University of Oklahoma - Sooner Yearbook (Norman, OK)

 - Class of 1925

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Text from Pages 1 - 514 of the 1925 volume:

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' --5 , , , 435 my , . si My rs -Q wg-' , , A1 f 9 Zak Q. 3- wk - W. ,,--x U Q - , y. ,A,1 . ' 5 .- -' W ' ' f vii' P-22' gggx f . wi BFE? , fi:'f5"'ff-Qfikifii' Va 'As 5 1 gig: 43,3 . ,SL 5 .W I ' . K?P4:44L A ., n , -M '-lik, : if . 3? Q., NY me gwgwg y :um .T M ,L+ jiZ0f',5,,,y J mga? -5-"wk-1. Q, vgwi im , ' A , Rf' , 0-1 , 72 ,nw f,,x.4?aSs pf f ff . .Lu Nw w RPM my? Xi QM S., Z QM . sf - if Qi ' If Q ww . D, 44435 . ,.,.,:,'g W Q ' 'S iw. ,, 0 A . 7 iz, .- ' fem , S in, S392 ' FET w zzg 2? -2.13, '54, , W., - .-wf'2,.,., 7. - f. :MQaf5'3f!, 'iii R4 "'H9H'f M V 1. Milf: M f3f k ,., -f fy E01 53' YA SF' 4 lobbmgsuloge Cf F1 OWH23GO1d, Ghe Gofuefmov w r GOVERNOR MARTIN E. TRAPP E231 "-the ojjdce from whicld is derived the fight and power of student selffgovemment at the Univevsitymof Oklahoma." Boavd of qkgents 'Top Row-Kraettli, McDonald, Buttram. Bottom Row-Schwoerke, Rogers, Busby, Bowman. Left to Right--Bowman, Busby, Buttram, McDonald, Buchanan, Schwoerke, Rogers, Carlock E241 C511e qlresidem PRESIDENT JAMES SHANNON BUCHANAN L251 ugfvom that OHIICC whose fume ticmmg leads and guides owr Ownf, Administrative oiincil Top Row-Monnett, Reaves, Buchanan, Gittinger. Middle Row-Felgar, Adams, Holmberg, Johnson. Bottom Row-Long, Phelan, Turley, Van Vleet. PERSONNEL JAMES SHANNON BU S. W. REAVES . A. H. VAN VLEET . . . . J. H. FELGAR . FREDRIK HOLMBERG JULIEN C. MONNET LBROY LONG . D. B. R. JOHNSON W. W. PHELAN LOUIS A. TURLEY ROY GITTINGER . . A. B. ADAMS . EMU. R. KRAETTLI CHANAN . ...,., President of the University Dean of College of Arts and Sciences . Dean of the Graduate School Dean of College of Engineering . Dean ofthe School of Fine Arts . Dean of the School of Law Dean of the School of Medicine . Dean of the School of Pharmacy . Dean of the School of Education Assistant Dean of School of Medicine . . . . . . Registrar Dean of the School of Business . . . . . Secretary Ns.-.f xzwx r K1 x9 Lx A 1393. FSE 51 E16 A 2453 +0 qwfgv- -fs:-,s--,7 , -13, ' .' X. - .5- 3 ,QR IK ,14 V' ' . ' 'Ki ' . , ' I Q Z -25. .EEN mag :Am Scuvlent QOVZFIZYYZZHV 1 Y x 5' L The Student Qouncil Top Row-NVhiteg Geerg Thompsong Duncan. Second Row-Stoughg Deuprccg Ruppert. Third Row-Priestleyg LcdI'ordg Oakesg Ruppert Fourlh Row-Fordg Priccg Hayesg Yoder. Fiffh H0111-AICXEIIICIQIU Georgeg Chcshcrg Hervey. w. V281 O cers of the Gouncil GENTRY LEE . LEE B. THOMPSON LEALON LAME . ELIZABETH BALL . JOHN HERVEY . PAUL LINDSEY . FREEMAN STOUGH ROBERT PRICE . BOE YODER . FLOYD MCBRIDE . MONTE LEDFORD BILL HALLER . BILL MAURER . HERBERT CAKES . RALPH GEEK . BEN HATCHER . COLEMAN HAYES EARL CHESHER . DICK FORD . HAROLD BERD . HOMER SKILLERN FLETCHER WARD RUTH ALEXANDER . EARL SOMMERS' . LUTHER ATKINS NORVIL GEORGE . LUCY BELLE DUNCAN HELEN WATSON . ORVILLE PRIESTLEY . EDWIN DEUPREE LAZBLLE WHITE MAURICE RUPPERT I 3 V f ",:E,1gxg ,A . , ?Q"7a ' . ' - - If-. ' . V . ii g:Ig4,:35'4ff,f T , I' ii-., I . .fi I. ' " fx.-2 . ..-. ,- ,I . Lee B. Thompson, Lealon Lamb, Paul Lindsey. MEMBERS AND REPRESENTATIVES WAYMAN THOMPSON . T291 . . President, '24 President, '25 VicefPresident . . Secretary Treasurer, F24 . Treasurer, '25 . Graduate School . Senior Class . junior Class, '24 . junior Class, '2 5 . Sophomore Class, 24 Sophomore Class, '25 . . Freshman Class, 25 College of Engineering, '24 . College of Engineering, '25 . School of Law, '24 . . School of Law, '25 . School of Medicine, '24 . School of Medicine, '25 . School of Pharmacy, '24 School of Pharmacy, 25 . School of Fine Arts, 24 School of Fine Arts, 25 . School Business, '24 T . School Business, 25 . . . School of Education President Wonien's Council, '24 President Women's Council, '25 . Editor of Oklahoma Daily President Oratorical Council President Athletic Association . . . MernberfatfLarge . M e1nberfatfLarge Statefflounty Union Top Row-Elliugerg Simpsong Mocreg Foremaug McBride. Second Rom-Stepllensg Lceg Scotig Georgeg Shaw. Tlzircl Row-Whiteg Andvrsoug Tung Thompson, L.g Thompson, C. Fourth Row-Dickasong Cloudy Burtis: Morrisnug Miller. Fiflh Roll:--Hzlrtnessg Longg Cookseyg Mcflulging SUIIICICVCII. E301 U cers of Stateffonnty Union NORTON STANDEVEN . . . . President DALTON Voss ....... Vice-President Menmbers of the StatefCOunty Union are drawn from the major Oflicers of all the County Clubs Organized in the University. The Union has as its purpose the aim to Closer unite the student body through Organizations of local bearing, and to benefit the Stadium Union drive by acquainting the Citizens of the state with the needs of the University HILLIS BELL . JOE SCOTT . RUTH BEIEER . GEORGE BUCKLES PAULINE CL,ARK . CHESTER COLE . LLOYD MOODI' . HARRBLL LEE . JOHN PEARSON . JOHN FLOYD . LEON VINSON , CHARLES ROBINSON LAREITA WEST . , TOM MCBRYDE . SENIORENCINEERS ' JOHN COEEMAN . . LIONEL SUTTER . HOLMES HENDRIX CLASS OFFICERS GRADUATE ALLSENIOR ALLAIUNIOR ALLSOPI-IOMORE ALIJFRESI-IMEN ' JUNIOR ENGINEERS ' JACK BOLLES , BRUCE SPENCE . WILLI.AM HALL . FRANK WATSON KENNETH MITCHELL EDYTHE JACOBS . DAVID BUCHEK . . TI-IURMAN WILLIAMS CLARA PALMER . . EDWIN DEUPREE . DALE ARBUCKLE . LOUISE WEWERKA ' SENIOR LAW' SOPHOMORE LAW ' FRESHIVIEN .LAW SOPHOMORE MEDICINE WALTER BAKER . . IRA BOND . . FANNIE LOU BRITTAIN FLOYD GRAY JOE PRICE . . MAEEL ECRSTEDT . SENIOR PHARMACY- JOHN TEDROWE . . HOMER SKILLERN . WILMA POWELL . . IRA PREWITT . FRESHMEN MEDICINE ' FRESHIVIEN PIFIAFQMACYA. JOHN FOWLER LESLIE NIELICK . F311 , . President VicefPresIdent , Secretary . . President Secretaryffreasurer . . President VicefPresident . Treasurer . . President Vice-President . , President ' VicefPresident . Secretary Treasurer . . President VicefPresident Secretaryffreasurer . . President VicefPresident Secretary-Treas urer . , President VicefPresident Secretaryffrea surer . . President VicefPresident Secretaryffreasurer . , President VicefPresident Secretaryffreasurer . . President VicefPresident SecretaryfI'reasurer . . President ' VicefPresident . . Secretary . . President VicefPresident . Secretary . Treasurer . , President . VicefPresident Ofratofrical Qowncil Top Row-Yoderg Hatchettg Browning. Second Row-Angling VVatsong Tua. Third Row-Willg Buflingtong Cookse5 Botlom Row-'Lytlcg Moscsg Babcock. H521 O ters o Oratoriccil Qonncil EDWIN DEUIPREB . . President BERNARD HAMMER . . Viceffjresident IVIARY LEE KRETZ . Secretary JOHN HERVEY . ...... Treasurer Composed of the major oflicers of all the literary societies of the University, the Oratorical Council functions as the central governing body of this branch of activity. Interfsociety debates, forensic contests, are held under the management and control of the council. ia 'One StaditnnfStudent Union Work has been begun on the Stadium and plans have been submitted for the prof posed Student Union Building, with the successful close of the first major drive of the project, the iirst allotment having been raised or subscribed, something over S5oo,ooo.oo. The general plan of building on the unit method will enable the continued growth and embellishment of this proposed center of the activity of Soonerland, from time to time as the fund is made available. 254 Officers of the University of Oklahoma Union FINIS WALKER . . President HELEN WATSON . . . . , . Secretary EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MAURICE RUPPERT .... LM ln f fL WAYMAN THOMPSON .... l em Us at urge Lee B. Thompson, Lazelle White, Edwin Deupree, John Tate Brittain, A. N. Boatman, Helen Watson, Mildred Sidvvell and Orville E. Priestley. E331 Women's League N W AA K 'A W W M 1 g, if 1 I UN i yu A. X i Top Row-Duncan, D.g Eckstedtg Smithey. Second Row-Lytleg VVatsong Crowe. Third Row-Harringtong Crosbieg Garm. W Bollom Row-Plemonsg Kellnerg Bahcockg Duncan, L. B. i341 GRADUATES ULRICH R. BEESON Waldo, Ark. Phi Delta Kappag Kappa Delta Pig Red Red Roseg Glee Clubg Track, 'l5"lI6Q Scholiag Websterian. GRADY H. BOOKER Noble Sigma Mu Sigma HANNAH BRAUER Norman MARGARET BRAUBR V Qklahoma City JI. B. CONRAD? Taloga Buchanan Club ' Redf Red Rose KMRS. PEARL WILSON' CONRAD 'Taloga CHARLESND. DAUBERT Carnegie Sigma Chig Sigma Gamma Epsilong Pick and Ham' merg Kappa Kappa Psig Wrestling, '13,f'24. E353 GRACE DE MOTTE Weatherford Gamma Phi Beta Buchanan Club ' Euclelphian Y. W. C.fA. A. RODGER DENISON Hobart Kappa Alpha Sigma Gamma Epsilon ARTHUR L. PENN Norman Kappa Epsilon Phi Beta Kappa Pefetg ' Phi 'Mu Alpha Sigma Tau JOHN TUNNELL FOSTER Carter A Kappa Delta Pi RUBYE RILEY G1sT Frederick Alpha Chi Omega Phi Mu Gamma Y. W. C. AQ ' Zecalethian PAUL GOODMAN Durant E Kappa Sigma JAMES N. HOOKMAN Cherokee Y Kappa Theta: Bandg Kap' pa Kappa Psig Kappa"Ta11 Pig Glee Club. SAMMIB LEA HUGHES Guthrie Chi Omega Alumni Council PanfHellenic Council JOHN W. HYBARGER Lindsey R. W. KEAHEY Dallas, Tex. Sigma Mu Sigma Pi Sigma Alpha Y. M. C. A. Marshall Bar Websterian ANNA ELIZABETH LANE Weatherford Scholia Y. W. C. A. Blue Blue Violet ERNEST L. LIPPERT Stroud Delta Pig Harper Bar, Jackson Barg Bus. Mgr. Univ. Conc. Trip, '24-5.53 Ruf Neksg Bus. Mgr. Glee Club, 'z3f'z4g Bus. Mgr. Orchestra, 51.53 Football, 'I6'1I7Q Asst. Bus. Mgr. Sooner, 'I8. RAYMOND A. MooRE Norman Sigma Chi Sigma Gamma Epsilon Ruf Nelrs I Pick and Hammer W. B. MORRISON Durant E351 WALTER R. MCCLELLAN Blackwell Sigma Nu Ruf Nel-is Sigma Gamma Epsilon MABEL NEAL Tulsa Gamma Phi Beta Pi Zeta Kappa Buchanan Club Y. W. C. A. JULIA OWENS OLIPHANT San Antonio, Tex. Pi Zeta- Kappa Y. W. C. A. EDWARD C. PETTY Norman Alpha Kappa Psi Forum Business Club E. J. REYNOLDS Jet l Kappa Delta Pi ' Red Red Rose MARY ELJZABETH SIMPSON Eufaula Delta Delta Delta Kappa Delta Pi StatefCounty Union DANIEL F. STOUGH Geary Acacia, Grad. Rep. Stu- dentCoun.gZoologyClubg Alpha Kappa Kappa. GRADUATE CHARLES LUTHER CALDWELL Princeton, Tex. Scholia R. L. CLIFTON Alva Pres. Pick and Hammer Red Red Rose R. C. SWEET Norman Sigma Mu Sigma Alpha Sigma Delta RUAL B. SWIGER Fairmont, W. Va. Phi Kappa Sigma JAMES A. WALTERS Lincoln, Nels. Sigma- Tau Sigma Gamma Epsilon Sigma Mu Sigma J. H. WESTON Norman Sigma Mu Sigma ARTS AND V SCIENCE RELAND V. BRITT Norman Delta Psi Kappa W. A. A. I37 ELIZABETH BUCKERIDGE Oklahoma City Delta Delta Delta PanfHellenic MARY LOUISE FEES Norman Pierian Philosophy Club Sociology Club WINIFRED FORSYTHE Norman . HOLLIE HOWARD PIARRIS Martha Asst. Ed. Sooner Student, 'zgg Bandg Cubs' Clubg Congress, Whirlwind Staffg Sooner Staffg Okla. Daily Staffg Red, Red Roseg VicefPres. Junior Class, ,24Q Student Coun., Summer, 'agg Bus. Opp. Clubg Kappa Kappa Psi. VARNAKALE L. JONES Chelsea Sigma Mu Sigma, Alpha Sigma Deltag Square and Compass, Pres. Math. Club. EDGAR W. MARSHALL ' Chandler Sigma Alpha Epsilong Jazz HoundsgLincolnCo.Clubg Bus. Opp. Club. ELIZABETH S. MEANS Claremore . Kappa Delta Phi Blue Blue Violet Prexy Club Math Club ARTS AND SCIENCE PAULINE PERKINS Cvlen Dale, Ariz. Phi Mu 5 Las Dos Americas Y. W. C. A. LUCILLE BLANCHARD Purcell Gamma Phi Beta PanfHellenic Council, '23 Y. W. C. A. Glee Club, l22'l2'j DOROTHY BONAR PRESSLEY Wagoner Phi Omega Pig Phi Beta Kappag Pi Zeta Kappag Philologiang Oratorical Council, 'zgg Panel-Iellenic Councilg Y. W. C. A. junior Cab.g Glee Club, 123. MURIEL CRAVRN Norman Pi Zeta Kappa Kappa Phi Delta Psi Kappa I Y. W. C. A. Cabinet DBWBY GOODWIN Anadarko Sigma Chig Sigma Delta Psig Varsity Basketball, 'p.4f'25g Frosh Football, 'zzg Ruf Neksg American Legiong Caddo CO. Club. SUE SALMON Oklahoma City Alpha Phi MABEL CLAIRE SCHEIDB Brookston, Tex. Pres. Pierian Y. W. C. A. E381 BURT W. LUDLOW Oklahoma City Phi Delta Theta InterfErat Council Chi Chi Chi EUGENE SPRINGER Norman Pi Kappa Phi Kappa Kappa Psi University Orchestra Director R. O. T. C. Band Math Club CHERRY KENDALL Ft. Smith, Ark. Phi Mu Delta Psi Kappa Razorback Club Y. W. C. A. Junior Cab. ROBERT J. GIVEN Oklahoma City - Delta Pig Sigma .Gamma Epsilong Scabbard and Bladeg Congressg Indian Clubg Sooner Staff, 5.55 Pick and Hammer. AIMEE FRY Lone Wolf Gamma Phi Beta Y. W. C. A. . Oikonomia WILLIAM A. CLARK Chelsea Delta Pig Sigma Gamma Epsilong Cross Country 'zgg Pick and Hammerg Congressg Indian Clubg Rogers Co. Club. GRACE BARR Dover BERNICE PATQN Mena, Ark. Alpha Xi Delta Razorback Club GRACE BROWNING Geary Alpha Gamma Deltag Phi Beta Kappag Pi Zeta Kappag Mortar Board: Y.W.C.A. Cab.g Eurodelf phiang Oratorical Coun.g Las Dos Americas. BUEF BURTIS Muskogee Phi Gamma Deltag Sigma Delta Chig Clipg Bus. Mgr. Whirlwind, '2I"22' 'zgg Pres. Muskogee Co. Club, '7.3j,24Q State' County Union. A ISABBLLE THOMASSON Davis Zeta Taug Pieriang Blue Blue Violetg Y. W. C. A.g W. A. A.g Pan-Hellenic Coun.g Las Dos Americas HELEN FRANCES SHANNON Krebs Kappa Kappa Gamma VINITA MCDONALD El Reno Kappa Kappa Gamma Y. W. C. A. Rifle Club LYLLIAN SCHMOE Drumvight Zeta Tau Kappa Phi ' Blue Blue Violet Y. W. C. A. l39l MARGARET OVERFIELD Pawhuska Osage Co. Club Y. W. C. A. HELEN DALTON Norman Zeta Tau Y. W. C. A. PAULINE EDWARDS McAlester ' Alpha Gamma Delta Ducks' Club Buchanan Club Y.-W. C. A. Sociology Club y IRENE DEANE Tulsa Alpha Xi Delta Oikonomia PaneHellenic Sooner Staff, '24"2'j' Publication Board WILLIE MAE WEBB Altus Alpha Gmicron Pi Cubs' Club Zetalethian ROSA MEANS Oilton University Polo and Rid' ing Classg Ducks' Clubg W. A. A.g Life Saving Ccrpsg Y. W. C. A. U DURWOOD ROBINSON Bernice BILL W. LINCOLN Mercedes, Tex. Sigma Nu J. MATTHEWS M. ROBERTSON Purcell Alpha Sigma Phig Inter- Erat Coun.g Ruf Neksg Junior Burlesqueg Conf gressg Stunt Niteg Glee Club. MAMIE BARR Dover Alpha Cmicron Pig Delta Psi Kappag Pi Zeta Kappag W. A. A.g Y. W. C. A.g Math Club. LUCILLE WILSON El Reno Phi Beta Kappag Kappa Gamma Epsilong Entre Nousg Las Dos 'Americasg Alliance Francais Medal, 24. AGNES LLOYD Poteau Alpha Xi Delta x RUTH KOCH Cliecotalr Alpha Phi Zetalethian Y. W. C. A. HAZEL NASH Paderi Phi Cmega Pi I4o1 ANNIE LAURIE JOHNSON Pawnee Kappa Gamma Epsilon ' Las Dos Americas Y. W. C. A. LILLIAN A. DOOLEY Norman Entre Nous Blue Curtain Stunt Nite, 124 "Dover Roadl' CLIFFO'RD A. STROZIER Red Oak Chi Beta Kappa Tau Pi University Band V MARJORIE STAFFORD Norman Alpha Omicron Pi Y. W. C. A. LOY L. LONG 1 Cordell ' Kappa Tau Pig Y.M.C.A. Cab., '21"22',23Q Student Volunteersg Forumg Stu' dent Pastor. EVELYN CRALLE BOND Norman FLORENCE ROYSTER Wanette MILDRED KLEzNscHM1DT Tulsa Delta Gamma Sooner Staff, '25 Poetry Club Magazine Staff JAMES L. SANDLIN Washington Y. M. C. A. Preachers' Club Entre Nous DOROTHY BUPEINGTON Oklahoma City Phi Mug Y. W. C. A. Cabinetg Mortar Boardg Spanish Clubg French Clubg Zetalethiang Ora' torical Council. NBLLB JONES Dewey , Philologian History Club PAULINE WEANT Ponca City Las Dos Americas LUOILE HUNTINGTON Enid Alpha Chi Omega Cubs' Club Blue Curtain LENA MONTGOMERY Marlow Delta Gamma Phi Mu Gamma Secy., PanfHellenic Y. W. C. A. E411 CATHERINE HAINES SLOSSON Newkirk Pi Beta Phi HAROLD MCINTIRE Tonkawa Alpha Chi Sigma Band Y. M. C. A. LILLIAN E. TRAPP Miami Kappa Alpha Theta ADMAN SMITH Perry Phi Kappa Psi jazz Hounds FLORENCE ADAMS Oklahoma City HELEN FORSYTTH Norman Kappa Kappa Gamma GRAYDON HOWARD LAUOHEAUM Oklahoma City Whirlwind Staff, '24f'25g Feature Ed. Okla. Dailyg Pick and .Hammerg Cubs Clubg Cham. of Com.g Track, 'Egg Engineers' Club. a DOROTHY WILSON El Reno WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM Watonga Sigma Delta Chig Phi Tau Gammag Cubs' Clubg Edf itor Ckla. Weeklyg Univ. Magazine Staff EDWIN FBRDINAND REA Shim, Tex. Kappa Theta Track, 124'l2S W. B. THOMPSON Snyder Pi Kappa Alpha SARAH LEDERMAN Oklahoma City Kappa Gamma Epsilong Philologiang Menorahg Las Dos Americasg Entre Nousg Prexy Club. PHILIP GREEN Muskogee Sigma Nu ERLE R. FENTEM Ada Sigma Nu Alpha Delta Sigma LEMOINB SEAMAN El Reno Sigma Gamma Epsilon Pick and Hammer WILMA KEITH Byars Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. Math Club Ducks' Club Red Cross W. KENNETH CUNNINGHAM Konawa Alpha Chi Sigma ARCHER FULLINGIM Paducah, Tex. CLARA CARMICHAEL Duncan Kappa Alpha Theta Sociology Club ELIZABETH TRENT Okmulgee ' Kappa Alpha Theta PanfHellenic WOman's Council Y. W. C. A. E. MABRY HOOVER Mountain View Kappa Kappa Psig Sigma Gamma Epsilong Pick and Hammerg Bandg Cross Country and Track. SUE HELEN I-IAILEY MCAlester Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Mu Gamma Blue Curtain MUREDA HUMPHREY Boyhton Pres. Math Club, 24' 25 MARIAN NA WHITMANBdTflCS1'illC Delta Delta Delta Delta Psi Kappa Gamma Epsilon Pi Tennis Champion, '22 Pres. W. A. A., '2:1,"24 J. STEWART HUME Moore Alpha Chi Sigma Tau Pi Blue Pencil Engineers' Club SYBIL CALLAHAN Muskogee Pi Beta Phi PanfHellenic Y. W. C. A. History Club R. WORLEY HARTNESS Davis Kappa Tau Pi Math Club StatefCounty Union Pres. Murray Co. Club CLAUDE V. THOMPSON Ada Pi Sigma Alphag Pres. Pontotoc Co. Clubg Las Dos Americasg Zeta Sig' mag Athenean. ROMA CLIFT Marlow Delta Gamma Theta Sigma Phi Sooner Staff, Q25 CHARLOTTE BONDS Muskogee Pi Beta Phi PanfHellenic LUCILLE SNAPP Mountainaif, N. M . Pi 'Zeta Kappa Kappa Phi MA ROA RET BROOKS Kiefer Y. W. C. A. Kappa Phi DeBarr Club Creek CO. Club VERNON E. AUTRY Shawnee Pick and Hammer ELIZABETH WALKER Bartlesvi lle Prexy Club Blue Blue Violet R. O. T. C. Sponsor Y. W. C. A. J. WILLIAM CRAWFORD. Ada Sigma Nu JOHN P. AUDRAIN Fairland CURTIS ALLEN Cliecotah Scabbard and Blade Captain R. C. T. C., .25 Polo, l24',2j' ALICE BROWN Shawnee Las Dos Americasg Pieriang Poetry Clubg Y.W.C.A.g Pottawatomie Co. Club. GEORGE L. BUCKLES Norman Delta Pig Pres. Senior Classg Alpha Kappa Psig Scabbard and Bladeg Blue Pencil. VIVIAN BURRIS Ada Alpha Gamma Delta Y. W. C. A. SUSYBEL BUNTON Valentine, Tex. Phi Mu Blue Curtain Y. W. C. A. JOSBPHINE E. BROADNAX Dallas, Tex. Alpha Phi Y. W. C. A. Sociology Club Prexy Club JOHN B. BRANDENBURG Norman Jazz Hounds Quo Vadis THELMA BILLS Gotebo Phi Mug Y. W. C. A.g W. A. A.g Spanish Clubg History Clubg Kiowa Co. Clubg Sociology Club. JACK L. BELL Tulsa ' Pi Kappa Alphag Foot' ball, 'z4g Editor Sooner State Pressg Sooner Stall, 'agg Daily Staff, 'z4. HAROLD K. BELKNAP Norman l Sigma Delta Chi Publication Board ANICE IONE BEASLEY Norman Phi Mu l . Pi 'Zeta Kappa Pres. Womans' Glee Club ROSALIE BARKSDALE Jackson, Miss. Alpha Xi Delta HELEN LOUISE BARNHILL Oklahoma City Delta Gamma Y. W. C. A. MARY BALDWIN Norman Phi Omega Pi Pi Zeta Kappa Pierian ' Math Club RONALD L. CAMP Wichita Falls, Tex. Pi Kappa Alpha Scabbard and Blade PAULINE CLARK Duncan Chi Omegag Secy. and Treas. Senior Classg Pan- Hellenicg Buchanan Clubg Las Dos Americasg Y. W. C. A. CECIL L. CHATMAN Shawnee Kappa Theta Engineers' Club Pick and Hammer Pottawatomie Co. Club CHARLES N. CORNWALL Aspen, Colo. Alpha Psi Congress DORIS COPELAND Fairfax JEWELL CONKLING Norman Alpha Xi Delta Math Club Y.3W. C. A. i451 ROBERT C. CONINE Ardmore Phi Tau Gamrnag Blue Pencilg Quo Vadisg Sooner Staff, l24"'2SQ Whirlwind Staffg Philosophy Clubg Wrestling. CARLETON JOSEPH CUNNINGHAM Tulsa Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Kappa Psi Band Pick, and Hammer GORDON CARR . Pauls Valley Kappa Alpha Ruf Neks , William Jennings Bryan Club ALLAN MARK CASEY Oklahoma City Delta Pi . Alpha Kappa Psi LUCY BELLE DUNCAN Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha Theta Pi Zeta Kappa Pres. Women's League Student Council Y. W. C. A. Cabinet DOROTHY DUNCAN Acla Glee Club! Womanls Council FAYE DOUOHERTY Bristow Entre Nous Y. W. C. A. Eisua DOUGHTY Martha Oikonomia VAE SWBETLAND DAVIS Norman EDMUND ESTERGREN Algoriquiri, Ill. Pick and Hammer OSCAR FONTAINE Durant Sigma Chi LOUISE PINK Oklahoma City Eurodelphian Las Dos Americas Entre Nous Glee Club Y. W. C. A. LAURA FOCHT Norman Kappa Alpha Theta Y. W. C. A. ELIZABETH FETHERSTON Wichita, Karts. Delta Gamma E461 THELMA FERGUSON Mountain Park Phi Mu Pi Zeta Kappa Y. W. C. A. Las Dos Americas Phi Beta Kappa MYRTIS GANN Royal Woman's EX. Coun. GERTRUDE GARDNER Oklahoma City Pi Beta Phi GRACE GEER Foss . Chi Omegag Phi Mu Gam' mag Mortar Boardg Blue Curtaing Y. W. C. A.g Pierian. HARRIET GUM Oklahoma City Delta Delta Delta Delta Psi Kappa Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Las Dos Americas W. A. A. VIRNIE GOUDELOCK Oklahoma City Delta Delta Delta MRS. RAMONA WHISTLER GUINN Norman Indian Club JOI-INNYB MABEL HOOD Norman RBNE HOMMES Oklahoma City Chi Omega Daily Staff, '24 journalism Queen, -24 R. O. T. C. Sponsor. '2' Burlesque, '23 EUNICE HOLLAND Norman Delta Delta Delta Buchanan Club Y. W. C. A. AUDRA HOLMES Colorado Springs, Colo. JOHN R. HOOOE Amarillo, Tex. Sigma Phi, Phi Beta Kappa 1 Websteriang Blackstone Barg Las Dos Americasg Y. M. C. A.g Bus. Mgr. Stunt Nite, l7.4'l2i'Q Polo Association. MARGARET A HODNBTT Marlow Zeta Tau Y. W. C. A. Las Dos Americas PUILLA H. HILL Newkirk Gamma Phi Beta Y. W. C. A. PanfHellenic, l23'l2.4 Cubs' Club 5 YIBNE HENDRICKS Oklahoma City Sigma Nu Chi Chi Chi Quo Vadis D. D. M. C. Football. '2if'22f 23 IVIARY ELIZABETH HILL Tulsa Pi Beta Phi Ducks' Club Life Savers ROBERT D. HOWELL Holdenville Kappa Alpha Glee Club Pres. Hughes Co. Club StatefCOunty Union ELLA HUPF Devol Delta Psi Kappa Pi Zeta Kappa EUNICE Huoi-ies Norman AVA I. HUMPHREYS Greenville, Tex. Longhorn Club LELIA HAHN Oklahoma City Delta Delta Delta SEWARD HARRIS Tulsa Beta Theta Pi Pick and Hammer JUNE AINSWORTH HARRISON Wichita, Kam. Delta Gamma Poetry Club Entre Nous GLENN C. HARTFORD Oklahoma City Sigma Nug Football, 'nf 'zgg Frosh Football, 'arg Jazz Houndsg Bus. Opp, Clubg Varsity Pep Mgr.g "Loving Cup"g k'Adam and Eve"g "Seven Keys to Balclpatef' JANIE A. JENKINS Sulphur Kappa Alpha Theta Phi Mu Gamma Y. W. C. A. VIRGINIA KERLEY Anadarko Delta Gamma Erwoon KENNEDY Olamulgee Sigma Chi GENTRY KIDD Norman Kappa Epsilon Phi Mu Alpha Band Pick and Hammer l43l MARGARET MARY KING Britton DALE J. KINNEE Woodward R. C. T. C. Captain, .25 HARRY B. KNISELEY l Tishimmgo Beta Theta Pig Pres. john- son Co. Clubg Varsity Track, 'a3f'24f'25g Sooner Staff, '24-'zgg Okla. Daily, 52:15 Whirlwind Staff, l24Q Frosh Football, 'arg Cubs' Club. J. HERMAN LONG Muskogee Beta Theta Pig Chi Chi Chig Jazz Hounclsg Treas. junior Class, l24Q Bur' lesque, 524g junior Prom. Committee, '24. VELMA JEANE LAIRD Norman Delta Psi Kappa Ducks' Club VicefPres. W. A. A. Y. W. C. A. MARY KATHERINE MOOMAU Norman Delta Delta Delta Math Club Y, W. C. A. MARY METZ Norman HAROLD W. lVlARlS Ponca City Kappa Epsilon Phi Mu Alpha H. A. MAXWELL Norman FRANCES MCKNIGHT Oklahoma City Alpha Phi Zetalethian Y. W. C. A. E. V. MCCOLLUM Helena Alpha Sigma Delta Alpha Chi Sigma IRENE NATION Oklahoma City NELL NORVELL Wynnewood Alpha Gamma Delta History Club Eurodelphian Y. W. C. A. LAWRENCE E. OLCOTT Kingftshev Kappa Alpha Sigma Tau Tau Pi Tennis, 12.4'125' E491 TI-IELMA PHELPS El Reno Alpha Chi Omegag Theta Sigma Phig Y. W. C. A.g Daily Staflfg Cubs' Clubg Canadian Co. Clubg Buchanan Club. MARGUERITE PHILLIPS Sapulpa Kappa Kappa Gammag Y. W. C. A. Cabinetg Ducks'ClubgPan-Hellenicg Clee Clubg Women's Quartetg Entre Nous. MARIE PICKETT Bristow Oikonomia MAUDE PILKINGTON Walters Buchanan Club Cotton Co. Club SUSIE PILKINGTON Walters Buchanan Club Cotton Co. Club JOSEPHINE PLEMONS Duncan Kappa Phi ' Las Dos Americas Y. W. C. A. V Blue Blue Violet Woman's Council GRVILLE E. PRIESTLEY Anadavleo Pi Kappa Phig Sigma Delta Chig Check-mateg Clipg Lambda Nug Editor Daily, 'zgg Student Council, 'zgg Ruf Neksg Congressg Stuf dent Union, ,252 EVA RENEAU Oklahoma City Alpha Phi NETAEEL SOUTER RICE Dallas, Tex. Pi Beta Phi Kappa Delta Pi Entre Nous Las Dos Americas LBROY RTTTER Oklahoma City THELMA RITTER Shawnee Alpha Chi Omegag Phi Mu Chmmag Philologiang Las Dos Americasg Uni' versity Polo and Riding Association. FAYE ROHREAUGH Norman Oikonomia Y. W. C. A. MAURICE O. RUPPBRT Sand Springs Student Council, 'a.4g Football, 'z4g Basketball, '13f'24f'z5g BattlefAxeg Chi Chi Chig Stadium Union Boardg Rui Neks. J. D. SCOTT Wichita Falls, Tex. Jazz Hounds E501 EMAN UEL SCHONWALD Oklahoma City GEORGE SEVBRSON Tulsa Sigma Gamma Epsilon MATTIE M. SHIVES Nofrmah Gamma Phi Beta MILDRED E. SIDBWELL Oklahoma City Aiphi Phi PanfHellenic Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Mortar Board Gamma Epsilon Pi f HELEN D. SNIDER Tulsa Gamma Phi Beta Glee Club, '24 Quartette, '24 Eurodelphian Y. W. C. A, LLOYD E. STOREY Valliant Pi Kappa Phi Scabbard and Blade Jazz Hounds Websterian SAM STRONG Norman JOHN H. SUTTON Prague Delta Tau Delta Ruf Neks E. A. TARVER Cordell Pi Kappa Phi Cross Country Pick and Hammer Track DOROTHY M. THOMPSON Tulsa Kappa Alpha Thetag Del- ta Psi Kappag Mortar Board, Y. W. C. A. Cab.g PanfHellenicg Sooner Staff, '22'l23Q Buchanan Club. WOODsON TYREE Durant Congress Philosophy Club PAYE TODD Cleveland Gamma Phi Beta Buchanan Club D. ORVILLE VOGLE Snyder Delta Tau Deltag Sigma Delta Psi, Ruf Neksg Frosh Football, 'arg Var' sity, 'zgg Frosh Track, 'arg Varsity, '22,f'z3f'z5g Track Captain, 'zgg Pres. Kiowa Co. Club, Las Dos Americas. BLANCHE WOOD Marshall, Ark. . Zeta Tau A Fiddlers' Club Razorback Club Crchestra i511 HOLMES ,CUBEAOE WHEELER Marlow Phi Gamma Delta Sigma Gamma Epsilon Chi Chi Chi Pres. Senior Class, 'zz FIDELIA WHEATLEY Tulsa Phi Mug Delta Psi Kappag Y. W. C. A., W. A. A.g Ducks' Club: Life Savings Corps. GEORGE F. WILL Oklahoma City Alpha Kappa Psig Forumg Oratorical Councilg Y. M. C. A.g VicefPres. Senior Class, '24. ALLIE GAYLE WILLIAMS Snyder Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. CARL C. WILSON Boswell Acacia Square and Compass Math Club Kappa Tau Pi ROBERT F. ANGLIN Healcltori Sigma Phig Y. M. C. A. Cab. g Stunt Nite Director, Websteriang Oratorical Coun.g Longhorn Club, Young Democrats' Club. HILLIS F. BELL Tulsa Pi Kappa Alpha Pres. Graduate Class InterfFrat Council Kappa Kappa Psi Phi Mu Alpha A. HOLMES BALDf RIDGE Okla. City Phi Beta Kappag Pefetg Delta Sigma Rhog Debate, 'z4f'a5g Congressg Chamf ber of Commerceg Alpha Kappa Psig Oxford Debate Team. MARG UERITE BALDWIN Hollis WINIEREDE BURKE Norman Y. W. C. A. LAWRENCE FRARY Guthrie Football, l24 CELESTA M. FROST Norman Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. Blue Pencil Las Dos Americas LESLIE GUINN Hermessey LOIS KELLEY M avietta Zeta Tau Y. W. C. A. Glee Club Las Dos Americas Entre Nous 521 LYNN K. LEE Minerva, Tex. Phi Kappa Psig lnterfFrat Coun. g Sigma Gamma Epsif long Scabbard and Bladeg Jazz Hounclsg Director Sooner Burlesque. GAIL W. LEWIS Tulsa Kappa Kappa Gamma Sooner Staff Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Orchestra VERA MADDIN Tulsa Blue Pencil Y. W. C. A. Poetry Club Sooner Staff Magazine Staff CHARLES M. I MATHIAS Norman Acacia Lambda Nu Avis THOMPSON M arlow Delta Gamma GERTRUDE BONNELL Muskogee H Gamma Phi Beta Glee Club ' Ducks' Club . Polo Association ED N. BROCKMAN Tulsa Sigma Nu Varsity Football, '23'l14 Captain, '26 Athletic Council LEO MORRISON Lexington Sigma Chi Sigma Delta Chi MRS. NINA C. NUNNERY Oklahoma City Zeta Taug Glee Clubg Sociology Club: Y. W. C. A. MARY E. RICE Purcell Pierian Y. W. C. A. Philosophy Club ARTS AND SCIENCE WALTER ARNOTE McAleste1 Kappa Alphag Congressg Pittsburg Co. Clubg Bucf hanan Clubg State-County Union. ALICE BELKNAP Norman Alpha Chi Omegag Delta Psi Kappag Oikonomiag Y. W. C. A. Cabinetg Kappa Phi. MARJORIE BERRY Hollis Alpha Chi Omega DAKIN BOARDMAN Oklahoma City Phi Kappa Psi Varsity Tennis PANSY COTTRELL Milburn Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. Buchanan Club MARGARET KERR Tulsa Kappa Kappa Gamma Buchanan Club Y. W. C. A. JAMIE BELL ' REPLOGLE Oklahoma City Kappa Kappa Gamma French Club Y. W. C. A. VEVIA B. SMITH Okeene Alpha Xi Delta Kappa Phi Buchanan Club CARLTON E. STENTZ Oklahoma City Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Chi Sigma Clip InterfFrat Council VICTOR J. VACIN Enid B Delta Pi Mystic Keys Glee Club, 'Q.2f'Q.3, jazz Hounds RUBY A. WOOTTEN Chickasha - Kappa Kappa Gamma Zetalethian , Y. W. C. A. Grady Co. Club BUSINESS MERWYN L. BLACK Bowie, Tex. Pi Kappa Alpha Ruf Neks Longhorn Club Chamber of Commerce LLOYD CHISM Ada Sigma Alpha Epsilon ROY E. COLE McAleste1 Sigma Chi Bus. Opp. Club Pittsburg Co. Club BYRON T. DAWSON Norman Pi Kappa Phi Alpha Kappa Psi Chamber of Com' merceg Congress EUGENE GENTRY Lawton Delta Tau Delta Alpha Kappa Psi Chamber of Commerce Comanche Co. Club ROY H. GRIFFIN Kosse, Tex. Alpha Tau Omega ELMBR L. HUFF Oklahoma City Square and Compass Y. MDC. A. J. K. JOHNSON Lena Junior Chamber of Commerce VANCIL JOYCE Oklahoma City Alpha Sigma Phi Ruf Neks Forum JOHN H. MUGLER Perry Pi Kappa Phi Ruf Neks Chamber of Com' merce W. A. PATTERSON Eufaula ACaCi a HAZEL PLUMMER A-aadarko Kappa Psig Gamma Epsilon Pig Bus. Opp. Clubg Math Clubg Y. W. C. A.g W. A. A. JACKSON M. SLOAN Houston, Tex. Phi Gamma Delta E. H. SOLF Carmen Delta Tau Delta Chamber of Com' merce EDUCATION WILLIAM ROY BAKER Altus THOMAS BARRER Granite Kappa Delta Pig Phi Delta Kappag Scholiag Webster- ' Y. M C A ' Iang . . ., Buchanan Club. GLEN H. BEAR Devo! MILDRED M. BROWER Thomas Scholia Kappa Phi HELEN ELIZABETH BROWN Fletcher Scholia J. AUSTIN BUTLER Putnam ANNA BLANCHE COTTINGHAM Ada Y. W. C. A. Scholia Pi Zeta Kappa MRS. CHAS. FBRRELL Hobart FERNE K. FORBES Norman ' CE RTRUDE HACKER Purcell Alpha Gamma Delta Orchestra OLLIE MAE HAEEER Dallas, Tex. Alpha Omicron Pi Scholia Y. W. C. A. FRANK D. HEss Alva Phi Delta Kappa PEARLE GLIVIA HICKS Shawnee Las Dos Americas GPAL HINTON Snyder Kappa Phi ZOLA HOUSER Hobart Phi Cmega Pi EFFIE KNIGHT Noble MILDRBD MADOLE Oklahoma City . Kappa Delta Pig W. A. A.g Ducks' Cluhg Y. W. C. A.g Life Saving Corpsg Delta Psi Kappa. MRS. ETHEL GOOR MILAM Paden Scholia CHAUNCEY OTTIE MOORE Norm an Phi Delta Kappa Clip Sigma Mu Sigma Scholia Red Red Rose CLARA MOORE Norman Pi Zeta Kappa Scholia Y. W. C. A. Student Volunteer MADGE MCWHORTBR A Blair Alpha Omicron Pi Y. W. C. A. Lacs C. F. OLDHAM Coalgate Phi Delta Kappa Y. M. C. A. CLARENCE ORMAN Tulsa Scholia -IIMMIE PRATBR Oklahoma City Alpha Xi Delta Scholia Riding and Polo Assn. W. A. A. Fiddlers' Club GRACE PRITCHARD Alva Zeta Taug Kappa Phi Scholia 3 Las Dos Americas Blue Blue Violeti Y. M C. A. E. E. RILEY jones Seholia RUTH ROWLEY Kiowa Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. Las Dos Americas Enter Nous Scholia RETTA SMITH El Reno Pi Zeta Kappa ENGINEERS HERBERT F. BBARDMORE Oklahoma City Sigma Chig Tau Pi: Togag Engineers' Clubg Pick and Hammerg St. Pat's Board. J. J. BOLLINGER Tyrone Sigma Taug Tau Pig Clipg Engineers' Clubg A. S. C. E.g St. Pat's Board. ALBERT T. BRETT Ponca City Kappa Tau Pi Kappa Kappa Psi Band Polo A. S. C. E. ANSBL CI-IALLENER Oklahoma City A. I. E. E. Engineers' Club JOI-IN H. COFFMAN Holdenville Phi Delta Thetag Scabf bard and Bladeg Tau Pig Clipg Engineers' Club: Staclia. CRAWFORD COOPER Norman WILLIAM L. CORNELIUS Antlers Sigma.Alpha Epsilong Tau Pig Ruf Neksg Togag Clipg Checkmateg Baseball, 'zgg lnterfFrat Council. LEO A. COURTER Enid Sigma Chi VERALD H. DAVIS Shawnee Kappa Theta Tau Pi Clip WALTER H. DWINNELL Guthrie CLYDE FERGUSON Marlow Kappa Alpha Sigma Tau Engineers' Club Jazz Hounds DAVID FIELDS Tulsa Alpha Sigma Phi A. S. M, E. Engineers' Club Clip Oklahoma Co. Club RALPH GEEK Foss Sigma Taug Scabbard and Bladeg Student Councilg Stadia Clubg -Engineers' Clubg Clip. R. B. GREENE Sapulpa Kappa Theta Engineers' Club A. I. E. E. J. LEHMAN HEELEY Norman ' Stadia Club Engineers' Club Polo Scabbard and Blade LEE HENDRIX Welch Tau Pig Togag Engineers' Clubg Clipg Checkmate: Ruf Neksg A. S. C. E. GWYNNB B. HILL Oklahoma City I Lambda Nu Glee Club, '2zf'z3f'24 Engineers' Club R. W. HIPPEN Oklahoma City Sigma Mu Sigmag Sigma Tau, Tau Pig Alpha Chi Sigmag Engineers' Clubg Square and Compass, Clip. THOMAS JESSE JOHNSON Zavalla, Tex. Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Gamma Epsilon Scabbard and Blade JAY B. KELSO Pharr, Tex. Alpha Sigma Delta Engineers' Club A. I. E. E. TEXAS LOONEY Chickasha l58l LANDON A. MCCOLLISTER Mangum Phi Delta Theta 3 Scabbard and Blade, Tau Pig Clip, Engineers' Clubg Staclia Club, R. O. T. C. Dance Com., 'zsg Cannon Club. JOSEPH LEWIS NEAL Avant Sigma Taug Tau Pi Engineersl Club A. l. E. E. HERBERT L. CAKES l Norman Delta Tau Delta, Sigma Taug Peeetg Checkmateg Tau Pig Student Council, l24'l2j'Q InterfFrat Counf eil, Engineers' Club, Vice' Pres. Soph. Eng., 'ajgg St. Pat's Dance Com., '24'g St. Pat's Banquet Com.g Del. MidfWest. Student Coun., 124g Wrestling, Footballg Stadia Club. R. L. PHILIPS Pauls Valley Phi Gamma Delta Sigma Tau Ruf Neks HAROLD W. RICE Dallas, Tex. Kappa Theta Engineers' Club Stadia Club PERCY H. ROBINSON Capvon Sigma Tau A. I. E. E. . Engineers' Club St. Pat's Board R. E. THORNTON Paden , Sigma Tau A. I. E. E. Scabbard and Blade Clip X FINE ARTS NELBIE B. ASHCROFT Altus Chi Omega Meletanian Ducks' Club Life Saving Corps DOROTHY C. AYRES Drumright Phi Mu Mu Phi Epsilon Y. W. C. A. NELLlE BARNES Okeerie Pi Zeta Kappa Kappa Phi Glee Club Prexy Club CLARA BONEBRAKE El Reno Delta Psi Kappag Brush and Paletteg Life Saving Corpsg W. A. A.g Ducks' Clubg Riding and Polo Assn.g Y. W. C. A.g Canadian Co. Club. MYRTLE LUCILLB BROWN Oklahoma City Blue Blue Violet Glee Club HELLEN COLLAR Chandler Gamma Phi Beta Y. W. C. A. Eurodelphian Pianists' Club Entre Nous ZAZELLA DICK Oklahoma City Alpha Gamma Deltag Phi Mu Gammag Blue Cur' taing Y. W. C. A.g 'iCasf sili's Engagement" Cast. E591 NANCYE DOOLEY FENN Norman LORENE M. GILBREATH Apache Y. W. C. A. Brush and Palette WENDELL HARPER Oklahoma City Chi Omega ' RUTH HUMPHREYS Muskogee Gamma Phi Beta Woman's Chorus Brush and Palette EVELYN LEWIS D Los Angeles, Cal. LOUISE LITTLE Norman Mu Phi Epsilon Pianists' Club Pierian 'IFLORENCE MITSCHRICH Norman ' Mu Phi Epsilon Pi Zeta Kappa Y. W. C. A. Cabinet - - SENIOR LAW JOHN S. BROWN Oklahoma City Forum LLOYD E. MCGUIRE Guthrie Sigma Alpha Epsilon CY HOWENSTINE, JR. Arapaho Phi Delta Phi Clip Whirlwind Staff Publication Board BEN HATCHER Stonewall Delta Tau Delta, Phi Delta Phig Phi Delta Kap- pag Clipg Ruf Neksg Pres. Congress, 'ng Little Teng Student Council, Pres. Junior LaWg Togag Check- rnateg Wrestlingg Oratorf ical Council, 'ng Golden Fleece. R. PLACE MONTGOMERY Hobart Alpha Sigma Phi, Phi Delta Phig Oratorical Coun., l23'l24Q Marshall Bar, l23Q Stunt Nite, 'ng jazz Houndsg junior Bur' lesque, 124, Congressg Pres. Law School Assn., as. LEO B. NICHOLSON Muskogee WILLIAM JONES, JR. Hartshorne HAL S. WHITTEN Oklahoma City Phi Alpha Delta WAYNE BILLINGS Oklahoma City Delta Tau Delta Ruf Neks EDGAR WAITE CLARK Pawnee Delta Pig Phi Delta Phi, Rep. Blackstone Bar, 'mg Cheadle Bar, l23Q Vice' Pres. Junior Law Class. CHARLES L. AN'DREWS Snyder Kappa Epsilon ' Phi Alpha Delta Young Democrats' Club Track KENNETH D. MITCHELL Oklahoma City Sigma Chig Phi Alpha Delta, Ch. jus. Harper Barg Ch. jus. Jackson Bar, Rui' Neksg Red, Red Roseg Y. M. C. A.g InterfFrat Coun.g VicefPres. Senior LaWgVicefPres.GleeClubg American Legion. SEEE CHRISTIAN Dmmright Kappa Epsilon Congress Clip Young Democrats' Club DONALD LEE BROWN Lindsay Phi Delta Phi Forum Law School Assn. BERT GRAYSON ASHBY Dallas, Tex. Delta Tau DeltagPhiDelta Phig Ruf Neksg Golden Fleeceg Ch. Law Dance Com.g Law School Assn.g Asst. Bus. Mgr. Whirlf wind, 1242 Bus. Mgr., 'zgg Longhorn Club. WALTER L. BARNES Guthrie Alpha Tau Omegag Phi Beta Kappag Phi Alpha Deltag Alpha Kappa Psig Golden Fleeceg Ruf Neksg Clipg Blackstone Bar: Oratorical Council. CALVIN P. BOXLEY Oklahoma City Alpha Sigma Phig Phi Alpha Taug Ch. Jus, Mar- shall Barg Congressg "Dumb Wifef' "Dover Roadf' "Dulcie." JACK BRADLEY H artshofrne Websterian WILLARD EGOLF Muskogee Phi Gamma Deltag Glec Clubg Clipg Oratorical Coun.g Forumg Blackstone Barg VicefPres. Junior Classg Publication Boardg Editor Whirlwind, 'zsg Stunt Nite Playwrite. GEORGE W. GRANT Oklahoma ,City Kappa Alpha Jazz Hounds ROBERT LEE HADWIOER Alva RALPH C. HARDBR Cushing Kappa Epsilon Phi Mu Alpha Phi Alpha Delta CLAIRE HEENAN Oklahoma City Phi Kappa Psi GORDON Hicxoic Taloga Monnett Bar Band EDYTHE JACOBS Tulsa Mortar Boardg Law School Assn.g Secy. Senior Law Classg Blue Curtain Clubg Philologiang Menorahg Tulsa Co. Club. JOHN BLAINE JOHNSON Tulsa "OfOfO" Monnett Bar, '25 ORBIE W. JOHNSON Duncan Athenean MORRIE KIRSCHENER Muskogee Phi Beta Delta Menorah I Congress NURSES BERNICE HARMON Thomas MAE OLDHAM Idabel Student Council , '24 ANNE MCGEE Oklahoma City VERA JO GLENN Norman Y. W. C. A. BBSS KILLOUGH Hobart Secy.fTreas. Class, .25 Y. W. C. A. LEONORA ROEY Randlett LENA SMITH McAlester Student Council, 124 Y. W. C. A. EULA KERNICK Hoidenville JOSEPHINE MELTON Oklahoma City BEULAH FELILOWS Grace-mont IDA MATHENY Chandler CLIVE REYNOLDS- Hugo KATHERINE TAYLOR 'Yukon STELLA Coczcs Sioux City, Iowa PHARMACY GRANVILLE PEARCE Norman Kappa Psi PAUL BOLLINGER Oktaha KENNETH K. DUNI-IAM Lawton Delta Pi Phi Delta Chi Ruf Neks Mystic Keys FLOYD WAGGONER Erick b GLENN PHILLIPS Wauvika Kappa Psi R. G. T. C. Band CARL RUDOLPH HEBINCK Chickasha FRED E. WRIGHT Olustee Kappa Psi E631 GLENN D.' PRATHER Roosevelt Phi Delta Chi PAUL B. KENNEDY Purcell Sigma Alpha Epsilon Kappa Psi Mystic Keys MARION HORTON Shattuck Sigma Phi Phi Delta Chi CHARLES V. HAUNCHILD Bramcm ALBERT L. HILBIG Moofeland Kappa Psi GARRIE ED BRAY Mangum Phi Delta Chi Triturate, H23-,'l'24 I. C. PR.EWITT Eldorado Delta Pi Kappa Psi , Clip Y. M. C. A. Apothecarian Club SENIORS Unclassified WAYNE R. MCCOLGIN Rankin Lambda Nu StatefCOunty Union EDWARD L. SISSON Norman Sigma Nu Rui' Neks Alpha Delta Sigma Square and Compass Clip I. ROWAN TALIAFERRO Oklahoma City Phi Delta Theta, Sooner Burlesque, 'mg Stunt Nite, '22, lnterfFrat Councilg Bus. Opp. Club. NELLMA THOMPSON H artshorne Delta Psi Kappa Gamma ,Epsilon Pi DALTON Voss Chickaslia Alpha,Kappa Psi Websterian Y. M. C. A. Chamber of Commerce Grady CO. Club JOHN B. WOOTTEN Chiclzasha Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Mystic Keysg Bus. Opp. Clubg Frosh Track, 'ng Fresh Football, 'arg Var' sitv Track 'zz' Al ha , 1 v P Kappa Psi. EDUCATION STELLA CASH BELL Stroud Phi Omega Pi l 641 GRACE COsHOw Kingfisher Tau Mu Y. W. C. A. ROJLEY C. FITCH Norman Delta Gamma SALOME SMITH .Norman Kappa Delta Pi Scholia Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. ETHEL STOCKTON McLean, Tex. LOIs WHITE Tulsa Zeta Taug Scholiag Kappa Delta Pig W. A. Ag Kappa Phig Y. W. C. A.g Clee Clubg A. A. U. W. LETA ALMA WHITWELL Norman Scholia Y. W. C. A. MATTYE WILSON Norman , Phi Mu Cubs' Club Theta Sigma Phi Y. W. C. A. ENGINEERS EUGENE BATHE Lenapah Alpha Sigma Deltag Pe-etg Sigma Tauq Engineers' Clubg A. I. E. E.: I. R. E. J. bl. BOLLINGER Tyrone Sigma Taug Tau Pig En' gineers' Clubg St. Pat's Board: Clipg A. 5. C. E. HOWARD HARRIS Muskogee Phi Delta Theta Square and Compass Engineers' Club Clip HAROLD D. HUGHES Henryetta Square and Compass Engineersl Club A. I. E. E. Ckmulgee County Club 1. RAY MATLOCK Oklahoma City Tau Pi Stadia Engineers' Club DONALD ROBINSON Cordell Pi Kappa Alphag Scabbard and Bladeg Sigma Taug Atheneang Engineers' Clubg Washita Co. Club. QAKLEY WADSACK Norman Scabbard and Blade Engineers' Club Clip A. S. C. E. FIN E ARTS MADQE BEARD Tulsa Alpha Chi Omega RUTH BELL GOBER Norman Pi Zeta Kappa Y. W. C. A. Kappa Phi Blue Curtain TESSIE RUDELL Konawa Mu Phi Epsilon Glee Club Y. W. C. A. .IOSEPHINE SMITHEY Harmon Blue Curtain Y. W. C. A. Pierian Women's Council LEAH TROSPBR ' Oklahoma City Alpha Phi . Y. W. C. A. 5 Blue Curtain SUBERT TURBYFILL Norman Pi Kappa Alphag Conf gressg Univ. Bandg Stage Mgr. Burlesque, 'ng Stunt Niteg "Clarence"g "A Pair of Sixesng "Cassilis' En' gagementng Blue Curtaing Cleveland CO. Clubg I nterf Society Reading, 'z9.. HELEN WALLACE Tulsa Kappa Kappa Gammag Phi Mu Gammag Mortar Bd.g Pi Zeta Kappag Blue Curf taing Y.W.C.A.g Letzeiser Medal, '24Q PanfHellenic, 24. GEOLOGY MARSHALL BROWN Tulsa Kappa Sigma Sigma Gamma Epsilon Chi Chi Chi Congress J. HOYT LEWIS Kingston Kappa Alpha Ruf Neks Sigma Gamma . Epsilon H. J. MORGAN, JR. Paris, Tex. Alpha Sigma Phi Polo Association A. S. C. E. HOME I ECONOMICS LENORE BARNES Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha Theta Oikonomia Y. W. C. A. ' EDNA BRETCH Oklahoma City Delta Gamma Oikonomia EDYTHE ARVILLA HASWELL Norman Pierian Y. W. C. A. MARIAN KING Oklahoma City Zeta Tau Alpha Kappa Phi Y. W. C. A. Oikonomia MRS. L. D. PETERS Norman Phi Omega Pi PanfHellenic CANDACE REID Norman Oikonomia EVA JO WOLEE Drumright Chi Omega Pres. Oikonomia L LAW I. BART ALDRIDGE Wewoka Phi Kappa Psi Ruf Neks Baseball, '22725' Basketball, '23 JAMES R. EAGLETON Norman Sigma Chi Phi Alpha Delta WILLIAM BRYAN GIBSON Elmore City Kappa Sigma Phi Alpha Delta Square and Compass HAWLEY KERR Tulsa Sigma Alpha Epsilon LBNDON A. KNIGHT Tulsa Delta Tau Delta, Phi Delta Phi, Pi Kappa Deltag jazz Hounds, Athenean. ED LIGON Tulsa Sigma Alpha Epsilong Chi Chi Chi, jazz Hounds, Osage CO. Clubg Battle' Axe. JOHN E. MCCAIN Russelville, Ark. Asst. Just. Monnett Bar, '22g Atheneang Razorback Club, VicefPres. Law School Assn. DICK PBNDLBTON Norman Phi Delta Theta MAROBLLUS PRIEBE Norman Phi Gamma Delta, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Alpha DeltagGoldenFleecegVigif lance Comm., Track, 120' l2I',22Q Wrestling, HZOQ Mardi Gras, ,192 jazz Houndsg Minstrels, l1QQ Stunt Nite, ,I9f'2If'22g Harper Barg Congress, Commercial Club. CHARLES SKALNIK Medford Phi Delta Phi Lambda Nu Websterian Monnett Bar EDWARD C. SNYDBR . Oklahoma City Phi Delta Theta lG7'J NORTON STANDBVEN Tulsa Sigma Chig Phi Delta Phig jazz Houndsg Inter-Frat Coun. g Pres. StatefCounty Union. HOWARD WATKINS Mount Ida, Ark. Phi Delta Phi FRANK L. WATSON M cAlester Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Kappa Psi, Delta Sigma Rho, Pi Sigma Alpha, Pe-etg Phi Alpha Tau, VicefPres.FreshmanClass, l2OQ Phi Alpha Delta, Student Coun., '21, Pub. Bd, '22f'23 1 Debate Team, '22"23,f'24g Congress, L'Tempest," 119, "Stop Thief," '23, Won State Oratorical Contest, 'ng Pres. Senior Law, '25, Ox' ford Debate, '25, Pres. Student Union, '24. LAZELLB WHITE Drumright ' Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Alpha Delta, Frosh Foot' ball, '21, Varsity Foot- ball, '22f'23f'24g Student Coun., Athletic Assn., Exec. Coun., Student Union. MEDICINE EMERY E. ALLING Oklahoma City Alpha Kappa Kappa L. - V. BAKER Attica, Ind. Alpha Kappa Kappa DONALD W. BRANHAM Oklahoma City Phi Beta Pi Phi Mu Alpha MEDICINE ALVIN L. GORBY Oklahoma City Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Kappa Kappa Clip FORREST HALE Cherokee Chi Zeta Chi ALLEN CLARENCE KRAMER Tulsa Kappa Alpha Alpha Kappa Kappa PHARMACY PAUL ROBERT BOREN Shawnee WILLIAM GWEN CRISMORE A Eva HAYDEN DUNN Davis Kappa Psi DELAN E. EIDSON Booneville, Ark. Sigma Phi Kappa Psi E633 HENRY J. EISCHEID Norman JACK A. HAMILTON Dustin PAUL A. JONES l Elk City Sigma Phi Phi Delta Chi HELEN MOTE Stillwater Lambda Kappa Sigma Y. W. C. A. WIIILMA POWELL Crescent Lambda Kappa Sigma Kappa Phi Y. W. C. A. I Secy. Senior Pharmics DeBarr Club FRED ARNOLD PRIEEE Norman Sigma Phi Scholia Square and Compass Red Red Rose PAY SI-IACKELEORD Wynnewood Kappa Epsilon Phi Mu Alpha Kappa Psi FRESHMAN LAW LAURENCE E. FERGUSON Anadarko Phi Delta Thetag Scabbard and Bladeg Blackstone Barg Ruf Neksg Oratorical Coun.,'23g Athenean, 'nf '23, VicefPres.g Sooner, l23'l24Q Editor, 'zgg Glee Club, l7.2'l23Q Quartet, 'zgg Pres. R.O.'I'.C. Stu' dent Coun., 'zig Sooner Burlesque, '14q InterfFrat Coun., IZ4. D. EDWARD I-IODOES Newkivk Sigma Chig Pefetg Phi Del- ta Phig Ruf Nelcsg Okla. Daily Staffg Sooner Staff, l14'l2'fQ Pub. Bd.g Inter' Frat Coun.g Cubs' Clubg Kay Co. Clubg State' Co. Uniong BattlefAxeg Blackstone Bar. SENIOR MEDICINE ANDREW F. GIESEN Oklahoma City Phi Rho Sigrnag Secyf Treas. Senior Medics. JUNIOR LAW MRS. DR. PALMER McAlester SENIOR NURSES HATTIE DAWKINS Little Rock, Ark. ETHEL BARNES Tahlequah Y. W. C. A. SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCE MARVIN C. WALKER Oklahoma City Kappa Alphag Wrestlingg Cubs' Club. FRESHMAN LAW RALPH G. THOMPSON Nowata Beta Theta Pig Clipg Alpha Kappa Psig Scabbard and Bladeg Inter'Frat Coun.g Congressg Oratorical Coun.g Sooner Staff, 'zgg Bus. Mgr. Sooner, 'zgg BlackstoneBargQuoVadis. SENIOR PHARMACY JESS W. STUNKLE Carrier Kappa Psi VI. P. TEDROWE Mooveland Pres. Senior Pharmicsg Phi Delta Chig Square and Compass. HURSEL A. WILKINSON Garber Alpha Sigma Phi Mystic Keys JUNIOR MEDICINE JOSHEUA V. HYBR Cheyenne Chi Zeta Chi Sec'yfTreas., Jr. Medics GEORGE H. KIMBALL fermings Alpha Kappa Kappag Pres. Jr. Meclicsg Cross Counf try, 124g Clip. L. E. WOODS Altus Phi Beta Pi VicefPres. Ir. Medics JUNIOR ARTS AND SCIENCES ELEANOR KINCAID Henryetta Kappa Alpha Theta Y. W. C. A. JACK HAMILTON NEALE Shawnee Alpha Tau Omegag Alpha Delta Sigmag Varsity Def bateg Soph. Class Pres., R24Q InterfFrat Coun., '24'12SQ Oratorical Coun., '13-5.53 Okla. Daily Staff, 'zgfzgg Bus. Mgr., E55 Congressg Rur' Neksg Blue Pencilg Cubs' Club. CHARLOTTE BONDS Muskogee Pi Beta Phi PanfHellenic CHAS. W. BARWICK Guthrie Cubs' Club ROET. F. BRANDENBURG Norman Phi Delta Theta Tennis, ,24'w25' Blue Pencil Tennis Capt., 525326 PAULINB HUEY Norman Oikonomia Presidents' Club Y. W. C. A. HARRELL LEE Norman ' Sigma Alpha Epsilon Forum Sigma Delta Chi HUGH A. EDMONDSON Maysville, Ark. Sigma Alpha Epsilon HAZEL B. JAMES Norman Alpha Xi Delta Kappa Phi Eurodelphian Y. W. C. A. MARVIN E. TOBIAS Lehigh Phi Beta Delta Y. M. C. A. Coal Co. Club Menorah AUBREY MosEs Lexington Websterian H Oratorical Council LUCY ANN BABCOCK El Reno Phi Mu Sec. Woman's Council Treas., Y. W. C. A. Oratorical Council Zetelethian SOPHIE MOSELEY Duncan Alpha Chi Crnega Y. W. C. A. History Club PEARL BARR Dover Delta Psi Kappa Las Dos Americas FRIEDA DERDEYN Pauls Valley Chi Omegag Entre Nousg Las Dos Americasg Glee Clubg Y. NV. C. A.: Burlesque. RUTH CHASE Tulsa Phi Mug Ducks' Clubg Life Savers, Y. W. C. A.g W. A. A.g Polo Assn.g Glee Club. CLAUDE E. SMITH Okeene Acacia MARY BETH DAVIES Monroe, La. Alpha Omicron Pi W. A. A. French Club MAXINE HEELEY Henryetta Phi Mug Kappa Phig Iota Sigma Pig Y. W. C. A., DeBarrClubgDucks'Clulw. LLOYD MOODY Shawnee Sigma Phi VicefPres. Junior Class, Q25 Y. M. C. A. KETURAH ' HARRINGTON Norman Las Dos Americas Women's League L, R. V1cToR ANDERSON Fairview Kappa Theta Congress Pistol Team Varsity Debate LEO K. HUGHES Coalgate Sigma Phi Blue Pencil Las Dos Americas Pick and Hammer Phi Tau Gamma ARNOLD A. ALBRIGHT Perkins Alpha Pi Mu Pres. PrefMedic Class Zoology Club MARIO B. RODRIGUEZ Porto Rico Cosmopolitan Club Las Dos Americas CHESTER R. COLE Ardmore SigmaAlphaEpsilongClipg Pres. Junior Class, 'msg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Forumg President Student Uniong "Tattle Tale." FRANCES FREY Chiclzasha Kappa Kappa Gamma Glee Club ' Burlesque, '25 i EDNA MAE BROOKS Durant Alpha Omicron Pi ELVA CURTIS Jenks Kappa Gamma Epsilon W. A. A. Entre Nous THOMAS W.KGRUBBS McAlester WILLIAM H. DOUGI-IERTY Claremore Buchanan Club Y. M. C. A. HAZEL B. JAMES Norman GLENN MASON Hooker Kappa Epsilong Phi Mu Alphag Alpha Kappa Psi: Y. M. C. Ag Banclg Mystic Keys. WILLIAM CARNEY Rudy, Ark. Kappa Epsilon Razorback Club Alpha Chi Sigma ROY NEWMAN Shattuck Pi Kappa Phi PEGGY HIGI-ILEY Oklahoma Ciry Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. Spanish Club I. L. Coox. Atoka Sigma Phig Publication BoarclgOkla.DailygForumg Oratorical Coun.g Pub. Mgr. Stunt Niteg Cubs' Club. RAY H. LONG Cordell Kappa Psi Y. M. C. A. joHN L. PAGE Norman Sigma Mu Sigma Geography Club RUBY BEAN Oklahoma City Alpha Xi Delta Eurodelphian Y. W. C. A. MARY LEE KRETZ Okmulgee Phi Mug Y. W. C. A.g W. A. A.g Pieriang Ducks' Clubg Newman Club. MIGNON FAUGHT Fort Towson Alpha Omicron Pi VELMA MANESS Marietta Ducks' Club W. A. A. Life Saver WILLIAM H. CRAVEN Norman ALBERT NEWMAN Cleveland Pick and Hammer EMMETT THOMPSON El Reno DON LEMASTERS Purcell Kappa Theta Buchanan Club VIRGINIA CHESHER Norman Gamma Phi Beta Cikonomia A Womerfs Council Y. W. C. A. LEO K. HUGHES Coalgate Sigma Phig Blue Pencilg Las Dos Americasg Pick and Hammerg Phi Tau Gamma. :ir I ,II L W? fgf. 5 Nfl. ,NX . .ff --5 .,. ' if Y ' . 3 -3-ffl W 1 .gt 1.1 -,:9af.3.J.l- HZ ' 'j-EQ, 'Al' i - l rl 5,11 ,Mft ' 519. -may ...wir ' Q 4, rr' mr :GQ ,T ...iii Uni 1,5 an ljggeg ug? Y X l' lim A A lsllll td . L ' Ile 'R '.:wr,:3r A H .. fr, if .irgjI5'sQJeai.M1'4.a-I I xl. 212 Z4 ' - . ' 1 1, -1 ' . will lil' 4'-s .inlifl pug' 1 ' - R- H :llgfll Lili 'l' N. if sg Q ji' 'l I Ml-"5 ' ' .. :l"'f slay Q' I ical! A ,ar Q1 . H ' ..'--H "Q -vi, ,utgg if-, . f1I,illi' ' Mvfljfi' gl dill ik? iw'-A 5? V- ., Q fr! f IE' ' 2 , . 1 .A -I "Q ' LJ-I 1 3 231 . 4, gf . L P ri fl'-:ze I- i ' ullllil ' . - ll il ri: .4 "'- 1 . ,:' 5 sjgg f i ? f x p i.. 'Ez f YE E5 31 ri - 'W ' ifllili ' g. iii? ,tif il? 7 , 4 ' :Sf : ' I 1 id NAI' .,.. :gk ' A 2. " 59? 5:-::-wikis. '.1f1'i::?" 'I "iii llzlal f fi: ii? ,fy X .rf f f 3 rx reaavizazafz A A J .4 ? gi' 'l A -Mil . Z-1' f ' 1:-f 1 - Ff 2 153! J., fi lm. 5 .213 . .5 2 1 Q 522 3. "'- 1 5? ..:ff . ' 1 4" Za? fi -I CY! 926 A E952 Lu? 31 MARGARET BERRY Olzrnulgee Kappa Kappa Gamma MARTHA HATFIELD Pawliuska Pi Beta Phi Y. W. C. A. Osage Co. Club L. V. MURPHY Norman Lambda Nu Congress Lieut., R. O. T. C. CHARLES CUNNING Ada Phi Delta Thetag Band: Glee Club. MARIE FOSTER Cushing Phi Mu PanfHellenic Ducks' Club W. A. A. Y. W. C. A. HELEN BUELLESFELD Blackwell Alpha Gamma Delta Entre Nous German Club Y. W. C. A. Eurodelphian RUBY WHEELER Pawnee Pi Beta Phi J HASSIE BURFORD Lindsay Scholia REX WHIST LER Norman Scabbard and Blade CHARLES W. FARBER Cordell Alpha Pi Mu Frosh Football R. C. T. C. Council Clee Club HUGHEY DUNLAP Bixby Math Club JESSE W. WALRAVEN Rush Springs Sigma Mu Sigma VICTOR BUNCH Centralfiorna Rifle Team WALTER ALLING Guthrie N X Sa: 1 W rf: S 3, G 9 SL, -as.: l i 434 S3222 2 255 4 iz S 1. cw Rl Ella V fi ,. gf ., S l , - l . ' "' f 3- ai L i ea..-,W-.N ,1,.fg,gg., ' f W'f33ieV.-'Wf ' " f- ' 2, .. , . 5 Q -f lfrsf ., :,1 -, . uf, :vig v 1-: 'N.5.,, ', A 'P .4 if22.f,":. ,A 1 . : ,gina W 1 fi 'Ti ., .-1 f ' ' f ,133 , W A S 1 S-1-. -1-.1 - A FE? ' 4 . 3:5 ,, ? . MV. 1-ww wg ,A ., ,...4 ., , Q A , -A .j.,::,.1 .lr V, 1 5 il' 4 1, ,V .:...1,.:..:g:,. ,. fl gl "fQ.r .- 51: 3,5 na. '. . ,-SVS: :ff , 4 X W in QR? ' if .XS f 42- ff l M W , Sf S, X 1- Q 4 .. X ..Q,,,,. s. L -.4-Si 6 . , 1. V -- Q75 3, fig - 2 .. Vi, , li 7 f. .. .W .. M .4-fw V Vze S ,.., . , 3 9 V546 0 X E A 2 X56 . vu .1 wg,- . :gg 15:23 sigma .T f .,--,. .V 41:1 - i 2 Hs .si-:1 S: rg .5-5 'Hifi :ig S14- i ,, ig?:ffi1f,Tg 4' ' vs-4fQf ,, 'f9 ' S,Qv:KgV, yi, Y., S-.zufwgv -i S- 21 1 -gpgggr. 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CLARA MAE BELL Purcell Pi Beta Phi Y. W. C. A. Indian Club McClai11 CO. Club V. RAYMOND BELL Bridgeport Kappa Theta Congress LOTTA BETTES McAleste1 Alpha Gamma Delta Y. W. C. A. FOSTER BOGGS Oklahoma ity C Alpha Sigma Phi JAMES W. BOONE Caddo Alpha Sigma Phi VERNON C. BRADY Nowata ISABEL LOUISE BREEOE Herrryetta Alpha Phi Zetalethian JOHN C. BRITTAIN Oklahoma City Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Kappa Psi Clip Y. M. C. A. JOHN C. CARROLL Muskogee Phi Delta Theta ' Clip Football ROBERT N. CHASE Norman Kappa Theta Kappa Tau Pi DAMON E. COREIN Cluckasha Phi Gamma Delta Congress HELEN CARROLL CORNISH McAlester Kappa Kappa Gamma Orchestra OLIVE CROSEIE Tulsa Delta Psi Kappa WOmen's Council Pres. Prexy Club W. A. Aj EDWIN A. DAWSON Stockholm, Sweden Phi Kappa Psi Scabbard and Blade ERDEAN DIAL El Dorado VERA DONHAM Brinkman Entre Nous JOSBPHINE DORSEY Oklahoma City Alpha Phi PanfHellenic E. J. DOWNING Tulsa Beta Theta Pi AGNES LEE DUNLAP Gotebo Delta Gamma Las Dos Americas Y. W. C. A. Cabinet RALPH F. ELLINGER Noble Phi Delta Thetag Phi Alpha Taug Clipg Conf gressg Y. M. C. A. Cab.g StatefCounty Union. RACHEL HARRIS Byars RUTH S. HECKLER Waukomis Alpha Phi Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. ELIZABETH HILL Vinita Pi Beta Phi VIRGINIA HODGDEN Enid Pi Beta Phi HARLAN M. HOLT Norman Sigma Nu Glee Club Phi Mu Alpha Sooner Quartet JEAN MARIE JAY Oklahoma City Alpha Gamma Delta Fiddlers' Club Orchestra MARCELLA JONES Oklahoma City Delta Gamma MAINARD KENNERLY McAlester Phi Gamma Deltag Ruf Neksg Bus. Mgr. Elect, I9z6 Soonerg Whirlwind Staff, '21f'23f'z4. KATHERINE KILLAM Laredo, Tex. LUCILE KILLINGSWORTH Ardmore Pi Beta Phi EMMA LANDON Oklahoma City RAY H. LINDSEY Pauls Valley Kappa Sigma Band Track MRS. FLORENCE LUSTER Norman Ducks' Club Life Saving Club Physical Educ. Faculty Delta Psi Kappa EARL MARTIN Newkirk Kappa Tau Pi Websterian Lambda Nu Y. M. C. A. Cabinet HELEN MEISTER Oklahoma City Chi Omegag Math Clubg Delta Psi Kappag Secyf Treas. Junior Classg Zetalethian. IMOGEN V. MERRILL Oklahoma City Gamma Phi Beta RALPH MILLER Eldorado , Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Boxing Team Rifle Team WINFIELD L. MILLER Norman Sigma Chi LOLA MINICK. Eldorado MARIE MORELAND Idabel FLOYD H. MCBRIDE Oklahoma City Sigma Nu Oklahoma Co. Club Basketball ,'2.4, '25 PRISCILLA MOCOME Oklahoma City Delta Gamma HARVEY MARY MOCOY Mena, Ark. Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. Razorback Club BENNIE A. MOELYEA Erick Pi Kappa Phig Sigma Delia Psig Mystic Keysg Rui' Neksg Prosh Track, 'zgg Cross Country, '13, g Wrestling, l24Q Track, '24g Beckham Co. Club. EDITH MCKINLEY Pond Creek HERSCHELL E. MCNEES Walters Sigma Gamma Clip Pick and Hammer MARGUERITE RICKS Tonkawa Alpha Chi Omega Buchanan Club Y. W. C. A. Meletanian GRAYCE SCHOONOVER Newkirk Alpha Chi Omega PanfHellenic Phi Mu Gamma IDABEL SEITZ Billings Alpha Chi Omega Zoology Club Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. ROY SLOAN Norman R. O. T. C. Band ELIZABETH SMITH Wichita Falls, Tex Alpha Chi Omega Delta Psi Kappa Euroclelphian Y. W. C. A. JAMES DALE THOMPSON Oklahoma City Pi Kappa Alpha Mystic Keys Pick and Hammer BERT S. TUA McAlester Congress Oratorical Council VicefPres. State' County Union HAROLD C. VANDBRPOOL Norman Kappa Kappa Psi Lambzla Nu Y. M. C. A. Pick and Hammer Band, l13'l24 LOUISE VENTRESS H Norman Ducks' Club MTRIAM ANTHONY Norman Phi Omega Pi Y. W. C. A. Sociology Club Buchanan Club MARY BOUTELLER Norman Theta Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Pi 'Zeta Kappa Oklahoma Daily Staff Y. W. C. A. JOHN TATE BRITTAIN Oklahoma City Phi Delta Thetag Pi Sigma Alphag Pres. Y. M, C. A., '24g Kappa Tau Pig Alpha Kappa Psig Clipg Sec:y,- Treas. Y. M. C. A.g StadiumfUnion Com., '14Q BattlefAxe. MARY E. BECKHAM Norman LOUISE BEARD Bison Chi Omegag Theta Sigma Phig Phi Mu Gammag Philologiang Life Saving Clubg Whirlwind Staflfg Blue Pencilg Blue Curtaing Cubs' Clubg Ducks' Club. CATHRYN BAssETT Okmulgqe Kappa Kappa Gamma Y. W. C. A. JENNIE BALK Clrickasha 791 LEONA BAILEY Norman Phi Omega Pi Y. W. C. A. ROSCOE GATE Muskogee Kappa Epsilong Sigma Del- ta Chig Blue Pencilg Okla. Daily Staffg Clipg Cubs' Clubg Okla. Mag. Staffg Okla. Weekly Staff. ISABELLE CLARK Norman Phi Omega Pi MARY LOUISE CLYMER Olzla. City Alpha Phig Delta Psi Kap' pag Y. W. C. A. Junior Cabinetg Executive Coun. Women's League. ALBERT COOPER Hugo Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Delta Chi Clip Cubs' Club Oklahoma Daily Staff LORAINE COPPEDGE McAlester Kappa Kappa Gamma Glee Club PanfHellenic Blue Pencil HAROLD F. CREVELING Norman Kappa Epsilong Phi Mu Alphag Lambda Nug Bandg Orchestra. RUTH CROW Healdron Alpha Gamma Delta Euroclelphian Carter Co. Club Y. W. C. A, Indian Club REBA CROWE Olusree Alpha Xi Deltag Eurodelf phiang W. A. A.g Riding and Polo Assn.g Y. W. C. A,g Entre Nousg Jack' son Co. Club. STANLEY CUNNINGHAM Chickasha Pi Kappa Alpha MARION DODDS Stroud Delta Delta Delta Math Club Y. W. C. A. LOUIS J. PINK St. Louis, Mo. Pi Kappa Alpha ROBERT E. FLYNT Nocona, Tex. Phi Kappa Psi MILDRED K. FREE' MAN Pauls Valley Delta Delta Delta Ducks' Club Y. W. C. A. Buchanan Club E803 AGNES FRICK Apache CRYSTAL GIBSON Wagoner Pi Beta Phi TOM GODEREY Cherokee Sigma Nu Ruf Neks Chi Chi Chi JAMES GORDON McAlesteT Kappa Alpha RALPH GOODMAN Oklahoma City Sigma Alpha Mu LYDONE JANE GOODWIN .Stratford Alpha Phi Pierian Glee Club ESTHER GREEN Erick Alpha Phi Entre Nous Zetalethian Y. W. C. A. Sociology Club WILLIAM G. GREEN Norman Alpha Sigma Delta WILMA JEANNE GREEN Oilton Iota Sigma Pi W. A. A. Ducks' Club DeBarr Club WALKER GRISSO Seminole Pi Kappa Alpha Alpha Kappa Psi Websterian Oratorical Council W. D. HAND Stillwater Kappa Sigma CATHERINE E. HARRIS Navman Iota Sigma Pi W. A. A. Meletanian GLADYS HOAGLAND Coats, Kans. Zeta Tau Oikonomia WILMA HOWELL Holdenville Alpha Chi Omega May Queen, '25 l81l BERNARD HUNTER Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha ELINOR ITTNER Tulsa Pi Beta Phi Y. W. C. A. SAM L. JACKSON Durant Sigma Chi FRANK WILTON JONES Henryetta Pi Sigma Alphag Square and Compassg Summer Student Coun., '24g Pres. Websteriang Oratorical Coun. WILLMOORE KENDALL Iclabel CELLUS L. KERLIN Homer, La. Pi Kappa Alpha FLOYD KIKER Butler MARY DOROTHY LONG Billings Phi Mu Pi Zeta Kappa Y. W. C. A. Cabinet VANITA LEE Lawton Prexy Club Y. W. C. A. Ducks, Club PARK W. LAMERTON Enid I Phi Delta Theta LYNNE RICHMOND MAPES Norman Sigma Phi Vigilance Com., 122 Frosh Football, 'zz Varsity Football, '13-'24 SARAH MARSHALL Oklahoma City Delta Gamma MILTON MAY Oklahoma City Sigma Alpha Mu JOE M. MAYES Pryor Kappa Sigma Athletic Council Frosh Football Baseball I .yig 'I I8-'ll CHESLEY A. MORGAN Comanche Acacia Alpha Pi Mu ETHEL MCALPINE Haileyville Chi Omega Sophomore Queen, 124 PanfHellenic R. O. T.. C. Sponsor, 324 DOUGLAS MCMURRAY M cAlester Phi Delta Theta Chi Chi Chi Ruf Neks MERRILL A. NEEL Norman Pick and Hammer DeMOlay Y. M. C. A. ROGER PLUMMER Broken Arrow Sigma Chi LILLIAN RANDEL Wichita Falls, Tex. Chi Omega JULIA MARGARET RECK Oklahoma City Alpha Phi Y. W. C. A. Zetalethian ERNESTINE REDWINE Spiro Alpha Xi Delta EDNA RICHARDS Norman Phi Omega Pi Y. W. C. A. Bow RITCHIE Ponca City Sigma Nu CLARK STEINBERGER Tulsa Phi Kappa Psi Sigma Gamma Epsilon Football ALFRED P. STEEN Kansas City, Mo. Phi Gamma Delta Whirlwind Staff RUSSELL STEELY Canon City, Colo Sigma Nu LUTHER B. SMITH Marietta Phi Kappa Psi l83l DENVER H. SMITH 'Tuttle Sigma Phi Websterian B. P. SMITH Chiclaaslia Phi Delta Theta Scabbard and Blade MARGUERITE TERI-IUNE Hirztori Alpha Chi Omega Las Dos Americas Y. W. C. A. PI-IIL VAN METER Oklahoma City EARL A. VESTAL Sfluariah, Tex. LLOYD WEsT Oklahoma City Delta Tau Delta JULIA WALLACE Pauls Valley Y. W. C. A. MARYE WILLIAMSON Lindsay Delta Gamma Ducks, Club MILDRED WILLIAMS Normart Pi Beta Phi J. KENNETH WILKINSON Muskogee Sigma Nu DAMA WHITE Poteau Alpha Phi StatefCOunty Union ROBERT A. YODER Tulsa Beta Theta Pig Phi Tau Gammag Clipg BattlefAxeg DirectorSoonerBurlesque, 'zgg Stage Director Stunt Nite, '24g Pres. Congressg Student Coun.g Tulsa CO. Clubg Inter-Frat COun.g Oratorical Council, . BUSINESS WILBUR FUNDERBURK Shreveport, La. Phi Kappa Psig Alpha Kappa Psig Sooner Staff, 'zgg Whirlwind Staff. ELD RO PA UL PETERSON Haskell Beta Theta Pi Scabbard and Blade I 212 , 454.551 4 1' m., 52,6113 - ,5.,fEiig.. X ni . fur, f.:i?Jza'i L.,- Mai V' 51 , ' 4 I milf ,. Agfa, ,BM 9' 'f X, .2 yr A. 2 gi ' W2 fy 8822 I, wif-mg, .fa t, ff , "-ff' 4' s?'a., 5i .' 61421. 44:3 0 ff ' Q9 1 5 Q92 as f ' . fir I r 4 ,QM , , iw X K yy K gg A 5' f gg 2 f I , - , ,f Pr f 1 ' W lj, 1 6 QQ A? 4 ig 2 ' 4 'zu ra' may . , 5' I l I W Mans I .I 'pgtlif 2' gf , gym f Fiffld D lglglyyfl ,I lf 7f?'lfl:7 , 3315- g al- M Wav 2' fm I In-'Hs fm' vie? .,,'.: T Wi rffwi , is-, ' :am 1 1 'I Im?-.haf Z U ft' I ,mi www , Q f 52124 V 4 liz agagg 512722 f S1252 Y Y i LY , v . if 4 . 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RALPH BOHANNON Shawnee Sigma Phi Websterian HERSOHELL UNDBRHILL Cherokee Pi Kappa Alpha Websterian Alpha Kappa Psi Bus. Club FRED HATCHETT Foss Kappa Tau Pi Websterian Oratorical Council JOSEPH ASHTON Purcell CLA RBNCE SPBNCE Oklahoma City ROBERT N. CHASE Norman l85l CLAUDE S. THOMPSON McAleste1 Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Kappa Psi Clip ERNEST DRAEECK Wheatland LEWIS E. MCCARTER Pond Creek Alpha Kappa Psi THEIL CONNOP. Vinita Duzksl Clubg A. R. C.g Indian Clubg Bus. Opp. Clubg Life Saver. GERALD MONAGHAN Muskogee Sigma Chig Bus. Opp. ClubgMuskogeeCo.Clubg Whirlwind Staff, l23',24Q Chamber of Commerce. MAHLON L. BANKS Oknmlgee Kappa Epsilon Alpha Kappa Psi DOROTHEA RAMSEY .Quinton Alpha Xi Delta Gamma Epsilon Pi JOHN F. AMOs Oklahoma City Delta Delta Tau Y. M. C. A. Cabinet EUGENE M. BOYLAN Oklahoma City Kappa Epsilon Alpha Kappa Psi Phi Mu Alpha University Band Bus. Opp. Club ROY VICTOR BYNUM Indianola Pi Kappa Phi CHARLES E. FORD Enid Beta Theta Pi ROY GUFFEY Shawnee Kappa Sigma SAM N. HADDAD Beggs Alpha Kappa Psi Athenean R. O. T. C. Lieut. EVERETT S. JOHNSON Tulsa Sigma Chi E ff.. - : 5- . . . . I--if '- af-51 " ' "if, If .flfI'2 'f5 QS- - Y ir. . -.-.-,- . . ss ,WK Manx f ffbqfk ff XXV. , J51'.,'.l px , fwgfi gb fir.. Q , . :Aga .5 N 3 I Siu.. 35955 Mffffiicf. gli 5 E I If f 3. I V? X 7' K Pi if F T -4 W SN x Q Q 4 Q M ,X 4 Q, ..,, . . . . ., 4 45.5 . .va H.: -am. Q- .I 1 ' Y f- 4 I I-J? 3.95, pass' . is 4 ll' 95, S S ffl 'l ' Ji N ' gi . I f if Y Y .Saw fl, N .5 ...J . 5 Tfefzi-'W .,.w,,,. ig R, mi ,:p.f:,.,....5: NL R4 A I, 5- . . . lv'-5 T 511134711 az? ' A62 W., .........,, , . W Iaigwei. E, lllffldf :gig ,fm -:aff . ' 1, .iss -lam .2 ,V A -::,.zf1:s:.:a:sa-5. Ifi-2251314 f ,R X if JV , . ,.,3,i... .. I ' f.,,,., . 1 I.l,i1I. aaii . ..... ..,. .pp....pppp . a p J .. , . f Ig!! H H -, 2? .: .. .aa has-' 5 gi: - I iagiffi , I fx . 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SCHWEIN Norman Kappa Alpha I' . , .+,' ,- ,l I u'7w'.'Lmg --.3 -. - v S. ,. 4,l,s..,f4lyl..,,xm Erin il'l l'llll"'li'l' "ll lvl JUNIOR EDUCATION JEANETTE BARBOUR Norman Phi Omega Pi Meletanian Y. W. C. A, Oratorical Council Cubs' Club ELOISE BISHOP Claremore Chi Omega GERTRUDE BROADRIOK Chickasha Zeta Tau Scholi a HELEN COSTLEY Dallas, Tex. Alpha Gamma Delta ENID DAVIS Tonkawa Phi Mu Glee Club Louis I. DRESSEN Woodward Omega Kappa Nu Frosh Football OLA ELLIOTT Snyder Phi Omega Pi Scholia Y. W. C. A. NORVIL L. GEORGE Manchester Kappa Tau Pi Lambda Nu Scholia Y. M. C. A. Cabinet StatefCOunty Union MIRIAM KERNODLE Norman LOUISE MARTIN Lamar Pierian Y. W. C. A: V. MONTGOMERY Cloud Chief Scholia ETHEL PAULINB MOORE Norman Kappa Delta Pi Scholia W. A. A. RUTH R. RILEY Oklahoma City Pi Beta Phi PATTYE LOVE SMITH Marietta Alpha Phi JUNIOR ENGINEERS SANFORD BABCOCK El Reno Kappa Theta Engineers, Club A. S. C. E. JACK S. BOLLES Norman Engineers' Clubg Staclia Clubg Clipg Pres. Junior Eng. Classg Sigma Chi. FLOYD O. BOND Norman Sigma Tau A. I. E. E. HARLAN E. CHASE Durant Kappa Theta , Sigma Tau Tau Pi A. S. C. E. M. C. CICERO San Antonio, Tex. Pick and Hammer Engineers' Club Frosh B. B., 122 LEO P. CLOUD Arapahoe Engineers' Club Pres. Custer CO. Club ROBERT CROWDUS Oklahoma City Engineersl Club A. S. M. E. , E Q. .l ly all ll ,: gg 5: 24521: 2 2. ' -1! .ran ill K- E V ., .S 53 Q .. A. N ff S -' .VE J iqgrgw K ' gf X 4 S I 1 xg ,2,.jfjQ gk X A ,f .. ,SN 1 vi J '4 2 EFX ' me l ' 49 1..i...,,laW,. .K i 2 xl Q V 1 f l fs 4 a ' .Q .Ei sa , Q' 525. Wg X li 2 a S ll N, 4. l N .1 gap if if , ii 25 , 545 Q 3 4 'J' 213 , S' Wy 1 255 Z X 55 I .15 big 11 l l Q l Q waz. 5 S.. - . . l t. 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' Z va 4 av 4, 1... f Pi Q 1 -fazwvawsz 1 1 , .,.....4a' 'S VICTOR HAROLD DECKER Guthrie Sigma Alpha Epsilon Math Club Engineers' Club Logan Co. Club HOWARD DELANO Bristow A. I. E. E. JACK W. DUNN Graham, Tex. Sigma Phi Phi Delta Chi Longhorn Club Engineers' Club QRLAN HARDER Bixby Clipg Togag Engineers' Clubg Tau Pig Sigma Taug Math Club. R. F. HUGHES Norman Sigma Tau A. I. E. E. Engineers' Club JAMES KAUFFMAN Tulsa Kappa Epsilon Tau Pi FLOYD LACEY Anadarko Sigma Alpha Epsilon BattlefAXe Engineers' Club DANA G. HIEFLEY Henryetta Alpha Chi Sigmag Sigma Taug Tau Pig Lambda Nug St. Pat's Boardg Clipg Glee Club, '23f'24f'1s. LLEWELLYN G. LEAVITT Purcell Phi Kappa Psig Ruf Nelcsg Secy.fTreas. junior Engi- neersg Engineers' Club. FRED Z. MILLS Aberdeen, Miss. Phi Delta Theta B. E. MORGAN Falls City, Neb. Pi Kappa Alpha Sooner Staff LEWIS NIELSEN Coldwater, Kans. Kappa Theta Stadia Club Engineers' Club JOHN EDWARD OWEN Blair Sigma Tau Tau Pi Engineers' Club A. I. E. E. HORACB C. PUCKETT Cliickaslia Engineers' Club A. S. C. E. l89l FRED E. PYEATT Tulsa Sigma Nu BRUCE SPENCE Oklahoma City Sigma Taug A. l. E. E.g Engineers' Clubg Vice' Pres. junior Engineers. GEORGE SPIVEY H ominy RALPH TYLER Slziatoolz Treas. A. I. E. E. Scabbard and Blade CECIL WHITCOTTON Wilbufton Scabbard and Blade Engineers' Club A. I. E. E. DANIEL WILSON Hinton K Lambda Nu WILLIAM R. WOLFE Oklahoma City Sigma Nu Engineers' Club JUNICR FINE ARTS RUTH MARGARET ALEXANDE R Ardmore Phi Mu Glee Club Quartette CHRISTELLE ALLGOOD Rucker, Tex. SYBIL ELIZABETH BAUM Blackwell NATALIE C. BROACH Tulsa Kappa Alpha Theta Y. W. C. A. AGNES BUERCKLIN Prague Phi Cmega Pi Pianists' Club BEATRxcE DALTON Norman Zeta Tau Y. W. C. A. STELLA FORTIER 'Tulsa Meletanian Oratorical Council, l22"13 Y. W. C. A. Alpha Omicron Pi l90l MARGARET FRANTZ Enid Delta Gamma Phi Mu Gamma Blue Curtain GRACE HALSTED Guthrie Pi Zeta Kappa Brush and Palette Y. W. C. A. JOSEPHINE JOHNSON Clrickaslra Kappa Alpha Theta Y. W. C. A. BLANCHE MURIEL KELLNER Vici Secy. Summer Student COUf1,, '24g Whirlwindg Prexy Clubg Brush and Paletteg Ex. Coun. Womaifs Leagueg Blue Blue Violetg Secy. Dewey Co. Club. MARY ANN KUDER Gotebo Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. DOROTHY MAYES Oklahoma City Y. W. C. A. Brush and Palette Lois MOZLEY Norman Phi Mu Y. W. C. A. Zetalethian ALTA MBRLI1 MCMAHAN Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha Theta JOI-INNIE RAY PRUITT Lindsey Alpha Xi Delta Indian Club GARNETT REYNOLDS Wilson Alpha Gamma Delta Glee Club LUCILB ROBBERSON Norman Alpha Omicron Pi PanfHellenic Y. W. C. A. HELEN ROBINSON Enid Delta Delta Delta Blue Curtain CATHLEEN SAINT Okmulgee Phi Mu RiHe Team Pierian Brush and Palette Y. W. C. A. THELMA SMITH Gage Delta Delta Delta Blue Curtain l91 ROTHWELL STEVENS Cage Phi Mu Alphag Orchesf trag Fiddlers' Clubg Pianf ists' Clubg Websterian StatefCounty Union. ANITA TAYLOR Anadarko Delta Carnmag Phi Mu Gammag Blue Curtaing Caddo Co. Clubg State' County Uniong "Cassilis' Engagement" Cast. MERCEDES TIHIORPE Oklahoma City Alpha Gamma Delta Entre Nous Y. W. C. A. PanfHellenic MYRTLE WETMORE Coweta Phi Omega Pi Blue Pencil Blue Curtain Wagoner Co. Club Y. W. C. A. GLADYS WINDERS Aledo, Ill. Blue Curtain Pierian Y. W. C. A. VIRGINIA WRIGHT "Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha Theta MARY ALICE YORK Indianola . JUNIOR LAW DAVID BUCHBR Wilson Kappa Epsilong Phi Alpha Deltag ClipgDebateg Athef neang Pres. Junior Law Classg Ch. Jus. Phi Alpha Deltag Oratorical Coun. ARTHUR B. CARPENTER A'rd-more Pi Kappa Alphag Phi Alpha Deltag Marshall Barg Congress. JACK B. DEAHL Norman MERLE EXLINE Seiling Alpha Sigma Phi Phi Alpha Delta Clip G. ELLIS GABLE Muskogee Phi Delta Phi COLEMAN H. HAYES Durant Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Delta Phi Ruf Neks Phi Delta Phi Scholarship Medal HOUSTON E. HILL Chickaslia Kappa Alpha Jazz Hounds ,-'I ,. 21 'Jil-YEWI 2. 5 3 at 55555 .-gesfijiiiffaaidiilyg it V iw- .s,.fw. . 1.595 p54:.-..- xv mf, ,Y . g, rim ':.::' - . 4-3 i, .q3I.i..,g,fei I 5 'K ,mp T ffl' I 1 1 E? 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JOHNSON Norman Sigma Alpha Epsilong Mystic Keysg Ruf Neksg InterfFrat Coun., 'ng Football, .2I'q7.2'l23Q Golf Club. J. RONALD JOHNSTON Tulsa Delta Tau Delta Phi Delta Phi Mystic Keys Inter-Frat Council Blackstone Bar ERNEST B. LYKINS Ardmofre Beta Theta Pig Ruf Neksg InterfFrat Coun.g Chi Chi Chig Mystic Keysg Athenean. O. B. MARTIN Tahlequah Pi Kappa Alphag Delta Sigma Rhog Phi Alpha Deltag Red Red Roseg Cherokee Co. Clubg Atheneang Debate. CLYDE MILES Beaver Pi Kappa Phi FRED H. MURCHISON Muskogee Beta Theta Pi Ruf Neks V. P. MCCLAIN Elk City Phi Alpha Delta Clip JUNIOR Unclassified FINE ARTS IOLA JUNE HARRISON Harriman Alpha Omicron Pig Pieriang Orchestrag Fidf dlers' Clubg Y.W. C. A.g Sponsor Battery G. EDNA EARL MCCRADY Norman Phi Omega Pi Cleveland Co. Club Life Saver Y. W. C. A. DORA DEAN REED Mangum Pierian Y. W. C. A. Prexy Club ALVIN RIVES Holderwille HOME ECONOMICS THEITIS CURREATHERS Hobart Alpha Xi Delta Glee Club HAZEL DAHL Hobart ANABBL SMITH Guthrie Kappa Alpha Theta Oikonomia Orchestra E931 HAZEL ROBERTS STOUGH Geary Phi Omega Pi Pierian Ducks' Club Oratorical Council Life Saver LAVV LEVERETT EDWARDS Oklahoma City Phi Delta Thetag Phi Del' ta Phig Whirlwind Staff, S'lI','l2Q Ed., '23',24Q Soon' er Staff, 'zgg EditorfElect, '26g Cross Country, 'ng Blue Pencilg Forum, DON ELLISON Oklahoma City Alpha Tau Omegag Phi Alpha Deltag lnterffrat Coun.g Golden Fleeceg "Stop Thief!"g "Seven Keys to Baldpatef' RICHARD B. SCHULTZ McKinney, Tex. Sigma Nu Ruf Neks Chi Chi Chi BILLY H. THOMPSON Tulsa Pi Kappa Phi Phi Mu Alpha FINIS M. WALKER Waxahaclaie, Tex. Congress Pres. Student Union Pres. Young Demo' crats' Club THURMAN H. WILLIAMS Chickasha Phi Gamma Delta VicefPres. Junior Law Golf Club SOPHOMORE ARTS AND ' SCIENCES JAMES STUART ECHOLS Altus REBECCA LOVE Ardmore Kappa Alpha Theta French Club RALPH D. MILLER El Dorado W. H. NEWLIN Bixby FRANCES PALMER MCAlester Kappa Phig Y. W. C. A. Orchestrag Fiddlers' Club? W. A. A.g Pieriang Las Dos Americasg Pittsburg Co. Club. WILLIAM FLOW Hobart Delta Pi WILLIAM MORGAN Hinton Track Baseball Las DOS Americas Math Club I I l94l ROY Z. TAYLOR Oklahoma City GEORGIA CHAPLIN Norman JOHN R. PARKER Sherman, Tex. Phi Delta Theta JAMES L. HADDOCK Norman Websterian R. O. T. C. Band LOUISE CLINKSCALES Vinita Kappa Alpha Theta Buchanan Club Sociology Club Y. W. C. A. Craig CO. Club WILLIAM GLENN RUSSELL Altus Sigma Alpha Epsilon MIKE ANGLIN Sterling City, Tex. Sigma Phig Y. M. C. A.g Websteriang Longhorn Clubg Pistol Team, 'zgg Oratorical Council. HAZEL GRAHAM Wilson Las Dos Americas STANLEY SMITH Tulsa Sigma Alpha Epsilon MARIE H. PICKETT Bristow HORTBNSE KERNODLE Norman Las Dos Americas Y. W. C. A. FRANK A. STEWART Lawton MABEL CLARE TAYLOR Choctaw EMMETT A. DARBY Norman Alpha Tau Omega Kappa Kappa Psi Las Dos Americas Cir. Mgr. Ckla. Daily Band E951 HAZBL DEAN HARRIS Norman Phi Mu Y. W. C. A. Oikonomia IRIS PATTERSON Hitchcock H. N. SCOTT Fairland Sigma Nu Congress StatefCo. Union W.WARREN TERRELL Norman Pi Kappa Alpha Mystic Keys MIRIAM B. MANDELBAUM Oklahoma City Alpha Pi Mu Cosmopolitan Club Tau Mu University Club MELVILLE METCALEE Eafaula Pi Kappa Alpha Stunt Nite Cubs' Club Magician, Glee Club Websterian OLA H. ELLIOTT Norman ERNEST SHARPE Oklahoma City Phi Delta Theta Las Dos Americas PAUL KEY Sapulpa Phi Delta Theta G. ELLIOTT SWEET Norman Alpha Chi Sigmag Sigma DeltaPsig Blue Pencilg Glee Clubg Track, 5.4725 HELEN BUCKER Ponca City Alpha Xi Delta KappaPhigY.W.C.A. Kay CO. Club FRANCES MURPHY El Reno Kappa Kappa Gamma Ducks' Club Y. W. C. A. MAEEL THOMPSON Amarillo, Tex. Alpha Xi Delta Glee Club PanfHellenic Sooner Staff, '25 Las Dos Americas MAY ROSE ADERHOLD El Reno Kappa Kappa Gamma Las Dos Americas Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. E951 ETHEL BOLEND Oklahoma City Alpha Phi Blue Pencil Cubs' Club Delta Psi Kappa JAMES WILLIS DOW Muskogee Blue Pencilg Y. M. C. A.g Scribblers' Clubg Sooner Staffg Poetry Clubg Asst. Ed. Okla. Weeklyg Philos- ophy Clubg Univ. Mag. Staff, Cricicg Muskogee Co.ClubgWhirlwindStaff. TOM V. CARTER Okmulgee Phi Kappa Psi Forum MARG UERITE LANGFIT A Shidler W. A. A. WILLIAM B. MULLINS Maclill Sigma Alpha Epsilon BattlefAXeg Pick and Hammerg Track LOIS ELAINE MAPLE Norman Alpha Chi Cmega Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. ' Oikonomia ELIZABETH RICE Purcell Las Dos Americas Y. W. C. A. ENA MAY Norman Alpha Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. Cikonomia EDWARD H. BEAVER Oklahoma City FRANK SHAW Oklahoma City Whirlwind Staff, '23f'24f'25 Sooner Staff, '25 CLARENCE E. ADAMS Elmore City W. P. WRIGHT Oklahoma City Alpha Pi Mu HUGH ANDREWS Byars Sigma Nu DILLON ANDERSON McKinney, Tex. Sigma Nu Frosh Track Las Dos Americas Rifle Club GEORGE H. STROUD Valliant Beta Theta Pi MILDRED HOLLAND Madill Kappa Kappa Gamma RUTH REDWINE Spiro Alpha Xi Delta FRED MAINS Ryan Kappa Epsilon Phi Mu Alpha Alpha Pi Mu Band O. R. GREEN Ponca City Kappa Alpha Blue Pencil Kay CO. Club OPAL LEE SHORE Dmmright Phi Mu Cubs' Club F. M. TUCKER Oklahoma City Alpha Pi Mu ROBERT F. FLEET Tecumseh KELSBY CLARKSON Martha B. H. CAREY Pauls Valley Athenean ELIZABETH CANSLER Enid Pi Beta Phi Ducks' Club Life Saver French Club Y. W. C. A. W. EDGAR BRADY Mayfleld Sigma Phi CrossfCountry, 524 Frosh Football, 523 Beckham Co. Club CHARLES A. ROCKWOOD Oklahoma City Phi Pi Epsilon Polo and Riding Association FRED WEWERKA El Reno Kappa Theta Blue Pencil Athenean 5 .M at . .X 51, ' uma :fi-: . t . 1 1 2 , , .4 .V It . . at-ga: A ' ESQ? ,, .... : .!,, wg 5, . sf ,535 25 ci. . 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GRANVILLE SHEETS Tonkawa l99l REBECCA BLOOM Wetumpka Philologian Menorah MAURLCE COE HARPER Muskogee Kappa Epsilon Orchestra, l24'l25' Band, '14f'7.5 Glee Club Muskogee Co. Club ROBERT E. SHELTON Clrickasha Congress Grady Co. Club Debate WALTER RAYMOND GRAALMAN Blackwell Kappa Epsilon Stadium Ben. Play Glee Club Mystic Keys MILDRED TURMAN Okmulgee Phi Mu Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. Polo Association Okmulgee Co. Club FRANCES MURPHY El Reno - Kappa Kappa Gamma Y. W. C. A. Ducks' Club JOHN MCCUTCHIN Bristow Pick and Hammer l MAXINE WOODRUEF Perry Delta Delta -Delta THEODORE R. LEE Oklahoma City Phi Gamma Delta Congress Debate Y. M. C. A. Council CHARLES D. PAINTER Nowata JOHN W. PRIMROSE Eufaula Alpha Tau Omega Mystic Keys Polo Capt., R. O. T. C. JOHN S. SHED Norman FLOYD NEWMAN Shattuck ALLEN WOOD RIGSBY Oklahoma City Phi Gamma Delta wi? 3' .5 X algal' af I-.5 f. -Elf l as . cy . gr 3,2 -22 :Pi E? ' 'Mal fy? 15 k- S. 42?-5.2i:l ., ...Yi ,. 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LEWIS Ardmore Phi Gamma Delta Philosophy Club Boxing ELEERT L. LITTLE Muskogee Pick and Hammer L. J. FULTON Apache LILLARD BRANDON Cement Kappa Theta Athenean J. RUSSELL WITT Cmndjield RUSSELL LONG Chickasha JACK EDWARDS Oklahoma City LOREN I. BUCK Carney Pick and Hammer MERLE WILLIAM DENNY Lawton Sigma Nu GEORGIA M. FARLEY El Dorado Tau Mu Orchestra f101J RAYMONDLW. HA RBER Seminole IRVIN GIEZENTANNER Dmmright LESLIE LEROY BURRUS Tallihina Pick and-Hammer ALICE NOELL A Blair A. MARION SMITH Pawlmska JOHN CEDRIC RANDOL Clinton Pi Kappa Alpha LORRAINE NICHOLS Valliant Women's Council Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. MARY E. ANDERSON Fairview Chi Omega LOUIS ANGLEMAN Kingfisher Sigma Alpha Mu Congress J. BYRON BAIRD Stroud Pi Kappa Phi BOYLSTON B. BASS Oklahoma City Sigma Nu ELDRED BATES Tulsa Delta Tau Delta Mystic Keys Congress ALFRED BARY BEARD Shawnee Alpha Pi Mu DANE BENNETT Hominy Gamma Phi Beta Eurodelphian Y. W. C. A. i I gi f it FJ: 1 1 1: A -.ea..1.1 'ftp A.-1: 111mg 5, .. 5 A sa. 1 .. 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CLARK Oklahoma City Gamma Phi Beta Buchanan Club Y. W. C. A. CHARLES W. CLIFT Marlow 1 Sigma Nu Wehsterian 1 'III-"ilu l J. SPENCER ENTRIKEN Enid Beta Theta Pi EARL L. BA RRETT Tulsa Pi Kappa Phi P. JACK BIRGE Oklahoma City Alpha Pi Mu KATHERINE M. BOND Chickasha Kappa Kappa Gamma GLADYS COOKE Erick Ducks' Club Beckham CO. Club NORMAN COOKE Erick Beckham Co. Club Frosh Football, '22 Football Wrestling StatefCOunty Union WESLBY COLLINS Higgins, Tex. Pi Kappa Phi JACK M. COPASS Healdton Websterian Zeta Sigma Sooner Staff, '24f'z'-5 Whirlwind Staff, l'L4'l2Y HOWARD F. COUCH Luther Alpha Sigma Phig Stunt Niteg Boxingg "Dover Road" Castg Baseball: Wrestling. TOM B. CRITCI-ILOW Oklahoma City Kappa Sigma MARGARET GAIL CROSBY Weatherford Alpha Gamma Delta MILDRED LOUISE CROSBY Weatherford Alpha Gamma Delta Eurodelphian Y. W. C. A. ROGER W. CUNNINGHAM Oklahoma City Sigma Chi JACK CURRAN Enid Phi Gamma Delta B. B. CURRY Blackwell Delta Tau Delta H. K. DEVER El Reno Alpha Pi Mu JAMES P. DIBRELL' Van Bwren, Ark. Sigma Chi FORREST DUEEIELD Pauls Valley Kappa Alpha Mystic Keys GEORGIA DUNCAN Sayre O. W. DUNCAN Nowata Congress CARROLL ELLIOTT M angum Orchestra fiom ELI EUBANKS Wafclville Wehsterian Rifle Team Wrestling Young Democrats' Club BERNTCE FORD Altus Alpha Gamma Delta Ducks' Club THELMA FORD Konawa HAZEL FOWLER Reclrock Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. GEORGE FRAZIER Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha KATE FREEMAN Oklahoma City Chi Omega MAX FREEMAN Tonkawa Pi Kappa Alpha Band MRS. GILBERT FULTON Oklahoma City Alpha Gamma Delta J. EDWIN GARRETT Fort Smith, Ark. Pi Kappa Alpha: Phi Alpha Taug BattlefAxeg Yell Leader, 'ng Razor- back Clubg Frosh Foot- ballg Varsity Pep Mgr., '13g Student Union. DELEERT L. GIDEON Ponca City Pi Kappa Phi Lambda Nu Blue Pencil Glee Club Poetry Club HAROLD GILBERT Tulsa PRICE GITTINGER Norman Kappa Sigma Orchestra Band ALFRED M. GLADSTEIN McAlester Sigma Alpha Mu InterfFrat Council GEORGE W. GOAD Grove fiosl MARLIN GODDARD Wagoner Phi Kappa Psi BattlefAxe Band Wagoner Co. Club MARVIN GOODNER Norman R. C. T. C. Band GEORGE S. GOOLSBY ldabel Alpha Tau Omega Mystic Keys L. R. GOWER Tulsa Delta Tau Delta LESLIE F. GRAY Purcell Pi Kappa Alpha R. C. T. C. Band McClain Co. Club EDNA VIOLET GRIEFITH El Reno Zeta Tau Kappa Phi PanfHellenic EDGAR F. GRIMM Stroud Phi Gamma Delta R. O. T. C. Band Glee Club CECIL F . GROSS Randletr Pistol Team, l24',2'j ENNIS M. GULLETT Lamar Pi Kappa Phi CATHERINE GURLEY Blackwell Alpha Chi Omega Phi Mu Gamma NELL JANE CUTHEIE Norman Alpha Xi Delta Eurodelphian Zoology Club Y. W. C. A. WILLIAM C. HALLER Oklahoma City Sigma Nu Student Council Football Basketball Track KERMIT HARDWICK Lexington Sigma Nu JOHN W. HAEILINGTON Norman Alpha Sigma Phi fiom DARALL GILMORE HAWK Dewey ELMO HESTER Webb City Alpha Tau Omega MAXEEN E. HICKS Osceola, Iowa Glee Club ROSALHE HIGH Chickasha RICHARD HITCH Sterling LINNE HOLMBERG Norman Beta Theta Pi Band ETOYLE HOUSTON Noble PAUL HOWARD Headrick JESSIE VERNON HUDIBURG Blackwell Alpha Chi Cmega Glee Club LORENZ D. HUEF Devol Math Club JOHN M. HUSER Okemah KERMIT W. INGHAM Oklahoma City Beta Theta Pi Kappa Kappa Psi Y. M. C. A. Band ROBERT JANZ Norman HAROLD D. JENKINS Paclen Sigma Phi F1071 ALTON L. JOHNSON Hastings BERNICE JOHNSON Greensburg, Kans Alpha Chi Omega PanfHe1lenic ADAM JOHNSTONE Bartlesville Kappa Sigma Band Frosh Basketball DENVER D. JONES Hartshorne ' PATRICK JONES Hartshofne J. WILLIAM KALT Tulsa WILLIAM KAPLAN Okmulgee Sigma Alpha Mu Alpha Pi Mu EDNA KBENEY Clzecotah Delta Delta Delta FRANK KELLY Davis Pi Kappa Alpha WILLIAM L. KELLY 'Yukon Kappa Theta MILDRED' KERN Paden Phi Omega Pi PHILIP CONNOR KIDD Norman Kappa Epsilon LEONARD KING Clinton Pi Kappa Alpha MARGARET KRUSE Enid Delta Delta Delta Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. f108l GBORGETTA LARSH Norman CONSTANCE LEATHEROCK Oklahoma City Phi Omega Pi Y. W. C. A. MONTE LEDFORD Tulsa Sigma Nu Football Student Council Tulsa Co. Club J. BURYL LOTTRIDGE Enid Kappa Alpha Stunt Nite, Q25 Burlesque ED. D. LOUGHNEY Muskogee A Phi Kappa Psi Mystic Keys MARVIN W. LUDINGTON Ponca City Sigma Phi Websterian Mystic Keys Pick and Hammer KATHERINE LYTLE Sapulpa Alpha Xi Deltag Pierian: Women's Councilg Kappa Phig Oratorical Councilg Y. W. C. A. JAMES M. MANATT Amarillo, Tex. Sigma Alpha Mu Longhorn Club Polo Association PAULINE MASON Lawton Alpha Phi ' Y. W. C. A. Entre Nous BRUNO PAUL MAYER Coalgate Y. M. C. A. RICHARD MERCER Blackwell Pi Kappa Alpha CHARLES MILLER Sapulpa Phi Gamma Delta Mystic Keys Pick and Hammer Creek Co. Club StatefCounty Union CLYDE J. MOORE Pauls Valley Phi Gamma Deltag Athef neang Garvin Co. Clubg Frosh Basketballg Frosh Trackg StatefCounty Union D. L. MOORE Bartlesville Alpha Tau Omega 51091 CHARLES W. Moss Norman Websterian B. H. MURPHY Beggs R. O. T. C. Band ESTEL B. MCCOLLUM Waynoka Alpha Pi Mu Y. M. C. A. Lambda Nu Vice-Pres. Pre-Medios LORRAINE NICHOLS Valliant Women's Council W. A. A. Y. W. C. A. GEORGE WILLIAM NOEL Kansas City, Mo. Phi Gamma Delta OOTAVIA PARCHMAN Olzmulgee Kappa Alpha Theta ZELMA PARKINSON Olamulgee Gamma Phi Beta French Club Y. W. C. A. Ckmulgee Co. Club SAM PAYNE, JR. Hobart MARY ALENE PERRY Seminole LEWIS M. POE, JR. Tulsa Phi Gamma Delta PAY Poo UE Greenwood, Ark. FRANK POTTS Ada Phi Delta Theta Boomer Capt., l24 Freshman Track, '24 Varsity Track, l25 DAVID T. RAY Sapulpa Kappa Kappa Psi University Band RaZOrback Club Creek CO. Club CHARLES O. REID Morrison Inu! S ..,1.s4. 5123 1 iii 33 53? 1 E2 1, 4, nr .S 3 1:55 2 'ia R' f -" M 1 E we 12 S, .1 ii ' 2 4 4 ..w,. 1 3 .. . ' xv X . X Qi r X N 253 to .X , 7 iii i ...Sw V1 I IIA bs, T ,gm 'S 2 'rs' 5 2 Q' 3 K, 2 2 93 is xi. 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SANDLIN , Washington Entre Nous Y. W. C. A. Cubs' Club ALICE SCHAFF Tulsa Kappa Kappa Gamma BYRON H. SCHAFF Tulsa Betta Theta Pig Battle' Axeg Freshman Track, '24Q Varsity Track, '25 Sooner Staffg Y. M. C. A Cabinet. JAMES B. SCOTT Wichita, Karis. Sigma Nu WILLIAM E. SEITZ Oklahoma City Sigma Nu Las Dos Americas JUANITA SHEPHARD Surnricr Oikonomia 51111 KATHERINE SKEEN Oklahoma City Alpha Gamma Delta PanfHellenic Council Y. W. C. A. CURTIS M. SMITH Ada Sigma Nu Mystic Keys PAXTON SMITH Waxahachie Kappa Theta Night Editor homa Daily S. JOHN SMITH Sapulpa I Beta Theta Pig Axeg Sooner Staff, Burlesqueg Y. M. Cabinet. B. C. SPARKS Ardmore Tex. Oklaf Battle' '24-'lsz C. A. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pick and Hammer Mystic Keys WINNIFRED SPENCER Walters I. F. STEPHENSON Henryetta Pi Mu ARLINGTON STUART Shawnee Sigma Alpha Epsilon LORETTA STURGELL Pawhuska Chi Omega ERNEST COLLEY SULLIVAN Elmore City Delta Tau Delta CHARLES LARUE TARTER Port Natches, Tex. Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Pi Mu '4DOveI' Road" Mystic Keys LORENE THOMPSON Pauls Valley Pi Beta Phi ERNEST TICHENOR Oklahoma City THELMA TOWNSEND Grandflelcl Phi Omega Pi 51121 TOM BETHEL TURBYFILL Norman University Band, 'Z3'l24 DeMolay Cleveland CO. Club LUCILLE WALTER Tonkawa Gamma Phi Beta Clee Club Eurodelphian BESSIB WEAVER Tulsa Pi Beta Phi THELMA WHAYNE Tishomirzgo Delta Gamma HELEN WHINERY Oklahoma City HENRY R. WHITE Erick Pi Kappa Phi Y. M. C. A. Erosh Track JERELYN WILKINSON Shreveport, La. 'D Pi Beta Phi CARL G. ANDERSON Tyrone Kappa Theta Lincoln CO. Club Cubs' Club StatefCounty Union GORDON AVERY Tulsa Phi Gamma Delta RICHARD BRECHEISEN Muskogee Beta Theta Pi W. L. BROADHURST Turtle BENTON S. BROOKS McAleste'r Kappa Sigma Pittsburg CO. Club EVA PAT BURTON Snyder Kappa Phi DEE W. EADES Norman Alpha Pi Mu f1131 GERDA EKLUND Chickasha Kappa Kappa Gamma MAUD GILOHRIST Seiling LILA HALL Oklahoma City Alpha Xi Delta Las Dos Americas Pierian Y. W. C. A. Buchanan Club BERT HUDDLESTON Healdton Websterian Sooner, l24'l2'j' Whirlwind, 124 Oklahoma Daily, '24 JANICE JOH NSON Bcwtlesville Pi Beta Phi R. E. MASON Oklahoma City Delta Pi Band Orchestra CORINNE MOORE Muskogee Phi Mu Y. W. C. A. J. C. PACE, JR. Vernon, Tex. Sigma Chi DAVE PRICE Norman Phi Delta Theta Sooner Stalf, N25 Varsity Basketball, N14 T k T rac , 24 Frosh Track, x23 PAT REED Oklahoma City Kappa Sigma Alpha Pi Mu WYNONA RI-TOADES Oklahoma City Phi Omega Pi NAT SLAGTER Muskogee Delta Pi ROBERT O. SUMTER Anoka Delta Pi Indian Club Frosh Football Life Saver Las Dos Americas CHARLES R. TAYLOR Oklahoma City Sigma Nu BattlefAxe 1141 ALTA THOMAS Oklahoma City Alpha Phi Pres. Zetalethian Y. W. C. A. Cabinet ELIZABETH TRIGG St. Louis, Mo. A. H. WHEELER Roanoke, Tex. HOMER E. WILLIM Miami Kappa Sigma Ottawa Co. Club lnterfFrat Basketball THELMA WILLIAMS Prague ALPHUS WILSON Washington McClain Co. Club Chamber of Comf merce Y. M. C. A. TED WILSON Cherokee ' SOPHOMORE ENGINEERS BERNARD ECK Edmond Kappa Theta RUSSELL HALL Pawnee JOHN A. MANN Checotah Kappa Sigma Alpha Chi Sigma Engineers' Club CLARENCE JOHN JASPER Roosevelt Engineers' Club Rifle Team CLAUDE E. HENDERS Altus PAUL S. STOOPS Roosevelt Kappa Theta Engineers' Club EARL JACKSON Devol Sigma Mu Sigma - Engineers' Club Cotton Co. Club A. I. E. E. fii51 W. A. KIRVEN Wynnewood TOM E. BULLOCK Artesia, N. M. GEORGE RAYMOND HAMRICK Tuttle Engineers' Club A. I. E. E. Frosh Track MORRIS PHILIPS Lawton Engineers' Club HASTINGS FAULKNER Claremore Engineers' Club Pick and Hammer Indian Club CLARENCE STEVENS Oleernalr Pi Kappa Alpha Engineers' Club JAMES FORD GIBBS Tulsa Engineers' Club Pick and Hammer Golf Club CLAUDE D. CORNELISON Norman DALLAS DAVIS Pawnee EDWIN BULB DUNCAN Chiclzasha EDWARD E. DURBECK, JR. Snyder Rifle Team JOHN C. GLAZE Norman Kappa Kappa Psi R. O. T. C. Band Orchestra Engineers' Club LLOYD L. GRAY Seattle, Wash. Delta Pi A. S. M. E. Engineers' Club LENDON HUNT Pawhaska Engineers' Club f116i PHILIP C. KBIPER Zybach, Tex. Engineers' Club DUANE LANDON Norman Sigma Delta Chi Wrestling Y. M. C. A. G. ELDON LARASON Norman Engineers' Club Y. M. C. A. IVAN E. LEE Randlett Sigma Phi Cotton CO. Club StatefCOunty Union MANCE R. MITCHELL Amarillo, Tex. BION MOORE Norman Engineers' Club A. S. C. E. J. G. POINTER Norman Pi Kappa Phi Mystic Keys Engineers' Club SOPHOMORE FINE ARTS PATTIE Pirrs HUDSON Bartlesville Chi Omega Glee Club Orchestra Sooner Quartet PAULiNE REDWINE Spiro Gamma Phi Beta Y. W. C. A. KATHRYN BENEFIELD Oklahoma City Q Blue Curtain Y. W. C. A. Ducks' Club OLIVE HRDY Prague Women's Councilg Y. W. C. A.g Brush and Paletteg Entre Nousg Lincoln Co. Clubg Women's League. TEss1E MOBLEY Norman JOYCE BURT Sapulpa Kappa Phi Brush and Palette Pierian EMILY HEss Oklahoma City Alpha Omicron Pi PanfHellenic 51171 LUCILLB SCHMITT Oklahoma City Chi Omega Brush and Palette ZALLA HILL Oklahoma City Alpha Omicron Pi ERDA THELMA OWEN Norman Alpha Xi Delta Mortar Board W. A. A. Delta Psi Kappa Y. W. C. A. LOUISE BRADBURY Chicago, Ill. Gamma Phi Beta Zetalethian Glee Club Y. W. C. A. GENEVIEVE BACON Davidson Alpha Omieron Pi Zetalethian Blue Curtain Y. W. C. A. HAZEL RICHTER Pauls Valley Glee Club Y. W. C. A. Pianists' Club Garber Co. Club HELEN MARCELLE BRITTAIN Drumright Phi Mu Ducks' Club Life Saving Corps W. A. A. BEss BREEDLOVE M uldrow Phi Mu FRANCILE CARL Tulsa Pi Beta Phi LUciLLE DELZELL Norman LANEIL GARDNER Sentinel Delta Gammag Pi Zeta Kappag French Clubg Y.W.C.A.gW.A.A.gBlue Curtaing VicefPres. Washf ita Co. Clubg Phi Mu Gammag Zetalethian. VIRGINIA GEORGE Oklahoma City Glee Club Quartette LEONARD GOOD Cliickaslia Blue Pencil Whirlwind Staff MARIAN ELIZABETH GUM Oklahoma City Delta Delta Deltag Panf Hellenicg Polo and Riding Association. l'118l GLADYS HALL Ponca City Kappa Kappa Gamma Y. W. C. A. ELIZABETH HATEIELD Pawliuska Pi Beta Phi PEARL KIMBRELL Norman ELIZABETH KNISELEY Idabel Gamma Phi Beta CLARA KRAMER Tulsa Delta Delta Delta MARY LOVE MARSHALL Cliancller Kappa Kappa Gammag Ze' talethiang Glee Clubg Y. W. C. A. DOROTHY MOZLEY Electra, Tex. f SOPHCMORE MEDICINE C. D. BAIRD Blackwell Pi Kappa Alpha Alpha Kappa Kappa WALTER W. BAKER Enid Beta Theta Pi Alpha Kappa Kappa Pres. Soph. Medios FANNIE LOU BRITTAIN Oklahoma City Alpha Phig Alpha Epsilon lotag Pi Zeta Kappag Secyf Treas. Soph. Medicsg Y. W. C. A. COYNE H. CAMPBELL Davidson Phi Beta Pi Phi Tau Gamma Philosophy Club EARL C. CHESHER Norman Phi Kappa Psig Phi Be'a Pig Checkmateg Togag Mystic Keysg Student Coun.g InterfFrat Coun. JAMES R. COEN Oklahoma City Phi Chi HERVEY ADOLPI-I FOERSTER A Drumright Alpha Kappa Kappag Clirg Scabbard and Bladeg Cn e': Co. Club. F1191 CLELLA M. HODGSON Kinghsher Alpha Kappa Kappa GILBERT L. HYROOP Oklahoma City Lambda Nu Philosophy Club JOI-IN B. MILES Norman Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Kappa Kappa Alpha Pi Mu CLIFFORD MOORE Keota Alpha Kappa Kappa W. RUSSELL MOTE Stillwater Phi Chi Alpha Pi Mu BUFORD B. ROBERTS Blair Phi Chi MARVIN L. SADDORIS Amarillo, Tex. Phi Beta Pi SOPHCMORE Unclassified ARTS AND SCIENCES RUTH WINN Norman Kappa Phig Y. W. C. A.g Entre Nous. NELLIE PAGE WITHERS McAlestef Alpha Gamma Delta Buchanan Club Y. W. C. A. Thurston Club LEON J. YORK Cushing RALPH LEE ZICKLEFOSS feferson BUSINESS JOHN EDWARDS McAlesteT Kappa Alpha GORDON N. GUTHREY Dallas Phi Gamma Deltag Alpha Delta Sigmag Clipg Ckla. Daily, '23f':1,4f'a5g Cubs' Clubg Whirlwind Staff, 'Q.3g Longhorn Clubg Polo. NED E. HOOD Cherokee l120l la. N157 5 'IZ H7 22 5 FI vii 34 I gl S. S .3 3 as V, I.. 5 4: E. H ff ,M -2 Ali, 'fa 3 NV A gm ff? R . Q I . A 9, . 4 fl' wiv 5533 ,A If .. . QI A- R .- 1 ,.,,..,, j,, .. 2 ,Q ., 5. R. S WSH 'QM' Ei " ,- S, , Y 4- --S : :rS:4..::-.Sw far... .V . ya-fsfivrsgsf' -. ,E in V ....,,.,,V.qq ,. 4215331 .S,15::'f1SMrsg .--z'43i:3..Qw. 515: A -.WMA ...maS.m...u..,,...,S.,.S.....M - H A X A x Fw! ,QA N X 4 nl ff N V KY. k RRR? . ,SS A Se, K rtilywa WWWWWW QERZWQ 45533 Wg V 2 fmt 1 ws,-. A 'vmmawwm emma A S . , J-- uf. Y.-2.1-z.msa v.1s.A.1,.u v,..x........3' 'Z-4 - .kwa wavy I 3 E 5 4 W, la 1 4: 'jig R2 l sa "I I l I I I2 r S, S if 5 V 5. R Z wr ?r Agfa '1i,l2352g ey. . .M AS. -iii' ll iff' gil it . Sf.::tS7+1a' ,.f for If If f ,:1:7I'I, ,, iz ai .. 2' . I '15 M511 rwglzf I A ?liil??j . . 3 'lWS fif.3,5 I . A 'il-VAL. To i..--.. '7E7f?fV17V7 4t' ,TP . 'dlifi .-,11"i' "" 1 15'-.Y-vi SSI iii --S-'I '- . f5J.':',-.21"1l.' 'av :I E739 5 tl' ,ISI 'I "" JAMES WEBSTER Oklahoma City Sigma Nug Boxingg Frosh Football, 'zgg Vigilance Committee, 'z3. EDUCATION ZETTIE LEE FOOSHEE Coalgate Y. W. C. A. MARGARET I-IEFLEY GUTHRIE Norman Delta Delta Delta ENGINEERS DANAH BOYETTE Lawton Phi Delta Thetag Kappa Kappa Psig Alpha Sigma Deltag Engineers' Club. WILLIAM W. A CHURCH McAleste1 A. LEWIS COOKE M angum BYRON I. COOK Kansas City, Mo. II--I lwllxll I I 'A GENE RAWLINGS Okmalgee Pi Kappa Alpha Mystic Keys Pres. Sophomore Engineers Engineers' Club VIRDEN A. RITTGERS Oklahoma City Engineers' Club Rifle Tezm Polo and Riding Association CLARENCE B. SAMPSON C hickasha ' CHESTER SAPPINGTON Laverne Pi Kappa Phi Engineersl Club L. P. SMITH Seminole Engineers' Club Seminole Co. Club A. I. E. E. HUEERT THOMPSON Hartshorne Engineers' Club JOHN E. TRUNZLER Oklahoma City Sigma Phi Websterian L1 THOMAS E. WALL Sulphur Kappa Alpha Engineers' Club JOHN HUBERT A WHEATLEY Tulsa Sigma Nu Boxing Engineers' Club HARVEY J. WIEST Lawton Riding Club HOME ECONOMICS RACHEL DEAHL Hollis Alpha Phig Y. W. O. A, W. A. A.g Ducks' Clubg Life Saver. MEDICINE IRA T. BOND, JR. Norman Sigma Mu Sigmag Phi Beta Pig VicefPres. Sophomore Medics. MARION E. SHEETS Tonkawa Sigma Mu Sigma Theta Kappa Psi Kappa Psi H. W. HARRIS Oklahoma City Delta Pi Alpha Kappa Kappa WILLIAM L. SHIPPEY Wistar Alpha Kappa Kappa WILLIAM A. WALKER Holclenuille Alpha Kappa Kappa Phi Delta Chi Clip HARRY WILKINS Mena, Ark. Phi Beta Pi Toga Clip GORDON WILLIAMS Weatherford Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alpha Kappa Kappa PHARMACY DEFORRBST, GRAHAME Holdenville FRED L. KIRKLAND Lawton Comanche CO. Club ALDEN NICHOLSON Fairview Phi Delta Chi MAYNARD REAvIs Shawnee Alpha Tau Omega Kappa Psi SAM RUBY Tulsa Phi Beta Delta J. DERRELL SMITH Latanta, Kans. Student Branch, Okla. Pharmac. Assn. ARTS AND SCIENCE ' RITA RUTH ROGERS Wilson Alpha Gamma Delta HUGH MONROE Ft. Smith, Ark. Alpha Sigma Phi FRED Fox Qptimo Blue Pencil Y. M. C. A. 'I ANNA BELLE BUSEY Oklahoma City Zeta Tau Y. W. C. A. FRESHMEN ARTS AND SCIENCES VERNE PAGE Norman LELA WOOELIN Amarillo, Tex. Kappa Kappa Gamma Oikonomia ROBERT JUSSBN STUART Okmulgec Phi Delta Theta PATTY BOND Norman VERNON S. LOVE Perry Phi Kappa Psi CARL W. MOCLAIN Lawton Sigma Alpha Epsilon REX R. HYDE Skiatoolz Kappa Epsilon Frosh Basketball Frosh Football Forum l123l AGNES HERON Norman EARL HASSLER Norman JOH N C. PEARSON, JR Marshall JAMES FITZGERALD Hastings Lieut. R. O. T. C. MATTIE CLARICE SMITH Vefden Y. W. C. A. J. W. LOGAN Glenpool RALPH W. MATTHEWS Sallisaw JOHN SIDES Wichita Falls, Tex. Alpha Sigma Phi ALMA NEELEY ' Geary RAYMOND S. KIMEELL Altus Sigma Alpha Epsilon Capt., Vigilance Comm. Frosh Football Frosh Wrestling WILMA SANDEL Noble FRANK REICH Sedan, Kans. Sigma Nu VIOLA GUTH RIB Okemah KEEFE CA RTER Oklahoma City Phi Delta Theta f'l2-Ll GERALD MARTIN Newkivk Lambda Nu ALINE KEITH Byars W. A. A. LUTHER A. NYE Okemah Pi Kappa Phi WILLIAM D. GARRISON Pond Creek ' R. O. T. C. Band WILMA GORTON Norman Kappa Kappa Gamma ALoNzo ZANE MENTZER Pawnee Y. M. C.NA. H. MARION WALKER Altus Alpha Tau Omega ALICE WARD Tulsa Alpha Omicron Pi WILMA GORTON Norman Kappa Kappa Gamma DELLA BYERS Oklahoma City JOSEPH H. KENNEDY Muskogee Glee Club l WENDBLL A. BARBOUR Norman Websterian Y. M. C. A. SPENCER H. NORTON Norman Glee Club REVERE C. SCHMELZER Erick l1251 LUTHER A. NYE Okemalr Pi Kappa Phi V. C. SEARLE Norman HENRY LEE COOK Frederick JACK COATES Oklahoma City Phi Delta Theta IRENE DOLEZAL Perry CHEROKEE FOREMAN Vian Alpha Xi Delta PieriangY. W. C. A Indian Club StatefCOunty Union HAZEL RYAN Norman Las Dos Americas Y. W. C. A. LUTHER CLIFTON CHEUVRONT Roosevelt Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Pi Mu CARMON HARRIS Ringling Alpha Sigma Delta Websterian QPAL MCNEES Walters Alpha Gamma Delta Y. W. C. A. JOHN FRBMOND WAGNBR Chandler Sigma Alpha Epsilon Frosh Football MILDRBD HIBBARD Norman Kappa Phi CAMILLE CASSINS Oklahoma City Alpha Cmicron Pi Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. v GLENN E. WILHELMY Kansas City, Kan. Alpha Tau Omega Congress Doius PEARSON Norman Gamma Phi Beta Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. LouIsE SULLIVAN A'rcln1o're Kappa Alpha Theta J. G. PUTMAN Chillicothe, Mo. Phi Kappa Psi Frosh Football GILBERT HENDRIX Muskogee Phi Kappa Psi BattlefAxe GENEVA PAYNE Wa panacka Delta Gamma Y. W. C. A. KATHERINE WRIGHT Kappa Alpha Theta Glee Club LAURA HADDOCK Norman Y. W. C. A. EULA SMITH Elmer Y. W. C. A. JULIA ELIZABETH HOCKMAN Cherokee IRENE CROOM Muskogee Kappa Alpha Theta Glee Club Y. W. C. A. LEAH MURPHY Shawnee Kappa Phi BENNETT ROBERT STORY Durant Sigma Alpha Epsilon ZOLA CLA RA MILSTBIN Coalgate Menorah HENRY C. MUGLER Perry Phi Kappa Psi I1 GERALD H. PETERSON Guthrie Sigma Alpha Epsilon Kappa Kappa Psi Band JOE MYERS Pauls Valley Phi Kappa Psi VERGIE PBNDLETON McAlester Spanish Club Y. M. C. A. HARRY B. FLEMING Weleetka Phi Gamma Delta Pick and Hammer Club RUTH KENNA MAYS Broken Arrow Glee Club Y. W. C. A. LEE K. EMENHISER Frederick Alpha Pi Mu Y. M. C. A. ALFRED WITHERSPOON Chickasha Sigma Alpha Epsilon VICTOR HOLT Oklahoma City Alpha Tau Omega BattlefAxe Frosh Basketball JAMES TURNBOW Drumright Kappa Epsilon JOHN W. MARTIN Cushing Kappa Epsilon BattlefAxe RUBY EAGLETON Norman Gamma Phi Beta NARCISSA BOND McAlester Eurodelphian MARGARET ELLIOTT Ponca City Phi Mu CARL ADAMS Lexington Phi Kappa Psi L128l R. L. WILLIAMS Oklahoma City Delta Pi I DAN O. HOWARD Oklahoma City Alpha Sigma Delta Pick and Hammer - l MORRIS E. HALSTED Guthrie Kappa Theta Orchestra Y. M. C. A. Pick and Hammer HERBERT JOHNSON Ardmore Sigma Alpha Epsilon Frosh Football LEWIS FRANCIS DEGEN Bartlesvillc Sigma Alpha Mu l FRANCES HESS I McAlester i Eurodelphian l 'I il MARSHALL W. SAMPLES 5 Norman A Lambda Nu Websterian EVERETT M. JOHNSTON Altus Alpha Tau Omega University Band R. O. T. C. Band ARTHUR POPE NCoalgate VELMA GRIFFITH El Reno Kappa Phi Zeta Tau MAERY DELLINGER Gazebo Alpha Tau Omega JACKSON E. MARTIN Snyder LEONARD H. SAVAGE McAles1:er Phi Delta Theta Congress Sooner Staff, '25 WILLIAM H. AARON Pawlmska Frosh Football Vigilance Comm. Y. M. C. A. 51291 GUY S. BURSON Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha HOWARD S. SMITH Guthrie PAULINE GRAY Lawton Y. W. C. A. AGNES SIM PSCN Eufaula Delta Delta Delta STUART A. NEWMAN 'Tyrone FERNE HARDWICK Lexington MABEL SHEETS Norman Y. W. C. A. JAMES MCDONALD Cliickaslia Sigma Alpha Epsilon JAMES E. GILLIAN Spifo O. B. GOODING Grant Websterian LBLIA MARGARET EBRIGHT Redwood Falls, Minn. Kappa Phi Y. W. C. A. DON BROWN Ponca City Sigma Chi BRADFORD HAROLD MILLER Oklahoma City Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pick and Hammer MARIE RAMSEY Norman Alpha Xi Delta Y. W. C. A. 11301 4 I 'll' .V JAY EUGENE SHERMAN Lexington Websterian Cleveland Co. Club R. O. T. C. Band GLADYS PREUIT Granite Pierian KENNETH H. STURDEVANT El Reno l Kappa Theta Athenean L. V. SMITH Spifo Websterian HIAL B. GERNERT Tulsa Kappa Epsilon Pick and Hammer EREY J. WHITE Ringling LOIS MADALINE MCATEB Clenpool EMMA J UNE BOLLINGER Tyrone Y. W. C. A. RUTH LYTAL Henryetta Glee Club ELEANOR HOLMES Muskogee Kappa Kappa Gamma Y. W. C. A. HERSHALL A. TERRELL Norman THOMAS M. BAYLESS Ashland BILL MILLER Lawton' Sigma Alpha Epsilon ELIZABETH PUOKETT Wayne f131l ROBERT MORRISON Lexington Cleveland CO. Club CLARENCE HAMILTON Norman J. W. AsI-I Blackwell Pi Kappa Phi Y. M. C. A. HERMAN G. MILLER Norman CARL TIGER Fairview ALFRED M. EVANS Oklahoma City JAMES R. HENLEY Muskogee Phi Delta Theta BattlefAxe Glee Club ARTHUR ORVILLE AXBLSON Sea Bright, N. ERIN LOUISE CARPENTIER Walters VIVIAN IZOLA CHESNEY Norman LEW E. JEFFRIBS Loyal - MINNIE LOVBTT Norman JUANITA M. SAMPLES Norman Kappa Phi MURRAY PALMER Duncan Las Dos Americas Y. W. C. A. f132l MARY ANNE SAUNDERS Norman Gamma Phi Beta Y. W. C. A. CATHERINE CAMPBELL Poteau Zeta Tau i EARL E. MILLER Tulsa Phi Kappa Psi Batt1efAxe CECIL O. PETERS M cAlester J. C. NELSON Muskogee Beta Theta Pi HAL MULDROW Norman Beta Theta Pi Frosh Football DON COCHRANE Shawnee Kappa Sigma Congress DELMER ANDERSON Enid EDD ASKEW Cordell MARY JANE BAECOCR El Reno Phi Mu Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. Zetalethian Glee Club EARL V. BACK Oakwood SYBIL L. BADERTsCHER Bradley HOWARD BAIRD Blackwell Pi Kappa Alpha Frosb Football Boxing BLANCHE BAGGETT Norman Delta Delta Delta Y. W. C. A. gin, .-.l FLETCHER C. BAKER Muskogee BattlefAxe L. E. BAKER Amber WALTER E. BAREEE Miami Kappa Sigma Frosh Football ARCHER D. BELFORD Okmulgee Kappa Sigma R. O. T. C. Band EUGENE BEWLEY Tulsa Websterian PAULINE BILLS Gotebo Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. VERNON SUMNER BILLS Gotebo Kiowa CO. Club Y. M. C. A. l 4 1 l , 1 V .52 ,. l H1331 CLARENCE BLACK Oklahoma City Sigma Chi Congress R. O. T. C. Band MARION BLACK Ft. Smith, Ark. Pi Beta Phi Y. W. C. A. DOROTI-IY BLANCHARD Purcell Gamma Phi Beta Ducks' Club W. A. A. STANLEY BLANCHARD Purcell Beta Theta Pi Frosh Football, '25 ELSIE DORIS BINKLEY Oklahoma City Phi Mu Y. W. C. A. ALBERT BONNELL Muskogee Delta Pi Glee Club Kappa Kappa Psi R. O. T. C. Band MARGARET L. BOYLAN Edmond Kappa Kappa Gamma 51341 EITHEL BRADY Sailing JACOB BRAUN Hobart Alpha Pi Mu MURRAY BRIscoE Hollis Sigma Nu WALTER E. BROACH, JR. Tulsa Kappa Alpha MAE BROOKMAN Vian Alpha Xi Delta Pierian Y. W. C. A. CAROLINE BUCKERIDGE Oklahoma City Delta Delta Delta LoIs BURTON Ada Delta Delta Delta Ducks' Club vill. GARRISON BUXTON Oklahoma City Sooner Staff Congress WILL A. CAGLB Coushatta, La. Phi Gamma Delta J. S. CAMPBELL Fairland Kappa Sigma TIM S. CAMPBELL Snyder WILDA CAMPSEY El Dorado Y. W. C. A. OTIS CARG ILE Okemah Pi Kappa Alpha CORINNB CARLSON Guthrie Kappa Kappa Gamma Y. W. C. A. .1"ViHIbl4 - . ALYS CHARLES Ft. Smith, Ark. Razorback Club JAMES FRANKLIN CLARK El Reno Athenean THOMAS EGBERT CLEMENT, JR. Norman Beta Theta Pi Frosh Football MA RIAN CLOPTON Oklahoma City Delta Gamma Y. W. C. A. Las Dos Americas DORRIS OVERTON COFFBY Ardmore Delta Tau Delta BattlefAxe MARY E. COLLAR Chandler Gamma Phi Beta Eurodelphian VIRGIL H. CORNELISON Erick Pi Kappa Phi Y. M. C. A. Frosh Track Beckham Co. Club Sigma Delta Psi THELMA COVINGTON Duncan HAROLD CRAIG Grove MBRLE E. CRAWFORD Grarudfie ld PA UL V. CRAIGHEAD M cAlester JOHN G. CRIDER Durant Sigma Alpha Epsilon ELDA E. CRISMORE Oklahoma City Ducks' Club MARGARET CULLEN Herzryetta Delta Delta Delta W. A. A. Glee Club ni-A an .F .L . ..f H1361 WILLIAM DEANE Shreveport, La. Phi Kappa Psi BattlefAxe DON L. DIOKASON Okemah Freshman Football Vigilance Committee Freshman Track Congress Okfuskee Co. Club PAUL R. DILLARD Waurika RUTH DILWORTH Ardmore Kappa Kappa Gamma Zetalethian Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. WILLIAM PAUL DONNELL Norman DOROTHY DOWNING Norman Kappa Kappa Gamma Y. W. C. A. ALBERT DRAKE Tecumseh I. .- .-In r' Mir .r ..I.. . I It 4. ,n 1, , ROBERT DRAKE Tecumseh ESTHER DRINKER Beggs Y. W. C. A. IRVEN S. DUGGAN Hobart Alpha Sigma Phi Freshman Quartette NOEL DUNCAN Cleveland Alpha Pi Mu MARK D. DUNLOP 'Gotebo Phi Delta Theta BattlefAxe MARY FRANCES EAKIN Tulsa Y. W. C. A. CHARLES E. EDGERTON Sa pulpa Beta Theta Pi Kappa Kappa Psi University Band University Orchestra RYLEY BATES EDWARDS Drumriglrt Delta Tau Delta BattlefAxe GEORGE ABRAHAM ELMORE Shamrock ROY EMERSON Prague W. GLEN ENGLISH Walters Kappa Epsilon BattlefAxe LEWIS A. FRANCIS Tulsa Sigma Chi , MELITA FUBNTES San Luis Potosi, Mexico Las DOS Americas Y. W. C. A. SAM C. FULLERTON, JR. Miami Phi Delta Theta GLENN GALBREATH Tulsa Beta Theta Pi Freshman Football Spanish Club CLARENCE W. GOULD Oklahoma, City Sigma Nu BattlefAxe PHILO W. GRIMES Tulsa Beta Theta Pi BattlefAxe Co ' ngress Freshman Football Freshman Basketball CHARLES L. HAAS Okmulgee Kappa Sigma EMORY A. GALE Norman CI1ARLES L. HALE Miami Kappa Sigma EDNA PERLE HALL Norman Kappa Kappa Gamma Y. W. C. A. 51381 WINNIE MAE HALL Chickaslia Kappa Kappa Gamma Zetalethian W. A. A. WALTER D. HANsoN Oklalioma City Beta Theta Pi GEORGIA E. HARRIS Blanchard W. A. A. Y. W. C. A. McClain Co. Club ELSIE EARLINE HAUGHT Shamrock Zeta Tau Y. W. C. A. ROY HAWLEY Tupelo Pi Kappa Alpha DeMolay JOE M. HENRY Ringling JAMES ARTHUR HERRON Hedrick Congress JAMES GAYLEN HIOKOOK Tologa . EARL H1NEs Purcell Alpha Sigma Phi BattlefAxe STEPHEN HOLLOWAY Hugo Phi Kappa Psi NOBLE C. HOOD , Norman Delta Pi COSBY HUDDLE Ada WAYNE M. HULL Vinita BAs1L IRVIN Huss Bristow' Kappa Sigma f139J KENNETH JARRETT Sigma Alpha Epsilon BattlefAxe EMMALU JARVIS Ardmore Kappa Kappa Gamma Glee Club LUKE JOHNSON Pawhuska Kappa Alpha R. O. T. C. Drum and Bugle Corps JOHN JOHNSTONE, JR. Bartlesville Phi Gamma Delta ALVA JONES Oklahoma City Sigma Nu JOE R. JONES Ardmore Sigma Alpha Epsilon F. BURTON JORDAN Tulsa - Sigma Chi C. E. KAPP, JR. Chandler SETI-I W. KELLAM Toakum, Tex. Sigma Chi R. O. T. C. Band WILBERT S. KENNARD Greenville, Tex. Alpha Sigma Phi LESTER KINNETT Hennessey Freshman Football IRENE KING' Shreveport, La. Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. CLIFFORD KISER Tulsa ARDE LASSITER M angum ' 51.101 ARTHUR S. LEE Elk City Kappa Alpha T. L. LEWIS Pawhuska WILLIAM W. LEWIS Kansas City, Mo. Phi Gamma Delta UniversityQuartette Glee Club J. G. LIEBERMAN Oklahoma City Phi Gamma Delta BattlefAxe HAROLD W. LOONEY Muskogee Alpha Sigma Phi CLIFFORD LUDEMAN Okmulgee HERBERT D. MAYFIELD Wichita Falls, Tex. Alpha Sigma Phi WILLIAM R. MEANS Holdenville Kappa Alpha BENJAMIN MILLER Tulsa Sigma Alpha Mu ELLIS L. MILLS Nash J. RANDOLPH MONTGOMERY Marlow Beta Theta Pi KATHLEEN MOORE Keota Alpha Phi MARILYN MOORE Norman Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. FRANCES MULLIGAN Wichita Falls, Tex. Chi Ornega L'141'1 BERT MULVEY 'Yukon Sigma Chi TOM MCBRYDE Ardmore Alpha Sigma Phi Treasurer Freshman Class BERTHA VESEY MCCALL Norman Delta Gamma Y. W. C. A. CHARLES MCCANN Blackwell Kappa Alpha Freshman Football Boxing JOE A. MOCLOUD Oklahoma City Phi Gamma Delta CHARLES T. MCCOLLOUCH foplin, Mo. Beta Theta Pi BattlefAxe GRACE . MCCAUSTLAND Bucklin, Kans. Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. DELBERT MCCULLOUGH . Tulsa Phi Gamma Delta TOM MCGLOTHLIN Shawnee Freshman Football Freshman Basketball MARY ELIZABETH NASH Tulsa Alpha Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. Indian Club Tulsa CO. Club AYRES NELSON Muskogee Beta Theta Pi GEORGE NELSON Granite VERNON NICHOLSON Stroud Pi Kappa Alpha ALICE NORRIS Artesia, N. M. H421 REES R. OLIVER Shreveport, La. Phi Gamma Delta BattlefAxe MADELINE OLSON Guthrie Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. SHANNON PARKER Norman Pi Kappa Phi MARJORIB PAYNTER Blackwell Alpha Xi Delta Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. Kay Co. Club WILMA WAYNE PETERS Sasakwa W. A. A. Y. W. C. A, RUSSELL PHILLIPS Oklahoma City Congress BETTY PICKARD Guthrie Alpha Gamma Delta Fiddlers' Club Orchestra PAUL S. PITCHFORD Chickasha Kappa Sigma ROsE PONE Oklahoma City LOU EMIs4A PREVIT Granite JOSEPHINE PRICE Bolchow, Mo. Alpha Xi Delta Y. W. C. A. CORRINE RACKLBY Norman Gamma Phi Beta Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. JOHN M. RANSDELL Independence, Kas. Gamma Phi Beta Y. W. C. A. THEODORE RICKMAN Cherokee I1431 LEONARD RISLEY Chickasha CHARLES E. ROBBINS Tulsa Delta Pig Battle-Axeg Congressg Vice-President Freshman Classg Cubs' Club. ETTA BELLE ROBERTS Luther VASKA ROE Oklahoma City Phi Mu W. A. A. Y. W. C. A. MARVIN ROSINSKY Atoka Sigma Alpha Mu CHARLES RUDY Tulsa VERNON W. SAPP Miami Kappa Sigma NORVELL K. SCOTT Wakita Y. M. C. A. ANNA LEE SEALS Devol WESLEY SEBA Drummond GEORGE W. SELINGER Tulsa Phi Beta Delta Zeta Sigma IRVING SHEFTS Okmulgee Sigma Alpha Mu Freshman Football Menorah Society LEE DELLE SHIVES No-rman Gamma Phi Beta Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. PEARLE MAE SHOEMAKER Fairview Secretary Major CO. Club 11441 D. H. SHOLTUS Wilson LILLIAN SLBMMER Okeene G. L. SMITHPETER Grove LEE SOMMERS Lakowa Lambda Nu Garfield CO. Club KENNETH STACY Chickasha Delta Tau Delta Congress ROGER E. STANDLEY Okemah Phi Delta Theta EDWIN RUGH STARKEY Oklahoma City Beta Theta Pi BattlefAxe Glee Club CAROLINE STRAEI-ILEY Ardmore Kappa Kappa Gamma Glee Club Y. W. C. A. RUBYE STUARD Waurika Delta Delta Delta GEORGE M. STURGELL Pawliuska Alpha Tau Cmega BattlefAxe Congress GEORGE W. SWISI-IER Oklahoma City Congress RUTH TACKETT Erick WILLIAM T. TATE Ardmore Kappa Sigma BattlefAXe Band BEN F. TAYLOR Soper Freshman Football Vigilance Committee DEE TEDFORD Prague AGNES TILLMAN Eldorado W. A. A. LELAND J. TOWNE Tulsa ROBERT TUDOR Okmulgee Sigma Chi ROGER UMPIIERS Mill Creek ARTHUR DALE VINCENT Norman Sigma Phi BattlefAxe CHARLES H. VOWELL Norman J. D. WADE Chickasha Kappa Sigma HUGH A. WAC-NON McAlesteo' HUGH WALKER Pawnee WILLIAM WALNER Wynnewood Phi Gamma Delta BattlefAxe EDWARD E. WALTERS Cushing Kappa Epsilon ELIZABETH MARION WARREN Oklahoma City Chi Omega ROLLA WAUGH Okmulgee Sigma Chi L1461 I I Nix g , Q J ,.c,,I . 4 ny? ,Q U 5 45 4 E if 5? E efx X :..'f.,.- Ext R-.,. 1 N x 1245 ., -L 1 Z, ,R N:.:gv, ,R Fi? ?'k"L511S5lMfi - Q' M'-1'z2.:: A - 4 11. -. ., .. I -- M 1-.-A g ill ' - 'l 5 Q El Z' E - v ,i , ,L M. , ,,,,, E 6? I. -55 .QM -. Ei- 1 2 xr., .-rv' S Q V 249 A . Q E' 3 IQ. ,ge A I I I S .-1 Q' N, l 5 I Ik ,X 3 E K 4' I I l gg' .2 EM If,-M4 3' I5 if I Q ,I 'bl v' f E I ,ll Q All 2 l ,Egg V W 41 T . -1225.15 5 ' Vi 35: ' 5. .ju as 2igs?f-:- Elilgigg'-X -1 , . ,V . ' iff gif, I li 'i'1 ' 141 V"+"'?'? 27535337 1 3'1',is'e, 2 w- " N. ,1 I N, yi, . , 'SWE 22' ij? ' ,A A I M - gf J t A 3 ss 53? new 'N fi? Z., M .-a dv 5 wfvv dl 5 A if :fa .- , . in ,W M., , I' ii ass: lk 2 -- - .f , -'.v 411112,-A.-fig 1 gil 3, 'alll 211531 ""' XI :' :JI 1. Q4 - -:Q:gg,.f,. 'aww .- . H2125- 'fiffi Z5 Q: f lsfiflg . Q,. R, I A 'Egg 4 ,Ns D ,J ' ' af 5 iii' , H il i 6 gg! C 1 sk ll ll B5 , ' if 5 ii I C gi? Q up it X EE 2 il. f, V., e,. . 5535951 gi. , . , , . ,I is li A Q.: , , . A N '- '53-551' -zl Ile. Q 5 A f 'ESI Isis li: if Jr 'V' 4 I Sa ka A N 5 1 g If A I w .XX R . .N .... Y: it ...,., ..... ,,,k,. S 2 43' c- , . ,Iv 3, Q E! 1 gc I I , , A gl 2 V I ,,,l . 171 I: .I 5 Ig 3 E eil? -I I f 282 I 'Ee I Ili'-M 12 le, Q '1- 5 x ., .,., ik ri," A Im mg ,. I-if ll ,,,. , Q ,ic T S V, It W I Q III , 2 ' f ' X f-V! 4 "" I fi in I " J A -414331: asf A - 2 l, Lg, fn 5-1 , 'V ik f? , 1 M 1 , ll lillf 5 E 3, 'I:a:a'f:1::1 Z Z, 5,5 Ely' ,gi Q, Q ,ppA.1 .q,,A , y vii I, el fp' Rafi A, aw, aa A I I Ig I l N 5 5 A251 . 3 K 2 yi , f 4 , s e , l 5 ,I 3 225' an Q 1 lf' gig ff 2 fl ll lf? . .,.. A :fl .1 ' ll ff A ALTON WEEDN Duncan MILTON WELLS Bristow R. O. T. C. Band ARTHUR E. WHITE Wctumka Alpha Pi MU OPAL WHITE Altus CHARLES WHITNEY Tulsa Delta Tau Delta RUSSELL ARMOUR WILES Bixby ADDISON F. WILLIAMS Oklahoma City W. A. ADAMS Sanford, Fla. Alpha Sigma Phi THOMAS ARMSTRONG Norman Phi Delta Theta JOHN N. BLAIR Oklahoma City Phi Gamma Delta PANSY BRISCOE Hollis Alpha Gamma Delta W. A. A. Y. W. C. A. KATHERINE BYER Perkins GERALD COMBS Pitcher Sigma Phi Glee Club Websterian DICK L. DOWNING Norman Phi Gamma Delta Frosh Football Frosh Basketball Y. M. C. A. I:147j HELEN EASON Enid Kappa Alpha Theta Entre Nous Ducks' Club DOLOREZ FENNER Muskogee Alpha Phi Zetalethian BEN B. FOWLER Duncan Phi Delta Theta University Band ROBERT L. Fox Ardmore Alpha Tau Omega Congress Rifle Team CURTIS RAY HALE Depew WALTER T. HANSEN Oelwein, Iowa HAZEL HUDSON Geary Phi Omega Pi HUGH HOWARD, JR. Oklahoma City Alpha Sigma Phi BattlefAxe EDIQIUND P. HUGILL Tulsa Pi Kappa Phi PERCY JOHNS Ardmore Beta Theta Pi ERMA KIENAST Geary Phi Omega Pi WALTER H. KOKERNOT Gonzales, Tex. Sigma Alpha Epsilon JULIUS LEVINE Marietta Sigma Alpha Mu JAMES HEBER MARTIN Tulsa Sigma Nu BattlefAXe 11481 VERA MORGAN Hominy Phi Omega Pi PAUL MINSHALL Tulsa Phi Kappa Psi HELEN MINTUN F ayetteville, Ark. Alpha Phi ELIZABETH VIRGINIA MOORE Norman Delta Gamma, Y.W.C.A.g Las Dos Americas, Poetry Club g Cleveland CO. Club. KYLE MCINTIRE Ardmore Sigma Alpha Epsilon ALEX E. MCKAY Vinita Craig CO. Club StatefCOunty Union LEORA KEETON Dawson, Tex. Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. JACK PETRIE Oklahoma City Sooner Staff Whirlwind Staff ALBERT RATCLIFF Kenefck JAMES REDD Sapulpa Beta Theta Pi CHARLES A. SCHWEINLE Oklahoma City Phi Delta Theta JOE SHIDLBR Pawhuska Sigma Chi Osage Co. Club Congress VIRGINIA CARROLL STEPHENS Aline Delta Delta Delta Ducks' Club W. A. A. IRBNE COOK Mountain View '1-IQJ FRED TAYLOR Ada Sigma Alpha Epsilon GRACE VAN NOSTRAND Oklahoma City Alpha Gamma Delta Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. GEORGE M. WILLIAMS Tulsa Sigma Chi Polo and Riding Association LUCILLE WILLIAMS Norman Pi Beta Phi Y. W. C. A. P. A. WILLIAMSON Drumvight Kappa Epsilon JACK H. WILLS Mounds Phi Delta Theta DAN WITHERS McAlester Phi Delta Theta R. O. T. C. Band J. R. WITT Chickasha Sigma Chi Sooner Staff Congress JAKE E. WRIGHT Atolza Sigma Phi ARLIN L. YOUNG Norman , FRESHMAN ENGINEERING RoBERT BARR Dover BIRGES BRANDENBURG 'Yale J. M. COFFMAN Ada RALPH Cooic Oklahoma City Kappa Epsilon Phi Mu Alpha Orchestra R. O. T. C. Band Varsity Band f150J s, 5535? S' 3 Q S 2 1? is E ji 5 en. ,, A-.xi fax 51: . .nwvg QNX 2 . , if 5 i i IIS , 1 lf .Q g 22 536. r. l eii is ill I i is .. :SIX 15 .9 " I ' A "vii:-.q. " .-V' 1-51' " "nl I I A A I ,. 5 . M I '5 I l Q Yi 'I I f "A K Q sislfgfg f I ,E I I Q 3 33 19 1 ' 1,2 s 1.9 f ix Q 7 4 Q ig ka? 14 gg VIS 4 I 'le 41 0 l li - - Q II I KV' if 3,5 1 8 , v , . gg I ' R? 2 f A elf? '0 4 In fi I ff' 5 M42 ,ggi i if S ' . ff 352 ll f if A Iii ' 4 ' ,,.: .1 22:12 W if I ,, Q4 'f 4, Q? ,Q 5. R 5? 5, f, 4 W so 1 f f li? 'F' 'I Y S i ' 3 iz! X " cm Qi .I .-8, 5 ' iii? 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ROORSTOOL 'Yale HARRY ECKELS Lawton H. PHILIP ANDERSON Guthrie I151l PETE E. GARRISON Harlingen, Tex. Pi Kappa Alpha Erosh Football Engineers' Club Frosh Basketball J. D. MALCOM Bixby ROscOE BEARD Knowles Y. M. C. A. GORDON SLOVER Davis ' JOSEPH VOTO Lehigh RAYMOND HAYS Avant ERMAN KIGHT Cordell JACK TERRY Artesia, N. M. Websterian ROBERT MOORE Tulsa Phi Kappa Psi Forum Engineers' Club THURMAN HARDER Bixby Engineers' Club NATHAN CANN 'Talihina Engineers' Club EDGAR PENN Cordell Engineers' Club Y. M. C. A. OMER BURRUS Talihina Engineers' Club HUDSON MERRELL Cordell Engineers' Club HAROLD PETERS Hominy Engineers' Club WILLIAM L. DUCKER, JR. Tecumseh Engineers' Club JACK J. BERRY Cushing Phi Beta Delta Engineers' Club Frosh Football Frosh Wrestling G. L. WHEELER Oklahoma City Alpha Sigma Delta Engineers' Club SIM C. WRIGHT Hobart EDGAR PAGE Mangum Engineers' Club GEORGE MILLER Millerton HARVEY HARRISON El Reno Pi Kappa Alpha BattlefAxe T. J. HARVEY A Morris Engineers' Club Y. M. C. A. REVE C. HOLMES Mangum Engineers' Club KARL KROEGER Oklahoma City Alpha Sigma Phi Rifle Team J. T. KNAUTH Burkburnett, Tex. Pi Kappa Alpha Engineers' Club RAY LECRONE Bristow Pi Kappa Alpha Frosh Football RICHARD D. MASON LAWTON Alpha Sigma Delta I1531 ROY EVERSON MAY Apache CHARLES ALTON MEEKER Hastings Websterian Frosh Wrestling R. O. T. C. Band LEWIS W. MILLER Blackwell Kappa Epsilon LEROY MOEFETT, JR. Oklahoma City Alpha Sigma Delta BYRON MCDERMOTT Muskogee Alpha Sigma Delta GEORGE Mix MCKINNEY Addington - Engineers' Club Y. M. C. A. ELBRIDGE NEWLAND Frederick Engineers, Club JAMES R. NORRIS Artesia, N. M. WILLIAM H. OLIVER Preston Engineers' Club Okmulgee CO. Club CHESTER GLMSTEAD Wagoner Frosh Football JIMMY RICHARDS Shawnee Phi Gamma Delta JESSE ROBINSON Okernah J. E. SALA Drumrigbt Engineers' Club ELGIN L. SHAW Tyrone StatefCOunty Union ' I '. . IF I III I P I I 3' Qs M21 lair? f c 5 I. by SEZ gg fi I I f 2 . .4 ,. 7, 7 'file Sv l 3l?fQII,.I ,Igffft .,, I ,-.,-, - . 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PHELPS El Reno Delta Tau Delta Kappa Kappa Psi Bus. Mgr. Band JOB H. PRICE Muskogee Acacia VicefPres. Frosh Medic Class J. SCOTT PRICE Oakwood Toga Rho Chi Phi Delta Chi Phi Chi KIRK RICE El Reno Lambda Nu C. WALTER ROBERTSON Bristow Phi Chi FRESHMEN FINE ARTS VIRGINIA AIRY Bixby DELLA REINHARDT Norman WILLIE PEARL PENIGK Altus BERTHA WHELCHELL Westville Alpha Chi Omega Indian Club Polo and Riding Association HAROLD DUMLER Okeenc Y. M. C. A. -IESSIB WEIR Walrevs Alpha Gamma Delta KATHRYN CANNON Cushing Phi Mu I MAXINE CUTLIP Wewoka Kappa Alpha Theta ELIZABETH ODELL Shawnee Kappa Alpha Theta PAULA MONTGOMERY Rochelle, La. Alpha Omicron Pi Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. ADELAIDE CARDER Cordell Kappa Alpha Theta ALMA WATSON McAlesteT Eurodelphian Glee Club RUTH CLARK Fairfax Delta Delta Delta Y. W. C. A. Cabinet W. A. A. PEGGY STEPHENSON Enid Kappa Alpha Theta CORRINB ADLBR Davis BEATRIOB Cox Shawnee LEONA FARIS Billings Alpha Omicron Pi Y. W. C. A. ROGER FBNN Norman Lambda Nu Asst. Band Director University Orchestra ELEANOR AUDRAIN FORSYTHE foplin, Mo. Pi Beta Phi FLBDA GIBBONS Shreveport, La. Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. DON B. GOULD Oklahoma City Alpha Sigma Phi Brush and Palette H1571 GEORGIA IOUCILLB HA RTER Ponca City Delta Gamma LUCILE HAsIcINs Enid Kappa Kappa Gamma Glee Club LUCILLE HUDIBURG Blackwell Alpha Chi Omega Glee Club MILDRED C. HUPF Picker PATRICIA H. JOHNSTON Pembroke, Ky. DELIA KEITH Wewoka LBNORB LARTZ Oklahoma City Y. W. C. A. DOROTHY LEIDIG Shawnee Delta Gamma PATRICIA JANE MURPHY Woodward Pi Beta Phi Y. W. C. A. WILMA DORIS MCCLUSRY Billings Chi Omega junior Y. W. C. A. Cabinet MARY B. RICHARDS Norman Alpha Gamma Delta Glee Club LUCILLE ROBY Hammon Pierian ELSIE SCRANTON Tulsa W. A. A. ALICE M. SHEETS Copan I158J JOE STEELE Tulsa Alpha Chi Omega Dueksl Club Brush and Palette MERTIS STOCKTON Norman Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. PEGGY SWINFORD Norman SARAH ELLEN TOWNSEND El Reno Kappa Alpha Theta MARJORIE V. WATf KINS l Oklahoma City Alpha Xi Delta Fiddlers' Club Orchestra Oklahoma CO. Club VERA WEST Purcell Alpha Omicron Pi Y. W. C. A. Clee Club ROBERT CLIFTON WH ITsON Norman Glee Club R. O. T. C. ERESHMEN LAW ELEERT ROBERT HINDS Muskogee Websterian Marshall Bar ROBERT PRICE Oklahoma City Kappa Alphag Student Coun.g Inter-Frat Coun.g Junior Burlesque, '24f'25g Stunt Nite, l24Q Clipg Pres. Pefetg Chi Chi Chig jazz Houndsg Vice-Pres. Fresh' man Class, '21 gPres. junior Class, '23g Mystic Keysg Scabbard and Bladeg Phi Delta Phig Blackstone Bar. RICHARD W. HOLT Norman Sigma Nu Monnett Bar Phi Mu Alpha LESLIE LYNN CONNER Oklahoma City Band, 122:23 Marshall Bar R. O. T. C. Band, 124 BAT SHUNATONE Pawnee Sigma Alpha Epsilon STERLING JONES Okemah Pi Kappa Phig Rur' Neksg Congressg Monnett Barg Baseballg Okfuskee Co. Clubg StatefCo. Union. FRED MCWHORTER Blair Phi Delta Phi Congress Blackstone Bar Y. M. C. A. Debate 51593 EARL G. ANTI-IIs Muskogee Delta Upsilon QUINN DICKASON Okemah Pi Kappa Phi Okfuskee Co. Club Monnett Bar EUGENE AMES Oklahoma City Phi Kappa Psi jazz Hounds J. G. CROWLEY Norman Phi Alpha Delta Alpha Kappa Psi Pi Sigma Alpha Debate DALE SUTTON Chandler Marshall Bar Lincoln CO. Club LUTHER L. BOHANNON Muskogee Sigma Nu Monnett Bar JOHN EMBRY . Chandler Marshall Bar Lincoln CO. Club E. DONLEY BAKER Tulsa Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ruf Neks Phi Delta Phi Tulsa Co. Club Quo Vadis R. F. BARRY C herokee Kappa Alpha JOHN W. BLANTON Cordell W. A. BOLDING Rocky Marshall Bar C. P. BROWN Billings Phi Delta Phi Blackstone Bar HAROLD S. COOKSEY Geary Acaciag Delta Sigma Rhog Cratorical COun.g Con- gressg Blain Co. Clubg Ch. jus. Blackstone Barg StatefCo. Uniong Phi Delf ta Phi. CLAUDE C. COUNTS Ffedevick Kappa Theta A Tillman CO. Club Congress StatefCounty Union I N I . if 2 A I 3 la lf: "' -gf ' 1. 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'E-. , I .ag -ah 54:69:27 ff JE e 55 ,fx X .Q .. xr- alix Kin, fin 'R 1- .'1:tII2iS:i:E:?:"S1xa2 5 'xp I N I-.5 .s1Q5Q'jmj :gigs-g!,ia'tNi , ,H 5 , f Ss :z - 53513 lglfli Al :gi 3 . fg :v:.:. - -5 K M11 1 az R "fig slff QR, -.Jag as - 5: sf Ar., as . .ag 'Aff z a 1'::::.s1s1afs:a -:'5 - ' ' L., V.: ..., -1. 23, , I ?g'e'.yi jar.:-' J' jg? If " -5 ., ' Jllfll ' ' "1 ,A 3115 4 5. , . lf. .' , f , '11:: . a .' 1 M 1,:.,,., Z .R wg ., 'P 5 25135555 ii ASW K2 . Q ,,, aa: QQ, R wares , R - f -- g. , I . h gr, ,f -I ,va 'vs L25 gl Y . f. ..., 5 .,.. ,. .. b 'ily 1 ' R 2 l R5 I E 4 'Ez an was r. ,s :4 ti? I, 2 'E ai . EE is Z Y 'S I: k all C E R if Ik? g 5 2 E 4 X 354 . X 5' .2 Q if ffgfsek e- -' I I sim.-. .W z img: I,.i..:3, .,5,.. iii 'YY I was af if "1':':'?x, Wi :ffl S2 2533 . V. 'E 'W will fa 2 535 lam A ai elihfl, - :'Iz-:" 'T EWU? 4 iiilvili , skill felis isgia Neue" 'f ":E:.:,. .. . , 12 YY lf .51:1,::gI:, Sam. 1-. .-iw fi I ISI,-sig? 415.3--:f-R . .,4-.3525 -, If' e'i fv- . 7 '- ai 'lllll'Egs rjndgi 'F F-4 .33541 at: em. Rfb, ,.. .N S ,. l'Sf?:r,.. - 3' ' ':.i:2 ' Digi? .. am, 1-q::"R2: 'lisiiul' . 1 e iiiff 'Rza :E53E:?' " 'LW mi H4 If. wiv- 1-15424 If 1 H I . may . M .. ,.... , it ' I .jf 5 51 gi ie P , .4 new .X ... . I Jain, f sig ..- if ggi Y 2 N -' :I gig si? of? N anna. A' BYRON H. DESELMS Guthrie Kappa Sigma EDWIN A. DEUPREB Oklahoma City Delta Pi Delta Sigma Rho Phi Delta Phi Pres. Freshman Law Class MCKINLEY HARRIS Oklahoma City Delta Pi Blackstone Bar KARL H. HOGAN Pryor Kappa Sigma WILLIAM S. HORTON McAleste1 Kappa Sigma FLOYD L. JACKSON Devol Sigma Mu Sigma FRANK JANKOSKY Tulsa Sigma Alpha Mu Monnett Bar InterfFrat Council J. A. LBDBBTTER Pervy Glee Club Band PAUL N. LINDSAY Pauls Valley Kappa Sigma Ruf Neks Treas. Student Coun. Baseball JOHN B. LYNN Fairfax Pi Kappa Alpha lnterfFrat Council Boxing DAVID R. MILSTEIN Coalgate Sigma Alpha Mug Blue Curtaing Menorahg "Sew en Keys to Baldpateu Castg Stunt Niteg Monnett Barg Coal Co. Clubg Band. E. B. MITCHELL Enid Marshall Bar COLBERT B. MOORE Norman Pi Kappa Alpha Alpha Kappa Psi Phi Mu Alpha Bus. Opp. Club JOHN MOORE Pocassett Delta Pi Ruf Neks Basketball 51611 TOWNSEND MCCLURE Norman Pi Kappa Phig Alpha Kap' pa Psig Kappa Tau Pig Phi Delta Phig Inter-Frat COun.g Blackstone Bar. WILLIAM L. OLIPHANT Norman Sigma Mu Sigmag Mar' shall Barg Forumg Stu' dent Preachers' Club. GORDON QUILTER Tulsa Delta Pig Pi Sigma Alphag Battle-Axeg Republican Clubg Blackstone Barg Y. M. C. A. WILLAR B. RBINHEIMER Amarillo, Tex. Sigma Alpha Mu HUGH ROFF Ringling Marshall Bar ROYCB H. SAVAGE McAleste1 Phi Delta Thetag Delta Sigma Rhog Mystic Keysg Phi Delta Phig Debate, '21f'z3f'9.4g Pres. Inter- Frat Coun., 'zgg Congressg Blackstone Barg Sooner Staff, 'zgg Clipg Oratorical Coun., '22-'z3f'9,4. A. P. VAN MBTR Oklahoma City Websterian Marshall Bar J. KNOX BYRUM Shawnee Alpha Tau Cmega Phi Alpha Delta Monnett Bar WALTER E. SCHUELKE Wakita Scabbard and Blade Ruf Neks J HERBERT H. SCOTT Norman Pi Kappa Alpha Red Red Rose Athenean J. MERREL SILER Tonkawa Acacia Phi Alpha Delta Glee Club Blackstone Bar J. B. THOMAS Tulsa Phi Kappa Psi Ruf Neks JOE B. THOMPSON Ardmore Kappa Sigma Ruf Neks LEE B. THOMPSON Nowata ' Beta Theta Pig Alpha Kappa Psi, Pe-et, Quo VadisgScabbardandBladeg Frosh Debate, 'zzg Conf gressg Frosh Baseball, 'ng Oratorical Coun., 'nfagf l14Q Nowata Co. Clubg State-County Uniong Stu' dent Coun., '9.3f'24g Pres. Student Coun., 'zgg Clip, Jazz Houndsg Blackstone Barg Exec. Comm. Sta' diumfUnion Driveg Pub. Bd.g ISt Letzeiser Medal, 124g Y. M. C. A. l162J JOE D. WARREN Shawnee Kappa Sigma Square and Compass J. THEODORE WEAVER Oklahoma City Marshall Bar LOUISE WEWERKA Norman Theta Sigma Phi Sooner Staff, '23314 Oklahoma Daily Staff Mortar Board JO WHITTEN Oklahoma City Alpha Tau Omegag Asst. Bus. Mgr. Whirlwindg Phi Alpha Deltag Ckla. Daily Staff, Asst. Varsity Cheer Leaderg Marshall Barg Adv. Mgr. Sooner. CARROI. B. WOMACK Altus Phi Alpha Delta Marshall Bar Forum LEE GIBBS Altus Phi Delta Phi Monnett Bar WILLIAM LANDLBS SHANNON Durant Sigma Chig Scabbard and Bladeg Colonel, R.O.T.C.g Clee Clubg Monnett Bar, Athenean. FRESHMEN MEDICINE ROBERT H. AKIN Okeinah Alpha Kappa Kappa Lambda Nu HOWARD ALEXANDER Bryant Alpha Kappa Kappa CLAYTON J. CANADA Grandjeld Alpha Kappa Kappa Louis HARRY CHARNEY Wilburton Sigma Alpha Mu J. WALTON DARROUGH Vinita Sigma Nug Phi Beta Pig Scabbard and Bladeg Clip. MAEEL ECKSTEDT Oklahoma City Pi Zeta Kappag Y. W, C. A.g Student Volunf teersg WOmen's Councilg Secy.fTreas.FroshMedics. LAWRENCE W. FE RGUSON Mountain Park Pi Kappa Phi Kappa Kappa Psi Phi Chi 2 ii ' L , 1 ,fi-RS ami ,fix f VTX l X' 11 7 ' A " il flax. . T w .4 55 L aq. ali it i .'fp lifi 1 g nl ' 1 mg , .V i K' .Al D' 1' y l my, x 1 " H ,pl . -,-i ,H fr v . - u argg22,fi'11i2fQf i f f, lx II i fa .. ff: rl, J 1 Pl - - i : v ,L Lf ' H ' A i phi." ' J till! . ZA.: 3 . 3 5 iii B QE a 4 l lf sri 1 ,vu 1-.ff - 1 I? 3 we Ffa ' A W 5.2 V 132 if -- 1, ? . K, Q g a 'QW r f' at 22-nfzrfmrdi-"fi zu, . -, Z, r..- . - f Q 7 ,2Q,5,,2,14g r 5 , af fag g sf 4 9 I ' PM 21 ' 5 , , ,gt If HN.. My A A fa r 4 A Hs: , N 4 I 'S 5 S , R il 9 . " 1 325142251 .13 335 may Riff-AE -, Y . f 'X i?.4?ZfE :- f . -1. fs" :Z gi-S ' H Q..1......a.' ,gi 'l f' 41 t 2 ,z ' Z 5' ' ,L 'Qi ' 1 l1631 R. B. FORD Poteau Beta Theta Pi Student Council FRANK CLINTON GALLAHER Shawnee Sigma Nu Clip FLOYD uSCOTTYM GRAY Hydro Kappa Sigma Phi Delta Chi Pres. Frosh Medics O. H. HANSON El Reno Pi Kappa Alpha Alpha Chi Sigma Red Red Rose J. P. IRBY Norman Phi Chi LEALON LAMB Clinton Beta Theta Pig Battle-Axeg D. D. M. C.g InterfFrat Coun.g Phi Beta Pig Vice' Pres. Student Councilg Ruf Neksg Track, l22'124' 'zsg Student Member Ath. Council. PATRICK S. NAGLE, IR. Kingjislaer FRESHMEN PHARMACY FOSTER B. BAILEY Sulphur SAM BALK C hickasha Sigma Alpha Mu MARY JANE BLANKENSHIP Norman O. Ph. A., Student BRIGGS BOYDSTON Wi lhurton MYRA DALE Phollette, Tex. CLARENCE A. FIKE Altus JOHN FOWLER Weatherford Kappa Psi Pres. Freshman Pharmacy Class f164J DELEERT GANN Duncan Frosh Football ALFORD GEORGE Enid A JOE B. GORDON Kionawa THEO GREENBERG Tulsa Sigma Alpha Mu INA LORENE GRIFFITH Apache Secy. Freshman Pharmacy Class Lambda Kappa Sigma BRYAN H. HYDER ' Chattanooga ARCHIE R. JONES Dustin Okla. Phar. Assn. Auxiliary FRESHMEN Unclassified MEDICINE B. N. SBWELL Boyce, La. WAYMAN J. THOMPSON Nowata Beta Theta Pig Alpha Kappa Kappag Clip, Pres.g Pres. Frosh, 'ng Battle' Axeg Congressg Jazz Houndsg Student COun.g Student Union. DEWEY WALDEN Marietta Phi Chi PHARMACY LESLIE C. NIELICK Shawnee Sigma Alpha Epsilon VicefPres. Frosh Pharmic Class CLARENCE A. QWBN Woodward LEE ROBINSON Guymon Kappa Epsilon JACK SMITH Snyder 'K F1651 NOLAND E. SMITH Norman Kappa Psi JOHN E. WELLS Apache JULIAN YOUNOER Hollis UNCLASSIFIED BYRNE A. BOWMAN Muskogee Delta Pi Alpha Sigma Delta JOHN W. CAMERON So. Pittsburg, Tenn Kappa Sigmag Clipg Whirl Wind Staffg Congress Polo. JAMES HOWARD COLLINS 'Tulsa Websterian ROBERT P. DARNEY Oak Park, Ill. Alpha Tau Omega MADELBINE DERDEYN Pauls Valley Las Dos Americas Pres. Entre Nous CNA MAY EMERSON Tahlequah Buchanan Club Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. Glee Club CLAIR FISHER Novman Pi Kappa Alpha BUSTER GRAHAM Chillicothe, Mo. Sigma Alpha Epsilon NANCY JANE HARLIN Wichita Falls, Tex. Kappa Kappa Gamma LESTER HASLEY Tipton Lambda Nu Y. M. C. A. JEWELL HICKS Durant Kappa Alpha 1:1661 REX HOLDEN Ponca City Sigma Alpha Epsilon Buchanan Club WAYNE Hoon Norman Pi Kappa Alpha THEKLA JONES Childress, Tex. ALICE MCGEE Norman Y. W. C. A. EASIL R. CTEY Norman Coach Rifle Team LAWRENCE PECHACEK Prague WALTER H. PETERS Geary Kappa Epsilon .I- Mv, . lb, ,K X x ik, F . Nr... i WF 'Q?1'fr'..: .. 15 'C A 'Nh M Q -. A " 9 ' s 4 S as 1' N Sf' From An Efditorial 'Uiewpoint 34 HE IQZS SOONER, as the 'HSOONER of PROC? RESSQ' may or may not, as success is so often deterf mined by Chance, fulfill its function. If it meets your approval, we are glad. If not, we are sorry. Explanatory to the motif and theme of the art and plan of the book, may it here be said that the thought desired to be expressed throughout was a connection of the state and this, our State University, through a linlqf ing, insofar as their separation permits, of the state's principal industries, the activities of her citizenry, and the major activities and interests of the student body of the institution. Precedence has been given in each case to the activity or industry ajfecting and involving the greatest number. fwsi And more of the Same is HE failure of the student body to adhere to the blanket tax on SOONER sales this year has proven both a disappointment to the publications system and a handicap and hardship to the publication itself. Lack of cofoperation in enforcement of the rule augmented the same. Student publications without student support are as helpless as a constitution withf out amendments. Every year the attempt is repeated, to put out a good book on a paying basis. Without support and cofoperation such efforts will continue to be but attempts. f1691 E POINT out to you the departure. The .Queens of the IQZS Sooner were selected by the Editor and the Manager. It is, of course, to be hoped by the management that this method and its result will please you fully as much as it has the judges. The selection was, for the choice difpcultg the competition, close. Honor is due those chosen, but nearly as much likewise to many who were not. It is fully realized by the management, moreover, that such a course, and such a deviation, will, in all probability, be forthcoming of criticism, but any other course would have been quite as fruitful in that same aspect. The assistance of Mr. Ireland and Mr. Lasley, of Kansas City, and that of a number of others, is appref ciated. Much of the success of the section is dependent upon the very commendable work of the Queens' photogf rapher, Mr. Clarence Ireland. lf170j Fruits of Soil and CTO1llll1iSUH sa 'r C+? 'QQ' ix- . , . q 1393- ,QQQE ma-:ia Mgr 'iam 4 4 K V t if' +45 Ek? 9152.-1 Soda! I 6 L ,Q-4 T . . , YA.. '2 1-v .E Y? :qs "r "' ATT fmibvfw-A fm- M-ff-M V Z J- X + i fn- fab- ICBX 36 "" " i'wg ' Z ? 7 Z ,4 .f LA IN AIX fx .fx Sooner ueens M 34 . JMX , Kwwsiw fwvp gzez iia i r 11731 . , 9 ! 5 i 5 1 . 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LEALON LAMB . RICHARD SHULTS W. L. CORNELIUS . NORTON STANDEVEN FRANK ABBOTT . BURT LUDLOW . CHARLES MATHIAS HILLIS BELL . . LYNN LEB . . J. HAMILTON NBALE HERBERT QAKES . CARLTON STENTZ TOWNSEND MCCLURE FRANK JANKOSKY MORRIE KIRSCHNER REPRESENTATIVES .Kappa Alpha . Kappa Sigma . . Beta Theta Pi . Sigma Nu . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Chi . . . Phi Gamma Delta Phi Delta Theta . . . Acacia . l . Pi Kappa Alpha . . Phi Kappa Psi . Alpha Tau Omega . Delta Tau Delta Alpha Sigma Phi . . . Pi Kappa Phi . Sigma Alpha Mu . . . Phi Beta Delta . L189J GEORGE FRAZER CECIL HUNT ERNEST LYKINS EDWIN BROCKMAN EDWARD JOHNSON EDWARD HODGES MAYNARD KENNERLY BILL THOMAS JOHN HERVEY RUSSELL LYNN CLAIR HEENAN BILL MORGAN RONALD JOHNSTON MATHEW ROBERTSON GRANVILLE NORRIS ALFRED GLADSTEIN MARK MARKOVITZ Kappa Alpha Top Row-I-Iillg Ruckerg Frazierg Fergusoug Hunter. Second Row-Gordong Duffieldg Grantg Hicks. Third Row-Greellg Schweeng .fohnsong NICCZIIHIQ Edwards Fourth Row-'I'hompson, Broachg Deusong Lee. Fifth Row-Bursong NVallg Lcwisg Carrg Kramer. Rollom ROLUgPl'iCCQ Arnoteg Lottridgcg Howell. l190l Kappa Alpha ww 'gn'--:R R- Q tv :ma QL N.. I Q E AX, Vffvpqf Founded at Wasliington and Lee University, 1865 Membership-14,377 Number Of' Chapters-54 GRADUATE ROGER DENNISON, Hobart 1925 ROBERT PRICE, Oklahoma City LAWRENCE OLCOTT, Cherokee CLYDE FERGUSON, Marlow HOY'T LEWIS, Kingston GEORGE GRANT, Oklahoma City ROBERT HOXX'ELL, Holdemfille C. E, STROUVELLE, Tulsa IQ26 FRANCIS BERRY, Cherokee BURYL LOTTRIDGE, Enid HOUSTON HILL, Chickasha IVIARVIN WALKER, Oklahoma City BERNARD HUNTER, Oklahoma City JAMES GORDON, McAlester WALTER ARNOTE, McAlester A 1927 GEORGE FRAZIER, Oklahoma City RICHARD GREEN, Ponca City FOREST DUEEIELD, Pauls Valley CARL ROBERTS, Marlow GORDON LOWE, Oklahoma City BENO SIMMS, Leonhard, 'Texas HALL SNODCRASS, Oklahoma City JOHN EDWARDS, MeAlester MAX THOMPSON, Marlow THOMAS WALL, Sulphur IQZ8 WALTER BROACH, 'Tulsa CHARLES MCCANN, Blackwell ARTHUR S. LEE., Elk City CECIL CAROTHERS, Cvoodlarid, Kari PLEDGES SPURGEON BURSON, Ft. Smith, Ark. WILLIAM MEANS, Holderwille SAM MILLER, Elk City WALTER GOGGIN, Wellston EIEHIEZ LA i , I: ' 'LMT lllilllllm ,M-AE ll , 5, mn ll W, A fl .- 'i m III"'Ilm,iiIIiIlvr,,l I I 'Ella I f f1911 H Kappa Sigma Top Row-Haasg Thompson, J. B.g Tatcg Lindsey, P.: WVa1'ren Second Row-Hogang Deselmsg Hussg Gittingerg Barbee. Third Row-Critchlowg Mayesg Goodmang Camerong Gray. Fourth Row-Reedg Huutg Manng Haleg Sapp. Fifth Row--Belfordg Browng Overlecsg Cochraueg Pitchford. Sixth Row-Handg Guffyg J011l1StO!lCQ Gibsong Lindsey, R. Botlom Row-Wadeg VVi1liamsg Campbellg Brooksg Horton. f1921 Kappa Sigma , 'lx ' L I DW I .C 'S' A II l-"" 'J , , I 'fry ' Ralf University Ol'VirgirIi.1, 1867 Oklahoma Chapter, Gamma Kappa, 1906 Memberahip-16,000 Number of Chapters,-92 MEMBERS Graduates FRED HOOD, Norman P.-XLFL CEOODM.-KN, Durart 1925 GORDON BRISTOW, Ardmore BYRON DESELMS, Guthrie PAUL LINDSEY, Pauls Valley MARSDEN AUSTIN, Cliiclqaslia RALPH HOOD, Norman WILSON HAND, Stillwater GLOYD GRAY, Hydro 'FWILLIAM HORTON, McAlester PRICE GITTINC-ER, Norman GORDON KEYS, Norman JAMES THOMPSON, Pauls Valley WAYNE CAMPBELL, Pryor 'HOMER WILLIAMS XGARRISON BUXTON, Olqla. City 'WILSON BISHOP XLBWIS DAY, Norman 'Pledge MALIRICE MCLAUGHLIN, Norman WILLIABI BRYAN GIBSON, Norman ALVIN IXAE.-ACH.-XM, Clinton IQ26 ELMER SLOUC-H. Ardmore JOE MAYES, Pryor CECIL HUNT, Tulsa MOT KEYS, Oklahoma City RAY LINDSEY, Pauls Valley 1917 BENTON BROORS, McAlesrer XADAM JOHNSTONE, Bartlesville THOLIIAS CRITCHLOXX', Olgla. City EUGENE WEST, Keota 1928 YROSWELL DOWNING, Olgla. City 'FJOI-IN FORBSTNER, Springjield, Ill. XCHARLES HAMILTON, Mangum XCHARLES HAAS, Olqrnulgee FRANK PATTERSON. El Reno KINGSFORD PRICE, Fairview IVIARSIIALL BROWN, Tulsa ROY LAMB, Ardmore KARL HOGAN, Pryor J. LYNN OVEKLEES, Barzlesville JOE B. THOMPSON, Ardmore XJ. D. WADE, Cliickaslia LEWIS D. Cox, Oklahoma City JOSEPH D. WARREN XCHARLES HALE, Miami PB.-KSIL HUSS, Healclron JKMAX STRODE, Shawnee FY WILLIAM TATE, Ardmore R X X m y M- 'J X I , DN- r A E f ,H ' Xilxxx K L c " I .- - -I 'l Elf I liar E 'E l - . .ianlllilil llIQII ' i!'iE-ii: I j" WI off -.ill f'-l'liz:lllllflZ2 If1931 Beta Theta Pi . Top Row-Kniseleyg Yoder, roru, ng wright, Thompson, L. Second Row-Longg Montgomeryg Grimesg Galbreathg Holmbcrg. Third Row-Bakerg Nelson, A.g Nelson, J.g Starkey, Thompson, R. Fourth Row-Smith, Blanchard, Schaffg Ingham, Murchison, Stroud. Fifth Row-Lykinsg Reddg Johns, Clement, Pearson. Sixth Row-Lamb, Brechciseug McCullouchg Peterson, Muldrow. Bottom Row-Edgcrtong Harrisg Ford, C., Entrikeng Hanson. Q 51941 X x eta Tilfzeta K JT . ,ji Sl E- T'ff?rAJ,JL " f-Nl!"-IIN? , 'Hg '---nl' If ll Ch .. E , Founded .It Mlflml l.lI11VS1'5lfY. Okl.Il1Om:1 Chapter, liklmflkl Phi MEmlWCfShlP"'jT.IkJ1 MEMBERS Graduate EDNVARIJ H. MuCO1.LOI'uII IQZW W.ALTER BAKER. Enul WILLIANI BLACK, Ft. Sm1I:lT. Ark, VERNON COOK, Gmrhrie PERRY H.ANSON, Olqlahoma C1151 ELMER JAMES DOXX'NING, Tulsa CHARLES E. FORD. Enid RICHARD FORD, Poteau -I. SPENCER ENTRIREN, E-md RICHARD S. BRBCHEISEN, Muskogee LINNE HOLBIBERG, Norman TSTANLBY BLANCHARD, Purcell TEGBERT CLEMENTS, Norman TCHARLES EDGBRTON, Sapulpa GLENN P. GALBREATH. Tulsa PHILO W. GRIhlES, Tulsa ,fPledge. HARRY KNINELEY, :l-'lhl1UYVl!TI'1'7 LE.-XLON LAMI1, Clmcon ul. HERRIAN LONG, Muxlqogee ERNERT B. LYIQINS, Ardmore IQ26 VJAYMAN .l. THORII-SON, Nowam LRONALD F. VJRIOHT, Mxarnn E. PAUL PETERSON, Haskell 1937 KERMIT W. INCH.-XM. Olqla, C1151 ALBERT N. NEAL, Cleveland JOHN R. PEARSON, Muskogee IQ28 W.ALTER D. HANSON, Olqla. City PERCY M. JOHNS, Ardmore CHAS. T. MCCOLLOUCH,jOpllH, Mo. fl. R. MONTGOMERY, Marlow HAL TVIULDROW, Norman 1 11151 1839 . 1037 fPi .fn 'N 1 7 ffm L. Nogx . 7. A l HG Numlmr Oi'ClI.1ptc1's -H84 FRED H. MUROHISON, Muskogee ALIIERT N.ANCE, Norman RALI111 G. TIIONIPSON, Nowala LEE B. THONIPQON, Nowam RORERT A. YOOER, Tulsa GEORGE H, STROLID, Valliant ROBERT RINGO. Nowata BYRON H. SCHAPF, Tulsa S. JOHN SMITH, Sapulpa AW'ERS NELSON, Muskogee J. C. NELSON, Muskogee JAMES'REDD, Sapulpa EDWIN R. ST,-XRKEY, Okla. Cnty PHIL xl. LEHNHARD, Sapulpa w w Si gma, Nu V X 14 ' .:' 1.5 -:1E"'M6AVl',f "Ef5f371'T'7'v595viEVV1V'ff "" ,,.., A A W -... ' , V, ? Q4,.......,mf-an-.fs. .-xg.-wi., W- W- -. , 2 .- ....- - .-4 W,,w.m.,,.,......- . 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Bottom Row-Pyczlttg Brockmzlug Scottg Matting Gouldg Smith. f196l Sigma Nu egyalrrtggy . , WR it . P WL Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1869 Membership-27.,OOO WILLIAM CRAWFORD, Ada EARL FENTEM, Ada LUTHER L. BOHANNON, Muskogee EDWIN BROCKMAN, Tulsa J. WALTON DARROUGH, Vinita MERLE DENNY, Lawton THOMAS M. GODFREY, Cherokee GLENN C. HARTFORD, Okla. City FLOYS MCBRIDE, Oklahoma City DILLON ANDERSON, McKinney,Tex. HUGH ANDREWS, Byers BUSTER B. BASS, Okla. City JOHN H. WHEATLEY, Tulsa LAWTON BURTON, Lawton 'CLARENCE GOULD, Lawrence, Kan. XWILLIAM JONES, Oklahoma City THEBBR MARTIN, Tulsa TROWLAND MASON, Lawton JOE BROWN, Ardmore MAURICE RICKS, Tonkawa ':Pledge. Oklahoma Chapter, 1909 MEMBERS 1915 PHILIP H. GREEN, Muskogee EARLE YIENE HENDRICRS, Okla.Cizy WALTER R. MCCLELLAN, Blackwell 1926 FRED E. PYBATT, Tulsa HOWARD SCOTT, Fairland LESTER J. SHARP, Tulsa ED L. SISSON, Eastport RUSSELL STEELY, Canon City, Colo. CURTIS M. SMITH, Ada KENNETH J. WILKINSON, Muskogee 1927 RALPH H. CLARKE, Henryetta WILLIAM HALLER, Oklahoma City KERMIT HARDWICK, Lexington MONTE LEDEORD, Tulsa JAMES B. SCOTT, Wichita, Kan. 1928 'KFRANK RElCH, Sedan, Kan. CHARLES TAYLOR, Oklahoma City THAROLD PETERS, Hominy JFMURRAY BRISCOE, Hollis UNAFFILIATED BOWLAND RITCHIE, Ponca City J. R. SEWELL, Payne, La. Number of Chapters-90 EDWARD H. SHORT, JR., Tulsa RICHARD B. SHUL'rs,McKinney,Tex WILLIALS R. WOLEE, Okla. City RICHARD HOLT, Norman HARLAN HOLT, Norman MEREDITH MILES, Norman CLINTON GALLAHER, Shawnee CHARLES F. MARTIN, Tulsa BOYD COUOH, Helena WILLIAM SEITZ, Oklahoma City P. A. WALLACE, Muskogee XJAMBS WEBSTER, Oklahoma City xCH.ARLES CLIET, Marlow TJULIAN W. SMITH, Toyah, Tex. "'S. C. Fox, Oklahoma City TNOLE HARTER, Oklahoma City XHOMER DELZELL, Cherokee WILLIAM LINCOLN, Mercedes, Tex. DON ANDERSON, Gotebo c 9, VFX 2 S ag W, ll I ji ...L g!l'T'l ' 'RQ' ig? C - Lc- Iieiri Sigma Alph CL Epsilon A xx -s-mrew.. wg. x' H .... , .......,.. .. , ..... .. ,,.. 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Bnllom Row-Stuartg Miller, E.: Kokeruotg McDonald: Smith, McGuire. 1 yg Kimba insg Chismg Johnson, E. 1 4 1 I ' 1 - . , ,.V,,..,, I. 1 v 1 51981 ,ff .511 ,Au V' ' I Sigma Alpha Epsilon AK I, go I, ' v. 'O V ' Membershipgglazo Founded at E. DONLEY' BAKER, Tulsa LEWERS CORNELIUS, Antlers PAUL KENNEDY, Purcell HAWLEX' KERR, Tulsa EARL LANGPORD, Norman EDVUARD LEAHEY, Pawhuslga LLOYD CHIShi, Ada CHESTER COLE, Ardmore ALBERT COOPER, Hugo HAROLD DECKER, Guthrie HUGH EDMONDSON, Mavsmrille, WILLlAk'i HALL, Norman GERSTER BROWN, Ardmore JACK CLOVER, Tulsa JOHN CRIDER, Durant IRA DAVIS, Olqmulgee JACK DAVIS, Oklahoma Citv University o Ark. MILAM MCKINNEY, Oklahoma City XAUSTIN BOND, Chiclgasha MARTIN BROWN, Ardmore "'WARREN FARNAM, Olglahom FRANK GRAHAM, Norman REX HOLDEN, Ponca City KENNETH JARRETT, Chandler JOE JONES, Ardmore HERBERT JOHNSON, Ardmore RAYMOND KIMBBLL, Altus a City XWALTER KOKERNOT, Gonzales, 'Texas WILLIAM MAUER, Oklahoma WILLIAM MILLER, Lawton iPledge. City 1915 1926 197-7 1918 f Alzrbanm, H5563 Number OlJCl1LlPCCfS-'CQ4 Oklahoma, 1909 GEN'TRX' LEE, Norman ED LIGON, Tulsa EDGAR MARSFIALL, Chandler LLOYD MGGUIRE, Guthrie GORDON WILLIANiS, Weatherford JOHN WOOTTEN, Chrckasha COLEMAN HAYES, Durant EDWARD JOHNSON, Norman FLOYD LACEY, Anadarlqo HARRELL LEE, Norman RUDOLEH LITTLE, Norman TRUMAN YOES. Norman WILLI.AM MULLINS, Madill GLENN RUSSELL, Altus RANDOLPH ROGERS, Pawhuslqa BAT SHUNATONA, Pawnee STANLEY SMITH, Tulsa BILLINGTON SPARKS, Ardmore KB. H. MILLER, OlqlahornaifCity XCARL MCCL.AIN, Lawton XJAMES MCDONALD, Chickasha KYLE MCINTYRE, Ardmore , LESLIE NIELAGK, Shawnee EDGAR PACE, Mangum XGERALD PETERSON, Guthrie BENNETT STOREY, Durant QCARRINGTON STUART, Shawnee FRED TAYLOR, Ada JOHN WAGNER, Chandler ALFRED WITHERSPOON, Chickasha ,ll f- .-,.',cm- -' " '4J'.:'.." L Er- --. X E L5' F I , ! I . E v :ummm Mwndwnmg - -1' r Y B V., . I . W : , ll r ' lu iflpl- - .X 'fl I f. , 7,7 , g L199J ,Cl Sigma hi Top Row-Browng Mulveyg Standleyg Tudorg VVitt. Second Row-Monaghang Fontaineg Kcnnedyg Blackg Kellam. Third Row-Paceg Eagletong Shanuong Hodgesg Standeven. Fourth Row-Floodg .Tohnsong Egnewg Jordan: Jackson. Fifth Row-Courterg Cunninghamg Goodwing Daubertg Shidler. Siarih Row-Mitchellg Coleg Millerg Francisg Williallls. Bottom Row-Taylorg VVaughg Morrisong Plummerg Dibrell. fzool Sigma Qhi .A 4 J ., Membership-11,758 CHARLES DA UBERT, Carnegie KENNETH D. MITCHELL, Okla. City JOHN COSTELLO, Lindsay DEWEY GOODWIN, Anadarko EDWARD HODGES, Newkirk JOHN DUNLAP, Shawnee HARVEY COEE, McAlester CARROLL HONEA, Harrah JAMES MOSIER, Pawhuska KENNETH CAMPBELL, Parsons, Kan. ROGER CUNNINGHAM, Okla. City JACK TALBOT, Tulsa C. KUYKENDALL, Temple, Tex. BERT MIJLVEY, Yukon BURTON JORDAN, Tulsa CLARENCE BLACK, Oklahoma City J. R. WITT, Chickasha TCHARLBS DUNCAN, Oklahoma City BERT STRONG, Guthrie Miami University, 1885 Oklahoma Chapter, Beta Kappa, IQ12, M EM BERS Graduates T925 ELWOOD KENNEDY, Okmulgee RANDOLPH MCCURTAIN, Durant NORTON STANDBVEN, Tulsa LEO MORRISON, Lexington 1916 ROGER PLUMMER, Broken Arrow JAMES PORTER, Tulsa WILLIAEI TALBOT, Tulsa GERALD MONAGHAN, Muskogee I9z7 JACK MONTGOMERY, Cushing LANDLES SHANNON, Durant CECIL CARSON, Shawnee ALVIN EGNEW, Oklahoma City TPRENTISS MOONEY, Shawnee 1928 TWILLIAM EVANS, Ardmore TFRANK FLOOD, Norman CHARLES STANLEY, Norman SETH KELLAM, Toakum, Tex. WINFIELD MILLER, Norman JOHN OEEIELD, Oklahoma City Erik! Number of Chapters-83 RAYMOND MOORE, Norman OSCAR FONTAINE, Durant LEO COURTER, Enid JAMES EAGLETON, Norman ROY E. COLE, McAlester EVERETT S. JOHNSON, Tulsa H. B. PREWITT, Wichita, Kan. KENNETH LANYON, Oklahoma City TJACK BOLLES, Oklahoma City DON WASSON, Antlers JAMES PACE, Vernon, Tex. JAMES DIERELL, Van Buren, Ark. JACK SMITH, Temple, Tex. TJAY TAYLOR, Wewoka JOE SI-IIDLER, Pawhuska LEON VINSON, Shawnee ROLLA WAUGH, Okmulgee TSAM JACKSON, Durant GEORGE WILLIAMS, Tulsa TELDRIDGE EASTLAND, Dallas, Tex. 9fP1ed ge. T-JACK RUSSELL, Dallas, Tex. TNORRIS GOFF, Mena, Ark. , gg X ,... Cf T 'N H U 5 I l!1!.lilh I - K E-! A lu! A - 1 'fl' l201fl Z l . w s CPM Gamma fDelta N.: ,':- 3 522 li T12-E .::-:+::v-1 we as :asf- : E H 5, 1':w21s:5gs::s5:::2:f- X, " 512e:'a .' " , -"' f ' -A .f ,, , Wm , --4-M w : . :ig ' rs s: ::1-1.:::::e:m:::.f:- ' -'-' 1 :s:s- 1'1-!.g . w " 1 -1-mf.-'.zr 1+H:eSw:-52:2 1- v x 2 :4,, . , N V 4i::e1g'::::-2:25-ry :,r-'.::1:+:-s:1s,:- 4-9:1 z. 1:z ::1:wr:q .w1:1: ,i ' - , ' - :l u f. , . -X ' .-. 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H2021 Whi Carnrna Delta 1 . l, .4 -syyv - Z' I L Membership-zo.OOO MARCELLLIS PRIEBE, Norman BUFPINGTON BLIRTIS, Muskogee JOHN DOBRY, 'Yukon RICHARD WHEELER, El Reno WILLARD EGOLF, Mztskogee DALE ARBUCKLE, Enid RICHARD LAWTON, Tulsa HAYWARD WRIGHT, El Reno GORDON GUTHREY, Dallas. Tex THEODORE LEE, Oklahoma City LEWIS COWLAND, Oilton GLEN COLE, Norman GORDON AVERY, Tulsa JOHN BLAIR, Oklahoma City XCHARLBS GOEORTI-I, Tulsa JOHN JOHNSTONB, Bartlesville J. G. LIEBMANN, Oklahoma Cit "Pledge, F VJzIsl1IIIgtOn and Jefferson, 1848 Oklahorxux, 1917 MEMBERS IQZS VIRLIIL TIMS, Paden HOLLIEQ WHEELER. Marlout PIERRE CTRIMMETT, Pauls Valley JACKSON SLOAN, Houston, Tex. 1916 MAC HLJTCHENS, Ft. Worth, Tex. EDWARD BOWLES, Perry LEXGHTON AX'ERY, Tulsa MAYNARD KENNERLY, Weutoktz 1927 BILL NOEL, Kansas City, Mo. JACK CLJRRAN, Ernd STUART MEYERs, Oklahoma City CLYDE MOORE, Pauls Valley 1928 DELEERT MCCULLOUGH, Tulsa LEWIS POE, Tulsa WILLIAM WALNER, Cvyrmewood HERMAN L. MONTGOMERY, Vmita DICK DOWNING, Norman EDGAR GRIMM, Stroud I 'K lt NCB K A ia Number of' Chapters-67 MAURICE RUPPERT, Sand Sprlngs NESISITT MILLER. Oklahoma C1ty THURMAN WILLIABXS, Chickasha D.-XX'ID B. MORGAN, Tulsa REUBEN PHILIPS, Pauls Valley FRANK ABBOTT, Tulsa HAROLD LEWIS, Ardmore MARLIN WILLIAMS, Edmond CH.ARLES MILLER, Sapulpa HARRY FLEMING, Welectka WOOD RIGSEY, Oklahoma Cnty WILLIAM LEWIS, Kansas City, Mo JOE MCCLOUD, Oklahoma City REESE OLIVER, Shreveport, La. JAMES RICHARDS, Shawnee WELEORN SANGER, 'Yukon ADDISON WILLIAh1S, Okla. City -x All X I , ,I M J :S AQ IH' VM 1 :ef-if 1, is il 1 :W -1QiQG:1,f Q25 'I gfgljpgsbgx.. , M J, ,, , ziigl g u r 1 ' 'L , ,L . In I-5 2,64 1 L, l203J Thi Qelta Tiheta Top Row-Willsg Savageg Fullertong McCo11ister. Second Row-Snyderg Carterg Carrollg Harrisg Ferguson. Third Row-Schweinleg Millsg Brittaing Lamerton. Fourth Row-Sharpeg Smithg Edwardsg Pottsg Ludlow. Fifth Row-Rundleg Keyg Boyetteg Withers. Sixth Row-Stu241'tg Dunlopg VVarreng Taliaferrog Cunning. Seventh Row-Ellingerg Parkerg Standleyg Henley. Bottom Row-Coffmang McMur1-ayg Coatesg Pendletong Armstrong L204J 197-5 Phi Delta T5heta 9 Cl 2- '-'fi' ' 1' f I f A I ff' -"K ypxl Af' , 'EL ,E . 1-A-'a Gu ' -'ml Founded at Miami University. 1848 Oklahoma, IQI8 MCmbEfSh1P737,O2O MEMBERS Graduate PAUL MOTE. Sapulpa EDWARD SNYDER, Oklahoma City CLARENCE MORR1sON. Norman STANTON THATCHER, Okla. City ROBERT BREXVER, Tulsa ROYCE H. SAVAGE, Mcfklester LANDON MCCOLLISTER, Mangum J. HOWARD LINDLEY, Fairview JOHN TATE BR1T'rA1N. Okla. City T. O. BASS, Muskogee MORRIS H. BARRETT, Ryan JOHN CARROLL, Muskogee WAYNE SANDERS, Chickasl-ia DANAH BOYETTE, Lawton ERNEST SHARPE, Oklahoma City FRED SHIBLDS, Okmulgee FRANK POTTS, Ada YTOM ARMSTRONG, Norman JACK COATES, Oklahoma City JCHARLES CLJNNINO, Ada XMARK DUNLOP, Gotebo HOWARD HARRIS, Norman KIRBY WARREN, Oklahoma City JOHN COEFMAN, Holdenuille LAURENOE E. FERGUSON, Anadarko 1916 B. P. SMITH, Chickasha LEV EDWARDS, Oklahoma City MACKLIN EICHOLTZ, Muskogee FRED M1LLS, Tupelo, Miss, 1927 RALPH RUNDLE, Apache FRED ROYER, Chickasha CECIL STROUP, Krebs CAMP BOND, Muskogee 1928 XWINSTON EASON, Enid SAM FULLERTON, Miami JAMES HENLEY, Muskogee YFRED PARKS, 'Tulsa C ES V70 icq A N., Number of ChRDfCfS-92 FAYETTE COPELAND, Norman HOMER RISEN, Hooker BURT LUDLOW, Oklahoma City GEORGE S. WARNER, El Reno RXCHARD PENDLETON, Norman ROY SMOOT, Mounds E. J. ROGERS, Pawhuska RALPH ELLINGER, Noble ROY HOFFMAN, Oklahoma City W1LEORD THOMAS, Medicine Park PARK LAMBBRTON, Enid JACK REEDER, Oklahoma City E. C. HARLIN, Ft, Wo-rth, Tex. DAVE PRICE, Norman ROWAN TALIAFERRO, Okla. City FGREBNE REEDER, Oklahoma City CHARLES SCHWEINLE, Okla. City ROBERT STUART, Okmulgee XJACK WILLS, Mounds "'Pledge. S.. 'lg ,, ? -S 1 f QQ! Q ti ifaiii JE ig., 1 i t i t 2 .211 1 J 9 , Jai l li mn DQ ll in itil ,,., 1 , ,, gg, ,jf 'ff l205J Sigma Alpha Mu Top Row--Hosinskyg Millerg Balkg Shafts. Ser-and IQOIIIYDCQCIIQ Greenhergg Charncyg Manatt. Third Row-Goodmaug Kaplaug Muyg Gladstein. Bottom Row-Reiuheimcrg Leviueg Milstcing Jankoskg f2o63 f Sigma Alpha Nu .fu 11 N N. ' ffx A ,. A10n A -1 x l - "K T TQQ L T" U ' N1'll?"'.L7T T 1 1 11 x ' PH fx WM 9011 M 19 lk J 'bf' J 1 mt Cm' Collcgc of New York. 11191, CDlil.ll1OlT1.l, IRAJZO Men1lwcrsl11p-sooo Number ot'Cl111ptcrs MEMBERS 19:5 R. O. STEXOLL. Tulsa L0L11s H. C11ARN121'. WIllWll7fO7l A. S, WEIh4, Clevelami. Ohin D.Axx'11m R. MILSTEIN, Cmzlgate , ILJZG MILTON MAY, Olqlalmmu Cnty RALPH QIOOIJMAN. Olqlulwoma City FRANK VI.-XNKOSKY, Tulsa 1917 LOUIS W. JRNGLEMAN, Kingfisher AAXLFRED M. GLADSTEIN. McAlesrer HARRY L. SILVERM.-KN, Antlers W. W. KAPLAN, Olqmulgce JAMES M. MANATT, Amarlllo, Tex. WILL,ARD B. PxEINHEIMER, Amarxllo, Tex IQZS TIRVING A. S11A11'1's, Okmulgee ljuuus LEVINE. Marwrm LoU1s F. DEGBN. Bavrlesville SEYMOUR P. MAY, Tulsa XMARVIN ROSINSKY, Atolga TBENJAMIN M11.LE11, Tulsa XSAM BALK, Cl11lClQdSlld TTHEODORE T. GREENBERG, Tulsa 'Pledge - V W Q ' 1 1' I ll EH I E! Hr. 1' -X ,AL I 41' 5 A K N ls A! I . I . . T T . 5 T53 W , im,-3 N xx !I 1. if' 3?T:.f'fg , 1 4 if T . I ! ,jlqi Tozllhl , , fl .f llgiull-'7J',,j',,f1:, Im , ' ' l . 5fifs9'E N21-111-.f4a., - - -1' rl f 1 207 I Pi Kappa Alpha Fishcrg Kuzluthg Moore. , Hawleyg Underhillg Thomasg Bell, J. Thompson, NV. B.g Bairdg Scott. Finkg Bell, Hg i-f--. Carpenterg Robinson. Blackg Hood. , Morgan: Turbyfill. C. D.g Garrisong Randalg Freeman. I 20x 1 Ti Kappa Alpha X l I SX Z 'T X B M W . 1 Q, mIa 'lipllPl'lll iIn d . uw l'll my Lllfi Q l l w Membership-2I,OOO CHESTER WARREN, Temple ORRIN STEVENS, Norman RONALD CAMP, Wichita Falls, Tex. CARLETON CUNNINOHAM, Tulsa LAZELLB WI-IITE, Drumright GEORGE ARMOUR, Canton THOMAS BENEDUM, Morris ARTHUR CARPENTER, Ardmore JAMES THOMPSON. Oklahoma City CECIL BAIRD, Blackwell GENE RAWLINGS, Okmulgee HAROLD BERD, Ft. Gibson LOUIS FINK, St. Louis, Mo. HOWARD BAIRD, Blackwell OTIS CARGILL, Okemah TMAX FREEMAN, Tonkawa PETE GARRISON, Harlinger, Tex. FRANK JONES, Norman "'Pledge. University of Virginia, 1868 Oklahoma, 1910 MEMBERS 1925 HILLIS BELL, Tulsa COLEERT MOORE, Norman HERBERT SCOTT, Norman BYRON ROIEERTS, Tonkawa DONNELL ROl3INSON, Cordell JACK BELL, Tulsa IQ26 FORREST MEANS, Norman STANLEY CUNNINCHAM, Chickasha DICK GRISSO, Seminole O. B. MARTIN, Talequah 1927 JOHN HAYES, Oklahoma City WILLIAM THOMPSON, Snyder WARREN TERRBLL, Guthrie GEORGE MCKINNEY, Norman 1918 YCELLUS KERLIN, Homer, La. XJULIUS KNAUTH, Burkburnett, Tex. 'KROY LECRONE, Norman LESLIE GRAY, Purcell ALFRED GREENWALD, Okla. City HARVEY HARRISON, Norman RFQ lr --L If 3 D Numberfof Chapters-64 MERWIN BLACK, Bowie, Tex. JOHN LYNN, Fairfax JOHN REDPIELD, Ardmore T. JOHNSON, Wichita Falls, Tex SUBERT TURBYPILL, Norman J. ED GARRETT, Ft. Smith, Ark. HERSCHEL UNDERHILL, Cherokee BEN MORGAN, Falls City, Neb. DELEERT WILLIARD, Pond Creek O. H. HANSON, El Reno RICHARD MERCER, Blackwell CLARENCE STEVENS, Okemah WAYNE HOOD. Norman FRANK KELLEY, Davis LEONARD KING, Clinton TRAY LECRONE, Norman CEDRIC RANDALL, Miami .Il X ,Q I , HH M lazy Eehii' T i FT- . II1 Il 'l ' -E r.'l5.l EE . I' - SLLALSQ.- i ' f209J PM Kappa Psi Top Row-Lcavittg Loughneyg Smith, C.g Mugler, J.g Lee. Second Row-Smith, L.: Floydg Moore: Goddardg Ames. Third Row-Deaneg Holmesg Hendrixg Dawson. Fourth Row-Putmang Mugler, H.g Hollowayg Adams. Fifih Row-Funderburkg Smith, A.g Loveg Flynt. Sixth Row-Myersg Aldridgcg Millerg Chesherg Thomasi Bottom Row-Bozlrdnuzlng Heeuzmg Carterg Steinhergerg Minshall. ,LN-M y I. , ,- P ,N , 4 fE1f'15Qa ?.fj1' 'W' 2521! V. ,. M X -Z, P ,gn .zev Era .gp ,gn .uf 3 , 1210 1 Whi Kappa I , vp ' ... ' Q 5 l Y Tl YN. LYS Membership-21.500 EARL CHESHER, Norman BART ALDRIDGE, Wewoka W. FUNDERBURIL, Shreveport, La. EUGENE AMES, Camden, Ark. WILLIAM CROWDER, Hugo EDWARD LOUGHNEY, Muskogee JOHN FLOYD, Muskogee GILBERT HENDRIX. Muskogee CARL ADAMS, Lexington ROBERT MOORE, Oklahoma City VERNON LOVE, Perry YPledge. if , 'QL L J H0- , .L 9 1 f' W lk .gg + " 4' "ii 'SI :6 Jefferson College, 1851 Oklahoma. IQZO MEMBERS Graduate JOHN THORIA 192: LYNN K. LEE, Mmerva. Tex. JOHN MUGLER, Perry 197.6 CLARK STEINIIERGER, Tulsa ROBERT FLYNT, Nocona. Tex. LUTHER B. SMITH, Marietta LLEWBLLYN LEAVITT, Purcell 1927 JOE MY'ERS, Pauls Valley TOM V. CARTER. Okmulgee 1928 WILLIAM DEANE, Shreveport, La. STEEVE HOLLOWAY. Hugo REEVE HOLMES, Mangum CARNET PUTMAN, Chillicothe, Mo, S1 .L , Iliff! Number of Chapters-38 ADRIAN SMITH, Perry CLAIR HEENAN, Oklahoma City DARIN BOARDMAN, Oklahoma City CURTIS SMITH, Oklahoma City EDWARD DAWSON, Stockholm, Swed. HAROLD CILEERT, Tulsa MARLIN CODDARD, Wagoner EARL MILLER, Tulsa HENRY MUGLER, Perry WARNER NORTHOUTT, Lexington CPAUL MINSHALL. Tulsa 'ff is ' Km-D-jj E1 mg ff. 9 4' f L sl g R5 W Illllflll l ill " ..,. ,,,.,,. I2ii1 Alpha 'Eau Omega E , Top Row--I-Ioltg Dellingerg Hesterg Darhyg Browne. Second Iiow-.Iolmstoug Nealeg Baruesg Sturgellg Walker. Tlzird Row-Mooreg Thompsong Primroseg Gillamg VVatson. Foizrtlx Row-Grilfiug Britiaing Darncyg XVillhelmyg Byrum. Bottom Row-Ellisoug Morganq Reavisg Xvillklifg Fox. H2121 Alpha 'Eau Omega I. xl ....,.. I A i -zifi Mem bership-2 I ,ooo WALTER L. BARNES, Guthrie FRANCIS A. CHILSON, McAlester P. A. EEHLAND, Oklahoma City JOHN O. BRITTAIN, Oklahoma City PRESTON C. CLARKE, Tulsa C. DONALD ELLISON, Okla. City VIRGIL BROWNE, Oklahoma City J. KNOX BYRUM, Shawnee EMMETT A. DAREY, Norman JDALLAS DAVIS, Pawnee RAYMOND FORD, Blackwell XSIBLEY BARNES, Guthrie 'ROBERT DARNEY, Bristow MABRY DILLINGER, Norman ROBERT L. Fox, Ardmore lk 'kP1edge. Virginia Military Institute, 1865 Oklahoma Chapter, Delta Kappa, 1921 MEMBERS IQZS M. DARWIN KIRK, Norman LEONARD PORTWOOD, Hobart GEORGE S. TURNER, Okla. City IQ26 RAY H. GRIPEIN, Kosse, Tex. THOMAS G. JOHNSON, Ardmore DENZIL V, MCDONALD, Okla. City 1927 GEORGE S. GOOLSBY, Idabel ELMO HESTER, Webb City XFRANK CLARK, El Reno FRANK P, LATIMER, Idabel XTRENHOLME LACRIE, Okla. City D. L. MOORE, Bartlesville 1918 ROBERT GILLAM, Ardmore VICTOR HOLT, Oklahoma City 'EVERETT JOHNSTONE, Altus 'KLEE R. JOHNSON, Wingfield, Kan. + 1- ,. Number of Chapters-86 J. BASIL WAGNER, Chandler THOMAS L. WALKER, Guthrie FRANK L. WATSON, McAlester WALTER M. MORGAN, McAlester CLAUDE S. THOMPSON, McAlester ROBERT L, NEELEY, Bristow MAYNARD REAVIS, Norman JOHN PRIMROSE, Eufaula HAMPTON TUCKER, McAlester XJOE WHITTEN, Oklahoma City XGEORGE STURGELL, Pawhuska H. M. WALKER, Altus G. WILLHELMY, Kansas City, Kan JKROLAND WILLIAMS, Norman ' 7 ' l . 2 -"liIlD lUl 12131 Delta Tau Delta Top Row-Suttong Oakesg Farleyg Edwardsg Curry. Second Rowffiowerg Gentry: Ashbyg VVhih1eyg VVest. Third Row-Solfg Phelpsg Coffeyg Hays. Fourth Row-Woofterg Stzlcyg Kuightg Hntcherg Johnston Bolton: H0lUfBi1liIlgSQ Batesg Sullivzmg Voglcg Amos. i214l '--Qi QDelta 'Gam Xwlllw , SY YZ C, 7 Z5 4 fi E 2111111--I'--'Ianni L3?QQQf. 9' was Membership-19,277 EUGENE CENTRY, Lawton BERT G. ASHBY, Dallaa, Tex. WAYNE BILLINGS, Oklahoma RONALD JOHNSTON, Tulsa LENDON KNIGHT, Tulsa HERBERT OAKES, Norman HOWARD BXLLINGS, Oklahom HAROLD FARLEY, El Reno BATES EDWARDS, Okemah CHARLES WHITNEY, Tulsa DORRIS COEEEY, Ardmore 9fPledge. Cay a City Bethany College. ISSO Oklahoma, IQ22 MEMBERS 1917 ORX'ILLE VOOLE, Snyder BEN HATCHER, Stonewall JEROME SULLIVAN, Ardmore JOHN SUTTON. Prague 1926 IVIALCOLM PHELPS, El Reno XROTHWELL STEPHENS, Cage LLOYD WEST, Oklahoma City DON THOMASON. Pauls Valley 1917 LEE GOWER, Tulsa COLLEY SULLIVAN, Pauls Valley ELDRED BATES, Tulsa IQ28 BEN TAYLOR, Soper TOM ASBURY, Oklahoma City PAUL WOOPTER, Ardmore Delta -x Number Of Cl121I7tE1'S-71 ERNEST SOLP, Carmen WENDELL WETTENGEL, Fletcher BONNIE SPENCER, Chandler JOHN AMOS, Oklahoma City LOYAL WOODALL, Helena CECIL OAKES, Norman BOLTON CURRY, Blackwell LELAND CL.ARK, Carnegie RAYh1OND HAYES, Avant I KENNETH STACY, Chickasha FDA "' N W IN - l J F ' X f 4 'V El lilil 'ln - ' ' I 4 . , 1' ..,.,,j1I-Ii I I"-T' ala.-.3 F I Elllil A 52153 fPhi Beta Delta Top Row-Rubyg Kirschnerg Selliugerg Tobias. Second Row-Ravitzg Markovitzg Bcrryg Byers. Third RowsGoldfede1-, .Lg Mersong Goldfcder, H.g Gladston Bottmn Row-Porteg Kornfcldg Berryg Pearlstein. f216j fPhi Beta Delta www S 2 f f V53 - L f for L 9 0 L NewiYOrk University, IQO3 Oklahomnfchapterllotzx, 1912 Membership-5,OOO Number of'Cl'mpte1's-30 JEROME MEMBERS Graduates BYERS, Oklahoma City OSCAR H. BLOCK, Norman ' JESSE GOLDEEDER, Hugo MAURICE PEARLSTEIN, New York, N. T. 1915 AARON BERRY, Tulsa HARVEY GOLDPEDER, Hugo HERMAN KASHA, Oklahoma City DANIEL PORTE. Corona, N. Y. MORRIE KXRSCHNER. Milskogee 1916 JOSEPH MERSON, Oklahoma City MAX GLASTON, Tulsa MARVIN TOBIAS, Lehigh MOSES KORNEELD, Tulsa LEO SELINGER, Tulsa HY'h4EN KESSLER, Patterson, N. MARK MARKOX'ITZ, Tulsa 1927 THOMAS TRAVIS, Tulsa CARL RAX'ITZ, Tulsa CHARLES KEILIN, Oklahoma City SAM RUBY, Marietta, Ohio 1918 MELVIN G. COHEN, Tulsa GEORGE SELINGER, Tulsa TMARTIN KIRSCHNER, Kansas City, Mo. at-IACK BERRY, Tulsa TCEDRIC MARRS, Tulsa "Pled ge. . y' 1 , l lxx I' E ll ll, l2171 1-0- Delta Q31 Top Row-Sumtcrg Masoug Vacing Schuelkcg Harris. Second Row'-Sampsoug Hoodg Bonnellg Smithg Robbins. Third Row-Grayg Bowmang Giveng Casey. Fourth Row+Slagte1'g Clark, E. VV.g Clark, VV. A.g Lippertg Dunham 130110111 How-Bucklesg Prewittg Flowg Dcupreeg Moore. f2'18J Delta I sl l 114 A l I V X92 AQQEOJO X II ! 5 Oklahoma, 1911 Pecizioning Delta Upsilon GEORGE L. BUCKLES, Norman EDGAR WAITE CLARK, Chelsea ALLAN M. CASEY, Oklahoma Cay KENNETH K. DUNHAM, Lawton ROBERT GIVEN, Cklahoma City MEMBERS Graduate ERNEST L. LIPPERT 191-3 A. DANA HARDER, Chelsea FORREST W. HOOD, Norman IRA C. PREWITT, El Dorado EARL R. SOMMERS, Lahoma RAYMOND H. WILLIAMS, Norman HENRX' W. HARRIS, Oklahoma City 1926 H. LEE BENEFIELD, Hobart JOI-IN E. MOORE, Pocassetr ROBERT L. COLLINS, Panama GORDON J. QUILTER, Tulsa EDWIN A. DEUFREE, Oklahoma Cnty NAT A. SLAGTER, Muskogee LLOYD L. GRAY, Seattle, Wash. J. HUBERT SMITI-I, El Reno W. MCKINLEY HARRIS, Norman XWALTBR E. SCI-IUELRE, Wakita LOUIS MORRISON, Norman VICTOR J. VACIN, Oklahoma City 1927 LAUREL N. CHILDERS, Muskogee RALPH E. MASON, Oklahoma City JACK FRANCE, Duncan ROEERT O. SUMTER, Anoka 197.8 ALBERT E. BONNELL, Muskogee NOBLE C. HOOD, Norman 'JAMES D. DUBOSE, Chickasha CHARLES E. ROBBINS, Tulsa 'Pledge XL lr lf 7' ff ,.. X , fir I . 5 . . 'E . l A f " ' 2 X Q 533. - n 'J ' X . , 1 X RR A U A 31 ' . 1 f.t I 1 ,zulu ' 'A I ' ' X J' Lk' ' 'l I . , J Llkh T. N, .. - X - - . Qt' C YV - " lla" 1 le -' L 1 I I' ' A , x - i, l , f fhf f "I Q S.w N I:219fI Alpha, Sigma Wu Top Row-Boone, J.g Robertson, J. M. A.g btcntz, C.g Adams, W. Second Row-Joyccg Montgomeryg Boxley. . Third IQULU-XNi1kil'1SOl'1Q Couchg Fieldsg Gouldg Mayfield. Fourth Row-Qliroegerg Keunardg Duggang Boggsg Gorby. Fifth Row-Hiuesg Looneyg Morgang Exlineg I-Iarrington. Botiom Row-Chevrontg Tarterg Milesg Sidesg McB1'ydc, 1 I ' fzzoj Alpha Sigma Wai L, A T . A , , T I 1 3 f N if 42 V o'54fWfr. y,5.eav:N3IL?V Yale, 1845 Oklahoma, 1923 MembcrshIpk8,000 Number of Chapters-15 MEMBERS 1925 j. MATTHEW ROBERTSON, Purcell lRvIN VOGLE. Vinita JOHN MILES, Norman WILLIALI SHIPIIEY. Wistar CALVIN BOXLEY, Oklahoma City PLACE MONTGOMERY, Hobart 1926 AlAMES BOONE, Caddo ALVIN RIVER, Holdcnville VANCIL JOYCE, Oklahoma City LYALL STRANGE. Ardmore JOHN FLEET, Ada HOEART ORTON, Norman CARLETON STENZ, Oklahoma City EDGAR HOOD. Erick 1917 HOWARD COUCH, Luther ROBERT ZUST, LaCrosse, Wis. MERLE EXLINE, Selling JOHN HARRINGTON, Norman HUGH MUNROE, Ft. Smith, Ark. HENRY' MORG.AN, Paris, Tex. HURSHEL WILIQONSON, Garber EARL HINES, Purcell 1928 MURPHY' ROOT, Roosevelt ROBERT BAREOUR, Norman FOSTER Boccs, Oklahoma City KENNETH BREWER. Oklahoma City HARRY CLARK, Kingfsher CLIFTON CHEUvRONT, Roosevelt IRVBN DUGGAN, Hobart HUGH HOWARD, Oklahoma City KARL KROEGER, 'Tulsa TOM MCBRYDE, Ardmore HOWARD MARTIN, Sapulpa FLOYD NEWRIAN. Shattuck WILMONT STRANGE, Ardmore JOHN SIDES, Norman fm' vw-+ 'r "hr, Q""1A rf: XX 1-1 all -lfl, ,N . ' fp , A41 7 fr 'fs 'Zu 3-g - s 5261" 3 U' ' 3 lk WM 5 K ' . - f ' WA "" H 3 'I 'Q t 'se if KR L Y , . 41. 4 r- I T N ' X rglfeil HQLJ II l Ex. fl wg Q' " . Li' .l I if l M lk I ..,. ..... ' 6,1 I I L i :' Q i-l i - ' I- gf' T-, 'il - r 52211 fPi Kappa CPM Top Row-Perry, D.g .Tonesg Xvhiteg Milesg Priestley. Second Row-Parkerg Newman: Perry, H.g McClureg McMahon. Third Row-Dawsong Ashg YVi1kinsong Tarverg Norris. Fourth Row-Pointerg Bynumg Thompsong Stunkle. Fifth Row-Bairdg Metcalfeg Gullattg Gideong Springer. Siscllz Row-Collinsg McElyeag Storcyg Dickasong Royster. Bottom Row-Barrcttg Cornelisong Sappingtoug Fergusong Hugill I:2221 Q91 Kappa Thi , QA E N ' I Membership-4,000 JOHN TODD, Tulsa JAMES PENICK, Altus BYRON DAWSON, Luther WILSON BAIRD, Stroud GRANVILLE NORRIS, Laverne HUGH PERRY, Tulsa JOHN WHITFIELD, Sapulpa PAY GUTI-IRIE, Loclqriey, Tex. CLYDE MILES, Amarillo, Tex. RALPH THORNBURG, Hedrick, Ia. BYRON BAIRD, Stroud WARREN ASH, Blackwell VIRGIL CORNELISON, Erick HENRY WHITE, Erick EARL BARRETT, Tulsa LYNN BARRETT, Tulsa TSI-IANNON PARKER, Olqemah 9'Pledge. College of Charleston, 1904 Oklahoma, IQ23 MEMBERS Graduatex 1925 ORVILLE PRIESTLEY. Ariaelarlqo LLOYD STORY, Valliant JAMES PERRY, Tulsa 1926 CALVIN MCMAHAN, Olqemali TROBERT INORARI, Newlgirlg STERLING JONES, Olqernali BENNIE MCELYEA, Ericlq ROY NEWMAN, Shattuck DANIEL PERRY, Tulsa 197-7 RALPH ROYSTER, Luther WARREN PHILLIPS, Bujjfalo GEORGE POINTER, Chelsea CHESTER SAPPINGTON, Laverne MELVILLE METCALEE, Eufaula EMORY GALBRAITH, Tulsa 1918 XLOWERY DOUGLAS, Altus TEDMUND HUGILL, Tulsa 9 I Number of Chapters-38 TOXXVNSEND MCCLURE, Norman CHARLES SPRINGER, Norman XELLIS WILKINSON, Kingman, Kan QUINN DICKASON, Olqemali WILLIAL4 TPIOMPSON, Tulsa EARL TARVER, Norman L. FERGUSON, Mountain Park .IESSE STUNKLE, Enid DELHERT CIDEON, Ponca City WESLEY' COLLINS, Higgins, Tex. ROY BYNUM, McAlester TENNIS GALLETT, Lamar 4' LEROY CHURCHWELL, Norman 'FERANR DENNIS, Sand Springs XHENRY' MERSHON, Walters W AT P Pl lfdl L O lil IM , I Illllill W' ,W ' " " 91 . ii, Old, 9..1:-.IQ I 22:4 1 Kappa 65116111 Top- Row-Sturdcvant, E.g Sturdevant, K,g Halstedg Counts. Second Row-Stoopsg Kelly: Eck: Andersong Hockman. Third Row--Nielsong Greeueg Brandon: Anderson. Fourllx Row-Reag NVewerkag Thompson, E.g Bellg Smith. Fifth Row-Riceg Davisg NN':u'dg Babcock. ' Boltom Row-Tllompson, J.g Roberts: Mastersg Chascg Chatnmu. l 2211 j Kappa Gheta QC ill 1 C FAH A Locnl MEMBERS Graduate .l,-KMES N. HOCKMAN, Cherokee VERALD H. DAVIS, Shawnee ROBERT N. CHASE, Semmole EMMETT THOMPSON, Cougar SANFORD BABCOCR, El Reno Roscon L. ROEER1-s, Cougar CARL Cv. ANDERSON, Tyron FRED WEWERKA, El Reno MORRIS HALSTED, Guthrie KENNETH W. STURDEVANT, El Reno b':Pledge. EDWIN E. REA, Shim, Tex. ROBERT B. GREENE, Sapulpa H. W. RICE, Norman 1926 V. RAYNTOND BELL, Brxclgeporr PI.-XRLAN E. CDH.-RSE, Durant 1917 LILLARD BRANDON, Cement GEORGE ORGAIN, Duncan VJXLLI.-XM L. KELLY, Tulgon if IQ28 'KCARL Tl.-XYLOR, Verden X LLIAM LORENZEN, El Reno UNCLASSIFIED 1. IV1.-'SRED WARD, Lexmgton LIU J. JOE THOMPSON, Coldwater, Kan. WI CECIL L. CHATMAN, Shawnee R. VICTOR ANDERSON, Norman LEWIS NIELSEN, Coldwater, Kan. TIOHNNIE LORENZEN, El Reno pq: PAXTON SMITH, Wazahatchie, Tex j. EDWIN STURDEVANT, El Reno TBERNARD I. ECK, Edmond . f 5' X IL M- llllil ' 3 L CJ, 1 l ' l225I Sigma Phi Top Row-Jenkinsg Bradyg Auglin, M.g Smith. Second Row-Truuzlerg Ludingtong Bohannong Combsg Mapes. Third Row-Moodyg Cookg .louesg Anglin, R. Fourth Row-NYrightg Priebeg Hoggeg I-Iortcng Loc. Fifth If0ll7fDllllllQ Eidsong Hughcsg Vincent. 1 , V 1 226 1 Sigma q9hi H R VYLE i. Nor R C. T. LANE, Norman PAUL JONES, Elk City I. L. COOK, Anoka JACK DUNN, Ft. Worth, Tex. LEO HUGHES, Coalgate LLOYD MOODY, Shawnee MARVIN LUDINGTON, Ponca City RICHARD TOLLESON, Sperry MIKE ANGLIN, Wichita Falls, Tex. GEORGE COMSTOCK, Elk City DALE VINCENT, Norman GORDON KNIGHT, Dallas, Tex. EQIQ. gh Qklalmoma, 1923 Petitioning Lambda Chi Alpha MEMBERS Graduates RAI' HENDRIX, Norman 1915 NEAL STAGGERS, Salt Fork 1926 IVAN LEE, Randlew RALPH BOHANNON, Shawnee LYNNE R, MAPES, Norman DENVER SMITH, Norman I9z7 ALFRED MURRAH, Norman CLAUDE GREEN, Corclell RUSSELL HOGGE, Amarillo, Tex. 1928 EJAKE WRIGHT, Aroka EH. STATON, Wichita Falls, Tex XOSCAR WALTON. Dallas, Tex. D r ,X , I Q SAM CRAWFORD, Norman FRED PRIEEE, Norman H. C. VANIDBRPOOL, Norman RAYMOND SROAP, Weatherford CL.ARENCE TYLER, Norman CLIFFORD HUEE, Norman RUSSELL BONHAM, Cordell EVERETT VEATCH, Burlington EDENNIS BERNIER, Norman :IKBRET WALLER, Hooker l2271 Il' 1- .. X , I , I v 'QE Kappa Epsilon Top Row-Andrewsg Masoug Williainsong Gruuertg Christian. Second Row-Shackclfordg Kidd, P.g Harperg Kauffmang Turnbow Third Row-Cookg Petersg Banksg Vowellg Kidd, G. Fourth Row-Crevelingg Wfaltersg Mainsg Robinsoug Miller. Fifth Row-Marting Categ Bucherg Fcnng Harder. Bottom Row-Graalmaug Robertsoug Carneyg Marisg Boylan. , L f2281 Kappa Epsilon " "'.. K lf- 'df' A- -.X -A -pfp KE . R- p, p p : , Q6 vi I C CHA RLBS ANDREWS, Snyder SEBE CHRISTIAN, Drumright GENE BOYLAN, Oklahoma City MAHLON BANKS, Okmulgee TED FOOSE, Watonga JAMES KAUFPMAN, Tulsa PAUL SHELTON, Hanna BLOYCE BRITTON, Mountain Park DARRELL DUNCAN, Ada FRED MAINS, Ryan RALPH Cooic, Oklahoma City GLENN ENGLISH, Walters "Pledge, Oklahoma, IQZ3 Petitioning Phi Kappa Sigma MEMBERS 1915 RALPH HARDER, Cushing FAY SI-IACRELEORD, Wynnewood ARTHUR REUST, Oklahoma City IQ26 DAVID BUCHER, Wilson GLENN G. MASON, Hooker WILLIAM CARNEY, Rudy, Ark. 1927 WALTER GRAALMAN, Blackwell HAROLD CREVELING, Norman 1928 DIAL GERNERT, Tulsa POSEY WILLIAMSON, Drumright BUSTER WALTERS, Cushing JOHN MARTIN, Cushing WALTERS PETERS, Geary LEE ROBINSON, Guyrrion GENTRY KIDD, Norman HAROLD MARIS, Ponca Cicy ROSCOE CATE, Muskogee HUGHEY E. DUNLAP, Bixby ORLAN HARDER, Bixby PHIL KIDD, Norman PRICE KING, 'Tupelo HENRY STOLZ, Ryan JAMES TURNBOW, Drurnriglit CHARLES VOWELL, Norman XCLIFFORD KISBR, 'Tulsa 'fl ,EEE f229J Sigma M u Sigma Top Row-Sheetsg Bartoug VVestong Bond. Second How-Hasslerg Shrcwsburyg Keaheyg Jackson, E. Third Row-Hicksg Jackson, F.g Jones. Fourlh Row-Hippeng Oliphantg Pageg Shoemaker. Boiiom Row-NVoodg VVatersg Bookerg Moore. I 230 I Sigma WCM Sigma C DJ ya-:un M O' Membership-goo JIORY H. WESTON, Tribbey GRADY H. BOORER, Noble MARION E. SHEETS, Tonkawa RALPH W. HIPPEN, Okla. City JOHN L. PAGE, Norman IRA T. BOND, JR., Norman ARTHUR H. HANEY, Enid MITCHELL E. ROBERTS, 'Tonkawa FLOYD L. JACKSON, Devol WILLIAM W. HICKS, Dale EARL E. JACKSON, Devol YRAYMOND D. SHREWSEURY, Sapulpa tPledge. TrifState College, 1921 Oklahoma, 1914 MEMBERS Graduates JAMES A. WATERS, Lincoln, Neb. 'JOHN W. HYBARGBR, Olqla. City 1925 MARSHALL O. HART, Norman VARNARALE L. JONES, Chelsea GEORGE L. GOODMAN, Shawnee RALPH W. KEAHEY, Rockwall, Tex. CHAS. W. ARCHER, Corsicana, Tex. 1916 JEFFERSON A. STONE, Enid SAM H. HORNE, JR., Enid XCARROL G. WOMAOK, Martha 1917 XJOHN W. RILEY, Rush Springs XGEORGE LEE GIBBS, Eufaula 1928 - li f' N Fe' 1 Number of Chapters-5 BRETTE M. TANNER, Alva CHAUNCEY O. MOORE, Chandler JAMES M. GORDON, Tulsa "JESSE E. WALRAVEN, Rush Springs XALBERT L. HILEIG, Mooreland 5"JOI-IN B. JOHNSON, Norman XCSCAR D. WHITE, Snyder WILLIAR1 L. OLIPHANT, Dallas, Tex. SKJERRY R. WITT, Grandfelcl lkCARL GAYLE, Norman SGRANVILLE H. SHEETS, Tonlgawa RLTEE 1 A ig is l 4 Xa l231J N. A X ,lv fPanfI-Iellenic Top Row-Thompson, M.g Schoonoverg Hessg Fostcrg Rives. Second Row-Gumg Montgomeryg Thompson, D.g Phillipsg Thomassong Thorp Third Row-Dorseyg Petersg Skeeng Buifingtong Bonds. Fourth Row-Johnsong Clark: Callahang Dcaneg Buckeridgcg Coppedge. Bottom Row-Hughesg McA1pineg Pressleyg G1-iifithg Sidwell. l2321 q3an'HellenIlc owncil MILDRED SIDWELL . . . . . President LENA MONTGOMERY .... Secretaryfreasurer DOROTHY THOMPSON ELIZABETH BUCKERIDGE SYBIL CALLAHAN MARGUERITE PHILLIPS BERNICE JOHNSON MILDRBD SIDWELL LENA MONTGOMERY BILLIE RIVBS KATHERINE SICEEN PAULINE CLARK IRENE DEANE DOROTHY PRESSLY EMILB HESS DOROTHY BUEEINGTON VIOLET GRIFFBTH KAPPA ALPHA THETA RUTH E. MOORE DELTA DELTA DELTA MRS. VIRGIL CLOYD PI BETA PHI MRS. HELENE CARPENTER KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA ANNIE LAURIE ROBBY ALPHA CHI OMEGA GRACE A. BROWN ALPHA PHI WINIERED JOHNSTON DELTA GAMMA ALICE HERRON GAMMA PHI BETA EULA FULLBRTON ALPHA GAMMA DELTA MERCEDES TI-IORPE CHI OMEGA SAMMIE LEA HUGHES ALPHA XI DELTA DIXIE YOUNG PHI OMEGA PI MRS. VERA I. MOORE ALPHA OMICRON PI HELENE BRASTED , PHI MU EDWINA HEELEY ZETA TAU GRACE E. RAY I 233 J BETTY KIRK BELLE WILKINSON CHARLOTTE BOND LORRAINE COPPEDGE ALICE BELKNAP JOSEPHINB DORSEY FAYE BARNHILL DOROTHY SANBORN KATHARYN QSTBRHAUS HELEN MEISTER MABEL THOMPSON MARY FAY ENSEY LUCILLE ROBBERSON MARIE FOSTER ISABBLLE THOMASSON Kappa Alpha Theta Top Row-Johnsong Sullivang Cutlipg Croomg Carder. Second Row-Loveg Townsendg Clinkscalesg Wright, V. Third Row--Smithg .Tenkinsg Duvallg Fochtg Thompson. Fourth Row-Broachg Parchmanlg VVright, M.g McMahong Duncan. Fifth Row-Baughg Kincaidg Trent: Davis. Bottom Row-Easong VVright, K.g Stephcnsong Barnesg 0'De1l. H2341 J Kappa Alpha K.v C' ,f- AA A tgffggglilx 5' jL, I, Membership-10,500 ADELAIDE PAXTON, Norman ELIZABETH TRENT, Okmulgee LUCY BELLE DUNCAN, Okla. City JOSEPHINE DUVALL, Atlanta. Ga. NATALIE BROAGH, 'Tulsa ELIZABETH KIRK, Norman BETTY DAVIS, Okmulgee LUCILLE LETSON, Enid LOUISE CLINKSCALES, Vinita GLADYS DANNENBERG, Muskogee MAXINE CUTLIP, Wewoka HELEN EASON, Enid REBECCA LOVE, Ardmore JO MATTESON, Oklahoma City - - i 1 QA GPA De Pauw, 1870 Oklahoma, 1909 MEMBERS T927 ELEANOR DRENNAN, Okla. City DOROTHH' THOMPSON, Tulsa LEONORE BARNES. Oklahoma City 1926 MILDRED WRIGHT, Norman DOROTHY BAUGI-I, Oklahoma City ANABEL SMITH, Guthrie 1917 ELIZABETH HORNE, McAlester VIRGINIA WRIGHT, Okla. City ALBERTA WEBB, Norman CLARA CARMICHAEL, Duncan 1928 LOUISE SULLIVAN, Ardmore LAREITA WEST, Oklahoma City ALTA M. MCMAI-IAN, Okla. City ELIZABETH GJDELL, Shawnee 'Oheta Dx X Number of Chapters-52 DORCAS MGCONNELL, 'Tulsa LXLLIAN TRAPP, Miami JOSEPHINE JOHNSON, Chickasha ELEANOR KINCAID, Henryetta LAURA FOCHT, Oklahoma City IRENE CROOM, Muskogee HELEN GUTHREY, Wynnewood JAMIE JENKINS, Sulphur GRLEAN SPARLING, Okla. City PEGGY STEPHBNSON, Enid SARAH ELLEN TOWNSEND, El Reno KATHERINE WRIGHT, Miami LA NDI 2 l lihlfl llilllljzlo O ld "1 gil fi .. , 1 ilk' -- l235J 1 .,. .- j -'fff' l"f"LlHH HF . ,H ,v-v1.,, v 3. .1 mf 14 I1 1 1 I 1 ' L. ,. . r .gf 155. 55. fDel1:a Delta Delta Top Row-Simpson, A.g Baking Burtong Goudelockg Gum, H. Second Row-Hollandg Hahng Simpson, M.g Stuard. Third Row-VVhitmang Doddsg Moomaug Smithg Cullen. Fourth Row-Gum, M.g Guthrieg Kruseg Keeneyg Buckeridge, C. Fifth Row-Kramerg Simmonsg VVoodru1Tg Baggett. Bottom Rowh-Clarkg Parsonsg Stephensg Freemang Buckeridge, E W 7 1 52361 Delta Delta Delta y .X Q f I S ' ijlk Ri .-- X X Q 1 - .. L -4, L ,Oxy X ff 1 X ng' 3 M MemberShipfIo,OoO MARIANNE WHITNSAN, Bartlesville ELIZABETH BUCKERIDGE, Okla. City VIRNIE GOUDELOCR, Okla. City MARION DODDS, Stroud ' HELEN ROBINSON, Enid BEVERLY PRINCE, Shreveport, La. CLARA KRAMER, Tulsa ALBERTINE RHOADES, Shawnee AGNES SIMPSON, Eufaula MARY FRANCES EAKIN, Tulsa MARGARET CULLEN, Henryetta CAROLYN BUOKERIDGE, Okla. City :"Pledge. 2 l SR Boston University, 1888 Oklahoma, IQIO MEMBERS 1927 LELIA HAHN, Oklahoma City DOROTHY DEVIN, Apache MARY C. MOOMAU, Norman 1926 THELMA SMITH, Cage MILDRED FREEMAN, Pauls Valley LOVELL WEST, 'Tulsa 1917 EUNICE HOLLAND, Norman MAxINE WOODRUPP, Perry MARGARET KRUSE, Enid RACHEL BEDFORD, Oklahoma City 1918 RUTH MARGARET CLARK, Fairfax BLANGI-I BAGGETT, Norman VIRGHSIIA PARSONS, Okla. City 7kRUBYE STUARD, Waurika , E, Number of Chapters-68 MILDRED JONES, Shawnee HARRIET GUM, Oklahoma City MARY ELIZABETH SIMPSON, Eufaula BELLE WILRONSON, Sapulba MARGARET H. GUTHRIE, Norman EDNA KEENEY, Chccotah MARIAN GUM, Oklahoma City MARJORIE LOWE, Oklahoma City ,KJOSEPHINE SIMMONS, Tulsa 'ELIZABETH CAMPBELL, Okla. City ,"LOIS BUXTON, Ada "VIRGINIA STEPHENS, Aline A fxifx ,fi X ,k 5 gl ' D EH E I ,Q ,, I- XB T IIMN, 2 Lg El B Q- A A S f n 1 3 ilil ' Iii I237j fPi Beta fPhi Top Row-Murphy, Hatfield, E., Williams, L.g Riley, Hill, E. Second Row-VVinklerg Killingsworthg Weaverg Callahang Hill, M. E Third Raw-Forsythcg Hodgdeng Slossong Hatfield, M.g Ittner. Fourth Row-Carly .lordeng Gardnerg Crowderg Bell. Bottom Row-XVheelerg Thompson, Williams, M.g Johnson, Causler. I238l L- A -gg ' Membership-15.000 LUCILLE SHELTON, Tulsa SIBYL CALLAHIAN, Muskogee ELLEN SOUCK, Norman KATHERINE ADAMS, Ardmore CLARA MAE BELL, Purcell MARTHA HATEIELD, Pawhuska MILDRED LEE WILLIALlS, Norman MARIEN BLACK, Fr. Smith, Ark. ELIZABETH HATEIELD, Pawhuska JERBLYN WILKINSON, Shreveport, La. LUCILLE WILLIAMS, Norman AUDRAINE FORSYTHB, Joplin, Mo. Wi Beta Whi ,. llxx . Founded at Monmouth College, I867 Oklahoma, IQIO MEMBERS 1915 CHARLOTTE BONDS, Muskogee ,IOHNEYA DUEEY, Norman 199.6 GERTRUDE GARDNER, Okla. City DELLA B. CRONVDER, 'Tulsa LUCILLE KILLINGSWORTI1, Ardmore ELEANOR JORDEN, Oklahoma City ELIZABETH HILL, Vinita CRYSTAL GIBSON, Muskogee 1917 SUSAN MENEPEE, Dickinson, Tex. VIRGINIA WINKLER, Tulsa CLARA B. WALTRIP, Ardmore LORENE THOMPSON, Pauls Valley 1928 JANE MURPHY, Woodward LOU SKINNER, Viriira f A55 Number of Chapters-68 CATHERINE SLOIBON MARY ELIZABETH .HILL, Tulsa RUTH RILEY, Norman RUBY WHEELER, Pawnee ELIZABETH CANSLER, Enid ELINOR ITTNER, Oklahoma City VlRGINl,A HODGDEN, Enid JANICE JOHNSON, Bartlesville HELEN DEE ROGERS, Okla. City FRANCILE CARL, Muskogee ISABEL ROGERS, Pawhuska 'T D Ti., I To , ,Yif T IEE, 1 l I , I. - , ,..- L " f A-1-sl: I 239 1 7 - l Kappa Kappa Gamma' Top Row-Harling Straehleyg Holmcsg Wootteng Phillips. Second Row-Haileyg Shanuong Hallg Cornish. Third Row-McDonaldg Schaffg Murphey: Forsytheg Marshall Fourth Row-Berryg Frcyg Haskins: Coppedge. Fiftlz Row-Dilworthg Aderholdg Hallg Kerrg Bond. Sixth Row-Boylaug Curlsoug Hallg Ecklund. Bottom Row-Lcwisg Pleplogleg .larvisg Xvhitemzlug Bassett. l A l f240fI . 11' 1, h I P P Kap a Ka pa Gamma A Q TLIIII f , , 7 1'yW1'I,j'ng tIQITl' Xi- Q X? Vo IN 'C 'pw A A '-I llll - Monmouth College, 1870 Oklahoma Chapter, Beta Theta, IQI4 Membership-1o,o3o Number of Chapters-go MEMBERS 1915 LUCY PENNYBACKER, Ardmore GAIL LEWIS, Tulsa SUE HAILEY, McAlester MARGARET BERRY, Okmulgee LOUISA CASWELL, Muskogee MARGARET CREW, Muskogee CLARA CAMERON, Henryetta ADBLYN RUTHEREORD, Checorah ELIZABETH DOGGBTT, McAlester ALICE SCHAFF, Tulsa GWYN WI-IITEMAN, Ardmore MILDRED HOLLAND, Madill VIRGINIA CROCKETT, Ardmore WINNIE MAE HALL, Chickasha RUTH DILWORTH, Ardmore MARGARITE PHILLIPS, Sapulpa JUANITA WILLIS, Kingston HELEN WALLACE, Tulsa 1926 RUEY WOOTTEN, Chickasha MARGARET KERR, Tulsa JAMIE BELL REPLOGLE, Okla. City MARY ANN KENNEDY, Enid DOROTHY BURWELL, Okla. City KATHERINE HASKELL, Muskogee FREDA DAVIS, Tulsa 1917 FRANCES MURPHY, El Reno ROSE ADERHOLD, El Reno KATHERYN BOND, Chickasha NANCY JANE H.ARLlN, Wichita Falls, 1918 EMMALU JARVIS, Ardmore ELEANOR HOLMES, Muskogee MARGARET BOYLAN, Edmond VINITA MCDONALD CLEO REED MORGAN STELLA JACOBSON, Roswell, N. M. BESS HALL, Norman LORRAINE COPPEDGE, McAlester FRANCES FREY, Chickasha CATHERINE BASSBTT, Okmulgee CERDA ECKLUND, Chickasha HELEN CORNISH, McAlester MARY OLIVE MARSHALL, Chandler MARGARET PETREE, El Reno GLADYS HALL, Norman Tex. LUCILLE HASKINS, Enid CORINNE CARLSON, Guthrie DOROTHY DOWNING, Norman A Nr, X , 'N , I ,, -A :: Iz. ss" ""' 1"'ii.iFiiaiii.IiiiI3 l'A' I T I NV, ll l l 52411 A1 pha Qhi Umega Top Row-Robertsg Steeleg Huntingtong Ricksg Phelps. Second Row-Smithg Moseleyg Gistg Ritterg Porter. Third Row-Howcllg Scitzg Schoonovcrg furleyg Hudiburg, J. Fourth Row--Johusong Mapleg Mayg Osborng Whelchel. Bottom Row-Nashg Hudihurg, L.g Terhuneg Beardg Bowden. I 242 J Alpha Qlai Omega I . T ff.Q L Y 5 ,EQ-11' . aaa? X I Membership-6,330 RUBY GIST, Frederick THBLMA RITTER, Shawnee MADGB BEARD, Tulsa KATHLEEN BOWDEN, Holdenville ALICE BELKNAP, Norman MARJORIE BERRY, Hollis FRANCES HARRIS, Norman CATHERINE GURLEY, Blackwell E W l ,I I , ?5AQ.i,,f P De Pauw University, 1885 Oklahoma, 1916 MEMBERS Graduates 1925 WILRIA HOWELL, Holdenuille SOPHIE MOSELEY, Duncan THELMA PHBLPS, Oklahoma City 1926 PAULINE OSBORN, Frederick MARGUBRITE RICKS, Tonkawa MARGUERITE TERHUNE, Hinton LIZAEETH SMITH, Wichita Falls, Tex. 1927 LOIS MAPLES, Norman BERNICEL.JOHNSON,GTCCHSb6Tg,KS. EVA MAY, Norman YO ff C D Number of Chapters-39 HELEN HAGLER, Norman DOROTHY PINIcsTON, Norman LUCILLE HUNTINGTON, Enid XIDA BELL SEITZ, Billings MILDRED MOSELEY, Duncan ELIZABETH PARKER, Norman MARIE ROBERTS, Tonkawa GRAYCE SCHOONOVER, Newkirk 1928 BERTHA WHELCHEL, Westville JO STEEL, Tulsa TLUCILLE HUDIEBURG, Blackwell 'JEssIE HUDIEBURG, Blackwell "Pledge , 2774 ' - ' nf ., ff l V .felfg , .Sh 'B ff FET -- ' g g. 12 Nj p A!-2,3 'Q IIQ? I ghd --d - ,- in 1 I L I .iI.s!E4!E,,l21' IfIQx.WQgtF 1 ni---V,- -:L A "' '4'-5' V J- ,,E:-A T31 T ff WMI -il ! I ' 41-3--1 f243J Alpha Pm o Top Row-Mooreg Salmong Sledgeg Roadsg Goodwin. Second Row--Masong Deahlg Whiteg I-Iecklerg Fenner. Third Row-Youngg Reckg Trosperg McKnight. Fourth Row-Clymerg Brittaing Greeng Brodnaxg Smith Bottom Row-Breeceg Kochg Bolandg Sidwellg Dorsey. 12441 4 ,. f,lN f N c-- gg'-if f E E ,IA Membership-5,100 MILDRED E. SIDWELL, Okla. City -IOSEPI-IINE BRODNAX, Dallas, Tex. LUCY HART, Muskogee PATTY LOVE SMITH, Marietta .IULIA MARGARET RECK, Okla. City ETHEL BOLEND, Oklahoma City ,iEsTHER GREEN, Enid KATHLEEN MOORE, Keota PAULINE MASON, Lawton Alpha Wai I -ET if ov Syracuse University, 1877. Oklahoma, 1917 MEMBERS 197-S FRANCES N. MOKNIOHT, Okla. City FANNY LOU BRITTAIN, Okla. City LEAH TROSPER, Oklahoma City 1916 .IOSEPHINE DORSEY, Okla. City MARY LOUISE CLYMER, Okla. City DAMA WHITE, Poteau BEATRICE YOUNG, Norman ALTA THOMAS, Oklahoma City 197-7 RACHEAL DEAHL, Norman ELIZABETH ROADS, Waitkomis Number of Chapters-18 EVA RENEAU, Oklahoma City RUTH KOCH, Checotah IEAEEI. BREECE, Henryetta XSUE SALMON, Oklahoma City RUTH HECKLER, Waiikomis ELEANOR HERRALD, Norman JANE GOODW'IN. Stratford OLGA SLEDGE, Duncan SFHELEN LEWIS, Oklahoma City 'HELEN MINTUN. Fayetteville, Ark. LETA CL.ARK, Okglalgon-ia City DOLOREE FENNEI1. Muskogee 'Pledge 'Qllx' 4 X ,WE lyk ff To X2 V If - A- f 1 l fl .fa flvle EQAV te' Exif -I ' Z I Q -,-,LT7 mg N' 1 ffl" ' ii ,HHH A 1-: ' ,. T- Al "T XIV 1 H' - U Ellll CA m i ,:!,gfI , I IE E- 'lil A EI ' m4':1I,ff - 2, .i"f . 'A --'-N' ,ll - " Ml 1' of 12451 Delta Gamma Top Row-Frantzg Cloptoug XVilliamsong Leidigg Harier. Second Row-VVhayueg Payneg Kleiuschmidtg Gardner. Third Row-Barnhillg Marshallg .Ionesg Montgomeryg Thompson. Fourth Row-Cliftg Crawfordg Taylorg Dunlopg Lalmom. Fifth Row-Mcllallg McCombg Baldridgeg Butch. Bollom Row-Fitchg Harrisoug Kerleyg Fothcrstong Moore. f24sJ Delta Gamma P" y E l - - r --1.54 Q , 5 EQELL ,7 iffy Y.: V-f' YJ 'mu Membership-9,OOO ELIZABETH BALL, Oklahoma City MILDRED KLEINSCHMIDT, Tulsa EMMA ZOE WILLIAMSON, Lindsay JUNE HARRISON, Wichita, Kan, VIRGINIA KBRLEY, Anadarko ANITA TAYLOR, Anadarko ROXEY FITCH, Norman MARY LONG, Hobart PEGGY LANNOM, Bartlesville YGBORGIA HARTER, Ponca City GENEVA PAYNE, Wapanucka "'Pledge. Oxford, Mississippi, 1874 Oklahoma Chapter, Alpha Iota, 1918 MEMBERS Graduates 1925 LENA MONTGOMERY, Marlow ELIZABETH EETHERsTON,Wicl1ita,Ks. I926 PAYE BARNHILL, Oklahoma City PRIscILLA MCCOME, Okla. City ELEANOR LAMBRTON, Enid MAROELLA JONES, Oklahoma City GERALDINE BAKER, Ponca City 1927 U THELMA WHANYE, Tishomingo LA NEIL GARDNER, Sentinel A 1918 DOROTHY LEIDIG, Shawnee 'MARION CLOPTON, Okla. City XHERMINE BALDRIDGE, Oklahoma City , , ,gg--541. L Number of Chapters-39 ALICE HERRON, Vinita 1 ROMA CLIET, Marlow HELEN BARNHILL, Okla. City MARY WILLIAMSON, Lindsay MARGARET FRANTZ, Enid FLORENCE MCHENRY, Okla. City AGNES LEE DUNLOP, Gotebo SARAH MARSHALL, Norman OTEKA CRAWFORD, Lindsay CBERTHA MOCALL, Norman ELIZABETH V. MOORE, Norman Vx , If' fm , I I l ' , -L W ' FWQ 1. 1 , ff m. lf, f2471 Gamma Phi Beta Top Row-Hambletong Bonnellg Shives, L.g Rackleyg Bradbury Second Row-Pearsong Eagletong Collar, M.g Rives. Third Row-Hillg Toddg Shives, N.g Redwine. Fourth Row-Grayg Collar, H.g Kniseleyg Walter. Fifth Row-Blanchard, D.g Merrillg Bennettg Humphreys. Bottom Row-Ncalg Chesherg Blanchard, L.g Fryg Snider. f24s1 Gamma Thi Beta O A C. l l ln Membership-5,500 EULA FULLERTON. Marshall PUILLA HILL, Newkirk LUCILLE MOORE, Oklahoma City RUTH HUMPHREYS, 'Tulsa WANDA GR1MMETT, Pauls Valley FAYE TODD, Cleveland DOROTHY SANBORN, Newkirk MURIEL WALKER, Oklahoma City WILLA STARKWEATHER, Anadarko MAURINE RIVES, Holdenville LOUISE BRADEURY, Chicago, Ill. DOROTHY BLANCHARD, Purcell DANE BENNETT, Homiriy GRBTELLE B1R1cs, Pauls Valley LULU CLARK, Oklahoma City Syracuse University, 1874 Oklahoma, 1918 MEMBERS Graduate MAEEL NEAL, 'Tulsa 1927 VIRGINIA CHESER, Norman LUCILE BLANCHARD, Purcell HELENE SNIDER, Tulsa GERTRUDE BONNELL, Muskogee 1926 HELEN MITCHELL, Norman L1LL1AN XVALTERS, Norman HELENA STONE, Norman 197-7 RUTH HUMPHREYS, Muskogee B1LL1E R1vEs, Oklahoma City MARTHA STEWART, Chelsea HELEN COLLAR, Chandler 1928 ELIZABETH MASSEY, Okla. City DORIS PEARSON, Norman LEE DELLE SHIVES, Norman MARY COLLAR, Chandler NANNIB HALL. Little Rock, Ark. Number of Chapters-3,0 TESQIE R UDELL, Konawa ELIZABETH MoRR1sON, Okla. City MATT1E SHIVES, Norman FAYE RACKLEY, Norman FLORA DUNLOP, Newkirk LL1c1LE WALTERS, Norman EVELYN FUQUA, Okmulgee EDITH H1c1cMAN, Durant IVIARGUERITE NEWBLOCK, Norman DORIS SNAVELY MARY' FRANCES HAWK, Okla. City HELEN HAMBLETON, Dallas, Tex. ZELMA PARKINSON, Okrnulgee CORRINE RACRLEY, Norman XA If I 11 E! l all W HEI Ul gg H H R N H E JZ, Egg -,-ld- ,T ff, 1 249 3 Alpha Gamma Delta Top How-Crowg Weirg Rickardg McNees. Second Row-Edwardsg Browningg Buellesfeldg Costley Third Row-Dickg Reynoldsg Burrisg Watsong Ford. Fourth Row-Skeeng Fultong Jayg Harker. Bottom Row-Richardsg Bettesg Thorpg Norvell. I2501 ,X-L ' " S , FW tb C! ' ' N xx-I I Alpha Gamma Delta gi MEmDCFShll74fS,4OO WYLODEAN WALKER, Norman GERALDINE BLIRNEY, Marietta PAULINE EDWARDS, McAlester NELL NORVELI., Wynnewood ZAZELLE DICK, Oklahoma City GARNE1-T REYNOLDS, Wilson HELEN BUELLESFIELD, Blackwell NBLLIB GRIMM, Norman MARIE JAY, Oklahoma City NELLIE PAGE WITI-IERs, McAle VIVIAN BURRUS, Ada PANSY BR1scoE, Hollis LOIS GRIMM, Norman OPAL MCNEES, Walters HATTIE DELLE TRIEVES, Marist Asia, 'ZW '-ii " lla at ali I r 95" 'f' il ?? ' ll I 9 Syracuse University, 1904 SECY til Oklahoma, 1919 Number of Chapters-34 MEMBERS 1925 GR,ACE BROWNING, Geary RUTH CRQW, Healdton MERCEDES ERIc1csoN, Okla. City HELEN WATSON, McAlester 1926 MERCEDES TI-IORP, Oklahoma City HELEN COSTLEY, Dallas, Tex. BERNICE FORD, Altus 1917 MARTHA HERRING, Oklahoma City KATHERINE SKEEN, Oklahoma City BETTY PICKARD, Guthrie LUCILLE DAVIS, Marietta 1918 MARGARET CROSBY, Weatherford ILA MAE MAPLES, Norman MARGARET RICHARDS, Waynoka GRACE VAN NOSTRAND, Okla. City HELEN VAN Nos1'RAND, Oklahoma City JESSIE WEIR, Walters fr -.d6'x'7'l Q37 A7 l X ,iff , l l '51 ' A L VW" 9777? V AV AV X ' 4. ll 5Rx?a:31nQ I .:-r. I ""'i1:i I I Ill I HI I l ' il' . .. -II ,, I ,IE ' -.Q - E' 1 2-fl-,flh - one-'rfrf at " f'j l2511 ' Chi Omega u Top Row-Ashcroftg McCoyg Kuderg Harpcrg Hudson. Second Row-Olsong VVo1feg Warreng Kingg Sturgell. Third Row-Stocktong Cottrellg Bishopg McCaust1andg Frost. Fourth Row-Schmittg Harshag Mooreg Randellg Mulligan. Fifth Row-Freemang McC1uskeyg Andersong Beckettg Beard. Sixth Row-Geerg McA1pineg Williamsg Hommcsg Sitton. Bottom Row-Derdeyng Meistcrg Clarkg Hughes: Northcuti. f2521 Qhi Omega , A 1 , Membership-9,500 EVA JO WOLEE, Drumrighr RENE HOMMES, Oklahoma City LOUISE BEARD, Bison A LORETTA STURGELL, Pawhuska LILLIAN RANDEL, Wichita Falls, T ETI-IEL MCALPINE, Haileyville HARVEY MCCOY, Mena, Ark. KATE FREEMAN. Oklahoma City ELIZABETH WARREN, Okla. City FRANCES HARSIAIA, Haskell MADELINE OLSON, Guthrie CX. University of Arkansas, I89s Oklahoma, IQIQ MEMBERS 197-5 NELLIE BLANOIIE ASHCRAFT, Altus STEPHANA BLONGEWICZ, Bartlesville PALILINE CLARK, Duncan I916 ELOISE BISHOP, Claremore DORIS SRIITIHI, Phoenix, Ariz. PATTI PITTS HUDSON, Bartlesville MARY ANN KLIDER, Gotebo VERA ROYCE, Wilburton MARY' FRANCES BECRETT, El Reno 197-7 LOUISE SI1-TON. Duncan IRENE KING, Oklahoma City 1928 , WILMA IVICCLUSKY, Billings MERTIS STOCKTON, Norman MARY ANDERSON, Fairview , ,KN N 1, Number of Chapters-59 ALLIE G.AYLE WILLIAN1S, Norman GRACE GEER, Foss SARAH BOWSER, Tulsa HELEN MEISTER, Oklahoma City CELESTA FROST, Norman PANSY COTTRELL, Milburn DREIDA DERDYNE, Pauls Valley LUOILE SCHMITT, Oklahoma City F. MULLIGAN, Wichita Falls, Tex, MARYLEEN MOORE, Norman GRACE MCCAUSTLAND, Bucklin Ks Q.. ...... 'I Q, or ,O Y AA A IEE r Ji- fx A l X . , , 1 Ill, Ie! I . , g,,,,.,.g. ' I253J L Qphi Omega fPi Top Row-Rumseyg Townsendg Leatherockg Rhoades. Second Row-Barhourg McCradyg Boerckling Bcllg Morgan Third Row-Kienastg Hudsong Harrisong Elliottg Anthony Fourth Row-Nashg Baileyg Petersg Baldwing Stough. Bottom Row-Presslyg Hauserg Clarkg Barnesg Kern. I2541 hi Omega 1 IQ' ff 3 .M I w 1 X1 QQQKQF University Of Nebraska, 1910 Oklahoma, 1921 Membership-1,5 37 MEMBERS IQIS MARY BALDWIN, Bartlesvillc STELLA CASH BELL, Stroud WILLA MY BILLS, Walters RUTH WARD, Tulsa . 1924 MARlALf ANTHONY, Norman xLEONA BAILEY, Norman JEANETTE BARBOUR, Norman AGNES BUBRGKLIN, Prague ISABELLE CLARK, Norman "GLA ELLIOT, Snider MARY HALBY, Oklahoma City 1917 CONSTANGI3 LEATHEROCIQ, Oklahoma City XTHELMA TOWNSHND 1928 'EMOGBNB NASH, Balboa, Panama Canal Zone CHAZEL HUDSON, Geary 'KERMA KIBNAST, Geary :'Pledge. Number of ChHPfEfS1I7 ZOLA LONG HOUSER, Hobart HAZEL NASH, Paden DOROTHY PRESSLY, Wagoner VERA HARRIS, Randlerv: MILDRED KERN, Paclen EDNA MGCRADY, Norman MARY ENSEY PETERS, Norman 'EDNA RICHARDS, Randlett HAZBL STOUGH, Geary MYRTLE WETMORE, Coweta "'LOIs RUMSEY, Picher , Granduille ik QIRENE SUMNER, Mountainview xVERA MORGAN, Horniny KX .XTC 1 K XX 'nf N R 55 1 ' i 2' 'f 'I K , lr ei" I I -B -ser fxi' R L 4 4 l2551 WYNONA RHOADES, Oklahoma City Alpha xi Dem, Top Row-Smithg Croweg Thompsong Conk!ingg Paton. Second Row-Brockmang Praterg Wyattg Iiedwine, R. Third Row-Foremang Priceg Payntcrg Ramsay, M.g Deane. Fourth Row-Beang Lytleg Wolfeg Buckerg Owen. Fifth Row-Lloyd: Watkinsg Barksdaleg Redwine, E. Bottom Row-Guthrieg Ramsay, D.g Grahamg Jamesg Curreathers. f2561 Alpha Xi Qelta .ar f 'x C ' " ' fo-,frx ,-l la A Q Membership47,ooo AGNES LLOYD, Poreau IRENE DEANE, Tulsa ROSALIE BARKSDALE, jackson, iRUBY BEAN, Oklahoma City HELEN BAILEY, McAlesrer THE11'1s CURREATHERS, Hobart HAZEL JAMES, Norman HELEN BUCKER, Ponca City NADINE DOWNEY, Oklahoma City FCHBRRY FOREMAN, Vian xMAY BROCKMAN, Vian 7'Pledge. Miss. Lombard College, 1895 Oklahoma, 1911 MEMBERS Graduate EEDA OWEN, Norman 1915 JEWEL CONKLING, Norman MARTHA GLASS, Tulsa BERNICE PATGN, Mena, Ark. 1926 DOROTHY Noams, Okeene J GWENDOLYN WYATT, Woodward ANNA WHALEN, McAlester REEA CROWE, Olustee 1917 NELL GUTHRIE, Norman KATHRYN LYTLE, Sapulpa MAUDE GRAHAM, Natural Dam, 197.8 MARIE RAMSAY, Norman JOSEPHINE PRICE, Bolckow, Mo. A Number of Chapters-37 VIV'1A SMITH, Okeene JIMMIE PEATEE, Oklahoma City XRUTH REDWINE, Spiro 'AERNESTINE REDWINE, Spiro MAEEL THOMPEQN, Amarillo, Tex LILA HALL, Oklahoma City AGEETRUDE WOLFE, Sapulpa MARJORIE PAYNTER, Blackwell MARJORIB WATKINS, Okla. City Ml A l' 257 I Phi Mu Top Row-Binkleyg Turmang Mooreg Foster: Bumngton. Second Row-Brittaing Beasleyg Mozleyg Hgflcy. Third Row--Alexanderg Wilsong Billsg XVhcatIey. Fourth Rowflirctzg Fergusong Elliottg Babcock, L.g Kendall. Fifth Row-Longg Chaseg Babcock, M.g Breedlove. Sixth Row-Davisg Saiutg Cannong Hoe. Botlom Iiozv-Shore: Harrisg Ayres: Perkinsg Redding. 52581 Thi Mu . ' - - C M , A 'r I F K kr N. XREBYKXXQA vjl, , B I 165,25 Y T? .V '-E-,is-' r a!! . Membership--Io,ooO DOROTHY AH'RBS, Drumright TI-IELMA BILLs, Gotebo DOROTHY' BLIEEINOTON. Okla. RACHEL ADAIR, Tulsa RUTH ALEXANDER, Ardmore LUCY ANN BABCOCK, El Reno ANICE BEASLEY. Norman HELEN BRITTON, Drumriglzt HAZEL HARRIS. Norman MARY JANE BAECOCR, El Reno ELsIE BINKLEY, Oklahoma City City Wesleyan College, 1851 Oklahoma. 1023 MEMBERS 1925 SUSYBEI. BUNTON, Valentine, Tex. HETTIE MALOY, Norman PAULINE PERKINS, Glendale, Ariz. 197.6 RUTH CHASE, Tulsa MARY LEE KRETZ, Okmulger: ENID DAVIS, Tonkawa THELMA FERGUSON, Weatherford CATI-IELEEN SAINT, Okrnulgee 1927 CORINNE MOORE, Malskogce 1918 KATHERINE CANNON, Cashing MARGARET ELLIOTT, Ponca City Number of ChRPtCT5'TT'4S FIDELIA WHEATLEY, Tulsa MATTYE WILSON, Norman CHERRY KENDALL. Ft, Smith, MARIE FOSTER, Cushing MAXINE HEPLEY, Henryetta MABEL HUEE, Norman LOIs MOZLEY, Norman OPAL LEE SHORE. Drumrighr MILDRED TURBIAN, Okmulge C A ELIZABETH RIxsE, Oklahoma City VASKA ROE, Oklahoma City fQ,l j ff X QS' I ,T I A :E W ' fm V - f,i..Ael1l lM A! L,-, .3 T, i1 A 3 -T' -Liam ,L 1 Lzssj Alpha Omicfron fPi T011 Row-VVestg Montgomeryg Taylorg Robbersong Davis Second Row-Staffordg Webbg Haeber. Third Row-Faughtg Brooksg McVVhorterg Barr. Fourth Row-Hessg Bacong Fourtier. Bottom Row-Cassinsg Gihbonsg Harrisg Smikag Lill. f2601 Alpha Omicron Ti E Q , 4 Q , Q lg -I Qjlffl L , Barnard College, 1887 Oklahoma, H123 Membership-6,300 Numlwer of Cha ters--30 P MEMBERS Graduates PAULINE EDWARDS, Norman 197-5' MALiIE BARR, Dover MADGE MCWI-IORTER, Blarr EDNA MAE BROOKS, Durant HELEN MILES, Norman OLLIB MAE HABBR, Dallas, Tex. MARJORIE STAEEORD, Norman EVELYN LEWIS, Los Angeles, Cal. WILLIE MAE WEBB, Altus 1916 MARY BETH DAVIBS, Monroe, La. STELLA FORTIER, Tulsa MIGNON FAUGHT, Ft. Lawson MAEEL TAYLOR, Choctaw IOLA JUNE HARRISON, Hammond LUCILE ROBBERSON, Norman 197-7 GENEVIEVE BACON, Damdson ZALIA LILL, Oklahoma City HELEN BURKE, Hobart DOROTHY MOZLEY, Altus EMILY HESS, Oklahoma City AGNES MAE SMIRA, Shawnee IQ28 CAMILLE CASSIUS, O lahorna City FLEDA C-IEEINS, Shreve ort, La. ELMA HADWELL, urce AULA ONTGOMERY, oc e e, V C P ll l P M PR h ll La GRACE LILLIAN DENNIS, Oklahoma City ALICE WARD, 'Tulsa LEONE FERRIS, Billings VERA WEST, Purcell Q, if , S - .r . . I, ggi A s A - F-EU' YY A -S ff I I in 12 ,rr pl -P I I -lr I 'I - 5 I Q A .I A - I .I I -, ' -' -1- Il lil i H I H ll ' 4 J ,Y l A" -iff I 1' Em .. . I-ff 1 -:I l'-' .. .'ll'l!l'4II lik u.lIl'Ii 11 Dm Ulm' U . S :J - ..- V 2 I . H2611 Zeta Tau Top Row-Hoag.andg Broadrickg Camphellg Dalton. Second Row-Kelleyg VV0odg Haught. Third Row-Hodncttg Pritchurdg Grifiith. Fourth Row-Schmoeg Tllomassonz Collins. Bottom Row-Nunnery: Dalton: Tzlylorg Grillith. H2621 L Zeta 'Eau ml LM IQ lf A , N-- 5' 5-' .E E 1 ki-,XA ,J Oklahoma, 1924 Petitioning Zeta TauYAlpha MEMBERS 1915 LYDIA BBED11, San Antonio, Tex. HELEN DALTON, Norman MARGARET HODNETT, Marlow LO1s KELLBY, Marietta BONNIE NORTON, Oklahoma Ciry 1916 XGERTRUD11 BROADRICK, Chickasha BEATRICB DALTON, Norman GLADYS HOAGLAND, Coates, Kan. 197-7 ANNABEL BUSBY, Oklahoma City 'LOIS HEALD, Oklahoma IQ28 "'CAT1-11:R1N11 CAMPBELL, Poteau FFJEANETTE COLLINIS Bu alo . , jf XLELA MARGARET ELBR1cHT, Red Wood Falls, Mirmi NINA NUNNBRY, Oklahoma Ciu- LILLIAN SCHMOE, Drumright l ISABEL THOMASSON, Davis LOIS W1-lmz, Tulsa BLANCHE WOOD, Marshall, Ark. Bess MOREMAN, Norman GRACE PRITCHARD, Alva AMY TAYLOR, Norman VIOLET GRIFFETH, El Reno City XVELMA GKIFPETH, El Reno WELSIE HAUGHT, Shamrock FF FLORABEL MITCHELL, Norman :"PIedge. Q 5 L ll EH EH Hill 5 A l ui Mp!! 'lf 1, llllllllllllllllll -iq. - 1311,H-,469 jfs' -' 2- f263J University Womenls League is HE Women's League is the governing body of the girls of the University of which each girl enrolled in the University is a member by virtue of her registration. The executive council of the League, which has taken the place of the former Womenls Council, represents the various interests of the girls on the campus. Twentyfone student members compose the executive council. They are the officers of the League, the presidents of five nonffraternity groups g the presidents of Y. W. C. A., Pan Hellenic, Women's Athletic Association, Agnes Moore Hall, and Mortar Board, an exchange secretary, and the chairmen of the standing committees for publicity, health, vocational guidance, scholarship and social activity. No rules or acts of legislation are passed by the execf utive council itself. Each member carries the proposed measure back to her group to be voted upon. Every girl in the University is thus given an opportunity to pass on each rule by which she will be governed during the year. 52641 if f mf- k ' .. .ip -,. .. . -.., 5 .15-1,5 Tn -.1.--." Y. . ... Hi ddenVc1nS of Earth Lald Ba1'C :,,. pm . Qui ,fbi 13153 4 Aggj -QQ ! SiN. iw if U AQ, K '-419.3 5,5 Cmilimjg, fp' 55: '," l I 'lf l 'Elie Qommandant l l il lla! UYLER L. CLARK, Major of Field Artillery, and Commandant of the local R. O. T. C. unit, came to the University to take his command in September, IQ23, and has been greatly responsible for the distinguished rating that the University received for the second time last year. As commandant, Major Clark has entered into the work of the unit with energy and prowess, and the school has a very good chance to retain its present high rating for yet another year. Major Clark has stimulated the interests of the students in the R. C. T. C. Work until it is one of the most popular courses in school, although it is compulsory. Major Clark is a native of Ohio, from which state he entered the Academy in March, 1910. Since that time his rise has been rapid to his present command, through an enviable overseas War record. He is a graduate of the advanced course for Artillery Officers of the School of Fire, Ft. Still, Okla. He is responsible for a great deal of improvement in equipment, system and other phases in the local unit since coming to the University and can be judged one of the most popular commandants in the history of the unit. 12671 a 'Elie Unit Sponsor i QL' ISS LQRRAINE COPPEDGE was chosen from a group of the most popular girls in the school to be the unit sponsor and queen of the R. O. T. C. She has shown her appreciation of this honor by Working Whenever the opportunity arose, doing everything possible to advance the corps. Lorraine has always been glad to help in every vvay when called upon, either for the good of the entire unit, or for the good of an individual. She has been very promif nent in every phase of school activity as well. Her aid has been greatly appreciated and every cadet is thankful when the opportunity arises when he may repay some of her kindness. She is deserving of all the thanks that have been given her and will be long remembered by all the students as a real friend. l268fI CAPTAIN A. D. WARNOCK entered the U. S. Army in 1916, after serving for several months under the govern' ment in the forest service. Captain Warnock served on the Iviexican border until 1918, when he was sent to France in -Iuly of the same year, and served there until 3 july, 1919. He participated in the MeusefArgonne Offenf I sive and Defensive sectors. Captain Warnock was dis' charged in 1919 and reappointed as Captain of Infantry. He was sent to the Infantry School, and on August 16 was ordered to the University as an Infantry instructor. Beginning with IQZS the University will have only an Artillery unit, and because of this action, the school will lose one of the most popular instructors in the unit. Captain Warnock will be sent to the tenth unit. if CAPTAIN EDWIN E. SCHWEIN is a native of Missouri. From there he went to Yale, where he studied for four years before he entered the army in 1916. He received his training at Fort Leavenworth, and left for overseas duty in 1917 as a second lieutenant. He returned in IQIQ and was stationed at Camp Dix, New Jersey. He was then sent to Plattsburg, New York, and then to Columbus, Georgia. After leaving Columbus, he was sent to instruct in the University here. Besides acting as an R. O. T. C. instructor, Captain Schwein has turned out the best wrestling team the University has ever prof duced, and is expected to have a better one when he returns next year. :M . CAPTAIN .IACK DOWNING entered the service at the beginning of the World War and was commissioned a Captain in that year. In October, IQI8, he was commissioned a temporary Major in the Field Artillery. After being in the Artillery School at Valadhon, France, he served as Battery Commander in the ZISC Field aa Artillery from January, 1919, until November, 1921, when he became an instructor in the local R. O. T. C. unit. . Captain Downing is exceedingly popular with the students who are under him, and to whom he is known as l'Captain Jack." His work has been largely responsible for the showing made by the Artillery unit of the R. C. T. C., and he will be sadly missed by the entire school next year as he has spent his allotted four years away from troops. I2691 CAPTAIN SUMNER N. SMITH, Captain of Field Artilf lery, was admitted to the Academy from New York. Captain Smith is also a graduate of Coalgate University, taking his B. A. degree in IQO8. His ,war record begins in June, 1917, when he entered the Second Field Artillery, First Division. His service continued with such merit that he was promoted in Field Artillery, November 12, 1918, then joining the ranks of the F. A. D. O. L. as a Captain, july 1, 1920. Captain Smith has been an instructor in Field Artilf lery since coming to the University, and the cadets will all be glad to see him return again next year. M CAPTAIN R. L. FAIRCHILD, Field Artillery, was added to the staff of the instructors of the local unit this year. Captain Fairchild has seen service in the Philippines, the late World War, and was just this year transferred to the Field Artillery, D. O. L. list. Overseas he received several citations and honors of meritorious service. Captain Fair' child has been coach and instructor of the unit Pistol Team this season and has turned out a good crew of marksmen. M LESTER J. WHITLOCK, Captain of Field Artillery, adjutant of the local unit, came to the University in September of 1923, taking up work as instructor in Field Artillery for Juniors, and acting as adjutant, where he has gained the esteem and good will of all who have come in contact with him. b His prefwar record takes in his service as a sergeant in Battery "B" of the Ohio National Guard, in 1916, following which he received a commission as Second Lieutenant, O. R. C., in 1917. He entered the U. S. Army as a Captain in 1918 and left active service in 1920. 'Captain Whitlock is a native of Ohio, in which state he first entered Military service. Captain Whitlock has been connected with the unit for two years and his return next year will meet with the hearty approval of the entire cadet corps. 52701 LIEUTENANT ROBERT FINDLAY, Field Artillery, also came to the University local unit the second semester of this year as an instructor, after finishing the course of the School of Fire at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. He has been in the service several years and his addition to the unit cannot but benefit the unit. 284 DISTINGUISHED RATING The R. O. T. C. unit here has gained wide recognition for the University of Oklaf homa by obtaining and maintaining distinguished rating for two consecutive years, although the unit is as yet only in its infancy. Gklahoma was granted distinguished rating when the unit was only four years old, the youngest unit in the history of R. O. T. C. to win this coveted honor. Major M. R. Gruber was in command at that time, and Major Cuyler L. Clark was the commandant who was responsible for us retaining it last year. To receive the rating is indeed a mark of distinction, in that only twenty universities and colleges in the United States receive distinguished rating. The units are graded on equipment, classroom facilities and instruction, practical work, spirit manifested by the corps, and the interest and cofoperation shown by the University faculty and student body as a Whole. The prospects for distinguished rating again this year are very bright. id This year the local unit became an entirely Artillery unit following an order to that effect from the War Department, after an inspection of facilities, equipment and records of the unit had proven favorable toward the change. This is indeed an honor for the unit because of the rather restricted allowance for exclusive Artillery schools. r211J egulafr flfrmy O cefrs Major Cuyler L. Clark, Captain E. F. Schwein, Captain G. J. Downing, Captain Fairchild, Captain Sumner N. Smith, Captain L. J. Whitlock, Captain A. D. Warnock, Lieutenant Findlay. if Gadet Field Staff Colonel Phil E. Blackwelder, LieutenantfColonel W. L. Shannon, Major T. J. johnson, Major Lee B. Thompf son, Major Oakley Wadsack, Major G. E, Wood, Major L. A. McCollister, Lieutenant Hill, Lieutenant C. R. Landrum, Captain E. E. Blake. 52121 Artillery Officers First Lieutenant H. R. Steely, Commander. Second Lieutenant R. V. Anderson. ARTILLERY SECOND LIEUTENANTS Arhuckle, D. Crowduws. R. C. Barrett, J. F. Dolcznl, H. Boylan, E. M. Ford, C. F. Brady, V. C. Funderhurk, W. Bray. Gzirrie Brizey, S. S. Hall, W. D. Hughes, L. K. Canahl. J. A. Jones, S. B. Christian, S. A. Joyce, XV. V. Cole, C. R. Kxiulfnun, J. S. Cook, I. L. Luc. Hzirrcll McC.irrer, L. E. McLellan, S. L. McNecs, H. E. Mills, F. Z. Moody, L. T. Overlccs, J. L. Shire, V. J. Shelton, XV. T. Smith. ,l. H. Stolclr. C. A. Infantry Officers Tnte, E. E. Thompson, J. B., H. H. West, C. E. XVhistler, R. A. Green, Pziul Phelps, M. E. Ritchie, R. B. Croxdaile, S. H. Ashton, J. F Barnes, D. L. Bohannon, R. M. Boone, J. W. Brauer, A. G Brazell, R. Brown, T. L. Coffey, D. O Collins, J. A Corbin, D. E Dorris, Q. B. Captain G. G. Forbes. First Lieutenant R. W. Harder. INFANTRY SECOND LIEUTENANTS Draper, K. R. Echols, E. S. Faulkner, H. M. Fleming, C. F.. Fullerton, S. C. Gooding, O. B. Green, W. G. Hall, R. W. Howell, W. P. Hughes, R. F. Kimbell, R. S. Little, R. P. l273J Maidt, H. E. McKnight, c. M. Mead, G. N. Morris, F. C. Moses, A. C. Neel, M. A. Parker, J. R. Reeder, W. J. Rees, C. W. Rockwood, R. O. Sanger, S. S. Stroup, H. M. Sweet, R. C. Tonkin, A. M. Tua, Bert Vanderpool, H. C. V:inGreethuysen, T Vaughan, J. I. Walker, H. M. Wills, J. H. Wilson, A. M. Wood, L. A. Wright, D. F. .i"'l"w 'lim LllIll'illI.Tll'l9"l' 1 1 Ui 1.,Ul.jl itz. will 241: ill!! ' 1 1' Ji: . i Q e F ' ' We. -z f Artillery cl raining Battery . . a. f.:1 " ' ' ' J -f: :'. . . raw " '1' Y' ' .. . a f -1- M .-1 .-.x-. . .ra-.. .rl-.te-. -- f f i ' 'S ' v ' 3, .L Y 7' 5. g , .M - ' u s - s, - W ,K si-sz gf .yy ,.. .21 . 'P -f . 1 ' K .4 .-.. .. 7 ' M' ' . V' Q .. -, - , .M 3, I WM I, . ..,a...,d n w ,., ,ga ,,,,.. -H! , 4 - . s2yf:wiA..4,-,a.,.Q,fe . -,. ff, v , . . , , - -sf . ff. W, eww. fe .4 - .4 4 W--s:f.,:..-,.f.esaf.. A . 1 ' ' ' A . -. - H . s ....,.,5.-.W F , .-ss,-,fig ,-., 3 .4: -.r .fa-..' .af w vvfs P f if - - ' - . ., f : - - V. f- ,A .1 A BV W. - A A ire , less D14-. -Q ff-s s . s . ...s.Mff.fZ..y. . .a5sssi.aQz4',.s...9s,4,,q,ig.+.52m..ri?ffrt,.., , ev - . -.Qm..-...- ...f--rams . is . -X Major L. G. Sutter. Captain L. C. Allen. First Lieutenant M. F. Miles. First Lieutenant L. M. Montgomery. Second Lieutenants: J. W. Blanton, J. G. Crow, F. M. Bond, J. M. Hoover, D. McMurray, L. V. Murphy PERSONNEL Adams Butler Greenfield Kuykendall Oden Strong Andrews Cloud Griffin Larson Pool Stroup Angleman Doughty Haller Ledford Rigsby Wall Atherton Eclsell Hamrick Lee, L. Ritter Waterbury Benson Edwards Hood Lewis Schaff Webster Boatman Evans Hunt Lynch Sharpe West Bonebrake Fisher jackson Martin Smith Wiest Bourne Garrett Jsrman Moore Spence Wolfe Bryan Gibson Kaiser Neal Stephens, A. B. Woodworth Buekirk Green Kidd Obermille Stephens, B. C. Infantry Trainin Com 8 P any "F"-First Platoon il. Captain K. C. Shelburne. First Lieutenant E. P. Peterson. First Sergeant W. W. Terrell. PERSONNEL Archerd, H. G. Bixler, F. T. Campbell, K. P. Clinton, C. G. Crabtree, A. J. Dulheld, F. Ashley, D. A. Blackman, W. S. Campbell, R. N. Cole, A. R. Creveling, H. F. Durbeck, E. F. Atkins, R. L. Bonds, A. C. Casey, Ernest Collins, R. L. Curran, Jack Edwards, W. B. Bailey, H. C. Boyd, Theo. Casteel, G. Collins, W. W. Davis, D. R. Fleming, W. R. Bailey, T. T. Bristow, P. L. Chowins, H. Comp, L. A. Davis, I. W. Floyd, J. E. Ball, B. W. Burhead, B. W. Clarkson, K. C. Cook, H. L. Deck, B. L. Gideon, D. L. Barrett, C. M. Burns, C. P. Clifford, P. C. Copass, J. M. Donaghue, R. W. Gittinger, J. P. Beard, A. B. Burrus, L. R. Clift, C. W. Elloit, C. P. Dow, I. W. Goad, G. W. Berry, P. H. I274fI .. ,, v Infantry Training Company "F"-Second Platoon ., " J-'SQL -' fx ' is Good, L. P. Jeffries, F. R. Green, J. H. Davis, J. S. Hardwick, H. J. Harlan, S. S. Harrington, H. E. Henderson, C. E. First Lieutenant Schwein. Second Lieutenant Deahl. . PRIVATES Hester, E. P. Johnson, A. L. Lowe, R. G. Mercer, R. H. Hitch, R. J. Jones, H. XV. Madden, C. A. Miller, C. W. Holmberg, L. F. Kennedy, P. B. Manncn, M. L. Mitchrich, H. C. Hood, J. O. Kuhler, S. Marmzudukc, R. S. Meyers, S. E. Hood, N. E. Lawson, P. H. Martin, H. C. Montgomery, Jack Huckaby, R. A. Kirschner, M. Maxwell, E. H. Morgan, W. R. Huff, L. D. Long, R. J. McCollum. E. B. Morris, C. S. Jasper, C. J. Long, J. C. McCollum, T. A. Morrison, John Moss, C. W. Mullins, W. B. Myers, Joe Needham, J. Newlin, W. H. Nicholson, J. L. Oliver, R. R. Infantry Training Company "F"-Third Platoon ' + , gulf, .5 t Qffcf' ff- .. Painter, C. D. Park, R. E. Puckett, H. C. Pearson, T. Reavis, M. Ribble, J. M. Roberts, R. L. Rose, H. Captain Sam Haddad. Lieutenant Turner. PRIVATES - Royer, F. Stephenson, I. F. Teague, L. R. Richards, O. A. Sharpe, J. L. Thomason, D. B. Sandlin, H. M. Stuart, R. J. Thompson, M. R. Schweinle, C. A. Stunkle, J. W. Tolleson, R. D. Shaw, R. F. Sullivan, E. C. Tuttle, W. I. Sprehe, F. L. Sureck, Jake Vaughan, W. W. Standley, C. S. Sweet, G. E. Wantland, J. S. Stephens, A. B. Talbot, J. A. Wasson, U. R. Taylor, R. C. Watson, Alton 1:2751 Watson, D. R. Waugh, J. R. Wewerka, Fred Wheeler, A. H. Wilkinson, J. K. Williams, G. M. Wilson, A. Yeary, G. H. Reed, E. F. Harreld, W. Lackie, T. W. Cornelison, V. H Bollinger, P. A. Clarke, R. L. DeFord, M. Oliver, A. D. l l Q K, -af 'i,,,,,k..,., . I A1 fi .2 L A l.' 1 l Stix. r. -.1 ....l.'1 . , 4 - -1' Battery "A" Captain G. S. Goolsby. First Lieutenant O. L. Stevens. First Lieutenant V. O. Martin. First Sergeant C. M. Farber. Sergeants: H. N. Malone, Eldred Bates, M. F. McKinney, A. M. Smith. Corporals: P. J. Shelton, G. L. Frazier, B. B. Bass, W. H. Blackard, C. P. Sappington. PRIVATES Barbour, W. Daughaday, J. C. Hassler, E. L. Muldrow, H. L. Rickman, T. Blanchard, S. W. Davis, A. H. Tate, W. T. Nelson, A. R. Robbins, C. F. Bridwell, P. W. Fitzpatrick, L. S. Henley, J. R. Oliver, W. H. Saba, W. Burrus, O. I. Farnum, W. Hughes, R. Page, L. C. Shaw, E. Chambers, L. Gann, N. A. Johnson, H. P. Patterson, G. E. Starky, E. R. Coates, J. Green, F. Jordan, F. B. Peters, C. C. McGlasson, J. S. Cunningham, K. Hanson, NN. D. Montgomery, J. R. Pitchford, P. S. Stephens, R. G. Battery "B" Stillwcll, J. A. Tompkins, M. C. Walker, V. Wheeler, G. L. White, A. E. Woods, W. A. Williams, A. F. Anderson, Dillon Ash, W. J. Barbour, R. E. Bcddie, M. F. Bolles, Jack Caudill, H. S. Chevrout, C. L. Cohen, M. G. Coley, J. H. Captain G. L. Buckles. Captain D. Kinnee. . First Lieutenant W. D. Sintms. First Lieutenant A. P. Challener. First Sergeant J. G. Pointer. Sergeants: G. A. Crintm, G. Rawlings, R. J. Sullivan, D. Landon. Corporals: J. E. Lockhart, J. L. Charles, L. B. Brandon, B. S. Brooks, L. Burton, J. B. Scott. FRIVATES Cmighead, Paul Gernert, H. B. Cude, C. R. Denton, E. L. Downing, Dick Dean, W. R Dubose, J. D. Duncan, Chas. Dustin, Archie Gillam, J. D. Dunlop, M. D. Gutensohn, P. E. Hale, C. J. Harbin, C. U. Harder, T. H. Harris, R. B. Hyder, B. H. Jones, F. W. Jones, R. L. Jordan, P. E. Lehnhart, P. J. Malcolm, D. J. Martin, John R. McRae, Jack I 276 J Murdy, Max. Nelms, C. Newman, S. A. Pace, Edgar Perrson, Vol. J. Petrie, Jack Ross, C. E. Smith, Frank D. Smith, Wayne B. Strode, Max. Tedford, D. E. Wardell, LaClair Weedn, A. J. Webb, Wayne Williams, R. L. Witherspoon, A. H I l N' x . is T,-.5 E, . i'l.1 l,'l'.l L., i Battery "C" Avery, G. S. Baker, L. E. Barrett, E. L. Bayless, T. M. Brophy, E. Conklin, A. Cole, E. Crawford, M. Captain L. E. Ferguson. Captain E. B. Blake. First Lieutenant W. D. Grisso. First Lieutenant O. C. Stevens. Second Lieutenant L. C. Miller. First Sergeant J. S. Entriken. Sergeants: W. L. Broadhurst, W. L. Goggin, P. C. Keiper, G. D. Prather. Corporals: G. H. Parkhurst, H. Crawford. T. E. Bullock, G. S. Caughran, bl. M. CoHman, F. H. Shackleford. A. G. Nance. PRIVATES Depcc, R. Hamm, B. S. Lassiter, A. Northcutt, W. Evans, A. M. Harter, N. D. Looney, H. W. Peckham, T. XV. Gage, W. P. Harvey, I. M. Lorenzen, XV. Pope, A. T. Galbraith, E. H. Nicholson, A. L. Mason, R. D. Hinchee, C. Garvin, R. B. jones, D. D. Matthews, R. F. Robinson, L. A. Gilliam, j. E. Kiser, C. McPhail, T. F. Saint, A. j. Grizzle, F. Kortf, T. L. Miller, G. Sholters, D. H. Battery "D" Swisher, G. A. Taylor, Carl Walters, E. E. Wilson, T. W. Witt, J. NVooftner, P. Wright, S. C. Bassett, C. M. Calhoun, I. Carlson, C. Carson, A. B. Clement, T. E. Captain B. P. Smith. Captain M. F. Hill. First Lieutenant Robert F. Given. First Sergeant R. R. Boren. Sergeants: H. Broadhurst, R. J. Harris, S. J. Smith, J. H. Wheatley. Corporals: W. F. Seitz, R. E. Shelton, J. 1. Moore, B. J. Cook, R. Edwards, N. B. Slagter. Cocke, A. L. Dellinger, M. E. Ford Henr 1 Y Gordon, J. B. Healcl, H. PRIVATES Holmes, B. D. McKay, A. E. Huddle, C. T. Monsour, F. A. Lewis, H. M. Norton, S. H. Maupin, W. T. Plank, L. McClendon, T. Schell, F. A. f277l Scott, N. K. Smith, H. Smithpeter, G. L. Sprout, H. Taylor, R. Vanderford, A. S. Wagnon, H. A. Waller, A. D. Whitney, C. A. Williamson, F. A. Halloway. C. W. Battery Captain J. L. Hefley. Captain C. R. Kahle. First Lieutenant L. Story. First Lieutenant W. R. McColgin. First Sergeant B. Mayer. Sergeants: E. L. Garton, G. L. Orgain. Corporals: J. F. Gibbs, L. F. Buck, D. E. Eidson, T. R. Lee, C. H. Ravitz, W. F. White. PRIVATES Barnett, H. M. Cole, O. W. Gale, E. A. Lewis, T. L. Schwartz, M. Tucker, F. M. Byars, R. W. Donnell, W. R. Haas, C. L. Maloy, T. H. Smith, R. O. West, T. R. Berry, J. J. Doyle, W. V. Hale, C. R. Mark, C. H. Staley, E. Willoughby, V Buxton, H. H. Eckles, H. L. Hardin, W. Matthews, R. W. Stovall, A. R. Young, A. Burke, F. D. Evans, R. D. Jeffrey, B. F. Petree, F. M. Towne, L. J. Umphers, R. Kalt, J. W. Savage, L. H. Batter y UF77 Captain R. Price. Captain L. A. Ritter. First Lieutenant H. Silverman. First Leiutenant J. F. Kupka. First Sergeant B. H. Carey. Sergeants: W. W. Church, A. N. Porter, W. H. Buckholtz. Corporals: H. G. Farley, J. W. Farrimond, P. A. jones, M. A. Root, L. Shipp. PRIVATES Adams, Carl B. Elmore, G. A. Hewett, J. S. McCann, C. A. Reda, J. S. Stuart, A. I. Asken, E. K. Emprce, R. D. Hollis, H. G. McCullough, D. N. Rheum, F. Strei.h, E. I. Anderson, C. C. Galbraith, G. Howard, D. O. Martin, I. H. Rosinsky, M. Terry, I. M. Bi hop, H. B, Grimes, P. W. Huddleson, R. Miller, Benjamin Selinger, G. W. Wagner, j. F. Braun, I. P. Grubhs, Tom Kight, R. E. Norris, J. R. Slnidler, J. Walner, W. R. Brewer, K. A Harris, j R. Kroeger, Karl Ostrander, Hoyt Smith, L. V. White, Louis Barrett, L. W. Hawkins, G. R. Lee, A. S. Ransdell, J. M. Stovall, G. A. Ross, H. K. Donlay, W. s l278l Battery "G" ww. Captain O. C. Mitchell. Captain M. R. Howell. First Lieutenant E. L. Ames. Sergeants: H. A. Roach. W. R. Craalman, C. F. Gross. Corporals: B. B. Curry, E. J. Downing, C. F. Earnest, W. L. Fair, M. A. Sparks, C. M. Wilbanks. First Sergeant L. L. Gross PRIVATES Atkins, R. M. Clark, C. Fenn, R. McDermott, B. Robinett, L. L. Tunnard, R. T. Barr, R. L. Craig, H. Gerhart, B. Mitchell, S. E. Sanger, W. XV. Vowell, C. F. Bashara, K. A. Dennis, F. L. Hay, J. E, Nall, H. M. Shaifer, H. R. Winger, C. E. Bcwley, E. L. Drake, A. Hewcs, L. Newport, N. M. Smock, J. C. Rookstool, F. Bridge, M. L. Drake, R. Johns, P. M. Newsome, E. Story, R. B. Baird. H. C. Campbell, T. S. Eaves, E. D. Martin, J. XV. Peters, H. R. Sturdevant, J. E. McCamm, J. W, Cargill, O. Evans, W. D. McCloud, J. H. Rancy, E. Trigg, J. T. Battery "HH Captain C. P. Hixon. Captain W. E. Schuelke. First Lieutenant H. Turner. First Sergeant R. Ford. First Sergeant J. W. Harrington. Sergeants: Eades, Wright, Crawford. Corporals: Halloway, Stevens. JPRIVATES AnCl6fSOl'1, L. A. Bunch Fox Jarrett Mills Staveley Anderson, O. C. Campbell Gerhart Justice Moore, R. M. Turner Armstrong Carr Hall Leverett Moore, B. W. Vaughan Baker Cochrane Hamilton Mallory Mugler Watwood Bond Cory Hcndrix, D. J. Martin Page Wheatley Boyer DeVanncy Hendrix, G. G. Marrs Pearson White Brown DeWitt Higgins McCall Roberts Yeager Hinton Mentzer f279J Battery "I" Captain E. A. Dawson. Captain D. A. Robinson. First Lieutenant J. C. Carroll. First Sergeant C. G. Anderson. Sergeants: P. J. Birge, G. T. Brockett, K. W. Ingham. Corporals: M. W. Ludington, H. A. Keller, F. N. Kelly, L. B. Knight. PRIVATES Blair, J. M. Cordonnicr, B. J. Forster ,R. R. Kirkland, F. Olmstezid, C. D. Slover, G. F. Bluhm, M. C. Egnew, A. L, George, A. Lampadius, W. A. Poe, L. M. Smith, J. J. Boydston, S. B. Emenhiser, L. K. Gullatt, E. M. Little, E. L. Pyeatte, C. Snyder, D. J. Buchanan, W. Fitzgerald, G. Harmon, S. McDonald, H. O. Ruby, S. Watson, D. D. Campbell, P. B. Fike, G. A. Harrison, H. M. McGlothlin, J. T. Sala, E. J. Williamson, J. A. Clark, J. F. Fleming, H. B. Hays, R. M. Mershon, H. P. Sherrod, E. N. York, L. J. Cook, O. A. Forrester, F. D. Hoover, J. D. Miller, L. C. Singletary, A. T. Younger, J. D. Battery "K" W. Captain J. W. Primrose. Captain K. K. Dunham. First Lieutenant J. W. Whitten. First Lieutenant E. Shonwald. First Sergeant V. Brown. Sergeants: L. F. Moore, R. Mason. Corporals: P. W. Lamerton, J. R. White, J. A. Mann, R. C. Nichols, F. L. Owen, S. E. Thompson, Jesse E. West. PRIVATES Anderson, H. P. Cook, J, W. Fullerton, F. W. Jones, W. Martin, J. E. Richards, J. Bechtel, J. T. Curry, G. A. Gould, D. B. Kaplan, W. G. Mason, Raymond A. Taylor, B. F. Bailey, F. B. Dallas, R. T. Greenberg, T, Kapp, C. E. Mason, Richard D. Taylor, F. Baldridge, M. B. Davidson, H. G. Halstead, M. Kennedy. J. H. McGehee, R. J. Thornton, J. C. Brandenburg, B. Douglas, R. Huss, B. I. Lance, W. Morris, J. Van Meter, M. Brooking, L. E. Ducker, W. S. Jaeger, H. B. Lindsay, D. W. Orr, T. O. Voto, J. Clifton, D.,,D. Dumler, H. Jones, J. R. Logan, J. W. Pitzer, W. f280J Battery "L" Captain H. Ballard. Captain R. A. Tyler. First Lieutenant A. A. Albright. First Sergeant B. W. Schaefer. Sergeants: C. E. McAfee, L. J. Fulton, R. L. Royster. Corporals: J. C. Pace. C. A. Parker, G. Pearce, F. M. Ricks, T. R. Travis, J. D. Townsend. V PRIVATES Archcrd, Charlie Edmondson, C. May, S. Rcinheimcr, XV. B. Stolz, H. W. Combs, G. L. Faulkner, G. Miller, H. G. Russell, Hollis Vaughan, A. L. Comstock, G. Hanson, W. T. Miller, W. S. Saylor, R. M. Vincent, A. D. Davis, J. B. Haws, G. A. Moffett, LeRoy Sells, L. B. Waggoner, F. C. Dickason, D. L. Hickok, J. G. Mulvcy, B. E. Sommers, A. L. Windle, H. S. Dolezal, E. Holt, V. Neil, E. H. Stanley, C. White, E J. Eason, T. W. Lorenzcn, Johnnie Nichols, W. E. Staton, H. Hamilton, Jas. Putman, G. il THE R. O. T. C. STUDENT COUNCIL We have this year, for the first time in the history of the unit, an R. O. T. C. Student Council. The oiiicers in charge of the unit, after conferring with a number of the Cadets, came to the conclusion that there was a distinct need for such a body. The Council has justihed its existence during this, its initial year, and promises to be a controlling factor as the governing body of the Cadet Corps. Its destinies were guided this year by the president, Laurence E. Ferguson Csenior artillery representativejg vicefpresident, Max Sartain Csenior infantry representativebg secretaryftreasurer, Curtis Hale Cfreshman artilleryjg Eugene Ames Cjunior infantryj, Douglas McMurray Qjunior artillerybg Camp Bcnils Csophf omore infantryjg Charles Farber Csophornore artilleryjg and Charles Goforth Cfreshman infantryj. - I 281 J The R. O. T. C. Band Barrow, V. Belford, A. Berry, J L. Black, C. Bland, L. S. Bonnell, A. R. Bowman, R. P. Brooks, J. Conner, L. L. Cook, R. Crawford, L Craven, R. Culver,,D. Darby, E. Ebersole, R. Echols, S. E. Edgerton, C, Freeman, F. Garrison, W. Glaze, J. C. Gene Springer, Conductor. ' Goodner, M. Penn, F. Whithers, Dan Gowdy, J. L. Phillips, G. Wolfe, Keith R. Grimm, E. F. Phillips, Russell Perterson, Gerald Haddock, J. L. Preble, T. Eastland, I. E. Inglis, W. G. Ray, D. Gernert Johnston, Everett M. Russell, W. Penn McClutchin, J. A. Shields, J. E. Gittinger McIntyre, K. Sloan, R. Stormant, P. D, Mains, F. Wells, J. Creveling Meeker, C. Wells, M. if The Trumpet cmd Drum Corps Wilhelm Dietz, Conductor. Boyle, L. R. Gower, L. R. Poynter, G. L. Searle Brooks, Jas. Boyetce, D. Grav, L. F. Schmelzer, R. C. Stewart, F. A. Wells, John E. Dillard, P. R. Miller, E. E. Terrell, H. A. Sherman, J. E. rzszj KGLIQ Gola? Gucwcl Y I' 'I ,fy I284J L A V4 I ? Q57 qv Q -,-F --, A .E : Q ff. -3:5 "' "' f-ll?" fb fn- fn- f cl'7x I "" " i'7E 7 f 7 l x? .-Z J Varsity Lanes M Rfk jkfk jwkfsk NJ Ti XMPQZQXQZQZQZQXQX QQQXQX ZQXGZ Vim: z f 5 0 n great honor .ax 1 1 l "The Pawn Went forth-" X "The halls of learning n Once there was a Pawn who would be King. Appearing before the Bishop, he asked how this might' be accomf plished. And the Bishop said to him, "My son, you seek a great honor. Before you are Worthy, you must master eight trials, traverse eight squares. Go you to the City of the Queen. There you will find wrongs to he righted,- A - .'! K? 72 4 JL' ,iq w Q' 1:1 'e 'e tfiffggxi HHH l 1 FS2i 2 i walked Ee ' v Q: the l l 1 quiet ' 1 'i 1 streets-" l , 1 i i f286l "-to the City ol the +difliculties to be overcome-there you will prove yourself Worthy or unworthy of the great honor you seek." So the Pawn Went forth to the City of the Queen, bent on great things. He walked the quiet streets, and along shaded avenues. And the great halls of learning were before him. "-and along shaded avenues." -YWETC Queen." before hi m." uiyou - -will prove J yourself-" I287J L, , ,, a.:.,:,.r.... -iv . -A - - F...-,. .- . ....-... v..,..Y-,---g..g,- V "The Pawn from home fclt lost- l 5 .,, I "Pawns, Knights, 'fue rngt other Pawns--" Rocks--" There were many others there who also sought for honors-Pawns, Knights, Rooks-from all parts of the Great Board. All come to the City of the Queen to prove themselves. And the Pawn from home felt lost among all these strange, new surroundings, until he met other Pawns,- 0 9 lfiwee 'I - SL -GM City , l 1 : of the f l 1 Queen- l 1 .L 1 52883 V' V I 1 nie., . ii . . ingot so ,o - ll -and formed a political combine. Then he began to feel more at ease, until at home was length the little Pawn from merged into the great mass in the City of knowledge. the Queen-all seekers after And so, after many trials of strength, it came to pass that the Pawn from home moved forward one square. .--to prove ' themselves." in these new W 7 aug 7' 'iv surroundings." "-and formed a political combine." "-from all the Great Board." 5 289 1 :f "Knights from surrounding squares-" "It was his duty-" "When the ' fight was 0VEl"l l29o1 It was the custom, in that day, to hold a great tourney, to which Knights from the surrounding squares came to try their fortunes. And they fought right valiantly for their own lives, and the honor of their lady fair. The Pawn from home was made Squire to such a Knight. It was his duty to stand among the other Pawns and , shout encouragement to his master,- L Vw S s?+ i v Vg X is A Ni Sx 7.5 1' ig 4.And l 7 6 1 1 1 l there l 1 1 was . H l fl 1 1 wassaxl- 4 - .1 l g .,...rr2"' -come to try their fortunes -and when the fight was over, he would give the Knight, his master, an alcohol rub' down, both inside and out. So theywent forth to battle, and the Knight charged a foe bravely. But luck was against him, anda mighty shout went up as he fell, defeated. And there was wassail in the great hall that night. -in the great hall that YAG, night." "-he , Q i ' "T,Z,fi,lF Lp: H 314 I , gave an , '--:- ' - ' ' ,,. alcohol '- rubdown." ' I. ,.f"A a--V i .--"' 'N' l I2 shollit encouragement." 4 .,.. A Lf' ff .. l 'A ' i ' r wg - ,. I .L 2X: ., , W , , :g::s1g4.,, . " ,J- 35 "wi . 293 iff- .f??tf'::' '- - A V 911 , Q gf2f,Q: 2, mg.. v --Y.,-..r,., . -L . ,.. ,M-. - :L .- -.5 ..-6.-... - .-,ze-si.-u...,.-f "The speefhfors hellkd-:thumbs down." A --?v as-x. Q'- ' 'Y I y i A l l ' , 5 The next day, the Pawn from home! ' 4 came to early, for a m1ghty thought . had struck him. Why should he not fight in this great tourney? The Knight from afar was ill, for he had a Q l hellish hangover, so the young Pawn l "I-ha' d donned the armor of his master, and sa 18 , . forth-" sallied forth to do battle. Well did ,. . M- ff: he fight, for three good men and true -, ..,r r .... at -,. fly were unhorsed that day,- 1 lull w i ,gs A- V15 '.-,I 7 vlhv .inzifq 'l" -K f 1' I' x iv ' ll. . -mrs y H wif .M "' if -v V 'J i f Z. t ' - it .A ' ff 1 '-" 5,4 ." ' I "',' :IT "i'fRiglit', 4 . I Q l' "'t-' ., 1' i ' 4 A 4l'ifl?ew,f -' '-rf f flghtT' 'fy y . ' -22 l 3 w L Q s " - H5 P Q, l . -' 1 "- 'FEVEL-F aw: Z- -2- Th 'fiir-7553 -""7" A ' fffff, . H e 15 ,. ' 51 r"i '1V' T at L-, Z. A King f, X T -Z W95 ,V., 5 ' '5fE':P" ,ig Saw "r - Q, . -- ...a ,--,rf '-2 - - .' -".T Royal ""' : : ..,t 4 H ' 52923 r........V. fv l w i, F . l 4 l .il ! ii LW.. ,,,,,.,.,.i,i,.,. . was .., . . - "-brilliant execution-" A-and it came to pass that the King saw him! from the Royal Box. The King was all enthused over the brilliant execution of l the stranger, so he asked to be presented. The Pawn was brought before the King, rand commanded to kneel, for it was- the Kings pleasure to honor this Pawn above . .-all others. So he knelt, and the King gave him a right good smack with his sword. v N ',, ' .. K. Aignn wff.-'- i ,. .4 l 9.4. J?--' , 41. 7' Ii .-1 - , 1 ...- . , 6, N I in HW .--uf 'L I . "f"N , 'V 1. x 1 1 nga -- ,-,f 1-gp, "He knelt before ,. Y e the 1, King." -Q . A. . .. . .. , .. . . -Q K -. . a,.W....,..s... . . 3 R 1 "'-2'-.i1"" i t: -95 13. 2 -- -. ':' ,,.' , Y J ff 7, .. -pl: a '-,: 11 g5"qL,, , V:-q .v , .pH:7'w ', 1 , i' ..,'-':j-gz?1'V8,l31zQ25, 52655: 934,-A, -,1f,',.-ew.-,ffiif - - f - - - 1 '. ' - -N .--. , .Ye-VW. gf , if 1' ' :FFR 5" -'fe -'vx""'Yz"f' Vw'-1--' fu- 1 ". - 1- - '. 1. ,Q .rf'r::ri". - ' -. ' ' -U, A Sf' 1:11:14 . W -'-www lf --'v g fv:bLl:3,.f :,g3.,f3g5, .li f.,,,,-:'.,. ? 5x. ,Hi Li ykhtif fa -2.-, Ziff. ,riff --' ' ' 'A ' 1' ':2'E'?f.i:f-'Tile,f'.:i,.' I N 'lggli .1 'av' v,.' - 1-rf , f'zGS,'4xffL7'04'?AG' -' swf- fb? . , '-f'7 hawaii' ,fzf1:::2'rw ' ' if--Sh 1- ' . Y. f .Na ,-29.-' U,-1 i .1 , il -" , :Q .Q . ...Mg V f 1, to '12 ' ,, W"-"' i -' battle. ! f 4 A wuqfg. In -, ig, -fs he . up 4 ' ' ' ,V '- V ,.f'm,:7m4" N ,,,,f,..-h., , , a3,,,..,g,,: , ggsg am.. 6. f--..-.a -.s.....,. 3 l J r 1 l ' -2' y . . . W I 1. .' ,.i:- ' i 'z-5, . rg ,iv I ge .V--Q-'3g,g,5'g?L,gi, .. '. -f . , gl Q- ff: Ja" 45, rl 'rf A i f -!9..4fgr ' if V H" 7' I 113555-r5ffi'.s ' 7, " ' . filiiiee l 7 Q 1 1 i -' 'ff ,L..Lj.r'f? 3 1 1" 35 2 . ' . - fn- - e V' f-wa: gr.-Ex .W-14.,w were K A . 'f , abivneayi. , . A W: warg ' .v- ,.. :-- 3..- I , 1 l A Q l . l if 1 fe- i -we V ,:',:,'.g , - f, ,.. i, f"A"""" ' -1 . .. ' F img 1 I 'C 54 1 Q- 2 - in-fm' i . . ' 1 . f r?-N-Lv -ffm:-ifm,-4.M123pe - - f- . , dw 5, ' , 1 4" -- .:" " -. :V 5:5-1-pg ic F5 '. if efafefff' ,yas-c fin: - i U ' : Q g - r a t i '- - . . E. L a . . - . .. if , -. ' ,. zfngii xg Q. , S5ff2ryxWm'j'2m,g, jg .Q I ' A , . lf293J .1 .PQ .. ,J a 411- cpu, w-Ma!f44-.r :arty QUE., ,. i -fi .r r , . , ,.,. mmm,-if ,N .... "He rolie into the midst of the fight." we .5 - awww A Qzwfslag, 1.5, yawn: 57134: 4? I. -, s ' -,-, va-.A f sf fa - -if , fagkwma - Q .labs '+:+:'5'W2 :.:"31r.'5fv 4' :-- ,iz , 'Q' 'I?:,..Y3l'f :MW f -1' 4 av:-yi'19't "ff 1' ' IX"-54 --Q1 if-few, g.Wm,,z:mm,s' "Q if-4-,,.,.'f:fq,1,-M-V , ' , ' ' -f i -. ,iw---1-1-f':1:,.' -, i....fm1f-2 i,.::,-1:111- - ' - , if 533: 'f. , new ,I -' v- s : ' ... fs 7w21',".' f '- - V i f -sa:-1,rsa,'ce':,,, , , ,, .rn 1-W-,ii "Maw hid, gathered oh ijghe w I sideS+" M1-he, Royal Band blared f orth-" Now on the third day of the great tourney, a stranger appeared. From tip to toe he was clothed all in Cheqf uers, and in his right hand he hrandf ished a huge Poker. At the height of the play, he rode into the midst of the fight, astride a grey donkey. This caused consternation in the ranks of the King, for in that day it was no f2941 small thing for a Chequered man- I I - 1 J J -P i- an , -"151'Lwff--El -' -5 GQ , X- '78 A gt A ag, gl .sf 5 N 'I 48' 1 - -4.-'Qf 4" i ' Z , f t ' A 0? S 1 l crown--" . x . -- .ar..4. "This caused great consternation." -to ride in the City of the Queen, the heart of Chess. "My daughter and the half of my kingdom to whomsoever will ight yon scurvy knave," cried the King in a mighty voice, albeit his knees knocked to' gether as with a palsy. It was thus that the young Knight rode gallantly against the man in Chequers-and the fate of a Crown rode with him. :s5,,4-ea.-er -v,,..,,..v' .al ' .4-V' , -. ' "-went' A x A X 1 x xx b V ., -4 Q . - . ff., .. . M- '- 'rf an H' - 1 , ,V :N ' 9 'K V i' is si! 'wil ft' , AFL- fl , Je ' f. Q3 . -1 -1--FD? . V.: V- , 22252-.,e if - -. I ,, ,r , . ,H 5 E IT Af , ef' at f E E 'al' ' 1 ' f' Jie. hr -ana the 1 i!"-l so 4- F -fs . , King'S "t" , V , Guard .M V ' V " assed b ." . . . f P y - V- "9--114511, X 1 at ' ' with - 1 gui, Mg , ,. ,.., ,,., , . V lqita ss Q ,the sliedtt-xcle2" ggi V V x ,. , J I " fe '13' - V , gf' I . ,h',""2?ggg L " V. Y' A ' -H , Q ,QQ . . 'V My 3:5 ' - : 4- N , " 3 1: , Mg ky, Fil . in ,X Q V4 r ia . 1 -1,-.VW Vg'-1 S V if 7: " -' zf ,gsflisroef -- G-aff ' , . - 'Y - V . ,: 4 I - . ' lr , 1.3-,121 ,fx-'f V, he rl: , Z lf' , ,E ' yn- ., - V - in ' an V it -'LL V ' ' f .Y Vi i 1' 1" M t 1 L 5" f'1J.V X -1 1-- ' .Q - W1 - M .f..,- ' g . ' . , 1 v A ' Egis, ' V3 3 ', L 45: it K 'lk , , ZLL'-,. V'f:.f:: ' -:+ve-5 Q' 5 ' 2 ,... V . .. '. . W 7 ,r ,if-"V T'f4wqfe?f:1g,- V. MA - fmt , 211,'gvfn??f"f in-'-"Z ,g,,:.,1fV V ,.,i f, , W Htftfff " V' '-. ' 2-f, ,,, - I ', . 'imma-tjkfeisf?-w74-fifywiggg5' t " t i. V V . W -in . ' ,, i, . V V-ff: 'H mm." - HOA' - - ,a.,i...,-.,- ,.. , ,.....,,,,,- .--Yup -Mwst, MMV:-A v ---' '-- V --A l295J be NU, K .Vw ' . A N s -f' ,f: ,qfw.E 7 Q Q , . '4 X X , ,:,. I ' LAW QQ 2 X Q. gl K sim N 'S X xi i . Q X , EX I N X S 6, A Q-.6 X Q X bw was 5 X .Q X. 'f'?5NgigbQfr , . - . --W ,.i,y.ffy:1,yQix 3 S.-g5,.3l.z,,,,,3,,, - E 74 .QQ 4 f ' X X Q, new S QW 3 Nwwwv X 9 M xi xggilvs N gs 4 XARQQS 41 ,v X X 1, X 'si' x t ,SXSW wiv N 95 ,W aw ' av K A ,- ,J R . . fr Q "He hurriedto the City of the Queen-" Vibe .. man in Chegpers With one great lunge, the young Knight disarmed his enemy, and the man in Chequers loped away on his donkey. A mighty shout Went up from the assembled throng, and even the Royal Box responded with a weak Zsllrrflikg "Hoofray!" For the King had been saved from an awful fate-the man in Chequers had a hill against the King for soldering his Sunday armor.- X K if . : r -.-f-3" U?" - "And, "F' .L il tl-11,125 Q-AA i l l f296l l,,,lH,.li.i, V "1-bringing his h t e-When the Bishop at home heard of the great prowess of the young Knight, he hurried to the City of the Queen, bringing with ,him all his cohorts-yea, a full quart. And- it was thus that the first Homecoming came about, for the Bishop had won his Crozier in the ivyfcovered towers many years before, when a traveling salesman had inveigled him into a game known as Ngallopf ing dominoesf' u -th f Homecomi g CH ab out 2.Te31!u5lI,!:'N'0N me 1 1 V 5 3 B, g a as ,r "The City of the Queen-" - The King gave a big celebration in honor of the young Knight who had saved his honor, and he invited all the great from far and near. Beside him was the Princess, Whose hand had Qgfited been promised the young Knight. So all the great-H the party waxed and vvaned, and as the first rosy lingers of davvn stretched over the eastern horizon, the King arose, and spoke thus,- -"The Ynlrlng Princess- li V as 1 1 ..lfjiihmuig!'5 1 X M t ' E T' s , 1 141-he 1 1 xr 1-r-5 A KIDS QQ ' l gave a T l V cjebrationf' I2981 "--bathed in the rosy fingers of dawn." -"I had not intended to speak, as this was forced upon me. But behold now, my daughter's betrothed, whom I love like a son." So saying, he drank a toast to them, and became quite drunk thereby. And the Knight knelt before his Princess, holding up to her a Crown, encrusted with precious stones. . Q - ...d-Q. .. ' 'T' ff'The party waxed merry." .,,.- W "-from far and near." M . 'IN .f EW 5. ' H . "1 'sf-was 4 4 S N X 1 1 X x "-and her hand- maiden." Q... -19' 'Uni .sv F' .5 f299j . -. .Mc . .A . ,L .,,, Y,gY,kY,,,,L W 1 y I 1 '. A I 1 V: A 5, "As thewestern sun sank low-" y. 5fThg . Qastles l f'Tbe last trial passed bf. . the King-1' n f3001 'I 1 1 The King blessed them, and they were married by the Bishop, who was also a Notary Public. Thus it was proved, as it always will be proved, that right and will always win. And so, the last trial passed, the eighth square reached, 1 the Knight knelt before the King, the '1 Princess' father, to receive his crown.- F f N IS Q 1 i Y rm .9 5 ': ' 4 . A 'r 'Frk , it X 1, 6 O 'L .hx XLS. Ul r I Y "fs,-MWF ..i-.1:..- F if-I-hey 7 X A, i trolled 'l X .4 1 way-" T U 3 , ' -4 ,. . ,n X ' X D , JM . - . fn - av : - - . . fy - - -wr-. -1-fa-sw -4-M177 , - -' , MQ -,N-x,,,.,,,x,,1V-,.,Q.,,.1...' v 4 ,V . N U. M, .K ,N ,WI-,X ' nf' ,ww .. . A -f , - 54-P fi' - l wrvzf- , f- -' .. ...f--1+ ews wftsr i -. :A mfzfi- , , , ,M ,.- J 'L , V L' , ' Q ' A- .. . .. .. ,. e-'-a"iff,:m-'f:,.:f'1,: g -V . " ' " ' '- ' 0. :vf1F?W?'1H:w:'.-fwvqfx. 1.-1 , r 4. . ,f-U ' ' " 'Z ' ':.4?'HQ'f+s' -nl---11 'Q. . -1+ Q., 11-, ,..,,g.f11g5HM. ',.-.W sh., "4 -'Q 3. 3.4.3 ,, ,pf . ,. -g. , A ,..-..,1'N1 fi-,Im-.f ---4 ' -P., -wa, . f,,q.1:'1,.gf 1-. A -:-1.-. we qi-kgffffw Mi 4'1w:'f:y'-4.'E'f-fd? . 1 ng, 1.1. wi-531 ., '24-'s:+ as . .1 - . , -, . .--1 'YT f . up J,-Q52 any--,ga pa: 2.-.-'vc'-31. - sam. ' ff -:F-eg','1ffze2' , . Egfr w,4J'- "' r h if .f -1-, w imagiwygx. , 4 A. , r . , 4 ,f' iv I V, S .4,,,A,q ,ml lfthktiyqif, 5, fiiviigqg E, .ka :- rl. 5, W 3 Q , -TVN, n 1 , , ' i 4 , I -,H , 1 H45 5. 9.3 . .L - ' I1.,u,-3i:- - -- ,a -. -V--.all Ak , .vi gy-jf., 7 3.43.1-i A Q : - 2. . V uf .v - . . f L C-wiv? -Tfssfc'-M 4. - ' "-the young Knight received his crown." "-and 'the eighth square reached." I 5 -674539 ' " -And at last, as the western sun sank low, b the two strolled down the long, shady lane, hand in hand. Thus ends the tale of the Pawn who would be King. , l "-faded, away in the distance." "-down W the long, shady lane." mm JP .E ji " LL iff' if 'M Wales' I 2llllf50U!IEFUl svvuyrmsg ess s l I if l 1 A 3 l 1 at ELL! That you may have found hefre in the f wanclefrings of the Chessman through the Varsity lanes, l some an least, of' those scenes, acquaintances, occasions, la: trials or trails you have known or would have known- ls , 5" then, well! TM . lgl ill 3 ,, ilf in lf 21 Ll 9 li' 'll' Q l lla ll 'Ill w all ill, , ll . l 11 ly' ll l 'il il in A fl 13 3, 1 l Ili' li 1 I . M Ill lil ,s 1 . Engl li all I 1 " l . .Af if il an ' lf Ml 5lfl5l'QliWfi1l'i fQ Eli' 1- 2 25 1 :il YE fill Ei! if m mm ol if fi an fi Z ' i" '1' 1' 1" L7 1 J 'Wu ' 'J ' Z '-' " 'f fl' ff -- - J-l. . l , L , . . ' 7 ' 7 ' -V 7 T. . V rx' L4 , ,' ils' ' ' - fi' H 2 if-22 ' ',' , ti V - 1 ,, - f l e ' 13021 ' ortuna Moving igirs H61- Sons ' 96 Wifi-i'7' f---H fiiux' F3984 A Y be 15 9: If MQ. Q 9 ' I. Q 55:31 ce-Q! 'I X I 4 ' 1 .Aa Sli Eeparrmenml - f uffwm 1 '?r3::wS5Sw A SRi:MZF' A -. . I X' .- A I 1 . . c ,- . ' - If Q ' . NA ,. I , V., . .':, - as fm I, . I. if 7 915 . T Y 5? aj S. F M . .I S A 'V .- Hn' , '4 -3-ff-A-..-.1 . L ' 5? . 5551. , f - - ' A eaxRIg'fgf.ff,, 'S Ns-.R A.,,MLfR , . fSf"'14V:,- ' I.. "- fr . . XI- .AI 'S , 5, . Alpha Kappa Kappa s 4' .. f' - x " ,. W. - .- f J' , ' I I: g- -'Q ,:' - N l -F I I . 4' . I ,ii -R.. -f A ' 41, Y L lf L - ' . li - . x l l I I .ML is 5 L 9- . 1, ,, S K , H, .A I ' ' 'Q I IL 5 I x P Xi I Q 3 l" "Q ll ll 'F X I Q I Liga 5 X- A I . I I if 53:31 S , m SP., Sw eF,..fiN. f- ' "lk .. X .SS 3 A f na-4.11 L ,. ' 1 ' E 15' L I Q f , -A vs 5 ' L X 1 11 - f-5.5.1 .iff ' I f 4 1 ', 'gg 4 fi I 7555, 5, -. .. Top Row-Williams, G. Baker, W. W. Alexander, Campbell, Shippey, Thompson, Baird. Middle Row-Baker, L. V. Moore, Akin, Cramer, Foerster, Alling. Bottom Row-Hodgson, Miles, Stough, Shoemaker, Walker, Gorby, Canada. Membership-IO,I I2 ABRAHAM L. BLESH ANDREW M. YOUNG CYRII. E. CLYMER FLOYD BOLEND EMERY ALLING LAUREN BAKER GRADY MATTHEWS SIGFRIED BRAUER GEORGE KIMBALL FORREST DEAN WALTER BAKER HERVY FOBRSTER MARSHALL HART THOMAS MCGRATH DANIEL STOUGH 1'Pleclge. Professional Medical Dartmouth College, I888 Oklahoma, 1920 Number Of Chapters-54 MEMBERS Faculty ELLIS MOORE ARTHUR B. CHASE LLOYD M. SACKETT JOS. C. STEPHENSON JOHN A. HATCHETT WALTER W. WELLS JAMES R. REED WILLIAM FOWLBR Students CLBLLA M. HODGSON ROBERT AKIN FRANKLIN CAMPBELL WAYMAN THOMSON BYRON BROWN ALVIN GORBY CHARLES RAYBURN ALPHA JOHNSON CLAYTON STROUP WADE FOX CECIL BAIRD LEROY GOODMAN R. KIPPENBBRGER THOMAS MCHALE GORDON WILLIAMS CLIFFORD MOORE H. ALEXANDER RICHARD FORD ALLEN KRAMER PETER JELSMA RAY JONES JOHN PICKARD Pk 53051 HENRY TURNER REX BOLEND S. R. CUNNINGHAM H. A. SHOEMAKER BENJ. THOMPSON FORREST STRATTON GRADY BEATON HENRY HARRIS JOHN MILES WILLIAM SHIPPBY WILLIAM WALKER CLAYTON CANADA RICHARD MILLS EUEL HATHAWAY Dk GORDON SHELTON Alpha Sigma Delta Top Row-McDermott, Howard, McColgin, Wheeler. Middle Row-Green, Bathe, Moffatt. Bottom Row-Bowman, Harris, Sweet, Jones. Radio Fraternity Organized at the University of Oklahoma, 1921 Membership-94 DR. H. L. DODGE I DR. WILLIAM SCHRIEVER MURL HILL HUGH H. WALKER CRAWFORD COOPER G. L. WHEELER BYRON MCDERMOTT CARMON C. HARRIS V Nationalized, 1924 MEMBERS Faculty PROP. E. G. TAPPAN Students R. C. SWEBE' I CHARLES E. BATHE DANAH BOUTTE LBROY MOEEATT J. R. REEVES V. L. JONES tsocsj Number of Chapters'-5 PROP. CHARLES SANDEFUR PROP. O. W. WALTER WILLIAM G. GREEN J. B. KELSO BYRNE A. BOWMAN DAN HOWARD ELTON MCCOLLUM FURMAN PURYBAR American Institute of Electrical Eugmeefrs 'YN J A I I. ,H I , , . 1 . 155.-, ar ' Q ' F J " fha? 'fm ' 35 J ILL' . -P N .V K' Q 3 ' . Q ,. .t.,: -S -I N 'go' - fi In Q . .Q Q ,A A I I W we I , . .: I Top Row-Bafhe, Smith, Neal, Bond. X 5? I . I l A 4 5 GK V' 12: 4 I I 7, Middle Row-Thornton, Challener, Hamrick, Green, Bottom Row-Robinson, Hughes, Whitcotton, DeLano. Oklahoma, 1912 7 Founded, 1884 , Number of Chapters- OFFICERS RALPH THORNTON .... . President CHARLES E. BATI-IE .... . VicefP'resident FLOYD O. BOND . . Secretary RALPH A. TYLER .... . Treasurer MEMBERS Faculty F. G. TAPPAN O. W. WALTER E. R. PAGE Students MURL HILL JOSEPH NEAL CHARLES BATHE PERCY ROBINSON RALPH THORNTON ANSEL CHALLENER Gus HOLLANDER JOHN BARRET FLOYD BOND ARTHUR Cox HOWARD DELANO ROLAND HUGHES BAILEY MARTIN LORAINE SMITH JESSE LOCKHART f307J JOHN OWEN WILLIAM PARKER LEE SIMONDSON RALPH TYLER CECIL WHITCOTTON HAROLD FISHER GEORGE HAMRICK Alpha Qhi Sigma Professional Chemistry Fraternity University of Wisconsin, IQO4 J. E. BELCHER I. H. GODLOVE D. B. MORRISON REED BRAZELL WILLIAM CARNEY LOVELL CHANEY KENNETH CROOK KENNETH CUNNINOI-IAM DANAI-5 HEELEY RALPH HIPPEN RAY HENDRIX Oklahoma, IQI8 MEMBERS Faculty Active Students C. P. HIXON 53081 A. C. SHEAD GUY Y. WILLIAMS E. W. PADGETT STUART HUME JOHN MARCH ELTON MOCOLLUM HAROLD MCINTIRB LLOYD PLATTE CARLETON STBNTZ SPENCER ENTRIKEN KENNETH DUNHAM Alpha Kappa T51 Professional Commercial New York University, IQO4 A. B. ADAMS EDMUND BERRIGAN JEROME DOWD LEONARD LOGAN HOLMES BALDRIDGE MAHLON BANKS WALTER BARNES FLOYD BOOTON EUGENE BOYLAN JOHN O. BRITTAIN JOHN TATB BRITTAIN GEORGE BUCKLES ALLAN CASEY GLENN CROWLEY BRYON DAWSON WILBUR FUNDERBURK EUGENE GENTRY WALKER GRISSO SAM HADDAD DANA HARDER JOHN HERVEY THOMAS JOHNSON DON WRIGHT Oklahoma, 1915 MEMBERS Faculty Students I 309 1 W. K. NEWTON J. C. POWELL I. J. SOLLENBERC-BR FLOYD L. VAUGHAN GLEN MASON LOUIS MCCARTER TOWNSBND MCCLURE COLBERT MOORE JAMES PENICK EDWARD PETTY MARCELLUS PRIBBE HUBERT SMITH CURTICE SMITH EARL SOMMERS CLAUDE THOMPSON LEE B. THOMPSON RALPH G. THOMPSON HERSHEL UNDERHILL THEORDORE VAN GRIETHUYSEN DALTON Voss FRANK WATSON JOHN WOOTTEN FRED WRIGHT Alpha Ti Nu ARNOLD ALBRIGHT ALFRED BEARD PAUL BIRGE FLOYD BIXLER JACOB BRAUN JOHN CAUGHRON CLIFTON CHEUVRONT OLIN CLANIN ODIS COOK 'Top Row-Emenhiser, Duncan, Kaplan, Albright, Mains. Middle Row-Wright, McCollum, Eades, Birge, Mandelbaurn. Bottom Row-Dever, Floyd, Cheuvront, Braun, Tucker. Founded at the University of Oklahoma, 1922 Nationalized, 1924 Professional PrefMedic Fraternity MEMBERS HARVEY DEEVER DEE EADES LEE EMENHISER CLYDE FLEMING WALDEMAR GOERINGER WILLIAM KAPLAN FREDRICK MAINS MIRIAM MANDBLBAUM ESTELLE MCCOLLUM f310'j HERMAN MILLER CHARLES MORGAN RALPH OBERMILLER WARREN PHILLIPS FRED TUCKER EUGENE WEST ARTHUR WHITE BIRNEY WILKBRSON W. P. WRIGHT I Battle Axe xx. swing-,:.S. foxy' - I '- T' -Q , .. . .O 1 yi? ,. 1 NR . JV -Qt X ' V . V fr Efbfimgji fi ?a'f'.5SE2f'7...' NN , , Lf ,. 'I I' X ' I f1g2'frwe'gy'V' A .xy IV 'I . V' V I V , ...J Mahi., liF.'Sf1?? . 'nt ,QV , ff: , 'V J V 4 - , . fn ffl?" ' ms: D I .R Vx -' I . 1. I .5 656 EUHR! 1 ,I .,1- , ,. , 5- - . ,. 3 sgvwxwgi ' M' ff. ' 3 ' ' 'Q : ' I V " Yf',' V 5 J ' fi - . E, A V- I V . .f , 1 . A W X ff' V- ' If J' if -J' .. .. . ------ V .' T ' ' f"' z "" :-' f..-H1-gV7.-:RH .-,Vse.xff1'- vrfsgxfs 151 , - ' , , :Q 'f 1 . - -f .J:,1 .ig-'-1:,, g 1431.5--V, M5452 -4 V. -- , --. ' J, ' . - V,.2i1fg:..4Vff' 1 EA., 51.121.1-w,gtVfgV.,q.,,.-11' W? -12'-2+:.:f 5?-Eff-f.,g':s.V 'K' N . ' . . ,f -X H, ' 21V .112-.3.-.5g,535'gf,gf' J.. 15, "Y JV X' ' ' - ' Q' 'T-.z V' - ' Nf3FQ4Ef?E'k? V" I .f .I:.p.,.-4,-,fig V ,, 1. - ' .--'gi I ' afekfgwj G -Lf... - 5' ----- ,. J A 4, .. V 5:-, V .y-Eg . . .,..:fr -.-1" IrfVfw3f'V:2:??VV.' ' 1 'R in . 1 wx' .' V .V 'F ESV-11.115 V' ffm.-A J-.Vid ' 'Q I:iS.rf'51 fa . I 35 V I S Q l ' '-'JU' ':f:zif:'.k in 'Vai -S f'fPfe?'f.s' fpffsr ,VL-5-191 ' 'F I 'Z ,.' ' "Ji '1.'E9.gfVF'iiE ki: ' . .'ih?.21L-SQ - fa , 2. .w ' ye-M :V -. 5 . , V .ij:Vg.,,.' If '- :flfyfq , I 5 ' IQEIJYQWA 1 ' " ' " "1 -I Ab: r' X - 'I-1.12.1 . if 'Z I-'ii' . C5515 ,fr :V 'iq Ei.,-..f ni. .'-f 5 ,I gm T- , E . . ' -' - Q' r','- - r J- . x 14 --uk 5 "" ,r"?,',:' ' :E Qfwi-1. ,.' . 'Llp R-' ,af . , I 1: 3. .:- .1 ff- Q .5 Nr .1 -' , ,. A . K me i-5544! 'XY"'L':i': ' 'J - V A XT .A ' I " 'fm X'Il'ffVz?':fQi RI-I V , . 'a pI- 'Aj : . :J ,f. .V . ' Hg 29.6-45543 . -Srila wr V. f A ' - - 'I - V- I'-125'-.VJ m-53. .f .. F. Es'.?.1'Q1 IQQSSQ .i ,. - IIV4'..1,vyx,!srE5 .' lg f . - 1- I . - 1 - f.n'V:.V,I ..,qQ,,Z1 Evgilifqiig V - VM.. a1',fz'.1z ':. H ft? II- - ' fa ' ' -. V LVL-fx V A: ' I ' .12-.-fc: - af' .. D" .q.Va2-.. " V, .Q ' Q' - ,.1,4Vf " "rf-' 'z 'Z ' ' 'f,1l'.f'.57 sfiffff ,gawk S ,.,. fm. .Mayer . . J, - V , 5.4 if If -nj V, "FTW VV if f:f.':.V g",w-:.- c-rf 1- 5 ,. it: ' " , ' B. .gg ' V V '.V,-f"'1- - . g5fffT?T7T'5'f-SZ. ' . ' 'X ,J :'5:Sfgvn.1:',v2: ' V35 N-QMS. gem iff' ' ' , ..V- 7' 1 iff Mgr" H'N-Klijjkrigsgzif 4'1Vf'EVPg5f 'ff-'1 . 1 4 AM- .-or N A ..x,QS.,5.q.-,,'1- ' , . wb., I 3. Vg - - ' N' '. 5 ,- 5' . '. : " . ,, R,-4. A R P V 2' , rf.: .1 -.1-V-ar-sf .. , V 1' .. V V Vg ' . '1'-'sw . '. '.,-AfL-G.:'If.- - . 1 R . ' ' :Lf E' Va. -' ' 2-ik E ,V - f-KWH f fir. -1 -I , ' - ' 'va J 'fV 7 P15 V ' QI.. -. ,f z ' iii V -A 2553 ?.i:'Ki'3fq Q 22:22 - - ' -E7Zz'.' ' "P :LQ 155239 A Tffwii " .: -" . 41 " N' ' -, l b" Jaxx? XI . iii'-PS4 -'",f , I 1 ' FH: v . 2, '. V. .' . -- '- .V .. g:I.,.QrV:g Ruff I, , 3 Q- ,,, , 1-A V -,ff 1. F V .. ..,... -... . .. - .. Top Row-Henley, Deane, Oliver, Liebmann, Harrison, Starkey. Second RowvHines, Hendrix, Miller, Whitney, Coffy, Lacey. Third Row-English, Grimes, Baker, Walner, Jarrett, Knauth Bottom Row-Robbins, Mar tin, Gould, Edwards, H. Martin, Honorary Freshman Class EDWIN STARKEY MARK DUNLOP DALE VINCENT GILBERT HENDRIX J. G. LIEBMANN KENNETH JARRETT SETH KELLAM CHUCK TAYLOR BILL TATB JIMMY DUEOSE GENE ENGLISH VICTOR HOLT DORRIS COEEY HUGH HOWARD HEBER MARTIN Oklahoma, 1908 MEMBERS CHARLES MCCOLLOUCH BILL DEANE GEORGE COMSTOCK EARL MILLER BILL WALNER JOE JONES LEWIS FRANCIS JULIUS KNAUTH EDWARD DICKASON TENCH TILGHMAM NEVILLE SLAGTER PRICE KING GEORGE STURGELL CHARLES WHITNEY CLARENCE GOULD If3111 Tate, McCollOuCh. JAMES HENLEY PHILO GRIMES GEORGE STOVALL REESE OLIVER DWIGHT FUNK BILL MILLER JOHN QLDFIELD HARVEY HARRISON FLETCHER BAKER CHARLES ROBBINS DON MARTIN BUD GILLIAM BATES EDWARDS CARL HINES ED MCCABE Blackstone Buff l HAROLD COOKSEY ROBERT J. PRICE Top Row-Ferguson, Hodges, Price, R. Thompson. Middle Row-McWhOLter, Brown, Cooksey, Harris. Bottom Row--Deupree, McClure, Hogge, L. Thompson. Legal OFFICERS HARLAN S. TROWER . ELMER SLOUGH . C. P. BROWN MCKINLEY HARRIS EDWARD HODGES ROBERT J. PRICE TOWNSEND MCCLURE RALPH G. THOMPSON MEMBERS HAROLD COOKSEY LAURENCE E. FERGUSON SAM K. HORNE ELMER SLOUGH FRED MOWHORTER LEE B. THOMPSON PERsON WOODALL 53121 Chief justice Associate C levk Bailiff EDWIN DEUPREE J. RUSSELL HOGGE GORDON QUILTBR ROYOE H. SAVAGE MERRILL SILBR HARLAN S. TROWER Blue fPenc1ll Honorary Authorship Fraternity LOUISE BEARD ROBERT CONINE RICHARD CALDWELL ROSCOE GATE LORAINE COPPEDGE JOE CROW JACK W. Dow MERCEDES ERIOKSON CELESTA FROST DELBBRT GIDEON JOHN WOODWORTH ELIZABETH BALL BOB BRANDENEURO KATE FREEMAN JOHN HERVEY I Cklahoma, 1920 MEMBERS Faculty PROFESSOR S. R. HADSBLL Students l 313 A LEONARD GOODE FOSTER HARRIS HELEN GUTHREY BETTY KIRK DORCAS MCCONNELL HELEN MITCHELL OPAL LEE SHORE HARLAN TROWBR HELEN WATSON MYRTLE WETMORE LEO HUGHES ROBERT INGRAM JACK NEALE GEORGE BUCKLES VERA MADDEN i C9711 C3111 C? 11 Honorary j'uniorfSeniOr Fraternity Founded University of Missouri, 1904 MAURICE RUPPERT YIENE HENDRICKS THOMAS GODFREY ROBERT P. BREWER J. HERMAN LONG WALTER MCCLELLAN PERRY HANSON STANTON THATCHER RANDOLPH MCCURTAIN BURT W. LUDLOW DOUGLAS MOMURRAY LAURENCE E. FERGUSON RALPH G. THOMPSON Oklahoma, 1917 MEMBERS ERNEST LYKINS If 314 :I VERNON COOK ED LBAHEY EDWARD JOHNSON DICK WHEELER DALE ARBUCKLE FLOYD LACEY DEWEY GOODWIN JOHN DUNLAP DICK SHULTS ELMBR SLOUGH CECIL HUNT ROBERT PRICE GEORGE GRANT Oorclev of the flip CGamma Sigmaj I l Top Row-Ellinger, Cole, Guthrey, Carroll,'Harris, Lf Thompson, Foerster, Burtis, W. Thompson. Second Row-Yoder, R. Price, Thornton, Exline, Cate, McNees, J. O. Brittain, R. G. Thompson. Third Row-Colfman, Wilkinson, Gallaher, Geer, Gorby, Bolles, Moore, McClain, McCollister. Bottom Row-Hamhy, Fields, C. S. Thompson, Howenstine, Stentz, Hefley, Harder, Davis, Prewitt. E. E. DALE E. R. KRAETTLI GENTRY LEE HOWARD LINDLEY C. MORRISON ED SISSON FLOYD H. KERNS PERSON WOODALL HERVEY FOERSTER LEMOINE CARSON VICTOR MCCLAIN JOHN COPPMAN CLINTON GALLAHER ROSCOE CATE JOHN CAMERON RALPH HARDER JOHN O. BRITTAIN ROBERT ZUST InterfSchoOl Society Oklahoma, 1921 MEMBERS Faculty GEORGE WADSACK N. E. WOLEORD ARTHUR HALLAM VICTOR MONNETT Students BUPP BURTIS HOWARD HARRIS FRED MURCHISON W. L. CORNBLIUS CY HOWENSTINE LEV EDWARDS ARTHUR GRUNERT WILLARD EGOLP BERT GRUEE RALPH G. THOMPSON LEE B. THOMPSON ROYCE H. SAVAGE L. MOCOLLISTER RALPH HIPPBN ALLEN E. JONES DON WRIGHT H. E. MCNEES ORLAN HARDER RALPH GEEK WILLIAM HALL FRANCIS BIOKELL R. E. THORNTON LIONEL SUTTER ORVILLB PRIESTLEY W. B. HAMBY HARRY WILKINSON LEE HENDRIX J. J. BOLLINGER ROBERT J. PRICE RAYMOND MOORE SEBE CHRISTIAN DAVID BUGHER MOTT KEYES COLBERT MOORE JOHN TATE BRITTAIN DAVE FIELDS OAKLEY WADSACK JACK BOLLES VIRGIL TINKLBPAUGH ED DURKEE WAYMAN THOMPSON IRA PREWITT DANA HEPLEY CARLETON STENTZ ALBERT COOPER BERSHEL UNDERHILL CY ELLINGER JOHN CARROLL J. REGINALD GREEN JAMES ENSEY WALTON DARROUGH W. V. JOYCE TOBIE MCKENZIE JACK MONTGOMERY NORVIL GEORGE. ROBERT YODER E. E. RILEY THOMAS BARKER W. R. BEESON GLENN CROWLEY HENRY J. MORGAN CLAUDE S. THOMPSON LAMOINE SEAMAN GORDON GUTHRIE f315J ALLEN TONKIN Qheckmate 1 K Oakes, Priestley, Chesher. Senior Honorary MEMBERS BEN HATCHER LEE HENDRIX HOWARD LINDLBY HERBERT CAKES EARL CHBSHER ORVILLE PRIESTLEY WILLIAM CORNELIUS GENTRY LEE CLARENCE MORRISON if Alpha Delta Szgrna Advertising MEMBERS FRANK BLYTHE EARL FENTEM GORDON GUTHRBY 13161 JACK NEALE ED SISSON IO WHITTEN '. In -jf uf! , .,I V ongfress Litemfry Society Top Row-Ellinger, R. G. Thompson, Walker, Swisher, Willhelmy, Robbins, Phillips, Herron. Second Row-W. Thompson, Buston, Anderson, Stacey, Black, Lee, Shelton, Cox. Third Row-Savage, Carpenter, Cochrane, Harris, Dickason, Arnote, Cornwall, Turhyfill. Bottom Row-Yoder, Dawson, Tua, Tyree, Baldridge, Angleman, Duncan, Cooksey, Witt. OFFICERS BOE YODER . . . . . . President JAMES L. GOWDY . . VicefP1esident LOUIS ATHERTON . . . . . Secretary RAYMOND FORD . . , . Treasurer MEMBERS ANDERSON DIOKASON, Q. JONES SHARPE ANGLEMAN DICKASON, D. KIRK SCOTT ARNOTE DUNCAN KIRSOHNER SHELTON ATHERTON DRAGOO LEE STURGBLL BALDRIDGE DEUPREE MAINARD SPBCK BARNES ELLINGBR MERSON SEGER BELL FITZGERALD MONTGOMERY STEPHENS BELISLE FORD . MOORING THOMPSON, L. BUXTON FOX MURPHY THOMPSON, R CARPENTER GARDNER MOWHORTER THOMPSON, W l CAMERON GRAHAM PERSUGER TUA CHRISTIAN GREEN PRIESTLEY WATSON COCHRANE GOWDY PRIEEE WALKER CORNWALL HAWKINS ROACH WOLEE COUNTS HARLIN ROEEINS WOODALL COOKSEY HATOHER SAVAGE, L. YODER DAVIDSON HAERON SAVAGE, R. I . ' l , H3171 eo. CD. irc. Q. id The D. D. M. C., local order, has long been the secret guardian of the campus, the school and her traditions. faisi Eiudelphiarr Literary Society Top Row-james, Hess, Bennett, Watson, Browning. Bottom Row-Snider, Bond, Watson, Buellesfleld, Crowe. GRACE BROWNING HELEN WATSON LUCILE WALTERS . BILLIE RIVES . WANDA GRIMMETT OFFICERS . President . VicefPre.siderzt . Secretary . . Treasurer . . Corresponding Secretary MEMBERS MILDRED CROSBIE ' ALMA WATSON MARGARET CROSBIE NARCISSA BOND HAZBL.JAMES HELEN WATSON NBLLB GUTHRIE MARGARET RICHARDS ELIZABETH SMITH HELEN BUELLESFIELD VIVIAN BURRIS JESSIE WEIR RUBY BEAN REBA CROWE GRACE BROWNINO ' 1 1 , ' fl 'I u I. H3191 Gamma Epsilon q-Di Marianne ,Whitman, Mildred Siclwell, Nelma' Thompson, Hazel Plummer, Dorothea Ramsay Honorary Commerce University Of Illinois, 1918 . Oklahoma, 1922 MEMBERS NBLMA THOMPSON DOROTI-IBA RAMSAY MARIANNE WHITMAN MILDRBD SIDWELL I-IAZEL PLUMMBR if fPhi Alpha 'Gam FRANCIS CHILSON FRANK WATSON CALVIN BOXLBY Honorary Drarnatics MEMBERS Faculty S. R. HADSELI. Students ROBERT YODER I 320 J LEV EDWARDS ROBERT CONINB JOHN WOODWORTH Kappa Gamma Epsilon Modern Languages Fraternity GLADYS A. BARNES DELLA BRUNSTETER LUCILE DORA LAURA DONNELLY' PATRICIO GIIIIENO DOROTHY BUEEINGTON ANNIE LAURIE JOHNSON MARIE BARBOUR Oklahoma, IQ23 MEMBERS Faculty DORIS SNAVELY Students JOE CROW' if MRS. FLORA HERNANDEZ R. T. HOUSE EUGENIA KAUFEMAN MARGARET MOORE STEPHEN SCATORI SARAH LEDERMAN LUCILB WILSON ELVA CURTIS Thi Baa Gamma Honorary Literary Oklahoma, IQ23 fPetitiOning Sigma Upsilonj W. S. CAMPBELL ROBERT CONINE LEV EDWARDS COYNE CAMPBELL JOB CROW WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM MEMBERS Faculty L. N. MORGAN 'Students RICHARD CALDWELL I 321 J S. R. HADSELL LEO HUGHES ROBERT YODER FOSTER HARRIS FRANK WATSON T. H. BREWER Kappa Uelta KATE BAREOUR ELLSWORTH COLLINGS E. E. GAITHER HELEN H. HAMILL D. B. R. JOHNSON THOMAS BARKER ULRICH BEESON ANNIE MAY Cox Honorary Education Oklahoma, 1913 MEMBERS Fac ulty G. H. SMITH ' Students if fPi G. E. MILLER KATHERINE OSTERHAUS W. W. PHELAN H. D. RINSLAND A. M. RUGGLBS MRS. LESLIE COLLINGS GRAVE STIGLER Lois WHITE Iota Sigma Q31 Honorary Chemistry Sorority MEMBERS Faculty MRS. VERA I. MOORE ALMA J. NEILL Students ADENA DUTTQN MAXINE HEPLEY GENE GREEN MARTHA HERRING CATHERINE HARRIS ELIZABETH MILNE FLORA WRIGHT 1 322 1 L. K. G. T5 Q! ENGINEERS' SECRET ORDER The Engineers' masked order, the official "Kannon Klub," has its particular charge the firing and care of the 'LOlcl Trusty' of the St. Pat's Celebration, given annually the seventeenth of March. 4 32:5 n I I Wavshall CBM -Ii.,.u2,,4,....,,.W?. ,. . , c II ,uw 1, M.N.,,,-,Rv : I,- R A , -"- ' ' f' - 0' . ' 'S 54 I '- T A "" " Qffwwffivf' H-f 1. V ve. '. 'P1KfiiWvf "1?'f'A - 9".f .Q.E?w2. - 7 313255153-Sala-Z? 'gfzwili -Q EEL... ' if-ff '75f'1f.ff- 1531?iY'5Sl5f"iF?f'fWi'L ' - A ' ff MT 0 -' I I - A W ,kef,.Q4?.M5,?Q,,,.,,w um 72 . .1 . .3 3 WM? Igwfqef 'W , ' 4' -,I j'-ng.'1,,q '1x31a?gI31':-:E'f1:7k" v , -" ' f 'fFJ1::Q'i'j!Z3'f ,Q fi, "JJ .N : fir " H , I 'E -' 4 f ' il' " ' .4 .4 . 00 pf, A ffv I 5 L poi? 522 f Q 5 1 ei? f I M ' . . 052'-Hfvl-'v1?4:fi.1:L .Q f Ie..-.ta 1 li' A4 ' 4 Li 1 f' 32 F If 4 ff ,I -'f'2.1g'3l,,:.i-.' f5ZQF- 5 5 55 f 41' 5 f5Rg55,35 v. ,. , w M U 5? . ' 1 1, , 4 fa f -1, f w E Lyiwk. X? ' gf?-F2 ,2:-'1 2 ,Q z Q iv X 41 5 ,bn I , R ' Bi I ,.., X.. 1 ff,-if 1.1, I 1 " fa-f E f sg? I , fa , of A ff. 2 Q f M I fg,,.,X ,.., . :..4 .V,,:,.-'.f ' A VA I 0 . N ggi: 9 iffvifsawzfwcfflw fe:1.V-V12.11.15ww-pfomvmzfwrfff-we-.ieifSW-rzmwmzwmwxww-'12f1'?Wf4'9ww- 'ff , f" Zefffsl- A w..-W-A-I -S-.. wif .f ,. " - . - 'N ww.-,v.,z':.-S-V2 .+A -:f----fs..-wean .If.-rwR-fm-,,.-.SQL-V -..I.f-ta,-f,,f!S:f-.H , md 4 'A , ,e6,,. f,.,Q,,,.,,.,,.f. ,M Q43 .- .Q W .,- O .A ' - -1- It Top Row-Bolding, Sutton, Roff, Oliphant, Van Meter. Bottom Row-Womack, Embrey, Mitchell, Connor, Weaver, Keahey. OFFICERS LELAND DAVIDSON Chief justice WILLIAM OLIPHANT Associate JAMES SEGER . . . Clerk ALBERT VAN METER Bailijf Nu qplu Epsilon MRS. B. M. BARRY JEAN BELSHBR GRACE MRS. EVA DUNGAN DOROTHY AYKES HELEN LOUISE BROWN BAILEY LITTLE Honorary Music 'MEMBERS Faculty Students I 324 3 ANNA LEE HAMILTON LUCILLE LEFTWICH RU TH MOORE MRS. MINNELETHA WHITE FLORENCE MITSCHRICK TESSIE RUDELL LEE RUDBLL Wfernorah Top Row-Z. Milstein. Swartz, Jankosky, Gladstein, D. Milstein, Kirschner, May, Bloom acobs Bottom Row-D. Byers. Urbansky, Pone, Goodman, A, Byers, Balk. 554 fPi Sigma Alpha Honorary Political Science Fraternity JOHN ALLEY F. F. BLACHLY JOHN HERVEY BRETT TANNER FRANK WATSON JOHN TATE BRITTAIN University Of Texas Oklahoma, 1922 MEMBERS Faculty Students CLAUDE THOMPSON I' 2425 3 E. H. KETOHAM S. W. SWENSON RUSSELL HOGGE RALPH KEAHEY RALPH KNIGHT GORDON QUILTE R Monnet Bar 'Top Row-Wetzel, Cox, Holt, Byrum, McKe1vey, Huff, Dickason. Middle Row-Pearson, Milstein, Monnet, Leadbetter, jones. Bottom Row-Ballard, Jankosky, Gibbs, Bohannon, Warren. my gm Honorary Pharmaceutical Fraternity MEMBERS K Faculty LOYD E. HARRKS ALMA J. NEILL FRED R. HOOD H. A. SHOBMAKBR D. B. R. JOHNSON GUY Y. WILLIAMS ' Students SCOTT Prucxa LEMOINB CARSON f3261 r., :I '., MI 5 - , ,A 'ii ' f'f--Q'-ai:-,pgqfm -we ,.1:eY,: ya, , ' I -4f.E'f"'ffIJie,a1.L':. -:,II'::'m!!'l '- . ' T" - E-lag? -I Af 55 I -I "5 1 f li 5 I ' A 'f '0 A I QP '41 ' A I If .ui f,:1'qipE,f 'tix 'E-AQ., lf."'7,'. "Lf II.. 'I" I I I 1 ITM I I, M fin .MMR I- : IAM Y' I Q S 'Q D. G , I S Q I SL .lm l Top Row-Geer, Buffington, Thompson. Bottom Row-Owen, Jacobs, Sidwell. . Owl and Triangle Chapter WOmen's Senior Honorary MEMBERS Faculty DEAN MIRIAM GERLACH HELEN RUTH HOLEROOR Students ELIZABETH BALL DOROTHY BUEEINC-TON GRACE BROWNING GRACE GEER MRS. CLEO REID MORGAN HELEN WALLACE JUNIOR MEMBERS MARY LOUISE CLYMER HELEN WATSON ELIZABETH ANDREWS EULA FULLERTON DOROTHY THOMPSON EDYTHE JACOBS ERDA OWEN LOUISE WEWERKA MILDRED SIDWELL MARY LEE KRETZ HARRIET GUM MRS. HELEN MITCHELL BETTY KIRK HENRIETTA VONTUNGELN OLIVE CROSBY LUCY ANNE BAECOCK 1? I . A , Ts: 'rf ' '1 -r - - .1 5' I 4' . '1"'21ge1IIfvIwI I11.IIIT:mis!Im.qir5?EffugQI71IvwvrIA'I-7 -1 I ' g R I f H T L iv. iii' f 'wh ww I V C' ' , I 3, L az' g, 5 I1 , QL I ' N 13211 1 Mystic Keys VACIN , - . - - it .. ,,,, A- I , ,.,f . . - e m Him : T- -' ,- in S .- -, '-if , ' . ' -' X wr I1:::qsaaf-- If SX.. :-Sw 1 T- 3 , mf Q - ' ,, " 1, ,.g,Qf, M - ' '- if-1-,1 S., f I-QS, ' T . "2 vw . . A , ,- we-2 -'f f ,- A I S 1' f K2 ww - . ay' . ,, .'I,,f'-f 'WSQQQZX lp A .,, S. . ,, ,. -A I: A f' ...- ' ' My f 4+-ff -ff+M1- iw.-, ' Navi-K-:' ww,wfww-MRM 1. 22-f':'.j' - I 1.9! ff 5 - ,. .,-2yAw.ffl: .,.!Z1a55?+HG?:v.'Pcs4fz' ,pkg 1--,if SS.-'fi - I G., ,,,g:4SS-,RW--q,,I '32ff2+4f591ffw?SzS. ff,f22'f,ff 15 J ' -1 Ajjwzg- ,- - ' Ere,-. fSSM':4,...4s 1-...:-1-I ,w.ZYawkfg5d4v- 1 S- -. f' SSA '-f'A:fwS:f2Mf ' ' - .fr44?4f'j,-my ff S' - I A . I 152, E 1.1 mi' G7 -,y .1. 'QA 'Eggs'-1 ga- 4-1 M' A ,S 'I .. , - ' " .ilflfgqzitlj Qfgggjaw- , ff ff'55'.5,,J , 21' 3:22 -EW' zrgfq f 1: .- S' :Qz7m,. fx -Eg: ,5:?,g..g1 ' ff, T. I: I il I ,, . ,,42,9gp, , E-1,44 - AR S .. i,..p,S .4-.W -, .. MA,.J...,,.f .,, . S,,.,,S L , I - .A , 1, wi., f5ff'f.,f ,Jw -mme ., '- 2- f- 12.11 wry. My I ., A W, 7. ', N ..V. EZIPT1 '"f ZW ,wan 5 -1'-fr if--I -IWW wif'5:51432"W,-1I2f1,2L:3'E2,,'.fGAgra, 'T '- fume:1f'-WYE?-41fi2'4f4'1:a2w4'ff4-34' 1 Qf,'fw1" 'A1:.f-44:11-4ifS'i,?Q2w'afiwr ,. '43-I'f-'w-f1'2,fI:w.'fff2'. . cm.-,. w:.E:..'?1as 42 Aww-S-fe:.:'.71v:zffzsf:pY.'-:zr,fS-we , , I I . fgz- " , ' , ,K " -- A- 3 - A ii R-1f:y4,,1"w " 2. , ', ,. i1.S-fxrzleti ,B fw2'j,wgSw3'f 'I 'L 1.:11.,z5w, , S-Wim ,-,,1:+g?i:4 ff -'0fa:"-'-.Hs41!,' I 4 2. . f, Q- .1 'Sv I-Gen: ',-':iSSzE-:1-'- A M M W . .,.. - ' W 44:21 ra, .." , 'Yi w2E?4fJ+ ' ' 'Fifi :5424'1i'f,QbQ2fizikfdrf :,..EA+'.,211f'.1ffI5f2:,e1i2'QZ6'f'e -:f2:1'4112SEiSff'v'E.23'wi112:54 fia.kffwrfffgi-,If.1Zf5:f,.57-Z, , .E Top Rowe-Graalman, Primrose, Terrell, McElyea, Loughney. Middle Row-Rucker, Rawlings, Luddington, White, Price, Vacin. Bottom Row-Pearson, Duffield, Wootten, Pointer, Miller. Honorary Sophomore Society Founded at University of Oklahoma, IOOS WALTER GRAALMAN JOHN PRIMROSE W. W. TERRELL WALTON DARROUGH JAMES THOMPSON HAYWARD WRIGHT FRANK ABBOTT LELAND DAVIDSON BENNIE MOELYEA ED LOUGHNEY TRUMAN RUCKER GENE RAWLINGS MARVIN LUDDINGTON JOE THOMPSON GLEN MASON MEMBERS J 32:4 I Jz- RUSSELL WHITE ROBERT PRICE VIC FORREST DUEPIELD -JOHN PEARSON DOUG MOMURRAY CHARLES MILLER JOHN WOOTTEN GEORGE POINTER ROY LAMB - ERNEST LYKINS JACK NEALE CHARLES FORD CLAUD THOMPSON ALBERT NANCE Qi onomia HELEN H. HAMILL MARY M. BAIRD DOROTHY BAUGH ALICE BELRNAP LENORE BARNES EDNA BRETCH CLEO BUTCHBE VIRGINIA CHESHBR ELSIE DOUGHTY IRBNE DEANE AMIE FRY Top Row-Johnston, Baugh, Deane, Reid, Chesher, Wolfe. Middle Row-Shepherd, Fry, Harris, Hoagland, Smith, Maples. Bottom Row-Barnes, Belknap, King, Rohrbaugh, May, Huey. Honorary Home Economics Sorority Oklahoma, 1920 MEMBERS Faculty EDWINA HBFLEY FRANCES EVANS Students GRACE GEER NELL HANNA GLADYS HOAGLAND PAULINE HUEY CLARA MAE JOHNSTON MARIAN KING LOIS MAPLE ENA MAY DORIS NESEIT I329I x, VERI I. MOORE LAURA A. MILLER MARIA PICKETT CANDACE REID FAY RORHBAUGH THELMA ROSE DOROTHY SANBORN ,IUANITA SHEPHERD ANABBL SMITH EVA JO WOLEE LELA WOLFLIN TLD sf 'L .H ' 1 I Q . . v ul 5 N Wa uf w 4 5 q3e'et .1. ..T.,..1.: Top Row--Price, Hodges, Oakes, Thompson. Bottom Row-Bathe, Watson, Fenn, Balclridge. VICTOR MONNETT EDGAR MEAOHAM ROBERT J. PRICE HERBERT OARES EDWARD HODGES CHARLES BATHE EDWARD HOOPES HOLMES BALDRIDGE Men's Senior. Honor Society MEMBERS Faculty Students FRANK WATSON f 330 J HUGH V. MGDERMOTT O. W. WALTERS LEE B. THOMPSON NORRIL GEORGE ROTHWBLL STEPHENS CLARK STEINBERGER DANA HEELEY ROY GUFFBY Thi Alpha Delta Professional Legal Fraternity Kent College of Law, 1897 Oklahoma, 1916 Membership-5,ooO Number of Chapters-43, John Marshall Harlan Chapter MEMBERS CHARLES ANDREWS WALTER BARNES DAVID BUOHER CALVIN BOXLEY ROBERT BBLISLE SEBE CHRISTIAN PRESTON CLARK DON ELLISON ARTHUR GRUNERT HAROLD GARDINER RALPH HARDER JOHN HERVEY KENNETH MITCHELL VICTOR MCCLAIN ALEERT MORRISON TOEY MCKBNZIE O. B. MARTIN MARCELLUS PRIEEE GEORGE TURNER INVEN VOGLE CLARENCE A. WARREN FRANK WATSON OTTO WETZEl LAZELLE WHITE HAL WHITTEN HARDIN BALLARD KNOX BYRUM GLENN CROWLBY TED FOOSE REGINALD GREEN RUSSELL MCCAEE MERRILL SILER WBTZBL WELDEN IO WHITTEN PERSON WOODALL I 331 1 q3hi Beta Kappa Honorary Scholastic William and Mary Gollege, Virginia H. A. BARTH T. H. BREWER J. S. BUCHANAN J. B. CHEADLE E. E. DALE H. L. DODGE J. H. FELGAR GRACE IONE FORRESTER ROY GITTINGER S. R. HADSELL ARTHUR HALLAM Oklahoma, 1920 MEMBERS Faculty HAROLD HARVEY HERBERT HOLMES BALDRIDGE ELIZABETH BALL WALTER BARNES JOHN BRIXEY GRACE BROWNING LOVELL CHANEY ARTHUR FENN FRANCES M. WRIGHT Students I 332 J ALICE HERRON R. T. HOUSE E. H. KULP E. D. MEACHAM IULIEN G. MONNET V. E. MONNETT L. N. MORGAN J. E. PAXTON GRACE E. RAY LOUIS S. SALTER G. W. WALTER GUY Y. WILLIAMS RUSSELL HOGCE ETI-IEL PARKER DOROTHY PRESSLEY WILLIAM RENPROW MARIORIE STAFFORD SAMUEL WEIDMAN LUCILLE WILSON Scccbbcwcl and Blade I I A . I a' 91- - F v I' I ' . . I . 0 'I .. - 45" I J . P 'f.j.,,.' 7 , ,I J' A, ' J' Rl -s Top Row-Ferguson, R. Thompson, Carroll, L. Thompson, H. Smith, McCollister, Tyler. Middle Row-Peterson, Ames, Wadsack, Hefley, Shannon. Bottom Row-Hill, Wright, Crow, Steely, Camp, Whistlerg Schuellce. MAJOR CUYLER L. CLARK CAPTAIN L. J. WHITLOCK RALPH THORNTON LIONEL G. SUTTER T. J. JOHNSON J. L. HEELEY LANDON A. MCCOLLISTER OAKLEY WADSACK GEORGE L. BUCKLES MAX SARTAIN ROBERT J. GIVEN LEE B. THOMPSON RALPH G. THOMPSON KENNETH DUNHAM Honorary Military Fraternity University Of Wisconsin, 1904 Oklahoma, 199.1 MEMBERS Faculty CAPTAIN SUMNBR N. SMITH CAPTAIN A. D. WARNOCK LIEUTENANT ROBERT FINDLAY Students LAURENCE E. FERGUSON ROBERT J. PRICE PHIL E. BLAORWELDER JOHN COFFMAN B. P. SMITH WALTER E. SGHUELRE ED DAWSON LLOYD STOREY E. PAUL PETERSON M. F. HILL L. CURTIS ALLEN l333J CAPTAIN E. E. SCHWEIN CAPTAIN R. L. FAIRCHILDS RALPH A. TYLER W. L. SHANNON RUSSELL STEELY HUBERT SMITH LILLARD MONTGOMERY JOHN CARROLL REX WHISTLER RONALD CAMP DON E. WRIGHT THEO. VANGRIETHUYSEN EUGENE AMES JOE CROW Membership J. M. ALFORD RAY BALYBAT C. N. BERRY GAYFREE ELLISON C. H. HALL A. C. HIRSHEIELD R. M. HOWARD J. F. KUHN DONALD BRANHAM IRA BOND LEO CAILEY COYNE CAMPBELL EARL CHESHER CHANCY DOLPH ROY EMANUEL BRUNEL FARIS MAURICB GORDON FLOYD GRAY ARTHUR HANEY fPl1i ?Beta Q91 Professional Medical Fraternity University of Pittsburgh, 1891 IO,-3OO Oklahoma, 1919. MEMBERS F aculry E. S. LAIN LEROY LONG R. E. LOONEY DICK LOWRY TOM LOWRY L. J. MDORMAN R. L. MURDOOH HORAICE REED Students LEALON LAMB JESSE HOOVER KENNETH JENNINGS JOHN LEHEW NESBITT MILLER DONOVAN MOSHER LAILE NEAL Ivo NELSON BEN K. PARKS FRANK PATTERSON, DANIEL PERRY SIDNEY PERRY L31-1.41 JR. Number Of Chapters-39' LEA RILEY M. M. ROLAND H. C. TODD LOUIS A. TURLEY W. J. WALLACE W. K. WEST A, W. WHITE A. D. YOUNG HUGH PERRY FRANK RENFROW ROBERT ROBERTS JOHN ROBINSON MARVIN SADDORIS WILLIAM SMITH LESTER SMITH M. M. WICKHAM LOUIS WOODS HARRY WILKINS POWERS WOLEF 'C 1 -A . J I xr- 1'.. 'I lf .lg '-'Li Hal 'll '1-iw ,,I!1i 0 fm Gm Membership-HIz,ooo DR. J. C. MACDONALD A. H. HANSEN W. D. BAIRD E. E. CONNOR O. S. PYLE J. R. COIIEN T. F. REID W. A. MEYERS B. H. BRITTON J. E. ENSEY W. A. LINDSAY J. H. PRICE M. SMITH DR. HELM Top Row-Mote, Hamby, J. S. Price, Curtis, Coen. Bottom Row-Walden, Robertson, Roberts, Ferguson, Irby. Professional Medical University of Vermont, 1889 Oklahoma, 1922 MEMBERS Faculty W. B. HAMBY J. M. THURINGBR Students J. W. MERCER J. R. BOHANNON C. D. HENRY D B. SHAW LEO EVANS B. B. ROBERTS J. M. ALLGOOD R. F. CANTRELL L. W. FERGUSON R. L. NOELL J. S. PRICE Intemes DR. BBACHWOOD l3351 Number of Chapters-54 H. D. MOORE W. B. WILDB A. M. CLARKSON R. H. LYNCH E. VEACH W. R. MOTE R. M. SELDERS P. E. ASZMAN S. J. CURTIS J. P. IRBY P. R. JBTER C. W. ROBERTSON D. H. WALDEN DR. LINEBERG G. M. DIETERICH FREDRIK HOLMBERG ,IOSEP NOLL KENNETH BLAKELEY MERLE BLAKELEY EDWARD BOWLES EUGENE BOYLAN HAROLD CREVELING DARRELL DUNCAN TED FoosE RALPH HARDER am ami Alpha Honorary Musical Fraternity MEMBERS Faculty Students FAY SHACKLEFORD R. H. RICHARDS WILLIAM SCHMIDT J. M. THURINGER GENTRY KIDD HAROLD MARIS GLENN MASON COLBERT MOORE M. H. MULLINS EDWARD PATCHELL SAMUEL WEIDMAN BLOYCE BRITTON Lambda Kappa Sigma Professional Pharmacy Sorority Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, IQI4 Oklahoma, 1920 MEMBERS Faculty DR. ALMA J. NEILL FRED HOOD Students KATHERINE GRAHANI WILMA POWELL HELEN MOTE I 336 3 Thi Qelta Kappa Top Row-Phelan, Collings, Oldham, Caldwell. Middle Row-Hess, Ulrich, Miller, Forbes, Gaither. Bottom Row-Moore, Barker, Roller, Booker Professional Educational University of Indiana, 1906 ELLSWORTH COLLINGS F. F. GAITHER G. F. MILLER H. D. RINSLAND CHAUNCBY MOORE CHARLES WHITNEY THOMAS BARKER Oklahoma, IQZI MEMBERS Faculty D. E. ROLLER ' Students OSCAR OLDHAM I 337 1 ORRIN STIGLER A. M. RUGGLBS J. W. SHEPHERD W. W. PHELAN GRADY BOOKER NORVIL GEORGE FRANK HEss 1 , V. , .I ,I ... .f- .I I . . . , . J . . V I . I q3l1i fDelta fPhi J Top Row-Ashby, Hodges, Price, Deupree, Edwards, Egolf. Second Row-Johnston, Gable, McWhorter, Gibbs, Hayes, Cooksey. Third Row--Ledbetter, C. P. BrOWn, Watkins, McClure, Standeven, D. L. Brown. Bottom Raw-Hunt, Baker, Montgomery, Skalnik, Knight, Clark, Howensfine. JOHN B. CHEADLE EARL H. KETCHAM CECIL HUNT WILLARD EGOLF J. RONALD JOHNSTON CLARENCE MORRISON PLACE MONTGOMERY CHARLES SKALNIK EDGAR W. CLARKE PAUL BROWN BILL HODGES RICHARD PENDLETON ROBERT PRICE International Honorary Legal Fraternity A University of Michigan, 1869 Oklahoma, 1913 MEMBERS Faculty JULIEN C. MONNET VICTOR H. KULP JOHN MOSELEY A. H. HUGGINS Students THOMAS JOHNSON COLEMAN HAYES VIRGII, STINCHECOMB D. LEE BROWN LENDON KNIGHT BEN HATCHER NORTON STANDEVEN LEV EDWARDS HAROLD COOKSBY SAM HORNE TOWNSEND MCCLURB ROYCE SAVAGE JOHN GGODE CY HOWENSTINE RUSSELL HAVENS BERT ASI-IBY BEN ARNOLD JAMES HEPEURN EDWIN DEUPREE JAMES LEDEETTER FRED MCWHORTER TROY SHELTON RUSSELL HOGGE 53381 JOSEPH F. FRANCIS JAMES POWELL ELLIS CABLE FRANK L. WILKINS A. WAYNE BILLINGS HAROLD WATKINS DARWIN KIRK BEN MOORING DON BAKER LEE GIBBS LELAND DAVIDSON LEONARD PEARSON JOE WARREN Q-Dick cmd H ammefr EE- .A .X f.,lI.L,.I..I-.I.I.,,j. Geology Students' Club fix Q 5 OFFICERS PAUL THARP . . President FLOYD KERNS . . . VicefPveside11t EARL MOORE . Secretaryfreasurer MEMBERS JOHN AMOS FRANCIS BIOKEL M. A. NEAL MABRY HOOVER MOSES KORNFELD RONALD CAMP J. K. FASKBN MAX SARTAIN HAROLD VANDERPOOL HERBERT BEARDMORE ROBERT GIVEN CECIL GROSS FLOYD KERNS LYNN LEE CHARLES DAUBBRT EDWARD PATCHELL HERBERT SHAEFER VERGIL TIMS f3391 HILLIS BELL RAY MOORE JAMES HOCKMAN GENTRY KIDD M. W. LUDINGTON ROBERT DURKEE GORDON QUILTER JAMES HENRY GEORGE SPIVEY Tierian Literary Socie 'MN...,,,E,7 , ,,W f:fff-qE-f- W J .... 1 .- h-- -,f1, f ftzgffe,-f:,,-Rffff. , :Liz-1,,1,,,:.,..Q ,..., Egg? tg. . W 4, . fx WY. aww Tfwiw '--H .MWMWNJSQ I QQ? 1,8 PSE Q 5 Af AN F- e E I 4, fr f xtgyw Xe V +5 ff 3 'Z' . afar x ov, 5 fm 4312 fwwf Rwf' x WA :Em my riikmv E mm-Awww ft' ,Rvws-R MW , W WX W 'W ,REA ww AR !MYi9z'4 K O W Wfgfm r fifty M WWW be R55 wvmfw C wr? 9 A 95. XQSZR,-' will 'R NYY. , ,, ew 'Ay W ' 6? S Q58 GN YR ,, ft' Si A a A X, we Ph ys X' 4 A g g X425 A Q3 K RS- ' I Q N 25 '45 JY 3xgyg5 Nw we M WWWWQ EQYQIQ 6 Rxw f gfgf YN A -Ulfieif: I Y I I . 1, . H X. ,va ,sr ... I far . - .., 4:1 .:. V. . ,sw 1. - - Q. Aff-.f..4a. wi.. ,:,.-,:,4..4..2.,:E35:, .43 : 5 "" 'F 411' 1655 6. ..., . , '-2133123 A Q3':'P4 -2 .5 QW.f3E?E3.?R:2'11:f:.s A ' " -if : Wil: 1 Q. . . Q I -'A- 4. :g .52 '+R-:f??f-. 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KATHERINE LYTLE BEssIE BROWN GRACE GEBR MARY LEE KRETZ GOLDIA COOKSEY HELEN BAILEY BESSIE BROWN JOYCE BURT NADINE DOWNEY BERNICE GAYLORD EMILY HEss LILLIAN HINES Brass LAIRD OFFICERS MEMBERS MARY LOUIsE FEES I 340 J . President . VicefPresident Secretary . Treasurer ZALIA LILL KATHERINE LYTLE KATHERINE SAINT MABEL SOHEIDE HAZEL STOUGI-I ISABBLLE THOMPSON LEAH TROSPER RUBY RUTH VINCENT RUTH WARD JENNY WHALEN LILIAN DOOLEY Scholia Top Row-Caldwell, Phelan, Moore, Beeson, Montgomery. Second Row-Fullerton, Johnston, Lane, Crosby, Collings, George, Orman. Third Row-Stigler, Moore, Whitwell, Moore, Walker, Brown, Barker, Riley. Bottom Row-Rowley, Gable, Talley, White, Broadrick, Brower, Duncan, Cottingham. DR. W. W. PHELAN DR. ELLSWORTH COLLINGS E. E. RILEY BYRON FULLERTON DOROTHY DUNCAN ELIZABETH BROWN CLARENCE ORMAN JACK MONTGOMERY EDNA WALKER C. L. CALDWELL LETA WHITWELL ETHEL MOORE SALOME SMITH ULRICH R. BEESON ETHBL MILAM ' Education Students' Club MEMBERS Faculty DR, A. M. RUGGLES DR. G. F. MILLER MARY DEBARDELBBEN Students CLARA MOORE LOUIS W HITE HASSIE BUREORD C. M. HAEEER RUTH RCWLEY NORVIL GEORGE JEWEL HUGHES OREN STIGLER GRACE STIGLER JIMMIB PRATER HELEN COSTLEY E. F. GAITHER KATE BARBOUR HENRY RINSLAND L341I REV. E. N. COMFORT PROE. J. REA BUTLER LOUISA SHORT JEANETTB CROSBY GERTRUDE BROADRICK CHAUNCEY O. MOORE GRACE PRITCHARD ANNA LANE SUSAN JOHNSTON OLA H. ELLIOTT VIVIEN TALLEY MARK EVANS THOMAS BARKER ANNA COTTINGHAM GEORGIA GABLB Sigma Tian Top Row-Neal, Bathe, Beardrnore, P. Robinson, Owen, Chase. Middle Row-D. Robinson, Bond, Ferguson, Hippen, Phillips, Oakes. Bottom Row-Spencer, Harder, Geer, Thornton, Hughes, Waters. J. F. BROOKES J. C. DAVIS J. H. FBLGAR CHARLES BATHB HERBERT BEARDMORE RALPH HIPPBN RALPH GEEK Honorary Engineering Fraternity Founded at the University Of Nebraska, IQO4 Oklahoma, 1916 MEMBERS F acuity R. V. JAMES G. R. MAXSON V. E. MONNETT Students V LILLARD MONTGOMERY JOSEPH NEAL HERBERT OAKESQ LAWRENCE OLCOTT DONNELL ROBINSON I3421 D. B. MORRISON F. G. TAPPAN O. W. WALTER PERCY ROBINSON REUBEN PHILLIPS LIONEL SUTTER RALPH THORNTON Sigma, Gamma Epsilon f., V - Qs fissg W f' L L . L Srila N , 7 V . A. A , If J- -..V 1 I we - V ' I .I-E 3 . f ' ,E . A' " . Alex '. A I ' A 4- . . A S TEE1 was I 1 ff i I Ag' I 36. ew ., I , A . E - y P ' fx- . "Y - ' .. I, 7' "'. 1 x . 1 : ' h o EN. Q, A A f' 5 V, 3 F- 3 gs :Eg.5:.,I W,-,, 1 I, A V ". 'Vg ,f A' EJ I - of Q.. :fi 'Nv- 1 . . 97 'E E+ 1 , A fi ,,,, 3 ' L "ff Q .1 f G. E. ANDERSON C. E. DECKER KENNETH AESHER FRANCIS BICKEL CHALMER COOPER CHARLES DAUBERT ROSWELL DOWNING Top Row-Severson, Wheeler. Hoover, Lee, Steinberger. Middle Row-Walters, Seaman, McNees, johnson. Bottom Row-McClellan, Moore, Absher, Given, Honorary Geology Fraternity University of Kansas, IQI5' Cklahoma, 1916 MEMBERS Faculty O. F. EVANS VICTOR MONNETT A. J. WILLIAMS Students FORREST HOOD FLOYD KBRNS LYNN LEE MARVIN LYSTER P. M. MARTIN F. W. PADGETT SAMUEL WEIDMAN RAYMOND MOORE PAUL THARP VIRGIL TIMS JAMES WATERS HOLMES WHEELER WALTER MCCLELLAN jf 2:43 1 'Goga HERBERT BEARDMORE LAMOINE CARSON EARL CHESHER E. E. DALE JAMES ENSEY BRYAN GIBSON HEEER HARRIS HOWARD HARRIS CARL WILSON Harder, Chesher, Price, Beardrnore, Wilkins. Senior Honorary for Professional Schools . MEMBERS Faculty FRED R. HOOD Students WILLIAM CORNELIUS BEN HATCIIER LEE HENDRIX HARRY WILKINS R Square and Gompass Masonry Washington and Lee University, 1917 Oklahoma, 1923 MEMBERS Faculty Students RALPH HIPPEN ELMER HUEE HAROLD HUGHES LORENZO JONES HOWARD LINDLBY I3441 GENTRY LEE CLARENCE MORRISON SCOTT PRICE A. E. THOMAS BEN MOORING C1-IESLEYA NEAL EDWARD SISSON NEAL STAGGBRS JOHN TEDROWE 'F If 5 -1 ,'- WU 1.I,.4 v. , . S' ',' 4 11 A. S l I H I , l ,gi ,galil 'I 1, ml J it N , , L l 1 I L '-I. i . YI I L '- - , . , l . I , . S 4 Wehsteviany Litefmfry Society Top Row-Hogge, Storey, Bradley, Mercer, Bewley, Anglin, R. Keahey. Second Row-Collins, Barber, Grisso, Eubanks, Gooding, Moses, Haddock. Third Row-Clift, Underhill, Ludington, Metcalfe, Moss, Rude, Huddleston. Bottom Row-Van Meter, Hatchett, D. H. Smith, L. Smith, Trunzler, Hines, Sherman, Terry. OFFICERS FRED HATCHETT ..... . President WALKER GRISSO . . VicefP1'esident ALBERT VAN METER . . Secretary J. RUSSELL HOGGE . Pafrliamentavian MEMBERS ALBERT VAN METER MAURICE VAN METER' JOE C. RUDE JACK TERRY MARSHALL SAMPLES FRED HATCHETT ISHAM COINS R. W. KEAHEY CLARK CLINTON FRANK JONES M. W. LUDINGTON JACK BRADLEY RUSSELL HOGGE LYNN SBLLS C. A. MEEKER WBNDELL BARBER JOE M. HENRY ROTI-IWELL STEPHENS TED STARR J. H. COLLINS CHARLES Moss F. BURKE J. E. TRUNZLER L. E. STOREY AUBREY MOSES WILLIAM HORTON C. C. HARRIS O. B. GOODING RALPH BOHANNON EARL MARTIN ELEERT HINDS C. E. BARRETT FRANK MCPHERSON HUGH JONES P. M. ANGLIN THOMAS BARKER JACK W. Dow I345J JAY SHERMAN G. L. COMES L. V. SMITH EUGENE BEWLEY WALKER GRISSO HERSHEI. UNDERHILL CLIFFORD HUEE JACK COPASS FARRIS C. ODIN L. J. HADDOCK DENVER SMITH BOE ANGLIN ll V Zetalethicm Top Row-Mozley, Beckett, Buffington, Bruce. Middle Row-Thomas, Dilworth, Bradbury, Gardner. Bottom Row-Hall, Webb, L. Babcock, M. Babcock, Fenner. PM OFFICERS ALTA THOMAS . . . . President FRANCES NEAL MCKNIGHT . . . VicefP1'esident OPAL LEE SHORE . . . Secretaryffveasufrer i546-1 gif' -fx , , ' , ' L Q3-hey I-louscs Manifold D1dBu1ld N":f?':f wzwrf W 1' KI I 1 IIE ix. . , 'fi 125 S+?-, .32 ii! we , v IQ E, Q I I "I, V, I ', SSEVN '55 gl 'Av Alihlezflcs gum .E 5 NY ff. FWZ' "" 1?'1 i fW5iQ?fi' , I W -' 3'7'E V X 25, Z: Football MX KX W Mx ,Mk Jwk x A W,Xwrm Q:QXQzQfQ m2Qz ,iQ: w 1 W XD T5he Director of Oklahoma Athletics M if Ben G. Owen S DIRECTOR of athletics and head football coach at the University of Oklahoma, Ben G. Owen has served from the infancy of the school and has witnessed and assisted in the rapid growth of her teams, her men, in the establishment of her ideals and the attainment of her honors. The Sooner mentor has been a faithful and loyal guide, maintaining through both victory and defeat the same spirit of sportsmanship and fairness-has so instilled this same spirit into team after team until it has become a part of the curricula of the field and Oklahoma renowned for it. if Lf Z! I Lasoi EDGAR D. MEACHAM, who has served both in the ranks of a Sooner eleven under Owen and as Frosh Coach and Line Coach in successive seasons on the coaching staff, is leaving the coaching list this year due to ill health. Hugh V. McDermott oaches f351l Edgar D. Meachzim HUGH V. NSCOTTYH MCDERMOTT has also participated on both team and staff, playing quarter for the Sooners in '18 and ,IQ and holding the assistant coach position for the past three years. I oaches SAM MCBIRNEY, who has long been a strong Sooner supporter, but who is not on the staff of coaches, being in business at Tulsa, every season at the critical time ccmes to aid the Varsity eleven in preparing for the big battles. Such services rendered merely for the sport and support of athletics merit the esteem of every Sooner. Sam McBirney Another Sooner of former days was added to the staff for the last season in the person of Claude Reeds, Frosh Coach, who was long known as one of Owens' most prominent grid stars. I3521 Claude Reeds l lllm , i i Tell Leaders GLENN C. .-RED-- H A R T F o R D , a s Varsity Pep Mali- ager, aided greatly in the furnishing of yelling and sup' port for the grid season. The posif Red Hartford tion of a varsity yell leader has been somewhat more elevated this year due to rneritf ed recognition and the granting of letters for this activity. jo Whitten . "Bill" Maurer ASSISTANTS jo WHITTEN, assistant, and HBILLH MAURER, Frosh yell leader, rendered good sup port to the manager, and have prospects of furnishing good material for the next season 1:3531 R115 NERS ,I , W, I j J- , K , ,Q 4 f .-I -I. 5 .5 ' . - i ' ...v,a-l- 5. .' ' . . A .wa .V NN s ' .TGS sf .rp'Q:f" ' X- .I : . in g., -55. 'I t 4 xv ...-.5 ,sgnargm in Q? V. ' e, lf LQ Y ' ' ,,, x Q, 1 ' j.:g 5, .. 'E -' ,,. 1 Q ff f. 1 , tr-"f Fr V , 1 as if -f -v XX J. 3 ii ' ' ' ., f 1, .:, 1 L-. -- .. 1. f' - vj' -A -A wi . ' ' as u p b r., . L 2 5? .1 . A :yi : : A . . , , 7- , 4 . an . . 1 . . 132 ' 5 ... Q f ' -1- "1 -4-I T", an, - r: ... t P aaa wa! -wg:-1 Q4 Lgi .': ' v- Vi AQ- if r - - , -' ':' 5. '11 1 f as ' , t ,. f as I ' - ts- ' is 7 '. ig, ,f-V 231 '1' se-2-" rs 1-ms i.. .z-ri' .Q-15 . Q . .,.. '24, we .- ' t .E Top Row-McClellan, Smith, Neale, Hamm, Joyce, Priestley, Billings, Warren, Sisson, Ashby, Camp, Baker, Murchison, Moore, Kennerley, McMurray, Hayes, Bonebrake, Wetzel, Hodges. Middle Row-Moore, Schuelke, Hand, Hendrix, Leavitt, Robertson, Blakeley, Williams, Jones, Black, Perf guson, Johnson, Moore, john, Manke, Lykins, Hanson. Bottom Row-Sutton, Goodwin, McElyea, Lippert, Howe, Maguire, Davidson, Mitchell, Sullivan, Barnes, Ruppert, Thomas, Thompson, Freeman, Dunham, Lindsey, Thornton, Mugler. lla OFFICERS WALTER MCCLELLAN I. . . Chief Nek ERNEST LYKINS . . . Royal Ink Squirter JEROME SULLIVAN Royal Unshaven Prince if The Ruf Neks order is the University atfhome pep and disciplinary organization. As Well as Working in connection with Jazz Hounds and Frosh in pep demonstrations, they act as general supervisors of Frosh discipline. The biggest demonstration of the year given by the order are the stunts and the annual Homecoming Parade. Ruf Neks are in charge of the parade in which the Whole school participates and prizes are given for the best floats and best decorated houses. Also all stunts and demonstrations of the atfhome games come under the direction of the order, Membership requires at least Junior standing in the University, and annual pledging is one of the first stunts of the fall season..2Q H3541 Top Row-Wagner, West, Thompson, McCollough, Blythe, L. Thompson, Storey, Price, Smith, Lynn. Middle Row-Lee, Sommers, Ames, Grant. Orton. Montgomery, Peterson, Ligon, Ferguson, Gibson. Bottom Row-Knight, Couch. Vacin. McCi1rtain, Overlees. Brandenburg, Bell, Douglas, Burton. McMillen, Long. OFFICERS I. HBRMAN LONG . Lead Hound HUBBRT DOUGLASS . . . Trail Hound ROBERT PRICE . . Keeper of the Bones il HE itinerant pepsters, who are sometimes referred to as exclusive peanut and pop venders, though unjustly, do much to furnish the proper color and spirit to the awayffromfhome big games of the season and aid greatly in the atfhome games as well. l355l efuiew of the IQ24 Season HE 1924 football season was not an inglorious one. The defeat of Nebraska kept it from being that, yet the season was not exactly a glorious one, because We had to bow to the Oklahoma Aggies. It may be best called a year of mediocre success. The Sooners opened the season against Central Normal, and were doped heavily to win, but when the dust of battle had cleared away the Broncos emerged with a 2 to o victory. They scored when Captain Bristow's punt was blocked and rolled behind the ball goal post, and the Sooner fullback was forced to fall on the pigskin to prevent a touchf down. Somewhere in the ranks of the Oklahoma lads a great spirit arose, and on the following Saturday they met the powerful Cornhuskers, who were doped to sweep the Sooners off their feet. After two minutes of play, Loyal Woodall blocked a Nebraska punt, and after grabbing up the ball in an open field, he sped across the line for a touch' down. Morale shot up. After a barrage of passes and line plunges, the Oklahomans, put across another counter. ln the second half the Cornhuskers came back strong, but the Sooners played a defensive game to emerge victorious I4 to 7. Hopes shot skyward for an allfvictorious valley record, but the fighting Boomer aggregation downed the varsity eleven 13 to o. The main Boomer attack came from Potts at fullback, Wesner at center, LeCrone at halfback, and Shunatona at quarter. The Sooners failed to "come backl' in a fray with Drake the following week, and the whitewash was applied in four coats of seven points each. The Aggie game was next, at Stillwater, and an attack by Haller and Bristow was not heavy enough to win for the university lads, and they bowed to the Farmers, 6 to o. The Homecoming game was no better and the Missouri Tigers used the Sooner eleven for a jungle through which they passed for a ro to o victory. That seemed to establish the habit, and the following week, the badly crippled Sooners clashed with the Jayhawkers at Lawrence, and lost 20 to o. The Sooners were discouraged heavily by continuous losses, but Washington was the only remaining game on the schedule. The Pikers had been beaten 62 to 7 the year previous, and the Sooners were encouraged by a sight of victory. Ruppert and Haller were the home stations of several passes and made heavy gains, which put across a touchdown, the only scoring of the game. . The Kansas Aggies have always been formidable foes, but the Oklahomans, inspired by a taste of victory at St. Louis, started the Turkey Day game in high spirits and put across the first touchdown. Oklahoma led 7 to o until the last few minutes of the game, when the Aggies rallied and scored. Price was olfside, which gave the Wildcats a tie. fasai aptains GORDON "Gaia" Bmsrow played his last year of Sooner football in the role of captain. During the three years of his participation, he has flashed brilf liantly across the horizon of Missouri Valley football circles as a triple threat man, and was chosen fullback on the first conference eleven. His home is in Ardmore. EDWIN BROCKMAN, Tulsa, has been elected to captain the Sooners for the 1925 season. Although his play does not border on the brilliant, he is very dependable as a guard because of his consistency, his giant Hgure, and his fight. His services will be available for only one more year. fssvi EARL NYIENIBH HENDRICKS came to Soonerland from Oklahoma City, and grabbed his first letter in NZI. With all of the qualities of the fighting Irish, "Yienie" has been a big cog in the Sooner machine during his three years of play at halfback. ' JAMES PENICK was handicapped rnost of the season with an injured hand, but he held down a tackle position in steady and fashionable form. After finishing his third year, he will return to Altus with a degree next spring. f x'Mrzx," Sooner Mascot. Bristow Cutting for a Clean Field. LAZELLE WHITE, Drumright, played three years at tackle and alternated at guard, and was one of the most depend' able linemen on the team. With a broken wrist, he played in most of the games with his arm in a cast. .ii 'Qs ,fri ROY SMOOT was one of the fastest men on the team despite his great bulk. L'Soupy" was an allfvalley tackle in 120 and was picked by many sport critics for allfAmerican. He will return to the stage, Where he spent three years before returning for his last Hendricks Gains Against Nebraska. +3591 After lighting two years on the grid' iron, KINGSFORD PRICE, Fairview, def cided to take a whirl at married life. l'King" was selected as an end on the mythical allfvalley eleven in '23, and has played his last year because of graduation next spring. Roi' "GOAT" LAMB, of Ardmore, bore the brunt of the punting for the Sooners, and is a terrific line plunger. Last year he alternated at full with Bristow, but his services proved so valuable that he was used at half this year. He has another season. 1 . 5 Oklahoma Forges Down Field for Second Touchdown Against Cornhuskers. I 360 1 Another Ardmore lad, the third of the Sooner backheld, was ELMER SLOUGH. "Peanuts" played quarter and was one of the best pass grabbers in the valley. On the defensive, he was steady and alert at the safety position. HERBERT SCHAEFBR played his second season, and was kept out of the game part of the time with a broken shoulder bone. His light and grit made him a hig factor in the Sooner line. He has another year at the center job. O Lamb Boots a Long One Against Kansas fascia WILLIAM HALLER, playing his first season, showed the qualities which led fans to believe that he will develop into the class of valley halfbacks. L'Bill" also grabbed a letter in basketball and one in track. His home is in Oklaf horna City. WILLIAM WOLFB earned his first letter at guard. His consistency in offfsetting enemy attacks will make him one of the main factors in the line next fall, and unless injuries interfere, he should give Oklahoma City something to talk about. Long Gain on Fake by Kansas Aggies is Stopped by Lamb. 13621 CHARLIE M. MATH1,-as, a junior from Cromwell, earned his first letter and will return for another year. Rangy and fast, end runs on his side of the line were of little gain to the charging enemy. LAWRENCE FRARY, of Guthrie, took his first letter from Soonerland, and will graduate this spring. Frary alternated at guard or center, and was always in shape when the occasion demanded his services. Kansas Aggies Downed on End Run. I3631 LOYAL WOODALL, Helena, brought fame to himself and glory to Soonerland when he blocked Nebraska's first punt near the goal line and crossed the mark for a touchdown. The big end will have two more years on the gridiron. l POLLY A. WALLACE, after several years out of school, came to Soonerland and took up a position at center. In most of the games he was alternated at guard and gave a good account of himself. He has two more years to his credit. He lives in Norman. As we go to press news has been received that the name of the original "Polly" Wallace, brother of the Sooner shown above, AllfAmerican selection of Walter Camp for '20, has been added to the coaching staff of the University of Oklahoma. It is felt that such an addition will be conducive to a more successful season for the Sooners for '25 13643 Football 'Beam Top Row-Frary. Wallace, Mathias, Lamb, Owen. Middle Row-White, Bristow, Woodall, Brockman Meacham Bottom Row-Wolfe, Hendricks, Slough, Haller. RESULTS or THE 1924 SEASON Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma . . ' . o Central . . . , I4 Nebraska . . . o Aggies . . o Missouri . . . o Kansas . . . . 6 Washington . . 7 Kansas Aggies . . 27 Opponents . l 365 1 Boomer Football HE Boomer squad as the training school for future Varsity strings this year received an elevation when it trounced the Sooners by a zfo tune margin. Nor can it be said that this was a mere gift on the part of the Varsity to the Yearlings, for it was all of a battle from the first to the last whistle. The frosh backfield of Vinson, Potts, LeCrone and Shunaf tona rivaled the superlative L'Four Horsemen" of Notre Dame in moving down the field for consistent gains. The prospects for the season 12S'l2,6 look much brighter in glancing back on the Wonderful material of the Frosh flvevor six squads, of Whom tvventyftvvo made the Boomer letter this year. l 3150 l .A-- i- . , 7' 5: V W A .l 7 .32 5 5 ff. YZF " J fx: fsmxtyfnn- I 1Cb.J7u: 3 'VZ 1 f 1 ' ' f ? Z Zh Z l l! 2 rg V fx , IN ML lux Basketball 4 W 1 E1 fx KJ 1 'V x J il Tm? mYQYm XQ XQlQ2Qx ZQXQZ Q 1iq f Q Q84 The Goach Hugh V. "Scotty" McDermott N 1921 Hugh V. McDermott returned to his Alma Mater and began his career as a Sooner coach, both in basketball and football. With an abundance of good material in the past three years, he has developed teams which have placed near the top of the Valley standings. His quintet of IQ24 placed second, but with the loss of Wallace, star forward, the Sooners placed fourth this year. "Mac" is a hard worker and knows the fine arts of the game. f36s3 efuiew of the IQZ5 Season, ITH the failure of Captainfelect Fred Wallace to return to school last fall, the Sooners were at a loss all season for the main defensive play which made them the most feared team in the Valley in 1924. However, the season was not an unsuccessful one for Oklahoma, for the Sooners took fourth posif tion in the Valley standing with eleven wins and five defeats, bringing a percentage of .687. The season opened with McBride, Ruppert and Honea working for forward berths, Dunlap, Good' win, Haller and West, guards, and Wheeler and Price at center. From this group, McDernaott combined McBride, Ruppert, Wheeler, Dunlap and Haller for his starting machine. In twofgame series with the following teams, the Oklaf homans took both games: Kansas Aggies, Drake, Grinnell, Missouri and Washington. Series were split with Ames and Oklahoma Aggies, the latter a nonfconference school. The champion Jayhawks and Nebraska tore through the Sooners twice each for victories. Wheeler, Ruppert and Goodwin will graduate this year and will not be available for the team again, but McDermott will have six veterans and an abundance of material from varsity reserves and freshmen of this year. Niblick, a long, rangy lad from Shawnee, gives all promises of becoming Soonerland's greatest center, while there are many promising men who will battle for guard and forward berths next year. rasezi iillll RICHARD WHEELER has played three years at center, and has shown lots of hard work and tight. Because of graduation, he will be lost to the team next year. "Dick" Worked like an eightfday clock, and his accurateness and steadif ness earned for him a place on the second conf ference team. "Dick" hails from El Reno, a place where Sooner caging material seems unlimited in supply. ..DiCk.. MAURICE RUPPERT played his final year and earned his third initial. His enormous size gave him a great advantage, which he used to place him high in the scoring columns, and to the teamls advantage on the defense. uDoc" held dovvn a regular forward berth and took a place on the third Valley team at that position. His straw hats are worn in Sand Springs. riDOC-- l iaioi , K ' 4 FLOYD McBR1nE played his second year on the team at forward, and finished third in the Valley scoring column. 'iMickey" was an all' conference man at forward last year, even though he was nosed out hy one point for the scoring honors of the season. He will return from Oklahoma City for another season. "Mickey" ,loHN DUNLAP displayed his second year court- ing qualities and did some stellar guarding for the team, even though he was forced out of the game in midfseason with an injured knee. All of Johns courting is not done on the basket' hall court, it has become known, for he has been recognized by burlesque writers as a famous "garage man." He lives in Shawnee. ..-hwn.. r 371 1 "Pocassett" became the cry of Sooner fans when JOHN MOORE entered the game. John alter' nated at guard with Dunlap, Goodwin and Haller, and made a creditable showing for a lirst year man. Frequently John dribbled down from his position and took a shot, and he sank "Little john" DBWBY 'LTICKH GOODWIN earned his second letter at guard, and could always he counted upon for a fast and steady game. Although small, his speed makes up the difference, and he could be found in the way constantly when enemy dribblers approached the basket. His home is in Anadarko. fs121 many of them for two points apiece. "Tick" WILLIAM HALLER became a regular guard and earned his iirst "O" this year. He shows the qualities of becoming not only a star in basket' ball, but one of Oklahomzfs greatest athletes. For a lirst year man, 'kBill" took letters in foot' ball, basketball and track. He has two more years to represent Oklahoma City in Soonerland. l X 'd ff' L 5.415 ., y ff5'3xL'2 'i, "Bill" if fi.. :. .. 3455" M "Bud "BUD" HONBA hails from Harrah, where he acquired his shiftiness dodging street cars. He registered in the scoring when he was put in the game at forward, and with a year of expef rience as an alternate, he should make someone step along for a regular berth next year. He is a junior and will have one more year of participation. L 373 1 "Kehota" GENE WEST earned his first letter as an alterf nate at guard or forward, and will have two more years to give his services. He is fast, and though he is small, he accounts for him' self by being cool and heady. Gene is hold' ing down the second bag on the baseball team. His home is in Keota. la 0klahoma's five finished the season this year without a captain, due to the failure of Fred Wallace, captainfelect, to return to school. Various members of the Hrst string acted in this capacity in the different games of the season. I3741 fBa.slQetball Squad Top Row-McBride, Ruppert, Wheeler. Moore, Dunlap. Bottom Row-Goodwin, Hallcr, McDermott lCoachl. Honcan, West. is sEooND SQUAD Men who were out all season who participated in several games, but failed to letter this season, were: Carl West, Dave Price, Dick Lawton, H Jbert Smith, Sterling jones and Howard King. H3751 Athletic Organizations 254 THE ATHLETIC OOUNOTL HE Athletic Council is the Hnal tribune of matters athletic affecting Sooner sportdom in those things which cannot be handled by the Athletic Association Or the various teams and departments. It is composed Of three student members and seven of the faculty, the former being elected from the Athletic Association and the latter selected by the president of the University. Other matters of importance which the Council regularly handles is that Of the state interscholastic meet and aid in furthering the Work of the StadiumfStudent Union campaign. STUDENT MEMBERS JAMES PENIOK . .....,.,, Secretary EARL HENDRICKS LAZELLE WHITE FACULTY E. D. MEACHAM . . , P-resident JOHN JACOBS . . . . . Treasurer JOHN ALLEY J. H. FELGAR H. L. DODGE HUGH V. MCDBRMOTT is OFFICERS CF THE ATHLETIC ASSCCIATION LAZELLE WHITE ........... President JAMES PENICK Secfewyy f 3711 J University Qding and Wolo Association 154 PONSORED by the local unit of the R. O. T. C. under the capable supervision of Major Cuyler L. Clark, Commandant, and supported by the faculty and student members as well as a number of local resident members, the Polo and Riding Association serves as a splendid medium for the patrons and enthusiasts of the "equestrian recreation." Contests are held under the supervision of the Association and these make attractive features of the early fall and spring seasons at the University. There are quite a number of mounts privately owned among the Association membership and still a number of others available through the R. O. T. C. stables. 34 OFFICERS MAJOR CUYLER L. CLARK .... . . President JOHN COFFMAN . . . ViCC'PT6Sfd6Ht CLARA BONEBRAKE . . . Secretary LUCILLE Mooiuz . Treasurer 53771 Oklahomcfs "OH men DALE ARBUCIQLE GORDON BRISTOW EDWIN BROCIQMAN ROY GUEEEY GLENN HARTFORD EARL HENDRICKS BART ALDRIDCE JOHN DUNLAP DEWEY GOODWIN BART ALDRIDGE JIMMY ARCHER GORDON BRISTOW EDGAR BRADY ARTHUR Cox CHARLES DALIEERT LEV EDWARDS TED FOOSE KARL FRANK CHARLES DAUBERT TED FOOSE ROBERT BRANDENELIRC GLENN MEADE JESSE HEELEY if FOOTBALL EDWARD JOHNSON ROY LAME CLARENCE MORRISON WILLIAM PATTERSON JAMES PENICK JAMES THOMPSON BASKETBALL ALPHA JOHNSON FLOYD MCBRIDE WILLIAM HALLER JOHN MOORE BASEBALL WILLIAM CORNELIUS CHAUNCEY DOLPH PAUL LINDSBY JOE MAYES TRACK CHARLES GUTHRIE GEORGE KIMBALL LEALON LAMB RAY LINDSEY OVID MAYEERRY BENNIE MCELYEA WRESTLING BENNIE MCELYEA EDWARD MCKINNEY TENNIS BEN PARKS LAWRENCE OLCOTT POLO L. C. ALLEN PHIL BLACICWELDER I :ms I KINGSFORD PRICE ELMER SLOUGH LAZBLLE WHITE POLLY WALLACE HERBERT SHAEFER ROY SMOOT MAURICE RUPPERT RICHARD WHEELER GENE WEST MAURICE MCLAUGHLIN CLARENCE MORRISON JESSE REAVES FLOYD RUTHEREORD JOE SCOTT TED STARR BOOTHE STEVENS CLAYTON STROUP VERGIL TIMS LEWIS NEILSON DEWEY WALDEN FRED ROYER DAKIN BOARDMAN JOHN COFFMAN Sigma Delta Wsi Honorary Athletic HE standards of Sigma Delta Psi are in no respect too strenuous, so at least as to be prohibitive to competing in the trials, but they are what might he termed allfaround tests of the general allfround athlete. and qualification is indeed an honor. The qualifying meets and tests are held regularly each season and the numher of candidates seems to he on the increase. -I. S. BUCHANAN Joi-IN JACOBS VIRGIL CORNELISON DBWEY GooDw1N if MEMBERSHIP HCNORARY BBN. G. OWEN FACULTY STUDENTS DANIEL Voc: LE L 379 1 GUY Y. WILLIANTS EDGAR D. MEACHAN4 DUANE LANDON BENNIE MCELYEA Qelta C1351 Kappa ELTA PSI KAPPA, the Womens honorary athletic fraf ternity, was installed at the University of Oklahoma january of IQI8. The local chapter has a membership of 15, and the national, eight chapters in all, has grown to 231 since its founding in 1916. The standards and requirements for membership make qualification a merited honor. id Womenis Tifraclq HIS year, for the Hrst time, the women of the University held a track meet and interest was at a high pitch before the contest. A complete roster of events was made up and there were entrants in each, which is a rather remarkable showing for the first time. They are expected to be continued in the future annually. 53803 fl-yep Managers Hartford, Wliitren. Mzinxrcr. is HE various pep organizations are so closely associated with athletics in general, in support and demonstration, that they may well he included in that section for the good of both. The pep managers job has become all the word implies, and honor due is slowly coming to those deserving it. Some recognition was made when the managers were granted small varsity letters and sweaters by the Athletic Association. H3811 Womenis Athletic Association HE Association holds the same position to womerfs athletics as does the general Athletic Association to allf University sports. The officers are elected from the student membership and work in conjunction with the directorship of women's athletics. OFFICERS FIDELIA WHBATLEY .... President VELMA LAIRD . . VicefPresident CLARA BONEBRARE . . . Secretary MAMIE BARR ..... Treasurer IMA JAMES . Wornen's Athletic Director if Women's Life Sewing Qorps The Corps is composed of all women students who qualify in the life saving tests conducted by the University. CFFICERS IMA JAMES . . . President FLORENCE GRUMICH VicefPresident DR. WINNIE SANGER . . Medical Ojicer STELLA REDDING . ITLSITMCUOT LUCILLE MooRE . . Captain l3821 " '!.'- . - , , 1 - F- X 'Q W L A 2:5 'J' 'J fv1:v"' ff fam- fagzffzh w I "" 'T axi f f -' ' f f ' f f K Z -Z TAZ AZ KX IX Baseball I ! l1v1 i E7 iv ffx w 4 w i R I 1 M L , 9 . , M K 1 U 3 W PZwZQXwXQXQX6ZQ 'Z65AQX Z 1 lW wb Oklahoma Adds Another 'Ualley Qhampionship to Her Belt HE Sooner baseball squad Enished the last Valley game of the season of '25 with ten Wins and one defeat, giving them the unreserved championship of the Valley. This news was received late as we go to press and the Varsity nine begins the afterfseason vacation. This season Oklahoma split the fourfgame schedule with her state rivals, the Aggies, both Wins and losses going by one point margins. The majority of the games of the season were determined by very close scores, for the most part one pointls leeway. T H3841 ILL OWEN became Soonerlandls baseball coach after many years' experience on the diamond, and from year to year, he is rapidly building stronger teams for Oklahoma. "Bill" is Bennie's big brother, and even though he has only been coaching sinceiiozl, he has proved himself very valuable to his brother by putting the Sooners near the top every year. 13851 i I eview of the 1924 Season WELVE members of the IQ24 baseball squad were awarded letters for participation in the required number of games, according to Coach "Bill" Gwen. They were Cap' tain Dave Phillips, lirst base, George Fox, short stop, Ford Bishop, jimmy Archer and Roy Kelly, outfieldersg Joe Mayes and Sid Groom, catchers, Paul Lindsey, third base, Ray Griffin, second base, Jess Reeves, William Swisher and John Pickard, pitchers. Cf this group, Coach Owen loses all three pitchers, his first baseman and two outiielders. New material for the IQZS season has been developed in Hunter, Snodgrass, Aldridge and Montgoniery, pitchers, Cook, first base, Honea, Jones and Berd, outhelders, and West, shortf stop. The Sooners placed second in the Valley with twelve victories and three defeats in 1924, and prospects loom much brighter as the 1925 season progresses. Oklahoma has won seven games and lost one conference tilt, and split a fourfgame series with the Oklahoma Aggies. With only four more games remaining on the schedule, the Sooners are looming up as forf midable contenders for the Valley championship, and are leading the Held. f :axis 1 DAVE PHILLIPS, Hastings, served as captain and first baseman. Dave was a steady fielder, and because of his stick work, he held down the cleanfup position in the batting order. Because of graduation, he will not be back for another year, and his position is being filled by Vernon Cook, of Guthrie, who played with his home team in the State League last year. f Q20 ,fa-f 5 if if 6 I V f 5 r L 551, -' Lu k il' W . r ' - :KX j- A ' ' fl' Q i n ,135--l'. ' e fygs. figs- ,, f Q11 3 ' '.,'flfj l'2i3 Fifi 3 GEORGE Fox was elected to captain the Sooners in 1925, but failed to return to school. George proved himself a valuable infielder at shortstop, and came through for his share of the hitting. Although his services are missed for 525, he has yet another year to wear the Sooner uniform. His home is in Bristow. Jimmy Archer has been filling the hole at short during the '25 season. f387I -21 z 5 9 4, YG. ' W 5 . .,,.. - 1 ',f:.a,k lf"- 5. . M, 4.,:-X, , 5- , 5 .V .An 5 ,..,. , 'V - ,mrf I - Z .'X FORD BISHOP, of Yale, handled the center garden in fine form, and led the team in batting perf centage. His peg saved the Oklahomans many runs on attempted sacrifice flies by enemy bats' men. Ford finished his last year on the Sooner diamond, and also took three letters in basket' ball. His position is being filled by Dick Jones, of Okemah, this year. ,iff I ..,,, s , , V V 41 5513, 427.-'W, 9' . , Y v ff- X f ,iff t fqgff 2 if cf 0 9 Q x Q' Y 1 7 1 SID GROOM, Bristow, was at the receiving posif tion for the Sooners, and played his last year of college baseball. His peg to second kept enemy base runners' rates lovv in stealing, and eventually saved the team many runs. Joe Mayes, of Pryor, has been developed to catch during the 1925 season. l3881 ss., .f .qQ:,:3:, 1355 We N' -if . f sy 4 4 5 E gr : 4' ' 55 ing, --3 ' 'fm ' 13 ,fs4.4- Wi 1. V az, . :--,2,,'3ig:.:,,A., N1 A-ff , ,' , 45452. - ' Q ' :mr:?E,,gg.f 4-1- 1 i. :f i a iu R Q V vw? ig-4, , ...,,,,: , R, 1. 'g 1 Roy KELLEY was the third Bristow player on the team, and played right field. After serving his second year on the team, he took his degree and will not be eligible for any more participaf tion. Bud Honea has been tending his garden this year. f' lg. 1' A Aw' ,v fu" 'ls' A " - . F 5 . M 2 -ff , 1 , L' ' ' fly, f VH, ' -' ' - i 5-7 v'i:wgj'- I. g f ' w2'3v-S- I 1ff,a, ,,1rj,f q .wi 1. ,:-4,.,.v - 5 . M i 2 gg 122 1 at ' 2 .27 l 1 JIMMY ARCHER alternated at left Held and short stop for his Hrst letter. Because of his diminuif tive figure, he was used very successfully as a leadfoff man, and perhaps led the Valley in free passes. Jimmy is playing at short regularly this year and Harold Berd, of Guthrie, is gardening in left. Archer hails from Corsicana, Texas. H3891 PAUL LINDSEY held down the third sack and has returned for another year at the hot corner. oots is also small and gets many free trips, but usually takes advantage of some of the good ones Pauls Valley sent him up for three years of the diamond Work and an educaf tion, which will terminate 1n 26. RAY GRIFFIN earned his first letter at second base and is back for his second year. "Griff" makes a steady stand at his fielding position and comes in for his share of the stick Work. He is from Cossi, in the Lone Star state. f39o1 JOHN PICKARD earned his Hrst letter doing mound duty, and took a degree last spring. He turned im a good percentage of victories and was always dependable and steady in the pinches, His home is in Guthrie. A ,Q 31, W5 15 . - , Mi rs 5 f , . F f'. I ll f ' K I 1 ljg ell l z r"l1 5 I ng fl!! ! Y I i?!'1a,i2 ' . .... -49, li K W J In fi r--e ' is 1' l ' ,fs A -,Li sta l -V 54 'fn 4 , , , HQ Although very small, WILLLAM SWISHER proved himself very effective on the mound. He was erratic at times, but tightened in the pinches when an enemy rally threatened. He was a leftfhander, and his place will be hard to till. I3911 jon MAYES served as a battery mate to Reeves in high school, .and .plsyed outfield for the Sooners .QIV He is working, iitlhismold lposition this year, Areoeiving Hunter, Snodgrass, Aldridge ' h and Montgomery, new prtc ers. JESS REEvBs,PPryor, was the third moundman, and was chalked up with most of the Sooner .victories.' Iess not return for the IQ25 season, but helhasl two more years for Sooner fans to look forward to. H921 IQ24 Baseball 'Seam Top Row-Pickard, Reeves, Phillips, Owen, Groom, Griihn, Fox. Bottom Row-Swisher, Archer, Bishop, Kelly, Mayes. Lindsey. if HE IQ24 baseball team finished in second place in the Valley for the season, with a creditable number of scalps to the Sooner belt. An unusually dificult schedule and arrangement of games made for a rather hard season, the principal games lost being away from the home diamond on strenuous circuits. p I3931 Elie New Field HE Aggies and Sooners gave the new diamond on Gwen Field its initiation as the playground of Oklah0ma's particf ipation in the great American game with the first contest of the season .24 on a somewhat muddy ground. The old field near the Engineering building on Boyd Field has been given over to Frosh practice, interffraternity and intraf mural games. A The new diamond has been tiled, graded and will be well turfed by the next season, making for Oklahoma one of the best in the Valley, with also one of the longest "over the fence" hazards in the Southwest. H1941 Intefrffraternity q3a.sebcLll lk! ITH the growth of intramural and interfraternity sports at the University, baseball as a spring attraction has been on the rise for the past four years. The various organizations are listed in leagues, each team playing the full schedule in each league, the championship being determined by the season summary percentage. In '25 there were two major leagues, the American and National, Pi Kappa Alpha and Sigma Alpha Epsilon finishing in the top for each. The playfoff games have not yet been completed. The interfraternity games offer opportunity for a sub' training school for major sports, allowing the participation of students who might otherwise not be able to compete in Varsity. fsssq F3961 lof' Qvvevqsv V ADX :L M AZ IX E?E3g W ' giQiQiW2 Z Q54 Track my X Q V , , 1 K J kj WmWWwwwmyVWfWWWVVVVf:H' AAAA6AsQQQQQmmmwMwQW SU wi, as 'll 4 Y 94 5 y 4,jz . px srS'g -'- I 4 .s T , W be 1 5 P ,PJN l 4' V ' ' I Q Q V P...Q J 'i S,W" 1 E1 KX 'Ehe Evolution of Sooner 'Grate HE development of Sooner track into a major position has been the usual process of labor and endeavor. The acquisition of one of the best cinder tracks and sodded Helds of which the Valley can boast has made for much toward greater possibilities The work of Coach John Jacobs has borne fruit in the products both of the season of Q24 and 525, and the men of the squad have responded with real spirit. SUMMARY OF Oklahoma . . . QI Oklahoma . . 85 Oklahoma . . 84 Oklahoma . . . 66 Totals, Oklahoma . 326 SUMMARY OF Oklahoma . 1 08 Oklahoma . . 96 Oklahoma . 1 1 1 Totals, Oklahoma . 315 if 1924 DUAL MEETS Arkansas . . Drake . Grinnell . Aggies Totals, Opponents 1925 DUAL MEETS Arkansas Baylor . Central . Totals, Opponents NOTE: Oklahoma Aggies yet remain on the schedule. rsssq 40 43 S2 SI 187 23 30 20 73 'Che Cfoach Coach John Jacobs INCE John Jacobs has been guiding the destinies of the Oklahoma track teams, the Sooners have made rapid advancement toward the top of the ladder, and today stand as one of the best teams in the Missouri Valley. It has been largely through the unceasf ing efforts of Coach Jacobs that oklahoma' has the brand of athletes of Valley standards, for he works hard to bring the best ones to Soonerland and keep them eligible for particif pation. He also endeavors to find jobs for those who desire them, in order that they might not be forced to leave school on account of financial conditions. 1924 TRACK SUMMARY The IQ24 season was a successful one. In the four dual meets, the Sooners stood undefeated at the end of the year and administered overwhelming defeats to Drake and Arkansas. Such athletes as Ray Lindsey, Wilford Morse, Maurice Ellison, Lealon Lamb, Karl Frank, and Floyd Rutherford, placed Oklahoma high in the Missouri Valley standing. Of this group only Morse and Ellison are lost, and with an abundance of new material, 199.5 prospects have proved very bright. The Sooners have trounced Arkansas, Baylor and Central Normal, and with the Aggies yet remaining, another allfvictorious season seems assured. f399J esults of the JLl'r'fQCLTLSCLS Meet I2ofYARD HIGI-I HURDLES-R63 COD first, Derry CAD second, Andrews COD third. Time I6 If5 seconds. POLE VAULT-Kniseley and Price, both of Oklahoma, tied for first, Wilson CAD third. Height II ft. 3 in. SHOT PUT-Lamb COD Hrst, Derry CAD second, Guffy COD third. Distance 41 ft. 7 in. IoofYARD DAsHfLindsey COD Hrst, Guthrie COD second, Derry CAD third. Time IO I'IO seconds. MILE RUN-Stephens and McE1yea, both of Oklahoma, ran dead heat, Yarhorough CAD third. Time 4:45. 22ofYARD HURDLES--AHdf6WS COD Hrst, Rea COD second, Parker CAD third. Time 26 3f5 seconds. HALF MILE-Ringo COD and Haller COD ran dead heat, Peters CAD third. Time 2:06. JAVBLIN-COX COD first, Morgan COD second, Ray CAD third. Distance 197 ft. 2 in. 22ofYARD DASH-Lindsey COD first, Guthrie COD second, Smith CAD third. Time 23 seconds. DISCUS-CODg3f COD Hrst, Guffey COD second, Derry CAD third. Distance 124 ft. 6 in. Two MILEsfRutherford COD hrst, Hollahaugh CAD second, Yarborough CAD third. Time IOZO3. HIGH JUMP-Price COD hrst, Ford COD and Story CAD tied for second. Height 5 ft. 9 If2 inches. 44ofYARD DASH-'Ff3Dk COD Hrst, Mayberry COD and Parker CAD tied for second. Time S2 3f5 seconds. MILE RELAY-Oklahoma first. CMayberry, Schaff, Ringo and Frank.D Time 3:30 215 seconds. - FINAL ScoREfOklahoma IOS, Arkansas 23. HIGH POINT MAN-Lindsey, Oklahoma, IO points. Meet held April 4, 1925, at Fayetteville, Ark. I4001 V l WILl:ORD MORSE, Blackwell, was captain ofthe cinder trackers and served his third year as a dash man. i'Wilf" proved himself one of the best dash men in Sooner history by establishing a school record in the no yards, and by his consistent scoring in that event and the loo yards. He also served three years on the basketball team. , if : .5 f 'M' .z P . ' I H- 'H 5 C , . A ' 'Kir- il J f '1 fn If l. J' 1 Y , Y L 1 F ,P 34: 3 'rf :.. LBALON E. LAMB, Clinton, was elected to cap tain the 1925 squad. 'iHeff" set the pace for the weight men in dual meets and could be relied upon for points in both the shot and discus, In the latter, he passed the school record, but Ellison, his teammate, established a new one a few minutes later. Lamb will com' plete his track career in '25, I4011 After two years of discus throwing MAURICE ELLIsoN took his degree and is lost forever to the teams of the future. uAbe" established a new school record and endangered the Missouri Valley mark. His home is in CHCGOSQ- szzl as 1-1. 'if' E 5, if ' r Y 0 sr 5 Y 1 fi' if W .. f , swf Q X f 9 fig 3 , X Q 5' X WELBOURNB BRONAUGH, Hugo, took his third letter for his activities in the pole vault and broad jump, and is continuing his work toward a doctor's degree in medif cine. For three years "Breen'1 has rarely yielded first place to an opponent in his events. Q' M 1 .t," R, . r.r,. ,g,.x Y ,E 5 Y 4 at , . K ' if t , Q ,X A3354 is X . 3 Q I 6' ,, 0 r A ' i 2 K Qf N N K E D1- W ., Q 'fs We ,ya VIRGIL Tnvis worked his third year on the team as a high jumper, and was always reliable for a contribution . 1 to the scoring pot. "Tiny" was large in stature, yet f it did not seem to hinder him when he left the ground. ' He now resides in Paden. ,F::'f': - f'4fi2'3 LLOYD SCHNVAB earned his second letter in the broad jump, and also served as a high hurdler. With another year to his credit, he failed to return to the 1925 call, but is expected to report for the 1926 season. His home is in Tonkawa. ...G r HAROLD BAILEY of Norman earned his second letter in the twofmile event and worked in the mile when his , shortly before the Drake meet when he addressed him ' self as Bloody Bailey. 9 qw 7! J LB ,Ji - fi K Q 1 I 5 services were needed. He chose his own nickname 42 5 Y Like a flash, RAY LINDSEY came to the front during the season, to become Sooner1and's greatest sprinter. With a good wind to his back, "Rusty" clipped the century in nine and sevenftenths seconds for a new school record. The time was better than the Valley record, but was not made in the Valley meet and therefore was not counted. After developing some endurance, he is expected to shatter the 220 record. He lives at Pauls Valley. f403:I- Nw., www SY' ... .... .......,..,.. ,W me l V 1 3' -1 fx ....w , , K 1 v ' 5 1 1 l l I .-, -.JV .ML . . ,,,,i ,,!,, l in l xi -is-"fb ' I . I , 1 T . It ' BENNIE MCELYBA came from Erick, and earned his first Q numeral in the half mile and the mile. Although small ' al-+':,Q . ., It V Q 41.5 ,- -. 1 :W x 5 X P- XWQAN We , xx is fs' Q gf, M5322 2 X el . 4 ,Q .X . ,. W 1 be fx ' K, . w f r QQ!! as 43? f fl rw, K, 5 . '4 3 2 g . he gets around the track in fashionable form and fights all the way and can be relied upon for his share of the points. Bennie has also served two years on the crossf country and wrestling teams. v GEORGE HoHL, Sand Springs, carried the Sooner colors A in the high hurdles. "Mud" will not be available to the team because of graduation, even though he has only seen one year of service. The wiry Tulsa county lad waded through the timbers for hrsts against Drake, the Aggies and Arkansas, but bowed to the Grinnell entry, who went to the Qlympics. Q? - f "f 4 :.,:-. ,ga g'f A? " '- - .,,., -' gap 5' 5 1 Ni: X ' if 1 , Q? r J Q ,,, 'If . --E254 Q' ' 'Eire' zz fi , Us Q it rs . gag ay, ,. s ui , X 4 z 'S 1 X it l f S Q 5 if x i 'if fs .a Q as ., X 9' Q Q ? 5 CHARLES GUTHRIE earned his first initial on the relay team and also served as a low hurdler. Although he brought in points in the latter in every meet, competition was very strong in this event in each meet the Oklaf homans entered. He has been doing fine work in the dashes on the 1925 team and is also a b He hails from the mining camps near Henryetta. road jumper. M041 . V.. ,g ,ay - V-'f-':-Milli.liiflllinriiillllfl - ,Q . 1 -, xx V .1 if-ph 3' 'E w l . 1, it-1. :fx .N 'il 1 '13 r J .fx i .l.44 L .L ,,1-i,.,.' r , vtl lil-. 1 3 . WEBSTER SHARP wore the Sooner livery to great height QQ, in the pole vault, and also worked in the high jump. ml f With all ease and grace, "Web" showed rare form in , either event, and was lost to the team through the degree route with only one year of service. He returned , to his home in Urbana, Illinois. lg' 9. .Q L4 - .5 " 4- ' 'f 3. - , -,-, , 3 lUl j .lil . t f KARL FRANK stepped the quarter mile and was a mem' . i ber of the relay team. He has one more year of service, Q l A ' which will end in '25, at which time he is expected to in hold the record in the half mile and the quarter. He is j considered one of the best in the Valley in these two I i events. Purcell claims his residence during vacation. lie we 5 ' . ' V aff? a s . A, OVID MAYBERRY, Claremore, does not wear his glasses as shields for enemy dust, but as an aid to "find the tape. Mull lets no grass grow under his feet when stepping the quarter, and will see two more years of 'f sudden service. He is a dependable relay man. .V p :irsilgrliiuzllg:zivix::lll.l:,1'i:3i.Q5 1 V 'fi' f405I ARTHUR Cox, of Grandfzield, began his Sooner W' track career by setting a new Missouri Valley W' record in the javelin at 192 feet. Already, "Henry" has beaten his own mark by heaving , the spear 208 feet 2 ' h ' ' RM ?' ff' i .. "' -1.2: if f xt' qw inc es this year, and he is expected to shove the mark up in the Valley contest. The throw beats the national inter' colle A t ' ' gia e record by four feet nine inches, but is not an official national record. FLOYD REDH RUTHERFORD, the flaming youth f rom Henryetta, has become one of Soonerland' s greatest distance men and holds the school record in the five miles, the two miles and the icapped most of the one mile. He was hand season by a siege of the "flu," but when he is in shape he is likely to set the track on Hr 3, whether he is on his feet or his head. lf4081 , T CLAYTON STROUP served on the relay team and T alternated with Mayberry to team with Frank f TOT in the quarter. 'iStrop" took his first letter li ' w e and his work in medicine to the Universityi f K4 852' Hospital in Uklahoma City. 4 9' - l'.' ' Mk , ,, , ' 2. - V!! 2, .J JOSEPHUS SCOTT of Ardmore took his hrst letter in the half mile and will not be back because of graduation. Joe enjoyed many rides in the elevators at hotels during the year, and was captain of the crossfcountry team in 1924. f4o7J CGTQCR 'Geam Top Row-Sharp, Tirns, Ellison, Lamb, Bronough, Jacobs CCoachj. Middle Row-Stephens, Rutherford, Scott, Bailey, Morse, Hohl, Mayberry, Schwab. Bottom Row-Stroup, Guthrie, Lindsey, Kniseley, McElyea, Smith. QL! KLAHOMA has a possibility as a worlds champion this season, '25, in the person of Arthur Cox, who recently in a dual Valley meet, hurled the javelin 208 feet 6 inches, bettering the Worlds collegiate record. However, this record cannot be conf sidered as official, because dual rneet records are ruled out by Valley rules. I 1108 I 'Ehe Oklahoma flQlays HE second annual invitation Oklahoma Relays were held for the season of .25 with the expected measure of success and approval. These meets are especially beneficial to the University in better acquainting the preparatory and smaller schools of the state with the University and incidentally creating an opportunity for centrally located matches for the stateis athletes. :sf T3he Ulffissoiwi 'Uaiieyl Invitation AY 30 of the season of H25 witnesses the AllfMissouri Valley invitation meet at Norman. Oklahoma expects much of her relay team and sprinters in this meet with the cream of the Valley. This is the Hrst AllfValley meet for Oklahoma to sponsor on her own field. Cox, Lindsey and Frank, as Sooner stars, are expected to show up Well in the javelin, century and 440. I-4091 f410fI A: . IX IN Ljy JMR -iff viyvr - 'v?s7 -Q" " J vw ' fmikgfwgyna fQ?::FEn'1C2x ww." 'Qi IANA, ' ' ' I 2 A2 f f " ' 1 f Z 7 7 f f 1 Z .Z .Z J Men and Wcmen Minor Athletics E. - IN VX A KJ , M k J it im? aww QQXQXQXQ MQXQX Q QZQXQZQ I W I ' 6 , Q . al. , i i!P,,.,. iiphlrqu Qll ' Tennis Left to Right-Boardman, Royer, Brandenburg, Parks CCoachj, Olcott Meade Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma 1924 SPRING SEASON . . 4 Oklahoma Aggies . 4 Missouri . . . 1 Kansas . 1 Kansas . 1 Iowa State . . 9. Texas . . 1924 FALL SEASON . , o S. W. Normal QKa . 6 S. M. U. . . 3 Texas . . . 3 Rice Institute . . 5 Oklahoma Aggies I 54121 A IQ24 T5ennis Season LTHOUGH the 1914 Sooner tennis team fell short of the brilliant records established by Oklahoma teams in former years, the Sooner court artists held their own with some of the stillfest competition in the country. In the spring season, Oklahoma won two matches and lost four. The Sooners had little trouble in downing the Oklahoma Aggies and Missouri. Kansas, however, proved too strong for Oklahoma, and the Sooners tasted defeat twice at the hands of the Jayhawk, Iowa State managed to nose out Coach Ben Park's proteges and in the iinal spring contest Oklahoma bowed to the strong University of Texas team. Inaugurating the fall season inauspiciously by losing to Southwestern Normal of Kansas, the Sooners early gained their stride to sweep aside all competition in a victorious march. Oklahoma shut out Southern Methodist University, Rice Institute and the Oklahoma Aggies. The University of Texas Longhorns managed to gain a tie with Oklahoma, preventing the Sooners from making a clean sweep of victories on their Texas invasion. Despite the loss of Captain i'Bus" Harrington of the 1924 squad, prospects for a good 1925 fall season are exceptionally bright. Fred Royer, twice winner of the University championship, and Glen Meade, runner' up in both tournaments, are at the height of their game. Supplementing these two by their stellar work on the courts are Lawrence Olcott, Robert Brandenburg and Dakin Boardman. E i.l'i- f4i:ai 'FOSS' O'LWlf'l'y Top Row-Starr, Stephens, Rutherford, Frank. Bottom Row-Brady, Jacobs CCoachj, Tarver. THE 1924 SEASON Oklahoma defeated Nebraska . . . Drake defeated Oklahoma . . . Oklahoma defeated Oklahoma Aggies . Kansas defeated Oklahoma . . . Oklahoma Hfth in conference meet. I4141 25 to go 26 to ZQ BO to 35 27 to 28 IQ24 Qfross' otmtify Season KLAHOMA split even on victories and defeats, winning two races and losing two, during the 1924 crossfcountry season. The Sooners won their Hrst battle of the season from Nebraska when they defeated the Cornhuskers by five points in a fast race over the Oklahoma course, Running on a strange course, part of which was over pavement, the Sooners bowed to Drake at Des Moines, the Bulldogs winning by a three point margin. Oklahoma had little trouble defeating the Oklahoma Aggies by five points in a race at Stillwater. Kansas managed to nose out the Sooners by one point at Lawrence in the final meet of the season. Oklahoma placed hfth in the conference grind at Des Moines. Captain Floyd "Red" Rutherford, who was again chosen to lead the Sooner harriers in the 1925 season, was the out' standing distance star of the year. In addition to placing first in every meet in which he was entered, the redfhaired Sooner flash shattered the Missouri Valley record at the conference meet and later broke the Kansas course record. Rutherford, Starr, Frank, Stephens and Brady were awarded letters. Tarver was used as a utility man. If-4151 Wvestling Top Row-Rice, Hill, Cook, Schwein CCOachD. Bottom Row-Bruce, Bonds, Daubert, McE1yea, Landon. 1 UNLIMITED CLASS 145 POUND CLASS KIRK RICE 175 POUND CLASS HOUSTON HILL ROBERT COOK 158 POUND CLASS ARDEN BOOTHE HOWARD BRUCE ,I ,m',,1'1wm:hL In , , 'gsffil' 115 POUND CLASS ARCHIE BOND f416'I CAPT. CHARLES DAUBERT 135 POUND CLASS BENNIE MCELYEA 125 POUND CLASS DUANE LANDON :gli r-sxrirf r , yr' QW: V i. ii. . Hi 1 Wrestling RESTLINC is another minor sport that is rapidly coming to the front as a major sport in Cklahoma. This year witnessed a marked increase of interest in wrestling and a much better team than has ever before been turned out by the University. Captain Edwin E. Schwein, who divides his time between the R. O. T. C. and coaching the wrestling team, is due a great amount of credit for turning out the team that he did, with practically no veterans around which to build his team. He formerly went on the mat for Yale University when he was in school there. The Oklahoma grapplers were handicapped this year by several members being laid up with injuries. However, the prospects for a win' ning team next year are very bright, and Coach Schwein is optimistic for the future. The outstanding star of our matmen this year was Captain' elect Daubert, who won the Valley championship in his weight, and who went to the finals in the national wrestling tournament at Stillwater. Great things are expected of Captain "Red" Daubert next year. if Boxing HIS is the first year that boxing has proved interesting for many of the students. Under the direction of Major Cuyler L. Clark, matches were held between the various batteries of the R. O. T. C. unit. This brought out a host of pugilistic aspirants, and "Buck" McClain was secured as boxing instructor. So much interest was displayed in boxing this year, that next year should see a vast improvement in this sport. In a few years letters should be awarded in boxing, and when that time comes, Cklahoma will un' doubtedly be able to send a formidable team against any school in the Valley. .lR111vtllllmizllfllliuwiiiii ll Fit' N11 Nlf Ulm ll i C4171 Boxing Top Row-McClain CCoachj, Snodgrass, Hunter, Reeder, Kelsey. Middle Row-Wheatley, Skillern, Godfrey, Baird. Bottom Row-Lynn, McE1yea, Cheadle, Broadhurst. QQ UNIVERSITY CHAMPIGNS HEAVYWEIGHT MIDDLEWEIGHT HOWARD BAIRD GRAHAM CHEADLE WELTERWEIGHT LIGHTWEIGHT JOHN LEE HUBBRT WHEATLEY FEATHERWEIGHT HUBERT BROADHURST ' "f".i iff:iv1InML?i::ulJIm!Ii.,ggE'lqvfi9 Q 4. 541:11 q3olo I 1 f ' B. ' " N ' 1 I l - Duvall, Johnson, Miles, Allen, Cameron, Hefley, Evans, Blackwelder 254 I4191 QLO, although at present only a minor sport in this instif tution, is fast becoming one of major interest. Students have actively participated in Polo for only two years. Each year it attracts a greater number of aspirants and larger crowds to witness the games. Major Clark, commandant of the R. O. T. C., is largely responsible for the increased interest in this phase of athletics, he having organized the first polo association among the students, and has worked untiringly for the develop' ment of the game on this campus. It is through him that the students are allowed to use the R. O. T. C. horses for the games and practice. That his efforts have not been in vain is evidenced by the success which the University team has attained. It has defeated Army teams from Fort Sill and Fort Reno, and went to the semifinals in the Southwestern tournament held at San Antonio during the Christmas holidays in 1923. It is predicted that polo will be one of the major sports here in a very few years. I4201 Intevfvatevnity Basketball GhampiOnsePi Kappa Alpha Left to Rigl1r4Cargile, Garrison, Terrell, Baird, Stevens, Ray LeCrone, Harrison, Roy LeCrone, Armor Ccaptainl. SOONER ALLFRATERNITY TEAMS First Team Position Second Team RAY LECRONE CPi Kappa Alphaj . . F BENNETT STOREY CSigma Alpha Epsilonj ELVAS MILLER QKappa Sigmaj . . . F . EARL WHEELER CPhi Gamma Deltaj LESLIE NIBLICK CSigma Alpha Epsilonj . C . ROY LECRONB QPi Kappa Alphab HARVEY HARRISON CPi Kappa AlphaD . G . . PAUL GOODMAN CKappa Sigmab PETE GARRISON QPi Kappa Alphaj . , G KENNETH JARRETT CSigma Alpha Epsilorib Third Team Position Fourth Team CLARENCE STEPHENS CPi Kappa Alphaj . F DELBERTMCCULLOUGHCPhlGHmmHDCltHJ HERMAN DUNCAN CKappa Sigmaj . . F , , . FRANK FLOOD CSigma Chij WILLIAM HAND CKappa Sigmaj . . G . VICTOR HOLT CAlpha Tau Omegab GRANVILLE NORRIS CPi Kappa Phij . . G . DALE ARBUCKLE CPhi Gamma Deltaj WAYNE BILLINGS CDelta Tau Deltaj . . G JOHN WOOTTEN CSigma Alpha Epsilonj f 421 1 Intramural Sports HE development of authorized intramural sports has opened a wider field in the realms of minor sports. Each year a regular schedule compiled by the Interfraternity Council is played in basketball and baseball. The purpose of inter' fraternity athletic contests was to give an opportunity to those who were unable to make the Varsity squads an opportunity to participate in the great American games. Also to bring to light possibilities for Varsity squads that might otherwise remain dormant. The idea is sponsored by Director of Athletics, Bennie Owen, and has the backing of the entire athletic board. For the past three years the proceeds of these games have gone to the StudentfUnion Memorial fund, which is a distinct help to Soonerland. The idea grevv out of the football games formerly indulged in by different fraternities. These contests were stopped by the athletic department because so many injuries resulted from men playing that game who were not in shape to stand it. Interfraternity contests become more popular each year and attract many students, the championship games at times being almost as good drawing cards as some of the Varsity contests, and many of these contests prove equally as thrilling as some of the Varsity games. I422l 'Elie q9istol 'Seam Top ROLUYSZHIII, Montgomery. Anglin. Howard. lN1cColgin. Captain Fairchild lcoachj. Bottom Row-Gross. Miles. Wriglit. Stephens, Pfeiffer, Sergeant Goodwin tAssistant Instructor! if HE local unit of the R. O. T. C. has for several seasons supported and produced strong marksmanship teams both in pistol and rifle. Competition has become keener and the standard has improved. Telegraphic meets with nearly every large unit in the states have been held and in the most of them Oklahoma has more than held her ovvn. Captain Fairchild, who was this year transferred to the local unit as instructor in Field Artillery, has been in charge of the team since his arrival. Sergeant Goodwin, vvho has been with the unit for four years, has been an able assistant. 54231 Duc S' Qlulo Top Row-Milne, Shaul, Means, Ventress, Whayne, Brittain, Connor, Chase, Jenkins, Steele. Middle Row-Luster, Phillips, Williamson, Cansler, Newblock, Maness, Beard, Wheatley, Bryant, Crawford, Deahl, Madole. Bottom Row-Keith, Laird, Sherrod, Crismore, Coppedge, Henry, Green, Huff, Nash. ie WCMEN'S SWIMMING OFFICERS VELMA MANESS ..... President LOUISE BEARD , . . Secretary EDITH NEWELOCK ...... Treasurer EVELYN LEWIS NBLLIE ASHCRAFT ALICE BELKNAP ELIZABETH PRICE MILDRED FREEMAN HELEN EASON KATHRYN BENEEIELD HAZEL STOUGH ' MARY ELIZABETH HILL CHRYSTAL RISINGER LOIS RUMSEY ELIZABETH ANDREWS MEMBERS NCT IN PICTURE MARGARET BROACH DICKY SCRUGGS ANNA BELLE BUSEY LILLIAN TRAPP FRANCES MURPHY JUNE HARRISON JEWELL DOTSON MILDRED KLEINSCHMIDT MARIE FOSTER VANITA LEE ROSA MEANS STELLA REDDING' IMA JAMES I424J MILDRED LARSH LOIS BURTON CLARA BONEERAICE LUCILLB MOORE ELIZABETH REED EDNA MEACHAM JULIA HOWELL HILLARY MARTIN VIRGINIA STEPHENS MARY LEE KRETZ MARY FRANCES HAWK ETHEL BOLEND W. A. A. CLARA BONEBRAKE, El Reno, has a good record in the W. A. A. and is also a prominent stu' dent on the campus. Member of the Baseball team, 522, '23, Basketball, '23, Volley Ball, '24, Hikingg Ducks' Club, Polo and Riding As-so' ciationg Womenis Life Saving Corps. RELAND BRITT, Norman, has specialized in the Women's sports to judge from her numerals. ball, 323, 524, Volley Ball, '24, Hiking. 14253 Member of the Basketball, 322, 523, l24Q Base' W. A. A. MARIANNB WHITMAN, Bartlesville, Winner of the Tennis Singles Championship, '22. Menif ber of Hockey team, '21, '23, Basketball, '21, '22, Tennis, '21, '22, '23, Volley Ball, '21, Hiking. VELMA MANESS, Ixiarietta, Ducks' Club prexy. A member of the Basketball team, '23, Volley Ball, '23, '24, Hockey, '23, Swimming meet, '231 Hiking, Women's Life Saving Corps, Posture Club, '23, I4261 W. A. A. FIDELIA WHE.iTLEY, Tulsa, bas also acquired a string of numerals in Basketball, 121, '22, '23, Baseball, 511, 122, Ducks' Club, Volley Ball, ,221 Hiking, WODXCI1'S Life Saving Corps. ROSA MEANS, Oilton, has made the teams in Volley Ball, 122, Hockey, '23, 124, Ducks' Clubg Women's Life Saving Corps, Hiking. Miss Means graduates this year. H271 W. A. A. MILDRED LARSH, Norman, lettered in Basket ball, '23, ,24Q Volley Ball, 123, 524, Hockey 524, Baseball, l24, Ducks' Club, Hiking. ELIZABETH REED, Norman, placed in the Volley Ball team, 823, Hockey, '23, Women's Life Saving Corps, Swimming meet, 123, Basket' ball, 124, Ducks' Club, Hiking. VBLMA LAIRD, Norman, has also been quite active in women's sports, lettering on the Hockey team, 823, Basketball, 523, '24, Volley Ball, '23, Baseball, QZBQ Ducks, Club, Hiking, and Women's Life Saving Corps. l4281 Women's f1Qfle 'Geam Top Row-Sergeant Goodwin CCoachJ, Chase, M. Babcock, Shackleforcl, Patterson CManagerJ, Schmoe, Kretz Bottom RowhBurton, Hall, M. Graham, L, Babcock CCaptainl, Killinger, K. Graham, Handson. if HE year 124'q2'j' aclcls to the list of minor sports at the University, the Women's Telegraphic Rifle meets. With members attending practice regularly, interest has arisen which assures for the University a Women's Rifle team equal to any in the Southwest. Teams of five, seven and ten members held matches with Drexel Institute, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, and the teams of the Universities of Nevada, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska, faring exceptionally well in all matches. . l429fI Delta Wsi Kappa Top Row-Gum, Crosbie, James, M. Barr, Luster. Middle Row-Whitman, Laird, Bonebrake, Owen, Thompson. Bottom Row-Huff, Madole, Kendall, Pearl Barr, Redding. Won1en's Athletic Honorary Founded October 23, IQI6, N. A. G. U., Indianapolis Membership-fag I IMA JAMES GRACE BARR MAMIE BARR CLARA BONEBRAKE RELAND BRITT CHERRY KENDALL ERDA OWEN HARRIET GUM Klbledge. Oklahoma, IQI8 MEMBERS F aculry MRS. DEWEY LUSTER Students XEDITH NEWELOCK FIDELIA WHEATLEY MARIANNE WHITMAN ELLA HUFF MILDRED MADOLE PEARL BARR ETHEL BOLEND "'PAMELIA MASSEY l430J Number of Chapters-8 STELLA REDDINU ELIZABETH REED OLIVE CRosE1E VELMA LAIRD XMILDRED LARSH DOROTHY NORRIS XXENIA BRYANT XANNA BELLE BUSBY V, Whl 1' l'1 ng W hqcls , FHCIOIICS Spm - ',,,,k ., Fx I ,5 X' P mqqf Yay! 0 T X1 fbi? "4n-lv- 2345 F, A , 'f"v'+v if" 4' Q2 L f A Q , lx 155531 2546! Q M92-Quik Els - 'I-J -k-Q 'JN-N 1. Sim Pllbhmliom 'Eire qhblication Board Top Row-Hodges, Cook, Thompson. Bottom Row-Belknap, Egolf, Deane. MEMBERS H. H. HERBERT . .... . . . Chairman ARTHUR HALLAM Secretaryffreasurer, ,24 W. K. NEWTON . Secretaryffreasurer, '25 GENTRY LEE . . ExfOfficio Member, Q24 LEE B. THOMPSON . ExfOfjicio Member, '25 J. HOWARD LINDLEY . . . Memberfatlarge CY HOWBNSTINE, JR. . Memberfatlarge WILLARD EGOLF . . Memberfatlarge IRENE DBANB . . . Memberfatiarge EDWARD HBILLH HODGES . . journalism Representative HAROLD BELKNAP . . journalism Representative I4331 U56 ,WM ms, yV,g3Q4Z,V mth VVMVUVVVVPAVVVTVVV Zvi? mnfyxggngg KVMVWV K, V71 X,VfVV..VV, I V-Njjk MV,wf?5:V:M2,3 X 1 V - 'V . - 4, V ' ' l g V U A 1 ' T511 UH 11 61 6136.157 Stab' "" - 'S ' V' " V. 1? -0 , V V """ . ,V VV ,V VV V- -, VVV:VV1V. .. V, ' 9' 1'1VVV'..V-'V VV. ', VL' - 5-V12 1 '-V5 "', V-VVV.,V,-VQVHVV1 V . . -. .V, , V VV ' .' .. V -VV - V-.f LV: .V' '. V- -V , VV V- ' V V- V VV V . V. . 'V V V V ' "ff .V V ...VV -' , ,. .V Th-V1MVVHVVVVVVNimmiiixfgfaa2ifVir:QxfViVzMizew56Hi5fVii2iIPEVVVVVSQTW VQiegg'BggasxsVQVnVVVg'f?qVi2iIP+?'9-1-V WV-3 A-1,,3vigs!-if-fif , . ' 'V'.Vi1f" V1ffgV.1'fg-'V"V V f i' .VV ' Ci, - 4 V- -V--V-VVVVVVVVV V: 1--- H ---vzjfjj ---'- 'gil . .V . V , . V ,Q '- .,V:V- .-VLV. - , , . .. D K- N I V krrkv V V . SIXVCAME QV . ?i"?,,,,,':zp:a52f5MVkVV'IVTULSAISHRST.,,V 1 lx V W VVV- -V V V-"A 'V 'NWRHICUI-GR V, V eveurssuuae -V HV '--, 3 V K KIV, , A. ., , , VV3V'V,V ' ' 51502334 22, Smfdi-lim 'X 4 V! VV " 2'f4VV'- - 3 ...'f'fiQZ"V ' ' "" V "-fl X' 'Vf ZH'-22-4 '-:rn rmf.mV' - ITM! ' "" " .-'zimwvm .. - QQ WEEQQQEO p VV: fff5fV525'VVifi?3X-V5fYT7'? V. ' 'f V55-fl?--VV-VVVXQT-lsvffv , .1 HAMUON NsALsf5gj,,. , , . V ,V,.,,Vi RVILLE RIESTLEYV ,fV,,,.....,.V.V.,.,V-VX. VVVVVV., V VVVV-V-VVVV. , B :MUNI ,.,,f,, gym? V' . un ummm Hhfw ru um uuurwa num 2, 3 mm s fm nmn I ll-FW?-Y' GY iff! mu or rz vm uh.. VV 'x'lVvV-VVVVVVIV-1xV'VVffVnVVVeuVV fmfmx VuUVVl"M"1' " ff uw! 1' wav- "P f -- V -V -V V A m.z1, V aVVV111ftmV+vV 37" f WA V . V . -D iffffii Q 9 iv "e VSV' :Ji U yr, 9 .., an,4,Q.f.f1.V 3' ,V . YQ? ww, ' y V V ....Kr.7:... ......VM,n..i?....... . V., ,V . , mlmf- ff wwf V xv . ov-Va r V . VK V V VV 'V .V . Q VVV1-VVf'V"7 :'45??Eif:. -V, V - VV, ,V ' . . f5?3'f'. 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Exchange Editor Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Advertising Assistant Advertising Assistant Circulation Manager UNASSOCIATED MEMBERS Professor Notengog Tattle Taleg Hear and Their. ll 4315 l Une Sooner Staff 34 EDITORIAL STAFF LAURENCE E. FERGUSON ...... . Editor' 111f Chief MILDRED KLEINSCHMIDT . . . Managing Editor JACK W. DOW . . . Assistant Managing Editor IRENE DEANE . . Associate Editor LEV EDWARDS . Associate Editor HARRY KNISELEY . Athletics JACK BELL . Minor Athletics ASSISTANTS LEONARD SAVAGE, H. H. HARRIS, ROMA CLIFT, EDWARD HODGES, JOHN FLOYD, ETHEL BOLEND, BYRON SCHAFF. ' FEATURES JACK COPASS, BOE CONINE, JACK PETRIE, FRANK SHAW, Artists. NADINE DOWNEY, MABEL THOMPSON, BEN MORGAN, BOE GIVEN BUSINESS STAFF RALPH G. THOMPSON ....... Business Manager S. JOHN SMITH . Assistant Business Manager JO WHITTEN . . . Advertising Manager MAYNARD KENNERLEY . . . Circulation Manager ASSISTANTS A HAROLD FREEMAN, BOE PRICE, JOHN PEARSON, DAVE PRICE. f 437 1 'She Sooner Sm I f -.W I i . X 1'. 'She Sooner Staff Top Row-Dowg Deane 3 Savageg Kleinschmidt. Second Row-Conineg Floydg Bell. Third Row-Copassg Cliftg Given. Bottom Row-Thompsong Kniseleyg VVhitteng Smith. I439l : A ji H I s , a '. f " f' , M -4. , 4, . I , . , R I JI Ili 5.1: 1,1 , Q 5 , 1 'She Whirlwind Staff -,lr W I . , ' f M f-- , .. , ,L I -,.f 't I Q 1 1 . ,F 1' ..1. ,LH 1329 1, 3511 . ff 'L 5 -I fl x . -3 M, H401 . , , , , . JL13' . 7 :. N., N., - , 'r I J ' 'She Whirlwind Staff 97 Top Row-Edwards, Conine. Goode. Shaw. Howenstine. Bottom Row'-Whitten. Kniseley, Petrie. Harris. Beard. VVVILLARD EGOLF BERT G ASHBY LEONARD GOODE FRANK SHAW HAROLD LEWIS JOHN CAMERON IO WHITTEN EUEE BURTIS . WILLIAM LEWIS . . Editor . . . . . Busmess Manager EDITORIAL STAFF BETTY KIRK YIACK COPASS WATSON CALDWELL F. W. WESTMORELAND LOUISE BEARD H. H. HARRIS AUDRAIN FORSYTHE JACK PETRIE BUSINESS STAFF . . . . Assistant Business Manager ASSISTANTS. . Advertising Manager 1 Circulation Manager CHARLES WHITNEY BATES EDWARDS f4411 'Ehe Olqlahoina Magazine HE Oklahoma Magazine, more strictly the 'LUniversity of Oklahoma Magazine," is the only purely literary publication of the University. It serves as an immediate medium of outlet for the local University literary talent, and though not on a fully selffsupporting basis, that is, it is none advertising, it has justified its existence for the benefit of all concerned. STAFF GRACE E. RAY . . . . . . Editor ARTHUR HALLAM . . Business Manager MAY FRANK . . Assistant Editor S. R. HADSELL . . English Faculty Advisor ELIZABETH BALL . . . . Literary Editor JOHN Wooowoivrn . . . Poetry Editor WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM . . Exchange Editor GWENDOLYN MEUX . . . Art Editor CLYDE CLACK . . . Staff Artist ASSISTANTS Roma Olift, Robert W. Ingram, Fred Passrnore, Foster Harris, Roscoe Cate, Jack W. Dow, Elizabeth Kirk, Robert Oonine, Myrtis Gann. M 'Ghe Olqlahonia Weekly The Oklahoma Weekly, as a collected weekly of the University news, serves as a direct agent of communication of the University with all the state high and secondary schools. WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM . , Editor L 442 J Sigma Delta Glu Professional journalistic Founded at De Pauw University, 1909 Oklahoma, 1913 ICMA DELTA CHI, as a purely professional Order of journalists, has maintained a high standard of membership at the University since its establishment here in IQI3. Annually, Sigma Delta Chi produces and sponsors the Gridiron Ban' quet, which is the prize "roasting" feature of the school year, modeled On the journalists' gridiron banquet at the National capital. The leading state journalists and publishers are brought down every year for this function and the school profits by the closer acquaintanceship of all concerned. "Pledge T. H. BREWER W. S. CAMPBELL MEMBERS Faculty FAYETTE COPELAND, JR. C. F. GIARD ARTHUR HALLAM HAROLD BELRNAP BUEB BURTIS ROSCOE GATE ROBERT INGRAM B. S. GRAHAM is Students TOSCA CUMMINGS 54431 H. H. HERBERT E. D. MBACHAM LEONARD LOGAN L. N. MORGAN J. L. RADER ALBERT COOPER ORVILLE PRIESTLEY WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM CULLEN JOHNSON LEO MORRISON 'Gheta Sigma CPM Honorary journalistic Sorority Founded at University of Washington, IQOQ Oklahoma, Iorg iid HE Womens honorary journalistic Order, Theta Sigma Phi, has also a commendable record in the University for high standards and recognition of merit. Annually the order has one issue of the Qklahorna Daily under Its charge. GRACE E. RAY BETTY KIRK DOROTHY LONG THELMA PHELPS LOUISE WEWERKA is MEMBERS Faculty Students STELLA RBINHART F4441 MARY M. BAIRD MATTYB WILSON LOUISE BEARD MARY BOUTELLER ROMA CLIPT danZf'fC1Oak0f 1 I 1 1 'P1'Elil'iC Yields V 1- ' -'-'V :V-13 , ,Q f-' wtf- 1- 41 .fm " W5 .f H:m'f A r ka' x9 SX ll 13 93. .Gif iff: 6153 If V ' ' - 4 MV:-' 'rw-E24 new - -xx A 'Ur E16 -215-3 Religion ELIGION, as an interest and an activity among the University students and faculty, plays an important part in the life of the campus. Norman is more than well supplied with churches, eleven in all, some of them both in organization and structure outstanding among the foremost of the state. The McFarlin Memorial, as an edifice of Worship and an architectural feature of the University City, dravvs the attention of every visitor and holds the pride of the university personnel. In the student body there are six strictly religious organif zations, some of them national, others local. In addition, the Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. organizations serve the greatest number as a common medium. Though the University does not include in its curricula a separate school of Theology, there are quite a number of student preachers and students of theology enrolled. 54473 'Elie T. UTC. fl. Gabmet Top Rowflillinger, Schalf, Martin, Brittain. Bottom Row-Amos, Cole. Anglin. George. 154 QUARTERS The Y. M. C. A. is at present equipped with a building Well appointed, though Small, with reading rooms, offices, a grill and meeting rooms. If the present plans of the Student Union building materialize, ample provision will be made for the "Y" for more commodious and complete quarters. The present building is one of the campus centers and serves a good portion of the student body. P4481 Membership-7 67, O48 BURDETTE S. GRAHANK JOHN TATE BRITTAIN EARL MARTIN . BYRON SCHAFF . DALTON Voss . RALPH ELLINGER . HAWLEY KERR . CHESTER COLE FRED HATCHETT . HENRY BALL . JOHN SMITH RAY LONG , ROBERT ANG LIN . abinet and O cers 'Young' 9YCen's Qhristian Association Founded, 1858, University of Virginia Local Association, IQOO 477 Student: Associations Localwooo OFFICERS . . . General Secretary . . President VicefPresident . . . Secretary . Employment Secretary CI-IAIRMEN OF COMMITTEES . . . Campus Service Bible Discussion Evangelistic and Religious Work Deputacion . Social Service . Freshmen . Missions , Stunt Nite DENOMINATIONAL VICEPRESIDENTS RALPH MILLER . NORVIL GEORGE JOHN AMOS . . EVERETT RAMAYAN W. W. PHELAN . C. E. DECKER . . Methodist Episcopal, South . Methodist Episcopal . . Episcopal . Christian BOARD OF DIRECTORS 14493 Chairman . Secretary T5i'L6 T. W. fl. Qctbmet Top Row-Lewis, Belknap, Thomas, Thompson, Sidwell. Middle Rowd Kretz, Mitschrick, Babcock, Browning. Bottom Row-Gum, Duncan, Craven, Meister, Bufiington. 314 The Work of the Y. W. C. A. is probably more intensive and broader than that of the Y. M. C. A., due to the greater accessibility of the university women than that of the men. However, the "Y, is thus far unable to occupy a building for their exclusive use. The acquisition of a Student Union would, to this organization, greatly benefit and aid the work. , H501 'Elie 'Young Women's Ghristian Association Qalvinet Membership-9o,oOO HELEN RUTH HOLEROOK MILDRED SIDWELL . HETTIE MALOY . GRACE BROWNING . LUCY ANN BABCOCK DOROTHY THOMPSON . DOROTHY BUFFINGTON HARRLETT GUM . . NADINE DOWNEY . HELEN MBISTER . MARY LEE KRETZ . FLORENCE MITSCHRICH DOROTHY LONG . Founded, 1886, Lake Geneva, Wiscoiisiii Local Association, IQOI 6OO Student Associations Local-6oO OFFICERS COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN . General Secretary . . President VicefPresident . . Secretary Treasurer Undergraduate Representative . . Program . Finance . . Social . Membership . Social Service . World Fellowship Religious Education ALTA THOMAS . . . . Stunts GAIL LEWIS ...... . Music DENOMINATIONAL VIGEPRESIDENTS HELEN WALLACE .......... Methodist Episcopal, South ALICE BELKNAP .... . Methodist Episcopal ANNA LAURA REUTEPHOLBR . . . Presbyterian LOURALENE SHELTON . . . Christian MABEL MORRISON . ...... . Baptist EXfOFFIGIO MEMBERS LUCY BELLE DUNCAN . .s.... President of Womenls League MURIEL CRAVEN President of Pi Zeta Kappa I451j Lambda Nu Top Row-Martin, G.: Gableg Duffg Hefley. Second Row-VVilsong Georgeg Hill. Third Row-Samplesg Fenng Rice. Bottom Row-Martin, E.g Skaluikg McCOIging Murphy. I4521 Lambda Nu Honorary Methodist Membership-4O Local-F Founded, IO21, University of Oklahoma G, M. DIETERIOH FACULTY HONORARY BISHOP EARNEST LYNN WALDORP . . . DR. A. E. PETERSON REV. ROBERT M. LEHEW, JR. . QRVILLB PRIESTLY FWAYNE MCCOLGIN ROBERT AKIN HENRY BALL NORVIL GEORGE DANA HEFLEY ROBERT INGRAM lk MURRAY'ECHOLS NED BURLESON HAROLD CREVELING DANIEL WILSON FESTEL MCCOLLUM Pk ROGER PENN GERALD MARTIN WILLOUGHBY GABLE GWYNNE HILL :kPledges. MEMBERS T99-5' 1926 1927 FDELBERT GIDEON 1928 UNCLASSIFIED XANDREW TED DUPP I4531 H. C. ROYS . Kansas City, Mo Kansas City, Mo Norman, Okla CHARLIE MATI-IIAS XCHARLES SKALNIK EARL MARTIN HAROLD VANDERPOOL OVID MAYBERRY FRANK MORRIS I LIONEL MURPHY XWILLIAM PARKER GILBERT HYROOP HOUSTON ROANE LESTER OLIVE HASLEY 'KSTEPI-IEN SANGER bk LACLAIR WARDELL MARSHALL SAMPLES KIRK RICE RAYMOND SROAF Kappa 'Eau Q31 Top Row-Hockmang Hartnessg Brett. Second Row-Strozierg Hatchcttg Long. Bottom ROIU-Bfilftillg NYils0ng Gcorgcg Chase L 4-541 Kappa T3aa fPi Chapters-3 DR. GILBERT H. SMITH JAMES HOCKNIAN ALBERT BRETT ROBERT HARTNESS JOHN TATE BRITTAIN STEPHEN BRIXBY ROBERT CHASE NORVIL GEORGE Honorary Religious Local Chapter, 1920 FACULTY MEMBERS Graduate 1925 LOY L. LONG 1926 QUINTON SPRADLING 197-7 JOHN COTTERAL M551 Local Membership-zo DR. W. W. PHELAN TOWNSBND MCCLURE CLIFFORD STROZIER CARL WILSON FRED HATCHETT RALPH HOOD JENNINGS KOCH EARL MARTIN . 4, 5 1 ' - !'1 .Qs v 1 N ' I b'l ' i aux -4. Y , ... w 4 Kappa Phi Top Row-Jamesg Hibhardg Goberg Snappg Bouteller. Second Row-Burtg Pattersong Palmerg Lytlc. Third Row-Samplesg Murphyg Grimthg Ebright. Fourth Row-Browerg Burton: Craveng Hefley. Fifth Row-Plemonsg Pritchardg Belknapg Hinton. Sixth Row-Barnesg Schmoeg Plummerg Powellg Grifiith H501 GOLDIA COOKSE1' GERALDINE GABLE DoRRIs SIMONSON NELLIE BARNES BETTY BROWN MARGARET BROOKS MURIEI. CRAVEN RUTH GOBER RUTH JENKINS LYDIA BEEDE MILDRED BROWER ALICE BELKNAP MARY BOUTELLER AGNES BUERCRLIN NELL HANNA MAXINE HEELEY MILDRBD HIBBARD ALTA BOYD - HELEN BUCRER JOYCE BURT GLADYS GABLE GEORGIA GABLE VIOLET GRIEEITH EVBLYN HASSELBROOK XTHELMA BRISTOW LEILA MARGARET EERIGHT EDLA GAYLORD VBLMA GRIFFITH XVIOLET GUTHRIE ESTHER MONICAL "'Pledges. I I Kappa PM Honorary Religious Membership-B40 Local Chapter-is Founded, IQI6, University of Kansas IQZI, University of Oklahoma FACULTY DR. ALMA J. NEILL SPGNSOR MRS. ROBERT M. LEHEW MEMBERS Graduates T925 1916 1927 FRANCES PALMER 1928 H571 EDWINA HAFLEY MRS. GRACE W. RoYs LOIS WHITE BERNIECE PERSONETT HAZEI. PLUMMER RUTH REED LILLIAN SCHMOE LUCILLB SNAPP LINNIE MAE LEDEETTER HAZEL JAMES MAEEI. NIELSON ADA NYE JOSEPHINE PLEMMONS WILMA POWELL ELIZABETH REED HENRIETTA VON TUNGELN GRACE PRITCHARD KATHERINE LYTLE DOROTHY NORRIS IRIS PATTERSON VIRGINIA PERKINSON RUTH ROANE RUTH WINN ELMA MAUK LEAH MURPHY XMINNIE ROWLAND LILLIAN SLEMMBR MARION THOMAS THELMA WALKER EDNA RUTH WHITLOCK Ak 4311 Zeta Kappa National Honorary Religious Locally Founded at the University of Gklahonia, 19OO x Nationalizecl, 1920 Chapters-2 Total Membership-SO Local-+44 MEMBERS Honofary MRS. FLOYD MRS. BARTON MRS. LEHEW Faculty MARY DEBARDELEEEN JULIA GLXPHANT HELEN HAGLER FANNIE LOU BRITTAIN MABEL ECKSTEDT MILDRED SIDWELL NELL BARNES MAMIE BARR ANNA COTTINGHAM MURIEL CRAVEN FAYE DOUCHERTY LUCY BELLE DUNCAN PEARL HICKS ELLA HUEE ANICE BEASELEY KETURAH HARRINCTON GRACE HALSTBD DOROTHY LONG LULU CLARK LOUISE CLINKSCALES ELAIN KEEBLE ANNA LAURA REUTPHOLER GEORGIA GABLE PEARL MASSEY HENRIETTA VAN TUNGBLN EDWINA HEELEY Gvaduate Students GOLDIB COOKSBY Inactive 1925 1926 1927 1928 IRENE CROOM Pledges I 458 J HELEN RUTH HOLBROOK GLADYS BEEN MABBL NEAL RUTH GOEER MERCEDES SLOSS BERNICE GAYLORD MARY BALDWIN GRACE BROWNING DOROTHY PINKSTON CLARA MOORE DOROTHY PRESSLEY RUTH REED LUCILLE SNAPP HELEN WALLACE HETTIE MALOY ADA NYE THELMA ROSE LAURALENE SHELTON ANNA MAE KEATING LANEIL GARDNER REBECCA LOVE MARTHA STEWART GLADYS GAELE RUTH MAYES LAURA HADDOCK llared Forests RWQSW me ST,'.if.:- ESIEEI uf' E-:Kava .n 1 , ,x , . V be -'SGH lf' MQ! 61 mx 1593- QQ! 1. 4 i wa SIE WSW li 'wl . -. f' '. . .-.1 ln' D- , --,A . ,:- Ax y-I ' . e -f , M i iw www! if will 1 .. ,I 1. ll"'., Ho.. -' 1 i'. Qmmatics HE dramatic art department of the University, under the direction of Miss Ida Z. Kirk and Miss Lloyd Porter, has maintained the usual high standard of productions. Miss Kirk, Whose experience as an instructor in dramatic art has carried over a number of years, and who has been in the University depart' ment the past four, has studied under Mrs. Edmond Russell of New York City, Samuel Kayser of the Chicago Conservatory of Dramatic Art, and in the S. S. Curry School of Expression of Boston. She is also a graduate of the Fulton and Trueblood School of Dramatic Art of Kansas City, Mo. Miss Porter has taken a very active interest and has been in charge of many of the major productions of the year. Miss Porter is an excellent reader and also specializes in stage setting and effects. f46II fPhi Nu Gamma Top Row-Crowderg Schoonoverg Beard. Second Row-Dickg Montgomeryg Petree. Third Row-Geerg Gistg Wootten. Bottom Row-Gurleyg Taylorg Frzmtzg Gardner l4G21- CPM Ma Gamma Honorary Dramatic Sorority Founded at Hollins College, Virginia, 1887 Oklahoma, I919 MEMBERS National Ojjlicers in Residence MRS, BERNARD LOVGREN MRS. PAUL CARPENTER Faculty GWENDOLYN MEUx Students CLARINDA HAUCK MARCUERITE NEWBLOCK THELMA RITTER ELSIE GIST ANITA TAYLOR LOUISE BEARD LORAINE COPPEDGE THERESA BENNETT GRACE GEER XMARGARBT PETREE GLANEIL GARDNER "4Pledge. f463'l ZAZELLE DICK MARGARET FRANTZ CATHERINE GURLEY DORCAS MCCONNBLL LENA MONTGOMERY RUTH STANDEVEN HELEN WALLACE CLARA B. WALTRIP GRACE SCI-IOONOVER ":RUBY WooTTEN XETOILE CROWDER Blue Quftain Top Row-Dooley, Dick, Smithey, Gardner. Middle Row-Frantz, Jacobs, Wetmore, Bacon. I Bottom Row-Taylor, Trosper, Turbyfill, Bunton, Wlnders. MISS IDA Z. KIRK LOUISE BEARD KATHRYN BENEEIELD ZAZELLA DICK LILLIAN DOOLBY GRACE GEBR REGINALD GREEN RUTH GOBER SUE HAILEY SUSIE BUNTON Local- Dramatics MEMBERS Faculty MRS. IZOLA HARRISON Students LUCILB HUNTINGTON EDYTIIE JACOBS FLORENCE MCHENRY MARGARET FRANTZ DAVID MILSTEIN CORNELIA MOORE HELEN ROBINSON HALLIE MAE RUSSELL MYRTLE WETMORE l46-11 MISS LLOYD PORTER GARNETT REYNOLDS THELMA SMITH SUBERT TURBYFILL LEAH TROSPER ANITA TAYLOR RUBY RUTH VINCENT HELEN WALLACE GLADYS WINDERS GENEVIEVE BACON 'Ghe Gassillis Engagement 254 NNUALLY the Blue Curtain Club, local dramatics order, stages one major production as a feature of the dramatics season. This year the big number was the "Cassilis Engagement," a play written by St. john Hankin, involving the difficulties the Cassilis family becomes involved in in merely trying to live "and love a little." The play was very successful with a very good turnfout, ZaZelle Dick and J. Reginald Green starring the evening. ie CAST CProduced November 21, 19245 LEAH TROSPER . . . Mrs. Herries SUBERT TURBYFILL . . the Rector BRUCE HAMM . . . . Warsor1 KATHRYN BENEEIELD . . . Lady Remenham ANITA TAYLOR . . . Lady Mable Venning ZAZELLB DICK . . Mrs. Cassilis LILLIAN DOOLEY . . Lady Marchmont I. REGINALD GREEN . . Geojjfrey Cassilis HAROLD GARDINER ' . . Major Warrington RUBY RUTH VINCENT . . Mrs. Barridge HELEN ROBINSON . . Dorcet CATHERINE GURLEY , Ethel Barridge l465l Stunt Nite is Fourth Annual Seasons Opener NDER the direction of Bob Anglin and J. Russell Hogge the open' ing number of the school season's stage productions was given to one of the largest crowds the affair has ever drawn. Stage directions by Bob Yoder and Robert Conine were unusually good. The plan was Well organized and went off in rare order. LkMetcalfe, the Magician," "the Axelson and Dooleyu Bowery Dancers, the Oriental chorus and "Priebe's Company" were very good, while the lighter number of Fisher and Reynolds held the attention of everyone. The Ruf Neks indulged in a bit of Western "Wild and Woolly" song and prairie scenes. i Stunt Nite is sponsored by the Y. M. C. A., the director being selected each year by the HY" Cabinet, and is considered one of the best features of the year. ROBBRT ANGLIN . Director ROBERT YODER . . Assistants ROBBRT CONINB J. RUSSELL HOGGB . . Business Manager l466l 'Elie Sooner fBw'lesque is ,,,, - NF-R B a 4, oo 0 Q '5 Vs " ' . 7 Bw R q . . i Pan! fl 4' LYNN LE-.E UNO! NO! DEAN!" HE annual burlesque. this year played as "Noi No! Deanlu, main' tained the usual good standard of campus razz with some excellent features in music, dances and clever takefoffs. Boh Yoder and Lynn Lee, directing the show, perfected a very com' mendable production which moved off with very little delay and in orderly fashion. The plot was one involving several campus affairs, much local scandal and particularly carrying along the theme best suggested by the title, directed rather pointedly toward the Dean of Women, and general faculty administration. The Htenfthirty whistle" rule of the Dean was featured with popular approval. A More than 48 students appeared in the shovv and the result showed good work on the part of all concerned. l4671 Forensic if THE HEAD OE THE DEPARTMENT R. HORNER has been acting as head of the Public Speaking Department, which is a separate branch of the college of Arts and Sciences, for the past two years in the absence of Professor Josh Lee, who is taking advanced work at Harvard University. The work of coaching the debate teams and arranging the annual tryfouts and managing the schedule of contests devolves upon him in this capacity. The department has fared unusually Well the past season in debate, finishing the year in the semiffinals of the Missouri Valley in the first year of the AllfValley circuit debates. One of the outstanding features of the forensic season was the OklahomafUniversity of Oxford debate on the i'Occupation of the Ruhr Valley," which the Sooners won by the vote of the audience. f468l Qfkbatefrs 'L 'Vx ! 1, ' "A ' .bmw ,B 1,7 ' L- V wg- 'L "+13' , . ' V, ,j, 5.29501 1 x A' 2 ' ' 1.1 9,1 'jiC?T'y ' . . - A -lrfi' - ' - 'F .gi . V- I? . P A , - V ' " 'ef . f ' A -1 . .. I ,.,. . . ,775 Frank Watson, O. B, Martin, Royce H. Savage, john Hervey, Harold Cooksey. TEAMS RANK Watson and John Hervey upheld the Negative of the season's question: "Resolved, that Congress would be given the power to overrule by a tvvofthirds vote of both houses decisions of the Supreme Court declaring acts of Congress unconstitutionalf, against both Colorado and K. S. A. C., winning both. They also debated against South Dakota and Oxford. liz Royce Savage and A. Holmes Baldridge made up the Affirmative team against Kansas, Texas, Arizona and Arkansas, which matches they split, winning from Kansas and Arkansas, losing to Texas and Arizona. Savage also debated against South Dakota and Baldridge against Oxford. 54691 Uebaters R. V. Anderson, Edwin Deupree, Darwin Kirk, A. Holmes Baldridge, Glenn Crowley. TEAMS OREGINALD GREEN and R. Victor Anderson composed the team against Missouri, supporting the Negative of the season question which they won zfr. if Darwin Kirk and Glenn Crowley upheld the Negative against Indiana. The decision was unanimous for the Sooners. The question for this debate was the same which was held throughout the season, excepting the Oxford contest. Martin, Gooksey and Deupree are veterans of the season ,23'124, but were not out this season on the Varsity squads. Goode, McWhorter and Neale are also letter men of last year, but failed to hold a team position this year. 1:4701 efoiew of the Season, 72422 5 HREE things stand out as memorable in the University's IQ24'IQ2S Forensic Season. They are: The first year of the Missouri Valley Debate Leagueg the International Debate with Oxford University, Eng' land, and the culmination of a successful season in debate. We are to be justly proud of the first year's successful operation of the Missouri Valley Debate League. This organization was Hrst sponsored by Oklahoma four years ago. It was adopted by the universities of the Valley and put into operation for the first time this year. The successful operation of the organization this year assures its future preeminence in Missouri Valley forensics. The following universities are members of the Association: Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Texas, K. S. A. C., Washj ington, Drake and South Dakota. In the initial schedule, Oklahoma tied with South Dakota for hrst place in the Conference. In the postfseason debate held at Lawrence, Kansas, April 22, by a vote of 3 to 2, South Dakota was awarded the championship, with Oklahoma second in the Conference. Unusual interest was attracted to the forensic season by the Univerf sity's debate with Oxford University, England, held at Norman, January 5, 1925. The Oxford team, which was making a tour of the United States, Canada and Australia, defended the Affirmative of the question: Resolved, that the House condemn the French policy towards Germany since the war. The decision was rendered by a rising vote of the audience which resulted in approximately three to one in favor of Oklahoma. Speakers for Oklahoma were Mr. John Hervey, Mr. A. Holmes Baldridge and Mr. Frank Watson. The debate season of 1Q2..1.'IQ2S was a successful one for Oklahoma, matching the high average of the past two years. The University pare ticipated in ten interfcollegiate debates and won seven of the ten. With the exception of the debate with Oxford, the same question was used in all debates, namely: Resolved, that Congress should be given the power to overrule, by a twofthirds vote of both houses, decisions of the Supreme Court declaring acts of Congress unconstitutional. I471fI Oklahoma Oklahoma, Oklahoma Oklahoma, Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma Oklahoma affirmative affirmative negative . negative negative . negative affirmative aiiirmative negative . . . . VS. . . . . . . VS. . . . . . Summary . . . vs. . . negative, Kansas Unanimous for Oklahoma . . vs. . . . negative, Arkansas Unanimous for Oklahoma . . . vs. . . afhrmative, K. S. A. C. Unanimous for Oklahoma . affirmative, Colorado . . VS. . . Oklahoma 2, Colorado 1 afhrmative, Indiana . . . VS. . . . Unanimous for Oklahoma affirmative, Missouri . . vs. . . . Oklahoma 2, Missouri I . . . vs. . . Unanimous for Texas negative, Texas . negative, Arizona Unanimous for Arizona . . . vs. . afhrmative, South Dakota Oklahoma 2, South Dakota 3 Oxford Audience vote gfr for Oklahoma 1.4 Omtory N ORATORY, Harold Cooksey represented the University in the Missouri Valley Oratorical contest held at St. Louis, March 2o. Elmo Hester, representing the University, won nrst place in the State Old Line Oratorical contest held at Edmond, April 21. john Brett represented the University in the National InterfCollegiate Peace Oratorical contest. The Avery prize in Oratory, given hy Mr. Cyrus S. Avery of Tulsa, will be awarded in May. 54723 Delta Sigma fl-Q10 A . ., .14 . 'Top Row-Edwin Deupree, O. B. Martin, John Hervey. Bottom Row-Frank Watson, A. Holmes Baldridge, Harold Cooksey. HOLMES BALDRIDGE EDWIN DEUPREB REGINALD GREEN O. B. MARTIN ROYCB H. SAVAGE Honorary Forensic University of Minnesota, 1906 Oklahoma, 1908 Number of Chapters-61 MEMBERS Faculty J. KEENB HORNER Students I 473 I HAROLD COORSEY JOHN GOODE WALKER GRISSO JOHN HERVEY FRANK WATSON Qbfusic if . THE DEPARTMENT Q Dean Fredrik Holmberg UNTINUED success of the work of the department and of the musical organizations justifies recognition and appreciation of work well done, able direction and proper management. Dean Holmberg, who is this year completing his Hfteenth year with the University, has given over the orchestra to Professor Oscar Lehrer since the work of the department has so increased, together with his personal activities. Dean Holmberg is a graduate of the Ioenlcolping Gymnasium and has as well studied under a number of American masters. Professor Lehrer has become nationally well known as a composer and text writer on instruction and violin study. He has also acted as leader of the University band and is associate professor of music. is THE YEAR Recitals by all musical organizations and classes have been well attended during the year. The Eaculty and Special Sunday programs have been unusually good. Trips have been taken by all the clubs, the Men's Glee having made four trips, the Women's two, the Orchestra two and the Band one. The provision of Lyceum numbers on the Student Ticket has added numbers of merit to the season. If474j lun' -A - Urzifuersity Crchestra MEMBERS PROFESSOR OSCAR J. LEH RER . . Director PAUL CARPENTER . . Concert Master CEEICERS GAIL LEWIS . . . . . . President CHARLES SPRINGER . . VicefPresidemt JOHN WEIDMAN . Secretaryffreasurer ' Basses HAROLD CREVELING Trumpets GEORGIA FARLEY RALPH MASON GERALD PETERSON ROGER PENN GERTRUDE HACKER JOHN WEIDMAN Flutes CHARLES SPRINGER 101-A HARRISON ' J C W E MORRIS HALSTED GRAHAM THURINGER K M I ADA NYE JOHN MORRISON YI-E C NTYRE C U R S FRANCIS PALMER e os AYMOND ELDERS Violins GUY PARKHURST JETTIE BAIRD E. M. DEITERICH JOHN MARCH HELEN MITCHELL BETTY PICKARD LEE WEST C' larirnets LYNN BARRETT DOROTHY BROWN ANABEL SMITH Horn THEODORE BLAND Piano ZANE MENTZER Trornborzes C. P. BABER N CHARLES EDGERTO HELEN BAILEY RACHEL BEDFORD JOHN CALHOUN PAUL S. CARPENTER JEANETTE COLLINS MERL CREECH W. A. DARROW GLADYS DIAL CARROLL ELLIOTT l475J HENRY RICHERT HELEN RUBIN AGNES MAY SMIKA ROTHWELL STEPHEN FLETCHER WARD Violas PRICE GITTINGER GSCAR J. LBHRER S University Band CSCAR LEHRER . Chief Musician WILHELM DEITZ . Assistant ED PATCHELL Drum Major OFFICERS PRICE GITTINGER . .... . President GLENN MASON . , . . VicefPresidenr HAROLD CREVELING . Secretaryffreasurer MALCOLM PHELPS . . Business Manager MEMBERS Piccolo Corners Baritone Basses JOHN CROWDER EUGENE BOYLAN MAERY HOOVER JOHN FLEET Clayinets ELISTON DIEM WALTER ROANE GLENN MASON ROGER PENN Saxophones ART ROUST HAROLD CREVELING LINNE HOLMEERG GERALD PETERSON ED SHIELDS C. CUNNINGHAM JOHN HOOPER G. W. HOUSE BETHEL TURBYFILL Oboe EDGAR WHITTLE JAMES HOCKMAN KERMIT INGHAM DAVID MILSTEIN HOLLIE HARRIS WILLIAM HOLT Altos GORDON HICKOK ISAAC JACKSON MALCOLM PHELPS HARRY ATKINSON GENTRY KIDD JOEL WEST Trornbones KENNETH BLAKELEY PRICE GITTINGER CHARLES EDGERTON GHAS. CUNNINGHAM SUBERT TURBYPILL I476J ROBERT STORMONT JOHN WEIDMAN Bass Drum WINSTON YEAGER Snare Drums ALBERT BRETT RAY LINDSEY University 9YCen's Glee Glub R. H. RICHARDS ERNEST LIPPERT DELBERT GIDEON JAMES SEGER . WILLIAM DOUGHERTY KENNETH DUNN CHARLES FARBER ROSCOB ROBERTS EARL BARRETT ALBERT BONNELL RAY EMBREE DELBERT GIDEON CHARLES BOND CHARLES CUNNING BYRNE GERHARD WALTER GOGGIN EDGAR GRIMM HENRY BALL GEORGE COMSTOCK WALTER GRAALMAN HARLAN HOLT MEMBERS First Tenors Second Tenors EDWIN STARKBY Baritorzes ROBERT WHITSON Basses JOHN SMOCK I 477 1 Director . President Secretary . Treasurer NEVIL SLAGTER MAURICE HARPER JAMES HENLEY JAMES SEGER DANA HEFLEY ED LETSON WILLIAM LEWIS MELVILLE METCIRLFE GLENN HAWES GWYNNE HILL BASIL HUSS JOSEPH KENNEDY JAMES LEDBETTER ERNEST LIPPERT KENNETH LONGSI-IORE JOHN PBARSON MERRILL SILER Vxfomefnfs Qlfzofrus Top Row-Mays, Alexander, George, Marshall, White, Curreathers. Second Row-Davis, Watson, Coppeclge, Goodwin, J. Hudiburg. Third Row-Bonnell, Kelley, Richards, Groom, Chase, L. Hudiburg. Bottom Row-Babcock, Reynolds, Cullen, Hicks, Streahley, Brown. Vxfomefrfs Sluafftette Virginia George, Pattie Pitts Hudson, Marglierite Phillips, Ruth Alexander. ENID DAVIS, Reader PATTIE Pirrs HUDSON, Soloist HELEN RUBIN, Violinist MRS. R. H. RICHARDS, Accompanist 1:4781 4 YB fir, V ,, Kappa Kappa 495i Y 1 Top Row-Bonucllg Ray: Edgcrtoug Hoover. Second Row-Brettg Cllllllillghillllg Hockman. ThiI'l11fOl11-I'I2ll'I'iSQ Spriugerg Darbyg Bell. Bollom Rozvililandg Inghamg Petersong Glaze. f479I Kappa Kappa QDSI Honorary Band Fraternity Oklahoma A. E99 M. College, 1919 Cklahoma, Delta Chapter, 1921 C. P. BAEER WILHELM DEITE PROFESSOR OSCAR LEHRER HARRY ATKINSON HILLIS BELL THEODORE BLAND DANAH BOYETTE VERNON BRADY ALBERT BRETT JOHN H. CROWDER CARLETON CUNNINGHAM CHARLES A, DAUBERT ELISTON DIEM LAWRENCE W. FERGUSON JOHN J. FLEET R. O. HENDRIX J. N. HOCKMAN E. M. HOOVER CHARLES E. EDGERTON JOHN E. SHIELDS M EMBERS H onorary Students EMMETT A. DAREY I ,Iso 3 REV. B. M. LOVGREN A. C. MONTIN JOHN P. SOUSSA QTIS HOUSE MAC L. HUTCHENS FRANCIS INGLE RAY LINDSEY HUGH L. MONRO C. E. SPRINGER HAROLD VANDERPOOL ALBERT BONNELL JOHN C. GLAZE KERMIT W. INGHAM JESSE L. LARSON CHARLES H. DELZELL DAVID L. RAY H. H. HARRIS JAMES L. GOWDY GERALD PETERSON T. E. WHITTLE ' Ng! 1 A I - I ii-T -0? " . " A- -' '-- E7 fav E 'F . fcbx " "'5 l. gp? M I I 1 :avr -:iv - Q" Y, " fWS fea- 12- 13- W - ' ..'.,,,. A 4 f f 4 7 Q A K - , - .1 QV' Q X? Z f f g-A HX A 0 IN , Razz ! I W X , W . , M X J V W X?67Q7M 93QX 6 X ZQ l W K vb 'Go CBegin With- G HE editors have but one apology to make, that can be excused. It is this, that this section must be so restricted and constricted, cut down to a mere rattling skeleton. Certainly there have been wonderful opportunities for its meritorious use and application in spite of the wonderful groundf covering of the famous 'Yodeler and Lee, the Gridiron Banquet, The Oklahoma Nitie, Tattle Tale, the Hear and Their alleged column of the local scandal sheet, the Whirlwind, now breezing along on its own, or even the office of the Dean of Women. However, in the way of general catalogued razz as to organizations, you will find little. CI-Iint: the Editor and the Manager are members of historically established rivals, not being able to cover these two orders properly, fairness does not permit it for the othersj Really, though, the cause of it all is N-welre out o' funds, you know!" ' l482l HV 'fJ..'1 f Zeta QBigma ,Top Row-James "Jack" Dowg "So11uy,' Strouvelleg Dickee Caldwellg King Arthurg H. A. Hallamg .Karl "Pi11kie,' Hogang Chester "Tattle Tale" Cole. Second Row-Yeine Heudricksg Moot Keysg "Ceutipede" Grunertg L. E. Ferguson and R. G. Thomp- gon fnot a reflectionjg J. Keen Horneyg Pricstly. Third Row-M. H. Barrett of Ryang "Gin" Morrisong .lawn VVoodworth iPrincetonJg Uncle Ben Clayg Ikey Dowuingg H. Hallam Herbert. - Fourth Row-John Pearsong "Doon Lambg Mutt May, nee Madanskyg Hodges fHeah 'em Yawnjg Jelly Vinsoug Bob Yodeler. Fifth Raw-Uncle "Buck"g Egad Egolfg Bob "Quo Vadis" Conineg Levi Edwardsg A. Homely Baldridgeg Copass Himself. 54831 'Che Sooner Hall o Shame is CEDITORQS NOTE: This department, modeled on the National Hall of Fame is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a student. It is even more of an honor than being men tioned in the lurid columns of the Oklahoma Daily, the Tattle Tale or the Hear em Swear perpetrated by such men as Cole and Hodgesj ARTHUR GRUNERT . UNCLE BUCK . CHESTER COLE DICK CALDWELL . H. H. HARRIS . ARTHUR HALLAM . SONNY STROUVELLE . YODBR and LEE . DEAN GERLACH . THE BOARD or REGENTS ALPHA XI DELTA . ROGER CUNNINGHAM GEORGE COBB and NELL JOHN O. BRITTAIN . J. HAMILTON NEALE OKLAHOMA DAILY . H. H. HERBERT . MAICOM PHELPS . if WE NOMINATE For religious activity CHOnoraryj For his optimism Any number of things taczturmty For his athletic prowess For his persistency and political endurance CHonoraryj For his assistance to the 199.5 Sooner Temperance. Cofoperation with Dean Gerlach QHOnoraryj Popularity For their popular date rule For releasing the scholarship cup Scholarship and retiring attitude NORVELL For domestic felicity and devotion For his shyness with the co eds Impersonation of a man of type Cofoperation with the Student Council CHonoraryj For his valiant stand in defense ofthe Whirlwind. For his financial integrity 'LHEEEIE JEEEIEM GRAHAM . . For releasing his hold on the Y M C A BETTIE DAVIS . . . Versatility in amours I484l EAM 5. 'Q 03 , WW n 5 2.59.- , g 51755:-' , " A 1: .1 1 -gy E... 'Z' '1 -sz: " .3 -y fx 5 L.. ff The Staff Photographer broke h1s camera on the masterplece in the lower right hand 4313 WIN Only Gentle RQIZZ YE ALLfTIME SOONER GAL Once upon a time, as the fairy books and the Whirlwind have it, there was a demure little country lass Csure there are such things, even nowj who had made up her father's mind to the effect that she must go to the big College in the wonderful University City and there learn the ways of the three Virtues. So she did. And each day you may see her in and about the popular mints Csynonyf mous for the sodafdispensatory and thriving victualfemporiums, or emporia, pardon usj, leading about with her the many bold and able Knights of the Realm fthe antifWalton Leaguej. Her face beams with a radiant flush of pride Canother kind of rougej and she knows that she is THE only gurrul for me or you and anyone else, and she knows, too, that she is Everybody's sweetheart, though she's Nobody's gal. From the haughty demeanor of this miss she might have been a Theta Cthat is, when there is no election close at handj, or from her diplomatic social ingenuity, or whatever you call it, she could have been a Kappa. Cr still from her ability to sing and dance the latest and the longest, she might have been an Alpha Gam or a Chi Omega. From her demure poise Qyou see she is versatilej and coy manner she might have been a Pi Phi or a Delta Gamma Canchorite orderj. Yes, she might have been an Alpha Xi, an Alpha Chi, or Zeta. She might have been a member of most any order for most any reason, BUT she's not. She's that ALLfTlME SCONER GAL! CNOTB: Make your own nominations. Betting and voting limited to the immediate offspring of the person interestedj if EPIDEMICZ , HousefMother to one of the 'kgurrulsl' at seven the next morning, "My dear, you didn't stay in the house last night?" The penitent one, UNO, I was erfGerflachfed out!" lie However, the best bet for the next fall season will be that in all probability, with the new restrictive "date" rule, most of them will, be .'kGerlachfed in." - I4861 Grecian Argument HEN Theophile Artemus jones came to school he heard about these sofcalled Greek letter organizations. Why they were Greek letter he did not know, since it was really all Greek to him, but he supposed that maybe they were all right anyhow, especially if there weren't too many fruit salesmen, banana peddlers, on their various and varying membership lists. Anyhow, to shorten this tale, he, by some mistake in the rushing lists of some of these orders Qhis name had been confused with that of T. A. Jonzj, became the prize rushee, the mostfsought-after man in the College social whirl. Being rushed by all these elevated hashfhouses, his education, enlightenment and erudition was becoming a reality and an assurance of future worth. So he had to listen to such as this for hours and hours before he was finally convinced that he should join the - fraternity. The K. A. argument ran like this: t'Of course, now, Theo, ole man, you know that Kappa Alpha SOUTHERN is the exclusive southern gentleman's chosen order. Why, the name of Kappa Alpha is revered with awefstricken fear, as is the name of Jobet to the Peuravian. And besides, just look you, my good fellow, we have such men as kDangerf ous Dan' Maguire, Gordon Grapefjuice Carr, GoyotefTamer Strouvelle and last but not least that man of perfection, our own Buster Hill, who was the recipient of the prize as the Perfect Lover in ag." Then the Fijis ran him in the front door and down into their new rushing basement before he could break away and gave him the following line: "Why, yes, you know that ole Gal is one of the brothers. 'Yeah! Yep! None other than the President himself, Fiji, you bet! Sure! Cabout this time some of the boys of another order on down the street came after young jones, but unfortunately, yes they were sorry, but Jones had just leftj Well, ole Phi Gamma Delta's in her new home now: Say, strike up that Fiji Honeymoon on that new piano, 3589.75 f. o. b." The Sig Alphs CEpsilon divisionj gave him this bit of chatter: "Well, young man, you couldn't go wrong with S. A. E. She's right at the top at Oklahoma, of course. Yes, that's Chester Cole just came in. One of the biggest-er-men in school. Got another meeting on I guessf.-You knew, of course, that we have the most prominent alumni resident in Norman, sure! - Dick- Gloyd, for instance, he runs this school, yeah, got the Alumni Association sewed up and the keys tothe new Stadium. No, you can't go wrong with S. A. EHS ' QGontinued on next pagej - , A h l:4871 E Grecian Argument QContinued from preceding pagej The Sigma Nu's array of convincing parleys was: "Well, jones, if you ever expect to get anywhere in athletics you'd better get right with God and join Sigma Nu. We've got the coach, the captain and half the letter in nearly any sport. And you know Yiene Hendricks, fighter, athlete? Yeah, he's one of the boys, too. Yeah! new house, too." Next Jones drifted into the Phi Delt house Cr848fOklahomaf1918j and was cornered by Savage and Ellinger with a little forensic stuff. 'LDear ole Phi Delta Theta, 1843, Miami, has produced such men as Bell the Vitalizer, and Thatcher the Crab. Besides you surely know that we are the most democratic order on the campus, speak to every' body, even the Betas, though they sometimes don't speak to us. Yes, sir, you've gone far enough, just hitch your pony out in the back and settle down." Of course the Betas came right after Jones when they heard that the Sig Alfs and the Phi Delts wanted him. "Beta Theta Pi is THE order, the magic of the Wooglin is undying and everlasting. The Betas are the best. Now we have the Thompson boys, three of 'em, made Nowata famous. Then there is Doc Lamb, D.D.M.C., and jim Down' ing, the champion crapfshooter of College Shop Alley. And Uncle Buck is a Beta, so is Fish Muldrow and Little Bill Buchananfi The Kappa Sigs heard that Jones was quite a beefy lad, so Bristow met him with a bearfhug and this chatter: L'Football, sure, we've got 'emg baseball, Yeah! Most everything we want except what Sigma Nu has in athletics. And the prize Money' Lender of the campus, Shylock ThreefBall Downing CIOl7bD. Besides if you stay around here you won't have to slick up any, except maybe when Hogan, the Vanity Fair fashion plate, rooks you into wearing a tie." The Sig Chis were a little late, as usual, but there just the same. i'Sure Sigma Chi is in the Triad, the Miami Triad, you know. just think what the Maltese Cross does for a man. Will power galore! 'From a bunch of sots, to a Temperance League in one night of fraternity action,' told by Choc McCurtain. Roger, our little Roger Cunningham, is back in school again. And Talbot of Knicker fame. No, you won't make a mistake by joining right up, we'll pledge you any time!" But Theophile was found out. He wasn't the jonz they were after, so he returned to the farm, broken hearted and puzzled. And still he didn't know what they were! H4881 CC Here Is That Horse-Collar Section 154 A UNANu.1oUs s13L15ti'r1oN ENTITLED King Arthur ana' His Knight! of the Horfe- Collar' ' OI' "The Sovereign of Journalism Hall aaa' H ik Favorites" Cno partiality shown-O! Nolj if THE LINE-UP King Arthur "Honest Abiew Hallam C at the head of the tablej Professor Hallam A. H. A. H. Qon his leftj Con his rightj Arthur, Knight A. Hallam Qnext closestj Cleading the cheeringj Ole Hal ldein Ditto A. H. just Plain Art Con dutyj Con the tablej fback-slappingj Our Arthur Cat the foot of the tablej I4891 oncerning Advertising T WAS necessary this year, at a very late date, to resort to advertising as a source of income because of the extreme depletion of SOONER funds under our budget as a result of the failure of so many students to buy the boolq. There was no advertising solicited on the '24 book, and this campaign for '25 was somewhat of a surprise to them. However, for the most part their support was good and we feel that those who did advertise with us in the face of much argument to the contrary on the part of certain people and organizations, have done the boolq and the school a service and have still gained for themselves addif tional benefits in good will and standing with the University personnel. The most that can be said is that it is appreciated, and it is hoped they will realize on the investment. Sooners can reciprocate by patronizing SOONER advertisers. L4901 . 1' " i?27'i? " ' -'-- X A A -.- ? X 4+ fN KX 4 ,gg wk wi ff- f i f ' " Z Z Z f f f 4 A A Li 7 Af A4 - E1 KN Advertising W x , 9 . , V K J VVS ii? m2fQ7sXQ YQ QiQ: ,i X w X1im -is GOOD WILL We have long enjoyed the patronage and good will of O. U. students through years of honest, thoughtful dealings. We shall strive in the coming years, by good service, truthful advertising and real Young Men's Fashions, to merit a continuance of your faith in us. H. LEWINSOHN sf soNs THE HUB L A Hart, Shaffner and Marx Clothes 108 W. Main Oklahoma City B ia-1-' H -:AW Oklahoma City Largest Correct Home Furnishers in the Southwest 1 - TTCCS f it iiii 'G IGH L4923 Snappy Styles for R. D. LINDSAY Sfzldelifs 9 ln Campus Togs Ibrugs and A All the Accessories Q Norman, Oklahoma T G M B G H l-luckins Hotel Oklahoma City Soofzerlemd Knows Where to Buy Altlzlezie Equzlbmem' Tlzatlf Rzlglzz' We have seen Benny Owen's fighters pull down the big end of the score in many athletic events of various kinds during the last ten or fifteen years, and always with a sort of jealous pride that we furnished the equipment to do the work. Wlaether you come back to O. U. next year or go out to govern a bunch of "rookies" yourself, we'll be mighty glad to furnish you as we have your famous coach at the University. Special Discount to Schools on all Athletic Equipment. r fa 3 me by if --to -I l . In A PSKTS ejs Crhe Department Hardgvezrewftore-. Oklahoma City I 493 J Send for Free Catalogue. Prof.: "Five dollars for a definition of tact." Student: "That is what prevents a grey haired man with a wrinkled face from reminding a youthful looking Woman with a complexion of a rose that they were boy and girl together." 3 . Psychology Prof.: "What do you immediately think of when you hear the word 'mintifl New Yorker: L'Money." Southerner: ujulepf' In the better homes of Cklahoma if you will find Portraits by if Qlcwefnce Ireland Studio H4941 Make pe merrie ani: eniup the finest infuuh anis brink Be Cliupper Bettie The largest anh finest assortment nf hietuals berheh in QBkIaIJnma's must unique Zinn. E491 The College Gz'rl'5 Shop of Oklahoma City Jetta f',.?,JnQjgW5'm wi, W if Specializing in smart and cor- . ,lflnnut Z ,I lN.J:mT3,2rn11n, F rect apparel for the needs of the College Girl, at prices that 1M,,m,,,M, - HW' L -ls' EIS are consistently moderate. YW -is , l- "" D in I 'rl .... TJ lf A 5 ' A Eh me 1 1 aa a I ,,, ' -, Q I 5 'lp w 3 i My 25" Qi 4.5 y A , 2 ii i. t , if :l'fi'l llc 1 ia' ,ll lt " "'l IA WI, ,,,: J '.1" ad,-i,x" -nm I lil' l 'll ""' ill nr- cwfn.l. .unu- . .... ,NN g - 51 ,lf ' BOOKS are the tools of your college work, the possible means of your amusement, and your friends of a lifetime. Our shelves are filled with books chosen to satisfy the discriminating college reader-from Hecht and Huxley to Keable and F. Scott Fitzgerald. You Moderns, would you enjoy seeing a copy of Ben Hechtls suppressed 'fFantasius Mallare F" Or if you need a Wee gift, or a bright picture for your room. you will find delight in visiting our Art Depart- ment. You're always welcome Wzgger Boole Company 128 West Main Street Oklahoma City I-1961 1L11n-1,-1-wir , , , 11 Ii t X' f 1 MCCALL' Normans Greatest Store T-zvmzfy-fwo C01llf7lC'ff3 Deparffzzenfs 110-112 West Main Street Norman McCa11's Men's Store McCa11's Varsity Place 106 West Main St. Just Off the Campus Norman Norman I4971 Ulelahoma City's Human Clothing Store "!fVhe1fe each member of the S ales O7'gtl1L'iZCZff071' fakes Pez'sonal interest in the Customer" Fashion Park Clothes "and other makes" Jno. B. Stetson Hatts Manhattan Shirts Bostonian Shoes Athletic Suits Bathing Suits Always the Latest in Furnishings Children's Clothing Chilclren's Furnishings 2nd Floor Zncl Floor Sturm Clothing Company 127 'West Main Street Oklahoma City. Oklahoma "Tha Store that --lfvfvrofitztos Your P0fl'0'IlGgF"' TRUBY STUDIO Pl-ICTUGRAPHS PICTURE FRAMES KODAKS AND FILMS Gift Goods of Every Description The Gift Shop of NQRMAN, OKLAHCMA f498l l L'-Tl I 5 l , . The Economy of having several suits prompts many to buy them in pairs. It is a wise plan and makes for longer wear as well as for a pleasing va- riety in the wardrobe. Plenty of attractive "pairs" for the man who wants to make a douhle purchase- Blue Cheviot Suits and Fancy Mixture Suits 40 up W'e'Il moot you in SepfP11zbe1' at NlEWVlBlllLlLS On tho U11f7!6l'5'iZljl CG777'f7'I'lS or Oklohovmz City I 499 ,1 3-+ :-if A1355 'Vins Wir 9:52 40 TRAINS Did you know the Oklahoma Railway Company pro-- vides 20 Passenger Trains each way daily for the convenience, comfort and necessity of the University City? Did you know that these trains all carry Express and Baggage for your convenience? Did you know that two freight trains per day are run each way also for the convenience of your grocer and baker? - Did you know that a dispatcher is kept constantly on duty to insure your safety on the road? Did you know a considerable force of expert linemen are kept on duty to immediately clear the line when trouble occurs? Did you know that the Oklahoma Railway had just spent about fifty thousand dollars to ballast the line from Norman to Gklahoma City? l5001 XX A 9954 9l'fE7J- me 11158 K' 'S Did you know that the Oklahoma Railway only charges 2.7 cents per mile fare with a ten per cent reduction for round trip tickets and that the usual rail rate is 3.6 cents per mile? Did you know that commutation tickets had been espe- cially designed to meet the needs of students who may Want to attend the University and live in other towns? Did you know the Oklahoma Railway contributes a liberal amount in taxes for the maintenance of your school and our school-D. U.? And why all this? The Oklahoma Railway Company has confidence in Norman and Dklahoma University, and wants to keep pace with their growth. The several hundred employes of this Company from General Manager to Messenger Boy: from Power House to Road Sections: from Trainmen to Station Employes are at your service practically twenty-four hours for three hundred and sixty-live days in the year -except when leap year makes it three hundred and sixty-six. Oklahoma Railway Company fGeorge A. Henshaw and john XY. Shartel, Receiversl f501l Dumb: "Who was the greatest inventor?" Dumber: "An Irishman named Pat Pending." 2 Ofhcer: "But isnit your son rather young to join the army?" Mother: "Well, he is very young, but you see he is only going to join the infantry." Q Fashion magazines remind us Ladies' pockets are the bunk So that dates and dances Hnd us Loaded down with junk. We wish to express our appre- ciation and give our thanks for the friendship and business re- ceived from the students of the Oklahoma University. Suits to Order: also Ready- To-Put-On 292 Free Pressing at All Time Tzu' Models also Sfvecfial, 829. 50 f if f r , O r , C 5 .-5 :53. 'Q-as i r L,,.f.2'1 ' Exactly 106 West Main Street Oklahoma City, Okla. The F umre Holds much for the students of Oklahoma University. But it holds most for those who prepare for it best. Systematic handling of your banking business is an asset, and training which is the best you can get for that future. See us about opening your account when you come back to school next fall. Flyff N aziomzl Bank Norman, Oklahoma 2l P.8cS. Taxiand Baggage Service r- Stcmd by men who brought the 25C rate to N ormanf' Call 300 Day or 323 N ight The Best lls not too Good ffm' -vozu' f'il'tIfL'I'III'f.X' .vfc1ti011el'.x'. Ill' can gin' you fhlt' besf, in xfc1tz'01ze'1'.i' and c'a-1'd.v. UIIHZUI' cufvfwr fvlafv 6'lIgl'CI'Z!Cd 01' cuzbossed. For flzc dame-fclzfors aim' fv1'ng1'a111.s flmf arc lmfqzrv and dl-ffC'7'z?7'If. Leather Goods Ollice Supplies Western Bank Supply Company Oklahoma City, Oklahoma iendci p rtions the qurlitx ot ice ue gne them Aqb""'U-V566 the carctul weight we '1ssu1e, the kind of drivers we employ. These things go to make up dependable ice service. VVe stop at no pains or expense to secure them. i , odmow DDQ, . 5' A Symbol of Servree ue take a lot of satisfaction in the service We The delivery service of this company is just as good as we know how to make it. It is our pride, and still there is something of which we are even more proud, and that is the emblem awarded us by the National Association of Ice Industries for living up to the high stand- ards of service set by that Association. Norman Milling S Grain Company Guy Spottswood, Manager f503l The difference between a model girl and a girl model: The first is a Bare possibility and the other is a Naked fact. 3 Our idea of a smart girl is one who can make her complexion taste as good as it looks Q . That boy looks like a musical sort of a Hsh. He is. He's a piano tuna Fraternity and Sorority Pins and Jewelry Club Pins MADE TO ORDER 3 . PROMPT SERVICE LETZEISERA E99 COMPANY Mmmfmmfmg Jemim- 1z8 ifz W. zd ST. OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. 15043 This 1925 Year Book In One Sense of the Word- is a diary which records all the important events that happened at O. U. during' 1924 and 1925. Frequently you will refer to this book to call back past events, and the older the book becomes the more valuable it will be to you. 'ln this book we are glad that we have the opportunity to express our appreciation and gratitude to the Student Body for the patronage shown us throughout the year. is THE UNIVERSITY and BILLINGS r THEATRES H. N. BRITTEN: Manager f5o5J SOGNER SHOP Sport Goods School Supplzks Headquarters for University Students 1 "Jfzzxz' off flzo CCl'l11fA7L7'ILSU MCGINLEYS Groceries and Meats "Tho xforox of f7Cl'5OIIlIf sof1'z11'c'o' VVebSter Self Serving Store NO. 1 'Webster .Self Serving Store No. 2 Norman, Okl h a IGI YOU Phone WILL LIKE 305 JACK BOWERS Phone "UR, 7 2 8 I Y ll U REA S ONS lst. The Sooner Sport Service that is given daily hy Jack, audi Znd. The excellent work that is given by his dry Cl62ll'1l1lQ', oiie-day Service. faovi HUCKI IHllIHE!l1HlIHlIlHIIIHIIWililllllllihllHIIHIIHIIEUIINHHH!!!HIHIIIHIiHI!llHFIIIIHHIHIIIIUIIIHIII QKLAHOMA CITY, -:- OKLAHOMA McEWenfHa1liburton Company Oklalznlllajs FI.7'?C'.Yf D8j5U7'f7'7'ZG7Zf Store Q It is our very earnest wish that this store may help you in the important problem of purchas- ing by displaying high quality standard mer- chandise that you will be proud of possessing! gsosj llt's not in 2 .s. -5 the Textbooks, lbutm- .f .- ' ' 'ff -the most valuable lesson . Y-ff a man learns in college is , "3 " H the paramount importance f - of a successful appearance. y r- fi ff .,.,,,ff' fl 'V ' Every once in a while the Q , I :f"- - .l imi . X occasion arises when you V ff Ia' I want the smartest, best S, lf, V :M J tailored .suit you can find. 4 ' 91 ll That w1ll naturally bring 'fu A If you here. for this is the " house of Kuppenheimer 3 " e Good Clothes in C5lil3l'l01TlZ1 if if Clif- Mil ' 7 sli2Z'?44sea' 1 t 'C S 62 sf-2' THANKS AT DOC and DUNS XN e take this means to thank the students for their loyal patronage Before '26 rolls around we'll be equipped to render a snappier service -and a larger assortment of merchandise will be here for your selection Doc and Dorf: Varszry jfountazn I509l Visit CAMPBELL' PHARMACY The Sfzzdenitfv RC1'l-d85U0ll.? VVl1c'1fz in T0'Zt'll Agency Whz'tman s Chocolates Phone 187 Next to Post Office Phone 181 F AREWELL Farewell! We are happy, yet sorry. to see you go. Happy because of the opportunities that are before you -important tasks which we know you will accomplish successfully. Yet, we are sorry to lose you as friends and customers. lYe have been privileged to serve you, and we hope that in our several years' contact, we have served you well. For the students who linger yet awhile for additional work and to the undergraduate students, we pledge our loyal cooperation, we invite a full utilization of the facilities available in this bank. Farewell! Congratulations! May your departure to helds of more active business and professional 'ex- perience be only the beginning of a successful and use- ful life. Security National Bank NORMAN, OKLAHOMA I510 J '.l'he student who acquires the habit of systematic handling of his banking' business has an asset which may be as important as the training he receives from the University. We welcome accounts which are offered on a business Dance Progmmf and Menus 6 Q- For years we have been supplying the best programs to University Fraternities and Clubs all over the State. Q basis. - Glen C. "Red" Hartford gi Siyzna AVI! Home. Agmzf Q City National Bank Peerless Printing Co. The Friendly Bank Phouc- 685 . 114 N. Peters YELLOW QCAES AND EAGGAGE SERVICE 3 DA Y AN D N I GH T Q Phone 565 J. A. MJNTYRE, Prop. Phone 481 55113 SmithfGrieves Company 69 CGLLEGE ANNUAL PRINTERS Q69 PRINTED AND ENGRAVED BUSINESS AND SOCIAL STATIONERY 46? ................. .... .... ....... .. .... .....25.........L5 5 R a u 2 1 i A I i i i 5 I l l 1 f 'Q I The engraving in the IQZS Sooner of Progress was clone in our plant. This is ample proof of the ability of home industry to turn out high class work for you. Art Worlq by A. R. Vinitslqy "Sf, I513l

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