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Eye Llbris y. y? Ihe Sa yonc4 ' " Olarcnce Mlach 1 ' h(? Editor Ttal ph Sch alter UheMonaqci- rxj. .u «- ' " -fi . • " - ' . (The Sooner 1950 rublisked bij ike Siudents Qssociation ofik Unixhrsittj of Uklakomn ai l lorman Oklak omw nJedicatvow kJo J ii len C tto inef — a man respectee in a eaal circles — u no has spent his best ijears in the « ?- I ' e op nent of the iinioersitij ana of the school of ivhich he is dean — ivho has been an inspiration to all irho ha tie sta (lie d under hint — tt e dedi- cate this 1930 K ooner in nppre= ciation of that seri ' ice. ' ■oV-fliC tJis saia of otc masterpieces that aae e ires to t ieni a nie(loii = ness iv iicA the human haneJ cannot duplicate; thus mahing them c ou6 ' ly valufible. Oo let it 6e u ' ith this Sooner. " Let the invisible finaer of time iveai ' e about the faces and places pictured herein a maaic ii eb so that in some distant dau then will rei ' ii ' e memories; rich and mel- loti ' memories; memories of t oufh- ful life and actiritu. UrcieA Of ISoohs - ( ti in is fra tio i i he Schools oonerlanc -Athletics K?ra a niza tio n s Sooner t jetles - ictirities Bernhardt Wall Southwestern Engraving Company ' 7lils{i . Oi iihdiiui PntiU uj hi Economy Advertising Company J tjua CtUj. . im II r res irlpt it ' s f iodic Uu ' inistn] BiiilrliiK] Loi " I)uilnini] fit II ' Hrls Ditilmni] ■. E uyneerinq Builclinq ' Pen] old Cv) ihw Lihranj w, omens Bui I ill iiiq " T .!r ' ft;;! ' ' ' ( lAA iuu [t V«» U drniriistruti yny ,F Administration ; ;:;:t The Presidenfs Greeting I HE annual Sooner appears as another scholastic year is drawing to a close. The year 1929-1930 has been a satisfactory one from every standpoint at the University of Okla- homa. Our students, as never before perhaps, have given proper emphasis to the varied activ- ities of college life. More students than ever before seem to have realized the primary purpose of coming to college by giving a full proportion of their time to serious study. But the students of the University have found time to participate in the social and recreational activities with-, out encroaching unnecessarily upon the time required for study. This book tells the story, as it is told in no other place, of the varied activities that engage the interests and occupy the time of the students of a great university. As one turns the pages of this volume he will find that life in a modern university is a complex of many things. One cannot survey these pages without realizing that college life to-day is rich in its possibilities of human associations. The comradeship of learning is the finest of all human associations for it provides for the development of human personality upon the basis of genuine and sincere rela- tions. I wish to extend to the students of the University my hearty congratulations on the accom- plishments of the year and to express my best wishes for the success of each of you in the years that are to come. The officials and faculty members of the University will take great pride in your accomplishments in future years. The institution has given to you the very best that it has in preparation for successful living on the high levels of honest endeavor and spiritual realities. Personally, I am glad that it is my high privilege to be associated year after year with this great student body whose future accomplishments mean so much to this state and nation. My hope and prayer for each of you is that rich rewards may result from your efforts and sacrifices during your college days, and that in the life of service that you live you may abundantly justify the state ' s expenditures in making a college education possible for you. Faithfully yours, W. B. BiZZELL. Page 33 ■ " ' Administration rjjL -£ - f The Board of Regents ' T ' HE Board of Regents is the governing board of the University of Oklahoma. There are - seven members, each serving for a definite term of from one to seven years. The members are appointed by the Governor of the state with the consent of the Senate. This board is authorized by law to prescribe rules and regulations for the management of the university. Members of the Board of Regents can be removed only by impeachment proceedings. At least three of the members must be alumni of the university. Officers of the Board are: President Frank Buttram Vice-President John Rogers Secretary Emil R. Kraettli Members at the present time are: Frank Buttram, Oklahoma City John Rogers, Tulsa George L. Bowman. Kingfisher John Carlock, Ardmore Mrs. Addie Lee Lowther, Guthrie Joseph C. Looney. Wewoka Samuel W. Hayes, Oklahoma City iTsr - , -11 in ik iv HMMI - fZ if if -% ' m - -r R HP ' ik % m Ik j fiHW Page 34 rijfjjr - Administration . S jgi A dminiFtrative Council ' Tp HE Administrative Council of the University of Oklahoma is composed of the president of the university, the vice-president, the deans of the various colleges and schools, the dean of administration, the dean of men, the dean of women, the dean of extension, the registrar, and the assistant to the president. The council is the advisory board to the president, and acts as a co-ordinating body on general university policies, rules and regulations. The members of the Administrative Council are: Dr. W. B. Bizzell, President Dr. }. S. Buchanan, Vice-President Dean J. H. Felgar, Dean of the College of Engineering Dean Fredrik Holmberg, Dean of the College of Fine Arts Dean Julien C. Monnet, Dean of the School of Law Dr. Roy Gittinger, Dean of Administration Dr. LeRoy Long. Dean of the School of Medicine Dean D. B. R. Johnson. Dean of the School of Pharmacy Dr. S. W. Reaves, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Dr. Arthur B. Adams, Dean of the College of Business Administration Dr. Paul L. Vogt, Dean of Extension Dr. Homer L. Dodge. Dean of the Graduate School Dr. Ellsworth Collings, Dean of the College of Education Dean Edna E. McDaniel, Dean of Women Dean }. F. Findlay, Dean of Men Mr. George E. Wadsack, Registrar Mr. Emil R. Kraettll Assistant to the President Page 35 Administration Women ' s Self- Government Association PRESENTATION of the vocational guidance program has been one of the outstanding features of the Women ' s Self-Government Association during the past year. Beside the regular routine work of the organization, publication of a handbook for freshmen girls, the continuation of the Big Sis- ter movement, the further organization of the Norman Girls ' club and the Business Girls ' club, and the creation of a junior scholarship for a worthy girl, have been activities sponsored by the group. The Women ' s Self-Government Association was formed in 1928 as a successor to the Women ' s League, and is com- posed of all women students in the university. The associa- tion is divided into three departments: legislative, judicial and executive. Meetings are held twice a month on Wednesdays. Membership is composed of women active in scholastic and campus activities. Elections are held at regular intervals, and only women are privileged to vote. Officers of W. S. G. A. for the past year have been: Verona Browning, president; Vir- ginia Ballard, vice-president; Rosemary Lamb, secretary, and Marion Ferguson, treasurer. Committee chairman are Caroline Mason, vocational; Marguerite Chambless, scholarship; Virginia Kramer, social; Mary Enzor Davis, health; Dola Pacey, house; Mildred Kelly, point system, and Elizabeth Hayes, publicity. Verona Browning Representatives are: Mildred Nicholas, Pan-Hellenic Frances Massey, Mortar Board Beth Amis LeHew, Y. W. C. A. Peggy McGuire, Big Sister Chairman Ruth Armstrong, Norman Girls ' Club Inez Ballard, Oklahoma Daily Velma Jones. Secretary Student Council Katherine Ringleman, W. a. A. Page 36 -c " ? 7,. Administration jlriii ' TW The Student Council THE Student Association of the University of Oklahoma was organized in 1912. Every student in the university is a member. The e.xecutive committee of the association is the Student Council, which is composed of five officers of the association and representatives from each school and class. The aim of the association is to unify the student body and to control all matters of general student concern. The Council supervises, manages and obtains revenue from different enterprises for the entertainment of the student body. These enterprises include the student council dances, which are held each Friday and Saturday nights in the Union Ballroom, and the annual production of the Soonerland Follies. All elections, mass meetings, school functions, and other general student activity are fostered by this group. Members of the Student Council are: First Semester President Merton Munson Vice-President Victor Waters Secretary Velma Jones Treasurer Don Cochrane Member at large Byron McFall Member at large Clyde Robinson Oratorical Council Jim Robinson ]unior Class Durward Mathis Sophomore Class Dean Pine Freshman Class Jack Costilow Graduate Fagin Hood Law Elbert Cook Fine Arts Dorothy Willows Education Carrie Johnson Business Thomas Donnell Oklahoma Daily Paul Kennedy Pharmacy Robert Duncan Engineering Dave Lawrence Geology Kenneth Ackley Merton Munson, President Second Semester Charles Broderson Victor Waters Velma Jones Don McCormick Byron McFall Clarence Warren Jim Robinson Ed Mills Glenn Davis Fred Newton Fagin Hood Tom Kight Margaret Hammers Floye Grimmett Carsel Whitenack Paul Kennedy Claude Lively Jesse Price Ray Horton Page 37 - Administration .JW k The School of Law W ' Dean Julien C. Monnet np HE Law School was organized in 1909 in response to a statewide demand for it. From the start an attempt was made to adopt the latest and best law school practices such as the use of the case system of study, a practice court for stu- dents, etc. While the school was still young the legislature voted an , appropriation for a law school building which, as built, is one of the best law school buildings in the United States. The problem of a law library at first seemed insuperable, but rea- sonable annual appropriations followed by a wise exchange law by which our legal publications were exchanged for those of other states and with legal publishers caused the library to grow by leaps and bounds until now the entire library space is filled with books. Standards have been advanced from mere high school requirements to senior standing in the university. The school requires a " C " average for graduation. Attendance has grown so rapidly that it is now a serious problem to handle the large enrollment. The curriculum at- tempts to cover generally and locally the main body of practical working legal principles. Prior to this year, graduates of the law school were admitted to the practice in the state courts on motion, but the Bar Act passed by the last legislature requires all to stand the state bar examination before admission to the bar. Members of the faculty of the law school are in many instances authorities on the subjects in which they specialize and are well recognized by the bar association of the state and of the country. The alumni have not only been successful lawyers, but have also been important factors in the material and political progress of the state. Page 38 rt . Administration •a ' .0 The School of Medicine Dean Leroy Long np HE School of Medicine is now located in Oklahoma City where it is housed in ample space in their new building. The first and second years of the School were established at Norman in 1900. The third and fourth years were estab- lished at Oklahoma City in 1910. The first and second years were transferred to Oklahoma City at the beginning of the school year 1928-1929, and now the entire work is done at Oklahoma City. The curriculum covers four annual sessions of thirty-six weeks each. The work of the first and second years com- prises particular instruction in the fundamental laboratory branches, but there is elementary clinical training of students in the second year. The work of the third and fourth years comprises particular instruction in the clinical branches. The Medical Building in Oklahoma City is a large four-story building directly across the street from the University Hospital. The laboratories are large, well equipped and well venti- lated. There is a large museum and a good library. On the roof of this building is an adequate and convenient animal house, and experimental operating room. The State University Hospi- tal is a large hospital of 300 beds. It is operated for the benefit of the people of the entire state ind there is an arrangement through which service is rendered to poor people at a nominal charge, there being no charge for the professional service, which is given by the faculty of the School of Medicine in connection with their work as teachers in that school. Senior students work in the hospital under proper supervision. Besides the main hospital, there is a Crippled Children ' s Hospital on the campus which is one of the best institutions of its kind in the country and is utilized in the teaching of medical students. ' i.i c ) -c- .Jl }-: Administration gp| Dean S. W. Reaves College of Arts and Sciences ' Tp O the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, - S. W. Reaves, goes the problem of looking after and caring for the largest number of students in the uni- versity. This college is the center of the university out of which the professional schools have grown and around which they are grouped. During the past year, two schools have become col- leges, the College of Business Administration, and the College of Education. The present College of Arts and Sciences now includes twenty-four departments. Dean Reaves has been a member of the university faculty since 1905, coming here as professor of mathe- matics. He holds a B. S. degree from North Carolina, an A. B. degree from Cornell, an A. M. from Chicago, and also a Ph. D. received in 1915. Dean Reaves is one of the busiest administrators in the university, being chairman of the discipline committee, member of the athletic council, member of the administrative council, and secretary of the Big Six conference of which he is faculty representative. Page 40 - A ' ' Administration ,iM;..T HM;:-ril,_..» D 0 Ad }]iii] !f ration W- A MONG the most popular of faculty members is - Dean Roy Gittinger. The facts that he is a very old member of the faculty and also that he is a graduate from Oklahoma University, makes him one of the most outstanding landmarks. His friends are many because of the democratic nodding of his beautiful white head accompanied with a pleasing smile given freely to those passing by. His re- lations with students are always carried on with the ut- most gentlemanliness and thoughtfulness on his part. Those that come in contact with him have the best re- spect for him. Dean Roy Gittinger He is the dean of administration, having charge of all the advanced standing students, as well as the undergraduates. His activities also include the publishing of the university cata- logues and publications. Dean Gittinger came to Soonerland the second semester of 1900-1901 . He was present in the graduating class of June. 1902, and became a member of the faculty in September of that year. He procured his Master ' s degree from the University of Chicago by doing summer v ork. He attended the University of California during 1914 and 1915 and a Ph. D. degree was con- ferred on him in 1916. Page 41 Administra tion .. iltiir ' T; Wim » Dean of Men Dean J. F. Findlay " POR the first time, the university this year has a Dean of Men who spends all his time in that position. The office was created several years ago with Prof. M. L. Wardell as the acting dean, but with the arrival upon the campus of J. F. Findlay, the office assumed new importance and responsibil- ity, since he handles that office alone, and is not handicapped with additional teaching duties. Dean Findlay received an A. B. degree from Grinnell University in 1922 and an M. A. from the University of Chi- cago i n 1923. Previous to his coming here, he had been the Dean of Men at his alma mater, Grinnell University, from 1925 to 1929. He has the distinction of being the youngest dean on the faculty, which fact makes him more suitable to his position. In his first year on the campus, Dean Findlay has become a friend of all the men on the campus and has proved a great aid to fraternities in several ways. He has established a system so that fraternities may get the grades of all their members and pledges every six weeks, and thus keep a closer check on the scholarship of their organization. As Dean of Men, Mr. Findlay has direct charge of the men on the campus. He must ap- prove the dates for the fraternity dances, has charge of the men ' s boarding houses, etc. He of course is connected to a certain extent with student discipline; however his straightforward manner in his dealings with the men has caused him to gain the confidence of all who are " called " before him. The office of Dean of Men bids fair to assume the proper place on this campus in the next few years with Dean Findlay at its head. •jk-.T. iivy»Mifm i M S-L ;.v - Page 42 " ' - . [ ., ■ Administration -EJis ---.■31 iS, ' ■ " f W»l- .V of Engineering Dean J. H. Felgar " CROM a small school in 1905. the College of Engineer- ing has grown to be one of the largest in the univer- sity, having an enrollment around 1.000, and now ranks in the upper third in enrollment throughout the United States. Noteworthy achievements of the past year have been the addition and operation of a refinery in petro- leum engineering, additional floor space for a petroleum engineering laboratory, a gas air lift erected on an oil derrick, a complete gas measurement laboratory, a sine wave generator motor, and research in television. A full time professor in architecture and architectural engineer- ing, and a course in aeronautic engineering have been offered for the first time, the course of study arranged from outlines and suggestions from the Guggenheim Foundation. Construction of an electrical sign, under the supervision of the faculty and engineers ' club, has shown excellent organizing and technical ability. I ' his sign is the only one of its kind in Oklahoma. The College of Engineering was first organized in 1904 as the School of Applied Science, but was reorganized in 1909 under its present name. James Huston Felgar. dean of the college, came to the university in 1909. and is professor of mechanical engineering. He received an A. B. degree from Kansas, and a B. S. from the Armour Institute of Technology, and an M. E. in 1911. In June, 1929, Dean Felgar received the honorary degree of doctor of engineering from the Armour Institute of Technology. Paqc 43 ' •• Administration jlt:!; ; ■ Dean of Women Dean Edna McDaniel freshman women, and the growth need and welfare among women on VVT " ITHIN a four-year period, a decided change has been felt in women ' s work throughout the cam- pus, which may be attributed to the leadership of Miss Edna E. McDaniel, dean of women. Noticeable activity and response in women ' s organ- izations have stamped the growth of the old Women ' s League into membership in the national W. S. G. A., the Norman Girls ' Club, a Business Girls ' Club, a Com- muters ' Club for women students going to and from the city, a convention of the national W. S. G. A., a voca- tional guidance program to aid freshmen during their four-year course, an honorary scholastic fraternity for of Mortar Board, as developments most necessary to the the campus. Dean McDaniel advises with students at any time. An atmosphere of assistance and se- curity prevails in her office. She believes that students should grow; that mistakes are some- times made, but with fairness at all times, an individual will do much for herself. By urging development to the fullest mental, spiritual, sympathetic, and social stature, she believes a stu- dent offers the highest service to her college, her parents, her fraternity, and the community in which she lives. Dean McDaniel came here in 1926, having been a former dean at the University of Texas, Baylor College for Women, and Baylor University. She has a B. A. degree from Baylor Col- lege and an M. A. degree from the University of Texas. During one of the four years here, her student conferences held totaled 5,000, half of which were with men, bespeaking the fact that Dean McDaniel is a friend and adviser to all. Paqc 44 ' :. Administration Qj; ' -,- -- Th.. . k College of Fine Arts M Dean Fredrik Holmberg NE of the most unique claims of tfie College of Fine Arts is that of being the first school in the United States to organize and conduct interscholastic contests in the fine arts, which were initiated under the direction of Fredrik Holmberg, dean of the college. Believing that the field and track meet interested only one-half of the state high school students, Dean Holm- berg desired to interest the other half, and to stimulate competition in fine arts. The result of these contests has been the entrance and success of thousands of state boys and girls. This college was also the first school in the union to work out a system for examining and certifying teachers in applied music under state control, which gives high school students credit for work. The college has also been instrumental in increasing the number of glee clubs and orchestras from seven in 1914 to over two hundred at the present time. Changes in the College of Fine Arts this past year include the removal of the art depart- ment to the old library building, and the possible addition of a department of organ, which is to be added to the school of music next fall. The College of Fine Arts was organized in 1899 as the school of music, reorganized in 1903 as the school of fine arts, and again reorganized as a college in 1924. This college is now divided into three divisions, the schools of music, dramatic art, and painting and design. Dean Holmberg came to the university in 1909, and is professor in music. He received his B. M. degree from Bethany College in 1899, and his Mus. D. degree from Oklahoma City University in 1928. Added to his activities within the college, he also conducts the Oklahoma City Symphony Orchestra, which he organized in 1923. Under Dean Holmberg, this group of musicians has done much to put Oklahoma on the cultural map. Page 45 r --« i M,g, .f- Administration ilj " rri-- 2 Co ege of Business Administration Dean A. B. Adams A MOST important change to the business school this past year was the action of the Board of Regents in July, 1929, raising the school of business from a two- year school to a four-year college, and changing its name to the College of Business Administration. The former school had been organized since 1913 although several steps in reorganization had been made during the inter- vening period. The aim of the college is to give students systematic preparation for business careers so that they may meet the problems in the business world, and that the students may be given such training as will enable them to better understand public problems. Business knowledge and experience have become so systematized that in most branches it can be taught in the classroom. Business today has demanded that those who make a success in the field have a thorough scientific and practical training, which the college aims to give. Work of the college is given through the departments of economics, finance, business ad- ministration, accounting, business law. and secretarial science. In June. 1927, a Bureau of Busi- ness Research was established as a part of the college and is under the supervision of faculty members and advanced students. Scientific and unbiased studies of practical economic and business problems of Oklahoma are made by the bureau. Twelve trustees, three being members of the faculty, have charge of the policies and disbursements of the bureau. Arthur B. Adams, dean of the college, has been a faculty member since 1913. He holds an A. B. degree from South Carolina and an M. A. degree from Columbia University. Page 46 , ■ - ' a»I ' ;. Administration -li. ' . . The School of Pharmacy Dean D. B. R. Johnson A FTER spending a year in their new building, the School of Pharmacy has continued to expand this year, with the establishment of a new industrial labora- tory, a model drug store, a green house, and the addition of one thousand dollars to the library fund. The School of Pharmacy, which was first organ- ized in 1893, was the first school in the university after the organization of the College of Arts and Science. Departments of bacteriology, botany, chemistry, com- mercial pharmacy, and physiology constitute the divi- sions of the school. The degree of Pharmaceutical Chemist is con- ferred upon a student who completes the plan of study outlined in three years. The degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy is conferred upon a stu- dent who completes the plan of study outlined to cover four years with a total of not less than 132 hours of credit, such work to include the courses necessary to complete the three year course. It is the aim of the faculty to follow as near as practicable the outlines of courses given in the Pharmaceutical Syllabus as recommended by the national committee. The school holds membership in the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. The object of the Association is to promote the interests of pharmaceutical education, and all institu- tions holding membership in the same must maintain certain minimum requiremens for entrance and graduation. All students must attend eighty percent of all lectures and laboratories in order to receive credit. No one can legally practice pharmacy in Oklahoma unless he is registered by the State Board of Pharmacy. Applicants for registration as pharmacists must show evidence of having graduated from an approved school of pharmacy as well as having had a certain amount of prac- tical experience. D. B. R. Johnson, dean of the school, became a member of the faculty in 1918. He receiv- ed his Ph. G. at Valparasio in 1906, a B. A. degree in 1914, and his M. A. degree from Okla- homa in 1916. Page 47 College of Education Dean Ellsworth Collings istration and school supervision. " D Y action of the Board of Regents, the school of edu- cation has been changed within the past year to the College of Education, and is now a four year college in place of the former two year school. This school, was established in 1909, was reorganized in 1920 and is under the direction of Dean Ellsworth Collings. Four years graduate work and three years of graduate study are included in the curricula of the col- lege. Its work is organized around three major divi- sions of a training school, teaching and administrative fields, and professional courses, which are divided into the departments of the principals of education, educa- tional psychology, .school measurements, school admin- The College of Education holds two basic purposes, that of educating teachers, super- visors and administrators, and that of adding to the fund of professional knowledge. Attempts are made to practice the principals of modern education in the training of administrators. Ap- prentice teaching is done by students under the guidance of expert supervisors in the type of teaching which they wish to follow. Dean Collings has been a member of the faculty since 1926, and is director of the summer session and a professor of education. He received an A. B. degree from Missouri in 1917, an A. M. in 1918, an M. A. from Columbia in 1922 and his Ph. D. in 1924. Page 48 .jH« j p |- Administration Mi H U}ii versify Extmsion Division mm Dean Paul L. Vogt npHE University Extension Division was organized in ■ 1 -M0 and 1911 under the plan of having faculty members visit local communities to give addresses, the expense of which was paid by the group requesting ser- vice. In 1913 the State Board of Education established a department of extension lectures and a department of public information and welfare. Various departments have been added, until at the present time, the work of the extension division is divided into eight departments; university extension publications, correspondence study, educational co-operation, community institutes, public in- formation, extension classes, town and country service, and business education extension service. During the past year growth in the visual education department has been extremely notic- able. Other fields which have had rapid development have been the women ' s club service, which co-operates with state clubs in organization and preparation of programs, short courses and laboratories and instruction activities, public information sent out in form of package libra- ries, and medical work courses. The extension service in Oklahoma is a part of the great adult education movement which is developing so rapidly throughout the western world. Oklahoma has already achieved a place of distinction in this movement, and the public interest in extension service is evidenced by the support received throughout the state. Paul LeRoy Vogt. dean of extension, has been a member of the faculty since 1926. received his A. B. from Chicago in 1903. and a Ph. D. from Pennsylvania in 1907. He Paqc 49 f ' - Administration mT v ' ' " Lj m Graduate School Homer L. Dodge NE of the outstanding steps in the progress of edu- - ' cation in Oklahoma during the past year, was the adoption, by the Graduate Faculty, of a program of study leading to the degree of Doctor of Education. This course of study has be:en worked out to meet the needs of students and educators of Oklahoma and neighboring states. In adopting the plan of graduate study leading to this degree, the faculty realized that there is much de- mand for this training and offers two programs of study, one for the master teacher, and one for the master admin- istrator. Requirements have been adopted after careful study of similar requirements of other schools, this being the first university other than those listed on the Eastern and Western coasts to adopt this plan. Homer L. Dodge, dean of the Graduate School, is also vitally interested in developing work leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. The Graduate School now offers major work in six departments and minor work in several more. The first Ph. D. degree was con- ferred last June. During the past winter, over fifty students have been carrying on work lead- ing to the doctorate and as many more are enrolled for the degree, but have not been taking work during this session. Dean Dodge has been a member of the faculty since 1919, being also the director of engin- eering physics, and professor of physics. He received his A. B. from Colgate in 1910, an M. S. degree from Iowa in 1912, and his Ph. D. in 1914. Page 50 i n Mexnovmxn Dr. J. S. Buchanan Page 51 . 3n Memariatn ♦♦♦♦♦♦ ARTHUR SHERMAN WILLIAM H. BARNARD JOHN RINEHART THOMAS DUNN HUGH PARKER JAY THOMAS LORRAINE LACEY Page 52 " vlVU O- M ] Y«- CJhe J Aaa Page 53 ' ' -j«r lMi - f Graduates --M i t Nancy Jesusa Meents Norman Alpha Lambda Delta; French Club; Spanish Club; Studio Players. R. M. Hart McAlester Mary Elizabeth Bouteller Norn Theta Sigma Phi: Pi Zeta Kappa; Kappa Phi; Grad. Club; Sociology Club. Elsie Lee Brown El Reno Y. W. C. A.; Psychology Club. Lawrence Montgomery Darrouzett. Texas Phi Beta Kappa: Pi Mu Epsilon; Congress; Research Fellow. Ramona Jamison Ponca City Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club; Y. W. C. A. Howard Goss Rising Star Assistant Geology ■28- ' 29. Harry Elsey Wellston Alpha Sigma Phi: Wrestling; Glee Club; Baseball ■29- ' 30. Robert Billingsley Wayne Edris Abernathy Altv Emma Harbour Edmond Alpha Phi: Grad. History Club. Minnie May Smith Enid Lela Sinclair English Club. Ingersoll Norman Galna L. Bryson Sigma Gamma Epsilon. J. B. Leftwick Duncan Delta Upsilon: Indian Club; Pick and Hammer: French Club. Mabel Jones Norman Spanish Club; English Club. Sidney E. Miller Oklahoma City Alpha Chi Sigma. J. C. Albin Tulsa Acacia: Engineers Club: Athenoan. Page 54 TV Burl M. Abel Mangum Delta Chi: Riif-Neks: Beta Sigma Chi: Intorfratcrnity Council; Ac- counting Club. Feagin Hood Norman Delta Chi: Scabbard and Blade: Pi Sigma Alpha: Winner " Old Line Oratorical Contest " ' 29: Student Council ' 29- ' 30: Web- stcrian Literary Society: Orato- rical Council. Kearns B. Cornell Weatherford Kappa Delta Pi. Jack Miller Ft. Worth. Texas Delta Upsilon. LeRoy Kaplan Charlotte. N. C. Sigma Alpha Mu Luis E. Arango Bogota. Colombia. South America Phi Lambda Alpha: A. S. T. M. Nora Elizabeth Edwards Paris. Texas Phi Mu: Delta Psi Kappa: Ducks Club; W. A. A.: Eurodelphian. J. D. Sapp, Jr. Alva Acacia; Alpha Delta Sigma: Oratorical Council: Oklahoma Daily Staff: League of Young Democrats, President. Naomi Schulz Frederick John W. Todd Oklahoma City Mrs. a. B. Griffith Nor : Alpha Lambda Delta: Philoso- phy Club: Spanish Club; French Club. Mrs. Bertha Jones Norman , " Graduates mpji W. W. Jones Norman Alma Friend Marshall Iota Sigma Pi. Frank Denker Phi Delta Theta. Enid Pixie Martin Vinita Gamma Phi Beta: French Club: In- dian Club: Polo and Riding Associa- tion. MuRRELL Neely Amarillo. Texas Phi Kappa Psi: Polo and Riding Association: Pick and Hammer. Thomas Sacra Kappa Alpha. Roswell. N. M. Page 55 ,-r l . jftftreSS .f Seniors — Arts and Science .- uM f Ellye S. Kilgo Ringling G. Francis Ingle Marshall Delta Chi; Kappa Kappa Psi. Ann Karsteter Belleime Alice T. Hare Norman Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Zeta Kappa; Kappa Phi. Sam C. Holland Mt. Pleasant, Texas Ruth B. McCall Norr, Delta Gamma: Delta Psi Kappa; W. A. A.; Dusty Travelers. Louise Margaret Hudson Liixora, Ark. Chi Omega: Y. W. C. A.: French Club; Classic Club. Carlisle Goodrich Norman Pi Kappa Alpha; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Clendon Ware Oklahoma City Morris Sureck Oklahoma City Paul H. Remple Corn Sigma Mu Sigma; Preachers Club: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; German Club. Randall F. Ross Pi Mu Epsilon. Hinton R. E. Wood Glee Club. Norman Barney L. Waldrop Frederick Websterian: Treasurer Senior Class. Zenas Stucky Mountain View Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Gladys Marie Pipperger dishing Anderson D. Shawver Roxton, Texas Glee Club; Vice President So- ciology Club. Lawrence Milton Shifts Okmulgee Sigma Alpha Mu. Page 56 Aaron Slutzky Shaivnee Everett Reynolds OkLiliama Citi Benton Ferguson Tulsa Kappa Alpha: Alpha Doha Sigma: Chi Chi Chi: Mii Eta Tan: Sooner: Piibhcation Board; Whirlirind: Band. Mary Jane Hare Oklahoma City Alpha Phi: Theta Sigma Phi: Polo and Riding Association. Myrtle Kirk Norman Glee Club: Ducks Club: W. A. A.: Norman Girls Club. Vera Dean Hitchcock Oklahoma City Thelma Keen Norman Co Norma Perrine Columbus. Kans. Alpha Chi Omega; President French Club: Y. W. C. A. Miriam Koehler Lawton Kappa Alpha Theta: Pan-Hellenic. Lois Minick No- rman Dorothy Marguerite Mouser Cheyenne Alpha Omicron Pi: Y. W. C. A.; French Club; Philosophy Club. Marian Bryant Cushin Kappa Alpha Theta: French Club: Polo and Riding Association: Y. W. C. A. m Seniors — Arts and Science J J i fi t Alberta McCann Springfield. Mo. DoLA Blanche Pacey Holdenville Alpha Chi Omega: Mortar Board: Oratorical Council: Pier- ian: President Y. W. C. A.; Cosmopolitan Club; Women ' s Club. Frances Alice Roland Norr, Alpha Omicron Pi; Omicron Nu. President: Oikonomia; Y. W. C. A.; Big Sister Committee: Norman Girls Club. Grace Ridgel Norman Thomas Orlando Plummer Anadarko Kappa Tau Pi. John K. Kalb Rochester, Minn. Acacia; Pick and Hammer; A. I. M. E. Page 57 " ' K«l 3| " Seniors — Arts and Science Je dLs ' ' r LoRAiNE Mollis Ponca City Pi Beta Phi: French Club; Y. W. C. A. Lillian Abrams Guthrie Sigma Delta Tau: French Club. Mary Katherine Sprehe Norman Alpha Omicron Pi: Pan-Hellenic: Norman Girls Club. Kathryn Bayless Stratford Alpha Phi. La Verne Standard Okarche Irene Harman Keen Norman Mary Alice Taylor Stillwater Kappa Phi: Lambda Kappa Sigma; Iota Sigma Pi. LlLLYE GrOZIER Snyder Y. W. C. A.; History Club: So- ciology Club; Education Club. Lodema Rose Watonga Alpha Gamma Delta. Elva Trueblood Tonkawa Gamma Phi Beta. Elizabeth Gate Muskogee Alpha Chi Omega: Y. W. C. A.: Gamma Epsilon Pi. James G. Montgomery Oklahoma City Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Ellis Liebman Frederick Phi Beta Delta; Congress; Pick and Hammer; Menorah. Russell J. Long Chickasha Acacia: Congress. Robert H. Moseley Lenapah Pick and Hammer. James Meeks Tulsa Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Ruf-Neks: Scabbard and Blade. Gecile Holbrook Okeene Pi Zeta Kappa. Roy M. Howard Norman Page 5S -- ?= i Adolph O. Johnson Chccotah Pi Sigma Alpha: Congress: Oratorical Council: Indian Club: Y. M. C. A. Hazei. Holmes Elmer Ruth Elizabeth Johnson Pi Zeta Kappa: Y. W. C. A. Velma Jones Bristow Kappa Kappa Gamma: Uni versity Players: Glee Club: Stunt Nitc: Women ' s Council: Secretary Student Council -iO: Y. W. C. A. ■29- ' 30: Varsity Vanities. Erick Richard Williams Y. M. C. A. Ponca City Paul A. Duffield Skiatook Lambda Nu; Spanish Club: Track; Cross Country: Pick and Hammer. Joe C. Edwards Enid Pi Kappa Phi: Alpha Sigma Delta: Kappa Kappa Psi: Phi Sigma: Y. M. C. A.: University Band: Polo and Riding Association. Cordell German Club: Anna M. Aachte French Club Spanish Club. Ruth Ann Edwards Waurika Eta Sigma Phi: Phi Zeta Kappa; Y. W. C. A.: Cosmopolitan Club; W. S. G. A. Frederick A.: Cosmopolitan Club; Helen Cook Y. W. C. W. S. G. A.: Legislative Club. Thomas A. Crabtree Mangum Olivette L. Douglas Oklahoma City Alpha Gamma Delta: Y. W. C. A.: Sociology Club. |! ijMiEj ' Seniors — Arts, and Science , ;•Eii ' rfvCi Doris Elsberry Pine Bluff. Ark. Louis Fratcher Spri Alpha Tau Omega. ngfield. III. Lewis L. Burkett Delta Sigma Pi. Noble owARD Gilbert Lamont George Haskell Norman Fern L. Hardwick Hiking Club; W. A. Pond Creek A. Page 59 ■ ■ " Seniors — Arts and Science J ! - ' ' - ' ' , - f James G. Harlowe Oklahoma City Alpha Delta Sigma. Chad Colclasure Norman Kappa Psi. President; Student Pharmacy Association. Alliene Crudgington Amarillo. Texas Alpha Omicron Pi: Y. W. C. A. Mary Kathleen Countiss Waurika Y. W. C. A.; Classics Club. James Sam Binkley Oklahoma City Phi Delta Theta: Toga: Pe-et; Phi Beta Pi: Alpha Pi Mu: Ger- man Club: University Band; Y. M. C. A.; Travel Club. Tacy Boory Brownsville, Texas Pi Beta Phi; Gamma Upsilon Pi; Glee Club: Polo and Riding Associ- ation. Ruth Black Norman Alpha Omicron Pi. President; Y. W. C. A.; Sociology Club. Esther Bookout . Hartshome Y. W. C. A. Verona Ida Browning Geary Alpha Gamma Delta: Mortar Board; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pan-Hellenic Council: W. S. G. A.. President; R. O. T. C. Sponsor: Polo and Rid- ing Association. Marion Brownwell Ft. Collins. Colo. Sarah Belle Bowen Norman Clell Butler Kansas City, Mo. Delta Gamma: Y. W. C. A. Mrs. Mabel Robbins Clanton Norman Kappa Delta Pi. Joe S. Cason Websterian. Ki: Marguerite Carter Wellington. Texas LoRELLE E. Bernier Norman Warren Barn hill Yukon M. R. Baker Alra llJ Page 60 r . i?,;K ' Seniors — Arts and Science , i fT •.?r;:;:T L , 2 t?- ». f " ' Mary H. Bailey Chickasha Alice Lucille Anderson Chickasha Pauline Anihis Muskogee Gertrude Caroline Marshall Oklahoma City Alpha Phi; Sociology Club: Pan- Hellenic. Ray Figley Hastings Delta Sigma Pi. Charles Ittner Oklahoma City Acacia: Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi: Toga: Blue Key: Alpha Sigma Delta: Engineer Club. President ' 30: A. I. E. E., President ' 2S- ' 29; Chairman of St. Pat ' s Council. Marvin McCree Pecos, Texas Alpha Kappa Psi. Clyde W. Lyon Gracemont Sigma Mu Sigma: Kaopa Psi: Student Branch of Oklahoma Pharmaceutical A.ssociation, Vice-President ' 30. Lawrence Muir Enid Sigma Gamma Epsilon: Pick and Hammer; Lambda Nu: A. I. M. E. Frances Imogene Mason Oklahoma City Richard W. Blair, Jr. Dallas, Texas Beta Theta Pi: Sigma Gamma Epsilon: Scabbard and Blade: Ruf-Neks. Harold Nichols Medford Kappa Tau Pi: Y. M. C. A. Lenore McKittirick Norman Alpha Gamma Delta. Mary McDonald Hugo Kappa Alpha Theta. Blanche Welsh Blackwell Alpha Chi Omega. Sam Zimmerman Milwaukee, Wis. Sigma Gamma Epsilon, President ' 29, ' 30: Pick and Hammer; Jazz Hounds. James C. Gay Sigma Mu Sigma Wayne Mrs. Georgia H. Ethridge Tipton Page 61 ' - i Wto ' XS ' ' ' - ' Seniors — Arts and Science vfe ' ' Tki Katherine Haberly WapanucAa Delta Gamma. Ralph Goff Eugene H. Riff Pi Kappa Alpha: Jazz Hounds. Lillian A. Jasper Roosevelt Y. W. C. A.: Comfort Club. Pawnee Tyrone Fay a. Fritch Gamma Epsilon Pi. Norman Marv Cathrine Clark Norman Norman Girls Club: Legislativ-e Council. Mildred Kelly Oklahoma City Delta Gamma: W. S. G. A.: Mor- tar Board: Adagio: Chi Upsilon: Al- pha Lambda Delta: Stunt Nite. Ann Bowlby Shawnee Delta Gamma: Iota Sigma Pi. Dorothy Newell Carroll Oklahoma City Delta Gamma: Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A. Marcos M. Ravitch New York, N. Y. Phi Eta Sigma: Biology Club. Claude E. Lively Kappa Psi. Woodward Edna Jackson Gross Moore Virginia Stone Shawnee Kappa Kappa Gamma: Y. W. C. A.: Polo and Riding Association: Manu- script Club. Edna May Thomas Ennis. Texas Alpha Phi. Alice C. Browne Oklahoma City Gamma Phi Beta: Eurodelphian, Sec- retary ' 29: Oratorical Council ' 29; Y. W. C. A. Christine Spalsbury Oklahoma City Chi Omega: Y. W. C. A.: French Club. ■ Odies L. Primrose Hugo Delta Sigma Pi: Kappa Tau Pi. Theodore H. Horner Enid Page 62 Kathleen Ryan Tulsa Mary Belle Thurnl n Okemah Maxine Brockman Tulsa Gamma Phi Beta: French Club; Ger- man Club. Walter H. McKenzie Pi Kappa Phi. Enid Harriet F. Fordyce Tonkawa Phi Mu: Sociology Club: Euro- delphian: Classics Club. Pauline Butler Geary Kappa Phi; Y. W. C. A. Gerald H. Peterson Guthrie Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Kappa Kappa Psi. Laurine Pemberton McAlester Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A.; Sociology Club; Pan-Hel- lenic. Joe R. Moody Porter Delta Sigma Pi: Philosophy Club; Polo and Riding Association. Helen E. McAlpine Haleyville Chi Omega: Glee Club. EmMETT B. KlDWELL Blanchard C. Kerrick Lowe Wink. Texas Delta Sigma Pi: French Club; Track. |!lfc $ ' Seniors — Arts and Science ' V- Z • ■ " ■ ' ■1 ■ i Albert Mayhew Oklahoma City Phi Delta Theta: Football 27, ' 28. ■29. Ralph A. Wilson Houston. Texas Pi Kappa Alpha. Margaret Moody Oklahoma City Delta Gamma. C. H. Manney Davenport Acacia: Alpha Kappa Psi: Phi Eta Sigma; Websterian Literary Society; President Sophomore Class ' 31. Rose Wylie Oklahoma City Alpha Gamma Delta: Y. W. C. A.: Sociology Club. Luther Donaghey Trenton, Texas Delta Tau Delta. Page 63 • ' l g ' S Seniors— Ari ' s and Science .M i ■ . Mary Elizabeth Robey Tulsa Kappa Gamma Epsilon; French Club; Y. W. C. A. LE K. SWARTZ Enid William }. Douthitt Duncan Phi Delta Theta. IvA A. Young Mill Creek Los Dos Americanos. Bedford T. Terry Ilein Barrackman Kappa Phi. Norman Tulsa Thomas H. Clifford El Reno Delta Tau Delta; Golf Team; Direc- tor Intra-Mural Golf ■29- ' 30. }. Wiley Taylor Midland. Texas Delta Tau Delta. Cleo Kerley Chickasha Kappa Alpha Theta; Omicron Nu. John R. Simpson Tulsa Sigma Nu; Scabbard and Blade. Jennie Kniseley Norman Ducks Club; W. A. A.; Choral Club; Norman Girls Club; Los Dos Americanos; Y. W. C. A. St. Charles. Mo. John Lee Phi Kappa Psi; Toga; Kappa Psi; Football S- g. Albert G. Kulp Nc Phi Kappa Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Pi Sigma Alpha; Congress Debating Society. President; Debate Team. Marian Harrison Tulsa Kappa Kappa Gamma; Tivoli Club; Stunt Nite. ' 26-27: Follies ' 2S- ' 29; Engineers Queen ' 29; Y. W. C. A. Melda O ' Dell Howard Pi Beta Phi; Y. W. C. A. Tulsa Victoria Colley Alpha Chi Omega. Tulsa Alfred Gilliland Pampa. Texas Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Kap- pa Psi; Pick and Hammer Club; Jazz Hounds. Rex Charles Davenport Pilot Point. Texas Page 64 S if Seniors — Arts and Science yUjr ' i " -- ' ' ' jrf ' J. G. PuTMAN Okliihoin.i Citi Phi Kappa Psi. Delma Utitz Lake Charles. La. Sigma Delta Tau. Ci ARA Margaret Okmulgee Phi Mu. John Bob Duncan Norman Phi Delta Chi: Student Council ' 29. Thelma Opal Fuqua Grandfield Delta Delta Delta: Kappa Phi, Secretary; Polo and Riding Association: Y. W. C. A. Laura May Wheat Oklahoma City Erma Ruth Schrimsher Eh Jane Tucker Pauls Valley Delta Delta Delta: Pick and Hammer: Y. W. C. A.: Sociol- ogy Club. Elizabeth Anne Ducker Tecumseh Biology Club; Comfort Club. Fred Alexander Barkley Norman Kappa Tau Pi: Phi Sigma, Treas- urer: Cosmopolitan Club: Indian Club: Comfort Club: Biology Club. Orville Floyd Weaver Lawton Chas. Henry Douglass Anadarko Phi Delta Chi. Marion Hubbell Amos Oklahoma City Dorothy Smith Norman Kappa Phi. President ' 30: Pi Zeta Kappa. Paul E. Priest Phi Kappa Sigma. Enid Dan Webster Norman Elizabeth Gertrude Smith Oklahoma City Pi Zeta Kappa; Y. W. C. A. Jack F. Barth Skiatook Acacia; Scabbard and Blade. Page 65 ' » S ' Seniors — Arts and Science ,jlij|k | Clarice Coots Nara Visa. N. M. Oikonomia: Y. W. C. A. John Boyle Gordon Oklahoma City Alpha Delta Sigma; Columbia Club, President ' 30: Sooner Magazine, Business Manager ■30. Wesley R. Sperry Siloam Springs. Ark. Kappa Tau Pi; Congress. Gilbert J. Sterling Lamont Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Emma Jane Biggers Wewoka Alpha Phi: Mu Phi Epsilon. Mildred Olive Pyle Elmer Fred P. Schonwald Oklahoma City Battle Axe; Freshman Football ' 26. Kathleen Beulah Owen Lodge Grass. Montana W. A. A.; Ducks Club: Delta Psi Kappa: Life Saving: Psysi- ology Club; Dusty Travelers. Ellen Cunningham Muskogee Delta Gamma: Y. W. C A.: Kappa Gamma Epsilon; Stunt Nite ' 28- ' 29; French Club. Harold E. Reigle Fort Worth, Tex. Sigma Mu Sigma; Y. W. C. A.: Pick and Hammer. Jack Lorden Manning William A. Rigg Pi Kappa Phi. Norman Taloga IvA Kittie Crail Watonga Homer W. Jones Mutual Carrie Johnson Hamlin, Texas Gamma Phi Beta; Student Council: Pan-Hellenic: Y. W. C. A. William G. Johnson McAlester Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi; Scabbard and Blade: Philo Club; Polo: Y. M. C. A. Aubrey M. Goss Rising Star. Texas Adeline Goldberg Hartshorne Sigma Delta Tau: Spanish Club: Y. W. C A. Page 66 »»(JP ,; Seniors— Arts and Science k i Genevieve Pemberton Norman Alpha Gamma Delta: V. W. C. A.: Norman Girls Club: Encjlish Club; Los Dos Americanos: Psychology Club. Carl J. " West Perico. Texas Delta Sigma Pi. M. BEi. Ruth Trough Middlcbourne. West Virginia Kappa Delta Pi: Y. W. C. A.; Apache French Club. Murray J. Wells Acacia. Overton J. Parr Oklahoma City Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 30. Mildred Vera Sears Oklahoma City Sigma Alpha Iota: Y. W. C. A.: Philo. Club; Polo and Riding Associ- ation. Mary Buford Van Wagner Childress, Texas Gamma Phi Beta. Katherine Ringleman Geary Delta Psi Kappa: Ducks Club; Y. W. C. A. Betty Garnett Oklahoma City Alpha Chi Omega; Chi Upsilon; Blue Pencil; Pierian: Y. W. C. A.; Pick and Hammer: R. O. T. C. Queen 30. Harvey Todd Ferguson Oklahoma City Alpha Tau Omega: Alpha Delta Sigma: Oklahoma Daily Staff, Adv. Mgr. ' 28: Sooner Student, Mgr. ' 28; Union Committee ' 29: Whirhrind Staff. Cir. Mgr ' 29; Owen Field, Mgr. ' 29: Publicity Mgr. Athletic Association 29. EuLA Paralee Power Wayne Pi Zeta Kappa. W. G. Blanks Ada Beta Theta Pi: Sigma Gamma Ep- silon. Pauline Goodson Blackwell Alpha Chi Omega; Y. ' W. C. A. Ione McElhinney Enid Chi Omega. Pearl Beaird Chi Omega. Shreveport, La. Alice Spain Ryan Arkansas City, Kansas Sherman G. Smith Okmulgee Phi Kappa Sigma: Alpha Kappa Psi: Scabbard and Blade; Ruf- Neks: Cosmopolitan Club; Glee Club. ' 26- ' 27- ' 28- ' 29- ' 30, Vice President ' 30. Carrol A. Johnson Wilson Phi Delta Theta; Scabbard and Blade; Jazz Hounds. Paqc 67 miK h Seniors— Arts and Science jEMm •V3« . Sylvan Ambrose Hart Carmen German Club. Treasurer ' 30. John A. Gillin Marabel E. Gilcrease Britton Tulsi Alpha Chi Omega; Indian Club; Y. W. C. A. Mary Elizabeth Creamer Oklahoma City Edward Gerkey Carthage, Mo. Delta Chi; Y. M. C. A.; Alpha Kappa Psi; Polo and Riding Association. Norma Ann Comstock Oklahoma City Y. W. C. A. I Matti Lee Newman Florence J. New Nor Quintin, Mo. Alpha Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A.; Newman Club. Joseph Everett Orr Marlow James Milton West McAlester Y. M. C. A.; Pick and Hammer; Leta Grimes Proctor Norman Kappa Delta Pi; French Club; Spanish Club; Y. W. C. A.; Classics Club. Ola Beckett Phi Mu. Okmulgee Mildred L. Nicholas Sapulpa Alpha Xi Delta; W. S. G. A.; Pan- Hellenic, President ' 30; Pick and Hammer; Pierian. Lynn Abbot Durant Sigma Alpha Epsilon; O. U. Quartette; Glee Club; Bombar- diers; Y. M. C. A. Mary Louise Goodson Tonka s. Palmer Hancock Ponca City Sigma Chi. Ma IT I E Odelia Fritch Norman J- C. Elliott Sn yder Pi Kappa Phi Alpha Kappa Psi. , iisiMs msss ' -t sa! •fi imi i tiS. ' - ' ■ ' Page 6S , 1t} .Jt James S. Cralle Chickasha Marguerite Durkee Norman Ducks Club: Glee Club; Nor- man Girls Club: Y. W. C. A. Cecil G. Lalicker South Haven. Kansas Sigma Gamma Epsilon: A. I. M. E.; Pick and Hammer. Helen Louise Wienecke Tulsa Alpha Chi Omega: Ducks Club; W. A. A.; Delta Psi Kappa. Max Evelyn Thralls Ochelata Y. W. C. A.; Polo and Riding As.sociation. Merdith Paul Wilson Oklahoma City Martha M. Toot Dover Kappa Phi: Y. W. C. A.: Council Mrs. Willie Hunt Matthews Norman Edwin Patterson Oklahoma City Sigma Nu; Dad ' s Honor Cup ' 29; Cadet Colonel R. O. T. C. ' 29- ' 30: Phi Beta Kappa; Blue Key, President ' 30: Toga. Pe-et; Publication Board; Inter-Fraternity Council; Phi Eta Sigma, Sooner Staff: Scabbard and Blade; Checkmate: Blue Pencil: Sig- ma Gamma Epsilon; Senate: Pick and Hammer: Mu Eta Tau: Con- gress. Susie Albright Cooper. Texas Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. ' W. C. A.; Pan-Hellenic; History Club. Lorena Mary Collings Grove Alpha Gamma Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Spanish Club; Classics Club. Gordon Smith Richards Shawnee Phi Delta Chi. . •4 ' Seniors — Arts and Science .Jfriii ' T Louise Ewing Washington Mary Virginia Dunlap Lawton Delta Delta Delta; " W. A. A.; French Club; German Club: Polo and Riding Association; Y. W. C. A. Eva Evans Nort) Wilbur Drake Muskogee i- Alpha Kappa Psi. Secretary-Treas- urer ' 30; Y. M. C. A. Albert P. Craig McAlester Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Kappa Psi. Kathryn Bras Okemah Delta Delta Delta; Spanish Club; Y. W. C. A.; Polo and Riding Association. Page 69 .rt ' 1 Seniors — Arts and Science $?)SJj| - Clifford Schaub Muskogee Kappa Sigma. Jane Bowman Pauls Valley Pi Beta Phi: Kappa Delta Pi. Simmons Thomas Oklahoma City Phi Mu Alpha: Kappa Kappa Psi: Band: Orchestra: W. N. A. D. Administrative. Claude Eurton Fairview Pi Kappa Phi: Sigma Delta Chi: Ruf-Neks: Executive Committee of Union: Oklahoma Daily. Harry Day Alpha Kappa Psi. Shelby Marr Delta Upsilon. Tulsa Tulsa Bruce Holmes Congress; Y. Oklahoma City M. C. A. Cabinet. Norman Inez Ballard Delta Delta Delta: Theta Sigma Phi: President ' 30: Sooner Staff ■30: W. S. G. A.: Daili; Staff: Whirlwind: Indian Club: Y. W. C. A. E. C. Love Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Chandler Anna Stacia Picek Lawton Lambda Kappa Sigma: Newman Club: Cosmopolitan Club. Brunette Shanklin Oklahoma City Alpha Phi: Kappa Gamma Epsi- lon; Y. W. C. A.; Los Dos Americas. Charles Fentress Pi Kappa Phi. Tipton Mildred Starns Chi Omega. AltUi Joyce Coffey Ardmore Delta Tau Delta: Scabbard and Blade; Jazz Hounds; Battle-Axe. Oscar R. Champion Brownsville, Texas Theta Xi: Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Pick and Hammer. Rodney F. Janeway Oklahoma City Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Alpha Kappa Psi. J. Weldon Nance Pi Kappa Phi. Altus Glen C. Shaw Enid Delta Upsilon: Alpha Kappa Psi. Page 70 Lacie Huff Norman Pi Zcta Kappa: Gamma Epsilon Pi. RoMEY TuBB Mangnm Siflma Mil Sigma: Ruf-Ncks. IiMMY Lyon Geary Alpha Gamma Delta. Cathern Fair Hanks Oklahoma City Hayden Hill Chickasha Gamma Phi Beta. Wilbur R. Griffith Tulsa Beta Theta Pi: Delta Sigma Pi. John Bert Strong Sigma Chi. Guthrie David Hutchinson Ft. Worth. Tex. Delta Upsilon. Manuel Mouber Kansas City. Mo. Phi Beta Delta. Mildred Brown Duncan Pi Beta Phi. D. A. Tedford Prague Alpha Kappa Psi. Logan E. Hysmith Wilburton Kappa Kappa Psi; Band: Glee Club. Ser}iors—Arts and Science kS g Daisy McConnell Crockett. Texas Chi Omega; President ' .s Club: Pan- Hellenic: French Club; Y. W. C. A.; W. S. G. A. Frances Olin Porter New Orleans, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma: French Club; Polo and Riding Associ- ation. Jennie M. Ferguson Oklahoma City Kappa Gamma Epsilon. Merwyn C. Murrell Frederick Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Kappa Psi; Mystic Keys; Ruf-Neks; Inter- Prat Council. Band 26 27. C. O. Craig Bert Larason Cleo Springs Fargo Lambda Chi Alpha; Scabbard and Blade: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Jazz Hound.s: Mystic Keys; Mu Eta Tau; Folhes ' 29: Whirhrind Staff. Page 71 ■ " Seniors — Arts and Science i fr;- " k r Charles Cargile San Angela. Texas Alpha Sigma Phi. Mary Esther Johnston Enid Delta Delta Delta. George Russell Picher Pi Kappa Phi. Arthur Dillon Bison Delta Chi; Phi Delta Chi: Bombar- diers; Scabbard and Blade: Cross Country ' 28; Major R. O. T. C. Carsel C. Whitenack Norman Delta Chi: Delta Sigma Pi: Stu- dent Council; Y. M. C. A. Thelma Goddard Oklahoma City E. B. Miller Sigma Chi. Tulsa Marie Swaiek Oklahoma City Kappa Kappa Gamma. Kathleen Hadley Ardmore Kappa Kappa Gamma: Y. W. C. A. Stunt Nite ■17-2i,-29. Jack Nugent Lowe Runkle Chickasha Oklahoma City Alpha Tau Omega; Freshmen Tennis; Varsity Tennis; Check- mate: Oklahoma Dailii 28. Chester Le Marr Vici John E. Kennedy Purcell Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Delta Chi. L. M. Leike Bartlesville Acacia; Athenean; Glee Club ■26- ' 27- ' 28-79. Charles Patten Edmond Phi Delta Theta: Alpha Kappa Psi. Rita Ahern New York City Solon Bowers Muskogee Phi Delta Theta. Frank Worrell Acacia; Ruf-Neks. Pond Creek Page 72 ™,f Seniors— Arts and Science ' E rZilt fii vi " «»: ' ■■ •oi- " ♦ ■♦» Orion A. Daniel Wichita Falls, Texas Golf Team: Pick and Hammer Club. Chester H. Anderson Guthrie Alpha Sigma Phi: Pc-ot; Alpha Siyma Delta: Phi Mu Eta: Band: Orchestra. Ross M. Taylor Snyder Bombardiers: Jazz Hounds: Whirl- irind Staff: Websterian: Polo and Riding Association. Orville William Wethington Nash Sigma Gamma Epsilon: Pick and Hammer: A. I. M. E.: Congress: Polo and Riding Association: Y. M. C. A. Lavaughn Whitehurst Hartshorne Y. W. C. A. James P. Wade Ryan Pi Kappa Alpha: Kappa Psi. Blanche E. Sommers Helena Lambda Kappa Sigma; Kappa Phi. Gladys McDonald Watonga Delta Gamma: Y. W. C. A.; Stunt Nile ■28- ' 29; Follies ' 29. Robert H. Pansze Ft. Smith. Ark. Phi Kappa Sigma: Jazz Hounds. Arthur K. Buckner Chelsea Grace Pryor Ft. Smith. Ark. Kappa Kappa Gamma: Sociol- ogy Club: Y. W. C. A. J. Kenneth Blackmar Roswell. New Mexico Beta Theta Pi: Ruf-Neks: Pick and Hammer: Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Elizabeth Burford Tulsa Gamma Phi Beta: Y. W. C. A. Martha Carrington Porter Rome. Georgia Kappa Kappa Gamma: Kappa Gamma Upsilon: Y. W. C. A.: French Club. Catherine Leavitt Oklahoma City Delta Gamma: Ducks Club; Y. W. C. A. Virginia Johnson Fairview Delta Gamma: Y, W. C. A. Jean Lucas Weatherford Delta Gamma. Ella Lee Oklahoma City Page 73 r 3 ,r Seniors — Arts and Science A : x ' ». ' Pearl Kirk Phi Delta Chi. Marloiv ViDA Wagner Cordell University Orchestra ' 28 ' 29 ' 30. John W. Lee Charleston, Mo. Phi Kappa Psi; Toga; Kappa Psi. President; Football ' 28 ' 29: Freshman Football 27. Plummer Tilly Randlett Delta Sigma Pi; Glee Club. Robert O. Ryan Norman Alma Beaty Cherokee Raymond Bassman Claremore President Senior Class ' 30: President Glee Club ' 30; Sooner Quartet ' 27- ' 28; Websterian Literary Society: Holmes Bar. Ruth Shields Downing Atoka Delta Delta Delta; Indian Club. Hazel McCalhen Wynoka Kappa Phi; Y. W. C. A. Rena Mayfield Corsicana. Texas Kappa Kappa Gamma. Ruby Pearl Nichols Oikonomia. Johnny Richey Y. " W. C. A. Anadarko Norman Buenos Sikes Alleene. Ark. Elizabeth Hayes Webster Groves, Mo. Theta Sigma Phi; Y. ' W. C. A.; Newman Club; Executive Coun- cil " W. S. G. A. Edgar E. Tate Roswell. N. Mex. Alpha Sigma Phi. Jeanette Holman Norman Alpha Phi; Ducks Club; Norman Club. OvELLA Hackler Norman Y. W. C. A.; Norman Girls Club; Duck ' s Club. Carnes a. Pickens Ardr ■ y . James Green Sallisaw Phi Doltn Phi; Monnot B,ir: Wcb- stcrian. Richard K. Harris Bartlesvillc Phi Alpha Delta: Congress; Lambda Nu; Monnet Bar; Pi Sigma Alpha; Ruf-Ncks; Kappa Nu Theta; Oratorical Council. Fred Cornels Sayre Phi Alpha Delta: Marshall Bar: Con- gress. Daniel Bailey Tulsa Delta Upsilon: Phi Delta Phi; Tri Chi: Inter-fraternity Council: Ruf- Neks. Wilbur L. Morse Henrietta Phi Delta Phi; Websterian: Fa- bian; Marshall Bar: Inter-Bar Contest: Inter-Bar Council. George Fagin Oklahoma City Pi Sigma Alpha; Mcnorah. Robert H. Sherman Oklahoma City Phi Mu Alpha. President: University ■ Symphony President: Manager W. N. A. D.; Monnet Bar; Congress. Bob Hefner Oklahoma City Delta Upsilon. A. F. NossAMAN Norman Phi Alpha Delta; Kappa Nu Theta. Ray Lockwood Jones Cordell Acacia: Phi Alpha Delta, President ' 29; Athenean. George Fisher Holdenville Kappa Alpha; Chi Chi Chi: Sooner Staff: Jazz Hounds: In- ter Frat Council; Monnet Bar: Whirhvind. ,ff?|p : Seniors— Law M$i L il Abe Erdberg Sigma Alpha Mu. Okmulgee Edmond Frederick Brigham Kappa Sigma. Elbert Cook Mabel Pi Kappa Phi; Phi Delta Phi; Student Council ' 30: Baseball ■28- ' 29, Captain ' 30; Jazz Hounds; Varsity Basketball Manager. J. S. Campbell Fairland Kappa Sigma. Clyde E. Robinson Norman Phi Alpha Delta; Pi Sigma Alpha Kappa Nu Theta; Pick and Hammer; Monnet Bar: Congress: Student Council; Ruf-Neks. Harry Johnson Pauls Valley Kappa Sigma: Tri Chi: Alpha Kappa Psi; Jazz Hounds. George McCi oud Oklahoma City Phi Gamma Delta: Phi Delta Phi: Scabbard and Blade. — «: , ■ Seniors — Law J ferksS! Louise Frisbie Oklahoma City Kappa Kappa Gamma; Kappa Beta Pi; Sooner Staff. Clarence Black Oklahoma City Sigma Chi; Chi Chi Chi: Edi- tor 1930 Sooner.- Inter-Frater- nity Council; Jazz Hounds; Pub- lication Board ' 28 ' 29. Ralph Schaller Oklahoma City Sigma Chi; Business Manager 1930 Sooner; Assistant Business Manager 1929 Sooner; Baseball 1930. Paul Updegraff Vmita Marshall Bar; Phi Delta Phi. Paul Arnold Guthrie Phi Delta Theta. Clarence McElroy Amber Blackstone Bar; Student Council; Ruf-Neks; Blue Key; Congress. Vice-President; Oratorical Council ' 27 ' 28; Executive Committee of Union. Ruby Kolodny Kappa Beta Pi. Alpheus Varner Phi Delta Phi. Wetumka Poteau John Quilty Oklahoma City Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; Blackstone Bar; Phi Delta Phi Medal ' 28. William Biggers Lambda Chi Alpha. F. C. Windham Phi Delta Phi. John Cole Phi Kappa Sign Weu ' oka Poteau Phi Delta Phi. Beggs Reuben McCormack Oklahoma City Phi Alpha Delta; Y. M. C. A.; Con- gress; Philosophy Club. Russell Phillips Oklahoma City Alpha Tau Omega; Cross Coun- try; Track. Wesley Simms Muskogee Sigma Chi; Phi Alpha Delta. Ellis Eddy Acacia; Bar. Phi Alpha Medford Delta; Marshall Fisher Ames Oklahoma City Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Del- ta Phi; Chi Chi Chi. President; Inter-fraternity Council; Toga. President; Checkmate; Blue Key. Garrison Buxton Sigma Chi. Oklahoma City Page 76 f v Seniors— Engineering J i ■- . Stewart Milam Chelsea K.ippa Alpha: Indian Cluh: Hngi- ncers Club; Polo and Ridiny Associ- ation. Lawrence Matson Sapulpa Acacia; President A. S. C. E.; Engineers Club. Stanley McCune Enid Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Tau: Sigma Gamma Eta; A. I. M. E. Virgil Harris Enid A. I. M. E.; Engineers Club. Robert Brooks Anadarko Pi Kappa Phi. George Seiler Chickasha A. I. M. E.; Engineers Club. Lynn Barrett Tulsa Pi Kappa Phi; Pick and Hammer: Engineers: University Orchestra ' 2-i, •25. J. H. Pernell Blair Sigma Tau: A. I. M. E.: En- gineers Club. Lester Danforth Tulsa Sigma Tau: Scabbard and Blade; Wrestling. David Lawrence Wynnewood Phi Gamma Delta; Sigma Tau: Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Sigma Delta: Toga: Student Council ' 29; Engineers Club; A. I. M. E.: Websterian; Golf Team. EscA Milne Oklahoma City Sigma Mu Sigma; Bombardiers; Engineers Club; A. I. M. E. Glenn Hughes Henryetta Acacia: Scabbard and Blade; A. S. C. E.: Engineers Club. LeRoy Crabb Lambda Chi Alpha. James Logan Acacia. Roy Parker Guthrie Bixby Oklahoma City A. S. C. E.; Engineers Club. Joe Keeley Okmulgee Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Tau; Check- mate: St. Pats Board: A. S. C. E. J. Allen Hayes Texas City, Texas Sigma Mu Sigma; A. I. E. E.; Engineers Club. Maston Powers Oklahoma City Delta Beta Chi; Engineers Club: St. Pats Board. Page 77 Seniors — Engineering «S- ' f ' ' Robert A. Church W. C. Buchanan Stroud Stroud Sam Alexander Oklahoma City Phi Beta Delta; Phi Eta Siqma; Phi Beta Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Pe-et; Bombardiers; Engineers Club; A. I. M. E.; Menorah. Charles Bristol Chickasha Kappa Alpha; Pick and Hammer. W. L. Cothers Sapulpa Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; A. I. M. E. Chester Burns Oklahoma City Acacia; Engineers Club, President ' 28: A. S. C. E.. President ' 28; Chairman St. Pat ' s Board: A. S. M. E. Maynard Fuller Enid A. S. C. E.; Engineers Club; St. Pat ' s Board. Paul Denny Ada Alpha Chi Sigma. William Evans Tulsa Alpha Chi Sigma; Engineers Club; Jr. A. I. M. E. Vester Willoughby David Yates Ada Avant Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Kappa Tau Pi; A. I. M. E.; Engineers Club. M. F. Culbertson Amber A. I. M. E.; Engineers Club; Fresh- man Basketball; ' Varsity Ba.sketball. » » .» ' . N.... , . iZ Elden Curry Nc Sigma Tau; Engineers Club; A. I. M. E.; Band ' 28- ' 29. Raymond Cooper Edna Alpha Chi Sigma; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Engineers Club. James Cowan Artesia. N. M. Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Sigma Delta Psi; Tau Omega; A. S. C. E.; Engineers Club; Treasurer, St. Pat ' s Board. William Ducker Teciimseh Sigma Tau; A. S. M. E.; Engineers Club. Phillip Anderson Guthrie Acacia; Inter-Frat Council; En- gineers Club. Daniel Sholtus Acacia Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau: Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Engineers Club. Page 78 - x Robert M. Cornelius Oklahoma City Billy Fairfield Guthrie S ' nma Phi Epsilon: Fngincers Club; Orchestra; A. S. C ' E. Jack Watson Oklahoma City Alpha Sigma Delta: A. I. R. E.; Engineers Club; Gymnastic Club. Randolph L. Luccock Norman Sigma Tau; Engineering Club; A. I. M. E. Richard Robey Tulsa Acacia: Tau Beta Pi. Presid ' nt: Siqma Tau: Siqma Camma Ep- silon: Fniineers Cnb: A. I. M. E.: St Pat ' s Board. John Bell Eastland. Texas Phi Delta Theta; Tau Beta Pi; Sig- nia Gambia Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Varsity Track. Travis Roberts Norman Morris Spencer Ada President Tau Omena; Pre ' ;ident Sigma Tau: Aloha Sioma Delta; Tau Beta Pi: A. S. M. E.: Box- ing; Band ' 28; St. Pat ' s Board. George M. Chaffee Norman Sigma Gamma Epsilon: Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Tau: Engineers Club. James Lewis Winpeld. Kans. Phi Delta Theta: Sigma Gamma Ep- silon; Tau Beta Pi. Lawrence Marsh Tulsa B. T. Gerbracht Blackwell A. S. C. E.: Engineers Club: Boxing. H. L. Pickens A. I. M. E. Edgar Halfast A. L M. E. Oklahoma City Muskogee Duncan Elza Gray Engineer ' s Club: A. I. M. E, Bruce Davidson Tulsa Track; Cross Country ' 28- ' 29: En- gineer ' s Club. W. D. Denton Blackwell Phi Kappa Sigma: Engineers Club; A. S. M. E. C. W. Anthony Norman Engineers Club; A. I. M. E., Secre- tary. Page 79 ji Seniors — Engineering . Ij W Andres L. Vazquez San Antonio, Texas Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Engineers Club; Pick and Hammer; St Pat ' s Board; Whirlwind Staff. Louis Gomez Valdas Aqtiascalientes. Mexico Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi. M. Brown Tom me Tuls3 Pi Kappa Alpha; Sigma Tau; Alpha Sigma Delta: A. I. E. E.; Engineers Club; Orchestra; College Ramblers. Elisha E. Brady Haskell Melvin Bingenheimer Clinton A. I. E. E.; Engineers Club. Warren B. Trout Muskogee Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; A. I. E. E. Engineers Club. Albert D. Maidt Sigma Chi. Oklahoma City Bud Neptune Bartlesville Pi Kappa Alpha; Sigma Gamma Epsilon: Ruf-Neks; Pick and Hammer: Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil: Engineers Club. Don L. Mayer }. T. Haun Oklahoma City Blackwell Kappa Alpha: Jazz Hounds: Engi- neers Club; Pick and Hammer. Raymond H. Haas Woodward Alpha Tau Omega. Frank B. Creekmore Tonki Glee Club: A. I. E. E.; Engineers Club. Albin Carl Meixner Alva Alpha Sigma Delta: Engineers Club. Sloan R. Jackson Perry Phi Kappa Psi: A. S. C. E.; Jazz Hounds: Sigma Tau: Mystic Keys; Engineers Club. Edgar R. Taylor Oklahoma City A. I. E. E. J. Ryan Walker Blair Tau Omega. Vice President ' 30; A. S. M. E., ' Vice President ' 30; Engineers Club. E. J. Sampson, Jr. Oklahoma City Engineers Club. Lawrence LeRoy Plank Fairview Engineers Club: Tau Beta Pi; Sig- ma Tau; Delta Beta Chi. Page 80 ' i 7 -: Deedo Anita Shaw lliomas Gamma Phi Beta: Eurodclpliian: Y. W. C. A.: Play House: May Queen ' iO. Virginia Gayle Hackett Norman Pi Zcta Kappa: El Modjii: Y. W. C. A. Winifred Stahl Tulsa Kappa Kappa Gamma: Polo and Riding Association: El Modjii; Sooner Staff. Anita Constant Wichita. Kansas Alpha Gamma Delta: Adagio Club. Louise Whitson Oklahoma City University Players. " In The Next Room " ' 28: " Craig ' s ■Wife " ' 28: " Meet The Wife " ' 29. Ruth Louise Rowland Enid Delta Delta Delta: University Play- ers: Y. W. C. A.: ' " Wandering Jew " ' 27. Bertha Ours Oklahoma City Phi Mu: El Modjii; Croquis Club: Eurodelphian Club: Women ' s Pan- Hellenic Secretary ' 29: Soonerland Follies ' 29. Laurita McMillan Norman Phi Mu; Eurodelphian: Kappa Phi. MiRYL C. Garrett Sigma Alpha Iota. Oklahoma City Olive B. Garrett Lindsay Alpha Xi Delta; Mu Phi Epsilon; Polo and Riding Association ' 28-29. Alma Watson McAlester Alpha Gamma Delta; Sigma Al- pha Iota: Choral Club: Eurodel- phian. Eunice Gist Frederick Alpha Chi Omega; Phi Mu Gamma: Play House; Cosmopolitan; Y. W. C. A. ' ' • Seniors — Fine Arts ;1lf ' ' W»w %»:itji «t. Mtii Phyllis Woodruff Oklahoma City Alpha Phi: University Players, Sec- retary and Treasurer: Mortar Board: League of Young Democrats, Vice- President. Hazel Eley Altus Alpha Xi Delta; W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. Melva Rose Norman Norman Girl.-: Club: Y. W. C. A. Mary Frances Guilds El Modjii. Maurice Penn El Modjii. Veta B. Raine Kappa Phi: Y. W. C. A Norman Norman Carnegie Page S! Virginia Early Oklahoma City Alpha Xi Delta: El Modjii: Y. W. C. A. NoNDis ZiRKLE Norm Delta Psi Kappa; Ducks Club; Life Savers; Blue Divers. Pauline Flynt Chi Omega. Martha Jane Troxel Glee Club. Frederick Sayre Nola Wilson Siloam Springs. Ark. Mu Phi Epsilon; Glee Club. Grace Eckler Norman Adagio; University Players, " The C!ean-Up ■ ' 29. Frances Atwater Norman Gamma Phi Beta; Girl ' s Quartette; Sigma Alpha Iota, President ' 30: Choral Club; German Club; French Club. Bernice Penn Norman Sigma Alpha Iota. Doris Crutchfield Olustee Delta Delta Delta; Beyond the Hor- Marianne Elizabeth Bays Oklahoma City Sigma Alpha Iota; I ' i Zeta Kappa; Orchestra. Veta Dowell Hominy Alpha Chi Omega; Glee Club: Indian Club. Robert Duncan Forgan Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Mu Alpha; Student Council ' 28. Gertrude Betty Carman Bristow Alpha Xi Delta; Mortar Board: Mu Phi Epsilon: Y. W. C. A.; Orches- tra; W. S. G. A.; Pierian; Pan-Hel- lenic; Oratorical Council: Polo and Riding Association. Margaret Barry Dallas. Texas Delta Delta Delta; Mortar Board; ' Vice President ' 29 Prexy Club; President ' 29 French Club; Tivoli: Stunt Nite; Sooner Staff: Whirlwind Staff; Scrib- blers: Follies; Beauty Queen ' 28. Modern Sooner Girl ' 29. Winifred Stahl Tulsa Kappa Kappa Gamma: El Modjii: Sooner, Art Editor. Ruth Starkey Oklahoma City Delta Gamma; ' W. S. G. A. Marjorie Aileen Young Bentonville. Ark. Delta Gamma; Y. ' W. C. A.: Glee Club; Follies; Stunt Nite. Flossie Irene Welsh Holdenville Gamma Phi Beta; Y. W. C. A. Page 82 J l n. Seniors — Fine Arts :m!p-y]mJ . Katherine Amis Paris. Texas El Modjii; I ' olo ;uid Riding Asso- ciation. Robert Shead Norman Knppa Alpha: Newman Club; El Modjii; Staff Artist; Okluhoma Magazine: Stunt Nitc ' 29; Sooner Staff. Katherine Burnett Sapulpa Sigma Alpha Iota; Adagio Dance Club; Miniature Symphony; Indian Club: W. A. A. Stroud University Players; Faye Foushee Pi Beta Phi Duck ' s Club. Zelma Oliver Norman Duck ' s Club: Life Saving Corps; El Modjii: Polo and Riding As- sociation. Dorothy Willows Tulsa Mu Phi Epsilon; Student Council; Adagio Club; Choral Club. Mary Case Frederick Kappa Kappa Gamma: Sigma Alpha Iota; Glee Club; Choral Club. Martha Overlees Bartlesville Kappa Kappa Gamma, Presi- dent: Mortar Board; Sigma Al- pha Iota: Legislative Council. Secretary: Choral Club; Pan- Hellenic; Tivoli: Follies ' 28; Lovetime ' 27; Stunte Nite ' 27- •28- ' 29- ' 30. Patricia Jones Norman Phi Beta; Norman Girl ' s Club. Evelyn Holman Guthrie Mu Phi Epsilon, President ' 29- ' 30. Wyona La Reau Norman Gamma Phi Beta. Caroline Elder Oklahoma City Sigma Alpha Iota; Glee Club ' 28- ' 29- ' 30. Alye Tomberlin Wetumka Phi Mu; Sigma Alpha Iota; Glee Club, President; Girls ' Quartet; ' Var- sity ' Vanities; Follies: Eurodelphian; Presidents Club. Frances Clewien Pawhuska Alpha Xi Delta: El Modjii; In- dian Club; Y. ' W. C. A. Helen Hilsmeyer Chi Omega. Norman Evelyn Fleecer Wichita, Kans. Alpha Gamma Delta. Derald Swineford Enid Margaret Owen Enid Alpha Chi Omega; Y. " W. C. A. Page S3 |p ? - Juniors — Arts and Science . j Lois E. Steele Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha Theta. Mary Bernice Harris Mangiim Alpha Phi; Y. W. C, A. Dorothy Swank Norman Pi Zeta Kappa; Y. W. C. A. Coun- cil. Lady Percy Shaw Ada Pi Beta Phi; Y. W. C. A. Elizabeth Ludwick Pawhuska Alpha Phi. Ramona Shaw Enid Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A. Donna Franklin Oklahoma City Alpha Phi. Jewell Shaw Mangum Y. W. C. A. Mildred Arline Brown Broken Arrow Gamma Phi Beta. Margaret Klingensmith Sapulpa Pi Beta Phi; Y. W. C. A.; Sociology Club. Jo Craker Bristow Kappa Alpha Theta; French Club; Y. W. C. A. Jane Field Enid Kappa Alpha Theta; French Club; Spanish Club. Alleyne Finerty Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha Theta. Emily Mitcha ' Wichita Falls. Texas Pi Beta Phi; Sociology Club; Y. W. C. A. Peggy Maguire Norman Alpha Chi Omega. Ernestine Dolman Coe Amarillo. Texas Tap-Dancing Club; Y. W. C. A. Marion Drane Tulsa Martha Garber Enid Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A.; Polo and Riding Associ- ation. Page 84 Makv Foster Hudson Ardmore Kappa Kappa Gamma: SooNi h Staff: Riding Club. Marcella Hill Chickasha Indian Club: Gamma Phi Beta; Y. W. C. A. Frances E. McGee Oklahoma City Y. W. C. A. Eleanor Gist Amarillo. Texas Kappa Alpha Theta: Y. W. C. A. Margaret Loeffler Oklahoma City Ava Marie Saunders Oklahoma City Ferne Tuttle Nc Louise Craddock Oklahoma City Delta Gamma. Frank Tansel Delta Sigma Pi. Edmond Thornton Thornhill Wakita Robert Turner Anadarko Arthur Martin Okemah Phi Delta Theta. .,r?fe l ]uniors Avts and Science - f ■ffx f VP! ' .. ■i ' -wr-? ' Wf ' ' : . ' srt«: ' wy Clifford V. Tisdal Elk City Kappa Alpha. Hansel Riddle Okmulgee Delta Upsi on. R. M. Swartz Norman Bob H. Searcy Tulsa Polo and Riding Association. John H. Poe Tulsa Phi Gamma Delta: Soonerland Follies; Scabbard and Blade. Rex S. Garner Byars Page 55 Juniors — Arts and Science - M mr Robert O. Morrison Oklahoma City Alpha Sigma Phi. R. Gerson Adler Congress. Davis Vernon C. Mahoney Tonka wa Gaines ; E. HiGHSMITH Altus Alpha Kappa Psi; Delta Chi. Robert T. Duncan Philadelphia, Pa. Kappa Tau Pi: Y. M. C. A., Cabinet: Freshman Football; Freshman Baseball. William Kiel Ft. Madison. Iowa Pick and Hammer. Kathleen Mauck Oklahoma City Phi Mu: Eurodelphian. Helene McNally Okmulgee Kappa Uosilon: Newman Club: French Club: Y. W. C. A. Joe M. Morris Tonkaw. Ida C. McCutcheon Shidler Pi Zeta Kappa: Philosophy Club. Victor Jerome Jamieson Ponca City Newman Club, President. Katherine Hahn Coffeyville. Kans. Chi Omega: Y. W. C. A.: Council: Comfort Club. Herbert Henry Kaufman Pawnee Rock, Kans. Forrest E. Love Norman Alpha Chi Sigma: Congress; Engineers Club. Helen Eleanor Booth Oklahoma City Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Mildred Lucas Sapulpa Kappa Phi; Y, W. C. A.; Spanish Club. Harry Loyd Taloga Robert R. Harrington Norman jl» -: Juniors— Arts and Science , J| - tr . Edgar Heston Westrillc Phi Eta Sigma; Pick and Hammer. R. V. HOLLINGSWORTH Miidill Bombardiers: A. I. M. E.; Sen- ate: Congress: I ' ick and Ham- mer: Polo. Melvin C. Howe Shamrock. Texas Phi Delta Chi: Y. M. C. A. Lottie Mae Hughes Henryctta Chi Omega: Y. W. C A. Lours Dakil McAlester Delta Sigma Rho: Congress: Oratory: Oratorical Council. Stewart Harral Durant Sigma Chi: Sigma Delta Chi: Kappa Tau Pi: Whirlwind Staff. Kathleen De Groot Muskogee French Club. Mildred Foushee Stroud Pi Beta Phi. John L. Gutherie Norman Kappa Kappa Psi: Band: Glee Club. Mary Harkin Pawhuska Theta Sigma Pi: Newman Club. Winifred Handy Tulsa Y. W. C. A. Marian Goss Watonga Delta Gamma: Indian Club. Russell Chase Seminole Delta Chi: Kappa Kappa Psi: Foot- ball ' 26: Band: Interfraternity Coun- cil. Mary Carey Oklahoma City Newman Club. Loucille Coffey Henryetta Sigma Alpha Iota: Spanish Club. Martin Coblentz Quinton Delta Tau Delta: A. I. M. E.; Rid- ing Asociation: Pick and Ham- mer. Ollie B. Collins Floyada, Texas Alpha Lambda Delta: Ducks Club: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.; Business Women ' s Club. Pauline Cowen Chickasha Alpha Xi Delta: Y. W. C. A.; In- dian Club. Page 87 r-- ' , ' " ' " Juniors — Arts and Science Jwi " ' .. ' L i y 4 ' - ' Virginia Carlow Muskogee Alpha Phi; Y. W. C. A.: Spanish Club. Hurst }. Swiggart Tryon Bernice Louise Palmer Norman Y. W. C. A.: Los Dos Americanos: The English Club: Glee Club: Nor- man Girls Club. La Velle Walker Y. W. C. A. J. Byron Swiggart Apache Tryon Lydia Kathryn Squire Mangum Kappa Kappa Gamma: Polo and Riding Association: Pick and Hammer; Y. W. C. A. George Gibson Groi ' e Pi Kappa Alpha. Hilda Aurback Mabel Sigma Delta Tau. Dorothy Flora Boatright Porter Alpha Omicron Pi: Y. W. C. A.: Spanish Club. Louis Long Ada Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Scabbard and Blade: Bombardiers. Eva Mae Morris Oklahoma City Alpha Phi: Y. W. C. A.; Spanish Club; Polo and Riding Association. Helen Moore Enid Elizabeth Stewart Chelsea Phi Mu: W. A. A.: Sociology Club; Oratorical Council: Pick and Hammer: Las Dos Americanos Y. W. C. A.; Eurodelphian, Presi- dent ' 29. Waldrow W. Cooley Pi Sigma Alpha. W. R. Benedict Delta Chi. Norman Carthage. Mo. Glen R. Campbell Conway. Kansas Duncan Clarence M. Ball Wrestling Squad. Hatty Barrett Phi Mu: Eurodelphian. Alius Page SS . T. C. Wright Tulsa Phi Kappa Sigma: Alpha Chi Mu. Bill McClure Lawton Kappa Alpha. H. F. Johnston Tipton Freshman Baseball. RuDD Tate Ardmoce Kappa Kappa Gamma: Chi Upsilon; Y. W. C. A. Russell A. Gideon Kappa Sigma. LuDviK Semrod Tulsa Yukon Delta Chi; Newman Club; Geogra- phy Club. Blanche Davis Ratliff Oklahoma City Alpha Phi; Polo and Riding Associa- tion: Pick and Hammer Club. Noble B. Goatcher Seminole Delta Chi. Dick Berry Oklahoma City Sigma Chi: Ruf-Neks; Pick and Ha Ernest E. Raff Sigma Nu. Club. Ponca City Jack Stone Oklahoma City Alpha Sigma Phi: Sigma Delta Chi; Junior Intra-Mural Mana- ger: Inter-Frat Basketball Mana- ger; Sooner Staff; Sports Editor Oklahoma Daily Staff. Mary Ann Perkins Hugo Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. Sociology Club: French Club; Y. W. C. A. Council. P |fc_ Juniors— Arts and Science jf H. Otto Walker Brinkman Delta Sigma Pi; Congress. Mary Louise Street Oklahoma City Delta Gamma; French Club. Margaret Wisener Fletcher Nell Roberts Chickasha Kappa Alpha Theta; Y. W. C. A. Ralph Garnett Elk City Phi Kappa Psi. Frances Steele Norman Delta Gamma. Page 89 ' ■ " ' i ' ' ' ' luniors — Arts and Science Ms h i Margaret Elinor Jett Oklahoma City Gamma Phi Beta; Spanish Club; Pierian; Y. W. C. A. Glenn Bras Okemah Kappa Sigma. John A. Lambe Waynoka Phi Gamma Delta. Bruce B. Bevens Booneville. Ark. Delta Sigma. George Robert Alford Latta. S. C. Delta Chi: Battle Axe. William Edwin Wallace Shreveport. La. Pauline Vandever Tulsa Delta Delta Delta: Pan-Hellenic; Ti- voli Club; Polo and Riding Associ- ation. Maxine Shaffer Bartlesville Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A. Margaret Porter McAlester Delta Gamma; Spanish Club; Y. W. C. A. Margaret Morley Oklahoma City Delta Delta Delta: Y. W. C. A., Cabinet: Judicial Board of W. S. G. A.: Glee Club ■27--28- ' 29. Nina Louise Provost Enid Delta Gamma. Maryera Adelaide Wiles Skiatook Alpha Chi Omega: Orchestra; Dusty Travelers. Thorold E. Roberts Okmulgee Sigma Chi. Josephine Sue Shipp Idabel Alpha Xi Delta: Polo and Rid- ing Association. Clarence L. LovelAce Pawhuska Pi Kappa Phi. DoDSON Robert Johnson Altus Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Bombardiers. Mildred Streeter El Reno Alpha Phi; Pan-Hellenic. Mary Lois Patterson Wewoka Page 90 r Robert J. Strader Amarillo. Texas Phi Kappa Psi: Bombardiers: Pick and Hammer. Ai EENE Moore Pi Beta Phi. Rogers. Ark. Nancy Dunn Sherman, Texas Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A. Harold H. Hogue Carnegie Delta Chi; Alpha Kappa Psi. Gaylord E. Giles Oklahoma City Athenian. Wendall Ford Tulsa Phi Gamma Delta; Glee Club; Bom- bardiers; Follies ' 29. Lorraine S. Fogarty Guthrie Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kap- pa Psi. Helen Morgan Chickasha Kappa Alpha Theta. Leona Marie Sappington LaVeme Phi Mu; Eurodelphian: Y. W. C. A. Sociology Club. J. Hoyle Carlock Phi Delta Theta. Ardmore George Joseph Siebold Oklahoma City Phi Gamma Delta. Louise Cox Fort Worth. Texas Kappa Kappa Gamma. n " v -- ? J9|p :; Juniors— Alts and Science j|| B. T. Williams Stratford Phi Eta Sigma; Congress; Polo and Riding Association. May Wemyss Smith Riverside. Calif. Alpha Chi Omega. Hazel Sledge Oklahoma Citu Y. W. C. A. Council; French Club. Bernard A. O ' Neill Marshall Pi Kappa Alpha; Newman Club. Vice-President ' 27. Mary Temple Newell Enid Y. W. C. A.: Spanish Club; Classics Club. C. Vernon Rice Muskogee Delta Upsilon: Mu Eta Tau. :-tgW. Page 91 i 1;i- Juniors — Acts and Science .M$ . ■ i ' .: ' : -e ? »r Edna Lucille Hardin Norman William Moore, Jr. Quinton Virginia Moody Oklahoma Citif Delta Gamma. Wayne Martin Norman Biology Club. Katherine Osborn El Paso. Texas Kappa Upsilon; Y. W. C. A.; French Club. Emma Lee Feazel New Boston, Tex. Phi Mu; W. A. A.; French Club; Eurodelphian. Berry W. Byron Shawnee Delta Chi; Phi Delta Chi. Gerald S. Bond Bethany Sigma Mu Sigma: Phi Delta Chi. Mary L. Boake Alpha Xi Delta. Gotebo True Baker Shawnee Phi Kappa Sigma; Polo and Riding Association. Tom p. Gordon Oklahoma City Columbia Club; Newman Club; Oklahoma Daily Staff, National Advertising Manager. Merl Freeland Norman Sigma Chi; Glee Club; Phi Mu Alpha. Roberta Graham Okmulgee Gamma Phi Beta; Y. W. C. A. Floye Deane Grimmett Shawnee Gamma Phi Beta; Y. W. C. A.; Studio Players. Katherine Goodwin Altus Delta Gamma. Virginia Getman Tulsa Delta Delta Delta: Y. W. C. A. Georgia C. Cox Life Saving Club. Jess Irving Denison Kappa Alpha. Okarche Hobart Page 92 f " Juniors — Arts and Science y ' feSJ -- 7 . 4? Sam Schwieger Okeene Lambda Chi Alpha. Sterling Byers Oklahoma City Phi Beta Delta: I ' hi Eta Sigm.i; Congress; Menorah. Ralph Rider Guthrie Delta Tau Delta: Track. Wylla Louise Crabtree Cordell Delta Delta Delta: Y. W. C. A.: Spanish Club: Classics Club. Polk Fry. Jr. Frederick Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Chi. Jack Frank Morehead Washington Websterian: Polo and Riding Associ- ation: Advance R. O. T. C. Don R. Feagin Tulsa Phi Kappa Psi: Sigma Gamma Ep- silon; President of Junior Clas ' 29. Odile Berry Norman Pi Zeta Kappa: Oikonomia; Ducks Club; Physiology Club; Life Saving Club. Florence Cardwell Holdenville Pi Beta Phi: Y. W. C. A.: Sociology Club. Don Wiet Tulsa Phi Gamma Delta. Eleanor Abigail Tullock Okmulgee Alpha Chi Omega; Glee Club: Philosophy Club: Y. W. C. A. Louise Sharley Pierce Norman Delta Gamma: Adagio: Y. W. C. A.: Norman Girls ' Club: Follies ' 28; Stunt Nite ' 28, ' 29: Cinderella Ballet; French Club. Fred Abney Edinburg, Texas Phi Gamma Delta; Orchestra. Louise Clark Wapanucka F. K. Crider Shreveport. La. Sigma Nu: Pick and Hammer. Ludora Langston Okmulgee Phi Mu: Eurodelphian. Rosemary E. Lamb Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha Theta: Alpha Lambda Delta; Pan-Hellenic; ' Women ' s Council. Evelyn Sarah Lapp Wilburton Sigma Delta Tau; Y. ' W. C. A.; Spanish Club; Menorah; Pan-Hel- lenic. Page 93 1 l : Juniors— Arts and Science fe m Marjorie Putnam Carnegie Alpha Gamma Delta: Y. W. C. A.; History Club. Mary Carter Osborn El Paso, Texas Kappa Upsilon; Ducks Club: Polo and Ridinq Association: Lambda Kappa Sigma. Martha Jennings Muskogee Norma Pinson Y. W. C. A. Tipton Billings Jesse A. Fraizer Pi Kappa Phi. Alberta Faucette Oklahoma City Alpha Omicron Pi: Y. W. C. A.: Classics Club. Robert R. Rogers Oklahoma Citii Delta Upsilon. Geo. Edward Sinning Norman Robert L. Trapp Tulsa Thelma M. Heenan Ardmore Pi Beta Phi; Y. W. C. A.: Tivoli: Pan-Hellenic. Don G. McCormick Tulsa Delta Upsilon; Student Coun- cil, Treasurer ' 30. Evelyn Hayes Alpha Phi: Y. W. C. A. McLoud Frank E. Stephens Sapulpa Mildred Estelle Bush McAlester Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. A.: Spanish Club: Cosmopoli- tan Club. Joe J. Brewer Tulsa Phi Kappa Psi: Bombardiers: Ruf- Neks. Eugene Rose Cache Delta Sigma Pi. Max Silverman Canadian Sigma Alpha Mu. Mary Virginia Jordan Tulsa Alpha Chi Omega: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Spanish Club; French Club. Page 94 Ragna E. Pearce Pi Beta Phi. Pauls Valley Robert L. Simpson. Jr. Eufaula Phi Kappa Psi; Alpha Kappa Psi. Anthony }. Soldani Ponca City Sigma N u : Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball. Raymond C. Powless Tulsa Delta Tau Delta; Bombardiers; Pick and Hammer; Basketball; Base- ball; Track. R. LeRoy Cole Delta Chi. Tulsa Marion E. Fergerson Sioux City. la. Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Women ' s Council: University Players. Vernon Roberts Kappa Alpha. Holdenville Ruth Little Purcell Pi Beta Phi; Tivoli; Stunt Nite; Follies. Russell S. Reisinger Winpeld. Kans. A. D. Kennedy Okmulgee Sigma Chi: Philosophy Club. Jack Land Muskogee Phi Kappa Psi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Pick and Hammer; Ruf- Neks; Polo and Riding Asso- ciation. Lois Johnson Tulsa Gamma Phi Beta: Y. W. C .A.: French Club: Adagio: W. A. A.; Spanish Club. iSfcpSfcr Juniors— Arts and Science JES ■ F. C. Everhard Pharr. Texas Edward L. Howard Oklahoma City Pi Kappa Alpha: Geology. Cleo Catherine Clark Roff Mary Herndon Morrison Oklahoma City Milton R. Elliott Shawnee Websterian. James D. McCoid Lawton Page 95 ! . ' ' ' Juniors — Arts and Science ■iM ' m i Martha K. Harrington Lanthrop, Mo. Gamma Phi Beta. William Julien Bartlesville Kappa Sigma: Pick and Hammer. Eloise Wheeler Weatherford Delta Delta Del ta; Y. W. C. A,; Sociology Club. Ernestine Barkley Childress. Texas Delta Delta Delta. Laura Petty La Verne Phi Mu; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A.; Eunodelphian. George A. McClung Ft. Worth, Texas Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Kappa Psi; Ruf-Neks: Inter-fraternity Council. Marshall Wallace Stillwater Delta Chi; Pi Epsilon Pi; Athenean. Mildred Louise Hudson Oklahoma City Orchestra. Kenneth E. McAfee Roff Acacia; Alpha Kappa Psi: Jazz Hounds. Sarah Margaret Barlow Hominy Alpha Chi Omega. Roy p. Stewart Weatherford Play House Manager; Stunt Nite ' 29. Cecile L. Moore Alpha Phi. Nor;; Virginia Kramer Bristow Kappa Kappa Gamma: Theta Sigma Phi: Student Union Board; Pierian President: Blue Divers; Women ' s Council: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.; Manuscript Club: Stunt Nite; Polo and Riding Association. Mary Jane Thompson Tulsa Kappa Alpha Theta; Y. W. C. A.: French Club. Philip B. Berry Tulsa Phi Beta Delta: Wrestling; Band: Congress: Pick and Hammer. Geo. Penney Tulsa Delta Upsilon. Helen Bethell Tulsa Pi Beta Phi: Y. W. C. A.; Fol- lies: Stunt Nite. Harriet Womack Duncan Pi Beta Phi; Y. W. C. A.; Stunt Nite; Glee Club: Follies; Vanities; R. O. T. C. Spon.sor. Page 96 Virginia Stewart Muskogee Delta G.inima; Prcnch Club; Ti o- li. C. G. Stuart Kappa Sigma. JuANiTA Pool Kappa Kappa Gamma Waiirika Chickasha Turner Bynum Sigma Chi. Oklahoma City M. T. TiLGHMAN Oklahoma City Delta Tau Delta: Scabbard and Blade: Bombardiers: Jazz Hounds: Student Union: Whirl- wind. Laura Goss Delta Delta Delta. Pau ' huska Lawrence Sheets Ed Mills Tonkawa Oklahoma City Delta Tau Delta: Sigma Delta Chi: Oklahoma Daili : Student Council; Publication Board. Margaret McKee Chi Omega. Bartlesville Leonard Aughtry Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha: Sooner Business Staff. Louis Yager Saul Gordon Phi Beta Delta. Wichita Oklahoma City y Juniors — Arts and Science ' lT. T " (? . f mfm M John E. McCleary Colorado. Texas Phi Kappa Sigma: Alpha Kappa Psi; Kappa Kappa Psi. B. T. Masterson Houston. Texas Delta Upsilon. Christine Barnhart Childress, Texas Alpha Gamma Delta. Burton Barnes Duncan Delta Tau Delta: Scabbard and Blade. Murray Gordon Bartlesville Phi Gamma Delta: Sooner Staff. John Mecom Houston, Texas Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Polo and Riding Association. Page 97 " " ft- Juniors — Arts and Science .m ' ' mn - ' .. Wallace Bingham Spur. Texas John K. Youngheim Anadarko Phi Beta Delta: Band. Louise Kearney Kansas City. Mj. Delta Gamma. Jess M. Harris Wilburton Alpha Sigma Phi; Biology Club. Lowell McGehee Norman Kappa Alpha. U. S. Russell Oklahoma City Lambda Chi Alpha. Bazil Gooding Dallas. Texas Alpha Sigma I ' hi. Don D. Montgomery Ada Sigma Nu. Curtis Berry Norman Alpha Sigma Phi: Football: Wrest- ling. Charles L. Lenau Hobart Alpha Sigma Phi. Mable Katherine Farris Oklahoma City Sarah Louise Turner Oklahoma City Alpha Chi Omega: Follies ' 29; Polo and Riding Asociation. H. V. Shepard Denton, Texas Acacia; Glee Club: Y. M. C. A. Bernard H. Hilburn Dallas. Texas Delta Tau Delta. Eleanor D. Leibrand McAlester Kappa Alpha Theta. Marvin B. Hall Gainesville, Texas Alpha Sigma Phi. Joe B. Gordon Konawa Alpha Sigma Phi: Glee Club; Follies ' 29. Mary Louise Stokes Wewoka Delta Gamma; Y. W. C. A. Page 98 James A. Jones Duncan Lambda Chi Alpha; Polo and Rid- int) Association. J. Hubert Noi ris Cherokee Pi Kappa Phi: Lambda Nu. Max L. Blakeslee Nowati Doha Tau Delta. J. R. MacLean Pueblo, Colo. Delta Tau Delta. James C. Manning Delta Tau Delta. C. K. Khoury Delta Chi. Ardmore Drumright Clyde Minniear Nowata Delta Tau Delta: Track ' 26- ' 27. Mary Jane Jones Shawnee Chi Omega. Mary Frances Walker Shawnee Chi Omega. Clyde B. Kirk Nan Alpha Sigma Phi: Football ' 28- ' 29; Wrestling ' 29. Virginia Bond Ft. Worth. Texas Kappa Kappa Gamma; French Club: Spanish Club; Y. W. C. A. Fred Heiligman Phi Beta Delta. Maud - Tlx jj )jp 5 Juniors — Arts and Science M$J: BiLL McDonald Oklahoma City Delta Tau Delta. Winfrey Meler Sigma Chi. Glenn Dunnington Pi Kappa Phi. Chickasha Cherokee M. A. Aldrich Pond Creek Pi Kappa Ph i. Elizabeth Patterson Oklahoma City Alpha Gamma Delta. James Wood Gorman Sapulpa Pi Kappa Alpha: Y. M. C. A.; Athenean. Page 99 P Juniors — Law ;lS■ " W " ' David Reed Carnegie Congress; Monnet Bar. Joe Birge Oklahoma City Phi Gamma Delta: Phi Alpha Delta; President Junior Law Class ' 29; President University Shrine Club; University League of Young Democrats; Holmes Bar. Oran McCain Nowata Mu Eta Tau: Alpha Pi Mu; Lamb- da Nu. William Dodson Wewoka Merton Munson Laivton Acacia; Pi Sigma Alpha; Presi- dent Delta Sigma Rho; League of Young Democrats; President Student Council ' 29; President Senior Class ' 28; Inter-fratern- ity Council; Scabbard and Blade President ' 28; Blue Key; Athenean; Publication Board; Varsity Debate; Oxford De- bate; Blue Pencil; Ruf-Neks; Oratorical Council. Clyde Watts Wagoner Delta Tau Delta; Phi Delta Phi; Polo and Riding Association; Web- sterian; Scabbard and Blade Presi- dent; Colonel R. O. T. C. Frank J. Wiley Oklahoma City Acacia. Charles Schwoerke Norman Phi Delta Phi; Delta Sigma Rho; Congress; Oratorical Council; Debate Tournament Chairman; Holmes Bar. Ed Winston Tulsn Phi Beta Delta. Vernon Weddel Chandler Acacia; Scabbard and Blade; Athen- ean; Stunt Nite. Harry Turner Oklahoma City Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Stunt Nite. Robert Browne Amarillo. Texas Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Delta Phi; Scabbard and Blade; Bombardiers; Assistant Business Manager of Sooner. Elizabeth Cox Norman Phi Mu; Kappa Beta Pi; Pi Zeta Kappa; Pi Kappa Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Eurodelphian; Indian Club; Wil- liams Bar ' 29. MoRTiN Rubin Dallas. Texas Phi Beta Delta; Menorah. Elden Mayaw Concordia. Kans. Acacia; Phi Alpha Delta. Mex Curry Stroud Publication Board; Whirlwind: Stu- dent Council Dance Manager; Wcb- sterian Treasurer ' 28. William Fleetwood Tulsa Phi Gamma Delta: Phi Delta Phi: Blue Key: Buffalo Mask; University Players; Inter-Fra- ternity Council; Director of Fol- lies; Whirlwind. Robert Woolsey Tulsa Kappa Sigma: Scabbard and Blade; University Players; Congress; Pick and Hammer: Follies. Page 100 Charles Brodersen Okarche President Student Council: Publica- tion Boiird: Pi Siynia Alpha, Presi- dent: Holmes Bar: Athcnean Presi- dent: Forensic Club: Oratorical Council: International Relations Club: ■. M. C. A. Cabinet: Blue Key. Leonard Jent Acacia. Kermit E Pittsburg. Kans. Nash Drumright Alpha Sigma Phi: Lambda Nu: Phi Alpha Delta. Rav Harkin Phi Kappa Sigma. James Blanton Sigma Nu. Richard Hoy Pawhuska Pauls Valley Norman Phi Kappa Sigma: Phi Delta Phi. Charles Keilin Norman Phi Beta Delta. Stewart Bailey Oklahoma City Acacia; Phi Alpha Delta. Howard Davis Oklahoma City Alpha Sigma Phi: Pi Sigma Alpha; Phi Delta Phi: Websterian: Orator- ical Council ' 27: Blackstone Bar. Turner King Ada Phi Delta Theta. John Eberle Oklahoma City Congress: Newman Club. Ben Huey Norman Acacia; Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Delta Phi. George Oliphant Holdenville Phi Gamma Delta: Phi Delta Phi. L. W. McKnight Enid Phi Delta Theta: Phi Delta Phi; Blackstone Bar; Inter-Bar Coun- cil. Bill Matney Ft. Smith. Ark. Phi Kappa Sigma: Phi Mu Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta: Men ' s Quartette; League of Democrats. Paul Edwards Enid Phi Delta Theta: Phi Delta Phi. Leola Nichols San Angela. Texas Pi Beta Phi: Monnet Bar. Bert M. Varvel Sigma Chi. Oklahoma City Page 101 . ||;p Juniors — Engineering . $ Jj | svw x- .s.Mn. ' m f-.i. Charles Johnson Tulsa Alpha Sigma Phi; A. I. M. E.; Engineers Club: Ruf-Neks. Grant Landon Oklahoma City Harold Kuhlman Norman Engineers Club. James Henderson Ft. Recovery. Ohio Lyman Edwards Enid Pi Kappa Phi; Alpha Sigma Delta; Engineers Club; A. I. M. E. LeRoy Armstrong Nowata Paul Hockmeyer Acacia. John Early Delta Upsilon. Muskogee Oklahoma City Lloyd Holtson Long Branch. N. ]. Alpha Tau Omega. G. S. Hammonds Oklahoma City Alpha Sigma Delta; Sigma Tau Beta Pi; Polo and Riding Tau; Asso- elation. Bryson Williams Tulsa Kappa Alpha. William Owsley Chickasha Sigma Nu. Paul Olesen Bainbridge. N. Y. John Mitchell Sigma Chi. Hans Seiber Architect Club. W ynnewood Oklahoma City Homer Taylor V ernon. 1 exas John Strassberger Track ' 27. Purcell C. W. McLaughlin Kansas City, Kans. Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; A. S. C. E. I Page 102 Eddie Siberts OAmn i ce Kappa Alpha. Robert Kutz Ponca City Delta Chi: Phi Eta Siyma: Al- pha Chi Sigma: Bombardiers; Scabbard and Blade. Benson Kingston Norman Delta Tau Delta; Engineers Club; A. I. M. E. Charles Schubert La Mar, Mo. Delta Chi. C. M. Cowan Chickasha Acacia: Engineers Club; A. S. C. E. Cletus Zoeller Delta Beta Chi. Sacred Heart Frank Sachle Shreveporf, La. Sigma Pi Sigma. La Verna Lemmon Netvland. Mo. Otho DiCKERSON Shreveport, La. Alpha Chi Sigma. Earl Miller Lowell Pearson Nc Dallas. Te.vas Engineers Club; Pick and Ham- mer; Texas Club. Carl McAlister Oklahoma City Phi Kappa Psi. : . " :- l j «|,r i; juniors— Engineering g j i. , f -». ' Daniel Tompkins Corpus Christi. Texas Kappa Alpha: Engineers Club: Delta Beta Chi. Lawrence Edwards Ponca City Sigma Chi. Lloyd Foster Phi Gamma Delta. Seminole S. F. HOMESLY Cisco. Texas Phi Kappa Sigma: Kappa Kappa Psi; Engineers Club. Roy Thompson Tulsa Alpha Sigma Phi. Dick Swan Oklahoma City Alpha Tau Omega. - " »fe; Janiors — Engineering v ' ll ' ' ';? i, Earl Helvie Tulsa Delta Upsilon. Reagan Dublin Wichita Falls. Texas Sigma Chi. Dennis Rushing " Norman Pick and Hammer; Engineers Club. Paul Reed Tulsa Phi Kappa Sigma. Howard Lenderking Oklahoma City A. S. M. E.; Engineers Club. Jack Mideke Oklahoma City A. S. M. E.: Engineers Club. Harold F. Vessels Enid Pi Kappa Phi. Armstead a. York Okmulgee Alpha Sigma Phi. James R. Bollinger Tyrone Acacia: Tau Omega Charles Heno Napoleom ille. La. Kappa Alpha. Foster C. Whiteside Council Hill Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Mu Epsilon: Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Tau: En- gineers Club: A. I. E. E. Robert H. Burns Pauls Valley Phi Kappa Sigma. Paul Thurber Nor Engineers Club: St. Pat ' s Coun- cil; A. S. C. E.: Congress. Presi- dent ' 30; Oratorical Council; Kap- pa Tau Pi. Cotton Hill Houston. Texas Sigma Alpha Epsilon. L. R. VanArsdale Tulsa Pi Kappa Phi; Alpha Chi Sigma; Inter-Fraternity Council. Jack Brosseau Oklahoma City Phi Gamma Delta. Robert C. Hull Tulsa Alpha Sigma Phi. Henry Schaefer Mountain View Engineers Club; A. S. M. E. Page 104 .,» |j 5 }uniors Fine Arts -MSjJ Edna Mae Lloyd Altus Alpha Omicron Pi: W. S. t ' l. A.: Y. W. C. A. Council. Louise Day Hamlin. Texas Gamniii Phi Beta. Lorraine Harkey Snyder Kappa Alpha Thcta: Y. W. C. A. Helen Baughman Oklahoma City Alpha Chi Omega: Y. W. C. A.; Big Sister Committee, of W. S. G. A.: Pierian: Glee Club. EuRSEL Lila Barns Tipton Alpha Omicron Pi; El Modjii: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.; Polo and Riding Association. Paula V atts Oklahoma City Edna M. Powell Colorado, Texas Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A. Peggy Oliver Shreveport. La. Kappa Alpha Theta; Sigma Al- pha Iota: French Club. Edith Messenbaugh Oklahoma City Chi Omega: El Modjii; Y. W. C. A.; Follies ' 28. Eva Brower Okmulgee Kappa Upsilon; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. Margaret Hammers Guthrie Alpha Gamma Delta: El Modjii; Pan-Hellenic: W. S. G. A. Emily E. Guthrie Ft. Worth. Texas Kappa Alpha Theta; El Modjii. Maurine Holt Oklahoma City Gamma Phi Beta. Lorena Wooten Oklahoma City El Modjii; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A; Dusty Travelers. Eleanor Thomson Mea Alpha Phi; Y. W. C. A. ARY Ruth Holbrook Perkins Pi Beta Phi. Faye LeCrone Norman Kappa Phi; Y w. C. A. Quannah Lewis Gainsville. Texas Page 105 i , ' ? ' ' junior s — Fine Arts ,.;!t? ' ' - Irene Garner Tulsa Alpha Gamma Delta; El Modjii; Y. W. C. A. Kathleen Sultan Walters Delta Gamma; Sigma Alpha Iota; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. Josephine Whistler Ft. Worth. Texas Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A. Hutoka Gulker Kingfisher Y. W. C. A.; Studio Players; French Club; English Club; Stunt Nite " 29. ViRGiE Duke Center. Texas Delta Delta Delta; Orchestra; Y. W. C. A,; W. A. A. Gladys Armstrong Oklahoma City Sigma Alpha Iota. Naimpalee Wineland Boynton Delta Gamma; Y. W. C. A, Allege Locke Oklahoma City Pi Beta Phi; University Players; Indian Club: Y. W. C. A. Ferrel Pruett Anadarko Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Latin Club; Cosmopolitan. Dorothea Stevenson Oklahoma City Delta Delta Delta; El Modjii; Polo and Riding Association; Y. W. C A. Mildred Funston Shawnee Delta Gamma; Sigma Alpha Iota; Tivoli. Christine Wallace Kappa Kappa Gamma. Tulsa Doris Strange Skiatook Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A. Frances Mathies Pauls Valley Alpha Omicron Pi. Paul Vandervort Mary Norma Lee Magnolia, Ark. Delta Delta Delta; Glee Club; El Modjii; Y. W. C. A. Clinton Hazel N. White Lucille Goldsmith Shawnee Coyle Sigma Delta Tau; Y. W. C. A. Council; German Club; Pan-Hellenic. Page 106 ' ' " W ' ; Mixed — Arts and Science ..i IJ ■ffi- Bert H. Thurber Norman Senior Business: Phi Eta Sigma: Delta Siqma Pi: Alpha Delta Sigma: Pc-et. Toqa: Congress: Oratorical Council: Oklahoma Dailtj: Y. M. C. A.. Cabinet; Blue Key: Checkmate. Josi F. Abelarde Oklahoma City Senior Medicine: Cosmopolitan Club. Haskell Walker Norman Senior Business: Phi Kappa Sigma. Bixhy Charles P. Willsey Senior Business. Lawrence P. Romeiser Timkin. Kans. Junior Arts and Science. Jo Whitehead Tipton Junior Arts and Science. Ruth Meister Oklahoma City Junior Arts and Science: Chi Omega: Theta Sinma Phi: Y. W. C. A.. Cabinet; Pan-Hellenic. Clare Holman Ardmore Junior Arts and Science: Phi Mu: Y. W. C. A.: Spanish Club: English Club. Carl }. Sallee Cherokee Junior Arts and Science. Lillian Asher Pond Creek Junior Education; Chi Omega: Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club. Florence L. Reinberge Henryetta Junior Arts and Science: Sig- ma Delta Tau: Pi Mu: Oikono- Ned Creekmore Junior Business: Sigma Nu. Tulsi Sarah Hobbs Rodgers. Ark. Junior Education: Pi Beta Phi. Sylvia M. Massie Okmulgee Junior Arts and Science: Sigma Delta Tau: Y. W. C. A.: Men- orah. Rebecca Todd Muskogee Junior Arts and Science: Delta Delta Delta: Polo and Riding Association: French Club: Y. W. C. A. Clarence N. Dunn Cherokee Junior Business; Acacia: Delta Sigma Pi: Athenian: Polo and Riding Asso- ciation. Walter W. Stewart TjIs Sophomore Geology: Phi Kappa Psi. Gordon K. Morrison Sophomore Arts and Science: Delta Chi: Oratorical Council. Guthrie Page 107 gm ' ' Mixed— Law JB Lee Vernon Sulphur Law Senior; Mystic Keys: Kappa Theta; Marshall Bar; Congress; Young Democrats Club; Y. M. C. A.; Country-Union_ President ' 27. Philo M. Hatch Oklahoma City Law Senior; Theta Kappa Nu; Phi Alpha Delta. Don Cochrane Shawnee Law Senior; Kappa Sigma. Ralph E. Boggess Ochalata Law Senior: Phi Alpha Delta: Marshall Bar; Congress. Ned Marshall Quannah. Texas Law Senior: Sigma Chi; Chi Chi Chi; Ruf-Neks. Cecil H. Brite Tulsa Law Senior: Acacia: Alpha Delta Sigma: Alpha Kappa Psi: Blackstone Bar: Oklahoma Daily Staff; Busi- ness Manager Elect 1931 Sooner. Nealand Glasgow Oklahoma City Law Senior: Theta Kappa Nu; Blackstone Bar. J. I. Gibson Wellston Law Senior: Delta Tau Delta; Inter-Frat Council: Wrestling Manager ' 28: Business Manager Soonerland Follies, 1930. E. M. Goodson Oklahoma City Law Senior; Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi. Herman A. Becker Enid Law Senior; Sigma Mu Sigma: Pi Gamma Mu; Ruf-Neks. Ross G. Hume Anadarko Law Junior: Pi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Delta Phi; Kappa Gamma Epsilon: Con- gress; Jazz Hounds; Band; ' 25, 26; Inter-Frat Council. Byron E. McFall Oklahoma City Jaw Junior: Delta Upsilon; Chi Chi Chi; Jazz Hounds; Student Council ■29- ' 30; Inter-Frat Council; Blue Key. I Ray K. Bannister El Reno Law Freshman: Delta Tau Delta; Scabbard and Blade; Inter-Frat Council; Managing Editor 1930 Sooner; Editor-Elect 1931 Sooner. O. B. Moody Chickasha Law Freshman; Acacia. K. H. Wasson Tulsa Law Freshman: Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi. T. T. Wall Minco Law Freshman; Pi Kappa Phi: " O " Club; Baseball, ' 28, ' 29. Louis P. Meyer Kansas City. Mo. Law Freshman; Phi Beta Delta: Phi Eta Sigma; Junior Manager Intra-Mural Sports; ' Varsity Yell Leader. W. L. Overholser Oklahoma City Law Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsil- Pagc 108 " ' , 7 " . " Nelson Rosen Shawnee Sigmn Alpha Mii. Harold S. Skinner Holdenvillc Sigma Nu: Pi Mu lipsilon: Phi Beta Kappa; Francis Bar: Chief Justice 30: Freshman Law President; Senate. Varley H. Taylor Tnls.i Phi Gamma Delta; Blue Key; Scab- bard and Blade; Bombardiers; Whirlwind. Editor. Verne Maxwell Tulsa Phi Gamma Delta; Williams Bar. William L. Fogg El Re Kappa Sigma; Inter-Fraternity Council; Williams Bar. E. J. Merritt Senate; Francis Bar. Ada MiLFORD F. Dever El Reno Lambda Chi Alpha; Holmes Bar. Matthew J. Kane Oklahoma City Sigma Chi; Advertising Man- ager 1930 Sooner. Jim C. Harkin Pawhuska Phi Kappa Sigma; W hirlwind Staff. H. L. Skinner. Jr. Tulsa Kappa Sigma; Tau Omega. J. R. Wrinkle Melrose. N. M. William Rowe Cook Atoka Lambda Chi Alpha; Inter-Fraternity Council. ' -, Freshmen — Law 1-0-3! iK - M f Everett Arney Leedey Senate; Marshall Bar. Harry E. Bryan Lone Wol[ Dennis H. Petty Ada Mu Eta Tau; Student Council; Ruf- Neks; Congress: Francis Bar; Blue Key; Oratorical Council: Whirlivind Staff. Clint Braden Wilburton Acacia; Athencan: Holmes Bar. WiLLARD Gragg Dallas, Texas Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Alpha Delta; Monnet Bar. Jack High ley Oklahoma City Sigma Chi; Polo and Riding Asso- Page 109 mg Si Mixed Engineering -vM -k 4 ' Henry C. Sowders. Jr. Tulsa Sophomore. Robert R. Lindsly Bartlesville Sophomore; Phi Gamma Delta. Ray Will Oklahoma City Sophomore; Bombardiers. Albert W. Taylor Blair Sophomore. Jack Stinson Tulsa Freshman; Alpha Sigma Phi. Ralph L. Sewell Oklahoma City Freshman; Sigma Mu Sigma; Steer- ing Council. Carlos Ferguson Stratford Senior; Acacia; Tau Beta Pi; Sig- ma Tau. William S. Derrick Frede Senior; Lambda Chi Alpha; Sig- ma Gamma Epsilon. G. E. Covert Commerce Senior; Sigma Mu Sigma. Bo» D. Hammond Norman Senior: Delta Upsilon; Engineers Club; A. S. C. E. Leland Snow Kingfisher Senior; Alpha Sigma Phi; Inter- Fraternity Council. Haskett Carpenter Lexington Senior; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Engineers Club; A. I. E. E. Wilford Hoback Oklahoma City Senior; Tan Beta Pi; A. S. C. E. Engineers Club. WiLBURN Howard Senior. Carnegie Walter Girard Okarche Senior; Engineers Club; A. I. M. E. B. H. Simler Tulsa Junior; Delta Tau Delta; Architec- ture Club. Raymond Inglis Norman Junior; Wrestling S- g; A. S. M. E.; Engineers Club. Victor Torres Dewey Sophomore; Engineers Club. Page 110 Barron Housek Oklahoma City Frcshiviiiii Engineer; Phi Delta Theta. Floyd Luper Freshman Engineer. Charles Rooks Freshman Engineer. William Bl ler Freshman Engineer. David Redwine Freshman Engineer. Thomas Q. Manar Freshman Engineer. Norman Halls Dewey Spiro Boynton Maramec Woodti ' ard Davis Eugene Lyons Freshman Engineer. Clude Lambert Freshman Engineer. Truman T . Martin Freshman Engineer. Tom Hogan Lawrenceville. III. Freshman Engineer. Randolph Kizzire Hugo Freshman Law; Delta Chi; Monnet Bar: Oklahoma Daily Staff: Athenian. James Robinson Norman Freshman Law; Pe-et; Blue Key; Ruf-Neks: Pi Sigma Alpha; Presi- dent Y. M. C. A.; President Mu Eta Tau: President Delta Sigma Rho: President Oratorical Council; Presi- dent Congress ' 28; State Champion Peace Orator; Varsity Debate; Whirlwind: Director Stunt Nite; Uni ersity Players; Blue Pencil; Francis Bar; Student Council; Okla- homa Daily Staff. K? ' - Mixed — Classes y -: -nkM Paul Ballinger Guyman Freshman Law; Sigma Nu; Kappa Kappa Psi: Senate: Monnet Bar: Band; Orchestra. Victor Waters Granite Freshman Law: Acacia: Pi Sig- ma Alpha; Delta Sigma Rho Student Council Vice-President Oklahoma Union, President Varsity Debate S- ' ag-SO; President Junior Class 29 President Websterian. Ted Bland Altus Freshman Law; Acacia; Phi Beta Kappa. DuRWARD Mathis Tipton Freshman Law; Acacia: Pi Sigma Alpha; Student Council; Websterian: Holmes Bar. Sidney Wolf Davis Freshman Law: Sigma Alpha Mu. C. D. Bennett Oklahoma City Freshman Law; Sigma Nu; Senate; Francis Bar; Tennis Team; " O " Club. Page 111 1 : Mixed-Classes v | Jack R. Wilson Sand Springs Arts and Science Freshman. Ernest Handley Tangier Arts and Science Freshman. Lewis Meyer Sapulpa Arts and Science Freshman; Sigma Alpha Mu; Congress; Stunt Nite. Vaughn Wilson Sand Springs Arts and Science Freshman; Phi Gamma Delta. Malvina Stephenson Sapulpa Arts and Science Freshman; Delta Delta Delta; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Philosophy Club. Mildred Cohen Memphis, Tenn. Arts and Science Freshman; Sigma Delta Tau; Y. W. C. A.; Pick and Hammer; Menorah. William J. Newblock Norman Arts and Science Freshman; Kappa Alpha; Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball Dean Rice Oklahoma City Arts and Science Freshman; Phi Gamma Delta. Patrick McCoffey Muskogee Art s and Science Freshman; Phi Del- ta Theta. Virgil C. Baxter Durham Arts and Science Freshman. Rose Kuser GainsvHle. Texas Fine Arts Junior Rena Jo Livingston Seminole Fine Arts Junior; Alpha Phi; Y. W. C. A.; Polo and Riding Association; Glee Club ' 27. 78, 79. Marvin Butterfield Anadarko Graduate Arts and Science; Kappa Gamma Epsilon; Los Dos Ameri- canos; Graduate Club; Instructor in Spanish Department. James Hodges Hickory Graduate Arts and Science; Presi- dent Graduate Club; Phi Delta Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi, Presi- dent; Philosophy Club. Herbert Peters Waxahachi. Texas Graduate; Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Chi Sigma; Blue Key. W. B. Davis Dallas, Texas Engineer; Phi Kappa Psi. William Dalton McBee Oklahoma City Freshman Engineer; Kappa Alpha. Robert Lynn Adams Crescent Freshman Engineer. Page 112 ' ' j ' Sophomores — Arts and Science Juj ' i ' . Betty Ann Setzf.r Oklahoma Citi Margaret Kuhn Oklahoma City Lois Johnston Ft. Worth. Tc. . Lucy Faye Ritchey Norman Charlotte Serkes Sr. Louis. Mo. Zera Geraldine Watts LaVcrnc Bernice Young Chccotah Isabel Mary McAlester Wicri atc. Tex. Ellen Louise Thompson Norman Betty Sue Robertson San Antonio Lela Jane Simon Oklahoma City Patty Lee Smith Oklahoma City Frances Smith Norman Joan Rollins Tipton Helen Lucille Lowry Oklahoma City Betty Lou Dunning Oklahoma City Martha Hamill Tulsa Lydia G. Hoover Noble Dorothy Detrick Okmulgee Caroline Z. Mason Oklahoma City Louise Helen Johnson Ardmorc Elizabeth Morley Oklahoma City Doris Duncan Oklahoma City Sam Glassman Carney Mildred Florence Patterson Duncan Hugh Barnard Gahnett Altus George Albert Collier Ardmore Curtis Franklin Turner Drumright Everett Ramon Purcell Tulsa Edward T. Shirley Wynnewood Jim Taylor Oklahoma City Frank B. Appleman Tulsa Chester Leon Stinnett Enid George W. Slemmer Okeene Charles Grady Oklahoma City Brame Womack Dallas, Tex. Page ? l i? " Sophomores — Arts and Science jS Haskell Smith Hanna Wilton M. Fisher Wichita Falls, Tex. Bill Majors Muskogee James Patterson Mangum Joe B. McDonald Ranger, Tex. Fred Porta Shawnee James Pipkin Oklahoma City Glen C. Comer Boonesville, Ark. Pat McCord Ponca City Leola McCormack Tipton Clifford Mell McKinney, Tex. Dallas Clements Mario w Zealand Phillips Moore Emily Phelps Hobart Ruth Mendoza Yukon Hazel De Shazo Viola. Ark. Carl Miller Moorewood Don Nabours Oklahoma City Ben Barbour Norman D. Lee Miller Detroit, Mich. C. A. Fisher Oklahoma City Bob Hornton Seminole Margaret Holtzendorff Claremore Norman Kroutil Yukon Stephen Kraisinger Timkin, Kan. AvA Marie Kirkland Wayne Harry Cushman Clinton Walter Ray Oklahoma City J. W. Head Vining, Kan. Mary G. Hughes Oklahoma City John D. Mench Oklahoma City Paul Harrison Maud Burdett Hensley Council Hill Arline Hutchinson Muskogee James Hert Perkins Merle Gee Oklahoma City Page 114 1 . Sophomores — Arts and Science •iSlx lr ' •yi ' . ' i ■ yynM-fv.-iJ ' .j,, " George T. Watts Hope. New Mexico MiLDKED Oteka Holloway OklilllOnta City Frank R. Abbott Norman Anne Lee Thomas St. Marcus, Texas Mary Virginia Walker Oklahoma City Herbert H. Wilson Hominy Louise Hohl Tulsa William Neal Searcy Tulsa Mariel Ballard Oklahoma City Nell Ezell Holdcnvillc John E. Woodward Walters Lewis Solomon Kingfisher Thomas R. Sellars Shawnee Charles W. Selby Sapulpa Zelda Florence Kirschn ER Mangum Ralph James Bartlesville Melvin Frantz Norman Thomas Hieronymus Buffalo Robert L. Hert Perkins Helen Dow Fort Stockton, Texas Newton R. Dunagan Red Rock Margaret Elizabeth DOUD Norman W. R. Flack Oklahoma City Reva Lind Clark Bartlesville Lowell Dunham Wcllston Lawrence S. Starns Altus Orville Williams Elk City R. H. Parham Norman Ora Standeven Tulsa Frances Carolyn Thomas Oklahoma City Fain John Crockett Oklahoma City Fredrick V. Crockett Oklahoma City June Elizabeth Peterson Oklahoma City John M. Carson Shawnee Fae Rawdon Oklahoma City Lee Queen Channing. Texas Page 115 r- . ! ' f Sophomores — Arts and Science -y M k f - e ? ' ' ' ' i Robert M. Jeffries Joplin. Missouri Evelyn Boring Oklahoma City Phil Campbell Claude, Texas Anne Ravitz Tulsa Nanei TE Morrison Bartlesville Dorothea Longworthv Tulsa Clem R. Rine Kansas City Virginia Dicken Oklahoma City Harry A. Pines Tulsa Sam Harold Minsky Sapulpa Dan H. Crider Mt. View Lois Wells Norman Jaunita George Webb Sulphur Willis N. Clark Bartlesville Ruth Cantrell Carnegie Tom Yarbrough Ardmore Margaret V. Phillips NcosIio. Missouri Richard L. Tryon Oklahoma City Ralph C. Strader Amarillo. Texas Lester W. Holbrook Perkins Catherine Landrum Ponca City Jane Burton Oklahoma City J. B. McKinley Hamilton. Texas Dick J. Gurley Blackwell Mildred Bainum Blackwell Lynn James Bullis Oklahoma City Eldred C. Cavett Chickasha Marguerite Chambless Norman Jo Van Brunt Oklahoma City Audrey Backenstoce Tulsa Ohville E. Bell Durham Esther Iola Anderson Oklahoma City I. DoNYEL Adkison Tulsa Ed. McKay Oklahoma City Lawrence A. Cullison Guthrie Dave A. Seran Castle Page 116 ' -■■■31 b. Sophomores — Arts and Science .yfe ' - ' krfit J ' ■ ' ■♦• " Fred W. Bonifield Okcnuih Bernice Ruby Stringer Tccanisch Mary Elizabeth Coffielu McAlcstcr Ray H. Boothe Sircctwatcr. Texas Willis Davis Sircctimtcr, Texas Clarence Davis Bixby Kathleen LaBounty Wichita. Kansas OsMUN BoNEVAL LaTrobe Washington. D. C. Bud Prather Dallas. Texas Hale Wingfield Tulsa Eugene H. Salmon Idabel Earle E. Sims Norman Melba Cameron Hcaldton Gladys Eva Marsh Fort Madison. Iowa Marie Louise Lloyd Hobart M. R. Kelso Pharr. Texas Mary Louise Green Oklahoma City Joe B. Humphreys Greenville. Texas Margaret Harold Wichita, Kansas Eleanor T. Bothwell Oklahoma City S. Rees Dews Chickasha J. Mex Fisher Byars Miriam Nicholas Okmulgee Marion Frances Woolridge Oklahoma City Victor Eckler Norman Leota M. Fratcher Springfield. III. Vernon LeRoy Fox Enid Della May Grimes Tipton Everett C. Hatton Mangum Jewel Casey Wewoka Nona Burel Enid Helen Carter Broken Arrow John Breedlove Quinton Jenet C. Comfort Norman Donald Chapell Okmulgee Cordelia Cunningham Miami Page 111 ,(- tl : ' - Sophomores — Arts and Science .Ju$ ■f . ' «.■ 4 » O. W. Hammonds Oklahoma City EiRLEEN Kennedy Raymond T. Stahl Enid Vivian A. Smith Spiro Charles Stewart Oklahoma City Abe Feferman Amarillo, Texas F. Cass LaReau Norman Virgil Arthur Ridgway Jett Richard Raines Hinton Ruth Ray Battlesvillc Garland L. Green Lindsay Geneva Harrell Ardmore Hammet F. Hough Oklahoma City Emil H. Hastings Tulsa Dennis R. Irwin Atwood Mildred Mayer Oklahoma City Murray C. Martin Petias Creek, Virginia Glenn W. McDonald Blair William J. Bynum Amarillo, Texas Dorothy Lee Trent Purcell Kenneth O. Cox Oklahoma City Gertrude L. White Prague Robert M. Jordan Hugo Charles McCarty Fairfax Mignon Willingham St. Louis, Mo. Maxine Arnold St. Louis, Mo. Margaret Standley Norman Grace E. Oliver Heavener Marie L. Irelan Sapulpa William Mugler Perry Adeline Paddock Oklahoma City Media Mae Parker Frederick William J. Williams Ardmore Charles H. Davis Oklahoma City Francis A. Douglas Ft. Worth, Texas Lee Bond Chickasha Page US -■ sv Garnktt Cadkn MiiRRii; Head James Edwin Kendall Harris L. Glastien Slircrcport. La. Scijmoiir. Tc.wis Okmulgee McAlcster Ruth M. Fritch Lavanna Hall Milton W. Hardy Margaret Gooderham Norman Shidlcr Tulsa Tulsa Powell E. Fry Frederick Lloyd Gifford Guthrie Carl Cameron Wichita Falls, Texas Charles E. Engleman Tulia, Texas Kathryn Aderhold Oklahoma City Sarah Foreman Vernon, Texas Cloman Banister Hugo Taylor R. McBee Hugo Ed. M. Lightfoot Tulsa Gene Kendall Oklahoma City William O. Breedlove Noble Aubrey Denton Blackwell Leonard E. Wedel Fair View Merton Hilliard Okmulgee Louise Angove Bowie, Texas Johnnie Lee McCullough Oklahoma City ' Sophomores — Arts and Science ) i; ' T Marjorie Maschal Collinsville Elizabeth Mahoney Enid William Henderson Witt Oklahoma City Dorothy Patch Bedford, Iowa Charlotte Mehew J. H. Potts Paul G. Pugh Geo. C. McGhee Robin Jesse Field Ray Awtrey Anna Mae Cassidy Orval Brown Enid Muskogee Marlou Dallas, Texas Hobart Greenfield Fredrick Follett, Texas Page 119 i?-;:-- i ' - Sophomores — Arts and Science jijrjvt ■?♦ ' ■■ » ' ■ E. P. Rhea Muskogee Grace L. Potter Beaver Edward Kane Pau ' huika Robert Love Purcell R. F. J. Williams Oklahoma City Chlo Lindly Dallas. Texas Everette Clark Oklahoma City Beulah Bainum BlackwcU Jack Burnett Duncan George Kinsey Amarillo, Texas Katherine Weeks Wichita Falls, Texas W. H. Landrum Kingston Carl Fleet Ada Wyeth Gooch Granite John Wells Bartlesville Jerry Kretchmar Amarillo, Texas Dix Huston Oklahoma City Paul Gallaher Shawnee Bird Gaston Newkirk W. J. King Oklahoma City Chester Emitt Oklahoma City Robert Nowlin Oklahoma City Raymond Parre Norman Devert West Dallas. Texas Pat Sinclair Emmett. Idaho Mary E. Bennett Oklahoma City Ruth Wills Wewoka Burl H. Wilcox Maud D. C. Sachse, Jr. Clayton, New Mexico Frances Rinehart Guthrie Claude Foster El Reno Max Weaver Okmulge elen Bacon Davidson Robert Pyle Ft. Worth, Texas Jack Matt Tulsa Leo Price Ardmorc Page 120 J v Sophomores — Arts and Science .Jjl Lg Z , v Virginia H. Mokkis Joe Finkelstein Joseph Mii.roy Wilson Baptist Thelma Porter Mayne Sewei.l Ross Porter Gene Nolan John C. Sparks George Massey Bernard M. Jones Cecil Darnall Margaret Kerr Dan E. Boone Allan Williams Bob Scarth Victor Sullivan Joe H. Carson Francis Ellen Buck Opal Burford Elizabeth Gillim George O. Sariano CORENE WiLKERSON Grady Jackson Bartlcsi ' illc Bristow Oknuilgcc S iaiivioc Norman Granite Lawton Norman Tulsa Oklahoma City Bristow Marloi. Oklahoma City Okmulgee Oklahoma City Enid Elmore City Stilwcll Barttcsvillc Lindsey Westville Ponca City El Reno Altus Payton Ford Sayre Zelma Florence Patchin Hobact Victor Jacobson Oklahoma City James Hamill Norman Max Eli Dillingham Washington Robert Knupp Enid Thelma Walton Tulsa Bruce Beesley Tulsa LuRLEEN Short Tulsa D. S. TULLIS Sentinel Robert O ' Brien Oklahoma City Charles Conn Kingfisher Page 121 jtujiirMgfey- Sophomores — Engineering .ilt-riLi ] ' William Waid Pau ' husha Spencer McHenry Clarksdalc. Miss. Ralph Johnston Grandpeld David Miller Beeville, Texas J. M. Carter Waco, Texas LuDwiG Weber Bactlesville Warren Moore Oklahoma City Ned Devin Apache William Spears Chickasha Ben Costin Colorado, Texas W. H. Barlow Neosho. Mo. Claude Kirk Patrick Oklahoma City Frank Ittner Oklahoma City L. H. Maloy Quanah, Texas William Harsch Independence, Kan. Alpha Kendall Weathcrford Harry Easton Shreveport, La. Chandler Foster Chickasha Raymond Grisso Seminole Albert Clay Ft. Scott, Ark. J. F. Blackwell Vernon.Texas Earl Blackburn Breckenridge, Texas Harold Bennett Okmulgee Edgar Baxter Bartlesville Clifford Martin Shawnee George P. Lorance Oklahoma City Glen Hennigh Darrowzett, Texas C. O. Bunn Ardmore Tom Wilson Oklahoma City Tom Tribbey Ripley C. J. Davenport Sapulpa Willis Fink Pittsburg, Kansas Earnest Childers Geary Geary Prince Blackwell Bernard Dowd Norman Leon Davis Hemyctta Page 122 ;_ Sophomores— Engineering .M f ' ■ - i;- .-! i i ' MtLviLLi; Hacklkr Norman Harold Gibson Independence. Kansas RoBRRT L. Barrone Itluica. Mich. SlDNHY RUDIN Tulsa Harold Morris Charles Buckner Rkx Alworth Phillips Mantor D. O. Flahart Morris Shrader William Bateman R. F. Jerome George Denton Clint Moore Joe Hudson Louis Parmley Willard Slater Raymond Plyer Lester Wilkonson Frank Brown David Stormont George W. Shaffer Basil Shirley Raymond Sloan Tutsa Tulsa Ranger, Texas Taylor, Texas White Lake El Reno Tulsa Tulsa Colbert Tulsa Los Angeles, Calif. Yale Tulsa Saratoga, Texas Sapulpa Apache Okmulgee Tulsa Norman Boise City Edwin W. Wade Abilene, Texas James A. Nuby Sapulpa Fred A. Norris Tryon Chester B. Anderson Kansas City, Mo. rdie Lewis Duncan Victor G. Davis Burkburnett, Texas Glen W. Dawson Skiatook Clark Knight Bartlesville Douglas E. Bell Houston, Texas . G. Jones Broken Bow Elmer Sanford Lindsay Raymond D. Shrewsbury Norman Page 123 , Sophomores — Fine Arts v-fejlfeas i. Mildred Whittenberg Oklahoma City Mary Ann Staig £ ?eno Jewell Marie Markham Ponca City Louise Holmberg Norman Antoinette Halko Tulsa Evelyn Riley Marietta Julia Francis McCary Holdcnvillc AlLEEN ASHBROOK Fairfax Jeannette Abney Sherman. Texas Selma Huggins Norman Margaret Alice Janeway Eufaula Ellen Jones Norman Stella Grant Pauls Valley Betty M. Parsons Tulsa Sarah Elizabeth Wheeler Stamford, Texas Helen Mable Collier Tipton JuANiTA Lewis Norman Louise Milburn Oklahoma City Irene Drumright Drumright Willa Hasley Tipton Harriet Palmer Amarillo. Texas Allie Traweek Matados, Texas Florence Gannaway Clinton Merle Elizabeth Dyer Moore LDRED Davis Ringling Dorothy Ann Feyerherm Tulsa LoA Le Davis Amorita Carita Cromer Oklahoma City Margaret Brandenburg Norman Mrs. Audrey Arney Leedey Mildred Anna Armstrong Vian William Stanley Martin Wewoka Serena Gilliland Healdton James F. West Anadarko Roberta B. Suttlemyre Sapulpa Genevieve Hutchinson Tulsa Page 124 ™ " Freshmen — Arts and Science B ' l ' " ' ' !L?iv Doris L. Martin Deer Creek Blanche Thomas Tangier Geokcia Mae Beasley Norman Era M. Shepard Wctumka Evelyn M. Sawyer Omega Dorothy Irma Brewer Oklahoma City Dorothy K. Bolend Oklahoma City Christie Black Noiman Helen Hermes Ponca City Dorothy Davis Lewis Oklahoma City Bonnie Loraine O ' Connor Tulsa Genevieve Powell Archer City, Texas Ann Latimer Hugo RosLYN Roberts Oklahoma City Hazelle M. Pollard Tulsa Richard Franklin Thayer Hohart Jack A. Clark Antlers Edward Merle Dye Norman C. F. Hendricks Antlers Paul A. Wilson Shawnee Thomas A. Woods Hartshorne G. ]. Tobias Atoka Eric M. White Tulsa Bob Adams Tulsa : ■ff - i L, ■-. -jiay - . " ■ ..,■; ..■■: .■■ -: ' i; ' s; ' V: ' iW ' :i Ui Frank Sharp Clayton. N. M. Harry C. Spence Guthrie Joe a. Smalley Norman Martin A. Ryland Crescent Harry Will Denton Tulsa Ed. H. Miller Ft. Worth, Tex. Herbert E. Fisher Tulsa George V. Metzel, Jr. Norman Joe W. Myers Lawrence Jarrell WoDsoN Dawson Demster Jones Chandler Shawnee Dundee San Angclo. Texas Page 125 1lf S0r Freshmen— Arts and Science . fei Malinda S. Brown Bernice Smith Norman D. Stone Sylvia Cohen Jack F. McKenna T. H. Phipps, Jr. Jesse Gordon Baldwin Madye M. Lowmiller John M. Meikle Jack O. Cheairs Homer L. Massey Helen Louise Jorski Muskogee Norman Dntmright Shawnee Darant Mollis Canadian, Texas Norman Hunter Tulsa Mollis Mar rah John F. Erwin Josephine Miller JiMMiE Mullins FoY L. George CORENE Le BrICHT Thomas Hunter Perry E. Hewitt Harold R. Hall Ned Catlett T. E. Jarrett Mary V. At wood Ray O. Kline Pauls Valley Mario w Money Grove, Texas Stuart Martin, Texas Springfield, Illinois Muskogee Mominy Muskogee Wetumka Ennis, Texas Pawnee Abbey De Shazo Viola Arkansas Harold W. Donnell Amarillo, Texas Claude E. Davis Woodward L. E. Chesebro Tulsa Vincent Dale Guymon Marguerite Geis Norman Harold R. George Buffalo Glenn J. Collins Elmore City William W. Graves McAlester Forrest Hasbrook Anadarko Pat M. Broach Tulsa Lloyd Lee Bowser Blanchard Page 126 iL-yfel.: Freshmen — Arts and Science J|t;i;;,T Bert T. Brundage Thomas W. H. Brown Shatrncc Maurine Byrd Foraker Cargile Little Rock. Arkansas Mildred L. Bleckley Woodward John Dale Anderson Newkirk Edith Willene Mayes Enid Cissy Norton Chandler Homer T. Lynn McAlester Harvey C. McCaleb Olustee Byron Knight Oklahoma City George H. Cline Enid Mildred Griffith Tulsa Katherine Lindsay Goss Tulsa Finis C. Gillespie Hobart Betty Boughner Tulsa Edward William Grisso Seminole John Franklin Schofield Oklahoma City Paul Vickers Oklahoma City Nan Estelle Hunter Oklahoma City lber B. Sanger Yukon Mary Elizabeth White Pawhuska Charles W. Brewer Tulsa Eloise Hill Oklahoma City - ( ' l -i»Sv.«- i i: Woodrow W. Painter Alton Maurice Nicholson Dcs Moines. Iowa Theresa Julia McKeown Lewiston, Montana William L. Bailey Chickasha Marsden Bellatti Mary Haller Tom H. Gutelins Andy Beck St Blackwell Tulsa Louis, Missouri Oklahoma City H. P. Meyer John J. McNally Oliver Benson Katherine Kaufman Norman Okmulgee Guthrie Norman Page 127 ' ' |; Freshmen — Arts and Science J ,?■ ' - ..3■ •rr k2 fpliW ' Beth O ' Reilly Fort Worth. Texas Mary Robinson Vernon, Texas David Nelson Roper Sarcoxia, Missouri Mary Elizabeth Polk Ardtnore Martha Lucille Garden Tulsa Mary Kathryn Pierce Quanah, Texas Clarence C. Buxton Oklahoma City H. James Scholmblow Bradford. Penn. Frank I. Hartzog Okemah Evelyn Maria Anderson Norman Kenneth B. Ray Boise City Opal Lucille Barr Elmer Thelma Iris Bradford Norman Hester Belle Brians Calvin Marie Taylor Oklahoma City Lester J. Witt Chickasha T. H. Carter Okmulgee Mary Sue Simpson Tulsa Helen McCale Norman Georgia Watson Van Burcn, Arkansas Edna Earl Holbert Norman Rae Shanblum Fo rf Worth, Texas Kathepine Bettle Big Springs, Texas Morris Lee Tulsa Dorothy Powell Frye Tulsa William C. Bronson Guthrie Homer B. Harris Hobart Edwin Nye Humphrey Chickasha Harold Medford Tulsa Irvin LaVerne Beasley Tulsa Helen Elizabeth Cerveny Prague Ben H. Campbell Tulsa Olin W. Cooper Estclline. Texas Leta May Blezman Norman CharlinA E. Penner Norman Gertrude J. Miller Tulsa Page 12S ' T " ] " ! ' ' Freshmen — Aits and Science jfe- ' Wfiw ' - Bert Smith l t. Worth. Texas James R. Trigg St. Louis. Mo. Gibson B. Fui.i.krton Miami DoNAi.n Smith Fairricw BlLLIE A. ROSSEN Erick Franklin E. Kennamer Tulsa Helen Virginia Kelly Drumright GoLDE Mae Hudseth Oklahoma City Wayne Chesnut Oklahoma City Magdalene Ice Fletcher Doris McKnight Enid Lucille Margaret Mann Oklahoma City Ira Levine Marietta Herbert H. Champlin Lawton Elizabeth Jane Trosper Oklahoma City Joe H. Trout Tulsa Lewis Earle Stephens Oklahoma City Ab. D. Walker Blackwell Nyoma Gene Hildreth Dcs Moines, Iowa Phillip Levine Marietta Maxwell McCurdy Purcell C. D. Palmer Dallas, Texas SuLLiNS Sullivan Barnsdatl Bryon a. Wyatt Norman Estella Sue Hoyden Oklahoma City Patricia Lyon Geary Ralph White Pawhuska Ray Chisholm Marlow Al Rosenblum McAlester Joy R. Blanchard Snyder Frank C. Buzbee Norman Nell Ross Warren Ardmore Winifred Howard McLean, Texas James P. Evans Shreveport, La. Clayton C. Stanford Holdenville Azelle Boone Amarillo, Texas Page 129 " " ' ' ' " ' ? Freshmen — Arts and Science : ' k . ' . - . Louis James Kennedy Puree Benton Alfred Wedel Fainnew Helen Elizabeth Meyers Oklahoma City Eugene Franklin Rector Oklahoma City Inez Rose Boific. Texas Bess Westervelt Norman Donald Doud Norman Fenton D. Lamb Wagoner Helen Blasdel Selman Albertine Lengemore Barnsdale James C. Mytingeh Wichita Palls. Texas Drew V. Langley West Ville Fred O. Newton Gushing William M. Osborn Dallas, Texas Virginia Olson Guthrie Kelly K. Parker Vernon, Texas Dixon W. Morris Shceveport, La. Mary E. Porter McAlester Carrie Louise Barnett Norman Brewster W. McFadyen Anadarko esse King Hill Muskogee Marjorie English Ft. Sill Clara M. Harewell Oklahoma City George C. Frickel Tulsa Fred M. Frey Chiskasha Elmore Gill McAlester John J. Garrett Lindsay Howard Nathan Fink Dallas, Texas Eugene C. Franklin Muskogee Bill Dixon Hominy Vance C. Broach Tulsa Orville W. McLaughlin Marimec Marvel C. Martin Alma James L. Lewis Sapulpa TuLLis Looney Erick Joe W. Lessert Ponca City Page 130 rl . r-v- Lynn S. Wlllbohn Tulsa Esmond R. Ballew Hcnryetta John R. Eisenhour Oklahoma City Leon Punk Larimore Miami Sam Mizel Tulsa Eugene Uman Tulsa Bernice Virginia Miles Hobart Thomas V. Munson Lawton Leah Hackler Norman Edgar L. Bradford, Jr. Forf Worth, Texas Mary Austin Wynncwood Oren O. Hatman Tulsa Dorothy Edna Alley Ray R. Trimble Edward Brunstein Louis Solloway Arnett Tulsa New York City Altus William Edelman Dallas, Texas S. C. Levine Dallas, Texas Marguerite Wagner Oklahoma City Joel Maryareten New York City, N. Y. Leon Berrony Custer City Barbara Findlay Wichita, Kansas Jewel Gilcrease Winfield Erma Tucker Blackwell i r Freshmen — Arts and Science - S Ed Spears Isadore Earl Mulmed Charles Olson Mildred H. Hurst Arthur Lockwood J. C. Hampton James F. Rusk Jack Emmanuel Irwin Aurbach Helen Gene Jennings Earl Moore Carlos L. Murrell Kingfisher Oklahoma City Guthrie Oklahoma City Tulsa Ponca City Hominy Sulphur Mabel Shawnee Mountain View Frederick Page 131 Freshmen— Engineering , ig|j t f- Chad Bixler Ernest Bartolina Morris Kalpin William King Ernest Cotton Kenneth Alfred Ralph Carlin Flovd Banks Harry Aggers Melvin Stilwell Fred Irby ]. C. Horn Bernard Elshire James Boynton Warren Shreves Frank Moore James Hammond C. H. Hooks Lester Lorenzen Charles Wilson WiLLARD CuRLEY Edmund Hitchcock William Burney Fred Myers Bank Coalton Geary Sand Springs Sayre Cashing Oklahoma City Sapulpa Tulsa Guthrie Ardmore McAlester Oklahoma City Shawnee Chickasha May, Texas Chickasha Norman El Reno Oklahoma City Blackwell Vernon, Texas Dallas, Texas Oklahoma City Lloyd Johnson Virgil Kennedy Hermand Bullahd Robert Hayes Hubert McCrary Robert Kuns Finer Avis Jack Picow James Railey Ed. O. Hulton RussEL May Ralph Wolverton Tulsa Fort Worth Tulsa Muskogee Chickasha Wallace. Nebr. Wichita Falls Oklahoma City Jenhs Oklahoma City Tulsa Lawton Page 132 Tom McDonnald Elcctra, Texas Merle E. Watkins Hobart James E. Yarbrough Lcafcnirorth, Kansas E. J. Haneway Okmulgee Bressem Holtschue Oklahoma City D. R. Montgomery Hcnryetta Lawrence Dale LaPhee Bridgeport, 111. G. C. McDonnald Electra, Texas Robert W. Devine Tulsa Hugh R. Humphreys Tulsa Earl Harder Tulsa EvERETTE G. Boedecker Mulhall Burns L. Kingston Norman James W. Cowman Sapulpa Jimmy Hopkin Oklahoma City Sam p. Perry Woodward Donald K. Bishop Denver. Colo. Elwood Brockman Tulsa W. K. Garnett Oklahoma City MiLO Brunskill Ninckah Frank M. Lee Charleston, Mo. Clarence J. Price Oklahoma City Fred A. Steckelberg Henryefta Henry H. Brown Marshall, Texas t f- Freshmen — Engineering ri!S,Tit- • " f) Kenneth Miller Rock Rapids. Iowa George Sharum Ripley J. J. Basole McAlestec Joe Wheatly McAlester George Harrison Tulsa Thomas Hale Dearwood, Minn. Jim Storms Okemah Allyn Hale Deerwood, Minn. Lee Roy Skinner Seminole Tommy E. Sartor Oklahoma City Jack Foster Norman J. N. Russell Idabel Page 133 k p Freshmen — Fine Arts S e Mable Eddy Big Springs, Texas Stella McKnight Oklahoma City Francis Owen Penn Shawnee Jessie Lucille Raley Wichita Falls, Texas Zada Katheryn Warlick Norman Mildred Miller Wichita Palls, Tex. Ruth Curry Nance Clinton Roberta Bridges Comanche Laverne Barker Ponca City Louise Wolf Oklahoma City Agnes Yeary Elmore City Emily Stephenson Anadarko Katheryn Davenport Oklahoma City Alice Corbett Norman Floyd Kapp Vinita Greta Faucette Oklahoma City Lillian Sanders Weleetka Hannah Belle White Oklahoma City Meta Garms Loyal John W. Haley Bristow Hazel Kniseley Norman Rachel Swartz Enid Virginia Douglass Weleetka Hylagene Robberson Norman Virginia Tucker Cherokee Lucille Paynter Blackwell Bernice Little Purcell Dorothy Holland Norman Jean Wolff Okarche Noella Wible Wichita, Kansas Lucille Helen Meredith Bedford, Iowa Betty Dodd Fairfax Eda Nelson Norman Madye Wheeler Norman VoLA Beth Martin Healdton Maurine Stevens Ncwkirk Page 134 „» jr ' ' ' : Mixed— Fine Arts . P? | ' ' • ' r Evelyn Mae Dobbs Oklahoma Citi, Fine Arts Junior, Chi Omega. Margie LInruh Norman Fine Arts Sophomore. Albert Yates Elk City Fine Arts Sophomore: Pi Kappa Alpha. HiLMA Lee Ekland Chickasha Fine Arts Sophomore: Kappa Kappa Gamma. Cecil Hunter Elk Citi Fine Arts Sophomore. Doris Pierce Quonah. Texas Fine Arts Sophomore: Delta Delta Delta. Fred Wheeler Oklahoma City Fine Arts Sophomore: Lambda Chi Alpha. Ethel Wolverton Lawton Fine Arts Sophomore: Alpha Gamma Delta. Ethel McBee Miami Fine Arts Sophomore; Alpha Chi Omega. Lucille J. Malone Norman Fine Arts Sophomore: Pi Beta Phi. Maurine Earhart Marietta Fine Arts Sophomore: Pi Beta Phi. Rosemary Draughan Norman Fine Arts Sophomore; Alpha Phi. Mary Dale Brett Ardmorc Fine Arts Sophomore: Alpha Phi. Jane Royes Bartlesville Fine Arts Sophomore. Hilda Jean Hart Norman Fine Arts Sophomore. JuANiTA M. Marlotte Shawnee Fine Arts Sophomore. Muriel Monsell Sand Springs Fine Arts Sophomore; Delta Gamma. Nina Mae Robertson Ponca City Fine Arts Freshman; Delta Gamma. Eunice Brooks Muskogee Kappa Kappa Gamma; Fine Arts Freshman. Loraine Prichard Tulsa Fine Arts Freshman. Fred Godfrey Oklahoma City Fine Arts Freshman: Lambda Chi Alpha. Peggy Petty Guthrie Fine Arts Freshman: Kappa Kappa Gamma. Carruth McCaid Shawnee Fine Arts Freshman: Alpha Omicron Pi. Marion Weeks Oklahoma City Fine Arts Freshman: Alpha Phi. tllk l Eloise Adams Van Buren. Ark. Fine Arts Freshman. Kathryn White Cleveland Fine Arts Freshman: Gamma Phi Beta. Velma Ruth Davie Tulsa Fine Arts Freshman. Louise Mooney Harrah Fine Arts Freshman; Alpha Gamma Delta. Dorothy Lovett Fine Arts Freshman. Skiatook Rooney Coffer Fine Arts Freshman. Magazine. Ark. Grace Close Arts and Science Freshman Norman Marjorie Sue Gilbert Fine Arts Freshman. Oklahoma City Ella K. Hasemeier Fine Arts Freshman. Tangier Mildred Carter Fine Arts Freshman. Broken Arroiv Elzia Cook Fine Arts Freshman. Lawton Barbara Bradshaw Fine Arts Freshman. Noble Page 135 Page 136 M . X oan r land i I 7 V V - and now With pleasure we introduce 7 Bus Wall, a three-year letter man in baseball. Dorothy Carroll, well known in Y . W. C. A. and girls ' activities. Bus Mills, star backfield man [or the past two years on the foot- ball team. Martha Overlees, member of Mortar Board, of Glee Club, and prominent in Stunt Nite acts. Ed Patterson, voted by the Dads the best all-around man student on the campus. Carl Albert, midget silver-tongued orator of the campus — winner of National Collegiate Oratorical Contest and prize political speaker of the Sooner party. !- ■ ■ v ' 0 . - r i KiSf ' Sl Bob Fields, captain-elect o[ the Football team. Marian Harrison, ex-Engineers Queen: Sooner Queen and one of the most popular girls on the campus. Bill Noble. Varsity Basketball man for three years, a member of the all-victorious team of 192S. Paul Kennedy. Editor of the Oklahoma Daily. Clarence McElroy. ex- " wheel-horse " of the Administration party and best known non-fraternity man on the campus. Verona Browning. President of W. S. G. A., and leader in wom- en ' s activities. I Olive Snyder, well known in literary circles. " Doc " Lampton. star outfielder on the Baseball Squad. Lowe Runkle. former captain of the Tennis team and a member of Checkmate. Jim Blanton, leader of the departed Ruf-Neks. Sam Nowlin, fattest and one of the best natured men in school. Frances Massey. member of Mortar Board, and member of Wom- en ' s Council. I Bud Neptune, prominent in Engineering School. Rosemary Lamb. President o[ Pan-Hellenic and member of Wom- en ' s Council. Henry Brown, tennis star and Latin shark. J. . Gibson, manager o[ the wrestling team and business manager of Soonerland Follies. Parker Shelby, captain of the track team and one of the best high jumpers in the country. John Lee. tackle on the Football Team. I Bert Larason, President o[ Y. M. C. A. and an ex-]azz Hound. Bill Fleetwood, prominent in the Interfraternity Council and last year ' s Director of the Soonerland Follies. Frances Deal, former Indian Queen and socially prominent. Miriam Dearth, member of the Girls ' Glee Club and Girls ' Quar- tet. ■ Ralph May, Secretary o[ the Interfraternity Council and promi- nent in the Ruf-Nek and Jazz Hound Expulsion. Al Mayhew, Varsity Quarterback for three years. i vse Ruth Meister. member o[ the Oklahoma Daily Staff and promi- nent Theta Sigma Phi. Ray Bannister. Editor-elect of the 1931 Sooner. Ray Kimball. Business Manager of the Oklahoma Daily and newly elected business manager of all student publications. Mildred Streeter. member of Pan-Hellenic Council and well- known in Stunt Nite acts. Clyde Robinson. President of Phi Alpha Delta, and former mem- ber of the Student Council. Varley Taylor. Editor of the well-known comic (?) magazine, the " Whirlwind. " 1 J 1 V U Uyikieii i :s Ben G. Owen Page 157 Athletic Council " D EHIND the scenes but yet wielding authority which steered athletics at the University of Oklahoma, the ten university and two inactive members of the Athletic Council were effec- tive during the past school year. There was little but praise for the capable and impartial manner in which the group admin- istered its business for the year. Questions of eligibility, of letter awarding, of trip taking, all came before the council and each time this body dealt with great care. At the head was Dr. E. D. Meacham. president. Student members were Tom Churchill and Harold Adkison. Alumni were Raymond Talbott and Paul Darrough. Seated in the picture around the table left to right: Harold Adkison, Dean J. H. Felgar, Dr. Gayfree Ellison. George Wadsack, }. L. Lindsay, Dr. E. D. Meacham (president), Tom Churchill, Bill Cross, Dr. V. E. Monnett. Ben G. Owen, and Dean S. W. Reaves. Page 15S The Coaches A GOODLY share of the burden carried by the University of Oklahoma during 1929 and 1930 was laid on the shoulders of the Sooner coaching staff. And this group consistently kept Oklahoma s name among the top ranks of athletics. One change was seen in the ranks of the Sooner mentors. That was the addition of Dewey Luster, former Oklahoma athlete. Luster was placed as line coach aiding Head Coach Adrian Lindsey in football. He also handled physical education classes. Ben G. Owen, director of athletics, closed his twenty-fifth year with the university, the fourth as head director of athletics. Heretofore he was head football coach. Owen played quarterback in 1898 and 1899 at Kansas. He took up coaching duties at Washburn College of Topeka. Later he assisted Fielding H. Yost at the University of Michi- gan and from 1902 to 1904 he coached the " Terrible Swedes " of Bethany College at Lindsborg, Kansas. In 1905 Owen was given the Oklahoma position. From then on he has endeared himself to every sport lover in the state. Owen ' s work in behalf of better athletics has made him recog- nized as the father of athletics in Oklahoma. Adrian Lindsey handled the football team in the Big Six for his fourth season. Lindsey is also a Kansas man. He played on that team in the backtield. After his career in college he coached at Bethany College. Basketball was taken care of by Hugh V. McDermott whose teams had for two years won the Missouri Valley and Big Six titles. Lawrence Haskell was at the helm of baseball again while Paul V. Keen managed the victorious wrestlers and was head of the intramural sports board. John C. Jacobs carried the brunt of the coaching in cross country, indoor and outdoor track. John Moseley coached tennis. •p£2 Page 159 r %. Football ' ' i The 1929 Season o Captain Crider iKLAHOMA climaxed a semi-brilliant football season in 1929 by its great game against the University of Nebraska. Big Six champions for the second consecutive year, while still among the leaders, but then fell fo fourth position in the conference by a last-game defeat and a sur- prise victory by Kansas State. Briefly, the Sooners had beaten Iowa State and Kan- sas State and had lost to the Nebraska Cornh uskers when the deserving 13 to 13 tie game resulted in the Husker con- test at Lincoln. At their peak, the Oklahomans closed the Big Six loop schedule by a Missouri loss while the Kansas Aggies were winning. It was a drop from a tie for second place in 1929 to a place above Kansas and Iowa State only for the followers of Adrian Lindsey. head football coach. Fourteen lettermen formed the backbone of the 1929 squad which reported for the first practice on south Owen Field. Missing were the stalwarts Haskins, Kitchell, Drake, Hamilton, and Berry of the backfield and line. Lined in the first drill were the faces of lightweight sopho- mores and juniors having their favorite berths on the club. Two regulars were in the lineup which started against the Boomers, the yearlings of Coach Jap Haskell ' s freshman football squad. The first game of the season gave the varsity eleven a 42 to 7 victory. It was " Bo " Robinson, fullback, who scored the lone " frosh " touchdown. Ab Walker kicked the goal. The Creighton game, a non-conference affair, gave the Oklahoma fans Adrian Lindsey ' s first pick of the cream of the Sooner crop. It showed Taylor and Churchill, ends; Berry and J. Lee, tackles; Gentry and Stanley, guards; Fields, center; Mayhew, quarterback; Flint and Mills, halfbacks; and Captain Crider, fullback. THE VARSITY Page 160 3?:5l The 1929 Season ' T ' HE mass of steel embodied in " Silly " Guy Warren, sophomore 139-pound halfback, was indeed welcomed by his performance against the Jays from Omaha, Nebras- ka. Warren led the Sooner attack with three touchdowns in the closing periods of the game. Clyde Kirk and Cap- tain Crider accounted for the other two touchdowns. Stogner and Mills did the placement kicking. Crider started the scoring, beginning a drive down the field. In five minutes the goal had been made. The Jays did not score a first down until the fourth quarter against a Sooner se cond-string eleven. Oklahoma reopened the University of Texas feud olaying at the Dallas State Fair. Lindsey ' s men battled neck and neck with the Longhorns for one half but were subdued 21 to in the last period. Dexter Shelley and his cohorts from Texas started slowly in the third quarter by . means of a pass and a series of plunges but ended going strong. Oklahoma jumped out into the lead of the Big Six conference by defeating Kansas State 14 to 13. The Wildcats had scored early but the Sooners, their ire up now. rushed across two fast touchdowns and the same number of placements. Tucker, Kansas Aggie man, failed to make his first goal. The mistake loomed as a oossible chance for an Oklahoma victory. Kirk had carried the ball 20 yards on a wide end play, making Mills ' final plunge success- ful for the first touchdown. Tom Churchill started the second by causing an Aggie back to fumble. Churchill fell on the ball while Kirk placed the ball over on a 13-yard run. Mayhew kicked both goals. A scrapoy comeback in the last period gave Oklahoma a 21 to 7 victory over Iowa vState a week later. The Cyclones scored first, getting the " breaks. " The Sooners came to life, when Mills crashed through for a touchdown and Warren ran 65 yards to a goal and Crider added another to make it more decisive. Captain-elect Fields THE FRESHMEN Page 161 -C ' Football .mm ■«v iW»BWjWMK »i gyttgro ftwy»« wp | TMy i wi i ' gyypj-sji i(ggiw » OKLAHOMA 26, CREIGHTON Mavhew Gentry Page 162 r ' -1 .7 --,3, if r Football v jil i kick failed to win the game, however. Some 15,000 fans braved a spicy bit of weather to watch the in- tra-state rivals, the Okla- homa Aggies, battle Okla- homa to a 7-all tie on the Owen field. The Sooners were aggressive in the first quarter, getting their score then. From then on OKLAHOMA 21. IOWA STATE 7 the game was and the latter scored once. Warren tallied for Oklahoma from the 10-yard line after a drive up field. Mc- Lean received a for- ward flip to place the Farmers in the game Berry Mills Page 163 Football ' ' n ' OKLAHOMA a KANSAS 7 Nelson H. Lee placement and skirted the fight wing for the second counter. Captain Frank Cri- der and Tom Church- ill were chosen on the Associated Press and most of the other mythical Big Six ail- again in the second quar- ter. Richard Dills was too much for the Oklahoma boys at Missouri so the Sooners were downed 13 to by the Tigers. Dills, halfback, ran 97 yards on returning the kickoff in the second half of the game on Thanksgiving Day. He later faked a Kirk J. Lee Page 164 OKLAHOMA 13, NEBRASKA 13 star football teams select- ed after the season. C ri- der was named as a half- back and Churchill as an end. It ivas Churchill ' s second time to be given the honor berth on a wing. Nebraska finished first in the conference with Missouri and Kansas State grouped behind in the order named. EwiNG Roberts The Oklahoma freshmen, allowed two games this year by the new conference rules, beat the Oklahoma Aggies 19 to and trounced the Univer- sity of Nebraska team 2 to 0, winning by a safety. Warren Stanley Page 165 Football OKLAHOMA 7, OKrAHOMA AGGIES 7 Z,os [or the coming sea- son are Gentry, guard; Lee, tackle: Crider, half- back; Churchill, end; Marsh, tackle; and Tay- lor, end. THE 1929 RECORD Oklahoma 42. Boomers . . 7 Oklahoma 26, Creighton Oklahoma 0. Texas 21 Oklahoma 14. Kansas State 13 Oklahoma 21. Iowa State . 7 Oklahoma 0. Kansas . . 7 Oklahoma 13. Nebraska 13 Oklahoma 7, Okla. Ag. , 7 Oklahoma 0. Missouri . . 13 Oklahoma 88. Opponents 144 Page 166 . ' . •f m L ketball . Page 167 ?= ' ;;- Basketball . p L OKLAHOMA 48. TEXAS 28 Captain-elect Meyer Just as quick as the University of Oklahoma basketball teams had aris- en to heights in the Mis- souri Valley and Big Six conferences by two past seasons of consecutive victories, the Sooner eager s went tumbling in league ball in 1930. It was the kind of break ' which comes sometime in a great athletic camp. The Sooners were due to take a [all. And fall they did for the finish- ing s a w Oklahoma with just as many losses in the Big Six this year as wins the winter before! Noble CULBERTSON Page 168 r ,. .1, ! :: Basketball M " 1 ■% Lost was the great bas- ketball thinker, Bruce Drake, the helm of the good ship Sooner for three seasons past. And, too. gone was Oklahoma ' s ca- pable center. It left Hugh V. McDermott with his hands full, sophomores to build his 1930 machine of and the greatest problem in the conference. OKLAHOMA 33, IOWA STATE 34 Jerome For ten games the Sooner_ mentor strove for a combination which could turn aside a conference oppo- nent, and for eight more contests, in which Oklahoma was winner in six. Coach McDermott was not Graalman Roberts Page 169 ' Basketball M$A i OKLAHOMA 25, A. M. H May certain of a starting line- up. Captain Tom Churchill and his mate, Lawrence Meyer, opened Oklaho- ma ' s winter schedule against the University of Texas in the Fieldhouse at forwards. The Black- well sophomore, Gordon Graalman, was playing center, and Bill Noble and m • H M e I V i n Culbertson. lettermen, the guards. Before the season was one-third over ] e r r y Jerome, the Tulsa Swede and sophomore, was being used at center. Har- old Roberts was get- ting to start some Grady ' Manager Cook Page 170 Basketball games at guard. He then shifted with Jerome and the two split the rest o the games, with the ex- ception of the last, be- tween the two places. The Longhorns were trounced 48 to 28 in the first game here and then beaten 33 to 30 in the sec- ond contest the following night. Churchill led his mates in scoring. The games, then, showed the ragged play of the Sooners. Bat it was then picked as early season foim. Off to Dallas with the two Southern Methodist University games in mind the Page 171 , %, Basketball ■ x-. Sooners were set for two more victories. The streak continued for Oklahoma won the first 24 to 19 and Charles Grady, sophomore forward, was " right " the next night to help his buddies squeeze over a 24 to 22 victory. The downfall started after that. On the " crackerbox " court at Stillwater, the Sooners met their first defeat of the season. The score came back to Soonerland 28 to 22. Kansas opened the Big Six schedule. The Sooners had 31 consecutive conference victories and this was to be the thirty-second on the way to beat the Jayhawks 34 record mark. Long- shots coupled with a tight defense paved the way for the Jayhawk 34 to 22 victory. Jack Roadcap could not miss and Iowa State won 34 to 33 the next week here. The Cy- clones were beaten until the last minutes. Kansas State handed Oklahoma another one-point defeat at Manhattan, 24 to 23. Over at Nebraska, the Cornhuskers trumped the Sooners ' best cards and the latter went tumbling 20 to 35. The next night at Lindsborg, the Kansas Bethany College administered another one-basket loss to the ever-falling Oklahoma record. This time it was 27 to 25. Coach McDermott ' s aides took a new stand the week before the Nebraska game at home but the morale of the cagers did not show successfully until the Oklahoma Aggie contest here several days later. The Husk rs ran up a 47 to 37 score on the Sooners. The Aggies were made to take back the first season loss by a 25 to 14 victory. In the meantime Missouri and Kansas were pacing the Big Six conference race without a defeat. Missouri started losing, when Kansas State and Nebraska jumped astride them in later games. Then the highly-touted Kansas lads were beaten, two of the three times by the Mizzou Tigers. The second time was for the championship. Kansas fell 18 to 23. At Lawrence, T. C. Bishop, Oklahoma boy, beat the Sooners by a last-minute basket, the score being 25 to 23. Iowa State turned Oklahoma aside 39 to 23 while the Kansas Aggies came here the next week to splash the Sooners ' ninth conference defeat 37 to 32. Missouri added the finale. That was 36 to 20, at Columbia. Just to show that Oklahoma was not to be trodden on by everyone. Coach McDermott told his combination of Churchill, Meyer, Roberts, Noble, and Culbertson to get the last game, from Washington. And " get " they did. The co-winners of the Missouri Valley were beaten 30 to 26, Churchill leading the way. Churchill landed tenth in the Big Six scoring and center on the second all-star team. The big Olympic boy and two more mates. Noble and Culbertson, are lost to the 1931 squad. Page 172 - ' -0 : Baseball . |fc ' ' %. t f y ' 4 V «i- W ' ■ y liL s ; ' " ' -. ? ' " ; .■ ; i I ' ?FT Page 173 - - t. p-- ' 1$ Baseball ,:M s " . v OKLAHOMA S NEBRASKA Starkev Capt.-elect Cook f Bolstered again by a ca- pable pitching staff, but still hitting under the .300 percentage mark, the Uni- versity of Oklahoma 1929 baseball team was able to close the season in fourth position in the Big Six conference. Nebraska took the league bunting with Kan- State and Missouri tied for second and third places. The Sooners in the confer- ence wound up with five victories and six defeats. In 17 games during the entire season in- cluding non-confer- ence contests Coach Murray Coil Page 174 .s-:f - - Baseball -fli Jk ff ■ OKLAHOMA 5, WASHINGTON 4 ]ap Haskell ' s club won 9 games, lost 7 . and tied 1. Bud Haswell, graduating catcher, led the squad with a .316 percentage in all the games. Pitchers, in not as many games, Birkett and Cannon, were well up in the hitting, as was Bus Wall, whose in- jury of an ankle, caused him to be out half of the season. 4 ' 9A . % „ Wall The team averaged .247 at the plate. Faye Coil was the leading strikeout hurl- er. He whined 48 op- ponents. Birkett won all three starts from the mound. The nine fielded .914 the per- centage tallied. Birkett Lampton Paqc 175 Baseball M -i ■ m- tmfmMimmkm ' ti OKLAHOMA 3. MISSOURI 2 Cannon Page 176 iv r,i ■ - Baseball n " ? " ' -- first H u s k e r conflict. Lampton. right field, led the assault the next day. Oklahoma evened the Missouri series after los- ing the first 12 to H in a slugfest. The second came 3 to 2. Has well be- gan getting his knocks from then on which ac- counted for the scoring. He pounded out two home OKLAHOMA 4. IOWA STATE 3 SPlllli runs and a single in the first Tiger game. Washington w a s beaten 5 to 4 in the second of the two- game bouts next week while the Bears won the first 7 to 6. It was a non-conference se- ries. Haswell Ward Page 177 , . Baseball ■. 4t f The Iowa State, Kansas, and Kansas State two-game series were split also. On the road trip, the Sooners were made to show their worth. The Cyclones were beaten 4 to 3 the first contest while the lowans came back in the next to win a 5 to 4 decision. Ed Starkey ' s two-base hit at Manhattan gave Oklahoma a 5 to 4 battle over Kansas State. Murray had reached second base on a hit when Starkey hit the double. The next, however, the Wildcats resorted to five hits and the offerings of Doyle, pitcher, to even accounts. The score was 5 to 2. At Lawrence. Coach Haskell won a 6 to 2 victory after losing 2 to 4 in the first game, A fourth inning rally netted four hits and three Kansas errors into three runs. Birkett won the game. The Huskers at Lincoln took revenge on the Sooners for the one loss here. The Nebraska lads won the first 5 to 2, having a big .sixth inning. A double play checked an Oklahoma rally in the first round. The next day Oklahoma lost 3 to 4. The Oklahoma Aggies were treated harshly here in the return series. Lefty Birkett set the Farmers back 6 to 3 in the first with four lone hits and Lee " Tony " Hiunter won the second 7 to 6. The last game saw Oklahoma getting 1 1 safe blows. THE 1929 RECORD Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma 6. Oklahoma Agg 4. Nebraska . 8. Nebraska . 12. Missouri 3, Missouri 6, Washington 5, Washington 4. Iowa State . 4, Iowa State . 5, Kansas State ies 1 Oklahoma . 3, Kansas State . 5 4 Oklahoma . 2, Kansas 4 Oklahoma . . 5. Kansas 2 14 Oklahoma . 2, Nebraska 5 2 7 4 Oklahoma . . 3, Nebraska . 4 Oklahoma . . 6, Oklahoma Aggies 3 3 5 4 Oklahoma . 7, Oklahoma Aggies 6 Oklahoma . 85. Opponents . 77 Page 178 ■■ k Track . ' - i- ?!. . ' ' • ' T ' »?-tfiif - Page 179 • . " T DUDLEY IN FRONT 9m: Sherman Cakson carnival in Chicago, did the success of the University of Oklaho- ma track teams ring. As a summary, the charges of John C. Ja- cobs, track coach, scored well up in the Blue Diamond event at Kansas City, won Oklahoma picked up just where it had left off the year before in making its name nationally known on indoor and outdoor track fields. From the opening of the season with the K. C. A. C. indoor carnival at Kansas City until a Sooner representa- tive won his favorite event in the national collegiate Guthrie Carman Page 180 aF " -..T N?= , ie :!! ' " Track J llLfn SHELBY GETS OVER the Big Six indoor title, and finished a high second in the outdoor trials to Nebraska. Other than that the in- dividual performances of Sooner stars are well placed in the niches of United States fame, in the Penn State relays, the Drake, the Texas, the S. M. U., and the Kansas games. f. v W i si ui Captain Shelby Rider Parker Shelby was re- sponsible for setting one of Oklahoma ' s records when he jumped 6 feet 3} inches at the Bix Six indoor meet. He later won the intercollegiate title at Chicago with a leap of 6 feet 3 inches. Churchill Bryce Page 181 - " ' Track J U RIDER SHOVES ONE Davidson Adkison At the Kansas City in- door invitation affair. Ad- kison won the 50-yard dash. Carman the high hurdles. Howell was third in the shot put, Shelby second in the high jump, and Bryce tied [or second in the pole vault. In the Big Six indoor carnival the Sooners ran off from the other five Flint teams with four firsts, four seconds, one third and one tie for another third. It was Okla- homa ' s second confer- ence consecutive title and third champion- ship in a row, for the Jacobsmen won the Valley the year Okla- homa left that loop. Choate Page 182 ' 1 DRAKE VAULTS HIGH At Texas relays in Aus- tin, Oklahoma placed sec- ond in a field of fourteen nation-wide teams. At S. M. U. the next day, the Sooners tied Illinois and Northwestern for third in the games. Off now on the dual meets of the spring, the Sooners increased their string of dual meet victo- DUDLEY POWLESS ries to near the twenty mark by trouncing Kansas State 98 to 33. Three school records fell. They were bro- ken when Flint stepped the gruelling 440 yards in 49.3 sec- onds, Howell pushed the shot 47 feet 9 Baker Bell Page 183 JiF Track J ij Track (Concluded) inches and Shelby leaped 6 feet 3 inches. Guthrie and Churchill led the Oklahoma scorers. The Henryetta boy won the 100 and 220-yard dashes and the broad jump. Churchill, working like a fiend, scored in the broad jump, shot put, and discus and ran on the winning relay team. The traditional foes, the Oklahoma Aggies, were beaten 82 2 to 433 2 i " hard rain and flooded cinder track and field, in the next meet. The Nebraska team broke the Oklahoma string of victories here by a score of something like a 20-point margin. The score was 7 1-3 to 52 2-3 points. The Kansas relays drew Oklahoma again this past year. Tom Churchill repeated his win- ning the decathlon event again, this time with a score of 7422.2846 points. He beat Charles, Haskell Indian, who won all five events on the first day. Shelby tied Perkins of Texas and Carr of Illinois for first in the high jump and Howell was second to Beattie of Colorado Aggies in the shot put. Next came the Drake relays. Shelby won the high jump at Des Moines, not place with the wet-soaked iron shot. Howell could Churchill was given permission to battle for the decathlon prize at the Penn State relays again this year. He again finished second. This time it was Barney Berlinger, the Pennsyl- vania star. All ten events in one day gave Berlinger a 135-point advantage in the scoring. Tom won the discus event and placed well in the others. Oklahoma scored 46 2-3 points to Nebraska ' s 61 ' 2 points in the annual outdoor games at Ames, Iowa. Sooner places were: Bryce tied for first in pole vault; Choate tied for fifth in pole vault; Howell, first in discus; Churchill, third in discus; Adkison, fifth in 220-yard dash; Carman, fourth in 120-yard high hurdles; Shelby, first in high jump; Choate. tied for second in high jump; Carman, second in 220-yard low hurdles; Flint, fifth in 440-yard dash; Powless, second in broad jump; and the relay team fifth in the mile relay. ,vvKH»», ym ' ] 4AH0M. - ' ' " ■ i « %u% vi% tvi „ %.m, i , «av Page 1S4 v ' p Minor Sports ipil lL - ' . ■ Cross Country T TNIVERSITY of Oklahoma, after a poor season which had been preceded by two Missouri Valley cross-country championships, came back successfully in 1929 to repeat its first place strength in the harrier five-mile race. Glen Dawson, captain-elect for the 1930 campaign, paced his teammates in winning the Big Six team championship by blazing down the five miles in record-breaking time. Dawson, on the Lincoln course, set a new mark of 23 minutes and 57 seconds. He broke " Poco " Fra- zier s old time. The Kansan held the record, having been clocked in 24 minutes, 54 seconds. Dawson ' s remarkable feat goes down unofficially as a new world ' s record. Paavo Nurmi of Finland holds the official time, the distance made in 24 minutes, 6 1-5 seconds, set in Nurmi ' s native land in 1924. Oklahoma scored a low total of 44 points. Kansas and Kansas State were second and third respectively with Iowa State. Nebraska, and Missouri behind. Moore of Oklahoma was third. Other members of the team were Dick Dudley. Captain Bruce Davidson, Jack Wilhelm, and Dick Barrett. Russell Phillips took part in all the dual meets and lettered also. The Sooners were second in the opening competition of the year, that of the triangular meet with Kansas State and Oklahoma A. and M. Oklahoma trounced the Iowa State team 28 to 37 . nosed out the Oklahoma Aggies in a dual affair 27 to 28 and then climaxed the dual meet schedule with a 24 to 35 victory over the Universi ty of Nebraska. Page 185 .:-c:: Minor Sports .iff-T y Wrelllmg m% WINNER of third in the national collegiate meet in the tournament for the United States wrestling championship, victor of the Big Six belt and triumphant in claiming two indi- vidual championships. Those were some of the results of the most successful 1930 mat season for Paul V. Keen ' s University of Oklahoma matmen. To add to these team glories. Oklahoma sponsored unofficially the largest high school wrestling tournament ever held. Exactly 107 state boys participated in the annual tourney which saw Gushing win the team championship. National champions were Captain Lawrence Mantooth, the 125-pounder, who repeated his feat of 1929 at the national meet, and Hardie Lewis, the sophomore, who won his first belt. Both met the peers in the east and defeated them in the two-day affair. Only Oklahoma A. and M. College and Illinois were ahead of the Sooners at the close of the Penn State carnival. Marvin Leach, star 115-pounder, after getting into the finals, was forced to forfeit to his opponent because of an injured shoulder. Phil Berry was another to place in the United States gathering. Oklahoma opened the season in January by beating Iowa University at Iowa City in the Big Ten 21 to 11 . Nebraska was trounced here 21 to 3. The strong Oklahoma Aggies beat the Sooners 19 to 9 while Oklahoma came back to beat the Missouri Tigers in the Bix Six 25 to 3. Kansas fell the same way, 25 to 6. Iowa State, 1929 champions, were taken back 18 to 8 on the Norman mats a bit later. Then came the Big Six title when Kansas State was beaten 21 to 3. In the Big Six meet at Manhattan, Kansas, the Sooners won the 145 and 155-pound cham- pionships when Hardie Lewis and Phil Berry successfully triumphed in the final matches. Be- cause of injuries. Leach, Mantooth, and Miller stayed at home. Sophomores Elton Eubanks. 165 pounds, and Ernest Childers, 175 pounds, earned letters in their weights and had fair seasons, aiding Oklahoma win the dual meets. Oliver Bass was elected to captain the 1931 team. He is an unlimited grappler. Page 186 ' " k Minor Spans Tennis ' " PHE Sooners reigned supreme in the Big Six conference on tennis courts again for another year. Oklahoma romped triumphantly through its schedule with loop teams and spread out its strength with non-conference teams, in the spring of 1929. The fall play in Texas saw two victories while the Oklahoma Aggies lost here. Missouri, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, and Nebraska all took defeats at the hands of the powerful Oklahomans in the order named. Reversals at the hands of the Sooners were also garnered when Southern Methodist University and Oklahoma A. and M. were beaten as well as Rice of Houston, Texas. The University of Texas Longhorns we re successful in winning six matches against Okla- homa to win that dual affair. Drake, with a two-man team, beat the Sooners 2 to 1. The squad of Captain Henry Browne, Harold Thurman, Lowe Runkle. Crawford Bennett, and Archie McColl carried off 52 sets to their opponents ' 19 during the spring games. Tulsa Independents were added also during the year. Missouri fell 1 to 5. Iowa State love sets, Kansas by the same Tiger score, Kansas State to 6, and Nebraska 2 to 4. The Sooners won 9, lost 2, tied 1 in the season. Runkle lost in the finals of the Big Six singles in flights to Peacock of Nebraska, 2-6, 8-6, 2-6, and 3-6. Thurman and Browne were beaten in the last matches by Landis and Coerver of Missouri. The fall matches saw the team composed of Runkle, Browne, Thurman. McColl, and Bob McFarlane. All but Bennett and Browne were taken to Texas. Texas Christian University was beaten 5 to 1 and Rice 4 to 1 . Texas at Austin was rained out. The Oklahoma Aggies lost to 6 on Norman courts. Page 187 " j ' p Minor Sports , ' ' Polo JSU= KLAHOMA ' S polo campaign in the winter of 1929 was rather short but yet well worth w hile. All in all the Sooner poloists triumphed in one of the two matches with the University of Arizona at Tucson but lost two consecutive games to the crack outfit from New Mexico Mili- tary Institute at Roswell. The seven-day trip was taken to play the four games on the Arizona and New Mexico fields. Robley Evans, product of Oklahoma City, captained the Oklahoma team during its fall and spring schedule. Evans played No. 3 on the team. Other team members were G. Watts, No. 1; Jim McKinley, No. 2; and Clyde Watts, No. 4 for back position. Joe Barnhill and Spencer McHenry were alternates. In the opening New Mexico match the Sooners scored only once. The final tally was New Mexico 1 1, Oklahoma 1. The second game went 3 to 2 for the Roswell boys. At Tucson later in the week, the Sooners were beaten 4 to 3 in the first game but came back to win 8 to 1 the next day. Dual matches were scheduled with the University of Missouri, Arizona, and New Mexico again this spring. Missouri was played for the first time in several years. In the spring of 1929 the Sooners won one match from Arizona and tied one. The con- tests with New Mexico were lost in succession. Page 18S ' . -.• " ' .m i " ' Minor Sports M tU : Ducks Club ' TpHE Ducks Club, just one of the many activities of the girls of the University of Oklahoma, was organized to promote better swimming for the co-eds of the school. Its promotion has done well for now the university heads of the women ' s department re- port that the girls have taken a great interest in the club. Its emblem is a white duck swimming through a red " O " sewed on a black swimming suit. Any student in the university is eligible for membership should certain requirements be passed. A grade of 80 per cent shall be required, the rules state. A preliminary examination must be taken before the examination for grade, for the purpose of instruction. The requirements are: standing, running, racing and surface dives, trudgeon crawl, disrobe in deep water and swim 100 yards, breast stroke, American crawl, side stroke, back stroke using both hands and feet, tread water one minute, lift person from tank unassisted, hair or head carry, tired swimmer carry, cross chest carry, arm-lock carry, and resuscitation. The officers are: Opal Wilson, president; Leah Connally, vice-president; and Alice Doyle Revelette, secretary. Standing left to right in the picture below are Floretta Ratlitfe, Marjorie English, Virginia Morris, Bee Smith, Opal Wilson, Katherine Colbert, Martha Obermuller, Leah Connally, Thelma Oliver, Londis Zirkle, Jeanette Holman, Jo Chapman, and Cordia Price, Page 189 Intramural Sports .J } " ' - t FROM its stage of infancy back in 1925, the University of Oklafioma intra-mural program has grown by leaps and bounds. Where only 255 students participated during 1925-26 school some 1700 eds were active in the fall of 1929 and fall of 1930. With the sudden interest by eds comes huge intramural schedule arranged this year which saw a goodly number of branches of athletics added. Too, the athletic department announced officially an intramural board of Ben G. Owen, director of athletics; Paul V. Keen, intramural director; Prof. H. C. George, director of school of petroleum eng- ineering; Lawrence Haskell, baseball coach, Char- les Schwoerke, president of student council; and Bill Hamilton, president of interfraternity council. Fifteen different branches of sports were on the 1929-30 program for students with two of the sports, tennis and horseshoes_ being duplicated in the spring and fall. Three all-around trophies were awarded to first three organiza- tions placing at the close of the year. Learders were Kappa Sigma, Alpha Sigma Phi, Phi Gamma Delta, and M. O. U. Sandwich shop. Prizes of belts and buckles of gold, silver and bronze went to winning teams in baseball and basketball. Medals were given to individual winners while trophies were rewards won by teams in each championship. Two student managers were named to aid Roy Holbird, senior manager. They were Jack Stone and Louis Meyer. Sophomore man- gers were; Jim Miller, Bert Smith, Hunter Johnson and Charles Johnson. Bill Williams was freshman manager while Charles Potts aided with the publicity. Page 190 .. " ' , " •■ ' Intramural Sports ■ , 4t- - Johnston Boarding house opened the fall sports by winning the cross-country with Alpha Sigma Phi second and Al- pha Tau Omega third. The Delta Tau Deltas and Phi Beta Deltas shared most of the horseshoe and bowling honors. Tom Wilson was the singles winner of both and Mauber and Braunstein the dou- bles -ictors of bowling. Charles David. Phi Gamm, won the tennis sin- gles. The wrestling title went to Sigma Mu Sig- ma with the Alpha Sigs third behind Bachelors club. Kappa Sigma, after beating the Phi Gamma out for the Greek basketball championship, was beat- en by O. U. Sandwich shop for the university pennant. The former team took second and Fi- jis third. Jude Potts tossed the most free throws for Kap- pa Sigma to win first in that contest but Phi Gamma Delta had Andy Beck and Bob Scartli second and third respectively and thereby scored just as many points. Benton Ferguson scored first in the singles and doubles, with John McLean, handball race for his Kappa Alpha outfit. Pi Kappa Alpha and Alpha Sigma Phi, Phi Beta Delta were next ranking. Track and field contests, the all-around championship swimming, baseball, soft baseball, tennis, golf and horeshoes climaxed the years ' slate. Page 191 ■ " ' - " «»lssl. ,,, Freshman Sports ,y ia . ' L.2 -A! MJ m GIVEN permission for the first time in fiistory to play fresfiman football but now being allowed to participate with any other outside school in another sport the Uni- versity of Oklahoma " frosh " made most of the gridiron schedule. Despite the 42 to 7 setback handed by the Sooner varsity at the opening of the 1929 football season. Coach Jap Haskell s yearlings first romped on the Nebraska Cornhusker first- year men 2 to and then beat the Oklahoma Aggies at Stillwater 19 to 0. A safety by Fred Cherry, end. gave the Boomers the Husker contest. Ab Walker, quarterback, and his mates ran wild at the Farmer school. Bo Robinson, the heavy full- back, scored the touchdown against the varsity in the first conflict. More than 160 candidates checked out foot- ball togs at the first of the year. All-state men Paul Young, Cherry, Walker, and Doyle Tolle- son were there. Other promising material was Red Curinutt, Robinson, Capt. Hunkie Phillips, Charles Wilson. Charles Teel, Lou Jameson, Walter Morrison, Dick Simms, Oren Hatman, Jud Waller, and Red Borah. George Willis and Andy Beck_ all-state guards, led the 1930 " fresh " basketball squad. Willis withdrew at the close of the first semes- ter. Jude Potts, Puss Hatman, Paul Young, Grady Jackson, Elvin Anderson, and Don Le- Crone were the " gun-fodder " for Coach Mc- Dermott. John Grantham and Cecil Feree were the best of the frosh cross-country runners. Mantooth. Gibson, and Johnson were the cream of the yearling wrestlers. Track, baseball, and tennis squads all had full squads of the first year men. Page 192 A .j« wtr v» • .. U cLniv Oytlons rTj -cr hiterfarternity Council ' ■ Fn raternities ' frx t» ' T ' HE Interfraternity Council is composed of two representatives from twenty fraternities on the campus. This body makes all of the rules for rushing and initiation by the frater- nities. It sponsors interfraternity athletics, interfraternity scholarship, and awards cups to the w inners of these events. The officers of the group are: Bill Hamilton President Fi.SHER Ames Vice-President Ralph May Secretary RowE Cook Treasurer MEMBERS Kappa Alpha Frank Smith George Fisher Kappa Sigma William Fogg Paul Miller Beta Theta Pi Alvin Muldrow Harry Turner Sigma Nu Ed Patterson John Rapp Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fisher Ames John Swinford Sigma Chi Clarence Black Herbert Rhees Phi Gamma Delta Bill Fleetwood Bud Foster Phi Delta Theta George McClellan Alfred Champlin Acacia Merton Munson Phil Anderson Pi Kappa Alpha Bud Neptune HoRTON Grisso Phi Kappa Psi Don Feagan Clancy Warren Alpha Tau Omega Ralph May Pat Sinclair Delta Tau Delta Bill Hamilton J. I. Gibson Alpha Sigma Phi Jack Stone Charles Cargile Pi Kappa Phi Ross Hume Lynn Van Arsdale Delta Upsilon Dan Bailey Byron McFall Delta Chi Beril Abel Charles Knight Lambda Chi Alpha RowE Cook Fred Wheeler Sigma Mil Sigma Carter Todd Syrian Morbutt Phi Kappa Sigma John C. Quilty Jim Harkin Page 193 n P%- Fraternities -JWl ; Kappa Alpha " pOUNDED at Washington and Lee University in 1865, sponsored by Robert E. Lee, Kappa Alpha now has 66 chapters. The Oklahoma Beta Eta chapter was organized in 1905, the first Greek letter fraternity in the state of Oklahoma. Carl Albert, member of Phi Eta Sigma, winner of the national intercollegiate oratorical contest in 1929, and prominent campus politician, is probably the most dynamic speaker in the university. Benton Ferguson is advertising manager of the Oklahoma Daily, member of the Publication Board, member of Chi Chi Chi, and of Alpha Delta Sigma. He was winner of the intramural handball championship in singles, and with John McLean, in doubles, and is an ex-Ruf-Nek. Robert Shead is president of El Modjii, and reigned as king over the Legend of the Sea ball this year. George Fisher, chapter president, served as fraternity editor of the Sooner, is a member of the Interfraternity Council and of Chi Chi Chi, and is an ex-Jazz Hound. Fred Cherry was star end on the freshman football team this year, and is expected to be one of the mainstays of next year ' s varsity team. One of the most outstanding alumni of Kappa Alpha in the state is Walter Ferguson, Tulsa banker, who was the first man to be initiated into a Greek letter fraternity in the state. Walter Campbell, a faculty member, who writes under the name of Stanley Vestal, is the author of two popular books, " Kit Carson " and " Dobe Walls. " He was awarded the Guggen- heim scholarship this year, and will study in Canada. V " ??U; 1 1 ' ■ . - " i • C Page 194 ■c r. Fraternities JUr ' Walter S. Campbell Paul S. Carpenter A. Phil Montgomery 1930 George E. Fisher. Holdenville Nelson Owen. Oklahoma City Stuart Milam. Chelsea Gilbert R. Kennedy Kingsville. Texas Robert Shead. Norman 1931 Crawford Fullilove Dallas. Texas Carl Albert. McAlester Leonard Aughtry Oklahoma City Edward Bond. Duncan Charleton Crutchfield Holdenville Jess Dennison. Hobart Benton Ferguson, Tulsa Davis Collett, Ft. Worth. Tex. Bill McClure. Lawton DuANE Methvin. Chickasha Leonard Ralston. Blackwell Vernon Roberts. Holdenville Kappa Alpha FACULTY MEMBERS Capt. J. J. Waters Lieut. Ivan D. Yeaton William J. Cross GRADUATE MEMBERS Rex McGeehee ACTIVE MEMBERS Frank Smith, Marlow Louis Soloman. Kingfisher Talley Timmons Wichita Falls, Texas Dan Tompkin Corpus Christi, Texas Polk Fry, Frederick Powell Fry. Frederick Bill Campbell. Dallas. Texas 1932 Richard Carter, Waurika Don Chapell, Okmulgee Frank Brown. Apache Fred Devin, Apache Robert Hert. Perkins Lester Holbrook. Perkins George Massey. Oklahoma City Ralph Rucker. Oklahoma City Reynolds Weaver Ft. Worth. Texas Leonard Wilson, Lawton Kenneth Wasson. Tulsa ' Clifford Tisdale, Elk City Peyton Ford, Sayre Carter Fears, Eufaula 1933 Pierce Broach, Tulsa Fred Cherry, Okmulgee Wayne Chestnut Oklahoma City Jim Evans, Shreveport. La. James Hopkins. Oklahoma City Fred Irby, Ardmore Dalton McBee, Oklahoma City H. P. Meyer, Norman Dixon Morris, Shreveport, La. William Newbl ock, Norman T. A. Sacra. Roswell. N. M. Clayton Stanford, Holdenville ' Charles Wise, Sayre Bruce Wiley, Norman James Hert. Perkins Cecil Darnell. Marlow John McLean. Ft. Worth. Texas Kenneth Hughes. Sapulpa ' Pledge S6 SS Page 195 " " ' e fraternities % k i: -if Kappa Sigma pj ' OUNDED at the University of Virginia, December 1 1. 1869, Kappa Sigma was installed at the University of Oklahoma, December 6, 1906. It was the second national fraternity. At present there are 108 chapters in existence. Frank Crider, an outstanding grid star, was football captain in 1929 and was selected all- Big Six halfback for that season. Other prominent athletes are A. D. " Hippo " Howell, mem- ber of the track team and Big Six champion in the shot put and discus throw, and Charles Potts, winner of the KCAC four hundred and forty-yard dash and two-letter man. Other outstanding men from the fraternity include Don Cochran, who was last year ' s treasurer of the Student Council; Paul Miller, Daily Oklahoman staff correspondent, promi- nent in every line of newspaper work. Prominent members in the state are Roy St. Lewis, United States district attorney for this district; J. Berry King, attorney general of the state; and Gordon Baer, member of the board of examiners for the State Bar examination. ■ f?;jiii r jwi Page l ' )6 Kappa Sigma r ' %S Fraternities i Th FACULTY MEMBER Edgar A. Meacham Clifford Schaub. Muskogee Albert D. Lynn, Oklahoma City F. H. Brigham. Edmond D. L Cochrane. Shawnee Harry Johnson, Pauls Valley C, M. Maupin. Waurika Leslie Byron, Norman Benton Brooks. McAlester Frank Crider, Durant Finis Parham. Norman A. D. Howell, Nowata 1931 C. G. Stuard, Waurika Gilbert Richards. Enid John Wade, Ft. Worth. Texas George Dawson, Chandler Glenn Bras, Okemah R. J, WooLSEY. Tulsa Ralph Hood, Erick Charles Potts, Dallas, Texas L T. Tarver, McAlester Ephriam Lobaugh. Pauls Valley Paul Miller. Norman ACTIVE MEMBERS Bill Witt. Oklahoma City Dick Strode. Shawnee ' Emerson Price, Fairland George Wight, Enid " Harold Tippit, McAlester 1932 R. H. Parham, Norman William Williams, Ardmore Howell Williams, Ardmore Gene Wagoner. Miami Charles Grayson, Miami Dan Boone, Okmulgee ViCTOR Sullivan, Elmore City WiLLiAM Julian, Bartlesville ' George Denton, Colbert Jude Potts, Durant Otho Newman, Shawnee George Bushyhead, Claremore William Fogg, El Reno J. H. Abernathy, Shawnee Carl Lindstrom. Tulsa Charles Stewart Oklahoma City Everet Rhea, Muskogee Harris Van Wagoner Childress, Texas Neville Gilliam, Erick Hunter Johnson, Tulsa James Miller, Tulsa Maurice Dodson, Muskogee 1933 ' Denver Meacham, Clinton ' Cleaves McDonnald Electro, Texas ' Thomas McDonnald Electro, Texas ' Dick Simms, Lindsay ' Peyton Irby, Ponca City ' Leon Larimore, Miami ' O. C. Jacobson, Ardmore ' Russel Waters, Clinton ' James Hughes, Tulsa ' Clarence Hood, Erick ' Max Gilstrap. Ardmore ' Pledge .i Ei ffife iiiEs jUiS ft Hf Mir « . mji mi ism s g s si m Page 197 n ! Fraternities ■: M k t. -¥ x Beta Theta Pi TN 1839, Beta Theta Pi, one of the Miami Triad fraternities, was founded at Miami Univer- ■ sity, Oxford, Ohio, and Gamma Phi chapter was installed at the University of Oklahoma in 1909. There are 85 active chapters. Kenneth Blackmar, one of the most prominent of Beta members, is a member of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, and is an ex-Ruf-Nek. Bill Noble has made a name for himself as a member of the basketball squad. He is a member of Chi Chi Chi, Blue Key, and the Interfraternity Council, and is an ex-Ruf-Nek. Beta is further represented in campus activities by Preston Jones, who was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and is a member of Phi Delta Phi. Harry Turner is also a Phi Delta Phi, and won the Phi Delta Phi medal in 1929. He is a member of the Interfraternity Council. Alvin Muld- row was a star football player for several years, is a member of Scabbard and Blade, and of Bombardiers. ;:• ■ ' • Page 198 jr« :f Fraternities M N Beta Theta Pi ACTIVE MEMBERS 1930 Phil Lehnhard. Norman Charles Edmond Edgerton. Sapulpa Thomas Egbert Clements. Norman Foster J. Ely. Enid James Harold Adkison. Tulsa George Colville Croston. Sapulpa Richard White Blair, Dallas. Texas William Herbert Noble. Eldorado. Kan. William K. Harris. Ft. Smith, Ark. Preston West Jones. Muskogee Alvin Muldrow. Norman Elmer Charles Gardner. Sentinel Samuel Wilson Hogan, Norman Jackson Baker Lehnhard. Norman 1931 Paul Sanford Anderson. Claremore Oscar Grimes. Tulsa Wester Wilder. Jr., Cherokee John Slocum Weever, Dallas. Tex. Bert King Smith. Ft. Worth, Texas Harry Dennis Turner. Oklahoma City Charles Harold Thweatt. Chickasha James Kenneth Blackmar. Roswell. N. M. WuMAN Glenn Patten, Chickasha Edgar Sullins Vaught, Oklahoma City Grant Monroe Buxton, Enid 1932 Myers Robinson Hurt, Muskogee John Taylor Moore, Norman Joseph Harold Sidwell, Tulsa Henry Burton Housh. Blackwell Francis J. Fleming. Oklahoma City Wiley Blanks, Shawnee Morris C. Wells. Purcell John H. Toney. St. Louis. Mo. Claude J. Davenport. Sapulpa John W. Thomas. Oklahoma City 1933 Edwin N. Humphrey, Chickasha Robert C. Clark. Norman Emil H. Hastings. Tulsa Harold Medford. Tulsa Ryan H. Morris. El Reno. Owen B. Wood. Ft. Worth. Tex. Charles R. Walbert, Oklahoma City Andrew O. Campbell. Oklahoma City Theodore Lindsay, Tulsa William A. Barr, Enid Paul W. Pugh. Marlow Wilbur L. Griffith, Tulsa Page 199 a. ' - ; Fraternities ■iW ' %Jiv S gma Nu " COUNDED at Virginia Military Institute in 1869, Sigma Nu was installed at the University of Oklahoma in 1909, holding the distinction of being the fourth national fraternity on the campus. Today there are 94 active chapters. Edwin Patterson is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Blue Key, Toga, Pe-et, and Scabbard and Blade, and was .selected as the best all-round student among univer- sity men in 1929. Lenny Sibel is president of the senior law class, and a member of Phi Delta Phi. Well represented in the athletic field, among its most prominent athletes are Tom Church- ill, who earned three letters in football, basketball, and track. He was captain of the 1929 basketball team, and was a member of the Olympic team last year. He also is a member of Blue Key. Bob Fields, captain-elect of the 1930 football team, and winner of three letters in that field, and Harold Thurman, captain of the 1929 tennis team, and who holds three letters in that sport, are other athletes. , ' ?; ' iil fir Page 200 Sigma N ,,r ■» - t p Fraternities mkS; ) ■ ' l " ?V, Ben G. Owen Joseph E. Paxton William Crawford D. E. Martin FACULTY MEMBERS GRADUATE MEMBERS Harold Skinner Jessie Rader M. R. Garnett E. T. Fuller Park Street 1930 Harold C. Thurman Oklahoma City Leonard Sibel. Oklahoma City James T. Blanton, Pauls Valley C. W. McCarty. Fairfax James B. Scott. Watonga John R. Simpson, Tulsa Charles Spangler Wichita Falls. Texas WooLSEY GoDLOVE. Lawton Edwin Patterson. Oklahoma City Paul Carson. Jefferson City, Mo. Rolla Kriewitz, Fairfax Tom Churchill. Oklahoma City Rowland Mason, Lawton 1931 Orval Hill, Vinita Robert Fields. Ponca City ACTIVE MEMBERS Ned Creekmore, Tulsa F, G. Writer Jr., Joplin. Mo. Ernest Rapp, Ponca City Crawford Bennett Oklahoma City Don Montgomery. Ada William Owsley, Chickasha 1932 John Rapp, Ponca City Tom Biggers. Wewoka Eugene Hemry. Oklahoma City Hugh Stalcup, Tulsa Howard Hayner. Tulsa Paul Gallaher, Shawnee Orin C. Borah, Champaign, 111. 1933 Jack Murphy, Oklahoma City Reagan Tucker Wichita Falls, Texas Tom Mitchell. Norman James Godlove. Lawton Lynn Wellborn. Tulsa Ray Trimble, Tulsa Edmund Cheesebro. Tulsa Elwood Brockman. Tulsa TuLLis Looney, Erick Edward Stephens. Norman Dave Gardner. Nacoma. Texas Jess Davis. Texarkana, Texas Robert Adams. Crescent Ernest Cornelius, Oklahoma CityPAUL Early. Ponca City Anthony Soldani. Ponca City Bo Robinson, Hominy Lester Jameson, Champaign, 111. Emmitt Jameson, Champaign, 111. Everett Clark. Oklahoma City Duffy Briscoe. Hollis Mii Page 201 . ! .. k- Fraternities .fB i - r S gma Alpha Epsilon C IGMA ALPHA EPSILON, founded at the University of Alabama in 1856, came to the University of Oklahoma in 1909. There are now 103 active chapters. The most outstanding member is Fisher Ames, who is president of Toga, president of Chi Chi Chi, vice-president of Interfraternity Council, member of Checkmate, Phi Delta Phi, and Blue Key, and he served as treasurer of the Junior Law class in 1929. He was awarded the Phi Delta Phi medal in 1928, and the Callahan prize in 1929. Other prominent members are Bus Mills who was on the varsity football team in 1928 and 1929 and varsity baseball in 1930, and Lynn Abbott who is a member of the Glee Club, the Sooner Male Quartet and Bombardiers: he served as business manager of Stunt Nite in 1929. Prominent members in the state are Fred Capshaw, Paul A. Walker, C. B. Ames, Earle Foster, and Wayne Bayless. mi jm Page 202 ,|r Fraternities ;j J . ' i i. m - ■ ' ' 7 Sigma Alpha Epsilon John Moseley Fisher Ames 1930 Lynn Abbott. Durant George Bell. Shawnee Rodney Janeway. Oklahoma City Gordon Johnston Oklahoma City Pete Johnston. McAlester John Kennedy. Purcell E. C. Love, Chandler Frank Criner Love. Purcell Gerald Peterson. Guthrie Richard Wagner. Chandler 1931 Henry Braun. Guthrie Bobbie Burns, Oklahoma City Lorraine Fogarty. Guthrie Roderick Holtzendorff Claremore Erwin Hill, Houston. Texas Louis Long, Ada FACULTY MEMBERS GRADUATE MEMBERS ACTIVE MEMBERS Buster Mills, Ranger, Tex. Maurice Day, Oklahoma City John Swinford, Norman Rene Stone, Purcell Frank Abbott, Norman 1932 W. R. Burns, Norman John Gilkerson, Claremore Victor Holman, Guthrie Robert Love, Parcel! George McGhee. Dallas. Texas John Mecom, Houston. Texas William Overholser Oklahoma City John Roberts. Chick asha Lawrence Starns. Altus Dean Gunby, Norman G. W. Brown, Duncan William Brown, Duncan DoDSON Johnson. Altus George Metzel Bill Overholser 1933 Kenneth Alfred. Gushing James Boynton. Shawnee Sam Braden, McAlester Edward Bryant. Gushing Ralph Carlin. Oklahoma City Frank Fltzpatrick. Guthrie Elmore Gill. McAlester George Harrison. Tulsa Lonnie Jones. Altus Louis Kennedy. Purcell Fenton Lamb. Wagoner James Lewis, Sapulpa James Murray. Cleveland Bud Martin. Oklahoma City Hubert McCrary, Chickasha Fred Newton, Gushing Kelly Parker, Vernon, Texas Lewis Stephens Robinson, Illinois Ralph Wolverton, Lawton m ' ,i Page 203 r - r " - 1; Fraternities M jf S gma Chi CIGMA CHI is one of the " Miami Triad " fraternities, being founded at Miami University, Oxford. Ohio, June 28, 1855. On April 18, 1912, the local organization of Lambda Chi was granted a charter for Sigma Chi. Sigma Chi has 89 chapters at present. It was the sixth Greek letter fraternity on Oklahoma ' s campus. The outstanding members of the order are Clarence Black, editor of the 1930 Sooner, member of Chi Chi Chi and Phi Delta Phi and representative of the fraternity on the Interfra- ternity Council; Ralph Schaller. business manager of the 1930 Sooner: Spencer McHenry, member of Scabbard and Blade and No. 3 on the varsity polo team; Glenn Cannon, varsity twirler; and Ernie Hill, night editor of the Oklahoma Daily, and member of Sigma Delta Chi, honorary journalistic fraternity. One of the most prominent members in the state is Patrick Hurley, recently appointed Secretary of War. Another outstanding Oklahoman is Frank Buttram. who is serving as presi- dent of the Board of Regents for the second time. I Page 204 " " lijjif Fraternities { ' - " .■• ' i - ' ■V . V«. .•V S gma Chi J. H. Marshburn D. T. Cornwall V. E. MONNETT Clarence Black 1930 Kenneth Barnes. Ponca City Elbert Goodson. Oklahoma City Ned Marshall. Quanah. Texas Ernest Miller. Tulsa Ralph Schaller. Oklahoma City Robert Stamps, Shawnee John B. Strong, Guthrie 1931 Dick Berry, Oklahoma City Turner Bynum. Oklahoma City Lawrence Edwards. Ponca City Ernest Hill. Oklahoma City Jack Highley. Oklahoma City M. B. Kane, Oklahoma City Albert Maidt. Oklahoma City Winfrey Meler, Chickasha Merle Freeland, Norman Bert Varvel, Oklahoma City FACULTY MEMBERS T. H. Brewer W. E. CORKILL R. W. Harris GRADUATE MEMBERS Phil Gully ACTIVE MEMBERS 1932 Lee Bond, Chickasha C. C. Buxton, Oklahoma City Glen Cannon, Sapulpa John Carson, Shawnee Thomas Cubbage, El Reno Reagan Dublin Wichita Falls. Texas ' Clarence Davis, Bixby ' F. A. Douglas Ft. Worth. Texas Palmer Hancock. Ponca City OsMAN Latrobe Washington, D. C. John Mitchell, Wynnewood Clint Moore, Tulsa Spencer McHenry Clarksdale, Mississippi ' W. F. Slater, Tulsa Thomas Yarbrough, Ardmore E. G. Hassel L. M. Logan J. W. Marrs Garrison Buxton 1933 William Bronson. Guthrie Tonka Carter. Okmulgee Ray Chisholm. Marlow Charles Conn, Kingfisher Dennis Cubbage, El Reno Jack Emanuel. Sulphur Herbert Fisher. Tulsa James Hammond, Chickasha Kenneth Miller Rock Rapids, Iowa James Mytinger Wichita Falls, Texas Jack McKenna, Durant ' Charles Olson, Guthrie Allen Smith, El Reno Ed Spears, Kingfisher Paul Vickers, Oklahoma City Charles Wilson, Oklahoma City Lewis McBride, Lawton Pledge m mm,: .:%»• Page 205 |p Fraternities ilf " Tjfe«wi. ' . P ? Gamma Delta pHI GAMMA DELTA was founded April 22. 1848, at Jefferson College. Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania, which at present is Washington and Jefferson College. The chapter was in- stalled at Oklahoma March 4, 1917. There are 70 chapters today. Activity men on the campus are Bill Fleetwood, Phi Delta Phi, Blue Key. Interfraternity Council, who had the lead in the Soonerland Follies in 1928 .and directed the Follies in 1929; David B. Lawrence, member of Tau Beta Phi, Sigma Tau, Toga, and Alpha Sigma Delta, and one of the varsity golfers. He was a member of the Student Council in 1928 and 1929. Varley H. Taylor, editor of the Whirlwind, is a member of Blue Key and of Scabbard and Blade. Tom Kight is a Student Council member, a Tri Chi, and a member of Scabbard and Blade. State alumni who have achieved prominence are Richard Lloyd Jones, editor of the Tulsa Tribune, and Walter H. Harrison, managing editor of the Oklahoma Publishing Company, Oklahoma City. mm ■ !?;fiM r }Afm. _s: ' W ' Page 206 Jfj! Fraternities (i- Ph Gamma Delta FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Homer L. Dodge Sanford M. Salyer Josh Lee Ralph Beagle GRADUATE MEMBERS Paul Dudley William Rogers 7930 George McCloud, Oklahoma City David Lawrence. Wynnewood Varley Taylor. Tulsa Preston Lampton. Sapulpa Jack Carman, Bristow William Taft. Enid RuFus Ragsdale, Houston. Texas 1931 William Fleetwood. Tulsa Gordon Fleetwood. Tulsa J. Don Wiet. Bartlesville Murray Gordon. Bartlesville William Deal, Tulsa John Lambe. Waynoka George Oliphant. Holdenville Wendell Ford. Tulsa John Poe, Tulsa Lloyd Foster, Seminole ACTIVE MEMBERS George Siebold. Oklahoma City Joe Birge, Oklahoma City Tom Kight, Claremore Herbert Crocket, El Reno 1932 JuDSON Waller, Sand Springs Verne H. Maxwell. Tulsa Charles Grady. Oklahoma City Lev Pritchard. Oklahoma City Jack Brosseau, Oklahoma City Lynn Bulliss. Oklahoma City Richard Tryon. Oklahoma City William Barlow, Neosho William Waid, Pawhuska William Bynum, Amarillo, Texas Richard Gurley. Blackwell Walter Lampton. Sapulpa Hugh Garnett. Altus Robert McKinney. Amarillo. Texas Robert Scarth. Enid Robert Lindsley, Bartlesville 1933 Charles Ramsey. Oklahoma City Edgar Nichols, Oklahoma City John Schofield, Oklahoma City A, E. Dixon, Hominy Fred Steckleburg. Henryetta Thomas Gutelius, St. Louis, Mo. Dean Rice. Oklahoma City Charles Davis. Oklahoma City Baughn Wilson, Sand Springs Ben Campbell, Tulsa Andrew Beck, Oklahoma City James Cowman, Sapulpa Walter Sanger, Yukon Vance Broach, Tulsa Buford Jones, Shawnee Jack Coast, Tulsa Robert O ' Brien, Oklahoma City ' i Page 207 ,- c jM iliF ' Fraternities ' rk Lj ' ■ Phi Delta Theta A NOTHER of the Miami Triad fraternities is Phi Delta Theta. founded at Miami Univer- sity, Oxford, Ohio, in 1848. At present there are 97 active chapters. The date of the local installation is 1918. John Bell, the president, is a member of Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, and Sigma Gamma Epsilon. and was varsity baseball manager in 1929. He is also a track man. Leonard Savage, who has been on the varsity debate team for several years, is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Delta Phi, Pe-et, and Toga. Athletes in the fraternity include Al Mayhew, varsity quarterback for three years. [Ml M ' f Page 20S Ph Delta Theta Hugh McDermott L. E. Haskell FACULTY MEMBERS 1930 John Bell, Eastland, Texas James Lewis, Winfield. Kansas Wayne Sanders, Chickasha Newton Stone, Edmond Leonard Savage, McAlester Al Mayhew, Oklahoma City Robert Butz. Muskogee Charles Patten, Edmond Charles Adams, Ardmore John Bond, Muskogee Solon Bower, Muskogee Alfred Champlin, Lawton W. J. Douthit. Duncan Ed Overholser, Oklahoma City James Henley, Muskogee Walter Beets. Oklahoma City Sam Binkley, Oklahoma City 1931 Bill Erwin, Chickasha Edmund Duval GRADUATE MEMBER Frank Denker ACTIVE MEMBERS Robert Champlin, Lawton G. A, McClung, Ft. Worth, Texas George Birdseye, Oklahoma City Paul Edwards, Enid Carrol Johnson, Wilson Harry McKeever, Enid Arthur Martin, Okemah Don Edwards, Oklahoma City HoYLE Carlock, Ardmore 1932 Jack Brander, Tulsa Bill Buck, Bartlesville George Collier, Ardmore Fred Crockett, Oklahoma City Fain Crockett, Oklahoma City Lawrence Cullison, Guthrie Warren Moore, Oklahoma City Wayne Glover. Ponca City Robert Reeder, Oklahoma City DoN Wallace, Colorado, Texas Ray Hillis, Lawton " Pledge Fayette Copeland L. A. Turley Willis Stark. Oklahoma City Melvin Hoot. Ponca City William McCurdy. Purcell Phil Edwards, Enid Franklyn Williamson, Duncan 1933 Gibson Fullerton, Miami Robert Adams. Tulsa BiLL Bailey, Chickasha Pat McCaffrey, Muskogee Baron Housel, Oklahoma City Irvin Beasley, Tulsa Herbert Champlin, Lawton F. M. Frey, Chickasha Ab Walker, Blackwell Don Stinchecum Duncan Maxwell McCurdy, Purcell Carlton Polk, Houston, Texas Walter Morrison, Norman ■ lii ' J ' ' i ' i ' , ' Page 209 wt l Fraternities .fy y - , Acacia A CACIA was founded at the University of Michigan in 1904. It is an outgrowth of a Ma- sonic club on this campus which was established in 1915. A charter was granted to it May 1, 1920. It is a general fraternity for college Masons. Among the prominent members of this fraternity are Merton Munson who is president of the Student Council, member of the Publication Board, vice-president of the Interfraternity Council 1929. and a member of the varsity debate team for the past three years; Charles Manney, who is president of Phi Eta Sigma, vice-president of Alpha Kappa Psi, and a member of the Oratorical Council; Victor Waters, who is president of the Junior Class, vice-president of the Student Council, a member of the varsity debate team for the past three years, and presi- dent of the Websterian Literary Society; Charles Ittner. who is president of the Engineers ' Club, president of the American Institute of American Engineers, and a member of Sigma Tau and Tau Beta Pi. Members prominent in the state are Lew Wentz. oil tycoon and philanthropist; Edwin De Barr, long time Dean of the School of Chemistry; and Hal Muldrow. president of the Dad ' s Day Association and former member of the Board of Regents. Page 210 - : |: -_ Praternities ll Acacia Dr. W. B. Bizzell Dr. John F. Bender J. F. Brookes Dr. E. E. Dale Homer H. Dedo D. B. R. Johnson Kenneth C. Kaufman Emil Kraettli FACULTY MEMBERS Cecil Langford Dewey W. Luster M. L. Mannen M. E. Mills Ralph H. Records Henry D. Rinsland C. R. Sandifer G. H. Smith Dr. L. E. Swearingen GRADUATE MEMBER J. D. Sapp 1930 John Barth. Skiatook Chester P. Burns. Oklahoma City Earl Davis. Wewoka J. K. Kalb. Rochester. Minnesota Charles H. Mannen. Davenport Sam Nowlin, Norman Dan H. Sholtus, Norman Frank Worrel. Pond Creek Richard D. Robey, Norman Carlos Ferguson. Stratford John Looney, Lawton 1931 Phil Anderson. Guthrie ACTIVE MEMBERS Cecil Brite. La Russel, Missouri Glenn Hughes, Henryetta Kenneth McAfee. RofF Merton Munson, Lawton Haskell Pugh. Marlow Frank Wiley, Stillwater Eldon Magaw. Concordia. Kansas Sam E. Echols. Mangum Ben Huey. Norman Russell Long, Chickasha Vernon H. Weedel. Chandler Clarence Nelson Dunn Cherokee Harwell Sheppard Denton. Texas Leonard Jent, Pittsburg, Kansas 1932 Theodore Bland. Altus Ross Porter, Lawton Roy Steele, Altus Oswan Moody, Chickasha Clint Braden, Wilburton Frank Ittner, Oklahoma City Durward Mathis, Manitou Clarence Unruh, Jslorman Victor Waters, Granite Pat McCord, Ponca City James Bollinger, Tyrone Bob Barrone, Red Fork Rohm Standifer. Red Fork J. G. Albin. Tulsa Di§§ Sd@6€d ,. !! ' ,i M m. mr to.; I all .■■ . ' " h-. - f Page 211 M: Fraternities MMm Phi Kappa Psi T)HI KAPPA PSI was founded at Jefferson College. Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania, February 19, 1852, and was installed on the Oklahoma campus October 9, 1920. There are now 50 chapters. Phi Kappa Psi ' s outstanding members are John Lee, president of the local chapter, varsity football, Toga, Kappa Psi, and a member of the student board of the State Pharmaceutical Association; Donald Feagin, who is president of the Junior Class, a member of Chi Chi Chi, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, and Jazz Hounds; and Clancy Warren, who was president of Jazz Hounds in 1929. a member of Chi Chi Chi. member at large of the Student Council, member of Blue Key and Scabbard and Blade. Henry Griffing is also one of Phi Psi ' s prominent members. He is a member of Chi Chi Chi and Blue Key. as well as Ruf-Neks and Interfrat ernity Council. Members of prominence in the state are W. A. Brooks of Oklahoma City. J. Bart Aldridge of Wewoka, Burdette Blue of Bartlesville. and David Shackleford of Oklahoma City. i ' i i i ' t ' vB Page 212 ■J k Fraternities , Phi Kappa Psi Henry Griffkng FACULTY MEMBER Dr. Fred W. Padgett GRADUATE MEMBERS ACTIVE MEMBERS Stephen D. Holloway 1930 Joseph G. Putnam, Chillicothe, Missouri Lyman S. Stangel. Oklahoma City John Lee, Charleston, Missouri Sloan Jackson. Perry 1931 Ralph Strader, Amarillo. Texas Ralph D. Garnett. Elk City Donald Feagin, Tulsa Robert Strader. Amarillo. Texas Robert L. Berry. Oklahoma City Carl H. McAlister. Oklahoma City Eugene R. Minshall. Tulsa Chilton W. McLaughlin, Kansas City, Kansas Jack Land, Muskogee Joe Brewer. Tulsa Rob):rt L. Simpson, Eufaula 1932 Orv;lle L. Williams, Elk City William B. Davis, Dallas, Texas Robert M. Jordan, Durant Bernard Doud, Norman William C. Harsch, Independence, Kansas William Mugler, Perry William Stewart. Tulsa John Sparks. Tulsa 1933 George T. Watts. Hope. New Mexico Ned Catlett, Muskogee Bill Majors. Muskogee Allyn Hale, St. Paul. Minnesota Thomas Hale, St. Paul. Minnesota George Shaffer. Tulsa Frank Lee, Charleston, Missouri A. L. Thurmond, Oklahoma City Davis Funderburk, Mangum Knowlton Carson, Kansas City, Kansas A. C. KiDD, Wewoka Neil Searcy. Tulsa ' Robert Searcy. Tulsa ' Pledge §€l w..M £-i ' Sj Page 21 i ' -■-- fe Fraternities M$: ' - . • t - r Pi Kappa Alpha INSTALLATION of the local chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha was on September 24, 1920. The national was founded at the University of Virginia in 1868. There are now 79 chapters. Among the members of prominence in the chapter are Bud Neptune, Sigma Gamma Ep- silon, Interfraternity Council member, and Ed Klopfenstein, who is a member of Sigma Gamma Epsilon and Sigma Tau. Lorry Myers was the star forward on the varsity basketball team for the last two years. Bob Duncan is a member of the Student Council and of Phi Mu Alpha. Leading state members are Joseph Benton, now in grand opera in Italy; Lynn Riggs, poet and playwright, now in Hollywood; and J. H. VanZant, consulting geologist for the Healdton Oil and Gas Company. .c:. oiS mr Page 214 - y Mi y ' ' ' Fraternities t w Pi Kappa Alpha T. M. Beaird H. H. Scott FACULTY MEMBERS John S. Redfield Dr. H. C. George Dr. J. C. Clark GRADUATE MEMBER Bill Burden 1930 Robert Duncan, Forgan Maurice Stalker, Pond Creek HoRTON Grisso, Seminole Ed Klopfenstein, Bartlesvill e Earl Whitfield. Okmulgee Ralph Wilson. Houston. Texas Carlysle Goodrich. Norman Buster Riffe. Tyrone Ted Pitzer. Texhoma 1931 George Gibson, Grove Frank Neptune. Bartlesville Ed Howard. Oklahoma City James Gorman. Sapulpa Merle Dye. Norman Bill Burden. Vinita Francis Buellesfeld, Blackwell ACTIVE MEMBERS 1932 Milton Hardy, Tulsa Bill Cram, Heavener Jack Williams, Oklahoma City Philip Campbell, Claude, Texas Claude Perry, San Antonio, Texas Robert Jeffries, Joplin. Missouri 1933 Thomas Alberty, Drumright Douglas Bell, Houston, Texas Robert Marsden Bellati Blackwell William Breedlove, Noble Henry Brown, Marshall, Texas William Burney, Dallas, Texas Dudley Culp, Norman Raymond Daniel, Muskogee Willis Fink, Pittsburg, Kansas Harry French. Shreveport. La. George Frickel, Jr., Tulsa William Grisso, Seminole Tom Hanson, El Reno Bressem Holtzchue Oklahoma City Robert Lang, Shawnee Ed Lightfoot, Tulsa Millard Neptune, Bartlesville Bernard O ' Neill. Marshall William Pahlman, Oklahoma City Francis Penn, Shawnee Richard Rodgers, Marshall, Texas C. Carter Ralls. Winfield, Kansas Norman Stone. Drumright James Wade, Ryan Devert West, Dallas, Texas Burton Wood, Oklahoma City Albert Yates, Norman James Yarbrough Leavenworth, Kansas Page 215 iSBSiJ Fraternities .jferi vife. f i ' Alpha Mil C INCE its founding at the College of the City of New York in 1909, Sigma Alpha Mu has grown until it now has 37 chapters. The date of local founding was May 22, 1920. Outstanding members are Joe Schuman, member of the Playhouse; Howard Fink, a fresh- man basketball player; and Frank Appleman, a member of the varsity debate team. Members of prominence in the state are Dr. C. J. Fishman and Rabbi Joseph Blatt. Page 216 rfe(i:. Sigma Alpha Mu .,„,.;f tcaterntties Jw v ma Dr. C. J. FisHMAN FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Louis H. Charney Rabbi Joseph Blatt ACTIVE MEMBERS 1930 A. David Erdberg, Okmulgee Lawrence M. Sheets. Okmulgee 1931 Bernard Kahn, Ardmore Nelson Rosen. Shawnee Joe Schuman. Tulsa Max Silverman, Canadian Sidney M. Wolf. Davis 1932 Frank Appleman. Tulsa Irvin Aurbach. Idabel Harris L. Gladstein, McAlester Sam Minsky. Sapulpa Arnold Ungerman, Tulsa Mark Weisbugh, Tulsa 1933 Abe Feferman. Amarillo, Texas Howard Fink. Dallas, Texas LeRoy Kaplan. Charlotte. North Carolina Ira Levine, Marietta ' Lewis Myer, Sapulpa ' Pledge " w ' H ' .a. ' g Page 217 Fraternities Alpha Tau Omega A LPHA TAU OMEGA was founded at Richmond, Virginia, in 1865, and the Delta Kappa " ■ chapter was installed at Oklahoma April 2, 1921. At the present time, there are 91 chapters. Leaders in activities in the chapter are Lowe Runkle, who played three years on the varsity tennis team, winning the distinction of being runner-up in the Big Six last year, a member of Ruf-Neks and Checkmate, and manager of intramural tennis; Ralph May, who is a member of Phi Eta Sigma and Blue Key, and secretary of the Interfraternity Council. Pat Sinclair is business manager of the Whirlwind, and served as business manager of the Varsity Vanities last year. Ray Horton is a member of the Student Council, of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Pick and Hammer Club, and representative from the geology school. Another prominent man is Bruce Choate. who was elected to Phi Beta Kappa this year, and is a member of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, and on the varsity track team. Outstanding state members are former Governor Robert L. Williams and former Senator Robert L. Owen. Page 218 ' - Fvatetmtizs : | Alpha Tan Omega Bruce Drake FACULTY MEMBERS GRADUATE MEMBER Carl Buerbaum Joseph M. Thuringer 1930 Lowe Runkle, Oklahoma City Ray Horton. Ardmore RussEL Phillips, Oklahoma City Louis Fratcher Springfield, Illinois Ralph Rackley, Cherokee Hubert Sanders. Sapulpa 1931 Ralph J. May, Oklahoma City J. R. Verplank, Amarillo, Texas Archie McColl, Oklahoma City Dick Swan. Oklahoma City Lee B. Park. Walters Kenneth Gillespie. Enid BiLL Giffert, Tulsa Henry Wolgamot Oklahoma City William Symons. Tulsa Harold Hardin. McAlester Cliff Lane. Amarillo. Texas ACTIVE MEMBERS Bruce Choate, McAlester Roland McCullar Arkansas City, Arkansas 1932 Joe Hess. Bartlesville RoNALD Jarrett. Oklahoma City Lloyd Holtson Long Branch, New Jersey JiM Henderson Ft. Recovery, Ohio Jim Kirk, Bartlesville Frank Pieratt. Guthrie Bill Taylor. Oklahoma City Stanley Morian Stratford. Pennsylvania Don Hendryx. Port Arthur, Texas Paul Crawford. Norman WiLMER Horn, McAlester John May, Oklahoma City Robert Sanders. Ponca City Herbert Miller, Amarillo, Texas JiM Crawford, Oklahoma City Charles Tucker, McAlester 1933 Jack Houghton Long Branch, N. J. J. C. Horn. McAlester Jack Algo, Tulsa Harold Donnell Amarillo, Texas Whit Wade, San Antonio, Texas Bill Lewis, Oklahoma City Fred Patterson. Woodward John Turner, McAlester Paul Stimson, Springfield, Illinois Wesley Brink, Oklahoma City ToM Hunter, Springfield, Ilhnois Edwin Burba, McAlester D. T. MiLAM, Wilson Clem Rine. Kaw City Carl Ridley, Oklahoma City Pat Sinclair, Emmet, Idaho Pledge Page 219 • ' ;; traternities jteTWj Dd ' Tail Delta " COUNDED at Bethany College in 1859, Delta Tau Delta came to this campus in 1922. There are 74 chapters. Five prominent members are Bill Hamilton, president of the Interfraternity Council, mem- ber of Checkmate, football manager in 1929, and a member of Blue Key; Paul Kennedy, editor of the Oklahoma Daily, and a member of the Student Council, Blue Key. He is also a member of Sigma Delta Chi. Clyde Watts, who is a Phi Delta Phi, is president of Scabbard and Blade, president of the Polo and Riding Association, and a member of the varsity polo team. Ray Bannister is repre- sentative on the Interfraternity Council, a member of Scabbard and Blade, managing editor of the 1930 Sooner, and editor-elect of the Sooner for 1931. Ed Mills is news editor of the Oklahoma Daily, a member of the Publication Board, and holds an office in Sigma Delta Chi. Some of the best-known state alumni are Maj. E. P. Parker and Dudley C. Monk, Tulsa lawyer. Page 220 .r . ' C " ? 4p Fraternities M§i De ta Tau Delta Major E. P. Parker Dr. Paul L. Vogt 1930 Tom Clifford. El Reno Bill Hamilton. Ardmore J. I. Gibson. Wellston Paul Kennedy. Oklahoma City 1931 Martin Coblentz, Quinton Joyce Coffey, Ardmore Joe Hudson. San Antonio. Texas Edgar Mills. Oklahoma City John R. McLean Pueblo. Colorado Bernard Jones. Bristow Prentice Price. Oklahoma City Ralph Rider. Guthrie Morris Shrader. El Reno Clyde Watts. Wagoner Bill McDonald. Oklahoma City Tench Tilghman. Oklahoma City Homer Taylor, Vernon, Texas FACULTY MEMBERS Joseph A. Brandt Dr. Paul B. Sears GRADUATE MEMBER J. W. Taylor ACTIVE MEMBERS J. C. Manning, Ardmore J. B. McKinley, Hamilton, Texas Phillip Mantor, Taylor, Texas Joe McDonald, Ranger, Texas Paul Brunk, Frederick Robert Cox, Duncan Benson Kingston Breckenridge. Texas Joseph Revelette. Elgin. Kansas Max Blakesley Carter, Pennsylvania Clyde Minnear, Nowata 1932 John Wells, Bartlesville Burton Barnes, Duncan Thomas Enloe, Paris. Texas Ray Bannister, El Reno Rex Allsworth. Ranger, Texas Harold Landrum, Kingston Wyeth Gooch, Granite W. C. Bateman, Tulsa Albert W. Clary Ft. Scott. Kansas Claude Foster, El Reno Thomas Wilson, Oklahoma City George Kinsey, Amarillo, Texas Truman Tomlin, Durant Dix Huston, Oklahoma City James Pipkin, Oklahoma Ci ty 1933 Bruce Beesley, Tulsa Lloyd Johnson, Tulsa D. R. Montgomery, Henryetta Milo Brunskill, Ninnekah Joy Blanchard, Snyder W. K. Garnett, Oklahoma City John Haley, Oklahoma City Morris Lee, Tulsa Burns Kingston Breckenridge, Texas B g ?, p. A f fr O 1% d @ Page 221 Fraternities jeItI r Alpha Sigma Phi A LPHA SIGMA PHI was founded December I, 1845, at Yale University. At present there are thirty-four chapters of the order. Alpha Alpha was installed on this campus May 19. 1923. Some of the outstanding members include Chester H. Anderson who is a member of Pe-et, lieutenant colonel of the R. O. T. C, treasurer of Phi Mu Alpha, and president of the band. He is also a member of Kappa Kappa Psi honorary band fraternity. Jack O. Stone is sports editor of the Oklahoma Daily, is sports editor of the Sooner, and is a member of Sigma Delta Chi. Alpha Sigma Phi has been well represented in the sports field. Curtis Berry and Clyde Kirk earned their second letter in football this year. Glenn Dawson, captain of the cross- country team and holder of the first place in Big Six cross-country competition, is a member of the track team in the one and three-mile events, and holder of the unofficial record in the five- mile run. Among the members of prominence in Oklahoma is General Charles E. McPherren. of Oklahoma City, who so ablv defended Oklahoma University Greek letter fraternities against taxation of fraternity homes and property as proposed by the state legislature in 1927. Others are Donald B. Gould, honor student while at the University, who has been elected to a chair of geology at the University of Iowa. m Page 222 r r == .j40 . Fraternities M jft Alpha Sigma Phi Dr. J. O. Hassler John Grady Kenneth Abernathy FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Floyd A. Wright GRADUATE MEMBER Earl Hassler ' Freeman Kirby ACTIVE 1930 John Brand, Alva Charles Cargile, Hot Springs. Arkansas Leland Snow, Kingfisher Clark Pearson, Marshall O, B. Gooding, Dallas, Texas Edward Tate, Roswell, New Mexico ToM Bonnell, Muskogee 1931 Howard Davis, Oklahoma City Roy Thompson, Tulsa Marvin Hall, Gainesville, Texas Jerry Jerome, Tulsa Charles Lenau, Hobart Charles Johnson, Tulsa Ralph Anderson, Los Angeles, California Curtis Berry, Norman Boyd N. Lowe, Tulsa Robert C. Hull, Tulsa Jack O. Stone, Oklahoma City Joe Bailey Gordon, Konowa Armstead York, Okmulgee Robert Morrison, Oklahoma City MEMBERS 1932 Babe Moore, Oklahoma City Clifford L. Martin, Shawnee Ben H. Barbour. Jr., Norman Richard Longmire, Pauls Valley Glenn Dawson, Skiatook Jack Matt. Tulsa Harry Elsey, Wellston Carl Fleet, Ada Casey Childs, Tulsa Jack Stinson, Tulsa Willard Gragg, Dallas, Texas DoN Bishop, Konowa Grady Jones. Dallas, Texas 1933 Oren Hatman, Tulsa George Willis, Tulsa Collier Hendricks, Antlers Jess Harris, Antlers JoE Smalley. Norman Kermit Nash, Drumright Pledge W h 4 Km ' mx : i ■ . " [ fi. ' -5 ' , ' «ii;« f Page 223 I ' p Fraternities ■ Phi Beta Delta pOUNDED at Columbia University, April 4, 1912, Phi Beta Delta now has 35 chapters. The Oklahoma chapter was installed in 1922. Sam Alexander, by far the most outstanding member, is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, and Phi Eta Sigma, a finalist in the Rhodes Scholarship selection, national chemistry essay winner, Bombardier, Pe-et, and is a ranking lieutenant colonel in the R. O. T. C. Phil Berry won his second varsity wrestling letter and defeated all opponents in Big Six competition this year. Louis Myers, head cheer leader, is a member of Phi Eta Sigma, and is junior manager of intramural sports. Another leader in activities is Harry Pines, varsity debater, vice-president of Congress Literary Society, member of Oratorical Council, and presi- dent of the Menorah Society. Sidney Rudin has been prominent in campus dramatics. Leon Fisher is a member of the varsity swimming team, a Bombardier, and member of the pistol team. Page 22 ijp- " " -...? .Jf ii Fraternities . gj| Ph Beta Delta B. A BOTKIN FACULTY MEMBERS George Selinger ACTIVE MEMBERS 1930 Sam Alexander. Oklahoma City Ellis Liebman, Frederick Manuel Mouber, Kansas City, Mo. Julius Silberberg, St. Louis. Missouri Barney Simon. Dallas. Texas Hackell Heiligman, Maud 1931 Philip Berry, Tulsa Sterling Byers. Oklahoma City Saul Gordon. Oklahoma City Fred Heiligman. Maud Charles Keilin. Houston. Texas Martin Reuben. Dallas. Texas Ed. Weinstein. Tulsa 1932 Joe Finkelstein, Bristow Leon Fisher. Oklahoma City Victor Jacobson. Oklahoma City Louis Myers. Kansas City, Mo. Morris Mizel. Tulsa Sidney Rudin. Tulsa Louis Solloway. Altus Phil Sureck, Oklahoma City John Youngheim, Anadarko 1933 Edward Braunstein, New York City, N. Y. " William Edelman. Dallas, Texas SoL Levine, Dallas. Texas Ben Marks, Tulsa ' Samuel Mizel, Tulsa Earl Mulmed. Oklahoma City JoE Margareten, New York City, N. Y. Lou Ravkind. Dallas. Texas Al Rosenblum. McAlester G. J. Tobias. Atoka " Eugene Uman, Tulsa ■Pledge Page 225 I l Fraternities . Pi Kappa Phi A LPHA GAMMA chapter of Pi Kappa Phi came to the University of Oklahoma May 26, ■ 1923. Date of the national founding is December 10, 1904. at the College of Charleston, in South Carolina. There are at present 40 chapters. Richard Pearce is one of the best known members. He is managing editor of the Okla- homa Daily, a member of the Publication Board, and president of Sigma Delta Chi. Ross G. Hume is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi, Jazz Hounds. Kappa Gamma Epsilon, Congress Literary Society, and the Interfraternity Council, and was in the varsity band in 1925 and 1926. Bus Wall has been on the varsity baseball team for the last three years, is a Ruf- Nek, and a member of Monnet Bar. William Elbert Cook is captain of the 1930 baseball team, and has been on the team for three years. He was manager of the basketball team in 1929-1930, and representative on the Student Council in 1929. mm ' r-: ' - Page 226 J«?!jp _ Fraternities . Pi Kappa Phi 1930 Weldon J. Nance, Altus Charles R. Fenstress. Tipton W. G. DuNNiNGTON. Cherokee William Elbert Cook. Idabel Claude Eurton, Fairview Walter H. McKenzie. Enid Joseph C. Edwards, Enid J. C. Elliott, Snyder Lynn W. Barrett, Tulsa Chester C. Lemarr, Vici George W. Walker, Norman 1931 Ross G. Hume, Anadarko Sam L. Pangburn. Alva Weldon C. Ferris, Altus Clarence Frost, Norman William A. Rigg, Tologa Lysle R. Van Arsdale, Tulsa Ralph E. Gilchrist, Seiling Harold F. Vessels, Enid Robert C, Dunnington, Cherokee Lyman M. Edwards, Enid John R. Bowerman, Oklahoma City Raymond G. Watson, Norman Charles D. Wieman, Tulsa FACULTY MEMBER Edwin K. Wood ACTIVE MEMBERS Walter Scott, Idabel Richard E. Pearce, El Reno George G. Russell, Richer John H. Norris, Cherokee Robert A, Brooks, Anadarko Charles Berry, Hominy 1932 Tilford T. Wahl, Minco Ralph S. Johnston, Grandfield Jesse D, Faulkner, Duncan Thomas R. Garner, Newport, N. C. Warren D. Long, Oklahoma City Ralph W. White, Pawhuska Merlyn a. Aldridge, Pond Creek Harold E, Barrett, Tulsa Jesse E, Frazier, Billings Raymond Parr, Norman Robert H. Hotchkiss, Enid Herbert E. Wilson, Hominy 1933 Chester B. Emitt, Oklahoma City William B. McFadyen, Anadarko Merle Watkins, Hobart James Rusk. Hominy R. H. Phillips, Wichita Falls, Texas Coy B. Best, Cordell F-y Cj « C ' ■ p p. O. i if Page 227 ' Fraternities JW ' kuihit ■ m ■ft i- ' i " Sigma Mu Sigma " D ETA chapter of Sigma Mu Sigma, founded at Tri-State College of Indiana in 1921, was established in 1924 at Oklahoma. There are now ten chapters in existence. Some of the best known members are Elton Eubanks, varsity wrestler, who was second in the Big Six conference this year in the 165-pound class; Carter Todd, member of the Glee Club and Interfraternity Council representative. Sigma Mu Sigma stands out prominently in scholastic circles, its fraternity average never being far from the upper three. Though a youngster on the campus in years, it has shown remarkable growth and plans are now on foot to build a new fraternity house. m Page 228 . ■ " T , . f Sigma Mu Sigma A. H. HUGGINS FACULTY MEMBERS C. J. Bollinger John Hybarger ACTIVE MEMBERS 1930 Herman A. Becker, Meno Robert S. Bonham. Tulsa Archie H. Gietzentanner. Drumright James C. Gay, Wayne Jake Page. Norman Romey Tube. Mangum Clyde Lyons. Gracemont James Price. Lone Wolf Harold Riegle. Ft. Worth. Texas Paul Remple. Corn Charles Grimes, Seminole Alvin K. Rosecrans. Tonkawa Everett King. Cordell 1931 Esca Milne. Oklahoma City J. Allen Hayes. Texas City, Texas Carter Todd. Tulsa Syrian Marbut. Fame Gerald Bond. Bethany Cecil Shultz, Hunter Earl Hickman, Waynona John Davis. N orman 1932 Jess E. Butler. Norman Raymond D. Shrewsbury. Shidler Edd Harris. Wichita Falls, Texas CuRTis Turner, Drumright Newton Dunnagan, Red Rock Dave Tullis, Sentinel Elton Eubanks, Devol Homer Risinger, Cordell 1933 Stanford Banard, Oklahoma City GoRE Canada. Devol Eugene Davis. Woodward Ralph Sewell. Oklahoma City Ralph Cissne. Oklahoma City Clyde Lambert. Woodward James Allen Payne, McAlester ' Pledge ■ ii ' i ' J ' i ' ii, ' ■ . ' v-; .1 Page 229 , „,;• Fraternities Lambda Chi Alpha ROWING out of the Cosmopolitan Law Club, Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity was organ- - ized at Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, in 1909. The Oklahoma chapter was installed October 9, 1926. from Sigma Phi, a local fraternity. Now there are 81 chapters. Leaders in the fraternity are Albert R. Larason, vice-president of the senior class, member of Scabbard and Blade, and cabinet member of the Y. M. C. A.; Rowe Cook, treasurer of the Interfraternity Council, pre.sident of the Sooner Political Party, and a prominent figure in cam- pus politics; Fred Wheeler, director of the 1930 Soonerland Follies, dance manager of the 1929 Follies, a member of El Modjii. and of the Interfraternity Council. Alfred Gilliland is presi- dent of Alpha Kappa Psi. M Page 230 .,? S5ir Fraternities || Lambda Chi Alpha )r. Lloyd E. Harris FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. Ray E. Holcombe Prof. W. H. Carson ACTIVE MEMBERS 1930 Albert R. Larason. Fargo William Biggers. Wewoka Davis Alfred Gilliland. Pampa. Texas M. C. MuRRELL, Frederick Bill Derrick, Frederick LeRoy Crabbe, Guthrie Dana Whitton, Minneapolis, Minn. Kermit Van Leuven, Oklahoma City 1931 Sam Schwieger. Okeene Howard Bunch, Centrahoma George Bolon, Carter 1932 Kenneth Ferguson, Elk City Robert Pyle, Fort Worth, Texas Rowe Cook, Atoka John Railey, Little Rock, Ark. Fred Wheeler, Oklahoma City James Hammill. Norman L. C. Lindsay, Norman Melville Boddie, Norman 1 , O . i ' ■■■- m , - r-- ' - ' Page 231 . : - , »l Fraternities .M$ ! " ■ ■%i- D Upsilon ROWING out of the local society, Delta Pi. the Oklahoma chapter of Delta Upsilon was - installed in 1927. The national fraternity was founded at Williams College in 1834. There are 55 chapters in all. Of the leading members are Byron McFall, member of the Interfraternity Council, member of the Student Council, manager of the Boomers orchestra, and a Blue Key: Don McCormick, who is Student Council treasurer: Glenn Davis is also a Student Council member. Darrell Ewing, a sophomore, showed up well as guard on the varsity football team. Dan Bailey is a member of Phi Delta Phi, and representative on the Interfraternity Council. Outstanding state men are Thomas R. Weymouth, president of the Oklahoma Natural Gas Corporation, and Ray Collins, umpire in the Seminole oil fields. Page 232 iff Fraternities J c - i-. Delta Upsilon Aubrey Popejoy FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Duane E. Roller ACTIVE 1930 Robert Hefner. Oklahoma City Daniel Bailey, Tulsa Shelby Mark, Tulsa Ralph Mason, Oklahoma City John Early, Oklahoma City David Hutchinson, Ft. Worth, Texas Vernon Rice, Muskogee 1931 Byron McFall, Oklahoma City Jess Smith, Sulphur Glen Shaw. Enid Dallas Clements. Dallas. Texas Ben Chaney. Tulsa Lawrence Todd. Oklahoma City Hank Riddle, Okmulgee Branch Masterson. Houston, Texas Scott Hammonds, Oklahoma City Don McCormick, Tulsa George Penney, Tulsa Earl Helvie, Tulsa 1932 Jack Burnett, Duncan Bus Hammonds. Oklahoma City Glenn Davis, Marietta MEMBERS Charles Buckner, Tulsa Vernon Fox, Enid Edwin Kendall. Okmulgee Gene Kendall, Oklahoma City Grady Jackson. Altus Wayne Bumpass, Norman Darrell Ewing, Altus Max Weaver, Okmulgee Allan Williams, Oklahoma City Maurice Cotton, Altus Bonner Hooks, Norman Chester Stinnett. Enid Harry Tom Hunter, Dallas, Texas Robert Rogers. Oklahoma City Dan Brengle, Perry 1933 Jack Cheairs, Tulsa RoY Cline, Pawnee Fred Myers, Oklahoma City Tom Vaughan, Pawhuska Harry Will Benton, Tulsa Robert Devine. Tulsa Ed. Miller. Ft. Worth. Texas Jack Miller, Ft. Worth, Texas Pledge mk? 5 ' ' ' . ' ■ H AMY- ' . Page 233 m; Fraternities W h f l " k Delta Chi TT HERE are now 36 chapters of Delta Chi, which was founded at Cornell University in the ■ ■ spring of 1880. The local chapter was installed here May 29, 1927. growing out of a local order called Kappa Theta. In the activity line, Burl M. Abel is outstanding. He is a member of the Athenian Literary Society, Interfraternity Council, and Junior Chamber of Commerce. Feagin Hood is a mem- ber of the Student Council, of Pi Sigma Alpha, and won the Oxford scholarship. He is also a member of the Oratorical Council. Robert Kutz is a Phi Eta Sigma, Bombardier, Scabbard and Blade, and is vice-president of Alpha Chi Sigma. Raymond Kimball is business manager of the Oklahoma Daily, member of Toga, Alpha Delta Sigma, and Oratorical Council. Prominent state members are Peter S. Johnson, Tulsa oil man: W. P. Kelly, assistant United States district attorney. Oklahoma City: J. Berry King, state attorney general; Emmett Thompson, county judge of Canadian County: and Tom Anglin, state senator from Holden- ville. Page 234 Delta Chi r h ,-,; Fraternities mi ' » " " f ■.• » Dr. S. W. R Ray Kimball 1930 Francis Ingle. Marshall Arthur Dillon, Bison F. S. Howard. McAlester Albert Dillon. Bison Edward Gerkey Carthage, Missouri ' Clyde Jacobs. Tulsa 1931 Herbert Chase, Seminole Fred Bowman, Comanche Marshall Wallace. Stillwater Ellis Orr, Seminole Robert Kutz, Ponca City Neil Cox. Lawton Rene Francis. Blanchard George Robert Alford Latta. South Carolina Harold Hogue. Carnegie Charles Schubert Carthage, Missouri FACULTY MEMBERS EAVES GRADUATE MEMBERS Burl Abel ACTIVE MEMBERS Russell Benedict Carthage, Missouri Charles James Carterville, Missouri George Thompson Memphis. Texas Otto Walker, Mangum Carsel Whitneck Salem, Oregon Chickering Khoury, Drumright Earnest Cole, McAlester John Woods, Norman Rex Garner, Byers Carl Sallee, Cherokee 1932 Gaines Hysmith, Altus Cloman Bannister. Hugo LuDwiK Semrod. Yukon Harry Kornbaum. Enid Hammet Hough. Oklahoma City Randolph Kizzire, Hugo Noble Goatcher, Seminole Capt. John McDowell Feagin Hood Charles Knight Las Cruces. New Mexico Joe Carson, Stillwell Hurst Swiggart. Tyrone Bryan Swiggart. Tyrone Bob Nowlin, Oklahoma City GoRDON Morrison, Guthrie Ray Thurman. Tyler, Texas 1933 ' Lester Lorenzen, El Reno Warren Shreve, Chickasha JoE Trout, Tulsa Arthur Lockwood. Tulsa John Meikle, Norman Tom Maynor, Boynton Frank Hartzog. Okemah BiLL McConnell. Oklahoma City JoHN IsENHOUR. Oklahoma City Arnold Brittain, Oklahoma City Harold Gibson Independence. Kansas Everett Eagin. Oklahoma City Reed Harmon. Seminole Pledge ill, ;,.|fV Page 235 f ' F Fraternities JP iHi P ? Kappa Sigma pHI KAPPA SIGMA was founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1850, and the local chapter was installed February 2, 1929. It was admitted to the Interfraternity Council this year. At the present time, there are 38 chapters. The chapter here was a local for several years, known as Kappa Epsilon. The Skull house ' s most outstanding members are John C. Quilty, finalist for Rhodes schol- arship, member of Phi Delta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; he won the Phi Delta Phi medal in 1928: Gordon Graalman, varsity basketball in 1930, having made numerals in the three major sports in 1928. Albert Kulp is a varsity debater, is president of the Congress Literary Society, a member of Scabbard and Blade, and Pi Sigma Alpha. He was awarded a year ' s scholarship to Harvard University this year by the government, and will study there next fall. Bill Matney is president of the Glee Club, a member of Phi Alpha Delta, and Phi Mu Alpha. Leading members in the state are Dr. Victor H. Kulp, authority on oil and gas law, and at present professor of law in the university, and Everett W. Hill, president of the Southwestern Utilities Company. }mp ■ } A, Ji Page 23 Phi Kcippa Sigma r p Fraternities J : ' ■ Dr. Victor H. Kulp John C. Quilty 1930 John W. Cole. Beggs W. D. Denton. Blackwell C. H. Hornecker. Tulsa Albert G. Kulp. Norman Bill S. Mitcham. Cisco. Texas Paul R. Priest. Enid Ormand B. Shaw Fort Smith. Arkansas S. G. Smith. Okmulgee Haskell Walker. Norman Lee D. Webster. Arlington. Te.xas V. E. Zoi ler. Tulsa 1931 Marion T. Baker. Shawne: R. H. Burns. Pauls Valley Harold L. Crisman. Tulsa FACULTY MEMBERS GRADUATE MEMBERS Richard C. Hoy ACTIVE MEMBERS Ray F. Harkin. Pawhuska S. F. Holmesly. Cisco. Texas John B. Logan, Chandler William B. Matney Fort Smith, Arkansas J. E. McCleary. Colorado. Texas Paul R. Reed. Tulsa R. H. Pansze. Ft. Smith, Arkansas Robert L. Trapp, Tulsa T. C. Wright. Tulsa 1932 H. M. Beidleman. Okmulgee F. A. Blackwood, Wagoner Ben L. Costin. Colorado. Texas A. J. Denton. Blackwell Gordon B. Graalman. Blackwell Capt. Robert H. Knapp Theodore Foose James C. Harkin. Pawhuska A. M. Hilliard, Okmulgee Galen L. Holcombe Oklahoma City Edward P. Kane, Pawhuska L. W. Moseley, Okmulgee Bradley E. Murray, Tulsa William G. Raines, Okmulgee 1933 Harry D. Aggers, Tulsa Paul F. Benefield, Ponca City George E. Cline, Enid Willard D. Gurley, Gushing E. Lee Harder, Tulsa H. Reginald Humphries, Tulsa C. Douglas Palmer, Dallas, Texas J. C. Hampton. Ponca City t§§ mm {i, Page 237 Page 238 ' yfe i ' ' Sororities 4M Sj||g Pan-Hellenic Council np HE Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of two members of each sorority on the campus. This group acts as a governing body for all inter-sorority activities. They make rules for rush, designate grade requirements for initiation, as well as inflict the punishment for violation of the same. OFFICERS Selma Huggins, Phi Mu Carruth McCord. Alpha Omicron Pi NoELLA WiBLE. Kappa Upsilon . President Secretary Treasurer Alpha Chi Omega Betty Garnett Helen Baughman Alpha Gamma Delta Margaret Hammers Louise Angove Alpha Omicron Pi Carruth McCord Mary Catherine Sprehe Alpha Phi Mariel Ballard Cecile Moore Alpha Xi Delta Mildred Nicholas Louise Lloyd MEMBERS Chi Omega Daisy McConnell Ruth Meister Delta Delta Delta Margaret Morley Pauline Vandever Delta Gamma Catherine Leavitt Virgin A Moody Gamma Phi Beta Carrie Johnson Mary Buford Van Wagner Kappa Alpha Theta Rosemary Lamp Marianne England Kappa Kappa Gamma Velma Jones Laurine Pemberton Kappa Upsilon Noella Wible Helen McNally Phi Mu Selma Huggins Hattie Barrett Pi Beta Phi Mildred Clark Ragna Pearce Sigma Delta Tau Evelyn Lapp Lucille Goldsmith Page 239 ' " -.v? SSi ife;r Sororities JWss ' Kappa Alpha Theta Founded at De Pauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, January 27, 1870 Installed on This Campus in 1909 A MONG the girls who are prominent in school activities are Marianne England, houiij president, president of French Club, Judicial Board of W. S. G. A., Pan-Hellenic, Presi- dents Club, and Y. W. C. A.: and Maxine Sanford who is Council representative of Y. W. C. A. as well as having appeared in Varsity Vanities. Rosemary Lamb is a member at large of the Women ' s Council, Secretary of Vomen ' s Council, Pan-Hellenic representative, W. S. G. A. committee, and honorary member of Alpha Lambda Delta. Among the newer members are Louise Milburn who is prominent in dramatics. She ap- peared in " The Guardsmen, " " Beauty and the Jacobean, " and " A Certain Young Widow; " and Jewel Marie Markham who is a member of Glee Club, Adagio, and Y. W . C. A. Mrs. Walter Ferguson of Tulsa is an outstanding newspaper woman who was a member of this chapter. Mrs. Frank Buttram of Oklahoma City is socially prominent throughout the state and Mrs. William Kasper Kite is a woman of prominence who also was a member of this sorority. Page 240 Sororities . igg|(| Jv Kappa Alpha Theta Dora McFarland Dorothy Kirk FACULTY MEMBERS Betty Kirk Ruth E. Moore Katherine Culbert ACTIVE MEMBERS Mrs. Nell R. Evans Virginia Elliot 1930 Mary McDonald. Hugo Beverly Freeland. Bristow Ruth Vaught, Oklahoma City Marian Bryant. Cushing Miriam Koehler, Lawton Margaret Dannenberg. Muskogee Eunice Goephert. Independence. Kansas 1931 Marjorie Moore, Okmulgee Maxine Sanford, Enid Helen Morgan, Chickasha Louise Green, Oklahoma City Emily Guthrie, Ft. Worth. Texas Lois Steele, Oklahoma City Rosemary Lamb, Oklahoma City Jane Field, Enid Jo Craker, Bristow LoRRAiNE Harkey, Snyder Eleanor Gist, Amarillo, Texas Betty Lou Dunning. Oklahoma City ' Alleyne Finerty. Oklahoma City Mary Jane Thompson. Tulsa Ora Standeven. Tulsa Nell Roberts. Chickasha Peggy Oliver. San Antonio. Texas Eleanor Liebrand. McAlester 1932 Marianne England, Ponca City NoNA BuREL, Enid Harriet Palmer, Amarillo, Texas Jane Burton, Oklahoma City Cordelia Cunningham, Miami Louise Milburn, Oklahoma City Jewel Marie Markham, Ponca City Mary Bennet, Oklahoma City Dorothy Detrick, Okmulgee MiRiAM Nicholas. Okmulgee Margaret Kerr, Oklahoma City Louise Holmberg, Norman 1933 Mary Elizabeth Polk, Ardmore Virginia Street, San Antonio, Texas Kilty Brown, Ardmore Mary Sue Simpson, Tulsa Mary Harrell Rinehart, Oklahoma City Beth O ' Reilly, Ft. Worth, Texas ' Pledge f t % w s .6 ; tVv 1 [t M m Paqe 241 ' ' - " |?r Sororities • ;•!;.:•■■- Wa t Delta Delta Delta Founded at Boston University in 1888 Theta Gamma Was Installed in 1910 TVyfARGARET MORLEY is the house president and well known in women ' s activities, be- ing an ex-member of the Y. W. C. A. Council, a Pan-Hellenic representative, and mem- ber of the Judicial Committee of W. S. G. A., as well as a participant in the Varsity Vanities. Another activity girl is Miss Virginia Ballard, Indian Queen in 1927, member of the Glee Club, secretary of Student Council, vice-president of W. S. G. A., Tivoli, and vice-president of Mortar Board and winner of the Letzeiser Medal for 1929. Ruth Downing was Indian Queen this year. Carita Cromer, an under-classman, is secretary of Alpha Lambda Delta, treasurer of Delta Delta Delta, member of Whirlwind staff, and El Modjii. Over the state well known members are Carenna Sellers, Tulsa lawyer, and Dr. Mildred Richards. IS ' ]W mi Page 242 Delta Delta Delta _ Sororities w Bess Clement FACULTY MEMBERS Mary Elizabeth Simpson Tyty Mayes 1930 Virginia Ballard. Norman Margaret Berry, Dallas. Texas Kathryn Bras. Okemah Doris Crutchfield, Olustee Ruth Downing, Norman Mary Virginia Dunlap. Lawton Mary Esther Johnston. Enid Ruth Louise Rowland. Enid Frances Mitchell Sibel, Norman Jane Tucker, Pauls Valley 1931 Wylla Crabtree, Cordell ViRGiE Duke, Center, Texas Carita Cromer, Oklahoma City Frances Deal, Wynnewood Mildred Diebler, McAlester Marjorie English, Ft. Sill Margaret Gooderham, Tulsa ACTIVE MEMBERS Rebecca Todd. Muskogee Margaret Harold Wichita. Kansas Margaret Janeway, Eufaula Kathleen LaBounty Wichita. Kansas Charlotte Mehew, Enid Virginia Minshall, Tulsa Elizabeth Morley, Oklahoma City Doris Pierce. Quanah, Texas Ruth Ray, Bartlesville Martha Career, Enid Virginia Getman, Tulsa Laura Goss. Pawhuska Louise Green, Blanchard Norma Lee, Magnolia, Arkansas Margaret Morley, Oklahoma City Florine Richards. Norman Dorothea Stevenson Oklahoma City Theresa Thompson. Enid Pauline Vandever. Tulsa Eloise Wheeler, Weatherford 1932 Aileen Ashbrook, Fairfax Ruth Cantrell, Carnegie Ernestine Barkley Childress, Texas 1933 Evelyn Anderson. Norman Grace Beaulieu, Pawhuska Christie Black, Norman Martha Garden, Tulsa Betty Dodd, Fairfax Barbara Findley, Wichita, Kansas Dorothy Holland, Norman Kathleen Kane, Oklahoma City Anna Belle Kramer, Tulsa Doris McKnight, Enid Stella McKnight, Oklahoma City Mary Catherine Pierce Quanah, Texas Mary Robinson, Vernon, Texas Malvina Stephenson, Sapulpa Page 243 ttfiMS ' f- Sororities -wSt ks air: ' . P B P ? . — j Founded at Monmouth College in 1867 Installed Here in 1910 TI AYE FOUSHEE, president for 1930, is a member of University Players, Pan-Hellenic, - - Ducks Club, and Y. W. C. A. Other members worthy of note are Elizabeth Le Hew who is president of Y. W. C. A.; Mildred Clark, who was last year ' s president of the national order of W. S. G. A., member of Student Council, Y. W. C. A. cabinet member. Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, and Tivoli. Allece Locke is active in University Players, Y. W. C. A., and Indian Club; Tacy Boory is president of Gamma Epsilon Pi; Marion Ferguson is on the Executive Board of W. S. G. A., and active in Departmental Clubs. Members of state-wide recognition are Isabel Jones Campbell of Norman, a writer, and Alice Hurley Mackey of El Paso, Texas, also a writer and the sister of Patrick J. Hurley, Secretary of War. % ' ?N§ mi llr •iLr - Page 244 rT Sororities , ' f " •tr- . Pi Beta Phi FACULTY MEMBER Vera Dixon 1930 Tacy Boory. Brownsville. Texas Jane Bowman, Pauls Valley Mildred Brown, Duncan Dorothy Cansler. Enid Mildred Clark, Oklahoma City Faye Foushee. Stroud Loraine Hollis, Ponca City Mary Taliaferro, Madill Martha Lou Johnson, Ardmore Lady Percy Shaw. Ada 1931 Joan Clover. Enid Dorothy Douglas. Muskogee Marion Ferguson. Sioux City Thelma Heenan. Ardmore Melda Howard. Tulsa Ruth Little, Purcell Allege Locke, Oklahoma City Ragna Pearce, Pauls Valley Lucille Swindler, Muskogee Edna Louise Trimble, Tulsa Kathryn Johnston. Shawnee Mildred Foushee, Stroud Mary Ruth Holbrook. Perkins Florence Cardwell, Holdenville Sarah Hobbs. Rogers, Arkansas Margaret Klingensmith, Sapulpa Emily Mitchem, Wichita Falls. Texas Margaret Monroney, Oklahoma City Ic GRADUATE MEMBER Peggy Jamieson ACTIVE MEMBERS Marguerite Kennedy, Enid Elaine Anderson, Ft. Worth. Texas Laura Lee Hampshire, Wichita Falls, Texas Mary Gardner, McAlester WiNZELLA WiTHERSPOON, Wichita Falls, Texas Ailene Moore, Rogers, Arkansas 1932 Virginia Bissell. Oklahoma City Irene Drumright, Drumright Maurine Earheart, Marietta Frances Rinehart, Guthrie Patty Lee Smith, Oklahoma City Sarah Wheeler, Norman Audrey Sipes. Tulsa Audrey Backenstoce. Tulsa Geneva Harrell, Ardmore Catherine Grant. Oklahoma City Nell Ezell. Holdenville Helen Lowery, Oklahoma City Mildred Longmire, Sapulpa Evelyn Riley, Marietta Katherine Weeks, Wichita Falls, Texas Mildred Thompson. Tulsa 1933 Katherine Goss. Tulsa Claire Hayner. Tulsa Nancy Trent Osborn. Pauls Valley Arlene Hutchinson. Muskogee Bernice Little. Purcell •Pledge 7if ■, ' ' :■■ 5 r i: " k ' i i , ! . ■m Page 245 , : Shr«fc:- Sororities jW k i . Kappa Kappa Gamma Founded at Monmouth College. Illinois, October 13, 1870 Local Installation August 25, 1914 AyTARTHA OVERLEES represented Kappa both in dramatics and music by her work in Glee Club, Quartette, " Soonerland Follies, " and " A Certain Young Widow. " She is a member of Mortar Board, Tivoli, Sigma Alpha Iota, and secretary of the Legislative Council, as well as being house president. Velma Jones was named secretary of Student Council, representative from Student Coun- cil to Women ' s Council, member of the governing board of the Union, She is a member of Glee Club, University Players, and Pan-Hellenic. Another member, well known in student activity, is Virginia Kramer who is on the Ora- torical Council, Board of Governors of Student Union, president of Pierian Literary Society, Blue Divers, Theta Sigma Phi, Women ' s Council, W. A. A., Daily staff, Manuscript Club, Legislative Council, and Stunt Nite. Winifred Stahl is vice-president of El Modjii and Art Editor of the Sooner. Mrs. Richard Lloyd Jones, National President of Kappa Kappa Gamma, is a resident of Tulsa. Page 24 -- " ' ' , .,1 1 : ' ' : Sororities . §i V3«: . Kappa Kappa Gamma FACULTY MEMBERS Anna Laura Robey Norma Gates Dorothy Mills PuRELL Munch 1930 Martha Overlees. Bartlesville Winifred Stahl, Tulsa Marie Swatek, Oklahoma City Kathleen Hadley, Ardmore Rena Mayfield. Ennis. Texas Velma Jones. Bristow Marian Harrison, Tulsa Mary Case. Frederick Mary Helen Potter. Ardmore Frances Porter. New Orleans Grace Pryor. Rogers. Arkansas Martha Porter. Rome. Georgia 1931 Dorothy Johnstone. Bartlesville Marjorie Reid. Okmulgee Laura Cannon. Ardmore Dorothy Champlin, Enid Laurine Pemberton. McAlester Elizabeth Sherman Oklahoma City Anna Lynn Cook, Oklahoma City Virginia Bond. Ft. Worth. Texas Jauinta Pool, Chickasha ACTIVE MEMBERS Anne Earl French Wichita Falls. Texas Sara Boswell. Durant Lydia Squire, Mangum Gladys Grube. Enid Jeanette Abney, Sherman. Texas Nancy Dunn. Sherman. Texas Virginia Kramer, Bristow Christine Wallace. Tulsa Maxine Shaffer, Bartlesville Helen Jennings. Shawnee 1932 Pansy Love. Purcell Christine Squire, Chandler Mary Champlin, Lawton HiLMA Lee Eklund, Chickasha Jean Evans, Hugo Louise Cox, Ft. Worth. Texas Mary Elizabeth Coffield McAlester Serena Gilliland, Wewoka Mary Lou Niles. Tulsa Mary Hudson, Ardmore Margaret Vessels, Enid Pledg Jo Shull, Oklahoma City Betty Parsons, Tulsa 1933 Carmen Maxey, Tulsa Betty Evans, Ardmore Margaret Holzendorff Claremore Rachel Johnstone. Bartlesville Ann Latimer. Hugo Helen Virginia Kelley Drumright Peggy Petty, Guthrie Helen Meyers. Oklahoma City Mildred Carleton. Shawnee Bonnie O ' Conner, Tulsa Eunice Brooks. Muskogee Mary Atwood. Ennis, Texas Hylagene Robberson, Norman Margaret Mooney New Orleans, Louisiana Mildred Chase, Seminole Unaffiliates Anna Lee Thomas Clayton. New Mexico Louise Frisbie. Oklahoma City ,; ' ,,;-,i -J Page 247 " - So ' -m rarities .; ' M ' ' w ' Alpha Chi Omega ■ i Founded at De Pauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, October 15, 1885 Received Their Charter January H, 1916 A SIDE from being R. O. T. C. Queen. Betty Garnett is a member of W. A. A., Y. W. C. A., Pierian Literary Society. Blue Pencil. Chi Epsilon, and Pick and Hammer. Two outstanding seniors are Peggy Maguire and Dola Pacey. Miss Maguire is an officer in Pierian, a member of Theta Sigma Phi, and Pan-Hellenic, staff member of the SooNER, and on Women ' s Council. Miss Pacey is an officer in Mortar Board, Oratorical Council, and Pierian Literary Society, and a member of Cosmopolitan Club and Women ' s Council. Helen Wienecke is president of Delta Psi Kappa, member of Ducks Club. W. A. A., and University hockey team in 1928. Helen Baughman is a Theta Sigma Phi, Sigma Alpha Iota, member of Pan-Hellenic, and Y. W. C. A. group leader. ;1 W Ul Page 248 J " ' Sororities , t Alpha Chi Omega Grace Brown 1930 FACULTY MEMBERS ACTIVE MEMBERS Veta Dowell. Hominy Betty Garnett, Oklahoma City Eunice Gist, Frederick Marabel Gilcrease. Winfield, Kansas Pauline Goodson, Blackwell DoLA Pacey, Holdenville Co Norma Perrine, Columbus. Kansas Blanche Welsh, Blackwell Helen Wienecke, Tulsa Elizabeth Gate, Muskogee Florence New. Clinton, Missouri NoLA Wilson. Siloam Springs, Arkansas 1931 Wavia Altom, Tonkawa Helen Baughman, Oklahoma City Mary Virginia Jordan, Tulsa Margaret Owen. Enid Eleanor Tulloch. Okmulgee Sara Margaret Barlow. Hominy Peggy Maguire. Norman Lillian Edwards, Oklahoma City ' Jacqueline Hodnott, Marlow Margera Wiles, Skiatook Minneletha White 1932 Genevieve Hutchison, Tulsa Louise Johnson, Ardmore Mildred Whittenberg, Oklahoma City Antoinette Halko, Tulsa Elizabeth Mahoney. Enid Mildred Bainum, Blackwell Beulah Bainum. Blackwell ' Catherine Landrum, Ponca City ' Ethel McBee. Miami ' May Weymiss Smith. Oklahoma City ' Virginia Umpleby. Norman 1933 Katheryn Davenport. Oklahoma City Maurine Stevens. Newkirk Jean Wolff. Okarche Georgia Mae Beasley, Norman Nell Rose Warren, Ardmore ' Dorothy Bolend, Oklahoma City ' Jewell Gilcrease, Winfield, Kansas ' Erma Tucker. Blackwell ' Pledge mmm f ' 1 ' ■)!■ ■■■.•• ' ;;■ ■ Paoc 249 1 Sororities M ' ■ ;-ff - ' Alhpa Phi Founded at Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y., in 1872 Installed Locally in 1917 pHYLLIS WOODRUFF is president of the local chapter and a member of Mortar Board. She is an officer in University Players, Eurodelphian, Young Democrats. Junior Playhouse award in 1929. and junior representative on Student Discipline Committee. Alpha Phi is represented in campus publication by Mary Jane Hare who is a member of Theta Sigma Phi and Woman ' s Editor of the Oklahoma Daily for 1929. Other members of prominence are June Peterson, a member of Eurodelphian, Adagio, and participant in Stunt Nite; and Helen Armstrong, secretary of Y. W. C. A., historian in Mor- tar Board, treasurer of Theta Sigma Phi. and a member of Pi Zeta Kappa. Members of worthy note off the cam pus are Mrs. Winifred Johnson Perry, writer of verse, and Amy Comstock, president of A. A. U. W. and associate editor of Tulsa Tribune. Miss Anna Lewis is head of the history department of O. C. W. :.i " r ' ' V Page 250 ' ' Sororities ;;;■ ' ? ' «- - 2 ' Ihi- € t i-¥ , Alpha Phi FACULTY MEMBER Dr. Elsie J. McFarland GRADUATE MEMBERS Mrs. Emma E. Harbour 1930 Anna Lewis ACTIVE MEMBERS Irene Billups, Oklahoma City Gertrude Marshall. Oklahoma City Phyliss Woodruff, Oklahoma City Mary Jane Hare. Oklahoma City Brunette Shanklin. Oklahoma City Charlotte Meeting. Seminole Emma Jane Biggers. Wewoka Mary Bailey. Chickasha Edna Mae Thomas, Ennis, Texas Helen Armstrong. Norman Cecile Moore. Norman Kathryn Bayless. Stratford Janette Holman. Norman Virginia Carlowe, Muskogee Beverly Faunt LeRoy, Monroe. La. 1931 Blanche Davis Ratliff, Oklahoma City Sarah Louise Turner, Oklahoma City Eva Mae Morris, Oklahoma City Donna Franklin, Oklahoma City Elizabeth Morrow, Pawhuska Elizabeth Ludwick, Pawhuska Rita Jo Livingston, Seminole Blix Thompson, Medford Evelyn Hayes, McLoud Helen Collier, Tipton Dorothy Shi, Stratford Gertrude Drescher, Washington. D. C. Mary Harris, Mangum 1932 Virginia Dickens, Oklahoma City June Peterson, Oklahoma City Mariel Ballard, Oklahoma City Mary Dale Brett. Ardmore Eloise Chandler. Tulsa Mildred Holloway. Marlow 1933 Marion Weeks. Oklahoma City Elizabeth Jane Trosper. Oklahoma City WiLMA Edwards, Ringling f P © ■♦ , y _i lh| m, J L . dw! I ' y $% ' n o. ' ■ ■w i -.-r ' .h - ' t f! s: ' fs Page 251 - Sororities I ¥m Delta Gamma Founded at Oxford, Mississippi, in 1874 Rec eived Their Charter in 1918 A MONG the members who are active in campus groups are Ruth Starkey, Women ' s Coun- cil, chairman of Big Sister Committee, and Girls ' Quartet 1927-1928; Mildred Kelly, Mortar Board, Adagio, W. S. G. A., and Alpha Lambda Delta; and Kathleen Sultan, Sigma Alpha Iota, soloist in Girls ' Glee Club, and McFarlin Choir. Louise Pierce is a member of Theta Sigma Phi, Adagio Dance Club, Big Sister Committee, and appeared in Soonerland Follies, and " Cinderella. " She was society editor of the Okla- homa Daily in the summer of 1929. Delta Gamma is represented in dramatics by Muriel Monsell who has had the lead in numerous late productions including Shaw ' s ' Candida. " Mrs. Alta Leah Bass of Norman is a well known literary figure throughout the state. mi 0] M: Page 252 Delta Gamma " = ■- ?= ; 1 l. Sororities m ♦« Kathryn Edwards FACULTY MEMBERS GRADUATE MEMBERS Lucille Searcy 1930 Dorothy Carroll. Oklahoma City Ruth Starkey, Oklahoma City Mildred Kelley. Oklahoma City Louise Gordon, Enid Geneva Payne. Wapanucka Kathryn Haberly. Wapanucka Gladys McDonald. Watonga Ellen Cunningham. Muskogee Virginia Johnson. Fairview Gene Lucas. Weatherford Clell Butler Kansas City, Missouri Ann Bowlby. Shawnee Margaret Fillet. Dallas, Texas Kathryn Leavitt, Oklahoma City Marjorie Young Bentonville, Arkansas Ruth McCall. Norman ACTIVE MEMBERS 1931 Mildred Funston, Shawnee Kathleen Sultan, Walters Mary Louise Street Oklahoma City Margaret Moody, Oklahoma City Virginia Moody, Oklahoma City Virginia Stewart, Muskogee Nampalee Wineland, Boynton Louise Kearney Kansas City, Missouri Mary Louise Stokes, Wewoka Louise Pierce. Norman Dorothy Tourtellot, Enid Frances Steele, Norman Miriam Goss. Watonga Margaret Porter. McAlester 1932 Florence Gannaway. Clinton Mildred. Patterson, Duncan Susanne Lassiter Kathryn Edwards Margaret Kuhn, Oklahoma City Evelyn Boring. Oklahoma City Ellen Jones, Norman Martha Hammill, Tulsa Muriel Monsell, Tulsa Opal Burford, Lindsay Ruth Mendoza, Yukon Earline Richards, Marlow Lois Johnson, Ft. Worth, Texas Grace Knox, Rockport, Texas Frances Ellen Buck, Bartlesville Louise Craddock, Oklahoma City Dorothy Longworthy, Tulsa Louise Hohl, Tulsa 1933 Mary Hawler, Tulsa Lurline Short, Tulsa Kathryn Cowan, Shawnee Mary Porter, McAlester Nina Mae Robertson, Ponca City fWf lg m Page 253 s;j;: Sororities -X ; f? ' Gamma Phi Beta Founded at Syracuse University in 1874 Psi Chapter Was Installed November 11, 1918 ARRIE ELIZABETH JOHNSON, former Student Council representative from the School of Education, is president of the chapter. Other members who have won distinction on the campus are Frances Atwater who is president of Sigma Alpha Iota, national musical sorority: Frances Massey, president of Mor- tar Board and a member of W. S. G. A., has distinguished herself in dramatics, being a mem- ber of National Players. Deedo Shaw had the honor of being crowned Queen of the May this year. Floye Grimmett is present Student Council representative from the School of Education. KS ' ■• m wm- Page 254 rT . ' Sororities :iM LaJk Gamma Phi Beta Eugenia Kaufman FACULTY MEMBERS Eli Mahier GRADUATE MEMBER Frances Atwater Della Brunstetter ACTIVE 1930 Maxine Brockman. Tulsa Hayden Hill. Chickasha Carrie Elizabeth Johnson. Hammond. Texas Frances Massey. Oklahoma City Deedo Shaw. Thomas Elva Trueblood, Tonkawa Mary Van Wagner. Childress. Texas Flossie Welsh, Holdenville 1931 " Elizabeth Burford. Tulsa Louise Day. Hamlyn. Texas Floye Grimmett. Shawnee Martha Harrin gton. Kansas City. Missouri Marcella Hill. Chickasha Lois Johnson. Tulsa Genevieve Morgan. Oklahoma City Thelma Porter. Norman Alva Ruth Walker. Wichita Falls. Texas Lillian White. Oklahoma City Maxine Williams. Broken Arrow MEMBERS 1932 Eleanor Bothwell, Oklahoma City ' Mildred Brown. Broken Arrow Raydell Clay. Tulsa Stella Grant. Pauls Valley Maurine Holt. Oklahoma City ' Margaret Jett. Oklahoma City Earleen Kennedy, Okemah ' Pixie Martin. Pensacola ' Alice Revelette. Norman Betty Sue Robertson. San Antonio. Texas ' Helen Spivey, Oklahoma City ' Ruth Wells, Wewoka 1933 ' Florine Clay. Wellington. Texas ' Virginia Douglass. Weleetka Kathryn Kaufman. Norman Helen McCaleb, Norman Eda Nelson. Norman Kathryn White. Cleveland ' Willa Wilkinson. Lawton ' Pledge . ' t- ' .;::. " , ' ' .- .. .■ . i iMKit a»s.- ' .V ;. ; : ' f ' m ' lti mi ii . ' V ' W. ;ii; l)0§ § Page 255 L. Ji jp Sororities M Cy?? Omega Founded at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. Arkansas, April 5, 1895 Epsilon Alpha Was Installed on This Campus November 13, 1919 A MONG the outstanding members are Helen McAlpine, Betty White, and Dorothy Brewer who are members of the Glee Club; Lottie Mae Hughes and Ruth Meister, members of Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; and Miss Katherine Hahn is council representative. Lottie Mae Hughes is a member of Oikonomia and Ruth Meister is secretary of Theta Sigma Phi. Dolores Shaner is a member of Adagio. Edith Messenbaugh and Margaret Brandenburg are members of El Modjii. Dr. Winnie Sanger of Oklahoma City is prominent as a physician as well as having been former president of the Federation of Women ' s Clubs. Miss Maud Northcutt is dean of women at Ponca City and is a national officer of Chi Omega. Alex Kull is an instructor in the extension division of Oklahoma University. mi ■i - i ' N " J, Page 256 Chi Omega . ,-C " " ? % » ' - " - m FACULTY MEMBERS Jewel Wurtzbaugh Elizabeth Jordan Frances Evans Pendleton ACTIVE MEMBERS 1930 Pearl Beaird. Shreveport. Louisiana Pauline Flynt. Frederick Louise Hudson. Luxora, Arkansas Helen McAlpine. Haileyville Daisey McConnell, Crockett. Te.xas loNE McElhinney, Enid Mildred Starnes. Altus 1931 Evelyn Dobbs. Oklahoma City Mary Jane Jones. Shawnee Katherine Hahn, CofFeyville, Kansas Helen Hillsmeyer. Norman Lottie Mae Hughes. Henryetta Margaret McKee. Bartlesville Ruth Meister. Oklahoma City Edith Messenbaugh, Oklahoma City Mary Perkins, Hugo Dolores Shaner. Okmulgee ' Pledge Doris Strange, Skiatook ' Christine Spalsbury, Oklahoma City Mary Frances Walker, Shawnee 1932 Margaret Brandenburg. Norman Doris Duncan, Oklahoma City Katherine Gillespie, Eldorado, Texas Mildred Meyer, Oklahoma City ' Edna Mae Powell, Colorado, Texas Margaret Williams, Norman Margaret Standley, Norman 1933 Dorothy Brewer. Oklahoma City Betty Boughner. Tulsa Mildred Miller. Wichita Falls, Texas Virginia Olsen, Guthrie Hazelle Pollard, Tulsa Betty White. Pawhuska ' ill ' Page 257 iw Kili ' Sororities ,ipirT}|Ji Alpha Gamma Delta Founded at Syracuse University. Syracuse. New York. May 30. 1904. Installed on the Campus May 2. 1919. " XZERONA BROWNING, house president, has won distinction in many activities during her college career: among those, she is a member of Mortar Board. Y. W. C. A. cabinet, president of W. S. G. A., winner of Dad ' s Day cup. winner of Letzeiser medal, honorary member of Alpha Lambda Delta, and Pan-Hellenic president in 1927-1928. She has attended the Y. W. C. A. camp at HoUister. Missouri, and the convention at Detroit. Musical distinctions have gone to Alma Watson who is a member of the University Chor- al Club. Sigma Alpha Iota, winner of local Atwater Kent contest in 1927. and is soloist at the First Presbyterian Church. Distinctions in dramatics and art have gone to Anita Constant and Margaret Hammers. Among the important alumnae we find Achsah Gamble, a teacher in Tulsa high school, who was sent to Geneva. Switzerland, last summer to represent the American Association of University Women. Grace Browning, who was formerly case supervisor at the United Provi- dent Association, is now Associate Director of the Red Cross in St. Louis. Maurine Watson. Helen Watson, and Mary Edwards are teachers in Hawaii. 1 yC rT Page 258 mg - Sororities kp-U ' " ■ ♦■. ' ■♦i Alpha Gamma Delta FACULTY MEMBERS Martha Herring Mercedes Erixson GRADUATE MEMBERS Mrs. J. S. Buchanan Pauline Edwards Varda West Genevieve Pemberton ACTIVE 1930 Rose Wylie. Oklahoma City Anita Constant. Wichita. Kansas Alma Watson. McAIester Verona Browning. Geary Jewel Collings. Norman LoRENA Collings. Norman ' Olivette Douglas. Oklahoma City Patsy Jones. Grove 1931 Thadeene Lyon, Geary Marjorie Putnam. Carnegie Mildred Bush. McAIester Elizabeth Patterson. Oklahoma City Margaret Hammers, Guthrie Evelyn Fleecer. Wichita. Kansas Irene Garner, Tulsa Eleanore Hall. Amarillo. Texas ' Ferrel Pruett, Anadarko ' Christine Barnhart. Childress. Texas ' Helen Darr, Ft. Stockton, Texas MEMBERS 1932 Louise Angove. Bowie, Texas Lava McCarrel, Oklahoma City Letta McCarrel. Oklahoma City Pauline Fenn. Norman ' Melba Cameron, Healdton ' Geraldine Kretchmar, Amarillo, T Lela Jane Simon, Oklahoma City ' Ethel Wolverton, Lawton ' Grace Oliver. Heavener 1933 ' Louise Mooney, Harrah ' Inez Rose, Bowie, Texas ' Margaret Brook, Norman ' Vala Beth Martin. Healdton ' Geniese Hughes, Oklahoma City ' Dorothy Lewis, Oklahoma City ' Betty Ann Setzer, Oklahoma City ' Patricia Lyon, Geary •Pledge fifi ■Wf- ' . ' I ' i m • vA- ' As;. ■-•■■■■ • -■ ' J - ' J ' ' Vi-Vt ' - " - Pafjc 259 " ■: Sororities M U ' ' : t -ti Alpha Xi Delta - » Founded at Galesburg, Illinois, April 17. 1893. Alpha Zeta Chapter Was Installed May 25. 1921, ERTRUDE CARMAN is a member of Mu Phi Epsilon and Mortar Board, as well as on the Judicial Council of W. S. G. A. and Oratorical Council and house president. Honors in journalism have been awarded to Ruth Smith for her work on campus publica- tions; she is a member of the Publication Board and magazine staff for 1930. member of the Oklahoma Daily business staff 1928. Oklahoma Daily editorial staff 1929. Sunday editor Okla- homa Daily 1929-1930. Joy Champlin has won her distinction in music, being a member of the University Orches- tra. Miniature Symphony Orchestra, Mu Phi Epsilon, and University Glee Club. Mildred Nicholas is president of Pan-Hellenic and a member of the Executive Council of W. S. G. A. Louise Lloyd and Olive Garrett are prominent in campus activity. Miss Lloyd is a mem- ber of Pan-Hellenic, Studio Players, Y. W. C. A. Council, and Pierian, while Miss Garrett is fraternity treasurer and a member of Mu Phi Epsilon and Polo and Riding Association. Page 260 Alpha Xi Delta aff igm. Dixie Young FACULTY MEMBERS Rose Leske Dorothy Meyers GRADUATE MEMBERS Ruth Redwine ACTIVE MEMBERS 1930 Gertrude Carman, Bristow Olive Garrett. Lindsay Hazel Eley, Altus Bethene Henry. Sulphur Grace Collins. Muldrow Mildred Nicholas, Sapulpa Ruth Smith. Eldorado 1931 Mary Louise Booke. Gotebo Josephine Shipp. Idabel Virginia Longmire. Pauls Valley Frances Clewien. Pawhuska Pauline Cowen. Chichasha Roberta Suttlemeyer, Sapulpa Gladys Pierce, Norman Joy Champlin, Norman 1932 Louise Lloyd, Hobart Marjorie Maschal, Collinsville WiLDA Perry, Shawnee Jaunita Webb, Sulphur Frances Petree, Altus Zelma Patchin, Hobart 1933 Lucille Paynter, Blackwell Mildred Bleckley, Woodward W, ■ ' wmMi,, Page 261 - ?= Sororities i Ph Mu Founded at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, March 4. 1852. Local Installation November 2, 1923 " PRESIDENT of the local chapter is Alye Tomberlin who is a member of Girls ' Quartette, president of Choral Club, treasurer of Eurodelphian Literary Society and a member of Sigma Alpha Iota. She had comedy leads in Varsity Vanities and Follies and appeared in Stunt Nite performance. Selma Huggins is secretary of Alpha Lambda Delta, Pan-Hellenic Representative, and member of Studio Players, Bertha Ours is distinguished for her art work and is a member of El Modjii, Croquid Club, and Assistant Art Editor of the Sooner. She appeared in 1929 Follies and is secretary of Pan-Hellenic. Elizabeth Stewart and Nora Elizabeth Edwards are two outstanding members who have represented Phi Mu in various student activities. Important alumnae members are Mattye Wilson who is Altus Times-Democrat city editor, and Doris DeCamp, president of Phi Mu state alumni. iill(, i|lli!l M i, -r» ' ,i wm Page 262 .;4p Sororities vS|i Phi Mu GRADUATE MEMBERS Elsie Binkley Ireland Marie Schultz Garton Nora Elizabeth Edwards Elizabeth Rixie Mitchell FACULTY MEMBER Anna Mae Deardon ACTIVE MEMBERS 1930 Ola Beckett. Okmulgee ' Clara Margaret Ellis. Okmulgee Harriett Fordyce. Tonkawa ' Lillye Grozier. Snyder Maurine Jarrett. Norman Laurita McMillan Motley, Norman Bertha Ours. Oklahoma City Alye Tomberlin. Wetumka Elizabeth Co.x. Norman 1931 ' Leona Sappington, LaVerne Hattie Barrett. Altus ' Gertrude Collier, St. Louis Emma Lee Feazel. New Boston. Texas Clara Holman. Wilson Ludora Langston. Okmulgee Kathleen Mauck. Oklahoma City •Pledge Laura Petty. LaVerne Elizabeth Stewart. Chelsea Hazel Rollins. Blackwell 1932 Selma Huggins, Norman Gladys Marsh, Ft. Madison. Iowa Edith Mayes. Enid Grace Potter, Beaver Margaret Phillips. Neosho. Misouri Fae Rawdon, Oklahoma City Ruth Runyan, Oklahoma City Mary Ann Staig. El Reno Allie Traweek, Matador. Texas 1933 Louise Harnett. Norman Thelma Bradford. Norman Helen Cerveny. Prague GWEN NORTHINGTON. Tulsa V.i t ' :m -..ft ' -:-.. . Page 263 S- Sororities :ffci LJ . ■i ' ,: 4t - f x Alpha Omkron Pi Founded at Barnard College in 1887 Xi Chapter Was Established in 1923 " D UTH BLACK is president of the chapter as well as being prominent in campus activities. She is a member of Norman Girls ' Club, Presidents ' Club, and Y. W. C. A. Frances Roland, prominent in women ' s activities, is treasurer of Y. W. C. A., president of Omicron Nu, Y. W. C. A. Council member 1928-1929, a member of Norman Girls ' Club, a member of Oikonomia, and Big Sister Committee captain. Another girl well known in campus activity is Mary Katherine Sprehe who was secretary of the sophomore and junior classes, is the present treasurer of Pan-Hellenic, and a member of Norman Girls ' Club. Mariemma Wilson is a member of EI Modjii. Y. W. C. A., French Club, W. S. G. A., and Presidents ' Club, and ex-president of Alpha Omicron Pi. Ouida Gray is a member of El Modjii. m--v t ; .d w - " f h l. M J- J ' , Q m ' Page 264 ' !( ' Sororities J .•• ..,■33 h ' • ' ' ■ff - ' 2 Alpha Omicron Pi ACTIVE MEMBERS 1930 Ruth Black. Norman Alliene Crudgington. Amarillo. Texas Frances Mason, Oklahoma City Billy Mathies, Pauls Valley Dorothy Mouser. Cheyenne Frances Roland, Norman Mary Katherine Sprehe, Norman Wanda Gray, Palacios, Texas 1931 Dorothy Bortright, Porter ' Georgia Cox, Okarche ' Alberta Faucette. Oklahoma Edna Mae Lloyd. Altus City •Pledge 1932 Helen Bacon, Davidson Hazel De Shazo, Viola. Arkansas Dorothy Ann Feyerherm, Tulsa OuiDA Gray. Palacios, Texas 1933 Helen Basdel, Alva Abby De Shazo, Viola, Arkansas Greta Faucette, Oklahoma City Mildred Hurst, La Salle, Illinois Carruth McCord, Shawnee Marie Taylor, Oklahoma City Hannah Belle White. Oklahoma City Agnes Yeary, Elmore City iiiiL •mmk Page 265 -c " 5!J Sororities .Jfei • p fM- ' " Kappa Upsilon Announced as a Local April, 1929 Petitioning Kappa Delta A S well as being president of the house, Noella Wible is a member of Pan-Hellenic. Alpha Lambda Delta, French Club, and chairman of Presidents ' Club. She is also a member of the Riding Club. Helen McNally is vice-president of Newman Club, a member of French Club, and promi- nent in Y. W. C. A. work. Other members of the sorority who are worthy of mention are Mary Osborn who is secre- tary of Kappa Upsilon, and a member of both the Ducks Club and the Riding Club; and Eva Mae Brower, who is treasurer of Kappa Upsilon and a member of the University Glee Club. Nan Estelle Hunter is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta. Nyoma Gene Hildreth is business manager of the Choral Club. Page 266 ?32S j:!- Sororities Mf L A Kappa Upsilon ACTIVE MEMBERS 1930 Bernice Fritz, Norman DoLORES Collins, Oklahoma City RiTA Ahern. Brooklyn, New York Ellye Kilgo, Ringling Leta Proctor, Norman 1931 Helen McNally, Okmulgee Mary Osborn, San Antonio, Texas Kathrine Osborn, San Antonio, Texas Faye LeCrone, Norman Angelo Ahern, Brooklyn, New York ' Pledge 1932 Eva Mae Brower, Okmulgee NoELLA S. WiBLE, Wichita, Kansas Lennie p. Stansbury, Norman Lydia Hoover, Noble Melba Blanton, Norman Lavona Hall, Shidler 1933 Nyoma Hildreth, Des Moines, Iowa Estella Sue Hayden, Oklahoma City Nan Estelle Hunter, Oklahoma City Eloise Hill, Oklahoma City Georgia Bolan, Sentinel Marguerite Wagner, Oklahoma City ' ■mr Page 267 Sororities jM ... Sigma Delta Tau Founded Nationally at Cornell University. Ithaca. New York. March 17, 1917 Installed Locally September 14. 1929 CVELYN LAPP is house president this year and prominent in campus activity. Gertrude White has become known for her work in the Physical Education department. She is a Duckling, and has taken part in the Y. W. C. A. activities, as well as having been secretary of the interest groups. She is also a member of the University Orchestra. Frances Reinberg is a member of Oikonomia, home economics honorary fraternity. She is an officer in Menorah. Nanette Morrison is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, honorary fraternity for freshman women. " mf: Page 268- r - C tf= ; Sororities • ' if. ((i ' F ' - Si ma Delta Tau o ACTIVE MEMBERS 1930 Adeline Goldberg, Hartshorne Lillian Abrams, Guthrie 1931 Sylvia Massie, Okmulgee Florenc e Reinberg, Henryetta Evelyn Lapp, Wilburton Lucille Goldsmith. Coyle Hilda Aurbach, Idabel 1932 Nanette Morrison, Bartlesville Zelda Kirschner, Mangum Gertrude White, Prague Sarah Foreman, Vernon. Texas Dora Erdberg, Okmulgee Bernice Rosenthal, Ft. Worth, Texas Charlotte Serkes, St. Louis. Missouri 1933 Gertrude Miller. Tulsa Mildred Cohen, Memphis, Texas Sylvia Cohen, Shawnee Rae Shanblum, Ft. Worth, Texas Ife • I. - . ,i I r • -- ' ;,■ • A. ' - ' %.•■ ' •■■■■ ■ Page 269 Page 270 Page 271 1ltSlir m $ ' Honoraru Organizations -llS T-jL ■l ?- - ' P ? Delta Phi tmi pHI DELTA PHI, an international honorary legal fraternity, was founded on this campus in 1912, being the first honorary fraternity to be established here. Chapters, which are called inns, are organised only in schools which have a class A-1 rating with the American Law School Association. To be eligible to membership in this fraternity a student in the law school must make a " B " average. Phi Delta Phi each year gives a medal to the freshman in the law school who makes the highest average for the first year work. They also give a smoker each year for the law school for the purpose of promoting better feeling within the school. OFFICERS First Semester President Fisher Ames Treasurer Earl Davis Historian George McCloud MEMBERS Kenneth Abernathy Fisher Ames Dan Bailey Clarence Black Robert Browne Harry Campbell John Cole Elbert Cook Earl Davis Paul Edwards Bill Fleetwood Walter Foth Elbert Goodson Fred Green Steve Holloway R. B. Holtzendorff Richard Hoy Ross Hume F. C. Love Worth McCauley George McCloud Harry McKeever Lloyd McKnight Fred Mock Wilbur Morse George Oliphant John Quilty Gerald Sams Leonard Savage Charles Schwoerke Leonard Sibel Harry Turner Alpheus Varner Richard Wagner Hugh Walker Foster Windham Bill Caler Bob Cox John Eberle ' Howard Davis Ben Hughey ' Clyde Watts E. M. Arney Fritz Brigham ' Pledge Second Semester Fred Mock Paul Edwards R. B. Holtzendorff ' Cecil Brite ' O. L. Crook ' Ted Fisher ' Robert Hefner ' R. T. Hood P. W. Jones ' Clarence McElroy ' Charles Meminger ' H. S. Skinner ' Reuben Sparks ' Paul Updegraff K. H. Wasson ' B. V. Whiteneck W. J. Zeman Page 272 r t . Jf dfpSm ' ' Honorary Organizations ;y Bl e Key •%■ W A f ODELED after Rotary Club, Blue Key ' s chief purpose is to be of service to the Univer- sity. It is an honorary leadership and service fraternity founded in 1924 at the University of Florida and established here in 1929. Blue Key recognizes outstanding qualities in ch arac- ter, scholarship, student activities, leadership, and service. During the past year the fraternity had charge of Homecoming, Dad ' s Day, and Oklahoma Day. There are 54 chapters in existence today. The fraternity is a committee to confer with the faculty to study student problems and be of any assistance possible. OFFICERS Edwin Patterson President William Fleetwood Vice-President James Robinson Secretary William Hamilton Treasurer Merton Munson Henry Griffing Clarence McElroy Ralph May Frank Crider Herbert Peters MEMBERS Dennnis Petty William H. Noble Varley Taylor Fisher Ames Charles Ittner Byron McFall Bert Thurber Charles Broderson Tom Churchill James Blanton Clarence Warren W. B. BiZZELL HONORARY MEMBERS M. L. Wardell J. F. Findlay Page 273 1S_ ,.br Honorarif Organizations .jM i-- ' ' - n W. S. G. A. zr.}m ' T HE house council which is the legislative branch of W. S. G. A. is composed of one repre- sentative from each of the organized houses for women. As this branch grew out of the old Prexy Club, this representative is usually the president of the house. The group meets twice a month and carries out legislative business for the general organi- zation of W. S. G. A. It also formulates plans for campus activities, and works with the ju- dicial and executive branches for the furtherance of women ' s activities. The legislative branch, through its president, makes important announcements to women students in the university. OFFICERS NoELLA WiBLE President Martha Overlees Secretary The Judicial Board of W. S. G. A. is composed of two senior women, two junior women, and one sophomore woman. Minor cases of disciplinary character which come up among the women students are taken to this board for settlement. These girls are responsible for admin- istration of rules concerning women laid down by the Legislative and Executive Boards. Mary Virginia Jordan Verona Browning Ruth Black Phyllis Woodruff Gertrude Carman Daisy McConnell Catherine Leavitt Carrie Johnson Marianne England Martha Overlees Noella Wible Alye Tomberlin Faye Foushee Evelyn Lapp MEMBERS Margaret Morley Grace Dennis Myrtle Tosh Frances Hunt Gertrude King Velma Nichols Tacy Boory Leola McCormick LuciLE Verity Lucille Kennedy NoLA Wilson Eliza Cook Maye Guffy Willene Johnston Mildred Armstrong Margaret Porter Anita Furray Eva Hooper Katherine Foster Lela Sinclair Dorothy Cansler Marie Kelly Ella Lee Maude McMorris Vera McNees Anna Aachte Myrtle Grissom Erma Sherrod Clarice Watson Page 274 T ' Honorary Organizations M ' -Mf Mortar Board i ' TpHE national order was founded in 1918 at the University of Michigan and was installed at ■ this school February 7, 1925. The purpose of Mortar Board is to maintain a high standard of scholarship and loyalty among the women students at the University of Oklahoma. To be a member one must have a B average and be prominent in campus affairs, well known, and have a high character. OFFICERS Frances Massey President Virginia Ballard Vice-President DoLA Pacey Secretary Gertrude Carmen Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Helen Armstrong Martha Overlees Phyllis Woodruff Mildred Kelly Verona Browning Mildred Clark ALUMNI Dorothy Mills Suzanne Lasater Helen Ruth Holbrook Anna Laura Robey Betty Kirk ADVISERS Ely Mahier Dean Edna McDaniel Della Brunsteter Page 275 . J t jK ' ' ! ' ' Honorary Organizations i Scabbard and Blade m% C CABBARD and Blade, a national military fraternity, was founded at the University of Wisconsin in the fall of 1904 by senior officers in the cadet corps. The local chapter was organized in 1901 under the name of " D " company. 3rd Regiment. Requirements for membership are enrollment in advanced military science, and a grade average of B or better. The purpose of the order is to create closer relationship between the millitary departments of the various universities and colleges, and to develop the essential qualities of good military officers. It also fosters the furtherance of intelligent information concerning the military requirements of the United States army. The national society is designated a division, composed of six regiments, each containing twelve companies except the sixth regiment, which in October, 1926, contains seven com- panies. OFFICERS Clyde Watts Captain Ed Patterson First Lieutenant John Bond Second Lieutenant Varley Taylor First Lieutenant MEMBERS Marvin Balch R. Kutz Pete Weddel Ray Bannister Bert Larason G. White Joe Barnhill Louis Long D. Hutchinson W. O. Beets Joe McDonald E. Rapp John W. Bond Spencer McHenry B. Jones Leslie Byron B. McLean ' Phil Lehnhard Alfred C. Champlin Alvin Muldrow Paul Dudley Bob a. Champlin Ed Patterson Wendell Ford Arthur Dillon Ned Poe R. Weaver John Duffield Joe Revellette Roy Gardner Elmer Gardner G. Smith F. M. Frey Harry Tom Hunter Varley Taylor M. Pitman Charles Knight Tench Tilghman L. Authrey Albert Kulp Clyde Watts B. Cole IN MEMORIAM ' Pledge John Rinehart «« . ' • yf - yw ' vTT. -; ■ jf Page 276 r - . jfi ' Honorary Organizations ;j|( Bombardiers n " HIS fraternity was founded at the University of Oklahoma in 1927. It is composed of basic corps students of the Mihtary Department. To be ehgible for membership, one must make the high grades in his mihtary work and be either a second semester freshman or a first semester sophomore. Its purpose is to create better feeling within the department. OFFICERS Rodney Burns G. I. BiLYEU . President Secretary Gilbert Borland Junior Bullis Rodney Burns Britt Clapham Andrew Larson Hugh Garnett Myers Hurt H. J. Johnson Bob Love Pete Moore T. C. McCurdy Harold Sidwell Dick Tryon Don Montgomery G. L Bilyeu John Stewart Eldridge Cavitt Paul Scheefers MEMBERS Wesley Jones Ernest T. Jones C. J. Davenport Bernard Dowd Jim Reed Bill Harsch Harry Coshman John W. Alley Kenneth Alfred Aubrey Bilyeu Bert Brundage ' Herbert Champlin ' Eugene Davis ' Charles Engleman ' A. C. Frampton ' George Frickle ' F. L. George ' Pledge R. J. MlHRAN ' Thomas Munson ' Kenneth Nance ' Fred Newton ' Neil Searcy J. R. Sommerfrucht Ralph Sewall William Stover Orville Williams Allyn Hale Tom Hale Ernest Handley L. W. McBride Francis Parker Norman Anderson Daniel J. Jones Joe Roetzel Herman Bullard Page 277 |!S»m g ,;i- Honorary Organizations ll ' " --.;;i " ' ■ Pe-et T)E-ET was founded at the University of Oklahoma in 1910. It is the highest ranking and most exclusive senior men ' s honorary fraternity to which a man may aspire. The name of the organization was chosen from an Indian word meaning " ten best men. " Each year the organization selects these men from outstanding juniors who will be expected to be active on the campus during their senior year. It is the object of this fraternity to recognize the highest ability in scholarship, athletics, and leadership as well as original work among the men of the university, and the banding together of these men for moral, educational, and social purposes. Pe-et uses a point system for the selection of its members. Scholarship counts 80 points and the requirement is that the work of the candidate must be well over a " B " average for en- trance. The remaining 20 points must be won in work in the various campus activities. Though the name presupposes the addition of ten juniors each year, Pe-et has seldom ad- mitted this number. It is rare that more than half of the quota are pledged, such are the strict requirements for entrance. In 1 928 only three men qualified, while in 1929 five juniors were admitted to the ranks. Thus it is one of the smallest honorary groups on the campus. OFFICERS Leonard Savage Chie[ Sam Binkley Medicine Man Bert Thurber Sachem Sam Alexander Wampum Man FACULTY MEMBERS Victor Monnett Hugh McDermott Joe Brandt Ed Meacham MEMBERS Edwin Patterson James Robinson Chester Anderson ■Wmmm Page 27S Toga " " liv Honorary Organizations iM i} « - 91, NE of the leading honor societies is Toga, interprofessional association, founded in 1922. - The purpose is to bring into fellowship the leaders of each professional school for mutual benefit and inspiration. Members are chosen on a basis of personality and superior scholastic ability. Each spring, Toga conducts a public pledging, at which time the ideals of the organization are set forth, and the selected students are introduced. Toga has always selected its men from leaders in each of the professional schools repre- sented on the campus, and stands for professional superiority. Its reputation as a successful society is state-wide. It is considered one of the highest honors that a man can attain to become a member of Toga. tL _ OFFICERS Fisher Ames President Bert Thurber Vice-President Edwin Patterson Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Fisher Ames, School of Law Charles Ittner. College of Engineering Leonard Savage, School of Law Dave Lawrence, College of Engineering Wendell Smith. School of Medicine John Lee, School of Pharmacy John Lamb, School of Medicine Ed Patterson, School of Geology James Cowan, College of Engineering Ray Kimball, School of Journalism Bert Thurber. College of Business Administration Page 279 I S?: Honorary Organizations . MrT:; - - - ' J« ' . Alpha Kappa Psi A LPHA KAPPA PSI was founded in 1904 in New York University, and in the University - of Oklahoma in 1915. Membership is limited to candidates for a degree in commerce or business administration. Members are elected on the basis of being outstanding in the College of Business Admin- istration and on the principles of leadership and scholarship. The purpose of the organization is to further the individual welfare of its members; to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts, and finance; to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein; to promote and advance in American institu- tions of learning, courses leading to degrees in commercial sciences. OFFICERS Alfred Gilliland President Robert Trapp Secretary Charles Manney Ritualist Jack Land Correspondent FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. a. B. Adams Prof. E. C. Petty Prof. J. C. Powell Dr. F. L. Vaughn Prof. Edward Berrigan Prof. L J. Sollenberger Prof. W. K. Newton MEMBERS Charles Manney M. C. Murrell Robert Trapp Chauncey Hornicker W. J. Johnson Robert Simpson Lewis Bertholf S. G. Smith Dee Tedford Jack Land Edward Gerkey Harry Day Rodney Janeway Lorraine Fogarty John McCleary Kenneth McAfee Harold Hogue Andrew Larson Charles Patten George McClung Alfred Gilliland Marvin McCree PLEDGES Elmore Gill Rex Garner Max Blakeslee Hugh Garnett Louis Long Arthur Martin John Wells Fred Bonifield Andy Anderson Page 280 Ip !! ; ' ' Honorary Organizations ■-Jh M ' Y. W. C. A. Cabinet I HE council is composed of representatives from all organized houses on the campus and takes care of routine business matters. The Cabinet executive members are elected at an annual general election. Denomina- tional vice-presidents are appointed by the respective churches. Departmental chairmen are appointed by the president. EXECUTIVE OFFICERS Beth Amis LeHew President (Completed work for degree and resigned February 3.) Ruth Larson Vice-President (Acting president after February 3.) Helen Armstrong Secretary Frances Roland Treasurer DEPARTMENTAL CHAIRMEN Margaret Morley. Program Dola Pacey, World Education Frances Massey, Finance Lottie Mae Hughes, Social Velma Jones. Membership Helen Booth, Service Virginia Patterson, Religious Education Ruth Meister, Publicity DENOMINATIONAL VICE-PRESIDENTS Nadine Turner, Baptist Audis Newmeyer, North Methodist Beatrice Haddock, Christian Hazel Alling, Presbyterian Mary Hackett, McFarlin (Acting Vice-President After February 3) Mildred Brown. Church of Christ REPRESENTATIVES Marion Ferguson. Council Chairman Ida McCutcheon. Pi Zeta Kappa Verona Browning, President of Womans ' Council Helen Ruth Holbrook, General Secretary Page 281 rl ,.yF " Honorary Organizations ' ' 1 Tau Beta Pi IT HE oldest and largest honorary engineering fraternity in existence, Tau Beta Pi was founded at Lehigh University in 1885, and now has 59 chapters. These chapters are lo- cated in the leading universities and technical schools of the nation. The purpose of Tau Beta Pi is to confer honor membership upon senior engineers. Schol- arship is stressed in the selection of members, engineers of the upper one-fourth of the senior class in scholarship being eligible, and three members from the upper eighth of the junior class may be chosen. A charter was granted to Alpha of Oklahoma chapter here in 1926. OFFICERS Richard D. Robey, Jr President James A. Cowan Vice-President Carlos M. Ferguson Recording Secretary Joe Keeley Corresponding Secretary L. A. CoMP Treasurer W. Jess Price Cataloger MEMBERS Lawrence LeRoy Plank Haskell Carpenter Louis Gomez Valdes Earl L. Hassler Carlos M. Ferguson Jack Meredith Miller David B. Lawrence L. Duvall Webster Elden Merle Curry Charles Koehler Ittner James A. Cowan James Albert Lewis Warren B. Trout Sam N. Alexander Morris Grady Spencer Joe Keeley W. Jess Price John Raymond Cooper Richard D. Robey, Jr. Foster Clay Whiteside David Andrew Yates Wiliam Linzee Crothers Richard Dillon Williamson Clarence Warren Anthony WiLFORD D. HoBACK George Scott Hammonds " Arthur Maddox George M. Chaffee John Smith Bell ' John Stanley McCune Leonard D. Husky Daniel Hibbard Sholtus FACULTY MEMBERS J. H. Felgar F. G. Tappan H. C. George J. F. Brookes J. Ray Matlock H. H. Deedo J. C. Davis F. C. Morris E. F. Dawson L. A. CoMP Graduated at mid-term. Page 282 ' i!!»-- Honorary Organizations xr ?= ■ ■. S gma Tau . W¥ A N honorary society, for junior and senior students in engineering Sigma Tau was organized at the University of Nebraska, Mu chapter was installed at Oklahoma in 1916. Selection of members is based upon the three essential qualities of an engineer; scholar- ship, practicality, and sociability. Men distinguished in the profession may be admitted as honorary members. Its purpose is to recognize scholarship, professional attainment, and to ad- vance the engineering profession by fraternal unity. There are 18 active chapters, with a total membership of 3,027. A magazine, the Pyramid is published quarterly. The colors are navy blue and white. The symbols are the pyramid and railsection. The governing of the fraternity consists of five councilors, assisted by chapter advisers. The national conclave is held biennially. OFFICERS Joe Keely President Harold Adkinson Vice-President W. L. Crothers Recording Secretary James Cowan Corresponding Secretary Morris Spencer Treasurer Stanley McCune Historian MEMBERS S. N. Alexander Dave Lawrence Eldon Curry W. Jess Price Clarence W. Anthony Marvin Leach Lester Danforth J. Lester Puckett Harold Adkinson R. N. Luccock C. M. Ferguson R. D. Robey John Bell Arthur Maddox Elmer Gardner Daniel Sholtus James Cowan Stanley McCune G. Scott Hammonds Morris Spencer William T. Burtschi H. L. McIntire Charles M. Hewitt Browne Tommie Haskell Carpenter Howard McKinsey Sloan Jackson Warren Trout George Chaffee Jack Miller Joe Keely Foster G. Whiteside John R. Cooper Herbert Pernell Ed Klopfenstein Ge9rge C. Wight William L Crothers L. L. Plank Dave Yates D. R. Wood Page 283 || Honorary Organizations ;j - h n . c : - f Checkmate z . HECKMATE is a senior inter-school organization, which requires a high scholastic aver- - age, as well as leadership qualities for membership. Although the definite purpose of the order is kept secret, Checkmate strives to further high ideals in the senior class. Members are pledged in their junior year, but do not become active until they are seniors. The representatives are from the school of law, the college of engineering, the college of business administration, the college of arts and sciences, and the school of geology. OFFICERS Edwin Patterson Bert Thurber President Secretary and Treasurer Fisher Ames Lowe Runkle MEMBERS Joe Revelette Joe Keeley Reeves Holmes Bert Thurber Ed Patterson Page 2S4 r, ' Honorary Organizations ' tv ' " Tj| ( h. Kappa Beta Pi e TJONORARY Legal fraternity for women founded at Chicago-Kent College of Law in - Chicago. Illinois. December 15, 1908. The purpose is to promote higher scholarship, and establish better professional standards among women law students and women lawyers and to strengthen the educational and social ties of friendship between them. Meetings of the local chapter are held every two weeks in the law school for the purpose of discussion of current and established topics in the law profession. Each member is required to give a talk at each meeting which will be of legal benefit to the other members. This chapter was the 40th chapter to be installed, and added to the entire membership of 1200. At the present time Kappa Beta Pi is the only women ' s legal fraternity on this campus. The sorority is a member of the Conference of Law Fraternities and of Professional Pan- hellenic Association. It is not only national in its scope but has the distinction of being the only women ' s legal sorority having chapters in Europe; namely, Paris and Switzerland. Most of the business is transacted at biennial conventions of chapter delegates and com- munication with the chapters through the quarterly magazine. The grade average requirement for initiation is a B average. OFFICERS Bernice Berry Dean Elizabeth Cox Registrar Louise Frisbie Associate Dean Ruby Kolodny Marshal MEMBERS Bernice Berry Louise Frisbie Hester Atherton Elizabeth Cox Ruby Kolodny Rose Mary Ralls Page 285 r i0 r Honorary Organizations -M h Phi Alpha Delta T)HI ALPHA DELTA, a legal social fraternity, was installed on this campus in 1916 as the - ■ John Marshall Harlan Chapter. The standards of the fraternity are fellowship, leadership, and scholarship, in conformity with the national chapter, which was organized at the Chicago Kent College of Law in 1902. To be eligible for membership in the organization, a man must be enrolled in the School of Law or must be a pre-law student in the college of arts and sciences. As there is no national grade average, the same shall be set by individual chapters. Two of the prominent professors of law who are members of Phi Alpha Delta are: Dr. Floyd A. Wright and Dr. W. B. Swinford. Meetings are held every second week at which the members, pledges, and faculty members discuss current legal problems. OFFICERS Clyde E. Robinson justice Hiram Brown White Vice-Justice Fred B. Cornells Clerk Richard K. Harris Treasurer Ralph Edward Boggess Marshal Philo Hatch Historian MEMBERS Clyde E. Robinson Walter Scott Huston W. Reeves ' William Vassar Fred. B. Cornells Ralph E. Boggess " Oren Mark Cinder Stewart Bailey Ellis Eddy Gene R. Reed Philo Hatch Richard K. Harris Ed Merritt a. f. nossaman Hiram Brown White Oran N. McCain Lucius Babcock. Jr. Joe F. BiRGE Robert Sherman Horace B. Ballaine Elden S. Magaw Pledge Claud M. Neal J. R. Wrinkle Samuel Neff AuGUST M. Booth Carter J. Todd Jack L. Rorschach ' Frank J. Wiley Page 286- r _ .,r i|t|r , ' t ' " Honorary Organizations . ry.Lg;i!i Phi Delta Chi pOUNDED at the University of Michigan in 1883. Phi Delta Chi, a professional pharmaceut- ical fraternity, was established on the Oklahoma campus in 1913. The purpose of the fra- ternity is to advance the sciences of pharmacy and chemistry, and the social culture of its members. The local chapter limits its activities to a professional nature. Membership is limited to students in the schools of pharmacy and chemistry who have shown an aptitude to be leaders in professional activities, and who have proved themselves personally desirable. The organization holds regular meetings on the first and third Tuesdays in every month, at which scientific problems are discussed. Prominent members of the faculty of the pharmacy and chemistry schools are asked to speak before members and pledges at set times. Outstanding members of the fraternity are John Bob Duncan, who served as pharmacy representative on the Student Council, and Oren Keller, Gerald Bond, Louis J. Duncan, and Melvin G. Howe, who are all leaders in activities of the pharmacy school. OFFICERS John Bob Duncan President Lyman Lenker Vice-President Gerald S. Bond Secretary Louis ]. Duncan Treasurer MEMBERS Charles Douglas Charles W. Coonce Harry W. Lloyd ' Hadley Thrash Oren C. Keller Gordon Richards Kenneth P. Greer Harold L. Crites Carl Spencer " Harry J. Engle Conrad Masterson Raymond Stahl Melvin G. Howe La Verne Summer Lawrence O. Sheets H. A. Cade Pledge Page 287 I««ifc«a : ' ?r Honorary Organizations -M ' : mW - - Theta Sigma Phi W " — ' T ' HE main purpose of Theta Sigma Phi, an honorary and professional fraternity for women, is to recognize ability among women students specializing in journalism. It was founded at the University of Washington in 1901. The Oklahoma Zeta chapter was installed April 17, 1915, two years after the department of journalism was founded. The chapter encourages good fellowship among women students who plan to enter some phase of journalistic work, and to confer honor upon those who excell. A high grade aver- age is required for membership. The national organization works toward the raising of stand- ards of working conditions for women in the profession. A periodical, The Matrix, is published six times a year. The badge is a gold linotype matrix, displaying a torch and the Greek letters, Theta Sigma Phi. Outstanding activity of the local chapter is the Waffleiron banquet, a razz dinner, to which prominent women students in the university and successful newspaper women, over the state are invited. The banquet is an annual affair. The fraternity also offers a silver cup to the high school paper considered the best in the state. There are now 33 active chapters, and nine alumnae groups. The national conven- tion of the order, held every two years, will be held next year at the University of Missouri, Columbia. OFFICERS Inez B.allard President Mary Jane Hare Vice-President Ruth Meister Secretary Helen Armstrong Treasurer Ruth Smith Keeper of the Archives MEMBERS Inez Ballard Ollie Belle Collins Dolores Shaner Helen Baughman ' Mildred Potts Helen Armstrong Peggy Maguire Elizabeth Hayes Mary Jane Hare LouiseCox Nell Roberts Mary Harkin Mayme Sewell Ruth Smith Louise Pierce Rosalie Lindsay Ruth Meister Pledge FACULTY MEMBER Grace E. Ray Page 288 " •-,.31 ,A, ' i 1 Honorary Organizations . X.rTjw?j(v T ? Oratorical Council ' V HE Oratorical Council is composed of lettermen in forensics and elective officers of the constituent societies. This council controls the activities of the societies, and manages inter-society contests and tryouts for intercollegiate oratory and debate. To be eligible for membership one must be an elective officer of one of the four societies or a letterman who has represented the university in an intercollegiate debate or oration contest. OFFICERS Jim Robinson President Charles Schwoerke Vice-President Dennis Petty Secretary Burt Thurber Treasurer MEMBERS Congress Paul Thurber Eldred Cavett Kenneth Nance Albert Kulp Senate Reuben Sparks Paul Miller Willis Stark Harold Skinner Websterian Eugene Hassman Mack Towsend Gordon Fuller Wyman VanDeusen Carl Albert Merton Munson George Copeland Bob Harbison Louis Dakil Lettermen Walter Emery Fagin Hood Hicks Epton Harry Pines Charles Christensen Everett Arney Leonard Sibel Frank Appleman Athenean Gordon Morrison Charles Roper George Metzel Glen Davis Mack Cunnyngham Charles Schwoerke Jim Robinson Francis Burke Albert Kulp Leonard Savage Victor Waters Page 289 ■f Honorary Organizations f -i ■- i- ' h. |t ?- « ' S gma Gamma Epsilon A N organization to promote the study of geology and to bind together geologists as well as • mining, petroleum and geological engineers, Sigma Gamma Epsilon was founded at the University of Kansas in 1915. The local chapter was organized in 1916. The Oklahoma chapter was host to over a hundred delegates at the eighth national con- vention held here this spring. At this time. Dr. Charles E. Decker, sponsor of the local group, was re-elected national president for the third consecutive time. Previous to this, he served six years as national secretary and treasurer. OFFICERS Sam Zimmerman President Edgar Heston Vice-President Ross Maxwell Secretary-Treasurer Edwin Patterson Chapter Editor MEMBERS Harold Adkison Carl Lisle Goodrich Richard Meents W. O. Wethington George Bell A. B. Gross J. C. Montgomery G. G. Wight John Bell Edgar Heston Frank Neptune Richard D. Williamson Kenneth Blackmar Richard V. Hollingsworth Leo Nuhfer Sam Zimmerman R. W. Blair Edward Howard Edwin Patterson Henry Carothers Galen Bryon Bela James Lee Pack John Duffield Carl Buerbaum Edwin Klopfenstein Wayne Pitzer Carlos Ferguson Fay Coil Cecil Lalicker Dick Robey John Gunthrop Oscar Champion James Lewis Bruce Choate Edgar Halfast George Chaffee George Payne Livermore Joe B. Smith Lee C. Lamar William Corothers Phil Lehnhard Floyd C. Smith E. R. McFarland WiLLLiAM S. Derrick Ross Maxwell Zenos Stucky J. J. Russell Don Feagin Stanley McCune Maurice Teis Frank Worrell J. Sterling Gilbert Baxter Scoggin George Turner A. L. Basques Horton Grisso Rex McGeehee Louis G. Valdes FACULTY MEMBERS D. T. Cornwall G. E. Anderson C. A. Merritt R. W. Harris C. E. Decker A. J. Williams O. F. Evans H. C. George V. E. Monnett F. a. Malcolm H. A. Ireland F. W. Padgett S. Weidman R. L. Six ' ' 9 3 1 ' JI JJ ULs 9 q fit f f t % M Page 290 ■ ■ " " ■ ' .S3 , ■ Honorary Organizations . 1 - hid an Club KLA-SHE-DE-GO-TA-GA is composed of students and faculty members who have in their veins the blood of the American Indian. The purpose of the organization is to foster racial pride among the descendants of the original Americans, to preserve tribal tradi- tions and legends, and to further the cause of the education of Indian youth. OFFICERS Roy Holbird Chief Harold Adkinson Medicine Man Kenneth O ' Bar Sachem Glen Dawson Scribe Pauline Cowan Secretary to the Scribe Todd Downing Historian Ruth Downing High Princess, 1929 Mildred Holloway Frances Clewein Princesses, 1929 Ruth Mendoza IvA Crail Garnett Glaze Odile Berry Frances Brick JoHN Skelton ' Allege Locke Fred Barkley " Howard Bunch }oHN Breedlove Jewel Gilcrease Ethel McBee ' Catherine Burnett Marian Wooldridge " Virginia Walker A. O. Johnson Art Leeper MEMBERS J. B. Leftwick Stuart Milam Jewell Newburn Kenneth O ' Bar Ruth Mendoza Mildred Carter Kaliteyo Paul Rachael Bonebrake Marian Goss Grace Oliver Geniese Hughes loLA Anderson John Whistler Nell Rose Warren Sequoyah Starke ' Pledge Harold Adkinson Ramona Bourland Eunice Brook Elizabeth Cox George Bushyhead Pauline Cowan Frances Clewein Martha Garden Dorothy Chapman Todd Downing Ruth Downing Veta Dowell Glen Dawson Marshall Gilcrease Bill Gooding Mildred Holloway Page 291 r . 5 " Honorary Organizations irprrr-? L , .i-£yy m 4t f Phi Mu Alpha pHI MU ALPHA, honorary musical fraternity, was founded October 6, 1898, at the New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, Massachusetts. The fraternity now stands as the foremost musical organization in America, and has a roll of fifty chapters. The local chapter was organized January 12, 1912, as the Arthur Foote Music Club. Its Sinfonia charter was granted April 10, 1912. In 1916 the fraternity changed its status from honorary to social and operated a house until the close of the war, when it gave up its house and resumed its former standing as an honorary fraternity. It is probable that in the near future the organization will again change to a social status. The present yearly activities of the order include an American composers recital and the ob- serving of founders day and chapter day. The fraternity meets weekly for dinner in the Student Union. OFFICERS Robert Sherman President Merle Freeland . Vice-President LuDwiG Weber Secretary FACULTY MEMBERS Oscar J. Lehrer J. Milton Deitrich Earl A. Virden W. R. Wehrend MEMBERS Laurence K. Brewer Cecil Crawford Chester H. Anderson Louis Woodruff Simmons Crawford Forrest West Milton Fisher Albert Yates Kenneth Loomis Hugo Goetz Gerald Whitney Aubrey Popejoy Joe C. Edwards Bill Matney Alfred Neihus Bob Duncan Page 292 .J ' ? r ' fionorary Organizations v itrT.?- Tw Sigma Alpha Iota ' V HE oldest national strictly musical sorority, Sigma Alpha Iota was founded at the School of Music at the University of Michigan, in 1902, and came to the University of Oklahoma in 1929. There are now 58 chapters. The object of the sorority is to give moral and material aid to its members; to promote and dignify the musical profession; to establish and maintain friendly relations between musi- cians and music schools; and to further the development of music in America. To be eligible for membership, a girl must be enrolled in the College of Fine Arts, must be recommended by the faculty, must be at least a second semester freshman, and make a 24-point average under the new system of grading. OFFICERS Frances Atwater President Martha Overlees Vice-President Caroline Elder Secretary Julia McCary Treasurer MEMBERS ) Jeannette Abney Bernice Penn Mildred Funston Rose Richards Frances Atwater Veta Dowell Florence Gannaway Vera Sears Gladys Armstrong Isla Davis Miryl Garrett Kathleen Sultan Mildred Armstrong Caroline Elder Marie Henderson Mary Louise Storm Marianne Bays Jessie Clarkson Genevieve Hutchison Alye Tomberlin Melba Blanton Gladys Hall Julia McCary Alma Watson Mary Bieber Clara Howard Smith Marie Oliver Kathryn White Katherine Burnett Helen Baughman Martha Overlees Dorothy Johnstone Veva Crooks Mary Case Elizabeth Morrison Virginia Douglass Velma Davie " Miriam Dearth Pledge PATRONESSES Mrs. W. B. Bizzell Mrs. Justin Hinshaw Mrs. D. S. Popejoy Mrs. Frances Smith Catron Mrs. Josef Noll Mrs. E. F. Stephens Mrs. R. F. Fischer Mrs. Carl Pawlowski Mrs. R. H. Richards Mrs. Josephine Hayward Mrs. Earl VirDen Page 293 Honorary Organizations J Kj ' ' hk : El Modjii r NE of the most unusual orders on the campus, and one which is strictly individual in its nature, is El Modjii. an organization of art students and alumni. It originally included faculty members under the name of Les Beaux Arts. The students then formed their own club, Les Etudiennes Artistes, later called Brush and Palette. This was organized into the present organization in 1928, as a chapter of the National Federation of Arts. Each year, it spon.sors an exhibition of the work of its active members, and sponsors a yearly art ball. The ball this year was called " The Legend of the Sea, " and members and guests wore under-sea costumes. OFFICERS Parker Shelby President Winifred Stahl Vice-President Derald Swinford Treasurer Virginia Hackett Secretary Robert Shead Publicity MEMBERS Elzia Marie Cook Margaret Giles Anita Furray Mary Childs Ora Dunn Katherine Gillespie Irene Garner Virginia Hackett Marjorie Gilbert Ouida Gray Martha Giblet Lola Kirtland John Haley Christine Johnson Emily Guthrie Edith Messenbaugh Hazel Kniseley Richard Lewis Margaret Hammers Herman Neale Erna Vale Mashburn Vernice Lyles David Kennedy Olive Nuhfer Stella McKnight A. Gwendolyn Miller Mary Norman Lee Zelma Oliver Mildred Miller Don Nabours R. Francisco Pena Bertha Ours Margaret Mooney Harriet Palmer Gladys Pierce Maurice Penn Lorraine Prichard Francis Petrie Dorothea Stevenson Beatrice Richardson Peggy Petty Wenzella Witherspoon Derald Swinford Robert Shead Bernice Booker Nina Yowell Bernice Thompson Parker Shelby Margaret Brandenburg Elaine Anderson Dorothy Tourtellot Winifred Stahl Helen Mabel Collier Eursel Barnes Alva Ruth Walker John Milton Strange Carita Cromer Frances Clewein Lorena Wooten Mariemma Wilson Elizabeth Early Katherine Amis e : s8Bps j» 3 f jiV I B k ' M M Hl dJ I S i H mm l y t J Hl B ' SflBLKr lL.i-atj t. J ' - -.-. iL HHI ?!!I ' .unfiJ HB Page 294 Wftr fc ' Honorary Organizations Kappa Tau Pi T APPA TAU PI. national honorary religious fraternity, was founded at the University of Oklahoma in 1918. Its purpose is to bring together the religious leaders of the campus in an inter-denominational fellowship. While the principal requirement for eligibility is out- standing activity in religious leadership, the men elected to membership must also be of high scholastic standing. OFFICERS David Yates President Barker Shirley Vice-President Paul Thurber Secretary-Treasurer Thomas Plummer Chaplain Ed Wardner Bailiff G. H. Smith FACULTY MEMBERS S. Y. Allgood Ray L. Six George Metzel Robert Duncan Ed Wardner Harold Dodson David Yates Harold Nichols Paul Thurber Ralph James MEMBERS John Loy LONNIE HuDDLESTON Wesley Sperry Odis Primrose Barker Shirley John DeArcy Roy Bull Leslie Brooking R. W. Harris Thomas Plummer Ralph Lynn Richard Mason Richard Swartz B. T. Williams Page 295 Honorary Organizations Phi Eta Sigma A NATIONAL honorary freshman fraternity, founded at the University of Ilhnois, March ■ 22, 1923; it now has 17 chapters. The local chapter was installed here in 1927, and is the fourth chapter. OFFICERS Fkst Semester Second Semester President Frank Ittner George Collier Vice-President Philip Klein John Woodward Secretary Dean Wooldridge Alfonso Ospina Treasurer Ludwig Webber Irving Crothers Edwin Patterson Senior Adviser L. N. Morgan Faculty Adviser Frank Appelman Robert Arnett Gerald Bilyeu Eldred Cavett Adelbert Champlin George Collier Irving Crothers Stanley Disney Andy Beck Earl Benson Aubrey Bilyeu Jennings C. Blair John Boozalis Sam E. Graden William L. Broderson Hugh N. Comfort James Cowman Mack Cunnyngham Jack Fischer Carl Fischer Arlen Hale Frank Ittner Walker Jones Don Kanaly Philip Klein MEMBERS 1933 Andrew Larson George McDonald Chilton McLaughlin Elmer Mackey George Massey Sam Minsky Alfonso Ospina Harold W. Donnell Ernest Handley Jesse K. Hill Donald Huckaby Edwin N. Humphrey Seymour B. Ingerson Lyle T. Jessup William E. Kendrick Louis J. Kennedy Fred L. Krause 1934 Gaiser D. Maddox Patrick H. McCaffrey Elbert F. McMullin James Mayes Thomas Mayrath Harry L. Meyers Earl Mulmed Fred O. Newton Charles Pain Murble H. Pearson George Slemmer David St. Clair Albert Sullivan William Vogt Ludwig Webber Mark Weisbrugh John Woodward Dean Wooldridge Allan G. Skelton James R. Sommerfrucht John H. Turner Eugene E. Uman Paul Vickers Sidney F. Weller W. D. Wiles A. N. WiLKENS Owen B. Wood Joe V. Wright Page 296 r . s l? Honorary Organizations k:r . - ' ' ■ r D i ' z t P " D ETA EPSILON chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, national professional commerce fraternity, was installed on the University of Oklahoma campus on December fourth, 1929, with 28 charte r members in school and four alumni members. Installation ceremonies, conducted by members of the fraternity from Kansas and Missouri Universities, were held in the Union Building, fol- lowed by a banquet at which Dr. W. B. Bizzell, president of the university, was the principal speaker. In addition to sponsoring professional smokers throughout the year, at which prominent men of the state are principal speakers, Delta Sigma Pi each year awards a scholarship key, known as the Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key, to the senior in the College of Business Admin- istration who has the highest scholastic average for the entire four years in the university. The national fraternity was founded at New York University on November 7, 1907. Since that time it has expanded until at the present there are fifty active chapters located in the ranking colleges and universities of the country. OFFICERS Bert H. Thurber President Edgar P. Wardner Vice-President Joe R. Moody Treasurer Kenneth O ' Bar Secretary Karl D. Reyer Chapter Adviser MEMBERS John Andrews Henry Gifford Odies Primrose Herman Walker Bruce Bevens Theodore Greenshields Eugene Rose Edgar Wardner Lewis Burkett Arthur Hamilton Paul Schwoerke Carl West Albert Braun Chester Hamilton Frank Tansel Thomas Whetzel Charles Cook Peter Herber Bert Thurber Carsel Whitenack Doyle Grain Joe Moody Plummer Tilley John Wood Nelson Dunn Kenneth O ' Bar Burton Towne Victor Zobisch PLEDGES O. O. McCracken Bert Smith John Way Pete McCullough O. D. Westfall Robert Turner Ray Awtrey Walter Wood J. D. McCoid Page 297 fUtjm it ' " Honorary Organizations ;1r;;;rTi T Kappa Kappa Psi " P EQUIREMENTS for membership in Kappa Kappa Psi, a national honorary musical fra- ■ ternity for college band members are, musical ability, personality and leadership, and scholarship. The order was founded in 1919 at Oklahoma A. and M. College, and installed on this campus in 1921 . The primary purpose is to encourage good fellowship, leadership, scholarship, and musical ability among college band members. The fraternity publishes a magazine, the Kappa Kappa Psi Baton. Kappa Kappa Psi has 27 chapters in the best class universities throughout the nation. OFFICERS Joe C. Edwards President Joe Finkelstein Vice-President Leonard E. Wedel Secretary Charles Ludwick Treasurer Jack Rorschach Reporter FACULTY MEMBERS Oscar J. Lehrer W. R. Wehrend Maj. E. P. Parker MEMBERS Joe C. Edwards John Bell Marvin Pitts Joe Finkelstein Hugo Goetz David Roper Leonard Wedel Everett Rhea B. J. Brundeye Charles Ludwick Charles Stewart Benton Wedel Jack Rorschach - D. H. McCollum G. C. Howard Chester Anderson Joe Hugh Mansfield Leslie Mugg O. W. Hammonds A. T. Neihues Joe Wheatly Albert Yates ' Calvin Moore Louis Woodruff John Gutherie James Henderson Jim Heflin SiMMONDS Thomas ' Charles Engleman ' Pledge Page 298 ,f ?jfr» , ' Honorary Organizations J3f - American Society of Mechanical Engineers Ai: , ' T ' HE student branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers was established at the University of Oklahoma in 1915. The national society was founded April 7, 1880. Membership in the organization is open to all upperclassmen in the school of mechanical engineering and allied subjects. This group meets to discuss the outstanding technical prob- lems of the day in its field, and throughout the year has social gatherings to establish a class relation between men interested in like professions. OFFICERS Morris G. Spencer President ]. Ryan Walker Vice-President Rodney Burns Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Orvile Barnet Henry Scheafer John Little Story Rodney Burns Paul Scheefers Robert B. Chesney Jack A. Brosseau Hayes Allen Shaw Delmer W. Denton A. L. Castell James Spears Hugh Metcalf Carroll J. Close Morris Spencer Jack Mideke Marle Creech Herbert Stowers J. Lester Puckett Richard Ducker Dick Swan Jesse Neal William L. Ducker R. E. Wassell Jack A. Mideke Homer Dunlop D. R. Wood Stuart Miller W. N. Floyd Frank R. Wynn Albert W. Ramsey Tom Losey J. L. Vail, Jr. Clyde Stinson Howard Lenderking Harold J. Gibson Clint Moore Robert R. Hamburger M. L. Mayfield Thomas Cubbage Lewis Hawkins Sylvan Cromer Jim Thompson Glen Hennigh Aubyn N. Griffith Clifford Wright Elmer Mackey J. Ryan Walker Elmer Gardner Lee Minter Glen Dawson Lee Rowlings Allen Pelton Wesley Jones W. Richard Kiel Paul M. Peters A. D. Oliver Barry Weaver Jim Reed Philip B. Klein Joe Hyman Harley Rochan C. R. Inglis Page 299 P $- Honorary Organizations -•■A.. Kappa Psi T HE organization was the first Greek letter society established in the college of pharmacy in the United States. It was founded in 1879 at the Medical College of Virginia and has 70 chapters at present with a total of 9.360 members. It is strictly a pharmaceutical fraternity and limits its chapt ers to colleges of pharmacy holding membership in the American Associa- tion of Colleges of Pharmacy. In order to be eligible for pledgeship a student must be en- rolled in the school of pharmacy, have a C average and no failures. The purpose of the fra- ternity is to promote the study of pharmacy and bring the pharmacy students in closer con- tact. , The colors are Scarlet and Gray. The magazine The Mask is published quarterly. OFFICERS Orin Richardson President L. L. Fedler Vice-President George West Secretary Glen Holmes Treasurer Ray Bowerman Historian Leonard Reynolds Chaplain Dean D. B. R. Johnson and Prof. A. Beegle . Faculty Advisers Raymond Smith Ralph M. Wilson Clyde Lyons James Wade Chad Colclasure C. E. Lively MEMBERS E. R. Hickman John Lee Olyem Alexander Arnold Prather Virgil Ridgeway Louis Kennedy Morris Kelso John Clark Carl W. Miller William Brintle D. O. Sachse Jr. Otis Lee Page 300 . fc» fjonorary Organizations %... ' ' . ■ e Adagio Dance Club T XCLUSIVELY for dancers is the Adagio Dance Club, organized at the University of Okla- homa in September. 1928. by Miss Peggy Schnitzer, dancing instructor. There were ten charter members, and in the second semester, a few more girls were pledged. Membership of the club is limited to twenty-five girls, and the quota was reached this year. Members are chosen on their ability, scholarship, personality, appearance, and prowess in dancing. Each year, the club sponsors a ballet in the spring and the principal characters are chosen from the club roster. In 1928 they gave Pavlowa ' s " Toy Shoppe " ballet, and in 1929 they pro- duced a more elaborate one, VestofF and Serova ' s " Cinderella. " This year they used a differ- ent idea, substituting three one-act ballets, instead of a whole connected ballet. The first was Oriental, the second a French toe ballet, and the third a Spanish fiesta. OFFICERS Reon Denny President Mildred Kelly Vice-President Olive Nuhfer Secretary Elaine Loughmiller Treasurer Peggy Schnitzer Sponsor MEMBERS Reon Denny Ann Sheen Grace Eckler Pauline Brooks Lois Johnson Gertrude Drescher Hylagene Robberson Frances Massey Ruth Curry Nance June Peterson Lois Johnston Evelyn Anderson Jewel Marie Markham Jean Lucas Elizabeth Catherine Burnett Olive Nuhfer Mildred Kelly Mildred Chase Elaine Loughmiller Louise Pierce Bonnie Harris Dorothy Willows Dolores Shaner Verna Mae Willard CHARTER MEMBERS Ethel James Byrd Margaret Thompson Bernice Booker Alice Mae Kistler Grace Eckler Helen Burris Dolores Shaner Reon Denny Olive Nuhfer Frances Massey Dorothy Frank Page 301 Honoraru Organizations JnS:y Polo and Riding Association T HE Polo and Riding Association is an organization for those interested in equitation and polo. Miss Mary Elizabeth Simpson is the officer in charge, being the secretary-treasurer. Jeannette Abney Rex Alworth Katherine Amis K. C. Anderson Ima Annette AlLLEEN ASHBROOK Mary Atwood Tines Avis Mariel Ballard Harbert Barker K. N. Beatty J. R. Blanchard AzELLE Boone Tacy Boory Katherine Bras E. W. Briggs Eunice Brook Isabelle Jane Burton Garnett Cadem Charles Cargile Ralph Carlin Gertrude Carman Mrs. Helene Carpenter John Carson J. M. Carter Ned Catlept Dorothy Champlin Ben Caney Willis H. Choate Robert M. Church MEMBERS Almer B. Clark Reva Clark L. M. Coblentz Helen Collier Glen C. Coner Leah Connally Elizabeth Cox W. A. Cronin Dan Crider Dorothy Davis Cordelia Cunningham Mary Arolyn Davis Grace Dennis Virginia Dicken Vera Dixon Betty Dodd Helen E. Dorr Doris Duncan Mary Virginia Dunlap Clarence Dunn Jack Eastham L. G. Edwards Charles Engleman Marjorie English J. P. Evans Beverly FauntLeroy Abe Ferman Howard Fink Minnie May Forbes Claude Foster Donald Franklin Ann Erle French L. M. Fry Polk Fry Martha Garber Olive Garnett H. Garrison Mrs. Pauline Gattys Harold J. Gibson Garnet Glaze Mrs. L. H. Goodrich Tom Gutelius John Haley Nevis R. Hammatt O. W. Hammonds B. C. Hansel Hilliard Hanson Helen Hardenburgh Mary Jane Hare Margaret Harrell George Harrison Paul Harrison Mildred Hart Mildred Haskin Stella Sue Hayden Pauline Herber Arnold B. Hill E. F. Hill Harold Hogue C. H. Hooks Berton Housh Page 302 I • Honorary Organizations ■ . f,TJ|g) Preachers Club ' T HE Preachers Club was organized in Norman, February 5. 1929, by George Ovie Hopkins, - Leonard W. Cronin, and James Gordon Patterson. At the first meeting, constitution and by-laws were adopted. The purpose of the organization is to develop religious enthusiasm among its members and to promote Christianity. The School of Religion provided a club room for weekly meetings, and sponsored the work. Weekly inspirational meetings are held which foster a splendid fellowship. All members are active in religious work. There are two classes of members, the active and the honorary. The active is composed of young preachers and those who desire to do part-time Christian work. OFFICERS James Gordon Patterson President J. Gillette Smith Secretary S. J. Carr Treasurer George O. Hopkins Leonard W. Cronin James Gordon Patterson Clarlnce M. Ball George Beiber Gerald Prince George William Colvert E. N. Comfort John O. Ensor S. Y. Allgood MEMBERS DwiGHT H. Hopkins Russell L. Sicks Joe Snoddy John E. DArcy Paul H. Remple John K. Coker HONORARY MEMBERS Harry J. Bray Walter H. Gillian Joe S. Cason Lonnie D. Huddleston Robert H. Holloman Alva D. Daniel John Martin J. Gillette Smith Harry Maricle a. r. holton Milton H. Smith Albert Ma.xwell Page 303 n . ' r Honoraru Organizations J - jLs?m r Congress np HE Congress Debating Society, founded in 1897, is the oldest of the active forensic soci- eties on the campus. Organized for the purpose of giving training in debating, public speaking, and parliamentary procedure, it has developed a large number of speakers who have successfully represented the University. Meetings are held weekly when debates are held between the members and with other debating societies. OFFICERS First Semester President Albert Kulp Vice President Harry Pines Secretary . Bonner Hooks Treasurer Eldred Cavett Second Semester Paul Thurber Eldred Cavett Kenneth Nance Albert Kulp Jim Robinson Albert Kulp Eldred Cavett Adolph Johnson Kenneth Nance Bert Thurber Paul Thurber Bonner Hooks B. T. Williams Byron Rakestraw MEMBERS Joe Hogue German Greenhaw Ed Wardner Roy Bull Finis Gillespie Lewis Dakil Gordon Fuller Sam Minsky Frank Appleman Hicks Ebton Carl Albert Charles Schwoerke Paul Schwoerke Harry Pines Clarence McElroy Bob Harbison Charles Keilin Bruce Holts George Copeland Bill Kerr I Page 304 X A: orh(w MgU es J itk Jiviliarf ifUiloti, ($M.issJm(ise (2Mi 6i{f ' i ( i i (n nci6e ej rgmer { yMiss UeA)ici_Jjcii ie Qmiss Tnnifi-eScJlg fil l D 7 i : fc f V Lf9- ? ' (U e-e .A ? oi The Boomers ' 1: ' TpHE well-known and popular dance orchestra, " The Boomers. " was organized in the spring ■ ' of 1923 by Curtis Smith, the author of songs and follies, and Bonnie Spencer. That group has the distinction of being the oldest and one of the foremost dance orchestras on the univer- sity campus. During the seven years ' existence, The Boomers have enjoyed a successful career, locally and over the state. Under the supervision of Byron McFall they enjoyed the privilege of being under the management of the Music Corporation of America and playing at various resorts and parks throughout the northern and eastern states. Last summer several weeks were spent playing the Roof of the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, where the Oklahoma boys made quite a name both for themselves and the university. After returning to school the Boomers were consistently popular for their ability to combine novelty entertainment with a distinctive type of dance music. PERSONNEL Truman Tomlin John Railey Jimmy Godlove Cliff Lane Chester Stinnett Byron McFall Claude Whiteman Jack Looney John Brand Gene Kendall ORCHESTRA UNIVEXSITT or OKLAHOMA College Ramblers npHE Ramblers were first organized on this campus in 1923 by Randolph McCurtain and since that time have been in existence, but with a changing personnel. It has been one of the most popular orchestras on the campus for the past several years and is probably better now then ever before. During the past vear, they have played at some of the best dances on the campus, includ- ing the Miami Triad, the Sig Alph Bowery, the Phi Delt Sailor Dance, and the Sigma Chi Kid Party. Last summer they played at the Vendome in Sulphur with continued success. This coming summer they are to be connected with the National Broadcasting Company and will play over radio from some of the leading stations in the East. The members of the orchestra at the present time are: Bert Strong Piano unci Manager George Leeman Piano Bill Douglas Banjo and Guitar Ed Tate Drums John Cole Bass Horn Cecil Meadors Reeds Ray Harkin Reeds ]. Wiley Taylor .... Reeds and Director Wayne Glover First Trumpet Billy Fairfield Second Trumpet Thoma,s Enloe Trombone I MIAMI TRIAD Dances MILITARY BALL LV:a V3K-j.Vi. -W S ' v.- - ' -: ■• ' ■■. ' •: i ' -i ' i r. ■ wmm SIG ALPH BOWERY DANCE Dances BETA BARN DANCE ssT-njaaRPSSM KAPPA ALPHA DIXIE DANCE Dances A. T. O. GYPSY DANCE uJ ) r V ' LloU )iiies »« ftr i ' Publications ;Bv,W , The PMkation Board Prof. H. H. Herbert, Chairman np HE Publication Board is composed of three faculty members and six student members. It has the direct control of all student publications. The editors and business managers of all the publications are elected by the Board; it is also within their power to remove them. The President of Student Council is an ex officio member. Other student members are elected from the staffs of the different publications and one in the general student election. Members of the Board at the present time are: Professor H. H. Herbert, chairman; Profes- sor John H. Casey, Secretary-Treasurer; and F. F. Gaither, faculty members: Ed Mills, member at large from the publications: Benton Ferguson, from the Oklahoma Daily. Ed Pat- terson, from the Sooner; Mex Curry, from the Whirlwind; Charles Broderson, from Student Council and Ruth Smith from Student body. Professor Casey and Charles Broderson replaced Professor Buford O. Brown and Mer- ton Munson who were members of the Board the first semester. Page 329 ■ ' - ifa| i ;f Publications . iljl - r ■■■ ' -. ' h Ix • -? ?■ The 1930 Sooner Clarence Black . Ralph Schaller . Ray Bannister . Robert Browne . Editor Business Manager . Managing Editor Assistant Business Manager Clarence Black, Editor EDITORIAL STAFF Morris Shrader Class Editor Jack Stone Sports Editor Inez Ballard Organizations Editor George Fisher Fraternity Editor Louise Frisbie Sorority Editor Winifred Stahl Art Editor Ruth Meister Administration Editor Ernest Hill Assistant Sports Editor Mary Hudson Editorial Assistant Herbert Fishe Editorial Assistant THE STAFF Page 330 n . The 1930 Sooner. ' X ' HE Sooner is an annual publication by the student as- sociation of the University of Oklahoma. The Editor and Business Manager of the Year Book are elected by the Publication Board at an annual election held in January. To be eligible for the position of Editor, one must have served in a major staff position for one year previous to the election. To be eligible for Business Manager, previous business ex- perience may be substituted for the one year ' s service require- ment. The Book is financed by the student body with the addi- tion of advertising by patrons of the University. An attempt is made in the publication to present a history of the activity for a year and to serve as a reminder in future years of the things that occurred during that year. The edi- torial work and some of the art work are done by students in the University. Jl ijmm ' ' - ' -- Publications : A ■ Ralph Schaller, Business Manager BUSINESS STAFF Murray Gordon Circulation Manager Matthew Kane Advertising Manager Leonard Aughtry Organizations Manager Orville Williams Organizations Assistant Lynn Welborn Advertising Assistant Mary Sue Simpson Advertising Assistant Phil Edwards Advertising Assistant THE OFFICE Page 331 - - Publications iS ' kss Oklahoma Daily Paul Kennedy, Editor THE STAFF Paul R. Kennedy Editor Ray Kimball Business Manager Dick Pearce Managing Editor Benton Ferguson Advertising Manager EDITORIAL STAFF Ed Mills Campus Editor Jack Fischer News Editor Jack Stone Sports Editor Ruth Smith Literary Editor Inez Ballard Society Editor Mildred Potts Editorial Assistant BUSINESS STAFF Tom Gordon National Advertising Manager Cecil Brite Bookeeper Dorothy Cansler Stenographer HuTOKA GuLKER Stenographer George Massey Advertising Salesman Joe Commons Advertising Salesman Jimmy Hopkins Advertising Salesman Ollie Belle Collins Advertising Saleswoman Jim Robinson Circulation Manager Al Mayhew Collector THE STAFF Page 332 Z : Publications ilr.!: Okldhomd Daily ' T ' HE Oklahoma Dailq. university student paper, is edited. - - made up and published entirely by students Covering every phase of campus life, the paper, a client-member of the Associated Press, also furnishes all national news of any importance. Serving primarily as a laboratory for the school of jour- nalism, the organization of the paper does not differ materially from that of any metropolitan newspaper. Its staff positions correspond to those of other papers. Its editor, elected an- nually, has complete control of the editorial policies subject only to the publication board which elects him. He, in turn, chooses his staff comprised of managing edi- tor, campus editor, sports editor, society editor, city editor and office assistants. The paper has its columnists, editorial writ- ers and morgue keeper. The business manager, elected annually like the editor, has complete control of the finan- cial and mechanical end of the paper. He, also like the editor, is responsible only to the publi- cation board. Under the jurisdiction of the business manager comes the advertising department with its various subdivisions and the circulation and mechanical departments. In this respect the Oklahoma Daily also is patterned after larger metropolitan newspapers. In policy the Oklahoma Daily adheres strictly to its student clientele and stands unyield- ingly behind projects calculated to aid the greater number of students. In the past year it has been consistent in its demand for greater student representation in affairs of student govern- ment; it has condemned unfair balloting at student elections and has brought about an improve- ment; it resented strongly the abolition of campus pep orders and demanded a quick substitute. The circulation of the Oklahoma Daily, centered largely on the university campus, nevertheless reaches out wherever former students go. It has subscribers in several foreign land as well as practically every state in the union. Ray Kimball, Business Manager THE OFFICE Page 333 ' ' ' " ' , ' Publications yte ' lks?! n y!l T ? Whirlwind Varley H. Taylor Editor Pat Sinclair Business Manager Bob McKinney Associate Editor Louis Fratcher . . Assistant Business Manager Varley Taylor. Editor EDITORIAL STAFF James Robinson . . . Assistant Editor Milton Hardy Art Editor John H. Poe .... Exchange Editor Mary Lou Niles, Assistant Exchange Editor Don Nabours . . Assistant Art Editor Jim Harkin . . . Assistant Art Editor Parker Shelby Art Staff Gerald Bilyue Art Staff Mary Gardner Art Staff Charles James Art Staff DoRTHEA Stevenson .... Art Staff Helen E. Taft .... Special Writer W. Powell Robinson . Special Writer Dean Rice Special Writer Stewart Harral . . . Special Writer Dennis Petty Contributor Ross Taylor Contributor Pat Dillon Contributor G. J. Tobias Contributor William Bynum Contributor Carl Linstrom Contributor William Fleetwood . . . Contributor Jack Brander Contributor Melvin Polle Contributor Ernest Hill Contributor Virginia Farley Contributor Clarude Ertin Contributor THE STAFF Page 334 .r l Publications T ? Whirlwind ' " p HE Whirlwind is a humor magazine published six times throughout the year. In the past, is has been recog- nized as one of the outstanding College Comic magazines in the country. It has been handicapped in the past several years by failure of students to subscribe readily but never- theless it is still a frequent contributor to " College Humor " and is well recognized by that publication. Due to the efficient work of this year ' s staff the " Whirl- wind " has gained back a great deal of its old popularity and if it is properly encouraged by the students and patrons of the school, will soon assume its proper place in the affairs of the campus. Pat Sinclair, Business Manager As with the other publications, the Publication Board has direct control of the magazine, including the election of the Editor and Business Manager. Each year they sponsor a contest and election of the Homecoming Queen who presides over the Parade of the day. This year ' s Queen, Beth O ' Reilly, is a freshman on this campus. BUSINESS STAFF Pat Sinclair Business Manager Louis Fratcher . . . Assistant Business Manager William Giffert .... Advertising Manager Margaret Kerr . . Assistant Advertising Manager Thomas Hunter Circulation Manager Edwin Burba Circulat ion Assistant THE OFFICE Page 335 ' " F Publications f " Sigma Delta Chi TNTELLECTUAL ability in the field of journalism and a definite intention of following jour- nalism as a career are required for membership in Sigma Delta Chi, a professional society founded at De Pauw University, April 17. 1909. The Oklahoma chapter was installed in 1913. Its member are chosen from senior and junior classes, and from sophomores during the latter half of the sophomore year. National honorary and associate members are admitted. Sigma Delta Chi achieves state-wide publicity by its Gridiron Banquet, an annual razz dinner, to which leading students and state men are invited. The organization also awards a medal to the best woman reporter in the School of Journalism. The government of the society is through an annual convention of delegates with a recess government by an executive council consisting of eleven national officers. The convention will be held this year at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. OFFICERS Richard Pe. rce President Wayland Boles Secretary Paul Miller Treasurer Jack Stone Paul Miller Paul Kennedy Ernest Hill Wayland Boles Dick Pearce MEMBERS Ed Mills George Milburn Charles Grimes Claud Eurton Clarence Frost Howard Brisco Stewart Harral Paul John Jack Fischer " Bill Moore •Raymond Parr Pledge Page 336 k lt. ¥ T Page 337 The Of Major Edwin P. Parker cers jVTAJOR PARKER came to Oklahoma University three years ago and has contributed much to the high rating of the R. O. T. C. unit through his un- tiring dihgence in his work in the mihtary department. He attended George Washington University and Harvard University and is a graduate of the Field Artil- lery School, Advanced Course. Ft. Sill and a distin- guished graduate of the Commander Generals Staff School at Ft. Leavenworth. Besides his numerous duties as Commandant here Major Parker is Commandant of the R. O. T. C. Sum- mer Camp at Ft. Sill, Vice-President of the Norman Lions Club, Chairman of the Committee on Military Training and a member of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. He has one more vear of service at Oklahoma. Captain W. E. Corkill has just completed his last year of work at Oklahoma and will be transferred to Ft. Benning, Georgia. Captain H. L. Findlay is another officer to be transferred this spring. He has completed five years ' work here and his next assignment for duty will be at the Hawaiian Islands. Captain R. H. Knapp will be located at Camden. New Jersey, after this year. He has been at Oklahoma for five years and has been connected with the basic corp work and has served as Polo coach. Captain Knapp is a Phi Kappa Sigma and attended school at the Georgia School of Tech- nology. Captain John McDowall is entering upon his last year ' s work at Oklahoma. Captain R. T. Guthrie also has one more year of R. O. T. C. service here and is remem- bered for his work with the basic corp and his service as officer in charge of motors and mater- ials. Captain J. J. Waters has just completed his first year here, having been transferred from Ft. Sill last summer. Captain Waters succeeds Captain Knapp as Polo coach and did much work in that line this year. Lieutenant L D. Yeaton is another new transferee from Ft. Sill. Page 33S . -- , Military The Unit OLONEL PATTERSON has made an excellent - commanding officer and has justified the choice of the military department in their selection of him on the merits of leadership and outstanding work both at summer camp and at the university. Patterson is a senior and receives his commission this year, and is known for his many activities on the campus. The R. O. T. C. Unit at Oklahoma University was begun in 1919 and inn the short space of four years at- tained distinguished rating at the annual government in- spection. Until 1927 the unit retained that standing but in the last two years has advanced to the standing of ex- cellent, the highest rating given. The Corp Area Com- mander to the War Department at Washington stated that " Oklahoma University has one of the finest militaryunits in the country. The government spends about $100,000 annually here to maintain this unit and the pro- perty is valued at $400,000. which includes 91 horses and 4 complete batteries of French 75mm. guns and makes it possible to teach successfully courses in gunnery, hygiene, first aid, pistol, ordnance, equitation, firing battery, draft, topography, instruments, field fortifications, tactics, military history, military law, mounted and dismounted drill. The work of the military department has been instrumental in beginning and sponsoring the Annual Horse Show, Polo and Riding, Scabbard and Blade, Bombardiers, Ladies Riding Classes and Pistol Team. Actual experience in firing is also provided by firing on the river each spring when ob- servation and handling of the firing of shrapnel is done by the students. Cadet Colonel Edwin Patterson i ' ii ft ;■ » ' .-«v ' ' " , i ii t ii ii ' n ii t!nr TOi i i iiiii i iit ir ,w Page 339 ' ' Military ,fej:L? Watts Anderson Sperry Hutchinson Campbell BRIGADE AND REGIMENTAL STAFF Colonel Frank R. Campbell Colonel Clyde J. Watts LlEUTENENT CoLONEL CHESTER H. AnDERSON Captain Wesley R. Sperry Captain Gregory L. Hutchinson SENIORS Page 340 DuFFIELD Balch Larason FIRST BATTALION. FIRST FIELD ARTILLERY Major Varley H. Taylor Captain Albert G. Larason Captain Marvin Balch Captain John B. Duffield Captain John H. Poe JUNIORS Paqe 341 .Jf ' Militaru . - -r: - McDonald RiNEHART Milne HiLBURN Williams Fanning SECOND BATTALION FIRST FIELD ARTILLERY Major John A. Rinehart Captain Joe B. McDonald Captain Bernard H. Hilburn Captain Guy H. Williams Captain Esca Milne Captain Homer E. Fanning JUNIORS Page 342 ' " - 1 Military Wight TiLGHMAN FlGLEY Booth HOLTZENDORFF FIRST BATTALION SECOND FIELD ARTILLERY Major M. Tench Tilghman Captain Ray T. Figley Catain Roderick B. Holtzendorff Captain George C. Wight Captain August M. Booth JUNIORS Page 343 Simpson Smith Todd Alexander Turner Browne SECOND BATTALION SECOND FIELD ARTILLERY Major Harry D. Turner Captain Samuel N. Alexander Captain W. Robert Browne Captain J. Carter Todd Catain S. Graham Smith Captain John R. Simpson JUNIORS ,k «A£2;: : r x ;t£ i£K£.iiA JiA £ .J:J ,iit i,ai»i vilB Seiiii, ' frr;S:«rf i!:i«tifiiitMie lS. ' SXS Page 344 r ' . .r ' ff - Military Mthm DONNELL Weddell SiLER Trout McHenry THIRD FIELD ARTILLERY Captain T. Spencer McHenry Captain Warren B. Trout Captain Vernon H. Weddell Captain George B. Siler Captain Thomas Donnell SQUAD IN ACTION 1 M iM Page 345 :f r Military ' 1 - - ie . r f Cadets in practice field work — Mounted Battery in line — Regi- mental staff officers reporting to Colonel for instructions — T h e pistol team practicing — Mounted Battery on the march — Gun in action. Page 346 jfUf g . Military ■- " € t - ' i ' -■ ' 7. .T, .. - M TTj pYj, gf y j j„., fi- ' " ir ' riri iP ' t The Polo team gets into action — Ed and Betty, the two Colonels — Leading the field in the race [or sphere — The cadets love to survey the country — Camp scene — Off the field after a hard workout. Wri- ffi •i m i w ' - ' ' 4 . - [Jkmir Page 347 IND NOW, as we sit here, in Iowa City, with the proof all read and the job all finished, we can afford to stop and look back over the past work in editing this Sooner, Of course there is some regret, not only that the work is not better, but that the thing which has occupied most of our time the past year is done. To an outsider the publishing of the yearbook appears a very simple task, but when you consider that there are over 2000 pictures in the book, which must be sorted and re- sorted, copy upon copy to be written, and plans to make, which must be hashed out, changed and rechanged, you will realize to a small extent just what the staff must accomplish. With this amount of work, there are bound to be mistakes — for those we are sorry, and we can only plead that we have done our best. We have tried to make this book something different from the usual year- book. For that reason we have gone to no small expense in procuring some original etchings of campus views, which have been reproduced in the book. To one who appreciates examples of fine art work, these will appeal. The cost of an etching usually forbids them being used in a work of this sort, and it was only through a lucky arrangement with the etcher that they were available to us. In our knowledge, it is the first time that anyone has attempted to use such high class art work in a year book anywhere. To those of you who look forward to a razz section. I can only say that it has no place in a University yearbook. No one person can very truthfully say that he can judge the conduct of 5200 others in this university: besides, we want you to be able to look back in future years and not have anything un- pleasant called to your attention. Due to the fact that the pictures of the candidates were available only a week before the book had to go to the printers, we could not have the Queens picked by an outstanding movie star or the like. Instead, we picked Mr. Lore. of Fort Worth, Texas, who was close at hand, and who is one of the highest paid commercial artists in the country. Unbiased, he has picked a group, which, in my opinion, is unexcelled in the past history of the book. To those who have helped make this book, I wish to express an appreci- ation — the staff who have worked without pay and with very little recognition from anyone; the Publication Board, and any and all individuals who have made the job a little easier and a little more pleasant. In closing, I would wish next years staff the best of luck. They deserve the support of every student in the university and without it, the book will suffer. The Editor Page 348 Page 349 If you are a member of one of these Fraternal Organizations, you will profit by investi- gating LETZEIS- ER ' S pins and prices. THE FOLLOWIXG FRATERNAL JEWELRY MAY HE PURCHASED AT LET ELSEKS PROFESSIONAL Phi Delta Chi Alpha Delta Sigma Sigma Delta Chi Sigma Tau Student Council Oratorical Council Toga Woman ' s Council PAT Alpha Pi Mu Theta Nu Epsilon Checkmate Lambda Nu Alpha Sigma Delta Battle Axe O. U. Orchestra Mystic Key Blue Pencil Pe-Et Mu Eta Tau Tau Omega XXX Tri Chi FRATERNITIES Alpha Tau Omega Phi Beta Delta Delta TTp ilnn Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Nu Acacia Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Gamma Alpha Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi Sigma Phi Epsilon Pi Kappa Phi Alpha Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma Delta Tau Delta Phi Delta Theta Sigma Chi Beta Theta Pi SORORITIES Pi Beta Phi Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Alpha Tli ta Gamma Phi Beta LETZEISER 8 CO. MANUFACTURERS OF FINE JEWELRY OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. MAIN AND HUDSON ST. COMPLIMENTS OF Erie P. Halliburton DUNCAN. OKLA. WHERE STUDENTS EVENTUALLY COME Huckin ' s Hotel OKLAHOMA CITY. OKLA. Page 350 THE CONSOLIDATED CUT STONE COMPANY TULSA, OKLAHOMA 1323 East Fifth Street P. O. Box 1795 Page 351 t heSrown-Dunkin Co. The Dominant Retail Institution in Tulsa The Store of Youth T ; ( (! 133 qqp :|:,a „g „-,! m Wa qaj qsp 2qa jq,! Ify qnn aqj qqq :,q3 ;|, |l ' ,ll ti C :iaq 3qj :; i Ijl.f ' 1=1F l P =1=!5 H q:i itr R R q ' l m ,i_- :J2 q a :|33 333 333 jj,jl :j=(q iq; ' s j aq; iiij llU ' _ !?■ .±jp,jin Brown-Dunkin is a young store — less than six years old. Its fashions are youthf ul ones. Its way of doing busi- ness is new and modern. It is managed by men with young, alert ideas. Though is it already the dominant store in Tulsa, it is growing rapidly — always progressing — in the spirit of modern youth. That ' s why the younger gener- ations of Eastern Oklahoma prefer it. TULSA, OKLAHOMA Tulsa ' s Most Exclusive Shop for Women . . . Always the latest, the most correct for the college miss Constance Wright INC. 6 West 5th Street TULSA, OKLA. Building a Good Newspaper IT takes courage, foresight, energy and vision — and time — to build a newspaper to a position of unchal- lenged leadership in its field. Since 1906, the Tulsa Daily World has risen steadily- higher year after year in public esteem and in public service. In these days it takes a spirit of restless energy and youthful enthusiasm and progress to keep the older insti- tutions in the front rank they have won in the past. The leadership of the World in its field is increasing with the years — in circulation, in advertising volume, in service to its public. Tulsa Daily World Oklahoma s Greatest Newspaper Page 352 i c QDam UDam o Yeah We ' re all good Indians CHICKASAW LUMBER CO. NORMAN ; : OKLA. AT THE DOOR OF SOONERLAND O. U. ' S Own Shop Serves Oklahoma ' s Coeds ■M«DIP •Fctnirv ' me A p petrel NORMAN - OKLA. FIRST NATIONAL BANK NORMAN " OLDEST AND STRONGEST " TRUBY STUDIO Everything in Photography Picture Framing, Kodaks, Films The Gift Shop of Norman, Oklahoma WHILE IN 0. U. YOU USED SCHOOL FURNITURE FROM JASPER SIPES CO. OKLAHOMA CITY When you need such equipment remember us. Low Prices, Quick Shipment and Real Respon- sibility. 19 W. MAIN CAMPUS THEATRE " AT THE DOOR 0 SOONERLAND " Talking Pictures Reproduced over the World ' s Finest Talk- ing Picture Equipment " Wes- tern Electric " A SHOW for YOUR CONVENIENCE Copies of Individual Photographs in this Book may be obtained at — WILSON STUDIO " Special Rates to Students " Phone 1561 2031 E. Mam Norman, Oklahoma Page 353 When You Think, of Taxi PHONE 300 T op P. 8. Taxi and Bagoaoe Co. a specialty shop for women that caters to the needs and wants of the most discnminatmg a£ C» 9 _ - cj Ccj2;, The Bsst- Laundry and Lmen Service in Norman IS furnished by the NU WAY LAUNURY And Linen Supply PHONE 641 DANCE rograms Many distinctive styles and col- ors are included in our samples, made of Leather, Sheepskin. Ivory, Pyralin, Wood, and Paper. Special attention is given to mail orders from Clubs and Fraternities over the state. Write us and our representative will call. Peerless Printing Company Printing, Engraving, Embossing NORMAN. OKLA. 114 N. Peters Ave. Phone 685 Page 354 I OR the third consecutive - year ThE Sooner has been cased in an S. K. SMITH COVER— a cover that is guaranteed to be satisfactory and is created and SMITH- CRAFTED by an organization of craftsmen speciaHzing in the creation and production of good covers. Whatever your cover re- quirements may be, this organiza- tion can satisfy them. Send for information and prices to S. K. SMITH COMPANY Smithcrafters of Good Covers 2 1 3 Institute Place CHICAGO 1 " You ' re the sixteenth that ' s told me he was hurryin ' to Woolf Brothers to buy some new clothes. " I guess that ' s a good reason so I ' ll let you go. " WOOLF BROTHERS THE MOTORIST CAN DEPEND ON CHAMP- LIN PRODUCTS. FOR THIS ORGANIZATION IS SINCERE IN ITS EF- FORTS TO MAINTAIN UNIFORM HIGH QUALITY THE CHAMPLIN REFINING COMPANY ENID, OKLAHOMA Page 355 SOUTHWEST UTILITY COMPANY Oklahoma City, Okla. FUNERAL DESIGNS A SPECIALTY Flowers Express the Most Beautiful of Sentiments — FLORAL DECORATIONS FOR THE BALL ROOM The Soiithem Floral Co NORMAN Phone 1000 317 W. Boyd To the Class of 1930 " VV E offer our sincere congratulations ' and best wishes. You have at- tained the objective of four years of labor. May you as successfully at- tain all your objectives in later life. To the undergraduates we suggest the formation of habits of thrift through the establishment of an account with the Security National Bank. This will be a valuable aid to your future success. Security National Bank Norman, Okla. Resources Over $1,350,000.00 Home Like- The only place in Norman where the cooking and atmos- phere are worthy of the comparison. The Copper Kettle " Musk with your meals " Page 356 J. M. McEntee and Sons JEWELERS Tulsa, Okla. PAHERSON STEEL COMPANY L STEEL Tulsa, Oklahoma Public Service Company Tulsa, Okla. Page 357 ;kelly GASOLINE TAGOLENE MOTOR OIL SANDERS RONES CO. Oklahoma ' s Leading Manufacturing Jewel er SMART DIAMOND JEWELRY For All Occasions AGENCY or LONGINES The Observatory Watch Boston at Fifth TULSA . . OKLA. In closing the school season of 1929-1930, we wish to thank the University body for their valued patronage and extend to you our very best wishes. SOONER THEATRE UNIVERSITY THEATRE H. N. BRITTEN, Manager Page 35S INDUSTRIES of the country have their eyes on promising university and college graduates who spe- cialize. When you leave school, get in touch with this institution — we may be able to assist and ad- advise you in many ways. Page 359 KEEP IN CONTACT WITH YOUR SCHOOL G-V9 CONTINUE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION TO THE Q rs) OKLAHOMA DAILY " More Than a Student Newspaper " SHOES! Gay . . . Youthful . . . Bewitching From the Shop She Knows as Smart iTenehRodLSboR 21 West Fifth Ave. Tulsa, Okla. Yellow Cab Company The BEST IN CAB and BAGGAGE SERVICE 564 PHONE 565 McINTIRE TRANSPORTATION LINES 16 Year ' s Service Page 360 Choose a Bank as Big as Your Future Select your financial counsel with a thought to your future expan- sion — choose The First National Bank and Trust Company with the security that no matter how exacting are your demands, its officers already have anticipated them. The success of The First National Bank and Trust Company has been built upon customer service. It always has been our thought to encourage our customers to become better acquainted with us — to discuss at regular intervals how to get the most out of their money. When you start with a modest savings account at The First Na- tional you know that as you progress, step by step, you will find right here every financial service that you need. Get the habit of using the facilities of The First National. Feel free at all times to call for any information that you desire. Checking Accounts to pay your bills Personal Loans to finance your affairs Investment Counsel to recommend securities Savings Accounts to accumulate cash Safe Deposit Boxes to protect your valuables Trust Service to conserve your estate T FIRST NATIONAL E Of Oklahoma Cit Page 361 THE PRICE OF NEGLECT To insure your life in the days of plenty is good judgment. Of every ten men who die, only one leaves an estate. That means that the dependents of nine of these ten suffer the pangs of poverty. You cannot ignore these facts. Protect yourself and family with Old Line In- surance in The OKLAHOMA UFE INSURANCE CO. Old Line Legal Reserve Insurance Oklahoma City, Okla. " Keep Your Insurance Money in Oklahoma " PRINTERS BY APPOINTMENT TO SOONERS For More Than Forty Years " Let Your Next Job Bear Our Imprint " THE TRANSCRIPT PRESS " Good Printing — Best Service " 111 South Peters Telephones 1800 1855 - 1930 YOU can ' t be down at heel and up on your toes— all Ameri- ca is agreed that success favors the well dressed man. Page 362 MODERN AS YOUTH ITSELF! Within the space of a score oF years the scope of Southwestern Engraving Company has increased From the parent plant In Fort Worth to an organiza- tion oF nine plants. Pioneering the Field in the introduction oF modernistic art, a personal service bureau composed oF Former college annual editors and managers, the budget and dummy system, and Field service men, the name Southvi estern has be- come synonymous with art motiFs that are distinctive, an understanding, helpFul service, and printing plates that print right. THE SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING COMPANY FORT WORTH TULSA ATLANTA DALLAS HOUSTON SAN ANTONIO BEAUMONT AMARILLO WICHITA FALLS ' ) V 4 ' Many new staffs turn each year to SWECO S ? .! J corps oF artists, personalized service, and en- i ' jfti graving technicians for fresh ideas, newer layouts, and modern methods in year book production. ff: The " Commencement " of a Health Habit— One of the finest health habits is the habit of eating Stefifen ' s Blue Ribbon Ice Cream regularly. Steffen ' s Ice Cream is packed full of the health-building and health-keeping vitamins. It is one of the very few foods which are as tasteful as they are healthful. Steffen ' s Blue Ribbon Ice Cream is sold by most of the better druggists and confectioners of Oklahoma. Ask for it by name. The business institutions, that have ad- vertised in the 1930 Sooner, have aided, materially, in the financing of this book. They are really interested in the affairs of the Student body at the University of Okla- homa, and they deserve the support of every loyal " Sooner. " The Business Manager. Page 363 f m

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