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EX"LIBRIS fT1Q,C-9 SO 5 Qfficial Publication Qf the Student . .. Association of Qklahoma Un i V 6 1' s i ty Norm 6.11. CDIXIAIIOIIIA .i f DUCAT I 0 5 THE PRQCESS or LEA12NiiliEf TQ LI Eooooooo lt has heen handed down to us through the ages, and made immortal hy the days we spent within the halls of our Alma Mater. ln our memories refecho our footsteps as we tread hack and forth from class to class, gleaning from the Knowledge of Men those things which could hest he applied to our chosen vocationsg and rejoicing in the realization that, like those who have gone hefore us, we will pass into the world with a definite goal to attain. No more proper dedication could be written than to recount the achievements of those graduates of our University, accomplishments which within themselves are commendable, but which because of their supremacy have shown that these alumni have learned to live and in so doing have given additional life to their Alma Mater. As our readers observe the indelible records which appear on the following pages they cannot help but know these men have mirrored their personalities, achievements, glories and lives upon the escutcheon of their universityeQur University. It is our trust that those who enter the halls of this university will revere those achievements and behold them as guiding lights in the search for knowledge and service, that those to follow will learn to live as those have done who have gone before, and that Qur University's light of accomplish- ment will ever grow brighter. l 4. A 5 Zxcco PLISHME T EARLY, men' and women have been graduated from the Uni- OOOOO versity of Oklahoma with definite goals in mind. Also, yearly, Time records the activities of some of these graduates and marks them with the light of achievement in their chosen fields of endeavor. Look- ing, hastily, back through the years we find that some of the records of our alumni l are indeed achievements of note. We record, therefore, for your observance the following records as indelibly inscribed symbols on the escutcheon of this Uni- versity. G. RICHARDSON, Director of Public Relations, 1. C. Penney Company, N. Y., ex- . ' ' director, Atlas Portland Cement Co., lnstructor, Chain Store Merchandising, N. Y. U., Statistician, N. Y. Federal Reserve Bank, Graduated from Oklahoma University, 1917, Arts and Science, President class 3 and 4, Charter Member Alpha Kappa Psi, Member University Glee Club, Charter Member Ruf-Nek, U. S. Army, 1917-1919, Post Graduate, Harvard, Unmarried. OY ST. LEWIS, Assistant Attorney-General of the United States, 1931, Assistant U. S. Attor- ney Western District of Oklahoma, 1922- 1924, U. S. District Attorney Western Dis- trict of Oklahoma, 1925, Special Prosecutor in Hale-Ramsey Osage Murder Case, 1925, U. S. Army, 1917-1919, served in France with 347th Infantry, 87th Division, Gen- eral practice, Holdenville and Oklahoma City, Graduated from Oklahoma Univer- sity 1915, Law, Member Kappa Sigma, Married and lives in Washington, D. C. ARL BARTHOLOMEW, G . ' Director of Engineering Lab- oratories, Ethyl Corporation of America, Detroit, Director Engineering Laboratories, Ethyl Gas Corporation, 1926-1931, ex- supervisor Research on anti-knock fuels and development of high compression engines for automobiles and engines for measurement of detonation, Instructor in Mechanical Engineering, Harvard 1923- 1926, Graduated from Oklahoma Univer- sity in 1912, Engineering, Worked his way through the university by surveying, book- keeping and miscellaneous engineering ac- tivities, Member Phi Beta Gamma, Married Juanita Snedeker, Eine Arts 1921, Makes his home in Detroit, Michigan. GSEP1-1 BENTGN CGui- seppe Bentonellib, famous opera star of the Continent and United States, debut in Mozart's Don Giovanni at the Opera of Nice, France, Appeared in leading opera houses of the Continent with the following repertoire: Gioconda, Mano, Tosca, Faust, Romeo et Juliet, and La Boheme, which is his best, Graduated from Gklahoma University after initial training under Professor William Schmidt, later trained abroad under jean de Reszke. He has been given the honor of appearing with the greatest singers of the present era. GY M. BALYEAT, M.D., Director of Balyeat 1-lay Fever and Asthma Clinic, Past President American Association for the Study of Allergy, Author of "Allergic Diseases", Former lecturer and professor of allergic diseases at the University of Gklahoma, from which he was graduated in 19123 Married Anna Bright, former university student. AVID B. R. JOHNSON, ' ' . Dean of the School of Phar- macy, University of Glclahoma, 1919--, Member National Societies of Academy of Science, Rho Chi, Kappa Psi, Kappa Delta Pi, National Formulary Committee, and United States Pharmacoepia Revision Com- mittee, Afliliated with American Associa- tion of Colleges of Pharmacy, President of the American Pharmaceutical AssO' ciation. Preliminary training, Valparaiso University, Advance and Graduate work, University of Glclahoma, 1918, Married and lives in Norman. GHN S. VAUG1-IAN, State ' ' ' Superintendent of Public ln- struction, State ofG1clahoma, Acting Presi- dent Southeastern State Teachers College, 1926, Executive Secretary Gklahoma Edu- cational Survey, 1923, Dean and Registrar, Southeastern State Teachers College, 1919- 1921, Member Gklahoma State Senate, 191 'Z-1921, Graduated from Gklahoma Uni- versity, 1923, Education, Masters Degree Gklahoma University 1927, Married Eunice Lewis, Kingston, Gklahoma. EGRGE B. PARKER, ' . ' Editor - in - chief, Scripps - Howard papers, General Editorial Execu- tive same papers, 1924-1927, Editor-in-chief Southwestern group Scripps-Howard pa- pers, 1922-1924, Editor, Cleveland, Ghio Press, 1920-1922, Reporter, city editor and managing editor, Glclahoma News, 1909- 1920, Member Kappa Alpha, National Press Cwashington, D. CJ, Mid-Day CCleveland D, Houston flexas D Home, Graduated from Gklahoma University 1908, Arts and Science, Married Adelaide Loomis, Norman, Oklahoma, At home Mt. Kisco, N. Y. Q AFENTS ADZXXXINISTRATICDN C L A S S E S FLQCWERS OF SGONERLAN D GRGANIZATICDNS, SOONER ACTIVITIES AT I-I L E T I C S CQPYCRIGHCCAATC 1 9 3 3 .IA C IQ H I G I-I E d i t 0 1' EARL SNEED M A Ifl A g 0 1' XX! as llixx XlC'l'HI 1: ll. .Xiuxis THE COLLEGE CF BUSINESS A D NXT S T RAT I Q IN the America of Today, Business Administration is the key to economic stability. At no other time has this been proven as during the past few years. Competition, the life of business, has been augmented by trained leadership and as a result the scope of the administrator's field has become international instead of local. Training for such leadership is the task of ,A,, mv, ,,,,., ,X ,,,, every School of Business and to that end this college has successfully striven. THE SCHQQL U"'e llnySl.l,1-xvis lUsTIcE, the Goddess of Equality, demands of her servants the maximum of knowledge and training they can possihly receive. She drives them along the road of jurisprudence from thence they travel into fields of other puhlic service. Legislators, legal advisors, judges and statesmen fethey all have assimilated the facts of law. Judgment, keen and impartial, is hased upon the hasis of all lawf-if The Ten Commandments. Its exponents have heen graduated from such schools as ours. 235 Iliiw vllI,IlfNl XliXNIl THE CGLLEGE OF G EERING TRUE it is that "Time Waits for No Man," hut evident it is that Man has caused Time to increase his stride. The ' Mechanical Age, the Age of Today, is marked hy a rapidly T A changing record of achievement in the field of engineering. Modern comforts, lahorfsaving devices, mass production n-xi..-1n,..i...,,. ..,,,,., , and longer lives are all the products of an Engineers Era. Aviation, radio, television, minute measuring devices and other inventions too numerous to record here are heing developed daily, almost, lay men such as those graduated from this university. Di-, x x I' minima it I Iumi 12121112 CQLLEGE QF FI E RTS ia Creator saw fit to equip him with ff! 3' an aesthetic nature as well as a sordid. The former will he ever- present so long as there is a stim- .i.,c.,,,i.i:. .,i.,., ulus capable of moving it. ln our international life, like nowhere else, has this particular characteristic been sponsored. From the heginning of Time the works of Man's mind and hand have been handed from one generation to another. The survival of the Fine Arts is a marked evidence that their en- couragement he fostered. W LEWIS I. Mn0Rrn.xN I-IE SCI-IOSL QF i E I SCOURGES have stricken the entire world from time to time. Their toll has been heavy. At certain periods in history the defeat of such scourges has been attributed to the mystic powers of the sorcerer, the witch or the alchemist. But, today, how different! The Science of Hop Xl. ll:1l.x'1A:nl Medicine has given to the world its army of specialistsg men and women trained in the science of preserving human life, and men and women who have given their lives in order that others might have freedom from disease. Qklahoma has her share of honors in this field. N U R, R. .Imnxsrw fish SCHCDQL QF THE P HARAAA DESCENDANTS of the ancient Greek pharmakeia, legitimate successors to the medieval alchemist, the pharmacist today ranks high within the profession of medicine. Without him, many of the duties and problems of the physician ""1"U0" "i"" would, today, he far more perplexing than con- ceived hy the average layman. But, with the advance of modern pharmacy another great stride has heen taken in the accomplishments of the profession of medicine. AN S. XV. RICAVICS ,Q , Q- THE CQLLEGE TS A SCUQNCES 4 SEGREGATED from the specially trained man and pg t woman stands he who would have but a general W and liberal store of knowledge. Literary, scien- f r tific, artistic and professional minds all in one - 1 find their haven in the Arts and Sciences. G' Be1'H"kQf Perhaps it is startling to realize that from this field more than a large majority of our people have been graduated. It is from this college that our newspaper men, writers, teachers and executives go. To them, the backbone ofthe country, has been a generalized education, their aim. NVQ TH E CULLEGE QF E CATIG I Q A"' V H AzA':' ,TIS a wide range hetween obtaining knowledge ii and guiding those in search of knowledge. But, il in our scheme of society the Teacher is the guiding force of all endeavor. Regardless of the field in which we seek information there is .I, S Yzlllullsln always someone there to give it to us. Highly trained in the arts of his profession, the school teacher of today commands the social destinies of the nations. To him go the young and old, alike, to seek more knowledge. To him will go the credit, ultimately, of a world peace. if we JK , ' , , ,Q , . . . ' if ., Q? , .V,,. ,V ,D ht Q, v,,1 , 3' 'C Z 4 'I " X 'f 'fn JE ' his if Q' .6 ,T l get 'using N, xv ' fn 95 . M ., K 'wh Kh Vw fifth In as fs i , F in ill: f V "3 E, E' 1114 Mi, ' ' Q 1 1 'J ' , :Hq , 43 ,ufsfy . is gk? in fi 51: sf? J my f' ' ' ' M 3 , 2,3 'E' M A fig? 'Z ijw Q f-9' ' ,gig 1 it . 1 4 an Q 7 fi if 1 i 1-5 I xv I I ! i ! wmv, ,,AV,gg-v,,,,VV s L me-we N...c.c.NN......k? ' wx THE PRESIDENT'S GREETING THIS volume oT The Sooner aT- TempTs To reTlecT The varied acTiviTies oT sTudenT liTe during The currenT year. l.iTe in a large universiTy varies greaTly Trom year To year. This is parTicularly True during These years when changes are occurring so TreguenTly. The currenT year has been one oT The mosT unusual in The his- Tory oT The UniversiTy. ExTernally many Things have occurred ThaT have creaTed greaT anxieTy and caused The Triends oT The Univer- siTy To Teel The deepesT concern abouT The TuTure oT The Univer- siTy, buT inTernally iT has been very diTTerenT. STudenTs and Tac- ulTy alike have worked TogeTher in a Tine spiriT oT co-operaTion and good-will. This is The one greaT compensaTion ThaT has largely oTT- seT The problems creaTed by ex- Ternal inTluences. - The currenT issue oT The Sooner measures up Tully in conTenT and Torm To The annual issues ThaT have preceded iT. IT will become a souvenir ThaT should be Treasured by every universiTy sTudenT who values The memories oT college days. l have no doubT ThaT in The years To come This volume will become increasingly inTeresTing To Those who aTTended The UniversiTy during The currenT year. Soon aTTer This book is oTT The press and disTribuTed, This greaT sTudenT body will scaTTer To every parT oT The sTaTe, To oTher sTaTes, and To Toreign counTries. The evenTs oT The year will Then become only a memory To all oT us. lT is my hope ThaT These memories may be happy ones, and ThaT The sTudenTs who Turn These pages recalling The Taces wiTh whom They have been associaTed. and The evenTs in which They Took parT. may derive genuine saTisTacTion Trom The experience. l wanT To assure every sTudenT who has been enrolled in The UniversiTy during This year, oT my abiding good wishes To you. To every loyal sTudenT oT These days l pledge my allegiance To The UniversiTy. and l sincerely hope ThaT you will Teel Tree To call upon me, and any oT my asso- ciaTes who are serving The insTiTuTion in an oTTicial or proTessorial capaciTy. We sTand ready To serve you aT any Time, regardless oT where you may be. Sincerely yours, W. B. BIZZELL, PresidenT. ....s...........,...........................sssss............... . .,,, .sss.............s.,. X X X X , X . . Q Page I9 . , , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, THE BOARD GF REGENTS GEORGE L. BOWMAN, Kingfisher, President, CLAUDE CLARENCE HATCHETT, Durant, Vice-President: JOSEPH C. LOONEY, Wewokag THOMAS D. LYONS, Tulsag W. N. BARRY, Okemahg MALCOM E. ROSSER, IR., Muskogee. EUGENE P. LEDBETTER, Gklahoma City. ADMINlSTRATIVE CCDUNCIL DR. W. B. BIZZELL, President DR. ARTHUR B. ADAMS, College of Business DEAN H. FELGAR, College of Engineering DR. PAUL L. VOGT, Dean of Extension DEAN FREDRXCK HOLMBERG, College of Fine Arts DR. HOMER L. DODGE, Graduate School DEAN IULIEN C. MONNET, School of Law DR. ELLSWORTH COLLINGS, College of Education DR. ROY GETTINGER, Dean of Administration DEAN EDNA E. MCDANIEL, Dean of Women DR. L. I, MOORMAN, School of Medicine DEAN I. F. FINDLAY, Dean of Men DEAN D. B. R. IOHNSON, School of Pharmacy GEORGE E. WADSACK, Registrar DR. S. W. REEVES, College of Arts and Sciences EMIL R. KRAETTLI, Assistant to the President esfssffffstsnsnsncece P Page 20 Wmmxmx x wx xxxx Q xmx x m x x xmwxxm xxx x xx xxx xmx w x x mmwxx mm xxxxxxw MEN'S COUNCIL The Mens Council was created by the students of the University of Oklahoma in the spring of 1930, by the adoption of the Constitution of the Student Association. The Council consists of repre- sentatives of all schools and colleges on the campus, meeting as a student council for men, Its pur- pose, in conjunction with the Womens Self-Governing Association, is to deliberate upon student affairs and to act accordingly. The Council is comparatively a new system on this campus, and as yet has not had an opportunity to accomplish all the desired features that the student body expects of it. During the short time of its existence it has, however, benefited the student body in various ways. It was through the sponsorship of this organization that the administration has granted twelve o'clock date nights. This past year has been such an unusual year in the affairs of the University that this group as well as many others has received much criticism. Besides presenting the student side of the question to the administration, the other functions of the Council are to assist clubs and organizations in their efforts to promote the interests of the Uni- versity, OFFICERS IOSEPH STAMPER . . . . . President VINCENT DALE . . . Vice-President HERMAN CSREENHAW .... Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS COLLEGE oi: ARTS AND SCIENCE IOSEPH STAMPER VINCENT DALE I-IERMAN GREENHAW CHARLES DAVIS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING IRVIN GLASCOW' RuPERT MCCLLING ERNEST CHILDERS COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ANDY BECK RALPH CISSNE GRADUATE SCHOOL SCHOOL or LAW SCHOOL OF RIIARNIACY MARK EVANS IOHN SWINFORD RALPH ENIX SCHOOL OF EDUCATION FINE ARTS SCHOOL CECIL FERREE PAUL HUFF N v---xxx xxx xx - Axwx- -x - xx x X aa:zz::::mm w xxmxxx x :11:22X?2ii?2 ?::X1??22132:flffltmiifrrfrgrymw,DEED"'e:vvx12aia 5 mmf t ,IX . ' -""' Y' R v --me """X" v ,ggggf-iivgn wr ADW-S fff-,,f rx, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, W Nw D WN NR! Xxx xxxw' xxxx- RNS Yw5 xw- WRX?-Y WN xxw ,,X,fNw KQQSXXXW Page 21 , ,,,, WOMEN'S SELF-GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION The Executive Council of W. S. G. A. has become acquainted with more than four hundred new girls on the campus through the tea, informal parties, and co-ed balls given this year. They have tried to reach not only the freshman girls but also the upper classmen who are on our campus for the first time. W. S. G. A. started a loan fund for senior women this year. One hundred and forty dollars was the original amount put in the fund and each year an additional one hundred and forty dollars will be put into it until the fund has become large enough to take care of many emergencies of women students. A girl's past scholastic standing is considered when these loans are made. Under the leadership of our vocational guidance chairman, classes for all freshman girls were held to help the girl select a vocation so that she may follow a course of study suitable to the work she plans to do after college. Conferences were also held with freshman girls to encourage scholarship and pos- sible membership in Alpha Lambda Delta Qfreshman honorary fraternityj. Each semester W. S. G. A. gives a scholarship banquet for non-sorority women, at which time two loving cups are awardedg one to the organized house with the highest average, and one to the dormitory with the highest average. OFFICERS GORDON PEELER ........ President MARIETTA DARLING . . . Vice-President WINIFRED KETCHUM ....... Secretary DORIAN MATHEWS ....... Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES ELOISE CHANDLER ...... President of Y. W. C. A. VIRGINIA LESTER ...... President of Mortar Board MILDRED LAPP . . . . . President of Pan-Hellenic BOBBY HUFF . . . .... President of W. A. A. DOROTHY WOODRUEE . . President of Alpha Lambda Delta MARTHA WATSON . . . President of House Council BETTY EVANS . . . . . Big Sister Chairman LINA IANE WALKER . . Activity Bureau Chairman PATSY TRUSCOTT . . . . . . . . Women's Editor MEMBERS AT LARGE MARGARET PYLE ........ Vocation Chairman RUTH OMAR . . . . Social Chairman MARGARET RAYS . . Scholarship Chairman DORIS SADDER . . Health Chairman IACKIE PETWAY ....... . Publicity Chairman ffsff aaaarasa Page 22 3' if , 5. KJ f- Fay, I K 1 f 3? Q . 5 ,9g,j,g , 'Q f fi f i f M H 1 W ffafwf- P- :K-if r Brin! gr 'W 'f g, N I ,fy 4 W xiaigiix Q N is QQ EXW kWTwNxkv2Q5f w -v, V wf ' . ' Q Ah. ' is it gb ,'Y'. 1, N ff -2 QI W- My gg -f 1 A , i1. ' -K W . f . F 'V' A ?w 1 My ' 11 mf ' , ,fi', 'v-lg l4x Z15+Ef"I2'3-K W" ' 5' fwf YH W RK' v M, 'vw yr QL. x K? X ' f 6 + 5 2 WW 13" 02,4 K Lfc. 'X , nr Q' 1-,E 1 ,,, JN XJ X QS . ' 31 V- ff K 1Q,2wJ!:v'Sffl,3: 4.113 W' Q. Q Di,-3 r La 34, 0 4 Q Q f 5: .lc ,Q M 'BY 3, ,Ewfi ,H-1. 6' - z z a. w Q-,QA i , X Q YL Q L ' ' Y 4 . K ""4m.ff 'Gmac ig' P' Cf , ' ,, "V Eg, K 4,329 ihwe? 9 ia ig 3 5 J V E my my 1 i I A M gp x 2 X ,kbp Na ,-::'L E 8' ,W K ' g 33? 5 wx NP' UJJ 5 Egg ,M awww i Q ' - , - - , ' zz' l .x ..K'XM M15 , 4:4 ' .. ,.,, " , , D, n 4 5' ' M N if me fa ."' M' x M .f 5 Ex ' V 6 SEP .J ,, it n 'fi . 1, 1 f W t Y, ,QVV Y, Q ji A 1 zjvjgagj ,,..: ,, . ai J, gb, ..,: :. .:,. i 2 W.,.,.ww1f, Q-1: 'fi' 1 L m xp E ' 4 R .:,. , .1 -. X A ' :- 4, i Q. I? f. X ffww B ' P ,zlz :" 5,55 - i ,if : ' : 2 - - . V 3' K '2 1581 fi' 1' -X " " 1 f. ' ' -, K Mr' 2' af I ..:, 34 w I x X' M Nisf15"1-Jig gzg' . 'H - 'Q ' 3 if if if "ff, ' f. f . 1 Y ii ki ua' yl Y Vxwl 1 Q? , pxx , , ! , 'QA Q b FQ :., I. ix? 4.5 A Ii , 5 Z 'w', I 4' 'val ' A ' ..7 . , Y Ei., if T , A MJ A , Xl J' ' tr? ' if f, ff Ng ' ff, : W 1 E -ew' XM' fvfgz ff fl . "" fs? irgys X ,.f,Sgg',iV 3 i t. E E . M 3 f fl ,Q xgl .-erm -f Q ,, 2 A M42 3? iig skX W Mfg . 13' . 3 Q .,21, A , jig 'fxAl71 .Q ,E.,.:. ,,:.L- T-- mb -ff? Sw - 2. rw 5 4, , .f 3 M ypwf' ' x 1 L gf' H5 N: 1 ,fag i 5 y Q ,Swv ff , 3 A xyylsf ww 'fi 2? 32 Y? -.- GRADUATES Some know what the library is for- .M f f f ,,,,,,mm,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, l l 1 FRED FRANK KROSCHWITZ Oklahoma City Alpha Sigma Phi. ROE WILLIAM CARSON Norman Tau Beta Pig Sigma Tau: Sig- ma Pi Sigma. MARGARET LOUISE BARNES Guthrie Phi Mug W. S. G. A. House Council: Pan-Hellenic. Y. W. C A MARY GORDON MITCHELL Seminole Alpha Phi: Y. W. C. A.: French Club. CHARLES WAYNE MARTIN W. DIXON MORRIS GEORGE HOWARD I-IUMPHREYS Chickasha A. I. E. E. IEAN PAUL IONES Oklahoma City Alpha Chi Sigma. W. IEEE ARMSTRONG Oklahoma City Norman Oklahoma City Sigma Chi. Kappa Alpha. Page 26 SENICDRS Co .' Seni ,,,,, 1 GEORGE LEWIS KING Sapulpa Engineering F RED NORRIS Tryon Engineering Pick and Hammer: A. I. M. E. PAUL ROYL BATTENBERG Allentown, Pa. Engineering Acacia. KATHRYN M. WHITE Cleveland Fine Arts Gamma Phi Beta: Sigma Alpha Iota. ROBERT C. LISK Alva Engineering Phi Gamma Delta: Tau Beta Pi: Engineers Club: Iazz Hounds: St. Pat's Council. KATHRYN PATTON Woodward Business Administration Delta Gamma: Y. W. C. A, ROBERT FLETCHER WILLIAMS Oklahoma City GEORGIA RUTH CRISWELL Goodwell Arts and Science RUTH BELL Oklahoma City Arts and Science Delta Delta Delta: Y. W. C, A. I. DURWARD BEAZLEY Oklahoma City Pharmacy ED. G. BARTLEY Gilner, Texas Engineering Acacia: Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: St. Pat's Council. MARGARET BRANDENBURG Norman Arts and Science Chi Omega: Y, W. C, A.: French Club. M. WAYNE CHESTNUT Oklahoma City Arts and Science Kappa Alpha: Iazz Hounds: Scabbard and Blade: Derby Club, ALICE BEIATRICE SMITH Omaha, Nebraska Arts and Science MARJORIE MAE OIJELLE CRANE Holdenville Arts and Science Alpha Chi Omega: Interna- tional Relations Club. H. W. BRANSFORD, IR. Dallas, Texas Business Administration Phi Delta Theta. HELEN BLYTHE Kaufman, Texas Arts and Science Delta Delta Delta: Choral Club: Y. W. C. A. ALTHA MAY COCKRELL Tonkawa Education Choral Club. VERNA BENHAM Norman Education Pi Zeta Kappa, AILEEN DEVINE Oklahoma City Arts and Science IOHN W. BORELLI Kingfisher Engineering Delta Phi Epsilon: Scabbard ERNEST COTTON Sayre Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Tau. MARY ANNA GLADSTONE Norman Education Pi Zeta Kappa: Comfort Club: Y. W. C. A, Coun- cil '3l. LUCILLE KECKMAN Tyrone Education GAISER DAWSON MADDOX Maizd Engineering Phi Eta Sigma: Engineers Club, MARGARET CONNELL Shreveport, La. Arts and Science Delta Delta Delta: French Club: Y. W. C. A. EVELYN M. KAFF Chelsea l Business Administration CONKWRIGHT and Blade: Newman Club: Arts and Science Pi Kappa Alpha: WNAD Sapulpa A. S. C. E.: Engineers Gamma Phi Beta: Y, W. University Orchestra. Education Club. C. A. , , , , , , , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, 5 ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .WWW i Page 28 "':"axS1E' xww' ,ww FENTON D. LAMB Wagoner Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon. RALPH LANG Oklahoma City Engineering Sigma Gamma Epsilon. ROBERT THOMAS HLIGIIES Cement Pharmacy Kappa Psi. DORIS L. MARTIN Deer Creek Arts and Science HELEN LOUISE HERMES Ponca City Arts and Science Newman Club. DENNIS MITCHELL Oklahoma City Law Phi Alpha Delta: Young Republicans Club: Black- stone Bar. BLANCHE THOMAS NORRIS Tryon Education RICHARD L. MCTBRIEN Edmond Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Tau Omega: MARIETTA KOOGLE Oklahoma City Fine Arts F. CLYDE LAMBERT Woodward Business Administration Sigma Mu Sigma: Bom- bardiers: Iazz Hounds. CHARLES E. MuSSON Norman Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha. MARTIN A. RYLAND Crescent Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi, Treasurer. VELITA E. PATRICK Sapulpa Arts and Science Beta Sigma Omicron: Pi Zeta Kappa: Kappa Beta: Y. W. C. A. HARRY A. PINES Tulsa Law Phi Beta Delta: Pe-et: Delta Sigma Rho: Varsity Debate: Oratorical Council, Presi- dent: Menorah, President: WILLIAM HERMAN PEET Hobart Arts and Science Young Democrats Club: Pick and Hammer: Athene- an. JAMES B. SPEARS Chickasha Engineering Tau Omega: A. S. M. E.: Engineers Club: Knights of St. Patrick. MARION A. IEFFREY Oklahoma City Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi: Polo: Ruf- Neks: President Business Association. OSCAR STROTHER SIMPSON Tulsa Arts and Science Sigma Nu: Ruf Neks. RICHARD F. THAYER Hobart Arts and Science Lambda Chi Alpha: Con- gress: League of Young Democrats. ROBB W. MOORE Oklahoma City Engineering EARL I. MuLMED Oklahoma City Arts and Science Phi Beta Delta: Phi Eta Sigma: R. O. T. C. MARY REID Henryetta Arts and Science GEORGE P. SPALILDING Kingfisher Education Phi Delta Kappa. GEORGE I. TOBIAS Atoka Arts and Science Phi Beta Delta. PAULINE H. GAEBE Addieville, Illinois Arts and Science Alpha Xi Delta: Omicron Nu: Oikonomia: Y. W. C. A.: Home Ec Club. MARY FRANCES TEDEORD Guthrie Arts and Science MARY E. PORTER McAlester Arts and Science Delta Gamma: Y. W. C. A. WOODROW WILSON Sigma Tau: Vice-President lnterllfiraternity C o u n c i l: Kappa Sigma: Sigma TBUS WILLIAMS A. S. M. E.: Engineers Francis Bar, Chief Iustice: Tau Beta Pi: Delta Beta VVYIIIICWOOCI Club. Inter-Bar Council: Congress. Chi. Engineering w m x xxx w MwxAWxTWPPPSIZSYTPPPEEETWNPTr?23?5P:3TT????YY2?S3???Eggi X' 'PPTP' N Page 29 ,,,,, 1 MARGARET EISENBEIS Oklahoma City Fine Arts Chi Omega: Newman Club: Elizabeth Seon Club. HARRY A. BROWN Drummond Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi. CARL B. YAGER Louisville, Ky. Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma: Kappa Tau Pi. OLIVIA YOUNG Fairview Education Delta Delta Delta: Wom- en's Choral Club: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. IEWELL IOSEPHINE BROOKING Oklahoma City Arts and Science Delta Psi Kappa: W. A. A.: Hockey: Volleyball: Soccer: Baseball: Track: Basketball: Rifle Team: Ducks Club. MARGUERITE BELLAH Hollis Arts and Science HAROLD H. SIMMONS MARJORIE R. MILLER Oklahoma City Arts and Science Eta Sigma Phi. LOUISE WOLE Oklahoma City Fine Arts MARTHA ELEANOR WATSON Tulsa Arts and Science Pi Beta Phi: Kappa Gam- ma Epsilon: Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. A. Council: Pan- Hellenic: President, House Council. WILLMINA I. SMYTH Kansas City, Mo. Arts and Science Gamma Phi Beta: Y. W. C. A. Council. EVELYN MARIA ANDERSON Norman Arts and Science Delta Delta Delta: Phi Beta Kappa: Kappa Gamma Ep- silon: Alpha Lambda Delta: Mortar Board: Timber Cruiser: Orchesis: Ducks: French Club: Spanish Club: W. S. G. A.: Y. W. C. A. LOUISE C. BARNETT HUGH I. ADAMS Crescent Law Phi Alpha Delta: Webster- ian. BETTY CLARE CARNIKE Fort Worth, Texas Fine Arts Kappa Alpha Theta: Y. W C. A.: W. A. A. GRETA S. FALICETTE Oklahoma City Fine Arts Y. W. C. A.: El Modju. KATHERYN DAVENPORT Oklahoma City Fine Arts Alpha Chi Omega: W. S. G. A.: Playhouse: Y. W. C. A.: Pan-Hellenic. ADOLPH O. JOHNSON Norman Law Alpha Sigma Phi: Phi Del- ta Phi: Delta Sigma Rho Pi Sigma Alpha: Debate Oratorical Council: Con- gress: Marshall Bar: Inter- bar Council. VESTA FENNIMORE Amarillo, Texas Arts and Science ROBERT C. KLINS Wallace: Nebraska Business Administration NANCY RUTH SAuNDERs Blanchard Arts and Science Alpha Phi. W. R. FLACK, IR. Oklahoma City Business Administration Phi Kappa Sigma JOHN B. SMITH Norman Engineering ROBERT HICKMAN SMELLAGE Waxahachie, Texas Arts and Science Kappa Alpha: Sooner Quar- tet: Glee Club: Band. JAMES RITCHIE AKRIGHT Nowata Business Administration Beta Theta Pi. BRYAN SCOTT Plato, Missouri Business Administration Kappa Theta Pi: Y. M. C. A. MARY SUE SIMPSON Tulsa Arts and Science Wichita Falls, Texas Norman MANCO M. JAMES Kappa Alpha Theta, Presi- Business Administration Arts and Science Honey Grove, Texas dent: Pan-Hellenic: House Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Phi Mu. Business Administration Council. Page 30 :::::::::::r' ,i2m s sx xs ""' Q xiii rm P HERMAN A. SMITH Wichita Falls, Texas Business Administration DENNY W. FALKENBERG Medford Law Phi Kappa Psi. IuNE WYATT Shawnee Fine Arts Chi Omega: Glee Club: Y. M. C. A.: Polo Asso- ciation. EVELYN DALE TARTER Norman Education GORDON PEELER Elk City Arts and Science Mortar Board: Delta Kappa: Ducks Club: Rifle Team: W. A. A. Psi W. E. BLISS IOE A. STAMPER Clayton Arts and Science Pi Kappa Alpha: Bombar- diers: President Mens Council: Iazz Hounds. NORMAN F. KRouT1L Yukon Arts and Science Alpha Sigma Phi: Basket- ball: Baseball. MADELEINE MARIE COQUET Fort Worth, Texas Arts and Science Alpha Omicron Pi: Presi- dent Pan-Hellenic: W. S. G. A.: Y. M. C. A.: Okla- homa Daily. EUGENE B. DODSON Wewoka Journalism Editor of The Wliirlufind. ELIZABETH BEARLY Oklahoma City Arts and Science SOONER Staff: Wlzirlizfind Staff: W. S. G. A. ROBBIE TEE VAuGHAN BETTY D. EVANS Ardmore Iournalism Kappa Kappa Gamma: Theta Sigma Phi: Alpha Lambda Delta: Mortar Board: Pan-Hellenic. NANCY Lou1sA WILSON Fort Worth, Texas Fine Arts Kappa Kappa Gamma: Y. W. C. A.: El Modjii. CAROL ALLEN Oklahoma City Arts and Science MARGARET HARRISON Oklahoma City Arts and Science Delta Gamma. BETTY LE COMPTE Oklahoma City Arts and Science Pi Beta Phi: Phi Mu Epsi- lon. PAGE PECK Oklahoma City Arts and Science l HERMAN H. GREENHAW Hobart Law Men's Council: President Congress: Iazz Hounds: Oratorical Council: Debate. NORMAN A. ANDERSON Oklahoma City Business Administration Delta Tau Delta: Bombar- diers: Scabbard and Blade. ZELLA RUTH ARMSTRONG Shawnee Arts and Science Alpha Xi Delta: Sigma Alpha Iota. ALBERT W. TAYLOR Blair Engineerincl Sigma Tau: A. S. C. E. TRuE BAKER Shawnee Law Phi Kappa Sigma: lazz Hounds: Inter - Fraternity Council. KELLY K. PARKER Vernon, Texas Arts and Science E ' k Kiowa Pi Beta Phi: Y, VV. C. A. . . D Mggviinasgurziiisninistration Kappgqigiiand Science VINCENT DALE EgITnadSEAglglfibyEEigET1f lazz Gtiymon MARTEIA FELIZABETH F C T 1 E LORE NAOMA MuRIEL UPIIAN RANC1OklaBB2iIaYICityHOMAb Sigma Nu: Stiident Council Oklahoma City Guthrie Arts and Science Checkmate: Senate: E1 Mod- Education Education Alpha Phi. jii. Delta Delta Delta. ..... . . ........................................................ ..... i ..... X .A X . . -R - .X . Page 31 . f1CfCii1 """ W W t i 21II1II2IZZ1Zm7 G. A. FISHER Oklahoma City Law Alpha Sigma Phi: Athenean Literary Society, President. RALPH R. CARLIN Oklahoma City Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon. THOMAS V. MuNSON Lawton Business Administration Acacia: Bombardiers: Scab- bard and Blade. MALINDA BROWN Norman Arts and Science Alpha Phi: Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Lambda Delta: Kappa Gamma Epsilon: Oratorical Council. MYRA LUCILLE PAYNTER Blackwell Fine Arts Alpha Xi Delta: Mu Phi Epsilon: Glee Club. BEULAH HELEN SPEARS Oklahoma City Arts and Science Phi Mu: Alpha Lambda Delta: Kappa Beta Pi: Y. W. C. A.: Pan-Hellenic Council: Secretary of Fresh- man Law Class. LOREE ELIZABETH WHITE Oklahoma City Arts and Science Gamma Phi Beta: Pi Zeta Kappa: Kappa Beta. RAY AWTREY Greenfield Business Administration Acacia. ROSAMAY BARNETT Bristow Arts and Science Delta Gamma: Y. W. C. A. M. GENIESE HUGHES Oklahoma City Arts and Science Alpha Gamma Delta: Y. W. C. A.: Pan-Hellenic Council. GEORGE DINKLER I-lennessey Pharmacy Delta Phi Epsilon: Newman Club. HYLAGENE ROBBERSON Norman Fine Arts Kappa Kappa Gamma: Orchesis Club. RUBY ALICE COLE Atoka Education Gamma Phi Beta. IOHN P. STEWART, IR. Oklahoma City Business Administration Acacia: Bombardiers: Scab- bard and Blade: Inter-Frat- ernity Council: Ruf-Neks. DON G. MCCORMICK Tulsa Law Delta Upsilon: lnter-Frater- nity Council. CAROLINE PIPKIN Oklahoma City Arts and Science Alpha Chi Omega: Pan- Hellenic Council. VVANDA GABRIELLA GARRISON Norman Arts and Science Beta Sigma Omicron. CHARLINE E. PENNER Norman Arts and Science Phi Mu: Polo and Riding Association: Y. W. C. A. SPOTSWOOD W. LOMAX Fort Worth, Texas Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Sig- ma Tau: Scabbard and Blade. ROBERTA PRISCILLA ALDEN Tulsa Arts and Science Phi Mu: Y. W. C. A. DOROTHY STANDIFER Elk City Arts and Science Pi Beta Phi. EDITH WILLENE MAYES Enid Arts and Science Phi Mu: Omicron Nu. l MARY Io JOHNSTON Norman Arts and Science Alpha Phi: Pan-Hellenic Council. Dick L. ELLEGOOD Lawton Business Administration Kappa Alpha: Scabbard and B l a d ez Inter - Fraternity Council. SYLVIA MAE MILLS Norman Arts and Science Alpha Xi Delta. ERNEST IACK HANIJLEY Norman Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Siqma Tau: Tau Omega: Phi Eta Sigma: St. Pat's Council. ESTELLA SUE HAYDEN Oklahoma City Education Beta Sigma Omicron: Alpha Lambda Delta. ALVAN MULDROW Norman Law Beta Theta Pi: Scabbard and Blade: Bombardiers: Skeleton Key: Derby Club' Checkmate: Football '282 Ruf-Neks: Inter - Fraternity Council: Y. M. C. A.: Dad's Day Cup '3l. Page 32 mm ' M K-xK-Xx--xN X R. CLAY UNDERWOOD Wichita Falls, Texas Business Administration Sigma Chi: Inter-Fraternity Council: Derby Club: Ruf- Neks. THELMA TATE Shamrock, Texas Arts and Science Alpha Chi Omega. IANNET BROOKE Norman Education Alpha Gamma Delta. RIITH WILLIAMS Oklahoma City Arts and Science Alpha Chi Omega. O. P, HARRIS Norman Law Phi Alpha Delta. EI,I.swOR'I'II W. SIiOVx'IiN Nlayesville Engineering Scabbard and Blade. MILOREO LAPP Wilbiirtoii Education Sigma Delta Tau: Pan- Hellenic Council, President. Page 33 NELLIs MARIE CRABILL Claremore Arts and Science Alpha Chi Omega: Social Service Club: History Club: Y. W, C. A. RuTH NESBITT Miami Arts and Science Kappa Alpha Theta: Ger- man Club. IOHN HARRISON ROE Frederick Law Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Phi Delta Phi: Francis Bar: Young Republicans Club. OIZXVILLE W. BARNETT Watonga Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi: Sigma Tau: Engineers Club. LEONE RATCLIFFE Wezitherford Arts and Science Beta Sigma Omicron. CORA NELL FLINDIS Wzinette Education Alpha Phi: Newman Club: Y. W. C. A. MRS. IESSIE NVVTYLY Spavinaw Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma: Al- pha Lambda Delta: Iota Sigma Pi: Galen. DAVID ST. CLAIR Norman Arts and Science Phi Beta Kappa: Sigma Gamma Epsilon: Phi Eta Sigma: President's Class. FOY L. GEORGE Stuart Arts and Science Bombardiers: German Club. SILER D. LAMBDIN Shawnee Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Tau: Sigma Gamma Epsilon. ELEANOR MARY HANSON Oklahoma City Arts and Science Chi Omeoa: History Club: Newman Club. ELIZABETH IANE TROSPER Oklahoma City Arts and Science Y. VV, C. A.: Spanish Club. VERA L.ADEI.I.E KENNEDY Pauls Valley Business Administration Delta Delta Delta: Secre- tary Presidents Club: Pan- Hellenic Council: Treasurer Business Administration As- sociation: Polo and Riding Association: Y. VV. C. A.: W. A. A.: House Council, ROBERTus LovE KENNETT Oklahoma City Education MARY ALICE LIGHTNER Guymon Education Alpha Chi Omega. ARMSTEAD ARNOLD YORK Okmulgee Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi: Ruf- Neks: R. O. T. C. W. LucILLE ROBERTSON Oklahoma City Arts and Science Beta Sigma Omicron: Pan- Hellenic Council. IOHN POCASSETT MOORE Chickasha Arts and Science Delta Upsilon: Ruf-Neks. MOLENE SIVIITII Wapaniicka Education RIITII M. COOPER Norman Arts and Science Beta Sigma Omicronz Delta Psi Kappa: Ducks Club. VIRGINIA FAIN Oklahoma City Arts and Science Beta Sigma Omicronz Social Service Club: Pan-Hellenic Council: Y. W. C. A. MILDRED MILLER Wichita Falls, Texas Education Chi Omega: Y. W. C. A.: PanfHellenic Council. RALPH Louis DALE Enid Engineering President Pe-et: Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Tau: Phi Eta Sig- ma: Kappa Tau Pi: Track: Cross Country. GEORGE SCOTT I-IAMMONDS Oklahoma City Engineering Delta Upsilon: Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Tau: Alpha Sig- ma Delta' Blue Ke ' Check- , y: mate: Men's Council: Polo: Engineers Club: St. Pat's Council: A. I. E. E.: 89'er: Iazz Hounds. ROBERT E. WHITEHAND Tulsa Arts and Science Sigma Delta Chi. CATHERINE ANN I-IIVIcIc Oklahoma City Business Administration Kappa Kappa Gamma. HOWARD IAIVIES VAN DYKE Norman Arts and Science Sigma Delta Chi: Glee Club. MARGARET PYLE Pauls Valley Arts and Science Delta Gamma: W. S. G. A. Council: Y. W. C. A.: Vof cational Guidance. ROBERT MAYRATH Dodge City, Kansas Enoineerinn Tau Beta Pi: Tau Omega. LucILLE VELIVIA NELSON Tonkawa Arts and Science Phi Omega Pi: Kappa Phi. W. A. A. MRS. NEVA LEE JOHNSON Checotah Arts and Science Chi Omega. A. G. TEETS Manchester Pharmacy DAN IOHN IONES Collinsville Arts and Science Phi Eta Sigma: Sigma Gam- ma Epsilon: Kappa Tau Pi: Checkmate: Presidents Class '32: Toga: Inter-Church Council: Y. M. C. A.: Pres- ident, Pick and Hammer. LEOPOLDO C. MARTELINO Phillippines Business Administration Segnu Fourm: Philippen- sian: Philippine Columbian. THOMAS MAYRATH Dodge City, Kansas Engineering Phi Eta Siqma: Tau Beta Pi: Pistol Team, LLOYD DRLIM Saybrook, Illinois Arts and Science Phi Kappa Sigma. FRED WM. BONIEIELD Okemah Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha. RUPERT P. McCLuNc Trinidad, Colorado Engineering Phi Gamma Delta: Delta Beta Chi: Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Men'S Council: Publication Board. DOROTHY DAVIS LEWIS Oklahoma City Arts and Science Alpha Gamma Delta: Alpha Lambda Delta. IAIYIES PARHAIVI EVANS, IR. Shreveport, La. Geology Kappa Alpha: Iazz Hounds: Derby Club. LOUIS BRAND Oklahoma City Business Administration Acacia. , if , A A MKMWEW away ZQWZZZSZ """"' 3 """' 1 iffiiffjjgiiiiiifffl """""""" f , ,, DOROTHY RANKIN Oklahoma City Fine Arts Alpha Chi Omega. B. C. HOUSEL Oklahoma City Arts and Science Phi Delta Theta: Scabbard and Blade: Iazz Hounds. DAVIS WHITAKER Billings Arts and Science Kappa Beta. STELLA LEONORA lVlCKNlGHT Oklahoma City Fine Arts Delta Delta Delta. JACK LEFEVRE Hartshorne Business Administration DAVID N. ROPER Norman Arts and Science Delta Upsilon: Scabbard and Blade: SOONER Staff. CLEO WILSON Tulsa Arts and Science Websterian, President Young Republicans. '31: LESLIE CRAWFORD Ardmore Education Kappa Kappa Gamma. Page 34 ....,,, Mx --X-S - X A x m .... Smssrrrxx :Kisses :QQQQQQQA "ici: -S-lzsifi iiiizzfffikzii?f-N?XwEt9""S.lf, H ss A Sw I I JAMES PATTON TAYLOR Oklahoma City Arts and Science Sigma Chi: Blue Key: Inter- Fraternity Council: Iazz Hounds: Business Manager, Oklahoma Daily. SAMUEL K. ABRAMS Guthrie Arts and Science Phi Beta Delta: Sigma Delta Chi: Pe-et: Editor, Okla- homa Dailyg lnter-Frater- nity Council: Presidents Class. R. H. PARHAINI Norman Business Administration Kappa Sigma: Scabbard and Blade: Derby Club: Wliirl- wind Business Manager. ROSE ELIZABETH BOWDEN Brownwood, Texas Education IAY BLANCHARD Snyder Arts and Science Acacia. LEONARD B. ZOELLER Sacred Heart Pharmacy Delfa Phi Epsilon: Newman Club. IOSE A. DELGADO Caracas, Venezuela Engineering KATHERINE TABER Chattanooga, Tenn. Arts and Science Delta Gamma: Delta Psi Kappa: Orchesis: Polo and Zliiding Association: W. A. GEORGIA WATSON Van Buren, Arkansas Education HOWARD JOHN EVANS Norman Engineering CHARLES HAROLD NEFF Kiowa, Kansas , Engineering Beta Pi: Engineers Tau Club: A. S. C. E. PAUL G. PLIGH KATHERINE MARIE BROWN Canadian, Texas Business Administration Alpha Gamma Delta: Gam- ma Epsilon Pi: Newman Club. MARY LOUISE STOKES Oklahoma City Arts and Science Delta Gamma. HELEN MABEL COLLIER Markley, Texas Fine Arts Alpha Phi. MARGARET ELLEN SIMMS Tulsa Arts and Science Alpha Xi Delta: Delta Zeta. R. TULLIS LOONEY Ponca City Pharmacy Sigma Nu: Kappa Psi. LOY EVERETT HARRIS Emporia, Kansas Engineering Beta Theta Pi: Tau Omega. JAMES THERMON MCINNIS West End, N. C. Arts and Science Alpha Pi Mu: Phi Sigma. MARTHA VANDEVER Tulsa Arts and Science Delta Delta Delta. DALE SWART New Paris, Indiana Arts and Science HILLARD WM. CAREY Hastings Arts and Science Sigma Nu: Iazz Hounds: Scabbard and Blade. FRANCES W. MADISON Enid Law Gamma Phi Beta: Pi Sigma Alpha: Alpha Lambda Del- ta: W. S. Cv. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Pan-Hellenic Council: Francis Bar. FRANCES KATHERINE ADAMS Sayre Art Alpha Phi: El Modjii. JUNE FRANCES CHASE Duncan Arts and Science Alpha Lambda Delta: Kap- pa Phi: President Hester Hall. GEORGE C, CREAGER Marlow ERVIN LEWIS Norman Law Tulsa Business Administration Beta Theta Pi: Phi Delta Arts and Science ESTHER BLOOM Bombardiersg Tau Omega: Phi: Monnet Bar: Iunior Phi Siqma Kappa: Sigma Oklahoma' City SOONER Staff. Bar Council. Delta Chi: Oklahoma Daily. Education X X Wgiiiiiimiiqiii WWW MmggQQQ'SSSS:rs55rrrizrrzzzltgggxzzzrrrsiaa1fsrrrrrrsrrrrsrsrsrrrrssrswmsmay.sxtemgmys Page 35 4444444441 fimmwzw WILLIAM BENARD KENNEDY, IR. Oklahoma City Business Administration Sigma Chi. GEORGE FRANKLIN ST. IOHN Arkansas City, Kansas Arts and Science Sigma Chi. BERNARD I. DOUD Iackson, Tennessee Engineering Phi Kappa Psi: Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Tau: Toga: Blue Key: Checkmate, Vice-Pres- ident: Skeleton Key: Scab- bard and Blade. LAWRENCE H. WILSON Cooper, Texas Business Administration Delta Tau Delta: Alpha Kappa Psi: Inter-Fraternity Council: Ruf-Neks. IEAN GARNETT Altus Arts and Science Kappa Kappa Gamma. IOHN N. ALLEY Norman Arts and Science Delta Tau Delta: Bombar- diers: Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Sigma Alpha. LEROY HEINE Hinton Arts and Science Publication Board. CHRISTINE SQIIIRE HILL Chandler Arts and Science Kappa Kappa Gamma: SOONER: Women'S Editor, Oklahoma Dailyg Womans Council. GEORGE C. MCGI-IEE Dallas, Texas Arts and Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon: ma Pi Sigma. Sig- EDITH ELIZABETH WILLIAMS Las Cruces, N. M. Arts and Science Hestia: English Club. H. MARTIN BURSON Yukon Business Administration MATILDA WILLIBRAND Freeburg, Missouri Arts and Science BETTY LOLI MASSINGALE Cordell Arts and Science Alpha Gamma Delta. FRANK ITTNER Oklahoma City Engineering Acacia: Tau Beta Pi: Sig- ma Taug Sigma Gamma Epsilon: Checkmate: Blue Key: Ruf-Neks: Phi Eta Sigma. RALPH E. BRAND Moore Arts and Science Kappa Sigma: Varsity Base- ball: President, lunior Class: Senate Society, Treasurer. RALPH MILTON CISSNE Oklahoma City Business Administration Sigma Mu Sigma: Varsity Yell Leader: lnter-Frater- nity Council. CLIFTON DENNIS DARNALL Pueblo, Colorado Education Sigma Chi: Tennis. EVELYN BORING Oklahoma City Fine Arts Delta Gamma: Sigma Alpha Iota: Pan-Hellenic Council. FLORENCE HURST Okmulgee Education Alpha Phi: Y. W. C. A. GENE D. UMAN Tulsa Arts and Science Phi Beta Delta. MAIIRINE ESTELLE HOLT Oklahoma City Art Gamma Phi Beta: El Modjii. H. WENDELL FORD Tulsa Law Phi Gamma Delta. ROBERT I. TIMMIS Gainsville, Texas Arts and Science Kappa Alpha. NVILLIAM H. BOLLINGER Tyrone Engineering Delta Tau Delta. JAMES NORMAN LuDLuM New Orleans, La. Law Kappa Alpha: Phi Delta Phi: Chi Chi Chi. R. G. MAGDONALD, IR. Norman Arts and Science Lambda Chi Alpha. W. ROBERT CLARK Norman Arts and Science Beta Theta Pi: Scabbard and Blade: Skeleton Key: Toga: Checkmate: Inter- Fraternity Council. MERDESE TROWER Bartlesville Business Administration Pi Beta Phi: Y. W. C. A. I Page 36 ,,,,.. saiiais wxx srrrrrrrr.ssfmicxaaxxciaiiii :cciazrrrrrmaaiaaissi X FRED OWEN NEWTON Cushing Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Pe-et: Tau Toga: Sigma Tau: Beta Pi: Ruf-Neks: Blue Key: Phi Eta Sigma: Rank- ing Cadet Colonel: Presi- dent, Senior Class: Presi- dent, Derby Club: President, Scabbard and Blade: Win- ner Dad's Day Cup. ANDY R. BECK Oklahoma City Business Administration Phi Gamma Delta: Phi Eta Sigma: Skeleton Key: Seab- bard and Blade: Men's Council: Ruf-Neks: Presi- dent of Toga: Basketball: Baseball: Checkmate: Pe-et, MARY THOINIAS HILL Oklahoma City Arts and Science Chi Delta Phi. W. E, BINKLEY Oklahoma City Education Band. WILLIAM O. WAID Pawhuska Engineering Phi Gamma Delta: Engin- eers Club. IEWEL KATHERINE ITTNER Oklahoma City Arts and Science MARIE DORNEY Cordell Arts and Science VVomen's Choral Club: Re- quiem: Y. M. C. A. WILLIAM I. WILLIAMS Ardmore Law Kappa Sigma: Phi Delta Phi. DAISYBELLE DUNN Lawton Arts and Science Alpha Phi: Alpha Lambda Delta. GEORGE MASSAD Maud Arts and Science Masonic Lodge. AB. D. WALKER Towkawa Arts and Science Phi Delta Theta: Sigma Delta Psi: Football: Track. A. E. DIXON I-Iominy Business Administration Phi Gamma Delta: Polo. DONALD A. PORTER Lawton Engineering Acacia: Sigma Tau: Alpha IOY SALE Haynesville, Louisiana Arts and Science Alpha Gamma Delta: Y. W. C. A.: History Club: Span- ish Club: League of Young Democrats. CECIL DARNELL Marlow Business Administration Kappa Alpha. IVIILDRED L. BLECKLEY Woodward Arts and Science Alpha Xi Delta: Pi Mu Epsilon: Alpha Lambda Delta: Y. W. C. A.: Pan- Hellenic Council. HENRY C. SOWDERS, IR. Tulsa Engineering Senior Intramural Manager: Wrestling: Cross Country: Baseball: Engineers Club: Pick and Hammer. HAROLD A, WILLIAMS Caldwell, Kansas Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha. MARY ELLEN HAINES Bartlesville Arts and Science Eta Sigma Phi: Kappa Gam- ma Epsilon: Duck's Club, President: W. A. A.: Y. VV. ELOISE EMILY ADAMS Van Buren, Ark. Fine Arts Robert C. Herron Des Moines, Iowa Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Band: St. Pat's Council: A. I. E. E. l-IAZEL BLANCHE BRAKEBILL Shawnee Education TOE TRAVIS Paris, Texas Arts and Science FRANCES MAunE MCMORRIS Tulsa Geology Chi Upsilon: Pick and Ham- mer: W, S. G. A. LuRI.INE IVICLAUCHLIN Oklahoma City Arts and Science Sociology Club: Newman Club: Elizabeth Seton Club. IOHN W. SOUIRE Chandler Engineering A. I. E. E.: Engineers Club. IOIIN HusTON TONEY St. Louis, Mo. Business Administration Beta Theta Pi: Scabbard and Blade. DONYEL ADKISON Tulsa Business Administration Beta Theta Pi: Sigma Del- W. S. G. A,: W. A. A.: Chi Sigma: Scabbard and C. A.: Spanish Club: House ta Psi: Track: Indian Club: Polo and Riding Association. Blade: jazz Hounds. Presidents Club. Y. M. C. A. RWM tttt,,tt.,.....:...:..:.:.. X X . X X - X X Page 37 W W1 ' ,,,,,,,,,,., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,f 4m,,,,, ,..,.. l IAMES M. WILSON Enid Law Acacia: Ruf-Neks: Athenean. PORTIS SILVERTHORNE Woodward Fine Arts Delta Delta Delta. WILLIAM M. HOLMES Oklahoma City Engineering Phi Delta Theta: Chi Chi Chi: Ruf-Neks. WILMER E. RAGSDALE Artesia, New Mexico Engineering Acacia: Alpha Sigma Delta: Sigma Tau. BILL B. HUNKAPILLER Oklahoma City Engineering Tau Omega: A. S. M. E. ELIZABETH BOWLING Pauls Valley Education Delta Delta Delta: Whirl- wind Staff: Orchesis. PAUL E. SCHEEEERS Oklahoma City Engineering Sigma Tau: Tau Omega, President: A. S. M. E. IOE SMALLEY Norman Arts and Science Alpha Sigma Phi: Iazz Hounds: Inter - Fraternity Council. IAMES L. CAIN Ardmore Business Administration Delta Tau Delta: Iazz Hounds. WILLIAM DALTON MCBEE, IR. Oklahoma City Engineering Kappa Alpha: President, Checkmate: Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi. GEORGE E. MASSEY, IR, Oklahoma City Law Kappa Alpha: Phi Delta Phi: Toga: Blue Key: Busi- ness Manager, Oklahoma Daily '32: Ruf-Neks: Presi- dent Scabbard and Blade '32. ELOISE CHANDLER Tulsa Arts and Science Alpha Phi: Mortar Board: Pan-Hellenic Council. RAY WILL Oklahoma City Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Tau: Tau Omega: Ruf-Neks: A. S. C. E.: Engineers Club: St. Pat's Council: Blue Key: Toga: Scabbard and Blade. HOWARD LEO OLSON Tulsa Engineering Alpha Tau Omega. CLARENCE C. BOXTON, IR, Oklahoma City Arts and Science Sigma Chi: Scabbard and Blade: Football: Ruf-Neks. l'lERBERT VON TUNGELN Norman Iournalism RUBY L. LITTLE Norman Arts and Science ARDEN RAY DOuGLAs Electra, Texas Arts and Science Pi Kappa Aloha: President Pi Sigma Alpha: Congress. C. L. HOLMES Henryetta Engineering Acacia: Delta Beta Chi. RALPH KENT BOGART Chickasha Arts and Science Sigma Nu. THOMAS KENNETH NANCE Tulsa Arts and Science Bombardiers: Congress. ERNEST LOUIS MASSAD Ardmore Arts and Science Football: Vice-President Student Council '31: Board of Governors: Iazz Hounds. IAMES TAYLOR RUTHEREORD. IR, Oklahoma City Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon: SOO- NER Staff. IEANETTE BIDDICK Duncan Arts and Science iglpha Xi Delta: Omicron u. ERVIN F. GLASGOW SIAM S. MIZEL RICHARD E. BUCHANAN Carmen MILDRED TODD Tulsa Oklahoma City Engineering Norman Arts and Science Arts and Science Tau Beta Pi: Siqma Tau: Business Administration Phi Beta Delta: Congress. Delta Tau Delta. A. S. M. E.: Men's Council. ' '7772122WW Page 38 ztzizzziziz. wxcaazaaaaaa- ::- -VVVVV ...SAN-S --------- ma. R.-A... 1-:rs ....... . GERALDINE HAYS Claremore Fine Arts Gamma Phi Beta: Play- house. LLOYD WARREN IOHNSON Oklahoma City Engineering Delta Tau Delta: Tau Ome- ga: Scabbard and Blade. FRANK A. LouY Independence, Kansas Engineering Delta Upsilon: Alpha Chi Sigma. WILLIAM I. NEWBLOCK Norman Business Administration Kappa Alpha: Sigma Delta Psi: Track '31, '32, '33. MURRAY GORDON Bartlesville Law Phi Gamma Delta. HARRY E. BRYAN Lone Wolf Law ZADA KATHERINE WARLICK Norman Fine Arts Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: Swastikaz Studio Players. MONTIETH M. MCCORMICK Norman Arts and Science Delta Tau Delta. T. H. CARTER Okmulgee Business Administration Sigma Chi. SHELBY W. MARR Tulsa Arts and Science Delta Upsilon. M. G. SINCLAIR Emmett, Idaho Law Alpha Tau Omega: Phi Delta Phi: Toga: Alpha Delta Sigma: Blue Key: Checkmate: Skeleton Key: Ruf-Neks: Business Mana- ger Whirlwind. 1929: Busi- ness Manager Sooner Mag- azine '3O-'3l: Publication Board '31-'32: lnter-Frater- nity Council: University Press, lnc. MARTHA LAKE DLIDLEY Oklahoma City Fine Arts Kappa Kappa Gamma. HELEN M. BROOKE ROBERTA IEAN BAGBY Oklahoma City Arts and Science Delta Gamma: Y. W. C. A. VIRGINIA LESTER Oklahoma City Arts and Science Kappa Kappa Gamma: President of Mortar Board: Vice-President Y. W. C. A.: Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class: W. S. G. A. Execu- tive Board: W. S. G. A. Iudicial Board: Debate Team: Oratorical Council: Vice-President League of Young Democrats. LuCILE MARGARET MANN Oklahoma City Arts and Science Phi Mu: Alpha Lambda Delta: Y. W. C. A. MARGARET E. RITTER Norman Fine Arts Pi Zeta Kappa: Y. W. C. A. Council. BETTY SIMS FORD Shawnee Arts and Science Gamma Phi Beta: Delta Psi Kappa. CHARLES A. TEEL Tulsa Business Administration Sigma Nu: Skeleton Key: Ruf-Neks. IAMES FRANK BLACKWELL Vernon, Texas Engineering MELBA LOIS TALLANT Edmond Fine Arts Alpha Phi: Glee Club. DOROTHY POWELL FRYE Tulsa Arts and Science Alpha Omicron Pi: Choral Club: Entre Nous: Las Dos Americanas: Kappa Delta Pi HERBERT L. STOWERS Carter Enqineering Engineers Club: A. S. M. E. LEE QUEEN Channing, Texas Business Administration JAMES W. CHERVENKA Norman Engineering Engineers Club. LOLIIE L. DANCZYK BONNIE MEE Norman CHARLES HAROLD THWEATT Loup City, Nebraska Oklahoma City Education Chickasha .Education Arts and Science Alpha Gamma Delta: Y. W. Law Delta lflll Epsllofli Football? Kappa Alpha Theta. C. A. Beta Theta Pi. WreStlInQ' XXXNWX ..............................xttxxR.RR....X.XXRRRR........................ Ck .A . X R R - A X XA VAX Page 39 -A A W ' "MZ iixaacfzzzzzz' 'WVW :::pppppp1 GLENN HALL San Antonio, Texas Business Administration Phi Gamma Delta: Polo: Derby Club. CLEMENT CYNTHIA CRUCE Oklahoma City Arts and Science Kappa Kappa Gamma. FRANCIS L. PARKER Norman Arts and Science Alpha Sigma Phi: Phi Mu Alpha: Kappa Kappa Psi: Bombardiers: University Band: W. N. A. D. Sym- phony. GRACE L. BEAuI.IEN Pawhsuka Arts and Science Delta Delta Delta: Delta Psi Kappa: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: Racket Club. JAMES LEO LIGHTNER Newkirk Fine Arts PHILIP SURECK Oklahoma City Law Phi Beta Delta. TOM HUNTER Springfield, Illinois Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega: Alpha Delta Sigma: Rui-Neks: Derby Club: lnter-Frater- nity Council: Blue Key: MARY HALLER Tulsa Arts and Science Delta Gamma: Chi Upsilon: Y. W. C. A. MAURICE S. GANN Talihina Business Administration Sigma Nu. WARREN T. GUNTER Elk City Arts and Science Pi Kappa Alpha: Scabbard and Blade: Wrestling. CHARLES EDWARD ENGLEMAN Tulia, Texas Arts and Science Phi Delta Theta: Pe-et: Scabbard and Blade: Skele- ton Key: Kappa Kappa Psi: Bombardiers: Sports Editor SOONER '33. THEODORE BREWER STITH Norman Business Administration Sigma Chi. THELMA IRIS BRADFORD Norman Arts and Science Phi Mu: Mortar Board: Kappa Gamma Epsilon: Alpha Lambda Delta. JERRY B. SHEEN LOUISE CRADDOCK Oklahoma City Arts and Science Alpha Lambda Delta: W. S. G. A.: Y. W. C. A. Coun- cil: French Club. CHARLES COBLENTZ Quinton Business Administration Delta Tau Delta: Ruf-Neks. I. WESLEY HENKE Tulsa Business Administration MILTON W. HARDY Tulsa Law Pi Kappa Alpha: President Phi Alpha Delta: Art Editor SOONER '32-'33. FINIS O. STEWART Shawnee Law Phi Alpha Delta. BRYAN L, RAKESTRAW Hobart Arts and Science President Congress Literary Society: President League of Young Democrats: Oratori- cal Council: Debate Team: lazz Hounds: International Relations Club. WILLIAM H. GIES MAEEL WALLIS NEAL Sayre Arts and Science Chi Delta Phi. MAXINE WILLIAMS Broken Arrow Fine Arts Gamma Phi Beta: Univer- sity WOmen's Quartette: University Cvlee Club, KATHLEEN ANN KANE Oklahoma City Arts and Science Delta Delta Delta. HARRY C. IORDAN Nowata Arts and Science Sigma Chi: Fraternity Edi- tor 1932 SOONER: Managing Editor 1933 SOONER, IANET LOUISE JOHNSON Muskogee Arts and Science Delta Delta Delta. MARTHA LUCILLE CRAWFORD Bartlesville Education Pi Beta Phi. A. IEROME LAUDERMILK Wichita, Kansas Business Manager Whirl- Apache Oklahoma City Business Administration wind '3l. Pharmacy Business Administration Delta Tau Delta. , , , , , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , :xl ,W W Page 40 J U N I0 R S Conserving for their senior year WILLIAM STETZON ROBERT L. ELLIS ELIZABETH BARRETT Io ELLA VAUGHAN BRUMMAGE Webb City HUSTMYRE Amarillo, Texas Anadarko Pharmacy Alexandria, La. Fine Arts Arts and Science Alpha Sigma Phi: Kappa Fine Arts Delta Delta Delta. Alpha Tau Omega. Psi. Chi Omega: Glee Club '32: IAME L RILEY WILLIAM T' BILLUPS ANNA MARGARET GOTWALS Newman Club' Secretary S ' Oklahoma City Arts and Science Sigma Nu. MARGARET MORRIS Norman Arts and Science VIRGINIA CAVETT Oklahoma City Fine Arts Chi Omega. JAMES BARNETT Greenfield Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi: Athen- ean: Engineering Club. JAMES S. BYNUM Amarillo, Texas Business Administration Phi Gamma Delta. HERBERT D. BARKER Robinson, Illinois Engineering Delta Tau Delta. MARTHA ELIZABETH CAVETT Oklahoma City Education Chi Omega: Y. W. C. A.: Choral Club: Geography Club. Muskogee Arts and Science Delta Gamma. M.ARGERY LAKE CLEVENGER Longview, Texas Fine Arts Pi Beta Phi: Playhouse. ELEANOR LETITIA CHOWNING Wichita, Kansas Fine Arts Kappa Alpha Theta. JACK P. FOSTER Pampa, Texas Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha: Delta Sigma Pi: League of Young Democrats: Congress: Play- house. IAMES DAVISON FELLERS Oklahoma City Arts and Science Phi Kappa Psi: Bombardiers. LESLIE T. HAMM Oklahoma City Arts and Science Acacia. ., CHARLES LOVELESS Ponca City '3l: Elizabeth Seton Club, President '3l. ANTOINETTE MARTIN Enid Arts and Science Delta Delta Delta: Y. W. C. A.: French Club '3O: Pan-Hellenic Council. EDDIE HOMAN Arapaho Engineering Engineering Club. MARGARET ELIZABETH MCKEE Oklahoma City Arts and Science Chi Omega. JEANETTE W. BAUMERT McAlester Arts and Science THOMAS O. GRAHAM, IR. Tahlequah Arts and Science MARGARET EDWARDS Fort Worth, Texas Arts and Science MARY ANNA MILLICAN Engineering Fort Worth, Texas Sigma Nu: Senate: Glee Education Club: Freshman Football. Kappa Kappa Gamma. """" Bristow Arts and Science Phi Delta Theta: Band: Inter-Fraternity Council: Y. M. C. A. MORRIS M. RAINES Hinton Arts and Science Lambda Nu: University Band. EXIE LOUISE SPENCER Ada Fine Arts Kappa Phi. MRS. ADELBERT B. CATHER Shawnee Arts and Science Kappa Kappa Gamma. MILLICENT Z. SMITH Wichita Falls, Texas Engineering ELIZABETH MARIAN WHITE Muskogee Arts and Science Delta Gamma: Y. W. C. A.: French Club. IANE ANN WILDER Cherokee Arts and Science W Page 42 ' Krriiiiiv , v M .......... .... S .g.,,, , , ,Qx , , , , X ................ . . .,,,.,,,,,,,,, . W NEIL E. BOGAN Oklahoma City Arts and Science Sigma Chi: Senate: Inter- national Relations Club: Whirlwind, Circulation and Advertising Manager. ROBERT LEE WILSON Vernon, Texas Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Scab- bard and Blade. WILLIAM PRESTON XNOODRUFF Stilwell Arts and Science Tennis. EVANS GRUNDY NASH Oklahoma City Business Administration Phi Kappa Sigma: Bombar- diers. RUTH MARIE MCGAVREN Oklahoma City Arts and Science MILDRED CHASE Seminole Arts and Science Kappa Kappa Gamma. MARIE ROSALIND REEDY Muskogee Arts and Science Delta Delta Delta. IANE E. BROWNE Ponca City Business Administration Kappa Alpha Theta. MARY UPSHAW JONES Torrance, Mississippi Arts and Science Kappa Alpha Theta: Y. W. C. A.: English Club. VIRGINIA GILCHRIST Coldwater, Kansas Education Delta Gamma. WILLIAM ALBERT PRENDERGAST Norman Engineering A. S. M. E.: Engineers Club: Glee Club: Newman Club. HARRIET HUFFHINES Oklahoma City Arts and Science Kappa Kappa Gamma: Oik- nomia: Hestia. MARY I'IATT HIVELY Muskogee Arts and Science Kappa Kappa Gamma. JEROME EDWARD MOONEY Temple Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon. THEODORE A. KIBBY Edmond Engineering Tau Beta Pi: A. I. E. E. BETTY FOREMAN Sallisaw Arts and Science Delta Delta Delta. VIRGINIA DANIELS Oklahoma City Education Delta Delta Delta. NELL IENNINGS THOMAS Webbers Falls Arts and Science Alpha Phi: Indian Queen. CHARLES F. IONES Bartlesville Business Administration Websterean. VIRGINIA MILLER Oklahoma City Arts and Science Chi Omega: Y. W. C. A.: Secretary and Treasurer Sophomore Class: Stunt Nite '30. AILEEN JACK PETWAY Oklahoma City Arts and Science Chi Omega: W. S. G. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Pan-Hellenic: German Club. P,AuL WILSON Shawnee Business Administration Acacia. A. W. TOLLESON Eufaula Arts and Science CHARLES WILLIAM MOONEY Shawnee Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Track '31, '32: Glee Club '30, '3l. THELMA LAURA WILLIAMS Caldwell, Kansas Fine Arts Delta Delta Delta. BILLY LONGMIRE Sapulpa Arts and Science Beta Theta Pi. LLOYD SCHILBERG Clinton Engineering BONITA BURT Bartlesville Fine Arts Chi Omega. IVALO LAUGHERY Refugio, Texas Arts and Science Alpha Omicron Pi. I-IELEN E. HARBAUGH Alva Fine Arts Delta Gamma: El Modjii. F. A. CALVERT Saginaw, Michigan Arts and Science Beta Theta Pi: Eta Sigma Phi: Bombardiersz Iazz Hounds: Derby Club. IOSEPHINE F. KELLY Weleetka Education Chi Omega: Y. W. C. A. -- -1-W-:Ee-sv""" W' N A-Rv ' ""' Jesse. Page 43 ''''"'-'-'-'f"" """'mw RALPH ENIX IOSEPHINE C. PATTERSON Hennessey Wewoka Pharmacy Fine Arts Sigma Chi: Kappa Psi, Pi Beta Phi: Sigma Alpha President '32, '33: Mens Iota. Sgt? 11' Jazz Hounds' GEORGIA REEVES ' Hollis MAX DELAND STURM Winfield, Kansas Engineering Delta Tau Delta. BERNICE Bow SMITH Lawton Fine Arts Gamma Phi Beta. ELIZABETH AMIS Roswell, New Mexico Arts and Science Kappa Kappa Gamma. LAWRENCE MCCOY WILLIAMSON Lindsay Arts and Science Delta Upsilon: Scabbard and Blade. LUTHER I. HOLCOMB Oklahoma City Arts and Science Delta Upsilon. MARY IANE NEWELL Education Gamma Phi Beta. MYRA AFARD Weatherford, Texas Arts and Science Kappa Kappa Gamma. CORINNE ETHEL LONG Oklahoma City Arts and Science Beta Sigma Omicron. DOLPH FLOYD SHuLTs Weatherford Arts and Science Acacia. W. C. ALSTON, IR. Checotah Pharmacy Acacia: Phi Delta Chi. IONE COOPER Dallas, Texas Fine Arts Phi Mu: El Modjii. NOLEN R. JACOBS Pryor Business Administration Acacia. GEORGIA M.AY BEASLEY Norman Business Administration Alpha Chi Omega. THOMAS IOSEPH MURPHY Fort Worth, Texas Arts and Science Delta Phi Epsilon: Newman Club. LUCYLE CLIFTON Enid Arts and Science T. L. GIBSON Muskogee Business Administration Beta Theta Pi. DOROTHY LILYAN CAMPBELL Tulsa Arts and Science Alpha Chi Omega: Theta Alpha Phi. BOB F. LOUGHMILLER Oklahoma City Arts and Science Phi Kappa Psi: Alpha Pi Mu: Bombardiers. CLAIRE SLIRBECK Edmond Arts and Science Delta Delta Delta. REITHA HARBER Seminole Education Alpha Chi Omega: Y. W C. A. DALE MURLIN MOODY Cushing Arts and Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CHARLOTTE MIAY BABCOCK Holdenville Arts and Science Y. W. C. A. MARY IAYNE O'SULLIVAN Oklahoma City Arts and Science Delta Delta Delta. FERRIS ELIZABETH OZMENT Talihina, Texas Fine Arts Alpha Chi Omega. ELIZABETH VETA GILES Norman Arts and Science Kaigna Alpha Theta: Y. W. C. . I. BRUCE WILEY Norman Engineering Kappa Alpha: Sigma Tau: Tau Omega: Phanton Mask. Chigkasha BETTY BACHTOLD HARRY MCINNIS Fine Arts H. A. WILSON Salina, Kansas Enid Chi Omega: Sigma Alpha Wynnewood Arts and Science Arts and Science Iota: Choral Club. Pharmacy Pi Beta Phi: W. A. A. Delta UPSHOU? 12122 Hounds- , ,,.,,,,. W Page 44 Nxvmx .mc Gm m xw mmx x x x N m mmm mmmmmxm mmm maya? V NNW BARBARA PICKREL Ponca City Arts and Science Kappa Alpha Theta: Or- chesis. RUTH STURGIS Norman Arts and Science Beta Sigma Omicron. PAUL B. LYON Geary Business Administration Delta Upsilon: Rui-Neks: Derby Club. L. W. ELDERKIN Springville, N. Y. Engineering Acacia: St. Pats Council: Secretary-Treasurer A. S. C. E.: Engineers Club. O. I. COLVVICK Durant Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Der- by Club: Iazz Hounds. JOHN CAROL ZVVICK Oklahoma City Arts and Science Acacia: Rui-Neks. NANCY LOU FULLENWIUER Muskogee Arts and Science Delta Gamma: Alpha Lamb- da Delta: Y. W. C. A. I. PHIL HADDOCK Norman Arts and Science Kappa Alpha. MARY TRAPP Oklahoma City Arts and Science Kappa Alpha Theta. RUTH OMAN lVlcAlester Arts and Science Phi Mu: Panhellenic: W. S. G. A.: Y. W. C. A.: His- tory Club. GEORGE L, VERITY' McCloud Arts and Science Acacia: Bombadiers. KAYE IOHANNA THOMAS Oklahoma City Arts and Science Kappa Alpha Theta. ROBERT BRIIcE MEE, IR, Oklahoma City Arts and Science Delta Upsilon. WII.'I'ON M. VANIJEVENTER Okmulgee Arts and Science Beta Theta Pi: Bombadiers. HARRY GARDNER CROSSETT lVlARGARET LOUISE MAKINS Oklahoma City Education Alpha Phi. HAMILTON DE MEULES Tulsa Arts and Science Phi Kappa Psi. CHARLENE HANIJLEY Ponca City Fine Arts Pi Beta Phi. KILSEY LEE BROWNE Oklahoma City Arts and Science Kappa Alpha Theta: El Modjii, Y. W. C. A. XAflI.LlANI B. VALIGIIAN VVynnewoOd Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon. POLLY TOWNSENII Fort Worth, Texas Arts and Science Pi Beta Phi. JOYCE CORIJELIA WRIGHT Poteau Fine Arts Alpha Chi Omega: El Mod- jii: Y. W. C. A. IEAN RUSSELL Oklahoma City Arts and Science Kappa Alpha Theta: Y. W. C. A.: French Club. SALLY IONE WILBANKS Calvin Fine Arts Alpha Phi. I. WHITNEY MASON Oklahoma City Arts and Science Kappa Tau Pi: Sigma Pi Sigma: Chairman, Interf Church Council: Y. M. C. A.: Presidents Class '33. IACK HART Oklahoma City Arts and Science Theta Pi. ROBERT E. BLASE Oklahoma City Beta Lau' Acacia. . KATHRX'N BOERSTLER Henryetta Arts and Science Beta Sigma Omicron . MARION AR1'lILlR WAOGONER Tonkawa Arts and Science Kappa Sigma. ARTHUR I. PANSZE MARY ELIZABETH GALLAHER Davis ANNE ELIZABETH SHORT Fort Smith, Ark. Tulsa Engineering Okmulgee Business Administration Arts and Science Tau Omega: Track: A. S. Education Phi Kappa Sigma: FO0fb21ll Alpha Xi Delta. M. E.: Engineers Club. Phi Mu. leffefmafl. Page 45 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :xfcffffwm IACK E. HIGH Oklahoma City Arts and Science Sigma Chi: Editor of the 1933 SOONER. EARL SNEED, IR. Tulsa Arts and Science Beta Theta Pi: Business Manager 1933 SOONER. PERCY S. MAIN Clinton Education Beta Theta Pi: Basketball: Ruf-Neks. WILLIAM MARVIN MAJORS Muskogee Law lnter - Fraternity Council: Derby Club: Chi Chi Chi. FRED P. MYERS Oklahoma City Arts and Science Delta Upsilon. MARTHA CANTRELL Bartlesville Arts and Science Alpha Chi Omega. MARGARET LOUISE SWEENEY Savulpa Business Administration Pi Beta Phi: Y. W. C. A.: Whirliuind Staff: MARK L. MEUMANN Oklahoma City Law Monday Nite Club. MILDRED FROST Norman Arts and Science Alpha Phi. IOSEPH GIBSON RUCRS Oklahoma City Arts and Science Phi Gamma Delta: Phi Eta Sigma: Ruf-Neks: Scabbard and Blade. RUTH MILDRED MCKINNEY Henryetta Fine Arts Alpha Gamma Delta. HELEN VIRGINIA COPPERS Tulsa Arts and Science Gamma Phi Beta. M,ADGE M. SIMONSON Loveland Arts and Science ROBERT P. MESSINGER Holclenville Arts and Science MALCOLM HUDSON Burkburnett, Texas Engineering Delta Upsilon. IAMES P. MILES Hobart Business Administration ED PAYNE Wapanucka Pharmacy Alpha Sigma Phi. AL. H. BANER Fort Worth, Texas Engineering HAROLD RITTER Oklahoma City Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha. IOHN M. MONTGOMERY Oklahoma City Arts and Science Kappa Sigma: Senate. DOROTHY SWAN Oklahoma City Education Gamma Phi Beta. IOHN A. SCOTT Oklahoma City Business Administration Acacia: Alpha Sigma Delta. WILLIAM LINDSAY WANTLAND Edmond Business Administration Kappa Sigma: Football. ADDIE LEE DAVIS McAlester Fine Arts Kappa Kappa Gamma: Glee Club: Sigma Alpha Iota. REBA ROFFKIND Amarillo, Texas Business Administration Sigma Delta Tau. CHARLES E. WOODS Independence, Kansas Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha. GEORGE HAMILTON MCELROY Stillwater Law Sigma Nu: Phi Delta Phi: Scabbard and Blade. IAMES RAY WYCOEF Tonkawa Business Administration Sigma Nu. ALBERT S. GILLES Edmond Arts and Science Football: Track. VANCE ARTHUR BRADFORD Nowata Arts and Science Kappa Tau Pi: Alpha Pi Mu: Interchurch Council. IRVING WEINSTEIN Houston, Texas Arts and Science Phi Beta Delta. IOE FRED GIBSON Wellston Arts and Science Delta Tau Delta: President Senate '32: Bombardiers: Scabbard and Blade. Page 46 lmnecmtiiiiiiiizsizz ROBERT L. DUNLAP Haskell Business Administration Sigma Chi: Football. HIRST SUEEIELD Gage Arts and Science Delta Tau Delta: Scabbard and Blade: Iazz Hounds. DAINTY ANN LENNINGTON Muncie. Indiana Arts and Science Kappa Kappa Gamma. I. C. MYTINGER IR. Wichita Falls, Texas Business Administration Sigma Chi. FRANK T. MCGRAW Newkirk Arts and Science Sigma Chi. ALTON BOOKOUT St. Louis. Mo. Arts and Science Sigma Chi: Iazz Hounds. FRANK S. KENNEDY Okmulgee Arts and Science Sigma Chi. THOMAS M. PYLE, IR. Oklahoma City Arts and Science Sigma Chi. X Page 47 FRANK W. AKRIGHT Nowata Engineering Beta Theta Pi: Tau Omega. GWEN WILSON Harrah Arts and Science Alpha Gamma Delta: Y. W. C. A.: Pan-Hellenic Council. CHARLES E. GREEN Lawton Arts and Science Acacia: Debate: SOONER Staff: Congress. ELIZABETH MCCOOL Norman Arts and Science Alpha Gamma Delta. VIRGINIA TODD Muskogee Arts and Science Delta Delta Delta: Y. VV. C. A. NAN REARDON Ardmore Arts and Science Alpha Phi: Theta Sigma Phi: Business Manager of Whirlwind. GENE T. HODGES Clinton Business Administration Kappa Sigma. LINA IANE WALKER Tulsa Iournalism Kappa Kappa Gamma: The- ta Sigma Phi: Publication Board: W. S. G. A.: SOONER Staff: Whirlwind Staff: Iour- nalism Press Association. IOHN R. WALLACE Miami Arts and Science Sigma Nu: Scabbard and Blade: Senate. MARGUERITE GURLEY Blackwell Arts and Science Pi Beta Phi. ESTHER ROSE Oklahoma City Arts and Science Sigma Delta Tau. IACK L. KERNS Oklahoma City Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha IIMMY COCHRAN Oklahoma City Arts and Science Kappa Alpha: Ruf-Neks. STANLEY MARSH Amarillo, Texas Arts and Science Phi Gamma Delta. PETER MILLARD New York City Arts and Science Phi Beta Delta. MIARY OLA BURKE Hobart Arts and Science Kappa Delta Pi. HARRY HOLCOMB Fort Worth, Texas Enqineering Delta Phi Epsilon. RAYMOND G. WATSON ' Norman Engineering Pi Kappa Phi: Iazz Hounds OTIS PETTY Amarillo, Texas Business Administration Phi Gamma Delta. MARY ALLIENE ROACH Oklahoma City Arts and Science Gamma Phi Beta. ERVYL BROSS El Reno Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha. RAY T. ANTHONY Oklahoma City Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega. l'IEI.EN SPAIN Arkansas City, Kansas Arts and Science Delta Delta Delta. DOROTHY MARION BAIRD Oklahoma City Fine Arts Gamma Phi Beta. m xw ROBERT RALPH LOCKWOOD Tulsa Business Administration Phi Kappa Psi. WARHAM A. PARKS Muskogee Arts and Science Phi Kappa Psi. ARNOLD COURT Norman Arts and Science RIISSEL XAXILLIAM LEVVIS Orlando Engineering Sigma Nu. ALBION W. BAILEY Neodesha, Kansas Engineering Sigma Nu: Jazz Hounds. JOHN EDWARD COOPER Muskogee Business Administration Beta Theta Pi. HELEN LoLIIsE HOEEMAN Muskogee Education Gamma Phi Beta. HARRY H. ALLEY Norman Arts and Science Delta Tau Delta: Phi Eta MVILLIAM KENNEDY KING Oklahoma City Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha: Seab- bard and Blade: Derby Club, I-IERRICK BAEcocK El Reno Business Administration Delta Tau Delta. THOMAS B. CARSON Ponca City Business Administration Sigma Chi: Glee Club. CI.AI2A LEE WII.B.ANKS Calvin Education ROBERT L. HEYIT Perkins Law Kappa Alpha: Rui-Neks: Skeleton Key: Scabbard and Blade. AL. C. FRAMPTON Sapulpa Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha: Bom- hardiers: Tau Omega: Seab- bard and Blade: Rui-Neks. THLIDA MAX' FILHIOI. Shreveport, La. Arts and Science MARIAN L. MILLS Norman Arts and Science Delta Gamma: Engineers I. CHARLES EDWARDS Oklahoma City Arts and Science Phi Delta Theta. WILMA KLEIN Oklahoma City Fine Arts Pi Beta Phi: Pan-Hellenic Council. E. E. CHAMBERS Oklahoma City Arts and Science Sigma Nu: Football. BEN HARNED, IR. Bartlesville Arts and Science Phi Gamma Delta: SOONER Staff: Scabbard and Blade. A. W. NISBET Dallas, Texas Arts and Scienct Kappa Sigma. ROBERT VVIILIAM VAIIl.BERt3 Oklahoma City Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha: Inter- Fraternity Council. TOE M. BARNHILL Oklahoma City Law Phi Gamma Delta: Blue Key. PIIYLLIS LITTLE CLAUDE E. KENNEDY, IR. Norman Fine Arts Sigma Nu. 'THQMAS CONSIDINE BRALY Pampa, Texas Arts and Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MARJORIE SPAIN Arkansas City, Kansas Arts and Science Delta Delta Delta. MAXYNE ALEXANDER Norman Fine Arts Alpha Gamma Delta, JOHN L. FORTSON Tecumseh Iournaiism Acacia: Phi Eta Sigma: City Editor, Oklahoma Daily. GRAcgE Texas Arts and Science Phi Eta Sigma: Congress. TOM ED Dennison, EMMA LEAH COPASS Norman Eine Arts Alpha Phi: El Modjii. BILL PATTON BROOKS Muskogee Sigma: Presidents Honor Queen 32: Beauty Queen Norman Business Administration Class. '32. Business Administration Beta Theta Pi. Page 48 Page 40 R ..... ...., ss xxwwa. szztiiissszsa N W ,,.,t.aae ' Q X NORMAN L. IONES Perry Arts and Science Phi Kappa Psi: Derby Club: Scabbard and Blade. IAMES I. KNITTEL Panhandle, Texas Arts and Science Delta Phi Epsilon. WILLIAM A. PEARCE Fort Worth, Texas Engineering Delta Tau Delta. lVllI.DRED ELIZABETH LEE Pond Creek Arts and Science GENE E. THOMPSON Barnsdall Engineering MARTHA IANE DOWELL El Reno Arts and Science Kappa Kappa Gamma: Wliirlwindp SOONER. MAIIY THOMAS Webbers Falls Arts and Science Alpha Phi. GRACE BARBOUR Norman Education Alpha Phi. X NAmwxx MARVIN S. PITTS Norman Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha. BELVA CLEMET Norman Fine Arts Alpha Gamma Delta. TOM M. FINNEY Bartlesville Arts and Science Phi Gamma Delta: Whirl- windg Bombardiers. DAI.TON LAIN San Antonio, Texas Business Administration Phi Gamma Delta. WALTER H. MARSHALL Shreveport, La, Arts and Science Kappa Alpha. GENEVA TALIAFERRO Oklahoma City Arts and Science Gamma Phi Beta. IAMES F. CRAWFORD Oklahoma City Engineering Alpha Tau Omega: Iazz Hounds. FRED E, BROWN, IR. Muskogee Business Administration Beta Theta Pi: Delta Sigma Pi: Bombardiers. IACK IRWIN LALIIJERMILK Hinton Engineering Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Mu Ep- silon: Iazz Hounds: A. S. M. E. I. N. CHILDERS Amarillo, Texas Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega: Iazz Hounds: Derby Club. FRANCES ELIZABETH GRAHAM Tulsa Fine Arts Gamma Phi Beta. MARTIN G. MILLER Miiskogee Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Sig- ma Tau. SARAH MOORE Norman Arts and Science Alpha Xi Delta. VIRGINIA FISHER Oklahoma City Business Administration Sigma Delta Tau: Alpha Lambda Delta: Gamma Ep- silon Pi: Beta Gamma Sig- ma: Pan-Hellenic Council. BILL HEWITT Bartlesville Ennineering Phi Delta Theta. MONT F. HIGHLEY, IR. Oklahoma City Law Sigma Chi. RUTH BLUMENTIIAL Hamilton, Ohio Arts and Science Sigma Delta Tau. WILLIAMS K. GARNETT Oklahoma City Business Administration Delta Tau Delta. FRANK LEACH Bartlesville Engineering Phi Gamma Delta. PAUL LIONEL GETZOFF Brooklyn, New York Arts and Science Phi Beta Delta. MRS. LELAH B. MCELROY Mulhall Arts and Science Kappa Alpha Theta. EDWARD TATE HARRISON Dallas, Texas Engineering Phi Beta Sigma. DOROTHY MCBRAYER Oklahoma City Arts and Science Phi Mu. LEON GILBREATH KEYS Oklahoma City Arts and Science ,, ,,,,.. pzzvfafwsszzszzzzi ,mm ...ww 1 am l I ALBERTA MCLOUTH Okmulgee Fine Arts Pi Beta Phi, MARGARET LINEBALIGH Muskogee Arts and Science Kappa Alpha Theta. DORTHEA H,ARLOW Oklahoma City Arts and Science Alpha Chi Omega. DOROTHY IAYNE HENRY Oklahoma City Arts and Science Gamma Phi Beta: Orchesis. MARGARET IEAN WELDON Enid Fine Arts Kappa Alpha Theta: Orche- sis: El Modjii. LYNN C. WILLIAMSON Duncan Arts and Science Phi Delta Theta. FRANK IOSEPH VOGEL Arkansas City, Kansas Arts and Science Sigma Nu. IAMES RICHARD GURLEY Blackwell Law Phi Gamma Delta: Phi Delta Phi: Chi Chi Chi. CARLTON GEORGE HOTALING Enid Arts and Science EMMETT M. HENLEY Muskogee Business Administration Phi Delta Theta. ROY R. GARDNER Sentinel Arts and Science Beta Theta Pi: Scabbard and Blade: Bombardiers. BAXTER TAYLOR, IR. Oklahoma City Arts and Science Lambda Chi Alpha: Frater- nity Council: Iazz Hounds. RICHARD G. TAFT Norman Business Administration Phi Gamma Delta: Scab- bard and Blade. H. M. SANFORD Perryton, Texas Arts and Science Alpha Tau Omega. JAMES CALLOWAY BUCHANAN Muskogee Business Administration Beta Theta Pi: Scabbard and Blade: Track Manager. IOHN B. WILSON, IR. Frederick Arts and Science Kappa Alpha: Scahbard and WILLIAM JONES WALLACE Oklahoma City Arts and Science Kappa Alpha. MARY MARJORIE NEWBERN Oklahoma City Arts and Science Alpha Chi Omega: Assist- ant Editor, Whirlwind: Pan- Hellenic Council. LOUISE KAYSER Chickasha Arts and Science Kappa Alpha Theta. PAUL W. MCCLUSKEY Blackwell Pharmacy Phi Delta Theta: Phi Delta Chi: Bombardiers. IEROME KIRSCHNER Kansas City, Missouri Arts and Science Phi Beta Delta: Phi Eta Sigma: Bombardiers. EDWARD CLARKE Tulsa Pharmacy Sigma Chi: Kappa Psi: Al- pha Pi Mu. ELDON REID FRYE Coffeyville, Kansas Fine Arts Alpha Tau Omega: Iazz I. C. HAMPTON Ponca City Business Administration Phi Kappa Sigma: Iazz Hounds: Inter - Fraternity Council. ELIZABETH C. CAMPBELL Fairland Arts and Science Gamma Phi Beta. MARGARET MEREDITH Oklahoma City Education Alpha Chi Omega. ANN RAGSIDALE Cleburne, Texas Business Administration Kappa Kappa Gamma. MILDRED FRENCH Rosewell, N. M. Arts and Science Kappa Kappa Gamma. MARGURITE BuScH Tulsa Arts and Science Pi Beta Phi: Eta Sigma PhI. GRACE CARR Ardmore Fine Arts Kappa Alpha Theta. MARIORIE WALBERT Oklahoma City Education Gamma Phi Beta, ELIZABETH MALONE Heavener Arts and Science Beta Theta Pi. Blade. Hounds. Chi Omega. Page 50 LORETTA ROSE FORBES Okmulgee Fine Arts Alpha Phi: Newman Club: Women's Choral Club. CHARLES S. WISE Sayre Arts and Science Kappa Alpha. EULA GREY COLE A Norman Arts and Science Spanish Club: Racket Club. WILLIAM I. MCDANIELS Scarsdale, New York Arts and Science BOB C. SMITH Ponca City Arts and Science ROY C. IOHNSON Newkirk Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Inter- Fraternity Council: Bom- bardiers: President, Bom- bardiers. A ROBERT KYLE Ardmore Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha. NADINE HUGHES Oklahoma City Fine Arts Chi Omega: Orchesis: El Modjii. MARY ELIZABETH HENDRICKS Tulsa Arts and Science Kappa Alpha Theta. FRANCES BERYL MYERS Oklahoma City Arts and Science Kappa Kappa Gamma: Or- chesisg French Club: Y. W. C. A. CAROLYN WELDON SHAW Fort Sill Arts and Science Delta Gamma. BOB GRADY Oklahoma City Business Administration Phi Gamma Delta. DOROTHY MCDONNELL Tulsa Engineering IAMES C. DENTON, IR. Tulsa Arts and Science Beta Theta Pi: Whirlwind Staff. ROBERT B. HOWARD Oklahoma City Arts and Science Pi Kappa Alpha: Alpha Pi Mu: Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Beta Pi: Band. Page 51 Q 'f7?f ' Page 52 SOPHCMCDRES "The thrill that comes once in a lifetime." His first command ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, - ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, DOROTHY l'lERSKOYVlTZ Oklahoma City DOROTHY HALL Oklahoma City ROBERT BLACK Follett, Texas CARLTON C. CORNELS Sayre ELIZABETH DARLING Oklahoma City KATHERINE CANNON IOSEPHINE LANDSITTEL Tulsa BESSIE F. KNISELEX Norman IAMES WILLIAM OXFORD Floresville, Texas RAYMOND STALLINGS MCCLAIN, IR. Oklahoma City JAMES EMERSON OVERSTREET Racine, Wisconsin WILLIAM H. PINE IACK NATHANIEL RIVERS Oklahoma City DOROTHYE Lou NASH Norman KATHERINE WEBB Muskogee VIRGINIA PIOR Norman JOE K. BAILEY Wichita Falls, Texas DOROTHY WOODRUEE KAY LOUISE PIERCE Hugo RuTH L. MCCLUNG Trinidad, Colorado CHARLES A. VANCE Oklahoma City ERNEST LUDER Caldwell, Kansas C. WALDRON WISDOM Okeene LOUISE CARNE Fort Worth, Texas Gkmulgee PCYFY Oklahoma City R D E BILLY AMEND STANLEY THOMAS TYLER OYLOnpeVSVOlTVING MARITOIEILEZIWYMISQSSIALD Antlers Oklahoma City BILLY MORRIS ALFRED TODD NADINE SHERMAN MARGARET LOUISE SPERBER Webb City Chelsea Norman Tulsa Page 54 X A EDWARD PAYNE HOLMAN GEORGE JOHN OBERFELL N. C. CORE MARJORIE LANE MCINTYRE Guthrie Tulsa Oklahoma City Bristow MILDRED Fm-ORANSKY ROBERTA RAY LESLIE M. BORING WILLIAM HENRY WOLTERS Norman Bartlesville Oklahoma City Plainaeld, New Iersey MAE PEARL SULLIVAN BE-1-Ty ANN CLINCH VIRGINIA MARIE MARTIN AGNES MARIE ANDERSON Elmore City Tulsa Pauls Valley Norman MILDRED BEELER ZELLA MAY WQODARD CARL N. CHAMBERS, IR. R. T. POLLARD Tulsa Tulsa Fort Worth, Texas Lawton LEWIS KILLINGSWORTH ANNA BELLE FRIES KATHREN BURR M. FRANCES RAY Seminole Bristow Pawhuska Anders FRANCES H. MARX MARJORIE JOYCE CAPPS LOUISE M- GAULT HERBERT L- MORGAN Pawnee Mountain Park Norman H0ld9UV1ll9 HELEN MORROW WINEIELD L. LAMPKIN RUTI-I NORTH D. I. HARRIS Salina, Oklahoma Hobart Oklahoma City Drummond JOYCE COMILLA EVERTS IO HOPPEL JANE SIMMONS NEAL H. MYERS Moville, Iowa Tulsa Quanah, Texas El Reno Xm m xxxxxtxxt XxxxtxxxxxxxtxxxXtR.ttttXtRtt R exexxxexxxtttee i ix txxxxtte : YKSxSwXS,S-RSS-A me x XA XA Page 55 A """""W,WM PHOEBE KING I-ARIMORE Oklahoma City MIARION GLADYS I-IOUCK Oklahoma City MARY ELIZABETH HUGLEY Oklahoma City GEORGE W. INGUM Pampa, Texas MARY GITTINGS GATEWOOD BAILEY BOB LAMM BERNARD L- GQRDON Grandield Oklahoma City Canute' Oklahoma CNY VIvIAN KNOX VIRGINIA EN'ELYN KRAETTLI MARGARET CORBETT MARY NAN BRYAN Enid Norman HEWGLEY SWGCYW-Hier' TCXBS Oklahoma City EDNA MARIE FUNDIS RUTH FEILD CHARLES F. CLARK LILA HELEN STEWART Wanette Enid Tulsa HEUUESSEY IOYCE LOUISE COLE MELBA MUSTOE KEITH EDWIN BERRY MILDRED LOUISE BROWN Ft. Worth, Texas Oklahoma City Claremore Tulsa ROY PHILIP ARTHY JEROME W. BYRD ANNA PERKINS YOUNG PHIL l' LOWENTHAL Tulsa Oklahoma City Ardmore Oklalwma City' lUL1A A- KENNEDY CHARLES A- CONE GLYNNA FAY COLWICK DAN COMMINS GILL Pawhuska K0k0mO, Indiana Durant Okmulgee MELBA EDWANA PERMENTER GAYLE HUGHES MGCORKLE IONE WRIGHT EUGENE W. GILL Talihina Elk City Paris, Texas Okmulgee f f 1 f . f my ,,,,,,,,, 3 ,,,,,,,,,,, W ,,,,,,,,,,,, Z ZZZZ5Zjzggggmg Wmmuaozbk -"'--- Page 56 N S K"K' -M'-'m:e:::::2::: WILLIAM B. LEAVITT Shawnee BLIEORD WALKLEY CARDEN Tulsa RUSSELL A. WILLIAMS Oklahoma City FRANCIS NORTAN COBB Oklahoma City ROSALIE SANDOCK Houston, Texas WAYNE WINDLE HECKLER Waukomis IIMMY C. MCWILLIAMS FRANCIS G. GOTTSBERGER Chickasha WINEORD DAVIDSON Frederick IOHN H. BURNS Pauls Valley XZVINIFRED GODDARD Tulsa TOLBERT EARL SMITH Tulsa W. CLYDE DINGER Oklahoma City IOCOB FRANK COLLAR DON MACHENHEIMER Shawnee MARSHALL RANDOLPH KENNEDY Norman R. DAN ALGUIRE Chickasha ALFRED H. BUNGARDT Cordell RICHARD C. TIMMIS Gainesville, Texas ROLAND F. PHILLIPS Maud KATHERINE GIBSON MARY GRACE OzMuN Lawton YVONNE IANE DYMOND Wewoka IACK I. CRISTIAN Temple, Texas I. V. ZOELLER Sacred Heart MARY FRANCES GERARD Oklahoma City HELEN FIELD HOUGH Oklahoma City DAVID BRENT HUTCITCRAFT Oklahoma City Chandler Pauls Valley Tulsa ALLEN C, ATER WALLY THOMAS IERRY NOLAN ILIANITA KERR CHLIRCIIWELL Temple, Texas Tulsa Norman Norman X,................ X t.ttt.t...... 1 m..m.mA Xxx WW A ,MW X A Page 57 4 Awrwfm IOHN T. FIsHBuRN Cushing LOUIS W. HILL Enid CATHERINE LucILE MuLLIN Lawton CLYDE C. HIGHTOWER Oklahoma City B. M. NOWERY, IR. Houston, Texas IOHN COLLIER ALLEN, I Oklahoma City VINITA BRAS IIMMIE RAY Antlers ORVILLE B. NICHOLS Tulsa IAMES HAMILTON Greensburg, Pa. HARRY IAY BROWNSON, IR. Chickasha H. C. LLIMAN Oklahoma City MILDRED ALCENA GRIFFITH Tulsa VIRGINIA SHIRE ROY LEE DAWSON Chandler KENNETH ROBERTS DUFF Lawton IANET BROWN GEER Kingfisher FREDRICK I. HOYT Oklahoma City CARL CAWTHON Oklahoma City MARION ENDICOTT Oklahoma City HOWARD G. NEWIvIAN EDWARD C. ALDEN Bartlesville PHIL BIIRNETT NEFF Oklahoma City IOYCE ELLEN MARSHALL Oklahoma City IACKSON A. KINNEBREW Norman LEW A. BELL Houston, Texas MARTHA GALT Oklahoma City MARTHA IANE DAWSON Okemah Ponca City Tulsa Oklahoma City IANICE YOuNGE I. GRAY UMPLEBY ITHAIVIER IAIVIES TUTHILL ALFRED H. BUNGARDT Heavener Norman Miami Cordell Page 58 S X MZZZZZZZZT1 iiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiix xx xiii Q Z yxxx N ""' T :iiiiifSgi:iiTTTT EUGENE MCKNIGHT Enid JOHN I. DEEGAN Oklahoma City ROBERT S. SATTERFIELD AGNES ALLISON CALKlNS Tulsa HUNTER STANTFORD CARRINGTON Mart, Texas ROBERT H. NEPTUNE GENE HAMMONS Elk City ESTELLE ELIZABETH FARISS Ardmore IANE RUSSELL HOPKINS Oklahoma City IOE S. WELBOAN Freeport, Texas Io H N You NG Woodward IAMES W. MAJOR Oklahoma City E1 Reno Bartlesville REX MAJORS CHANEY BARTLETT A. WARD ANDREW IAMES SHAW VIRGINIA RUTH GENTRY Sulphur NOFIHHH Fort Worth, Texas L2-IWIOII SYLVIA MILDRED GERALDINE MCCOLLOUGH MARY DOYLE WILLIAM GEORGE WOFFORD FUTORANSKY Yale Oklahoma City Tulsa Oklahoma CNY AUDREY LOUISE KNOX ERNEST EUGENE NOLEN BILL NEWMAN TOLLESON lAME5 C- NANCE Enid Norman Muskogee Walters E. LOUISE THOMPSON SAM T. MOORE DOROTHY BECK HAROLD ABERNATHY Muskogee Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Altus BILL DURNIL GEORGE ED BORELLI MILDRED SUFEIELD GEORGE KNIGHT TAGGART Muskogee Kingfisher Gage Fort Worth, Texas kix1s XNNWG xxxx R WS-twwwsw Xxxxxtxxxx A RXNRG5555555555: wttxx5:5 AxXX N -mv XAXSSNXXANA. .-tx. X ARXQSL-:vig xiizx Page 59 f ,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, NELSON N. CLABOLIGH Mangum ROBERTA LouIs ROADS PAUL NEWMAN ATKINS, IR. ELEANOR CLARA FRI Waukomis Tulsa Lynn, Mass, SCH THOMAS MILLER BARNEY G. GREEN G. MORGAN MOREHOUSE, IR. HARRY C. QuIN Sand Springs Maud Tulsa Oklahoma City JOHN R' pm-TIGROVE DOROTHY ELIZABETH CARL MAYHALI. IIMMIE MOUNT Dewey BALDWIN Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City MARY FORD BERT B. BAREFOOT STEVE PACE FRANK D. ZELIFF Sayre Chickasha Long Beach, Calif. Oklahoma City FRED W, DUNLEW GEORGE M. SMITH ANDREW VVOODWARD LAWRENCE B. Oklahoma City Sapulpa Brookline, Mass. SWANSBERGER Oklahoma City 1, C. STROMBERG ETHEL MASSAD SEYMOUR MARTIN SPEARS IOE TAYAR Ardmore Norman Louisville, Kentucky Healdton LAWRENCE RITTER THoMAs TAYLOR BEELER GEORGE H. HERR EARL L. MALONE Oklallglna City Tulsa Okmulgce Rosewell, New Mexico BYRON T. KROLITIL HARRY CARL TRENTMAN IOIIN L. MCKINNEX' lXlORMAN BIIRWELL Yukon Fort Worth, Texas Okemah Oklahoma City 1' f f ' f f f f ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 5 Wim! Page 60 FRESHMEN Many unknown perils await the freshmen- I KATHERINE FRANCES WALLING Tulsa IO MAXINE BENNETT Watonga CHRISTOBEL BAILEY College Station, Texas MARY ALLEN GRIMES Tulsa HARVEY FONTAINE ALLEN Tulsa FLOYD L. CROXTON Lambert W. G. DAVIS Marietta ROBERT WILLIAM BuSTER Guymon BETTY VERNE HuIvIE Anadarko HARRY ELLIS Altus ROBERT L. LANCASTER Guymon BERTHA LEVY Galveston, Texas MARY ELIZABETH LuCAS FLOYD H. NORRIS Tahelquah JAMES IOSEPH MOLLOY East Orange, New Iersey FRANK W. OZMENT Talihina EVELYN GRAY Ponca City ROBERT EDWARD BUNCH VIONE G. STEPHENS Oklahoma City CHIYOKA ADACHI Tulsa LUCILE TWAY Oklahoma City MARX' ELIZABETH MCCALEB Norman WILLARD ANDERSON Oklahoma City Webb City Smethport, Pa. RICHARD A. MORELL NORA ELIZABETH PLASTER PALILINE FRANCES TAYLOR Enid Pauls Valley Tulsa JOHN W. MACY WALTER CLIFFORD PITTMAN GuY FRANKLIN NORwooD El Reno Waurika Davidson ADOLPHE LEONARD MARICE VAUGHAN IOHN F. AMCALILEY Chickasha Oklahoma City DHV1ClS0f1 , mz444W Page 62 W mxxxxxxxxxxxxmxxxxx .w.R...NN em? AWX , M im Illini . """ :.:z:.:::::...: :::::::wW :::::::::r :::::: iizzrrzzgaay.-Jia.. . ........1..R....,...w ,,,,, :QW M W CHARLES L. FOLLANSBEE IOHN WALTER SCHUH Eufaula New York City DORIS CHRISTIAN EDGAR A. DE MEuLES, IR. Norman Tulsa SARAH MCGINTY Terrell, Texas M. IEAN BERRYHILL Claremore RUTH JANE MCCARTY Dawson, New Mexico ROBERT L. COOPER Hobart M,ARGENELL ELLIOTT Tulsa REBEKAH IANET SELVIDGE Ardmore MARGARET RHOADES Oklahoma City HELEN FERRY , Purcell VELIVIA IREAN DAVIS Tulsa IENNIE LEE SuGG Pawhuska PHYLIS CLARK Oklahoma City Io FARMER Fort Worth, Texas RWRRNWW XR RNWRNRWN xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmwxxmmxxxxxxxx mmwxx wN R v X R NX MARY ELEANOR MERTEN Guthrie VIRGINIA PARRIS Tulsa DAN M. CAVONESS, IR. Chickasha PHILLIP CATHERINE FIT Anadarko MARY FRANCES CARTER Guthrie MURIEL ADELAIDE MINNICK Norman FRANCES MAY ROGERS Tulsa ELLEN FULLENWIDER Muskogee ELOISE CHERRYHOMES Tulsa MARY NELLE SHuLTs Weatherford LA VONTA ROBLIN Oklahoma City KATHERINE RADER Norman H. M. LIGON Wewoka IAIVIES BEVERLY GIVIN Oklahoma City DOROTHY NADEAN GARRETT Norman A BERT OLIVER Anadarko NW X S mxx QX Qyxwm WNXW KX RRMMIlg:tR Rat:E53533RxxRR55:5Y mi him AX ,R QA K K f1fff11Iffflfffffffffff'fffffffffffff,f,,,fffff,...,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. llllllll ,,,,,,,,,,,, iflffflfffffflllllllflfff ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, f fi ,,,,,,,,, A """"""'f'f""""""""""""'7""' "''"''"'""""""""""" 1 55i:iffff5ff:ff:5fffffffffff545ff5x""""""""" WILLIAM LEE BELT Eufaula MORRIS MCDANNALD Electra, Texas ELMO SOUTHWARD Norman NINA SCRIPTURE Okmulgee ALLEN WEST Anadarko SARAH BLOOM Wetumka FRANCHELLE PARRAR Kingfisher STANLEY STROMBERG Ardmore RICHARD A. BRYANT Cushing ALICE MARIE lVlARI.ER Oklahoma City ALTON A. COATS Duncan WILLIE LUCILLE REED San Diego, Texas BLANCHE CORDIA COREY Calumet ROBERTA MARIAN RODMAN Norman N.ADINE IRENE NAEOLIRS Oklahoma City HELEN IRENE STACY Norman GEORGIA ANN BEELER Tulsa OBALEE BEATRYCE MOLTHAN Bokoshe LOUISE GRAHAM IOHNSON Tulsa IOHANNA YOuRMAN Oklahoma City IRENE VIOLET MILLER Tulsa LouAMMA EDWARDS Oklahoma City MAURINE HARVEX Houston, Texas BETTY IANE SCOTT Oklahoma City SAM T. COLEMAN Pauls Valley ROBERT C. DOWNING Tulsa INEZ KELLEY Norman DOYLE TODD Norman MARK DE BAKEY Drumright MIARY LELIA KIDD Norman GARNET B. WRIGHT Chicago, Illinois RICHARD MADISON COLEMAN Fort Worth, Texas WWfw Page 64 -my 1suq....,,.,:::: .... :f:..,.......,:::: xx-mwgzm ---is--A-gg,,,,w V -. N.. 'kwa' areas ww PHILIP L. JORDAN JOHN V. RAINBOLT MABEL LOUISE COFFIELD HAROLD G. IONES Tulsa Cordell McAlester Tulsa IACK C. DAVIS NEV'ILLE BOWERS ADDIE LEE WILLIAMS BOB S. MOORE Wichita, Kansas Tulsa Caldwell, Kansas Oklahoma City BEDFORD MARION MAURICE L. COTTON, IR. DAVIS LOUISE ASHBURN IACK EATON MILLER IYXKENZIE Altus Oklahoma City Oklahoma City angum GLENN R. DAVIS O. W. HAIVIIVIONDS IAMES R9Il3iRT COWLES ROBERT MOORE HELTON Marietta Oklahoma City u Sa Grandfield JOHN O. HALL IANE OWEN RAY SNODGRASS FRANCES LOUISE NEAL Nowata Norman Orman Sayre WADE F. PIPKIN HARDIE MILLER PATSYOQNSE OYEQLLIVAN LOUIS SAIVIIIEL WEINSTEIN Seminole Norman a Oma 1 Y Houston, Texas L ' . . RLIPERT FOGG LOIIIS NEWTON STIVERS m1fi,,,l2QNSOW SIMS WILSON El Reno Pawhuska Fredrick XAIILLIAM PAXTON RHYS EVANS KENNETH LITTLE MORRISON WINETTE ELLEN SOULIGNY Ardmore Altus Ponca City Oklahoma City W Y X RRNXRXRRRRRRRxxxxtxxxxxxxxxxxttxttxRRXRRRRRR.txxxxxxxxxxxxtxttttxxxxz L EL.:-.mvm A . .mx sm ,SSS K K AKA XA X X Page 65 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, 4 IOE MARSHALL MILLS Norman DAN R. DuNNETT Tulsa IAMES CLARK ROBERTS Miami JOE STUART THOMPSON Miami ZELMA SCHONWALD Oklahoma City VIRGINIA KLEIN Norman SAM LAIN Oklahoma City CARL W. MCCORMICK Chickasha KENNETH P. READ Tulsa WILLIAM C. LEWIS, IR. Oklahoma City HERBERT HAZZARD Sayre GEORGIA LEE ABBOTT Tulsa GLENN R. MANNING Oklahoma City DULDLEY PARKER COOK Oklahoma City BILL VAN VLECK Oklahoma City KENNETH NELMS Ardmore FRED ROBERT OVDONNELL Rock Springs, Wyo. IOHN GERARD Chickasha DONALD MILLER Chickasha CLEARANCE EUGENE BENNETT Oklahoma City CARBIIAL CHARLES MASSAD Norman A. I. SPAHR Tulsa IAMES I. HARRISON Oklahoma City HARRIETT CHAMBERLAIN SHANDS Kirkwood, Missouri FINIS C. GILLESPIE Hobart ROY LAWRENCE NEEL Oklahoma City HARRY F. SUEEIELD Gage THOMAS F. WEISS Oklahoma City BERNIECE GOODING Yale HARRY G. SHRADER El Reno MARY SREIGLE Shawnee IACK B. FOSTER Tulsa Mwm Page 66 ---------weaww .. .V I. M. KEY Oklahoma City FRANK ALLAN ENGLEMAN Tulia, Texas HERSCHEL LEE FRENCH WILLIAM S. SPALSBURY Oklahoma City LEONARD A. SOSLAND Longview, Texas GENILE SAUNDERS GRACE MARIE PFILE Oklahoma City MARION R. ESTES Commerce, Texas MARY LOIS HOLMES ROBERT S. LANDERS Lawton THOMAS IOSEPH MURPHY New York City, N. Y. WILSON W. BROWN Oklahoma City Pawnee Tulsa Oklahoma City DON C. ALLRED IAMES RALPH BOLLINGER I CORNELIA LYNDE HANK RIDDLE Pauls Valley Tyrone Muskogee Okmulgee IACK A. CROOKS HARRY G. LEWIS IOHN W. NICHOLS EDGAR S. VALIGHT, IR. Norman Guthrie Ardmore Oklahoma City RLIPERT I. IDAUGHERTY, IR. BOBBIE BOWLING IAMES E. ROBERTS GORDON WATTS Bartlesville Pauls Valley Tonkawa Wagoner HAROLD EUGENE EISILE SCOTT BEESLEY, IR, ALBERT F. ROLLINS IOHN B. DUDLEY Oklahoma City Bartlesville Okmulgee Oklahoma City RAY MCNEILL BASIL PAYNE BRUCE H. BEESLEY POLLY PRLIIT Tonkawa Sapulpa Tulsa Picacho, New Mexico X M MMG . We XXX'TSrXrrrX'r'rNK 2 rrrrfrrrr rrrr'rr'XrXr A W Sm Page 67 W WWW ,rf W, ,Mn 7104- .,,,,. -WW, ------ 'Q-,-,-,,-,Q-:fr---1 Mm,,,,.-, x mama W1 , .wwf H . , f W 'M M-fz111111f:'x:zzz13551:'"f''''ff1ff1ffff::::::::::::::::::::zzffffffffffff ffffffffm- 1 , W :KW WW f W ""' W "" f:f:f:.fQ' -- my fwwlwm, Page 68 THE SCHCOL OF MEDICINE These "Medics" are just practicing- DEAN LEWIS I. MOORMAN THE SCHOOL HE MEDICAL SCHOOL of the State University is located at Oklahoma City and is headed by Dean L. I. Moorman. Aided by a competent staff, he has made this unit of the University one which the state can well be proud. This completes the second year that Moorman has served the school. Located within walking distance of the school are the two greatest laboratories, the State University Hospital and the Crippled Children's Hospital. These two institu- tions represent an investment of approximately S700,000. This organization of the medical staff of the Univer- sity Hospital is under the direct control of the Medical School. This staff has, in many instances been of invalu- able service to the state. Much charity work is done by the staff of the University Hospital, but patients admitted to any department in either of the two great hospitals re- ceive the best that medical science has to offer. Lia was THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE --- -f- I aiss ssss f Page 70 K K K X X KN XWX XX UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL CRIPPLED CHILDRENS HOSPITAL Page 71 DONALD A. Awous Lawton Alpha Kappa Kappa: Buski Club: Alpha Pi Mu. CARL H. BAILEY Oklahoma City Phi Chi: Alpha Pi lVIu. THONIAS JOHN BARB Norman Phi Chi. DAVIS BRECO Ada Phi Beta Pi. IMOGENE BuTTs Holdenville Alpha Epsilon Iota. EMMA IEAN CANTRELL Oklahoma City Alpha Epsilon Iota, WILMA CRAFT Oklahoma City Alpha Epsilon Iota. DELos GRIFFITH CURB Oklahoma City Phi Beta Pi: President Senior Class '33. JAMES B. DARROUGH Vinita Phi Beta Pi. CHARLES H. EADS Tulsa Omega Upsilon Phi: Epsi- lon Delta: Phi Kappa Nu. HARRY C. FORD Tulsa Phi Beta Pi. SAM R. FRYER Muskogee Phi Beta Pi: Phi Kappa Psi. CTUSTAVLIS DELANA FUNK REX GREER Woodford IAMES RICHARD Hucoms Oklahoma City Alpha Delta Sigma: Alpha Phi Chi: Buski Club. Kappa Kappa: Buski Club. IOSEPH LAYMON CYLIEEY Rosston Alpha Kappa Kappa. H, WATON I'IACKl.liR Tahlequah Phi Beta Pi. JOHN F. HACKLER Tahlequah Phi Beta Pi. KEILLER WELDON HAYNIE Durant Phi Chi: Phi Delta Kappa: Alpha Pi lVIu: Buski Club. WILKIE D. HOOVER Tulsa VIRGIL ROY IOBE Muskogee Sigma Mu Sigma: Phi Beta Pi: Alpha Pi Mu: Alpha Chi Sigma: Buski Club. WALTER C. H. KERR Clinton Phi Chi: Buski Club. EVERETT Cv. KING Cordell Sigma Mu Sigma: Phi Beta Pi: Alpha Pi Mu: Buski Club. PHIL MILAM LAMBKE Amorita Phi Beta Pi. Phi Gamma Delta: Phi Beta ROBERT RAY LEE Pi: Buski Club. Oklahoma City ORvILLE N. COIIPEDGE El Reno REX C. Housr: PAIIL B. LINcENEIzI.'I'ER Bristow Phi Gamma Delta: Phi Beta Carnegie Oklahoma City Phi Beta Pi. Pi. Phi Chi. Phi Chi. Page 72 x wxmx IAMES P. LLITON Lindsay Phi Chi. IESSE D. Srnpp Idabel Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Beta Pi: Alpha Pi Mu: Buski Club. SHERBOURNE lVlACLli0D Hooker Phi Beta Pi. JAMES lVlOl1Gl'IAN MCMILI.AN Britton Lambda Nu: Phi Chi: Buski Club. IOSEPH F. MEssENE.-xiirsn Oklahoma City Alpha Tau Omega: Phi Beta Pi: Toga: Buski Club, ORVAL LOEWEN PARSONS Lawton Alpha Kappa Kappa. FRED T. PER RY MAIIRIKIE L. PETER Oklahoma City Phi Beta Pi. RAYMOND GERALD RAY Tulsa Phi Chi. CHARLES W. REED Konawa Alpha Kappa Kappa. K.NRL Asiaum' REED Oklahoma City Phi Beta Pi: President lunior Class: Buski Club. GALEN AI.ONZCJ ROGERS Waynokzi Phi Chi. Lum E. RIISSI-LLL Oklahoma City Phi Beta Pi. HuDsoN S. SHELBY Prague Phi Beta Pi. ALBERT VVOODS SHIFLET Oklahoma City Phi Chi: Toga: Phi Eta Sigma: Acting President of Iuniors. VVENDELL L. SMITH Tulsa Phi Kappa Psi: Scabbard and Blade: Rui-Neks. CARL B. Smrrnsox Alva Alpha Kappa Kappa. H. KIRVEN SPEED, IR. Sayre Kappa Alpha: Phi Beta Pi. VIOI.I'I'F H. STUROEON Oklahoma City President Alpha Epsilon Iota: Iota Sigma Pi: Phi Kappa Delta: Buski Club. WILI.IAM C. TISDAL Elk City Kappa Alpha: Phi Beta Pi. CLIFFORD Ausrit-J TRAVERSE Oklahoma City Alpha Kappa Kappa: Buski Club. TOM L, VVAINVVRIGHT Oklahoma City Beta Theta Pi: Phi Beta Pi: Buski Club. ljRlK'li TIIORNE VVATSON Blair Phi Chi: Buski Club. JOHN R. WINSTON Ardmore Pi Kappa Alpha: Phi Chi. ORVILLE M. WOODSON Cushing WELDON KENNETH RLITII ERNEST L. TICHENOR Poteau Phi Beta Pi: Bombardiersz Okeen Oklahoma City Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Phi Buski Club. Sigma Nu: Phi Beta Pi. Kappa Sigma: Phi Beta Pi. Beta Pi. Page 73 tl f 4 f IAMES MACK NELSON Oklahoma City Phi Chi. EUGENE BOSWELL Leedey Alpha Kappa Kappa. XNlI.LIAM NEIL NEW Guthrie ARNOLD HAROLD UNGERMAN Tulsa Sigma Alpha Mu. IOHN R. TAYLOR GRAPE KELLER Oklahoma City PAUL A. JENKINS Oklahoma City EDWARD T. SHIRLEY Oklahoma City GEORGE I. SEIBOLD Oklahoma City Phi Gamma Delta: Theta Kappa Psi. OSCAR W. STEWART EARLE CARLTON SMITH Hinton HASKELL SMITH Hanna Alpha Kappa Kappa. CHARLES M. OVLEARY Norman Alpha Kappa Kappa: Phi Beta Kappa. VIRGIL D. SMITH Thomas Phi Chip Alpha Pi Mu. EVELYN MAE RUDE Enid AuGuSTus HAROI.D VINSON Alva GLENN E. GARDINER Geary PAUL ELKINS Edmond Hugo Muskogee JAMES RICHARD RAINES Phi Chi. Phi Kappa Psig Phi Beta Pi. HUIYOU Theta Kappa Nu: Alpha Kappa Kappa' JOHN Louis HOMER IOHN K. COKER L E C Oklahoma City Eakly ' ' RICK Alpha Kappa Kappa. Phi Chi' Oklahoma City N. Louis DAKIL lVlcAlester Delta Sigma Rho: Winner BERNARD KAHN M. E. ROBBERSON World Peace Oratorical Ardmore Wynnewood Contest: Avery Medal Con- IAMES THOMAS BELL Sigma Alpha Mu. Phi Chi. testant: Congress. Welch Page 74 ERIC WHITE ELDON BRADETELD EVERETT B, NEFF HARLAN WORD Tulsa Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Muskogee RALPH RucKER CHARLES H. GINGLES ROBERT RYAN Oklahoma City Carmen NOI'mEiI1 IACK EA-FTFNFIELD ranlte POLK FRY, IR, DON GRANT HARREL HOWELL WIGGINS Frederick Fletcher Sallisaw F. L. MURRAY Bristow WILLIAM VOGT IEFFERSON SEBASTIAN N. ROBERT DRUMMOND Norman Wewoka Oklahoma City JOHN ASHBY CUNNINGHAM Miami LAURA ALLEN ARCHIE DOLIOAN SAM INGALLS Oklahoma City Gate Stoud BOB PuGH IOHN EAST HAROLD WITTEN CARSON OGLESBEE Lawton Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Dewey ROBERT W. LOWREY WALTER R. TUPPER ORVILLE BELL IOHN BUTCHER Poteau Tulsa Durham Edmond FRANK T. IGYCE Lols KENNEDY JACK BRADY W'I'I332CD'CE:uNTER Fletcher Purcell Oklahoma City . a Y HARRY L. DUPREE ERNEST ROSE FRED I. PERRY WlLLlAM E' STRFCKER Oklahoma City Davidson Tulsa Oklahoma CIW MYRON ENGLAND MAYO LANDSEN STEVE GOERKE HOMER S. SWANSON Oklahoma City Granite Durant Oklahoma City mmm X K Nm SSSSSSASSRR RxxxxxxsSRRRR-txRRRxRRxRxRx Rxxxxxcxcccccxxxxx X 1 QIQRRRA X X , ex N XM XA XX XA Page 75 f 1 f ,,ffn,f,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, --'-4- THE SCHOOL OF NURSING During the school year 1932-33, the School of Nursing has made great strides in this Held of endeavor. It is located in Qklahoma City and is run in conjunction with the Medical School. A large measure of the success which has been at- tained is due to the capable teaching staff. Mrs. Candice Monfort Lee, graduate of the Presbyterian Hospital, School of Nursing, Chicago, Illinois, is Superintendent of the School of Nursing. Under her leadership, the school has developed from a small school which gradu- ated only six students in 1913 to one of the finest and best in the country. A special feature of the School of Nursing is the Alumnae Association which was incorporated under the laws of the State of Qklahoma in 1921. This Associa- tion is co-operating in raising the standards of Nursing Education in this state. Edith Stith Triplett, R. N,, University of Qkla- homa, School of Nursing, 1923, is an Assistant Director of the School of Nursing. CANDICE 1VIoNFoRr LEE Mary Ella Iones Wainwright, R. N., Vanderbilt University, School of Nursing, Nashville, Tennessee, 1929, is an instructor in the Principles and Practices of Nursing. She is also Supervisor of Cut-Patient Department. EDITH STITH TRIPLETT MARY ELLA IONES WAINWRIGHT '9'fffffff W Page 76 x N HAZEL EDITH FLANAGAN Union City, Tennessee Delta Alpha: Cooperative Club: Senior Class Presi- dent. ERMINE CLARA BRENVER Okmulgee Cooperative Club. PEGGY MoRRow Hollis Delta Alpha: Cooperative Club. WILMA EVELYN GooKIN Oklahoma City Delta Alpha: Cooperative Club. PEGGY SWANsoN Oklahoma City Delta Alpha: Cooperative Club. INA BARTON REYNoI,Ins Chiekasha Cooperative Club, GEORGIA DEE lXlANCI2 Granite Cooperative Club. WILBA KERNS NELLIE FRANc1Es CANT McAlester Cooperative Club. ERMA C. IoIINsoN Dunciili PALILINE CARLTON Caddo President Senior Class. Vice-President Cooperative Club. IRENE CIQISPENS Okeene Cooperative Club: Grace McBride Y. W. A. ESIBIA IRAN BORliI.l.A McAlester Delta Alpha: Grace Mc- Bride Y. VV. A.: Coopera- tive Club. BETTY BONEIL VVIiI'I"I'AKER Wilsoii Cooperative Club. BERTIIA LEE Oklahoma City Delta Alpha: Secretary Co- operative Cluh: Grace Mc- Bride Y. W. A, LOTTIE BELLE SIIANRs IOIINNIE HENuRIc3ks Chickasha Cooperative Club, STELLA MARIE GRAYGO Ardtnore Cooperative Club. PAIILINE HALL Fort Cobh Cooperative Club. FLEETA S. lVlORI'I'ZKY Osage Cooperative Club. ETIIEL CANTRELL Oklahoma City Cooperative Club: Grace McBride Y. W. A. Louisiz KLIIGK Lawton Cooperative Club. BILLIE ALMA MINTER Pocasset Delta Alpha: Cooperative Club. LENNIE GERTRLIDE BEAVER Waiirika LENA ALETIIA MERIWETHER Little Rock, Arkansas Delta Alpha: Vice-President Senior Class: President Co- operative Club. IRIS AURORA COGDILL Hobart Delta Alpha: Cooperative Club. TIIELMA MARTIN Neosho, Missouri Delta Alpha: Cooperative Club. MARGARET ELIZABETH CAMPBELL Miami Cooperative Club. l:LORIiNC1li AILEEN HJXRDX' Talihina Cooperative Club. NVALIJRINE I. MCDONALD Talihina Cooperative Club. LELA FRY Thomas Cooperative Club. LAVERNE MOORE Yale Cooperative Club. LoIIIsE MARRS Fort Cobb Denver, Colorado Grace McBride Y. W. A.: Chickasha Cooperative Club. Cooperative Club. Cooperative Club. Cooperative Club. Page 77 1 1 fm' f LEOLA RUBY MCCORMACK Tipton Cooperative Club. MAUD M. K1LLouGH Sentinel Cooperative Club: President Iunior Class. UNA VIcKERs Idabel Cooperative Club. IDA LUCILLE BENEDUM Morris Cooperative Club. DOLLY MAE MONDAY Haworth Cooperative Club. NEVA PAY LINVILLE Lawton Cooperative Club. GEORGIA ANN SULLIVAN Cvrandlield Delta Alpha: Cooperative Club. MILDRED LENNOX Okmulgee Cooperative Club. CLARA E. SHIRE Wellington, Kansas Cooperative Club. ELIZABETH STRADER Oklahoma City Cooperative Club. ADNELL ELIZABETH CLARA MATILDA HAAS SARA JANE DILLINGHAM Ingersoll Enid Pi Zeta Kappa: Cooperative Cooperative Club. Clubg Grace McBride Y. W' A' IRENE MCGEHEE Marietta Cooperative Club. KATHRYN CONLEY Seminole Cooperative Club. VERA P. IOHNSON Goltry Cooperative Club. MARIE OTTALEE RYBERG Hinton I HILDA PORTSCHY Cooperative Club. Marlow Delta Alphag Cooperative Club. EMMA IANE MENZER Custer City Cooperative Club. TOMMY KSZQEIING BRIGGS Cooperative Club. YVONNE GULICK Qklahoma City VIRGINIA MILES Cooperative Club. Hobart Delta Alpha: Cooperative Club. LEONARD EVELYN WEBER Creston, Iowa M.AYBELLE KIRBY Oklahoma City VIVIAN HOWELL President of Delta Alphag Oklahoma City Delta Alpha: Cooperative Poteau Cooperative Club. Cooperative Club. Club. Cooperative Club. ' W Page 78 A XXXX X: NEVA DUNCAN Holdenville Delta Alpha: President Freshman Class: Coopera- tive Club. ORA FUCHS Sayre Cooperative Club: Secretary Freshman Class. MARY Io KELLY Davis Delta Alpha: Cooperative Club. MAXINE CHITWOOD Lubbock, Texas Cooperative Club. VESTA I-IARDER Stroud Delta Alpha: Cooperative Club. DORIS MILLER Idabel Delta Alpha: Cooperative Club, BERTHA MAE ALLEN VELDA SHAW Custer City Cooperative Club. FLORENCE ROULET Amarillo, Texas Cooperative Club. VIRGINIA MILLER Thomas Cooperative Club. IESSIE QUINLIVEN Clayton Cooperative Club. HERMOINE STAFFORD Oklahoma City Cooperative Club. MARGELLA LONG Heavener Delta Alpha: Cooperative Club. MAE PRITCHETT CORA CONERLY Tyler Town, Mississippi Cooperative Club. YuKoLA CARMAN Bristow Cooperative Club: Presi- president of Class. ZOAL EVELYN HENRY Henryetta Cooperative Club: Vice- dent of Class. LILLIAN M, PERKINS Logan Cooperative Club: Secretary of Class. LAVERNE FAYE KLEIN Okeene Cooperative Club. DORA ALICE OWENS Oklahoma City Cooperative Club. MIRIAM SMITH MARY CATHERINE CURPY Hobart Cooperative Club. MARGARET MAY EVERY Hobart Cooperative Club. VIRGINIA MAY ADAMS Edmond Cooperative Club. NoIvIA LAYCOCK Clayton Cooperative Club. MARY ANN SALE Tulsa Cooperative Club. RuGH SOMMERVILLE Norman Cooperative Club. ANNA LENA DOUGHERTY Morris Sparks Abilene, Texas Oklahoma City Cooperative Club. Cooperative Club. Cooperative Club. Cooperative Club. RRXN.XRWeRWeXXttXR33332gasesXXRX:tztxwfffjjjgjftt::t 55Vmxpxm R X NW X Xgmsmxx 1Ax sm MARY E. MILLER Q' ilu vmnriam I AILEEN CUNNINGHAM 4If Page 80 MILITARY Training our future generals- DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE The Department of Military Science has been an in- tegral part of the University of Oklahoma since the spring of 1919 when upon the application of the Board of Re- gents an R. O. T. C. unit llnfantryj was established. The same year a Field Artillery unit was added. ln 1924, the Infantry unit was discontinued leaving the unit a Field Artillery one in its entirely. lt is one of twenty-one such units in the United States. The law prevents establishment of additional ones. The total number of students who have passed through this Department since its establishment ap- proaches 15,000. Each basic course graduate is fitted to act as an instructor of small units and to take his place in our country's defense system in case of need. Each ad vanced course graduate is commissioned in the Officers' Reserve Corps. Only students who have completed the basic course and who have demonstrated exceptional qual- ities of leadership are eligible for advanced course training. The effect on our unit of the recently passed Economy Act is to force greater selec- tivity in the advanced course. This Department is fortunate in having been able to retain its oflicers Whose records of accomplishment are well known and in retaining the firm support and co-operation of the faculty and student body. MAJOR HARRY I. MALONY Cornrnandant CAPTAIN I. I. WATERs CAPTAIN H. C. DEMUTH LIEUTENANT I. D. YEATON CAPTAIN G. R. HAYMAN CAPTAIN L. H. CARRuTHERs LIEUTENANT G. P. PRIVETT LIEUTENANT I. V. COLLIER Page 32 mm .-M .2-is :QQ:4L1a. Axsgm.. ......I.wwQ...llQQQLQLQt.,....,....M,.,,..,,,,X......NXX,.W....llQlQQlllllll.,2 'X RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS Fred Newton was appointed to fill the po- sition of Cadet Colonel this year. In addition to this honor Newton has many others to his credit. He is president of the Senior Class, and one of the most prominent engineers in the Uni- versity. During his four years in the engineer- ing school, he has maintained practically a straight "A" grade average. Dalton McBee has been appointed to fill the position of cadet colonel for the second semester. THE UNIT The War Department established this unit of the R. O, T. C. on the Oklahoma campus in 1919. At the time of its establishment and for six succeedinq years, the Military Training De- partment consisted of two units, the Infantry and the Field Artillery. Since that time the de- FRED NEWTON partment has devoted its entire time to the Field Cadet Colonel Artillery. At the close of the year 1932, the department had graduated from the basic corps 15,100 men. During the same time there have been 638 men graduated with commissions. A unique feature of the military activitv on this campus is the "Sponsors Day." This was held on the fourth of April this year. At this time all the Brigade, Regimental, Battalion, and Battery commanders select a sponsor to present to the unit which they command. WILLIAM DALTON MCBEE, IR., Colonel N. PHELPS CHESTNUT, Colonel EDWARD TATE HARRISON, Colonel A. MARSDON BELLATTI, Major AI.vAN MuLDRow, Colonel ALIDREY N, BILYEU, Major IAMES LAIvIoNT BAXTER, Colonel HERBERT A. VoN TUNGELN. Major NN RRR 'XXSTEET1 - 'ffff-'-'-" X NAXQNRQNN 't"- X N WW X A Page 83 ,,,,,,,,,,,..,.,.,,,,,..,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,..,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, FRED O. NEWTON, Colonel IOHN W, BORELLI, Lieutenant Colonel WILLIAM DALTON MCBEE, IR., Colonel WILLIAM ROBERT CLARK, Lieutenant Colonel EDWARD TATE HARRISON, Colonel ALVAN MULDROW, Colonel AUBREY N. BILYEU, Major IAMES LAMONT BAXTER, Colonel IACK ALLEN CLARK, Major N. PHELPS CHESNUTT, Colonel RALPH C. ROCKWOOD, Major FERRELL E. MCMuLLIN, Lieutenant Colonel R. MARSDEN BELLATTI, Major IOHN N, ALLEY, Lieutenant Colonel SPOTSWOOD W. LOMAX, Major RICHARD EARL BUCHANAN, Lieutenant Colonel KENNETH T. NANCE, Major IOE W. MEYERS, Lieutenant Colonel ELLSWORTH WITT SHOWEN, Major WILLIAM L. BOOSA, Lieutenant Colonel DENVER W. MEACHAM, Major WILLIAM C. HARSCH, Lieutenant Colonel HERBERT A, VON TUNGELN, Major I 2 NORMAN ARNOLD ANDERSON, Lieutenant Colonel Page 84 :X .....xx A sm , lnnuwrxe Nm m xxxx W w:mm mx m xxmmx -www xx W xxmm xw x Qwwgyxzgzmgy AAA N.N.N mn-Sw--. ., ---- T " x- ,, Page 85 mx A WILLIAINI I. STOVER, Major LEWIS WESTON MCBRIDE, Major EARL I. MULMED, Major THOMAS MAYRATH, Major GAISER DAWSON MADDOX, Major DON D. ZIMMERMAN, Major DICK L. ELLEGOOD, Captain RAY E. WILL, Captain DONALD IASPER HUCKABY, Captain CLYDE I. LAMBERT, Captain DONALD F, NEWELL, Captain GEORGE L. YATES, Captain BRITT E, CLAPHAM, Captain RALPH R. CARLIN, Captain EUGENE B. DODSON, Captain BRYAN L. RAKESTRAW, Captain CLAUDE EUGENE DAVIS, Captain LESLIE C. PAIN, Captain WINIFRED W. SMITH, Captain JAMES H. POULSON, Captain EDWIN H. BURBA, Captain PAUL EMILY DUBOIS, Captain MILLARD KIRK NEPTUNE, Captain POWELL CROUTHAMEL, Captain X RR RRRRRRR R W RRRRRR R R RRXRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.RRRRR R RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR X R RtRttttt.trRttR A Q X -AMX N ' R xmxmm x ww xxxxx m m x x M111 """"" , ZZZZQMW ffffffw www . .......... .,.,U. ..... . .... V. ............ ........ , ...... . ....f,,,,....... 4':,.,.,,.,.,,,,, ,,,..,........N. ,,,,ff-wma,-M 1 IAMES R. SOMMERERUCHT, Captain CLYDE TALMADGE CARMICHAEL, Captain WILLIAM I. NEWBLOCK, Captain ERNEST I. HANDLEY, Captain BOB THOMAS HUGHES, Captain HERBERT H. MOODY, Captain DELVAL DALE, Captain WILLIAM H. TERRILL, Captain ROBERT LEE WILSON, Captain I. O. CHEAIRS, Captain BARRON C. HOUSEL, Captain GENE R. MURPHY, Captain ROBERT L. MAYRATH, Captain EUGENE I. MCCORMICK, Captain WILLIAM B. WILDER, Captain LLOYD WARREN IOHNSON, Captain WILLIAM EDWIN STEELE, Captain RALPH MILTON CISSNE, Captain GORDON CLEAVES MCDONALD, Captain CLYDE WILLIAM O'HERN, Captain DONALD SUGGS, Captain EARL EBERHART, Captain RICHARD GEORGE TAFT, Captain HERMAN H. GREENHAW, Captain M m Q fag" my JZE332111?i1fi-1-:f"""""'iiiifififfiffff"""""""""'fffffffiiifffffffff .... ' ""f""""""""' ....I ,,,,,., 1 WM . , V,V, , JWI, ,,, -V--- ' . W, ,, , 7 f ,,g,,,,W4,,, ,,,,,Wg 4"' I- y ymxffwf ..... 1 :ww Wf0 4444444+ Wlwfvf f fW ..V.,,,,,,,, L Page 86 mm W x W XXX XK XXXXX XXXX XXXN NXXXX X XXWXYX N NN X X XXXX W 'RXXNWXXX X VXXX X YXXXXN SSW X X X X X X I, KENNETII HOGUE, Captain GENE E. THOMPSON, Captain WILLIAM BREWSTER MCFADYEN, Captain WILLIAM O. WAID, Captain BRESSEM C. HOLTZSCHUE, Captain THOMAS PATRICK CONNERS, Captain ERNEST BARTOLINA, Captain IOE ALLEN STAMPER, First Lieutenant HERMAN IuDD VJIRZ, First Lieutenant AL H, BAUER, First Lieutenant TOM LOSEY, First Lieutenant ROBERT L. VAUGHAN, First Lieutenant HAL C. WYNNE, IR,, First Lieutenant ROBERT CHARLES KUNS, First Lieutenant FENTON D. LAMB, First Lieutenant W. BRYAN SCOTT, First Lieutenant IOEL HADEN COWDREY, First Lieutenant ROY E. GRANTHAM, First Lieutenant WILLIAM H, BOLLINGER, First Lieutenant HARM E. MUSGRAVE, First Lieutenant FRED TINSLEY CHERRY, First Lieutenant CECIL WILSTON WOODS, First Lieutenant ALFRED D, SIMS, First Lieutenant IAMES S. HOPKINS, First Lieutenant Page 87 S X Nmw R sw N N X xNmXRQ?XN tk ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, f - EDGAR BAXTER, First Lieutenant SAM COOPER, First Lieutenant ROBERT HARVEY HOLLOIVIAN, First Lieutenant FOY L. GEORGE, First Lieutenant IOHN M. MEIKLE, First Lieutenant HOVk'ARD LEO OLSON, First Lieutenant Gus CONRAD, First Lieutenant MARVIN S. PITTS, First Lieutenant FRANCIS L. PARKER, First Lieutenant TOE A. SMALLEY, First Lieutenant BILL H. IusTICE, First Lieutenant HAROLD R. HALL, First Lieutenant BRUCE H. BEESLEY, First Lieutenant DON L. JONES, First Lieutenant LEROY I. BAXTER, First Lieutenant GARY PRINCE, First Lieutenant FRANK NIELVIN CuLwELL, First Lieutenant EUGENE IANZ, First Lieutenant DENVER F. WOIIFORD, First Lieutenant HENRY C. SOWDERS, IR., First Lieutenant DAVID N. ROPER, First Lieutenant E. W. BROCKIVIAN, First Lieutenant DONALD EDWARD SLUSHER, First Lieutenant WILLIAM H. WITT, First Lieutenant 'fff""' Page 88 H5 ...... 1 miplzziaigzizzz- x ..,.::2:::i1::::: xccaiizczxtzzzzz' z:zzzzzzzzzzrrrrxzriifizzii zaaaaaasxr x N x X km Xw XX SENIOR LIELITENANTS SENIOR LIEUTENANTS xx XWWMX ...QMMWXW NWWWMWNNNMN.,,NmWXXXXWwwwwww-1:ffflrrlrxr- -My ,M X Aw. 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BaH'ery A Second Field Arfillery BaH'ery B ,sf Second Field X Arfillery BaH'ery C Second Field Arfillery Page 93 Mfr ml fmfmmmwmwf4:::::xx '::ff::::::::ff:ffi::::::ss. ff A .W,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,, fmfwffmmm. 5 Headquar+ers Ba'Hery Second Field Arfillery BaH'ery D Second Field Arfillery BaH'ery E Second Field Ar+illery M f f f f ,WAWX ffdf ,WW Mecca:1511511112122ffff95ZZ'f2111ffQ22ff1fffffffffffm,,,,,,,,,,,,W,,Z W ' W Page 94 Qlllll ,,X.,.x.1zzzQzR.,,1.,1QZaz, .x,xxx,x.. BaH'ery F Second Field Arlillery Headquarlers 1 BaH'ery Second Field F Arfillery Headquarfers BaH'ery Third Field Arlillery Page 95 I' i '- -if if rs Mounled BaH'ery A Third Field Arlillery Mounled BaH'ery B Third Field Ar'l'illery Mounled BaH'ery C Third Field Arlillery Junior Mounled Baile ry Third Field T Arlillery """ fff f Page 96 'e 'W l 'E H..-' R X f K .q y lv Q 5 7 , Y, ' X q W . ga , 2-ir. Q I 'N' I 0: 5 A k ,Q mx V 1 5 'TJ' ,. 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W - V ' fn' U Q Q"'VQ"- -7"-A 'YV' ' -P 13" wgh... ,- ' . ., if L' ffm' x. ' J ., , wg- ' Ph' V 'uv Vg. W, Va- P A A ' . 'Lf ' r- ff , +V Q' 2 .ww ef -K W4 -V-f--v- f--' ..V f 1.L.+.,'n-ixvw, . ,V . -Vw M V ,, Qi . . ..V 4 ,Q V' rf ' ' w mei 'f 8.5 gf f V ., V, Q IA., 7.?'f'!"a 'OJ 1 4 i' . ' iiifqsf. I 1:5 u fl l'g,s"' .N fr' ' KN K. 3' 'sw ' . ' f . 'V .x V .V ' ' f ' A , ' . V.. ' A -f.. W, ?f,f A' .1 -.. -Q 2 f ,' "'S','51"" V -. - 'AF 5' .1 'Ag' . A -9' 41 "!'.24l'V , fb 5, -,V I 9 3, ss 4, , f .limb , 5 gk, V .V K I A ,.. 4 .1 V VS' in., 5 1, ,MQS 4 . 4 N. , A M V fu ' 1, A . Q Va . M.. ' Thy ' . 4 A My . A J- , A , 5 A ' fa ' K ' ' . ,-Q 1 A 'A "V-Qi"f"'i"f 7, . Y ' :gf ' -wax Lf I ' A M sf' 1 . Id. v K, ASI . Mtn l'1,4 i K Q 1 Akwdiikr 1' 1 N3 wap: V. is .4 V V M .,. V1 . ', V x.V - " QI "' zu' ' ' f 3 YP' Q4 J. 6 . bf W 1 Q. sa K , .r , 5 K 3 W V . 1 Q - . H f ff N Q , ,J I - A -4 f f . .fx-f ' "" 'WI' .2054 N if f " "-1 if N- 155.1 . M 'H Q 15" ' V J' gi , 0' W ii V. uv 'W 3' . Q . 'P W, Q 'GV N' fqgsh --2' ' .5 'V 3' 1? 'I .Y IN-k+ ' . 2n0""' f 'M' 3 5.5 . , .ff A VV. ,V..4,V,V. .AO Y. 1 . ,U . 'ff' ws Qsnyf- ,wg " A fs p . 'Q if 'rrffgf .1 V 1, , 0 ,rw if 9 j My .- 'Q f VE 0 ' I' . ,fy 1 , , 65' Y ,, Q R vs if H kj 1: if 7 K ,ey s 4- mm , V A A mb ff -up has .Q A VV. ' .Vw V ' y + - "g W Y - Q-'ffu' ' M' ' PL ,X mmf' f , V " K '. w ,1.Q'f. Va V V If W- fy ,V ,yy V, ", A 4 .. 'A Q .W ,. , m ,l g gg! , H V .,, , if ,- 'I ,Xi ,wtf Q i Q ii. 'nd K a'i'1,- E 3 KA f f .V "" -' 1 K 4 O 'A I if . ' 1 I V V t' ' 'K av 'E 4' Jhh we f M -1' .V f nm- ni . V V- ss, V. . -V V-M F . - P ' ,Va ' JM A 9 8 " 1 3 H 'V . ' W L74 ' 4 QV V W 5 ,. , ,sf A , M' f K, .1 .. , I . , M 'J f fu .. ff- . ,mv ' , ' ' , x if .V . , 'L 'M ., f. If ,L 1 4 Q c 5 K 6,7 6 V v kg! 2 , 3 fir V f I 'y 'H ' V A W 1' . 'A if '5 W Q , V " ' ,Ea 9 . I . dw i A 1 wx .4 W ,i 4, 1' V5 K A I 'D in A K, Y V Q 2,-hz V ,V . My 5.5 W . 4- ,ae ggfnna, 5 CZJZWZCL may jane Ogfufkvan ., 4. ,lv xi Q' 31. ' z" .V , :'f r- .' fn -'I 2.A 4450 ad, . r ,..A., ,A ,' 1, 'A 5 4 '21 .5 .Q H if H :ll I .- -Q . ,7 . " ,v.. ,ww 53 ' I ef .-.A ,Q : ' ...F r' ' L Ji g? . Y, -5 n p K V p 1 o,1ftAa Watson 1 Arita Ojwenaloza, QM Zaire! CZLASQ Wrqinia jlfein zxrylifiajgolcf Qayfg gym aw WHO'S WHO They make "A" in this class RUPERT MQCLUNG GORDON PEELER BOB DUNLAP ELOISE CHANDLER CHARLES DAVIS FRANCES MADISON NAN HUNTER BOB I-IERT IKE HILL EVELYN ANDERSON T16 ,wfggymwl ,,,. , GLEN DAVIS MARIAN MILLS MARIETTA DARLING LEE MINTER RALPI-I BRAND W..ffv--3-.T sXVx Q I T Q E5 , gi -LKL LEL L 2f 1 T SAM AERAMS MILDRED LAPP TOM HUNTER ELIZABETH BEARLY BILL MAJORS L WHO'S WHO UNMASKED A www ' 5 7 S C 1' ' J A 4 ' 481- t K . S ip' " 5 ' ' 1 .b 1 'V' -rw if 1 1 ,. ,V - ' W, my LN ,S Q KM I .y VKX' 'sw so. 2 1 , Q K . 1 al 'K - 1 f ' f"f aff, Y'x ' 4 A LX dusk K "5 TQ ' 1 ' , f 21.334 1' IEVRV .ga A- wg' A' ' qw, ur l 245 ,"!'g C e Yi . Q a WWW' I 4 1 1 Y I ' 4 '05 dk, W.-f s , if ' W. ff , is v lv ,film z , ll A V eg A 1 WS W hX I? xlfjvl, 2 J ,si ' .X 1 5'v 0 2' QM N 3, lam.. ' af J , " 1 "'1l,S'Q I 5 5 x m Y V.. Q Mu U 1 , ' I A 1 " 3 - 3 x vi 1 I I " 'Kid ,5 s. ' - A ' . 'Q-'T' , 4 'fu K - ' ' " T Q 5 i lX',g,,4f R '- ' ' ' ftffkk . , . "Si, . Q '- fees! ' QQ .- ZW 5? 6, , . Q -3 53: as Q , . . fr ff' . ' L, , ivmy ,.., .,.,. . 1 4 . V uf k wjfziisfk ff M - e A ' K xi Q, fr, 5 K 4' , vs A ,. . 'www l 6 .. 1 Q V Y r ' ' ui ,v 'T , 1, ,IQ ' , . , , , 1 ' ' ' .4 5, 'Sm p , A 1 ,4 4 1, , 1 - f, .- :fri 4 , +sf1ff?f Q if -f , , ffl , 1 'iff' ' I f "4 , . 3 'w ' "-a r X ,JH "1 x W ' . rw '74 N V figxfbl., J T A .tiff i wiv' QL, . 4 . -, 'W , fit. f I J sf , rqkx' , Z., fffi. 34" 'K' ' f, . ., 'Q I ' "Vx ' A 'J' P 'H .--1' V. va 4 "1 K LJ .uhm ' 'vii , .,., - . Liv 'JB 4 V 1. A3 . M 1 "V . ' . ' 4 .' 595 -c x -f "Ml 'H ' f . , ' ' rf' 'A fag ' if 'm' K 3" 'mag fa- .-Q ,231 'R' ' . 5 5 X. ' xl' 1 A , vlf fy-5 ' . 3, , A 4' 1' Mx 44' ' 1 I ,' we, ,g ' ph' 'V , Y - x K V , ! ws' W- Gia K' nu . i .QV my liking-if ' " . Fra . il. ' ,Hx Q fig.. .' i "" ' gf, , x -up-ww . A ' a X, . ' hx-ig' -A tu , ' ' " i 3 , P f 5 ,W , L f ' 3 - Q. is ' , , M ur .bw . N ws ,li L ' w . , - A tg , H ' -7 I 45 X ff .L 'rf if 'Q gl . L.. , - ' K W 'W X K .45 1, W ' L 4 J A Q i W ,M n FRATERNITIES Cone are the "good old days' W I rr ... r - 'QXPPQ -AL'7.'Tl6 , . ., W, . W, Y. ,Y 1 , , .Y.-... . ....x.-WL, an-sw-......,,1f..:, Y ,W . .-,,-3-,.,.-. -- ..,...Ev:,.-:f ..: . . -F KAPPA ALPHA was founded at Washington College. B W ' now Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia, December 21, 1865, during the presidency of Robert E. Lee. The fraternity was established with the idea of creating an organization to foster and maintain the manners, customs, and ideals of character and achieve- ment of the Southern people. lt has confined itself to the South with the exception of planting three chapters in the state of California. The national fraternity headquarters are located in Richmond, Virginia, where executive offices are main- tained. There are 68 chapters in existence at the present l MRS. WALTER LONG UIUC. Hostess The local Beta Eta chapter holds the distinction of being the first Greek order established on the campus of the University of Oklahoma, receiving its charter in 1905. Fred Cherry, end, and lack White, tackle, represented the fraternity on the football field this year. A prominent figure in campus activities is Bob Hert, president of Skeleton Key, president of the Polo and Riding Association, Varsity Polo Team, Scabbard and Blade, Chi Chi Chi, and Ruf-Neks. Dalton McBee is president of Checkmate, Cadet Colonel, member of Tau Beta Pi, Scabbard and Blade, and Sigma Tau. A representative in military circles is George Massey, ex-president of Scab- bard and Blade and a Colonel in the R. O. T. C. Other activities include member- ship in Alpha Delta Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Skeleton Key, Phi Delta Phi, and Ruf- Neks. He is a vice-president of the Senior Law Class and a former Business Manager of the Oklahoma Daily. The hostess of Kappa Alpha is Mrs. Walter Long, formerly of Oklahoma City. Mrs. Long came to the chapter in 1931. ...rf-' Page 118 R- KAPPA ALPHA K ui? thi 'A ' iffy? 'J ,. A, I 3 1 A Y yi J Q 'K !1,.v"r Ziy ff . A -A.Q , ' S? , A ., K . ,. , I ..:: . A -- I A ,A:. . 4 5 H Ezg, , T .,., A U ,:,, . 1 SL 1 .mm'A ' A 0 .,- I Lg. ,,,. I Q -,:L i A i K ' H . Y X Q L JAMES N. LUDLUM . . KENNETH G. HUGHES . PEYTON W. FORD . . DICK L, ELLEGOOD . PAUL D. BALBIN, Enid FRANK E. BROWN, Apache FRED T. CHERRY, Okmulgee DICK L. ELLEGOOD, Lawton JAMES S. HOPKINS, Oklahoma City M, WAYNE CHESTNUT Oklahoma City JAMES COCI-IRANE, Oklahoma City WINFORD DAVIDSON, Frederick LOUIS R. DEVANNEY, Sayre JAMES P. EVANS. JR., Shreveport, La. Q 'HAROLD MORGAN, Oklahoma City CARL MAYHALL, Oklahoma City JERRY NOLAN, Norman RICHARD C, TIMMIS. Gainesville, Tex. 'HARRY N. ELLIS, Altus WILLIAM GOSHORN, Oklahoma City KENNETH LITTLE, Altus 'Pledge w 1 Page 119 Q Q Q CLASS OF 1933 JAMES N. LUDLUM, New Orleans, La. GEORGE E. MASSEY, Oklahoma City WILLIAM D. MCBEE, Oklahoma City CLASS OF 1934 PEYTON FORD, Sayre JOHN Pl-IIL HADDOCK, Norman ROBERT L. HERT, Perkins WALTER H. MARSHALL, Shreveport, La. DIxON W. MORRIS. Shreveport, CLASS OF 1935 ALFRED G. TODD, Chelsea A. MERRIMAN YOUNG, Oklahoma City LEO A. BELL, Cemen+ ALFRED H. BUNGARD , Cordell CLASS OF 1936 JAMES W. MCCALL, Oklahoma HARDIE MILLER, Norman NASH P. TRUSS, Norman La. City . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer WILLIAM I. NEWBLOCK, Norman VERNON E. ROBERTS, Holdenyille ROBERT H. SMELLAGE, Waxahachie, Texas BILL WARREN, Holdenville ALFRED MARTIN, Sayre ROBERT TIMMIS, Gainesville, Texas WILLIAM J. W.ALLACE, Oklahoma City JACK B. WHITE, Oklahoma City JOHN B. WILSON, Frederick CHARLES S. WISE, Sayre F, GLEN GOTTSBERGER, Grady JOHN VV. HICKEY, Chickasha BYRON E. HOFFMAN, Miami KENNETH G. HUGHES, Sapulpa JOE BAILEY, Wichita Falls, Texas NATHAN S. SHERMAN, Oklahoma City SIMS WILSON, Frederick KAPPA SIGMA 1i 'W 5 -. . .Q-Qfywwv - 3' P KAPPA SIGMA, founded at the University of Virginia in 1869, was the second fraternity to install a chapter on the campus, chartering the local Alpha Delta Sigma in 1906. Kappa Sigma was the first fraternity at the university to build its own home. The present chapter house is located on Asp Avenue. Kappa Sigma was the first southern fraternity to place a chapter in the North, at Lake Forest in 1880, but this was soon killed by anti-fraternity laws. Expansion during the fraternity's first twenty years was largely due to the guidance of S. A. Iackson, a Virginian. MRS, Fu-,RA D, NIFONG Kappa Sigma had over 7,000 members in the World Hostess War out of a total membership at that time of 15.000, Patriotism is one of the fraternity's principles and each chapter is required to have hung in its chapter house an American Flag. Outstanding Kappa Sigs are: Denver Meacham, an oflicer of Checkmate, and member of Scabbard and Blade, President's Class '32, Derby Club. Senate, Inter- Fraternity Council, and Y. M. C. A. Arthur Pansze is well known on the campus and a football letterman. Dick Simms is a three year football veteran. Ralph Brand was President of the Iunior Class last year, has won the Horse Shoe Championship for the past three years, is a baseball letterman. and has mem- bership in the Senate, President's Class, and International Relations Club. Iude Potts has earned a letter on the Varsity Basketball Team for the past three years. The hostess to Kappa Sigma is Mrs. Flora D. Nifong, formerly of St. Louis, Missouri. This is her eighth year on the campus. Page 120 KAPPA SIC-BMA ..... .mxmw --Ivy...M.,m, -I -, -I A--f U-v. :afzzff ,14g,.::::e1..ET.-f...... R I-+A,-6,1-1 -. L ,, 1: . ...W ie.-fm. ..W,v.w-...T f". 2 J'.v1I.'r."f1', , xi 1 'Q I . I ,.. if , If C Q an Q, , 'P I 5 ? I Qi' All is .. 'Lf 1' I I Z if ' 3 ., , . CHARLES HALE . DENVER MEACHAM . . DAN BOONE . GENE HODGES . GRADUATES CHARLES STIIARD, Waurika CLASS OF 1933 CLARK KNIGPI'F, Bartlesville CLIFFORD LEHEW, Pawnee CLEAVES MCDANNALD, Electra, Texas DAN E. BOONE, Okmulgee RALPH BRAND, Oklahoma City CLASS OF 1934 ,ii 575 "-f Q , - CHARLES HALE, IR., Miami GENE I-IODGES, Clinton HUNTER IOHNSON, Tulsa IAMES MENDENHALL, Dallas, Texas IAMES MILI.ER, Tulsa IOHN MONTGONIERY, Oklahoma City LEE DAWSON, Chandler CLYDE I-IIGHTOWER, Okmulgee ROBERT SATTERFIELD, E1 Reno DENVER MEACHAM, Clinton MARION ESTES, Tyler, Texas RLIPERT FOGG, El Reno RALPH KELLEY, Oklahoma City 'Pledge Page 121 ALEXANDER W. NISBET, Dallas, Texas CHARLES STEWART, Oklahoma City WILLIAM WANTLAND, Edmond RICHARD PRICE, Chickasha WILLIAM LOY, Guthrie CLASS OF 1935 HARRIS VAN WAGNER. Clfldrcss, Texas IACOB COLLAR, Chandler, Arkansas GEORGE W. HAYES, Dallas, Texas H, I. BROWNSON, Chickasha CLASS OF 1936 I-IOMER SAIYTHE, Oklahoma City FRANK ZELIFF, Oklahoma City if af 2 rr sf: . ew 4 I I -I - I,-f . 'ff .. r Qswsigiz . . f v- ,. i2Q?i5igR., ' , . ' r 'fl':k9i -' A .frr- -, x QL M' K , K' . if , .. 8 K.,, get 255 " Lf N 'H QR' il ' D 1 f . President Vi ce-President . Treasurer . Secretary OTHO O. SPARKS, Garber BURKE TUTHII.L, Miami BILL WILLIAMS, Ardmore F. P, RHEA, Muskogee MARION WIAGGONER, Tonkawa ARTHUR PANSZE, Fort Smith, Arkansas GLENN A. TAYLOR, IR., Oklahoma City CARLTON CARNELS, Sayre EUGENE GILL, Okmulgee HOMER TUTHILL, Miami DAN GILL, Okmulgee RAY SNODGRASS, Norman 'MORRIS MCDANNALD, Electra, Texas i DON MILLER, Chickasha I S A I ll i Il I Il M,mm.If..W-...M 1 5 I 1 1 ll I 31 I .I ll II ll 11 ll i ,I 5 'i ,l l E I l ,I 1 1 I, I gi l In ir l 1 l ful I ll I I I l -...M .-.......-....,.-..e-.+,-v--w.-.-.w.-...-.,...-w.u-1gn-f nm- r-.-x----R - C... . ..,.-.-.. BETA THETA PI wn.a,.mm.u1,...:,,,n1. Ny.. w....1..,-,:. . ...av fr - ni 'ya--anna-..w.x.'.,,,..u .rf 1 - f 1 - BETA THETA Pl, oldest member of the Miami Triad, l was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, on August 9, 1839. It was the first fraternity to originate West of the Allegheny Mountains. The presence at Miami of Alpha Delta Phi and opposition to it led to the formation of Beta. They were the first to issue a fraternity journal which had a continuous existance. The local Chapter, Gamma Phi, was chartered in October, 1907. Outstanding Betas are: Alvan Muldrow, football. Ruf-Neks, Scabbard and Blade, Skeleton Key, Check- mate, Derby Club, R. O. T. C. Colonel, lnter-Fraternity ' T Council, and Scabbard and Blade. MRS. NED B. MILLEQ Hostess Earl Sneed, is Business Manager of the SOONER, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Omega, Presidents Class, University Players, Derby Club, Skeleton Key, Inter-Fraternity Council, Scabbard and Blade, lazz Hounds, Phi Beta Kappa, Chi Chi Chi, Bombardiers, Pi Sigma Alpha, and Senate. Edwin Humphrey is a Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon and a member of the Presidents Class '32. Billy Longmire is President of Alpha Pi Mu, Phi Eta Sigma, SOONER Staff, University Publication Board, Presidents Class, Playhouse Productions, WNAD Player, Iazz Hounds, President of Phi Sigma, lnter-Fraternity Council, and Derby Club. Percy Main is a basketball letterman and a Ruf-Nek. Bob Clark, Phi Eta Sigma, Skeleton Key, Checkmate, Toga, Scabbard and Blade, Inter-Fraternity Council, SOONER Staff, Oklahoma Daily, President's Class '32, and a correspondent for the Daily Oklahornan. Paul G. Pugh is President of the Senior Law Class and a Phi Delta Phi. Mrs. Ned B. Miller, Oklahoma City, is serving her ninth year as the hostess at the Beta House. Page 122 BETA THETA PI 3 1: tx vi. 7 af . Ben owls A ir' A i . . A . .L W F. Ol BILLY LONGMIRE . . . EDGAR S. VAUGHT, IR. . FRED E. BROWN, IR. . FRANK AKRIGHT . . BERTON I-IOusH, Blackwell IOHN T. MOORE, IR., Norman EDWIN HUMPHREY, Chickasha BOB CLARK, Norman C. I. DAVENPORT, IR., Sapulpa IAIvIEs C. BUCHANAN, IR., Muskogee FRED E. BROWN, IR., Muskogee ALLEN CALVERT, Saginaw, Michigan PERCY MAIN, Clinton EARL SNEED, IR., Tulsa LOY E. HARRIS, Emporia, Kansas EDGAR S. VAUGHT, Oklahoma City IACKSON KINNEBREW, Norman I. C. DENTON, IR., Tulsa DOUGLAS MYERS, Clinton Page 123 CLASS OF 1933 FOSTER ELY, Enid PAUL PUGH, Marlow HAROLD THWEATT, Chickasha IOHN TONEY, St. Louis, Missouri CLASS OF 1934 R. F. THWEATT, IR., Chickasha BILLY LONGNIIRE, Sapulpa IOHN KNIsELY, Norman IAMES l"llNDMAN, Tulsa IOHN E. COOPER, Muskogee VVILLIAM P. BROOKES, IR., Muskogee CLASS OF i935 BRUCE MILLER, Siloam Springs, Arkansas IOHN F. STUART, Okmulgee WILTON VANDEVENTER, Oklahoma City CLASS OF l936 THOMAS HARRISON, Sapulpa IACK FLEMING, Oklahoma City l . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer ALVAN MULDROW, Norman SAMUEL HOGAN, Norman WEBSTER WILDER, Cherokee DONYEL ADKINSON, Tulsa ANDY CAIvIPBELL, Oklahoma City FRANKLIN ARRIGHT, Nowata ROY R. GARDNER, Sentinel KONLIN KIDD, Bartlesville IAIwIEs AKRIGHT, Nowata CARLTON HOTAI.I,ING, Enid ROBERT R. MCCRACKEN, Ponca City IACK HART, Oklahoma City TOM GIBSON, Muskogee LESLIE M. BORING, Oklahoma City SAMUEL COLEMAN, Pauls Valley HARRY' G. LEWIS. Bristow or L SEMA S IGMA NU originated from the Legion of Honor, a secret society organized in 1868 at Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia. The Greek letter designa- tion and other characteristics of college fraternities were adopted Ianuary 1, 1869, regarded as the date of the founding of Sigma Nu. For several years the fraternity confined itself to the southern states but northern extension began in 1884 with the establishment of a chapter at the University of Kansas. ln two years the Kansas chapter had become the adminis- trative head of the fraternity, and for eight years domin- ated its extension policy. The local fraternity, Delta Alpha, was given its charter as Delta Epsilon of Sigma Nu on Ianuary 1, 1909. lt was the fourth of the national fraternities to be installed on the campus, - v Y Mies. MABEL W. SMITH Hostess Charles Teel is prominent in Blue Key, Skeleton Key, Ruf-Neks, Men's Council, varsity football '31 and '32, and was the champion boxer of the univer- sity for the past three years. Ike Hill is the president of the Iazz Hounds, president of Chi Chi Chi, a member of the Derby Club, and Scabbard and Blade. Vincent Dale is a prominent activity man having membership in the Men's Council, Inter-Fraternity Council, Senate, President's Class, and Skeleton Key. Leslie Hemry is the President of Phi Delta Phi, a member of the Senate and debate team. Tom Biggers is a member of Chi Chi Chi, Derby Club, Inter-Fraternity Council, Phi Delta Phi, and Iazz Hounds. Mrs, Mabel W. Smith is the Sigma Nu hostess, having served the chapter for seven years, Mrs. Smith's home is in Memphis, Tennessee. Page 124 , -,hx x --I.,. I.. .. out-4-gov.,-:Av-:avr-noun L v X I W 1, L -- fra , t S t ' is A II I x Q S U is 'I' A , ,I "' I at , ,T S I, Q 'fm' SE' ' Q ' Ii J 'T it T' L ' I, f I ' ' . , ' I 'P A gf 4 1 s.,.a. J I, 'tg Q kk'r' .L ,I 1 I-I I A, 'f f 'ff N , .,..' ,h . K ,IE S I ,W It ... : N ij, 1 I 1 ' it if , CHARLES TEEL . . President TOM BIGGERS , . Vice-President CLARK ROBERTS . ..... . Recorder HILLAXRD CAREY ....... . Treasurer ELWOOD BROCKMAN, Tulsa HILLARD W. CAREY, Hastings IOHN CRAIG, Idabelle DON MONTGOMERY, Ada JOHN RAPP, Ponca City ALBION W. BAILEY, Neodesha, Kansas TOM BIGGERS, Wewoka RALPH BOGART, Chickasha HOWARD BROCKMAN, Tulsa EVANS CHAMBERS, Oklahoma City VINCENT DALE, Guymon LESLIE HEMRY, Oklahoma City ROBERT GSWALD, Wichita, Kansas IOHN WALLACE, Miami ROBERT HELTON, Grandfielcl TRAVERS MAHAN, Tulsa T. RAY PHILLIPS, Oklahoma City IACK RIVERS, Oklahoma City CLARK ROBERTS, Miami 'BILL VAN VLECK, Oklahoma City ' 'JIMMY HARRISON, Norman ' 'EARL MALONE, Roswell, New Mexico ' 'HARRY QUINN, Oklahoma City ' " Pledge Page 125 CLASS OF 1933 STROTHER SIMPSON, Tulsa CHARLES TEEL, Tulsa ORVAL HILL, Vinita TOM NAPIER, Miami, Florida CLASS OF 1934 CARL WAGONER, Tulsa PAUL BALLINGER, Guymon GEORGE MCELROY, Stillwater BRITTON WALTON, Columbus, Georgia CLARENCE MUSSER, Oklahoma-City V. V. HARRIS, Oklahoma City RUSSELL LEWIS, Arkansas City, Kansas CLASS OF 1935 TOLBERT SMITH, Tulsa STANLEY TYLER, Oklahoma City IOE THOMPSON, Miami CLYDE DINGER, Oklahoma City MAX HICKEY, Chickasha IAMES HALL, Oklahoma City CLASS OF 1936 BOB STREET, Oklahoma City BILL BILLUPS, Oklahoma City MAURICE GANN. Talihina ORIN BORAH, Champaign, Illinois TULLIS LOONEY, Ponca City GEORGE PARRISH, Ponca City FRANK VOGEL, Arkansas City, Kansas CHARLES LOVELESS, Ponca City IAMES WYCOEE, Tonkawa CLAUDE KENNEDY, Norman RUSSELL MAY, Tulsa LYNN WELBORN, Tulsa PAUL EARLY, Ponca City EVERETT COTTER, Oklahoma City MARSHALL KENNEDY, Norman BILL HAMILTON, Ardmore WINSTON CRUZAN, Oklahoma City IAMES NANKQE, Walters BUEORD CARDEN, Tulsa GEORGE BOATRIGHT, Sapulpa 'CHARLES WAGLEY, BOB LANCASTER, Guymon Kansas City, Missouri I. M. KEY, Oklahoma City 'IOHN BURNS, Pauls Valley EUGENE BENNETT, Oklahoma City 'ROBERT BUSTER. Guymon CHARLES DINGER, Oklahoma City 'ELMO SOUTHWARD, Norman PAUL ATKINS, Tulsa it I iI I I II II l xl l Q. I I l I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ll Il I l l i I I I l i E I I I I l tu Z 5 l II l, I. I I l I I l II I, l L I I I ,. ll i I S I . SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON,.1-:2..w,. .:zw..L,... ,V .H-w .. --:z.w,x:...-v-44,1 gn-:w..zzf.-1-.t,'., .,., he-1: -..M:-",q:,zz:.14.::,,.u 1 .,,,. 1, 4m.:r..,1 1, .. ., ,- -,,,1,.11 - .' - - 3' X X 4, , A fl Q " 4? XX S IGMA ALPHA EPSILON was founded at the Uni- versity of Alabama, March 9, 1856. The fraternity was intended to be national in extent and had seven chap- ters before the end of the year 1857. Over 8000 members of S. A. E. were in the service of the Allies during the World War, One of the interesting incidents in the fraternity's history is the story of its woman member, Miss Lucy Pattie, initiated at Kentucky Nlilitary Institute soon after the Civil War. Miss Pattie kept the secret papers and ritual of the chapter when it disbanded and went to war. For this ser- vice she was made a member of the fraternity and held in high regard' MRS. RENE STONF Hostess The twenty-one members of the local fraternity, Iota Tau, were initiated into Sigma Alpha Epsilon on October 23, 1909. The S. A. E. chapter here was one of the first to build its home. Well known Sig Alphs on the campus are: Iohn Swinford, member of Phi Delta Phi, Blue Key, Chi Chi Chi, Student Council and Ruf-Neks. Kelly Parker is a Iazz Hound, member of the Derby Club and Inter- Fraternity Council. Fred Newton was the winner of the Dad's Day Cup, President of the Senior Class, Ranking Cadet Colonel, President of Scabbard and Blade, member of the Derby Club, Pe-et, Toga, Skeleton Key, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, and Ruf-Neks. George McGhee is a Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Pi Sigma, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, and a Rhodes Scholarship candidate. William Vaughn is a basketball letterman, and Charles Mooney lettered in track. Mrs. Rene Stone is the hostess of the chapter, in which capacity she has served for the past two years. She is a resident of Purcell, Oklahoma. Like the past several hostesses, Mrs. Stone is the mother of a Sig Alph. Page 126 Q Q Q nr SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON .,,.-,--geuzfrvwf-,. r S.. , . f-1. rf: -1.-a.:,eum:a,,+-an ., . A rm- E.. xx 7 X Q.. -M . L x G A uk S 5 v if 'T ' . g . g .. 1 AAAA A , V.-'1A M . 1 A 1 A If' ' . f R AAAA . X .. . krry 1 d iy X K t z .Q I ' T ,Q .f 6' . 1 . if I' ':4': E I " . N .. ,:"v - : sr x -.,,.. KELLY PARKER . . President FENTON LAMB . . Vice-President GEORGE MCGHEE . . Secretary FRED NEWTON . .... . Treasurer ROBERT S. LOVE, Purcell IOHN SWINFORD, Norman HARRISON ROE, Frederick KENNETH ALFRED, Cushing FENTON LAMB, Wagoner JAMES LEWIS, Sapulpa RICHARD A. BRYANT, Cushing TOM BRALY, Pampa, Texas PIERCE CANTRELL, Bartlesville HARRELL CHILES, Itasca, Texas CHARLES L. MOUNT, Grandfield IAMES CLEARY, Kilgore, Texas GRADUATES WILLIAM B. MLILLINS, Shawnee CLASS OF 1933 SPOTSWOOD LOMAx, Fort Worth, Texas FRED O. NEWTON, Cushing KELLY K. PARKER, Vernon, Texas CLASS OF 1934 ROY C. IOHNSON, Newkirk MARTIN MILLER, Muskogee WILLIAM VAUGHN, Wynnewood TVIARION S. OWENS, Oklahoma City CHARLES MOONEY, Shawnee WILBUR R. IONES, Ardmore CLASS OF 1935 FRED W. DUNLEVY, Oklahoma City 'IEFF COKER, Lawton CURTIS CANNON, Dallas, Texas BEN FRANKLIN, Oklahoma City IOE MASSIE, Vernon, Texas MCMILLAN LAMBERT, Ardmore JOHN BROWNE, Oklahoma City IOHN FARNUM, Oklahoma City HOWARD FLEET, Ada 'Pledge Page 127 Q sv if NED I-IOLMAN, Guthrie WARREN WOLVERTON, Lawton WILLIAM TOLLESON, Muskogee CLASS OF 1936 ROBERT HOLLAND, Norman C. A. HUSTMYRE, IR., Alexandria, La. sv a 1: in if IAMES T. RUTHERFORD, Oklahoma City HAROLD SIMMONS, Wichita Falls, Texas GEORGE MCGHEE, Dallas, Texas JOHN S. GILKESON, Claremore JEROME MOONEY, Temple E. F. HILL, Houston, Texas DALE M. MOODY, Cushing ROBERT LEE WILSON, Vernon, Texas RALPH WOLVERTON, Lawton CLAY CHILES, Itasca, Texas GEORGE TAGGART, Dallas, Texas WILLIAM OXFORD, Floresville, Texas ALTON SULLIVAN, Elmore City KELLER IACK WAGNER, Chandler HERBERT MORGAN, I-loldenville 'ROBERT LATTING, Tulsa 'ROY NEEL, Oklahoma City 'FRANK GZMENT, Talihina VM, SIGMA CHI ni-manila: " ,ning i2::.11iz::4:...,M,,. ...1 :::.1,z,.'1:fwai-ra-......: -,..,,... ....,...l1- , 4.114 W, W 1 .,....:1.-,.:.:,, 4.4. ' m' zm- ' ' 4 ,Y '--1-fra.:-:,:.a.-.- ' , ,J , , 'Y 'lgx F .9 nl in ,in S IGMA CI-ll is one of the "Miami Triad," originating at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in 1855. The founders of Sigma Chi were originally members of Delta Phi Epsilon, but due to the disagreement of the members over an election, this group withdrew from that chapter and organized another society under the name of Sigma Phi, The founders were apparently unacquainted with the east- ern fraternity of the same name. . This society succeeded in keeping its existence secret for some time, but it was finally discovered. Soon after- wards, a group of rivals entered into a plan to steal its ritual and records, which was accomplished in Ianuary, 1856. lt mr-was ' was at this time that a new constitution and ritual were MRS' W' L' PERKINS prepared, and the name of Sigma Chi adopted. Hostess Beta Kappa of Sigma Chi was established in 1912. During the past year the local chapter has added to its rolls the name of Major Harry Malony, Commandant of the R. O. T. C. unit of the University, Among the outstanding men on the campus, the Sigma Chi's are represented by lim Taylor, Business Manager of the Oklahoma Daily, member of the Inter- Fraternity Council and Iazz Hounds. Hugh Owens is a member of Phi Delta Phi, Ruf-Neks, Chi Chi Chi, and Skeleton Key. Clay Underwood is a member of the Ruf-Neks, Inter-Fraternity Council. Derby Club, and served as president of the local chapter for the year. In athletics, the Sigma Chi's are represented by Bob Dunlap and Francis Cobb. Dunlap was quarterback on the varsity football team and received the position of captain of the All Big Six. Cobb was on the varsity basketball team and held down third base on the baseball team. Mrs. W. L. Perkins has served as hostess of Sigma Chi for the past four years. Her home is in Oklahoma City. Page 125 w vu as a....f-.VS ...ea , cf. , SIGMA CHI , ,, , ,..,.,..,.,aa,,w,MMgJ.,,., . A . , M La.s...4 ,,,...sAL. -....,....,1.,w,.-... v-.N . 5' X 1525 is Y ' I g .. V-I ,..: 1:: ' 'Ei If - if ' A 'fz' - , "P I I I I 3 J an I i C W ' J L ,nm .. ...Q ' " L if 2" 2 'F 3 , ,I Ni Fx i If JD ,tif . A f' ' B i"" A V' - I , . . iv X CLAY UNDERWOOD . . President FRANK MCGRAW . . Vice-President TED STITH . . Secrefary DENNIS CUBBAGE . . Treasurer C. C. BUXTON, Oklahoma City T. H. CARTER, Okmulgee RICHARD CARPENTER, Tulsa JACK HIGHLEY, Oklahoma City NEIL BOGAN, Centralia, Illinois ALTON BOOKOUT, Oklahoma City JEFF ARMSTRONG, Oklahoma City TOM CARSON, Ponca City EDWARD CLARKE, Tulsa JACK HIGH, Oklahoma City HUGH OWENS, Oklahoma City THOMAS BEELER, Okmulgee REX CHANEY, Sulphur GENE CHAPPELL, Newkirk CHARLES CLARK, Tulsa CLASS OF 1933 TED STITH, Norman HARRY JORDAN, Colleyville, Kansas PAUL HARRISON, Ripley CLASS OF 1934 WILLIAM PERRYMAN, Tulsa T. MYRON PYLE, Oklahoma City ED HAYS, Tulsa DENNIS CUBBAGE, El Reno ROBERT DUNLAP, Haskell RALPH ENIX, Hennessey MONT I-IIGHLEY, Oklahoma City FRANK KENNEDY, Okmulgee CLASS OF 1935 FRED HOYT, Oklahoma City DON MACI-IENHEIMER, Shawnee ROLAND PHILLIPS, Maud WILLIAM ROBERTS, Ardmore WILLIAM WOFFORD, Tulsa CLASS OF 1936 BERNARD KENNEDY, Oklahoma City JAMES TAYLOR, Oklahoma City CLAY UNDERWOOD, Wichita Falls, Texas FRANK MCGRAW, Newkirk JAMES MYTINGER, Wichita Falls, Texas GEORGE ST. JOHN, Arkansas City, Kansas CHARLES WILSON, Oklahoma City BILL SHOFTSTALL, Tulsa JOHN YOUNG, Woodward FRANCIS COBB, Oklahoma City SEYMOUR SPEARS, Louisville, Kentucky 'WILSON BROWN, Oklahoma City PHIL JORDAN, Tulsa 'JERRY MRAZ, Oklahoma City 'RHYS EVANS, Ardmore 'ALBERT MERCER, Pittsburgh, Penn. KENNETH NELMS, Ardmore 'J, C, GREEN, Maud 'JAMES VAN LANDINGHAM, Muskogee 'Pledge Page 129 PHI GAMMA DELTA m mvx'.:-gi,,vf,:,.: - -am:-mfs-wam.munw.w...iwamr.e'umw..:.::..s..g: W- Wiiusrzggt: :,.-mn-uv-wrmvng-21:4.:,i--9-:mane-an-+Q:Q:.zvwm-gm-:.u.iww -1 . .wmmfm- it 1Ir.1TA. 14161115 PHI GAMMA DELTA was founded in the room of Iohn Templeton McCarty in HFort Armstrong," a dormitory of Iefferson College, Cannonsburg, Pa., on the night of April 22, 1848. A constitution was adopted on May 1, 1848, which date is now celebrated as the Founders Day. The fraternity expanded rapidly, first to the south- ward and later to the north and west. The mother chapter enjoyed a prosperous existence until the union of Wash- ington and Iefferson Colleges in 1879 which caused it to become extinct. The fraternity convention, called the Ekklesia, meets annually, The fraternity's permanent headquarters are in Washington, D. C. The general oflice is in charge of an Hostess executive secretary. Two field secretaries are employed on full-time service. , MRS. DWIGHT E. AULTMAN Graduate cha ters exist in sevent -three cities and raduate associations in P Y 9 thirty-seven, including Shanghai, China. Phi Kappa Pi, local on the campus, received their charter in Phi Gamma Delta on March 41, 1917, after petitioning the national for four years. Outstanding of the undergraduates are Andy Beck, Associated Press All Big Six basketball star, baseball letterman, Men's Council, Phi Eta Sigma, Pe-et, Toga, Checkmate, Ruf-Neks, Bombardiers, Scabbard and Blade, and Blue Key. Ioe Barnhill, polo captain '32, President of the Polo and Riding Association '32, Ruf-Neks, Blue Key, Tri Chi, Bombardiers, and Scabbard and Blade. Mrs. Dwight E. Aultman is the Phi Gam hostess, and has served the chapter in this capacity for three years. Her home is in Lawton, Gklahoma. 'W Q Page 130 if PHI GAMMA DELTA AQHA. QW V . A ' -at A Sf , ,. 1 .51 Iwi Q f gag, 5,LF T9 W fi x 3 , W H x Vi,kfiV, in I I .,- 5 .- we .9 - 4 A A H T . I A I QAA' of "'? - 'I' K Q ',. 1 , if I if "':" ' A 'A A . v-,I, 'I f, ,. l y - , A i' A . ,. V E zz, .,.. '15 D F t I .S ' ' ' 1 ':,, 11, ,,. Q. 3. yi NI , A I- A , , i I DICK GURLEY TOM FINNEY . OTIS PETTY . MURRAY GORDON, Bartlesville LYNN BULLIS, Oklahoma City NED POE, Tulsa BILL RODGERS, Moberly, Missouri DICK GuRLEY, Blackwell WENDELL FORD, Tulsa IOE BARNHILL, Oklahoma City GLEN HALL, San Antonio, Texas BILL WAID, Pawhuska FRANK SCHOEIELD, Oklahoma City JOHN DLIDLEY, Oklahoma City IIM MAJOR, Oklahoma City BART WARD, Weatherford BILL STEPHENS, Oklahoma City BILL BuI.I.Is, Oklahoma City NORNTAN BLIRVVFLL, Oklahoma City Pledge Page 131 CLASS OF 1933 ANDY BECK, Oklahoma City BILL DIXON, I-lominy VANCE BROACH, Tulsa BOB LISK, Alva CLASS OF 1934 IOE RuCKs, Oklahoma City BILL MAJOR, Oklahoma City DICK TAET, Norman IOHN CLOVER, Enid BEN HARNED, Bartlesville OTI5 PETTY, Amarillo, Texas CLASS OF 1935 BYRLIM KROUTIL, Youkon 'TIM MCWILLIAMS, Oklahoma City JACK SCHAFF, Tulsa ALBERT LIPSI-IER, Oklahoma City CLASS OF 1936 HAROLD EISELE, Oklahoma City SCOTT BEASLEY, Bartlesville BOB GRADY, Oklahoma City . Presid e nt . S ecrefa r y . Treasurer RLIRERT MCCLUNG, Trinidad, Colorado DON WIET, Tulsa CHARLES DAVIS, Oklahoma City STANLEY MARSH, Amarillo, Texas TOM FINNEY, Bartlesville DALTON LAIN, Tulsa IIM BYNUM, Amarillo, Texas FRANK LEACH, Bartlesville MILTON GARBER, Enid MAU RICE HUFF, Sapulpa IARVIS WOODWARD, Brookline, Mass i WALLY THOMAS, Tulsa EDMOND ALDEN, Bartlesville ALBERT ROLLINS, Okmulgee IIM MOUNT, Oklahoma City PHI DELTA THETA .-...-M - A f ui- - - ' - -' '- -...J ...U-,..4f.-Q--n-e.-in-., 1-1,-,rf .d...f:usnaasoaa..q.-u1wAz..1f4s.K -J. .. .r,..'..c,..4. -.-.rv-.u...u,-:espn-,-1.-4,1m.m.. ,v,. Q -f. NW-.. .w....v.en--N..-.we 4. 'Y 44 5 JV f?vA PHI DELTA THETA, a member of the Miami Triad, was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, December 26, 1848. The fraternity remained sub rosa until the time of the spring commencement of the Univer- sity in 1852, when the members decided to make the frater- nity's existence publicly known, and began wearing badges openly. During the first thirty-five years of the fraternity, anti-fraternity laws caused the loss of several chapters, but Phi Delta Theta has now become one of the largest of the national fraternities. General fraternity headquarters are now maintained at Oxford, Ohio, where an executive secretary and assist- ant are in charge. There are 1416 chartered chapters of MRS- F' W- HARDENSTEIN alumni in Phi Delta Theta. Oklahoma Alpha was established on this campus on Ianuary 2, 1918, and has the distinction of being granted a charter of Phi Delta Theta in the shortest time of any petitioning body. Outstanding Phi Delts include Willis Stark, President of the Inter-Fraternity Council, Vice-President of the Oratorical Council, varsity debater, member of Iazz Hounds, Skeleton Key, and 118-pound university boxing champion. Ab Walker, three-year football letterman, member of the Athletic Council, University Sextathalon winner, and member of the track team. Charles Engleman is a member of Pe-et, Skeleton Key, Scabbard and Blade, Bombardiers, Kappa Kappa Psi, Oklahoma Daily staff, and Sports Editor of the SOONER. Iames Riley is President of the University Band, member of the Inter- Fraternity Council, and active in Y. M. C, A. work. Omar "Bud" Browning is a football letterman and All Big Six basketball guard by the Associated Press. Mrs, F. W. Hardenstein is the chapter hostess and is serving her twelfth year on the campus. She has been here longer than any other housemother. Her home is in Memphis, Tennessee. Hostess Page 132 . .W.f..w ..-,.,,w1.. f Y A A PHI DELTA stil: FAQ! x 5, 3 THETA V A Y . 1 ' I S I . , , , , , W, 3 1 f . 1 5 A if In K k 'K V filflig f .,-' 1 -, ' Q K .RH 6' I -, Af ' ly' iv K 556 4'kh T ' ' 35 4 -A' ' E' ll? Ai" W I f r A , 1 ' " , A zi' '1,- 1 .A bw' ' ' 'K , A 'A I ' '15 . , . 3 .- W 1 ,,:A f s - ' ,Q l ' IR- A xt v 5 f . Xt' DSAG A A A A A ,- ,At S i'- I ,'1, . ' A.,., I. WILLIS STARK . . President DAN ALGLIIRE . . . Secretary CHARLES ENGLEMAN . . Treasurer DONALD EDWARDS, Oklahoma City CHARLES ENGLEMAN, Tulia, Texas WILLIAM BRANSFORD, Dallas, Texas HERBERT H. CHAMPLIN, Lawton GIBSON FULLERTON, Miami CHARLES EDWARDS, Oklahoma EMMETT HENLEY, Muskogee VVILLIAM HEWITT, Bartlesville MAX KELLY, Muskogee DAN ALGUIRE, Chickasha B. B. BAREFOOT, Chickasha BuD BROWNING, Enid City CLASS OF 1933 'WILLIAM HOLMES, Oklahoma City BARRON HOUSEL, Oklahoma City ROBERT IACOBY, New York City, N. Y. LAVVRENCE KEEGAN, Lawton CLASS OF 1934 ERNEST EUGENE NOLEN, Norman JAMES RILEY, Bristow GEORGE SHIRK, Oklahoma City CLASS OF 1935 iELIGENE MGKNIGHT, Enid DON STINcHEcuM, Duncan LYNN WILLIAMSON, Duncan 'CARL CHAMBERS, Fort Worth, Texas WALTER MORRISON, Norman 'WILLIAM CHAMPLIN, Lawton 'ALTON COATS, Duncan 'DUDLEY COOK, Oklahoma City 'ALLAN ENGLEMAN, Tulia, Texas 'ROY MARCOM, Marshall, Texas 'Pledge Page 133 GEORGE LEEMAN, Duncan MAX MCCURDY, Purcell TOM PEACOCK, Oklahoma City ALBERT WALKER, Blackwell WILLIS STARK, Oklahoma City 'PAUL MCCLUSKY, Blackwell ROBERT HILDT, Tulsa LAVVRENCE CULLISON, Guthrie SHERSCIIEL FRENCH, Oklahoma City 'LYLE JOHNSON, Norman 'ROBERT MOORE, Oklahoma City 'ABE MORELL, Enid 'IOHN L. MCKINNEY, Okemah 'PHIL NEFF, Oklahoma City 'RAYMOND WELLS, Bristow A ' :alumna-nag-..-1.1-wr ACACIA la.. at , 1 0 , .lx A v a - 'I ACACIA was founded at the University of Michigan on May ll, 1904, by a group of student Freemasons organized as a Masonic Club, and incorporated under the laws of the state in 1895. The government of the fraternity is vested in a grand conclave composed of delegates from the chapters and meeting biennially. The Oklahoma chapter was chartered into the national organization on May 1, 1920. The local was known as the Oklahoma Masonic Club and was organized in 1914 as a petitioning body. -P MRS. MAUDE THOMAS Hostess Outstanding students on the campus who are active members of Acacia are: Frank lttner, who is a member of Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, Toga, Checkmate, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Ruf-Neks, Blue Key, was president of Phi Eta Sigma '29, president of the Engineers' Club, and is a member of St. Pat's Council, Lawrence "Dutch" Elderkin is the Secretary-Treasurer of the A. S. C. E. and a member of the Engineers' Club and St. Pat's Council. Iohn Fortson is the City Editor of the Oklahoma Daily, Phi Eta Sigma, Bom- bardiers, Sigma Delta Chi, and a member of the President's Honor Class. Iohn Stewart was an '89er last year and is now a member of Ruf-Neks, Bombardiers, Scabbard and Blade, and the Inter-Fraternity Council. Mrs. Maude Thomas is the hostess to the Acacia fraternity, and has been with them for six years, Her residence is in Beatty, Kansas. , ' ' Z,,. . ' 9 Page 134 ACACIA 'W' Ixka ' oi ' 5 1 A ab ff , A rg A. 1 2 M In 5' be B av' X J . ' s we 'Y LL I I :ENQ 'Q R53 ,. ,,' - " , I 2 ' H .:" . .A f i' 1 -A 16- if ' A ill? N A, , ' ' I' . wf- Aiii , Aw ' iiilf ' 'lr "a,,, if 1 A is A V i R te f A A IOIHIN STEWART . . President IOHN ZWICK . Vice-President JAMES WILSON . . Secretary RAY AVVTREY . . Treasurer FRANK ITTNER, Oklahoma City RALPH BOLLINGER, Tyron HOWARD MURRAY, Norman DONALD PORTER, Lawton RAY AWTREY, Greenfield ED BARTLEY, Drumright DUWARD MATHIS, Frederick ROBERT BLASE, Wichita, Kansas GEORGE VERITY, McCloud LAURENCE ELDERKIN. Springville, N. Y. JAMES RAY, Antlers 'GLENN MANNING, Oklahoma City 'BERT OLIVER, Anadarko 'Pledge Page 135 CLASS OF l933 BRYAN COLE, Norman PAUL BATTENBERG, Allentown, Pa. IOHN STEWART, Oklahoma City C. L. HOLMES, Henryetta JAMES WILSON, Enid CLASS OF 1934 LESLIE HAMM, Oklahoma City IACK SUTHERLAND, Altus if NOLEN IACOBS, Pryor KENNETH MCAFEE, Norman IOHN FORTSON, Tecumseh JOHN ZWICK, Oklahoma City CLASS OF 1935 DOLPH SHULTS, Weatherford R. T. POLLARD, Lawton CLASS OF 1936 DOYLE TODD, Norman IAMES GWIN, Oklahoma City RODNEY BURNS, Oklahoma City LOUIS BOND, Oklahoma City ICE BLANCHARD, Snyder WILMER RAGSDALE, Artesia, New Mexico AUSTIN STOUGH, Geary PAUL WILSON, Shawnee W. C. ALSTON, Checotah TOM MUNSON, Lawton IOHN SCOTT, Oklahoma City HARRY LAMBERT, Enid LANVRENCE SWANSBERGER, Oklahoma City IRWIN TUCKER, Tulsa MURRELL HOLBERT, Oklahoma City PI KAPPA ALPHA ,T ,,- M , ,, A,,, ,,,,,, ,W ,, r, ,N ,, ,.,,,, ,,.. ., W. ..,,,,, -..M . W . v Pl KAPPA ALPHA was founded at the University of Virginia, on the night of March 1, 1868, by five men who had long been intimate friends and were all veterans of the Confederate Army. The live, finding themselves together at Virginia after the war, Wanted to perpetuate their friendship and so they founded the fraternity. The World War record of Pi Kappa Alpha is im- posing. Out of a total living membership at that time of 6,099, 1,115 were in the service. Some 565 undergraduates enlisted. The assistance of the older alumni made it pos- sible for every chapter to survive. Beta Omicron chapter was founded at Oklahoma University on September 24, 1920, MRS. JAMES E. PERSHING Hostess - Prominent members of Pi Kappa Alpha are Buck Garrett, President of the Ruf-Neks, member of Blue Key, Scabbard and Blade, Skeleton Key, R. O. T. C. Captain, Blackstone Bar, and Senate. . Ervyl Bross, basketball letterman, is another representative of Pi Kappa Alpha. Ioe Stamper is president of the Men's Council, a Iazz Hound, and member of Monnet Bar and Senate. Robert W. Vahlberg is the president of Delta Beta Chi and member of St. Pat's Council. He has twice received national recognition through the Beaux Arts Institute for his Work on architectural projects. Dudley H. Culp, lnter-Fraternity Council Secretary and Freshman Advisor under Dean Findley, is a member of the Men's Council, Phi Delta Phi, and Iazz Hounds. Mrs. Iames E. Pershing, of Topeka, Kansas, has been hostess of Pi Kappa Alpha for eleven years. She is the president and founder of the Hostess Club. which was organized on the campus in 1923. - 1,57 Pa gc 136 PI KAPPA ALPHA -nw-vo-rv-wwnu-vws-f--::1.-.-V-W-.-- A Y. .-- . ..,..::aeI-,s,1.Y.:..a.w-:s.wH--,-:f'::- L, L L - , fr: -fx-ev . -M-fn-uv , .. ...LL L L,...,. -I f.-.::LE,. .,.-,Q-My -. U , . - ,L L-, . DUDLEY CLILP, Norman IOHN MEIKLE, Hunter , fi! , W, DLIDLEY CLILP . . . BRESSOM HOLTZSCHUE . . CHARLES E. VVOODS . . IACK KERNS . . CLASS OF 1933 ROBERT HOWARD, Oklahoma City PAuL HANSON, E1 Reno WILLIAM GRISSO, Seminole 'ARDEN RAY DOUGLAS, Electra, Texas IACK KIRTON, Chickasha EARLY SPIERS, Greenville, Miss. WARREN GUNTER, Elk City PHIL K. CAMPBELL, Claude, Texas IACK WILLIAMS, Oklahoma City BRESSOM HOLTZSCHUE, DOUGLAS BELL, Houston, Texas IACK L. KERNS, Oklahoma City CLASS OF 1934 FINCH WHITE, Oklahoma City Oklahoma City IOE GILMORE, Norman WILLIE WILSON, Norman ERVYL BROSS, El Reno ROBERT KYLE, Ardmore 'f CLASS OF 1935 A VAN NOY COLPEPPER, Sapulpa 'BOB OFFIELD, Oklahoma City I. O. EDWARDS, Seminole 'DELMAR STEINBOCK, Frederick GEORGE SMITH Sa ulpa 'FLETCHER SWANK, Norman f P 'IAMES CHEATHAM, Oklahoma City MARK MILLER, Muskogee B, M. NOWERY, Houston, Texas CLASS OF 1936 'R. I. DAUGHERTY, IR., Bartlesville 'DICK GEORGE, Norman 'IOHN A, IOHNSTON, Bartlesville 'BILL CROCKER, Dallas, Texas 'WADE PIPKIN, Seminole 'TOM BOYD, Ardmore 'KENNETH ROBINSON, Oklahoma City'EMIL MEIS, Oklahoma City 'KELLER BARNETT, Norman 'Pledge Page 137 Q If . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Buck GARRETT, Heavener GEORGE MISKOVSKY, Oklahoma City HAROLD WILLIAMS, Caldwell, Kansas BURTON WOOD, Oklahoma City ERIC WHITE, Tulsa W IOE STAMPER, Clayton BUDDY ALLISON, Shreveport, La. ROBERT W. VAHLBERG, Oklahoma City CHARLES WOODS, Independence, Kansas MAX STUNTZ, Bartlesville ROBERT H. NEPTUNE, Bartlesville LEROY ROBINSON, Clarksville, Texas GEORGE WRIGHT, Optima 'BEN POYNER, Weleetka 'BILL ARCHER, Houston, Texas 'GEORGE GILMORE, Norman 'WAYNE LECRONE, Norman 'IOHN WHEELER, Tulsa W i iii A PHI KAPPA PSI ,. 1, . 1 I' iw,- .V ffl., PHI KAPPA PSI was founded at Iefferson College, Pennsylvania, February 19, 1852, by Charles P. T. Moore and William H. Letterman. The parent chapter nearly became extinct in 1863, owing to the enlistment of all but one member in the Federal Army. The total membership of the fraternity at the outbreak of the Civil War was only about 600. Of this number 552 men enlisted, and of these about 100 were killed. At the present time approximately five hundred mem- bers of Phi Kappa Psi are listed in Who's Who in America The local, Kappa Psi, scholarship leader on the Qkla- homa campus, was granted its charter on October 9, 1920. Miss CARRIE STEVEN Bernard Doud is President of the Engineers' Club, Hostess President of St. Pat's Council, Checkmate, Blue Key. Toga, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, A. S. M. E., Scabbard and Blade, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Assistant to the Dean of Men '32, and win- ner of Whirlwind contest for Hmost popular man on the campus." Bill Harsch is Editor of the Engineers' Magazine, R. O. T. C. Colonel, Chi Chi Chi, Pick and Hammer, Bombardiers, Scabbard and Blade and Iazz Hounds. Iohn Fishburn is the National President of Bombardiers, and vice-president of Phi Eta Sigma. Louis Iackson is undefeated in Big Six wrestling. Denny Falkenberg is the President of the Senate Debating Society, and Assistant to the Dean of Men. Bill Majors is a member of the Inter-Fraternity Council, Ruf-Neks, Chi Chi Chi, and Derby Club. Norman Iones was fraternity editor of the 1931 SOONER, Bombardiers, Scabbard and Blade, and Derby Club. Miss Carrie Stevens of Newport, Arkansas, came to the Phi Psis in the fall of 1930. She is serving her third year as hostess. 2'-55:1 X .,.,.,...,.. -A Page 138 PHI KAPPA PSI f ! v K I 'l O ' . Q A A . Wg ' -1- ' K 'n '. ,y g , t N : :',. ,,.,.. A 1 3 I 5 7, . . A- K - ',:: i . it . .k', L A fi ' l lx . V F ,Q A . ,gl ' ' 5' . .. s . li . -h: - S- I , 1 . . B , gg xl .. i, 1 gm g Q, 1 nf N li S. X , S, 1 WILLIAM C. HARSCH . HAMILTON DE MEULES VVARHAM C. PARKS . JAMES D. FELLERS . WVILLIAM C. HARSCH, Tulsa WILLIAM M. MAJORS, Muskogee FREDERIC HAMMOND, Lawton IAMES D. FELLERS, Oklahoma City Louis W. HILL, Enid HAMILTON DE MEULES, Tulsa WARHAM C. PARKS, Muskogee LEWIS B. JACKSON, Tulsa JOHN HOUCHIN, Muskogee DENNY FALKENBERG, Medford FRED MILLS, Dallas, Texas JOHN FISHBURN, Cushing WILLIAM M. DuRNIL, Muskogee "NEVILLE BOWERS, Tulsa 'LOUIS N. STIVERS, Pawhuska ' Pledge Page 139 GRADUATE SLOAN IACKSON, Perry CLASS OF 1933 I. ARLEIGH HUFF, Columbus, Ohio BERNARD I. DOLID, Norman CLASS OF 1934 WILL R. WILSON, Dallas ROBERT IORDAN, Durant IOSEPH MlTCIiELL, Pawhuska WARREN McMANuS, Muskogee IAMES E. ROTH, Bartlesville GEORGE W, SNEDDEN, Tulsa ROBERT S. McKEE, Gainesville, Texas CLASS OF 1935 HIIBERT IONES, Sioux City, Iowa . President Vice-President . Treasurer . Secretary REX DAVENPORT, Pilot Point, Texas NORMAN IONES, Perry 'HAROLD ABERNATHY, Altus 'ROBERT LOUGHMILLER, Oklahoma City 'CHARLES VANCE, Oklahoma City 'NEAL SEARCY, Tulsa 'ROBERT SEARCY, Tulsa ROBERT LOCKVVOOD, Tulsa 'NELSON CLABAUGH, Mangum STEINER MASON, Newkirk 'ALLAN WAGGONER, Oklahoma City THOMAS MILLER, Sand Springs 'IOHN PETTIGROVE, Bartlesville IOI-IN R, LAW, Oklahoma City 'WILLIAM LEAVITT, Shawnee CLASS OF 1936 'IOE M. MILLS, Norman 'ROBERT HANSEN, Oklahoma City 'I BEDFORD MCKENZIE, Mang um 'EDGAR A. DE MEULES, Tulsa 'CHARLES FOLLANSBEE, Eufaula ALPHA TAU OMEGA W -..a11-T-'X'-W...7f:',T:ti.'.l.::...:.:.-f :-Y ,,,, ,, ,U ,fy ,W '---sg, ,::,:,,,,,,5 4-, Q 1 n,I,,,.A1 . , T HE ALPHA TAU OMEGA fraternity was founded at Richmond, Virginia, on September 11, 1865. It was the first Greek letter college fraternity organized after the Civil War. It also has the distinction of being the first fraternity of Southern origin which was successful in main- taining chapters in the North. The fraternity has not confined its membership strictly to undergraduates and has admitted faculty members when they were otherwise qualified. Membership has never been conferred except by initiation. New charters are issued only upon a vote of all the chapters and favorable recom- mendations by the high council. Oklahoma Delta Kappa was chartered on February 2, 1921, absorbing the local chapter of Zeta Tau. Their present home was the first large fraternity house built east of the campus. g ,.-,......--.auf 1 MRS. F. D. APPLEBY H ostcs Among active and well known members is Pat Sinclair, member of Toga, Checkmate, Ruf-Neks. Skeleton Key, Blue Key, Alpha Delta Sigma, and Phi Delta Phi. Tom Hunter is a prominent figure in Blue Key, Ruf-Neks, the Inter-Frater- nity Council, Derby Club, and Alpha Delta Sigma. Bill Lewis is a member of the Inter-Fraternity Council and the Derby Club. I. N. Childers belongs to the Derby Club and Iazz Hounds. lack Parsons is a Ruf-Nek and Alpha Pi Mu. Mrs. Frederick Deupree Appleby of Chickasha, Oklahoma, serves the chap- ter as hostess. She has been on the campus for the past three years. if 'Y' 'P' for Page 140 ALPHA TAU OMEGA .,,,,, ww Twp-nf-fu.-Q-rv .....n,-. ,.,.,,,., ..,,, .,, .,, I .--4.'-.,x,.q,s.w-ffny-vm-ww.,.,.,..,.,,.m--um- va-,...,.,...-.-.,-W. wa.-:Ream Iv A ' 4? YL J n fsrgirsi : :I A 4 .fs J' S . X I - Eff O9 I . Y' 1 5, V .. be ff' A A if 5. .. , ,Q,,.,,. QIQ . 1 "i-2 Y Y WILLIAM CHESLEY LEWIS, IR. . . . President IAMES F. CRAWFORD . . . . Vice-President MALIRICE P. TRIPPLEHORN . . . Secretary RAY ANTHONY . . . . Treasurer CLASS OF l933 IAMES CRAWFORD, Oklahoma City THEODORE FISHER, Newkirk FORNEY HUTCHINSON, IR., HOWARD OLSON, Tulsa Oklahoma City LESLIE WARREN, Ardmore M. G. SINCLAIR, Oklahoma City WILLIAM C. LEWIS, Oklahoma City I. C. HORN, McAlester THOMAS HUNTER, Springfield, Illinois' LYNN ZARR, Temple, Texas CLASS OF 1934 PHILLIP KLEAS, Houston, Texas 'PAUL F. SULLIVAN, I. N. CHILDERS, Amarillo, Texas Coffeyville, Kansas RAY ANTHONY, Oklahoma City AMES COLLEY, Hominy CLIFTON WITT, Erick ELDON FRYE, Coifeyville, Kansas HAROLD DONNELL, Amarillo, Texas CLASS OF 1935 MARSHIALL BROWN, Amarillo, Texas 'HOUSTON PARRISH, Tyler, Texas w Q M. P. TRIPPLEHORN, Fort Worth, Texas C. A. DWYER, Houston, Texas EDWIN BLIRBA, McA1ester B. I. VEDINER, Coffeyville, Kansas IACK PARSONS, Tulsa S. C. MORIAN, Bradford, Pa. ROBERT WALIJROP, Oklahoma City WILLIAM BRUMAGE, Anadarko ROBERT BRUMAGE, Anadarko IACK L. MILLAWAY, Bartlesville I. S. WELBOAN, Freeport, Texas SAMUEL T. MOORE, Oklahoma City 'HERBERT SANFORD, Perryton, Texas IACK MORRISON, Oklahoma City IOHN ALLEN, Oklahoma City "'H. S. CARRINGTON, Mart, Texas CLASS OF 1936 'IAMES COWLES, Tulsa 'HERBERT I-IAzzARD, Altus 'FRANCIS TRINDLE, McAlester 'ROY CALDWELL, McAlester 'R B. ROPER. Cleburne, Texas 'Pledge Page 141 DELTA TAU DELTA A 1, 1 THE DELTA TAU DELTA fraternity was informally V 1 organized at Bethany College, Virginia tlater West Virginial, in the spring of 1858, but the formal organiza- tion was not effected until early in 1859. The first Southern fraternity, the Rainbow of W. W. W. Society, was united with Delta Tau Delta in 1886, after lengthy negotiations. The Rainbow fraternity was founded in 18418 at the University of Mississippi. To com- pliment the older order the name of the official journal of Delta Tau Delta was changed from The Crescent to The ' Rainbow. 1 X, The local petitioning group, Delta Sigma Delta, be- A t t'tti 't came the national Delta Alpha of Delta Tau Delta in 1922. MRS' I' W' ALLEN Hostess Some prominent Delts on the campus are: Truman Tomlin, manager of the Boomer orchestra and member of Derby Club. Bruce Beesley is the manager of the wrestling team, a member of Scabbard and Blade and the Inter-Fraternity Council. Kay Garnett is a member of the Polo Team. Gordon Watts is a member of Scabbard and Blade, Polo Team, Derby Club, Polo and Riding Association, and Iazz Hounds. Ioe Fred Gibson is a member of the Presidents Class, Scabbard and Blade, Bombardiers, first semester president of Senate, Ruf-Neks, and is an Associate Editor of the 1933 SooNER. Hirst Suffield is a well known figure on the campus, having membership in the Derby Club, Scabbard and Blade, Presidents Class, Iazz Hounds, Bombar- diers, and Senate. Mrs. W. Allen, Oklahoma City, acts as hostess at the Delta Tau Delta house. She has been with the chapter for seven years and is affectionately known as "Mother Allen." Page 142 DELTA TAU DELTA .Ex 9 4 .gwi y J . :.- .:'.:.:5 by 'gal :ij J ,,':. fiii, 5 RL K NJ' " FW" ay I 'vm V ' :. 5 v 5 'f1iP'i'H: 'ffffiwk 9 r .,:1,.,, Q ,I ,V . ,.:,:, , I - " :Ely YU: 'K T9 ', . .... 3, ., S , af is . .. ,St , .F '55 S .,,, . , I in Q-A if im Is- ,I I I " -T e rf: .. ,V Q x . . ,f . I I - fi . ' ' 2:. 1 S. A 1 , R ,R -':-S, -,,:'- , xx' , ..-'kk K . H: :fig ,, , LAWRENCE WILSON . HIRST SUEEIELD GORDON WATTS . NORMAN ANDERSON, Oklahoma City RICHARD BUCHANAN, Oklahoma City GEORGE HONDROS, Wichita, Kansas MORRIS SI-IRADER, El Reno HIRST SUFFIELD, Gage ALLEN GIBSON, Bartlesville JOE FRED GIBSON, Wellston CHARLES COBLENTZ, Quiton JAMES L. CAIN, Ardmore BRUCE BEESLEY, Tulsa HERRICK BABCOCK, El Reno H. C. LUMAN, Oklahoma City CLASS OF 1933 LLOYD IOI-INSON, Oklahoma City MONTIETH MCCORMICK, Wichita, Kansas WILLIAM VANDAVEER, Neodesha, Kansas CLASS OF 1934 ROBERT WILLIAMS, Ardmore HAROLD HANDRIIM, Kingston JEROME LAUDERMILK, Wichita, Kansas CLASS OF 1935 HOWARD NEWINIAN, Tulsa T. C. STROMBERG, Ardmore WORLEY STEWART, VVatonga LINWOOD CREASY, El Reno CLASS OF 1936 IACK DAVIS, Wichita, Kansas IOHN NICHOLS, Ardmore HAROLD JONES, Tulsa 'HARRY SHRADER, El Reno 'RAY MCNEILL, Pampa, Texas 'Pledge Page 143 HARRY SLIFFIELD, Gage . President Vice-President . Treasurer WILLIAM BOLLINGER, Tyrone IOHN ALLEY, Norman WILLIAN1 BATEMAN, Memphis, Tennessee HENRX' ALLEY, Norman TRUMAN TOMLIN, Durant LAWRENCE WILSON, Cooper, Texas WILLIAM PEARCE, Fort Worth, Texas KENNETH DuEF, Lawton MAX STRuM, Winfield, Kansas GORDON WATTS, Wagoner 'WILLIAM SPALSBURY, Oklahoma City 'EDWIN STAHL, Oklahoma City 'IACK FOSTER, Tulsa 1+ 1 1 1 ll ll 1. 11 I , fl 3 E 5 ai F? Ei if 1 I 1 if E Q 2 1 ii 5 5 X I w PHI BETA DELTA ::' , ,,,, ,gi-umln7,.':3l ,ll Y, ,,,,Ir- l- W , ,, Y-,......!rll 1 , Y 2, .Quai I QE. . i, . . N ' 3 :H 'W T HE PHI BETA DELTA fraternity was organized and founded at Columbia University, April 5, 1912. The organization has had a rapid growth and has thrived from its inception in spite of the fact that the policy of expansion is conservative and new chapters are admitted only after they have fulfilled definite entrance requirements including endorsement by members of the faculty. The government of the fraternity is vested in a na- tional council, elected by the annual convention and given broad powers. A - The local Iota Chapter was granted its charter to Phi Beta Delta in 1922, and since that time has made a name for itself in both forensics and scholarship, winning second place in the fraternity grade averages for the year. I 9 MRS. HERMIAN LEVINE Hostess Prominent Phi Beta Deltas on the campus are Sam Abrams, editor of the Qklahoma Daily, Pe-et, and member of the Inter-Fraternity Council. Bill Edelman, Senior Intramural Manager. Ben Marks, track team, and holder of the Big Six javelin record. Harry A. Pines, president of the Oratorical Council, Varsity Debate Team, Pe-et, President Delta Sigma Rho, National Forensic Fraternity, and Inter- Fraternity Council. Sid Rudin, Buffalo Mask, and Ruf-Nek. The hostess at the Phi Beta Delta house is Mrs. Herman Levine. She came to the Oklahoma campus this year from Fort Smith, Arkansas. Page 144 MMA mum E. IrM,...v.a.w.n,.n, an W bl A ki HARRY A. PINES, Tulsa SALIL GORDON, Oklahoma City SID RUDIN, Tulsa PETER MILLARD, New York City, N. Y. ADOLPH STOuP, Kansas City, Mo. PHI BETA DELTA mn,fMu,.-,nn ..a....v...1,7-ww-.msmw. mwA.M,wwI- ..A., 3...-f. .f . R. .44 m1. 921. i I I :R L f' ,gf ,435 ,,. A if 3. r Q 'A SID RuDIN . . - BILL EDELMAN . JEROME KIRscI-INER . SAuL GORDON . GRADUATE IOE FINKLESTEIN, Bristow CLASS OF 1933 DILL EDELMAN, Dallas GENE UMAN, Tulsa EARL I. MULMED, Oklahoma City SAM ABRAMS, Guthrie CLASS OF 1934 IEROME KIRSCHNER, Hollis IRVING WEINSTEIN, Houston, Texas CLASS OF 1935 BERNARD GORDON, Oklahoma City CLASS OF 1936 'LEONARD SOSLAND, Longview, Texas 'WMORRIS FELL, Tulsa 'MILTON CARSHON, Oklahoma City ' Pledge Page 145 . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer SAM MIZEL, Tulsa BEN MARKS, Tulsa GEORGE TOBIAS, Atoka 'PAUL GETZOFF, New York City, N. Y. MILTON GORDON, Tulsa 'NATHAN SELLINGER, Tulsa LOuIs WEINSTEIN, Houston, Texas VTM, 1 i LAMBDA CHI ALPHA f 4. KAW f: a ii 4194- f 'ar- a.. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA was founded at Boston Uni- versity, as an outgrowth of the Cosmopolitan Law Club, which had been organized in'1905. The first meet- ing of the fraternity was held November 2, 1909, and this has been accepted by the fraternity as its date of founding. Three student lawyers who had been members of the same high school fraternity joined together and laid the founda- tion of the new organization. The growth of the fraternity has been both consistent and substantial, as an unbroken roll of 78 active chapters indicates. The local chapter, Gamma Rho, received its charter from Lambda Chi Alpha on October 9, 1926. ' With the admission of a chapter at the University of MRS- CORRINE CRAWFORD Toronto, Canada, in 1927, the fraternity became inter- national. Hostess Some prominent Lambda Chis on the campus are: Murray MacDonald. former Captain of the Swimming Team, and a member of the Derby Club, Ruf- Neks, Skeleton Key, and Scabbard and Blade. Baxter Taylor is the President of the Iunior Class, President of Iazz Hounds, and a member of the Inter-Fraternity Council. Elvin Anderson is a three-year basketball letterman. Edgar L. Bradford is a member of Ruf-Neks, Derby Club, and is the Vice- President of the Inter-Fraternity Council. Finis C. Gillespie is the President of Congress Debating Society, President of the League of Young Democrats, Pi Sigma Alpha, Oratorical Council, and a member of the Men's Council. Mrs. Corrine Crawford of Oklahoma City has served as hostess to Lambda Chi Alpha for the past seven years. Page 146 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ,gb , 1 , at ."g1,, A TT f,.-fi I I BAXTER TAYLOR, IR. . . BIRD M. GASTON . . , RUSSELL A. WILLIAMS . DR. LOYD E. HARRIS . . KENNETH HOWLE FERGUSON, Erick IOHN RAILEY, Norman IIM HAMMILL, Norman ROBERT M.ACDONALD, Norman BILL KING, Oklahoma City MARVIN PITTS, Norman ALFRED FRAMPTON, Sapulpa CLIFFORD KING, Fort Worth, Texas LEVERET REEEURGH, Oklahoma City EDGAR L. BRADFORD, Fort Worth, Texas WILLIIAM FARMEN, Oklahoma City RUSSELL A. VVILLIAMS, Oklahoma City 'THOMAS F. WEISS, Oklahoma City 'Pledge Page 147 CLASS OF 1933 DONALD ZIMMERMAN, Pampa, Texas RICHARD F. THAYER, Hobart FRED WHEELER, Oklahoma City GEORGE BOLON, Carter CLASS OF 1934 RALPH KING, Muskogee HAROLD RITTER, Oklahoma City MERILL HARRIS, Norman EVERETT WOODRuFF, Crawfordsville, Ark. CLASS OF 1935 PHILIP I. LOWENTHAL, Oklahoma City LAWRENCE RITTER, Oklahoma City BIRD GASTON, Newkirk CLASS OF 1936 " LAWERENCE IOHNSON, Oklahoma City . preside nt Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer MURRAY MACDONALD, Norman FREDRICK W. BONIFIELD, Okeemah CHARLES E. MUSSON, Norman ELVIN ANDERSON, Norman BAXTER TAYLOR, IR., Oklahoma City WILLIAM STOVER, Oklahoma City IACK P. FOSTER, Pampa, Texas HILLARD HINSON, Bartlesville FLOYD FARRIS, Shawnee ROBERT B. OFFUTT, Oklahoma City FINIS C. GILLESPIE, Hobart RICHARD HAYES, Okmulgee 'TUCKER MILLER, Norman 'A' WILLIAM DOWNING, Oklahoma City 'RICHARD COLEMAN, Fort Worth, Texas DELTA UPSILON - ' ,lf ' -M ' ' ' 'M' Nasir" ' 521 4 00.4, W , . 1 TXT? DELTA UPSILQN, oldest national fraternity on the Oklahoma campus, was founded at Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts, on November 4, 1834. The fraternity is non-secret in nature, and was founded as a protest against the domination of certain secret societies. The organization was known for many years as the "Anti- secret Confederation" and it was not until 1859 that the Greek name "Delta Upsilonn was adopted. The significance of the fraternity's motto is public, there is no grip and no secret password. Its constitution and the records of its conventions have always been public while it is only within recent years that this has been true of other fraternities. The headquarters of the fraternity are maintained in New York City. 1 MRS. MABEL IARRALL Host The local fraternity, Delta Pi, was founded in 1921 and granted Aa charter to Delta Upsilon in 1927, Well known Delta Upsilon members on the campus are: Scott Hammonds, Iazz Hound, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, Checkmate, Blue Key, Polo, Men's Council, Engineers' Club, and St. Pat's Council. Glenn R. Davis is a member of the Student Council, Scabbard and Blade, Oratorical Council, Inter-Fraternity Council, and Ruf-Neks. David N. Roper is President of Kappa Kappa Psi, Whirlwind Staff, SOONER Staff, Scabbard and Blade, Band, and the Oratorical Council. Edsell Curnutt is a three-year football letterman, Maurice L. Cotton is President of the Derby Club, President of Chi Chi Chi, active in dramatics, and a member of the Ruf-Neks and the Rambler orchestra. Phi Delta Phi is represented in the Delta Upsilon house by Chester L. Sin- nett, Iames Follens, O. W, Hammonds, and F. W. C. Boesche, Ir. Mrs. Mabel Iarrall is the hostess to Delta Upsilon. She has been on the campus for four years. Her home is Humbold, Tennessee. Page 148 DELTA UPSILON tx" 7 1,1 1. KX, Y L . I . 1 flI:x.rfeaf.,e.. I- . V- XV , if V "T " K ' If V .- f 'H' 3 Q3 - . 2 1. . 4 ' I ,. '- A '1:'Q A , ' , is , , , ,I , V. ,V 4..,:5, , . .V 1 ' L b V I ' , . Y ,. ., , I i ' I A , 'gf , A L , ' 1 "' H J., V ,,,. A A-I H .. 5 Q fi,-. fx 1'1 f 3 . " , l ,XJ 44 Q GLENN R. DAVIS . . . President MAURICE L. COTTON . . Vice-President PAUL B. LYONS . . . . Secretary DONALD G. MCCORMICK . . Treasurer EDSELL CURNUTT, Gould DONALD G. MCCORMICK, Tulsa FRED MYERS, Oklahoma City it DAVID N. ROPER, Sarcoxie, Mo. MALCOLM HuDSON, Burkburnett Texas W. B. PINE, IR., Okmulgee NEIL MYERS, El Reno D. S. HARRIS, Drummond GEORGE HERR, Okmulgee IOHN G. OBERFELL, Tulsa HARRY G. TRENTMAN, Fort Wo Texas 'DON ALLRED, Pauls Valley 'ROBERT DOWNING, Tulsa 'DAN DuNNETT, Tulsa 'Pledge Page 149 1 rth, CLASS OF 1933 F. W. C. BOESCHE, Tulsa FRANK LOLIY, Independence, GLENN R. DAVIS, Marietta CLASS OF 1934 Kansas SCOTT HAMMONDS, Oklahoma City SHELBY MARR, Tulsa LUTHER HOLCOMB, Oklahoma City IAMES G. FOLLENS, Oklahoma City LAWRENCE VVILLIAMSON, Lindsay CHESTER L. STINNETT, Enid PAUL B. LYONS, Geary 'HARRY MCINNIS, Enid CLASS OF 1935 ROBERT REID, Seminole STEPHEN A. PACE, Oklahoma City O. W. HAMMONDS, Oklahoma City WAYNE C. HECKLER, Waukomis 'A. C. ATER, Temlzfle, Texas FRED CARDER, Cordell 'IACK CHRISTIAN, emple, Texas CARL ADDINGTON, Yukon 'GRAY UMPLEBY, Norman ROBERT BRUCE MEE, Oklahoma City'MORGAN MOREHOUSE, Tulsa MAuRICE L. COTTON, Altus 'DAVID HLITCHCRAET, Tulsa CLASS OF 1936 I-I. M. LICON, Wewoka 'I. E. ROBERTS, Tonkawa 'IACK MILLER, Oklahoma City 'A. I. SPAHR, Tulsa 'WILLIAM P. MORRISON, Oklahoma City I I E Z I l I 5 ! Il I YI Q 3 3 1 I E 1 I l l l 5 Q 5 I 5 5 F i s , L 'I lf 5 3 2 1 I 5 l 1 E 5 l 2 I 1 G 1 6 2 PHI KAPPA SIGMA r W' "W 'ull ' ' 1 " PHI KAPPA SIGMA was founded at the University of Pennsylvania on the nineteenth day of October, 1850. It is the only national fraternity founded at the Uni- 4 versity of Pennsylvania. The Civil War destroyed all eight of the southern chapters and only three of them were ever revived. The first chapter established after the founding of the frater- nity was at Princeton University. This chapter was finally killed by anti-fraternity laws. The election of honorary members to fraternity mem- bership is prohibited. - Kappa Epsilon was organized in September, 1923, for MRS. CLARENCE CLARK the purpose of petitioning Phi Kappa Sigma and became an active chapter of that organization on February 2, 1929. The house is one of the newest on the campus and is distinctly colonial in style. The Phi Kappa Sigma's were represented this year in athletics by Bill Pansze. football Veteran and track letterman. Gordan Graalman was a football letterman, basketball letterman and mem- ber of the Derby Club and is a well known figure on the campus. Evans Nash is a member of the Iazz Hounds, Bombardiers, and Scabbard and Blade. Albert Kulp, prominent law student, is a member of Pe-et, Phi Delta Phi, and Scabbard and Blade. Mrs. Clarence Clark is the hostess of Phi Kappa Sigma. Her home is in Fairfax, Oklahoma, and this is her seventh year on the campus. Page 150 KAPPA SIGMA Y I, W... .-R, -..R-mwMtq mma.1.,,.r-S..-,.f.f..t., I .,.-.-Ma-:::::,,:p::awL 4, 1:.fx-.vent,,,4o1,:1--:1-44.:, ,:::.::s -t-v-t,.HV.:.i:amu-I-www! 1' Wt: ..,-:::xEf:..4.:L-Jf-:- I l I T TRUE BAKER x HENRY BEIDLEMAN . EVANS NASH I. C. HAMPTON GORDON GRAALMAN, Blackwell AUBREY DENTON, Blackwell RALPH BOLEN, Oklahoma City I. C. HAMPTON, Ponca City DAVE STORMONT, Okmulgee EVANS G. NASH, Oklahoma City HARRY AGGERS, Tulsa I. D. MARTIN, Cushin THOMAS STEPHENS, 'Igblsa DWIGHT HAMLIN, Newkirk FRANK MCCANN, Houston, Texas ARTHUR HENNIG, Fort Smith, Ark. 'RUSSELL PRATHER, Tulsa 'BOB BEIDLEMAN, Okmulgee 'Pledge Page 151 1 'A' ,, CLASS OF 1933 TRUE BAKER, Shawnee LLOYD DRUM, Saybrook, Ill. CLASS OF 1934 ' FRANK KILLINGSWORTH, Seminole IAMES POULSON, Montpelier, Ind. DON HAYES, Tonkawa WILLARD GURLEY, Blackwell HUGH HUMPHREYS, Tulsa WILLIAM PANSZE, Fort Smith, Ark. CLASS OF 1935 EDWARD DISLER, Tulsa WALDRON WISDOM, Okeene CARL MOST, Bristow HENRY BEIDLEMAN, Okmulgee KENNETH HOWARD, Carmen PAT KILLINGSWORTH, Seminole CLASS OF 1936 B, F. KELLEY, Tulsa . Presidenf Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer IAMES IARVIS, Isabella MILTON ELLIOTT, Shawnee AUSTIN RITTENHOUSE, Oklahoma City MELVIN SMITH, Oklahoma City T. FUSON, Arp, Texas ALBERT KULP, Norman LEWIS KILLINGSWORTH, Seminole 'k HARMON BLACKARD, Fort Smith, Ark. IEROME BYRD, Oklahoma City BILL MORRIS, Webb City DAWSON ENGLE, Seminole BOB BUNCH, Seminole I ll ll F li 11? il 4. 1. l I lt I li lt ll sl 35 I l 5 l f I I 1 2 i ! 5 l E E I 5 DELTA PHI EPSILON A - -- --- ,av-,Q----- -Y - -----1-LWB. N-,,,,,.2, W .,. ...- . -.....,,,,,.--if ,,,,,eTL,...i,..-,.,,,.,,.,,,,,,,.,. 32--- -.. . . ,,,.::,. Mum DELTA PHI EPSILON was founded at the Univer- sity of Oklahoma in September, 1930. lt is an out- growth of the Columbia Club, organized in 1927, and is the only local social fraternity on the campus. lt is an organization of Catholic men chartered "to promote social and intellectual intercourse among its members, to identify students and alumni more closely with their college and to cultivate a spirit of loyalty to their Alma Mater." One of the main incentives in asking for recognition as a local fraternity was that members intended to petition for incorporation in Phi Kappa, national social fraternity for Catholic men. Phi Kappa was founded at Brown Uni- versity in 1889. It has twenty active chapters and a total membership of 2,770. The local organization has kept con- tact with the national, and members hope to secure a chap- . -.....,u-aff, MRS. C. I. LOVELL Host ter of Phi Kappa on the campus within the next few years, Two fellow-students. Bill Burtschi and Robert Whitehand, were in a large measure responsible for the organization of Delta Phi Epsilon. Among active members of Delta Phi Epsilon are: Robert Whitehand, mem- ber of the Oklahoma Daily staff and Publicity Manager for the SOONER Year- book. Iohn Borelli is a member of the Engineering Club, A. S. C. E., Scabbard and Blade, Cadet Colonel R. O. T. C., and a former President of Newman Club. Tom Llewellyn is a prominent engineering student and President of the New- man Club. Mrs. C. Lovell, hostess to Delta Phi Epsilon, came to the fraternity from her home in Mount Vernon, Ohio, in September, 1932. Page 152 -- - - wuw11um mw1-.Arla r DELTA PHI EPSILON Wm.e.'wf-ii- -fmw..w.a.n:+.:,:msamsL--A-gaasaprpawmie.mimfvesaseu-var.-4:.:a::.::g.aQ.e41f ,ni-H-wma,-.-a,4a:g:..f 0-H. - -n.:::gE.:.'..,,',S--as 1 1 HARRY HOLCOMB . . . . President ANDREW SHAW . . Vice-President' JOHN KEEGAN , . . . Secretary CHARLES A. CONE . . Treasurer ROBERT WHITEHAND, Tulsa GEORGE DINKLER, Henessey HARRY HOLCOMB, Fort Worth, Texas RAEAEL AR,ANGO, Berranquilla, Colombia, S. A. CHARLES A. CONE, Kokomo, Ind. ROBERT LANDERS, Lawton CLASS OF 1933 LEONARD ZOELLER, Sacred Heart CLASS OF 1934 'IAMES KITTEL, Mooreland W THOMAS HAYES, Lawton CLASS OF 1935 THOMAS LLEWELLYN, Tulsa ALPHONSE W1LL1BRAND, Freeburg, Mo. QORVILLE NICHOLS, Tulsa 'OEOROE BORELLI, Kingfisher CLASS OF l936 IOHN BORELL1, Kingfisher EDWARD HICKEY, Oklahoma City THOMAS I. MURPHY, Fort Worth, Texas IOHN KEEGAN, Oklahoma City ROBERT LAMM, Canute ANDREW SHAW, Fort Worth, Texas I. V. ZOELLER, Sacred Heart THOMAS I. MURPHY, New York City, N. Y. 'PAUL ACRI, Albion, N, Y. 'Pledge Page 153 UNCLASSIFIED LOUIS DANCZYK, Loup City, Nebraska 1 T 'ugrgsvaiwf if-re-f -4--mfr:-:f::.-.. THE MlN:I'ER-FRATERNITYA COUNCIL The Inter-Fraternity Council is the governing body for the social fraternities on the University campus and is composed of two representatives from each fraternity. The Council has the power to make and enforce all rules pertaining to fraternity rush, pledging, and qualifications for initiation. The awarding of a cup for scholarship competition, sponsoring and awarding a cup for the win- ners in inter-fraternity athletic competition, sponsoring the Inter-Fraternity Mixer for first year men, the Inter-Fraternity Sing and the Inter-Fraternity Dinner Dance, are among the many and varied activities of the Council. WILLIS R. STARK . ED BRADFORD . Kappa Alpha DICK ELLECOOD JIM LUDLUM Kappa Sigma HUNTER JOHNSON DENVER MEACHAM Beta Theta Pi AL MULDROW BOB CLARK Sigma Nu TOM BIGGERS VINCENT DALE Sigma Alpha Epsilon KELLY PARKER IACK WAGNER OFFICERS . President DUDLEY CULP . . . Vice-President HUNTER JOHNSON . REPRESENTATIVES Sigma Chi CLAY UNDERWOOD FRANK MCGRAW P hi Gamma Delta MURRAY GORDON LYNN BULLIS Phi Delta Theta X7V'ILLIS STARK JIM RILEY Acacia JOHN STEWART JOHN RAY Pi Kappa Alpha DUDLEY CULP ROBERT VAI-ILBERG Phi Kappa Psi BILL MAJORS WARHAM PARKS Alpha Tau Omega BILL LEWIS RAY ANTHONY Delta Tau Delta LAWRENCE WILSON BRUCE BEESLEY Alpha Sigma Phi IOE SMALLEY WHITLEY Cox Pi Kappa Phi GEORGE RUSSELL DICK WILSON . Secretary . Treasurer Sigma Mu Sigma RALPH CISSNE BILL WILLIS Lambda Chi Alpha ED BRADFORD BAXTER TAYLOR Delta Upsilon GLEN DAVIS DON MCCORMICK Delta Chi BEN BIRNEY KENNETH HOGUE Phi Kappa Sigma JAKE HAMPTON TRUE BAKER Phi Beta Delta Sigma Alpha Mu HARRY PINES MARCUS CO1-IN SAM ABRAMS IRA LEVINE Page 154 SORORITIES Why some girls make their grades- f.H'3 ,f was -M52 an KAPPA ALPHA THETA ggi: NXT KAPPA ALPHA THETA was the first national sorority to install a chapter on the Oklahoma campus, and the first Woman's fraternity organized with principles and methods akin to those of men's fraternities. lt was the first of the sororities to bear a Greek letter name. The strong doubts which then prevailed as to the advisability of higher education for women, the small num- ber of colleges which were then admitting them to equal educational facilities with men, rendered the establishment of such a society something of an experiment. Alpha Omicron, the local chapter, was the first na- tional Woman's fraternity on this campus. It was installed in 1909, being the 38th chapter of the fraternity. There are 53 chapters in all and 15,000 members. The magazine is the Kappa Alpha Theta, a quarterly, which has been published since 1885. NOR E. Boxn Hosfcss Prominent Thetas on the campus include, Ruth lVlcClung who isa member of E1 Nlodjii, VV. S. G. A. Committee, the Racket Club, and is active in W. A. A. Marietta Darling, president of the chapter, is on the Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. is President of W. S. G. A., and Treasurer of Pan-Hellenic. Io Lansittel had the lead in the Playhouse Production in Hedda Gabler. Maurine Harvey is Theta's contribution to the Engineering School. She is also Vice-President of the Young Democrats. Iulia Kennedy is a member of the Y. W. C. A. Council, and of Pan-Hellenic. I Mrs. A. F. Bond is the hostess at the Theta house. She came to the chapter in the fall of 1933. She is a resident of Oklahoma City. Page 156 KAPPA ALPHA THETA adm , - 1 Y' N R S 1 x . t I X Q A iv L ss S xg,, R I sk wi' I L, v fl if L 'K if 0- - , MARIETTA DARLING . .... President RUTH MCCLUNG . . . . Vice-President DOROTHY BECK . , Corresponding Secretary IANIE RUSSELL . .... Treasurer CLASS OF 1933 RUTH NESBI'fT, Miami MARY SUE SIMPSON, Tulsa BETTY CLAIRE CARNRIKE, Ft. Worth ELIZABETH SINCLAIR, Houston, Texas ELIZABETH GILES, Norman BONNIE MEE, Oklahoma City CLASS OF 1934 MARGARET IEAN WELDON, Enid MARIETTA DARLING, Oklahoma City KELSEY BROWN, Oklahoma City IANIE RUSSELL, Oklahoma City KAYE IOHANNA THOMAS, 'LOUISE KAYSER, Chickasha LIBBY LOAR, Okmulgee HELEN HUTTO, Norman Oklahoma City 'MARGARET LINEBAUGH, Muskogee MARGARET HANNA, Oklahoma City CLASS OF 1935 RUTH MCCLUNG, Trinidad, Colorado IO LANDSITTLE, Wichita, Kansas MARGARET DUVAL, Oklahoma City CATHERINE MULLIN, Lawton 'MARY JANE DAWSON, Shawnee 'BETTY ANNE CLINCH, Tulsa 'ELIZABETH DARLING, Oklahoma C JULIA KENNEDY, Pawhuska DOROTHY BECK, Oklahoma City VIRGINIA KRAETTLI, Norman RUTH FIELD, Enid CLASS OF 1936 ,MARY LELIA KIDD, Norman 'LOUAMAIA EDWARDS, Oklahoma C 'IANE OWENS, Norman ' F 'I FRANCES RODGERS, Tulsa i' 'Pledge Page 157 BETTY LUCAS, Oklahoma City MARY ELIZABETH POLK, Ardmore MARJORIE KENNEDY, Pawhuska MARY Io SULLIVAN, Oklahoma City 'LETITIA CIIOWNING, Witchita, Kansas MARY UPSHAW IONES, Torrance, Mississippi 'KATHERINE SHERRIL, Muskogee MARY TRAPP, Oklahoma City , , 1 CLYNNA FAY COLWICK, Durant VIRGINIA RUTH GENTRY, Lawton MARIAN HAUCK, Oklahoma City ity'BARBARA PICKEREL, Ponca City 'IANE WRIGHT, Paris, Texas 'FRANCES BRIDGES, Tulsa if Q ity ' NINA SCRIPTURE, Okmulgee MAURINE HARVEY. Houston, Texas "CORNELlA LYNDE, Muskogee KMARY ELIZABETH HENDRICKS, Tulsa 'BETTY IANE SCOTT, Oklahoma City g DELTA DELTA DELTA i1""H'f'f2' W - V T'-'Lv--. 1 ,-..v1M-1-11-'.:. .. , -L .VW v--.e-snr:-:-1:-.1-:nw-,.-.,...T , N ian. A 1 DELTA DELTA DELTA was founded on Thanks- 1 giving Eve in 1888, at Boston University by four members of the class of '89, associating with themselves seventeen members of the lower classes. Many of the chapters of Delta Delta Delta have been formed by absorb- ing locals. Theta Gamma of Delta Delta Delta was the second 5 national sorority to be installed on this campus. The peti- T tioning group in 1910 was a local literary society, Theta Delta Rho. The Trident, which is published four times a year, has been issued continuously since 1891. , 4 l MRS. GRACE TROSPER Outstanding Tri Delts on the campus are, Evelyn Hosssss Anderson, a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar Board. Alpha Lambda Delta, Timber Cruiser, the Duck's Club, the French Club, the German Club, and the Spanish Club. In extra-curriculum she was an outstanding horsewoman in 1932. Mary Iayne O'Sullivan was chosen queen of the Southwest at the all college fiesta in Dallas, and she is a member of the High Hat Club, and the Orchesis Club. Grace Beaulieu is a member of W. A. A., of the Racket Club, the Indian Club, and was Tennis Champion in 1931. Elizabeth Bowling is on the Whirlwind staff, a member of the Polo and Riding association, and a member of the Buffalo Masque. Dorothy Woodruff is President of Alpha Lambda Delta, and a member of Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., Racket Club, and is on the Whirlwind staff. Gretchen Swisher is a Phi Beta Kappa. Mrs. Grace Trosper is serving her third year as chapter hostess. Her home is in Garber. 4 Page 158 DELTAIFPIA D5,PTfS,, .lvl Ig - , I I 1 , A ,, ' I 1 I , if I - A '1 - , .V - 2 D 4 '-" .- " . ,. ': ' ' , I In bk 'V I ' FN , Y , ' 7 I VW . l, if El X M y -1 -.', is ll 0 is '. Q. . K K- F "': 2 7 K 5 5 Llkk Y -:: Q 3 I . B O: , K i S 2 I I ' I Q s I '1 IS 'K Q L ' fi YY Y BETTY SCHEBLE . . . President OLIVIA YOUNG . . Vice-President ANTOINETTE MARTIN . .... Treasurer DOROTHY VVOODRUFF . Corresponding Secretary EVELYN ANDERSON, Norman GRACE BEAuLIEu, Pawhuska RUTH BELL, Oklahoma City CHRISTIE BLACK, Norman HELEN BLYTHE, Kaufman, Texas ELIZABETH BOWLING, Pauls Valley MARIAN ANDERSON, Durant IOAN COLBURN, Collinsville VIRGINIA DANIELS, Pratt, Kansas 'MARY ANN ERWIN, Chickasha BETTY FOREMAN, Sallisaw MARGARET BELLE GODLOVE, Lawton W 'I 'VINITA BRAS, Okemah MILDRED BROWN, Tulsa HELEN KELLEY, Tulsa RUTH MCCORMICK, Norman 4 i 'GEORGIA LEE ABBOTT, Tulsa 'IO MAXINE BENNETT, Watonga ' Pledge Page 159 -h 'N CLASS OF 1933 MARGARET CONNELL, Shreveport, La. DOROTHY HOLLAND, Norman KATHLEEN KANE, Oklahoma City VERA KENNEDY, Pauls Valley MARTHA LEFLORE, Oklahoma City ANTIONETTE MARTIN, Enid STELLA MCKNIGHT, Oklahoma City CLASS OF 1934 MAURINE IANEVVAY, Eufaula JANET IOHNSON, Muskogee MARY IAYNE OYSLILLIVAN Oklahoma City EDITH GWSLEY, Chickasha MARY GRACE OZNIUN, Lawton MARIE REEDY, Muskogee CLASS OF 1935 FRANCES RAY, Bartlesville- ROBERTA RAY, Antlers NADINE SHERMAN, Norman HELEN SPAIN, Arkansas City, Kansas CLASS OF 1936 BOBBIE BOWLING, Pauls Valley FRANCI-IELLE FARRAR, Kinghsher 'PATSY O'SuI.LIvAN, Oklahoma City BETTY SCHEBLE, McAlester PORTIA SILVERTHORNE, Woodward GRETCHEN SWISHER, Oklahoma City MARTHA VANDEVER, Tulsa HARRIET WILKERSON, McA1ester OLIVIA YOuNG, Fairview CLAIRE SLIRBECK, Edmond VIRGINIA TODD, Muskogee IO ELLA VAIIGHAN, Amarillo, Texas THELMA VVILLIAMS, Caldwell, Kansas IANICE YOuNG, Heavener MARJORIE SPAIN, ' Arkansas City, Kansas KATHRYN SPRADLING, Oklahoma City DOROTLIY WOODRIIFF, Perry KATHERINE RADERN, Norman ADDIE WILLIAMS, Caldwell, Kansas .,....,,...,...-.-r.-. -Y V Ama-n:...'..:..-I.. -M-mswvqannlsl... lliaiv- -u...::2 ..i s.wr.1g::.:.3-nw-v L .-mul-nf-9'fe-:ravi-':'.:.:--' T4 " ' PI BETA PHI PI BETA PHI was founded at Monmouth College, in F 1867, as I. C. Sorosis. Feeling that there was an ad- vantage in a Greek letter name the members adopted the sub-title Pi Beta Phi in 1883. Five years later the name I. C. Sorosis was discontinued and the Greek name re- tained. Pi Beta Phi was the first organization of college women organized as a national college fraternity. In 1912 a settlement school was established at Gatlin- burg, Tennessee, as a memorial to the founders. The school , is supported by voluntary contributions, no tax ever having been levied upon fraternity members for its support. f This year the chapter moved into its new home. The . . A house, modeled on colonial lines, is located at 702 Lahoma. Some outstanding Pi Phis are: Martha Watson, who Hostess is the President of the Chapter, is on the W. S. G. A. Council, a member of Kappa Gamma Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa, Pan-I-Iellenic, the Spanish Club, and Vice-President of the French Club. She was chosen as one of the Band Queens this year. In 1932 she was President of the House Council. Page Peck is Treasurer of Y. W. C. A. and a member of Pi Mu Epsilon. Louise Tompson is a member of Sigma Alpha Iota, the German Club, the University Quartette, and the Episcopal Choir. She is also a Soloist in the Mini- ature Symphony. Wilma Klein is Secretary of Sigma Alpha Iota, Pan-I-Iellenic and Y. W. C. A. She was selected the Best Dressed Co-ed, in the Whirlwind contest. Winifred Goddard is a member of International Relations, Philosophy Club, and Business Club. She is on the Whirlzvind Staff, a member of the Polo and Riding Association, and Y. W. C. A. Iosephine Patterson is a member of Sigma Alpha Iota, the University Glee Club and Y. W. C. A. I Miss Gladys Scivally, herself a Pi Phi, is the chapter hostess, coming to the campus in 1932. Her home is in Ardmore. Miss GLADYS SCIVALLY Page 160 lmnn..-w,,,, PI BETA PHI t . f ., . L 5 Sw 5 W Fx l 'K , L I ".V ,Q ' Q A 0 i 'l f , . f' I If f S , 'A '- K 1 , ' - A 4 ::'. 5' it ' V 9 A gift ' ,A 2 'K Q 1 " 1 x ' g 4 I H K A All .V ,Q Jia' Q ,L -' , I ' A 5 A xl 5, I ,V.,, . MARTHA WATSON , . . President IOSEPHINE PATTERSON . . Vice-President THUDA MAE FILHIOL . . Secretary WINIERED GODDARD . Treasurer CLASS OF 1933 MARTHA WATSON, Tulsa PAGE PECK, Oklahoma City MERDECE TROWER, Bartlesville T' ', BETTY LECOMPTE, Oklahoma City CLASS OF 1934 ALBERTA MCLOUGH, MARGUERITE BuscH, Tulsa Kansas City, Missouri IOSEPHINE PATTERSON, Wewoka pHYLLIS SEAGO, Deerfield, Illinois DOROTHY BLANCH STANDIFER, THUDA MAE FILHIOL, ' MARGERY CLEVENGER, TERESSE EDWARDS, Ponca City Hobbs, New Mexico MARGUERITE GuRLEY, Blackwell 'MARY ELIZABETH STANTON, Arkansas City, Kansas Shreveport, Louisiana 'MARGARET SWEENEY, Sapulpa Elk City CHARLENE HANDLEY, Ponca City 'MARGARET REEVES, Greenville, Texas POLLY TOWNSEND, Ft. Worth, Texas WILMA KLEIN, Oklahoma City 'MARIAN DERRYBERRY, 'BETTY BACHTOLD, Salina, Kansas LIDA LEA, Wichita Falls, Texas Shreveport, La. 'MARTHA CRAWFORD, Bartlesville CLASS OF 1935 ESTELLE FARISS, Ardmore MARY FORD, Sayre MARTHA GALT, Oklahoma KATHERINE GIBSON, Pauls Valley ' WINIFRED GODDARD, Tulsa ' BARBARA NEWBILL, Oklahoma City ' CLASS OF 1936 IERRY MASON, Norman MARY LOIS HOLMES, Tulsa Q CHRISTOEEL BAILEY, ' College Station, Texas ' 'ELOISE CHERRYHOMES, Tulsa 'GRACE MARIE PFILE, Oklah POLLY TAYLOR, Tulsa 'Pledge Page 161 'IANE SIMMONS, Quanah, Texas 'LOuIsE THOMPSON, Muskogee City 'ANNA PERKINS YOIING, Ardmore 'KATHERINE WALLING, Tulsa 'LOUISE JACKSON, Tulsa oma City'GARNET BEA WRIGHT, Muskogee KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA was organized at Mon- 9 ' mouth College, Monmouth, lll., in 1870, but did not make its public appearance until the following year in Octo- ber. Beta Theta, the local chapter, was installed in 1914. The first national convention was called in 1891, at Boston, Mass. Usually the convention is held every two years during the summer vacation, but during the World War, the 1918 Convention was not held so that the money thus saved might be devoted to the relief work in France. Well known Kappas who are active on the campus 1 include, Betty Evans, who is the President of Theta Sigma l Phi, an associate Editor of the SOONER, a member of the 1 Whirlwind Staff, an active member in W. S. G. A., Chair- MRS- LUCME WEST man of Big Sister Committee, and a member of Mortar Board. She is a member of the Women's Council, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pan-Hellenic, and Tivoli. She is President of the Poetry Club. Helen Myers, former President of Alpha Lambda Delta, is President of Chi Delta Phi, Treasurer of Mortar Board, and is active in Tivoli, Pan-Hellenic, and the German Club. She is also a Phi Beta Kappa. Virginia Lester is President of Mortar Board, Vice-President of Y. W. C. A., a member of the Iudiciary Board of W. S. G. A., and the Women's Council. Lina lane Walker, represents the fraternity in the journalistic Held. She is a member of the Whirlwind and SOONER staffs, the Student Publication Board, the Publication Board Representatives to Student Press, and is Secretary of Theta Sigma Phi. She is a member of the Poetry Club and of the French Club. Martha lane Dowell is a Theta Sigma Phi, a member of the Whirlwind and SooNER staffs. Christine Squire Hill is Editor of the Oklahoma Daily and is Vice-President of Theta Sigma Phi. Elizabeth Amis is a member of Hestia, Oikonomia, Cmicron Nu, Y. W. C. A. Mrs. Lucille West has acted as hostess to the Kappas for the past seven years. Coming to the chapter from her home in Wichita, Kansas in 1926. Hostess Page 162 .vw ,..,.1.,Ir,-A,....,,,,.u ..,N.c.....,.,,, ..., ,,,,..., , .. ig,,,. BETTY MAE LOVE . ELIZABETH AMIS . BETTY EVANS . KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA CLASS OF 1933 PHYLLIS AGENT, Tulsa JEAN GARNETT, Altus LESLIE CRAWFORD, Ardmore DUNLOP SCOTT GLEN, Shawnee CLEMENT CRuCE, Oklahoma City JOYCE HARRIS, Drummond MARTHA LAKE DUDLEY, CATHERINE ANN HIVICR, Oklahoma City Oklahoma City BETTY EVANS, Ardmore HELEN VIRGINIA KELLY, L Drumwright CLASS OF 1934 BETTY ADAMS, Tulsa ADDIE LEE DAVIS, McAllister JEAN ADAMS, Oklahoma City MARTHA IANE DOWELL, El Reno SYMYRA AKARD, Weatherford, Texas 4"lVIILDRED FRENCH, ELIZABETH AMIS, Roswell, New Mexico Tulsa Roswell, New Mexico IOSEPHINE HINDMAN, MILDRED CHASE, Seminole 'MARY HATT HIVELY, 'VIRGINIA LEE COLEMAN, 'HARRIET HUFEHINES, Kansas City, Missouri 'IOYCE COLE, Ft. BETTY LONGMIRE, ANNETTE LOWRY, Oklahoma City 'DORIS CHRISTIAN, 'LOUISE COFFIELD, 'SARAH MCGINTY, 'Pledge Page 163 Worth, Texas Oklahoma City Norman McAllister Muskogee Oklahoma City CLASS OF 1935 BETTY MAY LOVE, Purcell 'MARj'ORIE MCINTYRE, Bristow DOROTHY Lou NASH, Norman CLASS OF 1936 'FRANCES MYERS, Oklahoma City 'POLLY PRLIIT, Roswell, New Mexico Terrell, Texas 'HARRIET SHANDS, St. Louis, Missouri S14 I S X' ' I . President . Secretary . Treasurer HELEN HEYWARD, Clebourne, Texas VIRGINIA LESTER, Oklahoma City HELEN MYERS, Oklahoma Cit ANN RAGSDALE, Clebourne, Tsexas VERA FRANCES SWIGERT, Enid LOuISA WILSON, Ft. Worth, Texas LETA HOLTZENDORFF, Claremore 'ANN LENNINGTON, Muncie, Indiana 'MARY ANNA MILLICAN, Ft. Worth, Texas MARY AGNES RILEY, Wichita Falls, Texas HELOISE SMARTT, Muskogee LINA IANE WALKER, Tulsa KATHERINE PIERCE, Hugo 'VIRGINIA SHIRE, Ponca City 'BETTY STEWART, Sands Springs 'LUCILLE TWAY, Oklahoma City 'CATHERINE CANNON, Ft. Worth, Texas ALPHA cl-ll OMEGA wr '.u'::.'.m 1.191-.f A in .ff fi ' A: . :--:iz . .1 ..'. , . .. er' -f,:- f':,a':w.we:z..:L-nmzz::..p 12 , ALPHA CHI OMEGA was founded at DePauw Uni- p versity, Greencastle, Indiana, October 15, 1885. Since its founding Alpha Chi Omega has shown an aggressive interest in the furtherance and cultivation of the fine arts. In 1911, Alpha Chi Omega erected their Star Studio at the McDowell Memorial Association, Peterborough, New Hampshire. The use of the studio is awarded annu- ally by the association to a creative worker in literature, music, or art whether a member of the fraternity or not. Nationally there are 117 active chapters and 7,4137 members of Alpha Chi Omega. At the 1922 convention "Distinguished Service Med- als" were awarded to twenty-seven overseas World War workers. These medals are to be granted in the future for Hostess distinguished service along civic and national lines. Fifteen members were initiated when the local chapter, Psi, was installed at the University of Oklahoma on Ianuary 141, 1916. Well known Alpha Chis on the campus include, Mary Alice Lightner, Presi- dent of the Student Volunteer Organization, and a member of the Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Dorothy Hume, a well known campus figure, is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, the Choral Club, the Y. W. C. A., the House Council, and the Polo and Riding Association. In athletics Katheryn Davenport represents her fraternity on the Varsity Volley Ball Squad. She is a member of the Studio Players, W. S. G. A. and Y. W. C. A. Marjorie Newburn is Assistant Editor of the Whirlwind, a member of Pan- Hellenic, and the Oklahoma's Authors' League. Last year she was on the Fresh- man Committee of Y. W. C. A. Mrs. Eva B. Weir came to this chapter as hostess in February 1933. Her home is in Oklahoma City. Mus. EVA B. WEIR Page 164 ALPHA CHI OMEGA A .wmnmmm1,-u4mIaqMvnaxnunmnwnua.uuam:Ivm:iu ,uL.1mw:-Mm :I..:f,.,- my,iLxwwxaQmmu m1.YW.'r,..uwwauwamfn-nrmm wmv. -mvmuxnn-nfrwmauunnm-mannw.-mmrifmm -an-.swan seazauxwwuv. I I ,I ll II I I l l wuumumvauu I I I lx I ll fl If :I I fl 15 I, tbl: - ez.-.. I l 1 J I I F MARTHA COFFMAN . . President 1' MARTHA CANTRELL . . Vice-President I SARABETH STUEBEMAN . . Secretary DOROTHY HUME . . Treasurer Q i CLASS OF 1933 KATIiERYN DAVENPORT, THELMA TATE, Shamrock, Texas BETTY SPRAGUE, Broken Arrow N Oklahoma City EDITH SPIELMAN, Oklahoma City HELEN DUNCAN, Mission, Texas RUTH WILLIAMS, Oklahoma City MARY ALICE LIGHTNER, Ouymori 'DOROTHY RANKIN, Oklahoma City CAROLINE PIPKINS, Oklahoma City ODELL CRANE, Holdenville IEAN WOLEE, Okarche NELLIE MARIE CRABILL, Claremore , II CLASS OF 1934 , DOROTHY l-IuIvIE, Anadarko 'REITHA I-IARBER, Seminole 'FERRIS ELIZABETH OZMENT, " MARTHA COFFMAN, Holdenville SARABETH STLIBBEMAN, Norman Talihina , MARTHA CANTRELL, Bartlesville 'HARRIET ANN PARKER, Sand Springs GEORGIN MAE BEASLEY, Norman ,N 'DOROTHY CAMPBELL, Tulsa 'JOYCE WRIGHT, Poteau OPAL FREELAND, Norman :I 'AURETTA BELLMAN, Blackwell 'DOROTHEA I-IARLOW, Norman I CLASS OF 1935 QI' MARIORIE NEWBERN, Oklahoma City MARION ENDICOTT, Oklahoma City MAE PEARL SuLI.IvAN, El More City 'MELBA PERMENTER, Talihina I l CLASS OF 1936 ' ll 'LA VANTA ROBLIN, Oklahoma City 'MARCLIERITE HLISTON, Fort Sill INEZ KELLEY, Norman il 'MARY CARTER, Guthrie 'MURIEL MINNICK, Norman wBETTY HLIME, Anaclarko l 'PHILLIP FITZ, Anadarko 'MURIEL FORSYTH, Oklahoma City 'VIRGINIA KLEIN, Norman If 'Pledge . if l gl Page 165 ,l i I ,sane-annum.-u:-w -Risen-mum-awralnv gre: swf. . f-,:-aa' ' ' ..1f1':fvfi.-.v.::f ,, 1 f-V11-rlrw :,::,f:A,fusr-sm-e:aa-f-ff'- 'ga-,-ummm:-:A A:-1-rf.-A+:-fm-waa-rfeffnmuff-A-ff,'fwmm fww-mnfumg ALPHA PHI was founded at Syracuse University on ALPHA PHI 455 A October 20, 1872, and has the distinction of being one of the few women's fraternities that has never had to with- draw a chapter from any of its 28 chapters founded since that date. Fraternity expansion was not started by Alpha Phi until about 1881 when a chapter was established at Northwestern University. The Syracuse chapter was the first chapter of a wo- man's fraternity ever to own or occupy a chapter house. This was built in 1886. During the World War, Alpha Phi supported at Rouen, France, a foyer for women munition workers. The A A A foyer consisted of a recreation room, cafe, and gymnasium. MRS. CLARA VAN NORMAN The local chapter, Phi, was established on the Okla- Hostess homa campus in 1917, and have occupied their present home on Elm Avenue since 1926. Eloise Chandler is prominent in campus activities. She was awarded the Dad's Day Cup this year, and was elected to membership in Phi Beta Kappa. She is past president of Eta Sigma Phi, President of the Y. W. C. A., and a mem- ber of the Mortar Board, Classical Club, French Club, and the Women's Council. lane Stanley is president of Orchesis and was chosen to represent the Univer- sity in the Mid-West Physical Education Convention held at Wichita, Kansas. Nan Reardon is the Business Manager of the Whirlzuind, Treasurer of Theta Sigma Phi, and a member of the SOONER Staff. Sally Wilbanks was chosen Homecoming Queen by popular vote. Nell Thomas was elected lndian Queen. Daisybell Dunn was the winner of the Personality contest sponsored by the Whirlwind. Malinda Brown is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Mrs. Clara Van Norman, of Meridian, Mississippi, is the Alpha Phi Hostess. She has been on the campus for the past three years. 1 l Page 166 um1s ALPHA PHI L,W.,Ms.S,. emma-mmmmumua-anna-nnvnmm-Mww.f.-isa,H-.A 1.1 W.-Lal L, fa, ... na-r 1:-,xzrf--1 1' L, --.,...,nm!-11: f -- :Lee1ia'3"'::.L::. ,--2-. .mm-N, --I pa. he A .pi 8 A ig ik 1 " " 55 f , A-,vr-A I I 1 ' ,. , ,,,L,, . . Y I... i at 3. 4 as , :,. , VMA I ! V ' 1 1 I V I X f I :Q Qqi, fe Qigr " fx nr., zz, 1' gzn I V .1 1 AAIA A k - 1 I M A + A , , , ' I iS L as sr I :wi -F A YJ 'i - .1 ' V LX 0 ',-: J r if A 6 , -vb 1 , ' . .I 'S A R- 5' .A fi N 'K , ,W :-, in 23,7 :,, ETL' ' v L ' : f A,r 1 S 1 :ri N . f 0 MILDRED FROST CLARA LEE ANYILBANKS . NANCY SALINDERS . . ROBERTA ROADS . HELEN COLLIER, Tipton ELOISE CHANDLER, Tulsa MALINDA BROWN, Norman CORA NELL FIINDIS, Wanette FRANCES ADAMS, Sayre SALLY WILBANKS, Calvin NAN REARDON, Eldorado, Kansas CLARA LEE WILBANKS, Calvin OPAL MURRAY, Denver, Colorado JANE STANLEY, Ardmore REBECCA SELVIDGE, Ardmore 'Pledge Page 167 CLASS OF 1933 HELEN BIRD, Brenham, Texas FLORINE HURST, Okmulgee MARY IO IOHNSON, Norman CLASS OF 1934 EMMA LEE COPASS, Norman GRACE BAREOUR, Norman MILDRED FROST, Norman ROBERTA ROADS, Waukomis CLASS OF 1935 GATEWOOD BAILEY, Oklahoma City AGNES CALKINS, Tulsa CLASS OF 1936 . President Vice-President . Treasurer . Secretary DAISYBELLE DUNN, Lawton MARY GORDEN MITCHELL, Seminole NANCY RUTH SAUNDERS, Blanchard MELBA TALLANT, Edmond LORETTA FORBES, Okmulgee 'MARY TI-IOMAS, Weber Falls 'NELL THOMAS, Weber Falls 'MARGARET MAKINS, Oklahoma City MARY FRANCES GERARD, Oklahoma City FRANCES NEAL, Sayre DELTA GAMMA 1 . ,.,,,: -A 1-,,--msg:-,1-rf--Tgzv.-115:51--"" fd an ' H' Tzu- -- --'H-'f?:f.t 7':annex-'nuwz-nuwnznmfrs--ui1.1-fuanunmmmaamumaxmuuuafmwwNniwuws.ammwmmmw 1 l 1 11 11 1: 1 1 1 I1 I iii II: I 1 I V Q 1 i 1 1. 5+ Qtr. D ELTA GAMMA was founded at Lewis Institute, Oxford, Mississippi, in 1874. The idea of a fraternity similar to the one to which the founder's brothers belonged came to the four women responsible for the organization while they were spending the Christmas holidays at the school during the winter of 1873. During the World War, 1530.000 was raised for the aid of Belgian refugee children. In recognition of this ser- vice, the Belgian government named an orphanage at Marchienne, called "Delta Gamma Clinic." A national student loan fund provided funds to assist A Worthy undergraduates to complete their college courses. There are 40 active chapters and 9,270 members of Delta Gamma. Well known members of Delta Gamma on the campus include, Margaret Buckley, who is a member of Sigma Alpha Iota, Pan-Hellenic, W. S. G. A., and the Y. W. C. A. Carolyn Shaw is an active member of the Womens Quartette, Choral Club, Sigma Alpha Iota, and the Y. W. C. A. Sarita Mendoza is a member of Orchesis and the Y. W. C. A. Martha Davis is the secretary of the Y. W. C. A. Another outstanding member of Delta Gamma is Helen Marie Ecker, who belongs to the French Club, German Club, W. S. G. A., and the Y. W. C. A. Council. Iennie Lee Sugg is a member of the Miniature Symphony Orchestra, the W. N. A. D. Symphony and Alpha Iota. Kay Tabor is a Delta Kappa Psi, and a member of the Polo and Riding Association and Orchesis. Mrs. C. T. Hendershot has served the Delta Gammas as hostess since the fall of 1931. Her home is in Tulsa. Mus. C, T. I-IENDERSHO Hostess IIL Page I6 DELTA GAMMA may lung: ,1- V AI' X 6 '4 ,, 2 ' -RI-fs Y, as . 'Rx 1 , -:LW--nqiw. Jiiiduraama :'- 4 .E K' li 'K .g X I MIARGARET BuCIcLEY . . President NANCY Lou FULLENWIDER . . Vice-President MARTHA DAVIS . . . .... Secretary MARIAN MILLS . . Recording Secretary ROBERTA BAGBY, Oklahoma City MARY HALLER, Tulsa KIATHRYN PATTON, Woodward MARY LOUISE STOKES, Oklahoma City LOUISE DILLS, Muskogee ANNA MARGARET GOTWALS, Muskogee ELIZABETH WHITE, Muskogee - .. - .1 - f-- EQLJ1.-- MARGARET BUCKLEY, Tulsa MARY DAY, Norman BARBIARA ADAMS, Oklahoma City SARA KEIL LITTLE, Oklahoma City DORIS MEDBERRY, Clinton SARITA MENDOZA, Yukon ELIZABETH PLASTER, Pauls Valley Page 169 CLASS OF 1933 MARGARET PYLE, Pauls Valley KATHERINE TABOR, Signal Mountain, Tennessee MARTHA BROWN, Muskogee IIMMIE HILL, Marlow CLASS OF 1934 HELEN MARIE ECKER, Oklahoma City NANCY Lou FULLENWIDER, Muskogee CLASS OF 1935 MARJORIE HASKELL, Norman 2 A ZELLA MAY WOODARD, Tulsa ALICE ELLIOT, Tulsa CLASS OF 1936 WINNETTE SANLIGNY, Ponca City ANNA MCCOOL, Norman ELLEN FULLENWlDER, Muskogee MARJORIE MEACHAM, Clinton MARY PORTER, MCAlester MARY STEWART, Oklahoma City IANE VON STORCH, Shawnee MARGARET HARRISON, Oklahoma City MAY ADELE MCFADYEN, Anadarko MARTHA DAVIS, Guthrie MARIAN MILLS, Norman MARGARET ROBERTS, Norman LOIS-v WILSON, Oklahoma City MARJORIE PATTERSON, Duncan MARY ELINOR MERTEN, Guthrie VIRGINIA BLISS PARRISS, Tulsa CAROLINE WELDON SHAW, Fort Sill IENNIE LEE SuGG, Pawhuska BARBARA SCOTT, Shreveport, La. gg PHgI BETA n i .4 wa ts '21 11 ., G AMMA PHI BETA was founded in 1874, at Syra- V cuse University, and Psi, the local chapter, was in- stalled in 1918. At the Golden Iubilee convention, in 1924, an endow- ment fund of 554,000 was raised. Part of the interest from this fund is used as loans to worthy undergraduates to be used to complete their college courses. Most of the chapters of Gamma Phi Beta have been formed from established local organizations, and no charter has ever been withdrawn from a chapter. There are 33 active chapters and 7,000 members of - is the fraternity. ' Well known Gamma Phis on the campus include, MRS- ANNE BONHAM Maxine Williams, who is Vice-President of the Girls' Glee Club, a member of the Girls' Quartette and the High Hats. Francis Madison, President of Gamma Phi Beta, is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, W. S. G. A., the Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, and Secretary of Francis Bar. She is also a member of Kappa Beta Pi and Pi Sigma Alpha. Mary Miller, who is on the Varsity Debate Team, is a member of the Ora- torical Council, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Delta Sigma Rho. Helen Hough is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Secretary of Y. W. C. A. and a member of the French Club. Ierry Hays had leading parts in the Playhouse Productions, "Hell Bent for Heaven" and "Passing of the Third Floor Back." Loree White is a member of the Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Pi Zeta Kappa, and Vice-President of Los Dos Americas, and Kappa Beta. Gamma Phi Beta is represented in the musical field by Frances Marx, who is Concert Master of University Symphony, President of the Miniature Symphony, a member of the University Quartette, and of Sigma Alpha Iota. Mrs. Anne Bonham has been the chapter hostess for the past four years. Her home is Okarchee, Oklahoma. Hostess Page 170 GAMMA PHI BETA - ---..-.aauwawnve-:wmv -mum -I.-mem ' mmm- umRwamwvnmw m:urmmw:s-unmnnna 2:::, L2-nse.,v..,.-v...,,,,m,,, L-ff , . . , . ,. 3 xi Qs ,t 2 ffjif' - W'-' Qweprqa 'I 'fp' 57 HQ, Af FRANCES MADISON . . . President GERALDINE HAYS . . Vice-President GEORGIA REEVES . . . Secretary WILNIINA SMYTH . . Treasurer GENE CARTER, Oklahoma City RUBY COLE, Atola MAURINE HOLT, Philadelphia, Penn. KATHERINE KALIFMAN, Norman MARY MILLER, Hartshorne EDA NELSON, Norman DOROTHY BAIRD, Oklahoma City MARY DOYLE, Paducah, Kentucky HELEN HOFFMAN, Muskogee GEORGIA REEVES, Hollis HELEN HOuGH, Oklahoma City VIVIAN KNOX, Enid MAURICE VAuGHN, Oklahoma City Page 171 CLASS OF 1933 MATHEL SAUNDERS, Pawnee KATHRYN WHITE, Cleveland GERALDINE HAYS, Claremore BETTY FORD, Shawnee EVELYN KAFF, Chelsea CLASS OF 1934 BERNICE SMITH, Lawton HELEN COPPERS, Tulsa DOROTHY JANE HENRY, Oklahoma City CLASS OF 1935 MARY RUTH MCDONALD, Ranger, Texas CLASS OF 1936 MARGARET RHODES, Oklahoma City FRANCES MADISON, Enid MARY MORTON, Okmulgee IuNEAL SAUNDERS, Pawnee WILMINA SMYTH, Kansas City, Mo LOREE WHITE, Oklahoma City MAXINE WILLIAMS, Broken Arrow LOUISE LAux, Oklahoma City MARY ROACH, Oklahoma City GENEVA TALIAFERRO, Oklahoma City AUDREY KNOX, Enid FRANCES MARX, Pawnee ELIZABETH MCCALEB, Norman ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 'Y'---'--ZA ,nuu......r' ---- ' asus.: '--aff'---sane " f' Y W-'-M-an umm- A H --Y --- - ir --- -- -'--- --- - --Lf:-.7W- Y ir . ...s Aa ,QD-...E-:H--"-eg:-' "--A-if----1 Y' ' ,5Z','ZS 1 I: ,pftg my Ali. 'Wg' .4 I ALPHA GAMMA DELTA was founded at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, May 30, 1904. Upsilon, the local chapter, had nineteen members at its installation in 1919. Each year the chapter having the highest scholastic average receives a silver rose bowl, a gift from the founders and charter members. Alpha Gamma Delta's national philanthropy is the maintenance and operation of a camp for undernourished children at Iackson, Michigan. Une of Alpha Gamma Delta's prominent members on the campus is Dorothy Lewis who is an Alpha Lambda Delta, a member of Kappa Gamma Epsilon, and the Span- ish Club. She has taken a great interest in Y. W. C. A. work this year being on the Cabinet, Chairman of the Senior Class in Y. W. C. A., and Senior Leader of the Y. Group. Mus. ALICE I-IANFORD Hostess VV. C. A. Freshman Geniese Hughes is a member of Pan-Hellenic, Presidents Council, the Indian Club, and Y, W. C, A. She is also a member ofthe French and the Spanish Clubs, Another outstanding Alpha Gamma Delta is Gwen Wilson who is a member of Pan-Hellenic, of the Spanish Club, the History Club, and Y. W. C. A. In dramatic lines Yvonne Dymond has taken the lead in several Radio Plays, and Playhouse Productions. There are 37 active chapters of Alpha Gamma Delta and 4,410 members. Mrs. Alice Hanford is the new hostess of Alpha Gamma Delta, coming to the chapter this year from her home in Kansas City, Missouri. Page 172 , ALPHA GAMMA DELTA mammanwuxr.Lw-'vNmwNxm.w,f-Mu-my'-Af-.iw rw- m:i1imw,vwvummmnnvmmnaMwm+r-umm .tit www , - vi- 1--gfifgnwrfavw mm-nnnsw,--Rm V,-aw-vw-.La-, .-1 ,R ga, mmm, wt P ga .- 5 vi .Q .Q-we wvfew-m.iisw+,,-wwwm. Y-,f-fiw..,, ,. ,V W ' , 2 2 GENIESE HUGHES . IOY SALE . BELVA CLEMENT . MARGARET HILCHIE . MARGARET HILCHIE, Toronto, Canada GENIESE HuGHES, Oklahoma City DOROTHY LEWIS, Oklahoma City IOY SALE, Haynesville, La. GWEN WILSON, Harrah KATHARINE PUTNAM HINDMAN. Carnegie PATRICIA LYON MANNON, Norman ELIZABETH MGCOOL, Norman 'IANE HOPKINS, Oklahoma City 'Pledge Page 173 GRADUATES ROSE WYLIE, Oklahoma City CLASS OF 1933 BETTY Lou MASSINGALE, Cordell, Okla. AGNES HALEAST, Muskogee MARGARET BROOKE, Healdton CLASS OF 1934 BELVA CLEMENT, Norman IANET BROOKE, Healdton SUZANNE MCFARLING BLAND, Norman WANDA ROSE, Carnegie RUTH TRUETT, Carnegie CLASS OF 1935 MARCELEETE BRYANT, Oklahoma City CLASS OF 1936 'DOROTHY GARRETT, Norman . President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer VERONA BROWNING PANGBURN, Norman KATHERINE BROWN, Canadian, Texas HELEN DORSEY, Norman MAXINE MAPLES MCAFEE, Norman VIVIAN HOLLIDAY, Oklahoma City HARRIET BAINES BREEDLEVE, Hennessey 'MAXYNE ALEXANDER, Norman 'RUTH MCKINNEY, Henryetta 'YVONNE DYMOND, Wewoka CHI OMEGA ,..,..,..........,.. nf CHI OMEGA Was founded at the University of Arkan- fl qvvwb I sas at Fayetteville, in 1895. Epsilon Alpha, the local chapter, was installed on the Oklahoma campus in 1919. The open declaration of Chi Omega is "Hellenic Cul- ture and Christian Ideals." In Iuly, 1930, a Greek amphitheater was dedicated on the University of Arkansas campus to the founders of Chi Omega. This theater was the first memorial ever dedicated to any women's fraternity founders. Chi Omega has 76 active chapters, and 11,015 mem- bers. I Prominent Chi Omegas include: P ' I---c c- 1 Gayle McCorkle who is the R. O. T. C. Honorary MRS' ELMA L- BURKE Colonel, a member of Sigma Alpha Iota, the Choral Club, the University Quartette, WNAD Symphony Orchestra, and Secretary of the University Symphony Orchestra. Elizabeth Bearly is a member of Mortar Board, Pi Mu Epsilon, the Choral Club, and Pan-Hellenic. She is active in W. S. G. A., being Big Sister Chairman and also a member of the W. S. G. A. Council. She is a member of the SOONER Staff and of the Whirlwind. Aileen Patway is a member of the W. S. G. A. Council, the Whirlwind Staff and Pan-I-Iellenic. She is Secretary of the Iunior Class. Mildred Miller is the president of Chi Omega, member of the House Council. and of Pan-Hellenic. Mary Grimes is on the SOONER Staff, the Whirlwind Staff, and a member of the Choral Club. Mary lane Newell is President of the Choral Club, and active in Sigma Alpha Iota. Katherine Burr is on the Y. W. C. A. Council, and is the Vice-President of the organization. Mrs. Elma L. Burke is Chi Omega hostess. She has been on the campus for the past four years. I'Ier home is in El Reno. Hostess 1 1 Page 174 CHI OMEGA . .. I Ewa .-, has-.,.,.s.f.i,Q, . . , V . M : ' . L Y gg "Q::.,R,,,, Q If ' ,E 1 , iq-is it MILDRED MILLER . . President KATHERINE BURR . . . Vice-President ELIZABETH MALONE . . . . Secretary ELIZABETH BEARLY . Treasurer ELIZABETH BEARLY, Oklahoma City MARGARET EISENHEIS, Oklahoma City BONITA BURT, Bartlesville LOUISE GARRETT, Oklahoma City ELIZABETH HUSTMYRE, Alexandria, La. KATHERINE BURR, Pawhuska LOUISE CARNE, Oklahoma City Io HOPPEL, Tulsa 'GEORGE ANN BEELER, Norman 'MARY GRIMES, Tulsa ' Pledge Page 175 Il GRADUATE LOTTIE MAE RUSSELL CLASS OF 1933 MARGARET BRANDENBURG, Norman ELEANOR HANSON, Oklahoma City MARGARET MCKEE, Oklahoma City CLASS OF 1934 IANE ANN IOHNSTON, Weleetka IOSEPHINE KELLY, Weleetka ELIZABETH MALONE, Heavener VIRGINIA MILLER, Oklahoma City MARY IANE NEWELL, Chickasha CLASS OF 1935 GAYLE MCCORKLE, Elk City MILDRED BEELER, Norman MARY NAN BRYAN, Norman DOROTHY HALL, Kerns, Texas CLASS OF 1936 'MARGENELL ELLIOTT, Tulsa MILDRED MILLER, Wichita Falls MARGARET STANLEY, Norman JUNE WYATT, Shawnee AILEEN PETWAT, Oklahoma City 'MARTHA CAVETT, Oklahoma City 'MARY VIRGINIA CAVETT, Oklahoma City 'MARGARET HEWGLEY, Oklahoma City W MARY ELIZABETH HEWGLEY, Oklahoma City 'NADINE HUGHES, Oklahoma City 'MARY NELL SHuLTs, Weatherford ALPHA XI DELTA ALPHA Xi Delta was founded at Lombard College, Galesburg, Illinois, in 1893. Stressing scholarship, the founders of Alpha Xi Delta started a fund which is loaned to upperclassmen in order that they may complete their college courses. In addition to this feature, a ring is pre- sented to each member whose grades average ninety-four over the four year period. The Carcassone Settlement School in the Kentucky Mountains is maintained solely by contributions from the active chapters of Alpha Xi Delta. No tax is levied upon the members for its support. The local chapter, Alpha Zeta, was installed in 1921, after having been a local fraternity, Xi Delta, for two YCHFS. Hostess There are 42 active chapters of Alpha Xi Delta and 5,408 members. Prominent Alpha Xi activity Women include: Ieanette Biddick who is a member of Omicron Nu, the Y. W. C. A., and is the Treasurer of Hestia, and a member of Oikonomia. Zella Ruth Armstrong, graduate of the Fine Arts School of Piano and Pipe Organ, is an active member of Sigma Alpha Iota, and the Women's Choral Club. Mary Willa Heald is a member of Qrchesis, Alpha Psi Omega, and is a participant in the Y. W. C. A. and Playhouse Productions. Another active member of Alpha Xi Delta is Pauline Gable who is Vice- President of Qmicron Nu, of Hestia, and a member of Y. W. C. A. and Oikon- omia. The hostess at the Alpha Xi Delta house is Mrs. Nellie Moore of Downer's Grove, Illinois. She has been on the campus for the past two years. Mus. NELLIE Mooniz Page 176 I , g. I I MARY E. GALLAHER . SARAH MOORE . . . ZELLA RUTH ARMSTRONG VIRGINIA MARIE MARTIN SARAH MOORE, Norman GRADUATE Iu NIA LOUIS CLASS OF 1934 CLASS OF 1935 . President Vice-President . S ecrefar y . Treasurer MARY E. GALLAHER, Tulsa RIITI-I NOR'FH, Oklahoma City VIRGINIA MARIE MARTIN, 'KATHRENE WEBB, Muskogee MEI.BA MIISTOE, Oklahoma City Pauls Valley 'MARY WILLA HEALD, Ponca City CLASS OF 1936 PIIYI.I.Is CLARK, Oklahoma City 'MARY ELIZABETH STIGLER, Norman 'ALICE MARIE MARLER, 'HELEN STACY, Norman Oklahoma City 'Pledge Page 177 7 li 5 'S 5. Il Il Ii lI il II ll ll il ll ll I lxl l l I 'I Il l l I l l I I l l I I l I I I I I I I I I E I I 4.5-.,.. Il ll, l il ll 4 I l l II l. I IE Il I ,I QI I lf If I E 1 l PHI MU nd1..v. ,Y . E ,Y,Y Jll nr.. .Y , . an-:sauna fvffanmzaww---"1 ' ' 'r-zgres.-1-f-2 ' ' "" 1:1-etfrhivlt . - "9- y' V P+! 1 -5- 2, X. 5.f':- iff PHI MU was the outgrowth of a local society called A Philomathean which was organized at Wesleyan Col- t . Y lege, March 4, 1852. In 1904 the name was changed to t . .. I, Phi Mu and a policy of expansion was adopted. Each year Phi Mu appropriates a 351,000 graduate " 5: 5 fellowship to be administered by the fellowship committee t yhgg q,:: of A. A. U. W. This fellowship is open to graduate women ' a - A ' i in any institution where Phi Mu has a chapter. P if 'ad ':'li"P k Nxqw. ,ii . . . . . . fi Phi Mu s national philanthropy is the Healthmobile, , y cg g t i g rig ..,s.y. a child hygiene truck, operating in the state of Georgia. Phi Mu has as outstanding women on the campus: Thelma Bradford, who is Vice-President of the MRS' IOSEPHINE HAYWARD French Club, is a member of Mortar Board, Kappa Gamma Epsilon, and Alpha Lambda Delta. Hostess Ruth Oman, who is a member of Pan-Hellenic, Y. W. C. A. Council, and of the History Club, and is social chairman of the W. S. G. A. Beulah Helen Spears is an Alpha Lambda Delta, Secretary-Treasurer of Monnet Bar, Secretary of the Freshman Law Class, and a member of Kappa Beta Pi and the Y. W. C. A. Council. Margaret Barnes is a member of W. S. G. A. House Council. Y. W. C. A. Freshmen Council, is Secretary of the History Club, a member of Pan-Hellenic, and winner of the University Research Scholarship. Edith Mayes, who is Treasurer of Omicron Nu, is a member of Oikonomia and Y. W. C. A. The hostess of Phi Mu is Mrs. Iosephine Hayward who came to Norman in 1930. Her home is in Hutchison, Kansas. Page 178 w:1..a wwvwm -'ww - mwa.memw-ww E Q I 5 R We QT E I I PI-II Mu E, -...L,.e-aswvwmmwumxswaazmss:m,Sxw,v, off. an-, If IIvmm wmsm I ,9 5' - al l ' sr. A ol 'E RUTH OMAN BEULAH HELEN HELEN BRADY ALFRETA MADK MARGARET BARNES, Guthrie BEULAH HELEN SPEARS, Oklahoma City LOUISE BARNETT, Norman RUTH OMAN, McA1ester ALFRETA MAUK, Carnegie HELEN BRADY, Norman DORIS ASHBURN, Oklahoma City 'Pledge Page 179 SPEARS . . GRADUATE STUDENTS SELMA HUGGINS, Norman CLASS OF 1933 CHARLENE PENNER, Norman THELMA BRADFORD, Norman EDITH MAYES, Enid CLASS OF 1934 DOROTHY MCBRAYER, Oklahoma City ANN ELIZABETH SHORT, Okmulgee CLASS OF 1935 IuANITA CHURCHWELL, Norman FLORENCE MACDONALD, Norman CLASS OF 1936 HELEN FIELD, McA1ester P 1' rr- YZF' f I A 'T SE 332925-5 I I W.. Q--,s A I, I . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer ELIZABETH COX Norman ROBERTA ALDEN Tulsa LUCILE NANN, Oklahoma City IONE COOPER, Dallas Texas FRANCES LALIDERDALE LMARIORIE CAPPS Mountain Park NADINE NABOURS Oklahoma City BETA SIGMA gggg gg BETA SIGMA OMICRON was founded December 12, 1888, at the University of Missouri. Membership in- cluded chosen students from the nearby institutions, Chris- tian College and Stephens College. Until 1925 expansion was limited to Southern Women's Colleges. Since then chapters have been installed only in Class "A" colleges and universities. Beta Sigma Omicron maintains the Pine Mountain Settlement School in Kentucky as its philanthropic work. The official publication is called The Urn. Alpha Chi, the local chapter, was installed in 1931. The petitioning group, Kappa Upsilon, had been on the campus two years. Among the prominent women on the campus, Estella Sue Hayden stands out because she is President of Pi Zeta MRS. AGNES FISHER COLBERT Hostess Kappa, Vice-President of Kappa Delta Pi, a member of the Y. W. C. A. cabinet, a member of the House Council, and the Sponsor of the Girls' Friendly Society. Other Beta Sigs who are active in school activities are: Rosemary Hamit, who is a member of the Debate team and who is on the Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Volita Patrick, who is President of Kappa Beta, a member of Pi Zeta Kappa and Y. W. C. A. Nan Estelle Hunter, who is a member of Mortar Board and the University Debate Squad and also of Phi Beta Kappa. Mrs. Agnes Fisher Colbert is hostess of Beta Sigma Omicron. She came to the house the second semester of 1933. Her home is in Norman. f Page 180 BETA SIGMA OMICRON - N ,.., Q.-.V .W . .........t.-v....-.a-......,..,..,..,,,.-....-..f..-..1... ,. , M I., -I .--,, - .w..-.,.,..-...-............-.I.........-.............M-.... ..,,..x,-fl---.-an I... .r,........ ...N f..,.......-..........A-....,.-....,..,. MN .. A..........,.-.-.--..-.--..a.-Q ESTELLA SUE HAYDEN . CORINNE LONG . . . VIRGINIA OLIN'ER . VOLITA PATRICK . GRADUATE . . President , Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer LENNIE PEARL STANSELIRY, Norman CLASS OF 1933 ESTHER BILLINGS, Oklahoma City RUTH COOPER, Norman GEORGIA CRISWELL, Goodwell VIRGINIA PAIN, Oklahoma City WANIJA GARRISON, Norman ESTELLA SIIE HAYDEN. NAN ESTELLE HUNTER, CLASS OF 1934 'KATIIERINE BOERETLER, Henryetta CLASS OF l935 IOYCE EVERTS, Movile, Iowa CLASS OF 1936 'GBA LEE lVlOI,'I'llON, Bokahse 'VIRGlNI.N PIOR, Norman 'Pledge Page 181 Oklahoma City CORINNE LONG, Oklahoma City ROSEMARY HAMIT, Oklahoma City VIRGINIA OLIVER, Norman VOLITA PATRICK, Sapulpa Oklahoma City LEONE RATCLIFEE, Weatherford MARX' ROBERTS, Oklahoma City LUCILLE ROBERTSON, Oklahoma City RUTH STURGIS, Norman 'CIIARLINE SMITII, Norman S GMA DELTA TAU + .Tn SIGMA DELTA TAU was founded at Cornell Univer- sity, March 17, 1917. The plan of the founders was to keep the society a local one, but focorale reports concerning similar groups in other institutions led to expansion. Xi, the local chapter, was installed in 1929. The founders were assisted by Nathan House, their ritualistic and honorary member, and today he is known to all members as Brother Nat. As a tribute to him, no other man is permitted to Wear the Torch. Each active chapter undertakes some worthy charit- able activity within the city of its establishment. . Among the outstanding members of Sigma Delta Tau BFG! MRS. I. A. STEINER Hostess Mildred Lapp who is President of Pan-Hellenic, a member of the Executive Board of W. S. G. A., Senior Chairman of the Freshman Commission, and is active in Y. W. C. A. and the Polo and Riding Association. Sigma Delta Tau has Virginia Fisher who is on the Iudiciary Board of W. S. G. A., who is President and Senior Advisor of Alpha Lambda Delta, and who is President of the Business Girls' Club. She is also President of Men- orah. She is Social Chairman of the Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, a member of Pan- Hellenic, Gamma Epsilon Pi, and Beta Gamma Sigma. She is a participant in the Inter-Church Council. Mildred Futoransky is a member of Pan-Hellenic and Inter-Church Coun- cil. Being on the Freshmen Commission she is Secretary of Y. W. C. A. Council. She is also Treasurer of Alpha Lambda Delta. The hostess of the organization is Mrs. I. A. Steiner. She came to Norman in 1931. Her home is in Kansas City, Missouri. . Page 182 SIGMA DELTA TAU ,,,,w...v--.-W,.v,..-.....--..,..,.... ..I.I..... V... ,,.....v. .L , .. . --ws.--Q--..-1-.way-4-..,.f.. ...f1.4,.---A-1,..-MW..-.--f.U...-..,,.f.s,-..,.... .,.,...,. 7, twig III fr. 6 I S MILDREIJ LAPP . . . President MILDREIJ FUTORANSKY . Secretary ROSE BLLIIVIENTHAL . . Treasurer CLASS OF 1933 MILIJRED LAPP, Wiburtori CLASS OF 1934 VIRGINIA FISHER, Oklahoma City SHIRLEY l-IORBERG, Chicago, Illinois SESTIIER ROSE Oklahoma City 'RLBA RAFFKIND, Amarillo, Texas CLASS OF 1935 MILIJRED FIIIORANSKY, Norman "RosAI.IIi SONDOCK, Houston, Texas 'SYLVIA FUTORANSKY Norman CLASS OF 1936 'IRENE MILLER, Tulsa 'MARY SPEIGLE, Shawnee SIOHANNA YOLIRMAN Oklahoma City 'Pledge Page 183 ,1 :m7 PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL The Pan-Hellenic Council, instituted on the campus of the University of Oklahoma in 1912, serves as the governing body for all inter-sorority activities. The purpose of the organization is to aid the sororities of the university by co-operation and unification of interests of sorority and non-sorority women. The work of the council, in general, is divided into three phases, the settlement of all problems concerning all activities of sororities, the making and enforcing of all rules concerning rushing, pledging, and initiation, and the sponsorship of scholarship competi- tion among the sorority women. MILDIQED LAPP . VIRGINIA FAIN . MARIETTA DARLING Alpha Chi Omega Chi MARJORIE NEWBERN CAROLYN PIPKIN Alpha Gamma Delta Tri GENIEsE HUGHES HELEN WILSON Alpha Phi MARY Io IOHNSTON GATEWOOD BAILEY Alpha Xi Delta MARY GALLAGHER SARAH MOORE Beta Sigma Omicron CORINNE LoNG VIRGINIA FAIN OFFICERS MEMBERS Omega MILDRED MILLER AILEEN PETWAY Dclt BETTY SCHELLE ANTIONETTE MARTIN Delta Gamma MARGARET BUGRLEY ROEERTA BAGBY Gamma Phi Beta FRANCIS MADISON GEORGIA REEvEs Kappa Alpha Theta MARY SUE SIMPSON MARIETTA DARLING . President . Secretary . Treasurer Kappa Kappa Gamma BETTY MAY LovE ELOISE SMART Phi Mu MARGERT BARNES RUTH OMAN Pi Phi WILMA KLEIN CHARLENE HANIJLEY Sigma Delta Tau lVlILDRED LAPR VIRGINIA FISHER MILDRED FUTORANSKY A. O. P. MADELINE CORJUET IUNE MARIE XAIILLIAMS Page 184 HONORARIES T resident's C lass" SKELETON KEY The Skeleton Key is a local organization, formed February 15, 1933, following the disbandment of the Blue Key as a result of internal strife, and the subsequent resignation of several prominent members. The organization will maintain the same principles, and ideals to which its prede- cessor, the Blue Key, has adhered, those of service and leadership in student affairs at the university. The most prominent activity of the group is to serve in any capacity that calls for a group of representative Students. The members of this organization study student prob- lems and confer with the faculty on questions when a knowledge of student opinion is desired. Election to the Skeleton Key will be made on the same basis as that of the Blue Key. Outstanding qualities in character, scholarship, student activities, leadership, and service are recognized as requisites for membership. BOB HER'1' . . . President ANDY BECK . . . . Vice-President CHARLES TEE! ........ Secretary and Treasurer HONORARY MEMBERS W, B. BIZZELL M. L. WARDELL I. F. FINDLAY MEMBERS PAT SINCLAIR FRANK ITTNER BILL ROGERS TOM HUNTER RAY WILL RUPERT lVlCCI.LING VINCENT DALE IOHN SWINFORD GEORGE LEEMAN CHARLES TEEL FRED NEWTON GEORGE MASSEY HuGH OWENS LEE MINTER BOB HERT IIM TAYLOR AI. MULDROW BUCK GARRETT BOB CLARK CIIARLEs ENGLEMAN MURRAY MCDONALD SCOTT HAMMONDS BERNARD DOWD EARL SNEED CHESTER STINNETT ANDY BECK RODNEY BURNS WILLIS STARK , , f f f f f ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ! M WWMWA Page 186 MORTAR BOARD The Qklahoma chapter of the Mortar Board, national honorary fraternity for sen- ior women, was organized in 1923 as the Qwl and Triangle chapter. The national or- ganization was founded in 1918, at the University of Michigan. The purpose of the organization of the Mortar Board is to provide for the National union of senior honorary societies for women. The main objective of the Mortar Board is to further the spirit of loyalty and fellowship among university women, to promote spirited feeling, to maintain a high standard of academic achievement, and to recognize and to encourage practical leadership. The scholarship achievement required for membership is a UB" average, with the addition of prominence in school activities and a high character standard. OFFICERS VIRGINIA LESTER . . . . . President ELIZABETH BEARLY . . Vice-President 'l-'HELMA BRADFORD . . Secretary BETTY EVANS . , . Treasurer MEMBERS VIRGINIA LESTER BETTY EVANS NAN ESTELLE HUNTER ELIZABETH BEARLY EVALYN ANDERSON GORDON PEELER THELMA BRADFORD ELOISE CHANDLER FACULTY MEMBERS EDITH MAHIER BETTY KIRK SuzzANE LASSATER 'Signer-s?"!QfWN'Q2'1 -.H ,fi f ,ifu-R A I- -- . . . . Page 187 JAZZ HOUNDS The Iazz Hounds were founded in 1917 at Oklahoma University to promote Sooner pep on for- eign fields. They were active until 1929 when the pep orders were disbanded by university authorities, Due to the decided lack of school spirit among the student body and a waning interest in sports they were allowed to reorganize in the fall of 1932. Each year the Iazz Hounds have made at least one of the important football games of the season. This year the Kansas trip was selected and the members of the order kept Sooner spirit at high ebb during the game. In former years the Iazz Hounds have been able to go to Out of state games through the sale Of confectionaries, but this year, due to their absence in the preceding years, they were unable to secure the contract, and were forced to sell programs instead. Pledges are chosen each year by the active membership. The Official uniform of the Iazz Hounds is a red and white striped jacket, white trousers and white shoes. OFFICERS BAXTER TAYLOR . .... . . Lead Hound ACE BAILEY . . . . . . . Tail Hound PEEPER HAYES . .... . Keeper of the Bones MEMBERS IKE HILL DON STINCHECOM IOE SMALEY EVANS NASH ACE BAILEY KENNETH FERGUSON ALBERT THOMAS BIGGERS BLAND WEST HILLARD CAREY DUDLEY TURNER GENE BENNETT RALPH ENIX HERMAN GREENHAW ROY LEE DAWSON RED GOINS I. L. CANE WAYNE CHESTNUT EARL I. EBERHART O. I. COLWICK C. E. DAVIS T. C. LAMBERT IIM EVANS KELLY PARKER IIM CRAWFORD I. N. CHILDERS W. P. IONES ROBERT KUTZ BARON HOUSEL ROBERT LIST LEN BULLIS IOE STAMPER LEN ZARR HURST SUEFIELD GORDON WATTS GEORGE RUSSEL RIM BRYANT EARL SNEED, IUNIOR BILLY LONGMIRE ALLAN CALVERT W. L. BRODERSON IO. O. EDWARDS HAMILTON DE MEULES GEORGE HAYES CHARLES DAVIS MILTON SILBERGER BRYON L. RAKESTRAW TRUE BAKER HILLARD GURLEY W. E. RAGSDALE DONALD A. PORTER T. I. WALNE BILL GRISSO IACK L. SPIVEY MURRAY GORDON BAXTER TAYLOR, IR. WILLIS STARK RAY WATSON HUNTER L. IOHNSON W. C. GRIMES TOM ASHTON IAKE HAMPTON ERNEST MASSAD BEN BIRNEY IIM HAMILL CLYDE HIGHTOWER W. L. PIPKIN RAYMOND PADGETT GERALD WATTS FRANKLIN MCVEY CECIL ENIX L. P. LIVINGSTON DQ D. SHUBERT H. BRODERSON C. E. CLOUD ALLEN WAGGONER ELDON GRYE STANLEY MARSH IAMES HERWITZE JACK LAUDERMILK MAX CARDER BILL HURMIL MARSHALL BROWN F. S. KILINGSWORTH F. L. BOLEN PAUL SMITH JACK AKINS BOB GRINNELL EWING SADLER THERON CUSHENBERY GENEX CARTER' BOB FRESEN DUDLEY TICHENOR IIMMIE RAY WILBUR IONES T. C. STRCNBERG A. C. BOOKOUT BILL ARCHER IOHN IOYNSON BILL ROBERTS IOHN MATHEWS I. B. GVIVIN HARRY MCINNIS BILL PINE ALBERT UPSHER GEORGE BOATWRIGHT WAYNE HECLER BARNEY GUERR BRITT CHAPHAM DON CUNNINGHAM DAN ALRUIRE ,ML ffm- M. fm.. lm. 1101- fm. fw- Jfm- 1444- M fwi te- ,1,11ffMf1w,,f,m,wwfuffmmmut Muuuu,,1,4u11f1Mw aww 01ff11a,,,1eif. Mm , ,,,,,, Ay . ' 0::::::ggy , umm,"""'Q..G,T,,A,:2zzQzg 11' . ............ ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,W ....... ,ML ....... """ W , , 1 5:5545 " W Mrzmiiif W5i'23337fm::zi5ffffWfff"""W'ff1? 'may'"fffffvYl2Pf-w,,,,,,g ggfufflffl, 1,-lf . --ifffffwF"""' W Page 188 ai Smw::::::g:x W :::::::::::::::::::q::::R K zzxacicaaiaaaezezz W xxxx mx W W wXm Wwv RU F-NEK The Ruf-Nek, senior pep organization, was founded on the campus in the fall of 1915 by a group of Varsity lettermen. While attending a basketball game in the "Old Gym" several former football men in their enthusiasm began stamping their feet and causing a general uproar. Finally someone said they were acting like a bunch of rough necks. The name was adopted by the present Organization. The purpose of the organization is to encourage attendance at all athletic events: to supervise the freshmen meng to uphold Soonerland traditions: and to encourage pep at all athletic contests. To be eligible for membership in the Ruf-Neks, the candidate must have junior Standing in the university. The membership is limited to four members from each fraternity and 18 nonffraternity men. OFFICERS BUCK GARRETT . . . . . . Chief Nek CHARLES TEEL . . Royal Llrzshauen Nek BUB NEPTUNE . . . Royal Ink Squirter IOHN SWINFORD . Royal Keeper of Shekels MEMBERS BOB ADAMS HARRY AGGERS BILL BARR TONY BATOLINA ANDY BECK ED BRADFORD ELWOOD BROCKMAN HAROLD BROCKMAN WELDON BURNS C. C. BUXTON ANDY CAMPBELL HERBERT CHAMPLIN ERNEST CHILDERS RALPH CISSNE IACK CLARK IIM CLEARY CHARLES COBLENTY JIMMY COCKANE PAT CONNORS MAURICE COTTON GLEN DAVIS HARRY EASTON WENDELL FORD ALFRED FRAMPTON BUCK GARRETT BIRD GASTON IOE GIBSON SOL GORDON ED HOMMER PRESTON HARRIS TOM HIERONYMS BILL HOLMES HUGH HUMRHRIES TOM HUNTER BOB HART DAVE HUTCHINSON FRANK ITTNER M. A. IEFFERY RED KELLY HARRY KORNBAUM HAROLD LECORNE IACOB LEVIN BILL LIVINGSTON BOB LOVE PAUL LYONS PERCY MAIN BILL MAJORS B. G. MARTIN GEORGE MASSY BILLY MEAD JAMES MENDENHALL IIM MILLER LEE MINTER SAM MINSKY GEORGE MISKOVSKY MELVINE MONTGOMERY ALVIN MULDROW MURRAY MCDONALD IAMES NANCE M. K. NEIJTUNE FRED NEWTON HUGH OWNES IACK PARSONS WAHREN PARKS CLIFF PEERY SYDNEY PATTERSON IIM PAULSON DICK PIERCE IOHN ROBINSON JOE RUCKS SID RUDIN IOHN RUSK DON SMITH RAZOR SMITH I. K. SOUTH JOHN SWINFORD HANK SCHRAEDER IOHN STEWART BUB STUART STROTHER SIMPSON ROMEO SETTLE CHARLES TEEL VIC TORRES MAURICE TRIPPLEHORN CLAY LINDERWOOD RAY WILL BILL WILLIS IIM WILSON LAWRENCE WILSON WILLIAM WILSON TOM WRIGHT ARMSEED YORK IOHN ZWICK WWW R c R NM Kmawwm -M-S ,M AWS SN SN Am "Nm Sam K 55-S-fawxasxxiawxaaazaznx W x x NWTWS Page 189 A ffff BOMBARDIERS The fraternity of Bombardiers was founded February 22, 1928, at the University of Oklahoma, by a number of basic students in the Reserve Officers Training Corps. Their purpose in organization was to promote a better spirit of harmony and fellowship among the basic students of the university unit, The members of the original chapter attempted to select those men from the basic corps who dis- played a distinct proficiency as soldiers, as well as outstanding qualities of leadership and personality. One of the primary objects of the organization is to train its members in the school of the soldier and the school of the squad. Command and leadership, as well as the study of maneuvers limbered come in for particular emphasis. Expert training is furnished the members in these fields, most important to the basic student. A number of outside speakers are brought in to add their knowledge in instruction in special phases of military Science, The organization at present operates locally only, although concerted efforts are being made to Widen its scope nationally. Answers, thus far, have been received from Florida and lowa Universities, Whose reactions were decidedly favorable. Candidates for membership must have maintained at least a UB" average scholastically, and have been passed upon by a committee of faculty members as fit from a standpoint of leadership and char! acter. MEMBERS FRED BROWN . . MILTON GORDON . FRED DuNLEvY . MAX STUNTZ . . CHARLES BACHE BUD BORING lick CRuCE l5RED DUNLEVY IAMES FELLERS MORRIS PATTERSON GLEN POWELL MELVIN SMITH SEYMOUR SPEARS E. A. DE MEuLES WALLACE THOMAS IAMES HANINC1 ROBERT HOLAND HARDIE MILLER JOHN JOHNSON MAX STUNTZ TOM GIBSON R. G. JONES HARRY LAMBERT JOHN LAW BOB MCCRACKEN TOM FINNEY IOHN FISHBURN C. V. GANNAWAY RALPH KELLY GEORGE INGRAM I. A. MuLL IIMMY MCWILLIAMS IACK RIVERS JOHN NICHOLS OFFICERS . . . Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant . First Sergeant MILTON GORDON JACK KINNEBREW ROBERT LONG JERRY NOLAN GEORGE VERITY R. A. WlI.LlAMS ANDREW WOODWARD ROBERT BLACK JEROME BYRD PLEDGES I. D. O'SHEA IAMES OXFORD R. D, MYERS DELMER I-IOLLOMAN RALPH PHELAN ROBERT POLLARD CLYDE DINGER PAIIL DUNCAN G. GARDNER ELIGEN MCKNIGHT B. M. NOVN'ERY BILL PADEN LAWRENCE RITTER ARCHIE SOuvECK BOIOTIIE STRANGE MILTON VAN DEVENTER WARREN WOVERTON JOE ROBINSON HARRY SDFFIELD RAYMOND WELLS SAM COLEMAN Page 190 N NN m.NXX .ff-at "" ww R :::zz::1:::m:Racaaa:cw K W Km K W xl S SCABBARD AND BLADE "D" company, third regiment Of the Scabbard and Blade, national military fraternity, was Organ-4 ized at the University of Qklahoma in 1921. The national organization was founded at the University Of Wisconsin in 1904, and due to its unusually rapid expansion now has 78 chapters On its rolls. Military proficiency and good fellowship form the basis for selection to membership, limited to ad- vanced course R. 0. T. C. students Only. The Scabbard and Blade concerns itself primarily with raise ing the standard of military drill in the American universities and colleges: uniting military departments in a closer relationshipg encouraging the essential good qualities and proficiency in the Officers: and pro- moting intimacy and fellowship among the cadets. Prominent social activities of the Scabbard and Blade are the FOunder's Day Banquet, sponsorship Of the Military Ball, and the annual Scabbard and Blade dinner dance. OFFICERS FRED NEWTON . . . . . . Captain HERBERT' CHAMPLIN . . First Lieutenant DALTON Q. MCBEE . . Second Lieutenant ELWOOD BROCKMAN . . . Sergeant MEMBERS NORMAN ANDERSON GARRY PRINCE WILLIAM STOVER AUBREY BILYEU BRUCE BEASLEY ANDY BECK C. C. BUXTON EARNEST BARTILINA MARSDEN BELLATTI JACK CHAIRS ROBERT CLARK IACOB COLLAR RICHARD ELLEGOOD CHARLES ENGLEMAN WILLIAM HARSCH I. R. WALLACE IOE GIBSON JACK KERNS T. I. FUSON E. G. NASH HARRY TRENTMAN JIMMY HOPKINS BARON HOUSEL LLOYD IOHNSON LAWRENCE KEEGAN HENRY MCDONALD HARRY MCDON.ALD LOUISE MCBRIDE DENVER MEACHAM ALVAN MULDROW MILLARD NEPTUNE JAMES POULSON PLEDGES MARTIN MILLER I. WILSON BILL VAUGHN HARRY ALLEY HALPI-I WOLVERTON RICHARD TAFT GORDON WATTS RAY WILL BUCK GARRETT WAYNE CHESTNUTT R. H. PARHAM ROBERT WILSON R. B. ROPER GEORGE BORELLI ELWOOD BROCKMAN ROBERT HELTON BLAND WEST IAMES BUCHANAN EARL SNEED ROBERT LAUGHMILLER ALLAN CALVERT IOE RUCKS GEORGE SHIRK HIRST SUFEIELD BILL BROOKS NORMAN JONES BILL PANSZE BEN HARNED ALFRED FRAMPTON THOMAS MUNSON WARREN GUNTER ELLSWORTH SHOWEN HAROLD LECRONE RICHARD BUCHANAN DAN OWENS HAROLD FLEET BILL KING WOODS HANKINSON I. S, OLDEIELD SN X K,fE-Leer-L-ffffffffffm...R.WKM....x:.:....R.t.., A-AX m .ms X K wmKm w swmmWwKNWRw :::R:m XXX ----- My-ff-1 ------------ :rgrsxxxysw-Wggllgcefse eww? .3-NWXESQSKY --11 N- . ,Ai A "KKK Q--' if Q my RW W W NNN N ww Page 191 ,,,,,, W U, WMM, , , , W, MW , A THE DERBY CLUB The Derby Club was organized On October 31, 1931, by a group of men who wished to encourage a closer relationship between the University administration and the student ,body in regard to student social affairs. The club, through co-operation with the Dean of Men, has successfully sponsored Stu- dent Council dances, and expects to aid the return to popularity of such dances. This organization derives its name from the custom of its members in wearing derbies when in evening clothes. The Derby Club dansants, given once a semester, are the organizations only so- cial function during the school year. Dean Iames F. Findly is the honorary member of the club. OFFICERS MAURICE COTTON . . President WALTER MARSHALL Vice-President EARL SNEED . . . Secretary MEMBERS ALBAIN BAILEY TOM BIGGERS TIM BRYANT AL CALVERT HERB CHAMPLIN IACK CHEIRS WAYNE CHESTNUTT I. N. CHILDERS MAuRIcE COTTON CHARLES DAVIS IOHN DUDLEY IIM EVANS KENNETH FERGUSON WENDELL FORD MAURICE GANN GLENN HALL Bus HAMMONDS ORVIL HILL BARON HOLISELL NORMAN JONES BILL KING BILL LEWIS BOB LOCKWOOD BILL LONGMIRE BILL MAJORS WALTER MARSHALL MURRAY MCDONNALD DENVER MEACHAM AL MULDROW IIMMIE MYTINGER FRED NEWTON I-IuGH OWENS R. I-1. PARHAM KELLEY PARKER EARL I. SNEED HURST SUFFIELD CLAY UNDERWOOD GORDON WATTS W m,v1mwl m Af 0' M I -f ,.r L .... 121222227521 ..... ,,,,, ....fIrrrr... , ' ' """""' Page 192 ALPHA PI MU Alpha Pi Mu, national honorary pre-medic Organization, was founded upon this campus in 1923 The purpose of this fraternity is to form a closer association among the Pre-Medics, to promote Schol- arship, and to make the work among those preparing themselves for the medical profession more effec- tive and attractive. Meetings are held regularly every two weeks throughout the school year. The programs consist of talks and pictures Of special interest to students in the medical field. This year several trips were made to hospitals in Norman and Oklahoma City where the work and management of such institutions were explained to the society. OFFICERS BILLY LONGMIRE . . . . . . President LOUIS BISHOP . . . Vice-President PHILLIP SMITH . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS IACK PARSONS KENNETH KLEIN FRANCIS GROSS BOB LOUOHMILLER BILLY LONGMIRE ED CLARKE IACK AKINS MORRIS RAINES I. LLOYD IOHNSON WEBSTER HORN I. R. RICKS MARVIN ELKINS BILL BucHAN LOUIS BISHOP P. I. LOWENTHAL L. E. GREER K. R. DUFF H. M. HAMRA PLEDGES I. M. SANFORD A. M. YOUNG MAX E. IOHNSON CECIL MILLER E. E. LuDLOw I. R. MCGINNIS I. W. MAJORS PHIL SMITH P. S. CLAY V. A. BRADFORD T. H. PHIPPS BOB EVATT IOHN W. SCHUH HAROLD EISLE ROBERT KNIGHT EDGAR DEMEULES MASON R. LYONS Page 193 TOGA Toga is an inter-professional school honor society for Seniors Of scholastic ability and who rank high in popularity in their individual schools. lts purpose is to bring into fellowship one or two leaders from the several professional schools for mutual benefit and inspiration. For eleven years this organization has picked its members from the leaders of the professional schools, living up to its state-wide reputation for representing professional superiority. The annual election to membership is made public each spring on Senior Day, when the ideals of the organization are pointed out and the new members are introduced and formally pledged. It is con- sidered one Of the highest campus honors to be selected for Toga. ANDY BECK . . President BOB CLARK . . Secretary GEORGE MASSEY, School of Law DAN IONES, School of Geology ANDY BECK, College of Business PAT SINCLAIR. School of Law FRED NEWTON, College of Engineering BOB CLARK, School of journalism ROBERT RATLIFF, College of Engineering RAY WiLL, College of Engineering Page I 94 ,L 1 Y i A .,.xxx.N. A ex X c X x ,, .zaaaazzzzzzi xxx x x x -rzzzxxmmmeeeeaarzx Rcciitwiiiizrzzi PE-ET Pe-et, an Indian term meaning "ten best men," is the oldest honorary organization on the Univer- sity campus, being founded in 1910. Traditionally it has selected the outstanding juniors on the basis of their past record and expectation of their future accomplishments. Members must have a "B" average before being considered and their selection is based 80 per cent upon scholarship and the remainder upon campus activities. Although a maximum of ten new members each year is provided for, the selection seldom reaches that number, because of the strict requirements. OFFICERS RALPH DALE . . . Chief CHARLES ENGLEMAN . , . Sachem SAMUEL ABRAMS . . Medicine Man MACK CUNNYNGHAM . Wampum Man FACULTY MEMBERS DR. E. D, MEACHAM DR. V. E. MONNET IOE BRANDT HUGH V. MCDERMOTT MEMBERS RALPH DALE MACK CUNNYNGHAM SAMUEL ABRAMS CHARLES ENGLEMAN ANDY BECK HARRY PINES FRED NEWTON MN XXtccctxtccxccctcccccccccc 5 skx krmc x Xcsxxg A X me Page 195 FACULTY MEMBERS SIGMA TAU Sigma Tau, a national honorary engineering fraternity, was founded February 22, 1904 at the University of Nebraska. At the present time there are 23 chapters and four alumni associations throughout the United States. On March 3, 1930 Sigma Tau was admitted to full membership of the Association of College Honor Societies. Mu chapter of this University was granted its charter on May 13, 1916. The membership is chosen from those men of the Iunior and Senior classes who have become eligible by ranking in the upper third scholastically. Since many types of men are capable of qualify- ing scholastically, selection is further based on the qualities of practicality and Sociability. Honorary membership may be granted to members of the engineering faculty and to practicing engineers. OFFICERS LEE MINTER . . . . . . President ROBERT RATLIFF . Vice-President FERRIL MCMULLIN . .... Treasurer ROBB MOORE . . . . Recording Secretary BERNARD DOUD . . . Corresponding Secretary ERVIN GLASGOW . . .... Historian PROP. G. R. MAXSON .......... Faculty Adviser I. H. FELGAR F. G. TIAPPAN W. H. CARSON G. R. MAXSON F. C. MORRIS IACK ABERNATIIY ORVILLE BARNETT RICHARD BARRETT ED BARTLEY AUBREY BILYEU ERNEST COTTON EARL HASSLER TOM HOGAN WALTER LA PON CHARLES LUDWICIQ RICHARD MCBRIEN CLIFF PERRY H. C. GEORGE B. W. SCHAEFER V. E. MONNET I. F. BROOKES W. E. WOLFORD STUDENT WILMER RAGSDALE EARL SIMPSON VICTOR TORRES BRUCE WILEY OWEN WOOD RALPH BOLLINGER RALPH DALE SCOTT HAMMONDS CHARLES HEWETT FRANK ITTNER SILER LAMBDIN HERBERT MOOIIY I. R. MATLOCK C. R. SANDIFER C. T. ALMQUIST I. C. DAVIS M. E. MILLS MEMBERS RUPERT MCCLUNG HARRY PLUMMER HENRY SCHAEFER OTHO SPARKS WILLIAM WHEELER RAY WILL NORMAN HALL MARTIN MILLER GEORGE MENNINGER ROE CARSON IOHN FRYE ERNEST HANDLEY I. E. SMAY L. A. COMP R. V. IAMES I. A. COWDEN R. F. HUGHES SAM HOGAN ROBERT KUTZ ROBERT LISK DALTON MCBEE FRED NEWTON DONALD PORTER ELLSWORTH SHOWEN ALBERT TAYLOR CLIF WRIGHT PETER TAUSON SPOTSWOOD LOMAX IOHN ROBINSON PAUL SCHEEFERS RICHARD SNEED t'i'tff 1'ff Page 196 .......... N X Rm me ,..,. .zxcaimzaztiiii m"'a:a::::::::::z x xxmxxmxmwxxx xxxxxxmxxxxxxx N mwxxxx mxmwmxxxx xxmxxxwmwmx ::s g, Q x AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS The A. S. M, E. is an organization Open to all students in the School of Mechanical Engineering and allied Subjects. The national chapter was founded April 7, 1880, the local group in 1915, The purpose of the organization is to get the young mechanical engineer interested in his subject, to get him acquainted with his fellow students, and to keep him in close union With current engineering progress. ERVIN F. GLASGOW RICHARD MCBRIEN EARNEST BARTOLINA OFFICERS . . President . Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer LEWIS MCBRIDE . JOSEPH LISTON W. H. CARSON H. V. BECK EARNEST BARTOLINA AL BAUER F. B. BOYNTON W. BuRRIS I. W. BYRD PERRY CAMPBELL IOHN CASSITY G. C. COOPER I. F. CRAWFORD HARRY CROSSETT TOM CUBBAGE C. I. DAVENPORT R. O. EWING ALFRED FRAMPTON R. E. FALLS ERVIN GLASGOW . St. Pafs Council Member . . . Faculty Adviser FACULTY MEMBERS IOSEPH LISTON H. W. HARMS SAM HECKER H. K. HENDERSON IRA HOWLETT FRANK IAMIESON IACK LOUDERMILK ARA LINDLEY F. LOOSEY E. R. LOuGHMILLER HAROLD MASSEY THOMAS IVIAYRATH ROBERT MAYRATH RICHARD MCBRIEN GEORGE MENNINGER IAMES MILES M. H. MINER S. CROMER MEMBERS WILLIA NAIL MILLARD NEPTLINE M. R. PERKINSON EDWARD RAUGH C. V. ROBERTS RALPH ROCKWOOD GIBSON ROMBERG ARCHIE SOLICEK IAMES SPEARS E. STEELE E. STRONG PETER TAIISON C. WRIGHT MORRIS FRACK EMERY NIELSON KENNETH HOWARD E. F. DAWSON BILL HUNKAPILLAR MAION DORNEY WILLIAM PRENDERGAST LEE MINTER HOWARD EVANS FRANK ITTNER BERNARD Douo RICHARD SNEED FRED NEWTON WOODROW BLACK CLAUDE KIRKMAN LEWIS MCBRIDE IACK FOSTER EDGAR BAXTER S. T. HUSKY AuBREY GRIFFITH CLYDE STINSON mx X . xl-A ,xxx SRS Nw WNW Wwwwwxw .NNNNNKNWNNRWN-R X QT K kxamc X W WNW W W WWWWWNNNNVNNNN www W xsQ -SQEEQSSQQS. P------ 5-R -------,- 5. --------- , Y Ryu,-S S gf- y .... . xx . . Page 197 TAU BETA PI Tau Beta Pi, the oldest engineering fraternity on the campus, Was first organized on St. Pat's Day, 1923, as Tau Pi, but, in 1926, was admitted to the national organization, Tau Beta Pi, as Oklahoma Alpha chapter. The national organization of 61 chapters and over 19,000 members was founded at Lehigh University in 1885. Students must have maintained at least a "B" average during enrollment in the school previous to initiation to be eligible for membership. Candidates for membership must also be in the upper One- fourth Of the senior class or the upper one-eighth of the junior class, Of this upper one-eighth of the juniors, only three are eligible in the first semester of their junior year, the remainder being eligible the second semester. CHARLES LUDWICK EARNEST I-IANDLEY IACK ABERNATHY ED BARTLEY AUBREY BILYEu TOM CAMPBELL ROE CARSON EARNEST COTTON RHEA COucH RALPH DALE BERNARD DOUD ERVIN GLASGOW SCOTT HAMMONDS OFFICERS MEMBERS THOMAS HOGAN FRANK ITTNER CLIFF PEERY THEODORE KIBBY WALTER LA FON SILER LAMODEN RuPERT LISK ROBERT MAYRATH THOMAS MAYRATH ROBB MOORE DALTON MCBEE . . President . Vice-President RICHARD MCBRIEN RUPERT MCCLLING FERRELL MCMULLIN FRED NEWTON ALLEN PELTON ROBERT RATCLIFF WILEY ROSS HENRY SCHAEFER I-IERMAN WARz LUDWIG WEBER RAY WILL AAALSEA Page 198 .... 'frriQQQQQQQ.iQ::: Axvw PHI ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma was organized on March 22, 1923, at the University of Illinois. The purpose of the fraternity is to encourage scholarship among freshmen men and to afford a means Of award for meritorious work during the first year'S study. Moreover, Phi Eta Sigma honors students of all col- leges within a university, and aids in producing unity of ultimate goals and a common fellowship of men whose ideals are Similar. The national fraternity has experienced rapid expansion since its origin and now lists on its roll the names of thirty chapters. The Oklahoma Chapter was founded on April 12, 1927, and was the fourth chapter to be estab- lished. The activities of the local unit consist of semiaannual smokers at which time freshmen are en- couraged to strive for better Scholarship. The pledging and initiation of new men closely follows the end of the fall semester. All freshmen men having a two point five or A- average are eligible for membership in Phi Eta Sigma. To further the interest in scholarship and to act as an added incentive, Dr. Edgar D. Meacham, an honorary member of Phi Eta Sigma, and Professor M. L. Wardell, national historian of the organ- ization, give a plaque to the fraternity each year which bears the names of the ten men making the highest grades during their freshman year. Besides the two faculty members mentioned above the following are honorary members of Phi Eta Sigma: Dr. W. B. Bizzell, President of the Universityg Dean S. W. Reavesg Dean H. Felgarg Dean J. F. Findlay: and Professor L. N. Morgan, who is the faculty adviser for the fraternity. OFFICERS JAMES HAWES . . . . . . President JOHN FISHBLIRN . Viccfpresident RICHARD ROYS . . . Secretary JOE SURECK . . . Treasurer BOOTH STRANGE . . . Historian EDWIN HLIMPHRIES. . . . . . . . . . . Senior Adviser MEN INITIATED INTO PHI ETA SIGMA THIS YEAR WERE STERLING O. GAYLORD BRYCE N. HARLOW SYLVAN HERTZ HORWITZ E. JOHNSON E. JOHNSON W. KITCHENS ST C. LEONARD JOHN W. SCHLIH COY C. SHADID JOE D. SHUMATE SADIG T. TIIRABI ARTHUR WALKELY WM. L. WALDROP STUART BRADY MARK S. COX DONALD CuNNINCHAM JAMES MAJORS BERNARD ROSEN GLENN STALEY JOHN D. MATHEWS JAMES H. MCCORD CECIL E. MILLER VICTOR D, MILLS ROY L. NEEL CHARLES E. PARKHURST RALPH S. PIHELAN GRANVILLE M. PINE ALBERT F. ROLLINS J. R. RICKS, JR. WILLIAM B. RIEKE VERNON ALLEN F. D. BEHRINCER CARL COOPER HYMAN CORMAN JAMES R. COWLES EDWARD CRABTREE SPOTTSWOOD DANDRIDCE W. G. DAVIS, JR. HAROLD E. EISELE MARVIN J. ELKINS CHARLES FOLLANSBEE, JR. JOHN LYLE MEX JOHN ERNE WILSON MAHONE JOE PAUL MARTIN WAYNE A. MARTIN m Page 199 w mxwxxwwxwxwx RRSRRWRNRWRRRNSRRmwxwwRRANRRRNSNWmARNNRW-.-.-.-H.Rv.':.'.A.'r'NX A t x xm Xmw xx X ----'-' wg v C.: . Q' W Xxx W WW TfffflffII BAND The University of Oklahoma Band holds the distinction of being the oldest active organization on the campus, having been organized in 1903 with only 16 musicians. At the present time over 150 in- struments are employed by the Band in its numerous activities, which include all University functions and many state events and concerts. MITCHELL ABOUSSIE IIM AKRIGHT BEN ALLEN IEAN BOLING EDWIN BERRY ROBERT BASSETT ALBERT BROWN ROBERT BLACK CLIFTON BELL HARRY BUCHNER W. E. BINKLEY GEORGE BOLON VERN BEHAN FRANK BINKLEY EDWIN BYERS IOE CUNNINGHAM RUSSELL CARDIN DARRELL COCKRELL LOUIS COULSON WELDON CALAHAN RICHARD COLEMAN DON CUNNINGHAM CARL CHAMBERS IRA COWAN HUGH COMFORT KNOX CHADD ROY EDWIN CALDWE MARION CRONKHITE HOMER COURTRIGHT IOHN DOMENGE IACK DOUGLAS DONALD DOBYNS ALLEN ENGLEMAN GAYFREE ELLISON JOE FINKELSTEIN PAUL GOODIN HUGO GOETZ HAROLD GASOWAY EARL GARRISON CARL GREENE ARCHIE GRAHAM CHARLES GRIMES ROBERT HERRON WM. R. WEHREND IAMES RILEY . . HERMAN ZIEMER . . LL IOHN OLIVER HALL IACK HEASLET WEBSTER HORN BILL HARRIES OLIVER HOLT IAMES HANNING HAROLD HALL DWIGHT HAMLIN ROBERT HANSON JACK HERNDON NORMAN HUBBARD HAROLD HODGES ROBERT F, HOPPE FRED JONES LEON KEYS IACK KECK WESLEY KITCHENS LEWIS KILLINGSWORTH PAUL KERNEK GEORGE KERNEK JOHN E. LEWIS I. W. LEVIN IRA LEVINE ORAL LUPER GEORGE IR. METZEL IOEHUGH MANSFIELD VICTOR MILLS DOUGLAS MYERS IAMES MARTY LESLIE MCGEE ROBERT MESSINGER DONALD MILLER CECIL MILLER WALDO MONTGOMERY WILLIAM MORRISON ARTHUR MCCOMAS LESLIE MOORE CHESTER MENGEL CLINE MANSUR IOE MALY EUGENE MCKNIGHT CHARLES MOSER AL NIEHUES OFFICERS Director President Business Manager MEMBERS EDWARD PADGETT ESTAL PETERS ERIC PARHAM F. L. PARKER IAMES RILEY MURRAY RUPP FRANKLIN ROBINSON BILL RIDDLE ELMO SOUTHWARD BOOTH STRANGE DALE SMITH RODERICK SMITH IOHN SHERRILL W. H. SIGLEY ROBERT STECKWELL HUBERT SMRCKA CLIFFORD SCOTT ERVINE SWIFT CHARLES STEWART RAY SNODGRASS IOHN STAMBAUGH MEREDITH SAXER IAMES TRUE GEORGE TARTER EVERETT THOMAS ITHAMER TUTHILL JIM TILLINGHAST IOHN UPHAM ALEC VESTAL RAYMOND WARWICK MCCLELLAN WATSO SIMMS WILSON CLIFTON WITT EUGENE WHITE PAUL WINGER IAY WARNER CLAUDE WHITTLE HUGH WARDON IAMES WALKER I. D. WINTER I. C. ANICKH,AM IOHN WRIGHT ALFRED WEINZIRL N WYNN YORK HERMAN ZIEMER EVERETT RHOA WILLIAM BRUMMAGE MILLARD DEASON RALPH ERWIN LEO BELL ROBERT KNIGHT BILL LOY MAX STURM BALFOUR WHITNEY LOUIS WOODRUFF HAROLD CHRISTIAN DON MORRISON W. B. MEIDEL MORRIS RAINES ED SHIPP M. S. STILWELL LESLIE THOMASON D. W. WINTER I. M. BELL ROBERT COOPER S. T. ELLIS ED ELLIS MELVIN GILES BOYD GUNNING PHIL HEFFNER JOHN IANOVY DALE KELLER GORDON LONG HUGH METCALF THEODORE MCDONALD FRANK MCGRAW IOHN SCOTT H. A. WILSON RALPH WILLIAMS DOUGLAS ALLEN JACK CREVELING PAUL DOLMAN GRAFTON FITZGERALD D. S. H,ARRIS HAROLD I-IUFFMON FRANK KUDLACEK """"""' Page 200 pullnnlmtzz ..... 1 1:1222 N ,-,,AA,A,, Km .AWN ' "1 ng: -A ..,..d.. KAPPA KAPPA PSI Kappa Kappa Psi, the only national honorary fraternity for college bandsmen, Was founded at Oklahoma A. and M. College in 1919. Delta Chapter Was established on the University of Oklahoma campus in 1921. Membership in Kappa Kappa Psi is based on four requirements: Leadership, Scholarship, Fel- lowship and musical ability, Among the distinguished members of this chapter are, the late Iohn Philip Sousa: Capt. Taylor Branson, Director of the U. S. Marine Band, Capt. Wm. Stannard, Director of the U. S. Army Bandg Dr. Ioseph E. Maddy Of the University of Michigan: Major E. P. Parker, former commander Of the local R, O. T. C, unit: Professor Oscar Lehrer, Director of the University Symphony Orches- tra and National President Of Kappa Kappa Psi: and Professor Wm. R. Wehrend, Director Of the University Band, and Edwin Franks Goldman, Director Of Goldman Band. HERMAN V. ZIEMER GEORGE METZEL HUGH COMFORT . IAMES MARTY . WM. R, WEHREND MITCHELL ABOUSSIE ROBERT BLACK EDWIN BERRY ALBERT BROWN CLIFTON BELL HOMER COURTRIGHT DON CLINNINGHAM HUGH COMFORT IOE FINKELSTEIN HuGO GOETZ EARLE GARRISON 'k IOHN OLIVER HALL HAROLD HALL ROBERT HANSON HAROLD HEDGES " Pledge OFFICERS . . . President . . Vice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer . Faculty Adviser MEMBERS WEBSTER HORN GENE HODGES BILL HARRIES LEWIS KILLINGSWORTH GEORGE KERNEK I. W. LEVIN IRA LEVINE BILL LOY GEORGE V. METZEL, IR. Y IAMES MARTY IOEHLIGH MANSFIELD ESTAL PETERS ERIC PARHAM FRANCIS PARKER DAVID ROPER EVERETT RHEA RODERICK SMITH BOOTH STRANGE IOHN SHERRILL RAY SNODGRASS IOHN STAMBAUGH ERVINE SWIFT CHARLES STEWART IIM TILLINGHAST EVERETT THOMAS ALEC VESTAL RAYMOND WARWICK LOUIS WOODRUFF EUGENE WHITE IAMES WALKER HERMAN ZIEMER wffrff: L....L...MARRS.-R:RRRB:R.M-.f::::.':, Haas:frrxxxrigggggc, .-sm K ..,,.,,, , Page 201 Srrrrrr. szczzzzzzrxcezsr i::::::::::: M Km Q3-Rpm wx Rm -Sw -RSM ...qs Q ""' NSA" "" szzQQt::iiL.., ,,,,,gqgzzzz2::g:gg,g,,,,-,..:::5f-v:,,,..,W.f1BeXx,, 2-egfjfgg'gy wmfcaaxcica X NW sw W xwv W' 'KRW Aww- W K 5X?Y?? ,,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, f 1:'fl- T SENATE DEBATING socnzrv DENNY FALKENBURG . .....,... , President NEAL BOGAN . . ..,. . Vice-President RALPH BRAND . ...., . . Treasurer IOHN NICHOLS . . ....,. . . Secretary MEMBERS I. D. Fellers, Iohn R. Law, Charles Follansbee, Bruce Miller, Ray Snodgrass, Don Miller, Marion Estes, Rupert Fogg, Iames Tuthill, Henry Lee McConnell, Iohn Montgomery, Earl Sneed, Denny Falkenberg, Neal Bogan, Ralph Brand. Iohn Nichols. Congress, founded at Oklahoma University in 1897, is the oldest literary society on the campus. OFFICERS BRYAN RAKESTRAW ....... .... P resident THOMAS DOPLER ........... Vice-President RICHARD THAYER RAUGH ...... Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS Frank Appleman, Hazel Branch, Barney Burns, Floyd Croxton, Nelson Crow, Tom Dopler, A. R. Douglas, Fred Dunlevy, Mark Evans, lack Foster, Finis Gillispie, Ray Grantham, Herman Greenhaw, Saul Gordon, Iames Haning, Kenneth Hogue, Woods Hankinson, Iohn Horwitz, A. O. Iohnson, Leon Keys, Ierome Kirschner, Delbert L. Larsh, Phil Lowenthal, Iohn Mathews, Elmer Million, Waldo Montgomery, Kenneth Nance, Clyde O'Hern, Robert Offut, Leslie Pain, Harry Pines, Lawrence Ritter, Byran Rakestraw, R. T. Reinke, E. C. Rank, Iulia Rothboum, Roderick Smith, Richard Thayer, Russell Williams, Cecil Woods, I l 'fiftiifffiffff 'Q Pa ge 202 XTTTFFSSQKMX .N Ns - 'IIIII xX,xxxx ALPHA CHI SIGMA William Patterson, President: Albert Schaefer, Vice-President, Robert Florence, Treasurer, Iames Stephens, Secretary. Members: Fratis Duff, Carl Yager, Ernest Cotton, Edward Washburn, G. W, Slemmer, Ed- ward Laurent, Frank Louy, Francis B. Henry, V. W. Daniels, P. Sickels, Monford Grimes, Randall Ross, Robert Kutz, P. Iones, M. Hewitt, Scott Reeburgh, W. White, L. Boyts, Iohn W. Weiland. I. F. Crawford, R. F. Brooks, E. S. Homan, A. B. Hale, Webster Horn, C. Wilson, W. H. Ainsworth. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Dorothy Woodruff, President, Lois Nicholson, Vice-Presidentg Mary Tappan, Secretary: Mildred Futoransky, Treasurer. Members: Dorothy Woodruff, Earnestine Cortazor, Elizabeth Ianz, Eloise Longtin, Anne Stin- nett, Mary Tappan, Rhea Byers, Betty Adams, Thelma Sherry, Lois Nicholson, Annabelle Fries, Katherine Crews, Opal Murray, Dorain Mathews, Delia Katherine Franklin, Beatrice Schmidt, Violet Poindexter, Nona Boyett, Louise Payne, Maude Bly, Mildred Futoransky, Winifred Ketchum, Bessy Kniseley. XXXXXXX Page 203 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,..,,,,,,,,,,,.,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 ffffj """' """""""""' "'f"""' ' ' '""""" '""""""' W """'1 ---'------"--""' 5 """""" CHECKMATE Checkmate is an honorary, Senior, interschool organization, with scholarship, leadership, and inter- est in university aHairs being the requirements for initiation. Its purpose is kept strictly secret. Dalton McBee, President: Bernard Doud, Vice-President, Dan Iones, Secretary: Denver Meacham, Treasurer. Members: Andy Beck, Bob Clark, Vincent Dale, Pat Sinclair. UNIVERSITY OF CKLAHOMA GLEE CLUB I932-I933 Ed Alden, Frank Ashby, Fred Becker, William Bolton, Dan Boone, Louis Bond, Louis Buell, Dan Cavaness, Tom Carson, Iames Chappell, Ioe Callaway, Howard Cowan, Iohn Cooper, Roland De Baker, Allen De Shong, Kenneth Duff, David Frank, Howard Fielden, Iohn Ferguson, Ben Fugate, Albert Gallup, Raymond Green, O. Gossett, Iames Hawk, Ben Harned, Ir., George Herr, Charles Himes, Paul Huff, Phillip Kleas, Robert Lancaster, Charles Loveless, Sam Lain, Bob Latting, Tom Lousey, George Menninger, Charles Mooney, Kenneth Nelms, Louis Pearson, Robert Power, Miller Price, Raymond Padgett, William Prendergast, Robert Quant, Dick Richards, Paul Rice, Richard Roys, Theodore Rupp, Ioe Sturgell, Bob Smellage, Louis Stivers, Robert Swank, Howard VanDyke, Fred Wheeler, Stanley Whitlock, Mal Wynne, Warren Wolverton, Maynard Williams, Robert Yeaton. ffffff Page 204 C-BALEN C Harold Crites, President: Donald Smith, Vice-President: Mrs. Iessie Wyly, Secretary. Olga Davis, C. B. Huddleston, Maurine Byrd, Robert Hughes, Mrs. Iessie Wyly. Ralph Enix, Donald Smith, R. D. Beinfang, Iames Hamilton, Harold Crites. KAPPA PSI Ralps Carver, Presidentg Russell Eiler, Secretary. Orval Brown, Rodney Partin, Bob Hughes, Ercell Tebow, Dean Iohnson, Robert Ellis, Billy Morris, Robert Bunch, and Elvin Spencer. Ralph Enix, Tullis Looney, Wayman Hiner, Heath Moffatt, R. D. Bienfang, Russell Eiler, Edward Clarke, and Ralph Carver. XXXXXXXXXX Pa gc 20 5 - Y' H-img' -'MH vu 'iv Q bm 'iii' W Y A 'L 5 ' - 72' 'Q Q ' we ' "WS Q . ' ! Nm ' , Q . gm , . Wg. J Y Q-Q V' H' Q I 'KQV I lv Q as b 4 l W ' in . , .. v ' A ,Q 'H 'fin i - 4 f 42, , 9' y s fr Q JA ' at ' 5 .. N, his 44 nf' - K 7 5 e. A - 1, X x 4 ' .N 1 4 4 5' ' w A ' Q., ., V ' 1' . ' W 9 zv fail.. 'r"'k'!9 4+ ' L1 -we- f . ,pa FAYQ jpg -bw? A' -pk . ' I ' 5 ss' ,Q-1!"1,.x bfi 'f egg ox 5 4 ,, . , s. . . . ..4. ' ' - 'fg'.f2J '...',?'o-if f -' gm we-I W 1 ' R I , " .f.,31'N5 y . . .. ,,X4 71, 4 , ld! Q -AA5 H L04 4 . I , . X N W ,sfyx ...v f444,.14,4, ,Nu I aff, 4 . X , T x m'? 'sn' N A ' 5 ,f V X'..n A "' A , Q., 4 5 1 9' 4 ' A I X 4 .V 45-VN", fx 4 1 2 K XE 44, V44f"A1?FJ E V : - 4. 4, ' W 1' .4 . 4 'Q n 2rp,"jv:1ef '4'?i4 ' L15 ' ,I ,- 7. .A 'tif 0 v - ., .. ' ' .' xx .' , V! 15,5 5,1 ' " . VM- E M if -va -. ' W' ff 3 ', ' 5 f 1"- 'Q' 'W :41"rY5-. N-SX xl ' 7 ww fx K. -' we 1' Ll' . , 4 "44..'Q5,x-Q1 ixztwi , X c 4 f ' yig? X T A Q. K 4 A K .Yi 0 xx.- . Q, 4 Swv f . s. . - .4 , .j 'Q .4 4 , . 'J ,Je nf"-5 L-'Y1.,.,, 'W' R, ,S 4 4 44 A , 4 . ' A ,-uhh Q, 4. N1 K 4 4X . . 4 ,5 4,5 Q- "i Y P' L' . ' ' . ,M4 4 . 4 K .A ft K 1-3" Q 53,--ef' 53 - f , Ev Q ,ff -x A t 4: Q 3 ,,fa sam "1 - - x ' 3, - - . - '. ' 4 QR 1 n 4' gf h , :fini 'Z-'."zf - . f f "J" " 35 -1137 -M 7 ' N - sf. E 4 4 ' 44 .., . . g , 4,4,,-, 1 .441 4 4444 41 4 f 4 44,-.A ,. 4 L?.rx.f:,f'444qf fi 4,41 0 2 QQ L. v , 1,-'fy ,f ' 4 4 4 .44 , it . M," i -1 .uff',.4' A , 1 f' s ' if 5- N if A . " '- '- G'-. ' -X K EV? 'bi' we f" X .S -'f ff , . ' ' rf-"7 -Q, A , ' 4? uf ' ,K U f ' 444' X 4444 4 y 4,4 4l?f' 41464541 .44 45.1, Q . 4 ' ' ' 4 X I ' A?- - , '. ,. ' ,vu f 1 , . ,..., .4 4 4 Q4!zc"4 Q, 44 4, 4, f :if ' ' 'J sl , J' 0 . 3 KA 2494i 4 J. 44 1 'fit' .I I .af 4 gm, 'I ' s 25. W W ik , . f'-f, lf W. A, W A A gli- 1 4 '.-if ' 44 ' , 418-7,'4ff3 ,4 E uf, ,,:,,43, 1 .1 ,Q 3 .w 4,433 -My SMR ' W 1 1 1 L B z i I P Q .f 4 V Y I f W wwf . V. -,-- . SQ W W ' f f 1' Two m a i d s from The A. T. O. house. The D. U.'s pulling +oge+her. Charles Teel finds his Ruf-Nelc shirf. The Della Phi Epsilon inlroduces lhe fealure seclion. Juslr anolher mess The Pi Phi's have goHen lhemselves inlro. Relurning home eller a hard niqhl in The oily s Phi Sams smiling al ihe camera. The chorus girls of A. T. O. during loraclice. Kappa Sigs do ihe lunniesf lhings. Eloise Cherryholmes likes horseback riding foo. Mary Grimes and Jackie Pelway playing in The snow Sig Alph freshmen go social in Their own way. One of +l'1e A. T. Ofs beller looking men. Ned Poe poses as Napoleon. lvlollier Appleby and lwo of her boys. Buddy Marlin learning io ride in "Ten Easy Lessons." Miss Louise Franlclin is dangerous willm a gun. Mary Jane Carson going domeslic. rssssis '!"" The O. U. band playing lheir be-sl numlaor. These four looys lake Jrhe lead in lhe rahl rahl slull al foofball games. Buddy Rogers besieged by Jazz Hounds. The Rui-Nelcs mus+ have pulolicilry clzo, l-lere's +he resull of a revival ol pep af O. U. Homecoming Day al foolball game. King and queen for a day. Phi Delfa The+a's going collegiafe. Freshman Hoa? in Homecoming pa' rade. Websierian Deloaiing Socieiy iloaf. Noi fhaf +i1e K. Afs are pariicularly nofecl for Their golfing, buf fhey do play. Sigma Cl'1i's musf have lheir sun balh. Bolo Williams failed +o wear his hal and his idenlily is doubllul The angelic Alpha Sams preparing lo lly. Jerry Nolan loolcs pleased wilh his company. Eloise Smarl as she appears wilhoul her makeup. The Phi Kappa Sigma lalhers have been down lo visil lhem. Bus Hammonds ready 'ro go-D. U. beaufy confesf won by Harry Will Denfon and Paul Lyons-More Sigma Nus-ls Hwis D. G. going on a picnic or is she iusf a biankei' Indian? Fun on Hwe Kappa fron+ porch --Elizabefh Wlwife being swepi off her feei by The D. G. sis+ern. The Playhouse Produclion "l-lell Benl Ter Heaven"-Rulh Mc- Clung palienlly hunllng ln The snow 'lor Sanla Claus-"Tl ll Lewin q 5 and brolher-A. T. Qfs Oul lor a merry spin-Truman Tomlin helping an unlcnown girl Through The window-"Frenchy" and l-larrls, or "Love in The Kappa backyard." A group ol rough Bela seamen making lhal hisloric Missis- sippi lrip. lnlroclucing a new sporl "Snow Wresf- ling." The snow was cold, buf fhis couple lcepf warm. Chi Omegas giving a snow parly. Keeping guard af lhe Sig Alph house. Bernard Doud and Marian Mills are seen logelher. The well-known Chi Omega fire escape-Lambda Chi's plus dalree on lhe Bridge of Sighs-Anolher Kappa romance, Ann and Jim- Charley Clark offering a moulhlul -A bil of Spain on The Alpha Phi roof-Jean's leepee, lournecl. Jimmie Rufherford carrying a huge burden- K. A.'s lying in The snow-Mary Anna Millican, +he K. A. rose, surrounded by "The Soufhern Genfleb men"-Phoebe Larimore wifh an ash can full oi' slcalrer.-The annual snow. -4 lvlarllma Walson proving l'1er well-known versalllily-The Alpha Gems oul for an airing-A dog chasing Gene Chappell-Alplwa Chi pulchrifude-The Kappa crew, all eiqlfwf of +l1em-Tlne Tlwela hopes for lhe fufure. The hooded figure wilh an ad lor Wilson underwear -The D. U. polo learn-Ed Clarke wilh a group ol Alpha Phi admirers-Mary Sue Simpson on her way lo Woodard-Barbara Adams reluses lo ear lhe can olilered her by Marjorie Pallerson-Charlie Tee' Caughl sludying, lirsl lime in live years. Mary Jane Carson, a rose befween iwo Jrlworns-The Phi Delrs bump Hue K. A.'s and Befas and pledge Morris Tennebaum-The Sigma Chis on a firm foundaiion-The younger Darling in a sensaiional pose wifh Tommy Miller. Three Pi Phis in The guiier-A D. U. wiih his lap full oi Chi Omegas. SisTers Brown, GenTry. and WrighT dis- playing The innermosT secreTs oT The TheTa T-louse-Pi Phis pledge Two more-Sarah McGinTy wiTh The hired hand, Bobby Lock- wood-Web Wilder ready To Tall Tor Wil- ma Klein-LoTs oT Harvey and Kayser in pajamas and sTripes-Two good Phi Gems Rex and Jack. ' l The Phi Del+s prachcing +heir poli+icaI speeches-John Siewari aboui To Talk fo Jim Wilson-Jrhe brofherly aimos- phere of +he A. T. O. House-Groucho Marxm-Buddy Boa+wrigh+ wiih his employer and a visiior-Broihers Hayes and Monigomery ileecing a siranger. The Sigma Nu Border dance. The Triad Dance consisfing of The Sigma Chi, Befa Thejfa Pi and Phi Delfa Thefa. The Acacia Orienfal dance. The Pi Kappa Alpha Apache dance. The engineer's cavalry. Bessie Kinseley as Engineers queen. Lee Minier as S+. Pat S+. Pai and his chauffeur. Miss Kinseiey kisses Jrhe Blarney Sfone. 0. U. siudenis Taking in Jrhe ceiebraiion Why boys leave Norman for fhe Medical school-Polly Tay lo r romping in ronnpers-f "Judge" Biggers seaied in his repeni house murmuring "Hoi cha! Le'r's shine our rhineu--A former O. U. sfudeni passed 'ff oulr by Jrhe medics. jiM""'7" Q ' ' i- ii? Q W s 1 :s 1-- ,S .-g-'firg -.122 .- ,' X Q Aw. gg K'-1 . 5: 22, E . , I K EQ A Q kk LM 3 ' ss- sii i ri- if N., f, J if 4 hifi? 1 -. ip s French 75's going info adion manned by R. O. T. C. sfudenfs from O. U.-On The range af For? Sili- Generais Lomax, Wa++s, Lamb, Wil- son, and Taflr-K. P. duiy-Ready To go. MARY JANE CARSON Kappa Alpha Tlwe-la CLAIRE SURBECK Della Della Della RUTH COOPER Bela Sigma Omicron SOCIETY JEAN GARNETT Kappa Kappa Gamma ANA PERKHXIS YOUNG Pi Bela Phi MARGARET BROOKS Alpha Gamma Della MARY LOIS HOLMES Pi Beha Phi MARY RUTH MCDONALD Gamma Phi Be-fa SOCIETY LOUISE LAUX Gamma Phi Befa JANET GREER MARY HEALD Alpha Xi Delfa MELBA MUSTOE Alpha Xi Dehha FRANCES NEAL Alpha Phi SOCIETY KATHREN SHERRILL Kappa Alplwa Tlxela LE ROY MQNEIL MARTHA LAKE DUDLEY Kappa Kappa Gamma MARTHA LE FLORE Della Della Della MILDRED LAPP Sigma Delia Tau MARY CARTER Alpha Chi Omega KATHERINE WALLING Pi Baia Phi SGCIETY MARY G-RIMES Chi Omega MARY JO LITTLE , aw H, , Maw +V iCNE VVRIGHT Kappa Alpha Theia V PUBLICATIONS Th es and ears of the camp PROF, H. H. HERBERT . PROF. I. H. CASEY . DEAN D. B. R. IOHNSON JOE FRED GIBSON . LINA IANE WALKER IRVING LEWIS . BILLY LONGMIRE . LERoY I-IEINE . . RUPERT MCICLUNG . MEMBERS PUBLICATION BDARD The Publication Board is the governing body for the student publications. lt selects editors and business managers, giving them all necessary authority to choose and organize their staffs, and manage their particular publications. The Board retains a supervisory control over the publications through the chairman, secretary, treasurer, and committees, checking up on the work to see that it is properly performed. lf satisfactory work is being done the Board does not interfere except where vital policies are concerned or where it feels it can be of assistance. Most impor- tant decisions, particularly when the spending of considerable sums of money are involved, are reached in consultation with the Board or its officers. The membership of the Board is composed of a representative from the Oklahoma Daily, SOONER, Whirlzvind, lVlen's Council, W. S, G. A., Publications-at-Large, and three faculty members that represent the administration, ? X I 5 . . Chairman Secretary-Treasurer . . . Faculty . SOONER W. S. G. A. Oklahoma Daily . , . Whirlwind Publications-at-Large . lVIen's Council Page 234 THE JOURNALISM PRESS INCORPORATED The Iournalism Press Incorporated was formed Iune l, 1930, through an act of the Publication Board: and the directorates of the groups are interlocking. Its principal work is to print the Oklahoma Daily, Whirlwind, and the Student Directory. This group is composed of seven members. One representative from the Men's Council, the W. S. G. A., the Publication Board, and four faculty members. Through its operations a large number Ol students are employed. A large part of the work of this organization is supervised by Cecil H. Brite, who is general manager of publications. It is largely his ability that has been responsible for the efficient man- agement of the publications. Charles Tant is in charge of the mechanical department, and to his constant effort is due the steady improvement of this division. 'Y MEMBERS PROP. H. H. HERBERT .... . . . President PROF. IOHN H. CASEY ..... Secretary-Treasurer FRANK CLECKLER Secretary University of Oklahoma Association IOSEPH A. BRANDT . . Editor University of Oklahoma Press LINA IANE WALKER ...,.. Publication Board GORDON PEELER . . W. S. G. A. IOE STAMPER . . Mens Council N Page 235 THE SOONER The SOONER is the ofiicial yearbook of the University of Okla- homa. The first yearbook of this university Was published in 1905 under the name of the Mistletoe. In 1909 the name Was changed to the SOONER and it has remained thus ever Since. The book is entirely managed and published by the Editor and the Business Manager With the approval of the Publication Board. The appointments to staff positions on both the editorial and the business sides of the publication are solely with the editor and the business manager, and such appointments for Work on the staff are approved and recorded by the Publication Board. To be eli- gible for the Office of Editor Or Business Manager, one must have served at least seven months in a major Staff position. The publication is supported financially by the sale of books and advertising. IACK HIGH . .... . Editor EARL SNEED ....... Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor CHARLES FOLLANSBEE . Fraternities MILTON HARDY ....,. Art MARY GRIMES . Editorial Assistant VIRGINIA SHIRE . Editorial Assistant MARGARET HARRISON Editorial Assistant HARRY C. IORDAN Managing IOE FRED GIBSON . Associate BILLY LONGMIRE . Associate BETTY EVANS . . Associate ELIZABETH BEARLY Associate BUSINESS STAFF GEORGE CREAGER Assistant Business Manager FRED BROWN . . . Organizations WILSON BROWN Editorial Assistant EDWARD MCCURTAIN Editorial Assistant IAMES HAWES . Editorial Assistant CHARLES ENGLEMAN . Sports Editor BOB WHITEHAND . . . Publicity JULIA KENNEDY .... Features IAMES RLITHERFORD . . . Features EARL MAI.ONE . . . Class Editor ANNA PERKINS YOUNG . Sororities Circulation CHARLES GREEN BEN HARNED WAYNE HECKLER LINA IANE Syvgl-EER. t - t Advcfffsing IOHN MONTGOMERY ED DISLER 8 SSIS Eifl S MARIETTA DARLING DAN ALGUIRE MILTON GORDON L, I 'sssr Page 236 X N X N RWM XXXXXX X X X XxXXmX Xwmw X X XX mmm m m X X N wx wXX X Ms THE OKLAHOMA DAILY Seventeen years as a daily student newspaper, preceded by ten as a semi- weekly, have brought the Oklahoma Daily to a position high among similar university publications of the country. A'lVIore than a student newspaper," the Daily presents state, national and international news through the facilities of the Associated Press. Student re- porters obtain news ol downtown Norman in addition to maintaining complete campus coverage. The editor and business manager, elected annually by the publication board, appoint their respective staff members from among other students. The Daily is a laboratory for journalism students in reporting, editorial and feature writ- ing, copyreading and laying out and selling of advertising. Publication is daily except Moiidays and holidays throughout the school year, For the last few years, publication has been made during the summer term. Financial support for the Daily is afforded through student and alumni sub- scriptions and through the sale of advertising for local and national products. CiIR1sT1N11Sou1REI-IILL . . . Editor SAMUEL K. AsRAMs .... Editor JIM TAYLOR . . . Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF ERVIN LENVIS . . . Managing Editor IOHN FORTSON . . City Editor RALPH RUBERTS . . News Editor FRANK CULWELL . . . Sports Editor RALPH SEWELL . Assistant City Editor PATSY TliUSCO'I"1' . . Womcn's Editor Special Writers DALE CLAIQK, Dos: IVIORRISON, DALE Moour, Rox' Hickox, I-IAL CSALLAXVAY, and EDVVARD DISLER BUSINESS STAFF LIQROY HEINE . . Advertising Mazrizztyer DunLEY TICHENOR City Advertising Mzziiezger Advertising Assistant CIIARLINE PENNER LESLIE VVARREN . Advertising Assistant Advertising Assistant BETTY IVIASSINGALIL GEORGE TARTEIQ . Advertising Assistant Page 237 W THE STAFF IOSE1f1IA.l5I2ANDT' , . , . . . . . Editor GEORGE MCELROY ...... Business Manager CHESTER H. WES'I'FAI.L President of University of Olclaliorna Association FRANK CLEc3KLER General Secretary of University of Olclalioina Association CONTRIBUTING EDITORS BETTY KIRK, '29 IOHN JOSEPH lVlA'i'HEXVS, '20 DOROTHY KIRK, '23 WINIERED IOHNSTON, '24 DUANE ROLLER, '23 ELGIN E. GROSECLOSE, '20 LEONARD GOOD, '28 MUNA LEE, '12 GEORGE MILELIRN, '30 HAROLD KEITH, '28 Ross TAYLOR, '31 SOONER MAGAZINE The Sooner Magyazine was established in 1928, by the Univer- sity of Cklahoma Associationp and has been published regularly each month, except August and September, since that time. The primary purpose of this magazine is to publish the achieve- ments and the news of Qklahoma alumni as well as the news of the University itself. It has also done much to encourage liner literary work in Oklahoma. Its board of contributing editors is composed of a number of interesting literary people from all sections of the nation, and the magazine is noted for its excellent and varied contents. Ioseph A. Brandt, '21, former editor of the Oklahoma Daily and Rhodes Scholar, is editor of the publication. Mr. Brandt is well known in literary circles and the University of Oklahoma is indeed fortunate to obtain the services of such a capable personality. Page 238 ' x ,N N x N WWWX NKNS X X W XXX K XXX NNN X K WHIRLWIND The Whirlwind, humor magazine of the university, is published six times during the school year. The first issue appeared in May, 1921, and the magazine has enjoyed continuous publication with the exception of the 1924-1925 school year, when it was sus- pended because of questionable content. The management of the Whirlwind is looked after by the Edi- tor and Business Manager, who are selected by the Publication Board and General Manager of Publications. The Editor and Business Manager are authorized to appoint staff members sub- ject to the approval and record of the Publication Board. This year's issue of the Whirlwind was the first to use depart- ment, 'iSoonerland Hall of Fame," devoted to prominent students, and was the Hrst to devote a special department to the engineers. The publication is supported financially by advertising and pop- ular subscription. EUGENE B. DODSON . . . Editor R. H. PARHAM . Business Manager NAN REARDON . Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF Toivi FINNEY . . Associate Editor MARJORIE NEWBERN Assistant Editor LINA JANE WALKER . Assistant Editor ELDON FRYE .... Art Editor BART WARD . . . Art Assistant FRED GRABLE . . . Art Assistant MARTHA IANE DOWELL Exchange Editor IIMMIE DENTON . Freshman Assistant PATSY TRuscoTT . , Contributor BUSINESS STAFF LINA JANE WALKER Advertising Assistant ARCHER AKERS Advertising Assistant NEIL BOGAN Advertising and Circulation Manager X x wmm wmx xxxx xxxx wx w : X ---'-'A' SX K Page 239 THETA SIGMA PHI Zeta chapter of Theta Sigma Phi was installed on the Oklahoma campus April 17, 1915, as an active chapter of the national honorary and professional journalistic fraternity, Theta Sigma Phi. The fraternity was founded nationally at the University of Washington in 1909. Theta Sigma Phi was organized primarily to accomplish achievements as an organization in fields of letters, calculated to raise the standards of journalism and at the same time to offer unity to women engaged in the journalism field, either as students or professionals, and through such unity to confer honors upon those who have distinguished themselves in journalism. Zeta chapter has been active on the campus and meets regularly to carry out the purposes of the fraternity. The outstanding activity of the local chapter is its annual "Waffle Iron" banquet. BETTY EVANS . . President CHRISTINE SQuIRE HILL . Vice-President NAN REARDON . . . Treasurer LINA IANE WALKER , . Secretary MARTHA IANE DOWELL Keeper of Archives NELL DRENNEN . . Reporter MISS GRACE RAY Faculty Adviser PLEDGES DAVIE BELLE EATON JULIA BALIGHMAN DOROTHY WooDRuEF FRANCES HUNT IEANNETTE BAUMERT HAZEL LEE MILDRED PoTTS COBEY CHARLINE PENNER NELLE FULLER DENIECE GOODART GERALDINE SPYERS I mm tttstiffffffttrff W Page 240 BENNIE OWEN, DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS After he has given thirty-three years service to Soonerland, a fitting tribute is difficult to pay Bennie Owen, Dean of Qklahoma coaches. The football stadium and field house were realizations of the dreams he visualized as early as 1905, He devoted the best years of his life in building Sooner teams that would justify such equipment. After a quarter century of active servicea128 games won. 52 lost and 13 tied-Bennie retired from active service in 1928 to become Director of Athlet- ics, the post he has filled since then. The howl of wolves in 1931 failed to un- nerve the old master and he remains a symbol of the old school of Sooner spirit. Page 243 W Lawns HARDAGE Football SOONER COACHING STAFF With the addition of Coach Lewie Hardage and Iohn HBO" Rowland to the coaching staff, Oklahoma now has a most enviable line-up of sports mentors. Runner-up positions in foota ball, basketball, track and tennis is inadequate praise for the untiring efforts of this group. Working thru criticism and praise, each coach has made his team feared and respected thruout Big Six and non-conference circles. Clean sportsmanship and Sooner teams are synonymous terms. X I . IOHN "Bo" ROWLAND Assistant Football BRUCE DRAKE HIIGH V. MCDERMOTT Asszstant Basketball Basketball i . Z PAUL V' KEEN JOHN C. IAcoBs LAVVRENCE E. I-IASKELL Wrestling T,-ack Baseball Page 244 ...Q FOOTBALL SQUAD 1932 FOOTBALL Positions on all-Big Six teams and honor- able mention on all-American selections for two seasons is faint praise for Paul 'Alm- mortal" Young, first of the Sooner honorary grid captains. His superb defensive work and dependable offensive performance cannot be justly re- warded, For three years he has towered above his teammates and opponents, figuring in almost every play in every game. Although handicapped at times by injuries, Young missed few minutes of play, inspiring his teammates by his performance and gen- eralship. His line-bucking and ability to di- agnose plays saved the Sooners many a yard. He was named honorary captain by his team- mates at the close of the 1932 campaign. Other losses of Coach Lewie Hardage by graduation will be that of Ab Walker, Dick Simms, Edsel Curnutt, Smith Watkins and Fred Cherryl CAPTAIN PAUL MIMMORTALN YouNc. 5 A sf iiiiiiif: fflrffffmxfffffffffflffffffffffffffffffffffxxmfffffffffmxmmfffffffYfffffxmm, A X , 'MX QNX MVK Axcxsixmkf Auf. -W sw- W W sw vw- -x...- -xv -my swf- -ww W' Nw X-ww X-W.. EW- -wf M- AN Page 245 j M 5 ,,,, , , ,,,. l 1 T' r Q 3 fill ELLIS BASHARA, Guard AB WALKER, Back OR1N BORAH, Utility PAuL YouNc, Center Norman Blackwell Tulsa Norman SEASON'S STORY BYQCHARLES ENGLEMAN A renaissance of student spirit and grid interest accompanied the 1932 season, with the reinstate- mlent of the pep orders, a New Deal in the Coaching staff, and a semi-effective aerial attack furnishing t e stimu i. Coaches Lewie Hardage and lohn "Bo" Rowland, were rewarded with a turnout of about 50 reg- ulars and 50 freshman gridsters at early practices, but were hindered by the length of time that had to be spent upon fundamental drills. Sooners built up a running attack that clicked in the Tulsa and Kansas games, but with the loss of Bill Pansze, dashing back, the Sooners had to depend upon their aerial game. When it worked, they won games-when it did not, they lost. A tie with Kansas for second place in the Big Six loop with three games won and two lost is not to be sneezed at. Of the nine games played, Sooners won four, lost four, and tied one. With Ruf-Neks and Iazz Hounds back on the field with the 110-piece University band and uni- formed freshman, color was not lacking in any of the home struggles. Graduation of such men as Capt. Paul Young, Ab. Walker, Dick Simms, Edsel' Cornutt, Smith Watkins and Fred Cherry will leave aching holes in the lineup as Hardage and Rowland start their second, season here next fall. However, if eligibility requirements do not interfere, the coaching staff will be able to draw from the best freshman team which has ever been assembled here. Men like Cas- , M W,,,,,,,,,,T.z, Q, YYV. ...z H f,,,,,' f I , ,,,wW,,M,l:5fff M,,,Z,,,,,Q,?gxM,,WffWff Lffee,f,.,:,, Q M.. ,,,, ffffffff-1'11'Q Page 246 g . .. , g L? 5 1 y T r . , I , 1 1 , T. RAY PHILLIPS, Guard HAROLD FLEETWOOD, Center Bos DUNLAP, Quarter HIENE HAAG, Tackle Oklahoma City Norman Haskell Norman sius Gentry, Iack Harris, Karey Fuqua, Beede Long, Wayne LeCrone, LeRoy Robison, Dub Wheeler, Morris McDannald, Ieff Coker, lack Fleming, Wesley Beck and Iess Ferrell may be expected to cure the hurt caused by the loss of the veterans. The invasion of the Tulsa Hurricanes raised the curtain on the Hardage-Rowland trained machine October 1. Big Bob Dunlap, Sooner quarter, displayed his ability as a plunger, kicker and field gen- eral crashing thru three yards for a goal early in the second quarter and making good the extra point for the only scores of the game, His own gains of four and 12 yards and a 15-yard penalty put the ball in scoring position. Sooners threatened to score in the first quarter after a series of passes and runs had placed the ball on the 5-yard' line, but they missed a first down by inches and Tulsa punted out of danger. When the Oklahomans journeyed to Lawrence October 8 for their first conference tilt, Dunlap and Bill Pansze ran Sooner hopes high with their stellar performances. The big quarterback plunged over just as the half gun shot for the first score. Bill Pansze showed the Kansas crowd a beautiful 48-yard run in the third quarter for the second counter: and Dunlap booted the ball between the up- rights for an extra three points in the closing minutes of the game. The 21 to 6 victory over the power- ful Ad Lindsey coached Iayhawks marked the Sooners as strong contenders for the conference title. Paul Young played his usual outstanding defensive game and recovered a fumble to start the first scoring drive. ...M ---------fsNNNv1f111If RSSSMNW:Ir:::::::-x-::::::::.:::-:::::::::::::::::::::::::.-:::::::::::::::::::::''J' ""N ""' "N -'BW 'N' ""' -'Ax' "5" s "WV """ sw W N- ...J W- .Y .W N., wwf v..-WN"x'-sift-W W ...F W... W' Page 247 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, W ,,,,, K X, u CLAuD WHITTINGTON, Guard WILLIAM PANSZE, Halfback IAMES STACY, Back ADOLPH Sroup, Back Guthrie Fort Smith, Ark. Altus Kansas City, Mo. ln spite of all Young and Dunlap could do, the powerful University of Texas Longhorns made it four straight in the annual struggle at Dallas. A wiry sophomore half called Bohn Hilliard ran amuck to cover up Dunlap's touchdown, extra point and field goal 17-10. Hilliard contributed a 95-yard re- turn of Dunlap's punt for a touchdown, took a lateral from Koy to Stafford and dashed 26 yards for another counter, and was dangerously near another score when Art Pansze recovered his fumble in the final period and Dunlap punted out of immediate danger. The Sooner touchdown came early in the fourth period after Ab Walker had received two of Dunlap's passes for 23 and 21 yards and a pass to Cornutt had placed the pigskin on the Texas one-yard line. Oklahoma took to the air to beat the invading Kansas Aggies 20 to 13. Ralph Graham and Dougal Russell scored once each and wiped out the lead gained by Art Pansze's 17-yard scamper for a score on Dunlap's pass, then the Sooners came to life in the last quarter to score twice. Little Ab Walker took a long pass and dashed 20 yards to make the second Sooner touchdown and to tie the score. Dunlap intercepted an Aggie heave and dashed 50 yards for the third and winning touchdown. Soonerland went to Stillwater to see the pass, favorite weapon of the Hardagemen, turn against them and cause defeat. The Aggies kept the Sooners on the defensive constantly and took a 7 to 0 victory before 14,000 fans. Two passes in the second quarter from Highlill to Rigney and to Collins placed the ball on the Sooner 41-yard line. Highfill carried the ball over on the fourth down and con- verted with a placekick. With Bill Pansze out for the rest of the season from injuries received in the Page 248 .exams ,xxx .kms NN ----- - --1 xwscmxw Yea, E , -ff- Q l mama., EVANS CHAMBERS, Back MARION FOREMAN, Tackle FRED CHERRY, End Oklahoma City Newkirk Okmulgee DEWEY TENNYSON, Guard El Reno Texas fray, the Sooners had to depend upon their passes-when they failed, all was lost save Dunlap's kicking toe. Harold Fleetwood and Paul Young were outstanding for the Sooners. Fourteen thousand homecoming fans saw Frank Carideo's Missouri Tigers click to win their only game of the Season from the Sooners. Carl Iohanningmeier and Woody Hatfield, Missouri halves, alternated in carrying the ball on long, sustained drives and each crashed over for a touchdown. Dun- lap went thru for five yards and a touchdown just five minutes before the game ended after he had passed to Stacy for a 25-yard gain. Ab Walker received a short pass and was well even with the goal line when Iohanningmeier jerked him back and ruined Sooner hopes. The score was 14 to 6. The dashing sophomore, Red Stacy, ran wild when the Cklahoma aggregation went to Ames for the Iowa State tussel. His three touchdowns gave Sooners a 19 to 12 victory and a chance at the loop title. Stacy caught a 15-yard pass and ran 40 yards for the first touchdown: passes to Walker and Cherry put the ball in position where Stacy plunged over for the second: and Simms carried the ball 49 yards, to the one-yard line, in nine tries where Stacy scored again. Walker and Simms made beautiful runs in the final quarter but failed to score so Sooners remained content to protect their lead. Sooners made a vain attempt against the strong Nebraska Cornhuskers, invading champions. Afer fighting the champs for a half, the Sooner defense weakened to let Nebraska reach the 16-yard line, where Bernie Masterson backed up and kicked a field goal a few seconds before the end of the third quarter. Dunlap made one desperate boot at the Nebraska goal from the 16-yard tape. His try was wide. Simms had carried the ball from the Sooner 46-yard line in five slashes. Simms also car- aq:,,,,,.t.a 555FQ.twQM.rQN,NQt.Rcr55.?3,55RS..R..tttQg ? Page 249 1 hm41 VgmA1A if Q 9 f f -5 , 5 hz lv , ':..-.....- ,Y . 'f Y EUGENE IANZ, Back ORVILLE COREY, Tackle DICK SIMMS, Half EDSEL CuRNuTT, End Norman Calumet Norman Gould ried the ball 99 of the 100 yards Oklahoma gained rushing before he was carried from the field with a knee injury. Nebraska won 5 to 0. Ab Walker made his last game on Owen Held impressive by his fierce defensive play. Twice he prevented sure scores and was continually slipping thru the powerful Cornhusker line to throw the backs for losses. Capt. Paul Young sat on the bench with an attack of influenza when the Sooners tied the George Washington Colonials 7 to 7 in Washington, D. C. The Thanksgiving game drew a crowd of 19,000 to see Bashara, Fleetwood, Cherry and Dunlap star. Iohnny Fenlon and "Otts" Kriemelmeyer did good work for the Colonials. BIG SIX STANDING, 1932 W L T PCT. Nebraska . . 5 0 1.000 Oklahoma . . 3 2 .600 Kansas . . . 3 2 .600 Kansas State . 2 3 .400 Missouri . . 1 3 1 .200 Iowa State . . 0 4 1 .100 eltlfffff f Page 250 V ART PANSZE, Half SMITH WATKINS, End Fort Smith, Ark. Lawton THE SEASON'S RECORD Oklahoma . 7 Tulsa . Oklahoma . 21 ' Kansas . Oklahoma . 10 Texas . . Oklahoma . 20 Kansas State . . Oklahoma . O Oklahoma Aggies . Oklahoma . 6 Missouri . . . Oklahoma . 19 Iowa State . . . Oklahoma . O Nebraska . . . Oklahoma . 7 George Washington U. . Total Points Oklahoma . 90 Opponents . ""' Page 251 f f f W W! IW WWW lW0 f WWW!! I I ff ffl W ffl W!!! W W lfllW l! Wi' md , , W ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 we ge rx- wh 5' . 1,..4 hung -.. .... WIQMW... W-M M . ,N Q, .sv ww iff? ,W "Wi i""' L, A .,. Mu., f M flf 1 Page 252 x xxxxxxmmm wmxvmm ' 't 'cm' vmiiiiiiiiisw-' 1 BASKETBALL SQUAD 1932-33 BASKETBALL To be a super-athlete is something. To be a gentle- man and make excellent grades is something. To be actively interested in many phases of campus activ- ities is also something. To be all of these things and still be human and extremely likeable is miraculous. But that is Andy Beck, Six years ago, a lithe, blond-haired youngster re- ported for basketball at Classen high school at Ukla- homa City. He had grown up at El Reno where basketball players are taken for granted. Three years later he captained his Comet team to second place among nation-wide representatives seeking the championship of the United States. He was unani- mously All-American. Three years after that, the same Beck closed a spectacular three-year tenure at his chosen college, the University of Oklahoma, with the reputation for being one of, if not the, greatest basketball player ever to play for the Sooner school. At the close of his final season he was officially named honorary captain of the Sooner team. Unoflicially he had fin- ished his third brilliant year as its leader. He had no peer on the team as far as shooting, dribbling, and passing were concerned. Cthers could shoot almost as well, and Beck let them, doing most of the "feeding" himself. When he did finally take on the scoring role, he ran up 24 points in one game for a new Fieldhouse record. "My ideal basketball player will make good grades, he will be in good condition, he will know the game, he will be fast, and above all he will know what to do a split second after a problem confronts him," Coach McDermott told guests at a post-season banquet. He did not say so, but McDermott was talking about Andy Beck. CAPTAIN ANDY BECK 'i N t.c..t........t.t.r......... Q Q .......,,.t........,., W, tg NX .A X A , Page 253 , 10"-'iiikmewa1 '.1111I112QQ""' -WM' -fm, 'WI' f-------' - 1 Bun BROWNING, Guard ELviN ANDERSON, Forward Iuns Poms, Guard HAROLD LECRONE, Guard Enid Norman Durant Norman I932 CAGE STORY By BOB CLARK "Mac" still can pick 'eml A For the second straight year the wily little Sooner basketball professor, officially known as Hugh V. McDermott, announced that the big cagers from the University of Kansas looked like champions, at least from where he sat in the coaching circles, in a pre-season prediction. And for the second straight year the men of Doctor Allen of Lawrence crashed through to the championship, even though "Mac" and his crew did about everything possible to stop them. The experienced Sooner five of Beck, Anderson, LeCrone, Main, and Potts, opened the season at home in a manner that lived up to predictions, 'swamping Tulsa University in a pair of tilts. Anderson choked 22 points down the Fieldhouse baskets in the first game as the exciting season got under way. Slightly overconfident, the Sooners then journeyed to Ada where a fighting team of East Central Tigers took the McDermottmen's measure for their coach and ex-Sooner star, Floyd "Micky" Mc- Bride. In Dallas the next night, the Oklahoma team out-tossed the strong S. M. U. team, but saw the Mustangs even matters in a second game by a score of 31 to 29. With virtually no rest, the exhausted Sooners trooped up to Ames where they opened their Big Six season in a game that was their fourth in eight days. Little wonder then that they lost the game that was eventually to deprive them of a cherished tie for the loop championship. Out to show their power, though, the next night Oklahomans hit the hapless Kansas Aggies hard on the Manhattan floor and won, 28 to 16. Then followed a series of exciting home contests marked by thrilling Sooner rallies that saw Kan- sas, Kansas State, Missouri, and Nebraska going down in a row. The "rubber-legged" Qklahomans simply outlasted the big Kansans on their southern trip and won by 25 to 23. W f ,WM , ff """"" ' """"' .......... Page 254 CHARLES MuNsoN STANLEY TYLER PERCY MAIN ERVYL Bizoss Center Forward Forward Guard The Kansas Aggies were docile enough for a half in their Norman engagement, but opened with a rush in the second period and took a three-point beating only after the most stubborn resistance. It was Captain Beck's cool direction that saved the game. The important Nebraska game loomed with Browning, who had now proved indispensable to the lightning-fast Sooner attack and defense, in bed with a severe cold. The Enid star sat on the bench until the Huskers ran up a fair lead. Then he took the floor despite his illness and played a game of games, beating the northerners by the close score of 39 to 35. Given a breathing space in their mad drive, the Oklahoma players journeyed to Stillwater for the first of the Aggie series. The Cowboys turned in one of the best ames of their season, holding a one- point lead as the timer raised his gun, only to see it fade as the gallant pinch-hitting Bross eased a per- fect two-pointer through the Sooner hoop as he dashed full speed down the side of the Stillwater court. Sooners went to Missouri and came back home from their next-to-last road trip on the short end of a 40-to-30 score. The final two games with Iowa State and the Oklahoma Aggies merely substantiated the belief that McDermott's five was unbeatable at home. Sweet revenge for the early defeat was gained from the Cyclones in an overwhelming victory in which Beck set up a new Fieldhouse scoring record of 24 points. The stage was set for a great finale of a furious race. It came in the Sooner-Iayhawk game at Lawrence. Oklahoma was easily good enough to win, perhaps it would have on a neutral court. But the fans were yelling madly for the Iayhawks. It was the same psychological situation that had made the Sooners unapproachable on their own home grounds, but it favored their opponents this time. Kansas won the game and the championship, but the Sooners learned a lesson. It was that Kansas is likely to win the championship for a long time if it can play its last and deciding game before the home rooters year after year. ., fiimx ,.,,L. W, :mars uv rf5fx::ffff:e:::::.':::::::::V'N "N 53" -'N -N' 'N -rm 'mx Am gmac .SRX wrt. ---------- """"'5::555 ,,,, ,,,,,, 5 555 555555555555 555"5"5 Y... ' xy--M ' ,gr as rw... -YYYYYVVV 5 r.,,,,,a W' wr A -- -aw W- swf sw W' -sw Wav W' Nw' 'asv NW' 'iw Page 255 , ' 1 f ,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,m X mffffa1ffffffw fffffffffwfaffxmMff1101mm1fff1ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffafffffn:Q:zzz:1:1144fwfffffffwffffffmz:awwwzmszmffwmzfac:cascwmwnwwwmwwzzfzf::1::1f4f:::::::::g:gg:Q::iQz:c1:::::::wff 7 1- - , , M,.,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.I11,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mm,.M.,..1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, LOYETT BURK, Lexingmn "PUDGE" COBB, Oklahoma Ci+y Page 256 aulnnlnut 11111: ''aaccc::::::::::::1::::::::: REE? Y ,, 9' X x W A :W ....,..,..M..w xx,, xxxx .WAKQX xv BASEBALL SQUAD BASEBALL Raymond Watson, last of the Sooner baseball captains, was proclaimed by Coach Lawrence Hlapn Haskell as the Hgreatest catcher Oklahoma has had since l have been here and probably the greatest in Sooner history." Haskell compared him to only one man, loe Mayes, fiery plate artist of 1916. "Watson was probably a poorer hitter than Mayes, but had a better throwing arm and maybe more dependable," the Sooner mentor said. Dependability is the word describing Watson's three-year performance behind opposing batters. He made few errors and could work with any kind of a pitcher. His stellar performance in 1930 and 1931, when Oklahoma was co-champion of the Big Six, won him all American mention on the College Humor team, and led to his selection as 1932 pilot. His loss will cause a gaping hole on the Sooner diamondl Others, whose places will be hard to fill, are lohn May, another three- letter man and star hitterg Smith Watkins, slugging outfielder: Marvin "Swede" Ell- strom, left fielder: Charles Stogner, second- sacker: and lohn Lookabaugh, ranking pitcher. CAPTAIN RAY WArsoN A M . . Q- ,,a r ,NW ww. A r ,A-,Q , Y, , 1 X N TTTTitAX'twtttttttItrtANANtt:Itt2221:FAW325rift22r5britrx'rrrrrrrrtbrrwww mt "mt "MX N M N, ,fam N M .asm XX m ywwx A ""' xg y Wm ,,,, , c::: k .111-QQXJ X ,fs mfwwxmwtr -W ,X ,,,, ,, ,mx ,,,, 3 ,,k, I , La.. Page 257 ffffef, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, l l 9 5 . Alu. P MARVIN ELLSTROM SMITH WATKINS ANDY BECK IOHN MAY Moline, Ill. Lawton Oklahoma City Oklahoma City ,,,,,a.--- r fa Q.-up Coach Lawrence E. "Iap." I'laskell's 1931 conference-leading sluggers fell from their high perch to finish in the Big Six cellar after winning only one of their four titular games in 1932. Five victories and seven defeats was the best record Sooner batsmen could gain in spite of a smooth working infield and excellent batting strength. Lack of effective moundsmen weakened the team when Glen Cannon and Paul Young, star pitchers last year, were lost. . Iohn Lookabaugh and Charlie "Whiz" Kee, newcomers to the Oklahoma pitching staff, saw most of the hurling duty, with Andy Beck, veteran first-baseman, pulling his mates out of holes with fine relief work, Little Ralph Brand, speedy second-baseman and short-stop, collected 19 hits to run his batting average to .4l0, and to be installed as leading hitter, Veterans like Beck, Iohn May, three-letter second sacker, Captain Ray Watson, All-American mentioned catcher, Chalky Stogner and Smith Watkins offset the weakness of the pitching staff. With the score 8-all in the ninth inning of the opening game with the Central Teachers at Edmond, Robbie Robbins misjudged a long hit by Lawrence Devore and allowed the Teachers a 9 to 8 victory. Sooners rallied to even the count in a 3 to 1 game in the second contest of the series but Iohnny May's homer and a four-run rally failed to overcome the Broncho lead in the third game and the Teachers showed Haskell's men a 7 to 5 defeat. ,,,,.. to a,,,,,,,a,,..4 A aaaaa ---,.--4, aaaaaaaaa vW'-------- - - -an ,, WW, W W, ,,,,,, W, 1 f -0, -ww 'mf -ur --wr wwf vm- - wwf- 'wf -f-nv Page 258 H- HHHHHHHHHHHHH sasaasss A w i CHARLES KEE CHARLES STOGNER RALPH BRANlD IOE AMBROSE Roswell, N. M. Norman Moore Oklahoma City A scoring spree started in the fifth inning of the fourth game and the Sooners evened the series with a 16 to 11 win. Beck clouted out a home run in the third frame. Lookabaugh replaced Dick Bell on the mound when Central batters found him for five hits in the first inning. After dividing four games with the Aggies, the Haskellmen launched their conference drive with a 5 to O freeze-out over the Kansas Aggie sluggers. They made a desperate attempt at the champion- ship Missouri team, but were swamped 9 to 3. Sooners outhit the Iayhawkers in the last conference series but nine errors cost them a defeat, 17 to 18. Haskell used all four of his pitchers in the game, He signalled Watson from third in the ninth inning for what looked to be a score which would have tied the game, but the giant Carnie Smith caught him sliding to the plate. - Fine relief hurling by Andy Beck resulted in the first conference victory for the Sooners when the Kansas team was downed 9. to 6. Beck took the mound in the seventh with two on base, and the score standing 5 to 3 for the visitors. He promptly filled the bases and struck out Filkin, Kansas left fielder, to retire the side. Oklahoma then went into its winning lead on a walk to Robbins and solid hits by May, Watson and Ellstrom. Q My --'-1111: -,-- iiiiiiiiiiiiaiff fr 'N -N --'N -N" ,iam rw' ,me sf, xx! NV 2' ac? -.W 1W'1'i: ' Page 259 qw- A- -xww SW Y-Ks' W- , F . anim, - ' A u I r Y x w G. R. "ROBBlE" ROBBINS, Norman EDWIN NEILL, Dombey ,MM M. M M fm' W ,ffm M M ,gfZLzfMw'wfzff,, 'f' ,151:15:f:::""'"""""""'"WZiii?-T-????????fffCiZ?E?I ,, ,331---,,,:,,, ,ff ---AAA---f--- W -----------f- 4 M M- ,, ffffffffffffffffffwf N' ' -- Page 260 TRACK SQUAD TRACK A wiry, high-strung, lad from McKinney. Texas. came to the University in 1928 and in a span of four short years made himself the most respected and best-loved member of Coach Iohn Iacobs track team. He culmin- ated his colorful career as captain of the team on which he had heaped so much glory. Radiant with pep and energy, Clifford Mell kept his teammates in good cheer for three years. His continual chatter kept up the spirits of his colleagues and amused as Well as harassed his opponents. High points in his university competition were his defeat of the great Aggie runner, Peyton Glass, in the 220-yard dash last year, his record-breaking indoor broad jump of 23 feet 23 inches last year, his Winning the Shannon-Douglas 600-yard run at the K. C. A. C. indoor meet in 1931, and his breaking indoor and outdoor Big Six records in 1931. Mell was a member of the star 1931 440- yard relay team which set the record of 41.9. His loss deprives Iacobs of one of the most spectacular performers ever to circle Owen field. CAPTMN CLIFFORD MELL ..........,,.sxxxxxxxww:::::. WQJKGTX- ,: .aw A i .QIXQY -N Q' " TTT1, W ::::2::::::zazmmQQ' swfqu, wx --Y- , . . ,,,,,,, .YY,Y, Y Y, W vw ,s f -- 1 .Msg-3""j': Qgwww , A v,,,c.... .---- -rre W W W S W W w, W Page 261 1 7 l I ' 1 A 4 .La 1 AE WALKER, Broad lump HAROLD "HAP" MORRIS, Broad jump WARREN "Bus" MOORE, Half Mile Blackwell - Tulsa V Oklahoma City BEN MARKS, Iauelin BILL NEWBLOCK, High Iump Tulsa Norman Supremacy in field events offset the weakness in track events and Coach john Iacobs' tracksters took second place in the Bix Six conference meet at Lincoln and lost only to the Nebraska Huskers in their dual meets. The loss came when Oklahoma's mile relay team failed to stay up with the Cornhusker quartet. The final score was 672 to 632. Big Six records in the broad jump and javelin throw were gained by Harold Morris and Ben Marks, in the conference jamboree at Lincoln, where four other records were crushed. Morris leaped 24 feet AIM inches and Marks heaved the spear 197 feet 9M inches. Only minor success was gained at the Big Six indoor meet at Kansas City. Morris and Clifford Mell took first and second respectively in the broad jump, Ray Null took second place in the pole vault, Bill Newblock leaped to a second place in the high jump and Hippo Howell heaved the shot for a third place to net Oklahoma 16M points and a fourth place. The Held men again gained recognition at the Drake Relays as Phil Kleas tossed the javelin 191.69 feet to win that event while Morris took fourth in the broad jump, Howell third in the shot put and Newblock second in the high jump. ""'iii Page 262 """"""' 'T M S' PHIL KLEAS, javelin ALFRED HOWELL, Weights DouG1.As BARHAM, High jump Houston Guthrie Alex DON ADKISON, Dash BOB HILDT, Hurdles Tulsa Tulsa Morris repeated his win in the Kansas relays, while Kleas took third in the javelin event and New- block tied Nelson of Butler University for first in the high jump at 6 feet ZZ inches. Sooners took eight first places, including the high jump in which Ehrlich, K-Aggie, was rated favorite, to defeat the Kansas State Wildcats 71M to SQM. Newblock scored the upset by clearing six feet two inches in the high jump. Mell leaped 23 feet 6X inches in the broad jump to break the dual meet record formerly held by Coach jacobs himself. Ray Null and his Aggie opponent, jordan, set a new Kansas State record in the pole vault at 13 feet. Mell won the 220-yard dash and Newblock took third in the same event. Little Warren i'Bus" Moore showed his heels to all his opponents in the half mile run but was crowded to second place by Miller in the finish. Howell took firsts in the shot put and discus and Marks won the javelin. Four dual meet records fell as Sooners tromped on the Oklahoma Aggie harriers 76M to Silk. The field events showed a big lead for Oklahoma as 45M points were gained there. Howell was the individual high point man with 13, scored on first in the discus and shot and a second on the javelin toss. Page 263 M sw- Ysfxxxxxxxxsxsxxxs.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxT:TsbjigyjfsfjfftsxsrlA,M sxxcxTT ,xxx Aw , B .tumx .mx V m M K N smw- sw- -swf mv W- -sw N YN W W sw' Xw"' W iw- sws 'W f WWW ,,,f 0 mmm---L xv ff. l' i1 1 ' ' " 'W " "" 0 Page 264 -'-'f-aaaaffmx:-' was- -W.. ' N - A I. S ":,"' S54 m'.' U ' " - .A SI-IOESTALL DAVIS MOSELEY, Coach SESSIONS MCPHAIL TENNIS Forced by a depleted sports treasury to abandon the 1931 fall schedule, Coach Iohn O. Moseley's tennis team was held back by lack of practice and by the loss of Emil Hastings, Sooner captain, who had to Withdraw from school because of sickness. Even so, the Sooners only losses came at the hands of Iunior Coen's powerful lay- hawk racket-wielders. Both times the teams met, the Kansans were victorious by a 6 to 0 score. Oklahoma opened the season by swamping the Oklahoma Aggies 6 to O. Then Moseley's men turned back the invading Missouri Tigers 4 to 2. Other victories by the Sooner were at the expense ofgNebraska netsters, who fell 6 to 0 and the Kansas State players who were beaten 4 to 2. RAYMOND MCPHAIL CHARLIE DAVIS, Capt. WILLIAM SHOFSTALL IIM SESSIONS Wichita Falls, Tex. Oklahoma City Tulsa Okmulgee AV .,,,,.,, :::':::::::::::::::::::ggggg: ---'f--- ',--------------------- - XAXX SSX- - mrriks Aww- sss. .-an v- Page 265 ' LEWIS IACKSON, MARION FOREMAN, WARREN GUNTER ELLIS BASHARA, JAMES STACY, GENE HAIvIIvIoNS WRESTLING Coach Paul V. Keen lost a national champion and three conference title-holders from his 1932 team and had only Capt. Warren Gunter to furnish veteran material for this year's team, The new material performed in typical Sooner fashion however, winning all their matches except the Oklahoma Aggie tussle at Stillwater, They gained a 12 to 12 draw with the Aggies on the home court. Gunter, Vernon Sisney and Marion Foreman entered the National Intercollegiate Meet at Bethle- hem, Pennsylvania, but were unsuccessful against the wealth of material from all parts of the nation. gfuntler reached the semi-finals before being beaten by a fellow-statesman, Stout of Southwestern eac ers. After downing Southwestern and Central Teachers by impressive scores, the Keenmen were keyed up for the invasion of the traditional foes from Aggiland. With the score standing at 12 to 9 for the Aggies, the burly Ellis Bashara, who saved the day for the Sooners last year by warding off a fall from the great Aggie, McGuirk, bore down on Merriman and twice had apparent falls, but Referee Roger Flanders twice said that they weren't. Bashara was able to gain only a decision and to tie the score. In the Big Six meet at Ames. Oklahoma led in the early preliminaries when Lewis Iackson and Ellis Bashara won their first match by the fall route, but the cards turned and Oklahoma failed to take a single first place. Sisney and Foreman took second places in the 135- and 165-pound classes, while Schaff, Iackson, Gunter and Bashara eked out third places to give Oklahoma 15 points and a third place. Iowa State won the meet with 48 points. Before 3500 fans at Stillwater, the Sooners performed without the services of Bashara, who was ill. The feature of the match was the exhibition between Gunter and the sophomore flash, Allan Kelley, Gunter finally dropped his only match of the season in dual meets after ten minutes of whirlwind tussling. The Aggies won 15 to 9 when Foreman, Stacy and Sisney gained decisions to garner the lone nine points for Oklahoma, Page 266 I r l l 51...-" I ., N V W w ,l f"" 4 L QW l l TOP PANEL lleff lo righll-Harm Musgrave, Roy Johnson, Jack Schell, Bill Bralcebill, Vernon Slsney, Bill Whlfeside. LOWER PANEL llell To rlqhll-Top Row: Ashfon, Mgr.: Musgrave, Eroqge, Foreman, Johnson, Coach Keen. Middle Row' Schell Bashara Slac WhIfes'de B lcoll . , , y, I , ra e I . Boffom Row' Jaclcson, Sisney, Capl. Gunfer, Harnmons. Page 267 PCLO 3 Four years of effort by Coach Ierry Waters has made polo one of the outstanding sports at the University of Oklahoma. To culminate his period of hard work, victories and losses, Waters produced a team that won recognition at the Meadowbrook tournament in New York in 1931, won twenty straight victories in the 1931-1932 school year and galloped off with the high goal Fort Sill tournament last summer. Losing the dashing Brack McKinley by graduation, Waters still had three veterans, Bob Hert, Ioe Chastain and Ioe Barnhill, as well as two reserves, A. E. Dixon and Mutt Lobit, to carry on in '1932M1933. Missouri won the honor of defeating the Sooners for the first time in twenty-three starts when Waters' men invaded the Wildcat lair. The opponents took both games of the series, 13 to 5 and 8 to 4. 1 THE SEASON RECORD Fall Oklahoma . . 5 Iowa State. . . 3 Oklahoma . . . 11 Texas . . . . 3 Oklahoma . . 9 Iowa State . . . 0 Oklahoma . . 3 N. M. M. I. . . 4 Oklahoma . . 5 Missouri . . . 13 Oklahoma . . . 2 N. M. M. I. , . 3 Oklahoma . . 4 Missouri . . . 8 Oklahoma . . . 2 Oklahoma City . 7 Oklahoma . . .14 Texas . . . . 3 Q Page 268 Nmm x Top Row'--Cliff Whitehead, Bob Mayrath tMgr.l, Capt. Tom Mayrath, Mark S. Cox. Bottom Rowwlohn T. Cassity, Whit Bowman, Melvyn Stilwell, Homer C. Blake, Winfred W. Smith, Ed Burba. PISTOL TEAM Steel-nerved pistol-shooters are abundant at the University of Oklahoma. Under the direction of Lieut. Ivan D, Yeaton, Sooner marksmen have established themselves as the outstanding team in the country, not only in college circles, but in competing with professionals as well. For three consecutive years Yeaton's men have garnered the National Field Artillery, R. O. T. C. intercollegiate championship. The team took first in the Oklahoma Police Pistol and the Oklahoma Target Pistol competition this year, Other team and individual titles are listed below. TEAM MATCHES PLACE CALIBER National Spring Inter-Club . . High Score .45 Southwest Championship . . . 2nd .38 INDIVIDUAL MATCHES PLACE CALIBER Southwest, 50 yds., Slow PLACE CALIBER National F. A., R. O. T. C. lst, 2nd, 3rd 120 shotl . ,.... lst, 3rd .38 Southwest, 25 yds slow tire lst, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Southwest Grand Aggregate 2nd, 3rd, 4th .38 Southwest, yds., slow Hre lst, 2nd, 4th Oklahoma Target Pistol . . lst, 4th .22 Southwest, and 50 yds. . 3rd Oklahoma Police Pistol . . 3rd .38 Southwest, yds., slow . lst, 2nd, 3rd Oklahoma Bobbing Target . lst .38 Southwest yds timed . lst, 2nd Oklahoma Grand Aggregate lst, 3rd .22-.38 r l Page 269 -' 'Nina W- "me:-5L...T.N ,,,,,..-.Q-so--f -f ALL I932 Freshman Squad "On Hue bench" Moseley's Nei Squad Sigma Chi nine, I932 infra- mural winners """ Pa ge 2 70 X X X N . . mm m wmxmmxmmxxmxxxxxxxxmmwwmmwxxxxxmxxmxxxxwxxx X Vinceni' lgo comes Jrhru Bruce Drake and his Frosh bas' Izefeers "GrLm+ar1d Groanm Kappa Sigma Sohbah feam, Greek Champs P a ge 2 7 I ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Play Day group, I932 lvlylliical Varsily Cage Team Girls' Advanced Riding Class lvlyllwical l-lockey Team Girls' Rifle Team Pa ge 2 72 CoHege Shop Cagers, infra murai baske+ball champs Rock Hounds Ou+ for a hike Pi K. A. fouchball +eam, infra mural winners "Mac" gives a few poin+ers I' REVA CLARK MARTHA LINDSLEY CATHERINE MULLIN POLO AND RIDING ASSOCIATION BOB HERT ,....,... President WEBSTER HORN MARY ELIZABETH SIMPSON MARY ROBERTS W. C. ALSTON P. ALLEENE DRENNAN EDWARD WASHBURN KENNETH DUFF GEORGIA MAY BEASLEY INA EWING EVELYN ANDERSON HELEN ANDERSON DORIS ARMSTRONG FRANK BARKER LIB BEARLY VIRGINIA BLAND DOROTHY CAMPBELL KATHERINE CANNON HELENE CARPENTER REVA CLARK MARCUS COHN WILBURN COLLINS BEN H. COOLEY NELLIE MAVIE CROB IOHN FERGUSON PHILLIP C. FITZ PAULINE GETTYS MELVENA GIBSON EVELYN GIONTA B. L. GORDON MILTON GORDON MRS. ELGIN GROSECLOSE ELGIN GROSECLOSE E. M. HALPERIN MRS. E. M. HALPERIN I. H. HAMMOND W. L. HETHERINGTON ELL IUANITA HUGHES EDGAR A. DE MEULES CATHERINE ANN HAVIK LUCILLE DORSEY CLYDE DINGER GEORGE HOGAN . . . . . Secretary BERNONA ROSEN MRS. IRENE HUEY DOROTHY HUME TOBE G. KRANDELL MILDRED LAPP I. W. LEVIN MARTHA LINDSLEY EMANUEL MARGARETEN MILTON R. FENDRICK ARLLEM KNIGHT CAREY MAUPIN MILDRED LEE M. RUTH MCCARTHY SAM S. MIZEL MARGARET MONK LILLIAN PERKINS CALONIE PIPKIN REBA RAFFKIND GRACE E. RAY MARY REID MRS. VALERIE RYAN DORIS SADLER EDWIN SIEH ROSALIE SONDOCK EDITH SPIELMAN MAURICE H. STEINIG I. T. TILLINGHAST EDWARD TAMGRADI G. I. TOBIAS MAE PEARL SULLIVAN BERTA UMPLEBY VIRGINIA UMPLEBY MRS. DOROTHY VANDER- POOL GEORGE L. VERITY E. W. WEIR GEORGE WHITEHURST BRUCE WILEY MILLARD WILLIAMS IACK WILSON IAMES W. WILSON ff- A ,Y .,,. L, ,LL . V. . ,,, V .L ,,,,, ,,,,,,, Z ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, Z ,,,, Y 7? ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 7 ,,,,,,, I WWW Page 274 NWHWW x x X W MX XX N X X xx..xxxxx,,,.,.X,,.xxxx.,,,.,.,xxxxQx.. XQxxxXNN.NNN.N,,,x.xk.,,,,,,Xx N,..,Xx,NNxkQ.x...Qk,.,,.N,,,,,. 1 ,,.NN.,,X,,, .,xxxxx..,.,x,xXxxxxxxxx 2 i Q ya s a N - f --5f'--afq--5fl-- LQ--Qt, --Elin if--nk--D940 Qu. Y --'Vu 9 .. fu. fu. 9 .. qu' -.,. Vu.. 9'..'l'.. 9-.. fq..ufq..' qnyfq.. '.. q..' q..p -up q..p Q... 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I a Everything for the , g f- Prlnler 3? 5 2 'l il H k 5 5 1: l If n QQ 9 il 5 1 l l E Type GQ ' QW' N9 : :i iw 3 5 U: Paper it .QL ifyw. R1 I 5 , 34- Machiner ' Q ill ': 17,8 Mo S lg GQ, ul k Perfect service, with all modern GN, 7125 a n e O u S u P p S 'RCD 1 ' conveniences, satisfies the most dis- gg 'i A criminating guest at the Oklahoma M Biltmore. Radios in every room, X . - circulating ice water, ceiling fan Egg N 3 I with up and down draft, air cooled 3 Q5 ' public rooms, and other convenien- QQ? ' ces make your stay one to be re- membered. WESTERN A Raj Q42 3' il mam ra-smumnr Q NEWSPAPER UNION 259 jp AND up UNDER BOWMAN MANAGEMENT JE OKLAHOMA CITY fa, Ea fi . O W379979Q-ffl537953799372979525251-9531-QQQQ-297525379379Q7?Q7?Q795?f?Q'li Q- iiimi MORE llllllllll JO GN: 1719 X Sl --'lQ-- Z KIRVIN 0TEl. - 2 . 62 is - -WL '59 Olcl h C't Q? WD ,Il X a OITIB I y 659 OFFERS QQ S : JO OM 13 QM Th C t 3? gh- e 0nSUfnn'la C -'il 'rf- -gf l Banquets - Dinner Dances 3? l Luncheon - Bridges " 1 Q li Afternoon Teas ANDY BHK on H ' ' i I ancl Receptions J GN: YO UR ENTER TAINMENTS AT OOMPLIMENTS OF THE Snmvm Roof CamP'Oe" Phafmacv jg NORMAN. OKLA. ................ ,...,, ...,... Zi?Q79Q1-9979379952979QQ93799253795'?f2Q7?Q1?QQQ7f?f537f2?Q7?5Q979R 2593729379Q799372Q729372QTQQTQQTQQ72931997937993-29?725?7?Q7QQ79f'R Page 276 c ...,., , . .....x X ..... c +mX.,. AW aaaemw ...... ,. ass:::rrrwwQiQiie::::::1211212211211111111122:::::::::x:::::::2::::21:x::::1::zrxciczafrzzx::::::x:::::::xe:-:-:-:-za::::::::smwQza:::::1:1:1:::rmcccccccmaazczzaa::sxw:::::::srerrrrsxxxxxxxwmxvrrrr::maxi:::::2:sxmv:::::::::::::::::xiciciiiN:rr:Q KW ..,w...............Mata.Md..M.....uc.m..N..NcN,t,c,...,w.........,...X.X..XX,X,.W.c.....csW...,,..,,,awwwwwms ' X ,Nc Hetijtitaetatfitetit?EtaKitaE2t3E5t5563565KitaGtiieta5t56t5Z?t5EtaetaGtatitrii5t5t3t56t5t5t3Z5t56t3tit-3tit?ZtaGtatitititeQt-3tSt5Z5t3E?t5t5t5t5t5Zg . FATHER DEAR FATHER COME HOME TO ME NOW LE DO YOU-want to hear these pathetic words on all sides? Want to see :jig happy homes wrecked, children made orphans, girls lead astray, and strong men devastated in mind and body by the curse of Iohn Barley corn, DO YOU? HUH? NO, is the answer which the Kappa Alpha society thunders forth. Composed as we are of spirited citizens who know well the evils of drink, and are banded K 'Fifa Gif together for the purpose of stampin out alcoholism and makin rohibition a ,Q 9 9 P Q, success, we are conducting an open-wide campaign against Booze! if To ,the doors of our spotless headquarters at Cruce and College shamble broken Hulks of men, and after taking our celebrated cure, they dance happily forth full of the joy of living and eager to be about the work of the Lord. If you find that the cursed habit of drink grasps you with its insidious talons do not hesitate, our doors are always open. So great is the confidence in our cure that we frequently acquire the habit of alcoholism ourselves and then triumphantly cure each other. Brother Ford takes the cure every month and each time emerges stronger than ever, Drop in and be convinced. Talk your troubles over with Dr. Walne. Get spiritual comfort from Brother Chestnutt. Tell Brother White about your case texce twhere it isl Let brothers Masse M h ll d-d' f l' ig p . y, ars a ,an isposeo your iquor. cw uwwvlnoouvu..u1u.1puvunnunvuouvnovuuuo W 25?Qt?Q7?Q79Qv??Q79Q7'2Q1-2Q799:2373Qt??Q7?f?1'9Q1-93532976231-C2319Qffigtgfggt?Q79il7G2Q7?Q1-937991-9Q79Q'f2?Q7?374299152Q7?Q7f?Q7??Q7?Q79Qt32R A souo FouNDATioN 443 fi Customers who have established substantial connections with this bank teel that they have a permanent toundation tor the tinan- E cial structures they plan to build. Fw 1 ig By reason ot its strong position, as evidenced by resources ot more than 50 million dollars, this institution can and will properly sate- guard the tunds entrusted to its care . . . as well as main- tain unexcelled day to day service tor its patrons. fra 1 3? We 55? lgg 1889 QQ 1933 FIRST NAT IONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY ii? OF OKLAHOMA CITY ff Z :X Z W Z A Q2Q32Qt?Qi-G2QJQQQQ-3?Qt?Q-Eli?-C52it?Qt?Qt?Qt??Qi-9952?Qt?it?5519Qt-9Qt?Qt?Eff?Qt?QQ3532fit?Qt?Qf62f3t2Q't??Qt?9tf2Q't95?t9Qt22Q-t9f?t2?5?t9Q1l5l9il , Pa ge 2 7 7 ' f f I 0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, -ty W! M X w wfwmff w W m 0f mz2222227722WMz1f1111Hm:c::1::: ::::::::::::::::'::15:::::Ii:I:m::5:22225x::SI5555!.'1H: f f p1m,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mm,,m,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ' H635Ziiaelaelii6lS5t5l556iS5Z5i5Gl5Z5l5ZQl5t5l5t5l56l5C?r56'lt35l5El5ZiQ4 1 E53 3? EQ I 35 BERRY S -y. Ng. Grocery and Markei- LE Ready lo Supply You Wilh +he Finesl' Foods 323 Phone 448 Phone 448 gg 4:7 S. webaer ?fQ H 3 -y 52Q59QE?322359Qi?Q52Qi?95923522QTEK?QQQl9QJl??Qf2Ql?25il95?f'2R 25553Ql3Zil'56lS56l55l5Gl56lS56'l56'l56l56'l556l56l5t3l56l56l56'l56Ziif -y. Ng? QE COMPLIMENTS OF Soulherland Home 3 Laundry MiileiiloE545E45F556456455l556l5Z3lSZ5rS5Z?l555l556lS56l35Z?l5E?iS56l5M A743 GNL Q rib Bon-Dee Sporr Shop 3+ E3 ATHLETIC GOODS jg NORMAN, oKLAHoMA 5 Q. H545545E55E54555456545E545645525435E35GilaZ5l35El56l5iQl5E5r5Zil3t5r5M The Mosl' Economical in The Long Run E TYDoL HI-ocTANE ANTI-Knock 5 GASOLINE 5, VEEDOL, PENNSYLVANIA gg? MOTOR olLs sr? Eg UNI SERVICE sTATloNs -,. .- VAN-PICK on. co. GE ci: 455 X A ERR as Le X as ie 'MD are 3 are ie RQ ie N9 he E as ie '59 fe N9 ie 'AQ ie '59 :R 'N'-9 :fe se he 'LQ ie K9 2322? K -. M6 ie '59 fe '59 ie '59 be E9 Le 'NBP ie RQ ie '59 ie sa be R fra ie w ie E fra ie w fa N3 ie RQ :KR 'AQ are K9 W X 9 9 L44-.L..4-.L-L 9 9 4.-.!,.L,,f,.yZ?Q4 P- E E Re ' 34 43 3? Q WHAT A WHAT OF A DIFFERENCE JUST A FEW SENCE MAKES E We want you to make an experiment that will actually show you the differ- 453 ence. Think of all the lime it will save youl lust make the test in the privacy of lg your own room and be convinced. 'ATuffy" Kane, President of the Kave Klub. A 5 mutual benefit organization for men who have gone with her. Mary lane O'Sulli- rg van, who would have been a big shot even among the gold hunters of 719. Also Q countless others of equal merit. "The Three D. Co. Dealers in 'Dates that Q satisfy'." y Ik r Ti? K 2595 Q? ig .,g3.,0Lf 4 ..., 5. .SQYAQ 4., so -4- LEARN THE MANLY ART OF SELF-DEFENSE -rf Q0 How would you like to learn to be self-reliant, and independent by mail? fig Sounds impossible doesn't it? Yet nothing is impossible if you trust yourself to TQ Kappa Alpha Theta's Correspondence Courses for weak and willing women. Marvelous results have been achieved by us within a few week's time. We are :E constantly amazing the world with our new standard of conduct for women and eg we haven t stopped progressing yet. Q95 The Theta s will show you how. Ja do ri o TQCQGTES Q95 +3 RQ 53 'AQ +3 QE EE 59 'AQ 59 RQ 59 'E 4452 'kQ 593 'AQ 453 if? 'RQ 59 'RQ L43 'AQ Q 'AQ LQ 'RQ LTA 'AQ 453 59 'Q RE 43 'AQ 449 'AQ 53 CE 33? 'XQ 1745 5395 ia 'AQ 59 RQ 59 53 W 53? 'AQ 59 'AQ E23 if? 'AQ 59 'EQ 143 3 KET TQ f X 1 , , , , 1 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 7 ,,,,,,, Z ,,,,,,, Z ,,,,,,, M0WJ ZZ::::gff Page 278 Q ,Y.,., Mu. :Q gg ,x,, 3 ,,,A,A-,,AA,A .N m m""""" "":':"""' efmsw- , ' W 'QQ' 'wwwg Q' 35 A TE FOUR OUT OF EVERY FIVE HAVE IT YQ Q1 E What.V An S. A. Pin. We are mighty proud of the fact that outside of T35 Vassar, Wellesley, and the National Kindergarten College there are only three 'P' . - 55 Colleges in the U. S. that haven't an S A E Chapter fthe above tabulation is cor- 'SCS rect up to 3 :OO A. M. last Wednesdayl. mln numbers there is strength. .You may be next." . '79 GY, Q of . QQQQJE2Q52QFQQQ22QQQQQAQQQE2QQ?QFQQQQAE?QQQQQQQQ52QACQQQ2QJQQQQFQQAQQi?Q52QQQQQQFQQ42QQQQQi?Qf?2QF2Qf?2Qf2Qf?2Qf2Qf22Q+23 E6455645E535C345H564564564525455545E545E45645645695645E5451356452343564569564564356456452545645E455E545254555145E?i5Ei'S5Z?i55Z?,'l55Z?slS56iS5Z5i3i?34 Q AE Q QQ? Gm :YQ . - vig Q? :kg QA' AQ Q 442 Qi :kg QA' QE! QE QQ QA' eg Compliments of a friend gf QQQQ Q? ga Q1 :MQ QA' 52 QR 'AQ 'QA' Jo GE GQ QA' Je Qi :Mg QA' W9 Qi T5 Q2 AQ Qi GA' QQ cm Q9 cm SQ 516455 :Q X fra A '59 492 'Q AQ X Ti'-2 A be 'Q ie 'AQ 442 X as A R fri 'Q ire 'AQ L42 'AQ 52 'Q A 'AQ A Qs its are 'Q 12 'AQ A 'AQ are Q A ie 'AQ are 'AQ be 'Q fe 'AQ ie 'Q 432 'AQ AQ 'AQ are Qs TQ se 2 as +535 AQ 'Q A KLA QE ek Sri QA' Q1 QA' Q1 QA' GA QA' Qi 3 Q45 Gif ea QA' QA QA' en QA' emi QA' Qi QA' fri QA' Q11 QA' GA CM Sri QA' QA QA Gif S-Sri QA' GA M' QA QA' en QA' QA AA inf em QA' QA QA' QA QA' GA QA' GA QA' GA QA' Qi QA' Qi QA' 'EE in QA' GA EAS af Q LA N. EAA :W E Qi of. ' ' E ONE MAN TELLS ANOTHER U , . QE tg And so the enviable reputation of Chi Omega, Builder of Brawny Bims Tia since 1895" in ever fraternit house on the Cam us. Or every ool hall in their G? gm Y Y p p gi fig home town. Those interested write for a free booklet containing the pictures of Lg some of our products. "When bigger bodies are built The Chi's will pledge lg them." ia Q51 rm o E551 5:55 H TQ LTQ X T595 Q '53 fig '53 1713 YQ 59 X YS 53 'AQ 53 3 TQ iQ 'AQ AQ E QQ iQ 'AQ 59 'Q QQ '-X9 59 'AQ 53 X QQ LTQ 'AQ AQ 'AQ 53 3 QQ ig 'sg QE AQ 3 'Ii 'figs 55 'AQ 553 'AQ 313 X W iQ 3 ?A"f5, W9 AAAXXANNANNNXAXAAAxXXAxXAAAAAAAAANAANXXAXAAAAAAXAXXAxXXA-AAAAAAAWAAAAAXAAAAWJA1:15:11frffffrrrf MW A-ba .m AN- -MXN 'NX 'MW -QW N Am M m ,- Page 279 x A-------, A--W-r......... ,,t........................,,, . A A A , N N A.. A A ,lifffi ,J,,,.A,AN-AAfffff.-Amxwxw.Ammmv .... ..AAxxxxxxx,,,.,mmAqeqqfe.Am .......,,.... - .-.-.-.-,A-Gm..,, ssxyg55X igQQQgsQw6,,CXQQQgiw:iTyg1 Xxlm5Km W ,wwf.-ifiWW W-' - NA www f '------ v - A xyw 1 "" 5 , W - 'ff--fff' -A X A- xv xv 'ww ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "-"-' '-f"'f'-'-'-"'I-"-ffff'-""2--'-ff-'----1--"'fff 1 --'-"-- - g-lgQTSQTSZQTSEJTSETSQTBQTSQTSgil-5QTSQTEQTSQTSQTSQTSQTSETSZLT is L 1 r 1 1 it64564513455645E545645645643E545E5555i56i5E?iS5Z5iS5t5i5E?i5Ei5i2i5M BROWN-DUNKIN 'P '40 'V Tulsa's Dominan Re ail S ore -' Q LE l, t t l'lere is a 53 gi in Froclc tg vs Selecied vig W 1 by a College .i woman! 't' '-if i" ,Q c 'i' g BRADLEY ,P W ll D VN Q XM A-ig if, 8 ,' .4l Lt, f ei l, Q31 E llll'4f,fW3l E M T it FRGCK R55 L T ' T fl it A - sg Nl X A lacy km+ THE PI PHI mo we +wO-Pieee 55965 ' frock, with is? :TQ Vi V short uff C922 keg lThompson, Taylor, Clevengerl gb IRQ ,, , .N . P Q, sig ,5 R1 sleeves. In TQ Harm nizin Gi 33? fx if ll'l- ll While Ol' as O 9 H 3 n I Q5 . .4- -,,. 5, , ,I 1 pas+e s. sq- ya on the back steps of their 3 .A t , in g l , , , Q? -P' '4' -hx J - 1 We Il full mall 951 X New Home X X Q 2-lg l QA' vig ' Q? I ii li orders, be GE EQ GEL :Q XX ll a.--.y + 1. 1. '59 And on Sunday, too, for GA' M' Sure ,O 5 a e Q? IQ ew, we ew, iii GaWd's k me' Q? gp Sa 6' I iii: X 41.,,., lSpor+s Shop- iff .................. G? Third F'?0'l . 'if QQ7297931-'2Q7??Q72Q72Q1'9Q7?lQ1?Q72Q79Q1'?Q72Q79Q7??Q7?Q7??Q1-5393 59 Q? 449 ew, 19 ti? if HASN'T SCRATCHED YET! N9 ei? 175 . 4 E Unconditionally guaranteed not to scratch, bite or kick in the clinches, That Q is the pled e that Delta Gamma makes to ou. ln many ears of use under all gm 9 Y Y W conditions-we have yet to hear a com laint as to the ualit or uantit of our ii? gig P Cl Y Cl Y Gi :sg performances. One trial will convince you. Easy to get and hard to get rid of. LE 3+ iii CEN: 19 ....,,..,. ,...,.,,,...,... .,......... ' 4 ' 295379Qt?QTKQQWQQQ-4231-Q2Q79Q'f9Qi-3?5?f95il'G2Qi-C229?79Q72Qt??Qt??9?7?9?i52Qi-99529953762Q1953795379919Qfcil-Qi-9379551-K2?5?f2Q72QWQQ-9Qf953f??Q152Q72Q79QQ Q Gi so 3 AQ EVEN FUR LAZY PEOPLE 59 GE it That was the object we had in mind when we organized our club, commonly rg affectionately called, Delta Tau. Easy to join, that's us-for examples look at LKQ H I ig Gordon Watts, Bruce Beesley. Write for our illuminating booklet, How to be a ig social success without effort," in two parts. 52 ew, so , , ,.,..,. . . , ....,,..,,,....,... . . . 'i' Z5Qt?Qi-'22Q79Qt?Qt?Qi-3?5379Q1-C2QT?Q1-9Q79Q79Q9Q725373?379539Qi-C2379Q19Qi-3?Q1-9Q1'??Q1-9QQ5373237931-99373293795379Qi-3?5?7??Q79f?795?7?5?f?Q1-ff?Q7??Q!fi Page 280 SETSETSGTSETSGTSZZTSESTEETEGTISQTESETSGTS3TS56T56T?56TS5l5T36T5gQf As S5 G R E E T I N G S Th' 3? TO THE LQ GW: jg FACULTY jg STUDENTS Q2 AND - . E ALUMNI K9 G4 Ae OF Sri MT O U A cfm LeT Us AII BoosT Our School 'N-9 : vis THE SECURITY NATIONAL BANK 474. . - NORMAN, OKLAHOMA Ra are 'AQ Ae 'LQ be 'MJ ie H fe be SQ R2 :Te 'ASD A12 'AQ :Te 'MB Q 'NED Ae 'AQ X Ra be 'AED ie 'MED QQ SETSETSETSZQTSZSTSSETSGTSQTSBGTSGTSETSZQTSQTSGTEGTEZSTSGTEZSTSM se ez sg MORRIS TENEBAUM gf eg 32' sae Gi N9 QA' A3 NO FIRE SALES gi ing . - 3 SPECIAL SMOKE SALES :kg 1 Q 9 MONTHS A YEAR 2? +25 3+ Ja GBA '52 3 O O O Se Q .ig QA' 59 3? Q5 LeT Me Buy Your PanTs 3? 3 gf gg? A DEMOCRAT FOR 29 YEARS gf, ' GE You Can'T ACCumuIaTe o . QA? IT You Don'T SpeCuIaTe HGTSZQTSGITSZQTSGTSGTSQTSETSZQTSSETSGTSSETESZQTEETEZQTSEQTSETSZSTSSZZF . f c 1 1 f 3? Elm STreeT 3 H P P is Grocer and MarkeT Gif H H 3 Grocers To The 3 E UnIversITy of Oklahoma E Campus Since I92I 449 933 LRQQ 4 4I5 Elm Ave. 4 gg H. L. HarrIS STone Taylor :gg -4+ -y. .4- COMPLIMENTS OF -IH Q- CARPENTER PAPER - Em COMPANY Ti OF OKLAHOMA 'S G5 Wholesale Paper TQ 3' Ang OKLAHOMA CITY. OKLA. .ra ew. QTSZQQTQQQQQIQYQEYQIQQTQQi?QI?QQQI22QIEZQIQQTQQTQQIQQIQQIQQFQYQi HZQTQQTITGTSQTSETSGTSGTSLSTQGTSETSQTOGTEGTEZQTSGTSGTSZSTSEQTE54.4 . A9 ef iff? 93 me ef Eg 0 0 o .Ya ew, 'ie O? .Va ew, ga We are glad TO Take ThIs ep me ef pa OppOrTunITy TO Thank you gg Tor your paTrOnage ThIs jig year. IT has enabIed us TO 3 sg QIVG you The beST IH enTer- :YQ - GNL 2 TaInmenT. When you re- 3 S3 Turn nexT year Come TO us 'SQ Tor pIeaSanT enTerTaInmenT. ei' .ra ew. The Sooner and gg? sg -New UnIversITy T eaTres me ef Q 531 'LQ cw I we if? 'MD :TQ N9 Q 'AQ :TQ 'AQ :XSD '59 LQ 'AQ :Ki 'MED 59 'MD Q 'AQ 59 'MED il? '69 :Q 'MD 562 '59 :GQ '59 59 '59 :Q HS Tie :KS 'AED W? 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A 'Q A IIA al 33 cron "4 " V 1 A Qi 'Xa ea we qt ' I f I-Q 3 eg 31 +45 'lieu I. fa sip' af - ' J I ' GR Q Plcfure Framing, Kodalcs I I g 3 vga QE ?kgij I ' Ii of .Ya ' ' GNL ga I I I ' GE ea Films and Supplies fra -3. ,, . Nl Q22 :ga QE nga sian? I as Gi '59 Q4' '69 Illllllf I Illillm K 49 49 1 me-ff QQ: Q K O D GN, "" gg, ga . . EXE ga 4- no The official photographer for Q2 -no GM' .Q ,933 Sooner' and man Q42 .39 Bill Brodersen. Say, haven t 3 JG Y JQ . 7 .4- if GL? you voted your 20 times. QA' eg pas years. Willis Stark: Yow, but these K O D are the Phidelt, Phi Gam, Kappa YQ Si and Si ma Nu roxies 3? E 769 Asp Ave. Phone 203 9' 9 p ' Qi - an emi Q2S5299Q-53292299Qi?9352962QI?QQQQIQEi2Q+?Qf2Qf9Qf2Qf9Qf?2SR QZIQIQQIQQTQQIQQTQ?Qi?QI2S?I22Qf?QJ?2Q+'52Qi-32535299Qi??S?I32Qi2S?I'??SR M6535635EfadfadtfaQfaiifadaElaiifaifa2545635645353564525455Z5f3Ef5Z5f3Z?fS56'lS5Z5i5ZQi5Z?i'S55456545645645E345t3i5Z5i5E5f5t5f55f55Z5f556i5ZZ AQ -4' E23 BUT IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING CHEAP ' GNL Have you ever heard of Kappa Sigma? You're another, or you will be if LE you don't watch out. LQ Do you enjoy a messy mob? Can you concentrate when all about you are raising hell and blaming it on each other. If so here is a chance to get in at the Qigcfgj T55 bottom. ig You've probably received a Kappa Sig bid long before you read this and if .gil you succumbed and are now one of the great unwashed, congratulations. NOE EVEN HIS BEST FRIEND WOULD TELL HIM gg -y. '4' 5? Snubbed and ne lected, avoided b all his friends, how was he to know? Q9 9 Y QP Q How was he? Neither his bosom friends nor his men friends would tell him. It visa ot so he couldn't et into cam us activities and somehow couldn't s eak to eo le E? ya g 9 P 10 p P 63, 39 he knew on the campus. BQ -4+ li? Then one day he overheard the reason when he thought he was listening in eg on the answers to some of the questions in an exam he was taking. IT WAS ALL BECAUSE HE WAS A SIGMA CHI. -After him thinking all along there wasn't so Q very much wrong with that. Don't let that happen to you. MUM'S THE WORD. of. ' ' 6456 Q sm WQIQQJQQi-234323992522SEQ?QIQQQQQQQQIQQQIQQQIQQIQQIQQIQQIQQIWIQQI?QI?QIQQIQQIQQQQQIQQIQQTQQIQQi2Q+?293I?2Qf9Q+22QIQQEPSSQQQIQE f""ff''''ff'fff"f""'"""'"""f'ff"'f""ff f f M W Page 282 SHEOQ TH E IM PRINT ff QUALITY PRINTING PLATES and PERSONALIZED SERVICE Q OT ..... MORE THAN A QUARTER CENTURY Y WE HAVE PRINTED AND BOUND Scbool amd College ZIYWZZMZZJ THE ECUNOMY ADVERTISING CO. ea ------v-1-:---- ea iiizii iiiiiiil 1 iiii ,ilzizizziiiiiizizz izzzzzzili Eas254551555cis6+s5z5+25c5Ozf,+s5zQ+ssza+s5za+sza+s5ca+5z?+sza+s5z5+a5za+sz5+as6zi E6+ss6+s5z5+5sza+s5z?4S56+asza+ast.+aszQ+as645554555,+5zQ+as6+55z5+asz5+5cQ+as6l56zig,f COMPUMENTS OF F. D. Bearly Lumber Co. L. W. ATKINS, Mgr. NORMAN- OKLAHOMA NORMAN - OKLAHOMA CITY QQ+??O+Oil2QIOO220fOOOSOOOQOOIOOlOOlOO+OO+OSi+OOfOQIOQ+OR 232OOO+OOfOQ?OOIOO+OOlOQ+OQI?2OIOQQOQOOQIOSOQOOIOSOJIOQIEPOQOR E3356iS56i5O?E5Z5i556i5525195E545E45i3ii5Z?i5Oi5645543645655545E?i5ZSi5F5352353545E456i56ii5Z5iS56i563555356332545GiiigiijiiiiiZ5i5EiS5E?iS56i56i3g LYQ 4 'O 3 LQ SAVE THE SURFACE AND YOU SAVE ALL gulf ig Paint and Powder- Q H KO Next to vi Orousl mani ulatin chewin urn, ou ll find there s nothin Qi? R Q Y P 9 9 9 Y 9 Q if that will make your cha ter o Over like a bi enerous a lication of old fashioned 3 LQ P Q 9 Q pp Q? QE cosmetics. Year in and year out our collection of hand painted lillies is the social K? riot of the campus. Results count. gf 'OO GE if Some of our special colors for the year are: 3 :Q of :YQ SOE 3 1. McIntyre Green-not very bright. 'AQ EQ O51 LE 2. Wilson Combination-changeable. AO 'EE lg 3. I-lively Blue-a duotone for heavy work. KO O .,ir .--T 3 are ,. his Q 4. Cole Black-for outside work, just a little will go a long way. LQ O? AO ff? 5. Chase yellow will do for anything or vica versa. ig 6. Evans White Wash-for purifying anything from campus politics to TE campus politics. LE KKG KISS PROUF LIPSTICK WON'T COME OFF. ,J I 5556155 TKO :KO 'AQ KO 'E KO 'AQ KO 'AQ KO 'AQ KO H as KO 'E KO 'Q :KO 'AQ KO 'E KO 'AQ :KO 'AQ KO 'AQ KO 'AQ KO 'AQ KO 'AQ KO 'Q KO 'AQ CVE ag KO 'AQ KO 'E KO 'AQ KO 'AQ KO 'AQ KO 'AQ KO 'AQ KO 'AQ KO 'AQ KO 'Q KO 'AQ :KO 'AQ KO 'MO KO 'E KO 'AQ KO 'AQ KO H TE . ZOO Q6456456455645Zi?S56i56i56i56i5E5iS5Ei55+56+5i?45645Z545Z5i56iS5CQf E645Z5i55Z5?5ZS4S5f5-554356452356435645645EASGAOGASQASGASZQASQAOQE . S . RUBBER STAMPS, SEALS, STENCILS Of :cg 3 Years of Conilnuous ervuce Gi, ,ii BADGES :gg In Bringing the Sooners From 'Owe CNY 3? PHONE PHONE 25+ REOOMMENDS 3 . K. 3 THOMPSON S 3 5+amP 81 Seal CO- g Transfer and Sforage 5 II8 W. Grand Oklahoma Ci+y 5 'AQ Gi' 'AQ 3 Ald Gers M r 3 Qi? OO Company +33 Y ' 9' O? KO Ol KO CORPORATION AND NOTARY OF,- LE NORMAN, OKLAHOMA 5? SUPPLIES QOOOOQ+OOfOO+220520f?Of?92952Q+OQf22Q+OQ+OQOQ+?2QfOO+OCR KOQQOOOOQOQ+OQ+OQ+2SLfOO+OQ+OOfOQ+OQ+?2QfO93+320+?2Q+OO+OSOR Page 283 j l Z EE255Z4f14551?57f55WZ11Zfff15371772II1I:Ilff:1f7f0 77771P21121:: W W ,,,,,., ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, y i5Z?l35Z5'l5Z5l5Z5l?5GlE55l55Z5'lS56'lS5Qi'36i5El'5C3J'iS5Z5'i55l'5Z5l5l3'i5E555GigiGig3555Z?al55?9i'55Z5l5i7aiS55lS5Z5'l5ZQ'iS5Z5'l525123ZS1l5Z5'l5Z5'l35Z5'l56'l5Ei55l5Z?l5Z5'l55l'S5g :YQ S52 Teepee THE TEEPEE! Teepee jg Barber Shop K 0 D S+uden+ Shop ie sri AE CHUB BRAMAN Jean's Teepee Grill 44 0 D is PAUL FERREE Qi? QQ K O 75 TOL DICKENSON QQ? Campus Posf Office NORMAN. OKLAHOMA JEWELER as '+' QEZQQQQE29992922999693423523699529532Qi2Qf2Qi?95323529953?96329-9311995523523+292952959Qi?9362352956325??2Qi9S?if25?i29?i9Q+?2Ql??QQQ 364564564564564555656451545545Qiaelaeiaelaglaelaelaela 255 'Q .,- ig Safely ls Assured ig AT THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Oldesl - Sfrongesl' ig NORMAN, OKLAHOMA 35+ eg QQ52Qi?Q599522362Qi225i'11?29?i?29292Qi9S?if22Qi29?i?2Qi?9?'i9Q?Q9?iE2 ffgiiaglaelaglaeiaela64522456345645GladeGlaglaelaiiifiglailijiilag Gif' MCCORMICICS HGILT-EDGE" ig DAIRY PRODUCTS gil L53 Served al Mosl Houses H 'KO ci' ga On The Campus cgi X A Norman Ins'rifu+ion, Founded in Norman. Q5 ?gf?j Financed in Norman, Fulfilling Our E145 iftrg Ololigafions fo Norman GJ? Q Always glad fo serve you gs? AQ Norman Milk and lce 31 EQ GE ig Cream Co. ig Telephone l30 IOO E. Gray QA' A9 . - . 63' QQ?Qi?2Q+??S?+?2S?i?Qi?S?1199??s2Q+92Q-F2S29i22Q+??Q+??Qi2Qi3?S?i9i3l2S?i??Si?Q 5 as ers GM' ei CM' QTL QA' ers QA' ei GL? ei Q42 Q1 Q4 ei Q42 ei ew ei Q42 ei QA' ef ei Q4 ei Q4 ei CW ei QA' ei 22. vim NN N3 . . . is ii6'l56'l56'l5ZS'l56i'56l5ZSii5Z5'lS56lS5Z5l56l5Gl5glf EQZQ3l?lS56l55Z5i55Zil'56l35Gil5Z5Ji'S5Z5l5Z3lQ5Z5'lbiQl55 fr- Ns Q79 .4- -yu N 551 O 0 Eat 2 O 1 2- Z ' G? if? Z 3 'l . C5 usages,-Os. NN ve W ' - of fif 'D C -" X Z an Oi VO Z 3' I I 'D X gg . - , . E ?i33'f?2O5'2 Tie Z m .4 Q22 Q9 Z -o ,,, Z m 0 - SN 52? ' 0 3 U1 Qi 179 no : m n-I K Q NX Skt-9 -1- QM' 'MED 1 QS .YQ O 3 I ey .Ya 0 -1- -o o sxqfjx-T-fb -qma2fsr9::3mO7'Zv0 e+efaT.2T we 32 3' " m Ja 3, + " I O 5 -A m 4 f I 3' sys SXQ I il Qi: 19 Q Q- FSN Ja 3 GE EQ 2 O -- o nf as O Q Z g Q Z 3 -I K 'U m ' 242 J' gl 2 J, 2' UE 1 can ' + 'KD ........,... Q2 E ...... , ..... QQf99?f'2Qv2Qv9Q7??Qv9Q79Qf?2Q1-9Q7?Q79Q7m Z Q1-G2Q7?2Qf?29?799?7?2Q7S2Q7?2Q7fi2Qf 993723 .... . MGi'55ai5Gi5?l56'l56l56l55i56l56'i36l3ZSl3GQ ffg1i5t9Gi'5Z?1'l5E?p'ibi5wl36'l5Z5'l5J6'l5ff'56'l56'lS6i'56lb Ne 'AQ , N9 -. 'Q -ff H 3 3 -4 g Z 3 Z E ' 3 2' Q 3 0 Q AE 5 0 3 71 xg ' ' - .- : ' 33 P' 3 7: 3? LQ 7' 3' Q QT 'n Q 2 g I- 519 Z 15" 3 1 fe s m C ge Z fe ns 1 0 vw as :VO Dv -H Qi 59 Z V' 3 to tif T U Q C js AQ - + O AQ c Z Z 'rg O 4 Q. :s I +6 U 5 U ig .75 in o O. m :S ' -I 55 K O m Gia T3 J, "' FU 3 - 70 aye fs o I 35 Q 3 .4 -I 3 Tie I -1 no ga Q 3 l'I'1 Q? O en 0 33 Z 9' : I 62 ra Z 59 Q' 2 -r- O Q9 E. 3 eb Tia 0 -l- UD 3 Z Q 3 2 K LQ P 3 10 are 1 3 LQ -A gg 3 rv L3 O 5 IQ J, '40 -af- i -..,. I .I . . U L - 0- - - - ' L L L 23253193152291-iff?Q12Q7229?7?2Qf9Q7?.s152Q,'2S?,3?R W5552QTQQTQQTQQTQQTQQTQNQQTQQTQQTQQTQ 55636456456455645645645645645645ElaelaiilaiilaelaeieieiaelaM Pag 284 nmussxiQQQziQiKiKAmmm ':::s:miiiQz::::::::::i:11211:rrxccicamixx::zzasi:.:z:zz:x::::::ma1:2:::::::zxmxmxwiiixzaacaazxzx:zzz:zzzrrmxxvcczccaxxwzit:ztztt:::::::xc::::azamxxxwessexamrrf::::::::x :::::::::r ::::::::::maz1::::axes. -p- .4- sg As +he Years Roll On . ip 0 0 0 QE The Oklahoma Daily Will Remain . . . me ew :YQ ' QE A Daily Parade of Campus Evenls ya ei .ra ew, fig G RADUATES, every day T HERE are acliviiies- iff? something is happening Sport, Social and Admin- is on that campus which for islraiive-which you shall gig years broughl you some of want +o review as lhey occur. TQ lhe mosl pleasant experi- The Clclahoma Daily will Tig ences you shall ever know, bring To you all Ol these. and which you do not care MAIL YOUR +0 iafgei. suBscRiPTiON Now! iff.. .QF 3 . GNL THE OKLAHOMA DAILY "MORE Tl-IAN A STUDENT NEWSPAPER" Qi? Q92Qf2Qi9Q+?Q9?QQ??Ql?2Qf?QlC2Qi2Qf2SQQi?SEQ?Qi?QQQQSQQQESQFQYQi?Qi?Qi?Hifi?f?i9Qi2Q+22Qi?Ql?2Qi2Qf9Qi?Qi993+2Q+'2Qf2Qi2Ql?SR R2 3? come come COME ' QE All ye pure of heart to the Phi Gam Church Home. R455 nz vig Good Sermons Good Music Good Choir 3 . '4f What better way to pass the time than in our cozy vestry. if DAILY PROGRAM .L 7:00 A.M. Song, "Awake Ye Sluggish of Heart." T22 9'00 A.M. Sunday School - Rev. Rodgers. 10:00 A.M. Sermon, "Is there Damnation in Dancing?" . . Rev. Dixon 25 1.00 A.M. Debate, "Habe I Arizen From A Bed of Dirt or a Chimpanzeef' Q Chimpanzee ....... MURRAY GORDON Clocl of Dirt ........ IUNIOR BULLIS 5 :00 P.M. Collection. Proceedes to help bring Brother Ramsey back to school. 7.00 P.M. Hymn, i'We Must Rid the Campus of Those Awful Old D D M C's" ....... DEACON STEPHENS L53 8.00 P.M. Prayer for the lost souls of the Inter-Fraternity Council. QQ 8.30 P.M. Hymn of Thanksgiving, i'We're Glad We re Pure. Blacked robed choir tno masksj lead by Charley Davis and Andy Beck. fgfg All seats free and unassyned. 0,04 . - E Qi2Q+?Qi?Q'i9Qf?Qi?Qi?Q525293?Wil?Q?2Q+?2Qf2Qi2Q+2Qi?29?l93R W R Page 285 awww m wy m Eggas-isrs5455as6456456452545raise-?sQ+a5za+saflssaQ+sszQ+ses+s5456453 Where 1419 Cha,-m is of Newness Ge T ' President ls ReS'l'Ol'ed kg IoE STAMPER X Vice-President I: fl VINCENT DALE ' Secretary H HERMAN GREENLAW 'I tie illllil' LQ X' G11 Treasurer ig RALPH CISSNE , if L73 Qi ALPHA SIGMA SIGMA ig National Honorary for Buts, Heels and of PHQNES vis . ar? I ll . 5 .6 . QF XS I2 Bill H witt Fini Gllll ie GNL xx X lg Fred HOW lackswhitip IQ Milton Elliot Harry Kornbaum Y X eg Ehn Eishburn gaclzjvgagnelr, X :YQ tis ett , . trom er GNL ' ig glargf Tlntman flygde Dinger Q X :IQ im ay . ommer ruct N9 Q' QQ GEL Q SQIFVHCQ -,.. 4- See U or Specza lrzps MQ Gi -yn .4- its 04? -re f - son ...PHONE 565 0 0 o M I hre Trans orkahon Lln c n p es I8 Years Experience N37 GF WWW Page 286 x9S5: xNw xxxxwxmxmvsssrrrserx ..............., rrrrrrrsw, ,..,.... :emma:::::i:,,,,gw::::::. , ,....... 11,-mgasgaazzzg3311331:rrxxxmwcaqxzxxxzcxcccx....,..:::r:. ..... . .... A ,K .,,,,,2ii 25535255364534564556235645513645525455E5456556455E545645Q45lilaiilfa6455354556456455E545645E35i5l5ZQlS56l5Z5l3ZSl523a6l55E5lS5Ggelaelaelaiilaelag , For Tha'r Pause . . Q Be+ween Classes -y. AE . . . The Ed ig Sure, IeJr's go +o lhe Union . . . ., ig yea, meel you There nexl hour, ' 53 if lc hal. : Q? 23 or a co e or a C W, - . - The C0-ed gffea The Union is an inleresling ig ' Flaw' SiPIOlf1Q Ol rinksi and :gig 0 Wa+Cl1if1Q people- TE .. ' 3 We of 'TS Hen Y alms' Zig phe re where eve ry one sees 5 ffgggifr ever one else. QQ Y 31 . - - . The Lounge if lvleel your friends, or siuoly for The new? class, i1"s for your use. 155 A 7f , . . . - The News+and T59 fl find if here' 3 is ,. f D .ii, iii..i,,. iss. ...A T , T . .. . Q f Th R +, fa If-Y ,,,, i '4i"'i':: '45 323 d he I ecreac ion. X, , y ya ucaliona paslime or Univer- , , Qi if sily men . . . snooker, pool, ff! f' ' Q? fi bowling. V A AJ LE I 'Y' Mall' , . . . The Books+ore ,Gly Q . . 11' , '4' he l W1 Lalesl ficlions . . . Jrexl books + . gg 9 A and equipnnenl for all Univer- MW sily classes. H me '59 ew, THE STUDENT UNION 37' o o o GF lg "The Cen+er of S+uden+ Ac+ivl+ies" egg ,, QQ?E+?iii?Qi?Q12Q52QE?25223522Qi9Q11?2Qi?2Qi??Qi?952359Wil?9593555E+2Q+9Si22Qii2Q52S?+2QJF2Qi2Qi2QQQQQHQ+2Q+2QTQQQQQQQTQQTQR gig STUDENTS' DOWN TOWN HEAD gf? fi? QUARTERS McCall 8: Birchum eg Lindsay Drug S+ore STAPLE AND FANCY eRocERiEs as LQ p - ' Q 5 f H 922 la AND 2 rescriplions ur pecia y 3 FRESH MEA-rs - . , , Ts. . - lg JAMES s. DOWNING-The Druggisf Ph N OH AE Phone 362 NORMAN, oKLA. Ones '8'8"" 0'm'a"' 6- Page 287 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 5 2GTS6425EsbbiebbQTSGTEGTSGTSZSTBETSZQTEZSTSGTSGTSETSETSGTSE 55233565GTSETSSESTSZQTSZQTSZSTSFETSSETSP545QTSSZSTSBGTSZSTSZSTSQTBZSTSGQ me ra I ZS: . F? PETTEE S 3 T55 Oklahoma! Oreahest Hardware Orqanizahon 9' ,,,,,.q .. OKLAHOMA CITY gg fgg , 'ra '+A Or' g ' -' .4- THE WOMENS SPORTS SHOP gb? . I gg ig ON OUR THIRD FLOOR Qs 32? T32 FEATURES- 3+ 3+ fa ggmgiOgA'53ig'AMERICAN" Ag GUZZLING GIRL ge :YQ GN, Ly. S972 Q2 JANTZEN SWIM SUITS Qi? W GURGLERS W :RQ QA' :QD Q2 Q KNOX HATS GN: :E E E 63, EE And a Complete-Line of Golf, Tennis, and I VV, w W A ANN LENNINGTON A GLENA COLWICK G? gel?ETSETSGTSETSGTS64565GTSHOSTSESTSETSETSGTSGTEETSSKTSIg N MARG PATTERSON N T55 . I 3943? T IOYCE COLE 'I' T55 McOInley s Grocery HELEN HARBROUGH ggi Q95 Q5 T59 IERRY HAYES G? gg "GOOD THINGS TO EAT" ig B IUDE KENNEDY B Ev gg Approved Charge Accounts K B CLARA WILBANKS ig NORMAN, OKLAHOMA E EELS? BROWNE E 39 Gai ye AY IERCE GA' iff? Phone 7I Phone 7l Q50 T39 R KATHLEEN KANE R Tw ef be QEi?Qi?962959S?i2Qi-?2Q+22S3f2Q+C2Qi?Siif2f?i25?+?Qf95?+'2QiE2Q?2?Q+9R 25S3532Qi?Qi?53529522Qi?Q52Qi?Qi?Q62Qi2?Qi?9?i99?i229?f22S?i?2i???Qi2E QQOVOVVVOOOVQOVQVQQOUVQOQVOVVOUOVTVVVVQIQVQE5 QLQTSSQTSETS561565GTSZQTSZQTSZQTSZSYQJQTEGYEQGOETSE55GTSQTEQTSZEYSZETSETOGTQESTSGTSGTSQTEGYSQYOZSTQSTSF55675615OSGTSBQTSZSTSGTSESTEI 531 gig QA' FIFTY BODY STYLES - FIVE HUNDRED COLOR ,rl . - OOMBINATIONS Custom built creations in body styles for every purpose, ranging from EE luxuriously upholstered sedans and snappy sport models with rumble seats, to Q our specially built truck Chassis for delivery purposes. That is what Pi Beta Phi Q offers you in its wide line of 1933 vehicles. fDon't ask the man who owns onej. QE The Watson. A sport runabout. Comes specially equipped with our speci- :Q ally developed clutch. Je -+- LE The Len. A special type with no breaks and very little differential. is The Patterson, The special sturdy Chassis is good for a lifetime, Slightly tg improved over last year's model, E 1 The Townsend. Guaranteed to hit on one cylinder most of the time. Comes gg equipped with a K. A, necking license, ee ' The Walling. Vibrationless, and starts easily. JG? "if Demonstration of these and many other models of equal merit cheerfully made. jg Hbbdy by Fisher-Legs by Boldwin-Necks bythe Hour . . . YA 3 JA .................. Page 288 wma 1111: -:xaeaacicx'a' 1: 1: 1-W:----f """""' m --"--"----- my--eff: 1 ---"-"--'-- E--A :sssssm A -- :XSEEXSXX R .smx A """ ' " ' ' YYY' 'Q"""'x' 'xXxXxxx'X "XX" """""' "'QQ' ""'Qg"""""" ' L 1 1 Q Ilikiiiiiiiiiiiiii x.NNN.xxxxxxxxNxN,,.,,,,,,Xxx.1Q.......,,, , ,.,,,x,,.,k,,.,..,,.,,ZZzzzz.,,,.,.,1zzzzz1xxkxxk,N,,,,xxXxN:zziziziiiz Q MQ COMPLIMENTS OF GDB :TQ QB 'AQ QA: K9 QA' so D of me . ew A NECESSITYI EQ arrough and Fosler QE Ja as PAUL G. DARROUGH JUDGE EARL FosTER 651 449 951 i 920 Perrine Bldg. Oklahoma City O .................. QA: :G Q4' 22Q7?Q1?Q1'??Q'f2Q7??Q7?Q1-9Q793379Q1-99793-7931-231-QQTCQ979979375lQi , ig Good food ns as necessary as the dassfooms- The 'fe'f+'e has a'WaYS ig been noted as havmg the Besl' Food ig Roberfson and Deupree in Nofman- 'AfTTORNEYS'AT'LAW Hs mural clecoralions and afmos- 709 Perrme Bldg. OKLAH.OMA CITY phere make H one of +he ou+S+and- 76 Wallace E. Robertson Eclwln A. Deupree . Q mg show-places of lhe SI'a+e. N3 ................. . : X.l..I..'I..I.I.I-.I..I..I..I.-.IQ--I--I-.I..'I--IMIHI.Z , QQTQQTQSQQTQEQSTQZQTSETSGYQQYSQTSGTBQTQJQTQGTSGTSGTSQTQGTQGYEQ 3 COMPLIMENTS OF 9 Th COPPER e. at e. CLEANERS KETTLE 173 GY: V9 GN T5 .................. G? T5 .,................ E? 5559?Q79QT?3732979531-3?9?-79Q79Q79379919Q1'9Qf9Q19Q-79919231-flgffrllgi WQ1-3?Q7937931-9Q79Q79QT?Q7'2Q7??Q7??Q7??Q195?7??Q7?Q7??952291-9Q7?9R its Q? 'AQ QA' :YQ C56 THINK OF IT, HELEN :YQ GNL EE We're making a haul now and a few months ago we couldn't save a cent. TQ Remember the night we talked it over, and you persuaded me to go fidelt, and I -y. .4- AE sent in the coupon. It was the best thing I ever did. Thousands of men know the joy of happy prosperous homes, because they joined fidelt. -Mail the Ja coupon now. on Q FORGER . . . . Q T555 BOOTLEGGER . . Q IAIL BIRD . . . . Q of Q P C Q 5531 Kg-J ORCH LIMBER . . . QQ PEEPING ToM . . Q -y. , , lg HOME BREAKER . . Q E PICK POCKET . . . Q ew T9 ..,...,.,.......... A .........,...,., , . . , '4' 5Q79Q79Q79QWQQTQQQ79Q79Q795379373Q1-K237523742Q1-623793793395?f9Q1iQ1-9Q1-5373?Q79Q79Q1-25375?972399732Q7953732931-'QYSQTIEPSI3-937422QFQQI-f2?Q1'2Qt??fe :1:1gggssmssqsqqseegezzrswrrqe --eAA1AAAAAAAA.,A Q K fffefff Page 289 f 1 f f fffnnnfnfnff M mfmfWWfwfaff!411f1M1f1awffffffzffffffafffwfffwfafafffffffaffffafmffffuffffffffffffffMaM0lfwmfmfm m. .,,.., - ,,,,,,,,,,44441mf , .,,,,,, W ,,,H.g.,,,,,,.,,,2,,.-,,,,, f,,,,,,.. ............ I gf . . , . . .0 v 0 0 Sl. E 3 'ff' E? S' 9- :T 3 9 sn Q- O rv as 3 5 -- :. :. 5? my 3 8 - QE H ff fa :, Ti' :. if 3 5? if g B U' D Q O H5 v-1-1 H5 O n-4 r-r H f-r' D 55 2 sv o Q- D' W 2 o Q o- '-- :r' 5- '52 'Q D' C0 D' rv O Er 2 '4 3 rv "' rv, Er f-f W ps rv -+ X4 gt Q. 2 T5 E :r U, rr E-' H Q 5-' an 5' Rd 'U 'fl U D' C7 4 G U1 FQ 0 1-- .... nn ro 2 0 rv O 5 X4 ' cn , Q O W U' :E m -- gf, f-f : 0 G 1 W O H rs D Q v-- V1 'U H 5' . :S O- U3 Q- L3 Q- 'V Q 51' :r 2 W D' "' 'Sd as CQ 5: sn O " :S Q o -au' 81 39 -43' Sir QD Sami .. D- ' ,, Q yr ff' ff D Y' f' ,,,- Q. N PU QQ 2 ' m o W T :-' as U' W Q f-Q B- A 7 rv 5 :r Z -l 'H 3 a f' H A E as a Zi if F2 EW fi' Q fi - 9 K Q1 8' U' 2 O "' D' 55' S 53 'V " 'PY 5 A 3- K W H I 4 Q Sv S, 2 2 w H '52 5' Q Q W 5? rrl r-I CQ 2 m O- S1 rv U2 W E. fp v-s 5- Qt Ln 2- 2 -f Q fb S 2 Y' ga 2: 8 f 'S 5' O 5' P3 5 5 -f R' 2 fa H-3 fr f' ff S 2 " 8 QQ 2 Q1 Q R' f-' ' 5 -f -U E-' O 5 'S 5 2- 'D 'U Q ET U U Q5 B E' -' rv 'Q g EZ rf ,DL 3 I11 71 'Q :ff D' 5 Q 5' H Z' Q f' ,T Q, 5 E Z rv U 2 511 :r Q. R- 5 nl ,.,, '-S E Q Fm' J, H sm V' Q ' E? 2 91 Z 'V W 'V F' 4 Q X4 W w ua 2 .T rr' 2 N4 U' 0- '11 f' O 3 .T F E. fn 'D ff 3 5' 2 2 Q- S CL 'N' 3 D 2 ff 5' U 2 S 2. -I G ' 'U N m "" Q. U' 5 '31 5 as CQ Q 'ff nv O' f: - 9 'P m ft ff :s EI rv H Q Q. "' Q E' Q. 3 "' w D I ru 'SD cn an R' 5' D 2 wr Q, 52 s : H H 'SL 3 ,O ,V Q. 93 Q N DJ ,Cm 25 52 8 H P1 Cn f-r O 2 5' 'Q 2 :P "' Q, QQ rr 5' f: Eg' gf g 5 2 If 2 5 3 f' 3 gd ,, Z Q A ff 5 3- 5 rv S 2, sa: Q G 5. 0 N4 H1 3 H W p-g 'E rr B O W 9' U1 -O W m rr Q, '4 U, D' o ""' '- S C :S "' Q Q' 'fa an W E '5- 'V "' rv 'V rn as :5 V' "" rv W o :v o H N 5 f-r C gd SQ, m ... . CL ar QQ ,-3 5 1 51 5 S 3 9 2- Q D- F? F? f'f 'ii 2 af 3 's 3' 91- E Sf S' 4 v H615 53 'AQ 53 'kg 53 'RQ 59 'Q 153 'AQ 479 'Q 53 19 59 'E 47:39 'Q ia 'AQ LQ K9 59 19 549 'Q 339 'RQ 59 'RQ 59 'RQ 59 3 W 513 'AQ 53 Q +33 39 'N-D LQ 'Q 59 '59 ia 'NS 49 '59 43 QQ 245 'RQ 53 w 49 'NS if? 'RGD 59 QQ 49 K9 Q 'bfi BQ 'kg 53 '59 Q H T35 W 534552655 of 3+ GIA QA' 91 QA' 29? Ga QA' ffm QA' ei QA' GIA 3 af er: QA' Qi QA' GL QA' 3+ 3? ei QA' fri is ez? 225+ 3? 3? era QA' Sri 3 af Sri QA' fri K of 3 fri QA' fri QA' 3 3 GE 3 of GIA GM' Gr: QA' 3 ER Suppose some ruH'ian were to insult your wife, mother or sister tonight. rg Would you offer him a drink like a K. A., would you run to beat hell like a Phi :QQ Gam, or would you send a straight hardy left to his dastardly jaw like a big, 1-'Q virile, Redblooded HE Beta. We have Samson's in all sizes all the way from Q "Knockem down Muldrow's" to "Kick their shins Longmiref' Why say you lg puny, pimple faced, palid prunes, we're the stuff! loin us, and be a man. fi? Al Calvert is so strong he squeezes a silver dollar harder than any other man ,E on the campus. Bruce Miller-can eat the Beta biscuits, but Won't. All the rest -QQ have strong breath. 5959Qi-C2Q69Eli?Qi?Qi?Qi?9362293529352Qi?Qi?S2f9Q+2Qf?Qi?Qi?Qi?93119Q52922932292522Qqliiif?Qi?Qi?Qi?Ql?2Qf9S?f99?i'2?Qf9Ql??Ql22Qf?2S?+22Sif2QlS2QE 1f1lf1lfflff11fllfffflffllrrrlzrlllzzffflrfffflllllllff i:Z!f4!fg?gsgi P a ge 2 90 N -yi JE .QL WEATHER MASTERED BY . . . may Q: ie -Q' :CQ Q1 'P Q50 Built to Fit the Particular Community It Serves T5 'JK -55 - HIGH TEST QQ O O O 9? H IGH NTI-K OCK O O O . . . TAILOR MADE ONLY IN SKELLY ff Q41 53 GASOLINE DO is YOU GET ALL . . 3? ,5,. ' For I3 Years Producers - I ancl Refiners ot , if . o N, ' ' Quality Petroleum Products A 1 SKELLY OIL CO. of- ' T TULSA +G' G? 6656 6x66 66W6'6 666566 6'6666'6666'66'69V696aT569QlQR XXXX W XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Payc 291 .x . H gf g 331. T I. gf A, gk' 55.5 X yy iv rf fu, Y ,Ki 3 .- Y t .N , , i K ij! Mfg! K! X F A N if lx 12 years old af ffafehoocl f This bank was twelve years old when Oklahoma became a State. Now we are 38 . . . or is it 39 . . . we feel quite elderly beside you young men and women about to start out in the world . . . and yet we feel close to you, too, because for several years we have been watching you prepare for the activities ahead of you. A ood bankin connection is im ortant to oun men in business-and women, too. And 9 9 P ,Y 9 young people are important to this bank. It isn t too soon for you to think about the bank you are going to choose . . . but whenever you are ready, we will be right here. . . . THE IRST NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY TULSA OKLAHOMA ' 39 Years of Constructive Banking in Tulsa . , . H395 to I933 i.55lE5Z?t55l56'l55l55t56iT3t356'l56'l56'l56'l55'l56l5?i'lS56'l56iQ56t56'l5E'l555l'55t56t5656'l56456456lt55G'l56t56t56'l56t55t356tl55t356il55t56il56Q,4 Q '4' GQ QA' :kg . AQ DE PEN DABLE gf in 32 :QQ Proven reliability and worth-absolutely dependable at all times. That's Delta Upsilon. 5 We can show you statistics, based on actual fact and scientific experiment to prove that! 'MED 6 - ag 1. If all DU's in this chapter were laid end to end they would stay there. tg 2. If all the girls we date in any given month could talk to each other, they's never speak E to us again. 5 3. That Marty Watson will take Fenelon Bosche, if the man from Seminole drops dead. LE 4. That we all have coats to match our pants. Q Drop in at any time, and have a talk with one of our salesmen. Free Lapel button to ig every caller. ' ifQf?5?i2Qi?Q62Qi?Qi?Qi?Qi?9353?Qi?Qi?Q62Qf??53i?Q+2Qi?93i2Qi2Qi?Qf2Qi?952359Qi?Qi?Qi?Qi?Qi?Qi?Qi?Qi?iii?Qf9Qff2i?9Qi??S?f?Qi3?9?ff2?R ,,,.,,,,,,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Page 292 XXX XX XX X X XXX X W XXXXXXW WXXK X K XXXXXX X YNY XXXX XX X Y X WXXXXXXXX X NNW XXX X NWWXXXX XXXXX YNN XXWWXXm QX X X X .x,XXQ ,xxXxx.X ,x,,XR .xx,,x.x.xx, XXXQ x,Qxx,x, , xxx,,xxxxxx . ,x,,,X., X X,,,.xXxx,,, ,,,,,XX,,,,.Q,Q,xKxQx.xxXx,xxx, XXXX,x ,xxx,Q,,,,x HH. .Qi we GL? 59 Qi Th. .AQ Q59 Q0 T8 QP Q0 -r- Qi 'Z' IOHN ToNEY I , H EE ILL 10 FRED NEW'TON HERB CHAMPLIN BILL M1-xjons L3 HUGH QWENS Q10 BILL LEWIS JOHN DUDLEY 'EQ Q41 KD Qc' -,. Qi 1 M15 EQ HIS charmin lassie is none other than Catherine Ann Hivick, who is closel clutchin her io g Y 9 Cie palpitating heart as she whales the hell out of George Mcghee for thumbing his nose at her. Miss Hivick was chosen for the opening page of this section because of her athletic feat and her Si ma Nuish atmos here, +63 g p ai The teams on the following pages were chosen by the competent group of sports listed above. These entlemen have explored to the very de ths and have emer ed with the followin ,Q 9 P 9 9 ek all-star teams. .... ...,.......,,. 5373Q79Q7?Q7??Q12Q72Q1-29729372972Q72Q7?Q7??Q729795379372379Q1-2557525Q7??Qv9Q79Q7?Q7?Q7??QTQQTQQ1-3937?379579379379972579531-?Qf?Q7f2?lZ'R I Kx NXMmxWMWXN XX X XX mmm ttttttttXXXX.tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt,tt..t,t,tttttt t X X X I X X X X t Page 293 1 f ' f ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ""'-V f"fff"'ffff- f SSLETSZQTSGTSGTS6595645Glade655245GTSZSTSQTSETSETSGTSGTSETSC, E645ZSTSZSTSZETS23455E555E345E35545Gila645ETSGTSQTESQTSQTSETSZSTESM 'MD E 0 QA' GM' ee GYVIYIQ 3+ ze 3 Tie Q ei? K9 Q? 53 l:aI'l'l'l'fUll ai L53 GPL 179 GN YQ GSW: Tie '4' '47 ie mee gil me 'AQ CM' K9 QA' The Year l904l . 0 . 3 eg 3, eg ALL-SORORITY. YQ '4' Tie '3T FOOTBALL TEAM X g R. E. NADINE SHERMAN, Tri-Delt Egg R. T. MILDRED MILLER, Chi-O fg R. G. FRANCES GRAHAM, Chamma Phi 39 G? 395 C MARGUARITE BuscH Pi Phi if? Q L. G. BETTY MASSINGALE, Alpha Gam - . 4, , - - . ,-xi E L. T. MARGARET BUCKLEY, D. G. E '53 L. E. CHARLINE PENNER, Phi Mu 2 Q53 Q. B. MARJORIE NEWBERN, Alpha Chi tg H. B. IOYCE COLE, Kappa Of. ,4, -QQ - '40 32 TULSA' OKLAHOMA H. B. MILDRED LAPP, Sigma Tau E , F. B. MARGARET HANNA', Theta 59 . . .....,. , ........ W W5 ' ' ' Gi? 252Q1-C2Q12Q7995237529?-S2319999372931522l?7f2Q1'?Q795373235237931-?Qf9llEfe LQ Captain get l l The players on this team were abso- EETSETQGTOQTSKQTESEJTSJCSTEZSTQZQTSQTSSZQTEEQTQGTSSZSTQGTSDQTSJQTECQTSSM Tia lutel standouts m S lte Of all that Qi 59 GY: Q79 Y p QR could be done to hold them in. Such YQ I Q? outfits as Maiden Form, Madame X, Je Oklahoma s es Je - Q25 Q? Ye and Elastica, all met defeat by the Q? R 6 + ll. N 3 wave-like assaut of this team. These Q-gr Tig rea es ewspaper girls outcurved them all and are the Tig sports unanimous selections. 'ra -4- -r- AE Miss Hanna was chosen as captain . , : - A QA' 4495 Smce IQO6 lhe Tulsa World becauze of hher Eonsistentshall arolpnd :Ugg Through courage, foresight Qi? P By t mug Gulf t Q year' Q pac S 3 fl Legg energy has risen +0 a posl- mighty wallop 1n those 239 pounds of 1 . I I . 1 . . . Q3 ig hon of unchallenged lead- hers, and 1S.3 hard hitting line smasher, ig erslqip in Hs field who can k1ck, run and passout with AQJQ . . equal agility. The Theta full l and 453 The World exfencls ITS SII1- she's always fulll is a power on de- Qi Q cere C0ngra'l'ula'l'l0nS io 'l'l'le fense as she can use her hands to ward Ja members of +he radual'- Gi IQ ofl an advances. H do . . eau is Y ay ga mg class of 33. May suc- eye ga aw-L 325 cess in me be ours RQ The other members of the team are tg Y ' suitable companions for the captain. The average Weight of the line is 210 TAC5 GI N9 pounds, while that of the backfield is Q? 'SQ 'iD 180. The backfield chosen here had a ef 'AQ Olfficult tlme displacing the far-famed Lai? :GQ I O O O I I GE. LQ GY, 2 665, Four Horsemen of Kappa Alpha Theta. Q? TULSA WORLD 3 49 GR 249 GN ll V gi. Tie LW 'E 149 a LQ 'E ii? 'AQ 59 'AQ 59 'MD iff? 'AQ 59 'AQ 143 'AQ LKB Q5 :TQ N9 255 'AQ 59 'AQ 'AQ iii' X gas. fie 59 'AQ :KP 'AQ :TQ 'AQ 159 'AQ 449 'E :TQ 'AQ 532 'AQ LQ 'AQ 53 'E 549 'AQ 143 'AQ :TQ 'E :TQ 'AQ 52? 'Q LQ 'Q 5-Q 'E :CQ TW . 11la-Paaaaa I Aaf Taril. Page 294 w w .I..I.I.I.I..I,.I I.I.I,.I..I..aI..I,.Ia..I-.I.I I.I,. .. . I. . . ,. , .. . , , . . H66QTSSGTSGTSGTQQTMYSQTSZSTEETS615GTQCQTEQTQLSTQQTEJGTSQYSM 3ETSETSJQIEJGISGtbciteE?t56t5Gt5Z5t5Eta6t56t55t5Z5tc36t5iQtSD6t5?f-4 Q21 GREETINGS FROM TH E ALVIN gag ,era ae TULSA 34 :YQ . . L L . s ' gg Xe , ff 3 Q Sooner Headquarters BQ tt Q 9351 if? Every Room wIth Bath Gm eg Kg: Circulating-Ice Water :Qi N ' N and Celllng Fans GR 'WD Q GE ia Cottee Sho GQ isa N- 3 R P - . - -4, O - . . . f- E39 -,I I 9' '39 Banquet and Private DInIng Rooms Gi' F563 I QA' A9 QA: :YQ I '43 :TQ Gi fzfa I I 99 Q? BASKETBALL gt' G? YS '4' fra R, F., MARTHA DOWELL . . Kappa Gia ge Ja L. F., VIRGINIA PARISS . . D. G. GL 43 Gm, ga S. C., MARY TRAPP . . Theta 5, J, STEWART.. Manage, are ig I. C., MARY STANTON . . PI Phi gg, egg :Q GH IACKIE PETWAY ' ' ' Chl O '59 . . I I I I I N ag L. G., BETTY HLIME . . Alpha Chi ' ' ' QE - ... .. .. ..' .. . . .. .. . .. . .. .. --I .. . . ' tg Captam fgge The selections for the basketball Ye team were somewhat delayed because Q? T59 Q? gg of the difticulty the sports encountered Wherever You Go ' ' ' tg when they attempted to gain entrance gg into the girls' gym. Also it was hard to Eomq gragduales U of Oklahvma identify the players when they were so Umverslly w'II go ,mtv bus'ne55" E? Wrapped up in their voluminous COS- others Into protesslons. Ylfhereyer gg tumesg The Wearing of huge black they go they will use electric service bloomers is still adhered to by the and lmd 'l a Cheaper and more de' Tig members of this team, If conditions Pendable servme now than ever don't change basketball will fast lose fig before- gf -5- . . . -4- . .45 LE 'ts popularity on this Campus' . Modern electric povyer systems, gg The team presented here er-,nld Well interconnected generatmg stations, :gag Cope With any Similar aggregation of have made avallable cheap power ga its kind in the Country, The players age tor Industry, cheap electric service Qi :EQ ' Q4 :EQ t th tt' cl t I1 I1 My ig can dribble, pass, and shoot. They are CT 9 0 ICG an Ol' 'I 9 Ome. ig fast on their feet and slow in their ag heads. However the team is somewhat ELECTRICITY IS CHEAP ag handicapped by lack of height, the av- :YQ era e bein 4 feet 1 inch. Mar Stan- LQ SN? AD 9 Q' Y Qt we PUBLI E :Q ton, the captain and jumping center, E 4333 has been known to jump as high as 10 :Q feet whenever the place was being C 0 M Y gg raided' 9? or OKLAHOMA 3? Q31-931-9Q799?7G2Q7?2531-9379379379Q'f9Qt9QT95?7'f?Qt'?Qt9Qgitilitilg k .xccttctttccctc.cccc.c..s.t.........tttttctct.ccs.actcrt R mlm::itRaimitgamtttitgtzttgtg Kg XX X X X X X X X Q Page 295 X f f 1 W X wmfwmfmaww mmaaf11fffWffWfffffyfm1111ff111fffffWW11W11fffffwwfmf ffwffm mfffffff wfwwww wfmfffff - f , A ,,,.,.,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,. , . .,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,, . . TESGTS645ETEBETEETS656455Gia6456456564565456456456535Ef56f56?56f56f56f56f5Ef5E35GTS6f56f35f36i56f56f56f56f56f56f5645655 Ei? 59 ANCHORS AWEIGH! "Ahoy! Me Lads," cried fhe capfain as fhe canvas was sfrefched on fhe good ship I933. " 'Tis a sprighfly day for sailing." ig Oh, boy, whaf a fime fo launch a class of cifizens Info real life. Buf fhen again, young America of I933 will remember plenfy abouf fheir final school year. They closed fhe banks on you iusf as you sfarfed ouf. They're sfepping up fhe currency. Everyfhing is being infroduced and wrangled over. Q . Buf despife all,-fhis is your furn for congrafulafions,-and lef fhe per- 52 sonnel of fhis famous newspaper exfend Ifs hearflesf besf wishes and felIcIfafIons. is Your home may, or may nof, be in Oklahoma, buf The Tribune is happy fo keep you informed wherever you may alighf. The Tulsa Tribune is nof a "hurrah-ain'f we fhe greafesf" kind of a news- paper. The Tulsa Tribune revels in ifs confenfmenf by being a newspaper of QUALITY, everyday a sfrong, affracfive, well edifed, well groomed newspaper -occupying fhe evening and Sunday field. -y. 34- 1 G I El 'h he II za rt nur 1 94' LQ "THE QUALITY NEWSPAPER OF THE WEST" -y. .45 flQTQQTQQT?QTQQTQQT?QTQQTQQTQQTQQTQQQQTQQTQQTQQT?QT?QTQQTQQTQQTEQQTGQQTQQTQQTQQTQQTQQTQQQQTQQT?QT?QTQQTQQTQQTQQTQQTQQTQCQ EEQTSZQTSZSTSBGETSGTSZSTSGTBGTSZSTQSZQSGTStSf5t5f5Z5i55f56f5Z5f5t?f56f5G45ETSSZETSZETSGTSSETS645645645GTSZ5fSE5fS5Z5f5t?f5tSf5Z5f5Ef5E5'l5645355525 55,3995 Illlkife Mgr - THE CYCLING CREW E V' . . 1 gi ds :gg l"he sports had absolutely no trouble in selecting this QF team as it was already chosen by the famous cycling .42 ly coach, Mrs. Bee. This well-known personage, it will be QRli 5' T225 remembered, runs all the 82 girls in the Theta House I .IN I Ng a - . 's I N I N ,g .4- lg and all of the boys out of the same house. Coach Bee - ilimll IQ 43319 says that the girl of today needs a means of escaping from Qg,lI4,gg:-XE-gg, ,, , ie I- ' "'1', lg I' M ' Ci? the clutches ot the male and that she is going to find a X I L .,,, ,f E f , ' 3 . 2, i g tg way. The bicycles used by this team are equipped with tg special clutches and New Departure brakes. The girls 'ly "' "iii T52 won't allow a new departure without first applying the X X -p. 5 ' . - breaks. Coach Bee laments that there has been some X My trouble with these safety devices. gg The crew is well-conditioned after years of practice and easily won the Noble Lake Re- gatta. The members: 1. CORNELIA LYNDE 5. ANTOINETTE MARTIN eg 2. MARIAN ENDICOTT 6. MARIORIE PATTERSON 3. SALLY WILBANKS 7. ELIZABETH AMIS ig 4. ELIZABETH BEARLY 8. KATHERINE GIBSON Stroke 0- LLICILLE PAYNTER 52 93,- it 59 '59 59 '59 59 '59 59 '53 Yf-5 59 'E 59 59 59 'MS 53 52 '59 59 N9 59 '59 59 'W 59 'E 59 '59 59 'E 59 'E 59 R -y . K9 59 '59 59 '59 59 'W 59 '59 59 K9 59 'E 59 'AQ 59 'MED 59 '59 59 'E 59 'MD 59 'E 59 'MS 59 'MED 59 'E 59 'AQ 59 'W 59 H W 5252 I I If 2257222 I 3 I I I If I I If I I III S1111 5151 525155222 If I I I ff I I :IQ Page 296 tttttttttt ...x.. Xkxxxx , xxxx 1 'ffffffiff .,.,.,xNx,..NNNNxxNX, X HE555Gia64525554564585455E455Eid6455645QiiiddiiidlilijH3645EigidiadiaEQ'l35Z5i5643ZildifiidEidE5i56iS564555565EidZ5i55El556iS5E5i556i5Z?i56i3Zg 'E QA' K9 QA' 'QQ C32 +3 3? '59 QA' E 3 go ew fig 3? 'AQ QA' LQ Four members of Oilconornia, honorary Mildred l-lursi, LaSalle, lll. These Jrorna- Q 33 Home Economics fraternity, endorsing toe pickles and loganberry iellies will Q the use of Kerr 'Fruit iars in canning. keep indefinitely sealed in these Kerr 3 TX? Reading from leli +o right: l-larriei iars, sealed with Jrhe gold-lacquered gg? ig l'luiil'1ineS. Ol4lGl'iOmG Cilyt Marie Ser- Kerr caps containing the natural gray W retl, l.eXinglOr1I Edith lVl6yerS, Enid: and sealing composition, requiring no rub- Q ber rings. 593 Qi 3 KEER GLASS MANUFACTURING CORP 3 Yfj ' G? EQ GNL 259 SAND SPRINGS. QKLAHOMA ei' are C92 53522Qi-2Qi-C22ii?Qi?E422Qi?Qi-9Qi?Qi?Qi?952352952952Qi?Q62S?ii2S?i?Qi?2Qi?Qi?Qi?352522Q52Qi?Si52Qi?Qi?iii?Qi?QiC2Qi?2Qi225?i2Qif2?Qi9Q3f?2!g 5645645645645645545645545GiaE545E45645345Giadiediaiiiadladadia645645545645645Giaeiadiadiadiadiadedilaiii-Bdlaiiiiidiadiadldy 755 Q? me ew THE SWIMMING TEAM Ja oi :QQ The Swimming team was started by a unique organization known as The Ugly Ducklings, This group of girls acquired the 5 gg quaint habit of sloshing about in the wash tub every Saturday 2 night and thought it would be a good idea to get together on the X 1 deal. The emblem of the team is a cake of Lifebuoy. Someone told the girls before the romance went on the rocks that they gg adopted as their battle-cry, LUX, look what You ve done to me. f ii me Gm' ig The following selections were based on time trials only, QQ the team not being allowed to leave the home port. The Charming outgt here by ifel Miss Peeler may be purchased Q52 Q 40 yd. dash ...... GEORGIA ABBOTT at WaCke,'s 5 g 10 or from Tfcj dash ' GORDON PEELER Morris TQHH9baUm. The head- QQ? im ' f l d b GNL 220 yd- dash - . ADDIE DAVIS iiiisid.niA.?f1mffeK ifiiiaiioli 3 ?gcj Backstroke 4 g . HELEN SPIVEY ceremonies. Miss Peeler picked L43 , , up the umbrella in an unknown Individual Medley . , . RUTH NESBIT restaurant in Moore. X Diving ,,.. MARY ELLEN HAxNEs G? '3-9 Q2 QQ52ii?Qi?Qi?Qi-3?Qi?5552Qi?Qi?Q52Qi-523119Qf9Qi?Qi?Qi9Qi9Qi9Qi3Qi?Qi?Qi?Qi-32959352Qi?Qi?969332Qi?993622S?i??Qi?9?i?Q-f9Qf?2Q?9Qi3Ei Page 297 ,ai , S - 1 'x mf i , JOHNSON D. HILL, Pres. P H-f i ' I if 5,55 Insurance ompaqy Rgggggg irigyglly, 1 f ' fN7w.sA.0ffLA.y I2 Rig i Two Oklahoma lnsflfuflons in Q:-cw,-Y ' I fhe Service of Youfh. Vullg sf V i s W Jusf as fhe Llniversify of Olcla- horna eguips our young people Q.. . X. l W, . . 1 4 ,Wx V . .s. 45 .Y 'Zz wifh fhe necessary educafional advanfages looking foward suc- cessful careers, fhis company, in providing life insurance as re- placemenf value for fhe years de- vofed fo preparafion. or fhe safe accurnulafion of funds fo safisfy worfhy obiecfives, gives fhem early financial fraining based upon principles of fhriff THERE IS AN ATLAS POLICY TO MEET EVERY NEED mwmn ' ig FOR THAT TIRED FEELING 'For years I was troubled with insomnia, but all traces of sleeplessness van- ished on my first date with a Gamma Phi." That is what thousands of our satis- fied customers are saying every night. They have tried us and lived through it maybe you can too. Some of our best Pills and Remedies: , -6 3 Kapsules-good for the Head Ache-if that s what you Want. Gargle will strengthen the throat. 5792 -i 3 Remedy good for tired athlete. Mixture comes in half pint size, only enough for two, however. 1 Send for a free sample today. Kindly enclose 333.00 to cover cost of dating, money refunded if you can get it back. ' ,' GA? A Gamma Phi tonite-Tomorrow all right. 19 .,............,,,,...... Q? Page 298 magnum Wh fam mmmmommmmm M9412 C f I N i x M k Z A .Wag 3 f Z K X I Hg k fb? R f -,5 A' 1,v 1'fWliH,MDf if a n QMQHEWM NTS-322 g1'Tq'7'M' LiaryAnmlli'l1ican EX! Zfliljtly wor -"v-A l ' just barge axe Sal?-fmii UW!-A G Q t .S wg? 42611 533353 9 PP P if if Cy - b i Q4 mf p Y 16-if Q X dmv 'Ark .4, I .. M mu mm 'IH 'W ww is W Q Wm E:-mzhd Phi I L W' ,QW , X f rmcvmmeua Khan cn-na m the mam cup: b Hendricks RIGH'If:The "T M xi ' " Ent for nee Theta ash SN ' d exercise. 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H' has been an Oklahoma fa- ' 4 vori+e for nearly 50 years-and always has led +he procession in Quali1'y. - - - - When you +hink of ice cream-+hink of ' M S+eHen's. . Ice Cream eie Jfe Page 300 L T ":. Nsbf, 595- ixasx AW, YYYY, Aww V- V.-.9 9.9 9.9 9 9 lf!- 9 f.-.f.9- O- - M f. 'O SETSGQGTQZSTSSZSTEETESETSSGTSSETSZQTSGTSGTSGYSGYSGTSGTEGTSDGTEE5456T5E5+56i364'5645Z5+S56TS5g 5- r-r 'O f-ro-' P-CQ:-r r-r e-rm GL? g gi 5 2 22 82:0 EERE E QQ. Q, sn 5-'U E532 E'CQ9:.C', nv 3? on-U1aH2aw5'Q.nw9 WOULQJORHFU gy, -,-.rvOm::v' ::ScQD'.:SCQ'ffrv:rv::s9 :VZQI 'fi Woo. wo.: rvfvo.5gfv G34 1 gmwiugj- 4 Si 7955-S 'U W FU 94' 2 f-ff Umwmgfflm O'W..."9' Q E2 rv gg P1 YD C53 'IS 'V E? 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Qggs SEQSPKQQQS wSSSfvgggw'qggsf'QLI' Page 301 . ,,.::::::::::::::, df, 5 5 1 5 yr li li ll U li H I! i I "' "' --' 'A' 'Y --' 'g' '-A '-- --' on- 49. The Editor and Business Manager of the 1933 SOONER are anxious to express their gratitude to the many people who have contributed their best efforts toward the success of the book. This has been an unusual year in the university due to financial conditions, as well as other sensational occurrences. This situation has been seriously felt by the staff of the SOONER and without the co-operation of many outside agencies, our work would have been even more complex. We do not hesitate to state that Mr. R. C. Walker, Southwestern Engrav- ing Co. has solved many of the problems which are inevitable in the publishing of a yearbook. Also Mr. W. W. Mercer, Economy Advertising Co., has rendered many valuable services to the staff. Both of the above named have serviced the book in the past. Mr. A. A. Lubersky, David Molloy Plant, de- signed the cover that you see on this book, and it speaks for itself. It will be impossible to include everyone who has had a part in collecting and assimilating the material that appears in this book, therefore we will only hit the high spots. We cannot over-emphasize the assistance that our staff members have been to us. Various members of the faculty have made it possible for us to secure most of the information that has been used in the book. We are deeply indebted to them. Now that the school year is drawing to a close and our work is nearing completion, we are grateful for all these facts, and we hope that next year's Editor and Business Manager will be equally fortunate in this respect. THE EDITOR AND MANAGER. .5-.V-V V-V V-- --V --V V-V V-- --V V- --V V- --V - --- --V...--V - V-V - Wt' W WW W WW My M ,W ,..........,..., , ,,,,m,,..,,.,.,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,W..,....,...., ,,,n.. - M-:.mwm If A ,fq 1 ffm" gnmzzgz''317,,,.W,,,,,,,,,,,,W mp,3,,15rZWZWyffdffffffffffffffff Page 302 f A """""'1

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