University of Oklahoma - Sooner Yearbook (Norman, OK)

 - Class of 1934

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University of Oklahoma - Sooner Yearbook (Norman, OK) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 316 of the 1934 volume:

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Ji,-.g4",-,W A , y 14,-I,pxg:,'a-fl-1'-1,.:' --I-.71 ,I I C57 fffi'?.'1w fugii , wfi.1:3:fIs3f,J: Q N rgrigig 1,43 ' V gf., E'-wg T1 pg ..a,'gf Iggrmfvi?ffsfv.-swf!xfilfai-515.52 iii? 3,,,a'fgQgf2g,hg'IqalffixZ113bQw 1, .. ,II .4 If A 9,,,33x,- X-5 ffl ' . . ,, ' f-ww ,L,c5.,KX-A-63 A 93-'Q I ,,.1,,7Kp,, - 'N ' P wr:+wf I 5 1 - A3 . ff THE STUDENTS ASSOCIATION OF THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA af NORMAN,VOKLAHOMA 1an9v4mfv1-mv'ewv'fh'1fwww:-+nr,ff'--ffQ- . v ff .fw-W . , .--W .f .. ,W-,.--, V-..,,,, . , -, ,, ,, r... . wg. ., yyw- ..,..v.1i-V .,,-...,. V. -. ., . M, A, A . ,. Y . , . , , . I .-1 .,, I ,Vex ,, WA.. fm ., 1 ,, ,. -.. ,M I 'm .,- NR-, V, RA I-,,A,.-,fx ,, Y.-. - V - ..,, , " :fn-f f v !'f,4f3F -,..,,,Ag-, '. ' ,A fl MF-2' r 1vN,3f?5lf,,, 7 .N 1 .,3.L.11fipIf'x, I ,4",ifp,g v I -.iz W . 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Y, iz u, if mfg aww? ....... look behind Jrhe scenes of "rush" and "enrolImen+" where Jrhe Jrumulluous acrivilies ol young men and women are concenlraled upon bul one Jrhing . . . renewing old friendships, or rnalcing new ones . . . lriendships lhrough which will be shared lhe lhrills and hearl-aches of college life. The course has been chosen: il is being run, and we pause for a rnornenl lo glance ar anorher page ol life in This modern universiry. lxypr V .. -,th .K.l-fip,-1 ,Q ,A,ll-gre,-, win- ,Q QZEM MLQUUQZ zufadz af' an lhe classroom and on lhe alhlehc held-in The laboralory and in lhe ball room3 working and playing wilrh a vigor possessed only by young people. Their conslanl elf lorlr being lo mould Their lives inlo rounded characlrers ol fullness and personalily imbued wilh lhe spiril of good fellowship and induslrious ambilion. ? Q, ,Q 60 Qiyfgfo ,Qin u vw I 99575125 79 5 Z. 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A yu 'K 5 555 w - Ji, . , 'H ,Ta V f74-cZnqifn1H THE PRESIDENT'S GREETING I-IE annual SOONER appears as anoTher schoIasTic year is draw- ing To a close. This volume aTTempTs To reTIecT The varied acTiviTies oT sTu- denT IiTe during The currenT year, No Two years oT college IiTe are ever ex- acTIy alike. This is parTicuIarIy True during These years when changes are occurring so TrequenTIy. STudenTs, ilce oTher people, have been sobered oy The serious reaIiTies oT IiTe. IT has noT been possible Tor any oT us To ive guiTe normally under exisTing condiTions. More sTudenTs Than ever :JeTore seem To have realized The pri- mary purpose oT coming To college oy giving a Tull proporTion oT Their Time To serious sTudy. The currenT issue oT The SOUN- ER measures up Tully in conTenT and Torm To The annual issues ThaT have preceded iT. This boolc Tells The sTory, as iT is Told in no oTher place, I oT The varied acTiviTies ThaT engage The inTeresTs and occupy The Time oT sTudenTs oT a greaT universiTy. IT will become a souvenir ThaT should be Treasured by every universiTy sTudenT who values The memories oT college days. I have no doubT ThaT in The years To come This volume will become increasingly inTeresTing To Those who aTTended The UniversiTy during The currenT year. There will be saTisTacTion Trom Time To Time, in TuTure years, in Turning The pages oT This volume and recounTing Triendly associaTions and inTeresTing evenTs in The year ThaT has passed. I wanT To assure every sTudenT who has been enrolled in The UniversiTy during This year, oT my abiding good wishes To you. The oTTiciaIs and TacuITy members oT The UniversiTy will Take pride in your accomplishmenTs in TuTure years. The insTiTuTion has given To you The very besT ThaT iT has in preparaTion Tor successTuI living on The high levels oT honesT endeavor and spiriTuaI realiTies. I sincerely hope ThaT you will Teel Tree To call upon me, and any oT my associaTes who are serving The insTiTuTion in an oTTiciaI or proTessionaI capaciTy. We sTand ready To serve you aT any Time. FaiThTuIIy yours, W. B. BIZZELL, PresidenT. Page I9 THE BOARD OF REGENTS The governing body of The UniversiTy of Oklahoma is known as The Board of Re- genTs. This Board, which was organized in I9 I9, is composed of seven members who are appoinTed by The Governor wiTh The approval of The SenaTe and who serve definiTe Terms of from one To seven years. AT leasT Three of The members musT be alumni of The UniversiTy. AT presenT There is one vacancy on The Board. The PresidenT of The UniversiTy is responsible To The Board and meeTs wiTh Them periodically To discuss UniversiTy affairs and policies. The Board chooses The PresidenT, and appoinTmenTs of oTher adminisTraTive officials and of members of The TaculTy musT have iTs approval. Before The UniversiTy budgeT is presenTed To The LegislaTure iT musT be passed by This body, and appropriaTions for The supporT of The school are under The supervision of The Board. All acTs of The UniversiTy adminisTraTion are subiecT To The review of The Board, which may counTermand Them if iT sees fiT. The RegenTs are responsible only To The LegislaTure and may be removed only Through impeachmenT or by legislaTive acT chang- ing The law by which The Board was creaTed. AT presenT The Board of RegenTs and The adminisTraTive officers of The UniversiTy are in very close harmony. OFFICERS MR. GEORGE L. BOWAN . . . PresidenT MR. CLAUDE C. l-lATCl-lETT . . Vice-PresidenT MR. EMIL R. KRAETTLI ..... SecreTary MEMBERS MR. GEORGE L. BOWMAN, KingTisher MR. J. C. LOONEY, Wewoka MR. CLAUDE C. l-lATCl-lETT, DuranT MR. MALCOLM ROSSER, Muskogee MR. EUGENE P. LEDBETTER, Oklahoma CiTy MR. EUGENE M. KERR, Muskogee Pag THE ADMTNISTRATIVE CGUNCIL The AdminisTraTive Council, which prior To I9l3 was lcnown as The SenaTe, is made up oT The PresidenT oT The UniversiTy, The Deans oT The various schools and colleges, The Dean oT Men and The Dean oT Women, The RegisTrar, and The AssisTanT To The PresidenT. The Council serves as an advisory body To The RresidenT, and perTorms adminisTraTive, execuTive, and legislaTive acTs in regard To The UniversiTy generally. ln some cases iT acTs in a iudiciary capaciTy on sTudenT problems. Co-ordinaTing oT general universiTy policies, rules and regulaTions is The primary TuncTion oT This body. MEMBERS DR. W. B. BIZZELL, PresidenT DEAN J. l-l. FELGAR, Dean oT The College oT Engineering DEAN EREDRIK l-IOLMBERG, Dean oT The College oT Eine ArTs DEAN JULIEN C. MONNETT, Dean oT The School oT Law DR. ROY GITTINGER, Dean oT AdminisTraTion DR. L. J. MOORMAN. Dean oT The School oT Medlcine DEAN D. B. R. JOl-lNSON, Dean oT The School oT Pharmacy DR. S. W. REEVES, Dean oT The College oT ArTs and Sciences DR. ARTHUR B. ADAMS, Dean oT The College oT Business AdminisTraTion DR. l-lOMER l.. DODGE, Dean oT The GraduaTe School DR. ELLSWORTI-l COl.LlNGS, Dean oT The College oT EducaTion DEAN EDN.A E. McDANlEL, Dean oT Women DEAN J. E. EINDLAY, Dean oT Men GEORGE E. WADSACK, RegisTrar EMIL R. KRAETTLI, AssisTanT To The PresidenT Page 2I THE MEN'S COUNCIL The ConsTiTuTion oT The STudenT AssociaTion, adopTed by The sTudenTs In The Spring oT I93O, creaTed The Men's Council. This Council consisTs oT represenTaTives oT all schools and colleges oT The campus. ITs purpose is To govern, in coniuncTion wifh The W. S. G. A., The aTTairs oT The sTudenTs oT The UniversiTy. All members are elecTed in The Spring aT a general elecTion To serve Tor a one-year period. The oTTicers are elecTed Trom wiThin The Council. While The Council is a comparaTively new sysTem on The campus much has been accomplished by This body, IT was Through The sponsor- ship oT Th?s organizaTion ThaT The adminisTraTion granTed Twelve o'cloclc daTe nighTs. Besides presenTing The sTudenT side oTo1uesTions To The adminIsTraTion, The oTher TuncTions oT The Council are To assisT worThy clubs and organizaTions in Their eTTorTs To promoTe The inTer- esTs oT The UniyersiTy. The Council has been parTicularly acTive This year in The sponsoring oT popular STudenT Council Dances. OFFICERS EWING SADLER ...... . . PresidenT ERVYL BROSS . . . . . . , Vice-PresidenT TOM ED GRACE . ..... SecreTary-Treasurer MEMBERS ARTS AND SCIENCE FINE ARTS BUSINESS TOM ED GRACE JAMES WALKER ERVYL BROSS MILLARD LOWRANCE H. C. LUMAN JOHN MONTGOMERY GRADUATE EWING SADLER RAY PARR PHARMACY ED CLARK EDUCATION ENGINEERING ROSS GAYDON JOHN ROBINSON LAW RICHARD SNEED LATHAM YATES WIRT PETERS WOMEN'S SELF GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION The ExecuTive Council oT The W. S. G. A. annually becomes acguainTed wiTh more Than Tour hundred new girls on The campus Through Teas, inTormal parTies, and co-ed balls given during The year. They reach noT only Treshman girls buT also The upper classmen who are on our campus Tor The TirsT Time. The W. S. O. A. mainTains a loan Tund Tor senior women. This movemenT was sTarTed lasT year and The Tund is increased annually. A girl's pasT scholasTic record is considered when These loans are made. The W. S. O. A. group holds conTerences wiTh Treshman girls To encourage scholarship and possible membership in Alpha Lambda DelTa, Treshman honorary TraTerniTy. Each semesTer The AssociaTion gives a scholarship bangueT Tor non-sororiTy women, aT which Time Two loving cups are awarded, one To The organized house wiTh The highesT average, and one To The dormITory wiTh The highesT average. EXECUTIVE BOARD MARIETTA DARLINO ..... . . PresidenT WINIFRED KETCHUM . . Vice-l3residenT MARTHA DAVIS . . . SecreTary DOROTHY WOODRUFE . . Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES MEMBERS AT LARGE MARGARET ROYS .... Y. W. C. A. HELEN HOUGH . . Scholarship Chairman LINA JANE WALKER . . MorTar Board MARJORIE MEACHAM . VocaTional Chairman JULIA KENNEDY . . . Pan-Hellenic MARCELEETE BRYANT . . HealTh Chairman LETA MAE BLIZMAN . . . W. A. A. GAYLE MCCORKLE . . . AcTiviTy Bureau LOUISE HAYS ..... House Council KATHERINE GIBSON . . . Social Chairman MARTHA JANE DOWELL Women's EdiTor oT Olclahoma Daily VIRGINIA FISHER Chairman JUDICIAL BOARD Eijgjx QIQQQIQIAII ' ' ' Big SISTefClTaI'ma" MARTHA DAVIS .... PresidenT of AI ha Lambda DelTa MARY GRACE OZMUN ' ' Junior F5 RoBERTA RI-IOADES . , . Junior LUCILLE TWAY . . . Sophomore Member Member Member Member Member Page 23 1 THE CFFICE GF THE DEAN OF MEN The office of The Dean of Men was firsf creafed in T928 wiTh Professor M. L. Wardell as The Acfing Dean, buT wiTh The arrival of J. F. Findlay in l929 The office assumed new imporfance and responsibilify since Dean Findlay handles Thar office alone and is nof handicapped wiTh addifional Teaching dufies. ln The few years ThaT The office has been a separafe unif, under The leadership of Dean Findlay, iT has cerTainly proved iTs worTh as a deparfmenf of conTacT, guidance, and help To The men of The Universify of Oklahoma. Guidance, vocafional and educaTional, is available To all who wish iT and is parficularly organized for freshmen. In T930 This office sTarTed The developmenf of personnel records for all freshman men of The Universify. The records proved so beneficial ThaT They were exfended To cover The enTire college work of universiTy men. These personnel records include a summary of The scholasfic achievemenT of each individual, his oufside acTiviTies, a large sampling of personal rafings on him, and cerTain personal and vocaTional informafion. They are aT The disposal of universiTy men for The purpose of checking Their scholasfic and personal progress while in college. These records are now complefe enough Thaf They are recognized as a fair cross secTion of a sTudenT's characfer and abilify and are being used exfensively as a source of reference for recommendafions. The office of The Dean of Men has been of greaf service To Universify graduafes by giving recommendafions based on These personnel records. In iTs presenf capacify This deparfmenf has done much To sfabilize work in scholarship and social acTiviTies of all sTudenTs. In This connecfion The office of The Dean of Men compiles The comparafive scholasfic reporf, each semesfer, for all fraTerniTies. This office is responsible for The housing of all men sTudenTs: This includes The supervision of frafer- niTies and approximafely 350 rooming houses for men. The Dean of Men is The infermediary for all problems arising beTween The men and householders. The laTesT duTy To be assumed by This office is The supervision of fraTerniTy rush, The office will have charge of The filing and keeping of all daTe cards and The Dean of Men will supervise The assem- blies of men going Through rush and will be The infermediary in all problems arising befween fraTerniTies and rushees. The assumpTion of The many new funcfions and acTiviTies of The office of The Dean of Men is Typical of The increasing imporfance and popularify of This now indispensable deparfmenf of The UniversiTy, and The human, undersfanding and sfraighfforward manner wiTh which Dean Findlay deals wiTh The men of The Universify has gained for him The confidence and respecf of all who have come in conTacT wiTh his office. fThis was submiffed by a member of The Men's Council in appreciafion for The services rendered by Dean Findlay To The men of The UniversiTy.l Page 24 THE OFFICE OF THE DEAN OF WOMEN The oTTice oT The Dean oT Women is The cenTer oT all acTiviTies Tor women. Miss McDaniel's policy as a Dean oT Women has been ThaT oT prevenTion raTher Than oT cure, and as such, Takes on The aspecTs of an adiusTmenT oTTice where The individual's needs are given consideraTion beTore They Take on The proporTions oT problems. In Miss McDaniel many girls have Tound inspiraTion Tor accomplishmenT, and Through her, many have received invaluable assisTance in Tinding a place in Their chosen vocaTion. No person is more responsible Tor scaTTering The good will oT The UniversiTy ThroughouT The sTaTe Than Miss McDaniel, who Takes a viTal inTeresT in The consTrucTive program oT The A. A. U. W., and in speaking beTore women's clubs, girls' groups, and high school girls in preparing Them Tor enTrance To The UniversiTy. Miss McDaniel has esTablished a sysTem oT Treshman conTerences, whereby she conTacTs personally and individually every Treshman woman To discover The parTicular problems oT each one, and To lend her help in solving Them. Through This oTFice The working sTudenT is assisTed in making her adiusTmenTs To school acTiviTies and To employmenT. The oTFice oT The Dean oT Women has been largely responsible Tor raising The scholasTic sTandards among women. Every house moTher and The presidenT oT each house are periodically inTormed as To The grades of each girl in The house, and also as To The scholasTic ranking oT The respecTive houses as a group. In adcliTion To her oTFice obligaTions, Miss McDaniel Tinds Time To be a Triend To every sTudenT- evidenced by The TacT ThaT in each day's program she greeTs sTudenT Triends who come To her Tor a word oT cheer Trom The "personaliTy lady." lThis was submiTTed by The ExecuTive Council OT W. S. G. A. as a TribuTe To The helpful guidance which Miss McDaniel has so Treely given during The pasT year's acTiviTies.l Page 25 THE LAW SCHOOL AbouT The Time oT STaTehood, when The inTlow of popula- Tion To Oklahoma was so greaT, The need oT a School oT Law became so pressing ThaT a number oT The more enTerprising lawyers and iudges oT Oklahoma CiTy organized Temporarily The EpworTh UniversiTy Law School. ln l909, as soon as The UniversiTy RegenTs TelT ThaT The Tinancial condiTion oT The Uni- versiTy was such as To permiT iT, They organized The UniversiTy oT Oklahoma Law School, and The EpworTh Law School immedi- aTely disconTinued and senT iTs sTudenTs here To Tinish Their courses. The main universiTy building had been desTroyed by Tire and iT was almosT impossible To house The new Law School upon The campus. IT was seriously proposed To Take iT To The counTy courT house and The CounTy Commissioners very kindly Tend- ered The use oT ThaT building, buT space was Tinally Tound in The Geology Museum in The old Science l-lall, where a place was cleared large enough To accommodaTe The class OT 57. Vlfooden shelving was builT around This space Tor a Law Library and only TirsT year work was given, There being buT Two mem- bers on The TaculTy. The nexT year The preparaTory deparTmenT oT The UniversiTy having been disconTinued, The Law School moved inTo The basemenT oT whaT was Then The Carnegie Library Building, which is now used by The College oT EducaTion, and The parTiTions in The basemenT were all re-arranged To suiT The needs oT The Law School. FirsT and second year work were Then given and The TaculTy increased To Three. The Third year TirsT, second and Third year work were given and The TaculTy was increased To Tive. ln I9I2 The LegislaTure gave The UniversiTy a new Law Building which was duly consTrucTed ouT oT TirsT class BedTord sTone and dedicaTed on The 4Th oT March, I9l4, iusT one hundred and TwenTy-Tive years aTTer The ConsTiTuTion of The UniTed STaTes wenT inTo eTTecT. The Law School however had been conducTed in The new building Tor a year beTore iT was dedicaTed and while iT was sTill in The process oT consTrucTion. AT TirsT only Treshman sTanding was required To enTer The Law School buT This was laTer raised To sophomore sTanding: Then To iunior sTanding, and now Tor The lasT Tour years, To senior sTanding. NeverTheless The aTTendance in The Law School has sTeadily mounTed unTil now iT has passed The Three hundred mark and The capaciTies oT The school are in all respecTs being sTrained by The congesTed con- diTions. NeverTheless The building has proved To be well adapTed To expanding needs and accommo- daTes The presenT Law School body very saTisTacTorily. One enTire sTory is devoTed To The Law Library and ThaT sTory is planned especially Tor The convenience oT sTudenT library sTudy and Tor convenienT use oT The books boTh by The sTudenTs and The TaculTy. The school was, even beTore iTs compleTe organizaTion, elecTed To membership in The AssociaTion oT American Law Schools, as a complimenT To The sTandards and ideals which iT had adopTed and was pursuing, Though iT was conTrary To The rules oT The AssociaTion To admiT a school beTore compleTe organizaTion, IT has complied in all respecTs ThroughouT The years wiTh all reguiremenTs and sTandards of The AssociaTion oT American Law Schools, and has even gone beyond Them, and iTs work Today is accepTed and Tull crediT Tor iT given in every law school in The UniTed STaTes ThaT gives crediT To any oTher law school. Progressive and improving ideals concerning The sTandards of The proTession however ever demand higher and more comprehensive aTTainmenTs and iT is The purpose oT The school To con- sTanTly increase The gualiTy oT iTs producT and noT To over-emphasize The quanTiTy. An excessively large Law School is noT desirable, buT one whose graduaTes will be an honor To The proTession, and saTisTac- Tory and successTul aids in The True adminisTraTion oT The law. JULIEN C. MONNETT Page 26 THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING We have The impression ThaT engineering sTarTed aT The UniversiTy oT Oklahoma when The TirsT proTessor oT engineering was employed. This was in I904 when Mr. Maiors, a graduaTe oT Ohio UniversiTy in Mechanical Engineering, was employed aT The UniversiTy To Teach engineering. We Tind, however, on more careTul invesTigaTion ThaT insTrucTion in proTessionaI engi- neering commenced aT The UniversiTy oT Oklahoma in I899 when a course in surveying was oTTered. Then in I9OO and I9OI The TirsT Two years oT The engineering curricula are menTioned in The universiTy caTalog. In I902 and I903 a curriculum in civil engineering was presenTed aT The UniversiTy oT Oklahoma and a School oT Mines was Tormed separaTe Trom The School oT Applied Sciences by Dr. Charles N. Gould. During The Tollow- ing year The curricula Tor elecTrical engineering and mechan- ical engineering were added in whaT was Then called The School oT Applied Sciences which was in I904 and was under The direcTion oT The general TacuITy. ProTessor C. N. Jansky was The TirsT one deTiniTely named as head oT The School oT Applied Sciences. J. I-I. Eelgar came in I906 as insTrucTor in mechanical engineering: Mr. I-lool as insTrucTor in civil engineering coming The nexT year. While There were a number oT sTudenTs who Took as much engineering work as was oTTered and who received degrees granTed by The general TacuITy, iT was noT unTil I908 ThaT The TirsT engineering degree was given. In I909 The UniversiTy was organized inTo schools and colleges presided over by deans, and The School oT Applied Sciences became The College oT Engineering wiTh J. I-I. Felgar as dean. During ThaT year The School oT Mines renamed mining geology, wiTh Dr. D. W. O'I-Iern as head, came under The iurisdicTion oT The College oT Engineering. IT has since been called The School oT Mining Engineering. The nexT year The work Tor a chemisTry maior combined wiTh The TundamenTaI curricula in engineering Tormed The School oT Chemical Engineering. ThaT was in I9IO. AbouT This Time geology became a more and more prominenT Tield due To oil developmenT in Okla- homa, and on accounT of The engineering requiremenTs in The peTroleum indusTry, The curriculum in engi- neering geology appears in The caTalog in I9I6-I9l7. The name laTer was changed To Geological Engineering and so The curriculum is known Today. The engineering curricula in The diTTerenT communiTies develop according To The demands oT The indusTry. Since The very beginning oT The organizaTion oT The College oT Engineering, curricula have been carried corresponding To The names oT The naTional engineering socieTies.. ThaT is, The American SocieTy oT Civil Engineers, The American lnsTiTuTe oT Mining and MeTallurgicaI Engineers, The American SocieTy oT Mechanical Engineers, The American lnsTiTuTe oT EIecTrical Engineers, and The American lnsTi- TuTe oT Chemical Engineers. In Oklahoma, however, The peTroleum indusTry has made such rapid sTrides ThaT The quanTiTy oT Technological maTerial relaTed To ThaT indusTry should be correlaTed and iTs scienTiTic relaTion mainTained. ATTer The discussion oT This problem Tor some Time, in I924-I925 The UniversiTy oT Oklahoma presenTed a curriculum in PeTroleum Engineering which conTains all The TundamenTal engineer- ing Training ThaT The oTher curricula had and emphasized The relaTion oT geology and mechanical engi- neering To ThaT indusTry, adding specialized courses in peTroleum Technology. Since I92O we have carried courses direcTly applying To archiTecTure and archiTecTural engineer- ing. In relaTing engineering To an arT deparTmenT oT naTional repuTaTion iT is highly essenTial ThaT a School oT ArchiTecTure should be developed. This has been done and The school has seen a rapid growTh. . 1 In order To enTer his proTession iT is necessary ThaT The successTully Trained engineer have a broad base oT TundamenTal Training in English, maThemaTics, chemisTry, and physics TogeTher wiTh a basic Training in economics, accounTing, and business law. These courses amounT To pracTically TiTTy per cenT oT The curricula. Added To These are TundamenTal courses in civil, elecTrical, and mechanical engineering which each engineering sTudenT is required To Take making anoTher TwenT To TwenTy-Tive per cenT. We Tind Then upon examinaTion ThaT Trom sevenTy To sevenTy-Tive per cenT oTYThe curriculum in each oT The courses is common maTerial and The remainder TwenTy-Tive or ThirTy per cenT is The major or proTessional work. This is scheduled mosTly in The laTTer parT oT The course and gives The name To The curriculum, such as civil engineering, elecTrical engineering, mechanical engineering, eTc. From The beginnings oT engineering, ThaT surveying course in I899, diTTerenT curricula have devel- oped unTil we have now The College oT Engineering wiTh Ten diTTerenT schools wiTh compleTe curricula Tor a Bachelor oT Science degree modiTied according To The school in which The maior work is done. J. I-I. FELGAR Page 27 THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES OldesT oT The Schools and Colleges, The College oT ArTs and Sciences was esTab- lished in l892, wiTh The incepTion oT The UniversiTy iTselT. AT ThaT Time, This College, which, wiTh a preparaTory course, made up The UniversiTy, had approximaTely IOO sTu- denTs and Tour TaculTy members, including Dr. Boyd, Then PresidenT oT The UniversiTy, ProTessor Amos, now Teaching governmenT in The UniversiTy, Dr. DeBarr, and ProTessor Rice. Erom This small beginning, The College has grown unTil aT The presenT Time iT has an enrollmenT oT 2200 sTudenTs. The College oTTers a wide choice oT subiecTs in Three general groups: English and Foreign Languages: lv1aThemaTics and NaTural Sciences: and The Social Sciences. The sTudenT is enabled To TesT himselT along several lines oT endeavor beTore he decides on his special Tield oT acTiviTy. Included in The College are The Schools oT CiTizenship and Public ATFairs, Geology, T-Tome Economics, Journalism, Library Science, Physical Educa- Tion, and Social Service. Each School leads To a separaTe degree or cerTiTicaTe and each is under The supervision oT a direcTor. This College is The cenTer oT The UniversiTy around which The proTessional schools are grouped. A large parT oT iTs work is TundamenTal Tor The besT worlc in proTessional schools. Work in The College leads To eiTher The degree oT Bachelor oT ArTs or ThaT oT Bach- elor oT Sciences. The highesT requiremenTs Tor graduaTion have always been mainTained and The degrees granTed by The College are recognized in all oTher insTiTuTions. Beginning wiTh The school year oT T934-l935, The College will be divided inTo an Upper Division and a Lower Division. ln order To gain admiTTance inTo The Upper Divi- sion a sTudenT musT have compleTed as much as 56 hours in The Lower Division wiTh aT leasT a "C" average. l-le also musT have worked oTT all Ereshman reguiremenTs, any high school deTiciencies, and prereguisiTe courses Tor his maior subiecT, and musT pass The Junior English exam. STudenTs in The Upper Division musT carry Upper Division courses To The exTenT oT Two-Thirds oT Their ToTal enrollmenT and aT leasT 48 hours musT be com- pleTed in This division beTore a degree may be granTed. S. W. REAVES Pag 28 THE COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION I The besT evidence OT The recogniTion oT The value oT The kind oT Training which The College oT Business AdminisTraTIon gives is The recenT grow+h in The number oT sTudenTs enrolled in This college. The College oT Business AdminisTraTion has increased in enroll- menT more rapidly Than has any oTher school oT The UniversiTy in The pasT Tive years. AT The presenT Time iT is abouT The same size as The College OT Engineering which is The IargesT separaTe school oTher Than The College oT ArTs and Sciences. The broad aim oT The College oT Business AdminisTraTion is TwoTold: FirsT, To give college sTudenTs sysTemaTic preparaTion Tor business careers so as To enable Them To advance more rapidly in The business world aTTer graduaTIong second, To give sTudenTs such Training as will enable Them To undersTand The public problems, parTicularly Those having To do wiTh The inTerrelaTionships beTween diTTerenT businesses, beTween business and The governmenT, and beTween employer and employee. ln compliance wiTh The TirsT aim, The College oT Business AdminisTraTion endeavors To meeT The needs of The prospecTive business men in The same way ThaT schools oT engi- neering, law, medicine, and Theology have been organized To meeT The proicessional needs oT prospecTive engineers, lawyers, physicians, and minisTers. Business knowledge and experience have become so sysTemaTized in mosT branches ThaT They can be TaughT in classrooms: so ThaT business in iTs higher Term has come To be as much a learned pro- Tession as engineering, law, medicine, or oTher similar proTessionq and business demands OT Those who make a success in The Tield a Thorough scienTiTic and pracTical Training. ln compliance wiTh The second aim, The College OT Business AdminisTraTion sTresses The social and culTural side oT Training: iT endeavors To Turn ouT noT only Technically Trained sTudenTs in business subiecTs, buT also men and women oT broad vision and cul- Ture. For This reason sTudenTs are required To Take courses oT a broad TundamenTal char- acTer as well as Technical business courses in order To compleTe The reguiremenTs Tor graduaTion. ARTI-IUR B. ADAMS P4329 s THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE From a Two-year course in Medicine TirsT oTTered in I900 on The campus oT The UniversiTy, The School oT Medicine has grown inTo one oT The TinesT insTiTu- Tions Tor medical sTudy in The MidwesT. Only Two years oT The work were oTTered unTil I9I0 when arrangemenTs were made Tor The Third and TourTh, oTTen known as The clinical years, oT The work To be done in Oklahoma CiTy. The School conTinued iTs sTeady growTh, acquiring a new I-IospiTal, in Okla- homa CiTy, in I9 I9 and a Medical Building aT Norman in I925. Finally, in I928, The building aT Norman was given over To The Pharmacy School and The enTire School oT Medicine was moved To Oklahoma CiTy where iT was housed in anoTher new building. A The School has a TacuITy oT TorTy-Three proTessors and eighTy-Two lecTurers and assisTanTs. The enroll- menT is close To 300. Admission reguiremenTs con- Torm wiTh Those seT ouT by The AssociaTion oT American Medical Colleges oT which The School is a member. Two years oT premedical college work are an absoluTe minimum and very Tew sTudenTs are admiTTed wITh less Than Three years. The UniversiTy I-IospiTal. which was provided Tor by The LegislaTure by a granT oT fb200,000, in I9I7, was opened in AugusT, I9 I9, wiTh 46 paTienTs. The consTrucTion oT an AdminisTraTion Building was Tinanced by The appropriaTion, in I92I, oT 575,000 In I927, S300,000 was appropriaTed Tor The consTrucTion oT a I-IospiTaI Tor Crippled Chil- dren and an addiTionaI SI50,000 was appropriaTed in I929 To Tinish This building. AT presenT, The UniversiTy I-IospiTaI is one oT The largesT Teaching hospiTaIs in The SouThwesT, wiTh a normal bed capaciTy oT 425. There is an average oT 400 paTienTs aT all Times and In addiTion There are Trom I50 To 200 ambuIaTory paTienTs daily cared Tor in The OuT-PaTienT I-IospiTaI. The hospiTals have all TaciliTies Tor diagnosTic and TherapeuTic work. There is a dieTeTics deparTmenT, giving Training in This imporTanT Tield. There are always appren- Tices in The laboraTory and X-ray deparTmenTs, and There are some sixTeen graduaTe physicians Taking posT-graduaTe work aT all Times in The Torm oT junior and senior inTerne- ships. IT Is one oT The comparaTively Tew hospiTals accrediTed Tor boTh iunior and senior inTerneships. L. J. MOORMAN Pg 30 THE SCHOGL OF PHARMACY The School oT Pharmacy oT The UniversiTy oT Oklahoma has adopTed The Tour-year course Tollow- ing The plan suggesTed in The Syllab oT pharmacy. This plan provid oT The commiTTee, is a well groun The basic sciences, such as che physiology, bacTeriology, Th English, a Toreign language, hours crediT in oTher subiecTs oT The sTudenT. This is The g The real sTudy oT pharmacy is The School oT Pharmacy The sTudy and manuTacTure GSNN misTr e cu or an GCCOF FOUHC us Tor The schools 1aT, in The opinion ded knowledge in y, physics, boTany, Tural subiecTs oT equal number oT ding To The desire work upon which based. Then oT T gives a course in he diTTerenT salTs, analyTical assay oT The drugs, a comparaTive value oT The diTTerenT solvenTs, along wiTh a sTudy oT The crude drugs and a proper meThod oT handling Them To geT The mosT eTTicienT resulTs. ln This new curriculum, The DeparTmenT oT Phar- macognosy has obTained Trom The several sources oT supply The various animal drugs, especially Those used in endocrine diseases, preserved The samples in alcohol and has made perTecT models Tor exhibiTion To The classes, Thus giving a comprehensive view oT This inTeresTing source oT medicine. ln The pharmacognosy deparTmenT, Two aims are pursued concurrenTly. BoTh cul- Tural and Technical knowledge oT The simple drugs derived Trom conTemporary planTs and animals is presenTed. In The courses required oT The undergraduaTe, speciTic and deTailed sTudy is made TirsT oT drug planTs, Then oT The drugs derived Trom Them, and in The senior year, oT drug animals and animal drugs. This senior course, wiTh The rapid advance in research Tor new drugs oT animal origin, has Taken on increasing imporTance in The pharmacy curriculum. OTher undergraduaTe courses are oTTered Tor Those parTic- ularly inTeresTed. A number oT graduaTe courses are given, leading To The masTer oT science degree Tor Those who choose To maior in The subiecT. Some oT These may also be selecTed by maiors in oTher branches, who elecT To minor in pharmacognosy. The deparTmenT Tor dispensing medicines requires ThaT The sTudenT be able To rec- ognize The maioriTy oT incompaTibiliTies upon reading The prescripTion. All oT The diTTer- enT preparaTions required in pracTical dispensing are brouqhT beTore The sTudenT and he is required To be proTicienT in The same beTore he is allowed To graduaTe. The college graduaTe wiThouT some insTrucTion in The arT and skill oT presenTing him- selT and his wares To The public is aT a serious disadvanTage, ThereTore, The course in Commercial Pharmacy aTTempTs To provide This TeaTure. A sysTemaTic sTudy oT manu- TacTurers oT drug sTore producTs, Their producTs, and Their meThods oT selling, is Tollowed by a sTudy oT display and planned selling or merchandising in which The Model Drug STore is used as a laboraTory in building displays, sTudy and arrangemenT oT sTock. ATTer having saTisTacTorily compleTed The requiremenTs Tor The degree oT Bachelor oT Science in Pharmacy, The young man or woman is prepared Tor a liTe oT useTulness. i-ie may use his knowledge in The usual Tvpe oT drug sTore, a prescripTion shop, a hospiTal pharmacy, a manuTacTuring planT, in laboraTories, and in one or more oT The many allied Tields oT endeavor. D. B. R. JG!-INSON Pg 3l , THE COLLEGE GF E NE ARTS There was a beginning oT a School oT Music in The UniversiTy oT Oklahoma as early as I899. Miss Grace King, now Mrs. J. D. McGuire of This ciTy, was The TirsT Teacher. During The school year I903- IQO4, The various deparTmenTs OT music were organized in a more sysTemaTic way and courses were oTTered leading To Bachelor degrees. A cleparTmenT oT DramaTic ArT was also organized The same year. The Board oT RegenTs in The Spring oT T904 esTablished The School oT Fine ArTs including The various deparTmenTs oT Music, and The deparTmenT oT "Expression" as iT used To be called. As The School oT Fine ArTs kepT growing in number oT sTudenTs and in imporTance iT was again re- organized inTo a College oT Fine ArTs divided inTo Three disTincT Schools as Tollows: School oT Music, School oT DramaTic ArTs, and School oT ArT, wiTh a Dean oT The College oT Fine ArTs and a DirecTor aT The head oT each oT The Three Schools. This lasT change was made in The year I924. One oT The mosT imporTanT missions oT The College oT Fine ArTs is To spread The gospel oT Fine ArTs ThroughouT The sTaTe oT Oklahoma and elsewhere. ln This respecT we Teel ThaT The College has succeeded beyond expecTaTion. There was no well esTablished arT cenTer in The STaTe beTore our Col- lege oT Fine ArTs was esTablishd and ThereTore iT has, Through more Than a guarTer oT a cenTury, been The leading spiriT oT arTisTic endeavor in The STaTe. Many oT our graduaTes have disTinguisheol Them- selves boTh aT home and abroad, including conTinenTal Europe. They have been successTul in creaTive work as composers, playwrighTs, and painTers. Several have made a name Tor Themselves on The con- cerT plaTTorm, and operaTic sTage, and Teachers oT good arT ThaT hold responsible posiTions are Too many To counT. There are Tew villages and Towns in Oklahoma where some Tormer sTudenT or graduaTe Trom our College oT Fine ArTs is noT a leader in maTTers arTisTic. The College oT Fine ArTs is now considered a well-equipped and compleTe organizaTion. The ArT School has been in The old Library Building since The Library was moved inTo iTs new guarTers while The resT oT The College is locaTed in The Fine ArTs Building. The number oT sTudenTs and Teachers has in- creased Trom year To year and beTore The ArT Building was secured iT was necessary To limiT The enrollf menT on accounT oT lack oT quarTers. FREDRIK HOLMBERC5 Page 32 THE CGLLEGE OF EDUCATION The College oT EducaTion has Three major obieciives. The TirsT obiecTive is To educaTe Teachers, supervisors, and adminisTraTors Tor The schools oT The STaTe. Programs are provided Tor all Types of Teaching, supervision, and adminisTraTion. In These programs The College oT EducaTion co-operaTes wiTh The oTher deparTmenTs oT The UniversiTy, and, as a resulT, sTudenTs have an opporTuniTy To come in conTacT wiTh noT only The besT insTrucTors oT The counTry in Their chosen Tields, buT in addiTion, have an opporTuniTy To receive a broad and liberal educaTion in preparing Tor The work They expecT To pursue. ln co-operaTion wiTh The STaTe Board oT EducaTion, The College oT EducaTion has planned deTiniTe pro- grams leading To The various Teaching Tields in The schools of The STaTe. The STaTe Board oT EducaTion now granTs Teaching cerTiTicaTes in Terms oT These Tields. This is a Torward sTep since Teachers, super- visors, and adminisTraTors are licensed To Teach only in Those Tields in which They have made Thorough preparaTion. The second obiecTive is To add To The Tund oT proTessional knowledge in The Tields oT Teaching, supervision, and adminisTraTion. In This connecTion research is carried on in all Types oT Teaching, super- vision, and adminisTraTion wiTh a view To Tinding new and beTTer ways Tor improving The work in These Tields. The various research sTudies are bound in book Torm and are made available To sTudenTs and The schools oT The STaTe. The Third obiecTive is To assisT in improving school work over The STaTe. Members oT The TaculTy conducT surveys oT school sysTems, revise courses oT sTudy in The schools oT The STaTe, assisT in The im- provemenT oT classroom Teaching, eTc. The TaculTy oT The College of EducaTion provides The Tollowing Types oT guidance Tor sTudenTs. FirsT, guidance in choice oT program oT work. STudenTs enTering The College oT EducaTion are re- quired, TirsT oT all, To decide on The parTicular work They wish To pursue. WiTh The advice oT The TaculTy each sTudenT musT choose a program among Those oTTered. Second, guidance in personal TiTness Tor Teaching. During The TirsT year oT work in The College oT EducaTion sTudenTs are required To demon- sTraTe Their TiTness Tor Teaching in such qualiTies as scholarship, characTer, and inTelligence. A sTudenT who is noT TiTTed To receive Training as a Teacher is advised aT The end oT The TirsT year in The choice OT anoTher line oT work. Four years oT undergraduaTe and Three years oT graduaTe sTudy are included in The programs oT The College of EducaTion. The degree oT Bachelor oT Science in EducaTion and The LiTe CerTiTicaTe are conferred on sTudenTs saTisTacTorily compleTing The undergraduaTe program. The degree oT DocTor oT EducaTion or DocTor oT Philosophy are conTerred by The GraduaTe School on Those sTudenTs who saTis- TacTorily compleTe The graduaTe program. ELLSWO RTH COLLINGS Page 33 THE SCHOOL OF NURSING The School oT Nursing, accrediTed by The STaTe Board oT Nurse Examiners, was esTablished in I9lO wiTh AnneTTe B. Cowles as SuperinTendenT, when The UniversiTy Toolc over The RolaTer l-lospiTal. The TirsT graduaTing class Trom The School oT Nursing was graduaTed in IQI3. This class was composed oT six sTudenTs. WiTh The opening oT The new l-lospiTal building in l9I9 and The Nurses l-lome in I92l, under The presenT SuperinTendenT oT Nurses, Candice lVlanTorT Lee, The school Took a new lease on liTe. IT grew soundly and noT Too rapidly To iTs presenT size. The school aT The presenT Time is divided inTo Three classes and has a ToTal enrollmenT oT 79. A large measure oT The success which has been aTTained is due To The capable Teaching sTaTT. Mrs. Candice lvlanTorT Lee, graduaTe oT The PresbyTerian l-lospiTal, School oT Nursing, Chicago, Illinois, is SuperinTendenT oT The School oT Nursing. EdiTh S+iTh TripleTT, R. N., UniversiTy oT Olclahoma, School oT Nursing, l923, is an AssisTanT DirecTor oT The School oT Nursing. Mary Ella Jones WainwrighT, R. N., VanderbilT UniversiTy, School oT Nursing, Nash- ville, Tennessee, l929, is an insTrucTor in The Principles and PracTices oT Nursing. She is also Supervisor oT OuT-PaTienT DeparTmenT. A special TeaTure oT The School oT Nursing is The Alumnae AssociaTion which was incorporaTed under The laws oT The STaTe oT Olclahoma in T92 l. One oT The various aims oT This organizaTion is To be oT service To The school and The proTessiong The AssociaTion is co-operaTing valianTly in raising The sTandards oT nursing educaTion and encouraging The new graduaTes To ever higher and widening Tields oT endeavor. Pa Q ,if-'wfffn M , 31.14 I -fi' . vb W - ' Q I-1 v. ' JN -5. W t .-1. Jn..-S ' 1 -""7' ' -215-Q31-, 51' ' a . 2, - R ' .' 7 . .A K A a ,.1'?I. .. 1 r , . ,I :fp I , i 4 . . ' 4 "5" ' --ztfii.-,. V -. 5 A. 3' 5' . ,- 5' -. . ' ' . -f"f':,':1Q'Q:-71 "','f' 132 1 1' L ' , 'r , '-uf' ' '-. -, PM --fgfwa' , . A f -, My-cf-3. ' '. 'K ' ' ,-' ' ' ' ., 1 ' 3171. . X, L - . ,. ., -gn i 2- 1- ,. - '. ' 'i . "fig ' '. . fi .. na- ,' , - "1 -' ' J' 5, , I nu' V , 2 jj 54 ' -1. . --7 ' "1 . '.-.wx . .E 51. 5.54: avg " .1 , f.3'-.- may 'a ,v. , '71 9' . 4, ' ' Q ' . xl L A 1 Y wfpf L' ivaw T GX .. -', . jg,1'flA ima . "f, Q- ', jf 'X 1613! " ' A . . 'Z t, .4-Y 1 , Qmfg. '.-pg -z. "tj-., :- gig-.1 4 'flv x 1 ' V 4 fffqg- 1 . . I - C, A . .L ant' Q nz- .. + ' .- 4 My W , . "HV ' .7 1 . J .gm '- . 'Ri F, "if, ge., - Lfg.-Q: ja:-3 3 '. 'Fl' '23 'z' . ,QL-v Q, 1- A 141152 I . ..,.,.,,, .-. . .pl . . jun ,N , .., 1 -e 4:15, 'R Ai, ,, .gf Sir Q wif .Sw 4. 9.4 is X V: f 9' ,- 1 .-k W f .-xg.. G . .1.xjg,,fu,,':ff,1 , ...MF . , f . .5 A 7 vi, 4' r 'ist' '.:'f'51 4,1 5JQx:1if'U ' 2.25 ' zfgfg ' , -n,q,.qzM:A. ,.,- .U,.,7..v5x , Y Vd'R,'1A' . . . if . if . "".' b '-Fflft 221. ' ESF- ' 3'-'. - ' .fi ' . ' F n. wi 1 - .- zz-I - ' aff " 11. mdk bum , .Q .fu i,!fL"5'l 51. , ,..,- ..,,:,KRq,., :F ..,,, .gg J .5 1 gf, ' '51 -. ,. , Jw., r. - 7. ' G :I 1 f QW? ij: .Sim fwisisff' fiisfs-ix'5ifs' f-23 1422: "QS A wif - wi A iii 4 5 ' - ji. Www -af" 4 Q wp gl ,I 43 Miss Frances Madison finds fime from her acfivifies in and around fhe Law School fo seek relaxafion for a few rnomenfs fo indulge in fhe age old sporf of sending fhe flying arrows off fo fhe fargef. lWe fried fo locafe Brewsfer and find ouf if Frances receives insfrucfion from Cupid.l Louise Carne rnusf have her skafing and affer seeing her as you do in fhis picfure we followed her for several blocks in hopes fhaf we mighf be of assisfance buf her balance was beffer fhan we had supposed from fhe firsf glance. The rivalry befween fhe Ruf-Neks and Jazz l-lounds af lasf flares forfh in a ferrific sfruggle for physical supremacy. Jusf a couple of cyclisfs ouf for an affernoon of good clean fun. Jimmy, we highly recommend a fandem. Grace Barbour decides if is besf fo frain on a "kiddie kar" before graduafing fo a bicycle. We are of fhe opinion fhaf college sfudenfs are foo grown up fo fhink of "Beaufy and fhe Beasf" buf Sara Marie Baffen gives us a mosf forceful reminder of a sfory of days long pasf. Two Alpha Gams fake fime ouf fo keep frim wifh a graceful exhibifion of acrobafics. The S. A. E.'s fhrow an oufdoor parfy and fhe feafures of fhe day are fhe fasf end runs of fhe Kappas, fhe vicious fackling of fhe Thefas, fhe superb blocking of fhe Pi Phis, and fhe all-round playing of fhe girls. "Cash" Genfry, our fufure All-American fackle, proves fhaf he can also swing a wicked rackef. Cupid prepares an arrow oT love, assisTed by Evelyn Gray-and we have heard ThaT iT was a bulls eye. One oT The very besT lcnown Sooners-Tripod. The Gamma Phis are specializing in games This year and we have Tound ThaT one oT The mosT popular pasTimes is "leap-Trogf' Do we prove our poinT'? We agree ThaT This is duiTe a conTrasT-cold marble and The warm disarming smile oT a Sooner co-ed. Nan Reardon Tells us ThaT The sTrenuous liTe oT a iournalisT is beginning To Tell and we caughT her ouT on The balcony. lNan, leT us remind you ThaT The old saying, "When in Rome do as The Romans do," rniqhT also be applied To people who live in Spanish houses.l Yes, we Tound a nudisT colony righT in our midsT and alThough we had To climb aTop The A. T. O. house we now presenT our evidence. Our own liTTle Gayle Mccorlcle is all dressed up and has some place To go. lWe undersTand ThaT This is The cosTume ThaT she uses To scare babies in order ThaT she may have Their candy.l "LiTTle Paprika" Bridges crowns Evelyn Grey queen OT The ash can-iT loolcs like someone mighT have been iealous OT The engineers' celebraTion. 0 The PresidenT's Horne. K Josephine l.andsiTTel, prexy oT The TheTas and dramaTic sTar, is never Too busy To Talce a Tew nninuTes ouT and have a playful "rollicl4" wiTh a canine Triend. lKaThrine Cornell is also a greaT lover oT dogs.l Two popular eguesTriennes 'from The Gamma Phi BeTa house-They would noT leT us go To The sTables wiTh Them and geT an acTion picTure and we wanTed so much To give you a picTure on how horses should be ridden. Folks, here is The man To blame if some oT your TeaTure picTures are noT as good as you expecTed. We wanT To Talce This opporTuniTy To Thank Mr. Bob Kniselyey Tor his aid in geTTing picTures Tor The SOONER. Addie Lee Davis poses wiTh a visiTing digniTary-4iusT waiT unTil Major General l-lagood's wiTe geTs a load oT This. This is a picTure ThaT Tom Miller had made To send home and The Phi Psi Tell us ThaT iT is a rnosT unusual pose. IT is Their opinion Thaf Tom is a greaT Tollower oT The song ThaT goes, "And iT is noT Tor knowledge ThaT we come To college." The Scabbard and Blade pledging brings ouT a hosT oT miliTary men and TransTorms The spoonholder inTo a mosT warlike scene. lvlarTha Davis seems To Think ThaT a bird in The band is worTh Two in The bush. FE ll -1-...,. .-1-.......,. WM K1 Sf.. H ffziiffx Q J ir, f . K , 6 ,, Q , mm 7 ' x ff ins ' W A .kgimk A A. Jn, -L 3 w We V7 35216 315, P sl Q , . .w.L.-,w-M-v wi ,, N. ,L lm., 435. 'N 1 Q miwni 'J' ,f ' 5 1 ,. ,,,,,w- -w Y 1 ,a ,.,: , 2 N. V ff, -.J 5? ,. ' , ,Lg . ... ai I 'Tis rumored ThaT This barleycorn smile is mosT Typical of Kappa Alky. Roswell, N. M., conTribuTes Three Kappas in The persons oT French, PruiTT, and Amis: in Training Tor an audiTion wirh WalT Disney, The creaTor oT The "Three LiTTle Pigs." Mary Jane lNlewell's sweeTesT buTTermilk smile. IT iT is all The same To you, Jane, we preTer +ha+ good old smile ThaT we are so used To. Paul Day, diminuTive Phi Psi, is a mosT successTul masTer oT ceremonies and The beauTy oT iT all is ThaT The big black "segar" did noT creaTe any gasTric disTurbances. We did our besT To locaTe Raymond Parr Tor This picTure as we were sure ThaT he can wriTe a six hundred word poem on This. Three liTTle Chi Qmegas ready Tor The ball. llT looks like The Three dauqhTers OT Ezra iusT in Trom Podunk Tor The week-end.l The posTman is a very popular man aT The Chi Cmega house and here are The reasons why he almosT loreaks his back delivering mail To The Chi Omeqas. IT looks like The Gamma Phis have resorTed To The merhods ThaT moTher used To use To geT us To sTudy. aww., ,ima Aja' N-Q "" ... . gpg-iw W . M. m'K'Lel,S"?"Q Shi Nt v ,vb E. fl 6 ' Q M ,X Tw 5s if ' i w s- w:Qg.3.5,iX:W, - 'vii ,f ' 4: N - f' ' - -, .W RJ' ' ,MQ - any s f f' Qilb Q L I Na I Q Saws '?h'BI5EY'25Yi?'Si9Yw KWH? ZWHX K The Chi Cmegas prove lhal college girls have nol oulgrown all lhe childish lricks by invading lhe rool ol lhe Chi Omega House and waving lo people. The Thelas give us a new version-See no neckingl Do no neckingl Hear no love words! llvlrs. Bond was among lhose presenl lor lhe leclure.l Helen Hough demonslrales her skill in a balancing acl, bul Dorolhy Jane Henry is nol so sure lhal Helen can do lhe lrick. New lalenl is unearlhed in lhe Kappa Sigma House when il was discovered lhal Dick Price was lhe walking image ol Ed Wynn. Jusl lwo ol lhe Della Gammas in a lriendly mood.-We did our besl lo lind Bill. Carl Chambers, Phi Dell, wails on a slreel car, or maybe ills a locomolive. Jusl a couple ol "college boys" from lhe Skull House lrying lo be lunny. Il seems lhal Fred Newlon, slar S.fX.E.,was making a wide end run when a vicious lackler lrom lhe Tri Dell House lhrew him lor a loss and now Rulh Mellon lries lo reslore lhe crippled Newlon wilh a back rub. Sigma Chi kilchen discipline is enforced by slrong man Dunlap, Some siudenis work lheir way Jrhrough school and oihers prey upon Jrheir fellow men-we give you an ouislanding example and Jrhe piiy of i'r all is Jrhar Jrhe Phi Kaps do nor 'furnish barrels. Jus+ a couple of Theias in a mosr playful mood. A+ leasi here is one girl rhal has indeed accomplished grea+ success, buf we suggesl lhal she Jrry a beauly specialisi. When Dick Price can lhink of noihing berrer +o do he seeks proof on lhe facls of life and here you find him resling fhe old saying "You can lead a dog io a Tree, buf can'i -H " From ihe Phi Kap house comes Jrhis graceful advocaie of a mosr ancieni ari. And may we remind you Thar lhere is an end lo everylhing. WS ask your 'frank opinion-can you see ihe family likeness? Phi Psi Mills rell Nelson Clabaugh Thai he is iusi like Mae Wesl and Clabaugh responds in +rue Mae Wesi siyle. These Sigma Chis have everyihing buf Jrhe sweerhearl. They IT looks like EdiTh Owsley and Bill Pansze mighT be pracTicing Tor The TuTure or aT leasT we would like are doing aT The PracTice Home and posing wiTh Jimmy, The lovable boy Trom The PracTice l-lome. John Zwick, Acacia, wiTh his devoTed Tiancee, Gwen Wilson. "Speedy", Tor The TirsT Time, is caughT wiTh books as he sTops aT The Chi Omega house Tor a load. lvlany predicTed ThaT This l-lobarT- l-lewiTT romance wouldn'T lasT, buT They've Tooled us all. "Squidge" Fullenwider and Wally Thomas in a playTul mood as They reTurn Trom a "walk", To know wha MargareT Linebaugh, Tormer play girl, has seTTled down To a quieT liTe wiTh Glenn Davis, D. U. prexy. RuTh Oman chaTs Tor a momenT on The Phi Mu TronT doorsTep. A very Tamiliar sighT- Kappa Sigmas own Lee Dawson wiTh ElizabeTh Campbell. DoroThy Kelly holds up The misTleToe Tor Joe lvlills, buT Joe is shy and anoTher opporTuniTy was losT. BeTTy CanTield and Neal Searcy in a charming pose show ThaT college is noT all books. 5 f gl .,ZTf:'fiQ , 3, 'L we V 'fr 6 yi If if QS 2 ii px 5 MABEL ESTER DONAHOE VIVIAN KNOX ELIZABETH AMIS ARLINE WIET PATSY O'SULLIVAN MARY ELIZABETH I-IEWGLEY GAYLE MCCORKLE SALLY WEST MARTHA HENDERSON ANN DURAND PATRICIA KENNEDY FRANCES PEARCE MARGARET RI-IOADES VIRGINIA ANDERSON ESTELLE FARISS CLEMENTINE CLEMENT JANE I-IOBART OWEN WlI.SON MARGARET OSBORNE MAJEL WILSON MARGARET BEATTY FRANCES NEAL SARAH MOORE MURIEI. SPIRO R-m iAiNssi u I Tom Biggers, because he is presidenl of Tri Chi, presidenl of lhe Derby Club, because he is a Jazz l-lound, Slcelelon Key, Phi Della Phi, because he is Chairman of 'rhe lnlerlralernily Council Scholarship Commillee, and because he is presidenl of Sigma Nu. Lawrence Wilson, because he is a member of Slcelelon Key, because he is an Alpha Kappa Phi, because he is baslcerball manager, because he is a Rui-Nelc, because he is a member of Derby Club, because he was a member of lhe golf Team in l93 I, because he is a member of lhe lnlerlrarernily Council, and because he is presidenl of Della Tau Della. Nan Reardon, because she is Associale Business Manager of lhe SOONER yearboolc, because she was Business Manager of lhe Whirlwind lasl year, because she is on lhe Publicalion Board, because she is Vice-Presidenl of 'rhe Newman Club, because she is Vice-Presidenl of Thela Sigma Phi, and because she is an Alpha Phi. Dudley Culp, because he is a member of Phi Della Phi, because he is Presidenl of lnlerfralernily Council, and served as Secrelary of Jrhe same organizalion, and because he was Presidenl of Pi Kappa Alpha. Milo Brisco, because he is Secrelary of Rui-Nelss, because he is a member of 'rhe In+erira+erni+y Council, because he is a member of +he Derby Club, and because he is presidenf of Phi Del+a Thela. Lina Jane Walker, because she is Business Manager of +he SOONER, because she is Moriar Board Presideni, because she is on ihe W. S. O. A. Council and Pan-l-lellenic Council, because she is a Thela Sigma Phi, because she has been aclive on Whirlwind and Oklahoma Daily slailis, because she has been on The Publicaiion Board, and because she is Presidenl of Kappa Kappa Gamma. l-lugh Owen, because he is Presideni of Slceleion Key, because he is a member of lhe Derby Club and of Tri Chi, because he belongs To Phi Della Phi, and because he is a Sigma Chi. Frank Appleman, because he is a member of Phi Era Sigma, because he is a Phi Bela Kappa, be- cause he is Presideni of lhe Geography Club, because he is a member of Congress, because he is a member of 'rhe Universily of Oklahoma Debale Club, because he is a member of Della Sigma Rho, be- cause he is on The Oraiorical Council, because he is a Lieulenani-Colonel in R. O. T. C., because he is Horseshoe Champion, and because he has been Presiden+ of Sigma Alpha Mu. Jerry Kirschner, because he is a member ol Phi Ela Sigma, because he is lhe Senior lnlramural Manager, because he is a member ol Scabbard and Blade, Pe-el, Bombardiers, Vice-Presidenl ol Menorah, Rul-Nelcs, because he was winner ol saber lor maior ol besl drilled ballalion, because he was all-school Debale Champion, because he is a Firsl Major ol lhe R. O. T. C., because he was a membeq ol Phi Bela Della's champion inlramural leam ol I932, and because he is Presidenl ol Phi Bela De la. Jo Landsillel, because she is Presidenl ol Orchesis, because she is in lhe Dance Club, because she is in lhe Radio Dramalic Club, because she belongs lo lhe Timber Cruiser Club, because she has had a prominenl parl in Playhouse Produclions, and because she is Presidenl ol Kappa Alpha Thela. l-lirsl Sullield, because he is Presidenl ol Scabbard and Blade, because he is a Bombardier, be- cause he is a Cadel Colonel in lhe R. 0. T. C., because he is a Jazz l-lound, because he was in lhe i933 Presidenl's Class, because he is a member ol Senale, ol Derby Club, Phi Della Phi, and because he is a Della Tau Della. Jack l-ligh, because he is on lhe lnlerlralernily Council, because he was Edilor ol lhe I933 SOONER, and because he is Presidenl ol Sigma Chi. John Robinson, because he is on The lv1en's Council, Treasurer oT ST. PaT's Council and oT The Engineers Club, and PresidenT oT The PeTroleum Engineers Club, Vice-PresidenT oT CheclcmaTe and oT Sigma Tau, because he is a RuT-Nelc, member oT SlceleTon Key, and because he is Vice-PresidenT oT Sigma Gamma Epsilon. lv1arTin Miller, because he is PresidenT oT Toga, because he is a member oT Sigma Tau, Tau BeTa Pi, and SlceleTon Key, because he is a RUT-Nelc, because he is acTive in The Engineers Club and The PeTro- leum Engineers Club, because he is a member oT Bombardiers and Scabbard and Blade, and because he is a member oT Sigma Alpha Epsilon. John ForTson, because he is a member oT SlceleTon Key, because he is in Pe-eT, Toga, because he belongs To The Bombardiers, because he is on The Y. M. C. A. CabineT, because he is a Phi ETa Sigma, because he was News EdiTor oT The Oklahoma Daily I932-I933 and EdiTor oT The Daily i933-I934, be- cause he was a member oT The 1933 PresidenT's Class, and because he is an Acacia. Joseph Rucks, because he is PresidenT oT The Senior Class, because he is a RuT-Nelc, member oT Tri Chi, Scabbard and Blade, manager oT l932-I933 baslceTball Team, because he is a Phi ETa Sigma, Treasurer oT The lnTerTraTerniTy Pledge Council, member oT The lnTerTraTerniTy Council, because he is in The Derby Club, and because he is a Phi Gamma DelTa. Denver Meacham, because he is a member oT Phi DelTa Phi, because he is a member oT Scabbard and Blade, because he is a member oT CheclcmaTe, because he is on The lnTerTraTerniTy Council, be- cause he is a member of The PresidenT's Class I932, because he is a member oT Derby Club, and he is PresidenT oT Kappa Sigma. Gayle McCorlcle, because she was Band Queen I93 l-l932, because she was R. O. T. C. Queen l933, because she is Vice-PresidenT oT Choral Club, Vice-PresidenT oT Sigma Alpha loTa, on The Choral QuarTeT, UniversiTy Symphony OrchesTra, W. S. G. A. AcTIviTy Chairman, a member of The WNAD MiniaTure Symphony, Y. W. STring Choir, because she is a member oT The SOONER STaTT, and because she is a Chi Omega. Billy Longmire, because he was PresidenT oT Alpha Pi Mu in I933, because he is a member oT Phi ETa Sigma, because he is on The SOONER STaTF, because he is on The UniversiTy PublicaTion Board, because he is a member of Pe-eT, CheclcmaTe, Sl4eleTon Key, Jazz l-lounds, Derby Club, because he was a member oT The PresidenT's Class oT ICZ33, because he was PresidenT oT Phi Sigma in l933, because he is on The lnTerTraTerniTy Council, because he is a WNAD player, and because he was PresidenT oT BeTa TheTa Pi. BeTTy l-lume, because she is a member oT Alpha Lambda DelTa, because she is PresidenT oT The Sophomore Class, because she is Sophomore Chairman oT Y. W. C. A., because she is a l-lesTia, be- cause she is a member oT The Young Republicans, and because she is an Alpha Chi Omega. . . . ., . .,.d,, ,.Y. . ,.----...........,MW.,-....,-W. ..-. , .,,.., . ..... .. . N.-. ,,....,,..-.,..,.,........-.. W.H.M..,..,,Ws Wm,v-- X - . r . g . ,,.A Jerry Nolan, because he is a member of Scabbard and Blade, because he is a Bombardier, be- cause he is a Jazz l-lound, and because he is a Kappa Alpha. Thuda Mae Filhiol, because she is a member of Pan-l-lellenic Council, because she belongs lo lhe French Club, rhe Polo and Riding Associalion, and Newman Club, because she is an ac+ive worker in lhe Y. W. C. A., and because she is Presidenl of Pi Bela Phi. Virginia Fisher, because she is a Bela Gamma Sigma, Gamma Epsilon Pi, Vice-Presidenf of Morlar Board, Chairman of Judiciary Board of W. S. G. A., Treasurer of Y. W. C. A., Presidenr of Alpha Lambda Della l93 I-i932, Presidenl of Girls' Business Club l932-I933, Presidenf of Menorah Sociefy l932-l933, Pan-l-lellenic Council, ln+er-Church Council, and because she is Presidenl of Sigma Delia Tau. l-lamillon delvleules, because he is Secrelary of Monnell Bar, because he is a Jazz l-lound, because he is a member of Derby Club, because he is a member of Era Sigma Phi, because he is Presidenlr of Phi Kappa Psi. 'Alf' vw' . ' Dick Wilson, because he is on Jrhe lnier-Bar Council, because he is Presidenl of Jrhe Junior Law Class, because he is Secrelary +o lhe Dean of +he Law School, because he was Jrhe Universily Independ- enf Debare Champion, because he was a member of The lnrerfralerniiy Council in I933, and because he is a Pi Kappa Phi. Frances Marx, because she is Conceri lvlasler of WNAD Minialure Symphony, Universilry Quin- ieHe, because she is a Sigma Alpha lola, Presidenl and Concerr Masier of Universily Symphony, Soloisi wiih Women's Glee Club, and because she is a Gamma Phi Bela. Earl Sneed, Jr., because he was Business Manager of ihe I933 SOONER, winner of The Dad's Day Cup, Phi Eia Sigma, Tau Omega, Presidenfs Class IQ33, Universily Players, Derby Club, Skeleion Key, lnierfralrerniiy Council, Ranking Colonel of R. O. T. C. IQ33, ouislanding R. O. T. C. Cadel of 8'rh Corps Area, member of Scabbard and Blade, Pi Sigma Alpha, Presidenl of Pe-el, Phi Bela Kappa, Jazz l-lound, Chi Chi Chi, Bombardiers, member of Publicalion Board I933, Blue Key, Senale, and because he is a Bela. Bessie Kniseley, because she is a member of Alpha Lambda Della, because she is a member of S+. Pa+'s Council, because she is a member of Engineers Club, because she is a member of Camera Club, Spanish Club, Ducks Club, because she is a member of W. A. A., and because she was Engineers Queen I933. 2 f 5 2' - fi Bill Pansze, because he is a TooTball leTTerman, because he is a Track leTTerman, because he is a member oT SlceleTon Key, because he is a member oT The AThleTic Council, because he was honorary CapTain oT The I933 TooTball Team, and because he is a Phi Kappa Sigma. MargareT Roys, because she is a member oT W. S. G. A., because she was on The Big SisTer Com- miTTee of IQ33, because she was on The Judicial Board oT I932, because she was Scholarship Chairman, because she is a l934 Council member, because she is a member oT W. A. A., because she was Presi- denT oT DusTy Travelers, because she was The lnTramural Manager IQ33, because she is a DelTa Psi Kappa, because she is an Alpha Lambda DelTa, because she is a member oT The Sociology Club, be- cause she is a member oT lvlorTar Board, because she is PresidenT oT Y. W. C. A., because she is a Phi BeTa Kappa, and because she won The Dad's Day Cup in l933. RuTh Oman. because she is SecreTary oT lv1orTar Board, because she has served on The Y. W. C. A. Council and CabineT, because she is Big SisTer Chairman oT W. S. G. A. and Tormerly was Social Chair- man oT The same organizaTion, because she belongs To The T-lisTory Club, because she is on The Pan- l-lellenic Council, and because she is PresidenT oT Phi Mu. Orville BarneTT, because he is a member oT Sigma Tau, because he is a member oT Scabbard and Blade, because he is on The lnTerTraTerniTy Council, because he is a member oT A. S. lvl. E., because he is on The Board oT DirecTors oT Alpha Sigma Phi, because he is a member oT Engineers Club, and be- cause he is The PresidenT oT Alpha Sigma Phi. ga CMAAEA GRADUATES Deep in 'rhe confines of 'rhe Li- brary fhe graduafes hold forfh. ALFORD T. BROWN, Bus. Tulsa Thela Kappa Phi: Bela Gamma Sigma: Boxing: Glee Club: Accounling Club. WALTER METCALFE, Eng. Eulaula Pi Kappa Alphaj: Scabbard and Blade: A.l. E E J . .: azz l-loun s. FRANK H. SISLER, A8cS Brislow Kappa Sigma. GABRIELLE ALOYSIA MC CONNEL. A815 Crescenl ANN TAYLOR, Educ. Chickasha MARY GORDON MITCHELL, A8cS Seminole Alpha Phi. JOY SALE, AHS Haynesville, La. Alpha Gamma Della: Y.W.C.A. MARK H. DONOVAN, AHS Olqlahoma Oily Sigma Nu. HARRY E. MOORE, Educ. Norman Phi Della Kappa. JOHN N. ALLEY, A8cS Norman Della Tau Della: Phi Bela Kappa: Pi Sigma Alpha: Phi Ela Sigma. HARRIET CORINNE SHELLENBERGER, E. A. Hulchinson, Kansas Della Della Della. JOHN P. KLEP, Eng. Brussels, Belgium Bela Thela Pi: Sigma Xi: Sigma Gamma Epsi- lon: American lnslilule ol Mining Engineers. RUTH STRIPLING, Educ. Edmond Della Della Della. BERTHA DAVIS DECKER, A3cS Norman JAMES LEROY EURBEE, AHS Norman ERNEST E. ERVIN, A815 Gainesville, Texas Acacia: Rul-Nelcs. DOROTHY BLANTON, Educ. Amarillo, Texas Chi Omega. DICK SWAN, Eng. Oklahoma Cily Alpha Tau Omega: Tau Bela Pi: Sigma Tau: Tau Omega: A.S.M.E. Page 64 SENIORS Presideni' . . . Drury Parks Vice-Presideni' .... Joe Rucks Secrefary and Treasurer Annell Criswell I JOE FRED GIBSON, A845 Wellsl-on Delfa Tau Delfa: Pe-ef: Slcelelon Key: Scabbard and Blade: Ruf-Nelcs: Bombardiers: Presidenl of Senafe l932: Presidenfs Class I933: Edilor I T934 SOONER: Eanan Im SOONER 75: Publicafion Board I933. ALEXANDER WYCKLIEI: NISBET, A845 Kappa Sigma. Dallas, Texas WINEORD DAVIDSON, A84S Eredericlc Kappa Alpha. JAMES RITCI-IIE AKRIGI-IT, Bus. NowaTa Befa Thefa Pi. IRVING WEINSTEIN, AB4S l'lousl'On, Texas Phi Befa Delia: Rul:-Neks: lnframural Sporls. JACK FRANCIS PARSONS, A843 Hollywood Alpha Tau Omega: Alpha Pi Mu: Ruf-Nelcs. ' Council. BILL PATTON BROOKS, Bus. Muskogee I Befa Thefa Pi: Scabbard and Blade: Derby Club. ALVIN SPENCER, Pharm. Norman j Kappa Psi. BOB LOUIS DLINLAP, AX4S I-IasI4eII Sigma Chi: Sl4eleTon Key: Foofball: "O" Club. I WOODSON DAWSON, Eng. WirT I Alpha Sigma Pnl. WARREN A. CLINE, AXIS NewI4irI4 I I 1 Phi Kappa Psi, I i, J. KENNETH ALFRED, Eng. Cnainna El Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ' LEON ROBERT EISI-IER, Bus. Oklahoma CiTy Phi Bela Della: Pe-el: Toga: lnlramural Man- ager: Bombardiers: Swimming. DON A. PORTER, Eng. Lawfon I Acacia: Sigma Tau: Alpha Chi Sigma: Seab- barcl and Blade. RUTI-I MILDRED MC KINNEY, AX4S Henryella yi Alpha Gamma Del+a: I-lesfia: Y.W.C.A. I I ELIZABETH SINCLAIR, E. A. I-lousTon, Texas Kappa Alpha Thefa. i I I I I f TOBE e. I4T4ANDEL, Eng. l'lousTon, Texas I 'l I Pni Belra DeI+a. Q OPAL IVIAUDE PoINDExTER, Edna. cavanaian Z' Y.W.C.A,: I-lisfory club. I I JAMES BENTON MILLER, Law Tulsa ' II ll I Kappa Sigma. 5 5 lj J. C. HAMPTON, Baa. Ponca ony Phi Kappa Sigma: Jagz I-lounds: Derby Club: 2 Ill Il lnfer-Frafernify Council. I "I i' 2 gl WILLIAM B. VAUGI-IAN, Bus, Wynnewood I Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Scabbard and Blade: E , Rui-Nel4s. I, W. NEAL SEARCY, Bus. Tulsa lx Phi Kappa Psi. xl Il fa.fii:""":"".........-...iigi"""'T" I .a 1,61-.,..,.,,. ..,. V - .. Page 66 LORETTA ROSE EORBES, E. A. Okmulgee Alpha Phi: Womens Choral Club. I RICI-IARD B. SNEED, Eng. BrisTow Tau BeTa Pi: Sigma Tau: Tau Omega: Men's WILLIAM H. BOLLINGER, Eng. Tyrone Della Tau Delia. MRS. E. LESTA COOKE MURPHY, AHS Oklahoma Ciiy Orchesis: Ducks Club: O. U. Camera Club: W.A.A. WILLIAM ALBERT PRENDERGAST, Eng. Norman Glee Club: Newman Club: A.S. M. E. THORA MARTHA NELSON, F. A. Claremore Alpha Chi Omega. JOHN WESLEY ROBINSON, Eng. Calumel' Sigma Tau, Vice Presidenl: Men's Council: SI. Pa+'s Council, Treasurer: Checkmaie, Vice Presidenl. MARGARET JEAN WELDON, F. A. Enid Kappa Alpha Thefa: Orchesis: EI Modiii. MARTIN G. MILLER, Eng. Muskogee Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Rui-Neks: Skelelon Key: Toga: Sigma Tau: Scabbard and Blade. GWEN WILSON, A8cS Harrah Alpha Gamma Della: Pan-Hellenic: I-Iisiory Club: League of Young Democrals. BARBARA PICKREL, AHS Ponca Cily Kappa Alpha Thefa: Orchesis. JOHN EDWARD COOPER, Bus. Muskogee Bela Theia Pi: Bombardiers: Scabbard and Blade: Varsily Polo Team: Senale. RUTH OMAN, AHS McAIes+er Phi Mu: Morfar Board: Pan-I-Iellenicp I-Iislory Club: Y.W.C.A. Cabinet HARRY MC INNIS, A8cS Enid Della Upsilon: Jazz I-Iounds. ERWIN F. HILL, Eng. Houslon, Texas Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MYRA VIRGINIA AKARD, AHS Weaiherford, Texas Kappa Kappa Gamma: Polo and Riding Club: Fencing Club: Y.W.C,A.: W.A.A. FRANCES LENORE DUNLAP, F.A. Carnegie Alpha Gamma Della: Y,W.C.A. JOHN JAY DONALDSON, Eng. Oklahoma Cily Sigma Tau: Swimming '32. VIRGINIA GILCHRIST, Educ. Coldwaler, Kansas Della Gamma. RUSSELL WILLIAM LEWIS, Eng. Orlando Sigma Nu: Engineers Club: P. E. Club. HARRY M. BUCHNER, Eng. Holdenville Sigma Gamma Epsilon: Band. ORETA HALL, A8aS Norman WILLARD D. GARLEY, Eng. Blackwell Phi Kappa Sigma: Jazz I-Iounds. HELEN HOFFMAN, Educ. Muskogee Gamma Phi Bela: I-Iigh I-Iaifers: Y.W.C.A, MARTHA L. CRAWFORD, Educ. Barllesville WIRT L. PETERS, Law Enid Phi Alpha Delia, Presidenf: Francis Bar, Presi- denf: Law Class '34, Presidenf: Men's Council. Page 67 4l?,,asEff.,. .. ., ALLIE SMITH MOORE, A845 Norman Alpha Xi Della. ELLA K. HASEMEIER, A315 Tangier LOUIS F. BOOKER, JR., Bus. Tulsa Bela Gamma Sigma: Accounling Club: Fenc- ing Club. AMES COLLEY, AHS Hominy Alpha Tau Omega: Ruf-Neks: Derby Club. BERNICE BOW SMITH, F. A. Lawlon Gamma Phi Bela: Glee Club. MARTHA GERTRUDE CANTRELL, A8cS Barllesville Alpha Chi Omega: Glee Club: Y.W.C.A.: French Club: Inlernalional Relalions. MARTHA COFFMAN, F. A. Holdenville Alpha Chi Omega: Women's Choral Club: Y.W. C.A.: Minialure Symphony '32. M. WAYNE CHESNUT, A815 Oklahoma Cily Kappa Alpha: Jazz Hounds: Scabbard ancl Blade: Chi Chi Chi: Derby Club. MARION A. WAGGONER, A84S Tonkawa Kappa Sigma: Ruf-Neks. ELIZABETH BARRETT l-IUSTMYRE, F. A. Alexandria, Louisiana Chi Omega: Glee Club '32: Presidenl' of Eliza- belh Selon Club: Secrelary of Newman Club: Sludio Players. MARY VIRGINIA CAVETT, F. A. Oklahoma Cily Chi Omega: Glee Club: Sludio Players: Scholia. MILDRED FRENCH, A8cS Roswell, New Mexico Kappa Kappa Gamma: Y.W.C.A. OTIS C. PETTY, Bus. Amarillo, Texas Phi Gamma Della. MARGERY LAKE CLEVENGER, F. A. Hobbs, New Mexico Pi Bela Phi: Playhouse: Fencing Club: Polo and Riding Club. WILLIS OLIVER BAZHAW, Eng. Shawnee Tau Bela Pi: Phi Ela Sigma: Sigma Pi Sigma. EVELYN WINIERED AVERY, A845 Holdenville Heslia. GEORGE H. WEBER, Eng. Springville, New York Tau Bela Pi: Scabbard and Blade: Sigma Tau: S+. Pal's Council: Engineers Club. ELIZABETH MARY BEVAN, F. A. Oklahoma Cily El Modjii. MARJORIE HOOVER, A8cS Tulsa Gamma Phi Bela: Hislory Club: Y.W.C.A. LUCYLE CLIFTON, Educ. Enid Zela Tau Alpha. GLADYS LOUISE SELLERS, A8cS Abilene, Texas Della Gamma: Y.W.C.A. H. ELIZABETH WHITNEY, Educ. Livermore, Calii. JAMES BARNETT, Eng. Greenfield Alpha Sigma Phi: A.S.M.E.: Alhenian. THOMAS V. MUNSON, Bus. Lawlon Acacia: Scabbard and Blade: Bombardiers: Ruf-Neks: Congress. Page 68 DON ANDERSON, Law Olclalwoma Cily ELWYN CHARLES AYRES, Eng. Caney, Kansas EVANS GRUNDY NASH, Bus. Olclalwoma Cily Plii Kappa Sigma: Bombardiers: Scabbard and Blade: Jazz Hounds. WILLIAM HAROLD LANDRAM, Law Kingslon Della Tau Della: Vice Presidenl ol Senior Law C ass. JAMES RALPH HAMILTON. A813 Marlow EMMETTE JONES, A815 Norman Y.W.C. A. DAVE H. STORMONT, Eng. Olqmulgee Plii Kappa Sigma. ROBERT WALDROP, A8cS Olclalioma Cily Alplia Tau Omega: Presidenl ol Y.M.C.A. '33: Tlneology Club: Kappa Tau Pi. MOLLY WANDA WRIGHT, F. A. Oklahoma Cily Alpha Xi Della: WNAD: Orclmeslra. EDITH OWSLEY, A845 Clmiclcaslla Della Della Della: Y.W.C.A.: Heslia: Oilco- nomia. DRURY PARKS A845 Leeole ' Y Presiclenl ol Senior Class: Oralorical Council: Rul-Nelcs. MARGARET E. ROYS, A8cS Norman Alplia Lambda Della: Della Psi Kappa: Morlar Board: Presidenl ol Y. W.C.A. LETA B. RYAN, A8cS Norman Pi Zela Kappa: Pi Epsilon Alplna: Y.W.C.A.: W.A. A. DORIS ANN SADLER, A845 Sulplwur Della Psi Kappa: Vice Presidenl ol W.A.A. THOMAS FIELDS THOMPSON, Eng. Vinila Tau Bela Pi. BUEL W. SAMUEL, A8cS Deval EVERT ERWIN STONG, Eng. Olqlalwoma Cily A, S. M. E.: Engineers Club. CHARLES CECIL VAUGI-IAN, A815 Mangum CLEDA LUCILE VVELGE, A815 Blaclcwell Kappa Plwi. JESSE R. FIELD, Law Hobarl JAMES P. MILES, Bus. Hobarl LETA MAE BLIZMAN, A815 Allus Della Psi Kappa: Presidenl ol W.A.A. 34: Presidenl ol House Council '33: Orclwesis. WILLIAM JAMES MOORE, Plnarm. Ringling Vice Presidenl ol Plwi Della Clwi: Galen Club. MAURICE LANAGAN, Eng. Cuslwing Page 69 T -4 GEORGIA REEVES, Educ. l'lolliS Gamma Phi Bela, Presidenl: Y.W.C.A. MARGARET LEE ROBERTS, E.A. Norman Della Gamma: El Modiii. MARGARET LOUISE SWEENEY, Bus. Sapulpa Pi Bela Phi: Business Girls' Club: Y.W.C.A. GEORGE T. ANDERSON, JR., Eng. l'leavener Phi Ela Sigma: Engineers Club. AURETTA MAE BELLMAN, A8cS Blackwell Alpha Chi Omega: Spanish Club: Pan-I-lellenic: Palo and Riding Club: Y.W.C.A. RUTI-I CHRISTINE CONRAD, A815 Mangum Oikonornia: I-leslia: Associale Edilor Infer- Church Council I-landbook '33, Tl-IUDA MAY EILI-IIOL, A8cS Shreveporl, La. Pi Bela Phi: Polo and Riding Club: French Club: Newman Club: Y.W.C.A. RALPI-I I-IUGI-I KING, Bus. Muskogee Lambda Chi Alpha: Della Sigma Pi: Rul-Neks. WILLIAM MAURICE DODSON, Law Muskogee Kappa Sigma. VIVIAN I-IOLLIDAY, E.A. Oklahoma Cily Alpha Gamma DelIa. A. J. DENTON, A8cS Blackwell Phi Kappa Sigma. MARY EDITI-I I-IOOVER, AHS Allus Pi Mu Epsilon. SUSIE LOU CUNNINGI-IAM, E. A. Auslin, Texas EI Marlin. WEBSTER I-IORN, AHS Ardmore Kappa Kappa Psi: Alpha Pi Mu: Alpha Chi Sigma: Band. I-IOBART N. I-IAMILTON, A813 Oklahoma Cily GERALDINE S. SPEYERS, AHS Norman Thela Sigma Phi: Kappa Phi: Y.W.C.A. JAMES I-I. EOEE, AHS Norman MARY LOUISE Cl-IAUNCEY, E. A. Edmond Cl-IARLES BYRON BOLAR, A8cS Golebo JOI-IN LOUIS DOMENGE, AXcS Oklahoma Cily Boxing '29: Band '3l, '32: "CreaIion." OMEGA CUMMINS, Eng. Dallas, Texas VIRGINIA MAE CREGER, Educ. Norman MARY LOUISE BAGBY, A81S Norman Ela Sigma Phi. MILDRED A. ARMSTRONG, E. A. Vian Sigma Alpha lola. Page 70 FERRIS ELIZABETH OZMENT, Educ. Talihina Alpha Chi Omega: Y.W.C.A.: Hislory Club: W.5.G.A. MARY A. ROACH, A845 Oklahoma Cily Gamma Phi Bela: Glee Club: French Club. WINSTON BURRIS, Eng. Tulsa Befa Thela Pi. WILTON M. VANDEVENTER, A845 Okmulgee Bela Thela Pi: Bombardiers. CHARLENE HANDLEY, E. A. Ponca Cily Pi Bela Phi: El Modill: Y.W.C.A.: Pan- Hellenic. FRED P. MYERS, A845 Oklahoma Cily Della Upsilon. JOYCE CORDELIA WRIGHT, E. A. Poleau Alpha Chi Omega: Y.W.C.A.: El Mocliii. EDWARD ELYNN FORD, Bus. Tulsa Bela Thela Pi. KENNETH GEORGE KLEIN, A845 Duncan Alpha Pi Mu. JAMES WILBER BELL, Bus. Oklahoma Cily MYRON WE5LEY 5MlTI-l, A845 Lawlon Phi Thela Kappa. R. REX REED, Eng. Oklahoma Cily Tau Omega: Sl. Pal's Council. ROBERT MORRIS LANGHAM, Bus. Oklahoma Cily MRS. AUDREY 5HlRLEY, A845 Norman EVA LOUISE TRIESCHMANN, A845 Milwaukee, Wisconsin RUTH WOOTEN, A845 Konawa In Alpha Lambda Della. ANNA MARGARET GOTWALS, A845 Muskogee Della Gamma: Y.W.C.A.: French Club. BILL N. PANSZE, Bus. Eorl Smilh, Arkansas Phi Kappa Sigma: Varsily Eoolball '3l, '32, '33: Skelelon Key: Eoolball Caplain '33: Alhlelic Council. OLIVELLE MOORE, A845 Muskogee Della Della Della: W.A.A, ROSALIND BURNS, E.A. Oklahoma Cily ELIZEBETH LOUISA AMIS, A845 Roswell, N. M. Kappa Kappa Gamma: Omicron Nu: Oiko- nomia: Morlar Board: Heslia: Y.W.C.A. JEROME KIRSCHNER, Law Kansas Cily, Mo. Phi Bela Della, Presidenl: Pe-el: Scabbard and Blade: Phi Ela Sigma: Bombardiers: Ruf-Neks. DOROTHY BEATRICE MC BRAYER, A845 phi Mu- Oklahoma Cily DOROTHY BLANCHE STANDIEER, A815 Elk Cily Pi Bela Phi: English Club: Philosophy Club: Newman Club: Universily Players. Page 7I GEORGIA MAE BEASLEY, Bus. Norman Alpha Chi Omega: Accounling Club: Kappa Bela: Business Girls' Club: Y. W.C.A. DOROTHY LU KILPATRICK, A84S Henryella Chi Omega. JOHN A. REINHART, Eng. Oklahoma Cily Sigma Nu: Tau Bela Pi: Sigma Tau: Newman Club: Engineers Club. CLINE L. MANSUR, Eng. Ellc Cily Tau Bela Pi: Sigma Tau: Kappa Tau Pi: A.S. C. E.: Sl. Pal's Council. VELMA FRANCES GORTON, A84S Dover DOROTHY ELAURNOY BURGE, A84S Ericlc Y. W.C.A. Cabinel: W. S. G.A.: l-lislory Club. GEORGE KERNEK, E. A. Holdenville Kappa Kappa Psi: Band, Presidenl '33-'34-: Orcheslra: WNAD. LOUISE DILLS, A84S Muskogee Della Gamma: Y.W.C,A. ELIZABETH MALONE, A84S Heavener Chi Omega: Pan-Hellenic: Y. W.C.A. JOHN MASON CLAYTON, Geol. Oklahoma Cily MILDRED KATHERINE COSTON, Bus. Norman Pi Zela Kappa: Pi Epsilon Alpha: Business Girls' Club: Y.W.C.A. RUTH RICE, Educ. Tulsa MADGE M. SIMON, A84S Loveland JAMES S. BYNUM, Bus. Amarillo, Texas Phi Gamma Della: Scabbard and Blade. CHARLES PECK BLANCHARD, Bus. Taleguah FRED E. BROWN, JR., Bus. Muskogee Bela Thela Pi: Bela Gamma Sigma: Della Sig- ma Pi: Toga: Scabbard and Blade. ROBERT HUGH BASSETT, Bus. Chiclcasha Phi Mu Alpha. C. J. DAVENPORT, JR., Eng. Sapulpa Bela Thela Pi: A.S. M. E.: Engineers Club. LOUIS BOND, Bus. Oklahoma Cily Acacia. OPHELIA FRANCES LITCHEIELD, A845 Chiclcasha LOUMAE DAWSON, Educ. Norman Pi Zela Kappa: Kappa Bela. I-IERMAN J. WIRZ, Geol. Yale Tau Bela Pi: Sigma Tau: A.S.M.E.: Sigma Gamma Epsilon. ELWOOD WRIGHT, Pharm. Carler Galen: Phi Della Chi: Maior, R.O.T.C. DOROTHY MAY COSTON, Bus. Norman Pi Zela Kappa: Pi Epsilon Alpha: Y.W.C.A. Cabinel: Business Girls' Club. Page 72 CHARLES WILLIAM MOONEY, Bus. Shawnee Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Presidenl Men's Glee Club: Sooner Ouarlel: Track '32: "O" Club: Scabbard and Blade: Bombardiers: Cadel Cap- lain R.O.T.C.: lnlramural Manager '33: Eliiah Opera '32. G. L. YATES, Eng. Barllesville Bela Thela Pi: Men's Council: Sl. Pal's Council: Sigma Tau: Sigma Gamma Epsilon: Toga: Skelelon Key. TOM BIGGERS, Law Wewoka Sigma Nu: Phi Della Phi: Derby Club: Jazz Hounds: Skelelon Key: lnler-Fralernily Council. WILLIAM M. MAJORS, Law Muskogee Phi Kappa Psi: Skelelon Key: Phi Della Phi: Inler-Fralernily Council: Rul-Neks '32, '33: Chi Chi Chi: Derby Club. VIRGINIA KING TODD, A8cS Muskogee Della Della Della. LIDA RUTH BARR, A8cS Dover FRANCES BATES, A8cS Enid MARTHA SETZER, A31S Oklahoma Cily Alpha Gamma Della: Orchesis: Y.W.C.A. JEANETTE BIDDICK, A8fS Ar'ClrYIOl'e Alpha Xi Della: Omicron Nu: Oikonomia: Heslia: Y.W.C.A. WAYNE D. MC KOWEN, Bus. Oklahoma Cily Alpha Sigma Phi: Rul-Neks: Accounling Club. BETTY FOREMAN, A8cS Sallisaw Della Della Della. MARGUERITE BUSCH, A8cS Cape Girardeau, Missouri Pi Bela Phi: Ela Sigma Phi: Whirlwind Slall: Y.W.C.A. VIRGINIA FISHER, Bus. Oklahoma Cily Sigma Della Tau: Presidenl Sigma Della Tau '33: Menorah '32: Business Girls' Club: Chair- man ol W.S.G.A. Judiciary Board: Alpha Lambda Della, Senior Adviser: Bela Gamma Sigma: Gamma Epsilon Pi: Morlar Board, Vice Presidenl: Treasurer ol Y.W.C.A. MATHEL SAUNDERS, Educ. Pawnee Gamma Phi Bela. MYER J. DRITCH, Eng. Tulsa Sigma Alpha Mu: Della Bela Chi: Phi Ela Sigma. DOROTHY SWAN, Educ. Oklahoma Cily ROBERT W. VAHLBERG, Eng. Oklahoma Cily Pi Kappa Alpha: Toga: Alpha Bela Chi: Skelelon Key: Sigma Tau. C. L. HOLMES, Eng. Henryella Acacia. MARGARET LINEBAUGH, A8cS Muskogee Kappa Alpha Thela: SOONER Slall: Whirl- wind: Orchesis: Y.W.C.A. PHILIP A. BRADY, BUS. Ardmore Newman Club. SALLY WILBANKS, E. A. Calvin Alpha Phi. LAURENCE W. ELDERKIN, Eng. Springville, New York Acacia: Presidenl ol Engineers and ol Sl. Pal's Council: A. S. C. E.: Checkmale. CLAIRE SURBECK, AHS Edmond Della Della Della: Y. W. C. A. LUTHER WOODROW ENGLISH, A8cS Gulhrie Pi Sigma Alpha: Congress: lnlernalional Rela- lions Club. Page 73 I v 2 I I I I A 1 i I I I F I Il Q . I II 1 ,I . I' .il 'il 1 , E W' "W ELIZABETH MARIAN WI-IITE, A845 Muskogee Della Gamma: Y. W. C. A. JOI-INNIE TOLBERT I-IENDRIX, A815 Norman ROBERT LEE WILSON, BUS. Vernon, Texas Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Scabbard and Blade: Derby Club. JOE ORIN MC GUIRE, A815 Oklahoma Cily Newman Club: Webslerian Club. CHARLES E. JONES, Bus. Barllesville Bela Gamma Sigma: Webslerian Club: Y M C. A.: lnler-Church Council. MARY UPSI-IAW JONES, A845 Torrance, Miss. Kappa Alpha Thela: French Club: English Club: Y.W.C.A. BETTY ALLEN BUNTIN, Bus. Norman Alpha Chi Omega: I-Ieslia: Business Club: Young Republicans. DONALD SUGGS, Eng. Oklahoma Cily Acacia: Sigma' Tau: Engineers Club: Presidenl, A, S. C. E. 334 34. LAWRENCE MC COY WILLIAMSON, A845 Della Upsilon: Scabbarcl and Blade. MARY ERANCES I-IAWKINS, AHS Carnegie Sociology Club: Riding Club. Lindsay MARY JANE NEWELL, E. A. Chiclcasha Chi Omega: Sigma Alpha lolaq Wornen's Choral Club, Presidenl '32, '33, '34: Y.W.C.A. RICI-IEY BERNAYZ I-IOOPER, E. A. Norman EI Modiii, Presidenf '33-'34. FRANCES JOSEPEIINE KELLY, Ed. Weleellca Chi Omega: Glee Club: Oraforio: Y.W.C.A. Eleanor Kyle, E. A. Oklahoma CiI'y Alpha Gamma Della: EI Modiii: Y.W.C.A. BILL C. TIPPIT, A845 McAIes+er Kappa Sigma. LOUISE KAYSER, A3cS Chiclcasha Kappa Alpha Thefa: I-Iislory Club: Y.W.C.A. I'lARRlE-IT R. I-IUFFI-IINES, A8cS Olclahoma Cily Kappa Kappa Gamma: Omicron Nu, Secre- Iary: Oilconomia. SIDNEY PATTERSON, Bus. Dallas, Texas Rui-Nelcs: Varsily Yell Leader: Varsify Base- ball: Independenf Men's Associalion, Execulive Council. LYRTON I-I. MC CLINTOCK, A8cS Kingfisher Pi Sigma Alpha: Presidenfs Class '32 EMII.. I-I. HASTINGS, Law Tulsa Bela Thela Pi. PERRY BRADBURY I'IACKETT, Eng. Norman Engineers Club: A. S. M. E.: Y. M. C.A. MARY TI-IOMAS, A8cS Webbers Falls Alpha Phi: Indian Club, JAMES RAY WYCOEE, Bus. Tonlcawa Sigma Nu. JUNEAL SAUNDERS, Bus. Pawnee Gamma Phi Bela. Page 74 LE ROY BRAGG, A815 Oklahoma Ci'ry Congress. BARNEY T. BURNS, Law Carlsbad, N. M. Sigma Phi Epsilon: Phi Alpha Della: Debale: Delia Sigma Rho: Congress. EULA GREY COLE, A815 Norman W.A.A.: Racke? Club: Camera Club. MRS. GLADYS W. I-IINER, Bus. Rooseveli POLLY TOWNSEND, A8cS E+. Worih, Texas - Pi Bela Phi. HERRICK BABCOCK, Bus. EI Reno Delia Tau Delia: Rui-Neks. ESTHER ROSE, A8cS Oklahoma Cily Sigma Della Tau: Y.W.C.A. GLADYS G. WOODS, A8cS Norman Della Psi Kappa: Presidenl Dusly Travelers: President Ducks Club: Rifle Team. BRESSEM C. I'IOLTZSCI'IUE, A8cS Oklahoma Cily Pi Kappa Alpha. JACK L. KERNS, Bus. Oklahoma Ciiy Pi Kappa Alpha: Scabbard and Blade. NAN REARDON, A845 El Dorado, Arkansas Alpha Phi: Thela Sigma Phi: Publicalion Board: SOONER Slaif: Newman Club. ESSIE ARLEEN NICKLE, A845 Norman Choral Club. T. J. EUSON, Eng. Norman Phi Kappa Sigma: Scabbard and Blade: Pefro- Ieum Engineers Club. A. BARBARA ELLIS, A8cS Okmulgee Pi Mu Epsilon: Pi Zela Kappa: Iola Sigma Pi: Y.W.C.A. Cabinel. LOIS NADINE TRAYLOR, A845 Norman V Eia Sigma Phi: WNAD Symphony: Pi Epsilon Alpha: Symphony. HELEN GOULD MOORE, A815 Oklahoma Ci+y TI-IELMA ELLA STAMPER, A8iS Washinglon, D. C. JOHN BERTRAIVI BENDER, Eng. Norman A.l.E. E.: Engineers Club: Y.Iv1.C.A.: Alpha Sigma Della. HELEN LOUISE JORSKE, Bus. I'Iarrah Newman Club: Elizabeih Selon Club. JEROME A. LAUDERMILK, Bus. Wichiia, Kansas Della Tau Della: Bela Gamma Sigma: Check- male. LIDA LEA, A8cS Wichiia Falls, Texas Pi Bela Phi: High I-Iafler. CARL T. ADDINGTON, Bus. Yukon Della Upsilon: Rui-Neks. BRITT E. CLAPI-IAM, Eng. Norman Pi Kappa Phi: Bombardiers: Jazz I-Iounds. JAMES L. LEWIS, A8cS Sapulpa Presidenl of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Page 75 Hes- ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,-.,,...........,.-- W..-....-. ..-.-. .-....,... .... ..-....., . ...- ,.. JANET LOUISE JOHNSON, A845 Muskogee Della Della Della: Y. W.C.A. MARIE ROSALIND REEDY, A8cS Muskogee Della Della Della: Y. W. C. A.: Classical Club: I-lislory Club. JOl'lN A. SCOTT, Bus. Oklahoma Cily Acacia: Alpha Sigma Della. LEONA ELIZABETH I-IAWKINS, A815 Oklahoma Cily Y.W. C. A. FRANCIS MARION SETZER, ABQS Oklahoma Cily DOUGLAS E. BELL, Eng. Houslon, Texas Pi Kappa Alpha, Presidenl. WARREN CLARK MCMANUS, Eng. Muskogee Phi Kappa Psi: Engineers Club: A.S. C. E. ADDIE LEE DAVIS, F. A. McAles'ler Kappa Kappa Gamma: Glee Club: R.O.T.C. I-lonorary Colonel: Sigma Alpha loia. BILLY LONGMIRE, A8cS Sapulpa Bela Thela Pi, Presidenl: Alpha Pi Mu: Phi Eia Sigma: Checkmale: Pe-el: Skelelon Key. LINA JANE WALKER, ABcS Tulsa Kappa Kappa Gamma: Business Manager I934 SOONER: Morlar Board, Presidenl: Presidenl Kappa Kappa Gamma: W.S.G.A.: Pan- I-lellenic Council: Publicalion Board l933: Thela Sigma Phi. GRACE BARBOUR, A8cS Norman Alpha Phi. WILLIAM OSCAR WAID, Eng. Pawhuska Phi Gamma Della. STANFORD W. WARREN, Eng. Pierre, S. D. MARION ALBERT FOREMAN, Educ. Newkirk Pi Kappa Phi: Foolball: Wreslling: Rui-Neks. AGNES HALFAST, ABcS Muskogee Alpha Gamma Delia: Y.W.C.A. JANNET BROOKE, Educ. l'lealdlon Alpha Gamma Della: Y. W.C.A.: l-lislory Club. FRANK W. AKRlGl'lT, Eng. Nowala Bela Thela Pi: Tau Omega: Sigma Tau: Ruli- Neks: P. E. Club. I-IILMER FOSTER, Educ. Oklahoma Cily Alpha Phi. ELDON REID FRYE, F.A. Cofleyville, Kan. Alpha Tau Omega: Toga: Co-edilor Whirlwind: Jazz I-lounds. STANLEY C. MORIAN, JR., Eng. Bradford, Pa. Alpha Tau Omega: Ruf-Neks: P. E. Club. GATES ERNEST OLIVER, Educ. Ardmore MARY ELIZABETH GALLAI-IER, A8zS Tulsa Alpha Xi Della. WILMA F. KLEIN, F.A. Oklahoma Cily Pi Bela Phi: Pan-Hellenic Treasurer: Sigma Alpha lola: Y.W.C,A. BOB CLAUD SMITI-I, A8cS Ponca Cily Phi Kappa Sigma. !Zm,,..,,,,,.,,.,,.,....,-N...,,...,..,.-.,,......,. .,., ...,.,,.,,.....,-,.,,. .,.., cc, Page 76 RAY T. ANTHONY, Bus. Oklahoma Ciiy Alpha Tau Omega: Bela Gamma Sigma: Check- male: Inier-Fraiernily Council. MARY HATT HIVELY, A345 Muskogee Kappa Kappa Gamma. DAINTY ANN LENNINGTON, A845 Muncie, Ind. Kappa Kappa Gamma. JANE SIMMONS, F. A. Ouanah, Texas Pi Bela Phi: Sigma Alpha Iola. MAY ADELE McFADYEN, A8cS Anadarko Delia Gamma: Y.W.C.A.: Pala and Riding Club. HELEN LORINE HODGSON. A815 Wichila, Kan. Delia Gamma: Y.W.C.A.: French Club: Spanish Club. EARLENE TRENTON, F. A. Jefferson Mu Phi Epsilon: Pi Zeia Kappa: Y.W.C.A. EDNA JO FANNING, F. A. Norman Alpha Chi Omega: Symphony: Y.W.C.A.: W.S.G.A. CLARA LEE WILBANKS, Educ. Calvin Alpha Phi. ALFRED ALOIS WEINZIERL, AHS MCLoucl Sigma Gamma Epsilon: Toga: Checkmaie: Band. MRS. GEORGE H. MCELROY, A845 Mulhall Kappa Alpha Thela: SOONER Slaff. HENRY HASKELL PHILLIPS, Educ. Meeker Sigma Gamma Epsilon. RHEEA BYERS, F. A. Oklahoma Ciiy Alpha Lambda Delia. A WILLIAM C. HARSCH, Eng. Norman Phi Kappa Psi: Scabbard and Blade: Chi Chi Chi: Engineers Club. JOHN R. WALLACE, A845 Miami Sigma Nu: Delia Sigma Rho: Checkmaie: Scabbard and Blade: Senaie: Debaie: Ora- iorical Council: Presidenfs Class. NELL THOMAS, Educ. Webbers Falls i7 Alpha Phi, i FRED NEWTON, Eng. Cushing Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Tau Beia Pi: Sigma Tau: Pe-ei: Toga: Skeleion Key: Derby Club: Scab- bard and Blade: Ranking Colonel R.O.T.C. I933: Besi-All-Round Boy Sfudenl '33: Presi- denf, Senior Class '33. O. J. COLWICK, Bus. Durani Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Chi Chi Chi: Jazz Hounds: Derby Club. LAWRENCE H. WILSON, Bus. Cooper, Texas Della Tau Delia: Skelelon Key: Alpha Kappa Phi: Rui-Neks: Derby Club: Golf Team '3l: lnier-Fraiernily Council. ROBERT E. CRAIN, A3cS Carmen Pi Kappa Phi. MARTHA DAVIS, A8cS Guihrie Delia Gamma: Pi Mu Epsilon: Morlar Board: Secreiary W. S. G. A. '33: Secreiary Y. W. C. A. '32: Judicial Board W.S.G. A. JO ELLA VAUGHAN, F. A. Amarillo, Texas Delia Della Della Y W C A Coun I : .... ': EI Modiii: Leiseizer Meclal. CI GENEVA TALIAFERRO. A8cS Oklahoma Cily Gamma Phi Bela: Y.W.C.A. ' HARRY H. ALLEY, A8cS Norman Delia Tau Delia: Phi Efa Sigma: Tau Omega: Pi Sigma Alpha: Kappa Gamma Epsilon: Scab- bard and Blade: Presidenf's Class I933. Page 77 JACK AKINS, A8cS Harlshorne Alpha Pi Mu: Jazz Hounds: Boxing and Wresl- ling. ROBERT RALPH LOCKWOOD, Bus. Tulsa Phi Kappa Psi: Rui-Nelrs: Derby Club: lnler- Fralernily Council. MAURICE P. TRIPPLEHORN, Eng. Eorl Worlh, Texas Alpha Tau Omega: Ruf-Nelcs. ALBERTA MQLOUTH, E. A. Olcmulgee Pi Bela Phi. CLAUDE E. KENNEDY, E. A. Norman Sigma Nu. LOUIS R. DEVANNEY, A8cS Sayre Kappa Alpha. FRED SHERMAN, A815 Wynnewood Y. M.C.A.: Sigma Della Chi. BLAND WEST, AXiS Norman Si ma Alpha Epsilon: a el Colon l: azz g C d e J Hounds: Scabbard and Blade: Ela Sigma Phi: Peel: Phi Ela Sigma: Phi Bela Kappa. GEORGE G. RUSSELL, Law Picher Pi Kappa Phi. JACK WHITE, A8cS Oklahoma Cily Kappa Alpha: Rui-Nelss. ELIZABETH MCCOOL, AES Norman Alpha Gamma Della. HELOISE SMARTT, A8cS Muskogee Kappa Kappa Gamma: Pan-Hellenic '33. EMMA L. COPASS, E.A. Norman Alpha Phi: EI Modiii. HARRELL E. CHILES, Eng. llasca, Texas Sigma Alpha Epsilon: lnler-Fralernily Council: Engineers Club: Pelroleum Engineering Club. ROBERT KYLE, Eng. Ardmore Pi Kappa Alpha. GILES ALBERT PENICK JR., Law Tulsa Alpha Tau Omega. ROBERT LAMAR HERT, Law Perlcins Kappa Alpha: Slcelefon Key: Pala Team Bl, '32, '33: Scabbard and Blade: Rui-Nelcs. MARIO J. CUETO, Eng. Buenos Aires, Argenline Paqa 78 GEORGE HAMILTON McELROY, Law Srillwaler Sigma Nu: Phi Della Phi: Della Sigma Rho: Scabbard and Blade: Varsily Debale Team: Business Manager ol Sooner Magazine. JAMES GEORGE FOLLENS, Law Okla. Cily Della Upsilon: Phi Della Phi: Inler-Fralernily Council: Newman Club. FRANK BLOCI-I APPLEMAN, Law Tulsa Sigma Alpha Mu: Phi Ela Sigma: Phi Bela Kappa: Della Sigma Rho: Varsily Debale Team: Oralorical Council. MALCOLM HUDSON, Eng. Burlcburnell, Texas Della Upsilon: Pelroleum Engineering Club. J. BRUCE WILEY, Eng. Norman Kappa Alpha: Sigma Tau: Tau Omega: WNAD: A.I.E.E.: Engineers Club: Phanlom Maslc. JOSEPHINE HINDERMAN, A845 Tulsa Kappa Kappa Gamma: Pan-Hellenic: French Club: Newman Club. BOBBIE DICKINSON, Bus. Norman Pi Epsilon Alpha: Pi Zela Kappa: Y.W.C. A.: Business Girls' Club: Inler-Church Council. SARAH MOORE, AES Downers Grove, III. Alpha Xi Della: Sociology Club: Y.W.C.A.: Pan-I-Iellenic Council. IRIS LEONA ESTER, Educ. Norman Choral Club. CLIFFORD A. SCOTT, A81S Pawnee Band. MRS. IRENE E. I-IUEY, Educ. Norman ALBERT S. GILLES, AHS Edmond Track: Foolball. REBA RAFFKIND, Bus. Amarillo, Texas Sigma Della Tau: Y.W.C.A.: Business Girls' Club: Riding and Polo Club. ROBERT C. NICHOLS, A815 Eulaula Vice Presidenl of Men's Associaiion: Alhlelic Manager. ELIZABETH BURNS, AHS Edmond Alpha Gamma Della: Y.W.C.A.: Hislory Club. MARIETTA DARLING, A8cS Olclahorna Cily Kappa Alpha Thela: Morfar Board: Y. W. C. A.: W.S.G.A., Presidenl: Pan-I-Iellenic: Journalism Press. CARLTON GEORGE HOTALING, A8fS Enid Bela Thela Pi. JOHN M. MEIKLE, Bus. Hunler Pi Kappa Alpha: Della Sigma Pi: Track: Base- ball. Page 79 JEROME EDWARD MOONEY, Bus. Temple Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Fralernily Track, Web- slerian. MARY OELLA TAPPAN. A845 Norman Phi Mu, Presidenl' of Pi Sigma Kappa '34 Morlar Board Corresponding Secrelary, Pi Mu Epsilon Secrelary '33, '34, Symphony Orcheslrag Y.W. C. A., Alpha Lambda Della Secrelary '3l. DOROTHY JAYNE HEN RY, A8rS Oklahoma Cily Gamma Phi Bela, Vice Presidenf Y.W.C.A. Cabiner, Vice Presidenl Orchesis, Sociology Club. VIRGINIA LEE COLEMAN, A8cS Norman Kappa Kappa Gamma. THOMAS B. CARSON, Bus. Ponca Cily Sigma Chi, Glee Club. EARL SNEED, A8cS Tulsa Bela Thela Pi, Business Manager ol '33 SOONER, Winner of Dad's Day Cup, Phi Era Sigma, Presidenfs Class, Phi Bela Kappa, Ranking Cadel Colonel. SARABETH STUBBMAN, AXQS Norman Alpha Chi Omega, Y.W.C.A. ROBERT LEE ELLIS, Pharm. Hominy Alpha Sigma Phi. TEREASE HELEN EDWARDS, E. A. Ponca Cily Pi Bela Phi, Girls Ouarlelle, Glee Club, Choral Club. ORVILLE W. BARNETT, Eng. Walonga Alpha Sigma Phi, Sigma Tau, lnler-Fralernily Council, Engineers Club. JANE L. STANLEY, Educ. Ardmore Alpha Phi, Presidenl of Orchesis '32, '33 and of English Hall '34, Kappa Della Pi, Vice Presi- denl' of Alpha Phi, Y.W.C.A. MARTHA JANE DOWELL, A8rS El Reno Kappa Kappa Gamma, Thela Sigma Phi, Presidenl, Treasurer ol: Morlar Board, Wo- men's Edilor Oklahoma Daily, Women's Coun- cil, Y.W.C.A. DOROTI-IEA HARLOW, A8cS Oklahoma Cily Alpha Chi Omega. MAXYNE ALEXANDER, E. A. Norman Alpha Gamma Della, Y.W.C.A. BERNIECE BOOKER, E. A. Sapulpa El Modiii, Orchesis, W.S.G.A., Y.W.C.A. ELIZABETH CAMPBELL, A8cS Eairlancl Gamma Phi Bela. LE ROY C. HENDERSON, Geal. Norman Pi Kappa Phi. EUGENA WILSON, A8cS Norman GRAPE E. KELLER Oklahoma Cil'y Treasurer ol Alpha Kappa Kappa. FRED T. HARGROVE, IVIGCI. Anllers Phi Chl. EDWARD T. SHIRLEY, Med. Wynnewood Thela Kappa Psi, Presidenl Senior Class '34, Presidenl Junior Class '33. Page 80 MARTIN E. JONES, Er. Law Tulsa Sigma Chi. TOM ED GRACE, Er. Law Denison, Texas I Phi Ela Sigma: Presidenl's Class '33: Rui- : Neks: Men's Council. JIMMY COCHRAN, Er. Law Oklahoma Cily Kappa Alpha: Rul-Neks: Derby Club. JAMES DAYISOIXI IZELLERS, Fr. Law Oklahoma Cily Plui Kappa Psi: Scabbard and Blade: lnler- I l I k B b Fra erni y Counci: Blac slone ar: Bom ar- diers. CHARLES S. WISE, Fr. Law Sayre 3 Kappa Alpha. T RALPH KENT BOGART, JR., Er. Law Chickasha . Sigma Nu: Derby Club: Blackslone Bar. I LEON GILBREATH KEYS, Er. Law Oklahoma Cily Band: Monnell' Bar: Congress: League of Young Democrals. DOROTHY ANNE HUME, Er. Law Anadarko I- I Alpha Chi Omega: Alpha Lambda Della: Pan- l-lellenic: Young Republicans. l LUTHER J. HOLCOMB, Er. Law Oklahoma Cily Della Upsilon. EDGAR S. VAUGHT, JR., Er. Law Oklahoma Cily 5 Bela Thela Pi. Z EDGAR G. THEUS, JR., Er. Law Belhany j Kappa Tau Pi: Daily Slafl '33: Freshman I I Wreslling. 1 NEIL E. BOGAN, Er. Law Oklahoma Cily 3 I - i -I Sigma Chi: Ruf-Neks: SOONER: Business , Manager, Whirlwind. I . E I 1 J. W. LEVIN, Er. Law Coalgale 5 Q I Sigma Alpha Mu: Kappa Kappa Psi: Menorah: Rul-Neks. a , HIRST SUFFIELD, Fr. Law Gage 5 Della Tau Della: Presidenl, Scabbard and , I Blade: Jazz Hounds: Senale: Phi Della Phi: Q Q , Derby Club: Bombardiers: PreSidenl's Class '33. X 2 HAROLD L. GASAWAY, Er. Law Clinlon 3 N Pi Kappa Phi. S HARRY ARTHUR SCHWARTZ, Fr. Law . I Oklahoma Cily g I 1 I I 1 Acacia: Congress: Band. FLOYD ALLEN CALVERT, JR., Er. Law Norman Bela Thela Pi: Inler-Eralernily Council: Scab- bard and Blade: Jazz Hounds: Derby Club: Chi Chi Chi. I DICK L. ELLEGOOD, Er. Law Lawlon , Kappa Alpha: Chi Chi Chi: Scabbard and Blade: Inler-Fralernily Council. ROBERT BRUCE MEE, JR., Fr. Law Oklahoma Cily fl 2 Della Upsilon: Varsily Yell Leader: Monnell V! Bar. I PIERCE EDWIN CANTRELL, Er. Law Barllesville Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Webslerian: Presidenfs E Class. 5 WILLIAM T. BILLUPS, Er. Law Oklahoma Cily I Sigma Nu: Monnell Bar. wooos HANKINSQN, rf. Law Oklahoma Cily 5 Sigma Chi: Phi Ela Sigma: Scabbard and ', I Blade: Golf Team: Congress. HAMILTON DE MEULES, Er. Law Tulsa I E Phi Kappa Psi: Jazz Hounds: Monnell Bar: I 2 Ela Sigma Phi: Derby Club. 5 JOSEPH G. RUCKS, Er. Law Oklahoma Cily , I ' Phi Gamma Della: Phi Ela Sigma: Rul-Neks: U , Scabbard and Blade: Derby Club. N , . ., ............. .. . ..... ,.,...,....... -,.M...a..-aa...-.a'.wa.a-4.1-ma, K 'I . . .-. . ..... ...--..s.-..N.M-.. ..... . .... .. .............-.,,..,a,a,.,..,..,.,...n.,,, . A ,.. ..I'ma...,Nk Page 8l JUNICDRS Presideni' . . . EvereH' Goins Vice-Presideni' . . Gerald Gardner Secrefary and Treasurer Mildred Keegan RUTH M. POLLOCK, A8cS Kappa Kappa Gamma. JULES OREN RICHARDSON, A845 Ardmore Oklahoma Cily Alpha Sigma Phi, Phi Ela Sigma: Kappa Kappa Psig Band. PRISCILLA FRANKLIN. A8fS KENNETH BRUCE SHELTON, Pharm. Oklahoma Cily Oklahoma Cily ETHEL MAE BOUNDS, A8zS Kappa Bela: Heslia. BETTY BROWN, Educ. BOB LEE KIDD, A84S Glee Club: Press Club. GEORGE L. THORPE, A8iS WILLIAM A. PEARCE, Eng. Della Tau Della. NEVA CAROLYN HODGES, E. A. Davis Oklahoma Cily Poleau Okmulgee Fl. Worlh, Texas Iowa Park, Texas Della Della Della, EI Modiiig Y.W. C. A. MELBA EDWANA PERMENTER, F. A. Talihina Alpha Chi Omega, Y.W.C.A. WALTER EMERY, AHS Sigma Chi. AUBREY E. STOWERS, A845 Shawnee Carler FRANK THOMAS MC COY, JR., A8cS Pawhuska Bela Thela Pi. JOE KONRAD TRIPPLEHORN, A84S Tulsa Rul'Neks. MAURICE W. HANKINSON, A8cS Oklahoma Cily Sigma Chi, Golf. SELMA LOUISE ALLISON, A8cS Shreveporl, La. Della Della Della. DOROTHY GUERRIERO, A8cS Monroe, La. Gamma Phi Bela: Y.W.C.A.: W.S.G.A. ZELLA MAY WOODARD, AXIS Tulsa Della Gamma, Spanish Clulog Y.W.C.A. MARION GLADYS HAUCK. A8cS Oklahoma Cily Kappa Alpha Thela. J. MACK HUMPHREYS, Bus. Polo. MADELYN WINIERED BUCKLES, A8iS Marla, Texas Lakeland, Elorida Della Della Della. HELEN E. BEEKMAN, F. A. Oklahoma Cily Pi Bela Phi. MARTHA ELIZABETH CAVETT. Educ. Oklahoma Cily Chi Omega: Scoliaq Y.W.C. A. - Page 84 MARJORIE L. MC INTYRE. A84S Kappa Kappa Gamma. SAM MAYS, Pharm. Alpha Sigma Phi. MILDRED L. FULLER, A84S Brislow Duke Lawlon Alpha Chi Omega: Heslia: Home Economics Club: Y. W. C. A. THEDA M. DEEN, E. A. Oklahoma Cily Gamma Phi Bela: EI Modiii: Y.W.C.A. MARGRET LENORA WHITE, E.A. Wealherlord, Texas Kappa Kappa Gamma. AUSTIN JAMES RITTENHOUSE, A815 Phi Kappa Sigma. DOROTHY WOODRUFF, A84S Oklahoma Cily Perry Della Della Della: Alpha Lambda Della: Thela Sigma Phi: Rackel Club: Y.W.C.A. Cabinel. JANICE YOUNG, A84S Della Della Della. EWING C. SADLER, A84S Men's Council, Presidenl '33, '34 Heavener Sulphur :Jazz Hounds: Webslerian, Presidenl '33: Inlernalional Rela- lions Club. LLOYD SCHILBERG, Eng. MAXINE MARIAN MADOLE, A84S Clinlon Oklahoma Cily VIRGINIA EVELYN KRAETTLI, A84S Norman Kappa Alpha Thela: Town Council, Secrelary: Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. A. ELIZABETH DARLING, A84S Oklahoma Cily Kappa Alpha Thela. RICHARD A. BRYANT, Law Cushing Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Derby Club: Jazz Hounds. FRANCES ELIZABETH GRAHAM. E. A. Tulsa Gamma Phi Bela: El Modiii: Y.W.C.A. HELEN HAND, A84S Kappa Kappa Gamma. EUGENE MC KNIGHT, A818 Phi Della Thela. BILL DURNIL, Bus. Tulsa Enid Muskogee Phi Kappa Psi: Derby Club: Jazz Hounds. H. C. LUMAN, Bus. Oklahoma Cily Della Tau Della: Rul-Neks: Men's Council: Publicalion Board: Scabbard and Blade. W. DIXON MORRIS, Eng. Oklahoma Cily Kappa Alpha: Pelroleum Engineers Club. WILLIAM LINDSAY WANTLAND, Bus. Edmond Kappa Sigma: Eoolball. KATHERINE E. GIBSON, E. A. Pauls Valley Pi Bela Phi: Polo and Riding Club: SOONER Slall: Y.W.C. A. House Council. WINIFRED A. GODDARD, Bus. Tulsa Pi Bela Phi: Business Club: Y. W. C. A. HELEN SMITH, Educ. Frederick Kappa Kappa Gamma: Y. W. C. A. Page 85 LORNA COATES, A815 Oklahoma Ci'ry Giargma Phi Bela: Y. W. C. A.: Polo and Riding C u . JACK J. CHRISTIAN, A815 Temple, Texas Della Upsilom SOONER Slafi. THOMAS H. COLLINSON, A845 Arlcansas CiI'y, Kansas Phi Gamma Della. NATALIE HARRIETT CAMPBELL, A34S EI Reno Kappa Alpha Thela. LORINE MEREDITI-I LOOMIS, A84S Enid Kappa Kappa Gamma. BYRON HOFFMAN, Law Miami Kappa Alpha. KATHRYN BOZARTH, A818 Olcmulgee Gamma Phi Bela. BUFORD WALKLEY CARDEN, Bus. Tulsa Sigma Nu: Rui-NeI4s. JACKSON A. KINNEBREW, A34S Norman Bela Thela Pig Phi Ela Sigma: Bombardiers: Scabbard and Blade. WILSON E. CLINE, A845 Newlfirlc Phi Kappa Psi, Phi Ela Sigma. ADRIAN LEE FULLER, Eng. Norman Sf. PaI's Council, Engineers Club: Camera Club. BESSIE FRANCES KNISELEY, Eng. Norman SI. Pa+'s Council: Engineer's Oueen '33, Alpha Lambda Delfag Engineers Club. AGNES MARIE ANDERSON, A815 Norman Kappa Bela, Y. W. C. A.: Universily Symphony, I-Iesfia Club. MAHLON D. I'IICKMAN, A815 Oklahoma Ciiy VIRGINIA I-IALLUM, A815 Canadian Pi Epsilon Alpha. ROBERTA MARY ELDRIDGE, E. A. Oklahoma Ci+y CARLTON C. CORNELS, A34S Sayre Kappa Sigma, Jazz Hounds. MARY JEAN BOYLE, Educ. Woodward THOMAS ARTHUR MILLER, A845 Carbondale, Illinois Kappa Sigma. THOMAS LEE LAUDERDALE, A818 Ranger, Texas Phi Kappa Sigma: Kemper Club. MILDRED LONG, Bus. Gulhrie Alpha Chi Omega: Business Club: Y.W.C.A. VIVIAN KNOX. A84S Enid Gamma Phi Bela. CAROL M. MC KNIGI-IT, E. A. Oklahoma Ciiy Alpha Phi. GILTNER ROBERT LA MASTER, F. A. Perrylon, Texas Page 86 DONALD RAY HAYS, Bus. Tonkawa Phi Kappa Sigma: Rul-Neksg Baskelball. SARAH LOUISE TRUITT, A815 Guymon MAJEL WILSON, E. A. I'IunI'er Alpha Phi. BERNARD L, GORDON, A845 Oklahoma Cily Phi Bela Della: Junior Inlramural Manager: Congress: Ruf-Neks. EDNA MAE PAUL, A815 Oklahoma Cily Alpha Lambda Della: Glee Club. MURIEL MARTHA HAMILTON, E.A. Ringling EI Modjii. CLAUDE L. KIRKMAN, Eng. Paden Bombardiers: Scabbard and Blade, MIRIAM JONES, Pharm. EI Reno Kappa Alpha Thela. PEARL E. BURKETT, Educ. Noble WILLENA DYER, Bus. Miami Kappa Alpha Thela. ALMA V. HAMILTON, Educ, Marlow MARY RUTH MC DONALD, A848 Longview, Tex. Gamma Phi Bela, Hislory Club, Y.W.C.A. ALICE SHELDON, A845 Oklahoma Cily PAUL B. OUILLIN, Bus. Texarkana, Arkansas CONLEY LEON TODD, A81S Wrighl Cily ROBERTA RAY, A86 Barllesville Della Della Della, Y.W.C.A. ANNA BELLE ERIES, A815 Brislow Alpha Lambda Della, Ela Sigma Phi: Y.W. C.A. JOSEPHINE LANDSITTEL, E. A. Wichila, Kansas Kappa Alpha Thelag Playhouse: Orchesis Dance Club, Presidenlq Phanlom Mask, Pan-Hellenic. ROSALIE PILLET, E. A. Dallas, Texas Kappa Alpha Thela. NOLAN GLOVER METI-IVIN, A815 Chickasha Kappa Sigma. PATRICIA KELLY, A815 Yukon Newman Club, Elizabelh Selon Club. ALFRED GRADY TODD, Bus. Chelsea Kappa Alpha. MARGARET CORBETT HEWGLEY, E. A. Oklahoma Cily Chi Omega. MARY ELIZABETH HEWGLEY, A8fS Oklahoma Cily Chi Omega, SOONER Slall. Page 87 I . 3 - FELICE L. WOOD, A845 Barllesville Kappa Kappa Gamma: French Club. MARTHA LOU LAWS, F. A. Lawlon Della Della Della: Rackel Club: Symphony Orcheslra: Y.W.C.A. BURKE MC GINTY, A8cS Terrell, Texas Phi Kappa Psi. L. KIRK WOODLIFE, A8cS Wewoka Forum: Bombardiers. JULIA KENNEDY, A8cS Pawhuska Kappa Alpha Thela: Pan-I-Iellenic, Presidenl: Y. W. C. A. Cabinel: SOONER Slall: W.S. G.A. RU-I'l'l MELTON, F. A. Chlckasha Kappa Alpha Thela. DOROTHY FORD, AES Shreveporl, Louisiana Pi Bela Phi. KATHERINE CANNON, AXcS Fl. Worlh, Texas Kappa Kappa Gamma: Sociology Club: Y.W. C.A. LOUISE CARNE, Bus. Oklahoma Cily Chi Omega. LE ROY ROBISON, Bus. Clarksville, Texas Pi Kappa Alpha: Foolball. VIRGINIA ELLIOT BAKER, A8cS Oklahoma Cily ROBERTA LOUISE ROADS, A848 Waukomis Alpha Phi: Polo and Riding Club: W.S.G.A., Judiciary Board: Y.W,C.A. ROBERT EARLE WILSON, A8fS Chickasha Chi Omega: I-Ieslia: Women's Choral Club: Y.W.C.A. JACK NATI'IANIEL RIVERS, Bus. Oklahoma Cily Sigma Nu. JAMES W. MAJORS, AES Cullman, Alabama Phi Gamma Della: Phi Ela Sigma: Alpha Pi Mu: Presidenl's Class '34. LESLIE M. BORING, Bus. Oklahoma Cily Bela Thela Pi: Scabbard and Blade. GERALDINE SULLIVAN, A8cS Grandlield Alpha Chi Omega. ROBERT M. CULVER, A3cS Barllesville Phi Kappa Sigma. CLARK HIBBARD, AHS ASIWSI' JOYCE ELLEN MARSI-IALL, A3cS Oklahoma Cily Kappa Kappa Gamma. AUDREY LOUISE KNOX, A845 Enid Gamma Phi Bela: Las Dos Americas: Y.W. C.A. EUGENA M. DONAHUE, AHS Okmulgee Gamma Phi Bela: Fencing Club: German Club: Y.W. C. A. PAULINE BELLENGER, E. A. Allus Della Della Della: EI Modiii: Y.W.C. A. MARY NAN BRYAN, F. A. Beaumonl, Texas Chi Omega. Page 88 MARY VIRGINIA BINGER, l:.A. Broken Bow Della Gamma: Y.W.C.A. BARBARA JO TAYLOR, A818 Oklahoma Cily Kappa Kappa Gamma. MILDRED BEELER, A815 Norman Chi Omega. MABEL ESTHER DONAHOE, A815 Ponca Cily Pi Bela Phi. BYRUM T. KROUTIL, Bus. Yukon Phi Gamma Della. JIMMY MC WILLIAMS, A84S Oklahoma Cily Phi Gamma Della. EDMOND C. ALDEN, A845 Barllesville Phi Gamma Della. DALE HENDERSON WATT, Eng Tulsa Della Upsilon: Phi Mu Alpha: Wreslling. GEORGE M. SMlTl-l, Bus. Sapulpa Pi Kappa Alpha. J. LESLIE MC GEE, A84S Norman Alpha Sigma Phi: Band. DORA EVELYN MONTGOMERY, A815 Tulsa Chi Omega: Glee Club. JOHN T. HSHBURN, A815 Norman Phi Kappa Psi: Presidenl's Class: Debale: Pi Sigma Alpha: Bombardiers. GAYLE HUGHES MC CORKLE, E.A. Elk Cily Chi Omega: Sigma Alpha lola: W.S.G.A.: Pan-Hellenic. CARL N. CHAMBERS, JR., Bus. El. Worlh, Tex. Phi Della Thela. RUTH NORTH, A84S Oklahoma Cily Alpha Xi Della: Y.W.C.A.: Sociology Club: W.A.A. DON l. MINNIG, A84S Barllesyille Phi Gamma Della. JOHN PlNNELL, A84S Miami Kappa Sigma. W. ELWIN GILCHRIST, A84S Enid Della Upsilon. PHlLlP STEINER MASON, Bus. Newkirk Phi Kappa Psi: Associale Edilor ol Whirlwind. MARGARET OSBORNE, Educ. Oklahoma Cily Alpha Gamma Della: Junior Orchesis. BOOTH B. STRANGE, Eng. Wilson Sigma Tau: Kappa Kappa Psi: Phi Ela Sigma: Pi Mu Epsilon: Tau Bela Pi. BUD BROWNING, A84S Enid Phi Della Thela: Baskelball. WILLIAM CHESLEY LEWIS, JR., Law Oklahoma Cily Alpha Tau Omega: Skelelon Key: Derby Club: lnler-Eralernily Council. AVERYL ANITA COMP, E. A. Manilou Phi Mu: Mu Phi Epsilon. Page 89 'Ry I Q., V -iamxn . 1 1 STELLA MARJORlE SMELLAOE, A815 l Waxahachie, Texas Orcheslra. ROBERT HERNDON NEPTUNE, A81S Barllesville Pi Kappa Alpha: Rul-Nelcst SOONER Slall. FRED W. DUNLEVY, A815 Oklahoma Cily Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Phi Ela Sigma: Presi- denl's Class: Scabbard and Blade. CHARLES RAY FELLOWS, A81S Tulsa Kappa Alpha. MC COY J. EWERT, A81S Lindsay Della Upsilan. ROSALIE SANDOCK, P. A. l-louslon, Texas Sigma Della Tau: Glee Club: Menorah: Y.W. C.A. J. R. TURNER, A81S l-loldenville Phi Kappa Psi. JOSEPH STOCKER, A815 Barllesville Sigma Alpha Mu: Accompanisl lor Glee Club and Ouarlel. MERWIN M. ELWELL, E. A. Fairview Kappa Alpha: Playhouse Produclions. CHARLES GORDON WATTS, Law Wagoner . l ' Della Tau Della: Scabbard and Blade: Jazz l l-lounds: Derby Club: Bombardiers. A MILLARD F.LOWRANCE,A81S Sulphur Men's Council: Webslerian: Indian Club: T l League ol Young Democrals. 1 WILLIAM SHELTON DANDRIDGE, A815 Ada l Acacia. ' ONLEE KATHERINE WEST, Educ. Cleveland l Della Gamma: Y.W.C.A.: Scolia. HAROLD WOLVERTON, Bus. Chiakasha , I Q Kappa Sigma. l LEO A. BELL, Eng. Oklahoma Cily Kappa Alpha. DAN CUMlVllNS GILL, A818 Olimulgee i Kappa Sigma: Presidenl's Class. 5 A. ERVINE SWIFT, A81S Claremore Q l Pi Kappa Phi: Kappa Kappa Psi: Presidenl Theology Club: Assislanl Band Manager. 1 l A JAMES W. MC COLL, A815 Oklahoma Cily l 1 E l s ' Kappa Alpha: Rul-Nel1s. l INEZ L. KELLY, A818 Norman Alpha Chi Omega: Pi Epsilon Alpha. 1 VlNlTA BRAS, A815 Okemah l Della Della Della. . MARY GRACE OZMUN, Bus. Lawlon l is Della Della Della: Y,W.C.A. Council: W.S. 1 Q O.A. 1, 1, l 1 l MARGARET BUCRLEY, F. A. Tulsa Lg, ' 1 Della Gamma: Sigma Alpha lola: W.S. G. A.: l ii Pan.HeileniC. 1 ' JERRY J. NOLAN, Bus. Norman Q Q L' Kappa Alpha: Scabbard and Blade: Bombar- Q S ly diers: Jazz l-lounds. WHITLEY COX, Educ. Tulsa ly il . .........--.-.......,.,.....,--...,-,.- U ,. ,. ',............ . 1, ,,,,,,,,M,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,L,.,,,.,, ,W . .. ,,,,,, i..aM,.i-.,a,.-.. , .,.. .,,.-.., .. , - V Page 90 Alpha Sigma Phi: Tra1:l1. , TOLBERT EARL SMITH, Eng. Tulsa Sigma Nu. MAX A. PISCHEL, JR., A8cS Tulsa Phi Gamma Della, Whirlwind Slall. MARGARET ELLEN COOK, F. A. Prall, Kansas Alpha Gamma Della. WILLIAM FRED KRUEGER, Eng. Jamaica, N. Y. Phi Ela Sigma, Engineers Club, Pelroleum Eng- ineers Club. FRANCES LOUISE MORSE, AES Olclahoma Cily Della Della Della. VIRGINIA MARIE MARTIN, Educ. Pauls Valley Alpha Xi Della, Y.W.C.A., Y.W.C.A. Council. MARY Jo WEST, Aas Sapuipa Pi Bela Phi, WNAD Symphony, Y.W.C.A., Universily Symphony. JOHN HOWARD BURNS, AHS Pauls Valley Sigma Nu. FRANCES H. MARX, F.A. Pawnee Gamma Phi Bela, Sigma Alpha lola, WNAD Symphony, Universily Symphony. KENNETH R. DUFF, AHS Lawlon Della Tau Della, Alpha Pi Mu, Scabbard and Blade, Polo and Riding Club, Men's Glee Club. MALCOLM W. MC KENZIE, Eng. Olclahoma Cily Pi Kappa Phi. WANDA MAE HAYS, A8cS Muslcogee Kappa Alpha Thela. J. S. WELBOAN, Eng. Freeporl, Texas Alpha Tau Omega, Rul-Nelcs. GEORGE ED BORELLI, Bus. Kinglisher Rul-Nelcs, Newman Club. WAYNE WINDLE l-IECKLER, A8fS Waulcomis Della Upsilang Jazz Hounds, SOONER SlaFl, Scabbarcl and Blade, Derby Club. KEITH EDWIN BERRY, Bus. Claremore Pi Kappa Phi, Kappa Kappa Psi, Jazz Hounds, Band, Universily Symphony. R. T. POLLARD, Eng. Lawlon Acacia, Bombardiers, Rul-Nelcs. DAN SCOTT THOMPSON, Bus. Miami Sigma Nu. EUGENE WALTER GILL, Bus. Olcmulgee Kappa Sigma, Scabbard and Blade. CHARLES W. BINCKLEY, Eng. Barllesville Della Tau Della, Sigma Tau. HELEN FIELD I-IOUGI-I, A815 Oklahoma Cily Gamma Phi Bela, Alpha Lambda Della, French Club, Secrelary, Y. W. C. A. ROBERT KNAPP HENDERSON, Eng. Eorl Sill Alpha Sigma Phi. MELBA MUSTOE, l:.A. Olclahoma Cily Alpha Xi Della, Mu Phi Epsilon, WNAD Sym- phony, Universily Symphony. MILDRED SUFFIELD, AHS Gage Della Gamma. Page 9I 4 i Z7 77 V W4 I A......J JOHN R. LAW. A84S Oklahoma Cily Phi Kappa Psi: Bombardiers: Senale: Boxing. J. A. JOHNSON, Eng. Beaumonl, Texas Kappa Alpha: Rul-Neks. MARY FORD, A813 Sayre Pi Bela Phi. C. LESLIE PAIN, Law Carnegie Sigma Chi: Phi Bela Kappa: Phi Ela Sigma: Phi Alpha Della: Inler-Bar Council: Kappa Tau Pi. FRANK D. ASHBY, AX4S Norman Della Tau Della: Sooner Ouarlel: Glee Club. BILL ALBERT BARBRE, A84S Muskogee Kappa Alpha. H. DONALD BURCI-I, Bus. Arlesia, N. M. Sigma Nu: Inler-Fralernily Mixer: Inler-Fraler- nily Boxing: Freshman Baseball. BETSEY BROOKE NEER, F. A. Vinila Della Gamma: Sigma Alpha Iola. HARRY C. TRENTMAN, JR., Bus. Fl. Worlh, Tex. Della Upsilon: Scabbard and Blade: Polo. DOROTHY MARION BAIRD, Oklahoma Cily Gamma Phi Bela: EI Modiii: Y.W.C.A. MILLARD H. WILLIAMS, Eng. Marshall, Texas Alpha Tau Omega. DOROTHY M. KEEFE, Bus. Denver, Colo. Alpha Gamma Della. ALICE JANE PINKERTON, F. A. Sand Springs Della Della Della. BELVA CLEMENT, F.A. Norman Alpha Gamma Della. STEVE PACE, A818 Dallas, Texas Della Upsilon. STANLEY THOMAS TYLER, Bus. Oklahoma Cily Sigma Nu: Scabbard and Blade: Baskelball: Polo. YVONNE DYMOND, F. A. Norman Alpha Gamma Della. JACK L. MILLAWAY, Bus. Barllesville Alpha Tau Omega. PATRICIA KELLY, A843 YUICOH Elizabelh Selon: Newman Club. M. O. RIFE, Eng. Fl. Worlh, Texas Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GEORGE L. VERITY, AX4S MCLoud Acacia: Bombardiers: Congress: Polo and Rid- ing Club. WILLIAM W. WI-IITEMAN, A818 Oklahoma Cily Phi Gamma Della: Rul-Neks: SOONER SlaFl: Forum Debale. ELIZABETH ANNE GARNER, F. A. Okmulgee Gamma Phi Bela. NELSON N. CLABAUGH, A84S Mangum Phi Kappa Psi: Senale. Page 92 H. C. DICK WILSON, Law Tecumseh Pi Kappa Phi: Phi Alpha Della: Inler-Fralernily Council: infer-Bar Council. VIRGINIA SHIRE, A84S Ponca Cily Kappa Kappa Gamma. ALFRED H. BUNGARDT, A84S Cordell Kappa Alpha. NADIENE HAWKINS, A845 Texhoma Alpha Chi Omega. MILDRED KEEGAN, A84S Lawlon Kappa Kappa Gamma: Secrelary, Junior Class. ELTON DEE HOLCOMB, Eng. Shreveporl, La. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MARCUS COHN, A84S Tulsa I Sigma Alpha Mu: Pi Sigma Alpha: Phi Ela Sigma: Presiclenfs Class. VERNON C. EIELD, A84S Gulhrie Acacia. WALLACE CRAWFORD THOMAS, A845 Tulsa Phi Gamma Della. GLENN R. DAVIS, Law Mariella Della Upsilon. ANNA MARGARET BINKLEY, E. A. Oklahoma Cily El Modiii: Glee Club: Camera Club: Y.W. C.A. DENNY W. FALKENBERG, Law Medford Phi Kappa Psi: Assisianl' io Dean of Men: Senale. MARJORIE FRANCES HASKELL, A845 Norman Della Gamma: Y, W. C. A. MARGARET VERA SIMPSON, A845 Kingfisher Kappa Kappa Gamma. NEAL l'I. MYERS, Pharm. El Reno Della Upsilon. BARNEY GREEN, A84S Maud Alpha Sigma Phi: Jazz Hounds: Inlramural Board. MARY IDA DAY, E. A. Norman Della Gamma: EI Modiii. LEO PARROTT LE BRON, A84S Oklahoma Cily Phi Delia Thela. DOROTHY HALL, A84S Oklahoma Cily Chi Omega. J. KENNETH HOGUE, Law Carnegie Della Chi: lnler-Fraiernify Council: Oralorical Council: Presidenl, Congress. ANN CATHERINE TAYLOR, A84S Oklahoma Cily Alpha Phi: Y. W. C. A. DON RICHARDS, Pharm. Shawnee Kappa Sigma. RUTl'I MC CORMICK, E. A. Norman Della Della Della: Y.W.C.A. JAMES E. HAWES, A84S Norman PresicIenl's Class: SOONER Slall: PresicIen'I', Phi Ela Sigma '33: Debale. Page 93 Xgl. l l l 3 i .i i T l 5 5 5 1 1 l l l l i Ii l 1: al i T ll i il gl ii l , E. Xl,,.v.1'i.- - .... . L. .E ,A... .,, , !f,4Ww,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,W,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,..,.,. ,.... ..,.. . .. .. . .. J. WILLIAM OXFORD, A815 Eloresville, Texas Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Bombardiersg Webslerian. HERB FINLEY, Bus. Liberal, Kansas Acacia. EVERETT E. GOINS, A8cS Rocky Ford, Colo Pi Kappa Phi, Jazz Hounds: Boomers: Presidenl, Junior Class. DANIEL SEYMOUR BOMSON, A8fS New Yorlc Cily, N. Y. Sigma Alpha Mu. EMORY SPEER CROW, A8cS Oluslee Phi Gamma Della: Whirlwind. MARY FRANCES GERARD, E. A. Oklahoma Cily Alpha Phi, Presidenly El Modiii: Represenlalive Panvl-lellenic. J. GRAY UMPLEBY, Eng. Norman Della Upsilan. JOSEPH EDWIN WILSON, Eng. Bowling Green, Ky. Pi Kappa Alpha. NELL CHILDERS, AHS McAlesler Pi Bela Phi. MARCELEETE BRYANT, A8rS Oklahoma Cily Alpha Gamma Della: W.S.G.A.: Y.W.C.A.: W.A.A.g Pan-Hellenicg Riding and Polo Club. JOE STUART THOMPSON, Law Miami Sigma Nu: Senaley Derby Club: Chi Chi Chi. MILDRED P. EUTORANSKY, Educ. Norman Sigma Della Tau, Alpha Lambda Della: Y.W. C.A., Cabinelg Pan-Hellenic Council: Menorah. MAX D. STURM, Eng. Winlield, Kansas Della Tau Della, Band. IONE WRIGHT, AHS Paris, Texas Kappa Alpha Thela, EARL JOSEPH TROSPER, A8cS Olclahorna Cily Phi Gamma Della: Polo. ED PAINE HOLMAN, AXQS Gulhrie Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MARGERY BOWYER, A8cS Tulsa Della Della Della. N. PRESTON WOOD, Bus. Poleau Della Tau Della: Polo and Riding Club. ED BARTLETT, AXQS Idabel Alpha Sigma Phi. MARJORIE J. CAPPS, A8cS Ml. Parlc Phi Mu. WILLIAM B. MC FADYEN, Law Andarlco Pi Kappa Phi. Page 94 SGPHOMORES Presideni' ..... BeH'y Hume Vice-Presideni' . . . Arfhur S+. John Secre+ary and Treasurer Ellen Fullenwider PHILIP JORDAN, A815 Tulsa MIRIAM M. BOBST, ASQS Tulsa STELLA LOUISE EISCHER, Bus. ,EI Reno BETTY CANEIELD, E.A. Oklahoma Clly BLARNEY FRISBIE, E.A. Yukon GLADYS CATHERINE EILER, A8cS Olcla. Cily HELEN ELIZABETH GARDNER, E. A. Sherman, Texas MARY JANE EITZPATRICK, E. A. Paris, Texas EDGAR A. DE MEULES, A8cS Tulsa ELOISE CHERRYHOMES, A8cS Tulsa MARY A. GRIMES, Geol. Tulsa HAROLD JERRY HEDGES, E.A. Burbank SARA MARGARET FREEMAN, A8cS Olcla. Cily BEN ELMER ALLEN, A81S Sayre NAOMI DAUGHTY, AXfS Marllwa JOE CANON, Eng. Sherman, Texas MYRA LOU CONRAD, Bus. Marlella FRANK OZMENT, AXQS Talilnina, Olcla. KATHERINE FRANCES WALLING, A848 Tulsa CHARLES WILLIAM WALTS, Eng. Independence, Kansa ZELMA SCHONWALD, A8cS Olcla. Cily HENRY PELFREY, Bus. Bowen, Ky. JOE C. STURGELL, A8fS Pawlwuslca BETTY CARTER PARNUM, E.A. Eorl Worllm, Texas ALFRED H. SCHMIDT, Bus. Parlc Ridge, III. JOE SHUMATE, A8rS Pauls Valley CALVIN D. SHEETS, A815 Andarlqo DOROTHY MORRIS, A845 Norman FLOYD VICTOR NELSON, ABS Holdenville VADA ROSE LOOPER, E. A. Coalgale EARL TERRY WARREN, A8cS Salina ERANCES TOWNSEND, A8aS Barllesvllle CHARLESTON THOMAS WILKERSON, AXQS El Reno ELIZABETH SHORES, F.A. Ardmore BETTY VERNE HUME, A8fS Anadarlco HELEN JEAN MATHEWS, ASQS Olcla. Cily Page 96 R. DOUGLAS MYERS, Bus. CIin+on RAY D. MCNEILL, A815 Tonlcawa CHARLES PYLE, A815 Pauls Valley CHARLES VINCENT 5MITI"l, Bus. EI Reno M. CECIL MURDOCK, A815 MCLoud ROBERT HO5KIN5ON, A815 Norman KENNETH EUGENE HUDSON, A815 Yale PAUL V. DAY, Bus. Tulsa VERNA PAY BUSBY, Pharm. Halch, New Mexico ARCHIE C. GRAHAM, E. A. Tahlequah DICK JEEE YEAGER, A815 Oklahoma Cily MARY LEE GALLAHER, A815 5hawnee HARRY H. ELLIS, Bus. Allus POLLY TAYLOR, E. A. Tulsa JIMMIE HU5KIN5, A815 Wilburlon MORRI5 B. VVHITE, A815 Tulsa MYRLE COOPER, A815 Norman EARL L. MALONE, A815 Roswell, New Mexico MELVILLE CANNON, A815 Ardmore JIM VERNON WRIGHT, E. A. Dallas, Texas GAYLE TURNER, E. A. Shawnee MANDY YAUGER, A815 Chlckasha CHIYOKO ADACHI, A815 JenI1s E. P. ROBIN5ON, JR., Eng. Nash W. J. HUGHE5, Bus. Vinila MARICE VAUGHAN, A815 OI1la. Clly PATSY ANNE O'5ULLIVAN, E. A. Ol1la. Cily JACK EATON MILLER, A815 OI1la. Cily ELOI5E GRAY, E. A. Gulhrle MAURINE HARVEY, A815 Norman A. 5POT5WOOD DANDRIDGE, Eng. Norman ANNA D. BOYLIN, A815 Wadesboro, N. C. MARGARET JEAN MQLENNAN, A81S OI1Ia. Ci+y MARGUERITE LOUISE KOERNER, Educ. NADINE HUGHES, E.A. MARY LELIA KIDD, A81S Page 97 OI1Ia. Cily OI1la. Cily Norman CHARLES L. EOLLANSBEE, AHS Eulaula FRANCES KRAUSS, E. A. Wiclwila Falls, Texas EDNA MARIE EUNDIS, A8rS Wanelle LUCILE TWAY, E. A. Olrla. Cily MARGUERITE HUSTON, Educ. Eorl Sill ERANCHELLE EARRAR, A8cS Kinglislier E. KELLER BARNETT, AIRS Norman DAWSON W. ENGLE, ASQS Seminole HARRY G. SHRADER, Bus. El Reno VIRGINIA COX, A8cS EI. Worlli, Texas BERTHA L. QUALLS, A81S Norman MARY LOUISE HUEEHINES, A8cS Olcla. Cily H. M. LIGON, AHS Wewolca ELMO SOUTHWARD, A8cS Norman JO BAKER, Bus. Ouinlon WILLIAM J. HILSWICK, A845 Olcla. Cily LOUISE JONES, E. A. Dallas Texas MARTHA ZAK, E. A. Lawlon BILLIE BRYAN BURKE, Eng. I-Iobarl MURIEL EORSYTH, E. A. Olqla. Cily ERA JUNO COOKE, A8cS Ringling JACK A. CROOKS, A84S Norman WILLIAM HARRISON CROCKER, Bus. Dallas Texas MASON R. LYONS, A8cS Nowala LA ZELLE GOLDSMITH, A8cS Cleburne, Texas JACK KIRKMAN KOHLER, ASIS Brislow MARGARET RHOADES, A8cS Olcla. Cily MARY ELIZABETH MCCALEB, A31S Norman MARGERY R. MEACHAM, A81S Clinlon MARGARET THOMPSON, E. A. Okla. Cily WILSAM GARY HILL, A845 Enid ROSE MARIE COOLEY, Bus. Olcla. Cily EDWIN O. SHAW JR., Bus, Henryella HUBERT GIBSON, APRS Grove KATHERINE RADER, A84S Norman I-IERSCI-IEL LEE FRENCH, A845 Olcla. Cily Page 98 ALFRED LEON I-IOLLOMAN, A815 Frederick HELEN MARIE BARNES, F. A. OkIa. Ciiy WILLIAM S. KELLER, Bus. Shawnee DAVY JANE MONNETT, A8cS Norman FRANK ALLAN ENGLEMAN, Bus. TuIia, Texas NORMAN BURWELL, Bus. Okla. Ciiy ANNE MCCOOL, A8cS Norman BEAUCHAMP SELMAN, Bus. OkIa. Cilry ELIZABETH HOGUE, ABQS Carnegie LOUIS S. WEINSTEIN, AES Housion, Texas ERNEST WEST SMITH, A8cS Henryeiia MARVIN FRANKLIN OWENS, Eng. Miami JOSEPH M. LEAVITT, A8cS New York, N. Y. KARL B. RUSCH, Bus. Oklahoma Ciiy JOSEPH L. SOMERVILLE, Bus. Ardmore VIRGINIA KLEIN, F. A. Norman HAL STEWART, Bus. Okla. Ciiy FINLEY WILSON HOLBROOK, A8cS Perkins HELEN IRENE STACY, F. A. Norman REA P. MCKINNEY, A81S Norman JANE H. HOBART, A8aS Evansion, IIIinois LLOYD PUCKETT, A84S McAIes+er VIRGINIA BLISS PARRIS, A8iS Tulsa DORIS LOUISE ASHBURN, A8rS Okla. Cify ROBERT MORRIS MCDONNALD, Eng. Housion, Texas GEORGE ANN BEELER, F. A. Norman JACK E. NUNNERY, F. A. Okla. Ci+y RUPERT FOGG, A8iS EI Reno MARY MARTINEAU, F. A. Okla. Ci+y MARY VIVIAN BRADBURY, A8rS Woodward HAROLD C. FRANTZEN, Bus. Dunkirk, N. Y. ALICE MARIE MARLER, A8cS Okla. Ciiy SARAH KEIL LITTLE, Educ. OkIa. Ciiy GEORGE LOUIS TARTER, Bus. Norman MARIAN GRANT HOLMES, AXQS Tulsa SUMNER RUSSMAN, ABS Henryeiia Page 99 JOHN W. NICHOLS, Bus. Ardmore NATHAN NORMAN RAVITZ, A845 Tulsa LEAH GENEVEE KESSLER. F. A. Okla. Ciry FRANK E. ELLIOTT, Bus. Blanchard REBEKAH JANET SELVIDGE, A845 Ardmore J. F. I-IANING, A8cS Wewolia GLORIA P. PETERS, Bus. Norman MAURICE BAILEY, Bus. Neodesha, Kansas NASH PHILLIP TRUSS, Bus. Norman FRED ROBERT O'DONNELL, Eng. Rock Springs, Wyoming WILLIAM EARL CRUMP, JR., Bus. Wynnewood CLIFTON LEECH McCOWN, A8cS Anadarko ROSS FLATT, Bus. Tulsa BOBBIE K. SALE, F. A. Haynesville, Louisiana J. JAMES HARRISON, Eng. Lindsay YVONNE WELCH, A8cS Okla. Ciffy EMIL F. MEIS, Bus. Okla. Ciry HARDIE MILLER, AHS Norman JAMES ROBERT COWLES, Eng. Tulsa BILL HARRIES, Bus. McAIesIer HORACE K. CALVERT, A8cS Saginaw, Mich. JACK C. DAVIS, Bus. Wichila, Kansas J. MILTON BARRETT, A8cS Olcemah RICHARD FRANKLIN ASKEW, Bus. Tulsa IRENE VIOLET MILLER, A8cS Tulsa JOE GOOCH SHAPIRO, Educ. Nashville, Tennessee HELEN MORELL, A81S, Enid BOB GRADY, A8cS Okla. Ciry SIMS WILSON, Bus. Frederick J. M. KEY, Bus. Olcla. Cily PRISCILLA BURCH, Bus. Olcla. Ciry HAROLD EUGENE EISELE, A8fS Olcla. Ciry TOM BROGAN ENSCH, Eng. Barllesville WILLIAM H. BARNES, Eng. Barllesville JOHN S. FOGARTY, A8aS, Gulhrie NANCY ANTONIA MEENTS, A81S Ada Page IOO WILLIAM J. CAMPBELL, A815 FairIand HARRY FRANKLIN SUFEIELD, AXIS Gage DON NIX, Bus. TuIsa LEE MOLTHAN, Educ. Bokoshe CAROLYN STEWART, ASIS Muskogee C. NEVILLE BOWERS, A3cS Tulsa JOHN A. JOHNSON, A8cS Bar+IesviIIe D. EUGENE HOPPING, Eng. Muncie, Indiana HOWARD LODGE, Bus. Miami HARRY G. LEWIS, A8cS Gufhrie BOB LOWE LOY, A8iS OkIa. Cify RAY C. SNODGRASS, A8cS Norman SCOTT BEESLEY, Bus. BarIIesviIIe JIMMY NOEL, Bus. WicI1iIa, Kansas HERBERT HAZZARD, A8cS Sayre HUNTER CARRINGTON, A8cS MarI', Texas DUDLEY TICHENOR, AHS Beaver Dam, Kenlrucky WILLIAM P. MORRISON, A81S Okla. Cilry DAVID WISE, Bus. Sayre JANIE BROWN, A8cS E+. Wor+I1, Texas ELLEN FULLENWIDER, A8cS Muskogee GRACE MARIE PFILE, A81S Okla. Ci+y JAMES C. DENTON, JR., A8cS Tulsa CLAIRE ELIZABETH TUCKER, E. A. Ardmore JOHN THOMAS SHERRILL, A845 Broken Bow LOUISE COEEIELD, A8iS McAIes+er DAN R. DUNNETT, Eng. Okla. Ci+y DON C. ALLRED, Bus. PauIs VaIIey NINA SCRIPTURE, A8cS Okmulgee BERNIECE GOODING, A8cS YaIe BILLIE LUCILE REED, E. A. San Diego, Texas CHESTER K. WENGEL, A8cS McAIes+er FRANCES LOUISE NEAL, E. A. Sayre JAKE W. GOLDSTEIN, A815 Dallas, Texas JOE. M. MILLS, A8rS Norman RICHARD ABE MORELL, Bus. Enid Page IOI -+L ' iI" "i' ' iiii ,MU-A .1"fi yn Xgjfir-5i'f1 ,, . f' ii, A 7 QWSN? 1 ' . 'wif FRESHMEN Presiclenl . Frank Hamilfon Vice-Presidenf . . . John Levy Secrefary ancl Treasurer Rosemary Parks Queen ..... Virginia Lee Yell Leader Herschel French ,ii ' Q I 4-if ' , 'rw if flew A-sew was 1 . .f1,,,m - W ,, I P392 gig? irgf' ff! ' L QW .2231 K if 1 X iff? ANN ANDREWS, F. A. Hugo RUTH LOUISE CLARK, F. A. Tulsa BETTY BODDY, A8cS Tulsa ELLIOTT DAVIS, Geol. Arkansas Cily, Kansas WALTER CUNNINGHAM, AHS McAles+er NORRIS GIEEORD HENTHORNE, A81S Tulsa SUE NELL BETHELL, A86 Tulsa PHIL B. GREMM, Pliarnn. Muskogee MARTHA HENDERSON, A8fS Benlon, Louisiana KIROL RAYMOND HOLM, JR., A8cS Tulsa BEE ANN BROWN, A81S McAlesIer MILDRED LOUISE HOLLAND, Bus. Hulclwinson, Kansas WALTER B. LEWIS, A81S Sanla Fe, N. M. KAY VIRGINIA HARRISON, E. A. Poleau BEVERLY GEHO, Eng. Barllesville BERNICE I. DAVIS, Educ. Noble LENORE CLIET, A8cS Okla. Cily GARTH WILLIAM CAYLOR, A845 Hugo NELMARIE ANDERSON, E. A. Sands Springs MARTHA MATHIS, A845 Okla. Cily JAMES LOGAN MCDONALD, AHS Cliickaslia VIRGINIA LEE, Bus. Barllesville CECILE JOHNSON, A845 Tampico, Mexico CHARLES WILLIAM GROOMS, Eng. Ralon, New Mexico J. D. LIGON, A81S Wewoka BILLIE MAE PLOCK, A81S Eufaula WILLIAM OTHO SMYTHE, A8aS Okla. Cily LENA STONUM, A815 Ardmore JAMES DANIEL STEPHENSON, A845 Geary KENNETH LOWELL SAVAGE, Bus. Chandler KENNETH T. WILSON, A8cS Pawnee JEAN PARTLOW, A845 Clarendon, Arkansas SALLY VIRGINIA WEST, E. A. Okla. Cily LOLA IRENE RIDDLE, Bus. Cowela ROBERT LOGAN ROARK, Eng. Okla. Cily MILBURN E. ROBERTS, Eng. Slick Page IO4 JOHN ALBERT MCMAHAN, A8iS Boise Cily EUGENE C. TRAIL, A8cS Sapulpa MARY M. LOMAX, A8cS Cleveland HAROLD L. SPRINGER, AXcS Davis JEANETTE CASTEN, ASIS Passaic, New Jersey TED SCHRADER, Bus. Brlslow FITCH COX, AHS Olqla. Cily NORETA SIMS, F. A. Barllesvllle MALCOLM KELLER, ABS Olcla. Cily JOE MITCHELL HURT, Bus. Muslqogee JAKE EASTON, JR., Bus. Tulsa WILSON HAROLD GIBSON, AIRS Tulsa MAURICE MALTZ, Bus. I-louslon, Texas BILL EVINS HENDRIXSON, A8cS Smilliville, Tennessee ALMA GENE ROWLAND, A81S Moore WANDA LYNNE DOUGHTY, A8fS Marllwa BILLY J. SIMPSON, Bus. Nowala JACK EDWARD McKAY, Bus. Sand Springs PAULINE WALKER, AXIS Blair CHARLES DOYLE WATSON, Bus. Ardmore ROBERT C. FITCH, Eng. Millloroolc, N. Y. RHEBA JOAN PULASKI, F. A. Houslon, Texas EDWARD W. CORN, Eng. Tucurncarl, N. M. SARA MARIE BATTEN, F. A. Olcla. Cilv ROBERT EDWARD HASTINGS, Bus. Tulsa HUGHES DAVIS, AGS Olcrnulgee NELSON COLLIER, Bus. Flelclier JENAREED BRINKER, A84S Cleveland RICHARD LESTER DISNEY, JR., ABS Okla. Cily MARY LUCILLE METCALEE, A8fS Olcla. Cily BEULAH BLANCHE SOUTHERN, Educ. Tulsa HAROLD K. BONE, Eng. Temple LEANDER MQALISTER, Eng. Big Spring, Texas FRANCES MARIE PEARCE, A81S Tulsa JOHN CREW, Bus. Slwawnee PEGGY LOUISE MILLER, F. A. Olcla. Cilv Page IOS , JOHN I. FERGUSON, A845 Sioux Cily, Iowa FRANCES SAWYER PECK, A84S Oklahoma Cily HANNAH FOREMAN, A845 RUTH FREED, A845 Vernon, Texas Tulsa RICHARD HAROLD GILLILAND, A815 Clinlon BERYL TAYLOR, A8fS Oklahoma Cily CY EVERETT, Bus. Tulsa V. G. DOUGLAS, Eng. Livingslon, Texas BETSY EDITH BILLINGS, F. A. Tulsa F. M. REYNOLDS, Bus. Tulsa BOB E. RAPID, ASS Oklahoma Cily FRANCES SUE CECIL, Bus. Vallianl EDWARD PARKER, A84S Frederick ELINOR PEERY, A84S Kansas Cily, Mo. JEAN FROST, A8cS Tulsa BOB BARRY, Law MAURINE MARSHALL, AXQS DORIS EDDY AUSTIN, Bus. GLENN T. GAEBE, A8fS Oklahoma Cily Oklahoma Cily Norman Ashley, III. CLARA GILE MORTON, A8cS Oklahoma Cily JOHN WILLIAM HENDERSON, Eng. Sanla Fe, N. M. INEZ FERGUSON, F. A. HELEN FOCHT, ASQS BEN NICHOLAS, Eng. MARY KATHRYN FROST, A8cS MARIETTA JOHNSON, F. A. KELLER HENDERSON, A84S MORENE WARREN, F. A. L. BICKFORD SLACK, Bus. Rocky Oklahoma Cily Kansas Cily, Mo. Norman Tulsa Oklahoma Cily Lone Wolf Boise Cily SUZANNE M'CLOSKEY, ASQS Oklahoma Cily EDYTHE ADELE WINER, F. A. Pueblo, Colo. KATHRYN MAE ADAMS, F. A. Fargo DOROTHY NELL PENNER, AHS Norman WALLEAH JONES, A8cS Oklahoma Cily STEWART W. MARK, A81S Oklahoma Cily WILLIAM JOHNSON HEFNER, ASIS Oklahoma Cily Page IO6 MARVIN BERT TROPE, A8iS Lawlon TOM GUERNSEY DE WITT, Eng. Oklahoma Cily JAUNITA SPENCER, Pharm. Norman WOODROW HUDDLESTON, A8cS Seminole J. W. ZUDIK, Bus. Dallas, Texas ROY GILL, A8iS Okmulgee BOB EDWARD BARBRE, A8cS Muskogee PAUL B. GUILD, AES Shawnee TOM OLSON PARIS, Bus. Springfield, Illinois JAMES THOMAS BARNETT, Bus. Hilchcock SARAH BILLUPS, AHS Oklahoma Cily WILLIAM A. REYNOLDS, Bus. Enid RAYMOND H. YOUNG, Bus. Frederick HAROLD GOODMAN, Eng. Dallas, Texas BLANCHE ELIZABETH MINNICK, AIRS Norman GIDEON MORGAN BELL, Eng. Tip LEWIS THOMAS SHAWBELL, A8iS Konawa ELOISE BRAND, A8iS Moore MARY MARGARET ROBERTS, A8iS Newkirk MILLARD S. PURDY, ABS Oklahoma Cily JOE E. MURRAY, Bus. Norman TRIMBLE BAGGETT LATTING, A8cS Chickasha W. DEXTER MOSS, JR., A8iS Tulsa WILLIAM B. JOHNSON, Eng. Ardmore DON GILKISON, A8cS Anadarko HUAY A. CASH, Bus. Shawnee JARVIS PIERCE, Eng. Okmulgee ROGER H. DAVIS, Eng. Baxler, Kansas ROBERT S. HILL, A8cS Oklahoma Cily NATHANIEL SNOOKS JONES, A8cS Tulsa ALICE MAY DILDINE, A8cS Pawhuska MRS. KATHRYN STRANGE, A8iS Duncan JOE WEINBERG, Bus. Kansas Cily, Missouri FRANCES LUCILE MASCHAL, Educ. Collinsville JAMES ARTHUR CRUTCHMER, F. A. Okmulgee BROWN MONNETT, A845 Norman N Page IO7 I I I I I I I ...- I I JOYCE VIRGINIA HUTCHISON, AXIS Eulaw, Alabama MILDRED FLORENCE SPIVEY, AXIS Jacksboro, Texas VALERIA PINNEY, F. A. Braman KENNETH CRAIG, AXIS Oklahoma Clly DOROTHY KELLY, AXIS Fl. Worlh, Texas DOROTHY VIRGINIA CAPPS, F. A. Mounlaln Park JAMES E. THOMPSON, AXIS Norman JULIUS MAX BANKOFF, Bus. Tulsa NORMA ANN STOVALL, AXIS Hugo MURIEL JOYCE SPIRO, AXIS Oklahoma ClIy GEORGE F. ALLEN, Bus. Oklahoma Clly FRANK O. HAMILTON, AXIS Oklahoma Ci+y ELAINE DAVIS, AXIS Holdenville ROBERT W. KAHN, AXIS LawIon CURTIS EDWIN YEARY, AXIS Elmore Cily ROBERT H. JONES, AXIS Oklahoma Clly ARLINE HARRIET WIET, AXIS Tulsa ELLA ZAK, Bus. Lawlon ELOISE VIRGINIA BRYAN, AXIS Oklahoma Clfy EDWIN POWELL HORNER, Bus. Davis GLADYS ROSALINE BAGWELL, F. A. Erick BILLIE WILLIAMS, Bus. Yukon MARY IRENE WOLFF, AXIS Waukomls FRANCES LA VERNE MC GOWEN, Aglg Ponca Cify NEITA HOLMES, Bus. Pampa, Texas JOE MEYER, Eng. Hol Springs, Arkansas ALICE DRU ANDERSON, F. A. Oklahoma Ci+y DUNCAN THRELKELD, AXIS Oklahoma Ci+y JOE WARREN ROBINETT, Eng, Oklahoma Clly CLEMENTINE CLEMENT, F. A. Oklahoma Clly OLIVER LOUIS WHITE, Eng. Oklahoma Clly BOB WESLEY SPRADLING, Eng. Oklahoma Cily O'Rl-IAITIA LA VERNE CUNNINGHAM, F. A. Norman VIRGIL WINFRED KITTRELL, Bus. Tulsa HELEN DEL PHILLIPS, Bus. Norman MAXINE E. JOHNSON, AXIS Norman Page IO8 ARTHUR M. MELROSE, Bus. S+iIIwa+er MAC. O. BORING, JR., Bus. FI. Worfh, Texas MARION L. HOLLAND, Bus. Hu+cI'1inson, Kan. EARL WESTMORELAND, JR., Bus. Anilers JOHN H. HUNTER, A8fS Springfield, III. S. COVEY PAGE, A8cS CIin'ron PHIL D. HARRIS, Bus. Tuisa BlLL,A. KNAPPENBERGER, Bus. Sapuipa LORENE BURT, F. A. Bar+IesviIIe JERRY AROLEE MCFARLIN, F. A. Norman PAUL E. RUTLEDGE, A84S Oklahoma Ciiy WILLIAM G. ROACH, AXIS Oklahoma Cilry J. EARNEST WILLIAMS, A8cS Ardmore JAMES B. FISHBURN, ASIS Norman JOHN W. ADAMS , A8cS Amarillo, Texas DOROTHY BESSIE FEINSTEIN, A8cS Maywood, III. I-IERMINE GOLDSMITH, A84S Coyle DAVID REED, A81S Tulsa ROBERT EMERY STEPHENS, Bus. Okla. Ciry EDWARD FRANCIS HUBBARD, Eng. Frederick L. C. JONES, A84S Enid N. F. VANDER BARKETT, A8cS OIcIa. Ciiy FLOYD ROBINSON HINTON, F. A. HenryeHa LOUIS V. STUART, Bus. Okmuigee Page IO9 PETE LOCKE, A815 AI+us J. H. SHELBURN, A815 Oklahoma Cily JOANNE ALCORN, A8cS Ponca Cilry LEON R. VANCE, Bus. Enid BILLIE ALENE WILLIAMS, Bus. Yukon CONNIE AHRENS, Bus. Oklahoma Cify BEN JOE BORDEN, Eng. Norman C. A. BELL, A8cS Shawnee TOM ARCHIBALO STREET, AXQS Springfield, III. FRANK S. BELL, Eng. Tip BYRON W. JONES, A8cS Oklahoma Cify MARY ALICE MURRAY, Bus. Norman LILLIAN ROSE, A8cS Oklahoma Cily EMORY GRINNELL, AHS Oklahoma Oily NATHALEE COOK, F. A. Idaloel MARGARET BEATY, Bus. Oklahoma Oily BOB HANSON, F. A. Oklahoma Cily ISLETA GALE, F. A. Shreveport La. MARIE BATTEY, F. A. Cordell ARO ELIZABETH JONES, F. A. FI. Worih, Texas EDDIE SHARP, F. A. Kansas Ciiy, Mo. COLLIER C. MIZE, Eng. Smilhville, Texas DOROTHY LEIBMAN, A81S Frederick FRANK DUDLEY KELLER, Bus. Shawnee Page IIO MILITARY The Colors go by fhe reviewmg sfand as 'I'he cadefs pass in revlew DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE By reguesT oT The presidenT and The Board oT RegenTs oT The UniversiTy The War DeparTmenT esTablished Tield arTiI- lery and inTanTry uniTs here in I9I9. They were aT once lo- caTed in The presenT Armory, which was compleTed in ThaT same year. In I924, The inTanTry uniT was disconTinued, leaving The enTire corps To be devoTed To Tield arTillery Training. The Olclahoma uniT is one oT The TwenTy-one such uniTs in The UniTed STaTes. A "DisTinguished College" raTing was awarded To The R. O. T. C. Trom I923 To I928 and since ThaT Time a raTing oT "ExcellenT" has been awarded, which is The highesT possible raTing given by The War DeparTmenT. MAJOR HARRY J. MALONY CommandanT The ToTal number of sTudenTs who have passed Through This deparTmenT since iTs esTabIish- menT approaches I5,000. Each basic course graduaTe is TiTTed To acT as an insTrucTor oT small uniTs and To Talce his place in our counTry's deTense in case oT need. Each advanced course graduaTe is commissioned in The OTTicers' Reserve Corps. Only sTudenTs who have compleTed The basic course and who have demonsTraTed excepTional qualiTies oT leadership are eligible Tor advanced Training. The recenT economies oT The naTional governmenT have acTed To malce greaTer The selec- UEUTENANTI.D.YEATON CAPTAlNI4.C.DEMUTH UEUTENANT G.P.PRWETT CAPTAIN J. J. WATERS LIEUTENANT J. V. COLLIER CAPTAIN G. R. I-IAYMAN CAPTAIN L.hL CARUTHERS Page IIZ RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS TiviTy Tor The advanced course. DespiTe These measures The deparTmenT has been TorTunaTe in having been able To reTain iTs oTTicers whose records oT accomplishmenT are well lcnown. Since The Tounding oT The uniT numerous improvemenTs, boTh in insTrucTion and in The miliTary planT, have been made. The number oT sTudenTs enrolled in The advanced course has sTeadily increased. Many modern improvemenTs have been made in The Armory and iT now has a modern heaTing planT ThroughouT, a library, Two large new class rooms, a band pracTice room, a pisTol range, and a model sToreroom. EARL SNEED, JR. The uniT also boasTs oT a riding hall on The R. O. T. C. Cadef Colonel Tield, Two polo Tields, a polo cage, and an excellenr seT oT iumps so ThaT iT has been possible To devoTe more Time To eguiTaTion and mounTed drill. Earl Sneed was This year's selecTion To Till The posiTion oT CadeT Colonel. Earl has held many honors on The campus besides This one. I-le was winner oT The Dad's Day cup Tor besT all-around man sTudenT Tor I933. I-Ie is also prominenT in Sl4eleTon Key, Derby Club, Phi BeTa Kappa, Scabbard and Blade, Jazz I-lounds, and oTher acTiviTies. ArT Pansze was The second semesTer appoinTmenT Tor The posiTion oT CadeT Colonel. I-le is well lcnown on The campus and a TooTball leTTerman. ARTHUR J PANSZE Cobnd BLAND WEST Cobnd DAN RUSSHL OVVEN,Cobnd MACK MILLION BRALY, Colonel EVANS GRUNDY NASH, LieuT. Colonel WILLIAM PATTON BROOKS, JR., Major I-IIRST B. SUFFIELD, Colonel JOI-IN OLDFIELD, Colonel Page II3 T. J. FUSON, Lieulenanl Colonel GEORGE H. WEBER, Lieufenanl Colonel CLINE L. MANSUR, Lieulenanf Colonel AL ERAMPTON, Ljeu+enan+ Colonel WALTER L. METCALEE, Lieulenanl Colonel WILLIAM B. VAUGHAN, Lieulenanl Colonel G. CLIFTON WITT, Major JAMES H. EOEE, Major WILLIAM KENNEDY KING, Major JOE E. JOHNSON, Major ELWOOD WRIGHT, Major JOHN EDWARD COOPER, Major HARRY H. ALLEY, Major WARREN TAYLOR GUNTER, Major HAROLD J. WATTERS, Major JEROME KIRSCHNER, Major JOSEPH GIBSON RUCKS, Major BEN HARNED, Major Page II4 JOE FRED GIBSON, Maior JACK L. KERNS, Major HAROLD E. FLEETWOOD, Major FLOYD ALLEN CALVERT, Major CLAUDE L. KIRKMAN, Capfain JAMES W. BOWMAN, Cap+ain LLOYD D. BETTIS, Captain GLENN W. OKERSON, Capfain MARTIN 6. MILLER, Capfain JAMES FREDERICK HANGER, Caplrain HARRY H. PLUMMER, Captain ORVILLE JOHNATON COREY, Capfain ALBERT S. GILLES, Capfain JOE D. GILMORE, Capfain ARTHUR MILTON MOUSER, Captain M. WAYNE CHESNUT, Captain SCOTT LEVERETT REEBURGH, JR., Cap+ain FRANK JAMIESON, Cap-Iain Page II5 THOMAS PIERCE BROOKS, Capfain JOE W. MALY, Capfain ROBERT A. KING, Capfain LOUIE WESTERVELT BECK, Capfain PAT EDWIN FLETCHER, Cap+ain R. REX REED, Capfain WALTER ROBERT LAMB, Cap+ain LOYETT T. BURK, Cap+ain AUBREY H. RATLIEE, Captain HARVEY LIVERMORE WOOLVERTON, Cap'raIn JAMES S. BYNUM, Caplrain LAWERENCE MC COY WILLIAMSON, Capfain THOMAS W. REYNOLDS, Cap+ain J. HENRY KUHLMAN, Caphain J. FRANKLIN MC VEY, Caplrain M. C. WHITEHEAD, Capfain LLOYD SCHILBERG, Capfain THOMAS B. CARSON, Capfain Page II6 E. MARION SETZER, Capfain JESSE L. SIMON, Capfain FRANK ANTON BENESH, Capfain HENRY ELMER BRODERSEN, Capfain JEAN H. BOLING, Capfain WILLIAM M. MARRIOTT, CapIain WOODS HANKINSON, Capfain GEORGE H. SHIRK, Caplrain HAROLD H. LE CRONE, Captain WILLIAMS K. GARNETT, Caplrain TROY H. SHELBY, Capfain FRANK W. AKRIGHT, CapIaIn BURL LEE MAY, Capfain JOHN K. WHISTLER, Capfain JOHN JAY DONALDSON, Caplrain JOHN R. WALLACE, Captain HAL GALLAWAY, Capfain HOWARD L. BROCKMAN, Capfain Page II7 RALPH LOUIS DALE, Capfain MARION ALVERT EOREMAN, Capfain JAMES CALLOWAY BUCHANAN, Capfain HAROLD MC COLLUM, Captain NEIL W. MANN, Caphain EVERE-ITE C. WOODRUEE, Capjrain MARION SANFORD OWENS, Eirsf Lieu+enan+ W. LEON EMANUEL, EIFSI' Lieu+enar1I' E. RICHMOND THWEATT, Eirsf Lieufenanf MAX K. GILSTRAP, Eirsf Lieufenanf JACK I. LAUDERMILK, Eirs+ Lieufenanf THOMAS V. MUNSON, Eirsjr Lieufenanf WILLIAM HERMAN PEET, Eirsf Lieu+enar1+ CARL D. MC WADE, Eirsf Lieufenanf TOM ED GRACE, Eirsf Lieufenanf LECLAIRE R. MARICLE, Eirsf Lieufenanf LEON V. DAVIS, Eirsf Lieu+enan+ EDWARD KILLOUGH STANDERFER, Eirsf Lieuf Page II8 CLARENCE NELSON DUNN, Firsf Lieufenani' ALVIN SPENCER, Firsf Lieulrenanf PAUL D. SMITH, Firsf Lieufenanf EVERT E. STRONG, Firsf Lieu+enan+ L. MARSHALL DENTON, Firslr LIeu+enan+ THOMAS FIELDS THOMPSON, Firsf LIeu+enanI C. MARSHALL GREENMAN, Firsf Lieulrenanf WILLIAM HOWARD SHOFSTALL, Firsf Lieufenani' MANION FRANCIS JONES, Firsf Lieu+enan+ PERRY B. HACKETT, Firsf Lieufenanf ADRIAN LEE FULLER, Firsf Lieufenarfr ROBERT R. HAMBURGER, Firsf Lieufenanf J. FLOYD JOHNSON, Firsf Lieu+enanI' CLIFFORD A. STEIN, Firs+ Lieufenanf J. ALBERT GALLUP, FIrsI' LieIenanI' KENNETH GEORGE KLEIN, FIrs+ Lieufenarfr WILLIAM SETH HARRIS, Firs+ Lieufenanlr ALBERT E. LOUGHMILLER, Firs+ Lieufenanf Page II9 SEATED llefl lo riqhflz W. W. Heckler, B. Gunning, VV. W. Leaf, E. J. Trosper, W. F. Welch, B. M. Weisser, L. J. Slrickland, J. P. Wilkins, J. Ice, W. A. Jones, R. F. Long, V. F. Igo, J. B. Welcher, T. A. Hinson J. T. Criswell, J. G. Ray. STANDING Ilefl lo riqhllz J. Akrighl, E. J. Heinze, M. S. Slilwell, R. D. Ewing, R. S. Harris, J. E. Byers, H. W. Harms, R. K. Henderson, W. M. Simpson, J. E. Merles, H. McCullough, F. E. Brown, W. IZ. Krueger, B. L. Gordon, F. J. McCann, F. O. Bohn, R. Hollinsworlh, R. H. Slover, R. G. Jones, H. O. Lamberl. SEATED Ilefl +o righllz H. L. Gasaway, E. L. Taylor, J. Einhorn, D. H. Cowan, T. Hopkins, G. A. Norlhrip, L. A. Bergen, D. E. Hollingsworlh, K. B. Shellon, T. O. Criswell, C. N. Chambers, R. L. Hickox, W. J. Freeland, J. R. Marly. STANDING Ilefl Io righllz J. W. Melcalf, W. K. Powers, R. L. Lanclcasler, J. D. Fellers, T. W. Darnall, H. J. Darnall, H. J. Gordon, M. F. Lowrance, J. T. Fishburn, F. W. Dunlevy, O. W. Noland, W. D. Lanogan, H. C. Rowland, R. James, M. Allen. Page I2O SEATED llell To riglill: J. W. Byrd, T. Jones, J. H. Weiland, G. P. Gardner, G. H. Slaley, F. R. Barker, Ed Bar+le++, R. D. Roys, J. W. McLeod, S. T. Tyler, C. W. Dinger, Max Slunlz, D. W. Weir, H. C. Blake. STANDING llefl' lo riglwllz E. L. Killingsworllw, N. E. Sloul, B. B. Slranqe, L. M. Boring, J. A. Kinnebrew, J. M. Humphries, H. C. Luman, J. W. Major, H. E. Massey, B. Amend, P. S. Clay, Bill Tulin, F. L. Killingsworllm, H. L. Peek. SEATED llefl To riqlillz C. P. Kluck, M. D. Hickman, E. T. Wliile, N. E. McKnigl1l, G. C. DeHaas, F. J. Hoyl, R. M. Henderson, James Doyle, J. Nolan, J. W. Slacy, P. H. Moody, E. E. Garrison, W. A. Pearce, Don McKinney. STANDING llefr To riglwll: V. S. Belwan, J. T. Tillingluasl, R. K. Beck, T. M. Finney, J. J. Harrison, E. W. Gill, K. R. Duff, D. D. Washburn, P. C. Duncan, J. E. Walker, C. M. McCaleb, J. A. Kirlon, E. G. McCurJrain, W. G. Bray. Page I2I 'L iglguaf, Lfm , 1.1, Lf I Wage! 5 V '5-8,43 H , Baffery A Firs+ Field Arfillery BaH'ery B Firsl' Field Ar'rillery Ba'I'+ery C Firsi' Field Arfillery Page l22 Ba'Hery D Firs'r Field Arfillery BaH'ery E Firsl' Field Ariillery BaH'ery F Firs'I' Field Arfillery Page I23 . 4 . awww .1 . . A 'sv iggffw? BaHery A Second Field Arlillery BaHery B Second Field Arfillery BaHery C Second Field Arfillery P ge I24 BaHery D Second Field Arlillery BaH'ery E Second Field Arfillery BaHery F Second Field Arfillery Page I25 F I 4 BaHery A Third Field Arfillery BaHery B Third Field Arifillery BaHery C Third Field Ar+illery Page I26 Headquarfers A Baffery Third Field , W, L , .,,2, A'+"'e'Y g Junipr f Nlounfed BaHery . . NL, V Page I27 ADDIE LEE DAVIS, Honorary Colonel MILITARY ACTIVITIES AROUND TI-IE CAMPUS 21 W 5 SOONER CADETS IN ACTION AT SILL Page I30 -.n - 'd,Nl!kili 1 K 1 Page I3I MORE CAMP SCENES FROM FORT SILL ,WB WZ! Q - A m ' af' -, -Hu Af 'mf an 2 + x. ,,.s., 2 Oyqamij Gllifflfi ,JF .f ' '1- -.. f 3 ' 1 .f ,. , W-' ' .'U5'6U'5N',.q9-. z mm, w- , . x ..w5.'fY?'i'f:.S?u-,v? '42?fmvf., ,J ff M., ' ' . ' Jf' t ,ff,vmJx2G2Txnv5WE3 1 m,"ss.,- .::. . 1 ,.-VNU . -M.-9, LA! 1.-1 :Lf'?-1m 1. .B 'mar ' We SORCJRITIES The pledges en+er'I'ain mem- bers wi1'h s'I'un'rs during fhe dinner hour a+ fhe Pi Phi house. --..............-.. Tilffffi' KAPPA ALPHA THETA Kappa Alpha TheTa, The TirsT naTional women's TraTerniTy To esTablish a chap- Ter on The campus oT The UniversiTy, was Tounded in l87O aT DePauw UniversiTy, Indiana. The Oklahoma chapTer is Alpha Omi- cron oT The naTional organizaTion. IT was insTalled in I909 and was The 38Th chapTer oT The naTional, which now in- cludes 53 chapTers and I5,000 members. This sororiTy was noT only The TirsT on The Oklahoma campus buT also The TirsT women's TraTerniTy in The counTry organ- ized on principles similar To The men's organizaTions and loearing a Greek leT- Ter name. DoubTs as To The advisabiliTy OT high- er educaTion Tor women and The scarciTy oT colleges which granTed women equal privileges made The organizaTion oT a women's TraTerniTy experimenTal. Helen FochT Tells Pickrel and ElizabeTh Darling a Thing or Three. Mrs. Abner Faye Bond, a perTecT lady and a charming hosTess. Anderson, SchoTield, Turner, and lv1elTon Take life easy and enjoy Their picnic. A clever combinaTion oT boTh loeauTy and brains is Touncl in lv1argareT Line- lznaugh. Josephine LandsiTTel, popular dramaT- ic sTar, is chapTer presidenT. Miriam Jones appears as Tresh aTTer The game as she did beTore. Sue SchoTield and Louise Kayser re- Turn Trom a sTrenuous day in The class- room. The presenT chapTer home, locaTed aT 845 ChauTauqua, was TirsT occupied in H The Tall oT I93I. Page I36 l Page I37 CLASS OF I934 Mariella Darling, Helen Hullo, Louise Kayser, Virginia Kraellli, Margarel Linebaugh, Calh- arine Mullin, Barbara Piclcrel, Kalhren Sherill, Elizabelh Sinclair, Mary Trapp, Margarel Jean Weldon, Libbie Loar, Grace Carr. CLASS OF I935 Frances Bridges, Belly Ann Clinch, Elizabelh Darling, Virginia Rulh Genlry, Marion Hauclc, Julia Kennedy, Josephine Landsillel, Phoebe Larirnore, Cornelia Lynde, Sally Moore, Rosalie Pillel, Elizabelh Ann McMurray, Glenna Faye Colwiclc, Margarel Duvall, 'Willena Dyer, 'Nalalie Campbell, 'Elizabelh Haney, 'Miriam Jones, 'Emma Louise Walker, 'Wanda Mae Hays, 'Virginia Anderson, 'Rulh Mellon, 'Palricia Kennedy, 'Gayle Turner. CLASS OF I936 Louise Baugh, Maurine Harvey, Susan McBirney, Jane Owen, 'Helen Barnes, 'Sue Scholield 'Charlolle Anne Davis, 'Nancy Meenls, 'Evelyn Gray, 'Slella Louise Fisher, 'Virginia Springer, 'Virginia Cox, 'Helen Morell, 'Louise Johnson. CLASS OF I937 'Sally Virginia Wesl, 'Belly Henderson, 'La Rue De Lana, 'Elinor Peery, 'Rulh Darling. 'Mary Margarel Roberls, 'Helen Fochl, 'Margarel Ellen Randerson, 'Rulh Owen, 'Palricia Finerly. 'Pledge i ig-Q.-wi DELTA DELTA DELTA Della Della Della was lhe second na- lional sororily lo insfall a chapler al lhe Universily, lhe local chapler being ac- cepled as Thela Gamma ol lhe nalional in IQIO. Previous lo lhal lime lhe local group had been a lilerary sociely, Thela Della Rho. Four members ol lhe class ol l889 al Boslon Universily associaled lhemselves wilh sevenleen members ol lower classes lo lormulale lhe lirsl chapler ol Della Della Della. This was on Thanksgiving Eve in I888. Many chaplers ol lhe organizalion have been lormed by absorbing locals as was lhe case al Qlclahoma. A guarlerly magazine, lhe Tridenl, has been issued conlinuously since I89l by lhe nalional. Mrs. Grace Trosper, lhe chapler hosless, has long been a campus lavor- ile. lmporlanl business is pending when lhree such aslule managers as lhese gel logelher. A homogeneous rnixlure ol prelly co-eds is represenled here. ll is nol every day lhal lhe sun can shine on such a be-aulilul group as lhis one. Yvonne Welch and Palsy O'Sullivan render a duel lor lhe boys. This side door enlrance is a popular place on a warm spring evening. This has been called "a lhorn be- lween lwo Pansies." The Tri Dells have occupied lhis home al 700 Elm lor lhe pasl len years. I X ' Page I38 i 1 S Q , I 1 Y 5 Z 2 1 F 's rf i 5, ,, ,r 'f' Page l39 CLASS OF I934 Edilh Owsley, 'Rulh Slripling, Janel Johnson, Jo Ella Vaughan, Marie Reedy, Harriel Shellen- berger, Jean Black, Belly Scheble, Elizabelh Bowling. CLASS OF I935 'Neva Hodges, Nadine Sherman, Dorolhy Woodrull, Rulh McCormick, Kalherine Spradling, Janice Young, Mary Grace Ozrnun, Frances Morse, Roberla Ray, Zelrna Allison, Vinila Bras, Marjorie Boyer, 'Madelyn Buckles, Clara Serbac, 'Pauline Bellenger, Virginia Todd, Frances Ray. CLASS OF 1936 Palsy O'Sullivan, Marlha Lou Laws, Franchella Farrar, Kalherine Rader, Alice Jane Pinlcerlon, Yvonne Welch, Belly Foreman, 'Geniveve Johnslone, Georgia Lee Abboll. CLASS OF I937 'Melba Cooper, 'Mary Alice Murray, 'Marlha Henderson, 'Ann Andrews, 'Mildred Spivey, 'Dorolhy Nell Penner, 'Rosemary Parks, 'Jane Ellen Reeves, 'Helen Sipes. 'Pledge ,, . N... .,.., .,.,,.,.A...L-..-...-...-..y..-a,..,..,........,..v-.m.-.1Mf.wu-vu.h , , .. ,........ .w...,.,....,..m,,..f,.,.L.....-.-,.,,...........A......f,,.,...,r ......,.f1.....,--..-..--.V E ,x ,, F l i r i r li li gl ll ii li if li li? ll is li il AF: ,il ,,, H li ,i i, li ii' ll ll dl Q? ll I ll El il ls lil. 53 il l .ig i i. M. ,, ? ,,,,.,,. ,X ., Trlvtwiwowfm- i T ac... , , 5 PI BETA PHI Pi BeTa Phi was The TirsT organizaTion oT college women organized as a na- Tional college TraTerniTy. IT was Tound- ed in I867, aT MonmouTh College, as l. C. Sorosis. In l883 The members adopTed The Greek leTTer name as a sub-TiTle. Five years laTer The original name was disconTinued and The Greek name was reTained. Oklahoma Alpha chapTer was in- sTalled on The UniversiTy campus in I9lO. ln l9I2 a seTTlemenT school was es- Tablished aT GaTlinburg, Tennessee, as a memorial To The Tounders oT The na- Tional. The school is supporTed by vol- unTary conTribuTions, no Tax having ever been levied on TraTerniTy members Tor iTs supporT. DoT Ford, a charming young modern aTTracTively aTTired in a mosT romanTic old cosTume. "Polly" Taylor, "Polly" ParroT, and "Polly" Townsend. Bob Campbell Tinds Mary Ford and Perk Young a TriTle heavier Than he had counTed on. Mary Jo WesT, Miriam BobsT, and DOT Ford play peek-a-boo amidsT The lawn Toliage. This is iusT a sample OT whaT may be Tound aT The Pi Phi hangouT by ener- geTic young men. The kiTchen "scullions" halT Their la- bors and pose Tor us. Miss Gladys Scivally, hosTess, is her- selT a member oT Pi BeTa Phi. This new colonial sTyle house has only been occupied Two years by The Pi Phis. Page T40 r i l , E , r l l I 5 l l l 4 J M A. ,.V 1-N-fn. Page I4 I GRADUATE Elwyn Hal'che++. CLASS OF I934 Marguerile Busch, Margery Clevenger, Thuda Mae Filhiol, Marguerife Gurley, Charlene Handley, Wilma Klein, Lida Lee, Alberfa Mcl.oulh, Josephine Parlerson, Jane Simmons, Dorofhy Slandiler, Mary Elizabefh Slanlon, Margaref Sweeney, Pauline Townsend, Terese Edwards, Phyllis Seago. CLASS OF I935 Eslelle Fariss, Dorofhy Ford, Mary Ford, Kalherine Gibson, Winilired Goddard, Anna Per- kins Young, 'Arline Wief, 'Mary Jo Wesl, 'Susan Jane McWilliams, 'Gary McCall, 'Mabel Esker Donahoe, 'Nell Childers. CLASS OF I936 Eloise Cherryhomes, Louise Jackson, Jerry Mason, Pauline Taylor, Kafherine Walling, 'Mir- iam Bobsf, 'Grace Marie Pfile, 'Elizabefh Shores, 'Margaref Thompson, 'Claire Tucker. CLASS OF I937 'Joanne Alcorn, 'Sue Nell Belhel, 'Sarah Billups, 'Belly Boddy, 'Ann Boylin, 'Rufh Clark, 'Elaine Davis, 'Helen Downing, 'Islefa Gayle, 'Virginia Lee 'Frances Peck, 'Norma Slovall. 'Pledge ,, ,,,. -.--..,. ,,:,.... Y ' ' W 'a-.arf-':""r:ilq,x yan-a--..u. Y V V K X ig.-.-...... . . KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Kappa Kappa Gamma was organized al Monmoulh College, Monmoulh, llli- nois, in l87O, bul did nol make ils pub- lic appearance unlil lhe lollowing year in Cclober. The local chapler, Bela Thela ol lhe nalional, was inslalled in l9i4. The lirsl nalional convenlion was held in I89I, al Boslon, Massachusells. Usually lhe convenlion is held every lwo years during lhe summer vacalion. However, during lhe World War, lhe I9I8 convenlion was nol held in order lhal lhe money lhus saved mighl be de- voled lo reliel worlc in France. Slopped en roule lo classes. Mrs. Lucille Wesl, lhe Kappa hosless, walches lovingly over all lhe girls en- lrusled lo her care. These lour pledge sislers seem lo gel a greal deal ol enioymenl oul ol lile. Myra Akard plays slrong lady and lills lillle Dainly Ann Lenninglon lo her shoulder. Jusl imagine whal a hard lime lhe pup musl have. How would you like lo be locked up in lhere wilh all lhose girls? Virginia Shire, presidenl, smiles prel- lily lor us. Frances Pearce correcls Bobbie Hol- land's "malceup." The Kappa house al 5I9 Boulevard was occupied in l925. Page I42 x f i l li Qli lg fi Page I43 l CLASS OF I934 Marlha Jane Dowell, Lina Jane Walker, Mary Agnes Riley, Calherine Anne Hiviclc, Myra Alcard, Heloise Smarll, Mildred French, Harriell Hulilhines, Josephine Hindman, Addie Lee Davis, Ann Ragsdale, Elizabefh Amis, Mildred Chase, Virginia Lee Coleman, Dainly Ann Lenninglon, Mary Hall Hively. CLASS OF I935 Mariorie Mclnlyre, 'Helen Hand, 'Joyce Marshall, 'Barbara Jo Taylor, Virginia Shire, 'Lorine Loomis, 'Mildred Keegan, 'Margarel Simpson, Kalherine Cannon, 'Joy Welch, 'Felice Wood, 'Helen Srnilh, 'Rulh Pollock, 'Lenora While. CLASS OF I936 'Billie Mae Ploclc, 'Helen Gardner, Harrie? Shands, 'Rose Marie Cooley, Louise Coflield, 'Melville Cannon, 'Janie Brown, Lucille Tway, 'Jane Filzpalriclc, 'Belly Canfield, 'Blarney Frisbie, Polly Pruilf, 'Mary Hulihines, Doris Chrislian, 'Wilsam Gary Hill. CLASS OF I937 'Belsy Billings, 'Frances McGowen, 'Be Ann Brown, 'Beryl Taylor, 'Frances Pearce, 'Jean Frost 'Pledge , , V ,..,. ..........,-,..-,........-..... ...,,....g......,........ 'U N ,ww WM an ,W ,,,,,,, , ...W ,., . .,. .. .-- - ...M ......-..s..........- M, J. . ,,,,,.,. I ,-9 - is ' ' ALPHA CHI OMEGA Alpha Chi Omega was Tounded aT DePauw UniversiTy, GreencasTIe, Indi- ana, Oc:Tober I5, I885. Since iTs ouT- seT The sororiTy has shown an aggressive inTeresT in The TurTherance and cuITiva- Tion oT The Tine arTs. In I9I I, Alpha Chi Omega erecTed Their STar STudio aT The McDowell Me- morial AssociaTion, PeTersborough, New I-Iampshire. The use oT The sTudio is awarded annually by The associaTion To a creaTive worker in IiTeraTure, music, or arT, wheTher a member OT The TraTerniTy or noT. There are 47 chapTers and over 7500 members OT Alpha Chi Omega. The Io- cal chapTer, Psi oT The naTionaI organi- zaTion, was insTaIIed on The campus on January I4, I9I6, when TiTTeen members were iniTiaTed. I-Iere's a mighTy smooTh looking group oT girls iT you ask our opinion. MoTher Weir has become a mosT popular hosTess. The cream oT The crop. Morene Warren and Mildred Long mediTaTe on Their respec:Tive daTes Tor The weekend. Ivlae Pearl Sullivan and Ferris OzmenT on The verge oT breaking The "no car" rule. Mildred Russell and OzmenT add col- or and charm To The auTumnal scene around Them. Sophomore PresidenT BeTTy I-Iume hobnobs wiTh Grand Ad ParTy Sachem Willis STark. IvIarTha Coffman Tells The girls a Tunny sTory and geTs a hearTy laugh. Psi ChapTer oT Alpha Chi Omega have Their home aT IO3 W. Boyd. Mikie viii ,Ji sg. ip Page I44 I Page I45 CLASS OF l934 Georgia Mae Beasley, Aurefia Mae Bellrnan, 'Belly Bunfin, Marflwa Canlrell, Marllna Cold' man, 'Edna Jo Fanning, Opal Freeland, Dorollwea Harlow, Doroflny Hume, Elizabellw Mahoney, Thora Nelson, Ferris Elizabeflw Ozmenf, Sarabefh Slubbman, Jean Wolff. CLASS OF I935 'Doroflwy Campbell, 'Mildred Fuller, 'Nadine Hawkins, 'Mildred Long, Mariorie Newbern Melba Permenfer, Mildred Russell, 'Bernice Venable, Joyce Wrignf. CLASS OF I936 'Myra Conrad, 'Gladys Eiler, Muriel Forsyflwe, Belly Hume, Inez Kelly, Virginia Klein, 'Mar- guerife Koerner, 'Francys Krauss, Muriel Minniclc, CLASS OF l937 'Margaref Beafly, 'clemenline Clemenl, 'Marielfa Jolnnson, 'Blanche Minniclc, 'Morene Warren, 'Mary Wolff. 'Pledge l- , . Ji ii ..,,.......--.-... .W v -.....,. ,...,,..,,V,- , - .. L il 3 ALPHA PHI Alpha Phi was founded al Syracuse Universiiy on Oclober 20, l872. Ex- pansion was noi s+ar+ed by The organi- zalion unlil I88I when a chapler was esfablished al Norihweslern Universily. Alpha Phi has lhe dis+inc+ion of being one of The few women's fra+erni+ies lhal have never had +o wifhdraw a chaplrer. Al presenjr There are 28 chaplers of Alpha Phi. The Syracuse chapler was The firsl chapler of a women's fralrernily ever To own or occupy a chapier house. This was buillr in I886. During 'rhe World War, Alpha Phi supporled a+ Rouen, France, a foyer lor women munilion worlcers. The foyer con- sisied of a recrealion room, cafe, and gymnasium. Phi chapler of The nalional organiza- Jrion was inslalled al Oklahoma Univer- sil'y in I9l7. l-lilmer Posler is every inch a queen. lvlofher Van Norman lakes +he spol- lighl. Jus+ siHing on Jrhe slep wailing for The poslrman, or somebody. Did you ever play "horsy"? You should because i+'s more fun. A+ leasi Roads, lvlalhews and Taylor seem +o Jrhink so. Mary Frances Gerard is fhe Presiclenl ol Alpha Phi in addilion 'ro her many olher campus acfivilies. No, Jrhese are noi senorilas in l-lavana buf loyal Sooners and good Alpha Phis. Phi Chapler moved in+o i+s preseni home al 640 Elm in l926. ,-4L1Dl'QZ, Page I46 , ,,W GRADUATE Malinda Brown, Nancy Saunders, Mary Gordon Milchell. CLASS OF I934 Clara Lee Wilbanks, Nan Reardon, Sally Wilbanlcs, Jane Slanley, Nell Thomas, Mary Thomas Hilrner Fosfer, LoreHa Forbes, Grace Barbour, Emma Leah Copass, 'Earlene Trenlon. l Q Q CLASS OF I935 . P Mildred Frosf, Roberla Roads, 'Ann Calherine Taylor, Mary Frances Gerard, Maiel Wilson I, 'Gloria Pelers, 'Carol Mclfniqhl, Gpal Murray. ' CLASS or me U Helen Malhews, Leah Kessler, Frances Neal, Rebekah Selyidge, Bernice Gooding. Jr, ,I CLASS OF I937 , Y i Page I47 Cecil Johnson, Kalhryn Sfrange, 'Mary Kafhryn Frosf, 'Jenareed Brinker. 'Pledge DELTA GAMMA DelTa Gamma was Tounded aT Lewis lnsTiTuTe, OxTorcl, Mississippi, in T874. The idea oT a TraTerniTy similar To The one To which The Tounders' broThers be- longed came To The Tour women respon- sible Tor The organizaTion while They were spending The ChrisTmas holidays aT The school during The winTer OT I873. During The World War, 530,000 was raised Tor The aid oT Belgian refugee children. In recogniTion oT This service, The Belgian governmenT named an orphanage aT Marchienne, DelTa Gam- ma Clinic. A naTional sTudenT loan Tund provid- ed loans To assisT worThy undergradu- aTes To compleTe Their college courses. There are 40 acTive chapTers and 9,270 members oT DelTa Gamma. The local chapTer, Alpha loTa, was insTalled in l9l8. Mrs. Mabel Davis, hosTess, poses on The cloorsTep. These D. Gfs are really Taking This 600 Truck Tor a cleaning. "Eyes righT" The phoTographer shouT- ed, and eighT shapely heads Turned To obey his command. MargareT Buclcley loolcs The siTuaTion over beTore she makes up her mind. Mary Virginia Binger and Bus RoberTs in a mosT respecTable pose. Ellen Fullenwider hides her Tace, buT ElizabeTh WhiTe and MargareT Buclcley seem quiTe enThusiasTic abouT iT. Margery Meacham, one oT The mosT popular D. Gfs, is also The chapTer PresidenT. The house, builT on an Old English de- sign, was TirsT occupied in l928. 'v .hr Page I48 ,x ,ff If f Page I49 GRADUATE Kafhryn Pallon. CLASS OF I934 Louise Dills, Anna Marqaref Golwals, May Adell McFayden, Harrie? Sfewarf, Marfha Davis, Margaret Roberfs, 'Gladys Sellers, 'Ellen Hodgson, Elizabeth While. CLASS OF I935 Mariorie l-laslcell, Mary Day, 'Befsy Neer, 'Onlee Wesf, 'Mary Virginia Binger, 'Ann Dura and, Margaref Buckley, Zella Mae Woodard. CLASS OF I936 Marian Mills, Ann McCool, Margery Meacham, 'Carolyn Sfewarl, 'Jane l-lobarf, Virginia Parris, Ellen Fullenwider, 'Mildred Sulilield, 'Helen Kallchursl, Marian Holmes, Elizabefh Plasler. CLASS OF I937 'Dorofhy Kelly, 'Suzanne McKluslcey, 'Joyce l-lulchinson, 'Nafhalee Coolc, 'Lois Lewis, 'Eloise Brand, 'Joe Dell Kendall, 'Kalhryn Schrader. 'Pledge ,Wm ra.-nu-mu-----..-...W f . ...- g.....,.,,,-.. -, 3 v ' ,.,,.,,, GAMMA PHI BETA Gamma Phi Be+a was founded in l874, al Syracuse Universily, and Psi, +he local chapler, was inslalled in I9I8. A+ The Golden Jubilee convenlion, in 1924, an endowmenl' fund of 554,000 was raised. Parl of The inreresl 'From lhis fund is used as loans lo wor+hy unolergraduales To be used lo complele lheir college courses. lvlosl of Jrhe chaplers of Gamma Phi Bela have been formed from es+ablished local organizalions, and no charlrer has ever been wilhdrawn from a chapler. There are 33 aclive chapiers and 7,000 members of Gamma Phi Bela. Mrs. Chalman is l'he new Gamma Phi hosless. Chrislmas vacalion draws nigh and lhe lassies prepare fo deparl. All lhal lhese girls need is a lvlay Pole. Vivian Knox made a mos? presen+able band queen. Georgia Reeves is lhe chap+er's Pres- idenf. P r a n c e s Graham, Homecoming Queen, poses wilh Helen Holllman. To Lady Ann Bonham we bid a fond adieu and offer our besl' wishes. This allrraclive old English place al 602 W. Boyd has been occupied by +he Gamma Phi Belas since I924. LW ma .- U, Page ISO 2 i il l 1 l I i l i . 1 .ff E lf 9 r uf' J' I Page ISI CLASS OF I934 Marfhel Saunders, Juneal Saunders, Elizaloelh Campbell, Georgia Reeves, Helen Hoffman, Mary Roach, Dorofhy Jane Henry, Geneva Taliaferro, 'Mariorie Hoover, Bernice Smifh, Kafhryn Bozarfh. CLASS OF I935 Frances Madison, 'Jean Boyle, Audrey Knox, Vivian Knox, Helen Hough, Dorolhy Baird, 'Theda Deen, 'Dorofhy Guerierro, 'Mary Rufh MacDonald, 'Elizabeih Garnes, 'Lorna Coafes, 'Frances Graham, 'Eugenia Donahue. CLASS OF I936 Marqaref Rhoades, Elizabefh McCaleb, Marice Vaughan, 'Elizabelh Hogue, 'Mary Lee Gallaher, 'Mary Marfineau. CLASS OF I937 'Helen Phillips, 'O'Rhailia Cunningham, 'Sara Marie Baffen, 'Neifa Holrnes, 'Clara Gile Morlon, 'Maurine Marshall, 'Eloise Bryan. 'Pledge ,. ....,........ ,W e 4-mf iv 'T 1,. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA .B If gg in, cv ! X 1 l ' A X r E T . l 1 'x A A QQ l 4 xxx I 5 Alpha Gamma DelTa was Tounded aT Syracuse UniversiTy, New York, on May 30, I904. The Oklahoma chapTer, Up- silon oT The naTional, was secreTly in- sTalled on May 2, I9l9, and was na- Tional Trom The sTarT. Each year The chapTer having The highesT scholasTic average receives a silver rose bowl, a giTT Trom The charTer members and The Tounclers. Alpha Gamma DelTa's naTional phi- lanThropy is The mainTenance and oper- aTion of a camp Tor unclernourished chil- dren aT Jackson, Michigan. Mrs. Jessie Van Dell is Truly a Triendly hosTess and a lovely characTer. Gwen Wilson and Marcy BryanT ab- sorb a biT oT sun aT The Pergola. PerTecT ladies and sincere scholars. A garden parTy on The back lawn proved a iolly occasion. This is one meThocl oT geTTing in aTTer The whisTle blows. Pledges one and all. Eleanor Kyle and MargareT Cook would easily pass Tor sisTers. The chapTer residence aT 930 Chau- Tauqua was builT in I927. .?,69?a.' 'rg '30 HQ.. ggi if. 41 Page l52 Page l53 9 2 Z 2 GRADUATES Joy Sale, Jannel Brooke, Agnes l-lalfasf. cLAss or I934 Gwen Wilson, Ruflw McKinney, Marllma Sefzer, Frances Dunlap, Elizabelln lv1cCool, 'Eleanor v Kyle, Elizabellw Burns, Belva Clement 'Maxine Alexander. CLASS OF I935 Marceleefe Bryanf, 'Margarel Cook, 'Margerel Osborne, 'Doroflwy Keele, 'Yvonne Dyrnond. CLASS or 1936 'Priscilla Burch, 'Billy Reed, 'Alice May Dildine, 'Louella Clement s i 'Pledge Y l l 4 ,..,,,, . ?.Mp.'.L... fm- , . CHI OMEGA Chi Omega was Tounded aT The Uni- versiTy oT Arkansas aT FayeTTeville, in I895. The open declaraTion oT Chi Omega is "l-lellenic CulTure and ChrisTian Ideals." ln July, l93O, a Greek amphiTheaTre was dedicaTed on The UniversiTy oT Arkansas campus To The Tounders oT Chi Omega. The TheaTre was The TirsT me- morial ever dedicaTed To The Tounders oT any women's TraTerniTy. Chi Omega has 76 chapTers and lI,Ol5 members included in The na- Tional organizaTion. Gamma Alpha TheTa, a local, was or- ganized aT Norman on March IZ, l9l9, wiTh The purpose oT peTiTioning Chi Omega, and on November I3, l9I9, This group, consisTing oT Ten charTer members, was insTalled as Epsilon Alpha chapTer oT Chi Omega. And noT a man in sighT. Mrs. Josephine Hayward is The hosT- ess oT Chi Omega. Gayle McCorkIe TransporTs our ThoughTs To bygone decades wiTh her clever cosTume. Mildred Miller decides iT's Time To re- Tire, and so To bed you sleepy head. ResT you well. Josephine Kelly caughT aT a mosT un- usual Task. lVlargareT l-lewgley is ciTy bound Tor The holidays. These pledges seem To have plenTy oT pep and Tun. Gayle succumbs To The bicycle Tad and goes Tor a ride. In I927 Chi Omega moved To iTs presenT home aT 820 ChauTaugua. 59- W- .-. 351.36 Page I54 l l Page l55 CLASS OF I934 Elizabelln Malone, Elizabellw l-lusrrnyre, Mary Virginia Cav-ell, Mary Jane Newell, Josephine Kelly, Dorollny l-lall, 'Dorolliy Lu Kilpalriclc CLASS OF i935 Marina Elizabefln Cavell, Kaflierine Burr, Marqarel Hewgley, 'Mary Elizabefln l-lewgley, Louise Carrie, Gayle Mccorlcle, 'Mary Nan Bryan, Mildred Beeler, George Ann Beeler, 'Davy Janne Monnerf, 'Roberl Earle Wilson. CLASS OF I93b Nadine Hughes, 'Jean McLennan, 'Louise Jones, 'Maxine Johnson, 'Lazelle Goldwnillu, CLASS OF I937 'Jean Parllow, 'Alice Dru Anderson, 'Lorene Burl, 'Caroline Box 'Marie Barley. 'Pledge ig..f.W.. . ALPHA XI DELTA Alpha Xi Della was lounded al Lom- bard College, Galesburg, Illinois, in l893. Slressing scholarship, lhe lound- ers ol Alpha Xi Della slarled a lund which is loaned lo upperclassmen in order lhal lhey may complele lheir col- lege courses. ln addilion lo lhis lea- lure a ring is presenled lo each mem- ber whose grades average ninely-lour over lhe lour-year period. The Carcassone Selllemenl School in lhe Kenluclcy mounlains is mainlained solely by conlribulions lrom aclive chaplers ol Alpha Xi Della. No lax is levied on lhe members lor ils supporl. The local chapler, Alpha Zela, was in- slalled in 1921, eller having been a lo- cal lralernily, Xi Della, lor lwo years. Molher Duncan is lhe chapler hosless. Peggy Marlin and Ginger Marlin lidy up a bil. All dressed up and wailing on lhe men lollcs. These lwo view lile and ils problems wilh disdain. Peggy Miller, Ginger Marlin, and Alice Marie Marler seem lo lead a care- lree and pleasanl lile. Melba Musloe and Ginger pal aroundabil. Mary Gallaher assumes lhe air ol a sludenl bul we're nol deceived. This home ol Alpha Xi Della al 920 Chaulauqua was lirsl occupied by lhem in lhe lall ol I932. Page l56 Page l57 Gerfrude Woife. Mary Gallaher, Molly Wrighf, Ame S. Virginia Marie Mariin, Melba Musfoe, Alice Marie Marler. GRADUATE CLASS OF I934 Moore, Jeaneffe CLASS OF 1935 Ruflw Norflw. CLASS OF I93b CLASS OF I937 'Frances Masclwal, 'Peggy Miller, 'HeNem Sfacy 'Pledge Blddiclc, Sarah Moore PHI MU Phi Mu was The ouTgrowTh oT a local socieTy called PhilomaThean which was organized aT Wesleyan College, March 4, I852. ln 1904 The name was changed To Phi Mu and a policy oT expansion was adopTed. Each year Phi Mu appropriaTes a 51,000 graduaTe Tellowship To be ad- minisTered by The Tellowship commiTTee oT The A. A. U. W. This Tellowship is open To graduaTe women in any InsTiTuA Tion where Phi Mu has a chapTer. Phi Muls naTional philanThropy is The T-lealThmobile, a child hygiene Truck operaTing in The sTaTe oT Georgia. The local chapTer, Epsilon BeTa, was insTalled in l923 as a resulT oT The granT- ing oT a charTer To The local, Phi ZeTa, which was organized The same year and holds The disTincTion oT obTaining iTs charTer in eleven monThs. RuTh Qman, in addiTion To loeing chapTer PresidenT, is an acTiviTy woman oT prominence. Miss lva Wilson is The hosTess, and a Triendly one. Can you name Them? Welll give you a hinT. They are DoroThy and Mariorie Capps, Doris Ashburn, Jane Wilson, and Eloise Gray. Marjorie Capps gives us a sTyle Tip Tor The coming year. Miss Wilson and Eloise Gray Talk The siTuaTion over. Doris and Marjorie malce a preTTy pair, and Trom whaT we hear The boys realize iT. "GenTlemen prelfer bruneTTes," says Jane Wilson. Phi Mu builT This home iusT easT of The campus in l928. M 4, mf?- Ifi. ,' 3. 1 ,X is . Page T58 Page l59 GRADUATE Jane Wilson, Beulah Helen Spears, Elizabelh Cox, Thelma Bradford, Jessie Beck. CLASS OF I934 Rufh Oman, Allie Traweelc, Dorofhy McBrayer, Charlene Penner, Louise Barnefl, Mary Tappan, Frances Bulla. CLASS OF I935 Mary Hariefl Coverl, Averyl Comp, Helen Brady, Marjorie Capps, Alfreda Chapman, Florence Hill. CLASS OF I936 Eloise Gray, Doris Ashburn. CLASS OF i937 'Bernice Hawk, 'Flo Rila Sheppard, "DoroThy Capps 'Pledge if v,....m..W..,., an-aumu. ,-5 .,.. . T 1 SIGMA DELTA TAU Sigma DelTa Tau was Tounded aT Cor- nell UniversiTy, March l7, I9I7. The plan oT The Tounders was To keep The socieTy a local one, buT Tavorable re- porTs Trom similar groups in oTher insTi- TuTions led To expansion. The Tounders were assisTed by NaThan l-louse, Their riTualisTic 'and honorary member, and Today he is lcnown as BroTher NaT. As a TribuTe To him, no oTher man is permiTTed To wear The Torch. Each acTive chapTer underTalces some worThy chariTable acTiviTy wiThin The ciTy oT iTs esTablishmenT. The TraTerniTy came To The UniversiTy campus wiTh The 'insTallaTion oT Xi chap- Ter on SepTember I4, l929. Mrs. Blanche STeiner is The hosTess. Members and pledges mixed in pro- Tusion. MoTher S'Teiner wiTh Two oT her girls, Reba and EsTher. The Tall pledge class. A rehearsal oT The proposal. ExperT advice is always appreciaTed. Virginia Fisher, chapTer PresidenT. Pledge rnisTress, Ann Freed, Tells her charges whaT's whaT. Sigma DelTa Tau's presenT home aT ,--- 4 ' . 'sn , 1 L1 ,x 757 DeBarr was occupied in I93O. T T ge., I .il Z. ill Page I60 1 1 l rl if rf Page I6l CLASS OF Virginia Fisher, Reba Rafflcind, Esflier Rose. CLASS OF Mildred Fulcranslcy, Rosalie Sandoclc. CLASS OF lrene Miller, Marllua Zalc. CLASS OF 'Dorollwy Feinslein, 'Ruin Freed, 'Muriel Spiro, G-oldsmiflw, 'Lillian Rose, 'Doroflwy Leilnman, 'Ha 'Pledge l934 I935 I936 I937 'Edifh Winer, 'Rheba Pulaski, 'Hermina nnah Foreman, 'Ella Zalc. .,.,..M...--.4-...4-.........,,.,, W., . rw. ..-.,...... as x,I MEMBERS PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS JULIA KENNEDY ...... . PresiclenT KATI-IRINE SPRADLING . . Vice-PresiolenT WILMA KLEIN . . . . SecreTary Alpha Chi Omega DoroThy Hume AureTTa Bellman Alpha Gamma DelTa Marceleere BryanT Gwen Wilson Alpha Phi Jane STanIey Grace Barbour Alpha Xi Del+a Mary Gallaher Sarah Moore BeTa Sigma Omicron Joyce EverTs Chi Omega Gayle McCorI4le ElizabeTh Malone DeITa DeITa DeITa KaTherine Spradling DoroThy WoodruTT DeITa Gamma Margery Meacham MarTha Davis Gamma Phi BeTa Georgia Reeves Vivian Knox Kappa Alpha TheTa Josephine LandsiTTeI MarieTTa Darling Kappa Kappa Gamma CaTherine I'Iivick Virginia Shire Phi Mu RuTh Oman Beulah Spears Pi BeTa Phi Wilma Klein Polly Taylor Sigma DeITa Tau Virginia Fisher Corrine Long MargareT FuToranslcy The Pan-Hellenic Council, insTiTuTed on The campus of The UniversiTy ol: Oklahoma in I9I2, serves as The governing body Tor all inTer-sororiTy acTiviTies. The purpose oT The organizaTion is To aid The sororiTies oT The UniversiTy by co-operaTion and uniTicaTion oT inTeresTs of sororiTy and non-sororiTy women. The work oT The Council, in general, is divided inTo Three phases, The seTTIemenT oT all problems concerning all acTiviTies oT sororiTies, The making and enforcing oT all rules concerning rushing, pledging, and iniTiaTion, and The sponsorship oT scholarship compeTiTion among The sororiTy women Page I62 FRATERNITIES ln 'fesfive mood fhe eds and co-eds ga'rher for 'rhe ball. E I , Z , ,,,, -,.,W,, ,,.............-.,--.--,--w--- --f v- -- -' ' ' 1 - nuuzmwnnf..-KRW.. ., .-.,........ H. .., ...c..... ,1 L.- ,,K, KAPPA ALPHA Kappa Alpha was Tounded aT Wash- ingTon College, now WashingTon and Lee UniversiTy, LexingTon, Virginia, on December 2I, 1865. during The presi- dency oT RoberT E. Lee. The TraTerniTy was esTablished wi+h The idea oT creaT- ing an organizaTion To TosTer and main- Tain The manners, cusToms, and ideals oT characTer and achievemenT oT The SouThern people. IT has conTined iTselT To The SouTh wiTh The excepTion oT Three chapTers in The sTaTe oT CaliTornia. The naTional TraTerniTy headquarTers are locaTed aT Richmond, Virginia, where execuTive oTTices are mainTained. There are 68 chapTers in exisTence aT The presenT Time. The local, BeTa ETa chapTer, holds The disTincTion oT being The TirsT Greek leT- Ter order esTablished on The UniversiTy campus, receiving iTs charTer in l905. NaThan Sherman Ill, Diclc Ellegood, and Hardie Miller Try Their besT To as- sume digniTy. General Jerry Nolan calls upon his consTiTuenTs Tor aid. Ahcred Todd, Jimmie McColl, and Loyd PuclceTT all cross Their legs and discuss The poliTical siTuaTion in Yugo- slavia. Bob HerT, polo sTar and PresidenT of Kappa Alpha. Mrs. WalTer Long is The chapTer hosT- ess. KenneTh Hughes, Bob HerT, and Pey- Ton Ford are all dressed up wiTh no place To go. Kappa Alpha's colonial mansion is lo- caTed on The corner of Cruce and Col- lege. ,Af af 4' ",,,f . I 5,3 Q4 fb, g awww, .l.. Q,,gwM,,,.,,,m,,. c- b, ,,Wu,..,-... M. -.ui-,....,.........,..,.. .,,.., .e.-f....4f------ --vi -N - M- - ---M Page I i CLASS OF I934 Wayne Chesnuf, Louis Devanney, Peylon Ford, Phil Haddock, Roberl Herl, Jimmy Hopkins, Dick Ellegood, Bruce Wiley, William Wallace, Alfred Marlin, James Cochran, Charley Wise. CLASS OF I935 Leo Bell, Alfred Bungardl, Winlord Davidson, Charley Fellows, Bill Harries, Byron Holslman, Carl Mayhall, Jimmy McColl, Dixon Morris, Jerry Nolan, Nalhan Sherman, Richard Timmis, Allred Todd, Jack While, Harold Morgan, 'Bill Barbre, Mervin Flwell, Jimmy Johnson, Kennelh Hughes. CLASS OF I936 Harry Ellis, Kennelh Liflle, Hardy Miller, Nash Truss, David Wise, 'Finley Holbrook, 'Lloyd Puckeff, 'Hal Sfewarl, Sims Wilson. CLASS OF I937 'Bob Barbre, 'Ben Joe Borden, 'Kennefh Craig, 'Francis Hubbard, 'Collier Mize, 'Michael Monlgomery, 'Bill Roach, 'Raymond Young, 'J. W. Zadik. 'Pledge 5-. yn--v--.-F. X.....ff.ffff' ii KAPPA SIGMA Kappa Sigma, Tounded aT The Univer- siTy oT Virginia in IS69, was The second TraTerniTy To insTall a chapTer on The campus, charTering The local Alpha DelTa Sigma in l906 as Gamma Kappa chapTer. Kappa Sigma was The TirsT TraTerniTy aT The UniversiTy To build iTs own home. Kappa Sigma was The TirsT SouThern TraTerniTy To place a chapTer in The NorTh, aT Lake ForesT in l88O, buT This was soon killed by anTi-TraTerniTy laws. Expansion during The TraTerniTy's TirsT TwenTy years was largely due To The guidance OT S. A. Jackson, a Virginian. Kappa Sigma's Champ lnTramural FooTball Team caughT in a sTudious mood. Dick Price losT his panTs in The Tire buT his old Fire ChieT spiriT is srill wiTh him and he plans a comeback. "Pope" Miller may Think ThaT he looks like a Greek god buT we shall reserve our opinion. ThaT d--m engraver slipped in This K. A. picTure on our page so please ex- cuse iT. l'lere's a couple of visiTors who seem To have Tound a second home, buT They're welcome. l-lunTer Johnson is a hunTer in TacT as well as in name as The Trophies displayed here will aTTesT. The Kappa Sig house was one oT The TirsT oT The large TraTerniTy homes on The campus. IT is locaTed aT 73I Asp. I fgyfjfis - . a!:v?, VW Qifffyi . Q ..:..fzEp,'f ' f I Page I66 Page I67 CLASS OF I934 Gordon C. McDannald, L, Clark Knighf, T. Gene Hodges, Charles l-lale, Jr., Edwin C. Kellarn James B. Miller, Burke Tulhill, J, S. Mendenhall, Marion Waggener, John M. Monfgomery l-lunler Johnson, W. C. Tippif, Jr., Alexander W. Nisbel. CLASS OF i935 'Don Richards, George W. Hayes, Jr., Carlfon Cornels, Ralph B. Kelly, H. J. Brownson R. J. Price, Harris Van Wagner, Lee Dawson, 'Harold Wolverlon, 'Nolan Melhvin, Denve Meacharn, Arlhur Pansze, M. W. Reed, Hhamer J. Tulhill, 'Jaclc James, Dan C. Gill, Eugene W. Gill. CLASS OF I936 Ruperl Fogg, Morris McDannald, Ray Snodgrass, Don B. Miller. CLASS OF I937 'Frank l-l. Sisler, 'Bill Campbell, 'Karl Rusch, 'Roy Gill, 'Jarvis Pierce, 'Earl Wesfmoreland 'Gene Nance, 'Woodrow I-luddleslon, 'Cliflon L. McCown, 'T. Arihur Miller, 'John H Pinnell, 'Bob Tidwell. 'Pledge r ,L...................-.- ,I-.avmvqas-nm...-wn.f,.du.,.,.-....., ,M ,,.,. V 4 M ...,................W.............. ,..,,,..,, ..,..,...-.A, Q..-Q-.-,..w...., T T R H mm...-...-....m..,, f,,,, .M .. I 2 , W-- , BETA THETA PI BeTa TheTa Pi, oldesT member oT The Miami Triad, was Tounded aT Miami UniversiTy, OxTord, Ohio, on AugusT 9, 1839. IT was The TirsT TraTerniTy To originaTe wesT OT The Allegheny Moun- Tains. The presence aT Miami oT Alpha DelTa Phi and opposiTion To iT led To The TormaTion oT BeTa TheTa Pi. They were The TirsT To issue a TraTerniTy iournal which had conTinuous exisTence. The local chapTer, Gamma Phi, was charTered in OcTober, l907. A seance on The TronT lawn. I.eTT To righT: John Ed Cooper, Joanne Alcorn, Allen CalverT, Ma VandevenTer, Wanda Mae Hays, Champ Buchanan, Fred Brohwn, Sammy Coleman and Frank Ak- riC1 T. PresidenT Allen CalverT waTches over his lordly domain. Cooper and Brooks, The Muskogee delegaTion, prepare To Take "Boom- Boom" Buchanan Tor a ride wiTh The supervision OT l'loTaling and Vandeven- TGV. The Treshmen geT Their TirsT TasTe oT Trosh work. VandevenTer leads cohorTs on in The Tace oT The opposiTion oT Acorn, The Pi Phi, and John Ed. BroThers Brooks, Brown and Cooper geT TogeTher Tor a chiT-chaT. Mrs. Ned Miller, house moTher. BroThers CalverT, Buchanan and Ak- righT pose, wiTh Joanne and John Ed as usual. The BeTa House, aT 800 ChauTauqua, TirsT occupied in The Tall oT 1929. IZ? 1 BST! T T sein? Page I68 i CLASS OF I934 Earl Sneed, Jr., Fred E. Brown, Franklin W. Akriqhf, James C. Buchanan, William P. Brooks. John Edward Cooper, Edward Flynn Ford, Carlfon Hofaling, Percy Main, John Pierre Klep. Roberl Clark, Lalham Yafes, William P. Lonqmire, Andrew O. Campbell, Floyd Allen Calverf, Emil H. Haslings, John H. Toney, C. J. Davenpori, Edgar S. Vaughf. CLASS OF I935 James R. Akriqhf, Leslie Boring, Frank T. McCoy, Roberl R. McCracken, Jackson A. Kinne- lorew, Wilfon M. Vandevenfer, Roy Gardner, Alberl' B. Tonkin, Konlin K. Kidd, William Crump. CLASS OF I936 Roger Davis, 'Thomas L. Gibson, Harry G. Lewis, Roberl D. Myers, Sam Coleman, James C. Denfon. CLASS OF I937 'Jake Easlon, Jr., Cliffon T, Evereff, Jr., Edward Corn, R. C. Cox, John Inger Ferguson, Wilson Gibson, Richard G. Gilliland, Philip Harris, Joseph T. Hurf, Grover Ozmun, James L. Powell, Louis Vincenl Sluarf, C. Sufherland Sykes, William Knappenberger, Horace K. Calverl. 'Pledge .. ....,, ...MT W -1- -- ee.-.....,e- ,L LLL Rx f ',..L...-M... A... . l V-:nm-um.,-nm.-..w,........,.... .... F - -.- ---. .1- rw. ..., ...s...... . ' P,....,-., , SIGMA NU Sigma Nu originaTed Trom The Legion oT l-lonor, a secreT socieTy organized in l868 aT Virginia MiliTary lnsTiTuTe, Lex- ingTon, Virginia. The Greek leTTer des- ignaTion and orher characTerisTics OT college TraTerniTies were adopTed Janu- ary I, I869, regarded as The daTe oT The Tounding oT Sigma Nu. For several years The TraTerniTy con- Tined iTselT To The souThern sTaTes buT norThern expansion began in I884 wiTh The esTablishmenT oT a chapTer aT The UniversiTy oT Kansas. ln Two years The Kansas chapTer had become The admin- isTraTive head OT The TraTerniTy, and Tor eighT years dominaTed iTs expansion policy. The local TraTerniTy, DelTa Alpha, was given iTs charTer as DelTa Epsilon OT Sigma Nu on January I, l909. IT was The TourTh oT The naTional TraTerniTies To come To This campus. Clark RoberTs and his well known po- lice dog "Rin" give each oTher The once over. Mrs. Mabel W. SmiTh is The chapTer's charming and inTeresTing hosTess. The Tinal soTT ball game wiTh The Tim- ber Cruisers draws an audience. Sigma Nus won The cup by The way. My, whaT a digniTied looking college man, buT when we remember ThaT senior lawyer Tommy Biggers is also chapTer PresidenT we can overlook iT. Billy RoberTs is really adepT aT This sorT OT Thing, The girls Tell us, buT We have our suspicions ThaT iT's a Trameup. Paul ATkins and Charles Dinger dis- play Their injured and bandaged hands which were hurT in-shall we say-"a sausage grinder." Sigma Nu's beauTiTul home aT 536 Boulevard was occupied in I924. gl' if Page l7O l i E i I 2 i S l l 3 T i 9 1 S i 7 , . E 1 i P l 5 l 1. r yr if if l' Page l7l ff. . GRADUATES 'Mark Donovan. CLASS OF I934 Ace Bailey, Tom Biggers, Bill Billuos, Ralph Bogarf, Howard Brockman, Everelf Colfer, Leslie Hernry, Claude Kennedy, Clarence Musser, John R. Wallace, 'John Reinharf. CLASS OF I935 Paul Alkins, John Burns, Buford Carden, Vincenl Dale, Clyde Dinger, Bill Hamilfon, Ruel Harris, V. V. Harris, Marshall Kennedy, Russell Lewis, George Parrish, T. Ray Phillips, Jack Rivers, Clark Roberls, Tolberl Smifh, Joe Thompson, Slanley Tyler, Frank Vogel, Carl Wagner, Jimmie WycoFl. It CLASS OF I936 Jim Harrison, Greg Garnelf, J. M. Key, Roberf Lancasfer, 'Maurice Bailey, 'P. F. Barnharl, Don Burch, 'Charles Dinger, 'Karey Fuqua, 'Howard Lodge, 'Marvin Owens, 'Daniel Thompson. CLASS OF I937 'Connie Al-irens, 'Morgan Bell, 'Frank Bell, 'Hugh Cash, 'Slephen Force, 'Dee Fuller, 'Emory Grinnell, 'Paul Guild, 'Frank Hamilfon, 'Bob Hill, 'Leon Allred Holloman, 'Byron Jones. 'Millard Purdy, 'Bob Sfephens, 'Bill Wylie. 'Pledge ..,..,.-.-Y av-,,.,.1,w..-r-.,. ,, uamiw .-iff - ke-eszrssifa. Q .ara . an. Q is .M, , 1 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Sigma Alpha Epsilon was Tounded aT The UniversiTy oT Alabama, March 9, T856-. The TraTerniTy was inTended To be naTional in exTenT and had seven chap- Ters beTore The end oT The nexT year. Over 8,000 members oT S. A. E. were in The service OT The Allies during The World War. One oT The inTeresTing incidenTs in The TraTerniTy's hisTory is The sTory oT iTs woman member, Miss Lucy PaTTie, iniTi- aTed aT KenTuclcy MiliTary InsTiTuTe soon aTTer The Civil War. Miss PaTTie l4epT The secreT papers and riTual oT The chap- Ter when iT disbanded and wenT To war. For This service she was made a mem- ber oT The TraTerniTy and held in high regard. The TwenTy-one members oT The local TraTerniTy, loTa Tau, were iniTiaTed inTo Sigma Alpha Epsilon on OcTober 23, I909. The S. A. E. chapTer here was one oT The TirsT To build iTs home. Fred NewTon and Erwin Hill come back Trom basl4eTball pracTice and do a liTTle posing iusT To show ThaT engineers can be aThleTes Too. The boys and Their daTes aT The an- nual picnic begin To gaTher alThough eaTing Time is sTill an hour away. Mrs. Rene STone waTching ouT Tor her boys. HerberT Morgan and Howard EleeT as "ThaT ciTy slicker" and "LiTTle Nell." J. H. lShorTyT Shelburne and Roy KnighT showing The diversiTy oT The Treshmen. The Sig Alph ship which won TirsT hon- ors Tor homecoming decoraTions. The inTramural baseball Team resTs up aTTer a game, and Harrell Chiles is sTill counTing whaT was made in The lasT inning. S. A. E. moved inTo iTs presenT colo- nial home aT 578 Boulevard in I9l6. Page T72 l v 1 . -Q 4: ? I Page I73 CLASS OF I934 J. K. Allred, Richard Bryanl, O. J. Colwiclc, John Gillcerson, Marlin Miller, Dale Moody. William Vaughan, Bland Wesl, Roberl Lee Wilson, Torn Braly, Fred Owen Newlon, Edwin Hill, Ralph Wolverlon, Bob Burns, Charles Mount James Lewis, Harrell Chiles, Charles Mooney. CLASS OF I935 Fred Dunlevy, Curlis Cannon, Pierce Canlrell, Clay Chiles, James Cleary, Jeff Coker, James DeGroo+, 'Russel Fralces, Ben Franklin, Ned Holman, Jerome Mooney, Herberf Morgan, Marion Owens, Roy Reed, Allon Sullivan, George K. Taggerl, William Tolleson, William Oxford. CLASS OF I936 'William Barnes, John R. Browne, Howard Fleer, 'Leslie Ford, John Harris, 'E. D. Holcomb, Bill Keller, Roy Neel, Franlc Ozmenl, 'M. O. Rife, 'Beauchamp Selrnan, Jaclc Wagner, Warren Wolverlon, Bob Holland, Bob Baer, Wilbur Jones, 'John R. Murray, 'Don Nix. CLASS OF I937 'C. A. Bell, 'Dudley Keller, 'Roy Knight 'Trimble Lalling, 'Slewarl Marlc, 'Brown Monnell, 'Edward H. Parks, 'David Reed, 'J. H. Shelburne, 'Curlis Yeary, 'Don Runyon, 'Haden Linebaugh. 'Pledge . muy ,. . lu. -v---pm... , num.,-.-.-,..,,,',,,,..f ...W . ., - s,n-,,,. I ,- ui. -f SIGMA CHI Sigma Chi is one of lhe "Miami Tri- ad," originaling al Miami Universily, Oxford, Ohio, in I855. The lounders of Sigma Chi were originally members ol Della Phi Epsilon, bul due lo lhe dis- agreemenl ol lhe rnembers over an eleclion, lhis group wilhdrew lrom lhal chapler and organized anolher sociely under lhe name ol Sigma Phi. The lounders were apparenlly unacguainled wilh The easlern lralernily ol: lhe same name. This sociely succeeded in keeping ils exislence secrel for some lime, bul il was finally discovered. Soon aller- wards, a group ol: rivals enlered inlo a plan lo sleal ils rilual and records, which was accomplished in January, I856. Il was al lhal lime lhal a new conslilulion and rilual were adopled and lhe name was changed lo Sigma Chi. Bela Kappa chapler was inslalled on The Universily campus in I9I2. Mrs. W. L. Perlcins, lhe Sigs' well- loved house molher. Nalional Inlercollegiale Golf Cham- pion Waller Emery demonslrales lhe correcl Bus Ham slance for making a "birdie." Use l'he old bean, Emeryl Prexy Jack I-ligh is also lhe Pi Phi house papa laccording lo one of lhe besl reporlers in lhe Sigma Chi chap- lerl. A bunch of lhe boys were whooping il up .... Pipe Carson's lamp posl slance . . . as Lawyer Jones and Velerinary Sl. John sland by lor emergencies. Snoop Wilson Brown dishes Jrhe Ialesl hol headlines 'ro Handy Man Bogan. Jusl a bunch of Ihe boys oul' digesl- ing Brolher Phillips' soulifle. Sigma Chi buill lheir house al 558 Boulevard in I924. W - 9 r PN P run 3 Page I74 l I l 2 1 E i 15 rl 3 5, if if Page I75 N CLASS OF I934 Ed Clarke, Frank T. McGraw, Woods Hanlcinson, Thomas B. Carson, Jack E. High, Bob Dunlap, Neil Bogan, Ralph Enix, 'Marlin E. Jones, 'Sullivan Ashby, Hugh Owen, Dennis Cubbage. CLASS OF I935 Maurice Hanlcinson, Gene Chappell, Bob Long, Roland Phillips, Fred Hoyf, Allon Boolcouf, Rex Chaney, 'Leslie Pain, 'Wendell Andrews, 'Hilyer Freeland, 'William Walls. CLASS OF I936 Rhys Evans, Wilson Brown, Waller Emery, Marlr Meisfer, E. C. Leonard, Gerald Mraz, 'Marshall Weir, 'Raymond Warwick, 'Ernesl Smifh. lk lk CLASS OF I937 'Dexrer Moss, Jr., 'Presley Ford, 'Floyd Hinfon, 'A, K. Whileside, 'George Hughes, 'Roy Coleman, 'Archie Perry, 'George Noble, 'Harry Allen, 'Ollie Wifhinglon. 'Pledge R. X PHI GAMMA DELTA Phi Gamma DelTa was Tounded in The room oT John TempleTon lvlcCarTy in "ForT ArmsTrong," a dormiTory oT JeT- Terson College, Cannonsburg, Pa., on The nighT oT April 22, I848. A consTiTu- Tion was adopTed on May I, I848, which daTe is now celebraTed as Found- ers' Day, The TraTerniTy expanded rap- idly, TirsT To The SouTh and laTer To The NorTh and WesT. The moTher chapTer enioyed a prosperous exisTence unTil The union oT WashingTon and JeTTerson Col- leges in I879 which caused iT To become exTincT. Phi Kappa Pi, local on The campus, re- ceived Their charTer in Phi Gamma DelTa on March 4, l9l7, aTTer peTiTioning Tor Tour years. Mrs. Alma DwighT AulTman, Phi Gam hosTess, is one oT The mosT charming ladies we have ever meT. A bunch oT The broThers place ScoTT Beesley in a Ticklish posiTion. No, he doesn'T work wiTh The circus. lT's only Gwynne Loughlin up To one oT his Treshman pranks. The co-eds Told us ThaT This Don Min- nig was really sTrong, buT we had no idea. John Dudley and Charlie Davis boTh Take The same sTance and give The pho- Tographer The once over. A raTher inTamous Phi Gam quarTeT composed OT STeckleloerg, Majors, Horned, and Waid. "Nooky" Burwell and Jimmy McWil- liams engage in a heaTed conTroversy over The value oT a college educaTion To a TuTure leader in aTTairs oT The sTaTe. This aTTracTive home oT The "Fiii's" was builT on WesT Boyd back in I923, and has been occupied by Them since ThaT Time. T fi Page I76 .V I 5 Page l77 CLASS OF I934 Dick Gurley, Joe Barnhill, Wendell Ford, Tom Finney, Olis Pelly, Slanley Marsh, Jim Bynum, Joe Rucks, Dick Tall, Bill Waid, Horace Sanfry. CLASS OF l935 John Dudley, Charles Davis, Bill Funk, Ben l-larned, Byrum Kroulil, Jimmy Maior, Jimmy McWilliams, Frank Schofield, Bill Slephens, Wally Thomas, Alberl Upsher. Barllell Ward, Fred Sleckleberg, 'l-lall Collinson, 'Emory Crow, 'Gwynne Laughlin, 'Don Minnig, 'Max Pischel. 'Bob Sfanlon, 'Bill Whileman, 'Ed Alden. CLASS OF I936 Scoll Beesley, Bill Bullis, Norman Burwell, Al Rollins, l-larolcl Eisele, 'Bob Loy, 'Edwin Shaw, 'Norman Brown. CLASS OF I937 'John Carslarphen, 'Ted Schrader, 'Bob Spradlinq 'Duncan Threlkeld, 'Louis While, 'Pledge PHI DELTA THETA Phi DelTa TheTa, a member oT The Miami Triad, was Tounded aT Miami UniversiTy, OxTord, Ohio, December 26, I848. The TraTerniTy remained sub rosa unTil The Time oT The spring commence- menT oT The UniversiTy in l852, when The members decided To make The Tra- TerniTy's exisTence publicly known, and began wearing badges openly. During The TirsT ThirTy-Tive years oT The TraTer- niTy, anTi-TraTerniTy laws caused The loss oT several chapTers, buT Phi DelTa TheTa has now become one oT The largesT OT The naTional TraTerniTies. General TraTerniTy headguarTers are now mainTained aT OxTord, Ohio, where an execuTive assisTanT is in charge. There are T46 charTered chapTers of alumni in Phi Delra TheTa. Oklahoma Alpha was esTablished on This campus on January 2, I9I8, and has The disTincTion oT being granTed a charTer oT Phi DelTa TheTa in The shorT- esT Time oT any peTiTioning body. One oT The campus's besT known couples is BroTher Bill T-lewiTT and Jane l'lobarT, DelTa Gamma. Mrs. Hugh V. McDermoTT, wiTe oT The Tamed Sooner coach, is The chapTer hosTess This year. These Two, Vivian Knox and Carl Chambers, have been apTly called The "Hamburger Kings." Leo Le Bron and Lucile Tway make excellenT chaperons Tor This oTher ersT- while couple. BeTTy Hume piloTs The "lizzie" buT "combine" STark prepares To abandon The ship when he spies an approaching TreighT Train. Mrs. McDermoTT adminisTers a spank- ing To liTTle Bud Browning who has been misbehaving. Phi DelTa TheTa's presenT home was builT in 1922 aT I I I E. Boyd STreeT. 9? 5 if .T Page T79 Page l79 T CLASS OF I934 Don Slinchecurn, Bill Buclc, Bill l-lewill, Max Kelly, Paul McCluslcy, Willis Sfarlc, George Shirlc. CLASS OF I935 B. B. Barelool, Omar Monroe Browning, Milo Brisco, Bill Charnplin, Carl Chambers, 'Leo LeBron, Gene McKnight Max Mc:Curdy, Gene Nolen. CLASS OF I936 Bill Bradshaw, 'Fred Champlin, 'Wilburn Collins, Charles Edwards, 'Gayfree Ellison, Allan Englernan, 'Herschel French, Lyle Johnson, 'Chesler Mengel, Bob Moore, 'Abe Morell, 'John Taylor, 'Wayne Turlc, 'Jim Wrighl, 'Dick Yeager. CLASS OF I937 'Mac OHS Boring, 'Ned Brooks, 'George Champlin, 'Tee Connelley 'Charles Grooms, 'Joe Murray, 'Bill Reynolds, 'J. E. Thompson, 'Bob Vance 'Pledge ACACIA Acacia was founded al Jrhe Universily of Michigan in May, l904, by a group of siudenl Freemasons organized as a Masonic Club, and incorporaled under The laws oi Jrhe siaie in l895. The governmenl ol The iraierniiy is vesled in a grand conclave composed oi delegaies from The chapiers and meel- ing biennially. The Oklahoma chapler was chariered inlo The nalional organizalion on May I, I92O. The local was lcnown as Jrhe Olcla- homa Masonic Club and was organized in l9l4 as a peiilioning body. Tex Erwin and John Forlson, edilor Oklahoma Daily. Mrs. Maude Thomas, Jrhe Acacia housemolher, has been wilh lhem for many years. Ex-Chapler Presidenl Porler swears ficlelily lo his palron sainl'. Presidenl Dulch Elderlcin and John Scoll' robbing Jrhe cradle lo play "pos- sum. These Acacia pepsfers seem To be having an argumenl. A big Rui-Nelr and a lillle one. lniliaiion day. Proudly Jrhey wear Jrhe badge. lErwin, Fogar+y.l The Acacias own The beauiiful old English home al 544 Elm Avenue, and have lived fhere since l925. . Sf sw? K4 4, , inf-hm Page l8O if 2 if 1 Page I8l mo e 'Y GRADUATE Ray Awlrey. CLASS OF I934 C. L. Holmes, Donald A. Porfer, John Forlson, John Zwiclc, Lawrence W. Elderkin, Durward Malhis, Louis Bond, Nelson Dunn, Kennelh McAfee, John A. Scoll, Thomas V. Munson, Donald Suggs, Paul Wilson, Bryan T. Cole, Wilmer R. Ragsdale, Harry Schwarlz, Jack Sufherlancl. CLASS OF I935 Leon Davis, R, T. Pollard, George Verify, Vernon Fields, 'Shellon Dandridge, 'Herberl' Finley. James Ray, Harry Larnberl, Ernesf F. Ervin, 'Harrell McCullough, 'Thomas Balla. CLASS OF I936 John Fogarly, Frank Elliol, George Tarfer, Doyle Todd. CLASS OF I937 'Ralph Dighlon, 'Hula Crawford, 'James Clary, l'Freeman Paschall, 'Don Gillcison, 'Ed Sharpe, Rea McKinney. 'Pledge .- .... ...A ,,.,...... ,W ,..4,.,,-ww . - .M-Nw. T' if yu.-..-..-., ... . 1 g,.,..-.,. , SIGMA ALPHA MU Sigma Alpha Mu was Tounded aT The College oT The CiTy oT New York in I909. The local chapTer, Sigma Alpha oT The naTional organizaTion, was in- sTalled on May 22, l92O, when eighT members oT The Alpha Club were iniTi- aTed inTo Sigma Alpha Mu. Jake GoldsTein, Marcus Cohn, Presi- denT oT The chapTer and Junior Phi BeTe, and Myer J. DriTch. Mrs. Pauline Lewis oT Sayre is The charming hosTess oT Sigma Alpha Mu. Julius Bankoff seems To Think ThaT lra Levine needs a liTTle Tace washing. Maybe he does-how would we know? JusT a bunch oT The boys ouT To waTch The."birdie." Don'T crowd, boys, don'T crowd. Jake GoldsTein, Myer J. DriTch, Mar- cus Cohn and NaThan RaviTz. From The picTures, There is apparenTly no dissen- sion in This house. The Sigma Alrpha Mu house aT 207 W. Boyd was irsT occupied by The chapTer in I928. . QA i., ia . X .4 s A ii ', '.g M .L Gipvf Page I82 Page I83 CLASS OF I934 lra Levine, Raymond Sandler, Myer J. Drilclw, J. W. Levin, Frank Appleman, Samuel Minslry, Norman Fuloranslcy, Bernard Kahn, Arnold Ungerman. CLASS OF l935 Marcus Colin, "Daniel Bomson, Joseph Sfoclcer. CLASS OF I936 Jalce Goldsfein, Nallian Ravilz, 'Solomon Kaiser, 'Sumner Russman, 'Joe Kalpin, 'kJosepn Leavilf, "Sidney Massie. CLASS OF I937 'Julius Bankorl, 'Marvin Trope, "Vic+or Kalman, 'Dave Aranow, 'Guss Zeldiclw, 'Harold Goodman, 'Roberl Kahn, 'Ben Novak, 'Fred A, Burg. 'Pledge .ff r gg-.--..,,. X 1 . i""'M"m K bi -.-.f-- j.:..:.,.,. W -rf- "Wm M"'mW' 'M'mi""'i T P... .... ...- ..., Pl KAPPA ALPHA Pi Kappa Alpha was Tounded aT The UniversiTy oT Virginia on The nighT oT March I, I868, by Tive men who had long been inTimaTe Triends and who were all veTerans oT The ConTederaTe Army. The Tive, Tinding Themselves To- geTher aT Virginia aTTer The war, wanTed To perpeTuaTe Their Triendship and so They Tormed The TraTerniTy. The World War record oT Pi Kappa Alpha is imposing. OuT oT a ToTal living membership aT ThaT Time oT 6,099, l,I I5 were in service. Some 565 undergradu- aTes enlisTed. The assisTance oT The older alumni made iT possible Tor every chapTer To survive. BeTa Omicron chapTer was Tounded aT The UniversiTy oT Oklahoma on Sep- Tember 24, I92O. The Pi Kappa Alphas' hosTess is Mrs. James E. Pershing. She was The Tound- er oT The l-losTess Club and iTs presi- denT. "FriTz" l'lolTzschue dishes iT ouT wiTh a man-sized paddle. Can The boys down under Take iT? A Chi Omega obligingly does a liTTle quarTerbacking Tor Tour Pi K. A.'s. Showing OTT Tor The amusemenT oT The TheTas. IT looks like a greaT Time Tor one and all, buT we'll lef you Tigure ouT your own conclusions. NepTune, Johnson and Meis, The Pi Kappa Alpha Trio lkiTchen varieTyl. STill showing off. The smarTies. The presenT home oT Pi K. A.. aT 730 College, was builT in I929. 0 if Page I84 E , Ya ,I ff ff' Page l85 GRADUATE Waller Meicalfe CLASS OF I934 Torn Hanson, Roy Wade, Jack Kerns, Bressem Holfzschue, Bob Vahlberg, Doug Bell, Charles Selby, Eryyl Bross, Charles Woods, Jack Kirion, Red Lynn, Dan Hanson, Dud Culp, K. Bragdon, Warren Gunier, Bill Minor, Joe Gilmore, Bob Kyle, Bud Pralher, Harold LeCrone, Jack Williams, W. Wilson, W. Black. CLASS OF I935 George Miskovsky, V. N. Culpepper, B. M. Nowery, Bill Lee, Ed Wilson, George Srnifh, Bob Nepfune, Bruion Wood, Joe Siamper, Mark Miller, Charles Worley, John Meikle, Max Siuniz. CLASS OF I936 John Wheeler, Emil Meis, Wade Pipkin, Flelcher Swank, Bill Crocker, John Johnson, Keller Barneii, D. Sleinbock, L. Robison, Kenneih Robinson, Ben Poynor, George Gilmore, Wayne LeCrone, Huberf Gibson, 'J. F. Malone, 'Maurice Siuarl, 'W. G. Davis, 'Morgan Brown, 'Ed Homan, 'Clark James. CLASS OF I937 'Keller Henderson, 'Joe McCarihy, 'Clyde Pairick, 'Gene Hopping, 'Nick Young. 'Pledge y..---H A.. J T'QffQff . PHI KAPPA PSI Phi Kappa Psi was founded al Jeffer- son College, Pennsylvania, February I9, 1852, by Charles P. T. Moore and Wil- liam l'l. Lellerman. The parenl' chapler nearly became exlincl in I863 owing To lhe enlislmenl of all bul one member in lhe Federal army. The lolal membership of lhe fraler- nily al The oulbrealc of 'lhe Civil War was only 600. Of This number 552 men enlisied and of 'rhese aboul IOO were killed. There are, al presenl, approximaiely 5OO members of Phi Kappa Psi lisled in Who's Who in America. The local, Kappa Psi, was granled ils charier on Oclober 9, l92O. The annual "Poverly Ball" always does ils share in malcing campus coslume dances a success. Tom Miller and Neal Searcy engage lwo mylhical opponenls in a fasl game of Ping Pong. Mrs. Helen Searcy, herself The molher of Jrwo Phi Psis, is lhe chapler hosless. Sleiner lvlason, a budding novelisl, pounds oui a big slory for The Whirl- wind. Hamillon delvleules, well-lcnown law sludenl and aciivily man, is Presidenl of lhe chapler. A bridge game always provides a pleasanl' diversion from 'rhe rouline of school. Phi Psi's allraclive home, wilh ils beauliful lawn, is localed ai 720 Elm Avenue. f 5 ..1 ,ga 1 Page l86 Page l87 CLASS OF I934 William C. Harsch, John M. l-louchin, Roloerl M. Jordan, William M. Majors, Warren A. Cline, Lewis B. Jackson, Warren C. McManus, Neal Searcy, Will R. Wilson, Joe D. Mifchell, l-lamilfon De Meules, J. D. Fellers. CLASS OF I935 William M. Durnil, Edgar A. DeMeules, Jr., Harold Abernefhy, Nelson Clabaugh, John Fish- burn, Roberf Lockwood, Sleiner Mason, Wilson E. Cline, Thomas Miller, 'Burke McGin+y, 'Richard Turner, Allen Waggener, James Rolh. CLASS OF I936 Louis Hill, Neville Bowers, 'Paul Day, 'Gene B. Ley, John R. Law, Joe Mills, James Sinque- field, Charles L. Follansbee. CLASS OF I937 'Malcolm Keller, 'Roberl Jones, 'Marion Holland, 'James Fishburn, 'Garih Caylor, 'Thomas Tennery, 'Arlhur M. Melrose, 'Herberl Bailey, 'Bill Galloway. 'Pledge vigil v 1 L,', gzeiir W. ff T c 7 Q sk, 1 s- 9 i 4 fi M J. a W ef. M . .s..q..,1awwfSr ,WE , V,L M.. , un-a...,.,-.., . mm. MN Wt I l s Q. ALPHA TAU OMEGA Alpha Tau Omega was Tounded aT Richmond, Virginia, on SepTember ll, I865. IT was The TirsT Greek leTTer col- lege TraTerniTy organized aTTer The Civil War. IT has also The disTincTion oT be- ing The TirsT TraTerniTy of SouThern origin which successTully mainTained chapTers in The NorTh. The TraTerniTy has noT conTined iTs membership sTricTly To undergraduaTes and has admiTTed TaculTy members when They were oTherwise qualiTied. Mem- bership has never been conTerred ex- cepT by iniTiaTion. New charTers are issued only upon a voTe oT all The chapTers and Tavorable recommendaTion by The high council. Oklahoma DelTa Kappa was charTered on February 2, I92l, absorbing The local Ze-Ta Tau. STanley Morian demonsTraTes The ap- proved Bobby Jones sTance and Tollow Through. Mrs. F. D. Appleby, The chapTer hosT- ess, poses Tor The camera man. She's a True sporT Through and Through. Bill Lewis, Dudley Tichenor, Eldon Frye and Millard Williams in a charac- TerisTic pose. Some sorT oT a build-up or Trame-up or someThing-Don'T you Think? Mrs. Appleby and Bill Lewis-Thinks he's smarT, doesn'T he? Dudley Tichenor, Business Manager of The Daily. pauses aT The door oT The Union. More anTics, and such Tacesl The A.T.O. house, builT in l927, is lo- caTed aT IOOS Jenkins. Their beauTiTul lawn adds charm and disTincTion To iTs appearance. Page l88 Page I89 GRADUATE Ralph Rachley, Dick Swarm. CLASS OF I934 Ray Arilhony, Ames Colley, James Crawford, Eldon Frye, J. C. l-lorri, Jr., Slariley Moriah, Jr. Howard Olson, Jack Parsons, Giles Peniclc, Maurice Tripplehorn, Bob Waldrop. CLASS OF I935 Forresf l-lamilion, Jim Kirk, W. C. Lewis, Jr., Franlc B. Meaders, Sam Moore, Francis Trindle, 'Joe Tripplehorn, Bemis Vediner, Millard Williams, Jaclc Millaway, Joe Welboan. CLASS OF I936 'Richard Askew, 'John Adams, H. S. Carringlon, James Cowles, l-lerberl Hazzard, 'Claude l-lenry, 'l-lenry McConnell, Jack Nunnery, 'Dudley Tichenor. CLASS OF I937 'George Allen, 'Tom DeWiH, 'Busler l-lolm, 'John l-lunler, 'Covey Page, 'Tom Parris, 'Tom Slreef, 'George Sufherland. 'Pledge DELTA TAU DELTA DelTa Tau DelTa was inTormally organ- ized aT BeThany College, Virginia llaTer WesT Virginial, in The spring OT l858, buT The Tormal organizaTion was noT eT- TecTed unTil early in I859. The TirsT SouThern TraTerniTy, The Rain- bow oT SocieTy, was uniTed wiTh DelTa Tau DelTa in I886, aTTer lengThy negoTiaTions. The Rainbow Tra- TerniTy was Tounded in l848 aT The Uni- versiTy oT Mississippi. To complimenT The older order The name oT The oTTicial iournal oT DelTa Tau DeI+a was changed Trom The CrescenT To The Rainbow. The local peTiTioning group, DelTa Sigma DelTa, became The naTional DelTa Alpha oT DelTa Tau DelTa in I922. The Delfs pause a momenT beTore go- ing To a one o'clocl4. Mildred SuTTield, lv1oTher Allen, and l-lirsT SuTTield are sTopped Tor a momenT by The cameraman. Lawrence l-l. Wilson, who has so ca- pably served DelTa Alpha oT DelTa Tau DelTa as PresidenT Tor Two years. Spring calls and These DelTs answer wiTh experT gardening. lVloTher Allen, a Well Known Sooner and whose loving care and counsel has been an inspiraTion To every DelT Tor eighT years. Spring is here and KenneTh DuTF, Har- rieT l-luTThines, l-l. C. Luman, and Mar- gareT Ellen Randerson seek The SOTT lux- ury oT The baclc lawn. This English sTyle sTrucTure was TirsT occupied in l928 and is lcnown by all DelTs as Their beloved "DelTa ShelTer". Page l90 Page l9l ' 'T Ai GRADUATE John Alley. CLASS OF I934 Harry Alley, Herrick Babcock, Bill Bollinger, Charles Coblenlz, Kay Garneli, Allen Gibson, Joe Fred Gibson, Hirsf Suffield, Harold Landrum, Jerome Laudermilk, Truman Tomlin, Lawrence Wilson. CLASS OF l935 Frank Ashby, Bruce Beesley, Charles Binkley, Lonnie Cummings, Kennelh Duici, George Hondros H. C. Luman, Bill Pearce, T. C, Srromberg, Max Slurm, Gordon Walls, Preslon Vfood, 'Ralph Cline, 'Donald Weir. CLASS OF I936 Linwood Creasy, 'Spolfswood Dandridge, Jack Davis, Tom Ensch, R. B. Genfry, Mason Lyons, Harold Jones, Ray McNeil, J, A. Mull, John Nichols, James Noel, Harry Shrader. 'Joseph Somerville, Edwin Slahl, Sianley Slromberg, Harry Suffield, CLASS OF I937 John Crew, Billy Johnson, Logan McDonald, Kenneth Wilson, Billy Cole, 'Wayne Allen, Brinker lyy. 'Pledge A QF' ' p u QQ ., ..,,,,,,.,,,,, . . pu p,,,,,..,,. . . PHI BETA DELTA Phi Bela Della was organized and lounded al Columbia Universily on April 5, l9I2. The organizalion has had a rapid growlh and has lhrived lrom ils inceplion in spile ol lhe lacl lhal lhe policy ol expansion is conservalive and new chaplers are admilled only aller lhey have lullilled delinile enlrance re- quiremenls including endorsemenl by members ol lhe lacully. The governmenl ol lhe lralernily is vesled in a nalional council, elecled by lhe annual convenlion and given broad powers. The local lola chapler was granled ils charler lo Phi Bela Della in I922, and since lhal lime has made a name lor ilsell in bolh lorensics and scholar- ship. Kirschner chasing Mallz up a lree and meeling wilh a lew complicalions. Mrs. Herman Levine, house molher lor Phi Bela Della. Kirschner and Gelzoll wielding a pad- dle on Pledge Kanlor lEddie?l. Sam Abrams-hiding oul-he'd bel- ler. Kirschner again. Jerry is lhe Senior Manager ol lhe Universily's lnlramural Sporls Program. Phi Bela Della pyramid-Gelzoll, Pu- laski, Lalman, Kanlor, Mallz, and Mil- lard. The ioy riders-Kanlor, Gelzoll, Mallz, Lalman, Millard. Phi Bela Della has occupied ils new home al 704 Lindsay since lhe lall ol 1932. A ' X. I . .GPX 'S Y Page l92 3 ,ff 12' ! I Page I93 . . I CLASS OF l934 Jerome Kirschner, Irving Weinslein, Tobe G. Krandel, Paul Gefzoll, Leon Fisher, Sarnuel K. Alzvrarns. CLASS OF I935 Milfon J. Gordon, Peler Millard, Bill Koenigsdorl, Bernard L. Gordon, Aaron Mesirow, Burnie Merson, Julius Einhorn, Adolph Sfoup. CLASS OF I936 Louis Weinsfein, Leonard Sosland, 'Nafhan Selinger, Edward J. Pulaslci. CLASS OF I937 Ellioll Davis, Morris Gershon, Abe Laiman, Bill Levine, Phil Grernm, Maurice Mallz, Leo Marlcs, Joe Meyer, 'Joe Kanfor, Joe Sinwer, Sol Taubman, 'Jules Weinberger, 'Jerome Gordon, Feliz Gordon. 'Pledge Y"""""""" ,,,,,,,,M, . ALPHA SIGMA PHI Alpha Sigma Phi was founded nalion- ally al Yale Universify in I845 and granled a charrer 'io +he Oklahoma pe- lilioning body, Della Kappa Rho, in I923. The local chapfer is Alpha Alpha. Mrs. l-l. B. McKnigh+, hosress, who has been wi+h rhe Alpha Sigs for six years. Whilley Cox, vice-presidenr of +he chapler and slar dash man on The Uni- versily lrack leam. Whir Cox and Glen Dawson, Alpha Sig rrack slars. This picrure was raken ar Onrario, Canada, where Jrhe boys were compeling in a 'rrack meer wirh rhe besf runners in Canada. The chapler is proud of irs Track 'ream --Jack Clark, Whir Cox, Fred BarreH, Floyd Lochnor, Clyde McGinnis. Wayne Mcliowen, senior and house derecrive, wilh Sam Mays and Swede Nelson in rhe background looking rhings over. Orville Barnell, former Presidenf and house manager, a social hound and en- gineer of no mean abilily. The Alpha Sigs have lived al W. Boyd since I925. 41. K ' 522' S 5 5 2262 -, -' ' Page I94 1 x af Page l95 l l l l GRADUATE Fred Kroscliwilz. CLASS OF I934 Tom Aslwlon, James Barnelr, Orville Barne-Tl, Jaclc Clarlc, Woodson Dawson, Roberl Ellis, Jolmn McKi'ririclc, Wayne D. Mcliowen, Romeo Sellle, Joe Smalley. CLASS OF I935 Billy Amend, 'Loyelf Burlce, Ed Barllell, Wlnilley Cox, Gordon Green, Roloerf Henderson, Talmadqe Jones, Sam Mays, Leslie McGee, 'Loris Moody, Jules Richardson, Gerald Roberls, George Siqqins. CLASS OF I936 Jack Kolwler, Floyd Loclcner, 'Clyde McGinnis, Floyd Nelson, Owen Townsend. CLASS OF I937 'Fred Barrelf, 'Wilburn Blalceley, 'Billy Carr, 'Merle Coleman, 'William Conlcriqlvl, 'James Furbee, James Craddoclc, 'George Rogers, Ed Smilli. 'Pledge g...-up-.--'H-ww iv PI KAPPA PHI Pi Kappa Phi became a naTional Tra- TerniTy aT The College oT CharlesTon in I904 and insTalled a chapTer aT Okla- homa on May 26, I923. Pi Kappa, The peTiTioning body, was composed oT TwenTy-Tive members, parT oT whom were members oT The Tormer chapTer aT Tulsa UniversiTy and This organizaTion re- mained a local Tor only one year. By Their cosTumes ye shall know Them. AcTiviTy men one and all. Bob LoTTin, and Marion Foreman, Na- Tional InTercollegiaTe wresTling cham- pion. And This, boys and girls, is The famous l-larold "Swede" Gassaway. Why noT puT his head up againsT a Tree? And This liTTle pig wenT To markeT. lhlo oTTense, Cunninghaml. Jim Rusk poses To geT his phoTo in The Sooner. l-le should be pleased now. A social man is lvl. W. "Big Mac" Mc- Kenzie, hailing Trom Oklahoma CiTy. fs, Q , .wyfNmvMwu. .,4.v,.,,.,.....,.........................,u ................... Page T96 i l 4 'L' Q ff ff y Page I97 CLASS OF I934 James Rusk, Bri? Clapham, George Russell, Clifford Slein, Harold Gassaway, Ralph Roberls, Marion Foreman. CLASS OF I935 H. C. Dick Wilson, Everelf Goins, Brewsler lv1cFadyen, Dick Henderson, Don Cunningham, Roy Jarneson, M. W. McKenzie, A. Ervine Swift Beede Long, 'Edwin Berry, 'Roy Hickox, 'Bob Loflin. CLASS OF I936 Joe Shapiro, Beecher Snipes, John T. Sherrill, Alfred Schrnidf, W. J. Hughes, Jr., 'William Norris. CLASS OF I937 'Neil G-rimsley, 'Bill Hahn, 'Waller Calaham. 'Pledge 21' f 'ff fr K ' T az ff -WM-4..........,,,Bm A . T xi --- 1 ,JVM ai ra 3, 3 'iv 1 Wa .sf , .lf Ll-4 ,E as J y.....-......--.,... . .. , E.............W...-,...,.,m.,.,- .... .. M.- ?......... zu., ..A, -.. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Lambda Chi Alpha was Tounded aT BosTon UniversiTy, as an ouTgrowTh oT The CosmopoliTan Law Club, which had been organized in l905. The TirsT meeT- ing oT The TraTerniTy was held November 2, I909, and This has been accepTed by The TraTerniTy as The daTe oT iTs Tound- ing. Three sTudenT lawyers who had been TogeTher as members oT The same high school TraTerniTy ioinecl and laid The ToundaTion Tor The new organizaTion. The growTh oT The TraTerniTy has been boTh consisTenT and subsTanTial, as an unbrolcen roll OT 78 acTive chapTers indi- caTes. The local chapTer, Gamma Rho, re- ceived iTs charTer Trom Lambda Chi Al- pha on OcTober 9, l926. WiTh The admission oT a chapTer aT The UniversiTy oT ToronTo, Canada, in l927, The TraTerniTy became inTerna- Tional. lvloTher CrawTord, The chapTer hosT- ess. The "gardening crew" resTs a biT. RuT Nelc "Al", "LiTTle Willie", The polo man. SaTurday morning is cleanup Time aT The Lambda Chi house. We hope ThaT They enjoy The Sooner as much as They are enjoying The alumni magazine. "0ur Pill", all decked ouT and ready Tor play. Any old rags, newspapers, or boTTles Today, lady. Lambda Chi's beauTiTul home erecTed on The Tudor sTyle oT archiTecTure has been occupied Tor Tour years, and is lo- caTecl aT 904 College. , ' T My T 554' TT Page I98 Page I99 i CLASS OF I934 Harold Rifler, Kennefh l-l. Ferguson, Merril l-larris, Jack Fosler, Ralph King, Murray McDonald, Alford Framplon, George Bolon. CLASS OF I935 Edgar Lee Bradford, Ed Crawford, Lawrance Riffer, Richard l-lays, William Prieslley, William King, Clifford King, Finis Gillespie, l-lillard Henson, Oreb l-lubbel, Norman Floyd, Harold Spiclcelmire, Philip Lowenihal, William Farmer, James l-lammil, John Railley, Roberl Oilel, Lewis Goff. CLASS OF I936 Baxler Taylor, William Downing, Chesler Dill, John Molelc, Richard Coleman, Bird Gasfon, Harold Shoemake, 'Paul McQueen. CLASS OF I937 'Bailey Bell, 'Biclcford Slaclc, 'Ryan Russell, 'Ralph Brown, 'Kennefh Savage, 'Pillman Willcens, 'Joe Mcliarling. 'Pledge DELTA UPSILON Delfa Upsilon, oldesf nafional frafer- nify on fhe Universify campus, was founded af Williams College, Williams- fown, lvlassachuseffs, on November 4, 1834. The frafernify is non secref in nafure and was founded as a profesf againsf fhe dominafion of cerfain se- cref sociefies. The organizafion was known for many years as fhe "Anfi- Secref Confederafionu and if was nof unfil I859 fhaf The Greek name "Delfa Upsilon" was adopfed. The significance of fhe frafernify's moffo is public, fhere is no grip and no secref password. lfs consfifufion and fhe records of ifs convenfions have al- ways been public while if is only wifhin recenf years fhaf fhis has been frue of ofher frafernifies. Mrs. J. R. Jarrell, fhe smiling D.U. hosfess from Humbolf, Texas. The Delfa Upsilon-Thefa Combine: Fred Carder, lvlarieffa Darling, Mar- garef Linebaugh, Glenn Davis. Jim Follens, Harry Mclnnis, Glenn Davis, Wayne Heckler, and Bob Rapp before fhe dreaded one o'clocks. Polly Taylor and Jack Chrisfian- Whaf are fhe books for? Harry Mclnnis and Lida Lee-Lida was aroused and as usual Harry was fhe loser. Smoking fhe peace pipe before fhe regular affernoon siesfa-Jack Miller, Bob Downing, and Lawrence Williamson. The Delfa Upsilon house af 603 W. Brooks, occupied since The fall of I929. Ffyx Page 200 i I 1 2 J l li l P 1' Page ZOI CLASS OF l934 Carl T. Addingion, Fenelon W. C. Boesche, Jr., Glenn R. Davis, James G. Follens, Malcolm W. Hudson, Harry Mclnnis, Roloerf B. Mee, Lawrence M. Williamson, Fred P. Myers, Lulher Holcomb. CLASS OF l935 Allen C. Aler, Frederick Carder, Jr., Jack J. Chrisfian, D. S. Harris, Wayne W, Heckler, Sieve A. Pace, Neal H. Myers, McCoy J. Ewerf, Harry C. Trenlman, G. John Oberfell, J. Grey Umpleby, 'W. Elwin Gilchrist 'Dale Wall. CLASS OF l936 Don C. Allred, Dan R. Dunnelf, Roberl C. Downing, David B. Hulchcrafl, H. M. Ligon, Jack E. Miller, William P. Morrison, G. Morgan Morehouse, Charles C. Pyle, A. J. Spahr, 'Billie Burke, 'James F. Haning, 'John O. Hall, 'Ross Flafi, 'Charles V. Smilh. CLASS OF I937 'J. D. Ligon, 'Norris G. Henlhorne, Jr., 'William J. Hefner, 'Ben Nicholas, 'Bob Rapp, 'F. M. Reynolds, 'William O. Smyfhe, 'Joe Weinberg. 'Hunler G. Pedigo, 'L. C. Jones. 'Pledge ff'i"-'f " "i l , . i i I l l y.-.--M... . A PHI KAPPA SIGMA Phi Kappa Sigma was Tounded aT The UniversiTy oT Pennsylvania on OcTober l9, l85O. IT is The only naTional TraTer- niTy Tounded aT The UniversiTy of Penn- sylvania . The Civil War desTroyed all eighT oT The SouThern chapTers and only Three oT Them were ever revived. The TirsT chap- Ter esTablished aTTer The Tounding oT The TraTerniTy was aT PrinceTon UniversiTy. This chapTer was Tinally lcilled by anTi- TraTerniTy laws. The elecTion oT honorary members To TraTerniTy membership is prohibiTed. Kappa Epsilon was organized in Sep- Tember, I923, Tor The purpose oT peTi- Tioning Phi Kappa' Sigma and became an acTive chapTer oT ThaT organizaTion on February 2, I929. Mrs. Mae Clark is The Phi Kap hosTess. Tom STephens and Joe Mannas are Two Tine chapTer represenTaTives. Jake l'lampTon is chapTer prexy. Two soc:ialiTes, The Derby Clubbers ll-lampTon and E. G. Nashl. Don Hays, baslceTball Tlash, and Bill Pansze, CapTain I933 Sooner TooTball Teanm RoThrocl4 and PraTher puT on The miTTs in preparaTion oT The boxing Tourney. This mighT well be called a miniaTure Who's Who secTion To look aT This group. This loeauTiTul old colonial house occu- pied by The Phi Kaps is locaTed in The seven hundred block on Elm STreeT. 1 -: Q- r.,iE1,:2"" Page 202 Page 203 CLASS OF I934 Evans G. Nash, Harry Aggers, Hugh R. Humphreys, Dave H. Siormonl, Bill N. Pansze, J. C. Hamplon, Willard D. Gurley, Ralph L. Bolen, Alberl Kulp, Cecil Meadors, T. J. Fuson, 'Bob C. Smifh, Melvin Smilh. CLASS OF i935 Bill Beidleman, Frank Linn Killingsworlh, Lewis Killinqsworlh, Dwiqhl Hamlin, Donald Hays, Waldron C. Wisdom, Franlc McCann, Tom Slephens, 'Roberl Culver, 'Roy Melinder, Auslin James Rillenhouse, CLASS OF I936 Jerome Bird, R. Renn Rolhroclc, Roberl R. Bunch, Carl Mosf, 'Morris While, Roberl Beidle- man. CLASS OF I937 'Dick Johnson, 'Joe Beidleman, 'Morrison Slevens, 'James Barneli, 'Norion McCellancl, 'Lawrence E. Bolen, 'Dan H. Carpenler, 'Lionel E. Edwards, 'Rex Barflell, 'Joe Marinas, 'Bill Lewis, 'Bill Hudleslon, 'Harold A. While, 'Bill Hendrixson, 'Snoolcs Jones. 'Pledge THE INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL DUDLEY CULP . JOE SMALLEY . . GEORGE RUSSELL . BRUCE BEASLEY , Kappa Alpha Dick Ellegood Bob l-lerT Kappa Sigma RuperT Fogg Denver Meacham Bel-a TheTa Pi Earl Sneed Allen Calveri' Sigma Nu Tom Biggers VincenT Dale Sigma Alpha Epsilon George TaggarT Ralph WolverTon Sigma Chi Neil Bogan Jack l-ligh Phi Gamma DelTa Dick Gurley Joseph Rucks OFFICERS MEMBERS Phi DelTa TheTa Willis STark Milo Brisco Acacia Don PorTer George VeriTy Pi Kappa Alpha Bob Vahlberg Dudley Culp Phi Kappa Psi James Fellers RoberT Lockwood Alpha Tau Omega Jack Nunnery Ray AnThony Delfa Tau DelTa Bruce Beesley Lawrence Wilson Alpha Sigma Phi Joe Smalley Woody Dawson . PresidenT Vice-PresidenT . SecreTary . Treasurer Pi Kappa Phi George Russell CliTTord STein Lambda Chi Alpha Ed BradTord Finis Gillispie DelTa Upsilon Glenn Davis James Follens DeI+a Chi KenneTh l-logue LunsTord LivingsTon Phi Kappa Sigma Bill Beidleman AlberT Kulp Phi BeTa DeI+a Sam Abrams PeTer Malloy Sigma Alpha Mu Ira Levine Marcus Cohn The lnTer-FraTerniTy Council is The governing body Tor The social TraTerniTies on The UniversiTy campus and is composed oT Two represenTaTives Trom each TraTerniTy. The Council has The power To make and enTorce all rules perTaining To TraTerniTy rush, pledging, and gualiTi- caTions Tor iniTiaTion. The work oT The Council in This respecT has been parTicularly heavy This year due To a change in The rush and pledging rules. 4 The awarding OT a cup Tor scholarship, sponsoring and awarding a cup Tor The winners in inTer-TraTerniTy aThleTic compeTiTion, sponsoring The InTer-FraTerniTy Mixer Tor TirsT year men, The lnTer-FraTerniTy Sing, and The lnTer-FraTerniTy Dinner Dance, are among The many and varied acTiviTies oT The Council. Page 204 PUBLICATIONS "The Skir+" crashes +hrough fhe headlines. ij THE PUBLICATION BOARD The PublicaTion Board is made up oT one represenTaTive each Trom The SOONER, The Oklahoma Daily, The Whirl- wind, PublicaTions-aT-Large, The Men's Council, and W. S. G. A. and Three TaculTy members, who represenT The admin- isTraTion. Supervision oT sTudenT publicaTions is The parTicular duTy oT The Board. EdiTors oT all publicaTions are selecTed by This body Trom applicanTs who have served in major sTaTT posi- Tions Tor a period oT aT leasT seven monThs prior To Their applicaTions. The General Manager oT PublicaTions is charged wiTh appoinTing The Business Managers Tor The sTu- denT publicaTions. These sTudenT managers will work in har- mony wi+h The General Manager who is responsible To The Board. AcTual managemenT oT publicaTions is leTT enTirely To I-1.1-Ll-QERBERT The EdiTors and Business Managers, The Board reTraining Trom inTerTerence excepT in cases where iT Teels ThaT iT can be oT real assisTance or ThaT The work is unsaTisTacTory. Decisions involving The expendiTure oT large sums oT money are usually made in consulTaTion wiTh The Board. MEMBERS PROP. l'l. l-l. HERBERT .... Chairman EARL SNEED . . . . . SOONER PROE. J. l'l. CASEY . . . SecreTary-Treasurer DALE CLARK . . . . Oklahoma Daily DEAN D. B. R. JOHNSON .... EaculTy NAN REARDQN . . . Whirlwind RALPH SEWELL . . . PublicaTions-aT-Large l-l. C. LUMAN . . . Men's Council CORlNlELlA LYNDE . . . . W. S. G. A. Page 206 THE JOURNALISM PRESS INCORPORATED Formed June I, I93O, by an acT oT The PublicaTion Board, The Journalism Press Incorpor- aTed has as iTs principal worlc The prinTing oT The Oklahoma Daily, The Whirlwind and The STudenT DirecTory. ITs direcToraTe is inTerIocI4ing wiTh ThaT oT The PubIicaTion Board. Seven members are included in The group, one represenTaTive each Trom The PubIicaTion Board, The IvIen's Council, and W. S. G. A., and Tour TacuITy members. A number oT sTudenTs are employed by This organizaTion, principally To workin The UniversiTy prinT shop. Cecil I-I. BriTe, General Manager oT PublicaTions, supervises much oT The work oT This organ- izaTion and The eTIicienT managemenT oT publicaTions is largely due To his abiIiTy and Tireless eTForTs. The mechanical deparTmenT is under The supervision oT Charles TanT, whose consTanT eTTorTs have resuITed in sTeady and marked improvemenTs along This Iine. MEMBERS PROP. H. H. HERBERT . . . . Pfaaiala-H PROP. JoHH H. CASEY . . . . . SecreTary-Treasurer FRANK CLECKLER . . saay, uaivafaiiy oT Oklahoma AssociaTion JOSEPH A. BRANDT . . Eaiiaf, uaivarawy oT Oklahoma Press EARL SNEED . . ..... PublicaTion Board MARIETTA DARLINC5 . . . vv.s. e. A. EWIN6 SADLER . . IvIen's Council CECIL I-I. BRITE Page 207 THE 934 SOONER Twe IQ34 SOONER is The ThirTieTh yearbook To be pub- lished aT The UniversiTy oT Oklahoma and The TwenTy-sixTh To be ca led Tl-IE SOONER. The TirsT book came in The year T905 and was called The "MisTleToe," which name was con- Tinuec unTil I909 when The presenT name was adopTed. There has been a SOONER every year since ThaT daTe. Twe purpose oT The SOONER is To provide a lasTing recorc oT The acTiviTies oT The school year in as aTTracTive a way as possible. An eTTorT is made To porTray every phase oT schoo liTe and To creaTe a book which The sTudenT will enioy long aTTer The end oT his college career. PublicaTion and managemenT oT The book are enTirely under The direcTion oT The EdiTor and The Business Manager, who are sTudenTs, and is carried ouT by Them wiTh The assisT- ance oT Their sTaTTs, also made up oT sTudenTs. Financing, which is under The supervision and conTrol oT The PublicaTion JOE FRED GIBSON Board. is Through adverTising, sale oT books, and sale oT space To organizaTions. The EdiTor is elecTed each spring by The PublicaTion Board and serves unTil The compleTion oT The book Tor The Tollowing year which is shorTly beTore The end oT The second semesTer. To be eligible Tor This oTTice he musT have served aT leasT seven monThs as a major sTaTT member which posiTion he may receive only Through appoinTmenT by The PublicaTion Board on recommenda- Tion oT The EdiTor or Business Manager under whom he served. The Business Manager Tor The i934 and previous ediTions was selecTed by The same sysTem as The EoliTor. l-lowever, The power oT designaTing The Business Manager Tor The l935 SOONER has been delegaTed by The PublicaTion Board To The General Manager oT PublicaTions. This plan will be Tol- lowed unTil The Board sees TiT To change iT. AppoinTmenTs To The ediTorial and business sTaTTs are made by The EdiTor and Business Manager, respecTively, and are approved and recorded by The PublicaTion Board. ATTer serving in a minor posiTion The appoinTee is eligible Tor ser- vice on The maior sTaTT and on recommendaTion oT The EdiTor or Business Manager is approved by The Board. ATTer seven monThs oT maior sTaTT service he becomes an acTive member oT publicaTions and may voTe in The spring elecTions and hold any elecTive oTTice. LINA JANE WALKER Page 208 PAUL DAY . . JIMMIE HAWES THE I934 SOONER JOE FRED GIBSON . . The Edifor LINA JANE WALKER . . The Manager EDITORIAL STAFF AssociaIe EcIi+or CHARLES EOLLANSBEE . . AssociaIe Edifor WILLIAM WHITEMAN . . KENNETH WILSON . AssociaIe EcIIIor . CIass EdiIor . . I:raI'ernI+Ies MARY ELIZABETH HEWGLEY . . Fea+ures ROSEMARY PARKS ..... Feafures HELEN HOUGH . HORACE CALVERT . NAN REARDON . DON NIX . . . STEWART MARK . WILLIAM VAN WIE . JACK CHRISTIAN . NOLAN METI'IVIN . ROBERT NEPTUNE . . MARGARET LINEBAUGI-I ED MC CURTAIN . . MARJORIE NEWBERN . KATHERINE GIBSON . . EdiIoriaI AssIs+anI BUSINESS STAFF AssIsIan'r Manager AssocIaIe Manager AssisIanI Manager Assisfanlr Manager . AdverIIsing Manager ALLAN ENGLEMAN . WAYNE HECKLER . ED HORNER . HARRY LEWIS . BOB MEE . . Ediforial Assisfanf EdiIorIaI AssisIan'r Eali+oriaI AssIsI'anI EcIi+oriaI AssIsIan+ . Spor'rs EdiIor Eeliforial AssIsIanI . .EcIi+oriaI AssisIanI . CircuIaIion Manager . Organizafons . Colledions . . CoIIec+Ions . Adverfising Sa Iesma n Page 209 RALPH SEWELL . DALE CLARK . JOHN TURNER . THE OKLAHOMA DAILY JOHN FORTSON . . . . . Edi+or DUDLEY TICI-IENOR . . Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF Managing Ediior REX CHANEY . . . Sporjrs Edifor . News Edi+or MARTHA J. DOWELL . . Women's EcIiIor . Ciiy EdiI'or ROY HICKOX . . . AssiSIanI' Cilry EcIiIor WILSON BROWN JOE STOCKER DICK ROBERTS LEROY MC NEIL JAMES SNEED GEORGE TARTAR Special Wrifers FRANCES TOWNSEND JOHN MURRAY ADVERTISING STAFF PRISCILLA FRANKLIN CARLTON CORNELS DWIGHT HAMLIN SUZANNE ARNOTE LOIS COBB COVEY PAGE GRACE MARTIN MYER DRITCH DALE MOODY I Page 2IO THE OKLAHOMA DAILY "More Than a sTudenT newspaper" is The slogan oT The Qlclahoma Daily, newspaper published in connecTion wiTh The School oT Journalism. The paper has been published as a daily since The Tall oT I9Io. Previous To ThaT Time There had been a weelrly, The TirsT sTudenT newspaper aT The UniversiTy, Trom T906 To IQI3 and a semi-weelcly, The UniversiTy Clela- homan, Trom l9l3 unTil l9l6. The paper is published daily, excepT Mondays and holi- days, ThroughouT The regular school year. IT also conTinues, in a Tabloid Torm, during The summer Term. AlThough Tea- Turing UniversiTy news The paper also provides naTional news Through The service oT The AssociaTed Press as well as an ac- counT oT downTown Norman happenings. All sTaTT members are sTudenTs in The School oT Jour- nalism, The paper providing The maioriTy oT The laboraTory worlc in ThaT school. Every Journalism sTudenT is given an T opporTuniTy To secure acTual newspaper experience by worlc- DUDLEY TICHENOR ing on The Oklahoma Daily. The EdiTor is selecTed by The PublicaTion Board To serve Tor The duraTion oT one school year Tollowing his appoinTmenT and is responsible To ThaT Board Tor his policies in running The paper. The Business Manager, Tormerly selecTed in The same manner, will be appoinTed in The TuTure by The General Manager oT PublicaTions and will be responsible To him. Members oT The sTaTT are selecTed by The EdiTor and Business Manager and worlr under Their supervision. STudenT subscripTions, alumni subscripTions, and adverTising sold by The business sTaTT are The paper's source oT supporT. AlThough noT primarily a money malcing enTerprise, The Daily may aT Times accrue small proTiTs which go Toward insTalling new mechanical eguipmenT in The prinT shop in order To assure Typographical improvemenTs and regular publicaTion. An eTTorT is made To secure a wide range and a Tree expression oT sTudenT opinion Through The use oT signed edi- Torials and The encouragemenT oT ThoughTTul conTribuTions. The ediTorials are wriTTen by Journalism sTudenTs as The labo- raTory worlr Tor Their courses in ediTorial wriTing, buT conTri- buTions are welcomed Trom any sTudenT or TaculTy member in The UniversiTy. The Daily has a reading circulaTion oT over Tive Thousand and is The oTTicial news organ oT The UniversiTy. IT serves iTs purpose well and is recognized as one oT The leading college dailies in The UniTed STaTes. JOHN FORTSON Page 2ll THE SOONER MAGAZINE Carrying news and evenTs oT UniversiTy inTeresT ouT To Sooner alumni in all parTs oT The world and aT The same Time bringing back The accomplishmenTs and Triumphs oT Tar disTanT alumni To Those who live in closer conTacT wiTh The UniversiTy is The dual TuncTion oT The Sooner Magazine, monThly alumni publicaTion. As an organ serving The Thou- sands oT Tormer sTudenTs, iTs TuncTion is unique. When your Tormer room-maTe, who now has a coTTee planTaTion in SouTh America, sTrikes gold on his land or when he and his wiTe, who used To be your Tormer sweeThearT, have Twins, you'd cerTainly like To know abouT iT. Or when you, who have became a TacuITy member aT The UniversiTy or aT Tulsa, are promoTed To a deanship or wriTe a book, he ouT in SouTh America is bound To Tind iT oT greaT inTeresT, if only To Tell his wiTe ThaT he always expecTed you were ThaT sorT oT person, Thus, The magazine Takes, wiThin iTs monThly covers, news ouT Trom The UniversiTy and Oklahoma and also reaches ouT and brings back oTher iTems which oTherwise never would be made generally known wiThin The STaTe. In Oklahoma, The magazine has a very deTiniTe Tield in carrying more inTimaTe accounTs oT alumni achievemenT Than sTaTe newspapers do. IT suppIemenTs The news, TrequenTly, giving TacTs behind The sTory ThaT would inTeresT you. - The Sooner Magazine TirsT was published in The Tall oT I928, iTs ERNIE I-IILL' Edlior Tounding due To a greaT exTenT To Frank S. Cleckler. alumni secreTary oT The I92I class, and Joseph A. BrandT, also oT The I92I class, iTs TirsT edi- Tor. IT immediaTely Tound an enThusiasTic reading public among The TiTTy Thousand Tormer sTudenTs and alumni oT The greaT UniversiTy Tamily. ITs TirsT ediTor, Mr. BrandT, served in ThaT capaciTy unTil The Tall oT I933. I'Ie was succeeded by Ernie Hill, oT The I932 class. BoTh oT The ediTors were Trained in The UniversiTy journalism school. Mr. BrandT's duTies in connecTion wiTh his work as ediTor oT UniversiTy publicaTions became so numerous and so consuming ThaT iT was impossible Tor him To conTinue wiTh The magazine. George McElroy, a graduaTe oT The law school This year, became business manager in The fall oT I932, suc- ceeding Millard PaT Sinclair, a graduaTe oT The I933 law class and now a pracTicing aTTorney in Oklahoma CiTy. Since TiTTy Thousand persons have aTTended The UniversiTy since iT was Tounded TorTy-Two years ago, The number inTeresTed in iTs pasT and presenT personaIiTies Torms a sizeable group oT readers. This group, aIThough iT is spread clear around The world, is inTeresTed in alumni ceIebraTions, I-Iomecomings, and The announcemenTs oT birThs, marriages, address changes and deaThs oT Tormer school-ma+es. The Sooner Magazine, oT course, is The only publicaTion which has as iTs I purpose The Tieing TogeTher oT all These evenTs concerning Sooners. A service sTarTed only This year was The publicaTion oT a quar- Terly Alumni News BuIIeTin which is senT To all graduaTes of The Uni- versiTy wheTher or noT They are acTive members oT The Alumni associ- aTion. The BuIleTin presenTs a general picTure oT The UniversiTy and news oT iTs alumni and TacuITy. The quarTerIy, oT course, makes no eTTorT To carry longer and more compleTe arTicles abouT alumni and The UniversiTy. IT merely is a sample oT whaT is in The magazine. One oT The mosT popular TeaTures oT The Sooner Magazine is The secTion known as Belle I.eTTres and Bell Ringers which appears Toward The back oT each issue. Books wriTTen by alumni are reviewed in This deparTmenT by oTher alumni and by ouTsTanding TaculTy personaIiTies. Longer arTicles are devoTed To recenT evenTs and accomplish- menTs oT general alumni inTeresT. InTimaTe reviews oT aThIeTic seasons Telling more compleTeIy The inside sTories oT championship and dub Teams are carried. More Than ever, The Sooner Magazine is Trying To bring To iTs readers only Those Things which will concern Them and Their Trienols who have aTTended The UniversiTy, ThaT disTincTive seT oT persons who have learned To respecT and love The UniversiTy Tor whaT iT is accomplishing and iTs personaIiTies who are making This progress POSSIIPIG- GEORGE MC ELROY, Manager Page 2I2 THE UNIVERSITY CDF CJKLAHOMA ASSOCIATION The UniversiTy oT Oklahoma associaTion, operaTing Trom oTTices in The Oklahoma Union on The campus, provides The greaT Torce ThaT links TogeTher The Thousands oT Tormer sTudenTs and graduaTes who have gone ouT Trom The UniversiTy inTo various parTs oT The world. This asso- ciaTion-Their associaTion-welds Them TogeTher inTo a single group and also gives Them a deTiniTe relaTion To The UniversiTy. IT is an associaTion buiIT by The alumni To keep Them inTormed con- cerning The UniversiTy, and likewise To keep The UniversiTy inTeresTed in whaT iTs alumni are doing. These are The basic TuncTions oT The Univer- siTy oT Oklahoma associaTion. Many oTher services ThaT concern The alumni and Their school have become imporTanT acTiviTies oT The associ- aTion unTiI Today iT is an inTegraI parT of The greaT UniversiTy educa- Tional plan. In TacT, Ten diTTerenT Types oT work are now in The charge oT The associaTion secreTary, Frank S. Cleckler, oT The I92I graduaTing class. I'Ie and his sTaTT are in charge OT The monThly pubIicaTion, The Sooner Magazine, and also a guarTerly Alumni BulleTin which is senT To all grad- uaTes oT The UniversiTy. One oT The imporTanT pieces oT work, he is concerned wiTh is The FRANK Cl-ECKLER planning and direcTing oT Homecoming Reunions each Tall. Commence- Secremr Almlmi Associafion menT and Class Reunions also are arranged and direcTed Through The Y Alumni oTTice. The associaTion also mainTains an alumni records bureau conTaining a compIeTe currenT Tile oT addresses, occupaTions, degrees and daTes oT graduaTion oT The Thousands oT Sooner graduaTes. IT also mainTains a conTacT wiTh Alma MaTer and helps perpeTuaTe campus Triendships and associaTions. A Teachers' pIacemenT bureau Tor The beneTiT oT graduaTes and Tormer sTudenTs is mainTained wiThouT charge Tor alumni who are in The Teaching Tield. Local alumni clubs and counTy groups are aided in Their organi- zaTion plans by The associaTion which oTTen provides speakers and enTerTainmenT TeaTures Tor such meeTings. The associaTion plans and direcTs large alumni TuncTions in The inTeresT oT The UniversiTy. For example, The STadium-Union Memorial Fund already has provided exTra-curricula TaciIiTies Tor The UniversiTy cosTing in excess oT one-halT million dollars. IT also sTimuIaTes various acTiviTies oT The alumni Tor The UniversiTy such as inTeresTing promising high school graduaTes ThroughouT The sTaTe in aTTending The UniversiTy. IT likewise conTacTs IegisIaTive groups, The press and oTher inTIuenTial organizaTions in The inTeresTs oT The UniversiTy and assisTs The UniversiTy in numerous oTher ways. During The pasT Two years, ChesTer I-I. WesTTaII, oT Ponca CiTy, a member oT The I9I6 class, has been presi- denT oT The associaTion and under his leadership much has been accomplished by The organizaTion. The TirsT vice- presidenT is Lewis R. Morris, Oklahoma CounTy aTTorney, oT The l9I7 law class, and The second vice-presidenT is Weaver I-lolland, vice-presidenT oT The Dallas, Texas, LighT and Power company. I'Ie is oT The I9 I 3 class. Mr. Cleckler is secreTary-Treasurer oT The execuTive board oT The associaTion. Members-aT-large on The board are OTTo "DuTch" Brewer, '20, I-lugo, ChocTaw CounTy aTTorneyg Glenn C. Clark, 'l3, chieT geologisT oT The ConTinenTaI Oil company, Ponca CiTyg Mrs. WaITer Ferguson, '07, coIumnisT Tor Scripps-I-Ioward Newspapers, Tulsa: Earl FosTer, 'I3, aTTorney, Oklahoma CiTy: Neil R. Johnson, '08, rancher-sTockman, Norman: ErreT R. Newby, '08, oil operaTor, Oklahoma CiTy: and John Rogers, 'I4, aTTorney, Tulsa. Members oT The execuTive board and disTricTs They represenT are: TirsT disTricT, LuTher I-I. WhiTe, 'I4, chieT geologisT, J. A. I-lull Company, Tulsa: second disTricT, A. N. "Jack" BoaTman, 'I6, aTTorney, Okmulgeei Third disTricT, Charles B. Memminger, 'I4, '33, aTTorney, sTaTe senaTor, AToka: TourTh disTricT, Ben I-IaTcher, '25, aTTor- ney, Ada: TiTTh disTricT, Lewis R. Morris, 'I7, Oklahoma CounTy aTTorney, Oklahoma CiTy: sixTh disTricT, John Rogers, 'I4, aTTorney, Tulsa: sevenTh disTricT, George A. Meacham, '20, aTTorney, CIinTon3 and eighTh disTricT, I:riTz L. Aurin, 'I5, chieT geologisT oT The SouThland RoyalTy company, Ponca CiTy. Page 2I3 THE WHIRLWIND TOM EINNEY . . Co-EdI+or ELDON FRYE . . . Co-EcIi+or NEIL E. BOGAN ....... Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF MARJORIE NEWBERN ...... J. C. DENTON, JR. . . STEINER MASON ....... Ediforial Assisianfs BARBARA PICKREL BOB STANTON MARGARET LINEBAUGH Ari Assis'I'an+s VINCENT DALE FRED BLACK DON JOHNSTON BUSINESS STAFF Associafe Edifor Associa+e Edilror Associa+e Edifor EMORY CROW MAX PISCHEL ARCHER AKERS ....... CircuIaIion Manager Adverfising AssisI'an+s MARK MEISTER VIRGINIA RUTH GEN-TRY MAX MORGAN MARGUERITE BUSCH BETTY BRADLEY CATHERINE BOZARTH PHIL HARRIS JOHN HUNTER Page 2I4- THE WHIRLWIND The Whirlwind is The humor magazine oT The UniversiTy and is published once a monTh during The school year. The TirsT issue oT The magazine came in May, I92 l, when iT was published privaTely. The Tollowing Tall iTs publicaTion was resumed and in November, l92 I, iT came under The iurisdicTion oT The PublicaTion Board and became an oTTicial sTudenT publicaTion. ExcepT Tor The second semesTer oT The school year l924- l925, when iT was suspended by school auThoriTies because oT censorable maTerial prinTed in The January, l925, issue, The maga- zine has enioyed conTinuous publicaTion since iTs incepTion. During The pasT Tew years iT has been issued only six Times per year buT became a monThly again in SepTember, IQ33. As in The case oT The SCCNER and The Qlqlahoma Daily, The Whirlwind is under The gen- eral supervision oT The l3ublicaTion Board. The EdiTor and Business Manager Tor This year and Tor previous years have been designaTed by ThaT Board Trom applicanTs who have - fi l l i served in maior sTaTT posi- Tions. l-lowever, in line wiTh a new plan oT The Board, The Business Manager in The Tu- Ture will be appoinTed by The General Manager oT Publica- Tions and will worlq in close harmony wiTh him. The EdiTor will conTinue To be elecTed in The cusTomary manner, The ediTorial and busi- ness sTaTTs are selecTed by The EdiTor and Business Man- TOM FINNEY' CO-edifor ager, respecTively, and are ELDQN FRYEI Qoedgior enTirely responsible To Them. This year a conTribuTion box was placed in The lobby oT The Union Building and every sTudenT in The UniversiTy was encour- aged To make conTribuTions. If a sTudenT showed promise he was given a minor sTaTT posiTion on The ediTorial sTaTT. ATTer saTisTacTory service in a minor sTaTT posiTion and on recommenda- Tion oT The EdiTor or The Business Manager, a sTudenT may be approved by The PublicaTion Board Tor a maior sTaTT posiTion. Seven monThs oT service on The maior sTaTT qualifies The sTu- denT as an acTive member oT publicaTions, and, as such, he is enTiTled To voTe in The spring elecTion and may become a candidaTe Tor any elecTive oTTice, including ThaT oT EdiTor. Tl-IE MANAGER During The pasT year an eTTorT has been made To obTain some really good shorT sTories as well as excellenT humorous shorTs and TeaTures. ConTribuTions have been soliciTed Trom TaculTy members as well as sTudenTs. The cover design Tor one issue was drawn by John l-leld, Jr., naTionally known illusTraTor. The magazine is Tinanced Through subscripTions and Through The sale oT adverTising by The business sTaTT. Page 2I5 THETA SIGMA PHI Thefa Sigma Phi, nafional honorary and professional iournalisfic frafernify for women, was founded af fhe Universify of Washingfon in I909. A chapfer. Zefa, of Thefa Sigma Phi was insfalled on The Oklahoma campus April I7, I9 I5. Thefa Sigma Phi was organized primarily fo accomplish achievemenfs as an organizafion in fhe field of leffers, calculafed fo raise fhe sfandards of iournalism and af fhe same fime fo offer unify fo women engaged in iournalisfic work, eifher as sfudenfs or as professionals, and fhrough such unify confer honors upon fhose who have disfinguished fhemselves in journalism. Zefa chapfer is acfive on fhe campus and meefs regularly fo carry ouf fhe purposes of fhe frafernify. The oufsfanding acfivify of fhe local chapfer is ifs annual "Waffle Iron" banguef, pafferned affer fhe "Gridiron" banquefs of fhe professional iournalisfic world. OFFICERS MARTHA JANE DOWELL . . . . Presidenf NAN REARDON . . . . Vice-Presidenf NELL DRENNAN . . Secrefary HAZEL LEE , . . . Treasurer MISS GRACE E. RAY . Sponsor MEMBERS JEANETTE TURNER LINA JANE WALKER MARTHA JANE DOWELL GERALDINE SPEYERS NELL DRENNAN HAZEL LEE DOROTHY WOODRUEF DENEICE GOODART CHARLINE PENNER NAN REARDON Page 2I6 HONORARIES "The Presiden+'s Class" as- I sembles a+ Dr. Bizzell's home. PHI ETA SIGMA OFFICERS CHARLES L. FOLLANSBEE . . . JOHN HORWITZ . . . CARL COOPER . . ERNEST LEONARD . SADIG TURABI . . EARL SNEED . . . . . MEMBERS PRESLEY SIMPSON FORD FRANK O. HAMILTON NORMAN A. HASSLER RALPH CHARLES HOCKER FRANK C. HUGHES ROY GILL JOHN JOYCE ROBERT W. KAHN LEONARD KAPLAN CHARLES LEONARD JEAN LEVY JAMES ALVIN LONG DAHL M. DUFF ELROY WM. EARLEY ISAAC W. LOVELADY J. GORDAN RATLIFF JOHN D. UPHAM FRED ALLAN BURG JOHN F. CHEADLE MAURICE LEE CLANCY ELLIOTT DAVIS RICHARD L. DISNEY LOYD G. DORSETT . PresidenT Vice-PresidenT . SecreTary . Treasurer . I-lisTorian Senior Adviser STEWART W. MARK WM. RICHARD McCABE ALFRED NAIFEH ROBERT L. ROARK CHARLES RICHARD TAYLOR DOYLE WATSON FRANK G. WHITE THOMAS H. WIANCKO HAROLD WILLIAMS OAKLEY M. WOODWARD JAMES E. THOMPSON Phi ETa Sigma, The naTional honorary Treshman TraTerniTy, was Tounded aT The UniversiTy oT Illinois in I923, The purpose being To encourage scholarship among Treshman men. The local chapTer, TourTh in The naTional organizaTion, was insTalled on This campus April I2, I927. The Olclahoma chapTer has iniTiaTecl over 300 men and almosT every member has remained To Tinish school. The organizaTion sponsors smolcers every year To encourage The Treshmen in a scholasTic way. Fred NewTon and Earl Sneeol, The winners oT The I932 and l933 Dad's Day cups Tor The besT all-around men, were members oT Phi ETa Sigma. M. L. Wardell and L. N. Morgan are TaculTy sponsors oT The group. Page ZIB ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha Lambda DeI+a, naTionaI honorary TraTerniTy Tor Treshman girls, Was esTabIished on The UniversiTy oT Olclahoma campus April I5, I929. The naTionaI organizaTion was insTiTuTed aT The UniversiTy oT Illinois and The presenT naTionaI presidenT oT The TraTerniTy is Dr. Maria Leon- ard, Dean oT Women aT ThaT UniversiTy. Caroline Mason, The TirsT presidenT oT Alpha Lambda DeITa on This campus. is now The naTionaI Treasurer. Membership Tor The organizaTion is deTermined on The basis oT The Treshman grades. A 2.5 or beTTer average musT be had To secure eIigibiIiTy. The members are seIecTed aT The end oT each semesTer. Girls seIecTed in Their Treshman year serve ThroughouT The sophomore year. AT The end oT This period The members become inacTive or "coIIegiaTe" members oT The organi- zaTion. MargareT Roys, seIecTed as The I933 Dad's Day besT all-around girl, is a member oT Alpha Lambda DeITa. OFFICERS SARA M. FREEMAN .... . PresidenT MAXINE APPLEMAN . . SecreTary VIRGINIA PARRIS . . . . . Treasurer MEMBERS MAXINE APPLEMAN SARA M. FREEMAN ELLEN FULLENWIDER MARGARET ELLEN HOPPER VIRGINIA ANN HENINGER ROSEMARY HUDSON MARIE GRACE HOPPER MARGARET RHOADES BETTY HUME KATHERINE RADER MARY CHRISTINE SIMPSON MARGERY MEACHAM DOROTHY SHEARS VIONNE STEPHENS VIRGINIA PARRIS NELDA BILLS Page 2I9 PE-ET Pe-eT, an Indian Term meaning "Ten besT men," is The oIdesT honorary organizaTion on The UniversiTy campus, being Tounded in I9 IO. TradiTionaIIy iT has seIecTed The ouTsTanding iuniors on The basis oT Their pasT record and expecTaTion oT Their TuTure accompIishmenTs. Members musT have a "B" average beTore being considered and Their seIecTion is based 80 per cenT on scholarship and The remainder upon campus acTiviTies. pIedging oT The iuniors seIecTed Tor The ToIIowing season is on Senior Day. The same riTuaI Tor pledging and iniTiaTion has been preserved in The original. AIThough a maximum oT Ten new members each year is provided Tor, The seIecTion seIdom reaches ThaT number, because oT The sTricT reguiremenTs. A minimum oT IOO honor poinTs is required and sTiTT quaIiTicaTions oT personaIiTy are imposed above These. OFFICERS EARL SNEED . . ChieT BILLY LONGMIRE . . . Sachem JOE GIBSON . . Medicine Man PETE TAUSON . . Wampum Man MEMBERS JOI-IN FORTSON BLAND WEST ' BILLY LONGMIRE JOE GIBSON JERRY KIRSCI-INER PETE TAUSON EARL SNEED Page 220 Q9 . CHECKMATE CheclcmaTe is a senior inTer-school organizaTion Tor men, which requires a high scholasTic average, as well as leadership gualiTies Tor membership. AlThough The deTiniTe purpose oT The order is lcepT secreT, CheclcmaTe sTrives To TurTher high ideals in The senior class. Members are pledged in Their iunior year, buT do noT become acTive unTil They are seniors. The represenTaTives are Trom The School of Law, The College oT Engineering, The College oT Business AdminisTraTion, The College of ArTs and Sciences, and The School oT Geology. OFFICERS BILLY LONGMIRE . . Pre-sidenT JOHN ROBINSON . . . Vice-PresidenT JOHN R. WALLACE . . SecreTary RAY ANTHONY . . Treasurer MEMBERS JOHN ROBINSON LAWRENCE ELDERKIN RAY ANTHONY ALFRED WEINZIERL JEROME LAUDERMILK BILLY LONGMIRE JOHN R. WALLACE Page 22l 'T TOGA One of fhe leading honor sociefies of fhe campus is Toga, infer-professional associafion, founded in I922. The purpose of fhe organizafion is fo bring info fellowship fhe leaders of each professional school for mufual benefif and inspirafion. Members are chosen on a basis of personalify and superior scholasfic abilify. Each spring, usually on Senior Day, Toga conducfs a public pledging, af which fime fhe ideals of fhe organi- zafion are sef forfh, and fhe selecfed sfudenfs are infroduced. Toga has always selecfed ifs men from leaders in each of fhe professional schools repre- senfed on fhe campus, and sfands for professional superiorify. Ifs repufafion as a successful sociefy is sfafe-wide. If is considered one of fhe highesf honors fhaf a man can affain fo become a member of Toga. OFFICERS MARTIN MILLER . . . . Presidenf FRED BROWN . . Secrefary-Treasurer MEMBERS LESLIE HEMRY, School of Law FRED BROWN, College of Business Adminisfrafion ROBERT VAI-ILBERG, College of Engineering JOI-IN FORTSON, School of Journalism MARTIN MILLER, College of Engineering ELDON ERYE, School of Fine Arfs LATI-IAM YATES, College of Engineering ALFRED WEINZIERL, School of Geology LEWIS KENNEDY, School of Medicine Page 222 ElecTion To SlceleTon Key is made on The basis oT ouTsTanding gualiTies in characTer. scholar- SKELETON KEY SlceleTon Key is a local organizaTion, Tormed on The UniversiTy campus February I5, IQ33. The nucleus oT The new organizaTion was The membership oT Blue Key which disbanded as a resulT oT inTernal sTriTe and The subsequenT resignaTion oT several prominenT members. The organizaTion has mainTained The same principles and ideals To which iTs predecessor, Blue Key, had adhered, Those oT service and leadership in sTudenT aTTairs aT The UniversiTy. The mosT prominenT acTiviTy oT The group is To serve in any capaciTy ThaT calls Tor a group oT represenTaTive sTudenTs. The members oT This organizaTion sTudy sTudenT problems and con- Ter wiTh The TaculTy on guesTions when a knowledge oT sTudenT opinion is desired. The organiza- Tion meeTs aT regular luncheons aT which The problems are discussed. ship, sTudenT acTiviTies, leadership, and service. OFFICERS HUGH OWENS . . . . CHESTER STINNETT EARL SNEED . . . MEMBERS JOE FRED GIBSON JOHN ROBINSON LAWRENCE WILSON BOB HERT BOB VAHLBERG VINCENT DALE CHARLES TEEL TOM BIGGERS WILLIAM MAJORS LATHAM YATES JOE BARNHILL CHARLES DAVIS WILLIS STARK BOB DUNLAP CHESTER STINNETT BOB CLARK FRED NEWTON PresidenT . Vice-PresidenT SecreTary-Treasurer MARTIN MILLER BILL PANSZE ALBERT CULP JOHN FORTSON BILL LONGMIRE EARL SNEED HUGH OWENS ART PANSZE P ge 223 MORTAR BOARD Morrar Board, Ihe nalional honorary Trarerniry for senior women, was founded in I9 I8, ar 'rhe Universily of Michigan. The Olclahoma chaprer of Morlar Board was organized on Ihe campus in I923. The local chapler is Icnown as Ihe OwI and Triangle chaprer. The purpose of 'rhe organizaiion of The Morlrar Board is Io provide for Ihe na+ionaI union of senior honorary socielies for women. The main obiedive of Morlar Board is Io Iurlher Ihe spirif of IoyaI+y and fellowship among universily women, Io promofe spiriied feeling, Io mainlain a high sfandard of academic achievemenl, and To recognize and encourage praclical leadership. The Morlar Board was ins+rumen+aI in helping eslablish for Ihe Tirsl Time on Ihis campus an honorary girls' iunior class, modeled afler Ihe men's presiden+'s class. The scholarship achievemenl required for membership is a "B" average, wi+h +he addilion of prominence in school acfivifies and a high characler slandard. OFFICERS LINA JANE WALKER ..... . . Presidenr VIRGINIA FISHER . . . Vice-Presideni RUTH OMAN . . . . . Secrefary MARTHA JANE DOWELL . . . . Treasurer MEMBERS ELIZABETH AMIS MARIETTA DARLING MARGARET ROYS MARTHA DAVIS MARY TAPPAN HONORARY MEMBERS MRS. W. B. BIZZELL MISS EDNA MCDANIEL MISS HELEN RUTH HOLBROOK ADVISERS MISS DORA MCEARLAND MISS EDITH MAHIER Page 224 ORCHESIS Women sTudenTs oT The UniversiTy inTeresTed in The dance Tind an ouTIeT Tor Their expres- sion in Orchesis. Annually The membership oT Orchesis is made up oT a group oT seIecTed dancers. High sTandards oT Technical proTiciency are mainTained Tor The new members. Regular meeTings are held by The group. Twice annually programs are presenTed To The public by The dancers. A ChrisTmas program, usually an inTerpreTaTive drama, is The TirsT oT These presenTaTions. This season The organizaTion's version oT The Juggler oT NoTre Dame was oTTered. The Tinal resulT oT The year's worlc is The spring concerT. All The dances presenTed in The concerT are individual creaTions and The resulT oT The soIuTion oT individual problems. OFFICERS JOSEPHINE LANDSITTEL . . . . . . PresidenT MARGARET JEAN WELDON . . SecreTary-Treasurer HELEN GREGORY ..... . . . Sponsor MEMBERS NELMARIE ANDERSON DORIS ASI-IBURN FRANCES BARKER HELEN BARNES SARA MARIE BATTEN LETA MAE BLIZMAN DELPHINE CHAPMAN GEORGIA LEE CLARKE CLEMENTINE CLEMENT BEA CYPERT MARY LUCILLE DAVIS ISOBEL DEVLIN DOROTHY ROSE ENGLISH JANE FITZPATRICK BLARNEY FRISBIE RUTH FREED DENEICE GOODART ANNA MAE GORDON FRANCES GOSSETT DOROTHY J. HENRY NADINE HUGHES JOYCE HUTCHISON FRANCES KRAUSS MARY MARTINEAU NANCY MEENTS BARBARA PICKREL JANE STANLEY VIRGINIA TI-IACKER LUCILE TWAY age 225 SCABBARD AND BLADE "D" company. Third regimenT oT The Scabbard and Blade, naTionaI miIiTary TraTerniTy, was organized aT The UniversiTy of Oklahoma in I92I. The narional organizaTion was Tounded aT The UniversiTy oT Wisconsin in I904. Due To iTs unusually rapid expansion Scabbard and Blade now has 78 chapTers on iTs rolls. Only advance course R. O. T. C. sTudenTs are eligible Tor membership. MiIiTary proficiency and good fellowship Torm The basis Tor seIecTion To The organizaTion. Scabbard and Blade concerns iTselT primarily wiTh raising The sTandard OT miIiTary drill in The American universiTies and colleges: uniTing miIiTary deparTmenTs in a closer reIaTionship: encouraging The essenTiaI good guaIiTies and proTiciency in The oTFicers: and promoTing Tellowship among The cadeTs. The "slime," or pledge, encampmenT held every semesTer before The inducTion oT new members is one OT The TeaTures oT The school year. ProminenT social acTiviTies oT Scabbard and Blade are The Founder's Day BanqueT, sponsorship oT The MiIiTary Ball, and The annual Scabbord and Blade dinner dance. OFFICERS HIRST SUFFIELD . . . . . . . CapTain BLAND WEST . . . FirsT LieuTenanT WILLIAM VAUGHAN . Second LieuTenanT JOSEPH RUCKS . . . Second LieuTenanT HOWARD BROCKMAN ..... . . . SergeanT MEMBERS EARL SNEED JOSEPH G. RUCKS GEORGE HENRY SHIRK JOHN R. WALLACE JOHN S. OLDFIELD JACK L. KERNS CLAUDE L. KIRKMAN WILL WILSON HIRST B. SUFFIELD JOE FRED GIBSON WILLIAM K. GARNETT FRED BROWN ARTHUR J. PANSZE JOHN ED COOPER RALPH WOLVERTON FRED DUNLEVY DAN RUSSELL OWEN HAROLD J. WATTERS HARRY TRENTMAN H. C. LUMAN BLAND WEST WILLIAM BROOKS, JR. LAWRENCE WILLIAMSON FRANK MCCANN WALTER L. METCALFE FLOYD ALLEN CALVERT HAROLD H. LeCRONE JERRY NOLAN GEORGE HYMAN WEBER HARRY H. ALLEY JOHN K. WHISTLER HAROLD WATTERS T. J. FUSON HAROLD E. FLEETWOOD JAMES BYNUM KENNETH DUFF EVANS G. NASH WARREN T. GUNTER JAMES C. BUCHANAN BUD BORING WILLIAM B. VAUGHAN WILLIAM K. KING ROY GARDNER WAYNE HECKLER ALFRED FRAMPTON HARRY WOODS HANKINSON DICK TAFT PAUL McCLUSKEY JEROME KIRSCHNER WAYNE CHESNUT HOWARD L. BROCKMAN STANLEY TYLER PLEDGES RALPH CARLIN CLYDE DINGER JAMES MAJOR JEROME BYRD TOM FINNEY MAX STUNTZ JIM AKRIGHT JAMES D. FELLERS AL TODD R. T. SLOVER ROBERT VAHLBERG J. Jf HARRISON MACK HUMPHREYS DONALD WEIR GENE GILL R. S. HARRIS BOYD GUNNING BOB LONG T. RAY PHILLIPS H. C. BLAKE DICK SIMMS M. S. COX BOB LANCASTER SPONSOR LIEUTENANT JAMES V. COLLIER Page 226 BOMBARDIERS The TraTerniTy oT Bombardiers was Tounded February 22, l928, aT The UniversiTy oT Oklahoma, by a number of basic sTudenTs in The Reserve OTTicers Training Corps. They organized wiTh The purpose oT promoTing a beTTer spiriT oT harmony and Tellowship among The basic sTudenTs OT The universiTy uniT. The members of The original chapTer aTTempTed To selecT Those men Trom The basic corps who displayed a disTincT proficiency as soldiers, as well as ouTsTanding qualiTies oT leadership and personaliTy. One oT The original obiecTs oT The Bombardiers is To Train The members in The school oT The soldier and The school oT The squad. Command and leadership, as well as The sTudy oT The maneuvers oT The TooT drills, come in Tor parTicular emphasis. ExperT Training is Turnished The members in These Tields, mosT imporTanT To The basic sTudenT. In addiTion To This basic Training a number oT ouTside spealcers are broughT in To give Their knowledge in insTrucTion in special phases oT miliTary science. The organizaTion aT presenT operaTes locally only, alThough concerTed eTTorTs are being made To widen iTs scope naTionally. CandidaTes Tor membership musT have mainTained aT leasT a "B" average scholasTically, and have been passed upon by a commiTTee oT TacuITy members as TIT Trom a sTandpoinT oT leadership and characTer. OFFICERS J. DUANE O'SHEA .... . PresidenT R. T. POLLARD . . . . Vice-PresidenT DAHL DUFF . . . . SecreTary HENRY L. MCCONNELL . . . . Treasurer MEMBERS BARNETT KELLER C. N. BOWERS CHARLES M. CARDER WILLIAM P. CHAMPLIN WILLIAM R. CLARKE GEORGE F. BAUER STUART BRADY DONALD W. BROWN J. HOWARD BROWN JOHN F. CHEADLE JOHN H. CREW ELLIOTT DAVIS ROGER H. DAVIS J. H. DUNN Page 227 SAM COLEMAN BILLY H. FLEETWOOD ALFRED E. GRAHAM JOHN O. HALL THOMAS HAYES LIONEL E. EDWARDS EDGAR EISCHEN JAMES FISHBURN R. B. GENTRY MORRIS L. GERSHON RICHARD GILLILAND CHARLES GRAVES RUSSELL D. HALE NORMAN A. HASSLER BOB HOLLAND LYNN KREIDLER JIMMY McWILLlAMS HARDY MILLER JOE M. MILLS PLEDGES N. EZRA HESTER E. F. HUBBARD MALCOLM KELLER NORTON J. McCLELLAND ARTHUR MELROSE CECIL A. MYERS ALFRED NAIFEH MARVIN OWENS GROVER OZMUN ROBERT O. MYERS BILL OXFORD FRANK OZMENT RALPH PHELAN BILL WALDROP JAMES L. POWELL R. C. REYNOLDS WILLIAM W. TALLEY JAMES E. THOMPSON R. GLADSON TURNBULL LEON R. VANCE FRANK G. WI-IITE THOMAS H. WIANCKO JIMMY WILLIAMS RU F-NEKS J , .1 Q 1 xi. " ' I M The Rui-Neks, upperclassman pep organizaiion, was Iounded on Ihe campus in Ihe fall of I9l5 by a group of varsiiy Ieifermen. While afiending a baskeiball game in The "Old Gym" several former Iooiball men in Their enihusiasm began siamping Their Iee+ and causing a general uproar. Finally someone said Ihey were aciing like a bunch of rough necks. The name was adopied by Ihe presenl organiza+ion. The purpose of Ihe organizaiion is 'Io encourage a'Hendance aI all aihleiic evenlsi Io supervise The freshman men: Io uphold Soonerland Iradiiionsq and 'Io encourage pep al all afhleiic coniesis. To be eligible for membership in The Rui-Neks, The candidaie musi have iunior sianding in The Universiiy. The membership is Iimiied io Iwo members 'From each fraierniiy and nineieen non-Traierniiy men. The oT'IiciaI uniform oi The Rui-Neks is a red shiri, whiie Trousers. and black shoes. The highlighi oi The Rui-Nek acIivi+ies Tor The year was Their Irip in a body Io The Texas game ai Dallas. OFFICERS HARRY KORNBAUM . . . . Chief Nek MAX KELLEY . . . Royal Unshaven Nek AL FRAMPTON . . . Royal Ink Squirier DICK PRICE . . Royal Keeper of Shekels MEMBERS HARRY AGGERS LEWIS DEVANNEY TOM BRALY NEIL BOGAN JAMES MENDENHALL ROY JAMESON AMES COLLEY FRED BROWN JOE FRED GIBSON JIM CLEARY MALCOLM HUDSON DICK RICHARDS WILL WILSON SID PATTERSON HASKELL ARMITAGE DON HAYS BUD BROWNING HAROLD LeCRONE BOB LOFTIN JOHN OBERFELD BILL CHAMLEE BILL AMEND JIM COCHRANE JIM MCCALL MARION FOREMAN ERVYL BROSS JOE RUCKS DICK TAFT JEROME KIRSCHNER JOHN MONTGOMERY WAYNE MCKOWEN MAX STUNTZ MARION WAGGONER BOB LOCKWOOD TOM ED GRACE PHIL LOWENTHAL TOM MILLER BOB HENDERSON FRANK AKRIGHT BUFORD CARDEN HAROLD GASAWAY RALPH KING MARTIN MILLER JERRY NOLAN BILL VAUGHAN IRVING WEINSTEIN GENE CHAPPELL CARL ADDINGTON R. T, POLLARD JACOB LEVINE HAROLD BROCKMAN DAN CHRISTOPHER GORDON CLARK JIM JOHNSON BILL LEE FRANK McCANN T. RAY PHILIPS JACK WHITE JOE WELBOAN WALLACE WARDNER ALBERT O'BANNON TOM DOPLER FRANK McCOY WOODS HANKINSON BOB NEPTUNE BILL POWERS BERNARD GORDON DRURY PARKS BILL WHITEMAN MILTON GORDON Page 228 JAZZ HOUNDS The Jazz Hounds were insTiTuTed aT Oklahoma UniversiTy in I9I7 To promoTe Sooner pep on Toreign Tields. They were acTive unTil I929 when pep orders were disbanded by The UniversiTy auThoriTies. Due To a decided lack oT school spiriT among The sTudenT body and a waning inTeresT in sporTs They were allowed To reorganize in The Tall oT I932. Funds Tor ouT-of-Town games are raised by The Jazz Hounds Through The sale oT programs and Their sales cry, "Name, number. and salary oT every playerI," is Tarniliar To all who aTTend Sooner games. The masTer sTrolce of The year againsT Their TradiTional rivals, The RuT-Nelcs, was The Icidnaping oT Frances Graham, RuT-Nelc queen. The day beTore The Kansas game. Pledges are chosen each year by The acTive membership. OFFICERS LUNSFORD LIVINGSTON . . . Lead Hound HILLIARD HINSON . . . . . Tail Hound JOHNNY JOHNSON . . Keeper of The Bones ROBERT MOORE . . . . . SecreTary MEMBERS JACK AKINS BILL DURNIL SAM MAYS EARL SNEED ED BERRY HAMILTON DeMEULES BOB MOORE PAUL SMITH RALPH BOLIN WALTER EMERY TOM MURPHY EWING SADLER BILL BOLLING BILL BRADSHAW H. E. BRODERSON BOB CAMPBELL ALLEN CALVERT MAX CARDER C. E. CLOUD BRIT CLAPHAM DAN CUNNINGHAM O. J. COLWICK DUDLEY COOK ED CRAWFORD MILTON CARSHON JOHN CANTRELL CARLTON CORNELS JOHN CASSIDY A. L. DAWSON RALPH ENIX ELDON FRYE RUPERT FOGG T. B. GWEN GEORGE HAYES WAYNE HECKLER HILLARD HINSON HARRY HOLCOMB WILBUR JONES JOHNNY JOHNSON F. L. KILLINGSWORTH NOBLE KRUGER BOB LANCASTER BILL LONGMIRE J. I. LAUDERMILK LUNSFORD LIVINGSTON EARL MALONE CARL MAYHALL HARDY MILLER STANLEY MARSH JOHN MATHEWS JOHN MCKITTRICK RAY McNEIL HARRY McINNIS FRANKLIN MCVEY E. G. NASH JERRY NOLAN GLENN OKERSON STEVE PACE R. PADGEDT WADE PIPKIN R. S. RANDOLPH ALBERT ROLLINS JIMMY RAY Page 229 HIRST SUFFIELD RAY SEIFERT T. C. STROMBERG BAXTER TAYLOR DUDLEY TICHENOR LEWIS THOMPSON ROYCE UPSHAW ALBERT UPSHER BLAND WEST ALLEN WAGGONER GERALD WATTS BILL WALDROP MILLARD WILLIAM J. C. WRIGHT ED WILSON BARNEY GREEN THE DERBY CLUB The Derby Club was organized on OcTober 3 I, I93 I, by a group oT men who wished To encourage a closer reIaTionship beTween The UniversiTy adminisTraTion and The sTudenT body in regard To sTudenT social aTTairs. The club, Through iTs co-operaTion, is helping To resTore The popuIariTy oT STudenT Council dances. AnoTher worThwhiIe purpose oT The club is To promoTe Tellowship beTween members oT The various social TraTerniTies. This organizaTion derives iTs name Trom The cusTom oT iTs members in wearing derbies when in evening cIoThes. The Derby Club dansanTs, given once a semesTer, are The organizaTion's only social TuncTions during The school year. Dean James F. Findlay is an honorary member oT The club. TOM BIGGERS . OFFICERS LAWRENCE WILSON . EARL SNEED. . . TOM BIGGERS RALPH BOGART MILO BRISCO I H. J. BRONSON BILL BROOKS TIM BRYANT ALLEN CALVERT AMES COLLEY JACK CHRISTIAN ED CRAWFORD O. J. COLWICK HAMILTON DE MEULES MEMBERS BILL DURNIL McCOY EWERT GUS FERGUSON WENDELL FORD WAYNE HECKLER JAKE HAMPTON GEORGE HAYES BILL HEWITT BILL KING BOB LOCKWOOD BILL LONGMIRE . . PresidenT . Vice-PresidenT SecreTa ry-Treasurer BILL MAJORS JOHN MONTGOMERY EVANS NASH HAROLD RITTER JOE RUCKS EARL SNEED HIRST SUFFIELD TRUMAN TOMLIN JOE THOMPSON GORDON WATTS LAWRENCE WILSON ROBERT LEE WILSON Page 230 THE RAMBLERS The Ramblers dance band has become a TradiTion on our campus equally as imporTanT and well-known as any campus organizaTion. IT has been in exisTence under The presenT name Tor Ten years--The members orig- inally were bound TogeTher in a local TraTerniTy ThaT IaTer became Omicron ChapTer oT Phi Kappa Sigma. John Cole was The TirsT piIoT oT The Ramblers, Tollowed by Ray Harkin. BerT STrong, a prominenT pianisT and a Sigma Chi, was The nexT leader, Then George Leeman, presidenT oT Phi DeITa TheTa. Cecil Meadors, a Phi Kappa Sigma, CIiTTord Lane, Alpha Tau Omega, and Leeman again Tollowed as managers. The presenT manager is a Phi Kappa Sigma, Pranlc McCann. He is prominenT socially as well as being a member oT Scabbard and Blade, RuT-Nelcs, and The Derby Club. The assisTanT manager, Merrill Harris, is a well-known vocaIisT and musician and plays The Tenor saxophone. Harris belongs To The Lambda Chi Alpha TraTerniTy. Bill King, also a Lambda Chi, is a member OT Scabbard and Blade, and oT The Derby Club, and is a IeTTer- man in polo. Cecil Meadors, pasT manager, plays TirsT saxophone and is a soIoisT. He is a member oT Phi Kappa Sigma solo cIarineTTisT in The UniversiTy Band and a member oT The UniversiTy Symphony OrchesTra. James Walker, TrombonisT, is presidenT oT Phi Mu Alpha, naTionaI music TraTerniTy, and a member oT Kappa Kappa Psi. He is TirsT TrombonisT in The Band and plays in The Symphony. Harris MaThis is a senior law sTudenT. His insTrumenT is The bass viol. Harris is an Alpha Sigma Phi Trom Harvard, a member oT Phi Alpha Phi, naTionaI legal TraTerniTy, and The UniversiTy Symphony. Hardy Suggs, a sax player, also doubles on The TrumpeT. He is a member oT Pi Kappa Phi, social TraTer- niTy, and oT The UniversiTy Band and Kappa Kappa Psi. The band's guiTarisT is Bill Jackson. This is his TirsT year wiTh The Ramblers. Pranlq Hughes, pianisT, arranger, vocaIisT, and librarian, is anoTher TirsT year member oT The organizaTion. He is always in on The band's noveITy presenTaTions. AnoTher saxophonisT is Sims Wilson, who is TeaTured on cIarineT wiTh The band and also is a member oT The Trio. He belongs To Kappa Alpha TraTerniTy. Gordon STeinhoTT, anoTher newcomer, is a TeaTure TrombonisT and doubles on The piano. MEMBERS GORDON STEINHOFF HARRIS MATHIS FRANK HUGHES BILL KING JAMES WALKER HARDY SUGGS MERRILL HARRIS BILL JACKSON CECIL MEADORS SIMS WILSON FRANK McCANN Page 23I KAPPA KAPPA PSI Kappa Kappa Psi, Tounded aT Oklahoma A. and M. College in I9I9, is The only naTionaI honorary TraTer- niTy Tor college bandsmen. DeI+a ChapTer was esfablished on The UniversiTy oT Oklahoma campus in I92I. Membership in Kappa Kappa Psi is based on Tour reguiremenTs: leadership, scholarship, Tellowship, and musical abiIiTy. Among The disTinguished members oT This chapTer are The IaTe John Philip Sousa: CapTain Taylor Branson, DirecTor oT The U. S. Marine Band: CapTain William J. STannard, DirecTor oT The U. S. Army Band: Dr. Joseph E, Maddy oT The UniversiTy oT Michigan: Maior E. P. Parker, Tormer commander oT The local R. O. T. C. uniTg ProTessor Oscar J. Lehrer, DirecTor oT The UniversiTy Symphony OrchesTra and NaTionaI PresidenT oT Kappa Kappa Psi: ProTessor William R. Wehrend, DirecTor oT The UniversiTy Band: and Edwin Franks Goldman, DirecTor oT Goldman Band. OFFICERS HERMAN V DEMER . . . Pmddem EARLE E. GARRISON . . Vice-PresidenT EVERETT R. THOMAS . . SecreTary H. R. HALL . . . Treasurer MEMBERS BEN E. ALLEN CHARLES A. GRIMES BILL HARRIES ESTAL B. PETERS ALBERT R. BROWN JACK P. HEASLET GEORGE KERNEK RODERICK SMITH CLIFTON L. BELL JOHN O, HALL LEWIS KILLINGSWORTH JOE STAMBAUGH EDWIN BERRY KENNETH E. HUDSON IRA LEVINE BOOTH B. STRANGE ROBERT K. BLACK BOB HANSON GEORGE V. METZEL JAMES T. TILLINGHAST DON C. CUNNINGHAM HAROLD J. HEDGES JAMES R. MARTY RAYMOND C. WARWICK MARION E, CRONKHITE WEBSTER HORN AL NEEHUES Page 232 MEMBERS UNIVERSITY BAND OFFICERS WM. R. WEHREND . GEORGE KERNEK . . HERMAN ZIEMER . . . . Direcfor . . Presidenf Business Manager BEN ALLEN WAYNE ALLEN HAROLD BAKER WILLIAM BARRY ROBERT BASSETT VERN BEHAN CLIFTON BELL LEO BELL R. J. BENHAM HAL BENSON EDWIN BERRY FRANK BINKLEY ROBERT BLACK MURVEL BLAKE WILBURN BLAKELY JEAN BOLING ROBERT BOYD ALBERT BROWN EDGAR BROWN ROGER BEN BROWN HARRY BUCHNER EDWIN BYERS WELDON CALAHAN RUSSELL CARDIN GARTH CAYLOR JAMES CLARY BILLY COLE JACK COLEMAN RICHARD COLEMAN JACK COLLIER HUGH COMFORT EDWARD COOK IRA COWAN HUB CRAWFORD, JR. MARION CRONKHITE JAMES CRUTCHMER JOE E. CUNNINGHAM LAVERNE CUTCHALL RECTOR DAVIS JAMES DEMOPLOS MAX DEVLIN DICK DISNEY DONALD DOBYNS JACK DOUGLAS CARL EASTERLING GAYFREE ELLISON RALPH ERWIN EVERT EVANS EARLE E. GARRISON DON GILKISON DAVID GISH GEORGE GODDARD M. JEROME GORDON ARCHIE GRAHAM CHARLES GRIMES CHARLES GROOMS JOHN O. HALL EDGAR HALLOCK LYLE HAMMOND BILL HARRIES NORMAN HASSLER JACK HEASLET HAROLD HEDGES FLOYD HINTON RALPH HOCKER OLIVER HOLT RICHARD HOLZ EDWIN HORNER WEBSTER HORN WILLIAM HORN HUBERT HOTCHKISS MURRAY M. HOTCHKISS JULIAN HOWARD NORMAN HUBBARD KENNETH HUDSON HAROLD HUGGINS W. J. HUGHES, JR. JOHN JANOVY BILLY JOHNSON HARLAN JOHNSON JOHN WAYNE JOHNSON ROBERT KAHN WESLEY KITCHENS ED KNOLLHOFF GEORGE KERNEK PAUL KERNEK GILTNER LAMASTER TRIMBLE LATTING IRA LEVINE BILL LEAS BILL LOFTIN ORAL LUPER MAURICE MALTZ JOE MALY CLINE MANSUR HARL MANSUR JAMES MARTY LEANDER MQALISTER ARTHUR MCCOMAS CLIFTON McCOWN CECIL MILLER VICTOR MILLS WALDO MONTGOMERY BILL MORRISON CHARLES A. MOSER RANKIN NEWTON AL NIEHUES OTTO NORMAN RICHARD OLIVER AMBROSE PACEY EDWARD PADGETT ERIC PARHAM JULES RICHARDSON BILLIE ROBERTS FRANKLIN ROBINSON KENNETH SAVAGE MEREDITH SAXER TED SCHRADER CLIFFORD SCOTT HAROLD SCOTT JOHN SHERRILL CARL SIMPSON BILLY SIMPSON AUREL SMITH DALE SMITH RODERICK SMITH HUBERT SMRCKA GUY STALLINGS JOHN STAMBAUGH BOOTH STRANGE HARDY SUGGS A. ERVINE SWIFT ROBERT TAYLOR TOM TENNERY MARVIN TERRELL EVERETT THOMAS GENE THOMAS JIM TILLINGHAST MARVIN TROPE JOHN UPHAM JAMES WALKER JAY WARNER RAYMOND WARWICK ARCHER WATSON ALFRED WEINZIERL HAROLD WHITE BALFOUR S. WHITNEY CLAUDE WHITTLE CARL WILSON JOHN C. WRIGHT WYNN YORK HERMAN ZIEMER Page 233 GLEE CLUB OFFICERS . . Presidenf . Vice-Presidenf Secrefa ry-Treasu rer KENNE H DUEE . Business Manager ALLEN DE SI-IONC5 . EIVSI Tenor DICK RICHARDS Second Tenor FRANK D ASI-IBY . BariIone CHARLES MOONEY . Bass MEMBERS FRANK ASHBY FRED BECKER LEO BERRY IRWIN BINGHAM MURVEL BLAKE LOUIS BUELL TOM CARSON JAMES COKER ELLIOTT DAVIS JAMES DEGROOT ALLEN DESHONG J. B. DIXON KENNETH DUFF EVERT EVANS BOB EVANS T. C. EVANS JOHN FERGUSON HILLYER FREELAND TOM GALLOWAY ALBERT GALLUP STERLING GAYLORD DAVID GISH EDGAR HALLOCK JAMES HAWK CHARLES HIMES BRINKER IVY ROBERT JONES BOB LEE KIDD SAM LANE TRIMBLE LATTING CHARLES MOONEY DON NIX I.OUIS PEARSON WILBER JEUGH FRANCIS POPEJOY BILL PRENDERGAST MILLER PRICE GEORGE PUCKETT JOHN RAINBOLT DICK RICHARDS KENNETH RICHARDS RICHARD ROYS THEODORE RUPP MILTON SEBRING HARRY SHRADER BILL SIMPSON BILL SMITH HAROLD SPRINGER JOHN STEPHENSON JOE STURGELL MORRIS WHITE STANLEY WHITLOCK MAYNARD WILLIAMS VIAL WYNNE Page 234 TAU BETA PI The olcIesT honorary engineering TraTerniTy on The campus is Tau BeTa Pi. IT was TirsT organized here on ST. PaT's Day, I923, as Tau Pi. In l926 Tau Pi was admiTTed To The naTionaI organizaTion, Tau BeTa Pi, as The Olclahoma Alpha ChapTer. The naTionaI organizaTion oT bl chapTers and over I'-7,000 members was Toundecl aT Lehigh UniversiTy in 1885. STudenTs musT have mainTained aT IeasT a "B" average during enroIImenT in The school previous To iniTiaTion To be eligible Tor membership. CanclidaTes Tor membership musT also be in The upper one-TourTh oT The senior class or The upper one-eighTh oT The junior class. CompeTiTion malces The average To ranlc in The upper secTion oT The class much beTTer Than The minimum "B," OT The upper one-eighTh oT The juniors, only Three are eligible in The TirsT semesTer oT Their iunior year, The remainder being eligible The second semesTer. GEORGE ANDERSON W. C. BEDNAR WILLIS BAZHAW CHARLES CONE THOMAS CUBBAGE RALPH DALE WENDELL GORDON ERNEST HANDLEY Page 235 OFFICERS ELBERT MCMULLIN . . PresicIenT ROBERT VAHLBERG . . Vice-PresidenT GEORGE WEISSER . , . SecreTary EDWARD HARRISON . . Treasurer MEMBERS HENRY HARMS ROBB MOORE ROBERT VAHLBERG EDWARD HARRISON THEODORE KIBBY ROBERT KING CLINE MANSUR ELBERT MCMULLIN MARTIN MILLER FRED NEWTON SCOTT REEBURGH JOHN REINHART RICHARD SNEED PETER TAUSON THOMAS THOMPSON RALPH WASSELL GEORGE WEBER GEORGE WEISSER JUDD WIRZ OWEN WOOD HAL WYNNE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS The American SocieTy oT Mechanical Engineers is an organizaTion open To all sTudenTs in The School OT Mechanical Engineering and aIIied subiecTs. The Iocal uniT oT This organizaTion was Tounded on The UniversiTy oT Oklahoma campus in I9I5. The nafional chapTer, one oT The oIdesT oT iTs Type, was founded April 7, I88O. The purpose oT The organizaTion is To geT The young rnechanicaI engineer inTeresTed in his subject To geT him acquainTed wiTh his fellow sTudenTs, and To keep him in close union wiTh The currenT OT engineering progress. The organizaTion also serves To provide a conTacT IoeTween The sTudenT and The pracTicing engineer. LEWIS MQBRIDE THOMAS CUBBAGE . AL FRAMPTON . PETER TAUSON . OFFICERS . PresidenT . Vice-PresidenT SecreTary-Treasu rer . RepresenTaTive To ST. PaT's Council MEMBERS PAUL M. PETERS PHELPS CHESTNUT WILLIAM PRENDERGAST CLAUDE KIRKMAN P. O. TAUSON J. W. BOWMAN EDWARD RAUH FRANK JAMIESON EDWIN BYERS RICHARD SNEED RALPH WASSEL P. A. CAMBELL J. G. UMPLEBY WINSTON BURRIS T. S. LLEWELLYN D. L. LINDSAY BRITT CLAPHAM TALMADGE JONES JAMES MILLS J. B. STOUT CLARK JAMES A. W. SUDERMAN M. R. PERKINSON AL. BAUER TOLBERT SMITH MAX STUNTZ REX LUDICKE LOUIS LOEFFLER H. J. STEWART W. R. CLARK G. W. CARPENTER WALLACE HACKETT ALLEN DESHONC5 L. B. ALLEN M. N. BLACKSTONE H. E. MASSEY NIXON YOUNG ALEX W. FRANCIS AL FRAMPTON H. C. ROWLAND H. V. SHROCK E. T. HARRISON A. B. GIBSON IRA G. HOWLETT T. W. REYNOLDS W. M. CARROLL STUART F. BRADY LEWIS MCBRIDE THOMAS CUBBAGE Page 235 SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON MEMBERS THOMAS P. BROOKS G. DREW GIBSON DAN J. JONES W. DIXON MORRIS HARRY M. BUCHNER WENDELL GORDEN JOHN KLEP FLOYD PERKINSON VICTOR L. FROST RAYMOND W. DUDLEY HILLARD HINSON J. DUVAL MQCLURE HENRY H, PHILLIPS SIGMA TAU JOHN ROBINSON ALFRED A. WEINZIERL HERMAN J. WIRZ GEORGE L. YATES RICHARD SNEED RALPH DALE JOHN ROBINSON AL FRAMPTON HARRY PLUMMER WENDELL GORDON ELLSWORTI-I SHOWEN ERNEST HANDLEY BRUCE WILEY WILLIAM HEWITT FRANK AKRIGHT FERRIL MQMULLIN ORVILLE BARNETT CLINE MANSUR JAMES BASKIN MARTIN MILLER TOM CUBBAGE ROBB MOORE MEMBERS FRED NEWTON R. L. VAHLBERG DON PORTER O. E. VOEOELEIN WILMER RAGSDALE HERMAN WIRZ SCOTT REEBURG EARL SIMPSON DONALD SUGGS RICHARD SWAN PETER TAUSON OWEN WOOD LATHAM YATES JOHN FRYE BILL PATTERSON JOHN DONALDSON BOOTH STRAN GE GEORGE WEBER PAT FLETCHER JOHN REINHART AL BAUER CLAY CHILES ROBERT LONG HAROLD WILSON ROY EDWARDS Page 237 ALPHA PI MU I MEMBERS BOB KNIGHT JIMMY JOHNSON JACK AKINS KENNETH DUFF KENNETH KLEIN LESLIE GREER PHIL LOWENTHAL JIM MAJOR BILL BUCHAN WEBSTER HORN MAX JOHNSON MASON LYONS .IOI-IN STANTON EDGAR DeMEULES JACK PARSONS HAROLD EISELE SHERMAN CLAY MARVIN ELKINS BILLY LONG-MIRE LLOYD JOHNSTON BOB EVATT HERB SANFORD INDIAN CLUB MEMBERS PANOWA CLAN ATUSHKAHOMA CLAN KAY HARRISON, Clan Leader JERRY ANDERSON. Clan Leader WILLIAM A. LUCAS VINCENT IGO NELL THOMAS CECIL MURDOCK MARIETTA JOHNSON LAWRENCE WARE MARY THOMAS JACK SCOTT WARREN GUNTER ELIZABETH CAMPBELL ERNEST GUNTER MUTT MILLER JANE WHITE Page 238 PI EPSILON ALPHA MEMBERS NONA BOYETT INEZ FERGUSON FRANCES GOODLOE EUGENIA KNOX KATHERINE ANNE READ DOROTHY COSTON DELIA KATHERINE FRANKLIN VIRGINIA HALLUM RUTH LE BARRE LETA RYAN MILDRED COSTON JEANNE FRENCH HELEN HAWK JAUNITA MILLER IDA MAE SIMS THERESA CROMWELL MARTYNA GARRISON BILLIE JOSEPH BERTHA OUALLS GWENDOLYN THOMAS BOBBIE DICKINSON INEZ KELLEY LOIS TRAYLOR PLEDGES-Doro+lwea Harlow, 'WaIIeah Jones, Margaref Morris, wlmqucrlfe O'Leary, Lahoma Ryan, Madorie SrneIlaqe. PI ZETA KAPPA SIBYLLA ANDREWS RUTH JO BANDEL EDITH BARBOUR VERNA BENHAM DOROTHY COSTON MILDRED COSTON THERESA CROMWELL BOBBIE DICKINSON DELIA FRANKLIN ELIZABETH GUILD LAURA HARDMAN PLEDGES-FIoreir1e BarnweII, Lou Mae Dawson, Lenore Pefers, ArneIIa Rolla, Ruflw Shannon. MEMBERS HESTER HUGHES SYLVIA MILLS MAURINE HUSBAND DOROTHY NIX WINIFRED KETCHUM MARGARET RITTER MARY MELBA LUCAS MARY ROLLE LUCILLE MCGEORGE ELIZABETH RUTLEDGE LETA RYAN IDA SLOAN BEATRICE STROUD MARY TAPPAN FARLENE TRENTON BERNICE VENABLE Barbara EIIFS, Marina Gran'fI'vam, LInabaI Lucas, Juanifa MiIIer, Vera Morgan Page 239 POLO AND RIDING ASSOCIATION The Polo and Riding AssociaTion is an organizaTion Tor Those inTeresTed in equiTaTion and poIo. IT provides an opporTuniTy Tor Those inTeresTed To obTain riding insTrucTion under experTs. Each spring The AssocIaTion sponsors a Horse Show in which The members during The pasT year. JOHN ALLEY SCOTT BEESLEY BILL BRADSHAW JOE CANON JOHN CLAYTON WILLIAM COLLINS CARLTON CORNELS ARNOLD COURT JOSEPH CULP LEON FISHER ROBERT FITCH MILFORD FREDENBURG HOBART HAMILTON GENE HODGES JIMMIE HUSKINS LEE LIGHTNER JIMMIE MCWILLIAMS DON MINNIG RALPH PHELAN R. T. POLLARD JESS ROSENTHAL A. S. SIAPOOSH JOE SINGER RAY SNODGRASS CHARLES STEWART HAROLD SWINDLER BILL TAYLOR MORINE WARREN FRED HOYT M. F. JARBOE CHARLES PYLE ED SIEH EARL TROSPER MAURICE WHIDDEN GEORGIA MAE BEASLEY AURETTA MAE BELLMAN MEMBERS NINA M. BOHN ELSIE BOWER ROSEMARY BROOKS MARY JANE BUTTS IDA CARTER ELZIA COOK RUTH CRAIG MARGARET EDWARDS ROBERTA ELDRIDGE VIRGINIA FISHER ANN FISHMAN ANNA GOTWALS VIRGINIA HALLUM DOROTHIA HARLOW MARY HELEN HUNTER MARGUERITE KOERNER MILDRED LONG EMILY MASSAD FRANCES PECK GRACE PFILE GRACE RAY RUTH STRIPLING BERTA UMPLEBY JANE WHITE GLADYS WOODS GREG GARNETT DORIS ARMSTRONG GENE GILL MRS. ELGIN GROSECLOSE PROF. ELGIN GROSECLOSE BRUCE INMAN PROF. G. P. WILKINSON BAILEY BELL STUART BRADY F. A. BURG JOHN FERGUSON W. J. HACKETT VINCENT IGO MAURICE WINSTON KIRK WOODLIFF JOHN COOPER JOHN MARCUS RAY COLEMAN PAUL GETZOFF JOHN HALL RALPH HALLOUIST KELLER HENDERSON WILLIAM HETHERINGTON D. HUGHES ROBERT SCOTT ARCHER WATSON BILL WATTS JIM AKRIGHT WALTER DAVIDSON RUPERT FOGG BOB HILL BRESSEM HOLTZSCHUE FRED HOYT MAJEL WILSON PERK YOUNG DEXTER MOSS JIM PACE WILLIAM PETERS CHARLES PYLE LIDA BARR MRS. MAURICE HALPERIN PROF. MAURICE HALPERIN DOROTHY RYAN MYRA AKARD DORIS ARMSTRONG FRANCES BATES MRS. HELEN HETHERINGT MARJORIE CLEVENGER show whaT They have Iearned LORNA COATES MRS. INA EWING KATHERINE GIBSON MRS. NELL BOND HELEN HUGHES HELEN LOUISE JONES MARY LEILA KIDD FRANCES KILE DORILLA KINNEBREW MRS. WALTER KNIGHT V. O. KNOX LORINE LOOMIS ELIZABETH MQCALEB JANE OWEN ELINOR PEERY MARGARET REEVES ROBERTA ROADS MRS. VELERIE RYAN ANN TAYLOR POLLY TAYLOR CLAIRE TUCKER VIRGINIA UMPLEBY LENORA WHITE BILL ROACH BRUCE SHEPHERD HAROLD WATTERS KAY GARNETT MAC. HUMPHRIES GORDON WATTS ALLEN CALVERT TOM WALSH STRATFORD DUKE PRESTON WOOD TOM GIBSON ON HORACE CALVERT C. A. GRAHAM Page 240 5-snuff? .!9ffwi71? dh! fmfzybnfe JMC Qld? , i r . 1 hi Ja Wfayfav Wai? Whgzhzb CEQ3'CM-'fgfcliiifvofcfif J44J6 fv JWQM Dear Mr Gibson: Here's the way I pick them. 1 H013 -A2 N08 - 5 Nol 4 N02 - 5 N06 - 6 N018 - 7 Nol2. . It's awfully hard to tell what an g1rl's reel personal- ity is from a photo, eo if you think I have been unfair to anyone ewitoh them around to suit yourself. I went on the'genera1 rules for beauty that I use myself when drawing them. However probably lots of the students wont agree with my choice. I'm sending the photos back to you today. Best wishes and good luck for the 1934 SOONER Sincerely Abwum Quawnmw ,EIQOQJN "N t Q , 116 wear, 87 is New Y rk fi ,,ttA. ...Y Y' f. mercnom ! oQ,e: tttt "W 1-I , ,fvlfysa ei IP Eggff' 0 ew' rp 60 N RMP' N 0 N. A xc-'-f"J'D 04117ifffi4 BENNIE OWEN DirecTor of AThleTics Bennie Owen came To Oklahoma in T900 Trom BeTh- any College aT Lindsborg, Kan- sas, To assume The coaching duTies aT The UniversiTy. l-le was acTive as TooTball coach Tor more Than a guarTer oT a cen- Tury, reTiring Trom This posT in l928 when he became DirecTor of AThleTics, which posT he has held since ThaT Time. FooTball Teams coached by Owen esTab- lished an all-Time percenTage record oT .735 wiTh I28 wins, 52 losses and I3 Ties in I83 games played. As early as l905, Owen had visions oT The modern aTh- leTic planT which graces The campus oT The UniversiTy aT The presenT Time. The besT years oT his liTe were devoTed To build- ing Sooner Teams ThaT would meriT The realizaTion oT These dreams. ln The early years The TooT- ball games were played on a Tield iusT wesT oT The siTe oT The presenT Fine ArTs Building: laTer They were moved To Boyd Field, easT oT The presenT Fieldhouse siTe, and a grandsTand was erecTed which would accommodaTe l000 specTaTors. BaskeTball games were played in whaT is now The Zoology l.aboraTory unTil The building oT The Armory when The games were moved To This building. Track meeTs were held on a dirT Track around The TooTball Tield. ln conTrasT To Those early day condiTions, The aThleTic deparTmenT, under Owen's guidance, has grown unTil iT includes modern eguipmenT which rivals ThaT oT any UniversiTy in This parT oT The counTry. Memorial 5Tadium, wiTh iTs seaTing capaciTy oT over 32.000, The Field l-louse, The Baseball Field, and The Tine cinder Track will remain always as reminders oT The TaiThTul service oT Bennie Owen, Oklahoma's popular and capable DirecTor oT AThleTics. Page 253 LEWIE HARDAGE Foolball JOHN JACOBS Tracli THE COACHES Probably lhe linesl lribule lhal can be paid lo Olclahoma's Coaching Slall is lhal wherever lhe Sooner leams go lhey are nol only leared lor lhe slill compelilion which lhey oller bul are also recognized as lhe linesl examples ol clean sporlsmanship. Coaches Hardage and Rowland, who came lo lhe Universily in lhe Spring ol I932, are inlroducing a llashy and exciling brand ol loolball. Their leams have won a second and a lhird in lhe Conlerence and al lhe same lime lhey have been building lor lhe lulure, nineleen sophomores being among lhe I933 lellermen. l-lugh McDermoll is recognized as one ol lhe besl baslcelball coaches in lhe coun- lry. l-lis leams are always eilher lille win- ners or slrong conlenders, and he has prof duced some ol lhe nalion's linesl players. John Jacobs, himsell a lraclq slar while in school, lurns oul perennially good learns in lhis sporl. l'lis characler is an inspira- lion lo his leams. L. E. "Jap" l-laslcell, baseball coach, is one ol lhe smarlesl baseball men in lhe slale and is adepl al malcing good players oul ol raw recruils. A producl ol lhe Gallagher "school ol wresllingn al Slillwaler, Paul Keen has made an enviable record al Oklahoma. Bruce Drake, recognized as one ol lhe linesl baslcelball players ol all lime, is in- slruclor in physical educalion and assislanl baslqelball coach. ' 1 JOHN "BO" ROWLAND Foolball Assisla nl HUGH V, MQDERMOTT Baslfelball l i I i 4 PAUL V. KEEN LAWRENCE E. HASKELL BRUCE DRAKE Wreslling Baseball Baslcelball Assislanl Page 254 ALL-SPORTS CHAMPIONSHIP As The I934 SOON ER goes To press, The UniversiTy is apparenTly bound Tor iTs TiTTh conTerence all-sporTs championship in The pasT eighT years. WiTh Tive sporTs compleTed and only Three more To be decided, The Oklahomans are leading wiTh a low score ToTal oT I Ilfg poinTs, while Kansas and Nebraska Tollow, in ThaT order, wiTh I4 and I6 poinTs, respecTiveIy. The Three remaining sporTs are baseball, ouTdoor Track, and Tennis, and The Sooners are expecTed To be sTrong in all Three. The sTandings are compuTed on a basis oT The low score ToTal oT The schooI's sTand- ing in all sporTs during a compIeTe school year. Figured on This basis, Oklahoma was TirsT Tor The school year I932-I933 wiTh a score oT 25If2 poinTs. Nebraska was second wiTh 27If2, Kansas Aggies had 28If2, Kansas 29, Iowa STaTe 33If2, and Missouri 45. These sTandings included The Track, baseball and Tennis Teams which are picTured in The I934 Sooner. The Sooners also won The TiTle in I926- I927, I927-I928, and I928-I929, placed second in I929-I93O and I93O-I93 I, and were Third in I93 I-I932. AlThough noT The oTTiciaI way oT Tiguring The sTandings, a TabulaTion on The basis OT The records oT The Teams used in This year's SOONER would also puT Oklahoma in TronT. By such a sysTem The Sooners would score a low oT l8If2, Tollowed by Kansas wiTh 24lf2 and Nebraska wiTh 25. OOIT, polo, and pisTol, Three sporTs in which Oklahoma is always sTrong, are noT Tig- ured in The conTerence sTandings. Cross counTry was noT considered This year and Okla- homa's Team was undeTeaTed. IT is eyidenT ThaT The aThIeTic program aT Oklahoma is a well-rounded one since Sooner Teams, Though noT always winning championships, aT leasT Tinish in The TirsT divi- sion wiTh regulariTy. ALL-SPORTS STANDINGS, I933-I934 FooTbaII BaskeTbaII Indoor Track WresTIing Swimming ToTal okLAHoMA 2y2 i W2 Kansas ..... I I4 Nebraska . . . 4 I6 Iowa STaTe . . 5I,f2 I7If2 Kansas STaTe 5If2 22If2 Missouri .... ZV2 23If2 lThe Tigures sTand Tor places and ThereTore The lowesT score indicaTes The highesT sTanding.l Pg 255 FOOTBALL By ED MCCURTAIN Like a big red and whiTe menace The pre-season Sooner eleven loomed large as a poTenTial Big-Six champ- ionship club. A wave oT respecT and awe spread over The sTaTe as The powerful Team appeared ready To launch TorTh inTo whaT was To be a Tremendously hard season wiTh nineTeen sophomores as The nucleus oT The power. As Their TirsT opponenT, The Sooners were scheduled To meeT The mighTy Commodores oT VanderbilT UniversiTy. And Then came Tulsa, Texas, and Nebraska in ThaT order-a Terrific assignmenT. BuT This Vandy game was To be Their biggesT TesT-a vicTory would mean naTional recogniTion. They had everyThing To gain. BuT how would The sophomore Team TuncTion? Would The big line come up To pre-season predicTion or would The repuTaTion OT The highly TouTed opponenTs Temporarily paralyze Their play? The answer was in waiTing. The big VanderbilT squad came wesT, souThern drawl and all: They expecTed a TighT, and in The words OT Their Tamous coach, Dan McOugin, "They goT iT." Over I8,000 fans crowded inTo Memorial STadium and roared Their approval as a pack oT hard TighTing Sooners compleTely ouTplayed The SouThern Conference Team. The game resulTed in a scoreless Tie, buT only aTTer a well concenTraTed Vandy deTense repulsed The Sooner aTTack on Three diTTerenT occasions. Only once were The Commodores wiThin The 20-yard sTripe oT The gallanT Okla- homans, and Then as The resulT oT a Tumble. The superioriTy oT The Sooner eleven was clearly evidenT in all deparTmenTs oT play. GenTry, The mighTy sophomore Tackle, was designaTecl as a "snarling Tiger," so savage BOB DUNLAP WLLPANSZE ARTPANSZE CASH GENTRY Page 256 CASH'CASON RALHGFTFRANCB JEH3COKER ELUSBASHARA was his play: Dunlap was recognized as one oT The besT backs in The counTry, so versaTile was his play: Bashara was heralded as a greaT guard: and Bill Pansze was poinTed ouT as being The hardesT man To bring down on The Tield. Only Randy Dixon oT The Commodore eleven could even approach The brillianT play oT These Sooner sTars. And Then over To The Skelly Field aT Tulsa Tor The nexT game, wiTh The Golden Hurricane oT Tulsa Univer- siTy. BuT The powerTul Hurricane blew Too hard-or else The Sooners had spenT Too much energy in Their greaT moral vicTory over The Commodores, Tor when The sun seT on Skelly Field These Tigures on The giganTic score- board indicaTed whaT had happened-Tulsa 20, Oklahoma 6. Overcomfidence? Perhaps, buT a revengeTul Hurricane Team Threw everyThing iT had inTo The sTruggle, iT had a sysTem ThaT would be hard To beaT anywhere, and The OTT Tackle drives of scinTillaTing "SkeeT" Berry proved Too much Tor The willing Sooner line. Bob Dun- lap's pass To Jack Harris, end, in The TourTh quarTer gave The Sooners Their only score oT The aTTernoon. And Then came The annual migraTion To The Texas Longhorn counTry. Amid an environmenT oT Tlags, sky rides, and rollicking Tun lThe Texas STaTe Fair was in progressl, The Sooners were on The rebound aTTer The sTing- ing Tulsa deTeaT. Their ground plays were TuncTioning again and, wiTh The inspired play oT Casey Cason and JeTT Coker dominaTing, The Sooners repulsed The Longhorns 9 To O: incidenTally iT was Their TirsT Texas Triumph since I9l9. Bob Dunlap was The generalissimo oT The Sooner aTTack and The only Touchdown scorer oT The aTTernoon. ReTurning home Tor The Dad's Day celebraTion, Oklahoma crushed The Iowa STaTe Cyclones wiTh a lasT period oTTensive I9 To 7. Cash 6enTry, one oT The greaTesT Tackles ever To play Tor Oklahoma, played an All- Page 257 ORVILLE COREY BEN POYNER LEROY ROBISON HAROLD FLEETWOOD American game while Dunlap and Bill Pansze were eTTecTive on running plays. GenTry blocked Three Iowa STaTe punTs while DunIap's passes and punTing held The Cyclones aT bay. The Sooners headed norThward on Their nexT Trip To meeT The champion Nebraska UniversiTy Cornhuskers. ln The words oT a Nebraska sporTs wriTer: "They came inTo The norThland heralded more or less as a pushover . . . yeT These Sooners Tore inTo Coach D. X. Bible's Cornhuskers like a rip saw. Long and lean They played a slashing game on The deTense ThaT made The highly TouTed Husker oTTense look very poor indeed aT Times." And They did iusT ThaT. The Nebraskans won I6 To 7 buT only aTTer a sTrenuous game in which The breaks seemed To be againsT The Sooners all aTTernoon. Cash GenTry was hailed as anoTher Ed Wier, Nebraska's All-American Tackle oT oTher years. Dunlap, Pansze, Harris and Coker all played greaT games . . . "Those Sooners losT buT They played TooTball all The way." And Then came The annual Homecoming game wiTh The powerTul Kansas Jayhawkers as The guesTs. This Team had held The Ramblers oT NoTre Dame To a scoreless Tie. BuT The Sooners proved To be Too sTrong and The Jayhawks were crushed 20 To O. Again iT was a Sooner sophomore, Melbourne "Nig" RoberTson, speedy l55-pounder, who dominaTed The spoTlighT. Behind greaTly improved blocking, RoberTson was The spearhead oT a newly Tound oTTensive, circling The ends Tor long gains which broughT Two Third-quarTer Touchdowns and, up To ThaT Time, The Team's mosT decisive Triumph oT The season. Sharing honors wiTh RoberTson was Orville Corey, 225-pound senior Tackle. Corey, who had saT on The bench in mosT OT The games, goT his chance and he crowded inTo The background The usual brillianT work oT GenTry and Bashara. Page 258 ConTinuing Their oTTensive drive. The Sooners rolled up Zl poinTs againsT The Missouri Tigers while holding Them scoreless. Again iT was Dunlap whose punTing, passing, ball carrying. and reTurning oT punTs provided mosT oT The sensaTions oT The Sooner aTTaclc. His passes To Jack Harris, end, carried The ball deep inTo Tiger TerriTory Time -and again. ln The nexT conTerence game The Sooners meT The Kansas STaTe WildcaTs buT were halTed when The elusive Doug Russell, All-Big Six back. raced 49 and 38 yards Tor Two Touchdowns. The vaunTed Sooner Torward wall was pierced Time and again by The charging oT boTh Russell and Graham while The Sooner baclofield was im- poTenT in iTs running and passing aTTaclc. For Oklahoma. Cason. STacy, and Miskovslcy were ouTsTanding in The line while RoberTson, Pansze, and Dunlap were The chieT ThreaTs in The bacldield. Thanksgiving Day dawned and came The Cowboys from A. and M. College To do baTTle wiTh Their Tradi- Tional Toes-To The vicTor would belong The old bell clapper Trom The Tower oT The agriculTural school. A well coached group oT Farmers headed by big Jim RosseTTe reTained The clapper Tor A. and M. wiTh a decisive I3 To O vicTory over The Sooner crew. The season had been long and hard, The baTTles had all been Tough, and The Sooner eleven was compleTely impoTenT beTore The onslaughT of The Missouri Valley championship Team. Dunlap was abouT The only Sooner who could go places wiTh any degree oT consisTency. The Cowboys, on The oTher hand, played a smooTh game and wiTh Their reverses, laTerals, and spinners clicking beauTiTully, were deserving oT The vicTory. OT The Sooners who gained all-sTar recogniTion, perhaps The one mosT widely heralded was Cassius GenTry 'WYPl' XIII KAREY FUQUA MUTT MILLER BEEDE LONG GEORGE PARRISH ,, Page 259 who received a Third Team Tackle posiTion on The AssociaTed Press AII-American seIecTions. He was also AII- Big Six on boTh The AssociaTed Press and The UniTed Press Teams. Ellis Bashara was awarded a guard posiTion on The AssociaTed Press All-Big Six Team as weII as honorable menTion on The AII-American seIecTions. Bob Dunlap also made The AII-Big Six Team oT The AssociaTed Press and was placed among The ouTsTanding guarTer- backs in The AII-American seIecTions. Big Jim STacy was given a TirsT Team guard posiTion on several aII-conTer- ence seIecTions and was on The AssociaTed Press AII-Big Six second Team. The UniversiTy oT SouThern CaIiTornia picked an All-American Team OT "read heads" and STacy was aT a guard posiTion when The seIecTions were re- leased. Jack Harris was on The UniTed Press AII-ConTerence Team aT end and JeTT Coker was given honorable menTion in The AII-American seIecTions oT The AssociaTed Press. Harold FIeeTwood was The second Team cenTer on The AssociaTed Press all-conTerence Team and was recognized as one oT The besT linemen in The circuiT. The Tollowing men were awarded leTTer sweaTers by The AThIeTic Council: William Pansze, ForT SmiTh, Arkansas, honorary caloTain: RoberT Dunlap, Haskell: Orville Long, Camden, Arkansas: ArT Pansze, ForT SmiTh Arkansas: Ben Poynor, WeIeeTka: Cassius GenTry, LawTon: Rob Robinson, Clarksville, Texas: Raleigh Francis, Blanchard: Karey Fuqua, LawTon: Melbourne RoberTson, Seminole: MuTT Miller, Wewoka: Jiggs WhiTTingTon, GuThrie: Casey Cason, Lakeland, Fla.: Marion Foreman, Newkirk: George Parrish, Ponca CiTy: J. W. Wheeler, Davis: Jack Harris, AnTIers: Orville Corey, CaIumeT: James STacy, AITus: Ellis Bashara, Norman: JeTT Ccker, LawTon: Harold FleeTwood, Marlow: John Miskovsky, Oklahoma CiTy: KenneTh LiTTle, AlTus: Harry Ellis, AITus' Morris McDannaId, HousTon, Texas: Wesley Beck, EI Reno: and Clay Chiles, ITasca, Texas. MORRIS MQDANNALD J. W. WHEELER JACK HARRIS MARION FOREMAN I Page 260 KENNETH LITTLE DELBERT HAYNES JCI-IN MISKOVSKY HARRY ELLIS OT This group only seven men will be IosT To The Team nexT season. The reTurning group oT experienced men should Torm The nucleus oT one oT The TinesT Teams in The hisTory of The school if predicTions aT This Time mean much. A group oT valuable addiTions also come up Trom The Treshman squad and if everyThing goes well Sooner- Iand may be vibraTing wiTh a vicTory song nexT year. BUT iT you are dubious of This predicTion, hear whaT C. E. McBride oT The Kansas CiTy STar has To say abouT The Sooner chances nexT Tall: "Sounding a warning a year ahead-Iook ouT Tor Those Oklahoma Sooners nexT Tall. Professor Lewie I-Iardage and his assisTing sTaTT have a squad oT sophomores who are playing rioTous ball This season. WiTh a season's experience under Their beITs, so To speak, whaT a TempesT They'II be on The gridiron nexT Tall. SEASON'S RECORD Oklahoma .... .,........ O VanderbiIT . , . Oklahoma .... ........ 6 Tulsa ..... Oklahoma .,.. 9 Texas .. . Oklahoma .. . 7 Nebraska . . .. Oklahoma .. , I9 Iowa STaTe. . . Oklahoma .. .20 Kansas . . .. Oklahoma ...2I Missouri .. ,..... Oklahoma .. . O Kansas STaTe . . . . . . Oklahoma .. . O Oklahoma A. and IVI Oklahoma .. .82 OpponenTs .... . .. Page 26I WESLEY BECK JIM STACY JIGGS WI-IITTING-TON MEL. ROBERTSON FINAL STANDINGS I933 School Won Los+ Pc+. School Won Los+ Pcf. Nebraska ..., . , 5 0 I.000 Kansas . . . . . . 2 3 .400 Kansas SI'aIe . . . . , 4 I .800 Iowa Srare . , . I 4 .200 OKLAHOMA ...,,. 3 2 .600 Missouri ...,.,..... 0 5 .000 ASSOCIATED PRESS ALL-BIG SIX TEAM I'-733 FIRST TEAM SECOND TEAM PIayer School PosiI'ion Player School Lee Penney, Nebraska .............. ..,. E nd ..... ...., E rnes'r Casini, Kansas Bruce Kilbourne, Nebraska ,.......... . ....4. End ..... ..... J ACK HARRIS, OKLAHOMA CASSIUS GENTRY, OKLAHOMA ..., . ..,.. Tackle. , .4... George Maddox, Kansas SJraIe Gail O'Brien, Nebraska ...,.,......, ..... T ackle .... ...,. P e+e Mehringer, Kansas Warren de Bus, Nebraska ......... ..I,. G uard ,... ..,.. C Iair Bishop, Nebraska ELLIS BASHARA, OKLAHOMA ...., ..... G uard .... ..... J AMES STACY, OKLAHOMA Franklin Meier, Nebraska ......... ,..... C enIer ,... ..,.. H AROLD FLEETWOOD, OKLAHOMA ROBERT DUNLAP, OKLAHOMA ..., ,.... O uarrerback ......... Bernard Masierson, Nebraska RaIph Graham, Kansas SIaIe ...... .,,.. H aIIback ....,..... Huber+ Boswell, Nebraska Dougal RusseII, Kansas SIaIe ..., ,. , HaII:back .....,.... Lee Morgan, Iowa SIaIe George Sauer, Nebraska ...... .... F uIIback ......,... Orrnand Beach, Kansas Page 262 BASKETBALL OIcIahorna's I934 basIceTbaII Team scored 38I poinTs in Ten conTerence games To seT a new Big Six oTTensive record oT 38.I poinTs per game-Tour Sooners were placed on The AssociaTed Press all-conTerence seIecTions, Two on The TirsT sTring and Two on The second-Bud Browning seT a new conTerence scoring record Tor guards wiTh a ToTaI oT 96 poinTs-and Ervyl Bross led The comcerence scorers in Tield goals wiTh 46 and was second in ToTaI poinTs scored wiTh I08. BUT The Kansas Jayhawlcers won The conTerence TiTIe Tor The TourTh Time in as many years. BIG SIX STANDINGS W L PcT. TP OP Kansas ......,, ... 9 I .900 29I 235 OKLAHOMA .,. .,. 6 4 .600 38I 280 Missouri .... .. . 6 4 .600 286 25I Nebraska . , .. . 5 5 .500 292 3 I4 Iowa STaTe . . . . . 2 8 .200 262 296 Kansas STaTe ... ... 2 8 .200 228 364 1 'SQKIIIU Iwi J JM'-13 JEL FTE TEIEIIBQ L5 E1 IXILQXTQQ IRZIAIYQQ ERVYL BRCDSS DON I-IAYS BUD BROWNING WAYNE LeCRONE Page 263 The Sooners, given liTTle chance Tor The TiTle in The pre-season dope, which Tavored Kansas and Missouri, sTarTed The season oTT like real championship conTenders by Taking SouThern lvleThodisT inTo camp by scores oT 36 To 28 and 37 To 28 on successive nighTs. A Third non-conTerence scalp was added aT The expense oT The Oklahoma Aggies, 58 To 34. AlThough playing only parT oT each game, Percy Main and Bud Browning each averaged I0 poinTs per game Tor These Three. In Their TirsT conTerence game The Oklahomans whipped lowa STaTe 43 To 20. ln This game, Munson, The Sooner cenTer, c:onsisTenTly ouTiumped Wegner, The +aIIes+ regular cenTer in The conTerence and The one who laTer beaT Munson ouT Tor The all-conTerence posT. ATTer beaTing The Aggies again, 34 To I9, The Team leTT on iTs TirsT road Trip againsT conTerence Toes. On This Trip Kansas STaTe and Nebraska were downed, 30 To 20, and 44 To 36. As Nebraska had already deTeaTed Kansas This leTT The Sooners in The conTerence lead and deTiniTely marked Them as championship conTenders. ln The nexT game The Sooners suTTered Their TirsT loss oT The season, dropping a 3I To 28 exhibiTion en- counTer To The Missouri Tigers, buT in The conTerence game played The Tollowing nighT The Team redeemed iTselT by Trimming The Tiger 35 To 2I. "Fudge" Warren, subsTiTuTe Torward, played an imporTanT role in This vicTory wiTh Tour Timely Tield goals. Three road games on successive nighTs, a TeaT noT aTTempTed by any oTher Team, proved To be Too greaT a sTrain on The players and all Three encounTers were dropped. Kansas Took The TirsT Two by scores oT 22 To I6 and 28 To 23, The TirsT being an exhibiTion and The second counTing as The Team's TirsT conTerence loss. The Tollowing nighT, baTTered down by The Two hard games wiTh The Jayhawkers, The Team losT a hearT-breaking deci- sion To The Cyclones oT lowa STaTe, 40 To 38. PERCY MAIN EDGAR WARREN Sl-TOCKY NEEDY HAROLD LeCRONE Page 264 KL- CHARUETAUNSON STANLEYTYLER Shorn oT Their early season lead buT sTill having a chance Tor TirsT place, The Sooners reTurned home deTer- mined To regain Their losT presTige and To climb back To The Top again. Nebraska and Kansas STaTe were The innocenT vicTims oT This revived spiriT and were soundly Trou-nced, 53 To 23, and 68 To 2 I. Ervyl Bross led These scoring parades wiTh I9 poinTs in The TirsT game and 22 in The second. Oklahoma's 68 poinTs againsT Kansas STaTe seT a new conTerence record Tor Team scoring in one game. ForTiTied by Their easy vicTories over The WildcaTs and The Cornhuskers, The Sooners seT ouT Tor Columbia To meeT The Missouri Team in an exhibiTion and a viTal conTerence encounTer. As usual The Tigers were unbeaT- able on Their home courT and The Oklahomans wenT down again by scores oT 29 To 28 and 32 To 22. The Two Tinal games oT The season were played aT home againsT The champion Jayhawkers. The exhibiTion, in which Bud Browning, The high scoring guard, played only a Tew minuTes because oT an aTTack oT The Tlu, was losT 33 To 26. l-lowever, Tans TelT conTidenT ThaT wiTh Browning back in The lineup The Team could win The conTer- ence game The Tollowing nighT. When a six To noThing lead was run up aT The TirsT oT The game iT looked like The Tans had been righT. BuT This lead was rapidly pared down, and The Kansans, led by Ebling, The conTerence scor- ing leader, who made 24 poinTs, deTeaTed The Sooners 39 To 25. Early in The second halT "Doc" LeCrone, prob- ably The besT deTensive man on The Team, was removed Trom The game on personal Touls. Ebling only scord Three oT his 24 poinTs while he was guarded by Doc. A greaT ovaTion was given by The Tans To Lecrone as he leTT The Tloor Tor The lasT Time, aTTer Three years oT good and consisTenT play Tor his Team and his school. This deTeaT shoved The Sooners inTo Third place buT They Tinished in a Tie wiTh Missouri Tor second when The laTTer Team losT To Kansas in The Tinal game oT The season. ln eighTeen games, including boTh conTerence and non-conTerence, The Sooners scored a ToTal oT 644 poinTs or an average oT 35.8 per game while Their opposiTion averaged 27.9 Tor a ToTal oT 503. In individual scoring Page 265 ft Bross led his feammafes wifh a fofal of I5O poinfs, buf was closely followed by Browning wifh I46 and Percy lvlain wifh I27. Munson accounfed for 57 poinfs, Hays for 46, Warren 45 and Harold LeCrone 28. In Big Six scoring Bross led fhe conference in field goals wifh 46 buf was beafen ouf for fhe leadership by Ebling of Kansas who scored 44 field goals and 36 free fhrows fo fie fhe record of I24 poinfs, sef by Tom Churchill of Oklahoma in I929. BIC-3 SIX SCORING G FG FT TP Ebling, Kansas, f ..,.......... ... IO 44 36 I24 BROSS,OKLAI-IOIv1A,f ,....... ... IO 46 I6 IO8 BROWNINO, OKLAHOMA, g ...... IO 35 26 96 Wegner, Iowa Sfafe, c ,........ IO 32 30 94 Miller, Missouri, g ...,.......,..... IO 32 II 75 Lunney, Nebraslca, f ,............... IO 3I I3 75 Leffers were awarded fo fen men, including Main, Bross, and Warren, forwards, Munson and I-lays, cenfers, and Browning, I'I. I.eCrone, Tyler, W. LeCrone, and Needy, guards. OF fhis number Ivlain, all-conference his sophomore year and iusf as good for fhe pasf fwo, Bross, all-conference fhis year, and I-I. I.eCrone, acclaimed by Coach McDermoff for The pasf fwo years as fhe besl' defensive man in fhe conference, will be Iosf by gradua- fion. Browning is a iunior, Munson has fhree semesfers of compefifion leff, and fhe ofhers are sophomores. Ofher squadmen who will be back nexf year include Cobb, Soufhard, Tone, Vaughn, Wallace and Robinson. Wirh fhese leffermen and squadmen and wifh such promising freshmen as Connelly, Nelson, Freeman, Coleman, Remy, Rorex, Gunning and ofhers coming up, indicafions are fhaf anofher good feam will be produced nexf year wifh a chance fo regain fhe conference fifle which Oklahoma has nof held since I929. Page 266 BASEBALL Through fhe sfellar pifching of Travis "Ace" Hinson, a sophomore find, and fhe .300 or beffer hiffing of six regulars, Coach l-laskell's Sooner Baseballers were enabled fo go fhrough a full season of sixfeen games wifh only five defeafs, fheir final average for all games being .688. l'linson, working in nine games, was charged wifh only one defeaf. Because of a shorfage of funds fhere was no official Big Six Conference race. l-lowever, Oklahoma, Mis- souri and Kansas Sfafe compefed and fhe Sooners divided fhe unofficial championship wifh fhe Kansas Aggies, each feam winning fhree and losing fwo games for a percenfage of .600. BIG SIX STANDING Won Losf. Pcf. OKLAHOMA ... ... 3 2 .600.. Kansas Sfafe .,,. . ,,.,.. 3 2 .600 Missouri ...,.,,................... 2 4 .333 Af fhe beginning of fhe season a frophy was offered by fhe Oklahoma Cify Times and The Oklahoma Base- ball Federafion fo be presenfed fo fhe champion among Oklahoma college feams. The feams were divided info "major" and "minor" groups and each feam was required fo play so many games wifh members of fhe "major" FRANCE COBB TRAVBPMNSON JOHN MEKLE HLLBRAKEHLL Page 267 group in order To be eligible Tor The Trophy. This was done in order To prevenT The padding of schedules wiTh weak opponenTs. AlThough losing The Trophy To The Oklahoma Aggies in The lasT Two games oT The season, The Sooners won eighT games while losing only Three and Tinisned high among The leaders wiTh a percenTage OT .727. No Team, eiTher in This race or in The abbreviaTed conTerence schedule was able To gain an advanTage over The Oklahoma Team in games won. When The Tinal hiTTing averages Tor The season were released iT was disclosed Thar six of The O. U. regulars had baTTed aT a .300 or beTTer clip Tor The enTire year and ThaT Tour oTher squadmen had averages beTTer Than .26O. Doyle Tolleson, big sophomore caTcher, led The baTTers wiTh an average oT .360, and I3 oT his 27 hiTs were doubles, Triples and home runs. Bill Amend, shorTsTop Trom AnTlers, who was hurT in mid-season and played only half The games, baTTed 352, while Ray Dunson, Indian ouTTielder Trom Okemah, was Third wiTh .346. STaTisTics also showed The Sooner piTching sTaTT To be well above The average. AlThough, Hinson bore The maioriTy OT The hurling burden he was ably supporTed by The veTeran Spicey Fulps and by Andy Beck and Tonka CarTer.. Twelve men won leTTers and of This number only Andy Beck, TirsT baseman and reserve piTcher, who was elecTed honorary capTain aT The end oT The year, Ray Dunson, ouTTielder, and Ralph Brand, second baseman, were losT by graduaTion. lndicaTions are ThaT The I934 Team will be even beTTer Than ThaT oT I933. Those win- ning 'leTTers were Travis l-linson and Spicey Fulps, piTchers, Doyle Tolleson, caTcher, Beck, Brand, Francis "Pudgy" Cobb, LeRoy Woodson and Bill Amend, infielders, and John lvleikle, Bill Brakebill, Sidney PaTTerson and Dunson, ouTTielders. LEROY WOODSON SPICEY FULPS RALPH BRAND SID PATTERSON Page 268 ' is 'N-.,,,.N O N DOYLE TOLLESON ANDY BECK BILLY AMEND SEASON'S RECORD Oklahoma Universiiy ,...... 2 Oklahoma Aggies . Oklahoma Universiry ....... 6 Oklahoma Aggies . Oklahoma Universify ..,..., 4 Oklahoma Aggies .. Oklahoma Universily ....... 3 Oklahoma Aggies .. Oklahoma Universily ....... 4 Cenlral Teachers .. Oklahoma Universiiy ....... 4 Cenrral Teachers .. Oklahoma Universiry ...,... IO Soulhwesrern Oklahoma Universify ....... 4 Soulhwesrern . . . . . Oklahoma Universily ....... I6 Soulhwesre-rn .......... Oklahoma Universiry ....... 6 Oklahoma Cily Universiiy ..,. Oklahoma Universify ..,.... 4 Oklahoma Cify Universiry .... Oklahoma Uriiversify ....... 7 Kansas Siafe .......... Oklahoma Universiry ....... 6 " Kansas Sraie .......... Oklahoma Universily ....... Zl Missouri Universiry Oklahoma Universily ....... 8 Missouri Universify Oklahoma Universiiy ....... 5 Missouri Universily Page 269 RAY DUNSON BILL THOMPSON BARTLETT WARD BOB MOORE LORIS MOODY TRACK Led by an all sophomore relay quarTeT and by Bill Newblock, The veTeran bespecTacIed high jumper, The Sooner Thinclads gained a share in a conTerence Track TiTIe Tor The TirsT Time since I929, in The Indoor MeeT held aT Columbia. The men oT John Jacobs Took Tour TirsTs, Two seconds and a Tie Tor anoTher, one Third and a Tie Tor anoTher, and a single TourTh Tor a ToTaI oT 33 poinTs, which equalled The score oT The Nebraska Cornhuskers, undispuTed champions Tor The pasT Three years. BeTore The mile relay, which was The Tinal evenT oT The meeT, The Oklahomans Trailed by Three poinTs, buT The championship Tie was made possible by The conTerence record Tying perTormance oT Moore, Thompson, Moody and Ward, whose Time Tor This evenT was 3 minuTes and 29 seconds. Individual championships were won by Newblock who high jumped six TeeT Two inches, BarT Ward wiTh a 52-second perTormance in The quarTer and Loris Moody who Took The haIT mile run in 2:OO.I. Ward also Took second place in The broad iump while Newblock was TourTh in The sixTy-yard low hurdle evenT. OTher poinT winners were Gilles wiTh second in The shoT, Barham who Tied Tor second in The high iump, Moore Third in The quarTer and Adkison who Tied Tor Third in The 60-yard dash. The Team conTinued undeTeaTed indoors by winning The Tulsa AThIeTic AssociaTion meeT wiTh 33 poinTs To 20 Tor Kansas, The second place Team. AIThough They Took Tive TirsTs and compIe+eIy dominaTed The Team com- Page 270 peTiTion in This meeT, The Sooners were forced To share The limelighT wiTh Glen Dawson, Their former TeammaTe, who won a special mile run from Glenn Cunningham of Kansas in The good Time of 4:29.9. The Oklahoma relay Team was again successful, winning in 3:34.4. OTher firsT places were Taken by Cox in The fiffy-yard dash, Moody in The half mile and Newblock in The high jump and in The fifTy-yard low hurdles. Seconds were Taken by Moore in The quarfer, Simms in The broad jump and Barham who Tied for ThaT place in The high jump evenT. Harold KeiTh, anoTher former Sooner, was second in The Two-mile run. Oufdoors The Team did noT fare so well, dropping To fourfh place in The conference meeT aT Lincoln and losing To The Oklahoma Aggies aT STillwaTer for The firsT loss wiThin The sTaTe since l9I2. However, a number of enviable individual performances were Turned in, and The Sooners won The Oklahoma Amafeur MeeT aT Norman and a Triangular wiTh The Aggies and The Oklahoma BajoTisTs aT Shawnee, as well as making a good showing in The Kansas and Drake relays and scoring in The Nafional lnTercollegiaTe. Two individual championships were Taken by Sooners aT The conference ouTdoor meeT, Bill Newblock high jumping six feeT Three and Three-quarTers inches for a new conference record, and BarT Ward racing The 440- yard dash in The near record Time of 48.9 seconds. Ward also Took fourTh in The 220-yard dash. Ofher Sooner scorers were Cox who Took Third in The IOO and fiffh in The 220, Moore wifh Tiffh in The 440, Gilles second in bofh The discus and The shoT, Marks fiffh in The javelin, Burk Tied for TiT+h in The pole vaulf, and Barham second in The high jump. BEN MARKS WHITLEY COX ALBERT GILLES BILL NEWBLOCK Page 27I The Team scored a ToTal oT 3Olf4 poinTs, iusT Three-TourThs oT a poinT behind The Third place Kansas Aggies buT Tar below The ToTal oT eiTher Nebraska or Kansas who Tinished TirsT and second. A new school record was seT up in The Oklahoma AmaTeur MeeT when The mile relay guarTeT oT Moore, Thompson, Moody and Ward sTepped The disTance in 3:l9.7. The Tormer record was 3:23.3. AlThough no Team award was made aT This meeT Oklahoma was easily The class oT The Teams represenTed. FirsTs were Taken by Cox in The IOO, Newblock in The I2O-yard low hurdles, The Team oT Moore, Hill, Ward and Cox in The 880-yard relay, Marks in The iavelin Throw and by The mile relay Team. AT The Triangular meeT wiTh The Aggies and BapTisTs, TirsTs were Taken by The mile relay Team, The 440-yard relay Team composed oT Adkison, l-lill, Ward and Cox, Barham in The high jump, Marks in The iavelin. AgainsT The Aggies, Oklahoma Took eighT ouT oT TiTTeen evenTs buT didn'T score enough seconds and Thirds, losing The meeT by a score oT 69 To 62. Ward was The high poinT man oT The meeT wiTh TirsTs in The 440 and The broad iump and a second in The 220, while Gilles Took TirsT in boTh The discus and shoT. Marks Threw The iavelin over I97 TeeT Tor a TirsT in ThaT evenT and his besT performance oT The year. OTher TirsT places were Taken by Moody in The halT mile, Newblock, Sims and Barham in The high iump, and The mile relay Team. TOM SMMS DOUGBARHAM JBSEHHL LOYUTBURK DONADKBON Page 272 "k? mV ' A :-1 Q .T Lm,1 ll- 'QW - T' N' T -W 41 V"V 5 ,rf k',L Q . ' ' 5 Ili . L.,L L-,L, , . V V W5 i . - Yh'hh 1 . . S A T' E W ,'l- . j is "1 . jf "kh - can 'w'Y FirsT and a Tie Tor Third in The high jump, second in The javelin, second in The broad jump, Third in The shoT puT, second in The 440-yard relay and Third in boTh The one mile and 880-yard relays was The record oT The Oklahomans in The Kansas Relays. Newblock cleared six TeeT Three and Three-eighThs inches Tor The TirsT place in The high jump while BarT Wards, Though beaTen Tour inches by Gray oT Nebraska, broad jumped 24 TeeT and one-halT inch Tor his besT leap oT The season. AT The Drake Relays, The 440-yard relay Team was second and The 880 Team TourTh in The UniversiTy divi- sion and Ben Marks Took second in The javelin and Bill Newlolock Tied Tor second in The high jump and won TourTh place in The hop, sTep and jump. Oklahoma also scored aT The NaTional lnTercollegiaTe where BarT Ward won TiTTh place in The quarTer and sixTh in The broad jump. Newblock, who was considered To have an excellenT chance of winning The high jump, was unable To aTTend The meeT. LeTTermen Tor The season included Don Adkison, Jesse T-lill, WhiTley Cox, Bob Moore, Loris Moody, Bill Newblock, Bill Thompson, Doug Barham, AI Gilles, Torn Simms, LoyeTT Burk and Ben Marks. OT This group all buT Newblock, Adkison and Marks will be back Tor The I934 season. Newblock was designaTed as honorary capTain aT The end oT The season. Page 273 CROSS COUNTRY HENRY JANZ, LORIS MOODY, ELWOOD CLEVELAND, FLOYD LOCHNER, CLYDE MCG-INNIS Led by a sensaTional sophomore sTar, Floyd Lochner oT Agra, T932 naTional inTerscholasTic mile champion, Coach John Jacobs' Sooner harriers swepT Through all opposiTion, running brillianTly in all oT The meeTs and Tinishing undeTeaTed. Three meeTs were held and in only one oT Them was The race run over The Two-mile rouTe, The regular cross counTry disTance oT Tive miles being adopTed again aTTer iTs abandonmenT in l929. Various kinds oT counTry Tormed The rouTes oT The courses-hilly, rocky, and someTimes level ground. AT Times The cold norTh wind hampered The runners as They iogged over The rouTe. No exTraordinarily good Times were made during The season, Lochner's Time oT 26:08 being The besT oT The year. NeverTheless, The running was consisTenT and aT Times specTacular. In The TirsT meeT OT The season, a Triangular aTTair wiTh The Oklahoma Aggies and The CenTral STaTe Teachers aT Edmond, The Sooners buried Their opponenTs wiTh a Team score OT 53 poinTs. The Aggies had a ToTal oT 29 and CenTral Tinished wiTh I3. Lochner was The individual winner, running The Two miles in lO:l5 on The heavy dirT Track. He was Tollowed by Herschel Price oT The Aggies and Loris Moody oT The Sooners. Elwood Cleveland, Sooner, was TourTh and Irwin oT The Aggies was TiTTh. ReTurning To Their home Track Tor The inviTaTional Tive-mile run beTween halves OT The Oklahoma-Kansas TooTball game, The Sooners were again vicTorious. And This Time They were Tacing plenTy oT Tormidable opposi- Tion as The me-eT was open To all amaTeur Teams who wished To compeTe. The Sooners, again led by The inimiTable Lochner, won The sTaTe championship wiTh a ToTal oT 26 poinTs, CenTral STaTe Teachers College oT Edmond had 23 poinTs, and The Oklahoma Aggies Tinished wiTh only 9 poinTs-They could noT receive crediT because only Two oT Their men Tinished. Lochner seT The pace wiTh 26:08, Tollowed by Herschel Price oT The Aggies and Glen Dawson oT The Tulsa AThleTic Club. Elwood Cleveland oT The Sooners was TourTh and Loris Moody, Sooner, was TiTTh. Moving over To The hilly STillwaTer course aT The A. and M. College, The Sooners ran Their hearTs ouT, man- aged To win The Team TiTle buT losT a greaT deal OT presTige, individually speaking. Having never beTore run on a hilly course, The Sooner sophomores Tailed To seT The pace ThroughouT The race and sTraggled To The Tinish in places much lower Than during The preceding races. Glen Dawson, Tormer Sooner greaT and UniTed STaTes Olympic Team member in I932, seT The pace ThroughouT and sTeamed home in TirsT place wiTh Herschel Price oT The Aggies Tinishing second. Dawson was Timed in 26:57, comparaTively slow. buT neverTheless good Tor The rouTe. Harold KieTh, anoTher Tormer Sooner sTar, was The Third man To Tinish Tollowed by Elwood Cleveland OT The Sooners. Clyde McGinnis, Sooner, was TiTTh. Lochner, The ace oT The Team, was sick and managed To sTraggle To The Tinish in TenTh place. IT was an almosT enTirely sophomore Team ThaT Coach Jacobs TroTTed ouT on The Track and The brilliance oT Their record is indicaTive oT The excellenT maTerial wiTh which he had To work. AnoTherJear will probably see The enTire Team again inTacT and The prospecTs Tor anoTher all-vicTorious season are goo . The 'Following men were awarded leTTer sweaTers by The AThleTic Council: Lochner, Elwood Cleveland, Clyde McGinnis, Loris Moody, Bill Thompson, Henry Janz and Bill Oakes. Page 274 ON THE MAT ON THE RANGE AT THE COURTS AT THE "GREENS" AND WITH THE "MALLETS POLO Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma ...... Oklahoma ...... Oklahoma ....., Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Leif To riqhlz Calvert King, Cooper, Wallers, Capl. J, J. Walers, Humphreys, Garneil, and I-lollzschue. Anaclarko ...,. Anadarko ,,..,.. ., . Okla. Cily Browns N. Mex. Mil. lnsl N. Mex. Mil. Insl. Missouri ........ .... Iowa Slale . .. Iowa Slale . . . Missouri . , . Missouri . SEASON'S RECORD FALL I933 3 Oklahoma 9 Oklahoma 9 Oklahoma I9 Oklahoma IO Oklahoma ....,. 4 Oklahoma ...,,. SPRING I933 O Oklahoma 5 Oklahoma I I Oklahoma I Oklahoma Iowa Slale ., Iowa Slale . . Texas ........ Texas .....,... Okla. Mil. Acad. Okla. Mil. Acad. Okla. Cily Browns Texas ,...,.., . Texas ......,.. Okla. Cily Browns O O 5 6 I I ......I3 ...IO ...8 ...7 Maas... ax... Page 276 PISTOL DUAL MEETS Oklahoma Purdue Oklahoma Ulah . Oklahoma Oklahoma Wisconsin . .. NASI-I TRUSS, Manager Oklahoma ....,.....,..,. Culver Mil. Academy.. Cornell lowa Slalem. Oklahoma .... ,,,. I337 ll55 l354 I37l I374 l329 I364 l35O l379 l3l2 l375 CLIFTON WI-IITEI-IEAD, Caplain Conlinuing lhe remarkable record which lhey have mainlained since lhe coaching dulies were assumed lour years ago by Lieulenanl Ivan D. Yealon, lhe Universily pislol leam again won lhe Nalional R. O. T. C. Championship and proved lo be one ol lhe linesl leams in lhe Uniled Slales. The leam has held lhe Nalional R. O. T. C. Championship lor lour slraighl years and during lhal lime has won 20 cups, ll8 medals and 39 championships lgold medalsl, 39 silver medals lor second places in champion- ship malches, and 26 bronze medals lor lhird honors in championship shools. During lhe pasl year il held more Soulhweslern, Individual Slale and Nalional championships lhan any olher college leam in lhe counlry. During lhe pasl year lhe leam was lirsl in lhe Nalional Field Arlillery R. O. T. C. .22 caliber championship as well as in lhe compelilion lor lhe Daily Oklahoman Cup given in lhe Oklahoma Targel Pislol 50-yard .22 caliber championship. They were second in lhe Oklahoma Police Pislol 20-yard .38 caliber and look lhird honors in lhe Soulhweslern N. R. A. .38 caliber. Lell lo righl: Clillon Whilehead, I-lomer Blake, Melvyn Slilwell, John Cassily, Mark Cox, Lieulenanl Ivan D. Yealon, Sluarl Bradvl Elmer Bray, J. R. Ricks, Jr., Woodrow Way, Nash Truss. Page 277 WRESTLING The Big Six Championship was regained by Paul Keen's I934 Tusslers aTTer a drop To Third place in The I933 compeTiTion. This TacT in iTselT marked The season as a success even Though The Team suTTered deTeaT aT The hands oT The TradiTional wresTling champions, The Oklahoma Aggies, and losT To Two oTher excepTionally Tine Teams, CenTral STaTe and SouThwesTern Teachers Colleges. VicTories were won Trom NorThwesTern, 34 To O, and EasT CenTral, 32lf2 To IV2. AT This poinT, however, The TirsT semesTer ended and old man eligibiliTy played havoc wiTh The Sooner hopes. Four men, all oT Them poTenTial conTenders Tor naTional crowns, who had been expecTed To hold down regular berThs on The Team, were Thrown by This unscheduled opponenT. The Team ThaT meT The SouThwesTern Bulldogs was a vasTly diTTerenT lineup Trom The one ThaT had Taken The easy early season maTches. The Bulldogs had liTTle Trouble in winning by a score oT 23 To 3, only Wayne MarTin, Tormer naTional high school champion Trom Tulsa, breaking Through Their dominaTion To Take a maTch Tor The Sooners. The nexT maTch was wiTh The sTrong CenTral Teachers aggregaTion and was dropped by a score oT l8lf2 To 7lf2. Page 278 AlThough beaTen in sTaTe compeTiTion, The Sooners showed ThaT They could noT be counTed ouT oT The conTerence race by Trouncing The WildcaTs oT Kansas STaTe 20 To 6. The losers were able To gain only one decision and Two draws. AT STillwaTer, The Team, TurTher crippled by The loss Through iniury oT lv1arTin, suTTered iTs worsT deTeaT oT The season, going down by a score oT 3I To 3. Marion Foreman was The only Sooner able To win a maTch. The TirsT Aggie maTch proved To be The low poinT oT The Sooner season. The Tollowing weelc, They Toolc The measure oT NorTheasTern by a score oT I5lf2 To IOV2. AT The Big Six meeT The Team rolled up 32 poinTs Tor TirsT place. lv1arTin, Nelson, and BroadbenT won individual championships and JohnsTon, Foreman, Sandler, and STacy Took seconds. ln The Tinal maTch oT The season, The Sooners again losT To The Oklahoma Aggies, This Time by a score oT 27lf2 To 4lf2. Only Wayne MarTin was able To gain a decision while BroadbenT drew wiTh his Aggie opponenT. MarTin's win was The TirsT loss suTTered by The Aggies in The TirsT Tour weighTs This season. age 279 TENNIS LeTT To righT: Charles Davis lCapTainl, Paul l-lodge, John Alley, Norman Weir, Ai-T lv1cAnally. Second place in Big Six compeTiTion was The record oT The I933 Tennis Team. Only The Kansas Jayhawker, wiTh Wilbur Coen, Their naTionally ranked capTain, were able To sTop The Sooner neTmen. On accounT oT de- pleTed Tinances oT The AThleTic AssociaTion The Team's schedule was much shorTer Than usual and consequenTly only Two men, Davis and l-lodge, played in enough maTches To leTTer. DespiTe The TacT ThaT These Two men will be losT, prospecTs are good Tor I934 inasmuch as a number oT likely Treshmen will become eligible. GULF LeTT To righT: Maurice l-Tankinson, ArThur ST. John, Vv'alTer Emery, Woods l-Tankinson, The NaTional lnTercollegiaTe Championship was won during The summer oT I933 by WalTer Emery, capTain oT The Oklahoma golf Team. This meeT included in iTs enTries man oT The TinesT young golTers in The counTry, and by beaTing ouT such a Tield Emery esTablished himselT as a golTer To be waTched aT imporTanT Tourneys in The TuTure. The Team also Took TirsT and second place Tor individuals, TirsT and second Tor Two-man Teams and TirsT Tor Tour-man Teams aT boTh The STaTe CollegiaTe and The Big Six meeTs. Page 280 INTRAMURALS lnTramural sporTs were inauguraTed aT The UniversiTy in The Tall oT I925. Only 256 men parTicipaTed in The evenTs ThaT year in comparison wiTh 3054 who Took an acTive parT in The inTramural program Trom The Tall oT I932 Through The spring oT I933. The purpose oT inTra- mural aThleTics is To give every man aTTending The UniversiTy an opporTuniTy Tor exercise and Tor The keen compeTiTion in sporTs which he would noT oTherwise obTain. From The manner in which parTicipaTion has increased during The shorT Time ThaT The sysTem has been esTablished, iT can readily be inTerred ThaT inTramurals are becoming an ouTsTanding TacTor in school acTiviTies. The inTramural program is supervised by Paul V. Keen, coach oT The varsiTy wresTlers, and is managed by a corps oT sTudenT managers headed by Jerry Kirschner, senior manager. PeTer Millard is assisTanT senior manager, Joe Gilmore senior Tield manager and Jack Clark senior publiciTy manager. Junior managers are Bernard Gordon, George Gilmore and Barney Green, and sophomore managers include Edward Pulaski, Lou WeinsTein and Joseph Singer. WINNERS, MARCH, I933, TO JANUARY, I934 EvenT FirsT Second Third GolT Singles Emery, Sigma Chi W. Hankinson, Sigma Chi M. Hankinson, Sigma Chi Baseball Rippy's Lunch Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Horse Shoes MelTon, DelTa Tau DelTa Main, BeTa TheTa Pi Sowders, College Shop Swimming DelTa Tau DelTa. Sigma Alpha Epsilon DelTa Upsilon SexTaThlon PoTTs, Kappa Sigma Janz, All-American Main, BeTa TheTa Pi Track Masonic Dorm. All-Americans Sigma Alpha Epsilon Handball Tripplehorn, Janz, All-American Sullivan Alpha Tau Omega Boxing Alpha Sigma Phi Mean Maulers Kappa Sigma Free Throw Johnson, Pi Kappa Alpha Wallace, College Shop Wilder, BeTa TheTa Pi Sm les Fred Thiovl Pi Kappa Alpha College Shop Pi Kappa Alpha Team Toudh FobTball Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Chi Handball Janz and Elderkin Davis and SanTry Bomson and Kalman lDoublesl Tennis Upsher, Phi Gamma DelTa Weir Rollins, Phi Gamma DelTa Cross Cou nTry GolT Twosome Alpha Sigma Phi ST. John and Hodge Masonic Dorm. Hankinson and Warwick Sigma Chi Lewis and HasTings SoTTball Sigma Nu Timber Cruisers Rippy's Lunch Baske-Tball Mean Maulers Pi Kappa Alpha Rippy's Lunch WresTling Mean Maulers STudenT Union Hawks Masonic Dorm. Volleyball Pi Kappa Alpha Alpha Tau Omega Sigma Alpha Mu Page 28l Page 282 RAZZ and ADVERTISING ONE MILLION GRADUATES EACH YEAR Each year over one mlIIlon wom en are gracIuaI'ecI I'o I'I1e be'H'er me+I1od of Home Canning 'rhe Kerr SAFETY METHOD You wlII be cIolng 'Friends and rel ahves a 'Favor by asking I'I1em Io wrlI'e for free Il'reraI'ure so I'I1a'r I'I1ey may Iearn I'I'ns Modern way of canning 'Frul'rs vegeI'abIes and mea+s KERR GLASS MFG CORPORATION Sand Springs Okla A UNI K' '- L95 JW Im i nuff! H51 I , ,, g gi I W ai I65 O I I - - QC -Q S 4 V.,, i f. I9I ibii C O O O I . . RAI A . I . Ibb 32' fgvf -T 1-IW 5 ' l , 7I 94 i UniversiTy Conscious MUCH has been said abouT uni- versiTies being cloThes con- scious-now we'd like To Tell you abouT a sTore ThaT is Thoroughly universiTy conscious. ROTHSCHILD'S is The sTore and is consTanTly in search Tor The new and ulTra new for The smiarT col- legian. If iT's new you're sure To 'Find iT aT RoThschild's. M 'i9W'i I BETA THETA PI lV1odesTy is The keynoTe oT The BeTas. Ask a member his TraTerniTy and his answering "BeTal" cannoT be heard more Than Tour miles. The BeTa pin conTains The Wooglin lcross beTween a buz- zard and a garbage houndl, The Three sTars lHen- nesseyl and The Greek Tor AWOL. P. S. The BeTas are naTional. PI BETA PHI AlTho a careTul census Taken by our sleuThs shows ThaT in one hour TorTy-Two males and Twen- Ty-seven Temales used The TronT door To The Pi Phi house, The Pi Phis are a sororiTy. Cn TurTher invesTigaTion we Tound ThaT The men were merely Taking a shorf cuT Thru The house To meeT Their oTher daTes on The river. Page 285 KAPPA ALPHA THETA The new TheTa sororiTy house is an ideal man- sion, builT wiTh an especial view To dark corners. PrereguisiTes Tor becoming a member are To be inTelligenT and rich, To be preTTy and rich, or To be rich. The TheTas were Tounded in DePauw and conTinued in despair. SCABBARD AND BLADE Scabbard and Blade was Tounded a Tew years ago by a group OT sTudenTs who discovered a va- canT room in The Armory and wanTed To geT Their picTures in The SOONER. The organizaTion is hu- morously called an honorary miliTary TraTerniTy and iTs members are someTimes misTaken Tor sol- diers by an especially near-sighTed old lady. The picTure OT The TraTerniTy subsTanTiaTes Sherman's sTaTemenT ThaT war is hell. 50l'd S'lVe" OT A CharacTer Lend grace To our Table 2- Y 1 'X 'For years To come. 3:35 ' The mosT modern as well as auThenTic period designs by Gorham and oTher silver- - ' smiThs. HarTwells compleTe T .- : : array of designs, all in open sTock afford ou conveni- .ga Wil ' T ence for one piece or com- ii p e e service on a momenTs N call. Charge and budgeT T ROSE MARIE accounTs aT no increase in by Gaiam price. l l HARTWELL S T JEWELRY CO ' i Oklahoma CiTy's Oldesi' Jeweler I34 W. Main ST. Oklahoma CiTy KAPPA ALPHA These genTIemen lhonoraryl are all descendanTs oT RoberT E. Lee. WhaT a man! Their emblem is The corkscrew. .lusT because Lee was a drunkard They have eIecTed him an honorary member and made him one oT The paTron sainTs oT The ouTTiT. DELTA GAMMA The DeITa Gamma house consisTs oT Tour walls surrounding a davenporT, Three easy chairs and 4l7 mirrors. They were Tamous some Time ago Tor The number oT Queens Taken Trom Their order. PHI KAPPA PSI These Phi Psis have a noTeworThy pin. IT con- Tains an eye, sTanding Tor Ego: a pair oT assorTed sTars, meaning "We're up in The air," The Phi Psi monogram: and a gravy bowl, showing The de- parTmenT in which The Phi Psis excel. They carry The repuTaTion oT having been good some years ago. ACACIA The Acacias occupy a house near The InTirm- ary. In spiTe oT The anemic looks oT The inmaTes, The shack is noT an exTension oT The clinic. They are a group oT earnesT young men gaThered To- geTher Tor moral upIiTT. The one Time They TorgeT Their purpose is The OrienTaI Dance. DELTA UPSILON In walking down Brooks STreeT The passerby may discern The D. U. pledges, armed wiTh re- peaTing riTles, paTrolling The sidewalk in TronT oT The chapTer house. Upon inguiry iT will be Tound ThaT The hovel musT be guarded To keep ouT The BeTas who have a habiT oT misTaking iT Tor The Bid house and walking oTT wiTh Their pledges. ACME CLEANERS JACK BOWERS, Owner and Manager I I7 E. Gray ST. NORMAN, OKLAHOMA Pi-ioNE 412 Pi-ioNE There s Always a KOMA , GOOD PRoeRArv1 THE CAMPUS THEATRE EnTerTainmenT CenTer of O. U. NORMAN, OKLAHOMA K O D COMPLIMENTS OF W. P. MORRISON Page A w w Q M COMPLIMENTS OF N The First National Bank anct t Trust Company OF TULSA O kappa kappa kappa kappa kappa kappa kappa kappa kappa "THE SYMBOL OF CAPACITY" We are steadily gaining tavor with the Students KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA SORORITY SIGMA NUS There are loTs oT LeTTer Men in This chapTer. In TacT They have leTTers Trom The STandard Oil Company and The NaTional BiscuiT Company Thanking Them Tor Their supporT. Their Tlower is The bullrush. SIGMA CHI The Oklahoma chapTer oT This organizaTion TreguenTs a lawdge in The soliTudes oT UniversiTy Boulevard. The TraT has a number oT men who are sToop shouldered. This is noT naTural buT comes Trom carrying The Sigma Chi pin on The chesT and dodging hard remarks abouT The laTe Sigma Chi picTure. DELTA TAU DELTA The DelTa Taus are beTTer known To Their broThers as The "D, T's." The Greek eTTers sTand Tor The words, "Drink Till drunk," buT iT is ques- Tioned wheTher The members ever sTop aT The words oT The moTTo. Their pin sTarTed ouT To be square buT somebody sTepped on iT while iT was hoT. Their Tlower is The Cowslip. ALPHA TAU OMEGA Alpha Tau Omega was Tounded aT a conven- Tion oT book salesmen a Tew years ago. The na- Tional TraTerniTy senT The Oklahoma chapTer a charTer one ChrisTmas and They didn'T have The nerve To give iT back. IT is rumored ThaT They are sTiII looking Tor an excuse. PHI DELTA THETA WiTh a IiTTIe imaginaTion we can imagine The pin, sacred emblem oT Phi DelTa TheTa, rowdy clan which popuIaTes The TenemenT secTion on Boyd. The emblem is supplied in loTs oT IO To each member and The lower parT resembles The Royal Gobboon oT King Rameses 00397. In The cenTer we could probably Tind carved ivory cubes symbolizing The liTelong and unTiring eT- TorTs oT The gang along maThemaTical lines. DISCERNING women seIecT Their wardrobe The year round aT Kerr's-Tor Tine quaIi+y, superior Tailoring, and smarT Tashions are Tra- diTionaI wiTh Kerr's. This assurance oT sTyIe, service, and genuine saTis- TacTion was never more necessary Than during This period oT changing values. KERR'S G ALVIN TU LSA sooNER HEADQUARTERS X, f"'T ma Tss Til' firm 'TL aiif E 35 ri:,:,.a .1i.g.,rflrg U5 dr!! FMWIW, S J STEWART Manager Every Room Wl'I'I1 BaTh Clrculahng Ice WaTer and Ceiling Fans Air Cooled Coffee Shop Banquc-:T and PrlvaTe Dining Rooms 5 Xin I-' if I ui Ti .ff ' fir I 1 f I .ir is ,f .949-,A , Ni .Ji I Ch f-H Q P cat, ys,PlIT3f12.s5sEETIsffQi'i2'5f I X -ff: fi: 'ai plug Ib ai' .4-:ik I Ti, Tig QT 'TT'vEJiQ"gmlfLT"' I T ff' .elf li" sed O O O Page 28 BOY STRUCK CLUB Flower-Love Password-Love MoH'o Love I 4 i 1 l I Song: "I hope you'll care for me." OFFICERS Chief Passionale Lover High Come-Hifherer . Assis+an+ Come-Hi+herer . . Main Oslculafer Be++y Canfield . . . . . . Virginia Lee . . . . . Mary Margaref Roberls Marjorie Newbern . . . MEMBERS Della Della Del+a Pi Be'I'a Phi Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Phi Della Gamma Kappa Alpha Thefa I. No girl is allowed 'I'o pursue a boy 'for more 'lhan one quarfer. 2. Sfrangle hold barred. 3. All prospec+s kepl' s+ric+ly privale. 775 ASP PHONE lull Up-'lo-Dare Clofhing Newesl in Furnishings VARSETY CLOTHING STORE THE BEST IN MEN'S APPAREL We Carry Only S+andard Lines Sold al' Popular Prices ATS OXFORDS CHAS W DE VORSS Owner The Oldesl Clofhlng Sfore of 'rhe Campus Pg 289 l F l ff f ghfz Miss Polly Taylor, examining a lake edifion of lbsen's plays: Miss Sula Salfsman, hosfess of THE BOOK l NO h h b phy OK: and Earl Sneed and Miss Cornelia Lynde, browsing 'lhroug + e new iogra I l The BOOK OOK The Universi+y Book Exchange +his year has provided an aH'rac- five corner where s+uden'rs inferesled in personal libraries can browse fhrough 'l'he lafesl' books and newesl' reprinfs of fhe bes+ classics. A unique purpose of THE BOOK NOOK is +0 seek all over 'rhe Uni'red S+a+es for good-condilion books which make valuable addifions +o s+uden+s' collecfions al' prices which +hey can easily afford +0 pay. Biography, s+andard popular hisiory and scienfific volumes, books of 'ihe +hea+er, and all phases of li+era+ure are available. UNIVERSITY Book EXCHANGE Peg WhaT The Oklahoma Union Means To You VIEW OF THE OKLAHOMA UNION IT is The realnzahon oT a democraTic ideal by a democraTuc sTudenT body Where Tavored lisTs and social casTes are Taboo and The only rules are Those oT convenTional good behavior An indis pensable unsT1TuT1on dedicaTed To The solidiTicaTion oT sTudenT liTe' ' The mosT welding inTluence on The campus, The Union serves as oTFices and headguarTers Tor The UniversiTy STudenT Forum, Men's Council, Y. M. C. A.. Men's EmploymenT Bureau, The Sooner Maga- zine, The Whirlwind, and The UniversiTy oT Oklahoma AssociaTion. The STudios oT W.N.A.D. are locaTed in The Union. ln The caTeTerla soda TounTaln bowl ing alleys billiard rooms boolc sTore lobby and lounging rooms bangueT halls magazine sTand and dancing pavilion you are aTTorded a S300 O00 clubhouse Tor your service amusemenT and enTer TainmenT All proTiTs Trom commercial deparT menTs are used To help pay Tor The build ing and equipment The Union is gov- erned by a Board oT Managers consisTing oT Tive members: Three are alumni, and Two are sTudenTs oT The universiTy. Pg 29I Members of fhe sfudenf body are cordially invifed fo come ouf fo fhe SOONER office and see fhe four hundred and sixfy-six picfures fhaf we were afraid fo prinf. WE McEnfee's Headquarfers , for hoops of The Umon's our chapfer house, happiness fo, The cafe's our room, To none are we snoofy, To none are we rude. We don'f give a damn For fhe besf Greek on earfh, For who is'f can fell, ' How much fhey'll be worfh? ' ""-:m""'T"' "'f'3'X5eV ' VY VY V 77277 V W Y 7 W V Y YW V 'Y YW N 4 A Good Newspaper . . ' T i For 28 Years fhe Leader 4 in Easfern Oklahomain p Service fo ifs Readers, p 1 Adverfising and Circulafion T 5 T CONGRATULATIONS TO THE T p SOONER CLASS OF I934 if T 4 THE TULSA WORLD T Oklahoma's Greafesf Newspaper T Ti., Y,,, ,,,,,,7,, ,,,,,,,,,,, P e292 THE SCENIC SECTION AS SHE SHOULD BE WRIT The Adminisfrafion Building! The home of fhe Dean of Men, Prexy's office, "hangouf" for 'rhe mafh. demons, and rendezvous for fhe business "hof-shofs." The Presidenf's Home-a worfhy annex for 'rhe Sigma Alpha Epsilon fribe. Scene of feas for chaperons, efc. The Press Building-where fhaf "lousy" Okla- homa Daily is prinfed, where Iofa Delfa always sfarfs ifs drunken brawl, where fhe polifics be- hind fhe Publicafion Board are worked ouf be- hind fhe closed doors of Prof. Casey's office, and where fhe I934 SOONER was wriffen. The Residenfial Halls-fhe home of sfewed prunes, beans, and macaroni, a Iasfing proof 'rhaf fhe female of fhe species is more hardy fhan fhe male. The Woman's Building-where Dean Edna holds forfh. This splendid home of Women's Afhlefics speaks as nofhing else can do of fhe excepfional workouf given fhe women of fhe sfafe of Oklahoma. Memories of fossils, bugs, shapely ankles, a few books, and no sfudy clusfer around fhe Phar- macy Building. Monneff Hall-fhe focal poinf of "ho'I' air" and sighfs fhaf only fhe spring winds fhaf whip around ifs corners could reveal. Spring! Spring! and fhe inevifable fhoughfs of life in 'rhe making as expressed on fhe wide sand wasfe of fhe Soufh Canadian. The Union Building-fhe place fo find "college sfudenfs" af fheir worsf and also fo find humor in ifs mosf degraded form-fhe Whirlwind office. The Library-fhe show place of fhe campus and yef fhe mosf seldom used. The Fine Arfs Audiforium-fhe hall of ungodly sounds and Iaborafory for dramafic arf maiors. Page 293 McCORMICK S GILT-EDGE DAIRY PRODUCTS Served af Mosf Houses On fhe Campus IF ITS GILT-EDGE ITS GOOD Always Glad fo Serve You NORMAN MILK AND ICE CREAM CO Telephone I3O I00 E Gray O COMPUMSENTSSOF O if COMMANDER MILLS Inc SAND SPRINGS OKLAHOMA' I Commander Wide Sheefmgs Sheefs Pillow Cases NOISELESS TYPEWRITERS POYRTABLE YTYPEWRITERC Q TYPEWRITERS AND ADDING MACHINES - 5I- W + F' OKLAHOMA CITY OKLA. COMPLIMENTS OF BAKE RITE BAKERY NORMAN OKLA. I I I I C ll II I ' O I I I I I I S I Underwood-Ellioff-Fisher Company I ' Telephone 2 bl 2 220 es lrsf Sfreef 4 Years of Confinuous Service in Bringing 'rhe SOONERS from Iowa Cify y RECOMMENDS THOMPSON S TRANSFER AND STORAGE CO NORMAN OKLAHOMA I I I Q I MEN'S COUNCIL The Men's Council is composed of a number of fhriving young sfudenfs whose sole purpose is fo gel' info Sfudenf Council dances free. lf oc- cupies a room in fhe Union building buf fhe mem- bers are always falking abouf consfrucfing a new building for fheir own use and somefimes collecf cash for if from suscepfible sfudenfs, immediafe- ly affer which fhe number of dafes lif fhey can gef fheml per monfh for each member increases enormously. A felephone connecfs fhe office wifh fhe oufside world buf is used only by Willis Sfark who franfically calls fhem for supporf. Hirsf Suffield was only fwo years old when he and his mofher were invifed ouf fo a friend's house for lunch. Hirsf was banging his spoon on fhe 'rop of his high chair Q "Whaf is if Hirsf?" his mofher said Hirsf's chubby face lif up. "Will you kindly sfimulafe your infellecfual acfivify and pass me some more cabbage," he said TYLER and SIMPSON CO. Wholesale Grocers Norman, Oklahoma Ask for HUNT S California Canned Fruifs You Will Be Delighfed wifh fhe Qualify EsTAaLisHeo im BRANCH Houses INCORPORATED isoz ARDMORE OKLA- PAULS VALLEY oKi.A. PRINCIPAL orrice NORMAN OKLA- GAINESVILLE TEXAS DUNCAN oici.A. l lEdifor's Nofe: For fhe firsf fime we give you fhe resulfs of fhe firsf inferview given by Mr Allen Calverf, Befa Thefa Pi, since his recenf mefeoric rise in fhe polifical field. Mr. Calverf on "How fo Become a Successful Polifician" in eighf easy lessons.l l . Wear old clofhes and go in for orafory. 2. Say nice fhings fo people whefher you mean if or nof. 3. Dafe only fhose girls who can swing vofes. 4. Join fhe Y. M. C. A. and go fo church. lMosf successful polificians do.l Chi Chl Chl l Learn fo smoke big black cigars Learn fo be generous and big hearfecl A mosf difficulf fask we are fold Speak fo everyone because if is domocrahc Allen heard 'l'hls was a domocraflc counfry COMPLIMENTS OF HIRSCH, WEINTRAUB 8: COMPANY Uniforms for Every Purpose I32l NOBLE STREET PHILADELPHIA 5. Become a member of every campus organizafion fhaf you can possibly gef a bid fo. lPreferably 6. Il 5 0 .ll 7. ll - .ll t 0 ' J 0 8. . . . . K . J Page 2 4 45Years of ce to Oklahoma G I M Q4 I V Aizliktigflfinzgzuggfr I I W I ' I r or 5525 I I 'M Q5 VX lf SUGGESTED USES FOR THE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Dancing pavilion. ILess a suggeslion lhan an observalionl. Playhouses. A. Game ol Labyrinlh. The one chosen as Il is laken lo lhe rear ol lhe slacks on lhe lhird mezzanine lloor, and given lhree days lo lind his way oul. IThe library is such a slrange pIace.I B. A game ol Melhusalah. The Il picks a number, such as "z3 I-pxys-.234," wriles il on a slip ol paper, and gives il lo lhe "Librarian," is III lo guess lhe number, IZI lo go oul ol lhe room, oslensibly looking lor lhe book, I3I lo come back wilh lhe lormula, "ll isn'l in." C. Game ol "Playing Sludenl." This game is suilable lor any number. Each lable has lourleen chairs, bul hall ol lhese will be occupied by coals, books, elc. Each player lakes a book-any book, preferably "Was isl Dasl" or a bound volume ol The Oclopus, and sils in a chair. Laying lhe book on lhe lable, he lhen observes: I. The girl opposile him. 2. The girl al lhe end ol lhe lable. 3. The girl reading lhe paper. 4. The number ol girls al lhe nexl lable. The obiecl ol lhe game is: I. To counl lhe girls. 2. To eliminale all bul lhe one lhal reluses lo look al you. 3. To observe her dress, ankles, shoes, hose, arms, hands, hair, eyes, nose, lips. 4. To rush oul and lind someone who knows her. 18 295 OUR OWN VIEW SECTION SORORITIES Serving Fal+hfuIIy Since The Year I904 , VANDEVERS XX Tulsa, Oklahoma Wherever You INDIAN cLus Live in Oklahoma - 5 I When you go home af+er jjj X Commencement and you jj yff Ihink abouI' Ihe GOOD ice I I cream you enjoyed aI' Nor- I man, ask for STEFFEN'S. K Your home-I'own drug sfore Q or confecfionery has I+ . . . mfg 9 or can gef iI'. In more ways ORCHESIS I I'han one, STEFFEN'S is "The y UI+ima+e in Good Tas+e." 42+ ICE CREAM MORRIS TENNEBAUM P g 296 if as A KAPPA sieMA cake-eafers al' fhe Universify of Virginia immedi- TO THE afely affer fhe Civil War, when fhe enfire Soufh felf despondenf. Many Soufherners commiffed suicide. Ofhers disdained fhe easier course and pledged Kappa Sig. If musf be said here fhaf fhe funny looking fhing on fhe crescenf of fheir AND pin is a skull and nof a porfraif of fhe head of fhe Oklahoma chapfer. ALUMNI I Mr. Pansze, when Arf was only fhree years old, broughf him home a brand new suif. If was a very cufe suif wifh darling Iiffle skirfs and wifh Lef Us All Boosf Our Schqol preffy brass buffons. Mr. Pansze was very proud I of fhe suif. So he called Arf fo him and said, . "Arf, whaf do you fhink I have for you?" "Dunno," Iisped Arf preffily. T H E S E C U R I T Y "I have a cufe new suif," said Mr. Pansze, and N A T I 0 N A L B A N K he fook fhe clofhes from fhe package and dan- gled fhem before Arf. Arf's infelligenf face Iif up, He rushed fo his K O fafher and said, "l"'QgU'7,,8z""7,-I." The Kappa Sigs were founded by a group of G R E E T I N G S I l OF o U I NORMAN, OKLAHOMA This secfion is designed for no ofher reason fhan fo make as many people as possible uncomforf- able. If is nof expecfed fo be funny or even humorous. If is infended fo be vindicfive, unfair, mean and as scurrilous as fhe Iimifs of fhe Iaw allow. No one is forced fo read fhe Razz secfion and fhose who do read if probably know more fhan we have prinfed or fhey wouIdn'I' be so curious. When we fhink of whaf we didn'f dare prinf-our hearf almosf bleeds, and we envy Queen Elizabefh, who lived in fhe censorless days. Only one apology is offered. If we haven'f insulfed you somewhere in fhe secfion, we are sin- cerely sorry. Affer all one can'f make everybody angry--fhere is foo much Iabor affached. We have fried nof foo deal foo much in personalifies and fo sfick fo groups. Buf we assure you our infenfions were anyfhing buf honorable. HOTEL TULSA , , l Five Hundred Rooms ,f x coFFEE si-ioP RATES I THE BEST FOOD Privafe Bafh - 52, 52.50 and S3 jf , I H 1 AT Defached Bafh-SI and SI.50 I REASONABLE PRICES HOME OF THE FAMOUS TOPAZ NITE CLUB E. H. KAUFFMAN, Assf. Manager F. L. CORNWELL, Manager Page 297 When appearance counTs The mosT . . . Wear CIoThes Individually Tailored by GorneP- Bunfgordi CLOTHES FOR COLLEGE NE-N 792 ASP TELEPHONE zsoo CHI GMEGA The Chi Omegas' Tlower is The horse-radish and Their song is "You'd loe surprised." IT is rumored ThaT The moTTo oT The order is "LeT There be Iigh+" buT up To The presenT Time no one has ever answered The call, unless iT was Dean Edna. K 77 OKLAHOMA'S BIGGEST JCKE - THE DAILY Less ads and less news Than any sheeT wesT oT The Mississippi. NOT over Three misTaIces per agaTe line. Our roTogravure secTion hung in any home will insure The absence of bedbugs Tor years To come. Read our socieTy secTion Tor The real high- brow sTuTT. John ForTson being The ediTor. Allowing Wilson Brown To use The paper Tor ThaT Toul dirT. STUDENTS DOWN-TOWN HEADQUARTERS PrescripTions Our SpeciaITy JAMES s DOWNING-The Druggisf Phone 362 NCRMAN OKLA LINDSAY DRUG STORE ,. ,-., '.'.V " iii' 55132255-2fefi' '-.-'-' ' "I:3'l.'f?2-'.' 1 i-35j:- I U . -1 it ,. Q, MargareT Linebaugh . . Glenn Davis KaTherine Spradling . . Edwin STahI Marjorie PaTTerson . . Bruce Beesley Jane HobarT . . . Bill HewiTT Joyce HuTchinson . "Peeper" Hayes Gwen Wilson . Frances Ray . BeTTy Hume . Miriam Jones Frances Madison . . KaThrine Walling . John Zwich . B. B. BareTooT . . Willis STarIc . Byrun Krouhl BrewsTer McFadyen . Carl "SporT" AddingTon 1 or 'I x ", ', L x, ,. s ' ' 7 ' I 17, Tr .4V 'TWiE335??Ei3 E5 f A 6' E1 5, B 5 3 A E35 ii ay. ,qi gl H H RB a is E s E E u up NT' Trrw I I I mu H assumes: I , ,I I I f ,,nmO'!11, 3 3 33231128 ax a u EEE ,y ' a E E ll X an I Q ii I E ,wig as I' f 'T , ' SouThWe5T S ERNEST - IF A - ' ioo D yeIrY ' T CTE-NIT-NXixETsTandihQ hos and You 53,6 evefY 'TuIsa's OV 'gm . - ' . , . - baTI1S paces iare is of service . 600 Waders or m5 ' ' l se Gems W . . Q00 V02 ws' ' ' alxnes - - ' T doIIar cvcuIaTm9 Lista Seriicp as who miggn . - ' 5 . - g T ce 0 , . - ' AA meezmq Iiimafi Slloliiiorci ii: a ie ' ' , . - 'c . - ' Wea'TIhe MENU: sTiTuTI0n de bInIaI'oma by TeI' .i . - 'ITIS agnITIYou I are Pariicuiliarw To e OU ' ' I nTs - ' ' s serve To ' serv T. Siude Tek U un3verSITY ' piease welcome ' Page 298 DEH ER'S CUSTOM MADE 1 MILITARY EQUIPMENT POSSESSING Style - Comfort - Satisfaction MILITARY BOOTS HOLLOW BOOT TREES SAM BROWNE BELTS SPURS AND CHAINS Booir JACKS Boot HOOKS POLISH IIIG D6hlI6I C0., IIIG. IIIIIZIIIZI, NGIII. HOW CAN WE DO WITHOUT- That great combination of Percy Main Clarke. Oh yeah! The Sigma Nu "Border Dance." Lawrence "Honkie Tonk" Wilson. That masterful politician Willis Stark. The smooth Iine of Miss Addie Lee Davis. That colorful figure from the Sigma Nu House- Judge Biggers. An outstanding iournalist-Nan Reardon. Bill Stevens-in his own opinion. The relaxed and now natural Dudley Culp. Miss Marietta Darling-the Phi Psis can not for- get those Friday afternoons. Thuda Mae Filhiol because she was once presi- dent of the Pi Flyes. Bob "Country" Hirt--because he has been here so d- long. Alexander "Biggie" Nesbit because he once grew a mustache. Ebbie Mahoney because she has been a polished corner long enough. and Ed Page 299 WOMEN'S COUNCIL The Women's Council is composed of a group of women with Dean-Edna-Fright and no sense of humor. They gain their monetary support from a fee imposed on every university woman to the tune of 50 cents a semester. They spend four months collecting the money from the university and the remaining four months in figuring out some novel way of spending it. Every other Wednesday night this gueer group meets in the Women's Building and the members speak in low tones among themselves or make pathetic at- tempts to orate. No one is interested in the organization except Dean McDanial. The Dean always gets interested three days before elec- tions and takes the stand for her particular candi- Don't feel hurt. You can be sure that the razz appearing in this issue came from your best friend or your fraternity house. date. The management expresses sincere appreciation of your patronage Make our Theatres your amusement centers THE SOONER AND NEW UNIVERSITY TH EATRES Thanks, Sooners . OUR OWN VIEW SECTION ,,4.- ,,.-I 1' , 1. A I, s 9 ff L LA fa' f W ,lla IIII:s V1 Q. XI 6 15' m sl wus 17 MORTAR BOARD if PHI BETA KAPPA 5: meg N ! O DERBY CLU B fgvi, - g, I CITE GRADUATING SENIORS 277' Biz '- " "" :.1 f i-' 5 -- : fins . T? Tri 'g' ,, ' -. . . 4 ik 5. Q5 T :Z EEEHZL IEE E IT' -'EEEE5 ,gg . aggx. -- -f i --ig' it -11515 , lx '53 ', -- ,+,.E:. ffgf L.fsi: :Q i f -' i 1 - +- WILLIS STARK Besi' Wishes I'o 'rhe Class of I935 6072 Again a MOLLOY-MADE cover Is used on Ine I934 SOONER. Year aller year MOLLOY-MADE covers ernbocly 'rlmal exlra measure of qualify Ilwal guaranlees slarls all over Ilwe counlry The ullimale In appearance and durabillly. K Q 9 THE DAVID J. MOLLOY PLANT 2857 Nor+I1 Wes+ern Avenue CHICAGO, ILLINOIS OUR OWN VIEW SECTION lil IW .Je .9 PHANTOM MASK X 0.4, I 13 , ST. PAT Page 300 EYES ARE PRICELESS Llghf Is Cheap Many homes have economIzed on IIghf fhrough fhe use of lamps of InsuffIcIenf SIZE fo a polnf where eyeslghf has been Impalred Your eyes are foo valuable fo be de- , BETTER LIGHT BETTER SIGHT COMPANY OF OKLAHOMA nied fhe proper Iighf fhey require. PUBLIC SERVICE HOW TO WIN A RHODES SCHOLARSHIP By EARL SNEED IEdifor's nofe: This is fhe second of a series of arficles by Mr. Sneed. "How fo Win a TheI1a's Love Wifhouf Money," has already won Mr. Sneed infernafional fame.I I have modesfly consenfed fo sei' down a few simple rules whereby an earnesf worker may win fhe Oklahoma Rhodes Scholarship and a fhree- year loaf in iolly old England. Firsf one musf inferview fhe members of fhe commiffee. Take a few English courses under Campbell and some Lafin from Moseley. Upon your visif fo Mr. Moseley or Mr. Campbell you Cooperis Coffee Shop I l Oldesf - Sfrongesf New Accounfs ApprecIafed NORMAN OKLA. I FIRST NATIONAL BANK musf sfarf as follows: "Mr. Moseley, I was never inferesfed in fhe Rhodes award unfil I learned fhaf you are an Oxford man, buf now I have de- cided fo accepf fhe schoIarship." When you go fo see Prexy, shake his hand long and vigorously and begin, "Dr. Bizzell, I don'f see how so con- sisfenf, unfiring and brillianf a Iecfurer as you, could find fime fo know fhe sfudenfs so infi- mafeIy." Nafurally I musf admif fhaf my mefhods dicIn'f work foo well, buf I wish fo fake fhis opporfunify fo make public fhe sfafemenf fhaf I shall fry again and again and again. I have only one life fo give for fhree years in foggy old England. TRUBY STUDIO MAKERS OF y High Grade , I Phofographs I , Picfure Framing, Kodaks I Films and Supplies I I The official phofographer for I I934 Sooner, and many I pasf years. I I A Cup of Coffee You Won I FOVQGI 769 Asp Ave. Phone 203 II9 E MAIN 5 . --.W , ,g,, A I 7 Page 3OI Are News 'ro Sooner Evenrs PM Okhhoma Jr Jrkwe Un'xyer5Vry of Qkxa- d or N and sporrs eyerxlrs a kr' sjrare 'Vnousarw s Sckxohskxc, soda kwoma are 'xmporjrarwjr Jro We peopXe or Jr rs . oXd grads, espeoxaky, kke Jro keep 'rn Jrouckw yfxjrkx kwapperfmqs air Jrkre'xr Nrrwa Maker. Tkxars wkwy your Okbhoman and Txrues keep a redxdenjr reporjrer air Jrkwe Urfxyerdxiy. Pdfrer your qraduakxon you can depend upon Jrkxe OkXa- kromarw and Txmes Jro corrkmue fro keep you 'miormed on 'xm- por'rarw'r Urw'xyers'xJry akkdxrs ylhereyer you may Yxye. Tkxexr re- porjrers 'm WX Okkakwoma 'rowns WM posjr you dauy on eyerxjrs 'm every secfrxorx or We sirajreg spec'xaX Xeased yfxre and pKcrure serxfxces keep you up Jro Jrkwe rrfxrwuire on rwaJr'xorwaX and wodd kxapperx'mqs', dauy rexfxews of 'rkxe Xa-Yresjr deyeNopmerxJrs 'xrw y sporjrs, pokxkxcs, Rrxyenrxon, soxerwce, Jrrayek musk, books and ' ' xorouqhlr fro your home every day by your 5' esir speoxau fealrures c'xaX We WM be pXus'rX1e rn SO kr man andTxmes . . . OkXa o and Yrdrkon money can buy. we opml owuxuomAN owLAuowuxcx1Y TXNXE5 om. N-row. rmmea-srocwmm-1 PQ THE CDKLAHOMA DAILY Is one of I'he Iargesl' college daily newspapers in lhe Uniled Slales and is 'rhe largesl in I'he Big Six. Nalurally, we are proud of I'his achievemenl. As always, our aim is I'oward lhe building of a grealer Universily of Oklahoma. THE GKLAHOMA DAILY "Read by Moderns" NOT QUITE, BUT NEARLY The rushing season had worn 'lo a c.ose and lhe Gamma Phi Belas had goofed I'he usual sur- prisingly number of cling vines. And how lhey do cling 'lo lhe slrong sfurdy oaks, especially al' lhe Brown Owl. Then came a maiden wilh a face like a lale April blizzard. Her swilches were unfrizzled and coiled aboul' lhe back side of her brow which had a lruly maieslic sweep. The Gamma Phis reflecled and 'rhen lhey all clamored righl oul' in meeI'ing: "Eureka! This woman will be a Morlar Board and a Phi Bela Kappa. How clever il would be lo galher her in lo 'Ihe Gamma Phi Bela Fireside and gel' l'he credil' for knowing brains when we hear lhem raH'Ie." So 'lhey hooked +he good old pledge bu'Hon righl' over l'he Iell side of her angular bosom and gave her a spare bin in 'I'he cellar and wailed 'lor lhe grades lo incubale. And lhe sad sisler's marks were an 0.999I iusl like lhe res+ of lhe sislers. Her face was her only forlune and she was very poor. Conclusion-Every nul is nol' a Phi Bela Kappa. O v O Things Thai We Can Do WiI'houl': I. Eighl o'cIocks. 2. Quizzes I'he day before vacalions. 3. Campus polilicians lincluding I'he Men's Councill. 4. Salurday morning classes. 5. Margarel' Roys. 6. The Be+as. 7. The whislle on 'rhe Power Planl. Page 303 HOTEL BILTMORE always keeps in mind one im- por'ran+ considerarion . . . fhe comforr and well-being of i+s guesrs. Bofh +he ho- +el's carefully 'rrained service sfaff and Hs superior facili- +ies combine +o make your slay here somefhing 'ro be remembered. All rooms have rhree-channel radio, ceiling fan ven+ila+ion and every o'rher possible con- venience. Food and service in bo+h Main Res+auran+ and Coffee Shop are all you would expeci' in a Billmore Hofel, and prices are sensi- ble. Locafed in down-+own Oklahoma Ciry, +hea+res and shops are easily accessible. Room rares s'rar+ a+ 52.50. -- lAH'er receiving many urgenl' requesls we had our ar+is+ design a cres'r 'For +he pefifioning groups-we are prin'ring one of +he many leHers we received.l Norman, Oklahoma Sepfember IO, I933. Business Manager of 'rhe I934 SOONER, Norman, Oklahoma. Dear Madame: -- l 1 sororiry ofiers oppor+uni+ies fo all Universify women for excellenl board and room. H' is no'r necessary +ha+ you be a member and we do noi' insisl upon ir. Good food ar 57.00 per week: room, sourhern exposure for SI5.00 per monlh. Personal service by chapfer women guaranreed. Service a la carfep European plan. Hoi' wafer every Sarurclay night Urgenfly yours, Pe+i+ioning groups: Bela Thefa Pi Del+a Upsilon Kappa Sigma Phi Delia The+a Sigma Alpha Epsilon Della Della Della Kappa Alpha The+a Kappa Kappa Gamma Pi Bela Phi Ps je 304 SEE US for SPECIAL TRIPS Ll. PHONE 5 'ff I9 Years Experience F' 56 l 65 y Mclnkire Transportation Lines WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT THE SCONER Dear Edifor of I'he Razz Sec+ion: We enioyed I'he SOONER very much bul' we were sure sorry I'haI' you forgol' 'ro +eII wha'r a good bunch of girls we have al' +he Alpha Chi house. Our presideni' goes wiI'h Willis S+arI:, I'he big- gesl' poIi'rician on 'rhe campus. BeHy Hume, president Dear Sir: We Ihink its iusl' horrid +haI' you didn'I' menfion I'ha+ we led I'he campus in averages Iasl' semes- Ier. We won'+ ever buy anofher SOONER a+ I'he Sigma DeII'a Tau house, so Ihere. Virginia Fisher, president Dear Razz Edi'ror: We, as a chapfer, wish fo express our deep apprecialion for noi' menI'ioning where +hree of our members Iosl' Iheir Kifes and 'rheir repulafions. We wish you had menfioned abouf I'he fine ou'rIay of pledges which we a'r Iasf secured. The Thela Chapler. Dear Edilorz Enclosed bill 'For S750 for 'rhal' IeHer I'ha+ Virginia Lee received from Ihe convict Even if you didn'+ prin'r if I Ihinlc you owe me +ha+ much Io esfablish my repuI'aI'ion. Virginia Lee. Page 305 COMP'-'MEN-I-S OF COMPLIMENTS OF ' O' K' C MJNFUILACTLSLERS OF C + . . . STAMP AND SEAL co. SANDOggg?g5S 'Peng asgsm SOUTH WEST BOX CO. I ALPHA PHI One Time aT Syracuse a group oT homesick cornTeds discovered ThaT Alpha imposed on Phi gave Them a Tair resemblance To I-O-A and reminded Them oT Their naTive sTaTe. The resulT was The Tounding oT Alpha Phi. The group no longer hails Trom Iowa buT They're sTill cornTed lassies. The band has clinging-vine characTerisTics as is shown by The ivy leaT pledge pin. A ALPHA CHI OMEGA Alpha Chi Omega was Tounded as an auxiliary To The AncienT Order oT I-Iiberians and as a resulT adopTed The harp as Their pin. The harp has reTerence To race alone and noT To musical abiliTy or TuTure condiTion oT welTare. They kid Themselves inTo believing ThaT They are popular and lock The door puncTuaIIy aT IO:3O and I2:OO, iusT as if somebody was ouT. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA The Kappas hibernaTe in a red brick house Tar Trom SororiTy alley. Their pin is a key, symbolic oT Kappa liberTy. The sororiTy publicaTion is The Sears and Roebuck CaTalogue. LasT year They ex- celled Themselves in pledging a number oT girls ThaT The Pi Phis, The TheTas, The DalTa Gammas and The Tri DeI+s didn'T wanT. PI KAPPA PHI The TraTerniTy oT Pi Kappa Phi is noTed Tor having The mosT bovine above The neck oT any TraTer- niTy in Their quarTer. They are noT enTirely To blame Tor This, as They pledge only iournalisTs, who are noTed Tor The sTuTT Trom which billiard balls are made. NoTe ThaT The name conTains Pi, a prinTing Term which means mixed Type. PHI GAMMA DELTA "Democracy" is The Phi Gam moTTo and They will condescend To borrow money Trom anybody. even Phi Psis or BeTa boys. The sTars so seldom seen around The Phi Gam house are pledge pins and noT U. S. Marshal badges, alTho The laTTer would be very appropriaTe when The D. D. M. C.'s visiT Them. SWASTIKA SHOP I U 'f d ififf fe ni orms an Where The Chic New Things Equlpmen-I' Are Found . Regular Army, Nahonal Guard Ready-To-Wear Officers' Reserve, R. o.T.c., - i'2T1'iif1'?':? f ffT?3T2?iT- ' ' Milllnery J MiIiTary Schools and A . gy- Organuziahons , cc e s s o ri e s Realizing Thai we are nfeqn I T' T emind youo a MABEL E. SWARTZ iE:3Qg:jfg+b5g5Qqg,1,-'nfs TRADING CO. ' f ou h RUTH PURVIANCE Kilim? .,.,..?,+SE?f, 55 4,37 B,eedw.,y presenf you a picfure T ar - 'II a be dl b' NEW YORK N. Y. VarsiTy Corner Norman fsck U: Rod VG+ Q23 ' memories. I ,Y Pag 305 A fi F T .1 e " fa A ,SX 4 I , Yxiyzr 'E yi ...ll -cz.:-.EIIITSQ A5750 Z an We emma! TT'a1::f.ei.fw.f,,..,, -961341150 T3 E, 2? E You see iT was This way: The Ad parTy goT unhappy because They won so many eIecTions, The boys ThoughT if They could work up some compeTiTion among Themselves iT would be OH, SUCH FUN. STamper and Gillespie, The ever-ready Tun boys, were chosen by a 2-0 voTe ITheir ownl. The supporT of The Pi K A's and The Lambda Chi's was carried on a silver pIaTTer To The BeTa house Tor consuITaTion. "AlI we wanT is The PRESIDENT and I2 MEMBERS on MEN'S COUNCIL," STamper said. And Gillespie added: "And The DEAN OF MEN'S JOB: and The AD BUILDING, and The STADIUM: and all The resT of The eIecTions." Allan CaIvarT ThoughT he mighT swing The house Tor iusT an iTTy biTTsy favor, such as The PI PHI house. There you have iT, The poIiTics of The campus in The well-known nuT shell. SOONER HALL OF SHAME OR "Hear 'Em Swear" IEdiTor's NoTe: To be menTioned in This column is The highesT honor To be besTowed in The UniversiTy. IT is The B. S. oT buTToonery: The MasTer's Degree OT waggery and The Third Degree wiThin The Law.I WE NOMINATE I. MargareT Roys-For religious acTiviTy and her sweeT approval by The Dean oT Women. 2. Fenelon Bouche-For his unTiring work wiTh The Three Tulsa D. U.-BeTa pledges. 3. Herbie Morgan-For his shyness and naiveTe. 4. Marjorie Newbern-For The kind of hair ThaT makes and breaks naTions. 5. Jude Kennedy-Any number of Things, menTaI sluggishness. 6. Neil Bogan-For Tinally geTTing a pubIicaTion office Ihe was unopposedl. 7. AusTen RiTTenhouse-ImpersonaTion of a man. 8. Dean Edna McDaniel-IHonoraryI For her popular rules. 9. Dean J. F. Findlay-IlHonoraryI For his speeches abouT "I don'T wanT To be a member of The car commiTTee." IO. FriTz HoITschue-ATTer Trying Three schools he ended up in Fine ArTs. I I. Charlie Teel-For his persisTency in scholarship. I2. John Klep-ReTiring aTTiTude and versaTiIiTy in amours. I3. Ed Clarke-For his IaTe IamenTed homely humorI?I. I4. Oklahoma Daily-For co-operaTion wiTh The Jazz Hounds. Page 307 S TI-IE IasT pages oT The I934 SOONER are Turned Trom The press we heslTaTe a momenT and Think back over The pasT school year and Thlnk of all The pleasanT and yes Trylng experiences gaThered In Trying To gave a TalThTuI porTrayaI oT Soonerland We wrsh To Thank R C Walker and E K Burns oT The SouThwesTern Engraving Company Tor TreaTIng us kindly no maTTer how TranTlc we became over Trlv:aIuTles We wlsh To Thank W W Mercer oT The Economy Adverhsung Company Tor dealing genTIy wuTh us ID our make up dilemma A A Lubersky oT The S K SmlTh Company designed The cover We hope you Ilke IT IT would be hard To Thank everyone personally Tor Their ass1sTance In puTTung ouT The book buT To The SOONER sTaTTs we wash To express our graT1Tude Tor able and unselhsh work We also acknowledge The debT To The TaculTy members whose assusTance has been so heIpTuI Now as all our Typographlcal worries Tall Trom our shoulders luke The sally Norman raan we have only one worry IeTT We wanT you To luke The book IT you don T donT ever Tell us Twould break our hearTsI Our Tellow sTudenTs The I934 SOONER as yours TI-IE EDITOR and BUSINESS MANAGER I I ll lv 1' - - - ll vu f . . . . . , . . - - I - . I I . I . v , . Pag 308 f'f Q ff Wg! 1

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