mobile, Alabama DELTA DELTA DELTA William Claud Henry Altus ALPHA TAU OMEGA Vice-President Alpha Tau Omega, Fencing. Senate, Kappa Delta Pi. Phi Beta Kappa. Robert M. Culver Bartlcsvillc PHI KAPPA SIGMA HiLDEGARDE FRANCES WeY Norman Y. W. C. A.. Y. W. A., Oikonomia, Hestia. Tom Hemmick Okmulgee KAPPA SIGMA Kathleen Ann Keefe Arkansas City, Kansas PI beta phi Jack Hart Oklahoma Citi) beta tiieta pi Scabbard and Blade, Polo and Riding Assoc. R. Margery Meacham Clinton delta gamma Pres. Delta Gamma, W. S. (;. A., Y. W. C. A„ Vice- Prcs.. Panhcllcnic, Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice-Pres., Mortar Board, Phi Beta Kappa. i1 ri N I U N Virginia Hudson C. Waldron Wisdom Enid OAreene kappa alpha theta PHI kappa SIGMA Glee Club. Ruf Neks. William A. Lucas Doris Christian Notman Norman Pres. Y. M. C. A., D- ' Se. Choctaw Chief Indian Club, Vice-Pres. Freshman Club, ' 32, Sociology Club, Kappa Tau Pi. Bailiff. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA John A. Braden Mary Louise Huffhines McAlestet Oklahoma City SIGMA alpha EPSILON KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Revah Erma McLain Norman Mary E. Durand Hobart DELTA GAMMA Y. W. C. A., Sooner Staff. Elizabeth Jesse Lawton CHI OMEGA Nell Louise Shouse Muskogee DELTA GAMMA Margaret Corbett Mar-i Elizabeth McCaleb Hewgley Oklahoma City Norman GAMMA phi beta CHI omega English Club. Marjorie Ruth Kii.lebrew Dorothy Katherine Kuhn Okmulgee Oklahoma City GAMMA PHI BETA delta gamma Sec. French Club. ' 35, Span- ish Club, Choral Club ■3-1- ' 35, Y.W.C.A. Ed Bartlett Marie Barrett hlabel Watonga ALPHA SIGMA PHI delta gamma R Page 40 N I R Russell Odbert Bennett Indianola, Illinois PHI GAMMA DELTA Associate Editor of Whirl ' ivind. ■34- ' 35, Pi Sigma Alpha. Mary R. Connor Lawton PHI SIGMA Francis Owen Townsend Marietta alpha SIGMA PHI Margrete E. McAleney Oklahoma City eta SIGMA PHI Aline Frances Stahl Oklahoma City CHI omega W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A. William L. Waldrop Oklahoma City alpha tau omega Jazz Hounds, Men ' s Coun- cil, Oratorical Council, Bom- bardiers, Scabbard and Blade, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Inter-Church Council, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Pi Mu, Kappa Tau Pi, Phi Sigma, Pe-ct President, President ' s Class. Virginia Bliss Parris Tulsa delta gamma Treasurer of W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta. June B. Helton Grandfield PHI beta phi Richard B. Lawrence Altus PHI gamma delta Hester Louise Day Oklahoma City delta gamma Y. W. C. A., Orchesis. Margaret Eugenio Redding Oklahoma City French Club. English Club, Philosophy Club. Cecil A. Ward Fairviciu Floyd O. Lochner Agra alpha SIGMA PHI Lunsford Phillip Livingston Seminole delta chi President of Jazz Hounds, Interfraternity Council, Con- gress, League of Young Democrats. Helen May Gale Pond Creek Sec.-Treas. of Social Work Club, Psychology Club. Francis B. Mills Wewoka ALPHA SIGMA PHI Interfraternity Council. S i V William J. Porter Lawton PHI KAPPA PSI J, Leslie McGee Norman ALPHA SIGMA PHI Band. Leslie Lovell Thomason Shidler Congress. Oratorical Coun- cil, Forum, League of Young Democrats. Robert R. Beidleman Okmulgee PHI KAPPA SIGMA Jazz Hounds. Scabbard and Blade. Miriam Jones El Reno KAPPA ALPHA TIIETA Mary Elizabeth Hewgley Oklahoma City CHI OMEGA Publication Board, Sooner Staff, Y. W. C. A., Sociol- ogy Club. James C. Denton. Jr. Tulsa BETA THETA pi Freshman Representative Whirlwind, ' 32- ' 33, Asso. Editor Whirlwind. ■33- ' 3-l. Editor Whirlwind. ■34- ' 35, Publication Board, ' 35, Busi- ness Manager, ' 33, of " Sooner 75 " , Skeleton Key. Ruth Eleanor Grimes Oklahoma City KAPPA ALPHA THETA K H O M A Page 41 H. M. LiGON Weivoka DELTA UPSILON Ruf Neks. William J. Gwinn Muskogee SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON ELOrsE Cherryhomes Tulsa PI BETA PHI Sec.-Treas. of Senior Class. Y. W. C. A., Omicron Nu. Kathren Burr Pawhuska CHI OMEGA Sooner Staff, ■34- ' 35, Pan- fiellenic, Englisfi Club, French Club, Pres. Chi Omega, Philosophy Club. EuLA Hawes Walker Altus N I Ernestine Goodner Norman Y, W. C. A. Cabinet, Hestia, Pi Zeta Kappa. Harry Hartwell Broadbent Sulphur Wrestling, Spanish Club. BuHRMAN TiMBERLAKE Oklahoma City 4 ' R Helen Morell Enid KAPPA ALPHA THETA Louis S. Weinstein Houston, Texas PHI BETA delta Ruf Neks, Soph. Intramural Mgr. Betty Sue Clark Muskogee kappa kappa gamma KaTHRYN DlBBENS Guthrie kappa kappa gamma M. S. Douglass Weleetka SIGMA CHE Maudean Miller Hartshorne GAMMA PHI BETA Elmo P. Hester Myrtle McDougal Norman MacKay Pi Mu Epsilon. Sapulpa CHI omega Harold Leslie Copeland Arkadelphia. Ark. Dorothy Jeanne Morris Norman Luther Weldon Calahan Idabel Bernice Cone Maud WNAD Symphony Orches- tra, Pi Mu Epsilon. Bryce Nathaniel Harlow Oklahoma City Phi Beta Kappa, Pe-et, C h c c k m a t c. President ' s Class, Phi Eta Sigma, Span- ish Cub, French Club (pres. and treas. ), Websterian. Men ' s Council, Tau Omega, Kappa Ciamma Ivpsilon, Scabbard and Blade. Doris Thelma Speir Walters Ma.xine Appleman Norman Alpha Lambda Delta, Mor- tar Board Honor Plaque, Kappa Gamma Epsilon, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Beta Kappa. Fine Arts Trio. Uni- ersity Symphony Orches- tra. Frances Beryl Myers Oklahoma City kappa kappa gamma Y. W, C. A.. French Club. Pres. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Spon.sor R. O. T. C, ' 35. Panhellenic, Pre.s. Chi Delta Phi, Mortar Board. Alpha Lambda Delta. Orchcsis, Kappa Gamma Epsilon. Phi Beta Kappa. u N V R Pago 42 U N D E R C L Lois Henderson McLoud Elizabeth Nicholson Oklahoma Citi Alfred Naifeh Norman PI beta phi Estelle Thurman Oklahoma City KAPPA alpha theta William Lynn Kreidler Orlcan, New York Bombardiers Dorothy Nell Penner Norman DELTA delta DELTA Betty Bushfield Oklahoma City DELTA GAMMA Virginia Brice Checotah KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Su Nell Bethell Robert Edward Tulsa Nelson PI BETA PHI Clinton ALPHA TAU OMEGA Betty Henderson Tulsa KAPPA ALPHA THETA Kathryn Hart Wright Blackwcll KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Nora Elizabeth Plaster Pauls Valley delta gamma Phil D. Harris Tulsa BETA THETA PI Christine Elizabeth Holland Enid delta delta delta Barbara Hiestand Tulsa KAPPA ALPHA THETA Robert G. Pischel Tulsa PHI GAMMA DELTA Carolyn Hendrix Vernon, Texas delta delta delta Lou Allie Owen Oklahoma City Harry S. Collinson Arkansas Cit Kansas PHI GAMMA DELTA Doris Elizabeth Armstrong Norman DELTA delta DELTA Sue Nelle Nesbitt Miami KAPPA ALPHA THETA Zach Phillips Shawnee Geraldine Renegah Oklahoma City CHI OMEGA Hal Burnett Guthrie SIGMA CHI Mary Parks Muskogee KAPPA ALPHA THETA Kenneth Wilson Pawnee delta TAU DELTA K H M Page 43 La Rue Delana El Reno KAPPA alpha THETA Garth William Caylor Hugo PHI kappa psi Pamela Jean Prigmore Oklahoma City CHI omega Ralph C. Brown Hobart lambda CHI alpha UNDERCLASSMEN tih niii ' v- Evelyn Berkeley Hayden Tulsa PI BETA PHI Mildred Winer Pueblo, Colorado SIGMA DELTA TAU Viola Mills Norman DELTA GAMMA Jack Baer Shawnee kappa SIGMA Charles William McClellan Clarcmore SIGMA NU J. Keller Henderson Oklahoma City PI KAPPA ALPHA Eleanor Claire Fritz Tulsa DELTA GAMMA Mary Frances Carpenter Oklahoma City GAMMA PHI BETA Howard O ' Neil Rhoades Wakita PHI KAPPA PSI i ? ' 5 Watt H. McBraver Tulsa PHI GAMMA DELTA Stanley D. WiENSHIENK St. Joseph, Missouri PHI BETA DELTA Richard T. Wyche Norman SIGMA CHI Frances Orr northcutt Oklahoma City DELTA GAMMA Lillian Rose Oklahoma City SIGMA DELTA TAU Lee Albert Jacobson Oklahoma City ALPHA TAU OMEGA John De Von Voiles Hooker SIGMA NU ViDA Aline Gilchrist Norman ALPHA GAMMA DELTA John H. Hunter Springfield, Illinois ALPHA TAU OMEGA John Albert Dillon Oklahoma City KAPPA SIGMA Denzil F. Huston Oklahoma City ACACIA Robert V. Freeland Bristow KAPPA SIGMA Lambert Courtney Root Los Angeles, California beta theta PI Bill Breeden Oklahoma City PI KAPPA ALPHA Robert L. Cooper Pond Creek DELTA TAU DELTA Beryl Taylor Oklahoma City kappa kappa gamma Jack Hall Riddle Coivcta kappa SIGMA John Vernon Morgan Waurika William L. Novak Tulsa SIGMA alpha MU Mary Nell Patterson Oklahoma City kappa kappa GAMMA Walter Lee Reed Tulsa alpha tau omega John Orel Busby Oklahoma City SIGMA NU Cecile Johnson Tampico. Mexico alpha phi Orin S. Lambert Cherokee pi kappa phi J. A. Mull, Jr. Houston. Texas delta tau delta Bette Lambert Okmulgee pi beta phi Max Carl Cook Ardmore delta tau delta u N V R Page 44 UNDERCLASSMEN Mary Ellen Milam Chelsea KAPPA ALPHA THETA Dorothy Evorene Morgan Norman GAMMA PHI BETA William W. Frye Saltisaw SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Doris Louise ASHBURN Oklahoma City Elsie Lee Scher Little Rock, Arkansas SIGMA DELTA TAU Charles Robert McClain Ardmore SIGMA CHI Abner Faye Bond Oklahoma City DELTA TAU DELTA Charles A. Bell Shawnee SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Trimble Baggett Latting Chickasha SIGMA alpha EPSILON Be Ann Brown McAlester KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA George Thomas Montgomery Chickasha phi delta theta Bobbie Ruth Pendleton Norman alpha CHI omega Walter Cunningham McAlester Russell Mason Oklahoma Citii PHI gamma delta Sidney R, Davis Tulsa BETA theta pi Maxine Ann HUNZE Oklahoma Citi; ALPHA PHI Mildred Winer Pueblo, Colorado SIG.MA delta TAU Hart Wright Martha Edwards Blackwell Blackwell PHI delta theta kappa alpha theta John Dwight Mills Norman alpha TAU OMEGA George Russell Bixler Oklahoma City SIGMA NU V. Brown Monnett Norman SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Herman W. Mertes Prague delta TAU delta Jim H. Sherman Norman BETA theta pi Jerry B. Beckett Euiaula PHI KAPPA PSI Mary V. Graham Tulsa ALPHA CHI omega Mary Margaret Roberts Ncwkirk KAPPA ALPHA THETA fe =1 O F Page 45 K H M C. Lawri ' .nce Patton Cherokee PI KAPPA PHI Virginia June Evans Norman KAPPA ALPHA THETA Dorothy Kathryn HOSEA Tulsa KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Walter Scott Martz Watonga Claudia L. Tschauner Clatemore alpha gamma DELTA Ralph Edward Keehn Valparaiso. Indiana SIGMA CHI Lavona Honeycutt Norman delta delta delta M. Elizabeth Adams Guthrie alpha gamma delta David E. Reed Tulsa SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 1 .-H UNDERCLASSMEN Frances G. Duncan Bellville, Texas Kamale John Nayfa Oilton Dean B. Cutchall Oklahoma City kappa SIGMA Robert William Sapulpa delta CHI Jack Kessler Oklahoma City PHI GAMMA DELTA Elsie Mae LiNDSEY Rush Springs Raymond Lester Dawson Oklahoma City BETA THETA pi Mary Louise Locke Muskogee KAPPA ALPHA THETA Ellen Virginia Ash Cordetl -;•? A I ,ir. p Josh J. Evans Rush Springs Jack W. Barbour Norman ALPHA TAU OMEGA Juanita Jenneffee Russell Norman Mareta Nelle West Oklahoma City kappa kappa gamma Dorothy Jane Rogers Tulsa PI beta PHI Kathleen Wilcoxson Norman Charles E. Talley Tulsa SIGMA alpha MU Jo Ann Tkmpleman Tulsa DELTA GAMMA Roy K. Sanford Pcrryton, Texas kappa SIGMA John A. McReynolds Norman Christine E. Robinson Nash Margaret Coder Black Blackwell kappa kappa GAMMA Sam Kibbe Joyce Fletcher ALPHA TAU omega Sam G. Billings Enid PHI KAPPA PSI Arthur Leroy Ellsworth El Reno ALPHA TAU omega JUANITA PaPPE Kingfisher kappa kappa gamma WiLDA CRAVEY Norman ]ami:s Albert Vandhrpool Oklahoma City Oscar S. Anderson Oilton Bettie Million Hayden McAlester kappa alpha THETA Harry M. Rector Enid SIGMA NU William Douglas Baker Stamford. Texas SIGMA alpha epsilon Catherine A. Armstrong Ponca City Bob E. Rapp Oklahoma City delta upsilon Milton J. Markus Cashing SIGMA alpha MU Lecil Edwards Mollis Maxini ' . Jericho Oklahoma City SIGMA delta TAU u N R T Page 46 U N D E R C L Katherine Rice Leon Stephen H. D, Wolfe Ponca City SCHNAUBERT Carlsbad, t teu ' Mexico Hugo Marv Jane Bass Charlotte Charles Robert Durant Hendrix Haberlein KAPPA ALPHA Weleetka McAlester THETA gamma PHI BETA PHI delta theta Jack G. Morgan Jane Lomax Leo David Marks Walters Norman Tulsa SIGMA ALPHA PI beta phi phi beta delta EPSILON Doris Corinne Margery Fendlev Elizabeth Marion HOLCOMBE Oklahoma City Pyeatt Okeene ALPHA XI delta Pauls Valley CHI OMEGA CHI OMEGA Janet Martin Forrest Hunter Lois Jane Pinson Weii ' oka Miracle Tulsa Skiatook James Wemhaner McAlester Shirley Black Norman delta delta delta Leota Davis Norman Glee Miller Skiatook delta delta delta Muriel Comer Johnston McAlester Rollen H. Anthjs El Reno lambda CHI ALPHA Sallie Landt Beatrice Burke Mildred Louise Norman Newkirk Loomis KAPPA alpha delta gamma Enid THETA KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Adeline Dorothy Avery B. Wight BURCKHALTER Holtzendorff Enid Vinita Claremore DELTA UPSILON KAPPA KAPPA KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA GAMMA K Page 47 Earl Appleton Brown Ardmorc BETA THETA PI Jack Leoman Huff Enid HI DELTA THETA Elliott Davis Oklahoma City PHI BETA DELTA Eldee Lewis Schneider Dodge City, Kansas John Arthur Atkinson Tulsa DELTA UPSILON W. J. Morter Ardmorc Lucy Ellen Fellers Oklahoma City KAPPA ALPHA THETA Custer Yates Brownsville KAPPA ALPHA THETA William Henry Reiff Oklahoma City PHI DELTA THETA William Bryan LOWRY Clinton Ralph Lowell Triplett Mooreland HiLLARD Earl Dengler Chandler William Armstrong Oklahoma City SIGMA CHI Harlan D. Johnson Fairfax Vivian Ruth Vanderpool Norman Esther Elmina Blackmer Hooker delta delta delta Gene Lewis Mitcham Lehigh UNDERCLASSMEN 1 f fS0 Frances Debolt Phil Lloyd Virginia Lee Sand Springs Salkeld Watkins Norman Byng Eleanor Martha Lawrence H. William Wesley Burton Caruthers, Jr. Musser Oklahoma City Norman Oklahoma City kappa alpha BETA theta PI theta Anna Ruth Helen Johnson Anita Eraser Turner Newkirk Ardmore Frederick kappa alpha theta Jack R. Loeser Phleat Boyd Lurline Kraft Longdate Ardmore Norman DELTA DELTA DELTA EsTELLE Celeste Mary Elizabeth Helen Elizabeth BiSHKIN Walker RlBEYRE El Campo, Texas Oklahoma City Tulsa KAPPA ALPHA PI beta phi THETA James E. Chloris Jene Marjorie Ellen Matthews Armstrong Christman Sallisaw Seminole Blanchard SIGMA ALPHA epsilon H. Myles Johnson Rose Ahrens William (Bill) Suppli; Oklahoma City C. Alspaugh DELTA DELTA DELTA Sentinel Mary Barbara BETTi ' Sue Mr KiE Milton Clark Fleming Anderson Cherokee Tulsa Wicita, Kansas delta delta delta KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA beta theta pi Lillian Ethel Wray Lemuel Dorothy Marie Harris Groom Ramsey Helena MeAlestcr Oklahoma City KAPPA KAPPA KAPPA alpha GAMMA theta u N R Page 48 U N D E R C L Frances Marie Lois June Adams Tommy F. Taylor Pearce Norman Tulsa Tulsa CHI OMEGA BETA THETA PI KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Robert Henry Jack Coursey Janey Price ROSENSTEIN Duncan Tulsa Tulsa lambda CHI ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA PHI BETA DELTA THETA John Dell Virginia Thweat Mary Cornelia Hadsell Chickasha Mayginnes Norman kappa kappa Tulsa BETA THETA PI gamma KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Joan McKowen Doris Osgood Harry L. Hartley Oklahoma City Howe Grove PI BETA PHI Norman SIGMA ALPHA gamma phi beta epsilon Berkley Dawson Wilson H. Gibson Carmen Mayes Amarillo, Texas Tulsa Oklahoma City KAPPA ALPHA beta theta pi ALPHA PHI THETA Bette Lou Virginia Lou Patience O ' SULLIVAN Popkin Francelia Seweli. Oklahoma City Muskogee Oklahoma City delta delta delta kappa kappa GAMMA pi beta PHI Joyce Cathron David Delana Sarah Elizabeth Colley El Reno Wallace Ardmore BETA THETA PI Oklahoma City PI beta phi delta delta delta Bettie Mildred Robert A. Cox Christine Chaney Law Muskogee Sulphur Oklahoma City LAMBDA CHI ALPHA delta delta delta CHI omega Dorothy Elna Gretchen Hallie Jean Sims Caroline Kahn Smythe Pauls Valley Fort Worth. Texas Oklahoma City DELTA GAMMA ALPHA CHI OMEGA kappa alpha theta O F o K L Pags 49 Geraldine Snedden Tulsa kappa alpha theta Helen Kristina Anderson Norman delta delta delta Rose Fisher Oklahoma City SIGMA delta TAU Christine Elizabeth Holland Enid delta delta delta Gayle Ritchey Oklahoma City CHI OMEGA Elfreda Pearl Babcock El Reno CHI OMEGA ORhaitia Cunningham Norman GAMMA phi BETA Mona Jean Russell Pichcr CHI OMEGA Edward Parker Frederick Nell Simmons Tyler, Texas DELTA DELTA DELTA Genevieve Williams Bartlesville delta delta DELTA Jane Marsh Oklahoma City PI BETA PHI Robert Ernest Shaw Oklahoma City DELTA TAU DELTA Betty Larimore Oklahoma City KAPPA ALPHA THETA Lloyd Nance GiLLlLAND, Jr. Frederick SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON John S. Gawey Bristow Virginia Moseley Gainesi ' illc, Texas UNDERCLASSMEN «■ Betty Rowland Zetta Mae Brown Doyle White Er id Oklahoma City Norman KAPPA ALPHA kappa kappa kappa alpha THETA gamma Elsie Louise Elizabeth Jane Francis Barbara Bowers Hedlund Phelps Tulsa Elk City Oklahoma City PI BETA PHI PI beta phi KAPPA alpha THETA Sallie Sarahlou Helen Nina Bob Brummal Seaman Tappan Amarillo. Texas Tulsa Norman KAPPA alpha DELTA GAMMA PHI MU George Price Rose Marie Ray Addington Antlers delta TAU delta DELTA DELTA DELTA Lulu Jane Campbell Pueblo, Colorado DELTA DELTA DELTA SiLVA Martha Campbell Oklahoma City ALPHA PHI Howard Raymond Born Los Angeles, California SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Dan W. Knight W ynneu ' ood I ' rancks G. Peters Norman Fred Davis Riddle Cushing SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Frances Charlotte Durrett Pawkuska ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Mary Eleanor Guthrie Oklahoma City DELTA DELTA DELTA Mary Lee Nelson Norman Doris Mae BlSHKIN El Ciinifio, Texas Leon Hockstein Hcnryetta PHI beta delta Ruby Irene Brown Oklahoma City ALPHA XI DELTA Betty Fay Armstrong Oklahoma City DELTA delta DELTA Brell Frank Francis Henryctta Ethel Mae Cornelsen Fairi ' iciv ALPHA PHI Harold Lester Boier Fort Toivson u N R Page 50 UNDERCLASSMEN Kay L. McMahon William Cloyd Clifton L. Oklahoma Citt Plott McCowN DELTA GAMMA Chickasha Anadarko SIGMA NU KAPPA SIGMA Ivor Gough, Jr. Trudy Goodwin Terrance S. Rice McAlcstcr Miami Kingfisher PHI DELTA THETA ALPHA XI DELTA SIGMA NU Lewis S. Johnson Bob Edward Frank M. El Reno Shipley Reynolds pi kappa alpha Oklahoma City Tulsa phi gamma delta delta epsilon Douglas Neville Jim Peters William R. Jones Pawnee Jersak Oklamoha City DELTA TAU DELTA Kingfisher SIGMA ALPHA acacia EPSILON Sidney R, Reman Frank M. Clara Gile Alge Shawnee Bristow, Jr. Wilmington. delta CHI Oklahoma City Delaware DELTA TAU DELTA GAMMA PHI BETA James Thomas Holland Charles N. McClellan Meacham Grimshaw Claremore Muskogee Shawnee SIGMA NU kappa SIGMA sigma alpha epsilon Evelyn Mary Alice Elizabeth Mary Shirley Bowlen Douglass Young Toronto, Canada Okmulgee Canadian, Texas GAMMA PHI beta kappa alpha theta delta GAMMA Ruth Ann Norma Ann Thomas Edwards McSpadden Stovall Matson Nowata Hugo Tulsa KAPPA alpha pi beta phi PHI GAMMA delta theta June Myers Kenneth Craig Bill Sutton Tulsa Oklahoma City Oklahoma City DELTA GAMMA kappa alpha DELTA TAU DELTA K m 9 n H M Page 51 L Margaret Howard Pawhuska alpha GAMMA delta Herman W. Mertes Prague DELTA TAU DELTA Kathryn Kirkpatrick Acdmore ALPHA PHI Joe F. Grant Oklahoma City KAPPA ALPHA ViviA Nail Locke Caddo CHI OMEGA Frank W. Nesbitt Miami SIGMA NU Francis LiNDSTROM Oklahoma City DELTA GAMMA Charles G. fullenwider Muskogee PHI GAMMA DELTA Kenneth Harris Ardmorc delta TAU DELTA Elmer Abraham Gearhart Kaw Sol Bunnell Taylor, Texas delta tau delta Mary Helen Spickard Okemah GAMMA PHI beta John A. McMahan Boise City Harold A. White Tulsa PHI KAPPA SIGMA Eloise Lareau Wyatt Shawnee ALPHA PHI Anna May Fellows Tulsa delta delta delta Ruth E. Ferguson Tulsa KAPPA alpha theta Floreine Dietrich Oklahoma City GAMMA PHI BETA ?i UNDERCLASSMEN Maurice C. Bover Kansas City, Missouri DELTA EPSILON Helen Marie Jennings Oklahoma City DELTA GAMMA James H. Bearly Oklahoma City SIGMA alpha EPSILON Clara Elizabeth Heins Claremore gamma phi beta Ruth Owen Norman KAPPA ALPHA THETA Idah Maxine Aberson Okemah SIGMA DELTA TAU Robert T. Mitchell Muskogee kappa alpha Alice C. Knight Wewoka ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Rosa Lee Lewis Muskogee kappa kappa gamma Pat Ann Doyle Wewoka KAPPA ALPHA THETA Dorothy Ann Perkins Midland, Texas PI BETA PHI Mabelle Miller Tulsa PI BETA PHI Arline Harriet WiET Tulsa PI BETA PHI Hardy Glenn Tulsa Peggy Lou Stein Miami kappa kappa gamma John Rowland Boyle Woodward Mary Davis McAlester kappa kappa gamma Ruth Potts Shawnee KAPPA alpha THETA Robert Berton Cushing PHI kappa psi Alge Titus Oklahoma City alpha PHI E. L. Evans Ardmore DELTA TAU DELTA Meredith V. Myatt Potcau Jack Luttrell Norman beta theta pi J. Lowell Dixon Mooretand Edna Earl King Ada PI beta phi Betty Dodd Houston, Texas delta delta delta Peggy Lamb Oklahoma City kappa alpha theta u N V Page 52 UNDERCLASSMEN Bryan W. Biles Cashing Don Gilkison Muskogee ACACIA Walter Kleinman Dallas, Texas SIGMA ALPHA MU John Palmer Leigh Pawhuska ALPHA SIGMA PHI Sam Moore Okmulgee SIGMA CHI LUCILE J. Wheeler Clinton DELTA GAMMA Byron W. Jones Oklahoma City SIGMA NU William Orville Davis Cushing SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON C. C. Cody Okmulgee SIGMA CHI Dorothy Kelly Fort Worth, Texas DELTA GAMMA Ruth Darling Oklahoma City kappa alpha theta Harriet White Oklahoma City CHI omega Wallace Riley McArthur Oklahoma City PHI kappa SIGMA Muriel Spiro Oklahoma City SIGMA delta TAU William A. Reynolds Enid PHI delta theta Maurine Marshall Oklahoma City GAMMA PHI BETA Frank Grant McClintock Tulsa PHI KAPPA PSI Frances C. Lillie Guthrie William Neal Bassett Tulsa beta theta pi Stewart W. Mark Oklahoma City SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Elmer H. Stroman Ardmore delta TAU delta Edgar Roy Oppenheim Oklahoma City SIGMA ALPHA MU Owen Leslie Hill Enid PHI KAPPA PSI William Otho Smythe Oklahoma City delta upsilon Lillian Marie Knox Enid GAMMA PHI BETA Richard W. Johnson Pawnee delta TAU DELTA Andrew Crosby, Jr. Lawton delta TAU delta K f) (! e H M Page 53 Charles E. Neill Welch ALPHA TAU omega Nadine Blackburn Stonewall alpha XI DELTA Robert Laurence Van Brocklin Pittsford. New York alpha TAU OMEGA Francile Clark Pauls Valley delta delta delta Elizabeth Ellis West Oklahoma City phi MU Lorraine Jamieson Cache Roy Gill Okmulgee kappa SIGMA George C. Summy Oklahoma City phi kappa PSl James Hamilton Tabor Checotah delta TAU delta UUI4. Alice Dru Anderson Oklahoma City CHI OMEGA George Siggins Medford ALPHA SIGMA PHI ). C. WiCKHAM, Jr. Pryor DELTA CHI Virginia Mattie Walker Mountain Park DELTA gamma James S. Stauffer Shawnee SIGMA NU Glenn Lane Bartlesville PI KAPPA alpha Jay Phillip Rousek Muskogee KAPPA alpha Maurice L. Clancy Carter DELTA TAU delta Mildred Louise Hawkins Oklahoma City UNDERCLASSMEN John W. Cason Tulsa KAPPA ALPHA E. Phiton Swank Stillwater KAPPA SIGMA Carroll Houghton Daulton Oklahoma City SIGMA CHl Raymond William Reed Wewoka DELTA UPSILON Thurman Max Conrey Wichita Falls. Texas ALPHA SIGMA PHI Penrod Harris Tulsa SIGMA NU Kerby Leo Berry Norman ALPHA SIGMA PHI OHN H. Halley Oklahoma City PHI KAPPA PSI J. Trd Hefley Stillwater Frederick Wilson Everts MoL ' ille, Iowa ALPHA TAU OMEGA Lamar McLennan Oklahoma City SIGMA NU George Lawrence Knapp Okmulgee BETA THETA pi Frank O. Hamilton Oklahoma City SIGMA NU Howard Melvin Wilson Oklahoma City SIGMA CHI Louise Sophia Niemann Ponca City PI beta phi Charles William Winifred Green Grooms Blanchard Raton. New alpha phi Me.xico phi delta theta James A. Embry Chandler DELTA UPSILON Frank H. Sisler Bristow kappa SIGMA John Elmo scrivner Oklahoma City SIGMA NU Virginia Lee Berry Oklahoma City kappa alpha THETA Raymond Drevs Lone Wolf Lewis T. Shaw-bell Konawa pi kappa phi Burton Nelson Corn Oklahoma City PI KAPPA ALPHA William Mayhew Selvidge Ardmorc SIGMA CHl Harold Eastman Van Horn Oklahoma City KAPPA SIGMA Mozelle Trout Terra Page 54 - ■ " ' • ' • ■ ' UNDERCLASSMEN Mary Welch Guthrie DELTA GAMMA Josephine Barbour Ft. Worth. Texas Mary Elizabeth Jones Seminole alpha phi Ben Mobley Ardmorc SIGMA alpha epsilon . Jack Raymond DuRLANn Oklahoma City phi gamma delta DwiCHT Davis Holdenville BETA THETA PI Mary E. Winans Duncan CHI omega Drewsilla Wilson Beams Abilene, Texas gamma phi beta Fred Bawden AURIN Ponca City phi gamma delta Finley W. holbrook Perkins KAPPA ALPHA Earl Westmoeland, Jr. Antlers kappa SIGMA Jesse Bernard Beaird Norman pi kappa alpha Eugene Cassidy Wright Enid PI KAPPA PHI Earl Foster, Jr. Oklahoma City SIGMA alpha epsilon Richard H. Cowan Muskogee DELTA UPSILON Horace K. Calvert Saginaw, Michigan BETA THETA pi Eloise Brand Moore Delta Gamma Elizabeth Stewart Norman PHI MU Roy Harris Norman SIGMA CHI Anne McGraw Newkirk delta GAMMA Elaine Davis Holdenville PI BETA PHI Edwin Ellis Fair Dick L. Gilley Kay Riggan Heavcner Norman Oklahoma City ALPHA TAU OMEGA KAPPA ALPHA THETA Nadine Webster Lance Blackburn Benham Sulphur Oklahoma City ALPHA X] DELTA beta THETA PI o r-7 O K Page 55 Horace David Chandler Oklahoma City SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Donald Krauz Goldberg 7 " u .sa SIGMA ALPHA MU Lyle Hammond Ponca City PI KAPPA PHI LuciLE Medberry Clinton delta GAMMA Alfred Benzinger Memphis, Tenn. PHI BETA delta Willis W. Smith Enid PHI GAMMA delta Maryon Wolfe Ardmorc WiLMA Irene Crowe Pawhuska Sarah Anne Fox El Reno KAPPA ALPHA THETA George Voss Stein Miami SIGMA NU John Thomas Sherrill Broken Bow PI KAPPA PHI Jack W. Myers El Reno DELTA UPSILON William Richey Miller Norman KAPPA ALPHA UNDERCLASSMEN A ' lMt4 Mary Jo Brockman Tulsa delta gamma E. Louise Hill Martow DELTA GAMMA Claire Jacobson Scranton, Penn. SIGMA DELTA TAU Joe B. Phipps Mollis John Ikger Ferguson Sioux City, Iowa BETA THETA PI JiMMiE Adams Oklahoma City delta TAU DELTA Mable Ruth Stahl Oklahoma City CHI OMEGA Eloise Virginia Bryan Oklahoma City GAMMA phi beta CHI PHI Frances Myers LuciLE Mackenzie DELTA OFFICERS President Agnes Scivley Vice-President Gladys Bellamy Secretary Treasurer Miss L OOKSEY Sponsor PS IMfaJ 4k 31 B H r i J. -4 jrHi . " wr " ' - ww ' " ' Pi " , J Front row. left to riyht: MiitKeiizie. Sibley, Walker, Cookscy. M. Davis. Eikncr. Back row, left to right: Stovall, Scwell, Bellamy, Myers, V. Davis, Siifficld. H M Page 56 sill Frofif row, left to right: Davis. Waldrop, Huff. Barbour, Fair. Brandt. Zcff. Dunn. White. Back row: Shadich. Scbing. Johnson. Collins. Leavitt. Butler. Edward. Sanford. ALPHA PI MU Alpha Pi Mu is an honorary fraternity for students who are preparing to enter the School of Medicine. It was founded on the campus in 1923. The frater- nity has been active in promoting the better standards of students entering the field of medicine and each year outstanding students are pledged on a basis of scholarship and character. Throughout the year, prominent doctors of the state give instructive speeches at the regular meetings of the society. An annual trip through the State Hospital at Oklahoma City is sponsored by the society. Each year a banquet is held at the Biltmore Hotel in Oklahoma City for pledges to the fraternity. Initiation is conducted at the Medical School for the initiates. Dr. Aute Richards, head of the department of Zoology, is the active sponsor of Alpha Pi Mu. OFFICERS Myles Johnson President Bill Waldrop Vice-President Ed Fair Secretary -Treasurer J. Anderson E. Farris J. Hybarger W. Miller H. Orth W. Reiff P. Salkeld H. Mayes L. Dickson B. McClelland J. McClelland F. Levy R. Schnoeblen C. McClure L. Goldberg G. Bednar W. Smith B, W. Aycock C. Cole B. Flood J. GiTTINGER P. Joseph H. Baze J. Amspacher Page 57 LILY POND ON THE ESTATE OF GOV. E. W. MARLAND AT PONCA CITY The School of Journalism :: - -M-ii- SrSj The Press Building houses the editorial rooms and the mechanical departments o the various publications H. H. Herbert H. H. Herbert received his B. A. from the Univer- sity of lUinois in 1912, and his M. A. at the Uni- versity of Wisconsin in 1918. He has been at Okla- homa University since 1913, has been the Direc- tor of the School of Jour- nalism since 1917. He is a member of the South- western Journalism Con- gress. Press Congress of the World, National Edi- torial Society, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Delta Chi. and Chi Beta. N I R Frances Townsexd Barttesvitic City Editor of Oklahoma Daily ss- ' ae. W. S. G. A. Council. Theta Sigma Phi, Y. W. C. A.. Staff Writer on Oklahoma Daily. ' 33- ' 3-}, Phi Beta Kappa. Donald ]. Morrison Waurika Band. ' 3I- ' 32. Sigma Delta Chi. Ad. Club. Pauline Trindle Butler Norman W. S. G. A. Executive Board. Y. W. C. A.. Cam- era Club, Society Editor of Oklahoma Daily. Editor. W. S. G. A. Freshman Handbook, President, Theta Sigma Phi. Edith Wood Oklahoma City DELTA GAMMA Covered Wagon Staff. Charles T. Eddins Oklahoma City ALPHA TAU OMEGA Jazz Hounds. Sigma Delta Chi, Ramblers. Leonard A. Sosland Longview, Texas PHI beta delta Mary Lee Verser Oklahoma City PI beta phi Activity Committee of W. S. G. A.. Advertising Club, Racquet Club. Theta Sigma Phi. Elizabeth Hogue Carnegie GAMMA PHI BETA Advertising Club, Camera Club, Y. W. C. A. Harry B. Bullen Okmulgee BETA THETA PI Advertising Manager of Ok- lahoma Daily. President of Advertising Club. SUSANNE ArNOTE Antlers Society Editor of Oklahoma Daily, Summer, ' 3-4, News Editor. ' 35. Editor. ' 36. Sig- ma Delta Chi Award. Theta Sigma Phi, Mortar Board. Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Beta Kappa. Fletcher B. Swank Norman PI KAPPA ALPHA Polly Atkinson El Reno delta GAMMA President, Delta Gamma, Secretary, Ad. Club. Daniel T. Christopher Enid Advertising Club. League of Young Democrats. Ruf Neks, Interfraternity Coun- Hoyte Allen Durant PHI KAPPA PSI Phantom Mask. Southwest Students ' Press Club. Adv. Mgr.. Oklahoma Daily. WNAD Players, Sigma Delta Chi. Eleanor Lucille Mackenzie Carter PI BETA PHI Advertising Club, Theta Sigma Phi " , Chi Delta Phi. Richard L. Disney. Jr. Oklahoma City delta TAU DELTA University Band. LInivorsity Symphony Orchestra. Min- iature Symphony. Camera Cla.s.s. Phi Mu Alpha. Kap- pa Kappa Psi. Phi Eta Sig- ma, Sigma Delta Chi. Fredericka D. Ravin Lynn, Massachusetts Y. W. C. A.. Sooner Staff. WNAD. Theta Sigma Phi, Secretary. Bob Lee Kidd Poteaa ALPHA TAU OmERA Asst Sports Editor. 1935 SOONER. Sports Editor. 1936 SOONER. Associate Editor. Co ered Wagon. Advertising Manager. Okla- homa Daily. Ruf Neks. Glee Club. Ad. Club. Sigma Del- to Chi. Elsie Hampton Elk City ALPHA CHl OMEGA Advertising Club. Y. W. C. A.. Camera Club. Bill H. Borglund Muscogee KAPPA SIGMA Mens Glee Club. ' 35. Adv. Manager. Covered Wagon. •36, Asst. Adv. Mgr. Okla- homa Daily, ' 35, Ad ertis- ing Club. President, Con- gress. ■Virgil D. Kilgore Needles, California Track, Sigma Delta Chi. Helen Focht Oklahoma City KAPPA ALPHA THETA Co ered Wagon Staff, SOONER Staff, House Council of Y. W. C. A.. Camera Club. Advertising Club. John Robert Runyan Oklahoma City Editor. Covered Wagon. Feature Editor. 1936 SOONER. Varsity Cheer Leader, ' 35. Freshman Cheer Leader. ' 31, Publication Board. ' 35, Ruf Neks, Presi- dent, Advertising Club. Harlan Harry Mendehall Mutual Thalian Club. Ad ertising Club. Playhouse, Debate Club. u N R Pago 62 UNDERCLASSMEN Marcella E. MacDonald Oklahoma City ALPHA XI DELTA John W. Kayser Chickasha SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Helen Arnold Oklahoma City ALPHA PHI John W. Byer Perkins Robert B. Buford Eufaula W. Dexter Moss Tulsa SIGMA CHI Floyd R. Hinton Henryetta SIGMA CHI Marna Ruth Riddell Roscdale Mary Gibson Oklahoma City kappa kappa gamma Fave Norton Norman Nell Montgomery Oklahoma City kappa kappa gamma Mabel Brown Blackwdl KAPPA ALPHA THETA NORRIS G. Henthorne, Jr. Tulsa DELTA UPSILON Joe Alley Norman SIGMA ALPHA C. Joe Holland Blackwell Austin Bealmear Blackwell PHI DELTA THETA Herbert Van Duncan Phebe Jane Bolix F org an Bill K. Payne Oklahoma City alpha tau omega Keith Spence Norman gamma PHI BETA Henry O. Easterwood Ardmore ACACIA Millard S. Purdy Oklahoma City SIGMA NU Rosamond Nance Purcell delta gamma Doris Edwina BiTLER Oklahoma City gamma PHI BETA R. McKinley 5f. Louis K Pago 63 lliilliiiliiillliiiilili John D. Bradley King[isht:r acacia Max Sims Lale Shawnee Martha Jay Heavner Tulsa KAPPA kappa gamma Margie Louise Hood Oklahoma City ALPHA CHI omega Jack Kidd Chamdler Norman PHI GAMMA delta Barbara Harrison Oklahoma City KAPPA ALPHA THETA John Sterrett Oklahoma City KAPPA ALPHA Maxine Wallace Holdenville PI BETA PHI Joy Flournoy Ponca City ALPHA CHI OMEGA Le[t to right: Vollmcr, Duff. Johnson. Herbert. Casey. Mark, Roberts. PUBLICATION BOARD OFFICERS H. H. Herbert J. H. Casey President Secretary MEMBERS Prof. H. H. Herbert Prof. J. H. Casey Dean D. B. R. Johnson Anna Nell Roberts Stewart Mark Dahl Duff Dean Johnson Robert Vollmer Created January 28. 1915. the Publication Board of the University of Oklahoma was formed in order to supervise the ofHcial publications of the University. At the time of its cre- ation and until 1926. the Board was com- posed of only five members and had very limited powers. At that time, the member- ship was increased to nine and wider powers conferred upon it, including selec- tion of the Editors and Business Man- agers, who had formerly been elected by the student body. The Board is now composed of one representative each from the Sooner. The Covered Wagon. The Okla- homa Dailij. Publications-at-large, and three faculty members, repre- senting the school authorities. The duties of the Board are to select the Editors of the different publications from the applicants eligible for the posts. Under the new Publication Board constitution, eligibility for all applicants is deter- mined on a merit basis, judging experience, scholarship and ability. The Business Managers of the Sooner and Covered Wagon are selected by the General Manager of Student Publications, subject to the approval of the Board of Publications, while the business affairs of The Okla- homa Daily are handled by the General Manager under whose super- vision are advertising managers. Pkofi ssuR ( sl V Page M Left to right: Slover, Brandt, Cleckler, Casey, Herbert, Hume. JOURNALISM PRESS OFFICERS H, H. Herbert President Frank Cleckler Vice-President John H, Casey Secretary MEMBERS Prof. H. H, Herbert Prof. J. H. Casey Frank Cleckler Joseph A. Brandt Robert Slover Betty Hume The Journalism Press. Incorporated, was formed June 1. 1930. by an act of the Board of Publilations. The corporation was created for the purpose of operating the mechanical department of the publications. Printing of The Oklahoma Daily. The Covered Wagon, and the Student Directory is the principal work of the organization. The members are seven in number and include representatives from the Publica- tion Board, the Men ' s Council, and W. S. Cfxil Brite G. A., and four faculty members. The directorate of the Corporation is interlock- ing with that of the Publication Board so that the latter has complete control over it. Students are employed by the group and are used in the University print shop, engaged in the printing of the publications mentioned above. The General Manager of Student Publications, Mr. Cecil H. Brite. supervises most of the administrative work of the board. Mr. Charles Tant is charged with supervising the operation of the mechanical de- partment. Professor John H. Casey assumes the duties of secretarv of both this body and the Publication Board and must be given credit for the large share of work which he naturally must undertake. CH. RLF.s Tant Page 65 1936 SOONER YEARBOOK Charles Follansbee. Editor-in-Chief EDITORIAL STAFF Kenneth Wilson Managing Editor Billy Selvidge Managing Editor James Hewgley Associate Editor Bob Lee Kidd Sports Dick Chaney Sports Assistant Ralph Keehn Organization Marion Hennessey Organizations Sam IkLLlNGS Organizations Carol Rose Corp Sororities James Roth Clay Models Sam Cobean Razz Drawings EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Hal Burnett Leonard Sosland Robert Tripett Dick Gilly Bettylu Nichols BUSINESS STAFF Julius Bankoff .... Organizations Manager Stewart Mark Circulation Manager Jack Chandler . . . Assistant Business Manager Bob Freeland . . Assistant Circulation Manager Anna Nell Roberts . . . Circulation Assistant F. M. Reynolds, Jr. . Assistant Organizations Manager Douglas Jones Business Assistant ADVERTISING Bill Harrison Mac McClintock Marjorie Hoknscheidt BUSINESS ASSISTANTS Harold Taft Dean Hart Ted Benson Ivor Cjoik;h CHARLES FOLLANSBEE. Eufaula. is the editor of the 1936 Sooner. He has worked on the book for four years, having been Associate Editor in 1934, and Business Manager in 1935. Follansbee has made an outstanding record in campus activities. He was awarded the Dad s Day cup this year, and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma (President. ' 34), Pi Sigma Alpha, Men ' s Council, Inter- fraternity Council. Pe-et, Skeleton Key. Jazz Hounds, League of Young Democrats, and Phi Kappa Psi (President, ' 35). ALLEN ENGLEMAN, Oklahoma City, has served as the Business Manager of this year ' s book. He was co-editor of the 1935 Sooner " 15 " . R. O. T. C. summer camp publication. Engleman is president of the Senior Class, and a member of Skeleton Key, Interfraternity Council, Scabbard and Blade, Band ' 32, Derby Club, Jazz Hounds, and Phi Delta Theta. He holds the rank of Captain in the R. O. T. C. Allan Em;i.i:man, Alarutger Page 66 iilMri.r Back row, left to right: McClintock, Mark. Gittinger, Jones. Hennessey, Benson. Brown. Payne. Gough, Freeland. Middle row: Billings, Wilson, Bixler, Kidd, Follansbee, Bankoff. Hewgley. Gilly, Hart, Crosby, Engleman. Front row: Kniseley, Patton. Klein. Wallace. Stovall, Roberts, Brown, Nichols, Ravin, White. THE 1936 SOONER The 1936 Sooner is the thirty-second official yearbook of the University of Oklahoma. Be- ginning in the 1909 issue and continuing every year, the Sooner has annually appeared, por- traying the campus scene as it appears. Pre- vious to this date the yearbook was called the " Mistletoe. " PURPOSE OF THE SOONER The yearbook provides a lasting record of the activities, organizations, classes and other phases of the college year, creating in the stu- dent ' s memory a recollection of his alma mater in the years to come. THE STAFF The publication and management of the book is under the supervision of the Editor and Busi- ness Manager, who select their staffs on a basis of the interest shown and the amount of work accomplished. After work in a minor staff capacity, a staff member is usually given an opportunity to qualify for a major staff appoint- ment which in turn makes for eligibility as Editor or Business Manager. THE PUBLICATION BOARD The Editor is selected each spring by the Publication Board on a merit basis which places stress on staff experience, scholarship, and tech- nical knowledge of the makeup of the book. The Publication Board also approves or rejects the nomination of the Business Manager which is made to it by the General Manager of Publi- cations. Requirements for Editor and Business Manager include seven months service in a major staff position. THE 1936 SOONER In preparing this volume of the Sooner. campus themes of past years were abandoned and an effort has been made to present to the student some of the scenic beauty spots of his native state. It has been our belief that such an idea would be appropriate, originating as it has at the state University. A great many other changes have been instituted in the various sections of the book which we believe adds both dignity and interest to it. No effort or e.xpense has been spared by members of the staff to make this 1936 Sooner a book of which you may be justly proud. Page 67 Suzanne Arnote, Editor-in-Chiel ADVERTISING MANAGERS OKLAHOMA DAILY Suzanne Arnote, editor of the Daily for the second semester of the year 1934-35, is a senior in the school of journalism. She also served as news editor for one semester and as society editor of the 1934 summer Daily. Her activities include Alpha Lambda Delta. Theta Sigma Phi. Mortar Board honor class and Phi Beta Kappa. During her sophomore year she won the Sigma Delta Chi reporting award. She is one of the few girls ever to be chosen. EDITORIAL STAFF Suzanne Arnote Editor Bob Vollmer Managing Editor Ruth Robinson News Editor Frances Townsend City Editor J. R. McKiNLEY Sports Editor Fred Groves .... Assistant Sports Editor Lucille MacKenzie Society Editor Conrad Manley and Charles Adams . Staff Writers BUSINESS STAFF HOYTE Allen Advertising Harry Bullen Advertising Bob Lee Kidd Advertising Helen Simms Advertising Helen M. Sims, Fairfax, Mo., is one of the advertising managers. She was a member of the Daily Advertising staff in 1934-35, and is a member of Theta Sigma Phi and the Ad Club.- BoB Lee Kidd, Poteau. is another of the advertising managers. He has had extensive experience on the various publications. Among his activities are Sigma Delta Chi. Ruf Neks, and Alpha Tau Omega, Harry B. Bullen, Okmulgee, is one of the advertising managers. He attended the Uni- versity of Missouri school of journalism for one year. Among his activities this year are presi- dent of Ad Club, Sooner Staff, and Beta Theta Pi, HoYTE Allen, Durant, an advertising man- ager, worked last year as an assistant on the advertising staff. His activities include, Sigma Delta Chi, president of Phantom Mask, presi- dent of Southwestern Students ' Press Club, and Phi Kappa Psi. Page 68 Front row, left to right: Townsend, Arnote. Robinson. Back row: Vollmer, McKinley, Duff. THE OKLAHOMA DAILY The Oklahoma Daily is a student newspaper published as laboratory work by students in the school of journalism. The editor is selected on a merit basis by the publication board, and staff members are named by the editor. Busi- ness staff members are under the direction of the general manager of publications. Campus and downtown news are covered by journalism reporting classes and the Associated Press wire service received affords coverage of state and national happenings. The paper is published daily on Mondays and holidays thru- out the school year. It is a morning publication. In the summer the Daily is issued in tabloid form. STUDENTS GET ACTUAL EXPERIENCE Thru this publication students are given an opportunity to have actual newspaper experi- ence. The Daily is supported financially thru subscriptions and advertising from local and national business concerns. Under the business staff, advertising is solicited by students in ad- vertising classes. Any profits which are made are used in maintaining and keeping up to date the equipment in the mechanical department. Editorials for the Daily are written by stu- dents in the school, and contributions from faculty members and students are often printed. DAILY RANKED HIGH Among student newspapers in the United States, the university publication is given a high ranking. Many former students and graduates who have worked on the Daily are now holding im- portant positions on metropolitan papers and many now own their own publications. H. H. Herbert, director of the school, and other journalism faculty members assist students in their work. Thru the Daily, alumni subscribers and cam- pus readers are given an opportunity to keep up with university happenings. Page 69 ]iiii Riix-iAN. Edtlor-m-Chicl COVERED WAGON JOHN RUNYAN, Oklahoma City, has served as editor of the new Covered Wagon during the past year. Much of the success of the publication has been due to his efforts. Runyan is a student in the school of jour- nalism and has achieved prominence in campus activities. He is the new president of Ruf Neks, was Varsity cheer leader in 1934. and was a member of the Publication Board. Sooner Staff ' 35. Oklahoma Daily staff, sum- mer ' 35, Advertising Club. Junior-Senior Prom Committee, and the Editorial Staff of the Col- lege Humor. His fraternity is Alpha Sigma Phi. ROBERT COX. Ada, has filled the position of Advertising Manager of the Cocerecf Wagon this year. It is to his credit that the magazine has been able to maintain its ranking with other college publications of similar nature, and still show a profit for the year ' s operations to date. Cox was the editor of " The Bronco for 1934 " , yearbook publication of the New Mexico Military Institute at Roswell. His fraternity is Phi Kappa Psi. THE STAFF John Runyan Editor Bob Co.x .... . Advertising Manager MANAGING EDITOR Sam Cobean ASSOCIATE EDITORS Bob_Lee Kidd Wayne Allen Jane Ellen Reeves Bob Nelson Helen Focht Malvina Stephenson Dick Chaney Ed Ashton ART STAFF Brooks Gotcher CIRCULATION MANAGER Carl Smith, Jr. EXCHANGE EDITOR Dick Johnson EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Marjorie Hoenschidt Bob Mabel Brown Fred Coombs Mildred Stearley Virginia Berry ADVERTISING ASSISTANT Bill Borglund SECRETARIES Polly Atkinson Edith Wood PUBLICATION BOARD REPRESENTATIVE Anna Nell Roberts TECHNICAL STAFF Don Morrison Louis Cozby Alpha M. Hampton Robert Cox. Advertising Manager Pago 70 Top row, left to right: Runyan, Stearly, Focht, Yates, Wood, Atkinson, Roberts. Middle row: Brown, Cox, Nelson, Spradling, Gotcher, Johnson. Bottom roiv: Kessler. Allen, Kidd, Combs. Successor to Whirlwind The Covered Wagon is the official humor magazine of the University. Last spring, the old Whirlwind was abolished by the Publi- cation Board and a contest was sponsored to secure a new name for the publication. Dur- ing the summer, The Covered Wagon ■was chosen as the name, and the Editor and Ad- vertising Manager selected. STAFF MEMBERS SELECTED Staff members of the publication are selected by the Editor on a competitive basis. Those students who are desirous of being on the staff are given tryouts and if their work shows promise, they are given minor staff positions with the opportunity of being placed on the major staff at the end of the year. In this manner, they may qualify for the two highest positions of Editor and Advertising Manager. SPONSORS CONTEST This year. The Covered Wagon sponsored a circulation drive, awarding thirty free trips to Lincoln, Neb. for the Oklahoma-Nebraska football game as prizes. The trip was a pro- nounced success and plans are being made to make this an annual feature with an attrac- tive trip to some outstanding out-of-town game as an award for subscription sales. STAFF MEMBERS DESERVE CREDIT To the members of the staff of the maga- zine, all possible credit should be given for it was by their hard work that the magazine was able to reach the streets. Managing Editor, Sam Cobean, deserves special mention for his outstanding covers and cartooning. Associate Editors, Bob Nelson and Wayne Allen, whose copy added much to the humor of the magazine and Jane Ellen Reeves, Mabel Brown, and Helen Focht, who kept the campus informed on style trends for ed and co-ed, are among those whose work should receive credit. Cartoonist Ed Ashton. Columnists Fred Coombs and Bob Spradling. Publication Board Representative Anna Nell Roberts, and the duo of Marjorie Hoenschidt and Bob Lee Kidd, all added to the worth of the magazine. Page 71 n Frank Cleckler, Secretary THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The University of Oklahoma had five gradu- ates when the Alumni Association was or- ganized June 9, 1899 and four of them were members and all held offices. They were Lawrence Wooster Cole. 99. president: Carle- ton Ross Hume, ' 98, secretary; Roscoe Shively Helvie, ' 99, treasurer; and Jesse L. Hefly. ' 99. treasurer. That was the beginning of the Alumni Asso- ciation which is officially known as the Uni- versity of Oklahoma association. Today, thirty-seven years later there are fifteen thousand graduates scattered through- out every country in the world and some thirty-six thousand former students who at- tended the University but did not complete work toward degrees. The preamble to the 1899 constitution still summarizes the purposes of the association: " We the alumni of the University of Okla- homa, desiring to promote, through union, the interests of our Alma Mater, to create and perpetuate good fellowship among ourselves, and to renew our past pleasant relations do hereby ordain and establish this following constitution. " From this date forward the asso- ciation has grown steadily in both size and efficiency. THE SOONER MAGAZINE The Sooner Magazine is the official organ of the alumni association and is published each month by the alumni office. It keeps the alumni informed regarding campus happenings and the achievements of those who were in school with them. It boasts of a subscription list which includes all states of the union, and many foreign countries. News of all Oklahoma ' s thirty-nine graduat- ing classes is poured into The Sooner Maga- zine each month. News from the campus is sent out to those whose homes are far away. News of those far away is brought in to those who live within the shadows of Soonerland. Official announcements of the Alumni asso- ciation and of the University are made in the monthly publication. The magazine is planned for the enjoyment of the fourteen thousand graduates and thirty-five thousand former stu- dents of the University of Oklahoma. Graduates of the 1936 class will receive copies of The Sooner Magazine during the next year. They are invited, even urged, to send in news items that will be of interest to class- mates and faculty members. liKME Hii-I., Editor Pago 72 Front row, left to right: Riddell, Miss Ray, Long. Ravin. Simms. Heavner. Second row: Wright. MacKenzie, Verser, Schuman. Hicks, Anderson. Spaulding. Back row: Turner, Arnote. Townscnd. Hogue, Wood, Stevenson, Kimbrough. THETA SIGMA PHI OFFICERS Lucille MacKenzie Suzanne Arnote . President Vice-President Miss Grace Ray . Freda Ravin Hariet Hicks Secretary Treasurer Sponsor Front row, left to right: Hardwick, Kilgore, Duff, Disney. Wilson. Sosland. Back row: A. C. Smith. Adams. McKinley, Allen. Morrison. Groves. McKinney. SIGMA DELTA CHI OFFICERS Dahl Duff President ]. R. McKinley Leonard Sosland Secretary Vice-President Page 73 On thlsk premisfs UNION MISSION THE FIRST MISSION IN OKLAHOMA WAS FOL ' NDED fN 1820 BY Rhv Lpaphras Chapman t. - THE FIRST PRESS , WAS ESTABLISHED AND THE TIRSr , BOOK PRINTED IN 1835 ' B RLVi SvvMtjEL Austin Vorcester ' " ERECTED BV-- OKI AHUMA LIBRARY ASSOCIATION 1M35 The School of Pharmacy mf- ' r .■■mji:. .v -.-. r i , t " ' } ' -i ■ j l ' -:miid iiil ' J S W- M. ' flTli ' •i ;. ?r: ' ' Ji The Pharmacy Building was formerly the home of the School of Medicine, which school is now located in Oklahoma City f ' t 1! I David B. R. Johnson Dean Johnson is a grad- uate of Pharmacy, Valpa- raiso University, Master of Arts, University of Oklahoma, ' 18; Dean of the School of Pharmacy since 1919; member of the National Academy of Sci- ence, Rho Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, National Formu- lary Committee, and past President of the American Pharmaceutical Associa- tion. •Hi te Bob a. Green Clinton KAPPA SIGMA O. U. Ph. A., Phi Delta Chi. Glenn McBride Stinson Norman Phi Delta Chi, Sec.-Treas. Men ' s Council. President Rho Chi, President Galen, Toga, Rho Chi Plaque Win- ner, 1935. Verna Fay Busby Hugo CHI OMEGA President Lambda Kappa Sigma, Galen Secretary, O. U. Ph, A. Jess B. Crew Muskogee Kappa Psi. Bob L. Butler Muskogee Track, Cross-country, Kap- pa Psi. Bii.lie Alene Williams El Reno Galen, Lambda Kappa Sig- Edwin Bahway Knolliioff Okmulgee Band, Kappa Psi, Kappa Kappa N I R B. E. Massev Camanche PI kappa alpha O. U. Ph. A. James P. Evatt Wai ne O. U. Ph, A., Phi Delta Chi. Jerry Gwin Ada PHI DELTA THETA Phi Delta Chi, Rho Chi. Albert C. Wehrenberg Dover ACACIA Toga, Rho Chi, President and Plaque Award, Kappa Psi, O. U. Ph. A. Don Richards Shawnee KAPPA SIGMA O. LI. Ph. A„ Ruf Neks, Alice Helen Grinnell Boise City Mary Elizabeth Sticler San Juan. Texas ALPHA XI delta Secretary Alpha Xi Delta, Secretary Lambda Kappa Sigma, Galen, O. LI. Ph. A, R Carol L. Dunn Weatherlord O. U. Ph. A., Phi Delta Chi. R. C. Walker Tonkawa PHI DELTA THETA Phi Delta Chi. FR. NK W. Ozment, Jr. Talihina SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Scabbard and Blade, Bom- bardiers, Phi Delta Chi, Galen, O. U. Ph. A. J. Pat Henry Ringling PHI delta THETA Ruf Neks, O. U. Ph. A., SOONER Staff, President of Phi Delta Chi, Galen. John C. Wright Chandler DELTA CHI Intcrfratcrnity Council, Jazz Hounds, Phi Delta Chi. William Carroll Stephenson Chci enne Phi Delta Chi, O. LI. Ph. A. William Arnold C. tes Atoka President, O. LI. Ph. A. Page 78 jiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiii] UNDERCLASSMEN David Connell Raton, New Mexico PHI DELTA THETA Bernell Gilbert Laivton SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Phi Delta Chi. Raymond Joseph Rice Sapulpa Phi Delta Chi, O. U. Ph. A. J. Warren Chalfant Cheyenne Katherine Searle Red Rock delta delta delta G. Clyde Keltner Oklahoma Citt; O. U. Ph. A. Robert George Gates Atoka Mary Elizabeth Rutherford Sapulpa CHI omega b ift Front roif, left to right: Williams, Busby, Searle, Jones. Back row: Wehrenberg, Griffith, Neill, Stigler. K H M A i Arthur Spancler Pauls Valley Thalian Club. Robert Liddell Forgan Shawnee James Oliver Olson Ada Glenn Hopkins ycu ' cd Phi Delta Chi, Alpha Phi Sigma, O. U. Ph. A., Galen. LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS Verna Fay Busby President Katherine Searle Vice-President Mapy Elizabeth Stigler Secretary- Treasurer Page 79 Front ro w, left to right: Gwin, Ozment. Stinson. Williams, Walker, Busby, Massey. Dunn. Rice. Second row: Davis. Searle, Richards. Cockerill, E. Jones, Park, Hull. Third row: Goff. Clarkson, Evatt. Gilbert, Walton. Fourth row: Ellison. Craighead, Phipps, Deskins, H. Jones. Harned. Dean Johnson. R. Gates. Fifth row: Smith, Green. Ollie. Oleson. Parrish, W. Gates. Stephenson, Knollhoff. Sixth roiv: Huff, Glark. Waits, Pierson, Thomas, Joseph, Ghalfant. Tidemore. Seventh row: Bullard. Hopkins, Mouser, Pacey, Forbes, Trinkle. Ambrister, Grinnell. Griffith, Dixon. Eighth row: Green, Wright, Fogen, Kreul, Dreesen, Kraker, Harbour, Dill, Ermy, L. Jones. Bailey, Shaw, Stigler. Back row: Beegle, Dilleshaw, Guthrie, Heacock, McEvoy, Henry, Schuhmacker, Snodgrass, L. Brasel, O ' Quinn, Sprowles. Spangler, Bienfang, Wehrenberg, Dinkier, Bernard, Reed, Butler, Utter, Keltner. OKLAHOMA UNIVERSITY PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS William Gates President Frank Ozment Vice-President Katherine Searle Secretary J. Pat Henry . . . Chairman of Program Committee MEMBERS Chiyoka Adachi Carl Dunn Clifford Earle Joseph Mary Elizabeth Stigler Jerone Ambrister Elmo Ellison A. L. Kelley Glenn Stinson Otis Armstrong E. Kendall Ermey G. Clyde Keltner Denton Thomas Sam N. Bailey James P. Evatt Edwin Knollhoff Jess Tidmore Ray Baker Lawrence Forbis S. N. Andy Kraker Howard Trinkle Burney Brasel Robert Forgan Tom McEvoy Gordon Utter Leslie Brasel Bernell Gilbert Gene M. McGill Verne Van Horn Bob Butler Bobbie Kruel Jimmie Olson R. C. Walker Bob Gates Ray Shaw Grady Ollie Dunreath W. Walton William Gates Ralph Goff Troy O ' Quinn Holda Ann Wehrenberg J. Warren Ghalfant Norman F. Green Frank Ozment, Jr. Williams Homer T. Clarkson Newton Guthrie Wm. A. Pacey Jim Davis Warren R. Craighead Jerry B. Gwin Tharon Park Glen Hopkins Jesse B. Crew Alice Grinnell Stuart Parrish Loy Jones John Deskins Don Harbour W. Dale Pearson Warren Bernard Clinton P. Dill David S. Harned Joe Phipps Joe Coughlin Louis Dilleshaw Tom Heacock Raymond Rice James C. Reed Susann Dinkler J. Pat Henry Don Richards Gordon Mouser Dr. Harris Gray B. Hull Howard Schuhmacher David Connell ]. B. Dixon Herman Jones Katherine Searle Arthur Spangler Marvin Dreessen Dr. Bienfang Milo Page Smith J. K. Sprowles Mr. Beegle Caholl Stephenson Page 80 5 K0 Front roir, c f To riylit: Dixon. Dunn. Walker. Ozmcnt. Stephenson. Harris. Second roil ' : Gwin. Clarkson, Stinson, Dill. Evatt. Back row: Wright, Hull. Hopkins. Gilbert. McGill. Henry. PHI DELTA CHI OFFICERS J. Pat Henry President James P. Evatt . Carl Dunn Secretary Dr. Harris .... Treasurer Adviser .P lT Herman Jones Jess Crew Front roir, left to right: Pacey. Crew. Clark. H. ]ones. Second row: Dean Johnson. Utter. Park. Butler. Biegle Back row: Knollhoff. Brasel. KAPPA PSI OFFICERS President Tharon Park Vice-President Ralph Enix . Secretary Treasurer Page 81 Front row, left to riglit: Gwin, Gates. Jones, Ozment, Seaile, Second row: Busby, Pacey, Williams, Jones, Stinson. Third row: Hopkins, Trinkle, Griffith, Stigler. Back row: Henry, Utter. GALEN OFFICERS Glenn Stinson President Herman Jones Vice-President BiLLiE Williams Secretary Dr. Bienfang Treasurer MEMBERS Glenn Stinson J. Pat Henry Mary Elizabeth Stigler Herman Jones Gordon Utter William Gates BiLLiE Williams Frank Ozment Alice Grinnell Dr. Bienfang Ambrose Pacey Emmette Jones Verna Fay Busby Howard Trinkle Ed Clark Miss Iva Griffith Glenn Hopkins Katherine Searle Dr. Harris Jerry Gwin Burney Brasel Galen is a leadership society composed of juniors and seniors in the School of Pharmacy. The society has for its purpose co-operation with the faculty, lending a hand to fellow students, and supporting undertakings which promote the interests and uphold the standards of the pro- fession of pharmacy. Galen does much to encourage individuality and constructive thinking among its members and by so doing lends an incentive to underclassmen to aspire to member- ship in it. To qualify for membership a student must display outstanding leadership and must take part in the various activities of the School of Pharmacy. Also he must attain an unconditional " C " average with no failures. The new members are elected each year during the month of March by the old members of the society. Two members are selected from each professional organization, two from inde- pendent men and two from independent women, pro ' iding these groups have members who can qualify. Page 82 Front roK ' , left to right: Bicnfang, Dean Johnson, Neill, GritRth. Poach, Harris. Back row: Barklcy, Stinson, Duncan, Krob, Gwin. RHO CHI OFFICERS Glenn Stinson President Dr. Alma J. Neill Vice-President Miss Iva Griffith Secretary -Treasurer MEMBERS Dr. Harris Leslie Krob Albert Wehrenberg Dr. Bienfang E. E. Duncan Glenn Stinson Dean Johnson Tom Roach, Jr. Dr. Alma J. Neill Jerry Gwin Miss Iva Griffith Gamma chapter of Rho Chi, a national honorary pharmaceutical society, was established at the University of Oklahoma in 1922. Since that date it has come to be recognized as one of the campus ' most distinguished organizations. Charters for chapters of this society are granted only to groups in colleges that are members of the American Association of Colleges of Phar- macy. The Oklahoma University College of Pharmacy is a member of the association. Eligibility for membership in Rho Chi is based on high attainment in scholarship, character, personality, and leadership. It is in some ways equivalent in its standards to Phi Beta Kappa in the Arts and Science College, All candidates selected must have completed seventy-five credit hours of college work and they must be approved by the Dean of the School of Pharmacy. Page 83 Dean MiLLiGAN Patterson Casey Hunt OKLAHOMA STATE BOARD OF PHARMACY OFFICERS W. D. Patterson President T. J. Dean Vice-President Edward Milligan Secretary Thomas Casey Treasurer Mayble Hunt Assistant Secretary MEMBERS W. D. Patterson .... El Reno Edward Milligan . . Oklahoma City Al Puryear Pawhuska Thomas Casey .... Tishomingo T. J. Dean Okmulgee Mayble Hunt . . . Oklahoma City The Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy demands the highest standard of Pharmacy in the state, and sees that all Pharmacy laws of Oklahoma are rigidly enforced. The Board feels that the future for Pharmacy in Oklahoma is very bright and young men and women of high standards are encouraged to enroll in the School of Pharmacy and make this profession their life ' s work. No one can legally practice Pharmacy in Oklahoma unless he is registered by this Board. The group meets regularly, at stated periods, to examine candidates who desire to obtain license to practice in this state. The successful applicant must show evidence of graduation from a " recognized " or approved school of Pharmacy, as well as evidence of experience in a drug store. The Board is a friend of the School and co-operates with it in every way possible. Page 84 College of Fine Arts T his sunrise view o[ the Fine Arts Building was made by Floyd Gates, Tulsa photographer 3n iMemaviam Fredrik Holmberg Dean Fredrik Holmberg. who died on January 1, 1936, was born in Sweden in 1872 and came to the University in 1903. He be- came Dean in 1924. It is improbable that any person will ever occupy such a unique place in the de- velopment of the fine arts as Dean Holmberg did in Okla- homa. What Oklahoma is today, musically, and what- ever its future successes may be, those successes must always be the result of Fredrik Holmberg ' s pioneer efforts from the school s first uncertain status to its present position. He was loved and honored by his students, his faculty, and by his friends. N I R Lee Todd Nixon Jet Playhouse. WNAD Players, University Players. Robert Monroe Lawton SIG.MA ALPHA EPSILON El Modjii. Marcelo Lisher Tulsa Quartet. Glee Club. Secre- tary of Phi Mu Alpha. Eloise Gray Guthrie Choral Club, SOONER Staff, Secretary of El Mod- jii. Maxyne E. Alexander Norman ALPHA gamma delta Y. W. C. A. Gayle Eleanor Turner Shawnee KAPPA ALPHA THETA El Modjii. N. Ruth Bishop Oklahoma City Ollie Valletta Butler Fairview mC 5 Peter Ray Marroney Norman Buffalo Mask. University Players. Opera StafT. W. HlLLYER FrEELAND Norman SIGMA CHI Glee Club. Phi Mu Alpha. Wynn York Clarcmorc University Orchestra. Band. WNAD Symphony. Phi Mu Alpha. Avon Lee Blakely Lexington Choral Club. Mu Phi Epsi- lon. Janey Lou Johnson El Reno PI BETA PHI Orchesis. Phantom Mask. Bartlett Agnew Ward U eaf icr orrf PHI GAMMA DELTA AUELE ReEBURGH Oklahoma Citi; University Symphony. WNAD Orchestra. Sig- ma Alpha Iota. Paul Bahnett Wichita Palh. Texas Playhouse. WNAD An- nouncer, Delta Sigma Rho, Buffalo Mask. Julius Struppeck Baton Rouge, Louisiana El Modjii. Elizabeth Smith Wewoka PI BETA PHI Choral Club, Sigma Alpha Iota. Viola Elizabeth Young Oklahoma City Glee Club. University Girls ' Quartet. Secretary of Sigma Alpha Iota. Glenda Mae Hodge Cherokee PI beta phi Playhouse, Y. W. C. A. Latane Balzer Lamont alpha CHI omega Thalian, Y. W. C. A. Mary Nelle Shults Weathcrford CHI OMEGA Floriene J. Barnell Idabel Choral Club. Oratorios, " Hara Novissima, " " Requi- em " . Chorus of Opera " Car- men " , Pi Zeta Kappa. Hazel D. Bennett (.7ioiofci i Dramatics. u N V R Page 88 N I Mildred Stearley Oklahoma City CHI OMEGA Y. W. C. A.. Covered Wag- on Staff. Orchesis, Honor- ary Colonel, R. O. T. C. Archie Graham Tahlcqiiah DELTA CHI University Band, Univer- sity Symphony, WNAD Orchestra. WNAD An- nouncer, Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Mil Alpha. Jeanne Cargile Oklahoma City Sigma Alpha Iota. Margaret Ross Thompson Oklahoma City PI BETA PHI Chloe Jeannette Gardner Marietta ALPHA PHI Y. W. C. A.. Choral Club. Polo and Riding Association. Dorothy Gayle Rob Norman ALPHA CHI omega Mu Phi Epsilon. Neva Carolyn Hodges Iowa Park, Texas delta delta delta Panhellenic. President of Delta Delta Delta, El Mod- iii, Y. W. C. A. Mary Ida Day Supply delta gamma El Modjii, Y. W. C. A. UNDERCLASSMEN David Wood Gish Frederick Glee Club. Band, Librarian, Secretary-Treas.. of Glee Club. Sooner Quartet. Vice- Pres. of Band ' 36. Soloist with Glee Club and Band. Kappa Kappa Psi. Marietta Johnson Norman alpha CHI omega Indian Club. Y. W. C. A. Harlanfred Burch Pueblo, Colorado BETA THETA pi El Modjii. Bombardiers. Charlotte Anne Davis Oklahoma City kappa alpha THETA El Modjii. Ruth Louise Clark Tulsa pi beta phi Pres. of Pi Beta Phi. Pres. of Panhellenic. W. S. G. A. Executive Council. Y . W. C. A. John Chenoweth Woodward KAPPA SIGMA University Band. K R H Page 89 Mary Martineau Oklahoma City gamma phi beta Orchesis. Muriel Forsyth Oklahoma City alpha CHI omega El Modjii. Hestia, Sigma Alpha Iota. RowENA Rae Kimble Tuttle ALPHA CHI OMEGA Y. W. C. A.. Hestia. Lee Hudson Oklahoma City Mary Ann Watters Norman gamma PHI beta Y. W. C. A. Archery Club. Choral Club, " Carmen " . MoRENE Warren Lone Wolf alpha CHI OMEGA Y. W. C. A.. El Modjii. Marie Battey Cordell CHI OMEGA Choral Club, Sigma Alpha Iota. Genevieve Pearl Stout Norman Choral Club, Sigma Alpha Iota. Sara Marie Batten Oklahoma City gamma PHI beta Orchesis, El Modjii. Maurine Barrett Card McAllcn. Texas Betty Canfield Bullis Oklahoma City kappa kappa gamma Lena Beth Hanshaw Weatherford delta delta delta Valeria Pinney Braman Emma Beth Ambrister Norman alpha XI DELTA Rhetta Elizabeth Patton Okmulgee gamma phi beta Anna Nell Roberts Duncan chi omega Edward Elbi;rt Ashton Oklahoma City Mary Frances Floyd Haskell CHI OMEGA M ' i •3 UNDERCLASSMEN U N V Grace Marie Pitchford Oklahoma City gamma phi beta Annie Youngblood Oklahoma City delta delta delta Dorothy E. Chesnut Oklahoma City delta gamma Elizabeth Henderson Norman ALPHA gamma delta Mary Jane Arnold Nowata CHI omega Margaret Jane Swift Clarcmorc gamma phi beta LlUILLl: F ' l.AlNE HlNSHAW Butler ALPHA XI DELTA Beatrice Hathorn Wichita Falls. Texas DELTA DELTA DELTA Alice May Dildine Pawhuska ALPHA gamma delta Frank Hughes Norman DELTA TAU DELTA IsABELLE Arnold Tulsa DELTA GAMMA Grady H. Hodges Frederick Lois Bates Oklahoma City alpha XI delta Mary Elizabeth McHerhon Oklahoma City T Y Page 90 UNDERCLASSMEN Elenore Aderhold El Reno KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Marv Adeline Wilson Shawnee KAPPA ALPHA THETA Joe Jackson Summers Woodward Marion Kruvetz Tutsa Elinor Gwen Gilmore Wagoner Caroline McEldowney Oklahoma City PI beta phi Jo Wade Thornton Oklahoma Citi DELTA GAMMA Julia Boardman Oklahoma City kappa alpha THETA Dorothy E. Snider Seminole KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Nelmarie Amelia Anderson Sand Springs delta gamma Elnora Davis Seminole ALPHA PHI Georgiana Strunk Kingfisher Jean Marie Delaney Ada PI beta phi Elizabeth Anne Patton Oklahoma City ALPHA CHI OMEGA Mary Louise Carter Pawhuska KAPPA ALPHA THETA Kathryn Dee Smith Norman ALPHA CHI OMEGA Barbara Ann Dorr Grandfalls, Texas CHI OMEGA Jane Willour McAlester KAPPA ALPHA THETA Hannah Vivian Steinberg Houston, Texas SIGMA delta TAU Daisy Chapman Fulton San Antonio Ruth Verne Davis Seminole ALPHA PHI Gene Elizabeth Channell Binger alpha chi omega Willabel Burkk Martin El Reno ALPHA CHI omega Joe Nell Watters Norman GAMMA PHI BETA Maxine McAdams Tishomingo Peggy Williams Peggy Miller Port Arthur, Texas Oklahoma City CHI OMEGA ALPHA XI DELTA K ViKi.iMA Little Madill CHI OMEGA Elaine Buck Shawnee KAPPA ALPHA THETA AvERiLLE Jane Brown Cordell Phoebe Jane Chenault Wichita Falls, Texas PI BETA phi Alice Shumard Sapulpa alpha phi Nina Beth Johnston Oklahoma City ALPHA PHI Nance Blake Head Ardmore PI BETA PHI Eloise E. McCown Anadarko ALPHA CHI OMEGA Ruby Jane Douglass Oklahoma City KAPPA ALPHA THETA A Naomi Evelyn- Powell Temple Betty Sue Cole Wilson LuciNDA Mae FURREY Oklahoma City GAMMA PHI BETA Vanessa Jean Garnett Elk City Anna Jo Card Medfocd gamma phi beta Glee Club Cecils Evelyn BOMASH Denver, Colorado SIGMA delta TAU Wanda Ann HOGUE Carnegie GAMMA PHI BETA Y. W. C.A, Nadene Bowles Tyler, Texas DELTA delta DELTA El Modjii Latane Balzer Lamont alpha CHI OMEGA UNDERCLASSMEN £- ' P Norman Meriwether Hinton Orchestra. Radio Broadcasting W. Andrus Morgan Erick Band Billye Beth Robinson Gould Elizabeth Dobey Clements Norman Helen Boggs Oklahoma City gamma PHI BETA Y. W. C. A., Ac- tivities Committee of W. S. G. A. Selwyn M. Jones Oklahoma City KAPPA SIGMA Barbara Louise Stuart Okmulgee KAPPA ALPHA THETA Orchcsis Betty Janf. Galt Ardmore PI beta phi French Club. Eng- lish Club. Y. W. C.A. Bahhaka June Cami ' hi;i.i. Tul.-a IM lii;iA PHI Everett W. Rex Morris Norman University Playhouse Jean Gragg Norman Floyd Albert SooY Mangum PHI KAPPA PSI Phi Eta Sigma Lucile Kenney Oklahoma City Sarah Elizabeth Phillips Norman PI BETA PHI Naydene Bowles Tyler. Texas Anna Louise Meffert Hugo ALPHA CHI omega Choral Club. Girl ' s Quartet Georgia Johnston Durant Paschal Morris Tulsa DELTA gamma Wynonna Irene northcutt Wayne Ruth Jane Gibson Oklahoma City gamma PHI beta Florence Novit Vernon, Texas SIGMA DELTA TAU H. Virginia Martin Vinita Margaret Anita Ray Dc Queen, Arkansas PI beta phi Billy Day Pau ' huska delta delta DELTA Martha Ruth Jarrell Durant CHI omega K H M Pago 92 Top row, left to right: LaReau, Hefley, Kidd. Rogers. Allen. Epperson. Hodges, rnee, Richards. Lisher. Second row: Ferguson, Leonhard, Ames, Foster, Brown, Cittinger, Simp.son. Quigg. Hopkins. Aycock, C. Selman. Bottom row: Bingham, Hamilton. Sebring, Himes, Potter, Stout, Dixon, Gish, Koethe, Bradley, Elliott, Puckett. MEN ' S GLEE CLUB OFFICERS Bruce Stout President Sam Lane Vice-President David Gish Sccretanj -Treasurer 1935-1936 MEN ' S QUARTET David Gish G. Puckett M. Bradley Bruce Stout Page 93 Front row. left to right: H. Johnson, Scott, D. Quign, Sal ' -c ' d, Ward. Howard, Parham. Lewis, Gittinger. Second row: Asher, Comfor;, TillinghaGt, Westgatc, Thomas. Quigg. Hedges. Dobyns. V. Johnson, Hessler, Saxer. Third row: Garrison. Hott, Medlock, Gish. Weach. Van Dolsen, Mitchell, Davis, Allen, Morgan, Shirley, Simpson, Wehr nd. Back row: Knollhoff, Tippit, Card, Grimes, Walker. KAPPA KAPPA PSI Earlf. E. Garri:on Charles Westgate OFFICERS President Harold Hedges Secretary Vice-President Gene Thomas Harold Ba ker MEMBERS Treasurer Editor B. Allen W. Allen H. Baker J. Byer B. Card B. Cole J. Leake J. Summers Carl Busch H. QuiGG M. Saxer N. Shirley B, Simpson G. Thomas J. Tippit J. A. Walker J. Walker G. Weach C. Westgate O. Anderson W. Ward H. Comfort A. Graham H. Scott H. Davis C. Grimes E, Knollhoff R. Davis N. Hassler G. Long E. Garrison H. Hedges L. McAlister D. Dobyns R. Hocker B. Mitchell D. Gish B. Howard E. Parham H. Johnson D. Quigg PLEDGES H. Van Dolsen T. Lewis R. Medlock P. Salkeld V. W. Johnson J. Tillinghast a. Hott J. W. Gittinger R. Brown D. Douglas J. Asher J. Morgan HONORARY MEMBERS Edwin Franko Goldman Captain W. J. Stannard Fred Pike Kappa Kappa Psi, national honorary fraternity for college bandsmen, was founded at Oklahoma A. M. College, November 27, 1919, by a group of students of that school. Delta chapter was established on the University of Oklahoma campus in 1919, Since that time the fraternity has expanded until at the present time the national organization embraces more than 25 active chapters throughout the country. Scott P, Squyers, founder of the University chapter and former national president of the organization, is largely responsible for this rapid expansion. The fraternity was founded for the primary purpose of encouraging good fellowship, leadership, scholarship and musical ability among college band members. Among the prominent honorary members are: John Philip Sousa: Oscar J. Lchrer. former Director University of Oklahoma Band and Orchestra; Gustav Bruder. Ohio State University Band; Bohumil Makovsky. Dean of Music and Director of Oklahoma A. M. College Band; and Herbert Clark. Director Long Beach, California, Concert Band. Page 94 UNIVERSITY BAND William R. Wehrend Director James Asher Business Manager Hugh Comfort Librarian James Walker President David Gish Vice-President MEMBERS J. O. Asher Harold Baker Emanuel Bolene Mac Brice John Byer Jack Collier Bob Card Mike Caruso John Chenoweth Hugh Comfort Marion Cronkhite Jack Crouch Bill Cole David Connell Hughes Davis Rector Davis Donald Dobyns Dick Disney R. L. Drum Ralph Erwin Lecil Edwards Nathanial Ford Harold Frantzen Harold Fieldon Earle Garrison Don Gilkison David Gish Charles Grimes Albert Geiger Norman Hassler Eugene Hopkins Hubert Hotchkiss Edgar Hallock Earl Holden Norman Hubbard Wesley Kitchens Edwin Knoll hoff Bill Lassiter Paul Little Richard Medlock Harry Morris Craig Moon Stanley Milner Ben Allen Vic Johnson J. W. Newman Jack Nuckolls Otto Norman Keith Odenweller Dick Oliver Eric Parham Harold Quigg George Richardson Lee Rollman Horace Ray Meredith Saxer Howard Schuhmacher Harral Scott Dale Smith Hubert Smrcka Hardy Suggs Jackson Summers Harold Van Dolsen James Walker George Weach • Charles Westgate David Westgate Claude Whittle Wynn York John Upham HiAWATHIA ESTES Donald Quigg NicoLO Austin Gene Thomas John Gittinger Bob Barker Harold Hedges Harlan Johnson Bob Lindsey Josh Tillinghast Bill McClellan Tom McClellan Bob Mitchell Don Douglas Ralph Hocker Don Graves Oscar Anderson Neil Shirley Sammie Jabara Bill Simpson Byron Church Gale Dunn Jimmie Leake David Ross Phil Salkeld Irving Higbee Bill Reiff Wayne Allen Ted Hefley Jo Allen Walker Lindsey Long Gerald Long Nathan Blanton Robert Florence John Tippit Leander McAlister Russell Brown James Huser Harold McCullum Harold Shank Hubert Potter Baird Jones Clifton Bell Bob Howard James Crutchmer Bruce McGlassen John Morgan Alfred Hott Bob C ' rter Oliver Holt Angus Jacks Billy Hubbell Calvin York John O. Hall Donald Hughart Dick Goetz Robert Bravo Bill Morrison Merill Ellis Jack Kraettli Harold Boyer Bill Romine Leroy Boling Hal Burnett Richard Browder Page 95 Da id Vandener Hillyard Denver Nelson Doughty Ellsworth Dawson r owELL Dixon John Flood Jerry Freeland Gene Feenberg George Grim Archie Graham Glenn Hughes Kenneth Harris James B. Jones Frederick Kluck Dick Karns Carter Lutes Robert Larson Nathan Lee Terry Lewis Andrus Morgan Jerry Muir Wendel Montgomery John Mills Jimmie Olsen Arley Outland John Riley Earl Robinson Elmer Stroman Edwin Schildee Ray Shaw Harry Welsh Wesley White Wayne Ward Lsaiah White Jerome Wolf Jack Woodson Halbert Jones Charles Grooms Clifton Bell Carl Wilson Keith Hibner S- M Matthews Henry Outland Tim Parham Harley Price r The School of Medicine ii + i i all S 333 I 33 r ' ' 3 sl-- ., ifii This is the principal building of the University School of Medicine located in Oklahoma City Robert Urie Patterson Dean Patterson received his M. D. and C. M. at McGill University in 1898, was Honor graduate of the Army Medical School, 1902, graduated from the Medical Field Service School, and War College in 1921. He served as Colonel N. A. in the World War. Ranked as Major General since 1931. Awarded D. S. M. for " gallantry in action " in Philippines campaign, and is a Mem- ber of Surgeons of United States, A. M. A.. Associ- ation of Military Sur- geons. n • : : - n 5 s J ■ ' ' :•■ George Albert Tallent Oklahoma City President of the Senior Class. WiLIAM LEROY VoGT Norman Ralph R. Kinzinger Hooker Eldon Oliver Bradfield Elk City Lowell L. Stokes Oklahoma City Harry L. Deupree Oklahoma City Ernest Rose Oklahoma City SENIORS John M. Carson Zale Chaffin Shairnec Oklahoma City Vice-President of Senior Sec.-Treas. of Senior Class. Class. Everett Baker Neff Oklahoma City L. A. Sypert Johnston Norman George Sam Ingalls Stroud Francis L. Norris Okeene Robert W. Duncan Oklahoma City Ruth Belcher Jones Scmiuole R WiLLARD D. Hunter Ponca City Deceased Forest Reed Brown Lawton Eric McLain White Tulsa William Edgar Strecker Pond Creek Roy E. Baze Blanchard Pago 100 N I Maud Merle Masterson Oklahoma City Hubert T. Goodman Sapulpa Walter Richard Tupper Tulsa Robert E. Pugh Laivton Herman W. Gaddis Bartlesville John A. Cunningham Miami Harold Brvan Witten Britfon Don Grant Harrel Fletcher WlLBER H. AmSPACHER Norman Fred D. Switzer Hugo Fredrick Johnson Perry Tulsa Robert Hal Gingles Carmen Myron C. England Enid K Page 101 iMiiiiilMiiiiinjIj Orville Earl Bell Durham Ralph Weller Rucker Oklahoma Citi) Joseph ]. Maril Oklahoma City Frank L. Bradley Altus ?ert Truman Brundage Thomas Frank Thomas Joyce Fletcher Louis N. Dakil Oklahoma City ' N I K A R Thirl Edwin Jarrett Wetumka Robert B. Howard Oklahoma City Robert Wayne Lowrey Potcau Francis Polk Fry, Jr. Frederick Jefferson Jackson Sebastian Wcwoka Charles Harold Gingles Carmen N. ROHLRT DrUMMOND Oklahoma City H Louis James Kennedy Puree ; Archie F. Dougan Gate Harlan Lamar Word Muskogee Lenor Stephen Goerke Durant Elizabeth Dorsey Oklahoma City M Page 102 Ui S I SP ill ' ' ft HP BjH i S i ' gfl WT 9 Hk m tIt K m, Top row, left to right: Wilson, Matthews, Hollingsworth. Hopps, Cheatwood, Stuard, Smith, Holdewan, Irwin, Kernek, Hewitt. Second row: Chne. Petway, Hawra, Van Holsen. Shields. Robinson. Mclnnis. Loughmiiler. Pickhardt. Pendleton, Shaver. Third row: Morehead, Raines, Henke, Hoyt, Young. Cotton. Mead. Lynn. Loy, Mcintosh. Stout. Fourth row: La Fon, Ryan, Berry, Morris, Coates. Alston, Battenfleld, Murray. Bottom row: McBride, Layton, Tidwell, Gallagher, Mullins, Conners, Hassler, Mulmed. THE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Ferdinand Hassler President Thomas Conners Vice-President C. G. Stuard Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS William Alston Joseph Henke William Mullins Jack Battenfield Perry Hewitt Earl Mulmed John C. Berry Robert Hollingsworth F. L. Murray Thomas Beeler Howard Hopps Carson Oglesby CoLMEs Bishop Jonathan Hoyt Alice Pendleton Claude Boss Winston Irwin Aileen Petway Wilbur Bohlman Clyde Kernek Tilden Phipps William R. Cheatwood William LaFon Woodrow Pickhardt Ralph O. Clark Otto Layton Morris Raines Lowell Clyne Robert Loughmiller Mildred Robinson Rugie Coates William Loy Robert Ryan Thomas Connors Doss Lynn Sylvester Shaver Bert Cotton Newman Matthews Herbert Shields John East Ollie McBride Philip Smith Clarance a. Gallagher James McInnis Hugh Stout Francis Gross Robert McIntosh C. G. Stuard Jack Haldeman William Mead Robert Tidwell Henry Hamra Jack Morehead Daisy VanHoesen James Hammond William Morris Charles Wilson Ferdinand Hassler Andrew Young Page 103 First row, left to right: Taylor, Ley, Perry, Moore, Kern, Cooper, Mills, Hellams, Neel. Second row: Angus, Sturm, Williams, Choice, Southworth, Hall, Bradford, Cawley, Buttram. Third rou-; Knotts, Northrip, Cook, Blair, Miller, Smith, Huff, Knight, Minnig, Rice. Fourth row: Elkins, Hudson, Henderson, Messinger, Ricks, Wheeler, Huskins, Seba, Smith, Pearson. BacA: roir: Duewall, deMeules, Gibbons, Sturgell, Nisbit, Lowenthall, Tracy, Devanny, Maricle, Culwell. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Roy L. Neel President Robert Sturm Vice-President Samuel I. Moore Secretary-Treasurer Howard Angus Homer Baldridge Paul Beiderwell Clifford Blair Vance Bradford Clarance Buttram John Cawley Robert Choice Edward Cook Alice Cooper William Culwell C. Donald Cunningham Edgar deMeules Louis Devanney Rudolph Duewall Marvin Elkins Charles German Murray Gibbons Robert Hall MEMBERS Alfred Hellams Ernest Henderson Kenneth Hudson Rheba Huff Jimmie Huskins Clyde Kern Louie Knight Robert Knight Frank Knotts Gene B. Ley Phil Lowenthal LeClaire Maricle Robert Messinger Cecil Miller Victor Mills Don Minnig Sameul L Moore Roy L. Neal Alfred A. Nisbit Roy Northrip MuRBLE Pearson John Perry Paul Rice J. R. Ricks Herbert Sanford Chester Seba J. B. Smith R. Glenn Smith Larry Southworth Joe Sturgell Robert Sturm Lewis Taylor Gilbert Tracy Earle Warren Homer Wheeler Raymond Williams Tiieo Williams Page 104 Top roiv. left to right: Rippy. Burks, Lewis, Krouse, Davis, Mackey, Kohn, Mciigel. Darrow, Buell, Roys, Harrison. Second roii ' .- I. Anderson, Cavener, Huddleston, McCormick, Tackett, Burkett, Duff. Martin, Baxter, Layton, Lyons, Abernethy. Third row: Highland, Hartford, Cannon, Miller, Harms, Ledbetter, Phelan, Benward, Love, Swan, Bowers, Cash, McGuire. Fourth row: Huff, Rhodes, Foster, Campbell, Fornam, R. Anderson, Kernek, Benkley, Hitchcock, Mansur. Front row: Yeary, Brownen, Mahone, Bungardt, Morton, Kennedy, Johnson, Bush, Clark. THE FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Max E. Johnson President Jordan M. Bush Vice-President John E. Highland Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS James H. Abernethy Robret S. Darrow Wilburt F. Lewis Irene F. Anderson George M. Davis Albert J. Love Roy W. Anderson Fratis L. Duff Mason R. Lyons Ray H. Ballard M. Farnam, Jr. Abner Mackey N. F. Vander Barkett John N. Foster Jay E. McCormick Virgil C. Baxter Frank L. Harms Ivan A. McGuire John H. Benward Alexander V. Harrison Marion W. Mahone Frank C. Binkley Walter K. Hartford Harl D. Mansur Clayton N. Bowers John E. Highland James D. Martin Luther C, Brawner Waldo P. Hitchcock Chester K. Mengel Arthur L. Buell C. B. Huddleston Jack E. Miller Alfred H. Bungardt Richard D. Huff Ralph W. Morton Fred A. Burg Max E. Johnson Ralph S. Phelan Arthur L, Burks Robert W. Kahn William L, Rhodes Jordan M. Bush Marshall R. Kennedy Orville M. Rippy William J. Campbell Paul Kernek Richard D. Roys Leo L. Cannon Max E, Krause J. J. Swan G. Shelton Cash Rex G. Layton Orville H. Tackett Jessie L. Cavener W. Harry Ledbetter Edwin C. Yeary John V. Clark Marvin Owens Page 105 The medical school offers a variety of interesting sights to the visitor. The pictures grouped above are shown to give the stranger a glimpse of the things that take place behind the scenes at the school. The building at the top of the picture is the Crippled Children ' s Hospital, which is the out- standing hospital of this type in the Southwest. The other building is the University Hospital situated directly across the street from the School of Medicine. a THE SCHOOL NURSING OF The School of Nursing, organized in 1911, is under the direction of the School of Medicine of the University of Okla- homa and supplies the nursing service to the University Hospital, Crippled Child- ren ' s Hospital, and the Out-Patient De- partment. The members of the clinical staff of the hospital are selected from the faculty of the School of Medicine, with the result that the instruction of each department is under expert direction. Lectures and classes are conducted by the faculty of the School of Medicine. The theory and practice of nursing courses are given by especially prepared instruc- tors of nursing. The student also receives instruction and experience in the dietetic departments. The library of the School of Medicine is open to the students of the School of Nursing. The aim of the School of Nursing is to provide scientific instruction and experi- ence in the care of the sick; and to furnish a good administration, teaching, and public health. STUDENTS IN THE Jenna Ves Anderson .... Magna, Utah Bonnie Arner Duncan Hazel Bates Norman JuANlTA Bell Drumright Maxine Ann Bigham Ramona Ramona Bernadine Bigham .... Ramona Emma Jewel Branscome Ada Pauline Bray Purcell Florence Bridges Stigler Jonnie Lucille Busbv . . . Oklahoma City Marjorie Cahill Guthrie Sue Chance Tishomingo Dora Ella Crooks Maramec Doris Evelyn Culwell Warner Paula Janice Culwell Warner Bernice Dun Knowles Helen Edwards McAlester Betty Fair Okmulgee Vivian Flatt Tupelo Thelma Belle Forbes .... Custer City Bonnie Lorene Fulton Shawnee Bonnie Garner Lexington Mildred Gowin Muskogee Mildred Hayward Wilson Charlotte Hickman Chickasha Lela Hensley Tulsa Lola Holcomb Miami Vivian Sara Holcomb Apache Mildred Houston Edmond Marian Houts Alva Frances Huff Norman Zoline Hutchinson Pawhuska Bessie Irwin Meeker Hester Jackson Bomington Candice Monfort Lee. R. N. Director. School o[ Nursing. Superintendent of Nurses SCHOOL OF NURSING June Johnson Ada Thelma Kisselburg .... Oklahoma City Tempie Lassiter Lexington Johanna Lawyer Pawhuska Wynona Little Pawnee Jennie Rose McIlvoy Wellston Zela Faye Martin Sulphur Bonnie Ray Mathews Idabel Jumta Maxwell Norman VoLiTA Meuschke Pawhuska Nadine Miller Oklahoma City Ruth Mingus Bethany Mary Mitch Oklahoma City May Belle Moore Norman Beryl Murphy Ada Clarence Kathryn Musick .... Elk City Eva Emily Nordstrom El Reno Geneva Patterson Buffalo Dorothee Prentice .... Oklahoma City Anna Elizabeth Ramsey Davis Helen Rowley Pawhuska Lometa Shelton Temple Julia Juanita Steele Stillwater Hilda Smith Oklahoma City Maribel Stone Stovall Erick LoRA Mae Sullenberger .... Reydon Martha Terbush Rosston Charlotte May Tunnisgen . . Oklahoma City Grace Turner Oklahoma City Florence Upp Wynnewood Marie Vogel Marshall Winnie Walton Poteau Janice Ward Moore Nadine Weems Apache Page 107 5 s ' i t i 6 5 3 i ■ ■ N I Zela Fav Martin Sulphur Cooperative Club. VOLITA MeUSCHKE Pawhuska Cooperative Club. Eva Emily Nordstrom Hancock. Michigan Cooperative Club, Delta Alpha. Winnie Estelle Walton Poteau University News Staff, Class President, Coopera- tive Club, Delta Alpha. Maxine Ann Bigham Oklahoma City Delta Alpha, Cooperative Club. Joanna Lawyer Pawhuska Cooperative Club, Univer- sity News. Helen Harrietts Edwards McAlcstcr Cooperative Club, " P. S. ' Club. Elizabeth Fair Oklahoma City Delta Alpha, Cooperative Club. ' $ R Hilda Smith ZoLiNE Hutchison Abilene, Texas Fairfax Alpha. Delta Alpha. Cooperati Club, P. S. ' Club. Deltii Marie Upp Oklahoma City Cooperative Club. May Tunnissen Oklahoma City Cooperative Club. Lola Mae Holcomb Miami Ramona Bernadine Bigham Ramona Delta Alpha. Cooperative Club. JuYNNE Elizabeth Witt Oklahoma City Cooperative Club. Bonnie Ray Mathews Idahcl Cooperati c Club, " P. S. Club. Dora Ella Crooks Maramcr Cooperative Club. Vivian Holcomb Apache Cooperative Club. Hazel Allene Bates Norman Cooperati e Club. Jo Juanita Steele Stillwater P. S. ' Club, Delta Alpha. Jean Mingus Oklahoma City Cooperative Club. Bonnie Lorene Fulton Shawnee Cooperative Club. Mary M. Mitch Oklahoma City Cooperative Club. Jo Mildred Cochran Byars Cooperative Club. Page 108 N I Pauline Woosley Bray Puree Delta Alpha. Mary Frances Clarke Oilton Cooperative Club, Delta Alpha. UNDERCLASSMEN Tempie Oleta Lassiter Lexington Cooperative Club. Vivian Avalee Flatt Ccntrahoma Cooperative Club. Mable Marie Jackson Hitchcock " P. S. " Club, Cooperative Club. Marjory Lelia Cahill Guthrie Delta Alpha, " P. S. " Club, Cooperative Club. Janice Ward Lexington Cooperative Club. Anna Elizabeth Ramsey Da I ' IS President, Delta Alpha: Sec- retarv-Treasurer, Coopera- tive Club. , Maribel Stone Stovall ! Erick I Cooperative Club. Jenna Vee Anderson Salt Lake City. Utah Thelma Blanch Kisselburg Abilene, Texas Cooperative Club. Emma Jewel Branscome Ada Cooperative Club. DoROTHEE Beach Prentice Kansas City, Missouri Editor, University News: Cooperative Club; " P. S. " Club. Thelma B. Forbes Custer City Cooperative Club. Clarence Kathryn Musick Elk City Delta Alpha, Cooperative Club. Mildred R. Gowin Muskogee Cooperative Club. K R H M Page 109 B. Elizabeth Irwin Meeker Delta Alpha. Doris Jean Cooke Shawnee Cooperative Club. Hester May Jackson Bennington Cooperative Club. Bonnie Jean Garner Lexington Cooperative Club. Wynona Lucille Little Pawnee Cooperative Club. Helen Rowley Pawhuska Cooperative Club, Delta Alpha. Ci.eta Jeter McPherson, Kansas Delta Alpha, Cooperative Club. Floriene Bridges Stiglcr Cooperative Club. LUCILLK BUSBV Oklahoma City Cooperative Club. May Belle Moore Norman Cooperative Club. June L. Johnson Ada Martha Genevieve Terbush Rosston Cooperative Club. LOMETA OZELL ShELTON Temple Cooperative Club. Maris Vogel Marshall Cooperative Club. A. Frances Huff Norman UNDERCLASSMEN BvRL Murphy Bernice Mae Dunn Ada Knowles Cooperati e Club. Cooperative Club. Mildred Ethel Hayward Wilson Paula Janice Culwell Warner Cooperati e Club. Jennie Rose McIlvoy Wcllston Cooperative Club. Pres. of Preliminary Class, Univer- sity News Reporter. Mildred Houston Edmond Cooperative Club. Lela Hensley - Tulsa Cooperative Club. Grace Turner Oklahoma City Cooperative Club. Modine Velda Weems Apache Cooperative Club. LoRA Mae .Sullenberger Reydon Cooperative Club. Alberta Regina Chabtree Juanita Manana Bell Tishomingo Dcumright Cooperative Club. Cooperative Club. JuMiA Maxwell Norman Cooperative Club. K H M Page I 10 The College of Engineering This unusual shot o[ the Engineer ' s tower and other equipment was made in the early Fall just before sunrise Frank Girard Tappan Dean Tappan received his B. A. in 1904 and his M.A. in 1909 from Wash- ington and Jefferson Col- lege, and the degree of Mechanical Engineer in 1907 from Cornell Univer- sity. Director of School of Electrical Engineering, University of Oklahoma, since 1920. Acting Dean, College of Engineering. 1935-1936. Member. A. I. E. E., Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education. Oklahoma So- ciety of Professional En- gineers, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Sigma Delta, Beta Theta Pi. Gordon Robert Steinhofp Dallas. Texas PHI KAPPA SIGMA Symphony Orchestra, Ram- blers, Tau Beta Pi. Wade A. Eskridce Martha A. S. M. E., Engineers Club, Society American Military Engineers. Tau Omega. Joseph Rene Barsalou Oklahoma City Sigma Tau. Alpha Chi Sig- ma. Engineers Club, A. I. Ch. E. Fred Robert O ' Donnell Rock Springs, Wyoming Engineers Club, A. I. E. E. Sadig Tabatabai Turabi Tabriz, Persia Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau. Louis S. Wallace Chickasha St. Pat ' s Council, Engineer- ing Club, Sigma Gamma Ep- silon. Tau Beta Pi. Homer James Stimson Perkins Roscoe Stahl Bartlesville PHI GAMMA SIGMA Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau. Emanuel Gustavus Bolene Enid ACACIA Band. S E N I hmiM R Gibson S. Romberg Holdcninttc A. S. M. E.. Engineers Club. James Harold McCord Oklahoma City Tau Beta Pi. Phi Eta Sigma. Scabbard and Blade. B. M. NOWERY Houston. Texas PI kappa alpha St. Pat ' s Council. Engineers Club. P. E. Club, Bom- bardiers. Henry J. Stewart Tulsa Carlock Freeny Blanchard A. S. C. E.. ' Vice-President, Engineers Club. Francis Stone Livermore Hobart A. S. M. E.. Engineers Club. Sigma Tau. Scabbard and Blade, Ruf Neks. J. Howard Brown Elgin R. Renn Rothrock Wellington, Kansas PHI KAPPA SIGMA Jazz Hounds. Intcrfraternity Council, Skeleton Key. u N R J. Bruce Stout Norman Glee Club. Sooner Quartet, Scabbard and Blade. A. S. M. E.. Bombardiers. Curtis Mayes Dallas, Texas Tau Omega. President. ' 35- ' 36: St. Pats Council. ' 3-1, 35: A. S. M. E.: A. S. H. V. E.: Engineers Club. James E. Roth Bartlesville PHI KAPPA PSI Art Director Sooner. ' 36: Clay Models by Roth, Pho- tography by Earl, Tau Beta Pi. Frank Leroy E.mert Durant Alpha Chi Sigma, A. I. Ch. E., P. E. Club. A. I. M. E. Thomas W. McGuire Beaumont. Texas A. I. M. M. E., Engineers Club. Billy T. Taylor Oklahoma City A. I. M. M. E. Walter B. Butts Oklahoma City A. I. E. E. David W. Frank Norman GIco Club, ■30- ' 31, 3 1-32. Page 114 N I Joseph A. Caviezel Mobile, Alabama DELTA TAU DELTA Jazz Hounds. P. E. Club, Men ' s Council. Tau Beta Pi. Sigma Tau. James Mills Norman alpha TAU OMEGA Jazz Hounds. Engineers Club. A. S. M. E.. St. Pats Council. Sigma Tau. Tau Omega. Scabbard and Blade. George W. Carpenter Lexington Tau Beta Pi. Sigma Tau. Toga. Charles Woodrow Himes Norma n PHI DELTA THETA Glee Club, Y. M. C. A.. President. Delta Beta Chi: Scabbard and Blade, St. Pat ' s Council. Garmen Oscar Kimmell Wichita, Kansas PHI KAPPA S ' GMA Engineers Club. P. E. Club. A. I. M. M. E.. Tau Beta Pi. Tolbert Earl Smith Tulsa SIGMA NU Ruf Neks. Engineers Club, A. S. M. E.. Derby Club. Chi Chi Chi. Charles ' William ' Walts Independence, Kansas SIGMA CHI Ruf Neks. Fencing Club, P. E. Club. A. I. M. M. E.. Y. M. C. A. Hugh ' Warren Smith Hooter Engineers Club. A. I. E. E. Louis H. Mack Parsons, Kansas ' Vice-President. A. I. M. M. E.: St. Pat ' s Council. Engi- neering Editor Sooner Mag- azine. Sigma Gamma Epsi- lon. Tau Beta Pi. Sigma Tau. Paul Lynne Crawford Lindsay acacia A. S. C. E.. Jazz Hounds. W. Clyde Dinger Oklahoma City SIGMA NU Scabbard and Blade. Booth B. Strange Wilson Scabbard and Blade. St. Pat ' s Council, Engineers Club. Pe-et. President. Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Tau. Men ' .s Council. Kappa Kappa Psi. W. R. Carke Frederick Advanced Military. Bom- bardiers. A. S. M. E.. So- ciety of American Military Engineers. Zothal Hunter Bartlesvillc Tau Beta Pi. James Robert Cowles Tulsa alpha tau omega Camera Club. Engineers Club. Advanced R. O, T. C Phi Eta Sigma. Sigma Tau. Tau Beta Pi. Pi Mu Epsilon. St. Pat ' s Council. William H. Barnes Barf csi ' i c SIGMA alpha epsilon Pe-et: President. Toga: Checkmate. Men ' s Council, Skeleton Key, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau. Alpha Chi Sig- ma. H- I! w mnm 4 Sydney S. Chazanow Oklahoma City Phi Eta Sigma. Tau Beta Pi. Jack Bench Walters SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Lawrence E. Brock Abilene, Texas President. Engineers Club: President. Petroleum Engi- neers Club; Ruf Neks. Sig- ma Gamma Epsilon. Check Mate: St. Pat ' s Council. Max Rtchey Lents Duncan SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Ruf Neks. Secretary. Tau Beta Pi: P. E. Club. A. L M. M. E., Sigma Tau. Harold J. Hedges Burbank Band. Kappa Kappa Psi. Harold Fledstein Brooklyn, Neu ' York Society of Mechanical En- gineers. American Society of Military Engineers. Pi Mu Kpsilon. Secretary of Tau Omega. Bernard Massengill Oklahoma City Engineers Club. Tau Beta Pi. Sigma Pi Sigma. King Denzil Boyd Tulsa ALPHA TAU OMEGA Track. Cross Country, A. S. M. E.. " O " Club.. o K H M Page 115 imiiiiiiiiiiiiimiii Joe M. Mills Norman PHI KAPPA PSl Bombardiers, Scabbard and Blade. A. S. C. E. E. Lyle Johnson Norman PHI DELTA THETA Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Engi- neering Club. Phi Eta Sig- ma, Sigma Tau. Donald R. Teis Tucson. Arizona PI KAPPA ALPHA Marvin F. Owens Miami SIGMA NU Scabbard and Blade. Paul F. Barnhard Dallas, Texas SIGMA NU Petroleum Engineers Club, Scabbard and Blade, Vice- President. Ruf Neks, Inter- fraternity Council, Sigma Tau, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, A. I. M. M. E., A. S. M.E. Bessie Frances Kniseley Norman Women ' s Honor Class. ' 35; Secretary, Engineers Club; Ducks Club. Spanish Club. Engineers Queen. ' 33; Soon- er Staff, St. Pat ' s Council, Secretary; Alpha Lambda Delta. Knights of St. Pat- rick. Charles William Hewett Holdcnuille Alpha Sigma Delta, Engi- neers Club, A. I. E. E. Phil Newkumet Norman Pistol Team, Engineers Club, Petroleum Engineers Club. S E N I R C f ( ' 9 Abbas S. Siapoosh Tabriz, Persia alpha SIGMA phi Petroleum Engineering Club. Engineers Club. A. I. M. M. E.. Associate Member. William A. Pearce Ft. Worth, Texas DELTA TAU DELTA A. I. M. M. E., A. I. Ch. E.. P- E. Club. Scabbard and Blade. William B. Barry Bristoir SIGMA NU C. Clark James Independence, Kansas PI kappa alpha Sigma Tau, American So- ciety Military Engineers, A. S. M. E.. Engineers Club. C. Harper Black Shrci ' cport, Louisiana kappa alpha William M. Simpson Norman Tau Beta Pi. Pi Mu Epsilon. Phi Eta Sigma. St. Pat ' s Council, A. S. C. E. Hampton G. Cornell Amarillo. Texas A. I. Ch. E.. A. I. M. M. E,. Petroleum Engineers Club. Sigma Tau, Alpha Chi Sigma. Malcolm W. McKenzie Oklahoma City PI kappa phi Jim Leaman Waller Tulsa beta theta pi A. I. E. E.. Ramblers Or- chestra. William B. Nation Tulsa ALPHA SIGMA PHI A. I. M. M. E., p. E. Club, Engineers C!ub. W. Dixon Morris Shreveport. Louisiana Sigma Gamma Epsilon. P. E. Club. Engineers Club. A. I. M. M. E. R. Morris McDannald Houston. Texas KAPPA SIGMA Football, Sigma Tau, Sigma Gamma Epsilon. William Monroe Carroll Dallas. Texas PHI delta theta Norman A. Hassler Norman ALPHA SIGMA PHI Band. Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Phi Delta. Kapp.i Kappa UNDERCLASSMEN Mac Otts Boring, Jr. Ft. Worth. Texas PHI DELTA THETA Engineers Club, Petroleum Jiginoers Club, Elton Dee Holcomb, Jr, Shrereport. Louisiana SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Page 116 UNDERCLASSMEN Milton Martin Waxahachic, Texas Paul Garner Smith Temple PI kappa alpha Harold Bishkin El Campo, Texas PHI BETA DELTA David A. Vandaveer Tulsa DELTA TAU DELTA Leonard L. BiLLINGSLEY Mutual Charles Rene HoussiERE, Jr. Jennings. Louisiana DELTA TAII DELTA Ben R. Thomason Gainesville, Texas BETA THETA PI J. Ernest Batson Amarillo, Texas KAPPA alpha Glenn Houston Norman Duane Johnson Buckley Wichita, Kansas beta theta PI Mark Boxell Bartlesville PHI KAPPA SIGMA Jerome M. DiLLING Fletcher ALPHA TAU OMEGA Gus Bealmear Blackwell PHI delta theta Clark A. Gruver Augusta, Kansas delta upsilon David K. Craig Fort Sill delta TAU DELTA Maurice Clarence Foster Oklahoma City ALPHA TAU omega Joseph Thomas John B. Anderson Prendergast Oklahoma Citi, Oklahoma Citi p gamma delta phi kappa SIGMA Herbert Warren Ladd Tulsa SIGMA alpha epsilon Tom Leo Green Oklahoma Citi; kappa alpha John Overton Nashville, Tennessee SIGMA alpha • epsilon Edward Peyton Marshall Tulsa phi delta theta Carl August Heffner Clinton John Zay KiMBERLIN San Angela, Texas PI kappa phi Robert L. Spencer Billings alpha tau omega worden wilso Parrish Madill Ramsey de MUELES Tulsa PHI kappa psi iO f Oride William Webber Bartlesville delta TAU DELTA John Curtis Payne Tulsa PI kappa alpha Isaac Junior Pierce Agra alpha SIGMA phi Lynn Albert Boykin Oklahoma Citi Edward Emmett Sands Norman PHI kappa psi Nathan W. Anderson El Reno SIGMA NU John R. Penington Antlers o K H M A Page 117 Sidney Benton Plummer Louise, Texas PHI KAPPA SIGMA Oscar William Chandler Warren alpha SIGMA PHI Louis Orville Barnett Watonga ALPHA SIGMA PHI Roswell D. Clark Dallas, Texas PHI GAMMA delta William C. GOULDY Blackwell PHI KAPPA SIGMA C. Morrison Stephens Oklahoma City PHI KAPPA SIGMA Charles H. Bradley Kansas City, Missouri PI KAPPA PHI Dennis E. Miller McLoiid delta CHI Kenneth T. White Tulsa PHI KAPPA SIGMA % UNDERCLASSMEN Guy Cobb Fort Jack Homer Byrd Ardmore Oklahoma City beta THETA pi SIGMA NU William Harry Wylie Oklahoma City SIGMA NU Benson W. Campbell Marietta beta THETA PI Clarence Arthur E. King Raymond Greer Oklahoma City Sand Springs gg-p theta pi phi kappa psi Robert William Wells Weletka SIGMA CHI Jerome M. Wolf Davis SIGMA ALPHA MU Thomas Whelan Oklahoma City SIGMA NU A. Mack Bradley Tulsa SIGMA NU John Donald Prendergast Oklahoma City phi KAPPA SIGMA Nathan B. Chenault Wichita Falls. Texas delta upsilon Robert Malcolm George F. Robie SWESNIK Pittsburgh. Tulsa Pennsylvania SIGMA alpha MU DELTA TAU DELTA Jul L N Vahlberg John R. Leonard Oklahoma City Tulsa pi KAPPA alpha phi GAMMA DELTA Gordon Wii huh Bryon Bacon Ponca City JoNES Pill KAPPA SIGMA Oklahoma City PHI DELTA THETA Charles Graves Oklahoma City PHI KAPPA PSI Lionel E. Edwards Ponca City PHI KAPPA SIGMA Burt C. Graham Corpus Christi, Texas KAPPA ALPHA John C. Head Oklahoma City KAPPA ALPHA Norman D. Grisham Dumas, Texas ALPHA TAU omega Harold William Keehn Valparaiso, Indiana DELTA TAU DELTA Carrol E. Raines Ardmore DELTA TAU DELTA Joe Warren robinett Oklahoma City PHI KAPPA SIGMA WOODROW HUDDLESTON Ada KAPPA SIGMA u N R Page I 18 UNDERCLASSMEN Walter D. Lasly Oklahoma City Jack Robbins San Antonio, Texas Carl B. Bailey Wichita Falls. Texas delta upsilon Angus Jacks Maud Oakley M. Woodward Oklahoma City Milton Jay Gordon Tulsa PHI BETA delta Jarvis Pierce Okmulgee KAPPA SIGMA Kenneth K. Carpenter Ponca City PHI delta theta Howard William Fleet Ada SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Roger Davis Baxter, Kansas BETA theta pi Victor W. Lange Earl Austin San Antonio, Texas Dunn ACACIA Oklahoma City LAMBDA CHI ALPHA M. Jerome Gordon Oklahoma City PHI BETA DELTA Phillip A. Meacham Porf Allegany, Pennsylvania PHI DELTA THETA BvRON Hamilton Murphy Guthrie Leander McAllister Big Spring, Texas Medford Cashion Oklahoma City SIGMA NU Robert W. Larson Lau ' ton pi kappa PHI Frank John Heller III Bartlcsi ' illc SIGMA ALPHA Hubert Willis Daubenheyer Oklahoma City delta upsilon Ernest M. Haskell Wichita, Kansas delta tau delta Carl E. Baird Oklahoma City PI KAPPA ALPHA David C. Chow Shreveport, Louisiana iiLLiE Bryan DELTA UPSILON Burton Edward Houston, Texas beta theta pi Edward Emmett Sands phi kappa psi Sidney Bruce Richards Muskogee DELTA upsilon K Page I 19 ■V, C Jll;l-T1AN I.l.l AVKLLYN Sheedy Wichita, Kansas VI KAPPA ALPHA Jim Beeland Rogers Greenville SIGMA alpha EPSILON R. Blake Hawk Dallas, Texas ALPHA TAU OMEGA James Pipines Midland Park, New Jersey Johnnie William Henderson Santa Pe, New Mexico Jimmy Kincaid Tulsa PI delta theta Joe Tucker Oklahoma City delta upsilon Charles Richard Taggart Fort Worth. Texas SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Lindsey L. Long Beaver ACAC IA Ellis Laugham Brown Duncan SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Felix Bernard Gordon Oklahoma City PHI beta delta Frank S. Bell Tip SIGMA NU Bob W. Spradling Oklahoma City phi gamma delta Howard R. Wyckoff Independence, Kansas PHI kappa psi Paul Dennis Bowlen Toronto, Canada PI kappa alpha Robin Grier Burnet Athens. Georgia SIGMA CHI Jack T. Longmire Oklahoma City PHI kappa si{;ma Sam G. Horne Hobhs, New Mexico UNDERCLASSMEN s Bob V. Barker St. Mary ' s, West Virginia alpha tau omega Stephen Hamilton King South Millbrook. New York alpha SIGMA PHI George Joseph Goddard Oklahoma City lambda CHI alpha Joe John Uri Z 1 4 Okmulgee William Joel Feldman Chicago. Illinois SIGMA alpha MU Earl Bernard SCHUMAN Barnsdall phi beta delta Harry A. Welsh Marietta PHI kappa psi Lester S. Dunlevy Oklahoma City SIGMA alpha EPSILON Tom Fred Hendricks Antlers John E. Crouch Hcaldton delta upsilon George Don KUHN Rock Island. Illinois PHI KAPPA PSI Frank J. Newkumet Norman Paul H. Harris Stilwell acacia Millard H. Williams Marshall. Texas ALPHA tau OMEGA Thomas E. GOEBEL Tulsa SIGMA NU Raymond Rice Sapulpa Gail Rodney Palmer Oklahoma City ALPHA TAU omega T. C. Wilson Potcau il.PIlA SIGMA PHI Thomas C. Reynolds Valliant PI KAPPA PHI Morgan Bell Tip SIGMA KU Robert Emery Stephens Oklahoma City SIGMA NU Charles E. Peterson Wichita Falls. Texas delta upsilon Robert Martin Decker Parkersburg, West Virginia alpha tau omega William D. Morehouse Tulsa DELTA UPSILON Otis Danielson Oklahoma City PHI GAMMA delta K H M Page 120 Front row, lc[t to right: Gwinn. Wallace. Williamson, Dickenson, Davis, Howard. Back rou ' .- Locblich. Brock. Newell. Klokagaborn. SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON Alfred Loeblich . L. E. Brock . OFFICERS . President Louis Wallace Vice-President Bill Hilleswick Treasurer Secretary Top roiv. !clf to right: Mills. Simpson, James, Frceny, Best, Marwin, SiKcy, Hall, Mills. Middle row: Houston. Steinhoff. Matlock. Harrison. Sandifer. Weberbarg. Crabbe. Roberts. Bottom row: McDowell, Cain. Miindc. Stephens. Arnold. Shelton. Brooks. L. W. Roberts OFFICERS President Joe M. Mills Secretary- Treasurer Page 12! Pat Si;wi.i.i., .S(. P.i(5 Queen LouiN RoBliHTS, St. Pat Lawrence Brock ST. PAT ' S COUNCIL OFFICERS Lawrence Brock President Booth Strange Vice-President Bessie Kniseley Secretary Joe Cannon Treasurer MEMBERS Stephen King Byron Nowery Wesley Wood Franklin Robinson Booth Strange James Cowles Bessie Kniseley James Mills Lawrence Brock Louis Mack Curtis Mayes Joe Canon Wilson Cochran Roscoe Stahl Adrian Fuller Joe Mills John Weiland Donald Cowan Charles Himes Louis Wallace Malcolm O ' Haver William Simpson St. Pat ' s Council is composed of the officers of the Engineers ' Club, representatives from the eleven different schools in the College of Engineering, and the chairmen of the different commit- tees for preparation of the annual celebration and open house sponsored by the engineers on March 17th of each year. The purposes of the council are to foster the ideals and purposes of the College of Engi- neering and to form a more perfect co-ordination between the various schools of the college. The annual celebration of St. Pat and the coronation of the queen are the most important functions of the Council during the year. The representatives of the schools are in direct charge of their schools ' exhibits in the open house, and upon them is the responsibility of its success. Membership in the council represents one of the highest honors in the College of Engi- neering and the Council is the working body of the College. Page 123 Front row, left to riylit: Steinhoff, Carpenter, Weiland. Lents. Chazanow. Suderman. Stearns. Second row: Armitage. Hunter. Von Elm, Strange, Campbell. DIouhy. Caviezel. Third row: Lukens. Wiancko, Tappan. Comp. McCord, Massengill. Mack. Fourth row: Cowan, Almquist. Dawson. Vance, Wallace, Barnes. Johnson. Simpson. TAU BETA PI OFFICERS Booth Strange President George Carpenter Vice-President RoscoE Stahl Secretary Max Lents Corresponding Secretary Haskell Armitage Treasurer Sidney Chazanow Cataloger MEMBERS Gordon Steinhoff Carl Von Elm Louis Mack Carl Cooper George Carpenter Booth Strange Donald Cowan Dan D. Washburn John Weiland Frank Dlouhy C. T. Almquist Ralph Moorhead Max Lents Joseph Caviezel Eugene F. Dawson Isaac Lovelady Sidney Chazanow A. M. Lukens Carl Vance Carman Kimmel Allen Suderman Thomas Wiancko Louis Wallace William Moyer Thomas Campbell F. G. Tappan William Barnes Oliver Fair Glenn Stearns La Verne Comp Lyle Johnson Joseph Perry Haskell Armitage James McCord William Simpson James Roth Zothal Hunter Bernard Massengill R oscoe Stahl James Cowles Tau Beta Pi is an honorary society for engineering students founded at Lehigh University in June, 1885. Its purpose is to confer distinction upon those students who have maintained a high grade of scholarship and to foster a spirit of hberal culture in the engineering students of the institutions in which its chapters are located. At present there are more than 60 chapters of the fraternity with a total membership of approximately 20.000. The local chapter was admitted into the national organization in 1926 after having existed as a local, Tau Pi, for three years. Students must have maintained at least a " B " average to be eligible for membership. Candidates for membership must also be in the upper one-fourth of the senior class or the upper one-eighth of the junior class. Of the upper one-eighth of the junior class, only three are eligible for pledging during the first semester. Page 124 Front row, lc[t to right: Comp. Hildebrand, Carpenter, Peek. Weiland. Chazanow, McDannald. Second row: Liston, Francis, Lents, Barsalow, Von Elm. Caviezel, Corneil. Third row: Barnhart, Wilmot, Strange. Livermore, Campbell, DIouhy, Mack. Fourth row: Armitage, Patterson, Almquist, Mills, Tappan, Barnes, Johnson, Cowan, Pearce. SIGMA TAU OFFICERS John Weiland President Booth Strange Vice-President Clark James Secretary Bill Barnes Treasurer MEMBERS L. A. Comp Joseph Barsalow Louis Mack Billie Burke Floyd Hildebrand Carl Von Elm Haskell Armitage Sadig Turabi George Carpenter Joseph Caviezel William Patterson George Goddard Lawrence Peek Hampton Corneil Carl T. Almquist Ben Adams John Weiland Paul Barnhart James Mills Dan D. Washburn Sidney Chazanow H. G. Wilmot F. G. Tappan Al Jensen Morris McDannald Booth Strange William H. Barnes Louis Wallace Joseph Liston Francis Livermore Lyle Johnson James Cowles Alex Francis Tom Campbell Don Cowan James Clarke Max Lents Frank Dlouhy Wilfred Pearce Sigma Tau is an honorary engineering society founded at the University of Nebraska on the 24th of February in 1904. Its avowed purpose is to recognize scholarship and professional attainment. Junior and senior students in engineering are admitted to membership, their selection being based on scholarship, practicality and sociability. Men who have become distinguished in the profession may be admitted as honorary members. Each chapter recognizes scholarship among freshman engineering students by presenting the Sigma Tau medal to the freshman who ranks the high- est in scholarship. A magazine, the Pyramid, is published quarterly, and contains national fraternity news and topics of interest to the members of Sigma Tau. There are now nineteen active chapters of the national society, located in leading Univer- sities maintaining colleges of engineering, throughout the United States. Page 125 Top roiv, left to right: Cockran, Morris. Bnrnhart, Pearce, Johnson, Owen, Pickering, Newkumet, Cloud, Meacham, Weiss, Shcedy, Overstreet. Second row: Campbell, Fosness, Chenault, Cook, Speans, Beckman, Ivy, Benge. Third row: Wiles, Huntington, Carson, Bingham, Camp, Williams, Miller, Duggins. Bottom row: Stimpson, Cockran, Brock, Mack, Houssiere, Von Elm, Nations, Newkumet. AIMME OFFICERS L. E, Brock President L. H. Mack Vice-President W. H. Cockran Secretary-Treasurer L. K. O. T. (Loyal Knights of Old Trusty) Page 126 The Graduate School is! i ' I 11 11 I k III 11 I r i iif lit «iir •- " ♦ Every evening will find hundreds o[ students flock- ing to the Library to take advantage of it s excep- tional facilities Homer L. Dodge Dean Dodge is a grad- uate of Colgate Univer- sity, A. B.. 1910; Colgate also conferred on him the honorary degree of Doc- tor of Science in 1932. He received his M. S. 1912. and Ph.D. 1914 from the University of Iowa. He has been Dean of the Graduate School since 1926. Fellow of the American Physical Soci- ety, Member of the Amer- ican Institute of Physics, Physical Society of Lon- don, Sigma Xi, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Kappa. First President of the American Association of Physics Teachers. Mildred Suffield Gage delta gamma English Club, Y. W. C. A., Chi Delta Phi. Margaret Buford Eufaula ALPHA gamma delta Y. W. C. A., Newman Club. Thomas O. Miller Sand Springs PHI kappa psi Gail Harper Finch Greenfield, Ohio University Scholarship. DoHis Dial Eldorado Business Girl ' s Club. A. A. U. W., Secretary of Student Publications. Preston Jones Norman Accounting Club, R. O. T. C. Captain. Winifred Agnes Shallcross Bcllcruc, Nebraska phi mu Choral Club, Y. W. C. A. Norman Eugene McKnigiit Enid PHI DELTA THETA Band, Wcbsterian. Bom- bardiers, Pi Sigma Alpha. R D U James Dallas McCoid Norman ALPHA SIGMA PHI Charles Lester Monnot, Jr. Oklahoma City SIGMA NU Wanda Mae Hays Muskogee KAPPA alpha THETA French Club, English Club, Kappa Delta Pi. Virginia Long Antlers ZETA TAU ALPHA Theta Sigma Phi. Berthold Walter Weber Oklahoma City Y. M. C. A., Graduate Club, Kappa Tau Pi, Eta Gamma. Willis Metcalfe Rosenthal Clearwater. Florida PI kappa phi Phi Beta Kappa, Blue Key, Pi Gamma Mu. James Hocker Enid PHI DELTA THETA K H Ernest A. Houssiere Jennings, Louisiana DELTA TAU DELTA Newman Club. Accounting Club, Graduate Club, League of Young Democrats. BURNIE Merson Oklahoma City PHI BETA delta Phi Eta Sigma. Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Sigma Alpha, Sec.-Treas.. Phi Beta Delta, Secretary; Jazz Hounds, In- tramural Tennis, Basketball. Gladys Carmen Bellamy Cheyenne Chi Delta Phi, Kappa Phi, Business Girl s Club. Jack E. Belter Oklahoma City Y. M. C. A., Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer; Regional Y. M. Conference, Western. Mary Rees Wilson Norman Helen Irene Stacy Norman W. S. G. A. House Council, President, ' 35: Racket Club, Rifle Team, 33; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Polo and Riding Association, El Modjii, W. A .A., Choral Club, 33. Sylvia Mae Mills Norman ALPHA XI delta Pi Zcta Kappa, Graduate Club. M Poqe 130 LIBRARIAN Mr. J. L. Rader was born in Prairie Home, Missouri, April 20, 1883. His prep schooling was done in the University of Oklahoma. In 1908 he received his B. A. degree at the same university and later, in 1913, his M. A. degree. He served on the Industrial Public Library Commission, and then attended the sum- mer school of the University of Illinois and spent one year in the Library School. Mr. Rader has been in the service of the University of Oklahoma since 1904, and in 1909 was made Librarian, which posi- tion he holds at the present time. His activities are not limited to the Uni- versity Library. He is a director of the Citizen ' s National Bank, a member of the Oklahoma Library Commission, the Amer- ican Library Association, Oklahoma Li- brary Association, a Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Nu, Sigma Delta Chi, Phi Alpha Tau, Democratic Party, a Mason (KT), and the co-author of " Readings in Okla- homa History, " which he wrote with Dr. E. E. Dale in 1930. Jesse Lee Rader, Librarian THE PRESIDENT ' S CLASS f . ♦ t, t f if Top row, left to right: Davis, Loeblick, Felkner. SufReld. Gill. Long. Robinson, Naifch, Williams. Bottom row: Boler, Tabor, Disney, Dr. W. B. Bizzell, Hamilton, Clancy. Page 131 The School of Law ' »v v ' » ■■} ' ■WVI n Uv ' ' J . ' iti • " ¥ . u •f ..• t V i M. Yv • r i ' ;i ' «•♦; V i .W (T . i • , ,v ' -M V V V, i i The top of the Law Barn as shown abore was photo- graphed from the north end of the Oval JULIEN C. MONNET Dean Monnet is a grad- uate of the University of Iowa, Ph. B. 1892. LL. B. 1893, A.M. 1905; LL. B. (cum laude) Harvard, 1908; state ' s attorney. North Dakota. 1897-1898; professor of law, George Washington University, 1908-1909; organized the School of Law in 1909; acting president of the University, 1911-1912; formerly an editor of Har- vard Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi, Order of the Coif, Oklahoma State Bar As- sociation, and American Bar Association. H;:; iiUi 5 Joe Fred Gibson Wellston DELTA TAU DELTA President. Interfraternity Council: President. Delta Tau Delta, ' i-i-35: Pe-et. Winner Dad ' s Day Cup, ' 34; President. Skeleton Key: Publication Board, Scabbard and Blade, President ' s Class. ' 33: Editor, 1934 Sooner: Checkmate. Frank T. McGraw Newkirk SIGMA CHI James ' W. Cochran Oklahoma City kappa alpha Ruf Neks. Derby Club. In- terfraternity Council. Skele- ton Key. Tennis. Phi Delta Phi. Sullivan Gaylord Ashby Norman SIGMA CHI Phi Delta Phi. Delta Sigma Rho. Joseph G. Rucks Oklahoma City phi GAMMA DELTA Scabbard and Blade, Ruf Neks, Manager. Varsity Basketball. ' 33; Interfratern- ity Council. Pres., Senior Class. ' 34; Pres.. Phi Delta Phi. Phi Eta Sigma, Skele- ton Key. George E. Sinning Norman DELTA TAU DELTA William Preston Woodruff Stilwcll Kappa Tau Pi. Phi Delta Phi. Ray Clarkson Snodgrass Norman kappa SIGMA Scabbard and Blade, Kappa Kappa Psi. SENIORS Jack A. Kirton Sarf csi ' i Ze PI kappa alpha Beta Gamma Sigma. Scab- bard and Blade. Edgar S. ' Vaught, Jr. Oklahoma City beta theta PI Wendell Graham Stockton Lindsay P. A. D. J. W. Levin Colgate SIGMA alpha MU Charles C. Dunn Martin E. Jones Randlett Tulsa President Congress Literary Society. ' 35: Board of Di- rectors. I. M. A.: Ruf Neks. League of Young Demo- crats. SIGMA CHI Samuel K. Abrams Guthrie Max Reid Wiecks Ponca City phi beta delta PHI GAMMA delta Editor. Oklahoma Daily, ' 33: President ' s Honor Class, Interfraternity Council, Pe- et, President of Phi Beta Delta. Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Theta Kappa. Sigma Delta Chi. James Davison Fellers Clifford A. Stein Oklahoma City Cherokee PHI kappa psi pi kappa phi John M. Montgomery nterfraternity Council. Sen- ate Debating Society. Black- stone Bar. Jazz Hounds Cadet Major. R. O. T. C. Sooner Staff. ' 35: Pres. ol Phi Kappa Psi. ' 34; Skele- on Key. Bombardiers. Nat ' ! Sec. ' 33; Scabbard anc Oklahoma City Blade. kappa SIGMA Tom H. Hanson Ruf Neks, President, Sopho- more, Sooner Staff. Skeleton Key. El Reno PI kappa alpha Ralph C. Erwin Muskogee Uni er.sity Band. Hamilton de Meules Tidsa phi kappa psi Phi Delta Phi. Born. March 19. 1912 Died. March 19, 1936 William Tyler Billups PiERi 1 KnwiN Cantrell Oklahoma City Bartlesville SIGMA NU SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Phi Delta Phi. resident ' s Class, Phi Delta ' hi. u N V R Page 136 N I R Thomas M. Pyle, Jr. Ralph Kent Bogart. ]r Oklahoma City Chickasha SIGMA CHI SIGMA NU Derby Club. William Lewis Steger Robert D. Penn Durant Sapulpa Tom W. Finney Bartlesvillc Ardell M. Young Norman phi gamma DELTA Skeleton Key, Bombardiers, Interfraternity Council, Pres- idents Class, ' 32- ' 33. Whirl- wind Editor, ' 34, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi. Scab- bard and Blade. PHI ALPHA delta Eugene Chappell Neu ' kirk T Hall Collinson Arkansas City. Kansas SIGMA CHI PHI gamma delta Intra.Tiurals. Track. Wallace C. Thomas Tulsa Rober t C. Smith Ponca City PHI gamma delta PHI KAPPA SIGMA Phi Delta Phi. William Joseph Koenigsdorf Kansas City, Missouri PHI BETA DELTA Robert B. Offutt Oklahoma City LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Charles Ray Fellows Tulsa kappa alpha Phi Delta Phi. Maruice W. Hankinson Oklahoma City SIGMA CHl Golf Team, President ' s Class, ■33, Phi Delta Phi. Jim R. Akright Nowata BETA THETA pi Bob H. Neptune Bartlesvillc pi kappa alpha Scabbard and Blade, Skele- ton Key, Senior Intramural Manager, Ruf-Neks. K Page 137 Everett Edwin Cotter Oklahoma City SIGMA NU Interfraternity Council, Phi Delta Phi, Treas., Toga, Vice-President. John C. Zwick Oklahoma City acacia Ruf Nck.s, Interfraternity Council, Phi Alpha Delta, Sigma Tau. James C. McWilliams Oklahoma City phi gamma delta Scabbard and Blade, Phi Delta Phi. Robert J. Stanton Arkansas City, Kansas PHI gamma delta Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi, Skeleton Key. Williams K. Garnett Oklahoma City DELTA TAU DELTA Raymond C. Sandler Tulsa SIGMA ALPHA MU Varsity Wrestling, " O " Club, Interfraternity Council. Thomas Robert Wood Norman ALPHA SIGMA PHI President. Alpha Sigma Phi: Vice-Pres., Interfraternity Council: International Rela- tions Club, Silas Herman Freeman Stratford President of Junior Law Class, Pi Kappa Delta, Delta Sigma Rho, Congress. Dick Turner Holdeni ' ille PHI KAPPA PSI Ralph H. Cline Lawton DELTA TAU DELTA Warren A. Cline Newkirk PHI KAPPA PSI Ben Franklin Oklahoma City SIGMA alpha EPSILON Phi Delta Phi. Joe T. Martin, ]r. Oklahoma City PHI gamma delta Henkv O. Boatright Muskof cc Anna Joe Adair Diirant i UNDERCLASSMEN Raymon Dail Clement Muskogee KAPPA ALPHA Tennis. Ruel S. Harris Tulsa SIGMA NU Scabbard and Blade. Phi Delta Phi. J. Frank Martin Oklahoma City PHI GAMMA delta Bernard L. Gordon Oklahoma City PHI BETA DELTA Vice-Pres.. Phi Beta Delta: Ruf Neks: Psychology Club: Congress Literary Society. Louis C. Ross Tulsa PHI GAMMA DELTA Jazz Hounds. Rupert Fogg El Reno kappa SIGMA Interfraternity Council. George Inglish Okmulqee PHI DELTA phi George L. Verity- McLoud ACACIA Interfraternity Council, Ruf Neks, Bombardiers. Joe Konrad Tripplehorn Tulsa alpha TAU OMEGA Ruf Neks, Skeleton Key, Interfraternity Council. Philip R. Wimbish Ada Pi Kappa Delta, Phi Delta Phi. Claude Bert Patrick Skiatook Robert L. Grady Oklahoma City phi gamma delta Scabbard and Blade, Ruf Neks. Keller Jack Wagner Chandler SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Joe R. Edgington Mildred Robison Sweet Ponca City Orange. Texas SIGMA CHI CHI OMEGA Scc.-Trcas., Freshman Law Class: Treas.. Monnctt Bar: Philosophy Club: Polo and Riding As.sociation: Campus Chess Club: Y. W. C. A. foM Calvin Grant Kenneth M. Robinson Oklahoma City Oklahoma City kappa alpha PI kappa alpha jazz Hounds, Colonel, R. O. T. C, Scabbard and Blade. u N Pago 138 U N D E R C L Robert Norman Shutler R. Dale Vliet Kingfisher Oklahoma City ACACIA pi kappa alpha Intcrfratcrnity Council. Phi Delta Phi, Phi Mu Alpha. Fred W. Dunlevy Thomas L, Blakemore Oklahoma City Sapulpa SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SIGMA CHI Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi, Pe-et, Skeleton Key, Checkmate. Spanish Cub, Sigma Pi Sigma, Phi Delta Phi. Sam T. Coleman Joe D. Shumate Pauls Valley Pauls Valley BETA THETA PI Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Sigma Alpha, President ' s Class, ' 35, Scabbard and Blade. Marshall I. Stewart ■Wilson E. Cline Tulsa Newkirk Monnett Bar, Glee Club. PHI kappa PSI Ruf Neks, Interfraternity Council, Pi Sigma Alpha, President, Skeleton Key, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi. Wesley Moore Langdon John M. ' Wheeler, Jr. Tulsa Tulsa DELTA UPSILON PI kappa alpha Jazz Hounds, Interfraternity Council, Scabbard and Blade, Skeleton Key. A. Hubert Gibson E. Fred Bullard Grove Muskogee PI kappa alpha Ruf Neks, Interfratcrnity Council. James B. Simms Henry Lee McConnell Tulsa Altus SIGMA CHI alpha tau omega Fred V. Shirley Hitchcock President of Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Sigma Rho. Bombardiers, Scabbard and Blade. Treasurer of Inter- fraternity Council, Senate, Jazz Hounds, Websterian Literary Society, League of Young Democrats. Nolan G. Methvin Chickasha kappa SIGMA Aaron Mesirow Tulsa PHI beta delta President ' s Class, ' 35. James F. Haning Wewoka McCoy J. Ewert Lindsai; DELTA UPSILON DELTA UPSILON Skeleton Key. i o K Page 139 iii ninhmimw Frank Scott Kennedy Okmulgee SIGMA CHI James ' W. McColl Oklahoma City KAPPA ALPHA Xerma R. Campbell Hugo PHI kappa PSI Blackstone Bar. William P. Morrison, Jr. Oklahoma City DELTA UPSILON Jazz Hounds, Interfraternity Council. Gilbert W. Harrison Oklahoma City SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Interfraternity Council, Sooner Staff, Phi Delta Phi. Ernest West Smith Henryetta SIGMA CHI Mark Gaylord Meister Oklahoma City SIGMA CHI Rhys Evans Ardmore SIGMA CHI Scabbard and Bl ade. Phi Delta Phi, Pc-et, Pi Sigma Alpha, Skeleton Key, Presi- dent ' s, Interfraternity Council, Phi Beta Kappa. John Frederick Malone Oklahoma City PI KAPPA ALPHA Bombardiers, Scabbard and Blade, Skeleton Key, Con- gress, League of Young Democrats, Jazz Hounds. Education EDllCg! rK This unusual photograph o[ the College of Education building lends quiet dignity to the oldest building on the campus Ellsworth Collings Dean Ellsworth Collings, Bachelor of Science, Uni- versity of Missouri, 1918; Master of Arts, Columbia University, 1923, and Doc- tor of Philosophy, Colum- bia University, 1924; Life Member of Oklahoma Education Association and the National Education Association; member of Phi Delta Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, etc., author and outdoorsman. N I Whitley Cox Tulsa ALPHA SIGMA PHI Track. Athletic Council, O ' Club, President of Alpha Sigma Phi, ■33- ' 34. Pauline Walker Blair Chi Delta Phi, Y. W. C. A., Advertising Club. Ina Trent Maxon Hammon Vivian Helen Roberts Pawnee Indian Club. Ruth Ann Armstrong Okmulqec alpha CHI OMEGA Glee Club, Y. W. C. A., English Club. ViRGiE Heath Wayne Y. W. C. A. Esther Elaine Kennedy Giii mor! Y. W.C. A. ' Marthena McConnel Crescent Pi Zeta Kappa, W. A. A., Y. W. C. A., Kappa Beta. R Leonard Cass Bunker M. Corbett Jenks Oklahoma City Oklahoma City PI beta phi alpha tau omega Mary J. Matthews Naomi Doughty Norman Martha Pi Epsilon Alpha. Martha Virginia Collier El Reno PI BETA PHI Mary C. Gillespie Watonga KAPPA DELTA PI RowENA Emily Oliner Ardmore Viola Ruth Shannon Norman President of Pi Zeta Kappa. ■35. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. ■3-l- ' 35. He.stia. William A. Dumas El Reno Doris Willis Norman Lois Charline Smith Norman phi mu Marguerite Koerner Oklahoma City alpha CHI omega Y. W. C. A.. League of Young Democrats, Pi Epsi- lon Alpha. Alfaretta Burk Lexington Y. W. C A.. Thalian. Bess Virginia Werts Carnegie Anna Mildred Moore Oklahoma City CHI omega Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. ' 36. Thalian, ■35-36, Y. W. House Council, ' 35, El Modjii, ' 35. Katherine Metcalf Puree Racket Club. Page 144 iiMmiiiiiiM Mary Evelyn Cassidy Frederick Newman Club, President of Newman Hall, Hestia. Betty Ellen Mobley Oklahoma City Raymond Carroll Palmer Ponca Citii Josephine Trice Robinson Dallas, Texas GAMMA PHI BETA English Club, French Club, Y. W. C. A. Sarah Keil Little Oklahoma City delta gamma Kappa Delta Pi. Nancy Saunders Tulsa DELTA DELTA DELTA Wahlelu Maude Shumate Norman CHI omega Olga Jane Proctor McAlestcr Y, W. C, A. Cabinet, Presi- dent of Pi Zeta Kappa. N I O R S Margaret Howe Weathcrlord gamma phi beta Women ' s Choral Club ' 34- ' 35, House Council, Presi- dent, ' 34, ' W. S. G. A., ' 34, Sigma Alpha Iota. Maxine Frost Ardmorc Hazel Ulrich Lawton Nellie ' Vineta Barnett Norman Helen Alta Morris Woodtvard Hestia, Y. " W. C. A., House Council, Choral Club. Polly Anna McBride Oklahoma City PI BETA PHI Y. ' W. C. A., Spanish Club. George Adams Champlin Lawton phi delta theta Scabbard and Blade. Hannah Foreman Vernon, Texas SIGMA DELTA TAU Y. W. C. A. K H M Page 145 Elizabeth Gotwals Muskogee DELTA GAMMA Y. ' W. C. A. Treasurer. Flora May Stockton Wynnewood Blanche Z. Porter Mooreifood Mary Joe McDanna ' ld Houston, Texas Joe Gooch Shapiro Nashville, Tennessee pi kappa phi Baseball. Amanda Lee Durham Okeenc CHI omega Y. W. C. A. ■Vardrene Arntzen Ponca City pi beta PHI M. Elma Smith Chandler ALPHA gamma delta liliiiilJifS Helen Louise Wilson Oklahoma City CHI OMEGA BiLLiE Anita Joseph Elk City Nina Evelyn GiLLULY Shawnee CHI OMEGA Ruth Frances Kinder Comanche Josephine Campbell Oklahoma City ALPHA PHI Winifred Nell Thayer Hohart Royal H. Bowers Strat[ord Marie Thelma Davenport Comanche Mary Anne Ralls Comanche UNDERCLASSMEN I PiT y ( N; - fS fTli f:i Sarah Billups Marjorie Jewell Helen Vista Oklahoma City Corbin Smith PI beta phi Chickasha Chandler kappa alpha ALPHA GAMMA theta DELTA Frances Lucile Mary Frances JuANiTA Sue Maschal Reid CONWELL Collinsville Seminole Altus alpha XI DELTA kappa kappa gamma June E. Bernard Tee Connelley Yvonne Lenore Claremore El Reno WiLLITS pi beta phi PHI DELTA THETA Fa irvicw Alene McClure Al. E. Corrotto Eugene Franklin Davidson Ft. Smith. Corrotto Arkansas Ft. Smith. PHI KAPPA SIGMA Arkansas PHI KAPPA SIGMA Betty Adele Obera Whorton Alice E. Phillips Anderson Lexington Panama Oklahoma City CHI omega Margaret Ann Inez Ann Ensch Irene Porter Plumbee Bartlesville Marietta Poteau CHI OMEGA CHI omega Imogene Helen Bill S. Morris Frances Folsom Wilson Norman Austin Hooker Pauls Valley CHI omega alpha XI DELTA Eva Delle Chow Georgia Martha Temple Griffith Hominy CHI omega Lucia Jane Clark Geraldine Eberle Tulsa Moore DELTA delta DELTA H O M Page 146 Business Administration This view o[ the rear o[ the Administration Building shows the Sunken Garden in the foreground Arthur B. Adams Dean Adams, graduate of the University of South Carolina, received his M. A. and Ph. D. at Colum- bia University in 1912-16. He was the former Presi- dent of the University of Oklahoma Faculty Club, and is the President of the Southwestern Social Sci- ence Association, and a member of Phi Beta Kappa. James M. Farr Okmulgee Karl B. Rusch Oklahoma City KAPPA SIGMA Mary Grace Ozmun Lau ' ton DELTA DETA DELTA W. S. G. A. Judicial Board. Y. W. C. A. Council, 33. Polo and Ridinq Association. Wesley Winchester Beak El Reno Football. Frank Joseph Vogel Arkansas City, Kansas SIGMA NU E. Lewis Killingsworth Seminole PHI KAPPA SIGMA Second Lieutenant F. A., Res. Alfhed H. Schmidt Park Ridge, Illinois PI KAPPA PHI Ruf Neks, Treasurer of Fi Kappa Phi, Ad. Club, Marmaduke Corbyn Oklahoma City PHI gamma delta ::3 :l N I R Ann Raunikar Byron Ward Hartshorne Wayne Business Girls ' Club, Ac- counting Club, Dusty Trav- elers. Y. M. C. A, Myra Lou Conrad Sam Maddux, Jr. Marietta Lawton ALPHA CHI omega SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON President, Business Girls ' Club; Senior Chairman of Y. W. C. A.: Cabinet Mem- ber. Y. W. C. A.: President, Alpha Chi Omega. Lawrence Mac Stewart Muskogee Accounting Club. Dana Roland Pickup Jamestown, Nciv York President of Accountinq Club, Elgin Anderson Judd Allison Claremoce Afton KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA SIGMA NU Co ered Wagon Staff, John W. Macy George B. Gilmore El Reno Tyrone KAPPA SIGMA PI KAPPA ALPHA Treasurer of Tau Omega. F. Allan Engleman Oklahoma City PHI DELTA THETA Robert Douglas Myers Jazz Hounds. Captain, R. O. Clinton T. C. Business Manager. BETA THETA PI 1936 Sooner. Co-Editor. Bo nbardiers. Scabbard and Sooner " 75 " . Intcrfraternity Bh de. Ruf Neks, Toga, Council. Band. ' 32- ' 3-l, Skele- Sk cleton Key, Pe-ct, ton Key, Scabbard and Blade. League of Young Democrats. President of Senior Class, ' 36, Derby Club. ' 34. Dale Buown Beauchamp L. Selman Oklahoma City SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Ruf Neks. Glee Club. Inter- fraternity Council. President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Leslie A. Ford Oral Leon Luper Sluurnee Stroud SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Accountinq Club, Band, Be a Oamnia Sigma. Scab- ba rd and Blade, and Mens Co uncil. u N V R Page 150 N I R Lloyd Puckett Jay E. Warner McAlester Oklahoma City KAPPA ALPHA alpha tau omega Ruf Neks. Jazz Hounds, Scabbard and Blade. Jack Charlks Robertson Scott Beesley Oklahoma City Bartlesuille Golf. PHI GAMMA DELTA )HN E. McElderry Purccll PI KAPPA ALPHA John Thomas Ferguson Norman Glee Club, Accounting Club. Bill B. Downing Oklahoma City LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Ruf Neks. Jack B. Hammons Shawnee SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Bill Harries McAlester KAPPA ALPHA Band, Ad. Club, Kappa Kappa Psi. Kenneth Charles Jung Gofcfoo Karey Fuqua Lawton SIGMA NU Football, " O " Club, Ac- counting Club, President of Checkmate. Theodore Thomas Benson Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Sooner Staff, Accounting Club, I. M. A. Director. Nash Phillip Truss, Jr. Oklahoma City KAPPA ALPHA Scabbard and Blade, Ruf Neks. Guy F. Norwood Davidson Jazz Hounds. Nelda B. Bills Te.xola Business Girls ' Club. Ac- counting Club, Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Beta Gamma Sig- ma. Harold C. Frantzen Dunkirk, New York SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Band, Symphony. S. Robert S. Kennedy Oklahoma City SIGMA CHI David R. Wise Sayre kappa ALPHA Carleton Marshall Greenman Oklahoma City Norman Burwell Oklahoma City PHI GAMMA delta Scabbard and Blade. Ruf Neks. WiLBURN H. Collins Tulsa PHI delta theta Sylvanus George Felix Oklahoma City M. Fred Norvill Seminole E. Arthur St. John Oklahoma City K H M Page 151 Warren Francis Welch Oklahoma City ALPHA SIGMA PHI Jazz Hounds. Baseball, Football Mgr., ' 35, Sooner Staff, ' 35. Don C. Allred Pauls Valley delta upsilon President. Ruf Neks. George Wallace Shaffer Tulsa PHI KAPPA PSI Cheer-Leader. Boomer Band, Ruf Neks, Interfraternity Council. Bob C. Van Vleck Oklahoma City SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Hubert Smrcka Yukon ACACIA John M. Campbell Hunter Ruf Neks. Verta C. Thorp Tuttlc Jack C. Davis Wichita, Kansas DELTA TAU delta Checkmate, Derby Club, Swimming Team, O Club, League of Young Demo- N I ■ C% 1 Sam J. Ha.mmonds Oklahoma City SIGMA NU D. C. Janeway Eufaula phi KAPPA PSI Alma Foster Oklahoma City ALPHA PHI Y. W. C. A., Pan-Hellenic Representative, Business Girls ' Club. Leon M. White Seminole PI kappa alpha Accounting Club. Jazz Hounds, Scabbard and Blade. John W. Nichols Oklahoma City DELTA TAU DELTA Jazz Hounds, Interfraternity Council, Senate, Skeleton Key, Derby Club. Nelson Collier Fletcher Charles Stanley Hanson Oklahoma City alpha TAU omega Dan Scott Thompson Miami SIGMA NU Jazz Hounds. Richard Franklin Askew Tulsa alpha TAU omega Intramural Athletic Man- ager, Scabbard and Blade. Raymond Howard Hardin Muskogee Henrietta Wikens Pond Creek Warren L. Banes Bristoiv Y. M. C. A. James L. Thompson Pauls Valley Jazz Hounds, Wrestling, Bombardiers. John Davis Locke Muskogee kappa alpha Jazz Hounds. Albert Alcides Othick LaPaz, Bolivia Spanish Club. Accounting Club. Camera Club. R. B. Gentry Lawton delta tau delta u N R Page 152 N I John Franklin Yeager Sims Wilson Stambaugh Frederick Oklahoma City KAPPA ALPHA Band, Accounting Club, Freshman Prize Gunners Cup, Kappa Kappa Psi. The Ramblers. Paul V. Day Martin D. Palm Tulsa Blackwell PHI KAPPA PSI Horace Stuart Enid Ruf Neks. Mary Speigle Shaivnee Business Girls ' Club, League of Young Democrats. Kenneth Little Altas kappa alpha Football. N. Preston Wood Poteau delta tau delta Prize Junior R. O. T. C. ' 35, Varsity Polo Team. Rank- ing Cadet Colonel, ' 36: Pres- ident, Scabbard and Blade: Accounting Club, Treasurer of Delta Tau Delta. Henrietta Wilkens Pond Creek Emil F. Meis, Jr. Oklahoma City pi kappa alpha Colonel, R. O. T. C, Ruf Neks, Scabbard and Blade. UNDERCLASSMEN Otto Byron Norman Oklahoma City alpha tau omega Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra, Phi Mu Alpha. Louis O. White Oklahoma City phi gamma delta Scabbard and Blade, Debate, League of Young Demo- crats, Bombardiers, Ac- counting Club. Robert H. Card Medford PHI DELTA THETA University Band, Kappa Kappa Psi. R. Gladson Turnbull Hohart Bombardiers, Congress Lit- erary Society. Marvin Bert Trope Lawton SIGMA ALPHA MU DeMolay Club, Jazz Hounds, Congress Club, League of Young Democrats. Kathrvn E. Blair Oklahoma City ALPHA CHI OMEGA Accounting Club, Y. W. C. A., Business Girls ' Club. K Harold Lester Rogers Ada Andrew Woodward Oklahoma City PHI GAMMA DELTA W. G. Davis, Jr. Marietta PI kappa alpha Capt., R. O. T. C; Secre- tary, Accounting Club; Men ' s Council, ■35- ' 36: Vice- President, Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Gam- ma Sigma, Toga. Dana Roland Pickup Jamestown. New York President of Accountinq Club. E. C. Leonard Tulsa SIGMA CHI Rostrum, Phi Eta Sigma. Caryl Rose Corp Tulsa CHI OMEGA Y. W. C. A., Sooner Stafl Julius M. Baxkoff Tulsa SIGMA ALPHA MU President of Sophomore Class, ' 34- ' 35, Sooner Edi- torial Staff, ' 35- ' 36, Sooner Business Staff, Student Loan Fund Committee. Ronald R. Hermes Anadarko SIGMA CHI Polo. i BET ' n ' BODDY Tulsa PI BETA PHI Bill A. Knappenburger Sapulpa BETA THETA PI Nathan Norman Ravitz Tulsa SIGMA ALPHA MU Daniel Ralls Comanche KAPPA ALPHA MuRVEL Blake Shutfuck ALPHA TAU omega Tom F. Carey, Jr. Oklahoma City SIGMA NU Jack Louis Rinn Enid PHI GAMMA DELTA Julian L. Dawson Tulsa delta upsilon Estelle Bragg Norman UNDERCLASSMEN Royal E. Stuart Oklahoma City PHI GAMMA delta ?EN W. Nicholas Kansas City, Missouri DELTA UPSILON Walter Lloyd Callahan Broken Bow PI KAPPA PHI Donald W. Brown Tulsa PHI kappa SIGMA James Clinton- Gamble Kilgore, Texas KAPPA SIGMA Don Kerr McAlcsfer sigma alpha epsilon Charles J. Richard Oklahoma City SIGMA NU Bill Roach Oklahoma City kappa alpha Edward Francis Hubbard Frederick kappa alpha Frank E. Elliott Blanchard acacia Kenneth P. Read Big Spring, Texas Laddie Groenendyke Norman PI KAPPA alpha Robert Keller Lewis Joplin, Missouri KAPPA SIGMA L. McCurtain Scott Stigler SIGMA CHI Jim M. Hewgley J. O. Givens Oklahoma City Oklahoma City PHI KAPPA PSI ALPHA TAU OMEGA Walter Kay Caudill Maysville delta tau delta Joe Harold Merchant Muskogee PHI delta theta Edward William Smith Oklahoma City ALPHA SIGMA PHI James L. McDonald. Jr. Norman delta tau delta Martha Jan Baker Talihina CHI omega Mildred McDONNALD Houston, Texas CHI omega Gerald Leroy Riffe Tyrone PI KAPPA ALPHA Daisy Lee Arrington Shawnee Jack Britain Shawnee KAPPA SIGMA u N R Page 154 UNDERCLASSMEN Robert G. Frank Oklahoma City PH! KAPPA SIGMA Jack W. Burns Pone a City PHI DELTA THETA Stephen Warren Bo WEN Tucumcari, New Mexieo BETA THETA PI Warren Stanley Blufston Tulsa PHI BETA DELTA Walter Clyde Griffin Antlers ALPHA SIGMA PHI Charles Bowman Janeway Eafaula PHI kappa psi Jack Raymond Mooring Stillwater lambda CHI ALPHA H. M. Robinson Oklahoma City SIGMA ALPHA MU Richard Gilbert Stith Norman SIGMA CHI Donald Richard Wray Lawton SIGMA NU Albert Bailey Oklahoma City BETA THETA PI Betty Norine Bowers Norman Bessie Jane Gray Bartlesville DELTA GAMMA Thelma Jewell McBride Shawnee Jack R. Maltby Bartlesville PI KAPPA ALPHA Leroy Smith Stauffer Oklahoma City ALPHA TAU OMEGA Bernie Irwin Karchmer Tulsa SIGMA alpha MU Louis P. Sines Amarillo, Texas KAPPA ALPHA J. Clarke Selman Oklahoma City SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Joe Julian Wright Oklahoma City PI KAPPA ALPHA Asa Walter Lucas Oklahoma City delta TAU delta C. M. KiLGORE Mabel ALPHA SIGMA PHI Kenneth E. holbrook Okeene Raymond T. Mayhall Oklahoma City KAPPA alpha Lee Warren Stone Bartlesville SIGMA alpha EPSILON % K H M Page 155 Vincent Stephens Oklahoma City SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Tom Perry Ewing Oklahoma City PI KAPPA PHI Walter Roland Young Ponca City SIGMA CHI Forest C. Blackstock Oklahoma City KAPPA ALPHA Harry T. Hudson, Jr. Oklahoma City PI KAPPA ALPHA Betty Brown Fort Worth. Texas KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Risk Thompson Oklahoma City PHI KAPPA PSI Adeline duehning Guthrie John Lloyd Morgan Enid Joe D. Davis Medford PHI DELTA THETA Connie Ahrens Oklahoma City SIGMA NU Howard Lodge Miami SIGMA NU Jack Edwards Muskogee Ed Powell Horner Da I ' 15 Harold H. Taft Norman PHI gamma delta Boyd Grayson Montgomery Broken Bow PI KAPPA PHI Vincent Eastman Smith Houston, Texas PHI kappa SIGMA Raymond E. Gabby Oklahoma City SIGMA NU •J i UNDERCLASSMEN David B. Salmon Durant SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON George Riffe Tyrone PI KAPPA ALPHA Irwin Ross OZMUN Lawton beta theta pi Bill Estell Oklahoma City Ancle Sammie Johnson Vici ]. D. LiGON Wcu ' oka DELTA UPSILON Tom Tennery Oklahoma City PHI KAPPA PSI Louis V. Stuart OknniUjce BETA THETA PI MMiv Alice Murray Hobhs. Noil " Mexico DELTA DELTA DELTA James Edgar BODDY Tulsa BETA THETA PI Bill Huper Wichita Falls, Texas PHI DELTA THETA Andres C. Williams McAlester KAPPA SIGMA Zee p. Jackson Muskogee Thelma Frances Clay Oklahoma City Ida Belle McFarland Duncan Milton Beidleman Okmulgee PHI KAPPA SIGMA Edward Wright Corn Tucumcari, New Mexico BETA THETA PI Charles G. Shull Hugo SIGMA Nil Edwin O. Shaw Sapulpa PHI GAMMA DELTA Verne V. Long, Jr. Oklahoma City SIGMA CHI Marion L. Holland Hutchinson, Kansas PHI KAPPA PSI Alms Ray McClure Davidson Betty Ann Taylor Wellington, Kansas Eva Jane Redmond Shawnee J. T. Thomas Seminole PI KAPPA ALPHA Ralph M. Darnell, Jr. Tulsa PHI KAPPA PSI Harry Leroy Endicott Oklahoma City kappa SIGMA u N V R Page 156 UNDERCLASSMEN ,|lMliliiilllii!llii DovLE Watson Earl F. Doughty Kenneth E. Oil City Martha Braselton PI KAPPA ALPHA Wctumka PHI KAPPA PSI Collie Fitch Bob W. Gilmore Rex Wasson James Wagoner Holmes Sulphur Pauls Vallcii W ' i K ' Wayne M. 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Cheshire Wichita Falls, Texas alpha tau omega Karl Wilcoxson Norman SIGMA alpha EPSILON William Freelench Hubbell Oklahoma City alpha tau omega June Marian Alley Norman ALPHA phi Walter Blevins Oklahoma City SIGMA NU Ben E. Allen Tulsa Dorothy Ellen Pounder Oklahoma City W. Kenneth SwANN Blackwell ACACIA Joe E. Beidleman Okmulgee phi kappa SIGMA Virginia Enloe Acdmore kappa kappa GAMMA AVA McWlLLIAMS Oklahoma City delta GAMMA Arnold Oldham Tulsa DELTA UPSILON M. E. Hickman Agra alpha SIGMA phi Kenneth Malcolm Axelrod Bartlcsville SIGMA ALPHA I Carl William Flick Wcwoka SIGMA NU Jack Simpson Roberts Little Rock, Arkansas James Lawrence Hull Wichita Palls. Texas BETA THETA PI K Page 159 -«!«sa! ' S;?5iSas ' Kty« !; SUMMARY OF YEAR ' S ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS By Bob Lee Kidd, Sports Editor NATIONAL CHAMPS To top the athletic achievements of athletic teams at the University of Oklahoma, Coach Paul Keen ' s wrestling squad " rassled " the best of em to win the national intercollegiate tournament. But before reaching the top the team took " a corner " on the Big Six meet by winning seven of the eight places and tying for a first in the eighth. They scored more points than all the other teams entered. Wayne Martin took his third national wrestling title. FOOTBALL The Sooners picked up the old pigskin and broke through the " Aggie Jinx " that has haunted the cam- pus for the past six years. And although they took third place in the conference, the Jones boys won more games and made more yardage than any Sooner team has since 1920. J. W. " Dub " Wheeler, Okla- homa ' s huge tackle and campus cop, made the All- Big Six team, the N. E. A. All-American team and participated in the East-West conflict New Year ' s Day, playing for the West. BASEBALL Oklahoma ' s all-victorious Big Six Championship baseball team won its last twelve games of the season in a row. Out of seventeen starts the Sooners dropped only three encounters, and these to strong Texas teams on their first road trip. Three of Coach Haskell ' s crew left in mid-season to play with major or minor league clubs. TRACK The track team distinguished itself by winning for Oklahoma its first Big Six outdoor championship and taking second in the indoor meet. The Sooner relay team set a new record to win at the Texas Relays and the shuttle hurdles relay team won the cham- pionship at both the Kansas and Drake relays. SWIMMING The university ' s one-man swimming team. Jack Davis, took third place at the Big Six meet and was high point man with two firsts and one third for 12 points. Davis broke his own record in one event. TENNIS Sooner netmen took the Big Six championship in tennis by winning the singles title and also the doubles title. Albert Upsher and Albert Rollins were the two boys who lugged home the bacon for Okla- homa. BASKETBALL Toned down by injuries to its two star players. Tee Connelley and Herman " Red " Nelson, the Sooner basketeers had to be satisfied with third place in the conference standing. But hampered as they were the Oklahoma cagers played nice basketball the whole season. CONCLUSION All in all Sooner teams did very well in conference competition as well as in outside play. At the end of last year they took the Big Six All-Conference title and are a pretty good cinch to take it again this year. Page 165 THE COACH •BIFF " JONES Capt. Lawrence " Biff " Jones Director o[ Athletics With the coming of Capt. Lawrence " Biff " Jones to the University of Oklahoma as director of athletics and head football coach, there entered a " New Deal " in athletics on this campus. This fact was proven by the unusual interest taken in athletic activities and the wonderful results made this year. The " BifFer ' came to Oklahoma from Louisiana State university where he had been head coach for three successful years. Before that he had coached the Army for four years. During those seven years his West Point and Baton Rouge teams won 50, lost 13 and tied 7 games. At Army Jones ' teams gave Knute Rockne his toughest competition. Army scoring 24 to Notre Dame ' s 26 for four games and defeating the Irish 18 to in 1927. Noted for his brilliant offensive teams, Jones ' Army aggregations were held scoreless but three times the four years he coached. At Louisiana State the " Biffer ' s " powerful Tiger teams won exactly .800 per cent of their games, scor- ing 528 to their opponents ' 128 and being blanked but three times. When Capt. Jones arrived at the university he was given one of the most rousing welcomes ever given a new coach in Norman. And although he was ban- queted, feted and " made-over " he remained the same well-loved, rugged army officer who has won a name for himself as one of the best football mentors in the country. And even though the Sooners under the tutorship of " Biff " didn t " bat 100 per cent " for the season. the latter has built up a football machine that will have an undefeated season next year. Our hat ' s off to " The Biffer " ! Tom Stidham Line Coach Tom Stidham. line coach of the Sooner football team, came to the university with Capt. " Biff " Jones as a full-time assistant, after completing eight years as line coach at Northwestern University. Stidham, who is part Creek Indian, went to school and played football at Haskell Institute. While there he was coached by Dick Hanley and when the latter moved to Northwestern he took Stidham along as an assistant. Being an energetic worker Stidham rose rapidly until he was in full charge of Northwestern ' s lines- men. Robert Erskine Backpeld Coach Capt. Jones also brought with him to Oklahoma as one of his able assistants. Robert " Doc " Erskine, for the past two years head coach at Loyola university of the South, and one of the best backfield coaches in the south. Erskine holds a B. S. degree in chemistry from Loyola and an M. A. in physical education from Co- lumbia university. He was varsity trainer and prep coach at New Mexico Military Institute from 1921 to 1923 and assistant trainer at Louisiana State in 1923- 1924. He then went to Loyola as trainer, and also basketball and track coach. He became head coach in football, basketball and track at Jesuit high school of New Orleans, La., before tackling the football coaching job at Loyola. Erskinb Pjqe 166 ING STAFF Lawrence " Jap " Haskell Baseball Coach Besides being one of the smartest baseball men in the state and coaching the Sooner nine, " Jap " Has- kell also coaches the freshman football squad. " Jap " is noted for his ability to make good players out of raw recruits in both football and baseball. His baseball teams always lead the pace in the Big Si. conference and have given some mighty strong com- petition to the best teams in Te.xas. Haskell is a graduate of the university and has been connected with the athletic department here for many years. Hugh McDermott Basketball Coach A graduate of the university. Hugh " Scotty " Mc- Dermott is known as one of the best basketball coaches in the country. He also acts as part time freshman football assistant and as scout for the ath- letic department in finding future athletic stars for the university. McDermott, although hampered by injuries to his team this year, has turned out many basketball squads that O. U. is proud of. As his assistant on the basketball court, Scotty has Bruce Drake, one of the finest players ever produced in the Big Six conference and in the southwest. Paul V. Keen Wrestling Coach A pupil of E. C. Gallagher, the " old master " of wrestling, Paul Keen, O. U. mentor, has the distinc- tion of being the only coach whose team has won over a team coached by the wrestling master from Stillwater. Keen has established a reputation almost as envi- able as that of his old teacher for producing winning teams and unbeatable wrestlers. Twice has his squad overpowered and outpointed the Cowboy crew — once in a dual meet in 1931 and again this year at the national intercollegiate tournament where the Soon- ers won first place to end the five-year reign of Coach Gallagher ' s Aggies. Besides coaching the wrestling team. Keen is direc- tor of intramural athletics. Frank Moore End Coach A third assistant which Capt. Jones brought with him to Oklahoma is Frank " Spec " Moore, who played end for " BifF " at Louisiana State last year. Being one of the best players in the South last year Moore is fully qualified to assist in coaching the football tea m. His official job is to teach fellows how to play the end position. Paul Young Assistant Frosh Coach Given honorable mention on most of the All-Amer- ican teams selected his last year at the University of Oklahoma is just one of the many things Paul Young has done in the football world. At the present time Young is assistant coach of the Sooner freshman football squad. John Jacobs Track Coach John Jacobs, Sooner track and cross country coach and known to his trackmen as " Jake, " has a reputa- tion all over the country as a coach who turns out wonderful teams and produces individual champions. Jacobs was graduated from the university and has been associated with athletics here ever since. Haskell McDermott Keen Young Jacobs Page 167 i ' op row. ic[l to n il: Bariicll. Cox, O. L-orrouu. Ware, licv ' .cs. iiliurl, r.iisx ' . cirui Middle rote, left to right: Robertson, Fuqua, McDannald, Harris, Wheeler. Tennyson, Bottom row. left to right: A. Corrotto, Anderson, Cutchall, Brown, Beudrcau, OKLAHOMA MOI K ' IS M I JANNALD Honorary Captoin GRADUATING SENIORS With fourteen lettermen graduating this spring. Coach Jones will have to rely on the thirteen lettermen returning and prospects from the freshman squad. The loss of these men will be felt in both the back field posi- tions and the line. Of the ball lugging variety the Sooners will lose Melbourne " Nig " Robertson, broken-field ace, who has been appointed as an assistant freshman coach beginning next fall. Karey Fuqua, one of the smartest field generals in the conference, Raleigh Francis, Vivien Nemecek. quarterback, Delmar Stein- bock, another quarterback and flashy safety man, and " Big Ben " Poynor, Oklahoma ' s All-Big Six plowhorse. will also stick a sheepskin instead of a pigskin under their arm this spring. In the line the Sooners will lose Capt. Morris McDannald, one of the best centers in the conference, John Miskovsky and Jack Harris, a pair of the best ends you ever saw, and J. W. " Dub " Wheeler, who rose to the top and made the all-conference team, the N. E. A. All-American and played in the East-West game. Other outstanding linemen graduating this spring are Ken Little. Wesley Beck. Harry Ellis and Dewey Tennyson. Page 168 Brockman. Breedfn, Conkright. Smith, Estcl, Wcbcr. and Welch Ellis, Beck, Ponyor, Miskovsky, Steinbock. Nemecek Ball, Baer, Walker, Huddleston, Bridges, and Cason 1936 SQUAD FUTURE PROSPECTS The University of Oklahoma ' s prospects for next season are very promising. Coach Jones was looking forward to next year all during the past season and made his plans accordingly. Thirteen lettermen, eleven squadmen and at least thirteen good freshmen coming up, make the outlook very bright. Among the lettermen returning are: Elmo " Bo " Hewes, Al Corrotto, Bill Breeden, Jack Baer, and Woodrow Huddleston, backs; Pete Smith and Dean Cutchall, ends; Ralph Brown and Ferd Ellsworth, tackles; Connie Ahrens, Fred Ball, and Jiggs Walker, guards; and William " Red " Conkright, center. Squad men who will return include Webber Merrell, Raphael Boudreau, Nathan Anderson and John Parrish, backs; John Bridges, R. A. Cox, Dick Ware, Bill Estell, Tom Short, Boyd Barnett, and James Brockman, linemen. Among the more promising freshman prospects in the backfield are Earl Crowder, Cherokee; Hugh McCullough and Andy Stoner, both of Oklahoma City. And for the line the men that look best are Herbert Mathers and Martin Fuller, both of Enid; Walter " Waddy " Young, Ponca City; Joe Kraft, Ft. Smith, Ark.; Jack Reaves, Oklahoma City; Everett Athens, Tulsa; Charles " Peck " Martin, Norman; and Vernon " Moon " Mullens, Seminole. GEORGE SHAFFER Yell Leader Page 169 FOOTBALL Oklahoma 3, Colorado The accurate toe of a great little sophomore back. Raphael Boudreau. gave the Sooners a 3-to-O victory in their opening game of the season against Colorado. Although the game was supposed to be an easy workout affair for the Okla- homans it proved to be just the opposite with both teams being very evenly matched. Capt. Biff Jones ' first squad on the field, consisting of eight letter- men and three sophs, played neck and neck ball with the Rocky Mountain lads. But in the second period the " Biffer " sent in a complete new eleven. These boys paved the way for the lone score of the game starting with an 18-yard pass to Jack Baer, who drove to the Buffaloes ' 23-yard line. Then on the second play of his collegiate career, Boudreau booted the ball squarely be- tween the posts for three points and the ball game. Oklahoma 25, New Mexico The Lobos from Ne v Me.xico. with their highly-touted aerial attack, fell be- fore an onslaught of rejuvenated Soon- ers, who, with some classy broken field running by Jack Baer and " Nig " Rob- ertson, smothered them by a score of 25 to 0. The first score to be made by the Jones boys came in the first quarter after Robertson paved the way with a zig-zagging 39-yard run to the Lobo 1 1- yard marker and then the ball was taken over by Pete Smith who received a lateral from J. R. Corbett. In the sec- ond quarter the Sooners made their sec- ond score after Big Bill Breeden had marched from the New Mexico 27-yard stripe by continually bucking the line. After he had crossed the last mark Boudreau kicked the extra point. A sustained drive in the third quarter carried the Sooners to the 8-yard line where Corbett wiggled through on a re- verse for the third touchdown. Later on in this same period the Oklahomans made their last counter by means of a fake, which gained 22 yards, a double lateral and a flat pass to Cutchall. The invaders ' running attack was im- potent against a strong Sooner line led W Sf Middle Row: Melbourne " Nig " Robertson, back, Semi- nole, Senior, height 5 feet 9, weight 155. Thurman " Casey " Cason, tackle. " Lakeland. Fla.. Junior, height 5 II, weight 180. Pete Smith, end, Muskogee, Sopho- more, height 6 feet 2, weight 168. Raleigh Francis, back, Blanchard, Senior, height, 5 feet 9, weight 168. Bottom Row: Harry Ellls, guard, Alius, Senior, height 5 11, weight 185. Delmar Stf.inbock, quarterback. Frederick. Senior, height 6 feet, weight 152. Fred Ball, guard, Oklahoma City, Sophomore, height 5 feet 10, weight 180. ' ' Connie Ahrens, guard, Oklahoma City. Junior, height 6 feet, weight U " Vivien Nemecek, quarterback, Wayne, Senior, height 5 feet 10, weight 165. Jack Harris, end. Antlers, Senior, height 6 feet one, weight 180. FOOTBALL by Ken Little, whose blocking cleared the way for the shifty Sooner backs. Texas 12. Oklahoma 7 The inexperience of its sophomores along with the speed and power of the Texas University eleven probably was the cause of the defeat suffered by the Sooners on the annual trip to Dallas. Coach Jack Chevigny ' s Longhorns struck quickly from the start and didn ' t stop except for a short time during which Oklahoma scored its lone touch- down. The Sooners ' sophomores with only two games to their credit and the more experienced players playing the new Jones ' system for the third time were easy picking for the Texans. The Sooner score came after the Longhorns fumbled on their own 18- yard line and R. A. Cox paved the way for the bit of brilliance the Oklahomans displayed. Boudreau stepped back aft- er the Texas secondary had been drawn in by two line plunges and flipped a pass to Bo Hewes, who was waiting in the end zone. Boudreau ' s kick was good and the Sooners led the scoring for a short time with a one-point mar- gin. Pete Smith and Connie Ahrens were the defense mainstays of Oklahoma. Smith especially tearing through the Texas interference repeatedly to stop the onslaught that followed the speedy Notre Dame shift. imZJ ' i Oklahoma 16, Iowa State Before a Dads Day crowd of 13.000 a spirited Sooner eleven turned the Iowa State Cyclones into small gentle autumn breezes and took its third home shut-out, 16 to 0. Raphael Boudreau gave the fans an- other taste of his famous drop-kicking by booting the ball over the uprights for the first three points of the game. Then early in the third quarter the Sooners started a drive from their own 30-yard line that didn ' t stop until they scored a touchdown. Breeden started it. ended it and was the sparkplug that kept the machine hitting on all eleven. He passed to Bo Hewes for a 25- yard gain, crashed through the line for 17 more and with the help of Corbett, Dean Cutchall and Bo Hewes finally put the ball over the counting line. FOOTBALL Oklahoma again went wild in the fourth quarter. Woodrow Huddleston ran 31 yards, Karey Fuqua went nine more and then Huddleston planted the ball on the Cyclone 28-yard line with a spinner through center. Raleigh Francis dodged ten yards on a reverse play, and Huddleston carried the ball to the 10-yard marker. Fuqua sifted through left tackle and then criss- crossed through the secondary for a touchdown. Casey Cason, Fred Ball and Ralph Brown were outstanding for Oklahoma on the defense. The Sooners gained 356 yards from scrimmage while Iowa State gained only 39. And the former drove their way to 18 first downs while the latter team earned but 2. ' Nebraska 19, Oklahoma On the flying heels of Lloyd Card- well, the Nebraska Cornhuskers struck before the Sooners could get their bear- ings in the memorial stadium at Lincoln and took the second Big Six conference game the Jones boys participated in. Although the Oklahoma gridsters outplayed the northern team in the sec- ond half, the former seemed to always bog down in the shadow of the goal posts and get no farther. In cool fig- ures, the Huskers did not have much advantage, but the sudden attack which caught Oklahoma flat-footed was the deciding factor of the encounter. Each team collected ten first downs for itself with Nebraska gaining 163 yards rushing and passing and the Soners making 139 yards over the two routes. And despite the strong Corn- husker offense, the Jones boys fought to the last. Big Ben Poynor, all-Big Si. fullback last year, and Al Corrotto were the de- fensive mainstays for the Sooners while Woody Huddleston, Robertson and Fuqua were the offensive stars for the home team. Kansas 7, Oklahoma A dazzling 50-yard pass in the last 35 seconds of a rough and tumble bat- tle gave the badly-battered University of Kansas football team a 7-to-O victory over Oklahoma and knocked the Soon- ers out of the scramble for the 1935 Big Si.x conference crown. Middle Row. Albert Corrotto. back. Ft. Smith. Ark., Soph., ht. 5 10. vt. 165. Raphael Boudreau, quar- terback, Purcell, Soph., ht. 5 feet 10, wt. 165. Jack Baer, back, Shawnee, Soph., ht. 5 feet 10, wt. 17 William Conkricht, center, Jr.. ht. 6 ft. 1, wt. 185. Peru Ellsworth, tackle. El Reno, Jr., ht. 6 ft. 2, weight 205. Bottom Row; Wesley Beck, guard. El Reno, Sr.. ht. 5 ft. 1 1 . wt. 205. R. A. Cox, end. Muskogee, Jr., ht. 5 ft. II, wt. 165. Morris McDannai.d, center, Elcctra, Texn.s. Sr., 5 ft. 8, wt. 160. CuTCHALL, end, Oklahoma City, Sophomore, pht 6 feet, weight 160. )ewey Tennyson, tackle. El Reno, Senior, height feet 1, weight 205. John Bridges, end. Oklahoma City, Sopho- more, height 5 feet 11, weight 170. FOOTBALL After a few minutes at the opening of tfie game at which time the Jayhawk- ers tried to score, the Sooners domi- nated the battle until the one fatal act at the end. Twice it appeared that Oklahoma was certain to score, once from the 2-yard line and a few minutes later from the 1-foot marker. Late in the second quarter the dy- namic Bill Breeden bucked, passed, blocked with sparkling precision until the ball was on the Kansas 2-yard line. At that point Raphael Boudreau was sent in to place kick but the ball was blocked by the Jayhawk center, break- ing the spell. Bo Hewes opened the way for a touchdown helped by the good block- ing of Ralph Brown, Delmar Steinbock and Al Corrotto. He skirted left end with a hair-raising 35-yard run. Breeden again took charge and put the ball on the 1-foot marker. But the Kansas forward wall strengthened and held. The Sooners gained 1 1 first downs, while Kansas was held to 3. The Okla- homa line was impenetrable. Fred Ball, Ralph Brown, Dub Wheeler and Jiggs Walker refused to yield an inch. Line- backers Poynor. Conkright, McDan- nald and Corrotto rushed in to smear tacklers. Oklahoma 20, Missouri 6 Missouri ' s Homecoming was ruined by the powerful, churning legs of Bill Breeden and the flying heels of Nig Robertson along with a group of fight- ing Sooners as the latter slashed back into the Big Six picture by dominating every quarter of play to snow under the Tigers by a score of 20 to 6. The Missourians expected it to be an aerial battle and were surprised by the sudden and ruthless drive of the Sooner ground attack which accounted for the movement toward the Tiger pay-line. Bo Hewes intercepted a pass on the Oklahoma 38-yard line near the middle of the opening period and the fireworks began with Breeden plunging for six yards and then handing the ball to Hewes on a reverse to net a first down. Then Big Bill plunged along with a fleet-footed demonstration by Robertson to ring up the first touchdown for the Sooners. FOOTBALL The Jones boys started with another splurge of power after John Miskovsky snatched the ball away from a Missouri back on the Tiger 37-yard line. Hewes picked up five at tackle and then 1 1 more on a reverse, carrying the pigskin to Missouri ' s 21 -yard marker. Robert- son then raced and squirmed through right tackle for the second score of the game. In the third quarter the Sooners put on the longest sustained drive of the day, marching behind a charging for- ward wall and beautiful interference to the Tiger 18-yard line in five straight first downs. Breeden and Robertson took turns running until the ball was put across the goal line for the third time. Oklahoma 3, Kansas State Defeating the Kansas State Aggies by a score of 3 to 0. the Sooners, fea- turing Big Bill Breeden, Oklahoma ' s plunging half-back, closed their cam- paign in the Big Si.x conference. Al- though the going was tough because of the soggy field, mired by four inches of snow that fell at Manhattan, the Jones boys and their power shoved Oklahoma into third place in the conference. The field goal that won the game was made after a drive from the Kansas State 42-yard line. Breeden made four yards at right tackle. Bo Hewes picked up another and then Breeden smashed his way to the Wildcat 31 -yard line. Karey Fuqua gained six yards on a re- verse and Big Bill rammed through over " Dub " Wheeler for another first down. Then a flat pass to Hewes on the Aggie 7-yard marker put the ball into position for the one and only score. And although the scoring ended the Sooner drive did not. Late in the fourth period Wheeler and Fred Ball tore great holes in the K-Aggie line in which Breeden and Fuqua had the Kansas fans looking on the dark side of life. In the last few minutes of play an Aggie back was smeared behind his own goal and it looked like a safety for the Sooners but both sides were off- side. Middle Row: J. W. " Dub " Wheeler, tackle, Davis, Senior, hciyht 6 feet 2, weight 225. Bill Breeden, back, Oklahoma City, Sophomore, height 6 foot 2, weight 201. Ralph Brown, tackle, Hobart, Junior. height 6 feet, weight 182. WooDuow Huduleston, back, Seminole, Sophomore, height 5 feet 10, weight 160. Bottom Roiv: Ben Poynoh, back, Welectk.i, Senior, height 5 feet 10. weight 195. Kenneth Little, guard, Altus, Senior, height feet 1, weight 195. Juics Walki;r, guard, CaiiKlen. Ark., Soplioinor height 5 feet 6, weight 170. Top Row: Elmo " Bo " Hewes, back, Wayne, Junior, height 6 feet 1, weight 175. John Miskovsky, end, Oklahoma City, Senior, height 5 feet 9, weight 165. Karey Fuqua, quarterback, Lawton, Senior, height 5 feet 8, weight 155. FOOTBALL The Jones boys made 140 yards from scrimmage to the Wildcats ' 37 and out-punted their opponents 441 to 339. i i() ' i " ji Oklahoma 25, Oklahoma A. M. The red and white-clad Sooners closed their season by loosing a touch- down shower which buried the Okla- hama Aggies under a 25-0 score to break a jinx held by the Cowboys for the past six years. The Punchers made their only seri- ous stab at scoring early in the first period but were stopped by a stubborn Oklahoma line. Then at the beginning of the second stanza John Miskovsky recovered a fumble on the Aggie 24-yard line. After stabbing at the line, Breeden, who with Nig Robertson led the Okla- homans all day, ran from the Aggie 27 to the 7. " Bo " Hewes got away for four and then Breeden went over the pay marker. Later in the period an Aggie half- back, punting from the end zone, hit the ball on the side of his foot, booting it toward the side line where it went out on the 9-yard line. Quick to seize this break. Woody Huddleston passed to Harris on the one-yard line and then the former crashed over for the second touchdown. The Sooners counted again in the last quarter when Robertson darted through a horde of Aggies at the side- line and ran 59 yards to score standing up. The customary desperate passing at- tack in the closing minutes with the Aggies doing the flipping, opened the way for the Jones boys ' final counter. Hewes intercepted a pass on the Cow- boy 45 and ran it back to their 16. Breeden made three straight plunges for the touchdown and then kicked the e.Ktra point. Nig Robertson, Oklahoma ' s wonder- ful little broken field runner, sparkled in the last game of his college career with his brilliant 59-yard run. And " Dub " Wheeler, also playing his last game, was the mainstay in the Sooner forward wall. PASS AND DRIBBLE By Richard E. Chaney Assistant Sports Editor Winning nine out of seventeen games played and finishing third in the Big Six conference standings is anything but a disastrous season. However. Coach Hugh V. McDermott has every right to sing the blues when he thinks of how far he might have gone if injuries had stayed away from his door. By the first of December, Oklahoma ' s basketball hopes soared high. A veteran crew of basket tossers with just the right sprinkling of peppery sophomores was rounding into shape with the preciseness of a smoothly functioning machine. Even when a great team of ball hawks from the University of Southern California swooped into the Norman field house December 13, and scampered off with a 28 to 27 victory no one worried for long. The next night the fast breaking Sooners, fighting gamely, reversed the first night ' s decision and sent the Cali- fornians on their way stinging from a 36 to 28 defeat. The Rice Owls felt the wrath of the Sooner offen- sive less than a week later and went down in two de- feats, 47 to 38 and 34 to 36. January 2, Oklahoma rolled on to another win when it throttled a fine University of " Wichita Wheatshocker five by a 40 to 37 score. But then the first of a long series of hard luck pieces began falling Oklahoma-way. Tee Connelly received a badly bruised leg in scrim- mage before the Wichita trip and his injury became more aggravated as the season progressed. Herman Nelson sprained an ankle early in the Wheatshocker game and thus began his sporadic siege of side line sitting. The absence of these two regulars was keenly felt. The Missouri Tiger took advantage of the limping Sooners and hung a 37 to 34 defeat on them at Co- lumbia. The next week at Stillwater. Oklahoma A. M. won a 25 to 18 battle from the Sooners. Home again, Oklahoma reconnoitered its frayed forces and climbed back into the Big Six pennant fight by handing a 25-19 licking to the defending champions, Iowa State. Connelly was able to win scoring honors for the night, ably assisted by little Ed Otte at guard. Hekman Nki.son El) Otti; Fudge Wahhi:n Don GiiNNiNt; Jay Thoma.s PASS AND DRIBBLE But the Sooner injury list grew longer as John Paul Remy, starting guard, suffered a broken nose in a scrimmage session. Nebraska ' s Cornhuskers made matters worse by winning a thrilling 40-33 game in Norman, despite the fine floor play of Sooners Con- nelly, Tone, and Martin. Three days later the Oklahoma Aggies made it two straight over the injury-riddled McDermott men when they rode to a 33-26 victory in Norman. The Sooners fought tenaciously; Warren and Martin and Needy were " right " but to no avail. A bright spot of the season was the entrance of Denton Livingston, straight shooting sophomore, with the advent of the second semester. Livingston led his mates out of the wilderness of losses by bag- ging 12 points in the Sooners ' 42-32 victory at Kan- sas State February 3. The ne.xt week " Phog " Allen ' s undefeated Kansas Jayhawkers kept their record intact by winning a vicious 43-36 struggle from the Sooners in Norman. Oklahoma staged another last ditch stand at this point, and drubbed Missouri and Iowa State in suc- cessive week-ends 36 to 21 and 42 to 39. The steady play of Connelly, Livingston and Gunning did much for the Sooner cause in this series. February 24, the Cornhuskers put the skids under Oklahoma in the Lincoln field house with a 55-28 licking. Nelson hit five buckets from out on the floor, but it did little to stem the whirling turbine that was Nebraska that night. Warren and Tone, graduating seniors, bid Okla- homa fans adieu on February 29, when they played their last game in the Sooner field house. Both boys played a hustling game, helping Oklahoma drub the Kansas State Wildcat with a 46 shellacking. The high-flying Jayhawkers, hitting full stride, gave the Sooners a bitter dose of defeat, the score being 51 to 26 and left Oklahoma in third place, behind Nebraska. Unless the injury voodoo returns next year, Okla- homa should climb at least another notch up the con- ference ladder. Coach McDermott will have a nice foundation of returning veterans and a likely crop of sophomores with which to mould his cage machine. Returning lettermen include Ed Otte, Bill Martin, Jay Thomas, Jerome Needy and John Remy at guards; Herman Nelson and Don Gunning centers; and forwards Denton Livingston and Tee Connelly. Forward Pete Smith, a squadman this year, also has a bright cage future with two more years of eligi- bility. Rudolph Tone Don Limngston Bill Martin Tee Connelley John Paul Remy Ierome Needy AS THE SCOUTS Thomas. Parks. Clark. Cobb. Shapiro, Steinbock. Clarke. Hunter Lawrence " Jap " Haskell. Oklahoma ' s genial base- ball mentor, piloted his 1935 diamond aggregation through one of the most successful seasons a Sooner nine has ever enjoyed. The scintillating Sooners. off to a shaky start in March, righted themselves before the first road trip had ended and went into a perma- nent winning streak that carried them to the co- championship of the Big Six conference and a sea- son ' s record of 14 victories in 17 starts. The three losses came on the first road trip in March. Cold weather put a damper on the Sooners ' pre-season training routine and Travis Hinson. lone veteran on Coach Haskell ' s mound staff, was suffer- ing from the effects of a siege of " flu. " but Oklahoma managed to break even in six games with strong Texas teams. The Texas University Longhorns. perennial bul- warks of Southwestern collegiate baseball, hung two defeats on the Sooners and the Horned Frogs of Texas Christian University won one of the two games played in Fort Worth. The Baylor Bears bowed twice, however, and the Sooners turned north for the remaining eleven games on their schedule never to taste the bitter dregs of defeat during the rest of the season. Oklahoma trounced the Texas Christians twice in Norman, dropped its state rivals, the Oklahoma Ag- gies, in both ends of a home-and-home series and ma intained its winning ways through seven Big Six conference games with Nebraska, Missouri and Kan- sas State. Oklahoma ' s undefeated standing in the Big Six loop marked the first time for a conference title win- ner to go undefeated since the formation of the Big Six athletic alliance back in 1929. A sour aftermath of an otherwise happy season came when conference officials ruled that Iowa State deserved a half interest of the championship although their season ' s record showed seven wins and one loss. Oklahoma, officials ruled, had forfeited a com- plete claim to the pennant when she failed to play a full eight-game schedule. The eighth conference game on the Sooner slate, the finale of a two-game series with Kansas State, had been cancelled because of wet grounds. Good pitching in the " clutches. " timely hitting and fine fielding were the factors that made the Sooners invincible in the last twelve games of the year. Johnnie Hunter, sophomore pitching star, was shifted to the outfield by Coach Haskell when his hit- ting prowess began to overshadow his pitching abil- ity. Hunter showed his gratitude for being chosen as a regular by leading the team in hitting with a year ' s mark of .386. Gordon Clarke, slugging first-baseman, was close behind with a .366 average and Billy Amend, veteran shortstop, hung up a .358 mark for third place hon- ors. Jay Thomas, sophomore outfielder, closed the sea- son with a steady improvement at the plate and raised his stick work to a .357 level. Hohart " Red " Hardwick not only fielded his second sack position brilliantly, but was the only other Sooner to hit as high as .350. Page 178 LOOK ' EM OVER ' , Top row: Hardwick, Henson, Brakebill, Claunch Bottom row: MoNROE, Hardwick, Henson, Amend Pitching honors went to sophomore Mayo Parks who won seven straight victories after losing the sea- son ' s opener to Texas. Travis Hinson ended his ca- reer with a low earned run average and although he was unable to work regularly, won three games and suffered no losses. A severe blow to Sooner hopes came in mid-season when Merle " Hook " Coleman, sophomore pitching ace. and fast-stepping Roy Meyers, stylish outfielder, left school to join professional ball clubs, Coleman reported to Shreveport, in the Dixie league, and Meyers went to a regular ' s berth with the Oklahoma City Indians in the Texas League. At this time, however. Joe Shapiro. Rudolph Tone, Elvyn Claunch and Ira Monroe began hitting and fielding with a pleasing regularity and along with the rest of hustling Sooner club, managed to offset the loss. The receiving duties were taken care of by Delmar Steinbock, a made-over infielder who turned into one of the best handlers of pitchers in collegiate ranks. Lloyd Powers, with fine relief pitching, was a great aid in the Sooners ' pennant fight. Several important cogs of the championship ma- chine ended their playing days under University of Oklahoma colors. Travis Hinson. Billy Amend, and Billy Brakebill had served out their eligibility, while Parks succumbed to the call of the professional game and signed a contract with the Oklahoma City In- dians. A year ' s seasoning of the returning veterans and the rise of a few promising sophomores, gave Coach Haskell his only encouragement. In lieu of his past record, however, Haskell should be unworried of his future Sooner teams. Since the formation of the conference Oklahoma has won two- thirds of all its Big Six games. And each year base- ball scouts pick off the most promising of Haskell ' s stars, knowing that these men have been schooled in the fundamentals by one of the game ' s smartest teachers. OKLAHOMA ' S 1935 BASEBALL RECOF ID Oklahoma ... 4 Texas .... 9 Oklahoma 9 Texas .... 15 Oklahoma 11 Baylor .... 7 Oklahoma 8 Baylor .... 7 Oklahoma 3 T. C. 11.... 4 Oklahoma 19 T. C. U. . . . 14 Oklahoma 4 T. C. U. . . . 2 Oklahoma 14 T. C. U. , . . 7 Oklahoma 15 Missouri 5 Oklahoma 13 Missouri 5 Oklahoma 11 Missouri . . . 10 Oklahoma 1 Oklahoma Aggies Oklahoma 15 Nebraska . 2 Oklahoma 7 Nebraska . . . Oklahoma 8 Nebraska . . . 4 Oklahoma 9 Kansas State . . 5 Oklahoma 10 Oklahoma Aggies 6 Page 179 TRACK Lawson Burke Denzil Boyd Herman Nelson Elmo Hewtes Granville Barrett LoRis Moody Coach John Jacobs, famed for his strong indoor track teams, reversed the usual procedure in 1935 and although his team won two of the three indoor meets, the Sooners reached new heights with the coming of spring to sweep two dual meets, making fine showings in the major relay carnivals and to win Oklahoma ' s first Big Six conference outdoor title. Oklahoma handed Oklahoma A. and M. College a crushing 95 to 33 defeat in Norman and the Ne- braska Cornhuskers bowed by a 67 to 63 score for their first dual meet defeat in nineteen years on the Lincoln field. University records toppled like ten pins all through the year. The two-mile, distance medley and shuttle hurdle relay teams all hung up new marks and the high hurdles, 880, mile and two mile individual rec- ords were bettered by the hustling Sooners. The most notable performance of the year was Floyd Lochner ' s gallop to a national collegiate two-mile crown at Berkeley, California. Seventeen Sooners were awarded letters. The men and their major accomplishments follow: Floyd Lochner: Anchor man on the medley re- lay that set a new Texas Relay record. Big Six 2-mile champion and National Collegiate 2-mile title holder. Holder of University mile record. Ei.wooD Cleveland: Second place winner in the Big Six indoor 2-mile and Oklahoma Amateur 3,000 meter champion. Henry Janz: Big Six outdoor 440 champion and member of sprint and medley relays. Denzil Boyd: Member of record breaking indoor Pago 180 STARS Bartlett Ward Paul Bilon Richard Chaney Whit Cox lovett burk Floyd Lochner Bart Ward r ' S i - « and outdoor 2-mile relays. Tulsa indoor 880 champ. Granville Barrett: Cliff Mell 600-yard trophy winner at Tulsa. Member of 2-mile relay. Second in Big Six 440. LoRiS Moody: Big Six indoor 880 record breaker. Member of 2-mile and medley relays. Co-holder of University 880 record. Richard Chaney : Big Six outdoor 880 champ and member of the 2-mile and medley relays. Co- holder of University 880 record. Herman Nelson: Member of shuttle hurdle relay team which won Drake and Kansas Relays. High jump and hurdles point winner in conference meets. Bob Butler: Shuttle hurdle relay team member. Elmo Hewes: Shuttle hurdle relay runner and winner of fourth place in Kansas Relay decathalon. Loyett Burke: Shuttle relay member and second place winner in Kansas Relay decathalon. Holder of University high hurdle record. Whit Cox: Member of sprint relays and point winner in conference dashes. Lawson Burke : Sprint relay and dash man. Paul Bowlin: Member of conference indoor 1- mile relay championship team. Virgil Kilgore: Third place in javelin at Big Six outdoor. Aggie dual meet winner. Bart Ward: Honorary captain. Texas Relay and conference broad jump champ and Big Six in- door 440 champ and outdoor 220 winner. Medley relay team member. John Paul Remy: Point winner in conference in- door high jump. Page 181 INTRA INTRAMURAL MANAGERS Left to right: Archie Perry. Junior Manager; Harry Alley, Junior Manager: Robert Neptune, Senior Man- ager: Charles Haberline, Junior Manager; Millard Williams, Field Manager; Theatus Greeson, Junior Manager: and Richard Askew, Junior Manager. 1 935-1936 INTRAMURAL SCOREBOARD 1 til h1 1 i IN §1 i 11 I 1 loss 1 1 t S OM PM 55 o £ 7£ o o 6 o 2 o ZO o ZO o o o 277 ALPHA TAU OM£OA ■43 Z5 14 l2o 1 lO 6 7 o o o so o a o 3S o 426 e£Tyi r t0r f 74 ss 5 97 i o SB o o o o £S o 93 73 O 25 439 OfLT l TAU DELTA 45 o 4 03 O o £ 3S 7 o 7S o 77 o 30 O S32 D£ir t L f ' S LOA ffO o O a o o o O O o 70 o 37 o ° O 32S KAPPyf Ai-PHA sa o 59 s o o o o O o O o SS O O O 263 f AfPA S OM 3£ o 7 70 o o o O o O o 2oa o o O 330 P» SerA e£i.TA 4 o 26 as o 76 2 2S O 27 SO So 7S o ss O ■4SO P J OeiTA THeTA 8S 4C 7£ 264 o ss 27 o Af f so so 3B o 3S SO OSS PM CrAMMA DSLTA 74 ZS £S 24 o e o o 2 36 so o SS o O o SS PM AAPAi PS 4B SO 34 OS o o o o O O a so 73 o 3S O 400 P» APPA S OMA 55 o Z3 7Z o o o o o O so o SS o O o 2SS P KAPPA ALPHA 39 o O 2a o 2S 7 o 73 O o o 236 o 35 o S99 P KAPPA P» 74- 25 5 so o o o o O 37 o o sa o 3S o 337 S I MA ALPHA HU 03 BS SI 04 ss Se 26 o 4- 7£ so so 70 46 4S SO 7S- S OALP t PS L av 37 SO O S7 o o : 8 a 26 o so o 720 O O o 3sa S O-MA CM 3S O O 7S o 4 S2 o O o o 7S 706 O o o 333 S CrMA VC 7-C O 23 90 o o a o O o o o 33 o o o ■403 rneTA cappa p t S O O S£ o o o o O O o o SS o o o 173 cHA ' c •• J7 O a 04 o o 33 o O o so 726 272 o S s 369 PL Y A O U 37 o ZB 203 o 70 24 2S O o o 7S 7 2 9 70 so 793 AL P O A r 60 o £ SB o o 73 o O o o o 76 73 O O 2SS S£AI fl Oi£ y.OnLS 49 o o 63 o 6 o o O o o o O O O o a S£ £ t ' -aP 4a o 4- 73 o 7 76 o O o o o SS O 70 o 333 s o 6e o 8 2 o 22 a o O o o o 2 73 70 o saa- SAPILOW 74- o 30 9 o o 20 o 72 o o so 2a O O o S s L LL£ eAPlOtV 66 o s 2 o o O o O o o o 73 O O o es6 MASav C OO A t 7-f o JO 9 o o 20 70 72 o o so 723 o o o AfTMACr CiUS Z3 o O O o o O o O o o o O O o o es OC A f CLL S 3 o 6 35 o o O o O o o o 70S o o o 20S r !ot rsr rAy£ f v O o S 33 o a O o o o o o o o o o 33 O tiiOPr OVOSTS o o se 37 o o S6 o o o o o 707 ss TO o so MURALS Top row. left to right: WAITS, Gomez, Tarbell, I. Wil- liams, M. Williams, Alley. Bottom row. left to right: Man- ley, Jamison, Greer, Swes- NiK, Gist. INDIVIDUAL WINNERS The individual winners in intramural are: Melli- son Waits and Bill Tar- bell, Bowling Doubles: Irving and Maynard Wil- liams, Horseshoe Doubles: Hi Gomez and Grant Manley, Handball Dou- bles; Clarence Greer, Golf Doubles; Harold Gist, Free Throws; Harry Al- ley, Badminton; Grant Manley, Handball Singles; Robert Swesnik, Ping Pong Singles; and Lloyd Jamison, Boxing. PI K. A. CHAMPIONS Top row. left to right: Lane, L. Johnson, Breeden, Pane. Bottom row. left to right: J. Johnson, Neptune, Hanson, Kirton, Riffe, McCullough. PHI DELTA THETA At the present time Pi Kappa Alpha is All-round Intramural Champion and there is a possibility that Phi Delta Theta will suc- ceed Pi K. A. as the head organization. Top row, left to right: CoN- nell, Huff, Meacham, Merchant. Seagraves, Rowan. Bottom row. left to right: Reiff, Wright, Kincaid, Connelly, Carpenter, Champlin, Bor- NATIONAL Ralph Hughes Billy Morris Harry Broadbent Bill Keas Jack Ridley Billy Carr To Coach Paul V. Keen ' s 1936 wrestling team goes the mythical plum for athletic achievement at the University of Oklahoma. The Sooner grapplers, forced to bow to the great Oklahoma Aggie crew in two dual meets during the season, closed with a rush to sweep the " Big Six " tournament in Norman and the national intercollegiate title at Lexington, Va. The Lexington victory marked the first national title a Sooner athletic team has ever garnered and proved a fitting climax for a season in which Coach Keen ' s proteges were the recipients of more than their share of hard luck. The two previous dual meet losses at the hands ol the Aggies were more than wiped out as the Sooners halted the five-year monopoly that the Stillwater Cowboys had held on the national championship. The Sooner dual meet record included victories over the Northeastern Teachers of Tahlequah, Cen- tral State Teachers of Edmond and the Southwestern Teachers of Weatherford. Testimony of the strength of these opponents was shown in the national tourney when the Central Bronchos placed second, the Okla- homa Aggies third and the Southwestern Bulldogs fourth in the team rankings. The most disheartening break of the year came early in the season when the stylish 165-pounder, Port Robertson, received an injury that kept him out of most of the meets of the season. Robertson won three points against the Aggies in the last dual meet of the season but was unable to enter the national meet. Page 184 CHAMPIONS Port Robertson Wayne Martin Doc Morse Joe Kalpin D. C. Mathews Marshall Word In the " Big Six " tournament the Sooners narrowly missed scoring a grand slam, winning seven weight championships outright and tying for the eighth. They qualified their entire five-man team for the Olympic finals at Lehigh, Pa., in April, no other school qualifying so many. Senior Wayne Martin received the coaches ' vote as the outstanding wrestler at the national meet. Martin won all four of his bouts in the 134-pound class by falls and won his third consecutive national crown. The surprise of the national tournament was Harry Broadbent, senior 174-pounder, who clinched the championship for the Sooners by decisioning Dormer Browning, Oklahoma Aggie, in the finals. Martin, Broadbent and Joe Kalpin, " Big Si. " 155- pound champ, will graduate from the Sooner team this season, leaving as a nucleus for next year ' s squad Billy Morris, " Big Six " 118-pound champion; Bill Carr, state champion at 126 pounds; D. C. Matthews, national third place winner at 123 pounds; Bill Keas, national runner-up at 158 pounds: Port Robertson, undefeated 165-pounder: Marshall Word. " Big Six ' " co-champion at 165 pounds; and Ralph Brown, " Big Six " heavyweight champion. During Coach Keens eight-year coachship at Oklahoma, the Sooners have won " Big Six " cham- pionships five times. Page 185 WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS Due to the untiring efforts of Miss Ima James, di- rector of physical education for women, athletics for women on the campus of the University of Oklahoma have progressed so that now the institution has one of the best intramural programs in the south. It started from practically nothing and has grown to an athletic program for women that is recognized all over the United States. The women ' s athletic de- partment offers activities that are suitable to any girl and it is shown by the fact that 983 girls participated in the intramural activities during the past year. Mis s James finished her undergraduate work at Mississippi State College for Women and then took graduate work at Wisconsin University and New York University. Coming to the University of Oklahoma in 1918 she had very little to start with. Starting to work in earnest she built up her women ' s athletic department by degrees, adding to it every year until it has be- come an invaluable part of the school. This service that has been rendered the girls at the University of Oklahoma by Miss James, with the aid of the administration of course, is extraordinarily out- standing, and too much praise cannot be given to the one woman who has been largely responsible for the wonderful development of the program of athletics for women. And Miss James has many plans for future years in making sports more interesting for co-eds and add- ing other activities they may enjoy. Miss Ima Jam ks Top row: Miss James and Mary Katherine Smith. Marion Barrowman. Second roil ' .- Ruth Ann McSpadden, Eleanor Burton. Third roil ' .- Marion Barrowman, Archery Through the e.xtensive and co-operative efforts of a well-organized and rapidly growing Physical Edu- cation Department and a very interested and wide- awake Women ' s Athletic Association, great progress is being made in the realm of Sports for Women. The girls enrolled in the university are offered recreation which will bring friendships, associations, enjoyment and the ability to do well whatever sport she may choose. A broad program of sports, including team and individual activities, is offered through the Women ' s Athletic Association and under the direct supervision of Miss Ima James. Emphasis is placed on the sound and happy participation of every girl and not on the making of champions. Page 186 Top row: The Barrowman twins (Elizabeth and Marion), Mary Elizabeth Lockett and FlorL-ncc BioJiison. Second row: Duck ' s Club. Christmas Kid Party. Third row: Varsity Hockey Team. Ellen Ash and Ruth Ann McSpadden. Officers of the W. A. A. are: Elizabeth Barrowman, President Florence Broderson, Vice-President Francis Peters. Secretary Nena Ruth Gibbins. Treasurer Ellen Ash. Intramural Manager Magdelena Cortazar, Social Chairman The W. A. A. is divided into two divisions in the sports competition. Sororities compete against soror- ities and the independent women are divided into six districts, these districts competing against one an- other. Among the major sports in which there is strong competition are Hockey. Basketball. Volleyball. Baseball. Rifle, Tennis. Archery, Swimming, Health Week and Soccer. The minor sports consist of Handball. Badminton. Ping Pong, Horseshoes and Track. Organizations in the W. A. A, itself and their presidents are as follows: Duck ' s Club (Swimming) — Mary Alice Murray Rifle Club (Marksmanship) — Francis Maschal Racket Club (Tennis) — Ellen Ash Archery Club — Mildred Stearly Orchesis (Dancing) — Sara Marie Batten Dusty Travelers (Hiking) — Francis Peters Timber Cruisers ( Riding ) — Lurline Kraft Page 187 Left to right: Chanev, Lochm-r. Hn [ . i„ij; i,i_am). Moody. ind l, im h i m CROSS COUNTRY Climaxing the most successful season a team of Sooner harriers has enjoyed since 1929. Coach John Jacobs ' five-man crew of cross country runners ended this year ' s campaigning with three victories in four dual meets and the Big Six conference team cham- pionship to its credit. Although Captain Floyd Lochner was beset with illness throughout a greater part of the season, he received courageous support from Elwood Cleveland. Loris Moody, Denzil Boyd and Dick Chaney. Loch- ner, Cleveland and Chaney will be lost to the 1936 squad by graduation. The Sooners opened the season by trouncing the GOLF Nebraska Cornhuskers 36 to 19 at Lincoln, October 26, A week later Oklahoma made it two in a row by defeating the North Texas Teachers of Denton. 32 to 23, at Norman, A 30 to 25 loss at the hands of Kansas State at Manhattan, November 16, was avenged the next week-end on the same track when Oklahoma squeezed into the first ten places to cop the Big Six title. The season was closed on Thanksgiving when the Sooners out-legged the Kansas Staters 30 to 25 in a 1-mile race at Norman, Left to right: CoACH Drake (kneeling), St. John, Gandv. Hankinson, and Emery, The University of Oklahoma golf squad swept every team they met before them to take the state golf title as well as the Big Six con- ference championship. In both the state and conference meets, the Sooner foursome took the first four places, Emery, 1934 intercol- legiate champion, dis- played some of his best playing and was run- ner-up in the National Amateur meet held in Clc cland. He was de- feated by Lavvson Lit- tle. British Open cham- pion, on the last round of play. -«eaBi iS J s - Personalities s r f U I .1 ■ .■¥ ■• ■. i , WHO ' S WHO JOHN WHEELER, b ecause he was president of Pi Kappa Alpha, is a member of Scabbard and Blade, jazz Hounds, Cadet Colonel R. O. T. C, Skeleton Key, and Interfraternity Council. HELEN NINA TAPPAN. because she is a member of Phi Mu. Pi Zeta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, W. S. G. A., Big Sister, University Sym- phony Orchestra. Panhellenic, and Y. W. C. A. string choir. IN THE PICTURES Top Row: The pride of Muskogee is shown here in the persons of Wanda Mae Hays, Theta, and George McLean, Phi Psi. One of the most pleasant fellows on the campus is Joe Grant, Kappa Alpha. Second Row: Betty Hume, Alpha Chi from Anadarko, won the Dad ' s Day cup this year. Ed McCurtain gets mixed up with the concrete mixer. Ann Morrow, stunning Chi Omega, reminds us of " The Lady in Red " . Ruth Stahl, Chi O, is one of the most frequent breaker of hearts on the campus ' tis said. At the Bottom: . L. Rader, Librarian, appears in a jovial mood. Loafing between classes is truly an ' all campus " pastime. IN THE PICTURES Top Row: The band presents a colorful spectacle as it passes in review be- tween halves. A domestic scene in the Kappa house which seems to amuse Mary Huffhincs, Peggy Lou Stein, francos Pearcc, and Betsy Billings. Sec- ond Row: Sigma Gamma Epsilon, geological fraternity, assumes a festive air for Homecoming celebrations. Betty Sue Fleming, Gov. Landon ' s politically minded neice bares her " vote getting " smile. Nelson Clabaugh and Ruth Ann MeSpadden, Theta thunderbolt, seem a bit careless about the rules. Phil Harris, Beta " socialite, " looks very business-like as the candid camera catches him unawares. At the Bottom; Austin Bealmcar, Daily Oklahoman re- porter, covers the game for the Associated Press. Norman High School contributes an attractive float for Homecoming. BILL BARNKS. because he is pres- ident of Alpha Chi Sigma, and Toga: vice-president of Checkmate: treasurer of Sigma Tau, and Pe-et: and a mem- ber of the Engineer ' s Club, Skeleton Key, Tau Beta Pi. and Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BE ANN BROWN, because she is treasurer of the League of Young Democrats, social chairman of W. S. G. A., secretary of Panhellenic, and a member of the English Club and Kap- pa Kappa Gamma. IN THE PICTURES HELEN IRENE STACY, because she is a member of Choral Club, V A. A., Intramural Council, El Modjii, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Polo and Rid- ing Association, Racket Club, WNAD, chairman of Approved House Coun- cil ' 36, and president Women ' s House Council. KAREY FUQUA, because he is a member of O ' Club, Men ' s Council, Sigma Nu, president of Checkmate, and a football letterman. Top Row: Joe Caviezal, Delta Tau Delta big shot, sets em up " to a few of his lady admirers. This unusual picture of Mary jane Bass. Ruth Ferguson, and Su Nelle Nesbitt, was made in the study room of the Theta house. Second Row; Watt McBrayer. Phi Gamma Delta, crams for that quiz that ' s been bothering him. The card stunts were a popular feature of the football games. Lucille Wheeler, Delta Gamma initiate, gets our nomination for " the sophisti- cate. " Construction work on the Union tower aroused unusual student interest. At the Bottom: Bob Campbell, Jazz Hound father, leaves his office after a hard day ' s work. The new Business Administration building will fill a press- ing need. Top Row: The Women ' s Athletic Department offers these two champions (at what 7) , Naclinc Botes, Tri Delt, and Mozellc Trout. Ritbi e ]anc Douglass, Kappa Alpha Theta, thinks that its funny because Mar; Parks has a sore finger. Sam Billings, of the Sooner Staff, opens the door for Maxine Wal- lace, Pi Beta Phi. Second Row: Hoyte Allen, one of the Oklahoma Daily ' s advertising managers, comes in after a hard day ' s grind. Candid shot of Tom Walsh, Phi Gam polo star. Kay Riggan, Theta, exhibits what the well dressed lady wears to the formals. Don Kuhn, Phi Psi, has a strong back to hold this load. At the Bottom: Brother and sister are . D. and Lucy Ellen Fellers. Esther Wells, of Logan Hall, is a very good friend of David Winsloiv. WILSON CLINE. because he is a member of Skeleton Key. Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Eta Sigma. Ruf Neks. In- terfraternity Council. Phi Delta Phi, Debate Forum ' 3 ' i- ' 3S. Pi Sigma Alpha, and is a Phi Kappa Psi. RLITH CLARK, because she was president of Pi Beta Phi. president of Panhellcnic. vice-president of League of Young Democrats, member of Y. W. C. A. House Council, and of W. S. G. A. Executive Council. ml ■■ ■■ MYRA CONRAD, because she is the president of Alpha Chi Omega, president of the Business Girl ' s Club, senior chairman of the Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, and is a member of Panhel- lenic. ALLEN CALVERT, because he has been president of Beta Theta Pi, Major in R. O. T. C, and a member of Bombardiers, Intramural Tennis, Eta Sigma Phi, Derby Club, Jazz Hounds, Scabbard and Blade, and Senate. IN THE PICTURES Top Row: The fans watch big Bill Brccden plunge through the line for a 12 yard gain. Kenny Robinson. Herschcl French, and Jack Williams, were feeling pretty glum when the ca ndid cameraman caught this one. Second Row: This student matron is well stocked for a Thanksgiving repast, in fact we bet that hubby can hardly wait. Raleigh Francis, one of the Biffer ' s ace ball carriers, is rather handsome without his headgear. Mrs. Grace Trosper. Tri Delt Hostess, apparently has this float under proper control. Henry Lcc McConncll. A. T. O. ' s ranking R. O. T. C. colonel shows off his manly figure before jane Willour, sophomore Theta. At the Bottom: Lois Bates, Alpha Xi Delta, exhibits the photograph of her hearts desire. This line at the Kappa ' open-house " reminds us of bargain day at the 5 and 10 cent store. IN THE PICTURES Top Row; La Vonu Honci cutt and Jack Bacr arc absorbed by th eantics of these " collich " cut-ups in the Varsity Shoppe. Cecil H. Britc. jovial manager of publications, has at last found a car to suit his taste. Second Row: Warren Welch, Alpha Sigma Phi, gets plenty griped when his date stands him up in the Union. The W. A. A. float seems to have turned into a cheering section. " Ton " Calvert looks for that nail that he picked up last night, (did I say " nail " or " frail " ?). Ernest Haskell, trys a Sir Walter Ralicgh act on the young lady. At the Bottom: A shot of the flower garden behind the L. A. building. Dean McDaniel has an every ready eye for erring co-eds. ]. D. t-ELLERS. because he has been president of Phi Kappa Psi, na- tional secretary of Bombardiers. Ma- jor in R. O. T. C. and a member of Scabbard and Blade. Senate. Interfra- ternity Council. Jazz Hounds, the Sooner Staff. Monnett Bar. and Skele- ton Key. R1-:NN ROTHROCK, because he is a member of the Intcrfraternity Council. ]azz Hounds, the League of Younjj Democrats. Skeleton Key, .ind Phi Kappa Sigma. V WHO ' S WHO IN THE PICTURES GLEE MILLER, because she is the vice-president of Alpha Lambda Del- ta, and is a member of the Big Sister Committee of W. S. G. A.. Phi Beta Kappa, the Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, His- tory Club and Delta Delta Delta. WAYNE MARTIN, because he has been the National Intercollegiate and Big Six Wrestling champion for the past three years, and was a mem- ber of Dr. Bizzell ' s Honor Class and Phi Eta Sigma. Top Row: Take a lesson from Evelyn Crctj (Theta) on the best way to make Phi Beta Kappa. Billic Plock. Ruf Nek queen, is ery composed in the face of a probable Jazz Hound kidnapping. Second Row: Lcc Bong Quong. Sigma Chi cook, prepares a pot of his favorite rice. Eleanor Burton gi es us a dem- onstration on the most graceful way to jump a tennis net. Leap year gives Mildred McDannald. attractive Chi Omega, an opportunity to call the boy friend for a date. We wonder what Dean Monnett would give for a set of curls like these belonging to Genieve WiUiamsl At the Bottom: This lit- tle picture reminds us of the old tune " Alexanders Rag Time Band. " Is there a possibility that the horse in the background has any significance in this pic- ture of the Spanish club float? Top Row: Jim Brcnnan. Phi I ' si pledge, will probably hit a knot-hole if a member catches him sawing logs on that couch. If this gentleman {Mitchell) is around send your week-night date down the alley. Second Row: The candid cameraman was just as much surprised as the little lady was when he caught this shot. This " old timer " doesn ' t seem to be very excited about Dad ' s Day, the football game, or anything else. Ralph Bogart. Sigma Nu ' s senior lawyer, is the " sweetest little feller in the world " , to a certain girl in Chickasha. At the Bottom: The sun ' :en garden behind the Admin ' stration building is always a favorite location for the love-sick. Scabbard and Blade pledges in their annual encampment draw their swords and practice the role of Captain Blood. MURIEL MINNKIK. she was secretary of the sophomore, treasurer of Panhcllenic, and a mem- ber of the Y. W. C. A.. Hestia. Busi- ness Women ' s Club. Town ' s Council, and Alpha Chi Omega. GEORGE BANGS, because he was Prcs ' dent of the Freshman Law- Class, and a member of the Debate Team, Oratorical Council. Delta Sig- ma Rho, Thalian, WNAD Players, and University Players. WHO WHO TOM FINNEY, because he is president of Phi Gamma Delta, and a member of Phi Delta Phi. Phi Beta Kappa. Scabbard and Blade. Presi- dents Class. Skeleton Key. and the Interfraternity Council. FRANCES MYERS, because she is president of Kappa Kappa Gamma and Chi Delta Phi. She is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta. Kappa Gam- ma Epsilon. Mortar Board. R. O. T. C. Sponsor. Y. W. C. A., and Panhel- lenic. IN THE PICTURES Top Row: " Dub " Whcclcr. Ail-American and East-West player, takes " Philbcrt " Kilgorc upon his knee and lectures him in the error of his ways. Charlie Graces and Kay Riggan seem to have a good idea regarding the use of this coat room in the Phi Psi house. Second Row: Women ' s archery is one of the most popular sports on the campus among the fairer sex. President Bi::etl is snapped by the candid camera in an ungarded moment. From this group of little Pi Phis we would recommend the girl in the middle. " Kitten " Clonts. Here is indeed a startling innovation — a " south-paw " with the electric iron. At the Bottom: Elaine Fcndley and Lois Bates look very comfort- able in this scene and the only improvement we could suggest would be the boy friend. One of the oldest buildings on the campus, the Ad Building is sliU one of the most beautiful. IN THE PICTURES Tf p Row: Doug Myers. Beta Thcta I ' i, is the recipient of a winsome smile from Wanda Mac Hays, Theta prexy. Barbara Stuart seems unimpressed by " Lucy " Locke ' s lady killing grin. Second Row: A little band queen from tfie Aggie college seems unhappy as she witnesses the Cowboys take a shel- lacking at the hands of BifT ' s Sooners. can Johnson assumes an unaccustomed pose in the library. Mary Martineau. playful Gamma Phi, communes with evil spirits. Dick Turner, Phi Psi ' s bad boy does a bit of meditating. At iiii; Bottom: This Homecoming float stumps us, so well let the reader try to figure out who it is. Billic Plock. Kappa beauty, relaxes a moment with her Colorado boy friend " Chuck Monroe " , Phi Delt. WHO ' S WHO HELEN ANDERSON, she is the president of Alpha Lambda Delta, and is a member of the ' . W. C. A.. W. S. G. A.. Timlx-r Crui.sers, and Delta Delta Delta. RHYS EVANS, he is .sec- retary of the Y. M. C. A., and a mem- ber of the I ' residonts Honor Cla.-is. Skeleton Key, Pe-et. Pi Sigma Alpha. Phi Beta Kappa, Interfraternity Coun- cil, Phi Delta Phi, Scabbard and Blade, and Sigma Chi. WESLEY KITCHENS, because he is a member of the University Band, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, German Club, Pe-et, Phi Beta Kappa, and a former member of the Presi- dent ' s Honor Class. MAXINE APPLEMAN, because she is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Beta Kappa. Kappa Gam- ma Epsilon, and of Mortar Board. IN THE PICTURES Top Row: The golfing stars (?) are Dick Turner. Marion Holland. Paul Day, and ]crry Beckett. The candid cameraman certainly enjoyed taking this pic- ture in the Women ' s building. Second Row: Helen Ribeyre, Pi Phi, chose this perch at the Library to watch for her date. " Love. In Ten Easy Lessons " . is the title of the book Mary Gibson and " Chub " Holtzendorff are reading. Louise Niemann. Pi Beta Phi, is one of those who dress with the best of taste. Volley Ball in the Women ' s gym is a very popular sport with the girls. At THE Bottom: Nell Marie Anderson. Delta Gamma, is one who always has a cheery smile for everybody. These Alpha Chis on way to class are Morene Warren, Frances Krauss, and Elsie Hampton. m IB Jr. A IN THE PICTURES Toi ' Row: The Liberal Arts Building disgorges its usual quota of students at 10 A.M. Dick Turner seems to have a bit more feminine pulchritude than he is able to handle sucessfully. Skcond Row: Bettt Anderson, colorful Chi Omega, poses in a sweet moment of blissful repose. " Zippy " Zadik. K. A. romeo, seems to be enjoying Ruth Ferguson ' s tender kiss. Bob Lee " Around the Campus " Kidd. chuckles to himself as he hears a choice bit of gossip for his .scandal column. ]ohn Runyan, Alpha Sig big shot, finds that a drink of water will do wonders for an aching head. At ' nil- Bottom: Peggy Lamb and Grocer Ozmun are caught with smiles that seem a liit forced to us. Mary Taliaferro, Pi Phi ' s Mae West, gives us a cherry nod but Kenny Robinson. her Pi K. A. beau, ducks his head to avoid unnecessary publicity. J WHO ' S WHO SU ANNH ARNOTE. she is editor-in-chief of the Oklahama Daily and is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Theta Sigma Phi. Mortar Board, and the Women ' s Honor ' 35. )IMMY HAWES, because he was editor of the 1935 Sooner, received the ' 34 Dad ' s Day cup. is president of Skeleton Key and a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Ruf Neks, and various other organizations. WHO ' S WHO DOUGLAS MYERS, because he is a member of Pe-et. Toga, Skeleton Key, Ruf Neks, Scabbard and Blade, Band, Bombardiers, and Beta Theta Pi. JOHN NICHOLS, because he is the president of Delta Tau Delta, and a member of the Interfraternity Coun- cil, Skeleton Key. Jazz Haunds, Der- by Club. Senate, Oratorical Council, and the League of Young Democrats, IN THE PICTURES Top Row: The Homecoming parade and evening festivities are always added inducements to wandering alumni. Brig. General W. S. Keys, gives his .salute to the flag as the unit passes in review. Second Row: Nchon Clabaugh. Phi Psi, smashes through a hot one that should be hard to stop. Ed Bartlett gives the boys in the Alpha Sig house an exhibition in the art of rolling cigarettes. Jack Luttrell and Jo Nell Walters seem to be enjoying each other ' s company. Presenting the little Freshman class and Sooner beauty queen in her home surroundings (she ' s really not this studious). At the Bottom: Eloise Cray shows us how the girls from Logan Hall gi e the boys a " come hither " look. Francis Trindle and Henry Lee McConnell offer a startling contrast in height as the A. T. O. ' s line up for coffee. IN THE PICTURES Top Row: The Alpha l hi ' s celebrate Homecoming by entering a float in the annual parade. Lois Bates and Elaine Fendlei . Alpha Xi Deltas, arrange themselves in comfort for a little session about the boys. SiiCONi) Row: Mr. Lindsey, the financial clerk of alma mater is one of the school ' s most ardent football fans. Ruth Ferguson. Theta pledge, always has a cheery smile and a word of greeting for her friends. Lucille McKenzic, Pi Phi journalist, watches for the appearance of her cab. We ' ll bet that Drudy Anderson has the longest stride of any girl on the campus. At the Bottom: ' What young man has a chance against an array of faces like these Chi O ' s present. The Jayhawker Band furnishes a little competition for the Oklahoma boys. WHO ' S WHO BRYCI HARLOW, because he is a member of Pc-et, President ' s Honor Class, Phi Eta Sigma. Tau Omega, Checkmate, t- ' rcnch Club (Pres.). Scabbard and Blade, Phi Beta Kappa, Men ' s Council, and Wcbsterian. RAYMOND SANDLER, he is treasurer of Sigma Alpha Mu, and a member of the wrestling team. " O ' Club. Congress, Interfraternity Council and the Menorah Society. ALMA FOSTER, because she was a member of Panhellenic in 1935, treasurer of Alpha Phi in ' 35- ' 36, member of Business Girl ' s Club, and of Y. W. C. A, JOHN C. ZWICK, because he is president of Senior Law Class, presi- dent of Acacia, member of Phi Alpha Delta, and of the Interfraternity Council. Top Row: Louise Carter, Kappa Alpha Theta, and John Ainswocth, Pi Kappa Alpha, are exploring one of the transformer pits which has been left open for inspection. Eddie Sands, Houston flash, has Bill Midgley in a tight spot. Second Row: Jim Haning and Alfred Nai[eh go into a clinch to discuss the political situation. Elizabeth Phillips, Pi Beta Phi, gets a kiss from Phil Harris and Johnny Nichols. Wanda Mae Hays, Kappa Alpha Theta, has been one of the most popular co-eds for several years. Charlie Grai ' cs, Kerr ' s ready-to-wear magnate, gives a demonstration of the latest Hollywood fashions. At the Bottom: Paul Day. Phi Kappa Psi. is rudely interrupted in the midst of his sun bath. Johnny Nichols, Delta Tau prexy, gives the girls a break and makes a date. IN THE PICTURES Top Row: Bob Brummcl. K. A., and " Kitten " Clonts. Pi l hi, form one of the campus ' s best known couples. Sara Margaret Freeman, big acti ity woman, has a cheery greeting for Kenneth Wilson, Delta Tau Delta. Second Row: Jack Davis, one man swimming team, poses in front of his fraternity — Delta Tau Delta. Mary Margaret Roberts, Kappa Alpha Theta, offers both person- ality and charm. This little bear cub lives in the basement of the library. When you awaken and see things like this in the morning things arc getting pretty bad. At the Bottom: June Myers, Delta Gamma freshman, plants a big kiss on the cheek of her beloved — Ramsey de Meulcs. One of the most popular couples on the campus is Allen Calvert. Beta, and Louise Niemann, Pi Phi. WHO ' S WHO EVERETT COTTER, because he was secretary and treasurer of Phi Delta Phi in ' 35- ' 36. president of In- ter-Bar Council i-i- ' iS, secretary of Intorfraternity Council ' SS- ' SS, vice- president of Toga, and president of Sigma Nu in ' 3 -35. VIRGINIA PARRIS. she was treasurer of Alph.i Lambda Delta in 1933. .secretary of Sophomore Y. W. C. A. Council in 33, Delta Gam- ma, treasurer of W. S. G. A., member of Mortar Board, and History Club. WHO ' S WHO SAM ABRAMS. because he va-, editor of the Oklaltoma Daihi in 1933. He is a member of Sigma Delta Chi, Pe-et. Phi Beta Kappa. Interfraternity Council, President s Honor Class, and Phi Beta Delta. BILL WALDROP, because he is president of Pe-et, and a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Bombardiers, Jazz Hounds, Phi Sigma, President ' s Honor Class, Alpha Pi Mu, Men ' s Council, and Alpha Tau Omega. IN THE PICTURES Top Row: Dick Chancy and Floyd Lochner capture the first places in the Turkey Day race at the football game. Senator ]oe Whitaket drops his legis- lative duties for a day to see Oklahoma defeat t he Aggies. Second Row: Phi Mu house decorations for the Kansas game are a bit unusual to say the least. The poor little Jazz Hound i.s in bad company with Ruf Neks. Miss Bobbie Huff, hurries back to the Registry office after that cup of coffee in the Union. Emma Beth Ambrister and Margery Fcndley resort to that old custom of raiding the ice box for that midnight bite. Ax the Bottom: Ses- sions in the sorority after dates always reveal unusual and interesting bits of of gossip. Bob Smith. Theta Sigma Phi, is one of the most loyal pepsters. Top Row: Walli Thomas, Phi Gam, looks like Sherlock Holmes in this shot with Ellen Fullcnwidcr. his Delta Gamma sweetheart. This is Mr. Wchrcnd. capable band director and enthusiastic (?) yearbook supporter. " Doc " Er- skinc ' s cheery words of encouragement have accomplished a great deal in building the morale of the team. Si-xond Row: These little Alpha Xi Delta co-eds look more like nymphs of the wood than sorority girls. Elaine Dut ' is and Martha Collier, have done much to blaze a new trail in the love history of Pi Beta Phi. Allan Engleman. capable yearbook executive and prominent Phi Delt. has just thought of a new idea of getting the administration to appro e the Junior-Senior prom. Georyc Twi man gives us a demonstration of " neck- ing " as done in Oklahoma. At the Bottom: These little Pi Phis invite the boys to ' come on over and play awhile. " S. A. R. ' s Billii Harrison .seems con- tented with this little Oklahoma City deb. ALLAN ENGLEMAN, because he is the Manager of the 1936 Sooner. I ' resident of the Senior Class, and member of Interfraternity Coun- cil. Scabb.ird and Blade, Derby Club. Skeleton Key, Jazz Hounds, and Phi Delta Theta. l-RANCES MASCHAL, because she is Captain of the Women ' s Rifle Team, ice-president of Alpha Xi Delta, and a member of Panhellenic. the Y. ' W. C. A. Cabinet, W. A. A. Council, and W. S. G. A. WHO ' S WHO ANNA NELL ROBERTS, because she is a member of the Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, El IVIodjii, Publication Board, Covered Wagon and Sooner Staff and Chi Omega. WALTER EMERY, because he was runner-up to Lawson Little in the national amateur golf champion- ship last fall, is vice-president of the Freshman Law Class ' 34, and is a member of Jazz Hounds, Skeleton Key, and Sigma Chi. N THE PICTURES Top Row: Billij Hubbell and . O. Civens.. A. T. O.s, didn ' t make the Golden Gloves but they ' re having fun anyway. Dr. Ackins and his cigar are always present at the football games. Estetle Thurmond, Theta. is plenty sore about something. Second Row: Lucille Hinshaw has more books than she ' ll ever study we wager. Woof Gibson looks after the bull pup like a father. Brig. Gen. W. S. Keys reviews the R. O. T. C. unit. Lucille McKenzie is our idea of a really sweet girl. Kathryn Wright takes her turn at leading the orches- tra. Frances Maschal ' s pretty face .seems quite distorted. At the Bottom: Kay Caudill and Mildred Stearly seem preoccupied. Fred Bragassa appears to have lost his last friend. !N THE PICTURES fop Row: Warren Clinc, dignified lawyer, loses his equilibrium just a bit and goes for a ride through the air. C, M. Kityorc, Alpha Sigma Phi, gi ' cs a dem- onstration showing a new use for the tooth brush. Si-.cond Row: Gcoryo Shaffer, varsity yell leader, stac ' s up a few of the Phi Psi brothers and climbs aloft. PoUyanna McBr ' .de. Pi Beta Phi. rcninds us of a tooth paste ment as she poses with ]im Sinqiicjicld. This beautiful young lady with the martyred air is none other than Francis Mi crf. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Hiking is a favorite sport at Hester Hall. The girl with the boots is Mozcllc Trout and the one with the plaid coat is Crctchcn Kalin. At thi; Bottom; ]o Nell Wattcrs, Gamma Phi Beta, and Cicrri Balbin. Kappa, say that the Sig Alphs are such " good sports. " This Alpha Xi Delta tells us that spring is here. Rose Ahrcns, Tri Dclt, and Louise Carter, Theta. are all eyes for the boys. WHO ' S WHO WILLIAM POWERS, because he is a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Con- gress. Y. M. C. A.. League of Young Democrats, Monnett Bar, President ' s Honor Class, president I. M. A. Dis- trict No. 3, and rccei ed a Letieiser Aw ard. ELOISE BRYAN, she is member of Y. W. C. A.. Panhellcnic, Big Si.stcr Committee of W. S. G. A., president of Gamma Phi Beta, and president of sorority house council. WHO ' S WHO STEWART MARK, because he is Circulation Manager of the 1936 Sooner yearbook, secretary of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and a member of Publication Board, Jazz Hounds, Skel- eton Key, Scabbard and Blade, and Phi Beta Kappa. FLOYD LOCHNER, because he is the National Intercollegiate Two Mile Champion. He is a former mem- ber of the Men ' s Council. His frater- nity is Alpha Sigma Phi. IN THE PICTURES Top Row: This car representing Gamma Phi Beta holds quite a select crew of our campus charm girls. Brown Monnett. is unaware that his " mug " is destined for publication. Second Row: Ruth Ann McSpadden. Kappa Alpha Theta. demonstrates the corre ct form. We take pleasure in unma.sking the real author of the " Pe-et " Men ' s Council constitution — Jimmy Hawes. The Oklahoma band reflects the careful training which they undergo. Frances Maschel and Z-oi ' s Bates practice up for the Saturday night prom. At the Bottom: ]o Dyer. Enid charm girl, is quite a sensation with the bow and arrow. David Ross, Newkirk freshman, hits the grind that produces Phi Eta Sigma. . . . Home is in Seminole, and is very outstanding both scholastically and socially. She is a Freshman in the Fine Arts school, and the Freshman Class queen. Enjoys reading and dancing. She is a member of the Y. W. C. A. George Arliss is her -favorite actor. Dorothy is a Kappa Kappa Gamma pledge. ... A freshman in the College of Arfs and Sciences and is an initiate of Kappa Alpha Theta. Her home is in Oklahoma City. She enjoys the university ' s social life very much. Chief ambition — to be a detective (no foolin ' ). Her principle sports are horseback riding and Ice skating, and her favorite actors Stan Laurel and Bette Davis. . . . Lives in Oklahoma City, and seems to enjoy the social affairs of fhe campus a li+fle more fhan her academic work. She is a Junior in the College of Fine Arfs, and a member of the Racquet Club, Orchesis, and El Modjii. Her favorite re- laxation is drawing, and Robert Taylor is her ideal movie star. She is an initiate to Pi Beta Phi. ... Is a resident of Tulsa, and seems to be making quite a record In a scholastic way. She is a freshman In the Arts and Sciences College, and a member of the Y. W. C. A., and the activities committee of the W. S. G. A. Enjoys horseback rid- ing and chief ambitions are to get married and be a Paleon- tologist. Myrna Ley is her favorite actress. She Is an Initiate of Delta Gamma. . . . Comes from Tulsa, and is a very good student except when her time is taken up by various activities such as: High- hat, Business Girls ' Club, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, and the SOONER Staff. She is a Junior in the Business school. Her favorite pastimes are horseback riding, dancing, and collecting stamps. Thinks Gene Raymond is the pe rfect " college " boy. She is an affiliated member of Chi Omega. IMl „v J„JiyitfJkiJJ, ' .l,, .. . ' d. .K.J . -■ ,.,l,, _ . ' j..i,J .il ' W,L: M ' -HH Ji ' .fA . . . Lives in Norman, and is very enthusias+ic about it. She is a sophomore in the Business school and her expressed ambi- tion Is to be a bank president. Holds membership In the Y. W. C. A., and her chief interests are dancing and tennis. Frederick March is her favorite movie star. She is an Initiate of Alpha Phi. JSctraA Jf luLce ... A Sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, and besides being a good student, is quite active in various campus activities. She is a resident of Oklahoma City and an initiate of Delta Delta Delta. Enjoys dancing, horseback riding, and life in general. Her favorite actor is none other than Clark Gable. AILENE SIMMS POLLY ATKINSON LUCILLE WHEELER NELL SIMMONS Pi Beta Phi Delta Gamma Delta Gamma Delta Delta Delta KATHERINE RIGGAN BETTYLU NICHOLS JUNE HELTON ELAINE FENDLEY Kappa Alpha Theta Delta Delta Delta Pi Beta Phi Alpha XI Delta VIOLA MILLS Deita Gamma LOUISE NIEMANN Pi Beta Phi MARY NELL PATTERSON Kappa Kappa Gamma CHARLOTTE STRONG Robinson Hall MAURINE CARD Hester Hall ELIZABETH ADAMS Alpha Gamma Delta BE ANN BROWN Kappa Kappa Gamma MURIEL FORSYTH Alpha Chi Omega SARAH MARIE BATTEN Gamma Phi Beta ELIZABETH HENDERSON Alpha Gamma Delta FRANCES MYERS Kappa Kappa Gamma MARY LOCKE Kappa Alpha Theta WANDA MAE HAYES Kappa Alpha Theta MILDRED McDANNALD Chi Omega MURIEL MINNICK Alpha Chi Omega LUCILLE HINSHAW Alpha Xi Delta MARY HELEN CORWIN Phi Mu ANN MORROW Chi Omega GLEE MILLER Delta Delta Delta CATHERINE CLONTS Pi Beta Phi IDAH MAXINE ABERSON Sigma Delta Tau NEVA HODGES Delta Delta Delta GENE CHANNELL Alpha Phi BOBBIE DURAND Delta Gamma GRACE MARIE PITCHFORD Gamma Phi Beta GERALDINE RENEGAR Chi Omega KATHRYN KIRKPATRICK Alpha Phi RUTH STAHL Chi Omega MARY ADELINE WILSON MARY MARGARET ROBERTS RUTH FERGUSON DORIS ARMSTRONG Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Alpha Theta Delta Delta Delta JO NELL WAITERS EVELYN CARROL FLORENCE FULLER MABELLE MILLER Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Kappa Gamma Gamma Phi Beta Pi Beta Phi Military ffc ' ' ' . m " ¥ ♦« A- ; •ay r .T i, ' - ' i»-ft j. Reserve Officers Trainiiijf Corps The building for Military Science, located near the southeast corner o[ the campus, is one of the best equipped in the state Major Reese M. Howell In command of approxi- mately two thousand R. O. T. C. students. Major Howell, formerly of At- lanta, Ga., will be the uni- versity commandant for the next three years. He replaced Major Harry J. Maloney in July. Howell entered the army in 1915 as a second lieutenant aft- er his graduation from West Point, and during the war served as a major on the staff of the 15th Division. DEPARTMENT OF Major G. R. Hayman Major Hayman, who has been with the unit since 1933. instructs seniors in the advanced corps, and also serves as coach of the polo team. Major D. F. Jones Major Jones finishes his second year at the University and is an instructor in basic corps work. Captain L. F. Jones Captain " Biff " Jones teaches basic students M. S. 2, is Director of Athletics, and coaches the University football team. Captain H. C. DeMuth Captain DeMuth teaches freshman and coaches the pistol team. This is his third year at the University. Captain J. G. Sucher Captain Sucher, spending his second year in the University, in- structs the advanced corps ordnance students. Captain A. L. Shreve Captain Shreve. a newcomer to the Unit, instructs basic students in M. S. 3 and 4. D. F. Jones L. F. Jones H. C. Di;MuTH J. C. Sm IIKK A. L. Shreve Page 240 WkiiXLL ' MILITARY SCIENCE Cadet Colonel Preston Wood Preston Wood served as cadet colonel for the first semester. He is also president of Scabbard and Blade. Cadet Colonel Henry Lee McConnell Cadet Colonel Henry Lee McConnell served as cadet Colonel the second semester. He is a member of Scabbard and Blade and a former president of Bombardiers. Captain G. P. Privett Captain Privett is an instructor for juniors in advanced work. He is serving his fifth year at the University. Captain H. L. Caruthers Captain Caruthers, past adjutant for the unit, is serving his last year at the University. Lieutenant J. P. Holland Lieutenant Holland instructs basic students in M. S. 3 and 4, and supervises dismounted drill for Junior advanced officers. Captain James G. Anding Captain Anding came here from Ft, Lewis, Washington and is the present adjutant for the unit. Preston Wood Page 241 SENIORS Henry Lee McConnell Colonel John M. Wheeler Colonel Kenneth M. Robinson Colonel John L. Smith Lieutenant Colonel Charles W. Himes Lieutenant Colonel Oral Leon Luper Lieutenant Colonel Roy Jameson Major James Mills Lieutenant Colonel Robert Douglas Myers Major Jay E. Warner Major Robert L. Grady Major Leonard Brooks Allen Major SENIORS Robert R. Beidleman Co one Emil F. Meis Co one William Garner Riddle Lieutenant Colonel J. Bruce Stout Lieutenant Colonel Nash Phillip Truss Lieutenant Colonel James Harold McCord Major Leonard Cass Jenks Major William L. Waldrop Major Richard F. Askew Major Dana Roland Pickup Major Charles Max Carder Major Earl L. Harder Major Page 242 SENIORS Bryce Harlow Major Stuart F. Brady Major Marion C. Dorney Captain Kirk Woodliff Captain |oHN Frederick Hunt Captain James C. McWilliams Captain Joe M. Mills Captain A. Frene Graham Captain James L. Lain Captain Francis B. Mills Captain Clarence D. Northcutt Captain Frank Gordon Ratliff Captain If » ' SENIORS Wayne A. Martin Major J. Howard Brown Major Granville M. Pine Captain Joe Shumate Captain Isaac W. Lovelady Captain Ben E. Allen Captain Glenn A. Foster Captain Leon M. White Captain Frank W. Ozment. Jr. Captain Orville O. Dean Captain A. M.Van Valkenburgh Captain Delbert L. Haynes Captain wlmMVM y » w 7i Page 243 SENIORS Louis S. Wallace Captain Elmer Dodge Cain Captain James Robert Cowles Captain Wade A. Eskridge Captain Fred Shirley Captain Alfred H. Schmidt Captain Glenn Stinson Captain Alden Suderman Captain Roy Hollingsworth Captain Dahl MacNeill Duff Captain Charles A. Bell Captain Bill W. Woolley Captain SENIORS Robert H. Neptune Captain Wayne Edward Turk Captain John C. Wright Captain Ray Snodgrass Captain Clifton L. Bell Captain Albert Brown Captain J. Pat Henry Captain Leo B. Burkett Captain F. Allan Engleman Captain W. G. Davis, Jr. Captain George L. Verity Captain Raleigh Francis Captain ■ ' ' ' ' %!| ' | ||i|lfe Page 244 SENIORS Preston L. Jones Captain John Frank Taylor Captain Joel Chadwick Kelley Captain Franklin P. Robinson Captain James Overstreet Captain E. Arthur St. John Captain Charles S. Hanson First Lieutenant Robert Louis Kendall First Lieutenant Harry G. Lewis First Lieutenant Glenn Houston First Lieutenant Harry Otto Curnutt First Lieutenant John Watt First Lieutenant SENIORS Carl Cooper Captain William A. Lucas Captain John T. Cooper Captain Roy West Lonsinger Captain Albert Richards Captain Beecher Snipes Captain Paul F. Barnhard First Lieutenant Willard Anderson First Lieutenant Harold J. Hedges First Lieutenant Joe R. Edgington First Lieutenant C. Clark James First Lieutenant Bill W. Paden First Lieutenant Page 245 SENIOR S Thurman L. Waters First Lieutenant S. Maynard Williams First Lieutenant JuHN J. Malone First Lieutenant James Robert Colvert First Lieutenant William R. Clarke First Lieutenant Billy T. Taylor First Lieutenant Norman Burwell First Lieutenant F. Carl Hirdler, Jr. First Lieutenant Herbert L. Durgan First Lieutenant Allen Leon Mosey First Lieutenant Leo J. Zeff First Lieutenant James B. Gwin First Lieutenant SENIORS Harold Feldstein First Lieutenant Georce R. Goetz First Lieutenant Edward C. Brett First Lieutenant S. C. Sykes First Lieutenant John Miskovsky First Lieutenant Francis Livermore First Lieutenant Douglas Harvey Lane First Lieutenant Phil Newkumet First Lieutenant V ayne Maloy First Lieutenant MURYL CrOSSLEY First Lieutenant Archie C. Graham First Lieutenant Gordon Gail Murphy First Lieutenant Paqo 246 SENIORS Glenn Rice First Lieutenant Julian Rothbaum First Lieutenant Alfred G. Todd First Lieutenant F. W. Whetsel First Lieutenant Tom B. Campbell First Lieutenant Jack Robbins First Lieutenant Malcom O ' Haver First Lieutenant James Thompson First Lieutenant Elmer A. Bray Second Lieutenant Lawrence Mac Stewart Second Lieutenant Frank J. Newkumet Second Lieutenant Gayfree Ellison Second Lieutenant l n SENIORS R. Renn Rothrock First Lieutenant Maurice Edward Stuart First Lieutenant T. Gerald Watts First Lieutenant Robert L. Lancaster First Lieutenant C. Waldron Wisdom First Lieutenant Archer H. Watson First Lieutenant A. R. Johnston Second Lieutenant Henry Martin Kilian Second Lieutenant David L. Lindsay Second Lieutenant Rankin Blankenship Second Lieutenant Ralph R. Hughes Second Lieutenant Vernon Edward Fellow Second Lieutenant Page 247 HiSi H9H I IHHiHHii K | 9HBH| m im ii v first roif, Iclt to right: Sturgeon, O Ncill. I ' ormcnter. Corn, Cjill, Rcmcy. Cunningham. Uunn, ' I ' hrelkcld. Hermes. Second row: Hull, Kincaid, Crouch. Karns. McCabe. Bartlett. Brown, McCall, Cheadle, Veldich, Davis. Third rotf: Ozmun. Holt. Grooms. Bolen. Carpenter, Bell, Callahan. Mull. Johnston. SufReld. JUNIORS Section 4, M. S. 101 R. A. Bartlett F. S. Bell L. R. Bolen R. O. Brown W. L. Callahan Ed N. Carpenter J. F. Cheadle G. J. Clark E. M. Corn S. D. Crouch W. Cunningham E. Davis Earl A. Dunn J. Hartwell Dunn R. G. Gill C. W. Grooms R. R. Hermes H. O. Holt B. E. Hull H. D. Johnson R. W. Karns J. L. Kincaid J. A. Mull. Jr. W. R. McCabe C. W. McCall W. W. O ' Neill G. C. Ozmun J. B. Permenter G. W. PUCKETT J. Remy E. A. Sturgeon H. F. Suffield D. Threlkeld A. G. Todd G. Zaldick B. M. Richardson Page 248 Top row. Ictt to right: Aldridge, ' . D. Harris, iVlcDonala, Sneiton, Crutchmer, Marriott, Sinning. 1 urnnun. Winston, Wilson. Middle row: Welcher, Sureck, Whetsel, Kendall, W. W. Harris, Embry, Watson, Powell, Ferguson, Harris. Bottom row: Ellison, Swesnik, Loeblich, Hanson. Morgan, Chitchner, Pittman, White, Brown, Loeblich, Bates. JUNIORS Section 2, M. S, 101 G. C. Aldridge L. W. Bates D. W. Brown J. A. Crutchmer G. Ellison J. A. Embry J. I. Ferguson C. S. Hanson P. D. Harris W, W, Harris R. L. Kendall A. R. Loeblich R. G, Marriott R. Martin J, R. Morgan J. L. McDonald W. C. Pittman J. L. Powell R. Shelton W. }, Simpson G. E. Sinning L. H. Stewart Joe Sureck R. M. Swesnik J. T, Thomas R. G, TURNBULL G, L. Verity A. H, Watson A. B. Welcher F. W. Whetsel H. A, White K. T. Wilson M. L. Winston 111 " mh iri iiminrii " ifiiiwfc utmrn l l ' ' ll ' if ' ' ' V ' ' " " ' -»»4, i ' - " • ' «« 5?»..:7.« » ' SlkHi»j. . ,,« ' ; I wi . -tr ' ■ •■T.-v ,» j»i «.iiLVWi»i It .-. ,33 ■ ■ . Page 249 Top rou ' , left to right: Hale. Hockcr, McClellan, Ship. Banker, Hester. Monnett. Bray. Jameson, Berry. Armstrong. Middle row: Stephens. Meister, Evans. White, Gasset, Blevins. Ahrens. Robertson. Sprowles, Roark. Wooley. Third row: Forbes. McClellan. Williams. McAleney. Thompson. Lamirand. Shedd, Beyer, Prickett, King, Demopolos. JUNIORS Section 1. M. S. 101 Connie Ahrens L. C. Forbes M. G. Meister E. M. Shipp Glenn Armstrong Siles Gassett V. B. Monnett J. K. Sprowles John Banker, Jr. R. D. Hale Jack Mealeny C. M. Stephens Ralph Berry C. E. Hester Chas. Wm. McClellan F. G. White Walter Blevins R. C. Hocker James T. McClellan J. R. Williams M. C. BoYER R. A. Jameson Billy Prickett Wm. W. Wooley E. A. Bray S. H. King R. L. Roark Chas. Leonard P. J. Demopolos F. W. Lamirand P. G. Robertson J. W. Thompson Rhys Evans T. B. Latting C. G. Shead !Siv y ' : ' ' fkki ' iJWm I -.ja»Mi ' ' jiitn» liSXAjJU Page 250 thirst row. Ictt to niiht: Stuart, Mark, Haston, Harliios, Bell, Cooper, Owens. Second row: Zadik. Moss, Snodgrass. Livingston, Gunning, Smith. Allen, Coleman, Harris. Third row: Murphy, Killian. Ware, Trope, Head, Trinkel. Pacey, Champlin, Merkle, Pierce. JUNIORS Section 3. M. S. 101 Wm. a. Allen C. L. Bell G. M, Bell G. A. Champlin S. T. Coleman R. L. Cooper J. Easton M. J. Gordon Don Gunning J. C. Harberts P. H. Harris Jack Hart A. J. Head D. W. Johnston H. M. Killian J. A. Livingston S. W. Mark R. Merkle Dexter Moss T. J. Murphy M. F. Owens W. A. Pacey E. J. Pierce K. Richards K. J. SCHWOERKE E, W, Smith T. W. Snodgrass R. E. Stuart H. L. Trinkle M. B. Trope B. W. Waldrop L. Ware J. W, Zadik Page 251 First row, left to right: Wagner. Morse, Edwards, Blankenship, McLennan, Nelson. Cooper, Hughes. Thomason. Second row: Bragassa, Nesbitt, White, Hamilton, Clark, James, Arnold. Gibson. Calvert. JUNIORS Section 5, M. S. 101 A. P. Arnold O. J. Blankenship F. H. Bragassa H. K. Calvert P. C. Clarke J. S. Cooper L. E. Edwards W. H. Gibson F. O. Hamilton F. C. Hughes V. R. James R. S, Morse L. McLennan W. G. Nelson F. W. Nesbitt L. L. Thomason Ed Wagner L. O. White Page 252 Front row. left to right: Jacobson. Lutrell. Bridges, Robertson, Brummel, Anding, Janeway. Howell, Campbell, Hull Back row: Midgley, Fry, Arisen. Kuhn, Witt. Bristow. McClain, English, Caruthers, Holbrook. BOMBARDIERS OFFICERS Ben Robertson President Jack Byrd . . . , Max BiLLiNGSLEY .... Vice-President James Hull . . . . W. T. Howell First Sergeant Secretary Treasurer M. BiLLINGSLEY F. Bristow E. Brown J. Byrd B. Campbell L. Caruthers N. Davis D, Elliott N, Fry ]. Grant C. Gruver J. Hewgley K. Holbrook H. Hope W. T. Howell J. Hull MEMBERS G. Ingles L. Jacobson T. McClain B. Midgeley J. T. Prendergast J. D. Prendergast B. Robertson B. Sinex M. Smith P. Smith J. Spence H. VanHorn A. Wight H. Wilson B. Witt H. Woodward E. Peterson D. Bridges C. Janeway G. McIninch M. YORKS M. Stewart Lamirand Friedman Ward T. Anderson M. Anderson J. A. Atkinson D. Baker W. Benham A. Bensinger B. Berton S. Billings H. Black E. Brown D. Buckley D. Craig C. Grimshaw S. Davis J. Dawson D. DeLana J. T. Dorland L. DUNLEVY ' J. Forney B. Graham T. Grant T. Goebal D. Hart N. J, Hennesy N. Hope PLEDGES V. Johnson D. Jones E. Kelley A. King T. Matson R. Mayhall B. MOBLEY Myers B. Oldfield C. RiCKNER J. Ringer J. Roberts L. Root D. Ross E. Sands J. Sherman G. Sinex G. Stein T. Stewart B. Thomason R. Thompson B. Trippet D. Voiles H. Welch H. Wright F. Zumsteg B. Frank J. Morgan B. Hal B. Armstrong M. Gittinger E. Dawson V. Stevens H. Stubbs B. Hale A. Oldman B. Morehouse Page 253 ' yZSMiSSSi N. Preston Wood Paul Barnhart N. F ' . Wood. Jr. H. L. McCoNNELL J. M. Wheeler R. R. Beidleman E. F. Meis. Jr. K. M. Robinson J. B. Stout C. W. HlNES O. L. LuPER J. E. Mills R. D. Myers E. L. Harder J. H. McCoRD W. Elevens C. Graves M. PURDY J. H. Thomas L. White Scabbard and Blade, a National Military Fraternity, was founded at the University of Wisconsin in the fall of 1904 by senior offi- cers in the cadet corps. The University of Oklahoma chapter is " D " Company of the third regiment. The membership consists only of advanced SCABBARD AND BLADE OFFICERS Captain Nash Truss . . . . First Lieutenant James McWilliams . Emil Meis. Jr First Sergeant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant MEMBERS B. L. Waldrop J. M. Mills W. A. Maloy R. F. AsKEVv ' L. M. White D. R. DuNNETT D. R. Pickup F. W. Ozment C. Ahrens R. L. Grady A. M. Van Valkenburgh G. Ellison B. N, Harlow R. H. Neptune S. Mark S. F. Brady R. C. Snodgrass J. A. Mull D. L. Lindsay A. R. Brown W. Nesbitt J. R. Edgington F. A. Engleman J. D. Shumate C. S. Sykes J. F. Taylor R. Stewart F. S. LiVERMORE R. E. Stephens J. Warner N. B. BURWELL F. T. Robinson F. G. White G. M. Pine W. A. Pierce R. Gill J. C. McWilliams P. F. Barnhart G. OzMUN B. Allen A. G. Todd PLEDGES J. Hai.i.ey R. liVANS F. Hughes F. A. Bell J. I. Fergu. ' on B. Monnett H. K. Calvert p. D. Harris M. Owens I. R. OZMUN J. KiNCAID J. Pearce J. A. Embry J. R. Leonard H. A. White G. CllAMPI.IN course R. O. T. C. students who are chosen by active members. The Founders Day Banquet. Military Ball and the annual Scabbard and Blade Dinner- Dance, are the prominent social activities of the organization. Page 254 MILDREIJ STEAHLEY Honorary Colonel ■ ..f ' ■■ r Left to right: Hermes, Duke. Wood. Walsh. Major Hayman. POLO TEAM Oklamoma Polo Record for the Fall Season. 1935 October 6, 1935 October 13. 1935 November 7. 1935 November 14. 1935 November 16. 1935 November 28. 1935 November 29, 1935 Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma 12 Anadover 6 3 Oklahoma City 10 7 Oklahoma Military Academy . . 4 9 Iowa 8 Iowa State 2 6 New Mexico M. 1 10 6 New Mexico M. 1 8 The Sooner Polo team, coached by Major Hayman, has concluded a very successful season. Much credit for the showing of the Sooners must be given to their coach, who has spent a great deal of time in coaching the men for this sport. He has also supervised the conditioning and the care of the ponies used by the team during the season and their care during the winter months. Polo is rapidly becoming one of the out- standing sports at the University, Student interest in the past year has shown a decided increase. Page 256 Lc f to ruiht: P. Newkumet. Brazel, Bray, DeMuth, Harris, l ' . Ncwkumet, Hirdler. PISTOL TEAM The Pistol Team of the University of Oklahoma is composed of members of the R. O. T. C. who become adept with the pistol and prove their worth as competition shots. It is kept up for the purpose of competing in the sport of target shooting. The team from time to time enters widely different classes of competition such as inter- collegiate indoor matches, open indoor matches, and outdoor matches. These matches require versatility in the handling of the pistol and the ability on the part of the members to shoot weapons of different cali- bers, over all courses. The team is well known at matches throughout the Southwest, where it has at one time or another held most of the import- ant trophies, and won all of the team matches. It has just completed a most successful season winning this year twelve trophies and seventy odd medals. Among these trophies are cups and placques from The Southwestern Match, Dallas, Texas The Oklahoma State Match The North Texas Match The team is sponsored and maintained by the Department of Military Science, and is coached by Captain Henry C. DeMuth. Page 257 k iiriiii i it A ' ' !ii||i Lett fii r:yhr: M.trgaret Craig. Knight. Ewing. Anderson. Capt. Shreves. Kraft. Umpleby, Hetherington, Anderson. Martha Craig. POLO AND RIDING ASSOCIATION Tom Walsh President Jane Owen Secretary-Treasurer Major G. R. Hayman Sponsor Instructions in riding and jumping are Classes are held by Maj. Hayman every Sun- given members of the Polo and Riding Asso- day morning and horses are furnished by the ciation, an organization of those interested in Military Department. Membership in the equitation and polo. organization is purely voluntary. The Tim- Annually the Association gives a horse- ber Cruisers shown in the picture above, is a show sponsored in the spring. The associ- select group within the Polo and Riding ation is sponsored by Major G. R. Hayman. Association. Page 258 fSSS ' " " MILITARY BAND Oscar Anderson Robert Barker Leroy Beling Russell Brown John W. Byer Hiawatha Estes John Flood Donald Hughart LiNDSEY Long Gerald Long Charles Potter Carl Schilde Roy Shaw Wesley White Neil Shirley Baird Jones Wayne Ward Nicola Austin Nathan Blanton Robert Bravo Jewel Browder Byrom Church Ellsworth Dowson HiLLARD DeNYER Nelson Doughty Donald Douglas Merrill Ellis Gene Feenburg Robert Florence Jerry Freeland George Grim Kenneth Harris J. Ted Hefley IwiNG Higbee The Military Band, directed by Professor W. R. Wehrend, consists of basic students and engages in the practice of regular mili- tary formation on Tuesday afternoons, as do other R. O. T. C. students. Previously the Military Band did not wear Sabert Hett William F. Hubbell James A. Huser Samuel Jabara Victor Johnson James Janes Richard Karns Robert Taxson JiMMiE Leake Lee Nathan Terry Lewis John Mills W. J. Montgomery John L. Morgan W. Anderson Morgan Bob L. McGill Jack W. Nuckolls JiMMiE Olson Arley Outland William Reiff John Riley Earl Robinson Irving Ress Phil Salkeld Robert Shepakd Josh Tillinghast Harry Welsh Jerome Welf Jack Woodsen Calvier York Elmer Straman Carter Lates Archie Graham Harold Hedges the usual military uniforms and only attended drill at time of review. This year, however, they practiced drill formations with the regu- lar unit. Professor Wehrend also directs the University band which has received recog- nition in national competition. Page 259 Organizations i Fraternities and Sororities Top TOW, lelt to right: Priestly. Dunn. Harrison. Shutler. Wheeler. Wagner. Fogg. Bartlett. Grant. Kantor, Abrams. Second row: Cline. White. Rothrock, Follansbee. McConnell, H. Gibson. Dillon. Tripplehorn. Finney, Whiteman. Third row: Verity. Burns. Engleman. Nichols, ]. Gibson. Goetz. Wright, Cochran. Cotter, Axelrod, Sandler. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS Joe Fred Gibson President Tom Wood Vice-President Everett Cotter Secretary Henry Lee McConnell Treasurer MEMBERS Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Beta Thcta Pi Sigma Nu Jimmy Cochran Rupert Fogg Jack McKay Everett Cotter Joe Grant Mickey Dillon Louis Stuart Billy Nesbitt Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Kappa Psi Lambda Chi Alpha Beaucamp Selman Wilson Cline Bill Priestley Bill Harrison Charles Follansbee Earl Dunn Sigma Chi Alpha Tau Omega Delta Upsilon BK|v Rhys Evans Joe Tripplehorn Billy Morrison P Gene Chappell Henry L. McConnell Richard Cowman M Phi Delta Theta Delta Tau Delta Delta Chi F Allan Engleman Joe Fred Gibson John Wright H JHf Jack Burns John Nichols Daniel Christopher 1 Acacia Alpha Sigma Phi Phi Kappa Sigma Norman Shutler Tom Wood Morris White George Verity Francis Mills Renn Rothrock Phi Gamma Delta Pi Kappa Phi Phi Beta Delta Tom Finney Beecher Snipes Sam Abrams Bill Whiteman Earl Crowder Elliot Davis Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha Ma John Wheeler Joe Sandler Hubert Gibson Kenneth Axei.hod The Interfraternity Council is the governing body of all the social fraternities on the campus of the University. It is composed of two representatives elected from each of the twenty-one mem- ber fraternities. Joe Fred Gibson Page 266 Top row, left to right: Marshall. Fendley, Bryan. Maschal. Clark. Myers, Brown. Rose. Hodges. Second row: Cash. Burr. Tappan. Bethel. Durand. Hume, Minnick. Meacham. Murray. Bottom row: Mathews. Foster. Graham, Dildine, Shallcross. Spiro. PAN-HELLENIC OFFICERS Ruth Clark President Be Ann Brown Secretary Muriel Minnick Treasurer MEMBERS Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Gamma Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma Chi Omega Betty Hume Priscilla Burch Frances Myers Kay Burr Muriel Minnick Alice May Dildine Be Ann Brown Juanita Cash Alpha Phi Helen Mathews Alma Foster Alpha Xi Delta Elaine Fendley Frances Maschal Delta Delta Delta Neva Hodges Mary Alice Murray Delta Gamma Marjorie Meacham Bobby Durand Gamma Phi Beta Eloise Bryan Maurine Marshall Kappa Alpha Thcta M. E. Randerson LaRue Delana Phi Mu Winifred Shallcross Helen Tappan Pi Beta Phi Ruth Clark Sue Nell Bethel Sigma Delta Tau Muriel Spiro Lillian Rose Ruth Clark The Pan-Hellenic Council, organized on the campus of the University of Oklahoma in 1912, serves as the governing body of all inter-sorority activities. The purpose of the organization is to aid the sororities of the University by co-operation and by unifi- cation of interests of sorority and non-sorority women. Pe e 267 ACACIA OFFICERS, First Semester John Zwick President Norman Shutler . . Vice-President Lindsay L. Long .... Secretary George Verity .... Treasurer OFFICERS, Second Semester Norman Shutler Jack W. Morter Lindsay L. Long . George Verity President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Norman Shutler Jack W. Morter George Verity Lindsay L. Long Paul Harris Frank Elliott Henry Easterwood Don Gilkison David Bradley Harlan Johnson MEMBERS Kenneth Swann Victor Lange John Vernon Morgan Emanuel Bolene YoREL Harris Denzil Houston John Lloyd Morgan Jimmie Olson Hubert Smrcka William Jersak Herman Bizzell John Zwick Harry Lambert Roger Paynter Dave Spradling Jimmy Ray Cecil Petit Albert Wehrenberg Paul Crawford Mrs. R. D. Rood Hostess Mrs. R. D. Rood, Acacia fraternity hostess, claims many laur- els. She is Past Grand Officer of Eastern Star, a member of D. a. R. She is a member of the League of American Pen Women and the Federated Music Club. She has served on the Republican National Committee in Washington, where for a time she was a staff associate of the Department of the Interior and field representative of the White House Conference on Child Health and Protection. Paqe 268 ACACIA Acacia was established at the University of Michi- gan in 1904 by a group of members of a Masonic Club in the University which had started in 1895. On April 30, the decision was reached and Acacia was incorporated under the laws of the state of Mich- igan. At present there are thirty-three active chap- ters of the organization with a membership total of approximately 10.000. Prominent national alumni include: Arthur Capper, Gov. of Kansas and U. S. Senator; and Hiram Bingham, eminent archealogist and author. The local known as the Oklahoma Masonic Club was organized in 1914 as a petitioning body of Aca- cia. The Oklahoma chapter was chartered into the national organization on May 1, 1920. Dr. W. B. Bizzell is among the prominent local alumni. An Acacia of note on the campus is John C. Zwick, vice president of the Senior Law Class, president of Acacia. Phi Alpha Delta, and Interfraternity Council. fp 1 3 " smt ma 1 Top row, left to right: Olson. Swann. Shutler, Zwick, Langc, Bolenc. Ea.sterwood. Second row: Crawford, Gilkison, Wehrenberg, Smrcka. Verity, Huston. ]. V. Morgan. Third row: Bradley, Jersak, Long, Morter, hiliott. Harris, ]. L. Morgan. Page 269 ALPHA CHI OMEGA OFFICERS, Firsf Semester Myra Conrad Melba Permenter MoRENE Warren Betty Hume . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS, Second Semester Muriel Minnick Margie Hood Latane Balzer Betty Hume . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Myra Conrad Morene Warren Mary Virginia Graham Joy Flournoy Frances Krauss Doris Casemore MEMBERS Eloise McCown Margie Hood Betty Hume Melba Permenter Latane Balzer Muriel Minnick Muriel Forsyth Katherine Rice Marietta Johnson Rowena Kimble Marguerite Koerner Virginia Klein Gene Channell Kathryn Blair BiLLiE Martin Mary Elizabeth McFerron Elizabeth Patton PLEDGES Marion Babcock Mildred White Ruth Armstrong Bobbie Pendleton Dorothy Gayle Robb Gretchen Kahn Lucille Hess Louise Meffert Kathryn Smith Elsie Hampton Mrs. Eva Weir Hostess Mrs. Eva Weir. Alpha Chi Omega sorority hostess, hails from Virginia. She has spent six years as hostess of the Alpha Chi ' s. Mrs. Weir attended college in Washington. D. C, where she took an educational course. Enjoying music she attends all stu- dent recitals and concerts. She thinks Norman is a ondcrful place to li c. and enjoys her work here very much. Paqe 270 ALPHA CHI OMEGA Alpha Chi Omega was founded at DePauw Uni- versity on October 15, 1885. The purpose of the order was the advancement of the intellectual, social, and moral culture of the members; and in addition to these aims, included the furtherance and cultivation of the fine arts. There are 52 active chapters of the sorority and the total membership is approximately 12,000. Psi chapter of Alpha Chi Omega was installed at the University on January 14. 1916. There were six- teen charter members of the group. Among the well known local alumnae are: Wilda Griffin, member of the University faculty; Mrs. Audrey Popejoy, music arranger for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; and Bess B. Sullivan, artist. Alpha Chi ' s of note on the campus include: Muriel Minnick. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Secretary of Panhellenic. Secretary of Business Girls ' Club. Ac- counting Club, W. S. G. A. Scholarship Committee; Betty Hume. President of W. S. G. A., President of State Home Economics Student Clubs, President of Omicron Nu, Hestia, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Oiko- nomia. Mortar Board; Mi ra Conrad. President of Business Girls ' Club, Chairman Judicial Board of W. S. G. A.. Senior Chairman of Y. ' W. C. A.. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Accounting Club. e A ) a € Top row. left to right: Kahn, Warren, Conrad, Hume, Hes.s, Ca.scmorc, Patton. Second rote; Fiournoy. Channel!. Manin. Krauss, McCown. Becler. Graham. Third row: Minnick. Pendleton. Koerner, Armstrong, Hampton, Johnson. Campbell. Bottom row: Robb. Forsyth, Hood, McFerran. Balzer. Blair. Mcffert. Page 27! v 1 1 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA OFFICERS, First Semesfer Priscilla Burch . Maxyne Alexander Elizabeth Adams Margaret Buford President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS, Second Semester Priscilla Burch . Maxyne Alexander Elizabeth Adams Margaret Buford President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Margaret Buford Priscilla Burch Maxyne Alexander MEMBERS Alice Mae Dildine Alice Knight Elma Smith Helen Smith Elizabeth Adams Elizabeth Henderson PLEDGES Elizabeth Debey Clements Frances Dunett ViDA Gilchrist Margaret Hamant Claudia Tschauner Mrs. Lura McAlester Hostess Mrs. Lura McAlester, Alpha Gamma Delta sorority hostess, loves the association of college girls. Her e.xperience in dealing with girls has been e, tensive. Mrs. McAlester has spent thirteen years working with the Rainbow Girls. At one time she was state chairman of that organization. McAlester. Oklahoma, named after her husband ' s father, is her home. She has spent two years on the campus, and thinks the association with students is a grand experience. Page 272 L ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Alpha Gamma Delta was founded at Syracuse University on May 30, 1904. There was a feeling among the members of the sorority that the greatest internal development could not be possible unless an altruistic work were taken up by the entire group. Accordingly, at the 1919 national convention it was decided there should be established a summer camp for children who would not otherwise be able to en- joy such benefits. There are 48 active chapters and a total membership of approximately 10,000. The Oklahoma chapter, Upsilon, was secretly in- stalled on May 2, 1919, Among the well known lo- cal alumni are: Grace Browning, a province presi- dent in the national fraternity; Mrs. J. B. Buchanan, University faculty and sponsor of the Newman Club; and Helen Watson, well known teaching supervisor of McAlester, Alpha Gams of note on the campus include: Elizabeth Henderson. Panhellenic Representative, Y. W. C. A, House Council; Priscilla Burch. Busi- ness Girls Club, Y. W, C, A., and Panhellenic Re- presentative; Frances Diirrett, Indian Club, Newman Club, and Y. W. C. A.; Alice Knight. French Club, Y. W. C. A., Panhellenic, W. S. G. A. Top row. left to right: Kniglit, Dildine, Smith, Durrett, Gilchrcst. Middle row: H. Smith, Henderson, Tschauner, Howard, Alexander. Bottom row: Adams, Buford, Burch, Wilson, Page 273 ALPHA PHI OFFICERS, First Semester Helen Mathews . Cecile Johnson . Alma Foster Rebekah Selvidge President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary OFFICERS, Second Semester Cecile Johnson . Wera Ellen Christian Kathryn Kirkpatrick Alma Foster President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Helen Mathews Rebekah Selvidge Wera Ellen Christian Mauricia Dale Crooks MEMBERS Alma Foster Eloise Wyatt Kathryn Kirkpatrick Cecile Johnson Helen Arnold Elnora Davis Ruth Verne Davis Nina Beth Johnston Carmen Mayes June Marion Alley Alice Shumard PLEDGES Mary Elizabeth Jones Silva Campbell Marcella Stewart Ethelmae Cornelsen Mrs. Maude Craig Hostess Mrs. Maude Craig. Alpha Phi sorority hostess, has spent most of her life in college towns. She lived for a great length of time in Plainfield. N. J., an eastern educational center. She is impressed with the beautiful campus of the university. Mrs. Craig is a member of the Federated Women ' s Club in Oklahoma and California. She is a student of art, having studied at the New York School of Art. Page 274 f2 ALPHA PHI Alpha Phi was organized at the University of Syracuse on October 10, 1872, by eleven charter members. This was called the Alpha chapter but it was nine years before a second chapter was estab- lished. No charter has ever been withdrawn from a chapter: the Barnard chapter becoming inactive with the abolishment of sororities from the college. At present there are 31 active chapters with a total mem- bership of approximately 9.000, Phi chapter of Alpha Phi was founded on this campus in 1917. Among the well-known local alumnae are: Katherine Baker, author and world war nurse; Amy Comstock, associate editor of the Tulsa Tribune: and Dr. Ana Lewis, professor at the Oklahoma College for Women, Alpha Phis prominent on the campus include: Helen Mathews, president of Alpha Phi, president of Y. W. C, A,, vice president of Newman Club, Mortar Board Honor Class, Panhellenic, treasurer of W, S, G. A„ W. S, G, A. Council: Alma Foster, Panhellenic representative, treasurer of Alpha Phi, Business Girls ' Club, Y, W. C. A.: Wera Christian, Corresponding Secretary of Alpha Phi, French Club, Spanish Club, Sigma Alpha Iota, Y, W, C. A. House Council, .c Top row. left to right: Kunze, Arnold, Stewart, Cornelsen, Brooks, Kirkpatrick, Da is. Second row: Wyatt, Alley, Foster, Jones, Davis, Campbell, Selvidge. Bottom row: Shumard, Mayes, Johnson, Green, Johnston, Mathews, Christian. Page 275 ALPHA SIGMA PHI OFFICERS, First Semester Ed Bartlett President Warren Welch . . Vice-President Ed Ashton Secretary Ed Smith Treasurer OFFICERS, Second Semester Thomas Wood J. McGee Louis Barnett Ed Smith President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Ed Ashton Louis Barnett Ed Bartlett Leo Berry Whit Cox Bill Chandler Glen De Haas MEMBERS Marion Hickman C. M. Kilgore Steve King Floyd Lochner Leslie McGee Frances Mills Bill Nation Tr. Pierce John Runyan Abbas Siapoosh Ed Smith Owen Townsend Warren Welch Thomas Wood George Siggins Clyde Griffin John Leigh PLEDGES J. D. McCord Thwiman Conrey T. C. Wilson Norman Hassler Powell Mrs. C. T. Hendershot Hostess Mrs. C. T. Hendershot, of Tulsa, is hostess to the Alpha Sigma Phi ' s. She has spent several years on the campus and is very endeared to it. Like her daughter, who is also a resident of Tulsa, she too is a student of music and holds membership in Hyechka and several other musical clubs in that city. She belongs to several clubs in Norman and has spent considerable time in church work. Page 276 ALPHA SIGMA PHI Alpha Sigma Phi was founded at Yale College on December 6, 1845 by Louis Manigault with whom was associated Stephen Ormsby Rhea and Horace Spangler Weiser, as a sophomore society, and the founders announced their first elections in 18-46. There are thirty-two chapters of the national frater- nity with a total membership of approximately 1 1 .000. Prominent national alumni include: Charles Burke Elliot, former Chief Justice of Phillipines; and Gard- ner Rhea, cartoonist. The local fraternity, Delta Kappa Rho, was grant- ed a charter of Alpha Sigma Phi as Alpha Alpha chapter in 1923. Alpha Sig ' s of note on the campus include: Tom Wood, vice-president of Interfraternity Council, president Alpha Sigma Phi, International Relations Club, Congress, Ruf-Neks; Floyd Lochner, Inter- collegiate 2-mile champion 1935, Big Six 1 2 mile champion-indoor- 1935-36, Intramural Boxing Cham- pion, Captain and 3 year letterman Cross Country and Track, Y. M. C. A.; ]ohn Runyan. Editor The Covered Wagon, Publication Board, Feature Editor 1935 Sooner, Oklahoma Daily Staff summer 1935, president Ruf-neks, Freshman Cheer leader 1931- 32, League of Young Democrats, and Advertising Club. iLiAf. A Top row, lc[t to right: McGce. Kilgore, Griffin, Lochner, Smith, Townsend, Wilson. Second row: Wood. Barnett, Chandler, Mills, Hickman, McQuoid, Pierce. Third row: King. Berry, Ashton, Nation. Siggins, Conray, Hasslcr. Bottom row: Cox, Leigh, Welch, Siapoosh, Bartlett, Runyan, Wm. Nation, DeHaas. Page 277 ALPHA TAU OMEGA OFFICERS, First Sen Henry Lee McConneli. . Claud Henry Joe Tripplehorn . Jay Warner .... les+er President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS, Second Semester Fred E. Tidemann . . . President W. Claud Henry . . Vice-President Joe Tripplehorn .... Secretary Henry Lee McConnell . . Treasurer John H. Hunter Robert E. Nelson Leonard C. Jenks James R. Cowles George F. Allen J. R. McBrayer Claud Henry Fred E. Tidemann Joe K. Tripplehorn Leonard C. Goode Lee Jacobson William Hubbell Arthur Ellsworth William Waldrop John Mills J. O. GiVENS Robert Van Brocklin Herbert Cheshire MEMBERS Charles Talmadge Eddins Henry Lee McConnell Charles S. Hanson MuRVEL Blake Millard H. Williams Denzil Boyd Bob Lee Kidd James E. Mills Richard L. Gilley Richard F. Askew PLEDGES Robert Spencer Charles E. Neill Leo Gist Dan Knight Sam Joyce Clarence Foster John A. McMahon Gail Palmer Walter Reed O. V. Cecil Arthur Van Brocklin Jay Warner Vernon Pellow Ames Colley Frances Trindle Robert Barker Robert Decker Norman Boke William Payne Norman Griesham Blake Hawk Wilson Everts Jack Barbour Ralph Pellow LeRoy Stauffer Jerome Dilling Otto Norman Mrs. Fred Du Pre ' Appleby Hostess Mrs. Fred Du Pre ' Appleby, Alpha Tau Omega fraternity hostess, came from the Old South to place her two daughters. Mary and Julia, in school. In coming to the A. T. O. house Mrs. Appleby has created an atmosphere of hospitality there. She insists that courtesy is the best policy, and her friendliness and charm have won her manv staunch friends. Page 278 ALPHA TAU OMEGA Alpha Tau Omega was founded at Richmond. Virginia on September 11, 1865. It was the first fra- ternity to be established after the Civil War. There are now 94 active chapters with a membership of 31,000. Prominent national alumni include: Nor- man H. Davis, Ambassador-at-Large. and J. Robert W. Bingham, Ambassador to England. The local petitioning body. Zeta Tau, obtained a charter in 1921. Prominent members on the campus include: Henry Lee McConnell whose activities are Scabbard and Blade. President of Bombardiers. Delta Sigma Rho. Debate. Interfraternity Council. Cadet Colonel. Edi- tor of " Sooner 75 " . Marshal Bar. President Alpha Tau Omega: . R. Cowles. who is a member of Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Engineering Club, St. Pat s Coun- cil, and Phi Eta Sigma; Bob Lee Kidd, whose activi- ties include Sigma Delta Chi. Ruf-Neks. Oklahoma Daily. Ad Club. " Covered Wagon. " and Sooner Staff: and Bill L. Waldrop who is a member of Phi Eta Sigma. Bombardiers, Jazz Hounds. Phi Sigma, Alpha Pi Mu, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. President ' s Class, Scabbard and Blade, and President of Pe-et. o c o ?P?. 5 -1 - 1 t l " - " Top row. left to right: Tidemann. Dilling. Cowles, Warner, Eddins. Spencer, Ellsworth, A.skcw, E erts. Second row: McConnell. Hawk, Neill, Trindlc, Boyd, Kidd, Givens, Jenks, Allen. Third row: Jim Mills, Payne, Goode, John Mills. Hunter. Knight. Henry. McBraycr, Grcsham. Fourth row: Van Brocklin. Cheshire. Barbour, Reid, Hanson. Blake. Hubbell. Barker. Joyce. Last row: Norman. Jacobson, Nelson, Stauffcr, Palmer, Foster, Decker, Gilley, Williams, Waldrop. Page 279 ALPHA XI DELTA OFFICERS. First Semester OFFICERS, Second Semester Elaine Fendley . Frances Maschal Peggy Miller Lois Bates President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Elaine Fendley . Frances Maschal Peggy Miller Lois Bates President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Elaine Fendley Frances Maschal Peggy Miller Lois Bates Sylvia Mills MEMBERS Mary Elizabeth Stigler Lucille Henshaw Nadine Blackburn Frances Austin Margery Fendley Marcella MacDonald Mary Louise Peters Ruby Brown Trudy Goodwin Mrs. Leal F. Duncan Hostess Before Mrs. Leal F. Duncan became hostess at the Alpha Xi Delta sorority house in 1933, she was Dean of Women and an instructor of music at Adrian College in Michigan. Mrs. Duncan has a degree in literature from the University of Chicago, and a degree in voice from the Chicago Musical College. She is extremely interested in journalism, and an ardent sports fan. Baseball, she says, is her favorite sport. Page 280 i nmL. ALPHA XI DELTA Alpha Xi Delta was founded at Lombard College on April 17, 1893. The government is through a convention held biennially and a national chapter made up of the national council. There are 56 ac- tive chapters and 10,539 members. Prominent na- tional alumnae include; Mary Meek Atkison Moore, writer, Judge Edith M. Atkinson, and Phyllis Blanch- ard Lucasse, psychologist. The local petitioning body was known as Xi Delta and was organized in 1919. With the help of Belle Vickery. a member of the Fine Arts faculty, the local group received a charter as Alpha Zeta chapter in 1921. Alpha Xi Delta ' s of note on the campus are: Frances Maschal, who is a member of Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, W, A. A. Council, Captain of the Women ' s Rifle Team, Y. W. C. A. Drama Chairman, Panhel- lenic. W. S. G. A. Big Sister Committee. Scholia; Mary Elizabeth Stigler, Galen, Lambda Kappa Sig- ma, Secretary, O. U. Pharmaceutical Association. Vocational Guidance Committee; and Lucille Hin- shaw, Pi Epsilon Alpha, House Council, Thalian and Choral Club. Top row. left to riylit: Mills. Goodwin, Brown, li.iu-.-.. M.iLUonald. Second roic- Maschal, Austin. Fendley, Stigler. Hinshaw. Bottom row: Peters, Miller, Ambrister, Blackburn, M. Fcndlcy. Page 281 jk ' 1 l: BETA THETA PI OFFICERS, First Semester OFFICERS, Second Semester Allen Calvert . Bob McCracken Richard Gilliland James Akright COBURN KlDD Edgar Vaught, Jr. Earl Sneed Floyd Calvert, Jr. Jack Hart James Denton, Jr. Douglas Myers James Akright Samuel Coleman Grover Ozmun, Jr. Mickey Anderson, Jr. Albert Bailey George Barber Webster Benham David Bowersock Earl Brown President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Louis Stuart . Ed Corn James L. Hull Dick Gilliland MEMBERS John Ferguson Richard Gilliland Bill Knappenberger Wilson Gibson James Powell, Jr. Horace Calvert Harry Lewis, Jr. Edward Corn Roger Davis Louis Stuart DuANE Buckley Benson Campbell Jerome Croston Dwight Davis Sid Davis David DeLana Guy Fort Bill Simpson Jack Luttrell Robert Drake Bill Bassett Ben Robertson Eddy Boddy John Dell Hadsell James L. Hull James Waller, Jr. Stephen Bowen PLEDGES Dean Hart Burton Hull Victor Johnson Ed Kelly Arthur King Charles Minton Irwin Ozmun, Jr. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Raymond D.awson, Jr. Harlanfred Burch Red Sykes Jake Easton, Jr. Jack McKay Kenneth Burns John Spence, Jr. Lawrence Caruthers, Jr. James Brooks Phil Harris Lambert Root Jim Sherman Ben Thomason George Twtman Leon Updike Wilbur Youle Mrs. Mae Miller Hostess Mrs. Mae Miller, Beta Theta Pi fraternity hostess, has been with the chapter for twelve years. She spends her summer vaca- tions in Oklahoma City, She is said to know more Beta boys than anyone else in the United States. She always knits a jacket for the first baby of any of " her boys. " She always contends that the latest pledge class is the best, and lia.s numerous friends over the state. BETA THETA PI Beta Theta Pi was founded at Miami University at Oxford, Ohio, its first formal meeting being held August 8, 1839. The moving spirit of the fraternity was John Reily Knox, ' 39, now designated within the fraternity as " Pata " Knox. At present there are 87 active chapters with a membership totaling 39.772. Prominent national alumni include: Justice Willis Van Devanter of the U. S. Supreme Court, U. S. Senators William E. Borah and Robert La Follette, Speaker Joseph W. Byrns, and Bertrand H. Snell, Republican floor leader in the House. Gamma Phi chapter of the national fraternity was granted a charter in 1907, to become the third na- tional fraternity established on this campus. Betas of note on the campus include: Douglas Myers, Bombardiers. Scabbard and Blade. Skeleton Key. Ruf Neks. Toga, Pe-et; Earl Sneed. Jr.. Phi Eta Sigma. Bombardiers, Tau Omega, President ' s Class. Chi Chi Chi. Pi Sigma Alpha, Pe-et, Bombardiers, Scabbard and Blade, Business Manager Sooner, Skeleton Key, Derby Club, Phi Beta Kappa, Jazz Hounds; Allen Calvert, Bombardiers, Scabbard and Blade, Eta Sigma Phi, Derby Club (president), Chi Chi Chi, Skeleton Key, Jazz Hounds, Interfraternity Council, President of Chapter, ' 34-35, ' 35-36. f c p o ££1 Top row, left to right: Bassett, S. Davis. Ozmun. B. Hull, Waller, Barber. ILwell, Bowen. Root. Lewi.s. Fort. Second row: DeLana, J. Hull. Luttrell. Benham. Taylor. Brown, J, Hart. Ferguson, Corn, Buckley, Burch. Third row: H. Calvert. Denton. Bailey. D. Davis. Vaught, Harris. Sherman. I. Ozmun, Myers, R. Davis, A. Calvert. Fourth row: Hadsell, Boddy, Dawson, Coleman, King, Akright, Campbell, Johnson, Gibson, Thomason. Bottom row: Kelly, Gilliland, Anderson, Knappenberger, Minton, Stuart, Caruthers, Simpson, Knapp, Bullen. Page 283 CHI OMEGA OFFICERS, First Semester Katherine Burr .... President JuANiTA Cash . . . Vice-President Anna Nell Roberts . . . Secretary Mary Frances Floyd . . Treasurer OFFICERS, Second Semester Katherine Burr .... President JuANiTA Cash . . . Vice-President Anna Nell Roberts . . . Secretary Mildred McDannald . . Treasurer Margaret Hewcley Mary Nell Shultz Mary Elizabeth Hewgley Marie Battey Elizabeth Jesse Anna Mildred Moore Alice Dru Anderson Peggy Ann Plumlee AlLEEN TWYFORD Gayle Ritchie Elfreda Babcock Ruth Stahl Mary Jane Arnold Helen Wilson MEMBERS Myrtle McKay Elizabeth Anderson Mildred Stearley Nina Gilluly Frances Stahl Amanda Lee Durham Verna Faye Busby PLEDGES ViviA Locke Martha Ruth Jarrell Walela Shoemake Barbara Ann Dorr Inez Ann Ensch MoNA Jean Russell Ann Morrow Adeline Duehning Jamie Fitzsimons Caryl Rose Corp Harriet White Kathaleen Brady Elizabeth Pyeatt Pamela Prigmore Imogene Wilson Mary Winans Helen Kirkbride Doris Holcombe Peggy Williams Lois June Adams Bettie Mildred Law Martha Griffith Mrs. Josephine Heyward Hostess Mrs. Josephine Heyward, Chi Omega Hostess, is known as " Lady Jo. " Before she became a hostess, she lived in Norman and studied music at the University. She is a charter member of Sigma Alpha Iota, honorary music fraternity. Her son is a mem- ber of Delta Tau Delta. She is one of the youngest, most active, and popular hostesses on the campus. Page 284 CHI OMEGA Chi Omega was organized at the University of Arkansas, April 5, 1895. The open declaration of Chi Omega is " Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals " . Included in the Chi Omega program is a service fund, used to publish special research studies in educational, social, scientific, or civic lines. There are eighty-eight active chapters with membership of 17,000. Prominent national alumnae include: Sarah Sturtevent, Columbia University; Genevieve Tag- gard, poet; Marjorie Nicholson, dean of Smith Col- lege; and Corra Harris, author. The local. Gamma Alpha Theta. became Epsilon Alpha of Chi Omega on the University of Oklahoma campus in 1919. Chi Omegas of note on the campus are: Marie Battey. Soloist for Choral Club. Accompanist for Wiemn ' s Quartet, Sigma Alpha Iota, member of " Hora Novissimo ' ,, Sigma Alpha Iota Musical Mo- ments, Y. W. C. A.: Anna Nell Roberts. Y. W. C. A. Freshman Commission. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Sooner Staff, Coi-erec? Wagon Staff, Sigma Alpha Iota, secretary of Chi Omega; Anna Mildred Moore, Y. W, C, A. Council. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, El Mod- jii, Thalian, officer of Chi Omega. 4J Top row. left to right: A. Anderson, Griffith. McKay. Wilson, Busbce, Snttcrficld. Williaiiis. Arnold. Holcomb. Second row: Fitzsimmons. Winans. Hewgley. Diiehning. Renegar. Prigmorc. Stahl. Jesse, Corp. Kirkbride. Third row: Cash. Hewgley. Babcock. Jarrell. McDannald, Ensch, B. Anderson, Plumlee, Burr, Stahl. Fourth row: Wilson. Gilluly. Battey. Floyd. Shumate. Durham. Stearlcy. Locke. Dorr. Moore. Fifth row: Rutherford. Shults, Morrow. White, Ritchie. Roberts. Law. Pyeatt. Adams. Page 285 gtm.JC, DELTA CHI OFFICERS. First Semester Daniel T. Christopher Jack Fritts . RoscoE Saxer John C. Wright . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS, Second Semester Daniel T. Christopher Archie Graham Robert Butler John C. Wright . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Daniel T. Christopher Darrell Cockrell Archie Graham Robert Butler Sidney Reiman Donald Douglass MEMBERS George Wayne Alge LuNSFORD P. Livingston J. C. Wickham John C. Wright George Goetz Sam Johnson A. L. O ' Bannon Meredith Saxer RoscoE Saxer Jack Fritts Robert Swank Raleigh Frances Dennis Miller Glenn Rice PLEDGES Ralph DeLozier Harry Abbott Hubert Potter Mrs. Charles H. Potter Hostess Mrs. Charles H. Potter, Delta Chi fraternity hostess, takes great pride in her poetry. She has published a volume of poems entitled " Vesper House. " She taught music many years before coming to the University. This is her first year as hostess on the campus. Mrs. Potter has a son in the School of Fine Arts who is a Delta C " hi pledge. Page 286 DELTA CHI Delta Chi was founded at Cornell University in the spring of 1890 by eleven men. The motive of the fraternity was to create an organization of a dis- tinctive homogeneity, the better to promote friend- ship, develop character, advance justice, and assist in obtaining for its members a sound education. There are 36 active chapters with a total membership of 10,419. Prominent alumni include: Pres. Cloyd Heck Marvin of George Washington University: Pres. George W. Rightmire of Ohio State Univer- sity; and Frederick C. Woodward. Dean of Faculty of Chicago University. The local petitioning body was known as Kappa Theta. It was installed on this campus in 1927 on May 27th. Delta Chis of note on the campus include: John Wright. Treasurer of Delta Chi, Jazz Hounds, mem- ber of Interfraternity Council, Phi Delta Chi, and O. U. Ph. A.: Lunsford Livingston. President of Jazz Hounds, Congress Literary Society. League of Young Democrats, Interfraternity Council: Dan Christopher, president of Delta Chi, member of Ruf- Neks, Interfraternity Council; Wayne Alge, Ruf- Neks, Top roir, le{t to right: Cockrell, Miller. Butler. Alge, Livingston, Wickhan Second row: Rieman, Christopher, Wright, Douglass, Graham, Rice. Page 287 DELTA DELTA DELTA OFFICERS, First Semester Neva Hodges President Ruth Newby . . . Vice-President Walmar Dean Heap . . . Secretary Mary Alice Murray . . . Treasurer Margaret Warten Christine Holland Ruth Newby Katherine Searle Annie Youngblood Lena Beth Hanshaw Glee Miller Walmar Dean Heap Neva Hodges Marjorie Hoenscheidt Louise England Mary Alice Murray Christine Chaney Betty Armstrong Nancy Jane Crose OFFICERS, Second Semester Neva Hodges President Ruth Newby . . . Vice-President Walmar Dean Heap . . . Secretary Mary Alice Murray . . . Treasurer MEMBERS Jane Ellen Reeves Peggy Mullins Anna Mae Fellows Betty Dodd Helen Anderson Lurline Kraft Katherine Rader Lavonna Honeycutt Dorothy Nell Penner Doris Armstrong Nancy Sanders Kathleen Kirk PLEDGES Marie Ray Lulu Jane Campbell Nadine Bowles Carolyn Hendrix Virginia Dorsey Ruth Grove Mary Barbara Clark Rose Ahrens Bette Lou O ' Sullivan Esther Blachmer Mary Eleanor Guthrie Geraldine Eberle Genevieve Williams Beatrice Hathorne Nell Simmons Billy Day Sarah Wallace Shirley Black Mrs. Grace Trosper Hostess Mrs. Grace Trosper, Delta Delta Delta hostess, has spent six years in Norman. She has two daughters, one of whom is a Tri- Dclt from the University of Washington. Mrs. Trosper is a member of the D. A. R. and is a charter mem- ber of a branch of the Eastern Star Order. Page 288 DELTA DELTA DELTA Delta Delta Delta was founded on Thanksgiving eve at Boston University in the year 1888 by four members of the class of ' 89. There are at present 76 active chapters of the national organization with a membership of around 20,000. Prominent National alumnae include: Ida Brown Wallace, wife of Sec. of Agriculture; Lila Bell Acheson (Mrs. DeWitt Wallace), founder and editor of Readers Digest: Edith M. Patch, consulting etomologist; and Janet Gregg Post, educator and philanthropist. Delta Delta Delta was the second national sorority to install a chapter at the university, the local order being accepted as Theta Gamma of the national or- ganization in 1910. Tri Delts of note on the campus include: Kather- ine Rader, Mortar Board Honor Class, Alpha Lamb- da Delta, President of Panhellenic, Junior Phi Beta Kappa, Ducks Club, Y. W. C. A., and Eta Sigma Phi; Helen Anderson, President of the Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Y. W. C. A.. Timber Cruisers, Orchesis. and Entre Nous; Glee Miller. Mortar Board Honor Plaque, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Alpha Lambda Delta. 1 Top roK ' . kit tu nyht: Hrtthorne. I ' ellows. Wortcn. Ahrens. Blachmcr, Campbell. Hanshaw. Hodges, Holland. Second row: Searle, Miley, Ray, Bowles, Wallace. Guthrie. Honeycutt. Clark. Simmons. Third row: Dorsey, Murray, Miller. Day, Eberlc, Grove, Anderson, Ozmun, Crose. Fourth row: Rader, Saunders, Williams, Heap, O ' Sullivan, Penner, Kraft, B. Armstrong, Youngblood. Fifth row: Newby. D. Armstrong, Hendrix, Clark, Chaney, Dodd, Mullins, Black. Page 289 DELTA GAMMA OFFICERS, First Semester Margery Meacham . . . President Ellen Fullenweider . Vice-President Nell Shouse .... Secretary Dorothy Kelly .... Treasurer OFFICERS, Second Semester Polly Atkinson .... President Dorothy Kelly . . Vice-President Viola Mills Secretary Frances Lindstrom . . . Treasurer Nelmarie Anderson IsABELLE Arnold Polly Atkinson Marie Barrett Eloise Brand Elma Brock Alma Brock Hester Day Mary Day MEMBERS Mary Effie Durand Helen Lee Foster Ellen Fullenwider Elizabeth Gotwals Dorothy Kelly Dorothy Kuhn Sarah Little Margery Meacham Frances Orr Northcutt Virginia Parris Elizabeth Plaster Nell Shouse Dorothy Sims Frances Lindstrom Mildred Suffield Edith Wood Viola Mills Mary Jo Brockman Beatrice Burke Betty Bushfield Dorothy Chesnut Elenor Fritz Bessie Jane Gray Louise Hill Helen Marie Jennings PLEDGES Doris Maxedon Anne McGraw Kathryn McMahon AVA McWiLLIAMS LuciLE Medbery Pascal Morris June Myers Rosamond Nance Sally Seaman- Jo Ann Templeman Jo Wade Thornton Virginia Walker Mary Alice Welsh LuciLE Wheeler Shirley Young Mrs. Gray Van Dell Hostess Mrs. Gray Van Dell. Delta Gamma Hostess, came from Bartles- ville last fall to begin her first year on the University of Oklahoma campus as a sorority hostess. She is interested in the girl ' s studies and bclic cs that interest and cooperation are necessary for successful comradeship with them. Page 290 DELTA GAMMA Delta Gamma was founded at the Lewis school for girls, which later became the Oxford Institute, at Oxford, Mississippi. There are at present 48 active chapters with a total membership of nearly 14.000. Prominent National Alumnae include: Ada Louise Comstock, Pres. of RadclifFe College; Ruth Bryan Owen, U. S. Minister to Denmark; and Grace Ab- bot, Professor in Chicago University. The local chapter. Alpha Iota, was admitted to the national organization in 1918. Delta Gamma ' s of note on the campus i nclude: Mildred Suffield. Chi Delta Phi, Scolia, English Club. Y. W. C. A.. Mar- gery Meacham, Alpha Lambda Delta, Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A.. Mortar Board Honor Class, Panhel- lenic; Virginia Partis. Treasurer of Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice-President of Y. W. C. A., Mortar Board Honor Class. Hestia; Edith Wood. Theta Sigma Phi. Ad Club, Orchesis, Panhellenic. Covered Wagon Staff; Mary Alice Welch. Newman Club. W. A. A.. Duck ' s Club. Dusty Travelers. Rifle Club, Y. W. C. A,; Nelmarie Anderson. Y. W. C. A.. W. S. G. A., Orchesis, Players ' Club. if?» € ' i ) e €:■ o P 2 % Top roir. kit to right: Gray. Welch. Little, H. Day. Plaster. McGraw, M. Dav, I ' nshiuU;, Mcdlu ' rv. Parris. Second row: Brand. McWilliams, Atkinson. McMahon. Fullcnwider, Northcutt. Myers. Brocknian. Arnold. Morris. Third row: Hill. Lindstrom. Wheeler. Meacham. Barrett. Templeinan. Mills. Kelly. Nance. Suffield. Fourth row: Walker. Burke. Wood. Maxedon. Kuhn. Sims. Jennings. Durand. Chestnut. Shouse. Fi[th row: Young. Thornton. E. Brock. A. Brock. Anderson. Seaman, Foster. Gotwals. Fritz. Page 291 DELTA TAU DELTA OFFICERS, First Semester John W. Nichols R. B. Gentry Logan McDonald Preston Wood . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS, Second Semester John W. Nichols . . . President R. B. Gentry . . . Vice-President Logan McDonald . . . Secretary Preston Wood .... Treasurer James Tabor Frank Bristow Charles Houssiere James Adams Richard Disney Harry Suffield Maurice Clancy Harold Keehn R. B. Gentry Logan McDonald Wayne Allen Preston Wood LiNwooD Creasy Harry Alley J. A. Mull George Sinning John Nichols William Pearce MEMBERS Earnest Houssiere Richard Johnson Joe Fred Gibson Ralph Cline Kay Garnett Frederick Jones Joe Caviezal Jack Davis Kenneth Wilson Bill Lucas James Peters Joe Sommerville John McClelland Ovide Webber Frank Hughes Bob Cooper Don Bailey Don Pilkington Earnest Haskell Kenneth Harris Andy Crosby George Robie David Craig Bob Shaw Herman Mertes Max Cook Bill Sutton Kay Caudill Sol Bunnell Bunn Hale George Price Abner Bond E. L. Evans Carrol Raines Elmer Stroman Philip Salkeld Mrs. J. W. Allen Hostess Mrs. J. W. Allen. Delta Tau Delta fraternity hostess, has spent twelve years in Norman. " Mother Allen. " as she is called on the campus, considers Norman and the Delt house her home. She is always busy and happy in her work. Playing bridge, and contributing to the social life of the Delts, are among her chief in- terests. Page 292 DELTA TAU DELTA Delta Tau Delta was informally organized at Bethany College. Virginia (later West Virginia) in the spring of 1858. but the formal organization was not effected until early in 1859. There are 74 active chapters with an approximate membership of 24.000. Prominent national alumni include: George H. Dern. Secy, of War: Roy O. West. Secy, of Interior under Coolidge; Ben Ames Williams, novelist: and Pinky Tomlin, actor. Delta Sigma Delta, local petitioning body, became the Delta Alpha chapter in 1922. Recently Delta Alpha acted as host to the Regional convention. Delta Tau ' s of note on the campus and their activi- ties include: Joe Fred Gibson, Editor, 1934 Soon- er, Checkmate, Publication Board. President ' s Hon- or Class. Scabbard and Blade. Pe-et. Skeleton Key. Interfraternity Council, Men ' s Council: Frank Hughes. Phi Eta Sigma, President, Phi Mu Alpha, Men ' s Council, Ramblers: Maurice Clancy. Presi- dent ' s Class. Phi Eta Sigma. President of Spanish Club: John W. Nichols. Interfraternity Council, Skel- eton Key, Jazz Hounds, Derby Club, Senate, League of Young Democrats, president of Delta Tau Delta, Oratorical Council. ' S; gWB jg fi HHiHI ' VBi KjM||Bli IRpBH i ip S " jM tt O P P f P C ' f £? p o o r P Top row. left to right: Webber, Liiciis, Cooper, Stroman. Tabor. Adams. Craig, Bunnell. Caudill. Keehn. Second row: Salkeld. Crosby. Pilkington, Garnett, Clancy, E. Houssiere. McClelland. Bond. Gibson, Sutton. Third row: Pearce, Caviezel ' , Alley, Wood, Hughes, Shaw, Harris. Vandaveer. Bristow. Nichols. Fourth row: C. Houssiere. McDonald, Robie, Johnson. Disney, Cook. Allen, Gentry, Price, Wilson, Mertes. Bottom row: Raines, Mull, Sinning, Evans, Peters, Davis, Cline, Bailey, Haskell, Sommerville, Hale. Page 293 V 1 1 DELTA UPSILON OFFICERS. First Semester McCoy Ewert .... President Jack Christian . . . Vice-President H. M. LiGON Secretary Wayne Heckler .... Treasurer OFFICERS, Second Semester McCoy Ewert .... President Jack Christian . . . Vice-President H. M. LiGON Secretary Don Allred Treasurer McCoy Ewert Jack Christian H. M. LiGON Don Allred Bob Rapp Dan Dunnett Ed Peterson Bill Henthorne MEMBERS Jim Embry Julian Dawson Richard Cowan Charles V. Smith Wesley Langdon J. D. LlGON F. M. Reynolds D. S. Harris Bill Morrison Clark Gruver Ben Nicholas Bill Smythe Maurice Boyer Bill Burke Pert Wight Jim Haning Herbert Woodward Joe Tucker John Atkinson Raymond Reed Bob Owings PLEDGES Bill Morehouse Arnold Oldham Nathan Chenalt Sidney Richards Hubert Daubenheyer Jack Myers Jack Crouch u Mrs. J. R. Jarrell Hostess Mrs. J. R. jarrell. Humbolt. Tenn., came to Delta Upsilon in 1929. She has two children, who seem to give her a complete un- derstanding of young people. Her social accomplishments on the campus are well known, and her ability to preserve congeniality among D. U. ' s has v,on many friends. Page 294 DELTA UPSILON Delta Upsilon was founded at Williams College on November 4, 1834 as an organized protest against the domination in college affairs of the small group forming the secret societies; and was variously known as the Social Fraternity. The Equitable Fraternity, and Ouden Adelon. There are 60 active chapters with a total membership of approximately 25.000. Prominent national alumni include: Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes, and Charles G. Dawes, former Vice-President of the United States. Delta Upsilon has the distinction of being the old- est national fraternity on the campus of the Univer- sity of Oklahoma. The local. Delta Pi. was organ- ized and the charter was received in 1927. (They acted as host to the National Convention held in Oklahoma City in September. ) D. U. ' s of note on the campus include: McCoy Ewert. President of Delta Upsilon, Skeleton Key. Chi Chi Chi; James Haning. Congress Club. League of Young Democrats. Bombardiers. Jazz Hounds, Scabbard and Blade; Don Allred, Ruf Nek Presi- dent. Treasurer of Delta Upsilon: Billie Burke. Alpha Chi Sigma, Sigma Tau, Engineers Club. Q. ? p. C: ;ff«, C, .ff Top row, left to right: Nichols, Gruver, Morehouse. Peterson. Reed. Henthorne. Cowan. Allred. Second row: Oldham. Richard.s. Boyer. Reynolds. Embry. Crouch. Rapp, Ewtrt. Third row: Harris. Atkinson. Myers. Dawson. Christian. H. Ligon. Tucker. Daubenhcyer. Fourth roic: Smythe. Burke. Haning. Morrison, Wight, Langdon, Chenault. Page 295 GAMMA PHI BETA OFFICERS, First Semester Eloise Bryan President Sara Marie Batten . Vice-President Keith Spence .... Secretary Margaret Jane Swift . . Treasurer OFFICERS. Second Semester Eloise Bryan President Sara Marie Batten . Vice-President Elizabeth Hogue . . . Secretary Margaret Jane Swift . . Treasurer Eloise Bryan Sara Marie Batten Elizabeth Hogue Margaret Jane Swift Maurine Marshall Grace Marie Pitchford MEMBERS Ruth Killebrew Lillian Knox Marice Vaughn Mary Martineau Margaret Long Rhetta Patton Elizabeth McCaleb O ' Rhatia Cunningham Helen Phillips Margaret Howe Josephine Robinson Keith Spence Jane Boone Lucinda Mae Furrey Doris Bitler Maudean Miller Florence Fuller Floreine Dietrick Mary Helen Spickard PLEDGES Helen Boggs Wanda Hogue Drewsilla Beams Jane Bolen EVALYN BoWLEN Charlotte Hendrix Doris Howe Evorene Morgan Joe Nell Watters Mary Ann Watters Ruth Jane Gibson Mary Frances Carpenter Anna Jo Card Clara Heins Mrs. Homer Chapman Hostess Mrs. Homer Chapman came from California to become hostess at the Gamma Phi Beta sorority house. She has a son in Los Angeles and a grandchild in motion pictures. She spends her summer vacation visiting them. Mrs. Chapman attended college in Independence, Mo. She has been house mother at the Gamma Phi Beta house for the past three years. Page 296 GAMMA PHI BETA Gamma Phi Beta was founded November 11, 1874 at Syracuse University. Government is vested in a grand council of seven alumnae officials. There are 45 chapters with a membership of 14,500. Prominent national alumnae include: Mrs. Vernon Kellog, author; Margaret Wilson and Jessie Wilson Sayre. daughters of Pres. Wilson; Maud Hart Lovelace, author; and Margaret Fishback, poet. The local. Kappa Lambda, was organized in 1917 for the purpose of petitioning Gamma Phi Beta, and in 1918 became the Psi chapter of Gamma Phi Beta. Members of note on the campus and their activi- ties include: Eloise Bryan. Secretary of Y. W. C. A.. President of Gamma Phi Beta. Panhellenic mem- ber. Big Sister Committee of W. S. G. A.. Freshman Commission. Scholarship Committee W. S. G. A.. President of Sorority House Council; Sara Marie Batten, President of Orchesis, Executive Board of W. A. A., French Club, Y. W, C. A., Panhellenic. Vice-President of Gamma Phi Beta and El Modjii; Margaret Howe. Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A.. Judicial Board, Sigma Alpha Iota, Glee Club, President of House Council, Top row. left to right: M. Walters, Bitier. Long, Fuller, Martincau, Batten, Vaughan, Bryan, Gibson, J. Walters. Second row: Morgan. Boone. E. Hogue, Cunningham, Marshall, McCaleb, Dietrich, Furrey, Robin.son, D. Howe, Third row: Hcins, Card. Hendrix, Patton, Miller, Alge. Swift, W. Hogue, Bowlin. Fourth rou : Spence, Knox, Carpenter, M, Howe, Boggs, Pitchford, Killebrew, Spickard, Beams. Page 297 KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS, First Semester James Cochran .... President Alfred Todd . . . Vice-President David Wise Secretary Nash Truss Treasurer OFFICERS, Second Semester James Cochran .... President Bill Harries . . . Vice-President David Wise Secretary Nash Truss Treasurer William Bell Forest Blackstock Harper Black Bob Brummel Raymond Clements James Cochran Kenneth Craig Charles Fellows Joe Grant Tom Green Ernest Batson John Cason Tom Grant Buruett Graham MEMBERS William Harries John Head FiNLEY HOLBROOK Francis Hubbard John Locke Kenneth Little Hardy Miller James McColl Lloyd Puckett William Roach Hal Stewart PLEDGES Raymond Mayhall Robert Mitchell Richey Miller Nash Truss Sims Wilson David Wise J. W. Zadik Charles Wise Dick Ellegood John Wilson Harry Ellis Jerry Nolan Dixon Morris Dan Ralls Jay Rousek Lewis Sines John Sterret Mrs. Walter Long Hostess Mrs. Waiter Long, Kappa Alpha Fraternity hostess, claims Muskogee as her home, but she has lived in Norman twelve years. She has spent five years at the Kappa Alpha house. Mrs. Long has a daughter and a son who both attended school here. Her daughter was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma and her son of Beta Theta Pi. Page 298 KAPPA ALPHA Kappa Alpha was founded at Washington Col- lege, now Washington and Lee University. Lexing- ton, Virginia, on December 21. 1865. The fraternity was established with the idea of creating an organi- zation to foster and maintain the manners, customs, and ideals of character, and achievement of the Southern people. There are sixty-five active chap- ters of the organization with a total membership of approximately 25,000. Beta Eta chapter of Kappa Alpha was granted a charter in 1905, becoming the first national social fraternity on the campus of the University of Oklahoma. Among the well known local alumni are: George B. " Deak " Parker, Editor- in-Chief of the Scripps Howard chain of newspapers; Everett DeGoyler. President of the Amerada Oil Co.; and Walter Ferguson, Oklahoma newspaper- man, legislator, and banker. K. A. ' s of note on the campus include: Nash Truss, Ruf Neks. Secretary of Scabbard and Blade, Manager of the Pistol Team; Dick Ellegood. Phi Delta Phi, Scabbard and Blade, 13 Club, Interfra- ternity Council, Manager of the Boomer Band; Jimmy Cochran, Ruf Neks, Derby Club, Interfraternity Council, Skeleton Key, Phi Delta Phi, University Tennis Team. w : l Ik., H pm r| M 1 i i mKIiSjSbb yj p r o a ,ff HP C . O fT) O O p O P c o Top roiv. lc[t to right: Truss, Head. Little. Wise. Graham, White, Sterret, Rousek, Fellows Second row: Morris, Cason, Ralls, Sines, Green, Clement, Mahall, Blackstock, Batson. Third row: Wilson, Craig, Miller, Mitchell, Hubbard, Zadik, J. Grant. Roach. Fourth roic; Puckett, Holbrook, Locke, Black, Brummel, Tom Grant, McCall, Cochran. Page 299 KAPPA ALPHA THETA OFFICERS, Firsf Semester Wanda Mae Hays . . . President Larue Delana . . . Vice-President Jane Owen Secretary Patty Doyle .... Treasurer OFFICERS, Second Semester Ruth Eleanor Grimes . . President Louise Hill .... Vice-President Jane Willour .... Secretary Mary Margaret Roberts Treasurer Mabel Brown Elaine Buck Mary Jane Bass Louise Carter Ruth Ferguson Betty Hayden Jewell Cohbin Berkley Dawson Geraldine Snedden Eleanor Burton Kathryn Riggan Marie Ramsey Ruth Potts Mary Locke Custer Yates Ruth Ann McSpadden Lucy Ellen Fellers Dorella Kinnebrew Betty Larimore Helen Johnson MEMBERS Alice Douglass Betty Rowland Barbara Stuart Ruby Jane Douglass Martha Edwards Mary Parks Sally Landt June Evans Virginia Ambrose Sara Ann Fox Julia Boardman Helen Morell Miriam Jones Jane Willour Mary Adeline Wilson Frances Phelps Joan Johnson Hallie Jean Smythe Ruth Eleanor Grimes La Ru DeLana Ruth Darling Sue Nelle Nesbitt Barbara Heistand Peggy Lamb Mary Margaret Roberts Virginia Hudson Patricia Doyle Mary Milam Virginia Berry Betty Lou Westfall Charlotte Ann Davis Louise Hill Gayle Turner Mary Elizabeth Walker Eleanor Perry Margaret Ellen Randerson Helen Focht Evelyn Gray Estelle Thurman Betty Henderson Janey Price Miss Ivo Wilson Hostess Miss Ivo Wilson, Kappa Alpha Theta hostess, is working on a master ' s degree. Formerly, she attended Texas Tech college. Miss Wilson is president of the Y. W. C.A. advisory board and a member of the Girl Reserve Board of Norman. A student dis- cussion group, sponsored by the Y. W. C. A. is under her leader- ship. Miss Wilson takes particular interest in the girls and their work. She sings in the McFarlin Methodist CHuirch choir. Page 300 KAPPA ALPHA THETA Kappa Alpha Theta was organized at Indiana As- bury University (now DePauw) on January 27, 1870. It was the first Greek letter society of women organized with principles akin to those of men ' s fra- ternities. These founders wrote a simple initiation ceremony, the principles of which are the basis of the present ritual. There are at present 64 chapters of the national organization, with a membership of ap- proximately 25.000. The local chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta was the first chapter of a women s national fraternity to be installed on this campus. Alpha Omicron was in- stalled in August, 1909. Among the well-known local alumnae are: Mary McDougal McKay Exel- son. author of " Life Begins " ; and Violet McDougal, poet laureate of Oklahoma. Thetas of note on the campus include: Louise Hill. Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice-President of the Business Girls ' Club. Accounting Club, Advertising Club, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. W. S. G. A. Big Sister Committee, Pi Epsilon Alpha; Wanda Mae Hays. President Kappa Alpha Theta. Kappa Delta Pi, French Club, English Club, Y. W. C. A. P A t CIC ' • n - 2 Top roir, Iclt to right: Hender.son, Nesbitt, Hiestand, Kinnebrew, Phelps, R. J. Douglass, Burton, Riggan. Johnson, Turner, Morell, Stuart, Landt. Second row: J. Owen, Gray, Walker. Hudson, Yates, Berry, Evans, West, Jones, Grimes, Fox, DeLana, Ambrose. Third row: Larimorc. Dawson, A. Douglass, Hayden, Boardman, Snedden, R. Owen, Hays, Rowland, Darling, Locke, Corbin. McSpadden. Fourth row: Brown. Wilson, Willour, Carter, H. Johnson. Smythe, Hill. Milam, Buck, Edwards. Fellers, Parks. Fifth row: Davis, Ramsey, Price. Lamb, Potts, Doyle. Ferguson, Westfall, Bass, Roberts, Harrison, Focht. Paqe 30! KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA OFFICERS, First Semester Frances Myers .... President BiLLiE Mae Plock . Recording Secretary Helen Hand . Corresponding Secretary Janie Brown Treasurer OFFICERS, Second Semester Frances Myers .... President BiLLiE Mae Plock . Recording Secretary Helen Hand . Corresponding Secretary Janie Brown Treasurer Eleanor Aderhold Elgin Anderson Helen Avery Geraldine Balbin Betsy Billings Virginia Brice Betty Brown Be Ann Brown Janie Brown Adaline Burkhalter Betty Canfield Helen Marie Aust Margaret Black Zetta Brown Betty Sue Fleming Mary Gibson Lillian Harris Mary Ella Carrington MEMBERS Betty Sue Clark Louise Coffield Mary Davis Katherine Dibbons Virginia Enloe Helen Hand Martha Jay Heavner Eloise Herring Mary Huffhines Frances Myers Juanita Pappe PLEDGES Dorothy Holtzendorff Kathhyn Hosea Rosa Lee Lewis Mildred Loomis Mary Mayginnis Nell Montgomery Kay Pierce Frances Pearce Mary Frances Reid Beryl Taylor Betty Ann Taylor Lucerne Washbon Kathryn Wright Margaret Brady Doris Christian Muriel Leverett BiLLiE Mae Plock Virginia Popkin Dorothy Snider Peggy Lou Stein Virginia Thweatt Mareta Nell West Mary Nell Patterson Evelyn Carroll Mrs. Lucille West Hostess Ten years have gone by since Mrs. West came to this campus to officiate as Kappa hostess; and she still enjoys greeting the dates as they arrive and politely but firmly ushering them out when that last whistle blows. Mrs. West, affectionately called " Annie Cile " by " her " girls, formerly resided at Guthrie, and is herself the mother of two Kappas. Her odd moments are spent crocheting and reading. Pago 302 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Kappa Kappa Gamma was organized at Mon- mouth College in Illinois on October 13, 1870. the anniversary of which date is observed as Founder ' s Day. There are now 73 active chapters with a total membership of 20,000. Prominent national alumnae include: Alice Duer Miller, Dorothy Canfield Fish- er, Nora Wain Orland Hill, Marie Beynon Ray. and Margaret Goldsmith Voigt, writers; and Ella Alex- ander Boole, World President of W. C. T. U. The local chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma on this campus became Beta Theta chapter of the national organization, being installed in 1914. Kappas of note on the campus include: Virginia Bribe. Band Queen. League of Young Democrats. Philosophy Club. History Club. French Club. Y. W. C. A. House Council, Y. W. C. A. Freshman Com- mittee; Be Ann Brown. Treasurer League of Young Democrats. Social Chairman W. S. G. A.. Secretary Panhellenic, English Club; Frances Myers. President Kappa Kappa Gamma. Presid nt Chi Delta Phi. Kappa Gamma Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa. Alpha Lambda Delta, Orchesis. French Club, R. O. T. C. Sponsor. Mortar Board. Y. W. C. A., Panhellenic. t kiy « - ' d dji Top roir. left to right: Z. Brown, J. Broun, D,i is, Aniicrsoii. Stem, Mcmirit), A ory. Harri.s, Snider. Second row: Balbin, Burkhalter, Lewis, West, Herring, Black, Clark, Wa.shbon, Gibson. Third row: Holtzendorff, HufFhines, Christian, Bullis, Hosea, Wright, Brice, Loomis, B. Brown. Fourth row: Betty Taylor, Hand, Be Ann Brown. Dibbens, l earce, Popkin, Reid, Pappe. Montgomery. Fifth Row: Thweatt, Mayginnis. Aderhold, Myers. Patterson. Hcavner. Beryl Taylor, Enloe. Page 303 l f KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS, First Semester Rupert Fogg President Frank Sisler . . . Vice-President Roy G. Gill Secretary John Montgomery Treasurer OFFICERS, Second Semester Rupert Fogg President John Macy .... Vice-President Jack Britain Secretary John Montgomery . . . Treasurer Jack Baer Bill Borglund Jack Britain Melburn Brodbeck Dean Cutchall John Dillon Roy Gill Br ooks Gotcher Bob Green MEMBERS Charles Hale Tom Hemmeck woodrow huddleston Selwin Jones Robert Lewis John Macy Nolan Methvin Cliffton McCowan Jarvis Pierce Donald Richards Walter Richards Jack Riddle Karl Rusch Roy Sanford Frank Sisler Harold Van Horn Earl Westmoreland Ray Snodgrass Charles Hamilton John Dorr Harry Endicott Robert Freeland PLEDGES James Gamble Frank Graham Holland Meacham Vernon Mullen Chilton Swank Earnest Williams Andrew Williams John Chininwerth Mrs. F. D. Nifong Hostess Mrs. F. D. Nifong, of St. Louis, Missouri, has spent the past eleven years as hostess to Kappa Sigma. She possesses an un- usual memory of facts and faces, and never fails to call by name visiting alumni who have been out of college for many years. She is a member of many clubs and her favorite pastimes include bridge and motoring. Page 304 KAPPA SIGMA Kappa Sigma was established at the University of Virginia on December 10, 1869. There are one hun- dred and eight active chapters and the membership approximates 35,000. Prominent national alumni in- clude: U. S. Senators Wm. G. McAdoo and War- ren R. Austin; and Lowell Thomas, explorer and news commentator. The local Alpha Delta Sigma was granted a char- ter to become Gamma Kappa of the national frater- nity on December 6, 1906, it was the second national fraternity to be established on the campus of the University. Prominent members of Kappa Sigma are: John Montgomery, Treasurer of Kappa Sigma, Ruf Neks, Student Council, Activity Trust Fund, Derby Club, Skeleton Key, Sooner Staff; Morris McDannald, Sigma Tau, Football, Scabbard and Blade, Inter Mural Boxing Champion ' 33-34, Interfraternity Box- ing Champion ' 32-33, Engineering Club; Rupert Fogg, Jazz Hounds, Interfraternity Council, Derby Club, President of Kappa Sigma. Top roiv, left to right: Jones. Dorr. Hamilton, Snodgrass, Hemmick, Meacham. Baer, Graham. Westmoreland. Second roiv: Macy, McCown. Swank, Van Horn. Dillon, Gill. Green. Mullen, Pierce. Third row: Huddleston. Lewis. Rusch. Meth in. Williams. Riddle, Borglund. Gamble, Montgomery. Fourth row: Endicott, Sisler, McDannald, Richards, Catchall, Britain, Freeland, Gotcher, Fogg, Chenoweth, Page 305 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA OFFICERS, First Semester Bill Priestley Bill Downing Jack Coursey Earl Dunn . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS, Second Semester Earl Dunn . Jack Coursey Jack Mooring Bill Priestley President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Ralph Brown Jack Coursey LeRoy Crabb William Downing MEMBERS Earl Dunn Vernon Gardner James Hammill Burley Johnson William King Robert Offutt William Priestley James Sinex Rollan Anthis PLEDGES R. A. Cox Jack Mooring George Goddard m i w 1 gL L P PI I E jiljj Mrs. G. W. Taylor Hostess Mrs. G. W. Taylor, a native of Texas, has served as Lambda Chi hostess for two years. She attended school in Louisiana. She is a member of the Concert Club, Athenaluni, and takes part in church and social work on the campus. Mrs. Taylor ' s son is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, and a Kappa Sigma member. Page 306 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Lambda Chi Alpha was founded at Boston Uni- versity, growing out of the Cosmopolitan Law Club, which had been organized in 1905. What is regard- ed as the first meeting of the fraternity was held No- vember 2, 1909. With the admission of the Toronto chapter the fraternity became international. There are seventy-eight active chapters with a membership of appro.ximately 14,000. Prominent national alumni include: Chester Gould, cartoonist; U. S. Congress- man M. Clyde Kelley; and Dr. Egbert R. Cockrell. Pres. of William Woods College. Sigma Phi. local, organized in 1923, was chartered and became Gamma-Rho Zeta chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha on October 9, 1926. Lambda Chi ' s of note on the campus are: Bill Priestley, Interfraternity Council. Ruf Neks; George Goddard, Tau Beta Pi. Sigma Tau, Jazz Hounds, Bombardiers; Earl Dunn. Ruf News, Interfraternity Council, President of Lambda Chi Alpha, Bombar- diers, A. I. C. E., Sooner Staff; Ralph Brown, Foot- ball, Wrestling, All Big Six Wrestler, Men ' s Coun- cil; Jack Conrsey, Ruf Neks, Secretary of Chapter. Top row. left to right: Anthis. Priestley. Mooring. Brown. Offutt. Second roir; Goddard, Downing. Cox. Dunn. Coursey. Page 307 ■ f-Z PHI BETA DELTA OFFICERS, First Semester Elliott Davis Bernard Gordon Felix Gordon Sam Abrams . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS, Second Semester Elliott Davis .... President Vice-President Secretary Bernard Gordon Felix Gordon Sam Abrams . Treasurer Herb Zable Sam Abrams Milton Gordon Bernard Gordon Leonard Sosland Lou Weinstein Burnie Merson MEMBERS Bill Koenigsdorf Aaron T. Mesirow Elliott Davis Joe Meyer Felix Gordon Leonard Lieberman Abe Latman Joe Kantor Jerome Gordon Leo Marks Harold Bishkin Warren Blufston Earl Schuman Al Bensinger Robert Bravo Gene Feenberg Carl Friedman PLEDGES Leon Hockstein Nathan Lee Stanley Paul Bob Rosenstein Noah Butkin Charles Stolper Stanley Weinscheink Leonard Kratzer Mrs. Herman Levin Hostess Mrs. Herman Levin, Phi Beta Delta fraternity hostess, has spent tour years on the University of Oklahoma campus. She is a sum- mer resident of McAlester, Oklahoma. Mrs. Levin is a member of the Fortnightly, a literary club. She says, her chief activity and one that keeps her busy, is assisting her boys with various social functions. Page 308 PHI BETA DELTA Phi Beta Delta was founded at Columbia Univer- sity on April 5. 1912. Its purpose is to inculcate among its membership a finer spirit of loyalty, activ- ity and scholarship, to develop the highest ideals of conduct and to promote a close fraternal bond through means of carefully selected associates. The fraternity at present has twenty-nine active chapters with a total membership of 3000. Prominent nation- al alumni include: Judge Moses Hartman. U. S. Circuit Court: Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin. Temple B ' Nai Brith. Los Angeles: and Louis B. Mayer. V. P. of M. G. M. Picture Corporation. Sigma Beta Tau was organized on the campus as a petitioning body in 1921 and was installed as Iota Chapter of Phi Beta Delta in 1922. Members of note on the campus include: Leonard Sosland. Sigma Delta Chi, Managing Editor, Okla- homa Daili). Publication Board. WNAD Staff An- nouncer: Elliott Davis, Phi Eta Sigma. Bombardiers, Interfraternity Council, President ' s Class, President of Phi Beta Delta: Sam Abrams, Editor of Oklahoma Daily, 1933, President Bizzell ' s Honor Class, Phi Beta Kappa, Pe-et: Burnie Merson, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Sigma Alpha, Jazz Hounds. ' - e f C5 1 Top row, left to right: Stolper, Hockstein, Bra o, Rosenstein, Ben.singcr, Fecnberg, Lee. Merson. Second row: Koeningsdorf. ]. Gordon, Wienshienk, M. Gordon, Kantor, Sosland, Meisrow, Davis. Bottom row: Abrams, Weinstein, B. Gordon, Blufston. Bishkin, Schunian, F. Gordon, Marks. Paqe 309 PHI DELTA THETA OFFICERS, First Semester OFFICERS, Second Semester Eugene McKnight President Jerry G win President Kenneth Carpenter . Secretary Kenneth Carpenter . . . Secretary Mac Boring Treasurer John L. McK INNEY . . . Treasurer Austin Bealmear .... Reporter Austin Bealmear .... Reporter MEMBERS Jerry Gwin Tee Connelley Stuart Merwin Kenneth Carpenter Joe Davis Charles Monroe John L. McKinney Charles Edwards William Reynolds Eugene McKnight Gayfree Ellison, Jr. Spencer Rowan Austin Bealmear Allan Engleman George Shirk Mac Otts Boring Herschel French John Taylor B. B. Barefoot Ivor Gough, Jr. William Thompson Jack Burns Charles Grooms Wayne Turk Robert Card Lyle Johnson R. C. Walker William Carroll James Kincaid Richard Yeager Frederick Champlin. Jr. William Martin Pat Henry George Champlin Leo LeBron Bill Huper Wilburn Collins Phillip Meacham Raymond Wells Gus Bealmear Jack Huff William Reiff Charles Haberlein George Montgomery Hart Wright Charles Himes James Hocker PLEDGES Ma.x Morgan Dave Connel E. E. Parsons Byron Jones William Raffety Joe Merchant Mrs. W. B. Abernathy Hostess Mrs. W. B. Abernathy, Phi Delta Theta hostess, began her second year on the campus last fall. She calls Pittsburg. Texas, her home, and at one time attended the University of Texas. However, she has a personal interest in the University of Okla- homa, having a son here in the engineering school. She enjoys making cookies for the boys and playing golf. She says her job as hostess is a happy one and a great experience. Page 310 PHI DELTA THETA Phi Delta Theta was founded at Miami Univer- sity, Oxford. Ohio, December 26. 1848. In the year following organization, one of the initiates was Ben- jamin Harrison, later to become President of the United States. There are 108 active chapters with a total membership of approximately 30,000. Promi- inent national alumni include: |, C. McReynolds. U. S. Supreme Court: David F. Houston, former Sec, of Agriculture: Will H. Hays, former Postmaster General: Senator Elmer Thomas: Grantland Rice, sports writer, and Lou Geherig. Oklahoma Alpha was established on this campus on January 2. 1918. Phi Delts of note on the campus include: jerry Gwii}. Rho Chi. President of Phi Delta Theta. Galen. O. U. Ph. A,, Phi Delta Chi: Allan Engleman. Busi- ness Manager 1936 Sooner, President of Sen- ior Class, Scabbard and Blade. Jazz Hounds. Skele- ton Key, Co-editor of " Sooner 75. Captain. R. O. T. C. Derby Club: George Shirk. Secretary of Scabbard and Blade. Phi Delta Phi, Bombardiers. Derby Club. Chi Chi Chi: . Pat Henry, Galen. President of Phi Delta Chi. Ruf Neks, Sooner Staff, O. U. Ph. A. 1 Iriiiit - m p, ,e - p f . ' t: C C ' lO ,f!i Top row. left to right: Thompson. Martin, Wright, Engleman, Montgomery, Henry, CoUins, Scagraves, G. Beai- mear, Raffety. Second row: Johnson. Marshall. Reynolds, G. Champlin. Huff, Hines, Burns. Reiff. Haberlein, Grooms. Third roil ' .- Yeager, Jones. Carpenter, Boring, A. Bealmear. Wells, Davis, Gwin, Merchant. Mcacham. Fourth row: Kincaid, Walker, Gough. Huper, Carroll, Card, Connel, Connelley, Hocker. McKnight. Page 311 PHI GAMMA DELTA OFFICERS, First Semester Thomas Finney .... President Bill Whiteman .... Treasurer Ben Harned, Jr Secretary OFFICERS, Second Semester Bill Whiteman .... President Bob Grady Treasurer Louis Ross Secretary Fred Steckleberg Joe Rucks Bartlett Ward Andrew J. Woodward Wallace C. Thomas William A. Bullis James C. McWilliams Scott C. Beesley, Jr. Norman B. Burwell Richard B. Lawrence Edmond C. Alden MEMBERS Robert ]. Stanton Thomas H. Collison Louis O. White Robert W. Spradlixg Edwin O. Shaw Duncan Threlkeld Thomas J. Walsh Max R. Wiecks Russell O. Bennett J. Frank Martin RoswELL D. Clark Royal E. Stuart Fred B. Aurin Watt H. McBrayer John R. Leonard Warren F. Brokaw Jack R. Durland G. Otis Danielson Marmaduke Corbin, Jr. Fred S. Coombs Willis W. Smith Robert S. Trippet Thomas E. Matson John B. Anderson Charles G. Fullenwider Jack K. Chandler Harry S. Collinson PLEDGES Robert Shipley William Lowery Robert Pischel Jack Kessler Jack Rinn Harold Taft Joe T. Martin Edwin Toribio RussEL Mason Duncan Warr Glen Alexander Mrs. Dwight E. Aultman Hostess Mrs. Dwight E. Aultman, Phi Gamma Delta fraternity hostess, came to the University of Oklahoma campus six years ago. She has studied and traveled considerably, and is now working on a master ' s degree. While residing in Cuba. Mrs. Aultman was foreign correspond- ent for the New York Times. She was an honorary member of the Press Club of Indiana, and president of the Indiana branch of the League of American Pen Women. Page 312 PHI GAMMA DELTA Phi Gamma Delta was founded in " Fort Arm- strong " , a dormitory of Jefferson College. Cannons- burg. Pennsylvania, on the night of April 22, 1848. The fraternity maintains seventy active chapters with a membership of nearly 30,000. Prominent alumni include: Newton D. Baker, former Sec. of War; Rockwell Kent, Artist: Meredith Nicholson, novelist; and Walter Harrison. Editor of Daily Oklahoman. Phi Kappa Pi. was granted a charter as Nu Omega chapter of the national fraternity on March 4. 1917. Phi Gams of note on the campus include: oe Rucks. Phi Delta Phi, Ruf Nek s, Skeleton Key. Scabbard and Blade. Phi Eta Sigma. President of Senior Class, ' 34, Interfraternity Council, Derby Club; Bill Whiteman. Varsity Debate, President of Delta Sigma Rho, Phi Delta Phi, Checkmate, Secre- tary-Treasurer of Skeleton Key, Ruf Neks, Business Manager Whirlwind, Interfraternity Council; Tom Finney. Phi Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Scabbard and Blade, President ' s Class, Editor Whirlwind ' 34. Skeleton Key, Interfraternity Council. ££ ii f i ' fN c C il Top row. Iclt to right: Shipley, Pischel, J. Martin, Hall Collinson, Harry Collin. ' ion. Grady. Lawrence. Ross. Thomas. Stanton. Second row: Anderson. Smith, Aurin, Durland, Rinn, Taft, Beasley, Weicks, Chandler. Third row: Leonard, Clark. McWilliams, Kessler, Mat.son, White, Corbyn, McBrayer, Stuart, Rucks. Fourth roil ' .- Bennett, F. Martin, Finney, Burwell, Woodward. Tripett, Fullenwider, Danielson, Ward. Page 313 PHI KAPPA PSI OFFICERS, First Semester Charles Follansbee . . . President Tom Miller . . . Vice-President Paul Day Secretary Wilson Cline .... Treasurer OFFICERS, Second Semester Allen Waggoner . . President Frank McClintock . Vice-President X. R. Campbell .... Secretary Wilson Cline .... Treasurer HoYTE Allen Nelson Clabaugh Robert Cox Paul Day Charles Follansbee Louis Hill D. C. Janeway George McLean Tom Miller Joe Mills William Porter Allen Waggoner J. D. Fellers Hamilton deMeules James Roth David Hunt O ' Neil Rhoades MEMBERS Fred Bragassa Garth Caylor Charles Graves Allen Hale Marion Holland Don Kuhn Frank McClintock George Shaffer George Summy Tom Tennery Warren Cline Richard Turner Jerry Beckett Sam Billings Kenneth Braselton Ralph Darnell PLEDGES Marion Hennessey James Brennan Ramsey de Meules Clarence Greer John Halley James Hewgley Owen Hill Charles Janeway Ted Johnson P. J. Maloney Bill Midgley Edward Sands Robert Berton Flo-id Sooy Harry Welsh X. R. Campbell Wilson E. Cline Risk Thompson Homer Wilson Howard Wycoff Mrs. Isabel G. Sands Hostess Mrs. Isabel Sands. Houston. Texas, is serving her first year as hostess of Phi Kappa Psi. She is originally from Hamilton. On- tario, Canada, but has lived in the states since 191 ?. Mrs. Sands is much impressed with Norman and enjoys its quietness as compared to the large cities. Her son, Edward is a member of the fraternity. Her clubs are P. E. O. and Eastern Star. Page 314 PHI KAPPA PSI Phi Kappa Psi was founded at Jefferson College. Pennsylvania, February 19, 1852. At the time of its foundation there was an epidemic of typhoid fever in the college. The warm friendships formed in such trying times ripened into the fraternal sentiment which led to the establishment of the fraternity. Prominent national alumni include: Pierce Butler, U. S. Supreme Court; John W. Davis, former Am- bassador to Great Britiain; Charles " Buddy " Rogers; and the late Woodrow Wilson. The local. Kappa Psi, became Oklahoma Alpha of Phi Kappa Psi, October 9, 1920. Phi Psi s prominent on the campus include: Wil- son E. Cline, Phi Delta Phi, Skeleton Key, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Ruf Neks, Debate Forum, President of Pi Sigma Alpha. Interfraternity Coun- cil; . D. Fellers. Bombardiers. Scabbard and Blade, Senate. Interfraternity Council. Jazz Hounds, Sooner Staff, Skeleton Key. Monnett Bar; Charles Follansbee. Editor of 1936 Sooner. Business Manager of 1935 Sooner, Interfraternity Coun- cil. President of Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa. Jazz Hounds. Dad ' s Day Cup. Skeleton Key. and former President of Phi Kappa Psi. ' M x mM I-- ' T.,. ' A t . ' L ie Mm M £ iMMkM m First row. left to right: Wilson. Midgely, Kuhn. Braselton, Hcwgley. McLean, Greer, Berton, Hennessey, Sands. Second rou - Maloney. Johnson, D. Janeway, Campbell, Day. Thompson, Wycoff, C. Janeway, Porter, R. deMeules. Third row: Caylor, Fellers. Mills, Warren Cline, Holland, Miller, Roth, Sooy, W. Cline. Hill. Fourth row: H. deMeules. Halley, Graves, Rhoades, Billings. Brcnnan. Tennery. Summy, Co. . Fifth row: Beckett. Follansbee, Welch, Bragassa, Allen. Darnell. McClintock, Shaffer. Clabaugh. Page 3 15 PHI KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS, First Semester Frank Lynn Killingsworth . President Robert C. Culver . . Vice-President Gordon Wilbur .... Secretary Morris B. White . . . Treasurer OFFICERS, Second Semester Lionel E. Edwards President Bill Gouldy . . . Vice-President Donald W. Brown . . . Secretary Morris B. White . . . Treasurer James Fortune Amberg Rex a. Bartlett Robert R. Beidleman Joe E. Beidleman Laurence R. Bolen Donald W. Brown Dan H. Carpenter Robert C. Culver Lionel E. Edwards William C. Gouldv Earl A. Harder MEMBERS Nathaniel A. Jones Frank Lynn Killingsworth Louis E. Killingsworth Fred McDaniels Buren T. Murphee John D. Prendergast J. Thomas Prendergast Sidney B. Plummer Frank R. Reese Joe Warren Robinett R. Renn Rothrock Robert C. Smith Vincent E. Smith RoscoE F. Stahl Gordon Steinhoff C. Morrison Stephens Kenneth T. White Morris B. White Gordon G. Wilbur Waldron C. Wisdom Harold A. White Milton Beidleman Mark Boxell Joe F. Cook Albert E. Corrotto PLEDGES Eugene F. Corrotto Robert G. Frank David E. Harder Garman O. Kimmel Jack T. Longmire Wallace R. McArthur Elmer Thomas Stephens John Threadgill Samuel F. Willis Mrs. Clarence Clark Hostess Mrs. Clarence Clark, Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity hostess, has a personal interest in every man initiated in the fraternity. Mrs. Clark is said to have the true Phi Kappa Sig spirit at heart. She has watched the progress of the fraternity from the time it became a national order. She says the contact she has made with the boys ' families is the most valuable thing she has gained in her stay at the Phi Kappa Sigma house. Page 316 PHI KAPPA SIGMA Phi Kappa Sigma, the only national fraternity founded at the University of Pennsylvania, was or- ganized on the nineteenth day of October, 1850. In 1888 a prize in honor of the founder of the fraternity — Samuel Brown Wylie Mitchell — was established at Pennsylvania, to be given to that member of the sophomore class who attains the highest mark in English literature. There are thirty-eight active chapters with a membership of approximately 12.000. Prominent national alumni include: Sen. Claude A. Swanson of Virginia; Sen. Joseph C. O ' Mahoney of Wyoming; Pierre S, DuPont. financier; and Maxfield Parrish, artist. Kappa Epsilon was organized in September 1923, and became an active chapter of the national on Feb- ruary 22, 1929. Phi Kappa Sigs of note on the campus include: Renn Rothrock, Interfraternity Council, Jazz Hounds, League of Young Democrats, Skeleton Key; Lionel Edwards, Jazz Hounds, League of Young Democrats; Frank Kilgore. President of Phi Kappa Sigma, Jazz Hounds; Morris White. Glee Club, Engineers Club, Men ' s Quartet, Ruf Neks. if ?b, a [t to right: T. Prendergast, Ambcrg, Longmire, H. White, M. White. M. Beid!eman, Culver, A. Cor- V. Smith. ; Rothrock. J. Prendergast. Stahl, E. Stephens, Steinhoif, Edwards, N. Stephens, Gouldy, Cook. G. Corrotto, Brown, B. Beidleman. Bowlen. K. White, Robinctt, McArthur, Plumer, Carpenter. L. Killingsworth, F. Killing.sworth. Borel, ). Beidleman, Frank, Reese, B. Smith, Wisdom. Page 317 PHI MU OFFICERS, First Semester Winifred Shallcross Helen Tappan . Marjorie Capps . Alfreda Chapman President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS, Second Semesver Betty Bowers Elizabeth Stewart Helen Tappan Alfreda Chapman President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Winifred Shallcross Betty Bowers MEMBERS Mary Helen Corwin Elizabeth Stewart Kathryn Hales Helen Tappan Charline Smith Donalene Bradley Eileen Carter PLEDGES Martha Klein Elizabeth West Juanita Russell Edna Mae Clifford Julienne Connelly Mrs. Nell Chandler Hostess Mrs. Nell Chandler. Phi Mu sorority hos tess, entered Oklahoma for the first time last fall to become a house mother on the Univer- sity of Oklahoma campus. Previously, she spent ten years as a hostess at De Pauw University. She has a son who was a stu- dent at De Pauw. Mrs. Chandler is greatly interested in literature and music. At one time she taught both. Poge 318 PHI MU Phi Mu was an outgrowth of a local society called the Philomathean. which was organized at Wesleyan College. Macon Georgia, on March 4. 1852. On June 24, 1904. the name was changed to Phi Mu and a national e.xpansion policy was adopted. Wesleyan College has the distinction of being the oldest college for women in America. It was incorporated in 1836. There are fifty-seven active chapters of the national organization with a membership of about 10.000. The local. Phi Zeta, was granted a charter in 1923 and became Epsilon Beta of Phi Mu. Prominent lo- cal alumnae include: Mrs. Pauline Baker Chase; Mrs. Lee K. Anderson. Oklahoma City, Anna Mae Deardon. assistant registrar: Elizabeth Cox, on Gov. Marland ' s Staff. Phi Mu ' s of note on the campus include: Betty Bowers. Chapter President, Rifle Team, W. A. A.. W. S. G. A., and Panhellenic Council; Elizabeth Stewart. Y. W. C. A., Thalian, Alpha Lambda Del- ta, Pi Zeta Kappa, and English Club; Helen Tappan. Alpha Lambda Delta. Y. W. C. A.. Mortar IBoard Honor Class. University Symphony Orchestra; Mary Helen Corwin. International Relations, Pi Sigma Alpha, Y, W. C. A. Council, and Spanish Club. - ' - ' mma ' J Top roir, left to right: Bradley. Smith, Hales., Tappan. Carte Bottom row: Corwin. West. Klein. Russell, Steuart, Bowers. Page 319 PI BETA PHI OFFICERS, First Semester Ruth Clark . Nancy Blake Head Norma Stovall . Betty Boddy . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS, Second Semester Su Nell Bethell . . . President June Helton . . . Vice-President Lucille MacKenzie . . . Secretary Patience Sewell . . . Treasurer Hope Adams SuNell Bethell Sarah Billups Betty Boddy Eloise Cherryhomes Nell Childers Ruth Clark Jane Clarke Joyce Colley Betty Conwell MEMBERS Billy Bob Culwell Elaine Davis Mrs. Marthella Haning Evelyn Hayden Nancy Blake Head June Helton Kathleen Keefe Virginia Lee Lucille MacKenzie Jane Marsh MaBelle Miller Alice Quigley Patience Sewell Elizabeth Smith Norma Stovall Mary Taliaferro Margaret Thompson Dorothy Walker Maxine Wallace Arline Wiet Mary Margaret Whitehurst Judith Beth Berry Elsie Bowers Barbara Campbell Catherine Clonts Helen Marie Cordell Jean Delaney Elizabeth Hedlund Edna Earl King Bbtte Lambert Jane Lomax Polly Anna McBride Caroline McEldowney Joan McKowen Emma Jean Mitchell PLEDGES Dorothy Jane Rogers Aileen Simms Louise Niemann Dorothy Ann Perkins Elizabeth Phillips Betty Jane Galt Charlotte Shepherd Helen Ribeyre Mary Lee Verser Ruth Winn Phoebe Jane Chenault Vardrene Arntzen Mrs. Gladys Scivally Hostess Mrs. Gladys Scivally. a one time undergraduate Pi Phi at the University of Oklahoma, returned in 1932 to become hostess at the Pi Beta Phi sorority house. She is also president of the Kappa province of Pi Beta Phi. She has spent a part of her life in the business world. She has managed a gift shop and tea room, and later was hostess at a coun- try club. She says her work here is the most interesting and inspiring she has yet undertaken. Page 320 PI BETA PHI Pi Beta Phi was founded at Monmouth College on April 28, 1867. by twelve women and was the first organization of college women to be recognized as a national college fraternity. There are seventy-eight active chapters of the national organization and their membership is around 25.000. The local chapter of Pi Beta Phi was installed on this campus in 1910. Among the well known local alumnae are: Mrs. Isabel Campbell, who wrote " Jack Sprat " ; and Margaret Richardson, translator of many works into English. Pi Phis of note on the campus include: 5ara Mar- garet Freeman, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Beta Kap- pa. W. S. G. A. E.xecutive Council. President of Mortar Board. Spanish Club. Y. W. C. A.: Pat Seiv- ell. Alpha Lambda Delta. Y. W. C.A., Chi Delta Phi. English Club. Engineers Queen; Ruth Clark, Y. W. C. A. House Council, W. S. G. A. President- elect. Vice-President League of Young Democrats, President of Panhellenic, President Pi Beta Phi; Norma StoralL Y. W. C. A. Financial Chairman. Glee Club. Secretary and Treasurer of the English Club, Alpha Lambda Delta. ..J . p s: ©:ClC 3 f - - i £ i Y di dJi iki ' Top row, c r to nylit: Vcr.ser. Phillips, McEldowney, Miller, Marsh, Winn, Collcy. McKo .in. Clark, Wief. Second row: Ford, Hedlund, Campbell, Davis, Thompson, Bethell, Freeman. Billips, Corbctt, Collier. Third row: Clonts, Helton. Culwell. Ribeyre. Lambert, Scwell, Cherryhomes, Kecfe, Boddy, Gait. Fourth, row: Lomax, Arntzen, Delaney, Hodge, Hayden, ' ' cBride, Chcnault, Bowers, Rodgers, Perkins. Smith. Bottom row: Niemann, King, Bernard, Roy, Stovall, MacKenzie, Taliaferro, Johnson, Head, Wallace, Quigley. Page 321 PI KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS, First Semester Tom Hanson . John Wheeler Doyle Watson J. F. Malone President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS, Second Semester Bob Neptune W. G. Davis Doyle Watson J. F. Malone President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS Robert Neptune Tom Hanson Charles Selby Jack Kirton John Wheeler b. m. nowery Kenneth Robinson Fletcher Swank Emil Meis John Johnson George Miskovsky Whitney Thrower Charles Worley Ernie Hotze Archie Perry Hubert Gibson W. G. Davis Clyde Patrick J. F. Malone Nixon Young Leon White B. E. Massey Harry Hudson Sheldon Crocker Doyle Watson C. L. Sheedy Glenn Lane Paul Bowlen Gerald Riffe Bill Breeden John Ainsworth Julian Vahlberg Jack Maltby Pete Smith Louis Johnson George Riffe Burton Corn James Clark Keller Hende rson PLEDGES Jess Wright Leonard French Laddie Groendyke Keith Hibner Wayne LeCrone Ben Poyner Delmar Steinbock Maurice Stewart George Gilmore Carl Baird Paul Smith Saint Clair Newbern J. T. Thomas Marshal Pipkin Jack Payne Don Teis Bernard Beaird Wallace Bauman Mrs. James E. Pershing Hostess Mrs. James E. Pershing. Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity hostess, holds an all-time record for house mothers on the University of Oklahoma campus. She has been with the Pi K. A. ' s for fourteen years, and has seen two new Pi Kappa Alpha houses erected. She is president of the Campus Hostesses Club, a position she has held ever since she began her career as hostess. Paqe 322 PI KAPPA ALPHA Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the University of Virginia on the night of March 1. 1868. by five men who met in room No. 31 West Range. Tradition says that the actual conception of the fraternity took place at Virginia Military Institute shortly after the battle of New Market. There are seventy-four ac- tive chapters with a membership of 16.000. Prom- inent national alumni include: Congressman L. B. Rainey of Alabama; W. P. Kent. U. S. Consul Gen- eral; and John Lloyd Newcomb. president of Univer- sity of Virginia. Pi Kappa Omicron. the local fraternity petitioning the national order, was granted a charter on this campus September 24, 1920. Pi K. A. ' s of note on the campus include: Bob Neptune, Ruf Neks. Scabbard and Blade. Skeleton Key. Senior Intramural Manager. Student Repre- sentative of Intramural Board. Men ' s Council. House Manager of Pi Kappa Alpha. Captain of R. O. T. C; John Wheeler, Jazz Hounds. Scabbard and Blade. Cadet Colonel of R. O. T. C. Skeleton Key. Inter- fraternity Council. President of Pi Kappa Alpha; W. G. Darts, Beta Gamma Sigma. Phi Eta Sigma. Scab- bard and Blade, Toga, and Men ' s Council. «■lcr p Of Top roic, lc[t to right: Brecdcn. Robinson. Vahlberg. Henderson. Baird. Mois. Neptune. Masse Second row: Vliet. Malone. Hudson. Maltby. Kirton. Joe Wriyht. Bowlen. Paul Smith. Payne. Third row: Beaird. Gilmore. Newbern. Hanson, White, McEldcrrv. Ainsworth. Thomas. Corn. Fourth row: James. Wheeler. Groendvkc. Johnson. Gerald Riffe. Crocker. Teis. Lane. Watson. Bottom row: Swank. Perry, George RifFe, Gibson, Nowery. Jess Wright, French, Sheedy, Pipkin. Da Page 323 PI KAPPA PHI OFFICERS, First Semester Roy Jameson President Alfred Schmidt .... Treasurer John Sherril Secretary Malcolm McKenzie . . . Historian OFFICERS, Second Semester Beecher Snipes Tom Ewing . Oran Lambert Robert Larson President Treasurer Secretary Historian Hardy Suggs Leroy Henderson Edwin Berry Harold Gassaway Roy Jameson Beecher Snipes Malcolm McKenzie MEMBERS Robert Larson Lewis Shawbell Zay Kimberlin Stanley Story Willis Rosenthal Clifford Stein Alfred Schmidt Tom Ewing Walter Callahan Earl Crowder John Sherill Oran Lambert Joe Shapiro T. C. Reynolds Maurice Easter Collie James Lyle Hammond Boyd Montgomery PLEDGES Charles Bradley Walter Martz Bob Colvert Cassidy Wright Kenneth Whittet Jack Timmonds Paul Johnson Re.x Desmond Tom Holden Mrs. Juliet Lawton Hostess As each house mother must have a pet-name. Mrs. Juliet Law- ton, Pi Kappa Phi fraternity hostess, says the boys call her " Judy. " Mrs. Lawton ' s original home is Pittsburgh. Pa. She at- tended the Pittsburgh College for Women, and continued her education at Colorado College in Denver. She came here from Colorado Springs. She places great value on her association with students on the campus. Pago 324 PI KAPPA PHI Pi Kappa Phi was founded at the College of Charleston in South Carolina on December 10. 1904. It was a concrete and permanent result of a friend- ship that had flourished since the elementary school days in the environs of one of the South ' s oldest towns. Pi Kappa Phi is the only national fraternity founded in the state of South Carolina. There are 38 active chapters and appro.ximately 6000 members. Prominent national alumni include: Dudley D. Carol, educator and author; James C. Derieux, editor and author; John Donaldson, educator and econom- ist; and Joseph Starnes. congressman. Pi Kappa, the petitioning body, received a charter from the national organization on May 26, 1923. Pi Kappa Phi ' s of note on the campus include: Harold Gassaway. Ruf Neks. Phi Delta Phi. Inter- fraternity Council, Intramural Softball and Bowling; Clifford Stein, Phi Eta Sigma, Intramural Sports Manager, Interfraternity Council; Willis M. Rosen- thal. Graduate of University of the South at Se- wanee. Tennessee, Phi Beta Kappa. Blue Key. Pi Omega. Literary Society, German Club. Pi Gamma Mu. Top roir. left to right: Patten. Snipes. Shawbell, Reynolds. Shapiro. Callahan. Lambert. Second roic- Montgomery. Larson. McKenzie. Story. Schmidt. Easter. Crowder. Third row: Hammonds, Ewing, Wright, Bradley, Rosenthal, Stein, Kimberlin, SherilL Page 325 n Kj SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON OFFICERS, First Semester Keller Wagner .... President Beauchamp Selman . Vice-President Stewart Mark .... Secretary Fred Dunlevy .... Treasurer OFFICERS, Second Semester Beauchamp Selman . . . President Ben Franklin . . . Vice-President Pierce Cantrell .... Secretary Fred Dunlevy .... Treasurer MEMBERS William Barnes Leslie Ford Max Lents Beauchamp Selman Charles A. Bell Ben Franklin Sam Maddux Alton Sullivan Jack Benge Lloyd Gilliland Stewart Mark Richard Taggart John Braden Jack Hammonds Robert Munroe Robert Van Vleck John R. Browne E. D Holcom B Brown Monnett Keller Jack Wagner Pierce Cantrell William Gilbert Harrison Frank Ozment Tom B. Simmons Orville Davis John Kayser John Overton James Matthews Fred Dunlevy Don Kerr David Reed Howard Borne Howard Fleet Trimble Latting Fred Riddle William Fry PLEDGES William Douglas Baker Charles Grimshaw James Rogers James Bearly Bernell Gilbert David Salmon Ellis Brown Harry Hartley M. B. Schofield Horace Chandler Frank Heller Clark Selman Alton Coppage Douglas Jones Vincent Stephens Lester Dunlevy Kester June Lee Warren Stone Jack Dalious Herbert Ladd Karl Wilcoxson Earl Foster Ben Mobley Jack G. Morgan Joe Alley ' 1 Mrs. Rene Edwin Stone T Hostess Mrs. Rene Edwin Stone has been hostess at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house for five years. Mrs. Stone attended Sullins College in Virginia and received degrees in Art and Education at Central State Teachers College. She says she enjoys living in Norman. Mrs. Stone has a son who attended the university. Pago 326 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the Univer- sity of Alabama on March 9, 1856. Chief of these founders was Noble De Votie who had written the ritual, devised the grip, and chosen the name. At present there are 108 active chapters with a member- ship of 40.298. Prominent national alumni include: Daniel C. Roper. Sec. of Commerce; United States Senators. " Pat " Harrison of Mississippi. Key Pitt- man of Nevada. John H. Bankhead of Alabama: Jack Holt and Conrad Nagel. actors: and Bobby Jones. The twenty-one members of the local chapter, Iota Alpha, were initiated into the national fraternity on October 23. 1909. Prominent members and their activities on the campus are: William H. Barnes, President. Alpha Chi Sigma: President, Toga: Checkmate, Treasurer, Pe-et: Treasurer, Sigma Tau; Skeleton Key, and Tau Beta Pi; Beaiichamp Selman. Ruf Neks, Phi Theta Kappa, Glee Club, President. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Stewart W. Mark. Phi Eta Sigma. Phi Beta Kappa. Bombardiers. Jazz Hounds. Skeleton Key, Circula- tion Manager of Sooner. Scabbard and Blade. Secretary of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ■aiii Il M ' i M ' C W W ' " ■ ' " iSiSi - mm Top row. left to riyht: J. Browne. Ladd. Bradcn. Schofield, Hammonds, Fleet, Gilbert. Foster, C. Selman. Stone, Wagner. Second row: Mobley. Alley, L. Dunlevy, Kayser, Dalious, Davi.s. Grimshaw, Ford, Jones, E. Brown, Franklin, Overton. Third row: Monroe, Bearly. Matthews, Gilliland, Stephens, Fry. Taggert, Lents, Chandler. B. Selman. F. Dunlevy, Simmon.s. Fourth cow: Van Vleck, Monnett, Harrison, Barnes, Maddux, Bell, Morgan, Heller, Hartley, Wilcoxson. Holcomb. Fifth Row: Borne. Riddle, June, Kerr, Reed, Rogers, Baker, Salmon, Ozmcnt. Benge, Cantrell. Page 327 SIGMA ALPHA MU OFFICERS, First Semester Kenneth Axelrod . . . President Joe Leavitt Secretary Raymond Sandler . . . Treasurer Julius Bankoff . . Rush Chairman OFFICERS, Second Semester Kenneth Axelrod Joseph Leavitt Raymond Sandler Julius Bankoff President Secretary Treasurer Rush Chairman Kenneth Axelrod Julius Bankoff Bernard Karchmer Walter Kleinman Joe Leavitt MEMBERS J. W. Levin Sidney Massie Nathan Ravitz Raymond Sandler Louis Schwartz Robert Swesnik Charles Talley Marvin Trope Gus Zeldich William J. Feldman Hyman M. Robinson Edgar R. Openheim Donald Goldberg PLEDGES Jerome Wolf Milton Markus William Novak Mrs. Pauline Lewis Hostess Mrs. Pauline Lewis, Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity hostess, is a member of Delphians and " As You Like It " , literary clubs. She was active in Red Cross work during the World War. In the fall of 1932 she came to the university to become hostess at the Sigma Alpha Mu house, and has been with the chapter since that date. Page 328 SIGMA ALPHA MU Sigma Alpha Mu was founded at New York Col- lege on Thanksgiving Eve. November 26. 1909. As written in the preamble of the fraternity ' s constitu- ton, the object of the founders was " to form a close social and fraternal union of Jewish students of the various universities, colleges, and professional schools in America; to foster and maintain among its sons a spirit of fraternity, a spirit of mutual moral aid and support. " There are thirty-nine active chapters in the national organization with a membership of ap- proximately 5,000. Eight members of the Alpha Club of the Univer- sity of Oklahoma were initiated into Sigma Alpha Mu on May 22. 1920. as Sigma Alpha Chapter. Well known local alumni include: David R. Milsten and Travis I. Milsten, Tulsa attorneys; Rabbi Joseph Blatt, Oklahoma University faculty. Sigma Alpha Mus of note on the campus include: Raymond Sandler, Varsity Wrestling, Interfrater- nity Council, " O " Club, Congress, Menorah Society, Treasurer of Sigma Alpha Mu; Kenneth Axelrod. President of Sigma Alpha Mu, Spanish Club, and Interfraternity Council. 1 l.-.j? mT m ilWC ' ■ ■■■ ' ■■- " ;; M K iiiiiriw-. ' p o c M[kM Top row, left to right: Levin, Trope, Feldman, Goldberg, Massie. Karchmer. Second row: Axelrod, Kleinman, Talky, Lea itt, Sandler, Swcsnik. Bottom row: Appenheim, Robinson, Wolf, Marcus, No ak, Ra it2, Bankoff. Page 329 SIGMA CHI OFFICERS, First Semester Frank McGraw .... President Mark G. Meister . . Vice-President McFerron Gittinger . . Secretary Maurice Hankinson . . . Treasurer OFFICERS, Second Semester Eugene Chappell . . . President T. Myron Pyle . . . Vice-President Verne V. Long. Jr. . . . Secretary Maurice Hankinson . . . Treasurer Frank McGraw Mark G. Meister McFerron Gittinger Maurice Hankinson Eugene Chappell T. Myron Pyle Verne V. Long, Jr. Jack High Neil Bogan Fred Hoyt Frank Kennedy Rhys Evans Bill Armstrong Hal Burnett Billy Clayton C. C. Cody M. S. Douglass Roy Harris MEMBERS Walter Emery E. C. Leonard E. W. Smith. Jr. Martin Jones George Noble Hillyer Freeland Floyd Hinton Bill Walts Dexter Moss Sullivan Ashby Ed Hamilton PLEDGES Ronald Hermes Ralph Keehn Bob McClain Mont Stewart Dick Stith Dick Wyche Bob Kennedy Tom Blakemore Bill Selvidge Joe Edgington Joe Uri Sam Matthews Sam Moore J. B. Sims Howard Wilson Robert Frailey Robert Wells Earl Wright Roland Young Robin Burnett McCurtain Scott Carroll Daulton Earl Hugh Mitchel Mrs. W. L. Perkins Hostess Mrs. W. L. Perkins, whose place of official residence is in Ok- lahoma City, has officiated as Sigma Chi hostess for the past eight years. Her interest in young people dates back to her school teacher days in Iowa. Literature ranks first and second among her hobbies, and knitting runs a close third. Her ability to re- member names and faces has made her long a favorite with the coeds who visit the Sigma Chi house. Page 330 SIGMA CHI Sigma Chi was established at Miami University, June 28, 1855. The standard with which the frater- nity began was " of admitting no man to membership in it who was not believed to be a man of good char- acter, of fair ability, of ambitious purposes, and of congenial disposition. " There are 96 active chapters with a membership of approximately 36.000. Prominent national alumni include: George Ade and Booth Tarkington. authors; Patrick J. Hurley, former Sec. of War; Governor E. W. Marland; and Frank Buttram. Beta Kappa Chapter was installed on this campus in 1912. Sigma Chis of note on the campus include: Rhys Evans. Phi Beta Kappa, President ' s Class, Pe-et, Skeleton Key, Secretary of Pi Sigma Alpha. Scab- bard and Blade, and Interfraternity Council: Jack High. Editor of 1933 Sooner, Past President of Sigma Chi and Interfraternity Council; Walter Em- ery, Jazz Hounds, Skeleton Key, former Captain of O. U. Golf Team, 1933 Intercollegiate Golf Cham- pion, and 1935 National Amateur Finalist: Maurice Hankinson, President ' s Class and 3 year letterman on O. U. ' s Golf Team. BWWfeP ' 4 Bp ni B| SbS fe3 -5fj i»- ' v -- ,m-=: =3 §|HB llljl ' lfpl HKK Mfffl[IF " f ifiiiffi f ' p 1 a c 1 o ' p -n . a f i £££if ££ fMAM M h Top row. left to right: Waits, Wells, Freeland, Mcister, Hinton, Ashby, Edgington, McGraw. Second row: Uri, Moore, Long, Blakemore, Matthews, Selvidge, Chappell, F. Kennedy, Evan.s. Third row: Leonard, Siinms, Wilson, Wyche, Pyle, Gittingcr, Smith. Moss, Hankinson. Fourth row: Kennedy, Stitli. Harris. Young, Burnett. Hermest, Burnett, Cody, Dalton. Pi[th row: Scott, Douglass, Mitchel, Keehn, Armstrong, McClain, Clayton, Wright, Stewart, High. Page 33! SIGMA NU OFFICERS, First Semester OFFICERS, Second Semester T. Ray Phillips . President ToLBERT Smith President 1 ToLBERT Smith . Vice-President Connie Aherns . Vice-President Millard Purdy Secretary E -MO Scrivner Secretary F. G. VoGEL, Jr. . Treasurer Frank Vogel Treasurer MEMBERS Dan Thompson Millard Purdy Bill Wylie Sam Hammonds Billy Nesbitt Howard Lodge John Banker Charles Adams RuEL Harris Marvin Owens Bill McClellan Lamar McLennan Everett Cotter Frank Bell Tom McClellan Hal Leaming Bill Billups Morgan Bell Oliver Tyler Johnny King Laurence Reedy Frank Hamilton Walter Blevens Tom Whelan Bob Stephens Emery Grinnell Judd Allison Bill Barry Paul Barnhart Karey Fuqua Charles Shull Tom Carey Byron Jones Jack Rivers PLEDGES Nathan Anderson Carl Flick Terrance Rice Jack Dolman George Bixler Raymond Gabey George Stein Charles Richards Mack Bradley Penrod Harris Devon Voiles James Stauffer John Busbv Bill Plott Medford Cashion Tom Goebel Jack Byrd Harry Rector Charles Monnot B Mrs M OiBEL Smith Hostess hd Mrs. Mabel Smith, Sigma Nu fraternity hostess, has responded for ten years to the name, " Ma Mabel " . Home life in the Sigma Nu house is made very pleasant by this charming hostess. She enjoys bridge, sewing, and knitting. A poem, " The Moth- er of Sigma Nu ' , was written and dedicated to her not long ago by Ted Magee. a university boy. Page 332 SIGMA NU Sigma Nu originated from the Legion of Honor, a secret society organized in 1868 at Virginia Military Institute. The Legion of Honor was an association of students led by James F. Hopkins which opposed the overbearing control of another secret society. There are ninety-four chapters active at the present time and the membership of the fraternities numbers around 29,000. Prominent national alumni include: Harry W. Chase, president of New York Univer- sity; Zane Grey, novelist; and John Lyle Harrington. The local fraternity. Delta Alpha, was given its charter as Delta Epsilon of Sigma Nu on January 1, 1909. Sigma Nus of note on the campus include: Karey Fuqua. " O ' Club, Football Letterman. President of Checkmate, Men ' s Council; T. Ray Phillips. " O " Club, Football Letterman. Ruf Neks, President of Sigma Nu, Scabbard and Blade; Everett Cotter, Sec- retary and Treasurer of Phi Delta Phi, President of Inter-Bar Council, Secretary of Interfraternity Coun- cil, Vice-President of Toga, President of Sigma Nu. f -X MV MTTTW X.i V av ?i5ffire ' »!ltel xKw m w 3sm nyOu il] y- -iiaiBD i 1 1 i M Ji 9k _ - " ]hBJi HI inlUillll ' lll n ■1 fy f i r c r o ££S t " ' f t fy o Top roif. lc[t to right: Cotter, l lott. Flick, Stein, Rector, R. Harris, Owens, Gabey, Rice. Cashion. Lancaster. Second row: McLennan, Jones, Richard. Byrd, Scri ner, Ahrens, Hamilton, Bogart. T. McClellan. King, Nesbitt. Third row: M. Bell, F. Bell. Monnot, Barry, Allison, Billups, Lodge, Busbv, Smiih, Vogel, Hammonds. Fourth roir; Dinger, Anderson. Whelan. Wylie. Stauffcr. Bradley, Shull, Purdy, Fuqua, Wray, Stevens. Fifth roir: Goebei, Carey, P. Harris, Ble ins. Voiles, Thompson. Roberts, Barnhart, B. McClellan. Bixlcr. Page 333 SIGMA DELTA TAU OFFICERS, First Semester OFFICERS, Second Semester Lillian Rose .... President Lillian Rose President Rose Fisher .... Vice-President Rose Fisher .... Vice-President Idah Maxine Aberson Secretary Idah Maxine Aberson . . Secretary Hannah Foreman Treasurer Hannah Foreman . . . Treasurer MEMBERS Hannah Steinberg Elizabeth Speirs Lillian Rose Edythe Winer Ella Zak Hannah Foreman Muriel Spiro Martha Levy Idah Maxine Aberson Rose Fisher Maxine Jericho Mildred Winer PLEDGES Florence Novit Claire Jacobson Sylvia Gordon Helen Falk Cecile Bomash Mrs. Sadie Lyons Hostess Mrs. Sadie Lyons. Sigma Delta Tau sorority hostess, originally came from Houston. Te.vas. but she is well known throughout this state, and has many friends in Tulsa where she is a member of Jewish Women and the Temple Sisterhood. She is spending her fiist year on the university campus, and thinks her work is pleasant and enjoyable. Page 334 SIGMA DELTA TAU Sigma Delta Tau was founded at Cornell Univer- sity on March 17, 1917. The six charter members were assisted by Nathan House who was their ritual- ist and honorary member of the order. Today he is known as " Brother Nat " and as a tribute to him, no other man is permitted to wear the " Torch " . There are at present ten chapters with a membership of ap- proximately a thousand. The local sorority became a member of the nation- al on September 14, 1929. Among the alumnae of Sigma Delta Tau who are remembered are: Mil- dred Helman, as the founder of the local chapter; Nanette Morrison, society editor of the Bartlesville Enterprise; and Adeline Goldberg, Sylvia Massie Klienman, Lucille Goldsmith Schwartz, Lillie Abrams. and Charlotte Serkes. Sigma Delta Taus of note on the campus include: Lillian Rose. President of Sigma Delta Tau. Public- ity Chairman of Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Secretary of W, S.G. A., Panhellenic; Elizabeth Spiers. Y. W. C. A. House Council, W. A. A.. Hestia, Oikonomia. h Top roir, !e[t to right: Winer, hpinn, Fi.slier, Steinberg, Speirs. Middle row: Lcbz, Jacobson, Novit, Aberson, Rose. Bottom row: Shcr, Bomash, Foreman, Jerico. E. Winer. Page 335 Husk O ' Hare and His Oi ' hi m i; Visit the Varsity Shoppe Clubs and Organizations Front row, left to right: Hendricks, Dawson. Flood, Donovan. Timmons, Humphrey. Cunningham. Clarke, Greeson. Back row: Maroof. Kenyon. Gist, Sneed, Findlay, Pinneo, Carroll, McConnell, Russell. INDEPENDENT MEN ' S ASSOCIATION OFFICERS BoYCE Timmons Dick Clarke District 1, Half Circle Hat District 2, Bar Low . District 3, Chain C . District 4, Flying U District 5, Seven up District 6, Spur . Secretary Roundup Editor LEADERS C. J. Humphreys and Jack Pinneo Ellsworth Dawson and Ray Carroll Harold Gist and Francis Maroof Tommy Hendrix and Theatus Greeson Stuart Russell and Bill Flood C. W. McConnell and Wayne Donovan The Independent Men ' s Association was organized on its present basis on October 1. 193-1. It seeks to include in its organization every independent man on the campus. In order to do this six districts adjacent to the campus are operating, with approximately the same number of men in each. Each district carries on its yearly program under the management of an organizer and a board of directors. In keeping with the southwestern tradition, these districts are named with some of the best-known cattle brands of the plains country. In each district is a headquarters at which place Monday evening meetings, smokers, parties and forums are held. Socially, the I. M. A. has staged nine dances during the present year. Intramurally, the I. M. A. has entered six teams in every sport. Scholastically. the I. M. A. awarded two trophies, one to the district having the highest scholarship record and the other bearing the names of all independent men who made a straight " A " record. Page 338 Front row. left to right: Alley. Slover. McCurtain, Nichols. Hawes. Second roiv: Cline. Lancaster, Montgomery. White. Gibson. Last row: Tripplehorn, Rothrock. Follansbee, Neptune. Ewert. Fellers. SKELETON KEY OFFICERS James Hawes President Allan Calvert Vice-President William Whiteman Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Allan Calvert Tom Finney James Hawes Earl Sneed Fred Dunlevy Charles Follansbee Wayne Heckler William Whiteman Walter Emery Joe Fred Gibson Joe Rucks PLEDGES Harry Alley McCoy Ewert Douglas Myers Robert Slover William Barnes Rhys Evans Bob Neptune Stewart Mark Wilson Cline J. D. Fellers John Nichols Joe Tripplehorn James Cochran James Haning Albert Rollins John Harold Turner James Denton Bob Lancaster Renn Rothrock John Wheeler Allan Engleman Ed McCurtain Bob Stanton Harold White John Montgomery Skeleton Key. honorary leadership fraternity, is a local organization, having been formed on the campus of the University on February 15. 1933. The nucleus of the organization was the membership of the local chapter of the national organization. Blue Key. which was dis- banded because of internal strife and the resignation of several prominent members. Because of strife which has since arisen in the national organization. Skeleton Key has not petitioned for reinstatement but has remained a local. The organization is committed to co-operation with the faculty to study student problems, stimulate progress, and promote the interests of the University. The plan of meetings and activity is similar to that of Rotary, regular luncheon meetings being held at which time problems are discussed. New members are selected each spring in connection with Senior Day activities. Member- ship is based on outstanding qualities in leadership, character, scholarship, student activities and service. A member remains active as long as he continues in school. Page 339 Top row, left to right: Rader, Meacham, Myers, Arnote. Bottom roiiK Mathews, Hume, Gray, Freeman. MORTAR BOARD OFFICERS Sara Margaret Freeman President Katherine Rader Vice-President Margery Meacham Secretary Helen Mathews Treasurer Betty Hume Historian SPONSORS Miss Catherine Holman Miss Gladys Barnes Dean Edna E. McDaniel Sara Margaret Freeman Katherine Rader Margery Meacham MEMBERS Helen Mathews Betty Hume Frances Myers Virginia Parris Evelyn Gray Suzanne Arnote Mortar Board, national honorary society for senior women, was founded on February 16, 1918, at Syracuse, New York, by representatives from existing senior honorary societies in Cornell University, Ohio State University, University of Michigan, and Swarthmore College. The Owl and Triangle chapter was installed at the University of Oklahoma in 1925. the thirty-first chapter to be recognized by the national organization. In pursuance with the stand- ards set by the national, members must have at least a " B " average scholastically and in ad- dition must have shown evidence of leadership and interest in e.xtra-curricular activities. The pledging ceremony of the University chapter is held in conjunction with Senior Day activities. One of the accomplishments of the chapter during the past few years has been the selection of an honor class of junior women to meet with prominent women for the purpose of discussing cultural subjects. Paqo 340 hollansbee. Kitchens, Waldrop. H.irlov PE-ET OFFICERS William Waldrop President Charles Follansbee Vice-President Bill Barnes Secretary -Treasurer MEMBERS Bill Barnes Bryce Harlow Douglas Myers Rhys Evans John Horwitz Albert Rollins Charles Follansbee Max Johnson Bill Waldrop Wesley Kitchens Pe-et is the oldest honorary organization on the campus, having been founded in 1910. The name of the organization is an Indian term meaning " the ten best men. " It is the only one of the men ' s senior honorary societies for which any man in the University is eligible. Membership is based on scholarship and participation in extra-curricular activities. Junior standing and a " B " average are prerequisite for consideration. During the past year the organization engaged in an e.xtensive survey of campus organiza- tions and student politics, and drafted a new Men ' s Council constitution which was accepted by the Administrative Council. This constitution replaced the one which had been in effect since 1930. The most radical change made by Pe-et in the student government setup was to abolish elections for seats on the men ' s council and place the membership solely on a merit basis. Men are chosen for their positions on a basis of their scholarship and participation in worthwhile ac- tivities. Page 341 Top row. left to right: Scott, Meyer, Miller, Melot, Lucas, Hornbuckle. Bottom row: Estes, Roberts, Adams, Ware. SEQUOYAH EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Jack Scott Principal Chief Lawrence Ware Medicine Man Vivian Roberts Interpreter Bill Lucas Keeper of the Wampum Vann Autry Keeper of the Tom Tom Professor M. L. Wardell Guardian MEMBERS Anna Jo Adair Tommie Lee Greer J. R. McKinley Jack Scott Wyema Adams Fred Groves Raymond Melot McCurtain Scott Vann Autry Joyce Hamley Nairn Meyers Clyde Smallwood Ruth Clark Andrew Hornbuckle Mutt Miller Bill Thompson Wilma Crowe Marietta Johnson Dorris Oakes Boyce Timmons Page Daniels Edgaretta Lewis Irene Porter James Wade Hiawatha Estes Bill Lucas Vivian Roberts Lawrence Ware Dorothy Foster Jack Marks Whip Robinson Elaine Williams Mary B. Graham Ed McCurtain Florence Ross Inez Wolfe There has been an Indian Club in the University of Oklahoma for more than two decades. Sequoyah this year adopted a new constitution that sets forth the purpose of the organ- ization as, " perpetuating our tribal traditions and ceremonies, establishing brotherly friendship among ourselves and with our fellow students, and adopting any policy that may advance our race in these United States " . On April 24 and 25 of this year Sequoyah sponsored here the initial Council of College and University Indian Clubs in Oklahoma. The Council was called as an appreciative gesture to federal guardianship, and to unite in creating a scholarship fund to encourage collegiate edu- cation of American Indian Youth. Students of not less than one thirty-second degree Indian are eligible for membership. Tribes now represented are: Cherokee, Chippeau, Choctaw, Chickasaw. Comanche, Creek, Delaware. Kiowa, Osage, Pawnee, Pottawattamie, Seminole, and Sioux. Pawnee Bill, great friend of the Indian, graciously loaned costumes for this photograph of Sequoyah ' s Executive Council. Page 342 Front row, left to right: Brock, Fnqua, Harlow. Back row: Barnes, Davis, Whiteman. CHECKMATE OFFICERS Karey Fuqua President Bill Barnes Vice-President Bill Whiteman Secretary Jack Davis Treasurer MEMBERS Karey Fuqua Bill Whiteman Lawrence Brock Bill Barnes Jack Davis M. Stewart Bryce Harlow Checkmate is an inter-school honorary organization for senior men. Membership is based on scholarship, leadership, character and interest in school affairs. Membership is limited to eight men each year. A member must have attained junior stand- ing and each member remains active only one year. Pledging is held each spring on Senior Day and, after the initiation, the old class becomes inactive and the new class assumes its duties. Although the primary purpose of the order is kept secret, it is known that Checkmate strives to further high ideals in the senior class and to bring about close co-operation among the student leaders in the various schools of the University. Because of the secret nature of the order, no records are kept of any meetings or activities. The only records which the organization keeps are the original constitution and initiation ritual, which have been carefully passed down from one group to the ne. t. Page 343 Frunt nir, . f to right: E. Babcock, Kern, Perry, M. Babcock. Thayer. Dietrich, Powell. Sewell, Watford, Fine. Second row: Stewart. Miller. Adams, Davis, McDaniel, N. Anderson, Storm. Back row: H. Anderson. Spence. Brunsteter. Riddell, Steinberg. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha Lambda Delta, national honorary scholarship fraternity for freshmen women, in- stalled a chapter on the campus of the University of Oklahoma on April 15. 1929. The na- tional organization was instituted at the University of Illinois and the present national president of the fraternity is Dr. Maria Leonard, Dean of Women at that University. Caroline Mason, the first president of the local chapter, has served as the national treasurer. Membership in the organization is based on grades made during the freshman year, an average of 2.5 being required for membership. This average may be made either in the first semester in which the student is enrolled in the University or over the entire first year. Members are selected at the end of each semester. Girls selected during their freshman year remain ac- tive throughout their sophomore year. At the end of that time they become inactive or collegiate members of the chapter. OFFICERS Helen Anderson President Keith Spence Vice-President Joyce Watford Secretary Christelle Kern Treasurer MEMBERS Wyema Adams Patience Sewell Lorraine Miller Helen Anderson Miriam Workman Christine Moore Nancy Anderson Joyce Watford Ruth Goodson Elfreda Babcock Ruth Eleanor Storms Dorella Kinnebrew Marion Babcock DaLorris Alkire Helen Biles Verle Don Barnett Betty Coe Armstrong Madelyn O ' Keefe Julia Boardman June Evans Peggy O ' Reilly Leota Davis Doris Holcombe Helen Reutepohler Florene Dietrich Mary Lee Hughes Mary Frances Settle Christelle Kern Agnes Parcher Nina Beth Stapp Mildred McDannald Ethel Turner Marian Sullivan Frances Miller Louise Carter Betty West Eleanor Perry Lucia Jane Clark Genevieve Williams Marna Ruth Riddell Nelle Gulp Genevabelle Wylie Keith Spence Inez Miller Helen Roane ' Kathryn Miller Page 344 First row, left to right: Oldham, Baker, Ruth, Salkeld. Miller, Reiff, Martin, V. Harris, Nunn, Stewart, R. Black, Russell. Back row: Manschreck, Phipps, Ferris, Florence, C. Harris, P. Harris, Riley, Marshall, Siever. Brown. H. Black, Trippett. PHI ETA SIGMA OFFICERS Richard Gilley President Jack Luttrell Vice-President Robert Flood Secretary Bill Selvidge Treasurer Herman Brandt Historian Bill Waldrop Senior Adviser MEMBERS Mickie Milton Anderson Vernie Harris James Eugene Pollard William Douglas Baker Arthur Edwin Huffman William H. Reiff Henry Black Harold Velosco Hunter John W. Riley Russell Black James Jones Stuart H. Russell Jack M. Bowers James Kamitchis Kent Ruth Earl Appleton Brown Clyde L. Manschreck Phil Salkeld O. V. Campbell John Alfred Marshall Edwin Siever Dale David Desper Don Leon Martin Floyd Albert Sooy Edward M. Farris Henry McInerney William Gordon Stuart John Flickinger William Richey Miller James Loyd Terry Robert William Florence George T. Montgomery Robert Simons Treippet Gerald D. Gault Thomas Edward Nolen Ethan Allen Walker Clyde K. Harris Harry Nunn Frank Whitbeck, Jr. Penrod Harris Raymond D. Oldham James W. Wade Phi Eta Sigma, national honorary scholastic fraternity for freshman men. was founded at the University of Illinois in 1923, the purpose being to encourage scholarship among freshman men. The local chapter was installed on this campus on April 12. 1927. The Oklahoma chapter has initiated over 300 men and almost every member has remained to finish school and has continued to maintain a high scholastic average. The organization holds a smoker at the end of the first nine weeks to which are invited all freshmen who have a " B " average in their work up to that date. The requirements for membership, however, are an aver- age of 2.5 which may be satisfied either in the first semester of the student ' s enrollment in school or over the entire first year. Page 345 Top row, left to right: Roger, Ligon. Weinstein. Campbell. Allen. Lollis, Kyle. King. Henry. Bankoff, Zeldich. Second row: Allred. Nerval, Shutler, Tideman. Flynn. Fritze, Livermorc. Stuart. Runyan, Davis. Third row: Coursey, Dunn. Selman. Stuart. Lents, Gibson. Watson. Grady, Baily. Axel. Mascot: Tuffy. RUF-NEKS OFFICERS Don Allred President Norman Burwell Vice-President WiLLARD Anderson Treasurer D. C. Russell Secretary MEMBERS Wayne Alge Don Richards Beecher Snipes Hubert Freeman Jim Brown John Runyan Bill Spalsbury Don Guthrie Tim Calloway Kenneth Neiswander Horace Stuart Max Lents John Campbell Bob Grady Fred Tiderman Francis Livermore Joe Canon Pat Henry Harold White Shelton Lollis John Flynn Steve King Dick Yeager Dick Marriott J ack Fritts Joe Leavitt Gus Zildich Doc Pore Sterling Gaylord H. M. Ligon George Allen Larry Ray R. B. Gentry Emery Neilson Maurice Bailey Whip Robinson Fred Norvell Al Schmidt Albert Brown Kenneth Rogers Paddy Palmer Beau Selman John Crew Royal Stewart Granville Palmer Frank Sisler Frank Elliot McLain Withers Vincent Smith Ruf-Neks is the oldest pep organization on the campus. It was founded in 1915 by a group of varsity lettermen. While attending a basketball game in the " Old Gym " several former football men in their energetic enthusiasm began stomping their feet and raising an uproar in general. Since they were accused of acting like rough necks, the men decided to form an asso- ciation for the promulgation of pep at all athletic contests. They adopted the name given them and it has continued. The purpose of the organization is to foster pep among the entire student body, to encour- age attendance at all contests in which the University is engaged, and to uphold the traditions of Soonerland. Eligibility of members is determined by junior standing in the university. Two fraternity men from each house and eighteen non-fraternity men are selected to make up the quota of Ruf-Neks. Page 346 Top row, left to right: Sands, Waldrop, Meacham, Kleinman, Swesnik. Hunter. Robinson, Carpenter, Kin- caid. Middle rotv: Shirley, Hunt, Hermes, Jones, Campbell, Thompson, Wilson, Sommerville, Williams. Front row: Smith, Follansbee, Goddard, White, McBrayer, Busby, Ross, Simmons, Thomas, Lancaster. JAZZ HOUNDS OFFICERS Bob Lancaster President Jake Hoshaw Vice-President Herman Jones Secretary Bob Beidleman Treasurer MEMBERS Bob Beidleman Herschel French John Locke Bob Smith F. Burton Dick Gilliland Stewart Mark B. Swesnik John Busby George Goddard J. McCauley J. T. Thomas Jack Campbell George Goetz Phil Meacham J. Thompson John Cooper Ed Hamilton J. A. Mull Louis Thompson Kenneth Craig Phil Harris F. W. Nesbitt Bill Waldrop Paul Crawford Jake Hoshaw Guy Norwood Jay Warner Lionel Edwards John Hunt Bob Rapp Lewis White J. L. Farmer Herman Jones Louis Ross Kenneth Wilson Charles Follansbee Bob Lancaster Fred Shirley J. Wright PLEDGES L. Barry S. Hart R. Mathewson Kenneth Robinson B. Brazel J. Hendrick Watt McBrayer Tom Simmons J. Brittain Bill Henthorne Mac McClintock Joe Summerville Kenneth Carpenter Burton Hull M. O ' Brien Dodo Walters J. Gamble Jimmy Kincaid Bob Nelson Victor Wilson Felix Gordon W. Kleinman T. C. Reynolds K. Whittet Jerome Gordon V. Lenge F. P. Robinson J. Williams Jazz Hounds were formed at Oklahoma University in 1917 to promote Sooner pep at games away from home. The Hounds were quite active from 17 to ' 29 when they were abol- ished by action of the University authorities. When school spirit was at a low ebb. the order was allowed to reorganize in the fall of ' 29. Financing for the out of town games is done by the sale of programs. Each active member sells twenty-five programs at each football game played on Owen Field. Buses are usually hired for the two trips made yearly by the organization. Requirements for membership are the accepting vote of the active chapter and junior stand- ing in the University, however no one fraternity is allowed more than two active members. Page 347 ■ ' liii- J ff A fl H P m ■ J i j l Left to right: Stinson. Myers, Cotter, Barnes, Davis, Carpenter. Bill Barnes Douglas Myers TOGA OFFICERS Bill Barnes George Carpenter Everett Cotter MEMBERS W. G. Davis Robert Knight Cecil Miller President Secretary- Treasurer Douglas Myers Glenn Stinson Albert Wehrenberg Toga is an inter-professional school honor society for Seniors of scholastic ability who rank high in popularity in their individual schools. Its purpose is to bring into fellowship one or two leaders from each of the several professional schools for mutual benefit and inspiration. This organization was found in 1922. Members are chosen on a basis of personality and superior scholastic ability. Each spring, usually in connection with Senior Day activities. Toga conducts a public pledging, at which time the ideals of the organization are set forth, and the se- lected students are introduced to the campus. Toga has always selected its men from leaders in each of the professional schools repre- sented on the campus, and stands for professional superiority. Its reputation as a successful society is state-wide. It is considered one of the highest honors that a man can attain to become a member of Toga. Paqe 348 Front row. left to right: Hess, Tappan, Allender, Cook, Proctor, Phillips. Wollard, Hughes, McConnel. Back row: Davenport, Ward, Adams, Stewart, Pennington, Potts, Burke, Miller, Goodner, Shannon. PI ZETA KAPPA Olga Jane Proctor . . . President Velma Curnutt . . Vice-President June Gibbs .... Vice-President Regina Hughes Betty Jo Chitwood . Financial Secretary Evelyn Phillips . Recording Secretary Jean Hill . . Corresponding Secretary Historian Left to right: Storm, Johnson. Barnett, Peters, Allen. Howard. McCollum. Chervenka, Elwell. PHANTOM MASK OFFICERS Hoyte Allen .... President Harold McCollum . Faculty Adviser Irene Shaul . . Secretary-Treasurer Homer Heck . . National President Page 349 Standing, left to right: Major, Randolph, Ellegood, Axley, Roberts, Shaffer. Seated: Owings, Kendall, Gentry. BOOMERS Dick Ellegood Manager Dick Ellegood George Schaffer MEMBERS Jack Roberts Jack Major Bob Randolph R. B. Gentry Gene Kendall WiLLARD Axley Bob Owings The Boomers, primarily and always a college band, have ever been exceed- ingly popular on or off the campus. Since their introduction to Oklahoma Univer- sity in 1921, they have been a tradition, a name that figures strongly and perma- nently in the minds of those who plan a party or a dance. Although the personnel changes along with the management from year to year as the members graduate and finish their college careers, no change has ever been made for the worse, a fact that is substantiated by their ever increasing popularity. The band besides being a musical organization, is also an organization strong in the bonds of good fellowship with an objective — that of working together toward the climax of a college career. " Once a Boomer, a Boomer until you leave school. " Thus the Boomers exist year after year becoming more and more renowned as a musical unit. One of their best known former members is " Pinky " Tomlin, song writer, singer and movie actor. Claude Kennedy and numerous others have continued with their music work to achieve success in this field. Page 350 Front row. left to right: Baker, Eddins, Steinhoff, Cronkhite. Suggs. Bach row: Jackson, Hughes, Waller, Walker, Kennedy, Wilson. RAMBLERS Sims Wilson Manager Frank Hughes Hardy Suggs Bill Jackson MEMBERS James Waller Randy Kennedy Gordon Steinhoff Douglas Baker Charles Eddins James Waller Marion Cronkhite With the completion of their twelfth successful year, the Ramblers dance or- chestra remains a tradition on the University campus equally as well known as any campus organization. The members of the organization were first bound together in a local fraternity which later became Omicron chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma. Some eminent musicians who formerly played with the Ramblers include: Herchel Graham, first trombonist with Isham Jones and his orchestra: George Leeman, arranger for Paramount Studios in New York; and Larry Cotton, vocalist with Jimmy Grier ' s orchestra. The summer months find them in great demand in innumerable resorts throughout the country; and each fall finds them playing for many of the rush parties held at the beginning of each school year. Those who have already graduated with the aid of this organization, look back with regret that they have had to leave it but yet are proud with the knowl- edge that they have helped to build it into the famous unit that it is today and so the Ramblers soar to new heights each year. Page 351 Front row, left to right: Bradley, Tabor, Belter, Lucas, Fair, Reiff, Evans. Back row: Cockerill, Banes, Jackson, Wells, Van Horn, Selvidge, Powell, Luttrell THE Y. M. C. A. GEORGE V. METZEL July 25, 1878 — September 18, 1935 For many years the Association ' s program has centered in the dynamic personality of its beloved general secretary, George V. Metzel. In the midst of opening week activities, a tragic accident brought his life to a sudden end. " And when he fell in whirlwind, he went down As when a lordly cedar, green with boughs. Goes down with a great shout upon the hills. And leaves a lonesome place against the sky. " Although his life ended on September 18, 1935, the influence of George Metzel did not cease on that date. Almost immediately, the men whom he had trained in Association work, pledged their support in carrying out his well defined program. Remarkable results have been achieved. Each department has this year rendered a unique service to the campus. Pago 352 Top row, left fo right: Shannon, ]. Miller, Gotwals, More, Rose, Larson. Second row: Jacobson, G. Miller, Bryan, Larson, Hill, Anderson, Stoval, Wolfe. Bottom row: Maschal, Hume, Conrad, Miss Holbrook, Proctor, Roberts, Mathews. Y. W. C. A. Helen Mathews President Nadine Hughes Vice-President Eloise Bryan Secretary Elizabeth Gotwals Treasurer PROGRAM DIVISION Program Lucile Tway Recreation Maryon Wolfe Social Problems Frances Finley Interest Group Chairman . Mary Elizabeth Lockett Economic Problems Louise Hill International Problems Religion and Worship Drama .... Music .... Literature Freshman Commission . Glee Miller Juanita Miller Frances Maschal Virginia Storm Mary Alice Larson Anna Mildred Moore House Council Town Council Sorority Council Senior Class Helen Stacy Yvonne Jacobson Margaret Rhoades Myra Conrad CONTACT GROUPS Junior Class Nelmarie Anderson Sophomore Class . . . Anna Nell Roberts W. S. G. A. President .... Betty Hume Pi Zeta Kappa Ruth Shannon Personnel Ernestine Goodner Publicity . Edythe Winer ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS Business General Secretary ADULT ADVISERS Helen Ruth Holbrook Chairman of Ad ' isory Board Rebekah Selvidge Miss Ivo Wilson The Y. W. C. A, occupies a unique and indispensable position on the campus of the Uni- versity of Oklahoma. Directly or indirectly Y. W. C. A. contributes to the welfare and happi- ness of every student enrolled in the University. Objectives: To help students to develop in their personal life: Physically, mentally, and spiritually. To break down barriers of all kinds: class, race, nationality, creed, and economic status. To encourage creative thinking and effort in all our work. An organization of girls working with girls not merely for girls. Page 353 First row, left to right: Harris, Wooderson, Kayser, Jones. Selvidge, Buford, DeWeese, Van Zant. Second row: Walker. Addington. Wood. Atkinson. Sims. Moore. Heavner. Williams, Riddell, Power. Brown. Third row: Rainbolt, Oliver, Crooks. Wilson. Hammond, Simpson. Runyan, Chitwood, Mac Donald, Nance. Fourth roir: Groom. Smith. Bradley. Easterwood. Robinson. Spence. Baker, Borglund. Clarke. Last row: Schmidt. Cozby. Morrison. Casey. THE AD CLUB OFFICERS Bill H. Borglund . Alfred H. Schmidt President Vice-President Edith Wood Secretary Lemuel D. Groom Tree John B. Spence Scrgcant-at-Arms MEMBERS Sue Addington Polly Atkinson Harold W. Baker Shirley Bevan Bill Borglund John W. Bradley Cecil Brite Mabel Brown Bob Buford Harry Bullen O ' Neal Callahan John Casey Betty Jo Chitwood LUNSFORD ClINE Sam Cobean Louis Cozby Jack A. Crooks Edwin R. DeWeese. Jr. Henry O. Easterwood Lee Eckles Joy Flournoy Don Graves Lemuel D. Groom Roy Harris Margie Hawkins Elsie Hampton Marta Jay Heavner Catherine Higginbotham Roy Hollingsworth Jack Jones Selwyn Jones John Kayser Frances McDonald Marcella MacDonald Charles Noel McKinney Darlene Moore Don Morrison Dexter Moss, Jr. Rosamond Nance George Norris Rowena Oliver Virginia Power Sue Rainbolt Ira Rice Marna Ruth Riddell Lawrence Robinson- John Runyan Alfred H. Schmidt Billy Selvidge Dale Simpson Helen Sims Alvin H. Smith John B. Spence John Sterrett Edwin Toribio Herbert Van Zant Pauline Walker Elaine R. Williams Carl Wilson Edith Wood Bob Wooderson The Advertising club was founded in the fall of 1935 by a group of students interested in advertising. The first officers were Harry Bullen, president; Bob Lee Kidd, vice-president; Polly Atkinson, secretary; Dick Chaney. treasurer; and Bill Borglund. sergeant at arms. The purpose of the organization is to promote a better understanding and a more thorough knowledge of the various fields of advertising. Meetings are held every other Tuesday and prominent men engaged in the different branches of advertising are brought in as speakers. Among the forms of advertising spoken on before the club have been radio, newspaper, furniture store, corporation, national, clothing store, restaurant, department store and magazine; in addi- tion to talks on window displays, research departments of newspapers and the place a business manager of a newspaper can play in advertising. All students enrolled in the university who are interested in advertising, are eligible for membership. Page 354 j- ' mFmm iTn i •» ' ■ 3iiw. Razz and Advertising Financial Success Financial Success is dependent upon the ability to save. Food for the average American family requires the expenditure of from 25% to 40% of the gross Income. Home Canning greatly reduces the amount of money spent for food — thus permitting the saving of a considerable sum of money. The use of Kerr " Self-Sealing " Mason Jars increases this saving because they eliminate mold and spoilage. Write to Kerr for complete information on canning by the Pressure Cooker, Hot Water Bath, Oven and Open Kettle Methods. KERR GLASS MFG. CORP. SAND SPRINGS, OKLAHOMA AMERICA ' S if% " " 1 FAVORITE Page 355 1936 SOONER RAZZ AND HUMOR(?) SECTION THE CONTENTS FOR 1936 Page Around the Campus ( Bob Lee Kidd ) 355 Prize Pineapples (by Michael Angelo) 35O Lost and Found 3gj Life ' s Misfits, No. 1 353 Life ' s Misfits, No. 2 ' 357 Life ' s Misfits, No. 3 372 Life ' s Misfits, No. 4 375 One Person ' s Opinion ( Bob Campbell ) 357 The Oklahoma Daily { Leonard Sosland ) 355 Second Hand Philosophy ( Morris Tenenbaum ) 37O Fraternity Rush Tactics, No. 1 377 Fraternity Rush Tactics, No. 2 379 Fraternity Rush Tactics, No. 3 381 Fraternity Rush Tactics. No. 4 393 Prom Letters (by John Runyan) 333 Jack O ' Hearts 3gg If I " Were Dean of Men (or ' Women ). by Ed Clarke 39I The Sad Death of Little Algenon. by Kenneth " Wilson, et Al 395 ART WORK .... BY SAM COBEAN VEAZEY ' S . . . Inv tes you to meet your friends, and feel at home here when in Oklahoma City. • Yo urs for Bigger and Better Home Institutions advises .... Buy Your Clothes in a Fashion Apparel Shop .... You profit by the specialized, better-than-or- dlnary taste and selection, whether you spend much or little Page 357 Student and Alumni HEADQUARTERS PRIVATE DINING ROOMS for BANQUETS MEETINGS TEAS RUSH PARTIES and all Social Occasions OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. AROUND THE CAMPUS By Bob Lee Kidd We take our typewriter in lap and with a hang- over worse than one experienced by John " Covered Wagon " JRunyan and we attempt to give you a re- sume of the year ' s best gossip or something. The unusual triangle made possible thru the antics of " Hank McConnell trying to show his devotion to both Franny Myers, Kappa Prexy, and ]ane Willour, Theta wallflower, ended in sorrow for the latter and with Myers shoving all her rouges gallery, stationed on the dresse r, into the paper basket at the request of Watt McBrayer, and putting his in their place Then there was that never to-be-forgotten balcony scene on the Phi Delt porch starring playgirl Nelmarie Anderson, and society man Frank Sisler. Boy was that a clinch. When not playing basket ball. Bill Martin spent his time trapsing around and buying jewelry for Vir- ginia " Big-Mouth ' Popkin. Kappa ' s own (and they can have her) And Katherine " Kitten " Klonts fixed Bob " Beau " Brummel when she " gave him the run around " for some lug from Texas — He loved her lots but " She done him wrong " .... Anna Nell Robert ' s association with S. A. E. ' s didn ' t help her any in the Engineer ' s Queen election. As far as pins are concerned. La Vona Honeycutt couldn ' t get Joe Fred Gibson ' s Delta Tau badge with the aid of a hefty team of mules and al- though we religiously tried all year to get Doug Myers Beta jewelry slapped on Kay Kee[e ' s heav- ing chest, at the time of this writing, we have failed cause she had a curious yen for the company of Bob Van Vleck, S. A. E. pretty boy Another failure was the attempt to get Sarah Billups accus- tomed to wearing Dan Thompson ' s Sigma Nu pin. The surprise event of the year was the ' hitching " of Bill Bullis. erstwhile distributor of Bal- four ' s famous Fiji jewelry, to Betty Canpcld. Kapti- ating Kappa. [Continued on Piigc 359) Page 358 " Congratulations — Sooners " KINNEBREW MOTOR COMPANY 800 NORTH BROADWAY OKLAHOMA CITY. OKLAHOMA Distributors for NASH - LAFAYETTE and PIERCE - ARROW in Oklahoma AROUND THE CAMPUS [ContinuedJ We couldn ' t find the secret of the perpetual ro- mance of Harry " Blue " Biillen, bashful Beta boy. and Virgie Hudson, 25-year-old Theta sophisticate who claims to have seen only 19 summers The scourge of the campus was the adoption of white ties and tails, top hats, canes, and white gloves by the softier group of fellows (friends of Bill Borg- lund ' s) who still think that clothes make the man. And after a year we haven ' t found out the reason for the unearned popularity of Alice Douglass. self-made Theta — and she ' s taking on weight, much weight, too (fat, to you, not prestige). So we leave this lousy job to some unlucky suc- cessor. May he have more success than we did and be happier " Under the Cover " than we were. Gus • • • Polly: " You court like a man of experi- ence, big boy! " Austin: " Baby, it takes a man of experi- ence to court you. " • • • Edna Earle King: " We ' re going to give the bride a shower. " Joe Davis: " Count me in, I ' ll bring the soap. " • • • Rushee (to host in new home): " Hello, old pal, how do you find it here? " Pi K. A.: " Walk right upstairs, and then two doors to the left. " Page 359 [ 8 t — zT — r 8 4 3 k averh: Iparbe je A HALF MILLION DOLLAR LOAD $500,000 Taken Off the Taxpayers ' Shoulders! The Oklahoma Natural Gas Com- pany pays a half million dollars annually in taxes to support schools, and the city, county, state and federal governments. How Much Is A Half- Million Dollars A Year? $41,666 a Month — Taxes. $ 1,388 a Day— Taxes. $ 58 an Hour — Taxes. $ I every Minute — Taxes. OKLAHOMA NATURAL GAS COMPANY Pfe. =»CRV ' PRRRlS AND HEPe VAje HRve GLeroro LUCAS sei-F-STVLeo U _ VJH TE(VOfir ) « THE. RV_W10ST RHOOeS £CHOL.i: v: Page 360 LOST AND FOUND (From the Oklahoma Daily) LOST — The Wilken s Family. Finder will please call Mr. Harlan Mendenhall, Phone 1510. Suitable reward. LOST — Control of the Men ' s Council. Anyone able to explain this to our satisfaction may pledge Jazz Hounds. Signed — " The Ad Party " , by W. W. Whiteman. LOST— (C EN S O R ED; U. co-eds. Please return to O. FOUND — Between semesters. Two students on the second floor of the Tri Delt house. Hush money will be paid to all interested parties by Louise Eng- land. LOST, STRAYED, OR STOLEN— One large, well polished, fraternity scholarship cup. Last seen at the Delta Tau Delta house (subsidary of Warner Bros.). Finder please get in touch with Thomas Finney, Phi Gamma Delta house. FOUND — One campus co-ed. Name unknown but answers to " sweetheart. " Weight about 115 pounds, height 5 feet and 4 inches. Wears gold badge with letters K.A.T. on front. Owner please claim as she eats a great deal. — The brothers of S. A. E. LOST — One large green notebook filled to over- flowing with newspaper clippings about myself. Twenty-five cent reward. — Jim Haning. STUDENTS ' DOWNTOWN HEADQUARTERS LINDSAY DRUG STORE • Pangburn ' s Candy for All Occasions Prescriptions Our Specialty JAMES S. DOWNING— The Druggist PHONE 362 NORMAN Prestige . . . weight, influence — to force or derive from past success. Years of successful merchan- dising and untiring service to its thousands of customers, has given to Rothschild ' s a prestige that sets it apart. For years Rothschild ' s has clothed smart Oklahomans in authentic fashions, the finest quality, at reasonable prices. Today Rothschild ' s is the fashion criterion to people through the Southwest. A ROTHSCHILD ' S Label in Your Clothes A hallmark of distinction and your guarantee of the finest in quality and fashion. Page 361 COMPLETE STOCKS Bookbinders ' Supplies and Machinery Gane ' s Flexible Glues and Tabbing Compounds GAME BROS. LANE, Inc. I5I5-I5I9 Pine St. ST. LOUIS. MO. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Oldest — Strongest New Accounts Appreciated NORMAN. OKLA. OFFICIAL OLDSMOBILE DEALER Sales and Service KLEIN MOTOR CO. 1 14 North Crawford PHONE 869 NORMAN INSPIRATION Ba — Ba, sheep-skin. We did our best to please, We are a bunch of bachelors With bachelors degrees. Sing a song of nonsense. While we make our bow: So long, dear Alma - Mammy, We gotta leave you now. ■ — Seniors of ' 36. • • • And Here ' s Another A. T. O.: Who was that lady I seen you with last night? Delta Tau: That was a brother, he just walks that way. DEDICATED TO OUR FRIENDS— THE STUDENTS AND THE FACULTY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA WITH OUR BEST WISHES ALEXANDER DRUG COMPANY OKLAHOMA CITY. OKLA. " Serving Oklahoma Druggists More Than a Third of a Century " Poga 352 LIFE ' S MISFITS, No. 1 The Chi Omega pledge that the sisters couldn ' t enter in any beauty queen race. M. F. FISCHER SON • Plumbing and Heating Contractors • 116 No. Peters Ave. Phone 73 NORMAN, OKLAHOMA " SOONER HEADQUARTERS " ALVIN HOTEL TULSA 250 ROOMS 250 BATHS $2 SINGLE • Banquet and Private Dining Rooms Featuring Fine Food in Our Coffee Shop S. J. STEWART, Manager TYLER AND SIMPSON CO. WHOLESALE GROCERS NORMAN. OKLAHOMA Ask for HUNT ' S California Canned Fruits— You Will Be Delighted with the Quality ESTABLISHED 1879 PRINCIPAL OFFICE— GAINESVILLE, TEXAS INCORPORATED 1902 BRANCH HOUSES— ARDMORE, OKLA.; PAULS VALLEY, OKLA.; NORMAN, OKLA.; DUNCAN, OKLA.; FT. WORTH, TEXAS Page 363 Tmm WtMBT WMTiQ mMt Baltic 1 -Jl I V S f V?v 1 I ►. ONE PERSON ' S OPINION By Bob Campbell Business School — The melting pot of University learning, for within this school are to be found form- er members of all schools of the campus who have had trouble passing Math, English, Chemistry, French, etc. They are great believers in mass pro- duction of students so as to crowd the halls. Their only virtue is that they are above the Dean of Men. Fine Arts — A group of rabble rousing reds, im- personating as students who were stopped by " G " men in their first attempt to stir up revolution on the campus. Phi Eta Sigma — A freshman organization, com- posed of intellectual suckers, which has a vital place in campus affairs because it levies the first tax on the intellectual and gives them a key which will not open anything. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND OKLAHOMA CITY UNDERWOOD ELLIOTT FISHER CO. Typewriters. Accounting Machines, Adding Ma chines Carbon Paper. Ribbons and Other Supplie s 342 MADISON AVENUE, NEW YORK, N. Y. Sales ar d Service Ever where Law Barn — A large campus building called a Barn because most of the Bull on the campus comes from its members — Uses owl for insignia because the more light upon the subject the less it sees. Seniors carry canes because they believe that anyone as important as they, need protection from the women. Engineers — A group of students with rural beliefs who are still mad at Bill Murray because he failed to transfer their school to A. M. A very courageous group who make field trips yearly in spite of the fact that several are eaten each year by cows who think that their greenness denotes something edible — St. Patrick patron saint — Every Melenkovitcksky, Petro- vitsivichh, and Eliopoiuisuzs among them is a true Irishman just like at Notre Dame, Ru[ Neks — An honorary order founded at Vassar in 1893 for the purpose of removing the demon rum from the colleges of America. Local order establish- ed on the Campus in 1915 by a group of Dramatic Art students in order to encourage higher scholarship on the campus. Kicked off the campus in 1929 for smok- ing cigarettes and impersonating as men. Reinstated in 1932 on promise to be good. Noted for long curly hair and high standards of scholarship. Patron saint — Ringling Bros. ' Bearded Lady. ]a:: Hounds — A charitable order organized in 1917 by a group of embezzlers who were on parole from Leavenworth. Changed stripes from horizontal to verticle to distinguish them from the common crim- inals of the campus. Members are proud of their scholarship fund through which they have been able to keep the president and treasurer in school since the founding of their order. Politician — An animal similar to the Dodo bird and the American buffalo because they are rapidly be- coming extinct, although several are being kept for museum purposes by preserving in alcohol, Oklahoma Daily — A student publication that is a marvelous talking point for any one who believes that a woman ' s place is in the home. Its slogan " More than a student newspaper " is one thing that the stu- dent body likes about The Daily for the students be- lieve that said slogan relieves them of much criticism. [Continued on page 366] SOONERS:— One of the first steps on the ladder of success is to l now intimately some good banker. We wish that we knew every student of Oklahoma University — for many of the future leaders of our state are now in your student body. LIBERTY NATIONAL BANK NED HOLMAN, Presidenf OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA Page 365 SKIRYIN HOTEL INVITES SORORITIES, FRATERNITIES CLUBS TO HOLD YOUR BANQUETS, DANCES ENTERTAINMENTS IN OUR BEAUTIFUL SETTINGS BOOK YOUR DANCING PARTIES ON THE SKIRVIN ROOF Serving Faithfully Since The Year 1904 VANDEVERS Tulsa, Oklahoma ONE PERSON ' S OPINION [Continued from Page 365] The Daily is proud of the fact that there is no politics in their paper, and intend to keep it that way by hav- ing major staff positions picked by Publication Board and Publication Board elected by Major staff mem- bers. The Daily has only one alibi, " They cut it out or changed it down in the shop — the story was cor- rect when we wrote it. " Covered Wagon — So named because the jokes which it prints first came into Oklahoma by that means of transportation. Although many people be- lieve that it should be called the Mayflower. The edi- tor, " John Runyan. ' has tried to add som ething new to the magazine by stealing copy from other maga- zines and as a result the editor is wanted in several states under charges of plagiarism. The staff is made up of people with journalistic inclinations who could not qualify for a position on the other publications. The Union — A place established by those who like good coffee — Any coffee tastes good after drink- ing a cup in the Union — is composed of a cafeteria which is divided into four parts — N.E. corner re- served for government prof, and stooges — N.W. cor- ner for hashers to gather so as not to see customers — S.W. corner monopolized by Kappa Alpha Thetas and Jack " Chump " " Hollywood " Davis — S.E. cor- ner inhabited by politicians. [Contiuuocl on Page .367] THE BEST WAY AT LOWEST COST Tulsa Carpet Cleaning Works MAiMimk Two of Norman ' s Largest Grocers CONGRATULATE " THE CLASS OF 1936 " GOOD FOOD OR GOOD MEAT WHEN YOU DESIRE IT liJidriMllllrlriyi Safeway 1414 PIggly W(ggly 576 LIFE ' S MISFITS, No. 2 The little Phi Gam pledge that failed to make his " B " average. • • • ONE PERSON ' S OPINION [Continued from Page 366] Administration Party — More commonly known as Ladies Aid. This party says that the reason that they did not win the council races last year was be- cause the SOONER party refused to trade David Winslow for Fred Shirley even when Ad party lead- er offered 17c to boot. This party has been accused of being a little Tammany and a corrupt political organization. But any party which has such men of sterling character and honest faces as Bill Powers, Bill Whiteman, and Jim Haning can be nothin g but honest. They have never let one of their men vote more than 10 times at the same election unless they were behind. Highest Cash Prices Paid For Your Text-Books SELL TO THE VARSITY BOOK SHOP ON ASP AVE. Lesson in Neivspapers . . . You ' ve read them for years. Right soon, you ' ll be considering them in a new light: you will be studying newspapers as selling forces. When you do, weigh well the preferences of the local merchants. They are the men whose advertising dollar must produce sales dollars, or they quit business and quit adver- tising. In this light, The Tulsa Tribune is the first newspaper in Oklahoma. In 1934, The Tribune printed more retail display advertising than any other newspaper in the entire state. In 1935, The Tribune repeated the per- formance. First again! As Sooner press-time (April 1) ap- proaches. The Tribune was leading the state in the first quarter of 1936. That ' s post-graduate course No. 1 in Oklahoma newspapers. Now you freshmen can become sophomores. Quality Newspaper o[ the West Page 367 Weather Vour Guess Is as Good The Oklahoma Daily Today V, re C,f,„ Dr.;:..!,- i.( lu suit Member! 0KL. 110M. , . . V QLItrr .SI ' NDAY ' Condition ' Of Men Is Biff ' s Spring Worry , Coach ' ll Have a Squad i Out, Anyhow ' that Oklahoma certainly wi have a team on Owen Field 1 (all — bul .1 aU depends on c.ndilion of Ihe men Let Your Urge Guide You, But Mind Your Conscience Council Votes Staff Laugh ,x , Is Loud, But The Down Dances; Tears Were Shed In Hot Session M° ' ' ™ - " " " " " " ° ' " " WranKlc Ends in Endr Of Affairs !1 Dating Ban Out As V.F.W. Gets State Approval Legion ami D. A. R. Petition to riomole Projrvani Of Future Gold Star .Mother Group OKLAHOMA CrXY— (YP( -The bu-H ol re vfiu of ihe I ...- vvrsity uf Oklahoma Saturday recugiuzed the ruwing campus movement of the Velcraiu oi Fulure W-rs ;ind the Fulun- Gold Star Motht-r of America and lifli-d two of the most ridiculed regulalions- the ban on wiK-k-nighl dalinR and the nu-car rule. e I couples who lipped I iMck lo cAiry the ba CDlnc U) carry the r ttuM lon« onuT W No Money; To Life At Last Name Pledges For W.S.G.A. Pep Clubs Need Funds. Girls Just Want Task Of To Add Men i Running Things • ttwuehl Yhe tr suooonoider i Hoine Ec Ofdcfs To 01 besro. by Aid Thosc OH KcHef Pngo Riders Will Give Annual Fete In Union Lounge H NYA Checks Finally Ready, It Is Hoped Infirmary Feels Sick " chrck. to lb. After Friday ' s Exams . ' hire bl .rbe,n°n , " p.«nll! ' ornu° CaUCUSCS tO Decldc simIuo. ' " .m» l« or [»n.I bieiUnpiis On Military Pledges champion I ' ,. Parly tiiijcu-N lo immr plrdiufi to ' " " " R. O. T. C. Corps to Win ,„ ct„. Top Honors Tuesday Sam Fullifun Blushes But Gets Into Print Bo«kH r r Va«n Ad Party Out In Front Again I Four Students Attend " Mass Meeting u, ovpr rampus politics ocoln Saturdav l.. :iUoni tttr AnxtKan Le«Mn aitil Dauftiien o( the Amencan Roolu- pr M ird to the bcwnl Mig eirlL hly inched ' Loyally U Aln proaiolinc a spini of oiial te a It V b ' kUKKnUnc UtM coUccr n)rti pTrpiue to be irt- b i [ the rantliic wart, and tlol moitieii in roll«i:t» prepare to !« ro aut in Ihe ati-wnt tAhinent o( Theta Sigma Phi To ' . Hold Alumni Party alunmi of TheCa SigDii Sigma Delta Chi To ! ' Hold Alumni Smoke , ' I except mday i Adams ' Views Get New ' Editing in New Book . cb .r, tr.™. u, ,m«er. Stay Says Stay Will " dTT thl " " ZTt. " " i Select Best Drawings Congress Drops Hope „ ' tber, i-bieootah „ , , 7 .. ,-b, „.„„„.i To Bc Just PoHtical J purchase »ueh opio the UnlverMly Prc( , he Doily , ' IMA ' crs to Wet Noses ; In Apple-Hobbin ? Fun . Citv tkuinyan. liK-ldcnUlly. ul Llir inagii£liie TODAYS HOOEY Miss Hurtpaw ' s Book the i In Seventh Printing J " " niFetli))! U) U- liel Men or Mice Will Be Philosophers Subject «urniii|t collrep r Sapulpa. (ndui ; Focully HERE AND THERE Mary Davis: So you think I have the nicest form on the campus? Bill Barnes: Yeah, I know a good thing when I seize it. • • • CARD OF THANKS I wish to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to my supporters for their votes in my behalf for BEST DRESSED MAN. I knew that the wisdom and judgment of O. U. co-eds could be relied upon. Puffingly, your friend, BOB VAN VLECK • • • Hoenscheidt: " Do you want to see where I was operated on? " Burns (eagerly): " Yes. " Hoenscheidt: " Well, we ' re only two blocks from the hospital. " COMPLIMENTS OF BROWN-DUNKIN CO. Tulsa ' s Dominant Re+ail Institution MORRIS TENENBAUM An Oklahoma Indian 100% FOR OKLAHOMA THIS IS THE SIXTH YEAR WE HAVE HAD CHARGE OF THE TRANSPORTATION OF YOUR " SOONER " FROM IOWA CITY, IOWA, WITHOUT DAMAGE TO A SINGLE VOLUME THOMPSON ' S TRANSFER AND STORAGE CO. Bonded and Insured Transportation Office 217 East Gray St., Norman, Okla. Established 1904 " WE KNOW HOW " PHONE 225 ' Pioneers in In+er-Ci+y Moving " " Not a Scratch in a Truck Load ' Page 369 W M SECOND HAND PHILOSOPHY By Morris Tenenbaum A American fraternity man, the Norman 2nd hand philosopher and an Oklahoma In- dian said he ' s going to move from the Kappa Alphas and Betas because he ' s been giving them too much publicity for the last 20 years. I been losing money, and I am going to pledge the Phi Psi house for a simple reason, its right across street from Robinson ' s hall in between the Phi Kappa Sigma and Tri Delts and the Phi Psis are good customers. They aren ' t particular whose clothes they sell and Phi Psis are always open for business except Christmas and they ' re ready to compromise, and patronize and split the difference. While I have my liberty I always protect Ground Gripper — Cantilever Shoes O ' ROURKE SHOE AND FOOT CLINIC 123 N. Robinson OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA the principles of Will Rogers, beloved Okla- homan, Abraham Lincoln, Gov. Marland, and President Bizzell in Oklahoma. About Pro[essors — I feel sorry for profes- sors because they are too intelligent and hon- est to change people ' s minds. They was just born 500 years too soon. Student Politics — Politics is bad business. You got to pay out more than you make. Stu- dents ought to learn how to work. Week Night Dates — I don ' t see any harm in week night date rules. Women are born to protect the men, and they ' re pretty good to protect their liberty. Then the car rules is all right but walking don ' t hurt anybody. Laying around on your ears what makes peo- ple lazy. Sorority Girls — I don ' t see why they have to stay in college in one small room by them- selves when so many rich bachelors looking for young ladies without any college educa- tion. Communistic Plays — I don ' t see any harm in communistic shows when all the beautiful girls have bathing suits on in place of under- wear. The fraternity man is entitled to a show. They are American citizens. Costume Dances — Costume dances are all right, but the trouble is housemothers don ' t recognize their own boarders. I went to one of those dances one time and the housemother called me " honey " . SOLID AND SURE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MEMBER $5,000 Maximum Insurance for Each Depositor FIDELITY NATIONAL BANK GRAND AND ROBINSON Fidelity National BIdg. -4= SHE: And I can cook TOO — on a Magic Chef Range from Doc Bill Furniture Co. Heat Regulated, of course. Page 370 Second Hand Philosophy [Continued from I ' agc 370] Drinking Whiskey — The people in Okla- homa shouldn ' t be alarmed about college men drinking whiskey. There isn ' t over 5 ' ' c pro- fessional drunkards in college. Their fathers is to blame and whiskey ' s too cheap and boot- leggers haven ' t got a union and they don ' t stick together. Why blame college men or President Bizzell. About the Army — The army is all right. You never see an officer cuss the army and the buck private don ' t appreciate prosperity. The buck privates don ' t realize that in case of war they see lots of action they can ' t hardly see in the moving pictures and after the war they get medals and cash bonuses from the government. About Football and Basketball Players — They ought to get paid but not in cash. They ought to get merchandise and take it out in trade. The Oklahoma University ought to pay their board and room for a simple reason. If you give them cash they blow it up on wild woman and wild woman couldn ' t keep ath- letes in shape and they don ' t keep in shape if you starve them to death. COMPLIMENTS OF o. K. STAMP SEAL CO. 1 18 W. Grand Ave.. Oklahoma City Caviness Surgical Co. PHYSICIAN, HOSPITAL AND LABORATORY SUPPLIES OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. Phone 3.7481 1 You KNOW It ' s Good Two apples nnay LOOK alike, but when you bite into them . . . what a difference! Two dishes of ice cream may look alike, too . . . but your taste can ' t be fooled. There ' s one way to make sure of the best in ice cream, either at the soda fountain or in packages. Make sure it is STEFFEN ' S . . . Oklahoma ' s quality ice cream for more than 30 years. ICE CREAM Page 371 " For Fresh Flowers Stylishly Arranged " SOUTHERN FLORAL SHOP 317 W. BOYD PHONE 1000 REASONS FOR HANGING YOUR PIN 1 . Because you like the girl. 2. Because you ' d like to know her better. 3. So you can have a date any night. 4. So she can ' t give you the double-cross. 5. So people won ' t talk. • • • REASONS FOR NOT HANGING YOUR PIN 1. Because you like the girl. 2. Because you ' d like to know her better. 3. So you can have a date any night. 4. So she can ' t give you the double-cross. 5. So people won ' t talk. LIFE ' S MISFITS, No. 3 We invite you to visit our interesting Oklahoma City shop, to witness the making, here in Oklahoma, of HIGHEST QUALITY WELDED BUBBLE TOWERS. SEPARATORS AND TANKS Black, Sivalls Bryson, Inc. COBCft-fO The second semester Theta pledge who had to sleep in a dresser drawer. Tsk. Tsk. • • • " What did the hen say when she laid a square egg? ' " Ouch! " COMPLIMENTS OF HIRSCH. WEINTRAUB COMPANY Uniforms for Every Purpose 1321 NOBLE STREET PHILADELPHIA Paqo 372 THE CENTER OF STUDENT ACTIVITIES The Oklahoma Union • The Grill • The Book Exchange • The News-stand • Recreation Hall • The Lounge • Meeting Rooms • The Ballroom IN YEARS TO COME — You ' ll remember the Oklahoma Union for the important part it played in your years at the university. You ' ll remember the crowds pushing through the foyer . . . cokes . . . cofFee . . . late breakfast . . . time spent in the recreation hall . . . the lounge . . . newspaper files . . . the home town paper . . . exciting meetings . . . dances in the ballroom . . . glamour . . . latest magazines on the news-stand . . . latest volumes in the book exchange . . . the classics . . . everything that makes univer- sity life a great experience. . . . " The Busiest Spot on the Campus " O u € Page 373 iliower ulsa H ome ot KVO O 25,000 WATTS CLEAR CHANNEL COMPLETE N. B. C SERVICE cJ oiverjul (2Jialion cJjeiween Q)i. cJ ouis, hJjallas ana hJy enver WHEN BETA JOKES ARE TOLD, WE ' LL TELL THEM (Two grads back at Homecoming) " What class? " " 1929 " " I graduated that year. Swell class, wasn ' t it? ' " Yah " " You a frat man? " " Yah " " Which one? " " Beta " " Beta? Why I was a Beta, but I don ' t remember you. Are you sure? " " Yah " " Where ' d you sit at the meetings? ' " Eleventh row " " Oh, that accounts for it. I was in the balcony. " Page 374 LIFE ' S MISFITS, No. 4 The Alpha Chi who didn ' t make the W. S. G. A. ( P. S.— The Y. W. C. A. also turned her down ) . Pledge: " She ' s a streamHned girl. " Member: " What do you mean, stream- lined? " Pledge: " No resistance. " • • • " Adieu. " " You do? " Uniforms and Equipment Regular Army, National Guard, Officers ' Reserve, R. O. T. C, Miiifary Schools and Organizations WOLFSON TRADING CO. 637 Broadway NEW YORK. N. Y. CLASSIFIED AD: If the person who stole the jar of alcohol out of my cellar will keep same and return grandma ' s appendix, no questions will be asked. • • • Judge: " What do you wish to charge against your husband? " Wi[e: " " Free love, your honor; he ain ' t supported me for eight years. " COMPLIMENTS OF CARPENTER PAPER COMPANY OF OKLAHOMA WHOLESALE PAPER OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. FINE SHOES The Red Wing Shoe Company, makers of fine boots, work shoes and dress shoes, wishes to con- gratulate Sooners. You will find your work easier if you wear fine shoes such as Red Wing makes. If you have worn them you are convinced. If you have not worn them you have a new treat in the form of foot comfort in store for you. RED WING SHOE CO. RED WING, MINNESOTA Page 375 IHE DAILY OKLAHOMAN OKLAHOMA CITY TIMES _ ,, „, ,„ „. 0«.- ,HE FARMER-STOCKMAN ,_ ,,„., . tStr: !: f " ™ ' - ' LlT nd b i.,;-. then, InowW,.. . p. , -...rpr-.e ' ,„d commentator on the P R Dio STATION wKY „ " " •;°,r " .t:;:t ' -- ' f- ' " ' r " otoU hta than Radio St. - " „, „. ,,„„t In enter- tainment ana bp MISTLETOE EXPRESS SERVICE . " O trnte. ' n ' etSSl " • ' ■ ' " ♦ ' • ' ' ' ' Z: it .St. the - P»-W " V ° ::: Hch da, Th™.,h OKLAHOMATpuilSHlNC ca Page 376 RUSH TACTICS, No. 1 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON No longer do the Sig Alphs give expensive rush banquets. No longer do they worry and fret over the rushee having a Phi Psi uncle and three cousins who are Betas. Presenting the mortgage with the magic words. " Paid " on its face are enough to con- vince the most stalwart. It ' s getting so it ' s just like being a member of the human race. • • • Prof. Wardell: " Who was the first man in antiquity to stress hygiene? " Frosh Montgomery: " Pluto. " • • • A SHORT, SHORT STORY A Sigma Nu and a Theta went out near the river one day to pick flowers. The Theta ' s mother decided to go along to help them, so they picked flowers. Page 377 When It ' s a Question of Light . . . Let the Eyes Have It! Treat your eyes to the best light available — modern light — with- out glare or shadow. BETTER LIGHT - BETTER SIGHT PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF OKLAHOMA NATIONAL m f ' ♦» " B OIL AND GAS M SEPARATORS M • Hi H Welded Tanks B • sEl 1 ri fli Bolted Tanks i I H • Wood Tanks If.-: .J I fl • Tite-Line Couplings ■1 .- ». 9 • i fit p-iMMlh H fly ' ' ojiymmr r Branches in Principal ih, r Slf- ji. Oil Fields in Mid- «■«■ 5 h1» ' - cnll Confinent Area „: _J1 National Tank Coi -npany TULSA, OKLA. DEHNER ' S The country-wide reputation of Dehner Products is your assur- ance of quality and style. CUSTOM MADE MILITARY DRESS AND FIELD BOOTS BOOT TREES SAM BROWNE BELTS POLISH — SPURS CHAINS AND OTHER ACCESSORIES THE DEHNER CO„ Inc. OMAHA, NEBR. A SOONER AT LARGE By Suzanne Arnote It is clearly the duty of the press to main- tain a neutral position on all matters of con- troversy. We shall present both sides of ev- ery issue without taking either side. How- ever, think that the purpose of the Future Gold Star Mothers should be preserved — that all student government should be abol- ished — that we shouldn ' t have outside or- chestras for the Senior Prom — that commu- nistic plays are a menace to the students — that women should have complete control of all student publications — that the Interfra- ternity Council is a bunch of " old meanies " — and finally I am in accord with the Hon. Sam Sullivan that fraternities are nothing more than institutions of graft and luxury. GILT EDGE DAIRY PRODUCTS " All That the Name Implies • GILT EDGE QUALITY GILT EDGE SERVICE C. E. McCormick, Owner PHONE 130 PHONE 130 Page 378 RUSH TACTICS, No. 2 SIGMA CHI It ' s funny how some people will join up with anything that has a celebrity attached to it. Somehow, the Sigma Chis got Walt Emery and ever since he and Lawson Little once tangled, the only rush talk they know is, " Walter Emery is a Sigma Chi. " 36 Years of Dependable Service DIAMONDS - WATCHES - JEWELRY Hartwell Jewelry Co. 134 WEST MAIN ST. Printers in Soonerland Since 1889 Our service is backed by more than 47 years ' experience — yet it is up to the minute in equipment and ideas FRATERNITY AND SORORITY PRINTING Date Cards Stationery News Letters Invitations Menus Programs THE TRANSCRIPT PRESS (Commercial Printing Department of The Norman Transcript) III South Peters Telephones 1800 The Magic Empire A COMPACT. CONCENTRATED MARKET Tulsa ' s retail trading area — The Magic Empire — comprises 30 counties in northeastern Okla- homa — covers an average radius of 90 miles — has a total population of approximately 1,500,- 000 people — almost 500,000 more concentrated population than any other market center in Oklahoma. In the Magic Empire there are 923 towns — 105 of them have a population of 1,000 or over. The resources of this market are varied — oil, nat- ural gas, lead, zinc, agriculture, live stock, quar- rying, lumber and manufacturing of all kinds. With paved highways, automobiles and bus lines, Tulsa is within easy distance of all the towns and farm homes throughout the Magic Empire. Every morning the Tulsa World Is reach- ing out to these homes, spreading an influence that extends to all parts of this rich market. The Tulsa World is their accepted newspaper and Tulsa Is their favorite market. Today, with 73,000 subscribers and more city and suburban circulation than at any time in its entire history, The Tulsa World lends both prestige and profit to its advertisers. TULSA Daily WORLD Oklahoma ' s Greatest Newspaper Page 379 Outstanding V-l IIEm %iirt IS.) 43 aia ' - - MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Choose a bank that keeps abreast of the times and let its officers help you start the right way, financially NATIONAL BANK OF TULSA TULSA, OKLAHOMA 0 Soj ( Clm2Jkca DUMB DORA, No. 1 Editor: " Say, it ' s past midnight. Do you think you can stay here all night? " Secretary: " Gosh, I ' ll have to telephone mother first. " DUMB DORA, No. 2 ' Ha. ha. me proud beauty, snarled the villain. " I can see through your subterfuge. ' " Well, who couldn ' t, snorted the maid- en, " it s only silk. " Page 380 RUSH TACTICS, No. 3 KAPPA ALPHA Sweat ' em till they pass out is the battle cry of the K. A. ' s. During rush, their gas bill goes sky high trying to provide enough heat for the box, due to the hardier qualities of the present day rushee. But then, most of them live. They say a good drink of sweet milk will pull a fellow through most anything. And the K. A. ' s being Southern Gentlemen, always have a plentiful supply on hand. • • • THE PLUMBERS SUPPLY CO. OF TULSA • Consult Us When You Want the Best in Plumbing Fixtures 313 WEST 1ST PHONE 2-91 51 It ' s to Your Advantage When You Trade with - rvDiir rn WHETHER IT BE • OR • IN SUMMER MONTHS . . . — during your school vacation, it is at your closest CROWN drug store that you can find exceptional savings. IN SCHOOL MONTHS . . . — on your afternoon ofF, do your drug needs shopping at the CROWN drug stores in Oklahoma City, and save the difference for that heavy date. White Mountain Dairy grAde PASTEURIZED MILK NORMAN, OKLA. Phone 558 M4 W. Main St. J. R. NEWKUMET, Prop. [Bacteria count by State Law is 50,000. Our milk is less than 25,000] Page 381 UNIVERSITY BOOK EXCHANGE 15 Years In The Union Of Continued Service to Students of the University of Oklahonna • • 72 Student Book Exchange Employees Have Been Graduated from the University During This Period • • • TEXT BOOKS - SCHOOL SUPPLIES SELECTED BOOKS FOR THE Student, Reader and Collector Page 382 PROM LETTERS Mr. J. F. Findlay Dean of Men University of Oklahoma Dear Dean: The Junior-Senior Prom Committee has met and decided that an outside band would add distinction to the affair, and we further agreed that since Ted Fio Rito played at last year ' s Prom, it would be hard to promote a dance with a local band. Allan Engleman Mr. Allan Engleman, President The Senior Class University of Oklahoma Dear Allan: The matter of a nationally known orchestra to play for the Junior-Senior Prom will be referred to the Student Activities Committee at its next regular meeting. Until that time, please make no further plans for engaging an outside orchestra. J. F. Findlay To; Members of Junior-Senior Prom Committee From: Allan Engleman, President Subject: The Prom. Dean says to lay off until the blue noses O.K. the proposition. It looks like a cinch. Maybe we can grease the slides so we can rate three comps this year. Mr. Allan Engleman. President The Senior Class University of Oklahoma Dear Allan: I notice that you have appointed a Sig Alph on your Prom Committee. Also a Pi K. A. What the hell? Don ' t we have any boys to take care of? Re- member who put you in office. Bill Whiteman. President Administration Party [Continued on Page 384] The Okla. Photo Supply Co. of Oklahoma City Furnished the Films for Your Snapshots 308 N. BROADWAY OKLAHOMA ' S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE Jmnac. JO iown wa OKnLAHOMA citv ' ' l l A A 5U Leo Garner wishes to thank his many patrons for their loyal support. It is to them he owes his suc- cess as having the most up-to- the-minute College shop in the Southwest. G xirnecs. menj " xhop 792 ASP TELEPHONE 2500 Page 383 5th Ave. at Cheyenne ,V) VA .xM ' ,=, ' 6 ' vs p.- v ts o - ,6 . s ' , bs ' Ao ' .! .V - tv V 3N 1. » " o -A . N N. ' A N° ' ate c, OC THE OKLAHOMA BOOK STORE Extends Its BEST WISHES HIGHEST CASH PRICES PAID FOR YOUR BOOKS NEW AND USED BOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES MAGAZINES NOVELTIES and Congratulations to the Graduates of ' 36 AND Students of ' 37 [Continued from Page 383] Mr. Allan Engleman, President The Senior Class University of Oklahoma Dear Allan: I notice that your Prom committee is predominently made up of Ad party boys and girls. Lets keep poli- tics out of this and put only seniors of ability on the committee. Jack High, President SOONER Party P. S. I ' m a senior lawyer. Will I do? To: Junior- Senior Prom Committee From: Allan Engleman, President Subject: Prom I heard a rumor today that the Activities Commit- tee will meet this week. Things are not looking so good. Contact all the members that you know and pray. ' • Professor Morgan Activities Committee University of Oklahoma Dear Sir: I note that you are a member of the Student Activi- ties Committee. As a member of the Junior-Senior Prom Committee, I would like to urge you to sup- port the engaging of a nationally kno n orchestra to play for this afFair. Thank you very much for your support. Beauchamp Selman • Mr. Beauchamp Selman Junior-Senior Prom Committee University of Oklahoma Dear Sir: I am in receipt of your letter about the Prom and wish to advise you that I am a minor member of the committee and as I am not in close touch with stu- dent problems, I shall be guided by the report and recommendation of Dean Findlay, who understands these matters. Professor Morgan • Dean J. F. Findlay Dean of Men University of Oklahoma Dear Dean: The Junior-Senior Prom Committee would like very much to know the situation in regard to the en- gaging of an outside band for the Prom. Would you please give us your decision at once so that we may go ahead with our arrangements? Allan Engleman Page 384 McENTEE ' S for Outstanding Beauty The Out-of-the-City MAN patrons are advised that weekly, monthly or semi-monthly terms may be arranged to suit your Individual convenience Th RING The Famous for diamonds MAID of 100% Perfect Virgin Quality . . . at prices that cannot be beaten anywhere in the whole United States— quality considered This great value-giving store is read y for GRADUATION with diamond rings of uncommon distinction — worthy quality watches, and jewelry. Mr. Allan Engleman. President The Senior Class University of Oklahoma Dear Allan: The Student Activities Committee has met and decided that the cost of an outside orchestra would run the price of tickets up to a point where all sen- iors would not be able to attend. Kindly arrange to to have the Prom with a local orchestra or not at all. Dean James F. Findlay To: Junior-Senior Prom Committee From: Allan Engleman, President Subject: The Prom Well. kids, it looks like we ain ' t gonna have no Prom. How about having one with a local orchestra. Would you all work on a Prom with a local band, say the Boomers? To: Allan Engleman. President From: Members of the Junior-Senior Prom Com- mittee Subject: The Prom NO!! PHONE 412 PHONE • SERVICE • QUALITY I I 7 East Gray ACME CLEANERS JACK BOWERS, Owner Yeah . . . WE ' RE ALL GOOD INDIANS! CHICKASAW LUMBER CO. " THE HOME OF HOMES " Connplete Wall Paper and Paint Department NORMAN, OKLAHOMA Page 385 . JACK O ' HEARTS " For Fresh Flowers Stylishly Arranged " SOUTHERN FLORAL SHOP 317 W. BOYD PHONE 1000 NIGHT LIFE My kitty has gone a gallivanting. I don ' t know where she s at. Curse this city That lured my kitty — By dawn she ' ll be a cat. • • • PALS Delta Tau: I passed your house yesterday. Gamma Phi: Thanks. We appreciate it. Congraiulations . . . To You Graduates of ' 36 MILLIGAN DRUG CO. 1616 N. E. 23rd OKLAHOMA CITY There ' s Always a GOOD PROGRAM ON KOMA 1480 Kilocycles Q OONER and nIVERSITY Theatres Norman, Oklahoma To The Graduates . . . Congratulations, and lots of luck. We wish to thank you for your patronage during your years at the University. When in Norman, make our Theatres your headquarters. To The Under-Graduate . . . See you next year. You can always rest assured that the management of these Theatres will furnish you the best entertainment in Norman, your remaining years in the University, and that you will always re- ceive the most courteous welcome from our perso nnel. Page 387 PHOTOS in the . . Beauty Section Class Section and Military Section of the 1 9 SOONER 3 6 YEARBOOK WERE MADE BY Clarence 3011 2 WEST BOYD NORMAN Ireland Studio OKLAHOMA CITY STUDIO LOCATED AT KERR ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Page 388 THE COVERED WAGON TIT AND TAT Editor: John Runyan(?). Business Manager: Jimmie Hawes, Cecil Brite, Bob Cox, Harry Bullen, Bob Nelson. Bob Lee Kidd. Bill Borglund. ( It takes all of ' em to keep it in the red. ) Censor: Jimmie Hawes. Prof. Casey. Dean Mc- Daniel, Dean Findlay. Dr. Bizzell. Motto: Never give credit lines to any comic maga- zine, and nothing printed unless borrowed. Salaries: (Editor ' s note: We feel it necessary, in all due respect to the Publication Board, to print the salaries of those concerned. It is not often that such benevolent salaries are revealed to the public. ) John Runyan . . 35c per month Jimmie Hawes . . 29c per month Bob Cox . . . 10c per month Harry Bullen Free copy occasionally Guaranteed Circulation: 9500 (students and alumni). P. S.— Only 200 paid net. Advertising: $25.00 per column inch. (Sold one last month to Letzeiser and Co. Trade out. ) Pi Phi: " I was up every night till four during my vacation. Dee Gee: " That ' s nothing. I went to bed with the milkman every morning during mine. " • • • Perspiration Desperation Call 600 — Restoration. UNIVERSITY CLEANERS— — T. JACK FOSTER COMPLIMENTS OF COMMANDER MILLS, Inc. SAND SPRINGS, OKLAHOMA " Commander " Wide Sheetings, Sheets, Pillow Cases 8 A ' MR. POWER PENNY ONE PENNY will run your radio for nearly two hours ONE PENNY will give you good light for three hours ONE PENNY will vacuum clean your house once a week ONE PENNY will " perc " the family coffee for two days ONE PENNY will bake six full size waffles ONE PENNY will keep your food fresh for five hours ELECTRICITY YOUR LOWEST PRICED SERVANT Today commodity prices in general are still 36% above the 1913 levels. National average figures show the cost of elec- tricity 38% less than in 1913. A truly remarkable perform- ance. The cost of electricity becomes cheaper per unit when more is consumed. This is another reason to make electrical appli- ances more desirable — appliances that are available in Norman stores at reasonable prices and at convenient pur- chase terms. YOUR NORMAN ELECTRIC DEALERS Page 389 (g7 Wt£ ig U ii ] E ¥S FIVE STAR FEATURES SOCIETY ESQUIRE FASHIONS CAMPUS NEWS " BIG 6 " SPORTS NEWS ASSOCIATED PRESS Six days out of every week during the school year THE OKLAHOMA DAILY is delivered to your door before 7 o ' clock in the morning. It brings to you all the news that you desire to see. There is an appeal for every reader. His wants are treated com- pletely. Norman ' s only morning daily takes this opportunity to wish well all Sooners who have been and still will be its readers. If you wish to keep up with the University and all its surroundings, read THE OKLAHOMA DAILY The Oklahoma Daily " More Than A Student Newspaper " Page 390 IF I WERE DEAN OF MEN— OR WOMEN By Ed Clarke (No less) I have seriously considered taking such a position if such is available, and would appreciate anyone giving me information concerning openings in this field. I can give you plenty of references with re- gard to my qualifications, integrity, and past experi- ence as a leader. (If you don ' t think that I can lead, watch things around the varsity corner on these week-ends. By lead I mean to take control of af- fairs. ) I would like to show just at the present writ- ing a few of my theories and reasonings as to just how such an office should be handled in order to make for the most mutual convenience and co-oper- ation between students and dean. In the first place, as far as this institution is con- cerned, some of the excessive legislation which is so prevalent around here would have to be eradicated. Such legal obstructions as the no-car rule, the week- night date rule, and the curfew would have to go. I would especially take steps to annihilate the curfew whose sonorous steamboat blasts give to one. from all outward aspects, the impression that the institu- tion is a factory of some sort, or a reformatory in- stead of just plain old college. Less rules mean more spirit, and we got to have that spirit to get along. Such rulings as the above mentioned belong at the institution in the eastern section of the city and not among us intelligentsia. (Ain ' t that right, boys?) Besides wiping out such obnoxious rulings, I would endeavor to provide a few activities which might lend a little spice, color, and a more agreeable flavor to campus life. I would offer a prize cup to the student who shows greatest ability and most outstanding per- formance in bird-dogging down a jug. The art of bird-dogging or hemming up a jug in an efficient manner is a very useful and practical one as well as being a considerable aid and benefit to society. Es- pecially is this true during these hard winters when the weather is colder than a freshman date. I would also endeavor to inject a little of that good old whole- some rural atmosphere which is supposed to typify the Sooner state. I would establish a hog callin ' ceremonial at the Varsity Corner on every week-end. The chewing tobacco contests started this year are a very sound idea, but I think that volume of expecto- ration should be taken into consideration as well as distance and accuracy. Also I would see to it that a few of the more virile students be permitted to open up charge accounts at the city jail. In fact I would create a design for living wh ich would make the old place abound once more in rugged individualism, brotherly love, and become the Utopian university of the land. COMPLIMENTS OF BAKE-RITE BAKERY Phone 718 NORMAN, OKLA. Helping Build the University of Oklahoma The Long-Bell Lumber Co. PHONE 51 NORMAN COMPLIMENTS OF The CAMPUS Theatre , ENTERTAINMENT CENTER OF O. U. On the " Corner " 1 COMPLIMENTS OF The OKLAHOMA Theatre 209 E. MAIN Page 391 More Than 30 Years of Service to Sooner Students NORMAN STEAM LAUNDRY ' WE MANUFACTURE CLEANLINESS ' — Phone 71 — CHEVROLET The Only Connplete Low-Priced Car For Performance, Econonny and Price HUGHES MOTOR CO. NORMAN, OKLA. CENSORED! The demure young bride, a trifle pale, her lips set in a tremulous smile, slowly stepped down the church aisle, clinging to the arm of her father. As she reached the low platform before the altar, her slippered foot brushed a potted flower, upsetting it. She looked at the spilled dirt gravely, and then, raising her childlike eyes to the benign countenance of the silver- haired old minister, she muttered — " That ' s a hell of a place to put a damned lily. " • • • FINIS Kadiak. the Eskimo, was sitting on a cake of ice telling a story. He finished and got up. " My tale is told, " said he. • • • " Is she a sorority girl? ' " Gamma-Phi know. " SERVICE WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS Do you realize that — you can economically procure from our stock every line of merchandise sold in an up-to-date drug store, except Fresh Fruits, Candies, Ice Cream and Tobaccos? We Are Truly SERVICE Wholesale Druggists THE FOX-VLIET DRUG COMPANY OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA Page 392 FRATERNITY RUSH TACTICS, No. 4 DELTA UPSILON " I can ' t pledge. I ' ve only got one suit. " But the D. U. ' s keep right on twisting the arms until the victim finally gives in. ' Tis rumored, however, that the old machine is getting pretty rusty these days. • • • STATISTICS Zippy Zadik: " I hear there ' s a baby born in New York every minute. " Neva Hodges: " Well, don ' t look at me that way, I live in Texas. " • • • A COLLEGE EDUCATION Hobo: " Kind sir, have you a quarter to spare a poor man? " Phi Delt: " Go on across the street — I ' m work- ing this side, " • • • Pat Henry: " I ' d go to the devil for one of your smiles. " Doris Casemore: " Don ' t make me laugh. " Page 393 Catering to the Desires of Eds and Co-eds Af the Normandy students find all their desires for a " student center " ful- filled. Delicious foods, delightful nnusic, pleasant service all are ready for them. And for dances the Normandy Ball- room is just the proper place. the Normandy .1 The charm of the colonial; Atmosphere of distinction; Foods that entice. THAT IS THE SPINNING WHEEL RIGHT STYLES RIGHT PRICES We Appreciate Your Business DOWN TOWN On the Campus We ' re right at your door! — for twenty-eight years It has been our opportunity to supply the smartest wardrobes worn by stu- dents and alumni. Have we the privilege of serving you? KERR ' S % Oklahoma City THE SAD DEATH OF LITTLE ALGENON By KeNiNeth Wilson, et al. Little Algenon came to college because his Mother wanted him to be President. With this high ambition in mind he decided he must pledge some social fra- ternity to save reading Emily Post. Not being a football player, he couldn ' t pledge Kappa Sig. Not being a basketball player he couldn ' t pledge Phi Delt. and he wasn ' t a track man so he couldn ' t pledge Alpha Sig. A. T. O. was out of the question be- cause he ' d met Bob Lee Kidd. He wanted to take a shower at the Sigma Nu House so consequently he was blacked there. His horror of alcohol shut the doors at the K. A., Phi Kappa Sig.. Sigma Chi, Delta Chi, and Lambda Chi houses. Bus rides to Oklahoma City made him ill, so he couldn ' t possibly get along with the Phi Psi boys. Not having tails or any ambition for them. Phi Gam was out of the question. There wasn ' t a single check in his pants, and the D, U. ' s wouldn ' t have him. He had heard so much about Pinky Tomlin that Delta Tau was out of the running. What was our hero to do? Ah!! all he had left was to pledge Sig Alf and become an activity hound. From then on you can guess, but to finish our little biography — the first semester nothing happened. His terrible fate began the second semester when he gave up dating to pledge Phi Eta Sigma and Bom- bardiers. Flash — time marches on — Sophomore year — Alpha Chi Sigma, Del ta Sigma Rho. Kappa Tau Pi, and Kappa Kappa Psi were added to his budding list of activities. Cigarettes, cokes, and shines were eliminated in order to join these honorary frats. However, little Algenon was not discouraged — his papa and mama were very proud of their little boy. Early in his Junior year he gave up breakfasts to gain Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, and Scabbard and Blade. Later he gave up lunch in order to wear upon the over-burdened chain of his watch, the keys of Toga, Pe-et, Skeleton Key. and even Phi Beta Kappa. Little Alge felt that he had accomplished all that was necessary to attain his goal when he heard of another honorary order of high scholastic standing in which he was not one of the brothers — that honor- able and august order being Ruf-Neks. Like the Knights of Old, our hero would let noth- ing stand in his path. He must join — he would join! No more dinner and he could raise the fee. Alas, alas — this was the straw that broke the ' cam- el ' s back — (time out while I cry) for just as they were pinning the ribbons on him, he died of sheer joy — he belonged to an organization headed by Johnny, ' Covered Wagon, " Runyan. His last words were: " To you from dying hands I throw the torch. Johnny, — you be President. " Page 394 THE HONORARIES Freshmen are encouraged to clip this list for future reference. The following organi- zations represent the highest peak in scholas- tic and academic attainment: CHI CHI CHI QUO VADIS KAPPA BETA PHI " 13 " CLUB TE-EP T. N. E. HI-HATS DERBY CLUB (A HAS-BEEN) • • • SENTIMENT Casey Cason: " Why, you low-down, lousy, cheap, pigeon-toed, bow-legged, knock-kneed, cock-eyed, mouse-toothed mutt: you no account, dirty little heel. " Ralph Brown: " Who ' s dirty? " FROZEN ASSETS Hallie Jean Smythe Martha Lou Laws Eloise Cherryholmes Betty Brown Nina Beth Johnson Hester Day Virginia Ambrose Helen Hand Isabel Arnold Mary Taliferro EUzabeth McCaieb Priscilla Burch ' Our Reputation " " Your Satisfaction ' ESTABLISHED 1910 Rosemfield ' s OKLAMOKA CITY, OKLAHOMA TThe cover for X this annual was created by The DAVID J. MOLLOY CO. 2857 N. Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois ©very M.oUoy Mode Cover hears this trade mark on the hack lid. 1 Page 395 w « 315 W. Main. Oklahoma City School ' s Out - Now What? Some to the mountains. Some off for a summer cruise .... and others just home for a needed (?) vacation. But no matter how far apart your va- cations will carry you, it is our bet that your roads will cross at Peyton ' s for summer wear- ables. We ' ve a wide reputation for chic at prices that fit col- lege girls ' pocketbooks. youthful wearables! THE BITTER TRUTH Kappa Sig: I ' ve a friend I ' d like you to meet. Tri Delt: What can he do? Theta: How much has he? Kappa: Can he laugh and play? Delta Gam: Will he take me to the show? Chi Omega: Where is he? • • • GIRLS WHO DIG TOO OFT FOR GOLD WILL SOON FIND OUT MAN ' S LOVE GROWS COLD! CALL 343 FOR EXPERT LAUNDRY Southerland Home Laundry Still Serving Sooners FACULTY - ALUMNI - UNDERGRADUATES Pride in the accomplishments of SOONER alumni makes us want to congratulate this year ' s graduates of the University of Oklahoma. May each member of the class of ' 36 go out and bring more renown to this great university! May We Continue To Serve You? Security ■ 5 x NATIONAL BANK ' R. W. HUTTO. President W. H. PATTEN, Active Vice-President MRS. C. H. BESSENT W. E. GRISSO BERT BAGGETT. Ass ' t Cashier DIRECTORS D, H. GRISSO R. W. HUTTO W. E. GRISSO, Vice-President D. H. GRISSO, Cashier W. H. PATTEN G. . VVILEY Page 396 THIS BOOK PRODUCED BY THE ARTISANS AND SERVICE TECHNICIANS OF THE SOUTHWESTEaN ENGRAVING COMPANY ♦ OKLA.CITY TULSA OKLA. ♦ 1 THE IMPRINT o QUALITY PniNTING PLATES an PERSONALIZED SERVICE Page 398 ADVERTISING INDEX MISCELLANEOUS PAGE Commander Mills, Inc 389 Dehner Co., Inc., The 378 Economy Advertising Co 398 Gane Brothers and Lane. Inc 362 Hirsch-Weintraub and Co 372 Kerr Glass Mfg. Corp 356 Molloy, David J., and Co 395 Red Wing Shoe Co 375 Southwestern Engraving Co 397 Underwood Elliott Fisher Co 365 Wolfson Trading Company .... 375 NORMAN Acme Cleaners Bake-Rite Bakery Campus and Oklahoma Theatres, The Chickasaw Lumber Co. Clarence-Ireland Studio First National Bank .... Fischer, M. F. and Sons Garners Men Shop Hughes Mo tor Co Kerr ' s Department Store Klein Motor Co Lindsay Drug Co Long-Bell Lumber Co., The . McCall ' s Men Store .... Normandy. The Norman Electric Dealers Norman Milk and Ice Cream Co. Norman Steam Laundry Norman Transcript, The Oklahoma Book Store .... Oklahoma Daily, The .... Oklahoma Union, The .... Safeway and Piggly Wiggly Security National Bank .... Sooner and University Theatres Southerland Laundry .... Southern Floral Spinning Wheel, The .... Tenenbaum, Morris Thompson ' s Transfer and Storage Co. Town Tavern Tyler and Simpson Co. University Book Exchange . University Cleaners .... Page 399 372, 385 391 391 385 388 362 363 383 392 394 362 361 391 394 393 389 378 392 379 384 390 373 366 396 387 396 387 393 369 369 359 363 382 389 Varsity Book Shop 367 White Mountain Dairy 381 OKLAHOMA CITY Alexander Drug Co 362 Biltmore Hotel 358 Black, Sivalls and Bryson. Inc 372 Brown, John A. and Co. 383 Carpenter Paper Co 375 Caviness Surgical Co 371 Crown Drug Co 381 Doc and Bill Furniture Co 370 Fidelity National Bank 370 Fox-Vliet Drug Co., The 392 Hartwell ' s Jewelry Co 379 Katz, Harry, Inc 357 Kerr ' s Department Store 394 Kinnebrew Motor Co 359 K O M A, Radio Station 387 Liberty National Bank 365 Milligan Drug Co 387 McEntee, J. M. and Sons 385 Oklahoma Photo Supply Co 383 Oklahoma Publishing Co 376 O. K. Stamp and Seal Co 371 O ' Rourke Shoe and Foot Clinic .... 370 Peyton ' s 396 Rosenfields Jewelry Co 395 Rothchild ' s B 5 M 361 Skirvin Hotel 366 Southwest Utility Dairy Products Co. — StefFens 371 Veazey Drug Co 357 TULSA Alvin Hotel 363 Brown-Dunkin Co 369 First National Bank and Trust Co. . . 364 K V O O. Radio Station 374 Mayo Hotel 384 National Bank of Tulsa 380 National Tank Co 377 Oklahoma Natural Gas Co 359 Philtower Building 374 Plumbers Supply Co 381 Public Service Company of Oklahoma . . 377 Tulsa Carpet Cleaning Works .... 366 Tulsa Daily World 379 Tulsa Tribune 367 Vandever ' s 366 GENERAL INDEX Acacia, 269 Adams. Dean A, B.. 149 Ad Club, 354 Advertising, 355 Administration. 17 Administration Building, 129 Administrative Council, 28 Allen. Hoyte, 68 Alley, June, 225 Alpha Chi Omega. 270 Alpha Lambda Delta, 344 Alpha Gamma Delta, 272 A. I. M. M. E.. 126 Alpha Phi. 274 Alpha Pi Mu. 57 Alpha Sigma Phi, 276 Alpha Tau Omega. 278 Alpha Xi Delta, 280 A. S. C. E., 121 Arnote. Suzanne, 68 Arts and Sciences, 33 Athletics. 161 B Band. University. 95 Baseball, 178 Basketball, 176 Beauties, The, 214 Beta Theta Pi, 282 Bombardiers, 253 Bizzell, Dr. W, B.. 22 Bobo, Dr. C. S., 24 Boomers, The, 350 Brandt, Joseph A., 25 Brock. Lawrence. 123 Brite. Cecil H,, 65 Bullen, Harry, 68 Business Administration, College of. 147 c Casey, John H., 64 Checkmate, 343 Chi Delta Phi, 56 Chi Omega, 284 Clark, Ruth. 266 Cleckler, Frank, 72 Coaches. The, 167 Collings. Dean Ellsworth, 143 Copeland, Fayette, 24 Corp, Carol Rose, 223 Covered Wagon, The, 70 Co.x, Robert, 70 D Delta Chi, 286 Delta Delta Delta, 288 Delta Gamma, 290 Delta Tau Delta, 292 Delta Upsilon, 294 Dodge, Dean H. L.. 129 E Education. College of. 141 Engleman, Allan, 66 Engineering, College of. 111 F Features, 189 Fellers, Lucy Ellen, 217 Findlay, Dean J. F., 25 Fine Arts Building, 86 Fine Arts. College of, 85 Follansbee. Charles. 66 Fraternities, 265 G Galen, 83 Gamma Phi Beta, 297 Gibson, Joe F., 267 Gittinger. Dean Roy, 24 Glee Club, Men ' s, 93 Graduate School, 127 H Herbert, H. H.. 61 Hill. Ernie. 72 Holmberg. Fredrik. 78 Howell. Major Reese M., 239 Hume. Betty. 27 I Independent Men ' s Ass ' n., 338 Interfraternity Council, 267 Intramurals, 182 J Jazz Hounds, 347 Johnson, Dean D. B, R,, 11 Journalism Press, 65 Journalism, School of, 59 K Kappa Alpha. 298 Kappa Alpha Theta, 300 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 302 Kappa Kappa Psi, 94 Kappa Psi, 81 Kappa Sigma, 304 Kidd, Bob Lee. 68 Kraft. Walter W.. 24 L Lambda Chi Alpha. 306 Lambda Kappa Sigma. 79 Law Building. 134 Law. School of, 133 Lee, Mrs. C. M., 107 Liberal Arts Building, 34 Lindsay, J. L., 25 L. K. O. T., 126 Pago 400 GENERAL INDEX M Marland. Governor E. W., 23 Meacham, Dr. E. D., 25 Medical Building, 98 Medical Features, 106 Medicine, School of, 97 Men ' s Council, 26 Metzel, George V., 353 Miles, Charles C., 25 Military, 233 Military Band, 259 Monnett, Dean Julien C, 135 Mortar Board, 340 Myers, June. 221 Mc McDaniel, Dean Edna, 24 McDannald, Morris, 168 McEldowney, Caroline, 219 N O Nursing, School of, 107 Oklahoma Daily, The, Organizations, 261 O. U. Ph. A., 80 Pan-Hellenic, 266 Patterson, Dean Robert U., 99 Pe-et, 341 Personalities, 189 Phantom Mask, 349 Pharmacy Building, 76 Pharmacy, School of, 75 Pharmacy. State Board of, 84 Phi Beta Delta, 308 Phi Delta Chi, 81 Phi Delta Theta, 310 Phi Eta Sigma, 345 Phi Gamma Delta, 312 Phi Kappa Psi, 314 Phi Kappa Sigma, 316 Phi Mu, 318 Pi Beta Phi. 320 Pi Kappa Alpha, 322 Pi Kappa Phi, 324 Pi Sigma Kappa, 349 Pistol Team, 257 Polo and Riding Ass ' n, 258 Polo Team, 256 President ' s Class, The, 131 Press Building, 60 Publication Board, 64 Q Quartet. Men ' s, 93 Page 401 Rader, J. L., 131 Ramblers, The, 351 Razz, 355 Reaves, Dean S. W., 35 Regents, Board of, 21 Rho Chi. 82 Ruf Neks, 346 Runyan, John, 70 Scabbard and Blade, 254 Schools, The, 29 Sequoyah. 342 Shaffer. George. 169 Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 326 Sigma Alpha Mu, 328 Sigma Chi, 330 Sigma Delta Chi, 73 Sigma Delta Tau, 334 Sigma Gamma Epsilon, 121 Sigma Nu, 332 Sigma Tau, 125 Sims, Helen, 68 Skeleton Key. 339 Slover, Bob. 26 Snider. Dorothy, 215 Society. 228 Sooner Magazine. The, 72 Sororities, 265 Stearley, Mildred, 255 St. Pat ' s Council, 123 St. Pat ' s Queen, 122 Tant. Charles, 65 Tappan, Acting Dean, 113 Tau Beta Pi, 124 Theta Sigma Phi, 73 Toga, 348 Track. 180 w Wadsack. George E., 25 Wallace, Sarah, 227 Women ' s Athletics. 186 Wrestling. 184 W. S. G. A.. 27 Yearbook, 1936 Sooner, 67 Y. M. C. A., 352 Y. W. C. A.. 353 PERSONAL INDEX Aberson, Idah Maxine, 52 Abrams. Samuel K., 136 Aderhold, Eleonore. 91 Adair, Anna Joe, 138 Adams, M. Elizabeth, 45 Adams, Jimmie, 56 Adams, Lois June, 49 Ahr ens, Connie, 156 Ahrens, Rose, 48 Ainsworth, John. 159 Akright, Jim R., 137 Albert, Ralph J., 157 Alexander, Maxyne E., 88 Alge, Clara Gile, 51 Alge, George Wayne, 39 Allen, Ben E., 159 Allen, George F., 159 Allen, Hoyte, 62 Allen, Wayne M., 157 Alley, Joe, 63 Alley, June Marian. 159 Allison, Judd, 150 Aired, Don C, 152 Alspaugh, Wm. C, 48 Ambrister, Emma Beth, 90 Ambrose, Virginia, 43 Amspacher, Wilber H., 101 Anderson, Alice D., 54 Anderson, Betty Adele, 146 Anderson, Elgin, 150 Anderson, Helen Kristina, 49 Anderson, Jenna Vee, 108 Anderson, John B., 117 Anderson, Mickie Milton, 48 Anderson, Nathan W., 117 Anderson, Nelmarie Amelia, 91 Anderson, Oscar S., 46 Anthis, Rollen H., 47 Appleman, Maxine, 42 Armstrong, Betty Fay, 50 Armstrong, Catherine A., 46 Armstrong. Chloris Jane, 48 Armstrong, Doris Elizabeth, 43 Armstrong, Ruth Ann, 144 Armstrong, William, 48 Arnold, Helen, 63 Arnold, Isabelle, 90 Arnold, Mary Jane, 90 Arnote, Suzanne, 62 Arntzen, Vardrene, 145 Arrington, Daisy Lee, 154 Ash, Ellen Virginia, 46 Ashburn, Doris Louise, 45 Ashby, Sullivan Gaylord, 136 Ashton, Edward Elbert, 90 Askew, Richard Franklin, 152 Atkinson, John Arthur, 47 Atkinson, Polly, 62 Aurin, Fred Bawdcn, 55 Austin, Frances Folsom. 146 Avery, Helen, 157 Axclrod, Kenneth Malcolm, 159 B Babcock, Elfreda Pearl, 49 Baer, Jack, 44 Bailey, Albert, 155 Bailey, Carl B., 119 Bailey, Donald Francis, 158 Baird, L. Katheryn, 39 Baird, Carl E., 119 Baker, Martha Jan, 154 Baker, William Douglas, 46 Balbin, Geraldine, 38 Balzer, Latane, 92 Banes, Warren L., 152 Bankoff, Julius M., 153 Barber, George Winchel, 157 Barbour, Jack W., 46 Barbour, Josephine, 55 Barker, Bob V., 120 Barnes, Wm. A., 115 Barnett, Louis Orville, 118 Barnett, Nellie Vineta, 145 Barnett, Paul, 88 Barnhart, Paul F., 114 Barnwell, Floriene J., 88 Barrett, Marie, 40 Bartlett, Ed, 40 Barry, Wm. B.. 114 Barsalou, Joseph Rene, 116 Bashara, Mary Pearl, 37 Bass, Mary Jane, 47 Bassett, Wm. Neal, 53 Bates, Hazel Allene, 109 Bates, Lois, 90 Batson, J. Ernest, 1 17 Batten, Sara Marie, 89 Battey, Marie, 89 Baughn, Ada Laleene, 38 Baze. Roy E.. 100 Beaham. Webster Lance, 55 Beaird, Jesse Bernard, 55 Beak, Wesley Winchester, 150 Bealmear, Austin, 63 Bealmear, Gus, 1 17 Beams, Drewsilla Wilson, 55 Bearly, James H., 52 Beckett, Jerry B.. 45 Beesley, Scott, 151 Beidleman, Joe E., 159 Beidleman, Milton, 156 Beidleman. Robert R., 41 Bell. Chas. A., 45 Bell, Clifton L.. 37 Bell. Frank S., 120 Bell, Juanita Manana. 110 Bell, Morgan, 120 Bell, Orville Earl, 102 Bellamy, Gladys Carmen, 130 Belter, Jack E., 130 Benge, Jack, 115 Bennett, Hazel D., 88 Bennett, Nelda, 158 Bennett, Russell Odbert, 41 Bensinger. Alfred, 55 Bcn.son. Theodore Thomas, 151 Bernard, June E., 146 Berry, Kerby Leo, 54 Berry, Virginia Lee, 54 Bethcll, Sue Nell, 43 Bigham. Maxine Ann, 109 Bigham, Ramona Bernadine, 109 Biles, Bryan W., 53 Bills, Nelda B., 151 Billings, Sam G., 46 Billingsley, Leonard, 117 Billups, Sarah, 146 Billups, Wm. Tyler, 136 Bishkin, Doris Mae, 50 Bishkin, Estelle Celeste, 48 Bishkin, Harold, 117 Bishop, N. Ruth, 88 Bitler, Doris Edwina, 63 Bixler, George Russell, 45 Black, C. Harper, 114 Black, Margaret Coder, 46 Black, Shirley, 47 Blackburn, Nadine. 53 Blackmer. Esther Elmina, 48 Blakemore, Thomas L., 139 Blackstock, Forest C, 155 Blair, Kathryn E., 153 Blake, Murvel, 154 Blakely, Avon Lee, 88 Blevins, Walter, 159 Blufston, Warren Stanley, 155 Boardman, Julia, 91 Boatright, Henry O., 138 Boddy, Betty, 154 Boddy. James Edgar, 156 Bogart, Ralph Kent., Jr.. 137 Boggs, Helen. 92 Bolene, Emanuel Gustavus, 116 Bolen, Phobe Jane, 63 Bomash, Cecile Evelyn, 92 Bond, Alne r Faye, 45 Boone. Eugenia Jane, 158 Borglund. Bill H.. 62 Boring, Mac Otts, Jr., 114 Born, Howard Raymond, 50 Bowers, Betty Norine, 155 Bowers, Elsie Louise, 50 Bowers, Royal H., 146 Bowlen, Evelyn Mary, 5! Bowlen, Paul Dennis, 120 Bowen, Stephen Warren, 155 Bowles, Naydene, 92 Boyd, King Denzil, 115 Boyd, Phleat, 48 Boyer, Harold Lester, 50 Boyer, Maurice C, 52 Boy kin, Lynn Albert, 117 Boyle. John Rowland. 52 Boxell. Mark. 117 Boanscome, Emma Jewel, lOS Braden. John A.. 40 Bradfleld, Eldon Oliver, 100 Bradley, A. Mack, 118 Bradley, Charles H., 118 Bradley, Frank L., 102 Bradley, John D., 63 Brady, Jack H., 101 Bragg, Estelle, 154 Brand, Eloise, 55 Braselton, Kenneth E., 157 Bravo, Robert, 159 Bray, Pauline Woosley, 108 Brccden, Bill, 44 Brennan, Jim, 39 Brice, Virginia. 43 Bridges. Floriene. 108 Bristow, Frank M.. Jr.. 51 Britain. Jack. 154 Broadbent. Harry Hartwell, 42 Brock, Alma, 37 Brock, Elma, 37 Brock, Lawrence, 115 Brockman, Hary Jo. 56 Brown, Averille Jane, 91 Brown, BeAnn, 45 Brown. Betty, 155 Brown, Dale, 150 Brown, Donald, 154 Brown, Earl Appleton, 47 Brown, Ellis Langham, 120 Brown, Forest Reed, 100 Brown, Janie, 38 Brown, J. Howard, 116 Brown, John R., 38 Brown, Mabel, 63 Brown, Ralph, 43 Brown, Ruby Irene, 50 Brown, Zetta Mae, 50 Brumel, Bob, 50 Brundage, Bert Truman, 102 Bryan, Eloise, 56 Buck, Elaine, 91 Buckley, Duane Johnson, 117 Buford, Margaret, 130 Buford, Robert B., 63 Bullard. C. Fred. 139 Bullen, Harry B., 62 Bullis, Betty, 90 Bunnell, Sol, 52 Burckhalter, Adeline, 47 Burk, Alfaretta, 144 Burke, Beatrice, 47 Burke, Billie Bryan, 119 Burke, Lawson B.. 159 Burnet, Robin Grier, 120 Burnett, Hal, 43 Burns, Jack W., 155 Burr, Kathleen, 42 Burton, Eleanor Martha. 48 Burton, Robert, 52 Burwell. Norman, 151 Busby. John Orel, 4 Busby, Lucille, 1 10 Busby, Verna Fay, 78 Bu.shfield, Betty, 43 Butcher. John Mack, 101 Butler, Bob L., 78 Butler. Ollie Valletta. 88 Butler, Pauline Trindle, 62 Butler. Robert William, 46 Butler, Wm. Ernest. 36 Butts, Walter B.. 116 Byer. John W.. 63 Byrch. Harlan Fred. 89 Byrd. Jack Homer. 118 Cahill. Majory Lalia. 108 Calahan, Luther Wcldon, 42 Calahan, Robert R., 158 Callahan, Walter Lloyd, 154 Page 402 Calvert, Horace K., 55 Campbell, Barbara June, 92 Campbell, Benson W., 118 Campbell, John M., 152 Campbell, Josephine, 146 Campbell, Lulu Jane, 50 Campbell, Silva Martha, 50 Campbell, Xerma R.. 139 Cantrell, Pierce Edwin, 136 Card, Anna Jo. 92 Card, Maurine Barrett, 90 Card, Robert H., 153 Carey, Tom F., Jr., 154 Cargile, Jeanne. 89 Carpenter, George W.. 115 Carpenter, Kenenth K., 119 Carpenter. Mary Frances, 44 Carroll. Wm. Monroe, 114 Carson. John M.. 100 Carter, Eileen, 157 Carter, Mary Louise, 91 Caruthers, Lawrence H., Jr., 48 Casemore, Doris Margaret, 37 Cash, Juanita Helen. 158 Cashion, Medford. 119 Cason. John W.. 54 Cassidy, Mary Evelyn, 145 Cates, Robert George, 79 Cates, William Arnold, 78 Caudill, Walter Kay, 154 Caviezel, Joseph A., 115 Caylor, Garth Wm., 43 Chaffin, Zale, 100 Chalfant. J. Warren. 79 Champlin. George Adams. 145 Chandler. Horace David. 55 Chandler, Jack Kidd. 63 Chandler, Oscar William, 118 Chaney. Christine. 49 Channell, Gene Elizabeth, 91 Chapman. W. Neil. 158 Chappell, Eugene, 137 Chazanow, Sydney S., 115 Chenault, Nathan Bullock, 118 Chenault, Phoebe Jane, 91 Chenoweth, John, 89 Cherryhomes, Eloise, 42 Cheshire. Herbert C, 159 Chestnut, Dorothy E., 90 Christian. Doris, 40 Christian, Jack J., 37 Christian, Wera Ellen, 38 Christman, Marjorie Ellen, 48 Christopher, Daniel T., 62 Clabaugh, Nelson N., 39 Clancy, Maurice L., 54 Clark, Betty Sue, 42 Clark, Francile, 53 Clark, Lucia Jane, 146 Clark. Mary Barbara, 48 Clark. Roswell D.. 118 Clark. Ruth Louise, 89 Clarke, Mary Frances. 108 Clarke. W. R., 115 Clay. Thelma Frances. 156 Clayton, Billy Lee, 158 Clement, Raymon Dail, 138 Clements, Elizabeth Dobey, 92 Cline. Ralph H., 138 Cline, Warren, 138 Page 403 Cline, Wilson E., 139 Clonts, Catherine, 49 Cochran, James W., 136 Cochran, Jo Mildred, 109 Cody, C. C. 53 Cole. Betty Sue. 92 Coleman. Sam T.. 139 Colley. Joyce Cathron. 49 Collier. Martha Virginia, 144 Collier, Nelson, 152 Collier, Ray Garnett, 159 Collins, Wilburn H., 151 Collinson, Harry S., 43 Collinson, T. Hall, 137 Connelley, Tee, 146 Conwell, Juanita Sue, 146 Cone, Bernice, 42 Connell, David, 79 Connor, Mary R., 41 Conrad, Myra Lou, 150 Conrey, Thurman Max, 54 Cook. Joe F., 158 Cook. Max Carl, 44 Cooke. Doris Jean. 108 Cooper. Robert L.. 44 Copeland, Harold Leslie, 42 Corbett, Alma M., 144 Corbin, Marjorie Jewell, 146 Corbyn, Marmaduke, 150 Corn, Burton Nelson, 54 Corn, Edward Wright. 156 Cornell. Hampton G.. 114 Cornelson. Ethel Mae. 50 Corp, Caryl Rose, 153 Corrotto, Al. E., 146 Corrotto. Eugene Franklin, 146 Corwin, Mary Helen, 36 Cotter, Everett Edwin, 137 Coursey, Jack, 49 Cowan, Richard H., 55 Cowles, James Robert, 115 Cox, Robert A,. 49 Cox. Robert Lewis, 37 Cox, Whitley, 144 Crabtree, Alberta Regina, 110 Craig, David, 117 Craig, Kenneth, 51 Crose, Nancy Jane, 157 Cravey, Wilda, 46 Crawford, Paul Lynne, 115 Crew, Jess B., 78 Crocker. Sheldon Henry. 159 Crooks. Dora Ella, 109 Crooks, Mauricia Dale. 37 Crosby. Andrew, Jr., 53 Crouch, John E., 120 Crow, David C, 119 Crow, Eva Delle, 146 Crowder, Earl F. 159 Crowe, Wilma Irene, 55 Culver, Robert M., 40 Culwell, Billy Bob, 37 Culwell, Paula Janice. 110 Cunningham. John A.. 101 Cunningham. O ' Rhaitia. 49 Cunningham. Walter, 45 Cutchall, Dean Brint, 46 Dakil, Louis N., 102 Dalious, Jack Alexander, 157 Danielson. Otis. 120 Darling. Ruth. 53 Darnell. Ralph M.. Jr.. 156 Daubenheyer. Hubert Willis. 119 Daukon. Carroll Houghton, 54 Davenport, Marie Thelma, 146 Davis, Charlotte Anne. 89 Davis. Dwight, 55 Davis. Elaine. 55 Davis. Elliott, 47 Davis, Elnora, 91 Davis, Hughes F., 47 Davis, Jack C. 152 Davis, Joe D.. 156 Davis, Leota, 47 Davis. Mary. 52 Davis. Roger. 1 19 Davis. Ruth Verne. 91 Davis, Sidney R., 45 Davis, W. G., Jr., 153 Davis, William Orville, 53 Dawson. Berkley, 49 Dawson. Julian L.. 154 Dawson, Raymond Lester, 46 Day, Billy, 92 Day, Hester Louise, 41 Day, Mary Ida, 89 Day, Paul V., 153 DeBolt, Frances, 48 Decker, Robert Martin, 120 DeLana, Davis, 49 DeLana, LaRue, 43 Delaney, Jean Marie, 91 de Meules, Hamilton, 136 de Meules, Ramsey, 117 Denger. Hillard Earl, 48 Denton, James C, Jr., 41 Deupree, Harry L., 100 Dial, Doris, 130 Dibbens, Kathryn. 42 Dietrich. Floreine. 52 Dildine. Alice May. 90 Dilling, Jerome M., 117 Dillon, John Albert, 44 Dinger, W. Clyde, 115 Disney, Richard L., Jr., 62 Dixon, J. Lowell, 52 Dodd, Betty, 52 Dorr, Barbara Ann, 91 Dorr, John J., 158 Dorsey, Elizabeth, 102 Dorsey, Virginia, 158 Dougan, Archie, 102 Doughty, Earl F., 157 Doughty, Naomi, 144 Douglas, Donald S., 157 Douglas, Jack, 37 Douglass. Alice Elizabeth. 51 Douglass. M. S.. 42 Douglass. Ruby Jane, 91 Downing, Bill B., 151 Doyle. Pat Ann. 52 Drews, Raymond, 54 Drummond, N. Robert. 102 Duehning. Adeline. 155 Dumas. William A.. 144 Duncan, Frances G., 46 Duncan, Robert W., 100 Dunlcvy, Fred W., 139 Dunlcvy, Lester S., 120 Dunn, Bernice Mac, 110 Dunn, Carl L., 78 Dunn, Charles C, 136 Dunn, Earl Austin, 119 Durham, Amanda Lee, 145 Durand, Mary E., 40 Durland, Jack Raymond, 55 Durrett, Frances Charlotte Easter, Maurice T., 158 Easterwood, Henry O., 63 Eberle, Geraldine, 146 Eddins, Charles T., 62 Edgington. Joe R., 138 Edwards, Helen Harriette, 109 Edwards, Jack, 156 Edwards, Lecil, 46 Edwards, Lionel E., 118 Edwards, Martha, 45 Eikner, Margaret I., 39 Elliot, Frank E., 154 Ellsworth, Arthur Lcroy, 46 Embry. James A.. 54 Emert. Frank Leroy, 116 Endicott, Harry Leroy, 156 England, Myron C, 101 Engleman, F. Allan, 150 Enloe, Virginia, 159 Ensch, Inez Ann, 146 Erwin, Ralph C„ 136 Eskridge, Wade A., 116 Estell, Bill, 156 Evans, E. L., 52 Evans, Josle J., 46 Evans, Rhys, 139 Evans, Virginia June, 45 Evatt, James P., 78 Everts. Fredrick Wilson. 54 Ewert, McCoy. 139 Ewing. Tom Perry. 155 Fair, Edwin Ellis, 55 Fair, Elizabeth, 109 Farr, James M.. 150 Feenberg. Gene Bernard, 157 Feldman, Wm. Joel, 120 Feldstein. Harold. 115 Felix. Sylvanus G.. 151 Fellows. Anna May. 52 Fellers. James Davison. 136 Fellers. Lucy Ellen. 47 Fellows. Charles Ray, 137 Fendley, Elaine, 36 Fendley, Margery, 47 Ferguson, John Inger. 56 Ferguson. John Thomas. 151 Ferguson. Ruth E.. 52 Ferry. Helen. HI Finch, Gail Harper. 130 Finney, Tom W.. 137 Fisher, Rose, 49 Fitzimons, Jamie, 36 Flatt, Vivian Avalee, 108 Fleet. Howard Wm.. 1 19 Fleming, Betty Sue, 48 Flick, Carl William. 159 Flournoy, Joy, 63 Floyd, Mary Frances, 90 Focht, Helen, 62 Fogg, Rupert, 138 Follansbee, Chas. L., 38 Forbes, Thelma B., 108 Ford. Dot, yj Ford. Leslie A.. 150 Foreman, Hannah, 145 Forgan. Robert Liddell, 79 Forsyth. Muriel, 89 Fort, Guy Cobb, 118 Foster. Alma. 152 Foster, Earl Wm., 55 Foster, Helen Lee Lorice, 38 Foster, Maurice Clarence, 117 Fox, Sarah Anne. 55 Francis. Brell Frank, 50 Frank, David. 1 14 Frank. Robert G., 155 Franklin. Ben. 138 Frantzen. Harold C. 151 Fraser. Anita. 48 Freeland. Robert V., 44 Freeland. W. Hillyer, 88 Freeman. Sara Margaret. 36 Freeman. Silas Herman. 137 Freeny, Carlock. 116 French. Leonard Edward. 158 Fritz. Eleanor Claire, 44 Frost. Maxine. 145 Fry. Francis Polk. Jr., 102 Frye. William W.. 45 Fullenwider. Charles G.. 51 Fullenwider. Ellen. 39 Fuller, Florence Alma, 158 Fulton, Bonnie Lorene, 109 Fulton, Daisy Chapman, 91 Furrey, Lucinda Mae, 92 Fuqua, Karey, 151 Gabey, Raymond E., 156 Gaddis, Herman W., 101 Gale, Helen May, 41 Gait. Betty Jane, 92 Gamble, James Clinton. 154 Gardner. Chloe Jeannette, 89 Garee. Lucy Jane, 38 Garner, Bonnie Jean, 108 Garnett, Vanessa Jean, 92 Garnett, WilHams K., 137 Gawey, John S., 50 Gearhart, Elmer Abraham, 52 Gentry, R, B., 152 Gibson, A. Hubert, 139 Gibson, Jane, 37 Gibson, Joe Fred, 136 Gibson, Mary, 63 Gibson, Ruth Jane, 92 Gib.son, Wilson H., 49 Gilbert, Bcrnell, 79, Vida Aline, 44 Gilkison, Don, 53 Gill, Roy, 53 Gillespie, Mary C, 144 Gilley, Dick, 55 Gilliland, Lloyd Nance, Jr., 50 Gilliland, Richard H., 159 Gilluly, Nina Evelyn, 146 Gilmore, Bob W., 157 Gilmore, Elinor Gwen, 91 Gilmore, George B., 150 Gingles, Charles Harold, 102 Gingles, Robert Hal, 101 Gish, David Wood, 89 Gittinger, C. McFerron. 159 Givens, J. O., 154 Glenn, Hardy, 52 Goddard, George Joseph. 120 Goebel. Thomas E.. 120 Goerke. Lenor Stephen. 102 Goldberg. Donald Kranz. 55 Goode, Leonard C. 158 Goodman. Hubert T.. 101 Goodner. Ernestine. 42 Goodwin. Trudy. 51 Gordon. Bernard L.. 138 Gordon. Felix Bernard. 120 Gordon. M. Jerome. 119 Gordon. Milton Jay, 119 Gossett. Frances Pauline. 39 Gotcher. H. Brooks. 38 Gotwals, Elizabeth, 145 Gough, Ivor, Jr., 51 Gouldy, William C, 118 Gowin, Mildred R., 108 Grady, Robert L., 138 Gragg, Jean, 92 Graham. Archie C. 89 Graham, Burt C. 118 Graham, J. Frank, 157 Graham, Mary V., 45 Grant, Joe F., 51 Grant, Tom Calvin, 138 Graves, Charles, 118 Gray, Jessie Jane, 155 Gray Evelyn A., 39 Gray, Eloise, 88 Green, Bob A., 78 Green, Tom Leo, 1 17 Green, Winifred, 54 Greenman, Carleton Marshall, 151 Greer, Clarence Raymond. 1 IS Griffin, Walter Clyde. 155 Griffith, Georgia Martha, 146 Grimes, Ruth Eleanor, 41 Grimshaw, Charles M., 51 Grinnell, Alice Helen, 78 Grisham, Norman D., 118 Groenendyke, Laddie, 154 Groom, Wray Lemuel, 48 Grooms, Charles William, 54 Grove, Ruth, 3 6 Gruver. Clark A.. 117 Guthrie, Mary Eleanor. 50 Gwin. Jerry, 78 Gwinn, J. William, 42 H Habcrlein, Charles Robert, 47 Hadsell, John Dell, 49 Hall, John Oliver, 38 Hales, Kathryn V., 36 Halley, John H., 54 Hamilton, Charles Cecil, 157 Hamilton, Frank O., 54 Hammond, Lyle, 55 Hammonds, Sam J., 152 Hammons, Jack B., 151 Hampton, Elsie, 62 Hand, Helen, 39 Haning, James F., 139 Hankinson, Maurice W., 137 Hanshaw. Lena Beth, 90 Hanson, Charles Stanley, 152 Hanson, Paul, 101 Hanson, Tom H., 136 Hardin, Raymond Howard, 152 Harlow, Bryce Nathaniel, 42 Harrel, Don Grant, 101 Harries, Bill. 151 Harris. D. S., 38 Harris, Kenneth, 51 Harris, Lillian, 48 Harris, Paul H., 120 Harris, Penrod. 54 Harris. Phie K.. 43 Harris. Roy. 55 Harris. Ruel S., 138 Harrison. Barbara. 63 Harrison. Gilbert W.. 139 Hart. Jack. 40 Hartley. Harry L.. 49 Haskell. Ernest M.. 119 Hassler. Norman A.. 114 Hathorn. Beatrice. 90 Hawk. R. Blake. 119 Hawkins. Mildred Louise. 54 Hayden. Bettie. 46 Hayden. Evelyn Beckeley, 44 Hays, Wanda Mae, 130 Hayward, Mildred Ethel, 110 Head, John C, 118 Head, Nancy Blake, 91 Heap, Walmar Dean, 157 Heath, Virgie, 144 Heavner, Martha Jay, 63 Hedges, Harold J.. 115 Hedlend, Elizabeth Jane, 50 Heffner, Carl August, 117 Hefley, J. Ted, 54 Heins, Clara Elizabeth, 52 Heller, Frank John IH, 119 Helton, June B., 41 Hemmick, Tom C. 40 Henderson. Betty. 43 Henderson. Elizabeth. 90 Henderson, J. Keller. 44 Henderson. Johnnie William. 119 Henderson. Lois Helen, 43 Hendricks. Tom Fred. 120 Hcndrix, Carolyn. 43 Hendrix. Charlotte. 47 Hcnnessy. Marion. 157 Henry, J. Pat, 78 Henry, William Claud, 40 Hensley, Lela, 110 Henthorne, Norris G., 63 Hermes, Ronald R., 153 Herring. Eloise. 39 Glenn Byron, 39 Lucile. 38 Hester. Elmo P.. 42 Hester, ' I ' . Joy, 39 Hewett, Chas., 114 Hewgley, Jim M., 154 Hcwgley, Margaret Corbett, 40 Hewgley, Mary Elizabeth, 41 Hickman, J. L., 158 Hickman, M. E., 159 Hiestand, Barbara, 43 Hill, E. Louise, 56 Hill, Ola Louise. 159 Hill. Owen Leslie. 53 Himes. Chas. Woodrow. 115 Hinshaw, Lucille Elaine. 90 Hinton. Floyd. 63 Hocker. James. 130 Hockstein. Leon. 50 Hodge. Glenda Mae. 88 Hodges. Grady H.. 90 Hodges, Neva Carolyn, 89 Hogue, Elizabeth, 62 Hogue, Wanda Ann. 92 Holbrook, Finley W.. 55 Holbrook. Kenneth E.. 155 Holcombe. Doris Corinne. 47 Holcomb. Elton Jr.. 1 14 Holcomb. Lola Mae. 109 Holcomb. Vivian. 109 Holland. Christine Elizabeth. 49 Holland. C. Joe. 63 Holland. Marion L.. 156 Holt, H. Oliver. 39 Holtzendorff. Dorothy. 47 Holmes. Rex Wasson. 157 Honeycutt. LaVona, 45 Hood, Margie Louise. 63 Hopkins. Glenn. 79 Horner, Ed. Powell. 156 Hornc. Sam G.. 120 Hosea, Dorothy Kathryn. 45 Houssieu. Charles Rene. Jr.. 1 17 Houssiere. Ernest A.. 130 Hou.ston. Glenn. 1 17 Houston. Mildred. 110 Howard, Julian A.. 36 Howard. Margaret. 51 Howard. Robert B.. 102 Howe. Doris Osgood. 49 Howe. Margaret. 145 Hubbard, Edward Francis. 154 Hubbell. Wm.. 159 Huddleston, Woodrow. 118 Hud.son. Harry T.. Jr.. 155 Hudson. Vclma Lee. 89 Hudson. Virginia. 40 Huff, A. Frances, 110 Huff. Jack Lcoman. 47 Huffhines. Mary 40 Hugher. Frank. 90 Hull. Burton Edward. 1 19 Hull, James Lawrence, 159 Hume, Betty Verne, 38 Hunter, John H., 44 Hunter, Willard D.. 100 Hunter, Zathal, 115 Hunze, Maxine Ann, 45 Huper. Bill. 156 Huston. Denzil F.. 44 I Ingalls. George Sam. 100 Page 404 Inglish, George, 138 Irwin, B. Elizabeth, 108 Jacks, Angus, 1 19 Jackson, Hester May, 108 Jackson, Mable Marie, 108 Jackson, Zeb P., 156 Jacobson, Claire, 56 Jacobson, Lee Albert, 44 James, C. Clark, 114 James, Collie Fitch, 157 Jamieson, Lorraine, 53 Janeway, Charles Bowman, 155 Janeway, D. C, 152 Jarrell, Martha Ruth, 92 Jarrett, Thirl Edwin, 102 Jenks, Leonard Cass Bunker, 144 Jennings, Helen Maria, 52 Jesse, Elizabeth, 40 Jericho, Maxine, 46 Jersak, William R., 51 Jeter, Cleta, 108 Johnson, Ancle Sammie, 156 Johnson, Cecile, 44 Johnson, E. Lyle, 1 14 Johnson. Harlan D., 48 Johnson, H. Myles, 48 Johnson, H., 48 Johnson, Janey-Lou, 88 Johnson, Joan Elizabeth, 36 Johnson, June L., 110 Johnson, Kay Burton, 38 Johnson, Lewis S., 51 Johnson, Marietta, 89 Johnson, Richard W., 53 Johnson, Victor Walter, 157 Johnston, L. A. Sypert, 100 Johnston, Muriel Comer, 47 Johnston, Nina Beth, 91 Johnston, Velva Georgia, 92 Jones, Byron Bacon, 118 Jones. Byron W., 53 Jones, Douglas Ne ' ille. 51 Jones, Martin E., 136 Jones, Miriam, 41 Jones, Preston, 130 Jones, Ruth Belcher, 100 Jones, Mary Elizabeth, 55 Jones, Selwyn M., 92 Joseph, Billie Anita. 146 Joyce, Frank Thomas, 102 Joyce, Sam Kibbe, 46 June, K. L, 159 Jung, Kenneth Charles, 151 K Kahn. Gretchen Caroline, 49 Kantor. Joseph S., 158 Karchmer, Bernie Irwin, 155 . Kayser, John W., 63 Keefe, Kathleen Sun, 40 Keehn, Harold Wm., 118 Keehn, Ralph Edward, 45 Keelly, Dorothy, 53 Kelly, Sam Ed, 157 Keltner, G. Clyde, 79 Kennedy, Esther Elaine, 144 Keenody, Frank Scott, 139 Kennedy, Louis James, 102 Kennedy, Robert S., 151 Kenney, Lucile, 92 Kerr, Don, 154 Kidd, Bob Lee, 62 Kilgore. C. M., 155 Kilgore, Virgil. 62 Kilian. Henry Martin, 36 Killingsworth, E. Lewis, 150 Killingsworth, Frank Lynn, 36 Killebrew. Marjorie Ruth, 40 Kimberlin. John Say, 117 Kimble, Rowena Rae, 89 Kimmel, Garman Oscar Kincaid, Jimmy, 119 Kinder, Ruth Frances, 146 King, Arthur E., 118 King, Edna Earl, 52 King, John J., 158 King. Stephen Hamilton, 120 Kinnebrew, Dorella, 157 Kinsinger, Ralph R., 100 Kirkbride, Helen Margaret, 158 Kirkpatrick, Kathryn, 51 Kirton, Jack A., 136 Kisselburg, Thelma Blanch, 108 Kissler, Jack, 46 Kitchens, John Wesley, 38 Klein, Martha, 157 Klein, Virginia, 37 Kleinman, Walter, 53 Koenigsdorf, Wm. Joseph, 137 Koerner, Marguerite, 144 Knapp, George Lawrence, 54 Knappenberger, Bill A,, 154 Knight. Alice, 52 Knight, Dan W., 50 Kniseley, Bessie Frances Knollhoff, Edwin Farway, 78 Knox, Lillian Marie, 53 Kraft, Lurline, 48 Krauss. Frances M., 37 Kravetz. Marion, 91 Kreidler, Wm. Lynn, 43 Kuhn, Dorothy Katherine, 40 Kuhn, George Don, 120 Ladd, Herbert Warren, 117 LaFayette, Dorothy, 158 Lale, Max Sims, 63 Lamb, Peggy, 52 Lambert, Bette, 44 Lambert, Orin S.. 44 Lancaster. Robert L.. 36 Landt, Sallie, 47 Lane. Glenn. 54 Langdon. Wesley Moore, 139 Lange, Victor W., 119 Laremore, Betty, 50 Larson, Robert W., 119 Lasly, Walter D., 119 Lassiter, Tempie Oleta, 108 Latting, Trimble Baggett, 45 Law, Bettie Mildred, 49 Lawrence, Richard B., 41 Lawyer, Joanna, 109 Leavitt, Joseph Marcus. 39 Lee, Nathan S., 157 Leigh, John Palmer, 53 Lents, Max Richey, 115 Leonard, E. C, 153 Leonard, John R., 118 Lewis, Henry G., 39 Lewis, Robert Keller, 154 Lewis, Lee, 52 Levin, J, W., 136 Levy, Bertha, 38 Levy, Martha Frances, 36 Ligon, H. M., 42 Ligon, J. D., 156 Lillie, Frances C, 53 Lindsey, Elsie Mae, 46 Lindstrom, Frances, 51 Lisher. Marcelo, 88 Little, Kenneth, 153 Little, Sarah Keil, 145 Little, Virginia, 91 Little, Wynona Lucille, 108 Livermore, Francis Stone, 116 Livingston, Lunsford Phillip, 41 Lochner, Floyd O., 41 Locke, John David, 152 Locke, Mary Louise, 46 Locke, Vivia Nail, 51 Lodge, Howard, 156 Loeser. Jack R., 48 Lomax, Jone, 47 Long, Lindsey L., 119 Long, Margaret Anne, 157 Long, Verne V., Jr., 156 Long, Virginia, 130 Longmire, Jack T., 120 Loomis. Mildred Louise, 47 Love, Joe A., 43 Lowrey, Robert Wayne, 102 Lowry, Wm. Bryan, 48 Lucas, Asa Walter, 155 Lucas, William A., 40 Luper, Oral Leon, 150 Luttrell, Jack, 52 M Mack, Louis H., 115 MacDonald. Marcella E., 63 MacKay, Myrtle McDougal, 42 MacKcnzie, Eleanor Lucille, 62 Macy, John W., 150 Maddux, Sam, Jr., 150 Malone, John Fredrick, 139 Maloney, Patrick J.. 38 Maltby, Jack R., 155 Maril, Joseph J., 102 Mark, Stewart W., 53 Marks, Leo David, 47 Markus. Milton J.. 46 Marroney, Peter Ray, 88 Marsh, Jane, 50 Marshall, Edward (Peyton), 117 Marshall, Maurine. 53 Martin, Bill F., 158 Martin, Janet, 47 Martin, J. Frank, 138 Martin, Joe T., Jr., 138 Martin, Joe Paul, 36 Martineau, Mary, 89 Martin, Milton, 117 Martin, Rowland Reed, 157 Martin, H. Virginia, 92 Martin, Willabel Burke, 91 Martin, Zcia, 109 Martz, Walter Scott, 45 Maschal, Frances Lucile, 146 Mason, Rus.sel, 45 Mas.sengill, Bernard, 115 Mas.sey, B., 78 Massie, Sidney Maurice, 39 Master.son. Maud Merle, 101 Mathew, Bonnie Ray Mathews, Helen Jean, 39 Matson, Thomas Edwards, 51 Matthews, James E., 48 Matthews, Mary Josale, 144 Matthews, Sam Morgan, 158 Maxedon, Doris lone, 158 Maxon, Ina Trent, 144 Maxwell, Junita, 110 Mayes, Carmen, 49 Mayes, Curtis, 116 Mayginnes, Mary Cornelia, 49 Mayhall, Raymond T., 155 Meacham, Holland, 51 Meacham, R. Margery, 40 Meacham, Phihp A.. 119 Medbery, Lucile, 55 Meffert, Anna Louise, 92 Meis, Emil F., Jr., 153 Meister, Mark Gay lord, 139 Mendenhall, Harlan Harry, 62 Merchant, Joe Harold, 154 Meriwether, Norman, 92 Merson, Burnie, 130 Mertes, Herman W.. 45 Mesirow, Aaron, 139 Metcalf, Katherine, 144 Methvin, Nolan G., 139 Meuschke, Volita, 109 Milam, Mary Ellen, 45 Miley, Frankie, 158 Miller, Dennis E., 118 Miller, Glee, 47 Miller, Juanita Bruce, 37 Miller, MaBelle, 52 Miller, Maudean, 42 Miller, Peggy, 91 Miller, Thomas O.. 130 Miller. William Richey, 56 Mills, Francis B., 41 Mills, James, 1 15 Mills, Joe M., 114 Mills, John Dwight. 45 Mills. Sylvia Mae, 130 Mills, Viola, 44 Mingus, Jean, 109 Minnick, Muriel Adelaide, 157 Minton, Charles W., 158 Miracle, Forrest Hunter, 47 Mitch, Mary M., 109 Mitcham, Gene Lewis, 48 Mitchell, Earl Hugh. 158 Mitchell, Robert T., 52 Mobley, Ben, 55 Mobley. Betty Ellen. 145 Monnett. V. Brown. 45 Page 405 Monnot, Charles Lester, Jr., 130 Monroe, Robert, 88 Montgomery, Boyd Grayson, 156 Montgomery, George Thomas, 45 Montgomery, John M., 136 Montgomery, Nell, 63 Moore, Anna Mildred, H4 Moore, MayBelle, 110 Moore, Sam, 53 Mooring, Jack Raymond, 155 Morehouse, William D., 120 Morell, Helen, 42 Morgan, Dorothy Evorene, 45 Morgan, Jack G., 47 Morgan, John Lloyd, 155 Morgan, John Vernon, 44 Morgan, W. Andrus, 92 Morris, Bill S., 146 Morris, Dorothy Jeanne, 42 Morris, Everett W. Rex, 92 Morris, Helen Alta, 145 Morris, Paschal, 92 Morris, W. Dixon, 114 Morrison, Donald J.. 62 Morrison, William P., Jr., 139 Morrow, Ann, 36 Morter, W. J., 47 .Moseley, Virginia, 50 Moss, W. Dexter, 63 Mull. J. A., Jr., 44 Mullen, Vernon Eugene. 158 Mullins, E. Paige, 40 Murphy, Byrl, 110 Murphy, Byron Hamilton, 119 Murray, Mary Alice, 156 Musick, Clarence Kathryn, 108 Musser, William Wesley, 48 Myatt, Meredith V., 52 Myers, Frances Beryl, 42 Myers, Jack W., 56 Myers, June, 51 Myers, Robert Douglas, 150 Mc McAdams, Maxine, 91 McAleney, Margrete, 41 McAlister, Leander, 119 McArthur, Wallace Riley, 53 McBrayer, James Roy. 157 McBrayer, Watt H., 44 McBride, Polly Anna, 145 McBride, Thelma Jewell, 155 McCaleb, Mary Elizabeth, 40 McClain, Charles Robert, 45 McClcllan, Charles William, 44 McClcllan, James Thomas, 51 McClintock, Frank Grant, 53 McClurc, Alcne, 146 McClurc, Alvis Ray, 156 McClure, William Charles, 101 McCoid, James Dalla.s, 130 McConell, Henry Lee, 139 McConncl, Marthena, 144 McColl, James W., 139 McCord, James Harold, 116 McCown, Clifton L., 51 McCown, Eloise E, 91 McDonald, James L., 154 McDannald, Mary Joe. 145 McDannald. Mildred. 154 McDannald, R. Morris. 114 McElderry, John E., 151 McEldowney. Caroline, 91 McFarland, Ida Belle, 156 McFerron, Mary Elizabeth, 90 McGce, J. Leslie, 41 McGraw, Anne. 55 McGraw. Frank T., 136 McGuire, Thomas W., 1 16 Mcllvoy, Jennie Rose, 110 McKenzie. Malcolm W., 114 McKinley, J. R., 63 McKnight, Norman Eugene, 130 McKowen, Joan, 49 McLain, Revah Erma, 40 McLean, George H., 39 McLennan, Lamar, 54 McMahan, John A., 52 McMahon, Kay L., 51 McReynolds, John A., 46 McSpadden, Ruth Ann, 51 McWilliams, Ava, 159 McWilliams, James C, 137 N Naifeh, Alfred, 43 Nance, Rosamond, 63 Nation, William B., 114 Nayfa, Kamale John, 46 Neff, Everett Baker, 100 Neill, Charles E.. 53 Nelson. Mary Lee. 50 Nelson, Robert Edward, 43 Neptune. Bob H., 137 Nesbitt, Frank W., 51 Nesbitt, Sue Nelle, 43 Newbert, Saint Clair, Jr., 157 Newby, Ruth, 159 Newkumet, Frank J., 120 Newkumet, Phil, 114 Nicholas, Ben W., 154 Nichols, John W., 152 Nicholson, Elizabeth, 43 Niemann, Louise Sophia, 54 Nixon, Lee Todd, 88 Nordstrom, Eva Emily, 109 Norman, Otto Byron, 153 Norton, Faye, 63 Northcutt, Frances Orr, 44 Northcutt, Wynonna Irene, 92 Norris, Francis L., 100 Norvill, M. Fred, 151 Norwood, Guy F., 151 Novak, William L. 44 Novit. Florence, 92 Nowery, B. M., 116 o ODonnell. Fred Robert. 116 Offutt. Robert B., 137 Oldham, Arnold, 159 Oliver, Rowena Emily, 144 Olson, James Oliver, 79 OLson, Virginia Clare. 101 Oppenheim, Edgar Roy, 53 O Sullivan. Bette Lou, 49 Othick, Albert Alcides, 152 Overton. John. 1 17 Owen. Jane, 36 Owen. Ruth, 52 Owens, Lou Allie, 43 Owens. Marvin F.. 114 Ozmenl. Frank W.. Jr., 78 Ozmun. Grover Cleveland, 159 Ozmun, Irwin Ross, 156 Ozmun. Mary Grace, 150 Palm, Martin D.. 153 Palmer, Gail Rodney, 120 Palmer, Raymond Carroll, 145 Pappe, Juanita, 46 Parker, Edward, 50 Parker, Mildred Oline. 43 Parks, Mary, 43 Parris, Virginia, 41 Parrish. Worden Wilson. 117 Patrick, Claude Bert, 138 Patterson, Mary Nell, 44 Patton, C. Lawrence. 45 Patton, Elizabeth Ann, 91 Patton, Rhetta Elizabeth, 90 Payne, Bill K., 63 Payne, John Curtis, 117 Pearce, Frances Marie, 49 Pearce, William A., 114 Pendleton, Bobbie Ruth. 45 Penington, John R., 117 Penn, Robert. 137 Pener. Dorothy Nell, 43 Perkins, Dorothy Ann, 52 Perry, Archie E., 159 Perry, Fredrick, 101 Peters, Frances G., 50 Peters, Jim, 51 Peterson. Charles Ed., 120 Phelps, Frances Barbara, 50 Phillips. Alice E., 146 Phillips, Sarah Elizabeth, 92 Phillips, Zach, 43 Phipps, Joe B., 56 Pickup, Dana Roland. 150 Pierce, Isaac, Jr., 117 Pierce, Jarvis, 1 19 Pilkington, Lloyd Donald, Jr., 157 Pillars, Gertrude, K., 36 Pipines. James. 119 Pipkin. Marshall W., 158 Pinney, Valeria, 90 Pinson, Lois Jane, 47 Pi.schel. Robert G.. 43 Pitchford. Grace Marie. 90 Plaster. Nora lilizabeth. 43 Plott. William Cloyd, 51 Plummer, Sidney Benton, 118 Plumlce, Margaret Ann, 146 Popkin, Virginia Lou, 49 Porter. Blanche Z.. 145 Porter, Irene, 146 Porter, William ]., 41 Potts, Ruth, 52 Ponuder, Dorothy Ellen, 159 Powell, Naomi Evelyn, 92 Prendergast, John Donald, 118 Prendergast, Joseph Thomas, 117 Prentice, Dorothce Beach, 108 Price, George, 50 Price, Janey. 49 Priestley, William P., 36 Prigmore, Pamela Jean, 43 Proctor, Olga Jane, 145 Puckett, Lloyd, 151 Pugh, Robert E.. 101 Purdy, Millard S., 63 Purgson, Eugene V., 37 Pyeatt, Elizabeth Marion, 47 Pyle, Thomas M.. Jr., 137 Quigg, Don J., 158 Quigley, Alice, 36 Rader, Katherine, 37 Raffety, John William, 158 Raines, Carrol E.. 1 18 Ralls. Daniel. 154 Ralls. Mary Anne, 146 Ramsey. Anna Elizabeth. 108 Ramsey, Dorothy Marie. 48 Rapp. Bob E.. 46 Ratliff. Frank Gordon. 39 Raunikar. Ann. 150 Ravitz. Nathan Norman, 154 Ravin, Fredericka D., 62 Ray, Margaret Anita, 92 Ray, Rose Marie, 50 Read, Kenneth P.. 154 Rector, Harry M.. 46 Reding. Margaret Eugenio, 41 Redmond, Evea Jane, 156 Reeburgh, Adele, 88 Reed. David E.. 45 Reed. Raymond William. 54 Reed. Walter Lee, 44 Reid, Mary Frances, 146 Reiff. William Henry, 48 Reim, Jack Louis. 154 Reiman. Sidney R.. 51 Renegar. Gcraldine. 43 Reynolds, Frank M., 51 Reynolds, Thomas C, 120 Reynolds, William A.. 53 Rcbcyre. Helen Elizabeth. 48 Rhoades. Howard Oncil. 44 Rice. Katherine. 47 Rice, Raymond, 120 Rice. Raymond Jo.scph, 79 Rice. Tcrrance S.. 51 Richard. Charles J., 154 Richards, Don, 7cS Richards. Sidney Bruce. 119 Riddle. Fred Davis. 50 Riddle. Jack Hall, 4 Riddell, Marna Ruth. 63 Riddle, William G.. 37 Ridgway. Earl Eugene. 38 Riffe. Gerald Leroy. 154 Riffe. George. 156 Riggan, Kay, 55 Paq6 406 Ritchey, Gayle, 49 Roach, Bill. 154 Robb, Dorothy Gayle, 89 Robbins, Jack, 119 Roberts, Anna Nell, 90 Roberts, Jack Simpson, 159 Rogers, Jim B., 119 Roberts, Mary Margaret, 45 Roberts, Vivian Helen, 144 Robertson, Jack Charles, 151 Robic, George F., 118 Rob inett, Joe Warren, 118 Robinson, Christine E., 46 Robinson, H. M., 155 Robinson, Billye Beth, 92 Robinson, Josephine Trice, 145 Robinson, Kenneth M., 138 Rogers, Dorothy Jane, 46 Rogers, Harold Lester, 153 Roper, Iris Benthal, 38 Romberg, Gibson S., 116 Root, Lambert Courtney, 44 Rose, Ernest, 100 Rose, Lillian, 44 Rosenstein, Robert Henry, 49 Rosenthal, Willis Metcalfe, 130 Ross, Louis C, 138 Roth, James E.. 116 Rothrock, R, Renn, 116 Rousek, Jay Phillip, 54 Rowland, Betty, 50 Rowley, Helen, 108 Rucker, Ralph Weller, 102 Rucks, Joseph G., 136 Runyan, John Robert, 62 Rusch, Karl B., 150 Russell, Juanita Jennefee, 46 Russell, Mona Jean, 49 Rutherford, Mary Elizabeth, 79 Salkeld, Phil Lloyd, 48 Salmon, Davis B., 156 Sanford. Roy K., 46 Sandler, Raymond C, 137 Sands, Edward Emmett, 119 Sands, Edward Emmett, 117 Satterfleld, Annie Beth, 37 Saunders, Nancy, 145 Scher, Elsie Lee, 45 Schmidt, Alfred H., 150 Schnaubert, Leon Stephen, 47 Schneider, Eldee Lewis, 47 Schofleld, Martin B., 158 Schuman, Earl Bernard, 120 Scott, L. McCurtain. 154 Scrivner. John Elmo, 54 Seagraves, Bayard Jack, 39 Searle, Katherine, 79 Seaman, Sallie Sarahlou, 50 Sebastian, Jefferson Jackson, 102 Selman, Beauchamp L., 150 Selman, J. Clarke, 155 Selvidge, Rebekah Janet, 39 Selvidge, William Mayhew, 54 Sewell, Patience Francelia, 49 Shaffer, George Wallace, 152 Shallcross, Winifred Agnes, 130 Shannon, Viola Ruth, 144 Shapiro, Joe Gooch, 145 Shaw, Edwin O., 156 Shaw, Robert Ernest, 50 Shawbell, Lewis T., 54 Shecdy, Christian Llewellyn, 119 Shelton, Lometa Ozell, 1 10 Sherrill, John Thomas, 56 Shirley, Fred V., 139 Shipley, Bob Edward, 51 Shouse, Nell Louise, 40 Shull, Charles G., 156 Shults, Mary Nelle, 88 Shumate, Joe D., 139 Shumate, Wahlelu Maude, 145 Shumard, Alice, 91 Shutler, Robert Norman, 139 Siapoosh, Abbas S., 114 Siggins, George, 54 Simms, James B., 139 Simmons, Nell, 50 Simmons, Tom B., 157 Simpson, Mary Christine, 36 Simpson, William Jones, 157 Simpson. William M., 114 Sims, Dorothy Elna, 49 Sinning, George E., 136 Sines, Louis P., 155 Sisler, Frank H., 54 Sherman, Jim H., 45 Smith, Edward William, 154 Smith, Elizabeth, 88 Smith, Ernest West, 139 Smith, Helen Vista, 146 Smith, Paul Garner, 117 Smith, Hilda. 109 Smith. Hugh Warren, 115 Smith, Kathryn Dee, 91 Smith, Lois Charline, 144 Smith, M. Elma, 145 Smith, Ora B., 43 Smith, Robert C, 137 Smith. Tolbert Earl, 115 Smith, Vincent Eastman, 156 Smith, Willis W., 55 Smythe, Hallie Jean, 49 Smythe, William Otho, 53 Smrcka, Hubert, 152 Snedden. Geraldine. 49 Snider. Dorothy E.. 91 Snipes. Beecher. 159 Snodgrass. Ray Clarkson. 136 Sooy, Floyd Albert, 92 Sosland, Leonard A., 62 Spangler, Arthur, 79 Speigle, Mary. 153 Speir. Doris Thelma. 42 Spence, Keith, 63 Spencer. Robert L., 117 Spickard. Mary Helen, 52 Spiro. Muriel. 53 Spradling. Bob W.. 120 Stacy. Helen Irene, 130 Stahl, Aline Frances, 41 Stahl, Mable Ruth, 56 Stahl, Roscoe, 116 Stambaugh, John Franklin Yeager. 153 Stanton, Robert J., 137 Stauffer, LeRoy Smith, 155 Stauffer, James S., 54 Stauppeck, Julius, 88 Stearley, Mildred, 89 Steele, ]o Juanita, 109 Stcger, William Lewis. 137 Stein. Clifford A., 136 Stein, George Voss, 56 Stein, Peggy Lou, 52 Steinberg, Hannah Vivian. 91 Steinhoff. Gordon Robert, 1 16 St. John. E. Arthur. 151 Stephens. C. Morrison. 118 Stephens. Robert Emery, 120 Stephens, Vincent, 155 Stephenson, William Carroll, 78 Sterret, John, 63 Stewart, Elizabeth, 55 Stewart, Henry J., 1 16 Stewart, Lawrence Mac, 150 Stewart, Marcella G., 157 Stewart, Marshall I., 139 Stewart. Mont. B.. 159 Stigler. Mary Elizabeth, 78 Stimson, Homer James, 116 Stinson, Glenn McBride, 78 Stith, Richard Gilbert, 155 Stockton. Flora May. 145 Stokes, Lowell L., 100 Stockton, Wendell Graham, 136 Stolper, Charles S., 159 Stone, Lee Warren. 155 Story, Stanley J., 159 Stout, Genevieve Pearl, 89 Stout, J, Bruce, 116 Stovall, Maribel Stone, 108 Stovall, Norma Ann, 51 Stroman, Elmer H., 53 Strange, Booth B., 115 Strecker, William Edgar, 100 Stroud, John Andy, 39 Strunk, Georgiana, 91 Stuart, Barbara Louise, 92 Stuart, Horace, 153 Stuart, Louis V., 156 Stuart, Royal E.. 154 Sutton. Bill. 51 Suffield. Mildred. 130 Sullenberger. Lora Mae. 110 Summers. Joe Jackson. 91 Summy. George C 53 Swift, Margaret Jane, 90 Swank, E. Chilton, 54 Swank, Fletcher B., 62 Swann, W. Kenneth, 159 Swanson, Homer S., 101 Swesnik, Robert Malcolm, 118 Sweet, Mildred Robison, 138 Switzer. Fred D.. 101 Tabor. James Hamilton. 53 Taft. Harold H.. 156 Taggart. Charles Richard. 119 Taliaferro. Mary Leigh, 38 Tallant, George Albert, 100 Talley, Charles E., 46 Tappan, Helen Nina, 50 Taylor, Beryl, 44 Taylor, Betty Anne, 156 Taylor, Billy T., 116 Taylor, Tommy F., 49 Teis, Donald R., 114 Templeman, Jo Ann, 46 Tennery, Tom, 156 Terbush, Martha Genevieve, 110 Thayer, Winifred Nell, 146 Thomas, J. T., 156 Thomas, Wallace C, 137 Thomason, Ben R., 117 Thomason, Leslie Lowell, 41 Thompson, Dan Scott, 152 Thompson, James L., 152 Thompson, Risk, 155 Thompson, Margaret Ross, 89 Thompson, William G., 158 Thornton, Jo Wade, 91 Thorp, Verta C, 152 Thurman, Estelle, 43 Thweatt, Virginia, 49 Tidemann, Fred E., 158 Timberlake, Buhrman. 42 Titus, Alge, 52 Townsend, Frances, 62 Townsend, Francis Owen, 41 Trindle, Francis A., 39 Triplett, Ralph Lowell. 48 Trippet. Robert S.. 43 Tripplehorn, Joe Konrad, 138 Trope, Marvin Bert, 153 Trout, Mozelle, 54 Truss. Nash Philip. Jr.. 151 Tschauner. Claudia L.. 45 Tucker. Joe. 1 19 Tunnissen. May. 109 Tupper, Walter Richard. 101 Turabi. Sadig Tabatabai, 116 Turnbull, R. Gladson, 153 Turner, Anna Ruth, 4S Turner, Dick, 138 Turner, Gayle Eleanor, 88 Turner, Grace, 1 10 u Ulrich. Hazel. 145 Upp. Marie. 109 Uri. Joe John. 120 Vahlberg. Julian. 118 Van Brocklin. Robert Laurence, 53 Vandaveer. David A.. 117 Vanderpool. James Albert, 46 Vandcrpool. Vivian Ruth. 48 Van Horn. Harold Eastman, 54 Van Vleck. Bob C, 152 Van Zant, Herbert. 63 Vaughan. Marice. 36 Vaught. Edgar S.. Jr.. 136 Verity. George L., 138 Verser, Mary Lee, 62 Vliet, R. Dale, 139 Vogel, Frank Joseph, 150 Vogel, Maria, 110 Vogt, William Leroy, 100 Page 407 Voiles. John DeVon. -14 w Wagner, Keller Jack, 13S Waldrop, William L., 41 Walker, Eula Hawes, 42 Walker, Mary Elizabeth, 48 Walker, Pauline, 144 Walker, R. C, 78 Walker, Virginia Mattie, 54 Wallace, Louis S., 116 Wallace, Maxine, 63 Wallace, Sara Elizabeth, 49 Waller. Jim Leaman, 114 Walton. Winnie Estelle, 109 Ward. Bartlett Agnew, 88 Ward, Byron, 150 Ward, Cecil A., 41 Ward, Janice, 108 Warner, Jay E., 151 Warren, Edgar Edward, 38 Warren, Morene, 89 Washbon. Lucerne Lee, 39 Watkins. Virginia Lee, 48 Walts, Charles William, 115 Watson. Doyle, 157 Watson, Archer H.. 157 Watters, Jo Nell, 91 Watters, Mary Ann. 89 Webber, Oride William. !17 Weber, Berthold Walter. 130 Weems. Modine Velda, 110 Wehrenberg. Albert C, 78 Weinstein. Louis S., 42 Welch. Mary, 55 Welch. Warren Francis. 152 Wells. Raymond P., 37 Wells. Robert William. 118 Welsh. Harry A.. 120 Wemhaner, James, 47 Wentroth, Mary Ann, 38 Werts, Bess Virginia, 144 West. Elizabeth Ellis. 53 West. Mareta Nelle, 46 Westfall. Betty Lou, 36 Westmoreland, Earl, Jr., 55 Wey, Hildegarde Frances, 40 Wheeler. John M.. Jr.. 139 Wheeler. Lucile J., 53 Whelan, Thomas, 118 White, Doyle, 50 White, Eric McLain, 100 White, Harold A., 52 White, Harriet, 53 White, Kenneth T., 118 White, Leon M., 152 White, Louis O., 153 Whorton. Obera, 146 Wickham, J. C, Jr., 54 Wiet. Arline Harriet, 52 Wiecks, Max Reid, 136 Wienshienk. Stanley D., 44 Wiggins. Howell Ernest, 101 Wight, Avery B., 47 Wilbur, Gordon, 118 Wilcoxson. Karl, 159 Wilcoxson, Kathleen. 46 Williams. Billie Alene, 78 Williams. Genevieve, 50 Williams, Merle Christina, 38 Williams, Millard H., 120 Williams, Peggy, 91 Willis. Doris. 144 Willits, Yvonne Lenore, 146 Willour. Jane. 91 Wilkens. Henrietta, 152 Wilkenson, Merle W., 158 Wilson, Homer G., 158 Wilson, Howard Melvin, 54 Wilson. Imogene Helen. 146 Wilson. Helen Louise. 146 Wilson, Kenneth, 43 Wilson, Mary Adeline, 91 Wilson. Mary Rees. 130 Wilson, Sims, 153 Wilson, T. C, 120 Williams, Andres C, 156 Wimbish, Philip R„ 138 Winans, Mary E., 55 Winer, Mildred, 45 Winn, Ruth Eileen, 36 Wisdom. C. Waldron, 40 Wise. David R., 151 Winslow, David Clinton. 37 Witt. Juynne Elizabeth. 109 Witten. Harold Bryan, 101 Wolf, Jerome M., 118 Wolfe, H. D., 47 Wolfe. Maryon. 55 Wollard. Jo. n Wood. Edith. 62 Wood. N, Preston. 153 Wood. Thomas Robert. 137 Woodruff. William Preston, 136 Woodward. Andrew J., 153 Woodward. Oakley M.. 119 Word, Harlan Lamar, 102 Worten, Margret. 158 Wray. Donald Richard. 155 Wright. Eugene Cassidy. 55 Wright, Hart, 45 Wright. Jess Lee. 158 Wright. Joe Julian. 155 Wright, John C. 78 Wright. Kathryn Hart. 43 Wright. R. Earle. 157 Wyatt. Eloise LeReau. 52 Wychc. Richard T.. 44 Wyckoff. Howard R., 120 Wylie. William Harry, 118 Yates. Custer. 47 Yeager. Richard J.. 36 Youle. Wilbur W.. 157 Young. Ardcll M.. 137 Young. Mary Shirley, 51 Young. Viola Elizabeth, 88 Young. Walter Roland, 155 Youngblood. Annie, 90 York, Wynn. 88 Zadik. J. W., 159 Zeff, Leo J., 38 Zwick. John C 137 IN APPCECIATICN . . . Building the SOONER is a year ' s work and naturally a pleasant thrill attends the realization that at last the book is connplete. We of the staff have spared no effort to make the 1936 SOONER a yearbook which will reflect both credit upon our school and give the student something of which he may be justly proud. To what measure we have succeeded you may be the final Judge. We wish to express our sincere appreciation to Allan Engleman and his staff for their able handling of the financial part of the book; to Billy Selvidge, Kenneth Wilson, Bob Lee Kidd, and Jim hiewgley who have given unstintingly of their time; and to the other members of the Editorial staff, all of whose assistance was in- valuable. To the W. W. hiarrison Studio, the Oklahoma Camera Club, the hloward ' s Studio, Keeney Studio, Owen Studio, Thomas Studio, hieath Studio, and other members of the Oklahoma State Photographer ' s Association we are indebted for the scenic pictures used in our opening section. We owe much to Mr. R. C. Walker and Mr. E. K. Burns of the Southwestern Engraving Co., to Mr. W. W. Mercer of the Economy Advertising Co., and to Mr. Floyd Gates of Tulsa for their advice and service. And finally to those loyal friends, the advertisers, we gratefully recognize our obligation. CHARLES FOLLANSBEE, Editor Paqo 40? lCtX- J J l yC t. U u j OA OA yt - iL OKLA.

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