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1 " ; ' f r:. Ln OUT QBJRSE E.HOB SEUL i Cn raVings SOUTHWESTERJ ENGRAVINQ COMPANY fORJ VOKJH.TVUSA ATLANTA X t Tenting by EC0W)MVADVERJ1SINCS IOWA CITY. IOWA i ouna I •4 • . H .4 . ■ . « • ■ • v: . . . . l iil ■- ' ' ■- ' -■- - » • . ' -, JL_i. t 112 V • ■ • ■ . . . IT -I — • — r ' M TMmi Wi - «S3SSi ' 55 " 3iii.ia«3t " . J • L I « L _L V A V X V X V f V • • » • • • ■ • - ■ • ■ • ■ • . ■ • i " • • •i «--y PPvZrH OUGHT TT ' OUTH is ever speeding onward. • plunging gaily through the night, undismayed by the dawn of each morning. It is the spirit of the age. And few are the people of today who really believie there is a great difference between the modern girl and her old fashioned predecessor. In our modern co-ed there lives the same nature, the same soul, that might be found in the sweet- heart of a hundred years ago. Human nature does not change. Deep within each human being it lies the same. Only its outward appearance is altered by the passing of years. Today the modern girl is just as sweet, just as precious, as the maiden our forefathers knew and admired. With this thought in mind, the annual staff has followed a definite plan in presenting the fair co-eds of Soonerland. It has taken the modern girl of America back to the early days of the country ' s existence. And it has proven that if any difference is manifest, the modern girl is in- finitely a more intelligent and interesting creature than the maiden of a former time. • X, • A • ■ • - • ■ • ■ • • ■ • . « • • •4 • ■ • - • ■ • • • • A- 4i ■ y " X - f X ' i J. M V|V|VXVAVAVAyAVIVAVAYAYAYAVAYAYAYAVAVAV|V .Ik . 1.1 dA dJ «JL ai al al la JLl A iJL.A _ ai k i a aJl « I a a . hXj . a-U . AjLk aJLl a I ; v ; i cJL . « «« • k j Uj 1 " 33 " ■ • • • 4- i hi ' h • • - - ■ - • - • ■ • • • h " " : . ??! v, V, AlxlAlA- AfxTATATATiTATATATATATATx :a I aIa ' I - I ■ I • I 1 I ■ ' I « I ■ I • 1 ■ I ■ I » I • I I a. V i V A V J. V -I V -r YAYAVAV VAV YjY yAVAVAYAyA.Y| V k Y , rcTy . i • - - • • - • • ■ • • fe : . . -i- T - sooKtiv Tublishj d by STUDENTS ASSOeiAIlOH ofth UTHjVEHglTVofOI AHOMA NOPsMAH. O h AHOT-TA. r ' ! rr r rrTr ' y r ' ? ' ? r ' ? r ' ? ' y ! nr» • 77 y ill V .{. i V A V A V A V A y . = iVA YAViv A V AV AV i gZY ; fcSr ; VJ7 1 Uj 1 j i ' • • • • • • y . i ' • ■ . - i hi- -• - • i- ■ • - - • | • DZDICATION ' ' N the pipe dreams of every college man, -when books are on the shelf and shado-ws dance grotesquely on the -walls, a master artist un- known and unsung paints por- traits of girls divine. He -works -while the -world drifts in slumber, and he steals a-way -when the first rays of da-wn flame in the sky. We a-waken from our dreams, faintly a-ware that the ones he has painted are a bit old fashioned, but fo r this virtue -we cherish them the more. And so, because they are the most unselfish influences in our lives, because they have taught us to discriminate bet-ween right and -wrong, be- cause they rejoice -when -we succed but under- stand and encourage -when -we fail, because they have been responsible for creating -within us that desire for higher idealism, and because -we -wish to sho-w in a measure our appreciation for the first and most divine love — -we dedicate the Sooner of 1929 to the mothers of the students attending the University of Oklahoma. ' A M X . • ■ • • ■ • • • • • . • • u 4 . • • » . -; ► • ■ • • - 4 • • • - - • -: - • -: • - -X x - k - y - f -l-CC-l-CC-L A t A Y : " f y - ■ ry u . . ■ . y . »Y . -S- J • L • • • • • • . . TT ; nz m i aju i - ■ i - ■ - i x» i «jl» _ jLt • I? or V AV Y MJMM ' } v rT i wtr " TXrT 5C : . • . • • . ■ • i " - • ■ • i " y • - -. • ■ • ■ ♦ • - • • • . • • • ■ • ■ • • ■ • • • -; . • . -! • - • •4 • - , 4 " • ±. f • f • r ' f ' l ' l ' r :v ' s -( - _L _L V V A V A V X YAYAVAVA Va yayaVIV AV AYAYAYAV A V A V J. - I • • ■ • » i 3G rZ?7 " • • ■ • • . • . ■ • • y • - -. • • ■ • • • - • M ? IMPRE88I0K§ " tlielDlTOR Four years of college have flitted magically a-way. As we sit at the Sooner desk in medita- tive retrospection, thoughts are crashing, and from the jumbled heap comes the final conclusion that the modern college, with its joys and dis- appointments, trusts and distrusts, truths and untruths, betrayed promises and disillusions, and a few true friendships, completes a cycle in life ' s progress. To those of us who have gone the way of college, and known its most intimate ways and finer advantages, there is a certain regret that the university life as a whole must be smeared by the vivid portraits of sensation-seeking pub- •lications. And if we have, by the content of this annual, in any degree assisted in raising the estimation of an unknowing public, if our theme rings true or harmonizes with our sincere con- victions, then we feel we have served our Alma Mater and you. George E. Norvell ' A W -rh X X ' ' f I - X - I V • • • « • • • • • . • 4 . ■ • • • »- - " i • - • ■• • X ' t ' A V A r J ■ I • I • I • I • L Fs «) t . • , I t , I , I III ,1 I i • • ■ • ' • • • • . y • ■ • - • - ■ • • i V l . 4 The BoorAs Divided ADMINISTRATION THE SCHOOLS CAMPUS RACKET ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS SOONER BELLES ACTIVITIES BLUNDER BUST ' A • • • • . • • ■ " % . -( • • ■ -l • ■ •- 4 • - - • ■ ' i • - • - • • - • -; A Y A A 1 A V A V A nr A V A V A V J. V " 5C " i • « . «x • • • • ) ' . - • - • • • • x srArr t TED MAGEE RALPH SHALLER RAY BANNISTER ED PATTERSON LEANORD AUGHTRY CHARLES RITCHIE WINIFRED STAHL PAUL MILLER BENTON FERGUSON VIRGINIA NELSON DOROTHY OSTENBURG GENE EMRICK ALBERTA NORVELL LEONARD RALSTON MORRIS SHRADER • • • . • • • • • . • • • -; • • • -! - • ■ • •4 • • • • •4 ' a t t 1 1 1 A t A 1 1 } A r A r A ■} I . } X v , V i -y , -y , -r , -db- jii. V A I :c2: M I ' T) u T) ■ -7) 1 jinl Ls1P. " IS lii ' w i i K» 4 - Hi B j " Hi w ' Hiii H } - r- ' H i H ? ' ' E H - j iH r 1 ' A w io , L lAi ' ' .-p c|» Gf SV ■-) 4 g{ (tJ-. ;{ ' • ' ■¥• ' " F ' LJI ' ' . — ' ■ Kv-l-v- l -v- l -v-l-v ; . ' .■. ■ ■ ■ rrwr. v-i-v- i -v- i -yIy -a fe S THE things of the spirit become realities during college life. Acquaintanceship ripens into friendship. Human association in its varied froms test out one ' s aptitudes for the finer things of life. I cherish the privilege of holding membership in a com- munity where life is lived on a high level and where the spirit of youth predominates. To the students of 1928-29 I extend my hearty greetings and ac- knowledge my sincere appreciation for many expressions of kindness and cooperation. May future years bring to each of you the full realization of your aspirations and may the rewards of the efforts expended in acquiring a college education be abundant and satis- fying. Faithfully yours, W. B. BiZZELL. - - - - - - 2 ff A I A I A I A I A lA I - I - i • ' • 1 • ' • i m 5 P a: 1 • ' • i • ' • i • ' • 1 TTTOV J Page 19 yvl-v- l v-l-v-l-v. .VV •V: -a 4 » ■■ » . ! ' ? Y- l -YiVi-g fef THE power behind the Administrative Council is the Board of Regents of the University of Okla- homa. At the present time, due to legislative enactment, the board is composed of seven mem- bers, and meets regularly with the president for the purpose of creating progressive measures in respect to the governing of the university. The members of the board for 1927-28 were Joseph Claude Looney, Wewoka; William Casper Kite, Oklahoma City; Alexander Allan McDonald, Hugo; John Rogers, Tulsa; John Carlock, Ard- more; Mrs. Addie Lee Lowther, Guthrie; and Frank Buttram, Oklahoma City. The present members of the board are: Mr. Frank Buttram Oklahoma City Judge J. C. Looney Wewoka Senator John Carlock Ardmore Judge W. E. Utterback Durant Mr. John Rogers Tulsa Mr. W. C. Kite Oklahoma City Mrs. Addie Lee Lowther Oklahoma City 2 ' S | y|.|. .l.|.|.|.|.|. | .M 1 -l-i- l -l " Page 20 W p {■tt-l-M-t-l-iU S Vv- l -v- l -v-l-v-l-v ;), .«. " ' ■ ■ • As •3 H • V ' . ' . ' ■ ■ r,v- l -v-l-v- l -v-l-vY 2 T Tli£ Administrative Council HE President of the university, deans of various schools and other administrative officers com- pose the personnel of the council which governs the administration of the university. This council, made up of the highest ranking officers in the university, is both legislative and ju- dicial in authority. It lays down the rules affecting the fundamental policies of the Sooner school, as well as incorporating the power to make rules, to pass on student petitions, and to expel and to re- instate students. In the event that a group of students desires to advance a petition or question to the Board of Regents, the council of administration acts as an intermediate agent. Officers of the council are: Dr. W. B. Bizell Presiding Officer Emil R. Kraettli Secretary Dr. James S. Buchanan, Vice-President Dr. Roy Gittekger, Dean of Administration Miss Edna McDaniel, Dean of Women M. L. Wardell, Acting Dean of Men George E. Wadsack, Registrar Dr. Homer L. Dodge, Dean of Graduate School MEMBERS Dr. a. B. Adams, Dean of School of Business Dr. Ellsworth Collings, Dean of School of Education J. H. Felgar, Dean of College of Engineering Dr. Fredrik Holmberg, Dean of College of Fine Arts JuLiEN C. Monnet, Dean of School of Law Dr. LeRoy Long, Dean of the School of Medicine Dr. S. W. Reaves, Dean of College of Arts and Sciences D. B. R. Johnson, Dean of School of Pharmacy Dr. Paul L. Vogt, Dean of Extension s- AJ. .I. I-M- I ! »- • r ' - 1 • ' • 1 V§- W ): I •!• I • ! • 1 1 i ■ :p H Al Al Al A{ A } A|A Page 21 t y. | .Y. | .v.|.v. | .v , ,,«.v.v .■.■■■n z i p " . ' . , V-I-V- I -V- I -V-I-VX 7s H « hS xS «SxJ sJ ..«xJx8hJ .« «x$ «x$«$k$x$ x$xJ« THE Women ' s Council, the executive body of the Women ' s Self-Government Association, governs, plans and sponsors all campus activities of university women. The local association is a member of the national W. S. G. A., and the officers of the Coun- cil this year have the honor of holding national officership by virtue of securing the national W. S. G. A. convention which was held April 17-22 in Norman when over 250 representatives convened. Projects developed by the Women ' s Council this year have been the institution of an honorary freshman sorority for women. Alpha Lambda Delta; the installation of the point system; the division of departments under the Council into legislative, judicial, and execu- tive groups, and the continuation of freshman work through the Big Sister movement. The organization meets twice a mont h on Wednesday afternoon. Its membership is composed of leaders who are prominent in scholastic and campus activities. The election of officers is made at the regular university elections, but only girls are eligible to vote upon the positions. The officers of the Council are: Mildred Clark, president; Maurine Huff, vice-president; Verona Browning, secretary; and Patricia McMurray, treasurer. Mildred Clark Members of the Council are: Mildred Kelly Marion Ferguson Margaret Thompson, Pan-Hellenic Mary Elizabeth Filson, Mortar Board Ruth Starkey, Big Sister Chairman Georgia Ball Myrtle Tosh Rosemary Lamb REPRESENTATIVES Beth Campbell, Y. W. C. A. Margaret Lain, Legislative Council Virginia Ballard, Secretary Student Council Clarice Hadsell, Town Club Filt-l-t-l-M-t-l-W :5 ( ' C5 Page 22 n - - - - Vv- l -v.|.v.|.v.|.v ;), . . ' . ' ■■ ■ V£ ' 2 H r.v- -v- -v- = H THE Student Council is composed of campus leaders elected by all the students at large, one representative from each school on the campus elected by the members of that school, and one from each class. The Student Council has a variety of important functions. In its charge is the Student Council dance, routine student functions, campus elections, and certain financial administrations. Aubrey Kerr, elected last year as president of the council, failed to return in the fall semester and was succeeded by Bob Shelton who was re- placed later by Merton Munson in the midyear election. Officers of the organization are as follows : Position First Semester President Bob Shelton Vice-President (Vacated by Shelton) Secretary Virginia Ballard Treasurer Bud Haswell Member at Large Clarence McElroy Member at Large Paul Turnbull Athletic Council Harold Keith Oklahoma Daily Savoie Lottinville Oratorical Council Bob Harbison Lain School Bruno Mayer Engineering School Dick Mason Pharmacy School Herschel Terrel Fine Arts ToB Duncan Education Ima Lee Phillips Geology Joe Meyers Business (Vacant) Freshman Dennis Petty Sophomore (5ordon Fuller Junior (Vacant) Senior Ben Kiergan Graduate Wallace Borum Bob Shelton Second Semester Merton Munson Bob Shelton Virginia Ballard Don Cochran Clyde Robinson Paul Turnbull Mart Brown Savoie Lottinville Bob Harbison Elbert Cook Dave Lawrence Bob Duncan Dorothy Willows Carrie Johnson Kenneth Ackley Thomas Donnell Jack Costelow Dean Pine DURWARD MATHIS Ben Kiergan Wallace Borum •A I A I A I A I A I A I A T QSr 1 • ' • 1 • ' • i • ! • 1 V A I A I A I A I A I A I A ' fi Page 23 KV-I-V-I-V-I-V-I-V ; , . . . " - • £ " 3 - H ' ■ ' ■ ' . ' ■ ,(; V-l-V-l-V- l -V- l -V f 8 S M«$ H» jH»« « Xj«$X$X$ «$ $y$ K$X$Xj The School of Law $ $ s ' ' y$ 9 ' ymx$ x$ " I would compromise war. I would compromise glory. I would compromise everything at that point where hate comes in, where misery comes in, where love ceases to be love, and life begins its descent into the valley of the shadow of death. But I would not compromise Truth. I would not compromise the right. " UeAN JuLlEN C MON ' XET THIS Law School was organized in the fall of 1909 in response to a statewide demand for it. From the start an attempt was made to adopt the latest and best law school practices, such as the use of the case system, the employment of instructors who should devote their whole time to the work, etc. While the school was still young the legislature voted an appropriation for a law school building which, as built, is one of the best law school buildings in the United States. The problem of an ade- quate law library at first seemed insuperable but reasonable annual appropriations followed by a wise exchange law by which our legal publications were exchanged for those of other states and with legal publishers caused the library to grow by leaps and bounds until now the entire library space is filled with books and the overflow is encroaching upon the reading room proper. I ater the book loft will be used. Standards have been advanced from mere high school requirements to junior standing in the uni- versity. Attendance has grown so rapidly that it is now a serious problem to handle the large enrol- ment. The curriculum attempts to cover generally and locally the main body of practical working legal principles. The alumni have been successful lawers and important factors in the material and political progress of the State. Dean Monnet, who has given the best years of his life, in giving Oklahoma its high ranking law school, bears the deserved love and esteem of all the Sooners. A I A I A I A I A I A 1 A I - I - 1 - I - i • ! • 1 - IH Pa e 24 WW 3: M X F T 2r s- AI A I A I « i v- l -v-l-v- l -v- l -v: ,«. . " ■ ' ' f -a H ' ' ■ " . ' ■ ■ ( ,V-I-V-I-V- I -V-|.VW • If n ♦ 8«» kSx8x$xS«$h$xM«S«8k8h8x8k8h» »4 xJx$ " There is first the literature of knowledge, and secondly the literature of power. The function of the first is — to teach ; the function of the second is — to move; the first is a rudder, the second an oar or a sail. The first speaks to the mere discursive understanding; the second speaks ultimately, it may happen, to the higher understanding or reason, but always through affections of pleasure and sympa- thy. " Dr. James S. Buchanan DR. JAMES S. BUCHANAN, vice-president of the University of Oklahoma, has seen the uni- versity grow from a frame building institution to a leading educational college, comparable with the best State universities of the country. His work as an administrator has proved that his worthwhile influence has aided materially in the progress of Oklahoma. Years ago, the Sooner students christened Dr. Buchanan with the affectionate name of " Uncle Buck. " Today he is known and loved by his students, and by a host of alumni, who knew him during college days. " Uncle Buck " has added laurels as a history instructor and his courses on the South, before the Civil War, and during the reconstruction era, are filled with human interest and interesting details not recorded in the ordinary history text books. Dr. Buchanan was stricken ill during the summer of 1928 and was forced to give up his duties as an instructor, but his recovery was assured in the fall and he was welcomed back by students who missed his kind smiles and inspiring instruction. Incorporated into " Uncle Buck ' s " striking personality is a sympathetic understanding of student life. In dealing with student problems he is just, kind, and helpful. • ' - -■-t-i-tn-i-t-i-t " u W p F H -J-= y i.. .l. J. .l. ■l■ :a? Page 25 Vy- I -v-I-v-I-v-I-v: , ■ ' . " • £ ' 3 ■■ J V-|-V-|-V-|-V4T7 f I iS College of Arts and Science M I " Book love, my friends, is your pass to the great- est, the purest, and the most perfect pleasure that God has prepared for His creatures. It lasts when all other pleasures fade. It will support you when all other recreations are gone. It will last you until your death. It will make your hours pleasant to you as long as you live. " Deak S. W. Reaves HE College of Arts and Sciences has by far the largest enrolment of any department in this uni- II versity with an approximate enrolment of 5,000. The job of being Dean of such a school is a big nr ' one, but in S. W. Reaves, Oklahoma has had a big man to fill the job. Dean Reaves, since he came to the university as professor of mathematics, back in 1905, has watched the progress of the univer- sity, step by step. To realize how closely this man is connected with the history of the school, one must remember that when he first began his work here, there were only board sidewalks connecting the few buildings, of which the only remaining ones standing are the Education building and Old Science hall. Reaves holds four degrees; he received his B. S. from the University of North Carolina in 1899, A. B. from Cornell in 1900, M. A. in 1912 and Ph. D. in 1915 from the University of Chicago. He is one of the busiest men of the faculty. Besides his regular jobs as chairman of the commit- tees on petition and on courses. Dean Reaves has the following activities: Chairman of the discipline committee, member of the Administrative Council and the Athletic Council, and faculty representa- tive in the Big Six athletic conference. Not only for the building of an important department, but for a consistent participation in the growth of a great university, is Oklahoma grateful to Dean Reaves. A I IA I it t tt : qptq: - Page 26 gf3 p " A ZK. 2 ? A| A| A I A V y. | .;. | .v. | .v. | .v :, . ' „ c (5 )5 : = • • - " Xs ' V ' . , ; v- l -v-l-v- l -v-l-vV 7 H S ««SH$ S $K8Kj. «M«8«$K» J K$«$«$X$«g «8«$H$«$X $«S « $«« -« $ « $ $ h5 «k$k$h$«$k8k$ 5x " The perfect historian is he in whose work the character and spirit of an age is exhibited in minia- ture. He relates no fact, he attributes no expres- sion to his characters, which is not authenticated by sufficient testimony. By judicious selection, rejec- tion, and arrangement, he gives to truth those at- tractions which have been usurped by fiction. " Dean Roy Gittencer MONG the most popular of faculty members is Dean Roy Gittinger. The facts that he is a very old member of the faculty and also that he is a graduate from Oklahoma University, makes him one of the most outstanding landmarks. His friends are many because of the democratic nodding of his beautiful white head accompanied with a pleasing smile given freely to those passing by. His relations with students are always carried on with the utmost gentlemanliness and thoughtful ness on his part. Those that come in contact with him have the best respect for him. He is the dean of administration, having charge of all the advanced standing students, as well as the undergraduates. His activities also include the publishing of the university catalogues and publi- cations. Dean Gittinger came to Soonerland the second semester of 1900-1901. He was present in the graduating class of June, 1902, and became a member of the faculty in September of that year. He procured his Master ' s degree from the University of Chicago by doing summer work. He at- tended the University of California during 1914 and 1915 and a Ph. D. degree was conferred on him in 1916. i XTX m i w - wyy A[ A| |j A| A Ul - Page 27 » « » ■ » . ,r. v- i -v-i-v- m . •■ • - ' £ ■3 H •« " x$ $ ««» ««$ 8«S » «»-««S « «» $ «J $«$ k8«$k$x$«$«S«$«$«$«$«$«$ x$«$x$ .$« " The main thing about a book is not what it says, but in what it asks and suggests. The interrogation- point is the accusing finger of orthodoxy, which would rather be denounced than questioned. " Books are the ever-burning lamps of accumu- lated wisdom. " Dean M. L. Wardell S Dean of Men at the University of Oklahoma, M. L. Wardell has filled a hard job, capably and faithfully. He received an A. B. degree from Oklahoma in 1919 and assumed duties at Pawhuska, as principal of the high school. Receiving his M. A. from Harvard in 1922, Mr. Wardell then became a faculty member at Central high school in Tulsa, where his class room person- ality, which dififered from the strained stereotyped form of instruction, won for him a host of friends, many of whom have had an opportunity to continue work under him in the university. In 1927, Mr. Wardell was appointed Dean of Men of Soonerland, and has held that position for the past two years. During this pieriod, he has encouraged worthwhile activities on the campus. He was the instrumental factor in bringing Phi Eta Sigma, freshman scholarship fraternity, to Okla- homa, and as sponsor of the Indian Club, has realized the ambition of collecting and preserving Indian lore and tradition. Mr. Wardell has a varied list of activities, a few of which follow: Chairman of " Freshman Week " committee. Chairman of student activities committee, Vice-President of Y. M. C. A. board of directors, and President of the Harvard Club of Oklahoma. XTX A lA I A lA r Uh- Page 28 ■ 2r s- ■ {K- l -t- l -f-l- lf 33 ' , y . | . V . | . ; . | . ; . | . V ;, , ■ .lli — „ .,- - f 5)§: . " 5 ' 2 I H " . ' ■ , V- I -V- I -V-I-V-I-V A ««$«$ ® » $«8«J«$«$«$h8x$ « $ 4«J«$h$x$«$«$« " You don ' t have to preach honesty to men with a creative purpose. Let a human being throw the energies of his soul into the making of something and the instinct of workmanship will take care of his honesty. A genuine craftsman will not adulter- ate his product. The reason isn ' t because duty says he shouldn ' t, but because passion says he couldn ' t. " Dean J. H. Felgar THE College of Engineering has had a wonderful growth, from a small beginning in 1905, until at the present time it is one of the largest schools at the University of Oklahoma, having an en- rolment of around 800 this year. At first, with a small faculty, it ofifered some courses in Me- chanical and Electrical Engineering. Now it offers eight complete courses; namely. Architectural, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Geological, Mechanical, Petroleum, both Refining and Production, and Engineering Physics. The engineering curricula have been studied and discussed by engineering teachers, meeting an- nually, since 1893, under the name of the Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education, so that the subjects to be studied are quite definitely agreed upon. The Dean of the College of Engi- neering has been attending this convention for the last ten years, assuring for the University of Okla- homa an engineering course fully up to date and in accordance with the generally accepted ideas of the essentials of engineering curricula. At various times, the laboratory equipment has been improved and added to, until now it is pos- sible to perform practically all of the fundamental experiments relating to the work. The College of Engineering has some six or seven hundred alumni whose success reflects honor to themselves and glory to the University of Oklahoma. To Dean Felgar is attributed much of the success of the graduate engineers of Oklahoma. ym.[ . My .U " " . 1 I. -.L rr FP+ 7rrj Page 29 K .v.|.v.|.v.|.v.|.v : • ' » . rvJ,y- -v- -y- 37{ The Dean of Women $ $ $ MHM m xM m $ ' ' " Success lies, not in achieving what you aim at, but in aiming at what you ought to achieve, and pressing forward, sure of achievement here, or if not here, hereafter. " Great minds have purposes, others have wishes. Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune; but great minds rise above them. " Dean Edna McDaniel I N viewing the campus of the Oklahoma University, we find that the spirit of democracy reigns throughout even in the personality of the dean of women, Miss Edna McDaniel. Her pleasing manner — a hearty " hello " to every student, accompanied by her knowledge as to the governing of girls — has made her office not a place of dread, but a place for intimate discussions of the individual ' s difficulties. She wishes the student to be frank, easy, and comfortable wh en visiting her. Miss McDaniel received her experience as an adviser to girls in three other institutions; the Uni- versity of Texas, Baylor College for AVomen, Belton, Texas; and Baylor University, Waco, Texas. Her education consists of a bachelor ' s and master ' s degree from the University of Texas. Miss McDaniel has made many friends during the past three years at Oklahoma. She sponsors leading activities for co-eds and is a member of the Administrative Council. In addition to her administrative duties. Miss McDaniel has found time to chaperon many stu- dent parties and dances. hm m: ppf A 1 A 1 A ( Page 30 wyy ir S ' A[ Al A ffiff 3a Vv- i -v- i -v- l -v- i - y-S-r « ■■ » « — - ' s r ,r. V- l -V-l-V-l-V- l -V !S The College of Fine Arts M I «Jk$x$ $x$ x$«$x$ k$ «SkJ«Js$ M. «. Jx$ « x$k$ " Art is not a sermon, and the artist is not a preacher. Art accomplishes by indirection. The beautiful refines. Art creates an atmosphere in which the proprieties, the amenities, and the virtues unconsciously grow. The rain does not lecture the seed. The light does not make rules for the vine and flower. The heart is softened by the pathos of the perfect. " Dean Fredrik Holmberg THE College of Fine Arts is one in which the students have great interest and one in which the various branches are unselfishly supported. The use of the Fine Arts as a medium to express the highest and noblest ideas has caused this school to attain a large enrolment. The endeavor of the College of Fine Arts is to intensify and satisfy the craving for the beautiful and to encourage a fuller life, believing that no matter what one ' s profession or occupation may be, some kind of art should be one ' s hobby in order to make life more interesting and the scenery more beautiful. Due to the efforts of the School of Fine Arts a state interscholastic fine arts contest has been inaugurated, creating interest by these contests, not only among university students, but stimulating development in the high schools. Dean Fredrik Holmberg of the College of Fine Arts has through his individual efforts built up a reputation for this school to the extent that it is widely recognized throughout the country. Under his leadership the Symphony Orchestra of the university and also the Oklahoma City Symphony Or- chestra have gained wide renown for their performances. The College has been established since 1903, and now has open courses in all the fine arts. . f ' l{.|.M.M.M.M.{ J " - imJ Page 31 Xv-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-v : •« . ' . ' . ,( ' ; v- l -v-l-v-l-v-l-yy The School of Business " To achieve what the world calls success a man must attend strictly to business and keep a little in advance of the times. The man who reaches the top is the one who is not content with doing just what is required of him. He does more. Every man should make up his mind that if he expects to succeed, he must give an honest return for the other man ' s dollar. " Dean A. B. Adams THE faculty and students of the School of Business are proud of the growth and achievements of the school since its establishment. The school was established as a subordinate school within the College of Arts and Sciences in 1913. Because of the growth in number of students taking busi- ness subjects, the Board of Regents of the university established the School of Business as a separate two- year school in June, 1923. The first year of existence of the school 23 students were graduated, the second year, 26, the third year, 41, the fourth year, 46, and last year, 62. This year the number of graduates will be between 90 and 100. Judging from the enrolment of the first semester 1928-29 there will be more than 300 enrolled in the School of Business during this collegiate year. The object of the school is to train men and women in the fundamental principles of business so that they may meet the needs of the business world. The work of the school is given through the fol- lowing departments: Economics, Finance, Business Administration, Accounting, Business Law, and Secretarial Sciences. Dean A. B. Adams ' efficiency, as head of the school, has been an instrumental factor in its re- markable progress. M-t- l -tM- l -t- l -t Page 32 W P 2 S ' A[ Al A h U I Xv-l-v-l-v-l-v- l -v M ■■ » - V; ■ I ■ 4 ' ■ ' V ' . , ; v- l -vlv- l -v- l -v The School of Pharmacy !S " The chief difference between a wise man and an ignorant one is, not that the first is acquainted with regions invisible to the second, away from the com- mon sight and interest, but that he understands the common things which the second only sees. " You had better live your best and act your best and think your best today; for today is the sure preparation for tomorrow and all the other tomor- rows that follow. " - 2 Dean D. B. R. Johnston THE School of Pharmacy has this year moved into its new building; one, of which every one con- nected with it, is proud, because of the fact that they now have sufficient room to teach Materia Medica as it should be taught, to give a laboratory course to the Pharmacy 1 class, which has never been done before, and to have a model drug store. These new improvements have greatly added to the strength of the school and have created a spirit of unity among pharmacy students, which has heretofore been impossible since it was formerly a mere department in another building. The School of Pharmacy is looking forward to the time when further equipment will be in- stalled to the extent that the school will rank equal to or better than any like school in the United States. Dean D. B. R. Johnston is a very worthy and efficient head of this school, and has been untiring in his efforts to raise its standards. L A I A I A I A I A I A I A ippif W V(5- W P ? » A I A I A 1 A I A I A I A- i- i - i-i- T-l-i- i - i-l-T- ' -l Page 33 KV- I -V- I -V- I -V-I-V; , «. . ' . ' V , m » « ■■ » ■.».( v-I-v-I-v-I-y-I-yX I @ Tli Scfcool of ' Education " Education does not mean teaching people what they do not know. It means teaching them to be- have as they should behave. It is not teaching the youth the shapes of letters and the tricks of num- bers, and then leaving them to turn their arith- metic to roguery, and their literature to lust. It means, on the contrary, training them into the per- fect exercise and kingly continence of their bodies and souls. " Dean Ellsworth Collinger THE School of Education has two basic purposes. The first purpose is to train teachers, super- visors, and administrators for the schools of the state. This includes training kindergarten, rural, elementary, junior high school, senior high school, and college teachers; elementary, rural, junior high school and senior high school supervisors ; elementary, junior high school and senior high school principals ; city and county superintendents of schools; and college administrators. The second purpose is to add to the fund of professional knowledge. In this connection research in teaching, super- vision, and administration is carried on as a regular part of the work. In addition, the School of Edu- cation provides graduate training for teachers, supervisors, and administrators leading to the higher de- grees in education. This is a very genuine service for all the larger school systems of the State now demand teachers, supervisors, and administrators with graduate training. The School of Education is one of the leading schools over the country in adapting the labora- tory procedure to the training of teachers, supervisors, and administrators. Dean Collings ' earnest endeavor in the School of Education has aided materially in bringing about its present high standards of scholarship. A I A j A 1 A I A lA 1 • ' • i • ' • i == Urd Page 34 ' " — M.M.|.|.f|. " - - - - - - 2 ■ -; XTX P. yv-i-v. | .v.|.v. | .v r , ,«.« ' ■■ - £ -a - VV ' . , ; v-l-v-l-v- l -v-l-vW I iS Tfc Extension Department @ I " If time be of all things most precious, wasting time must be the greatest prodigality, since lost time is never found again ; and what we call time enough always proves little enough. Let us then be up and doing, and doing to a purpose ; so by diligence shall we do more with less perplexity. " Dean Paul L. Vogt VE of the most progressive members of the faculty of the University of Oklahoma is Dean Paul Leroy Vogt, of the Extension Department. Upon coming to Oklahoma in 1926, he became very active in state affairs. Dean Vogt is chairman of the Committee on Conferences and Conventions and a member of the Committee on State Chamber of Commerce. Besides these activities, his articles and books have given him national prominence. Among his publications we find " Introduction to Rural Sociology, " " Church Cooperation with Community Life, " " Introduction to Rural Economics, " and " Church and Country Life. " Dean Vogt completed his A. B. work at Chicago University and Butler College. In 1907 he received his Ph. D. degree from Pennsylvania University in addition to a Harrison Fellowship. Dean Vogt did graduate work at Columbia in 1904-1906. FHM-M-M-MM-i=r " ' f p 1 - I - i • ' • i » 2r s- A I A 1 A I A I A I A I A J Page 35 yY l■v•l v• l •v• l •v. . ■ . ' . ' ■ ' ♦ ► ► ► - • £ ' 3 H r r.v- -v- -v- -v- -vX ««» «» » «$ ' $ ««? S ««$ «J S ?«$«J«$«»« »« «S « JxSxs xS « $ M«» « « " ®«$«$ ««» kJk k8 «$ ««$ " There is but one straight road to success, and that is merit. The man who is successful is the man who is useful. Capacity never lacks opportu- nity. It cannot remain undiscovered, because it is sought by too many anxious to use it. " Courage and perseverance have a magical talis- man, before which difficulties disappear and obsta- cles vanish into air. " Dean Homer L. Dodge ALTHOUGH the Graduate School was orgxnized in 1909, work of graduate nature was offered as early as 1899, only seven years after the establishment of the University of Oklahoma. The purpose of the Graduate School is to furnish opportunity for advanced study and research. An increasing number of students are availing themselves of this opportunity. During the twelve months ' period ending in June, 1929, there will have been in attendance in the Graduate School approximately one thousand different individuals. The number for the corresponding period ending June, 1928, was 642, while two years ago it was 398. The growth of the Graduate School is to a considerable extent a reflection of the demand throughout the state for better trained teachers and school administrators. There are many students, however, who undertake graduate study in order to becoine specialists in their particular fields. Many of these desire to go forward with work leading to the doctor ' s degree. For this reason the Univer- sity of Oklahoma is offering work beyond the master ' s degree in a number of fields and a few depart- ments are prepared to accept candidates for the doctorate. As facilities for graduate study and research are improved it will be possible to expand the pro- gram of graduate study to meet the needs of the constantly increasing number of graduate students. The new library unit will be of great assistance in affording better facilities, especially in the fields of languages and the social sciences. Dean Dodge in demanding excellence in scholarship has placed the school on a par with the best in the country. m nnujU w u - Page 36 WE: ! 1 • ' • I • ' • I A IAIA I AIAIAI XV Vv.|-v-l-v.|-v. | .v ; , . . ' ■ ■ ■ £ -a H • ' ■ ' . ' . ' ■ ' , r,v-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-vY In Memoriam Br, 3o tp ) Jf , jFrancis; ©n ii. (§rant €bang 3Br, iHarp tlT. Eoubebugf) ttjfjofiiE personal influence anb untiring, progregsibe efforts, toill Ije reflected bp ooners, Ujfjo Ijat) ttje goob fortune to fenoto tfjem as ebucators anb frienbs. 2 A I A [A I A I A 1 A " J =t 4=HF : M WE !? + 1 • ' • 1 • ! • i ■ -i - - A[A | A[A|A|A|A - Page 37 Vv-l-v-l-v-l-v- i -v; .«.«.« " £ -a H ■■ " . ' ■ . :v-l- v-l-v. | -v.|-vY %vous I have a rendezvous each night To drift away from human sight: To sit and dream of days gone by, To sit and dream and softly sigh. Alone and sad I sit at night, Gazing with a strange delight ; Drifting o ' er uncharted seas Among the isles of memories. Lapping waves bring dreams of him, Revive the thoughts that oft grow dim: Bring back visions sweet with love, With all the grandeur of Above. I ' ve made a promised rendezvous To drift upon that silent hue Of oceans green, turquoise, and blue: And to that pledge I shall be true. And though time brings some peace to me, I still will hold a memory; And to that twilight hour be true: I shall not fail that rendezvous. Ted Magee 2 ' m A I A I A I A I A I A I t !•• I-- 1 •• I -- 4: • • A • g " WW s- l i I • ! ' ! •• i T I • • • i • ra - k A I A I A I A 1 A I A I A ' : Page 38 if .1 ' ■ ' %m ; Thb8 . -1..,, :.,, -A. iiiuHiamiiiiiiiiuwiiiaiBiiii d iii mii i i i iii iii ■1 ;] rid Rendezvous v:-hari«i. seas ■•u Ot IV- ' i !- ' . ing wav !» bring dreams of him light hour be true; I ■-.-...ii r, ■( -I i rhat reruii Ted Mac;k(- 8IOOH98 arir ' !x " K ' ' iX i .f M--y.- MumwDwiiiiiiiwiMiiiiiMiiwi y; ' : ' ' :32S : ' Xy r 7 -- . : i)R ' V,UH U f- rr I yv-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-v 7) : «« ■■» Vf; y .ui i .i.- i i. 1 • ' • I • ! • 1 • ' • i " v - WW ' . . , ; v-l-v-l-v- l -v- l -vY A I A I A I A V JT Ts I -l-r- l -T- l -T- ' -T 2r y ■ k s Pa 7« iV Xv-l-v- l -v- l -v-l-v; , . ' ■ ' ■ ' 3 ■ H SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Cecil Colclasure Norman Kappa Psi. Elane Doud Muikoffee Kappa Phi; Y. W. C. A.; Hoover-Curtis Club; Manu- script Club. Robert R. Ebersole Muskogee Alpha Sigma Phi ; Kappa Kap pa Psi; Inter-Fraternity Coun cil ; Band. Lee R. Gower Tulsa Delta Tau Delta; Sigma Gam- ma Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Ruf Neks. Bea Mantooth Purcell Margaret Thurman Oklahoma City Pi Beta Phi. Price Watson Blair Y. M. C. A.; Websterian. -i-fcj H ■ ■ ■ » » ' . , ;V- l -V-l-V- l -V :V7 f [ A I A 1 A I A 1 A ] A 1 A • • :pj=f Page 40 SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Marie Donnell Lindsay Eta Sigma Phi; Newman Club. Paul A. Duffield Skiatook Cross Country Team ; Spanish Club; Track. Worth C. Gibson Norman Sigma Gamma Epsilon ; Pick and Hammer; Indian Club. Virgil H. Henderson Norman Phi Delta Chi. Agnes Simpson Eufaula Delta Delta Delta. Eleanor Tracy Beaver Gamma Phi Beta; Phi Beta Kappa. Isabel Charlotte Work El Paso, Texas French Club; Spanish Club; Riding Club. ■ 2 S- k M.M.f|.fl.i.K- | . Vv-i-v- i -viv-i-v. ,r - « •■ » s 7) H SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Marjorie Chenowth Dallas, Texas Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. Bethene Henry Sulphur Alpha Xi Delta; Oikonomia; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Hiking Club; Pierian. Robert J. Sivalls Bartlesville Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Snow Smith Potica City Julia Elizabeth Taylor Norman Alpha Omicron Pi; Oikonomia; Y. W. C. A. Ward R. Vickery Blackivell Phi Delta Theta ; Sigma Gam- ma Epsilon ; Lambda Nu ; Pick and Hammer; Y. M. C. A. Cab- inet. Robert T. Webb Norman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ' 27 ; Websterian. ■ 5 -fc.l 73-ro- ■• ' « ■ ■ » ' . ' . ' . c ' ,vi-vi-v- -- n n ( % ■4n- i -{- i -tMit ? ' ? . -. SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Waneta Gardner Cordell Margaret Puryear IVellington, Texas History Club; Y. W. C. A. Clarice Smith Enid Alpha Xi Delta; Pierian; Y. W. C. A. Earl C. Sullivan Ardmore Val Trogan Bison Valle Warren Cliildress, Texas Y. W. C. A.; French Club; Delta Delta Delta. Edith L. Williams Norman J W Us ? ♦ Al A l Al Al A I A 1 • ' • • ' • 1 • ' • 1 3S Page 41 v--l-v-l-vl-v-lv ?) M ■• ► .- ■ As ' ?) H L Si ffi SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Reford a. Fowler Duncan Delta Tau Delta. L. D. Montgomery Norman Mu Alpha Theta; Congress; Y. M. C. A. ; Phi Beta Kappa. Gertrude Owen Oklahoma City Gamma Phi Beta; Pick and Hammer; Y. W. C. A.; Polo and Riding Association. Myra Ross Oklahoma City Delta Gamma. Lucy Mae Smith Shawnee Kappa Alpha Theta. Irene Williams Norman Chi Omega ; Oikonomia, Carleton p. Wright Miami Acacia. ' • •-i fcji: 1 ' « •■ J. V-l-V-l-V-hH-77 f SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE W. Paul Mays Maysville Sigma Nu. Charlein Opperman Baxter Springs, Kansas Delta Gamma. Ann Paynter Blackixiell Alpha Xi Delta; Pierian; Y. W. C. A. ; Las Dos Americas. Louise Rosser Muskogee Pi Beta Phi; Choral Club; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Y. W. C. A. Treasurer; Woman ' s Quartette; Eurodelphian. Louise Whatley Oklahoma City Kappa Kappa Gamma; Spanish Club; French Club; Polo and Riding Association; English Club; Y. W. C. A. Elizabeth Womack Hugo Chi Omega; Mu Alpha Theta; Orchestra; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A.; French Club. Gwendolyn Rule Wright Keiuanee, Illinois Beta Sigma Omicron. ?n B A I A I A I A J A I .M A ■ • • A « • • Page 42 WW AIAIAIAIAIAIA 2r s i - i yv-i-v-i-v-i-v- i -v ;), , . ' • vc - - - ' SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Elizabeth Barnes Tulsa Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Poetry Club; Polo and Rid- ing Association. Opal Eley Altus Alpha Xi Delta; Polo and Rid- ing Association. Patricia McMurray McA tester Kappa Alpha Theta ; Mortar Board ; Women ' s Council ; Duck ' s Club; French Club; Winner of Queen ' s Necklace at Waffle Iron Banquet ' 28 ; Broke Ground for Stadium Union Building ' 28 ; University City Queen ' 26 ; Engineer ' s Queen ' 27; Y. W. C. A.; Blue Pencil ' 26, ' 27. Aubrey C. Shives Norman Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Kap- pa Psi; Congress; Polo and •Riding Association; Spanish Club. Glenn Holt Stephens Williamsburg, Kentucky Mildred I. Wallis Oklahoma City Myrl a. Westervelt Norman Y. W. C. A.; Norman Girls Club. -i-fcj ■ « ' ■ , ' v-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-vX SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Lucille Dean Weleeika Gamma Phi Beta; Eurodel- phian. Clarice Hadsell Norman Delta Delta Delta; President Kappa Phi ; President Norman Girls ' Club; Woman ' s Council; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Mex Rodman Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha Theta; Mortar Board; Phi Mu Gamma; Secre- tary Student Council ' 26; Pan- Hellenic ' 25, ' 26; Women ' s Council ' 26 ; President Y. W. C. A. ' 27 ; Stunt Nite ' 25 ; First Let- seizer Medal ' 26; Dad ' s Day Cup ' 28; Oratorical Council ' 26; Annual Staff ' 25, ' 26, ' 27; Whirlwind Staff ' 26, ' 27; Music for 1926 Follies; Poetry Club |26, ' 27; French Club ' 26, ' 27, ' 28 ; Representative to National Women ' s Convention ' 26; Phi Beta Kappa. Leon L. Smith Mineral Wells, Texas Alpha Tau Omega; Football. Robert Walker Enid Polo and Riding Association. Durward G. Westervelt Shawnee Theta Alpha Phi; Band ' 26, ' 27; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ' 26, ' 27. Katherine Williams Oklahoma City Alpha Phi; Y. W. C. A. fej-l-t-l-t-l-t-l-t-l-t " " gTJ p " ZK A " X 1 •!• i • ! • 1 - - AI A AX ar Page 43 v-l-v-l-v-l-v- l -v ; , . . " •M - tT M SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Webster L. Babb Enid Kappa Psi. Dorothy Bradbury El Reno Phi Mu ; Vice-President Euro- delphian ' 28 ; Oratorical Coun- cil ' 28. B. Frank Brewer Charleston, Missouri Alpha Tau Omega. RoTHA Bull Mangum Y. W. C. A. Opal Carr Norman Omicron Nu ; Oikonomia. Hill Clark PValters Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Kap- pa Psi; Student Council. Blanche K. Cordes Oalagah ' V . Y. V- l -V-l-V-l-V-l-yy SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE B. P. Blevins Byars BovERT H. Brueden Oklahoma City Alpha Sigma Phi; Daily Busi- ness Staff. Leslie Brooking Laswton Kappa Ta u Pi; Mu Alpha Theta. Mary Camuse Norman Zeta Tau Alpha; Delta Psi Kappa; President W. A. A.; Ducks Club; Blue Diver. Idabel Carter Norman Sylvia Conley Chandler Pi Zeta Kappa; Comfort Club. Madeline Delaney Oklahoma City Alpha Phi; French Club; Span- ish Club; Y. W. C. A. -A I A I A 1 A 1 A 1 A 1 A I -I- I " (yg Page 4- W y ZT A| A I Al A I A I A I • ! • I • ! • I - I - I - I - I - I - I - I - I • •••••• s- k Vv-l-v- l -v-l-v-l-v. , .rV ' ■ ' ■ £ -3 - y w S ' ySr [ SENIOR ARTS AND SCIExNCE Hugh Andrews Byars Sigma Nil; Sigma Gamma Ep- sil6n; Piclc and Hammer; Y. M. C. A. Gordon Avery Tulsa Phi Gamma Delta; Alpha Kap pa Psi; Alpha Delta Sigma. W. B. Miller, Jr. Amber Alpha Kappa Psi. Virgil Scarth Wichita, Kansas Helen VanVacter Oklahoma City Y. W. C. A.; Pick and Hara- Lucille Willis Hartshorne Verile Zoller Tulsa Phi Kappa Sigma. V„ ' .V ' . ,( , v- l -v- l -v-l-v-l-yy bT ! - 1 A I A yjrvj: SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Audry Ann Brown Oklahoma City President Gamma Epsilon Pi ; Kappa Phi ; Accounting Club ' 27 ; Secretary-Treasurer Y. W. C. A. Emily Hutchison Norman Alpha Chi Omega. Virginia Ruth Nelson Clinton Chi Omega ; Theta Sigma Phi, President ' 28 ; Member-at-Large Publication Board ; Women ' s Press Club; Oklahoma Daily Staff; Sooner Staff; Oklahoma Magazine Staff; Stunt Nite ' 26; Y. W. C. A.; Pan-Hellenic; Soonerland Follies ' 27 ; Manu- script Club. Helen Walters Thompson Southard Joyce Williams Holdenville Alpha Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A. ; Pick and Hammer ; French Club. Annlet Wolfe Wevioka Ralph M. Wilson Celina, Texas Kappa Psi. W¥ ijL4-i-«) W fyy K- k Page 45 Vy-i-v-i-v-I-v-i-v . " , ; - M P .. ' T T M w SENIOR ARTS AND SCIExNCE Mary E. Goode Shavmee Alpha Omicron Pi ; Y. W. C. A Kathryn Hagebush Oklahoma City Spanish Club; Newman Club; Pick and Hammer. Glenn F. Hartman Mulhall Lambda Nu ; Y. M. C. A. Gerald A. Huggins Muskogee Delta Chi; Frosh Football; Mystic Keys; Ruf-Neks. Louise L. James Norman Alpha Xi Delta; Kappa Phi; Y. W. C. A. Council ; Norman Girls ' Club. Emma Klufa Billings Woman ' s Legislative Council. Alice Maher Hominy Kappa Kappa Gamma. i-fcj, ■ « ■■ ?,( , v-l-v-l-v-l v1% . ' :.|.fl.M.f. | .M.| j • • • • • • Page 46 v ? ao SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Edna Goodner Norman Y. W. C. A.; Pi Zeta Kappa. Wallace Hardin Lexington Phi Kappa Psi ; Alpha Kappa Psi. LuCILE HOGUE Carnegie Alpha Omicron Pi ; Oikonomia. Ross G. Hume Anadarko Pi Kappa Phi; Kappa Gamma Epsilon; Congress; Band ' 25, ' 26. Roy Z. Johnson Enid Margaret Lain Oklahoma City Alpha Chi Omega; University Players ; Y. W. C. A. ; Women ' s Council. Agnes Maney Oklahoma City Delta Delta Delta. u- - rg 2r S ' A I A I A 1 A 1 A I A I A- Vv-l-vlv-l-v-l-v 7) « •• » ' vs ' .,.(r-£=:ji y ( SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Dorothy Gittixger Norman Delta Delta Delta ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Legislative Council of Women ' s Council. Ellen Hayes Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha Theta ; Y. W. C. Ethel Hodgson Kingfisher Harriett Jenkins Guthrie Kappa Kappa Gamma. Mary E. Kerns Muskogee Cosmopolitan Club. Grace Malonf Norman Joe L. Myers Norman Phi Kappa Psi ; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Chi Chi Chi.; Pick and Hammer; Student Council. ■5 -tJ. ' ■ " .V. ; viv-l-v. | .v.|.vY SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Esther Grimes Norman Kappa Alpha Theta; Kappa Phi ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet ; Spanish Club; Eurodelphian. B. J. Heinrick Norman L. R. Hunter Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha; Baseball ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; Inter-Fraternity Council ' 27. Fanny Kelly Jefferson Y. W. C. A. ; Las Dos Americas. Bernice Larsh Norman Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A. El Myra McGuire Frederick Chi Omega ; Y. W. C. A. ; Spanish Club. Donald R. Ryan Tulsa Delta Upsilon. ■ cu. jjLi- — «) A I A I A I A I A I A I A l. V I - I - I - I - I - I - I M . Page 47 Vv-l-v-l-v- l -v-l-v; , ■ ' • ' SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Ellis H. Clarkson Norman Kappa Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Chi Chi Chi; Inter- Fraternitv Council ; Band ' 26, ' 27. Gladys Collins Floydada, Texas Y. W. C.A; Graduate Club. Henry W. Dent Oklahoma City Delta Tau Delta; Mystic Keys; Websterian. Everett Drumright Drumright Kappa Sigma. Charles Edgerton Sapulpa Beta Theta Pi; Chi Chi Chi; Kappa Kappa Psi ; Ruf-Nek. Celesta Fields Blackwell Marie Shultz Garton Norman Phi Mu; Mu Alpha Theta; Pi Zeta Kappa; Geography Club; Comfort Club; Y. W. C. A. " . ' . , v-l-v- l -v- l -v-l-vX SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Evelyn Clewell Waco, Texas Theta Sigma Phi ; Prexy Club. Margaret Courtner Oklahoma City Delta Psi Kappa; W. A. A. Ella Jean Draper Durant Helen Eason- Enid Kappa Alpha Theta; Theta Sigma Phi ; Association. Polo and Riding Nora Elizabeth Edwards Paris, Texas Delta Psi Kappa; W. A. A. Vice-President; Dutch Club. Robert Gardener Faxon Kappa Psi. Ella Araminta Gibson Blanchard m s m A I A I A lA I A I A 1 •!• 1 • ' • 1 I • ! • I W VB Page 48 S S MS I -h I i-l-i-l-i- l -i y s- Vvlv-l-v-l-v- l -v ;) . ' ► SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Lucille M. Anderson Drumright Phi Mu; Y. W.C.A.; Legisla- tive Council. Harry S. Bivem Selling Phi Delta Chi. Mayme Walker Bowling Pauls Valley Delta Delta Delta; Theta Sigma Phi ; Y. W. C. a. ; Women ' s, Executive Council; Poetry Club. Arthur J. Christenson Jefferson Hugh A. Cunningham Oklahoma City Sigma Chi ; Stunt Nite Direc- tor; Frosh Football; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Wrestling ' 28, ' 29; Extempore Club; Spanish Club. Byron Cutler Oklahoma City Albert J. Fain Bethany Y. M. c. a. - -fcJ. S ■ " . ' ,(; V- l -V-l-V- 1: H-77 r t-l-t-l-t-l-t-l-M-t SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Josephine Barnett Bristovi Delta Gamma; Y. W. C. A. Charles E. Bowlby Shaiunee Kappa Sigma; French Club; Geography Club. Merritt H. Brown Tulsa Sigma Nu ; Sigma Gamma Ep- silon ; Y. M. C. A. ; Pick and Hammer. Alfred A. Crowell Tulsa Phi Mu Alpha; Kappa Kappa Psi; Pistol Team ' 26, ' 27. Ora Lee Cupp ran Buren, Arkansas Wilbur S. Drake Muskogee Alpha Kappa Psi. Harvey C. Ford Tulsa w v - wyy 1 • ' • i • ' • i A I A I A I A I A I A I ANJ Page 49 Nv-l-v-l-v- l -v-l-v ; .V " ■ ■ ■ • ' 1 • - £. 1) H SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Kenneth Ackley Miami Sigma Gamma Epsilon ; Pick and Hammer ; Y. M. C. A. Doris Ballinger Guymon Indian Club; Cosmopolitan Club. WiLLARD L. BaSSMANN Claremore Elizabeth Bonebrake El Reno Delta Psi Kappa; Ducks Club; Polo and Riding Association; W. A. A. Elizabeth Brewer Tulsa Kappa Kappa Gamma; Glee Club ; Y. W. C. A. ; R. O. T. C. Queen ' 28; Letseizer Medal ' 28. Erwin M. Brown Drummond Lambda Nu ; Mu Alpha Theta. Ruth Byers Oklahoma City Alpha Chi Omega. VV ' .V ; v- l -v-l-v- l -v-l-vX . ivi.|.:.|.|.u.[.M.M • • Page 50 i r ? p?- o.. SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Eleanor Alworth Ranger, Texas OJkonomia ; Y. W. C. A. Geo. W. Bass Oklahoma City Sigma Nu; Scabbard and Blade ; Congress ; Y. M. C. A. Malcolm Black Enid Delta Upsilon ; Ruf-Neks. Estelle Brewen Krebs Kappa Delta Pi; Y. W. C. A. Calvin Brous Oklahoma City Delta Upsilon; Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Chi Sigma ; Band ; Min- iature Symphony. Frances Burrage McKinney, Texas Arthur M. Carmer Hennessey -53 U- - " SC ofyy M-M-M-M-W i2 Vv-l-v- l -v-l-v- l -v; , . . ■ ■ 9 ;- SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Thelma McCollum Helena Phi Mu; Y.W. C.A.; French Club; Glee Club. Norman A. Morse Oklahoma City Theta Kappa Nu. Lucille Reding Meeker C. Don Satterfield Durant Delta Chi; Alpha Delta Sigma; Mu Eta Tau; Sooner Staff; Whirliuind Business Staff. Phebe Lemon Shelby Norman Ella Mae Sigmon Poteau Alpha Omicron Pi; French Club; Y.W.C.A. Camilla Starzer Norman - -fcJ, ■ ■ " . ' . , ;v- l -v- l-v. | .v.|.vY P S SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Harry S. McMillan Supply Kappa Psi; Vice-Pres. School of Pharmacy ' 27, ' 28; Sec. and Treas. School of Pharmacy ' 28, 29 ; Sec. and Treas. Kappa Psi ' 27, ' 28. Gerald Peterson Guthrie Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Kappa Kappa Psi. Zelda Rice Norman Joyce Saunders Paitmee Gamma Phi Beta. Lewis Lael Shirley Wynne wood Alpha Sigma Delta; Alpha Kappa Psi ; O. U. Band ' 26, ' 27. Dorothy Smith Norman Kappa Phi; Pi Zeta Kappa. Margaret Thompson Tulsa Chi Omega ; Pan-Hellenic Pres. ; Women ' s Council ; Presi- dents ' Club ; Adagio Vice-Presi- dent ; Spring Ballet ' 28, ' 29 ; W. A. A.; Stunt Nite ' 28; Follies ' 28 ; Y. W. C. A. ; Engineer Style Show; II Trovatore; W. S. G. C. ; May Queen Attend- ant ' 28. wyp 7f s- l- ' -i- l -i k ■|. U- | .M-M-: J. Page 51 v -l-v- l -viv- l -v. ' , .VV ' " - £ •3 « •■ w . o o(r c SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Margaret Bostic Muskogee Kappa Alpha Theta ; Y. W. C. A.; El Modjii; R. O. T. C. Queen ' 27; Stunt Nite ' 27, ' 28; Croquis Club. Florence Cullison Guthrie Alpha Gamma Delta; W. N. A. D. Symphony ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; Sec- retary University Orchestra ' 27, ' 28; Glee Club. Maurine Huff Sapulpa Alpha Xi Delta; Mortar Board; Women ' s Council ; H hirliuind Staff; Blue Pencil; Pierian; Oratorical Council ; Presidents ' Club; Glee Club. John L. Looney Lawion Acacia; Phi Mu Alpha; Glee Club. Gladys Lee Moore Hobart Alpha Xi Delta; Phi Mu Gam- ma ; University Orchestra ; Pierian. Evelna Putt Yukon Ruth Starkey Oklahoma City Delta Gamma; Woman ' s Coun- cil; Y. W. C.A.; Glee Club; Girls ' Quartette ' 27. Page 52 . ,(; v- -vW- -- r : SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Anita Constant Wichita, Kansas Alpha Gamma Delta; Adagio Louise Gordon Enid Delta Gamma; Phi Mu Gam- ma. Alice Kistler Tulsa Kappa Alpha Theta; Phi Mu Gamma; University Players; Adagio Club; Polo and Riding Association ; Stunt Nite ' 27, ' 28 ; Follies ' 28; " Wandering Jew " ; Attendant to May Queen. Leta Verne Martin Clarendon, Texas Alpha Gamma Delta; Beta Nu. Jane Piper Enid Kappa Alpha Theta; French Club; Glee Club. Dorothy Shaw Enid Chi Omega; El Modjii. Pansy Taylor Bonham, Texas Alpha Gamma Delta; Phi Mu Epsilon; Stunt Nite ' 27; Y. W. C.A. U-i-« - - Ai A[ Ai kr xTj: I • ! • I H-l-MtR KV.I.V.V.I.V.I.V ;..■■■■ .-— .f l (=- v: ' 3 SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Ruth Abernathy Sha-wnee Delta Delta Delta; Delta Psi Kappa ; Polo and Riding Asso- ciation. Ethel Rose Baird Bixby Y. W. C.A.; Kappa Phi. Fred H. Boatright Porter Delta Chi. S Roma Buchanan Snyder Y. W. C.A.; Psychology Club; Las Dos Americas. Cecil Duncan Branson, Missouri Phi Delta Chi. Marion Luton Lindsey Pi Thcta Kappa; Delta Psi Kappa; Life Saving Club; W. A. A. Merton Edward MUNSON Laiuion Acacia; President of Student Council ; Vice-President Scab- bard and Blade; Delta Sigma Psi; Blue Pencil; President Pi Sigma Alpha; Justice Black- stone Bar; Inter Society Debate ' 27; Varsity Debate ' 28, ' 29; Y. M. C. A.; President Senior Class; Ruf-Neks; Inter-Frater- nity Council Vice-President ; Oratorical Council ' 27, ' 28, ' 29 ; President Athenaean. • •-i-tJ, : . ■ •■ VV ' . , ; v- l -v-l-v- l -v-l-vY t-l-t-l-t-l-t-l-t i ) ' T " 5v:?-7.o.. SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Ann Metz Aldridge Norman Karl A. Bashara Norman Wrestling ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; Captain Wrestling ' 29. Lura Brown Billings Kappa Phi. Cecil Delozier Foss Y. M. C. A. W. M. Garrison Pond Creek Pi Kappa Phi ; Kappa Kappa Psi; Ruf-Neks; Scabbard and Blade; Inter-Fraternity Council; Glee Club ' 25, ' 26; Band ' 24, ' 25, ' 26. George W. Metz Norman Harry Leonard Nueffer Oklahoma City Acacia. V(5 ■ s M-M-t-l-t-l-M-t- • - Page 53 Kv-1-v-l-v-l-v- l -v ; ,VV " ■■ - Vf: 9 ■ - H SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Anita B. Aultman Ft. Silt French Club; Spanish Club. Ross A. Maxwell Drumright Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Pick and Hammer. Alice Ix rene Norris Norman Josephine Paxton Norman Alpha Gamma Delta; Blue Pencil; Choral Club; Spanish Club; English Club. William Pretty S iaivnee Phi Delta Chi; Alpha Kappa Theta. Doris Clay Robinson Alius Cleo Stone Hastings Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. A. »---jb-jj; ' ■ ■ « ■ ■ » . ' . ,. , v- l -vl-v- l -v l -v Y tn-i-M-t- i -tn i -t Page 54 SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Ray Harvey Lexington J. Rex McGehee Norman Kappa Alpha; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Pick and Hammer; Jazz Hounds. Dorothy Ann Parker Enid Kappa Alpha Theta; R. O. T. C. Sponsor ' 27 ; Miss Sooner ' 28; Band Queen ' 29; Junior Queen ' 28; IVIiirlixAnd Staff; Spanish Club; Polo and Riding Association ; Y. W. C. A. Margaret Pillet Dallas, Texas Delta Gamma; French Club; Y. W. C. A. Mary Roach JVaurika Elizabeth Shannon Oklahoma City Pi Gamma Mu Nyna O. Stone Norman Theta Sigma Phi ; Tennis Club ; Pierian. r§ ' " yy tU. | .t- l -M-M-M-t ' [s ylY- l -Y- l -Y- l -Y 5 1 ; £. -a H .,ocr-s s ' y(M. SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Ona Denner Enid Gamma Phi Beta; Delta Psi Kappa; Ducks Club; German Club; Y.W. C.A. Mrs. Edith Humphrey Buffalo Oikonomia; Y. W. C. A. Ramona Jamieson Ponca City Pi Beta Phi ; Y. W. C. A. ; New- man Club. Elisabeth Keating Oklahoma City Bertha Maguire Carnegie Clair A. Miner Tulsa Mortar Board; President French Club; Y.W. C.A. Eva Morrow Kingfisher Pi Zeta Kappa. nM . K K .K r. v- l -v-l-v-l-v- l -yy T - PTT o.. SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Sara L. Harris Norman Zeta Tau Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Zeta Kappa; Y.W.C. A. Frances Hunt Tulsa Theta Sigma Phi; Newman Club. Hugh Kearns Billings Sadie Long Hob art Delta Gamma; Y. W. C. A. Elva Lavelle McDaniel Norman Mae Moody Salt Fork Kappa Delta Pi. Ruth Morrow Kingfisher Pi Zeta Kappa; Oikonomia. YF g ' ;r| A | A | A l A i A -J-y . I - I - I - I - i - I - I -I- I -I- : 2 s- zS Page 55 " . ' ■ , ;v- l -v-l-v-l-v-l-vX 4 ■3 ' SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Savoie Lottinville Tulsa Delta Tau Delta; Sigma Delta Chi; Phi Beta Kappa; Pe-et; Rhodes Scholar Elect ' 29; Okla- homa Daily Staff ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; Editor Oklahoma Daily ' 29 ; Ruf-Neks; Student Council ' 28, ' 29; Track ' 26; Oklahoma Union Committee ' 28, ' 29. Mary Belle Byrd AUus Victor Grace Wichita, Kansas Kappa Sigma. Mrs. Clemmontyne Morris Norman Eleanor Stewart Medford Kappa Alpha Theta ; Spanish Club; Legislative Council; Y. W. C. A. JuANiTA Watson Oklahoma City Phi Mu; Pan-Hellenic. Sam Marks Tulsa Phi Beta Delta ; Congress ; Pick and Hammer. (s ' -i-xJl •• A I A 1 A I ATTT " TT Page 56 SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE M. E. Wakefield, Jr. Browntuood, Texas Delta Tau Delta. H. Dorsey Douglas, Jr. Oklahoma City Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Kap- pa Psi. Elizabeth Hacker Jefferson Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mortar Board ; Blue Pencil ; French Club; Captain in Big Sister Movement; Polo and Riding Association ; Y. W. C. A. Cab- inet. Mrs. Ethel Meadows Preble Amber Phi Beta Kappa ; Omicron Nu ; Oikonomia. Vivian Tallant Oklahoma City Ducks Club; Spanish Club; French Club. Mildred Clark Oklahoma City Pi Beta Phi; Mortar Board; Student Council ; National Presi- dent W. S. G. A. ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Gordon F. Slover Davis Alpha Sigma Phi ; Publication Board; Glee Club; Sooner Staff; Whirl wind Staff. G W W P t-l-t-l-t-l-t-l-f irrx p. Kv-l-v-l-v-l-v-H-?y ■ •V: ■a w SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE George Norvell Tulsa Sigma Nu; Editor ' 29 Sooner; Varsity Yell Leader; Sigma Delta Chi; Oklahoma Daily ' 27; Publication Board ' 27; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ' 29; Manag- ing Editor Sooner ' 27, ' 28; Ex- ecutive Committee Student Union. Louise Aldridge Quinion Mary Virginia Maloy Norman Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A.; Pi Zeta Kappa; Wo- men ' s Council ; Student Council ' 27 ; First Letzeiser Medal ' 28 ; Hester Hall Queen ' 28; Manu- script Club ' 28, ' 29; Theta Sig- ma Phi ' 27, ' 28 ; Pick and Ham- mer. Isabel Elliston Holdenville Mrs. W. C. Fawcett Oklahoma City William E. Green Lindsay Ernest H. Mills Brisioiii Delta Chi; Ruf-Neks; Polo ' 27, ' 28. ■i-t l B : ' ■ ' . ' . ' .v ; v-i-v-i-v- i -v- i -vv ? ' R pn)9«- SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Alberta Simpson Norvell Tulsa Alpha Chi Omega; Sooner Staff; Spanish Club. H. G. Boyd Norman Clifford Dangerfield Provo, Utah Tau Sigma; Young Honor Men ' s Club; Swimming ' 26, ' 28; Track ' 26. Jessie C. Faulkner Oklahoma City Oikonomia; Legislative Council of W. S. G. A. Robert L. Gowan Norman James P. Luton Lindsay Eva Mae Setliff Eldorado U H ;r- - t-i-M-t-i-t-i-t-i-t-i-t r WW K Al Al A l AIXTT 3 j 3S 4==J . Page 57 Vv-l-v- l -v- l -v- l -v. , . . . ' - - •■ - vs - H SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Myra Birrell Oklahoma City Y. W. C. A. Russell W. Carson Norman Alpha Sigma Phi ; Cross Coun try ' 26, ' 27, ' 28, Captain ' 28 Track ' 26, ' 27, ' 28. Jack M. Cullers Oklahoma City Alpha Kappa Psi ; Phi Mu Alpha; W. N. A. D.; Little Symphony; University Orches- tra. Virginia Kruse Enid Delta Delta Delta. Margaret Morgan Norman Pi Beta Phi ; Mortar Board ; Omicron Nu ; Oikonomia; Vice- Pres. and Progressive Chairman Y. W. C. A. ; President Omicron Nu ; Judiciary Council ; S. G. A. Elizabeth Phillips Holdenville Alpha Chi Omega; Oikonomia; Omicron Nu. Earl R. Whitfield Okemah Pi Kappa Alpha; Mystic Keys. t-fcj ■ « ■ ■ ??,( ' ' , v-l-vlv-l-v-l-v i ' X nTT Page 58 • • • • • SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Ethel James Byrd Ada Kappa Alpha Theta; Delta Psi Kappa; Adagio; W. A. A. ; Ducks Club; Y.W.C.A. A. P. Craig McAlester Phi Delta Theta. Charles S. Guthrie Henryetta Acacia; Track ' 24, ' 25, ' 29. Mildred Maxey Tulsa Kappa Kappa Gamma. Edwin L. Neville Oklahoma City Phi Delta Theta; Jazz Hounds; Scabbard and Blade. Chas. a. Schweinle Oklahoma City Phi Delta Theta; Scabbard and Blade; Mystic Keys; Chi Chi Chi; Jazz Hounds. Joy Wilson Duncan Chi Omega; Eta Sigma Phi. " TSl wyy " 2r ■ « A i • • X rzS c? Vviv-i-v-i-v- i -v ; ,vrv ' Vf: ' ?) - - w SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Burl M. Abel ' Mangum Delta Chi; Beta Sigma Chi; Athenean; Pick and Hammer; University Chamber of Com- merce; Accounting Club. Roberta Tulsa Terrell Oklahoma City Kappa Gamma Epsilon, Secre- tary ' 28, ' 29; Vice-President of French Club; Y.W. C.A.; Las Dos Americas. Ruby Priddle Chickasha NoRsuDA M. Newport Selling Phi Sigma; Biology Club. Chas. E. Broderson Okarche Harry Berry Tulsa Phi Beta Delta ; Pick and Ham- mer; Football; Wrestling; Baseball. Floyd W. Sherman Lexington Kappa Psi. -i-.fcj J ' ■ ' V ' .V ; v-l-v-l-v- l -v-i-vY SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE A. L. Young Mill Creek Delta Chi. W. H. Taft Garber Phi Gamma Delta; Jazz Hounds. Winifred S. Phillips Norman Kappa Delta Pi; New Sooner Club. Elizabeth Rixse Mitchell Oklahoma City Phi Mu. B. B. Blakeney Oklahoma City Current Events ' 27; President French Club ' 26, ' 27; Second Place French Contest ' 28. Esther Clark Duncan Chi Omega ; Eta Sigma Phi. Mrs. Dorothy Rockwood Oklahoma City French Club. M m n . " " wyp " - - I - I - 1 F?=F I -I- I - I - I-— H k A I A I A I A 1 A I A I A -J Page 59 w ;-|-Y-|-V- | -V ; , ' , ' . ■ _... . rC t3 @(g iYi - . ' V; ' 3 ' [ ' ' SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE J. Milton McCullough Oklahoma City Sigma Chi; Phi Mu Alpha; Mjnature Symphony; Band. Cecil H. Brite Tulsa Acacia; Alpha Kappa Psi; Alpha Delta Sigma ; Oklahoma Daily. Walton Christian Okmulgee Phi Delta Theta ; Scabbard and Blade; Pick and Hammer Club; Y. M. C. A. Rayimond M. Fox Pry or Kappa Sigma. Clarence Round Ponca City Acacia; Alpha Kappa Psi; Kappa Kappa Psi, President ' 28 ; Orchestra ' 27 ; President Band ' 29; Accounting Club ' 28. Ed R. Starkey Oklahoma City Beta Theta Pi ; Alpha Kappa Psi; Chi Chi Chi; Battle Axe; Ruf-Neks; Soonerland Follies ' 25, ' 26; Baseball ' 28. Frank G. Weimer Mc A tester Kappa Alpha; Chi Chi Chi; Jazz Hounds; Inter-Fraternity Council ; Sigma Gamma Epsi- " on. (j ' -i jj; nn » ► f, v-l-v-l-v-i- H- SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Anita Berg Oklahoma City Gamma Phi Beta ; Mortar Board, Vice-President ; Y. W. C. A. Council ; Oratorical Council ; Eurodelphian, President; Big Sister Committee. Wayland Caldwell Tonkaiva Beta Theta Pi; Phi Mu Alpha; Stunt Nite ' 27, ' 28; Music Staff of Soonerland Follies ' 27 ; " Love Time " ' 28. Kelsey Carter Clarkson Martha Acacia; Jazz Hounds; Congress. Cleo Kerley Chickasha Kappa Alpha Theta. Curtis M. Smith Ada Sigma Nu ; Mystic Keys ; Ruf- Neks; Director ' 28 Soonerland Follies; Music Staff ' 25; Sooner Burlesque; Stunt Nite ' 28. Lucille Webster Ada Alpha Phi; French Club. Y. W. C. A. ; Thomas Z. Wright Beaver Delta Chi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Toga ; Mu Eta Tau ; Athenean ; Oratorical Council ; IV hirliuind Staff; University Chamber of Commerce; Ruf-Neks. u- - p • 2 A I A 1 A U U 1 A I A PPf W VB: Page 60 S- K V-l-V-l-V-l-V-l-v; ■«■ ' ■ ' V: ■ SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Vera Wiggers Oklahoma City Kappa Kappa Gamma. Mary Collins Oklahoma City Kappa Kappa Gamma. Myrne Ellis Shaiunee Chi Omega; Delta Psi Kappa; W.A. A.; Dusky Travelers. Walter L. Fowler Quintan Lambda Chi Alpha. Don Hansen Marble City Ray Kimball Beaver Delta Chi; Alpha Delta Sigma; Business Manager of Oklalioma Daily; Athenean; Jazz Hounds; Oratorical Council ' 26. Paul Partridge Sand Springs Pi Kappa Phi; Sigma Delta Chi. ■i-fcj r T? • : ' . . . y, v- i -viv- i -v-i-v. SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Henry W. Browne Oklahoma City Phi Delta Theta ; Chi Chi Chi; Jazz Hounds; Tennis Team ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, Captain ' 29. Noel Duncan Cleveland Sigma Mu Sigma; Mystic Keys; Alpha Pi Mu; Ruf-Neks; Fresh- man Boss. L. M. Farnam, Jr. Oklahoma City Sigma Alpha Epsilon. James L. Haddock Norman Sigma Mu Sigma ; Phi Delta Chi; Alpha Pi Mu. Francis Hess Mc A tester Eurodelphian. Alta LeGate Muskogee Gamma Epsilon Pi ; Y. W. C. A.; Accounting Club; Secretary and Treasurer of Prexy Club ' 27, ' 28 ; President of Residential Hall ' 27, ' 28. William Sutton Okmulgee Sigma Mu Sigma. I rh --- ; y |.M.M.t.|.M- :H • • " G ww A[ Al Al AI A I A l-i- i-l-T- ' -T A Page 61 Nv- l -v- l -v-l-v- l -v ; , . . . ' ■V ' 3 SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Frances Catlett Muskogee Kappa Alpha Theta; Eta Sigma Phi ; Stunt Nite ' 28, ' 29 ; Follies ' 28. Virginia Jo Fine Ft. Smith, Arkansas Kappa Delta Pi; Philosophy Club. Geo. Mix McKenney Addington Delta Tau Delta; Newman Club; Las Dos Americas. Virginia Patterson Oklahoma City Pi Beta Phi. Clark W. Pearson Marshall Alpha Sigma Phi. Del Ramsay Norman Lambda Chi Alpha Jay E. Sherman Lexington Sigma Mu Sigma ; Delta Sigma Pi; Websterian ; Band ' 25, ' 26. • • Page 62 i ' .v- -v- - rH- A 1 A lA I Ap r SEXIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Robert L. Cox Norman Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Delta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Monnet Bar; R. O. T. C. Colo- nel ; Circulation Manager Okla- homa Daily ' 27, ' 28 ; Webster- ian ; Oratorical Council ' 27. Laura Hoberger Norman Phi Mu; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Norman Girls ' Club. Dorothy Ostenberg Tulsa Kappa Kappa Gamma; Sooner Staff; Newman Club; Polo and Riding Association; Stunt Nite ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; Oklahoma Daily ' 27. Geneva Payne tVapanucka Delta Gamma. Ima Lee Phillips Oklahoma City Alpha Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Student Council ' 28; May Queen; Y. W. C. A.; Philos- ophy Club. N. L. Robinson Pawnee Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Delta Chi ; Mu Eta Tau. Jack C. Smith Temple, Texas Sigma Chi. jy? U- -e { T g P A1A|A | A1A|A | A IT S I - I - I 1 - I - I !■ K ylY- l -Y- l -Y- l -Y i V ' ■■ » ■ • •■ .- - f: ■ ..oc -z : r ' i SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Floyd Ayers Sabetha, Kansas Kappa Sigma. Kermit Hardwick Lexington Sigma Nu; Chi Chi Chi. Andrew J. Haswell Oklahoma City Phi Delta Theta ; Treasurer Student Council ' 27, ' 28; Inter- Fraternity Council ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; Baseball ' 27, ' 28, Co-captain Baseball ' 29. LuTHERA Mills Oklahoma City Alpha Phi. Dorothy Campbell Mills Oklahoma City Kappa Kappa Gamma; Phi Beta Kappa; First Junior ' 28; Mortar Board; Eta Sigma Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Big Sister Committee; Pan-Hellenic ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; Newman Club, Presi- dent ' 28; French Club; Hockey Team; Scribblers ' Club; Pick and Hammer; Blue Pencil; Blue Curtain; Classical Club. Edith West Chickasha Frank Worrell Pond Creek Acacia. -•j ..tJ S W . . ,( , v-l-v-l-v- l -v-l-vY SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Ralph B. Garretson Quintan Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Kap- pa Psi; Scabbard and Blade; Polo; President Polo and Rid- ing Association. Lynwood Haskins Enid Phi Delta Theta; Football ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; Union Committee; As- sistant Manager Union. Carl C. Luman Oklahoma City Delta Tau Delta; Ruf-Neks; Mystic Keys. Roy Cecil Sigman Verden Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Delta Chi. John Bert Strong Guthrie Sigma Chi. Jescile Wolf Oklahoma City Alpha Chi Omega; Classical Club; Y. W. C. A. Virian Zerkle Norman Delta Psi Kappa; Ducks Club; W. A. A. WJ U-A- L ,4.|.f|.|.|.|.|.M.A j + =f : B " yy tT K e « a A| A I A 1=A Page 63 Vv-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-v , . ' •■ » " V ■a ■ H SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Tom Bonnell Muskogee George Hamilton Dent Oklahoma City Delta Tau Delta. Mary Elizabeth Filson Guthrie Delta Gamma ; Mortar Board. W. J. Goldston Goldston, North Carolina Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Ruf Neks; Chi Chi Chi. Noble C. Hood Oklahoma City Delta Upsilon; Chi Chi Chi; Ruf-Neks ; Inter-Fraternity Council. Paul H. Kolm Norman Sigma Mu Sigma ; Pick and Hammer. W. C. Tisdal Elk City Kappa Alpha. (» --i -jJ ■ « ■• ( , V-|-V-|-V-|-VtV7 f A I A I A I A I A I A I : 1 • ' • I • ! • i Page 64 SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Beth Campbell Bartlesville Delta Delta Delta; Theta Sig- ma Phi ; Mortar Board ; Wom- en ' s Executive Board ' 28, ' 29; President Y. W. C. A. ; Keeper of Archives ' 28 ; Sooner Staff ' 27, ' 28; IVhirliuind Staff ' 27, ' 28, ' 29. Mark D. Dunlop Gotebo Phi Delta Theta. Sam C. Fullerton Miami Phi Delta Theta; Chi Chi Chi; Jazz Hounds. David Henderson Laiuton Acacia; Ruf Neks; Pick and Hammer; Tennis Squad ' 26-28. Barbara Hoyt Mercedes, Texas Kappa Kappa Gamma. Jack Levering Tulsa Sigma Nu; Chi Chi Chi; Jazi Hounds; Scabbard and Blade; Follies ' 27. W. C. McAlister Oklahoma City Phi Kappa Psi; Scabbard and Blade. u u - p g ' UW 2 " S- V y I Y. | .Y.|.v. | . ;;) , , « , «; ■ - v: 7s . « o(i e SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Helen S. Burwell Oklahoma City Kappa Kappa Gamma; Stunt Nite ' 26, ' 27; Follies ' 27, ' 28; Y. W. C. A. J. NoRRis Crutchfield Tulsa Frank D. Forrester Medford Acacia ; Alpha Kappa Psi. Albert L. Haynes A mar it lo Beta Theta Pi. Mrs. Charles L. Marty Oklahoma City Claude B. Waters Granite Acacia; Alpha Pi Mu; Web sterian; Holmes Bar. Lucille Wildey Okarche Oikonomia; Glee Club. ■t fcj s :i .L V-l-V-l-V-l-VtVT I ' =?- °.. SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Nell Cottrell Chandler Chi Omega ; Y. W. C .A. Russell Fagin Alius Pi Kappa Phi; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Congress. Orville B. Gulker Kingfisher Alpha Delta Sigma, President ' 28 ; Tau Omega ; Mu Eta Tau ; Jazz Hounds; Senate; Oklaho- ma Daily, Advertising Manager ' 28, Circulation Manager ' 29; Editor of ' 28, ' 29 Student Direc- tory ; Business Manager Owen Field. E. Frank Marshall Wichita, Kansas Jim E. Smith Norman Delta Upsilon; Ruf-Neks. Wayne Webb IVetumka Gladys Word Norman L-AJ A I A I A I A I A 1 A r ■r- i -T-i-y-K|- l -i • l -T- l -T w : . ' vv WJP - - - A I A I A I A i rrx I -I- I • ■ • I T 1 r i •!• 1 T I Page 65 m. yv- i -v-i-v-i-v- i -v ; , . . ■ ■ » ■ • ' £ -S w JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE C. H. Patten Edmond PVi Delta Theta. Ruth Avis Peacock Pond Creek Laurine Pemberton McAlesier Kappa Kappa Gamma ; Blue Pencil; Y. W. C. A. Martha Porter Rome, Georgia Kappa Kappa Gamma ; Y. W. C. A.; French Club. Georgia M. Rogers Oklahoma City Elizabeth G. Smith Oklahoma City Y. W. C. A. Ruth Townsend McLoud -i-fci « ■ . ' . ,(; ViV- | -V- l -V l:V7 f A 1 A lA I A I A lA Page 66 JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Edwin Payne Chattanooga Kappa Psi. Genevieve Pemberton Norman Alpha Gamma Delta. Thomas Phemmer Anadarko Kappa Tau Pi; Glee Club. Mary Evelyn Potts Mena, Arkansas Frances Roland Norman Alpha Omicron Pi; Oikononoia; Y. W. C. A. Council. Blanche Sommers El Reno Kappa Phi ; Lambda Kappa Sigma. Ruth Vanzant Avant I U- ' K A| Al Al A! A I A I -I- I Vv-l-vlv- l -v- l -v. ,VV • • » • - - V£: H w JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Freida Mae Anderson Heavener Alpha Phi. Frances Blackman C iickasha Kappa Alpha Theta. Amy Bly Dale y. W. C. A.; Spanish Club. Genevieve Conway Enid Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A. ; Polo and Riding Associ- ation. Olivette Lenice Douglas Oklahoma City Y. W. C. A. L. F. Eyerly Henryetta Phi Gamma Delta ; Bombard- iers; Junior Chamber of Com- Beverly Freeland Bristow Kappa Alpha Theta. : • v " . . ,( , V-I-V-|-V- I -V-I-V 7f • • • • • • • JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Ruby Bates Alius Carl W. Blakey Liberal, Kansas Kappa Sigma ; Tau Omega. Esther Bookout Hartshorne Harry Day Tulsa Alpha Kappa Psi ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Louise Esch Tonhaixa Oikonomia. Ray Figley Hastings Adeline Goldberg Hartshorne u- - W V(d ' fJp ■ |.|.M.| . .|.f.l.M.M. a Page 67 s- r .v-i-Y- i -v- i- v-i-v; , .vv " " ■ - £ 9 y JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE George Gibson Grove J. Sterling Gilbert Lamont WOOLSEY GODLOVE Laiuton Sigma Nu. Gladys Gordon Norman Alpha Phi. Margaret Henderson Waurika LORAINE HOLLIS Barilesville Pi Beta Phi. Leon Hutcheson Frederick Websterian ; Pick and Hammer. -l fci ■ •» A I A lA lA nrrx I . - I - 1 •■ I - I - 1 •• I -I- r- i - r Page 68 • J. v-l-v- l -v- l vl JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Marabel E. Gilcrease IVinfield, Kansas Alpha Chi Omega; Indian Club; Y. W. C. A. Helen Gladish Oklahoma City •% Elma Goodwin Eldorado, Arkansas Marjorie Green Cordell Vera Dean Hitchcock Oklahoma City W. D. Hoover Norman Phi Gamma Delta. Mary Esther Johnston Enid Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Riding Association. r I - I - I H A|. Aj Aj A I AI.ANJ • a • • • VYiv- i -v.|.v. | .sH yr 4 ■ • » « n£ - JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Alita Allen Lindsey Chi Omega; Indian Club. Marian Bryant Cushing Kappa Alpha Theta; French Club; Y. W. C. A. Margaret Dannenberg Muskogee Kappa Alpha Theta; Eta Sig- ma Phi; Classical Club; Club; V. W. C. A. Indian Pauline Goodson Blackixtell Alpha Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A. Catherine Leavitt Okla ioma City Delta Gamma. Elizabeth McCord Sha wnee Kappa Alpha Theta. James C. Montgomery Oklahoma City (f-i iS SSl ' ■ ■ ■ V ' . ' .V ; v- l -v-l-v-l-v- l -vV JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Elsie Brown El Reno Y. W. C. A. Clarice Coots Nara Visa, Ne w Mexico Y. W. C. A. Thelma Fuqua Grandfield Delta Delta Delta; Indian Club ; Y. W. C. A. ; Kappa Phi. Miriam Koehler Latuton Kappa Alpha Theta; Y. W. C. A.; French Club; Glee Club; Stunt Nite; Geography Club. Kerrick O. Lowe Tulsa Basketball; French Club; Track. Lou Clare McMillan Tulsa Delta Delta Delta; Sooner Staff; Y. W. C. A.; French Club. Joe R. Moody Porter Polo and Riding Association; Junior Chamber of Commerce. %M.M.M.i. | .M. zr ww - - - I - I - I - I - I - I - 1 - g iq H A I A I A I A I A [ A I A ' n: -i- Page (ff v-l-v-l-vlv-l-v . , .V « ■ ■ » ■ ' 3 ■ - H V JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Jack Armstrong Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha. Neil H. Bean Amarillo, Texas Delta Tau Delta ; Polo and Rid- ing Association; Scabbard and Blade. Arthur Dillon Bison Delta Chi; Pi Delta Chi; Bom bardiers. Hayden Hill Chickasha Nell Joyner ' McAlester Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C A.; W. A. A.; French Club. Varley H. Taylor Tulsa Phi Gamma Delta; Mu Eta Tau ; Assistant Editor IVhirl- •wind; Scabbard and Blade; Bombardiers; Vice-President Y. M. C. A. ; Mystic Keys. Dan Webster Norman Golf. « ■■ » i±Y3iYi±I±i: JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Kathryn Bayless Stratford Alpha Phi. Eva Linn Carter Chickasha Kappa Alpha Theta; Y. W. C. A. Marian Harrison Tulsa Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A. ; Engineers Queen. Carrol A. Johnson Wilson Phi Delta Theta. DoLA Pacey Hotden ville Alpha Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet ; President Pierian ; Sec- retary Oratorical Council ; Cos- mopolitan Club. ViDA Wagner Cordell University Orchestra. Carl J. West Berico, Texas X T " I - I - I - I • ! • I • ! • I - I - I r. Page 70 W p 2 I - I - I I - I - I 9 A [ A I A I A 1 A I A I A ' H v-l-v. | .v.|.v. | .v; , .VV • - - " V: ■a ■ H iSH S JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Chester H. Anderson Gut irie Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Sigma Delta; Band ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; Or- chestra ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; W. N. A. D. Miniature Symphony. Gertrude Crisman Drumr ' ight Ducks Club; ff iirl wind Staff; Y. W. C. A. ; Manuscript ; In- dian Club; Philosophy Club. Isabel Fugitt Springfield, Missouri Kathleen Hadley Ardmore Kappa Kappa Gamma ; Y. W, C.A. Ray Horton Ardmore Alpha Tau Omega; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Martha Lou Johnson Ardmore Pi Beta Phi ; Y. W. C. A. Gertrude Marshall - Oklahoma City Alpha Phi; Pan-Hellenic. ■JT ■l:-fcj; ■ « ■ ■ ' . , ;V-l-V-l-V-l-W V7 r Ffl-fl-M-M-M-U ■o JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Bruce Choate McAlester Alpha Tau Omega; Freshman Track. RoMA Donart Oklahoma City Alfred Gilliland Pampa, Texas Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Kappa Psi; Pick and Hammer. Chauncy Hornecker Tulsa Phi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Kap- pa Psi ; Mystic Keys ; Webster- A. O. Johnson Checotah Indian Club. Lois L. Kinney Sumner Y. W. C. A. ; Eta Sigma Phi. Frances Monzingo Alius L4-i-« A 4 M.!.|.|.|.|.l.{.|.|.|. H - Page 71 Vv-l-v- l -v-l-v- l -v ;), . « ■ • • " V: JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Alma G. Beaty Cherokee Ruth Black Norman Alpha Omicron Pi. Harold A. Brow McAlester Athenian. Tom Edward Bullock Ariesia, New Mexico Gene Byrd Dumas, Texas Mary Countiss IVaurika Y. W. C. A. ; Geography Club, Edward Douglas Weleetka -t-fcj S T 1 ' V ' . . ; v- l -v-l-W vl • • l. | .f|.|.l.j. | .f.|.f|. Page 72 JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIExNCE Gladys Bednar Luilier William B. Bounds Wilburton Alpha Chi Sigma. Alice C. Brown Oklalwma City Gamma Phi Beta ; Zoology Club; Y. W. C. A. ; Manuscript Club; Hockey. Imogene Butts Holdenville Y.W. C.A.; Geography Club; W. A. A. Victoria Colley Tulsa Alpha Chi Omega; Pan-Hell- enic ; Y. W. C. A. Alliene Crudgington Amarillo, Texas Y. W. C. A. Elizabeth Ermine Garnett Oklahoma City Alpha Chi Omega; Chi Epsi- on ; Blue Pencil; Pierian. u- - 2 s- A I A I A I A I-XTX 4=P+ -; I • ! • I zS x ;+;i;+v- i v? ,-,-A — „ , r-ff5 ■3 W JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE C. S. Maupin Waurika Kappa Sigma. Daisy McConnell Crockett, Texas Chi Omega. Elsie Montgomery Norman Kappa Phi; Thefa Sigma Phi; VV. A. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Life Saving Corps; Hockey. Mildred Nicholas Sapulpa Alpha Xi Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Pierian; Pan-Hellenic. S. G. Smith Okmulgee Phi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Kap- pa Psi; Ruf-Neks; Glee Club; Cosmopolitan. La Verne Standard Okarche Morris Sureck Oklahoma City Menorah Club. - -tj; S l-|.!-|.M-M-M!. | . =r " • • • ' ■■ ' . , ( ,v-l-v-l-v- l -v-i-vy JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Madaline McAtee Gtenpool Kappa Phi; Y. W. C. A. Charlotte Meeting Seminole Alpha Phi. Lawrence Muir Enid Sigma Gamma Epsilon ; Lamb- da Nu ; Pick and Hammer. Harold Reigle Ft. tVorth, Texas Y. M. C.A. Cabinet; Pick and Hammer. Mary Sprehe Norman Alpha Omicron Pi ; Secretary and Treasurer Junior Class; Pan-Hellenic Delegate ' 27, ' 28 ; Secretary of Sophomore Class ' 27. Mildred Starns Attus Chi Omega; Pan-Hellenic; W. C. A. Council ' 27. Mary Taliaferro Madill Pi Beta Phi ; Y. W. C. A. vu-i-- I - I - I 1 • ' • i • ' • 1 k A I A I A I A I A i A I A ' ] Page 73 X y- i -Y-i-Y- l -Y- i -vr) , , ' : . ' . • - - • V; JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Mary Louise Goodson Norman HORTON GrISSO Seminole Pi Kappa Alpha. Phi Nina E. Helton Norman Mu ; Delta Psi Kappa ; Ducks Club; Life Saving Exam iner. Edward L. Howard Oklahoma City Pi Kappa Alpha. Preston Jones Muskogee Beta Theta Pi. Myrtle Kirk Norman Pi Zeta Kappa; W. A. A. ; Y. W. C.A.; Ducks Club; Life Saving Club; Glee Club. Alphia F. Lyons Okmulgee Kappa Alpha Theta. V l ■t-iJ. T : ' " :r r J. v-i-v- i -v- i -v- i -v 7r ' X|A|A[AIA|A1A I - I - 1 - I - i •!■ I - I - 1 Page 74 JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Marie Grimmett Pauls Valley Gamma Phi Beta. Katherine Haberly IVapanucka Delta Gamma. Hazel Hodges Texhoma Carl B. Johnson Skiatook Indian Club. Marguerite Kennedy Enid Pi Beta Phi ; Y. W. C. A. ; Nevf- man Club. Albert R. Larason Fargo Lambda Chi Alpha; Congress; Mu Eta Tau ; Mystic Keys ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ; fV liirltuind Staff; Jazz Hounds. Rachael Major Chickasha Kappa Alpha Theta; Polo and Riding Association. W ' wyy U- --«J 2 s A[ A I Al Al A I A + k Vy-I-v-I-v-I-v-I-v M « ■• » ■ . ' £ ■2 ■ H p .. TS- r T M JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE J. F. Meeks Tulsa Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade. D. E. Martin Pensacola Sigma Nu ; Jazz Hounds, Melvin Love Konatua Acacia ; Kappa Psi. Velma Johnston Plainvicu}, Texas Lewis L. Burkett Noble Bill Smith Mitcham Cisco, Texas Phi Kappa Sigma. Dorothy Mouser Cheyenne Alpha Omicron Pi. -i-tJ, 777 H • 0 { rr r.v- -v- - w. . X v ' S -ep?-; ... JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Bill McDonald Oklahoma City Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Kappa Psi; Sooner Staff. James Albert Mayhew Oklahoma City Phi Delta Theta; Football ' 27, ' 28. Cecil G. Lalicker Chandler Albert Kulp Norman Phi Kappa Sigma; Congress. Joe Messenbaugh Oklahoma City Alpha Tau Omega; Y. M. C. A. Lee Birdie Morrow Hammon Kappa Phi ; Y. W. C. A. Merrill C. Nichols Oklahoma City y - — « ]} X AIA lAlA + H W - W ' .. l■!l l■{l!u■ l N Page 75 yv.|■v■ l ■v■ l ■v■l■v;s. ■ ' • » H JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Grace Combest Blackiuell Phi Mu. Alice McPhetridge Benionville, Arkansas Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A. ; Spanish Club. Donald A. Porter La wton Alpha Chi Sigma. Eugene Riffe Tyrone Pi Kappa Alpha. Anderson Shawver Roxton, Texas Maurice R. Teis HoldenvilU Hellen Wienecke Tulsa Alpha Chi Omega; Delta Psi Kappa; W. A. A.; Ducks Club; Hiking Club. ■(i ' -i-iJ « .. , V-l-V-l-V-I. H-YT f ,i t-i-tn- i -M-M-t-i-t P ige 76 JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Francis G. Ingle Marshall Edwin Patterson Oklahoma City Sigma Nu ; Sigma Gamma Ep- silon ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Bom- bardiers; Congress; Mu Eta Tau ; Blue Pencil ; Oratorical Council ; Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil ; Sooner Staff; Pick and Hammer. Paul Priest Enid Byrd Seymour Tipton Gillette Smith Norman Doris A. Weinberg Oklahoma City Rose Wylie Oklahoma City Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. • - 2 ? ■ H A [ A I AJ A| A J A J A ], Xy-I-v- I -v- I -v-I-v ;), . . " - - £ ' 3 JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Elizabeth Amis Shaviiife Pi Beta Phi; Y. W. C. A.; Polo and Riding Association. Kathryn Bras Oketnah Delta Delta Delta; Spanish Club ; Y. W. C. A. Ballard Busby Oklahoma City O. W. COPPEDGE Laredo, Texas Phi Gamma Delta. Roland McCullar Ardmore Bombardiers. Dolores Shaner Okmulgee Chi Omega; Adagio; Y. W. C A. Claudia Smith Enid (»-i..jJ,« " . ' .V ; v-l-v- l -v- l -v-l-vY -» »l o » ■ JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Curtis Berry Norman Alpha Sigma Phi; Football. Maxine Brockman Tulsa Gamma Phi Beta; French Club; German Club. Daniel Joyce Coffey Ardmore Delta Tau Delta; Scabbard and Blade; Jazz Hounds; Battle Axe. Hazel McCollum IVaynoka Kappa Phi; Y. W. C. A. R. L. Ragsdale Houston, Texas Phi Gamma Delta. Lawrence Milton Sheets Okmulgee Sigma Alpha Mu. Audrey Taylor W ellington, Texas U H u- - T- X A I A I A [A I A 1 A , y I -I- 1 - I - 1 - I - r - i - ' i- -K 1 - I - 1 G - wyy ' w - - - A[ Al A[ A I A I A I - I - I I • • I ■ • I H • « • • Page 77 NY-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-v .• ' , . ' « ■• » • v: ' a H w ... -s= y ( JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Paul C. Brunk Frederick Delta Tau Delta; Jazz Hounds, Cathrine Caraway Shawnee Alpha Xi Delta; Glee Club ' 26, ' 27; Follies ' 28; Pierian. Dorothy Hazel Chapman Norman Kappa Phi; Y. W. C.A.; Phil osoph}- Club; Las Dos Ameri Juanita Doenges Tonkaiua Durward Mathis Manitou Websterian. Jess W. Elliott Blanchard Acacia. Dorothy Frank Yale Chi Omega ; Adagio ; W. A. A. ; Y. W. C. A. -i-ij; !- l -M-t-l-t- l -t- l -t-l-t Page 7S K - JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Evelyn Bunch Oklahoma City Dorothy Carroll Oklahoma City Delta Gamma ; Y. W. C. A. ; Big Sister Committee; Philoso- phy Club; Spanish Club. Dare D. Dale Yale Edith Douglas Nashville, Illinois Alpha Phi; Y.W. C.A. Coun- J. C. Elliott Snyder Wm. Lee Fogg El Reno Kappa Sigma ; Interfraternity Council. Edward Gerkey Carthage Riding Club. U- ■ - V s- A I A I A I A 1 A I A I A - I -h I I - I - I « KY-l-V- l -V-l-V- l -v ;), .« ' ■ V£ ' 3 : A JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Lynn Abbot Durant Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Glee Club; Bombardiers; Pick and Hammer; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. ZuELL C. Ambrose Tonka wa Helen J. Andrew Tulsa Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. A. ; Polo and Riding Associa- Earl V. Back Oak wood Alpha Sigma Phi; Glee Club. Inez Ballard Norman Delta Delta Delta; Theta Sig- ma Phi; Women ' s Editor Okla- homa Daily; Legislative Coun- cil; Indian Club; Manuscript Club. George M. Bell Sha wnee Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Jazz Hounds. Tracey Boory Broumsville, Texas Pi Beta Phi ; Y. W. C. A. ; Glee Club; Stunt Nite ' 28. ■ fe sbZ j;? : ir iU-l-M-M-!-l-{b } • • m • • G W - • ■ " . ' . ,( ' ; v-l-v-l-v-l-v- l -vY JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Schuyler Allman Iva Marion H. Amos Oklahoma City Pauline Anthis Muskogee Pauline Bailey Alius Chi Omega ; Y. W. C. A. Ilein Barrackman Amarillo, Texas Kappa Phi. Irene Billups Oklahoma City Alpha Phi. Verona Browning Geary Alpha Gamma Delta; Secretary Freshman Class ' 26, ' 27; Presi- dent Pan-Hellenic; Secretary Women ' s Council ' 28, ' 29; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. K A I A I A I A i rrx H Page 79 VlY- l -V. | .v.|.v; .«.«.«» ■ ■ - ' s •3 JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Kathrine Ringelman Geary Delta Psi Kappa. James L. Robinson Sapulpa President Mu Eta Tau ; Delta Sigma Rho; Pi Sigma Alpha; President Congress ; Vice-Presi- dent Oratorical Council ; Play- house; State Champion Peace Orator ' 27 ; Varsity Debate ' 29 ; Ruf-Neks; President Sophomore Class ' 28 ; Winner Inter-Society Declamation ; President Y. M. C. A.; U ' hirl wind Staff; Phil- osophy Club. Fred P. Schonwald Oklahoma City Battle Axe; Frosh Football. J. R. Simps on Tulsa Sigma Nu. Ruth Smith Eldorado Virginia Stone Shaiunee Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A. ; Polo and Riding Associa- tion ; Manuscript Club. Elva True blood Tonkaiva Gamma Phi Beta; Y. W . C. A. ' « ' ■ ' J. v-l-v-l-v-l vl% Vk k K jA |A 1 A 1 A =PPT + Page 80 JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Cliff Robinson Enid Phi Delta Theta. Claudine Schofield Oklahoma City Kappa Kappa Gamma ; Adagio; Stunt Nite ' 27, ' 28; Follies ' 28. Erma Sherrod Perkins Lee Sinks Tulsa Kappa Alpha Theta; Y. W. C. A.; Stunt Nite. Maurine Stansell Duncan Alpha Phi. H. Violet Sturgeon Hennessey Pi Kappa Delta. Ruth Vaught Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha Theta. r§ ir s- k M.|.|.|. | .fU.U.|. VY-i-v-i-v-i-v ry- •• » » • - • - £ ■7) - JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Tom Clifford El Reno Delta Tau Delta; Golf. William G. Johnson McAlester Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Alpha Kappa Psj ; Scabbard and Blade. Pearl Ralph Kirk Marloiu A. M. Marshall Chandler Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Merwyn C. Murrell Frederick Lambda Chi Alpha; Ruf-Neks; Mystic Keys; Inter-Fraternitv Council ' 28, ' 29; Band ' 26, ' 27. Barney Simon Los Angeles, California Phi Beta Delta. E. E. Tucker Byars T ■J fcJ ' . ' . ,r, V-l-V-|-V-l- Vl:V7 r VMM .1. ! .1.1 .1. .1. -(i) - rfe r ' X ' JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE WiLBER Felt Wellington, Kansas Delta Chi. Paul P. Kennedy Oklahoma City Delta Tau Delta; Mu Eta Tau; Sigma Delta Chi; Oklahoma Daily. Shelby W. Marr Tulsa Delta Upsilon. Gene Mitchell Muskogee Phi Kappa Psi. Roy a. Nelson Harlshorne Acacia; Football; Wrestling; Y. M. C. A. ; German Club. M. Tench Tilghman Oklahoma City Edd. p. Watts Dallas, Texas Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Art Edi- tor Whirlwind. WW K A " X X =FP+ - A I A I A j Page 81 v-l-Y- l -vlv- l -v V - 4 • ■ » ' ■3 JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Arthur Buckner Chelsea Biology Club. Claire Graham Oklahoma City IvA Anna Young Mill Creek Las Dos Americas. Milton West McAlester Pick and Hammer. C. H. TiPPETT McAlester Kappa Sigma; Senate; Fresh- man Baseball. Harold Thurman Oklahoma City Sigma Nu; Jazz Hounds; Y. M. C. A.; Battle Axe; Con- gress ; Tennis Team ; " O " Club. Ruth Erma Schrimsher Elmer ■»-.fcJJij S M A I A I A I A I A I A 1 • ' •r-i-1 I - I - 1 Page 82 « •■ JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Hurley C. Roberson Tulsa Alpha Kappa Psi. Margaret Rittenhouse Dodge City, Kansas Lavaughn Whitehurst Hartshorne Charles H. Vowell Norman Phi Kappa Sigma. Verne Timmons Oklahoma City Phi Delta Theta. Bert H. Thurber Norman Alpha Delta Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma, Vice-President ' 27, Presi- dent ' 28 ; Congress, Treasurer ' 28, President ' 29; Society De- bate ' 27, ' 28 ; University Cham- ber of Commerce ' 27, ' 28. Charles Phillip WiLLSEY Bixhy W W ' ■K. | .M.f|.rKg S KV- l -V. | .v.|.v.|.v ; , «.« ' 4 -a - - JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Karl A. Baugh.max Ponca City Kappa Sigma. Meryl Carr Shaviiee Sigma Chi. Mary Griffix Cliiikasha Kappa Alpha Theta ; French Club; Polo and Riding Associa- tion. RosANXA Moore Oklahoma City Victor O. Vaters Granite Websterian ; Debate ; Oratorical Council; President Junior Class. Charlie Ritchie Ponca City Sigma Nu; Scabbard and Blade; University Players; Blue Pencil; Circulation Manager ' 29 Sooner; Business Manager ' 30 Sooxer; Inter-Fraternity Council. Jane Bowman Pauls Valley Pi Beta Phi; Pan-Hellenic; Y W. C. A. -»-fcJ, K V. . ' . ,( ' ; v- i -v- i -v- v-1 " P5-v . JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Pearl Beard Shre ' veport, La. Chi Omega. Charlie Fuxdis Wanette Alpha Sigma Phi; Ruf-Neks; Battle Axe. " J. Monte Hayner Tulsa Sigma Nu. Edna May Thomas Ennis, Texas Alpha Phi; Y. W. C.A.; Pick and Hammer. Virginia Ballard Norman Delta Delta Delta ; Secretary of Student Council ; Member Wo- men ' s Council; Glee Club; In- dian Club; Y. W. C. A. Jack F. Barth Skiatook Acacia. John Gordon Oklahoma City Alpha Delta Sigma ; Newman Club President ' 28; Business Manager Sooner Magazine ' 28, ' 29 ; Advertising Assistant Okla- homa Daily ' 28. YXYTT WW ■ ? A[ Al A k f l- W ' - Page 83 X y- i -y- i -y- I -yiy i , , ■ ■ » • ■a H w .orr-r - S " JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Frances Clewien Paiuhusha Alpha Xi Delta; Y. W. C. A. ; Indian Club. Jim Dodson Bartles ' ville Kappa Sigma ; Ruf-Neks ; Chi Chi Chi; Scabbard and Blade. Joe B. Gordon Konaiva Alpha Sigma Phi; Glee Club ' 27. Thelma M. Heenan Ardmore Pi Beta Phi ; Y. W. C. A. Mary Johnson Ardmore Kappa Kappa Gamma ; Polo and Riding Association. E. C. Love chandler Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Lenore McKittrick Norman Alpha Gamma Delta. -S- fcJ. . ' ■ ,(; V-l-V-l-V- lr :! 1 A I A 1 A I A I A I A I A r • • • A Page 84 I - I - I JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Ellen Cunningham Muskogee Delta Gamma; Y. W. C. A.; French Club. Carlisle Goodrich Norman Pi Kappa Alpha. William K. Harris Ardmore Beta Theta Pi; Chi Chi Chi; Jazz Hounds. Rodney H. Janeway Oklalioma City Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Newman Club; Alpha Kappa Psi. John W. Lee Charleston, Mo. Phi Kappa Psi; Kappa Psi; Football. John E. McCleary, Jr. Colorado, Texas Phi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Kap- pa Psi; Kappa Kappa Psi; Mystic Keys; University Cham- ber of Comerce ; Band ; W. N, A. D. ; Miniature Symphony Or- chestra. Ed. Mills Oklahoma City Delta Tau Delta ; Sigma Delta Chi ; Oklahoma Daily. w w p u- - I • ! • I ■i.Aj. .i. uu 3; Kvlv- l -v-l-v-l-v;),V,V " s ' 3 H JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Haskell Walker Norman Phi Kappa Sigma . Florexce Whitelock Huntington, Indiana Alpha Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A. Council. Walter O. Beets Oklahoma City Phi Delta Theta ; Chi Chi Chi; Scabbard and Blade; Bombar- diers; Freshman Baseball. Emma Jane Biggers Wevioka Alpha Phi; Mu Alpha Theta; Pick and Hammer. Rita Rogers Browx Ardmore pamma Phi Beta; Orchestra; Y. W. C. A.; Poetry Club. Jack P. Carmax Bristovi Phi Gamma Delta; Sigma Delta Psi; Battle Axe; Football ' 27; Track ' 27, ' 28. Ruby Love Culwell Norman Alpha Phi. »--k-iJL« ' fe •■ ' V ' . , ; v- l -vlv- l -v-l-yy JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Robert H. White Boynton Delta Chi; Jazz Hounds; Inter- Fraternitv Council. Marsh S. Wilmer Bartlesville C. D. Bennett Oklahoma City Sigma Nu; Senate; Oratorical Council. Solon Bower Muskogee Phi Delta Theta; Bombardiers. Dot Cannsler Enid Pi Beta Phi; If hirlivind Staff; Y. V. C. A. LowRY Crites JVichita Falls, Texas Kappa Alpha. Charles Homer Delzell Cherokee Pi Kappa Phi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Ruf-Neks. u- -- fl-fl-!-l-!-l-M-M- SS gS ! I - I - I -V I T 1 - - - 2 s- A I A I A I A I A I A I AN] 4=H. Page 85 v-l-v- l -v-l-v-l-v: , .V " ■ ■ ' V: •a - H .,.rr-c=7r : JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIExNCE Susie Kathleen Albright Cooper, Texas Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. A.; History Club. L. C. Cheuvront, Jr. Roosevelt Alpha Sigma Phi. Myrtle Ann Grissom Frederick Ellis A. Leibman Frederick Phi Beta Delta ; Congress. Ruth McCall Norman Delta Gamma; W. A. A. ; Delta Psi Kappa ; Polo and Riding Association. Ragna Pearce Pauls Valley Pi Beta Phi; Y. W. C. A. Ruby Rexroat Ardmore Indian Club; Glee Club. (»— fc-tJ ■ « ■■ » ■■ ,(?; v-i-viv-i vi ' A I A I A I A I A I A I A I - I - I Page 86 PR ) 5?° ? gpr7io.. JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Adelbert B. Cather Sha ' wnee Sigma Chi; Glee Club; Dra- matic Club. Myra Katherine Day Tulsa Chi Omega. Nell King Duncan Alpha Phi; Pan-Hellenic. Helen McAlpine Haileyville Chi Omega; Glee Club; Span- sh Club; Y.W. C. A. Mildred Nicholson Sliattuck Marcus M. Ravitch New York City, Neva York Phi Eta Sigma; President Entre Nous ' 26 ; Current Events ' 26. Vernon Rice Muskogee Delta Upsilon; Glee Club. ?rcT - — «) W VB i- l -i- l -l W A I A I A I A [ A 1 A I A J. 1 - I - 1 yvlv-l-v-l-v- l -v . v ■ • » ' - .- - £ ' 3 JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Geo. Davis Bushyhead Claremore Kappa Sigma. Mildred Folshee Stroud Pi Beta Phi. Melda Howard Tulsa Pi Beta Phi. Velma Jones Bristov; Kappa Kappa Oamma; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. Council. Margaret Woody Oklahoma City Delta Gamma. Nelson Owen Oklahoma City Kappa . Ipha. Juanita Pool Chickasha Kappa Kappa Gamma. (» - iJ i ! S ■ ■ ' " . ' . , ( ,V-l-V-l-V- l -V. | -vV A I A I A 1 A I A I A 1 A I r I •• I •• I t r- l - l= CT JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Beverly Faunt Le Roy Monroe, Louisiana Alpha Phi; Y. W. C. A. ; Polo and Riding Association. Edgar Eugene Fulton Coffeyville, Kansas Kappa Sigma; Senate. Louise Hudson Luxora, Arkansas Chi Omega; French Club; La- tin Club; Y. W. C.A. Gladys Elizabeth McDonald U ' atonga Delta Gamma; Y. W. C. A. Elgenia Moore Ardmore Kappa Kappa Gamma. Robert H. Pansze Fort Smith, Ark. Phi Kappa Sigma; Jazz Hounds. Brunette Shanklin Oklahoma City Alpha Phi; Y. V. C. A. P ir s- M-M-M-M-M-t ■ k Page 87 yv- i -v- i -v-i-v- i -v. ■ ■ " ■■ ■ : " v •2 A JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Bert Barr Dallas, Texas Pi Kappa Alpha. Mildred Frances Brown Duncan Pi Beta Phi. Ira B. McCroskey Oklahoma City Alpha Tau Omega; Ruf-Neks; Freshman Football ; Basketball ; Baseball ' 26, ' 27; French Club. Ray Steele Alius Acacia. Walter Wade Independence, Kansas Kappa Alpha. Morris C. Wells Purcell Beta Theta Pi. Sidney Wolf Dairs Sigma Alpha Mu. m ' •i-i-l-jHit G ' W " . ' , ,(; v-l-v-l-v- l -v-l-v Page 88 JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Odile Berry Norman Pi Zeta Kappa, Treasurer; Oik- onomia; Life Saving; Ducks Club ; W. A. A. Max D. Maule P iarr, Texas Sigma Chi. E. B. Miller, Jr. Tulsa Sigma Chi. ROMEY TUBB Mangum Sigma Mu Sigma. Ralph E. Walker Wichita Falls, Texas Sigma Nu; Battle Axe; Jazz Hounds; Baseball; Websterian; " O " Club. Blanche Welsh Blacktuell Alpha Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A. ; Pierian. Virginia Yates Tulsa Gamma Phi Beta. FP4= ' - 2 s- i H A I A I A I A I A I A I ANJ =F I. yv- l -V- l -V-l-V- l -V Tl • - ' - JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Wilson William Bell Purcell Beta Theta Pi. Leslie Byron Norman Kappa Sigma ; Congress ; Scab- bard and Blade. Virgil Roy Jobe Musko jee Sigma Mu Sigma; Alpha Pi Mu; Alpha Chi Sigma; Square and Compass. Albert D. M.aidt Oklahoma City Sigma Chi; Scabbard and Blade. Sarah E. Pearson Tucumcari, Nev; Mexico Chi Omega; Adagio. Wendell Smith Tulsa Phi Kappa Psi ; Scabbard and Blade. Doc Stalker Pond Creek Pi Kappa Alpha; Track; " O " Club. ■5 -iJ ■ ■ ' " . ' ■ , ' ;V- I -V-|-V- I -V- I -VW JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE J. W. Taylor Midland, Texas Delta Tau Delta. J. C. Crutchfield Holden-ville Kappa Alpha. Thadeine Lyon Geary Alpha Gamma Delta; Glee Club; Polo and Riding Associa- Ed Overholser Oklahoma City Phi D elta Theta. Lowe Runkle Oklahoma City Alpha Tau Omega ; Tennis Squad ' 26, ' 27 ; Tennis Team ' 28, ' 29. WiLDA Smith Amarillo, Texas Gamma Phi Beta. Ann Bowlby Sha wnee Delta Gamma; Y. W. C. A.; Polo and Riding Association. l ' A I A I A I A 1 A I A 1 A 1 - I - 1 • ' • 1 - I - 1 += W ' yy 1 • ' • 1 • ' • : - T 1 • ' • 1 • ! • 1 • ' • i A I A I A I A T A I A I X Page S9 K Y- l -YlY- l -Y- l -T r ' « ■■ » » :e -%r7;: g: JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE LlLLIAX ASHER Pond Creek Chi Omega ; Y. W. C. A. ; Phil- osophy; French Club; Spanish Club; W.A.A. Norma Co Perrine Columbus, Kansas Alpha Chi Omega; French Club; Y. W. C.A. Franklin Ewing Ilir ffins, Texas Pi Kappa Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; Citv Editor of Oklahoma Daily; Press Club. Margaret I- leanor Halt Oklahoma City Fred Ki.ingensmith Sapulpa Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Marlin Phillips Mooreland President Kappa Psi ; Football ' 27, ' 28. Victor Pryor Holden ' ville Alpha Pi Mu. C9 -k-fcJ ' « • • U.l.M.H iW Paffe 90 JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Alfred C. Champlin La ' Uiton Phi Delta Theta. Clifford E. Cullum Earlsboro Delta Chi; Ruf-Neks. Harriet Fordyce Tonkawa Phi Mu; Psychology Club. Theodore H. Horner Enid Margaret E. McKee Bartlesville Chi Omega; Y. W. C.A.; Man- uscript Club. Ji.M Price Hobart Sigma Mu Sigma. Ellen Rice Fl Reno Phi Mu; C;lee Club. IT " " W - 2 - S 3. -; M. | . |.| . K.|. | .AX | r a. vw- i -v- i -v-i-v ; , . . " ■ ■ - ■ - " V: -a ;- w JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Everett Lora Purietl Ri:x Davexi ' ort Pilot Point, Trxas Band. Joe C. Edwards Enid Alpha Sigma Delta; Kappa Kappa Psi; Band •27- ' 29; Bio- logy Club. Todd Ferguson Alpha Tail Omega; Alpha Delta Sigma, President ' 28 ; T ie Oklahoma Daily, Advertising Manager ' 28, ' 29; Publication Board ' 29. Odelia Fritch Norman Howard (jilbert Lament Cosmopolitan Club; German Club. Mary Jaxe Hare Oklahoma City Alpha Phi; Theta Sigma Phi; Y. ' W. C. A.; Riding and Polo Association ; Philosophy Club. -i ; (Ov isC - cT r . rr: -,-,. ' v- i -yi;- i -;-i-Y - AIAIAIAIAIAIA =PP=F PPf «) oT T-ao. JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE Byrox Deringtox Ardmore Sigma Chi. William J. Douthitt Duncan Phi Delta Theta. x Chas. R. Fextress Tipton Pi Kappa Phi. Loi IS E. Fratcher Springfield, III. Alpha Tau Omega. Faye Fritch Norman Ovella Hackler Norman Ducks Club; Y. W. C.A.; In- dian Club; Norman Girls ' Club. David W. Hutchisox Fort H orth, Texas Delta I ' psilon; Football. oV " .Ci s rg Q yy - - M-M-!-1-t-l-!U • • • • ■ • sa Page 91 Vv-l-v- l -v-l-v- l -v: ,«. ' . ' ■ ' ■ - ■2 ...r - a " SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE Frank R. Abbott Norman Sigma Alpha Epsilon Dick Berry Oklahoma City Sigma Chi Eva Gay Buckholts Duncan Jess Denison Hobart Kappa Alpha Byrox p. Gardxer Tipton Acacia Palmer S. Haxcock Ponca City Sigma Chi Margaret Maguire Norman Alpha Chi Omega Kenxeth E. McAfee Roi Acacia Ruth Meister Oklahoma City Chi Omega Katherixe Phillips lloldenvilU Alpha Chi Omega Helex Scharp Oklahoma City Phi Omega Pi Elizabeth Shermax Oklahoma City Kappa Kappa Gamma (»--k-tJ i ' . r. v- l -v-l-v-l-viv SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE CoLETHA Butler Norman Pi Zeta Kappa Lester Cowden Shavinee Jo Craker Bristoia Kappa Alpha Theta " Edxa Hawkes Bartlesville Alpha Phi Roy Lee Holloway Britton Matthew J. Kaxe Oklahoma City Sigma Chi Virginia Mixshall Tulsa Delta Delta Delta Jessie Olmstead If atonga Elizabeth Patterson Oklahoma City Alpha CJamma Delta Otto Walker Brinkman Helen Lucille Warren Zybach, Texas Don J. WiET Tulsa Phi Gamma Delta U-i- 2 (? - y . . . . . ) A 5 Page 92 w v A [ A I AJ A j .! . Kv - I - v-l-v-l-v-l-v; , ■«. " «: ■a H SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE James B. Henderson McAlester P. A. Jenkins Blue Jacket Wayne Jeffrey Hastings W. B. Meister Muskogee Cecile L. Moore Norman Alpha Phi Harold Nichols Medford Frances Porter Ne u! Orleans, Louisiana Stanley Reinstein Tulsa Sigma Alpha Mu Vernon Roberts Holdenville • ■ ■ " . ' . ,( ' ; v-l-v-l-v- l -v- l -vY Bert K. Smith Fort IVorth, Texas Beta Theta Pi Owen Smith Paiuhuska Phi Kappa Sigma Thelma Stewart Perry SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE Glatha Adams Oklahoma City Romayne Black Norman Kappa Alpha Theta Robert T. Florence Antlers John E. Kennedy Purcell Sigma Alpha Epsilon Jack Land Muskogee Phi Kappa Psi Chester C. LeMarr Vici Pi Kappa Phi Henry Nickell Davenport Bernard Oneill Marshall George H. Penney Tulsa Robert Rogers Oklahoma City Bertha Rudd Hooker Carl J. Sallee Cherokee U ijLj --« y . . i xA, W - " of y 0 A I A 1 A I A I A I A I -n - i - ' i •• =? • • • • 33 J= Page 9J RylY-l-Y-l-v- l -v ; ,VV ' . ' : ' ' ' -r rP m - T ' " ' ' ' ' v-l-Ylvc ifefer -a H SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE F. L. BUELLESFELD Blatkivell Eva Cashion Waurika JiiM Crow Hominy Phi Gamma Delta Murray Gordon Bartlesville Phi Gamma Delta Virginia Klamel Bristoiv Robert Laufer Goteho Clifford Peck Tonka wa Sigma Chi J. H. POE Tuba Phi Cjamma Delta Earl Roberts Norman Robert L. Turner .Inadarko Sarah Louise Turner Oklahoma City Alpha Phi Pauline Vandever Tulsa Delta Delta Delta muiwuH J Page 94 SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE Ralph Cochran Kingfisher Acacia Ned Creekmore Tulsa Sigma Nu R. Milton Elliott Shatvnee ' % Margaret Loeffler Oklahoma City C. H. Manney Davenport Acacia Dick Pearce El Reno Pi Kappa Phi Joe Snoddy Elk City Frank Tansel F.dmond Ramona Todd Mangum Tom Taylor Whetzel Norman Jack Stone Oklahoma City Alpha Sigma Phi Fred Switzer Hugo 2r S - W W MXMMM k NYiv-i-v-l-v-i-- " yr « ■• » « •■ - .- -?) - H SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE Eleanor Hi.ake Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha Theta Jasper Bovd Tecumseli Delta Chi Axx Marie Urown suitings FiXIS E. COPEI.AXD Maud L. W. Croxix Golebo Mary Caroline Dawson Clinton Delta Delta Delta Gaines E. Highsmith Alius Ernest M. Hill Oklahoma City Sigma Chi Harold Hogue Carnegie Rosemary Lamb Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha Theta Ida McCutcheon Shidler Dorothy Morris Sapulpa -1-jJ. lt lU.|.M.|.|.A-l-U i .c ' , V-l-V-l-V- l - V-I VT f SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE WiAviA E. Altom Tonkaiua Alpha Chi Omega Mary Atkinson Longview, Texas Abigail L. Bartlett Sapulpa Frances Campbell Frederick Alpha Chi Omega Paul Casey Weii-oka Chadwick Colclasure Norman Waldo Geis Norman Noble Goatcher Seminole Delta Chi Newton Hammer Cliickasha Sigma Mu Sigma R. V. HOLLINGSWORTH Machill Lottie Mae Hughes Henryetta Victor J. Jamieson Ponca City g ' iTttt? - - I -I- I pj f T rrx z3 Page 96 KV-I-V-I-V-I-V-I-V M - ■ 4 ■7) H SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE Ella Bethea Marion, South Carolina Kappa Kappa Gamma Nellie Belle Blackard Sulphur Kenneth Blackmar Rosiuell, New Mexico Beta Theta Pi Richard Carter Waurika Kappa Alpha Elsa Castner Los Angeles, California Kappa Kappa Gamma Alvin Conner Shavinee James W. Gorman Saputpa Pi Kappa Alpha Edna Hardin Norman Mary Harkin Paiuhuska Mary Virginia Jeffries Clarendon, Arkansas Chi Omega Evelyn Lapp IVilburton J. D. McCoiD Cleveland .--i-tJ VHM-M-IUU J Page 96 ' . ,(S v-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-y 1 SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE Margaret Bowman Okmulgee Pi Beta Phi ] Iaxine Byron Norman Zelda Lemoyne Campbell Oklahoma City Louis Dakil McAlester Cora Gilliland Oklahoma City Ollie G. Gleason Okeene LuciLE R. Harper Collins-ville Elizabeth Hayes Oklahoma City Evelyn Hayes McCloud Alpha Phi Grace McKinney Henryetta Alpha Gamma Delta Winfrey Meler Chickasha Sigma Chi Don D. Montgomery Ada Sigma Nu s A I A I AJ AO r - k m • ■l-V- l -V- l -V- l -V TT •• » ■ " s ■a ' ' ' ' E .rr- ' - T SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIExXCE Helen Bethell Tulsa Pi Beta Phi Dorothy Boatright Porter Gerald S. Bond Bethany Joan Clover Enid Pi Beta Phi Ruth Mae Crosby Mustoffee Delta Delta Delta Joel B. Cunningham llanaiua Sam Fryer Muskogee Phi Kappa Psi Virginia Getman Tulsa Delta Delta Delta Lena Ruth Gibbins IVaurika Melvin G. Howe Shamrock, Texas Floyd H. Jergensen Tulsa Sigma Nu Wm. S. Johnson Eldorado, Arkansas ■ W ! . %- ' S s. ' y il ii « «.. »» , c , V-|-V-|-V-|-Vl S ' ' gpr-; ... SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE Clarence M. Ball Duncan Hattie Barrett Alius GoLDiA Beaver Eagle City Ramona Bourland Norman Iargaret Box Tuskahoma Halbert G. Brown Buffalo Marion E. Ferguson Sioux City, Io iua Pi Beta Phi Virginia Lee Forbis Tulsa Polk Fry Frederick Vera Belle Gooden Kingfisher Goethe Groenendyke Norman Lulu Hogue Eliasville, Texas , oj U - - ' « -A I A 1 A I A I A I A I A T u - yp k A I A I A I A I A 1 A I A ], I - I - I - I - |-|-|- l - i- l - r-i-v 1, Page 97 v- l -v- l -v-l-v-l-v. , .VV ■ At " 2 ■ w ■ ■..r-??r 7?1? M SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE Frances Deal fVynneiuood Delta Delta Delta Bill Moore, Jr. Quintan Katherine Moore Norman Chi Omega Wyman Fatten ' Chickasha Beta Theta Pi Louise Pierce Norman Delta Gamma Ernest Rapp Pone a City Sigma Nu Raymond Sowers Gage Dorothy N. E. Swank Norman Bonnie B. Thomas Oklahoma City Rebecca Todd Muskogee Delta Delta Delta Eva Jo Tucker Blackviell Alpha Chi Omega Eleanor A. Tulloch Okmulgee Alpha Chi Omega (9-i-fcj: 5: t-itn- i -t- i -M-t Page 98 ■ « ■ ' C V-l-V-l-V-l-NH-YT f SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE Margaret Morley Oklalioma City Delta Delta Delta Mary Osborn St. Petersburg, Florida Yeargain Park S perry Lambda Chi Alpha Mary Rinehart Wagoner Pi Beta Phi Irene Roberts Blair Ethel Smith Boise City Mary Jane Thompson Tulsa Kappa Alpha Theta Thornton R. Thornhill fFakita Kenneth Tiger Okmulgee Kappa Sigma Mary Alice Verity McLoud Bingham W. Wallace Spur, Texas William O. Wethington Nash ' yy I 9 A I A I Al Al A I A 33 yv-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-v T), y « • ' » • i ■ A - H SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE Bernard H. Hilburx Dallas, Texas Delta Tau Delta Russell F. Hunt Tulsa Kappa Sigma Lee Brown Park If alters Alpha Tau Omega Marjorie Reid Okmulgee Kappa Kappa Gamma Dale W. Rookstool Norman Pi Kappa Alpha George J. Seibold Tulsa Phi Gamma Delta Fraxces Steele Norman Delta Gamma Doc. Webster da Kappa Sigma Ernestine York Okmulgee Phi Mu Walter Stark Oklahoma City Phi Delta Theta Carter M. Fears Eufaula Kappa Alpha Clarence R. Unruh Norman Acacia TT 4-tJ ■3 1 ; !- i -M-t-i-t-i-t-i-t-i- K- SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE George Birdseye Oklahoma City Phi Delta Theta Kitty Hager Guthrie Kappa Kappa Gamma Sam Harris Norman Phi Kappa Sigma Mary A. Perkins Hugo Chi Omega R. C. POWLESS Tulsa Delta Tail Delta Everett L. Purcell Enid Beta Theta Pi Jaaies B. Siberts Okmulgee Beta Theta Pi Wrexel Spurr Seminole Kappa Sigma Vernon B. Stansell Tipton Pi Kappa Phi Robert L. Sanders Ponca City Alpha Tau Omega Roy E. Morton Kingfisher Alpha Sigma Phi Earl Flint Kingfisher Phi Delta Theta A I A I A I A j A I A I A ' W % Page 99 Vy-I-v- I -vIv- I -v. , . ■ - As " it H W SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE HiLLARD W. Carey Wichita Falls, Texas Sigma Nu RuDD Tate Ardmore Kappa Kappa Gamma Ray K. Bannister El Reno Delta Tau Delta Joe B. Hudson Los Angeles, California Delta Tau Delta Virginia Hughes Tulsa Gamma Phi Beta Helen Johnson Oklahoma City Gamma Phi Beta L. D. McCay El Reno Delta Tau Delta Louise Schaff Tulsa Kappa Kappa Gamma Morris Shrader El Reno Delta Tau Delta Milton Priebe Enid Robert L. Smith Norman Kappa Alpha Josephine Strickler Enid Kappa Kappa Gamma A I A I A T A I A [ A 1 A I - I - I Page 100 n m ' ■ . , ; v-i-viv- i -v- i -Y ; I SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE Howard Bunch Centrahoma Lambda Chi Alpha Russell A. Gideon Tulsa Kappa Sigma jMilton K. Hamilton Ardmore Delta Tau Delta " Randolph Kizzire Hugo Delta Chi John R. MacLean Pueblo, Colorado Delta Tau Delta Frances Moore Wichita, Kansas Alpha Gamma Delta F. A. Douglass Ft. Wortli, Texas Sigma Chi Mary Jane Hays Tulsa Chi Omega Leonard Joseph Oklahoma City Sigma Alpha Mu Howard Wickham Guthrie Phi Kappa Sigma L. Harold Witt Oklahoma City Phi Kappa Sigma T. C. Wrighter Tulsa Phi Kappa Sigma ' wyy t) — A i A i A i A i 2 (? ■ TXv I v-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-v M ••» • vs ■ W SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE Leona Sappingtont Laverne Phi Mu Mildred Bush Norman Alpha Gamma Delta Carl Albert McAlester Kappa Alpha Roy M. Long Hartsliorne Delta Chi Bernece McCauley El Paso, Texas Delta Gamma Lowell McGehee Norman Kappa Alpha Dean Pine Okmulgee J. C. Smith Sulphur Delta Upsilon Mildred Streeter El Reno Alpha Phi Kenneth H. Wasson Tulsa Kappa Alpha Sue Weaver McAlester NoRVAL L. Wycoff Custer City Acacia -i-fcj; :i r.v- -v- - r tH l i P f - ... SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE W. W. Bartlett Purcell Joe J. Brewer Tulsa Phi Kappa Psi Frances Roberts Muskogee Kappa Kappa Gamma L. S. Fogarty Guthrie Sigma Alpha Epsilon Earl L. Fricke Oklahoma City Delta Tau Delta Tom Gordon Oklahoma City Alvan Muldrow Norman Beta Theta Pi Tom Neal Dover Harris Pepper Oklahoma City Sigma Alpha Epsilon R. M. SWARTZ Enid John Swinford Norman Sigma Alpha Epsilon Mrs. Margueritte VOTAWS JVevioka FM-!- i -t-i-t-i-t- i -t- i -t r W p K A I A I A I A I A I A I A " k Page 101 P VY.|.V.|.V.|.V.|.V • • • - ' •71 H ■ - r:r SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE Carroll J. Black Ft. Smith, Arkansas Phi Delta Theta Don Edwards Oklahoma City Phi Delta Theta Dorothy Fancher Foss Leon S. John Walters Paul John Walters Bernard Kahn Ardmore Sigma Alpha Mu Wayne Martin Stillwater Geo. a. McClung, Jr. Fort Worth, Texas Phi Delta Theta Don G. McCormick Tulsa Delta Upsilon Cleo O ' Dell Norman Dennis H. Petty Norman Margaret Rockwell McAllen, Texas -tJ ' . ' ■ . V- l -V-l-V- lr -lryV y xTx A I A I A Page 102 ? SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE John E. Glover Childress, Texas Pi Kappa Alpha Wayne Glover Ponca City Phi Delta Theta Roy M. Holliday McAlester Phi Delta Theta Elizabeth Long Muskogee Kappa Kappa Gamma G. C. Lynde Muskogee Phi Kappa Psi Wm. Herbert Martin Meeker Tom McKenzie Ft. Stockton, Texas Phi Kappa Sigma Lawrence Meyers El Reno Phi Kappa Alpha Maurine Murrah Plainvievi, Texas Marjorie Scott Oklahoma City Lucille Swindler Muskogee Pi Beta Phi B. L. Trapp Tulsa f S 7T5 " G ' Uh- !-l-M-!-l-M-!U F v lv-l-vlv-l-v ;). . ' . . ' ' £ ■a y y H ..o r-y Fy " SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE Bruce B. Bevexs BoonevilU, Arkansas Ruby Borneman Putman Peggy Fern Botkix Sapulpa Louis R. Devanney Sayre Kappa Alpha MiLFORD DeVER El Reno Nona Everett Purcell H. Marcus Horn Sapulpa Delta Chi DoDSON Johnson Alius Sigma Alpha Epsilon Leslie Kendall Strong City Donovan Marshall Muskogee Sigma Alpha Epsilon Mildred Isabelle Marshall Quanah, Texas Thurman Murdock Tulsa Phi Delta Theta -tJ. JsP ' ' ■ ' V ' .Vc " , v-l-v-l-v- l -v- l -vY V - o.. r SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE Donald McDonald Ft. Tovison B. T. Williams Stratford Clara Berg Oklahoma City Gamma Phi Beta Turner Bynum Oklahoma City Sigma Chi Ernest Dix Cornelius Oklahoma City Sigma Nu Lester Cowden Sha wnee Rex S. Garner Byars T. R. Garner Cushing Pi Kappa Phi Quinton Griffith Okemah John Laudes Billings Pi Kappa Alpha Louis Long Ada Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ted Magee Oklahoma City Sigma Nu m. . . . . " " " X Tfe g 5 F K A I A I A I A I A I A I A ' - Page 103 NY-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-v;), .VV ' Vf ■?) .ofr-t=:?5-S ;r? SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE True Baker S ia ' wni ' e Kappa Epsilon Ola Beckett Okmulgee Phi Mu Wilbur Beesley Tulsa Dorothy Davis Weivoka Alpha Phi William Glenn Dunnington Cherokee Pi Kappa Phi Wendell Ford Tulsa Phi Gamma Delta Mark L. Neumaim Guthrie Nell Roberts Chickasha Kappa Alpha Theta Eugene Rose Cache C. H. Shaw Man gum Mildred Stockton Norman Chi Omega Wellings Sturgis Norman -t-fcj S . . ,( ' ; v-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-yy ?XTX M-M-!-l-M-{- SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE Nell Marie Berry Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha Theta Vivien Custard Medford Chi Omega Reynolds Damm Norman N. J. Futoransky Shaivnee Sigma Alpha Mu Allene McKinney Okemah Gamma Phi Beta Gordon L. Medlock Shaivnee Nelson Rosem Sha wnee Sigma Alpha Mu Weldon K. Ruth Okeene Sigma Nu J. P. Rutherford, Jr. Borger, Texas Wilbur Orville tolleson Sperry Lambda Chi Alpha Travis Turner Oklahoma City Phi Gamma Delta John W. Williams Bristo w 2 ' S - k tU.|.t. | .f|.|.|.t. | .Hl Page W4- v-l-v-l-v-l-v-i-v ; - £ ' a H SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE Bill Bourx Atnarillo, Texas Alpha Tau Omega Max Cohex S iaivnee Sigma Alpha Mu Hugh Dickey Durartt Kappa Sigma James C. Karkix Pa whuska Phi Kappa Sigma Fred Heihgman Clinton Phi Beta Delta Betty Madalyxe Huxt Latiilon Alpha Phi Mary Lou Niles Tulsa Kappa Kappa Gamma James S. Petty Guthrie Alpha Tau Omega Melvin Pool Durant Sigma Nu Robert J. Strader Amarillo, Texas Phi Kappa Psi William A. Swax Pittsburg, Kansas Delta Tau Delta Edxa Louise Trimble Tulsa Pi Beta Phi t- 1 -t- i -t- i -t- i .i- i -i ■ V-l-VlV-l-VtV7 f SOPHOMORE ARTS AND SCIENCE Elizabeth Aberxathy Ardmore Pi Beta Phi Christixe Barxhart Childress, Texas Alpha Gamma Delta Mary Bolaxd Oklahoma City Alpha Phi Jaxe Field Enid Kappa Alpha Theta Eleaxor Galbraith Puebleo, Colorado Kappa Kappa Gamma Laura Goss Pwwhuska Delta Delta Delta Molita LeFors Pampa, Texas Gamma Phi Beta Paul Miller Norman Kappa Sigma Leola Nichols San Angela, Texas Pi Beta Phi Marjorie Putxam Carnegie Alpha Gamma Delta Joe Revelette Herd Delta Tau Delta Paulixe Robixett Tulsa Alpha Phi g " P=t: 1 • ' • 1 • ' • 1 A I A I A I A vjrrx • 2r 9 zS Page 105 XY-l-Y-l-VlVl - Hy « - - £ - H FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE Louis S. Howard Granite Grover Howard IVestmlle Ercell Howard Stigler Milton W. Hardy Tulsa Pi Kappa Alpha Lavona Hall Shidler Robert Haggart Fairfax Neville Gillum F.rick Kappa Sigma D. Marice Garrison Oklahoma City Ruth Fritch Norman Joe Finkelstein Sapulpa Phi Beta Delta Clarence Fedler Marlow Charles E. Engleman Tulia, Texas V , -fc-fcj JO ' v-|-v-|-v-|-v H7 f ■• ■|,M-M-M-!-l-!-|.| Page 106 FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE L. Herschel Hostetti-r Sapulpa Jane Hoper Milicaukee, Wisconsin Thomas L. HiERONYiNius Buffalo Richard J. Gurley Blackwell Phi Gamma Delta Wyeth H. Gooch Granite Harold Gingles Carmen Leota M. Fratcher Springfield, Illinois Lucille Foster Rusli ville, Illinois Carl T. Fisher Neiskirk Wilma Ann Emerson IVasliington Lowell Dunham Wellston LoA Le Davis Am or it a 3 S U- - p wyy (? - |.|.M.M.M.|.K- l -£ 8 v-i-Y-i-v-i-v-i-v ;),«. ' . " ■ f: ■a FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE Russell Osbourn Coldivater, Kansas Herschell Patterson- frood ward Alpha Tau Omega Harry Pines Tulsa Phi Beta Delta Carl Roselius Noble Ralph W. Rucker Norman Kappa Alpha Mayime Jane Sewell Granite George Tanner Pana, Illinois Robert W. Tanner Madill MiLFORD TetER Pirkins Walter D. Wood Pauls Valley Virginia Yates Avant Irine Zufall Tulsa Delta Delta Delta . ' . ' . ,( ' ; v-l-v-l-v- E±3: " 0 » ■ FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE Zella Carey Covint ton Elwood Carter Pryor J. Mlrrell Neely Amarillo, Texas Phi Kappa Psi Ja.mes a. Pipkin Oklahoma City Harold A. Rampp Jennings Kenneth P. Reed Heavener Kathryn Sloan Oklahoma City Margaret Stanley Norman Chi Omega Chas. Stewart Oklahoma City Kappa Sigma Steve Tokoly Pana, Illinois Virginia Umpleby Norman Alpha Chi Omega Abel Anderson Wilson Hamilton, Ontario, Canada yH . . . .m jy y ? - ■|.|.uu.u.K. Page 107 Vv-l-v-l-v-l-v-i-v ;), ' . ' . ' . ' . . ' ■ • ■ r ■7) H FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE Kathryn Fae Aderhold Oklahoma City Evelyn Beard Tulsa Kappa Alpha Theta Jane Burton Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha Theta Raymond G. Hershkowitz Tulsa Sigma Alpha Mu Carl Lindstrom Tulsa Kappa Sigma Emmaline Marik Oklahoma City John Mench Oklahoma City Glen H. Moore Geary Bessie Oneal Toilette, Texas Clem R. Rine Kaiu City Marie Strategier Norman Ellen Thompson Liberal, Kansas Alpha Chi Omega (••- -jJ«J. ■ ' » . . ,f, V- I -V- | -V-I-V 4 FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE V. A. Coleman, Jr. Shaivnee J. W. Grantham Kaiu City George B. Graves Foss George Massey Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha Herbert Master Chickasha James C. McGrath Sayre Kappa Alpha Rosa Osmond Anadarko Kay Poland Ardmore Pi Beta Phi LoMA Jean Riddell Norman Dorothy Lee Trent Purcell Kappa Alpha Theta Corene Wilkerson El Reno Lawrence Wilson Oklahoma City Delta Tau Delta . . A - A - ' g Tfe Page 108 ' yy ■ 2 s- . .m - m y-i-v-i-v-I-v-i-v 7), : ■ • - f: - " w ...crr ' y f FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE KiN ' G Massey Frederick Carl Mattern Morris Ed McKay Oklahoma City Howard Joseph Murray Norman Tom Newton Claremore Jack Noble Eldorado, Kansas Beta Theta Pi Ardra Smith Okeene Alpha Xi Delta Patty Lee Smith Oklahoma City Pi Beta Phi Barrett M. Thompson A marillo, Texas Alpha Tau Omega Mark N. Weisburgh Tulsa Sigma Alpha Mu Elveria Welden Covington Leonard Wison Lavoton Kappa Alpha - .; ■ ' , ' , , ; v- i -v. | .v. | .v.|.v ; V ° ' FRESHxMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE Lee Queen Channing, Texas Delbert Lindsey Elk City Gladys Marsh Ft. Madison, loiva Gee Merle Oklahoma City John Moore Norman Beta Theta Pi Lajrd Morris El Reno Lambda Chi Alpha Raymond G. Parr Norman Kittie Bell Preuit Granite Charles Selby Sapulpa Arlena Trayler Lamar Kenneth Turnbull Hobart Alpha Tau Omega Maudie Voyles Frederick A I A I A [A rXTX I • ! • i •!• 1 W € gr; p - - - - - 2 s- A I A I A I A -rrj: I - I - I - I - I • l -T- l - It : , Page 109 KY-i-v-i-v-l-v-i-- - yr ■• » - M •D y H w FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE loLA Anderson Oklahoma City Gale J. Braden Sliaivnee Pi Kappa Phi L. J. BuLLis, Jr. Okla wma City Phi Gamma Delta Fred Entriken Enid Beta Theta Pi Frances Fink Muskogee Kappa Kappa Gamma John S. Gilkeson Claremore Sigma Alpha Epsilon Merton Milliard Okmulgee Hammet F. Hough Oklahoma City Berton Housh Rlackv ell Margaret Kerr Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha Theta Gertrude Kaleta King Calvin Anna Belle Kramer Tulsa Delta Delta Delta -fcJ TT ' « • ■ , t; f | .V|.M.|U-l-M Page 110 . . ,( , v-l-v-l-v-l-v- l -yy FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE James L. Cain Lone Grove Kenneth O. Cox Seminole R. Newton Dunagan Red Rock James E. Greenwood Sapulpa L. A. Heath Wichita Falls, Texas Earl Hickman IVynona Robert T. Hughes W ood ward Ralph V. James Bartlesville Louise Johnson Ardmore Alpha Chi Omega Hansford Landes Grandfield W. H. Landram Kingston L. Lenker Blackwell A I A I A I A I A I A ! - I - . I • ! • I - I - pgq - ' !? S i-v- i -v-i-v-i-v; , - - - - - ► ► ■D FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE Reva Lixd Clark Bartlesville Willis Clark Bartlesville Doyle Combs Elmore City Robert Jordax Hugo Phi Kappa Psi Aarox Karchmer Tulsa Sigma Alpha Mu Louise Lloyd Hobart Alpha Xi Delta Anna Pearl Robixsox Moyers Hazel Joan Rollins Tipton GOLDIE ScARTH Norman Marvin M. Wellborx Ho we Kenneth W. Wickham Bristoiu Delta Tau Delta Douglass Wood Oklahoma City Phi Kappa Psi 1 VV ' . ,(; v- l -v-l-v-l-v-l-vY FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE Wilson Baptist Shavinee Sigma Chi BoYCE L. Bartley Duncan Lambda Chi Alpha G. A. Beaty iraurika Glenn R. Davis Marietta Hugh Barnard Garnett Altus Phi Gamma Delta W. G. Hundley San Antonio, Texas Phi Gamma Delta Bob McKinney Amarillo, Texas Phi Gamma Delta Helen Paris Tulsa Robert Reed Wellington, Kansas Sigma Chi LuDviK Semrod Yukon Edward Shirley IVynneiuood Forrest Thomas Pauls Valley Alpha Sigma Phi u-- -- ir ■ inwiiM.! ' ' L ? W ' ' —Zg l lM.M .M.I. I .l T Page 111 yv- i -v- i -v- i -v- i -v;), .vv ' £ ' 3 ■ H FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE DONVEL AdKISON Tulsa Beta Theta Pi L. Walter Ahrens Tulsa Delta Tau Delta Mildred Bainum Btackivell Alpha Chi Omega NoRRis Dickey Perkins Kappa Alpha Gene Eisirick Houston, Texas Kappa Kappa Gamma Dorothy Ann Feyerherm Tulsa Alpha Omicron Pi Howard T. Geis Okeene Garlan L. Green Lindsay Mildred Jordan Oklahoma City Robert L. Hert Perkins Kappa Alpha Lester W. Holbrook Perkins Dix Huston Oklahoma City L A I A I A I A I A I A I A 4- T T + Par e 112 ■ .■ ( , V-|-V-|-V-|-VtY7 f FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE C. Maurice Brown Kingfisher Marvwilde Brownlee Kingfisher Delta Delta Delta W. MONTE CANTERBURY Muskogee Phi Kappa Psi J. Mex Fisher Byars Leon R. Fisher Oklahoma City Phi Beta Delta Elizabeth M. Garrett Shrevel orl, Louisiana Mary Elizabeth Hackett Norman Everett C. Hatton Mangum James B. Hert Perkins Victor Jacobson Oklahoma City Phi Beta Delta Hunter L. Johnson Tulsa Kappa Sigma Bernard M. Jones Bristoiu 55 S U--4- W IT (? W — ZII 4+ |.|.!-l-:-KU . VyW-I - v-I-v -I -v ; , ■ . . ' vr " S • r i w FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE Emory Badgley Claude, Texas Ben Barbour Norman Alpha Sigma Phi Frances Barnum Paix ' huska Alpha Omicron Pi Bernice Booker Tulsa Pi Beta Phi George A. Boozalis Oklalioma City Roy Bottorff Norman Phillips Campbell Claude, Texas Joe H. Carson Stitlwell Jewel Casey IVe woka Elmer Collins Jet Joel H. Cowdrey Rush Springs Oren E. Crocker Tulsa T -tJ ■ titn- l -M-liti ■ « ■■ » ( V-|-V-|-V-|-V1 ' T - o.. FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE R. L. Alexander Okmulgee Agnes Alley Barnsdall Ray Awtrey Greenfield John Bednar Luther JiMMiE Bernard Cherokee Louis Bishop Aline l John C. Breedlove Quintan Orval Brown Follett, Texas Lucille Burleson Maud Fred Cash Paden Marguerite Chambliss Braman Robert M. Church, Jr. Slill-well 5J w vs- 2r s- H I -I- I - I - I - I - 1 -I- I - I - 1 - R Page 113 yy- l -v- l -v-l-v- l -sr Vr ' - V: ' B H FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE Eldred C. Cavett Chickasha Charles Christexsen La wton Earl H. Deskins Ardmore Delta Tau Delta Lois Johnston Fort Worth, Texas Ralph Johnston Grandfield Pi Kappa Phi Roberta Keith Byars Robert Lowrance Sulphur Billy Martin Ava, Missouri Caroline Mason Oklahoma City Morris Mizwl Tulsa Phi Beta Delta William K. Moreland Hoive Medio Mae Parker Frederick m. ( ' •-i-fcj i m ' XTKTKTTTXTX i ' - i -T- ' -i Paffe lU r r. v- l -v-l-v-l-v-l-yy FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE ' ToMAiY Fair Oklahoma City Corinne Fischer Apache Hermith Johnson Bo wie, Texas Chi Omega James D. Kennedy Healdton Ezra Kent JVeiuoka Norman Kroutil Yukon Glen W. McCollum JVaynoka Mike M. Meaders Okemah Pi Kappa Phi Sam H. Minsky Sapulpa Sigma Alpha Mu Nor ALA Porter Kingfisher Floreta Ratliff Washington LiLA Rene Royster Wanette 2r k M.!. | .M-t-l-M-M- B[. - 4 ■a - FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE J. Oral Chastain Oklahoma City Delta Tau Delta William G. Cochran Byars Sigma Nu Clarence Davis Bixby Sigma Chi W. Glenn Hunter Alius Acacia Felix E. Jamison Sherman, Texas Alpha Tau Omega Elizabeth Mahoney Enid Alpha Chi Omega Carol Newkirk Clinton Gamma Phi Beta John Rapp Ponca City Sigma Nu Fae Rawdon Oklahoma City Phi Mu Louis Solloway Alius Phi Beta Delta Lawrence S. Starns Altus Sigma Alpha Epsilon Mary Lee Styron Kona wa Alpha Gamma Delta - -ij ■ . ' . , ' ;v- l -vlv- l -v-l-vY FRESHxMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE John C. Wells Bartlesville Delta Tau Delta Phillip Anderson McKinney, Texas Sigma Nu Morris Bradford Tulsa Sigma Chi • W. H. Davison Davenport Delta Tau Delta Annette Hedges Oklahoma City Chi Omega Bonner Hooks Norman Delta Upsilon Jack Matt Tulsa Alpha Sigma Phi Edward Harvey McAme Ft. Smith, Arkansas Nancy Jesusa Meents Norman Alpha Chi Omega Cecil Saild Maud Sigma Mu Sigma Peyton S. Sherman Norman Sigma Mu Sigma Pat Sinclair Emmett, Idaho Alpha Tau Omega 1 ' nM M - A r " . 2 (? - ' f M-t -H-fpTWt o Page 115 F ■V: ' 3 ■ • i -v- i -v-i-v- i -v;), - -— FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE Marianne England Ponca city Kappa Alpha Theta Neil F. Gibson Bartlesville Delta Tau Delta Francis H. Janeway Tulsa Kappa Alpha Betty Barrowman Tulsa Chi Omega Jane Barrowman Tulsa Chi Omega Virginia Bissell Oklahoma City Pi Beta Phi Marjorie Elizabeth English Fort Sill Delta Delta Delta Darrell L. Ewing Altus Delta Upsilon Abe Feferman Amarillo, Texas Sigma Alpha Mu Eleanor Leibrand Mc A I ester Kappa Alpha Theta Pansy Love Purcell Kappa Kappa Gamma Hoke S. McGee Oklahoma City Sigma Nu t ' --t-fcj ' •• . H IUUUUU Paffe 116 • ' WWr. v- l -v-l-v- l -v-l-vY FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE Roberta Porter Tulsa Virgil Ridgway Jet Darrell Herron Wellington, Texas Phi Kappa Psi Joe Cleary Tulsa Sigma Chi Lee V. Cruce Ardmore Alpha Sigma Phi Jack DeAtley El Reno Phi Kappa Sigma L. J. Frost Norman Phi Delta Theta Lee W. Fulton Beggs Phi Kappa Sigma Gordon B. Graalman Blackiuelt Phi Kappa Sigma C. J. Perry San Antonio, Texas Pi Kappa Alpha Frances Robey Frederick Gomer Rogers itt a a A w 2 S- A [ A I A I A 1 A I A I A ' . v-l-v-l-v- l -v- l -v. , .V " • f. - - FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE I George Collier Ardmore Phi Delta Theta Thelma Cook Oklahoma City Irving L. Crothers Sapulpa G. A. Fisher Oklahoma City Paul C. Gallaher Shaivnee Sigma Nu Jewell Gunter Barnsdall Edgar Nichols Oklahoma City Phi Gamma Delta Grace E. Oliver Heavener Bill Perrin Mangum Jim Heflin Fairfax Sigma Nu Bobbie Allie Hammon Kenneth A. Hawkins Turley -»-tJ. xix t-l-M-t- l -t- l -t J.w- -v- -v- . r FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE Eugene Brust Oklahoma City Anna Mae Cassidy Frederick Cleo Clark Rofl Allen Davis Mineral JVells, Texas Sigma Nu Elton Eubanks Devol Sigma Mu Sigma John Fanning Raton, Neiu Mexico Pete Herber Apache Ellen Jones Norman Delta Gamma Walter McCollum Helena Dorothy Roberts Oklahoma City Alpha Chi Omega Robert Lee Reeder Oklahoma City Phi Delta Theta Powell Fry Frederick Kappa Alpha A g 5 p 2r S- -; k Page 117 yv-i-v- i -v-i-v. | .v;),vvv ' £ ■S ■ FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE ROLLIE ThEDFORD Norman Dick Tryon Oklahoma City Phi Gamma Delta Curtis Turner Drumright Tom Biggers Holdenville Sigma Nu Lee Bond Chickaslia Sigma Chi Maurice Cotton Alius Delta Upsilon Theodore Fisher Nevikirk Morris F. Flumn Elk City William Brisso Seminole PI Kappa Alpha Ruth Larson Norman J. B. McDonald Ninnekah John E. McLean Fort Worth, Texas Kappa Alpha -h-fcj, + • A • • • Page IIS ■ « ■ • » . ,(; v-i-v- i -v- fvi -vT r FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE Zera Watts La Verne Phi Mu Orville L. Williams Elk city Phi Kappa Psi S. G. AsHBY Ringling Glen C. Comer Booneville, Arkansas Fred Crawford Albuquerque, Neiu Mexico Sigma Chi Robert P. Dreman Cleburne, Texas Hazel Herrington Meeker Myers Hurt Muskogee Beta Theta Pi R. Kennedy Enid Phi Delta Theta Myrtle Aslee Menasco Meeker Haskell Nelson Oklahoma City Gladys Plumlee Cloud Chief L4- gf P A[ Al A A I A " TTTTTS v- l -v-l-v- l -v- l -v ;: , . " - ■ - ■ -a A V FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE Fain Crockett Ardmore Phi Delta Theta Frederick Crockett Ardmore Phi Delta Theta Lawrence A. Cullison Guthrie Phi Delta Theta Hugh M. Herbert Seminole Sigma Mu Sigma Ray Hillis Laivton Phi Delta Theta Leslie Jenkins Sliaiunee Alpha Tau Omega William C. McCurdy Purcell Phi Delta Theta Margaret V. Phillip Neosho, Missouri Phi Mu L. A. Prather Dallas, Texas Pi Kappa Alpha H. Grady Watts Texarkana, Texas Sigma Nu Reynolds Weaver Norman Kappa Alpha William Thos. Yarbrough Ardmore Sigma Chi ■X i -fcJ, ; ' ■ " .V, ; v- l -v-l-v- l -v-l-yy i t-i-tn-i-M-t-i-M- t ' S ' gpr .. FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE D. E. Borah Champaign, Illinois Sigma Nu Elizabeth Cameron Ardmore Kappa Kappa Gamma Mary Champlin La wton Kappa Kappa Gamma Francis James Fleming Oklahoma City Beta Theta Pi Claude M. Foster El Reno Delta Tau Delta Charles Gallaher Knoxville, Tennessee Pi Kappa Alpha James P. Kirk Bartlesville Alpha Tau Omega Robert S. Love Purcell Sigma Alpha Ep ilon Marjorie Maschal ColUnsville Alpha Xi Delta Charles Ramsey Oklahoma City Phi Gamma Delta John W. Thomas Oklahoma City Beta Theta Pi Marjorie Thomas Boviie, Texas Delta Gamma u- - w ■ 2 S- A I A 1 A I A T-X FP+ S -; TU . Page 11 ' ) Vvlv- l -v- l -v- l -v ; , ■ . . ' • ■V: -3 ■ FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE F. Thomas Ashton Oklahoma City Alpha Sigma Phi Lee Bailey Chickasha Kappa Alpha Fern Bay Morris A. B. CoNLEY, Jr. Kingfisher Helen Jo Denby Carter Pi Beta Phi Dorothy Douglas Muskogee Pi Beta Phi Charles E. Grady, Jr. Oklahoma City Phi Gamma Delta Frederika Haizlip Muskogee Alpha Phi Evelyn Hefner Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha Theta Harrell W. McConnell Wichita Falls, Texas Grace Potter Bea ver Harold Rickner Okeene ' . ' . ' ■ , V-l-V-l-V l trVT f i i r r ecpr „.. FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE L. A. Breuner Copan William J. Brooks Oklahoma City Phi Kappa Psi William Robert Burns Norman Sigma Alpha Epsilon Frances Ellinger Noble Chi Omega Olene Edna Ferguson Wirt Alpha Gamma Delta Virginia Gilchrest Clinton Delta Delta Delta Victor Holman Guthrie Sigma Alpha Epsilon Walter Lampton Sapulpa Phi Gamma Delta Margaret Virginia Martin Sayre Pi Beta Phi Frances Rinehart Guthrie Pi Beta Phi Chas. Sessions IVaurika Kappa Sigma Christine Squire Chandler Kappa Kappa Gamma Pnnn ' ii in T ' Page 120 +=» 2 ' S- f? " . | .!. | .M.M.!U . • • i -v- i -v-i-v- i -v ;) ir - - .} ' V: ■a FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE Glynn Campbell Granite Lambda Chi Alpha Aubrey J. Denton Blackviell Phi Kappa Sigma Joseph B. Humphreys Tulsa Zelma Patchin Hobart Alpha Xi Delta John Earnest Railey Little Rock, Arkansas Lambda Chi Alpha Eleanor Rothwell Oklahoma City Gamma Phi Beta Max Swartz Oklahoma City Don Taylor If ichita Falls, Texas Sigma Nu Harris Van Wagner Childress, Texas Kappa Sigma R. F. J. Williams Oklahoma City Pi Kappa Alpha W. J. Williams Ardmore Kappa Sigma Harriett Womack Duncan Pi Beta Phi ••■ ' . ,( ' ; v- I -v- I -v- I -y- I -yX m A I A I A I A I A I A I A tp FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE Harold Aspin Tulsa Delta Upsilon Audrie Bennett Shawnee Gamma Phi Beta Ralph Bennet Durant Kappa Sigma Marvin Moore Durant Kappa Sigma Carlos L. Murrell Frederick Lambda Chi Alpha Dorothy Norris Artesia, Nevi Mexico JuNEAL Saunders Pawnee Gamma Phi Beta Gerald D. Shepherd Oklahoma City J. O. Stewart Cleburne, Texas Gene Wagoner Miami Kappa Sigma Allan Williams Oklahoma City Delta Upsilon Margaret Williams Norman Chi Omega 3 3F7 2 ' ? AI .|. , .|. .1. IX k rs Page 121 [V Y-i-;-i-;-i-Y-i-v;) , ' ,LLi_-. .. 5 - ■ 4 -a - - w FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE Katherine Olinger Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha Theta Catherine Dinger Oklahoma City Alpha Phi Rosemary Draughon Marietta Alpha Phi Doris Pierce Quanali, Texas Delta Delta Delta Dorothy Spaulding Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha Theta Margie Unruh Norman Clarice Bush Prague Alpha Gamma Delta Martha Ellen Foley Paiv iuska Alpha Xi Delta Katherine Gillespie El Dorado, Texas Chi Omega Mrs. Wilma Rookstool Norman Ballard A. Tanner Ardmore James Forrest West Anadarko (3 ' i iJ tr fe ■ « ■ • g !. | .M.M.M.M. :U =r " " Poffe 122 .»,(; v- l -v- l- v- l -v-l-vY FRESHMAN ARTS AND SCIENCE M. Genevieve Hutchison Tulsa Alpha Chi Omega Oleta Belle Edwards Amarillo, Texas Geraldine Kretchmar Amarillo, Texas Earl K. Wetzel Kioiva, Kansas Sarah Wheeler Stamford, Texas Pi Beta Phi Mary Dale Brett Ardmore Alpha Phi Cecil M. Hunter Elk City Myrtle List Oklahoma City Morris Misirow Seminole Phi Beta Delta Fred Wheeler Oklahoma City Lambda Chi Alpha Ethel Wolverton Laiiiton Alpha Gamma Delta Elizabeth Quinette Laivlon Delta Delta Delta U- A I A I A I A i rrx 2 - 9 ■M Vv-l-v-l-v- l -v-l-v ;), ■ . ■ •• ' • .- - .- - ■ ' VS - ■ SENIOR LAW A. Camp Bonds Muskoffee Phi Delta Theta ; Phi Alpha Delta Eli Eubanks Devol Sigma Mu Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta; Ruf-Neks; Oratorical Council ; Websterian President ' 28; Marshall Bar; Demo. Club. Thos. Raymond Higgins Okla ioma City Phi Delta Phi; Blackstone Bar; Secretary-Treasurer Senior Law Class; Polo and Riding Asso- F. B. Jordan, Jr. Tulsa Sigma Chi; Chi Chi Chi; Jazz Hounds; Inter-Fraternity Coun- JoE A. McCloud Oklahoma City Phi Gamma Delta; Chi Chi Chi ; Jazz Hounds. Sam Payne Uobart Acacia; Phi Delta Phi; Pi Sig ma Alpha. Teece Lewis Pawliuska Pi Kappa Phi; Wrestling ' 25, ' 26, ' 27; ' ' O " Club. •■-rp -k-fcj |.|.|.1.M.M.M.M. • • : ■ - ' . ' . ' . ,(; v-i-v-i-v-i-v- i -vY SENIOR LAW Mart D. Brown Ardmore Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Phi Delta Phi; Checkmate; Toga; Football Coaching; Football ' 25, ' 26, ' 27; Athletic Council; President " O " Club. Walter D. Hanson Oklahoma City Beta Theta Pi; Pi Sigma Al- pha; Phi Delta Phi. Re.x H. Holden Ponca City Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Inter-Fraternity Council; Jazz Hounds; Chi Chi Chi; Magister of Phi Delta Phi. Warren B. Kice Ada Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Del- ta Phi; Chi Chi Chi; Jazz Hounds. John Morrison El Reno Phi Alpha Delta. Geo. Selinger Tulsa Phi Beta Delta. Glendon H. Walker Shaienee Acacia; Glee Club; Congress Literary Society; Monnet Bar; " First Year " ; " Outward Bound " . 2r S- ' JP A I A I A I A I A I A I A ' ]. Page 123 KV-I-V- I -V-I-V- I -V ;), .« . . ' ■■ " V ' ? - ,.orr-? ?r tr(? 3 .y=i SENIOR LAW Dennis Bushyhead Claremore Kappa Sigma ; Jazz Hounds. Paul Gutensohn Ft. Smith, Arkansas Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi. Richard W. Holt Union Springs, N. Y. Sigma Nu; Phi Alpha Delta; Phi Mu Alpha; Ruf Neks; Monnet Bar; Follies Music ' 26; Stunt Nite ' 25, ' 26, ' 28. Cannon B. McMahan Okemah Kappa Sigma ; Associate Man- ager Basketball ' 27, ' 28; Man- ager Basketball ' 28, ' 29; Con- gress; Monnet Bar. Truman Rucker Norman Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Varsity Debate Team; Business Manager Sooner of ' 29 ; Ora- torical Council ; President Ath- enean Literary Society ' 26 ; In- ter-Society Debate Team ' 26; Mystic Keys; Monnet Bar; University Band ' 24, ' 25; Re- serve Officers Association. Ray Teague Lexington Sigma Mu Sigma; Ruf Nek; Inter-Fraternity Council ' 27, ' 28; Marshall Bar. A. Milam Wilson McKinney, Texas Acacia; Ruf Neks; Junior Chamber of Commerce. A I A 1 A I A 1 A 1 A 1 A ' PFF i: l ( ' ' , V-l-V-l-V-l-VtV7 f Page 124 SENIOR LAW Sam Clammer Ft. Collins, Colo. Phi Delta Theta ; Chi Chi Chi; Football Manager ' 28 ; Ruf Neks; Football ' 27. Carmon C. Harris Ringling Sigma Mu Sigma; Websterian ; Alpha Sigma Delta; Monnet Bar. Pat King Clinton Pi Kappa Alpha; Jazz Hounds. J. Cedric Randal Clinton Phi Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi ; Mystic Keys ; Monnet Bar. Raymond Sroaf }l father ford Lambda Chi Alpha; Lambda Nu. Everett H. Welborn Oklahoma City Glee Club ' 28, ' 29; Band, Drum Major ' 28, ' 29, Business Man- ager ' 28, ' 29; Blackstone Bar; Theatre Guild ' 28 ; Congress Orrin Winterringer Shamrock Acacia; Phi Delta Phi; Inter- Fraternity Council ; Jazz Hounds. • •••• - 2 ' S- m k} 1 V It 1 Xv-l-v- l -v-l-v- l -v 7 r ■ ■ » « " i. s " 7) H ..orrT S-gfT SENIOR LAW Victor Croxtox Norman Phi Alpha Delta. Acacia. Ray H. Emerson Prague Robert Hill Oklahoma City Beta Theta Pi; Scabbard Blade. and Bruno Mayer Coalgate Phi Alpha Delta; Scabbard and Blade ; Law Representative on Council ; President Young Men ' s Republican Club. Robert E. Shelton Chickasha Delta Sigma Rho; Phi Delta Phi; Mu Eta Tau ; President of Stu- dent Council ' 28; Vice-President of Student Council ' 28, ' 29 ; Pres- ident of Oratorical Council ' 27, ' 28; Debate ' 24- ' 28 ; Ruf-Neks; Secretary of Junior Class ' 25 ; Publication Board ' 28 ; Black- stone Bar; Vice-President of Congress Committee ' 25 ; Presi- dent of Oklahoma Union ; Union Executive Committee of ' 15; Cambridge Debate ' 27 ; Austra- lian Debate ' 28; Board of Di- rectors of Oklahoma Union. George Howard Wilson Enid Acacia; Phi Delta Phi; Delta Sigma Rho; Phillips University, B. A. ' 26. John David Worley Marlovi -i-tJ, B ' " ' .V ' y, v- l -v-l-v- l -v- l -vY rS? pr-; o.. SENIOR LAW Don L. Dickason Okemah Delta Sigma Rho, President; Pi Sigma Alpha; Mu Eta Tau; Varsity Debate ' 27- ' 29 ; St udent Council; Ruf Neks; Monnet Bar, Chief Justice; Winner In- ter-Society Declamation; Com- mittee of ' 25 ; Union Executive Committee ; Vice-President Ad- ministration Party ; Member Student Finance Committee; Congress, President ; Oratorical Council, Vice-President; Junior Class Vice-President ' 26 ; Secre- tary and Treasurer Freshman Law ' 26; Vice-President Junior Law ' 27 ; Winning Inter-Society Debate Team. Bert E. Johnson Tulsa Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi. Frank W. Jones Seminole Sigma Mu Sigma ; Phi Delta Phi ; Phi Sigma Alpha ; Square and Compass; Websterian, President ' 25 ; Geographia, Pres- ident ' 25 ; Oratorical Council, Vice-President ' 25 ; " Hasten Jason " Cast ' 24; Monnet Bar; Student Council ' 24. Theodore C. Preble Norman Amos Stovall Frederick Phi Delta Phi ; Websterian. J. W. WiTHERSPOON Bellmetu, New Mexico Phi Alpha Delta ; Congress. Paul W. Cress Perry Delta Upsilon. . l -f|.f|.M.M.M.U W W§ ' fW W ? i • ! • 1 • ! • 1 2 AI J,AJ.A.J, M -.LAm 4=H. Page 125 KY-|-V-|-V- | -V- I -V. , . ' ' . ■ ' ' - • ' V: " ■ JUNIOR LAW Herman Aaron Becker Enid Sigma Mu Sigma; Ruf Neks; Pi Gamma Mu. J. S. Cambell Fairland Kappa Sigma. Louise Frisbie Oklahoma City Kappa Kappa Gamma. Ralph Schaller Oklahoma City Sigma Chi; Sooner Staff. Fisher Ames Oklahoma City Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Phi Delta Phi; Chi Chi Chi. Fred B. Cornels Sayre Phi Alpha Delta; Bar Commis sion of ' 28, ' 29; Congress. Ray L. Jones Cordell Phi Alpha Delta, President, (s ' -i-fcj; ,( , v-l-v-l-v-l-vt .[ A I A ! A 1 A I A 1 A 1 A + Page 126 JUNIOR LAW Clarence Black Oklahoma City Sigma Chi; Chi Chi Chi; Phi Delta Phi; Jazz Hounds; Pub- lication Board ; Sooner Staff, Associate Editor, Editor-Elect. Earl A. Davis IVeivoka Acacia; Phi Delta Phi. George McCloud Oklahoma City Phi Gamma Delta; Ph i Delta Phi; Scabbard and Blade; Con- gress Literary Society ' . Hubert Sanders Ponca City Alpha Tau Omega. D. M. Bailey Tulsa Delta Upsilon; Phi Delta Phi. Ralph E. Gilchrist Seting Pi Kappa Phi; Ruf Neks; In- ter-Fraternitv Council. Elze Stockton Stillwater Monnet Bar ' 27. J3 S W -a--« " w: ]: A[ A| A l XrXTX cpn: 2 ' C? - zS I - I - 1 X v-l-v-l-v-l-v-i-v 7)M ■■ ► » c - - ' ' ■ ' ,.C - :G ' y( ( JUNIOR LAW S. William Diggers We u:oka Lambda Chi Alpha. Lewis F. Degen Tulsa Sigma Alpha Mu. J. L Gibson WelUton Delta Tau Delta; Inter-Frater- nity Council ' 28 ; Wrestling Manager ' 29; Sooner Staff. J. Harry Johnson Pauls Valley Kappa Sigma; Chi Chi Chi; Alpha Kappa Psi. Russell C. Phillips Oklahoma City Alpha Tau Omega; Assistant Yell Leader ' 26; Varsity Yell Leader ' 27; Cross Country ' 28. Dan Withers McAlester Phi Delta Theta. Winburn T. Thomas Poteau Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Delta Phi; Delta Sigma Rho; Pi Kappa Delta; University Play- ers; Varsity Debate ' 28, ' 29 Glee Club ' 28; Monnet Bar Winner Inter Bar Contest ' 28 Athenean, President ' 28; Ora- torical Council; Indian Club, Medicine Man. ■ « ■ ■ » » . . v-l-v-l-v-l-vly Y JUNIOR LAW Garrison Buxton Oklahoma City Sigma Chi. George E. Fisher Holdenville Kappa Alpha; Jazz Hounds; Chi Chi Chi; Sooner Staff ' 28, ' 29; Monnet Bar ' 28; iVhirl- •wind ' 28. E. M. Goodson Oklahoma City Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi; Blackstone Bar. F. C. Love Purcelt Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Phi Delta Phi; Scabbard and Blade; Bom- bardiers; Jazz Hounds; Cadet Colonel; R. O. T. C. R. L. Wagner Chandler Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Phi Delta Phi ; Scabbard and Blade. Edward Weinstein Tulsa Phi Beta Delta; Congress. Roy Holbird McAlester Boxing; Frosh Football; Honor Graduate R. O. T. C; President Student Union; Indian Club Chief; Student Director Sports; Inter-Fraternity Council. u- - 2 A I A lA ' ( ' fW ff + A I A I A I A I A I A I A V H ' Page 127 V y-I-v-I-v-I-v-I-v ; « •• » - - - vf: ' a w FRESHxMAN LAW Warren E. Daniel Norman Kappa Tau Pi ; Tau Omega. Bill Devinney Carmen Acacia; Mu Eta Tau; Black- stone Bar. A. Lambe, Jr. JVaynoka Phi Gamma Delta ; Congress. Lloyd McKnight Enid Phi Delta Theta; Blackstone Bar. G. W. Oliphant Holdeniiille Phi Gamma Delta ; Freshman Football ; Marshall Bar. Hazel Lahoma Rollins Blackivell Phi Mu; Holmes Bar; National League of Democrats. O. B. Shaw Fort Smith, Arkansas Kappa Epsilon ; Ruf-Neks. IT - -fci .c , v-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-vY A I A I A I A I A I A + Page 128 FRESHMAN LAW " Howard A. Davis Oklahoma City Alpha Sigma Phi; Pi Sigma Alpha ; Websterian Literary So- ciety ; Oratorical Council ' 27. Gordon Fuller Norman Delta Sigma Rho; Mu Eta Tau; Alpha Kappa Theta; Congress; Student Council ' 28, ' 29; Varsity Debate ' 27; Glee Club ' 26, ' 27 ; Y. M. C. A. Cab- inet ' 27 ; Oratory ' 28, ' 29. BuFORD MeRITT Roff Sigma Nu. Byron McFall Oklahoma City Delta Upsilon; Chi Chi Chi; Jazz Hounds; University Band; R.O.T. C. Band. Haskell Pugh Anadarko Acacia ; Athenian, President. Morton S. Rubin Dallas, Texas Phi Beta Delta. W. M. Fleetwood Tulsa Phi Gamma Delta; Buffalo Mask; Phi Delta Phi; Inter- Fraternity Council ; University Players; Soonerland Follies ' 28; " The Show Shop " ; " Outward Bound " ; " Merton of the Movies " ; " The Admirable Crichton. " ol CY iiLj- ' e w v - y ■ • - • t ' s- k A I A I A I A I A I A I A J K Y.|.V.|.V.|.V.|.V •• » ' FRESHMAN LAW F. L. Arvin Enid Robert L. Berry Oklahoma City Phi Kappa Psi ; Chi Chi Chi. August M. Booth Muskogee Pi Kappa Alpha; Kappa Kappa Psi ; Band. Howard G. Crum Oklahoma City Richard Hoy Norman Elden S. Magaw Norman Acacia. Lewis Smith Spiro Alpha Tau Omega. -t-fcj W ' . ' . ' . , v-l-v-l-v- l -v- l -yy ' r g S o.. FRESHMAN LAW J. Stewart Bailey McPhearson, Kansas Blackstone Bar. W. Robert Browne Amarillo, Texas Phi Kappa Psi; Bombardiers. Dan Brunson Ada Phi Alpha Delta. John F. Eberle Oklahoma City Blackstone Bar. R. B. Holtzendorff Claremore Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Holmes Bar. Bill Matney Norman Phi Kappa Sigma; President Glee Club; Mystic Keys; Phi Mu Alpha. Robert J. Woolsey Tulsa Kappa Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Congress; Pick and Hammer; University Players; Soonerland Follies ' 28 ; Marshall Bar; Stunt Nite ' 29. 2r (? 5= I • ' • i • ' • 1 iV i iK i iiM! ' W -rwmffmm . Page 129 Kv-1-v-l-v-l-v-l-v ) : « ■ ■ » ' " Vr •7) y A I ¥ FRESHMAN LAW James Blanton Pauls Valley Sigma Nu; Chi Chi Chi; Mys tic Keys ; Ruf Neks. Glenn Danford Oklahoma City Paul Edwards Enid Phi Delta Theta. B. E. Hays Paiv iuska Pi Kappa Phi; Jazz Hounds; Inter-Fraternity Council ; Con- gress Literary Society. Chas. a. Keilin Norman Phi Beta Delta. Robert McFarlane Oklahoma City Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Louis P. Meyers Kansas City, Missouri Phi Beta Delta ; Phi Eta Sigma — fc-jj i_j j xt-i-tn-i-t- i -t-i- Page 130 ■■■.■, , ,v- | .v4v- l - ' Hv ?f FRESHMAN LAW J. William Crawford Ada Sigma Nu; Ruf Neks; Francis Bar. Geo. T. Dawson Chandler Kappa Sigma; Sooner StaflF. Ray Harkin Paiuhuska Phi Kappa Sigma; Stunt Nite ' 26, ' 27; Follies ' 28. Ben Huey Norman Acacia; Phi Eta Sigma; Wil- liams Bar. Billy Kerr Ada Ruf Neks ; Congress Literary So- ciety; Francis Bar. Harry McKeever Enid Phi Delta Theta. Walter Scott Idabel 2 - S ' y " — U. | .|u.l.f | .■ : y-i-vIv- i -v-i-v 7)M ••• • vf: H JUNIOR FINE ARTS Ruth Butler Grove Eunice Gist Frederick Alpha Chi Omega; Phi Mu Gamma; Play House; Y. W. C. A. ; Cosmopolitan. Edith Messenbaugh Oklahoma City Chi Omega; El Bogie; Y. W C. A. French Club. Elizabeth Rhodes Grove Ruth Roberts IVichita, Kansas Margaret Smith Clinton Delta Gamma; Pan-Hellenic; Y. W. C. A. Alye Tomberlix JVetumka Phi Mu; Girls Quartette; Glee Club. -i fcj ■ « ■ ■ W . -, V-I-V-I-V-I-V-I-V7 f X A I A 1 A I A 1 A 1 A I • ! • I :piq ? Y ac.. JUNIOR FINE ARTS MiRVL C. Garrett Oklahoma City Martha Harrington Kansas City, Missouri Gamma Phi Beta; Y. W. C.A.; Manuscript Club. Genevieve Noble Okemah Delta Gamma; Playhouse; Y. W. C. A. Florene Richards Norman Delta Delta Delta; Phi Mu Gamma; Pi Zeta Kappa; Legis- ative Council ; Norman Girls ' Club. Louis Ronchetto Coalton Lela Tillman Sumner El Modjii; fVhirl u ind Staff. Mariemma Wilson Frederick Alpha Omicron Pi ; Legislative Council ; Y. W. C. A. VJ ' J . - G UB S ' |.|. .|.|,|.f Ui • • I - j - I - - r - -4 3S Page 131 y-I-v- I -v-I-v- I -v ; , ■ . . " ' £ •3 H - r- TS ' tT? JUNIOR FINE ARTS Margaret Barry Dallas, Texas Delta Delta Delta; Tivoli; Stunt Nite ' 26, ' 27; Follies ' 26; Scribblers ' 27, ' 28 ; Sooner Staff ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; Beauty Queen ' 27 ; Whirliuind Staff ' 27, ' 28; French Club. Helen Callco Hominy Mary Case Las Vegas, New Mexico Kappa Kappa Gamma; Glee Club. Bob Duncan Forgan Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Mu Alpha; Student Council; Stunt Nite ' 28; O. U. Symphony; W. N. A. D. Hazel Eley Altus Alpha Xi Delta ; Pierian ; Y. W. C.A. James Tolbert Kenney Nash, Texas £1 Modjii. Lacrita McMillan Norman Phi Mu; Kappa Phi; Y. W. C. A. k ( - i tJ 1 I A I A I I A I ■■ r-- 1 •• I • ! • I - I - V • • • • • " G " " ■ « ■ ■ . ,(; v-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-yy JUNIOR FINE ARTS Marianne E. Bays Oklahoma City Gertrude Carmen Bristoiu Alpha Xi Delta; Pierian; Or- chestra ; Y. W. C. A. ; Polo and Riding Association. Doris Crutchfield Olustee Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Play House; Polo and Rid- ing Association. Caroline Elder Oklahoma City Glee Club; Choral Club. : % Faye Foushee Stroud Pi Beta Phi. BiLLIE MaTHIES Pauls Valley Alpha Omicron Pi. Vera McNees Grandfield Y. W. C. A. 2r (? Page 132 ■ tit i -tMMim N -l-v-l-v.|.v. | .v; , .«.«« ■ ■ v; - ' H :e.- r; ;S ♦ ■ « ■ ■ V ' . ' , ; V-l-V-l-V l:Vt JUNIOR FINE ARTS Alma Watson McAlester Alpha Gamma Delta; Glee Club. Maxine Williams Broken Arro-w Gamma Phi Beta; Beta Nu. Charlotte Bridges Waurika Delta Delta Delta. Martha Overlees Bartlesville Kappa Kappa Gamma; Beta Nu. Veta Blanche Raine Carneyie Kappa Phi; Y. W. C. A. Louise Rowland Enid Delta Delta Delta; University Players. Phyllis Woodruff Oklahoma City Alpha Phi; University Players. -i-fci JUNIOR FINE ARTS X Flossie Welsh Holdenvtlle Gamma Phi Beta ; Y. W. C. A. Margaret Young Bentonville, Arkansas Bertha Ours Oklahoma City Phi Mu; Croquis Class; El Modjii; Women ' s Pan-Hellenic. Gladys Peters Kansas City, Missouri El Modjii. Virginia Richardson Enid Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A.; University Players; Man- uscript Club. Albert Wheelock Aha Edna Mae Powell Colorado, Texas Chi Omega. S " A I A I A 1 A I A I A 1 A ?=2p=j: " " X Tfe 1 • ' • 1 • ! • I 5= %Il S W P ■ 2r s- Paffe 133 w ; -Y- | -Y- | -Y- | -Y fl « ' " VS ■a ■ ' ' V v v SOPHOMORE FINE ARTS Geraldine Monroe Wichita Falls, Texas Pi Beta Phi Peggy Oliver Shreveport, Louisiana Kappa Alpha Theta Eursel Barnes Tipton Fred Dean Carmen Muriel Enochs Temple Aneita Furray Oklahoma City Margaret Hammers Guthrie Alpha Gamma Delta Kathryn M. Johnston Shatiinee Pi Beta Phi Edna Mae Lloyd Alius Alpha Omicron Pi Janice Nichols San Angela, Texas Pi Beta Phi Mary Elizabeth Peoples Oklahoma City Gladys Smith Norman m A 1 A I A I A 1 A 1 A Page 134 « ■■ , , v-i-v-i-v-i-vi ' °S " cP5- o. SOPHOMORE FINE ARTS Helen Baughman Oklahoma City Alpha Chi Omega Eva Brower Okmulgee Veva Crooks Walters ViDA Gardner Healdton Alpha Phi Lois L. Gibson Bartles-ville Delta Delta Delta HuTOKA GulkER Kingfisher Eugenia Masters Sapulpa Pi Beta Phi Suzanne McFarling Shwwnee Alpha Gamma Delta Trixie Nash Paden Blix Thomson Medford Alpha Phi Josephine Whistler Ft. Worth, Texas LORENA WoOTTEN Oklahoma City : M ' " yy w K d Al A I A -J " s- p ego: Vy- I -v-I-v-I-v-I-v ; ,VV " " • . ■ £ -a y H . o (T-y TS ' r FRESHMAN P INE ARTS Carita Cromer Oklahoma City Delta Delta Delta Mildred Gladys Davis Ringling Louise Day Hamlin Gatnma Phi Beta Cleta Emenhiser Bartlesville Pi Beta Phi Margaret Granger Gracemont Antoinette Halko Tulsa Dorothy Johnstone Bartlesiille Kappa Kappa Gamma Julia McCary Holdenvitle Gamma Phi Beta Harriet Hayes Palmer Amarillo, Texas Kappa Alpha Theta LuciLE Wood Breckenridge, Texas Phi Mu Dorothy Wilma Wade Oklahoma City Albert Yater Norman -fcJ ■ « ■■ » . , ■ ■ ■ ' ±± ±i± ± ±x FRESHMAN FINE ARTS Justus Brown Tulsa Mary Bruss Dallas, Texas Gamma Phi Beta Ruth Burlingame Bartlesville Kappa Kappa Gamma Irene Drumright Drumright Pi Beta Phi Ma URINE Earhart Marietta Pi Beta Phi Louise Holmberg Norman Kappa Alpha Theta Hilda Jean Hart Norman Kappa Phi Helen Hilsmeyer Norman Chi Omega Waunita James Tulsa Patty Patterson Oklahoma City Ruby Mae Rice Brinkman Mary Ann Staig El Reno Phi Mu H m X t-l-t- l -t-l-M-t :g;; w y i • ! • 1 • ! • i -J ' S- HH MA m Page 135 KY-I-V-I-V-I-V-I-V ; , ■ ' . " ► •Xf: ■2 • - ■ H SENIOR ENGINEER Rex Bircket Mul iall Varsity Baseball ; Basketball ; A. S. C. E. Frank B. Creekmore Tonkaiva Glee Club ' 25, ' 26. Ransome G. Holland Norman Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Engi- neers ' Club; Pick and Hammer. Harold Kersey Carlsbad, N. M. Alpha Tau Omega ; Sigma Gamma Epsilon ; Tau Beta Pi ; Sigma Tau; Pick and Hammer; Engineers ' Club. Richard A. Norton Oklahoma City Delta Chi; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi ; Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil ; Oratorical Council ; Athen- aean ; St. Pat ' s Board ; Engi- neers ' Club; A. S. C. E.; Glee Club ' 26, ' 27; President Y. M. C. A. ' 27, ' 28; Jazz Hounds. Foster L. Rosebush Tecumseh Sigma Tau ; Tau Beta Pi ; A. S. C. E. Arthur Sherman Tulsa Phi Beta Delta; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Track. " G i tJ. W- 73TJ " . ' ■ , " .v-l-v-l-v- l -v-l-vy SENIOR ENGINEER Ralph Waldo Coursey Dallas, Texas A. I, E. E. ; Engineers ' Club. Stanley A. Haas Clinton Sigma Alpha Mu ; A. I. E. E. Jose A. Ibarra Aguascalientes, Mexico Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Pick and Hammer; Cosmopolitan; Spanish Club. Orville La Fevers McA tester Maston Powers Oklahoma City Herbert Sheldon Sperry Sigma Mu Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; A. S. C. E.; Sigma Tau; Engineers ' Club. John Simonson Grandfield Lambda Nu. • ' • • • • • W Page 136 ' yy 2 -s: K +=p+ 9 A r A I A IJ x y-i-;- i -;-i-v-i-v; , ' Ai_.. .. - ► - ► ► ' V£ " SENIOR ENGINEER Edward Bartolina Coalton Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Pres- ident A. S. M. E.; Vice-Presi- dent Engineers ' Club; Check- Chester p. Burns Oklahoma City President Engineer ' s Club; Pres ident A. S. C. E. Fay Coil Fort Smith, Arkansas Sigma Gamma Epsilon ; Base- ball ' 26, ' 27; Ruf-Neks. Merl D. Creech Yukon Engineers ' Club; A. S. M. U. V. W. Garton Black well C. H. HiGGINS Norman Alpha Chi Sigma. Fred Monsour Ponca City Sigma Mu Sigma; Inter-Frater- nity Council; Jazz Hounds; A. S. C. E. ; Engineers ' Club. ' « •■ » » , , v-I-v-I-v- I-y-I-y Y t-l-t- l -M-ti| | SENIOR ENGINEER M. Bingenheimer Clinton A. I. E. E. Cecil S. Cary Piedmont Alpha Chi Sigma. Robert M. Cornelius Oklahoma City John Ed Eckel Douglas, Kansas Delta Chi. J. Allen Hayes Texas City, Texas R. C. Holmes Mangum Phi Kappa Psi ; Jazz Hounds; Pick and Hammer; Engineers ' Club; L. K. O. T. Bowman Thomas Norman Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Scabbard and Blade; Tau Beta Pi; Sig- ma Tau ; Ruf-Neks. ;r W WW 2 !? I t I 1 • ' • 1 • ■ • 1 ■ k Al Al Al AI A I A I A . Page 137 x; -I- Y-i-v-i-viv ;), .«. : - - - s SENIOR ENGINEER H. George Connell Norman Phi Gamma Delta; Sigma Tau ; Ruf Neks; A. S. C. E. ; Engi- neer ' s Club; Websterian. William G. Inglis Norman Varsity Wrestling; Band; En- gineering Club; A. I. E. E. Willard Eldridge Edwards Neiu York City, Nevi York Sigma Chi; Alpha Sigma Delta; Tau Omega; Engineers ' Club; A. I. E. E. ; Pick and Hammer. James Louis Lisk Alva Phi Gamma Delta; Alpha Sig- ma Delta; A. I. E. E. ; Engi- neering Club. Karl Ritter Norman Acacia; Tau Beta P i; Toga; Kappa Tau Pi ; St. Pat ' s Board ' 27; Websterian; A. S. M. E. President ' 27, ' 28; Treasurer Sigma Tau ' 27, ' 28 ; Engineers ' Club; Master of Ceremonies ' 28, ' 29. Leslie C. Spencer Norman Sigma Gamma Epsilon ; Pick and Hammer; Engineers ' Club. Warren B. Weeks Oklahoma City Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Sigma Tau ; Tau Beta Pi ; Engineers ' Club; Pick and Hammer. • SENIOR ENGINEER F. Davis Cromack Nowata Alpha Tau Omega; Sigma CJamma Epsilon ; Sigma Tau ; President of Petroleum Engi- neers; Engineers ' Club; Pick and Hammer; Congress; Cap- tain R. O. T. C. ' 27, ' 28. Chas. K. Ittner Oklahoma City Vice-President Alpha Sigma Delta; Sigma Tau; Vice-Presi- dent Tau Beta Pi; President A. I. E. E. ; Engineers ' Club; Secretary-Treasurer Senior En- gineers. David B. Lawrence IVynncwood Phi Gamma Delta ; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Alpha Sigma Delta; Engineering Club; A. I. E. E. ; Websterian ; Golf. Roy E. May Norman A. S. C. E. " Leland Snow Kingfisher Alpha Sigma Phi. Bird Glenn Swan Cleveland Sigma Gamma Epsilon ; Tau Beta Pi ; Sigma Tau ; Engineer- ing Club; Pick and Hammer. William A. Woods Welch Engineers ' Club. iT . FM.tnn- i -t- i -:it:r " " Page 138 WJy k ■[.M.|U.[.|.|.M. V y- I -Y- I -V- I -Y- I -Y , ! • • V: " Ti A y f SENIOR ENGINEER Glexx E. Covert Commerce Sigma Mil Sigma ; Engineers ' Club. Sam Griffin Chickasha Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau. E. Patterson Shultz Chickasha Alpha Sigma Delta; Tau Ome- ga ; A. I. E. E. ; Engineers ' Club. SiAi C. Wright Hobart Lambda Chi Alpha; Engineers ' Club; Vice Chairman A. I. E. E.; Pistol Team ' 25- ' 28. Roy W. Byars Stroud Sigma Tau ; Sigma Gamma Ep- silon; Engineers ' Club Secre- tary ' 28; Pick and Hammer; St. Pat ' s Board ' 28. J. T. Haun Btackiuell Kappa Alpha; Pick and Ham- JoHN W. Todd Oklahoma City - iJt ' . ' ■ ,( ' ; V- l -V- l -V-l-V - :V7 f i; ' f|.f|.M.M.|.|.;j SENIOR ENGINEER J. S. KiSMUKES Liberty, Texas Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Engi- neers ' Club; Pick and Hammer. LeRoy Moffett Oklahoma City Alpha Sigma Phi; Alpha Sig- ma Delta; Sigma Tau; Tau Omega; Engineers ' Club; A. I. E. E. E. B. Wat wood Okmulgee Alpha Sigma Phi ; Scabbard and Blade; L. K. O. T.; Engineers ' Club; A. S. M. E. ; Wrestling. Byron J. Cook Norman Acacia; Capt. of Scabbard and Blade ' 26, ' 27; Ruf Neks; Presi- dent Senior Engineers ' 29 ; A. I. E. E.; Y. M. C. A.; President Masonic Dorm ' 26, ' 27. Paul K. Goodrich Norman Acacia; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Engineers ' Club ; Pick and Hammer; A. I. M. E. Wallace W. Irwin Stroud Sigma Tau ; Sigma Gamma Ep- silon ; Engineers ' Club. Harold Ward Ft. IVorth, Texas Sigma Tau ; Sigma Gamma Ep- silon; Engineers ' Club; Pick and Hammer. r s w ' fjy XTTT x XTX PP+ xr ys Page 139 w■ l .v■l■v■ l ■v■|.v, , .«. ' ■• ' - - • •2 H JUNIOR ENGINEER EwELL C. Bradley Oklahoma City Delta Chi. David Butts Paden Harold L. Crisman Tulsa Ruf Neks; Phi Kappa Sigma Walter A. Girard Okarche A. I. E. E. Paul E. Hockmeyer Muskogee Mystic Keys; President Sopho- more Engineers ' 27 ; Engineers ' Club. W. H. Jordan Apperson Phi Eta Sigma ; Engineers ' Club. Dennis Rushing Norman —i i m M.t.|.t. | .!. | .M.: Page 140 • ' . ■,,!; v- l -v- l -v- l -v- l -v V JUNIOR ENGINEER Chas. Porter Bristol Chickasha Kappa Alpha; Engineers ' Club; Pick and Hammer. Joe O. Conner Shaiunee Tau Omega. Elden M. Curry Edmond Engineers ' Club; A. I. E. E. Virgil Harris Enid Dempsey Holland Blackivell Pick and Hammer; Engineers ' Club. Hugh Lawyer Ada A. I. E. E.; Polo and Riding Association. Warren B. Trout Muskogee Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; En- gineers ' Club ; A. I. E. E. y s - f? n-!-l-!-l-!-l-M-!U I, y-I-V-I-V-I-V-I-v . .VVV " - ' ■ £ - - - ' ..orr-c= tr : JUNIOR ENGINEER Clarence W. Anthony Norman Cassius Cade Dale William L. Counts McAlester Engineers ' Club; A. I. E. E. Lester F. DanForth Tulsa John V. Early Oklahoma City Delta Upsilon. C. M. Ferguson Stratford Acacia. Sloan Jackson Perry Phi Kappa Psi; A. S. C. E. Mystic Keys. -j tj; ■ « ■• J. V-l-V-l-V-K-tVT f S-i JUNIOR ENGINEER John S. Bell Ft. Worth, Texas Phi Delta Theta. John H. Cole Tuttle Melvin Culbertson Amber Varsity Basket Ball ' 28. W. D. Denton Blackwell Phi Kappa Sigma ; Engineers ' Club. Robert E. Ebbs Healdton Engineers ' Club. Galen Hickok Taloga Harold S. Kelley Enid Phi Delta Theta. °rcT BiMiitiiri! ..- f y 2 S ' m A I A I A I A I A I A I A i 1 • ' • 1 -I- ri- 1 Page 141 Kv- l -v- l -v- l -v-i-v ;) . ' ■ ■ ■ ; - ' V: JUNIOR ENGINEER Sam Alexander Oklahoma City Phi Beta Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Bombardiers; Engineers ' Club; Nail Prize American Chemistry Society Contest. Ray H. Haas JVoodiuard Alpha Tau Omega. Arthur Maddox Tulsa Sigma Gamma Epsilon ; A. 3. M. E. ; Engineers ' Club; Pick and Hammer. Stuart Milam Chelsea Kappa Alpha; Indian Club; Engineers ' Club ; Pick and Hammer. Richard D. Robey Tulsa Acacia ; Tau Beta Pi. Morris Spencer Ada Alpha Sigma Delta; Band ' 28. Ryan Walker Blair A. S. M. E. -t-fcj ■?, ( , V-l-VlV-l-V-l-Y JUNIOR ENGINEER Kenneth T. Gillespie Enid Alpha Tau Omega; Glee Club; Engineers ' Club. B. M. Kingston Breckenbridge, Texas Delta Tau Delta. Gail Mathis Fair ' vieiu A. I. E. E. A. C. Reid Alius Engineers ' Club. E. J. Sampson Oklahoma City W. R. Sperry Siloam Springs, Arkansas Kappa Tau Pi ; A. I. E. E. ; En- gineers ' Club. Jack H. Watson Oklahoma City Gymnastic Team; Engineering Club. U-a- Page 142 - i 2 - - Page 143 yv-i-v-i-v- i -v-i-v ;), . ■ • ■ Vs ■a ■ JUNIOR ENGINEER C. F. Adams Ardmore Phi Delta Theta. Lee Dodson Bartlesville Kappa Sigma; Chi Chi Chi; Ruf Neks. M. G. Fuller Enid Engineers ' Club; A. S. C. E. E. J. Klopfenstein Bartles ' ville Pi Kappa Alpha; Sigma Gam- ma Epsilon; Ruf Neks; Pick and Hammer; Engineers ' Club. R. M. LuccocK Norman Sigma Tau. Bud Neptune Bartlesville Pi Kappa Alpha; Sigma Gam- ma Epsilon ; Inter-Fraternity Council; Engineers ' Club; Pick and Hammer. Frank H. Rhees Tulsa Sigma Chi. ■ « ■■ L V-l-V-l-V-l-VtV7 f A I A I A I A I A I A Page 144 JUNIOR ENGINEER Kenneth Barnes Ponca city Sigma Chi. Harold Fry Blair Sigma Mu Sigma. E. Hughes Glen Henryetta Acacia; Scabbard and Blade; Engineers ' Club ; A. S. C.E. James A. Lewis Winjield, Kansas Phi Delta Theta. Harold Carr Naylor Wichita Falls, Texas Delta Tau Delta. F. M. Parker Galveston, Texas Kappa Sigma. Jay Robi nson Norman Alpha Tau Omega. W ' wyp |.[.|.|.|-U,U1 MA . ■ 2J ■ ffl J= PT KV-I-V- I -V-I-V- I -V ; , ■ . ' " ' f: ' ? w ..ocr- (5 (r y SOPHOMORE ENGINEER W. T. BURTSCHI Chlckasha Roe W. Carson Norman Carrol J. Close Norman S. H. Hope Hobart Raymond F. Jerome Tulsa Alpha Sigma Phi Wayne Kent Enid Ralph Lynn Medford Hardin McAdoo Davis Jack Mideke Oklahoma City J. W. Seastrunk Norman William L. Whitaker Ada Lyle VanArsdale Sand Springs hMM - - - :r ' ■■ . ' . , ' ;v-l-v-l-v- l -v.|.v SOPHOMORE ENGINEER Thomas E. Biggs Medford Francis A. Bleecker McAlester Francis Borelli Kingfisher Jesse Faulkner Alva Pi Kappa Phi G. Scott Hammonds Oklahoma City Lambda Chi Alpha Lloyd Holtson Long Branch, Nevi Jersey ' Robert Kutz Ponca City Frank B. Lachle Shreveport, Louisiana Grant K. Landon Oklahoma City Lowell H. Pearson Dallas, Texas Donald M. Phillips San Diego, California Kappa Alpha W. S. Thompson, Jr. Chickasha wyp r G- k M.M.|.u.|.M.f|. Page U5 y-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-v;),V.v • ' V: ' 3 H SOPHOMORE ENGINEER Dick Swan Oklalioma City Alpha Tau Omega Neal Prichard Denver, Colorado Ernest Hughes Hiltsboro, Texas Sigma Nu Paul Thurber Norman James C. Roe Norinan Sigma Alpha Epsilon John Leon Mitchell Wynneiuood Sigma Chi Charles Knight Las Cruces, Neiu Mexico Delta Chi Walker Jones Oklahoma City Kenneth H. Johnston Muskogee William Gluckman Ada Reagan Dublin Wichita Falls, Texas Sigma Ch B. O. DiCKERSON Shreveport, Louisiana (»- i lJ A I A 1 A 1 A I A I A 1 A J =f I -I- I -I- I T I - CT Page 146 ■ ,(f, V-l-VlV-I Vl% SOPHOMORE ENGINEER William C. Zurick Oklahoma City F. G. Writer, Jr. Cardin Frank J. Williams La ' uiion Sigma Nu Pi Kappa Phi Chilton W. McLaughlin, Jr. Kansas City, Kansas Phi Kappa Psi Spencer McHenry Clarksdale, Mississippi Sigma Chi James M. Ludlum Ponca City Kappa Alpha Erwin Hill Houston, Texas Sigma Alpha Epsilon Earl Helvie Tulsa Delta Upsilon Oscar Grimes Tulsa Beta Theta Pi James Daviss Collett Fort Worth, Texas Kappa Alpha R. H. Burnes Pauls Valley Phi Kappa Sigma Jack H. Smith tVapanucka 2 - S ' K !.|.!U-l-i-l-M-M- Ky-l-v- l- v -l- v-l-v :),yy " • ■ vr ■? - ■ . r- 7 M SOPHOxMORE ENGINEER B. Kline Grigsby Shatvnee Cha rles Johnson, Jr. Tulsa Alpha Sigma Phi Bell McClure Laitiion Kappa Alpha Paul C. Reed Tulsa Travis O. Roberts Norman Gordon Schultz Tulsa W. E. Taylor Oklahoma City Alpha Tau Omega Elbert Tribbey Maud E. W. Wade Rising Star, Texas Richard D. Williamson Henryetta D. R. Wood Guthrie Cletus Zoeller Sacred Heart -J jJ 4 " fe Y ITX A I A I A I A 1 qptq ' . ' . ' ■ ■ r,v- l -v-l-v-l-v- l -vV SOPHOMORE ENGINEER Victor G. Bevers Hominy Marvan E. Clark Cordell T. E. Clement, Jr. Norman Beta Theta Pi Charles McKenna Cement Everett N. McMurtrey Cherokee Fred Louis Mistrot Eldorado, Arkansas Ed. Siberts Okmulgee Kappa Alpha Baxter I. Scoggin Wichita Falls, Texas John W. Strassberger Purcell O. L. Watson Bosvaell Foster C. Whiteside Council Hill Byron Williams Tulsa w - rgr F 2 S ' Al Al A| AITTTX ■ Page 147 Vy-I-v- I -v- I -v- I -v ;). . . ' . ' ■ f: 7i ■ A FRESHMAN ENGINEER Leroy Baxter Bartlesville Rhea Roger Couch Westville Edward J. Laurent Eastland, Texas Paul Peters Hugo Everett Poe Pampa, Texas Randon Porter, Jr Houston, Texas Beta Theta Pi Sidney Rudin Tulsa Phi Beta Delta Leon Senter Okmulgee Beta Theta Pi Basil Shirley Norman Edwin S. Smith Vernon, Texas Louis Sterling Houston, Texas Victor Torres Devtey S j y . [m . .u-i . Page 148 J. v-l-v- l -v-l-v-l-yy g) . T- cpT-ao. FRESHMAN ENGINEER Don E. Long Konaioa Richard Messimer Ponca City D. M. Miller Beeiitle, Texas George Putnam Weisioha Pi Kappa Alpha James Reed Seminole Harley a. Rochau Oklahoma City Harold Sidwell Tulsa Beta Theta Pi Lester Simon CI are more Curtis Smith Yukon William L. Vogt Norman Donald J. Walsh Bartlesville LuDWiG Webber Bartlesville Phi Mu Alpha IT - - • • • • T W Xv-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-v M «« ■■» • - • ■ As ■3 m FRESHMAN ENGINEER Robert L. Bigelow Oklahoma City James F. Blackwell f ' ernon, Texas Samuel Edward Broida lVe woka Sigma Alpha Mu Dant H. Crider Mountain Vie ' w Thomas Cubbage El Reno Sigma Chi C. J. Davenport, Jr. Sapulpa Robert R. Hamburger Weatherford William C. Harsch Independence, Kansas Phi Kappa Psi Glen Hennigh Clinton Clarence B. Kalkhott Tulsa Delta Chi Philip Klein Oklahoma City Robert William Lange Shatunee -l tJ ■l- ■l■fl■ l ■ l.: : . ' ■ " . , , ; v-l-v-l-v-l-v- l -v FRESHMAN ENGINEER Orville Barnett tVatonga Richard E. Barrett Skiatook John B. Bender Norman Bill Buck Bartlesville Phi Delta Theta Glenn A. Butler Tecumseh Cecil H. Cooper Heavener W. B. Davis Dallas, Te xas Phi Kappa Psi Bernard J. Doud Jackson, Tennessee John Gammon Maud George Hollander Okeene Robert C. Hull Tulsa Alpha Sigma Phi Henry J. Johnson Paloduro, Texas S w v Al si A| A[ A I k J I -I- I - I - l T i - J 2r S Page U9 yYiv- i -v-i-v- i -v; , . . ■ 4 ■? FRESHMAN ENGINEER Arnold Adams Oklahoma City Wendell Black Drumright Pi Kappa Alpha Jack D. Brander Tulsa Phi Delta Theta Britt Clapham Norman Ben L. CosTiN Colorado, Texas Phi Kappa Sigma Fred Devin Apache Kappa Alpha Edward Harris Chickasha Olin Haught Shamrock Lewis R. Hawkins Norman Henry Lee Lewis Houston, Texas Sigma Alpha Epsilon Edward Luke Ardmore Kappa Sigma Clifford L. Martin Shaivnee Alpha Sigma Phi A 1 A I A 1 A I TTX Page 150 ' ' ■ " . ' . , ( ,V-l-V-l-V- l -V- l FRESHMAN ENGLNEER Frank Brown Apache Kappa Alpha C. O. Bunn Ardmore Kappa Sigma Thomas Burke JVarren, Pennsylvania Howard T. Funk Cement Frank Wright Groseclose Waurika Pi Kappa Alpha Melville Hackler Ringling Harry Tom Junter Tulsa Delta Upsilon Robert M. Jeffries Joplin, Missouri Pi Kappa Alpha Clark Knight Bartles vil!e Kappa Sigma John Mecom Houston, Texas Sigma Alpha Epsilon William H. Miner St. Louis, Missouri Pi Kappa Alpha Robert R. Lindsly Bartles ville Phi Gamma Delta O P7 G gfTp 2r s- t-l-M-t-l-f - ' - x m. Vv - I - v.|.v. | .v.|.v;3 , , .«« ■ ■ •a A « ■ ■ . J. v- l -v-l-v-l-v-l-yy P .. ■.orr- rgTrc? FRESHMEN ENGINEER WRliam Barlow Neosho, Missouri Phi Gamma Delta Marion Brown Corsicana, Texas Arlan B. Hale McAlester L. H. Maloy, Jr. Quanah, Texas Lee Minter Oklahoma City James Nuby Hominy William O. Waid Paiuhuska Phi Gamma Delta Henry C. Sowders, Jr. Tulsa J. D. Westfall, Jr. Mountain Park Ralph Binning Lincoln, Nebraska Qua Bruce Portales, Ne w Mexico Wayne Bumpas Duncan Delta Upsilon -fc fcj, . rnM-M-M-M!. FRESHMEN ENGINEER Jack H. Abernathy S ia wnee Kappa Sigma Fred Harold Atkinson Longvietu, Texas Minor A. Ballinger Sulphur William J. Hatfield No wata Charles Lindsey McAlester Raymond W. Lynch Oklahoma City J. C. Stafford Muskogee John Stewart Oklahoma City Tom Tribbey Ritley L. Wilkinson Sapulpa Clifford Wright Lone IVolf Chas. a. Ballard Tulsa Delta Upsilon G V - • 2 ? k |.|. .|.|.|.|.1.A.[.M. Page 151 Vv-l-v- l -v-l-v-l-v ;), . . ' ■ ' ■ ■ • £ -a ■ fe .rr fT M GRADUATE SCHOOL W. N. Ballard Oklahoma City Sigma Gamma Epsilon ; Pick and Hammer; Varsity Polo. Mary Bouteller Norman Theta Sigma Phi ; Pi Zeta Kap- pa; Kappa Phi; Y.W. C.A.; Graduate Club. Earl Dixon Hennessey HiLDRED HaSKIN Gushing French Club; Graduate Club; Classical Club; Riding Club; Eta Sigma Phi. James H. Hodges Hickory Phi Delta Kappa; Vice-Presi- dent Graduate Club, Colleen Jim Kivelhen Edmond Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Polo and Riding Club; Spanish Club; Pan-Hellenic; Presidents Club. Elizabeth Myers Brinkman Alpha Xi Delta; Glee Club; Pierian. (»— i-fcj r3 i? » ■■ . , V-l-V-l-V-l-VtV7 f A I A 1 A I A I A I A I •l-i- ' -i Page 152 GRADUATE SCHOOL Dewey Bickel Enid Carl Buerbaum, Jr. Dallas, Texas Alpha Tau Omega ; Jazz Hounds; Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil ; SooKER Staff. Alta Sawter Foster Oklahoma City D. W. Hodges Hickory History Club Jean Muret Holland Norman Phi Beta Kappa; Kappa Gam- ma Epsilon; Spanish Club; French Club. Ruth Malcolm Laiiiton Theta Sigma Phi Irene Walker Blair Phi Beta Kappa; Las Dos Americas. W UB- wyp - - - - - 2r A[ A| Al A hfJhf ZK. x: s- w • V£ w . ..c -7 js- ' = y(7 a: GRADUATES W. G. BORUM Kappa Sigma. Louise Haberly Wapanucka Delta Gamma. Cedric Marks Phi Beta Delta. Lionel V. Murphy Norman Phi Beta Kappa ; Pi Sigma Alpha ; Lambda Nu. Jim Dibrell Van Buren, Arkansas Sigma Chi; Alpha Delta Sig- ma ; Dramatics ' 28 ; Oklahoma Daily Advertising Staff ' 28; Ex Tempore Club ' 26, ' 27, ' 28. Robert McCrum Tulsa Delta Chi; Alpha Chi Sigma. LoTTi Bess Hendon Sha vmee - -tJ. ■3 M-M-t- l -t- l -M-1 GRADUATES Marjorie Bernett everhart Watonga Blue Blue Violets; Oklahoma Bar Association ; Member of Buchanan History Club; Y. W. C. A. Herber C. Leney Oklahoma City Sigma Chi ; Monnet Bar, Chief Justice. Paul Shelley Miami Alpha Chi Sigma, President ' 28, ' 29; Sigma Tau, President ' 28, ' 29; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Gam- ma Epsilon ; Toga ; Pi Mu Ep- silon; Ruf Neks; B. S. Okla- homa ' 28 ; Marland Fellowship ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; Graduate Fellow- ship ' 28, ' 29; A. S. M. E.; Pick and Hammer; Engineers Club. William P. Gage Oklahoma City Engineers ' Club; Pick and Hammer; Tau Beta Pi Presi- dent ' 28, ' 29; Alpha Chi Sigma President ' 27, ' 28; St. Pat ' s Board ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; Newman Club President ' 28; Graduate Fellowship; Spelling Team ' 26; Current Events Team ' 27 ; Edi- tor St. Pat ' s Whirlwind ' 29; Chemistry Warfare Camp ' 27; B. S. ' 28. Herbert Peters, Jr. Waxahachie, Texas Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Chi Sigma. J. D. Sapp, Jr. Alva Alpha Delta Sigma; Acacia; Oklahoma Daily Business Staff; Athenean. Charlotte Jarret Temple g ' W ww A[ Al Al Al-TTTX I •!• I - I - 1 ■!• 1 r 1 T I 1? zS Page 153 Vv- l -v-l-v-l-v-i-sT T r • • ■ f: -? MIXED CLASSES Bert Morris Varvel Oklahoma City Law Freshman ; Sigma Chi. Clyde J. Watts IV ag oner Law Freshman ; Delta Tau Delta; Phi Delta Phi; Polo; Scabbard and Blade. L. L. Ralston Blackiuell Law Freshman; Kappa Alpha; President Y. M. C. A. ; Director of Stunt Nite; Advertising Manager of Sooner. H. C. HUYLER Muskogee Law Junior. James W. Batchelor Bennington Law Senior; Phi Delta Phi; Mu Eta Tau; Editor of Ifhirl ' unnd. Doris Taylor Oklahoma City Graduate; Phi Mu. Eula Roberts Holdenville Graduate; Kappa Delta Pi; Upsilon Phi. c; V ]■ ■{■ . .V FV7 C MIXED CLASSES Olive Wood El Dorado Law Freshman ; Alpha Gamma Delta ; Secretary Law Fresh- men. John Rinehart Guthrie Law Freshmen ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Phi Eta Sigma; Scab- bard and Blade. Samuel Scott Nowlin Montgomery City, Missouri Law Freshman ; Acacia ; Jazz Hounds; Scabbard and Blade; Congress ; Oratorical Council ; Cornells Bar; Member of Com- mittee of 15. Joe H. Kennedy Muskogee Law Senior; Alpha Sigma Phi. LuciAN L. Morrison Tulsa Law Senior. Ethel Dunlap Carnegie Graduate. Alforetta Rickel Edmond Graduate; History Club. J- . WIM-IUK ' ' ' Page 154 S- V y-1 ' V-I-v- I -v- I -v M •• ■ ■ ' S ,.o r-5 5-gtr MIXED CLASSES Marjorie Tucker Pauls ralley Arts and Science Junior; Delta Delta Delta ; Y. W. C. A. ; Pick and Hammer. Melvin Frantz Norman Arts and Science Freshman. William Crothers Sapulpa Engineer Junior; Phi Eta Sig- H. B. Wood Morris Engineer Junior; Kappa Sigma; Engineers ' Club ; A. S. C. E. Thelma Tirey Norman Fine Arts Junior; Glee Club; Norman Girls ' Club. Deedo Anita Shaw Thomas Fine Arts Junior; Gamma Phi Beta ; Eurodelphian ; Y. W. C. A. Dick L. Ellegood La wlon Unclassified; Kappa Alpha; Little Symphony. (!»--k. jJ . r. - - - - . . rPh F!-i-M-t-i-M-t-i-t-i-t r ' j ' c y-T .. MIXED CLASSES Ben ' ton Ferguson Tulsa Arts and Science Junior; Kappa Alpha; Alpha Delta Sigma; Mu Eta Tau; Sooner Staff; fV iirl wind Staff; Oklahoma Daily Staff; Ruf Neks; Band. Harry Hughes Norman Arts and Science Senior; Kappa Tau Pi. George Chaffee Oklahoma City Engineer Junior. Bernice Penn Norman Fine Arts Junior. Irene Stanley Chandler Fine Arts Junior; Chi Omega; Phi Mu Gamma ; Y. W. C. A. ; University Players. Josephine Moore Guymon Fine Arts Junior. Ross Porter La u}ton Unclassified; Acacia; Athenean. J S If W y w ■i. .i.|.[.f.|.fi.|.|.a Page 155 yviv- i -v- i -v- i -v; , . ' ' ■ - Vf ■? w ,. T-p s rP. MIXED CLASSES Olive D. Garrett Lindsay Fine Arts Junior;; Alpha Xi Delta; Mu Phi Epsilon; Choral Club. Rena Jo Livingston Seminole Fine Arts Junior; Alpha Phi; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. Bettina Blackwelder Norman Fine Arts Senior; Pi Beta Phi; El Modjii; Y. W. C. A. Winifred Stahl Tuha Fine Arts Senior; Kappa Kappa Gamma ; EI Modjii ; Polo and Riding Association Maxine Lillard IVeijtioka Fine Arts Senior; Gamma Phi Beta. Laura Moran Okmulgee Fine Arts Senior; Kappa Alpha Theta; University Players; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A.; Fol- lies; Stunt Nile; " In the Next Room " . Anita Rudowsky McAlester Fine Arts Senior; Pi Beta Phi; Mu Phi Epsilon; Y. W. C. A. ; Choral Club. : . ' . , ( v- l -v- l -v- l -v- l -vY te Page 156 lUUUU •57 MIXED CLASSES LucYLE Johnson Oklahoma City Fine Arts Junior; Alpha Xi Delta. Genevieve Bacon Davidson Fine Arts Senior; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Y. W. C. A. ; Play- house. Jewel Newbern Byars Fine Arts Senior; Y. W. C. A. Mary Lou Woodward Dairs Fine Arts Senior; Delta Delta Delta ; Y. W. C. A. ; W. N. A. D. ; President Mu Phi Epsilon ; Ladies Quartet; Glee Club; " Mikado " ; " Lovetime " . Jessie Mae Mooter Perry Fine Arts Senior; Alpha Xi Delta; W.A.A.; Y.W. C.A.; Secretary Pan-Hellenic; Pierian; Polo and Riding Association. Ena Bob Mounts Frederick Fine Arts Senior; Alpha Orai- cron Pi; Y. W. C. A.; Croquis; El Modjii; Pan Hellenic ' 27. Arteola Bilbrey Norman Fine Arts Senior. W lilU-l-M-W ■ S ' yv-i-v- i -v-i-v-i-v ; , . . ' 5 • - . ■ H I MIXED CLASSES Robert J. Rogers Oklahoma City Engineer Senior; A. S. M. E. ; Pick and Hammer; St. Pat ' s Board; Treasurer Engineers ' Club. P.AUL R. TURNBULL Uobart Engineer Senior; Alpha Tau Omega ; Tau Beta Pi ; Sigma Gamma Epsilon ; Sigma Tau; President of Toga ; Jazz Hounds; tV hirlivind Staff; Student Council ; Pres ' dent of Junior Engineers; Member Exe- cutive Committee. Dan H. Sholtus Norman Engineer Senior ; Acacia. Richard Mason Laiiiton Engineer Senior; Phi Kappa Psi ; Sigma Tau; Checkmate; Student Council ; Athletic Coun- cil ; L. K. O. T. ; Treasurer En- gineers ' Club; Jazz Hounds; Tennis ' 26, ' 27, ' 28, Captain ' 28. Roberts S. Bonham Tulsa Engineer Senior; Sigma Mu Sigma; Engineers ' Club. Harold Adkison Tulsa Engineer Senior; Beta Theta Pi; Sigma Tau; Track; Indian Club. D. L. Mayer Oklahoma City Engineer Junior. • ( , V-l-VlV-l-VtV7 f MIXED CLASSES Henry B. Wilson tVashington, D. C. Engineer Senior; Sigma Chi; Scabbard and Blade; Ruf Neks; Inter-Fraternitv Council. Julius S. Silverberg St. Louis, Missouri Engineer Senior; Phi Beta Delta. Harry Murphy Tulsa Engineer Senior; Acacia; Jazz Hounds. J. E. Hill Houston, Texas Engineer Senior; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Sigma Tau ; Ruf Neks; Pick and Hammer. Phillip H. Anderson Guthrie Engineer Senior; Acacia. Edward Cain Sapulpa Engineer Senior ; Alpha Tau Omega ; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. J. Stanley McCune Enid Engineer Junior. " 5 U-a- aJ A.|.A.|.A |y l A I A J= :cR 2r s ■ m- " —jm m Page 157 Xv-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-v c) , ' , ,(? V- I -V- I -yM - Page 158 Xy-I-v-I-v-I-vI v- ■ £ " 2 H .otTT MIXED CLASSES Bryce Worley MarloH ' Arts and Science Sophomore Tom Waikricht Oklahoma ( " Hy Arts and Science Sophomore Beta Theta Pi Miller Wagoner Oklahoma Citif Arts and Science Sophomore WiLMA Crowe Olustee Arts and Science Sophomore Paul E. Scheefers Oklahoma City Engineer Freshman Dane Seran Cattle Engineer Freshman Don L. Wallace Colorado, Texas Engineer Freshman Phi Delta Theta John Toney St. Louis, MUsouri Engineer Freshman Beta Theta Pi Chester L. Stinnett Enid Engineer Freshman Delta Upsilon Melvin M. Montgomery Oklahoma City Engineer Freshman Warren W. Moore Oklahoma City Engineer Freshman Phi Delta Theta Clint Moore Tuha Engineer Freshman Sigma Chi -i:-iJ ( , v-i-viv- i viv MIXED CLASSES Robert Feemster Arteftia, New Mexico Arts and Science Sophomore Lillian Jackson Woodward Arts and Science Sophomore Frances Flood Norman Arts and Science Sophomore Chi Omega W. K. King Oklahoma City Arts and Science Sophomore Lambda Chi Alpha Marjorie Moore Okmulffee Arts and Science Sophomore Kappa Alpha Theta Georgia Cox Okarche Arts and Science Sophomore Virgil Mincus Nowata Engineer Freshman Frank Ittner Oklahoma City Engineer Freshman Max E. Weaver Okmulgee Engineer Freshman Belta Upsilon Hugh Stalcup Tulsa Engineer Freshman Sigma Nu Ralph Robey Oklahoma City Engineer Freshman FredNorris Tryon Engineer Freshman Sigma Nu 2x A I A I A I A I A I A ' ly i i j -I- I -I- I - I - I -I- I = 9 r ! — ' — r- — 3 — I — I — I — r- 2 ' S - m Page 159 : Rs y- | -Y- | -Y- | -v-l-v; , ,V.V ' .., . zJo i « « ' « ' Jr. V-l-V-l-V-I Vl Page 160 v-l-v-l-v-l-vrHy « ■ Vs H isSi S " . ' ■ , v-l-v-l-v-l-v- l -v GRADUATE NURSES Fern Mae Estes Thomas St. Barnabas Guild ; Co-opera- tive Club; Delta Alpha Club. Lillian Valentine Oklahoma City St. Barnabas Guild ; Co-opera- tive Club; Delta Alpha Club. Lucille Johnson Gillham, Arkansas Co-operative Club. Norma Mae Nesbit Oklahoma City St. Barnabas Guild; Co-opera- tive Club. Lillian Alberta Whitaker Tulsa St. Barnabas Guild. Lois Bertha Hastings Perkins St. Barnabas Guild ; Co-opera- tive Club; Delta Alpha Club. Blanche Byron Norman Delta Alpha Club; Co-operative club. Marie Luddington IVaynoka Delta Alpha Club; Co-operative Club. Margaret Waddell Yukon Vice-president Delta Alpha Club; Co-operative Club. Leila Margaret Mealer Oklahoma City St. Barnabas Guild ; Co-opera- tive Club. Tommye Jo White Snyder Delta Alpha Club; Co-operative Club. GRADUATE NURSES Flossy Marie Fisher Enid Co-operative Club; St. Barnabas Guild. Edith W. Doosing Fairvieiu Co-operative Club. Adelyn J. Van Doren IValerloo, loiva Secretary-Treasurer Delta Al- pha Club; Co-operative Club; St. Barnabas Guild. Josephine Mary Measley Mt. P ' ernon, Missouri Vice-President Co-operative Club; Delta Alpha Club; St. Barnabas Guild. Esther Marita Harper Sha wnee Co-operative Club; St. Barnabas Guild. Margaret Katherine Edmundson Clayton, Ne w Mexico Co-operative Club; Delta Alpha Club. Mary Oril Grover Ft. Sill Co-operative Club; Delta Alpha Club. Valta Eugenia Chapman Prosper, Texas Co-operative Club; President Delta Alpha Club. Essie Lea Wagnon Talihina Co-operative Club; St. Barnabas Guild; Delta Alpha Club. Elizabeth Ann Dodson Thayer, Missouri Co-operative Club; Delta Alpha Club. •A I A I A I A I A I A I A i- i -T-l-l Tfe W JP A[ Al A| AI A ' l AIA 1 • ' • 1 • ! • 1 • ' • 1 - 2 s- Page 161 Vv-l-v- l -v.|.v. | .v; , ,« .« • - s ■2 « •■ ► » ' . .( , v-l-vlv-l vl Eight O ' clocks— Ho! Hum! n. | .|UUU-|. : J Pai i- 162 - W y W • • AIAIAIA IAIAI A J • ■1 Campus RACKEf rs;zi:x:. f! -? iU I.- ' t - lU ' ;h 9WiMUinaiUIIMllMMMinillWBNMII ' .rC— ev ' - ' — .S in " " »— i " ■ ■■■ ■■ :» ■ -i - 4 .■-.■♦■ rsigs - tvi s ' - J.i.r h ' ,2 Eight OV.1o f.k -s-- Ho! Hum! 1 H II - i .Jl .. The Take 1 i ■; ' : iu " Settling Down " J i ' l jl ' V ' v ! %k i. -— .P 1. rr ' Bkhwk ' tliVre-yca ' r ' in football, ami an m law student. Sa.m Ct. ' A ' S MF.R, a true representative of the ,Tll-ronni1 Cdllcge man and ath- lete, and a good Inn. ,S, vtJ Miii.KR, bridge champion of ().; l ' ., who swings a fair paddicf for the Ruf-Neks. Pat Mc- Mi_KRAv, winner of the Qneen ' sl necklace for holding the inost| fpieenship honors. Mary I " i.iza-| BETH KiLSON, president of Mor-f lar Hoard, and an ardent work- er in the Woinen ' s Council.! Mary Virginia Maloy, out-| standing co-ed politician anili secretary of the Student Council i • When rustling trees in early eve Hide stars luithin the sty, When moon shines doivn from overhead And niffht iiinds softly sigh — When day is done and cares are lost. And evening skies seem blue, Then Romance beams in Soonerland And hearts beat warm and true. i ' They shall not pass " fen thousand men Proclaimed in voices high; ' They shall not pass — yea! Hold that line! " Became the rising cry. And Sooner gridsters heard the call; They held the line — and say. It ' s a fighting pack from Soonerland And it fights the better ii ' ay! j1 thousand swenters flaming red, A husky freshman crew, A royal bunch icith royal hlood That flows a royal hue. And to a man they back the team. With siveaters all aflame, A royal bunch, that freshman crew: " (Jome, varsity Play the game! " V ittniilen of times rinjv drifted on by, A U ' iriner of hearts, they say — (lirl of the school in years gone by, Queen of a former day. Ah, sweet is her smile and dimpled cheek. Demure as a dream is she; And though she is gone, she still lingers on, In a dream-world memory! She ' s flic girl of today in Soonerland, And a queen like the maidens of yore; Those deep eyes of blue are a vision come true. And a promise of something more. For deeper then that , and better by far. She is ever a work of His art. And whatever she seems, within her there gleams. That same true wonderful heart. fVhcn the tiit ht has fa lcd miriy uitli the stars, And dawn eoines on onee more. An airplane earesses the hit her lanes IVhere eagles fear to soar. And so the Sooner spirit elinihs In never ending glory; fVe ' ve taken you through Romance Land, And herewith ends our story. . . . -3r rvX ' :■■ ' v " ! rr: ■: i•■: ■T r- RGANIZATIOH! W»: H lic i the niffht hns f tided autiy mlh ' And dnun fomvs on once more. An Mrfilfiitc (ireisn the liit kir htius If here eaijles fear in unnr. SI) thi S ' A ' infr sttiri clbiAf td ' j} Kylv-l-v-l-v- l -v. , . . ' ■ ' V£ ' t) - 2x ■ •■■ ' " .!■. v ■v ■v■ l ■v■ ■vy » ' ' ' S $ 4» $ couxc Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Beta Theta Pi . Sigma Nu . . Sigma Alpha Epsil Sigma Chi . . Phi Gamma Delta Phi Delta Theta Phi Kappa Psi . Acacia .... Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha Mu Alpha Tau Omega Delta Tau Delta Alpha Sigma Phi Phi Beta Delta Pi Kappa Phi . Sigma Mu Sigma II. REPRESENTATIVES 1905 1907 1909 1909 1909 1912 1917 1918 1920 1920 1920 1920 5 Frank Weimer ( Carl Albert J Ellis Clarkson ( Bill Fogg ) John Pearson ( Bill Noble j Charles S. Ritchie ( Ed Patterson j Fisher Ames ( Rex Holden j Henry Wilson ( Burton Jordan j Preston Lampton ( Bill Fleetwood 5 Andrew Haswell I Alfred Champlaiv J Clarence Warren ( Henry Griffin 5 Merton Munson ( Orrin Winterringer j Bud Neptune ( Horton Grisso COUNCIL Lambda Chi Alpha Delta Upsilon . . Delta Chi ... . Phi Kappa Sigma . Kappa Alpha Theta Delta Delta Delta . Pi Beta Phi . . . representatives RowE Cook j 22 ) Ralph J. May ( Carl Buerbaum 1922 j Bill Hamilton ( J. I. Gibson 1923 James A. Stillwell ( Jack Montgomery 1923 1923 J Burl E. Hayes ( Ross G. Hume 192+ ' Herman Becker ( Fred Monsour Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Chi Omega . Alpha Phi ... Delta Gamma . . Gamma Phi Beta . Alpha Gamma Delta Chi Omega . . . Alpha Xi Delta . Phi Mu .... Alpha Omicron Pi 1926 1927 1928 1929 ( Merwin Murrell J Byron McFall ( Paul Cress ( Robert White I Richard Norton 1909 1910 j Patricia McMurray I Rosemary Lamb j Bell Wilkinson ( Colleen Kivlehen jQjQ ) Jane Bowman ( Margaret Thurman 1914 j Elise Wilbur ( Dorothy Mills 1916 ' Victoria Colley ( Peggy McGuire 1917 1918 J Gertrude Marshall ( Nell King j Mary Elizabeth Filson I Margaret Smith jojo S Frances Massey ( Louise Lillard 1919 1919 1920 1923 1924 j Verona Browning I Teresa Fulton j Margaret Thompson ( Pauline Schulke j Mildred Nicholas ( Jessie Mae Mooter j Bertha Ours ( Juanita Watson J Ella Mae Sigmon ( Frances Kennedy !-l-t-l-t-l-t-l-t-l-t " " " xyfe WW ■ (? - A I A I A I A I A I A I A Page 187 yv-i-v-i-v-i-v. | .v; , ' . ' . ' ■ ' • ■ i i ■A£ 7) « •• » ' .», , v-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-yy l ' s- s s j ' « 8 « k8 8k8 «8«S«j wS hS M S«8 ;- - H FACULTY MEMBER Walter S. Campbell ACTIVE 1929 Lee Hunter, Oklahoma City Frank Weimer, McAlester William Means, Holdenville Truman Rucker, Norman 1930 Porter Bristol, Wichita Falls, Texas Harold Chestnut, Oklahoma City Richard Carter, Waurika LowRY Crites, Wichita Falls, Texas Jess Dennison, Hobart Benton Ferguson, Tulsa George Fisher, Holdenville J. T. Haun, Blackwell Nelson Owen, Oklahoma City Walter Wade, Independence, Kansas Stewart Milam, Chelsea Robert Shead, Norman 19S1 Leonard Aughtry, Oklahoma City Charles Greer, Oklahoma City William McClure, Lavvton Pete McGehee, Norman James Ludlum, New Orleans, Louisiana Don Phillips, San Diego, California Ed Siberts, Okmulgee Frank Smith, Marlow Kenneth Wasson, Independence, Kansas Carter Fears, Eufaula Carl Albert, McAlester P1 MEMBERS edge Lewis Devanney, Sayre Charlton Crutchfield, Holdenville Ted Devins, Apache 19S2 Ed Bond, Duncan Leonard Ralston, Blackwell H. K. Speed, Sayre William Tisdal, Elk City •Sherril Bacon, Davidson Otis Bacon, Frederick Lee Bailey, Chickasha •Davis Collett, Ft. Worth Texas •Morris Dickey, Perkins Richard Ellegood, Lawton Robert Hert, Perkins Francis Janeway, Tulsa George Massey, Oklahoma City •James McGrath, Sayre •Ralph Rucker, Norman Robert Smith, Norman •R eynolds Weaver, Wichita Falls, Texas •Leonard Wilson, Lawton John McLean, Ft. Worth, Texas •Vernon Roberts, Holdenville •George Graves, Foss •Powell Fry, Frederick •Charles Heno, Napoleonville, Louisiana •Frank Brown, Apache •Bob Bailey, Chichasha •Clay Jennings, Tulsa 2 ? !l j yM.|.|.M.f | .|.|.- bl fage 188 wyy A I 1 |.|.|.|.| 1 .IA , kYiv-l-v-l-v-i- Hy «« ■•» ■3 - " " ■ ' . ' , ;v-l-v-l-v-l-v- l -vA •$«M«$ ««$ M«$«$ «$X$«M ««$ «»« « M«?«J«$ ««S « « ««» » « " $ «S « ««$«S S 8 The Kappa Alpha fraternity was founded in 1865 at Washington and Lee, when Robert E. Lee was president of the college. The local chapter was established as the first fraternity on the University of Oklahoma campus in 1905. Sam Miller is president of Checkmate and a prominent Ruf-Nek. Carl Albert is president of Phi Eta Sigma and national intercollegiate oratorical champion; he is probably the most outstanding student speaker on the campus. Leonard Ralston is president of the Y. M. C. A. and advertising manager of the Sooner; he was also director of Stunt Nite this year. Truman Rucker is business manager of the Sooner, a member of Phi Delta Phi, and was on the Varsity debate team. yM. . . . A. Ai . i T - l -j • I -1-I--1--KI-- I -- I " " Tfe w p - iT S ' A[ A [ A[ AI A 1 A Page 189 Xv-l-v-l-v- l -v-l-v; , . ■ " ' ■ ■ ■V - ' ■ " ■ ' ■ ■ ;v-l-v-l-v- l -v. | -vY a $ ««$ M«8«S«$ «$«»4 8 «$«8 «8«S«M S«» J J« FACULTY MEMBERS E. D. Meacham Lieut. W. H. Hill 1929 Wallace G. Borum, Pryor C. E. BowLBY, Shawnee Dennis Bushyhead, Claremore Ellis H. Clarkson, Clinton Everett L. Drumricht, Drumright Victor P. Grace, Wichita, Kansas Clinton S. Maupin, Waurika Cannon B. McMahan, Okemah 1930 Karl A. Baughman, Ponca City Frederick H. Bricham, Edmond Benton S. Brooks, McAlester George Bushyhead, Claremore Don D. Campbell, Anadarko J. S. Campbell, Fairland Don L Cochrane, Shawnee Frank Crider, Durant James O. Dodson, Bartlesville Lee Dodson, Bartlesville William L. Fogg, El Reno Raymond M. Fox, Pryor ACTIVE MEMBERS J. Harry Johnson, Pauls Valley Albert D. Lynn, Oklahoma City Finis Parham, Norman Clifford Schaub, Muskogee William B. Sinclair, Shawnee Charles G. Stuard, Waurika Earnest H. Williams, Ardmore H. B. Woods, Morris 19S1 Glen E. Bras, Okemah Hardy C. Buff, Oklahoma City C. O. Bunn, Ardmore Leslie G. Byron, Norman George Dawson, Chandler Eugene Fulton, Coffeyville, Kansas Russel F. Hunt, Tulsa Epraim L. Lobaugh, Pauls Valley JOE T. McKiNLEY; Ada Marvin Moore, Durant •FiNLEY Parker, Galveston, Texas Gilbert W. Richards, Enid J. Wrexel Spurr, Seminole Richard Strode, Shawnee •Pledge Arnold Steurke, Garber Kenneth Tiger, Okmulgee Harold Tippit, McAlester Harrell Webster, Ada Robert J. Woosley, Tulsa 19S2 Jack Abernathy ' , Shawnee •Ralph Bennett, Durant •Neville Gillum, Erick Charles Grayson, Miami Hunter H. Johnson, Tulsa •Clark Knight, Bartlesville Carl Lindstrom, Tulsa Edward Luke, Ardmore James Miller, Tulsa R. H. Parham, Norman •Everett P. Rhea, Muskogee •Charles Sessions, Waurika Charles Stewart, Oklahoma City Jay Thomas, Chickasha •Harris Van WAGNER,Childress, Texas Gene Wagoner, Miami •William Williams, Ardmore ©ft VAI AIAIAIAIAIA y I - I - I •• !•• I •• I - I - i - i - I • •• m » k • Page 190 W P== ■ ? k t- i -M-t-i-f- i -tnu ' 3 . « ■ ' ■ ■ ' ■ ■ ' ■ ■ ' ' ' ■■- ■ ■:. :r, (i J ,r : " . ■ ■ v- l -v-l-v- l -v-l-vY H$ « «8 $«gK$ « «$ H$ «$«$K$ K» $ .« . k$«$«$«$x$ k $ k8 $«M«$«»« ««$«$ $«$ « S :li nr?: - V Kappa Sigma enjoys the prestige of being one of the old-timers on the Oklahoma campus. The mother chapter of the fraternity was founded at the University of Virginia in 1869. The installation of the Sooner chapter in 1906 was an event in the fraternal expansion of Oklahoma. The national orders then realized that the University of Oklahoma was a coming school and in the brief span of twenty-three years installation of twenty-two national fraternities has taken place. Many prominent Sooners wear the badge of Kappa Sigma. Among those best known are Frank Crider, football star; " Hippo " Howell, track man; Lee Dodson, head of Ruf-Neks; Robert Woolsey, stage artist; and Paul Miller, sports editor of the 1929 Sooner. U A I A I A [ A I A I A I A I - I - I -I- 1 - I - i • } ■ [ - I - I - I - I ( Tg gr F iT s- ■ : P. Page 191 Vv-i-v-l-v-l-v-i-v f ; « ■•» ' - - ► - ► Vf: 7 ' A •• ■. , C , V-|-V-|-S 4V4- ' ♦ ♦ 4 H$ « $ $ «H»« $ $ $ M « « ««JKJXJXJ » » ® M«» ?«« $ ® ««S S ««S«M«S«S «M « «S 7929 John Reed Pearson, Muskogee Walter Dean Hanson, Oklahoma City Stanley Blanchard, Purcell Robert Hill, Oklahoma City Albert Haynes, Austin, Texas Edwin Starkey, Oklahoma City Richard Caldwell, Tonkawa 1930 Thomas Egbert Clement Jr., Norman James Adkison, Tulsa Richard Blair, Dallas, Texas William Noble, Jr., Eldorado Elmer Gardner, Sentinel J. Kenneth Blackmar, Roswell, New Mexico 19S1 Wilson Bell, Purcell George Groston, Jr., Sapulpa William Harris, Ft. Smith, Arkansas Preston Jones, Muskogee Alvan Muldrow, Norman Samuel Hogan, Norman Paul Anderson, Claremore Jackson Lehnhard, Norman Oscar Grimes, Tulsa Tom Wainwright, Oklahoma City John Weever, Dallas, Texas Bert Smith, Jr., Ft. Worth, Texas Pledge Harry Turner, Norman Charles Thweatt, Chickasha Wyman Patten, Chickasha James Siberts, Okmulgee Ed Vaught, Jr., Oklahoma City Grant Buxton, Jr., Enid Everett Purcell, Enid Wylie Blanks, Ada 19S2 Webster Wilder, Jr., Cherokee Irving Adkison, Tulsa Jack Noble, Eldorado, Kansas Myers Hurt, Muskogee John Moore, Jr., Norman Joseph Sidwell, Tulsa Henry Housh, Jr., Blackwell Francis Fleming, Oklahoma City Leon Senter, Jr., Tulsa RoY Gardner, Sentinel MoRRis Wells, Purcell Randon Porter, Jr., Houston, Texas JoHN ToNEY, St. Louis, Missouri Claude Davenport, Sapulpa Robert Hayes, Muskogee JOHN Thomas, Oklahoma City Emmett Adams, Tulsa Ted Lowrey, Enid Fred Entriken, Enid yM.!.|.M.j.|.f.|.{4 s s - - ? - 5 tun- i -fifi-t-i-! - Paffe 192 kVlV-l-V- l -V-l-V. .w ' ■c r g g ; • ' . ' . ,(; v- i -v- l- v-i-v.|.vY ' $ S i $ $ $ $ $ $ $ ' $ ' -$ $ ' S ' ♦ « « » « « « « «» 8 $ «®«S $«S $ « Beta Theta Pi was the first of the three fraternities founded at Miami University, in 1839 which form the Miami Triad, to be established on this campus, coming here in 1907. John Pearson has a long list of activities ; he has been winner of the Letzeiser medal, president of Pe-et, president of the interfraternity Council, business manager of the Sooner; has served two terms on the student council, is manager of the football team, on the publication board, and is a member of Ruf-Neks. Beta is further represented in activities by Ed Starkey, who is a member of Battle Axe, Tri Chi, Ruf-xVeks, was on the varsity baseball team, and has had part in a number of Stunt Nite and Sooner- land Follies productions; and Bill Noble, who has played basketball for two years, and is a member of Ruf-Neks, Tri Chi and interfraternity council. This year the fraternity moved into a new home on Chautauqua Street. A I A I A I A I A I A 1 A ' 1 • ' • 1 • ' • 1 • ' • i - R " Tfe iT ? ]- i . I - I ' i-i-i-i- i- i - i ' l-r " . k A I A I A I A I A I A I A Paffe m KV-I-V-I-V-I-V- I -V ; ■ ■ ' ■ ' ■■ ■ ■ •V: ' 3 ■ ■ ,r. v- l -v-l-v-l-v- l -vy kJk$ «? ««$xJ k$«$ $ xJxJ $ $ x$ kSxJx»« « kJ xJ «$ «$hJxJ Jx8 S $ xJ xJk$k$ xJk$ 4 S Ben Owen Joseph Paxton FACULTY MEMBERS Joseph Graham ACTIVE MEMBERS 1929 George Norvell, Tulsa George Bass, Oklahoma City Jack Levering, Tulsa James Blanton, Pauls Valley Curtis Smith, Shreveport, Louisiana Leonard Sieel, Oklahoma City Paul Ward, Muskogee Roland Mason, Lawton Kermit Hardwick, Lexington Bill Martin, Pensecola Dick Holt, Detroit, Michigan Paul Mays, Maysville 1930 Thomas Churchill, Oklahoma City Charles Ritchie, Ponca City Jack Simpson, Tulsa Harold Thurman, Oklahoma City Ralph Walker, Wichita Falls, Texas Hillard Carey, Wichita Falls, Texas 19S1 Crawford Bennett, Oklahoma City Ned Creekmore, Tulsa Monte Haynor, Tulsa Edwin Patterson, Oklahoma City Ernest Rapp, Ponca City Charles Spancler, Wichita Falls, Texas Bud Writer, Joplin, Missouri Bill Ruth, New York City, New York Theodore Magee, Oklahoma City 19S2 Fhillip Anderson, McKinney, Texas Thomas Biggers, Wewoka •Orin Borah, Norman Pledge Jesse Rader Claude Reed Merritt Brown, Tulsa Howard Hayner, Tulsa James Heflin, Fairfax Woolsey Godlove, Lawton Buford Merritt, Ada Melvin Poole, Durant Jimmy Rayzor, Wichita Falls, Texas John Rapp, Ponca City Hugh Stalcup, Tulsa Don Taylor, Wichita Falls, Texas Ernest Hughes, Hillsboro, Texas Allen Davis, Mineral Wells, Texas •Johnny Mulligan, Wichita Falls, Texas Fred Norris, Tryon John McMahan, Wichita Falls Texas Paul Gallaher, Shawnee Floyd Jergeson, Tulsa Grady Watts, Tulsa Ernest Cornelius, Oklahoma Citv ifii§i)©0 _ il ' Vk lAIAIAIAlAlA G W§- Page 194 - Tf I I S ' f - . t. | .:.i.t. | .{.i.inu J v-l-v-l-v-l-v- l -v: ■ .«. " ■■ - • : ■2 ite ' r ,r.V- -V- -V- -V- -VA 8«j«j kJk8« $k8k$«$ «$ ««» 8 » « ««$ ,$«J J $k8k$ J J«Jk$ »«k$ J H»4« 8 4 »« « Sigma Nu was founded at the Virginia Military Institute in 1869, and was installed as Delta Epsilon chapter at Oklahoma in 1909. Sigma Nu has been represented not only on this campus but throughout the nation by Tom Churchill, only Sooner ever to participate in the Olympic events. Churchill was chosen on Big Si x teams both in basketball and football ; he is captain-elect of the basketball team. Ed Patterson, who was associate editor of the 1919 Sooner, is a Junior Phi Beta Kappa and a Phi Eta Sigma. Curtis Smith directed the 1928 Soonerland Follies; he is also the director of the Boomer orches- tra, and is a Ruf-Nek. Harold Thurman is one of the ranking tennis players of the university, hav- ing won tournaments in the east and in Canada. A I A I A I A 17: T H !U - Al Al Al AITTTX l-l-T- ' -i - 2r 7 p rage 195 : z r ,r.v- -v- -v- - r ' - S -S S«« « ««»« $ « « «8 8«S«$ $«$«$«S«8 • »4 8«J S«»« $«»« «x8 x» hS«» xJ«$k$hJ « -?) Captain Fairchild 1929 FACULTY MEMBERS John O. Mosley ACTIVE MEMBERS Captain Finley 1931 Rex Holden, Ponca City Edwin Hill, Houston, Texas Bowman Thomas, Houston, Texas Mart Brown, Ardmore Warner Kice, Henderson, Kentucky L. M. Farnam, Oklahoma City W. F. Goldston, Goldston, North Carolina 1930 Gerald Peterson, Guthrie E. C. Love, Jr., Purcell John Kennedy, Purcell Robert Brown, Duncan Fisher Ames, Oklahoma City Gordon Johnson, Oklahoma City Rodney Janeway, Oklahoma City Robert Garrett, Eastland Texas Ed Watts, Corsicana, Texas Lynn Abbott, Durant Sherrill White, Oklahoma City Dick Wagner, Chandler George Bell, Shawnee William Brown, Duncan W. G. Johnson, McAlester R. L. Stone, Purcell Robert Hill, Oklahoma City John Mecom, Houston, Texas Donovan Marshall, Muskogee Henry Lewis, Houston, Te xas LoRANCE FOGARTE, Guthrie A. M. Marshall, Chandler R. B. HOLZENDORFF, Claremore John Rinehart, Guthrie Harris Pepper, Guthrie Clifton Shearer, Shawnee Fenton Taylor, Durant Robert Burns, Guthrie Frank Abott, Norman Lewis Long, Ada F. C. Love, Purcell 19S2 DoDSON Johnson, Altus Lawrence Starns, Altus John Gilkeson, Claremore Erwin Hill, Houston Texas Robert Burns, Joplin, Missouri Victor Holman, Guthrie Robert Love, Purcell , • ir ? ■ X l ' t- l -t- l -fK " Tfe Paffe 196 W : ZK H tii-l-t- l -M-M-n Vv l -v- l -v-l-viv ; , ■ ■ ' . ' ■■ ' ■ £ ' 3 ■ ■ ' ■ ' V ' .V. , v- l -v-l-v-l-v-l-vY A SI J J«8 S " M«S ««$ «M « 8 «8 ««S« J«J«$ J Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity was founded at the University of Alabama in 1856; the local Iota Tau was installed in 1908 at Oklahoma, and is the fifth oldest national fraternity on the campus. Among the outstanding members of the fraternity are Mart Brown, who was freshman football coach this year, and has three letters in football ; he is also a Phi Delta Phi, president of " O " Club, on the athletic council, student council, and a member of Toga. Rex Holden was Magister of Phi Delta Phi this year; is a Jazz Hound, Tri Chi, and on the interfraternity council. Fisher Ames is also on the inter-fraternity council, and belongs to Phi Delta Phi and Tri Chi. F. C. Love is cadet colonel of R. O. T. C, captain of Bombardiers, and a member of Jazz Hounds and Scabbard and Blade . M-M-M-irfrrr W(d- w p=== A l Al Al Al A I Ai; 4: Page 197 Kv- l -v-l-v- l -v- l -v; ,VV«. ' M -a H rrwr. v-i-viv-i-v-i-vX $H» » »« S«S«» $ $ M«» 4 S S ' J S T. H. Brewer J. H. Marshburn 1929 Jack Smith, Temple, Texas Burton Jordan, Tulsa Hugh Cunningham, Oklahoma City Harry Dyer, Supulpa Paul Gutenshon, Fort Smith, Arkansas German French, Tonkawa Walter French, Tonkawa Barney Feagin, Tulsa Henry Wilson, Tulsa Milton McCullough, Oklahoma City Bert Johnson, Tulsa 1930 Bert Strong, Guthrie Clarence Black, Oklahoma City Elbert Goodson, Oklahoma City Kenneth Barnes, Ponca City Garrison Buxton, Oklahoma City Bob Stamps, Shawnee FACULTY MEMBERS Dean Cornwall Victor E. Monnett GRADUATE STUDENT Jim Dibrell ACTIVE MEMBERS Ralph Shaller, Oklahoma City Adelbert Cathers, Shawnee Ned Marshall, Quanah, Texas Max Maule, Pharr, Texas Ernest Miller, Tulsa mi Lawrence Edwards, Ponca City Albert Maidt, Oklahoma City Spencer McHenry, Clarksdale, Mississippi Turner Bynum, Oklahoma City Ernest Hill, St. Louis, Missouri Herbert Rheese, Tulsa Jeff Armstrong, Oklahoma City Palmer Hancock, Ponca City Byron Derrington, Winfield, Kansas " Clifford Peck, Wellington, Kansas Bert Varvel, Oklahoma City Winfrey Meler, Chickasha Dick Berry, Oklahoma City Pledge W. E. GORKILL R. W. Harris Reagan Dublin, Wichita Falls Texas Clarence Davis, Bixby Glenn Cannon, Sapulpa BiLL Douglas, Ft. Worth Texas 19S2 Tom Cubbace, El Reno Edward Kimball, El Reno Gilbert Smith, Kansas City, Kansas Morris Bradford, Tulsa Wilson Baptist, Shawnee Thomas Yarbrough, Ardmore Robert Reed, Wellington, Kansas Fred Crawford, Albuquerque, New Mexico Joe Cleary, Tulsa Clint Moore, Tulsa Mathew Kane, Oklahoma City John Mitchell, Wynnewood Lee Bond, Chickasha ■Merle Carr, Shawnee li 2 ' ? •A I A i A I A 1 A I A I A r-i-rn == ' W(5- Page 198 W p ■ K -i A I Al Al A I A|A ' H n KV-l-V- l -V-l-V-l-V. .w. ■ ■ ' 3 ■ ' . ■ , v-l-v-l-v- l -v-l-vX » «$x$ K$«$K $«s «.$ «$«»4«$ «$ ««$ «$X$«$XJ «$ KJ. X$ «$«$ «$ «$ «S«J «$X Sigma Chi, second of the Miami Triad to be installed on this campus, came here in 1912. Among its charter members were Dr. H. V. L. Sapper, Frank Buttram, and Victor E. Monnett, all of whom are still connected with the university. Among the members prominent in campus activities are Henry Wilson, president of the chapter, who is a Ruf-Nek, member of Scabbard and Blade and interfraternity council; Burton Jordan, who was lead hound of the Jazz Hounds this year, is a Tri Chi and on the interfraternity council ; Clarence Black, who belongs to Tri Chi, Phi Delta Phi, and Jazz Hounds, is a member of the publication board. Sooner staff, and is editor-elect of the 1930 yearbook. Hugh Cunningham, who is a member of the varsity wrestling team and the Y. M. C. A. cabinet, was also business manager of Stunt Nite this year. Milton McCullough is prominent in musical ac- tivities, being a Phi Mu Alpha, a member of the University Orchestra, and assistant director of the University Band. -UAlAjAlAIAIA } M 5SS Al A I Al Ar X pP+ X Paffe 199 v-l-v- l -v- l -v-l- -v- yr ■• • ■a H " . ' . ■(; v-l-v-l-v- l -v-l-yy «j «« $«« » » « «j«$«» « «» « «M «$ » $ « « «$ $ » « »««S «« 4«$ «$«« «$«8«M«8«8«M«S «8«» » Dr. Homer L. Dodge Dr. Sanford M. Salyer 1929 Joe a. McCloud, Oklahoma City A. Wood Rigsby, Oklahoma City John Johnstone, Jr., Bartlesville Gordon S. Avery, Tulsa Dave Lawrence, Wynnewood Paul Dudley, Oklahoma City WiLKiE Hoover, Norman George Connell, Oklahoma City Jim Lisk, Alva Jack Curran, Enid O. N. Coppedge, Bristow Herbert G. Crockett, El Reno 1930 Bill Walner, Oklahoma City R. L. Ragsdale, Houston, Texas W. H. Taft, Garber FACULTY MEMBERS Josh Lee Ralph A. Beegle ACTIVE MEMBERS Lloyd H. Foster, Seminole George E. McCloud, Oklahoma City Varley H. Taylor, Tulsa Jack Carman, Bristovp Lawrence Eyerly, Henryetta Preston Lampton, Sapulpa J9S1 Francis H. Turner, Oklahoma City Murray Gordon, Bartlesville John H. Poe, Tulsa J. Don Wiet, Tulsa H. Wendell Ford, Tulsa Joe M. Barnhill, Oklahoma City Jim p. Crow, Hominy William Deal, Tulsa William M. Fleetwood, Tulsa •George W. Oliphant, Holdenville •Pledge Dr. Ben H. Cooley Frank Cleckler Joseph M. Birge, Oklahoma City •John Lamb, Alva Gerald Sams, Nowata 19S2 Paul L. Cram, Hutchinson, Kansas •Charles Grady, Oklahoma City •Hugh Garnett, Altus •Richard Gurley, Blackwell •Richard L. Tryon, Oklahoma City •William O. Waide, Pawhuska •William Barlow, Neosho, Missouri •Robert Scarth, Enid •Bob McKinney, Amarillo, Texas •RobBRt R. Lindsey, Bartlesville •William G. Hundley, Jr., San Antonio, Texas •Charles Grady, Oklahoma City •L. J. BULLIS, Jr., Oklahoma City •Walter Lampton, Sapulpa ■ ■ 2r (? i y|.|.M.|.l.M.|.|.M W Page 200 w y " k A I A I A I A 1 A I A I AM X, v- l -v-l-v. | .v. | .v; ,«.«. ' ■ ■ ■ vr f ■ i H - ■ ■ ■ .r ,r.v- -v- -v- . r t: « »« $ «H» «$K$«$ y$ «$ «$ $ $«$«S K8 ««S « ««J«S«S«M«Mk8«$«$«$«$ «S«?«»« $«S S $ $ B w Founded at Jefferson College in 1848, Phi Gamma Delta was established on this campus in 1917. Bill Fleetwood has made a name for himself in dramatics, having had the lead in seven plays, and belonging to University Players and being the only student member of Buffalo Mask. Fleetwood was director of the Soonerland Follies this spring, and has been a member of the glee club and the interfrate rnity council. David Lawrence is a member of Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, Alpha Sigma Delta, and Tau Alpha Pi, and a member of Websterian and A. I. E. E. Phi Gam is represented further in activities by Varley Taylor, assistant editor of the Whirlwind, vice-president of Y. M. C. A., Mystic Keys, Bombardiers, and Mu Eta Tau; Jack Carman, letter man for three years in football, indoor track and outdoor track, and a member of Battle Ax and Sigma Delta Psi ; and George Connell, who was chairman of the Homecoming committee, and belongs to Sigma Tau and Ruf-Neks. m 1 I - U I A 1 A i- ' -i- l -i W Vtd 2 " yy ij A| A| iui. .[. .i. s Page 201 KViV- l -V-l-V- l -V; . ' . ' .■ ■ ■ - ' £ ■ « ■■ ' . ' .c ' ; v-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-y. ' -s ■ $xJk$kJk8«$ .S $ x$ « J«$«$«$ $x$xJ«8x» «S «8 «xJh $«$ J« ««S«8 «$ «$«$ « « ««$ J«» $«$ $H$ 1929 Howard Briscoe, Seminole Archibald Bonds, Muskogee Henry Browne, Oklahoma City Sam Fullerton, Miami Andrew Haswell, Oklahoma City Lynwood Haskins, Enid James Henley, Muskogee Edwin Neville, Oklahoma City Charles Schweinle, Oklahoma City Ward Vickery, Blackwell 1930 Charles Adams, Ardmore Paul Arnold, Guthrie Walter Beets, Oklahoma City John Bell, Ft. Worth, Texas Robert Butz, Muskogee Alfred Champlin, Lavvton Walter Christian, Okmulgee Albert Craig, McAlester ACTIVE MEMBERS Jay Douthitt, Duncan Roy Holliday, McAlester Carrol Johnson, Wilson Albert Mayhew, Oklahoma City Edward Overhoi.ser, Oklahoma City Farris Petree, Verden Leonard Savage, McAlester Verne Timmons, Oklahoma City Dan Withers, McAlester James Lewis, Winfield, Kansas Charles Patton, Edmond 1931 Carrol Black, Ft. Smith, Arkansas Solon Bower, Muskogee Paul Edwards, Enid Donald Edwards, Oklahoma City Earl Flint, Kingfisher Harry McKeever, Enid George McClung, Ft. Worth, Texas Hilbert Petree, Verden Fledge William Reynolds, Chickasha Walter Stark, Oklahoma City Jack Frost, Norman William Erwin, Chickasha •Robert Champlin, Lawton 1932 George Collier, Ardmore Warren Moore, Oklahoma City Wayne Glover, Ponca City Lawrence Cui.hson, Guthrie Robert Reeder, Oklahoma City Robert Hildt, Tulsa Richard Kennedy, Enid Fain Crockett, Ardmore Jack Brander, Tulsa WiLLiAM Buck, Bartlesville Fred Crockett, Ardmore Ray Hillis, Lawton WlLLIAM McCuRDY, Purcell •Donald Wallace, Colorado, Texas A I A 1 M I I A J i-l- I - l -i . -l-i- i q : I + I ■ W ' Page 202 - - - - % V YiY-i-viYiv . vv- ' ... . -: : m : :s:: j—. ' A v-i-v-i-v- i -;-i-g ► ■V -3 $x$«$xJ kS«$«$ x$«J«J«$«$«$x$hJ«J« $«$ kJx8k$ Phi Delta Theta ««$«$ »« ««$«$«$«$ «$«$«$ H$ 8 « «$«$«J«8 Phi Delta Theta, the third of the Miami Triad, was founded at Miami University, in 1848. The chapter at the University of Oklahoma v is installed in 1918. One of Phi Delta Theta ' s most outstanding men is Leonard Savage, who is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Pe-et, Scabbard and Blade, and the oratorical council, and is active in politics, having served as president of the Administration combine one year. Lynwood Haskins is one of the university ' s most prominent athletes; he played on the varsity team for three years, having received All-American rating, and the Huckins trophy as the most valuable player on the 1928 team. Another prominent Phi Delt is Sam Clammer, who is a letter man in football, a member of Tri Chi and is a Ruf-Nek. Andrew Haswell has been on the varsity baseball team for three years, and was co-captain this season. He is also a Ruf-Nek, and has held the office of treasurer of the student council. FM-i-l-tn- l -t- l -M-t U : wyp V ]-- l --l- i -T-i-T-i- ?= ? A I A I A I A I A 1 A I A 3 Page 203 KY-I-V-I-V-I-V-I-V. ■ . . ■ ' " - • t ' a • « • ■ .We ' . v- l -v-l-v 1:v1 M ' S M $ " - ' $ ' $- ' ' S $y ««$«8«$««S«J«$kJx$«J«Jk8 k$xJk$ «$x$ x$k$x$ Karl Ritter, Norman Max Heaslett, Miami 1929 Charles Woodward, Weleetka Ralph Will, Hennesey Harry Murphy, Tulsa Milam Wilson, Guthrie Frank Worrell, Pond Creek Glendon Walker, Shawnee Orrin Winterringer, Shamrock Phil Anderson, Guthrie Sam Payne, Jr., Hobart Carleton Wright, Miami Harry L. Neuffer, Oklahoma City Clarence Round, Ponca City Dan Sholtus, Norman Ray Emerson, Prague Charles Guthrie, Norman Jack Looney, Lawton Byron Cook, Oklahoma City David Henderson, Lawton George Howard Wilson, Enid Claude Waters, Granite Paul Goodrich, Norman Chester Burns, Oklahoma City Kelsey Clarkson, Ponca City Sam Nowlin, Norman rRANK Forrester, Medford GRADUATE J. D. Sapp, Jr., Alva Lynden Mannen, Mountain View ACTIVE MEMBERS 1930 Cecil Forbes, Billings Richard Robey, Norman Samuel Echols, Jr., Mangum Roy Steele, Altus Cecil Brite, LeRussell, Missouri Bradley Miller, Norman Ralph Cochran, Kingfisher Charles Manney, Davenport Carlos Ferguson, Stratford Clarence Ervin, Gainesville, Texas Jack Barth, Skiatook Jess Elliott, Blanchard Byron Gardner, Tipton N0RVAL Wycoff, Weatherford Glen Hughes, Henryetta 19S1 Ben Huey, Ngrman Merton Munson, Lawton Eldon Magaw, Concordia, Kansas Bill DeVinney, Carman Kenneth McAfee, Roff Haskell Pugh, Anadarko Melvin Love, Konawa Kenneth Howard, Carman Clarence Unruh, Norman Ross Porter, Lawton Pledge Glenn Hunter, Altus A lmW i QM 9 WSVm J yHnuHnn -T ' ' " Paffe 204 wyp ■■ ' ir M-t-l-t-l-M-M-t ■ zS , f= Vv- l -v- l -v-l-v- l -v; , . .« ' v: •2 ' • " VV ' . . ' ;v- l -v-l-v-|.v.|.vV « «K$H$«» K$ Kj $ $ $K$ $ K$«$ $«$«$ $. 8«?X»«H$X8X$KJKJK? X8XS«$X$K$XJ«$«$«$«$«$K$ «. ?« Acacia was founded at the University of Michigan in 1904. 1920, being the outgrowth of a Masonic club founded in 1915. It was established at Oklahoma in Acacia has one of the most outstanding men in school in Merton Munson, president of the student council. Munson ' s other activities include president of the senior class, president of Pi Sigma Alpha and the Athenaean literary society, Ruf-Neks, varsity debate team, and vice-president of Scabbard and Blade. William Ritter is a Tau Beta Pi, treasurer of Sigma Tau, a member of Toga, St. Pat board, and secretary of Kappa Tau Pi. Other active Acacias include Lynden Mannen, who is senior dean, a member of Phi Delta Phi, was president of Pi Sigma Alpha, and on the Colonel ' s staff of R. O. T. C. ; and Charles Manney, president of Phi Eta Sigma, member of Alpha Kappa Psi, was president of the sophomore class, vice- president of Websterian, and on the oratorical council. .[ I ' A ! - 1 I A I A r-Kr- i -r-i-Y- i -r- i -T-Ki " " " g?p ■ 2r ? 1 • ' • 1 • ' • 1 - -ALA I Al Al A I A I A B - Page 205 v- l -v- l -v- l -v- l -v: . .«. " ■ ' v. ■3 - ■ ' " . ' ■ ■ :v-l-v-l-v- l -v-l-vY » «» « « «J «S«S«S«8 « S«» « » » ? «» » « ««$«$«$«$ « «S«$ $ ' $«»4 ««$«$«$ ««$«8«8«8 «» « 1929 Richard Mason, Lawton Wallace Hardin, Lexington William McAlister, Jr., Oklahoma City mo Reeve Holmes, Mangum Henry Griffing, Dallas, Texas Oscar Stewart, Muskogee Wendell Smith, Tulsa Sloan Jackson, Perry Ralph Garnett, Elk City John Lee, Charleston, Missouri 19S1 Clarence Warren, Tulsa Robert Browne, Amarillo, Texas Francis Drake, Muskogee ' George Lynde, Muskogee Donald Feagin, Tulsa Sam Fryer, Muskogee ■Robert Strader, Amarillo, Texas Robert Berry, Oklahoma City James Wooden, Kansas City, Kansas Pledge Chilton McLaughlin, Jr., Kansas City, Kansas Jack Land, Muskogee Joseph Brewer, Tulsa Robert Simpson, Jr., Eufaula Charles Smith, Oklahoma City 1932 John W. T. Brooks, Oklahoma City Douglass Wood, Elk City Darrell Herron, Wellington, Texas Orville L. Williams, Elk City W. Monte Canterbury, Muskogee J. Aubrey Fairey, Amarillo, Texas William Davis, Dallas, Texas Robert Jordan, Hugo L. A. Blust, Jr., Tulsa William Mugler, Perry William C. Harsh, Independence, Kansas Bud Noble, Tulsa Murrell Neely, Amarillo, Texas Brant Miller, Denver, Colorado Bernard Doud, Jackson, Tennessee WiLLiAM Stewart, Tulsa - 2r [ A lAIAIAlAIAlA , y I • ! • I - I - 1 - I - i - I - 1 - I - I - I - i: Paffe 206 " Xyfe WyP A| A •!• I • ! • 1 - I - s- Al Al A I AITN]. i Vv-l-v- l -viv-l-v . , . ■ . ' ' " - - ■ " " . ' ■ ■ ' :v- | -V-|-Y-|-V- | -Y .« . K$«» «$ .$«$K» «$ «$ «J Kj »««S«8«$H$ v«KS «$ « 8K8x?KjH8 «jK$H$ $y$« Phi Kappa Psi was founded at Washington and Jefferson College in 1852. The chapter on this campus was established in 1920. The fraternity is represented in school activities by Henry Grifling, who is a member of Tri Chi, Ruf-Neks, on the Oklahoma Union committee, interfraternity council, and has been on the W hirlwind and Sooner staffs; Reeve Holmes, who is a Jazz Hound, and a member of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Engineers ' Club, Pick and Hammer, and L. K. O. T. ; and Clarence Warren, who is a Tri Chi and a Jazz Hound, and belongs to Scabbard and Blade and interfraternity council. Dick Mason belongs to Checkmate, Sigma Tau, was captain of the varsity tennis team last year, president of A. I. E. E., and is a Jazz Hound and L. K. O. T. AlAIAUl-S I AIA I - I - I - I - - I - 1 - I - 1 - I - I •!• i G " WW 2 1? .l-M-M-M-M- -y Page 207 gs y- l -v- l -vlY- l -v; )i , VVV " ' ... ' V; -?) - H " . ' .Vc; v- l -v-l-v-l-v-l-vY H. C. George H. H. Scott FACULTY MEMBERS John S. Redfield Dr. G. L. Borecky T. M. Beard GRADUATES Stanley Cunningham, Chickasha Paul Fleecer, Wichita, Kansas William Burden, Joplin, Missouri 1929 Burt Barr, Dallas, Texas Leonard King, Clinton R. V. Carleton, Clinton J. Cedric Randall, Clinton Eugene Riffe, Tyrone Maurice Stalker, Pond Creek W. Warren Terrell, Guthrie Earl Whitfield, Okemah 1930 Gus Booth, Muskogee Robert Duncan, Forgan Carlyle Goodrich, Norman George Gibson, Grove John E. Glover, Childress, Texas Horton Grisso, Seminole Edward Howard, Oklahoma City FACULTY MEMBERS 1931 James Gorman, Sapulpa George B. Hughes, Heavener JOHN Landis, Bi llings Lawrence Meyer El Reno Dale Rookstool, Norman Heston Singletary, Oklahoma City Lawrence Wilson, Durant Claude Bloss, Okemah Francis Buellesfeld, Blackwell 1932 Phillip Campbell, Claude, Texas Warren Dodd, Tulsa ♦Frank Groseclose, Waurika •William Grisso, Seminole Milton Hardy, Tulsa •Robert Jeffries, Joplin, Missouri •Pledge •Donald LeCrone, Norman •William McKenney, Custer City •William Miner, St. Louis, Missouri •Claude Perry, San Antonio, Texas •Buddy Prather, Dallas, Texas Udell Price, Tonkawa •Jack Williams, Oklahoma City . •Tom Hanson, El Reno •William Breedlove, Tulsa •Wendell Black, Drumright •Tom Alberty, Drumright Edward J. Klophenstein, Bartlesville Ward Lynn, Fairfax Frank B. Neptune, Bartlesville Jack Wood, Oklahoma City Dan Hanson, El Reno •John R. Winston, Ardmore Ralph A. Wilson, Houston, Texas m A 1 A I A 1 A I A 1 A Paffe 208 WW A I A I A I XT T PP4= XI " i - • £: yY- i -v- i -v-i-v- i -v ; ,« . " ■ ' ' 3 ' ■ " . ' ■ ■ ' ;v- i -viv-i-v-i-vy $ $ «$«$ M«$«$«$K$«$«$ 4«M «» $«$ » «JH» S«$ «$ «$ $K$ X$«J $K$«$H$«$«$«$X$«$ SX$ $ The Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, which was founded at the University of Virginia, in 1868, came to the University of Oklahoma in 1920 as Beta Omicron chapter. It is one of the largest nationals, having seventy-three chapters in all. Ed Klophenstein, who is president this year, is a member of Sigma Gamma E[ silon, Ruf-Neks, Engineering Club, and Pick and Hammer. Frank Neptune, who is also a member of Sigma Gamma Epsilon and Pick and Hammer, is on the interfraternity council, is president of the stewards and treas- urers ' association, and is a Ruf-Nek. Robert Duncan is prominent in musical activities; he is treasurer of Phi Mu Alpha, student coun- cil representative, president of W. N. A. D. club this year, and a member of the O. U. symphony orchestra for three years. Among other well-known Pi K. A. ' s is Bill Cram, who is on the interfraternity council, was W. N. A. D. announcer the past year, is also a member of Ruf-Neks, Battle Axe, and Congress literary society. ■A A I A I A 1 A I A I A 1 • ' • 1 • ! • I " " Tfe W P Al Al A l Al A I A |r|- I - I - yi- I - prpt- P. Page 209 . ;- i -;- i -;i;+v ; ,-.-. ' _,„ -rf7 @ ' g(ct 4 ' 3 - H « ■• A • • • • • ' « « j « « ««? ' ' s - Dr. C. J. FiSHMAN FACULTY MEMBERS ACTIVE MEMBERS Dr. Joseph Blatf 929 Lewis F. Degan, Tulsa David Erdberc, Okmulgee Adolph Eichenberg, Kansas Citj ' , Missouri Joseph Pollak, Norman Stanley Haas, Clinton 1930 David Pollak, Norman Saul Sandler, Tulsa Laurence Milton Shefts, Okmulgee 1931 Norman Futoransky, Oklahoma City Stanley Reinstein, Tulsa Nelson Rosen, Shawnee David Rosinsky, Heoka Joseph Schuman, Tulsa 1932 Frank Appleman, Tulsa Irvinc Auerback, Idabel Samuel Broida, Wewoka Harrid Gladstein, McAlester Raymond Hershkowitz, Tulsa Aaron Karchmer, Tulsa Samuel Minsky, Sapulpa Mark Weisberg, Tulsa Pledge A I A j A I A 1 A 1 A ] A I -I- I - I - i - I - 1 - I - t • ! • I • ! • 1 ' ' ' X Page 210 ? :x Al A l A X F T 9 m KV-I-V-I-V-I-V-I-V M « ■ ' » ' ' 1. • - . As H - ' « ■■ , ( , V-I-V-I-V-I-V-I-Y4 $ «$«$ «» » $ $«» » $ » » «. $«8 Kg $ xJ«$«$X$Xj $«jK$«S«$ $Kj $ K$X$ $ « » »4 Signia Alpha Mu was founded at the City College, New York City, in 1909. In 1920 the Sigma Alpha chapter was established on this campus. The chapter set a record this year when four of its freshmen, Frank Appleman, Sam Broida, Sam Minsky, and Mark Weisberg, made Phi Eta Sigma. Norman Futoransky has served as treasurer of the organization. The latter is also president of the International Relations Club, and has won numer- als in wrestling. Other members of the fraternity who have distinguished themselves are Joe Pollak, who has been a member of the glee club for four years; Dave Rosinsky, well known as a pianist through his perform- ances in Stunt Nite and over W. N. A. D.; Stanley Haas, the only student assistant in the electrical engineering school, and Joe Schuman, a member of Playhouse, who has appeared in the Soonerland Follies and a number of Playhouse productions. 2 A I A 1 A I A I A I A 1 A l- ' -i- ' -i " Tg W " " ' . wwwwwwm . rage 211 • « ' ■ ' . ,( , V-l-V-l-V-l-V-l-Y 1 ' ' V ■ ■ « «$ «» $«8 4 «« S $«$ «$«$ «$ $«$ M K$ » ««$ «hJkJ xJ«$x$«Sx8 hJ«8 x$ sMkJk$xJ«$ $ H GRADUATE Carl Buerbaum, Dallas, Texas Edward Cain Sapulpa ACTIVE MEMBERS 1929 Bruce Drake, Oklahoma City DoRSEY Douglas, Oklahoma City Paul Turnbull, Hobart Leon Smith, Mineral Wells, Texas J. Ralph Rackley, Cherokee F. Davis Cromack, Nowata James Sellars, Texhoma Frank Brewer, Oklahoma City mo Harold Kersey, Carlsbad, New Mexico Todd Ferguson, Oklahoma City Charles Abbot, Durant Henry Wolgamot, Oklahoma City A. C. McCOLL, Oklahoma City Bruce Choate, McAlester Leslie Jenkins, Shawnee Ray Horton, Ardmore Lowe Runkle, Oklahoma City Clifford Lane, Amarillo, Texas RussEL Phillips, Oklahoma City Kenneth Gillespie, Enid Hubert Sanders, Ponca City Ira McCroskey, Oklahoma City Victor Marsh, Sayre Joseph Messenbauch, Oklahoma City Jay Robinson, Norman •Louis Fratcher, Springfield, Illinois " Pledge 1931 Harold Criswell, Haskell Richard Swan, Oklahoma City Harold Hardin, McAlester Lee Parks, Walters James Petty, Guthrie Lawrence Bourn, Norman Robert Sanders, Ponca City Barret Thompson, Amarillo, Texas Roland McCullar, Ardmore Lewis Smith, Spiro George Sturgell, Pawhuska Ralph May, Oklahoma City •William Taylor, Norman 1932 Millard Sinclair, Oklahoma City Kenneth Turnbull, Hobart Francis Pieratt, Guthrie Herschel Patterson, Duncan John May, Oklahoma City Francis Kearney, St. Louis Missouri •Stanley Morian, Bradford, Pennsylvania •James Kirk, Bartlesville •Allan Snoddy, Bartlesville •Whit Waide, Norman •Don Hendryx, Port Arthur, Texas •Paul Crawford, Norman •Felix Jamieson, Sherman, Texas @C00 § ©tii iT s? (? A I A I A 1 A 1 A I A 1 A ) r ' I - I - I ■• I M- r-- I Page 212 X PTf W - ' fJP PP+ k !.|.!.|.!.|.M.M.f J I •r v-l-v-l-v-l-v-l- - ■ ■■ » - « « •■ » , ( ' ; V-l-V-l-V-l-VtyV •♦ «$ » «$«$«$ $«$ «$ « $«»«H$«$ g«$K$« «H$ $ K$ X$ «$ » J«$Hj J«$Xj«$ $«$X$«$«$K$«J«$« The local chapter of Alpha Tau Omega was established at the University of Oklahoma in 1921 ; the fraternity was founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865. Bruce Drake has made a lasting name for himself in athletics ; he has been a two-year letter man in football, and a three-year letter man in basketball and track; he was basketball captain, and co- captain of the track team this spring. Drake was also voted the most valuable all-around man student by the Dads ' Association. Another well-known A. T. O. is Paul Turnbull, who was president of Toga this year, on the student council, St. Patrick for the Engineers ' celebration, and a member of Jazz Hounds. Carl Buerbaum is on the interfraternity council, a Jazz Hound and a Sigma Gamma Epsilon, and Ralph May is a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Ruf-Neks, Battle Axe, and was secretary of the interfraternity council this year. 7f|.M.!U- l -!U- | . =r- " M I l r-i-T-i-1 2 H Al Al Al AI A I AIA ' N]. Paffe 213 Vv-i-v- i -v- l -v-i- - -?yr ■■ » ■ As -a H : ' ■ . J. V-I-V-|-V-I-V-I-V 7 f j ® Delta Tau Delta m Joseph Brandt 1929 M. E. Wakefield, Brownwood, Texas Aubrey Shives, Lincoln, North Carolina RoTHWELL Stephens, (Jage Joe Driskell, Wagoner Parke Davis, Tulsa Eugene Buchanan, Muskogee Hill Clark, Walters George Dent, Oklahoma City Redford Fowler, Duncan Earl Fricke, Oklahoma City Ralph Garretson, Quinton Lee Gower, Tulsa Bill Hamilton, Ardmore Savoie Lottinville, Tulsa George Mix McKinnev, Addington Carl Luman, Oklahoma City 1930 Tom Clifford, El Reno Joyce Coffey, Ardmore Robert Cox, Duncan FACULTY MEMBERS Major E. P. Parker, Jr. Dr. Paul B. Sears ACTIVE MEMBERS J. L Gibson, Wellston Bernard Hilburn, Dallas, Texas Paul Kennedy, Oklahoma City Bill McDonald, Oklahoma City Harold Naylor, Wichita Falls, Texas Herbert Peters, Waxahachie, Texas J. Wiley Taylor, Midland, Texas Leo Price, Lone Grove 1931 Walter Atkins, Holdenville Ray Bannister, El Reno Paul Brunk, Frederick George Copeland, Oklahoma City Joe Hudson, San Antonio, Texas LeRoy McCay, El Reno Clayton Powless, Tulsa Joe Revelette, Elgin, Kansas Ralph Rider, Guthrie Luther Donahey, Trenton, Texas Pledge Dr. Paul L. Voght Morris Shrader, El Reno William Swan, Pittsburgh, Kansas Clyde Watts, Wagoner Milton Hamilton, Ardmore Benson Kingston, Breckenridge, Texas Hoffer Simler, Tulsa 1932 Raymond Stanley, Lawton Kenneth Wickman, Bristow Walter Ahrens, Tulsa Oral Chastain, Oklahoma City " Bill Davidson, Columbus, Ohio Earl Deskins, Ardmore Claude Foster, El Reno Neil Gibson, Bartlesville •William Morris, Oklahoma City JOHN McLean, Pueblo, Colorado •Prentiss Price, Oklahoma City •John Wells, Bartlesville •Lawrence Wilson, Oklahoma City (yiCLOAdJ J • « • • • • • W - Page 214 V s- AIAIAIAIAIAI AN] Vy- I -v-I-v-I-v- I -v; ,V . " - Vc ' 3 ; ■ ' . ' . ' . , ;v-i-v-i-v- i -v. i -vA « «$«$«» Mh$ S«««««8«8««x$ j kS h$x$«Jk$«$x ««$«S «» S «$ «$ «J«S $«»« S « » « $«8 « » Delta Tau Delta came to this university in 1922, having been founded at Bethany College in 1859. This year was their first spent in a new home on Elm Street. Prominent in the fraternity and on the campus, Savoie Lottinville was editor of the Oklahoma Daily this year; he was winner of the 1929 Rhodes scholarship, was on the student council, president of Sigma Delta Chi, and was a Ruf-Nek, a Mu Eta Tau, and a Phi Beta Kappa. Bill Hamilton, who was captain of the football team this year, was also president of the anti-ad- ministration party, and a member of interfraternity council, Checkmate, and the " O " Club. Other Delta Taus active on the campus included Rothwell Stephens, a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Pe-et, and president of Phi Mu Alpha; Gene Buchanan, head of the chapter, who was track manager and a member of Delta Sigma Pi and was director of relays. Pjit-i-t-i-M-t- i -tu r ' fjp 1 - I - 1 • ' • 1 A I A I A I A I A I A I A ' - Page 215 KVW- I -V-I-V- I -V ; , . ■■ ' • ' • £ •7) H ' ■ ' V ' . . v-l-v-l-v- l -v-l-v ' ACTIVE MEMBERS 7929 Jack Montgomery, Hobart Leland Snow, Oklahoma City Roe Alexander, McKenzie, Tennessee Russell Carson, Okemah Gordon Slover, Davis William Longmire, Pauls Valley Joe Kennedy, Muskogee Eugene Watwood, Okmulgee Randolph Ebersole, Muskogee Edward Tate, Roswell, New Mexico Kenneth Abernathy, Shawnee Nick Scoville, Hartington, Nebraska John Brand, Alva 1930 Clark Pearson, Marshall Charley Fundis, Wanette WiNBURN Thomas, Poteau Curtis Berry, Norman •Kenneth Johnson, Oklahoma City 1931 John Murray, Tulsa James Stillwell, Hobart Howard Davis, Oklahoma City Dudley Tucker, Tulsa Clyde Kirk, Norman Charley Cargile, Hot Springs, Arkansas Roy Martin, Kingfisher Roy Thompson, Tulsa Charley Johnson, Tulsa Ralph Anderson, Los Angeles, California Boyd Lowe, Tulsa Bob Hull, Tulsa Jack Stone, Oklahoma City Glenn Dawson, Skiatook DiCK Hughes, Hobart JoE Gordon, Konawa 1932 Jerry Jerome, Tulsa Charley Lenau, Hobart Myron Moore, Oklahoma City Clifford Martin, Shawnee Thomas Ashton, Oklahoma City Lee Cruce, Ardmore Ben Barbour, Norman DicK Longmire, Pauls Valley Casey Childs, Tulsa Jack Matt, Tulsa Charles Finley, St. Joseph, Missouri R. B. Hensley, Tulsa FoRREST Thomas, PauU Valley Pledge ;@6@S@6e Qe§ -A I A 1 A 1 A I A I A 1 A 1-l-i-l-I Vb- Page 216 " yy IM- X sm 2 ' ? k Al AI A I A I A J II [ S YlY- l -y- l -Y- l -Yr , ' , V . ' ' V: ■3 r . r.V- -V- -V- . -tr 4 » «8«$ «$ «$«$«$ «$«» $«$«J«S«$ $x$x$ « $ , » Kj«J » » . «$ S . M J« J » » ■ 2 ' Alpha Sigma Phi was founded at Yale in 1845; Alpha Alpha chapter was installed at the Univer- sity of Oklahoma in 1923. Eugene Watwood was president of the fraternity this year. Several Alpha Sigma Phi ' s took part in school activities this year. Gordon Slover is a member of the publication board, the fVhirluind stafif, and the glee club. Kenneth Abernathy is varsity debate coach, while Winburn Thomas is on the debate team. Clyde Kirk and Curtis Berry both won letters in football, while Leslie Clay was on the squad. John Murray won a letter in baseball, and John Brand is on the tennis team. Jack Montgomery, Dick Longmire, and Dudley Tucker belong to Jazz Hounds, while Earl Whitfield and Roe Alexander are Ruf-Neks. L-A I A 1 A I A 1 A I A 1 A y—j r-i-i- i -1 I - I - I K g p S ' A| A I A I A I A I A I -I- I T I r I - I - i T 1 T I h Page 217 [ VY-1-V- I -V- | -V- I -V: ,«.V " ■ ■ - s. ■a ■ - H r.v- -v- -v- -v- -vX M «x$ « « $ J«? ««S«?«S «$«$ J«J H« xS«$ «$ ACTIVE MEMBERS 1929 Ben Alexander, Tulsa Harry Berry, Tulsa Sam Marks, Tulsa George Selinger, Tulsa Arthur Sherman, Tulsa Haskell Heiligman, Clinton 19iO Sam Alexander, Oklahoma City Phillip Berry, Tulsa Ellis Liebman, Frederick Henry Ravitz, Tulsa Barney Simon, Dallas, Texas 1931 Saul Gordon, Oklahoma City ' Pledge Fred Heiligman, Clinton Joe Kornfeld, Tulsa Charles Keilin, Houston, Texas Morton Rubin, Dallas, Texas Ed Weinstein, Tulsa 1932 Joe Finkelstein, Bristow Leon Fisher, Oklahoma City Victor Jacobson, Oklahoma City Morris Mesirow, Seminole Harry Pines, Tulsa Manuel Mouber, Kansas City, Missouri Morris Mizel, Tulsa Lewis Solloway, Altus Phillip Surreck, Oklahoma City C GG6@ m A 1 A I A I A I A I A r- i - !•• r--T--T- i - I - f;: • • • A • w v - Page 218 W y pp A I A I A I A 1 A I A I A ' l, r v-i-v-i-v-i-v-i-v 7), y " V ' H ' ■ V " . ' ■ ■(»; v- l -v-l-v-l-v- l -v « «8 .J«M«$ S«$ « « $«$ $ «x$«S «x8xMhS ?s8 ««««« « « « « $ S 8x$«j «8 ShM«J« The national Phi Beta Delta, which was founded at New York University in 1912, installed the local chapter in 1922. The nine men in the chapter at that time have increased to twenty-six at present. Harry Berry is well known to the University of Oklahoma for his athletic prowess. He has been a member of the football team for three years, having been mentioned on several all-Big Six teams; he also earned two letters in wrestling. In the field of dramatics, Cedric Marks has distinguished himself the past four years. His art is marked by versatility; Marks has been stage manager, scenery painter, and teacher of stage design in the school of fine arts, besides an excellent actor. Among other prominent members is Arthur Sherman, who has made a letter in outdoor track and is a member of Tau Beta Pi. ' M-tnn- i -t-i-t : ; F mzK . :c f P A I A I A I A 1 A I A I A ' nJ 13=1 r i - J Page 219 NY-l-v-l-v-l-vr «« ■■» • ■ £ ■a H ■ ■ " . . , ;; v-l-vlv-l-v-l-v. « « «S«S « « «S«8«$ «» S 8 8 ' « « $ « •« «« J ««S ««»««8 8«» « «» «J ♦ FACULTY MEMBERS Captain W. C. Goesslinc 1929 Weldev Ferris, Altus George Halcomb, Pond Creek Teece Lewis, Pawhuska Allan Foster, Tulsa Ross Hume, Anadarko William Garrison, Pond Creek Granville Norris, Laverne 1930 Clarence Frost, Norman Sam Pancburn, Alva Don Fisher, Norman Russell Fagin, Altus Bus Wall, Minco Homer Delzell, Cherokee Claude Eurton, Fairview Charles Fentress, New York City, Elbert Cook, Idabel Charles Weiman, Tulsa Frank Ewing, Higgins, Texas Frank Williams, Lawton 1931 Burl Hays, Pawhuska J. rX Shipp, Idabel Merlyn Aldrich, Pond Creek Edwin K. Wood ACTIVE MEMBERS Wesley Collins, Higgins, Texas William Rigg, Taloga Walter Scott, Norman Harold Barrett, Tulsa Glenn Dunnington, Cherokee Robert Lowery, Pawhuska Vernon Stansell, New York City, New York Dick Pearce, El Reno Jess Faulkner, Alva Fred Marsh, Oklahoma City Lyle Van Arsdale, Tulsa 1932 Ivan Ferguson, Mountain Park Hansford Landes, CJrandfield Horace Kent, Houston, Texas Ralph White, Pawhuska Gale Braden, Seminole Thomas Garner, Newport, North Carolina. LaVere Johnson, Oklahoma City Mike Meaders, Norman William M ' illingham, Tecumseh Glenn Brock, Norman Everett Goins, Rocky Ford, Colorado Ralph Johnston, CJcandfield Eugene Salmon, Idabel York m I • ! • I A I A I A 1 A I A 1 A r- i -T- i - ' i " Page 220 WW 2 ? A.|.M.MA.|.AUI Y-i-v- i -v-i-v-i-v. ,vrv ' ' £ r J. v-i-viv-i-vi ' ««$ « »4«» $ «$«$ «8«J «$«$ «$ x$ S «» Alpha Gamma of Pi Kappa Phi was founded at the Un iversity of Oklahoma in 1923, having been on the campus for two years as the local Pi Kappa. The national was founded at the College of Charleston in 1904. Pi Kappa Phis active in college affairs include Granville Norris, one of the most outstanding ath- letes on the campus. " Granny " was football captain in 1927, baseball captain and assistant football coach in 1928; has three letters in baseball, and was treasurer of the student council. Elbert Cook was on the varsity baseball team this year, was representative to the student council, is a member of Phi Delta Phi and Jazz Hounds, and is assistant manager-elect of the basketball squad. Other members prominent in activities are Ross Hume, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi, Kappa Gamma Epsilon and band, and Dick Pearce, Sigma Delta Chi, and a member of the Oklahoma Daily staff and publication board. ■A I A I A I A 1 A 1 A 1 A i- i -T- ' -i-i-i " " [ W y A I A I A I A i rrx I -I- ] -I- 1 ' V i - Page 221 Xv-l-v-l-v-l-v- l -v ;)■ ■ . ' . ' ■ ■ - ' V: ■3 H ■ ' . ' . , ; V- l -V-l-V- l:-Hv7 f HV $hM ««J«S«S«S M S S »« M $ $«M « « »« «J«? A. H. HUGGINS 1929 FACULTY MEMBERS John Hybarger ACTIVE MEMBERS C. J. Bollinger Carmon C. Harris, Ringling Ray Teague, Lexington Frank Young, Marlow Fred A. Monsour, Ponca City Virgil Roy Jobe, Muskogee William Sutton, Okmulgee Bruce Nesbitt, Pauls Valley Webster Babb, Enid Frank W. Jones, Seminole Herbert Sheldon, Sperry Eli Eubanks, Devol Paul Kolm, Norman Cliff Clark, Boswell James Witherspoon, Bell View, New Mexico Noel Duncan, Cleveland 1930 Robert Bonham, Tulsa Harold Wood, Blackwell Archie Giezentanner, Drumright Herman Becker, En id Clyde Lyons, Gracemont James Price, Lone Wolf •Carter Todd, Tulsa •Pledge •Syrian Marbut, Fame C. T. Arrington, Oklahoma City Albert Ryan, Norman Jay Sherman, Lexington James C. Gay, Wayne Alvin, Rosecrans, Tonkawa Herman Roth, Tyrone EscA Milne, Oklahoma City ROMEY Tubb, Mangum Newton Hammer, Chickasha Leo Rosen, Riga Latvia, Finnlant " . James L. Haddock, Norman Jake Page, Norman 1931 •John Pickins, Durant John Davis, Norman 1932 Hugh Herbert, Earlsburro •Cecil Saied, Maud •Elmer Forbes, Healdton •Elton Eubanks, Devol •Payton Sherman, Lexington •Edward Harris, Wichita Falls, Texas •Jack Poynor, Stillwell m A 1 A [A l A rTTo: I - I - I . | . I - I - I - I . I ■ ! ■ p [ Paffe 222 2 ? f - MtitTHnw . i ,M Vv-l-v-l-v- l -v-l-v . .«. ' " ■ ■ " . ' ■ ■ v-l-v-l-v- l -v-i-vY • Tl iff " try • . M « $ » «» « .$H$ J«M«» « ««J«$ «»««» T Beta chapter of Sigma Mu Sigma, founded at Tri-State College in Indiana, 1921, was estab- lished at the University of Oklahoma in 1924. Sigma Mu Sigma has the distinction of never having fallen below third place in scholarship since its installation on this campus. Among the members taking part in school activities, this fraternity has Noel Duncan, who is a Ruf-Nek, was freshman boss, and is a member of Alpha Phi Mu and Mystic Keys. Herbert Shelden is a member of Sigma Tau and Tau Beta Pi and president of the Engineers-for-Hoover Club. Carman Harris, a national officer of the fraternity, is a Jazz Hound, a member of Monnet Bar, and belongs to Alpha Sigma Delta and Mu Eta Tau. Fred Monsour is on the interfraternity council and a Jazz Hound. - 2r ? f l -i-l-t-l-t- l -t- l -t-l-1 r§ ? ?%ER.l S W y 1 • ' • 1 • ! • 1 A|A|A|AIA[A | A Page 223 Xv- l -v- l -v-l-v-l-v ;), . . " ' ■ ■ ■ £ -a - ' ' " .V ,r. v - 1 -v-l-v. l .v.i.-CV «? S S«S«8«$K$«M«$X$K8 , «$ K$ X$X$. $ L ® ' 8 «» « « 8 » » » ««S S Dr. Lloyd E. Harris FACULTY MEMBERS Roy HOLCOMBE W. Sam Crawford H. Carson James C. Davis Leslie Chambers, Dover 1929 Raymond Sroaf, Weatherford Lloyd Murrell, Frederick John Cole, Oklahoma City Olin Tyler, Norman Cecil Sicmon, Anadarko Walter Fowler, Quinton H. T. Brown, Shawnee Dell Ramsay, Quinton 1930 Albert Larason, Fargo William Bicgers, Wevvoka Alfred Gilliland, Pampa, Texas Merwyn Murrell, Frederick Charles Mathews, Texarkana, Texas Gordon Knight, Dallas, Texas Edgar Allgood, Oklahoma City Kermit Van Leuven, Norman Sim Wright, Hobart William Derrick, Frederick William Montgomery, Eufaula Clifford Morris, El Reno Ernest Larason, Fargo Melville Boddie, Oklahoma City GRADUATE MEMBERS Victor Searle, Norman ACTIVE MEMBERS Sam Schwieger, Hitchcock Dana Whitton, Minneapolis, Minnesota 1931 RowE Cook, Atoka Kenneth Ferguson, Pampa, Texas Yeargain Park, Sperry Orville Tolleson, Sperry William King, Oklahoma City ■ Howard Bunch, Centrahoma Wayne Jeffrey, Hastings 1932 Fred Wheeler, Oklahoma City Johnny Railey, Little Rock, Arkansas George Bolon, Hobart Gregory Rowe, Wichita Falls, Texas Vernon Reed, Vernon, Texas Carlos Murrell, Frederick Glen Campbell, Granite Robert Pyle, Ft. Worth, Texas David Mathews, McAlester James Hamil, Norman Fred Reignor, Norman Boyce Bartley, Duncan •Pledge ir yr ir mf SF iF OCGOififi© A I A I A I A I A I A I A - I - l -r -I- r -I- I -l-T -K ptq: Page 224 J Sl W p ? U i • ' • 1 • ' • 1 - I - i • ! • 1 1 Al A I Al A f A I A I ANJ vy-1-v- i -v-i-v- i -v; , . : ■ ' . : M: ' tS ► .( , V-|-V-|-V-|-VtY7 f « ««$«M«$«$«$«$x$ $«$ «8. «$x$ $ «j jK$. 5 L ' $«$ « ««$ $«» 4«$«» S«$ $H» $ ««$x$ «$ ««$ «8 x$« Lambda Chi Alpha, founded at Boston University in 1909, came to this campus as Gamma Rho Beta chapter in 1926. It was petitioned by Sigma Phi, formerly Phi Delta Chi, professional. Bert Larason ' s activities include fVhirlwind stafif. Congress, Y. M. C. A. cabinet, Mu Eta Tau, and Mystic Keys; he is also a Jazz Hound. Fred Wheeler directed the dancing in the Follies this year, and is in the Glee Club. Rovve Cook made Freshman Debate, and is in Congress ; he is also on the Whirlwind stafif and interfraternity council, and had a part in the Soonerland Follies. Other Lambda Chi ' s taking part in activities include Leslie Chambers, who has been on interfra- ternity council, is a Ruf-Nek, and a member of Phi Delta Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, Battle Axe, and Athenian Literary Society. 1 Si II ' .Vx " | - lf p sssj - - i " I M --- ' ' - ' • H W . !? r 1 j l m I - I - 1 A 1 A 1 A I A I A I A i- ' -T-i-i -I ' l U : I Page 225 K YlY- l -Yi-Y- l -T T ••» - - - - - ' " V -a • « ■ ■ , . V-l-V-|-V- rvtV7 f ;f «8«8 «8«»« «x$«» $ « «H8x$ K$ x$« FACULTY MEMBER Dr. Duane E. Roller ACTIVE MEMBER ]929 Daniel Bailey-, Tulsa Malcolm Black, Enid Calvin Brous, Oklahoma City Paul Cress, Perry Noble Hood, Oklahoma City Shelby Marr, Tulsa Byron McFall, Oklahoma City Donald Ryan, Tulsa James Smith, Banner M. S. Strong, Oklahoma City mo John Early, Oklahoma City David Hutchison, Ft. Worth, Texas Ray Manion, Tulsa William Meister, Muskogee Vernon Rice, Muskogee Glen Shaw, Norman Joe Denton, Tulsa 1931 Pledge George Trammell, Oklahoma City Halleck Cunningham, Tulsa Earl Helvie, Tulsa •Harold Aspin, Tulsa George Penney, Oklahoma City Jesse Smith, Sulphur Don McCormick, Tulsa 19S2 •Charles Ballard, Tulsa Carl Bumpas, Norman Wayne Bumpas, Norman Darrell Ewing, Altus •Max Weaver, Okmulgee •Allen Williams, Oklahoma City Maurice Cotton, Altus Bonner Hooks, Norman Chester Stinnett, Enid Harry Tom Hunter, Dallas, Texas Robert Rogers, Oklahoma City T. ©6e®G S£S! , t ' i.i.M.|..i.f i .M.: j Page 226 - ' I ? f ' 4J4it- i -t-i-in-rt i: v l v• l •v■|■v■ | ■v; ,«. .«.« ■■ V; ■a Ct S feS fl • ' .•. ' , ' ;v- l -v- l -v- l -v-l-y X i$ «$kS x8 « «k$ «»««$«M -$«» S $ « « " M «» ? S «hSkJk$k8x$«»«k$ Sx$«$«» x»«k$ .S $x$kJxJ « Delta Upsilon, the oldest national fraternity having a chapter on the Oklahoma campus, was founded at Williams College in 1834. Delta Pi, founded in 1921 for the purpose of petitioning D. U., received its national installation in 1927. The Delta U. ' s are constructing a new home, situated at the corner of College and Brooks streets, which will be ready for occupancy at the beginning of the fall semester. Among the leading men of the local chapter are Calvin Brous, Daniel Bailey, Paul Cress, Byron McFall, and Shelby Marr, all of whom represent Delta Upsilon in all lines of campus activities. This fraternity is especially noted for its musicians; several are members of campus orchestras, and the D. U. serenades are among the best-known events on the campus. A 1 A 1 A [A I A I A r-i- 1 •!• T - I - i - I - i • ' • i - I - i v g W p r-i-T- ' -i ■ 2 s- A I A I A I A I A I A I A " Page 227 i v-l-v-l-v-l-v-rv-?y «« ' ■ » ' • - . ' 3 H M - ' ■•V. ' -v- l -v- t: : | « » ««« J »««J M « S «»« S«»«« ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ■ ' ' ' Dean S. W. Reaves Robert 1929 Burl Abel, Mangum Fred Boatkight, Porter LiLLARD Brandon, Ninnekah John Eckel, Douglas, Kansas Faecin Hood, Norman Jack Meeker, Norman Ernest Mills, Bristow Gerald Hugcins, Muskogee Richard Norton, Oklahoma City Donald Satterfield, Durant Thomas Wright, Beaver Robert White, Boynton Arlin Young, Norman 1930 Arthur Dillon, Bison Francis S. Howard, McAlester Ray Kimball, Beaver Walter McAtee, Slaten, Texas Jack Rorschach, Muskogee Francis Ingle, Marshall Edward Shields, Lawton FACULTY MEMBERS GRADUATE Captain J. F. McDowall McCrum, Kansas City, Missouri ACTIVE MEMBERS 1931 Byron Berry, Shawnee Fred Bowman, Gampa, Colorado Robert Cole, Tulsa Doyle Combs, Norman Finis Copeland, Maud Clifford Cullum, Earlsboro Noble Goatcher, Seminole F. Marcus Horn, Sapulpa Randolph Kizzire, Hugo Robert Kutz, Ponca City Charles Knight, Las Cruces, New Mexico Roy Long, Hartshorne William Stewart, Yahola John Virden, Weleetka JOE Dickerson, Madill Neil Cox, Lawton Ralph Hayes, Norman 1932 Justice Brown, Tulsa Gail Fear, Muskogee Frank Green, Beaver Hammet Hough, Okl3homa City Ralph Jones, Skiatook Pledge - ' A I A I A I A I 1 1 A 1 A pf=F " " [ Page 228 wyy iT s- K k |.K.|.f.|.f|.f | .f J yIv-I-v-I-v-I-v ; , .V - £ ' a H ' ■ V ' .V , : v-l-v- l -v- l -v-l-vY ««$«$«$k$ xSh$ «$«$ «$«$ «$ x$ $ k$ $ kS kS. « .$«$«J«J«$x$«$k»4 «M«SkSxJ«M « ««$ x? « M « «S The Delta Chi fraternity was founded at Cornell University in 1890; the Oklahoma chapter was established in 1927. This spring Delta Chi moved into a new brick home on Brooks Street; Richard Norton is head of the chapter this year. Some of the prominent members of Delta Chi are: Richard Norton, who is a member of Jazz Hounds, on the interfraternity council, and belongs to Sigma Tau and Tau Beta Pi, and Thomas Wright, Ruf-Nek, Toga, Mu Eta Tau, and Alpha Kappa Psi. Raymond Kimball, who is a member of Alpha Delta Sigma, is also business manager of the Okla- homa Daily, and is a Jazz Hound. Faegin Hood, a Major in the R. O. T. C, was winner of an Oxford scholarship; and Ellis Orr made a letter on the 1928 varsity football eleven. . " ., - ' -- ri jr s i m , ■- AIAIAIAIA A K . I -M ■ ] ■[ -Kp l -l-l- I -I- I g ' W w y f|.M.|.|.|.K.K.!. Page 229 y-I-v-I-v-1-v-I-v M .• . ♦ • f: -?) zry-: , „■— ' .■.■,:.v- i -;-i-;+;- i - « ««S«$ $k$«$«$ $x$ $«S«$«$kSkS x$x$x$ $ k» kJ «»« «S xS«8 «SkJ«M $ «$«$ « J J 2 ACTIVE MEMBERS 1929 Harold Crisman, Tulsa Thurman Harder, Tulsa Veril Zoller, Tulsa 1930 W. Delmer Denton, Blackwell Theodore Foose, Watonga Ray Harkin, Pawhuska Chauncey Hornecker, Tulsa Richard Hoy, Norman Albert Kulp, Norman John B. Logan, Chandler William Matney, Ft. Smith, Arkansas Robert Pansze, Fort Smith, Arkansas Orman Shaw, Fort Smith, Arkansas S. Graham Smith, Okmulgee Haskell Walker, Norman •Pledge i931 John McCleary, Jr., Colorado, Texas Thomas McKenzie, Fort Stockton, Texas Bill Mitcham, Cisco, Texas James Morgan, Tulsa Howard Wickham, Guthrie L. Harold Witt, Oklahoma City Robert Burns, Pauls Valley James Harkin, Pawhuska S. Frank Holmesly, Cisco, Texas 1932 Ben Costin, Colorado, Texas Jack DeAtley, El Reno Aubrey Denton, Blackwell Lee Fulton, Beggs Gordon Graalman, Blackwell •A. Merton Hilliard, Okmulgee M. True Baker, Shawnee Thomas Wright, Tulsa II MA §JLQiH ©00 §00 A|A|AIA|A|A1A I -I- i t 1 •I- -HIH Page 230 W - WW ? J • ' • 1 • ' • 1 • ' • 1 i k AIA|A|A|A|A | A J KV-I-V-I-V-I-V-I-V ; , ■ . V: ■s ■ r J. V-l-V-l- V-l-V-l-V ' ««S«» ? S « « « 8 ««$ M ««8«8 «$ «$«8 S «»« a oil Phi Kappa Sigma was established at the University of Pennsylvania in 1850; a national charter was granted to Kappa Epsilon, which had become well known to the campus as a local, on February 2 of 1929, forming the youngest national at Oklahoma. Among active members of Phi Kappa Sigma are Bill Matney, who was president of the glee club this year, and is a member of Mystic Keys and Phi Mu Alpha; and Skeet Harder who is a Ruf-Nek and belongs to Alpha Chi Sigma and Scabbard and Blade. John Cole is a Jazz Hound, and belongs to Phi Delta Phi and Phi Mu Alpha; Graham Smith is a member of Alpha Kappa Psi and the glee club, and is a Ruf-Nek. ■V-v igB Mp- ' jg f - ■ y ■ - l r-- " ■ ' " I F J ' " ' tT .,- ,- 1-i ' — . , -i- : . •;. . - -:; e .: i l - J. - 2 ■?■■ ■ ' l S mf i i ' l - ' fo,;. iiiii ' i liinvliiB upiiiiii 1 IlinlJ " a Ib S tj H bH ■JJBH ft r ' x 1 H ' BIW SB K ■l. " Smm B E ' 3 H r ; K ' " Q . AJ A I A I A I A I A ITT X-=t X3P5 s- W+ H A|A|A|A|A|A|A Page 231 Vv-l-v- l -v-l-v- l -v; ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ V£ " i H ■ « ■ ■ . ' . ,(; V- l -V-l-V- l -V :V7 r A Frat Man Makes A Deal yiU.|.|UUU 4 Page 232 r§ 2r S ii ■ v- l -v- l -v-l-v- l -v ; , ■ ' ■ " ■ V: ' 3 • « ' » AAVkMUaMMMTMemM! y i sm w y ' . ' .( v-l-;- l -v- l -v l 2 ? • A[ Al Al A I A I A I • i -r- i -y- i -Y- i -T- l -T- ' - i Page 233 yv-i-v- i -v-i-v.|. ;; .«, ' .■ ' ■ ■ • - ■ As . , ,( , v- l -v-l-v-l-Yly $ $ ' $ ' ' $. ' $ $ ' -$ ' ' $ .i. H$ $ ' $ $ $ ■s A Constance Arbauch Ruth Moore Elizabeth Mansfield FACULTY MEMBERS Mrs. Nellie Evans Dora McFarland Virginia Elliot Dorothy Kirk ACTIVE MEMBERS 1929 Patricia McMurray, McAlester Ethel James Byrd, Ada Alice May Kistler, Tulsa Helen Eason, Enid Jane Piper, Enid Ellen Hayes, 01 !ahoma City Laura Moran, Okmulgee Frances Catlett, Muskogee Dorothy Ann Parker, Enid Marjorie Norris, Ada Margaret Bostic, Muskogee Cleo Kirley, Chickasha 1930 Margaret Dannberg, Muskogee Elizabeth Dail McVay, Oklahoma City Lou Latimer, Oklahoma City Miriam Koehler, Lawton Ruth Vaught, Oklahoma City Aphie Lyone, Okmulgee Rachael Major, Chickasha Bevelry Freeland, Bristovv Elizabeth McCord, Shawnee 1931 Nell Marie Berry, Oklahoma City Pledge Marjorie Moore, Okmulgee Maxine Sanford, Enid Jane Feild, Enid Mildred Kistler, Tulsa Mary Jane Thompson, Tulsa Rosemary Lamb, Oklahoma City Eleanor Blake, Oklahoma City Peggy Oliver, Shreveport, Louisiana Jo Cracker, Bristow Louise Replogle, Oklahoma City Nell Roberts, Chickasha Marian Bryant, Cushing Romayne Black, Tulsa 1932 Evelyn Beard, Tulsa Marianne England, Ponca City Jane Burton, Oklahoma City Harriet Palmer, Amarillo, Texas Margaret Kerr, Oklahoma City Dorothy Spaulding, Oklahoma City Dorothy Lee Trent, Purcell Louise Holmberg, Norman Eleanor Leibrand, McAlester Evelyn Hefner, Oklahoma City Katherine Olinger, Oklahoma City 2r I ? -; L Ff | .M.M.t. | -M. J - Page 234 g TF PR: A[ Al Al Al A I AJA k y - I - v- l -v-l-v- l -v ;). .«.«. ■ ■ ■ 4 ■3 ■ H s?:t±itfet±fer « ««S«$ 4 » M $ « ««? «» S «$ $ «$« 5x8 x$«$«$ » 8 $ s$ -« « ««M«J « «$«S i « Theta was the first national sorority to establish a chapter here on the campus, having obtained their charter in 1909. Patricia McMurray, president of the chapter this year, is very prominent in campus activities. She is on the women ' s council, a member of Mortar Board, and Pan-Hellenic, and was Engineers ' queen in 1927. Mex Rodman is on Women ' s Council and Mortar Board, and has taken part in numerous dra- matic activities. She is a member of Student Council and Pan-Hellenic. Alice Mae Kistler is active in University Players and Adagio Club. Laura Moran is serving as secretary and treasurer of the Senior class and is a member of University Players. Marjorie Norris is a member of the Sooner and Whirlwind staffs. Dorothy Ann Parker is Band Queen. W= Vid ' fjp - ■iT y I -I- I - I - j-l-|H-]-Kr- i --i A l A l UJ A I IA k Page 235 Yv.|.;i;-i-v .v; ,v.- -r mM •v ■s ' ' . .■ ' . ' . ' ■(; v- l -v-l-v- | .v.|-vy f««M«8«M »« «Hj x8 ' «X$XjKjX$ «$ X».$ 8«M«» « H$XJ M. «$ $ «J «$ 8X$«$«$ K» Mary Elizabeth Simpsox AcNEs Simpson, Eufaula 1929 Ruth Abernathy, Shawnee Elizabeth Barnes, Tulsa Mayme Bowling, Pauls Valley Beth Campbell, Bartlesville Dorothy Gittincer, Norman Clarice Hadsill, Norman Virginia Kruse, Enid Agnes Maney, Oklahoma City Valli Warren, Childress, Texas Mary Lucille Woodward, Davis 1930 Inez Ballard, Norman Virginia Ballard, Norman Margaret Barry, Dallas, Texas Katherine Bras, Okemah Doris Crutchfield, Olustee Thelma Fuqua, CJrandfield Louise McMillan, Tulsa Margaret Morley, Oklahoma City Florine Richards, Norman Louise Rowland, Enid Jane Tucker, Pauls Valley Mary Jane Warren, Norman FACULTY MEMBERS GRADUATES Bess Clement Enid Colleen Jim Kivelhen, Edmond ACTIVE MEMBERS Charlotte Bridges, Waurika Mary Esther Johnston 1931 Ruth Mae Crosby, Muskogee •Mary Caroline Dawson, Clinton Frances Deal, Wynnewood Virginia Getman, Tulsa Laura Goss, Pawhuska Alice McPhetridge, Fayetteville, Virginia Minshall, Tulsa Margaret Sowers, Enid Pauline Vandever, Tulsa Mary Ellen Freeman, Checotah Lois Gibson, Bartlesville 1932 Marywilde Brownlee, Kingfisher Carita Cromer, Oklahoma City Marjorie Elizabeth English, Ft. Anna Belle Kramer, Tulsa DoRis Pierce Quanah, Texas Elizabeth Quineite, Lavvton Irene Zufall, Tulsa- •Virginia Gilchrist, Clinton Arkansas Sill A I A I A I A 1 A 1 A u - Fage 236 f fi 1 — ' — ! — ' — 1 — I — I — ' 1 ' — r " ■ 2 y } k I Vv-l-v- l -v-l-v- l -v ; , ■ ' • - ■V •2 A • ■ ■ " . ' ■ . ( ,v-l-v-l-v-l-v. | .vY S J $ xJxSx$ X$KjKjK$ ««8 $«8K$ $«g«$«$X t «$ H$Xj S«?«$X$H «$ .M«S«$ «S«$ «»« «« « Delta Delta Delta was founded at Boston University in 1888 and was the second sorority to be installed on this campus. Virginia Ballard who was Indian queen last year is secretary of the student council and is a member of Women ' s Council. Beth Campbell is a member of Mortar Board and president of Y. W. C. A. The chapter is represented in journalistic activities by Inez Ballard who was women ' s editor of the Oklahoma Daily and is a member of Theta Sigma Phi. Other girls talcing part in campus activi- ties are Dorothy Gittinger, vice-president of Y. W. C. A. ; Mayme Bowling, secretary of Women ' s Executive Council, and Ruth Abernathy, who is president of the Polo and Riding Association and a member of Delta Psi Kappa. ■P y .u I M 1 I A l A r- i -T- i -T- i -i - i - qaq W - wyy J ' S ' Al Al Al Al A I A I A ' Page 237 VvW- l -v-Kv-l-v;V, ' . ' . ' . ' .-V v: 71 $«$ «$ $«$«8 « «$ « 4«M«$«$ x»««$ $«jM$xS 1929 Sue Brooks, Navasota, Texas Mildred Clark, Oklahoma City Margaret Morgan, Norman Virginia Patterson, Oklahoma City Anita Rudowsky, McAlester Louise Rosser, Muskogee Virginia Robertson, Oklahoma City Margaret Thurman, Oklahoma City Bess Weaver, Tulsa Bettina Blackwelder, Norman Olive Snyder, Oklahoma City Katherine Witt, Pryne, Missouri Peggy Jamieson, Ponca City 1930 Elizabeth Amis, Shawnee Jane Bowman, Pauls Valley Mildred Brown, Duncan Melda Howard, Tulsa Mary Gardner, McAlester Tacy Boory, Brownsville, Texas Faye Foushee, Stoud Lorraine Hollis, Bartlesville Martha Lou Johnson, Ardmore Janice Nichols, San Angelo, Texas Thelma Heenan, Ardmore Mildred Foushee, Stroud ♦Marguerite Kennedy, Enid ■■iS ' i i ' $ ' $ $ $ $ M i ' $ M $ ' ' $ ' ' $ ' ' $ ' ' $- $ FACULTY MEMBER Elizabeth Andrews ACTIVE MEMBERS 1931 Pledge Joan Clover, Enid Allege Locke, Muskogee Geraldine Monroe, Wichita Falls, Texas Lucille Swindler, Muskogee Mary Taliaferra, Madill Helen Bethel, Tulsa Dorothy Douglas, Muskogee Eugenia Masters, Sapulpa Mary Rhinehart, Wagner Edna Louise Trimble, Tulsa Suzanne Burns, Pauls Valley Elizabeth Abernathy, Ardmore Marion Ferguson, Sioux City, Iowa Margaret Bowman, Okmulgee •Katherine Johnston, Shawnee Leola Nichols, San Angelo, Texas 1932 Virginia Bissell, Oklahoma City Irene Drumright, Drumright Maurine Earhart, Marietta Cleta Emenhiser, Bartlesville Margaret Virginia Martin, Sayre Kathryn Poland, Ardmore Francis Rinehart, Guthrie Pattie Lee Smith, Oklahoma City Myldred Swain, Dallas, Texas Bernice Booker, Tulsa Sarah Wheeler, Stamford, Texas Harriett Womack, Duncan §MJMiMiMSiM mm w® kX • m • • • • ! :iS 35 mEK, " [q W -TTTl-t-l-t-l-M-M-H Page 238 y. | .;. | .Y. | .V. | .Y ;) , , , «; ■• - - - " - ► ' V H - • ■ ' r ' . ' ■ ■ r, V-l-V-l-V- l - V I - VA »«kS.$ k$ S $«$«$ » « $«$«$x$x$ M«$ . .$«$«$«M«8«$«$«$«S M S M $hSk$ 4k$ «$ « « " t Pi Beta Phi, founded in 1867, was the third national sorority to establish a chapter here, coming to the campus in 1910. One of the members participating in important activities on the campus is Mildred Clark, who is president of the Women ' s Council and is also national president of that organization. She and Mar- garet Morgan are members of Mortar Board. Anita Rudowsky is prominent in the field of music and a member of Mu Phi Epsilon. Allece Locke is a member of University Players and prominent in dramatic productions. Sue Brooks was elected R. O. T. C. Queen this year. 1 A I A I A I A I A I A I A I T -p. | . Y • [ • - l -T • l -T - I - -4 Tg f ' .- j TOWJ 6se ' ' " d ' ' - ■ ■ ' ■ ■ ' ■ ' ■■■ " ■ ' - % -» ■ « ■ ■ » .(?; V-l-V-l-V- l:- f « «$ $x« ««$«$ » $ «$ «$«$«8 « «» «?«S ' «8 J «M «»««» «8 «$ $ «$«$«J Perrill Munch 7929 Elizabeth Arnold, San Antonio, Texas Elizabeth Brewer, Tulsa Helen Burwell, Oklahoma City Mary Collins, Oklahoma City Louise Frisby, Oklahoma City Barbara Hoyt, Mercedese, Texas Elizabeth Hacker, Jefferson Harriet Jenkins, Guthrie Alice Maher, Hominy Mildred Maxey, Tulsa Dorothy Mills, Oklahoma City Dorothy Ostenburg, Tulsa Martha Overlees, Bartlesville Marie Swatek, Oklahoma City Mary Van Horn, Shelby, Ohio Anne White, Temple, Texas Vera Wigger, Oklahoma City Elise Wilbor, Oklahoma City Louise Whatley, Norman FACULTY MEMBERS Annie Laurie Robey GRADUATE MEMBER Rosalind Hammond, Chickasha ACTIVE MEMBERS 1930 Dorothy Champlin, Enid Mary Case, Frederick Genevieve Conway, Enid Elsa Castner, Los Angeles, California Eleanor Fuqua, Okmulgee Kathleen Hadley, Ardmore Marian Harrison, Tulsa Mary Johnson, Ardmore Velma Jones, Bristow Elizabeth Long, Norman Rena Mayfield, Corsicana, Texas Elgenia Moore, Ardmore Mary Louise Niles, Tulsa Laurine Pemberton, McAlester JuANiTA Pool, Chickasha Martha Porter, Rome, Georgia Virginia Richardson, Enid Claudine Schofield, Oklahoma City Winifred Stahl, Tulsa Virginia Stone, Shawnee Pledge Norma Gates 1931 % - i Ella Bethea, Marian, South Carolina Laura Cannon, Ardmore Eugenia Emerick, Houston, Texas Eleanor Galbraith, Pueblo, Colorado Kitty Hacar, Guthrie Dorothy Johnstone, Bartlesville Marjorie Reid, Okmulgee Frances Roberts, Muskogee Louise Schaff, Tulsa Elizabeth Sherman, Oklahoma City Josephine Strickler, Enid Rudd Tate, Ardmore 1932 Ruth Burlingame, Bartlesville Mary Champlin, Lawton Elizabeth Cameron, Ardmore Elizabeth Fink, Muskogee Pansy Love, Purcell Christine Squire, Chandler ' . " »,-!»JS«, X- AIAIAIAIAIAIA Page 240 W Us gr3 P s- ' " A [ A I A I A T A I A I A i • ' • 1 • ' • 1 - I - I H K v- l -v- l -v- l -v-l-v; ,VVv. ■ ' V: r J.v- -v- -v- -v. -vj $x$«J k$ $«$ $ k» M JkS «$ k$ $kS $H$«$ «$y$«$«$y$ $Xj«$«$ K$ «$«J«$«$ « Kappa Kappa Gamma was installed at Oklamoma in 1914 by the national which was founded at Monmouth College in 1870. Mildred Maxey is president this year; she is also prominent in dra- matic art, being a member of University Players. Dorothy Mills is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar Board, and Pan-Hellenic. Mary Vir- ginia Maloy is a member of Women ' s Council ; M artha Overlees is a member of the girls ' quartet, and Betty Brewer was R. O. T. C. queen and winner of the Letzeiser medal last year. Elizabeth Hacker is treasurer of Mortar Board, a member of Blue Pencil, and is on the Women ' s Council. Marian Harrison is Engineers ' queen this year and Louise Hutchens won the same honor last year. A I A I A I A I A I A I A I - I - 1 •!• 1 • ' • I 7§ Wyp (? « k Al Al Al AI A I A I ASJ, Page 241 V-i-v- i -v-i-vfv:;?); ; ;!!;:: : ' ; ' : - - - ► ► £ » « ' • ' ?, ( , V-I-V-I-V ' l-V-I-V ' r.; 52 ««» ««$«8 8 «8 «xS J 4«?k8 4 «S x$x$« -a ■ A Grace Brown 1929 FACULTY MEMBERS ACTIVE MEMBERS MiXNELETHA WHITE Alberta Simpson Norvell, Tulsa Margaret Lain, Oklahoma City Jescile Wolfe, Oklahoma City 19S0 DoLA Pacey, Holdenville Eunice Gist, Frederick Helen Wienecke, Tulsa Lucille Robey, Clinton Pauline Goodson, Blackwell Lena Ruth Moore, Blackwell Betty Garnett, Oklahoma City Co Norma Perrine, Columbus, Kansas Florence Whitelock, Huntington, Indiana Marabel Gilcrease, Winfield, Kansas Victoria Colley, Tulsa Elizabeth Cate, Muskogee Emily Hutchinson, Ft. Worth, Texas Blanche Welsh, Blackwell Louise Lain, Tulsa •Mary Virginia Jordan, Tulsa •Francis Campbell, Frederick 1931 Helen Baughman, Oklahoma City Eleanor Tullock, Okmulgee Eva Jo Tucker, Blackwell Katherine Phillips, Holdenville Peggy Maguire, Norman 1932 Louise Johnson, Ardmore Genevieve Hutchinson, Tulsa •Mildred Barnum, Blackwell •Elizabeth Mahoney, Enid •Ellen Thompson, Liberal, Kansas •Dorothy Roberts, Oklahoma City •Polly Norris, Cherokee •Nancy Meents, Norman •Pledge tMli ir s- •!U.|.f.|.|. | .|. | .f|. 4 " " ( Pafe 242 f X , [ — • | : ..t „- .j — — 1 — — I — — i — 4 + Vy-I-v-I-v-I-v-I-v 7), «« ■•» - ■ Vr ■? H : ■ ■ " . ' . ' ■ : v-i-v-i-v-i-v- i -vx M«» 8«JkJ ««$ «8«$hJ«$«$ « 4 4 hJ«J Alpha Chi Omega was founded at DePauvv University in 1885. The Oklahoma chapter was es- tablished here in the spring of 1916. Margaret Lain is president of the chapter this year besides participating in various other activi- ties, such as University Players, Women ' s Council, and Y. W. C. A. Peggy Maguire is a member of the Oratorical Council and Pan-Hellenic. Betty Garnett is a member of Blue Pencil. Dola Pacey is president of the Senior class, secretary of the Oratorical Council and a member of the Y. W. C. A. cabinet. Helen Wienecke and Eunice Gist are also prominent in campus activities. -fJAJA I A JA I A [A r- i -r--T--i--r - I - !=$-!= ' ' ' X g p ' 13 I - i -r-K i-i-T- ' -i-i-T-i- i A[ Al Al AI A I AIA ' Pofft 243 vo.i.v.i.Mw.1.: :,..... ■ ■ ■.TT P];M t ■ « •■ ;»,( , viv-l-v-l vl $«$ x$x$«$ x$x$x$x$xS «JkJ «$ xJx» «k$ « x$xJ « «$«$«S «» ' S«« « «$ « $ «8«$«$ «$«$«» «» «$«$ ■3 FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Elsie J. McFarland 1929 Madeline Delaney, Oklahoma C: LuTHERA Mills, Oklahoma City Ima Lee Phillips, Oklahoma City Lucille Webster, Ada Katherine Williams, Oklahoma 1930 Frieda Mae Anderson, Heavener Helen Armstrong, Norman Kathryn Bayless, Stratford Emma Jane Bigcers, Wewoka Irene Billups, Oklahoma City MARy Boland, Oklahoma City Ruby Love Culwell, Norman Dorothy Davis, Wewoka Beverly Faunt Le Roy, Monroe, Mary Jane Hare, Oklahoma City Edna Hawkes Johnson, Bartlesvil Evelyn Hayes, McLoud Jeanette Holman, Norman Betty Hunt, Lawton Nell King, Duncan Grace Studyvin ity City ACTIVE MEMBERS Rena Jo Livingston, Seminole Gertrude Marshall, Oklahoma City Charlotte Meeting, Seminole Elizabeth Morrow, Pawhuska Katherine Rose, Dallas, Texas Brunette Shanklin, Oklahoma City Mildred Streeter, El Reno Edna Mae Thomas, Ennis, Texas Blix Thomson, Medford Phyllis Woodruff, Oklahoma City 1931 •Catherine Dinger, Oklahoma City •Vida Gardiner, Healdton •Gladys Gordon, Norman •Cecile Moore, Norman Pauline Robinette, Tulsa Willie Scott, Marlow •Maurine Stansell, Duncan Sarah Louise Turner, Oklahoma City 1932 •Mary Dale Brett, Ardmore Rosemary Draughon. Marietta •Pledge Louisiana - 2r ? ■ y . . . . .H . 5 gJ7fe Page 244 ' fJP A I M |.|.m.u.|. A i • vlv-l-v-|-v-i-v; , .«. ' ■ ■ -3 ■ «■ « ■ ■ » » . ' ■ . ' ; V-l-V- l -V- l -V t:V7 f 4 «»8 «» « «$«$«» »« S-««$«$«»««$« $ «H$ $ $«$«$«$«$ «$«$«$ « x$xJ «$«$ S «$ Alpha Phi was founded at Syracuse University in 1872. The local chapter was placed here in 1917. Last year the members moved into a new house on West Brooks. Charlotte Meeting represents the chapter in journalistic activities this year. Phyllis Woodruff is a member of Playhouse and Jeanette Holman is a member of Ducks Club. Ima Lee Phillips rep- resents the school of education on the Student Council. The president of the chapter this year is Katherine Williams. Other outstanding girls in the chapter are Emma Jane Diggers, Helen Armstrong, and Mary Boland. VfK.|.M.M.M.U s s 1 • ' • i • • I • ' 2 ' 9 k A I A I A I A [ A I A I A SJ Page 245 Kv-i-viv-l-v- i -v; , . . ' " ■ ■ ■ ; : -?) r.v- -v- -v- Psr $ $ $ ' $ ' -m $ ' $ $ M $ s $ $ $ $ i i m J ®«» «» 4«S«M «»« » «« « $ ««$ » FACULTY MEMBER SUSANNE LASCITER GRADUATE MEMBER Louise Haberly, Wapanucka ACTIVE MEMBERS 1929 Mary Elizabeth Filson, Guthrie Myra Ross, Oklahoma City Katherine Edwards, Oklahoma City Louise Gordon, Enid Sadie Long, Hobart Josephine Barnett, Bristow Charlin Opperman, Baxter Springs, Arkansas Harriett Tourtellot, Enid Leah Featherston, Wichita, Kansas mo Ruth Starkey, Oklahoma City Mary Elizabeth Cameron, Ponca City Margaret Smith, Clinton Katherine Haberly, Wapanucka Margaret Pillet, Dallas, Texas Katherine Leavitt, Oklahoma City Ellen Cunningham, Muskogee •Pledge Geneva Payne, Wapanucka Marjorie Young, Bentonville Ann Bowlby, Shawnee Gladys McDonald, Watonga Ruth McCall, Norman 19S1 Dorothy Tourtellot, Enid Margaret Moody, Oklahoma City Virginia Moody, Oklahoma City Mildred Funston, Shawnee Edith Husband, Hollis Virginia Stewart, Muskogee Louise Pierce, Norman Marjorie Thomas, Bowie, Texas •Ellen Jones, Norman 1932 •Ruth Mendoza, Yukon v .i. uu.i. . m P H r-i- 1 - Page 2 46 WW 9 M.M.|.|.|-UW . r v-l-v- l -v-l-v- l -v M ••» ' ■ • ' 2 y i ' T- ■ ' . ' . , ; v- l -v- l -v. | .Y. | -vV $«$«$«$«$ «X$«$«S«JKJ XJ « H$ X$H$ X$ X$« H$«$«S « $«$«$«$ «S«$X8 .««$«$«$«$ « ?«$«$« Delta Gamma completed her eleventh year at Oklahoma this fall. The national was founded at Oxford College, Mississippi, in 1874. Mary Elizabeth Filson, who is the leader of this chapter, is also president of Mortar Board, and a member of the Women ' s Council. Delta Gamma moved into a lovely new home this year situated on East Brooks. Some of the outstanding girls who took part in various activities this year are Ruth Starkey, a member of the Women ' s Quartet; Henri Filson, who was on the Y. W. C. A. council, and Mary Elizabeth Cameron and Dorothy Carroll. ■ ' A I A I A I A I A I A 1 A == - W P M.M.M.|.U.u.|. Page 247 KY-I-V-I-V-|-V-I-V. , .v. ' - vc ■ ■ ' . . ' . .(; v-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-vY $«$«$ KJ 8XJX$ X$«» $ «$K$«$ «$ XM«J«J «$XJ X$X Eugenia Kaufman FACULTY MEMBERS Eli Mahier ACTIVE MEMBERS Della Brunstetter 1929 Maxine Lillard, Wewoka Joyce Saunders, Pawnee Ona Denner, Enid Eleanor Tracy, Beaver LuciLE Dean, Weleetka Mary Tripodi, Okmulgee Elizabeth Beidleman, Okmulgee Francis Atwater, Norman Gertrude Owen, Oklahoma City 19S0 Deedo Shaw, Thomas Rose Marie Grimmett, Pauls Valley Genevieve Morgan, Oklahoma City Frances Massey, Oklahoma City Carrie Elizabeth Johnson, Hamlin, Texas Mary Buford Van Waggoner, Okmulgee Vera Shidler, Pawhuska Flossie Welsh, Holdenville Maxine Williams, Broken Arrow Martha Harrington, Kansas City, Missouri WiLDA Smith, Amarillo, Texas Retta Rogers Brown, Ardmore Pledge Elva Trueblood, Tonkawa Virginia Hughes, Tulsa Grace Dickinson, Shawnee LiLLiAN White, Oklahoma City Kathryn Klein, Oklahoma City Maxine Brockman, Tulsa mi Maurine Holt, Oklahoma City Melita Le Fars, Pampa, Texas Louise Lillard, Wewoka Lois Johnson, Tulsa Clara Berg, Oklahoma City WvoNA La Reau, Norman LouiSE Day, Hamlin, Texas Allene McKinney, Okemah Helen Johnson, Oklahoma City 1932 JuNEAL Saunders, Pawnee Eleanor Bathwell, Oklahoma City Audrey Bennett, Shawnee Mary Bruce, Dallas Carol Newkirk Bobb, Clinton JuLiA McCasey, Holdenville Alice Doyle, Paducah, Kentucky 2h L A I A I A I A I A I A I A " , M I - I - 1 t 1 - I - 1 t 1 - I - I - I - I Paffe 248 W - WW S ' K Al Al A| A |-XTX 1 -I- 1 • ! • 1 • ' • 1 s VvW-l-v-l-v- l -v; ,VVV ' • £ ■a H ■ " . ' ■ ■ v- l -v- l -v- l -v- l -v ««» ««S « « «$«» «» «H» «$ « S »« « « ««$«$X$ K$ K$«$ $ 8 $«$«$«»««$««» « ««8«S Gamma Phi Beta came to the University of Oklahoma in 1918. It was founded in 1874. The sorority was one of the three with chapters here to be founded as a national at Syracuse University. It is now fifty-four years old. Janet Thompson and Frances Massey have distinguished themselves in dramatic arts productions. Frances Atwater is a member of the girls ' quartet. Eleanor Tracy is a Phi Beta Kappa, and Anita Berg is a member of Mortar Board. Maxine Lillard is president of the chapter. m A I A lA lA vjrrK r- i -i- i -i-i-r i - PFP ' ' " f y 0 A I A I A I A X 2r t? i • ' • i • ■ • 1 ■ 3a Page 249 Vv-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-v ■ ' « ■■ » ■ - . - ■V: f7i - H » ' ■ V ' .Vf, v- l -v-l-v- l -v- l -vX Francis Evans Pendleton 1929 Irene Williams, Norman Margaret Thompson, Tulsa Esther Clark, Duncan Virginia Nelson, Clinton Myrne Ellis, Shawnee Francis Hill, Crowell, Texas Elmyra Maguire, Frederick Joy Wilson, Duncan LORENE Banfield, Enid 19S0 Daisy McConnell, Crockett, Texas Dolores Shaner, Okmulgee Mildred Starns, Altus Irene Stanley, Dallas, Texas Dorothy Frank, Yale Gertrude Crisman Gulker, Drumright •Pearl Beaird, Shreveport, Louisiana •Lillian Asher, Pond Creek •Edith Messenbaugh, Oklahoma City •Margaret McKee, Bartlesville •Pauline Bailey, Altus •Helen McAlpine, Haileyville Myra Day Boddie, Tulsa FACULTY MEMBERS Elizabeth Jordan Jewel Wurtzbaugh ACTIVE MEMBERS 1931 Katherine Burris, Tulsa Helen Hillsmeyer, Norman Katherine Moore, Norman Vivien Custard Milburn, Medford MozELLE Grantham, Duncan Mary Perkins, Hugo •Edna Mae Powell, Colorado, Texas Francis Flood, Norman Hermith Johnson, Bowie, Texas •Mary Jane Hayes, Tulsa Ruth Meister, Oklahoma City •Mildred Stockton, Norman •Mary Virginia Jefferies, Clarendon, Arkansas •Louise Hudson, Luxora, Arkansas. Sara Elizabeth Pearson, Tucumcari, N. M. 19S2 •Annette Hedges, Oklahoma City •Betty Barryman, Tulsa •Jane Barryman, Tulsa •Mary Ellen Porter, Tulsa Katherine Gillespie, Eldorado, Texas Hazel Banfield, Enid Margaret Williams, Norman Frances Ellinger, Noble •Pledge I W Wh- Page 250 wyy • 2r s)- ' - k t-l-tlt-l-t-l-M-t-l- P. Vy- l -v- l -viv- l -v. , .«. " ' £ ' V ' ■ ' . ' ■ , ; v-l-v-l-v- l -v- l -yy M ' «M$ «$ «$«$«J .S «$ $ J «. $«$ «$ X$«$ «$ «« « $ $«$«$«8«S . $hS ®s8 $ «M «» M $ Chi Omega was founded at the University of Arkansas in 1895. The local chapter was placed here in 1919. Margaret Thompson, who has taken a prominent part in activities on the campus, is president of the local chapter this year. She is also president of Pan-Hellenic. Virginia Nelson, besides being literary editor of the Oklahoma Daily and writer of " Campus Lab, " is the president of Theta Sigma Phi. She is member at large on the publication board and on the Sooner staff. Hermith Johnson is vice-president of Ducks Club, a member of Delta Psi Kappa, was track captain this year, and on the executive council of W. A. A. Other Chi Omegas active in campus affairs are Irene Stanley, who is a member of University ' Players and Phi Mu Gamma; Dolores Shaner, treasurer of Adagio, and well-known for her dancing, and Gertrude Crisman, a member of the Whirluind staff. l4-l-M-M-M-M-i- l W W(D- 2 1? i • ' - J • ' • : - -r. i- g=T I • ! • I A I A [ A I A I A I A I A V Page 251 Kv-l-v- l -v- l -viV ' .V ■ •• • •Is " . ' . ' , r, v- l -v-l-v-l-v-i-vY ■« « »4 J «»««$«» ««M ««$«S $ « ««$«$«J«$ «8 «J«» » S«$«$«« $ $«S«$ « «« ■a A Martha Herring 1929 FACULTY MEMBERS ACTIVE MEMBERS Mercedes Erickson Anita Constant, Wichita, Kansas Florence Cullison, Guthrie Josephine Paxton, Norman Genevieve Pemberton, Norman Leta Verne Martin, Clarendon, Texas Maxine Maples, Norman Wanda Ross, Okmulgee Cleo Stone, Hastings Pansy Taylor, Bonham, Texas Marjorie Chenowith, Dallas, Texas RosE Wylie, Oklahoma City 19S0 Susa Albright, Cooper, Texas Verona Browning, Geary Jewel Collings, Norman LoRENE Collings, Norman Nell Joyner, McAlester Lenore McKitrich, Norman Helen Silcot, Lawton Alma Watson, McAlester •Thadeelene Lyons, Geary Helen Andrews, Tulsa 19S1 Mildred Busch, McAlester Margaret Hammers, Guthrie Pauline Jenkins, Norman Susan McFarland, Shawnee Frances Moore, Wichita, Kansas •Maurine Murrah, Plainview, Texas •Christine Barnhart, Childress, Texas Marjorie Putnam, Carnegie •Ethel Wolverton, Lawton •Elizabeth Patterson, Oklahoma City 1932 •Kathryn Sloan, Oklahoma City •Clarice Bush, Prague •Mary Lee Styron, Konawa •Geraldine Kretchmar, Amarillo, Texas Letta McCarrel, Oklahoma City LoNA McCarrel, Oklahoma City •Pledge 2r I (? t■l■{n■ l ■t■l■ l ■f|■f Page 252 r-i-i- ' -i k A|A.LAiAUU.[ | V y -I- v. | .v.|.v.|.v; . .« ' ■ ■ 4 ' 3 A " ■ ' ■ ■ ' viv-l-v- l -v- l -yy M i 4 i ' ' $ $ ««$ $ ««$«$ ««8xShSh ««$«M«S J 4h$«$«$«$h$k» 4 Alpha Gamma Delta, another sorority to be originated at Syracuse University, was founded in 1904. The local chapter was established here in 1919. Among its members prominent in various activities is Verona Browning. Miss Browning was president of Pan-Hellenic last year, and secretary of Women ' s Council. She is also on the Y. W. C. A. cabinet. Clarice Bush is secretary of the freshman class. Florence Cullison is a member of the University Orchestra and prominent in musical circles. The president of the chapter this year is Leta Verne Martin. The Alpha Gamma Deltas moved into a beautiful new home on Chautauqua this year. L A I A I A I A 1 A I A I A 1 • l - ' i- l -i- ' -i • ' • -4 - ' 4 v - W P A 1 A I A I A I A I A I A- Page 253 yv-i-v-i-v-i-v- i -v ; , ■ . ' - ■ 4 S( cT -.r „._■■,■.■,.: v-l-y-lYl-y- l -i ? i: -««8 " 8 «8 8«$ » «8«$ »««$ ««$«» »« « S ««»««»« «M«8«8 M «8«$«8 M «J«J«$«$«$«J«$ «J« - » ' 1{ FACULTY MEMBER Rose Leske GRADUATE Elizabeth Meyers, Binkman ACTIVE MEMBERS 1929 Maurine Huff, Lawton Opal Eley, Altus Ann Paynter, Blackwell Clarice Smith, Okeene Louise James, Norman Maybelle Ausherman ' , Medford Gladys Moore, Hobart Bethene Henry, Sulphur 1930 Gertrude Carman, Bristow Mildred Nichols, Sapulpa Lucille Johnson, Eureka, Kansas Olive Garrett, Lindsay Hazel Eley, Altus Frances Clevein, Pawhuska 1931 Pauline Cowen, Chickasha Towana Hewitt, Pauls Valley 1932 Marjorie Mascholl, Collinsville Ardra Smith, Okeene Zelma Patchen, Hobart Louise Lloyd, Hobart Martha Foley, Pawhuska Wilda Perry, Shawnee •Pledge m A| A IAI A rTTTX I r I •■ I •• I •• 1 - I - r-i- I • • • i • • Poffe 254 W W - WW - - - - ' 2 9 1 • ' • i -I- 1 A I A I A I A I A I A I A yv- l -v- l -v.i.v. | .v V : £ 7 H . ' ■ ' V ' . . ; V- I -V- I -V. | .v. | .v J. .$h8h»4kJkMk» k» $ «» » » M $« « « «$H$«J«J » » M«» «» Alpha Xi Delta was established here in 1921. The first chapter of the sorority was founded at Lombard College in 1893. Maurine Hufif, president this year, is prominent in activities. She is a member of Mortar Board, Blue Pencil, Playhouse, and is on the Whirlwind staff. Maybelle Ausherman is a member of Blue Pencil. Jessie Mae Mooter is secretary of Pan- Hellenic and a member of Blue Curtain. Gladys Lee Moore, Bethene Henry, and Gertrude Carman are prominent in student activities. A.l A 1 A lA lA I A lA i- i -T-i-T- i -i 2r s- - k A ! A I A I A I A [ A I As 1 • ' • i • ' • 1 • ' • i • ! • 1 - I - ri- 1 Page 255 vv-i-v-i-v-i-v-i-v: .«.v " ■ ■ ■ ■ At 7 • ■ ' rV ' . . : v-l-v-l-v- l -v- l -vY » x$«$ . «$ xJk$ «8k$«$x$«$ «$«$ «. $ «$k$ J $«$ «$ 4 $«M«$«» «$«$«M S«S«$ $«$« FACULTY MEMBER Anna Mae Dearden GRADUATE Doris Taylor, Oklahoma City ACTIVE MEMBERS 1929 LuciLE Anderson, Drumright Jane Babcock, El Reno Nora Elizabeth Edwards, Paris, Texas Laura Hoberger, Norman Thelma McCollum, Helena Juanita a. Watson, Oklahoma City 1930 Ola Beckett, Okmulgee Dorothy Bradbury, El Reno •Grace Combest, Blackwell Harriet Fordyce, Tonkawa Nina Helton, Norman Maurine Jarrett, Norman Laurita McMillan, Tehuacana, Texas Bertha Ours, Oklahoma Citv Alye Tomberlin, Wetumka Ellen Rice, El Reno 1931 •Hattie Barrett, Altus Margaret Brittain, Drumright •Gladys Marsh, Fort Madison, Kathleen Mauck, Oklahoma Hazel Rollins, Blackwell Leona Sappingtok, Laverne •Ernestine York, Okmulgee 1932 Margaret Phillips, Maud •Fae Rawdon, Oklahoma City Mary Ann Staig, El Reno Dorothy Wade, Oklahoma City Zera Watts, Laverne Iowa City " Pledge ux M-M-M-t- l -t- l -!H W - . tit-l-f-l-M-tlt Page 256 Kv-l-v- l -v-l-v-l-v ; ,VVV ' - V: ■7) xpr ■ ■■■ ' ' ■ ■ ( ,V-l-V-l-VlV l V 4«M«»««$«J «$H$Xj«$Kjx8«8«» « , W$«$ ««8 S « S«?«J«» «8«$«$«$ «S 8«» «$ « Phi Mu was established at Wesleyan College in 1852, but remained a local sorority until 1904. The Oklahoma chapter was placed here in 1923 by the national order. The president of the chapter this year is Lucile Anderson. Jane Babcock is a member of Mortar Board. Thelma McCollum, Doris Taylor, and Alye Tomberlin take part in various activities. The members moved into an attractive new home at 815 Jenkins this last year. t l jlt l t l t . ' - - - - ' 2 Q k Page 257 Ky-I-y-I-V-I-v-I-v ; , . ' ■ ■ ■ ' . ' . ' , ' ,(; V- I -V-I-V-I-V- I -VY f: " ' " " s ' $ $ ' 9 i M ' $ $ $ • S«» $ « hJ«» xJkJh$ Sx$ «$ S«8«$k8«$ xS « hM ACTIVE MEMBERS 1929 Genevieve Bacon, Davidson Helen Cole, Frederick Ella Mae Sigmon, Poteau Ena Bob Mounts, Frederick Lucille Hogue, Carnegie Julia Taylor, Norman Mary Elizabeth Goodey, Shawnee 1930 Francis Mathis, Pauls Valley Dorothy Mouser, Cheyenne Frances Roland, Norman Mary Katherine Sprehe, Norman Mary Anna Wilson, Frederick Ruth Black, Norman •AiLiEN Crudcington, Amarillo, Texas i9n Elizabeth Dooley, Norman Edna Mae Floyd, Altus Lucile Young, Tulsa 1932 LoA Le Davis, Amorita •Dorothy Anne Feyerherm, Tulsa •Francis Barum, Pawhuska •Pledge KAJ.A U l. U lA lA • • • A • ■ • Page 258 " " " -XCfe 2 n s ■ rf " =3 l.!U.|.f. | .M.!U Vv-l-vlv. | .v. | .v;),vv«. ' E e) ■ - H ' . ' . ' . ' , v- i -v-l-v -I HH » Alpha Omicron Pi was founded at Barnard College in 1887, and the Oklahoma chapter was installed in 1923. Activities of members of the organization include participation in most activities open to women students. Among these members are Ena Bob Mounts and Elizabeth Dooley. Mary Cathryn Sprehe is secretary and treasurer of the Junior class, and Julia Taylor was one of the R. O. T. C. sponsors. Mariemma Wilson is the president of the chapter this year. nUU.[.|.|.|.|. j, x A I A I A I A I A I A I A ' 1 • ' • 1 • ' • i I - I - 1 Page 259 Vv-l-v- l -v-l-v-l-v; ,V.v ■ • " ■ ■ , ;V- I -V-|-V- I -V-I-V4 MEMBERS Roberta Terrell, President Katherixe Rincleman, Geary Anne Robinette, Pryor Elizabeth Ann Ducker, Tecumseh Hazel N. White, Shawnee Margaret Loeffler, Oklahoma City Katheryn Aderhold, Oklahoma Cit Myrtle Tosh, Oklahoma City Marjorie Scott, Oklahoma City Elma Goodwin, Eldorado, Arkansas Paula Watts, Oklahoma City Jewell Gunter, Barnsdall Ruth Beard, Oklahoma City Nell Gace Oklahoma City Clementine Wallace, Pauls Valley Ruth Smith, Oklahoma City Hattie Barrett, Altus Esther Bookout, Hartshorne Maurine Starns, Oklahoma City Mary Evelyn Potts, Mena, Arkansas Mary Temple Newel, Enid Cleo Yarberry, Pawhuska Hazel Black, Higgins, Texas Lorena Wooter, Oklahoma City Mary Roach, Waurika Leota Fratcher, Springfield, Illinois Svble Morton, Grandfield Iola Anderson, Oklahoma City EuRSEL Barnes, Tipton Mary Alice Taylor, Stillwater Mildred Davis, Ringling Clarice Coots, Nara Vica, New Mexico Margaret Butts, Holdenville Frances Roby, Frederick Minnie Smith, Enid Ruth Edwards, Waurika Ruth Vanzant, Avant Galatha Adams, Oklahoma City Orda Murray, Ponca City Opal Wilson, Oklahoma City Elizabeth Parks, Blackwell Helen Cook, Frederick Louise Click, Marlow Lavaugh Whitehurst, Hartshorne Jewel Shaw, Mangum Christine Spaulsbury, Oklahoma City Ruth Mendoza, Yukon Margaret Rittenhouse, Dodge City, Kansas Thelma Goddard, Oklahoma City Bessie Wilson, Oklahoma City Hazel Sledge, Oklahoma City Emmaline Marik, Oklahoma City Mary Virginia Jordan, Tulsa Maudie Vayles, Frederick Meda Parker, Frederick Doris Ballinger, Guyman Rotha Bull, Mangum Orlena Taylor, Lamar Hazel McCollum, Wynoka Margaret Henderson, Waurika Ethel Dunlap, Carnegie Georgie Duncan, Sayre Maye Granger, Carnegie Alta LeGate, Muskogee Mary Belle Byrd, Olustee Mary Kerns, Muskogee Alberta Faucette, Oklahoma City Anita Mae Furray, Oklahoma City Cleo Clark, Roff Patty Patterson, Oklahoma City Mary Elizabeth Garrett, Seminole Louise Whitson, Oklahoma City Thelma Cook, Oklahoma City EuDORA Mail, Oklahoma City Roberta Terrell, Oklahoma City Jewell Newbern, Byars Vera Dean Hitchcock, Oklahoma City Alice Brace, Vici Merle Gee, Oklahoma City Elizabeth G. Smith, Oklahoma City Grace Scott-Johnson, Oklahoma City Olivette Douglas, Oklahoma City TiLLiE Cohen, Oklahoma City Dorothy Willows, Tulsa Caroline Elder, Oklahoma City Helen (Sladish, Oklahoma City Vera McNees, Grandfield Zona Moore, Oklahoma City Josephine Whistler, Ft. Worth Texas Bernice Anderson, Oklahoma City Margaret Fox, Lawton Pauline Anthis, Muskogee Ruth Cook, Tulsa Mary Elizabeth Peoples, Oklahoma City Dorothy Kennedy, Oklahoma City Roma Douart, Oklahoma City Ferrell Pruett, Anadarko Evelyn Holman, Guthrie Mildred Kelly, Norman Ruth White, McPherson, Kansas -A I A I A I X I A 1 A I A r- i -T-l-X-i-i ' - i -i -i-i + i Page 260 ' ' m gfi F ir ff -; « ■ F -; A I A I A I A I A I AJ X ' k Xv-l-v-l-v- l -v- l -v. .yv V: ' 3 ' . ' . ' ■ ' ..:; v- l -v- l -v- l -v-l-v ' I - I - 1 Hall MEMBERS Margaret Robinson, Tulsa Amy Bly, La Ward, Texas Nanette Morrison, Bartlesville Jean Kantor, Tulsa Lillian Wolfe, Davis Sylvia Massey ' , Henryetta Lottie Mae Hughes, Henryelta Celesta Fields, Black well Isabel Work, Wewoka Ada Hawkins, Oklahoma City Louise Hohl, Tulsa Virginia Pattison, Tulsa Virginia Morris, Bartlesville Roberta Porter, Tulsa Emily ' Jane Porter, Tulsa Grace Elvera Potter, Beaver Alta Mae Williams, Beaver Lucille Burleson, Maud Edna Hardin, Norman Lavona Hall, Shidler Emma Lee Feazel, New Boston, Texas Helen Parham, Oklahoma City Lois Johnson, Fort Worth, Texas Margaret Rockwell, McAllen, Texas Hazel Hodges, Texhoma Martha Bow, Whitewright, Texas Mayme Sewell, Granite Florence Reinberg, Henryetta Evelyn Lapp, Wilburton Sylvia Moron, Tulsa Adeline Goldberg, Hartshorne LiLA ROYSTER, Wanette Mary Jo Hanon, Tecumseh Jane Hoeper, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Lillian M. Jackson, Woodward Mari ' Inzer Davis, Oklahoma City Margaret Whitford, Cape Girardeau, Oleta Bell Hyder-Edwards, Amarillo, Veta Raine, Alfalfa Grace McKinney, Henryetta Clara Mae Waters, Granite Elaine Loughmiller, Oklahoma City CiEORGiA Cox, Okarche La Verne Standard, Okarche Elsie Lee Brown, El Reno Ilein Barrackman, Tulsa Marjorie Green, Cordell Margaret Box, Tuskahoma Virginia Kramer, Bristow Bernice Hall, Tulsa Mary Atkinson, Longview Texas Dorothy Boatwright, Porter Marianne Bays, Oklahoma City Marie Louise Ireland, Sapulpa Lucille Heckman, Tyrone Ruth Townsend, McLoud Elva Hough, Waynoka Grace Collins, Muldrow Ruby Collins, Muldrow Elaine Doud, Muskogee Helen Scharf, Oklahoma City Edna McKinnon, Oklahoma City Constance Sieber, Oklahoma City Mildred Groscurth, Aspen, Colorado Gladys Collins, Floydada, Texas Ollie Belle Collins, Floydada, Texas Dorothy ' Davis, Windsor Mo. Texas Virginia Kramer, President Ramona Todd, Mangum Jewel Lee, Tulsa Mabel Wieman, Tulsa Lee Queen, Channing, Texas Marian Weber, Yukon Lulu Hogue, Chasville, Texas Lorraine Ketchum, Tulsa Dorothy Morris, Sapulpa Nellie Belle Blackard, Sulphur Lucille Goldsmith, Coyle Virginia Bodenhamer, Eldorado Caroline Mason, Oklahoma City Hilda Aurbach, Idabel Ruth C. Smith, Eldorado Mary Louise Rice, Oklahoma City Gladys Bernard, Fargo A I A I A I A I A I A I A 1 • ' •l- l ' l • ! • I - CT W - WWW • . 2 s- pn t A ' - if it AIAIAIAIAIAI A ' v ; Page 261 v-i-v-i-v-i-v-i-v . ,rv • • w «■ - £ ' ■■- " -■--■■■ - - am • ■ ' . ' . ' . ,(; v-l-v-l-v-l-v- l -vY 0% f% (% m ?? A I A I A I A I A I A I A I • ! • I Page 262 I • ' • i • ' • 1 • ' • i 1 ? e lf3 P 2r ? A I A I A I A I A I A I A ' k 3sll= 4=R= YlY- l -Y- l -Y- l -Y t • • » - Vi " i) iym.[i].{. .i .u ' ■ " . ' ■ , ,v- l -v-l-v.|-v- l -vy ■WtMMIPMCMHHM mil— i p iPM " " " X • • ' jyp " i • ' • 1 • ' • 1 • ' • i A I A I A I A I A I A I A I - I - I Paffe 263 KV- l -V- l -V-l-V- l -v; ■ .« : ' ' ■•■ . y, v-i-v- I -v.|.v.|.y Y Phi Kta Sigma - Phi Eta Sigma was installed at the University of Oklahoma in the spring of 1927. From an initial membership of twenty, it has grown to eighty-five. Membership is automatic. Any freshman man making an A minus average or better during the first semester or even during the entire freshman year is qualified for membership. OFFICERS First Semester President Charles Manney rice-President Joseph Snoddy Secretary . Sterling Byers Treasurer .... . . Norman Futoraksky Historian ..... . . Dean Pine Senior Adviser, Edwin Patterson Faculty Adviser, M. L. Wardell Carl Alberts Samuel Alexander S. S. E. Beyers Doyl E. Crain Walter Downing William Crothers Norman Futoransky Edgar Heston Ben Huey Bob Arnett Frank Appleman Sam Broida Irving Crothers Eldred Cavett Albert Champlin George Albert Collier Cecil Crawford Walter Jordan Robert Kutz Charles Manney Ralph May Coulter Miller Walter Moore Louis Myers Edwin Patterson Ross Dean Pine OLD MEMBERS J. Lester Puckett John Rinehart Marcus A. Ravitch Frank Smith Joseph Snoddy John Staley Bert Thurber Louis V ' aldes Robert Vaughn NEW MEMBERS Stanley Dinsey Jack Fischer Johnson Forbis Arlan Brice Hale Frank Edward Ittner Walter Jones Don Kanaly Phillip Klein Leslie Krob Andrew Larson Robert Mackey Sam Minsky ' George Massey Clinton McLaughlin Second Semester Carl Albert Sterling Byers Edgar Heston John Staley Calvin Moore Verris Wardell Robert Weidman Foster Whiteside George Lynde Woods Shiflet Charles Bowles Louis S. Howard B. T. Williams Paul R. Schwoerke George William Slemmer Albert Sullivan David St. Clair William Voct LuDwiG Webber Mark Weisburg George William McDonald Dean Wooldridge Alfonso T. Ospina John Edwards Woodward l -=P A 1 A I A I A VXTT k :ptq " G . Page 264 W P ■ 2 ' y k A[A|A|A|A[A| As]. Vv- l -v-l-v-l-v- i -v ;). . ' ■■ . " VS ' ?) " . ' ■ ■ ; v-l-v-l-v- l -v-l-yy Sigma Gamma Epsilon, professional fraternity for students of geology, was founded at the Uni- versity of Kansas, Lawrence, in 1915. The purpose of the organization is to promote the study of this profession. The local chapter was also founded in 1915. Dr. Charles E. Deckeer, sponsor for the local chap- ter, was recently elected for his third two-year term as national president. Before being elected to this office, he served for si.x years as national secretary and treasurer. Scholarship is the most important requirement for membership. To be eligible, a student must have junior standing, and must have made a B minus average for two semesters preceding pledging. The fraternity is now considering joining the National Professional Interfraternity Conference, and this will probably be done in the near future, according to Dr. Decker. OFFICERS Sam Zimmerman- President Arthur Maddox Vice-President Ross Maxwell Secretary and Treasurer Edwix Patterson Corresponding Secretary and Editor MEMBERS William Plaster Barney Feagin Ward Vickery Jose Ibara Davis Romack Fay Coil Ray Horton Harold Ward Robert Darney Worth Gibson Harold Kersey Norvall Ballard William Goldstone Joe Meyers Raxson Holland Lee Gower Sam Zimmerman Richard Simpson Andres Vazques Edwin Patterson J. S. DisMUKES Stanley Blanchard Frank Michaux Leslie Spencer Ross Maxwell Edward Cain Wayne Pitzer Paul Shelby Lyman Stancle Edward Klopenstein Paul Turnbull Roy Byars Kenneth Ackley Bird Swan Warren Weeks Rex McGehee Louis Valdes FACULTY MEMBERS C. E. Decker Dean Cornwall C. A. Merritt Edward Sampson Andrew Ireland H. C. George F. A. Melton John Redfield R. W. Harris C. L. Cooper Ray Six A. J. Williams V. E. Monnett Dewitt Neill Hugh Andrews Merritt Brown Paul Goodrich Lawrence Muir Arthur Maddox Bob Mills Frank Neptune Wallace Irwin George Bell Chas. N. Gould Fred W. Padgett Samuel Weidman G. E. Anderson ■ 1 . I A I- ! - I 1 A I • ' • i • ' • 1 G " ' Jy= k A[ A[ A| I UJ. ' Page 265 KV- I -V- I -V- I -V-I-V. .V. ' . ' . ■ ■ £ -? « •■ , (j; v- -v- -v- -vrh i ««$«$ Mxj«$ $«$ $x$. $xjx8«$«$x».«x8x$ «$x$x8«$ $ $ « 4 ' $«$«$H$ ««J«M«$«J«$«$«J «8 M«S The Oratorical Council is composed of all the letter men in debate and oratory and four elected representatives from each of the literary clubs on the campus. The clubs are : Senate, Congress, Web- sterian, and Athenaean, for men, and Pierian and Eurodelphian for women. The Oratorical Council arranges and supervises inter-club debates and other forensic contests. Men are selected to represent the University of Oklahoma in foreign meets by elimination contests held by the council. Officers elected for this year are: Robert Harbison, Eldorado, president ; James Robinson, Chero- kee, vice-president ; Charles Schwoerke, Norman, treasurer ; and Dola Pacey, Holdenville, secretary. Members of the council are: Merton Munsen, Don Dickason, Carl Albert, Charles Schwoerke, Wyman Van Densen, Robert Shelton, Robert Harbison, James Robinson, George Copeland, Haskell Paul, Truman Rucker, Winburn Thomas, Victor Waters, Gordon Fuller, John Hedges, Lewis Dakil, Walter Hood, Leonard Savage, Leonard Sibel, Francis Burke, and Fagin Hood ; literary clubs, Bert Thurber, A. O. Johnston, Clarence McElroy, Bonner Hooks, Barney Waldrop, Charles Manney, Joseph Lee, Mex Curry, Steven Babcock, Charles Christensen, J. D. Sapp, Ed Patterson, Dennis Petty, Crawford Bennett, and Dick Hollingsworth. 1 M.M.M.{. | .M.M.! =r " " Page 266 • }.|.:. i .}. | .f. | .tim Vv- l -v- l -v- l -v- l -v. ■ ■ ' . ' ■ ■ ■ r J.v- -v- -v tv iS Congress Literary Society ® The Congress Debating Society, founded in 1897, is the oldest of the active forensic societies on the campus. Organized for the purpose of giving training in debating, public speaking and parlia- mentary procedure, it has developed a large number of speakers who have successfully represented the university in oratory and debate. OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President Jim Robinson Bert Thurber Vice-President Ed Patterson Clarence McElroy Secretary Dick Hollincsworth Bonner Hooks Treasurer Sam Nowlin Adolph Johnson FACULTY MEMBERS Joe Graham Dr. E. E. Dale MEMBERS Jim Robinson Bert Thurber Sam Harris Adolph Johnson Clarence McElroy Laurence Montgomery Bryan Billings Joe Finkelstein Orval Brown R. G. Addler Sterling Byers Frank Appleman Charles Turner Charles A. Keilin Bob Lance Eldred Cavett Bob Harbison Roy Bull Harry Pines Bonner Hooks Connie Southern Vernon Roberts Bob Shelton George Copeland Charles Schwoerke Don Dickason Paul Thurber B. T. Williams Paul Schwoerke Leonard Savage Leon John Louis Dakil Bill Kerr Norman Futoransky Bruce Holmes John Hedges Gordon Fuller Albert Kulp Sam Krasner Minor Ballinger •fl-!-l-t-l-M-t-lt-l-t WW V 9 i • ' • i • ' • i A. .HUAU. m Page 267 yy- l -v-l-v-l-v- l -v. ■ ■ ■ . ' ' ' ■ ' £ -a :e-4r ; Ii ' « •• » ■ . ' .r, V- l -V-l-V- | .V l:V7 f y, W, C. A, CaMnet and Coimcil | The Y. W. C. A. is the biggest women ' s organization on the campus. It is the only club to which all girls may become affiliated in the university. The Y. W. C. A. has charge of an employment bureau for women, sponsors social service work abroad in addition to their general work. The associ- ation is a member of the national and world Young Women ' s Christian Associations. EXECUTIVE Beth Campbell President Dorothy Gittinger Vice-President Esther Grimes Secretary Eleanor Allworth . Treasurer Edna White tcting General Secretary CABINET Beth Amis C iairman Finance Department Clair Miner Cliairman Membership Department Bethene Henry Chairman Social Department Margaret Morgan Chairman Program Department Verona Browning Chairman Service Department Frances Massey Chairman Publicity Department DoLA Pacey Chairman World Fellowship Department Virginia Pattison Chairman Bible Study Department Edna Goodner Council Representati-vc DENOMINATIONAL VICE-PRESIDENTS Marion Ferguson Baptist Rotha Bull Christian Carol Constant Presbyterian Clarice Hadsell Methodist (north) Ruth Larson Methodist (south) Opal Miller Nazarene Florence Whitelock Episcopal EX OFFICIO Sue Patterson Pi Zeta Kappa Mildred Clark Women ' s Council Edna Goodner Office Assistant COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Dorothy Carrol Mary Elizabeth Goode Clara Berg Madaline McAtee Vera McNeese Vivien Custard Elizabeth Abernathy Eunice Gist Lottie Mae Hughes Louise James Gertrude Carmen ' Vera Waits Margaret Morley Vera Ledbetter Velma Jones Mary Stith Edith Douglas Beatrice Richardson Eleanor Blake Martha Hunter Francis Rowland Helen Armstrong Dorothy Swank m I - I - ) A I A I A ] A YTTU r I- I Paffe 268 W P 2 S k M-tltM-l-M-M ' t J . Vv- l -v- l -v-l-v- l -v; ,VVV ' " ■ ■ ' ■ ' V . . : v- l -v-l-v-l-v-i-vY » « « » «J k$«$k$xJkJ«»« «$ «$ » «$ « « h$ hJk$ $ $ «x$ hM«J«» «kJ «xSk8x$«$x$«$k$x$h Mortar Board is a national honor society for women. The local chapter was formed from the " Owl and Triangle " and " Phi Alpha, " two women ' s honor societies which previously existed in the university. The members of Mortar Board are chosen annually from the Junior class on a basis of scholastic standing and leadership in activities. OFFICERS Mary Elizabeth Filson President Anita Berg Vice-President Clair Miner Secretary Elizabeth Hacker Treasurer MEMBERS Patricia McMurray Mildred Clark Maurine Huff Dorothy Mills Mary Jane Babcock Margaret Morgan Beth Campbell lt .|.M.M.M.M. :4:iA 1 • ! • 1 - I - 1 " gf3 p V ? I - I - I -I- 1 - I - i - I - I - I Al Al Al A[ A I A I A ' Page 269 f: ■?) H 4«J «$ ««8 «S«$ ? «$ «5«$«S«S«S $«$«$«» $«J«$ $«$ h$«M«$ S » S«» $ S $ ShS $ ««$ ««S Checkmate is an honorary, Senior, inter-school organization. Leadership, active interest in uni- versity affairs, scholarship and a four-pibint average are the requirements for initiation. The definite purpose is kept a secret within the organization. Members are pledged in their junior year but do not become active until they are seniors. Members this year are from the Engineering, Arts and Sci- ences, Law, and Business schools. OFFICERS Sam Miller ; . . President Dick Mason Secretary Robert Drake Treasurer MEMBERS Bruce Drake Paul Ward Bill Hamilton Bob Drake Mart Brown Tony Bartolina l TsTX •l-t-l-t-l-t-l-tH S f 5 CL K A| AI A 1 - I - 1 • ! • i XTXS Page 270 K y-I-V-I-V-I-V- V- « ■■ - ► i ' ' " " . ' . ' , c; V-I-V- I -V- I -V- I -VX 4 K «H$H$«$ J«J«$ «$«$ XJ $«J«8 K» $«$ « «$xJkJx$ ««$«$x8«8xJ«J«» J «?kJ«$ xJkJ Toga, inter-professional school honor society, was founded in 1922 to bring into fellowship one or two leaders of each professional school for mutual benefit and inspiration. Superior scholastic standing combined with popularity in the individual school and on the campus at large are the bases upon which pledges to the organization are chosen. Toga is campus-famed as representing the select of the professional schools, as well as being one of the most successful organiza- tions of its kind in fulfilling its purpose. Each spring Toga conducts a public pledging in front of the administration building at which the ideals of the organization are set forth and the selected students are introduced. OFFICERS Paul Turnbull, College of Engineering President Mart Brown, School of Law Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS Paul G. Shelly, College of Engineering Floyd Keller, School of Medicine Karl Ritter, College of Engineering Sam Binkley, School of Medicine Thomas Wright, School of Business ' A I A 1 A I A I A I A I A r- i -T- i -T- i -i- l -i- i -i - i -i 1 - I - !• ' • ]• ' • i - I - i • ' • T- i - 1 ir s- ■ A[ A[ Al A I A [ A |X Page 271 Xv-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-v ; . ■ ■ ' ■ ' ' V; ■7 " ■ ' . ■(; v-l-v-l-v-l-v.|.vy |«J«» J J«? S J«? ?«S S 8 H$«$X J«$H$X ««$«$«S « «S S $X$ H$K$X$X$ J K$ «J «$ Kj« Okla-She-De-Go-Ta-Ga is composed of students and faculty members who have in their veins the blood of the American Indian. The purpose of the organization is to foster racial pride among the descendants of the original Americans, to preserve tribal traditions and legends, and to further the cause of education of Indian youth. OFFICERS Roy HoLBiRD Chief Kenneth O ' Bar Sachem Kenneth Tiger Medicine Man Hayden Hill Secretary Todd Downing Historian INDIAN CLUB MEMBERS Mrs. Pearl Johnson Catherine Moore Margaret Dannenberg A. O. Johnson Mary Jane Hays Evelyn Beard Virginia Ballard Edna Mae Powell Morainne England Inez Ballard Pauline Bailey Evelyn Hefner Marabel Gilcrease Doris Ballinger Peggy Oliver Marcella Hill Rex Spurr Mary Wilde Brownlee Hayden Hill Todd Downing Ramona Bourland Roy Holbird Ruth Downing H. M. Faulkner Tephia Folsom Helen Paris Ruth Mae Crosby H. S. Milan T. Kenneth O ' Bar Frances Ellinger Frances Deal Dorothy Lee Trent Aphia Lyons Irene Zufall Wilson Bell Carl B. Johnson Ruby Rexroot Lenora Barnett W. T. Thomas Laura Barnett Laura Shores Mary Caroline Dawson Mary Ellen Porter Kenneth Tiger Virginia Gilcrist Harold Adkison Charlotte Bridges Fred Barkley Alvin Muldrow Don Adkison Amy Bly Glen W. Dawson Joe Revelette Leora Austin Agnes Simpson Alleta Allan Hazel Chapman Thelma Fuqua Lucille Young Chas. W. Dutreau Catherine Plank [ A lAIAIAIAlAlA + Vts Page 272 wyp iT s- tn- l -M-!-l-M-M-! k li ■;. v-l-v- l -v-l-v. | .v ; ,«,« . ' £ ■2 A ' " " . ' . ,( ' ; v-l-vlv. | -v-l-v •«. «$ $k$h$ k$kJ«$ . k$k$k8-® k8k$ JkJ k El Modjii, an organization of art students and alumni, originally included faculty members under the name of Les Beaux Arts. The students then formed their own club, Les Etudiennes Artistes, later called Brush and Palette, and finally organized into the present club as a chapter of the Na- tional Federation of Arts in 1928. Each year it sponsors an exhibition by jury of the work of its active members, also of individual and general shows of alumni of the school of painting and design. OFFICERS Nancy Fenn President Parker Shelby Vice-President Mary Elizabeth Cameron Secretary Hal Lemon Treasurer Herman Neale Publicity FACULTY MEMBERS O. B. Jacobson Dorothy Kirk Mercedes Erixon Ina Anett L. p. Williams John Frank Edith Mahier MEMBERS Bettina Blackwelder Margaret Hammers Gladys Peters Winifred Stahl David Kennedy Paula Watts Robert Shead Olive Nuhfer Maryanne Wilson Sylvia Neale Edith Messenbaugh Lucille Young Helen Flourey Lola Kirkland Katherine Hendon Patty Patterson Eugenia Masters Eursel Barnes Mary Frances Childs Margaret Bostic Aneita May Furray Katherine Amis Dorothy Shaw Elizabeth Beard Maurice Penn James Kenney Margaret Giles Zelma Oliver Aileen Connally Lela Tilman Bertha Ours Bess Huff Beatrice Richardson Martha Hunter Francisca Jose Pena Harriett Webb Katherine Burris Virginia Hackett PLEDGES Carita Cromer Clementine Twibell Katherine Gillespie Dorothy Tourtellot Julia Malone Fred Dean Harriett Palmer John Storm Gwendolyn Miller Mary Bruce Catherine Dinger Lucile Malone Kenneth Tembke Dorothy Spaulding Julia Wilkinson m A I A I A I A I A I A 1 A r- i -T-i-T-i-T- i -i - i -i - i -i W ' f P jT 9 A I A I A I A 1 A I A I A Page 273 Ky-I-v- I -v-I As ' 3 V A. ■v+v .V .„ =?cf? ■ « ■ ■ . ' .V(;v-l-vlv- l -v 4 ♦4 8« «? » » «» « 4 ««S«» «J » J«S « Alpha Kappa Psi, a national professional business fraternity, was founded at New York Univer- sity, June 9, 1904. Lambda chapter was installed at Oklahoma, June 8, 1915. The purpose of the organization is to further the individual welfare of its members; to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts, and finance; to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein; to promote and advance in American institutions of learning, courses leading to degrees in commercial sciences. The members are elected by qualifying as outstanding men in the School of Business of the uni- versity on the principles of leadership and scholarship. OFFICERS Hill Clark President C. H. Manney Vice-President Hurley Roberson Secretary-Treasurer Aubrey Shives Ritualist C. H. Manney Correspondent FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. a. B. Adams Prof. Edward Berrigan Dr. F. L. Vaughn Prof. W. K. Newton Prof. E. C. Petty Prof. J. C. Powell Prof. I. J. Sollenberger MEMBERS Albert Craig Harry Day Homer Delzell Clarence Round Thomas Wright Alfred Gilliland Wilbur Drake Thomas Donnell William Miller Hurley Roberson Russell Facin Dorsey Douglas Aubrey Shives Pete Johnson Rodney Janeway Hill Clark Herbert Wright Kenneth McAtee S. G. Smith C. H. Manney Gordon Avery Lewis Shirley Ralph Garretson Jess Elliott Chauncey Hornecker J. E. McClary ■ ' Al A 1 A 1 A lA ' tA |A i - i -T- i -i -i-T- i -i -I- i - i -i Page 274 ' f P FR (? ■ k A|A|A|A1A|AI AsJ. =i- KV- l -V- l -V-l-V- l -v; , ■ . ' ■■ ' ' • - £ ■S " . ' ■ , ;v- l -v- l -v-l-v.|-v x $x$«$ «$ x$ $ $ «» M«S«$«$«$«$«$«$k8«$« Newman Cluh Newman Club was founded in September, 1926, with an initial enrolment of forty members. It has its own club rooms and library. As a result of Newman Club ' s growth the first year, a chapel was built through the efforts of Bishop Francis C. Kelley, which was donated by the Catholic church extension society. Purpose of Newman Club is to foster the spiritual life of students, their religious instruction and their social life. OFFICERS Dorothy Mills President Babe O ' Neill Vice-President Peggy Maguire Secretary Victor Jamieson Treasurer Tom Gordon Publicity Manager Mrs. J. S. Buchanan Sponsor MEMBERS Ed Cain Dorothy Ostevberc Thomas Donnel, Mary Boland Robert Shead Marie Donnel Kathryn Sloan Dan O ' Neil Walter McAtee Marguerite Kennedy Cecile Moore Ted Creegan Jack Mideke Frank B. Lachle Joseph A. Rieger Mildred Kelley Donna Ray Ed Greer Mary E. Roden James McGrath Dorothy Mills Kenneth Greer Sarah M. Roden Rodney Janeway Francis Buellesfeld Harold Vessels John T. Eberle Francis Hunt Peggy Maguire Thelma Slamans Doris V einberg Bruno Mayer Jack Matt T. A. Callan Charles McKenna Ray Haas Charles Fundis Henry Strategier William Burtschi Helene McNally Romana Jamieson Babe O ' Neill Elizabeth Mahoney Christine Barnhart James Anhalt Marie Strategier Gene Nolan Alfred Berumen Catherine Hagebush John Gordon Genevieve Conway Ray Hook Frank Wihlabrand Bill Gage George Mix McKenny Elaine Waner Joe Mideke Tom Gordon Tom Sellers Francis Borelli Elizabeth Hayes Victor Jamieson Maurice Boyle Francis Burke Henry Nieuhues R. H. Moore Bernard Fiest Chester Stinnett Mary Carey Halbert Brown Tommie Burke Donald Ryan Ann Picek Pete Moore Thelma Heenan Cletus Zoeller Mary Kathrine Sprehe Macario G. Callado 2r s- - A. | .A.1.A1A.[.A | .A.|.| :— C. - W P l-l- !• ' • T- l -i-i-? A|A|AIA!A|A|A k Page 275 Vv- i -v- i -v-l-v i Hh £. r r. v- i -;-l-v-i-v- i -v ' 7} « .$x$ ® «M«J kJxJ S «$ « Sk$ h$xSk$ The Jazz Hounds is a local pep organization founded in 1917 at Oklahoma University to pro- mote Sooner pep on foreign fields. Each year the entire Jazz Hound organization makes at least one trip with the football team to one of the most important games. At this game the Hounds have a parade and present stunts during the half. The Jazz Hounds assist the Ruf-Neks on Homecoming day. New members are chosen each year by the active members. A period of pledgehood is necessary before initiation into the order. Red and white striped sweater jackets are the ofScial dress of the Jazz Hounds. A football game with the Ruf-Neks is traditional each fall. This game is hard fought and typifies the spirit of rivalry that exists between the two organizations. Money to carry on their activities is acquired by the sale of confections, programs, and novelties at athletic contests. OFFICERS Burton Jordon Lead Hound Sam Nowlin Keeper of the Bones Jack Montgomery Trail Hound Pat Cooley Mascol MEMBERS Jack Curran Bill Harris Frank Love Robbey Evans Joe Denton Harry Murphy Joyce Coffey Clarence Black " Bud " Bradford Leo Price Cecil Forbs Howard Wickham Paul Brunk Stanley Blanchard Gordon Knight Eddie Neville Clancy Warren Ray Kimball Oscar Grimes Dick Norton Chas. ScHwiNLE Bert Larason Dudley Tucker Dennis Bushyhead Bob White Byron McFall Dick Mason Weldon Ferris George Bushyhead Orin Winterringer Paul Turnbull Lloyd Murrel Wayne Pitzer Harold Thurman Fred Monsiour Pat Darney Frederick Brigham Frank Young Charles Spangler Billy- Longmire John Cole Pat King Carmen Harris George Bell Bob Panze Johnny Brice Henry Browne Rex McGehee Warren Kice Burl Hayes Jim Sellars Sam Fullerton Reeve Holmes Bill Taft Johny Glover Chas. Stanley Frank Weimer Kelsey Clarkson Joe McCloud ' Ted Foosf. Elbert Cook George Fisher W. L. Spikes Carl Buerbaum " Red " Walker Sam Colby Jack Levering Orville B. Gulker Ray Manion Delmas Martin J t- l -M-M-t-l-t-l-ti 5= : — s Page 276 m p ,V.|.V.|.V.|.V.|.V , . ■ • » ■ i i E r r. v- l -v-l-v - l-v-l-v ' J«$ J«$«$Kg J «$«$ «K$ $K$ «$ $«$ «$ $ y$ $X$ $ ■ «$ $k$«$k$k$«$«$ $«$«$«S $ 4«$ «kSk$ M«» The Ruf-Nek pep organization originated in 1914 by ex-football players for the purpose of fur- nishing pep and creating interest in football games. A notable and sacrificial rule created at the time of the origin of the Ruf-Nek pep squad was the agreement of its members not to shave after losing a football game until another game had been won. After being dogged with a mass of gruesome beard for several weeks, following the loss of a succession of games, the ex-grid warriors took every possible precaution to see that students and spectators were doing their part in helping put over the winning punch. Today the University of Oklahoma ranks as high as any other state in the union in athletic stand- ing. A very great part of the success and development of athletics at the university can be attributed to the work of the Ruf-Nek pep order. OFFICERS Lee Dodson Chief-Nek Sam Miller Royal Unshaven Nek Jim Blaxton Keeper of the Coin Ed Starkey Royal Ink Squirter RuF-TuF Mascot MEMBERS Lee Dodson Noble Hood Wendell L. Smith German French George Connell Sam Miller Bill Garrison Homer Denzell Ed Klopfenstein Noel Duncan Jim Blanton Howard Whitefield Ed Hill Bill Cram Thomas Wright Ed Starkey Byron Cook Herman Becker Merton Munson Truman " Skeet " Harrison John Pearson Ray Teague Eli Eubanks Milam Wilson Charlie F ' undis Bud Haswell Hal Johnson Dick Holt Ralph May Roe Alexander O. B. Shaw June Hansel Bill Crawford Sorry McCrosky Fay Coil Ralph Gilchrist Joe Revelette Bill Noble Harold Chesnut Billy Kerr Bob Shelton Graham Smith Charles Edcerton Benton Ferguson Clarence McElroy Jim Dodson Harold Crisman Cliff Cullum Sam Clammer Ben Kiergan Skeet Harder Max Strong Earnest Miller John Bond Haskell Paul Henry Griffing Malcolm Black Greg Rowe Bruce Drake Paul Shelley Don Dickason A. D. " Hippo " Howell Merwyn Murrell Curtis Smith Jim Robinson Lee R. Gower Benton Brooks Franny Turner Bill Walner Bill High Savoie Lottinville Bill Stewart Paul Dudley Les Chambers Tommy Conners Bowman Thomas G. A. Huggins Henry Wilson Carl Luman Bill Goldstone Dave Henderson Iim Smith ' •AU.!.M.M.m.|. W U ' fJp y A I A I A I A I A I A I A ' l, T-i-r- i --i-- i -T-i-T- i -r- i -T-N Page 277 yvw- i -v-i-v- i -v; . .v " " ■ : • • £ " i ■ « ■■ ' J. V-l-V-l-V-I VtYT f Founded as an honorary and professional fraternity for women in journalism at the University of Washington in 1909, Theta Sigma Phi has grown to include 33 active and 9 alumnae chapters in its membership. The Zeta chapter was installed at the University of Oklahoma April 17, 1915, two years after the organization of the department of journalism. In addition to encouraging good fellowship among vi omen students planning to enter the profes- sion of journalism and conferring honor on those who excel in that field, the purpose of Theta Sigma Phi is to accomplish definite achievements in the field of letters calculated to raise the standard of journalism and to improve the working conditions for women in the profession. The Matrix, published bi-monthly, is the organ of the national organization. The outstanding activity of the fraternity on this campus is the Waffle Iron, a razz banquet which is given annually. The feminine celebrities on the campus are invited and razzed accordingly. OFFICERS Virginia Nelson President Evelyn Clewell Secretary Elsie Montgomery Treasurer Beth Campbell Keeper of the Archives FACULTY MEMBER Grace Ray MEMBERS Mayme Walker Bowling Inez Ballard Ruth Malcolm Nyna Stone Helen Eason Mary Bouteller Frances Hunt Ethel Bolend Thompson M. Ruth Hatchett j Edith M. Cole PLEDGES Nell Gage Ruth Meister Elizabeth Hayes Vera Shidler Vivien Custard Milburn Mary Jane Hare Violette Bradley y|.|.M.M.V | .M.: " X Page 278 2r 9 f ' M.M .A. | .A|.A.[.|. | .| [ ' Kv-l-v- l -v- l -v- l -v. ,VVV " " - : V: -2 61 H rr . J.v- -v- -v- .v. .vX i?«- « » » $-$ S « ««» «» » « « » $ « « « « . H$H$ «$«$«8«S «S «« $ ?H» « «$«$«$H$H$«$ X$K (National Professional Advertising Fraternity) Installed as the eighth chapter of Alpha Delta Sigma, the William Wrigley, Jr., chapter at the University of Oklahoma has been instrumental to the strong growth of the fraternity to twenty-four active chapters and its present position with professional fraternities. Prof. Arthur Hallam of the Oklahoma chapter is at present national secretary of the fraternity. Only those men actively engaged in the advertising profession are eligible for election. Most of the members are staff workers on city or university publications. OFFICERS Orville B. Gulker President Almer a. Barnes Vice-President Todd Ferguson Secretary-Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS ' Prof. John H. Casey Prof. John Hybarger ACTIVE MEMBERS Robert Cox Robert Morrison Todd Ferguson Almer A. Barnes Aubrey Fairey Robert Lively Gordon Avery Leonard Ralston Ray Kimball Eldon J. Hoar German French John Gordon Don Satterfield Cecil Brite Bert Thurber James Dibrell Robert Breeden Frank Chilson Benton Ferguson Orville B. Gulker j yt-l-M-t-l-t- l -t-l-M- P c A[A|A[AJA1AI7 I - I - I - I - I - I - I -I- T 2A S if I ii- R,- Uv Page 279 yv-i-v-i-v-i-v-i-v; .v .v ' — • -e) A rrwr. v- i -v-i-v- i -v-i-v ' (Honorary Professional Aeronautical) University of Oklahoma, 1927 Alpha Chapter Tau Omega was organized at the University of Oklahoma in the fall of 1927 by a small group of students interested in the study and promotion of aeronautics. It has the unique distinction of be- ing the first Greek Letter honorary fraternity devoted to aviation. Since its founding, the organization has grown in both size and influence, several men prominent in the aeronautical industry being numbered among the associate members. Groups in several univer- sities have petitioned to become chapters. The recent establishment of a school of Aeronautical Engineering at the university was due very largely to the influence of members of Tau Omega. OFFICERS William A. Woods Carl W. Blakey Earl O. Weining . Warres ' E. Daniel President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer . . . . Baliff James C. Davis James Ralph Bollinger Albert J. Braun R. V. Carleton Wm. Curtis Clark Robert Coffey FACULTY MEMBERS Willard a. Darrow MEMBERS Joe O. Conner Wells R. Dickinson Willard E. Edwards Morris W. Frack Elmer Gardner Joseph A. Graham D. C. Johnston R. Briscoe King LeRoy Moffett, Jr. E. Patterson Shultz Horace L. Skinner, Jr. 2 I ? nuuuuu u: — I - I - 1 - I - 1 - I - i - I - 1 - I - 1 •■• I Page 2S0. G k !.|.!-l-!-l-!-l-M-M-{ - • i -v.|.v. | .v.|.v; , . . ' . ' ■ ' ■ ■v 7 » » ,( , V-l-V-l-V-l-V-t-77 f J «» h» $k$ k$xSk$xS ' ' S«»« ' x$«$«»« 8K$ ««M«» «$«J «$ « S$ $«J«J«J«$H$X$ $«$ (Professional Radio Honorary) University of Oklahoma, 1920 Alpha Chapter Alpha Sigma Delta was founded at the University of Oklahoma for the purpose of binding to- gether students and faculty members who have a thorough knowledge of the theory of radio. Alpha Sigma Delta has for some time owned and operated a 250-watt short-wave transmitter on the campus. WNAD, university broadcasting station located on the campus, is also operated by Alpha Sigma Delta. OFFICERS E. Pat Shultz President Charles K. Ittner Vice-President William A. Woods Secretary Elbert C. Tribbey Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS Charles Bullen C. R. Sandifer Frank G. Tappan Dr. Homer L. Dodge Dr. William Schriever MEMBERS Chester Anderson Charles K. Ittner Rawleich Ralls Bryan T. Cole David C. Johnston Henry Schaefer Joe C. Edwards David Lawrence Lewis Shirley Lyman M. Edwards Jimmy Lisk E. Pat Shultz WiLLARD E. Edwards Alvin Meixner Morris Spencer G. Scott Hammond LeRoy Moffett, Jr. Elbert C. Tribbey Iames Harlow J. Glenn Morgan William A. Woods W ■■ 1 ' o .J © e P -if a ■ ' (-»J5 s j ■ 1 ■1 n i.. M 1 • r r ' n Ml ; i 4 1 ■ ■ •1 ' n 1 1 . 1 i 1 1 k » b al « : £ » HBBiKiUi m A I A I A I A [-XTX r- i - T - I - 1 • ! • 1 • ' • i • ! • i - I - i 5SS s l- i -T-i- i 2r 9 .|.|.|.f | .fU.[.| E Page 281 Ky-l-v-l-v-l-v-t v- « ■ » ' ■ ■. » J v- -v- -v- -v $«$«$«$ $«8 «x$«$ » $«$ « $«$ «$ x$x$«$x$ Scabbard and Blade, an honorary national military organization, was first established at Wisconsin University, in 1904. Its founders at that time were Charles A. Taylor, Victor R. Griggs, Leo M. Cook, Harold K. Weld, and Arthur W. Foster. The chapter was known as A Company, First Regiment. Scabbard and Blade was organized to unite in a closer relationship the military departments of the American colleges and universities ; to preserve and develop the essential qualities of good officers ; to prepare students as educated men, to take a more active part and to have a greater influence in the military affairs of the community in which they may reside and above all to spread intelligent infor- mation concerning the military requirements of the country. Since Scabbard and Blade was established in 1904, sixty-seven chapters have been installed at various colleges and universities in the United States, with a total membership of 8000. Scabbard and Blade was installed at Oklahoma in 1921 as D Company, Third Regiment. OFFICERS Bob Cox Captain Merton Munson First Lieutenant Ralph Garretson Second Lieutenant James Meeks First Sergeant MEMBERS R. Cox R. WoOLSEY p. Johnson L. Danforth G. Bass M. Munson E. Fricke V. Taylor F. Love W. McAllister C. Watts J. Rinehart R. Wagner G. McCloud J. Chick W. Beets J. Meeks G. Sturgell F. Hood J. Siberts R. Garretson E. Dosch E. Clarkson G. Hughes W, Christian H. Carey M. Balch C. Ritchie PLEDGES W. Smith A. Kulp E. Gardner , J. Simpson A. Champlin J. Revelette N. Poe R. Browne T. Barth Byron T. Tilghman H. Chestnut Dillon E. Patterson B. Hilburn S. McHenry T. Churchill 2r ? j tnn-n- i -WH ' Page 282 f - Tlt-l-i-l-}-l-M-! l t - v-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-v; ,V.V ' ' ■ ■ ■ V " . ' . ' ■ y, v- l -v-l-v- l -v-i-vV 4 « « ««S $ » «J«$«$ $hJ« $ $ $ . xShJ The fraternity of Bombardiers was founded at the University of Oklahoma in 1927 by a group of students interested in the basic corps of the R. O. T. C. with ideas of creating an interest among the basic students for the body of advanced military science. The fraternity plans to expand and enter into other schools and colleges of the United States that have artillery units of the R. O. T. C. in their respective schools. OFFICERS Alvan Muldrow Captain James C. Roe first Lieutenant Robert Strader Second Lieutenant Joe Brewer pirst Sergeant MEMBERS Solon Bowers Wendell Ford Harold Sidwell Joe Brewer Bob Kuntz Junior Bullis Jim Crow Miller Wagner Dodson Johnson Arthur Dillon Jqe Barnhill Bill Mugler Louis Long jack Brooks Bill McCurdy Alvan Muldrow Lynn Abbott Ernest Cornelius Clayton Powless Don Montgomery Dick Tryon James Roe Rov Gardner E. F. Simpson Bob Strader Pete Moore Harris Wagner Jerry Siler Andrew Larson Britt Clapham Jess Buttler Harold Rickner Allen Williams Tench Tilghman Myers Hurt Gilbert Borland John Weever Monte Canterbury Bob Love Roy Long Hugh Garnett John Virden Sam Hogan Jack Castilow Rodney Burns A I A 1 A I A 1 A I A 1 A r ' - i •!• i • ' • i • ' • i • ' • i • ! • 1 ' W wyp 2 s- !• ' • J - ' -i- i - 1 53a Al A[ Al Al A I A I A ' k rttge 283 y-l-Y- l -Y-l-vlv i ,V ' . ' . ' .. . . r:.- -rJ )g ' V: » , (?; V-|-V-|-V-|-V-f7? f » If ' ft II JI II ) II J $«S«»««S H$X$«J .JX$XJ $XJ KJ XJX$ K$ Holmes Inn, of Phi Delta Phi, came on this campus in 1912. It is the oldest honorary profes- sional fraternity on the campus. Phi Delta Phi was established at the University of Michigan, where the members own a home and library. A grade average of B and other legal qualifications that become apparent in the classroom and practice court are required to be initiated. It is an international fraternity. ' a OFFICERS 1928 Magister Rex Holden ' Tribune Emil de Parade Gladiator Warren Kice 1929 Fisher Ames Earl Davis Dick Wagner John W. Cole Steve Holloway Warren Kice F. C. Love Mart Brown Dick Waggoner Hugh Walker Fisher Ames Cedric Randall James Harbison E. M. Goodson Wilbur Morse George McCloud Kenneth Abernathy Clarence Black Robert Browne Harry Campbell George Copeland Paul Edwards Bill Fleetwood Walter Foth MEMBERS Ray HiGGiNs John C. Quilty Paul Gutensohn Emil DeParade Trumax Rucker Elbert Cooke George Wilson Leonard Savage Frank Jones Frank Chilson Bob Shei.ton John Hedges Orrin Winterringer PLEDGES Joseph Hocker R. B. Holtzendorrf Richard Hoy Ross Hume Bert Johnson Worth McCauley Harry McKeever Loyd McK night Fred Mock Amos Stovall Earl Davis Dan Bailey Howard Fisher Leonard Sibel James Bush Rex Holden Alpheus Varner Winburn Thomas James Green Sam Payne Walter Hansen Foster Windham James Batchelor George Oliphant John Reinhardt Gerald Sams Charles Schowerke Ormond Shaw Harry Turner Clyde Watts Dan Withers 2 9 -; yk k k k k I A I A T A- r- i -T- i -i Page 284 Vv-l-v-l-v- l -v- l -v. , . . . ' ■■ • As -? 4 ' V ' . ' . ' ; v-l-v- l -v-i-v-l-v 4 $ 4 4 4 4 ' M 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 m i 8«S » $ «»« «$hJ«$«S «$ $ $ «$x$ «$ 4h8«$ $« Harlan chapter of Phi Alpha Delta came on this campus in 1916. It was organized at Chicago Kent College of Law in 1902. The purpose of Phi Alpha Delta is to raise the standard of the law school. A grade average of B — must be obtained to be initiated. OFFICERS Ray L. Jones Justice R. G. Garvin Vice-Justice Victor Croxton Secretary Bruno Mayer Treasurer Fred Cornels Historian MEMBERS Philo Hatch Lewis Nance Ray L. Jones Ralph Bacgess Houston Reeves Reuben McCormack Fred Cornels Max Strong James Witherspoov Clyde Robinson Camp Bond R. B. King Richard Harris Wesley Simms Robert Garvin Richard Holt Victor Croxton Bruno Mayer Ted Fous H. B. White PLEDGES Raymond Wesner Jack Rorschach Bill Bailey Bill Vassar Jack Nossaman Walter Scott Doc Ballaine Ellis Eddy Carter Todd Claude Neal W. E. Bell Kermit Van Leuven Dan Brunson Bud Babcock ■A U I A 1 A I A I A I A =F r- ' -T-i-i =P ( ' JP 1 • ' • i • ' • 1 • ' • 1 2 9 A I A I A I A I A I A I A- X- Page 285 Xv- l -v-l-v- l -v-l-v; ■ . ■ " ' - ' « ■ ■ » . ' . .r, V- l -V-l-V-l-sH vT f « k$ $m$ «SkSx$h$ «M«$ ®«$ «$«$k$«$ ' 3 - The House Council which is the legislative body of W. S. G. A. is composed of one representa- tive, usually the president of each of the organized houses. This group meets twice each month to carry out legislative business, formulate plans for campus activities and discuss any problems of partic- ular interest to women on the campus. Through this group announcements of all activities are made and this offers a splendid opportunity for the spirit of friendliness for which Oklahoma University is noted. OFFICERS Dorothy Gittinger President Ruth Armstrong Secretary Margaret Lain Adviser The Judicial Board of W. S. G. A. is composed of two Senior women, two Junior women, and one Sophomore woman. It is the official duty of this board to handle cases of adjustment and minor cases of discipline and be responsible for the administration of the rules concerning women ' s activities on the campus made by the Legislative and Executive Boards. Margaret Morgan Eleanor Alworth Rosalind Hammond Marie Donnell Eva Mae Setliff Louise Aldridge Roma Buchanan Mrs. Lola Garrison Jessie Faulkner Sylvia Joseph Eva Cashion Anna Aachte Gladys Hall Claudia Smith Katherine Hagenbush Creacia Jackson Margaret Kkowles MEMBERS Phyllis Woodruff Mrs. Grace Haynes Charlotte Jarret Martha Veal Emma Klufa Louise Frisbie Dradie Hannah LoRA Everett Eleanor Stewart Thelma Stewart Katherine Morris Edna Mae Lloyd Ida McCutcheon IvA Anna Young Dola Pacey Leta Verne Martin Elizabeth Hayes Helen Cook Margaret Morley Mary Katherine Sprehe Charlotte Meeting C5ertrude Carmen Joy Wilson Colleen Kivlehen Dorothy Carrol Maxine Lillard Helen Eason Mildred Maxey LuciLE Anderson Lucille Swindler Clair Minor JuANiTA Stevens Roberta Terrell Virginia Kramer A I A I A I A 1 A I A I A + - Page 286 WW 2r s- A I A I A I ATT- 1 • ' • i • ! • i a: X Vv-l-v-l-v-l-v- l -v. ,V«.V ' " . ' ■ ■(; v-l-viv- l -v- l -vY Y. M. C. A. The Y. M. C. A. organization at the University of Oklahoma is composed of men who are Inter- ested in the development of Christian fellowship in the life of the college man. Membership is open to all students. A cabinet composed of " Y " leaders meets regularly for the purpose of discussing problems relative to the aims of the organization. Each year the " Y " sponsors student mixers, and also has charge of the annual Stunt Nite performance. OFFICERS James Robinson President Jack Rorschach Vice-President Murray Gordon Secretary Bert Larason Bible Discussion Arland Hale Deputation MEMBERS Ernest Wali Employment Lynn Abbott Freshman Representati ' vc Harry Day Norman Hi Y Varley Taylor State Hi Y RusSEL Dix Associate Meetings Paul Remple Publicity Leonard Ralston Director Stunt Nite R. p. Sutton Building Supervisor MEMBERS AT LARGE Max Curry Marcus Horn Jack Lehnardt Tench Tilchman Jim Gorman William Crawford W. H. Davidson INTER-CHURCH COUNCIL Ralph James Ward V ' ickery Albert Fain Don Harrison - - - - - 2 " 9 F|. | .M.M.|.|.|.|.M. zr - i - i -l - i -i -i-T- i -i - I - I -i-T wyy A I A I A I A iirnc 1 • ' • 1 • ' • 1 -I- 1 H A Page 287 v-l-v-l-v-l-v-i-v ;). . . ' ■ ■ H ■ . , ,v-l-v-l-vlv- l -vY f «? « $ » ««$ «$ «$ « «$4 «$«$«$«S H»« Sigma Tau, the largest honorary engineering fraternity, was founded in 1904 at the University of Nebraska. The organization grew out of the desire of a group of well-qualified engineering stu- dents for scholastic recognition, there being no other honorary engineering fraternity in the middle west at the time. At present, it has eighteen chapters, scattered in all parts of the country. Sigma Tau serves as a means of conferring honor on those engineering students who stand high in their class scholastically and who have other outstanding desirable qualities. The local chapter was established in 1916 and since then has initiated more than 250 men. Basic requirements for membership in Sigma Tau include junior or senior standing with high scholastic records, practical ability, and sociability. OFFICERS Joe Keely President Harold Adkison Vice-President W. L. Crothers Recording Secretary James Cowan Historian MEMBERS W. K. RiTTER Bird Swan Warren B. Weeks Paul Turnbull Arthur Sherman Sam Griffin Bill Gage Harold Adkinson Le Roy Moffett David Lawrence W. L. Crothers Charles Ittner F. D. Cromack R. N. Luccock Warren Trout Wallace W. Irwin Ralph Coursey Dick Norton Glenn Purcell Paul Shelley Roy Jones Bowman Thomas Wallace Fullerton Bob Mills Foster Rosebush Ed Bartolina Harold Kersey Herbert Sheldon George Connell James Cowan Edwin Hill H. D. Ward Dick Mason L ' A I A 1 A 1 A I A I A I A I- i -T-l-I " Tfe wyy . ■ p I «i ? fit-l-M-t- l - i i " i Page 288 V y- i -yiy- i -viv; . .v , ' ■ . Vf: ■a ' . ,r.v- -v- -v- -v- -yX « «S«SH$X$«J«J«$y$X$«$. HjX$«Jy$X$X$«$xJx$«J The purpose of Tau Beta Pi is to confer honor membership on engineering students. As the second largest honorary engineering fraternity, Tau Beta Pi has fifty-eight chapters, including all of the leading engineering schools of the nation. It was founded in 1885 at Lehigh University, being established because Phi Beta Kappa had refused to admit engineering students to membership. For several years Tau Pi, a local engineering fraternity, had flourished. Its petition to Tau Beta Pi was recognized when, in the spring of 1926, Alpha of Oklahoma was established here. Tau Beta Pi, among its criteria for membership selection, stresses scholarship. Three first-semes- ter juniors may be elected, but the top eighth of the junior class and the top fourth of the senior class constitute the basis of selection. OFFICERS William P. Gage President Charles K. Ittner Vice-President Edward Bartolina Recording Secretary David B. Lawrence Corresponding Secretary LaVerne Comp Treasurer MEMBERS Edward Bartolina Harold Kersey Foster L. Rosebush William Crothers David B. Lawrence Herbert Sheldon Wallace Fullerton Robert Mills Paul G. Shelley William P. Gage Richard A. Norton Arthur Sherman Sam Griffin Glenn Purcell Bird Swan Chas. K. Ittner W. Karl Ritter Warren Trout Joe Keeley Richard Robey Paul Turnbull William A. Woods t-l-t-l-t-l-t-l-t-l-M-t S f S J iT y ■ ntn- l -MM-M-t Page 2S9 ;t , y. | .;. | .y. | .;.|.v ; Aii. ..n : -gp@ • « .. » ' . ( , V-l-ViV-l-V-tYT f S « «» $H$ «x$ J x$x$«$«$«$«$«$«$«J«$ 4 Alpha Chi Sigma, national honorary professional chemistry fraternity, was founded at the Uni- versity of Wisconsin in 1902. Alpha Eta, the local chapter, was installed at the University of Okla- homa. Membership which depends on enrollment in chemistry holds a B minus average as principal requirement. This group is the only honorary organization on the campus which maintains a house. Monthly dinners are held at which times outside lecturers and authorities on chemistry are secured to make ad- dresses. Business meetings are supplementan ' to these events. A freshman award in the form of a bronze plaque is given by Alpha Chi Sigma to the best first year student of the previous season at the annual sophomore chemistry smoker. OFFICERS First Semester President Paul G. Shelley Vice-President ...... . . Glenn Purcell Secretary Charles Higgins Treasurer Gregory L. Hutchinson FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. G. V. Williams Dr. Bruce Houston Dr. Lloyd Swearington Dr. Joe Moose J. E. Belcher MEMBERS William P. Gage Robert Kutz Paul G. Shelley Robert McCrum Gregory L. Hutchinson James Petty Sidney E. Miller Charles Hiccins Truman DeVilliers H. N. Peters, Jr. Paul Denny W. B. Bounds Cecil Cary Charles O ' Malley Lyle Van Arsdale T. H. Harder Charles D. Wieman PLEDGES Calvin Moore Dan- Mayer Second Semester Paul G. Shelley H. N. Peters, Jr. Charles Higgins Gregory L. Hutchinson Dr. J. C. Colbert A. C. Shead Sam Weidman Raymond Cooper Merriti Hewett Taft Evans Wallace Buchanan Glenn Purcell Edward Burch Donald A. Porter Calvin Brous C. C. Reledhord 2 ' 9 Al A I ATA lA lA jA W V Page 290 - ' P ' ui . . A - m K V - I - Y •!• V I Y- l -V .• ' ). , ' , : • vf: ■2 v =-e k ;: : J ' . ' . ' ■ , " ,v-l-v-l-v -l -v-l-vX ««?«$k$k $ «$h$x$ kS «M «J«»-« « «hS« Kappa Psi, honorary pharmaceutical fraternity, was founded at the Medical College of Virginia, October 29, 1879. The organization was the first Greek letter society established in a college of Pharmacy in the United States. It is a strictly pharmaceutical fraternity which limits its chapters to colleges of pharmacy holding membership in the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. In order that an individual may be initiated he must have a grade average of " B " or above. The local chapter sets the standard of activity and personal desirability along with the grade average they deem advisable. OFFICERS Marmn Phillips President Webster Babb Vice-President Harry McMillan Secretary-Treasurer Cecil Colclasure Historian FACULTY MEMBER Dean D. B. R. Johnson MEMBERS Harry Bettes Ralph Wilson Edwin Payne Charles E. Young Raymond Smith Floyd Sherman Alvin Conner William COok James Wade Clyde Lyons Arnold Prather Ralph A. Beegle Robert Gardner John Lee Chadwick Colclasure Claude Lively Orin Richardson PLEDGES Raymond Bowerman Bob Thomas Hunter Clarence Fedler Williard D. Hunter Glenn A. Holmes George L. West Elmer Collins Leslie Krob Claude J. Allison Earl Hickman Homer L. Jones ■ 2 m A 1 A lA lA |-7rrx ptH ' UW- wyp S " k ft!.|.M.M.f|.!. | .| ' .i Paffe 291 Vv-l-v- l -v-l-v-l-v; , ' .VV ' ■ • • - .■ - «: rT. A • « ■■ » ■ ,( , v-l-v-l-v- H « $ « K$«$ $ «jK$ $X$ X$«$ 4 S«S«$«$«$K$«S« « x$ h$ $«$ « «M«$ ®kJx$x$x$x$ hS«$ « «. xS Phi Delta Chi, founded at the University of Michigan in 1883 and established on the campus of the University of Oklahoma in 1913, is a professional pharmaceutical fraternity, limiting its member- ship to pharmacy and chemistry students. The purpose of the fraternity is both social and professional, although the chapter here is strictly professional, limiting its activities to the promotion of the sci- ences of chemistry and pharmacy. Regular meetings of Phi Delta Chi are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month. OFFICERS John Bob Duncan President Orin C. Keller Vice-President Pope Fry Secretary Lee C. Findlay Treasurer Cecil Duncan Master-at-Arms MEMBERS Lee C. Findlay Cecil Duncan Gerald Bond Harry Bivens Virgil Henderson Elmer Forbes Oren C. Keller Lewis Duncan Kenneth Greer John Bob Duncan Melvin Howe Henry Wolgamot PLEDGES William Terrel James Haddock Lyman Linker Glen Robinson Pearl Kirk Harold Rampp Kendall Sutton Charles Douglass Haskell Smith 2 -A I A I X j A I A I A I A T- ' -i- ' -i g " . Page 292 ? H M-l-K-U-l-M-M. II ■ ■ ' . ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ r,v- l -v-l-v- l -v- i -vy ► Mu Phi Epsilon 1903—1922 56 Chapters, 24 Alumni Clubs Women ' s National Honorary Musical Sorority, founded November 13, 1903, at the Metropol- itan College of Music, Cincinnati, Ohio, by Prof. W. S. Sterling and Mrs. Elizabeth Mathias Fuqua. The objects of the sorority are the advancement of music in America ; the development of truest sis- terhood ; mutual assistance and loyalty to the alma mater. Initiation requirements are Junior stand- ing, grade of A — in applied music; a B average in the subjects necessary to a degree of B. F. A. The most outstanding women musicians of America are members of Mu Phi. Most important of our ac- complishments are the New York club house, the official organ, the Triangle, and the $50,000 na- tional endowment fund as loans to girls needing assistance in their musical education, to which we, Mu Kappa, contribute much. OFFICERS Mary Lucille Woodward President Ruth Moore Vice-President Louise Glaze Recording Secretary Mrs. Leslie Martin , , Treasurer Mrs. Cooper Historian Jean Belcher IVarden Mrs. Grace Roys Chaplain Mrs. White Chorister MEMBERS Jean Belcher Mrs. Grace Roys Florence Cullison Grace Brown Anita Rudowsky Pansy Taylor Bee Barry Minneletha White Jones Gladys Johnston Mrs. C. L. Barry Jessie Griffith Olive Garrett Mrs. Leslie Martin Mary Lucille Woodward Mary Haley Ruth Moore Louise Glaze Mrs. Nellie Dietrich Mabel Morrison Rossie Wampler ' ' Phi Mu Alpha, Sinfonia Fraternity of America, was founded at the New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, Massachusetts, in 1898. It was the first musical fraternity, and for many years was the only one in the field. The membership is limited to men who are actively interested in music in the leading colleges and conservatories in America. Mu chapter at Oklahoma was established in 1912. OFFICERS Rothwell Stephens . President Chester Anderson , . Vice-President Robert Sherman Secretary Robert Duncan .... Treasurer H. M. Davis Historian Dean Frederik Holmberg Prof. G. M. Dietrich Prof. Josef Noll Prof. Willard Darrow Robert Duncan Chester Anderson H. M. Davis Alfred Crowell Merle Freeland Calvin Moore FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. P. Gimeno Prof. R. H. Richards Prof. Paul Carpenter Prof. Earl Vir Den MEMBERS Robert Sherman Jack Cullers Jim Lynch Rothwell Stephens Pete Caldwell PLEDGES LuDwiG Weber Jack Looney Dr. J. M. Thuringer Prof. Josh Lee Prof. C. F. Giard Prof. O. J. Lehrer Calvin Brous Milton McCullough Walter French William Matney Charles Wilbour William Mackin AUl M MAIAIA T-i-T-l-i W ! - A[ Al Al Al A I A P»H= Page 293 yv-i-v- i -v-i-v- i -v; , . ' ' ' ■ ■ - f: ' ■ ' V ' . ,r. v-l-v-l-v-l-v- l -vV » J«» « S ««J Jh?h8hJkJ x$x$x$xJ «$xJ xJ Oikoiioinia, honorary organization of the home economics department, is a local organization which was founded in the spring of 1920 by eight seniors in the school of home economics. ««» » « » M«? «J«?«» 8 «Sk$ ? « x$x$ « S « «Sx8«ShS kJ j xJ«8 xJ «S«S «8«S« Omicron Nu, honorary organization for majors in home economi cs, was founded in 1912, at Michigan State College, East Lansing. Thirty chapters are now organized. Psi chapter, the local chapter, was founded here in April, 1926. t-i-M-}-i-M-{uit r Page 294 A jT s itTTTTTTT v- l -v.|.v.|.v. | .v; , .«.«. Xf • ■ ■ » » .r J v-l-v-l-v- l -v-l-yX 0 « « «$«S«$«$«$ $ «8 S ««8«$«$ $«M $«S«$«$ «$ S «S«$«8 ««$K$K$KJ. »« «$ $ X$«$X$ XJ«$X$X$ « Sigma Delta Chi, professional journalistic fraternity, was founded at DePauw University, Green- castle, Indiana, April 17, 1909, by staff members of the DePauw Daily, student newspaper. The Oklahoma chapter was installed April 28, 1913. Active members of Sigma Delta Chi are Savoie Lottinville, president; Howard Brisco, secretary; Clarence Frost, treasurer; Curtis Huff, Harold Keith, George Norvell, and Tom Williams. Athenian Literary Society Bf: ; r ' . " -. i l ;. . ' :i •. The Athenian Literary Society is one of the oldest literary organizations on the campus, being established here in 1914. S HWMAWMW " T W .. M.M.t. | .M.M.t-l- rage 295 yv- i -v-i-v-i-v- i -v: , .v " " ■ ■• H ' ■ ' .» , ' ; V l -V- I V | .V. | .Y4 x$x» S S $ « ««$x$ «$«8 «$«8x$«$«S «$Kj iiMfigmeeTS A student branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers was established at the Uni- versity of Oiclahoma in 1915. There are sixty student branches in the United States. ««M $ » $ Hj $ $ «XgK 4 HjxJ«S «J S » «k8«$xJ « 4 S Mk$ «J xM «J $ M« «$«««? The local branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers was founded in November, 1912. All upper classmen regularly enrolled in electrical engineering are eligible to membership. A I A 1 A I A 1 A I A I A =P t: =pp=r T w - • • Page 296 W y !? ■ - !-[-M-!WM-f M v- i -v- i -v- i -v-i-v; . .vvr ' ■ £ -a H rrri ' .v. .v- . n - rtrv7 ( $«$«$«$k$ » kS«$ h$ «$k$«Jk$ 4 Jk$x$ k s » »« J«J«« J««S«S S S «H$ « «$ x$«$ St. Pat ' s Board consists of one representative from each school of the College of Engineering, who are responsible for the open house exhibit of the school which they rep resent. « ' «$«8 ? J«S ® ' »« » » S «J S » « » ««»« «S«S«S«$«$«8«?«$«J«Sx$ «j«j x8«$ The A. S. C. E. is the local branch or Stadia chapter of the national society — the American So- ciety of Civil Engineers. It was established here in 1922. i I 1 1- 1 1 A - ' W A[A|AIA1A|A | a ' Page 297 vv-i-v- i -v-i-v-i-; ;), . ' ■ ■ £ -a A A I M AI M A I A I A Page 298 » rr r. v- i -v- i -viv-i-vX tit-l-t-l-t-l-M-tit . jlWl. llj t 1 l J i " ) 1 1 ' • ■, RiiwiiinHMfflMituiiaiHMWwMinnmitiviii .. Page M 80ITJJHTA ijra!3iir- ' i: - " . • - -;:-:; 3Si53£SW = v»» " ». - «;j., ■ i ii-ii rvw- i -v-i-v-i-v ; , .«. ' ■ ■ V£ ■a y H S E r.v- -v- -v : rt i a This section is dedicated to Tom Churchill, who is captain-elect of the basketball team, an Olympic star. Big Six end in football, and forward on the all-conference basketball team. R-l-M-t-l-t-l-tM- l -t - W Uh- 2 ■ . S " i- i ' T- i -r ' -i -i- i -T- ' - i AIAIAUIAIAIA k Page 299 y V - I - V ■!• V • ! • V - I - V ; . . . . ' - - - ► ' £ 7 SS E ■ • ■ ' . ' . ' ■ , ; v- l -v-l-v- l -vlv J $«$«J « «J.««$ « K$«$ «X$«$«»« X$ J«J«J $xJ.Sk$ «S «S xJ«J x$xJ k$x$ $xJxJ «J k$x$x THERE was little but praise for the capable and impartial manner in which the business of the Athletic council was administered this year. A whisper of criticism attended the banishment from the gridiron of prominent athletes early " in the season. But this was only the natural outburst of a fandom thinking only of victory, and little inclined to take into consideration the rigid discipline necessary to promote the best athletic interests of the institu- tion. Two students, Harold Keith and Mart Brown, ably represented the student body on the council. Alumni also were represented. It is the duty of this busy executive arm of the athletic department to grant letters to athletes, supervise athletic business dealings and, in short, govern gen- erally the administration of athletic department affairs. Felcar MONNETT A I A I A I A J A I A I A I •!• 1 5= Owen Meatcham G V(5- Wadsack Fairchild Reaves Keith Brown Ellison Page 300 W P ZK. X 1 -I- i - I - 1 - I - i A I A I A I A 1 W-l-v-l-v-l-v; . : - -— - i: ' • ' , ' , ' , ' , ; v- i -v-i-v- i -v- i -v - » «» « « «?«$H» $ »« 8 « $ ««$«« $ $« THE University of Oklahoma has produced powerful Big Six teams.- The Sooners were second in the race for football championship in the new con- ference, and were all-victorious in the basketball fight. At the time this yearbook goes to press, it is impossible to give the ratings of the baseball and track teams, but to give pre-season prophesy, it looks like the Sooners are due to finish a glorious year on top of the heap, in the latter sports named. To the excellent coaching staff, a vote of thanks is extended by the student body, who deeply appreciates the good work of the men, who trained the Sooner athletes. First we take our hats oflf to Benny Owen, dean of the coaching stafT, who has done more for the university in athletics than any other individual. Then, Hugh V. McDermott, coach of the whirlwind basketball champions of 1928 and 1929, is in line for a lot of praise. Ad Lindsay, football mentor, is to be congrat- ulated for his good work in training the gridmen. John Jacobs, cinder coach, well deserves the praise and respect of Soonerland for his untiring efforts in pro- ducing consistent track winners. " Jap " Haskell, former Sooner athlete, who assumed his duties as baseball coach in 1928, has the old fight and pepper that ' s sure to make the Sooners come through in the race for the conference bunting. Paul Keen, wrestling mentor, is well liked, and has proved to be an efficient instructor in the art of successful grappling. John Mosely has turned out some fast tennis teams, and consistently has a conference champion or two on hi s net squads. The old 15 rahs are in order — let ' s give the coaches a yell — on your toes gang! Keen Haskell Reeds McDermott Jacobs 2r [ i • ' • 1 • ' • I w§- ' fW W 7 Al A| Al AI A I A I A at r- i -i-f-T- i - 1 - i - Page 301 Vv- l -v-l-v- l -v-l-v: , . ■ ' ■ ■ •V: 71 ■ H • ■ " . ' . ' . ' ■ , ; v-l-v-l-v- l -v-i-vY By Harold Keith INISHING strongly with shut-out victories over Kansas, Oklahoma A. and M. College and Missouri, the 1928 Sooner football team of Coach Ad Lindsay ended the season with a tie for second place in the Big Six. F Coach Adrian Lindsay The season was opened with a game at Bloom- ington, Indiana, against the strong Indiana Univer- sity eleven from the Big Ten conference. The heavy Hoosiers scored a field goal in the first two minutes of play, but the young Oklahoma team came back in the third quarter with a 57-yard drive for a touchdown and kicked goal to lead, 7 to 3. A 16-yard run by Crider and a pass of 12 yards from Kitchell to Crider escorted the ball to the Indiana 10-yard line where Churchill scored on a " sweep. " Churchill kicked goal. Late in the third quarter it looked like Oklahoma would take a 14 — 3 victory back to Norman but a long Sooner drive was checked on the Hoosier 15-yard stripe when Kirk fumbled. Then fate again smiled on Indiana when Kitchell ' s fumble of a punt in the last quarter was converted into a touchdown by Indiana in the last three minutes of play, the Hoosiers winning, 10 to ' 7. THE 1928 SQUAD L AJ A 1 A 1 A 1 A I A JA m i 3 cR: M-M-t-l-f- l -M-M ' f Page 302 yv-l-v- l -v-l-v-l-v. .VV " : ' f: y H " . . ' , ; V-l-V-l-V- l -V-l-v After winning the Boomer contest at Norman, 34 to 0, the Sooners rode boldly into the north for a game with Creighton at Omaha. The flashy Bluejays, with a Homecoming crowd watching them, time and again sliced and pared their way to within arm ' s reach of the Sooner goal, only to have Hamilton, Curt Berry, Fields, Orr and Gen- try in the Red and White forward wall repulse them. Then late in the last quarter Kitchell flung a long 40-yard pass through the gray dusk into Churchill ' s arms who leaped high to take the ball and was downed on the one-yard line. Mills then bucked over and it was Oklahoma ' s game, 7 to 0. On October 27, in the first home game of the season, Lindsay ' s men exhibit- ed marvelous forward passing to score five touchdowns on Kansas State and de- feat the men from Manhattan for the first time in nine years. After spotting the Wildcats a touchdown, Oklahoma, with Kitchell raining beautifully-directed throws to Haskins and Mills, ran off with the game. Captain Bill Hamilton THE BAND GETS HOT ON ' BOOMER SOONER " " A I A 1 A I A I A I A I A i- l -T- i -T- i -T w ' wyp " V s- A I A I A I A ! A I A I A l, Page 303 t Vv-l-v- l -v-l-v-l-v. , . . . ' vc •3 H .rr r.v- -v- -v- . rPv A muddy field at Ames, Iowa, with snow piled along the sidelines and Trauger and Lindblom, crack Cyclone backs, ripping through the Sooners for two touchdowns, are the memorable features of that contest, won by Ames, 13 to 0. It marked the first time in 25 consecutive football games that Oklahoma had failed to score. The Sooner forward passes were impotent in the mud. Then came Nebraska. Out of the north rode the big team from the corn lands, radiat- ing power and fight. Before 18,434 officially- checked spectators on Homecoming day, the [t ra AlAlAiAlAlAlA =PJH Page 304 ' fJP li Trnr x J-i-T- i -I 2r ? •xrx k Vyiv- i -v- i -v-i-v. ,vv«: ■ ► r - ■ ' V . ' . ' . ' ■ , ; viv- l -v-l-v-l-vV 2 largest crowd ever to see a football game in Oklahoma, the Cornhuskers annihilated the Sooners, 44 to 6. Blue Howell, burly full- back, was the ace of the Nebraska team. The- lone Sooner touchdown, the only points made against the Huskers all year by a Big Six team, was scored by Mills, young sopho- more fullback, who caught a short pass from Kitchell early in the third quarter and hoofed it 42 yards down the right sidelines for a score. Three games remained and Lindsay ' s youngsters, fast learning their football trade. LA I A 1 A 1 A I A I A 1 A • F PH gr3 F ? =b 1 •!• 1 • ' • 1 A[ Al Al Al A I AIA K Page 305 V v■ | ■V■ | ■v■|■v■ | ■v, , . « ■ - ■a H r ■ ' . , ' ; v- l -v- l -v- l -v- l -v V won them all. Kansas was beaten at Law- rence, 7 to 0, in the first minute of play, by a bit of strategy on the part of Coach Lindsay. The field was sloppy and when Kitchell re- turned the opening kick-off to his 35-yard line, he was careful not to get the ball wet. Then on the following down, he crossed up the Jays by spinning a pass to Mills who ran 42 yards to the Kansas 21 -yard line. The play was born on Lindsay ' s desire to try at least one of his treasured aerial formations before the ball became too wet. The play so stunned Kansas that in two plays Mills bucked over. A I A I A I A I A 1 A I A I - I - 1 -I- i 1 1 -I- -HH Paffe 306 WW hhf A[ A[ A[ AI A 1 AIAN J 5 =f: yY- i -v- i- v - i-v- i -v; ■ ■ . " ■t • ■ ' . ' . ' . ' , ; v-l-v-l-v-l-v- l -vY The staunch Sooner line, led by Alvan Muld- row, Taylor and Shearer, fought off Kansas the remaining 59 minutes. Oklahoma 46, Oklahoma Aggies 0! That was the final tally of the next game, played at Stillwater with one thousand Sooner fans going over. Coach Lindsay gave his reserves plenty of work, holding Drake and Crider out of the contest. Earl Flint, at halfback, scored twice, once on a 32-yard dash across the Aggie goal. Haskins tallied twice, one of his touchdowns bein a 65-yard run fol- lowing an alert interception of a pass. Al Mayhew made a 38-yard run for a score and also got off two more thrilling scampers ' 7- - tti ' Mfy y, XI A I A 1 A I A I A I A ra l- i -T- i -i V - wyy s I - I - I - I - I - I - i - I - 1 T 1 - I - I A I A I A I A I A I A I A ' H Page 3ff7 Vv- l -v. | .v. | .v. | .v , ,«.«.«: " Vf: ■3 ■ « ■ • .Wr. V- l -V-l-V- 1rv1 of 65 and 25 yards for touchdowns which did not count because his mates were ofif side. Paul Ward ' s punts averaged 55 yards. It was the worst football beating a Sooner team had administered to an Aggie one in 15 years. On Thanksgiving day at Norman the Soon- ers proved themselves the second best team in the conference by whipping Missouri, 14 to 0. Bob Fields, the big center, played amazingly well as did Taylor and Churchill and the whole of the Oklahoma line. A 29-yard ex- cursion to the goal with Mills doing the lug- ging and Kitchell touchdowning, was the m I - I - I ■i- i. .|. . i .:.i.: ; 2r ? %EIl X " y ' ' ' ' ' A ] T77TT ] 7TTu i -I- i •!• ]•!• 1 - t = Page 308 KYlV-l-V. | .v. | .v ; ,v .v " •V: Sooner response to a Tiger fumble in the first quarter. In the fourth quarter Churchill palmed a Mizzou fumble and ran 16 yards for another score. Bruce Drake batted down pass after pass for the Bengals. It was a splendid season, especially in light of the large number of sophomore faces in the lineup. Graduating regulars are Captain Bill Hamilton, Linwood " Bus " Haskins, Harry Berry, Paul Ward and Bruce Drake. V ' . ' . v-l-v-l-v- l -v l n. | .M.M.|. | .M.U " w - ' fj]p Al Al Al Al A I A I - I - I - I - j - I - - I - 1 -I- I -I- I - IT S l -M-M-M-t J - Page 30 9 Vv-l-v- l -v-l-v- l -v; . ■«. ■ - ' s " i ■ ■ ■■ ' . ' ■ ,(: v- l -v-l-v-l-v. | .vY Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma THE 1928 RECORD 7 Indiana . . 34 Boomers . . 7 Creighton 33 Kansas State Iowa State . 6 Nebraska 7 Kansas . , 46 Okla. Aggies 14 Missouri . . 154 Oklahoma won 6. Okh 10 21 13 44 «8 yi.|.M.|.[A.|.M.A | ( Paffe 310 - IT 9 i I v-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-v. , . " ' ■•- ■V: ■ ' ' . ' ■ ' , , ' ; v-l-v- l -v-l-v- i -vY .. .. •m FiiM-M-t- i -tnn , i« ' i 2 ? I - I - I - I - I - I - I - I - I -I- I - I - I ir t I A|A|A|AjAIAI ;- Paffe 311 v- l -v-l-v- l -v- l -v. , ■ . : ' 3 A ' ' ' V ' .vr, v- l -v-l-v- l -v.|.vx ; The 1929 Season By Paul Miller THE " Fox of the Valley " becomes the " Fox of the Big Six! " Once more, Coach Hugh V. McDermott has shown the way through the trackless terrors of midwestern cage competition to the crest of the high hill of victory. Joining the snapping pack in the annual conquest for sectional basketball honors, Coach " Mac " faced a season of dubious promise. Short a crack guard and an all-American center, graduated the previous spring, he faced the initial curtain in Big Six court play with splendid confidence in an aggregation of fighting bucketeers whose peers for sheer courage never roamed a hardwood floor. With only two tried stars, a club of scrapping champions was groomed from an early-season array of unseasoned sophs and just-fair veterans. Capt. Bruce Drake was recalled from the front line ofiense to do guard duty with aggressive Bill Noble. Big Clifton Shearer was entrusted with the pivot post. Tom Churchill, happy-disposition ed All-American, claimed a new forward running-mate with the appearance in the lineup of Lorry Meyer, former state high school sensation, and as shifty a ball-handler as ever graced a Sooner court. The first string, however, soon found the strength it displayed against oppos- ing teams was not all Oklahoma could present. From the sidelines came a sharp- shooter in diminutive Taylor; a rugged battler in rangy Ben Kiergan; a light- ning-like floor man in " Hi " Roberts; a stonewall of defense in Culbertson, and a clever guard and crack shot in Rollie " Doc " Kriewitz. Coach Hugh V. McDermott 1928 MISSOURI VALLEY CHAMPIONS ,L A I A 1 A 1 A I A I A I A 1 • ! • 1 • ' • 1 =F v§- Page 312 I -h I |- i -T- i -i A|AIA | A1A|A|A ' yv-i.v. | .v. | .v.|.v; . .«. ' . ' ' ■ ■ H ' ' v ' . ' , ; v-i-v-i-v- i -v-i- v i ' Fight Captain Bruce Drake Oklahoma gave fans a vision of what the sea- son was to produce in early victories over Southern Methodist university, 32 to 13; Oklahoma Aggies, 51 to 16, and Kansas university, 27 to 25. Sooner comeback strength made its first great showing in the Jayhawk stronghold. Trailing 14 to 2 late in the first half, the McDermottmen ral- lied courageously, fought their way to a two-point lead, and claimed a close victory. The following night, at Manhattan, Kansas, the second string tasted its first blood in the game with Kansas Aggies, 44 to 23. A howling mob of home fans fussed and fumed as the red and white toyed with Iowa State basketeers in a tilt which proved a neck-and-neck strugle in the first half. Spurting in the second period, however, Oklahoma sped away from their faltering opponents — and mothball ed the first home tilt of the season, 34 to 22. Nebraska, too, fell before the Sooner onsalught, as the homelings warmed to the critical road jaunt of the following week. The Cornhuskers went down, 29 to 20. It was some revenge for the Nebraska football debacle of the fall. Pointing for the Missouri game of Saturday, the Sooners were surprised and routed in Friday night ' s non-conference engagement with Washington university at St. Louis. A desperate rally was unavailing in the battle against the Bears. O. U. went down, 29 to 24. 1929 BIG SIX CHAMPIONS 4- l -M-t-l-t-l-t-l-M-t :Wb ' jyp " A M-M-M-i XTTN ■ 2r 9 ■ Page 313 v- l -v- l -v-l-v-l-v ; , . ' .■ ■■ « ' ■ » ■. ,( , V-l-V-l-V-I VtYT f ■2 A But the loss to Washington only heightened the thrill that came to Soonerland the follow- ing night when, at Columbia, the Sooners staved off the attack of a " hot " Tiger scoring crew and eked out a 40 to 34 decision. The game gave Oklahoma tentative undisputed leadership in the Big Six. The most ineffectual Oklahoma Aggie basketball team in many years was defeated by the Sooners the Tuesday night following their return from Missouri, 47 to 24. Ceasing the confining of his efforts merely to baffling floor work and ' deceptive passing to scoring teammates, Captain Drake hit his old shooting stride on a northern trip that includ- ed victories over Iowa State, 48 to 34, and Nebraska, 39 to 34. | yM.!.l.M.M.M. jr 1 • ' • i • ' • i • { Tg Page 314 Ky -l-v-l-v-l-vl y-gy « ■ ■ ■ ■ rr r.v- -v- -v- .v- vX Rivalry between Tom Bishop, a sophomore Jayhawker forward, and Tom Churchill, former Oklahoma City high school friends, was the chief point of interest in the Norman game with Kansas. Oklahoma won, 40 to 25. Probably the lowest point in the season ' s play was reached in the loss, 28 to 18, to Washington university, here. It was the best Washington team, that night, ever to cavort before a Sooner throng. The Kansas Aggie victory, 42 to 28, was only another basketball game, but the final game of the season with Missouri drew a ca- pacity crowd to the fieldhouse and did more to hike lagging school spirit than any victory of the year. The Missouri game was a struggle to vic- A I A I A 1 A 1 A I A 1 A 1 • ' • 1 - I - 1 " X ' f P 2 s- =P + l- i - 1 - I - 1 - I T ■ -i k A I A I A I A I A I A I A Page 315 yv-i-v-i-v- i -v- i -v; , .«. ' . ' ■ • ' : " V: ■a A :e- r; g ■ ' . ' . ' . , ;v- l -v-l-v-|.v. | .vY tory against odds that on paper sound impos- sible! Already deprived of a shot at the title by a loss to Nebraska, the Bengals thirsted for a taste of Oklahoma blood and the honor of smearing Oklahoma ' s spotless record in con- ference play. But even this was refused them. Leading by nearly 20 points, Missouri stalked from the floor at halftime confident of victory. The great Churchill struck twice in succes- sion before the Tigers drew a breath. Cliff Shearer counted from a corner. Followed then a fierce rally that carried Oklahoma up and even with the invaders. It was one of the greatest basketball battles in all the thrilling annals of Oklahoma vic- tories. Oklahoma won the game 36 to 35 and the first Big Six championship. V A I A I A j A ! A I A I A Paffe 316 r- ' -T- ' -i " m i -s; X 1 • ! • i • ' • i A I A I AS] I - I - I 4 1 Kv-l-v- l -v.|.v.|-v; ,VrV ' ■ H ■ v: -a H i-l-!-l-t-l-t- l -t- l -!-l-t :( g?P ' .V ' . ' . , V-I-V- I -V- I -VIVY 2 s- A I A I A I A I A I A I A " Paffe 317 p y.|.V.|.V.|.-V4-V ; . . .« ■■ ' - • £: ■?) H ' ' • . ,r.v- -v- -v. .s n Coach Jap Haskell FAIR fielding but a poor hitting field in 1928 by " Jap " Haskell, fo as head baseball coach for the Un tied for fourth position in the standings The strong Kansas Aggies of Manh from the Sooners in two consecutive gam sas, who finished in third position, to cin A final spurt by the Oklahoma Aggi Aggies booked the full quota of games f schools that left the Missouri Valley at t Fay " Tess " Coil, the tubby speed ba against the traditional rivals, Oklahoma opening the Sooner schedule April 2. Captain Granny Norris ' 28 club was placed in the Missouri Valley rmer Sooner athlete, making his debut iversity of Oklahoma. The team finished with Missouri after eighteen games, attan won in the final stretch by winning es by close scores and then defeating Ran- ch the pennant. es sent them into second place. Had the or their club they might have beaten the he end of the year. 11 pitcher was slated to take the mound Aggies, in the first game at Stillwater, L A I A I A I A I A I A I A 1 •!• 1 -I- 1 • ' • 1 • l - P ' W - Page 318 - fjy== I -I- I • ■ • ] - I - i r 1 - I - 1 T I A I A I A I A I A I A I A ' k vlv-lv-l-v v-?y « ■ s ■7 - 4 " " ■ ' ■ . ;v- l -v-l-v- l -v.|-vY i The Season Co-Captain Lee Ulster ' 29 Co-Captain Haswell ' 29 Coil pitched a nice game, was backed by timely hits by his teammates, but was beaten by " Ab " Wright and Co. 4 to 3. Lee Hunter, right bander, stepped into the box the next day, had the breaks coming his way and the Sooners evened the series by winning 10 to 8. Nearly two weeks of practice did the Sooners good. However, they went up against the Missouri Bengals in the first trip north and were whipped 2 to 0. Red Ford, sophomore, hurled a neat game for the Tigers. To add to the loss was the fact that Oklahoma out-hit the home club at Col- umbia ten blows to the Mizzous two. The high wind and rain dampened the spirit of the game. Coil was again the victim in the box for Oklahoma. Inability to hit with men on bases cost the game to the Sooners. Lee Hunter back in the box, routed the Bengals 7 to 4 to even the series for the Oklahomans the next day. - - - - - ' 2r k AJ A I A i A I A I A I A ' I - I - I l- ' -T-i-T ' v - wyp " ? A l Al A l K VX 1 - I - 1 • ! • 1 K k xs Page 319 Vv- l -v-l-v-l-v-l-v; ■ . ' . ' ■. ■ • As ■ ' ' ' ■ ' . , ' ;v-l-v-l-v- l -v-l-vx ' I Vv The Sooners closed the road-trip by drop- ping two games to the Washington Bears 9 to 7 and 6 to 1 with Hunter and Coil sharing the pitching in the first game and Birkett and Walker working on the rubber in the second game. Back home on the Sooner lot again the 1927 champions found themselves in the first Kansas game. The Jayhawker hurlers were pounded unmercifully in every direction, the Sooners counting for an even dozen hits in an 1 1 to victory pitched by Lee Hunter. Four big boots by the Kansans and the blows off the three pitchers were factors in the Oklahoma win. Besides letting the Law- rence boys down with only three blows, Lee tr A I A 1 A I A I A 1 A 1 A 1 - I - 1 1 • ! • 1 • ' • 1 Page 320 =f« iu.i.|.u.uu. i .: i " I i p oz-i-v-i-v- l -v-i-v . , .«. : ■ . J.v- -v- -v- -v- -vX Hunter hit his stride at the plate by slamming out a double and a single, joining the other Sooners in pulling out of a batting slump. Besides Hunter, Murray, Lampton, Steph- ens, Wall and Love got two blows in this game. The next day the Jayhawk nine turned the tables and won a shutout 4 to 0. Oklahoma ' s failure to deliver in the pinches, leaving team- mates stranded on the sacks gave the Kansans the victory. Faye Coil ' s home run smash in the eighth inning with one man ahead broke a one-all tie with Missouri in the next game and gave Coil his first victory and Oklahoma its initial game with the Tigers 3 to 1. y .u. . uu 44A • i • ' • 1 • ' • 1 • " Tfe - 2 ? Page 321 Xv-l-v- l -v-l-v-l-v. ' , . " ■ ' - - ' ■a lV c A If .(.• 1 ' ? fej 4 • ■ " . ' . , :v- i -v-i-v-i-v-i-- ' ■ ' •s ' % )- G ' W Page 322 The pace was still warm and Hunter added another team to his list of wins by taking in Missouri the next day 8 to 4. Bus Wall, on third base, slapped out three safeties, one double and two singles. One hectic inning was the only phase of the game that marred the Sooner play. With the score standing 6 to 1, the Sooners ahead, Missouri began hitting terrific drives to the left side of the Oklahoma infield in the eighth inning. After three runs had been tolled oflf the Sooner boots, Hunter fanned the next Bengal to face him and stopped the seeming- ly successful Missouri rally. Abner Wright again beat Oklahoma when the Farmers came to the Oklahoma stamping ► ' «r l| mm wyp I -I- 1 - i -i- i - i- i - i-i- 1 - i -i A[A|A|A|AIA |X ' .v.i.v.i.o.i.o.i.i;,.- — „ z ' V. ■2 A • ■■ , ( , V-l-V-l-V- l -V-l- 7 f m A I A j A I A I A I A r- ' -i- ' -i 2r !? tU- l -t- l -M-iW! Pa J2J Vv-l-v- l -v- l -v- i -v; ,«■«. ' ■ ■ ' - - £ -a ;- H ■ " . ' . , v-l-v- l -v- l -vlvX i ; ' fKuu.|.M.M 4 1 1 1 - I - 1 - I - i -I- 1 - I - 1 - I - 1 Page 324 G W y ' W 2r 9 -; Al Al A X pp=? « m H Vv-l-v- l -v- l -v- l -v ;) , ' - ' V: ' . ' ■ ' ■ ■ ,v- l -v-l-v- l -v.|.vy fe A I A 1 A I A I A I A =P=f w u - wyp A I A I A I A " 1 • ' • 1 • ' • i X 2r s il- 71 XJT- 4=M Page 3ii Vv-l-v-l-vlv-l-v h; « ••.- ' A ( , v- -v- -v- . r 1928 Track Captain Ben Taylor ' 28 Coach John Jacobs FROM the first flash of the opening gun at the K. C. A. C. i ndoor meet at Kansas City, until the last bits of cheering had died away after a Sooner rep- resentative had scored in the Olympic inter-national meet at Amsterdam, Holland, the University of Oklahoma witnessed one of the most successful track and field seasons ever, in the season of 1928. John C. Jacobs, serving another big year handling Sooner teams came out of the schedule undefeated in dual meets, winner of the indoor title, and third place in the annual outdoor meet at Lincoln, Neb., besides having men on his " wonder " squad that caused records all over the country to fall. Coach Jacobs was ranked as the outstanding mentor in the Missouri Valley due to the low point system in three sports, indoor track, outdoor track, and cross-country. Oklahoma won the harrier meet, giving the ' Sooner coach low five points over Hufif of Kansas. ; A I A I A [ A I A I A ] A ' m 1 • ' • 1 • ' • 1 • ! • 1 • ' • 1 • ! • i - I - 1 = Page 326 G " WW - 2r I « i .1 s - {■ i tM- l -t-l-fUif J 1 K V- I -V-I-Y-I-V- I -V c ■ ' ■ ' , . ' . " ' . £ : ' ■ ' ■ ' . ' ■ , v-l-v-l-v-l-v- l -yy Bruce Drake, Co-Captain ' 29 A. B. Howell, Co-Captain ' 29 Harold Keith, captain-elect for 1929 but declared ineligible for already serv- ing his three years in college participation, led the squad in scoring. The Enid distance runner reached the tape for ten first and three second places for a grand total of 61 points for Oklahoma. " Hippo " Howell, Nowata weight-tosser, was next to the blond-haired run- ner with 56 points, winning seven firsts, five seconds, two thirds, and one fourth. Bruce Drake, the Oklahoma City athlete, was third with 40 points. Preliminary meets before the annual conference meet were held with Mis- souri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma Aggies. The Sooners attended the Kansas, Texas, Rice, and Drake relays. Representatives went to the Penn relays, national collegiate meet at Chicago, and to the sectional Olympic tryouts at Dallas, Tex. Glaring out of the mass of points scored by Sooner teams during the season is the record established by Tom Churchill, sophomore. . l :. | .M.!.|.M.M.y " X W y - - - - - - 2 ? J - I - 1 - I - 1 A I A I A I A 1 A I A I A ' N] Page 327 yW- I -v-I-v- I -v ; , . . ■ ' - ' 3 y r r.V- -V- -V. . ' Sr:t: During the summer training at Norman the Oklahoma star broke the world ' s record dec- athlon mark unofficially, on a day that was suitable to any athlete, hard turf and all. In the tryouts at Boston the first part of July, Churchill won the fourth position on the United States team. Over in the old country, the Oklahoma boy flashed through a brilliant two-day schedule in the ten events for fifth place. Yjorkla of Finland broke the world ' s record in winning first place. As secondary to Churchill ' s performance in Holland, was Harold Keith ' s gallop at Phil- adelphia in the Penn relays in the 3000-meter steeplechase. The Oklahoma medley team of Hewett, Heald, Carson and Keith made the [ A I A I A I A I A I A I A - ■ | . | .-|-..-|-. | .- i -..-|-.|.-|- . | .-|- • • • • • • • Page 328 G i: - ' " jy 2 S A| A| A|,A1 A.[.A.|A 1 Vv- l -v- l -v-l-v- l -v; , ■ ' . " ■■ ■? V ' . ' .Vc; v- l -v-l-v- l -v-l-yy i feAi 1500-mile trip to run in its best event against the nation ' s best. Keith asked if his teammates would be al- lowed to run in the 3000-meter steeplechase which had a water hazard and rugged ground to be covered in its path. With Keith in the race was Carson and Heald. The Enid streak outdistanced Mel Dalton, Seton Hall star, fifty yards to the tape, running in that kind of a race for the first time in his career. Carson was fourth and Heald fifth. At the indoor meet at Des Moines the Sooners copped the championship due to the performances of Harold Keith and Jack Carmen. Keith finished fifteen strides ahead Ml, Al A I A lA lA I A lA i S I ' M -M - I - 1 - I - [■ -K r -I- I W V§ i 1 4 .JtiT : ! ' fJp - V S - I - I - I - I - 1 -I- - i -t- A I A I A I A I A I A I A- k Page 329 w.i.v.i. .i.v.i.: A.. • ■ ..r ); ► -»■ y, V-I-V-|-V-|-V-I-V 7 f • £ •? H of his old rival " Poco " Frazier, of Kansas, in the two-mile race after winning the one- mile jaunt. This is the only time that the Jayhawk " Hill-climber " has been beaten. Carmen stepped the low hurdles in record time, 5.9 seconds. The mile relay team of Edmundson, Hewett, Heald and Taylor won first. Other scorers were: Churchill, third in broad jump; Taylor, third in 50-yard low hurdles; Bryce, second in pole vault; Drake, tied for third in pole vault; Howell second and Rider third in the shot put and Adkinson, fourth in the 50-yard dash. The Texas and Rice relays at Austin and Houston were on the schedule for two days in March. The medley team running 440, 220, 880 yards and a mile, set a new record of I K!-|.M.|.|.!UI J i-i-i- ' -i " Page 330 W P lltli-M- l -i-l-tin Xv-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-v , : « ■■ » ■ - " Vi: ' 3 L ii ffi ' ■ ' . ' . ■ ■ r,viviv- l -v-l-vy 7:37.2 seconds with Taylor, Adkinson, Car- son and Keith running. Dunson copped fourth in the 120-yard high hurdles, Bryce and Drake, third in the pole vault and How- ell and Rider second and third in the shot put. The next day the relay team running the 440, 880, 1320 yards and mile, felled another mark in 10:32.6 seconds. Oklahoma won the meet with 22 points to Rice Institute ' s 20. Drake tied for a new pole vault record by reaching his best height of the year, going upwards 13 feet. Missouri and Nebraska were downed in fast meets at Norman. The Tigers were beaten 76 to 55 and the Cornhuskers in a close contest 66 2-3 points to 64 1-3 points. Vf. | .f | .|.|.f | .f.|. J4 w - ' fyp ' w H V s- s A 1 A I A I A " 4= 4 I ; !!-■ , Page 331 yIv-I-v-I-v-i-v 7) « ■ 13 H ■■ ' . ' . , r,V-l-V-l-V - t:-Hv7 r » T[30LSTERED by a former star and two able W Jfj veterans declared ineligible early in the fall, the 1928 football coaching stafif was the larg- est ever assembled to toil over perspiring aspirants to fame on Sooner gridirons. Granny Norris, Sam Clammer and Mart Brown added their vigor to the brains and deter- mination of Coaches Ad Lindsay, Hugh V. Mc- Dermott, Claude Reeds, Paul Keen, and Jap Hask- ell to groom an aggregation that ploughed and pas- sed its way through an up-and-down season. And, of course, over the entire group was the indefatiguable Benny, lending by his very presence an inspiration that had a larg- er part than many realized in the O. U. victory march. This group paved the way to a season coming up next fall that promises much in the way of victory thrills for the fans of Soonerland. Ben G. Owen, Director of Athletics L A I A I A 1 A I A I A I A = 1 • ' • 1 • ! • 1 Page 332 ' Jy I - I -- 1 1 • ■ • i • ' • 1 A[A[A1A|A|A|A T= yv-i-v-i-v.|-v.|.v; . .«. ' . . ' ■ , ( , v-l-v-l-v-l-viy ' 5 cR 2 9 - FV i Mt i tr i i - - luii m . Page 333 Kv-i-v-i-v-i-v-i-v ; . ' . " ■ ' : • f: ' 3 H f ■ « ■ ■ . ' . , ; VW -I- ViV -tVT f f S«J J «$«$x$«M«$ ««$«S«8 $ ««$«$ «$«J ««$H« X$«$«$«$«8«$Kj .M «»« «S «J «««$ » J NE of the most successful mat seasons in the history of the sport at Okla- homa ended with the red and white in possession of a national individual championship, two national second places, second in Big Six season scoring and a tie for first in the Big Six tournament. Coach Paul Keen received the plaudits of the entire student body and alum- ni as well for the wholly satisfactory manner in which he put onto Oklahoma mats another great team — a team which came within an ace of defeating the na- tioflal champions from Oklahoma A. and M. college. Lawrence Mantooth, star of the Oklahoma squad, battled his way to the na- tional championship at 125 pounds. Second places in the national trials went to Marvin Leach at 115 pounds, and to Leo Miller, 135-pounder. Oklahoma was third in the national meet. Michigan was second and Oklahoma Aggies first. yM . . W Page 334 WW ptq V y H A I A I A I A I A I A I A ] i Kv-l-v-l-v- l -v- l -v ; ,VV " ■ ' ■ - ' V ' . ' . C v-l-v- l -v-l-v-l-vY I !S The Cross Country Team !S I THE Cross Country season of 1928 probably will be remembered long as one of the most disastrous in the history of Oklahoma ' s participation in the sport. Hopelessly handicapped, the Sooners were unable to win one of two dual engagements. They showed better form in the Big Six run, however, taking third in that meet. In a three-way meet in which Oklahoma Aggies and Kansas State Agricul- tural college participated against the Sooners, Oklahoma was third. Oklahoma Aggies were first, and Kansas State second. Iowa State defeated the Oklahoma ns, 21 to 34 in the second meet of the season. Nebraska eked out a 25 to 30 victory in the final dual. [ A I A I A I A I A I A 1 A V I -I- 1 - I - [ -V [ 1 1 -I- I -h I = " V ' wyp 2 ? . . mu.i . .m I -I- I - I - I - I - i M- i - I - 1 -I- I Page 335 p .v -I- v-l-v-l-v- l -v ;) . . ' ■ L ■3 ■ ■ " .VV : v-l-v-l-v-|.v. | .v »«-« »««? ««J«® M « «S S X$xSx$Kjx$ « » «» «8«8 «S«» «S S » M « ««S«$ H p OLO at Oklahoma continued its steady progress in popular favor this year. Interest grew with every match. In the first match of the fall season, the Ponca City alumni team de- feated the team of Capt. Wm. E. Corkill, 11 to 8. Oklahoma ' s initial victory of the year came in the first of two engagements with Arizona university here. The score was 6 to 1. In the second meeting, however, Arizona managed to hold the count to a 2 and 2 tie. Two matches with New Mexico Institute of Roswell, were matched for the spring. One match was announced with the University of Missouri at Columbia. Charles Stanley captained the team through the fall play. m A 1 A I A I A I A 1 A I T I - I - I r i - HIT G ' V - Page 336 ' W (? - k M-M-M-M-M-M-f - l Vv-l-v- l -v-l-v-l-v; ,vr« ' ' v; " . ' ■ . v-l-v-l-v- l -v-l-vY f««S « «$«$Kj «»« « » K$X$«$X$ S HS«»« S a four-man team the University of Oklahoma tennis quartet was unbeat- able in the Missouri Valley and Texas during the spring of 1928. The team of Dick Mason, captain, Henry Browne, Harold Thurman and Lowe Runkle, swept the Sooner schedule winning twelev consecutive dual matches. The all-victorious team won 49 of the 56 matches played during the spring. Harold Thurman maintained a clean record of not losing a singles match throughout the season. Henry Browne carried to the finals in the singles play at Lincoln, Neb., for the conference title, but was beaten by Harris Coggeshall, the Grinnell ace 3-6, 6-8, 3-6. Thurman and Mason lost the doubles title to Coggeshall and his teammate, Struble, 6-8, 4-6, 4-6. Oklahoma Aggies were the first state victims, going down in straight matches 6 to 0. Grinnell, Southern Methodist university at Dallas, Texas, and Rice Institute of Houston fell in 4 to 2 matches in favor of the Sooners, playing four singles and two doubles matches. Texas university Longhorns were rained out in their match here in April. Three six-match sweeps came in order next when Nebraska, Washington and Missouri were defeated. Kansas was beaten at Lawrence 3 to 1 and Kansas Aggies 4 to at Manhatten. The same two teams at Norman lost 3 to respec- tively. WJP A[ Al A FP+ A- sr 9 X ■ 33 Page 337 Vv- l -v- l -v-l-v- l -v; . .«. " " • j: ■a H r.V- -V- - rPv:trh Jailbirds? No — just the boys working out on the Stadium Rock Pile V f | .M.M.|.[.|- l - • •• ••• • • : S miK. ' c J W j: A|A|AIAIA|A| A ]. Page 338 , im. ■ ' ' fHmi m ' ■VJ ' irr i ' :. -0 ■ - I ' I vn ' ' " .y ' . M22| 2Sls iSlc:3S ' .Ii ' - --i ' i ' Z: " , V ' J -- 5r-- c- .._i._x. ,a....l(_i.X.i.. L(k ±:}Xi:::-L :i !s =±:£SL:::= ■■■iibiiiiiihiibmmiiiiiiiiiiiiwwiimmiiw Ac - Jailbirds? No — just the boys working out on the Stadium Rock Pile M -| .- ■ r ■ Pafre 33S lUM ' mmmam . H -- ' -r ' -5C ;:?5S ii M ■ okissCthet-a-— f CHlSS yAuPHAGHI • sf ' mi QJianan Qhrrison CMan CaroUm 2)awson oKissQbl- ' Delta Cleta Gmenhiser OVliSS 9l-1 Hl SOCIETY SECTION fore » ® $ $ $ «S «S 4 8 « «$ « ? J 8 » The oldest dance orchestra on the university campus is the popular Roomers, who play leading college hops and big social dances all over the state, touring the entire States of Oklahoma and Texas in the summer of 1924. The original Boomers were organized in 1923 by Curtis Smith, who still directs the melody boys. In 1925 the Boomers opened at Rockford, Illinois, and then journeyed to the Midway gardens, Chicago, where they entertained crowds of 7,000 each night. During the summer of 1926 Smith took his boys to Vendome phmge at Sulphur, where they received publicity from the Billhoard, theatrical magazine, as the hottest band in the state. Medicine Park was the most popular resort in Oklahoma during the vacation period of 1927. The Boomers again repeated their triumphs, and began to gain national recognition as a leading dance orchestra. In 1928 the band played under the M. C. A. circuit, the leading dance orchestra circuit in Amer- ica. While on the circuit, the boys played at leading resorts in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Canada. At the present time, it is the plan of the Boomer manager to take his band east for the coming summer. Sooners going to Niagara Falls and Canada will probably hear some familiar tunes and see familiar faces and know that the O. U. band is making plenty of whoopee. College life has meant a lot more to the students who have heard the band cut up in the Follies, Stunt Nites, pep meetings, dances, and serenades. Students bid the Boomers the best of luck in sky- rocketing to national prominence. THE BOOMERS Curtis M. Smith, Director Byron McFall Dick W. Holt Howard Wickham Gradv Watts Clif Lane Chester Stinnett Gene Kendall Glen Brock JiMMIE LUDLUM o Another hot rhythm band is the Oklahomans under the direction of Frank Williams. The or- chestra was organized in 1927, and though a comparatively young organization has been one of the most popular bands ever to hit the campus. Harmony and jazz plus — that ' s the formula that has made the Oklahomans what they are today. Any Sooner, who happened to be around Medicine Park last summer, will verify the statement that the boys put out plenty of hot music. Many eds and co-eds make Medicine Park their rendezvous during the summer months, and one reason for the selection is due to the fact that good old Oklahoma music by good old Oklahomans is played at this summer resort. Many crowds are swayed by sobbing saxophones and hot trumpet numbers of the band. Their music has not been confined to dances alone although they have played leading Shin-digs in Oklahoma, occasionally slipping to Dallas and Ft. Worth to play for special events. The boys played the open- ing program at W. K. Y., the Daily Oklahoinan and Times broadcasting station. The Oklahomans have also appeared at student mixers, pep meetings, and moonlight serenades. They have also entertained at outstanding social events at the Mayo Hotel, Tulsa, and at rush parties and leading clubs iti Oklahoma City. The boys will go on M. C. A. circuit this summer and will play in popular resorts being booked out of Chicago. Eds and co-eds join in bidding adieu and wishing for their continued success. Red Kent Mike Meaders LaVere Johnson Pete Brady THE OKLAHOMANS Frank Williams, Manager Vernon Stansell Gene Kendall Glen Brock Everett Goins Johnny Railey Is just this: Whoopee! That ' s what the eds and co-eds at the University of Oklahoma make, when the week-end rolls around. Books are shelv- ed, tuxes are borrowed, cornets start shrieking and the dance is on! In order to show you just what we mean by whoopee, the society editor of the annual and the management had a little conclave, and have arranged a complete story of the social buzz around the cam- pus. First, we open the section with eds getting shaves in preparation for the dances — then we show the hot orchestras that are slated to play at the frolic — wait a minute — don ' t run ofif — next we present the breezy co-eds, who will be at the dance, leading ofi with a full page picture of the 1928 May queen — after the review — we go to the dances and take a few pictures to show you — finally, the whistle blows warning the co-eds to get for home — and we close the society section with a sad little picture entitled " After the Ball was Over. " Let ' s go — the orchestras are tuning up — M-a-m-m-y!! ■ f T _f..Mi i i f) iji i mif s 1. i f m THE DANCES SIGMA NU BORDER " Wild and Woolly and Rough ' KAPPA ALPHA DIXIE " The South blends ivith the West. " THE DANCES MILITARY BALL ' The Army has its inning. B nppi BiUP ' Ii wvr ' i dj ' ig h vm m jwji Kf . fj« " PI KAPPA PHI PIRATE " Captain Kidd and guests make iihoopee. " M THE DANCES SIGMA CHI BOLSHEVIK . " A Russiun Lullaby Dance " SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON BOWERY " A Thoity-thold Street Get-Together " : After the Ball Was Over — mxx WiAvw ' " • ■=«pip AeTlVlTiZS . t After the Ball Was Over — gaitlVlTDA " • . ' , i„.,;i ■, t -:r - I v• l •v• l ■v•l•v• l ■v. , v ■ ■ " - - ■ 7} A S V ' . , , V-l-V-l-V- l -V : To Professor H. H. Herbert, director of the School of Journalism and chairman of the Publication Board, this section of the 1929 year- book is dedicated. Professor Herbert has been a helpful adviser to editors of all student publications, and is known by his students as a capable, energetic director, and as a true friend. i m.u.[ u. M W W m - 2 9 X k Page 363 V y -I- V-l-V-l-v-l-v; . . . « ■ £ ' 3 ■ . ' ■ ■(: V-l-V-l-Vlr -l: The Puhlication Board FACULTY MEMBERS H. H. Herbert Chairman JOHX H. Casey Secretary F. F. Gaither Representative Prof. John H. Casey STUDENT MEMBERS Virginia Nelson Student Body Merton Munson . . President Student Council, ex officio Robert Shelton . . . First Semester President, ex officio Gordon Slover Whirlwind Dick Pearce Oklahoma Daily Todd Ferguson Publications-at-Large John Pearson Sooner Clarence Black . . . Publications-at-Large , First Semester •|UUU.|.|U- J " :( i ' dge 364 w y 1 • ' • 1 • ' • i A[A|A[A|A|A|XS =A Vv-i-v- i -v-i-v- i -v Vr r ' f; ' 7) " . ' ■ ■ ; v-l-v-l-v- l -v-l-vY The Puhlication Board The Publication Board, composed of three faculty members and six students, acts as advisory council for all student publications. Contracts for engraving and printing are approved by the board. In addition to jurisdiction over the election of editors and business man- agers of the Oklahoma Daily, Sooner, and IVhirlwind, the board also approves all stafi member recommendations, provided they are duly qualified and have editorial or business appointment from the respective stafifs. In the event of stafif inefficiency, the board has the power to remove an editor or a business manager ; to approve or disapprove the monthly financial reports of the publications. In all cases it is the aim of the board to make politics subsidiary to efficiency and to conduct the affairs of the " press " in the way that will best serve the student body, and not the whims of a party. The student group of the board consists of a representative from each publication, a member-at- large elected by the three staffs, and a member-at- large from the student body, elected in the general spring election. These students, together with the three faculty members to advise and guide them, form what has been found to be the most representative and best-working way of handling the business of the publications, which constitutes one of the most important and influential parts of student life. Prof. H. H. Herbert ti ' t-l-tH-l- ' HfH " Cfd f JPW A[ Al Al AI A I AIA I • ' • i • ' • i - 2 ? Page 365 yv- i -v- i -v-i-v- i -v ;) ■ . . ' • ■ 4 -2 U , V-l-V-l-V-l-V:trW George E. Norvell Editor Truman Rucker .... Business Manager Ted Magee Managing Editor Ray Bannister . . Assistant Managing Editor Ed Patterson Associate Editor Clarence Black .... Associate Editor George E. Norvell Truman B. Rucker EDITORIAL Winifred Stahl Art Editor Virginia Nelson Society Editor Paul Miller Sports Editor Morris Shrader Class Editor Margaret Barry Sorority Editor Robert Butz Feature Editor -John Rapp Feature Staff George Dawson Fraternity Editor Dorothy Ostenberg Gene Emrick Ruth Meister Melvin Poole Benton Ferguson . Margaret Bostic Lou McMillan . Alberta Norvell . Society Staff . . Class Staff Administration Staff . . . Art Staff Razz Editor Razz Staff . . Sorority Staff . . Feature Staff BUSINESS Ralph Shaler . . . Assistant Business Manager Leonard Ralston . Charles Ritchie .... Circulation Manager Hullette Abbey Leonard Autrey . . . Organizations Manager Dean Pine Wavia Alton Advertising Advertising Manager Advertising Organization J-4-l-M-M-t-Hn-ti S St«S MS 2 5 %Elll9 c 5 (, 1 • ' • i • ' • 1 • ' • i • ' • 1 ■ WMMMMM Page 366 Kv-l-Y- l -v-l-v- i -v- Vr • £ ' 3 A =e- r;; j I r : -: ■ ■ " " . ' . ' ■ ; v-l-v-l-v- l -v- l -v ' Savoie Lottinville Editor Ray Kimball Business Manager Dick Pearce Campus Editor Paul Kennedy City Editor Ray Kimball Savoie Lottinville EDITORIAL Ed Mills News Editor Charlie Grimes Night Editor Jack Fischer Night Editor Clarence Frost Sports Editor Vera Shidler IVomen ' s Editor William Green Telegraph Editor Virginia Nelson Sunday Editor Harold Keith Sports Writer Si Casady Frank Ewinc Don Nabours Benton Ferguson . Robert H. Breeden George Massey . J. D. Sapp, Jr. . STAFF WRITERS Schuyler Allman Ruth Smith Rudolph Venator Virginia Kramer Ruth Meister Wayland Boles BUSINESS Norman Adv. Mgr. R. H. Ralls Advertising Assistant National Adv. Mgr. Tom Gordon Advertising Assistant Advertising Assistant Ruth Smith Advertising Assistant Advertising Assistant Robert Morrison .... Circulation Assistant X3: m A lA I A lA I- ' -T- ' -T " G W P ♦ 2 s- r-Ki - i -T-i-T- ' - i ■ A I A I A I A I A I A I A Page 267 Vv-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-v . ' ' ■ ■ . . ■ " ■■ ■ «: -?) H ' ■ ' . L - -v - r P James W. Batchelor Editor Frank A. Chilson . . . Business Manager U Frank Chilson THE STAFF Varley H. Taylor Ass ' t Editor George Milburn Ed Watts Art Editor D. Curry Porter Robert A. Lively Feature Editor Bob Harbison Mex Curry Exchange Editor Don Satterfield James Robinson .... Ass ' t Exchange Editor Paul Turnbull EDITORIAL STAFF Nyna Stone " Beth Campbell Maurine Huff Bert Larason Dorothy Cansler Virginia Earley John H. Poe Ernest Hill Bonner Hooks Margaret Barry Tench Tilghman Lynn Abbott ART Melvin Poole Frank L. Cowling Milton Hardy Hal Lemon Paula Watts Benton Ferguson Parker Shelby Carita Cromer Charlie James J. Harkin James Batchelor 2 I Special Writer Ass ' t Business Mgr. Advertising Mgr. Ass ' t Advertising Mgr. Circulation Manager Gordon Slover RowE Cook Edgar Allgood Gertrude M. Crisman Inez Ballard Ross M. Taylor Elwyn K. Atkinson Don Nabours Lela Tillman Harrietts Webb , n. | .!.|.M.t.|.f. | .! J4 • • • A • • .Page 368 %ER. cR WW ' S ' MMMMMm V V •!• Y • ! • V - I - v- l -v ; , . .« " ■ ' " V ' a H ■ • ■ " . ' ■ . vIv l v l v l vV Gene Emrick Vera Shidler It is the secret ambition of every journalism student to be the star reporter on a publication staff. In order to rate highest among reporters it is necessary for the cub to work long and hard, to be able to knock out a snappy story, with a good, hot lead, to tell the story in a simple, but vivid style. Each editor thanks the stars above when he discovers such a reporter, for it is essential to have a willing, capable staff member at hand when a story breaks. The Oklahoma Daily nominates Vera Shidler for honorable recognition in the publication section of the yearbook, and the Sooner management honors Gene Emrick for her good work. These co-eds have worked hard and are deserving of this credit. Other outstanding members of publications are: Dick Pearce, Jack Fischer, Si Casady, Virginia Kramer, Ed Watts, Ray Bannister, Ed Patterson, Winifred Stahl, Virginia Nelson, Dorothy Osten- berg, Ruth Meister, Ralph Shaler, Charles Ritchie, Leonard Autrey, and Benton Ferguson. •A I A I A I A I A I A 1 A 1 • ' • I • ' • i ' V - WW Al Al A| AI AI AIAS Page 369 Vviv-l-v- l -v-l-v. . . ' . ' . ' .- • 4 ■ »■ . ' , ( , V-l-V-l-Y-l-Y-l-Y T THE STAFF Grace E. Ray Editor May Frank Associate Editor Olive Snider Poetry Editor B. A. BOTKIN . . . English Faculty Adviser Rosalind Hammond . . . Literary Editor Edith Mahier . . . Art Faculty Adviser Hal Lemon Art Editor Parker Shelby Staff Artist Miss May Frank Miss Grace Ray Making the official magazine of the university readable and interesting has been the task accom- plished by Grace E. Ray, its editor, and a capable staff during the past school year. The magazine is published quarterly by the university under the direction of the School of Journalism. Humor has had a dominant place in the literary contributions to the magazine, but it has been a high class type of humor, something thoroughly amusing without being cheap. The magazine has shown much improvement in make-up and content, and has published consistently good numbers. Literary contributors in the spring issue are Harold Keith, Helen Eason, Violette Bradley, Nyna Stone, Isabel Fugitt, Virginia Nelson, Spencer Barefoot, and Beth Campbell. Their work has been supplemented by the following art contributors: Bettina Blackwelder, Robert Shead, Cedric Marks. Herman L. Neale, Margaret Bostic, and Mary Cnmeron. - 2r Page 370 Vvlv. | .v.|.v. | .v; , .«.« ' ■■ ■ • - vr ' a ■ VV ' . ' , : v-l-v-l-v - l-v-l-yy THE STAFF Joseph A. Brandt, ' 21 Editor John B. Gordon, ' 30 . . . Business Manager Frank S. Clecker, ' 21 . Secretary of the Ass ' n. - - - - - ' V Joseph A. Brandt Frank S. Cleckler The latest publication to greet the eyes of Soonerland is The Sooner Magazine, edited by Joseph A. Brandt. The primary purpose of the publication is to keep the alumni posted on events of interest and to bring about a closer contact between the students and the graduates. The magazine is published every month except August and September by the University of Okla- homa Association. An idea of the completeness of the magazine is shown by a partial list of contents of a recent issue, which follows: The Fieldhouse, by Hal Lemon. The Oklahoma Personality, by Stanley Vestal. Brighter Bulgaria, by Edith Perry. Politics as She Is in Norman. Professor Jacobson, Pioneer in Art. Soonerland ' s New Hymn. Three Decades with the University. President Bizzell on Student Discipline. nMM . . .n r ' yp A . - H Al M i AI M IAv Page 371 Vv-l-v- l -v-l-v- l -v ;). . ' . ' . ' ■ ■ ■ ■a ■ " . , ; v- i -v-i-v- i -v- i -yy i ' M ' S - ' ' S $ $ ' $ $ ' ' $- $ ' m University Band «S«M « ««$ h$«$ $h$x$hJ «S x$h8«$x$ $kJ $ .$«J The university band had a very successful year under the direction of Prof. Oscar J. Lehrer. West Point style red and white uniforms were provided for the band members during the first semester. Officers of the band are: Robert Sherman, president; Calvin Moore, vice-president; Florence Cullison, secretary-treasurer. Personnel of the band: John H. Stehn, Chester Anderson, Jacic Rorschach, E. H. Welhim, Francis Bleeker, Max Mealy, Walter Calvin Moore, John Murphy Bell, Thomas Conner, James B. Henderson, Fred Heiligman, F. S. Howard, Lewis Soloman, V. C. Bevers, George Downs, John L. Guthrie, Wyman J. Patten, Donald Perry, Thurmons E. Barbre, W. H. Barlow, LeRoy Baxter, Hal Benson, George Bolon, John Breedlove, Maurice C. Brown, Willis Clarlc, Joe Finkelstein, Milton Fisher, Hugo Goetz, Jr., O. W. Hammonds, Joe Hedges, Robert Haggart, James Heflin, Joseph B. Humphrey, Francis Janeway, Walker Jones, Charles Ludwick, Herbert Masters, A. Stiles Munneke, Thomas Newton, Raymond Parr, D. M. Phillips, Wilton Reynolds, Evert P. Rhea, Hal Rochau, Ralph Rucker, Milton E. Silberberger, Charles Stewart, Jim Taylor, Donald J. Walsh, Oscar Waid, E. Leonard Wedel, R. F. Jack Williams, Wm. J. Williams, Albert Yates, Jack Hayes Smith, Calvin Brous, Curtis Clark, Rex Davenport, Joseph C. Edwards, S. H. Furman, Milton McCuUough, Alfred Niehus, Houston Roane, Vernon Thompson. A I A I A 1 A 1 A 1 A 1 A -P Page 372 T pPf q : ww ir s- U nW-W-W-W-W A v-i-v-i-v-i-v- i -v; , .« ■ ■ : v«: ■2 ci . .( , v- l -v- l -v-l-v-l-vX f «H$ S SKS « $H$ « « « « « « « $«$«$«? !S Um S «$H$x$ «$«8«»-®«$K$x8 . «» $x8 x$«$ y$«$ « The university symphony orchestra was organized in 1903 by Dean Fredriic Holmberg, and had a personnel of five players; two violins, one ' cello, one clarinet, and a pianist. The first concert was given in January of the same year and by the end of the school year there were fifteen members. At the beginning of the second year the membership had increased to twenty-five members and the plan of taking trips over the state was successfully launched. Three trips were taken during the second year, and there have been at least two taken every year since then. Dean Holmberg served as conductor until 1925 when Professor Oscar J. Lehrer, a member of the Fine Arts department, was appointed to take has place. Personnel of this year ' s symphony is as follows : Conductor, Oscar J. Lehrer ; pianist, Reon L. Denny; violins, P. S. Carpenter, W. A. Darrow, Marianne Bays, Joy Champlin, Minnie Harris, Sam Marks, Joe Finkelstein, Ruth Powelson, Mary Ann Staig, Virginia Wickes; viola, Mary Eliza- beth Peoples, Robert Duncan; ' cello, G. M. Dieterich, Florence Cullison, William Mackin, Ludwig Webber; bass viol, James Bush, James Lynch; clarinet, Robert Sherman, Vida Wagoner, Willis Clark; oboe, John Stehn, Tom Turbyfill ; flute, Roy Thompson; cornet, Calvin Moore, Louis H. Serene, Jus- tus Brown, Thurman Barbre, Charles Engleman ; French horn, H. A. Vetter; trombone, Harold Barrett; tuba, Wilton Fisher; tympani. Jack Williams; saxophone, Don Walsh. 7fKU.!.!-l-!-l-M. IZr- ' W J XT ? Al Al A I A|-J I - I - I - I - J •!• i - I - 1 -I- I - I - I Page 373 V v.|.V.|.V.|.V.|.v ; . ; ■ « » ' - ' s ■7) H ■ « ■■ . ,C , V-I-V-|-V-I V1% The Girls ' Glee club gave as its first annual show, " Varsity Vanities, " a musical and dancing review, on March 15 and 16. The club and production are under the supervision of Mrs. Minneletha White. Out of three hundred girls who tried out, only 74 girls were chasen for the club. The practice meetings are held every Wednes- day and Friday at four o ' clock. Any university girl is eligible to try out for membership. Prof. R. H. Richards OFFICERS Virginia Ballard President Rose Richards Secretary and Treasurer Louise Rosser Librarian Anita Rodowsky Accompanist Members of the club are: Tacy Boory, Mary Case, F toinette Halks, Jeanette Holman, Dorothy Johnstone, My Anita Rudowsky, Maxine Sanford, Ruth Swartz, Thelra jorie Young, Frances Atvvater, Olive Garrett, Merle Ge Velma Jones, Helen McAlpine, Margaret Morley, Sylvia Belle Stevens, Lillian Wolf, Virginia Ballard, Thelma B Elder, Pauline Jenkins, Jimmie Lyon, Thelma McCollu Rosser, Emma Vilhauer, Harriet Womack, Helen Baugh Rexroat, Lucile Wiedey, Maxine Williams, Ethel Wolve lorence Cullison, Marguerite Durkee, Martha Fabey, An- rtle Kirk, Miriam Koehler, Lena Meeker, Marie Oliver, a Tirey, Alma Watson, Mary Lucille Woodward, Mar- e, Mozelle Grantham, Dradie Hannah, Selma Huggins, Moran, Trixie Nash, Jane Piper, Rose Richards, May eatty, Clara Berg, Eva Brower, Miriam Dearth, Caroline m, Elizabeth Myers, Josephine Paxton, Ellen Rice, Louise mann. Vera Crooks, Maurine Huff, Gladys Marsh, Ruby rton, Alye Tomberlin and Sunny Tullock. XM - IU - IIU - I -M PF=F 5= : G - Page 374 wyp w 2r s- A[ A|A| AUl i V v-i-v- i -v-i-v-i- v r •• ■ £ A S The University of Oklahoma Glee club is composed of those who have qualified in competition. It gave several concerts during the year. It was the winner of the Missouri Valley glee club contest which was held in Kansas City, Mo., February 8, giving the glee club the opportunity to enter the National Song Tournament held at New York City, March 9. Officers of the glee club include William Matney, Norman, president ; Raymond Bassman, Claremore, vice-president ; Francis Bdl, Lindsay, secretary-treasurer; J. Carter Todd, Tulsa, busfness manager; and Allen Snoddy, Bartlesville, librarian. Prof. R. H. Richards is director and John Richards, Norman, is student conductor of the club ; Walter French, Tonkawa, is accom- panist. Bill Matney, President Personnel of the glee club: Basses: Milton Asfahl, man Patten, Chickasha ; Joe Pollak, Norman ; Gordon SI Davis, Goodwell ; Kenneth Gillespie, Enid ; Eugene Lam O ' Leary, Norman ; Tom Plummer, Anadarko ; Jim Hefli Baritones include: Raymond Bassman, Claremore; J Matney, Oklahoma City; Charles Wilbour, Oklahoma C George Bolen, Carter; Carl Bumpas, Norman; Maurice C ton; Ed Wardner, Hobart; Forrest West, Anadarko; Ra Hancock, Ponca City ; and Carl Mattern, Morris. First tenors are: Everett Welborn, Oklahoma City Back, Oakwood ; George Hopkins, Norman ; Lee Lamar, more; George Trammell, Oklahoma City; Glendon Wal Oklahoma City; and Rollin Van Zandt, Denver, Colo. Second tenors include: Berton Housh, Blackwell ; L ilton, Ardmore; J. M. Bell, Lindsay; Don Campbell, An Lee Hulse, Beaver ; C. V. Rice, Muskogee ; John Richard Kiowa, Kan. ; Clifford Martin, Shawnee ; M. E. Hindma Loyal ; Lee Cruce, Ardmore ; Tom Losey, Chickasha ; Wy- over, Davis; Glenn Danford, Oklahoma City; H. M. m, Norman; Robert Morris, Oklahoma City; Charles n, Fairfax; and Howard Murray, Norman, ack Cook, Ardmore; Leonard Grider, Ardmore; William ity; Marvin Balsh, Chickasha; William Bates, Norman; otton, Altus; Jess Dennison, Hobart; Jack Looney, Law- Iph White, Pawhuska; Victor Zobisch, Geary; Palmer ; Allen Snodd, Bartlesville; Fred Regnier, Norman; Earl Tulsa ; Vester Rowland, Norman ; Ballard Tanner, Ard- ker, Shawnee; J. Carter Todd, Tulsa; Fred Wheeler, ynn Abbott, Durant; Francis Bell, Lindsay; Milton Ham- adarko; Kenneth Cash, Lawton ; Wendell Ford, Tulsa; s, Norman; Graham Smith, Okmulgee; Earl Wetzel, n, Houston, Texas, and Robert Read, Wellington, Kan. 2r [? - If t- l -M-tH-l-t-l-tU 5 ' ms A I A. I A I A -rrK 1 1- I I i - I - 1 -I- 1 • ' • I Page 375 s r v-l-v-l-v-l-v M ■ - " V: ■ V ' . ' . ' ■ ,(; v- i -v-i-v- i -v- i -vx ; $«$x$x$ H$ x$ xJ .« xJxJxJ jK$ xJ xS «M «$x •« «$ M«$ $ J " « $ kS «$xJ«$ «$«J Talent, beauty, and whiz were there in abundince when the second annual Stunt Nite twirled kaleidoscopically around, high lighting university life in an ingenious fashion. Clever burlesque, snappy lines, syncopating jazz, flashy dancing, and fast hoofing skits put the student musical comedy over in a fair way. The Pi Beta Phi presentation, " College Capers, " gave a scene in front of the bleachers just be- fore a Homecoming game. The Jazz Hound and Rough Nek choruses were plenty peppy, but Har- riet Womack and Virginia Bissell got the tin med al for their R. O. T. C. dance. Clyde Jacobs in his imitation of Jack Smith giving an imitation of a whispering baritone over the radio came in clear and strong, and Ruth Swartz with little Billy Bob Terrell panicked ' em in the third act singing " Sonny Boy. " " Sooner Daze, " given by Kappa Kappa Gamma, was one of the best song skits of the evening. It interpreted fraternity and sorority life in the gay ' 90 ' s when bustles, high-topped shoes, rates and bikes brightened school life. Kappa Alpha Theta brought fire with their skit entitled " Hells Bells. " Father Satan, devils, and all the notables took part in a beauty contest held in the lower regions. The flapper wins the crown, but Satan is so disgusted that he banishes the queen contest from hell, and be- queaths it to the University of Oklahoma. " Who Hired O. B. Grotts?, " presented by Gamma Phi Beta, brought memories of the past, while the Gamma Fly By Nightie, which was distributed throughout the audience by newsboys, brought the memories right up to date. The Delta Gamma skit, " La Boutique, " was charming and gave the necessary flower shop and shipboard atmosphere to the evening. Pike Hamilton and Dick Holt were right there with " When Men Leave Home. " Hamilton as Miss Flutie Belcher, a black face char- acter, rolled ' em in the aisles with his dialect gags. m A 1 A I A I A I A 1 A I - I - i •!• 1 - I - i • ! • i -I- I -I- I Pug-e ' 376- X " Syp iT tu-i-t-i-t-i-t I r I ? 4» i H yv-i-v- i -v-i-v- i -v ; ,vrv ' l ■D ■ ' VV , : v-l-v-l-v-l-vlvX 8«»4 » » .« «»« »« « » » « $ «» » » ««$ S«$ $X$X$ «$ «$H$ H$«J. «$ $X$ «$X$X The first prize and loving cup for the best skit was awarded to Kappa Kappa Gamma. Pi Beta Phi received second place, and Kappa Alpha Theta third place. Honorable mention was given to Martha, Habe and Pete, the McCarroll Twins, and Ruth Swartz. Delta Gamma received honorable mention for the most beautiful skit of the performance. First Act. Pi Beta Phi presenting College Capers: Louise Rosser, Kyle Mclntyre, Clair Fisher, Catherine Witt, Harriett Womack, and Virginia Bissel, Varsity Vigilance. Second Act. Little Jack Little Over W. N. A. D.: Clyde Jacobs. Third Act. Sonny Boy, Ruth Swartz. Fourth Act. Kappa Kappa Gamma Presents Sooner Daze: Martha Overlees, Mary Van Horn, Mildred Maxey, Louise Schaff, Barbara Hoyt, Winifred Stahl, Velma Jones. Fifth Act. Tap Dancing Fantasy: Lava and Leta McCarroll. Sixth Act. Hells Bells. Interpreted by Kappa Alpha Theta: Marjorie Norris, Margaret Bostic, Alice Kist- ler, Margaret Kern, Peggy Oliver, Jane Fields, Jo Craker, Nell Berry, Marianne England, Louise Rep- logle, Bo Beard, Harriet Palmer, Ethyl James Byrd. Seventh Act. Gamma Phi Beta Presenting, Who Hired O. B. Grotts: Maxine Lillard, Frances Massey, Flossie Welch, Louise Lillard, Rose Marie Grimmett. Eighth Act. A Typical Boomer Act: The Boomers. Ninth .let. Miss Flutie Belcher in When Men Leave Home, by Pike Hamilton. Dick Holt at the piano. Tenth Act. Soonerland Tumblers: J. P. Watson, Kermit Van Luven, Jesse Neal. Eleventh .4ct. Martha, Babe and Pete: Martha Overlees, Walter French, Wayland Caldwald. Tiuelfth Act. Delta Gamma Presenting La Bou- tique: Bernice McCauley, Bob Woolsey, Josephine Barnett, Margaret Smith, Ellen Cunningham, Edith Husband, Geneve Noble, Virginia Stewart, Anna Bawlly, Dorothy Tourtellot, Louise Pierce, Louise Gordon, Frances Steel, Mildred Funston, Marjorie Thomas. V . . . . . . . (3 T - vj: ; - 2 9 Al A I Al Al A I A I • ! • I - I - 1 •!• i -1 ■ P. Page 377 Wiv- l -v-l-v- i -v; ,VVV ' ■■ H « « .. » ( , V- -V- -V- -VTY7 ( Kenketh Abernathy, Coach The day of Websterian debating has gone. In its place has come a form of debate which strives to entertain as well as instruct and convince. In which debating has ceased to be an art within itself, but rather a means towards an end — the perfection of speakers who meet the changing requirements that the new day has brought. The men composing the squad were Robert Shelton, Leonard Savage, Haskell Paul, Robert Harbison, George Copeland, Winburn Thomas, Victor Waters. This number was increased at the begin- ning of the year by the addition of Jim Robinson, Truman Rucker, Carl Albert, and Berniece Carey, all of whom had previously won honors in the field of oratory. Among the interesting home debates, the one which drew the greatest crowd was the debate with the University of Sydney, Australia. The representatives from Oklahoma were Robert Shelton, Leon- ard Savage, and Carl Albert, who were sufficiently mentally alert to take an audience decision from the gentlemen from Australia. The other home debates of the season were as follows: February 21. Hastings, Oklahoma, by Munson, Rucker, and Paul. February 28. Louisiana State, Victor Waters and Haskell Paul. Audience decision for Okla- homa. Missouri University, Dickason and Harbison. Audience decision for Oklahoma. Ohio Wesleyan, Robinson, Copeland, and Shelton. Audience decision for Okla- March 7. March 13. homa. March 19. April 2. April 11. Arkansas University, Thomas and Rucker. No decision. Southwestern University of Los Angeles, Dickason and Rucker. No decision. Howard-Payne College, Munson and Albert. Audience decision for Oklahoma. -A I A I A I A I A I A I A I - I - Y -I- Y - I - i - I - j - I - I - I - I Page 378 G 2r 9 ■ F HF g } O TTT l A 1 A I AJ A K Y- l -Y- l -V- l -YlV r i , V , V ■ ' .; - £ -a ■ Zrnr =F t-l-t-l-t- l -t-l-t ■ ■ ' ■ ' . ' ■ ■ ;v- l -v-l-v-l-v.|-vV : g P 2r (? I - I - I - I - ■ ■ •i- 1 - n I - I - 1 A I A I A I A I A I A I A ■ k Page 379 KV-I-V-I-V-I-V-I-V . ■ . .v ■ ' ■ •V: ■? r ; S; ■ ' ' . ' .V ; v-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-vY I! MAJOR EDWIN P. PARKER, Commandant Oklahoma University R. O. T. C. Major, Field Artillery Born, Virginia; George Washington University; Harvard College; Delta Tau Delta; 2nd Lieutenant, Captain, Major, and Lieutenant-Colonel in United States Army; University, 1927. XTT A I A 1 A 1 A |-X i-i-T- i -i Paffe 380 2r 9 - K t-ltitM- l -iUit J . ;.|.;. | .v.|.v. i .v; ,v .«« " ■ ' ■ ■ ( .v-l-v-l-v- l -v-l-vY SUE BROOKS Honorary Colonel -A I A I A I A I A I A I A I - I - I • • i • ! • 1 • ' • i • ! • 1 - iT ? Al Al A! AI AI AIA I - I - I Vv-l-v- l -v-l-v- l -v;), .VV« ' £ " 2 A ' ■ ' . ' ■ ■(: V - I - V-l-V -1:Vl:V7 r SAMUEL G. FAIRCHILD Captain, Field Artillery Born, Kansas; Sigma Al- pha Epsilon and Theta Tau ; University of Kansas, 1914; A. E. F. 2nd Division; As- signed to University of Okla- homa, December, 1924; Fort Sam Houston, Texas. WARD C. GOESSLING Captain, Field Artillery Born, Illinois; Pi Kappa Phi ; 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Lieutenant and Captain, 43rd Infantry, 1917-1919; Served with 4th Field Artillery in Panama, 1920-1924; Assign- ed to Oklahoma University, June, 1925. WILLIAM E. CORKILL Captain, Field Artillery Born, Texas; B. A. Uni- versity of Oklahoma; Sigma Chi; A. E. F. 1918; Assign- ed to Oklahoma, June, 1925. RICHARD T. GUTHRIE Captain, Field Artillery Born, Nebraska; B. A. Univer- ty of Nebraska ; 2nd Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major. ■ yfi.:.|.M.M.|.i.! j s ' x Page 382 WW ? 1 • ' • 1 • ' • 1 HW-U-W-U-wm 1 V y-I-v- I -v-I-v-I-v. , .VV ' s •2 A rrr r.v- -v- -v r -Pv7 ( JOHN McDOWALL Captain, Field Artillery Born, Tennessee; Alabama School of Technology ; Cum- berland University; 2nd Lieutenant, O. R. C. 1917- 1918, Captain, 1920; Univer- sity, July, 1927. HARRIS M. FINDLEY Captain, Field Artillery Born, Virginia; B. A., Emory and Henry College; M. A. University of Virgin- ia, 1910; A. E. F., 1918- 1919 ; Assigned to Oklahoma University in February, 1925 ; Fraternity, Sigma Al- pha Epsilon. Vi ' ILLIAM H. HILL First Lieutenant, Field Artillery Born, Texas ; University of Tex- as 1916-1918; Kappa Sigma; Grad- uate of West Point, 1920; Brigade, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii; As- signed to Oklahoma University, July, 1925. ROBERT H. KNAPP First Lieutenant, Field Artillery Born, Kentucky ; Georgia School of Technology; Phi Kappa Sigma; A. E. F. and Army of Occupation, 1918- 1919; Assigned to Oklahoma University June, 1925. L A I A [ A I A I A I A I A i- i -T- ' -T- i -l " W 2 ? -; Jjy " ' ,-4iwr?fTTM Page 283 Vv-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-v , . ■ 7) ■ - ■ ' ' . ' . . ,c;v- l -v-l-v- l -v-l-vy 8«$x$ $«8k»4 « « « xJ«$ $ $x$ M $h8«$ Ylfie sponsors .$«M. x$y$x$ x$K$x$ « xS x$ x$ x$ x» x$x$xS Early in March a big parade was held to honor Miss Sue Brooks, the R. O. T. C. Queen, and the sponsors of the various staffs and batteries. The Queen appeared in military attire and the spon- sors in spring costumes of white color. Those honored by the review were as follows: R. O. T. C. Queen, Miss Sue Brooks First Field Artillery, Miss Ethel Hodgson First Battalion, Miss Alice McPhetridge Battery A, Miss Harriet Womack Battery B, Miss Beatrice Haddock Battery C, Miss Christine Squire Headquarters Battery, Miss Deedo Shaw Second Battalion, Miss Hayden Hill Battery D, Miss Elizabeth McCord Battery E, Miss Bee Abbo tt Battery F, Miss Mildred Nicholas Headquarters Battery, Miss Pansy Love Service Battery, Miss Dorothy Lee Trent Second Field Artillery, Mrs. Irene Cox First Battalion, Miss Elizabeth Amis Battery A, Miss Jane Field Battery B, Miss Dorothy Eldridge Battery C, Miss Dolores Shaner Headquarters Battery, Miss Margaret Sowers Second Battalion, Miss Paula Watts Battery D, Miss Blanch Welch Battery E, Miss Helen Sulick Battery F, Miss Mary Talliaferro Headquarters Battery, Miss Mary- C. Clark Service Battery, Miss Prissy Olinger Mounted Battery C, Miss Winfred Stahl Band, Miss Dorothy Ann Parker On the evening of March 1, the Advanced Corps of the University of Oklahoma gave its Eleventh Annual Sponsors ' Ball in the new Union Hall. This ball and the dinner which preceded it were sponsored by Scabbard and Blade. The banquet was held at McFarlin Memorial Church and was at- tended by all cadet officers and their guests. Robert Cox, Cadet Colonel and President of Scabbard and Blade, was toastmaster. Major Edwin P. Parker and Dr. W. B. Bizzell were the speakers at the banquet. Wi V A I A 1 I A I S I A I A + Page 384 " m V ? ■ tltUltliltl t Vviv- i -v-l-v- i -v t: i . V£ 7i A rt rr:; : ' r r.v- -v- -v- -v- - First and Second Remment C. H. Brand W. W. Reeves r. goodloe Wilson Y. Russell Clyde E. Stewart Carrol J. Stone A. M. Sullivan M. Shrader B. M. Thompson C. B. Tucker J. W. Wade Mark Wolfe FIRST SERGEANT M. N. Giezentanner SERGEANTS H. R. LiNDERKELT CORPORALS D. D. Holland M. BorroMS I. B. McCroskey PRIVATES F. Wynn J. M. Virdin W. S. Beardsley W. M. Morrow W. S. Gates W. T. Pendergrass H. M. Petree John D. Porter Herman A. Potts J. H. Randle J. C. Rardin D. V. Rice G. L. Rhodes W. L. Roney S. Bacon W. H. Hart H. F. Johnston George Kimes J. P. Eley P. W. Dudley C. M. Lamkin A. R. Lewis W. S. Livingston A. A. MCGUFFEE C. W. McLaughlin J. R. McCoy Sam A. Moore R. E. Morgan J. A. Way W. H. McKenzie T. T. Wall Ralph Anderson R. D. Arnett L. M. Aughtry J. M. Barnhill G. A. Beaty G. S. Bond C. E. BOWLBY C. H. Bowles J. A. Brosseau W. T. Brunson Jack V. Burns FIRST SERGEANT E. P. Roemer SERGEANTS CORPORALS A. A. Crowell Donald Becker W. L. Bassman C. M. Cade R. M. Long PRIVATES R. E. Cain R. V. Carleton H. G. Chestnut C. M. Coffer B. T. Cole R. E. Conner W. D. COURSEY P. L. Cramm Ray Cromer J. B. Crowl D. O. Cubbage W. H. Cunningham Edward M. Dye R. W. Daulton G. A. Emenhiser T. R. Garner J. H. Garibaldi D. M. Glass R. F. Hunt W. G. Hunter John Campbell Clifton Boone John Glover L. H. Greer G. M. Groenendyke T. R. Groff J. A. Guinn J. R. Hare R. L. Hixon L. R. Holland Howard Hope Louis S. Howard - - - - - V s- m A I A I A l A I A [A I • ' • 1 • ■ • i • ' ' 1 • ' • =? k !. | .M.t.4iM.}.i: .i . Page 385 Xy-I-y-I-v-I-v-I-v; , .VV ' «: ■a ■ « ■ ■ ' ■ ,(; V- l -V-l-V- l -V l:V7 f BRIGADE STAFF Colonel F. C. Love, Lieutenant-Colonel B. B. Boatman, Captain F. Coil t ' (. Polo Team in Action 1 A A.IA A AI A I - I - I •• Y •• h •• h - I - I- - I - I • • • 4 • • • Pa « 386 W ' V ' Sjl 2 I -I- l- l - I-- IT r-r i • ! • I • • • • « • • s- ■ A[A|A|AIA|A|A U ;-i-v- i -v-i-v-i-v; , .«: - ' V£ -s • ■ ' » . , ' ; v- i -v- i -v- i -v vT r STAFF, FIRST FIELD ARTILLERY Colonel B. N. Dickenson, Major R. Hoy, Captain R. W. Blair STAFF, SECOND FIELD ARTILLERY Colonel R. L. Cox, Lieutenant-Colonel L. D. Montgomery, Captain W. F. Hood, First Lieutenant D. D. Campbell A I A 1 A I A I A I A I A i • i -T- ' -i WW 2 ? Al Al Al A P«H= ■ Page 387 v-i-v- i -v-i-v- i -v;), .rv " " ■ £ -3 H ' " " . ' ■ . :V- | -V-|-V. | .V. | .V7 f STAFF, FIRST BATTALION, FIRST FIELD ARTILLERY wmmmm Major R. J. Woolsey, Captain J. Armstrong, Captain H. Hughes STAFF, SECOND BATTALION, FIRST FIELD ARTILLERY Captain M. Balch, Major E. F. Dosch, Captain J. Kendall ' I I 1 f I I I A I r I •• I •• I •• I - I - I - I - I • • • • i • • Page 388 W ' ' yp ■ 2r s- c ' • i • ■ k KY- I -V-I-V-I-V- I -V M « • ' » ' - • !; 7 • r r.V- -V- -V- -V- -VA STAFF, FIRST BATTALION, SECOND FIELD ARTILLERY Captain C. D. Bennett, Major M. E. Munson, First Lieutenant A. P. Craig STAFF, SECOND BATTALION, SECOND FIELD ARTILLERY Captain F. F. Bell, First Lieutenant J. B. Davis, Captain R. J. Sullivan, Second Lieutenant A. Dillon i ' ' |.M.t.|.M.{.|.{.|.l . - 2 5 AIAIAIAIAIAI y fage 389 X ylY-l-Y- l -v- l -v fa • M: ' ■ ' .V ' . , V-I-V-I-V-I-V- I -V 7 f ' ■ r i i-ji- ' -aat: ' ?,- .. [W ' ■■•■ ■■ «■ - , - " -- 1 .y ' -HP| ■ ' •«..:■, wr ' f,: : ' Jb ' .14,-,. ' fS : ' V . ■. ' ■ ' ...fc- . ■ L ' - :■■■ 1 . - ' :■■•■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ . - ' . . --, C9fe,aK 3p fcgR_JiK tk-fKL3i _J| 1 ' ' - . ' ii K t FIRST FIELD ARTILLERY Battery " A " OFFICERS Captain E. L. Fricke First Lieutenant G. W. Bass First Lieutenant B. K. Smith Second Lieutenant E. Patterson Second Lieutenant T. Donald FIRST FIELD ARTILLERY Battery " B " OFFICERS Captain R. P. Gardner First Lieutenant J. Redwine Second Lieutenant B. Busby Second Lieutenant T. Tilcham Captain Fricke Captain Gardner Ft-l-M-t-l-M-t-l- M G V Page 390 W ] I -h I FP=FP=pP=PH=A 2 ? • « A[A|A|A[A[A|ASJ ■. ' . ' . f. v l -vlv l v l y Y I tagt 391 yviv- i -v-i-v- i -v; ■ ■ . ' ■ : ■ « • ■ • - Vs •2 . r. v-l-v-l-v-hHv7 f FIRST FIELD ARTILLERY Battery " D " OFFICERS Captain W. C. McAlister First Lieutenant H. Hayner First Lieutenant J. S. Robberson Second Lieutenant H. B. Wood Second Lieutenant W. R. Fanson FIRST FIELD ARTILLERY Battery " E " OFFICERS Captain O. U. McCain First Lieutenant R D. Fagen First Lieutenant E. J. Hoar Second Lieutenant G. Seiler Captain McAlister Captain McCain i !. i -!. | .M.M.M.:.i.! =:r " " Page 392 ' fjy ■ 2r G ' H A I A I A I A 1 A 1 A I AS], =FA I yv-i-v- i -v-i-v- i -v. ' .v.r ■ ' .. -3 - ' ■ ' . ' . ,(; V- l -V- l -V l:Vl:V7 r Captain Mills FIRST FIELD ARTILLERY Battery " F " OFFICERS Captain R. L. Mills First Lieutenant H. L. Neuffer Second Lieutenant A. Dillon Second Lieutenant R. Browne FIRST FIELD ARTILLERY Headquarters Battery Secotid Battalion OFFICERS Captain J. F. Meeks First Lieutenant N. Bean First Lieutenant B. Feacin Second Lieutenant O. W. Hayes Second Lieutenant R. T. Ficley Captain Meeks A1A.[.|.[.AJA I A 1 A . =F ¥ I - I - I S 33 " %EIl e WW A[ A I Al Al A I A i • ' • i • ' • 1 •!• 1 P. Paffe 393 v.|.v.|.v.|.v.|.v ;), «.«: ■ - " V: - r r.v- -v- - r tr P ■!fe»A»lSi rt.« ' i e SECOND FIELD ARTILLERY Battery " A " OFFICERS Captain V. P. Grace First Lieutenant J. R. Smith First Lieutenant B. W. Christian Second Lieutenant R. B. Holtendorff (TVf) SECOND FIEL D ARTILLERY Battery " B " OFFICERS Captain O. C. Tyler First Lieutenant C. B. True Second Lieutenant V. H. Weddel Second Lieutenant R. O. Brown Captain Grace Captaix Tyler " " V Page 394 y - - is 1 • ' • i • ! • 1 - I VY-i-v. | .v.|.v. | .v; , .rv« ' Vf: - t L %r? g Ii « « • • ' .V V-I-V- I -V- I -W : ■ 2 ' Captain- Smith SECOND FIELD ARTILLERY Battery " C " OFFICERS Captain L. V. Smith First Lieutenant E. Clarkson First Lieutenant L. R. Lewis Second Lieutenant L. C. Cheuvront Second Lieutenant R. O. Brown SECOND FIELD ARTILLER Headquarters Battery First Battalion OFFICERS Captain G. C. Croston First Lieutenant J. F. Barth First Lieutenant G. M. Sturgell Second Lieutenant J. A. Rinehart Second Lieutenant H. D. Turner Captain Croston A I A i A I A I A I A I A i- i -r-i-T-i-1 - tqpqF ? " of ) t) TTrM MAT!! I AM I 1 ' t s y-KiM--lM-T-l-l Paffe 395 Vv -I- Y •!■ V -I- V - I - V ;)■ . ■ " ' • ' £ -■ ' " . ' . ' , ; v-l-vlv-l-vivV -a Captain Vn acnor SECOND FIELD ARTILLERY Battery " D " OFFICERS Captain R. L. Wagner First Lieutenant J. R. LuTON First Lieutenant J. E. Terral Second Lieutenant J. H. PoE Second Lieutenant Geo. Hopkins SECOND FIELD ARTILLERY Battery " E " OFFICERS Captain G. R. Turner First Lieutenant J. B. Davis Second Lieutenant E. Payne Captain Turner !.|.|.|.M.M.M.t.|.: IT " f S r-Ki--rr- i -T-i-T-K i -i-i Page 396 J e r3 } t-l-M-t-l-!-l-i-l-! v-l-V-l-ViV-l-V . .VV i: SECOND FIELD ARTILLERY Battery " F " OFFICERS Captain P. K. Goodrich First Lieutenant M. C. Emmanuel First Lieutenant P. D. Denny Second Lieutenant W. Smith Second Lieutenant R. Wendell SECOND FIELD ARTILLERY Headquarters Battery Second Battalion OFFICERS Captain J. H. Kennedy First Lieutenant A. C. Skives First Lieutenant B. W. Bell Second Lieutenant G. C. Wright Captain Goodrich Captain Kennedy 2 " W P Page 397 Xv- l -v- l -v-l-v-l-v . .V £ ■?) M • " ' V ' . ,( . v- l -v- l -v-l-v- l -vY THIRD HELD ARTILLERY Battery " A " OFFICERS Captain R. B. (Jarretsox First Lieutenant L. C. Emmanuel Second Lieutenant E. Milne THIRD FIELD ARTILLERY Battery " B " OFFICERS Captain L. F. Danforth First Lieutenant W. G. Johnson First Lieutenant C. J. Watts First Lieutenant G. E. Hughes Captain Garretson Captain Danforth . i-ajrr " jB? :i I HHJMJ N MHHlMk. MbftidMMHMHll [ A I A 1 A I A I A I A I A .y—1: r l -i- ' -i s 5 « ?K Rt CR w p ■ 2r ? tJ-M-M-t-l-fl-t " Page 398 1 V y-l-V-l-V-l-V- l -v; . ' " ■ - ► - - ► ► " V; ■? A " e r;; : : " . ' ■ ■ ,v-l-v-l-v- l -v-l-vY THIRD FIELD ARTILLERY Battery " A " OFFICERS Captain W. W. Hundley First Lieutenant J. S. Chick Second Lieutenant F. R. Campbell (rv3 UNASSIGNED JUNIORS Captain Hundley Sue Brooks -A I A I A I A I A I A I A r- i -T- ' -T- ' -T- ' -T- ' -I • ' •! WW V s- k A I A I A I A I A I A I A Page 399 Vv-l-v.|.v. | .v. | .v: , .V " ■ ' ' V: •2 H • ' " . ' . , ' ;v-l-vlv-l-v- l -v We are writing this as the 1929 Sooner is ready for press. We have harbored a secret ambition to avoid stereotyped ideas, themes and general annual content — in simple language, we have tried to be dififerent. If we have succeeded or failed is a question to be answered by you, for whom we have built this annual. The management appreciates the co-operative spirit of stafif members and journalism students. With their help and interest we have managed to edit this Sooner. Further discourse is useless, anyway we ' re tired, final examinations are near, we ' ve used up all the midnight oil working in the Sooner office, which necessitates the purchase of a new supply for our farewell " battle of the books. " These are the facts, here is the Song of the Swan: When your Sooner ' s dusty, And your brain is rusty. You ' ll have a memory or two. If you like or don ' t like this staff of ours, We think the same of you Finis (FLUNKO, FLUNKERE, FACULTY, FIXUM- ■ Virgil.) ,[ A I A I A I A 1 A I A 1 A m I I - I T I ■ --i- g " - Page 400 WW X TTTK - - 2 ? k I BlUKDJEIVBUST m m .:!i .;..( ►■; I « H¥ J;- ..I % .,. _.. .■.. .L l ip.., _,((- |.,,f.,«_|...fl,M,,v— «--■■•--.•-.-.■-..-■.••--;;;!».• ' " :; p4 X ' y_: .:.„ ' :)L.;jf..jr„L.i.,a...._-.- ,, .. -f :...: Oh? Uli mi l l ll lM llllBIH I II I IIIIIIIIIIIII I IIIIIIIII M III I III I ' , ' - " ' ' :::;f; ' :L KMHiMimnia -n . i:r::r;:r- . ir y " ' lUlJ - ' - - V ' - " " ■■i C " ' " " ) -■-iZ-i ' Ti. " -■■ " ■ ' :::rrrr!::!t!i ±3::z TIi . Song of tli Swan VV c ail.- v " i ititJ,!;; Uu as tin.; i929 booiier is ready for press. We havt ' harbrired a. secret ambition to avoid stereotyped idc;is, themes aud .i annual content — in simpk- hinguiigi :ive tried If we have succeericti v ailed is ;. question to be u, for whom we have built this annnil The management appre iateF tl iicrativi uff Tonibers i nd journalism students, With their heip and interest we have managed to edit this Sooner. Further discourse is useless, anyway we ' re tired, final examinations are near, we ' ve used up all the midnight oil working in the Sooner office, which necessitates the purchase of a new supply for our farewell " battle of the books. " These are the facts, here is the Song of the Swan: Wh L ;. ,..., ' ,, J ...-,;.. , ' ., iltl S ty, And yotir hrain is rusty, You ' ll have u memory or two. If yon like or don ' t like thv We think the same of you Fints ' ' of -urs. (FLUNKO,, FLUiNKERK, FACULTY, FIXUM Virojl.) TguauaaKuia h iv: ' .;JTj;:jAj4j, i4 JllllilllllllllllllillllllilllllillllSillllll • • » ■ ' I i sYiy-i-;-i-v-i-;: , v " ' ... .. -. j J i - ■ c ' " r . r v-i-vlvlvlY f ■2 REGENTS ABOLISH THE PADDLE And it came to pass that all violence disappeared from the land, for the Almighty had spoken. From thence on out it would be an iniquity to wield the lead pipe, the sling shot, or the paddle on the un- initiated. But lol There came to the wilderness a prophet, and he spake, saying, " As surely as the Theta grow in their conceit, there will be a day of reckoning for this deceit. The Almighty will not be blind for always. " Thus it is chronicled that hazing became lost to the land — gone forever and forever as a relic of the past ages. ALPHA CHI OMEGA Founded: By a bunch of Kress girls at a gum- chewing orgy. Motto: " A boy on the neck is worth two in the college shop. " A bunch of would-be females who leave their shades up for the benefit of the Phi Delts and Phi Gammas. Phi Delts are near-sighted and the Figis are color-blind. (For details see Bill Walner.) Used to have a few hot numbers but the best they can do now is Ebe Mahoney, who tries to be a cross between Greta Garbo and Dolores Del Rio. But- terball Snell has also done some good along social lines. SIGMA CHI (Spoiled Cheese) Founded at Miami during DeMolay conference. Motto: At this sign speak-easy. Ambition: To regain former prestige of Alpha chapter. Consists of a bunch of half-baked non-initles, who can ' t even pledge their own brothers. Pledges are all young and dumb. High lights are " Poker Face " Black, " Rip " Pants Shaler, and " Admiral " Wilson, who used to be wild, but was tamed by a Kappa. The Chapter has tried to turn social or athletic, it doesn ' t matter which, mostly through the efforts of Hugh Cunningham. They have arranged a " necking nook " in the back yard, which will never be used except by Thetas. (pd. Adv.) Members all realize the terrible state of their order and consequently drown their sorrows and hence they do turn out a good drinker — now and then. KAPPA SIG BRIDGE CHAMPS In one of the most exciting bridge tourneys ever held on the campus the Kappa Sigma fraternity emerged victorious, a feature of the finals was the cheering section for the Kappa Sigs, who were dressed in pink teddies and enthusiastically waved orchid handkerchiefs. Crider led off the play with a sharp no trump and was aided by Hippo Howell who took his part- ner out in trumps. The opponents came back with a fast spade to the head and Crider winced. But finally with one mighty prod he pinned the oppo- nents to the sod with a fifth ace of spades and won the battle around the right flank. The outstanding part of the tourney was the tricky costumes worn by the winning team. Cute little tulle dresses with green trimming and turned down flesh hose. The decorations were corsets of the Kappa Sig colors hanging hither and yon on the wall, so you see, dear readers, that the dear boys couldn ' t help but win. ENGINEERS v. LAWYERS (Sooner Court of Justice 1929) Action : Assault, battery, trespass vi et armis, and general rough house. Facts: Ten thousand engineers picked up their spears to fight one poor sick lawyer. The horde of bloodthirsty invaders during the wee hours of the night when most of the campus sleeps, placed a green flag on the flag pole in front of the law building. The sanctity of the premises had been violated, and one freshman lawyer scamp- ered up the pole, which has been unduly smeared with grease, and with cool head and warm heart tore the flag to pieces, closely resembling shredded wheat. The crowd cheered, and the engineers blushing with shame, cast eggs at the brave lawyer, who was undaunted by the barrage of hen fruit. The next move was to shake the lavi yer from his roost, by means of shaking the pole, but to no avail. Dang- ling there in the sunlight the lawyer was invincible. Held for the Defendants (lawyers). Rule of law: " I ' d climb the highest mountain, if I knew that when I climbed that mountain, I ' d find an engineer ' s flag. P A|A1A|A|A|A|A r- ' -i- i -r i -i 5SS gS Al Al Al AF X M ir Page 401 Vy-I-v-I-v-I-v v rr r.v- -v- -v. . -P ' ' ♦ i Paffe 402 Vv- l -v-l-v-l-v- l -v. ,«■ . ' ■■ ■ ' ■ • - " V: ■a , ' • ■ ' ■ ' . . , v-l-v-l-v- l -v-l-yy JOHN PEARSON AFTER BETA HOUSE IS PAH) FOR— AN EXTERIOR VIEW OF THE MAGNIFICENT LIVING ROOM THE PHI GAM — KAPPA ALPHA BASKETBALL GAME The Kappa Alpha southern quartet overwhelmed the Phi Gam basketball 11 last night by the close score of 14-15, after being extended to 15 extra rest periods to give the lucky strikers and fatima boys enough time out to finish the game. The game was fast from the very start, and kept the crowd in an uproar during the entire fracas. As many as seven spectators were in the gymnasium at one time. Little Eddie Side Bursts, Kappa Alpha fonvard, brought the crowd to its feet when he ran the full length of the court without stopping once. Ferguson also made a nice run, but the play didn ' t count, for the referee had already blown his whistle for tea. With the score knotted in the last quarter with only four more time-outs to go, Eddie grabbed the ball from the tip — poised gracefully for a moment while he scratched his head, closed his eyes and made a beautiful shot that went clear over the back board. However it was the nearest any player had come to making a goal all evening so the referee counted the goal. 2r y ■ M.!.|.M.M.M.M.1 Z- - w y 1 • ' • 1 • ' • i H - ■l. - ■l.l.u.U■l■ ' ■l■ x Page 403 I V -1-V- I -V-I-V- I -V ; , . . ' ■ ' : " vr -a H :g- r; ; g Ii f ' ■ ' . ' . ,(; V- l -V-l-V l:- SIGMA NU (Simplifies Nothing) Managed by George Bass (Oklahoma City). Founded in a military school by a bunch of cor- porals and busted captains. Managed locally by active members of Tri Chi. Sigma Nu has a broad expanse of chapters cover- ing every state in the union, with a powerful strong- hold in junior colleges. Ritchie, Bass, Levering, and Rapp bear the five- armed badge in the social field, having set an envi- able record for getting their women. Outstanding Alembers: Tom Churchill, 50 let- ter man. Song: " Drink to me only with thine eyes. " Badge: Green-eyed D. T. snake draped on five- pointed star. P. S. Sigma Nu wishes to make a public apology for supplying Oklahoma ' s only bald-headed editor. P. S. Sigma Nu and A. T. O. form the famous V. M. I. duet. With the organization of these fra- ternities, the administration of the Military Insti- tute saw fit to banish all fraternities from the cam- pus. Oklahoma is considering the same move. KAPPA ALPHA THETA Motto: " Reach for a Theta instead of a sweet. " Kappa Alpha Theta was founded for no reason at all, by a bunch of co-eds, who didn ' t make Phi Mu or Alpha Omicron Pi. However, the local chapter has done many remarkable things on the campus. They had the highest scholarship average this year due to an enormous cellar gang that didn ' t get around and were therefore naturally studiously inclined. This sorority also boasts of many prominent ac- tresses. In fact the Fine Arts department could not get along without comedy leads, which have been furnished repeatedly by this order of comics. The chapter ' s place in the sun is attributed to the weight carried by the members — per capita avoirdu- pois (French) being 180 pounds a co-ed. Most lovable giris in the chapter are Laura Mo- ran, little Alice Mae Kiss-tier, Jane Piper, and Marjorie Bore-us. The nearest the Thetas ever came to equalling the Kappas was when they built their barn across from the envied wearers of the key. CHI OMEGA Founded : In Peoria at a girls ' reformatory. Motto: " Don ' t kiss with a Cold. " Ambition : To be a sorority. Order consists mostly of country girls who used to be pure as snow, etc. Live in a mansion out at the edge of town to aid their courting. Boasts Virginia Nelson, the prominent journalist, who was fortunate enough to hook a Pi K. A. Are usually dated at the last minute by boys who can ' t get dates elsewhere. S. A. E. Founded at Malaria Crossing, Mississippi, by a crew of shell-shocked civil war deserters who had nothing better to do and were bordering on melan- cholia. The identity of the order was temporarily lost during the guerrilla warfare that raged in the south at that time, but after the smoke had cleared away the whole gang assumed the name of S. A. E. (Such Awful Eggs), and laughingly called them- selves a fraternity. Motto: Bacchus and the Bull. Ambition : None. This year ' s chapter is characterized by a mob of would-be social men, two athletes, and a pseudo bridge player who answers (correctly, we hope) to the name of Fisher Aimless. Their Bowery Dance, a typical Sig Alph affair, would have been a credit to any town over 453 population and the list of at- tendees was not published unril the Disciplinary Comm. had met. It was rumored that some of the brothers didn ' t know that there was a dance until they saw the notice in the Daily. Famous for the chili which they serve Mon., Tues., Weds., Thurs., Fri., and Sat., the menu changing on Sunday to sandwiches and dates (not the edible species of the latter) . Social standing is horizontal at present and is getting no better fast. Are opposed to a chapter at Stillwater as they real- ized this would only be adding injury to insult and that It ' s all they can do to support one chapter in Oklahoma. B. M. O. C. Fisher Ames, Warren (get rich quick) Kice, Rex Kimes Holdem, Bill (half pint) Goldsun Oi Goldsun N. C. b ' gosh. Members of the cellar crew are Fisher Ames, Warren Kice, Rex Holdem, and Bill Goldsun Of Goldsun N. C. b ' gosh. 2r . ' M.!.|.M.M.M.A. " X Page 404 S f " ' —zi p.i.i. i .t.i.iuu . ; I KV-I-V- I -V-I-V- I -V ; ■ ■ . . ' ' £ ■a := ■ iS •■ ' ■ . ■ ,.!; v-l-v -I- v-l-v- l -vX STUDENT COUNCIL MEETING Scene — Law Structuree. Time — Lots of It (apologies to Elinor Glynn) Characters — Ads and antis. Shelton: Call the roll by proxies. Ballard: Lottinville, " here. " Shelton: Scratch him off the roll, he ' s present, and can ' t vote. Lottinville: " Hell, I can ' t. I ' ll vote, or write an editorial that ' ll expose you to public ridicule, con- tempt, scorn, hatred, malice, shame and the measles. Shelton : Pipe down, little Samson — you can ' t run this council — It won ' t tolerate any railroadin ' policies. Scratch his name off, Ballard. Ballard: I object, your honor. Shelton: We can ' t have any objectionable charac- ters on this council, so stop the chatter or resign. Dickason : You ' re right Bob. This school has got to be run fairly. Turn-bull: I rise to the point of order. This coun- cil is being run in an assinine fashion. Bob Price never acted like Shelton. He was fair and square, as are all my confederates. Stuffed ballots were unknown, proxies were the bunk, and now to think that we have been plunged from the height of exaltation, to the brink of dispair. Oh ! Allah ! Preserve my confederacy from these evil spirits. y — . I- I i- I M- I -I- I -I- I -I- I :: t Shelton: Can the oratory Turnbull, you ' re making a Munson out of yourself. Say Ballard, put this motion on the books : I move and second and pass unanimously that Dickason, myself and Shelton be appointed to run the school, when Munson takes the chair. Ballard: I object. Shelton: Motion passes. (Western Union messenger boy enters) Telegram from Major Parker says he wants his money for band uniforms or he ' ll sue your bunch of flatheads. Shelton (triumphantly) : Here, Munson, take the damn gavel — my time ' s up. Curtain KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Founded : In Ardmore during a traveling men ' s convention. Motto: " A smile is never wasted. " Ambition: To pledge four out of five. Consists of big fishes from little ponds. Social climbers and would-be daters. Has the largest cel- lar gang on the campus. Pledges are required to memorize verbatim " Fascinating Womanhood " for initiation. Weekly lectures are read on " How to get the man of your choice and hold him, " by Louise Whatley and Mildred Maxey. Famous for Eleese Wilbor, the all ' round girl ; Boo Long, the love ' em and get left type; and Louise Schaff, the baby talk lady from Tulsa. Pledged Gene Emerick so as to have a wild gal from Texas to help out social status. Dorothy Ostenberg, the campus broadcaster, and El- genia Moore, the local tank, also wear the key, which, by the way, comes with all ten-cent cans of sardines. ' fW i • ' • 1 - I - I • ! • i 2r 9 AIA|A[A|A|A|A Page 405 Vv-l-v-l-v-l-v-l-v Vr : As ■a » ( ; v-i-v-i-v-i-vi BEER FOUND IN BETA THETA PI BASEMENT Members Say It Was Merely Passover Wine Several bottles of liquid content were found in the Beta basement by members of the discipline committee, late Friday night. Members swear that the bottles contained Pass- over wine, used primarily for initiation, but faculty members declared that it looked more like pass-out beer. Oklahoma Daily reporters were first to get the story, being on hand two days before the discipline committee reached the scene of disturbance. It was rumored that if the investigation committee had been an hour later in arriving, that the cupboard would have been bare. President Pearson said he knew nothing of the af- fair, much to the chagrin of all, who regretted that he was in that state at the time of the discovery. Seventeen honorary organizations have scheduled meetings to be held in the Beta basement during the coming week. ALPHA TAU OMEGA Founded : After a beer bust. Motto: What ' ll we do when Drake leaves school. Ambition : To dr ink the K. A. ' s down. The boys built a " bee-oot-iful mansion " across from the field house for the convenience of Brother Bruce Drake. Then, too, those musically inclined can toot their horns without the neighbors raising hell. The house can hardly be seen for the bottles which have been nonchalantly thrown out the win- dows by the inhabitants. At present the chapter is divided into the " Wets " and Athletes, the " Wets " are in the far greater majority, holding meetings any night with Brother Carl Buerbaum officiating, assisted by the beautiful blonde trom- bone player, who looks the age of innocence but should have reached the age of desecration. Bud Gillum, the perennial fashion plate, famous for long hikes and moonlight picnics, left the chap- ter this year on a flood — of " Tears. " PI BETA PHI (LAHOMA BRANCH) Founded at Sing Sing. Motto — • Not a hope in a car load. Ambition — To move to Norman. Pi Phi has been on the campus several years. No one knows how long, because the girls are not im- portant enough and have not cut enough ice in cam- pus social circles. The girls won a queenship this year ($500.00). They also hope to get two or three men on the Football Team in 1930. It is rumored that three of their girls were in the College Shop early in the year, but this rumor cannot be verified. Margaret Thurman, Cleta Emenhiser and Blondie Monroe are Pi Phis, but both the girls and the sorority are sorry about this. Used to be rivals of Kappa and Theta, but after having had the slats bumped out of them gave up in despair. PROMINENT PEDAGOGUES PURVEY PERSONAL PREFERENCES UPON PERSIMMON PIE Have you ever et any persimmon pie? If you hav ' nt just list to what our reporter found out about what the teachers think about it as a health- ful food and life-saving tonic — such as Cardiac. Dean Meacham said, " Persimmon pie is the apple of my eye, I could not live without it. ,No v take your fool story and get out of here. " Miss Grace Ray, instructor in journalism, said, " With view to the question I can not see that it has anything to do with the ethics of journalism. " Dr. Ross said, " Oh, what the hell! " Prof. Gittinger said, " It is the one blight on hu- manity and the sooner persimmon pie is struck from the menus of America then, and then only, can we ever hope for a better Norman. " Dean Monnett, of the Geology school, said, when asked if he likes persimmon pie, " W — Who cares about that? " The President said, " Only by eating persimmon pie can we ever realize a better University. It should be eaten morning, noon, and night by every student who expects to double up in his work. That is the only way we can improve the school — unless we get the next appropriation t hrough the legislature. " W-A I A 1 A T t- l -M-M-t g [ Paffe 406 w y A[ A| A| A|: 2 I •1 1 1 I ? ■ J ■ 1 TU . Xv-l-v- l -v-l-v. | .v;),vrv " ' S. : ' ■ ' .V . ,r, v- l -v-l-v-l-v- i -vY CAMPUS Vera Shidler having breakfast in the College Shop consisting of MUSH-rooms and fried HAM. — James Batchelor telling another BUM joke with nobody listening — Frank Chilson waving a cane and looking funny that way — Seldom Chick wearing an army uniform on Friday — Vera Shidler having a coke with a Phi Gam and wearing an expression " What price Glory. " Dean Pine and Dot Cansler walking down the street (it ' s hard to see Dean, ' cause Dot ' s taking up all the sidewalk). Clancy Warren wearing knick- ers and looking worse than Iron Singletary would in rompers. Vera Shidler editing the Society col- umn of the Deadly and acting pseudo important. Beth Campbell talking about the Y. W. C. A. work and about everything else of no importance. Vivien Milburn leading George down the street by one ear, and cussing him out for staying out all night. Vera Shidler making a 3 o ' clock at a Gamma Phi Beta Trot. Savoie Lottinville writing " Type Enough " to make anyone dizzy for a year. Ed Mills trying to be humorous in his " Hear and There " column. — Rain — Snow — Sunshine — Wind — Blue Friday — Slickers — Six weeks ' quizzes — more snow — too much rain and too much Shidler — that was the Campus Friday. ST. PAT ' S The Engineers queen has been kidnapped! Sev- eral drunken lawyers asked Miss Marion Harrison who was elected queen, Tulsa, last Tuesday, Kappa Kappa Gamma, by a big majority and prominent campus beauty, over all other opponents, if she would go on a jaunt to Enid. The shy miss un- suspecting aught of danger was quickly taken to Enid and there held. The panic stricken Engineers who were left hold- ing the sack raced frantically to Enid in a frantic effort to recover their frantic-stricken queen. They were unfortunately successful and manag- ed to get her back to Norman in time for her next class. The president of the Engineers when inter- viewed, said, " Ow do de ow dow. " • • 2 LOVE By Ripe Olive Spider. Love, bitter, sweet, but oh so bittah. Thrills me, sends my heart a twittah. Period, semi-colon, dash, two commas. Love and life, a bittah drama. Love — aw ! Like the batting of an eye ; Mushy, gushy, like a chocolate pie. Makes you laugh, again it makes you cry. A poetress I am not, but Gawd I try. TWO TRIOLETS By Marjorie Borus. My love has left me flat On me he sat With a tilt of his hat Called me a cat. And left me flat. My love has returned He ' ll go again — heart burns Life ' s cruel curves, and turns My love has left me flat. And so ' s my head — oh rats. i-l-fl-M-M-M-!-l- ' f J ij- — T ? A I A I A I A ' PM= a: u Page 407 Vv- l -v- l -v-l-v- l -v f T: l - " f: ■3 - V ' . . ; V-l-V- | -V- |rV-:t:V7 f JUST A SMALL PORTION OF KAPPA SIG CHAPTER AT THEIR DANCE Scene — The Sooner Office. Time — Ready for Press. Characters- — -A. O. Pies (lemon). The curtain rises with the staff busily engaged in getting out a yearbook. Typewriters hum merrily — the desks are filled with advertising contracts (like h--l) — everything is rosy. When all of a sudden the office is attacked by two lovable, adorable, Alpha Omicron (lemon) Pies. And now to get into the play. First Pie: Say, where ' s the editor of this nefarious Yearbook? Business Manager: There he is over at that beautiful mahogany desk. The gentleman with a scarce supply of hair on his dome, he ' s the boy. Editor: How do you do. What seems to be the trouble? Second Pie: Trouble? I ' ll make you think trouble. If you get fresh with me, I ' ll snatch you ball- headed. Editor (trembling, after noting the size of the Pies.): Ple-e-z-e. Don ' t be harsh! Tell me what is wrong. First Pie: We understand that our sorority is not represented in your blankety, blank, blank (we were forced to use Greek words, the English sounds awful) beauty section. I ' ll have you know that we are the leading sorority on this campus, and we demand a full page of recognition in your Sooner. Second Pie: Yes, and if you don ' t give us a full page we ' ll report you to our National president, and she ' ll have you arrested. Editor (completely subdued) : Forgive the rank injustice. We will remedy the mistake immediately. Curtain on the first act. (Second Act. Two Months Later) The yearbook is now out. The editor and busmess manager are resting beneath the sod. Their consciences are clear. The A. O. Pies have received what they ask for — this page in the Sooner. , i V .[.M.|.l!. | .M.U A 1 • ' • 1 • ' • 1 :( Page 408 ' fyp ' w 2r s- - ■ K tn- l -fl-M-f zS R K ;. | .;. | .y. | .y. | .y ; , . , « , ' - - ■ 4 -a A V ' . . ;V- l -V-l-V-l- -Hv7 f Brown - Dunkin The Dominent Retail Institution in Tulsa Main ' ' at Fourth— Dial 2-7101 To O. U. Students A Cordial Invitation Make Brown-Dunkin ' s your headquarters in Tulsa. Meet your friends here. Have luncheon on the Mez- zanine. Let Peggy Gray shop for you when you cannot come yourself. What do YOU look for when buying jewelry? Quality and Beauty " Those Who Know Buy From Us ' ' Jewelled Fraternity and Sorority Pins Our Specialty Fine Diamonds — Platinum and White Gold Mountings LETZEISER COMPANY 303-4 Shops Bldg. MANUFACTURING JEWELERS Established 1909 OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. m A I A I A I A I A I A i- i -i- ' -T-i-r ' ' Uh ■ 2 ' 9 W " • .-4UJ4i- CT Page 409 VvW-l-v-l-v- l -v: . ' ■ ' . " " • A " . ' ■ , ; v-i-v-i-s Hvi . CAMPBELUS PHARMACY ISHES to con- vey to the Stu- dents of the University of Oklahoma its sincere w ishes for their happiness, prosperi- ty and for their speedy and successful accom- pHshment of their under- takings in the future. 222 E. Main Phone 187 11 LINDSAY ' S DRUG STORE THE wants of Soon- er Students have alw ays received careful attention at Lindsay ' s. Your patron- age and friendship are very much appreciated here, and we shall al- ways strive to make the patronage you favor us with an advantage to you. " Get it at Lindsay ' s " 6 E. Main Phone 362 Mildred Maxey on her way to an eight o ' clock. The Finest in PORTRAITS RUSSELL SMITHS ' STUDIO Formerly Ireland ' s Norman - 2r I (? L A I A 1 A 1 A y=¥ • • ■ . ■ ' - ' - 3 I • ' • 1 • ' • 1 • ' • 1 - Page 410 -j u v- i - v- i - j-1- i-l- it 1 V v- l -vlv-l-v+v a ,«,«. ' m xrx ■ . ' ■ , ' ;v-i-v- l -v- i -v. | .v V Copies of Individual Photographs in this Book may be obtained at — WILSON STUDIO " Special Rates to Students " Phone 1561 2031 E. Main Norman, Oklahoma COMPLIMENTS OF Thompson Costume Co. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Equity Bldg. Noble (Hook) Hood — D, U.— T. N. E. Billy Graggs One of the traditions on the campus — has been here twenty or thirty years vainly trying to catch up on his neck. Never drinks or smokes. Janus the Dodson Twins — Kappa Sig — T. K. N. It ' s hard to believe these cute boys are leaving. They court consistently at the Gamma Phi house and run around puzzling people the rest of the time. Pat McMurrey— K. A. T. Purity club— Ball and Chain Queen of the campus ever since she enrolled. — Quite a social belle until she stumbled onto a big blond papa. — Now going out for grades and Y. W. work. A Show Place of the southwest is what they say of the Kettle. Unique in design, with wall decorations that are famous for their beauty and originality. This makes an ideal place to drop in with your friends for a meal. (rk9 The Copper Kettle PROMPTNESS : COURTESY COMFORT At such reasonable rates as to surprise our customers 300 For years we have rendered to the Stu- dent Body and to the citizens of Norman the best there is to be had in SERVICE. P. S. TAXI and Baggage Phones 300 Phones 300 p A lA I A 1 A ipjszj: g: P - ? Al l - M !■ ! 1 A ' • ' ' l-i-T-i-T ' t T-i-T- i -i Page 41t Vv- l -v- l -v-l-v- i -v. . . . . ' ' ■ V: -a ■ ' . . ' ■ .(; v-l-v-l-v- l -v-l-v UNIVERSITY CLEANERS MEYER MEYER " Lifetime Furniture " " Norman ' s Nicest Funeral Home " PHONE 48 Clark Cleaning Co. KAPPA KEY IN KOOLER An example of the iron discipline of the law was shown last Saturday morning when Boo Long and Paul Mays got drunk and swapped pins. Much to their chagrin Paul was thrown in jail wearing Boo ' s pin. Why wasn ' t Boo thrown in? Don ' t ask us. The police judge in Oklahoma City, when inter- viewed said " Yea, I ' m for nickel beer and free love personally but ya see justice has gotta be handed outten this court. " " Al the Door of Soonerland " Norman s Smartest Store FOR Oklahoma s Smartest Co-ed ' s Cv-kID ■-i«oap " enrvinine •Appapel Norman, Okla. m I - I - 1 ! Ai MA ITTT t - I - 1 - I - 1 - I - 1 -1- 1 • • • - (3 S -x( Paffe 412 WW - - 2 ' s- -; ■ tit-H- l -fl-fl ' l k P. V y ■ [ . V - I - y -I- V -I- ;; , , « , «; ■ " " . ■ ■ :viv- l -v-l-v-l-vy The Sooner and University Theatres NORMAN, OKLAHOMA t-l-i-l-tn-l-t- l -M-t S: :: GRIFFITH CHAIN THEATRES rn OPPERATING THE Pi H. N. BRITTEN Managing Director E TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO EX- TEND TO THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA OUR APPRECIATION OF THE PATRONAGE THEY HAVE GIVEN OUR THEATRES. AND IN KEEPING WITH THE GROWTH OF THE UNIVERSITY, AND THE DESIRES OF THE STUDENTS, WE NOW OFFER YOU ONE OF THE BEST PLAY-HOUSES IN THE SOUTHWEST. IT IS COMPLETE IN EVERY DETAIL, INCLUDING WESTERN ELEC- TRIC SOUND DEVICE, VITAPHONE AND MOVIETONE, AND CAN VERY FAVOR- ABLY BE COMPARED WITH ANY METRO- POLITAN THEATRE. 2 D c k AI A|A | A [ AIA| A =[=H Page 413 X yiv- i -Y-i-YlY S is « • ■ » ■ - • •V r ■2 ■ c ' ; V-l-VlV-I.NHvT f To All Sooners Here ' s an expression of appreciation of your patronage. When visiting your alma mater, visit us too. BAM BAM SHOP " Gifts of Distinction " W. F. SCHMOLDT GERTRUDE C. SCHMOLDT COLLEGE BARBER and BEAUTY SHOP ARTHUR GRAY, Prop. College Shop Bldg. Phone 1362 The Security National Bank NORMAN, OKLA. Diversified Investment of Resources Backed by directors whose combined financial worth exceeds $5,000,000.00. Consult with us on any of your financial problems. Capital and Surplus $75,000.00 Resources over $1,250,000.00 SAFETY FIRST SERVICE ALWAYS Dance Programs ej Many distinctive styles are in- cluded in our samples, made of Leather, Sheepskin, Pyralin, Ivory, Wood, and Paper. Special attention is given to mail orders from Clubs and Fraternities over the state. Write us and our representative will call. PEERLESS PRINTING CO. Printing, Engraving, Embossing NORMAN, OKLAHOMA Frank Weimer— K. A. Purity Club— Ball and Chain Another McAlester student who made good. Was in love with a Theta but was thrown over and put his pin on a Kappa. Baby Face will leave us this spring to the relief of the Kappa ' s and the K. A. ' s. Wood Rigsby— Phi Gamma Delta— Billy Graggs Famous FiGi who has been on the campus longer than the Ad building. He has a basketball mus- tashe. He is not really a senior but we hope he takes the hint. Mary Eliz Filson — Delta Gamma Purity League — Ball and Chain. Most famous Delta Gamma, nationally or oth- erwise. Only girl they ever bumped any other sor- ority on. The girl who roped the Phi Delts for her chapter. A 1 AIA lA rXTX T Page 414 W IP AlAIAIAjAIAI Vv-l-v- l -v-l-v- l -v. , . . ■ ■■ ' " ■■ ■2 Natural ease in lines and perfection in details are the distinguished features of Rothschild ' s apparel and accessories -: NORMAN :- OKLAHOMA CITY ' ■ ' V ' .vr, v-l-v-l-v- | .v. | .vY Eloise Wilber— K. K. G.— F. A. G.— S. A. P. Ball and Chain Tried her best to get over for four years, and best she could do was hook a Kappa Sig — thus showing up that order for dear old Blue and Blue. Tried to be a politician but figure was against her. Henry Gripping — Phi Kappa Psi — Mokus — Jehovah club — Zeta Bigma. Well known boy from Texas — used to be answer to a co-ed ' s prayer until stopped by a Theta. One of the reasons the P. K. P. boys " think " they are the hot stufif. Virginia Nelson — Chi Oh; Ball and Chain Saught popularity for four years and ended with a Pi K. A. pin. Well known journalist. Will prob- ably end up as society editor of a tabloid Whiz Bang. TRUBY STUDIO Everything in Photography Picture Framing, Kodaks, Films The Gift Shop of Norman, Oklahoma M.M.M.!U. | .M. F ; p r- i -r- i - i-Ki-i-i-i-r- i -T 2 A [ A I A I A 1 A I A I A Page 415 Vv- l -v- l -v-l-v- l -v: . ' . " ■ ' £ ■ ' . ' .■, . ,v- i -v-i-v i±£ I ■ Where the Wheat Grows and I Where the | Oil Flows I ENID, The City of Per The citizens of f nid take pride in calling their home, " The City Beauti- ful, " and one visit to this place will convince the most reluctant that they have a right to do this. Not only is Enid noted for its natural beauty, but its homes compare favorably with the most exclusive section of any metropolis. Beautiful parks and gardens are scattered through- out the city, which certainly makes it a very attractive place in which to live. Enid is located in what Roger Babson termed the most prosperous sec- THE MOTORIST CAN DEPEND ON CHAMP- LIN PRODUCTS, FOR THIS ORGANIZATION IS SINCERE IN ITS EF- FORTS TO MAINTAIN UNIFORM HIGH QUALITY The Champlin Refining Company ENID, OKLAHOMA THE Baker Hotel is one of Enid ' s leading hotels and indeed, typifies the spirit of modernism that pre- vails in this enterprising city. So the citizens of Enid are not only proud of their city but also of the Baker Hotel. r THE Rochester Handkerchief Manufacturing Company rep- resents the largest exclusive manu- facturer of its kind in the world. 60,000 of their beautiful gifts are sold each year through exclusive shops in the state and nation. The Bam Bam Gift Shop of Norman supplies the Sooner students with these fine gifts. (? m A 1 A t A I A -jrrx I - I - 1 -I- 1 -I- 1 -I- 1 - I - 1 - I - . S? Paffe 416 fltljltl ltl! Kv- l -v-l-v. | .v. | .v;),vvv ■ ' - v; : i Ar = VV ' .V : v- l -v-l-v- l -v-l-vX OKLA petual Prosperity tion of the United States. In fact, Enid is the center of this desirable locah ' ty. Oil added to the wealth of Enid. So in keeping with the progress of this city, in 1917 there was built an oil refinery by H. H. Champlin, which is today the largest independent refinery in the United States. Shortly after was built the Bolene Refinery, owned and operated by T. T. Eason, who lives in the city. These two refineries alone employ ICOO persons and do an annual business of $30,000,000. Where the Wheat Grows and Where the Oil Flows I ' i BOLENE REFINING CO. PETROLEUM PRODUCTS C. ' g=vo ENID, OKLAHOMA When in ENID STOP AT THE BAKER HOTEL The Home of the Commercial Traveler ENID WOODWARD What could be more appropriate for any gift than a beautiful Rochester Hand-made Handker- chief or Scarf ! THE ROCHESTER CO., Inc. The Largest Manufacturer of Gift Handkerchiefs in the World ' A|AIA1A|A|A|A I • ' • i • ' • 1 Tfe wyy 2r ? A | Al A l A| A I A 1 • ' • i • ! • 1 -; zS 5=-X. Page 417 XV- I -Y- I -V- I -V- I -V ;), ■ . ' • - £ ■7) - , ( ' ; v.|.v.|.v.|.VtV7 ( 305 305 Perhaps that person whose clothes you ' ve gazed at in open admiration is a patron of our dry cleaning service. 305 Telephones 305 JACK BOWERS The Dean of O. U. Cleaners ' 305 305 It is with pleasure that we welcome all Sooners to Norman. And we extend to you an invitation to take advantage of the superior service this bank offers. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Oldest " Strongest Chickasaw Lumber Co. OF NORMAN Congratulates the departing Seniors. We hope that your departure to fields of more active business and profess- ional experience be only the beginning of a successful ca- reer. Virginia Ballard— Tri Delt.— S. A. P. Country Club Claims Muskogee as ' her home town but really came from the sticks. Famous politician and what not. Lives in Norman where she holds open house for her sisters who are lucky enough to rope in late dates. Sam Clammer— Phi Delt — Billy Graggs— Ball and Chain — Beta Lambda Delta — T. N. E. — Block and drop club — Big mass of steel and corruption from Colo. Tried to be an athlete but turned social. Famous drinker and society bud. Commutes between Tulsa and Norman where he lost his pin in a Christmas debautch. .y=p A I A I A I A I A I A T Page 418 =F H " " { Tg • 2r (? d W- " ' , j4 TiTn [ y- i -y- i -v-I-y- i -v c i ' , V . r " ■ ; • r attire for gentlewomen significant in its simplicity — yet always refreshing in its originality — is the apparel one chooses from. KAPPA EPSILON GOES NATIONAL AFTER 12 YEARS Members of Kappa Epsilon fraternity, who were still alive were initiated into a national fraternity Friday, after waiting patiently for 12 years. Several of the initiated men had to be carried in on stretchers due to their old age. The pledges, al- tho considerably younger, also had to be carried in, and finally carried out. The fraternity men all caught colds the following morning and future fraternity meetings will be held in the infirmary. Nurses at the state hospital have issued warnings to campus notables, who go without coats to show ofl their Greek pins. ■ " VV ' .V ; v- l -v-l-v- l -vivV We Specialize in smart and Timely Apparel for the co-ed. 50A West Main Oklahoma City y kWWWWWW 5 S:3 (5 c +=P=F I - I - 1 k A I A I A I A 1 A 1 A I A 4= Fage 419 Vy.|.v.|-v-i-v-i-v, . . . ■ ■ ■■ ' - ' !: ' a r H A RT Beautifully fashioned, the " Grandeur " conforms to the trend which modern adornment is talking and )Jet is different enough to be distinctive ...a HvArch ' H.arrow Heel Shoe . . .We introduce it as our latest creation. PEACOCK SHOE SHOP 517 South Main Phone 2-9526 TULSA, OKLAHOMA ■■ " . ' . , r.v-l- v-l-v-|.v. | .vY Tulsa ' s Most Exclusive Shop for Women ALWAYS the latest, the most correct for the college miss j CONSTANCE WRIGHT INC. 6 West 5th St. TULSA, OKLA. ■ ] ■ A I A l A I -I ' 1 • ' • 1 Z- : ' ' WB Page 420 ' WW 2 (? Al Al A| A K Vv-l-v- l -v-l-v- l -v; ,V ' " ■ - - - - - nr r r.v- -v- - ' pH Typical College Footwear sport footwear for carefree afternoons on street and campus; evening footwear for proms and receptions; novelty foot- wear for all occasions — you ' ll find exactly what you want at the Booterie. We invite you to see the glorious crea- tions we are showing for spring and sum- mer wear. 119 West Main ' " Booterie WM. O.EARLY Manager Manufacturers of Glass Rings and Fraternity Jewelry (L rs 307-309 So. Main St. TULSA OKLAHOMA Compliments of CDauo !Hotcl ( Florists MAYO HOTEL TULSA OKLAHOMA Pa.I.a.1.auu.|.vl ' r - I - 1 • ! • 1 •■• i V ? A I A I A I A I A I A I A ' - Page 421 yY-i-v- i -v-i-v-i-v ; , ■ . ' ■ ' - - - ► ► " 7i ■ _ " ' . ' . ' ■ ■ :v- l -v-l-v. | -v.|.W SANDERS RONES CO. Oklahoma ' s Leading ManufaBuring Jeweler SMART DIAMOND JEWELRY For All Occasions AGENCY for LONGINES The Observatory Watch Bo§ton at Fifth TULSA, OKLA. Building a Good New aper IT TAKES courage, foresight, energy and vision — and time — to build a newspaper to a position of unchal- lenged leadership in its field. Since 1906, The Tulsa Daily World has risen steadily higher year after year in public esteem and in public service. In these days it takes a spirit of restless energy and youthful enthusiasm and progress to keep the older insti- tutions in the front rank they have won in the past. The leadership of The World in its field is increasing with the years — in circulation, in advertising volume, in service to its public. TULSA DAILY WORLD Oklahoma ' s Greatest Newspaper Page 422 W Tig Ffc S . 2r I s V I KV- I -V- I -V- I -V- I -V; ■ . . ' ■ ' - -S ,: ■ H ' . ■ ■ ' :v- l -v-l-v- l -v-l-vy Compliments of THE Vandever Dry Goods Company - - - - - 2 OF TULSA, OKLAHOMA I I S I -S I I 1 A I •!• I -I- - I - i - I - - I - I - I - i g x gr p ? I - I - I - I - 1 - I - [ - H . . u . m Page 423 v - I - V- l -V-l-V- l -v ;),«.«.«« ■ ■ £ COMPLIMENTS OF The Fir National Bank and Tru Company H ilini!-l-!-l-! J Paffe 424 OF TULSA, OKLAHOMA R. P. Brewer . . . Chairman of the Board R. Otis McClintock ,,, . . . President A. E. Bradshaw . %fe . . Vice-President C. T. Everett .... Vice-President Omer K. Benedict . . . Vice-President B. F. Barnett .... Vice-President Roscoe Adams Cashier J. P. Byrd Assistant Cashier F. L. Alban .... Assistant Cashier E. M. Carter .... Assistant Cashier John M. Winters, Jr. . Assistant Cashier E. W. Pollock Comptroller S S !? i T 1 • ' • 1 T 1 w A I A I A I A I A I A I A ' ] Pi. - ■ •V Vv- l -v- l -v- l -v- l -v ; ,V«.V ' ■ ' 3 y H ■ ■ ' . ' . ' . , .i;v-l-v-l-v- l -v- l -v i ' I. MILLER PRESENTS Crepe Slippers in Colors For the Afternoon What Colors? Any and Every Color ROTHCHiLDS B. M. CO. Oklahoma City, Okla. I. MILLER CO. Tulsa, Okla. CINDERELLA At Cinderella you will find a wide variety of really beautiful summer shoes moderately priced. Cinderella Boot Shop 202 W. Main Oklahoma City, Okla. 408 S. Main Tulsa, Okla. THEME SONG Put the Light in the window, Mothah Let it shine down the winding lane For your sons in O. U. He will come back to you Blind, leaping, insane. Tune: That ' s How I Feel About You, Sweet- heart. (You ' ve lost your gosh darned fiddle.) To be sung tenderly, with much feeling in sottovo voice. r oDdo To those desiring careful designing and distinguished appearance, the mark of Brenner means satisfac- tion. T am now readv to serve you with the n w season ' s most exclusive Woolen Materials. Brenner The Tailor " for the particular man " Philtower Building TULSA, OKLAHOMA -36 " a: A I A I A [ A 11 1 • ' •T- ' -T- ' ' i • ' H ' 2 9 B I - I - y-h ] •!• ] •!• 1 • ! • I -5 k A I A I A I A I A I A I A Page 425 yV• | ■V l V•|•V• | V. ■ ■ . ' As •?) ' J.v- -v- -v -t Ph ( MONEY One of the safest places in Oklahoma to invest your money is with the Home Building and Loan Associ- ation of Tulsa. You have your choice, dividends in cash or credited and compounded at 6% semi- annually. Assets December 31, 1928— $9,535,065.22 New Accounts Are Solicited DIRECTORS L. E. Abbott RoBT. E. Adams Chas. W. Brewer Arthur A. Beard W. O. Buck Albert H. Bell R. F. Garland L. W. Grant H. E. Hanna Arthur Newlin C. R. Richards J. R. Simpson HOME BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION of Tulsa, Oklahoma With malice aforethought and an unquenchable desire to expose the would be celebrities, the bare facts as they are, all evils, vice, corruption, and oth- er violation of the boarding school ' s bondages, we take our pen in hand, — throwing caution to the winds, and soothed and sustained by an unfaulter- ing trust that we will be out of Norman before this book is printed. We willing, cheerfully, aye, gleefully Dedicate this section to the piteous stu- dents who come to school intending to get an edu- cation. E Pluribus Unum. Pax Vobiscum. Fort y Years of Service The American-First National Bank has just rounded out 40 years of faithful service. The only way to judge the future is by the past. The personnel of this bank includes young men, training for leadership in the fu- ture, as well as seasoned officers of long experience. There is every reason to believe that this will continue to be a safe, progressive, forward-looking institution. • Isn ' t that the kind of a bank for you to tie to? tti t AMERICAN-FIRST NATIONAL BANK 1889 1929 IN OKLAHOMA CITY j ' M.A.|.|.|. .|.|.|. j " x Page 426 WJy I , ? ■ ' - - - i M It Vv-l-v- l -v-l-v- l -v. .VVV ' .- - ' I 4 •3 ■ A m This new seven-story, washed-air cooled home now being built at Fifth and Boulder in Tulsa for Hal- liburton-Abbott ' s will be completed early this Fall 1929. Smart O.U. co-eds know Halliburton-Abbott ' s is first in fashion — and that the fashion is accurate and sure. Smart O. U. co-eds know other stores watch and follow Halliburton-Abbott ' s fashion-firsts — its suc- cesses — its fashion leadership. and — smart O. U. co-eds know that this fashion store in Tulsa is building a seven-story home for the future O. U. co-eds — for alumni. Halliburton-Abbott Company Importers and Retailers TULSA Original Paintings Etchings Furniture — Reproductions and Antique Lamps Decorative Art Objects Bronzes Draperies Carpets Beautiful interiors of distinctive charm can be achieved at a surprisingly moderate cost. Write to us or arrange an appointment for consultation in your decorating problems. WETZELL GALLERIES 116 East Fifth Street Tulsa, Oklahoma kH .U. MM U4 i- i -T-i-I ' U - wyy V S A I A I A I A I A I A I r i-hT- i -y-Ki ' - i -TiT- i - i ■ Page 427 v-l-v-l-v- l -v- l -v ; .VVV " " - - ' ■ V: ■ ■ " . . .;. v-l-v-l-v.|.v. | .- Where Students Eventually Come ■a H HUCKIN ' S HOTEL Oklahoma City, Okla. THE BOETTCHER SHOP WE SPECIALIZE IN College Sports Wear Sports and Dress Coats Silk and Jersey Ensembles Dinner and Dance Frocks 112 North Robinson St. OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA ALVIN C KRUPNICK ' S Photographs " Glorify the American Girl " When in Tulsa, be sure to Visit Our Beautiful Studio at the Mayo Hotel WE WILL EXTEND SPECIAL RATES TO " SOONERS " AJ A 1 A I A I A I A I A r-i-T- l -i- i -T-K ? Page 428 W y 2r S- -; ■K.|.M.M.f|.|. I s •z ;- H I YWlYlWv ; r - " — — :-3:: ? F75 5)( fe ... ■ ir r.v. .sr r n rP SKILL, INTEGRITY and RESPONSIBILITY Bailey- Burns Construction Co. 101 EAST COMANCHE STREET NORMAN, OKLAHOMA Local Phone 241 IN TEXAS Long Distance L. D. 9 Bailey, Burns Fitepatrick 602 Mercantile Bank Bldg. DALLAS Yellow Cab Company The BEST IN CAB and BAGGAGE SERVICE 564 PHONE 565 McINTIRE TRANSPORTATON LINES 16 Year ' s Service ) W Ug ' A I A I A I A I A l A l A V ' JmMQ ' AI MAUUU I J ? i- ' -T- ' -i- ' -i - i -i i: X Ki ' r: Lt a y c i - i - 1 - i - 1 - i - 1 -i- 1 - i - : - i - v ; -!■♦ fage 429 yv- l -v- l -v-l-v-l-v. , V VV« — • ' £ •a ' • r.vw- -v- .v. -w Compliments of BARNSDALL " The Oldest Established Plumbing Firm in Oklahoma " M. F. FISCHER SON Plumbing, Heating Contraftors and Engineers NORMAN, OKLA. Phone 73 116 N. Peters We are EDUCATED in All Lines of INSURANCE AND BONDS THE PRATES COMPANY The Philtower TULSA A | AIA[A | A | A|A I - I - I - I - I - I - i T 1 - I - I - I - I G Page 430 ' W 2 rz s- i-KY-K i- l -i- i -T-i- i ' -n A I A I Al Al IIX 1 ' ' KV-I-V- I -V-I-V- I -V ; , ■ . ' ■ I ■ ( h r j ir .v, ' , ;v-l-y-l-v-l- gt - ag It s Worth Drilling For, IVs Worth Saving " - - - The Deepest Well In the World Is Smith Separator- Equipped Group No. 1 Oil Corporation ' s well No. 1-B, world ' s deepest well, drilled to a depth of 8,520 feet, is producing over 670 barrels of 53 gravity crude of high gasoline content. Here, as on hundreds of other wells throughout the country, a Smith Oil Gas Separator was chosen for its de- pendability, safety and capacity. The Smith Separator is specified as standard equipment by all leading operators the world over on account of its efficient and economical operation in separating oil, gas, and water, and for reducing fire hazards to the minimum. Smith Separator ' s popular- ity with both large and small producers is due to the exclusive advantages to be found only in these quality controlled oil-field products. It will pay you to get the facts. Ask any Smith Separator Company repre- sentative or write for illustrated catalog. THERE ' S A TYPE FOR EVERY SERVICE AND A SIZE FOR EVERY PRODUCTION NEED U:ill!H8ftVt The longevity of Smith Separators is illustrated in the above installa- tion. This type No. 1 Separator was originally installed in the Big Lake District of Texas in 1924 and has been in continuous service since that date. SSCO-STEEL, the superior steel, exclusive with Smith Separators, plus scientifically correct design, is responsible for greater earnings over a longer period of service. HOUSTON SMITH SEPARATOR COMPANY Tulsa, Okla. Export Office: 30 Church St., New York FORT WORTH SHREVEPORT LOS ANGELES l-l-fl-!-l-M-M-l r-i-T- ' -T- i - T I • ! • I Page 431 Vv - l -v-l- VI v-l-v ; , ■ ' . ' s. ' 3 . r.v- -v- -v. . n FOR the second consecutive year The Sooner has been cased in an S. K. SMITH COVER — a cover that is guar- anteed to be satisfactory and is created and SMITHCRAFTED by an organization of craftsmen speciaHzing in the creation and production of good covers. Whatever your cover require- ments may be, this organization can satisfy them. For information and prices send to The S. K. SMITH COMPANY-s SMITHCRAFTERS of GOOD COVERS 213 Institute Place CHICAGO ALPHA SIGMA PHI Founded — We wonder why? Motto: — Oh, the Alpha Sigs at Michigan! Ambition — To rate. Order consists of boys from the country who know more about ploughing com than a Fraternity. One member had a family tree, but it was struck by lightning. The boys get over big at A. M. which goes to show that if you can ' t get over in your own home town try another. We advise that the whole chapter migrate to A. M. for keeps. HOW FAIRPLAY KEPT THE OKLAHOMA DAILY OUT OF POLITICS. By Fairplay The political situation on the university campus is terrible — terrible — in fact terrible. It makes me think twice before I write this column of cor- rection. It is against the policy of the Oklahoma Daily (student newspaper and more) to meddle with student politics, but with election time near and with the Administration party threatening to repeat as successful champions, it is high time for the Daily to denounce the ridiculous way the stu- dent council is running. Debts of the council are appalling — appalling — in fact appalling. The anti-Administration party would not allow the situ- ation to remain at a stand-still, if they were in power. Now gentle reader don ' t misconstrue the meaning of this article. This is not political propa- ganda — it is against the policy of the paper to take any political stand, but at this late hour, it is only with the salvation of the campus at stake, that we are forced to write this informatory article. Moreover student council dances are the source of fraud, duress, and corruption — more men are hired than are necessary to run the dance. There should be a drastic change in the management, but not unless the reader can see his way clear to hon- estly, courageously and unbiasedly go to the polls on the morrow and vote — vote — vote. Only vote once, if possible, but more if necessary. The anti- Administration party needs you. Remember this is written in all fair play, because we want vou to do «hat is right and because we can not voice our political sentiments, and lastly because the Okla- homa Daily must be kept out of politics. mUUUUIH W W§ ' Page 432 gTP A[ A| A| Al A [ A ■ 1 ' ' ' : V; ■ 2r ? VvW-l-v.|.v. | .v; , .«. ' ■ ■ ■ .- . - As . r.v- -v- -v- : rH ' 3 H INTERURBANS SERVE YOU BEST Every hour, rain or shine, cold or warm, Interurbans leave Norman for Okla- homa City, and leave Oklahoma City for Norman. They provide a free transfer to any part of Oklahoma City, and they run between terminals in 42 minutes. The fare is 45 cents one way, 85 cents round trip. r s- NE nunuui j " Tg wyp " M-M-t-l-t-i-t-i-tii H Page 433 KV-I-V- I -V-I-V- I -V . .Vyv " - • s -a H • • ■ ' . , ( .v- l -v- l -v.|.v. | .vy ongratulations OONERS ! WE hope that your College Education will play a ma- jor part in bringing success to you in all your future under- taking and that you will be able to offer better citizenship along with trained minds and special- ized skill which are of such vast importance in the cultural ad- vancement of your state, your country, and civilization. RAMSEY PETROLEUM CORP. OKLAHOMA CITY ; A I A 1 A I A I A I A 1 A ' I -I- I 4=fH " " Uh- Page 434 ' JP ZK K Al Al Al A pfqc 1

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